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2 1251 A7w' Vlr9 ' nla Un'versity Libraries 
Appalachian books and media to 

3 0802 000743958 

West Virginia University Library 

This book is due on the date indicated below. 




Compiled by 
George E. Bennett 


West Virginia University Library 


Viigiaia Unmrsf 


Introduction vii 

Scope of Bibliography ' x 


1. History, Politics, and Economy 1 

2. Social Structure and Conditions 11 

3. Coal, Mines and Mining 13 

4. Religion 22 

5. Picture Books 25 

6. Recreation and Travel 28 

7. Nature Lore 30 

8. Folklore and Music 

8.1 Folklore 32 

8.2 Music 37 

9. Belles Lettres 

9.1 Fiction 42 

9.2 Poetry 59 

9.3 Drama 62 

9.4 Literary Criticism and General Non-Fiction 63 


10. Films 67 

11. Videotapes 73 

12. Phonograph Recordings 75 

13. Periodicals 83 



The central Appalachian region evokes varied images. To the television viewer in suburban 
Illinois, Appalachia is a violent land of striking miners and textbook protestors or an idyllic existence 
during the depression on Walton's Mountain. To the stock broker in Boston, it is one of the country's 
most valuable coal reserves. To the farmer in Nova Scotia, it is a country music paradise with weekly 
broadcasts from Wheeling or the latest recording from Nashville. 

We who live here realize the area is changing. A new prosperity is evident for some from a 
revitalized coal industry and the developmental assistance from such governmental agencies as the 
Appalachian Regional Commission. But, such voluntary associations as the Commission on Religion 
in Appalachia and the Council of the Southern Mountains remind us that for too many others this 
land is still far from "the almost heaven" of John Denver's ballad. 

It has been more than ten years since an annotated bibliography of a core collection of 
Appalachian materials for public and college libraries was produced. Now with this work, one has a 
guide to resources that should help both Appalachians and outsiders better understand this diverse, 
changing region. 

Last Fall, I asked Dr. Robert Munn, Dean of Library Services at West Virginia University, to 
direct the compilation of such a bibliography for our state library association. He selected Mr. George 
Bennett of his reference staff as editor. Association members from across the state suggested titles. 

Mr. Bennett has done an excellent job just as he did in 1974 with his Library Materials for 
Schools in Appalachia. As both a college instructor in Appalachian studies and a librarian, I am 
delighted with his selection of materials. For my fellow librarians in Appalachia it will be a checklist 
to update and enrich our holdings, needing only the addition of local source material. For our 
colleagues outside the region, it can be used as an acquisition tool to build a foundation collection in 
Appalachian studies. 

We are in Mr. Bennett's debt for producing this much needed reference work. 

Larry Frye 

President, West Virginia Library Association 

Library Director of Bethany College 



This bibliography of in-print, available, Appalachian materials has been prepared for the express 
purpose of purchasing the materials. Only in-print books and media, and their current costs, are 
included. Journal articles and pamphlet materials can be located in the West Virginia University 
Library's Appalachian Bibliography and in the quarterly supplements to that bibliography, the 
Appalachian Outlook. 

It must be emphasized that the bibliography encompasses only in-print material. This means the 
exclusion of several significant works. On the subject of social conditions, for example, both John B. 
Stephenson's Shiloh, a Mountain Community and Marion Pearsall's Little Smoky Ridge: The Natural 
History of a Southern Appalachian Neighborhood are among those no longer listed as being available 
from their publishers. In fiction it is regrettable that the early novels of Fred Chappell are out-of-print 
while lesser novels remain available. Purchasing these books from out-of-print dealers should certainly 
be considered. 

The term "media" as used here includes films, videotapes, phonograph recordings, and 
periodicals (newspapers and magazines). These items are more susceptible to rapid price increases 
than are books, but the prices listed are those found in the most recent catalogs. Addresses for 
ordering media are placed within each entry, with the exception of phonograph recordings. It is 
suggested that these recordings be ordered from a distributor, in order to avoid paying list prices. The 
addresses of the four major distributors of folk, old-time, and bluegrass records are included. 

The listings for some media are meant only to be representative of the items available. To list all 
phonograph recordings that are relevant to Appalachia, for example, would require a book in itself. 
The listing of films is based on the holdings of the West Virginia University Library. Videotape listings 
are from the producer's catalog. 

All book prices and availability have been checked in Books in Print and in publishers' catalogs. 
For the most part, the bibliographic information follows the University of Chicago Press, A Manual of 
Style, with purchasing information added. • 



Alexander, Thomas B. 

Thomas A. R. Nelson of East- Tennessee. Knoxvllle: Univer- 
sity of Tennessee Press, cl956. I86p. $6.95. (Originally published 
by the Tennessee Historical Commission) 

Biography of a prominent lawyer and politician who helped 
lead the fight in East Tenn. against secession, and later defended 
fellow east Tennessean, President Andrew Johnson, against his im- 
peachment charges. 

Brooks, Maurice G. 

The Appalachians. Boston: Houghton Mifflin, 1965. 346p. 

Includes the natural history of the northern and southern 
Appalachians as well as some general history of the culture of 
the area. 

Campbell, Carlos C. 

Birth of a National Park in the Great Smoky Mountains. Rev. ed, 
Knoxville: University of Tennessee Press, 1970. I55p. $6.50. 
History of the park. 

Campbell, John C. 

The Southern Highlander and His Homeland. Lexington: 
University Press of Kentucky, 1969. 405p. $3.45 (pap). Also, 
Spartanburg, S. C: Reprint Co., 1973, cl921. $18.00. 

Although written in 1921, this study is of lasting value 
and should be in all libraries. 

Caudill, Harry M. 

Night Comes to the Cumberlands : A Biography of a Depressed 
Area. Boston: Little, Brown, 1962. $8.50; $2.95 (pap.). 

Major account of the development and status of the coal 
counties of eastern Kentucky. A most important work. 

Clark, Thomas D. 

Kentucky, Land of Contrast. New York: Harper & Row, 1968. 
304p. $8.95. 

Popular history of the state. See especially "Appalachia" 
pp. 269-279. 

- 2 

Clarkson, Roy B. 

Tumult on the Mountains: Lumbering in West Virginia, 1770 - 
1920. Parsons, W. Va.: McClain, 1964. 4IOp. $12.00. 

An excellent survey of the lumber industry in W. Va., contain- 
ing a general history, accounts of specific mills and boom-towns, 
a glossary of loggers' terms, an extensive bibliography, and over 
250 photographs. 

Coulter, E. Merton. 

William G. Brownlow: Fighting Parson of the Southern Highlands. 
Nathalie Wright, general editor. With an Introduction by James W. 
Patton. Knoxville: University of Tennessee Press, 1971. 458p. 

Brownlow played a prominent role in East Tenn. history, from 
his early religious fervor, through his fight against secession, 
to his position as governor of Tenn. during the Reconstruction 
period. Book recreates the life and society of East Tenn. during 
the 19th century. 

Couto, Richard A. 

Poverty, Politics, and Health Care : An Appalachian Experi- 
ence . New York: Praeger, 1975. 543p. $15.00 

Considers the effects of political interference on a fed- 
erally funded health care project in Floyd County, Ky. Since 
this was originally a Ph.D. dissertation, it can be purchased in 
that format from University Microfilms. A microfilm copy is 
$4.00; a paper covered, hard copy is $11.00. The order number 
is 74-9300. 

Creekmore, Betsey Beeler. 

Arrows to Atoms: The Story of East Tennessee. Ann Arbor, 
Mich.: University Microfilms, cl959. I48p. $10.00. (Originally 
published by University of Tennessee Press) 

Crowell, Suzanne. 

Appalachian People's History Book. Louisville, Ky.: 
Mountain Education Associates, cl97l. I29p. $3.50. 

A revisionist history of Appalachia. The book contains much 
information not available in more standard histories of the region. 

Dabney, Joseph E. 

Mountain Spirits; A chronicle of Corn Whiskey from King James' 
Ulster Plantation to America's Appalachians and the Moonshine Life. 
New York: Scribner, 1974. 242p. $8.95. 

"Author found and spoke at length with the people who were 
there: the independent moonshiner. . .the revenue agents... the 
wilder young men who hauled the whiskey in the first hot rod cars." 
Also illustrates the methods of making moonshine. 

- 3 - 

Dodd, Donald B., and Wynelle S. Dodd. 

Historical Statistics of the South, 1790 - 1970: A Compi- 
lation of State-Level Census Statistics for the Sixteen States 
oTAlabama, Arkansas, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, 
"Louisiana, Maryland, Mississippi, North Carolina, Oklahoma, South 
Carolina, Tennes see , Texas, Virginia, West Virginia. University: 
University of Alabama Press, 1973. 85p^ $7.75; S3. 95 (pap.). 

Gives population, agriculture, and manufacturing statistics. 

Dykeman, Wilma. 

The French Broad. 5th ed. Knoxville: University of 
Tennessee Press, 1966. 371 p. $5.50. Also, New York: Holt, 
Rinehart & Winston, 1974. $4.95 (pap.). 

A narrative history of the river which flows through North 
Carolina and Tennessee. Originally part of the Rivers of America 

Prophet of Plenty : The First Ninety Years of W. D. Weather- 
ford. Knoxville: University of Tennessee Press, 1973, cl966. 
263p". $6.50. 

Presents the life work of W. D. Weatherford, his Blue Ridge 
Assembly, his work with Berea College, and his contributions to the 
Ford Foundation report on Appa lochia. 

Elovitz, Mark H. 

A Century of Jewish Life in Dixie: The Birmingham Experience. 
University: University of Alabama Press, 1974"! 258p. $10.00. 

"The first substantial history of the Jews in any inland town 
or city of the industrial South." 

Frome, Michael. 

Strangers in High Places: The Story of the Great Smoky 
Mountains. Garden City, New York: Doubleday, 1966. 394p. 


Affectionate history of the mountains which tells in some 
detail, of the men important to the history of the smokies and to 
the establishment of the national park: William Bartram, Arnold 
Guyot, James Mooney, Horace Kephart, and John D. Rockefeller, Jr. 
Covers legislative and financial battles to create the park. 

Hannum, Alberta P. 

Look Back with Love: A Recollection of the Blue Ridge. 
New York: Vanguard, 1969. I97p. $6.95. 
Nostalgic review of mountain life. 

- 4 - 

Hatfield, G. Elliott. 

The Hatfields. Revised and edited by Leonard Roberts and 
Henry P. Scalf. Stanville, Ky.: Big Sandy Valley Historical 
Society, 1974. 207p. $6.70. (P.O. Box 107, Stanville, Ky. 41659) 

Descendant of the Hatfields attempt to correct stories about 
the Hatfie Id-McCoy feud. 

Henry, Ruby A. 

The First West. Nashville: Aurora Publishers, 1972. 299p. 

Uses the pioneers' own writings and recorded statements to 
describe the settling of the Kentucky territory. 

Hirsch, Herbert. 

Poverty and Politicization: Political Socialization in an 
American Subculture. New York: Free Press, 1971. 206p. $8.95. 

In Knox County, Ky., the author studied four agents of 
political information transfer: family, peers, school, and media. 
Radio and television ranked highest. 

Jones, Virgil C. 

The Hatfields and the McCoys. Chapel Hill: University of 
North Carolina Press, 1948. 293p. $5.95. Also, N.Y.: Ballan- 
tine, 1974. $1.75 (pap.). 

Generally regarded as the most accurate account of the feud. 

Kellner, Esther. 

Moonshine; Its History and Folklore. Indianapolis: Bobbs- 
Merrill, 1971. 235p. $6.50. Also, N.Y.: Ballantine, 1973. 
$1.25 (pap.). 

Colorful book filled with the stories of stills and raids, 
relating both the saga of the moonshiners and the revenue men. 

Langman, R. C. 

Appalachian Kentucky, An Exploited Region. Toronto: McGraw- 
Hill Ryerson Ltd., 1971. ||6p. $4.25. 

Photographs, statistics, maps, charts, and graphs illustrate 
the severe degree of exploitation. 

Lanier, Ruby J. 

Blanford Barnard Dougherty, Mountain Educator. Durham: Duke 
University Press, 1974. 282p. $12.00. 

Biography of the founder of Appalachian State University. 

Lee, Howard B. 

Bloodletting in Appa lochia. Morgantown: West Virginia Uni- 
versity, 1969. 216p. $7.50. (Purchase from McClain). 

- 5 - 

First-hand account of the Cabin Creek, Paint Creek, Tug 

Valley, Logan and other famous mine wars in W. Va., written by 

a former state attorney general. 

Lee, Howard B. 

My Appalachia. Parsons, W. Va.: McClain, 1971. I86p. $7.75. 

Relates more local history of Mercer Co., W. Va., dealing pri- 
marily with Pipestem State Park, politics and campaigning in the 
mountains, and tales of the early coal fields. 

Lewis, Thomas M. N. 

Tribes that Slumber: Indians of the Tennessee Region. Knox- 
ville: University of Tennessee Press, 1973, cl958. 208p. $8.50; 
$4.95 (pap.). 

An archaeological survey. 

Lewis, Thomas M. N., and Madaline Kneberg. 

Hiawassee Island: An Archaeological Account of Four Tennes- 
see Indian Peoples. With a Foreword by James B. Griffin. Knox- 
vTTTe^ University of Tennessee Press, 1970, cl946. 204p. $10.50. 

McCague, James. 

The Cumberland. New York: Holt, Rinehart & Winston, 1973. 
225p. $8.95. (Rivers of America Series) 

The Cumberland River flows through eastern Ky. and Tenn. 

Martin, Roscoe E., ed. 

TVA: The First Twenty Years. By staff members of the 
Tennessee Valley Authority. Knoxville: University of Tennessee 
Press, 1956. 300p. $14.50. 

Reports on the accomplishments of TVA. 

Mauer, David W. 

Kentucky Moonshine. Lexington: University Press of Kentucky, 
1974. $3.99. 

"Amusing and factual account of 'the world's second oldest 
profession . ' " 

Miller, Tom D. 

Who Cwns West Virginia? Huntington, W. Va.: Huntington 
Publishing Co., 1974. 28p. Free? (946 Fifth Ave., Huntington, 
W. Va. 25720) 

Reprint of investigative articles that appeared in newspapers, 
the Herald-Advertiser and the Herald-Dispatch, Dec. 22 - Dec. 29, 
1974. These establish as a fact the long held assumption that 
"more than two-thirds of the non-public land.. .is controlled by 
outside interests." 

- 6 - 

Montell, Lynwood. 

The Saga of Coe Ridge: A Study in Oral History. Knoxville: 
University of Tennessee Press, 1970^ 231p. $9.95. Also, N. Y.: 
Harper & Row, Torchbooks, 1972. $3.45 (pap.). 

Coe Ridge was a small Negro community in Cumberland County, 
Kentucky. Major sources for this history were oral histories 
collected from former members and their white neighbors. 

Moore, John R., ed. 

The Economic Impact of TVA. Knoxville: University of 
Tennessee Press, 1967. I82p. $7.50. 

Group of essays on electric power, natural resources, politics 
of water resource development, the economic present and future of 

Morgan, Arthur E. 

The Making of the TVA. Buffalo, N. Y.: Prometheus Books, 
1974. 205p. $10.95. 

First director of TVA gives his personal account of TVA's 
early years: "The political namipulation I observed impressed me 
as symptomatic of the most serious problem confronting our country 
— that of ethics, motivation, and character.." 

Morgan, Lucy, with LeGette Blythe. 

Gift from the Hills; Miss Lucy Morgan's Story of Her Unique 
Pen land School . Chapel Hill: University of North Carolina Press, 
1971, cl958. 31 4p. $5.95. 

History of the Penland School of Handicrafts. 

Newman, Monroe O. 

The Political Economy of Appalachia : A Case Study in 
Regional Integration. Lexington, Mass.: Lexington Books, 1972. I92p. 

In-depth study by an economist of the Appalachian regional 
development program. 

O'Donnell, James H., III. 

Southern Indians in the American Revolution. Knoxville: 
University of Tennessee Press, 1973. I7lp. $8.50. 

"Focuses on the four major tribes of southern indians." 
Includes a chapter on "the Cherokee War of 1776." 

Owen, Marguerite. 

The Tennessee Valley Authority . New York: Praeger, 1973. 
275p. $9.00. 

Deals much more with politics than with history, with relations 
with Congress and local governments. 


Pierce, Neal R. 

The Border South States: People, Politics, and Power in the Five 
Border South States. New York: Norton, 1975. 4l5p. $12.95. 

Includes an overview of economic and political situations in Appalachia 
as a whole, in the Appalachian portions of the border states (Va., N.C., 
Ky., Tenn., W. Va.), and also a Chapter on W. Va. , "The Saddest 
State." Has a bibliography, index, and list of persons interviewed. 

Perry, Huey. 

"They'll Cut Off Your Project"; A Mingo County Chronicle . New York: 
Praeger, 1972. 256p. $7.95. 

From 1965 to 1971 the author was executive director of Mingo County's 
(W. Va.) economic opportunity commission (OEO). Good account of political 
interference and influence on the war on poverty. 

Peterson, Bill. 

Coaltown Revisited; An Appalachian Notebook . Chicago: Regnery, 
1972. 230 P . $6.95. 

Journalist revisits an eastern Kentucky area and tries to determine why 
the United Mine Workers Union and the "War on Poverty" failed to save 
Appalachia in the 1960's. 

Powell, Levi W. 

Who Are These Mountain People? An Intimate Historical Account of 
Southern Appalachia. New York: Exposition Press, 1966. I56p. $4.50. 
Account of the early days in the mountains. 

Quillen, Bess B. 

In the East Kentucky Hills. Philadelphia: Dorrance, 1970. I83p. $4.95. 
"A simple narrative of the life of a representative family of low income 
but worthy ideals " Early 20th century in eastern Ky. 

Raulston, J. Leonard, and James W. Livingood. 

Sequatchie: A Story of the Southern Cumberlands. Knoxville: 
University of Tennessee Press, 1974. 275p. $9.95. 

"Grass roots history of the Sequatchie Valley region," located mainly 
in east Tennessee. But this is not simply a collection of either local history 
stories nor of "the quaint, the heroic, or the nostalgic." 

Rice, Otis K. 

The Allegheny Frontier: West Virginia Beginnings, 1730 - 1830. 
Lexington: University Press of Kentucky, 1970. 352p. $10.50. 

Ridgeway, James. 

The Last Play : The Struggle to Monopolize the World's Energy Resources. 
New York: Dutton, 1973. 446p. $10.00. Also, New York: New American 
Library, 1974. $1.95 (pap.). 

- 8 - 

Part one establishes the monopoly of energy resources by a 
few international companies, and gives a great deal of information 
on Appalachian coal companies, UMWA, and TVA. Part two is a 
guide to the energy industry arranged by fuel. 

Rofhblatt, Donald N. 

Regional Planning: The Appalachian Experience. Lexington, 
Mass.: Heath, Lexington Books, 1971 281 p. $15.00. 

Scholarly review of the creation and purpose of the Appalachian 
Regional Commission, and how it functioned as a regional planning 
agency during its first three years. 

Rovetch, Warren, and John J. Gaskie. 

Program Budgeting for Planners; A Case Study of Appalachia 
With Projections ihrough 1985 . New York: Praeger, 1974. f36p. 

Description and analysis of the program budget of the 
Appalachian Regional Commission, with a discussion of its seven- 
teen priority programs. 

Seymour, Digby Gordon. 

Divided Loyalties: Fort Sanders and the Civil War in East 
Tennessee . Ann Arbor, Mich.: University Microfilms, cl963. 256p. 
$15.00. (Originally published by University of Tennessee Press) 

Sheppard, Muriel E. 

Cabins in the Laurel. Chapel Hill: University of North 
Carolina Press, 1935. 3l3p. $7.25. 

Popular account of the history and conditions of the people 
of the Toe River valley area. 

Tarns, W. P. 

The Smokeless Coal Fields of West Virginia — A Brief History . 
Morgantown: West Virginia University Library, 1963. I07p. $4.00. 

For many years, Tarns was one of the leading coal operators in 
southern W. Va. 

Van Noppen, Ina W., and John J. Van Noppen . 

Western North Carolina Since the Civil War. Boone, N. C: 
Appalachian Consortium Press, cl973. 437p. $12.95; $4.95 (pap.). 

Wide-ranging history, covering such topics as religion, arts 
and culture, and economy. "Carolina mountain folk are not 'yesterday's 
people' nor is night likely to come to them...." — from the intro- 
duction by Cratis Williams. 

Veech, James. 

Monongahela of Old; Or, Historical Sketches of South-Western 

- 9 - 

Pennsylvanio to the Year 1800 . Pittsburgh, 1892. Parsons, W. Va: 
McClain, 1971. 259JT. £15700. 

Has information on indians, French & Indian War, military 
leaders, Mason & Dixon line, and prominent individuals. 

Walls, David S., and John B. Stephenson, editors. 

Appalachia in the Sixties: Decade of Reawakening . Lexington: 
University Press of Kentucky, I972~! 261 p. $8.50; $3.75 (pap.). 

An excellent collection of previously published firsthand 
reports about what happened in southern Appalachia in the 1960's. 

Webb, William S. 

An Archaeological Survey of the Norris Basin in Eastern 
Tennessee. Saint Clair Shores, Mich.: Scholarly, cl938. 398p. 
$24.50. (Reprint of 1938 edition.) 

An Archaeological Survey of Wheeler Basin on the Tennessee 
River in Northern Alabama. Saint Clare Shores, Mich.: Scholarly, 
cl939. 2T4p^ $1950. (Reprint of 1939 edition.) 

Both of these archaeological surveys by Webb were done under 
the direction of the Tennessee Valley Authority in order to preserve 
what was soon to be flooded by TVA dams. Some libraries may 
have these volumes as part of the Bulletin series of the Bureau of 
American Ethnology, Smithsonian Institution, Bulletins 118 and 122, 

Webb, William S., and Charles E. Snow. 

Adena People; With a Chapter on Adena Pottery and a Fore word 
to the New Edition by James B. Griffin. Knoxville: University of 
Tennessee Press, 1974. 369p. $10.75. (Earlier published in the 
University of Kentucky, Dept. of Anthropology and Archaeology, 
Reports in Anthropology and Archaeology, Vol. 6, 1945.) 

"Remains a standard reference work on this prehistoric Ohio 
Va I ley occupation . " 

Williams, Samuel C. 

History of the Lost State of Franklin . Rev. ed. Philadelphia: 
Porcupine Press, 1974. 378p. $17.50. (Perspectives in American 
History, no 23. Reprint of the 1933 edition, published by the Press 
of the Pioneers, New York.) 

Located in present-day east Tenn., the state of Franklin is 
discussed in its broader setting within U. S. history. Includes 
the constitution of the state and much genealogical information. 

Tennessee During the Revolutionary War. Knoxville: University 

- 10 - 

of Tennessee Press, 1974. 290p. $8.75. 

Reprint of the 1944 edition published by the Tennessee Histor- 
ical Commission. Includes a new introduction and a bibliography of 
Williams' historical writings. Concentrates on eastern Tenn. 

Wrobel, Sylvia. 

Issac Shelby: Kentucky's First Governor and Hero of Three 
Wars. Dansville, Ky7! Cumberland Press, cl974. I53p. $12.50. 

History of pioneer settlement in western Md., southwestern 
Va., and eastern Ky. is viewed through the events surrounding one 
important figure. 


Axelrod, Jim. 

Growin' Up Country . Clintwood, Va.: Resources and Infor- 
mation Center, Council of the Southern Mountains, 1973. 260p. 
$4.00 (pap.). 

Collection of articles, stories, poems, and pictures reflect- 
ing growing up in the southern mountains the last twenty or so 

Best, Billy F. 

From Existence to Essence; A Conceptual Model for an 
Appalachian Studies Curriculum . Ed.D. Dissertation, University 
of Massachusetts, 1973. I86p. $5.00 (microfilm); $11.00 (paper 
covered, hard copy). (Order from Xerox University Microfilms, 
300 North Zeeb Road, Ann Arbor, Michigan 48106.) 

Although doctoral dissertations are not within the purview 
of this bibliography, Best's dissertation is listed because it 
is one of the rare, scholarly books written in direct opposition 
to the commonly accepted analyses of Appalachia, such as are 
found in Jack Weller's Yesterday's People . Many non-mainstream 
writers oppose Weller's conclusions but Yesterday's People is 
ranked highly by most professionals. 

Bodnar, John E. 

Ethnic Experience in Pennsylvania . Lewisburg: Bucknell 
University Press. 1973. 330p. $12.00. 

Includes chapters on "Irish-American Society in the Pennsyl- 
vania Anthracite Region: 1870-1880"; "Occupational Mobility of 
Ethnic Minorities in Nineteenth-Century Warren, Pennsylvania"; 
"The Rusin Community in Pennsylvania"; and "The Croatian Immigrants 
in Pittsburgh." 

Brooks, Robert K . 

Bedroom of the Poor. New York: Carlton Press, cl973. 80p. 
$3.00 (pap.). 

Creator of an OEO pilot project for birth control reveals how 
the project was taken over both by professional people and by the 

- II 

- 12 - 

Planned Parenthood Association, becoming an invasion of the privacy 
of poor people. 

Coles, Robert. 

Migrants, Sharecroppers, Mountaineers. Boston: Little, 
Brown, 1971. 653p. $12.50; $4.95 (pap.). (His Children of 
Crisis series, vol . 2.) 

Child psychologist describes the children of poor whites in 
Appalachia and the South. 

The South Goes North. Boston: Little, Brown, 1971. 687p. 
$12.50) $4.95 (pap.). (His Children of Crisis series, vol. 3.) 

Focuses on the problems of adjustment, despair, humiliation, 
and poverty that migrants from eastern Ky. and W. Va. encounter. 
Coles' books are sympathetic and invaluable. 

DeJong, Gordon F. 

Appalachian Fertility Decline : A Demographic and Sociological 
Analysis. Lexington: University Press of Kentucky, 1968. I38p. 
$5.00 (pap.). 

Study of the causes of a marked decline in the number of 
children born to white, southern Appalachian parents during the 
period, 1930-1960. 

Duberman, Martin. 

Black Mountain: An Exploration in Community. New York: 
Dutton, 1971. $12.95. Also, Garden City, N. Y. : Doubleday, 1973. 
$4 . 95 (pap . ) . 

Story of the experimental college in the western N. C. mountains. 

Dunbar, Tony. 

Our Land Too . New York: Pantheon, 1971. 231p. $5.95. 
Also, New York: Random House, Vintage, 1972. $1.95 (pap.) 

Part II, "Once the Primised Land," pp. 102-223, provides a 
perspective on the social, economic, and political situation of 
the poor in the Ky. mountain coal fields. 

Fetterman, John. 

Stinking Creek . New York: Dutton, 1970, cl967. I92p. $2.45 

Journalist sketches the people living in a remote Ky. hollow. 
The excellent photographs and the people of Stinking Creek speak 
for themselves. 

Finney, Joseph C, editor. 

Culture Change, Mental Health, & Poverty. Lexington: Univer- 
sity Press of Kentucky, 1969. 344p. $7.95. Also, New York: 
Simon & Schuster, 1970. $2.95 (pap.). 

- 13 - 

Sections relevant to the Appalachian region rely on the "cul- 
ture of poverty" theory to explain behavior, character, and persis- 
tent poverty. 

Ford, Thomas R., editor. 

The Southern Appalachian Region : A Survey. Lexington: 
University Press of Kentucky, cl962. 308p~: $4.50 (pap.). 

The most comprehensive survey of the Southern Appalachians 
ever undertaken. 

Gazaway, Rena. 

The Longest Mile . New York: Penguin, 1974. 348p. $2.25 

Describes a lengthy period of time that the author lived with 
and studied a group of extremely poor people in eastern Ky. 

Gitlin, Todd, and Nanci Hollander. 

Uptown: Poor Whites in Chicago . New York: Harper & Row, 
1970. 435p. $10.95; $3.45 (pap.). 

Migrants from Appalachia, living in an Appalachian ghetto in 
Chicago, describe their many problems. These are transcriptions 
of recorded conversations. 

Glenn, Max E., editor. 

Appalachia in Transition. St. Louis: Bethany Press, 1970. 
I56p. $4.95. 

Collection of essays originally presented at annual meetings 
of the Commission on Religion in Appalachia (CORA), and elsewhere. 

Hansen, James C, and Richard R. Stevic. 

Appalachian Students and Guidance. New York: Houghton 
Mifflin, 1971. 76p. $1.80 (pap.). (Guidance Monograph Series.) 

"Generalized approach to the provision of meaningful guidance 
and counseling assistance in Appalachia." 

Kahn, Kathy. 

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Nineteen women tell their stories of struggle, exploitation, 
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as the hillbillies of Southern Appalachia. 

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How People Get Power; Organizing Oppressed Communities for 
Action"! New York: McGraw-Hill, 1970. nfy. &J?5; $2.45 (pap . ) . 

- 14 - 

"Most of the material in the book came out of the author's 
own experience as an organizer in the rural South _/Appa lochia/ over 
the past five years." 

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Author provided psychiatric clinics for disturbed children 
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practices in eastern Ky. 

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Sociological study of a hill community composed of about 60 
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community since 1786. 

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Considers the roles of the garden myth, the ideas of the En- 
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frontier life. 

National Education Association. Teacher Rights Division. 

Kanawha County, West Virginia: A Textbook Study in Cultural 
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Objective study of the textbook controversy , pointing up the 
errors and viewpoints of both sides. 

Peoples Appalachian Research Collective. 

Appalachia's People, Problems, Alternatives ; An Introductory 
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Compilation, in scrapbook form, of reprints of articles. 

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Collection of essays, many reprinted from journals, divided 
roughly into four groupings: "The Individual, Appalachia, and the 
Larger Society"; "Changing Institutions in Appalachia"; 'Action Pro- 
grams in a Context of Change"; and "Toward the Future." 

15 - 

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, eds. 

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Has two chapters on Appalachia: "Life in Appalachia - The Case 
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Authors sought to determine how local elites (leaders), through 
their attitudes and their civic and political activities, may influence 
adjustments to change. 

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Roots of Futility . San Francisco: Jossey-Bass, 1972. 272p. 

Studies "the problem of child neglect and marginal child care 
in southern, rural Appalachia." The authors "dispose of the incli- 
nation to view Appalachian culture monolithically. " 

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Interesting and well-written, if somewhat defensive, account 
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The Myth of the Appalachian Brain Drain; A Case Study of West 
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Results of a survey reveal that there is no tendency for 
W. Va.'s better qualified college graduates to leave the state. 

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- 16 - 

Excellent anthology of articles and monograph excerpts designed 
primarily for use in Appalachian studies classes. Most of the major 
works and viewpoints are covered, and the book has a useful bibli- 

Rural and Appalachian Health . 

Edited by Robert L. Nolan and Jerome L. Schwartz. Springfield, 
III.: Charles C. Thomas, 1973. 249p. $11.50. 

Papers presented at a conference at West Virginia University, June 
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Study of what happened to the people who moved away from the 
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area of eastern Ky. 

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Reprint of 1949 edition. 

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Journalist reports on what happened in one remote, eastern Ky. 
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"...a right good people." Foreword by Loyal Jones and After- 
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127p. $2.00 (pap.). 

Most of these descriptions were originally published in the Charlotte 
(N. C.) observer. It is "a penetrating and insightful look at mountain 
folk...." And "one of a limited number that will win the approval of 
native mountain people." 

Weller, Jack E. 

Yesterday's People: Life in Contemporary Appalachia. Lexing- 
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Probably the most widely used, and in some opinions, contro- 
versial, book about Appalachian people. Written by a United Presby- 
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- 17 - 

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The Kingdom of Madison, a Southern Mountain Fastne ss and Its 
People; with Drawings by Frank Holyfield . Chapel Hill: University 
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A delightful "book trying to tell of a region's spirit and flavor 
along with some of the muster rolls and vital statistics." The kingdom 
is Madison County, N. C. 


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Work , Safety, and Life Style among Southern Appalachian Coal 
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Case study that attempts to understand the "human factors" in 
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Labor history of Pennsylvania's anthracite coal industry in the 
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(Racial Policies of American Industry Series, no. 14) 

Traces Negro employment in the mines of Ala., Ky., Tenn., Va., 
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Decries the Finley Coal Co.'s (Ky.) mine explosion as "an 
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product of a policy dictated by bureaucratic incompetence and political 
expediency. " 

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The Molly Maguires. Cambridge: Harvard University Press, 
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- 18 - 

- 19 - 


Praised for his scholarly research, the author tells the complete 
story of this murderous faction in the Pennsylvania anthracite coal fields. 

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$2.95 (pap.). 

Photographs and angry prose focus on the effects of strip 

Citizens Public Inquiry into the Brookside Strike. 

Proceedings of the Citizens Public Inquiry into the Brookside 
Strike, March II and 12, 1974, Harlan County, Kentucky . Evarts, 
Ky., 1974. 300p. $5.00. (Order from: Mary Ellen Haines, UCBHM, 
187 Park Ave., So., New York, New York 1 0010.) 

Record of the complete testimony given before the inquiry panel. 

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"An Attempt to chronicle her major actions, to sketch her 
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footnotes and bibliography. 

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Chronicle of the contest "between expediency and principle." 

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Extensive history of the Allegany County, Md, coal mines. 
Unlike those in other regions, the Maryland miners enjoyed a reason- 
able standard of living and were in close contact with social and 
political developments of the time. 

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Death and the Mines; Rebellion and Murder in the United Mine 
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Expose' of the corruption of UMW leadership during the last 
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rank-and-file insurgency. 

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Autobiography of Mother Jones. Edited by Mary Field Patron. 
New York: Arno, 1969. 242^] $9~700 (Reprint of 1925 edition.) 

- 20 - 

The life of a vigorous crusader in the labor movement in the 
early part of the 20th century. She was especially prominent in the 
W. Va. and Pa. coal fields. 

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Civil War in West Virginia; A Story of the Industrial Conflict 
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Conflict between unions and mine owners, 1912-1921. 

Leo Drammer, Inc. 

Health Impaired Miner Under Black Lung Legislation . Edited 
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Discussed such topics as "The Administration of the Black 
Lung Program," "Coal-Miner-Attitude Survey," "The Community 
Agencies and the Black Lung Miner," "Case Studies of Disabled 
Miners," and "Design for Services." 

McAteer, James D. 

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York: Praeger, 1973. 267p. $17.50. 

"Provides a factual background and analysis of the coal cor- 
porations in West Virginia — their absentee ownership, their power 
over local people near the mines, their arrogant refusal to pay 
their share of local taxes and adhere to responsible standards of 
community conduct." 

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Struggle in the Coal Fields; The Autobiography of Fred Mooney . 
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Personal account of UMW organizing in the early part of the 
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Annotated guide, containing nearly two thousand references 
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Strip Mining; An Annotated Bibliography. Morgantown: West 
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Extensive bibliography on the "history, development and prob- 
lems associated with the strip mining of coal in the United States." 

- 21 

National Committee for the Defense of Political Prisoners. 

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The famous report by Theodore Dreiser, Anna Rochester, etc. 

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Reveals the extent of losses suffered by the residents of Buffalo 
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Revisionist history of the role of black coal miners. 

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$7.50. (Order from: George J. Titler, Rt. I, Box 99, Elkhorn, Kentucky 

Chief UMWA organizer in Harlan County, Ky., 1937-1941, tells 
story of the violence and turnoil of those years. 

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The story of one week in the life of a mine foreman in south- 
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Study of white Baptists, Methodists, and Presbyterians in 
Va., N. C, S. C, Ga., Ky., and Tenn. "It is /The~7 central belief 
structure, around which the particular beliefs orbited, that the study 
will elaborate." 

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And They All Sang Hallelujah; Plain-Folk Camp-Meeting Religion, 
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Purpose is "to describe the main features of camp-meetings 
/"and"/ above all, to understand the plain folk's religious activities 
and expressions on their own terms." 

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The Small Sects in America. Rev. ed. Abingdon-Cokesbury 
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Excellent survey of the many small religious groups in the 
U. S. Includes many groups important to Appalachian culture. 

Dickinson, Eleanor, and Barbara Benziger. 

Revival ! New York: Harper & Row, 1974. I80p. $7.95; $4.95 

"These are the people... the faces... the sounds of revivals 
held in... the Great Smoky Mountians." The drawings by Dickinson 
have been exhibited at the Corcoran Gallery of Art. 

- 22 - 

- 23 - 

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Thorough history and doctrinal description of the world-wide 
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Bibliographical guide to the groups, many of which are 
Appalachian groups, that "trace their lineage back to the revival 
of the Wesleyan doctrine of Christian perfection." Does not in- 
clude the pentacostal churches. 

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They Shall Take Up Serpents: Psychology of the Southern Snake- 
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Assumes a distinctly Freudian viewpoint. 

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Documentary report, liberally illustrated. 

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Art of the American Folk Preacher . New York: Oxford Univer- 
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Intensive examination of "chanted" sermons as delivered in 
four areas in the U. S., one of which is the mountain area of Ky./ 

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Presbyterians in the South. 3 vols. Richmond: John Knox 
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Includes all of southern and central Appalachia. Vol. I: 
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Religion . Atlantic Highlands, N. J.: Humanities, 1965. 125p. 

- 24 - 

Investigated the hypothesis that personality types participating 
in highly emotional religions will vary in some regular way from types 
participating in more sedate religions. Rural N. C. inhabitants were 


American Mountain People. 

Prepared by the Special Publications Division, National 
Geographic Society. Washington, D. C: National Geographic 
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Outstanding photographs depict a moonshiner, coal miners, 
and workshipers at a Holiness church service who speak in tongues 
and handle snakes. 

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The Unforseen Wilderness: An Essay on Kentucky's Red River 
Gorge. Lexington: University Press of Kentucky, 1971 . 95p. 

Presents the natural beauties of this as yet unspoiled 
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Cate, Herma, Clyde Ussery, and Randy Armstrong. 

The Southern Appalachian Heritage. Kingsport, Tenn.: Holston 
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Excellent color photographs that "attempt to help the reader 
develop an appreciation and understanding of how the southern 
highlanders were molded by their beautiful but harsh environment...." 

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Tennessee Hill Folk. Photographs and captions by Joe Clark; 
with an essay by Jesse Stuart. Nashville: Vanderbilt University 
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Perceptive black and white photographs of a vanishing way of 

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The Border States: Kentucky, North Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia, 
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Has sections on poverty in Mingo County, W. Va., stereotypes 
of mountaineers, artisans of Appalachia, politics, country music, and 
natural history. 

Fisher, Ronald M. 

The Appalachian Trail. Photographed by Dick Durrance, II. 

- 25 - 

- 26 - 

Washington, D. C: National Geographic Society, 1972. I99p. 

Account of a hike along the trail documents the appreciation 
of the author and the photographer that the trail "is a splendid 
and precious thing." 

Gowing, Mary C. 

Virginia Beyond the Blue Ridge: A Pictorial Survey of Western 
Virginia. Radford, Va.: Commonwealth Press, 1974. I83p. $12.95. 
Includes many photographs of the nineteenth and early twentieth 
century in western Va. 

Holyfield, Frank. 

The Southern Mountains; A Collection of Drawings. Chapel 
Hill: University of North Carolina Press, 1973. $17.50; $50.00 
(deluxe, limited edition). 

Superb portfolio of nine drawings, using torn-paper collage 
technique. These are oversize, suitable for framing. 

Jeffers, Jack. 

Windows to the Blue Ridge; A Photographic Documentary of the 
Blue Ridge Mountains . Waynesboro, Va.: McClung Printers, cl973. 
72p. $4.60. 

Extraordinary collection of photographs, presented in six 
sections: The Old Country Water Mill, Mountain People and Old Log 
Cabins, The Mountain Church, The Country Store, Mennonites and 
Amish, and Blue Ridge Country. 

Murray, Kenneth. 

Down to Earth — People of Appalachia. Boone, N. C: 
Appalachian Consortium Press, cl974. 128p. $2.95 (pap.). 

"Has a way of capturing the creeks and the hills that makes 
the viewer understand why Appalachian people love their land." 
Furthermore, "he avoids the easy shots, the stereotypes...." 

Porter, Eliot, and Edward Abbey. 

Appalachian Wilderness: The Great Smoky Mountains. Epilogue 
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Also, New York: Ballantine, 1973. $4.95 (pap.). 

Porter's full-page color photographs of the lush, natural 
settings are in contrast to the human realities described in the text. 

Robbins, Daniel. 

Mountain Artisans — Appalachia. Providence: Rhode Island 
School of Design, Museum of Art, ? $5.50. 

Roberts, Bruce and Nancy Roberts. 

Where Time Stood Still: A Portrait of Appalachia. New York: 

- 27 - 

Crowell-Collier Press, 1970. Il4p. $6.95 (order from Macmillan). 
Photographs of the land, families, and their homes. The text 
consists mainly of sketches of individuals who live and work in 

Shuptrine, Hubert, and James Dickey. 

Jericho: The South Beheld . Birmingham, Ala.: Oxmoor House, 
1974. 165p. $60.00. 

Excellent reproductions of paintings and drawings of people 
and places in the South. Many feature Appalachian subjects. The 
text is by Dickey, a poet. 

Ulmann, Doris. 

The Appalachian Photographs of Doris Ulmann . Introduction by 
John Jacob Niles and Jonathan Williams. Pen land, N. C: 
Jargon Society, 1971. Unpaged. $6.95 (distributed by Book Organ- 
ization, Elm St., Millerton, N. Y. 12546). 

Rare photographs taken in early 20th century reveal the pride 
and character of mountain people. These photographs are from a 
collection housed at Berea College. 


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When and where to find the flowers. Has color photographs. 
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Over 200 photographs; includes glossary, bibliography, and 

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Through descriptive writing and close-up photography, the 
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the Great Smoky Mountains in the region where the Little River 

Justice, William S., and C. Ritchie Bell. 

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- 28 - 

- 29 

Kentucky Birds; A Finding Guidft. 

By Roger W. Barbour, et al. Lexington: University Press of 
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One of a series of introductory guides to the plant and 
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guide to bird-finding areas of Ky. 

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Mammals of Great Smoky Mountains National Park. Knoxville: 
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Includes photographs, bibliography, and locations of mammals, 
as well as information on mammals of surrounding areas. 

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Flora of West V irginia. 4 vols. Morgantown: West Virginia 
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"Description of all species of vascular plants known to occur 
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Appalachian Trail Conference. 

Guide to the Appalachian Trail in Central and Southwestern 
Virginia . 6th ed. Washington, D. C: Appalachian Trail Confer- 
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Complete with maps, detailed trail data, distances, accomo- 
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Guide to the Appalachian Trail in Tennessee and North Carolina, 
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(Appalachian Trail Conference, Box 236, Harpers Ferry, W. Va. 25425) 

"Generalized description and detailed trail data in both 
directions., .from Damascus, Va.... to the western end of the Great 
Smokies. ..." 

Guide to the Appalachian Trail in the Great Smokies, the Nan- 
tahalas, and Georgia. 4th ed. Harpers Ferry, W. Va.: Appalachian 
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Complete with maps, detailed trail data, distances, accomoda- 
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Discovering the Appalachians : What to Look for from the Past 
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Good Resume for auto or foot travellers. 

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Camping around the Appalachian Mountains; Including the Blue 
Ridge and Great Smokies. New York: Random House, 1975. 94p. 
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Includes maps showing "exactly where the campgrounds are in 
that section and all the roads needed to get to them"; descriptions 
of campgrounds; "stuff everyone should know"; and general information. 

Evans, George B. 

The Upland Shooting Life. New York: Knopf, 1971. 30lp. $10.00. 

- 30 - 

- 31 - 

Experiences and thoughts of a specialist in upland shooting in 
the Allegheny Country. 

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The Blue Ridge Parkway . Knoxville: University of Tennessee 
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Although most of the book is a history of the building and 
development of the parkway, there is a section on things to see 
and do, and also a milepost guide to attractions. 

Sutton, Ann, and Myron Sutton. 

Appalachian Trail, Wilderness on the Doorstep . Philadelphia: 
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Informal description of the trail, with discussions of the 
natural history, personal experiences, and the difficulty of re- 
taining a wilderness area. 

Thomson, John Seabury. 

Potomac White Water: A Guide to Safe Canoeing above Washington , 
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Includes a loose map. 

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Great Smoky Mountains. 10th ed. Knoxville: University of 
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A popular account for the tourist, outlining various trips that can 
be taken. Note: some libraries may have this book catalogued under 
"Thornburgh, Laura." rather than the pseudonymous spelling, "Thornborough. 1 

Robinson, Donald H. 

Camper's and Hiker's Guide to the Blue Ridge Parkway . River- 
side, Conn.: Chatham Press; distributed by Viking Press, New York, 
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Includes maps, photos, lists of lodging facilities, and trail 

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Illustrated guide, with map and descriptions of places to visit. 


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Scholarly study of the John Henry legend — the factual -historical 
basis and the evolution of the folk legend. One of the major studies 
of this folk hero. 

Chase, Richard. 

American Folk Tales and Songs, and Other Examples d English- 
American Tradition as Preserved in the Appalachian Mountains and 
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"Unabridged republication, with minor corrections, of the 
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Literature, Inc., New York, in 1956." 

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Collection of 25 tales, most of which were heard in North 
Carolina, the others in Va. and Ky. 

Jack Tales. Boston: Houghton Mifflin, 1943. 201p. $4.95. 
All these tales about a boy named "Jack" were collected in the 
Beech Mountain region of western N. C. 

Cooper, Horton. 

North Carolina Mountain Folklore and Miscellany . Murfreesboro, 
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Collection of folk customs, beliefs, traditions, ghost tales, 
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Customs and Their Origins . Murfreesboro, N. C: Johnson Publish- 
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- 32 - 

- 33 - 

Pon My Honor, Hit's the Truth; Tall Tales from the Mountains . 
Murfreesboro, N. C: Johnson Publishing Co., 1973. 112p. $4.95. 

Some of these tales were taken from tapes and manuscripts 
gathered in southwest Va. by the WPA in 1938-1941. Many of the 
tales "are rare mountain versions whose origins can be traced..." 
to Scotch, Irish, and German sources. 

Eastman, Mary and Mary Bolte. 

Dark and Bloodied Ground. Riverside, Conn: Chatham Press, 
1973. 128p. $8T50\ 

Brief stories with photographs retell legends "of a mysterious, 
often violent, but always picturesque slice of the American past." 
Stories are from Va., N.C., Tenn., and W. Va. 

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Handicrafts of the Southern Highlands. New York: Dover 
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History and description of handicrafts and the handicraft 
movement in Appalachia. Photographs by Doris Ulmann. 

The Foxfire Book: Hog Dressing; Log Cabin Building; Mountain Crafts 

and hoods; planting by the Signs; Snake Lore, Hunting Tales, Faith 
Healing; Moonshining; and Other Affairs of Plain Living. Edited 
with an Introduction by Eliot Wigginton. Garden City, N.Y.: 
Doubleday, 1972. 384p. $8.95; $3.95 (pap.). 

Collection of articles from the magazine Foxfire, written by 
high school students in the north Ga. mountains. 

Foxfire Three. Garden City, N. Y.: Doubleday, forthcoming. $10.00; 
$4.95 (pap.). 

Will include an index to all three Foxfire books. Scheduled 
for publication in August, 1975. 

Foxfire 2: Ghost Stories, Spring Wild Plant Foods, Spinning and Weaving. 
Midwifing, Burial Customs, Corn Shuckin's, Wagon Moking gnd More 
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Pattern in the Material Folk Culture of the Eastern United States. 
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Information on architecture, tools, handicrafts, etc., in their 
regional forms and variations. 

- 34 - 

Hall, Joseph S. 

Sayings from Old Smoky: Some Traditional Phrases, Expressions, 
and Sentences Heard in the Great Smoky Mountains and Nearby Areas; 
An Introduction to a Southern Mountain Dialect. Asheville, N. C: 
Cataloochee Press, 19/2. W7p~. $4.V5 (pap.). 

Dictionary, giving both the source of each quotation and 
references to similar expressions from other parts of the country. 
Note: Books in Print cites the publisher as Hollywood Book Service 
in Hollywood, Calif. 

Smoky Mountain Folks and Their Lore. Hollywood, Calif.: 
Hollywood Book Service, 1964. 68p. $1.75 (pap.). 

Folklore collected in 1937 by a National Park Service worker 
while he was making recordings of the old dialects. 

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The Devil's Tramping Ground and Other North Carolina Mystery 
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Several stories are from western N. C. region. 

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A Bibliography of North American Folklore and Folksong. 2 vols. 
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In vol. I, see especially pp. 236-289. "The South and Southern 
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"The American Indians North of Mexico, including the Eskimos." 

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How to Make and Play the Dulcimore. Harrisburg, Pa.: Stack- 
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Includes "complete instructions and full-size pattern sheets" to 
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information on the history of the dulcimer. 

Horwitz, Elinor L. 

Mountain People, Mountain Crafts. Philadelphia: Lippincott, 
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"Gives a brief history of the folk culture and crafts in the 
Appalachian region...." Includes photographs of individual crafts- 
men and their works. 

Johnson, Frank R. 

Supernaturals among Carolina Folk and Their Neighbors. Mur- 
freesboro, N. C: Johnson Publishing Co., 1974. ^6p. $8.50. 

- 35 - 

Recounts folk tales of the supernatural found in North Carolina 
and bordering states. Sections of the book include tales about Acts 
of Providence, Children's Frights, Acts of the Devil, Portents and 
Omens, and Ghost, Ha'nts and Spectres. 

Justus, May. 

The Complete Peddler's Pack: Games, Songs, Rhymes, and 
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Ki I lion, Ronald G., and Charles T. Waller. 

A Treasury of Georgia Folklore. Atlanta: Cherokee Publishing 
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Includes folklore of the "rich and unique culture of Georgia's 

Morgan, Fred T. 

Ghost Tales of the Uwharries . Winston-Salem: Blair, 1968. $4.95. 
Collection of ghost tales from the mountains of central North 

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Seventy-nine stories contributed by coal miners of European 
origin. Has a motif index and bibliography. 

The Telltale Lilac Bush, and Other West Virginia Ghost Tales. 
Lexington: University Press of Kentucky, 1965. I89p. $6.00. 

Collection of 100 ghost tales that may, in part, reflect the 
inner beliefs, fears, and hopes of the people of the area. 

Paredes, Americo, and Ellen J. Stekert, eds. 

The Urban Experience and Folk Tradition. Austin: Published 
for the American Folklore Society by the University of Texas Press, 1972. 
207p. $6.50. (American Folklore Society. Bibliographical and 
Special Series, vol. 22) 

Reprints two articles relevant to Appalachia: "Focus for Con- 
flict: Southern Mountain Medical Beliefs in Detroit" by Ellen J. Stekert; 
and "Country-Western Music and the Urban Hillbilly" by D. K. Wilgus. 

Pettit, Florence H. 

How to Make Whirligigs and Whimmy Diddles and other American 
Folkcraft Objects . New York: Thomas Y. Crowell, 1972. 349p. 

Especially see chapter 2 on the "Gee-Haw Whimmy Diddle" and 
chapter 13 on corn-shuck dolls. 

- 36 - 

Rinehart, Joe P. 

The Webster Cookbook . Illus. by Florence C. Rinehart. 
Raleigh, N. C: Edwards & Broughton Co., cl974. I35p. $6.24. 

Recipes are from inhabitants of Webster, a community in 
western N. C. Interspersed with the recipes are reminiscences 
of people and past times in Webster. 

Roberts, Leonard. 

Old Greasybeard: Tales from the Cumberland Gap . Detroit: 
Gale, 1969. 21 5p. $6.00. 

Fifty tales, plus notes and bibliography. 

Roberts, Leonard W. 

Sana Branch Settlers; Folksongs and Tales of a Kentucky 
Mountain Family. Austin: Published for the American Folklore 
Society by University of Texas Press, cl974. 401 p. $12.50. 
(American Folklore Society. Memoirs, v. 61.) 

Published originally in two parts as "Up Cutshin and Down 
Greasy" (1959) and as a microcard volume, "Tales and Songs of 
the Couch Family" (1959) . This book is the result of re-editing, 
updating, and integrating the earlier works. 

Schnack, Dick. 

American Folk Toys; 85 American Folktoys and How to Make Them, 
New York: Penguin, 1974. 219p. $3.50 (pap.). (Send orders to 
7110 Ambassador Rd., Baltimore, Md. 21207.) 

Has schematic drawings with the instructions. 

Still, James. 

Way Down Yonder on Troublesome Creek; Appalachian Riddles & 
Rus±iei> New York: Putnam, 1974. 49p. $3.96. 

Assortment of riddles and rusties ("turns of wit, tricks of words, 
or common pranks") from eastern Ky. 


Atkins, Chet,with Bill Neely. 

Country Gentleman. Chicago: H. Regnery, 1974. 226p. 
$7 . 95 . 

Life story of the pre-eminent guitarist of country music, 
who was "born in an East Tennessee hollow, the son of a southern- 
style gospel singer...." 

Atkins, John. 

The Carter Family. London: Old Time Music, 1973. 62p. 
$2.00 (pap.). (OTM Booklet No. I) 

Along with biographical articles, there is an excellent 
discography (pp. 36-60). Illustrated. 

Carawan, Guy, and Candie Carawan. 

Voices from the Mountains. New York: Knopf, 1975, 232p. 
$15.00; $8.95 (pap.). 

Collection of songs, photos, personal stories. Has received 
excellent reviews. 

Christeson, R. P. 

Old-Time Fiddler's Repertory; 245 Traditional Tunes. 
Columbia: University of Missouri Press, 1973. 208p. $12.50. 

Contains brief biographies of some old-time fiddlers; and 
fiddle tunes by type: breakdowns, quadrilles, pieces, waltzes, 
and accompaniments for second fiddle. 

Cox, John Harrington. 

Fo lk-Songs of the South. Detroit: Gale, 1963, cl925. 545p. 
$10.00. Also, Gloucester, Mass.: Peter Smith, cl925. $5.50. 
(Originally published by Harvard University Press, 1925) 

One of the pioneer collections of folk songs of America's 
southern mountains. Collected under the auspices of the W. Va. 
Folklore Society during the years 1915-1925. 

Cyporyn, Dennis. 

The Bluegrass Songbook. New York: Macmillan, 1972. I54p. 

Brief history of music and prominent musicians; songs with 
piano and guitar accompaniment; photographs. 

- 37 - 

- 38 - 

Davis, Arthur Kyle, ed. 

Traditional Ballads of Virginia . Charlottesville: University 
Press of Virginia, 1969. 634p. $8.50. (Reissue of 1929 edition) 
Includes many ballads collected in southwest Va. 

Dunson, Josh, and Ethel Ramin. 

Anthology of American Folk Music. New York: Oak Publica- 
tions, 1973. M8p. $3.95. 

Transcriptions of folk songs from the three volume Folkways 
recordings titled "Anthology of American Folk Music" (Folkways 
FA 2951, FA2952, FA 2953). Includes interviews with Moses Asch 
(founder of Folkways) and Frank Walker (an artists and repertoire 
man of the 1920' s and 1930's). 

Force, Robert, and Albert d'Ossche. 

In Search of the Wild Dulcimer . Drawings by Carole Palmer. 
New York: Random House, Vintage, 1974. I09p. $3.95 (pap.). 

Instructions on playing techniques, various tunings, with a 
chapter on "some useful charts, books, and records of interest." 

Gainer, Patrick W. 

Folk Songs from the West Virginia Hills. Grantsville, W. Va.: 
Seneca Books, cl975. 236p. $15.00. 

Annotated collection by an eminent folklorist. The book is 
divided into five sections: "Child Ballads," "Other Ballads and Folk 
Songs," "Fiddle-Tune Songs, " "Choral Singing in the Mountains," 
and "The Negro Contribution." 

Green, Archie. 

Only a Miner; Studies in Recorded Coal -Mining Songs. Urbana: 
University of Illinois Press, 1972. 504p. $12.50. (Music in American 
Life Series) 

"Intended as a statement on sound recordings as cultural docu- 
ments and communicative devices, and is restricted to case studies 
of a handful of songs which appeared on discs issued between 1925 
and 1970 in the United States." 

Jackson, George Pullen. 

White Spirituals in the Southern Uplands . Sante Fe., N. M.: 
Gannon, cl933. 444p. $7.50. Also, New York: Dover, 1965. 
$4.00 (pap.). 

These are sometimes called shape-note singers or Sacred Harp 
singers after the music books they use. These singers have been 
prominent in East Tenn. and northern Ala. 

Korson, George G. 

Coal Dust on the Fiddle: Songs and Stories of the Bitum- 
inous Industry . Detroit: Gale, cl943. 460p. $8.00. 

- 39 - 

Minstrels of the Mine Patch: Songs and Stories of the Anthracite 
Industry" Detroit: Gale, cl938. 332p~! $7.50. 

Both books by Korson are invaluable, pioneer works, since 
he studied a field of music and lore long neglected by academic 

Krassen, Miles. 

Appalachian Fiddle . New York: Oak, 1973. 87p. $3.95. 

"58 transcriptions of breakdowns, jigs, hornpipes, and modal 
tunes based on the playing styles of traditional Appalachian 
fiddlers. Includes fingering positions. . .bowing techniques, double 
stops chart, and discography. " 

Lawless, Ray M. 

Folksingers and Folksongs in America; A Handbook of Biography, 
Bibliography, Discography " Rev. ed. New York: Hawthorn, 
1965. 750p. $12.95. 

McCurry, John G. 

Social Harp. Edited by Daniel W. Patterson and John F. Garst. 
Athens"! University of Georgia Press, 1973. 268p. $9.00. 

"Facsimile based on the 1855 printing." An early shape-note 
song book for the singing schools of the Fasola folk. 

Malone, Bill C. 

Country Music, U. S. A. Austin: Published for the American 
Folklore Society by the University of Texas Press, cl968. 422p. 
$10.00; $4.75 (pap.). 

Thorough examination of hillbilly and country-and-western 
music from its beginnings in folk music and religious music to its 
present-day appearance on recordings, radio, and television. 

Mason, Philip. 

The Dulcimer Player's Bible and Supplement. Bangor, Maine: 
by the Author, 1975. 77^. $4.95. 

Has playing instructions, bibliography, discography, and list of 
sources for information on plucked and hammered dulcimers. 

Niles, John Jacob. 

The Ballad Book of John Jacob Niles . New York: Dover, 1970, 
c 1961. 369p. $3.50. 

Ballads with piano and guitar accompaniment, collected in 
southern Appalachian mountains. 

Price, Steven D. 

Old as the Hills: The Story of Bluegrass Music. New York: 
Viking, 1975. IIOp. $6.95. 

- 40 - 

Very informative "introduction to string-band music." Dis- 
cusses the major figures in bluegrass and has an appendix listing 
recommended phonograph recordings. 

Ritchie, Jean. 

The Dulcimer Book, Being a Book about the Three-Stringed 
Appalachian Dulcimer, Including Some Ways of Tuning and Playing; 
Some Recollections in Its Local History in Perry and Knott Counties, 
Kentucky; Some Observations on the Probable Origins of the Instru- 
ment in the Old Countries of Europe; with Plentiful Photographic 
Illustrations and Drawings; and with Words and Music for Some Six- 
teen Songs from the Ritchie Family of Kentucky. New York: Quick 
Fox, cl964. 45p. $2.95 (pap.). 

Jean Ritchie's Celebration of Life; Her Songs... Her Poems. 
New York Peer-Southern, cl97l. 125p. $3.95 (pap.). 

Collection of the author's own folk-like music and poems. 

Jean Ritchie's Swapping Song Book. Photos by George Pickow. 
Piano Arrangements by A. K. Fossner and Edward Tripp. New York: 
Walck, cl964. 93p. $5.00. 

"21 songs from the southern Appalachians." 

Rosenbaum, Art. 

Old-Time Mountain Banjo; An Instruction Method for Playing 
the Old-Time Five-String Mountain Banjo Based on the Styles of 
Traditional Banjo-Pickers. New York: Oak, 1968. 88p^ $3.95. 
Also has a selected discography. 

Rosenberg, Bruce A. 

Folksongs of Virginia; A Checklist of the W.P.S. Holdings 
at Alderman Library, University of Virginia. Charlottesville: 
University Press of Virginia, 1969. I45p. $4.50. 

Seeger, Peter. 

The Incompleat Folksinger. Edited by Jo Metcalf Schwartz. 
New York: Simon and Schuster, 1972. 596p. $12.50. 

Informative and entertaining view of the folk music world 
of Pete Seeger. Brings together much that was previously published 
in periodicals, books, and on record liners; and adds new material 
on Seeger's current experiences. 

Sharp, Cecil J., and Maud Karpeles, eds. 

Eighty English Folk Songs from the Southern Appalachians. 
Ca mbridge, Mass.: MIT Press, 1969. I09p. $2.45 (pap.). 

- 41 - 

English Folk Songs from the Southern Appalachians, Collected by 
Cecil J. Sharp; Comprising Two Hundred and Seventy-Four Songs and 
Ballads with Nine Hundred and Sixty-Eight Tunes, Including Thirty- 
Nine Tunes Contributed by Olive Dame Campbell. 2 vols. New York: 
Oxford University Press, 1973, cl932. 

West, John Foster, 

The Ballad of Tom Dula. Durham, N. C: Moore Publishing Co., 
1970. 212p. $6795: 

"Documented story behind the murder of Laura Foster and the 
trials and execution of Tom Dula." Based on evidence researched 
from the legal documents and contemporary newspaper articles. 

White, Benjamin F., and E. J. King. 

The Sacred Harp. Facism. of the 3rd ed., 1859, including as 
a historical introduction: The Story of the Sacred Harp, by George 
Pullen Jackson. Nashville: Broadman Press, cl968. 432p. $6.50. 

Famous shaped-note hymnal. Sacred Harp singers are still 
prominent in East Tenn. and northern Ala. 


A. Anthologies. 

Anderson, Lorena, Marjorie Warner, and Barbara Yeager, editors. 

The wooden Tower; An Anthology of Appalachian Literature . 
Charleston, W. Va.: W. Va. Dept. of Education in association 
with Morris Harvey College, 1975. $4.25 (pap.). 

Haddix, Cecil le, editor. 

Who Speaks for Appalachia? / ~Prose, Poetry and Songs from 
the Mountain Heritage 7 New York: Pocket Books, cl975. 273p. 
$1.95 (pap.). 

Includes works by such well-known writers as James Agee, 
Caroline Gordon, Earl Hamner, Jr., Robert Penn Warren, and Thomas 

B. Novels and Short Story Collections. 

Agee, James. 

The Collected Short Prose of James Agee . Boston: Houghton 
Mifflin, 1969. 243p. $5.95. Also, New York: Ballantine, 1970. 
$1 .25 (pap.). 

Contains a memoir by Robert Fitzgerald and short fiction and 
non-fiction pieces. 

A Death in the Family. New York: Amsco School Publications, 
1970, cl957. 339p. $2.25 (pap.). Also, New York: Bantam, 1971. 
$.95 (pap.). 

Agee received, posthumously, the Pulitzer Prize (1958) for 
this novel concerning the death of a young boy's father in a car 
accident and its effect on the life of the boy. The family lives 
in Knoxville, Tennessee, and has close rural ties. 

Morning Watch. Boston: Houghton Mifflin, 1951. 120p. 

In a church school in the Tenn. mountains, an adolescent boy's 
reactions to a "watch" on Good Friday range from near mystical con- 
templation to shameful thinking about earthly things. 

- 42 - 

- 43 - 

Arnow, Harriette. 

The Dollmaker. New York: Macmillan, 1967. 549p. $7.95; 
$8.95 (large print edition). Also, New York: Collier, 1962. 
$1.50 (pap.). And New York: New American Library, 1974. $1.75 

Arnow's best work to date, the novel vividly describes the 
problems of Appalachian migrants to Detroit during WWII. 

" The Kentucky Trace: A Novel of the American Revolution. New 
York: Knopf, 1974. 288p. $6.95. 

Although filled with authenic details of frontier life in 
Appalachia, the story rambles from its tense, opening scene into 
a plotless account of gunpowder-making. 

Berry, Wendell. 

The Memory of Old Jack. New York: Harcourt Brace Jovanovich, 
1974. 223p. $6.95. Also, Large Print Books, G. K. Hall, 1974. 

A ninety-two year old man remembers his childhood, his marriage, 
an affair, and his working days as a farmer. 

Blackhurst, W. E. 

Mixed Harvest. Parsons, W. Va.: McClain, 1970. 202p. $7.00. 
Describes the life of the Arden family in turn-of-the-century 

Bowers, John. 

No More Reunions. New York: Pocket Books, 1974, cl973. 224p. 
$1.50 (pap.). 

The hero, nicknamed Boney, has a teenage life that is obsessively 
sexual. Set in East Tenn., this perceptive and humorous novel also 
has a serious theme: why some successful boys fail as men and vice 
versa . 

Boyd, James. 

Old Pines and Other Stories. Selected by Katherine Boyd. 
Chapel Hill: University of North Carolina Press, 1952. I65p. 

Collection of 10 short stories, published posthumously, and set 
in a North Carolina poor community. 

Burman, Ben Lucian. 

Four Lives of Mundy Tol liver. New York: Taplinger, 1953. 
237p. $3.75. Also, New York: Ballantine, 1974. $1.25 (pap.) 

Following WWII, Mundy returns to Coal Creek, Ky., where he 
finds a job transporting moonshine. 

- 44 - 

Caldwell, Taylor. 

The Balance Wheel. Staten Island, N. Y.: Aeonian Press, 
1974, cl95l. 509p. $9.95. Also, New York: Pyramid Publications, 
1973. $1.25 (pap.). 

Setting is an industrial town in western Pa. and story con- 
cerns four brothers who own a tool plant and are faced with the 
machinations of those who would profit from a war. 

There Was a Time. Staten Island, N. Y.: Aeonian Press, 1974, 
cl947. 47lp. $9.95 (reprint). 

Frank Clair goes from his home in England to the Ky. oil fields 
where he tries to make money. 

Campbell, Marie. 

Cloud-Walking. 2d ed. Bloomington: Indiana University Press, 
1971, C I942. 272p. $8.95. 

Collection of tales about the mountain people in Ky. 

Cather, Willa. 

Uncle Valentine and Other Stories; Willa Cather's Uncollected 
Short Fiction 1915 - 1929. Lincoln: University of Nebraska Press, 
1973. I83p. $6.95. 

Includes two short stories with Pittsburgh settings: "Uncle 
Valentine" and "Double Birthday." Cather lived in Pittsburgh 
for a number of years and wrote for the Pittsburgh Leader. 

Caudill, Harry M. 

Dark Hills to Westward; The Saga of Jennie Wiley. Bos ton : 
Little, Brown, 1969. I97p. $7.95. Also, New York: Popular 
Library, 1971. $.75 (pap.). 

Reportedly a true story, the novel is about a young married 
woman who is carried off by Indians in the Ky. mountains in 1789. 

The Senator from Slaughter County. Boston: Little, Brown, 
1974. 308p. $6.95. 

Caudill writes about what few have documented but many know — 
that Appalachia has been as exploited by her own as by any outsiders. 
Novel follows the Bonham family from its arrival in the coal mining 
area of the mountains to the present day of strip mining. 

Chappell, Fred. 

The Gaudy Place. New York: Harcourt Brace Javanovich, 1973. 
I78p. $5.95. 

The fourth and most recent of Chappel's novels has a much 
more urban setting than the earlier ones. Asheville, N. C, is 
revealed from its pimps to its suburbs to its politicians. The place 
is gaudy because of man's desire for show and form and the appearance 

- 45 - 

of substance. 

Although Chappell's other novels ( It is Time, Lord; The Inkling; 
and Dagon) are out-of-print, they are well worth obtaining on the 
o.p. market. 

Cutlip, Ralph V. 

The Hickory Grew Tall: A Story of Appalachia. New York: 
Exposition, 1970. 264p. $6.00. 

Tom Skidmore is caught up in the web of change in his native 

Dargan, Olive Tilford. 

Innocent Bigamy and Other Stories. Winston-Salem, N. C: 
Blair, 1962. 261p. $3.75. 

Setting for these stories is the mountains following WWI. 

Davis, Harold Lenoir. 

Beulah Land. Westport, Conn.: Greenwood, 1971. 314p. 
$12.75. (Reprint of 1949 ed.) 

Historical novel of the American frontier. 

Dickey, James. 

Deliverance. Boston: Houghton Mifflin, cl970. 278p. $5.95. 
Also, New York: Dell, 1971. $1.25 (pap.). 

While ostensibly a suspenseful, best-selling story of a canoe 
trip down a wild river in northern Ga., the novel has aroused much 
ire in the mountains for its sensationalistic depiction of mountain 

Dos Passos, John. 

Adventures of a Young Man. Boston: Houghton Mifflin, 1966. 
322p. $6.95. Also, New York: Popular Library, 1961. $.50 (pap.). 

A story in which communism touches the miners of the southern 

Dykeman, Wilma. 

The Far Family. New York: Holt, Rinehart & Winston, 1966. 
372p. $5.95. Also, New York: Avon, 1972. $.95 (pap.). 

The Thurston family return to their mountain home to aid one 
of the brothers who is suspected of murdering a Negro. 

Return the Innocent Earth. New York: Holt, Rinehart & Winston, 
1973. 428p. $8.95. Also, New York: New American Library, 1974. 
$ 1 . 75 (pap . ) . 

Has a timely subject, corporate irresponsibility in Appalachia 
by an agri-business giant. 

- 46 - 

The Toll Woman. New York: Holt, Rinehart & Winston, 1962. 
315p. $6.95. 

Describes the life of a North Carolina mountain woman, Lydia 
McQueen, from her marriage in 1864 to her death over 30 years later. 

Ehle, John. 

The Journey of August King. New York: Harper & Row, 1971. 
218p. $7.95. Also, New York: Avon, 1973. $.95 (pap.). 

August King, a widowed mountaineer, goes against his custom 
and helps a runaway slave escape to the North. 

Ehle has often been compared to Thomas Wolfe because of his 
poetic diction; he is also from Asheville and has set most of his 
novels in the western N. C. mountains. 

The Land Breakers. New York: Harper & Row, 1964. 407p. 
$7.95. Also, New York: Avon, 1972. $.95 (pap.). 

This is the first of a two-part saga of the settlement of the 
Carolina mountains. The Road follows the story begun here. 

Lion on the Hearth. New York: Avon, 1972, cl96l. 406p. 
$1.25 (pap.). 

A bustling, commercial Asheville, N. C, provides the setting 
for the story of the King family in the early 20th century. Shows 
the adjustments and problems of people leaving the mountains for 
a life in urban commerce. 

The Road. New York: Harper & Row, 1967. 40lp. $5.95. 
Also, New York: Avon, 1972. $1.25 (pap.). 

In the 1870's the railroad comes to the mountains and this 
tale revolves around the love a mountain girl has for two men, one 
a construction engineer and the other a wealthy young man out to 
prove his worth. 

Fox, John, Jr. 

Christmas Eve on Lonesome, and Other Stories. Freeport, N. Y.: 
Books for Libraries, c|904. 245p. $11.00 (Short Story Index 
Reprint Series) 

Stories of the Ky. mountains. Contents: Christmas Eve on 
Lonesome. — The Army of Callahan. — The Last Stetson. — The Pardon 
of Becky Day. — A Crisis for the Guard. — Christmas Night with Satan. 

A Cumberland Vendetta and other Stories. Freeport, N.Y.: 

- 47 - 

Books for Libraries, cl895. 22lp. $9.00. (Short Story Index 
Reprint Series) 

Mainly about feuds. Contents: A Mountain Europa . — A Cum- 
berland Vendetta. —The Last Stetson. --On Hell-fer-Sartain Creek. 

Gardiner, John Rolfe. 

Great Dream from Heaven. New York: Dutton, 1975. 352p. 


1889 in Coal Creek, Tenn.: Eugene Daniels arrives as a green 
organizer for the knights of Labor. This is a well told story of 
the famous Coal Creek Rebellion. 

Giles, Janice Holt. 

The Believers. Boston: Houghton Mifflin, 1957. 302p. $6.95. 
Also, New York: Warner Paperback Library, 1972. $.95 (pap.). 

This novel is a sequel to Hannah Fowler, and concerns Hannah 
and her husband, Richard, who becomes a fanatical believer and 
member of a Shaker colony. 

The Enduring Hills. 2nd ed. Boston: Houghton Mifflin, 1971. 
256p. $6.95. Afso, New York: Fawcett World, 1972. $.95 (pap.), 

Describes the feelings that mountain people have for their 
life in the hills. 

Hannah Fowler. New York: Warner Paperback Library, 1972, 
cl956. 312p. $.75 (pap.). 

Relates the vicissitudes of life as a Ky. pioneer and the 
struggles the Fowler family has against blizzards, wolves, and 
Indian raids. 

" The Kentuckians. Boston: Houghton Mifflin, 1953. 272p. 
$6.95. Also, New York: Warner Paperback Library, 1972. $.75 (pap.), 
Story of frontier settlement and the Revolutionary War in Ky. 

The Land Beyond the Mountains. New York: Warner Paperback 
Library, 1972, cl958. 285p. $.75 (pap.). 
Another story of the settlement of Ky. 

Miss Willie. Boston: Houghton Mifflin, 1953. 272p. $6.95. 
Also, New York: Warner Paperback Library, 1972. $.75 (pap.). 

A Texas school teacher comes to the Ky. mountains and has to 
learn the ways of the mountain people. 

- 48 

Run Me o River . New York: Warner Paperback Library, 1972, 
cl964. 272p. $.95 (pap.). 

In the fall of 1861, Confederate and Union forces begin to 
clash in the nominally neutral state of Ky. 

Shady Grove. Boston: Houghton Mifflin, 1968. 260p. 

A comic novel of "Bible Christians," who are opposed to de- 
nominations in general and to the latest minister in particular. 
A number of farcical events ensue, ending in the minister's arrest 
in the raid of a moonshine still. 

Glasgow, Ellen. 

Vein of Iron. New York: Harcourt Brace Janonovich, cl935. 
$2.95; $.95 (pap.). 

The only novel by the Virginia author to have an Appalachian 
setting, including mountain characters. 

Green, Lewis W. 

And Scatter the Proud. Winston-Salem, N. C: Blair, 1969. 
447p. $6.95. 

Six related novellas set in the Blue Ridge Mountains. 

Haas, Ben. 

The Last Volley . New York: Simon & Schuster, 1966. 478p. 

General Ballard returns to his native Appalachia and gets in- 
volved in a battle between the people and the water power interests, 
becoming the leader in the fight against the dam. 

Hamner, Earl 

The Homecoming; A Novel about Spencer's Mountain. New York: 
Random House, 1970. Il5p. $4.95. Also, New York: Avon, 1973. 
$.95 (pap.). 

When Clay Spencer, the father, fails to return to his Blue 
Ridge home on Christmas Eve, Clay-Boy, his eldest son, goes out 
to search for him. The novel was made into a television special 
under the same title and then became the hit series, "The Waltons." 

Spencer's Mountain. New York: Dial, 1961. 247p. $6.95. 
Also, New York: Dell, 1973. $.95 (pap.). 

The Spencers hold on to their Va. mountain land while every- 
one else sells out to lumber companies. There is also the conflict 
between giving their son a college education and preserving him 
from the hazards of city life. 

- 49 - 

Hannum, Alberta P. 

Roseonno McCoy. New York: Ballantine, 1974, cl947. 256p. 
$1 .25 (pap.). 

Fictional treatment of the Hatfield-McCoy feud, focusing on 
the love story of Roseanna and Jonse Hatfield. 

Harben William N. 

Northern Georgia Sketches. Freeport, N. Y.: Books for 
Libraries, 1900. 305p. $11.00. (Short Story Index Reprint 

Deals with the relationships between hill folk and townspeople. 

Harris, George Washington. 

Sut Lovingood. Yarns Spun by a "Nat'ral Born Durn'd Fool." 
Warped and Wove for Public Wear. M. Thomas Inge, ed. New Haven, 
Conn.: College and University Press, 1966. 299p. $7.50; $3.45 

22 comic tales from the Southern mountains. 

Haun, Mildred. 

The Hawk's Done Gone, and Other Stories. Nashville: Vander- 
bilt University Press, 1968. 356p. $7.95. 

Well done collection of stories recounting an East Tenn., 
granny woman's memories. Valuable for the folklore as well as its 
literary merit. 

Jones, Madison. 

A Buried Land. New York: Popular Library, 1971, cl963. 
295p. $.95 (pap.). 

The word "buried" is doubly used — a TVA dam floods and buries 
the land in which a mountain woman, victim of an unsuccessful 
abortion, is buried by the two possible fathers of the unborn child. 

Forest of the Night. New York: Popular Library, 1971, cl960. 
305p. $.75 (pap.). 

In the 19th century Tenn. wilderness, Jonathan Cannon comes 
to teach school and becomes involved with the former wife of a 
notorious local outlaw. 

I Walk the Line. New York: Popular Library, 1970, cl967. 
I53p. $.60 (pap.). (Original title: An Exile.) 

Story concerns moonshiners and a compromised lawman. This was 
made into a movie starring Gregory Peck, hence the title change 
for the paperback reprint. 

The Innocent. New York: Popular Library, 1971. 370p. 
$.95 (pap.). 

- 50 - 

Duncan Welsh returns home after several years in the North. 
He finds friendship with a bootlegger and they become the object 
of an extensive manhunt. 

Kinder, Charles /Chuck Kindejy 7 . 

Snakehunter. New York: Knopf, 1973. 21 2p. $5.95. 

"Snakehunter" is Speer Whitfield's pet turtle which is killed 
by a bully. This is symbolic of young Speer's life as almost 
everyone he loves dies. Good first novel set in W. Va. 

McCarthy, Cormac. 

Child of God. New York: Random House, 1974. I97p. $5.95. 
Despite describing such behavior as Lester Ballard's necrophilia, this 
novel has many attractive qualities. As always, McCarthy's ability 
with words is evident as we watch Lester's descent by consistent 
movements into inhuman behavior. 

The Orchard Keeper. New York: Random, 1965. 246p. $6.95. 

This novel won the William Faulkner Foundation Award for the 
best first novel in 1965. It describes the lives of a boy, a man, 
and a very old man in East Tennessee as industrial progress eats 
away at their lives, forcing changes. 

Outer Dark. New York: Random House, 1968. 256p. $6.95. 

The novel begins with a woman giving birth to her brother's 
child. He buries it in the woods, telling her it died a natural 
death. The rest of the novel is movement and search in a world 
from which there is no escape. McCarthy makes good use of 
regional speech patterns. 

Madden, Dnvid. 

Bijou. New York: Crown, 1974. 500p. $8.95. 

The Bijou of the title is the movie house in Cherokee, Tenn., 
and is the place of dreams for Lucius Hutchfield. His grandmother's 
folktales, the adventures of his seventeen-year-old con-man brother, 
and movies prompt him to run away. But he ends up in Asheville, 
N. C, the home of his latest hero, Thomas Wolfe. 

Brothers in Confidence . New York: Avon, 1972. I73p. $.95. 

The word "confidence" refers to various types of con games. 
The primary con here involves getting the one brother out of a 
small, East Tenn., town jail. This comic novel is a paperback 

Cassandra Singing. New York: Avon, 1971, cl969. 277p. $.95 (pap.). 

- 51 - 

Offers a view into the complex loves and relationships of an 
eastern Ky. family, particularly into the brother-sister relationship 
of Lone and Cassie. 

The Shadow Knows. Baton Rouge: Louisiana State University 
Press, 1970. I86p. $5.95. 

Collection of well constructed short stories set in eastern 
Ky. Contents: Lone Riding — The World's One Breathing. — The 
Shadow Knows. — The Day the Flowers Came. — Love Makes Nothing 
Happen. — The Pale Horse of Fear. — God Proud. — No Trace. 

Marius, Richard. 

The Coming of Rain. New York: Knopf, 1969. 437p. 

Set in post Civil War, East Tenn., this is a first novel 
about love and violence, family pride and murder. 

Marshall, Catherine. 

Christy . New York: McGraw-Hill, 1967. 496p. $6.95. Also, 
Old Tappan, N. J.: Revell, 1968. $1.25 (pap.). And New York: 
Avon, 1974. $1.50 (pap.). 

Sentimental story of the author's mother, who went to Cutter 
Gap, Ky., as a missionary. 

Miller, Carolyn. 

Lamb in His Bosom. New York: Berg, 1934. 345p. $10.00. 
This account of a backwoods Ga. family won the 1934 Pulitzer 
Prize for fiction. 

Milton, Hilary H. 

The Tipple Bell. Washington, D. C: Luce, 1970. 214p. 

Story alternates between five miners trapped by a cave-in and 
their waiting families. 

Montgomery, Marion. 

Fugitive. New York: Harper & Row, 1974. 373p. $8.95. 
Walter Mason, who had left a teaching career to make money 
writing country music, goes to a North Ga. community, buys a farm, 
and tries to expiate his past life. 

Murfree, Mary N. /""Charles Egbert Craddock/ 7 . 

The Bushwackers, and Other Stories. Facsimile ed. Freeport, 
N. Y.: Books for Libraries, cl899. 312p. $10.00. (Short Story 
Index Reprint Series) 

Murfree's stories are important to the study of Appalachian 
fiction, both because of their popularity and of their influence 
on the image of the mountaineer. Contents: The Bushwackers. — 
The Panther of Jolton's Ridge. —The Exploit of Choolah, the 

- 52 - 

The Prophet of the Great Smoky Mountains. New York: AMS 
Press, 1970. 308p. $9.75. (Reprint of 1885 edition) 

After his wife's death, Hiram Kelsey gets religion and earns 
a reputation for prophesying. 

In the Tennessee Mountains. Knoxville: University of Tennes- 
see Press, 1970. 322p. $7.50. (Reprint of 1884 edition) 

Collection of short stories. Contents: Drifting Down Lost 
Creek. — A-Playin 1 of Old Sledge at the Settlemint. — The Star in 
the Valley. — Electioneerin' on Big Injun Mounting. — The Romance 
of Sunrise Rock. — The Dancin 1 Party at Harrison's Cove. — Over on 
t'other Mounting. — The "Harnt" That Walks Chilhowee. 

Norman, Gurney. 

Divine Right's Trip; A Folk Tale. New York: Dial, 1972. 
302p. $7.95. 

The "trip" is on several levels. One is Divine Right's trip 
in a Volkswagen bus from California to eastern Ky. A second is the 
drug-induced trip. But a third level involves Divine Right's 
settling down on his uncle's farm in eastern Ky. where they try to 
reclaim the land. This novel first appeared in a different format 
in The Last Whole Earth Catalog. 

Ogburn, Charlton. 

Winespring Mountain. New York: Morrow, 1973. 252p. $6.95. 
"Focuses upon the ravaging of the countryside by strip miners" 
in W. Va. It is also a love story. 

Porter, William Sydney /~0. Henry /. 

Complete Works of Q. Henry. 2 vols. Garden City, N. Y.: 
Doubleday, 1953. I692p. $9.95.. 

At least three stories treat mountaineers: The Ethics of 
Pig. — Squaring the Circle. — The Whirligig of Life. 

Quigley, Michael J. 

April is the Cruelest Month. New York: McGraw Hill, 1971. 
I3lp. $1.95 (pap.). 

A young girl is dying of cancer in a W. Va. coal field and 
the people try to care for her. 

Richardson, Vokes 

Not All Our Pride. New York: Braziller, 1965. 276p. $4.50. 
Story is about a precocious boy and girl who fall in love in 
an East Tenn. redolent of the Old South. 

- 53 - 

Roberts, Elizabeth Madox. 

A Buried Treasure. New York: Popular Library, 1970, c 1 93 1 . 
296p. $.75 (pap.). 

Humorous story of an old Ky. farmer and his wife. After finding 
a black kettle of gold and silver, they throw a party to celebrate. 

~ He Sent Forth a Raven. New York: Popular Library, 1970, cl935, 
255p. $.60 (pap.). 

When Stoner Drake's wife dies, he vows he will never set foot 
on earth again. He directs the work of his farm from his balcony. 

My Heart and My Flesh. New York: Popular Library, 1970, cl927. 
300p. $.75 (pap.). 

Episodic story of a Ky. girl's struggle to regain her physical and 
mental health. 

Time of Man. New York: Popular Library, cl926. 382p. $.95 

Traces the movements from place to place of a Ky. hill family.. 

Settle, Mary Lee. 

Fight Night on a Sweet Saturday. New York: Viking, 1964. 
217p. $4.50. 

A girl's returning to W. Va. to attend her brother's funeral 
is a starting point in a search to find some reason for his wasted 
life and useless death. 

Sherburne, James. 

Hacev Miller. Boston: Houghton Mifflin, cl97l. 306p. $6.95. 

Historical novel set in pre-Civil War period, presenting all sides 
of slavery question. Action shifts from "the Bluegrass to abolitionist 
Boston, then to the mountain clearing where Berea College was born." 

Stand Like Men . Boston: Houghton Mifflin, 1973. 268p. 

Story of the people involved in a Ky. coal war in 1931 be- 
tween union organizers and coal mine owners in Harlan County. 

The Way to Fort Pillow. Boston: Houghton Mifflin, 1972. 
260p. $6.95. 

A historical novel covering the Civil War period in the area 
around Berea College, Ky. 

- 54 - 

Simms, William Gilmore. 

The Writings of William Gilmore Simms. Centennial Edition. 
Columbia: University of South Carolina Press, 1969 - 

When complete, the edition will consist of about 30 volumes. 
Published so far are: Vol. I: Voltmeir, or the Mountain Men ; 
Vol. Ill: As Good as a Comedy, or the Tennesseean's Story, and 
Paddy McGann, or the Demon of the Stump; and Vol . V: Stories and 

Smith, William Dale. 

Multitude of Men. New York: Simon & Schuster, I960. 435p. 

A young man returns to W. Va. after serving in the Army and 
takes a job in a steel mill, where conflicts develop between the 
company union and an outside labor group. 

Still, James. 

River of Earth. New York: Popular Library, cl940. 245p. 
$.60 (pap.). 

Excellent portrayal of the life and closeness of a coal mining 

Stribling, T. S. 

The Forge. St. Clair Shores, Mich.: Scholarly Press, 1971, 
cl93l. 525p. $24.50. 

The Store. Dunwoody, Ga.: Berg, 1968, cl932. 57lp. $10.95. 

The Forge and The Store are parts one and two of a trilogy 
about the Vaiden family of northern Ala. 

Stuart, Jane. 

Passerman's Hollow. New York: McGraw-Hill, 1974, 141 p. 

About a missing girl, a quite religious family of farmers, 
and the son of the family who has psychological problems. 

Yellowhawk. New York: McGraw-Hill, 1973. I78p. $6.95. 

This is the first novel by the daughter of Jesse Stuart. In it, 
a teacher, Rhoda Miller, tells the story of Yellowhawk, a town in 
eastern Ky. 

Stuart, Jesse. 

Come Back to the Farm. New York: McGraw, 1971. 246p. 

Collection of 16 Ky. hill stories. Contents: — Appalachian 
Patriarch. — Why Manifee Wasn't Our County. — Give Charlie a 

- 55 - 

Little Time. — Maybell's First-Born. — Victory and the Dream. — Wild 
Plums. — The Best Years of Our Lives. — The Builders and the Dream. 
— Little Giant. — The Highest Bidder. — A Pilgrim out in Space. — The 
Twelve-Pole Road. —Lost Land of Youth. --Holiday with the Larks. 
— Uncle Mel Comes to the Aid of His Clan. — Eighty-one Summers. 

Come Gentle Spring . New York: McGraw-Hill, 1969. 282p. 

20 short stories: — Come Gentle Spring. — Two Worlds. — The 
Weakling. — A Christmas Present for Uncle Bob. — The Old Law Wasn't 
Strong Enough. — Love in the Spring. — The Water Penalty. — Our 
Wiff and Daniel Boone. —Pa's a Man's Man All Right. — Mad Davids 
and a Mechanical Goliath. — The Last Roundup. — A Land Beyond the 
River. — Powerday's Red Hen. — Fast-Train Ike. —Uncle Fonse 
Laughed. — Does the Army Always Get Its Man. — Seventy-six Days. 
—The Rainy Day at Big Lost Creek. —The War and Cousin Lum. — 
King of the Hills. 

Daughter of the Legend . New York: McGraw-Hill, 1965. 249p. 

A lumberjack falls in love with a beautiful girl, a member 
of the Melungeon clan, who live isolated on a Tenn. mountain top. 

Down of Remembered Spring . New York: McGraw-Hill, 1972. 
I79p. $6.95. 

Tales that highlight the fascination of the Ky. hill folk with 
snakes and snake lore. A group of lyric verses follow. 

Foretaste of Glory. New York: Ballantine, 1974. $1.50 (pap.), 
To the inhabitants of a small Ky. town, the sight of the aurora 

borealis signals the end of the world. Saints and sinners respond to 

this foretaste of glory. 

God's Oddling; The Story of Mick Stuart, My Father. New York: 
McGraw-Hill, I960. 266p. $5.95. 

Collection of stories about Stuart's father and family in Greenup 
County, Ky. 

A Jesse Stuart Reader; Stories and Poems Selected and Intro- 
duced by Jesse Stuart. New York: McGraw, 1963. 310p. $5.25. 

56 - 

Mr. Gallon's School. New York: McGraw-Hill, 1967. 337p. 

Mr. Galion has been a school principal until four heart 
attacks force him to be inactive for two years; but hearing about 
the near anarchy in the school, he returns as principal. 

My Land Has a Voice. New York: McGraw-Hill, 1966. 243p. 

22 short stories: Corbie. — Yoked for Life. — Beyond the News 
in Still Hollow. —Hand that Fed Him. —He's Not Our People. —South 
American and Tiger Tom. — April. -Red Mule and the Changing World. 
— A Mother's Place is with Her Son. — Lady. — As a Man Thinketh. — 
Both Barrels. — Judge Ripper's Day. — The Rightful Owner. — A Stall 
for Uncle Jeff. — Remember the Sabbath Day and Keep It Holy. — Here. 
— Nearly Tickled to Death. — Uncle Jeff and the Family Pride. — 
Another Thanksgiving. 

Plowshare in Heaven. New York: McGraw-Hill, 1958. 273p. 
$5 . 50" 

Short stories on the theme of death. Contents: — Zeke Hammer- 
tight. — Walk in the Moon Shadows. — Land Beyond the River. — Rich 
Men. — Sylvania is Dead. — Wind Blew East. — Sunday Afternoon Hang- 
ing. — The Reaper and the Flowers. — How Sportsmanship Came to Carver 
College. — Love in the Spring. — Settin' up with Grandma. — Bird-Neck. 
— The Chase of the Skittish Heifer. — Before the Grand Jury. — The 
Champions. — Death and Decision. — Alec's Cabin. — Old Dick. — 
Grandpa. — The Devil and the Television. — Plowshare in Heaven. 

Tales from the Plum G rove Hills. New York: Ballantine, 1974, 
cl946~ 256p. $1.25 (pap.). 

Contents: — Another April. — The Sanctuary Desolated. — 
Whose Land is This? — My Father is an Educated Man. — Brothers. 
— Thanksgiving Hunter. — The Storm. — I Remember Mollie. — Fit? Red 
Man. — Grandma Birdwell's Last Battle. — Bury Your Dead. — Death 
Has Two Good Eyes. — Weep No More, My Lady. — Rain on Tanyard 
Hollow. — Another Hanging. — Spring Victory. — The Freeing of 
Janson Whiteapple. — Dawn of Remembered Spring. — Nest Egg. — 
Frog-Trouncin' Contest. 

Taps for Private Tussie. New York: Ballantine, 1973. 303p. 
$1.25 (pap.). 

Comic novel about the Tussie family who live off the "relief," 
Grandpa's pension, and a windfall insurance benefit when Private 
Tussie is presumed dead in the war. 

- 57 - 

Thirty-two Votes before Breakfast; Politics at the Grass Roots 
as Seen in Short Stories by Jesse Stuart. New York: McGraw-Hill, 
1974. 349p. $7\95^ 

"Twenty not — so-tall tales about rural politics." 

Turnbull, Agnes Sligh. 

The Day Must Dawn. New York: Macmillan, 1942. 483p. $6.95. 
Also, New York: Avon, 1973. $1.25 (pap.). 

Story of a pioneer family in the western Pa. back country. 

Ware, Clyde. 

The Eden Tree. Louisville, Ky.: Touchstone Publishing Co., 
1971. 357p. $7.95. 

When his grandfather dies, Cal Squires returns home to W. Va. 
He relives his past journeys from W. Va. to N. Y. and to Hollywood, 
coming to accept who and what he is. 

West, John Foster. 

Appalachian Dawn. Durham, N. C: Moore Publishing Co., 
cl973. I9lp. $6.95. 

Sequel to West's earlier, interesting novel, Time Was, which 
is now out-of-print. This novel follows the first ten years in the 
life of John Ward in western N. C. 

Wolfe, Thomas. 

From Death to Morning. New York: Scribner, 1958, cl935. 
304p. $2.45 (pap.). 

Collection of Wolfe's shorter fiction. Contents: — No Door. 
— Death the Proud Brother. — The Face of the War. — Only the Dead 
Know Brooklyn. — Dark in the Forest. — Strange as Time. — The 
Four Lost Men. — Gulliver. — The Bums at Sunset. — One of the 
Girls in Our Party. — The Far and the Near. — In the Park. — The 
Men of Old Catawba. — Circus at Dawn. — The Web of Earth. 

The Hills Behond. New York: Harper & Row, 1941. 386p. 
$8.95. Also, New York: New American Library, cl94l. $.95 (pap.). 

Collection of shorter fiction containing ten chapters of "The 
Hills Beyond," which appears to have been intended to be a novel 
about N. C. Contents: — The Lost Boy. — A Kinsman of His Blood. 
— Chicamauga. — Portrait of a Literary Critic. — The Lion at Morning. 
— God's Lonely Man. — No Cure for It. — Gentlemen of the Press. 
— The Return of the Prodigal. — On Leprechauns. — The Hills Beyond. 

Look Homeward, Angel; A Story of the Buried Life . New York: 
Scribner, cl929. 626p. $7.95; $2.95 (pap.). 

- 58 - 

In Wolfe's best known and most often read book, he writes of 
his family, childhood, youth, and early manhood in his hometown 
of Asheville, N. C. 

The Short Novels of Thomas Wolfe. Edited by C. Hugh Hoi man. 
New York: Scribner, 1961. 323p. $7.95. 

Five novels: — A Portrait of Bascom Hawke. — The Web of Earth. 
— No Door. —"I Have a Thing to Tell You." —The Party at Jack's. 
Each has a headnote by the editor. The most interesting is The 
Web of Earth, dominated by the figure of Eliza Gant, or Wolfe's mother. 

The Thomas Wolfe Reader. Edited by C. Hugh Holman. New York: 
Scribner, cl962. 690p. $10.00. 

Primarily selections from the novels. 

The Web and the Rock. New York: Harper & Row, 1939. 695p. 
$10.00; $1.50 (pap.). Also, New York: New American Library, cl939. 
$.95 (pap.). 

Story of George Webber and his life in a southern town, This 
is similar to but more objectively written than Look Homeward, Angel. 

You Can't Go Home Aaain. New York: Harper & Row, 1940. 743p. 
$10.00; $1.50 (pap.). Also, New York: New American Library, 1966. 
$1.50 (pap.). 

Sequel to The Web and the Rock; continues the story of George 
Webber from the I920's to middle 1930's. 

Wouk, Herman. 

Younablood Hawke. Garden City, N. Y: Doubleday, 1962. 783p. 
$2.49 (pap.). Also, New York: New American Library, 1973. $1.50 

Fictionalized account of Thomas Wolfe's life. 

Yount, John. 

The Trapper's Last Shot. New York: Random House, 1973. 236p. 

The opening chapter's portrayal of a boy's ghastly death in a 
swimming pond full of snakes serves as a metaphor for the lower 
class existence of the protagonists. Well written novel. 


Agee, James. 

The Collected Poems of James Agee. Edited and with an Intro- 
duction by Koberf h'tzgerald. New Haven: Yale University Press, 
1969. I79p. $1.75. 

Includes the only book of poetry Agee ever prepared for pub- 
lication, Permit Me Voyage . 

Berry, Wendell. 

The Country of Marriage. New York: Harcourt Brace Jovanovich, 

1973. 53p.. W&T. 

Most of Berry's well written, contemporary poems show a strong 

attachment to the land. 


Openings. New York: Harcourt Brace and World, 1968. 67p. 

Chappell, Fred. 

The World Between the Eyes. Baton Rouge: Louisiana State 

Un i versity Press, 1971. 60pT PT"95 . 

Chappell 's skill as a poet becomes evident from the first poem 
about hog killing. 

Depta, Victor. 

The Creek. Athens: Ohio University Press, 1973. 64p. $5.50. 
Rural scenes and people are described in a witty, contemporary 

Dillard, R. H. W. 

News of the Nile. Chapel Hill: University of North Carolina 

Press, 197T. 59pi $3775. 

Several of these poems illustrate a "regional idiom." Dillard 
is a fine, intelligent poet from Roanoke, Va. 

Dillard, Annie. 

Tickets for a Prayer Wheel. Columbia: University of Missouri 
Press, 19747 H3p. $6.00. Also\ New York: Bantam, 1974. $1.50 

Poetry by the Pulitizer Prize winning author of Pilgrim at 
Tinker Creek. 

- 59 - 

- 60 - 

McNeill, Louise. 

Gauley Mountain. Parsons, W. Va.: McClain, I960. 98p. 
$5.00. (Reprint of 1939 edition by Harcourt.) 

Poems describing W. Va. People, places and history. 

Paradox Hill; From Appalachia to Lunar Shore. Morgantown: 
West Virginia University Library, 1972. I3lp. $5.00. 

A new collection that displays a fine touch with "ballad-like 
music that ranges from the matter-of-fact to the macrabre." 

Miller, Jim Wayne. 

Dialogue with a Dead Man. Athens: University of Georgia 
Press, 1974. 78p. $3.95. 

A concern with death ties the poems together. Included are 
several poems from an earlier, privately published collection 
titled Copperhead Cane. 

Stuart, Jesse. 

Man with a Bui I -Tongue Plow. New York: Dutton, 1959, cl934. 
36lp. $1.95 (pap.). 

Certainly one of the more important books to come out of the 
mountains. Over seven hundred sonnets reveal people of the region 
as well as anyone has. 

Walser, Richard, ed. 

The Poets of North Carolina. Chapel Hill: University of 
North Carolina Press, 1963. I42p. $4.95. 

Presents the poetry and short biographies of several poets, 
some of whom are native Appalachian people and/or write about 
Appalachian subjects. 

West, Don. 

O Mountaineers I A Collection of Poetry. Huntington, W. Va.: 
Appalachian Press, cl974. 242p. $10.00; $3.95 (pap.). 

Protest poetry by a former union organizer, college professor, 
and founder of the Appalachian South Folklife Center, Pipestem, W. Va, 

Wheeler, Billy Edd. 

Song of a Woods Colt. Anderson, S. C: Droke House, 1969. 
M8p. $3.95. 

Interesting poetry by a well-known song writer and singer. 
Some song lyrics are included here. 

Williams, Johathan. 

An Ear in Bartram's Tree: Selected Poems 1957 - 1967. Chapel 
Hill: University of North Carolina Press, 1969. Unpaged. $7.50. 
Also, New York: New Directions, 1972. $1.95 (pap.). 

- 61 - 

An important avant-garde poet from N. C, Williams uses the 
Appalachian idiom in a new, unpatronizing manner. 

Wolfe, Thomas. 

A Stone, A Leaf, A Door; Poems by Thomas Wolfe . Selected and 
arranged in verse by John S. Barnes, with a Foreword by Louis Unter- 
meyer. New York: Scribner, cl945. loop. $2.45 (pap.). 

Selections from Wolfe's very poetic prose that have been 
rearranged into poetic formats. 


Appclachion Autumn and Other Plays. Selected by the editors of Scho- 
lastic Scope Magazine. Englewood Cliffs, N. J.: Scholastic Book 
Service, 1971. 125p. $1.20 (pap.). (Scope Play Series, No. 

The title play is by Earl Hamner, creator of "The Waltons" 
(television series); the play was done as a television special and is 
about the effects a VISTA worker has on a mountain family. 

Lee, Moryat. 

Four Men and a Monster . New York: Samuel French, 1969. 
40p. $.75 (pap.). 

One-act play about three displaced men from the hills who have 
lost their way in a large city. 

Mosel, Tad. 

All the Way Home; A Play in Three Acts Based on the Novel A 
Death in the Family, by James Agee. New York: Astor-Honor, 1961. 
T74p^ $5.95. 

Richardson, Howard, and William Berney. 

Dark of the Moon. New York: Theatre Arts, 1973, cl942. 
80p. $1.75 (pap.). 

Excellent folk-fantasy drama based on the version of the 
"Barbara Allen" folksong in which Barbara marries a witch boy. 
Uses folk songs throughout. 

Wolfe, Thomas. 

The Mountains; A Play in One Act. The Mountains; A Drama in 
Three Acts and a Prologue. Edited with an Introduction by Pat M. 
Ryan. Chapel Hill: University of North Carolina Press, 1970. 
I77p. $8.50. 

Early plays set in the N. C. mountains. 

- 62 - 


Anderson, Sherwood. 

Buck Fever Papers . Edited by Welford D. Taylor. Charlottes- 
ville: University Press of Virginia, 1971. 250p. $12.50. 

Collection of newspaper articles written by Anderson under 
the nom de plume of "Buck Fever." These appeared from 1927 to 
1931 in the Marion, Va., newspapers owned and edited by Anderson. 

Hello Towns ! New York: Paul P. Appel, Publisher, 1970, cl929. 
339p. $10.00. (Distributed by Gordian Press, 85 Tompkins St., 
Staten Island, N. Y. 10304.) 

"Articles and tales of life in the town / of Marion, Va. /, and 
other things built up out of the imagination." 

Buttita, Anthony. 

After the Good Gay Times : Asheville — Summer of '35; A Season 
with F. Scott Fitzgerald. New York: Viking, 1974. I73p. $7.95. 

While primarily focusing on events surrounding Fitzgerald's 
stay in Asheville, the book also gives much information on the 
society and city of Asheville as well as on the literary world of 
the South and of N. C. 

Clarke, Mary W. 

Jesse Stuart's Kentucky. New York: McGraw-Hill, 1968. 240p. 
$6.95. (Original title: Jesse Stuart; An Appreciation) 

Discussion of Stuart's work and how it draws from and relates 
to its background in the Ky. mountains. 

Comstock, Jim F. 

Best of Hillbilly: A Prize Collection of 100-Proof Writing 
from Jim Comstock's West Virginia Hillbilly. Compiled and edited 
by Otto Whittaker. Anderson, S. C: Droke-Hallux, 1968. 314p. 

Collection of wit and wisdom from a weekly newspaper that is 
one of the best newspapers in the region. 

Dillard, Annie. 

Pilgrim at Tinker Creek. New York: Harper's Magazine Press, 
1974. 27lp. $7.95. Also, New York: Bantam, 1975. $1.95 (pap.). 

- 63 - 

- 64 - 

Poet and naturalist describes a year spent in the Blue Ridge 
Mountains near Roanoke, Va. Won the 1975 Pulitizer Prize for best 
general non fiction. 

Eckley, Wilton. 

Harriette Arnow. New York: Twayne, 1974. I38p. $6.50. 
(Twayne's United States Authors Series, 245) 

Critical study of the Novelist whose books "represent a pene- 
trating and comprehensive treatment of the life of the southern 
mountaineer " Includes a short biography and bibliography. 

Foster, Rue I. 

Jesse Stuart. New York: Twayne, 1968. I68p. $6.50. 
(Twayne's United States Authors Series, 140) 

Critical study ranking Stuart as "one of the greatest writers 
indigenous to Appalachia." Includes discussion of Stuart's autobio- 
graphical writings, poetry, short stories, and major and minor 

McMillan, James B. 

Annotated Bibliography of Southern American English. Coral 
Gables, Fla.: University of Miami Press, 1971. I73p. $7.95. 

Includes many references to southern Appalachia on such topics 
as historical studies, phonology and phonetics, morphology and syntax, 
place names, personal and miscellaneous names, figurative language, 
and literary dialect. 

Madden, David, ed. 

Remembering James Agee. Baton Rouge: Louisiana State Univer- 
sity Press, 1974. I72p. $8.95. 

Collection of essays written in memory of Agee, some of which 
were published earlier. Includes Photographs and chronology of 
Agee's life. 

Maddux, Rachel, Stirling Silliphant, and Neil D. Isaacs. 

Fiction into Film: A Walk in the Spring Rain. Knoxville: 
University of Tennessee Press, 1970. 252p. $10.50. 

A Walk in the Spring Rain was a recent movie set in the 
Great Smoky Mountains and starring Ingrid Bergman and Anthony 
Quinn. It was adapted from the novel by Rachel Maddux. 

Miller, Harvey J. 

News from Pigeon Roose. Rabun Gap, Ga.: Foxfire Press, 
cl974. I46p. $2.95. (Order from: Harvey James Miller, Box 
293, Relief Route, Green mountain, V. C. 28740J 

Originally published as the Winter, 1974, issue of Foxfire 
magazine (vol. 8, no. 4), this is a compilation of newspaper 
articles that describe life in the author's section of N. C. 

- 65 - 

Norton, Charles A. 

Melville Davisson Post: Man of Many Mysteries. Bowling 
Green, Ohio: Bowling Green University Popular Press, 1973. 26lp. 
$8.95; $3.95 (pap.). 

Critical assessment of the once well-known, mystery and de- 
tective story writer (1869-1930). "It was to the fascinating hills 
of West Virginia that he turned when he wrote his most rewarding 
and readable stories." 

Rovit, Earl H. 

Herald to Chaos: The Novels of Elizabeth Madox Roberts. 
Lexington^ University Press of Kentucky, I960. I80p. $5.00. 
Critical analysis of the novels. 

Skaggs, Merrill M. 

Folk of Southern Fiction. Athens: University of Georgia 
Press, 1972. 280p. $11.00. 

Includes a discussion of the mountaineer stereotypes, and 
of the Appalachian writers: John Fox, Jr., Mary Noailles Murfree, 
and Thomas Wolfe. 

Stuart, Jesse. 

Beyond Dark Hills. New York: NcGraw, 1972, cl938. $6.95; 
$25.00 (deluxe edition). 

Written first as part of a graduate English class assignment at 
Vanderbilt, this is a personal story of Stuart's life to that time. 

The Thread That Runs So True. Foreword by Wilma Dykeman; Intro- 
duction by Thomas D. Clark. Lexington: University Press of Kentucky, 
1974, cl949. 293p. $8.50. 

Autobiography, tracing his teaching career to the time he became 
a farmer. 

Titus, Warren I. 

John Fox, Jr. New York: Twayne, 1971. I58p. $6.50. 
(Twayne's United States Authors Series, 174) 

Objective study with emphasis on Fox's presentation of Ky. 
mountain life and folk culture. 

Wolfe, Thomas. 

The Letters of Thomas Wolfe to his Mother. Edited by C. Hugh 
Holman and Sue Fields Ross. Chapel Hill: University of North 
Carolina Press, 1968. 320p. $8.50. 

The Notebooks of Thomas Wolfe. Edited by Richard S. Kennedy 

- 66 - 

and Paschal Reeves. 2 vols. Chapel Hill: University of North 
Carolina Press, 1970. $30.00. 

Provides insights into the life and writing habits of the 


The format of the film entries is as follows. Immediately after 
the film title is the name of the producer. If the producer also 
sells the film, then his address is enclosed in parentheses. Often, 
however, the film producer does not sell the film, but a distributor 
does. In that case, the distributor's name and address (in parentheses) 
are listed immediately after the name of the producer. Always, the 
address of the selling agent is in parentheses. 

Then follow the information about the film's running time in 
minutes (min.), whether it is sound (sd.) or silent, whether it is 
color or black & white (b&w), and the size of each frame in millimeters 
(mm.). The latest available selling price is given last. Indented 
below this information is a brief summary of the film's contents. 

Appalachian Heritage. Avco Corp. Released by Avco Embassy Pictures, 
1968. (140 West Ninth St., Cincinnati, Ohio 45202) 51 min. 
sd. color. 16mm. $500.00. 

Documents the severe economic and social depression of Appalachia 
fed by illiteracy, cultural isolation, exploitation, and the destruction 
of the land by coal companies. 

Come to the Fair! Doug Britton, 1973. (Athens, Ohio) I9min. sd. 
color. 16mm. $165.00. 

Made through the cooperation of the W. Va. Dept of Commerce, 
the film depicts the Mountain State Arts & Craft Fair held June 
30 - July 4, 1972 at Cedar Lakes, W. Va. 

- 67 

- 68 - 

Consumer Power: Whistleblowing. BFA Educational Media, 1973. (2211 
Michigan Ave., Santa Monica, California 90404) 23 min. sd. 
color. 16mm. $310.00. 

Includes interviews of people in Anmoore, W. Va., who forced 
Union Carbide to stop polluting their town. 

End of an Old Song . Made by John Cohen. Released by Macmillan Films. 
(34 MacQuesten Parkway So., Mt. Vernon, New York 10550) 26 min. 
sd. b&w. 16mm. $200.00. 

About folk music of the N. C. mountains. Features Dillard 
Chandler, who sings from memory the mountain songs his father 
taught him. 

The Feathered Warrior. Produced by Appalachian Educational Media Pro- 
ject. Released by Appalshop, 1973. (P.O. Box 743, Whitesburg, 
Kentucky 41858) 20 min. sd. color. 16mm. $250.00. 

An Appalachian cockfighter explains his work. Uses slow- 
motion, close-up sequences of gamecock fights. 

Fine Time at Our House; A Him on Old-Time Mou ntain Music. Produced by 
Lois Tupper and Boston University, 1972. (Lois Ann Tupper, 60 Chilton 
St., Cambridge, Massachusetts 02138) 30 min. sd. color. 16mm. 

Shows scenes of several mountain people going about their daily 
tasks, and singing or playing their music. 

The First Pollution. Stuart Finley, Enc. (3428 Mansfield Road, Falls 
Church, Virginia 22041) 26min . sd. color. 16mm. $300.00. 

Discusses how certain polluted rivers have been cleaned up. 
Includes a section on the Kanawha River in South Charleston, W. Va. 

Five Days in Moorefield. Reader's Digest Foundation. Made by WITF-TV, 
Hershey, Pennsylvania. (Mike Ziegler, Assistant Manager, Box Z, 
WITF-TV, Hershey, Pa. 17033) 29 min. sd. color. 16mm. $225.00. 

Portrait of a small, W. Va. town's struggle to survive in an 
urban society. Interviews with townspeople show their differing 
ideas about traditional values and morality. 

Foxfire. Produced by Institutional Development and Economic Affairs 

Service. Distributed by McGraw-Hill Films, 1974. (McGraw-Hill 
Films, Dept. BF, 1221 Avenue of the Americas, New York, New York) 
21 min. sd. color. 16mm. $345.00. 

About the magazine, Foxfire, and the Rabun Gap, Ga., high 
school students and their adviser, Eliot Wigginton, who write and 
publish the magazine. This has become one of the most successful 
educational experiments in America. 

- 69 - 

High Lonesome Sound. Made by John Cohen. Macmillan Films. (34 

MacQuesten Parkway, South, Mr. Vernon, New York 10550) 30 min. 
sd. color. 16mm. $200.00. 

Describes the importance of folk music in the religious and 
social life of the people of eastern Ky., where music is considered 
a gift from God and a celebration of life. 

The Holy Ghost People. Blair Boyd. Released by Contemporary Films / 
McGraw-Hill Films, 1968. (McGraw-Hill Films, Dept. BF, 1221 
Avenue of the Americas, New York, New York) 53min. sd. b&w. 
16mm. $400.00. 

Objective portrayal of a Pentacostal church service in W. Va., 
during which members handle serpents and speak in tongues. 

If Elected. ... Wayne Ewing, 1972. (Order from: Maralee Schwartz, 1028 
Connecticut Ave, N.W., The Washington Monthly, Washington, D. C. 
20036) 56 min. sd. color. 16mm. $550.00. 

This documentary film on a state senate race in W. Va. focuses 
on candidate Warren R. McGraw. Good, inside view of local politics. 

In the Good Old Fashioned Way. Appalachian Educational Media Project. 
Released by Appalachian Film Workshop, 1973. (Appalshop Inc., P.O. 
Box 743, Whitesburg, Kentucky 41858) 30 min. sd. color. 16mm. 

Shows the spirit and faith of the people of the Old Regular 
Baptist Church and the impact of their religion on their lives. 

Look Up and Live CORA. CBS News, 1968. (Order from Commission on 
Religion in Appalachia, 864 Weisgarber Road, N.W., Knoxville, 
Tennessee 37919) 29 min. sd. color. 16mm. $225.00. 

Features the work of the Commission on Religion in Appalachia 
(CORA). CORA is providing an economic development corporation 
and setting up an independent community industry. 

The Millstone Sewing Center. Appalshop, 1972. (P.O. Box 743, 

Whitesburg, Kentucky 41858) 10 min. sd. color. 16mm. $120.00. 

Women tell the story of the center where they repair used 
clothing and make new garmets for the needy families of Letcher 
County, Ky. 

Music Fair. Appalshop, 1973. (P.O. Box 743, Whitesburg, Kentucky 
41858) 20 min. sd. color. 16mm. $200.00. 

Depicts the first annual Appalachian People's Music Fair 
held at High Knob, Va., on Sept. 12-13, 1970. 

Music Makers of the Blue Ridge. Made by David Hoffman. National Edu- 
cational Television, 1966. (NET Film Service, Indiana University, 
Audio-Visual Center, Bloomington, Indiana 47401) 45min. sd. 
b&w. 16mm. $175.00. 

- 70 - 

A study of life in eastern mountain areas as revealed in folk 
music and folk dances. Folksinger Bascom Lamar Lunsford guides 
the filmmakers to the homes of his friends and neighbors. 

Nature's Way. Produced by Appalachian Educational Media Project. 

Released by Appalachian Film Workshop, 1973. (Appalshop Inc., 
P.O. Box 743, Whitesburg, Kentucky 41858) 20 min. sd. color. 
16mm. $250.00. 

Shows several Appalachian people who continue to make and 
use the old remedies to cure and aid the sick. 

The Newcomers. Board of Missions, The United Methodist Church. (475 
Riverside Drive, New York, New York) 25 min. sd. b&w. 16mm. 

Tells the story of migrant families from the Southern Appalachians 
to Cincinnati, Ohio. 

Poverty in Rural America. U. S. Dept. of Agriculture, 1965. (Office 
of Information, U.S.D.A., Washington, D. C. 20250) 28i min. sd. 
b&w. 16mm. $83.00. 

Explores the causes of poverty in rural areas such as the 
Appalachian region, the Deep South, and the Southwest. Projects 
at Buckhorn and Red Bird Valley in Ky. and Hyters Gap in Va. are 

The Proud People. WHTN-TV, Huntington, W. Va., 1973. (WHTN-TV 13, 
625 Fourth Ave., Huntington, West Virginia 25701) 25 min. sd. 
color. 16mm. $300.00. 

Shows a variety of native craftsmen and their products, and 
discusses how these crafts are beginning to have a favorable im- 
pact on the economy of the region. 

Ramsey Trade Fair. Appalachian Educational Media Project. Released by 
Appalachian Film Workshop, 1973. (Appalshop Inc., P.O. Box 743, 
Whitesburg, Kentucky 41858) 20 min. sd. color. 16mm. $250.00. 

In Ramsey, a small community in the coalfields of southwestern 
Va., the mountain people gather every Wednesday to do their trading. 

Ravaged Earth. WKYC-TV. Released by NBC Educational Enterprises, 1970. 
(30 Rockefeller Plaza, New York, New York 10020) 27 min. sd. 
color. 16mm. $330.00. 

Points out the dangers and foolishness of strip mining, providing 
scenes of Appalachian land which has been defaced and permanently 
destroyed . 

The Region in Change. Appalachian Regional Commission, 1973. (Order 
from Southern Film Lab., Inc., 2381 John Glenn Dr., Suite 105, 
Chamblee, Georgia 30341) 30 min. sd. color. 16mm. $160.00. 

71 - 

Discusses the real estate development of the Appalachian 
Mountains of N. C. and Ga . The mountain people tell of their 
opposition to this development and the problems which it has caused. 

Sound of My Own Name. Produced by the Center for Adult Education, 
Teachers College, Columbia University, and Vision Associates. 
(Order from Association Sterling Films, 600 Grand Avenue, Ridge- 
field, New Jersey 07657) 28 min. sd. color. 16mm. Free on loan. 

Four vignettes depicting adult basic education programs. One 
person is a mother of eight being tutored in her Appalachian home. 

Strip Mining in Appalachia. Appalshop, 1973. (P.O. Box 743, Whitesburg, 
Kentucky 41858) 30 min. sd. b&w. 16mm. $250.00. 

Speaks of the beauty of the hills, the humanity of the people, 
and the attitudes of strip mine operators. Aerial photography is 
used to enhance a biologist's explanation of the effects of strip 

Struggle of Coon Branch Mountain. Appalshop, 1972. (P.O. Box 743, 
Whitesburg, Kentucky 41858) 13 min. sd. b&w. 16mm. $150.00. 

The parents of Coon Branch, a community in McDowell County, 
W. Va., pressure the school board, the road commission, and the 
Governor to provide better roads and better schools. 

Tomorrow's People . Produced by Appalachian Educational Media Project. 
Released by Appalshop Film Workshop, 1973. (Appalshop Inc., P.O. 
Box 743, Whitesburg, Kentucky 41858) 25 min. sd. color. 16mm. 

This presentation of mountain music is not an attempt to ex- 
plain or analyze the music, but a sight and sound experience of 
mountain culture without narration. 

Tradition. Appalachian Film Workshop, 1973. (Appalshop Inc., P.O. Box 

743, Whitesburg, Kentucky 41858) 20 min. sd. color. 16mm. $250.00. 

Concerns a mountaineer who "had rather make moonshine than 
go on welfare." He describes his escapades with the law. 

A Well in West Virginia; Drilling for Natural Gas. Stuart Finley, Inc. 
(3428 Mansfield Rd., Falls Church, Virginia 22041) 15 min. sd. 
color. 16mm. $225.00. 

Shows the step-by-step procedure for drilling natural gas. 

West Virginia — Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Coal. ABC News. 

Released by Xerox Films 1973. (245 Long Hill Rd., Middletown, 
Connecticut 06457) 52 min. sd. color. 16mm. $550.00. 

Explores the economic impact and power politics of the coal 
industry, and how they pervade the state of W. Va. 

- 72 - 

Young'uns. WKYC-TV. Released by NBC Educational Enterprises, 1968. 
(30 Rockefeller Plaza, New York, New York 10020) 25 min. sd. 
color. 16mm. $330.00. 

Examines the effects of rural poverty on a 16 year old boy 
and his fatherless family in Appalachian Ohio. 


For those libraries that have the capability to use videotapes, 
a number of Appalachian studies tapes are available for sale or ex- 
change. These are available from Broadside T. V. and Videomaker, 
204 E. Watauga, Johnson City, Tennessee 37601. 

The cost for purchasing tapes is: half-inch tapes — $35.00 for 
one-half hour tapes and $60.00 for one hour tapes; three-quarter inch 
tapes — $40.00 for one-half hour tapes and $60.00 for one hour tapes. 
Audio cassettes for sound tracks only are $6.00 for one-half hour and 
$10.00 for one hour. 

Blank tapes may be exchanged for recorded tapes at the rate of 
two blank ones for one recorded. Up to four tapes can be obtained 
this way. 

Below is a brief list of some of the available tapes. The 
numbers to the left are those used by Broadside. The annotations 
are theirs as well . 

34. "Open Season on Game Wardens." Dave O'Neil shares some Scott 
County stories on law enforcement, game wardens, feuds and 
violence. 30 minutes. 

36. Dorchester Mining Camp. Residents talk of the impact of the 
shifting of their deep mining community to a strip mining 
site. 60 minutes. 

- 73 - 

- 74 - 

37. The Land Conspiracy. Warren Wright, past director of the Council 
of the Southern Mountains talks of the land conspiracy in 
Appalachia and the contribution of a professional class in 
Appalachia to that conspiracy. 30 minutes. 

(The next two entries are part of a series titled In These Hills, which 
are patterned after the Foxfire magazine's methods.) 

F— 14 . Remedies, Recipes and Cures. Ma Wright of Bristol, Tenn., shares 
some of her traditional food recipes as well as her knowledge 
of herbs and other remedies. 60 minutes. 

F— 15 . Hog Dressing. Shows the process of butchering, scalding, cleaning 
and preparing a hog. 30 minutes. 

(The next four items are part of a series of videotapes titled Music 
of Many Mountains.) 

M-I2a. Mountain Music. Ernest East, Scotty and Patsy East, Mac Snow, 
and Blanton Owen. Recorded at the East home in Pine Ridge, 
N. C. 60 minutes. 

M-I2b. Tommy Jarrell. Fiddle, guitar, and banjo music, recorded at 
Jarre 1 1 's home, Toast, N. C. 60 minutes. 

M-I2c. Taylor and Stella Kimble. Fiddle and banjo music recorded at 
Laurel Fork, Va. 30 minutes. 

M-I2d. Mountain Music. Fiddle, dulcimer, and banjo music played by 

J. Fulton Myers, Ray Melton, and Blanton Owen at Mr. Myers's 
home, Five Forks, Va. 30 minutes. 


Because folk, old-time, and early hillbilly music have a great 
deal in common, no rigid distinctions between them are used in this 
bibliography. Such a grouping is supported by the tendency in some 
contemporary folk scholarship to accept both the fiddle- and banjo- 
accompanied music and the commercially recorded music as authentic 
folk expressions. Bluegrass music, however, is more easily distin- 
guished because of the styles of singing and playing. Moreover, 
since many recordings and many musicians are clearly labelled "blue- 
grass," this categorization is used in this bibliography. A com- 
parison, however, of bluegrass to string-band and old-time recordings 
clearly reveals their shared origins and shared store of song 
material . 

The prices of phonograph recordings are very unstable due to the 
rising cost of petroleum-based products. A rapid rise in prices has 
occurred since the recent oil embargo. Prices given in the bibliog- 
raphy therefore may not be wholly accurate at the time of reading, 
but they are the latest available prices at the time of compilation. 
It is suggested that substantial savings can be made by purchasing 
these recordings through one of the specialized distributors of folk, 
old-time, and bluegrass music. A list of those distributors follows 

the listing of bluegrass recordings. 

- 75 - 

- 76 - 

Main entries below are either by the artist or by the record 
title. This is done to facilitate both ordering and popular recog- 
nition. Occasionally this will differ from the Library of Congress's 
cataloging, but it is preferable for ordering from distributors and 
record companies. 

This is not a bibliography of all available recordings, but a 
small, representative selection. 

A. Folk and Old-Time Recordings. 

American Fiddle Tunes. Edited by Alan Jabbour. Library of Congress 
L62. $4.95. 

Many of these tunes are familiar to and were collected in 
southern Appa lochia in the 1930's. 

Anglo-American Ballads. Recorded in Kentucky, North Carolina, and 

Virginia by Alan Lomax, Herbert H. Alpert, and Fletcher Collins. 
Library of Congress L7. $4.95. 

A complete list of the Library of Congress recordings can 
be obtained from the Music Division of LC. These two recordings 
are representative of the excellent work that has been done. 

Anthology of American Folk Music. Folkways FA 2951, 2952, 2953. 
(3 2 LP, boxed sets; 6 records) $13.96 each set. 

"Blues, country music, cajun; wonderful notes; good sound; 
this collection has everything...." A basic acquisition. 

Blue Ridge Mountain Field Trip. Leader LEA 4012. $4.50. 

Result of a field recording made in Galax, Va. - western N. C. 
region, which is especially rich in old-time, folk music and musicians. 

The Blue Sky Boys. 

"The Sunny Side of Life." Rounder 1006. $5.98. 

Close harmony singing by a brother duet (Bill and Earl Bolick) 
of traditional music. The Blue Sky Boys have been very influential 
on later groups. 

Boggs, Dock. 

Dock Boggs: Legendary Singer and Banjo Player. Folkways 
FA 235T. $6.98. 

- 77 - 

Dock Boggs, Volume 2. Folkways FA 2392. $6.98. 

Not only noted for his unique banjo-playing style, but "his 
singing style... is a highly individualistic synthesis of old moun- 
tain and blues styles." 

The Carter Family on Border Radio. JEMF 101. $5.00. (Produced by the 
John Edwards Memorial Foundation) 

Recorded from transcriptions of radio programs broadcast over 
stations on the Texas - Mexico border. 

Chase, Richard. 

Richard Chase Tells Three "Jack" Tales from the Southern 
Appalachians. Folk-Legacy FTA-6. $6.98. 

Three tales told before a live audience of children are: 
— Jack and the Robbers. — Jack and the King's Girl. — Jack and 
the Three Sillies. 

Fasola; 53 Shape-Note Folk Hymns. (3 records) Asch AHM 4151. $25.00. 
(Asch records are a part of Folkways.) 

"Recorded at an all -day sacred harp singing, Stewart's Chapel, 
Houston, Mississippi." 

Fiddlers of the Tennessee Valley . Davis Unlimited Records DU-33004. 

One of the growing number of records put out by the Tennes- 
see Old Time Fiddlers Association. Presents "several distinct 
fiddling styles." 

The Hammons Family; A Study of a West Virginia Family's Traditions. 
2 record set. Library of Congress L65-66. $10.45. 

"Combines vocal and instrumental music, lore, oral history, 
historical research, and cultural reflections." Has an excellent 
accompanying 36-page booklet. 

Ho I comb, Roscoe. 

The High Lonesome Sound. Folkways FA 2368. $6.98. 

Holcomb also stars in a movie, The High Lonesome Sound, made 
by John Cohen who produced this record as well. "This record 
presents selected transcriptions of interviews with Roscoe..." as 
well as the songs. 

Instrumental Music of the Southern Appalachians. Tradition TLP 1007. 


"Result of a folk-song collecting trip made during the summer 
of 1956... in Virginia and North Carolina...." 

- 78 - 

Jackson, Aunt Molly. 

Aunt Molly Jackson. Rounder 1002. $5.98. 
Taken from the Library of Congress recordings made by Alan 
Lomax in 1939. Many of the songs are protest songs, since she 
was active in union organizing in eastern Ky. 

Jarrell, Tommy, Fred Cockerham, and Oscar Jenkins. 

Down to the Cider Mill. County 713. $5.98. 
Album is an excellent example of old-time music as it is still 
played by men who played it years ago. 

Jenkins, Snuffy, and Pappy Sherrill. 

33 years of Pickin' and Pluckin'. Rounder 0005. $5.98. 
Two old-time musicians who "have been playing music together 
for over three decades now." 

Macon, Dave. 

Uncle Dave Macon. RBF Records RF 51 . (RBF Records is part 
of Folkways.) 

These are re-recorded from the original masters and present 
"one of America's greatest folk singers." Macon won wide-spread 
fame on the Grand Ole Opry in the 1930's. 

Mitchell, Howard. 

The Mountain Dulcimer — How to Make It and Play It. Folk- 
Legacy FSI-29. $7.95 (for book and record). 

Includes a book of instructions, which can also be purchased 

More Goodies from the Hills. Union Grove Records SS3. $4.00. 

Recorded from among the participants at the 45th annual Old 
Time Fiddlers Convention, Union Grove, V. C, 1969. 

Mountain Music of Kentucky . Collected by John Cohen. Folkways 
FA 2317. $6.98. 

Religious, traditional, and drinking folk music recorded 
near Hazard, Ky. 

New Lost City Ramblers. 

String Band Instrumentals. Folkways FA 2492. $6.98. 

NLCR is a prominent group in the revival of old-time and 
folk music from the Appalachian mountains. This is one of 
several records thai show how well they duplicate the old-time 

Niles, John Jacob. 

John Jacob Niles Sings Folk Songs. Folkways FA 2373. $6.98. 
Niles is "one of the people who started it all when the cause 
of folk singing was very young." Niles's singing style is unique. 

- 79 - 

Old Horp Singing by the Old Harp Singers of Eastern Tennessee. Folkways 
FA 2356. WM~. 

Preserves a unique religious style and spirit. 

The Old Hen Cackled and the Rooster's Gonna Crow. Rounder 1003. $5.98. 
Features Fiddlin John Carson, Moonshine Kate, Earl Johnson, 
and the Virginia Reelers. 

Old-Time Fiddle Classics. Vol. I, County 507; Vol. II, County 527. 
$5.98 each. 

Taken from original records in the 1920's and 1930's. Pre- 
sents examples of "some of the finest fiddlers living at that time 
throughout the rural South." 

Old Time Music at Clarence Ashley's. 2 records. Folkways FA2355, 
FA 2359. $6.98 each. 

Invaluable gathering of old-time musicians from the southwest 
Va. - western N. C. region. 

Pegram, George. 

George Pegram. Rounder 0001. $5.98. 

"Grand old gentleman, banjo-picker and comic" from the Galax, 
Va. - Mt. Airy, N. C. region. 

Poole, Charlie. 

Charlie Poole and the North Carolina Ramblers. County 505. 

"Old time songs recorded from 1925 - 1930." 

Proffitt, Frank. 

Frank Proffitt. Folk-Legacy FSA-I . $6.98. 
Proffitt died in 1965 but he has been called one of the truly 
great traditional artists. 

Ritchie, Jean. 

The Appalachian Dulcimer, An Instruction Record. Folkways 
Fl 8352. $6.98. 

Songs as well as playing instructions. 

British Traditional Ballads in the Southern Mountains . Vol . 
I, Folkways FA 2301; Vol. II, Folkways FA 2302. $6.98 each. 
Ritchie sings the famous Child ballads. 

Seeger, Mike. 

Old Time Country Music. Folkways FA 2325. $6.98. 
Excellent sampling of the music by an important figure in 
keeping old-time music alive and promoting it around the country. 

- 80 - 

Tipple, Loom & Rail. Folkways FH 5273. $6.98. 

Record notes are by folklorist Archie Green. Record presents 
songs about the industrialization of America, songs from the 
mines, mills, and railroads. 

Tanner, Gid, and His Skillet-Lickers. 

A Corn Licker Still in Georgia. Voyager VRLP 303. $4.00. 
Famous recording of a skit about moonshiners and their exca- 
pedes, with songs by the group interwoven into the skit. Tanner 
and his Skillet-Lickers sang together from 1926 - 1931 . 

The Watson Family /"jacket title: Doc Watson and His Family /• Folkways 
FA 2366. $6798. 

"An amazing versatility, creative and recreative, on various 
instruments and... a wide repertoire of traditional song." 

B. Bluegrass Recordings. 

The Country Gentlemen. 

Vol. I: Country Songs, Old and New , Folkways FA2409. Vol, 
II: Folk Songs and Bluegrass. Folkways FA 2410. $6.98 each. 

A group formed in the late I950's in the Washington, D. C. 
area (today a major bluegrass center), the Country Gentlemen pre- 
sent a pleasing style of bluegrass. 

The Lilly Brothers (Everett and Bea) & Don Stover. 

Folk Songs from the Southern Mountains. Folkways FA 2433. 

W. Va. musicians whose "individualistic style is built on 
those of the Carter Family, the Monroe Brothers. . .and the many 
musicians around their home." 

Monroe, Bill . 

The Great Bill Monroe and His Blue Grass Boys . Harmony 
HS 11335. $2.50. 

Often considered to be the "father" of bluegrass music, 
Monroe's albums (at least one) would be essential to any collection. 
This album is listed as an example only. 

Monroe, Charlie. 

Charlie Monroe on the Noon -Day Jamboree - 1944: with the 
Kentucky Pardners. County 538. $5.98. 

Consists ot two original radio shows from 1944. These are 
of historical as well as entertainment value, because tran- 

- 81 - 

scriptions of such shows rarely exist today. 

Neaves, Glen, & the Virginia Mountain Boys. 

Country Blue-Grass from Southwest Virginia . Folkways FA 
3830. $6.98. 

"A contemporary, rural blue-grass band from Southwestern 
Virginia whose music is distinguished by its many ties to earlier 
musical traditions." 

Seeger, Mike. 

Mountain Music, Bluegrass Style. Folkways FA 2318. $6.98. 

Record notes are especially good, giving a history of blue- 
grass and a description of prominent musicians, their musical 
styles and contributions. "Not all of the selections. . .are strictly 
bluegrass.... But they are all descended from the original records 
of Monroe's band...." 

Stanley, Ralph. 

Ralph Stanley and the Clinch Mountain Boys : Cry from the 
Cross. Rebel SLP 1499. $5.98. 

Since the death of Carter Stanley, his brother Ralph has con- 
tinued singing and recording bluegrass music. This album is a 
collection of gospel songs in bluegrass style. 

The Stanley Brothers. 

Their Original Recordings. Melodeon MLP 7322. $4.00. 
A basic Stanley Brothers album. 


1. County Sales, Dept. 2, Box 191, Floyd, Virginia 24091. 

2. Disc Collector, Box 169, Cheswold, Delaware 19936. 

3. J & F Southern Record Sales, 4501 Risinghill Road, Altadena, 
California 91001. 

4. Roundhouse Records, P.O. Box 474, Somerville, Massachusetts 02144. 
(mail order division of Rounder Records, 186 Willow Ave., 
Somerville, Massachusetts) 

- 82 - 


Appalachia; A Journal of the Appalachian Regional Commission. 1666 

Connecticut Ave, N. W., Washington, D. C. Bimonthly. Free. 

General articles on various aspects of the development of 
the Appalachian region. Well illustrated. Often a good source 
of statistical information. 

Appalachian Heritage; A Magazine of Appalachian Life & Culture. Alice 
Lloyd College, Pippa Passes, Kentucky 41844. Quarterly. $5.00/ 

Focusses on the life-style and cultural heritage, the art 
and literature of the southern mountaineers. 

Appalachian Journal; A Regional Studies Review . Box 536, Appalachian 
State University, Boone, North Carolina 28607. $6.50/year. 

"Dedicated to publishing a broad spectrum of studies dealing 
directly with the entire region...." 

Appalachian Notes. Erasmus Press, 225 Culpepper, Lexington, Kentucky 
40502. $5.00/year. 

"Contains scholarly articles on all aspects of Appalachian 
culture. Critical reviews, shorter notes on other current publi- 
cations, and news and notes on activities significant for Appa- 
lachian studies. ..." 

Appalachian Outlook. West Virginia University Library, Morgantown, 
West Virginia 26506. $3.00/year. 

Quarterly supplement of the library's excellent Appalachian 

Appalachian Press. fj\ publisher_7_ P.O. Box 8074, Huntington, West 
Virginia 25705. Subscription prices: working people & students, 
$7.50/year; professionals, $12.50/year; libraries and institutions, 
$l5.00/year; special help to the press, $25.00/year. 

Formerly named Appalachian Movement Press, they publish 
protest pamphlets, reprints of articles, and work as jobbers for 
some Appalachian protest groups. Purpose is to provide an alter- 
native to the traditional approach to Appalachian people and 

- 83 - 

- 84 - 

Bluegrass Unlimited. Box III, Burke, Virginia 22015. $5.00/year. 

Articles feature prominent and not so prominent performers 
of bluegrass. Regular features are record reviews, calendar of 
festivals and performances, and information on playing and caring 
for instruments. 

The Devil's Box. Tennessee Valley Old Time Fiddlers Association, 

Route 4, Madison, Alabama 35758. $4.00/year; $7.00 two years. 
Emphasizes old-time music in the Tenn. Valley region. Many 
articles are of a documentary or historical nature. Also has 
record reviews. 

Foxfire. Nacoochee School, Rabun Gap, Georgia 30568. $6.00/year. 
High school students research and write the articles in this 
highly praised journal. The articles have been collected into 
the best selling The Foxfire Book, Foxfire 2, and the forthcoming 
Foxfire 3. 

Journal of American Folklore. American Folklore Society. University 
of Texas Press, Box 7819, Austin, Texas 78712. Subscription by 
membership: $10.00 for individuals; $12.00 for institutions; 
$5.00 for students; $11.00 for husband & wife; and $25.00 for Life 

Pre-eminent folklore journal often featuring articles on 
Appalachia. Has record and film reviews as well. 

Kentucky Folklore Record. Kentucky Folklore Society, Western Kentucky 
University, Bowling Green, Kentucky 42101 . $3.00/year. 

Often has articles on eastern Ky. folkways and music. 

The Mountain Eagle. Weekly newspaper. Whitesburg, Kentucky 41858. 
$6.00/year in Kentucky; $8.00/year outside Kentucky. 

Devotes considerable space to problems of southern Appalachia, 
especially to stripmining and TVA. Much of the paper that is local, 
Whitesburg area, news often contains folklore and historical infor- 
mation. The editor recently won the Peter Zenger award. 

Mountain Life and Work: The Magazine of the Appalachian South. Council 
of the Southern Mountains, Drawer N, Clintwood, Virginia 24228. 

Oldest, continuously published magazine on the Appalachian 
South. Lately, the magazine has adopted an activist's stance to- 
ward Appalachia's problems. 

Mountain Review. Box 743A, Whitesburg, Kentucky 41858. $5.00/year. 
Unsure that the magazine will survive past one year, the pub- 
lishers (Appalshop) will only accept one-year subscriptions and 
any such subscription will begin with volume I, issue I, September 1974. 
The journal's purpose is to "do justice to the often underestimated 

- 85 - 

North Carolina Folklore. North Carolina State University, Department 
of English, Raleigh, North Carolina 27607. $2.00/year. 

Often contains articles on western North Carolina folklore. 

Old Time Music. 33 Brunswick Gardens, London W8 4AW, England, $4.00/ 
year, surface mail; $7.50/year, airmail. 

Excellent journal for traditional Appalachian music. Can be 
subscribed to through either County Sales or Rounder Records, 
distributors of folk, old-time, and bluegrass phonograph recordings. 

S.O.C.M. /^Save Our Cumberland Mountains 7 Box 457, Jacksboro, Tennessee 
37757. Subscription by membership: $3.00, regular; $10.00, contri- 
buting member; $25.00, sponsor. 

Provides information on the group's anti-stripmining activities. 
Processed . 

Sing Out! 595 Broadway, New York, New York 10012. $6.00/year; $10.00/ 
two years. 

Long running folk music magazine. Often features an Appalachian 
performer or music. 

Social Welfare in Appalachia. School of Social Work, West Virginia Uni- 
versity, Morgantown, West Virginia 26506. Annual. $2.00/issue. 

Some of the articles are technical, some are of general 
interest. Emphasis is on the social structure in Appalachia. 

Tennessee Folklore Society Bulletin. Middle Tennessee State University, 
Box 234, Murfreesboro, Tennessee 37130. $4.00/year. 
Articles often feature eastern Tenn. folklore. 

Urban Appalachian Council. Research Bulletin. Room 514, 1015 Vine 
Street, Cincinnati, Ohio 45202. $5.00/year. 

Articles discuss some of the latest research on Appalachia, 
not necessarily the urban migrant. 

West Virginia Hillbilly. Weekly newspaper. Richwood, West Virginia 
26261 . $l0.00/year. 

Sometimes folksy, always interesting. Although focused on 
West Virginia, it is a source of valuable information on Appalachian 
history and culture. 

6 5 w