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Emtbkbd, aooordiDg to Act of Confreii, in tbe y«ar 1817, 

Bt D. ArPLiToif & Co., 

In the Clerk*! Office of tho Dittriot Coart of the United States, for the Sonthem Dirtiiot of New-T«ik. 


The object of the PubUshers of the foHowing pages has been to present, in 
a collected fonn, indications of the most important works in every department 
of literature, arranged in such manner as admits of the most easy reference. 

Part I. consists of Subjects, alphabetically arranged, with the exception 
of MaihematicSy Medicine, and Theology ; all the subjects of these divisions 
are collected under those general heads, in preference to scattering them 
through the body of the work. 

Part n. comprises Select Biography, Classics, CoUeded Works, and an 
Index of Authors whose works appear in Part I. 

In the necessarily limited space devoted to the development of the {dan, it 
is evident that but little of it could be occupied with the Curiosities of litera- 
ture : the various Bibliographical works already extant amply suffice to make 
known their peculiar claims upon the attention of the Man of Letters. What 
has chiefly been attempted is, to exhibit under each head the extent of its litera- 
ture, so far as might serve the purposes of the general reader : to the Student, 
whose aim is exhaustive, the Bibliography of each subject, when known, being 
given, wiU direct him to sources whence he may supply the deficiencies that 
must necessarily exist in a work of limited extent, like the present. When- 
ever the question of omission has occurred, the unknown work has been 
retained in preference to the well known. 

Prices. — ^Books are subject to as many fluctuations of value as other articles 
of merchandise ; but as it was considered desirable to affix prices. to the titles 
whenever they could be ascertained, they must only be regarded as approxi- 
mate : those given, are generally the tome at which the books were published ; 
and will help to give some idea of the extent, &yc., of any work in question : 
but as no list of prices can be permanently correct, those given are, for many 
reasons, to be preferred. 

Notwithstanding the great care and labour bestowed upon this book, the 
intelligent reader will notice many omissions, which it will be the Compiler's 
care to supply in a Supplement : some typographical errors will also be evi- 
dent, but as they are so palpable, they will in no way impair the general 
integrity of the work. When it is considered that the work is made up of 
minutiae, it is a matter of gratulation that so few errors have crept in. 

American Works, — ^It has not been thought necessary to enter very fully 
into the details of American literature ; there was no object to be gained by 
occupying the very limited space at command with chronicling books that are 




in every body's hands, or which it is the Publishers' special interest to make 
known through the usual channels : besides, there is reason to expect a special 
American Bibliography ere long, in which the genius and industry of the New 
World may be favourably exhibited in contrast with that of the Old. 

We are not without the hope that this compilation may exert a favourable 
influence in the Republic of Letters. The Student, through its aid, will be 
enabled to observe the extent of the subject of his inquiry, and the authors 
most worthy of his notice. The Man of Letters will be enabled to ascertain 
the comparative richness and poverty of the literature of his native tongue, 
and to enlarge the sphere of his labours, either by translation or the production 
of original works calculated to supply the deficiencies that exist in many 
branches of literature ; while the Publisher will be enabled to recognize many 
important works with which he can enrich his stock of publications. Thoee 
engaged in the formation of libraries, we feel assured, will welcome the aid 
these pages can afford them. By the publication of an annual Supplement, in 
which all new works of permanent value shall find a place, as well as the 
more important omissions in the body of the work, it is intended it shall occupy 
a permanent place in the Library. 

To have added critical opinions or analyses of the contents of the various 
works enumerated, would, we are aware, have increased the value of this 
Manual ; yet it could not have been done without increasing its bulk to an 
undue extent. 

In conclusion, the Publishers feel the present a fit occasion to return to 
their many friends and countrymen their warmest acknowledgments; and 
while they do not desire to exert any undue influence by this publication, to 
the prejudice of others in the trade, yet believing it to be an important con- 
tribution to the cause of human knowledge, and considering the great expense 
they have incurred in its preparation, they trust that their peculiar faciUties for 
obtaining books from all parts of Europe, and their large stock, will induce the 
personal application of their friends. As this publication, from its peculiar 
plan, will develope new riches and corresponding desires on the part of the 
student, it is proper to state that any books found in this compilation may be 
obtained' in the space of a few weeks, and at the lowest prices, through their 
agencies abroad. The steam communication now established between France 
and Chrmany enables them to execute orders with as great facility firom the 
Continent, as formerly from England'. 


200 Bboadwat, 
OeL 1, 1847. 




Abdomen (Medicine) S90 

Abipo.hes, 1 

Abyssinia (Nabia, Ethiopia). 

I. Geography, Voyages, and Traveb, 1 

n. History, 2 

III. Language, 2 

Acts op trb Apostles, .... 315 

Acoustics, 3 

Adultery, 315 

Advent, 315 

jsstbetics, 3 

ArroHANisTAN (Cabnl). 

I. Geography, Voyages and Travels, . 4 

II. Hbrory, 5 

ni. Nstnral History, .... 5 

I. Geography, 5 

II. History and Antiquities, . 7 


I. Bibliography, .... 7 

II. History, 7 

III. PracUcal 7 

IV. Theoretical, 8 

V. Implements, .... 8 

Albania, (Travels in), .... 9 

Albiobnsbs (Waldenses, Vandois), 9 

Alchemy, 9 

Aldine Editions (Bibliography), . 9 

Aldine Poets (Pickering's Edition), 9 

AhQK, 10 


I. History, 11 

II. Treatises, 11 

Aloebraical Development, . . 313 

Algebraical Equations, . . 214 

Algebraical Geometry, 214 

Algiers, 12 

Alhambra, IS 

Almanacs. 12 

Alpaca, 12 

Alpbamt, 13 


















I. Bibliography, 
II. North America, . 

III. Sonth America, 

IV. BriUsh Americft, . 
V. Natural History, 

VI. Langnage, 
America, Church in, . 
American Indians, . 

^^If Af • • • 

Analysis (see Chemistry), . 

Analytical Geometry, 

Anatomy (see Medicine), . 

Anatomy, Comparative, 

Anatomical Manipulation, 


Angling, .... 

Anglo-Norman Literature, 

Anglo-Saxon Church, . 

Anglo-Saxon History (see England), 

Anglo-Saxon Language and Litbeatukm, 20 

Animalcules, 21 

Animals, 21 

Animal Kingdom (see also Zoology), . 99 

Anthems, 315 


Greek 22 

Latin 23 

Anthropology (see also Ethnology, Mao), 23 

Antichrist 316 

Antigua, 23 

Antilles, 23 

Antiquities, Christlan, .... 316 
Antiquiti es (Collections, Dictionaries, &e.) , 23 
Antiquities (Jewish), .... 316 

Apocalypse, 317 

Apocrypha, 317 

Apoplexy, 293 


I. Geography, Voyages, and Tsavels, 94 
U. History 95 







til. AtlHM 

tv. T.iin. owivu;i,f», . . 

V. ClUlo|IH of BUn, 
VI. Aiu«>i>iak>l lUniHUi, 

ATBIin. Tofiainphr, AMiiattlii, ke., . 

[, OtDfnpkj, Vojijo, udTnnh, N 

dinh. Duub, IHuli.Io^udk, , 

m. Kmtjt. CrtitcMM, ks., . 
AXTI (D«nU<r* ud OimcMHU]}, . 
Am in Mimrxcntua, . 

I. Otngnphr, Vojifa, ud Tnnfa, 
II. HiBiiir 


OtofniliT, Vaja(M, ud Tnnli, 


MotlUH Pdiu»tioiii, 

n (BwUfB*), ■ 

CiLctniia {M«llgliia), 

CUCH (HalldH), 

I. OHgnph;, BMUhj. »a, 

I. Blcnuwur; tsi Ohihi] Tmiiia, 
I. Appllnl ChenwiT. . 
t. CUiialc*] Muipuluiw. 
i- Cbtmtttl AdftJyiii, 

'■III, (OMm lai MuipiDHt oTI. 
1. OwitmiiliT. Vorncv, «>) Tnnh. 


Cbdhh Biiiviii 

CBBiin.nn(Hlmiuof). . 


CiVILlIlTlOIl, .... 

11. Ediliom, CoDhUou, m., . 

Cotnim, . 

il»). . 

^OKHiici (UbUT of, DictJoi 

•rta, fte 

..«B*).c. (BlbUialJ. 

Oi»r»>KC» (Tl«A,r). 
Come Biccnan, 

CnmrrrtTiDii <Ea|:]|ahJ. . 

Co.n.0..™,. (Tb»lc(,J, 

CoFTir- I.manuia <« E|;n( 


CoDKnu (Tbwkigyj, 


OF S.««»,. 

-Caoiin MtiniL 


EuioiiriKiii CAixrr Li.u(t, . . 



OiiD (Apo>il«-) 



CmviiDKi (Huigrjor} 


El,.oni.N(Tb»ton), ■ - - 




ELirriianre. ELicnoarriuckoT, 






Kscvtiofiui.. (MxlidDB. kc >, 




L 0«criiJi,, Slalblli.. ke. 

"■ «i""T 



DtlFTUTlI (h >Iw Tulk. U3). 



DuQKCHtl (H.did»). . . . 









ETHrnn.(— AbT-»i-). ■ ■ ■ 

D|pr»iim.<. Egu.TioM. , . 


Enfli-iTT. (Mrfinl) 





EriBtio. (Tiitotojj). .... 



Pdctkiki or DxiLominT tThwIogj). 





Dmunns I— Ari.i.lia«), . . 




P*i™«il*. ■ 


FiiT (Mnlldni) 

I>T-«»:H«Mtoh.nlc.|, . . 





Picno!. (Ilnlonr Bf), . . . 





P[,in>n<(>H>hDN«hnludi), . 


pLIWia LuioljlliI 1 da. ), 


FuiiMci(HiiiiiiTar). ■ 



Fumui, 148 

Food. IK 

Foxinuc MimriJo IM 

FoMDLS (KuhHulin}, ... IIS 
FainnriTttio U» 

FmidT....! [MBl«i») SM 

r..H.>D»T. JM 

TuncaFunTTK* 1*0, STJ 

Fr.m (B«t.B,l, ! .... 180 

GUUC Unaoioi. 181 

0*1 *"»■■■ (Tlwoton-) 330 

Gln.iO«H(ieiE)«OiHly), . . . IW 

t. ll»ar.JT.n<i», .,,,!« 

ii,Fi«™G«J™i.,, , . , las 

III. FiuLhJ l£iuJimOud<iolii|. . 183 

IV. L«.i«.p.O«d™lB(. . . 161 
«uLigBTii«>^in>M*i.Dr.cTii», . . 181 

Gtut.|»IlKiCelliiIli>UU]r). 184 
Gurmani (Qt.i(<«phr)i .165 
G,..»to»,.. ,Tb«l.«-). ... 330 

GiMurnT (Bihlicil] JJl 

be 185 

III, II«U.y of, 188 

iV. All.™ S§ 

OMWal lOT 

G.<.-.T.r aie 

I. G»(opl>r. Hiiurr, be , . 168 
II. Lh|..(. 168 


I. Gt0|p>t.h}.T«nl>.lu., . I8S 

II. n^-f 188 

Lufsifc, , . . . . im 

Onwi ra 

ai.u. M.m<r.cTD» m 

6ti..P4.™™ m 

0«-l 1^3 

0™mr«» 331 

Oon.!. 331 

OODT (MBlidM), "SO 

Go.lll.»»I-T 1" 

Gi.m.ii, CD-r..»T.v, (« ii» Philo- 
t-*!) 173 

G«.viT»™», , . . . . - ra 


H, m.i«i., ... ... 17* 

III. I.iUralDn><idL»i°>( •. - l^O 

I. Crojwphy. Hirfnij, be, ■ "S 

GiiATi:»ALi (0.i™l Aratri«), ■ . ITO 
GDIDinB011-(f,.rT™.tHm), . . 179, 3M 
Ccjiaxrl— uwAmUery.Niitl Osdhj), ITK 

llATnf.xiliuAiiliUH), ,180 
UuD (MoltnixJ, .... - i31 

[l.*LT.,H".| .... . M' 

H.AITB (PiWk.) »I. Ml 

HiuT{DU«uw9n ni 

UiKkwt «Ti»oi«tir) ^^ 

HK""l."'n"fl., ,".'.'.' M» 

HiiiKLA ffimJow) sa ' 

HlHhat.vruit<(nEnP<}, ... MO 

III. l..aga.ea IBS ' 


II. Ascirnl lli.loi; IS! 

III. Middl. .*p. 187 

IV. Muilern .IS 

"■ «>-"^. *=- "« 

HoMLUoi lEB 

H»>K 188 

H«T.CPLT...«(wa.ri«i.(), . , KB 

H«.A (Th»k,„] 331 

1. Hirior., be I» 

ii-L»p..p m 





HydnMtatici, 190 

Bydnolici, 101 

Pneamatict. 190 

Btdrooeapbt (m« also Gaography, Naati- 
cal Snnreying)^ 


HTKiia (Theolocy), 335 




L Hisiory, 

II. Lanfaaga, 


IliinA (Dinaaai of ), 

ImnA (tae Hftidostan), .... 

Ikductivk SaKKcaa (sea Nataral PhUoao- 


iKnmnniiAL AnALtaia, 

Intlammatioiv (Madiciaa), 

iNFvaoRiA (tee alw Animalenles, SI), . 



ImcftiiATioKAL Law (aea alto Law of Na- 


iMTsanNBa (Medicine), .... 
ImiuniKTATiGN (Theolofy), . 
IrreoDucnoKa ( do. ) . 
ImrBNTioNa, HiaTORv or (aea also Patenta), 

I. Geography, TraTda, Blc., 
11. History and Antiqaitiei, 

III. Language, 

IVOii (Manofactare of, fcc), . 

ItOH Traok (History of), .... 

Irritatioiv (Medicine), .... 



I. Geography, Travels, fcc, 

U. History, 

ni. Laagnage and Litaratnre, 






Joints (Medicine)^ .... 



JuRUPRDOBVCB, Mbdioal (seo FofBMic Me- 
dicine), 148 

JoanncATiov, 338 

K10KBT8 (Medidne), 


KmoHTBOOO ^see Chiralry), . 


KnoBT's Wbbklt Volcmb, 








LAitoacAPB Gardbriko, .... 164 
Latin Lanouaob aro Litbratijrb, . 909 

Law 909 

Larynx (Medicine), .... 835 
Law, CoMMBRCiAL (see alw Mercaatile 

Law) 106, 904 

Law, Roman, 896 

Law OP Nation! (see also Diplomacy), . 904 
Lboiblation (see also Ck>Ternnient), 904 

Lbnt (Theology), 338 

"^ ^raribs (see Bibliography), 904 

Library op Anolo-Catbouc Tbboloot, 339 
Library op Eictbrtainino Knowlbdob, 905 
Library op tbb Fatbbrb, .329 

Library op Uibpul Knowlbdob, 905 


Liobt (see Optics), 964 



Jamaica (see AntOlas), 
Jamb« (Theology), . 

I. History, Oeogmphy, fcc, 
n. Nataral History, 
III. Laagnage, 

I. History, Ata, . 
n. NataraJ Hiitory, . 
m. Language, 
JBRBinAH, .... 
JBRDaALBM, . . . . 

JBiurra, .... 

Jbw8 (History of). . 






Limits (Mathematics), 
^ o^iTBRARY History, 

^^liITBOORAPBY, .... 

Lithotomy, Litbotrxtt, 

LiTUROIBS, .... 
LiYBR (Medicine), 
LoooMOTiVB (see Steam Engine), 


Loaic, .... 

LffKB, (St.), .... 

LuNOS (Medicine). 



Maohinbry & Mbcbanism, . • 906 

Madaoascar, 906 

Madrioals, 806 

Maoic (see also Oocnit Sdenees), . 900 

Maonbtism (see also Electricity), . 900 

Maonbtism, Animal (see Mesmerism), . 937 

Mahratta Lanouaob, .... SlOO 



Ituo:* 309 

llu^caLaaT(>Hi]»Co<H>beliit;). . . 310 

MxiT,. m 


Huirai Law |ll>n>uUta U»), 911 

Wl-mrrrrlTI-olon) US 

»iT..»»L H..™., (ThwkmJ, . , 143 

HiTuBiuiT'a LiUAlI. ... US 


N.Timtt. PwLoiDinrr (Pbfila). . . Wl 


N.iuni. TanoLmn H9 

Hiimw, (flLl, 341 

"ry^ S» 

Nmi, AicuTTicniu (M BbipBsUdiig), 3>H 
Nival HinotLi 9S» 

HtcBuioi *H,91B 9M 

NAViaiTio iSO 

NllVEi (MfdidK) 93H 

didH) ua 


1. H--«, W> 

NoT.iiuK 343 

N..T.»T.iiiirr 319 

N.WTOJ.'. P«w™. sn 

N.wZ..i.»»= 9BI 

MHCunu*MAiimHLx». IOS.W,M« 

HlDlBt^I {w»l» W<llllb »<l M-H- ), 9tT 
I. V»j.f-»dT«.i*. . . 947 

II. HM«T 948 

MluTiii Ait 948 

Mo.-.™. »tl 

II ««"'r M« 


HoLLBiCA, {HiluretT). ...«!« 

UoKBOiuK Lunuiei. . . 313 

O1.T.THC. lM.d(oJ«). H •!» PmgMMj, 

HsmiB HiiTammi or Quit Biitiih. Ml 

UoitcHm. (a.pu1<)kr>lj. ... 99] 

HaoK (h Aiusumr) » 

Omtit (HH ibD Uf U). ... AM 

M<H«in» Sanni «» 

O,m«.Ti0ii 343 

HnuT-i HoMi & CoLOKUi. Lwiuit, 3N 

Mnui'i Hiso Booh roii Tuiviitiit, IJB 

Mctic {M •!« ChpiB. Vk>il> Clioni B.r.™.). 


Mtolmi (MidiilM) 93T 

°"™"'""'" "" 




•• il» PiMik, Bciiu>). 

FoktBLirm. . 

FoKTro.T. (m»l.oBniui.), 


L FiotK (HvlidH) 


BiroiHlLTtair. (HMbij of), 
RlcrTlLti fiH sIbq JlerpvlDlDrT 
ftHDIIIKCTIdlC (TbHt<«T). 
BtlllDllIC. .... 

Rnirsiniii (Maliolnr). . 
Ra.D M>iiiT<a, . 
Ro...'.. IT(,«I,,,),' .... 
RoHtiirt LisaDABt [«• (ho Tnwliol 

ri. I 

[tl. LimiDn 

Suicurr Lirauui, 

aOOFULl (MfdujIH), , 


BDnuaiirT, 148 

BiiHon 348 

BiMTii 303 

BHtBlPlBllSoCirTt (PablKUidMOf), . 304 
8BB.P, 305 

Sbu-Diuldiko 305 

BiClLT 305 

Si.^ M»i.mcTD«» 3M 

Bna (Mcdidoi) S4I 

SlATOncLuau.ailMLlTIIlTDM, . 3O0 

BtBIP S»l 

Socim 30« 

I. 0«,™p»'»-Tf.vtl..fcc., . . 307 
II. Hl*«r. ..... 307 

fl„« lM«liCp^), 342 

8».«««o."" ."'.*.'..■ 342 

»TAM|C.Ul0(Mor) 310 

Brtmi (Uifiol) X 

Bt.— aub'st... E«oi«, . . ,310 
Btdbagu (Mtdtdo.). . 3I3 

BcOiB 311 

Bcr.o.1. J19. 943 

Bdivitiko (•» •!» G«l»f. IM ; Ep(i- ■ 

H.riP|.19B). 319 


[. Ttinb, >lo 3ia 

II. llirii..T. Ho. 31-J 

I. Tnvfli. bi 319 

II. H»l«T 313 

BiDiHBiB Botim, FrauciTiO" of, *43 
Btbidu, Btbioiiik, .... 350 
Snuc LuHiDioi. . . . . n 


TuiH (M.ul™.tlcd) 318 

TARrii LuoviuEi, .313 

Tahdhbt 313 

TicBPOiooT (» il» Aru ud Muifu- 
w-) 314 

Tiunoi Lahoui 314 

Teptii (MxltcioO 943 

Tbhtobii LiBOUHM 314 

Tim 314 


Hiwllulsiodlndai. ... 303 

TBHlUOmiKI. 350 

TBOiiouoH-BAiXwihoMuicl. . . 351 

T,.t,Ti.Y (TI-J'W)'. .... 350 

TowsMHrtlU. oO 331,351 S^ii-liriEi, .... 359 
Tl.ltLLEKi-GviHBooil, . .178,353 

TnOI'BAIIOCIl AND TlODVHM (pH iIk',-in-l S44 

T,,..., ..,.^l„H.,i.,„..^«). . . 353 
TM.i.r-Li ^.■^.■..:t 354 

Tf.CA»T(-.^lUl,), ... 355 
TTfoaiiAFHJ(M PrinUpj). . . . 9» 


Ufttid St.tip (« iJio Amiia). 14, 355 

UmvKpiTipp 355 

ITlI1^.lII OiQtpp [Hpdidx]. ... 344 
CTmni 344 

VArooH (« Albl(«iw), ...» 
Vipipi.L Dmiin «49 

ViBic. 313 

V.-TILATIOH (« Wunypi). . . , Md 
VmilWA.TAl.T(«.»l»ll™), . 350 

Vw, (Onp.) 183 

VioLW 318 

Vo.c., 357 



Walhuiii (» Albl(«w), . . . U 


1. I)»in|ih;, Tf.™U, to,, . 359 

II. Hiilorr 358 

III. Ul>n>(e*>>dLi>.rUp<., . 350 

W, (™ MoM..i.), . . 251 




Wnevn ans MBAflVRCf (■•• alto Hiiio- 





W009 BHOEATim, 

WoMBH (Dimmm of), 

• « 




Zkcbabxab, .... 
ZooLooT (Me ftbo Nalnnd Hiitoiy}, 






DOBRIZHOFFER, (M.) Acccmnt <^ the Abipoi 
▼ok. 8vo, 15«. 

of PangiiAy. 


ABYSSINIA.— Nubia, Ethiopia. 




ARROWSMITH, (J.) Map of NabU and Abyirima. LotuUm. 

RUSSELL, (Dx.) Nubia and Abyninia : comprehending their Civil History, 
Antiquities, Arts, Religion, Literature, and Natural History, fep. 8to, St. 

(Edui. Cab. Liby.) Edinburgh, 1833 

BRUCE, (J AS.) Travels in Abyssinia. 7 vols. 8to, and 4to vol. of plates. 

Edin,, 1804 

BRUCE, (J.) Travels to Discover the Source of the Nile. 18mo, 5«. 

London, 1839 

VALENTIA, (Lord.) Voyages and Travels to India, Ceylon, Abyssinia, 
dLC., in 1803-— 6. 3 vols. 8vo, and 4to vol. of plates. London, 1811 

HALLS, (J. J.) Life and Adventures of Nat. Pearce in Abyssinia. 3 
vols. sm. 8vo. London, 1831 

SALT, (H.) Voyage to Abyninia. 4to. . London, 1814 

GOBAT, (S.) Three Years' Residence in Abyssinia. 8vo. London, 1834 

ISENBERG AND. KRAPF. Journals of the Rev. Messrs. Isenberg and 
Krapf, Missionaries of the Church Missionary Society, detailing their Pro- 
ceedings in the Kingdom of Shoa,and Journeys in other Parts of Abjrssinia, 
in the years 1839, 40, 41, and 43. To which is prefixed, a Geographical 
Memoir of Abyssinia and South-EIastem Africa. By James M'Queen, Eisq. ; 
grounded on the Missionaries' Journals, and the Expedition of the Pacha 
of Egypt up the Nile. 8vo, 3 maps, 13«. London, 1843 

BURCKHARDT, (J. L.) Travels in Nubia, etc. 4to. . J^don, 1833 

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1 •■ 




% L 



X .^ 


L GECXJPjlPHY.— (Con/tnt/cd.) 

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febvre, A. Petit, Quartin — Dillon et Vignaud — Relation hiatorique, par 
Lefebvre. 8vo. 

Ce voyage est divi»6 en 4 jtartiet: 1. Relation HUtoriqoe, DocnmenU tar le Com- 
merce et Qaestion Colonial par Lefebvre, 2 vob. Hvo. 3. CalcuU et Rclt-veroentA, 
ObKf^ation^ de Phykique et de Mdtdorolojne, Statiitiqne, Diotionnaire G^Q^ra- 
phit^ue, Ethnologie, Arch^ologie, par Lefebvre, 1 vol. Hvo. Ces denx promierefl 
partm seront accompagnie* de jO plancbw. 3. Histoire Naturelle Botaninae, 
clawde et redi^^e d'apret lei Notes de Dillon et Petit, par M. Richard, 3 voU. Hvo, 
et atlas. 4. Histoire Natarelle, Zoolojne, par M. Prevott; Entomologie, par M. 
Guorin ; G^olu;7ic, par M. Roliaat, 1 vol. rvo. et atJas. 

L'ouvrajse paraitra en 40 livraijionx, savoir, douze de texte et trente-qnatre de plan- 
ches, chaque livrai»on de texte formera nn derai-volumc, 7« 

Chaqne livraison dc [Ranches, ]Sta. 

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See Dr. Bike's communication in Joum. of the Rop. Qeographicai Society of 
lAmdun, vol. XIV., also vols. XII. and XlII.— Ritter'i* Africa.— RirAUD'i 
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C-< / 

n. fflSTORY. 

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in. LANGUAGE.— (CoTi/inufrf.) 

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See aigo^ BtiP on Ventilaljp n. RoBiHtoN^B MeghuUfiaLPhikfSphyf giOT'ii Tf>at€ 
Jl Jl**!^!"*^ ''"VT'i'rff'^ ElAiSai-TR FEvuqne, atc.rYouwo'p I^Btvf» JM| 
ITatoraJ PhikMopfay, Lbiub's Natanl and~Cbeinic«l FEQInophy, FstciiBi/s 
Elem. Physic*. "* 


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^c L 

4 « / 






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See RpRKt on t he SabKme and BeaoUfal..WiJdtML'fl AnaWii 
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ScuiLLiMo's iEithetio der Tonknnst, &c. 

des Kunstwerks 
Jierlin, 1845 

HalU, 1832 


Konigs., 1831 

preface, par P. 

Paris, 1843 

Venezia, 1627 

B of Beauty in Wo- 
▼onUamfcioldt, ftc. 




C'K - 





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pendencies, Slc. 2 vols. 8vo London, 1839 

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the Troops under the Command of General Sir W. Noit; and Sermons 
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12* London, 1843 

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cumstances which induced the British Government to interfere in the 
Af&irs of Afighanistan. Post 8vo, 12*. . London, 1843 

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Affghanistan, under General Pollock ; with Recollections of Seven Yearsf 
Service in India. Post 8vo, 12* London, 1844 

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London, 1842 

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I. TRAVELS 6ic.— •(Continued,) 

MOHAN LAL. TniTels in the Panjab, AfTghanlstan, etc. 8to, 16«. 

London, 1846 

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Discoveries in Affghanistan. 8vo, 15*. . London, 1844 

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London, 1842 

See Joarn. Geofr. Soc of London, CalentU Astatio Jonmal, McCclloch's G«og. 


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(Publicnlion* of the Oriental TransthiUon Faad.) 

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CoXOLbT, P08TA1«8, GRIFFITH, &c., itt No*. 99, 103, 104, 105, 109, 110, 112, 
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tirely new construction. 8vo, 18*. . London, 1840 

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ParU, 1826-31 

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scptentrionale, comprenant I'histoire des voyages entrepis pour p^n^tre 
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(Reprinted New-York, B. Bro*t.} 

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Congo,) in South Africa, in 1816. 4to. . London, 1818 


i*. ' -• 




C-v 1 


I. GEOGRAPHY, VOYAGES, &c.— (Cofi/imi«/.) 

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the Northern Coasts of Africa from Tripoli eastward, in 1821 and 1823, 
etc. 4to. Limdan, 1828 

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Crowther, who, with the sanction of Her Majesty's Government, accom- 
panied the Expedition up the Niger, in 1841, in behalf of the Church 
Missionary Society. Post 8voa6« London, 1842 

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Trans, from the German, with an Introduction, &c., by H. E. Lloyd. 2 
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'' occurred on board II. M. S. Wilberforce, in the River Niger, and whikit 
engaged on service on the Western Coast of Africa ; comprising an In- 
quiry into the Causes of Disease in Tropical Climates. Post 8vo, 7s. Sd. 

London, 1843 

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London, 1835 

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Zoolus. 2 vols. 8vo, £1 Is London, 1836 

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ploration au Nord-est du Cap de Bon-£lsperance, entrepis en 1836. 8vo. 

Pario, 1842 

VOYAGE duiB I'Afrique occidentale, comprenant I'exploration du Senegal, 
depu^s Saint-Louis jusqu'a la Falerme, au dela du Bakel, etc. ; ex^cut6 en 
1&43 et 1844, par une commission compos^e de MM. Huard-Bessinidivs, 
Jamin, RaflTenel, Peyre-Ferry et Pottin Patterson. It6dig^ et mis en-ordre 
par Anne Rqfenel. %°, avec un atlas, /.20 . Pari*, 1846 

EL TOUNSY, (M.) Voyage an Darfour. trad, de TArabc par D. Perron. 
Sto, lOs. Paris, 1841 



I. GEOGRAPHY, VOYAGES, &c.--(Conrfmi6rf.) 

See ako the Uaveb of CAJfPBBLL (J.), Latkobc (C. J.). Tbommon (O.), Pbilip 
fJ.), MooDiB (J. W. D.), Albxandbk (J. EO.BOWDITCH, eto.,McCpLLocH's 
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tradoite de I'Arabe, par Pellisir et R^miuat. 4to, /.12 . Paria, 1845 

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de la Sicile sous la domination musnlmane ; — ^tezte Arabe, accompagn^ 
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See ftlso Aau-i-PKD Jc Africa— La Croix, Relat. Univen. de 1' Afriqae — Cabdomnb, 
Hiflt. de r Afriqoe, et de rSspagiie, toos la domination det Arabet. 


See alM AsTasuaA, AzoaBi, Baebaet States, Cahajit liLAXOS, Madaoai- 
car, MADBiaA, Mauritius. 




Se« LouDoa's Encyob. of A{rioaItara, JoHKiON'i Fanner's Almanac for 1846. 


8vo, and 13mo. 

Precis de Thistoire g6n6rale de ragricultnre. 
Pam, 1837 


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^ ' 


{A /L. 





m. PRACTICAL.— (Con/tmiftf.) 

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(Reprinted New- York, 1845, D. A. & Co. %L 50.) 

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Affiurs. 8vo, jCa 10« London, 1842 

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etc., par MM. Bailly et Malpe)rre aln^. 4 vols. 8vo. Paris, 1839 

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Shaw and C. W. Johnson. 2 vols. 8vo, 25«. London, 1844 

(Reprinted N. Y.) 

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Post 8vo, lo.Sd London, 1844 

(Reprinted N. Y.) 

Joornal of the RoyaJ Acricnltoiml Soriety of Gract Britain, Qnarterij Joanial of 


If- i 

• 4 


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and Application. 8vo, 12«. London, 1843 

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The Agricultural Fertilizer : being a Complete History of all the various 

kinds of Manure, with a description of the Land to which each is appli- 
cable. 8vo, 16« London. 

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8vo, 244. ... . London, 1844— 2d ed. 1847 

(Reprinted N. Y. 1844.) 

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Geological Formation on which they rest ; the be!<it means of permanently 
Increasing their Productiveness ; and on the Rents and Profits of Agricul- 
ture. 4th ed, 8vo, 10« Ijondon,\S43 

VAREMBEY. Leitres sur I'euphorimdtrie, ou I'Art de mesurer la fertility 
de la terre, indiquant le choix des meilleurs cssuleinents, en faisant con- 
naitre d'avance leurs produits et leur action sur le sol. 8vo. /.4. 

ParU, 1844 

Bee Davy's AgricnI. Chemistrf. Ha!«xam on Waste Mannm. IjIbbiq's A^- 
coltoral Cbemutry. 



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and J. Hare. 12mo, cuts, 1« London, 1845 

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London, 1843 

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et de jardinage, anciens et modemes. 8to, 106 planches, /.1 3. 

ParU, 1844 

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toires et d'^onomie rurale. 8to, avec atlas,/. 13. . ParU, 1841 




ALBANIA~(Travels in.) 

H0BH0U8E, (Sm J. C.) Journey throngh Albania, &c., 1809-1810, 
2 volfl. 4to London, 1813 

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London, 1815 

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Zoiuion, 1820 
8«e Joor. of Qtogt. Boe. toI. XII. Art. by Count Karftczay 

ALBIGENSES—(Waldenses, Vaudots.) 

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Translated by Acland : with a Compendious History of the People. 8vo, 
plates. London, 1827 

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Oxon, 1821 

Remarks apon the History of the Charches of Piedmont. 7«. 6(2. 

Oxon, 1821 

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Caractdre de leurs Doctrines Primitives. 8vo. Paris, 1836 

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8vo, 15«. London, 1826 

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y mont, and Researches among the Vaudois, &c. 8vo, maps and plates, 18«. 

London, 1826 

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Piedmont. 8vo, maps and plates, £\ 1«. . London, 1831 

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1844. 1 vol. 8vo, map London, 1845 

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in the 13th Centary. 8vo, 5«. ..... Xon(ion, 1826 

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Waldenses. 8vo, 16« Zem(ion, 1832 

Review of Fox's History of the Waldenses. 8vo. . London ^ 1829 

See alio General Hittory of Lan£;ue<]oc, Paris, 1730. — JoNBt'i History of Christian 
Chnncb, tu). 


BARRETT, (F.) Lives of the Alchemistical Philosophers, with a Cata- 
logue of books in Occult Chemistry, and a selection of the most celebrated 
treatises on the hermetic arr. 8vo, 10*. 6(2. London, 1815 

See Thomion'b History of Chemistry. 

ALDINE EDITIONS— (Bibliography.) 

RENOUARD, (A. A.) Annales de I'lmprimdrie des Aide. 

ALDINE POETS— (Pickering's Editxon.) 

Fep. 8to, ▼. d. per vol. 5« Ijondon, 
AKENSIDE. With Memoir by Dyce. (Vol. 39 of Series.) 

3d ed. 8vo, 
Porto, 1834 

ft I 

a I. 





ALDINE VOETS.— Continued. 

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/ ( L — 



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Londmi, 1847 

Nereis Australia, or Illustrations of the Algae of the Southern Ocean ; 

being Figures and Descriptions of new or imperfectly known Sea- Weeds, 
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bOndigen Beschreibangen. 8vo Nordh., 1845 




ALGiE. — (Continued.) 

KUTZING, (F. T.) Fhycologia generaliB, oder Anatomic, Physiologic 
and Systcmkonde dcr Tange. 1^13 

POSTELS, (A.) &, RUPRECHT, (F.) lUiwtrationes Algamm in itincre 
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calciit^res, etc. 8vo,/.4 Paris, 1843 



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Examples of the Processes of Arithmetic and Algebra. 




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(In L. U. K.) 

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(Orient. Trmnsl. Fond.) 

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Bee abo TraatisM by Blaxd. Bridok. Hall, Hind, UoTaoN, Kauuifs, Pkarsoic, 
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2 vols. 8vo Paris, 1841-184- 

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1842. Public par ordre du gouvemement etavec le conconrs d'une com- 
mission acad^miqne. folio Paris, 1845 

./ -^ 

r «^^. 











ALGIERS.— (Con/inwcrf.) 

ROZET, ( .) Voyage daoB la r^gence d' Alger, oa Descrip. da pajrs oc- 
cupy par Tann^e fran^^aise en Afrique, conten. 'des obeervations snr la geo- 
graphic physique, la geologie, etc. 3 vols. 8to, et atlas de 31 planches, 
/33 FarU. 

TABLEAUX de la Situation des Etabliasements Fran9ai8 dans TAlgdrie. 

"^ Pom, 1838 

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GOMOT, (F.) Guide du Voyageur en Alg^rie, ice. 8vo. Paris, 1844 

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Tunis et d' Alger, publics par M. Doreau de la Malle. 2 vols. 8vo. 

Paris, 1838 

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38. 3 vols. 8vo Leipxig, 1841 

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texte par Berbrugger. 8vo Parit, 1843 

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sement dee Carthaginois, etc. Roy. 8vo, (plates and wood cut8),/.30. 

Paris, 1844 

ESTRY, (D*). Histoire d' Alger, de son territorie et de ses habitants ; de 
ses difierents goavemements, de ses pirateries eC de ses guerres, depuis les 
temps le plus recul^s jusqu'a nos jours. 8vo. JSl 50. . Paris. 

BERTUOUD, ( ) Etudes de moeurs algenennes. £1 Hivnai. 4 vols. 
8vo, 30* Paris, 1847 


By Owen Jones, Architect. Vol. 1, colombier folio, with ornamental title- 
page, and letterpress descriptions of the plates, with a complete translation 
of the Arabic inscriptions, and an Historical Notice of the Kings of 
Granada, by M. Pasqual de Gayangos, plates, X14, half bound in morocco ; 
grand eagle size, half-bouud in morocco, gilt edges, JC24. London, 1842 

from Casta in his possession, one-half, quarter, and full size, by Owen 
Jones, Architect. Forming the second volume to the " Plans of the Al- 
hambra." In 2 parts, 25 plates each, printed in colours and gold, price, 
each, folio grand eagle, X5 bs. ; colombier, iA 4«. ; imperial (for manu- 
facturers), jCS 3« London, 1842 

on stone by J. D. Harding. R. J. Lane, A. R. Gauci, and J. F. Lewis. 

Folio, mounted, coloured, JCIO 10« London, 1835 

See McarHT'i Armbiaa Antiqnitiei of Speia. 


AMERICAN ALMANAC. l2mo. J?o»toii, 1830-1847 


London, 1828-1847 


WALTON, (W.) The Alpaca : its Naturalization in the British Isles con- 
sidered as a National Benefit, and as an object of immediate utility to the 
Farmer and Manufacturer. Fcp. 8vo, 4s. 6d. . London, 1844 




ALPHABET.— (Philology.) 

VOLNEY, (C. E.) L'alphabet Europ^en appliqu^ anz Langaes Asiatiques. 
8vo. . . . . . . , . . Paris, 1819 

KEY, (T. H.) The Alphabet with Eflseys on Good, Better, Best, Well ; 
and other Philological papers. 1 vol. 8vo, 7s. 6d. . London, 1844 
See also Latham on the Engliah Latgnage. 

ASTLE, (T.) On the Origin and Progreae of Writing, as well Hierogly- 
phic as Elementary, Slc. 4to, plates. . London, 1803 

SHAW, (H.) Alphabets, Naraerals, and Devices of the Middle Ages. 
Imp. 8vo, 48 plates, tinted, 42*. ; imp. 4to, full col'd., &4s. 1845 

SILVESTRE, (J. B.) Collection de soixante fenilles d'alphabets, historic 
et flearonn^s, tiris des plus beaux manuscrits de I'Enrope, etc. Folio./.60. 

(See Paldofimpfaie UniTenelle.) Paris. 

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Leipzig. 1835 

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Bilder und Schriften der Vorzeit. 2 vols. 8vo. " 1819-21 

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Berlin, 1837 

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the Arabic Language, by Ahmad bin-Abobekr bin-Wahshik: and in Eng- 
lish by J. H. sm. 4to London, 1806 

(" Falaely aUribaled to thii Arabian Aothor."— S. de 5«qf.X 


GUYON. Histoiie des Amazones, Anciennes et Modemes. 2 vols. 12mo. 

Paris, 1740 






KENNETT, (Bp.) Bibliothcca Americanse Primordia ; an attempt towards 
laying the foundation of an American Library. 4to. London, 1713 

RICH, (0.) A Catalogue of Books, relating principally to America. Ar- 
ranged under the years in which they were printed. Part 1. A. D. 1500- 
1600. Part 2. 1600-1700. 8vo, 16«. . loniioii, 1832 

Printed since 1700. Vol. 1. 1701-1800. Vol. 2. 1801-1830. 8vo. 

London, 1835-44 

WARDEN, (D. B.) Bibliotheca Americana : being a choice Collection of 
Books, Maps, Engravings, and Medals, relating to North and South Ame- 
rica, and the West Indies. 8vo, 8* Paris, 1840 

ASPINWALL, (J.) Bibliotheca America Septentrionalis ; being a choice 
Collection of Books relating to North America. 8vo, 6s. Paris, 1820 

TERNAUX COMPANS, (H.) Biblioth^que Am^ricaine, ou Catalogue des 
Onvrages relatife a 1' Am^rique, qui ont paru depuis sa d6couverte jusqu'a 
I'an 1700. 8vo, lOt. 6d. Paris, 1837 

(HOMER, A.) Bibliotheca Americana ; or, a Chronological Account of the 
most Curious and Interesting Books, Slc., upon the subject of North and 
South America. 4to. London, 1789 


i« ' 

I, ' 





I. BIBLICXJRAPHY.— (Con/inii«i.) 

LUDEWIG, (H. E.) Tlie Literetnre of American Local Hiatorf ; a BibU- 

ographical Easay. 8to iVeio- Farik, 1846 

(Privatdy priatad.) 



Li I. 


II. NORTH AMERICA, (U. S.)— (a) Geografrt. (6) AHTKiumM. 

(a) Geography of. 

LONG, (Prof. Geo.) Geography of America and the Weat Indica. 8to. 
Three Mape ; and Statistical Tablea. L^md^, 1841 

MAXIMILIAN. TraTels in the interior of North America. By Mazimil- 
ian. Prince of Weid. With niuneroos engravinga on wood, and a large 
map. Traiifilated from the German, by II. Evans Lloyd, to accompany 
the original series of 81 elaborately-coloured plates. Imp. 4to, half mor. 
X2 12«. 6d Zondan, 1843 

The work oomplK* with thm phtM, jCSS 

EDIN. CABINET LIBRARY; rols. 35, 36 37. By Hugh Mnnay. 
3 vols., 59. each. 

UASSLESR, (F. R.) Documents relating to the Surrey of the Coaat of the 
United States, dec. 8vo. .... NewYork,lS36 

{b) Antiquities, dec, History op. 

BEAMISH, (K. L.) Discovery of America by the Northmen in the Tenth 
Century. 8vo, 10«. Lomdon, 1841 

ANTIQUITATES AMERICANJE sive Scriptores Septentriooalea rerm 
Ante-G>lnniliianarura in Aiufrica. 4to, 012. Copenhagen, 1836 

(PnlilMlwd by tbc Royal Society of Nortlwm AaUquilM.) 

BRADFORD, (A. W.) American Antiquities, and Researches into the 
Origin and Iliirtory of the Red Race. 8vo. New- York, 1841 

RAFN, (C.) America Discovered in the Tenth Century. 8vo. 

.Veie- Fsrit, 1836 

8.MITH, (J. T.) The Discovery of America by the Northmen in the Tenth 
Century ; comprising Translations of all the moat important Original Nar- 
latiTes of the Event : together with a Critical Eiamination of their An- 
thenticity ; to which are added, an Examination of the Comparative 
Merits of the Northmen and Columbus. 2d ed., 8vo, 6#. London, 1^12 

DEL AH ELD. (J. jun.) An Inquiry into the Origin ol the Antiquities of 

America. 4to, platea. CtacmiMlt, 1839 

(Sm ako PaiBtT's Aoaericui AsliqaMw.) 

III. SOUTH AMERICA.— (a) Geography of, Voyxges amd Travels. 
CO History. 

(fl) Geography or, Voyages and Travels. 

HUMBOLDT. (A. vox). P<>nional Narrative of Travels in South America 
in 1799-1804. 6 vols. 8vo. X3 15«. JUiitf.. 1823-26 

HUMBOLDT. (A. pe). Exnmen Critique de I'histoire de la g^ographie 
du nouveau continent. Hvo, vols. 1-^, 10«. each. Pans, 1836^39 

rTo Iw romiilrtod in 10 roh.) 

EDfN CABINET LIBRARY Travels and Reaeairhea of Alei. von 
Humboldt, by Mac<;illivray. 13ino. 5a. . . . Edin., 1839 

(RiFfmBUxl N. Y.. H. Bro«.) 

TERNAUX COMPANS. ^H ) Voyages. Relations, et M^moires origi- 
naux pour servir a I'Histoire de la I>6rouverte de I' Ameriqne, pnbli^ poor 
la premiere ibis en Fran^ais. 1'* et 3<« Serii. 30 torn, 8vo, XI 1 1 la. 

Pmris, 1837-41 




m. SOUTH AMERICA.— (Caw/mii«i.) 

DARWIN, (C.) Geological ObserrationB on South America. Being the 
Third Part of the Geology of the Voyage of the " Beagle," under the 
command of Capt. Fitzroy, R. N., during the years 1832--36. 8to, 12«. 

(Reprinted N. Y., H. Bros.) London, 1846 

in the years 1843 and 1843, with the Intent of Establishing a Communi- 
cation between the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. 8vo, 5 plans, St. 

London, 1844 

» alio UUcQA** Voyage, W^TSftTO!!*! WanderiBgi, Babil IIaU<'< Traveb, 
CapC WTSmyth's Narrative, Rfkv*9 Roofh Notet, Albzandbr's Traiu. 
Skkchei^ Cox'a Adven. on Oolnmbia River. 

(h) History. 

There are no genemJ Histories of Sooth America of any ralne. The Hbtoriet of 
the difierent States will be foand arranged under the respective heads. 

See Hukboldt's ReMarches, Robbrtson'b LeCten on 8. A., Navarrbtb's 
Coteodoa de vta|^, etc. 


BRITISH AMERICA ; comprehending Canada, Upper and Lower, If ova 
Scotia, New Brunswick, Newfoundland, Prince Edward Island, the Ber- 
mudas, and the Fur Countries : their History from the Earliest Settle- 
ment ; the Statistics and Topography of each District ; their Commerce, 
Agriculture, and Fisheries ; their Social and Political Condition ; as also 
an Account of the Manners and Present State of the Aboriginal Tribes. 
By Hugh Murray. With Illustrations of the Natural History, by James 
Wilson, R. K. Greville, and Professor Traill. 3 vols. fcp. 8vo, 15». 

(Edin. Cab. Lib.) Edinburgh, 1839 

BUCKINGHAM, (J. S.) Canada, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, and the 
other British Provinces in North America ; with a Plan of National 
Colonization. 8vo, 15s. London, 1843 

BOUCHETTE, (Col.) Topog. and Statist. Description of the British Do- 
minions in N. America: including Upper and Lower Canada, New 
Brunswick, Nova Scotia, the Islands of Newfoundland, Cape Breton, 
Prince Edward, &c. &c. 3 vols. 4to, plates, £1 St. London, 1831-2 

ALCEDO, (A.) Geogr. and Histor. Dictionary of America and the West 
Indies: transl. from the Spanish by G. A. Thompson. 5 vols. 4to, jC2 10«. 

London, 1812 

TYTLER. (P. F.) Historical View of the Progress of Discovery on the 
more Northern Coasts of America, from the Earliest Period to the Present 
Time. With Descriptive Sketches of the Natural History of the North 
American Regions, by James Wilson. Fcp. 8vo, St. Edin., 1833 

SIMPSON, (T.) Narrative of the Discoveries on the North Coast of 
America, effected by the Officers of the Hudson's Bay Company during 
the Years 1836-39. 8vo. 14« London, 1843 

McGREGOR, (J.) Account of British North America. 2 vols. 8vo, 
maps, 12« London, 1832 

V. NATURAL HISTORY.— (1) Animal Kihodom.— <2) Vegetable Kikg- 
DOM. — i(3) Mineral Kingdom. — (4) Man. 

1. Animal Kingdom. 

AUDUBON, (J. J.) The Qnadropedfl of N. America. Folio. 

New- York, 1843 

'' .1. 

U L 









V. NATURAL HISTORY .--CContinued,) 

AUDUBON AND BACHMAN. The Viviparous Qnadropeds of North 
America. By John James Audubon, and the Rev. John Bachman. Vol. 
l.imp. 8vo New- York, IS46 

AUDUBON, (J. J.) Ornithological Biography: or an Account of the 
Habits of the Birds of the United States. 5 vols. Svo. Philada., 1831-^9 

. The Birds of America, from Original Drawings. 4 vols, folio. 

London, 1827-<38 

The Birds of America. 7 vols. 8vo. New- York, 1840-45 

Synopsis of the Birds of America. 8vo. Bdinbwrgh, 1839 

WILSON, (Alexr.) American Ornithology. 4 vols. 4to, col. plates. 

Philadelphia ^ London, 1832 

' Do. Do., to which is added a Synopsis 

of American Birds, including those described by Bonaparte, Audubon, 
Nuttall, and Richardson. By T. M. Brewer. 8vo, plates. Boston, \i<AJQ 

BONAPARTE, (Chas.) American Ornithology. 4 vols. 4to. 

Philadelphia, 1825-33 

A Geographical and Comparative List of the Birds of Europe and 

North America. 8vo London, 1838 

NUTTALL, (Thos.) Manual of the Ornithology of the United States 
and Canada. 2 vols, post 8vo Booton, 1834 

HOLBROOK, (J. E.) North American Herpetology : or a Description of 
the Reptiles inhabiting the United States, 5 vols. 4to. Philad , 1842 

CONRAD, (T. A.) Monograph of the Family Unionide, or Naides of 
Lamarck, of North America. Plates. Nos. 1 to — have appeared. 


FAUNA BOREALI-AMERICANA : or the Zoology of the Northern 
Pans of British America. 3 vols. 4to. London, 1829-32 

Part 1. Quadrupeds ; by J. Richardnon, .... 24<. 

2. Birds ; by W. Swainson and J. Richardson, 50«. 

3. Fishes ; by J. Richardson, 24«. 

" 4. Insects ; by W. Kirby, 27*. 

GOSSE, (P. H.) The Canadian Naturalist : a Scries of Conversations on 
the Natural History of Lower Canada. 1 vol. 8vo, 12#. London, 1842 

HALDEMAN, (S. S.) A Monograph of the Limniades, or Fresh Water 
Univalve Shells of North America. Nos. 1 to — plates. Philadelphia, 

SMITH, (J. V. C.) Natural History of the Fishes of Massachusetts. 12mo. 

Boston, 1833 

See also Gould on the In%'ertebrata of MaMarhoM^i ; IIarrir on the InsteoU of 
New Englmnd Injurious to Vegetation ; Lcfislative Reports of the Vaiions 
States, tec. 

2. Vegetable Kingdom. 

FLORA OF NORTH AMERICA : comprising an account of all the 
Indigenous and Cultivated Plants growing North of Mexico, by Jno. 
Torwy and Asa Gray. 3 vols. 8vo. . iVeta-yiwiir,'l838- 

NORTH AMERICAN SYLVA; or a description of the Forest Trees 
of the United States, Canada, and Nova Scotia, by And. Michauz, and 
Tho. Nuttall. 6 vols. imp. 8vo, coloured plates. Philadelphia, 1843 

BROWNE, (D. J.) The Trees of America, Native and Foreign, Picto- 
rially and Botanirally delineated, and Scientifically and Popularly de- 
scribed ; being considered principally w^ith reference to their Geography 
and History, Soil and Situation, Propagation and Culture, Accidents and 
Diseases, ic, &c. Supcrroyal 8vo. JVeir- York, 1846 




V. NATURAL HISTORY— (Ccm/mix^^.) 

'■ Sylra Ameneana ; or American Forest Trees. 8vo, plates. 

Boston, 1833 

DOWNING, (A. J.) The Fruit and Fruit Trees of America. 6th ed. 
$1 50. . New-York, 1846 

Mollusca and Crusucfea. By James £. de Kay. 1 vol. roy. 4to, 53 
coloured plates. 

I Geology: Fourth District. By James Hall. 19 plates, maps. 

- Geology : First District. By William W. Mather. 44 plates, maps. 

Zoology ; Bv James E. de Kay. 141 coloured plates. 

Flora. By John Torrey. 

See also Bioblow'i PlanU of Boirton, &e. ; Eaton & Wriobt's N. A. Botany. 
Elliott's BoUay of the Soathern Staten. 

3. Mineral Kingdom. 

See Lefulativtt Repoiti on the Geology of the Vaxioni Statea. 


FORRY, (S.) The Climate of the United States, and its Endemic Influ- 
ences. 8vo New- York, 1842 

4. Man. 

MORTON, (S. O.) Crania Americana ; or a Comparative View of the 
Skulls of various Aboriginal Nations of North and South America. Fol. 

FhOad., 1839 

ORBIGNY, (D*.) L'Homme Am6ncain (de TAm^rique m^ridionale), 
consider^ sous les rapports physioiogiques et moraux. 3 vols. 8vo, et At- 
las, /.18 Pam, 1839 

PRICHARD, (J. C.) Natural History of Man. 2d ed. 1 vol. roy. 8vo, 
plates, jCI ll9. 6d Z<in(2(m, 1845 

See also Prichakd's Researches into the Physical History of Mankind, Vol. 5^ 
WiLKKs's Exploring Expedition, Etkm^raphy by Hoa. Halk. 


PICKERING, (J.) Remarks on the Indian Languages of North America. 
8vo. Boston, 1836 

DUPONCEAU, (P. E.) M^moires sur le systdme grammatical des languea. 
de qnelques nations indiennes de TAm^rique du Nord. 8vo. Paris, 1828 

ZEISBERGER, (D ) Grammar of the language of the Lenni Lenape of 
the Delaware Indians. 4to Philad., 1827 

EDWARDS, (J.) Observations on the Muhhekancew Indians. 8vo. 

Boston, 1823 
HOWSE, (J.) A Grammar of the Crec Language : with which is com- 
bined an Analysis of the Chippewa Dialect. 8vo, 9«. 6d. London, 1844 

MOLINA, (A. Dfi.) Arte de la lingua mezicana y castellana. 8vo. 

Mexico, 1571 


COLDEN, (C.) History of the Five Indian Nations of Canada :— their Re- 
ligion, Maimers and Customs, Battles with the Ehiropeans, Slc. 8vo, 6«. 

London, 1747 
ADAIR, (Jas.) History of the American Indians, with an Account of 
their Origin, Language, Customs, Productions, jlc. 4to, map, £1 \s. 

Lond., 1775 



/ 1 





-f < ' 




e^i .. 






BUCHANAN, (J.) Sketches of the N. A. Indlam. 8vo. I.»fNfen, 1834 

HALKKTT» (J.) Historical Notes on the Indians of Nofth Amcrics. 
H?o. e«. Umd., 1897 

CATLIN, (GEO.) Letters and Notes on the North American Indians. 
3 vols. 8vo, with 400 illustrations JLoh^mi, 1841 

The N. A. Indian Portfolio. A series of 25 Lithographic Plates, 

illustrating the Manners and Cnstonis of the N. A. Indians, with descrip- 
tive letter-press. Coloured in imitation of Drawings. Folio, X7 7s. 

Lsnisii, 1845 

McKINNRY. (Tno<i. L.) and HALL. (Jas.) History of the Indian 
Tribes of North America ; with Biographical Sketches and Portraits of 
ihe Principal Chiefe. 3 vols. foUo. . FkdaA., 1838-44 

STONE, (Wx. L.) The Life of Joseph Brandt. 9 vols. 8to. 

N. F., 1838 

The Life and Times of Red Jacket. 8to. . <* 1841 

VAIL. Notice snr Ics Indiena de rAm^riqnc du Nord. 8to, map and 
plates, /.(). Paria, 1840 


SCHLEGEL, (Dr. H.) Abhildnngen neuer oder mnrollst&ndig Uknnnter 
Ampkikim. Nach dem Leben entworfen. Parts I-IV. 4iOp with "Xb 
col. plsK-s. i^i DuMtUiwf, 1H42 

WAGLER, (J.) NntOriiches S>-iitrm der Amphibien mit Vorangehender 
Classification der Saiigthiere und Vogel. 8to, with plates, 8s. 

iVfificAen, 1^30 

Drscriptiones et Icones aniphibiumm. Pars 1-3. Folio, with 36 

col. plates, X9 Hr Alanaehii, 1(^6 

8m SwAixson's FbhcB, AnphiUa, kc. 


ENCTCLOPAdFANA : on Dictionaire Encyclop^dique des Ans. 4to. 

Pmrit, 1791 

Bm Aftidn ■•4« Ihii hmi ia Psnrr CrcLorxoiA, sad Esctcm. BarrAsmcA. 

ANALYSIS.— See Chemistry. 
ANATOMY.— See Medicine. 



ELLIS, (H.) GiulogM of Books on Angling. Bto. . Lamdtm, 1811 

WILSON, (J.) The Rod and the Gun: reprinted fron the Encyclo. 

Briunnica. 8to, 10s. M Edim. IHiO 

WALTON Sl COTTON. Th*' Complete Angier, or the Contemplative 
Man's Recreation : (best edition, edited by John Msjor. lUorfnited with 
Engravings, from designs by Absolon. sm. 8to. 12s. . LontUm, 1844 

The sane: with Notes by Sir Harria Nicolas, and Ulwtnitiofis by 

Btothard and Inskipp. 2 rols. largr Hvo. X6 6s. Lgndon, 1835-9 

DAVY. (Sib H ) Sahoonia, or days of Fly-firiiiiig. iSmo, I2s. 

Lemdum, 1890 

WILSON, (J.) The Rod and the Con. m supra. 


19 [anglo-norman LITERATURK. 

ANGLING.— (Con/mucd.) 

PENN, (G.) Maxims and Hints for Anglers. 18mo, 7r Bd. London, 1841 

HOFLAND, (T.) The British Angler's Guide. 8vo, 21t. " 182$ 

PISCATORIAL REMINISCENCES and Gleanings, by an Old Angler: 
with a Catalogue of Books on Angling. 13mo, 7s. 6J. London, 1837 

BERNERS, (Juliana.) A Treatise of Fysshinge with an Angle: re- 
printed from the Book of St. Albans', with fac simile wood cuts. am. 
8yo, 5« London, 1837 

A HANDBOOK OF ANGLING : Teaching Fly-fifihing, TroUing, Bot- 
tom-fishing, Salmon-fishing, d&c. By " Ephemera." 13mo, cuts, 7«. 

London, iB4,l 


B»LiooRAPBT.--(BRDi«KT*t Manoel da Libraire, Vol. V.) 

WRIGHT, (Thos.) Biogrnphia Britannica Literaria ; or Biography of 
Literary Characters of Great Britain and Ireland, arranged in Chronolo- 
gical Order. Vol. 2, Anglo-Norman Period. 8vo, 12*. . London, 1846 

DE LA RUE, (Abbe.) E^asais Historiques sur les Bards, lea Jongleurs et 
les Trouvt^res Normands et Anglo-Normands. 3 vols. 8yo. Caen, 1834. 

BARBAZAN, (E.) Fabliaux et contes des podtes fran^ais de 13«, 13«, 14* 
et 15* si^cles. 4 vols. 8vo, JCl 8* Pario, 1808 

CHATEAUNEUF, (Bonoiston de.) Essai sur la po^e et les podtes 
fran^ais, aux 12* , 13«, et 14* siftcles. 8vo. . Paris, 1815 

LE GRAND D'AUSS Y. Fabliaux ou Contes des 12* et 13« alleles, trad. 

5 vols. 8vo, 45*. Parit, 1829 

MEON, (D. M.) Nouv. recueil de fiiWiaux. 2 vols. 8vo, 18*. Paris, 1824 
JUBINAL, (A.) Nouv. recueil de contes dits fabliaux, etc. 3 vols. 8vo. 

18* P«n*, 1839-43 

DIN AUX, (A.) Trouv^res, jongleurs et m^nestrels du nord dc la France 

et da midi de la Belgique. 3 vols. 8vo, 27*. Valenciennes, 1837-43 

MARIE DE FRANCE. Poite Anglo-Norraande du 13«-«, Po^esdc, 
pub. par Roque'brt. 3 torn, 8vo, 15* Pari*, 1838 

MASTER WACE, his Chronicle of the Norman Conquest, firom the Roman 
de Rou, by Eklgar Taylor, with wood cuts from the Bayeaux Tapestry, 
&c. 8vo, JBl 8* London, 1837 

WACE, TRoBERT.) Le Roman du Brut, publi6 pour la premi6re fois, 
d^apr^ les manuscrits des di verses bibliotheques de Paris, aveo un commen- 
taire et des notes par Leroux de Lincy. 3 vols. 8vo, /.20, om^ de 
gravures et de fBc-8imile,^tc Rouen, 1838 

Le Roman de Rou et des Dues de Normandie. 2 vols. 8to,/.30. 

Rouen, 1837 

MICHEL (F.) Chroniques Anglo-Normandes, recueil public d'aprte les 
manuscrits in^dits de Londres, Cambridge, Douai, Bruxelles et Paris. 
3 vols. 8vo,/.18 J?ott«ii, 183&-40 

Nonnan, and in Greek. Composed in the Twelfth and Thirteenth Cen- 
turies. Edited by Francisque Michel. In 2 vols. fcp. 8vo, £\ 10*. 

London^ 1835 

CHARLEMAGNE. An Anglo-Norman Poem of the 12th Century, with 
Introduction, &c., by Michel. 12mo. London, 1^6 

8m Miai CosTKLLo's Emdy French Poetry. Cart** French Poela. PablkmtioB 
of dw SwrUn Soeietjf, ^hbotsford C/«&. Blackwood's Mog., Jom. 1838. 
Bwoa Tatlor's Voyigw PiUoraM)Ofli dau TaiidMine Fimaot. Elus** Early 
Ea^h Romanc 


■I k 

a, L 

L ( 

Ci - 







I ** 



WRRJIIT. (F.) Biogmphia Britannica Litcraria. Vol. 1, ia#. 

Jjondon, ])^43 
MICH HI.. (F.) Bil)lu)tht^«jiif* Haxonm* 8vo, 15«. . Paru, liS37 

P£THKRA.\1.'J ) An Hmtorical Sk«-trh of the Progress and Fn^m 
8tatr of Anglo-Saxon Litcratun* in Knf^land. 8vo, 5«. London^ lb4U 

BUSWORTH, fRi:v. J.) A l)irtionnr>' of ihr Anglo-Saxon Language, 
containing thf Acrcntiiation ; the (iranunatical Inflections ; the Irregukr 
Wonip, rrfrrrrd to ih»*ir Themes ; thf Parallel Temis from the other 
(tothir Ijangiinir''S ; the Meaning of the Anglo-Bazon in Bliglish and 
Latin ; ami Ccptoun Knulitih and I^tin Indcxen ;-^«erviiig as a Diciion- 
ar}' of KngliHh and Ani!lo-Sn\on. ah well oh of Latin and Anglo-Saxon. 
With n Pn'farr on tin* Oritiin nnd ('onn(*etioii of the Gennanic Tontrum, 
a Map of Linguauif, and tti<* tjHcntials of Anglo-Saxon (iSraniniar. 
I^rg»' Hvo, X'!2 fjonJon, lt<38 

— — A ('f>ni|iendioiiH Dirtionnry of the Anglo-Saxon Language. 

'In |irf««.) 

LAN(2LKY. 'L . Prinripin Snximiea : or, an Introdaction to Anglo-Saxon 
Reading. Piiuo, 'Jit. tiJ Ijondan, \t^9 

LKO, ^11 ) AltsachfiMche u. AngrMclisische Sprarhproben. 8vo, G«. 

HalU, 1J-3H 

BOSWORTH, /R«-v J J Tip- F>»ntialH of Anglo-Saxon Grammar, with 
an Outline ot' Prol^nKjr Ra^k nnd (trimm's Sysirnis. 4#. Ijondon, 1H|1 

Th*" Kl^-nifntJ* of .-Xnirlo-Saxon Grammar ; with Copious Note*. illu«- 

tretmg thf Strucfnrf of th** Stixoii and lh<' formation of the Kngli**!! lin- 
gua g** : and a (iramiuaiical Pra.\i*«. with a literal Hngllnh Version, &e. 
bv»», !(>#. Jjmdon. \^*X^ 

A Ctini|)entlious Granimnr of the Primitive Knulish or Anglo-Saxon 

Lani£iuigf — a knowirdiif of \%hieh in r^n-ntinl to every mtMJern Knglish 
Grammarian who would fully u:nl<T.-tnnd thf true origin and idiom of his 
own laniruafc'*: — iM'inu rhirtly a N-h'rtion of what iff m<ii>t valuable and 
praetiral in th«' Ki»-i:)"iitf* of th«- AnL'l"-Saxon Grammar ; with Stan** addi- 
tional ol.Hi.'n'ationi<. ^vo. U. .... L/mdon, lh2G 

RASK. (K.) A Grammar of the Anglo-Saxon Tongue, with a Praxis. A 
n«-w itiit-(»n. enlnriffd ami inipri>ved hy the author. Tran^lat'•d fmm the 
DaniiUi. hy B. ThoriK*. Mo, l*i#. Copenhagen, \t*30 

VKRNOX, iK. J.; A ( to thr Anglo-Saxon Tongue, on the Imsii* of 
Rank'n Grammar. PJmo. !>jt t»d Jjtndon, 1^46 

GWILT. (JiM ) Rudinit'ntfl of a (irammar of the Anglo-Saxon Tongue. 
Hvo. fi*. London, l^<39 

IIINTKR. . \Vm > An .AnL'lo-Saxon <iremmarand UerivativP!* ; and an 
AnalyKis of the Style of < hnuc«-r, LXiuglas, and S|M.-n8er. ^vo. 

Ijnndon, 1h39 

CODEX EXnSinysiS A Coll.rtion of Amrlo-Saxon Po«tr>-, fn.m a 
Manuscript m ih*' Lihrar>' of th*- IVan and Chiipt'T of Kxeter ; with en 
Knghfli TranMotion, Noteit. and Indi-xcH By Bf iijnmin 'Ilioqie. Hvo. £\. 
. Vn\,U'h^\ ».» tlif H<* irty of .ABn<|Q»nr^ / Ijtadnn, 1**43 

IlEUQf\E AyT/(^l\K Sera I* from Anci»rit Manuivripiff, illustrating 
rhieriy KatIv Knuli^i Lit*-raturr and th** Knglwh Langiiaer. I-I<lited by 
Thomas Wnght and James Orchard Halhwell. 3 vols. ^%'o, £2. 

Ijandtm, let|i— 1849 




ANGLO-SAXON LANGUAGE, &c.— {Continued.) 

ANALECTA ANGLO-SAXONICA. A Selection in Prose and Veree, 
from Anglo-Saxon Authors of various ages ; with a Glossary. Designed 
chiefly as a First Book for Students. By Benjamin Thorpe. 2d edition. 
8to» 12s London, 1846 

Cooybeare. ESdited, together with additional Notes, Introductory Notices, 
&c., by his brother, William Daniel Conybeare. Svo. London, 1826 


MANTELL, (G. A.) Thoughts on Animalcules; or a Glimpse of the In- 
visible World revealed by the Microscope. 1 vol. sm. 4to» plates, 10«. 6(i. 

London, 1846 

PRFTCHARD, (A.) A History of Infusoria, living and fossil ; arranged 
according to " Die Infnsionsthierchen" of Ehrenberg, containing coloured 
engravings, illustrative of all the Genern, and descriptions of all the Spe- 
cies in that Work, with several new ones. To which is appended an 
account of those recently discovered in the Chalk formations. 8vo, £1 10«. 

London, 1841 

—^ A general history of Animalcules. 8vo, 5». . London, 

EHRENBERG, (C. G.) Die lufusionsihicrchen als vollkommene Organ- 
iamen. With Atlas of 64 coloured plates. Folio, JC16 16«. Leipzig, \^^ 

Verbreitung und Einfluss des mikroskopischen Lebens m Sud- nnd 

Nordamehka. Folio, 4 coloured plates. Berlin, 1843 

Die Bildung der europaisclien, lybischen und arabischen Kreidefelsen 

and des Kreidemergels aus mikroskopischen Organismen. Folio. 

Berlin, 1839 

DUJARDIN, (F.) Hist. Natur. des zoophytes, infusoires, comprenant la 

physiologie, la classification de ces animaux, et la manidre de les ^mdier 

a I'aide du Microscope. 8vo, et Atlas,/. 13. . . P^ris, 1841 

Le mime outrage, figures colorizes. /.1 9. 


SWAINSON, (W.) A Treatise on the Natural History and Classification 

of Animals. 1 vol. fcp. 8vo, 6s London, 1835 

Co!rrc NTH .<— Part 1. On the GrMffraphy of Aninaalt. — Part 3. On tba Riw and Progren 
of Systemaiic Zoob^'.— Part 3. On the Fimt Principies of Natural Clanification. — 
Fkrt 4. A Familiar Explanation of the First Priacinies of Practical and Seientifio 
Zoology, with SogfeBtiona for a Plan of Studying the betaili of each Department. 

Natural History and Classification of Quadrupeds. 1 vol. fcp. 8vo. 

London, 1835 
CoimcNTa. — Part 1. On the Great Divisions of Organized Matter, and on the Relations 
which Unadmneds bear to other Groups of the Animal Kingdom. — Part S. On the Na- 
tural Hbtory or ttoadmpedfl. Part 3. The Class Mammalia arranged according to its 
Natural AffinitJes. 

London, im^ 

Coirrairrs. — Part I. Menagerie of Quadrupeds, containing Aecoonts of 96 Species. — 
Part 3. On Living or Domesticated Birds, suitable for Aviaries or Preserves, oontainhig 
Accounts of 53 Species. 

The Habits and Instincts of Animals. 1 vol. fcp. 8vo, 6«. London, 1840 

CoNTBirra. — On the Instincts of the Animal World, as different from Human Reason ; 
Various instances of Instinct. — On the Senses of Animals ; On the difl^nt Senses as 
developed in all the chsnes of Animals ; General Remarks on those of the Vertebrated 
Divisiott ; Vitality of Animals : Fascination of Snakes ; On the Passions of Animals ; 
On tiie Motions of Animals ; On the Means of iDefenoe possessed by Animals ; Direct 
In^aries inflicted by Animab ; Indirect Injuries ; On the Hybernation, Torpidity, and 
Migration of Aninoals ; On Imperfect Societies of Animab ; on Perfect Societies of Ani- 
BUM ; Lnminons Animals. 

Animals in Menageries. 1 vol. fcp. 8vo, 6«. 



r / 

I, ' 





/a I 


KIRBY, (W.) History, Habits, and InstinctB of Animals. 2ded.,2Tol8. 
8vo. (Bridgewator TrMtiae.) London, 1835 

MARTIN, (W. C. L.) A General Introduction to the Natural History of 
Mammiferous Animals, with a Particular View of the Physical History 
of Man, and the more closely allied Genera of the order Quadrumana,or 
Monkies. 1 vol. 8vo, illustrated with 296 Anatomical, Osteological and 
other engravings on wood, and 12 full-plate representations of Animals, 
by W. Harvey, IBs London, 1841 

BELL, (Tugs.) A History of British Quadrupeds, including the Cetacea. 

Demy 8vo, £1 Ss. ; royal 8vo. £2 16t. ; imperial 8vo, £4 4f. cloth. 

London, 1837 

Thin volume containt an account of the habits, atility in rood, manaractarai, agricnitara, 
or domestic econonay, and the noxiout qaalitiei oi »ucb an aro in any way injurioa* to 
man. of each sitecien. of this the highest clai*« in the animal kingdom ; and an attempt 
hoi been made to denne the characters of many of the spocics with more accuracy thaa 
had been done by previous authors. The illuitrations comprifte afigurcof everv sfieciei, 
and of many varieties, with numerous pictorial tailpieces and anatomical diafnuna, 
illustrative or the text, amounting, in all, to two hundred. 

LOW, (D.) On the Domesticated Animals of the British Islands, compre- 
hending the Natural and Economical History of ISpocies and Varieties ; 
the description of the properties of External form, and Observations on 
the Principles and Practice of Breeding. 8yo, 259. London, 1845 

—^ The Breeds of the Domesticated Animals of Great Britain described. 
The Plates from Drawings by W. Nicholson, R. S. A., reduced from a 
Series of Oil Paintings, executed for the Agricultural Mumum ot the Uni- 
versity of Edinburgh, by W. Shiels. 2 vols, atlas quarto, with 56 plates 
of animals, beautitiilly coloured after Nature, JC16 6t. half morocco. — 
Or in four separate portions, as follows : 

The OX. ] vol. atlas quarto, with !^2 plates, £(i Iff*. 6d. half morocco. 
The BIIKBP. 1 vol. atlu quarto, with "21 plates, jCO 1U«. (k/. half morocco. 
The HDRSE. 1 vol. atlas quarto, witliH plates, £3, half morocco. 
The HOG. 1 vol. atlas quarto, with 5 plates, £'2 iis. half morocco. 

MENAGERIES. 2 vols. 12mo, 4». 6d. , , . London, 1846 

(Lib. Ent. Know.) 
JOHNSTON'S Physical Atlas 1847 

Bee Birds, £.itomoloot, Mammalia, RcrnLca, ZooLoav. 

ANIMAL KINGDOM— (See Zoology.) 

CUVIER, (G.) Animal Kingdom, arranged according to its Organiiation, 
forming the basis for a Natural History of Animals, and an Introduction 
to Comparative Anatomy. 1 vol. 8vo, 300 wood cuts. Ids. London, 1840 

The same. 16 vols 8vo, coloured plates, JC20. . London, 1824-33 

SWBDENBORG, (E.) The Animal Kingdom, considered Anatomically, 
Physically, and Philosophically: translated from the Latin by J. G. Wilkin- 
son. Vols. 1 dL 2, 8vo, JCl I6t Z^ion, 1843-44 



BLAND AND MERIVALE. CoUectknM from the Greek Anthology. 
8vo, 6s London, 1833 

JACOBS, (F.) Anthologia Gmca, e reoensione Bnmckii cum Indiciboi et 
Comment/ 13 vols, 8vo, £5. Leipzig, 11^4-1^14 

Tom. 1-4. Aatholof ia 5. ladioM. (^13. .Gonmeniaiis. 8 vob. 

HECKBR, (A.) Comment, crit. de Anthol. Greca. 8vo, 12#. 

Lugd, Bmt., 1841 




AUTUOLOGY,— {Continued.) 


BURMANN. Anthologia Latina. 2 vols. Bro, 37*. Leipzig, 1835 

ANTHOLOGIA OXONIENSIS: decerpaut Gulielmna Linwood, M. A. 
8vo, 14« Londini, 1846 

ASUNDINES CAML Sive Musarum CantabrigieDalam Losub Canori 
CoUeget atque edidit H. Dniry. 3d ed., 12«. . Londini, 1846 


TISSOT, (p.) Anthropologic speculative gda^rale, comprenant : 1® la 
paychologte ezp6rimentale en elle-mdme et dans sea rapports avee la phy- 
ai^ogie : 2^ Texposition et I'examen des doctrines de Bichat, de Cabanis, 
de Brooflsais, de M ajendie, etc. sur le rapport du physique et da moral : 
3^ I'analyse tr(^-ddtaillee et la critique de la Physiognonionie de Lavater 
et des Leqons sur la Phrdnologie de Broussais : 4^ enfin la psychologic 

rationnellc pure. 2 vols 8vo, /.15 Ports, i£l3 

(See alao fbe Works of Kamt, Daub, SrcyrKNa, etc.) 


ANTIGUA AND THE ANTIGUANS: a FuU Account of the Colony 
and its Inhabitants, from the Time of the Caribs to the present day, inter- 
iftersed with Anecdotes and Ijcgends. Also, an Impartial View of Slavery 
and Free Labour Systems ; the Statistics of the Island, and Biographical 
Notices of the Principal Families. 2 vols. 8vo, 2l«. Londm, 1844 


GRANIBR De CASSAGNAC, (A.) Voyage aox AntilleB fran^aises, 
anglaises, danoiaes, espagnoles, a Saint-Dominique et aux Btats-Unis d' 
Am6riqae. 4 vols. 8vo, /.1 5. . Paris, 1842-44 

MOREAU De JONN^S. Hist. Phys. des Antilles fran^aises, savoir; la 
Martiniquf*, et la Guadaloupe ; contenant le geologic, la mineralogie, la 
flore, la zoologie, etc. 8vo, vol. 1, /.6. Parts, 1822. 

DESCOURTILZ. Flore medicate des Antilles, ou Histoire Naturelle des 
plantes usuelles des colonies franqaises, anglaises, espagnoles el portugases. 
8 vols. 8vo, /.200 Parts, 1824-29 

DESSALLES, (A.) Histoire G^n^rale des AnUlles. 8vo, vol l,/.7 50. 

Parts, 1846 

ANTIftUlTIES. — Collections, Dictionaries, &c. 

A DICTIONARY of Greek and Roman Antiquities, by numerous con- 
thbators. Edited by Wm. Smith, Ph. D. 8vo, £1 16s. London, 1843 

SCHOOL DICTIONARY o( Greek and Roman Antiquities: abridged 
from the larger Dictionary. 12ino, numerous woodcuts, lOt. 6d. Lond.,lS45 

POSBROKE, (Tho's D.) Encylopedia of Antiquities, and Elements of 
Archeology, Classical and Medieval ; to which is added a Continuation, 
entitled Foreign Topography, being an EIncyclopedic Account of the An- 
eient Remains in Asia, Africa, Europe, and AJnerica. 2 vols roy. 8vo, 
plates, £1 15s London, 1843 

ARCH^OLOGICAL JOURNAL. Published under thedirection of the 
Central Committee of the British Archeological Association for the En- 
couragement and Prosecution of Researches into the Arts and Monuments 
of the Elarly and Middle Ages. Vol. 1 — 2, 8vo, numerous illust., 22t. 

Oxford, 184S-6 

BEAL-ENCYCLOPADIE der clawischen Alterthumswissenschaft in 

al&bet. ordnang. Herausg. von Aug. Pauly. 8vo. StuU., 1839-46 

Pait« 1-78 (A-Mci). 








ANTIQUITIES.— (Coii/miied.) 

GIRAULT-DUVIVIER, (C. P.) Encydop^die elemcntaire d<? rantiqait*. 
4 Tob. Hvo. 20/ P9ri9, 1830 

CHAMPOLLION-FIGEAC. Rdsom^ de rarch6ologic. 2 volii. 32mo, 7/ 

Pari9, 1825 
BOTTIGER, (€. A.) Klcinc-Schriftcn archAologisrhen und antiquartKben 
Inhalts, gmammelt nnd heraiwgrgeben von J. SilUg. 3 voJa. 8to. 

Dresden and Leipxir, 1837-^ 

WOLFF, (F. A.) Vorlesongen aber die AlterthaniswuBenachan. 6 Tola., 

8vo, XI 7t Leipzig, 1839 

THESAURUS Antiqnitatam Romanonun et Gnecainin, ed. Gncvioa et 

Gronovina. 25 voln. fulio. Lefden, 1697 

(With Contiaoation by RnniMBnin, ia 90 vob.) 

GRUTERUS, (J.) Corpas InacripUononi, ex receiudone et cum annotat. 
J. G. Gnevii. 4 Tola, folio Awut., 1707 

PITISCI, (D.) Lexicon Antiquitatum Romanoram. 2 vola. iblio. 

Leov., 1713 

MONTFAl-CON, (B. de.) L' Antiquity ezpliqode et repr^arnt^e en Fii^irea- 

2d ed.. lU vula. folio Pmrit, 1722-S4 

POLENUS. (J.) Utrioaqoe Theaaari Antiquitatum Romanomm, Gnrca- 
runiqne Nci^'a Supplementa. 5 vola. folio. . Venet., 1735 

DE SALLENGRE, (A. H.) Novoa Theaaarua Antiqnitatmn Ronianomin 
Congi*atiia. 3 Tola, folio. Venet., 1735 

CAYLl'S. (A. C. P.) Recueil d'antiqnit^s Egyptiennea, Grecqnea. et Ro- 
maines. 7 vola. 4to. Parity 175d 

WINX^KELM ANN'S. (J.), Werke: heranag. von Femow, Meyer, and 

Schuitze 8 vote, bvo Dresden, 1808-20 

Scf al»o DBtler the hradt of iLflBfrat aatkms. aad the Woriu of RoKrm. BoKmoaa, 


APOCALYPSE.— See Theology. 





CRICHTON, (A.) Arabia, Ancient and Modem, etc. 2 vok. l2mo, lOa. 

Edin., 1834 
POCOCKE, (Bb.> Deacription of the Eaat, dec. 2 vols, folio. 

^ Limdom, 1743-45 

BURCKHARDT, (J. L.) TraveU in Arabia. 2 vola. 8vo, 24#. 

AMiiaii, 1829 

NIEBUHR, (C.) Voyage en Arabic et en d*amm Paya circoavoiaina, 

tradoit de Pallemand. 2 vola. 4to Aaut., 1766-HO 

WELI^TED. (J. R ) Trnvrla in Arabia. Slc, 2 vola. »vo. Jjtmdom, 1838 

LABORDE, (L. De ) Joum^y throui^h Arabia Petra to Moant Sinai, &«. 
8vo. 1A« Ijimdom, 1840 

COOLEY, (W. D.) Th** NVcroland of the Aniba Ezaniin«*d and Ei- 
plained. 8vo. 8«. 6</ fjmdjm, l^m 

F0R8TER, (C.) The Htnioriral CSeognphy of Arabia : or the Patriarrhal 
Evidmcea of Revealed RHieion: a Mf moir. with illantratxTf mapa and 
an apprndii containinf Tranalati(>nj«. with an Alphabf^t and (vloaMry of 
the Hamyhtic InacripCiona recently diacovered in HadramaQt. 2 vob. 
8to, 30a, Lndtm, 1844 


I. GEOGRAPHY, &lc.— {Continued.) 

VINCENT, ( W.) The Voyage of Nearchns from the Indus to die Euphra- 
tes, etc. 4to Z-onAm, 1807 

JOMARD, (M.) Etudes g6ographiques et historiques sur I'Arabie, accom- 
pagn^es d'nne carte de I'Asie et d'une carte de 1' Arable, etc. 8vo. 

Paris, 1839 

RITTER, (C.) Die Erdkunden von Asien. Band VIII^Die Halbinsel 
Arabien. 8vo Berlin, 1846 

ABULFEDA. G6ographie en Arabc, public par C. Schier. Edition 
antographi^e. Liv. I. II. Ill Dresden, 1842-45 

Greographie. Texte Arabe publid d'apres les MSS. de Paris et de 

Leyde aux frais de la Soci6t6 Aslatique par MM. Reinand et le Baron 
Mac Guckin de Slane. 4to Paris, 1840 

BURCKHARDT, (J. L.) Notes on the Bedouins and Wahabys, collected 
during his Travels in the East. 4to. . London, 1830 

JACUT'S Moschtarik, Lexicon geograph. Homonyme. Arabisch. herausg. 
S. F. Wflstenfeld. (In 3 parts.) Part. 1. 8vo, 6*. Go«., 1845 

SjW also L'Univen pittoreaqne ; McCulloch's Geogr. Dictionary: MummAT's 
Eacjolo. of G«osraphy, &c., &c. 

n. fflSTORY. 

PRICE, (D.) E^say towards the History of Arabia, antecedent to Mahom- 
raed, from the Tarikh Tebrey. 4to, 25t. . . London, 1824 

OCKLEY, (S.) The History of the Saracens, comprising the Lives of 
Mahommed and his Successors, to the Death of AbdalmeUk, the eleventh 
Caliph ; with an Account of their most remarkable Battles, Sieges, Re- 
volts, d&c. Collected from authentic sources, especially Arabic MSS. 4th 

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(Bohn't Standard Library.) 

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See ZcxKBR't Bibliotheca Orientalis, pp. 88, Sect. IX. 

m. LANGUAGE AND LITERATURE.— 1. Bibliography. 2. Gram- 
mars, Lexicons, Chrestomathies, &c. 3. Literature. 4. Koran. 

1. Bibliography. 

ZENKER, (J. T.) Bibliotheca Orientalis. Manuel de Bibliographie Ori- 
entale (Livres persanes, arabes, et turcs). 8vo, 10«. ^d. Leipzig, 1846 

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B?tzt, etc. 2 vols., 8vo. . . . Leipzig, 1804 

6 ^ 





i . 


i . 

r/ ' 


m. LANGUAGE AND LITERATURE.— (Con/iittwrf.) 

S6ETZEIN, (U. J.) Verxeichnifli der ftir die orientaliacbe SamQiliing in 
Gotha» za Damask, JeruBalem, angekaaften orientaliachen ManoKhptp. 
folio Leiptig^ 1810 

NOTICE CHRONOLOGIQUE d'one centaine d'cmTrages poor la plnpart 
hiatoriqars et gpographiqacs tant arabes que pemana el turca qui manquent 
en grand parti aux difl^rentca Bibliothiqnea de TEorope, etc. 4to. 

St. Pttertkurg, 1834 

BIANCHI, (T. X.) Catalogue g6n6ral et detaille dea livrra arabea, prraaoa 
et turca, iniphmda a Boulac en Kf^jrpte, depuia rintrudnction d'imprimerie 
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et explanatio. 2 vela, folio Matriti, 1 760-70 

Hm a1k> IIkebblot** OnvntmUtche BiUiotbek. Arubmaivi. DiUlioch. Orieatsli*, etc. 

2. Grammars. Le.\icons, &c. 

Dx SACY. (S.) (immmain* Arabe, a Tumffe dm dl6vea de I'ecole Spe- 
ciale dt*a Langues Orientales Vivante?, arec Figures. 2 voia. 8to. 

Paria, 1831 

Alfiyya, ou la qtiintcaBence de la grammaire arabe, Ouvrage de 

I>idnial eddin Moluiinmrd. 8vo, 7«. ... London, 1833 

(Poblictttion of th« Oiitntal Truitlation Faad.) 

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JJpHie, 1841-43 
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8vo, 18#. W Lipn<r, 1818 

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P«n. IV'. Ar:(btc. 

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Ilolia, 1830-^7 

Ditto, abridged, 4to. X2 2« •< 1H37 

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4to. £9. London, 1829 

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8ro Cotcuiio, 1893 

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mn de Pcrnval. 2 voU. 4to. £3 VJm 1828-29 

LANE, (E. W.) Lex;ron, Arabic and Engliah. 

(!■ )ifr|iaraXMMi.; 

GOLirS, r J.) Lexicon Arabico-Latinum. iblio. Lmgd, Botmv., 1653 
CASTELIJ. (E) li^xicon h'-ptat:lotton. etc. 2 vols ful. London, \S6B 
<;ESKMI:S. .W ) IVber die Hmijaritische Sprache und Pchrift. 8vo. 

Hnlle, 1841 
RODICER. (K.) Verwich Ober die himjar. Schririnionnmente. mit ein«>m 

Vorwort an Dr. (^wniua. Hvo. .... HmUe, 1841 

FRESNEL Recherrhm sor lea Inarriptions flimyriqnra. ^ExtractrJ 

from the Journal Aaiatique.) Pons, 1846 



De SACY» (S.) Chrestomathie Arabe, on Extraits de divers ^crivains 
Arabes, tant en Prose qu'en Vers, avec une tradaction fran^aiae, et notes. 
3 vols. 8vo, £3 3s Paris, 1827 

Anthologie grammaticale arabe, avec une traduction ftan9ai8e. 8vo, 

jei 5t Paris, 1829 

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etc. 8vo,/.10 Paris. 

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adscriptis vocalibus, turn additis Lexico et adnotationibos explanata. 8vo, 
12^ Leipzig, 1828 

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Bonn, 1828, 43 
Chrestomathia arabica, etc. 8vo. Leipxig, 1834 

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HADIKAT UL AFBAH; an Arabic Miscellany of Select Pieces in 
Prose and Verse, for the use of Stiidejits, pub. by Shikh Ahmud Ben Mu- 
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Accedunt Definitiones Theosophi Mohji-ed-Din Mohammed Ben Ali, val- 
go Ibn Arabi dicti. 8vo. Leipzig, 1845 

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tion arabe iigurde en caract&res fran^ais. 8vo, 6«. . Paris, 1846 

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Arabes. 8vo, lbs Amst., 1845 

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Arabe avec le mot a mot interlin5aire. 8vo, Is. . Paris. 

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Syrie et en Egypte. 4to, jC2 10« Upsala, 1844 

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4. Koran. 

SALE. (G.) The Koran, commonly called the Alcoran of Mohammad ; 
translated into English from the Arabic, with Notes, &c. 2 vols. 8vo. 

London, v. d. 

LANE, (E. W.) Selections from the Kurdn, commonly called in England 
the Koran, with an interwoven commentary, translated from the Arabic, 
methodically arranged and illustrated by Notes, etc. 8vo. London, 1844 




1 1 


'. 1 ' - 






^< ..' 





FLUGEL, (G.) Corani textas arftbicus ad fidem Ubronim manuKriptonun 
et impreasoram et ad prsecipuorom interpretum lectiones et auctorita- 
tern recensuit, etc. 4to Leipzig^ 1842 

REDSLOB, (G. M.) Coranus arabice. Recena. FlQgeliane textura recog. 

iteram exprimi curavit. 8vo Leipzig, 1837 

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fiisc. I. II. III. 4to, JCl 16« Leipzig, 1844-5 

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FLUGEL, (G.) Concordantise Corani Arabice. 4to, £\, Leipzig, 1842 

DSCHORDANI, (Ali Ben Moh.) Definitiones, acced. definitiones Ibn 
Arabi, edid. et annot. instr. G. Fltigel. 8vo, £\. . Leipzig, 1845 


LANE, (Ed. Wm.) The Thousand and One Nights, commonly called 
the Arabian Nights' Entertainments : a new translation from the Arabic, 
with Copious Notes, illustrated by many hundred Engravings on Wood, 
from original designs by Wm. Harvey. 3 vols, royal 8vo, J^ 2«. 

London, 1840-1 

The Same — without the Notes. 3 vols. sm. 8vo, 30*. " 1847 

SCOTT, (J.) The Arabian Nights' Entertainments, carefully revised from 
the Arabic, with a selection of new tales, with Notes, &,c. 6 vols. 8vo, 
24« London, \%\\ 

GALL AND, (A.) Les Mille et une Nuits, Contes Arabes. 6 tomes, 12mo. 

Pans, 1786 

le m6me,revu et continue par M. C. de Perceval. 9 vols. 18mo. 

Pari; 1806 

le mdme ; avec un Dissertation par M. le Baron Sylvestre de Sacy. 

3 vols. roy. 8vo, with numerous wood cuts, /.36. . Par m, 1840 

NOUVEAUX CONTES ARABES, ou suppt. aux mUle et une nuits. 
suivies de melanges de littSrature orientale et de lettres par Pabbe * • « * 
12mo Pari», 1788 

I'original Arabe par M. J. de Hammer, trad, en fran^ais par G. S. 
Tr^butien. 3 vols. 8vo Paris, 1838 

the original MSS., by J. von Hammer, and now first translated into Eng- 
lish by G. Lamb. 3 vols. 12mo London, 1836 

/.27 .... Pari», 1830 

TAUSEND UND EINE NACHT, aus d. arabischcn ins franzosiache 
von J. Hammer und aus d. franzosischen ins deutsche Qbersetzt von 
Zinserling. 3 vols. 8vo Stutt., 1823-4 

ALIF LAILA; or Book of the Thousand Nights and One Night, com- 
monly known as the Arabian Nights' Entertainments, now for the first 
time complete in the original Arabic from an Egyptian MS., by the late 
Major Turner Macan. Edited by the late Sir W. H. MacNaghten. 

4 vols. roy. 8vo, jCe Calcutta, 1839- 

TORRENS, (H.) The Arabian Nights' Entertainments, done into English 
from the edition edited by W. H. MacNaghten. Vol. 1, 8vo. 

Calcutta, 1838 

by Shnekh Moohummed ooeh Sharwanee ool Yumanee. 2 vols. 8vo. 

(Containi the Storiet of 900 nigfau.) Calcutta, 1814-18 



HABICHT, (M ) Tauaend nnd eine Nacht. Arabiach, nach einer Hand- 
aehrift ana Tnais herausgegeben. Debet Verzeichoiaa der in den Worter- 
bfichem, besondera im Goliua, fehlenden Worter . Vola. 1>8, 12roo. 

Bretlau, 1835-37 

Nach seinem Tode fortgesetzt ron H. L. Fleischer. Vols. .3-12. 

Breslou, 1842-43 

TAUSEND UND EINE NACHT; Arabiache Eraahlungen, flbera. 
Ton Habicht, ▼. d. Hagen and Schall. 15 vola. 8yo, £\. Brtslau, 1840 



(See fforrMAifif '• Syriac Grammar, infra.) 

PHILLIPS, (G.; Elements of Syriac Grammar. 2d ed., 10«. Ltmdy 1845 

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tament in that language. 8vo, It. 6^. . . . London, 1821 

HOFFMANN, (A. T.) GrammaUca Syriaca. 4to, 18*. Halle, 1828 

(Contains a Caul, of all the Syriac Gramman, kc, to 18S3.) 
UHLEMANN, (F.) Elemen. d. syriachen Sprache, etc. 8vq. Berlin, 1829 

JAHN, (J.) Elementa Aramaicae, sea Chaldeo-Syriacae lingme, etc. 8vo. 

Vienna, 1820 

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Schriftstellein, in e. Aosg. gebracht von A. F. Pfeifier. 2 vola 8vo. 

Erlang., 1776-77 

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Gott., 1843 

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Latino. 2 vols. &ro, jCI 15« Wien., 1826 

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Halit, 1838 

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Chald., etc. 16mo, 4«. 6<2. Pars II. Chald. Gram. Berlin, 1841 

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Vol. 1 Chaldaticbe Gramroatik. Leipzig, 1835 

8CHAAF, (C.) Opus Aramseum. Compl. granmi. Ghaldaico Syriacam, 
etc. 8vo. Lugd. Batav., 1686 

— ^ Lexicon Sjrriacum Goncordantiale, etc. 4to. Lugd. Bat., 1709 

DIEU, (Li7D. de). Grammat. ling. Orient. Hebr. Chald. et Syrorum, etc : 
ex recena. D. Clodii. 4io Franekf., 1683 

ETHERIDGE, (J. W.) Hone Aramaicie : comprising concise Notices of 
the Aramean Dialects in general, and oi the Versions of the Holy Scrip- 
tures extant in them : with a Translation of the Gospel according to St. 
Matthew, and of the Epistle to the Hebrews, from the Ancient Peschito 
Sjrriac. Fcp. 8vo, 5« London, 1843 

CASTELLI, (E.) Lexicon Syriacum, curavit J. D. Michaelis. 2 vols., 
4to, 16t Gott, 1788 

AGREL, (C. M.) Suppt. ad Lexicon Syriacum Castellianum, ed. H. G. 
Lingren. Fasc. I., 4to. Upsala, 1839 

/} A 




.• /.• 

n L 


II A. 







ARAMEAN, SYRIAC, &,c.—{Continved.) 

BUXTORF, (J.) Lexicon Chaldaicam» Talmudicum et Rabbinicmn, cam 
Indice Voce Latinanim. Folio, £i lla. 6d. . BobU, 1639 

Lexicon Hebraicam et Chaldaicam. 8vo. GUugiut, 1824 

WINER, (J.) Grammatik dea biblischen u. targumischen Chaldaismos f. 
acad. Vorlesungen. 6vo Ebend., 1824 

Chaldaisches Lesebuch, au8 dem Targumini, etc. 8vo. Ehend.^ 1825 


THE FOUR GOSPELS in Modem Syriac, pub. at Oroomiah by the Am. 
Mission. 12mo, pp. 637 1845 

BOCHART, (S.) Opera. 3 vols, folio. . . Lugd, Batav., 1712 


LOUDON, (J. C ) An Encyclopiedia of the Trees and Shrabs of Great 

Britain, Native and Foreign, scientiBcally and popalarly described : with 

their Propagation, Culture, and Uses in the Arts ; and with Figures of 

nearly all the Species. Abridged from the large edition, and adapted for 

the use of Nurserjrmen, Seedsmen, Gardeners and Foresters. In 1 vol. 

8vo, with upwards of 2000 engravings on wood, £2 10*. London, 1842 

The orifinal work (Arboretam et Fratioetom Britanntcam) may be had in 8 vols. 
8vo. with above 400 8vo plates of Treet, and apwards of 3500 woodcnti, XIO. 

SELBY, (P. J.) A History of British Forest Trees, Indigenous and Intro- 
duced. 8vo, illustrated with nearly 200 engravings on wood, 28«. 

London, 1842 

SMITH, (J.) Treatise on the Management and Cultivation of Forest 
Trees. 12mo, 9 plates, 5«. . .... London, 1843 

GREENWOOD, (G.) The Tree-Lifter; or, a New Method of Trans-' 
planting Forest Trees. 8vo, la London, 1844 

WITHERS, (W.) The Acacia Tree, Robinia Pseudo Acacia ; its growth, 
qualities, and uses ; with observations on plantiin, manuring, and pruning. 
8vo, 20* London, 1842 

TREES. 8vo, 3«. (Lib. Ute. Know.) . • London, 1832 


See Aatiqaities of each aation onder the respective heads. 


HANSARD, (G. A) Book of Archery, being the complete History and 
Practice of the Art ; interspersed with numerous Anecdotes, forming a 
complete Manual for the Bowman. 8vo, lOt. ^d. London, 1840 

HARGRAVE, (E ) Anecdotes of Archery, from the earliest ages to the 
year 1791. By the late E. Hargrove. Carefully revised, brought down 
to the present time, with new and valuable matter, an account of the prin- 
cipal existing Societies oi Archers, a Life of Robin Hood, and ■ Glossary 
of Terms, (kc. 8vo, la. 6d York, 1845 

DODD, (J. W.) Ballads on Archery, &c. sm. 8vo, 3«. London, 1818 

ASCHAM, (R) Toxophilua : with Introduction and Preface, by Rev. J. 
Waters. l2mo Wraxham, 1788 

ARCHIPELAGO.— (Indian.) 

CRAWFORD, (J.) History of the Indian Archipelago. 3 vols 8vo, 20*. 

Edin., 1820 




ARCHIPELAGO.— (Co/i^inwcd.) 

EARLB, (G. W.) The Eastern Seas ; or, Voyages and Adyentnres in the 
Indian Archipelago in 1832, 1833, and 1834 ; comprising a Tour of the 
Island of Java, Visits to Borneo, the Malay Peninsula, Siam, Sue ; also 
an account of the present state of Singapore, with observations on the 
commercial resources of the Archipelago. 8vo, 6s. . London^ 1837 

KOLFF, (D. H. JuK.) Voyages of the Dutch Brig of War Dourga, through 
the Southern and little known Parts of the Moluccan Archipelago, and 
the S. W. Coast of New Guinea : translated from the Dutch by G W. 
Earl. 8vo, IO9. Bd. ...... London, 1840 

TEMMINCK, (C. J.) Coup d'oeil g^n^ral sur les poflsessions Neerlandaises 
dans r Inde Archipelagique. vol. 1, 8vo, 12«. . Lefden, 1847 

(Sm Borneo, Cklbbk*, Sumatra, Java, FHiupnNca, he) 




ischen Werken, heraus. W. Engelmann. 8vo, 6«. Leipzig , 1844 


. HOPE, (Thos.) An Historical Elasay on Architecture. 2 vols. 8vo, £\ 8«. 

London, 1840 

BATISSIER, (L.) Hist, de I'Art monumental dans T Antiquity et au Moyen 
Age, suivie d'un Trait6 de la Peinture sur Verre. Roy. 8to, col. plates, 
/.21. . Pari*, 1846 

QUATREMErPde QUINCY. Dictionnaire historique d'architecture, 
comprenant dans son plan les notions historiques, descriptives, arch^o- 
logiques, biographiques, theoriques, didactiques, de cet art. 2 vols. 4to, 
/.50 Pari*, 1833 

RAM^E, (D.) Manuel de I'Histoire general d' Architecture, et particnl. 
de P Architect, en France au Moyen Age. 2 tom, 12mo. Paris, 1843 

ROSENTHAL, ( .) Vollstflndige Uebersicht der Geschichte der Bau- 
kunst, von ihrem Urspnmge an bis auf die neueste Zeit. 8vo. Berlin. 

STIEGLITZ, (C. L.) Geschichte der Baukunstvom frQhesten Alterthum 
bis in die neuem Zieiten. 8vo Number g, 1836 


WIGHT WICK, (G.) Hints to Young Architects: comprising— Advice to 
those who are destined to the Profession, to such as are about to Travel, 
and to those who are about to Practice ; together with a Model Specifica- 
tion. Post 8vo, woodcuts, 8*. .... London, 1846 
(Reprinted New- York. 1847. W. k, P.) 

GWILT, (J.) An Encyclopaedia of Architecture ; Historical, Theoretical, 
and Practical. IlluBtrated with upwards of 1000 Engravings on Wood, 
from Designs by J. S. Gwilt. 8vo, 52*. 6d. London, 1843 

PARKER, (J. H.) A Glossary of Terms used in Grecian, Roman, Italian, 
and Grothk: Architecture: exemplified by 1100 Woodcuts. ^4tb edition. 
2 vols. 8vo, jCI 12f . Oxon., 1845 

r Companion to ditto. 1 vol. 8vo, plates, I6f. •* 1846 

^ / 



A L 



: i ' 








••■/ • 




' 4 


f » 

- \ 

m. GENERAL TREATISES, &c.— (Cow^mu«f.) 

— An Abridgment of the above. 1 vol. 12mo, with 440 Woodcuts, 
7t. 6J Oawn., 1845 

HOSKING> (W.) Treatises on Architecture and Building. 4to, plates, 15s. 

(From Encyclo. Britan.) Edinlfurgh, 1832 

NICHOLSON, (P.) An Architectural Dictionary, containing a correct 
Nomenclature and derivation of the terms employed by Architects, 
Builders and Workmen, etc. 2 vols. 4to. . London, 1810 

Instructions on the Five Orders of Architecture. 8vo. New- York, 1837 

STUART, (R.) Dictionary of Archit(»cture, Historical, Descriptive, Topo- 
graphical, Decorative, &c. 3 vols. 8vo. . London, n. d. 

BRITTON, (J.) A Dictionary of the Architecture and Archeology of the 
Middle Ages. Including the words used by old and modem authors in 
treating of architectural and other Antiquities ; with Etymology, Defini- 
tion, Description, and Historical Elucidation ; also, Biographical Notices 
of Ancient Architects. Illustrated by 41 Engravings by J. Le Keux. 
Roy. 8vo, £2iU London, 1830-^8 

The volntne cou«ists of above 500 pages of letter-preu, and embraces accoant* of 
nearly IHOO difleient articles, nnder no many technical wonis. The en|(ravin|ss repre- 
sent more than 9U0 Architectural Subjects', which illustrate nearly 6Ciu Members, or 
Detaili of Bnildin(s. 

GAILHABAUD, (J.) Ancient and Modem Architecture ; consisting of 
Views, Plans, Elevations, Sections, and Details of the most Remarkable 
Edifices in the World. Edited by M. Jules Gailhabaud. With Archso- 
logical and Descriptive Notices, by Messrs. Jomard, Champollion-Figeac, 
Langlois, Albert Lenoir, Rnoul Rochette, L. Vaudoyer, etc. etc. Trans- 
lated into English and Revised by Mr. F. Arundale. With an Introduc- 
tion by T. L. Donaldson. Vols. I. II. 4to, each £2 13t. 6d. 

Paris, 1843-5 

WEALE'S Quarterly Papers on Architecture. 4 vols. 4to, numerous En- 
gravings and Wood-cuts — . . London, 1843—45 

WIGHTWICK, (G.) The Palace of Architecture : a Romance of Art 
and History. 211 plates and wood-cuts. 1 vol. imp. 8vo, 28«. 

London, 1840 

QUATREMfcRE De QUINCY, (A. C.) Dictionnaire d'Architccture an- 
tique et moderae. 3 vols. 4to Paris, 1788-1825 

WOODS, (J.) Letters of an Architect from France, Italy, and Greece. 2 
vols., plates, 4to, 3Ss. London, 1828 

NICHOLSON, (P.) The Principles of Architecture, containing the Fun- 
damental Rules of the Art, in Geometry, Arithmetic, and Mensuration. 
5th edition. 218 plates. 3 vols. 8vo. JCI 16«. , London, 1841 

6WILT, (J.) Elements of Architectural Criticism, for the use of Sta- 
dents, Amateurs, and Reviewers. 8vo. . London, 

KIJGLER, (F.) Ueber die Polychromie der griech. Architectur, Sculptar, 
und ihre Grftnzen. 4to, 6s. .... Berlin, 1835 

ADAMS, (E.) The Polychromatic Omaments of Italy: a series of Exam- 
ples of Interior Decorations and Frescos of the XVIth Century. Printed 
in colours, by Owen Jones. 4to, 30t. London, 1847 

ROMBERG, (J. A.) Versuch einer architectonischen Formenlehre in Be- 
ziehung auf Gebftude unserer Zeite, fiir Architecten und Kdnstfreunde. 
8vo, 42 plates, I5s Berlin, 1837 

DURAND, (J. N. L.) Recueil et paralldle des Edifices de tout genre, an- 
ciens et modemes, remarquables par leur beaut£, etc., avec nn texte ex- 
trait de I'histoire de rarchitecture, par J. G. Legrand. Folio. Bruxelles, 




m. GENERAL TREATISES, &c.— (Con/mwe^/.) 

ROLAND De VIRLOYS. Dictionnaire d'architecmre civUe, militaire et 
navale, antique, ancienne et modeme, et de tous les arts qui en dependent, 
etc., en fran^ais, latin, italien, e^mgnol, anglais, et allemand. 10 planches. 
3 voU. 4to,/.45. Paris. 

COUSSIN, (J. A.) Du g6nie de rarchitecture et de la philosophic de cet 
Alt. 4to, 60 plates, jCS Paris, 1837, (1822) 

SCHINKEL, (F. K.) Sammlnng architectonischen Entwttrfe 174 plates, 
folio, jei2 Potsdam, 1843 

HOLZ, (F. W.) Architectonische Detail, zum prakt. Gebrauch. 4to, 
plates, X2 Berlin, 1844-45 

WOLF, (J. H.) BeitrSlge zu iGsthetik der Baukunst, oder die Grundgesetze 
der plastischen Form nachgewiesen an den Hauptthielen der greichischen 
Architectur. 8vo Darmstadt , 1834 


STUART, (J.) and REVETT, (N.) Athens: its Antiquities, and other 
Monuments of Greece. 4 vols, folio, £\Q IO9. . London, 1825-30 

STUART'S Antiquities of Athens, and other Monuments of Greece. With 
70 plates, accurately reduced from the great Work of Stuart and Revett ; 
and a Chronological Table, forming a valuable Introduction to the Study 
of Grecian Architecture, fcp. 8vo, IO9. 6 J. . London, 1837 

ATTICA. The Unedited Antiquities of: by the Society of Dilettanti. 2d 
edn. Folio, 73 plates, jC2 2« London, 1833 

ANTIQUITIES OF IONIA. Published by the Society of DUettanti. 

Part 1. (imn. folio, with aboot 40 plates, £% 6<.) containinf— the Temple of Bacchos 
at Teot ; the Te^pJe of Minerva at Priene ; the Temple of Apollo Didynicus, near 
MileCos ; and the Temple %t Jackly. 2d edition London, ISSl 

Past 3. (imp. folvo, with aboat 70 platen, £(^6«.) containing — Rnin near the Port of 
^gina ; Temple of Jupiter Panellenias ; Temple of Minerva at Sanium ; Temple of 
Jopiter Nemaeni, near Argo$ ; Temnle of Ce^et at Elensu ; Arch at Mylassa ; Sepul- 
chre at Mylassa ; Column of a Temple : Ruins at Baffl ; Theatre at Stratonicea ; Gym- 
nasium at Epheitu* ; Frai^ments of a Temple ; Theatre at Miletus ; Stadium at Laodi- 
cea ; Plan of the Great Theatre at Loodicea ; Gymnasium at Troas ; Theatre at Jassus ; 
Theatre at Patara ; Theatre at Castetl Rosso ; Theatre at Telmessui. Jjtndon, 1797 

Part 3. (imp. folio, with 74 folio engravings and 3 vignettes, X8 8«.) containing — Cni- 
dos ; Aphiodjiias ; Patara. London, 1840 

BORY De SAINT VINCjENT. Expedition scientifique de Mor6e, ordonn^e 
par le gouvemement fran^ais. Architecture, sculpture, inscriptions et vues 
du P^lopondse, des Cyclades et de I'Attique, etc. 280 planches, avec 
textc. 3 vols, folio, /.528 Pari*, 1831-39 

WILKINS, (W.) Atheniensia, or Remarks on the Topography and Build- 
ings of Athens. Roy. 8vo, 12« London, 1816 

AIKIN, (E.) Essay on the Doric Order of Architecture. Folio, 15*. 

London, 1810 

MAUCH, (J. M.) Darstellung der architectonischen Ordnungen der 

Griechen, Romer, 6lc. 4to, 100 plates. . Potsdam, 1845 


CANINA, (L.) Architettura Antica descritta e dimostrata coi monument!. 
Folio, 100 fine Engravings, X2 8« Roma, 1832-3 

WIEBEKING, (C. F.) Analyse des Monuments de I'antiquit^, des Edifices 
les plus remarquables et des constructions hydrotechniques de I'ltalie, 6lc. 
5 vols, folio, and atlas. £16. . . , Munich, 1838-40 

LETAROUILLY, (P.) Edifices de Rome Modenie. Folio, tome I— n, 
/.ISO • . . . Pari*, 1825-44 


Q / 


K , 

A ^ 

fi ■: 


I , 

/ / 








(X /. 



V. ROMAN.— (Con/im£rrf.) 

TAYLOR and CRESSY. Architectural Antiquities of Rome, with Plans 
and Elevations in detail. 130 plates, 2 vols, folio. London, 1821-22 

-— Architecture of the Middle Ages in Italy ; illustrated by Views, Plans, 
Elevations, Sections and Details of the Cathedral, Leaning Tower or 
Campanile, and Campo Santa at Pisa. Fol. Londont 1829 

NORM AND, (C.) New Parallel of the Orders of Architecture according 
to the Greeks and Romans, and Modem Architects. Transl. by A. Pu- 
gin. Folio, 64 plates, JCd 3«. London, 1829 

WILLIS, (R.) Remarks on the Architecture of the Middle Ages, especial- 
ly of Italy. 8vo, 10# 6d. London, IQ40 

WILKIN S, (W.) Prolusiones ArchitectonicaB ; or E8Ba3rs on subjects con- 
nected with Grecian and Roman Architecture. Plates, 4to, 2l9. 

London, 1837 


PALEY, (F. A.) A Manual of Gothic Architecture. 1 vol. 12mo, ^0 
illustrations, 6«. 6d. London, 1847 

— A Manual of Gothic Mouldings ; a Practical Treatise on their Forma- 
tion, Gradual Development, Combinations, and Varieties; with full direc- 
tions for copying them, and for determining their dates. Illustrated by 
500 examples. 8vo, 9s. London, 1845 

BARR, (J.) Anglican Church Architecture ; with some Remarks upon 
Ecclesiastical Furniture. 3d ed fcp, 5«. Oxford, 1845 

BLOXHAM, (M. H) Principles of Gothic Ecclesiastical Architecture. 1 
vol. l2mo, 228 woodcuts, 5# London, 1845 

MARKLAND, (J. H ) Remarks on English Churches, and on the Expe- 
diency of rendering Sepulchral Memorials subservient to Pious and Chris- 
tian Uses. 4th ed., enlarged, fcp. 8vo, numerous illustrations, 6«. 6d. 

Oxford, 1847 

A GUIDE to the Architectural Antiquities in the Neighbourhood of Oxford. 
1 vol 8vo, illustrated, 24« Oxford, 1846 

PUGIN, (A. W.) The True Principles of Pointed, or Christian Architec- 
ture. 1 vol. 4to, 130 illustrations, 24*. . . . London, 1S41 

^— An Apology for the Revival of Christian Architecture in England. 4to, 
plates, 10«. 6d London, 1843 

— The Present State of Elcclesiastical Architecture in tlngland. 8vo, 36 
illust., 98 London, 1843 

— Contrasts : or a Parallel between the Noble Edifices of the Middle Ages 
and Corresponding Buildings of the Present ; showing the present decay 
of taste. Accompanied by appropriate Text. 4to, 30«. London, 1841 

PUGIN, (A.) Specimens of Gothic Architecture, selected from various An- 
cient Edifices in England. 2 vols. 4to, with 114 plates, 63s. London, 1821 

Gothic Ornaments, 100 plates. 4to, 63«. , London, 1831 

■ Examples of Gothic Architecture, selected fix)m Ancient Edifices in 
England, consisting of Plans, Elevations, Sections, and Parts at large ; 
with Historical and Descriptive Letter-press: illustrated by 225 engmvings 
by Le Keux. 3 vols. 4to, £7 lis. Sd. . . , London, 1838 

BILLING, (W. R.) Architectural Illustrations of Kettering Church, 
Northamptonshire. Medium 4to, 20 plates, and descriptive letter-press, 
10«. 6d. ; imp. 4to 2I« London, 1846 

— Illustrations of the Architectural Antiquities of the County of Durham, 
Elcclesiastical, Castellated, and Domestic. 4to, 64 plates, 31s. 6d. ; royai 
4to, India proo6, jeS 3s London, IS46 





MACKENZIE, (F.) Architectural Antiquhiefl of St. Stephen's Chapel, 
Westminster, the late Honse of Commons, drawn from actual sarvey and 
admeasurements made by direction of the Comnussionera of Her M ajestjr's 
Woods and Works. Atlas folio, 18 pktes, £4 As. London, 1844 

WILLIS, (R.) Architectural History of Canterbury Cathedral. 8vo, illust., 
10«. M London, 1845 

WILD'S English Cathedrals. Twelve Select Examples of the Ecclesiasti- 
cal Architecture of the Middle Ages, beautifully coloured after the Original 
Drawings by Charles Wild, Esq. Each plate is mounted on tinted card- 
board, in imitation of the original. £6 6«. . London, 1828-31 

PETRIE, (G.) The Ecclesiastical Architecture of Ireland anterior to the 
Anglo-Norman Invasion ; comprising an f^ssay on the Origin and Uses 
of £he Round Towers of Ireland. 2d edition, royal 8vo, illust., 2Ss. 

Dublin, 1845. 

BRANDON, (R. & J. A.) Parish Churches ; being Perspective Views of 
English f^^esiastical Structures, accompanied by Plans drawn to a uni- 
form Scale, with letter-press descriptions. 


The Open Timber Roofe of the Middle Ages, illustrated by Perspective 

and Working DraMrings, with letter-press. 


Analysis of Gothic Architecture. 


BOWMAN, (H.) Specimens of the Eksclesiastical Architecture of Great 
Britain, from the Conquest to the Reformation ; with Views, Plans, and 
Details,^. Royal 4to, jC2 5« 1845 

BLORE, (E.) The Monumental Remains of Noble and Eminent Persons, 
comprising the Sepulchral Antiquities of Great Britain, with Historical 
and Biographical Illustrations. 4to, £\ 10«. London, 1824-26 

ADDISON, (C. G.) The Temple Church. Sq 8vo, 5 plates, 5*. 

London, 1842 

ESSEX, (W. R. H.) Illustrations of the Architectural Ornaments and Em- 
bellishments, and Painted Glass, of the Temple Church, London ; Mrith an 
Account of the recent Restoration of the Church, by S. Smirke. 4to, 
30 plates, many illuminated, half-bound morocco, JC2 2«. London, 1845 

BOISSER^E, (S.) Ansichten, Risse u. einzebe Theile des Doms zu Coin. 
Folio, 18 plates, £b bt Munch,, 1844 

(Seschichte u. Beschreibung des Doms zu Coin. 4to, plates, 10«. 6<2. 

Munchen, 1842 

SHAW, (H.) The History and Antiquities of Luton Chapel. 30 splendid 
plates, folio, JCl 16« London, 1830 

CARTER, (J.) Specimens of Gothic Architecture and Ancient Buildings 
in England, comprised in 120 Views. 4 vols. 12mo. London, 1824 

CAVELER, (W.) Select Specimens of Gothic Architecture, comprising 
the Finest Examples from the eariiest to the latest date, which have been 
omitted or only partially portrayed in previous works ; forming a complete 
Chronology of that admired style. Plates, 4to. London, 

PUGIN AND LE KEUX'S Specimens of the Architectural Antiquities of 
Nonnandy. 80 plates of Plans, Elevations, and Details of the most 
admired existing Remains of Norman Gothic. 4to. London, 1828 

PUGIN AND M'KENZIE. Specimens of Gothic Architecture, selected 
from Ancient Buildings at Ox£)rd. 61 plates, 4to, 21s. 

RICHARDSON, (G.) Specimens of the Architecture of the Reigns of 
Queen Elixabeth and King James L . Plates, Iblio. Xoiulon, 1837 




-1 ' 
.'V • ■■ 

a. . 


A 7 






; / 

t J 


COLLING, (J. K.) Gothic Ornaments ; being a Series of Examples of 
enriched Details and Accessories of the Architecture of Great Britain, 
drawn from existing authorities. 


RICKMAN, (T.) Attempt to Discriminate the Styles of Gothic Architec- 
ture in England, from the Conquest to the Reformation. 8vo, 15 plates. 

Limdon, 1834 

BROWN, (R.) Sacred Architecture ; its Rise, Progress, and Present State. 
Illustrated with 63 Plates and a Gloasary of Terms, Slc. Royal 4to, 42«. 

London^ 1845 
WHEWELL, (W.) Architectural Notes on German Churches. 3d ed., I2s. 

Camb., 1842 

KNIGHT, (H. G.) The Ecclesiastical Architecture of Italy, from the time 

of Consiantine to the Fifteenth Century ; with an Introduction and Text. 

Vol. 1, folio, 40 plates, £5 58 London^ 1843 

Vol. 2, 41 plates, Je5 5* London, 1844 

PETIT, (J. L.) Remarks on Architectural Character. Folio, 44 plates, 

21* Oxford, 1846 

Illustrations of Church Architecture. 2 vols. 8vo, 36«. London, 1841 

ARCHITECTUR und Omamentik des deutschen Mittelalters. Chorstahle 
aus dem Munster zu Ulni. Large folio, 5 plates, I6s. . . Ulm. 

HEIDELOFF, (C.) Collection of Architectural Ornaments of the Middle 
Ages in the Byzantine and Gothic Styles. Vol. 1 and Vol. 2, Part 1, 96 
plates, 4to, £3 38 Nuremb., 1844-46 

Der Hochaltar (the High Altar) Ton Blauheuren, engraved by J. 

Wagner and Walther. Imp. fol., 14« NUmb. 

KALLENBACH, (G. G.) Chronologic der deutsch-mittelalteriichen 
Baukunst. Text in roy. 8vo,and Atlas in folio, 48«. . Munch., 184S-47 

MONTFERRAND, (R. De.) Eglise Cathcdrale de St. Isaac k St. Peters- 
bourg, Description Architecturale et Historique, de ce Monument. Royal 
folio, ornamented with 50 plates, to be completed in 10 parts, 358. each. 


HOFFSTADT, (Fr.) Gothisches A, B, C Buch, das ist ; Lehrbuch der 
Grundregeln des gothischen Styls, und insbeaondere der gothischen* 
Architectur. Parts 1 — , imp. folio Frank/., 1842 

MOLLER, (G.) Denkmaler der deutschen Baukunst. Vols. I-II. 

Darm9tadt, 1832 

POPP, (J.) u. BiJLAU,(T.) Architectur des Mittelalters in Regensburg.^ 
10 parts, roy. folio. ... .... Leipzig. 

PUTTRICH, (L.) Dcnkmaale der Baukunst des Mittelalters in Sachaen. 
foUo Xe^xtjT, 1835-184- 

INSTRUMENT A ECCLESIASTICA : a Series of Working Designs for 
the Furniture, Fittings, and Decorations of Churches and their Precincts. 
Edited by the Ek^clesiological Society. 4to, plates, 3l«. 6d. London, 1847 


CARTER, (Jno.) Ancient Architecture of England, including the Orders 
during the British, Roman, Saxon, and Norman Eras ; also under the 
reigns of Henry III. and Edward III. ; the whole Chronologically ar- 
ranged. Illustrated by 109 engravings, comprising upwards of two thousand 
specimens, shown in Plan, Elevation, Section and Detail. New ed. with 
Indexes, Alphabetical, Chronological and Systematic, and illustrative 
Notes, by John Britton. 2 vols in one, royal folio, £5 58. London, 1837 




Vn. CIVIL AND DOMESTIC— (Con/mticrf.) 

COLLIS, (J.) The Baildei^s Port Folio of Street Architecture ; consisting 
of a series of original designs for fronts of hooaes of all classes, with let- 
ter^press description. Folio, 2l9 London, 1837 

CHAMBERS, (W.) A Treatise on the Decorative part of Civil Architec- 
tmc, iiluBtrated by 53 Plates. 5th ed., edited by Papworth. folio. 

London, 1836 

LAFEVER, (M.) Beaoties of Modem architecture, consisting of Forty- 
eight Plates of Original Designs, with Plans, Elevations and Sections; 
also a Dictionary of Technical Teirns, the whole forming a complete 
Mansal for the Practical Business Man. 1 vol. large Bvo, half bomid. 

New York, 

BORGNIS, (T. A.) Traits 6I^mentaire de constraction appliqade b I'archi- 
tecture civile, contenant les principes quoi doivent diriger : 1* le choix et la 
preparation des Materiaux ; 2* la conBguration et les proportions des 
parties qui constituent les Edifices en general ; 3* 1' execution des plans 
d^ja fix^s ; suiv^ de nombreuses applications pnis^es dans les plus c^ld- 
bres monaments antiques et modemes, etc. 2d edition, 4to, et Atlas de 
30 planches,/ 36. Pari*, 1838 

WIEBEKING, (C. F.) Architecture Civile, 7 vols. 4io, et atlas, folio. 

Munich, 1827^1 

OONTANT, (C) Th^Atres modemes de TEarope, ou parall^le des princi- 
paux th^&tres et des syst&nics de machines theitrical69 fran^aises, alle- 
raands, et anglaises. folio. Paris, 1842 

VITRUVIUS POLLIO, (Marcus.) Architecture: texta ex recensione 
codlcnm emendato,ct^m exercitationibus notisqne novissimis Joannis Poleni 
et commentariis variorum, additis nunc primum studtis Sunonis Stntico. 
4 vols. 4to, X;iO Uiini, 1825-30 

PUGIN, (A. W.) Details of Ancient Timber Houses of the 15th and 16th 
Centuries selected from those existing at Rouen, Caen, Beauvais, &c. 30 
fine places, 4to. London. 

PUGIN, (T. J.) Ornamental Timber Gables, selected from Ancient Ex- 
amples in England and Normandy. Royal 4to, 30 plates, £\ Is. 

London, 1839 

TEA VELLERS CL UB-IIVUSE. Illustrated by engravings of Plans, 
Sections, Elevatrons, and Details, by J. H Le Keux. With an f^ssay, in- 
cluding a description of the building, by W. H. Leeds. 4to, 18«. half 
mor. London, 1839 

PUGIN AND BRITTON'S lUnstrntions of the PaWic Buildings of Lon- 
don, with Historical and Descriptive Accoants of each Edifice. A new 
edition, muck enlarged. Edited by W. H. Leeds. 2 vols, large 8vo, 
half mcco. London, 1838 

LE KEUX, (J.) Memorials of Cambridge : a Series of Views of the Col- 
leges, Halls, and Public Buildings, engraved by J. Le Keux ; with Histo- 
rical and Descriptive Accounts, by T. Wright, and the Rev. H. L. Jones. 
9 vols. 8vo, with 76 engravings and numeroas wood cuts (2 vols. 4t<», 
JC4 4«.) jC2 2«. , London, 1842 

INGRAM, (J.) Memorials of Oxford. 248 engravings by J. Le Keux, 
from drawing^ by F. Mackenzie. 3 vols. 8vo, 58«. . London, 1834-37 

THOMSON, (J.) Retreats: a series of Designs, consisting of Plans and 
Elevations for Cottages, Villas, and Ornamental Buiidings.. Coloured 
plates, 4to, 42« London, 1840 

ROBINSON, (P. F.) Designs for Gate-Cottages, Lodges and Park En- 
trances, in various styles. 3d edition, 4to, 2ls. 6d. , London, 1837 




'. i . 


r. i 





VII. CIVIL AND DOxMESTIC.—( Con/imift/.) 

ROBINSON. Designs for Fann Buildings, with a yiew to prore that the 
simplest forms may be rendered pleasing by a proper disposition of the 
rudest materials. 56 plates, 4to, dl«. M. . . London, 1H37 

Village Architecture : a series of Designs for the Schoolhoosr, Market- 
house, Town-hall, Church, &«. 4to, 24«. . London, lh37 

Desi(;ns for Ornamental Villas. 96 plates, 4to, 45«. London, 1^36 

Rural Architecture ; or a series of Designs for Ornamental Cotta^ies, 

in 96 plates, 4to, \bt London, lt<37 

(JOODWIN. {FRANris ) Domestic Architecture : being a series of Designs 
fox Mansions. Villas, Slc. ; in the Grecian, Italian, and Old English f>i>leii 
of Architecture. b(H plates. 2 vols. 4to, b*2n. Sd. London, \tf43 

RICAl'TI, (J. T.) Rustic Architecture. 4to, 35#. London, lii*40 

HUNT. (T. F.) Exemplars of Tudor Architecture, adapted to Modem 
Hahitationi* ; with illustrative details, selected from Ancient Edifices, and 
Ob«L>r\-ntions on the Furniture of the I'udor Period. 4to, Q4». 

Ijondon, 1836 

BR00KF:S, (S. H.) IVsiims for Cottage and Villa Architecture, contain- 
ing Plans, HN'vaiions, Sfctions, Persp«*ctive Viewi, and Details for the 
ErtM'tion of Cottng«^ and Villas. 4to, 39«. London. 

LOl'DON, (J. C.) An Encyclupcrdia of Cottage, Farm, and Villa Arrhi- 
t^cturc and Famitur<> ; containini; numerous Designs, from the Villa to 
th<* Ciittriire and th<* Farm, includmi^ F^arm Houses. Fami<'rics. and <ithrr 
A<rric'u!turnl iiiiiMin:;^ ; Country Inns, Public Honsi>s, and Parochial 
.^oIkm^Im: with tile rf'tjuiviti* fittini^s-up, Fiztums, and Fumitnrf',and appm- 
printi' Otliri-}*, (innifriM, and (tarcit*n Scenrr}-: eac'i Design acromponird 
by Aiialyiirnl and Critical Rrniarks. New Edition, edited by Mrs. 
I/iTThiV xvo. with mon* thnn :2.0(M) Engrnvinirs on Wood, X'S 3*. The 
SuppIt-irK-ni, srjHtratrly, ^vo, 7». 6d. .... Lttndon, 1h46 

LAMB. I F^ B.; Siudiis of Anrimt Domestic Architecture, principally se- 
h'Ctt'd from ()ri>rin.'il Drawinirs in tin* Collfction of the late Sir William 
Burrell, Bnrt. : with some brirf Oltstrvatioiis on the Application of .\n- 
ci(:it .\rrhitertur)> to the Pictorial Composition of Modem Edifire^. 
Foli«», 20 plutes. 'J'm 1&46 

BA Roy I A L HALLS, Pieturesqne Edifices, an«l Ancient Churches of Eng- 
land, from Drawiiigii by J. D. Hanlintr, Pn>ut, Slc, &.C. The Text byS 
C. Hall. Imp. 4io, Vol. 1, S4 plat'S and woodcuts, h. b. (larKe poper, 
X:3 7.«. Or/ ) AkMt Jjandon, 1H45 

Vol. ii. '->» pintefi. ir. 4,w». ... . " IW6 

NASH. i.J^iN.) Mansions of Kntrlnnd in the Olden Time. C^mmsting of 
:2ti exiHtmt! Views of s<inie oi the most Chanrcteristic Features of the 
D>ni*-stir Architecture of the Tudor Aire, and also illustrating the C««- 
tuiii'-!*. Hnbits. and Rfrrentinni of our .Ancestors. Drawn on Stone, in 
the Tmtetl Stylf, with raiwd light, from hl^ own Original Sketches 
/made expressly for thu* work). Imp. folio. Tinted. X4 4«. ; Coloured and 
Mounted, in imitation of the Original Drawings, in a Portfolio. XIO 10s. 

CH ATEAUNEUF, ( A. dc.) Architectura Domestics. 1 vol. 4to, 19 plates, 
21« London, 1839 

WHITK. 'Jj Rural Architecture, illustrated in a new series of Detigns 
ifir ( )fnamental Cottages and Villas. Exemplified by Plans, EleraiionB. 
S'-rtioim, and DeUils. Folio. 90 plates, £2 >*ti. Glmagmir, 1846 

MA ISOys et autre edifices de la Toscane, mesurts et desnnfo : nomrelle ^- 
tion. augmeniee d'un rereuil de 24 planches desplus bean tomheauz ex6- 
cutf * eii Italic pendant les XV* et XVI* sidles, par M. Gran4jean de 
Montigny et Famin. Folio, 134 planches, /.60. Pmrio, 1646 


ARCHITJECTS (Lives of). 

QUATREMi:RE De QUINCY. Hist, de la Tie et des oavrages des plus 
c^ldbres architectes da XI* si&cle jnsqu'k la fin dn XVIII*. 2 vols. 8vo, 
47 plates, JBl 10* ParU, 1830 

MILIZI A, (F.) Lives of Celebrated Architects, Ancient and Modem, with 
Historical and Critical Observations on their Works, and on the Princi- 
ples of the Art. Translated with Notes, &c., by E. Cresy. 2 vols. 8vo, 
lOs. ed. London, 1826 

ARCTIC REGIONS (Voyages in). 

BARROW, (Sir J.) Chronological History of Voyages into the Arctic Re- 
gions. 8vo, tfis London, 1818 

NARRATIVE of Discovery and Adventure in the Polar Seas and Re- 
gions, with Dlustrations of their Climate, Natural History, &c., by Sir 
J. Leslie, R. Jameson, and Hugh Murray. 1 vol. fcp. 6vo, 5s. 

(Edin. Cab. Liby.) Edin., 1835 

BEECHEY, (F. W.) A Voyage of Discovery towards the North Pole, 
performed in His Majesty's Ships Dorothea and Trent, to which is added, 
a Summary of all the Early attempts to reach the Pacific by way of the 
Pole. 8vo, plates and map, 14« London, 1843 

FRANKLIN, (Sir J.) Journey to the Shores of the Polar Sea in 1819-22. 
2vofi.8vo London, IB24 

Second Expedition to the Same in 1825-7. 4to. . London, 1828 

PARRY, (Capt. Sir W. E.) First and Second Voyages for the Discovery 
of a Northwest Passage, Slc., 1819-23. 2 vols. 4to. London, 1821-24 

Appendix to Second Voyage of Discovery. 4to. " 1825 

" " Third " " in 1824-5. 4to. 

London, 1826 

Narrative of an Attempt to reach the North Pole in 1827. 4to. 

London, 1828 

Voyages to the North Pole. 6 vols. 18mo, £1 4*. London. 

LYON, (Capt. G. F.) Private Journal during the Voyage of Capt. Parry. 
• 8vo. 16* London, 1824 

Narrative of an Unsuccessfid Attempt to reach Repulse Bay in 1824, 

10s. 6d London, 1825 

BACK. (Capt.) Narrative of Arctic Land Expedition, 1833, 4, 5, 8vo, 
£i 10« London, 1836 

The Narrative of an Expedition in the ship Terror, in 1836-7. 8vo. 

£1 U London, 1838 

KING, (R.) Journey to the Shores of the Arctic Ocean, with Capt. Back, 
1833-5. 2 vols. sm. 8vo, 12«. .... London, 1836 

ROSS, (Sir Joon.) The Narrative of a Second Voyage in Search of a 
Northwest Pjissage, and of a Residence in the Arctic Regions, in 1829- 
33. 2 vols. 4to, X2 2«. . London, 1835 

Appendix to Do. 4to, JCl 10* London. 

SIMPSON, (T.) Narrative of Discoveries on the North Coast of America, 
effected by the Officers of the Hudson's Bay Company, during the Years 
1836-39. 1 vol. 8vo, with map, 14*. . . . London, 1843 

WRANGELL, (F. von.) Narrative of an Expedition to the Polar Sea, in 
the years 1820, 1821, 1822, and 1823, commanded by Lieutenant, now 
Admiral, F. Von Wrangell. 2d ed., edited by Major E. Sabine, fcp. 8vo, 6». 

London, 1844 





:r / 




t I.. 

.'V • / 

/ f . 








A ■ 


/ ' 

ARCTIC REGIONS.— (Co/t/im/erf.) 

BARROW, (Sir J.) Voyages of Discovery and Research within the 
Arctic Regions, from the year 1818, in search of the Northwest Passage 
from the Atlantic to the Pacific, with Two Attempts to reach the North 
Pole, abridged from the Official Narratives, etc., 15«. . London, 1846 

Bee also ScoRStBT's Arctic Refioiu, and Northern Whale Fishery. 


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toria Antiqua y modema de las Provincias del Rio de la Plata, etc. 6 
vols, folio, £6 Gs. Buenos Ayres, 183&-7 

KING, (CoL. J. A.) Twenty-foar Years in the Argentine Repnblic, em- 
bracing the Author's Personal Adventures, with the Civil and Military 
History of the Country, and an Account of its Political Condition, before 
and during the administration of Governor Rosas ; his coarse of policy ; 
the causes and character of his interference with the Government of Monte 
Video, and the circumstances which led to the interposition of England 
and France. 8vo London and New- York, 1846 

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8vo, 18« London, 1839 

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Banda Oriental les missions d'Uruguay, et 1(\ province de Rio-Grande da 
Sul (de 1830-1834). 8vo, fig. et carte. . . * iTavre, 1835 

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See L' Univrrs Pittoreaqut ; Breton de la Maetiniere's Boemw Ayiee, Ate. 


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See AtJiTiM'a Province of Juri<pradence determined. 


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Paris, 1838 





JOURDAIN, (A.) Recherches cridques mu Page et Torigine des tradac- 
tioDfl latines d'Aristote, et sar des commentaireB grecs ou arabea employ £« 
par lea doctenra acolastiquea. 8vo. ParUt 1B43 

See Bioff. Dietion. of Soo. Pro. U. K. art. Aristotle. Diet. Greek and Romaa 
Btographjr and Mythology, art. Akistotlb, and aathoritiei theie quoted. 
Whkw ell's PhtloMphjr of the Inductive Scienoei. Rittk r'i Hist, of rhikwo- 
pByr-t2IWBi' Biofraphy of Philowphy. •"" 


BiBLiooRAPHT. See Companion to British AJmanae, 1848. 

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See ExcTCLO. MsTRoroLiTAiii : art. Artthmtikf hj Dr. Peacock ; ait. Tkearif 
•/ Xwahtra^ by Peter Barlow. 






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sia, and Mesopotamia, etc. 2 vols. 8vo. New- York, 1840 ^ 

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Beprinted N. Y., 11. Bros. 
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See Smith ft Dwiobt's Traveb ; Elliott's do. Parit, 1821 


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SAINT-MARTIN, (M. J.) M^moires historiques et g^ographiques sur ^ / 
TArm^nie, soivis dn tezte arm^nien de I'histoire des princes Orpelians, Ct J^ 
par Etienne Orpelian, et de celui des geographies attributes a Moyse de 
Khoren et au Dr. Vartan,&c., Slc. Translated with Notes. 2 vols. 8vo. 

Paris, 1818-19 

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Published by the Oriental Translation Fund. Vol. I. . London, 1831 -^ 

YaRi^am's Chronicle of the Armenian Kingdom In Cflieia, dnrinf the time of the 
Crteades. Translated with Notes, &c., by C. F. Neumann. 



, * ' 


a J 


a J. 





U. HISTORY.— (Con/tni/erf.) 


Published by the Oriental Translation Fund. Vol. 2,8vo. London, 1834 

1. A Oenralofical Catalofae of the Kinfi of Annraia, by Peihcs UuBSorr. 
Translated by Jab. Glen. 

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Jean Catholicos, traduite de i'arm^nien. 8vo. . Parts, 1841 

TEXIER, (Ch.) L'Arm^nie, la Perse, et la Mesopotamie, geographie et 
g^oiogie de ces contr^es ; monuments anciens et modemes ; histoire, 
moeurs et coutumes. L'ouvrage entier formera 30 Uvraisons, chacune 
compoB^e de 5 a 6 planches. Chaque/.20. . . . Paris, 1843 


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Venice, 1817 
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VeneL, 1827 
— ^ Philonis Judaei sermones tres de providentia et dc animalibus, armen. 

et Int. 4to Venet, 1822 

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nach den Werken der Mechitaristen frei bearbeitet. 8vo. Leipzig, 1836 

S«>e VVaiil's Geschicte d. morgaoland. Sprachen. 

ARTILLERY.— See also Gunnery. 

BiBLiooRArOT. — HALLECK'S Military Art and Science. 8vo. 

J^cwYork, 1847 

I. fflSTORY. 

REINAUD ET FAVfe, (MM.) Histoire de I'Artillerie. !•' Partie. Da 
Feu Gr^geois, des Feux de Guerre et des Origines de la Poudre k Canon, 
d'apr&s des Textes Nouveaux. 8vo, and Atlas of Coloured Plates, 16/. 

Paris, 1845 

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in4to, /.16 Pam, 1842 

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de cet arme, depuis le moyen-&ge jusqu'd nos jours, trod, de Pallem. — avec 
des notes, par le gdndral J. R. dc Perctsdorf. 8vo, /.lO. Paris, 1831 

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de I'allem. par M. Rieffel. 2 vols. 8vo. Paris, 1837--38 


GRIFFITHS, (F. A.) The Artillerist's Manual, and British Soldier's 
Compendium of Infantry Exercises, Sword Exercises, Artillery Exervises, 
Equipment, Slc. ; Fireworks, Fortification, Mathematics, Gunnery, Slc. 
3d edition, IBmo, Gs Woolwich, 1843 

PIOBERT, (G.) Traite d'artiilcrie theorique et pratique. 8vo, /.60. 

Metz et Paris, 1838 



[arts, fine. 

n. TREATISES.— (CVwriinuerf.) 

<xASSENDI. Aide-Mdmoire k Tusage des officiers d* artillerie de France, 
attach^B aa eervice da terre. 2 vols. 8vo, /.30. Paris t 1819 

ALIX, ( .) Des syst^mes d'artillerie, et pins particalidrement des 83r8tdme8 
d'artillerie de Campagne. 8vo, /.5 Paris, 1827 

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de Saint-Cyr. Syo, /.7 50 Versailles, 1846 

AIDE-MEMOIRE a I'usage des officiers d'artillerie. 8vo, /.12. 

Paris, 1844 

MEMORIAL DE r ARTILLERIE, ou receuil de m^moires, experiences 
et procedds relatiis au service de rartilierie, etc. 5 vob. 8vo, et Atlas. 

Paris, 1824-33 

EXPERIENCES 1/ ARTILLERIE ex^cutces a Gavre. 2 vols. 4to, 16/ 

Pam, 1830-43 
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sor le meilleur mode de chargement des bouches i feu. 8vo, /.7 50. 

ParU, 1845 
LORGANIZA TION de I'artiUerie en France. 8vo, /6. Paris, 1845 

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augment^ d' observations par M. le commandant d'artillerie Mazd. 

ArtillerM en An^letene. 8vo, platei. Paris, 1844, /.5 75 

Artillerie de Campagne franf ake. 8vo, platea. " 1845, 5 75 

Artillerie bavaroise. 2 vob. 8vo. " . 11 50 

Artillerie nderlandaise. 8vo. " . . . . 5 75 

Artillerie Waitenabergeoiie. 8vo. " . . ^ . 5 75 

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dans la guerre de Campagne. 2* ed., 8vo, plates, /.7 50. Paris, 1845 

ARCY, (LE Chevalier d'.) M6moire sur la thdorie de Tartillerie, ou sur 
les eflfets de la poudre et sur les consequences qui en resultant par rapport 
aux armes de feu. 8vo, plates, /.3 Paris, 1845 



CISMS, &c. 


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Leipzig, 1845 

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London, 1826 

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Handgebrauche fUr Bibelforsrher, Archaologen und bildende Kunstler. 
4 vols. roy. 8vo, 16*. Stutt., 1843 


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with Appendix by Barker. 8vo London, 1836 

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Modem, showing its gradual and various development from the Earliest 
Ages to the Present Time. 18mo. London, 1847 

KUGLER, (Dr. G.) Hand-Book of the History of Painting, translated from 
the German ; edited by Eastlake. sm. 8vo. 

Part I. The Italian SchooU. yZn lAmdon, 1841 

Part II. The German, Flembh, and Dotch Schoob. Edited, with Notes, by Sir F. 
Head. ]3« I^ondon, 1846 

Ot • 



[arts, Fllfl. 






^ i. 


HEAD, (Sn f .) Hand-Book of Painting, m. 8to, I3t. London, 1847 
' The Spuuh and French Beboob. 

PHILLIPS, (Tbo's.) Lectures on the Hiatory and Principles of Painting. 
8vo London, 1833 

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London, 1836 

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Scalptors, and Architectii. 5 vols. l8mo. London, 1830 

(Rflphnted Jfem-Y^rk, H. Bm.) 

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Bre§Um, 1835 

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Griechen. 2te Aafl. 8vo. .... Muneken, 1839 

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decadence an IV* siMe joflqu'4 son renouvellement an XVI*. 6 toIs. 
grand in iblio, avec 3ti5 planches, /.500. . Paris, 1833 

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vols- 8vo Gotting., 1798-1808 

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ihums. 12mo Bramnoeh., 1890 

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Jahrh. u. Chr. Folio. 44 Vienn., 1835 

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la peintears hixtoriqae murale chez les Grecs et les Romains, avec an Ap- 
pendice. 2 toni. 8vo. Pario, 1849 

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DusmL, 1843-1 

I. Df# Volkrr dm OrirnU. 
II. I>i«<»hM*h^« a. Romer. 
III. AltefamilKlie a. .MnhaiiM<Ua KnuL 

FOURTOUL, (H.) De I'Art de I'AUeniagne. 9 torn. 8vo, /.16. 

Paris, 1849 
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3tom. 4to, avec Atlas in folio. /300. Pmris, 1836-41 

HERBI^, ( .) Hintoirr d«^ l>raux arts en France par les Monnments, spe- 

eialeroent de la Sculpturr et de la Peintare. depuis la domination romaine 

jiisqu'4 r^poqae de la renaissance. 4to, 48/. Parii. 

MICHIELS, (A.) Ktndri< nur I'Allrmagne, renierment one hisCoire de k 

peinture allemande. 9 vols. 8vo, 15/ Paris, 1849 

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anf Knntswerke, ice. 2 vols. sm. 8vo. Zmriek, 1849-3 

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9 vols. 19mo, 19« Borlim, 1844 

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Ijsifxig, 1835 
DENON. (V.) Monomenn d<^ arts da dessin cbez lea peoples, tant anciena 
modemes. recueillis par Ir baron Drnon. pour wrvir A I'histoire des Arts: 
d^crits et cxpliqo^s par M. \. Duval. 4 vols, folio, avec 315 pi., /.500. 

Peris. 1H99 

BELI/>NI. (G. P ) Vile dri Piitori, Pcultori, ed Architettis Modemi. 3 

vols. hto. ......... Pisa, 1891 

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Pans, 1845 



[arts, finb. 


LANZI, (L.) History of Painting in Upper and Lower Italy ; translated 
from the Italian, by Roscoe. 6 vols. 8vo. . London, 1828 

the same, in B9kri8 Stand. Lib'y. 3 vols. 10«. Sd. " 1847 

JAMESON, (Mrs.) Memoira of the Early Italian Painters. 2 vols. 18mo. 
Zb London, 1845 

Sacred and Legendary Art. 

(In Pran.) 

and Rafibelle. Translated from the, French of Quatrem^re de Quincy, 
byW. Hazlitt. sm. 8vo,3«. 6<2 London, 19^ 

(Boqvk'* European Library.) 

DUNLAP, (W.) History of the Rise and Progress of the Arts of Design 
in the United States. 2 vols. 8vo. New- York, 1834 

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folio, Atks of Plates Pisa, 1839 

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temps les plus anciens jusqa'& nos jours. 2 vols. 8vo. Patio, 1823. 

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2 vols. 8vo - Padua, 1835-7 

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Pari*, 1823 

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Kuntschilders, Beeldhouwers, Graveurs en Bouwmeisters. 3 vols. 8vo, 
£2 Amoterdam, 1844 

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8vo. 22#. W Pario, 1847 

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und Kupierstecherkunst. 

Abtb. l-V. Von den BrUdsrn tod Eyk bit Rembrandt's Tod, 14Q0-16Qik Folio. 
£ilB9 QotAa, 1845 

HAUSSAYE. Histoire de la peinture flamande et hollandaise, suivie d'un 
appendice sur les peintures modemes. 100 gravnres sur cuivre d'apr^s 
Van Eyck, Rubens, Van Dyck, Teniers, &c. Folio, 100 livraisons, 3«. 

VASARI, (G.) Leben der Maler, Bildhauer, d. Baumeister, &c.,herausg. 
V. L. Schom u. E. Forster. Vol. I.-III. 8vo, je2 10«. Stuttg., 1832-45 

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kem. 8vo, 5s Bonn., 1845 

Part. 1. die AltchrisUicbe Knnft. 

BARTSCH, (A.) Le Peintre-graveur, 1803-1821. 21 vob. 8vo, avec 80 

planches. Vienna, 1803-20 

Sapplmaent by R. Wbiobl. Vol. I., 12mo. .... Z^zy, 1843 

ROBERT-DUMESNIL. Le Peintre-Graveur fran^ais, on catalogue rai- 
sonn^ des estampes ^v6es par les peintres et les dessinateors de I'ecole 
fran^aise, ouvrage fiiisant suite au Peintre-Graveur de Bartsch. 6 vols. 
8vo,/.36 Pflm, 1835-42 

BRUILLOT, (F.) Dictionnaire des Monogrammes, Slc., des Peintres, Des- 
linateuis, et Graveurs, Slc. 3 vols. 4to. Munieh, 1832-34 




U "' 



[arts, fine. 






KELLER, (J.) MoDogrammrn Lexicon. 8vo. Hamb., 1931 

LETTRE i M. SCHORN. Sopplement aa Catalogue Raonl-Rochette. 
des Artistes de I'antiquit^ Grecque et Romaine. 8to. Pari§. 


MODERN PAINTERS. By a Graduate of Oxford, (Mr. Ruskin). Vol. 
I. and Vol. II., pt. 1. imp. 8vo, 28«. 6<2. London, 1^46 

(Ri^mnted N. Y., W. 9t P.) 

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12« London, \H44 

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Booton, 1846 

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tween the Plastic Arts and Nature. Translated from the German by A. 
Johnson. 12mo, Is. 6d London, 1^45 

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3U. 6d London, 183« 

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Leipxig, 1843-45 

Essay on Rubens. Translated by Noel, edited by Mrs. Jameson, am. 

8vo, lUt. 6d London, 1840 

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of PriYste Galleries, and remarks on the State of Art. 3 toIs. Hro, 31s. 

Jjondon, 1^36 

SCHLRGRL, (A. G.) Lemons snr Thistoire et la th^oie des beanx-arts, 
suives des articles do Conreroations Ijfxicons, concf mant rarchitecture. la 
fleolptore, pt la pf inture, et d'une nonienclature dt*s peintres contempn- 
rains, par M. Couturier de Vienne. 8to,/.5. Pmritt lt^3U 

81 RET. (ADOLriiE.) Dictionnaire Historique des Peintres, de toutes les 
Ecoles, depuis rMgine de la Peinture jusqu'a nos joare. 4to. 

(PnWiUiiiv.) Pmrit, 1847- 

THfeOPHILE. Esni snr divers arts, public par le comte Charles de TEaca- 

lopier, et pr6rede d*nne intnaluction, par J. M. Gnichard. 4to. 

Peris, 1843 
(Latia text villi French trmntUfioii at the fool of «sdi pafe. TW latradacttMi a 

» Pr»ch.) 

HKNDRIK. (R. Ji ) Encyclopaedia of the Fine Arts in the Xth and Xlth 
Centuries. Translated from the MS. of the Monk Theophilos, with 
Notes, Slc. Hvo London, 1847 

PAINTING in the Encfclo. Metrop. by James and Lixmat. 

JAMi^SON. ' Mrs.} Ilnnd-book tf> the Public Galleries of Art in or near 
I^indnn, with Cntii^l. Hintoricnl. .and Biographical Notices of the Pain- 
teni and Pietun^. 3 vols. sin. hvo London, 1849 

Companion to the ni«ist (Vlfhratpd Private Galleries of Art in London; 

eontamiiig nrcuratr ('ataloKn*^. arranc«>d alphabetically for immediate re- 
Irrrnrf, «>arh preceded by an Historical and Critical Introduction : with a 
Pre&tory Kmay on Art, Artists, ColU'Ctors, and Connoissenn. Post 8vo. 
ISs London, 1843 

F>Ray» on Art. Memoirs and F>ray8 illustrative of Art. Literatare. 

and Social Morals, rni. 8vo. .... London, l!U6 

(B«pnnt«l. New- York. W.ft P.) 



[arts, decorative, &c. 

m. ESSAYS, CRITICISMS, Slc,^( Continued,) 

HAYDON, (B. R.) & (HAZLITT, (W.) Painting and the Fine Arts. 

8vo, es Edinhurgh, 1838 

(From the Encydo. Britannica, 7th Edn.) 

QUATREMERE de QUINCY. Easay on Imitation in the Fine Arts. 

Translated from the French by J. C. Kent. . Ltmdont 1837 

Essai snr I'iddal dans ses applications pratiques auz OBUvres de I'imitation 

propre des arts du dessin Paris ^ 1837 

^— On the Destination of Works of Art, aad the use to which they are 
applied. Translated by H. Thomson. 12mo, 3«. London, 1821 

LINDSAY, (Lord.) Sketches of the History of Christian Art. 3 vols. 
8vo,31«. 6<2 Londonyl84e 

VAN DYCK. Pictorial Notices: consisting of a Memoir of Sir A. Van 
Dyck, with a descriptive Catalogue of the Etchings executed by him, and 
a variety of Interesting Particulars, relating to other Artists patronized by 
Charles I. Collected from original documents in Her Majesty's State 
Paper Office, the Office of Public Records, and other sources. By W. H. 
Carpenter. 4to, 2Ss London, 1844 

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ROBERT, (C.) Essai d'une phUosophie de I'art. 8vo. " 1836 

SEIDEL, (C.) Charimenes. Beitr&ge zur allgemeinen Theorie und Ge- 
schichte der schonen Kiiste. 2 vols. 8vo, plates. . Magdeh., 1825-28 

CONVERSATIONS LEXICON fdr bUdende Kunst. Vol. 1, roy. 8vo, 
12«. (numerous woodcuts). Xeipxt^, 1844 

NAGLER, (G. K.) Neus allgemeines Kunstler-Lexicon. Vol. 1 — (A — ), 
8vo, each : ilfCncAen, 1835-1 84- 

KUNSTSYMBOLIK, Christhche, und Ikonagraphie. Ein Versuch die 
Deutung u. ein besseres Verstandniss d. kirchl. Bildwerke d. Mittelalters 
zu erleichtem. 8vo. Frank/., 1841 

ARTS — Decorative and Ornamental. 

SHAW, (H ) The Encyclopedia of Ornaments. 59 plateSr4to, 30s. 

London, 1842 

Illuminated Ornaments, selected from MSS. and early printed books 

of the Middle Ages, coloured from the originals, with descriptions by Sir 
F. Madden. 4to, half-bound, i;5 5«. ... London, 1833 

- Dresses and Decorations of the Middle Ages. By H. Shaw, F. S. A. 
2 vols, imperial 8vo, 57 coloured plates and letter-press descriptions, £3 13«. 
6d. each London, 1843 

Examples of Ornamental Metal Work. 4to, 42«. 

COTTINGHAM, (L. N ) The Smith's, Founder's, and Ornamental Metal 
Worker's Director ; comprising a variety of Designs, in the Present 
Taste, lor Gates, Piers, Balcony Railings, Window Guards, &c. ; with 
various Ornaments appUcable to Works in Metal. 4to, 44 plates, 428. 

London, 1844 

HAY, (D. R.) Original Geometrical Diaper Designs, accompanied by an 
attempt to develope and elucidate the True Principles of Ornamental De- 
sign, as applied to the Decorative Arts. Oblong folio, 33 plates, 42s. 

Edin, 1845 

ADAMS, (E.) The Polychromatic Ornaments of Italy ; a series of £2xam- 
ples of the Interior Decorations and Frescoes of the XVIth Century ; printed 
in colours, by Owen Jones. 4to, 30s. London, 1847 

POPPE, (C.) Sammlung von Omamenten und Fragmenten antiker Archi- 
tectnr, Sculptur, Mosaik und Toreutik auf einer Reise durch Griechenland, 
Italien, n. Sicilien, aufgenommen. Folio, JCI 12«. Berlin, IS45 

6b I 


* V 

^ : 




[arts and nanufacttres. 



ARTS — Dkcorative and Ornamental. — {Continued.) 

CHENAVARD, (A.) Albom d' omamanitte recneil compoe6 de fragments 
d' omementB dans toot lea styles et dans toos lea genres. 12 livraisons, 
folio, 72 plancbea, 60/. Pari* 

CHAPUY. Le Mojren Age pittoresqoe, vaes de monaments et details d'ar- 
chitecture, annares, nieables,etc., da X* au XVII* si^cle, dessin^es d'apr^ 
nature. 5 vols, folio, avec 180 planches lithog., 300/. Paru. 

HEIDELOFF. (C.) Die Ornamentik des Mittelaltera. 3 toIs. 4to. 

N^rmberg, 1841-7 

L'Orn^mentation. da Moyen Age, oa Collection d'Omaments et de 

Profils remarkables, tir^ de rarchitecture byzantine et du style gennaniqoe. 
Eklition fran^aise, texte par D. Rani^. 3 vols. 4to, jC3 16«. 

Paris, 184G-7 

ZAHN, (W ) Die scbdnsten Omamente a. merkwnrdigsten Gemilde aaa 

Pompeji, Herkolanom u. Stabia. 3 vols, folio, 200 coloared plates, £24. 

BerUn» 1827-43 

<-— — Omamente aller Klassiscber Kanstepochen. Parts 1-10, 50 coluurrd 

plates, folio, £5 Berlin, lt>32-43 

FEUCHfeRE, (L.) L'Art Indostricl, suite de modules a l*QSBge des orib. 
vres, tapiflsieni, ^^b^nistes, fiibricants de bronze, de fonte, de firr, de porcv- 
laine, de papiers peints, d'^tofles, des marbriers et des sculptean oroema- 
nimes. Folio, plates, /.1 08. Parw, 1843 

NORMAND, (Ch.) Guide de romemamste. Folio. . JP«ris, 1826 

RIBAULT, ( .) Receuil de decorations int^rieares, coroprenant tout oe 
qui a rapport a Tameubiement, etc. Folio. . Paris, 1831-32 


( t 


fW afao TirRnoLooT. and the diA>rrmt bmBchei of Ast and MAnrrArrraB. 
URR, (A.) A Dictionary of Artjt, Mnnufactures, and Mines ; containing a 
clear Eipowitinn of their Principled and Practice. New edit , 1 vol. t<vo, 
illttsL with 1241 engravings on wood. yew-York, D. A. Sl Co. 

AIKIN, (A.) Illustrations of Arts and Mann&cturea ; l>eing a Series of 
Pspers on Pottery, Liniestune. uiul Calcareous Cements, (Sypsom and its 
i»es. Furs and the Fur Trade, Felting and Hat-making, BcMie and itsoses, 
Tortoiseshell and Whalebone, Antiqusrian and Metallurgical History of 
Iron, EIngraving and Etchinj;, 6i.c. Fcp, Hvo, 8«. Lsndon, 1841 

DODD, (G.) The Manofiictures of (ireat Britain. 6 vols. 18mo, 9s. 

JLanicm. 1845-4 
Days at the Factories, nn. b'vo, 10s. 6J. London, 1844 

COOLEY, (A. J.) The Cyclopaedia of Practical Receipts, and CoUaieral 
Infonnalion in the Arts, Manu&cturrs, and Trades. 8vo, cuts. 

dUprntcd .NVwYork. I). A. Ic Co.) London, 1845 

BABBAGE, (C.) The Economy of .Mschinery and .^anufiictares. l2iiio. So. 

(Fran EdcvcIu. MHropolrtaM.) London, 1847 

BARLOW, (P.) The Machinrr>' and Manufactures of Great Britain. 4io, 

X3 6s. /From EbctcIo. MrtrofioiitaBa.} London, 1838 

ALCAN. Essai sar rindustrie des matiirea textiles, comprenam le trarail 

complet du coton. du Un. dn rhftn\Tr. des laines, du Cachemire, de la aoi, 

de caoutchoQc. r*ro, avec un Atlas de 36 planches, /.34. Paris, 1847 

BECK MANN, (J.) History of Difiroveries, Inventions, Slc. 4th edition, 

rerised and enlarged by Drs. Fraiici.ii and Gnffith. 3 vols. sin. 8¥o. 7s. 

rBoha't HtmiKianl lAbmy.) London, 1846 

DICTIOySAIRE de I'lndustrie. Manufiictnri^re, Commeiriale, et 
par MM. Baudrimoat, Blanqu^ aine et autres. 10 vols. 8to, 80/. 

Paris, 1830-41 





' ARCET, (!)•), PAYEN, BRUN, etc. Dictionnaire des Arts et Manufec- 
tnrea, description des proc6d^s de I'industrie franqaise et 6trang6re. Illos- 
tre de plus de 3000 gtaviires sor bois dans le texte. 3 vols. 8vo. 

Paris, 1846-7 

DICTIONNAIRE des Arts et Mannfiictures. Description des proc6d6s de 
I'indnstrie fran^aise et etrang^re, par MM. Alcan, Burral, etc. 2 vols. 
Svo, 2600 cuts, /.60 Paw, 1847 

DICTIONNAIRE technologique. 22 vols. 8vo, /^70. Paris, 1832-35 
PRECHTL, (J. J.) Technologische EncyclopaBdia. Vols. 1-14. (A.-S.) 

Stutt, 1829-46 

NOEL, (Fr.) et CARPENTIER. Nouvean dicdonnaire des engines, in- 
ventions et d6coaverte8 dans les Arts, les Sciences, etc. 4 vols. 8vo. 

Pant, 1840 
YEJIR-BOOK OF E/iCTS. 18mo, each 5* LantUm, 183IM7 

REPERTOR Y OF ARTS AXD MAJfUFACTURES, lit Series, IVom 1794 to 1803. 
10 vob. 8to. 

New Seriet, from 1803 to 1835. 
46 Tok. 8to. 

REFER TOR Y OF PA TEJTT IJTFEJfTIOJ^. Prom 1835 to 1847, and coatinned. 

TRAJ^SACTIO^rS OF THE SOCIETY insUtnted at London for the Enoonra^ement 
of the AfU. From 1783 to 1847. 8vo JLraAm. 



a I. 


DUPUIS, (J.) Journal of a Residence in Ashantee, and Notes on the Gold /r^ 
Coast. 4to, 10# London, 1824 ^ ^^ 

BUTTON, (W.) A Voyage to Africa ; including a Narrative of an Em- 
bassy to one of the Interior Kingdoms in the year 1820. 8vo. 

London, 1821 

BOWDITCH, (T. E.) Mission from Cape Coast Castle to Ashantee, with I ^, i^ 
a Statistical Account of that Kingdom, and Geographical Notices of other 
parts of the Interior of Africa. 4to. London, 1819 



' BIBLIOTHEqUE ASIATiqUE ET AFRICAIM'E oo Catalorne des oavrages ro- 
latifii k I'Afie et k I'Afriqne qui ont para depnis la d^oouTerte de llmprimerie jntqa' en 
1700. 8vo,/.15 50.. ........ PariM. 

TERNAUX-COMPANB, (H.) Bibliotheqne asiatiqoe et africaine, oo Catalogue dee 
onvnfs qni ont pubiMs tor oei deux continents, Jnsqn' k oe jonr. 8Vo, /.IS 50. Pari$. 


MURRAY, (H.) Account of Discoveries and Traveb in Asia. 2 v61s. 8vo. 

London, 19^ 

RITTER, (C.) Erdkonde in Verhaltniss zor Nator n. zor Geschichte des 

Menschen. 11 vols. 8vo Berlin, 1822^44 

Vol. n. Ada : Vol. 1. Norden n. Nord-ost 90». 

III. II. Nord-ost. a. Sud r. Hoch-Asien . . . 90«. 

IV. III. 8ild-ost von HochAtieB *..... SU. 
V. VI. IV. pt. 1-3. Indtsche Welt. 9 nA», . SB*. 

VII. V. Uebenang ron Ost nach West. . Ut, 

Vni. IX. VI. pt. 1, 3. Iranische Welt. 3 toIs. . . . 34«. 

X. XI. VU. pt. 11, 3. d. Stofenlaad d. Enphrat n. Tigik. V. 1. 3 37«. 

I. SadiveneeidiBiss tob Ideler. Vol. I., Ost-Asien. 8to, B». Berlin, 1841 

c I 



f . 


f ' 

/ ' 

ASIA.] 50 [asla minor. 


I. GE(X;RAPHY, dtc— (O/n/iViMft/.) 

REN NELL, (J.) Treatise on thr ComparatiTe Geography of WeAern 
Ajiia. :2 Tols. 8¥o, and AtlaM. X'2 10«. Londoii, ltS3l 

WILLIAMS. (J.) Efltajrs on the Geography of Ancient Ana. etc., 8to.4«. 

London, lti39 

CRAMER, (J. A.) Geogmphical and Historical Deacriptioo of Ancirnt 

Greece. 3 vols. Hvo, £\ 10« Oxford, 182ti 

HUMBOLDT, (A.) Asie Crntmle. Recherches mr lea chainea dea mon- 
tasnes et la Climatologie compart^e 3 torn, 8to, aTec 14 tahleaiu et 1 
carie,/.30 Pari; 1»43 


BERGHAUS. (H.) Atlas von Asien. In 19 maps, imp. folio, and Text 
in 4t4), XV H« Gotha, 1834-184- 

KIEFERT. (H.) Karte von Klein-Asien nach Finke, Fischer, Moltke, 
Schonl>oni u. Kuch. 6 sheets folio. jCI 4«. Berlin, 1844 

ZIMMERMANN.(C) Atlas von Vorder Asien. Parts 1 . 9, roy. folio. 

X3 Berlin, 1841-43 

iVp «1«> Joh^iitox'm AUm. MapftoT the Soc. l)if. V»ef. Kn9wlMge. tfiAars'ii 
Corm|iofMliB]; Mb|h. 

For TILiyHLS /.V .ISl.i. trt the Vanou Couatiwi. 

n. insTORY. 

HEKREN, (A. H L ) Hlstorirnl Rrw*nrrhe«i into the Politico, Interrcmmr. 
and Trade of the Principal Nntionn of Antiquity. Asiatic Nations, 2 
vols. Hvo, jCI 4m London, IrAd I 

KLAPROTH. J.) TahK'AU Hiiftoricjacs d** I' Asie, dapuis la monarchic de < 
Cyrus jus(|u'a nus jours. J vol. 4to, et atlas in folio, de 35 cartes rt 1 ta- | 
bleau./.5«. Paria, l8r24 : 

•— — Memoire^ reintifr a TAfif*. contenant dfs recherches historiqnes, k^- 
graphiques et philomi^iqu* s wir Ics iM'uples de I'Orient. 1894-28. 3 vi-k. | 
8vo, a vec cartes et pl&ncb<i«. /.30. .... P«ris, 1H96-2H 

RfeMUSAT, (A.) .Melnncesnpintiques. ou Recneil de morceaax de critique , 
et de m^moiis reUtifs anz n'liuions. nux sciences, auz ctKitumes 4 This- | 
toire et a la g^oeraphie d*-s nations orientales. 3 vols. 8vo,/15. 

Port*, 1^95 

— — Nouvraui .Melanges asiatiquf^. 2 voln. 8vo,/.14. Pmris, 1825-2*^ 

LE NORM ANT, (Cn.) Tours dllistoire Ancienne. Intmdiiction k 

I'HiKtoire de I'Asir Centrale. ^'vo Pmrio, le^ 

PLATH, (J. H.) Geschichte iles omlichen Asiens. 3 vols 8vo. ' 

Gett, 1830-31 - 

ASLiTIC RF.S¥LiR(Hy.S. T ran •ad ion* of t*oriHy inrtilalMl ia Be«nl for laqainMg 
iDio the llMloiy mad ADtiqutM*. Ari« asil Hneare*. tad Lileralai* 9t Ana. W «•!§. 
1—. 4lo. . Cmirmtf, iTr^^IHtfl. aad Sermmpmrt. |»^tt>lT 

ASI.ITK .l.y.Vr.lL Ry.OlSTF.H. ITW-lfll. I3vob. Ht«. /^eWM. UU>>lf«|4 ' 

JSMTK MtfR.y.lJ.. or MonthU Ri^Mer for BritMb ladia aad her Dt^vadraHn. 
New Mrnei. comawDtwl Jaa. 7. IKVi. 

.1LV .I.ViJ IRKI^I.S'tt. 4 »o|,. 4io Ijtmimm, IftT- • 

JOCR.V.IL OF THF. Ror.1L .IM.ITIf SOCIF.TT. - roh. Rvo. /.m^mi. If04 

JOt'R.yi/. ISUTIQCF.. monthlr.. Pang, . /.» per aaaaB. ill IMh. II 

«oU. I'^fl-^r. i»d Attn, If^^i-lKiS. ad i^nf, ltQ8-43. 

ASIA MINOR. — Geography, Voyagks and Travels. 

KIEPERT. (H ) (Map of Asia Minor — Karte von Klein A«en. nach 
Fmke, Fiacher. Moltke, Schdnbom n. Koch. 6 abeeta, felio, 31s. 

B€rUm. 1844 

*■ . 



[assurance, life. 

ASIA MINOR.— (Coniinued.) 

HAMILTON, (W. J.) Rcaearchea in Ada Minor, Pontus and Annenia, 

with some account of their Antiquities and Geology. 2 vols. 8vo, £i 10«. 

London, 184S 
CHANDLER, (Rev. Dr. R.) Travels in Asia Minor and Greece. 3d 

edition. 2 vols. 4to London, 1817 

BEALTORT, (F.) Karemania, or a brief description of the South Coast 

of Asia Minor, with Plans, &c. Bvo, lOt. . London, 1817 

KINNEAR, (J. M.) Jourae/ through Asia Minor, Annenia, etc. 8vo, 

12». London, 1818 

LEAKE, (W. M.) Journal of a Tour in Asia Minor. 8vo, 18#. 

London, 1824 

RENNELL, (Major J.) Treatise on the Comparative Geography of 
Western Asia. 2 vols. 4to., with folio atlas, £2 14*. London, 1831 

CRAMER, (Rev. J. A.) A Geographical and Historical description of 
Asia Minor. 2 vols. Bvo, maps, £1 Us. 6d. Oxon., 1832 

ARUNDELL, (Rev. F. V. J.) Discoveries in Asia Minor, with a Descrip- 
tion of the Ruins of Antioch and other Cities. 2 vote. 8vo, £\ 10«. 

London, 1834 

Visit to the Seven Churches. 8vo, 15«. . London. 

FELLOWES, (Chas.) Journal Written during an Excursion in Asia Minor. 
Plates, &c., imp. 8vo. £l%§ London, 1839 

Discoveries in Lycia. Journal of a Second Excureion, in 1840. imp. 

8vo, plates, &c., j£2 2« London, 1841 

The Xanthian Marbles ; their Acquisition, and Transmission to Eng- 
land, royal 8vo, map and plate, 5«. ... London, 1843 

LYCIJt^ Carta, and othor PiovinoM of Asia Minor, iUiutrated bjr Mr. Gcoree Scarf: with 
DeKiiDtiTe btter-piwi by Sir Charles FeUowes. Uniform with Robeits°s Series of tha 
Holy Land, folio. ....... Lon^am^lMI 

AINSWORTH, (W.) Travete and Researches in Asia Minor, &c. 2 

vols. 8vo, £\^ London, 1842 

LYCIA: Travels in Lycia, Milyas, and the Cibyratia, in company with 
the late Rev. E. T. Daniell : by Lieut. T. A. B. Spratt, R. N., and Prof 
Edward Forbes, F. R. S., in 2 vote. 8vo, numerous maps, plans, views, 
&c. &c., £\ \%9 London, 1847 

TEXIER, (Ch.) Description de I'Asie-Mineure (ordonnde par le gouveme- 
ment), Antiquitds, monuments des Arts, Architecture, g€ologie, geographic, 
avec un grand nombre des ptenches grav6es. folio, 20 livraisons sont en 
vente. chaque,/.20 Pari*, 


MITCHELL, (J.) Manual of Practical Assaying: intended for the use of. 
Metallurgists, Captains of Mines, and Assayera in general. With a copi- 
ous Table for the purpose of ascertaining, in Assays of Grold and Silver, 
the precise amount, in ounces, pennyweights, and grains of noble metal 
contained in one ton of ore from a given quantity. 8vo, 10«. 6d. 

ZoiMion, 1846 
MANUEL de I'Essayeur de Mdtaux. 18mo, f3. Parit. 

(Maaneb Roret.) 


BiBLiooEAPHT. — Sm Pocock*» TraatJM, infra, 

FARREN, (E. J.) Historical Essay on the Rise and Progress of th« Doe- 
trine of Life Contingencies in England. 8vo, 4o. London, 1844 

BAILY, (F.) Doctruie of Interest and Annuities analytically investigated 
and explained, with Tables. 4to. London, 1810 



^ / 





[assurance, life. 


ASSURANCK, Lifk.— (CW/i/n/cc/.) 

MILNE, (J.) Trontipr on the Valuation of Annuities and Aapurances on 
Livtfi and Sun'ivor8hi|)8. 3 vols. 8vo, 30«. . J^ndon^ 18^25 

BABBACiK, (C) Cumparativc View of the Various Institutions for the 
A»urnnc<* of LivcB. fivo, 10». 6<i Londitn, 1826 

ANSELL, (('has.) A Treatise on Friendly Societies, in which the Doctrine 
of tiie Iniereut of Money and the Doctrine of Probability arc practically 
applied to the Afihirs of mich Societies, with numerous Tables, &,c. 8vo, 
5«. ......... London, 1835 

DE MOR(JAN, (A.) An EKsny on Probabilities, and on their Application 
to Life (rontinj;enoips and Insurance Offices, sm. 8vo, Ca. 

(In Lardner'. Cyolopatlia.) Zonrfon. 1838 

POCOCK. (L.) A familiar Explanation of the Nature, Advantapes, and 
Importance of Awiiranci* upon Lives, &,<•. 1 vol. l2nio, 7*. Lund., 1842 

HAND-BOOK (Thr) 'or Lif»^ Assurers; being a Popular Guide to the 
Knowlrdtfp of the System of Life Atisiirance : with an Exposition of its 
Advanta(!t*s. and of its uwful application to the different clasfles of the 
comnmnity ; togrihiT with an explanation of the various modes of doing 
business ; also a lleneral Din'ctory of Insurance Companies. Fcp. 8vo, 
2*. Grf. Ijondon, lt*42 

BAYLIS. (E.) The Arithmetic of Annuities and Life Assurance, or Com- 
pound Jnten'Ht simplified ; explaining the Value of Annuities Certain, or 
Contingent on One or Two J^ives, and the Values of Assurances in Single 
and Annual Payments, and comprehending the Values of Leaseti, Pensions, 
Freeholds, and Reversi<mary Sums, in Possession or Expectation, iumie- 
diate, deferred, or temporary. 8vo, 5«. .... 1^44 

DOWDESWELL, (G. M.) The Law of Life and Fire Insurances ; with 

an Appendix of Comparative Tables of Life Insurance. 1 vol. 12mo, 6«. 

i ■ * / London, 1846 

TABLES. /: t'-^ ': :^ ,>-^'^'i ': 

TABLES showing thfr Total Number of Perst>ns Assured in the Equitable 

Society from its Commencement in 1762 to 1821), &c. &,c. By Wni. 

Morgan, sm. folio. ..... London, 1834 

" ThU nioxt clahoraU'ly prr|iarp(l ami imiiortant ilooument rvfloctk tho hi^lien cn<ilit on 
the lalfnti^l notiiaiy \%lin prp|ia:p4l it. It ratirt'ly Aaiirmtlr-s the talil<>< of Babbasp 
and I)avic«. and funiishrt roiuik'tf and nerteot data for tlif comnulalion of a smJo 
and aiiMtrate ^-X of t»b!.-« for t)ip u>4> of life a^>arance i'Oni|ianuii.' — Vttnn k. 8ince 
thi« wan writtrn. thv T.-tbIe> of .Mr. D. Jonn hare apiiearcd, wiiii'li probably modify 
tho itateinent of Mr. Pocook. 

NEISON, (F. G. V.) (-oniributionsto Vital Statistics; being a Develop- 
ment of thf Rate of Mortality and the Laws of Sickm-ss, as indicated by 
Original and extmsive Data pro<"Hred from Friendly Societies in England 
and Scotland, pointing out. the Insecurity on which these Societii*s are 
conducted, with an Exposition of the Unstable Nature and Non-equitable 
Principles of Rechnbite and Odd Fellow Societies, and on Inquiry on the 
Health of Towns ami the Influence of Locality on the Dumtion of Life 
and the Amoimt of Sickness. 4to, X'l 1«. l^andon, 1845 

JONES, (D.) Annuities and Reversionary Payments. 2 vols. 8vo, £\ It. 

Ijondwn, 1843 

SANG, (E.) Life Assurance and Annuity Tables. Folio. Edin., 1841 

A mo«t rxtraordinary wo:k. Tho aullior learned to print, that he m'^t M it up 
with hio own han<i<. It contains for a «in|;le hf«>, and for the Carli»le Tabic*, at 
three per ii-nt. fvcrv thins. All annuilios and a<>ouranif>4. teuijiorary and defiTwd. 
or, for thf> w>:oIe lilV ; all value* of Foliirir«, whenever made, lor every »nb«(-qnent 
perioii ; all (he yearly ri-^k* of »ach Folii-ies ; a4uraooe» at iofreasinir or decrea^iBf 
)ireinium« ; five fisi'ire lo«ra>ilhma and anti-lo^aiiihrn*, &ir. hn\ hie. And every 
fvtiilt ha« itk lo;;ari*hm «et down by it» Mde ready for n^e. The iyiiofrmiihy b to he«a- 
tifnJ, the |>a|ier and ty|ie yo luxaiioua, that a centarv hence a copy will tie an object 
of competition to the Heben and Spencen of that day. 




ASSURANCE, Life.— (Continved.) 

McKEAN, (A.) Practical Lif« Tables; with a Digest of th^ most approved 
Rules and Fonnulae for the Solution of all Cases occurring in the actual 
daily business of Life Assurance. 8vo, jC2 12«. 6d. London, 1837 

JONES, (J.) A series of Tables of Annuities and Assurances, calculated 
from a new Rule of Mortality amongst assured lives. 8vo, 10«. Sd. 

London, 1844 

FINLAISON, (Jiro.) Tables for providing Relief in Sickness and Old Age, 
for Payments at Death and Endowments for Children. 8vo. Lond., 1833 


AINSWORTH, (W. F.) Researches in Babylonia, Assyria, &c. 8vo, 
12«. 6d London, 1838 

BUCKINGHAM, (J. S.) Travels in Assyria, Media, and Persia, &c. 2d 
edit., 2 vols. 8vo London, 1830 

FRAZER, (J. B.) Mesopotamia and Assyria. 12mo, 5». Edin., 1842 

(Edin. Cab. Lib'y.) 

MONUMENT DE NINEVE, d^couvert et d6crit par Botta : mesur6 et 
dessin^ par Flandln. Oiivrage publics par ordre du Gouvemement, sous les 

auspices du Ministre de Tint^rieur Paris, 1847 

(T* be conproed in 90 attmbera, folio. No. I, ooaL 5 plates, \a published. Price /.30.) 


WILSON, (J AS.) Dictionary of Astrology^ 8vo, 14#. 

• London. 


RENNELL, (Jas.) An Investigation of the Currents of the Atlantic Ocean, 

, and of those which prevail between the Indian Ocean and the Atlantic. 

8vo London, 1832 


RENNELL, (Jas.) Four Charts of the prevalent Currents of the Atlantic 

Ocean. Atlas folio. 

London, 1832 

In JoHXSTON^s Physical Atlas U an excoll^nt Chart of the Atlantic Ocoan, npon 
frfaieh i» depicted am immenie amount ofcnriotu information. 




LALANDE, (J. J.) Biblioi^phie Astronomn|ae, arec rHistoire de rAstroaomie depnia 
1781 jnsqa^k 1802. 4to, XI 10«. . Paris, 1903 

CA TALOO UK of the Scientific Books in the Library of the Royal Society of London. Fvo. 

London, 1839 
YOUNG'S Lectuea on Natural Philosophy, ed, 184S. 


ROTHMAN, (R. W.) History of Astronomy. 8vo. London, 1832 

WHEWELL, (W.) History of the Inductive Sciences. 2d edit., 3 vote. 

8vo, 42# London, 1847 

LAPLACE, (P. S.) Precis de I'hiatoire de Pastronomie. 1 vol. 8vo, 3*. 6d. 

Paris, 1821 










/ . 

I. HISTORY.— (Co7i/mi/frf.) 

BAILLY, (J. S.) Histoire de rastroaomie andenne depats ion origine 
josqo'i I'dtabliasement de PEcole d'Alexandrie» 4to. Parw» 1781 

Hist, de rastronomie modeme depuia la fbndation de I'Ecole d'Alexan- 

drie jusqu'iL I'epoque de 1730. 2 vols. 4to. ParU, 1785 

Hiat. de raatronomie ancienne et modeme, dans laqacUe oa a consenr^ 

le texte en supprimant ies details Bcientifiques, &c., pea ntiles aax 6l6ve8 
auxqoels ce livre eat destini^, (par Victor Comeyraa). 3 toIs, 8to. 

Porw, 1805 

Traitd de Pastronomie Indienne et Orientale. 4to. PartM, 1787 

VOIRON, (M.) Hiat. de raatronomie dcpuia 1781 joaqu'A 1811. 4to, 12/. 

Paris, 1811 

BENTLEY, (Jno.) A Hiatorical View of the Hinda Astronomy, from the 
Earliest Dawn of that Science in India to the Present Time : to which are 
added : Ist. Hindu Tables of £k)aations ; 3d. Remarks on the Chineae 
Astronomy ; 3d. Translation of certain hieroglyphics called the Zodiacs 
of Dendera. 8vo, 15« London, 1835 

DELAMBRE, (J. J.) Histoire de I'astronomie ancienne. 3 vols. 4to, 40/. 

Paris, 1817 
Hist, de Tastro. du moyen age. 4to, 35/ . Paris, 1819 

Hist, de I'astro. modeme. 3 vols. 4to, 50/ Paris, 1821 

Hist, de I'astro. du XVIII siicle. 4to. 36/ Paris, 1827 

Thetp «ix rolaniet of DeUmbre** f/ijrtoirv contain copiont eztracti of all the prinei- 
|)al woribt whinfa have tx-cn published on the tnbject of Astronoinj, intenpenad with 
nioirh enli^tpned crilici«Di. 

BIOT, (J. B.) RechcrclK'S siir plusiears points d'ostronomie ^gyptieonea 
appliqu^cs aoz monuments astronomiques trouvds en Egjrpte. 8vo, 10a. 

Poria, 1823 
^ SEYFFARTH, (G.) Systenia astronomis egyptiacs qoadripartium. 4to. 

Leipzig, 1833 
SCHAUBACH. Geschichte der greichiachen Astronomie. Gott., 1802 


HERSCHELL, (J. F. W.) Treatise on Astronomy. 13mo, 6a. 

Zofu2ofi, 1834 

MALKEN, (B.> Treatise on Astronomy. 8vo. . " 1830 

(Lib. I'MffoI Knowl.) 

NARKIEN, (J.) Practical Astronomy and Geodesy: including the Pro- 
jections of the Sphere and Spherical Trigonometry. For the nae of the 
Royal Military College. 8vo, 14a Limdon, 1845 

ARAGO, (M.) Popular Lectures on Astronomy. 8vo. " 1840 

CARPENTER, (W. B.) Horology and Popular Astronomy. 8TO,9a. ^. 

Zoniloii, 1843 

DICK, (T.) The Practical Astronomer, comprising illustrationa of Light 
and Colour. Practical Descriptions of all kinds of Telescopes, and other 
Astronomical Instraments : a particular Account of the Earl of Rone*! 
large Telescopes, and other topica connected with Astronomy. l3nio, 
100 eng., 10a. 6d London, 1845 

SMYTH. (W. H.) A Cycle of Celestial Objecta, for the Use of NaTml. 
Military, and Private Astronomers. Obaerred, reduced, and discotted. 9 
vols. 8yo, X22a Zomiaii, 1844 

RAPER, (Ht.) The Practice of Navigation and Nautical Aatronomy. 
8vo London, 1840 

BIOT. Traitd ^l^mentaire d'astronomie phyaique. 3* edition emiftrement 
refondue. 4 vola. 8vo, avec 4 Atlaa in 4to,/50. Porta, 1844-47 





n. GExNERAL TREATISES— (Con/inucrf.) 

WHEWELL, (W.) Astronomy and Greneral Physics considered with re- 
ference to Natural Philosophy. 8vo, St. . Loiulon, 1847 

PEARSON, (W.) An Introdaction to Practical Astronomy. 2 vols. 4to, 
JB7 7# London, 1824-1829 

COMTE, (A.) Traits philosophique d'astronomie populaire, on Exposition 
systematique de toates les notions de philosophic astronomiqaCf soit scien- 
tifiqae, soit logiques, qui doivent devenir aniversellement familidres. 8vo. 
/.7 Pari*, 1844 

FRANCOUR, (L. B.) Astronomic pratique : usage et composition de la 
connaissance du terns. 8vo,/.7 50 Paris, 1640 

Uranographie, ou trait6 dldmentaire d'astronomie, a I'usage des per- 

Bonnes peu venires dans les math^matiques. . 8vo,/.9 50 Paris, 1837 

DELAMBRE, (J. J.) Astronomic th6orique et pratique. 3 vob. 4to,/.60. 

Paris, 1814 

BAILLY, (C.) R^sum(S complet d'astronomie, ou connaissaiice de la nature 
et des mouvemeiis des corps celestes, &c., &.c. 32mo,/.60. Paris, 1825 

LITTROW, (J. J.) . Vorlesungen aber Astronomic. 2 toIs. 8vo, 13*. 6d. 

Wien, 1840 

Die Wunder des Himmels. 2d ed. roy. 8vo, and Atlas of Plates, 4to, 

£1 Stutt.,lQA2 

(C. L. V.) Theoretische u. prakt. Astronomic. 3 vols. 8vo, plates. 

Wien, 1821-S6 

LALANDE, (J. J.) Astronomic. 3 vols. 4to. Pari*, 1792 

LAPLACE, (P. S.) Exposition du systeme du monde, pr^c6d6 de Teloge 
de I'auteur par M. Fourier. 6* edn. 4to. Paris, 1835 

Le meme ouvrage. 2 vols. 8vo «« «« 

Traits de m^canique celeste. 2* ed. 1829-30 (pour Vols. I, II) 1803 

et 5 (Vols. Ill, IV) et 1825. 5 vols. 4to,/.150. . Paris. 

M6canique celeste ; translated with a Conunentary, by N. Bowditch. 

4 vols. 4to BosUm, 1829^9 

PONTfeCOULANT, ( de.) Th6orie analyUque du Systeme du monde. 
4 vols. 8vo,/.48 Paris, 1826-36 

Traite ^l^m. de physique celeste, ou Prdcis d'astronomie thdorique et 

pratique, servant d'introduction a i'6tude de cette science. 2 vols. 8vo, 
plates,/.10 Paris, 1840 

SOMERVILLE, (Mary.) On the Connexion of the Physical Sciences. 
12mo London,lS37 

Mechanism of the Heavens. 8vo. ... " 1831 

BERNOULLY, (D.) Recherches physiques et astronomiques sur la cause 
phsrsique de I'inclination des plans des orbites des plandtes par rapport au 
plan de Tequateur. 2nd edn. 4to,/.12. .... Paris. 

LE VERR YER, (U. J.) Mdmoire sur les variations s^culaires des dl^ments 
des orbites pour les sept plan^tes principales. Mercure, V6nus, la Terre, 
Mara, Jupiter, Satume et Uranus. 8vo,/.3 50. . Pari«, 1844 

D6veloppeipent8 sur plusiers points de la Throne des perturbations des 

plan5tes. dvo 1841 

(ConnaiMancfl d« Tempi poor 1844.) 

Throne de mouvement de Mercure. 8vo. . . 1845 

(Connaiasance de Temps poar 1847.) 

Recherches sur les mouvements d'Uranus. 8vo. . 1846 

- Recherches sur les mouvements de la plandte Herachell. 8vo. 1846 

(CoDBatMaiice de Temp* poor 1849.) 



* I 


./ . 




a L 


^'\ :■■ 

. / 



II. GENERAL TREATISES.— (Co7i/i/iu«/.) 

AIRY, (G. 13.) Mathematical Tracts on the lamr and planetarf theories, 
the figure of the Earth, precemion and notation, the calculus of varia- 
tions, and the undalatory theory of optics, for the use of Students. Qvo. 

Camb., 1831 

VoU. I.-XV. 4io. lumilon. Monthly Noticet of Ditto. Rvo. /^atf.. 1831-46. 

CO.WVjIISS.IJSXK IJKS TKMPa, ID 12mo. and «»o. Paris, 1678-1(146 

De morgan, (A.) An Explanation of the Gnomonic Projection of the 

Sphere. Hvo, bit London, 1836 

JEANS, (H. W.) Rul*»8 in Plane and Spherical Trigonometry: with nu- 
merous Examples and Problems. 3». Qd. . London, 1843 

Solutions of the Astronomical and other Problems in the above vo- 
lume ; designed as an Introduction to Nautical Astronomy. 3s. 6d. " 

Rules for finding the Names and Positions of all the Stare of the First 

and Second Magnitude. Royal Rvo, 3«. (id. London, 1845 

BLUNT, (C. F.) The Beauty of the Heavens. 4to, plates, 28». 

London, 1845 

AR.-IGO, (M.) The Comet. Scientific Notices of Comets in general, &c., 

translated from the French by C. Gold. Rvo, 4». London, 1833 

RUMKER, (C.) Mitilere Oener von 12000 Fix-Sternen fllr den Anfiing 
von lb36. 2 parts, 4to. 24« Hamb., 1843-45 

BODE, (J. E ) Anleitung zur Konntniss des gestiniten Himmels. Edid. 
Enko Bremiker. 10th edn., Rvo .... Berlin, 1844 


BEER, (W.) &. MADLER, (J. H.) Der Mond nach seinen komischen 

u. individunllen Verhaltniss. od. allgemeine vergleichende Selenographie. 

2 vols. 4io Berlin, 1837 

}i HAl^SEX, (P. A.) Fundumenta nova investigat orbit, verae quam Luna 

perlusirat. 4io Goth., 1838 

BEER. (W.) & MADLER, (J. H.) Map of the Moon: Mappa Seleno- 
graphica. 4 sheets, fulio. ...... Berlin, IS36 


LUBBOCK. (J. W.) Six Majw of the Stars, including those of the Sixth 
Mat;nltude, laid down according to the Gnomonic Projection. In size 25 
inches 8({uare. Plain, 1 5s. . . . London. 

With the Cunstellations coloured, 21«. 

The same on a smaller scale, 14 inches by 14, 3«. ; cold., 4s. 6d. 

(8ec Die Moruan on Gnomonic Projection.) 

WYLD, (J.) Map of the Stars and Phenomena of the Universe. London. 

SCHVVINCK, ((t.) Mappa Cmlestis, sive tabulo quinque inerrantium sep- 
timum ordinem non excedentium et usque ad XXX gradum deci. anstr. 
|M>rtinentinm, quas pro medio scculo XI X stereographice constmxit. Imp. 
folio. Jt'l 7* Leipzig, 1844 

ARGELANDER, (D. F.) Neue Uranometrie. Darstellung der im mittlem 
Europa sichtharen Sterne. Stemverzuichniss. folio (17 mapo) with cata- 
logue. Hvo, 16s ". . Berlin, 1843 

DIEN, (C.) Atlas des phdnomdnes celestes, donnant le trace des mouve- 
ments apparents des plandtes. 4to,/.lG. . . . Parts, 1843 


MAURY, (M. F.) Astronomical Obst^rvations made during the year 1845, 
at the Naval Observatory, Washington. 8TO,voi. I. Waohington, IS46 




IV. TABLES, OBSSitATIONS, dtc— (Con/inw^i.) 

JOHNSON, (M. J.) ABtronomical Observations made at the Radcliffe 
Observatory, Oxford, in the years 1840, 1843. Vols. I.-IV., roy. 8vo, 
each 16« Oxford, 1843-45 

HERSCHELL, (J. F. W.) Observations in the Southern Hemisphere. 4to. 

London, 1847 

ARGELANDER, (F. W. A.) Astronomische Beobachtungen auf der 
Stemwarte zu Bonn. Voi. 1, Durchmusterung d. Nordl. Himmels, zw. 
45 n. Grad der Declination, in d. Jahren 1841-44. 4to, IQs. Bonn, 1846 

BESSEL, (F. W.) Astronom. Beobachtungen auf der koniglichen Univer- 
sitftts-Stemwarte in Konigsberg, von 12 Nov., 1813, — vols. fol. 

Konigtherg, 1813- 

Astronomische Untersuchungen. Vol. 1., H , 4to. . Eegiom., 1840-4 

Tabole Regiomont. redact, observat. astronom. ab 1750 usque ad 

1850. 8vo Regiom., 1840 

SCHUMACHER, (H. C.) Astronomische Nachrichten. Vols. 1-S2, 4to. 

Altona, 1823-44 

—^ Sammltingvon HUlfetafeln. 8vo. " 1845 

LITTROW, (J. J.) Annalen der k. Stemwarte in Wien. 12 vols, folio, 
per vol. 14*. 6d Wien, 1813-30 


BAILY, (F.) On the Construction and Use of some new Tables for de- 
termining the Places of nearly 3000 Fixed Stars in Vol. II. of Memoirs 
of the Boy. Aetron. Society of London. .... 1826 

Catalogue of the Fixed Stars o( the Brit. Association for the Advan. of 

Science, t^ing an Enlargement of the Astron. Society's Cat. of 1827. 
sm. folio, 63«. London, 1845 

^LAMSTEED, (Rev. JoA) An account of, to which is added his 
..''British Catalogue of Stars, corrected and enlarged, by F. Baily. 4to. 

London, 1835 

GREENWICH OBSERVATORY. A Catalogue of one thousand one 
hundred and twelve stars, etc. 4to. London, 1833 

^ See alio the CataJogaes of Groombridqk, Juunbon, Richardson, Struvb'i 

DorpatCat., Bbsskl'b ZoneOlMer. 


ABOUL HHASSAN ALL Traits des instruments astronomiques des 
Arabes ; traduit de I'Arabe sur le MSS. par J. J. S^dillot. 2 vols. 4to, 
/.27. Paris, 1835 

S^DILLOT, (L. A.) M^moires sur, les instruments astronomiques des 
A^bca. 4lo. /. '^ , • ..'../ PoTM, 1841 

f^ /^'eMtiie^aridiuTreatiMt on Procticil Astronomy. Brbwstbr's 'Optics ; Prich- 
ard's Optical Instnini«BU in Lib. U»ef. Knawl. ; Youno's Lectam on Natural 
PhiloMpliy, ed. 1845. 



WILKINS, (W.) Remarks on Topography and Buildings of Athens. 8vo. 

London, 1816 

LEAKE, (W. W.) Topography of Athens ; with some remarks upon its 
antiquities. 2nd edn. 2 vols. 8vo, JCl 10«. London, 1841 

WORDSWORTH, (Rev. Dr. C) Athens and AtUca : Journal of a Resi- 
dence there. 8vo, 12« London, 1836 








TOPOGRAPHY, ANTIQUITIES, &c.— (Con/tnyfrf.) 

LOCKHART. Attica and Athens: an Inquiry into the Ciyil, Moral, and 
Religious Institutions of the Inhabitants, the Rise and the Decline of the 
Athenian Power, and the Topography and Chronology of Ancient At- 
tica and Athens. Translated from the German of K. O. MdUer, Grote- 
fend, and others. 8vo, 9« London, 1842 

BOECKH, (Auo.) Urkunden Qb. das Gewesen des Attiachen Staats. 8to, 
with Adas, in folio BerUn, 1840 

Public Economy of Athens. Translated by G. C. Lewis. 2nd. edn. 

1 vol. 8vo, 12# London, 1842 

SCHOMANN,(G. F.) De Comittiis Athenienslum. 8yo,9«. Gryph.,iei9 

A Dissertation on the Assemblies of the Athenians, ib Three Books. 

Translated from the above : with a Complete Index. 8vo. Comb., 1838 

AHRENS, (E. A. J.) De Athenarum Statu politico et literario. 4to. 

Gott,, 1829 

MULLER, (C. O ) Archaologische Mittheilungen ans Griechenland, he- 
rausg. von A. Soholl. 4to, vol. I. Athen's Antiken-Sammlung 1. 

Plates, folio, lOt Frank/., 1843 

See Arcuitkcture, Grkvce, &c. 

ATLASES, (Geographical.) 

JOHNSTON, (A. K.) National Atlas of Historical, Commercial, and Po- 
litical Geography ; constructed from the most recent and authentic sources ; 
accompanied by Maps, and Illustrations of the Physical Geography of the 
Globe, by Dr. Hy. Berghaus, and an Ethnographic Map of Europe, by 
Dr. Gustav Kombst, folio, half ru^a, X'8 8«. . Edinburgh, 1844 

THE SERIES OF MAPS, published by the Society for Diff. Useful 
Knowledge. 161 Maps, and 51 plajie of Cities. 2 vols imp. 4to, hf bd. 
£7 7*. ; coloured, JCIO 10», * 

INDEX to the Principal Places in the World (Modem) ; with rmienoe to 
the Maps of the Society for the Diffusion of Useful Knowledge. By the 
Rev. James Mickleburgh. 8vo, 5s London, 1844 

BLACK'S GENERAL ATLAS, comprising 61 Maps from the latest and 
most authentic sources, with Geographical Descriptions, and an IndeFof 
56000 Names, folio, hf bd. 56«. . . Edinburgh, 1846 

School Atlas of Modem Geography : a Series of Twenty-five Maps, 

coiistracted expressly for this work by W. Hughes, with a complete Index 
of Names, exhibiting the Latitude and Longitude of each Place, n]t<l a 
Reference to the Map. 8vo, lOt. 6d. . . . Edinburgh, 1646 

constracted upon a system of Scale and Proportion, from the Inoet rec*ent 
authorities, engraved on Steel by J. W. Lowry. Consisting of 54 Maps, 
size 18| inches by 143 inches. Plain, 20s. ; coloured, 30». 

London, 1847-8 

BUTLER. Atlas of Ancient (Geography. 8vo, 12*. London. 

D'ANVILLE'S Atlas of Ancient Geography, folio, £4 4t. . ** 

WYLD'S Ancient Atlas. 4to, 12* 

HUGHES, (W.) Atlas of Scripture Geography. 4to, 10*. Bd, 

ARROWSMITH'S Bible Atlas. 4to, JCl 1*. . 

WYLD'S Popular Atlas of the Worid, illustrated by Geographical and 

Statistical Descriptions. Consisting of 48 Maps, size 23 in. by 28 in. 

Plain, 40*. ; coloured, 60* London, 1847-8 








ATLASES, (Geographical.) — (Continued,) 

BERGHAUS, (Hy.) Sc JOHNSTON, (A. K.) The Physical Atlai; s 
Series of Maps illustrating the Cleogniphiail Distribution of Natural 
Phenomena, in 1 vol. impl. folio, half mssia. Edin , 1847 



1. — MrreoKOLooT and Maombtibm. 

2. TenoenUare. — Showinjf laothermml Lioe or Line of Equal Heat 

3, The Wind*.— 8how{Bj( the Dutribution of P««a^- Winds, Harricanei, Tyfoons, &c. 
3. Rain and Hnow.—Showing the Yearij Ainonnt falling over the Globe. 

4< Raia and Snow.— Showinf the Yearij and Daily Amonnta for Earooe. 
5. Magaetism.— The Polarizing Stmctnie of the Atmotphere. 



Physical Chart of Atlantic Ocean. 
Physical Chart of Indian Ocean. 
Phrsical Chart of Pacific Ocean. 
Tidal Map of Europe. 
River Map of Europe and Asia. 
River Map of America. 

3. — Gkoloot. 

1. Mountain Systenu of Europe. 

2. Mountain dhains in Europe and Ana. 

3. Map of the Glacier Bcfions. 

4. Mountain Chains in North America. 

5. Mountain Chains in South America. 

6. Geological Map of Europe. 

7. Geolofical Map of England. 
S. Geological Map of ScotUnd. 

9. Regions of Earthquakes and Volcanoes ovvt the Globe. 
10. Specialia of Volcmnio Girdle in Atlantic Ocean, &c 


Pbttoloot and Zooloot. 

1. Distribution of Food-Plants over the World. 

2. Distribution of Plants in Horizontal and Perpendicular directiont. 

3. Distribution of Animals. _^ 
Distribution of Uuadrupeds.ljr 
Distribution of Birds. 
Distribution of Fishes. 

7. Distribution of Reptiles and Snakes. 

8. Distribution of Man — Enrooe. 

9. Distribntioa of Man— Britisn Islands. 





STURT, (Capt. Chas.) Two Expeditions into the Interior of Southern 
Australia, 1828-31. 2 vols. 8vo., £1 St. London, 1833 

BENNETT, (G.) Wanderings in New South Wales, 1832-4. 2 vols. 
8vo, Xl 8« London, 1834 

MITCHELL, (Sir T. L.) Journal of an Expedition into the Interior of 
New South Wales. 2d edit.. 2 vols. 8vo, £2. London, 1839 

BURTON, (W. W.) State of Religion and Education in New South 
Wales. 8vo, 12« London, 1840 

GREY, (Capt. G.) Journals of two Expeditions of Discovery in North- 
west and Western Australia, in 1837-8-9. 2 vols. 8vo, £1 I6s. 

London, 1841 

BACKHOUSE, (J.) Narrative of a Visit to the Australian Colonies. 8vo, 
I6t 1843 

HOOD, (J.) Australia and the East, Voyage to New South Wales, and 
Residence in Sydney and the Bush, d&c. 8to, 14«. London, 1843 


a /. 








EYRE, (E. J.) Journals of EbLpeditions of Discovery into Central Aostra- 
lia, and overland from Adelaide to King George's Sound, in 1840-41 ; 
sent by the Colonists of South Australia ; including an Account of the 
Aborigines and the State of their Relations with Europeans. 2 vols. 8vo, 
numerous illustrations, 36«. London^ 1845 

STOKES, (J. J.) Discoveries in Australia, Ebcplored and Surveyed during 
the Voyage of H. M. S. Beagle : also, Capt. Owen Stanley's Visits to the 
L<lands in the Araliiura Sea. 2 vols. 8vo, plates and maps, 40«. 

London, 1846 

EARL, (G. W.) Enterprise in Tropical Australia. 8vo, 6«. Lond., 1846 

ANGAS, (G. F.) Iniprc»iions of Savage Life, and Scenes in Australia and 
New Zealand. 2 vols. 8vo, 24« London, 1846 

MAJORIBANKS, (A.) Travels in New South Wales. 12mo. 

London, 1847 

S«w aJ^ Capt. KiNo'd Sunry, Otley'o Ezprdttion, Piao!!** aad FaKVcmrr's 
Voya^. t*iMMuM>ti' Colonial .Mafaziar, BritiJi Colonial Library, &c. 

London, 1840 


f > ' 

ARROWSMITH, (J.) Map of Western Australia. 


LANG, (Rev. J. D.) An Historical and Statistical Account of New South 
Wales, a vols. 12nio, 3d edit., XI U. . London, 1837 

STEPHENS, (JoH.N.) The History of the Rise and Progress of the new 
British Provinces of South Australia. 8vo, 2d edit., 8«. London, 1839 

PRIDDEN, (W.) Australia ; its History, Condition, dec. 13mo, So. 

London, 1843 
BRAIM. History of New South Wales, from its Settlement to the close 
of the Year 1^^4. 2 vols, post 8vo, 12 illust., 21«. London, 1846 

Sc« Cvnmnodax'h Two Yean in N. 8. Walet. 


GREY, (Geo.) A Vocabulary of the Dialects of Southwestern Australia. 
12ino, 2d edit. London, 1841 

MAYER. (H. A. E.) Vwabulary of the Language spoken by the Abori- 
gines of South Australia. 8vo Adelaide, 1843 

STURMAN, (C. W.) Vocabulary of the Pamkalla Language, q>oken by 
the Natives of the Western Shores of Spencers Gulf. 8to. 

Adelaide, 1844 

TIECHELMAN, (C. T.), and SCHURMAN, (C. W.) OuUine of a Gram- 
mar, Vocabulary, and Phraseology of the Aboriginal Language of South 
Australia. 8vu Adelaide, 1840 


STRZELECKI, (P. F. de.) Physical Description of New South Wales 
and Van Dieman's Land ; accompanied by a Geological Map, Sections, 
and Diagrams, and Figures of the Organic Remains. 8to, 19 plates, 24*. 


HODGKINSON, (C.) Austmlia ; from Port Macquarie to Moreton Bay : 
with Descriptions of the Natives, their Manneis and Customs ; the Geol- 
ogy. Natural Productions, Fertility, and Resources of that Region. Firat 
explained and sun-eyed, by order of the Colonial Government. 8vo, plates 
and map, 12« 1844 

GOULD, (J.) The Birds of Australia. &c. Parts 1-22 imperial folio, 
each with 17 coloured plates and descriptive letter-press. X3 3«. 

London, 1843-46 
^yaop.i« of do.. Part* 1-. each "Xm. 




IV. NATURAL HISTORY. --iContinved.) 

GUILLEMIN. Icones plantarum AustralasiflB rariorom. 4to, /.lO. 

Paris, 1827 
DUTTON, (F.) South Australia and its Mines. 8vo. London, 1846 

BARTLETT, (T.) New Holland: its Colonization, Productions, and 
Resources ; with Observations on the Relations subsisting with Great 
Britain, post 8to, 7«. 6d. London, 1843 

AUSTRIA.— History, &c. 

COXE, (W.) History of the House of Austria. New edit., 3 vols. 8vo, 
10«. 6d. (BohnU Sundard Library.) London, 1847 

WILDE, ^W. R.) Austria : its Literary, Scientific, and Medical Institu- 
tions ; with Notes upon the Present State of Science, and a Guide to the 
Hospitals and Sanatory Establishments of Vienna, post 8vo, (Dublin), 
9s. 6d London, 1843 

TURNBULL, (P. E.) Notices of the Government and People of Austria. 
2 vols. 8vo London, 1837 

ELLIOTT, (Rev. C. B.) Travels in the three great Empires of Austria, 
Russia, and Turkey. 2 vols. 8vo London, 1838 

MAILATH, (J.) Geschichte von Ostreich, vob. 1-3. 8vo, £1 5*. 

{Heerm und UkrrCa GtackickU.) Hamburgk, 1834-42 

TEGOBORSKI, (M. de.) Des Finances et du Credit Public d'Autriche, 
de sa Dette, de ses Reasources Financi^res, et de son Systdme d' Imposi- 
tion, avec quclques rapprochemens entre ce pays, la Prusse, et la France. 

2 vols 8vo, 15/ Paris, 1843 

»^ RAUMER, (F. voN.) Geschichte der Hohenstaufen. 2d edit., 6 vols. 8vo, 
48«. , Leipzig, 1840u3 

ADAIR. Historical Memoir of a Mission to the Court of Vienna in 1806, 
by the Right Hon. Sir Robert Adair, with a Selection horn his Dispatches. 
Published by permission of the proper authorities. 8vo, 18« 

London, 1844 

The Negotiations for the Peace of the Dardanelles, in 1808-9 : with 

Dispatches and Official Documents. Being a Sequel to the Memoir of 
his Mission to Vienna in 1806. 2 vols. 8vo, 28s. London, 1^45 

NOSTITZ, (CoMTE DE.) De Tavenir de I'autriche, trad, de I'allemagne. 
8vo Paris, 1843 

REVELATIONS OF AUSTRIA. By M. Koubrakiewicz, ex- Austrian 
Functionary. 2 vols, post 8vo, 2l« London, 1846 

LABORDE, (le Comte A. de.) Voyage Pittoresque en Autriche. 3 vols. 

folio, /.120 Pari*. 1821-23 

TIm third vol. It entitled Precis historiqne de la gaerre entre la France et 1' Antricha 
en 1809. reprinted Part>, 1833, in 1 vol. 8vo, aveo nn atJai, de 35 pi., /.SO. 


CRAWFORD, (J.) Journal of an Embassy to the Court of Ava. 2 edit., 

2 vols. 8vo, 15s London, 1834 

See Stmes's Embawv to Ava : 4to. 1800. Two Yean in Ava, by an Offioer : 8vo, 
1837. Cox's Retidenoe in the Barman Empire. 


BULLAR, (J. AKD H.) A Winter in the Azores, and a Summer at the Baths 
of the Furnas. 2 vols. 8vo, 28« London, 1841 

SEUBERT, (M.) Flora Azorica ex coUectionibus schedisque Hochstetteri. 

4to, 10s 6d Bonn., 1844 

See Bote's DeM»iptioa of the Azores. 8vo, London, 1835. 





., / 

«.- -. 









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See Brc KINO HAM 'k Tra\-eb in Mewpotrnmut. Portbb'* Travelt in Georgia, ke 
Mai-rick on the Ruint of Babylon. I<ord Kkppkl'b Traveb in Babyloaia. ko. 
IIbkrkm's RcM^Kilm. Fraskr'h MMopotamia and AMjiiar— Joar. of Ooogr. 
Society. Bkkk's Originen Biblicc, etc. 


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See Tknnbmaxn'b Gcschicbted. Philoaoph. Accoant of Bacom** NoTom Oi;(aaoa 
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BACTRIA, (See Bokhara.) 

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Konige v. Bactrien. Hmnozer, 1839 

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See Wilmon's Ariana Aatiqna. 




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Ballads, Songs, and other Pieces of our Older Poets ; together with some 
few of later date. New edition, 3 vols. fcp. 8vo, 18«. . Londo9, 1844 

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With other Antient and Modem Ballads and Songs relative to this cele- 
brated English Yeoman. To which is prefixed, his History and Charac- 
ter, grounded on other documents than those made use of by his former 
Biographer, ** Master Ritson." 2 vols. 8vo, with Cuts by F. W. Fairholt, 
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ginal ; founded on well-known Border Legends. With illustrative Notes. 
Square 8vo, 15s London, 1846 

BALLADS.] 63 [ballads. 

BALLADS.— (Cow/mucd.) 

A COLLECTIOJf OF OLD BJILl^DS, oorrectod from the b«t and moit ancieDt 
Copifli exUat, with iDtrodoctioiu hUtorical and critical. 3 vob. 12mo, plate*. 

London, 173H-38 

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Dublin, 1789 
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is prefixed a Dissertation on the Irish Harp, Harpers, &c., 4to, 3l«. 6d. 

London, IQ40 

fi.. t. 

, / 

f, -/ 

• A : 




U ' 

BALLADS.] 64 [ballads. 

BALLADS.— {Continued.) 

SCOTT, (Sir W.) The Minstrelsy of the Scottish Border. 8vo. 

London, 1840 
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(Repriatod. B<MU>n, 1H40. Ticknor k, Co.) 
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(Burnt* Fimide Library.) 

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New edition, with Notes by W. Stenhousc and D. Laing. 6 vols. 

£2 12/t. 6d Jjondon, lt<39 

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nioiK More l(kM». With (tlo^«ary. 2 voU. imall Hvo. . . Kdinhmrfrk, 17A) 

The Tt-a Table Mi-^t-ellaiiy. 4 %ok l'2mo. ... Edinb., YiSQ 

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Kdinh., 17TB 
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Glovary. S vol*. 12mo, 1(U Kdinb.. J801 

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crowns ; with a (jlo«<kary. 4 vol«. t:<vo Edin., l^nS 

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FAinhwgk. 1808 

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GILCHRIST. (J.) A Collection of Ancient and Modern Scottbh Ballads, Tain aad 
tV)n;r4. iic. 'ivols. I'Jino l^rfimi.. ]H|3 

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earliest timn. ^\o Ijomdon, 1831 

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FAiinb., 1837 

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li^he:i. i vols. Hvo 1898 

SCOTTISH Traditional Venet of Ancient Ballads, edited by J. II. Dison. im. 8to. 

(Percy Socii-ty.) 




n. GERMAN, dw:, 

TAYLOR, (Edgar.) Lays of the Minnesingers, or German Troubadours 
of the Xllth and Xlllth Centuries, sm. 8vo, 9«. London, 1825 

SONGS AND BALLADS translated from the German of Uhland, Komer, 
Burger^ «lc.> by C. T. Brooks. 6vo. Boston, iS'il 

Ripley's S|ieciment of Foreign Literature. 

GERMAN BALLADS AND SONGS: comprising translations from 
Schiller, Komer, Uhland, Bdrger, Gothe, Fouque, Chamisso, Becker, etc. 
12mo, 2«. 6d. . (Burn*'i Firenide Libmry.) London, 1845 

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altesten Zeiten bis auf die neure Zeit. 8vo, XIO. Quedling., 1835-45 

Abth. I.— VoU 1-3, 5-13, 15-24. 
Abth. n.— VoU. 1-2. 
Abth.— III.— Vol. 1. 

BODMER, (J. J.) u. BRETINGEN. Samml. v. Minnesingem aus dem 

Schw&bischen Zeitpuncte CXL Dichter,enthalt. durch Ruedigcr Manessen ; 

weiland des Rathes der urhalten Zurich, a. d. MSS. a. Kgl. Frz. Bibliot. 

herausg. 2 vols. 4to, 10«. .... Zurich, 1758-9 

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3 voU. 4to (3d a fragment). 50« BeHin, 17»4-5 

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dien. Bvo. fi* Berlin, 1HU7 

— — Literariscber Grandiu* zur Geschiehte d. deotjchen Foeaie von der Eltetten Zcit. bis in 
da. 16te Jahrfaandert. 8vo. 10« Berlin, 1812 

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Vienna, 1HI7 

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LASSBERG. (Jos. v.) Lieder»aaJ. Sammlong alttentscher Gedichte aiu nnsedruckti>n 
Unellen. Vols. I.-IV., roy Hvo, 50* Eppisk., 1821-46 

ERLACII, (F. C) Die VolksUcder der Deatschen. Eine voIlst&nAige Sammlang dcr voi^ 
ZQfflichen dentschen Volkitlieder von der raitte det L^lcn bi* in die erste Hdlttc de« liHed 
Janrh. mit den ndthigen Bemerkungen n. Hinweisongen, wo die vontcfaiedenen Liedon 
anf gufanden werden kunnen. 5 voU. Hvo, 34jr Mannk., It^U-O 

MhV.VESLVOER, deutsche Liederdichter d. 12te 13te n. 14te Jahrh. ans alien bekanntoQ 
Handschrif\en, &c., mit I^eben d. Diditer, Sangweiaen. u. Abbild. silmtl. Handiichr. v. F. 
II. V. d. Hagen. 5 vols. 4to. £5. .... . . Ijtiptiff, 1838 

KORNER, (P. M.) Histor. Volktlieder a. d. XVI. u. XVIL Jahr. nach. d. in Miinrh. 
vorh. fliegenden, Bliittem, mit. Vorw. v. J. A. Schmeller. 8vo, Is. SttUt., 1840 

WALTER. (W.) Deutsche Volkslieder, welche noch gegenwartig im Munde de^ Volkos 
leben u. in keiner bisher enicheinen Sammlongen zu finden kind. 8vo, 4s. J^ipzig, 1811 

WOLF, (F.) Uber die Laii. Scqoenzen u. Leiche. Zur Geschicte der Lieder dos Mittelal* 
ter«. 8vo. Heidrl., 1841 

WALTER (v. D.) Vogelweide. Credichte herausg. v. K. Lacbman. 8vo, 4«. 

Brrlin, 1843 

BOTENLAUREX. Gewhichte und Gedichte die Minnesangers Otto v. Botenlaubun. Mit 

Urkundeabuch n. Abbild. herausg. von L. Bech»tein. 4to, 48«. Leipzfg. Ib43 

VOLKSLIRDRR, alter hoch-u. niederdeutsche, mit Abhandlnng u. Anmerk. herausg. 
T. L. Uhland. Vol. 1, Liedersamml. 8vo. 14«. . . . . Stuttg., 1844 

FIRMENICII. (J. M.) Germaniens Volketstimmen. Sammlung der dentschen Mundarten, 
Dichtungen, Sagen. Volkslieder, &c. 4to. Vis Berlin, 1845 

ARNIMundBRENTANO. Des Knaben Wunderhom. Alte dent«cher Lieder. 3vols.8vo. 

Berlin, 1*15-4C 

WOLF. (0. L. BO POetischer Ilaosschatz des deutschen Volket : volUtandig<este Samm- 
lung deut^cher Gedichte nach den Gattungen geordnet, begleitet von einer ^nlcitung die 
Gesetze der Dicht-Kunst im allgemeiner. etc. 8vo Leipzig, 1844 


BOWRING, (J.) Servian Popular Poetry. l2mo. . London, 1827 
STEPHANOWITSCH, (W.) Serbische Volkslieder. 4 vob. 8vo. . BeHin, 1824-33 
transl. par Mme. E. Voiart. 2 vols. 8vo Paris, 1831 

TRAJfSt^TlOM'S FROM THE SERVUie MIJfSTRELST ; with some Snedmens 
of Anglo-Norman Romances. 4to London, litiG 


a ./-; 



C /. 

; / . 

■A, f u 





•J ■ 

/ - . - 


^'t ; 

BALLADS.] 66 [ballads. 

BOHEMIAN, &c. * 

BOVVRING. (J.) Clieskian Anthology ; being a History of the Poetical Liteimtnre of Bo- 
hemia, with TraiHiatcd Sp(*cimen«. 12fno. Ij^nil&n, 183S 

8p<>cinien« of the Poliah Poets. I3mo Lsndmm, 1897 

Specimens of the Rossian Poets. 3 volt. ]3nio Lmidon, 1821-93 

Poetry of the Magyan, preceded by a Sketch of the T anfnma md Literature of Hon- 

gary and Transylvania. I3iii0 % . Lond^n^ 1839 


GEIJER, (E. G. ocH A. A. AFZELIUS.) Svenska Folk-Viaor friln Fom- 
tiden, samlsde och atgiftie af. 3 vols. 8vo. Stockholm, 1814-16 

ATTERBOM, (P. A.) Sveiwka Siarc och Skalder. 2 toIb. 8vo. 16*. 

Upoala, 1843 
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Stockholm, 1834 

STUDACH, (J. L.) Sohwedische Volkaharfe, mit e. Bcilage von Nona- 

naliedem and Melodien. 12mo, with mtuic. S^kholm, 1826 


BORROW, (Q.) Romantic Ballads, translated from the Danish. 8to. Isondon, 1P9G 

FRIMAN, (C.) Almuens Sanger. Svo kapn., I7U0 

GRIMM, (W. C.) Altd&nischu Ileldcniiedor. Ralladcn, nnd Marchen. nbers. Drei .\lt- 
schottiache Lieder, &R. 8 vob. 8\'o lliddrib., \i^\\-l2 

ABRAIIAMSON, NYERUP, oo. RAIIBEK. UdvalgtoDanskeViaerfraMiildelaMenni. 
5 vol* Wmo Cspei*.. l-l-J-M. 

ITtlvalgte Danske Viier fm Midten af det l(!de Aarhundrede til heninrod Midten af «lei 

18de. med Melodier. 3 vols. I'Jmo iopnt.i\**il 

NYERUP, (R.) Almindelig MorskabslKsning i Danmark vg. Norge. C'^fm., 1816 

THIELE. (J. M.) Danske Folkesagen. 5 vols Copen., \i*l\\-'iA 

Denmark's Folketagn. 2 vols. fHo 8* Cnprm., IH43 

MOLBECII, (C.) Dansk Poetitk Anthologie. 3 vols. B\o, 18«. . Copcm,, I.S30 


BOVVRING, (J.) Batavian Anthology ; or Specimens of the Dntch Poets. ISmo. 

lAmdon, I8d4 
HOFFMAN, (Dr. H.) Hollandische Volkslieder ; gesammelt nnd erlftntert. 8to. 

BrrMen. 1P23 

CHOIX DE ClLiXSOXS et Poesies Wallones. (Pays de Liege.) ewe U .Vux'^ve. 

royal 8vo 6* ^--^f^y lr4A 

ICELANDIC— (See Edda.) 

GRTMM, (J. k, W. K.) Die lieder der alten Edda aos einer alten Handschrift heransg. nnd 
eriiliirt dnrch die Briider Grimm. 8vo Berlin, WSS 


COSTELIiO, (Miss.) Specimens of the Eiarly Poetry of France from the 

Time of the Troubadours and Trouveres to the Reign of Henri Quatre. 

8vo London, l8Si5 

CHANTS ET CHANSONS Populaires de la France. 3 vols. impl. 8vo, 

with the Music and Elngravings on copper. /.54. Paris, 1843 

WOLF. (O. L. B.) Alt. franiosiche Volkslieder, heraoig. von. 8vo. . JMpzift, 1831 
Lk ROtTX DK LINCY . Recneil de chantji hi-itorit^nes francais, depnis le 13e jnicqa'aB 

IHe sit'cle, avec des notices et nne introdactlon, Ire s^ne, du 13e an 15e sicde. S vob. I.^'mo. 

PnriM, 1«41 
RIV ARES, (Frkdkric.) Chansons et Airs Popniaires dn Beam. Recneillii par P. Rivare*. 

Royal t»\0, 12» .' . . . Port*, lAM 

BAR^AS BREIZ, ( ) Chants popniaires de la Bretagne, recoriJlis et pnbli^ avec wm 

tradnction fran^ ais, des dclainsMroents, des notes, et les melodies originales. par Th. do 

la Villemarqnd. Svob. 8vo,/.15 Parity 

CABRTE. Le Tronbadonr modeme ; on Po6sies po|inIaires de nos proviam m^hdionales, 

tradoits en fraagais el prAcM^ d'nn disconn snr la langneet la littAiatara piovearale, de- 

puis lenr origine jnsqn'^ nos jonrs. 8vo,/.7. Pt^ri$,Vd4A 

MONET, (M.) Aatbologie Fran^oise, on Chansoni Choiaiea depnia le 13a liede. 3 vob. 
8vo P«rM, ITtS 



[banks, banking. 


LOCKHART, (J. G.) Ancient Spanish Ballads, Historical and Romantic. 
2nd Edition , . . London, 1843 

The same reprinted, (W. &,?). New- York, 1842 

BOWRI|fl|L (J.) Ancient Poetry and Romances of Spain. 8vo. 

^^ London, 1823 

SANCHEZ, (Don T. A.) Colleccion de Poesias Castellanas, anteriores al 

Siglo XV. 4 torn, 8vo Madrid, 1779 

RODD, (Thos.) Ancient Ballads from the Civil Wars of Granada and the 
Twelve Peers of France. 8vo. . . . -7 London, 1801 

— — History of Charles the Great and Orlando. With Metrical Versions 
of Spanish Ballads, relating to the Twelve Peers of France. 2 vols. 8vo. 

London, 1812 

DEPPING, (C. B.) SammlDDg der besten aiten Spanischen-IiittoriMben ond Maariachen 

RoManzei, 3cc. 12mo, Mtenb., 1817 

DTBZ, (F.) Alt. Spanuche Romanxen. Ubera. von F. Diez. 2 vob. 8vo. Fnmkf., 1818-91 

DEPPING, iG. A.) Collectioa de los Celebres Romances antignos Efpaaolea, emend, nor 
nn Eapafiol Retugiado. 3 vok. 16mo. London^ loSS 

BOHL DK FABER, (Don J. N.) Floresta de Rimat Antiqna* Castellanas. 3 vob. 8to. 

Hamburg, 1891^ 
DURAN, (Don Ava.) Coleccion de Romancei Castellanoi anteriorat al Siclo XVIU. 
Ton 1, Romances Momcoa. Tom 3, DocUiaaJei, Amatoriat, &.c. "i vob. sm. 8vo. 

Madrid, 18S8-9 

-^ Romanoero de Romances Moruros, compnesto de todos los de esta claae que contiene 
el Romanoero General, impreie en 1614. 8vo Madrid, 18S8 

— ^ Caaciero y Romancero de Coplas y-cancibnet de arte menor, letras, letriUae, romances 
oortM y glonu. 8vo. Madrid, 1899 

Romancero de Romance* Cabellerescos, HUtorioos. 3 voU. sm. 8vo. Madrid, 1899-33 

GRIMM, (J.) Stlva de Romances viejos. l&no Vienna, 1831 

WOLF, (F. J.) Floresta de Rimas Mbdemas Castellanas, con. Introd. Noticias, S vob. 
8vo. . . . . \ PoTM, 1837 

ROSA DE R0M,1J^ES, 6 Romances sacados do las " Rosa^ de Jnan Timoscda, 
esooirido«, ordenados, y aaolados por Don. F. J. Wolf. 13mo, 3f. . I^/ts., 1846 

OCUOA, (D. E. DK.) Tcsoro de los Romanoeros y Cancionerea Espafiolas, bbtorioos oabd- 
leiescos, mori»cos y otros. 8vo Paris, VS38 

ROMAJfCERO Castellaao, 6 colleccion de antisnos romances popniares de los Espagnoles, 
pnklicada con nna introdaocioa y notas por G. B. Depping. Nneva edkuon, con las notas 
de Lon. Ant. Ale. Galiano. 3 vob. 13mo, 16« I^Mpiig, 1845 

MICHEL, (Fr.) Cancioneio de Jnan Alf. de Baena. Collection d*anciens troobadonrs 
Enpagnob. 2 vob. 13roo -MP^V* 1^*7 


FAURIBL, (M. C.) Chants Populaires de la Grece modeme, recueillis et 
trad. 2 vols. 8vo Paris, 1824 

Translated by C. B. Sheridan. 8vo. . London, 1825 


SPECIMENS of the Popular Poetry of Persia, as foand in the Adventures 
and Improvisations of Kurroglou, the Bandit-Minstrel of Northern Persia ; 
and in the Songs of the People inhabiting the shores of the Caspian Sea. 
Orally collected and translated by A. Chodzko. 8vo. . London, 1842 

Oriental Transl. Fund. 

COSTELLO, (Miss.) The Rose Garden of Persia, a Series of Transla- 
tions from the Persian Poets. 8vo, 18«. . London. 1845 


HARDCASTLE, (D.) (Page ?) Banks and Bankers. 1 vol. sm. 8vo, 2d 
edn Zofufen, 1842 

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ZMufen, 1837 

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U (^ 


Si ' 


i*. ;.- 





[basque provinces. 

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r • 

U r- 



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I. HISTORY, &c. 

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n. LANGlfAGE.— (Co7i/i>iufti.) 

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See McCuLLorn's Geo;;raphica] Dictionary, and the aothorities there qaoted. 
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L L 

A. / 

.' / 




( .- 

BENGALI LANGUAGE.— (Cow/inwcd.) 

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orrsiiipprr* ic^m 

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iM* of ^tiulrnta. nin. folio C^lemtta, \\fi\ 

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Uvo Ciacutta, 1H15 




THK LO.VntKV f'.1T.'lfJ>GrK of Booki pnMUiail in Great Brilwn, wiib the* 
tixn. |>ricr«, ami |iDUi«b«.Tk' naiun. from i'<14 to IKM. Hvo, 31«. I/am^m, 1*^ 

run PCni.lSHF.K'S riRrVl.,iR. nnH t^rnmd Rrconl of Britiah mad Fon^ I.ib-ra- 
turr ; i-ontminiD|r a roin(44^r Ai|ilialMftiral IjutoTail Mtw woriupaMMlinl in imtrnX Bniais, 
anil rtrry worli of intrmt pabluhtnl abroad, witli thrir Miea, prion, kc. Voh. I.-X. H«o. 

Putili^hiii on tlir l»t and IJkb of rach moath. 8lir. pn annaBi. 

ltiHIJOOR.n'HlE l)K /..I /'K.I.MT'f:. on Jooraai fi-neral da I'lnipriaMip rtd»h 
I.ilirairif. H ili'« rartn ci'Oi;ra|»hiiiU«-^, fravura. litlMfra|»hM et a^Ti«t dt> ■nH»{«p. 

VoJ«. I.-XXXVII. Hio Peru. ipii>-r; 

PulrfMu'd wrekly, at *Jll frana |wr aanom. 


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Turn P. y<vo Lomdmm,li*^ 

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P»r> Iluiticmc Irttre. Etuih-w mir la construction dca BibliotM«|ar«. 
^vo f3 Pmrio, IMS 

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rnrrnnL'«'ni^nt. la cinvrvatitm rt I'n d ministration den bibliothe<|iM«. IHmo. 
/3 />«ris. lt(41 

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*J viiU ^<v>>. Dijom, mS 

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e. Kntnloin* !*owfihl nnrh «l. Wr^w. als narh d.Titeln. 8to. JTaHs., II 

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Pti'iriiia rn. Hto Bretimm, 1838 

n^^RAI'I). ' ; Emkii wir Irs hvrei dans Tantiqait^, pattieriarti it e m e itt 
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illustrated by Original Letters and Notes, etc. 8vo, plates, 12«. 

London, 1829 

. -, # 







. / 






L ■ L 


/. / 

/. / 






1 ' ♦- . 






III. SPK( lAL.— (Con/i/ii/rrf.) 

Dl-PLKSSIS. Bibliufrraphif pardmiolo^iquc. Etude* biblioxraphiqae* cC 
iitt^^rairtyi Bur Ica ouvragps, frairiiienud'uuvnignetopiucalrfl qj^cialpmcBI 
Conwicri^M Biix Pruverben doiifl touted l<rfl languc«, suivi d* un apiMrndirr, Dn choix de curiosit(fi« iMiK'iniologiqnefl. 8vo,/.lU. Paru, IMi 

BAUIVIKK. (A. A) Dictionnain' dt>H OuTrages Anonynim et Pieudtiiipurii. 
*2t\ edit., 4 volf«.. avrc W. Nuiivenu R(*ruril par Maune. 5 Yok. Hto. 

ParU, I-^J^t 

KN(«KLMANN, (W.) Bibllbtheca Scriptonun Claaiiconim et (jrvcunuii 
et Ijntinoruiii. bvo, 8«. Leipzig, 1^47 

DK.M AN N K, (M .) Nouveau recueil d'ouvragtrs anonyiui's el piwQdon}iiii>ii 
8vo Pari8, 1^34 

LANC'KTTI. (V.) Pscudoniniia, ovvew tavole alfabrtiche dc' noun tinti o 
fiiip|KNtti (if^li M:riitori, con la contra ppuoixione de' vert. Hvo. 

Vtn^zia, Ift36 
DK KrKt:, ^C. F.) liiblio^rapbie IiwtructiTe, avec le Supplpinent. et Tabl«- 
dcfi Aii«>iiviii«ti. lOioiii. t^vo. .... PariM, 1 iGS-^'J 

Tho Hililio;:ruii)iy of i-aLk inbjevt wiU be found uadar tin ratpective hvatU. 



Tin: lUoGhWrUICAL OrrTinXARY odyicSocwiy for ihedith^nn 
of IVtul K:iuwlrdf;f . PariD I.-VII., completing the tetter A. tTo, rarh 
rjx. London, ltM;M't 

IK^SK. (II. J.) New (iriu'ral Hio^raphical Dictionary, pniji^ted anii partly 

iirr:inL'«d I'V II. J. Kiifi*, rto. V(»lf< I -XII., each 1^«. Lund.^ ]^-Ut-l7 

.7 1 Tftlth'OH.II'll 1 . a < 'olki-tiun of tho nto«t iiutrurMte apil amoiinff Livm r\rt ii>ib 
li<liiil. Written liv till* PorlH^ tlifiU'4-ivr« : with bfirf introdudioiis nnd rom.a niiwM 
M-i|iM N. (-nrrvins uu thr narraiitc to the <ie>iib orrftch wnlvr. 311 vuli. I limn. 

.i.V.Vf .//. iitOf^, (Thi;. aDiI Obitnar) from thr year IH|7 lo Ibr >w l-CTj. d 
till*. r>\ii, «-ai*h I'm. I^*m4am, !■■ 17-37 

ril.XMlU'.K.'^. K , iif lJla«tri«iii« and IHitin^DMhrd HcoCchinrn, fnmi thr EnHw^ 
|M'ii(t.l lu iltr p.-i-M-iit tiiiir. 4 \iil>. fMi. Ot»Mf,Hr, l.'CO-J3 

roI.r.RIINiK. 'II.) Bio;!ra|ihta Bo:r:ili<; or I..i>n of lNktin*niabrd Noftlmai. r*%o. 

I^mmJ»m, i'Q3 
Fi>R>iTF.R, (J^o.; Li«« i*f Em nmr Hriiuh Htatr«nirn. 7 \tA*. ISno. Aim. 

(In'« ('%■ liipvdia.y l^rrndfim. I'OI-TJ 

(•til'I.P. J ) I(iii;;rajiliii-uJ I):i(i«iii;»r> ol raiiitrr*. :<riilfilort. Engraven, anil .\ri-hi;rru 
*i \i>U. l-.'lini /,«BwVa. I'UI 

M Xrifil.IJVR.W. ( W.) Li\<-« ol' r.niiuint ZitoloirMs. fmm Amlollr to LinaaM, in 

r:ii<|\i-. til*. I'.*iiii>, .Vf ijitr.^VM 

M.M'Nhl'.K. t' .■ Till' ltiiij'ra;iliii-al Trd-nry : a nr«r and roiiiplHr Diriioflary of I'ai- 
t<T-aI Itim-raiih). riin«Mine of \\w l.iir« fif alM»tr l'i.(IK) Kmiaral IVrMm*. f.-voi llw 
rn'hiM |»riOil* of lli*tnrv lo tlie Tt-ar 1-11 Ni-w rditiua. with HapiilnBrBi. frii. m«. 

f^. M /rfvJMi. IMI 

\V \l.l'«»I.r.. II . rnl«to?iir of tlio Royal and Niddr Auihoh of Civat BiHaia. wnJi 

l.i>t< ol iln-ir WikLo. inlarri-*! by T. I'lirk. .'• ««•!<. r<%o. / rn4rm. I^V 

WII.I.MtnT. R \ Li\r.iif i|. .<;i.,i-.| I'll-**. •.' vid,. Wnw. . tendon. MOk-'^ 

U \l.'i'>»\. I Ttir I.iir. of Ur. Itonnr. Sir II. WoCUm. R llookrr. U««. HriWrt. a^ 

Ilr II. r*.iii )i r.iin. p-to. ijttmiUm, i-TLl 

tU^TLVa I istlt n MF.y of Mo! 'fi Thim-^ Au-h-ntir Rnfraidiira of I'V Pbv^a* of 

.-ili riiinim-*. lilii'trioui IB i)h> Art-, r>i ii-ii>-i-«. and l.iU'ramn-, wiih »o»l«-i.t>. 4 %o*i 
I-.*iiio. ]i • ijmudmm. |0« 

I.ii|mik'<i I'o'^'iit* and M<*moir». I'iiikk'^ \Vo"bif^. Jt^Ean^'ii Frnialv l*o«r«rvB*. 
J^^r .•■x'k |t"3ii-|.« of ttii- I'lfo* (> I*. .■:; ■• II . Jiill^««^*« lj«ti<« of thr ToK*. <'■%!«'• 

I'iir>.ii: ill' Krii'wliiS^'f i.mli r ll.tti nili ■ . ('• NMMtilA^'n l^in^of' thr |'<tialrf«. ric. 

tilitfik.iVHU I Xn'Htsr.l l.y. An i'-i.n-.>- M'Kirrn-. oti Ili«toi-r. |.ar «»Itv V"ha 
lo'i-.-it iif !n % t«- |tuldi>iiii- «-* i-n^ir •'•■ i>iii« Jm« )ii»iiinir. f|ai tc «ABt fai? rrMVija T p^r 
b -m •■ ••'.. It iir. X tKiii> l^iir> lal< ni« |i'iir> vi^ii* oil Inir* fnni«^ ; ontrasr rnJi^ iiaf 
uAr to- if'i* •!<■ e-ni df Iritfti rt ilf •aiant*. .VJ vol*, pvo, /.JiM. Michaad. Fark* 

— — H'jiijiliiiirnt. \ ul«. 1— .flu. <.La<;m-. / •*. 





BI0OR4PHIE UJ^irERSELLE, etc. : nouvelle ddition, prtcddde d'an disconn pre- 
limiaaire de Ch. Nodier, contioode jiuqa'k nos joun, revue, corrigbe et coDtiddrablement 
aofment^e d'articles omu oa noaveanx : ouvrage r^dig^ et lignd par pliu de troi* oeots 
ooUabomteon fran^aiB ct etrangera. PariSf 1842 

L'Oavra^ te pablie eo 40 v6b. par liVraiMmt d'on demi vol. grand ia-8. Prix de 
chaqae volume, f.m 50. 

BIOORjiPHIE UXIVERSELLE, ou Dictionnaire hbtorique, dcpuis le commencement 
da roonde jusqu'k nos jour», par une soci^td de geni* de lettnM, ton* la direction de M. 
Wciis ; novelle edition. 6 vols, grand in-8, orn^v de 60 portraits aur acier,/.60. Paris. 

BIOORAPUIE VKIVERSELLE et portative des contemporainet. Diotioonaire histo- 
riquen des hommes vivants et morts, depnis 1788 k nos joun, publr6 sur sous la direction de 
MM. Rabbe, Vieil des Boisjolin et Sainte-Preuve. 5 vols. 8vo, /.40. ParU, 1836 

OO Y. Edited by William Smith, LL. !>., editor of the " Dictionary ofGreek and Roman 
Antiquities. " 3 vols. 8vo, illustrated by numerous engravings on wood, £i W». 

lAmdon, 1844-7 

The articles in the work have been contributed by the following writers : — Alkz. 

Ai.LCN,-C. T. AuNOLS, M. A.,-J. E. BdDB, M. a-.-Ch. A. Bramdis.-Gborok 

Edward Lynch Cotton, m. a.,-W. F. Donkin, m. a.,-W. A. Grbbnhill, m. 

D.,-Al. GRBKrSLI., M. A..-BBSJ. JoWETT, M. A.,-W. IhNB, Ph. D.,-H. G. 
LlODBLL, M. A. .-A. DE MoROAN,-Wm. PlaTK, LL. D.,-Wm. RaMSAY, M. A.. 

Fr. Ritscokl, Ph. I)., -Leonard Schmitz. Pu. D., VVm. Smith, ll. o., Ar- 
thur P. Stanley, m. a., -Adolf Stahr, Ph. D.,-Litdwi(» Urlicbs,-R. Wbu- 
ton. m. a. 

For MxMOiRs, Lived, and AcroBiooRAmiRa %t Individuals, see Part II. 


A DESCRIPTION of the Burmeee Empire ; compiled chiefly from native 
documents, by the Rev. Father Sangermano, and translated from his man- 
uscript by Wm. Tandy, D. D. 4to Eome, 1833 

(Oriental Translation Fund.) 

See McCulloch'b Geographical Dictionary, and the authorities there quoted, Jour- 
nal of tlw Asiatic Society, etc. 


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Edited by Dr. Ure. 8vo. . . . , . London, 1841 

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sage des fil, \ifk, coton, laine, soie, etc. 2 vob. 18mo, /.5. . Paris. 

(Manuels Roret.) 

See Art. Dtrino, Urr*s Dictionary of Chemistry, Parnbll's Applied Chemis- 
Uy, etc. 


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See CnKMiCAL Analysis, Faraday's Chemical Manipulation, etc. 


STEUART, (J.) Bogota in 1836-7 : being a Narrative of an Expedition 
to the Capital of New Grenada, and a Residence there of eleven months. 
1vol. 12mo New-York, 1&38 

See Macoreoor's Profrress of America, 1847, Condbr's Modem Traveller, Mc- 
culloch's Geog. Dict'y. 



r f 

.; / 

r ( 



: ' -r. 


I ' 


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1J=», 19. 
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8m, Bvo. per voi. 3s. 6d 



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% 3. 

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Lucy ; to which is now fint added, an Account of the Siege of Latliom Douse. With 

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I P« - 

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Qbcr die Strombahn des Ochus, nebet merkwQrd. Nachricht (iberd. turan. 

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■; / 



. / 

■ ^ 

.. c 


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Pari3, 1846 
Bee Macorkoor's Propem of Ameripa, 1847, Cordkr'i Modem Traveller, McCul- 
LorH*» Geof. Diet., &c. &c. 


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(ManaeU Roret.) Foris. 


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of Sarawak, by Capt. the Hon. H. Keppcl. 2d ed. 2 vols. 8vo, maps and 

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Pittorekque — Malaisie et Foiyn^aie, par M. de RiK.NZl. DUMONT D'UaviLLK, 
Voya^ pittoresqae. Earl's Indian Archipelago. 


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History, and Culture of all Plants, known in Britain : with a full Expla- 
nation of Technical Temis. Accentuated and corrected by Prof. Lindley. 
fcp. 8vo, 15» London, 1840 

BOT AN Y.— ( Continued.) 

LOUDON, (J. C.) An EncyclopaBdia of Plants, comprising the Descrip* 
tion, Specific Character, Culture, History, Application in tRe Arts, and 
every other desirable particular, respecting all the Plants indigenous to, 

. cultivated in, or introduced into Britain ; combining all the advantages of 
a Linneean and Jussieuan Species Plantarum, an Historia Plantarum, a 
Grammar of Botany, and a Dictionary of Botany and Vegetable Culture. 
The whole in English, with the S3monymes of the commoner Plants in 
the difierent European and other languages ; the scientific names accen- 
tuated, their etymology explained ; the ^Classes, Orders, and Botanic 
Terms illustrated by engravings ; and with Figures of nearly 10,000 
q)ecies, exemplifying several Individuals belonging to every genus in- 
cluded in the work. The Specific Charaeters by Professor Lindley ; the 
Drawings by J. D. C. Sowerby, F.L.S. ; and the Engravings by R. Bran- 
ston. 2d edition, corrected, with Supplement, in 1 vol. 8vo, J^ 13«. 6(i. 

London, 1841 

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cultivated in, or introduced into Britain. 3d edition, with Supplements, 
8vo, XllU. 6d Xonion, 1839 

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morpbologie vdg^tale, la tonninologte, la botanique compart, etc. 8vo, 94 planches. 

P«rM, 1840 

LEMAOUT, (£.) Atlas dliinentaire de Botaniqne, avec le tozte en rcf ard. compienant 
TiconofraphM dei families d'Enrope, onvta^ contenant 1684 fifuras deiundes par Stein- 
heil, intercal^es dani le texte. 4to, /.15 Porif, 1846 

CANDOLLE. (A. P. dk.) Refni Vegetabitii lystema natnrale, nve ordiaet, genera et 
uieciei plantaram lecnnduin inethodi nataralit norma* difestamm et deacriptamni. 3 vob. 
8ro Paris, 1818-21 

Prodromns lyiteraatis natnr. regni ve«etabilis, etc. Vob. I.-XI., 8vo. Paris, 1834-47 

loones seleds plaatamm qnas in prodromo svstematis nniTenalia ex herbariU Parisiensi- 

bw prKtertim ex LesMitiano. EditK ^ Benj. 0elcsKft. 5 >-ob. 4to, 400 pi., /.175. 

Pari; 1£9IM6 

Offanofraphie vdg^tale : on description raiMonn6« des oiranes des plantet, ponr senrir 

de suite et de d^vellonpement k la th^orie diementaire de la Botaniqne, et d*introdaction a 
U PhyaioloKie v6^taJe et ^ la dew;ription des families. S vols. 8vo, /.18. Paris, 1&Z7 

Physiolofie vA|p6tale, on exposition des functions vitales des vA|{^taux, pourservirde 

suite k rOri^anojrraphie v^g^taJe, et d'introduction k la botaniqne g^ographiqne et aj^icole. 
3 vob. 8vo, /.ao. Pans, 1832 

Plantarum succnlentamm historia, on hist, des plantes frasses, aveo fif . dessindes par 

P. J. Redonti. folio. 30 livraiaons, planches oolories, /.2(X). Paris, 1«S7 

Le m^me, in 3 vols. 4to, fif. color, /.ISO. 

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VegeUnx. 4to, 18 pi. col.. /.25 Paris, 1841 

BROGNIART, (A. dk.) Consideration sur la nature des vegetanx qui ont convert la sur- 
face de la terre aux diverses Apoques de sa formation. 4to. Paris, 1838 

LECOQ KT JUILLET. Dictionnaire raisonn^ des termes de botaniqne et des families 

naturelles, etc. 8vo, 0*. Paris, 1841 

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giscben Einleitang an Anleitung zum Studium der Pflaaxe. 3 vob. 8vo. {dates, ^{8«. 

J>t>z., 1846 
Omndriss der Botanik zum Gebrauch bei seinen Voiiesungen. 8vo, 4s. JLeijn., 1846 

Ueber Uisprnng der Pflanzen und Saftbewegung in deasdben. 8vo, 3«. 1846 

BI8CHOFF, (O. W.) Handbuch der Botanischen Terminologie nnd Sjstemknnde. 3 vob. 

4to, 100 plates. Jflkraberjr, 183(MG 

MEI8NER, (C. F ) Plantarum Vascularinm genera, lec. ordin. nat. digest, eorumque 
diflfeiMiUK et ^nitates tab. diag. ezpos. folio ^4p*-t 





[botany, fossil. 




BOT AN Y.— ( Continued. ) 

HOOKER, (W. J.) IcoDf<« Plantaram ; or, Fifum, with brief Dnoriptive Charaeten and 
Rt^BtlM, of New and Rare PlanU, wlected iroin the Aatbor*i llerbariam. 4 vohi. 8vo, 
wiUi 400 plate., £5 Vis l^muUm, ]83(M1 

FRESL, (K.> Symbolc Botanicc, live loones plantar, bot. VoL I. fase 1-7, (70 plates). 

folio. Prague, 1^0-33 

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^ l^pxig, 1830-45 

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L^., 1843-45 
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LINK, (H. I.) loonet anatom. botan. ad illoitr. elementa philoeopb. botan. 3 fase., 
('J4 platen), folio Berlin, 1838 

loones select, anatom. botan. 4 fasc., (32 plates). . Burlin, I84Q-43 

Anatomia plantaram iconibus illiutrata. fasc. 1, 3, 4to. . Berlin^ 1843-45 

MOllL, (H. V.) Vermischte Schriften boUniscben Inhalte. 13platei, 4to. Tabing., 1846. 

Stee Pnblications of the Rav Society, Sowkr by '« English Botany, CrRTis's Botani- 
cal Magazine, Edwards h Botanical Register, IIookkr** Jonraal of Botany, Aa- 
nales des Sciences Naturelles Linnr., Jouraal fUr die Botanik. 

BOTANY.— Medical. 

LINDLEY, (J.) Flora Medica : a Botanical Accoant of all the most im- 
portant Plants used in Medicine, in different parts of the world. 1 vol. 
8vo, 18« London, 1838 

GRIFFITH, (R. E.) Medical Botany ; or a Description of the more im- 
portant Plants used in Medicine, with their History, Properties, and mode 
of administration. 8vo, 300 illust Pkilad, IS47 

STEVENHON aivd CHURCHILL. Medical Botany, edited by Bnraett. 3 rob. tot. 
8v«, 300 col. plates. £6 6s London, 1834-36 

FLEMING. A C^talofnie of Indian Medicinal Plants and Drags, with their names in tfa* 
Hindostani and Sanscrit Lanj^ages. 

FLOKA MEJ)ICJiLK. IMcrite par F. P. Chanmenton, D. M.— peinte par Torjiin. 8 
vols. 8vo, col. plates, /.'iQ2 50 Pang, 1841 

JULIA-FONTENELLE. Nouveau dictionnaire de Botaniqne m^dicaleet pharmacen- 
tique. 3d edit., i vols. 8vo Paris, 183A 

ENDLICHEN, (S.) Die Medicinal Pflanzen. 8vo fTien.. 1842 

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col. plates) Dktneid., 1831-3b! 

GAUTIER, (A.) Herbier raAdical, on Collection de fi{nire> repr^sentant les plantes m^di- 
cinakai indiifi^nes. suppi^ment an Manuel des ])lantes m^dicinales et 4 tons lee dictionnaiies 
d*histain> natnrelle. 12mo, '214 fi|;., /.l.S. col. /.3l). P«rt«. 

— — Manuel des plantes m^dicinales, ou riescri|>tion, l^saces et Cnltore det Vdjrttanx indi- 
gi'>nes emf^y^B en m^decine ; oootenant la maniere de les recoeiUir, et \m archer et de let 
oonserver. l'2mo. /.6 Paris, 

CANDOLLE, (A. P. db.) Esxai sor les propridt^s m^dicales des plantes, compar^c* avec 
lean formes extdrieures et Icur classification natnrelle. Hvo, /.6. . Paris, 1816 

ROQ,UES, (J.) Nouveau Traits des plantes lunelles specialement applianees 4 la medodne 
domestique et au rd^me alimentaire de Thomme sain on malade. 4 vols. 8vo, /.3U. 

Paris, 1837 

Phytoi^raphie Medicale, hi»toire des substances h^ro'iqnes et des poisons tiris dn regne 

v4|r^ta[), ou Ton expose leun caractcres distinctifs, lenr action snr rkomrae et sor les ani- 
maux, leun propri^t^s, lean usages therapentiques, etc. Nouv. edit., 3 volt. 8vo, et atlas 
in 4to, 150 pi. color. /.85 Paris, 1835 

BOTANY.— Fossil. 

LINDLEY, (J.) & HUTTON, (W.) The Fo«il Flora of Great Britain ; 
or, Fibres and Descriptions of the Vegetable Remains found in a Fossil 
Btote in this Country. 3 vols. 8vo. £6 \2s. London, l8dl-<37 

ARTIS. (E. T.) Antediluvian Phytology illustrated by a collection of the 
Fossil Remains of Plants, peculiar to the Coal Fomutions of Great 
Britain, etc. 4to, 25 plates. 15tf London, 1838 

BROGNIART, (A.) Hist, des Veg^Uux fossiles. 3 vob. 4to, /.390. . Parur, 1828-38 

OORDA, (A. C. J.) Beitriixe zor Flora der Vorwelt, mit aO Taf. AbbiJd. Imp. 4to. 

Pnyae, 1845 




BOTANY, {Fosaih,)— {Continued.) 

GOPPERT, (H. R.) die Gattongen der fowilen Pflanzen voflicben mit deo d. Jetztzeh. 

Pwt I.-IV., iplaUs), 410 . Bonn, 1841-43 

UNGBR. (F.) Chloris protogea. Beitiilge zar Flora der Vorwek. Part I.-VII. folio, (col. 

platts) I^tp^Vi 1843-45 

Synopiii plantanm fomlinm. 8vo. ...... '* 1&15 





MAWE, (J.) TnvelB in the Interior of Brazil, etc. 4to. London, 1813 

KOSTER, (H.) Travele in Brazil 2nd ed. 2 vela. 8vo. " 1817 

SPIX, (Db. J. B. von) & MARTIUS. Travelfl in Brazil. 2 volfl. 8vo. 

Xofufon, 1824 

GRAHAM, (Mrs.) Journal of a Voyage to Brazil, and Residence there 
daring part of the Yeara 1821, 2, 3. 4to. . London, 1824 

KIDDER, (D. P.) Sketches of Residence and Travels in Brazil ; em- 
bracing Historical and Geographical Notices of the Empire and its sere- 
ral Provinces. 2 vols. 8vo New^ York, 1845 

GARDNER, (G.) Travels in the Interior of Brazil, principally through' the 

Northern Provinces, and the Gold and Diamond Distrists, daring the 

Years 1836-41. 8vo, map, 18* London, 1846 

CAZAL, (M. A. DK.) Coro^afica Brazilica oo Relacio Hiitorico-CJeogTafica do Rdaodo 
Brazil. 2 vob. sm. 4to, 20« Rio de Janeiro, 1817 

ORBIGNT, (A. D*.) Voyage daiu rAmdriqoe mdridionale (le BritO, etc.) Part«, 1844 

SAINT-HILIARE, ^A. db.) Voyage dam Tinteriear da Brazil. Irepartie: Toyagedaiit 
le provinoes de Rio Janeiro et de Minat-Geraes. 2 vols. 8vo, /.15. 

2b partie. Voyage dans le district des Diamant* et sor le littoral da Brdiil, etc. 8 vob. 

8TO./.15 PttHa, 18- 

MARTIUS, (C. F. P.) n. J. J. B. SPIX. Reise in Brazilien, 1817-^. 3 toIs. 4to, and 
Atlas. 53 plates, folio, £5 JUkncken, 1834-31 

RUGENDAS, (M.) Voyage pittoresqae an Br4sil, trad, de TaUemaDd par M. de Goibery : 
pari«g», portraits et costumes, mceurs et usages des Indiens, Earopdens et negres ; lithogra- 
phic par les pint cel^bres artistes, folio,/.12U Parit, 1835 

DEBRET. (J. B.) Voyagepittofesqae et historiqae an Br6zfl, depnti 1818, jnsqu'k 1831. 
3 vob. folio, planches, /.20n Pari*, 1830 

M ARTIUB, (Dr. P. von.) Das Natnrell die Krankbeiten das Arxthnm and die Heilmittfll 
der Ifrbewohner Brasiliens. 8vo. Munich, 1844 

BIG AUD, (J. F. X.) Dn Climat et des Maladies de Brazil, on ststisqae medicale de cet 
Empire. evo,/.9 Pari*, 1844 


SOUTHEY (RoBT.) History of Brazil. 3 vols. 4to. London, 1810-19 
ARMITAGE, (Jwo.) History of Brazil from 1808-31. 2 vols. 8vo. 

London, 1836 
. HENDERSON, (J.) History of Brazil. 4to. . « 1821 

WALSH, (Rev. Dk. R.) Notices of BrazU in 1828-9, etc. 2 vols. 8vo. 

London, 1830 

MACGREGOR, (J.) The Progress of America from the Discovery 

of Columbos to the Year 1846. (Book IX. Empire of Brazil). 2 vols. 

8vo London, 1847 

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politiqneset oommerciaux Paris, 1893 

BE AUCHAMP, (A. de.) L'histoire dn Brdsil, ddpnii la dtoonverto en 1500, jnsqa'en 
1810. 3 vols. 8vo. p^ris, 1815 

BOLANO CONST ANCIO. (F.) Uistoria do BrasU. deMie o sen deMobrimento per Ped» 
Alvares cabrelate abdiea^ao do imperador D. Pedro I. S rob. 8vo. Paris, 1838 

& .c 

c. ■: 







SAINT-HILIARE, (Auo.) Flora Braailiensis, on Hist, et Descrip. de 
toutes lea plaiites qui croiasent dans lee difiSrentea provincea ()u Br^sil. 
3 vols. 4to, 192 platea, £n 10« PartMy 1824 

Plantes Usuellea dea Br^siliena. 3 vola. 8vo,et Atlas de (Ranches, 4to. 

Paris, 1824 

MARTIUS, r. S. ENDLICIIER. Flora BnuUeniis. fkw. I.-V., folio. £» 1S». M. 

Vi^., 1841-43 
MIKAN, (J. C.) Delectu flora et faanc BnuiliMns. folio, col. platM. £5. ** 1635 

SPIX. (J. BO Avium species novse qau in itinere per Braziliam. 9 rob. 4to. 

Momackii^ 1884-96 

ESCHWEGB. (W. L.) Plato Brasiliensis. Abliandlaiif Uber BrasUiens Gold, Diamantea 

and andern mineral, Rcichthani, die Geschivlite seiner Entdecknnj^, das Voriiommeii 

seiner Lagemtiktten, des BeUeiba, der Autbeotu und die darauf bexti|^ichte Gesetxcebnnjr 

8vo, maps and plates Berlin, 18& 

Reitrttce cur Gebirgikunde Brasiliens. 8vo, maps ** 1833 

BONG ARD. Essai monographique sur les espdces d'eriocanlon du Brihil. 4to, 10 planches, 

/.lO. . . . • Pari», 1831 

See Travels by Maximilikm, Lvccocke, CALDcrLKiTflR. MATmsoN. Porl. Von 
LANOHDORrr, KonRiei-K4, Nattkrbr, Conoaminb's Voyage and Sorvey of the 
River Amaron, rUni\'ers Pittoreiqae. EdwaRDk' Pari. 


THE MILLER. THE BAKER. 2 vols. l2tao, 2«. . Limdon, 1840 

(Knight's Guides to Trade.) 

WHITE, (D.) The History of the Art of Baking in all Ages and Conn- 

tries, &€. 8vo, 5# Dunbar^ 1824 

ROLLET. — Mdmoirc snr la meonerie, la boolangerie et la conservation d«s grains et des 
farine*. contcnant unc description complete dvs proctidcA, machines ct apnareils appliqn^s 
jUM|u*aa nos jours, ct iilatf particulii*reaient dans les divenAi nsines de France. d'Angle- 
terrt^. de Belgiijoe, do Ilollande. etc. ; prec6d6 de considdrations sur les commerce desbi^ 
en Eoiope. 4to, with atlas in folio. /.90, Paris, 1847 

Mdmoire sur lo Bid, mi conservation et ses transformations en farine, en pain et en bia- 

cuiC de mer. 4to. avec Atias de f^) pkincbe^t, /.7U Paris U^ 

See Donovan's Domestic Economy, Weuhtkr and Parke's Ency. of Domestic 


BLACK, (W.) A Practical Treatise on Brewing, based on Chemical and 
Economical Principles : with Formula; for Public Brewers, and Instruc- 
tions for Private Families. 3d ed. SvQ, \0s. 6d, Zon<ion, 1844 

Remarks on Bavarian Beer, London Porter, the Influence of Electricity 

on Fennentation, and other subjects B<>ing a Supplement to the Third 
Edition of his Treatise on Brewing. 8vo, 2«. 6d. London, 1846 

LEVESQUE, (J.) The Art of Brewing and Fermenting, and making 
Malt, exhibited in E^ssays and Decimal Tables, Sec, 4th ed. 8vo. 2U. 

London, 1847 

TIZARD, (W. L.) Theory and Practice of Brewing illustrated : contain- 
ing the Chemistry, History, and right Application of all Brewing Ingredi- 
ents and Products, a full Exposition of the newly-discovered Principle of 
Conversion and Extraction in the Mash-Tim, the Philoeophy of Climate, 
Season, and Site, Critiques on the Modus Operandi of Fermentation, and 
the efiectual Prevention of Acidity ; also, many new practical Observations 
on Brewing London and Dublin Porter, East India Pale Ale, Export 
Stout, &c. 2d ed. 8vo, 25«. .... London, 1843 

ROBERTS. (W. H.) The Scottish Ale-Brewer and Practical Maltster: a 
comprehensive and original Digest of the Art and Practice of Brewing 
Ales according to the Scottish System, and of Malting. 3d ed. 8vo, 16«. 

Edin., 1847 

MANUEL DV BRASSEUR, on TArt de faire tomes sortea de bifcres. 

18mo, /.2 50, Paris. 

(Manneb Roret.) 




BREWING.— {Continued.) 

DUBIEF. L' Art de faire de bicre, etc. 8vo, pi. /5 50, . Paris 

See Donovan's Domestio Economy, Liby. of Utetal Knowledge. Urk's Diet, of 
Arts., &c. Coolky's Cyclo. Pract. ReceipU, &c. 


UANN, (J.), &c. Theory, Practice, and Architecture of Bridges. The 
Theory and Papers by James Hann, Professor Moseley, Robert Ste- 
venson, and T. Hughes, C. E. Vol. 1, royal 8 vo, containing 381 pages 
of text, and 55 plates, with every detail and dimension for practical use, 
jCI. 16«. London, 1840 

Vol. 3 will con»Mt of a Practical En^neering and Architectural Treatiw on Bridge 
BaUding, by William Hoskino, with 55 plates. 

The work will be completed in 2 voU., to contain 700 paces of text, and illoittrated by 
110 engrai'ings of exnmule:s of Stone, Timber, Iron, Wire, and SuspenMon Bridged, 
from drawings, famished by the principal Engineers of Great Britain and France. 

DOUGLAS, (Gen. Sir H.) An Essay on the Principles and Construction 
of Military Bridges, and the Passage of Rivers in Military Operations. 
2d ed. plates, 8vo, 20« London, 1832 

BRIDGES. The Theory, Practice, and Architecture of Bridges of Stone, 
Iron, Timber, and Wire ; with Eb[amples on the principle of suspension, 
illustrated by 138 engravings and 92 woodcuts. 4 vols, royal 8vo, 
i;4. 10«. London, 1842 

CRESY (E.) Practical Treatise on Bridge Building, and on the Equi- 
librium of Vaults and Arches. 2 vols, folio, jC2 28. . . . London 

Encyclopaedia of Civil Engineering, Historical, Theoretical, and Prac- 
tical. Illustrated by upwards of Three Thousand Engravings on Wood, 
explanatory of the Principles, Machinery, and Constructions which come 
under the Direction of the Civil Engineer. In 1 volume 8vo, pp. 1656, 
63*. 6rf. London, 1847 

NAVIR. Rapport sur les ponts suspendus. 2d ed., 4to, 17 planches in 
foUo,/i28 Paris, 1830 

GHEGA, (C.) Ueber Nordamerik. Briickenbau und Bercchntmg des Tra- 
gungsvermogens der Howeschen Brticken, etc. 4to, plates. IVien, 1845, 

TOWN, (Ithiel.) a Description of his Improvement in the Principle, 
Construction, and Practical Execution of Bridges, for Roads, Railroads, 
and Aqueducts. 4lo, Neto-York 


THE BRIDGEWATER TREATISES: on the Power. Wisdom, and 
Goodness of God, as manifested in the Creation. 

By the Rev. Thomas CnA.LMKRfi, D. D. The Adaptation of Exteraal Nature to the 
Moral and Intellectaal Con«titation of Man. 2 voU. 8vo, 16a. Olasgme, 1839 

By John Kidd, M. D. The Adaptation of External Natoie to the Physical Condition 
of Man. 8vo, 9». 6d lAmdon, 1837 

By the Rev. William Wbbwkll. Aitronomy and General Physici considered with 
reference to Natural Theology, dvo, 9«. 6d. cloth ; fcp. 8vo, (m. London, 1847 

By Sir Charlbi Bkll. The Hand, its Mechantim and Vital Endowments, as evincing 
design. 8vo. 10». U. London, 1837 

By Pktkr Mark Roobt, M. D. Animal and Vegetable Physiology, consideretl with 
reference to Natural Theology. 2 vols. 8vo, £i 10«. . J^andon, 1840 

By the Rev. Dr. Buckland. On Geology and Mineralogy. 3 vob. 8vo, £1 lUs. 

London, 1837 

By the Rev. William KiRBT. On the History, HabiU, and Instincts of Animals 2 vols. 
8vo, XI 10s London, 1835 

By William Proct, M. I). Chemistry, Meteorology, and the Function of Digestion, 
considered with reference to Natural Theology. 8vo, lis. London, 1834 

(Reprinted, Philadelphia, 1839-37.) 

By C. Babbaob, Esq. The Ninth Bridgewater Treatise. A Fragment. 2d ed., 8vo, 

»«W London, 18^ 





^ L 








Ancient Terra Cottas. 4to, IHIO. 
Anrient Marbln, partt 1 to 10. 4to. 1819-45. 
Anglo Galic CoinH. By Ed. Hawkins. 4to, 1828. 
Buliuore's, liord, Papyri. Folio. 1843. 
TableU. Folio. 1843. 
Catalogue of Geog. and Topog. Collection of Geo. III. 8 vtds. Bro. 

" Mi. Map*. CharU, and Plant. 3 vols. 8vo, 1844 

" Mo^ic. 8vo. 1842. ..... 

'< MSS. Arnndel. Folio. 1831 

*' MSS. Burney. Folio, 1840. .... 

*• MSS. Cod. Orient., part 1. Folio, 1838. 

" MSS. Hargravea. By EMis. 4to, 1818. 

Printed Books. By Ellis and Baber. 7 vols. 8to, 1813-1810 

vol. 1. (A.) Folio, 1841. 

Fac Simile of Codex Alexandrinos. 3 vols, folio. . 

Greek Papyri. (»art I. 4to. 1839. 

Index to Arnndel and Barney Catalo^e. Folio, 1840. 

Nninmi Veteres in Museo. R. P. Knight. 4to, 1830. 

Select Papyri in Hieratic Character, part 1. Folio, 1841. 

" 184*2. 

1844. . 


11. 6 

















1. 4. 














Description of Ancient Marbles. 4to, 1846. 

BRITISH MUSEUM. Parliamentary Report of the Select Committee on 

the Condition of. 3 vols, folio. .... London, 1835 

BRITTANY.— (Bretagne.) 

0G6E. Dictionnaire historique et gdographique de la province de Bretagne. 
Nouv. edit., 2 vols. 8vo, /.40 Paris, 1845 

BRKT.'iGS'F. et ses Monuments (la) cinqnante vnes des monnments, ^gliiiw, chateaux, 
rainv*. celebre^, etc. folio. 

DELAPORTE, (J. B.) Recherches sur la Bretagne. 2 vols. 8vo. 

Rennet, 1819-^ 
FREMAINVILLE, (M.) Antiquities de la Bretagne. 4 vols. 8vo. 

Brest, 1832-37 

GALERIE BRETONNE, on mceurs, usages et coatume des Bretons de 

rArniorique, par feu O. Perrin, avec texte explicatif par MM. Perrin, file, 

et Alex. Bouet. 3 vols. 6vo. .... Paris, 1835^8 

DARU, (CoMTE.) Historic de Bretagne. 3 vols. 8vo, /.18. Paris, 1826 
ROUJOUX, (LE BARON D£.) Histoirc des rois et dues de Bretagne. 4 vols. 

8vo Paris, 1828-29 

COURSON, (A. DE.) Histoire des origines et des institutions des peuples 
dc la Gaule armoricainc et de la Bretagne insulaire, depnis le temps les 
plus recul68 jusiqu'k 5* sidclc. 8vo. . Saint Briene., 1043 

—. — Histoire des peuples Bretons dans la Gaule et dans les lies Britanniqnet, 
langue, coutumes, mccursi et institutions. 2 vols. 8vo, /.16. Paris, 1846 

La Bretagne ancienne et modeme, avec des chants populaires in^dits. 

8vo, numerous illust., /.20. Paris. 

PITRE-CHEVALIER. Bretagne et Vendue, ouvrage illustr^ dc gravnres 
sur hois, planches, etc. 8vo, /.20 Patis, 1846 

POTIER DE COURCY. Nobiliarc de Bretagne, on Tableau de Aristo- 
cratie bretonne depuis I'^tabliasement de la f8odalit6 jusqu'd. nos joare. 
4io. /.12 P«ri#, 1846 

JANIN, (J.) La Bretagne historique, pittoresqne et monomentale. 8vo, 
numerous illustrations, /.20. Paris, 1845 

SUE, (E.) Histoire de la Marine de Bretagne, depuis la conquete romaine 
jusqu'a la reunion de cette province a la couronne de France. 2 vols. 
8vo, /.15 PmrU. 





BURNEY, (J.) Histoiy of the Baccaneere of America. 4to, 13«. 

London, 1816 

ESQUEMELING, (J.) and RINGROSE, (B.) Baccaniere of America : 
an Account of Anaults committed upon the Coaats of the West Indies, 
etc. (From the Dutch.) S vola. 4to, £Q^$. London^ 1684-85 

ARCHENHOLTZ. (J. G.) History of the Pirates, Freebooters or Bucca- 
neers of America. 13mo, 3« London, 1^1 


BURNOUF, (E.) IntroducUon k I'Histoire du Buddhisme Indien. Vol. 1-. 

4to Paris, 1845 

UPHAM, (E.) History and Doctrine of Buddhism, folio, 43 col. plates, 

jC3 3« London, 1829 

Sacred and Historical Books of Ceylon. , . . Also a Collection of Tracts 

illustratiTe of the Doctrine and Literature of Buddhism. 3 toIs. Sto, 

jC2 2« London, 1833 

THE CATECHISM OF THE SHAMANS, or the Laws and Regda- 
tions of the Priesthood of Buddha, in China. Transl. by C. F. Neumann. 
8vo, VU. (Orient. Transl. Fund.) London, 1832 

BOCHINGER, (J. J.) La vie contemplative, asc6tique et monastique chez 
les Indous et chez peuples bonddhistes. 8vo. . . Strasbourg^ 1833 

FOE-KOUE-KI. Histoire des royanmat de Fo, c'e«t-k-dire oil Ton loit la'religion boadd- 
hiaae ; par Fa-Hieu ; tradait do duaok par Abel R^muat, levn par M. Landreiw. 4to, 
/.^ Pari*, ia» 


HOSKING, (W.) Treatises on Architecture and Building. 4to. 15«. 

(From the Encyclo. Brit.) Edin., 1832 

TREATISES on Masonry, Joinery, and Carpentiy. 4to 3«. Edin., 1844 

(Encyclopedia Britannica.) 

NICHOLSON, (P.) The Builder's and Vorkman's New Director, com- 
prising Explanations of the General Principles of Architecture, the Prac- 
tice of Building, Slc 141 copperplates, and numerous woodcuts. 2 vols. 
4to, 5€«. London. 

Practical Builder's Complete Guide. Upwards of 200 plates. 3 vols. 

4to, JSS bs London, n. d. 

— A Practical Treatise on the Art of Masonry and Stone Cutting. 43 
plates, large 8vo, 12« London, 1839 

A Treatise od the Construction of Staircases and Hand Rails. 39 

plates, 4to, 12« London, 1847 

8MEAT0N, (A. C ) The Builder's Pocket Manual ; containing the Ele- 
ments of Bvilding, Surveying and Architecture. 12 plates, l2mo, 5«. 

TRENDALL, (E. W.) Examples for Interior Finishings, forming a Book 
, of Working Drawings, fotio, 14«. • London, 1833 

BARLOW, (Peter.) A Treatise on the Strength of Timber, Cast Iron, 
Malleable Iron and other materials ; with rules for application in Archi- 
chitectnre. Bridges, Railways, &c., with plates. 8vo, \%s. London, 

TURNBULL, (Wm.) A Practical Treatise on the Strength and Stiffiiess 
of Timber. 8vo, 10«. ^d. London, 1833 

YICAT, (L. J.) A Practical and Scientific Treatise on Calcareous Mor- 

^ tars and Cements, artificial and natural. Translated from the French by 

OtipL J. S. Smith. 8vD, 10s. 6ii. London, 








'If ^ 

BUILDING.— (Co;?/m?ic(/.) 

BARTHOLOMEW, (Alfred.) Si>ecificaticm8 for Practical Architecture. 

160 illustrations, 8vo, 28«. London. 

BRITISH .aRCIIITECTS. TranMcUoni of the Inititate of British Architects of Lon- 
don. Vol. 1. Nomerooj plates, 4to. ..*.... Ijmdon. 

BENJAMIN, (H.) The Architect, or Practical House Carpenter. 64 lai^e qoarto pits., 4to. 

liostf>n, 1844 

The RuiKler's Guide. Illustrated by 69 en^ravin^, which exhibit the Ordcn of Archi- 
tecture and other Elements of the Art. Designed for the use of Bnilden, Carpenter* and 
Joinera. 4to Hartford. 

HILL, (C.) The Builder's Guide ; or a Practical TrMtise on the several orders of Grecian 
and Roman Architecture, with the Gothic Style of Building ; constituting a complete Ex- 
position of the most Modem and Approved Methods adopted by skilful Architects in the 
various departments of Car{)entry, Joinery, MaM>nry, and Sculpture. Illustrated with 70 
plates, folio. 

ARCHITF.VTF., (/'). Notions sur Tart de batir et de d^corer les Edifices : renteignmeata 
sur les constructions urbaiui, rurolcs et industriellcs, etc. 4 %'ob. tivo, /.38. 

Parif, 1833-33 

ECK. Application g^ndrale de fer, do la fonte, de la tole et de» poieries dans let constroe- 
tions di verses. 2 vols, folio, 145 pi., /.80 Paris, 1841 

JOMBERT. Architecture Moderne, ou I'art de bien batir, pour toutes sortes de penonnea, 
tout poor les maisons des particnlien que pour let palaii. 2 vols. 4to, /.43. Paris. 

KRA AFT. Architecture civile, contenant plans, coupes et ^Mvations de chateaux, matMmi 
de ville et de campagne, habitations rurales, temples, jionts, et antres embelliasements de 
jardins, situ^s aux en viions de Paris, folio, 121 plates, /.ISO. Peris. 

Maiiions modemes ct Edifices publics de Paris et de set environs, lev^, menu6t rt des- 

sinet^s. 2d edit., 4lo, 96 platcii, /.50 Paris. 

Plans, Coupes, Elevations de plus belles maisons et des hoteb constrniti k Paris et dans 

les environs, folio, /.200. Paris. 

LE BRUN, (F. M.) Troitd pratique de Tart du batir en b^ton, ou R6sum4 des connaissancet 
notnellcs sur la nature et les prophet^s des Mortien hydrauliquet et batons, etc. 4lo, 6 
plates, /.12 50 Pans, 1643 

See Architkcture, Carpbntrt, Waricino and Ventilatino, Sanitory Report 
of the House of Commons, Sic. 


COURTfcP^E, (L*ABBE.X Description historique et topographiqae du duch6 
de Bonrgogne. Pr6c6d6e de rabr6g6 de rhistoire de cette province. 
Nouv. edit., 4 vols. 8vo, /.22 Paris, 1846 

* ; 


Corpus Scriptorum HisroRiiE ByzANTiNiB. Editio emendat. copioe. con- 
Eiilio G. Niebnhrii institute, opera ejiudem Niebuhrii, I. Bekkeri, L. 
Schopeni, G. et L. Dindorf. parata, 8vo. . . . Bonn., 1829-44 

Jjpo Orammaticos, Euttathins, ]3«. 

Lydus, Joannes, 10». Qd. 

Malalas, Chronographia, 18s, 

ManasMt, Joel— -Gcorg. AeropoUta, 17«. 

Merobaudes et Corippni, 13*. (Sd. 

Nicetas Choniatei, histofim, £1 Is. 

Pachymeres (G.) 3 vob. XI 16*. 

Phrantzet, (Georg.) J. Cananoi, J. AnafWMlea, 

Procopios, 3 vols. £2 3«. ' 
Theophants Chronographia, 3 vob. £1 14. 
Continuatns, Joannes Cameniata. 8y- 

meon Magister, Georgins MonachM, xl U. 
Theophylactus, Simmoc historic, reoeas. I. 

Bekker — Geaeiiu ex raoogii. O. Ladunaaai, 

Silentiarus Panlns, 14s. fid. 
Zonane Annalet, 2 vols. 97s. 6d. 
Zosimns, 10«. 6d. 

Agathias, 9s. 

Anna Comnena. vol. 1, Ids. 6d. 

Cantacnzenus, 3 vols. £2. 

Cedrenns, Georgins, 2 vols. £1 18*. 

Chronicon Pnschale, 2 vols. jCI 8s. 

Cinnamus — Niccphorus Bryennus, Ids. 

Codinus Curopatata, 9s. 

Constant inus Porphyrog., 3 vols. £2 ds. 

Dexippus, Eunapius, Patricius, &c. 14*. 

Ducas, Ids. 

Ephraemius, 9*. 

Georgii Codini Exoerpta de Antiq. 

Const. 6*. dd. 
Georgius SvnceDus et Nicephoms, 2 

vols. XI Ss. 
Glycas, 16*. 

Gregoras, Nicephoras, XI 10*. 
Laonicus Chalcocondylr, 13*. 
Leo Diaconus, 13*. 

CompleU sets of the above eon be obtanud at eousidarablf rsimttdprius. 




BYZANTIUM, (Lower Empire.) 

LE BEAU, (C.) Hiat. du Bas Empire : nour. edn. par MM. Saint- Mar- 
tin et Bro«set jr. 21 vols. 8vo>/.84. . . . JPari*, 1824-36 

MONTREUIL, (J. A. B.) Histoire du Droit Byzantin. ou du Droit dans 
PEmpire d*Orient» depais la mort da Justinien jusqa*a la prise de Constan- 
tinople en 1453. 3 vols. 8vo,/24 Paru, 1844 

SAULCY, (P. DE ) Essai de classification dea saites mon^taires b3rzan- 
tines. 8vo, et Atlas, de 33 plates, /.35. Metz., 1836 

See SfSMONDi, HiiU de la chute de rempire romaiiie. Fallmerateb, Getchichte 
dea Kaiserthnms von Tr&pezunt. 


CALCULUS, (See Mathematics.) 

BRADY, (Jifo ) Clavis Calendaria ; or a Compendious Analysis of the /' f 

Calendar; illustrated with Ecclesiastical, Historical, and Classical Anec- ^^ 

dotes. 3d ed. 2 vols. 8vo, 25« London, 1815 

See Compan. to British Almanac for 1839. Hanpsgn^b Medii ifivi kalendarinm. 
Honk's Every Day Book. Anniversary Calendar. 


PERSOZ, (J.) Traits Theorique et Pratique de Tlmprefision des Tissus. . . jL 

4 Tols. 8vo, with 420 Patterns (which are real Specimens of the Stuffe), 
and 165 woodcuts inserted in the text, and an atlas 4to, with 20 plates, 
/.70 Pom, 1846 

Parkbll's Cheinistry Applied to the Artk Ubb'i Dictionary of the Arts, &o. 


GREENHOW, (R.) The History of Oregon and California, and the other 
Territories of the Northwest Coast of North America. 8vo. Boston, 1847 

FORBES, (A.) California : a History of Upper and Lower California, 
from their First Discovery to the Present Time, comprising an account 
of the Climate, Soil, Natural Productions, Agriculture, Commerce, &.c. ; 
a Ml view of the Missionary Establishments, and condition of the free 
and domesticated Indians. With an Appendix relating to the Steam 
Navigation in the Pacific, 8to, with maps, plans, and views, 14«. 

London, 1839 

LIFE IN CALIFORNIA : comprising a Description of the Country and 
the Military Establishments : with an Historical Account of the Indians. 
By an American, ^yo. fh^ ..-^ ,. ! New-York, 1846 

COULTER, (J.) Adventures on the Western Coast of South America and 
the Interior of Caliibmia, etc. With an Account of the Natural Productions, 
and the Manners and Customs, in Peace and War, of the various Savage 
Tribes visited. 2 vols, post 8vo London, 1847 

VENB6AS, (M.) A Natnral and Civil History of California. Translated from the //.. 

Bpankh. 3 vob. 8vo London, 1759 *' 

DUFLOT DE MOFRAS, (M.) Exploration da territoire de I'Oregon. des Californies et 
de la mer VermetUe, exdcat^e pendant les aanies 1840, 1841, et 1842. 2 vob. 8vo, et Atlas, >^ <- 
folio./.80. Paria, 1844 

DUHAUT-CILLT. Voyage aotonr dn monde, principalement ^ la Califomie et anx Des 
Sandwich, pendant les ann4eB 1826 k 1839. 3 vols. 8vo,/.14. Parit. 

See also Capt. FRBMOirr'fl Exoedition to the Rocky Mountains. Scenes in the 
Rocky Mountains, tkc, by a New-Englander. 1846. U. S. Exploring Expedition. 

CALOTYPE, (See Photography.) 







■ i^» ■ I I ■ ■■ ■- ■■■■■■ M ■ P 11 ■■ ■ MM^^^M^— ^^M^MI I .MiailPM ■ ■fc»,^— ^^^^^1^^^^^^^ 


The Publications of the Camden Society of London, for the Printing of His- 
torical and Literary Remains, sm. 4to. London, 1838-46 


HISTORIE of the Arrival of Edward IV. in Ensland, and the finaU leoovenre of hit 

Kingdomes from Henry VL 1471, edited by Rnioe, 9s LowUh, 1S3S 

KYJCO JOHAN, a Play, by John Bale, (now first prinUd), edited by J. P. CoUier, 9*. 

/.oiulra, 1838 
JILLITF.R,^TIVE Poem on the Deposition of Kin^ Richard 11.. with a Glovary— Ric. 
Maydestone de Concordia inter Rich. II. et Civitatera. London, editad by Wright, 9a. 

London, 1638 
PLUMP TO JV (il^orrespondence ; a Serie* of Letten written in the Reign* of Edward IV. 
to Henry VIII. by the Plumpton Family of Vorluhire, edited by Stajileton, 16^. 

Londant 1839 
.. ' AJVECDOTKS and Traditions illottmtive of Early English History and Literatnra, dcrired 
» from Mannscript sources, edited by Thorns, 15« AmuIm, 1830 

POLITICAL Songs of England, from the Reign of John to that of Edward II., edited aad 
translated by Wright, pp. 4^, Ss.6d. . . . London, 1839 

AJ^.VALS of the First Foar Yean of the Rei^n of Qneen Elizabeth, by Sir John Hay- 
ward, 11010 /r«f;^intr(/, and edited by Bnice,3» London, 1^40 

ECCLESIASTICAL DOCUME,YTS. viz. 1. A Brief History of the Bishoprick of 80- 
meraet to the vear 1174. "i. Curious Collection of Charters from the Library of Dr. Cox 
Marco, nt/ipjfrjf I /niA/tVArd, by the Rev. Joseph Hunter, 3«. . . Ijondon, Vd4Si 

HISTORICAL and Chorograpliical Defcription of the Countjr of Essex, by John Norden, 
VJM, now Jirtt printed, and edited by Bit H. Ellis, very euriouo map, 4». 6tf. 

London, 18¥) 
CHRO^TICLE of the First Thirteen Years of the Reign of Edward IV. By John Wark- 
worth, now first printed, and etiited by Ilalliwell, 3s lAmdon, 1840 


KEMP'S Nine Daies Wonder, performed in a Daunce from London to Norwich, with In- 
troduction and Notes, by Dycv, 4«. (k/ Lofkdon. 1840 

EOERTOJSr PAPERS: a Collection of Public and Private DocuBarata, chiefly illnstra- 
trative of the times of Elizabeth and James I. from the original MSS. the property of Lord 
Francu Egerton, edited by J. P. CoUier, Qs . Lowion, 1840 

CHROJ^ICA Jocelina de Brakclonda, de Rebus Gestis Samsonb Abatis Monasterii Sanoti 
Edmundi : nunc primum typis mandata curante J. Goge-Rokewode, 10*. M. 

London, lB¥i 
JTARRATIFES illustrative of the ContesU in Ireland in 1641 and 1093, edited by T. C. 
Croker, 4« London, 1840 

CHROJ^ICLE of William of Rishanger of the Barons' Waia— The Mirades of SinMm de 
Montfort, edited from MSS. by J. O. Ualliwell, &s London, 1840 

LATIJ^ POEMS, commonly attributed to Walter de Mapee, Arehdeaooa of Oxford is 
the Xlllth Century, edited by T. Wright, V}». 6d London, 1841 

The Appendix contains some very onrioiu translations of the Poena (manv now fint 
printed) in Anglo-Norman, French, Scotch, and English, from the 13th to the loth oeetory. 

TRAVELS of Nicander Nncins of Coroyra in England, dniiiig the Ra^ of Henry VIII 
edited by Dr. Cramer, 2$ London, 1841 

THREE Early Endish Metrical Romances, (the Antnnof Arthur at the Tamewathelui ; 
Sir Amadane; and the Avowing of Kinjr Arthur, Sir Gawaa, Sir Kaye, and Sir Baw- 
dewyn of Bretan), with GkiMary, &c. By J. Robeon, 5«. . . . London, 1843 

PRIVATE Diary of Dr. John Dee, and the CataJogne of hit libmy of MBS. momMnt 
^Nfn/, edited by J. O. Halliwell, 5«. ... ... London, VB^ 



J L 


CAMDEN SOCIETY.— (Con/inwed.) 

^ < JiPOLOOY for LolUid DoctrinM attriboted to Widifib, now first printed, and edited by 
Dr. J. H. Todd, 7«. 6A London, 18Vi 

Ji XTTLAJ^D Pjf P£/IS.— Doenmeata relatinf to the .Coionatkm of Henry VII., the Field 
of the Cloth of Gold, and the Interview! of Henry VI 11. with the Emperor, from the 
Dnke of Rotland'i MS. Ck>Uection», edited by W. Jordan, \m. Qd. London, 1342 

. 22. 
DIARY of Dr. Thomai Cartwrixht, Bishop of Chester, An^. 1686, to Oct 1687, now first 
printed, edited by the Rev. Joaeph Hunter, is.6d .... Ltmdon, 1843 

. 23. 
, ORIOIJML lietten of eminent Literary Men of the XVIth, XVIIth, and XVIIIth Cen- 
tories, from the Originals in the British Miueum and the Bodleian Library, vrith Notes by 
Sir Henry EIlij,/ar-*nni/M. 10*. • London, 1S43 

jf COJ^TEMPOR.IR Y Narrative of the Proceedinci a|^!nit Dame Alice Kytler, pioM- 
cnted for Sorcery in 1324. by Richard de Ledrede, BislH>p of Ontory, edited by Thomas 
Wriffat, Ao.^d. London, 1843 

This volome afibnl* a corionA picture of the turbulent state of Ireland in the Reign of Ed- 
ward n. and an interesting chapter in the history of English snperrtitioa. 


PROMPTORIUM Parvnlorum sive Clericorum. Lexicon Anglo Latinum prinoeps, antoie 

Fiatre Gdifrido Orammatiro Dicto e Predicationibns Lenne Episcopi Northfolciensi. a., d. 

1440, olim e prelis Pynsonianik editum, nunc ab intcgro, commentariolis tnbjectis, ad fidem 

codicum lecensuit Albbrtub Way. Tomus prior, IQs. 6<f. London, 1843 

jf COLLECTIOJfof Original Letters relating to the Dissolution of the Mona«teries. and 
some other points connected with tbe Reformation. Edited by Thomas Wright, 10«. 6i^ 

/.Miiini, 1843 

-^ CORRESPOJ^DEMVE of Robert Dudley. Earl of Leicester, during his Government of 

the Low Coantries in 1585 and 1586, edited by J. Bruce, 10*. London, 1844 

• * POL YDORE VEROIVS HUtory of the Reigns of Henry VI.. Edwaid IV., and Richard 
in., now first printed in English from, a MS. in the British Museum, by Sir. U. Ellis, 

«« iMmdon, 1844 

jf fȣLVCH Chronicle of London, from tbe 44th of Henry III. to the 7th of Edward III., 

""** with ecpious English Jfotes, by J. G. Aungeir, ds London, 1844 

THE THORJfTOJr ROMAIfCES.—Thte Early EnglUh Metrical Romances of Perci- 
val, Isnmbras, Eglamour, and Degrevant, edited by Halliwell, 0*. London, 1B44 

/ VERXE.Y PjIPERS.— Vote* of Proceedings in the Long Pariiament, temp. Charles I.. 

*-, taken by Sir Ralph Vemey, Knt., edited by Bruce, 7*. 6d. . . London, 1845 

W.. . AUT0BI0GR.9PHY of Sir John Bramston, K. B., of Screens, Co. Essex, 1611 to 

1700, edited by Lord Braybroke. 10«. Tk^ London, 1845 

- LETTERS of James Earl of Perth to his Sister the Connteu of Erroll, &c. 1688-1606, 

edited by Jordan, As.U London, 1846 

_ DE .^MT^IQUIS he^hm Liber-Chronica Maiorum et Vioecomitnm Londoniamm, 1178 

*"" ad 1374 nunc primum tyjiis mandata curante Thoma Staitleton, 8«. 6d. . London, 1846 

CHROJfiCLE of Calais In the Reigns of Henry VII. and Henry VIII. to the year 1540, 
by Richard Tnrpyn, now first printed, and edited by Nichols, plates, 6«. 6<<. 

l^ndon, 1846 
POLYDORE VEROIL*S Endish History, translated, vol. I. {the period prior to the 
Conquest) edited by Ellis. 6*. 6J I^^ondon, 184G 

A REIJITIO^, or rather a True Account, of England, under Henry VIT. Translated 
"* from Uie Italian of a Contemporary Venetian Nobleman, resident at the English Court, 
wiUiNotes, by Charlotte Augusta dneyd London, \B^ 

3H " 

Foundation and History. Edited by the Rev. William Atthill, Canon and Snb-dean of 
Middleham. Lomdon, 1847 



















CAMDEN SOCIETY.-~(Con/mwcd.) 

THE CJiMDE^r MISCELLAJ^Y: Vol. I. ConUininc. The Re^r and Chroiiiela 
of the Abbey of AbcrcoDway ; The Papal Boll for the Marriaxe ot King Henry .VII. ; 
A Diary of the Siege of Rouen in 1501, by an Officer of the English contingent; The 
Diary o'f Dr. Efdwara Lake, Cha|jlain and Tutor to the Prinooww Mary aiMl Anne, in 
1677-78 ; and other TnwUf Z.<ni^0n, 1M7 


SMITH, (W.) HiBtory of Canada. 2 vols. 8vo. . . Quebec, \^\5 

BOUCHETTE, (J.) British Dominions in North America. 2 vols. 4to. 

London, 1831 
BRITISH AMERICA : comprehending Canada, dtc. By Hugh Murray 

and others. 3 vols. l2mo, I5s Edin., 1839 

(Edin. Cab. Library.) 
See Amkrica (Bainsu), p. 15. 


BUCH, (Leop. von ) PhjTsisch. Beschreibung der Canarischen Inseln. 4to 
and Atlas. Berlin, 1825 

The same, trans, by Boulanger. 8vo et Atlas, /.25. Pari*, 1836 

WEBB ET BERTHELOT. Histoiro Naturelle dcs Isles Canaries. 3 vols. 
4to, ct Atlas in folio. Parit, 1835- 

1. Partie Hitttorique. rEthnographie et lea Mi4cellan6cs Canariennei. 

2. Histoire Xaturdle. La Geographie descriptive, la Zoologie, la Giographie bota- 
nique, ct la Phytographie. 


CHRISTMAS CAROLS, Ancient and Modem, including the Airs to 
which they are sung. Edited by Wm. Sandsrs. 8vo, 12«. Land., 1833 

GILBERT, (D.) Some Ancieut Christmai Carols, with the tune* to which they were for- 
ferly suDg in the WvA of England. 8vo JLond^n, 1833 

Siiecimens of, fiora MSS. and printed books. Edited by T. Wright. (Percy SocieCy.) 

sm. 8vo Z.4m(.'en, 1841 

A LITTLE BOOK of Christmas CaroU ; with tlie Ancient Melodies to which they are 
sang. Including the celebrated Boar's Head Son?, annually sung on Cbriitma<i Day at 
aui-en's College, Oxford. Collected and edited by Edward F. Rimbault, LL. D., F. 8. A. 
square 4to, 4«. . ' /.aiutoN, 1847 


TREDGOLD, (T.) Elementary Principles of Carpentry, edited by P. Bar- 
low. 50 plates, 4to. London. 

TREATISES on Masonry, Joinery, and Carpentry. 4to, 3«. Edinb. 

(From the Encyclo. Britann.) 

NICHOLSON, (P.) Practical Carpentry, Joinery, and Cabinet Making, 
being a new and complete System of Lines for the Use of Workmen : 
founded on Geometrical and Mechanical Principles. Ntimerous plates, 

' 4to, 2ls. London, 

THE JOINER AND CABINET-MAKER. 18mo, U, London, 1841 

(Knight's Guides to Trade.) 

HOLTZAPFFEL, (C.) Turning and Mechanical Manipulation. 2 vols. 

8vo London, 1846 

Fo/. /. Materials : their dilTerenoes, choice, and preparation ; varioot modes of work- 
ing them, generally without cutting tools. VVith 300 woodcuts, lit. 

Vol. II. The Princiiilec of Coixtruction, Action, and Application of Cutting TutAt 
used by hand ; and also of Machtnes derived from the hand tools. With 7tX> wood- 
cuts, SX)jr. 

ADIIEMAR, ( .) Traits de Charpente. 8vo, 36 planches, /.25. . . Paris. 


,1 C 



CARPENTRY. -iContinued.) 

FOURNEAU, ( .)• L'vt do tnit de Charpenterie, avee 68 planchet. /.43. Paris, 

EMY, (LK coLONKL.) Tnut^ de I'art de la Charpenterie. 3 toU. 4to, et Atlas fuUo, de 
158 planches. /.93. Paris, 1837-41 

KRAFFT. Traits de Tail de la charpente. Plans, coapes et 61^vations des diveises pio- 
dnctions ex6cnt6es tant en France qne dans les pavs dtranfen. 3d edit, mise en ordre et 
angment^e de 40 planches par MM. Ron^elet et ThioUet. 3 vols, in folio, 360 planches, 
/J50 Paris, 1845 


ADAMS, ( W. B.) English Pleasure Carriages ; their History, Varieties, Con- 
struction, Defects, Improvements, and Capabilities : with an Analysis of the 
Construction of Common Roads and Railroads, and the Public Vehicles 
used on them. 8vo, 16 plates and woodcuts, cloth, 7«. 6d. Lond., 1837 


DUREAU DE LA MALLE. Recherches snr la topographic de Carthage. 
Bvo, plates, /.6 50 Paria. 

BOTTICHER, (W.) Geschichte der Cafthager. Bvo. Berlin, 1827 

MCNTER (F.) Die Religion der Karthager. 4to. Kopenh., 1821 

Sendschreiben an F. Creoser iiber ein Sardische Symbole ; Bdlage zo 3ten Ansg. die 

Religion der Karthager. 4to JSCopeHh.y 1833' 

Der Tempel der himmeliscben Gdttin zu Paphos. 8te Beilage. 4to. Kopenk., 1834 

Die Religion des Babylonier : 3te Beilage. 4to. .... Ktptnk., 1837 

FALBE, (C. C.) Recherches sur I'emplacement de Carthage, suives de 

renseignements sur plusieurs inscriptions puniques in^ditra, avec le plan 

topographique des mines de la ville. 8vo et atlas folio. Paris, 1833 

See Hbbrbm'i African Nations. 

CASPIAN SEA, (Caucasus.) 

HOMMAIRE DE HELL, (X.) Les Steppes de la mer Caspienne, la Can- 
case, la Crimde et la Russie meridionale. Voyage Pittoresque, historique 
et Bcientifique. 3 vols 8vo, et Atlas in folio de 50 planches, representant 
des costumes, pa3rsages,vues, etc., /.no. Paris, IS47 

the same, translated (without the plates.) 8vo, lis. London, 1847 

SPENCER, (E ). Travels in the Western Caucasus. 2 vols. 8vo. 

London, 1838 

WIL6RAHAM, (R.) Travels in the Transcaucasian provinces of Russia, 
and along the southern shore of the lakes of Van and Urumiah, in 1837. 
8vo London, 1839 

EICHWALD. (E.) Retse anf dem Caspischen Meere nnd in den Caucasus in den J&hren, 
1835-36. Vol. 1. pt. 1-3. 8to. plates, 2is. ... Stutt., 1834-36 

— — Plants qnas in itinere oaspioHMOcasioo obsenravit. Folio. . FiliuB, 1831 

GULDENSTADT, (Dr. J. A.) Beschreibnng der Kaukasischen Lender, etc. Edit. J. 
Klaproth. 8vo. ........ Berlin, 1834 

D'OHSSON, (C.) Des penples do Cancase et da pays da nord de la mer Noire et de la mer 
Caspienne, dans le lOe siecle, oa Voyage d*Aboa-el-Cassim. 8vo. Paris, 1838 

KLAPROTH, (J. DE.) Tableau historique, g^ographique, ethnographique et politique du 
Caacake, etc. 8vo. ....... Paris, 18S7 

DCBOIS rr MONTPEREUX, (F.) Voyage autoar do Caacase, chez les Tcherkessea 
eties Abkhases, en Colchide. en Gdorgie, en Arm^nie et en Crimde ; avec an atlas g6o- 
graphique, pittoresque, arch4oIogiqae, geolt^qae, etc. 6 vols. 8vo, et Atlas in folio de SOO 
pi., /448 Paris, 1830-43 

On vend sipariment La Relation du Voyage. 6 vols. 8vo, /.48. 

See also Hanwat's Travels, Burnkh' Bokhara, Frabkr's Travels, Covollt's 
Travels, Joomal of the Geog. Society, Gmklin's Reise d. N. Russland, Enolb- 
HARDT nnd Parrot's Retse in du Krym, ftc. ftc. 



''*. ^ 

c, L 







U r 

it \ 



CATTLE ; their Breeds, Management, and Diseases ; with an Index. 

Illastrated by heautifiil cuts from drawings by Harvey, from living sobj^ts, 

of the finest Specimens of the various Breeda, Anatomy, Slc. 8vo, Wa. 

6<f. (Lib. Use. Know.) London, 1838 

LOW, (D.) The Breeds of British Domesticated Animals. Descriptive 

Memoirs and Illustration of the Breeds of the Domestic Animals of the 

British Islands. 

The Plata are drawn on Stone, from a Series of Oil Paintinuft, executed for the Ag- 
ricnltoral Museam of the University of Edinborgh, by Mr. Shieb, of the Royal 
Scotch Academy. 

In two volume*, atlas 4to, with 52 beautifully-ooloarBd plates. ^16. IS*, half morocco. 

LomdM, 1840-42 
This work mav be had in the following separate portions : — 
The OX. in 1 vol. atlas 4to. with 22 plates. £6. Kmt. 6i/. half-bound nrtoiooco. 
The SHEEP, in 1 vol. atlas 4to, with 31 plates, £6. I&r. 6d. half-bound morocco. 
The HORSE, in 1 vol. atlas 4to, with 8 plates. £3. half bound morocco. 
The HOG, in 1 vol. atlas 4to, with 5 plates, £2. ^. half-bound morocco. 

READ, (R.) A Concise Treatise on the Use and Abuse of the Flexible 
Tube or Probang, for the Relief of Choking, and the Mechanical Disor- 
ders of Cattle. 8vo, 3*. 6d. . . London, 1845 
See Low's Domesticated Animals, Kniout's Farmer's Library, fro. 


PRICHARD, (J. C.) The Eastern Origin of the Celtic Nations, proved by 
a comparison of their Dialects with the Sanskrit, Greek, Latin, and Ten- 
tonic Languages. 8vo, 7» London, 1831 

BLAIR & RONALDS. Sketches at Camac (Brittany) in 1834 ; or. 
Notices concerning the present state of some reputed Celtic Antiquities in 
that and the adjoining Communes : with a Postscript, containing an ac- 
count of the Great Roche-aux-F6e8 of Esse, Sec. Roy. 4to, 25«. Lond., 1843 

DAVIES, (Rev. E.) Celtic Researches on the Origin, Traditions and Lan- 
guage of the Ancient Britons, roy. 8vo. . . . London, 1804 

EDWARDS, (W. F.) Rccherches sur les Langues Celtiques. 8vo. 

Porw, 1844 

RITSON, (J.) Memoirs of the Celts or Gauls. 8to . " 1827 

LEO, (H.) Dm malbeigiiche Clone, ein Rest altkeltischer Spracbe. Parta I -11. 8to. 7«. 

HnUr, 1839-45 
DIEFFElfBACn, (L.) Cehiea. Sprachlicbe DocnroeatezarOeicbichtederKelten. 8vo. 

StMttg.^ 1839-40 

TROUDE. (A. E.) Dictionnaire francain et celto-breton. 8vo. . . BrtH^ 1843 

LEOOKIDEC. Grammaire celto-breton ne. Bvo, /.8 Paris, 1839 

BAST, (J. DB.) Rccherches hiator. littdr. inr la langne cehique, yanloiieet tndeaqoe. 3 
partx, 4to Oand.^ 1^15-16 

PICTET, (E.) De I'Affinitd des Langnea Celtiques avec 1e Sanscrit Bvo. . Ptvria, 1837 

ROSTRENEN, (G. dk.) Dictionnaire fran^ais-celtiqoe on fran^ois-breton, levne etc. par 
B. Jollivet. 2 vob. 8to Oningamp, 1834 

See also Bbtham'b Etraria. 3 vob. 8to, 1842. 


SMITH, (J. Jay.) On laying out Cemeteries, Churchjrards, &c., with De- 
signs for Monuments, folio. .... JVeto- York, 1846 

LOUDON, (J. C.) On the Laying-out, Planting, and Managing of Ceme- 
teries ; and on the Improvements of Churchyards. 8vo, 60 engrav. lU*. 

COLLISON, (G.) On Cemetery Interment. 12mo, 5#. . London, 1838 
WALKER, (G. A.) Gatherings fi-om Graveyards. 8vo, Ss. 6d. 

See Companion to British Almanac 1839. London, 1844 









BE^NNETT, (J. W.) Ceylon, and its Capabilities: an Account of its 
Natural Resoarces, Indigenous Productions, and Commercial Facilities : 
to which are added, Details of its Statistics, Piloting and Sailing Direc- 
tions, and an Appendix, containing the Royal Charter of Justice, the 
Kandjran Convention of ltil5, Ordinances of the Colonial Government 
<m Tarioos matters connected with the conmierce of that Island, See. 
niust. royal 4to, i3 3« London, 1843 

MARSHALL, (H.) Ceylon : a General Description of the Island and its 
Inhabitants ; with an Historical Sketch of the Conquest of the Colony by 
the English. 8vo, 7« London, 1847 

KNIGHTON, (Wm.) The History of Ceylon, from the Earliest Period to 
the Present Time ; with an Appendix, containing an Account of its 
Present Condition. Post 8to, 9«. .... London, 1845 

CORDINER, (J.) Description of Ceylon, etc. 2vols.4to. « 1807 

(8m aMfteriy RavMW. Vol. XIV.) 

FELLOWES. (Dr. R.) History of Ceylon, etc. to 1815, to which is sub- 
joined Knox's Historical Relation. 4to. . London, 1817 
DAVY, (J.) Account of the Interior of Ceylon. 4to, jC3 ld«. 6<f. 

Zomtcm, 18S1 

FORBES, (Majob.) EleTen Yean in Ceyloo. dd rdn., 3 Tob. 8vo, £1 U. London, 1841 
SELKIRK, (Rbv. J.) Recollections of Ceylon during 13 Yean' Residence. 8to, lit. 

lufmiUm, ISM 
CAMPBELL, (Lt. Col. Jas.) Excnnions, Adventores. and Field Spofts in Ceylon. 

S vols, thro, XI 16«. Ltmdon, 1843 

UPIIAM, (E.) The MahavaMt, the JUiaRatn&cari, and the R&Ja-Vali, forminf the 

Sacied and Hiitoricai Books of Ceylon. 3 vols. 8vo, £i '2s. Lamdon, 1833 

See MARTtit'e Colonial Libnuy. Oylon Almanac, Ceylon Gasetteer, Jonrn. of 
Asiatic Society, (/'o.xdkr'm Modern Traveller. Martin'm Brit. Colo Liby. 
L'Univen |Nttof«eane. Pkrcival's Account of Ceylon. K.N0x'e History of Cey- 
lon. DAXiELL*e Ceylon. 


CALLAWAY, (J.) A School Dicuonary. Part fir8t,Cingale8e and English. 
Part second. Engl, and Cingalese. With an Introduction containing ob- 
senrations on these languages, sm. 4to, 40«. 

Colombo (^Wetleifan Miooion Press), 1821 
— ^ A Cingalese Spelling Book, with the words explained in English. 8vo. 

Colombo, 1825 

Yakknn Nattannawa ; a Cingalese Poem, translated. 8vo, 8«. 

(Oriental Tran.!. Fund.) London, 1830 

CHATER, (J.) A Grammar of the Cingalese Language. 8vo, 20«. 

Columbo, 1815 
CLOUGH, (B.) A Dictionary of the English and Singhalese and Singha- 
lese and English Language. 2 vols. 8vo, 45«. Columbo, lc<21-30 

CHALDEA.— (See Assyria, Babylon.) 

MIGNAN, (Capt.) Travels in Chaldea, etc., performed on foot. 8vo. 

London, 1829 

AINSWORTH, CN. F.) Researches in Assyria. Babylonia, and Chaldea ; 
forming part of the hibours of the Euphrates Expedition. 8vo, maps, 
13a. 6?. London, 1838 

Travels and Researches in Asia Minor, Mesopotamia, Chaldea, dec. 

2 Tola. 8vo, 24« Zomion, 1842 

Hberek** Reaearchee. Edim. Cab. Library— Mewpotamia and Aacyria, Cory's 
Andent Frafmeal*. ftc. fto. 








-t Z 








CHALDAIC LANGUAGE.— (See Aramean, p. 29.) 



I. History. 

THOMSON, (T.) The History of Chemistry. 2 vols. 12mo. 6«. 

Ijomdon, 1S30 

IIORFKR. (F.) Ilutoire dr U Chimip. 3 volt. 8to. /.I7. . . P«n>. 14|3 

LONCJCII AMPH. Ilibholhf<|ii^ da Cliimiar, oo RtveuiJ dcs ndmoim dn fondatra'* dr 
U r)iiiiiii>. Vol. I.-, Hvo, (M. Van*, IrOI 

KOIT. (HO GewhicbCp d«f Chrmie. Hvo. vok. I.-III. . BrmmMm.^WO^ 

(To form 4 \olk.) 

HOF^FKR, (F.) Xonicnclaturr et Clamfication Chimiqurfl, NiTn d'an 
Ij*'Xifi»p IIi9tiiriqi]<* *.'t SyiionyiuiqufH coniprrnant lt*8 Nuinii Ancienii, !••• 
Furiimlt'K, ii*H NtmiH Nouwaux, Ir Nom lii' TAutf ur et la Date de la I>6- 
cuuvfrtf lire Princiiiaux Pruduits de la Chiinie. 12nio, /.3. Paria^ 1^45 

II. Elkmf.ntaky and (Je.nkral Tkkatises. 

PANIFILL, (J. F.) An Imnnhirtion i(» ihc Study of Chrmiral Phiionophy ; 
Inmiii; a Prt'imratory View of the Forr<>9 which concur to the prudoctiun 
i>t'Cheiuical Phpiioiiicna. r<vo, 12U. . Loncioji, lt<13 

LOW, Dj An Inquiry into the Nature of the Simple Bodies of ChemiMry. 
r«vo. Gt. ........ Ijand^n, 1M4 

FOWNKS. ((;> A Manual of HIenientary Chemiatry, TI]t*on'tiral and 

Practical, fcp. Mo. It^x. i\d IjondoHt ICM-I 

rRipriuK'il. Ttnliul.. L. k R.) 

(*h*'nii»try, at* cx<-inphfyin!{ tin* Wimloni and Beneficence of (iod. pi«l 

^vii, t»ji ........ Aondbn, 1pvI4 

(IRK(;ORY, ( W.) Ouilini'9 of Chemist r>'. for the Use of Students. l2mo, 5#. 
Fait I. Inu-sanh- niruiMry. Part .'. < trsaui - Chrautln . AofMion, 1^4o 

TrUNKR. K.I F:]rrnent>i of (In lui.xtty ; inrludini; the Aciaal Suie and 
Prt'vnirnt l><<-tr)nc9 of tlir S'imc*'. hili eilit. F^liled by Baron Lirbig 
and William Gregory. Parti. Inoruniiir ChenuHtry. ^vo, 15«. I(sl6 

K.\NFj. Robt ) Klrmt-nts of riit'n]i9tr>- : inrludins the moat Recent Dis- 
ri'VfrH'H and Appliratimiii <if tlir S<-i«nce to Medicine and Pharmacy, and 

to the Arts. 1 vol. ^vo, X*l 4« Duklim, Itvll 

'R«|iniiU-<i. Npw York. II. llr».) 

NOAP. 'H M lipvlarp* nii ('l>pini*irT : iin-luilinK lU A [i|iltealioBi ia thr Aila, aad lk» 

AnaUM«ul'OrrADii aod Inorsauii- t'otii|MMiud». I'yo, VZ*. fid. /.•■dpft, U*C1 

TIlnM.-tDN'. T of AniiiiaJ UihIh-* '*\o,\(v. . . Miaft., IDtK 

C'lifii.ioln tif VrcHabb- H4i.tH.% r>%u ygg^ 

I>AVY. Hia H . C'vinidrtc- Work* ami I.ifi-. ctliird liy hn brulhrr. 9 rob. *v«. 

i.0mdmm. ]i4»-li 

XlI'MAS. M J . AXD il(>l'.**:«IN(:AI I.T M. J R , T' 'Ti miral lad Ftij m Jii^ii tl 

](«! Ill' r «it ( Ir*; ,11.11 N'kiun* an K*«»» ifcl r<lit f> p. '-%o. 4«. f mrfri. ITM 

MF.IIM;. Kaiiiiliar l^nirri no I'h* Hnini-l ."^fm**— Thr l*hiioMi|diiraJ Pnacii^aW 
li.'Di-a* l.x«* iit'ilw St-ii*Di-p. I^litrti ti\ J (ii'iliirr. I'inm, ^. Ijtm40mt Vmk 

HKR/r.l.ll H. J. J I^hfburb <l#>r t'bimip :^ t-ia. f* \»U. »^\o. iJrt^drm, IrtM^f? 

Tiip *.\ntr. tranttatf.i ->r!ii. |iar MM. F.>.lini:>'r it lliwfrr. I<it. I-. F*rt», |rfM 

RF.R/.r.l.If .*>, J.J. Raii]»rt aBBu.i. ^ur k \*n*it* dp Chi mw. 1^40-48. 7 ««fti. iH*. 
r».»i/i= P«ri«. IMJ-47 




II. Elementary and General Treatises. — (Continued.) 

GERHARDT. Comp*e«-reDdiu dei trmraaz de chimie, annte 1846. 8to, Is. 6d. 

Paris, 1847 
HOEFER, (V.) DictiODnaire de Chimie et Pbysiqae. ISmo, fA. Paris, 1846 

DUMAS, (M.) Le^iM de phiJoeophie chimiqne pioftn6ei, an ooUeffe da France : racae- 
illei par M. Binan. 8vo. ....... Paris, 1837 

THENARD, (L. J.) Traits iMmeataire de chimie. 6e edition. 5 rob. 8vo, et atla*. 

Paris, 1834 
GMELIN, (L.) Haadbnehder Chimie. Vols. 1-3. . JETaMitfU., 1841-1846 

Lrhrbuch der Chimie. Abth. 1. anoi;ganiiche Chimie. Hsid., 184S 

MII^SCUERLICH. (E.) Lehrbach der Chemie. 3 rob. 8vo. . Beriin, 1849-44 

LIEBIG. Poggendorf a. Wohler. Handwdrterbuch der CbemiB. Vol. I, p. 1-6. vol. 11, 

p. l-«. »TO Brunsw., 184»-(5 

GERHARDT, (C.) Pr6cts de chimie oifaniqoe. S Tob. 8to,/.16. Paris, 1843-5 

S WEDENBORG. (E.) Some Specimens of a Work on the Prinoiplei of Chemistry ; with 
other TreatiMs. Translated from the Latin by C.E.8troU. 8vo, 21 pi., 12«. /.eiuioit, 1847 

III. Applied Chemistry. 

PARNELL, (B. A.) Applied Chemistry ; in Manofiictares, Arts, and Do- 
mestic Economy. Namerous Illustrations. 8yo, vols. I and 2, each I3«. 

London, IQU 
Vol. 1. introduction, gas illumination, m 

The Article on Dyeing and Calico Printing is illustrated by specimens of printed Cottons. 






The Third Vdnme will contain Dyeing Materials. 

(Reprinted, 1 vol. 8vo. New-York, 1844, D. A. fc Co.) 

KNAPP, (F.) Chemistry applied to the Arts and Mannfiictares. Transl. 
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III. Applied Chemistry. — {Continued.) 

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V. Che.mical Analysis. — (Continued,) 

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CydopoMlia — Art. Chksh. 

ECONOMIC CHESS-BOARD ; being a Cheas-Board, provided with a 
complete set of Chess- Men, adapted for Playing Games in Carriages or 
out of Doors, and for folding np and carrying in the Pocket, without dis- 
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I. The Elements of the Game, and an Elementary Analysis of the Principal Opening!. 

II. The Openings Methodically lUnstrated by a Series of Games actnally triayed over th* 
board by the most skilfal payers of the past and preaent time, viz.— Philedor, Da La 
Boordonnaii, Lewis, McDonnel, Cochrane, Staanton, St. Amant, George Wallwr, 
&c. &c. 

III. A Selection of one hondred Chess Problems, or Ends of Games, won or drawn by 
bnlliant and scientific Moves. 

IV. A series of Chcas-Tales, introducing Positions and Games. 
The whole compiled from the best English sources, with translations from the Fmnch.^ 

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prove the learner and ezerotse the memory. Translated from the original Sanscrit. 8vo. 

Bombay, 1814 

THR BEAUTIES OF CHESS : a Collection of the finest Chew Problems extant ; fft- 
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Pario oMd I^mden, 1846. 

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A Treatise on the Game of Chess ; containing an Introduction to the Game, and an 

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Problems, or Ends of GaoM. Fcp. 8vo, Ao.^d. . . . London, 1845 


, ' • * 


WAIjKER, (6.) Choi Btodio : oomprising One Thousand Gaines, actnally |4ajed daring 
Utc LoKt Ilnlf Century ; preaenting a unique Collection of ClaMical and BrUbant Bpeci- 
roens of CIicn* Skill, in every Stace of the Game : and Utns fbnning a complete Encyclo- 
ptpdia of Reference. Hvo, lOt. Gd LMUom, 1844 

Art of ChoM Playing. r2mo, 10«. &/ " 1M6 

See alM, The Ciikxc Player's CBROivirLS, monthly, 13«. M. per annnm. 
Li Palkmidk, monthly, *20 francs per annnm. 

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Author's MiscKLLANiKs (2 vols. Hvo. London, ld05,) will be found additions to this inteiest- 
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See MACORBGoa's Progress of America, 1847. McCulloch's Gazetteer. CapC 
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its Ancient and Modem History, Lan^age, Literature, Religion, Govern- 
ment, Industry, Manners, and Social State ; Intercourse with Ehirope from 
the Earliest Ages ; Missions and Embassies to the Imperial Coart ; 
British and Foreign Commerce ; Directions to Navigators ; State of Ma- 
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I. GEOGRAPHY, &.c.^(Conlinued.) 

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and Superstitions. 8vo Londouy 1841 

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Formation in April 1840 till April, 1842 ; with an Appendix, containing General Ordera 
and Despatches. 8to, lis. lAtndon, 184^ 

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History of the Events which induced the attenint. and succeeded in the accomplishment 
of, a Translation of the Holy Scriptures into the Chibese Language. 8vo, 5«. Land., 1843 

EJUPIRK CHIJfOIS (/') bistoire descriptive des mceurs, coutumes, architecture. Industrie 
du peapio Chintris, depute ks tamps les plus reouMs jnsqn'k nos jonn. 4to, phues, /\30. 












11. IIISTOKY— ((V;.'l.'l7i»W.) 



FoRTIA I> TRRAN. lli»ioiivantciiilD%vBM«t«laChiD«,o« IIIitoiMdelftCUMjwq«*U 
litJucf d'Yao 1 an -JAH avani notn* «rp. *J tol». I'inp. /.lO. . l*crM. I KIO 

IVM-n|i(iun df la t'hiiie rt d« KtaU inbutaim dr rEni|ierr«r. 9 vOh. Iteo. /.15. 

// IWllh.Hs FlTTOkKsqt'K. CTiiaa. par M. PaaUiier. Hvo, 73 plalai. /.7. Pin*. 

i.F.TTHF.s y.iJlFLLyTKSncuhntf*. 14 vob. t<vo. NoavcUa Uuraa ^difltatM. i» 

«ol«. Iv.'iitu. 

Hfv rail luiiD*^ Rrwarchei into the Phjrucal lintory of MaskJad, vol. IV. 

III. l^^^(;^A(;K. 

PRP..MARK. .r.) Notitia lintpin ninirie. 4to. . . Malacca, 1831 
■l*on*iilrml th# iM^t (*hincw f tram mar eitant.) 

ENDLirilKR, ;.^.) Aiifani^tiriiiidt' drr Chinmnchrn Grammatik. 8to, 
27* JVien, lt<4S 

MKDIirRST. rW. H } Coinparntivf Vtirahulary of the Chinne. Corran. 
ami Japanrw Lnn^niBR'^t <*tr. roy. Hvo, KU. . Bataria, lti35 

MORRISON. (R ) Vi>c:ilmlar}- of the Canton Dial«^t. 8vo. Mcraa, lY*ii^ 

RKMI'HAT. .\..' Rli>m' nu ilr la (traminaire OiinoiM*. toy. Hvo. . Pmrit, H^S 

I^«.ii» <ar la lan«nr i-t la IittTaiorp CiiiiKM^*. Hvo. . Pmnt. l^ll 

TIlnM. R. Cl.ineiranM F.ncli>h ViMa>ii.larv. H\ii Cmmt»u, IMi 

MARSH M AN, (J.; CUvm Simrn, or F^limfnts of Chinrap Grammar, nc. 
4tii. XT) 'A» ....... Serampore, IS^M 

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MORRlSt )N. (I>R R.> Dicti<iiiary of the Chinrae Languagv, in 3 part*. 

1. ('Iiini-«r ami Kn;li<h arranrnl ^i-i-onliii:: to ihv Radii-ala. 3 «ol«. 4to. £7 |3#. 

*J. riiinrw and Kn2li<h. arranf>^l aljihiiU-tiialU. 'J \oN., 4lo. jCA6ir. " |H|<|.^jn 

:t. Knvlith and f'liiDm-. -Iio. XIM#. (W/ ' ** KiiS 

— " (iranimar of t)i«-,C'hiiic0«* I^iiii!iiat!e. 4tn, X'l. Seramporf, lf*\S 

Virw of China, for l*tiiluki|L'K'al Tur'ntrgt. I>nii|;nr<il for the mm of Pvfioa* who Hadf 

ihr t'hinrw l.anjrna.P'. 4io. .... ... Marmo, 1-1* 

•^— rhiHi'w .MiM-rPani ; ron«i'tin5«r*>n„'inal K«trai-ta fnim (TiIbi'w Aoihon. la ibr Na- 
tiVf Charai-tri. with 'rrmnilaimnt and Thtkilnu'ii-al Rrmarki. 4iu. 14l«. (ml. Ijmmd.. \*ia 

MKDin RST, \V II Dirtiniiary «>f the Hokkrcn Dialect of thr Chinmr 
LanifuaKf. c<»iitamini{ 12,(N)U Charartfra. 4to, X"^ 3a. Lamdam, lh3r!i 

BWLE, The)^ traniilatftl from th** < >rii!inala into the Chinrae Langnae**. i»y 
Ih Marvlmian, m 5 parta. r<vi). X*5 5«. . . . Stram p art. 

■ F^iuailea. 6lc„ from Jamei to Rrv*'lationji. 5a. 

DriH>N(*KAr. I)R Duaerution on thr Natore and Character of the 
Chiiiear Syntfm of Writing ^ro Pkiiad., 1"3.h 

AMI (UTZLAFF. .'C ) Two liettera on the Chineft> Syaieni of Wri- 

iin« 4tn PkiUd , 1^44) 

WKSTON, (S.) Fan-hy-rheu ; a Tale from the Chincar ; with No(t« and 
a Chinrae (iirammar. hTo Lamdan, 1814 

KLAI*R()TII. Suiiplrmrni ao dirtinnnaire chinola. folio. Paria, 1819 

CALLKRYi (J. M.) Systrma phuiietiram acripturv anicfl;. 9 vob. 8vo. 

Maem, IMl 

SIKRt >IJ). (P. F. v.^ Tnan Dmi Wrn. od. Bach ▼. 1000 Wdn«n, aim d. 

Chinm ▼. J. IlofTmann. folio. 9#. ... Aefirn. 1S40 

CONFrt'irs F.T MKNCirs. I^ qoatr^^ LiTrra aicr6a dea CUnoia, tra- 
dniui rti fran^aia par Panthirr. 12mo, /3 511. Pmia. 

8TArNTON. (»in G.'j Ta Tmne I^eu l^ ; being the Fnndamenuil Lawa. 
anii a Helcctioa from the SnppU-menury Sutvtea of the Penal Code of 
Chma Tranal. rof . 4tn Ltmdmm, 1810 

yAHRATIVE of the Chineae Embaaqr to the Khan of the TowRooth 
Tanani. in the yean 1713, '13, *14, and '15 ; by the Chaaeae Anbaandor. 
TraniOateJ. 8vo. Ismdmm, 1891 




ni. LANGUAGE.— (Conrinw^i.) 

THOMS, (P. P.) Chinefle Courtship, in Vexae, with the Chinese Text, &c. 
8vo Maeaoy 1824 

DAVIS, (J. F.) The Fortunate Union ; a Romance, traosl. from the Chi- 
nese, with Notes, dtc. 4to London^ 1829 

# , ..^ Hang Koong Tsew, or the Sorrows of Han, a Chinese Tragedy, trans- 
lated, with Notes, dtc. 4tD London, 1829 

JUIjIBN, <S.) Hoei-lan-ki, ou THistoire de Cerde de Craie, Drame en 
Prose et en Vera. trad, arec notes, &c. 8vo. Lamdonf 1832 

Le Liyre des Recompenses et des Peines. 8to. Pwri». 


MILLS, (Cb.) History of Chiyalry, or Knighthood and its Times. 2 toIs. 

8vo Londony 1825 

(Repriated, New- York, H. Bn»*t.) 

JAMES, (G. P. R.) Hirtory of Chi?alry and the Crusades. 12mo, 6«. 

London, 1830 

DIGBY, (K. H.) The Broadstone of Honour, or the True Sense and 
Practice of Chivalry. 

Svt 1, Godefridoi. ISmo. /jmnUm, 1844 

" 3, Tancmlas. r2mo. " 1846 

SAINTE-PALAYB, (L.) Memoin sar raacienna Chevalerie, avec dai notes hiitoriqa|t 
par Ch. Nodier. 2 vob. 8vo. Parity 189Q 

r ERROT. ( A . M.^ CollectkNi ttHtoriqae det ordrei de chevalerie eivib et nUitaiiet ex^^taat 
obex lei difl%renUpeuple« da monde, saivied'anet^leaachronolo^qaedeiordrMAteiaU. 
4to. 50 planches eoton^es, /.50. Paris, 1846 

DBLECLUSB, (S. J.) Roland, on la Chevmleiie. 9 vob. 8vo. Paris, 1845 

JACOB, (G^) Recherehes historiqaes snr les croisades et les teoiplien, Toriftne de la no- 
blesse et de raacienne chevalerie, les conrts d^ainonr. 8vo. avec fig., /.5. Paris, 18S8 

KOTTENKAMP, (F. von.) Der Rittersaal: eine Gcsehichte des RHterthnnu, seines 
Entstebens nnd Fortcattgi. seiner Gebrai!che and Sitten, artisch. eriantet von F. von 
Reibsieb ; bistorisch. belenehtet von F. IL 4to. StuOj^., 1848 

CARLISLE, (N.) A concise aoconnt of the several Foreign Orders of Knif htbood, and 
other bononrable nsarks of distinction. 8vo. .... JjonSon, 1839 

NICHOLAS. (Sm H.) History oftbeorders of Knightboodof the Biilish Empire. 4 vob. 
iapl. 4to, £4. 14«. 6«j. Lanion, 184(M1 

BURKE, (J.) The Knightage of Great Britain and Ireland. 12mo, 5«. /^Mdm, 1841 

TOWNSEND, (F.) A Calendar of KnishU ; containing LisU of KnighU-Bacbetors, 
Knights of the Garter, Itc. fcc, flom 1760 to the present time. 8vo. London, 18S8 

BELTZ, (G. F.) Memorials of th Order of the Garter, from iU Foandation to the Present 
Time. Royal 8vo,30« /.<<hu(oii, 1841 

ADDISON, (C G.) The History of the KnighU Templars, the Temple Chorch, and the 
Tem|4e. Sd ed., 1 roL 8vo, phtea. ..... Lsmdsn, 1843 

This worit fimns a complete history of the Order of the Temple, from the time of its 
foandation in Palestine, to the period of iU abolition by the Pone.aad the Conncil of 
Trent. A fall and interesting aocoant is given of the establishment of the Knights 
Tcmj^M* in Gieat Britain, or the foandation of the Temple in London, and or the 
erection of the Temple Chareh. 

VERTOT. Histoiro das CbevaKeis Hoepitalien de Malte. 4 vols. 4to, plaUs, and Arms 
emUawnsd. Paris, 1736 


FIELD, (6.) Chromatics ; or, the Analogy, Harmony, and Philosophy of 
Colours. New edition, augmented, 8to, 11 plates, I2«. London, 1845 

Chromatography, or Treatise on Colours. 8vo, 14«. " 1841 

HAY, (D. R.) A Nomenclamre of Colours, Hues, Tints, and Shades, ap- 
plicable to the Arts and Natural Sciences, to Manu&ctures and other 
Puiposes of General UtUity. 8to, 40 coloured plates, 2U. Edm., 1845 

Laws of Haimonious Colouring. 5th ed., 7«. 6^. " 1844 

Principles of Beauty in Colouring Systematized. 21«. '* 1845 


/ L 





* f 






A / 

t ~ 


( f' 

t . 

CHROMATOGR A PHT.— (Co/t/mt/ed) 

HAYTER. (C.) Treatise on Colours. Royal 8vo, 6». London, 

GOETHE, (J. W. vo>.) Theory of Colours, translated from the German, 
by Enstlake. 8vo, Yls London, 1841 

THE FBINCIPLES OF DESIGN and Colour, comprising the Arrange- 
ment and Disposition of Forms with facility and success in the variQUS « 
patterns for Silk, Cotton, Woollen, Paper, and other Manufactures: to- 
gether with the Matching of Colours, so as to produce elegance and rich- 
ness of etfect. lUustrnted with Plates, containing Diagrams of the 
Principles of Colour. 4to, 2ls. . London, 1847 

BACHHOFFNER, (G. II.) Chemistry as Applied to the Fine Ans. 8vo, 
Is.Gd London, 1837 

PORTAL, (F. DE.) Essay on Symbolic Colours, in Antiquity, the Middle 

Ages, and Modem Times. From the French. With Notes by W. S. 

Inman. 4to, illustr., 10«. Qd London, 1845 

GREGOIRE. Tlieorie de» coulcnrs appli(iu6e a la pratique des art« indostmb. 2d ed., 
8vo, /.5 50. . . Pari*, 1KB 

CIlEVRErL. (M. E.) Do la loi dn contnurte MmaHan^ det Coloan et de ra»orteinent 
des obicN trolurii^f, coDM(i6r6 d'aprurt cettu loi dant te* rapports avec la petnturv, hs* lapik- 
»erie« ac^ Golielin«, &co. tic. Hvo, et Atlas in 4to, /..lO. . . Stra*bourff, 1S39 

Bee Handbook of Water Coloum. Ackkrmanm'b Manual of Cokiura, 1M5. Pbr- 
aoz'i) Traitc de riinpre«Mon3 dc« Tisiiua, etc. 


NICHOLAS, (H.) The Chronology of History, containing Tables, Calcu- 
lations, and Statements indispensable for ascertaining the Dates of Histo- 
rical Events*, and of Public and Private Documents, from the Earliest Pe- 
riod to the Present Time. i2d ed., 1 vol. fcp. 8vo, 6*. . London, 1840 

HAYDN, (J.) Dictionary of Dates to all Ages and Nations. 8vo, 18». 

London, 1846 

the Creation to the Present Time ; with Additions and Corrections from 
the most Authentic Writers ; including the Computation of St. Paul as 
connecting the P«'rJod from the Exode to the Temple. By Sir Henry Ellis. 
Imp. 8vo, half mor.,3]«. (id. ..... London, 1844 

CHRONOLOGICAL TABLES of Ancient and Modem History, synchro- 
nistioally and ethnographically arranged, etc. 2 parts, iblio. 

Oxford, 1835-40 

HALES, (Rev. W^.) New Analsysis of Chronology and Geography. 

4 vols. 8vo, 639 i^mion, 1830 

HAMPSON. (R. T.) Mcdit A-lsi Kalendariam : or Datei, Cbarten, and Cowtoin* ot the 
Middle A^eii. H vols. 8vo lAmdoti, 18-11 

CORY, (J. P.) Inqoirim : MctaphyMcal, Mytholopcal, and Chronoloipcal. 12riM>. 12U. 

Ijomdon, 1837 

L'ART DE VERIFIER LES DATES des faits historiques, 6lc., avant 

I'ere chr6ticnne, 5 vols. 8vo. ..... Paris, 1820 

depuis la naibsancc de Jesiis Christ. 18 vols. 8vo. . " 1818-19 

depuis I'ann^fe 1770ju8qu'& nos jours. 16 vols. 8vo. " 1821-34 

Continuation de la 3* partie ou plutot quatribnie partie de I'ouvr. en — vols. 

lie I7e vol. cootient riiiiitoiro dc six des dtats-anv* de rAm^riqae du Nord; ]e ]8e 
vol. rontient Thistoiro do vjx autreK 6tat4-nnis. C*e«t au ISevolnme in 8vo, qoe 
commence Thistoire de rAra^riqae. 

HARMON VILLE, (A. L. d\) Dictionnaire dos Dates, det FaiU, dn lieax et des Iiom- 
itrn illu^trcs. tJ voN. 4to. /.45. Paris. 

IDELER, (L.) I^hrbnch dcr Chronologic. 8vo Berlin, 1831 

Handbncli der mathematischen nnd tcchniicben Chronologie. 3 vols. 8to. 

Berlin, 18S5-96 
See Clinton's Fasti Uellenici, and Fasti Romani. UsnER'i Annals. Conpan. lo 
British Almanac, v. 7. ^ 



CHRONOLOGY, Ecclesiastical. — See Theology. 

SPENCER, (E.) TraTelBiiiCircaflBia,&c. 3d edn. 2 vols. 8vo. Xond., 18^ 

bell, (J. S.) Jonrnal of a Residence in Circassia in 1837^8-^9. 2 

vols. 8vo. *. . . London, 1840 


GUIZOT, (F.) The History of Civilization, from the Fall of the Roman 

Empire to the French Revolution. Trans, by William Hazlitt. 3 vols. 

post dvo. ......... London, 1846 

(Reprinted New-York, D. A. & Co.) 

MACKINNON, (W. A.) History of CivilizaUon, 2 vols. 8vo, 24». 

London, 1846 

MARX, (C. F. H.) & WILLIS, (R.; On the Decrease of Disease effected 

by the Progress of Civilization. Fcp. 8v6, 4«. London, 1844 

BROTONNE, (F. de.; Civilization primitive, oa E«<ai de restitution de la periode ante- 
hiktorique, ()onr tervir d'introdaction a Phuitoire nniwiwlte. 8vo, /.7 50. . Pmris, 1845 

DRUMANN, (W.) Grandria der CuUur-Geschichte. ISmo, A». Koxiffsb., 1847 

ROUX-FERRAND. Hi^toire des Pro^rea de la Civilisation en Earope, depnis Vim Chre- 
tien nejnaqn'au XIXe u^da. C vols. 8vo, //42. ....:. Paris. 



BIBHOTHRCA Bcriptomm Clatsicorum et Gra^corum et Latinomm : an Alpliabetical 
Catalogoe of the EditioHii of tJie Groek and I*atin Cla^a^ici, their Translationa, Commedta- 
ries, and I>i«sertation4, that have appearad in Germany and the adjacent Countries up to 
the end of 1846. Ed. by VV. En^lmann. 8vo, 8ff l^eiptig, 1847 

HOFFMANN, (S. F. O.) Lexicon bibliographicum, sive index editionnmscriptor.gra(K»r. 

3 vols. 8vo Leipzig, 1833-3G 

MOSS, (W.) A Manual of Clasncal Bibliosrraphy. 2 vols. 8vo. . London, 1835 

BCHWEIGER, (F. L. A.) Handbnch der cla.«iUehen Bibliographic. 3 vols. 8vo. 

Leipzig, 1830-.14 
WAGNER, (F,) Qmndriss der Classischen Biblio^raphie. 8vo. Bretlau, 1840 

COLERIDGE, (H. N.) Introduction to the Study of the Greek Classic 
Poets. Designed principally for the use of the Young at School and Col- 
3d edn. 12mo, St. 6d London, 1845 

GRAFENHAN, (A.) Gfeschichte der Classischen Fhilologie u. Alterthum. 
3 vols. 8vo, 30* " . Bonn., 1843-46 

DIBDIN, (T. F.) Introduction to the Knowledge of Rare and Vahiabie 
Editions of the Greek and Latin Classics. 2 vols. 8vo. . London, 1827 

ELTON, (C. A.) Specimens of the Classic Poets, in a Chronological 
Series from Homer to Tryphiodorus. Translated into English Verse and 
illustrated with Biographical and Critical Notices. 3 vols. 8vo. 

See Fi'HiiMAN*a Handbuch der Clamiwhen Literatur. London, 1814 

MUSEUM^CRITICUM: A Series of Papers, Critictsms. Essays, Frajfmenis of Greek 
MMi Roman Anthore, &o., by manyof the most talented Critics, indnding Bishops Bloom- 
field and Maltby, Professor Monk, Elrosley, Dr. Barney, Hare, &c., &c. 2 vols. 8vo. 

Camb., 1896 

CL^SSrC^L MUSEUM. Vols. 1-4, 8vo fA>ndon, 184^-46 

REPERTORIUM der elassuchen Philologie und der auf sie sich beziehenden p&dagog- 
ischen ShrifVan. Heransg. von 6. Mlihimann and E. Jenicke. 8 vols. 1. 11.-, ihs, 


SMITH, (W.) A New Classical Dictionary. Will comprise the same 
subjects as are contained in the well-known Dictionary of Lempri^re, 
avoiding its errors, supplying its deficiences, and exhibiting in a concise 
form the remltt of the labours of modem scholars. It wUl thus supply 
a want that has been long felt by most persoQS engaged in tuition. One 
volume, 8vo. (in press.) 






/. ' 

^ ,w 






.«. lIM^.'i 

Fine paprr, ISmo. 

idiu. AamriirM'Owlu. 

■to^ Sillit. i ••(■. Mao. 
t (Hrhunliiu. eoaftr. Snb. 

HDru,i... jAt.. . . . 3 

Ln'cmiu.. " brTft"r. '. '. ' . U 7 

Tauchmtj's S-rxBioTtra <i 

conecledTeii, IGmo, 
J' Vvi> Huiori., ll«Hyd« FoB- 

^iJiocIh. bimitrf. , 
Thai' Anilba. ^'«> 



!BHi Bililiolhfo li- 

ArtitolihMii Ciiniai.Ui«. 3 mk. . 

IV. MxunrolorcL 

V. llnlwi* AlriluHini. . 

VI. D» ABiii..ligl>i ianit.0., du 

VIII. IX. OriMoi. a\oli.' 

X. Elliici. .... 

XI. Fa!IUca>l(E«>n<™ia. 


ici. . " 

10 toll. . 

.,1. II. L/bti de 

Omi«. Topi". PutiitaM wtt. 

Rtlvio Annino. pn Rav^ L'(t- 

Vgl. IV. OttU. pro FoBl^io, pio 
Ciroina. p. kff M«oUi4. Clscoiio. 

ugutunlH EipcdIUotlfii. Dninrf. 

— Hinori, Gric.. /)hul.y. 

Gsecx «ND Lim CLuaica, with 

ifip.., itaa-s 

il. Vl. BniMolKlidililena. . 36 
iL VII. ELJtloIr «d Atliaom, .034 
J. V[n. Ai:Ai]*inki% JihhdaFiD' 


», -W Fus, il* L>(l^ 
i^. LcJin, Fin- 


IMiWhrnii ». Phillpnicr. 

IhoCviiiu. 4. oh. . 

Halan»Slc. dvoU. . . 

DiojKiH LMiiii At *lli> phileMip)!. 

ttiDiiy>lDi bsliismandi. 6toIi. D 
Enripiilta TncodW. 4 •ah. « 

<>rllu AbU nocta AlUcs qon isdici- 

kHjvciJKMmk . . . 
llitodiuj UiU. Rw. 


]Mo1m toBpenioi. 
MoMI RpUiilfc 
MoMI OnUooB, 

o.idaO|.i.. 3 




n. EDITIONS.— (Con/inMft/.) 

Phcdri FabolK 

Piadari Carmina. 
Platoab Opera. 8 vob. . 
Plaati OomoBd. 4 vola. 
Fliaii Bbtoria Naturalii. 5 vob. 

Pyaii £puu>lc 

Platafchi VttJK panlldc. Tok. 
Platafehi Moralia G Tola. 
Poets Graeci Gaomici. 
Polvbii Hntoriat. 4 vob. 
Ptoloinaei Geofraphia. Vol. L 
Qatatiltani luUt. oratoria. 3 vols. 
Quiati Siajmci, Tryphiodori. TxeUas 
et Colothi Carmina de reb. Trojanit. 


Seneec Opera. 5 voU. 

BeaecK TraccBdia* 

SUii Italici Pantcornni, libri XVU. 
SopbocUs Tragoedis. 3 vob. 

Btobci FIoriMgiam. 3 vob. . . 







3 6 
3 6 
7 6 

Sttmbo. 3 vob. . 


ShMtoaiu. .... 


1 6 

Taeiti C. Comehi Opera. 3 vob 


Terentii ConMBdic. 

1 6 

Theocritu, Biop et Moschns. . 



Tbeophnuti Charact.. Epicteti Man«- 

ale et Cebetb Tabula. 


Thaejrdidet. 3 vob. 



Valeniu Maximus. 


yeUeias Patercalcu. 



Victor, AaraKat. 


Virinliw. .... 





XBNKrnoN. 6 rob. 







iftttofia Grttca. . 

1 6 


1 6 

(EooBomico*. . 





C. JUUI CiGS ARIS Commenuiii de beUo Gallioo et ctvili. Accedont libri de bello AJexan- 
driao. Africaoo et Hiapanienii. Ex recensione Franct»d Ondendorpii pamm reficta. 
Prvfatw art et adnotatioaem eiitieam adjecit lo. Theoph. Kreynig. Editio itereotypa. 

HOMER! Carmiaa, wcnndam reoentionem Woifii, cam prsfattone Godofredi Hermanni. 

3 vob.. 12# 1837 

Vol. I. Ilias. C». Vol. II. OdyMea et Carmina minora. 6f . 6d. 

T. LIVII Patavini Historiamm libri qui snpennnt et deperditomm epitoma, cam fragmenta 
et indice hiftorico. Curavtt C. F. Bdhmert. Nova editio emendatiatima ex altera tabala- 
rnra stereotypamm imprcMione. 4 vob., IBs 1838 

C. CORNELLI TACm opera, cam indice rernm. Adoptimomm libr. fidem adcaravit C. 
H. Weise. 3 vob., 7» .... 1838 

THUCYDIDIS de belJo Peloponneriaoo libri VIII. Cam indica hutorico. Caimvit Ant 
Richter. Is 1836 

XENOPHONTIS de Cyri Dbciplina libra VIU., cnrante Car. Frider. Ang. Nobbe. 3«. 6rf. 



ARISTOTELIS Opera Omnia qna; extant, edidit C. H. Weiw, nno volamine comprehenta. 
30a. 1843 

M. TULLII CICERONIS Opera omnia, nno volnmine oomprehenya. Ex recenidone Erne- 
itii itodioiie recogatta odidit M. Car. Frid. Aug. Nobbe, Prof, in Academia Lipsienn et 
Scholae NioolaiUnc Rector. 30« 1837 

T. LIVII Patavini Hivtoriarom libri qni tnpercant omnet et deperditorum fragmenta. Ex 
feceasione Am. Drakenborchii, ad codicom Bambeigensb et Vindobonenib fidem paaiim 
leficta. nno volnmine edidit loan. Th. Kreywie. ]A«. 1838 

CAII PLINII Secnndi Historic Nataralis libri XXXVII.. cam indicibas rernm locupletiMimb 
ad optimomm libroram fidem emendatiwime editi cnrante Car. Herm. Webio. rkiitio ste- 
reotype, nno volnmine totum opas oomplexa. 15« 1843 

BIBLIOTHECA GBMCA : Vironim doctomm opera lecognita et comnient 

inBtracta, curantibus Fr. Jacobs et V. C. F. Rost. 8vo. Gotha, 1826-45. 

.ASCHYLI Tragmdiat, ed. Klanaen. ...... 18125 

1. Agamemnon, 7«. 6d. 3. Ch<0pborv, G». 

AN ACREONTI8 Sapphnt et Erinns fragmenta, ed. E. A. MoBbins, 3«. 6rf. 1836. 

DELECTUS Epigrammatnm Grrcomm, ed. F. Jacobs, Ss. . 1836. 

DEMOSTHENI8 Orationes Selects , ed. Sanppe. Vol. I. Sect. 1. 9s. tfef. 1846. 
EURIPIDI8 TragosdiB. ed. Pflngk. Vob. I. and II. 

Vol. I. Sect. 1. Medea, ed. II.. 2s. 6d. Sect. 3. Heenba, ed. II., is. 6d. Sect. 3. An- 
dromacbe, 9s. 6d. Sect. 4. HeracKdie, 3«. 6d. 

Vol. II. Sect. ]. Helena, 3«. Qd. Sect. 3. Alcestu, 2s. Sect. 3. Herenles Parens, 2». 6d. 
Sect. 4. PhoenissB, is. 

HESIODl Carmina, ed. C. Gottling, Ed. II., Bs. 6d. . . . , 1843. 

HOMERI Ilias, ed. Spitzner. In 4 Sections, 33» 1834. 

ISOCRATIS Orationes, ed. J. H. Bremins. Pars l.,3s.M. . . 1831. 

LYSIiE BT iBSCBINIS Orationes Selects, ed. J. H. Bremins, 8s. . 1836. 

PINDARI Carmina, L. DiMen. Ed. n. edid. Sckaeidewin. Vol. L, Of. 1843. 

CLASSICS.] 104 [classics. 

U. EDITIONS.— (CoTi/inwf J.) 

PLATONIS Opera, ed. Stallbaam. Vd. I. to IX. . 183(M9. 

Vol. I. Sect. 1. Apologia Socratis, Crilo, ed. II., 3«. 6d. Sect. S. Ph»do, 3«. 6rf. Sect. 

3. 8yni|)0*iani, de Platon. vita, 4». 
Vol. II. Sect. 1. Gorcia*, ed. II., 4». Sect. 2. Prota^raa. ed. II., 2*. 6d. ■ 
" III. •• 1. 2. De RepnbUca~r<7^'iatitr. 

" IV. " 1. Pliirdrtis, 3jr. 6d. Sect. 2. Menezenns, Lysis, Uinpiai aterqne, 5«. M. 
" V. " 1. Laches. Cbarmide*. Alcibiadei nterqoe, 5«. 6d. Sect. %. Cratylns, 4m. 
** VI. " 1. Bathydemii!!. 3tf. Sect. 2. MeaoetEathyphroet inoeitiicript.Theagca 
Eivt'e et Hipparcbus, 6g. 
Vol. VIL Sect. 1. TimKO* et Critiai. 7*. 
"VIII. " 1. Theaetetoa, 5s. 6^. Sect. 2. SophUta. 4g. <U. 
" IX. " 1. Politicns, 6s. Sect. 2. Pbilebus, (is. 6d. 

SOPIIOCLIS TragcDdiw, edid. E. Wander, 2 volt 1835-37. 

Vol. I. Sect. I. Pbiloctete«, ed. II., 3s. 6d. 3ect. 3. (Edipas Rex, ed. IL, 2i. (U. 

Sect. 3. (Edtpiu Coioneas, ed. II., 4«. 6d. Sect 4. Antigone, ed. II., 3*. 
Vol. II. Sect. 1. ElecUa, Zs. Scot. 2, Ajox, Zs. Sect. 3. TracliiAC, 3*. fid. 

TUEOCRITI Idyllia, edid. E. F. Wustemann, 7s. ed. 1830. 

THUCVDIDES, de Bello pdoponneiiaco, ed. Fr. Poppo. Vol. I. Sect 1-3, Mt. 1845. 


Vol. I. Cvropirdia. ed. F. A. Bomemann, Is. . . . . 1898. 

" II. Memorabilia, ed. Kuhner, 6«. 6d. ...... 1840. 

" IV. Sect. 1. (EooDomions. ed. Breittenbach. 3s. 6d. . 184S. 
Anabasis et Hikt. Gr. Kiihner, and Agesilaos, fcc In tkefress. 

NisjLRi/s Latin Classics, with translations in French, complete in 35 vols, large 
8vo, each/.15. F. Didot, frferes Farit. 

SALLUSTE, Cesar, Velleios Patercnlos, Floras, avec la traduction francaiw par M. Nisard 

I vol. I2s. 

S^NEaUE (le philomphe). 1 vol. 15s. 

TITE-LIVE. 2voh. 30«. 

OVIDE. 1 vol. 15*. 

HORACE. Juvi^nal. Perse. Catalle, Properoe. Gallns, Tibnlle, PliAdre, Syrat, etc. 1 toI. U«. 

LUCAIN, Siliiu Italicos. Claodien. 1 vol. 12«. <M. 

TACITE. 1 \oI. 12*. 

P^tRONE et Apulee. 1 vol. 15*. 

CICERON. 5voU. 63*. 

CORNi!:LIUS NEPOS. auinte-Coroe, JosUn, Valore Maxima, J. Obseqaens, 1 toI. 15#. 

ST ACE. Martial, etc. 1 vol. 15*. 

aUINTILIEN et Pline le Jenne. 1 vol. 15*. 

PLAUTE. Tdrence. 84in«qae. 1 vol. 15*. 

LES jiOROJ^OMES, Caton, Varron, Colamelle. 1 vol. 15*. 

MACROBE, Varron (de la langao latine), Pomponius Mela. 1 vol. IS*. 

BiBLioTHEQUE DEs AcTEURs Grecs, (loHt les tpxtes, revus Bar les MMSS., sont lea 
plus exacts et les plus coniplets. Avec la traduction latine et lea index. Chaqne 
volume, ^jnnd in-8 i deux colonnes, rcnferme un ou.ploaieurs auteurs, et se vend 
s^par^, relie en toile. F. Didot et frires. Paris. 

HOMERE, d'apros la recension do G. Dindorf, et Fragments dea Croliques. 1 voL/.lO. 

Hi^SIODE. Apjiollonias Rhodins, Trvphiodoms, Colathas, Qaiatas Smjmvas. Tsetaaa, 
Muf^e. et fragments d' Antimaqne, CnrBrilus, Panyasis, A&ins et Pi>ander, pabl. par L^n. 
1 vol./.lH. 

ESCIIYLE et Ics fragments ; Sophocle et les fragments, pnbl. par Ahirnt. 1 vol./.94. 

EIJRIPIDE. Texte nouveau, revn, et traduction tonte nonveUe par M. le piofeaenr Th. 
Fix. 1vol./. 18. 

ARISTOPIIANE, publ. par G. Dindorf; Mdnandre et PhiMmon, pnbl. par M. Diibeer. 

1 vol./. 18 
SCHOLIE9 compk-tes d'Aristophane. avec un Index tout nouveau, pnbl. par Fr. Diibner. 

1 voi./.ao. 

HERODOTE, trxte ^Ubli |Ar M. Gaillaume Dindorf, traduction revue. Snivi de CMaiac, el 
dm chionographes, publics par M. Tb. Muller. 1 fort vol. /.21. 

THUOYDIDE avec les Scbolies, publ. par Haaax 1 vol./.18. 

XENOPIION. OSuvrea completes, d'apr6s la rvoension de L. Dindorf. 1 rol./.lS. 

n. EDITIONS.— (Cofi/tnii«(/.) 

MODORE Dg SICILE, avec tow lai ftagiMnU, public pw M. Dindorf ct M. Cb. Miilkr. 

2 rol./M, 
POLYBE, avee tou lei fragmentt. 1 Tort volume en 3 parties, fJH. 
APPIBN. text* eft tndactkm da Schweighaeiuer. 1 rol. /.Id. 
FLAVIU8 J08i:PHE, teste et tredactioa revae par M. 6. Dtadorf, tome I../. 18. 

lanici, Pheiecfdis, Aciuilai. Antiocbi. PbiJUti. Timvi. B|>bori, Tboopompi. Ph^larcbi, Cli- 
todemi. Phaaodemi. Androtioni«, Demontu, Philocbori, Iktri, et Apolfodori Bibltotb^^ com 
fm^pneatii. anxeraat aotii et prolefomeaU Ulustraraot Car. ei Tbeod. MuJIeri ; acoedont 
marmoffa Pariam et Roftettanom, hoc cam Letroaaii, Ulnd cam C. MiiUcri Commentariis. 
1 foft volame, /.94. 

d£M0STH6nE. pabM parM. Vdroel. 9 parties. /.34. 

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BtBLR DF.S SKPTAJrrE, pub. par M. Jager, dMi^ k Mgr. I'arcbeveqne de Paris. 

3 vol. /.as. 

Le texle grec senl, en na volume, /.IP. 

JtTOVVFJiU TESTJlME/rr, pabli6 par Tiscbendorf, dMIA k Mgr. rarcbeveqne da 
Pkrie. 1vol./. 10. 

Gnu Authors, with French Translations. Didot, Paris. 

HOM^RE. traduction nouvelle. avec le teste en regard, par M. Duga>-Montbel. nnembie da 
r Acadi&mie des laacriptions. Deuxieme 6ditioa, revne aveo le plus grand M>in. 9 vol. papier 
v«lin. £^. Wa. 

L' ILIAD E ET L'ODYSSEE, et les poSmes bomeriques. trad, seule. S foito vol. ia 
Po, pet. pap. Bs 

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ia 8o. 13. 

THUCYDIDE, tradait par Ajab. Firmin Didot, avec le textaen regard et aotee. 4 vol. ia 
Fo. Ifi*. ^ 

TII^OCRITE, tnuloit ea vers par M. Firmin Didot, avec le texteen rogard. 1 vol.ia 8o, 4s. 

Hl^RODOTE. Nouvelle traduction par M. le comte Miot, membre de riavtitut. avee oom- 
mrntaiiM, etc., acoompagnde d'obwrvations par M. Letroane, 3 gros vol. in 8o, aveo 
cartr. 13*. 

DIODORE DK SICILE, trad, per le meme. 7 vol. in 8o, contenant tons les nonveaox 
fragments. 3C«. 

ARI9TOTR. La Morale et la Politique, traduites du gm par M. Tburot, professeor an 
Colk&ge loyal de France et k la Facnite dies lettres de Pans. Us. 

DION C.\98It'8. Hi»toirp romaine, trai1uit<> en francaia, avec des notes critiques, birto- 
riqun, etc.. et le texte en regard, jiar .M. E. Groi, inspecteur de I'Acad^mie de Paris. 
Tome 1, graad in 8o. lOe. 

^'^ALPY'S FAMILY CLASSICAL LIBRARY; being a Series of the best 

English Translations of the Greek and Latin Clnaaics ; with Biographical Sketches, 

Portraits, Maps, Notes, dtc. 52 vob. l8mo, JCll. 14#. London, y. y. 

(Reprinted, New-York, H. & Bro's.) 

Tbis selection indodes tbose Authors only, wboee works may be read by the youtb of 

both sexes. 

Demostheaes. .... Transl. by Leiand. Vol. 1. 

Ballnst. . . Rote. Vol. 3. 

X«nophoa*s AaabaatsaadCyiopsdia. Spelman and Cooper. Vol. 3, 4. 

iierodotas. ..... BAoc. Vol. 5-7. 

Viffil. Wraagbam. Sotheby, and Dryden. Vol. 8, 9. 

Pindar and Anacreon, new trannlations. Wheelwright and Bourne. Vol. 10. 

Tacitus. ....... Murphy. Vol 11-15. 

Theophrastos. with 50 engravings. ..... Vol. 16. 

Horace and Phrdms Vob. 17. 18. 

Jnvenal and Penins. Dr. Badham aad 8ir W. Drumroond. Vol. 19. 

Thncydides. Smith. Vol. 9(K33. 

Plutarch's Livas. with eagraviagi. .... Vol. 33-39. 
HeMod, and the Cassandra of Lyoopbron ; with Bion. Moschns, 

MusKUs, and Bappho. C. Eltoa, Esq., aad Lord Royitoa. Vol. 30. 




i> '. 

.1 / 

f "' 







n. EDITIONS.— (Con/mwed.) 

Cesar's CommettUriet. Vol. 91, 38. 

Sophode*. ..... FnackliB. Vol. 33. 

Eoripides. ..... Pott«r. Vol. 34-36. 

Homer. ...... Pope. Vol. 37-39. 

Orid's MeUmorphoMs and EpifUes. DiydeB, Pope, CoBfiore, AddiiOB, ko. Vol. 40, 41. 
Cicero's Oratioiu, Oflkiet, and Treatises oa Old Afe and Frieiidsliip. 

Duncan, Cockman,aad Melmoth. Vol. 4S-44. 
iEschylos. ..... Fotieff. Vol. 45. 

Livy. ..... Baker. Vol. 46^ai. 

See Antholoot. Grbbck, Literature of. Rome, Literatare of. 


HOLLAND, (J.) The History and Description of Fondl Foel, the Collie- 
ries, and Coal Trade of Great Britain. 2d ed. 8vo, woodcuts, 14«. 

London, 1841 

JOHNSTON, (J. W. F.) The Economy of a Coal Field. 8vo. 

London, 1841 

DUNN, (M.) An Historical, Geological, and Descriptive View of the Coal 
Trade of the North of England ; comprehending its Rise, Progress, 
Present State, and Future Prospects. To which are appended, a Concise 
Notice of the Peculiarities of certain Coal Fields in Great Britain and 
Ireland ; and also a Greneral Description of the Coal Mines of Belgium, 
drawn up from actual inspection. 8vo, 7«. London, 1844 

MAMMATT, (E.) Geological Facts of Ashby Coal Field. Roy. 4to,43«. 

See Ltkll's Geolo^. Penny Cydopvdia. M'CcLLocu'a Dictionaiy, fcc. He. 


COUBARD D'AULNAY. Monographic du Caf^, ou Manuel de ramatenr 
de Caf^, ouvrage contenant la description et la Culture du cafier, Thistoire 
du Cafi^, ses charact6res commerciaux, s» preparation et sea propri^t^. 
2d ed. 8vo,/.4 50 ParU, 1842. 

See M'Culloch's Dictionary of Commerce. 

COINS AND MEDALS.— (See Numismatics.) 

LEWIS, (G. C.) On the Government of Dependencies. 8vo, 12». 

London, 1841 

MERIVALE, (H.) Lectures on Colonization and Colonies. 2 vols. 8vo, 
24« London, lQ4l'4i 

NAPIER, (Col. C. J.) Colonization, especially in Southern Australia. 
8vo London, 1839 

COLOUR.— (In Painting.) 

BURNET, (J.) Practical Hints on Colour in Painting. 4to, ZU. 6d. 

London, 1829 

HOWARD, (Frank.) On Colour, aa a Means of Art, being an adaptation 

of the Experience of Professors to the Practice of Amateurs, illustrated 

by 18 coloured plates, post 6vo, 8# London, 1838 

See CHaoMATooaAPHY. Paihtino. 


MOLLIEN. Voyage dans la r^publiqne de Columbia, om^e de cartes, de 
vues, et de divere costumes. 2d. ed. 2 vols. 8vo,/.14. Paris. 

See MACORKOoa'a Pr o g rs w of America. 9 vols. 8to. 1947. 




BiBLiOGRAPHT. See M'Cullocb'b Literatare of Political Eoooonij. 


HEBREN, (A. H. L.) Historical Researches into the Politics, Intercoorse, 
and Trade o( the most eminent Nations of the Ancient World. 4 vols. 
8vo, 48«. Oxford and London, IS32-4S 

CRAIK, (6. L.) The History of British Conunerce from the Earliest 
Times. 3 Vols. 24mo, At. fid London ^ 1846 

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cal, of Commerce and Commercial Navigation. Illustrated with Maps 
and Plans. New ed. 8vo, 50«. .... London, 1846 

(Reprinted, Philadelphia.) 
WATERSTON'S Cyclopeedia of Commerce, Mercantile Law, Finance, Com- 
mercial Gveography, and Navigation. 8vo, maps, 10«. 6d. London, 1846 

MACGREGOR, (J.) Commercial Statistics; a Digest of the Productive 

Resources, Commercial Legislation, Customs, Tarii&, Navigation, Port, 

and Quarantine Laws, and Charges, Shipping, Imports, and Exports, and 

the Moneys, Weights, and Measures of all Nations ; including all British 

Commercial Treaties with Foreign States ; compiled from authentic 

records, and consolidated with especial reference to British and Foreign 

Products, Trade, and Navigation. 3 vols, royal 8vo, £4. 14«. 6d. 

London, 1844-7 
TOOKE. (T.) A Ht<tory of Pricet. with reference to the Caoies of tlieir Principal Varia- 
tions from \19it to the present time. 2 vols. 8vo, 36*. Ijaniafu^ 1838 

MXULLAGII, (W. T.) Industrial History of Free Nations considened in relation to 
their Domestie Institntiona and External Policy. S vols. Hvo, 34«. J^tnion, 1846 

MILBURN, (Wx.) Oriental Commeroe ; containin/^ a GeograjAical Description of the 
principal places in the East Indies, China, and Japan, with their Prodnoe, Manufactoras, 
Trade. &c. 2 vols. 4to Ij9iukm, 1813 

DEPPING. (G. B.) Htstoire dn Commeroe entre le Levant et TEorope depnis Ics Croisariai, 
jn«qn*k la fondation dei Colonies d'Ameriqoe. 2 Tom. 8vo. Parit, 1830 

HULLMAN, (K. D.) Handelsgeschichteder Griechen. 8vo. . Aran, 1820 

KEMP, (G. B.) Treatise on the Science of Trade, as applied to Legislation. 12mo, 7#. 

lAmdam, 1844 

STIRLING. (?. J. J.) The Philosophy of Trade, or Oatlines of a Theory of ProfiU and 
Prices ; inclnding an Examination of the Principles which determine the relative valaeof 
Corn. Labour, and Currency. 8vo, 10s. 6d Edinburgh, 1H46 

BUCHANAN, (D.) Inqatnr into the Taxation and CommerciiU Policy of Great Britain ; 
with Observations on the Principles of Currency and Exchangeable Value. 8vo, 10s. 6d, 


SPIERS. (A.) Manual of Commercial Terms in English and French ; or. Collection in 
English and French of tiie Terms and Forms of Commerce in General, of Banking, Book- 
keeping, Stock Exchange Business, Political Economy, the Customs. Exchange, Finan- 
oas. Insurance, Commercial Law. Commercial Navigation. &c. ; with the Names of Mer- 
ebandise, tic. Modeb of Checks, Invoices. Bilk of Exchange, Promissory Notes, Receipts, 
Indorsements, tic, followed by a Series of Commercial Letters. ISmo, 4«.6df. I^tndom, 1846 

(Reprinted, New- York, 1847.) 

ANNUAJRE GENERAL DU COMMERCE, de Hndostrie, de la Ma- 

gistrature et de ^Administration, Aimanach des 500,000 Adresses et 

Almanach des Adresses de Paris, 1. par rues et par num^ros de maisons ; 

2. par ordre alphab^tique ; 3. par profession. Ces deux Ahnanachs r^unis 

en nn senl par MM. Firmin Didot ne ferment plus qo'ane publication. 

Ann6e 1847. NeuviSme ann^e de sa publication. 4to, de 1800 pages, 

avec tableaux, etc., contenant la mati^re de 30 volumes in 8vo, 2l«. 

Pario, 1847 
Contenant : 1. la liste gia^rale des addresses de Paris ; 2. la designation, pour Paris et 
les principales villcs du monde. des N{«ociants, Fabricants, inveateun. etc., avec le 
detail dn commerce de chacun d'eux ; 3. In liste des Magistrats, AdministnAeori, etc. 
•tc ; 4. la liste des Academies, Sori^t^ savantes, Chambree, Bourses, Cbides. Bib- 
liotheqoes et Museee, Journaux, Theatres, Bureaux de poste, Messageries, etc. etc. ; 
Tableaux complets des poids et mesnres anciens et modems ; 5. le Tarif des dooaaes 
complet ; 6. TEtat g^n^ral des relais de poste ; 7. les principales foirei dn royaume ; 
8. le Commerce et riBdnstrie de tons les pays ^trangeis, eto. etc. ; saivi d'une table 
g^oigraidiique de plus da 90,000 localitds ; de tons lesBareax da post* de France, etc 










HISTORY OF, DICTIONARIES, &c.— (Con/inuft/.) 

COSTRLLO, (Miss.) Jaques Cour, the French Argonaut and his Times. 
8vo, cuts, 14«. London, 1847 

DJCTIOJ^J^JIIRK D U COMMKRCK et des MarchandlM* ; par MM. BlanqoA, Cheva- 
lier, Dubonfant, Francaar, Legentil, t?ay,etc. 3 voU. 4to, avec aUa\ /.40. Paris, ]Ht2 

JJlC'TIO^y-'y'^fRF. UXIVEKSF.LLK da Commerce, do la Banqae et A^ Manafactores. 
par one MoiHtd, touii la direction de M. Monbrion. S volt. 4to. Paris, 1637-40 

HAUTKRIVK KT CASHV. Recueil det trait^s de Commeite et d« Navigation de la 
FrantH* avec !» puiMancp:* ctran^cm, depuis la paix de Wevtphalie. taive do recueil dea 
prin(;i|»anx traite* de la m^'nin nature conclus |»ar let paUsaucei ^trang^iei entre elles, de- 
]»aia la inomp e|K>que ( intqu'k present) et termind par laTh^orie des traMt de commeroe 
entre kit nations, par Boockaid : revu et coD»id. augna. .par M. de Uotfmant et M. le 
Cointe d Ilauterive. 10 vols. 8vo Parti, 1833-36 

MAITROV. l)u Coininercc det Peuplet de TAfriqae teptentrionale dani rantiqattii. le 
moyen k{fc et let tempi* nioderne:}, comparii au Commerce det Arabet de not joora. Hvo. 
/.4 Paris, 1645 

Bee RocrKH'H Public Economy of Athens. Andbrsox's Oiigin of Commeroe. 
MACPiiKRaoN'H Annals of Commerce. 


/- SMITH, (J. W.) A Compendium of Mercantile Law. 8vo, 25». 

(Reprinted, New- York. 1847. D. A. fc Co.) London, 1843 

MASSE. . lie Droit (^ommerciel. 8vo, Tome 1 to 5. each 7a. dd. Paris, 1846 

REDDIE, (J.) Historical View of the I>aw of Maritime Commeice. 8ro, 14«. 

I.4mdvn, IfMI 

CIIITTV. (J.) A Treatise on tlio Law of Commerce and Manafactoret, and the Contraeti 

rclntinff thereto. 4 voN. roy. 8vo, Xt). 6« London. 

PARDKHSUS, (M.J (*ours de droit Commercial. 4th edn. 5 vols, 8vo. . Pan>, 1831 

Um et ('outumet de la nier. ou (/ollecUon det osaget roariUroei det peaplei de rantiqoiti 

et du moyeii ajje. "i voU. 4to. Paris, 1846 


SWAINSON, (W.) A Treatise on Malacology: or the Natural Classifi- 
cation of Shells ami Shell-fish. fcp. 8vo. . London, 1840 

CATLOW, (A«NEs.) Popular Conchology ; or, the Shell Cabinet ar- 
ranged : being nn Introduction to the Modem System of Conchology ; 
with a Sketch of the Natural History of the Animals, an account of the 
Fonnntion of th(> Shells, ond a complete Descriptive List of the Families 
and Genera. Fcp. Hvo, with 312 woodcuts, 1U«. 6d. . London, 1843 

MACGILIilVRAY. (W ) Conchologist's Text-Book ; embracing the Ar- 
rangements of Lnmnrek and Linnaeus, with a Glossary of Technical 
Terms : to which is added, a brief Account of the Mollusca. Sixth ed., 
fcp., cngrav., 5« Glaogow, IS45 

SOWERBY, (G. B.) A Conchological Manual. Illust. by 650 figures. 
2d ed., 8vo London, 1842 

The Conchological Illustrations, or Coloured Figures of all the hitherto 

unfigured recent Shells. 8vo London, 1833-40 

WOOD, ( W.) Index Testaceologicus ; or, a Catalogue of Shells, British and 
Foreign, arranged arcordfng to the Linnean System ; with the Latin and 
English Names, References to Authors, and Places where found. Illus- 
trated with 2300 coloured figures. 2d cd., 8vo, £6. 17». Sd. Land., 1838 

REEVE, (L.) Conchologia Systematica ; or, complete System of Con- 
chology : in which the Lepaden and Conchifcrous Mollusca are described 
and classified according to their Natural Organization and Habits. 2 vob. 
4to. 300 plates, £7. 14«., with the plates coloured, i;i3. 2«. lAmd., 1843 

BROWN, (T.) Illustrations of the recent Conchology of Great Britain 
and Ireland, with the Description and Localities of all the Species, Marine, 
Land, and Fresh Water, Drawn and Coloured from Nature. 2d edition, 
greatly enlarged, royal 4to, 59 plates, coloured, £3. 3s. . London, 1844 




CONCHOLOG Y.— ( Continued.) 

BROWN, (T.) The Elements of Foaail Conchology, according to the arrange- 
ment of Lamarck ; with the newly-established Genera of other Authors. 
l3mo, 13 plates, 5« London, 1843 

KIENER, (L. C.) Species g^ndral et iconographie des coqnilles vivantes. 

4to Paris, 1836-184- 

POTIEZ ET MICHAUD. Galerie dn Mollntqaet, on CataloffiM m^thodiqoe, descriptif 
at imiionnA dct moHosqaei et coqoille* do Mas^am de Dooai. 2 vob. Hvo, avec on AtJai 
d«74ptuehw,/,J0. Peru, ItSi^^iS 

CHENU, (M.) lUMtrations conchyliolojciqnes oa dMeriptkm el fi|rarM de toatn let coqoil- 
1m cobbiws, vivftBtat et foacilet, claaMe* saivant le tyvtvme de Lamaick, etc., tbib. ool. 
plate* Pmria. 

DUCLOS, (P. L.) Ilirtoire natarrile ftAneralp et particolidra de tons let feDim de coqnilJei 
naiTalvee marines k I'^lat vivante et foMile, puol. par monograi^ie*. 1. genre olive, 33 
planches. /.I 90. 

ACASHIZ, (L.) Etudes critiqaea snr les mollnsqoes. 4to. AVucAitaf, 184(M3 

FERUSSAC, ( .) Hist. nat. fenerale et particQli«'<re. de* roollotqne* terteetics et plnvim- 
tika, taat da* eepecei que Ton tionve anjonrd*hni qne des d^pooilles foskile* de oalws ani 
n'esisteDt plus, continne par G. P. Dekhayes. 4to. Prix de chaqne livraisoD/.lS. La 
Bkeme onvrage, folio, fig uiet colorizes, f.'M) Pari*. 

SOWERB Y. (T.) (^onchylioIoKie mineralofriqne de la Grande Bretainie. on Fijpires cdori- 
c4i et De«:ri|ition dM d^bri* de tmlac^' on de coqaille* qoi se sont conservies a diveraas 
6poqDe* et a diffiirentes profondenn : traduction revne et auxmentie par L. Aifaasiz. Hvo, ( 
600 plancbea colorize*. 8vo. /.3U0. . M^mekitti, 18»- 

BLAINVILLE, (D. dk.) Manuel de Malarholojry et de Conchyliologie. 3 vols. 8vo. 

(Avec Atlas de 109 planches, noire*, /.40 ; color. /. 100.) Stnubour^, 183S 

DEHHAYEM. (G. P.) Traits Eldmentaire de conchvliolofie aveo Tappllcatlon de oette 
science a la fAognosie. 2 vob. Pvo. Avec Atlu de lOO planehes, noiret, /.flO ; color. 
/.ISO Prnnt, 183(M5 

Ilistoife natnrelle des nollnsques. 4to, avec un Atlas de 117 planche*. 4to 

Parit, 1847 

MOaiTIN-TANDON. Hist, natnielle des mollusqne* terrestias et flnviatiles de la France. 

evo.ct Atlas de 14 planches, color. /.25. Pkrt>, 1847 

MORELET, (A.) Deseripl. des mollusques tenvstra* et flnvutilc* dn Portugal. Hvo, aveo 
14 pi. color. HVO./.15. Paru, 1H45 

ORBIGN Y. (A. d'.) Mollusques vi^ants et fossiles, on Description des toutes le« especes de 
CSoqoillaa et de moUusqnea, claM^es tuivant lenr distribution dassique et gAographique. 10 
volt. Svo, avec nn Atla* de 3U0 planches Parit, 1H47- 

C<;t ouvrage sera public en 60 livraiaons de 5 planches avec texte. Prix de ebaqno 
UvraisoB./.3 50. 

CONCORDANCE.— (Shakspere.) 

CLARKE, (Mrs. C. C.) The complete Concordance to Shakspere ; being 
a Verbal Index to all the Passages in the Dramatic Works of the Poet. 
Imp. 8to, 46t. London, 1846 

CONIC SECTIONS.— (See Mathematics.) 
CONSTITUTION.— (English.) 

DE LOLME, (J. L.) The Constitution of England ; with a Historical 
and Legal Introduction and Notes, by A. J. Stephens. 2 vols. 8vo, 30«. 

London, 1838 

BOWYER. (G.) Commentaries on the Constitutional Law of England. 
3d ed. royal 8to, 22« London, \ii46 

BROUGHAM, (Lord.) Britbh Constitution. 8vo, 3«. 6d. London, 1844 

STEPHENS, (T.) The Book of the Constitution of Great Britain, etc. 
8to Glasgow, 1835 

RUSSELL, (Lord John ) An Essay on the English Government and Con- 
stitution, from the Reign of Henry VII. to the present time. 2d ed. 

London, 1823 


,. /- 











CONSTITUTION, English.— (Cow/tnucrf.) 

ALLEN, (J.) Enquiry into the Rise and Growth of the Rojral PreirogatiTe 
in England. 8vo LondoHy 1830 

PALGRAVE, (Sir F.) Riae and Progreas of the Englidi Commonwealth 

daring the Anglo Saxon Period. 2 vols. 4to. London, 1833 

AN8TEY, (T. C.) Gnide to the Hutory of the Law and CoaititatioB of Eafflaad ; coa- 
mUng of Su Lecturei delivered at the Colleges of St. Peter and PanI, Prior Psrit, Bath, 
in the prtsience of the Bishop and hia Clergy. 8vo, 12«. Ltmdtn, 1845 

AIKEN, (P. F.) A Comjiarative View of the ConstitotioBs of Great Britain and the Unit- 
ed State* of America ; in Six Lectaret. 12ino, Zs Ltmdtm^ 1843 

COOKERY.— (See Domestic Economy.) 

KITCHENER, (Dr.) The Cook's Oracle and Hoiuekeeper's Manual. 

l2mo jLofi(2on, 1833 

(Reprinted, New-York, H. Bro«.) 

FRENCH DOMESTIC COOKER F, combining Elegance with Economy ; 

describing new Culinary Implements and Processes \ the Management of 

the Table ; Instmctions for Carving ; French, German, Polish, Spanish, 

and Italian Cookery, in Twelve Hundred Receipts. 12mo, 6«. 

(Reprinted. New- York, H. Bros.) London, 1846 

80YBR, (A.) The Gastronomic Regenerator ; a limplified and cntirelv new Byitem of 
Cookery, with n^ly Two Thousand PraotJoal Receipt* tnited to ue Inoume of afl 
Claues ; iUnstrated with noraerooi Engravinn, and comet and minnto Plant hmw Kitrfa- 
ens of every size are to be Constructed and Furnished. 4th ed. 8vo. Sl«. lArndgn, 1847 

FRANCATELLI. (C. £.) The Modem Cook : a PraeUcal Guide to the CalhuuT Art, in 
all its Branches, adapted as well for the largest Establishments as for the nse of Private 
Families. 8vo, 15« Z^mton, 1840 

(RUMOHR, F.) KuNio's Geist der Kochknnst. 13mo. . . . . Stetr.. 1833 

MAXVAL OF HOMlEOPATHfC COOKERY, designed chiefly for the nae of s«ch 
persons a« are under Uom(BO{>athic Treatment. Fcp. 8vo, 3*. 64. Ltmiom, ISM 

ROBINSON, (J.) The Whole Art of C^nring, Pickling, and Smoking Meat and Fish, both 
in the British and Foreign Modes ; with many useful Miscellaneous Reoeipts, wiUi fall 
Directions for the Construction of an economical Drying Chimney and Apparatus, on an 
entirely original plan. 12mo, 4m. 6d Lendam, 1840 

See Wbbster and Parkks' Eneyclo. of Domestio Economy. Kmavr'a Gudas to 
Service. Donovan's Domestic Economy, be. 

COPTIC LANGUAGE, <fcc.— (See Egypt.) 

HOPE, (T.) The Costume of the Ancients, illustrated in 321 plates represent- 
ing Eg)rptian Greek, and Roman Habits and Dresses. 2 vols. roy. 8to. 
45«. London, 1841 

FAIR HOLT, (F. W.) Costume in England : a History of Dress, from the 
Earliest Period to the close of the Eighteenth Centory ; to which is ap- 
pended an illustrated Glossary of Terms for all Articles of Use or Orna- 
ment worn about the Person. 8vo., 600 engravings on wood, 31«. Sd. 

London, 1846 

WILTON, (Countess.) Book of Costume ; or. Annals of Fashion, from 
the Earliest Period to the Present Time. By a Lady of Rank. 8vo, nu- 
merous engravings on wood, 21« London, 1846 

PLANCHE, (J. R.) History of BritUh Costume. New edit., 2 vols. 12mo. 
3« London, 1847 

SHAW, (H.) Dresses and Decorations of the Middle Ages, from the 7th 
to the 17th Century. 2 vols. imp. 8vo, £7. 7«. . . London, 1843 

MARTIN, (C.) Civil Costume of England from the Conquest to the Pre- 
sent Period, from Tapestry, MSS., &c. 61 coloured plates, roy. 4to, 
528. ed London, 1843 

MEYRICK, (S. R.) and C. H. SMITH. The Costume of the Original 
Inhabitanfs of the British Islands, from the Earliest Periods to the Sixth 
Century, etc. folio. London, 1815 



[cotton IfANVFACTURE. 

COSTUM E.— ( Continued,) 

HERB6, ( .) Coetumn fmn^ais, civils, militaires et religienz, avec le 

meables, lea annures, I'architecture domeatiqaei lea ordrea de chevalrie, lea 

etendarda, lea sceanx, lea aceptrea, lea coaronnea et lea blaaons le plas hia- 

toriqaea, depuia lea Gaaloia jusqa'en 1834 ; deain^s d'apr^ lea biatoriena 

et lea monnmenta. Onvrage compoa^ de 21 noticea biatoriqaeR et de 106 

I^ancbea colori^ea repr^aentant 2^00 costumes, meubles, etc. folio,/. 126. 

Pom, 1840 

PERRARIO. (O.) n eostame aatico e moderao. o ■toria del gOTerno. ddU miUzia, della 

fsligioB«, dflile aiti, tdeoze ed nganze di tutti i popoli aDtichi e moderni, prorata ooi moo- 

uiBMiti ddl'aBtichiU, e rapjnweaUUa cof li analof M diMgai dal doCto G. F. Sta edit. — Tob. 

4to. HnmM, 1833-31 

TIRON , (l'asbk.) Histoire et ooctaroei des ordrae leligieax, dvib et milttairas. 9e edit., 
3 Tob. 8vo, 114 planches colorizes, /.40. Pmru. 

COSTUMES MiUtairea franf ait, depim rornniaation despremierae troopM rigvlieiw en 
1439 jiuqa*en 1789. Demint et teste par MM. Alfred de Marbot et Dnaoyer de Normant. 
300 planchn in folio, eoiori^«s, /.7 SO. Pttrit, 1844 

LACHAI8E. Costnmea de I'empire tare, avec de» notes applioativei ; vnet de Conttanti- 
Bople, det Dardanellca et de Smyrae priaet en 1817-90. 4to, 81 pi. Paris, 18S1 

LAMKSANG£R£. (J. DK.) Coctumes des femroes de Hambooif , da Tyrol, de la Holland, 
de la SoiHe, de la Fraacoaie, de I'Espagiie, dn royanme de Naples, etc. 4to, fM. 

Paris, 1887 

PINELU, (B.) Raccdta di cento costnini antichi cavati dai moMunenti e indsi all' aooiia 
forte, ohl. folio, 50 pi Rsma^ idOO 

Nnova raccolta di 50 costomi pittoreschi, etc. obi. fol *' 1816 

HELYOT. (lb R. P.) Histoire abr6^ et Costomes oolori^s de tons les ordres monastiqaee 
fBlicieax et militaires des congregations s^cnliem de I'nn et de Tantre seze qui ont 6ii 
^taolis dcpnis I'origine dn christianisme josqu'^ present ; novelle edn., revne. etc., omdede 
100 planenes reprisentant plos de 300 costomes colorite. 3 rols. 4to, /.60. Paris, 1830 

HEFFNER, (J. v.) Trachten dea Cbriadicfaen Mittelaltera, nach gleichzei- 
tigen Kanstdenkmalen. 4to. Mannheim, 1843-45 

Abth. I. Bis s. XIII. Jahrfa.. parts 1-7. each 3«. 
*' U. Das XIV. a. XV. Jahrh., parts 1-7, each fU. 
** III. Das XVI. Jahrfa., parts 1-6, each 2s. 
An edition on large paper, coloored, each SOe. 

C09rCMfi?C7C/f fur KUnstler, parts 1-15. 4to, 33#. 6tf. . . X>«»f«M., 1841 

COTTAGE ARCHITECTURE.— (See Architecture p.38.) 

BAlNf^, (Ed.) Hiatory of the Cotton Mana&ctare in Great Britain. 8to. 

London, 1833 

URE, (A.) The Cotton Mana&ctnre of Great Britain syatematicaUy invea- 
tigated, and illnetrated by 150 original fignfea ; with an intiodnctory view 
of ita present state in foreign conntriea. 3 vob. poat 8to, 21«. 

London, 1836 

MONTGOMERY, (J.) A Practical Detail of the Cotton Manofiictare of 
the United Statea of America ; and the state of the Cotton Mano^ctnre 
of that country contrasted and compared with that of Great Britain, with 
comparatiTe eatimatea of the coat of manufactoring in both conntriea : alao, 
a brief Hiatorical Sketch of the Rise and Progreas of the Cotton Manuftc- 
tare in America, and Statiatical Notices of variooe Mannfiictaring Districts 
in the United Statea. 1 vol. 8to, platea, S*. 6d. GloMgow. 

— — The Theory and Practice of Cotton Spinning, or the Carding and 
Spinning Master's Assistant. 3d ed., 8to, platea, 9a. 6d. Glasgow, 1836 

The Cotton Spinner's Manual, or a Compendimn of the Principlea of 

Cotton Spinning, etc. 12mo, 2a Olaogow. 

SCOTTS Practical Cotton Spinner and Mann&ctnrer. 8to, I2a. 

London, IS46 

CHOIMET, (N.) Elements th^riqoea et pratiqoea de la filature da lin et 

dn chanvre. 8to,/.10 JPario, 1841 




■ a-L 









COQ,rELIN, (C) Nooveao Traits cotnplet de la filatare da Jin et du chanvre. 8vo. avec 
un atla« in-4 de 37 plandiet. /.36. Paria. 

RUNGE, (F. F.) Farbencbrmie. Lehrboch der praktiicben BaomwoUenfftrberci nach 
cbemuchen Grundsdtzen. 8vo, 90« Berlin, IKM 

S«e Cauco Printino, Dykixo, Wbavinu, Urb's Dictionary of Art*, be. tec. 


HUGHES, (R. M.) The Duties of Judge- Advocates : compiled from her 

Majesty's and the Hon. East India Company's Military Regulations, and 

from the Works of various Writers on Military Law. 8vo, 7». 

London, 1846. 

ADYE, (9- P.) Treatise on Courts Martial. ICmo /Amdon, 1810 

JAMES, (C.) Chan^, &c. of General Coarti Martial 1795 to 1830. 8vo, ^m. I^and., IHSl 

KENNEDY. (Major.) Retnark* on Courti Martial. l2mo. Jjondon, lKl5 

McARTHUR, (J.) PracUce of Coarti Martial. 3 volt. 8vo. I^nultn, 1.^13 

SIMMONS. (T.) Remarks on the Constitntion and Practice of Courts Martial. Cd edit. 
Hvo, 1G» l^owdom, 1^^0 

TYTLER. (A. F.) Essay on Military Law. and rhe Practice of Conrto Martial. 8\-o. 

Lattdtm, ItiOG 



In Choulaxt's Vorlesnng Uber die Kranioskopie oder Sch&deflehre vor dnem Kreiw gebilde- 
ter Nichtarzte gehalten. 8vo l>re»drm, 1844 

MORTON, (S. G.) Crania iEgyptiaca ; or, Observations on Egyptian 
Ethnography, derived from Anatomy, History, and the Monuments. 
(From the Transactions of the American Philosophical Society, Vol 9.) 
4to, 14 plates, 21* Philad., 1844 

Crania Americana ; or, a Comparative View of the Skulls of various 

Aboriginal Nations of North and South America. Folio. PhUad., 1839 

CARUS, (C. G.) Atlas d. Cranio<tcopin, od. Abbildunj^n d. Schadcl- n. AntUtsfornien 
berijhmler od. ion^X nif^rkwiird. Pervonen. 4to IMpsiff, 1845 

SANDIFORT, (G ) Tabular Craniorum divers. naUon. Fasc. I.-III. Folio. X4. 

Ltid., 1839-43 

CRUSADES, (History of.) 

KEIGHTLEY, (T.) The Crusaders, or Scenes, Events, and Characters 
from the Times of the Crusades. 12rao, 7». London, 1847 

MILLS, (C.) History of the Crusades. 3d ed. 3 vols. 8vo. London, 1822 

VILLEHARDOUIN, (G. de.) Chronicle concerning the Conquest of Con- 
stantinople by the French and Venetians in 1204. Transl. by T. Smith, 
evo London, 1829 

MICHAUD, (J.) Histoire des Croisades. 4»« ed., 6 Tom., 8vo. 42#. 

Paris, 1828 

Bibliotheque des Croisades. 4 Tom. 8vo, 28<. Paris, 1829 

HEEREN, (A. H. L.) Essai sur I'lnfluencc des Croisades. Trad, par 

Charies Villere. 8vo Paris, 1808 

WILKEN, (F.) OeMjhichte der Krear7.ii«je. 6 vols. 8vo. Leifiif, 1807-^ 

8YBEL. (H. vox.) Geschichte de» ersten Creazzo^. 8vo. DmtarU., 1841 

CHOISErL-DAILLECOURT, (M. de.) I)e Tlnfluenoe det Croindet snr les peoplei de 
I'Europe. 8vo. P«n#, 18W 

ROGER. (P.) La NoblesM de France aux Croi!«dc(. 8vo. plates. /.90. PmrU, 

KAUSLER. (E.) Ge«ohichte der Krenzziige u.d. Konigr. Jemwlem, a. d. Latein. d. Wfl- 
helm V. Tyrus. 8vo. 9;*, Stmit., 1844 

RKCEUIL DES HrSTORTE.VS de* Croisados, publid par lesoins de racad^mie dca 
inscriptions et belles lettres. Folio. Para, 1844 

Vol. I. Atkisei de la haute coar. /.36. 
" II. A«»iws de la coar dm bonnireois. /.36. 
" III. Ilistoriens oocidenUnx. Part I. GuiUianme do Tyr. /.54. 


JAMIE80N, (J.) . Historical Account of the Ancient Culdees of lona, and 
of their Settlement in Scotland, England, and Ireland. 4to. 

Edin., 1811 


TURNBULL, (D.) Travels in the Wert ; Cuba, with Notices of Porto 
Rico, etc. 8vo, 15s. London, 1840 

ABBOTT, (A.) Letters written in Cuba. 8vo. . Boston, 1829 

NOTES ON CUBA ; containing an account of its Discovery and Early 
History, a description of the Face of the Country, its Population, Re- 
sources and Wealth ; its Institutions, and the Manners and Customs of its 
Inhabitants ; ^ith Directions to Travellers visiting the Island. l2mo. 

/ Boston, 1845 

RAMON DE \Jl SAGRA, (M.) Histoire physique, politique et naturelle 

de rile dc Cuba. 8vo, avec planches, folio. . Paris, 1844 

Mammifbreh : Tradnrt. par M. S. neithelot. 

ORNiTnoLooiB. par Aicide tl'Orliipnv. 

The Ph}-iiival and Political iliitory. In 3 voh. 8vo, avec 19 plaochei, /. 15. 

BEAUVALLON, (R. db.) L'lle de Cuba. 2 vol*. 8vo. Pari*, 1844 

IIUMBOLDT. (A. de.) E«ai politiqae tar I'lie de Cuba. etc. 3 vols. 8vo. /.17. Pari>, 1827 

Tableau Statidtiqne de Tile de Cuba, pour let ann^es 1835 k 1830. 8vo. /.3. 

Part«, 1831 
See MacGrboor's Commercial Statutict. M'CDLLorH's Dictionary of Com- 
merce, &c. 

DAGUERREOTYPE.— (See Photography.) 

BLASIS, (C.) Art of Dancing ; comprising its Theory and Practice, and 
a History of its Rise and Progress ftom the Earliest Times. Transl. by 
R. Barton. 8vo, plates, 14» London, 1830 

CELLARIUS. lia Danite det Ralons. deswins de Gavami. 8vo,/.6 Paris, 1846 

MAJ^'UEL de la Dansc, comprenant la tMorie, la pratique, ct Thistoire de cet Art. 18mo, 

planchca, /.3 50 Pari§. 

(ManneU Roret.) 

NOVERRE. Lettres sur les arts imitateon et sur la danso ea particnlier. 3 vols. 8vo. ' 

Part*, 1807 

DANTE.— (Commentaries.) 


B ATINES, (SiON. C. db.)* Bibliografia Dantesca, traducione italiana del Constantini. 8ro. 

Prate, 1844 

ROSSETTI, (G.) Disquisitions on the Anti-Papal Spirit which produced 
the Refonnation, its secret influence on the Literature of Europe in Gen- 
eral, and of Italy in Particular. Translated from the Italian by Miss C. 
Ward. 2 vols. 8vo London, 1832 

FQSCOLO, (Uao.) Discorso sulla Divina Commedia di Dante, sm. Svo. 

London, 1841 
ARRITABENE, (F.) Secolo di Dante, Commento Storico. 3 voli. im. Svo. 

Firenze, 1830 
AZZOLINO, (P.) Introduxione alia storia della filowfia italiana ai tempi di Dante. Hvo. 

Hnttia. 1839 
BOCCACCI. (G.) Rnbriche delta Commedia di Dante Ali^heri. 8vo. F'cHier, 1843 

CANCELLIERI, (F.) Otnervazioni aopra I'originalitll della divina Commedia di Dante. 
13roo Jioma, 1814 

V ARCHI, (B.) Lezione tnl Dante. 6 vol*. 8vo Firenztt, 1841 

MIBSIRINI, (M.) RivifU della varie Lezione della Divina Commedia, et Catalogo della 
pin importanti Edizioni. 8vo Padeva, 1833 

OZANAM, (Dr. A. F.) Dante et la Philosophie Catholiqne an 13me Siode. 8vo. 

Paris, 1840 
TOMMASEO, (N.) La Commedia di Dante Alighieri, col commento. 3 vob. 8vo. 

VeiutiA, 1837 
For Biofraphiei and editions of the writings of Dante see Pirt 11., ait. Da!itb 


.f /.. 

<* ■♦■* 

• < « 

■I , 


4» . 


i-i U 





u ^ 


DEAF AND DUMB.— (Instruction of. 

KITTO, (J.) The Loet Senses. Vol. I. Blindnen. Vol. 11. Deafiies. 
2 vols. 18mo, 3« London, 1845 

WATSON, (J.) Instniction of the Deaf and Dumb. . /^omfmi, 1809 

PEET, (H. P.) A Vocabulary and Elementary Lenons for the Deaf and 
Dumb. 12mo iVew Fori:, 1844 

SICARD, (l'abbe.) Cours d'instruction d'nn sourd muet. 8to. 

PariM, 1800 

Th^orie des signes pour I'instruction des sourds-mueta. 3 Tob. 8to. 

PoTM, 1808-14 

GERANDO, (de.) De I'dducation des sourds-mueta de naiflaance. 2 vols. 

8v6, /.16 Parit, 1827 

BEBIAN. Manuel de I'enseignement pratique des sourds-muets, soivi de 
I'art d'enseigner k parler aux sourds-muets par Tabb^ de I'Ep^. 2 Tob. 
3to, 32pl., et 1 vol. 8vo,/.16 ParU. 


BROUGHAM, (Lord.) Political Philosophy. 3 vols. 8vo, 2l«. 

London, 1844 

TOCQUEVILLE, (M. de.) Democracy in America, transl. by H. Reeve. 

2 vols. 8vo. (Reprinted, New- York, 1836.) . . I.Ondoii, 1836 

CHERBULIEZ, (A. E.) De la Demucratie en Suisse. 2 vols. 8vo. 

Ports, 1843 

LABITTE, (C.) De la d^mocn»» <• chez les predicatenrs dc la Ligue. 

8vo, /.6 Pario, 1841 

ALLETZ, (P. E.) De la Ddmocratie nouvelle, ou des mceurs et de la 
puissance des classes moyennes en France. 2 vols. 8vo. Pario, 1837 
See Hberk.'<*8 Werke, vol. I. 

DIALECTS. — (See English Language.) 

DICTIONARIES. — The Dictionaries of Languages, Sciences, &c., will be 
found under the respective subjects. 

DIET.— (See Medicine.) 

DENMARK. — (See also Scandinavia.) 


I. HISTORY, &c. 

DUNHAM, (S.) History of Denmark, Sweden, and Norway. 3 vob. 
l2mo, 18«. . (Lardnkr'm Cydo.) Lond,, 1^9-40 

FELDBORG, (A.) Denmark Delineated, or Sketches of the Present State 
of that Country, roy. 8vo, plates, 7«. . Edinb., 1824 

GEOGRAPHIE et Statistique du Danemark avec ces depetidenoes et des 
duches de Schleswig Holstein et Lunenbourg. Vol. I-, 8vo. 

Copenhagen, 1846 
DAHLMANN, (F. G.) Geschichte von Dannemark. Vols. 1-3. 

Hamburgh, 1839-44 
8UHM, (P. F.) History of Denmark (in DanUh). 14 volt. 4to. Copntk., 17»-]89B 

MURRAY'S Handbook for North Europe — Russia, Sweden, Norway, and 
Denmark, am. 8vo, Maps London, 1847 

I. HISTORY, &x^.^C(miinued.) 

BADEN, (O. L.) Draowrfce Rifcs Hislorie (Frm Gsmle Gorm til CkniUan VI. dod). 

CcpnUk., Ifl39-3S 

9(MIPTORR8 raram Dwiicaniin medii «vi, pwlim bacteans inedite, fivtiin rmendRtiuB 

•dita. «d. J. Lwigeabcck. 8 vob. folio, £8, .... //aen., 177^1834 

Whkato!i*i HMtonr of the Northmen. — Scandinavia, Ancient and Modern, in Edm. 
C'«*. Lib^p, L'Univcn Pittoretqne. Condbr*« Modem Traveller. Macorboor'i 
OMiaMcial Statirtioi. 


RASK» (E.) Daniah Grammar, with extracts in prose and verM. 12mo, 
5« Copenh., 1830 

DICTIONARY, (Pocket) of the Danish and English Languages. 18mo, 
4«. Leipzig, 1845 

The same. French and Danish. 4« " 1845 

The same. German and Danish. As, . . . . " 1845 

DANSK ORDBOG adgiven under Tidenskabemes selskabs Bestyrelse. 

(Moller, Viborg, Thoriacins and M tiller.) 4 vols. 4to. 

Copenh., 1793-1825 
MOLBECH, (C.) Dnnsk Ordbog, mcd en kort Ovcraigt af d. Dansk Sprogs 

historie. 2 vols. 8vo Copenk., 1833 

SCHNEIDER, (F.) Danish and English Dialogues. 12mo, 3«. Sd. 

CopeiiA., 1834 
THIELE, (J. M.) Danmarks Folkesagn. 2 vols. 8vo, 8«. " 1843 

BRESBMANN and JONES. Daniah and English Dialogues. 8vo, 3«. Sd. 

Copenk., 1844 

MARMIER, (X.) Histoire de la liltdrature en Danemark et en Su^e. 

8vo Paris, 1839 

PETERSEN, (N. M.) Det Danske, Norake og Svenake Sprogs historie. 
2 vols. 8vo, 18« Copenh., 1829-^0 


B»LioaRAPHT.~(See Martkhc and KLriBm, infra.) 

FYNN, (R.) British Consuls abroad ; their Origin, Duties, &c. 12mo, 
le.M London, 1846 

WARDEN, (D. B.) De Torigine, de la nature, des progrta et de Tinflnence 
des 6tabliaM^mentB consulaires, trad, de Tanglois. 8vo, /.5. Paris, 1815 

CAPEFIGUE, (M.) The Diplomatists of Europe, transl. from the French. 
Ekiited by Miyor-General Monteith. fcp. 8vo, 6s. . London, 1845 

CUSSY, (F. DC.) Dictionnaire ou Mannel-lexique du Diplomate et du Con- 

aiU. 12mo, 10a. 6d Leipzig, 1846 

SMARTENS, (C. DE.) Manuel Diplomatique. 8vo. Paris, 1822 

— - the same edit., par M. de Hoffinanns. 3 vols. 8vo. " 1837 

(Aveo une bibliographie.) 

GARDEN, (CoBTS db.) Traits complet de dinbmatie, on th^orie g^n^rale det relationt 
estArienm det paisances de TEnrope. 3 vols, pvo Pmria, lt<33 

^— TaUean hiatoriqne de la Dipiomatie, on Ex|io*6 dm Faitu accompli* de la Polrtiqne 
fin^rale, depab rorifine de r^qailibre earop^en jaiqa*4 no« jonn. Hvo, one larxe iheet, m. 

Paris, 1846 

MARTENS, (C. db). bt F. db CCHSY. Recneil Mannel et praUqne de TraitAs, Co*- 
▼eatiott* et aatroi Actee diplomatiquen, sor leaqoeh tont 6tabli« le< Eelationi eC Im Rap>- 
portt esiHaBt aajomd'hai eatre lei diven Btats aonveraiat dn Globe, depob rann^ 1709 
J««qn*k r^paqna aetneOe. 5 voh. Hvo, is I^F*W' 184S-7 

DE KOCH. HiiL abragAo de» Trait** de Paii, anj;. et. eontin. par F. Bcboell. 15 vob. 8vo. 

Pmrit, 1817-18 

KLUBER. Diott des nat oaoderne de TEaiope. avec nn ■appl^ment conteoaat aae bibH- 
oCbeqae oMm dn dNNt dat gMu. 8 voli. avo, /.13. .... Farw, 1831 

MEI0ELL. (H.) Conn da Btyla Diplonatiqae. 9 vob. 8vo, Mb. . Paris, 190 



, / 



•7 u / 



[domestic economy. 

DIPLOMACY.— (Co/i^i/iMcrf.) 


<'AI.MKRKH. fM. i>K.) De la Manirw d« Nqrocicr avw let BMYmias. S voh. V2mo. 

i^mulmt «mI l*«ri«, ITjO 

IIAI'TERIVK KT ri'HHY. RMortl d« trmit^t d* rommmr. rt de Navi|rBtion rff la 
Frnat'c atn- Im |»uHi>am-«'* etranKi'iet drpuii la [mx d« Wntphalkt jaaqa*^ iMvwat. |0 
»©l«. '*\o Pmrtf. l<a-'M 

FI«ASHA N. llMoirr i:^n^rale H rai'ODO^r d<> ia dipiomatw fran{ai«r, <w de polittqar d«* la 
Kianrr (i«>|iui]i ia t'oailaiion lU* la monanhtr jUM]u'a la fni dorffavde Lottit XVI. Jrrdn. 
7 %o|.. "^o • . . |'«ri#, |nll 

WK'UI'KKORT. {J. A.) I/ambaMdrar i-t m faDctiottt. He. 3 vok. 4lo. /^ //«fr. 1734 
WIIKATON. (11.) IlittoirrdM Projcn* da Draft dc* GeaiMi Eorop* ra Am^ar. de 
|Hii« la |iait de Wfttphalir jiiM|a'k ao« joun. dr editicM, 3 «ob. Hro,/. 14. Pmrt*. 

Iluior> of the I^w of Na'Moi in KafO|ie and AmMira, fron til* Earimt Tikm« to 

the Tfraiv of \Va>hinpfoa, |K4'.'. hvo A'nr- }'#ri. lH4;( 

DI.'MONT. ^J.) (.'ur|M uni\er*4l ili|4uinati«|ue do drmt deagmu. coateaaat oa ic«-aeil de« 
trait<>* d'aUiani*e. de |>aii, ik in-%e. de nenlnJite. dn coaunrfF^. etc. fkiUea Euroiie de- 
puik A. I». HA\ a 1731. nv. .-> tome* lo Iblio, /.d4U e 3U0. .iauterdaMcC 7^ //aye, I7£S-3i 

C'hauiie tiMiie e«t (liti«c en it on 3 vol. 
Their arvVive Hnpiilenienta. fofoiins 11 ^^' folio. 

WHKATiiN. 'II.) 

Element* of InteroatiODal Law; 3d cditmi, W T i wd aad convettd 
Pkttmd., I^« 


DIPL()M.VTICS.-(Scc Pal.kouraphy.) 

nrMONT. (J. S.) RrtMifoil dr proc^d^ chimiqaet poar let Uqoidrs en 
cen^ml ou I'Art du diiitillateur-U«)uori«te, etc. 12mo,/.3. JLfom, 1H46 

aV.LVr£V.« dn Dimillntrtir et Liquoruite. 18mo,/.3 50. Pari*. 

fManm-h Rorrt ) 

DIBRI NFAIT Trniti- roiiipirt dt- I'art de la distillation, contenant, dam 
un ordn* iiicrhcHliqur Ici* in?*tiiicttonii th^Sorique et pratique lea pint exartra 
ft let* }>lu'« iiouvfllffl Hiir la pr(f pa ration dni liqaeure alcooliqura aver lea 
raitflri*. Un irraiiiH. Ii-h fHiiiiiii'>8 cli> trrrr, l<r8 t'<6cule8 rt tous les V(*K»*taux 
FurrrM tiu lariiii'ii.x. :2 voIji. >^vt>,/. 1:2. .... Pmris. 

Thr Sniuf tmii!(!ntf*d. Hvo, 12*. Jjnt4om, lti47 

S<«* I'rk'h Ihcimaar) of Art*. I)<)<(ova^*ii DonM^tic Eooaooiy. HaBTLBt'i 
Wine and Hpint Mervliant'* (iaide, fcc. Cuolbt'h Cjrclo. of Practical Eaveif««. 


RirilARDSON, (ir. D } I)(>i!f : tlirir Origin and Varirtim. Direcciom aa 
to ihrir (irnrral Mana^rmrnt. with ntunrnnui Original Anecdote*; alao 
nimpU' inniniciioiui as to thfir irt*ntinent under Diwaae. Ithno, iilmstrmted, 
rior yeW'York,D. A.St.Co.,\Ml 

MARTIN, ,\V ) Th«- I)oL' l^ino. U. 6rf. Ij^iUUn, 1^46 

<Knicht'» \V<>rkly Vol.) 

YOIW'IT. \V.) The Duk: ihiir History. Qoalitiea, Anatomy. Dmenan, 
and Treatnirnt. f*\o, wutNiniis, C9 Jjindom, 1B45 

'Refmnird. Thilad.) 

SA Tl'RA LISTS' LIBRA R Y. Dogs. 2 vola. 12ino. platet, lOa. 

JUniaii, 1B40 


WKHSTKK Ac PARKt^^ An Rncyclopvdia of Doni«^ic Ecmioaif ; 
coiiipriainK rarh nulijeris a« arr iiinrt iiiiiiicdiaiely connected with Hooae- 
k^piHt;. as Budding. FurniKhing. Ser^-ants. Co«)kery. Drraa. Carnafrs, 
I Ira 1th. 6ic. 1 vol. hvo, with nearly MNM) woodcuta. JEQ. 10«. 

Rrimatml. N. V.. II. IIrm 

Z«MiM, 1944 

DONOVAN, (M.j I>irur«itic Economy. 3 vols. an. 6to, 19#. 

(Laidacr'fl Cydopadia.; 





DRAINING. — See Agriculture. 


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DRAWING, (and Perspective). 

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u ' 


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DYEING.— (See also Calico Printing.) 

A PRACTICAL TREATISE on Dyeing and Calico Printing ; ioclading 
the latest Inventions and Improvements ; also, a Description c^ the Origin, 
Manufacture, Uses, and Chemical Properties of the varioas Animal, Ve- 
getable, and Mineral Substances employed in these Arts, with an Appen- 
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(From Damaii* Traite de Chimie appliqa^ aux arti ) 

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See Urk's Diet, of Aru. Parnkll's Applied Cbemiitry. 

DYNAMICS.— (See Mechanics.) 
EARTH.— (See Geology.) 

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(Reprinted, New- York. II. Bio't.) 

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With Eiirht hitfbly fintshed Line Engravings ; Fonr Mapi of the Stan, axhiUtiaf tba 
aii|)e(Tt of the Ucaven* throujihout the Year ; a Planesphere of the Bolar Sritoai ; tha 



Phajie« of the Moon, and a .Mnp of that Planet rednoed from the Map of Mln. Bear aad 
MatH^T, of Berlin ; with many HaudrMl Vignettes and Diafram* on Wood, cnfravad ta 
the tint *tyle of art. Bop. roy. Hvo, 1?« Ltmim, 1817 

ANSTED. (I). T.) The Ancient VVorid. or PictoreM]ne Bketohas of Ciaatkm. »b. 8vo. 
illostrated, lis Lwmim, 18C 

See Sharon Turnkr's Sacred History of the World, tie. 


See the Work* of IIsoel. Cousiii. Art. FmLOSOPirr, Ate. 


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EDD AS.— ( Continued.) 

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EDDjI SvmamU biniu Fr6da, lie., ex raceas. E. C. Raak. conrit Afzeliaa. 8«i«and 
dM Vkm Edda, Ate, ofvenatte af AfMliiu, 8aonm-Eddm uuat Skaldo og Panned fylg- 

Bnom Storlflaon't Edda, Aie. «f AfaeUos. 

Jaiidi Ritf jordaiB, otgafin af R 

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K. Ra«k 

StoekJMm, 181d-19 

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Beriim, 1815 

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■■gea daiseMellt. bvo Scktuwig^ 1898 

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V<rf. 1. Rnaien a. ihie Denkmaler. 
" II. Edda d. StammmuUer d. Poesie, Mythen n. Safen a. d. lalliid. 

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BtrUn, 1819 

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BaifC. Oven, of fbrki. F. Maf^ntmen. 4 vob. Hvo. X$. . Kopenk., WSO 

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tradaetioa, det aotet et on gk»uaird. 8vo Pmru, 1838 

See Paacr's Northern Antiquitiet, Vol. II. 


niostrated with Maps and EngraTings 

L DifMOvvica, lie. in Polar Seat. 

t. Discovery and Adventure In Africa. 

X Ancient and Modem Eftypt. 

4. Palcaliae, or the Holy Land. 

5. Li^ca and Voyafw oJ* Drake, Cavendith, 

and Dampier. 

6. 7, 8. Britiiih India, to the Coneliuion of 

the AfffThan War. 3 voU. 
9. Progrein of Diacovery on the Northern 

Coasts of America. 
lU. Travels and RcMarches of Alexander von 

11. Life of Sir Walter Raleigh. 

15. Nabia and AbyMaia ; Civil lii<itory. An- 

tiouitiM, Arts. Nataral lliitory,'&c. 
13, 14. Arabia, Ancient and Modem. *ivols. 
15l Ferna, con prising Aflghaaistan and Be- 


16. Lives of Emiaent Zoologbts. 

17. lliiitory and Pment Condition of the 

Barbary Sutes. 








38 vols, iSmo, 3s. 6d. each. 

Edinburgh, 1822-44 

19, SO. China, from the Earlitat Ages to 

to the Peace of Nanking 3 vol*. 
Circumnavigation of the Globe, and 

Pro gre ss of Discovery in the Pacifio 

Ijife of King Henry the Eighth. 
24. Scandinavia, a History of Denmark, 

Sweden, and Norway. 2 vols. 
2fi. 27. British America; with a full 

Detail of the beet Modes of Emigra 

gration. 3 vols. 
Iceland, Greenland, Faroe Islands. 
30, 31. Italv and the Italian Islands ; 

from the Earliest Ages. 3 vols. 
Mesopotamia and Assyria. 
Polynesia ; an Account of Islands in 

South Seas, including New Z^and. 
Voyages Round tlw World, from the 

Death of Ca|itain Cook. 
36, 37. United Stales of America. 3 vols. 
Travels of Marco Polo ; enlarged. 


WHEWELL, (W.) Of a Liberal Education in General, and with particu- 
lar reference to the Leading Studies of the University of Cambridge. 8vo, 
9a. ......... London, 1845 

Principles of University Eklucation. 2d edit., 8vo. " 1838 

SEDGWICK, (A.) Discourse on the Studies of Cambridge Univeniity. 8vo. 

Cambridge, 1835 

TAYLOR, (I.) Home Education. 8vo, 4«. London, 1842 

(Rapriatad, New-York, D. A. »l Co.) 


I f 



EDrCATIiiN.] 120 [EGYPT. 


(.■RKKN. :J. 11.; Mentnl I))*!);!!!))!:!!, or (troundwork of a Pmlriwonal Kdn- 
cntiuu : tli*> Hiiiilrrinn Oration iR'Atri' the Rf)yiil Colioge of Suri^roiu of 
I KiiizIiiikI. tVb. lii. 1^'47. bv<>. 4^ Jjvndon. }t<47 . 

* AMOS. lA) Four Ii*-rturr8 on tiie Advaiitiit;e«i of n ClaBniral f'ldocation 

an nil Anxilinry to n Coiiiiii«*rruil Kiiurntion : with a I^rttrr to I)r Wkir> 
w«-ll upon thr Hubjvcl of iiifl Tract " On Liiwral luiucation." Hvo, IU«. tij 

I London. 1M6 

'' f I WYHK. iT.} I-^oi*aliMn Ri>fonn ; or the nn-ntiij of a Natkmal ^yBlrrn of Kdm-slim 

Vi»i. |.r>tu I^ndmi. IKH> 

/ , . rRIAI'I.X. r<). or. J NaiionaJ Ktluration, itit rnnii|ilpii Mid Obja^U eirmptifM id a riaa 
' Hir a Noriiiitl HfiuMil. ^vo, li* i^^mdmrn. |^J 

■ RAKWKI.L. ' .Mkn., I^iiif. fruui Hufw)! on Dir i:«loraiiuDaI loMituiMn* of l'Hlrabi-rir. 

'111. r-\ii. /.MlMli. l*^;f 

(J* f (*|)I'S1N. V ; Rr|wrt on llu* Hiair uf Tublic lutnii-tion m ProMia, traulalKil bf Mn 



/ I Au.tin. IV11.0. i^9tui0m, IKU 

On tlir Siati> uf (liluration m IloiianJ. tfaii«l. bjr 1.. Ilorapr. Hio. JH> 

I ,1.\\Vf'.iIHy tin >*<iririri Havanli>« il«* In Kinnrf H ilr rKtranxrr, iiablir «ont U% ani|iim 

^^ I i!u >1iDi«tn- ill* rin»:rui-iKiii |iubUi]ur. iViiiii n- anai**, IHti. rut.^vo. IfW. Pari«. 1M47 

; 77/>: sy.Hirs tiy n'ttHk'.s o.V KItrr.lTKKW )mlili«hi>] h> ilir l<oieiy for |iruaiol 

t inf I'm-I'-.i! K iioM !■ •i^-<\ ami thi> (Vutnl S4>i'i'-t« -'tii. : Ttir Si-li€wlina»irr, fbv Aarliani. 

MiiioD. ^r ;, -J III!*. ; NaiMiDal l^nratioD. 'bjr Hill;, • toJi. ; tUaa)* b> iW Antral !*•- 
nr:i. 'A «iii*. : ftii' r.lui-.'iior. ur Pn/f K^tav* ■" \iili. t'r|*. ^to. 'Jo/. Ijund., l>%ftr 3H 

I'KITZ, !T. ■ K»;iii'»«< li'uDi- »yt|i nn- «:i»iii|4h tl'io-itut-iiuB rt <i'«laratiuB, M dc Irur bi»- 
I loirr, am idiIh .aii4>n iln |iriDvi|«au& ou\ra^t« tur la |M'<laf«fi4iv. 3 tab. fto 

* >W Ri-iwirtd on F^Di-ation m Kiiru;ir by Dxr UK ami Masisi. Minatci of ibv Cooiaul- 

j tn-ol ('imni-il OB ll-luiatuin. I 



« I. (.'DMiKAIMiY, V(>VA<;i:s, &.. 

/ \ ST Jo] IN. J. A.; K^ypt nnd Nubiu : with nunieruas lUiwtnitionfi. Hrn, 

\\h Ijandon, 1845 

UKI./.ONI. r(i ' Narmtivr of thr 0|MTations and Ri-i-rnt Iharovrhni in 
' Ki;>i'i f*"'} Niihia.!>y W. Hnniilii>n 4to nnd .Atlnn. Ijond., ]r<^>-9-J 

*' «' i HOSKINS. ((i. A Visit t«i th** en-nt Oaniii uf thr Lybian I)r«rrl.ric. 

--'' r-vii. |iln!t9<, lliff. fi«/. ...... Ldtndom, 1**37 

VYSK. Till. If Offfnitmn;* <'nrr:iii « :i n: ill" Fyrnniida of (fiifh, with 
ui\ .Ari-iiunt of n Vnyak;!- into I'{i{M-r l<:.'y|it. 2 \\t» 4(u. Ijtndnn, 1^40 

IH'.Si »N'. V Vo\ii.f- dMi« U il.i*^ •! t.i 1 1.1 Vzyy*. iM^daal W* C*ani|«f««<i da Gob- ■ 

fml ltuiinu|iaiir. '.! tul«. fiiiin aii'l tolm Afli* ••! TU'i-.. PuriM. IMt 

lir^riiitKin ill* l'0>[ii: nu Rrtfnii t!>^ ob^f^aTMMH Ft Ar* Rfrhnrrm qai oot CM 

r.iiti^ .-ii I'iffiiit |«-nilaoi rr.\;M^iiTuin lb- r.\?iiive I'rasraive. ;96 «ak. pto, aad l;l vob. ' 
ria'i-« in lifliu. nnti mIh Pmrts^ Irfl^-M | 

«*AN.I.AI II. v., Vutap'a I'Oa-i. Jr TiiU- •: dan«Udr«fUdolaTlvbaidr. Mm. 

Pmnm. IMI 
RIF\ri» -J J Voiaf^iB l!ffT|.l i-lrn Ntibir. folio. |>jr w. IrOB 

- - TnliKii . !• riljvp'i- i-t 4li* i« Nubtr. •*! (!•'« litut iiri'uiitiN-iBi. H«o. " |4D 

I'oMlir.S. r Viiiic*- t-n llf«[>'f-. fi Niiliif. lUn* |i-« ilr»«"t« d« Bcioodm, dn Bwkaria, 
t*. I '. . .1- iiiii.:-.\£iif il'iin*' i-artf iiin**:ai'^. • mU ■■to, !.'>«. pMru, |iiM I 

f'llAMi'<>M.i<>\. I.K JEr%E . Ijrtln^i.riU4d'tV:t|<trKdr Nabw. m lrt|4.«. St«L 

r«ri#. liOl 

S.\INT M MR • Vc««i««« i>K.. Viiyar^ |ii I.akorrn Ivxitp, |HMr tmupoilpff ivTWhw 
* I'a'i. - -in ■:■■• ••'•■ImjiM-* itr }<<-<ii.ln« "m ..... Pmrta, I^B 

^ I.l.i'S iir J«>\NM.'' ('aiu[ia:;n" |H::iir>-..,iif .lu l.utor. -.' tol«. Hto ct .\lla« n Mm. 

I*«ria. l«Qft 
r^i i\ M M Vi»i a^'r Jaai la hautr t-t !a ba-*. IV* (i*^ 3 *oU. >'to. cl Alhu m 4ia. 

Pmns. |i«i 
Pir.rR<» l» KR Vii\irr liMori>|Uf f-n K.-t;>-- fxn ....-' |«1(* • 

Ul -A rKK^iKKK. K . <ib««-nal tar nail'juti ;iointi dr la ifottaphia do TE if ^- (*«•. , 

Ml iiiMir*^ f<-ii«r. r1 hnior tmtl'¥Lf}\*f Vol* I -II . m^o ..." IMI 

■ ^ I 

I. GEOGRAPHY, &.c,—(ConHnved.) 

RUHLE V. LILIENSTERN. Geograph. DanteUaiir zor Utnten OeMhichtc n. Geon: 
von iEthiopien o. JEgypien. Rvo. Berlin. lfS7 

MINUTOLl, (H. F. von.) R«ue cam Temple dct Jopiter Ammon in der Lybbcben 
Wiicte and nach ober iGfypten. 4to et atlai in folio Benin, 18S6i 


(a), Akcient. 

WILKINSON, (G.) Manners and CuBtoms of the Ancient Egyptians, in- 
cluding their Private Life, Government, Laws, Arts, Manufactures, Agri- 
culture, Religion, and Early History ; derived from a comparison of the 
paintings, sculpture, and monuments still existing, virith the accounts of 
ancient authors. Illustrated by Drawings of those subjects. 5 vols. 8vo, 
84« London, 1847 

RUSSELL, (W.) View of Ancient nnd Modern Egypt ; with an Ontline of its Natural 
History. 5$. . . . (Edin. Cab. Lib'y.) .... Edinb., 1838 

WATHEN, (G. HO Arts. Antiqaities, and Chronoloj^y of Ancient E^pt ; from Obaerva- 
Uons in ItSd. With Illostrations from Original Sketches, roy. 8vo, iG«. London, 184S 

SHARPS, (S.) The Hutory of Ef^ypt, from the Earliest Times till the Conquest by the 
Arabs, A. D. 640. dvo, \%a London, 1846 

History of Eg>'pt nnder the Romans. 1 vol. 8vo, It. ... " 18ti 

Egyptian Inscriptions, fVom the British Museum and other sonrees 4to, 40«. Ijoniam. 

OSBURN, (W.) Ancient Egypt ; her TesUmony to the Truth of the Bible. Being an in- 
terpretation of the Inscriptions and Pictures which remain upon her Tombs and Temples : 
illustrated by very numerous engravings and coloured pli|tes. 8vo, Wa. lAmdon, 1846 

yC CORY, (I. P.) Chronolofpcal Enquiry into the Ancient History of Egypt : Mythological 
Enquiry into the Recomtite Theology of the Heathens. 8vo, 7«. 6t/. IjtmAon, 1837 

Ancient Fragments of the Phoenician, Chaldxan. Egyptian, Tynan, Carthaginian, In- 
dian, Pendan, and other Wri^n. 8vo, 2d edition, 21«. . Lm^don, 1838 

He gives no less than nineteen Catalogiies of the Egyptian Kings, with the various read- 
ings that occur in their different versions. 

/ HEEREN. (A. H. L.) Reflections on the Politics. Intercourse, and Trade of the Ancient 

/ Nations of Africa. 2 vols. 8vo, 24*. Vol. 2,— Egyptians. . . Oxford, 1838 

^ HAMILTON, (W.) ^Igvptiaca ; or an Account of Ancient and Modem Egypt. 1 vol. 
royal 4to. and a folio Atlas of Plates London, 1609 

WHITE, (Jofl.) iEgvntiaca ; or Obwrvations on Certain Antiquities of Egypt, in two 
Parts. Part I. The History of Pompey's Pillar RIdbidated. Part II. Abcfollatirs Ac- 
count of the Antiquities ot Egypt, written in Arabic, A. D. 1203. Translated into Eng- 
lish and Illustrated with Notes. 4to London, 1801 

LONG. (Geo.) Egyptian Antiquities in the British Museum, new edn. 2 vols. 12mo, 

4«. 6</ London, 1846 

(In Library of Entertaining Knowledge.) 

PRICH ARD, (J. C.) An Analysu of Egyptian Mytholoffv. To which is added, a Trans- 
lation of the Preliminary E<say prefix^ by Prof. A. W. Von Schlegel, to the German 
edition of the same work. By 'James Yates, royal 8vo, 2U. London, 1819 

8CHWENCK, (K.) Die Mytbologie der Asiatischen Vdlker. Vol. 3, die Mythologie der 
iEgypter. 8vo. 13 plates, &r . . fVankf., 1847 

MAKRIZI. Histoire des Sultans Mamlouks de I'Egypte ; dcrite en Arabe par Taki-Eddin- 
Ahmed Makriai. Tradniteen Fran^aiii, et accompagn^e de notes philosophiques, histo- 
riqnes, et geogranhiques. par M. Quatremure. 4to. vol. I. — . . Paria, 1837 

(Publications of the Oriental Translation Fund.) 

Gesehichte d. Copten. Arab, mit Uebers. u. Anm. herani^. v. F. Wustenfeld. 4to, 

«•. Oott., 1845 

CAILL AUD, (F.) Recherches sur les artes et metiers, les usages de la vie civile et domes- 
tique des anciens peoples de rEgypte, de la Nubie et de TEthiopie ; snvies de details snr 
les m<Bun et ooutnroes des peupfes raodernes des mSmes contrdes. 4to. Pari*, 1837 

LETRONNE, (M.) Recherches pour aervir k I'Histoire de I'Egypte pendant la Domina- 
tion dej Grecs et des Romans, &c Paris, 1821 

Inscription grecqne de Rosette ; texte et traduction littdrale, acoompagnd d'un com 

mentaire critique, hutorique et arch^log^ique. 8vo. .... Paris, 184M) 

SAVARY, (M.) Lettres sur I'Egypte. 3 voU. 8vo. . . . • " 1798 

J BOECKH. (A.) Manetho n. d. Hundsstera-periode, ein Beitrag z. G«Mhiefat« d. Pha- 
^ raonen. 8vo, 9* Berlin, 1845 

t BOHLEN, (P. V.) Das alte Indien mit besonderer Rucksicht auf iEgypCmi. 8 vols. 8vo. 
^ 17*. 6rf. KoiUgsberff, 1831 


c t. 

. / 



■ > 












: / 




II. HISTOUV, ANTIUriTIKS, &..— ((.Vm/iniifc/.) 

; RINHKN. <C. C. J.; X^^\A>tn% AelW m drr \V.h|inrhidite. Voh. I. -1 1 1.. Hvo. U 
platf*, •Mif l/«iia.. Ir44 

i <;orMANOF. 'J. A.) An-lH'ologM «>Kyt>i»Be. oa lAobrnhM tar I'Mii w ioa dn hi6n>- 
fliplii-*. \'o\%. [.-III.. Hto, 3lt« Ijtipxtg, IKn 

i LKK.M.\NH, ■('.; Moniiiiirnk ^^^ptieni do rouM-e d*aDtii|uii*» (In Payt-Bu 4 Lndr. 
r;ifU l-r«. tuJio. ra'h'.Mji. ....... /.«M>. 1M4U-47 

l>r««Ti|ifM>n raiMinni- di** monuinrB* i*s\|iiirn«. H*o, I(U. *' I**40 

R.\SK. <R.; lilt' atv up) )»t %i-itn-<tiniinc. H\i> ./fIfvM. IHS) 

CII.\MIMlLLMlN I.K Jei as. iJ. F.) Munuinrnu ilc TRiZyiit* eC de In M«bip, d'afirrt 

tiiin« aiiitvraphrH (|u*il ra a rrdipr«. rtr. ttdio, /.^H). FartM. KIS-43 

<'IIAMr<>I.IJON KI(;KA(\ rj. J ) AnnnU dt^ I^uIm. on rhrmmtorr dn Rahcim-i 

d*F.j\|.|f'. ►BiT»**M*uni d' Airland nr 1^ era lid •-! vol* H%o. !*«»«. 1>*I!I 

HAI.Nt .MARTI .N. iJ.; Noavt-ilr. Rndrnlm lur IVfioiiue d« la niori d'AUtaodrr. vtr. 

Hiro Part0. !•*« 

OlM>rt Biion* »ar "Annalndn I<aciiU>*." |>ar M. Haiat Martia. Pvo. " 1**J) 

^ La NORM A NT. (('11.) Muar- dei Aainiuitv* fe;jrpltrniim. Ri^aetl da Moaaiwa* 
Kcy|ififnii. An-liitn luic, Hiaiitajir, t>l iViolun*. foliu fiin*. I'M! 

RdSSKI.I.IM. 'J.; M«niitn-nli dell* |-L.'iltii e tk-Ila Nubia dt^naii drila H|i«>diiNm« 
Ht iTDiiriro liii-raria Timana la tiffittu ; ithiiibiiii -.u o.diaf di luatfnr. iBU'rjiiataii rd dlut 
imti. p'\u. and a*U4. and :ilM«r:;f fnlio |ila*i^ /*f#a. |*4V- 

IIKNRV. (U. yi. J I L'I-4!v|i(r |diaraonii|ii**. nu llintiMir dv* inilitutiuat dM KfyjUirDi 
tou. I> iir^ rnl* uutiounii%. 'i wU. Hto. '.II |ilaB<-li«^, /. 15. Pari«. i^ifi 

SCHWA RT/.i:. -.M t: . !>&. aire A:f)iHtn, o<Ii-r Hpraihr. CnduiJitr. R«I^iuB b. Vrt 
fa**iin:.' d. alt. ^c>|ir. 

Vfd. I. ll.iMi'l iitiil Ri-uithnl. ilf-r \arBp|inMrB Kiif7iflrrBB;:«-!*T*lemi' «Wf dm ah 
.ie\|''i-4-h>-B ^*« !irin-.\ri-B. Vol. I. in 'J iwrl*. -Iio. X**. . '. I^npitg. \^42 

(*II.\M1*<)I.!.M»N' IK jRiir. I/K.'v|i;f »ot:« Ir riiarann*. 00 f«N*lirrri|M lar la eroc'* 

I dm-, la nlii;ion. U Iniviir. l-« t-i'ntBM^ H riiutuin* d'* rtl^\|il aiani riBTviOB *W ('am 
>jve -J %ol*. f*** P»rtB, l*U 

LKrHirr<. R.< .\ii«wahl iI.t %k N-iitgr^tra I'rkuad^B dei ilvff>|<** AltrnbaOM. Hr (32 
pln'p*. iiii,i. tolio. ..... . . . • . Lttpxtg, I'«4A 

Iia« Tu.l*«*iiiiuih Art .i;;**,i!i'n, Bach d. PnjivrB* ca Tarin. /?!• |dati«>. 4to 

(fr). Mo:n i:\. 

LANK. V, W.j An .\rrniint «•{!!»*» Mnnn^m nnd Titttomaof ihf Modrm 
Kt!yptinn«. ^»ritt>'ii in Duypt durint; (hi* yean* Ir-33^ ond lr^35, |ianly 
fn>iii N«iti'!i iiiaJr dnriiii: & tonmT Vi!<it to that Count r)' in ihr yrnra 
lp;2.>-(>-7 and "in. 2 voU. 12mi>. 4ir. tic/ . Ijtmdon, lh36 

—— llif Banif. 2 ruUi. ^^vo,ullitil^u with Wilkinson's Ancirnt E);>'fitian«. 
iHff. London. l>-4*i 

I*()OLK, Mrs ) The Knclinh woman in E«!ypt : I^iirtj* froni rairn, during 
a iTHidrncc thrrr i:i Ih 12-13-41 iind la. l\ toIh. l!^m». Ijtindvn, \*^\\ 6 

WlliKINSON. (Sir (J Motl^-ni Kirypi and Thebr* ; being a drarriptkm 
of Kir»( ; wiih inlunnaiion tor TraTcllcni in that Country. 9 toU ^o, 
n:np ninl \«oi-drutM, -|*Jtf. .... Aom^aii, ltM4 

lland-BiMik for Kt^'pt and T1i»'lH-n. Nni. bvo, map. ** 1847 

YATr.H. W. II . Ttir MiMtr-ra Ili-rmr and Ton- i it ma of T^x\iH\ ir« nimatr. pivwaa. 

an>I ('ii;<.iiii>iiHv mtn|in*in* thr Fn*'v««linr«<>f MnhnnmiM .\lira«rha rruni I'iil lo |f^M; 
wi'li ll.ii«:raiiiiii« III Sin;>'iip- lli*tiir\, tin- Kn'*i!uH'nt ul' l'(n|di*«,«. and Mtm Pio t iiw of 
f 'i%ili/rMin III tt-i- lla-1. 'i «i>U "tn. |ilair.. IMji. .... /^BiImi, |nU 

finl'IS. ■ I.'K;«|i*r au .\I\p •!• •■!•• lli*ioi r mdi'aif^ H |«)i*ii|B«. rtc, dr M^bvaia. 

All li>r»'i:n: Ta-lin! rsi'itu.-in Pa- da rtn. |iiari>.. |';.t : rol. i-'a. . Pmrta, ||t|i 

<l.<iTni:V A|>"'ri •iirJ't:::v;i*K •.* wdv l-iiio. BrrnxftUm^vai^ 

IIXMON'T. V \ 1/ !'..-«;•*•• Mi-i* Mt!.i' III-: \li Pitpnlv.on*. Coairftanap**. larfiia- 

\tttn% r ,!•(» :ii'v •'■•. - »ui» rn». / I'l .... Pan«, IM3 

ni'll«'KIMRI»r. J I. .\ralM'' PiiMfrd. nr Manm r« and C'B«toni» of llir KfiyiiaM. 
i;l'i«tia'ft I'lirtTi i^H-if |iriivp'bialSaiio;*. -Iiu i^^md^u. IKH 

111. !.A\<;rA<;i: — 'A?« IKNT a^i> Mfii»r.K\.) 

IDK.l.LK, (J L . Iff* r 111.1 pif>n, pivo rudiincnui hirmglyphicK yM. .Czvpc 
litrrat '2 |>anji. inipl Itu, 54« yf' Lv*.. ISII 





in. LASGVAGK— (Continued.) 

J., CHAMPOLLION le Jevne. De recrimre h^ratiqae des anciens £g3rp- 
^ tiens. folio Grenoble, 1821 

Lsttro k M. D««ier, rdative k I'Alphabet des Hiiroflyphes phonetiquet. 8vo. 

Paris, 18SS 

deax Lettm k M. le dnc de Blacms d'Aolpi relativei an Mn*6e royal ^yptien de 

Tuna monnniMiU hutortquet. 8vo Pant, 18ii4-d6 

tor le SyttAme hi6raglyphiqne de MM. Spohn et SeyfTarth. 8va Florence, 1896 

Prices da syst^rae hieroglyphique des anciens Egyptiens, an Re- 

cherches sor les ^i^mene premiers de cette ^criture sacr^e, sar lenrs diver- 

yl_ ses combinaisons et sur les rapports de ce syst^me ayec les antres m^thodes 

^ graphiques ^gyptiennes. 2* edition, 1 ▼. de tezte. 8vo, et 1 v. de 

f planches Pari»t 1828 

Pantheon j^gyptien ; collection des personnages mythologiqnes de 

' i'ancienne Egypte, d'aprds les monimiens ; avec un tezte expiioatif. 4to. 

Parie, 1824- 

SPOHN, (F. A. G.) De Lingua et Litcris Vetenim -ffigyptiorum. Acce- 
dant Granunatica atqne Glossarium ^gyptiacum. Editit et absohrit. G. 
Seyfiarth. 4to Z^wtf, 1825-^1 

SEYFFARTH, (G.) Rudimenta Hieroglyphices, acccd. explic. spec, 
glossar. et alphab. 4to, 45«. Lipe., 1826 

Beitrage z. Kenntniss der Literat. Kunst. Mythol. q. Gesckichte d. alte 

iEgypten. Parts I.-VI, £2. 10». Leipzig, 1826-34 

YOUNG, (T.) An Account of some Recent Discoveries in Hieroglyphical 
Literature and Egyptian Antiquities. 8vo. London, 1823 

The rudiments of an Egyptian Dictionary in the Ancient Enchorial 

Character, containing all the words of which the sense has been ascer- 
tained. To which are prefixed a Memoir of the Author, and a Cata- 
logue of his Works and Elssays. 8vo, le. %d. . London, 1831 

SALT, (H.) An Essay on Dr. Young's and Champollion's Phonetic System 
of Hieroglyphics. 8vo London, 1825 

LOWE, (L.) The Origin of the Egyptian Language, proved by the Analy- 
sis of that and the Hebrew in an Introductory Essay, extracted from the 

Asiatic Journal. 8vo London, 1837 

LEPSIUS, (R.) Lettre sur I'alphabet hieroglyphique. 8vo. Borne, 1837 
/ Le NORMANT, (C.) Recherches sur les hierogl}rphes d'Horapollon. 

4to Parte, 1838 

CORY, (I. P.) On the Hieroglyphics of HorapoUo Nilous. Greek and 

English. 8vo, 7#. 6rf London, 1840 

' DRUMANN, (W.) Untermch. Uber Aegypt. od. d. Inachrifl von Rotette. 8vo. 

Konigab., 1823 
GOULIANOF, (dk.) Essai tar la hidro^lvphet d'Horapollon, et qnelqaes mots rar la 

Cabale. 4to. ..._..: Pan*. 1837 

^ KOSEOARTEN, (G. L.) De priaca ifigyptiorDD) literatnra, eCo. 4to. Vimar, 18^ 

. J LEEMANS, (C.) Monunens dgypt, poitant det Ieg:endes royalet. 8vo, plates. Via. 

Leida., 1839 
Papyms ifypt. dAmotique k transcript greoqnes. 4to, S&a. 6d. 

Papyms ^gypt. fundraire. 4to. 650. 

' HoRAPOLLO, Hieroglyphica, var. lect. et vers. lat. annot. et ind. adj. C. Leemans. 8to. 

21# Amatrrd., 1835 

CHAMPOLLION, le Jeune, (J. F.) Grammaire ^gyptienne, ou principes 

g^n^raux de Tecriture sacr^e ^gyptienne appiiqude k la representation de 

la langue parl6e. sm. fol Parit, 1836-41 

Dictionnaire j^gyptien en ecriture hieroglyphique ; public d'aprte les 

manuscrits autographes. folio Paris, 1841-42 

ROSSI, (I.) EtymolofiK rgypUacK. 4to JUmm, 1818 


■ / 
* .. 





r y. 


r- f 

) . 

a . 





III. i^\n(;i:a(jk.—( 0/n/iHu«/.^ 

HALVOIJM, (F.) Abb1)m Rrammmticalc miMmB^ 4m difimM T«it« urins Errjp- 
tiru. 4to Pcrt«7]636 

I)M priartpalrt ci|trp»iOBi qui •enreat k U noutiott dc* dalct tar In moanmrau d« 

rancirnDr EK)|i<r. d'ajm-t TiawnplioB de Rowtto ; kCtiM k M. I'abM ContUaio C2ac- 
191%.. p«o /*«»«. liOte 

PETI'KiRKW, J. T.) A History of Efryptian Mommirt. aiul an accoont 
of thf won*hip and cmlMliniiig uf the ncred aiiimala bjr Uh* ii^ptiaiia : 
with remarku on tlir fuiHrral ceremonies of difierrnt nations, dtc. 4io. 

Isnd9n, 1^34 


PEYRON, (A.) Lexicon lingue Copticc. 4to, 45t. TVicr., 1835 

(Srammatica linuue Coptirff. Hvo. " 1841 

" Thr^r aiv thr mou rofaou* Grammar and licxicoa of tba Coptic Laofoafr eitast." 

T ATT AM. (II.) A compendious (vrammar of the Egyptian Language, as 
contained in the Coptic and i^ahidic Dialects, etc. l&s. Ltmdom, ln30 

Lexicon ^«(r>'ptiaro-Latinam ex Veteribus Lingua* ACgyptiacr Mon- 

nmcntis, rt ex Operihiis La Crozii, Woidii, etc. ; cum Indice Vocum I^- 
tinanim. t*vo,)iHs. f)«ni., 1835 

IV Ancient Coptic Version of the Book of Job the Just. Tramlated 

into English. i*\o, Us. Lomdim, 1847 

PARTHF2Y, ((J.) Voonbularium Coptico-Iat. et latino-copt. e Peyroni et 
Tattami lexicis. Sic. Hvo. Btrvl., Iti44 

SCIIWARTZE. (M. (i.) (Sremmotica lingue Copticc ejovinr dialecto- 
nini. ^v(i. Leiptigt 1847 

rSALTEKll'M COPTICE linini. Memphit. tranalat. Ad. fid. cod. 
editit notiM^ue instr. M. (v. Schwartxe. 4to. iJinrio', IM3 

PSALTEKIVM COPTICE. Ad cod. fid. recrns. J. L. Ideler. Hvo. 

Berlim, 1837 

TESTAMEyrVM yoVCM, Cc.ptire. Editit Dr. M. G. i>cbwart». 
Pars 1. vol. ). Evang. Matthaei et Marci coniinena. 4to, 19s. 

Lipn^t 1838 

grATREMkRE. (M. E.) Rcdtenhcs sar la langoe et U Uti^raiwe 

dEt'>pie. fvo PmriM, lbl8 


L.XRDNER. ' D ) A Manual of Electricity. Magnetism, and Meteorology. 
|-:4lited and completed by C. V. Walker. 3 vols. ]3mo, 5 plaiea. 19s. 

Ltmdou, 1844 
FARADAY. iM ) Fixperimental Renearches in Electricity. Reprinied 
from the Philosophical Transact ion.<(, dec. 2 vols. 8to, plates;, 97s. 

LtmtUm, ]»39-44 
STIROEON. ;W.) I^tures on Electricity. ]9mo, 100 woodmta, 5s. 

Xm^sii. 1649 

A (*f>urse of Twelve Elementnr>' Lectures on GalvaiUHn ; iUnsimipd 

with upwards of 100 Engravingtt of Kx|ifrimenis and ApparatiHL Bf W. 
S{urir«>n I'imisSs Lndmt, 1943 

R(H;ET. M ;• Electricity. Galvanism. Magneiisni, and Electro- Magnrt- 
mm hvo, .!«. fij. iLih't l'«r Kd»«iI.; LmhIsn, t. d. 

NO.M). II. M ■ lecture* on Electnnty : comprising Galvanian, Magnrf- 
imi. Kli-rtnt-Mn{;iifiiim, Magneto- and Thermo- Electricity. 300 wood- 
cuts, bvu, 1 4s Z^Mirfsa, 1844 




ELECTRICITY, 6cc,— {Continued) 

LEITHEAD, (W.) Electricity ; its Nature, Operation, and Importance in 
the Phenomena of the Universe. 12mo. London, 1638 

HENRY, (J.) Contribations to Electricity and Magnetism. 4to. 

Fhilad., 1839 
BREWSTER, (Sib D.) A Treatise on Magnetism. 8vo, 6«. Edinb.» 1837 

FRANCIS, (G.) Electrical Experiments ; illustrating the Theory, Prac- 
tice, and Application of the Science of Free or Frictional Electricity : 
containing the methods of Making and Managing Electrical Apparatus 
of every description, with numerous illustrative engravings. 8vo, 3«. 

London, 1844 

GUMMING, (J^ Manual of Electro-Dynamics, chiefly translated from the 
French of J. F. Demonferrand. 8vo, plates, 12«. Cambridge, 1827 

MURPHY, rRev. R.) Elementary Principles of the Theory of Electricity. 

8vo, 7«. 6a. Cambridge, 

BECCIUEREL, (J. J.) TraiU expArimeBUl d« I'^lectricit^ et da maipiAtiune, saive d'ane 
cxpo*^ de lean rapport* avec lei actions chimlqaei et let ph^noaieae* natareb. 7 vob. 
8vo, et atlas in 4to, f.n 50 Paris, 1838-184- 

El^mAns d'^lectro-chimie appliqa^e aaz scienoes natareUei et aoz arts. 8to. /.7 50. 

Paris, 1843 

KT BRESCHET. Rechercbes sar la chalear animale an moyen des appaieib thermo- 

«lectriqaet. 4to, /.3 Paris. 1846 

Dk la RIVE. Traits d'dlectrictt^ appliqa^e aax arts, a la mddicino et k la physiologie.- 
ovOi uC.. jMm ............. Parts % 

NEUMAXN, (F. E.) Die mathematischen Gesetre der indocirten elektritchen Strdme. 
4to. 3«. 6J Berlin, 1847 

See Mckllbr's Principles of Physics. Sturokon'i Annals of Electricity, &c, 
ScoRKSBv'a Masnetical Investigations. Pkschkl's Elements of Physics. Lib't 
UsK. Knowl. JAMBsoN't Edinbarsh Joamal. Philoaodiical Murazine. Phiio- 
sophical Transactions. Report of the Brit. Association, lw5, &c. Transac. Amer. 
Philos. Societv. Silliman's Journal. Walkbr'* EkBOtrieal Magazine. Annalee 
de Chimie et de Physique. Annates des Sciences NatnreUet. Tatlor'z Scientific 
Memoin, &c. 

ELECTROTYPE.— (Electro-Metalluroy, (fee.) 

SPENCER, (T.) Electrogniphy ; Instruction for the Multiplication of 
Works of Art in Metal by Voltaic Electricity. 8vo. . GUugow, 1840 

SMEE, (A.) Elements of Electro-Metallurgy. 2d ed., illustrated with 
electrotypes and numerous woodcuts, 8vo, cloth, 10«. 6</. London, 1843 

SHAW, (6.) A Manual of Electro-Metallurgy. 2d ed., 8vo, 7«. 6<f. 

London, \^U 
WALKER, (C. V.) Electrotype Manipulation. 12mo, 2». %d. Lond., 1845 
LEREBOURS, (J.) Traits de Galvanoplastiqe. 8vo,/.3. Part>, 1845 

MAXVEL DE OALVAIfOPI^STIE, an Trait6 ooroplet decet Art, oontenant tons 
les proc^d^ les plus r6oents. 18nio, /.3 50. Paris, 1844 

JACOBI. Galvanoplastik : or, the process of Cohering Copper into Plates, or other given 
forms, by means of Galvanic Action on Copper Solutions. Translated from the German. 

PALMER. Glyphography : or, Engraved Drawing for Printing at the Type Press aAer the 
manner of woodcuts, frc. 8vo. Landim, 1844 

S.A3IPS0N. Electrotint : or, the Art of Making Paintinp in such a manner that copper- 
plates and blocks can be taken from them by means of Voltaic Electricity. 8vo. 

/vMufen, 1843 


BRANDE'S Dictionary of Science, Literature, and Art ; comprising the 
History, Description, and Scientific Principles of every branch of Human 
Knowledge : with the Derivation and Definition of all the Terms in 

general use. 1 vol. 8vo. London, 1843 

(Reprinted, New-York, H. Bro's.) 

COXVERSATIOJ^-LEXICOX. 9th edition, 15 vob. 8vo. Leipwif, 1845-7 

EJiCYCLOPJ&DIA AMERICAJM ; on the basb of the Seventh aditkm of the Ger- 
man Conversatione-Lexicon. 14 vob. 8vo Pkilad,, 1830-47. 











ENCYCLOPAEDIAS.— {Ct)n/iniierf.) 

THE CABINET CYCLOP JEDIA; comprisng • Series of Origiiul Works od 
History, Biography, Literature, the Sciences, Aits, and MAno&ctoies. Con- 
dncted and edited by Dr. Lardner. am. dro. 

The work compnMi the foOowiaf dii 

PHY. 13 Vok. I Vob. 

wf fijr Vtlmme maf he pmrtMmted ftpmrmUlff Fritt 8*. 

Xoiiisii, 1830-46 

AV. tf Vtla. wkem tmmfleU. 

Enffiaad, 10 vok. 
IreJud, 4 Tob. 
SooClud. S vok. 
UaHed Sute^ i Tok. . 
Fraoee, 3 vok. . . . . 
NeCherUads, 1 roL 
Switzerlaad, 1 vol. . 
Deomark, Swedes, frc. 3 rok^ 

Fobad. 1 vol 

Germaaie Empire, 3 rok. 

RoaM, 3 vok 

SpoiD aad Portonl, 5 rok. . 
Eioiope dsriag Middle Axes, 4 

Italian RepobUci. 1 vol. . 
Fall ef the Romaa Empire, 3 


Rome. 3 vok. 

Greece, ri vok 

Greciaa aad Romas AatiqaJtiet, 

3 vol* 

The Chareh, 3 vok. 
Reformation, 3 vok. 
Maritime Diicoverv. 3 vok. . 
Ontliaee of Hi«tory, 1 vol. 
Chmoolofy of History, 1 vol. 


Mackiatoah, %lc. 
■ . Moofo. 
Sir Waher Scott. 
Rev. U. Ferpu. 
E. E. Ciowe. 
T. C. Grattaa. 

Dr. Daahan. 
Dr. Danhaaa. 
Dr. Doaham. 
Robert B«U. 
Dr. Doaham. 

Dr. Danbam. 
De SiMDondL 

De SumoadL 

Rev. C. Thifiwall. 

Rer. T. Fod»ioke, fcc 
Rev. H. Stebbiof . 
Rev. U. Stebbiaf. 
W. D. Cooley. 
T. KeirfaUey. 
8irH. Nicolas. 

Vth. •ftk* StrUa. 

8. 16, 37, 63, m, 81. 95, 104. 113, XN. 
CS. W, 131. 133. 

13, IS. 23. 

HO, lis, £& 

39, 30. 33, 3S, 3a 

45. 49, S3, »L 


66, 74, 80, 8B, 108, 114, ISS. VB, 




3, 11, lOw 



British Lawverv, 1 vol. 

— Military Commaaden. 3 vob. 
•— Naval Commanders, 5 vok. 

— Statetmea, 7 vols. 

— Poets, 3 vok. . 

— Dramatists, 3 vob. 
Bariy Britkh Writer*. 1 voL 
Foreifa Statesnea, 5 vok. 
Aatbors of France, 3 vok. 
Italy, fcc. 3 vok. 

. II. Rosooe. 

Rev. 6. R. Glei;;. 

R. SoQthey, &e. 

Forster, iic. 
jR. Bdl. 

'Dr. Dnaham, &e. 
(Dr. Donham, &c. 
iG. P. R James. Ace. 
'Mrs. Shelley. &c. 
IJ. Mont^mery, Jle. 


40, 48, S7. 87, 19B. 

31. 79. 91, 99, 101, 108, IIS. 

119, 119. 


48, 78, 88, 89, KB. 
105. 117. 
163,71,96. « 

Biewiag, Bakinf , Cooking, &c. 

Professor Donovan. 3, 94. 
G. R. Porter. 33. 

J. HoUand. 94, 48, SI 

G. R. Porter. 36. 

3 vob 
Bilk Manafaetore. 1 vol. 
Mannfactores in Metal, 3 vok. 
Poneelaia and Glass, 1 vol. . 


Preliminary Disconne, 1 vol. 
History, 1 voL 
Arithmetic, 1 vol. 
Astronomy, I vol. 
Meehanics, 1 vol. 
Optics, 1 vol. 

Heat, 1 vol 

Chemistry, 1 vol. . 
Hydrostatics and PnennuUics, 1 

Essay on Probabilities and Life 
Contingencies, 1 vol. . 

Geometry, 1 vol. 

Electricity, Magnetism, &c. 3 

Sir J. Herschd. 
Profenor PoweU. 
Dr. Lardner. 
Sir J. Herachel. 
Kater and Lardner. 
Sir D. Brewster. 
Dr. Lardner. 
Professor Donovan. 

Dr. Lardner. 

Professor De Morgan. 
Dr. Lardaer. 

Dr. Lardaer. 















ENCYCLOPiE DIAS.— {Continued.) 


Prriiminary DiMonne, 1 rol. . 

W. Swainaon. 


Geolofy, 3 vob. . Profenor Phillips. 

97, HI. 

Botnny, 1 toI -Rev. J. S. Uenilow. 


G«ogTaplnr and ClaMificatioii of 
Animan, 1 vol. 

W. Swalnson. 


daadnipedi, 1 toI. 

W. Swainson. 


Binb, 3 vols 

W. Swainson. 


Animak ia Menageries, 1 vol. 

W. Swainson. 


Fisb, Amphibians, and Reptiles, 

3 vols 

W. Swainson. 

109, ll«w 

Insects, 1 vol 

W. Swainson. 


Shells, 1 vol. ... 

W. Swainson. 


Habits and Instincts of Animals, 

1 vol 

W. Swainson. 


Taxidenny, 1 vol. 

W. Swainson. 


ENCYCLOPEDIA BRITANNICA ; or, a Dictionary of Arts, Sciences, and 
Miscellaneous Literature. 7th edition, greatly improred, with the Supplement to 
the former editions incorporated. Illustrated by an entirely new set of engray- 
ings on steel. Edited by Professor Napier. 21 vols. 4to, 36«. each. Edin.p 1842 

Republished from the Encyclopedia Britannica. 

BREWSTER. (Sir D.) Treatise on Mag- 
netism. 8vo, fi». 

Treatise on the Microscope. 8vo, <l#. 

CLEGHORN, (J.) System of Agricnltare, 
with ISpiates. 4to. 95. 

CRAIGIE, (Dr.) Svstem of Anatomy, 
with 14 plates, 4to, ifta. 

CREUSE, (A. F. B.) TreaUse on Ship- 
Build ing, with numerous plates and wood- 
cots, 4to, 13f . 

DICK, (PRor.) Manual of Veterinary Sci- 
ence. 8vo, 3«. 

FLEMING. (pRor.) Tieatise on Mollus- 
cous Animak, iurludinc Shell Fish. 8vo, 6s. 

GALLOWAY, (T.) Treatise on Proba- 
bilitv. Hvo, 6«. 

GILLV. (W. S.) Valdenses, Valdo, and 
V^igilantius. 8vo, 2s. fid. 

GRAHAM. (G. F.) An Essay on the The- 
ory and Practice of Musical Composition, 
forming the article of * Musie,' with Ap- 
pendix and "Saicn. 4to, 0«. 

HANSARD, (T. C.) The Hbtory and Art 
of Printini^. Ck>pperplate Printing, and 
Typefonjjriing ; and on Lithographic Print- 
inir. bv U: Stokes. 8vo. 6*. 

HAYDON akb HAZLITT. PaintJag and 
the Fine Arts. 8vo. ds. 

HETHERINGTON'S History of Rome. 
8vo, ft». 

bv Nimrod ; being a Practical Treatise on 
Horsemanship and Huntiuj;. w^ith a Chap- 
ter on Hofse Dealing, embellished with 
woodcuts and engravings. 8vo, 6«. 

HOSKING. (W.) Sjrstem of Architecture, 
and Prindples of Building. 4to, I3#. 

IRVING. (D.) Lives of ScotUsh Writers. 
3 vob. 8vo. 13s. 

JAMESON, (PRor.) ElemenU of Miner- 
alogy. 8vo, <l#. 

LECOUNT, (Lr.) Treatise on Raflwaya. 9s. 

LESLIE, (Sir J.) Treatises on Various Sub- 
jects in Natural and Chemical Philosophy. 
8vo» 9#. 

MACKINTOSH, (Sir J.) Dimrtation on 
Ethical Philosophy, with an IntrodnotioB 
by Professor Whewell. 8vo. 9s. 

NEALL. (P.) The Fruit, Flower, and Kitch- 
en Gardisn. 8vo, fis. 

PHILLIPS, (Paor.) Treatise on Geology. 
8vo. 6s. 

POETR Y, and Modem Romanoe, by Geo. 
Moir, and on Rhetoric, by Professor Spald- 
ing. 8vo, 6s. 

ROGET. (Dr.) Two TreattMs on Physi- 
ology and Phrenology. 3 vols. 8vo, ISs. 

RUSSELL, (J. S.) Treatises on Steam and 
Steam Navigation, with numerous plates 
and woodcuts. 8vo, 9s. 

Treatise on the S*eam Engine, with n»- 

meroos plates and woodcnts. 8v«, 9s. 

SHOOTER'S Hand-Book. 8vo. 6«. 

TRAILL. (PRor.) Ontlhies of Medical 
Jnrupmdence. Ss. 

Treatise on Physical Oeogi^thy. Svo, 


TREDGOLD, (T.) Principle* of Carpentry, 
Joinery, and Masonry, with plates. 4to, m. 

WILSON, (J.) The Natural History of 
aoadruMds. with 147 Fignres. 4to, 19#. 

The Natural Hirtory of Fishes, with 130 

Figures. 4to, 9s. 

Treatise on Insects, with 540 Figures. 

4to, ISs. 

Treatise on Orntthol<^, with 135 Fig- 
ures. 4to. ISs. 

The Road and the Gun. being the Ar- 
ticles * Angling' and 'Shooting,' with 
lam Additions. The former by James 
Wilnon, the latter by the Author of " The 
Oakleigh Shooting 6xk." 8vo, I9s. 6d. 

ERSCH V. GRUBER. Allgemeine Encyclopsedie der Wiasenchaften n. Knnste. - vob, 
roy»I4U) I^0ipxif. 

THE PENNY CYCLOPJEDIA of the Society for the Diffi»on of Use- 
ful Knowled|;re. 29 vols, small folio, JCII. 5«. London, 1833-46 
The same botrad in 15 vols, cloth, jCIO. 10». 
The same boand in 15 vols, half Rossia, £IS. 







;, ) 

ENCYCLOPAEDIAS.— (Cow/iwt/crf.) 

Vols. I.-II, 8vo, each 5*. London, 1847- 

The National Oyclopvdia will conaist of Twelre Volumes, demy octavo, of more 
than Five Hondned Pages each, the whole quantity Mmewhat exoeedin|r what was 
propoMd in 1832 a» the limits of ' The Penny Cycwpsdia,* and at attill lower com- 
parative price. A Volume will be pnblitbecl every Four Months, strongly bound, 
for Five ShUlingv. The time occupied in the publication will be four yean. 

ENCYCLOPEDIA METROPOLITANA. 25 vols. 4to, and Index 
1 vol. 4to, plates^ £20. in cloth London, 1618-45 

MIXED SCIENCF^. 6 vols. 
INDEX. 1 vol. 

RYCYCLOPKDfK dei gens dn monde. Repertoire nnivmid des sciences, das lettrei et 
des arts, avec des notices snr les principales families hisioriqnes et i or les principanx per- 
sonnages, morto et vivanU, etc. 24 vols. 8vo, /.S40 Paris, 1845 

ENCYCLOPEDIE dn XIX* Sifeclc, Repertoire univerael des sciences, des 
lettres, et des arts, avec la biographie de tons les hommes c^ldbres. 26 vols. 
8vo,/.330 PariM. 

ENCYCLOPEDIE NOUVELLE on Dictionnaire philosophiqne, scien- 
tifiqae, litt^raire et indostriel, oifrant le tableau des connaissances hnroaines 
au XIX* Sidcle, sous la direction de MM. P. Leraux et Raynaud. 8 vols. 
4to,/130 Pam. 184-5 

ENCYCLOPEDIE METHODIQUE. Repertoire universe! de tout cc 
que I'esprit humain a recueilli de connaissances dans les temps anciens et 
modemes, divis6 par ordre de mati^res, par une soci^t^ de gens de lettres, 
et composd de 48 Dictionnaires formants 164 volumes et derai de texte 
in-4, accompagn^s de 51 parties renfermant ensemble 6439 planches. 
/1500 ParU. 

SAINT LAURENT. Dictionnaire ency eloped ique usuel, ou Resumd de 
tous les dictionnaires historiqnes, biographiques, g6ographiques, m3rtholo- 
giques, scientifiques, artistiques, technologiques, etc., presentant la defini- 
tion exact et precise de 40,000 mots. 8vo,/.25. . . . Paris, 


CRESY, (E.) An Encyclopaedia of Civil Engineering, Ilislorical, Theo- 
retical, and Practic-al. Illustrated by many Hundred Engravings on 
Wood, explanatory of the Principles, Machinery, and Cdtetructions which 
come under the Direction of the Civil Engineer. In 1 large vol. 8vo, 
73«. 6d London, 1847 

BURR, (G. D.) Instructions in Practical Surveying, Topographical Plan 
Drawing, and Sketching Ground without Instruments. Plate and cats. 
8vo London, 1847 

HEBERT, (Luke.) The Engineer's and Mechanic's £!ncyclopedia, com- 
prehending Practical Illustrations of the Machinery and Processes em- 
ployed in every description of Manufacture of the British Empire, with 
2000 Engravings. 2 vols. 8vo, 36«. .... Londofi. 

THE ENGINEER and Contractor's Pocket Book for the Yeare 1847 and 
1848, re-modelled and improved on Templeton's Engineer's Pocket Book ; 
comprising besides the Calendar and Memoranda for the Two Years, re- 
quisite Tables of Tides, &c. l2mo, 6«. 6d. London, 1847 

BREE, (S. C.) A Glossary of Civil Engineering ; a clear and practical 
Explanation of the Terms used in this Science, with references to ntmne- 
rous works now in progress or lately completed, and many illustrative 
wood engravings. 8vo, 18« ' London, 1840 




ENGINEERING, (fee— (Con/mwcJ.) 

WHEWELL, (W.) The Mechanics of Engineering, for use in Univerei- 
ties and Colleges of Engineers. 8vo, 9^. . . . London, 1841 

WILLIAMS, (B.) Practical Geodosy, Chain Surveying, &c. 2d edn., 

6vo, 12«. 6J. . . * London, 1846 

BRUFF. (P.) A TrMtise on En|rineering; Fieldwork. compriaiog the Practice of Sorvcj- 
ing. Levelling, &c. 8vo, platet, I3» London, J843 

MOSELY, (H.) The Mechanical Prindplet of Engineering and Architecture. Hvo, 24«. 

I^ndon, 1(^2 

CASTLE, (H. J.) Engineering : Field Notes on Parish and Railway Barvevine and Le- 
velling, with Plans and Sections (being a Sequel to his Elementary T<>zt-l3ook) ; with 
Practusal Formnlie for the Caloalation of Earth Work, the Theory and Practice of ron- 
ning ont Cnrres and putting down Side Stakes, &c., and a Traverse Table, t^vo, Via. M. 

Ijondon, 1845 

SIMMS, (F. W.) A Treatise on the Principles and Practice of Levelling : showing its ap- 
plication to purposes of Civil Engineering, particularly in the Construction of Roads ; 
with Mr. Telford's Rules for the tame. '2d ed., 8vo, pp. 122, plates, cuts, 5jr. lAtnd., 1843 

BOURNS, (C.) Principles and Practice of Engineering, and other Surveying ; with an 
Appendix. 3d ed.,8vo, 5 plates, 15« ' /.oiu/im, 1846 

MILLINGTON. (J.) Elements of Civil Engineering ; being an attempt to conM>lidate the 
Principles of the various Operations of the Civil Engineer into one point of view. 8vo, 
9 plates, 31« Pkila., 1843 

SIMMS, (F. W.) Public Works of Great Britain ; consisting of Railways, Rails. Cliairs, 
Blocks, Cuttings, Embankments, Tunnels. Oblique Arches, Viaducts. Bridges, Stations, 
Locomotive Engines, &c. ; Cast-iron Bridges. Iron and Gas Works, Canals, Jjock-gates, 
Centering. Masonrv and Brickwork for Canal Tunnels ; Canal Boats ; the London and 
Liverpool Docks, ^lans and Dimensions. Dock-gates, Walls, Quavs, and their Masonry ; 
Moonng-chains. Plan of the Harbour and Port of London, and other important engineer- 
ing works, with descriptions and specifications : the whole rendered of the utmost utility 
to the Civil Engineer and to the Student, and as exampleii to the Foreign Engineer. Im- 
perial folio, with 153 plates, £A. As JLondon, 183B 

W. Strickland, C.E., E. II. Gill, C.E., andH. R. Campbell, C.E. 8vo. plates, imp. 
folio, jC2. 6« Jjondon, 1841 

TRAXS ACTIO JfS of the Institution of Civil Engineen. Vob. I.-III. 4to, plates. 


WEALES duarteriy Papers on Engineering. 4to, plates. Vols. I.-V. (continued). 
X5. 11^. 6<i. I^ondon, V^y-A& 

PJIPERS on Subjects connected with the Duties of the Corps of Royal Engineers. Vols. 
1-8, 4to. plates, Xll. ft* Lond4m. 

AUBUISSON DES VOISINS, (J. F. d'.) Traitd d'hydrauliqne, k I'asage des ing^nieurs. 
2nded.,8vo,/.9 Pan'«, 1810 

et SAINT GUILHEM. Tables k Tusage des ing^nieurs et des physiciens, etc. 18mo, 

/.4. . • Par/*, 1842 

FROME, ^CaptJ Outline of the Method of Conducting a Trigonometrical Survey for the 
Formation of Topographical Plans, etc. 8vo, plates, &c., 12*. . London. 

DELAISTRE, (J. R.) La Science de Ting^nieur, divisi^een trois parties, ou Ton traite 
des chemins, des pouts, des canaux et des aqu^duc* ; revue et ang. par M. Laquerenne. 
SSe. edn. 2 vols. 4to, et Atlas, de 57 pI.,/.40 Part>, 1832 

MjIXVEL de ring^nieur civil, ou Traitd sur Tapplication directe des sciences aux arts et 
manufactures, par MM. Schmitz, JuIKen et Lorentz. 2 vols. ISmo, et Atlas, de 28 plan- 
ches./. 10 50 Paris, \^A5 

GENIEYS ET COUSINERY. Recueil de tables k I'usage des ing^nienn, pour faciliteret 
abrdger les divers calcnls relati& aux differents genres de oonstractions civiles, hydrauli- 
ques et indnstriellea. 2 vols. 8vo,/.24 Paris. 

CLAUDEL. Formules tables et reseignements pratiques : aide-memoir des ingdnienrs. des 

architectes, etc. 8vo,/.12 Pari*, 1845 

MAHAN, (D. H.) Elementary Course of Civil Engineering. 8vo. . JVWo-IVr*, 1839 

8GANZIN. Programme, ou r^sum^ des le^ns d'un cours de construction, avecdes appli- 
cations tiroes sp^cialement de Tart de Tingdnieur des ponu et chauss^es. 4eddn.. refondu 

par M. Reibell. 3 vols. 4to, avec un atlas de 180 pi Paris, 1839-41 

MINARD, (M.) Cours de construction des ouvrages oui dtablissement la navigation des 
rivieres et des cananx, professd k TEcole des ponts et cnanss^es. 4to, et Atlas de 30 pi. 

Paris, 1831 
CIVIL EiraiSrEER and Architect^ Journal. 4to, vols. I,-IX. . London, 1837H6 

(Published monthly at 20*. per annum.) 
Bee Bridoks, FoRTincATioKB, IlYDRACLicf, Htdroorapht, Mill-Work, 
Railways, Stkam Enoins, Roads, etc. 


Ci I 

k{ -. 


jV ;• 



(X i 





11. HISTORY. — III. 









NICHOLS. .J. BihJMiibKa :c».-«f7a'iliNa Brtfaaam; villi C^MrtJaarm. It rth. Mm. 

M'Cl'LLOCH. J. K: a EVfrhptive and Sati^tinl Account of the Britofa 
Empire- ; exhibiting :i9 Extcn:. Phrmral Capacitk*, Population. Inditfcry, 
and Civil and Relieioos InMitntioitf. 3d edit., oorrected, enlarged, and 
improved. 2 vols, ^o, 4*2* Lswdon, 1847 

R. Poner. Nos. 1-14. 5jr. Limdmn, 1835 

PORTER. (G. R.^ The Progrrfli of the Nation, in its Tarioai Social and 
Economical Relationa, from the beginning of the Nineteenth C«nmry. 
New edii., Svo. ^U LamJmm, 1846 

SPACKMAXN, ;W. F.^ Stat:«ical Tab!.* of the Agriculniw. Shipping. 
Colonies. Mannfactures, Commerce, and Popalation of the United Kiiiffdom 
of Great Britain and iXA Dependencies, brou^rht down to the Present Time. 
Compiled from Official Returns. l'2mo,5a. Lmidoa. 1842 

DOrRLED.VY. (T.> A FinmBdal MonWanr. mJ 9iaiuiind Hbtorr of EbcIiimI. fiwa 

tbr RevolaticB of M^t* lo ihr Pmcnt Ttnur : «kn«-<>d pnacipaUy from OAcial DomniMit* ; 

in SevrBteeB Lrtt«» to the Yoanj; MeB of ItirBl BiitaiB. 8«o, li*. Jjtmdmm^ ItH? 

ECX.M.C!*TON. i'J.^ Intro.! action lo Cnpli»h ABt^niiMw. Hto. «U. F^uJcm. liM? 

1. PoliticBl lB*litatioB«. II. R«li|hoB. III. LrBniiBf Bnil Ails. IV. NbvbI aad Mil- 

itBTT AflBin. V. Coronae rre BnJ Afnoahnrp. VI. MBnnen Bad Cnfloan. 

LYs^ON. (D. & 9.^ Ma«na BritanBia: X^nrtji b concise Topafiapliioid .\ccoiiBt of the 

Mvpral Countin of nrvai Britain. C vob. 4io i^mdtm, lt^M~iii 

CAMDEN. (W.) Rntannia. or a Ooro*raphiral I>Mrrip(ioa of (^rrat Britain and Iirfand ; 
togrMher with Adjacent Idaad*. Tran»lal«.l. aad «BlBi]:«d by the LatMt DiMOvvnra, br 

RKfa'd GoBi-h. 3 vob. folio /^adM. J7**J 

SMITH. (C J.) liwtohoal and Litcrarj Cnrio^itm ; roB«i«tiBf of FBo-<inula« of tatrnKt- 
inj( Antofrranh*. ^n^iie* of Rrmarkahk' llutonral K\<«t« and latevMtiBf Loralitim. Ea- 
pavinctof OM Iloaw*. lUnnunatetl aad Mi«»al ItraamraU. Aatii)iMa, fcc. Jsc, CootBia- 
ui£ 100 |ilatc». Mine illominated ; with oct*aMOBal lrtier-pir», ia ooe Tolaaie 4to. £X 

L»md»n, ISM 
BRAND, (J.) ObtenratioBt on Popniar Antiqnitirt, with Additiom by 9n H?. FJIb. 3 

vob. 4to i^'adM, It>13 

The Mine. 3 vol*, tqr. ]*2nio •* lHSl-43 

BTRt'TT, (J.) SporUBadPartinMof tberMpleof Eaflaad.BdilBdbyW. Hoa«. 8ro. 

Z^Mrfm, IK34 
Bee Companion! to Briiith Almanac. PnblicBtJoat of iW AntiqiiBrict*, CaoDMleB. 
IVrvT. and Sarteet 8orietiet. Archvokwioal JooniBl. Ard w NtloricBl Albaoi. 
Hoxt'B Every Day Book. Table Book, &c. 

n. fflSTORY. 

1. General Histories, Biographical Collectionsi, &c. 


MACRAY, (\V. D.) A Mannal of Britkh IltntoriaM ; ronnnriait aa Ac«out of tlw 
Monkith Writen. Early Chioniclen, and Colk<iioiu in which they bi« printed, widi lb* 


Period of each llittory. and when the Writer fk>nrt«hed. Hyo, 9*. /.,— dwi, ]8I5 

THOMSON, (R. D.) lUnftratioat of the libtofr of GrMt BritBhi : aa Hktoiieal View of 
the Manners and CiutomB. Dmaes, Literatuiv, Arts, Commerre, BadGovemaeatof GiboI 
Britain ; from the Time of the Saxons, down to the Ei|cht«rath Ceatnry. 9 vok. Ifaao. 

Aba*.. IMB 
The Introdoction conditt of 113 patS^i dcKripCivo of tho SoareM aad Matariab of Brii- 
ith History. 

KEIQHTLEY, (T.) An Elementary History of England. 12mo, 5a. 

London, 1841 
A History of England. S vols. iSmo, 14«. " 1839-41 




II. mSTORY. ^(^Coniinued,) 

CRAIK, (G. L.), AND MACFARLANE, (C.) The Pictorial Hiatory of 
Ekigland : being a History of the People » as well as a History of the King- 
dom, to the Death of George the Second. Illustrated with many hundred 
Woodcuts of Monumental Records ; Coins, Civil and Military Costume ; 
Domestic Buildings, Furniture, and Ornaments ; Cathedrals 'and other 
Great Works of Architecture ; Sports and other Illustrations of Manners ; 
Mechanical Inventions ; Portraits of the Kings and Queens ; their Signa- 
tures and Great Seals; and Remarkable Historical Scenes. 4 vols, super- 
royal 8vo, £4. 16« London, 1840-41 

Pictorial History of the Reign of George UI. 4 vols. roy. Bvo, £4. 

London, 1841^14 

Cabinet History of England. 26 vols, in 13. l8mo, 40«. " 1844-47 

HALLAM, (H ) Constitutional History of England, from Henry VIII. to 
George II. 2 vols. Bvo, 24«. .... London, 1843 

HUME AND SMOLLETTS History of England. The History of England 
from the Invasion of Julius Cesar to the Revolution in 1688. By David 
Hume. A new edition, with the Author's last corrections and improve- 
ments ; to which is prefixed a short Account of bis Life, written by him- 
self. 6 vols. 8vo. — The History of England, from the Revolution to the 
Death of George the Second. Designed as a Continuation of Hume. By 
T. Smollett. A new edition, with the Author's last Corrections. 4 vols. 
8vo. Together, 10 vols. 8vo, £4 London, 1841 

THE HISTORY OF ENGLAND. By Sir James Mackintosh ; W. 
Wallace, Esq. ; and Robert BcU, E^. 10 vols. fcp. 8vo, £3. 

London, 1830-1840 

LINGARD, (J.) A History of England, from the Invasion by the Romans 
to the Accession of William and Mary. By John Lingard, D. D. 4th 
edition, with great additions throughout. 13 vols. fcp. Bvo, 65«. 

London, 1837-38 

TURNER, (S.) The History of England, from the Earliest Period to the 
Death of Elizabeth. 12 vols. 8vo, £S. 3s. London, 1836-38 

WADE, (J.) British History Chronologically Arranged ; comprehending 
a CUssified Analysis of Events and Occurrences in the Church and State ; 
and of the Constitutional, Political, Commercial, Intellectual, and Social 
Progress of the United Kingdom, from the First Invasion by the Romans 
to the Accession of Queen Victoria. Bvo, 30a. London, 1841 

ELLI8. (Sir H.) Ori^nml Letters illaatratiiif British History ; including nnmerona Lrtten 
from AutograptM in the British Mnaenm, the State Paper Office, &c : with Notes and 
lUostiations by Sir Henry Ellis. 3d Series, S vols. 8vo, two portraits, 21s. LomUm^ 1846 

HALLIWELL, f J. O.) Letters of the Kings of England, now first collected from tbo 
Originals in the Royal Archives, and from other aathentic sources, private as vrell as pab- 
lic With an Historical Introduction and Notes. 3 vols. 8vo, V portraits, 2J«. 

Atmieii, 1846 

THE PJtRI.MMKJYTS and Councils of England, Chronologically arranged, from the 
Reign of William I. to the Revolution in 1HH8. 6vu, 3U«. London, 1830 

SMITH. (H. 8.) The Parliaments of England, from the 1st Geone I. to the Prment Txvqfi. 
Vol. 1, Bedfordshire to Nottinghamshire incliuive. 12mo. I0«. od. London^ 1844 

TOWNSEND, (W. C.) Memoirs of the House of Commons, from the Convention Parlia- 
■eot of 1688-0, to the passing of the Reform Bill in 1832. 2 vols. 8vo, portrait, 14«. 

/eniwi, 1843-1 

PJIRLIJIMKJfTAR Y History of England, from the Earliest Period, 1073, to 1803. Bv 
Oobbott, Wright, and others. 36 vols. roy. 8vo London, 1806-30 

Debates, (Hansard's,) from Nov. 1803 to the end of the Reign of George III., (IBID). 

41 vols. roy. 8vo. Londam, WSirVi 

Ilebatet, ( " ) new series, from the Accemion of George lY., 1890, to Jwm 

1880. SO vob. roy. 8vo Landati, 18EM>-80 

Debates, from 1830 to 1837, (Reign of William IV.). 38 vob. roy. 8vo. *• 1836-37 

Debataa fron 1838 to 1845. 43 vok roy. 8vo " 183»-I5 




,'. ^'' 

r. ' 

/ I 

\ , 






Imlri \o ditto. fiiMn I73H-1MI9. 

II. HISTORY.— (fV;n/inii«/.) 

MIRHOH of Pmilwnc-iit. PVBL IC.1 TIOJ^ vX Um RmmwI O 

RV.MER. (T.) Firdcr». «(e. 3 volt, m A. folio. .... /.m^m. IHl^OO 

Ol.ti y.Xai.,^Jfl), a Pirtoriml Compoaioo aad Kojr to erory Hiitory of Bajflawl. % «oh. 
folio. 3IMJU woodcoU and 21 coloumi filatoi, Ait i^md»m, 1<<IM» 

jff.V.VC.i/. RKOISTKR, (Doddajr't). fiwa I7SK-17D0. 39 vol*. Hto. 

" ITVI-IHID. Mvob. Hvo. 
SS vok. Hto. 

\V(K»|). (Mtiis.) I/Him of Rojral aad lUtHtrioM Ladiaa of Otoat BfiUiB, fiWN Ihm com 
■irncf^Drot ut' tlw TwrtAh CVatury to tbr clow of tlw Rfl4f« of Umm Mary. ilturtralMl 
t»ith Fac-Minilc Aatofrm|th«. 3 volt. Hvo, 31 «. W. l^mmd^n. \'\f* 

nrRKR. (Vtrrptpoadrncp of thr Rifht Hon. Edmaad Barfc^ ; Wtwwa \Ym j9%t 1744 aod 
lh» iirriod of hi» rin^raoe id I7V7. l-^diird by Charin William, Eaxl Kitiwilliam. a»<l 
aad l^ai. G«BMal t*ir R. Boorke. 4 voli. Hvo. 4H« Ijtmdmm. |H44 

I<(I1M;R H Portraits aad MMooinof th« Moit Ilhi«trioat Pmooafp* ia RritHh flMorr. N*w 
rditKm. imperial Hvo. 10 vob. coaiaimai; *J40 FmtmiU, £ll. ; ditto, ladm pKoof«.'£l7. 

i4mmd0m, t. d. 
BTRK'KLAM), (Minn.) I^vm of th«> UaevBa of EutlaMl. from tho Nonnaa CowioMt ; 
with AiHTdotM of thi^r (Vvort*. aow fint pnUtalMd fnm CMKeial R#oonh a»d oUvr Aa 
thaatic DucanwaU, pnva&p ai wril as pabhe. Voh. I.-X.. Hvo, oacli lUto . ti. 

(Rfltriatnl. Philadplphia.) /^ra^M. lK4i-47 

GRANCSER. (J.) A Biofraphical llMory of Raglaad from Efbart the Girat to Ift^. 
4 vok. "\o. y^MtdM. i^m 

tun'TIIEV. (R.) U\f>t of the Britith Admirah : wHb aa latradadory Ww of tlw Na- 
tal lluiory of Gn«t Bntaia. 5 voh. sm. Hvo, TOm. /.mUm, Irt33-I0 

(I^rdarr't C)clop«rdja.) 

JAMEH. ( \V« ) Natal lit tor r of Girat Rritaia ; willi a eoatiaaalmi loUwonvrat Uim. 
by (*a|it Chaiiurr. 5 vol*, ^»o. S4« f^immdmu, I*OC 

NiCOLAH. rHim N. II.) A liniory of the Royal Navr. from ilw EarliMi Timr* to 
the Wan of tlip Frroch RrtolutioB. Vol. 1. 8vo. pp. 494. 14«. i^^mdrnt. 1>«47- 

f'AMPBEl.I.. (Lnapj The I.ivch of the I^ord (.'haoorUon aad Kwnm of the Gf*«l Krai 
of Kariaml. from thi> l-Urlip«t Tiirm till tlM Rciga of Goof f i IV. Fml 8«nn. la 3 
\ok.. to Xhf RrtoluiMB of Wt^. H\o. 42« AMHin. l-*4ff 

tVcoad Hrnp«, vob. 4-5. ^vo. 3nj |K4« 

(Rc^Btfd. Pbdaddphia,) 

2. HisTtniY OF Partki'lar Periods. 

1. ROMAN PKRIdD: B. (*. U. to A. D. 44!). 

HKRBKRT, (Ho.*r. Ai/i.) BritAnnUt aftrr thr Romarvi; being tn ttt«>fii|yt 
to illiiMrntf the RrliKiom and Political Revolutions of that Province in ihr 
Kifib and SQccefding Centnhea. i2 vol*. 4to,30«. London, ltf36-lpvtl 

Til Af 'KKRY. (F.) R««rarrhm into th« EcclniMtical aad Pohiical thai* of AbcWdi BiM- 
aia HDilpr th«- Roman Km(H*ron. etr. 'i tolt. Hto /,«Wa«. I*«i3 

IIORHLKY. 'J.; Briiaaaia Roman a ; or, lh» Ronaa Aatjqqitin of Gf««i Bnraio 
Folio /^MdM. VTJt 

rVe Rrrt.Brroji'i iBtrodoctioB to Eogbiii Aatiqwiici, aad ilw ABttenbn Ihaio i»- 


POLVDORt: VERC;iI/S F>icliiih HiAory. tramlatni. Vol I. (the period 
prior to \\\r Con<|urfii). rditrd by KIIih 4u>, 6«. 6</. London, 1^44 

/Camdfn f^oi-irty.) 

(jILDA.^* Kpi^tlt' Conr'-mini: Britain, and Neh.'vivs' lliftory of die Bhiona, 
tran>la:H by thr Rrv. J A Cilt^ Hvo, »«. Londom, \M\ 

/.Monkiih llNtonaat.; 

c;f:<)FFl{KV OF MONM(M'TII'S Britiah HiiKory. tnnalated by A 
Tb'»:iu»>n. and rcvi^'d by R«-v J A. (iiUm. Hvo, IU«. Lomdom, Id^ 

(Monki«fi lliftonaa*. ) 

WILLIAM <>F MALVIFJ«nrRV'M Aru and I>t«d» of the Kiafi of EaslaW. 
mom of ll» 0«n Timr. trmnalairti hy ih* Rev J Pha/po 4ta. /•< 

RI TrMiN. ^Jii».) Tlw Lif* of Kinj; Anhar. Trow .Aarwot litttoiiaBt aad aa^ 
m»att Hvn. /^ 

TMF. t HRnyiCLK of ihr Kias* of Bntaia. tran^latMl from tha Waldi tmff 
to Tynlw. wrth Noln aad Dimrtlationt hy Rev. pHrr Robptta. 4ia. ijm 

Baa Lot of AaiJwntjM la EcTLBarov't IntrodBctioa to Eaflab Aaliqi 






n. HISTORY.— (Crm/tmKrf.) 

X AJrOLO-flAXON PERIOD : A. D. 4U, to A.D. 1006. 

PALGRAVE, (Sn F.) Hifttory of the Anglo-Saxooi. 1 toI. 12mo, 5«. 

London, 1837 
— — Rise and ProgreM of the English Commonwealth, daring the A. S. 

Period. dTol8 4to London, \S32 

TURNER. (S.) The History of the Anglo-Saxons ; comprising the His- 
tory of Eingland from the Earliest Period to the Norman Conquest. 5th 
ed. 3 Tols. 8vo, £2. 6« London, 1836 

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Hambwrgh, 1834 

The tame, translated by Bonj. Thorpe. 3 yols. Sto. London, 1845 

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with Noticw of Um 8axo« Period. 4to JJond0n,l&^ 

BNGLI8H, (U. 8.) Aucieat History, English and Fiench, exempliflcd ia a DiMection of 

fkm Aaflo-Saxon Chionido. 8vo London, ]830 

THE SAXay CHROXICLK, with an English Trandation and Notn. Critical and Ez- 
plaaatorr. To which ara added Chronological. Topographical, and Glo«ariaI Indexei : 
a thofft Cranraiar of the Anglo-Saxon Language, &c., hy the Rev. J. Ingram. 4to. 

Ij0nd$n, 1683 
CODEX DIPLOMATICUS Msi Saxonici. opera Johannis M. Kemble. 8vo. vol. I, 

(LoMlon), 183B. Vol.3 Lomdon,\%¥i 

(The Anglo-Sazon Charten.) 

JtKClEJfT fJI WS and Institotes of England ; compriiini Laws enacted nnder the 
AiHrfoHBaxoa King*, fiom Athoibert to Canotp. with an Engluh tranalation of the Saxon : 
theLawt called Edward the Confewor** : tlie Laws of WilRam the Conqneror, and thoM 
■Kribed to Edward the Pint : ako Moouroenta Eccleciaitica Anglicana, from the Seventh 
to the Teath Century ; and the Ancient Latin Version of the Anglo-Saxon Laws. With 
a Coopeadiotts GloMary. &c. folio. . . . * . Jjomdon, 1840 

Edited by Benjamin Thor)ie. and published by the Record Commiarioo. An Edition 
was poblished at the same time in 3 vols, 8vo. 

MACKENZIE, (Rsv. H.) An IfUsay on the Ufe and lasfitations of OfTa, King of 
Menia. A. D. 7S&-7d4. 8vo Aeaien, 1840 

PHILLIPS, (6.) Vennoh eiaer Darstellnng d. GcKbicbte de Angle-MchsiKhen RechU. 
8v«. Oott., 1835 

SCHMIDT. (R.) Die Oesetze der Angelsachsen bis der Ursprang, mit der Uebersetznng. 
royal 8vo JMpzig, 1832 

See PoUicationf of the ifilfric Society. Archvologia. Arch»ologicaJ Journal. 


RnoNs or William I., II. Hknry I. STBraiif. Hknry II. Richard I. Johiv. 

HsNRY III. Edward I. 

THIERRY, (Aug.) History of the Conquest of England by the Normans. 
Translated by W. Hazlitt. With a Memoir, Portrait.' 2 vols. sm. 8vo, 7». 

London, 1847 
To this EMition is added for the first time, the important Appendix of 
Historical Docmnents, Portrait, and Memoir of the Author, &c. 

(Bogne's European Library.) 

WAGE, (RoBT.) Master Wace, his Chronicle of the Norman Conquest, 
from the RoMAif de Rou. Translated with Notes, &c.,by Edgar Taylor. 
8yo London, 1837 

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History of the Kings of England, of WiUiam of Malmeobury. Trans- 
lated from the Latin. 4to London, 1615 

FANTOSME, (J.) A Chronicle of the Wars between the English and 
the Scots in 1173-74. Translated, with Notes, &c., by F. Michel. 8vo. 

(Snrtees Society.) Pari*, 1840 

MATTHEW DE PARIS. Grande chroniqne de, traduite en fian^ais par A. 

HoiUard-BrehoUes, accompagnde de notes, et pr^c^dde d'une introduction 

par M. le due de Lynes. 9 vols. 8to Pario, 1840-41 

LAKGTOFT, (Prrsa.) Chronicle. Edited by Thomas Heame. 3 vols. 8vo. 

London, 1810 


■ t 

'•, / 





'^' ■■'■ 

n. HISTORY.— (Con/i7iM«rf.) 

RICHARD OP DEVIZES' Chronicle. 8vo. 8* LMim, 1844 

(Monkuh HktofiaM.) 

RISHANGER. (Wm. dk.) The Chronicle of, of the BaronU Wan. A. D. 1963-fiS. 

Editedby J. O.UaUiwcU. 4to /.mmIm, 1840 

(Camden Society.) 

JAMES, (G. P. R.) History of Richard Ctear dc Lion. S Tob. 8ro. '* 184S 

(Reprinted, Philad., C. k, H.) 

jS FRRXCH Chronicle of London, from the 44th of Henry IIL to the 7th of Edwaid ni., 
with copious English Notes, by J. 6. Aanffier. sm. 4to, m. Jjntdvn^ 1844 

(Camden Society's Pnblications.) 

PHILLIPS, (G.) Englische Reichs- nad RechtsgfMihicbte, seit der Anknnft der Noraaa- 
nen 1066-llHO. 2 vols. 8vo Brrtin^ 1837-98 

THOMSON, (R.) An historical Eway on the Mafna Charta of Kin^ John ; to ivhieh aro 
added the great Charter in Latin and English ; the Charters of liberties and coafirmatiDoa 
granted by Henry III. and Edward I., etc., explanatory notes on their seTetal privilqgm, a 
descrifitive account of the princi|»al originals and editions extant, both in print and maan- 
scripU, etc. 8vo Ijamdtm^ 1899 

See aUo Ellir'm Introd. to Domesdaw Biiok. NicoLat'e Teetameata Vataata. 8 
vob. 8vo. 1825. 



If ! 

u (■ 

[y '- 

Rbioks op Edward II. 

III. Richard II. Henry IV., V., VI. Eowar» IV. 
RicDARD III. Henry VII. 

FROISSARTS Chronicles of England, France and Spain, Slc., new edi- 
tion, with 130 woodcata, illustrative of Manners, Costume, dtc. 3 toIs. 
roy. 8vo, 36« LnuUm, 1845 

Illuminations to proissart*s Chronicles, fac^i^imiles from M9S. in the Britbh Mnsenm 

and Biblioiheque Royale. 2 vols. imp. Hvo, each 45^. Lt/mdgm. 1844-45 

RASTELL. (J.) The Postyme of tU People. The Chronycle of Diven Realmys, and 
mosst e!*i)ecyally of tlie Realm of England. Edited by the Rev. T. F. Dibdin. 4to. 

/.entfen, 1811 

HALLE. (Edwd.) Chronicle ; containing the History of England dnring the Reign of 

Henry IV. and the Succeeding Monarchs to the End of the Reign of Heary VIII. 4to 

Jjntdtm, IHUO 

HARDY NGE. (J.xo.) The Clironicle of Jhon Hardyn<m in Metre, fro the firat Bc^yn- 

nvng of Englande. unto ye Rfi^ne of Edward yc fourth, where he made aa End ot his 

dironicie. etc. Edited by Sir H. EIIu. 4to /.eiutoii, 181S 

FAB VAN, (Robt.) The New Chronicles of England and Fraace, in % Parts, with a Bio- 
graphical and Literary Preface and Index, by Sir Hy. Ellis. 4to. Jjamdtm^ 1811 

CHROjVKLR of the First Thirteen Years of the Reign of Edward IV., by Joha Waric- 
worth. now first printed, and miited by Halhwell. sm. 4to. . . . Lwrndm^ 1839 

(Camden Society.) 

temiM>:ary records of the eventful rei^n of King Edward IV. 8vo, IS*. . /.MMfea, 1843 

(.Monki^ Historians.) 

HJSTORIE OF THE ^RRir^lL of Edward IV. in Engiaad, and the finaU raoorwya 
of hiti Kingdoms from Henry VI., 1471. sm. 4to. .... i>iufeii, 1^8 

(Camden Society.) 

JAMES. (G. P. R.) A History of the Life of Edward the Black Prince, aad of Variow 
Events connected therewith, which oocnrred during the Reign of Edward III. Kiaf of 
England. 3d ed., 2 vols. fcp. 8vo, map I5a. AMuieaTltOB 

WALPOLE, (H.) Historic Doubts on the Ufe and Reign of King Riebanl the Thiid. 
4to LandvH, 1708 

TYLER, (Rev. J. E.) Henry of Monmouth, or Memoirs and Chuaiaotar of Hrary V. aa 
Prince of VV^ales and King of England. 2 vols. Hvo. JLemfea, 1838 

NICOLAS, (Sir N. H.) A Hittory of the Battle of Aginconrt, and of tlw Expedilioa 
of Henry V. into France in 1415. 2d edition. . . Lrnnd,, 18S 

POLYDORE VERGIL'S HUtory of the Reigns of Henrr VL. F^lward IV.. and Rirliaid 
III., now finit printed in English from a MS. in the British Moienm, by Sir H. Ellis, 
4(o. f jr. ((Jamden Society.) I.tmdn, 1844 

HALSTED, (C. A.) Tlie Life of Margaret Beanfort, Mothw of King Henry Vlllh. 8«o. 

Life and Times of Richard the Third, as Duke of Gloucester and King of EnijHaad : 

in which all the Charges against him are carefully invntinted aad compared with tha 
Sutements of the Colemporary Anthorities. 2 vols. 8vo, Poitrait and othor lOnstratioaa, 
XI. 10« I.Midea. 1844 

BACON, (Lord.) History of the Reigai of Henry VIL, Henry VIIl., aad Oaemi Mi 
8vo Lmdtm^Vi 


■ — 

n. msrrORY.—CConiinued,) 

RVTUtlfD PJ9PERS. Doonmentv lelAtiiiy to the GoreMtkm of Henry VII., the 
Fkid oi the Cloth of Gold, aikd the Inteniew* of Henry VIH. with the Emperor, from 
theOnkeofRotluid'«M8.Ck>llectiom. Edited by W. Jerdan. 4to,4«.W. Landau, 19^ 

(Camden Society.) 

PASTOJf LETTERS. Oij^iDel Letter* written dnrinf the Reigns of Heniy VL, Ed- 
wmid IV., and Richard 111., by various perMBs of rank or oonseqaenoe ; with Notes 
Historical and Explanatory, edited by John Fenn, new edition by A. Ramsay, sq. 8yo. 

London, 1841 


RsioHf or IlKHKr VIII. Eowarb VI. Majit. Euxabbth. 
GRAFTON, (Ro.) A Chronicle at large, and Meere History of the Af- 
fiiyres of Englande, and Kinges of the tame, etc. 3 vols. 4to. 

London, 1809 
TYTLER, (P. F.) Life of King Henry the Eighth, founded on authentic 
and original Documents, some of them not before published ; including an 
Histori^ View of His Reign ; with Biographical Sketches of Wolsey> 
More, Erasmus, Cromwell, Cranmer, and other eminent contemporaries. 
3d ed. fcp. 8vo, 5« Edinburgh, 1838 

THOMSON, (Mrs. A. T.) Memoir* of the Conrt of Henry VIII. 3 vols, flvo, 96». 

Jjondan, 1888 
BENGER, (Miss.) Alemoin of Anne Boleyn, doeen of Henry VIII. S toIs. 8to. 

Jjondon, 1881 

RUSSELL, (Lord John.) Enay on theEnglish Government and Constitation from Hennr 

VIII. lo the Pment Tiine. 2d ed. Bvo. iMmdon, 19S3 

KEMPE. (A. J.) LoMly MSS. and other Docnmenti, illnstratii'e of English Uistory from 
Hen-y VIIL to James L 8vo /.en^Mi, 1835 

LODGE, (£.) Illiutrations of British History, Bio;(raphy, and Manners, Aoro Henry VIII. 
to James I. 2d ed. 3 vok. 8vo J^endon^ 1E98 

CHROXICLE of Calais hi the Reijnis of Henry VII. and Henry VHl. to the year 1540, 
by Richard Turpyn, now first printed, and edited by Nichols, enrioos pUtes. o#. Gd. 

(Camden Society ) lAmdon, 1844 

ANNALS of the first four years of the Reign of Queen Elizabeth, by Sir John 
Hajrwood, now first printed, and edited by Bruce, sm. 4to. London, 1840 

(Cbmden Society.) 

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seum and State Paper Office. Queen Elizabeth and Mary Queen of 
Scots. 8vo London, 1836 

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Elizabetli, etc. 3 vols 4 to London, 1823 

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traita, jCI. 5« i^ondon, 1826 

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Favourites. New ed. with notes, &c. 8vo lAmdon^ 1824 

TYTLER, (P. F.) Life of Sir Walter Raleigh ; founded on authentic and original Docu- 
ments, some of them never before publisl^ ; including a View of the most important 
Trantactions in the Reigns of Elisabeth and Jamei I. ; Sketches of Burleizh, Essex, 
Secietanr Cecil, Sidney, Spenoer. and other eminent contemporaries : with a AHndication 
of hii Character from the attacks of Hume and other writer*. 3d ed. 1 vol. fop. 8vo. 5t. 

Edinhirfrh, 1840 

THOMSON, (Mrs. A. T.) Life of Sir Walter Raleigh. 8vo. . i^mieit, IKM) 

BURGON, (J. W.) The Life and Times of Sir Thos. Giesham : including Notices of 
many of his contemporaries : with illustrations. S vols. 8vo. London, 18S9 

NICOLAS, (Sir H.) Memoirs of the Life and Times of Sir Christopher Hatton, K. G. 
Vioe-Chamberiain and Lord Chancellor to Queen Elizabeth ; including his Correspond- 
ence with the Queen and other dbtlngnished PerMns. 8vo^ ISs. Lcndnn, 1M6 

EOER TOM' PAPERS. A Collection of Public and Private DocumenU. chiefly illustrative 
of the Timesof Elizabeth and James I., from the original MSS., the property of Lord 

Francis Egerton. Edited by J. P. Collier. sra.4to JLeiufam, 1840 

(Camden Society.) 

BENGER, (Mtas.) Memoirs of the Life of Mary Queen of Soots, with Anecdotes of the 
Court of Henry II. during her Residence in France. 9d ed. 3 vols, post 8vo. 34e. 

Jjomdem, 1833 

STRICKLAND, (Miaa.) Letters of Mary Queen of Scots, and Docnmenta connected 
with ber Ptononal Uistorv. 3 vols. sm. 8vo, 31«. 6d. . . . . London, 184S 


y / 



<-. >- 



i? / 

4 ' 



[ • /■ 

it ■ 





n. m^TOKY .-^Continued.) 

LRTTRRS, Instraelioni «t MAmotras, de Marie Stvart, Rmm d'Eecww ; |MfalMs Mr !•§ 
Oiigineanx et ha ManiucrinU da Slate Paper Office de Londm •( dcs Pnadpalei Ar- 
chivei et BiUiothdqocs de PEorope, et acoompaya^ d'an Rteomi Chionolofiqae. Far 
le Prince A. LabanoflT. 7 vols. Bve. £A. i». ' Ijmim, 1845 

LETTKHS OF MARY STUART, damn of Sootlaad, wlecled from the '*Reeiieil 
des Lettrat de Marie Stuart;" together with the Chnmologioal Sammary of Erenu 
doring the Reiro of the Queea of ScotJand, by Priaoe A. XAbsDoff, traaalated, with 
Note*, and an Introduction, by W. TurnbuH. tfvo, 14«. . L0md»n, 1>45 

WRIGHT. (T.) Uaeen Eliiabeth and her Tioim: a Miios of Original Lattew iflected 

from the iaedited private corres|H>ndence of the Lord Troararer Bnrzhley, the Earl of 
Leicester, the Secretaries Walsingham and Smith, Sir Christophar Hattoa, and most of 
the distinguished persons of the period. 2 vols. 8ro Ltmdtm, 1838 

CAVENDISH. (G.) The Life of Cardinal Wolsev. by Georae Cavendish, his Geatlemaa 
Usher, and Metrical Versions, from the Original Autograph Manascript, with Notes, Ate. 
by S. Vf. Singer. 2 voU. 8vo CkiawUk, 1895 

NARES, (E.) Memoirs of the Life and Administration of the Rt. Hon. William Gaoii, 
Lord Baighley. 3 vols. 4to, £9. 9#. JLeadea, ]83(f- 

TYTLER, (P. F.) England under the Rei^s of Edward VI. and Matj. with the ooa- 
teraporary History of Europe ; illustrated m a series of Lettan aaror berara piinlad, with 
HistoricaJ Introduction and Critical Notes. 2 vols. 8vo. . /•eadWs, 1839 

BOWES, (Sir Geo.) Memorials of the Rebellion of 150B. 8vo. Jjtmdmi, 1840 


Rkioni or Jamks I. Charlbb L Thk iNTKRRKoiniM. Rkiorb of CHARLta IL 

JAMca IL William HI. Mart. 

VAUGHAN, (Dr.) History of England under the Hooae of Stuart, in- 
cluding the Commonwealth. 2 vols. 8vo, 13«. . London, 1840 

(Lib. Use. Knowledge.) 

Memoirs of the Stuart Dynasty : inclading the constitutional and ec- 
clesiastical History of England from the Decease of Elizabeth to the abdi- 
cation of James H. 2 vols. 8vo Jjmdon, 1830 

AIKEN, (Li'CY.) Memoirs of the Court of King James the First. S rob. 8vo» 94t. 

Z.eadea, 18SS 

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ing the Proteotorate. 4 vob. Hvo. XieiideR, 1810 

GOODMAN. (Br.) The Court of King James I., etc. S vols. 8vo. />isde», 1839 

D'EWES, (Sir Simonds.) The Autobiography and Correspondeace of, daring tha Reigai 
of Jamn I. and Charies I. Edited by J. O. Halliwell. S vols. 8vo, Sde. L0md»», l&tt 

AMOS. (Andr.) The Great Oyer of Poinoning: the Trial of the Eail of Someiaet for 
the Poiwning of Sir Thomas Overbnry in the Tower of London, aad variona matters ooa- 
nected therewith. From Contemporary MSS. 8vo, 15v. Lomdmn^ IBM 

CLARENDON, (Edwd., Earl of.) History of the Rebellion. 8 vols. 
8vo, je3. 18» Oxford. 

The Same. 7 vols. l2mo, £\. St London. 

The Same, with Life. 1 vol. roy. 8vo., £\. \». . 

The Same, with Portraits. 2 vols. roy. 8vo., jE2. 15*. . 

GUIZOT, (F.) History of the English Revolution of 1640, from the Ac- 
cession of Charles I. to his Death. Translated by W. HaiUtt. 8iro, 
3». 6<f. (Bogue's European Library ) London, 1845 

(Reprinted. New- York. D. A. & Co.) 

COLLF.CTIOJ^ de mdmoires relatifs k la revolution d'Angleterra, pnbli^e avaa warn latio- 
duution par M. Guizot. 25 vols. 8vo Paria, 18D-9S 

AIKIN, (Lucy.) Memoirs of the Court of King Charies the First. 9d. ed.. 9 vols. Seo, 
£1. 8« Lmiom^ 18BI 

C AULFI ELD, (J.) High Court of Justice, or Memoirs of the Ragkidas of Cbailaa I. 4to. 

Lmiam, 1817 

ASHBURNHAM. (Col. Job!«.} Narrative of his attendance on Klajr Cbailas \. tnm 
Oxford to the Scotch army, and from Hampton Court to the Isle of W ight, cte. S Tob. 
8vo l^tmiam., 1890 

DUGDALE. The Life, Diar\. and Correspoodenoe of Sir William Dagdak. edited Im 
William Hamper, with portrait and autographs. 4to Ijtmigm., Ifxt 

CAREY. (H.) Memorials of the Great Civil War, from IMO to 1053, adttad ftom oi<ginal 
letters in the Bodleian Library. Svols.8vo Ltmdam^m^ 






n. HISTORY.— (Con/tniifrf.) 

rMMJfET PAPERS. No(« of ProoMdiiifi in Um LoBf PvliuiMttt, temp. CharlM I., 
lakM bj Sir Ralph VefMy, Km., editod by Braw. 4lo, 7#. 6i<. Zm^M, 1845 

(CamdcB SocMly.) 

RUSH WORTH. (J.) Hbtoried Colkctioiu, &e.. from 161»-1(M8, with the Triid of the 
Ewl of Stimflbfd. 8 vob. foHo. LmuUm, 1839-1701 

EVELYN, (Jko.) Memoin Ulnstrfttire of the Life aad Writiagi of Jao. Evelrn. Com- 
prinf fail Diary ftom 1141 to 1706-6, and a seleotioa of hii (kmiUar latten. 5 vob. 8vo. 

Z.eaiM, 18BS 

8LIVO0BY. (SiK H.) & HODGSON. (Catt.; Memoin doriBf the CirU War. Edited 
by Sir Waker Seoct. 8to. £dtn.. 1806 

BURNET, (Br.) Uirtory of Hit Oira TioMt. roy. 8to, 17*. Ijmdam,l9M 

The Same, with 51 Pbrtraiti. S volt. roy. 8to. 4S». . . . '* 1830 

BURTON, (T.) CromwelhaB Diary for 1656-50, with Introdaetion and Notet by Ratt. 
4 fob. 8vo La/udtm, 1898 

FOR8TER, (J.) The Stateimea of the Commoawcalth of Englaad. With aa latiodae- 
tory Tiaatate oa the Popoiar Pwigi e w in Enfliih Hirtory. 5 voli. fcp. 8to, with poftruii 
of Pym. Ehoi, Hampden, Cromwen,&c., jei.lO#. . Z^eitrfra, 1831-1830 

CARLYLE, (T.) Lrtten and Speeehei of OliTer CromweO. 9 vob. 8to, 9d eda., 36t. 

(Repiiated, New- York, W. ft P.) Lmi^m, 1846 

GODWIN, (W.) Historr of the Commonwealth of Eaflaad, from ita oommeneemeat to 
the Rartoratiea of Charfai II. 4 vob. 8to Z^eitrfra. 1894-8 

GUIZOT. (F. P. G.i Memoin of Monk, Doke of Albemarle. Traadated with Notes br 
Btaait Wortley. Hvo Z,enien, 1838 

NUGENT. (Lord.) MeoMMJali of Jao. Hampdea. 9d ed.. 9 vob. 8vo. ** 1839 

MA8ERES, (Fa.) Select Tracts relating to the CiTil Wan ia England in the Reifa of 
Charim I., by writen who lived in the time of those wan, and wen witaemet of the 
oTenti which they dceeribe. 9 vob. 8to /.emlea, 1815 

MRMOIRB of tiie l<ilb of Col. Hntehinaon. with original aaeodotm, fcc, aad Memoir of 

Mn. Hntehinaon by henelf. 4to Ltmdem, 1806 

(Reprinted in Bohn't Staadaid Library.) 

BLENCOWE. (R. W.) Diary of the Timet of Charlet II.. by the Hon. H. Sidney, after- 
wardi Earl of Ronmey. 9 Tob. 8to Aearfea, 1843 

PEP YS. The life. Joamab. and Corretpondenee of Samad Pepyt, Seoretary to the Admi- 
ralty ia the Reignt of Chariet II. aad James II. Indnding a NarratiTeof hb Voyage 
and Reaideace at Tangier. &e., aow flnt poblished from the Origiaab. 9 vob. 8to, por- 
trait. £l.ii» Jjmmimi, 1841 

JAMESON, rMae.) Memoin of the Beantin of the Conrt of Charles II. With an In- 
•mdootonr View of the Slate of Female Society, and its Infloenoe daring that remarkable 
Reiga. tompriMng a aeries of 31 Portraiu. 9 vols. 4to, X9. 5«. Jjtmitm, v. d. 

CARREL. (A.) Hiatonr of the ConnterRevolntion in England for the Re-EsUblbhoBent 
of Popery nnder Chariet the Second and James the Seooad. — History of the Re^ of 
Jamee the Seooad, by the Right Hoa. C. J. Fox. 3«. 6rf. X^eaien, 1846 

(Bofne's European Library.) 

MJtRCHJIOXT PAPERS, iUnstrative of EvenU from 1685-1750. Selected by Sir G. 
H. Rosa. 3 vob. vSvo Ijmmdmi, 1831 

ROBERTS, (G.) The Life, Pioii etses. and Rebellion of Jamas, Dnke of Moamonth, to 
fab Captare aad Eseeatioa : with a fnU account of the Bloody Aasiaw, he 9 vob. Hvo, 
94« Ltmdam.VMA 

MACKINTOSH. (0ir J.) History of the Revdution in Endaad ia 1686 : comprising a 
View of the Reiga of James II., from hb Accession to the Enterprise of the Prince of 
Oraage. 4to. 31e. U. Aenslea, 1834 

MAZURE, (F. A. J.) Hbtoiia de la Revolutioa de 1668. ea Aagleterre. 3 vob. 8vo. 

Parit, 1885 

ELLIS, (G. A.) The Ellb Correapoadenoe, aow Ont pablbhed from the Originab, with 
Notes aad a Pirfaoe. 9 vob. Hvo I^endon, 1818 

DAHLMANN, (F. C.) Hbtory of the Eaglbh Revdatioa, traasl. from the Germaa by H. 
E. Lloyd. 8vo. 10#. 6rf l.»ndtm, 1844 

ORIMBLOT. (P.) Latten of WUIiam III. aad Loob XIV. and of their Minbten. Hlns- 
tratiag the Dooaestic aad Foraiga Pdicy of England during the period which fdlowed the 
Revototioa of 16HP. Eitracted from the Archives of France and Eaglaad, and from 
Foreign Papers. Hvo. X^eaien. 1847 

CAVENDISH. Sir H. Caveadlsh's Debates of the llonse of Commons dorinr the 13ih 

Pariiameat of Great Britain, which met in Mav 176ft. aad was dissdved ia Juae 1774. 

eomawnly called the Unreported Pariiameat. Now fint puUished by J. Wright. Vd. 

].8vo.9Se ZMden, 1843 

TREVOR. (A. H.) The Life aad Timm of William III., King of England, ete. 9 vob. 

8vo, 94« Ijtmdmi, 1835-36 


'/ ,( 

• f 

a. • 

f I 







7 ' 






n. fflSTORY.—( CoTi/mucd.) 

VERNON. (J.) The CoiiTt and Times of Wniiam III.. iOoitnted is ft Hriei of LcU« 
addmwd to the Dake of Shrewtbary. Edited bj O. P. R. Janot. 3 Tok. 8vo. 4St§. 

L0nd0», 1841 


RsioNa OP Q.UKBN Annk. KiMoa Oboeob I., n.. III. 

MAHON. (LoKO.) The History of England from the Peace of Utrecht to 
the Peace of Aix la Chapelle. 3 Tola. 8to, 36«. London, 1836-38 

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cease of George HI. Vols. 1-7, 14«. each. London, 1840-45 

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III., 1760, to 1835. 7 vols. 8vu, £3. 13«. Sd. . London, 1836 

THOMSON, (Mag. A. T.) Memoin of Sarah, Dnchen of Maxlborongfa aad of the Conrt 
of Queen Anne. 2 vols, tfvo Ziondon, ltK:0 

JESSE. (J. H.) Memoin of the Court of England, from the Revolation to the Death of 
Geoq^ II. 3 vob. 8to, 4SU. Ijomdon^ ld43 

MEMOIRS OF SOPHIA DOROTHEA, Coniort of Gcoise I. 3 vob. 8to, V*. 

London, Vm 

MEMOIRS (Lord Herrey't) of the Conrt of George II. and aneen CaroUae. Edited hr 

J. W. Croker. 2 vob. tfvo Ijondon^ 1847 

LETTERS of Horace Walpole. Earl of Orford, to Sir Horace Mann. Hi* Britaanio Ma- 
jetty's Resident at the Conrt of Florence from 1700 to 1785. Now first published from the 
Original MSS. 6 vols. Hvo, 5U Jf^ondon, 1816-7 

WALPOLE. Memoirs of the Reign of King George II. By Horace WaJpole. Edited 
from the Original MSB., with a Preface and Notes, by the late Lord Holland. 3 vols. 
8vo, portraiu. 3l3« London, 1846 

Merooira of the Reign of George III. 4 vols. 8vo, 56«. ... ** 1844-5 

AIKIN, (Lucy.) Annab of the Reign of George IIL, from 17Q0 to 1890. 3 vob. 8vo. 

London, 1835 

WRAXALIi, (Sir N. W.) Memoin of hu Own Timet, from 1773 to 1784. 4 vob. 8vo. 

34« Ijtmdon, 1836 

Posthnmon* Memoim of his Own Timet. 3 vob. 8vo, 34«. " 1836 

PICTORIAL History of England, during the Reign of George III. ; being a Hiitory o'lbe 
Peo|>le. as well as a Hi<»tory of the Kingdom. By C. L. Craik and C. MacFariane, aa- 
tikted by other Contribnton. 4 vob., with several huadred woodcnti, roy. 8vo, 80« 

J^ondon, 1841^44 

BROUGHAM, (Lord.) Historical Sketches of StatataaeQ who floorithad In the Time of 
George III. and IV. Two Series. 8vo Jjmdmi, 1839 


1. History of. 2. Grammars, Dictionaries, Glossaries, d^c. 

LOWNDES, (W. T.) Bibliographical Manual of Englbh Uteiatara. 4 vob. 8vo. 

J^omdom, IP3I 

RITSON. (J.) Bibliographia Poetica ; Catalogue of Englbh Poets of the Xllth-XVIih 

Century, sm. Bvo Ijomdon. 1803 

GRIFFITH, (A. F.) Bibliotheca Anglo-Poetioa ; Deioriptive Catalogveof a GoUertion 
of Old English Poetry, fcc. roy. 8vo. A«iub«, 1815 

MALONE. (Ei>.) Catalogue of Early EnglUh Poetry, ooUecteil by, and now preserved in 
the Bodleian Library, folio. €hcford, ItSQH 

RIMBAULT. (E. F.) Bibliotheca Madrigaliana, a Catalogue of Musical and Poetieal 
Works, published in England in the 16th and 17th Centuries, nader the titles of * Madri- 
gab,' ' BalleU,' * Ayres,' ' Cansoneto,' tie. 8vo, It. 8d. . . . Ijondon, 1847 

1. History of, Collections, d:c. 

CRAIK, (G. L.) Sketches of the History of Literatnre and Learning in 
England, from the Norman Conquest to Uie Present Day. 6 vols. 18mo, 9«. 

London, 1844-45 

WARTON, (T.) The History of English Poetry, from the Close of the 
Eleventh to the Commencement of the XVIIIth Century, &c. New edit., 
revised by Taylor. 3 vols. 8vo, 36#. London, 1840 

CHAMBERS, (R.) History of the English Language and Literatura. 12mo. 

Edinh., 1837 





HIPPESLEY, (J. H.) Chapters on Early English Literaturp Sto. 

fjmdon, 1837 

WALPOLE, (H.) A Catalofcoe of the Rojral aad Noble Anthon of Gie»t BriUin, with 

LisU of their Works : enlarged by Tbot. Park. 5 vols. 8vo. J..muion, 1806 

BRITISH KSSA YISTS : with Prefaces, Ubtorical and Biographical, by Alexander Cbal- 
men. 45 vob. 16ino LtmdoHt 1806 

With Prefaces, &c, by Ferguson. 40 vols. ISno. ... ** 1823 

BRITISH POETS. (Whittingham's EdiUon). 100 vob. ISmo. 

Cn AMBERS' Cydopstdia of English Literature. 9 vob. roy. 8vo, 14*. Edinburgh, 1846 

(Repnnted, Boston, 1847). 

HALLAM'S Introduction to the Literature of Europe in the 15th, 16th and 17th CBBturies. 

3 vob. 8vo, ad edition Lmtitn, 1812 

(Reprinted, New- York, H. Bro's.) 

SELECTIOJTS from the Eilinbufgh Review. 4 vob. 8vo, 48«. Landtn, 1833 

froffi the auanerly Review " 1847 

WRIGHT, (T.) Essays on Subjects connected with the Literature, Popular SnpeistiUoDs, 
and History of England in the ftliddle Ages. 3 vob. post 8vo, 16». . London, 1846 

WRIGHT 8l HALLIWELL'8 Reliquse Antique : Scraps frocn Andent ManuscnpU, il- 
lustrating chiefly early English Literature and the English Language. 2 vob. 6vo. xl. 4». 

iMdmn, 1844 
It contains a laige number of pieces in Anglo-Saxon, Anglo-Norman, aad Eariy English. 

HALLI WELL. (J. O.) Nugs Poetics : Select Pieces of Old Englbh Popular POetry, U- 
luetrating the Manners and Arts of the Fifteenth Century. Eiuted by JaoMs Orchard 
HailiweU, F.R.S., &c. 13roo, 5« LmUmi. 

PEGGE, (S.) Anecdotes of the EogUsh Language, chiefly ngardirig the Local Dialects 
of London and its vnvirons ; whence it will appear, that the Natives of the Metropoln 
and its Vicinities have not corrupted the Language of their Ancestors : in a Letter from 
Samuel P<^Egc to an Old Acqaintance and Co-Vellow of the Society of Antii^naries, 
London, t^ which b added, a Supplement to Grose's Provindal Glossary. Edited by 
the Rev. Henry Christmas. 3d ed., enlarged and corrected. 8vo, IS*. . L4md»n, 1844 

DYCE, (Rbv. a.) Select Specimens of Britbh Poetesses, sm. 8vo. Lamdim, 1825 

CAMPBELL, (T.) Specimens of the Britbh Poets, with Biographical and Critical No- 
tices. New eda., by P. Cunningham. 8vo, 1S« Lamden^ 1846 

SELECT WORKS of the British PoeU. from Chaucer to Withers. With Biographical 
Sketches by R. Sonthey. 1 vol. 8vo, 209 Z.0«deii, 1831 

from Ben Johnson to Beattie. With Biographical and Critical Prefaces hv Dr. Aikin. 

1vol. 8vo, IBtf Lndmi,i^.^. 

ELLIS, (G.) Specimens of the Eariy Englbh Poeto. 5th edition, 3 vob. ISmo, 1R«. 


KERR, (J. B.) An Essay on the Archaeology of our popular phrases and Nursery Rhymes. 

New edn., 2 vob. 12mo Lawdtm, 1837 

CHAPPELL, (W.) a Collection of National Englbh Ain, consbting of Ancient Song, 
Ballad and Dance Tunes, interspenM*d with Remarks and Anecdotes, and nreoeded by an 
Essay on Englbh Minstreby ; the Airs Harmonized for the Pianoforte by W. Crotch, 
A. Macfariane, and J. Augustus Wade, folio Lomdon, 1838 

See Ballads. BiBLiooRAPnT, Carols, Nurbkrt Rbtmrs, Publications of the 

Camdbn Socibtt, Pbrct Socirrv. &c. 
The Collected Works, Uc. of Englbh authors will be found in Part II. 

2. Grammars — Dictionaries. — Glossaries. 
LATHAM, (R. G.) On the English Language. 8to, VU. London, 1840 

Elementary English Grammar. 12mo, 4s. Sd. " 1843 

ALLEN &, CORNWALL. New English Grammar. 18mo,29. Zon<2., 1844 

DOIIERTT, (H ) English Grammar on Univereity Principles. 8vo> 6«. 

London, 1841* 
LOWTH, (Bp.) Introduction to English Grammar, with Critical Notes. ISmo. Lmut., 1763 
MURRAY, (L.) An Englbh Grammar. Various editions. 
WALLI8, (J.) Grammatica lingns anglicanao. 8vo. Lamdini, 1763 

M ANDEVILLB, (H.) New English Reader : A Coone of Reading for 
Common SchooLs and the Lower Classes of Academies, on a Scientific 
Plan ; being in part an abridgement of the author's " Elements of Read- 
ing and Oratory." l3ino. New- York, D. A. ^ Co.» 1847 

f f 

dr ■< 











GRAHAM, (F.) English Ssmonymes classified and explained ; with Prac- 
tical Elxercises for Schools and Private Tuition. Edited hy Prof. Henry 
Reed. %\ jYeio- Fori;, D. A. & Co., 1847 

CRABBE. (G.) En|r|Uh Synonymes explained, ete. 8vo. . . L^ndftm^ 1833 

PIOZZI. (H. L.) British Syaonymy, or mn attempt at rainiUtiiig Uw CfaoiM of Woidi ia 
Familiar Con venation. 2 rob. tivo Landtm, 17M 






.^ ' 



REID, (A.) A Dictionary of the English Language ; containing the Pro- 
nunciation, Etymology, and Explanation of all Words authorized by emi- 
nent writers ; to which are added a Vocabulary of the Roots of English 
Words, and an accented list of Greek, Latin, and Scripture Proper Names. 
With a Critical Preface by Henry SLeed, Prof of Eng. Lit. in the Unir. 
of Pa. 12mo, near 600 p., $1. New- York, D. A. ^ Co., 1846 

The attention of Profcwore, BtndenU, Tnton, and Heads of Famiiiea ii loUeited to thk 
volame. Notwithstanding iu compact size and disUnctneis of type, it ooaprieee /erfy 
tkotuand words. In addition to the correct orthoepy, this maaoal of words eontaias foor 
%'alDable improvements : 

I. The primitive word is fiven, and then follow the immediate derivativea in alphahetical 

order, with the part of speech appended. 
n. Afler the primitive word is inserted the original term whence it is formed, with the bum 

of the langraage from which it is derived. 

III. There it ^bjoined a Vocabulary of the Roots of English words, by which the aooo- 
rate purport of them is instantly discoverable. 

IV. An accented List, to the nnmber of fiAeen thoosaad, of Greek, Latin, and Bcriptara 
Proper Names, b added. 

RICHARDSON, (C.) New Dictionary of the English Language. 2 toIb. 

4to, £5. 58 London, 1837 

The Same, abridged. 2d edn., 8vo, 18#. . " 

JOHNSON, (Dr. S.) Dictionary of the English Language. Edited by 
Todd. 3 vols. 4to, £1. 10« London, 1837 

BOUCHER, (J.) A Supplement to Johnson's English Dictionary. Part I. 
4to. London, 1807 

ASH, (J.) A new and Complete Dictionary of the EnfUsh Laa^rnag*. M ad., 9 Tok. 

8vo Z^KiMi. 1795 

BAILEY, (N.) Etymological Dictionary of the English Langoafe. 9d edn., editW by J. N. 

ScoU. folio Ltmim^ 1764 

BOUCHER. (J.) Glossary of Archaic and Provincial Words, a Snpplemeat 1o the Die- 
tionarieit of the English Langua^. Parts I.-Il., 4to lAmd/tm^ 193 

BOOTH, (D.) Analytical Dictionary of the English Language. 4to, 3(W. Ltmdm^ 1838 

BELLAMY, (D.) A Dictionary of the English Language. 8vo. ** 1700 

COCKERAM, (H.) An BngliAh Dictionary, or Interpreter of Haid Woids. 8vo. 

Ltrndm, MSB 

COTGRAVE, (R.) A French and English Dictionary, with aaotbar ia EaglMi aad 
French. By Robert Sherwood, etc. folio /<«naea, 1873 

COLES. (E.) A Dictionary ; English-Latin, and Latia-Englisb. 4lo. Lmdm, 1877 

8vo, 18ili edn " 1T78 

GROSE. (F.) A Clawical Dictionary of the Valgar Tongue. 8vo. '* 1785 

H ALLIWELL. (J. O.) A Dictionary of Archaic aad Proviacial Words. Obeoleta Phiasas, 

Proverbs, and Ancient Cnstoms. from the reign of Edward I. 3 vob. 8to. ooataiaiM ap* 

wards of 1000 pages, closely printed in doable colamns. £9. S*. J^amdtn, 18iS-8 

This work contains above 50,000 words, (embodying all the known scattered g l o— aries of 

the English language), forming a complete key for the reader of the Works of our old Poats. 

Dramatists, Theologians, and other authors whoM works abound with allnsioas, of wkidi 

ezplanationB are not to be found in ordinary Dictionaries and books of lefeivnee. Most of 

the principal Archaisms are illnstrated by examulet selected from early inedited MBS. aad 

rare books, and by far the greater portion will be loand to be original aathoritias. 





HOLLYBAND. (C.) A Diotionarie. French and EBflith. 4to. . X.MiM, 1593 

HULOET. (R.) Diciionarie, newly oorreoted, etc folio. ... " 1573 

JAMIESON. (J.) Etyniolofical Dictmnary of the Soottith Lanfnage, eto. 4 vok. 4to. 

Edinb., 1806-94 
JODRELL, (R. P.) Phllolofy of tlie Englkh Laafoage. 4to, 81«. Jjondon, 1890 

KNOWLES, (J.) Pronouncinj^ and Explanatory Dictionary of the Enclith Laocna^ : to 
which is added a Vocabulary of Greek, Latin, and Scripture Proper If amet. New edit., 
8vo, 10«. M .... L0ni0m, 1844 

JUNIUS, (F., Jr.) Etymologicum Anflieannm. Com Aofment. Ed. Lye. folio. 

Oram., 1743 

LEMON, (G. W.) English Etymdof y, or a Derivative Dictionary of the Enf lith Langnace. 

4to JLondam^ \t& 

MASON, (G.) A Supplement to JohuMn's En^^Ksh Dictionary : of which the palpable 
Enon are attempted to be rectified, and iti material omiwoM supplied. 4to. Lmul., 1801 

MIN8HEU, (JO The Guide into the (11) Tongues, viz : English, Welsh, Low Dutch, 
High Dutch, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Latiae, Greeke, Hebrew, eto. folio. 

/>eiufo«, 1619 

NARES, (R.) OkMary ; or a Collection of Words, Phrases, Names, &c., which have 
been thought to require illustration in the Works of English Authors, partioularlv Shake- 
spete and his Contemporaries. 4to, 50« Lenaon, 18SS 

The same. 8vo. 90* Straintmd, 1885 

PERRY, ( W.) The Synonymous Etymokigical aad Pronouncing English Dictionary, roy. 

8to /.eii^ra, 1800 

PHILLIPS, (E.) A World of Words, or an UniverMl English Dictionary. fblioT 

LomdoH, 1706 
PIOZZI. (H. L.) British Synonomy ; or an attempt at regulating the Choice of Woids in 

^miliar Conveisatloa. 3 vob. 8vo London, 1794 

PROMPTORIUM PARFULOR UMnve Clericorum, Lexicon Anglo-LaUanm orinoep* 
autore Fratre Galfrido Grammatico Dicto e Predicationibus Lenne Epueopi Northfwciensi, 
A. D. 1440, olim e prelis Pynaonianis editnm, nunc ab iutegro, conuneatariolis subiectis, ad 
fidem codieum leoensnit Aibertus Way. Tomus prior. l^tmdon, 1843 

(Camden Society's Publicatioas.) 

RIDER, (W.) An Uni venal English Dictionary, folio. Lamdrnt, 1750 

SERENIUS, (J.) DicUonarium Anglo-Suethioo-Latinum : in quo, prvter oelera. Voces 
Anglicans, quotquot Gothts debentur, ad Origines suas revocantur. 4to. Hawtk., 1734 

SHERIDAN, (T.) A Pronouncing Dictionary of the English Language. 4to. 

/..onden, 1780 
SKINNER, (S.) Etyroologicon Lingux Anglicanse ex Liaguis Duodedm. folio. 

London, 1761 
THOMSON, (J.) Etymons of English Words. 4to Edink., VS» 

TRUSLER, (J.) The Difference between Words esteemed Synonymous, etc. 3 vols. 

13mo I^ondon, 1766 

VERSTIGAN, (R.) A Restitution of Decayed Intelligence in Antiquities concerning the 

most noble aad renowned English Nation. 4to. .... JIntwp., lOQS 

WEBSTER, (N.) Amerioan Dictionary of the English I^aaguage. JVne Haven, 1841 
WHITER, (W.) Etymologioon Magnum ; or an Universal Etymological Dictionary. 3 

vob. 4to Omb., IBOO-IS 

Glossaries, Proviiccial Dulects, &c. 

SMITH. (J. R.) A Bibliographical List of all the Works which haye been 
published towards illustrating the Provincial Dialects of England. 8yo, 1«. 


HALLIWELL, (J. O.) A Dictionary of Archaic and ProTincial Words 
and Obsolete Phrases, Proverbs, and Ancient Customs, from the Rei^n of 
Edward I. 2 vol». 8vo, i;2. 2« Londmty l£&-6 

An Historical Sketch of the Provincial Dialects of England, illustrated 

by numerous Examples. 8vo, 1« London. 

AKERMAN, (J. T.) A Glo«ary of Provincial Words aad Phrases ia use in WUtshire. 
Showing their Derivatioo in numerous instances from the Language of the Anglo Saxons. 
l3mo.3« ... I^ondon. 

BROCKETT, (J. T.) A Glossary of North Country Words ; with their Etymology aad 
Affinity to other Laaguages, and occasional Notices of Local Customs and Pomuar So- 
pentitjons. 3d edit., oorreoted and enlarged by W. E. Brockett. 3 vds 8to, Si*. 

Kew€—tt0-iifonT)^^ 1846 

GROSE'S Gkwary of Provincial and Local Words used in England, with whieh Is now 
fint incorporated the Supplement by Samuel Pagge, F. S. A. port 8vo, 4«. 9d, London. 

HOLLO WAY, (W.) A General Dictionary of English ProviaoialisiM. 8vo. I.met, 1838 


a A. 










OTTLE Y, (W. T.) An Inquiry into the Origin and Eariy HiBtoiy of En- 
graving upon Copper and Wood, with an Account of ESngreverv and their 
Works, etc. 2 vols. 4to. London, 1816 

JACKSON, (J.) A Treatise on Wood EngraTing, historical and practical. 
8to London, 1839 

FIELDING, (T. H.) The Art of Engraving ; being an Historical and 
Distinct Account of the various Styles now practised : with InttnictioDS 
as to rhe various Modes of Operation, Slc. Six. roy. 8vo, Plates, 13s. 

London, 1840 

WALPOLB, (H.) A Catalogue of Engravers, who have been bom or 
resided in England. Edited by the Rev. J. Dallaway. Forming Vol. V. 
of Anecdotes of the Arts in General in Great Britain. 8vo. Lond., 1828 

PRINT COLLECTOR {The). An Introduction to the Knowledge neces- 
sary for forming a Collection of Ancient Prints ; containing Suggestions 
as to the Mode of commencing Collector, the Selections of Specimens, 
the Prices and Care of Prints ; also Notices of the Marks of Proprietor- 
ship used by Collectors, Remarks on the Ancient and Modem Practice 
of the Art. and a Catalogue Raisonn^ of Books on EIngravingt and Prints. 
4to, 3 plates, I2« London, 1844 

DELESCHAMPS, (P.) Des Mordants, des vemis et des planches dans 

Tart du graveur, ou traitd complet de la gravure. 8vo. Ports, 1836 

LONGIII, (J.) Die Kapfentech^rei oder die Konrt in Kapfw sii Umb : 1. tlworat. 3. 
prmktiicher. Am dem Italien. iiben. von. C. Bnith. dvo. Hildk., Ifl37 

LABORDB, (L.) Uittoire de la gravura en maniare noira. 8to. Ports, IS39 

JOUPERT, (F. E., Pkrb.) Manoel de ramateor d'eiUmpea. 3 vob. 8ro. Pmris, 1831 

8TRUTT, (J.) A Biofrraphical Dictionary of Engnven. 8 voU. 4lo. Lsndtm, 178S-86 

LANDAEER, (J.) Lectures on the Art of Enfraving. 8yo. . ** 1807 

GILPIN, (W.) Ettay on Prints. i*vo " 17K 

See also BARxaca'a le Peintre-graTeor. DuMsamL le Peintifr-grav«ar ftasfaii. 



PERCHERON. (A.) Bibliographie EntomoIof|;iqne. S vob 8to. 

Ptoxt, 1837 


:l ■' 

SWAINSON, (W.) AND 8HUCKAKD, (W. E.) The History and Natu- 
ral Arrangement of Insects. 1 vol. fcp, 8vo, 6s. London, 1840 

NEWMAN. (E.) A Familiar Introduction to the History of Insects ; be- 
ing a new and greatly improved Edition of the Grammar of Entomology. 
8vo. 100 illustrations, ]2«. London, 1841 

KIRBY, (W.) AND SPENCE, (W.) An Introduction to Entomology ; or. 
Elements of the Natural History of Insects ; comprising an Aoooont of 
Noxious and Useful Insects, of their Metamorphoses, Food, Stratagema, 
Habitations, Societies. Motions, Noises, d&c. d&c. 6th ed. 9 vols. 8vo. pp. 
894, with 4 plates, 31«. 6d London, l849 

WILSON, (J.) A Treatise on Insects, General and Systematic, with 340 
figures 4to, 15s Edinburgh, 1835 

WBSTWOOD, (J. O.) Introduction to the Modem Claanfication of In- 
sects : comprising an Account of the Habits and Transformations of the 
different Families ; a Synopsis of all the British, and a Notice of the 
more remarkable Foreign Genera. 2 vols. 150 woodcuts, comprising 
about 2500 distinct figures, jC2. 7«. London, 1838^0 

WOOD, (W.) Index Entomologies ; or, a complete illustrated Catalogue, 
consisting of 1944 coloured figures of the Lepidopterous Insects of Great 
Briuin. 8vo, £8. S« London, 1839 




ENTOMOLOGY.— (Con/mMcrf.) 

INGPEN, (A.) InstrucUons for Collecting, Rearing, and presenring In- 

secta, and for Collecting and Preaerring Crustacea and Shells. 3d ed. 

18mo, 3« London, 1839 

KOLLAR, (M.) A TreatiM on the Inwcto Injarioo* to the OardeiMf, Foretter, and Fanner, 
translated from the German, and illtutrated with 60 ea^ravinfi, by J. C. and M. London ; 
with Notes, by J. O. Westwood. Fcp. Hvo, 7«. .... London, 1640 

WE8TWOOD, (J. O.) Aivana Entomolopoa : or, Ulottrations of New, Rare, and Inter- 
Mtiaf laseets. Vol 1, royal 8vo, 48 coloured plates. jCS. 2». . . London, 1843 

HUMPHREYS and WESTWOOD. British Moths, and their Transfomsations. Ar- 
rmafed and illustrated in a series of plates by H. N. Hunphivys : with Characters and 
Deicriptions by J. O. Westwood. '2 voU. 4to, 56 col. plates, £b. I0«. Ijondan, 1843 

BRITISH BUTTERFLIES, and their TransformaUons. Exhibited in a series of 4S 
eoloQiod plates, by U. N. Unmphpeys. Esq. ; with Descriptions byJ.O. Wcstwuod, Esq. 
F. L. fl. kc. This work contains upwards of 450 fibres, showing the Caterpillar. 
Chrysalis, and perfect Butterfly of eacn Species, tofether with the Plants on which they 
are osoaljy found, carefully coloured from Nature. 4to. XI. Vfs. or jC2. 5s. 

London, ISAl 

STEPHENS, (J. F.) A Manual of British ColeopCera ; or, Beetles : containing a DcKrip- 
tion of all the Speciei of Beetles hitherto a»certaioed to inhabit Great Britain and Ireland, 
Ate. With a complete Index of the Genera. 1 %-oL post 8vo, I4#. London, 1830 

SPRY, 'W. J.) ColeopCera Delineated ; consisting of 638 Figures of all the Genera of 
British Beetfes hitherto recorded. Drawn by W. J. Spry, and edited by W. E. Shuokard. 
XS. ^. London, 1840 

AUDOIN KT BRUl£. Hist, natnrelle des insectes, coMoptem, ortbopleres et h^mipteres. 

4 Tols. 8vo. avec 50 planehes oolor^, /.44 Parit, 1834-W 

BURMEI8TER, (H.) Manual of Entomology, transl. by W. E. Shuekard. 8vo. 90«. 

/.ondon, 1836 

BLANCH ARD, (E.) Histoire des Insects, traiUnt de lean mfpois et de lenrs metamorpho- 
ses en g6n<Aral, et oomprenaot une nouvelle claaeillcation fond^snr lean rapports natniels, 
3 rob. ISmo. aveo 90 pi. /.7 Paris, 1845 

Transactions of the Entomological Society of London. Annals of Natural History. 


BROWN, (T.) Lectures on Ethics, sm. 8to, 8«. Sd. . Edin., 1846 
JOUFFROY, (T.) Introduction to Ethics, translated by W. H. Channing. 

8vo. Boston, 1839 

(Ripley's Specimens of Foreign Literature.) 

DE WETTE, (W. M. L.) Human Life : or. Practical Ethics, translated 
by 8. Osgood. 2 vols. 8vo. (Ditto.) Boston, 1841 

LIEBER, (F.) A Manual of Poliucal Ethics. 2 Tob. 8vo. 

Boston, 1838-39 

HARTENSHEIN, (G.) Die Grundbegrifie der ethiscben Wissenschaften. 

8vo. Leipxig, 184t 

ETHIOPIA.— (See Abyssiwia.) 

BARTLETT, (J. R.) The FrMretsof Ethnol<^, an Aooonfit of Recent Archvological, 
Fhilobgioal. and Oeqrraphical Researches in various parts of the Globe, tending to elu- 
cidate the Physical History of Man. 8vo Jfem- York, 1847 

PRICHARD, (J. C.) Researches into the Physical History of Mankind. 

5 vols. 8vo, jM Z«mioii, 1841-47* 

The Natural History of Man ; comprising Inquiries into the modifying 

Influence of Physical and Moral Agencies on the different tribes of the 

Human Family. 2d edition, enlarged, with 44 coloured and 5 plain Illiis- 

trations, engraTed on steel, and 97 Engravings on wood, large 8vo, 33«. 

6^ London, 1844 

— — Six Ethnographical Maps, as a Supplement to the " Natural Hittoty of Man," and 
the ** Researchoi into the Physical History of Mankind." Folio, coloured, with a sheet 
of letterpress, £l. is. Jjondon, 1843 

The Eastera Origin of the Oeitie Nltions. 8to. 7#. . . . L^mdmm. UOl 



r, / 


c / 

■ • 







YJVWMnAKW.— {Continued.) 

MARTIN. (W. C.) A general IntnKluction to the Natanl HiPtnry of 
Maiiiinifi*ruiw Aniniab ; with a panicolar Tiew the Phyaical lliMor}- f>t' 
Man, etc. tfvo, t296 wiNMlcuta ami 1:2 platm, 16«. London, lr*4l 

IjAWRt^NCFj» (W.) Lectures on Comparative Anatomy, Phynolofcy, and 
the Natural History of Man. 112ino. . Jjomdon, lr<3i 

JOIINtXS. ;A. J.) Thihilogical Fruofr of Uie Original Unity anJ Rect nt 
(>ri!;in of the Human Race, derived from a Comparison of the Languanren 
of Asia, Humjie, Africa, and America ; being an Imiairy how far the Uif- 
ferf-nces in the Languages of the Globe pre referrible to Causes now in 
0|)eration. bvo. 1^«. 6</. London, l!M3 

JOHNSTON. (A. K.) The Phynicnl Atlas ; a Series o( Maps diustraimg 
the Geographical Distribution of Natural Phenomena. Folio, JCIO. lUs. 

Edin., Ih47 

HALE. (W ) Ethnography and Philology ; vol. VH. of the U. 8. Explor- 
ing Expedition under the command of Chas. Wilkes. 4to, (10. 

Pkamd., iStC 

BALBI. (A.) Atlas rthnographiquo du globe, ou clarification des peupies 

ancieus et modemes, d'aprus leurs Inngues, etc.,avec environ 7U0 Vucabu- 

laires des principauz idiomes connuH, et suivin d'un Tableau physique, 

niiirvl et politique des 5 Parties du Monde, plus une Intmduction a 1' Atlas 

ethougraphique. 1 vol. ^vo, Atlas, folio, /J25. ParU, lt*'26-27 

DRy.MorLINH, (A.) Ilfimiv Nalurrlli* 6^ raon hnnkiM* da sonkal de I'Eoiop*. da 
nonl K d« Vmrnmi 6m 1'Am» et dr rAi'rii|M awtislc. f vo. tlfun^ /.7 All. 

D' II ALLOY. (J. J) Itai IUr« llnmaiiM: ou lUtiuMits d'Elka^prnpliir. f«o 

Dl'PRAT. I P.) EftMk lltttoriqan Af% Bscn .\srirBBf« H, MoAmr% 6m VAfnamr Ke|4ra- 
tnonalr, kc. f«o./.T. ... .... rmru, lT»4i 

£I(;ilTIIAL. (U. I).; Etodc* tnr I'iltotoirv PiimitivR d«i Bare* OccMinas cc .\ni«n- 
rainr«. fio Fmrts. iMiS 

F.Xi'l.**H.i r/f«.VHciMilirii|Oi> d^ 1' Aljrvni' fwadajit Im anD<^ Ir^O. \M\.H \^H. Partia 
Aathio|Nilopi{ttr. |iar M. Bor) ilf Saiui Viou>nl. 4io. zsr^ ua Alias df» 56 |daairhfa./.\JUU. 

FmrtM. I'^S- 

yo Y.1GH aa Poir Hud et dan« rOn>«nif. *er In cooHte* I' .\itrolabp at la %etee. evecaie 
pnidant W» aaBi*e« 1-J7. I<ir, J-av. rt IHO. .Xaibrotiolafieet Pb^tMloffw Uomaiae. 
par M. DainofiTiiT -i toU. r*\o. ri un AiU« dr jut jilaafOi*. 

OBERMI-'LLKR. tW.) Atiat rihoo jctueiafiJiiqu*'. NoutrUe carte dog«Mio-gm|ddi{ae H 
la •eronile editam nfvae et aaxiiiPBt*'e df U i arte rihaoKiapliiuae; la |iwi la ie|H*^«to 
W iHipuns. la %n-oade In ra<T« H )i lansurn ilf* )wn|il*^ ilr rEatope, de I'Aiaeaat^iwwa 
fft de la Bcrtiene. /.ISO Pmru. iail 

VIREY. Hm. aai. do genre bamain. nouv. «d'n.. 3 volt ''eo. . . . ** iiUI 

BORY-HAINT VINCENT. L'tioniiiH-. t^ai Mwkviqae .ar le ceaie baaiala. Sbad'a . 
i vol*, l^nio. .... 

ORBIUNY. 'A. P*.) L'homiiK* ameni-ain, ron<iden'' lont li« rapporta 
■Mcaat. 4 tok. Hva. aver an Allu.* in 4lu. dp 15 \Ji. H aae carta. - — ^— • 

BLUM EN BACH. De Taaite du ^ at- hamaia i-t dc hv vanetca, trad, da hi. pM( 

fep ^BTM, l!«t 

SOU ERII ArMEN. iU.) Paao-ama H linos raHiii|ue. aa Uhlcaa da toataa In lasfHa da 
giolie, a«i«- ieor rla^aitiraijon d'a}«^-• Adr. R-Utn. 'oa a ihwt^. BrmMmUmt, 107 

BERi;ilArS. '11 AUgniieinf l^mi^'T n. \«.iUrkuBiir. IS «ok.l«vo. ii§. 

t9mtlgmri, l««MS 

8ee Traa«ariMM» or tiie Ptalolti::!. «l Soiirty of I^ailoa Tiiaiftinai OttkmAmmt- 
caa Eihaof ra|ihu-ai i^-i«-i} . .Mrnioim' de la l*ocaela EtliBi|pB|Aiqsa ds 


Vt\tm the FoiiBiiatioB oTTarqainia to tkt T* 

GRAY, Mv. H.) The HiMton- of Kiruria. 

Part I Tarrltaa and hk Time*. 
«r Rume. r\Q. I'is. 

Part -i. Fiom the FonadalioB of RiMiie lo the (^eaeial Ptoae of Aaao Taa|i 
KM-iM'* H. t:. p(kt i^io. mail, l-iti I 

A Tuur to tlie Sepulchres of Kiruria. Pt. I. 8vo, 9U. 





DENNIS, (G.) The Cities and Cemetries of Etraria ; being an Account 
of two Joumeya made ft>r ihe purpose of investigating the existing Re- 
mains of Etruscan Ciyilization, and intended as a Guide to the Local An- 
tiquities of Etruria. 8to, maps and illustr. London, 1847 

BETH AM, (Sir W.) Etniicao Literature and Antiqnitiet invMtjfftted ; or, the Lan^paajts 
of that aadent and illutthoiu PM)|>le coiniMrpd and identified with the Iberno-Ceitic, and 
bolli afaomi to be FhcBaiciaB. 3 volt. 6vo, iJInctrated by upwank of 00 Enftrmvinip, 4^. 

J.0nd4m, 1842 

MUSEUM ETRUSqUE dm linden Bon^putb. Vol. 1- 4to. . . Fiterbe, l&Sh 

BYRES, (J.) EiniriMi Antaonities : — HvitCpTiri. or Sepulchral Caverns of Tarquiuia, the 
Capital of AaeieBt Etraxia. Edited by Prank Ilowaia. 5 Parts, each contaiaiaj 8 plates, 
folio, eoeb Sl« lAmi^m. 

MiJLLBR, (B. O.) Die Etnuker. 2 vols. 8vo Brttlau, 1838 

INOHIRAMI, (F.) Monnmenti etraschi o di etmsco nome, disq[Batit incisi, illustrati e 
pabUicati. 10 vols. 4to ^Trexze. 1H21-26 

LEPBIU8, (Dr. R.) Abhandlongen itb. d. Tyrrbenischen Pelasfer in Etraria ; und ub. d. 
Verbrritnaf de» Italischen Munzsy stems von Etmria aus. 8vo Jjeipxig^ 1843 

DOROW, CM.) Voyaire arch^ologiqoe dans I'ancieune Etrurie. 4to. Paris, 1829 

GERHARD, (E.) Etruskiicbe und (.'ampanische Vasenbildef der kfinifl. Museum sn 
Beibn. foL. 35 pi Berlin, 1843 

OsservaUoni intorao ai roodemi sistemi soile anticbitk etinsebe. 8vo. Firenie, 1834 

MICALI, (O.) L'ltalia avanti fl domhio de Romani. 4 vob. 8vo, et atlas. Firenu, 1810 

"-^ Storift degli antichi popoli italiani. 3 vob. 8vo, et atlai. ..." 1823 

EUROPE, (History of.) 

HALLAM, (H.) The History of Europe during the Middle Ages. 8th 
edit., 2 Tols. 8vo, 24« London, 1841 

KOCH, (C. G. DE.) History of the Revolutions of Europe, from the fiill of 
the Roman Empire to the present times. Transl. by A. Crichton. 8to. 

London, 1839 

RUSSELL, (Dr.) The History oi Modem Europe : with an Account of 
the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire, and a View of the Progress 
of Society from the Rise of the Modem Kingdoms to the Peace of Paris 
in 1763. New edit., continued to the Death of WilUam IV. of England. 
4 vols. 8vo, 52« London, 1837 

RUSSELL, (Lord John.) History of Europe from the Peace of Utrecht. 
2 vols. l2mo. London, 1826 

ALISON, (A.) The History of Europe, from the commencement of the 

French Revolution in 1789, to the Restoration of the Bourbons in 1815 

10 vols, irr. 1S« Edinb.,\^\ 

(Reprintfd, New- York, 1843, H. Bro's.) 

The same, in 20 vols. sm. 8vo, jC6. London, 1847-8 

■ ■ An Atlas to Alison's History of Europe ; illustrating, in a systematic series of 100 
Maps and Flans, the Campaifn*. Battles, and Sieges, dnnnjc the Period embraced by the 
History. Constructed Bbd arraiut^ under the direction of Mr. Alison, from the materials 
mod bv him in the composition oflhe work. By A. K. JohnsUm, author of the'* National," 
and eifitor of the " Physical Atlas." 4to 70«., Hvo 50*. . I^ndon, 1847-^ 

LAING, (S.) Notes on the Social and Political State of Italy, France, and 
Germany, dec., during the XlXth Century. 8vo. London, 1842 

RAUMER, (F. voK.) Oeschichte Europa's seit dem Ende d. 15te Jahrfaundert. VoU. 1-7, 
X4. 4# /^>z'jr. 1H35M3 

8CI10ELL. ^M. S. F.) Conn d'histoire des 4tats europ^ns, depnis le bouleversement de 
Tempire romain d'Ocoident Jusqu'en 1780. 4A vob. 8vo. /.333. Pari$, 1830-34 

ANCILLON. (F.) Reirolntlons des Bystbmes PoUUques de I'Europe. 4 vob. 8vo./.94. 

PariM, 1883 

CAPEFIGUE, (B. H. R.) L'Europe pendant du Consulat et TEmplre de Napoldon. 90 

vob. IHmo ParM, 1840-1 

L'Europe depnb I* Avenemeat da Roi I^onis-Philippe, pour faire suite k I'Histoire de la 

Restanratioa du mime Autear. 10 vob. 8vo, /.75 Paria, 184- 

L'Europe pendant le Hivohitioa fran^ aase. 4 vob. 8vo. Ptarit, 1843 










I * 



[fairt mtthologt. 

C: :■ 



. I 


EUROPE.— (Continued.) 

BEAUMONT-VA8SY. Iltstoira do £uti eoiopteu, depak k eonfm d» VinM. 10 

vol*. 8*-o. /.75 /Wt#, 1843-7 

Vol. I. Bd{*iqae et Hollande. 1 vol. ftvo /.7 50 

" II. 8o^e, Norwe^. Danemftrk et Pnuw. IvoLSvo. ... 750 

" III., IV. La Gnnde-BivUifiie. 3 vob. 8vo 15 00 

LACEPEDR. Hiitoire sen^rale de TEarope, depnii In dmuerai uib4«8 dm V liecle joa- 
qae vrn le miliea du XVIII. 3e edn., 18 vols. evo./.60. .... Pmria. 

LENGIjET. Ilittoire de TEnrope et des coIoium •aropAenaea dapok la ffaain da aapt aaa 
jusqu'i la r^volntioD de juUIet. 1830. 6 vob. 8vo,/J6 Paris, l&I 

CARNil-MARSIN. Tableau de rhbtoiie g^a^rale de I'Eorope 1814 k 1830. aivob. 8to. 

Paria. 1834 

EXCHANGES.— (Commerce.) 

KELLY, (P.) The Universal Cambist and Commercial Infltmctor, being a 
full and accurate Treatise on the Exchanges, Coins, Weights and Mea- 
sures of all Trading Nations and their Colonies, with an account of their 
Banks, &.c. 2d (and best) edition., 2 vols. 4to, 428. London, 1831 

TATE, (W.) The Modem Cambist, forming a Manual of Foreign Ex- 
changes. 4th edition, 8vo. 12«. .... London, 1643 

LAURIE. (J.) Tables of Exchange between Paris, Bordeaux, Marseilles, 
Havre, Lyons, Brussels, Ghent, Bruges, Antwerp, Genoa, and London ; 
being French money reduced into English, and Englidi money reduced 
into French, from 33 Francs to 264 Francs per Pound Sterling, &c., &c. 
V^ith Tables of Commission in French and English Monies. 2d ed. 8to, 
20« London, 1845 


JESOPS FABLES, newly translated or selected from the original, by Rev. 

Thos James, illustrated with 100 designs by Jno. Tenniel. ran. 8vo. 

London, 1847 
BEWICK, (T.) The Fables of iGsop and others, with designs on wood. 

Bvo NtweaotU, lhl8 

NORTHCOTE, (J.) One Hundred Fables, original and selected. 8to. 


LA FONTAINE ^J. db.) Les Fables de, edition illoitr^e par J. J. Gnodnlle. S vob. 
8to,/.30 Porw. 1838 

The Baroe translated bj Elizur Wright, jr. 3 vob. 8vo. . . BtUn, 1941 

FLORIAN. (J. P.) Fable* de, Ulostr^e par Victor Adam. 8vo,/.]4. . Pmris, 1838 

DE9LON6CH AMPS. (A. L.) Etsai lar lea Fabkt indienaei at rar le«r iatradvetioa ea 
Europe. 8vo Paris, WOS 

LOCMANN, (C.) Fables en Arabe aveo tradaction et notei, lie., par C. Bcfajor. 4to, 7«. 

Dresden, 1839 

BJ9BRffVaAin\fp ^*ove», cum Fabalamm Deperditaram FragnMDtis. Reeeaaaitet bre- 
viter illiutravit (>. C. I^ewu. A.M. Hvo, 5s. 9d Oxford, 1840 

BIDPAI. Kalila and Dirana. Translated from the Arabic, by the Rer. 
W. Knatchbull. Bvo Oxford, 1819 


KEIGHTLEY, (T.) The Fairy Mythology, illustrative of the Sanerttition 
and Romance of Various Countries. 2 vols. l2nio. London, 1833 

GERMAN FAIRY TALES and Popular Stories, as told by Gammer 
Grethcl. Translated from the collection of MM. Grimm, by Edgar Tay- 
lor, with Illustrations from Designs by G. Cruikshank and Ludirig Grimm. 
12mo, lo.Sd. London, 1846 

FAIRY RING {The) A Collection of Popular Tales, translated frvnn 
the German of Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm, by J. E. Taylor. With 12 
Illustrations by R. Doyle. Fcp. 8vo, 7«. 6^. London^ 1845 




FAIRY MYTUOLOGY.— (Continued.) 

CROKER, (T. C.) Fairy Legends and TraditionB of the South of Ireland. 
3 vols. 13mo, . . '. London, 1826-38 

The same abridged. 1 vol. l3mor5«. . Load., 1839 

MAURY, (A.) Let F6e* da Mojen Ago Reoherchet rar leor online. Imir hMtoiie et l«ar 
attriboU poor lervir de connabiance a la mytbologie gaalotta. l2mo.f.3. Pari*, 1843 

CJIBIJ^ET DES fees, ou rollection choitda des contes des fftes at autret contea mar- 
veUiaaz. 41 voU. 8ro, avec f ravures, /.93, ,im«(«n/aM. . {Paru), ITBl 

GRIMM. (J.) 0<nitsche Mytholo^e. Sic Aatffaba. 9 vob. 8vo. . Oott., 1844 

IN8ULANUS. (TuKOPBT.) An Kasay of the Natora and ActioM of the Sabterranean 
(and for the mott part.) Invuible People, heretofoir Koinf under the names of Elves, 
F annet, and Fairies, or the lyke, amonc the low country Boots, as they are described by 
those who have the second sight, etc. 4to, (re{mnt). Edmbmrjfk, IBlii 


SCHLEGEL it WALVERHORST. Traits de Fauconnerie, liv. I. imp 
folio, X3. 3». {Coloured Plates.) .... Leiden., 1846 

FALKNERKLEE, bestehend in drey angcdmcten Werken aber die Falk- 
nerey . . . ans dem tarkiachen ond ghechischen verdeuacht and heraoag. 
von Hammer Purgstall. 8to Wien, 18^ 

FICTION, (History of.) 

DUNLAF, (J.) The History of Fiction ; being a critical Account of the 
most celebrated Works of Fiction from the Earliest Greek Romances to 
the Novels of the Present Age. 3d ed. 8vo, 15«. London, 1845 

MOIR AND SPALDING. Poetry, Romance, and Rhetoric. 8vo, 6«. 

(From the Encyclo. Brilannica.) Edinburgh, 1839 

FINE ARTS.— (See Arts, Fine, p. 43.) 

LEOUZON-LEDUC. La Finlnnde, son histoire primitive, sa mythologie, 

sa po^sie ^pique, son g^nie national, sa condition politique et sociale depuis 

la conqu^te russe. 2 vols. 8 vo,/. 15 Pari*, 1845 

SCHMITZLBR, (M.) La Ruasie, b Poloini«. et la Finlande ; taMean statistique gAo- 

chie mwe prise isoWment. 8vo. 
Pmris and St. Pttertkurgk, 183S 

giapbiqne et hi«toriqiie de toutes les parties de la monarchie mwe prise isoWment. 8vo. 

lo . 

FISHES.— (See Ichthyology.) 
FLANDERS.— (See Netherlands.) 

WARNKCENIG. Hist, de la Flandre et de ses Institutions civib et politi- 
ques jusqu'k Tann^ 1305, trad, de Tallemande par Gheldorf 2 volsi 
8vo, 14« Bruxelleg, 1835 

FLEMISH LANGUAGE.— (See Netherlands.) 
FLORENCE, (History op.) 

NAPIER, (H. F.) Florentine History, from the earliest Authentic Records 
to the Accenioii of Ferdinand the Third. 6 vols, post 8vo, 54«. 

London, 184^7 

MACHIAVELLI, (N.) Istorie Fiorcntine. 8vo. i^ltren^e, 1532 

(Varions Editions.) 

Translated by Thomas Bedingfield. Folio. London, 1594 

VILLANI, (O.) Istorie Fiorentine. 8 vols. 8vo MUan», 1834 

DEL£cLUZE, (M.) Floimce et am vidssitadat 181J^-17D0. S vob. 8vo, avao uno Carto 
et4pl Pom, 1897 









[forensic medicine. 







FLOR KN(;H.-^(Co/i/fw?/e</.) 

REI'MONT. (A.) Riimiwhc Brivfer voo nacm FkiMUMr. 1H37-W. 2 roh. i^mo. 

BRI'TO. ((;. M.) Utohr FwrentiBe,' trad, da Huniil. GattMchi (arec W toitr laiio.) 'J 
Tol.. ^vo Mrm:.. l-O^ 

CAVALCANTI. (G.) IbIotm Fiomitiae, daU' aoM 14» al 14U «m IU«uras -i torn 
Hvo, ......... t'trmii., ]H>-J 

Hc« Mi-BBAV'a Hand Book to Nanh«r« Italy. 


DARBY, (W.) Geography, and Natiirml and Cml History, of }-1orida 
Hvo Pkilad., Ih'Jl 

WILLIAMS. (J. L ) SkrtGhes of the Topography and the Civil nnd 
Natural liiHtory of Florida. 8vo. . yew- York , It^"! 

FOKBHS, (J. G ) Sketches of the Floridaii. 8ro. JVeir- Y&rk, 1^31 

HKKNANIX) i)E sm'O. The Conqaest of Florida, tranriated by The«>- 
dnre Irving 2 vols. Piino Pkilad., \r^b 

TKRNAl'X CO.MPANS, (11 ) Voynjres, Relatiouset M^moires onginaai. 

pour ptrry'iT u I'hiHtoin* de la dtTourertr de TAmerique. — Recueil de piecrs 

sur la Flori<le. Hv'o,/. II. ....... Pari*. 

fSARri LASSO DB LA VI:<;A. Iliitona dc la Florida. 4 volt. IHmo. Midnd, If^kl 

HARTRAM. (J.) A<*«-ouai of Cau Florkia. i»\o /.mWra. ITTf 

BARTRA.M. (W.) Trai«4. throo-h North aad 8o«Mli CmoUu, Gcorsia. Eau and \Vo<« 
FlondA. rtr. "to Jjtmdou. I'lM 

V1GN()LLI><. (C) Ob^vatMNM on tbr Flondas. olc. Hvo. . XfW-Ymrk^WJi 


PKRKIRA, (i.) A Treatise on Food and Diet: with Ohtrnrations on th^ 
Dirti'lirnl Rr^iiMi>n yiitifd fiir DisDrdered States of the Digestive Oripins ; 
DHil an Arcoiiiit of th** Dietnnrs of some of the princi{Nil M4'iro|iolitan 
and ofh«'r t>tnbli!(hni<'iitj« tor Patifiers, Lunatics, Criminals, Children, the 
Sick, fuc. ^v(), IGff. ........ 1643 

TRr.MAN.{.\l , F'hmI. and it^ Influence on Health and Disease; or. 

an Account of the KtT-cts of difffrenl kinds of Aliinent on the Human 

Body: with Dictrtic Rules for the Pr<>ser\'ation ofthe Health Ptvt Hvo. 

Is. (id Landifn, lKia 

THOMSON, (R. D) Kx|)erimentnl Rf-searrhes on the Foi>d of Animals, 

and the Fattening of Cutilc : with Rrniarks ofe the Food of Man. Fep. 

Hvo, 5« Jl>iiiM.lfci46 

fRi>pnn!c<i. Nrw-York. l^MA. D. A. k. Co.) 

fV* Com as os Ihir>^!iim. kc. 

FOOD.— (Adultkration« of.) 

GARMKR TT HARKL. Des Falsifications des SabMincet AKmrntairai 
rt des moyenschiinitiuesdc Icsrfconnaitre. l!2nio. Peris, ld44 

RKMKR. Lrhrbuch der |Jolizetlich i;i'richtlichen Cbemie. 8vo. 

IMmttmii, 1897 

Krr .Art I m'i DocDMtir Clmiii*!. raa'a Dirtiooary of Afti. He.- 

FORKNSH; MKDICINK.- (Mkdical Juribprvdekce.) 

TAYLOR, (A S ) Manual of Medical Jtrnsprodeoce. 9d ed ftp. Hvo. 
V2m M Umdmm, lb«6 

GUY. (W. A ) Principles of Forensic Mrdicine. Fep. 8vo, IDs. 6tf 

BKCK.'T. R & J B ) Foments of Medical Jarispradence. 7th edition, 

Hto/JU .... Ijm4tm. \^^ 

PMmi. 'i.V, ) The Pnorlph* of Forraac MmAictm, tyUKmattetAy anaafod. aad ajipfcd 
to Britifth PraciMa. 3d od.. Hto, 16«. . ... /.■■<■■. UOR 



[francs . 

FORENSIC tAEDlCmE.— (Continued,) 

TRAILL, (T. S.) Oatline* of a Coune of Lectnret on Medical Jarupradeace. 2d ed. 

8vo, 5t Edinkurrk, 1840 

RAY, (J.) On the Medical Jaritprtidence of Intanity. 8vo. . Bottom, 1838 

CHRISTISON. (R.) Treattie on Poiioas, in reference to Medical Jnriipradenoe, Phyiiol- 
Ofy. and the Practice of Physic. 4th ed., 8vo, 20«. Edinhurgk, 1844 

F0D£r6, (E.) Traitd de m^diciAe legale et d'bygiune publiqne. Se edo., 6 vob. 8vo, 
/.25 Paris. 

BRIAN D, (J.) et Erneit ChandA. Maanel complet de medicine Mgale. 4e ed. conte- 
aant un Traits de chimie UkgaK par O. de Clanbiy. 8vo,/.9. Pam, 1H46 

NICOLAI, (D. H. G.) Handbuch der gerichtlichen Medicin, nach dem 
gegenwan. Standpunkte dieser Wissenschaft fur Aente u. CriminaliateD. 
^vju . j'C/y /'/ ' 1 I ■\' / Berlin, IQ41 -y^ 

PASLEY, (C. W.) Rales, chiefly deduced f^om Experiment, for Condact- 
iDg the Practical Operations of a Siege. In two Parts. 8vo, 13«. 

London, 1843 

JONES, (J. T.) Journals of Sieges carried on by the Army under the 

Dlike of Wellington, in Spain, during the yeani 1811 to 1814, etc. 3d 

ed., 3 vols. 8vo, plates, 42a., London, 1846 

FI8CIIMFJSTER (J.) Traitd de fortification passa^re, d'attaque et defense dei {wntei et 

letrenchinenli, $uivi d*Qn appcndice sur lea (mnts miiitaires. Tradait de FaUemand par 

- Rieffel. 8vo et atlai, /.15. Pari*. 

MADEF^AINE. Fortification permancnte. Infants det fronts bastionnAs en nsage. modi- 
fications ndcessaires, bases d'an nonveaa sy^tcnie. 8vo, fA Pario. 

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3e 4dn.. 3 vob, 8vo Parit, 1830 

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Paris, 18» 
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Airu, 1839 
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— — M^rooires sur la Fortification primitive. 4to. '* 189Q 

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MERKE8, (J. G. W.) Elxamen rai^onnA dm pro^rrs et de I'dtat actnel de la fortification 

Grroanente, dans leqnel on compare les diverses applications qui ont ^XA faites dn systeme 
stionnA anz principes fondamentanx admU de nos jonn. Tradnit dn Hollandab. 8vo, 
/.7 50 Paris, 1846 

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taires et ponr s'instraire soi-mdme. Traduit de I'allemand par T. Parmentier. 8vo. avae 
atlas, /.«) Paris, 1845 

See also the Works of Aivtoink dk Villk, Bblidor, Blohokl, Cokhorn, Bisarr, 
Errard. Comtk dk Paoan. Mpllkt,'Montalbkrt, Manor. Encycla Metro- 
pol. HALi.BCK*a Military Art and Science. 

FOSSILS.— (See Palaeontology.) 

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and species hitherto described, with reference to their geological distribu- 
tion, and to the localities in which they have been found. 8to, lOf. 









'/ ' 



I. geo(;raphy, statistics, dec— ii. history.— 



GlBArLT DK SAINT FARGEAU. Bibliofrraphif faMofiqM cC topogrsphinM d« U 
Frmnrv, on Catalo|riw ^ loos In oarnMrM iinpniii*« cs Fnao* 4*|mit 1p XVi> Hed# 
jvtqu'aa moti d'avnJ If iS, ronUnuit In litm d vaviroa M.UOO •«naffM, etc. H««. / Ti. 

i>lBn«, Ir«4& 


SCliNITZLER. ^J. H.) Satimique Ornerelc methodiquf* et complete dr 
la Frniirr. Cuiiipai^e aaz autrrs grandea puiaaancea de TEiirope. 4 rub 
8vu,/30 F«n«. IH46 

MrRRAY'S lUntibfMik ihr Trav.'ll<*ni in France : bring a Goide to Nor- 
mandy, Briuinnv ; the Rivcni I/»irrt Heine Rhone, and Garoone ; the 
Frrnrh AIpp, Danphinr, Provenre, and the Pyreneea : with J)eaeriptiofia 
of the prinriiml Routea. Rnilwaya, the Approachea to Ital]r, the chief 
Watfrin^ Plnrrfi, f&c. t'vo, with a travelling mapa, cloth, VU, 

Lond9m, 1846 

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ronti^m*, iW 70 |>oriraita et G80 Tignettea. 6 Yola. Hto. Pmri9» \^H 

VAYSSK i>L VILLIKRS. Iiintrain- d»*Prriptifdc la France, ou G^ngra- 
pliH* ronipl^tt*. h:i*i«>r.r}ii<> <'t pittoi^i4|iir di* re rrtyaaine, per ordre de rouiea, 
divii«^> «>n hiiit rii!i(in«*, etc. 30 voIh. hvo, /. 150. . Pmris. 

nr<I<). A ) Franrv |.jtior»-*j«e, on tlrprripticn pirtorewjue, topographiqne 
et Knt.Mtiqii'* dc^ d^}HirliiM nt;* et culdiiicft tie la France. 3 Tob. 4to, 1:H) 
cartif *-i 750 vmnt'ttcp PmriM» 1835 

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!'• Partir Annnh-^ historniurff. H vols*, hvo. 33 rartea hiatohqoea colo- 
ri^m II* Partie.rttmprenant l** I)K:tinnnain> eiirydofi^diqae de Thialoirr 
de Fnincf. V2 vola. evo, avrc WK) gravures. 

DUCLOS. Dictionnaire g^n^-ral At^ Tillea, hourga, Tillage*, bameaox et 
fermeti de la France, dea principali^a dea pays ^trangera et det coloniea 
4e. <:dn./10 /*«ria, I ^^46 


DrP<»l'R KT IH'VOTRNAY. 1^ Kranrr. Aila« (ir« Hi d«t«ilinMHa M dn 
fian<;Bi«r«. iliti-c« m arTon<ii«M<ntenl« rt CaniiHit, ai«*«- an aolice wmi c fcaq— Ji*iVi f t> 
par Ailwii Montrnitiiit. f\i ra'U-« et **,* cuth«>*. -llo. f.Vi ^mru. 

CAHTr.l.Vr.RI). Nou%ra9 Pim* inrt>M(tiqurdrrht.t«r« dn FraafaitH d*laf*««Tapl>w 
(1^ la Franii*. ^to. | laurl.r* it lartr*. /.7 <;iii I*«n«. I*«44 

GIRAI'LT nr PAINT FAR(;F.Ar. Ihrtidanairp ftH«Ta;iliiq«e. hlrtMlqa*. adaimBMm- 
tif, iiii1ti*trwl H rommerrial d« louln In roinmaan dm la Fraar*. at da das da 40I.OIC 
Itamraat ra drprndaol : itln«irr de K^icratarn. 3 «ol». 4to. /JtO. Ivria. |rt|S-M 

f /Or -r .1/ K.VTs S T. I Tis nu t ^'•*< *«r la Franrr. pubhf* par Ip lataHlia da PiMaiirn.~ 
Traiiuiir, l'i>'iblatiua. ('fMnmenv evianrar. I'af M. Moivaa de Jaaii. 3 rth. Um. 

Asnriihurr !2 \oU. rn 4 toai.. 4lo '* IMt 

P'tn.iars PimtRrsf^frx dan* l'aBrt#«ar Fraac^ par k Baioa Tayltr. 
Nadi^. M dr (.'atllrai : fmnd la folw lur |ia|apr telra. arpr aa giaad 
lirm tar pa|Mrr Chiac H laJM^Tajiliien par In pm a w n aitola*. 


I. a llaotr Normaadar. 

i tolt. 


I.a Ra^r No'maadie. 


U Franrhc Cm 




» voh. 


I^ I^anfiM^icir. 



U P»i ardir. 



1^ I>aa|ibiaa. 


I.a RfHaia*. 



U dtamaaraa. 

9H) plaaclm /.«>7 

•jin Maa 

«^"' • • • * . vaa 

ITV " 3M 

»r4 " 

7IW •• 

• • • • • 

«0 •• 7J 



General Histories, Collections, &c. 

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Abdication of Napoleon. 3 vols. am. 8vo. . . London, 1830-31 

(Lardner't Cyclopedia.) 

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Pori*, 1738 
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Porte, 1844 

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8 map*. /.26. .... Paris, 1845 

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(Lib. Use. Knowl.) 

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8vo,/.15 Parw. 


, .'. 

" L 








■< ; 


II. lIISTDRY.—( rrm/miirrf.) 

JAMK8. ((;. P. R.) The History of Charlrmafrne, with a Skrtcb of the 

Statr and History of France, from the Fall of tlie Roman Empire to the 

Rise of the Carlovingian Dynasty. New ed. 8?o, Via. London, lt<47 

PibrKSN'V. (nK.) Ktniln iarrh»tMiv, In MiK !«§ iartiUtioni de I'^poope nerotmft- 
«DHP. *2\oU.t*\o,f.lH rmrtt, IMH-n 

PEVRONNKT. (LB CoNTB db.) Iltotoira da* Fmaa. 4 vob. H«o. f.JL 

pMTit IHI3-44I 
rAPKFIfSn:. r.M ; Charlemafaf. S «oU. f<vo./-l& ... Fmri;lM\ 

(•RANli:. (M. P.) IIhUmw &m ChafbaufM. prtioM* d'oa pfMt k^lor. tar In (Sasim. 
Hvo Pan*. l-l» 


CAPKFIurn. (M.) Ilu«tm Cai«t M la 3« »«• JBM|a*4 PhUipiie Aaffaita. 4 Toh. »>*• 

Par*«. ]>9 

IlMiNrrdr Phtlippr-AnipMt^. 4 rob. Hvo. ** JHJ9 

HwtiNrr («Mi«titnlioaaeUe K admiaittrativa da la Fraaoe, depab la aiarta im Phili|im- 

Aofvtt^. 4 tok. f vo, /.SO Pmrta, IHSi 

VILLKNKI'VK TRANH. (lb MARmia db.) llutoiradeS. Loaii.fMda Fiaa.*. 3 roU. 
"•o. Pmri; \<B 

FLOHKRT. fA.) liiUiNi«d««daca d'Orleav dalaMaiaoade Boarboa. lOOl^-liiao. 6 rob. 
f vo. 'J4 fiortraitB, /.42 Paru. 

C'OMINKi* rPiiiLiP DB.) M«a>oirM. aoov. ida.. i^vaa Mr Ick maaatcrte da la Bikliath^M 
ro}ak*. Hit. ftar M. Dnpoat. Vol*. 1*11. /.9 Pan*, lt»«^ 

Bi < H'»«i*ii ('ttroai'ioat et Mrmotm tar rilintoire de Fraam. 


MONSTRKLKTS Chnmiclefi. from the text of Col. Johnen, with Notes and 
Wo<Nirutii. 2 vols. »vo, 30» Jjondom. 1h4€ 

C< ^STKLLO, Mucs ) Jactines'Cour, the French Argonaut, and his Timr«. 
Hvo nits Londom, 1h47 

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1-i \o\*. h%o Paru. Hl? 

CHRtKViqVh: nP.S RULtGIFA'X DK .S.f/.VT' />K.V/.V (ia^>-14ii).pahl. paf M. 
BvIUfiirt 4to. toin. I- haria. 14^ 

£l»il'R. 'M. ibOimtb.; Ilftoin* di> Charlai VIII. 3 rob. Hto. 1A34 

Bi I H'lx'i ChroatqoM M Mrmoim. 


rjlAO.V/f/r'/: d^Jcttad' A aton. 4 «»]•. hvo P^na. 14» 

RORDKRKR. 4 P. L.) Iahm Xil. n Fraafob l.oa BAmoiin poaf mrwii k aaa aovrrB* 
biUoirr de l^ur ncB'. Hr. 3 vol*, "to Pana, l"tt 

E.*tTIOI.E. 'P D. l'.) Journal d*- llran ill. de Hran IV. at da I^oab XIII. mmw «Ja 

aaf. i %ol%. **\o. fM Pan*. PUI 

Bit hoh's (lirooH|onrt .Mf'iiMNrM. 


Hb^mi IV IW-IAIO. Lot !• XIII. inir».]&43. Umh XIV. 1M3-I7IS. Loi*u XV. 


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HI'M.V MemwrM : aov. eda. an- d«> JVlo^a da HaHy par M. b Vomitm Dan. • ^b 

H%o./n; part*. irtT 

The Hamr. Traatlatcd b; Charlotte l^anoi. New ad. 5 tab. Hv«. . Um . 1-19 

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i^ti« XIII iriimiiua. 

BAZIN. 'M A. llHioife de Fr«Bi« tou» I^uh XIII. e< aoiu le maMw dc Maiana t» 
eila 4 «ul*. l-inw. /.14 ... Pirta. I*M 

CAPF.FKiCE. ^M J RH-heiira. Mtrana H U Fmale. H toh. h«o. l-rS 

J,rs HlsTunir.TTFS ItH T.ILLUJ/.I.ST /'*:« Rr.1IX.m*^mmtmptm*9»t^n 
• I'hMtfMr* du XVIIr ti*rle. paldi^e* *ar le inaaa«fii lae lit H aataffraplwi a**v Je* 
eriamM^ieaia ef im aotaa. |«r MM. Moaateniad. da Chaleaafftfsa. at Ta n hawaa 1 1 
vob. TiiM ... Par.*. 1 'ill 

n. msrrORY, —CCorUinued,) 

Di RBTZ, (Cakdinal.) Memoiii of Himwlf : with tha roost Seerat Tmnnctioiu of Uw 

Frtneh Court and tha Civil Wan. Tramlated from Um Fienoh. 


Abr^2<^ des tn^raoirea, oa joomal dn Marquis de Daufeau, extrait do 
tree am notes et on abrAf6 de Thicloira do la rignnoe, par M me. do 

Louis XIV. 1643-1715." 

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mannicrit orisinal. avee 
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I^andrss et Pans, 1814 

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Pans, 1890 

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40 vob. 8vo Paris, 18&^ 

The tame, 12th ed. revbed, in 25 vob. 12mo./.90. ... " 1845-46 

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Hamk., 1840-4S 

u -'■•■ 






A ;. 



0'. I 

f • 

II. HISTORY.— (CV/n/ini«y/.) 

Rl.'C'IIEZ. (P. J. B.) «l ROrX. HirtoifP pwWMMtMiv de l« r*v«l«ti«i fraaram. oo KMr- 
nai dM awmblMiBatMNialMdepBii 17M) juqn'ca 1K1&, coa&tMal, k«. 40«ok. »<«o./|tiU. 

VKl'lLLOT. (£.) Ln Uii«mt il* la Vrad^ «c da U Birtaffoa I'mo-lrCK.) H«a. /5 

. Pmn*, 1H46 

CRETIN RAl'JOLY. Hitioira d«i la Wad^ miliiaiir: diviMwra aaaliaaiiosBx ; ia 
Uraad (iarnv. la Gacnv df Charrttr. la Cboaaaarric, IHIS rl 1.<M. I voh. H«o. />). 

Pari*. li^tMl 

rOI.I.FATIO.S' ItKS MKMttlHhlS n>»tif« a ia Ravolatioa fraa^ai^e. avfr dn buiitp^ 
•or Iran autran «C dn rrlairinrmMiU hMUwiqaei, par MM. BcnriBt ct Barri'-rr. (D 
vu>«. |4to, atvc fix- port. •Ic.,/.3QU. Hmns. 


THIKRS, (Mj The Huiory of ihe Conmlate And Empire of Napolron. 
- vuUi. Hvo. fich 5«. ...... Ijoudon, IMS 

.MONTHOLON. (Cexl.) Captivity of Naiioleon at St. iklriia. 4 vola. 

Hto, 56* London, lb4t*-7 

(R^pnotcd. Pkdad.. V. U H.) 

mM'RIRNNK. (F. pb.) Mi'iDuim »ar Na|io)i>aa. Ir Dirrr(oir«. le Coatalat. Hr 1»«oli. 
H%o. Mm fan*. l-'^tf-SD 

Mrmoin of Na|iolp«Ni. tranUatnl b) I>r. Mrawa. 4 volt. IHmo. . Kiim.^ frOI 

Thp latn** : lo whiili arr biIHmI a IliUory of ihi* lluadint llavB. of Ibr BaUla ol' Wa- 

Irrkio. of NBpoli>oa'» Kvilr and iVath at 8t. llvU-aa. 4 volt. Mvo. fdaln, au«. 

I random. KK 
RICNON. Iltetmrr de Fraarr, Hiut Na|iol<>on. RKdij;<*e i>t trnniB«*e par Rraonf. - \oi« 
^\o. Pvrit, I- - 

U'AIIR.WT^S. >'i.A l>ri ns^ii i M«nM>!kwvpninhi*ior. tar Napalrc«a. U rr\o 
latioti, k dirrdiMrf*, ptr. IH t til*. Mo. I^n«, ifCI|-3j 

LAS IWSAH. M'oNTB UK.; M«-inoful «!«• Satnl l|f|"ar, taivi d«* Napoitoa ca r\d par 
n'M**arA, H d«> let drmi"r» tnoiiifnu |Mr .\aiomarrhi. He. ^ vok. *'vo. /.4ll. I*>in«, l-4i 

LACRKTKLLK. i4'. DC.; Iltoiwrrdu (•€>n ula». -J vol,. h»o, /.!». f^rt«. I^Me 

likntMfp d«> I'Kfnpire. 4 »oU. ^\o. /.-Jl Pan*. l>Mr»- 

PKRRflT. r A M.> liiai'ratir (fafr.-il dr Na|o!«oo. ChroaoloffH' da rMnalat H 4^ !*»■■ 
IMrv. lailninani juur par jour. |»*n(l;int tiMit «« iir. b* lifu ou rtait Naiiolroa. rr iju'il a 
I'ait H le* *-%<*iwnM-nt% l«^ |4u« rvni«t;tial>lit tjoi ic rattactirBi Ik ion biatoinp. i*%o. rt Ail^ 
<lr 10 rartrt la folio. /. 13 Pmru. IMi 


C'APBFKSrK. rM.j llirloirr dr la Ri^itanratwn. Id vok. Hvo. . . r<ri«. |i<3i-33 
LACRKTKLLK, :.M. li Jst aa., llutoirc dc Fraaiv drpau la rettaarauoa. 4 toU "va 

VArLABF.I.I.F.. Htutf d« l'ein|Hr». Ilftuirr dn dfox rt^taaratioai df I^M n |»i:». 

1BM)a'* la C*hutvd*(.1iarlaB X. ra IKM |tnronii>« d'aa |Hreii liitionqaa tar ka Baarboo* h 
!> parti Ro« alKtr. 5 »ok. H«o. /.'iS fan*. l<Mr!-7 

RKN ARD. f K.; liitioiiv dr la nniaoration, taiva d'aa pr^cM de la r^«alalM>a <k> jnll^c. 
c«o. /.7SU f>ar««. I<^ 



HIHI.lnOK.IPniK itF. Ui FR.I.VCK, oa Joaraal (^a«ral de riapriamaeC de la 
i^brainr. H ik^ ("arin K^o|:raph|i{a««. eratortn. liihoKraphm eC C]Ul%rr* dr MaM^ae. 
Volt. l.-XXXVIi. MO |>efu. lMU-47 

'Palili*lM«l weekly, at 3n fran't |irr aaaam.) 

QI'^RARU. -J. M.; I^ Fraa<v iMtrraiiv. ir>vol«. Hvo. jClO. . Pianm, V^S-^i 

l.iitiTstarf l'ont«ni|KKajne Vol*. 1-11. ftO '* IM^ 

HKL'M-IIF.R. fi , Hil>li.«raphiP franrai*^. Vok. l-fl. Mva. . *• l^n. 

iTo \t" luinpktrd la alK»ul 2.1 volBai>%.) 

VENT(»ril.!4\r. 1 1.. T Th" Frf n« li Libranan. or Utmrj f^oide : poiatiMoaiife 
U*i WurL> ol'ihe Pnai-i;Ai Wnii-r. !•:' Ffan«v. Hvo. /nirfn. |-*3f 

LlTERAKY Ilr-Tf^KV. vV'". 

msT<HHE UTTERMRi: «l. la Krnnce. Par I). Rirrt. D. TaiUn »ier. 

rtr *«H) Tola 4lo TarM. 1733-1? 13 

AMPflRK. J. J . Ilittn.rr liLiffai.'T d«> la Franro. avaai k Mp wrle. 3 volt f%a. 

Iliif «N:r .le la btif-ialarv fiaaraite ao movra-Bfa. romparte aai luldiaifat ^ttaaf «a 

t!«o. Fans, IpJI 


BER6ER DB XIVREY, (J.) RachercbM tar let ionra« aatiqiMi de la UttAratare frma- 
f AIM. 8vo Part*. 1839 

CH ARPENTIER, (J. P.) TaUean Uistoriqoe de la UuAntiye fraacaan aa ]5e at an 16a 
liiide. 8vo Paris, 1835 

SAINT MARC GIRARDIN bt CHA9LES. Tableaa da la liuAratnra fraBCake ao 16a 
tiede. 8vo Parit, 1889 

NISARD, (D.) Uifltoiw de la Litt^ratore Fran^aiw. 3 volt. 8to, /.15. . Paris, 

BARON, (A.) HUtotre abr. de la LitUratoro Franf ak. 2 voh. 8vo. 

MICUIELS, (A.) Hih. des Idees Littdrairei en France an XlXme Sieefe. 8 volt. 8vo. 

Paris, ie» 

6ERUZEZ. (M.) Hiatoire de r^loqnence politique et religiente en France, k la fin dn ISe 
aiecle et pendant le 16e. 3 vols. 8vo Paris, 183&-37 

BARANTE, (M. db.) Tableau de la littirature francaiw an 18e udele. 8vo. 

Paris, 1833 

TJlBlsE^U JIXTHOLOQiqUR de la littiratnre frangaise contemporaine (1789-1837). 

en six livret, etc. 8vo, vol. 1- Berlin, 1837 

DUaUESNEL. (A.) Dn travail intellectuel en France, on ReiumA de la UuAratnre fraa- 
{aiaedepnii IHISjntqn'en 1837. 3 voh. 8vo, /.15 Paris, 

LA HARPE, (J. F. db.) Lyede, on Coun de Utt^rature anctenne at moderae, tnivt dn 
Ubieau de la littAratnre an 19e uecli. j>ar Ch^nier. et du tableau de la littAratnre an 19a 
tiede, par M. Saint-Mare Girardin et M. Philarete Chatle. 3 vob. 8va,/J0. Paris, 1840 

portraits, chaque 4«. 6d., cloth. . Firmin Didot, Paris, v. y. 

MALHERBE. (J. B.) R088EAU, E. LEBRUN. 1 vol. 
LA FONTAINE. Fablet avec notet. par M. WalckenaSr. 1 vol. 
CORNEILLE, avec notet de Voltaire, etc. 3 vol. 
RACINE. ThMtre complot. 1 vol. 

BOILBAU. PoAtiet completat ; Comipondanoe avee Racina ; Trait* dn Snblioia. 1 vaL 
M0LII:RE, avec notes. 3 vob. 
REGNARD. Theatre et Voyaget. 1 vol. 
VOLTAIRE. La Henriade et PoOmet choitii. 1vol. 

Theatre. 1 vol. ^ 

Contat, Satiret, £p{tiei, etc. 1 vol. 

PASCAL. Pen*<^, iniviet dct Veruim de Nicole et dn Trait* de la paix avec ha honuDet. 
1 vol. 

Let Provincialea, pr6cM*et de la vie et de Tdlofe de Tantenr, par Bordae-Dnmonlin. 


f£nEIX)N. T^ldnuque et Fablet dettin*et 2k Tidncatioo de Mpr. la due do Baorgaf(ne. 
1 vol 

£dncation dct Fillet, Dialoj^nes des Mort«. Viet det Phihwophet. 1 vol. 

— — Trait* de Texittenoe at det attribnti de Dieo. Entratient tur la lellgioa. Lettiet tar 
divert tnjett de m^taphyMqne et de rdi^on. Dialogue tur TEloqueDce. Lettia iir let 
occnpationt de rAcad6mie fran^ake, etc. 1 vol. 

BOSSUET. Hittoire nnivenelle. 1 vol. 

— — Oraiaoni fnnebret, tuiviet det Oraitoni foncbret de Fiddlier K da BAaicaron. 1 vol. 

— - Sermons chobit. 1 vol. 

MASSILLON. PMit Cai*nw at Choix de Sermoot. 1 vol. 


Le m*iiie oovrage fona le titre : Let Caractiiret de Thdophratto, par La Bmy*re, etc. 

Prenidre Edition complete, par M. la Baron Wa^ckena^r. 3 volt. 

LE SAGE. GU-Blat. 1 vol. 

SEVIGNK. Lettret, avec let notet de tons lot commentatenrs. 6 voh. 

Nooveau choix de I^tret tres-complet. 1 vol. 

MONTESaUIEU. Grandeur det Romain« ct Lettret Pertanet, etc. 1 vol. 

Esprit dot Lois avao let notet de I'auteur et nn cboix das meillenn oommaatatenia. 1 


VOLTAIRE. SMcIo de Loait XIV. 1vol. 

Chariot XII. K Hhtoira do Pierra fe Grand. I vd. 

Romans. 1 vd. 



(4 A 

X i 








m. LITERATURE AND LANGUAGE.— (Cofi/iiiu«f.) 

BUFFON. Hbtoira des Animanx. 1 vol. 

£|)oqQet de la nature, hutoira de I'bomine. 1 vol. 

BERNARDIN dk SAINT-PIERRE. Paol et Vircinie, ete. } voL 

Ktttdet dv la Natarr. 1 vol. 

CHATEAUBRIAND. Atala.— Rdn^.— Lm Abenoemfw.— Vojrafe m AmAiiqw. 1 voL 
G^nie Chrotianisme. 2 voli. » 

Martyn. 1 vol. 

Ijn Natchez. 1 vol. 

Itin6raire de Parii ik Jdraialem et Vojrogee S vob. 

-r— £tadoi hutoriqnes. 1 vol. 

Analyse de ThUtoire de France. 1 vol. 

Les qaatre Btnart et M4Ian|»es politique*. 4 vols. 

ROLLIN. Traits des ]6tiide*y revn jiar M. Letronne. avec lei remarqaesdeCrevier. 3Tolf. 

CH HFSiy (F.lJy HE de« noetdt traipqnes. Rotron. Cr6billon. Lafiwe. Sanrin. De Balloi, 
Pompifpian, la llar|«. (.Midnier, I^ncival, Jjef^onvd, Dncis, Lemeroier. 2 vob. 

Det no'Mf* oominnm, tome I ^ IV., contenant Scanon. Montflenry, La Fontaiao, 

BoarMult. Baron ;— Danronrt, Dofresncy ; — Braeys «t Palaprat, Le Saga, d'ABaiavalp La 
ChaoM^e ;— Dettonchet, Faf^an, Boiwy. 

ROUHSEAU. NottveUe UdloiM. 1vol. 

Emile. 1 vol. 

Confenion*. 1 vol. 

MADAME DE STAEL. Cortnne. 1 vol. 

De rAllomimfne. 1 vol. 

MF.a PHISCKVS. Momoiiei de Silvio Pellico, tradoiti par M. P. LAiaad. 1 vol. 

BEAUMARCIIAIB. Th«ntre oomplot. 1vol. 

B(-RIBE. Son theatre renfermant 60 pieces. 5 vols. 

COURIER. (P. L.) PamphleU. Daplinis et Chlo«. Correspondanoa, etc. 1 toI. 

BIHr.lOTHEqVF. DKS MEM0IRF8 anciens et modenies rdatifr ik Thistoire do 
France. Premiire atrie, r^(Ue6e par M. J. Yanoski. tome I. Froissard (sons prsaw). 
Dmivme ahrie, r<^di^de j>ar M. F. liarriere. (Le tome I., qni coatimt let M^noirss da 
M. de Staal Delaunay, de M. d' Argenson et de Madame, mere rigente, ate., ert en vaate.) 

DANTE. I^ divtna Commodia con commenlari. 1 vol. 
TAHSO. Gernaalemme liberata el Aminta. 1 vol. 
ARIOSTO. L'Orlando fnrioM). 2 vol. 

In IGnio, imyrinU sur papier gatini. Ptt m/. St. 6d. 

RACINE. Theatre oomplet. 1 vol. 
MOLIERE, avec notes et commentairei. 2 vols. 
LA BRUYERE. 1 vd. 
CORNEILLE, les Chefs-d'tcnvre. 1 vol. 

BIBLIOTIIEQUE FRANCAISE. Publide par Finnan DidotFWrw. Pttru,y. y. 


La FONTAINE. (Envres completes, avec nne nonvelle notice sor ta via, at das solas par 

M. Walckenadr. Portrait. 1U«. 

MOLIERE. CEovres completes. prde^dAes des M^mdras sar sa via, at das aotas parM. 
Aim^-Martin ; accomiMtf ndes des notes de Brat. Anirar, Aim^-Maitia, ate. Poctimu, 10a. 

RACINE. CEovres, completes, pr^cdd^es des Memoirs sor sa vie, par Louis Raeiiie. 1 

vol. Portrait, 10«. 

CORNEILLE. (Envrps comphUes. et (Eavres choisies de Thomas CoraaUle, avao Its aotai 
lie Voltaire, la llarfie. Marmontel, Palisiot, Nicot Saint-Evremont, etc. S volones omiAs 

da [lortrait de Pierre Comeille. 90«. 

BOILEAU. CEovres completes, Malherbe et J. B. Ronisean, accompagaAes da notas. 
Portrait, 10«. 

PETITE POETES FR^JW.^FS. Depnis Malherbe jasqn'k nos ioan. coatenaat Racaa, 
Scgrais, Deshoolieres. (^haulieo. Lafare, S«*nec6. Vergter. Hondaid Lamotte, Piroa, I^oais 
Racine. Lefranc de Pompi^nan. Grewet, Remanl, Lemierrs, Barais, Saiat-Lambeit, Mar> 
montel. I/cbron. Malfilatie. Colardeau. Docis, Dorat, la Harpe, Leoaard. Bonaard, In- 
bert. Gilbert Bertin. Pamy, Florian, Ch^nier, Le^ov^, Laca de Laadval, Millaroya, A. 
Ch«nier. 2 voU.. 20«. 

m. LITERATURE AND LANGUAGE.— (Conftnii«?i.) 

DELILLE. CEovTM oompletM, aveo m prAfaoes. ms dilcoan praUtninairai K ns notes ; le 
tazte latin dcf CMorgiqaM et de I'Endide ; le testa anglais dn raradis perdn de Milton ; de 
nonvellfl* notes, 1. poor Malheoret Pitii, par M. Aim^-Maitia ; S. ponr rim^ioation, par 
MM. Choitenl-Gonfller, Paneval-GraadmaiMn, de Feletx, Almift-Maitin, etc ; 3. enfin 
avec nne nonveUe notice snr la vie de DeliUe. Portrait, lis. 

CHENIBR, (J. M.) BT DUCI8. (Eovras. 1Q« 

REGNARD bt DESTOUCHES. (Envres. 10«. 

F]6nELON. (Envrss pr4o6d«es d'nne nonveOe tie de F^ebn par M. Aim^-Martin, K 
anfmentAes dai Maximes de« Saints, qni ne se tronvent enoora dans anonne Edition. 3 
vol. portrait. XI. Hi*. 

F]^NEL0N. Chefs-de-osnvre. 1 vol. 10«. 

MASSILLON. (Envres completes. 3 vol., portrait, 18«. 

BOURDALOUE. CEovres completes, revnes et oollationnies snr I'^ditioa de 1707 dn P. 
Bretonnean; 3 vol. £1 . IQi. 

BOSSUBT. (Eovras. 4 vol. in-8, portrait, jC9. 

VOLTAIRE. (Eovros complntes. avec les notes de tons les commeniatenrs, Cette Edition 
renferme en 13 vol. les 97 vol. de I'ddit. de Dalibon. 13 volomes omAs defravnros, jC6. fi*. 

La U ARPE. Conn comirfet de litt^ratare. avec le Tableaa de la Littdratnre an XVe siecle, 
par. MM. Cbaslcs et Bt-Marc Girardin, et le Tableaa de la LittAratnre an XVII le siecle, 
par CMnier. 3 vol. XI. lOts. 

LESAGfi CBavres. contenant Gil-Bias, le DiaUe Boiteox, le Baohelier de Salamanqne, 
Gasman d'Alfarche et le Thdatre ; omd de 7 gravnres et dn portrait de Tantenr. l3». 

yO YAOE dn jeane Anaohaisis en Gr^ce. pr^cddA des M^moins de BarthAlemy snr sa via 
et ses onvrages, Merits par loi m6me. 10«. 

STAEL-HOL8TEIN, (Madamb db.) GBarrss completes, contenant les onvrafes pnUiAs 

da vivant de Tantenr et ses ceavres posthnmes ; aveo nn bean portrait de I'antear. 3 vol. 

XI. \0*. 
CHATEAUBRIAND, membra de 1' Aeadimie franf aise, (Envres oompletea. 5 volnmas, 

omAs de 30 belles gravnres et cartes. Derni^re Edition. X3. Ifi* . 

La meme Edition sans les gravnres, X3. S«. 

BEAUM ARCH AI8. (Eavres complete*, pr^cdd^es d'nne notice snr sa vie K ses onvrages, 
par M. Saint-Marc Girardin. Portrait, 10«. 

BERN ARDIN db SAINT-PIERRE. CEavres completes, nonvelle Edition, ravne, anno- 
t6e et aagment6e de la vie de oet anteor par M. Aime-Martin. 3 vol. 30«. 

THRATRE FRAXCAfli DU MOYF.JT AOE. depoia le Xle siecle jnsqn'an XlVe 
siecle, pabli4 par M. de MonmerqnA, membra de I'lnctitnt de France, et M. Francisqne 
Michel. 10«. 

SEVIONB, (Madamb db.) CEnvra* completes, contenant sa comspondanoe aveo sa fiUe 
et ses amb. 3 vol., portrait, XI. 

SHAKSPEARE. (Eavres completes, tradnotion nonvelle, par M. Frandsque Michel. 3 

vol. XI. 10s. 
PLUTAR^UE. . Les Vie* des Hommes illastm. tradaites en fraafais et acoompagn^es de 

notes et de taUas ginirales de matieres, par Ricard. 3 vol. 18e. 

D^MOSTHENE bt ESCHINE. (Eavres comidetes, traduction nonvelle. par M. Stieve- 
nart doyen de la FacnltA dec lettres de Dijon, aveo des notes critiques et expbcatives. 12«. 


MONTAIGNE. Es&ais de avec les notes de tons les commentatenrs. la tradnotion de ton- 
tea pavages grecs et latins, nne table aoalytiqoe des matiores, le TraitA de la servitude vo- 
lontaira par la Bo9tie, etc. Portrait, 11«. 

MONTE8Q.UIEU. (Envres completes. pr6c4ddes d'nne nonvelle notice snr Montesqnien, par 
M. Walckenair, aocomnagn^es des notes de Dopin, Cravier, Voltaire, Servan, Mably, la 
Harpe, etc., et suivies d one table analytiqae des matieres. Portrait, lis. 

M0RALI8TES FRAJfCJirS, on les Pens^es de BI. Pascal : les Maximes de la Roche- 
foucauld, suivies d'nne Refutation par M. Aim^-Martin ; (^aracteres de la Bmyere ; 
(Envres completes de Vanvenargues ; les essai snr les mcenrs de ee siecle par Dnclos. 
Portrait, 11«. 

LOCKE BT LEIBNITZ. (Envres. 13«. 

VOLNEY. (Euvm completes, pr6oAd6es d'nne notice snr sa vie K ses Merits. Portrait, 
gravnres et de pinsieurs cartes. 11». 

STERNE BT GOLDSMITH. (Envres, om4 de gravnres. 10*. 

COURIER. (P. L.) (Envres oompldtes et inddites, avec nne notice par Armand (}aneL 
Portrait, l&s. 

MOTfFS ET COJfFERFJ^ES DU CODE CfVIL, r6dMs par an maglstrat qni a 
concoum k la confection des codes (M. le baron Favard de Langlade), et ravns par M. 
Poncelet, profeseenr 4 la FaonIl« de Droit. 3 vol. 31«. 

ni. UTERATURE AND LANGUAGE.— (C<m/mu«rf.) 

Grammars, &c. 

OLLENDORFF, (H. G.) A New Method of Learning to Read, Write, 
and Speak the French Language. With an Appendix, containing the 
Cardinal and Ordinal Numbers, and full Paradigms of the Regular and 
Irregular, Auxiliary, Reflective, and Impersonal Veibe, by J. L. Jewett. 
1 Tol. l2mo, $1. ... New-York, D. A. d& Co., 1847 

ROWAN, (F.) Morceaux ChoisiB dea Auteurs Modemes, a 1' Usage de 
la Jennefise ; with a Vocabulary of the New and Difficult Words and 
Idiomatic Phrases adopted in Modem French Literatore. Edited by J. 
L. Jewett, editor of OllendorfTs French System. 12mo. 

New-York, D. A. 6l Co., 1847 

DE FIVAS, (M.) An Introduction to the French Language: containing 
Fables, Select Talcs, Remarkable Facts, Amusing Anecdotes, etc., with 
a Dictionary of all the Words, translated into English. I6mo, 50c. 

New- York, D. A. 6l Co.. 1847 

COLLOT, (A. G.) Chefs- DCEuvres Dramatiques de la Langue Fran^aise. 

Mis en Ordre Progreasif, et Aimot^s, pour en faciliter Tlntelligence. 

l2mo, $1 iVeio-Foriir, D. A. &Co., 1847 

LE BRETHON, (P.) Guide to the French Language. 8to. 

London, 1837 

FALIX)T, (G.) RfeheraJjet snr les forniM graramstiealei de la laSfiM fmaeaiw atde am 

dislectet aa 13e siecie, etc. Bto ' Paria, ISIB 

WAY, (F.) Etad* rar la laagne frmn^alBe k propoi de ronvniee de GniUv Fallot. 8vo. 

Parit. 1^40 

GlRALTLT-DfTVIVIER, (C. P.) Gnunmaire dei f^rammairai. on aaalyie rajtoaa^e dm 
meillean trait6s Mr la langoe fran^aiae. lOe ^da. ravoe et eorrifie par P. A. Ltmatre. 
3 veU. 8vo Paris, 1840 

OH.^MMAIRE XATJOJ\r.iLK, par MM. Beieheralle frcrai eC litaif de Caax. Se M. 
Hve. P«rte, 1840 


SURENNE, (G ) The Standard Pronouncing Dictionary of the French 
and English Languages, in two parts. 

Part oae, French and Englikh ; (>art two. Enfrli«h and Fiench ; the flnt part com- 
preheadini; words in oofflmon nae— terms oonnectad wHb Boie a oe te ri belonipaf 
t* the Fine ArtN — IO(M) Historical namet— 44)00 Geof^raphlcal namiM ll.tWOtennt 
lately pablisbMi. with the ^ironuariation of every word ai^eording to the Fieaeh 
Academy, and the moKt eminent Lcxicof(rapher» and Grammarians ; together with 
750 Critical Remarks, in which the various methods of pronoondnf emfrioved by 

eond pait. 

diflemit authors are invebtiffated and compared with each other. The second part, 
containinj; a oopioas Vocabularv of Enfrflth words and expresnions, with the pronan- 
ciatioo according to Walker Yhe whole pieoeded by a practical and oompeehensive 
system of French pronunciation. ISmo, nearly 9U0 partes, neatly bonnd.f 1 5U. 

wVrw- Ym-k, D. A. k, Co., 1846 

WILSON. French and English Dictionary. 8vo. London, 1833 

TARVER, (J. Ch.) The Royal Phraseological English-French, French- 
English Dictionary. 2 vols, royal 6vo, 50«. . London, 1845-47 

FLEMING d& TIBBINS. - Grand dictionnaire (ran^aise-angUdi et an- 
glais-fran^aise. 2 vols. 4to, £3. .... Ptario, 1843 

(Reprinted. PhUad.. C. & H. 2 vols. 8vo. ^5 50.) 

nrCT/OJ^M-^IRF. DE UjICIDEMIR FRJJfatrSE: sixieaM Milioa pf4eM4« 
d*an discoan sur la Ijan;,'uc franraiso, |>ar M. Villemsia. 9 vols. 4lo, 30*. Pioris, 1835 


lie sous la direction d'nn membre derAcadAmie, par MM. les mambras de Plastitnt et lea 

profeMeorsde rUaiversiU's savants et artistes. 4to, 34#. P«ri«, 1841 

deraiore Edition pnbli^ en 1835, par M. Lorain. Adopla par rUnivorritA. 8 vols. 8to, 
ia# P«fia. 

Ce Dictionnaire oontient : tons les roots et definitions doan4« par I'AoadAnaia. na ear- 
tain nombre de mou nouveaox consacr^s par I'ntage, lea dtymologiet, let priactpas da 
grammaira extraits dn Dictionnaire de T AoadAmia. 





KOatJEFOftT. (J. B. B.) GIomwi« d« la lufoe nmuiM. ooMMMSt TctviDolofM ct la 
i^iaatipa dei OMto a«l4« daM 1« XI., XII., XIII., XIV., XV. at XVIe sieda*, Ha. 
Snik.lhre./J4 Porw. 1808 

Et fHppleniMit. Hvo '* 1830 

PLAIfCHB (J.) Vocabalairi din latiabmn de la lanfue fraafaJM, on dm loeationt fran* 
f aim MapniBlAca littAralsnieat de laafiie latiae. 8ro Pari*, Vf2S 

NOEL rr CHABPENTIRR. f^iMcffierraafaiae. oadictioanaireetrmolomiie. erhra 
hi rt a r iq— , aaacdoUqna, littiraiiv. oonteaaat anchoix d'archaiuiiM, de nAoMginim. d eo- 
pMnMoai. d'exprwion* fifvr^ei on po^tiaoei, de tovn baidia, d'heaman allianocs de 
■Miu, da tdatioB* |^niinaUcal««, poor ■enrlr ik rhMtoire de la laafne franf aiae. i2 volt. 
8v«. /. B Pmris, 1831 

BOI8TE, (P. C. V.) Dietioaaaire aniTetwl de la laiifoe fraacabe, arte le latia. etc, 4to. 
Sl# Par>>, 1844 

KAVMOND, (F.) Dictioaaiure f^a^ral de la laninie fraafaiw et vocabalaire nniTenddei 
■etencn. det art* et des ai^Ueni, oavrafe entJ«'nfinent neof. reDferniaat an moiaf 100.000 
■Mts, pr^aealaat le dictioBBaire le pins oomplet qai ait para jnsqa'k oe joar, etr. S vob. 
4t« Pari*, 1831 

LANDAI8, (N.) Dictionaaire f^D^ral et (vrammatical ex trait dm dietioaaalres aadeas 
et moderae* let plas c4lrbre«, etc. 2 toU. 4to Paris, 1843 

LAVE.\ITX. (J. C.) Dictioanaife raiMma^ det difllcali6tfrmiuaaticaleset HttAr. dela laa- 
gae fraaf aiw. & M. 2 vols. Hvo. Peri«. ItVi 

DICTIOMJ'f.^IRK rlaflsiqoe de la laagae fraafaiM. avec dei exemples tlMs des iDeilleafei 
fraaf ais, et det aotet pais^es daas lei naanscrils de ElTaraJ, eooteaaat, etc. Hvo. 

Part«, 1898 
FLAKCIIE, (J.) Dictioaaalre fraacaiw de la laajpie oratoire K po^tiqae. snivi d'aa vo- 
cabalaire de tons le* noti qai appaVtienaeat an laafne vnlfaiie. 3 Tob. Hvo. 

ParM, 1811^-90 

Didioaaaiie synonymiqae de la laufne francaiw, contenant, etc. 8vo. ** IH98 

IfODIER. (C.) Dir<ionnaireraiM>nnf.dc«onofnatop«eiifraaroiaes. SeM. Hvo. Pari«. 1H38 

Riamen critique des diction aaim de la laafne fraaf aise on recbeiohei graniiii. et Iitt4r. 

■or Tortbofraiihe. la definition et Tetymolofie des nots. Hvo. Pari*, IHjM 

D/CT/0^r^^.1IH^: de« synonyme* de la laafne franfaise, d*aprps Oirard, Ronband, etc. 
par .M . Gaizot. te ed. :t vol*. S%o. Parte, 18SB 

LAVRAHX. (J. C) Dictionnair* syaomymiqne de la laafne rraariiise. 8vo. " 1886 

ROQrEFORT. ^xt CnAMroi.Llon-FioKAC.) Dictionnaire ^lynaoloiriqne de la lanjpw 
fraaf aise. on W mot» aoot i-la*^ [»ar famille, avec les principaai tennes d'arts, de sciea- 
OTs et de metien. *i vol^. Hvo./.14 Pari*,W30 


OLIVER. (G.) The Antiqaitird of Freemasonry ; comprimng Illtutmtionii 
of the Five Grand Perioda of Masonry, from the Creation of the World 
to the Dedication of Ktnf? Solonion'a Temple, roy. 8vo, 16«. 

London, 1843 

—~ The Historical Landmarks and other Evidences of Freemasonry ex- 
plained, in a series of Practical Ijcctares, with copious Notes. 2 vols. 
8vo, 40* London, 1845-6 

ASHE, (J.) The Masonic Manoal : or Lectures on Freemasonry ; con- 
taining the Instructions, Documenu*, and Discipline of the Masonic 
Economy. New ed., with Annotations and Remarks by the Rev G. 
Oliver, D. D. 12nio. 7#. Gd London, 1843 

TBORV, ^C. A.) Arta latomorom. on rhronolofie de I'hittoirede la Franche Mnronnerie 
fraa^aite et ^iraaf rre . . . avt^? la bibtio^raphie des principanx onvrafes publics s'ur This- 
toire de rordre, depnirt 17£{. '2 xoU. H\o Pan'«. 1^15 

CHEMIN-DUPONTEfl. Enryclop^die roafonniqne. eoatenaat le* faiu histor. sor la Ma- 
(oaaerie et »or let Sori^t^s qui oot avec elle des rapfiorts, etc. 4 vok. Ktmo. 

Pari*, lH|9-«5 

RB6IIELLINI. (V. M.) Riprit du dofme de la Franrhe-Msronaene ; recherclie* sor son 
orifiae et celle de •es diflerenis rites, compris eelni da carboaarisine. Hvo. BrattUs*^ V^iH 

«— La Mafoaaerie consid^ri cocnme le risnltat de* rdt^ions ^fyptieane. Jnive et chn6tieaae. 
3 vols. 8vo Pari*, 18}J 

BAZOT. MaaaH dn rrancmaf on, on Guide des ofllcien de lofSi. 7e 4d. 3 volt. 19fno. f.O. 

P^ri*, JHM 

HAIJFFMANUr kt CIIERPIN. Ilistoire pbikMophiqoe de la fraac-maroaaerie ; tet 

actet et r« tendaares. Hvo. planches, /.IS 30 ' Piiri>. lSt6 

KRAI -HE. (K. C. F.) Die diey lltestMi Kaastnrknaden der FretnaarerRiUderachaft, ia 
auMflB Lehrfrafestiifk arverfeisteget. S vols. 8vo. I>rt*de%, ISiXM!! 





/i ! 






t • 



TAYLOR, (W. B. S.) Manual of Fresco and Encaustic Painting ; con- 
taining ample Instractions for executing works of these descriptions : with 
an Historical Memoir of these Arts from the earliest periods. Post 8vo, 
l8.^d London, 1843 

GRUNER, (L.) Fresco Decorations and Stuccoes of the Churches and 
Palaces in Italy, daring the Fifteenth and Sixteenth Centuries. Taken 
from the principal Works of the greatest Painters, never before engraved. 
With English Descriptions, by Louis Gruner. 45 plates, foHo, plain and 
coloured. London, 1845 

CENNINI, (C.) A Treatise on Painting, written by Cennino Cellini, in 
the Year 1437,— containing practical directions for Painting in Fresco, 
Secco, Oil, and Distemper, etc. Transl. by Mrs. Merrifield. 8vo, plates, 
12« London, 1844 

BARUFFALDI, (G.) Vita di Antonio Contri, Pittore e Rilevatorw di 
Pittura dal Muro. 8yo Veniee, 1834 

CENNI. Sopra diverse Pitture staccate dal Muro et transportate su Tela, 
dtc. 8vo Bologna, 1840 

S«e Appendix to Report of CommiatioB on the Fine Arts, 1649-43. Fbnnt Ctclo. 
Sopplt. Vol. 1, etc. Hatdon's Lectures on Painting and Design. 


RASK, (E.) Friesische Sprachlehre. 12mo, 3s. . FHeb., 1834 

OUTZEN, (N.) Gloesarium der Friesischen Sprache, herausg. von En- 
• gelstoft und Molbeck. 4to CSopenA., 1837 

WIARDA, (T. D.) Alt-friesisches Worterbuch. 8vo. . ^trrtcA, 1786 

RICHTHOFEN, (K. v.) Friesische Rechtsquellen. 4to, 22». 

BerUn, 1840 

Alt-friesisches Worterbuch. 4to, 18». . GOit., 1840 

FUNGI.— (Edible.) 

BADHAM, (CD) A Treatise on the E^sculent Funguses of England : 
containing an Account of their Classical History, Uses, Characters, De- 
velopement. Structure, Nutritions, Properties, Modes of Cooking and Pre- 
serving, &c. 8vo, illustrated, 21 « London, 1847 

ROdUES, (J.) Hibt. des olimmpij;non!i comestibles et vdndneox, ou Ton expow lenis cn- 
recteres distinctifs, lenn propri^t6< alinientaiiM et ^oonomiqnes, leofs ellets niisiiMfTs et hi 
moyena de s'en garmntir ou d*y rernddicr ; 2e. ^dn., 8vo, et AtUs, de 94 pi. color. fSf, 

BROGNIART, (A.) Euai d'one ciavlficntion natnrrile des champignoM on TaUcsw 
roeUMdiqae des genres rapport^sjasqa'^ present a cette famille. 8vo, fig.,/.jk . Purit. 


SHAW, (H.) Specimens of Ancient Furniture, drawn from existing 
Authorities, with descriptions by S. R. Meyrick, LL.D. 4to,42« , partly 
coloured, 84«. ; coloured, $10. 10«. . . i . X^iNbii, 1836 

WOOD, (H.) A Series of Designs for Furniture and Decoration in the 
Style of Lfouis XIV., Francis I , Elizabeth, and Gothic. Designed and 
drawn by H. Wood. 4to, 34 plates, plain, JC3. 3s. ; coloured — 

LoiMloit. 1845 

Designs for Chairs, &c., 25* " 1845 

DESORMEAUX, (P.) Art du roenuiser en b&timents et en menUes, mive 
de I'art de r6b<$niste ; ouvrage contenant des 61^ments de gtem6trie ap- 
pliqu^e au trait du menuisier, du nombreaux modules de Tescalieri, de 
notions forts (^tendues sur les hois, sur la mani^re de les coIor6r, de let 
polir, de les vemir et sur leur placagc. 3* 6dn. ' 2 vols. 4to, 71 pl.^.S4. 





FURmrURE.— {Continued.) 

ROBERT. Collection de meubles dans le dernier goAt, a la ^b^nistes et 
tapisnere, fbrmant un recueil de 68 plates. 4to,/.12 ; color. /.24. Paris. 

JANSEN. Menniserie en fituteuUs, contenant one suite des modules le 
plus nouveaux en ce genre. 4to, 48 pi. col.,/.30. Paris, 1840 

Ouvrage sur I'^b^nisterie, contenant la collection des meubles les plus 

nouveaux. 4to, 38 pi. col.,/.30. . . . Pari*, 1840 

La Petit Guide du fabricant de meubles. Suite de 107 pi. col. 3 vols. 

18mo,/.24 Paris. 

RIBAULT. Recueil de decorations interieures, comprenant tout ce qui a 
rapport k I'ameublement . . . et tout ce qui a rapport it rorf((vrerie. folio, 
72 pi Paris, 1831-32 

FEUCHfeRE, (L.) L'art industriel, suite de modules k Tosage des orfevres, 
tapissiers, 6b^ni8tes» fabricants de bronze, de fonte, de fer, de porceiaine, 
de papiers peints, d'^loiTes ; des marbriers, et des sculptures omemanistes. 
foUo, 75pl./.108 Pam, 1843-4 



REID. (J.) Bibliotiieca Scoto-Cdtica. An aoeount of all th« Booki printad in the Oaelio 
Language. 8to. . f CUtugow, 1833 

FORBES, (J.) A Double Grammar of English and Gaelic, in which the 
Principles of both Languages are clearly explained ; containing the Gram- 
matical Terms, Definitions, and Rules ; with copious Exercises for Parsing 
and Correction. 12mo, 4s. .... Edinburgh, 1^43 

MUNRO, (J.) Practical Grammar of the Scottish Gaelic, in eight parts ; 
illustrated throughout with Notes and Observations, Critical, Philological, 
and Explanatory. 2d edit. 18mo, 4s. Edinburgh, 1843 

KELLY, (J.) A practical Grammar of the ancient Gael. 4to. 

London, 1805 

ARMSTRONG, (R. A.) Gaelic Dictionary, in Two Parts: I. Gaelic and 
English. II. EInglish and Gaelic. 4to. . . London, 1825 

GAELIC DICTIONARY, with English and Latm explanations. Pub- 
lished by the Highland Society. 2 vols. 4to, 45s. . Edinb., 1828 

MACFARLANE, (P.) New and Copious English and Gaelic Vocabulary, 
with the different parts of Speech. 8vo. . . Edinburgh, 1815 

McALPINE, (N.) A Pronouncing Gaelic Dictionary, to which is prefixed 
a Concise but most Comprehensive Gaelic Grimmar. 3d ed. l2mo, 9s. 

Edinb., 1847 

English-Graelic Dictionary ; being Part. 11. of the above. l2mo, Ss. 

Edinb., 1847 


TUTSCHEEK, (L.) Dictionary and Grammar of the Galla Language. 
3 vols. 8vo, 12* Munich, 1845 

KRAPF, (J. L.) Evangellum Mathaei transl. in Lingnam Gallarum. 
12mo Ankobari (Shoa), 1841 

Testamen. imbecillum translationis Evangelii Johannis in Linguam 

Gallarum : auxil. Berkio, viro ex stirpe Gallarum, quam Gelan vocant 
oriundo. 12mo Ankobar, 1839 

GALVANISM.— (See Electricity.) 








U L 





LOUDON, (J. C.) An Encyclopaedia of Gardeniiif^ ; Preflenting, in one 
systematic view, the History and Present State of Gardening in all Conn- 
tries, and its Theory and Practice in Great Britain : with the Manage- 
ment of the Kitchen (warden, the Flower Garden, Laying-ont Groiinds, 
Slc. a New Edition, enlarged and improved. 8vo, widi nearly 1000 
Engravings on Wood, 50» London, n. d. 

An Encyclopaidia of Trees and Shrubs ; being the " Arboretnm et 

Fruticctum Britanicnm" abridged; containing the Hardy Trees and 
Shrubs of Great Britain, Native and Foreign, Scientifically and Popalarly 
Describf^d ; with their Propagation, Culture, and Uses in the Arts ; and 
with Engravings of nearly all the Si)ecies. Adapted for the use of Nur- 
serymen, Gardeners, and Foresters. 8vo, with 2000 Engravings on 
Wood, 50* London, 1942 

The Original Work may be had in H vols. 8vo, with above 400 Octavo natei of Tract, 
and upward* of Sj(K) Woodcutii. XIO. 

DON, (G.) A General System of Gardening and Botany ; containing a 

complete enumeration and description of all Plants hitherto known, with 

their Mode of Culture. Founded upon Miller's Gardener's Dictionary, 

and arranged according to the Notural System. 4 vols. 4to. Lond , 1831-97 

JOHNSON, (G. W.) Dictionary of Modem Gardeiftng. 12mo, lOt. W 

(Reprinteil Philad.) London, 1B46 

KOLLAR, (M.) A Treatise on the Insects injurious to the Gardener, For- 
ester, and Farmer, transl. from the German, with 60 Engravings, by J. 
C. and M. Loudon, and Notes by J. O. Westwood. 12mo, 7». 

London, 1840 

LOUDON, (Mrs.) The Ladies' Companion to the Flower Garden : be- 
ing an Alphabetical Arrangement of all the Plants usually grown in Gar- 
dens ond Shrubberies ; with full Directions for their Culture. 8d ed. 
12mo, 68. Bd. London, 1846 

Gardening for Ladies ; and Companion to the Flower-Garden, edited 

by A. J. Downing, Esq., Author of a Treatise on Landscape Gardening, 
Cottage Residences, &,c. 12mo, engravings, $1 50. New- York, 1845 

The Ladies' Magazine of Gardening. Illustrated with 16 coloured 

plates of choice flowers, and 87 woodcuts. 8vo, 18«. London, 1842 

The Amateur Gardener's Calendar : being a Monthly Guide as to 

what should be avoided, as well as what should be done, in a Garden in 
each Month : with Plain Rules how to do what is requisite ; Directions 
for Laying out and Planting Kitchen and Flower Gardens, Pleasure 
(jrounds, and Shrubberies ; and a short Account, in each Month, of the 
Quadrupeds, Birds, and Insects, then most ii^urious to Gardens. ISino, 
7a. ed London, 1847 

'— The Ladies' FloweMiarden of Ornamental Annnali. In 48 beantiftinj eokmicd 

flates, containing upwards of 300 fijrurtM of the ino«t showy and iateiwtinf Annnnl 
lowers, with full Directions for thfir Culture. 1 vol. 4to. 43«. . . Ltmdtm, 1841 

•—The Ladies' Flower-Garden of Ornamental Bnlbons Planta. la 5P eolowMl plaics. 
containing above 300 colonred figures of the most desirable Bnlboai Flowen, with De* 
icriptions and Directions for Cnltnation. 1 vol. 4to, S&t. 

— — The liadies' Flower-Garden of Ornamental Perennials. 

The Ladies' Flower-Gaidea of Gieenbonw Plaati. 



9 vdi. 4to, col. pislai. 8B». 





n. FLOWEIUGARDENING.— (Con/tntted.) 

UENBHALL, (J.) Pra«tieaJ Treatise on Um ColtivftUon of Orobidaoeoiu Pl&nU : with 
Remarki on thoir Geographical Distribation, and a select Catalogue of the best kinds in 
CnlUvatioa. 8vo, lU LomioH, 1845 

RIVERS, (T.) The Rose Amatenr's Guide . containing amj^ desoriptions of all the five 
leading Varieties of Roses, regularly classed in their respective families, their history and 
mode of cohnre. 3d edition. 12ino, O*. ..... . London, 1846 

REDOUT^, (J. P.) Lee Roses, d^crites et clasiAas d'apres lenr ordre natorel, par C. A. 
Thory. 3* Edition. 3 vols. 8vo. 184 planches, color., /lao ~ 

WARD, (N. B.) On the Growth of PlanU in closely glazed C 


8vo, Sf. Land., 1841 

LINDLEY, (G.) A Guide to the Orchard and Kitchen Garden ; or, an 
Account of the most valuable Fruits ftnd Vegetables cultivated in Great 
Britain ; with Kalendars of the Wurk required in the Orchard and Kitchen 
Garden during every month in the year. Bklited by Prof. Lindley. 8vo, 
16« London, 1831 

DOWNING, (A. J.) The Fruits and Fruit-Trees of America. Sixth 

edit., 12mo, $1 50 New- York, IS46 

The Horticultural Magazine. (3 00 per ann. 

HOVEY, (C. M.) The Fruits of America. Containing richly coloured 
Engravings, accompanied with the wood and folfage, of all the choicest 
Fruits in the United States, from Paintings from Nature by W. Sharp, 
roy. 8vo. Boston, 1847 

LINDLEY, (J.) The Theory of Horticulture ; or, an Attempt to explain 
the principal Operations of Gardening upon Physiological Principles. 1 
vol. 8vo, I3«f (Reprinted, New-Yorii, W. k. P.) London, 1840 

LOUDON, (J. C.) The Suburban Horticulturist ; or, an Attempt to Teach 
the Science and Practice of the Culture and Management of the Kitchen, 
Fruit, and Forcing Garden, to those who had no previous knowledge or 
practice in these departments of Gardening. 1 vol. 8vo, 16«. 

London, 1842 

The Suburban Gardener, and Villa Companion, etc. 8vo, 300 wood- 
cuts, 20s London, 1838 

HORTJCULTURJIL SOCIETY. A Catalogue of the Fraits enkivated in the Garden 
of the Horticnharal Society of London. 3d ed., 8vo, 5«. lAnuUm,194A 

BIETER, (U. L.) Coloured Illnstrations of British Garden Frait, with descriptive leCtei^ 
prass. 4to. Parts I.-IV., each St.6d. Loudon, 1844-5 

LINDLET, (J.) Pomologia Britannica, or figures and desoriptiott of the most insportant 
varieties of Fmit enltivated in Great Britain. 3 vols. 8vo. . London, 1841 


HOARE, (C.) A Practical Treatise on the Cultivation of the Grape Vine 
on Open Walls. 3d edit., l2mo, 7s. Sd. . . . London, 1841 
(Reprinted, Boston, Ticknor & Co.) 

A Descriptive Account of an Improved Method of Planting and Man- 
aging the Roots of Grape Vines. l2mo, 5«. ZoR<^, 1844 
(Reprinted, Boston, Ticknor k, Co.) 

ROBERTS, (J.) View ofthe Culture ofthe Vine under Glass. ISmo, 5«. (M. 

London, l&ia 
Hovrr's Magaxine of HorticuHuie. Linslby'i Gardener's Chronicle. 

PIROLLE. L*Horticultenr franf ais, on le Jardinier amateur. TraitA oomplet, thtoriqne 
et pratiquo da jardinafe. ISmo, plates, /.lO. Pario. 

LF. BOM" JJIRDUflER pour 1847. 48e Edition, entier^ment revue. Par MM. Poitean, 
Viknoria. Decaisne, Nenman, «t P^pin. ISmo, pp. 1400, /.7. Perio, 1847 

BJBLJOTHEQUE DE8 MEJfAOES. Manuel encydopMique des maiMns de ville 
eC eampano. TrahA oomplet de I'hoitionltnre pour les grands K he petits Jaidias, etc 
par IfM. Denis KRovanL 8to, avw fifuras, /.8. .... Peru, 1845 

A -C 

^ i 





, / 






III. Flinr AM) KITCHEN GARDENING— (ConftVi»ttfrf.) 

nniAMRIj Dir MONCEAir. TrmitA dn wbraa frnitien. ooBteauit leor ficane. l*«r<le- 
M!ri|fiion «4 Icnr niliare : noavelie oiiiiion. aDfineDt^ d'oD fnnd nombre de finia. vie. 
Par A. Poiii'Du ti P. Tur|tin, ornC*e d« fi|;arb» «inprinide» en coolcar, etc. 6 \<A*. folio. 
/.lOUU Pan*. ]'i r-:»5 

HAiJKRKT. Pomolo?i«* phyfiolo^icinr, ao Traits dn peHectMNiDeineat de la frectiftraTion, 
dtN nioyrnv d'ani^Iiorcr l*^ fruiu (lomotiqaM et kaavafM, de faiie naitie de»n|ie(-e> et 
vari<'tt;ii noav<'UM et d't-n dirif^T la criiation. bvo, /.lO. . . Peri«, 1^^0 

DA LHKRT. Couni Ui^iiqoi* el pratiqae de la laille das arbiw fratien. 4e Mb.. 33 %., /.5. 

Purify 1M2 

CC)(/'VP!R(MIFJL. Tmitc diti Kruitu, tant indi^dDei qn'esoUqaei, on Dtetionnaire car|ielo- 
gifjuc roniprenant rhi«toiri' botanique, chimiqne, iiiAdicale, eeoDoaiiqiie, et indiutiielie de« 
fruit*, elr. >'\o, /.lO Pcrr>, ItJU 

NOIHKTTK. f li.) I^e Janlin fruitier, rontenant Part da p^piaMritte, rhHtoiie eC la caltare 

de« frail*, fle 

I)()VB. Clf. W.) IVlier dm Zu^ammcnhanK der W&rmeverilBderangeB der AtmokphHre 
mil di*r Kntwickclanfr dor Pflanzen. 4tOn5f . M BiHin, Jdl7 

■ ^^«ara«» a ■«« \Bj.y m^ «Pi»i«iiia ■•iiiBn^i* « ^^ai««raa«bai» a ^i » uia a^ leaaavwiavvvf ■ nwrnvKwrnm^f ^ 

dfw arbre* fruticn, den annnaNi iiwlonv et fraiten, let dcMcriptioni et Okaf^et dei 
Mn., V! vuN. H\o, I."}!) pl.inflii-o, repi<'««olant pre» de 400 fmita oolories, /.I30. 




DOWNING, (A. J.) A TrmtiBc on the Theory and PracUce of LandKap^ 

(innlrnin^, adnjiU'd tt> North America ; with a View to Country Kesi- 

dcnccH: cornprimnir Ilistoricnl Notices and General Principles of the Art, 

Diri'ctlonH for Lnyinc; out Cvcounds and Arranging Plantations, the De- 

wrription and Ciiltivntiun of llnrdy Trees, Decorative Accompaniments to 

the Houst- nnd Gronndn, the Formation of Pieces of Arti6cial Water, 

F^iower (InrdrnH, &<;., witi) Remnrks on Rural Architecture: illustrated 

by Knprnvings. 1 vol. bvo, ^3 50. . ». New-York. 

THE /..I.VDsr.iPr. 0.iHf)K.Yf.\'G and Landnrape ArchHeetnreoftbelateHuinplifey 
Reiilon. r.of|. : hiHn:; lii-^ iiiti:«' \voil:< on ilie%c kubjevtH. Ne^ edition, with an llHtorical 
und Hcifiritiir Introiiuctioii, a Sy>ti-iiiatiR Annly^u. a Biographical Notii*, Note*, and a 
copiouH AIphalMitirnl Index, bv J V. I^udon, F. L. H., &c. !s2dO en^^vinj^ and portrait, 
:<»<' lAnul0u, H*¥i 

IIOFI.ANI). (T. i\) H|tf>f<iiii<-n« of Caiden Decorationi and Ornamental Srenrry, appio- 
pii.iii' to Pl4>a<un* (froiuuU. H-ln-iml ffom \Vhite-Knii{ht«. a H«Kit of hu Grace the'fhike of 
Marlborough. Kn<!raved fidiii I)iawin';s. folio. i£i plates, 31«. dd. Ijundun, ]Ht6 

VKRCtNAri). (N.) I/arl de cii'lt 1i>> jardin<i, contenant leu pr^ceptet f^n^raoz decet art, 
Ifur applit'ntinn drvrllo|ip«''i* sur i\vs \\\n perspective*, conpn el eUvationt. par de* eiem- 
pleji choi*!*. i-t l:i tract) praii(|uc de tout e<i|M!cv de jardin. folio, /.45. Paris, leJ3^39 


CLK(J(i, (S. Jr.) a Prnrtirnl Treatise on the Manufacture and Distribu- 

titm c»f Conl (ins. 1 vol. Ito, with very numerous plates and woodcuts 

explanntory of the wholr* pypt* m of Gas Manufacture, £\. %s. Land.t 1H41 

IlUR('t)rRT. (R. !>'.) IV IVflnwa^R au };nz ; d6vellop]>ementji tur la comnOfition dcspix 
de?>iin«>!« k rcriajrii^rp, «ur In ronstriiction dei fonrnoanx et det cheminees, la pa»ede« taj- 
au\ et leii phi'nonii'ntii d'* la luuiiL're. Hvo, platen,/.? 50. . . Paria^ le'45 

PKI.or/K. Tiaite du rcc]airn;;c au paz tin') de la hoaille, det iHtnmet, das Iinitet, ilc la 
tourbe. dpi> huili**. de^ i<^>in<^, de* ^jrai^Mii, elir. Hvo, et atla*. de ^M planches. /.IS. Parit. 

Her ITrk'k Diriionary of Arts. Parnkll's Applied Chcmistrr, fcc. DuMaa' Chi- 
niif applitpii^e. etr. 

GAUL. — (S(^c also Cicltic History, &c.) 

WAIiCKKNAFiR, (('. A.) G<liographlc ancicnne, historique et compar^e 
dcs GnuU-R cisalpiiio et trant<nlpine, suivie de Tanaiyse gdographique des 
ilinrrnirrs anciciis. '^ vols. rtvr>, el atlas in 4to,/.36. Paris, 1839 

F.'\nUlKIi. (C.) Ilistoire do In Gaule meridionale sous la domination det 
c<>iu|iiernnt» gemiain-H. 4 torn. 8vo,/.24 Paris, 1836 

TIIIKKKY, (Amkdkk.) Ilistoire de la Gaule sous )a domination romaine. 
3 vols. 8vo,/.2:2 50 Pari*, 1840 

liistoire des Gnulois. depuis les temps Ics plus reculds jnsqu'i Tentiere 

soumiwion de la Gnule &. la domination romaine. 3d edn., 3 vols. 8vo, 
/.a2 50 Pom, lias 




GAUL. — ( Continued) 

MARCHANGY, (dk.) La Gaol podtiqae, on Thistoin d« Franoe eoiuidirtedani set rap- 
pofto avae la po*Mm. 2d adit. 6 vol*. 8vo Paris, imi 

DITCH A LAIS, (A.) Deacripli6n dea MAdaiUei gaaloiMsi, faifaiit partie det coll«ctioni de 
la Bibliothcqaa royaki, acoompagn^e da notes explicativet. 8vo, iSg. Paris, 1846 

MEMOIR ES dt! rAcademie CelUque. — Mdmoires de la Soeieti det antiqnaires de France. 

10 vol*. Hto Paris, 1817-34 

New Serie« " 1835-40 

GAZETTEERS.— (See Geography.) 
GEODOSY.— (See Engineering.) 

WILLIAMS, (B.) Pmctical Gtodo&y, &c. 2d edn., 8vo, 13«. Sd. 

Londoity 1846 

PUISSANT, (L.) TraitA de f^odikie, on exposition dei in^thodes attronomiqnes et trico- 
BOiD^triqnai, appliquie* soil k la iqesure de la terre, aoit k la confection da canevas dea 
cartes et dos plans. 3e ^dn. considdrablcment augmentf e. 2 vol*. 4to. /.40. Paris, 1843 

FRANC(£UR. G^od^Me, ou Traits de la Fisnie de la Terra et de sos jNirt^, oompieoant 
la topographie, Parpentage, la g^oroorphie et Ta navigation. 9e ddn. 8\-o,/.7 50. 

Paris, 1840 




MURRAY, (H.) An EncyclopsBdia of Geography : comprising a com- 
plete History of the Earth: exhibiting its Relation to the Heavenly Bodies, 
its Physical Structure, the Natural History of each Country, and the In- 
dustry, Commerce, Political Institutions, and Civil and Social State of all 
Nations. New edition, with 82 Ma\i», drawn by Sidney Hall, and up- 
wards of 1000 other Engravings on Wood, from drawings by Swainson, 
T. Landseer, Sowerby, Strutt, &,c., representing the moat remarkable Ob- 
jects of Nature and Art in every Region of the Globe. 1500 pages, £3. 

London, 1840 

McCULLOCH, (J. R ) A Dictionary, (Jcoprraphical, Statistical, and Histo- 
rical, of the various Countries, Places, and principal Natural Objects in tlie 
World. Illustrated with Maps. 2 vol?. 8vo, X4. . London, 1841-42 

(Reprinted, New -York. H. Bro'^.) 

MALTE-BRUN, (M ) A System of Universal Geography. By M. Malte- 
Brnn. 9. v. 8vo, with a comprehensive Index of 44,000 Names, £7. 

Edin.y 1831 

MALTE-BRUN & BALBI. System of Universal Geography, founded on 
the works of Malte-Brnn and Baibi ; embracing the History of Geogra- 
phical Discovery, the Principles of Mathematical and Physical Geography, 
, and a complete Description, from the most recent sources, of all the coun- 

tries in the World : with Alphabetical Indices of 13,500 Names. 8vo, 30«. 


BERGflAUS, (II.) Gmndritt der Geo:»raphte. f>vo. 2f2«. . Breslau, ISU 

BALBI. (A.) BMmens de G<)oarranhie Gdndrale. 8vo. Pari>. 1843 

SULLIVAN. (R.) An Introdactton to Gco^phy, Ancient, Modem, and Sacred : with 

an Oatline of Ancient Hi«tory, IHmo, Is Dublin. 

Geography Generalised : or, an Intro«lnction to the Study of Geography on the Princi- 
ples of Classafication and Comparison. rJmo. 2s. Dublin, 

LUDDE, (J. G.) Die Methodik der Erdkunde. 8vo. " 1842 

ENNERY ET HIRTH. Dictionnaire g^ndral de gdographie universelle 
ancienne et modeme ; accomp d'nne introduction k I'etude de la g^ogra- 
phie dans ses rapports avec histoire par C. Cuvier. 4 vols. 8vo. 

Stra^., 1840-41 




J ■■•- 







a I 


WITTJCH, (W.) CnrioMtiei of Phyiical Oeofmphy. S Tob. Ifinv. 3». X.m4*M, 1845 
ZORNLIN, (R.) Racrmtioiu in Phjncal Gcoemphj. 13ino. Of. Ijmtdmm, 18U 

« Hydrolory. or the World of Wales. Iftno, C». Ltmd., 1843 

LLOYD. (E.) Mathematical Geography. 8to ** 1831 

(II. J.) PhyMcal Gcographv. 8ro •« •• 

(liib. Uaef. Knowl.) 

HOFFMAN, (F.) Physikalischc Geographic. V. I-IL 8vo. BerUn, 1838 

MALTE-BRUN. (M.) Principles of Mathematical, PhyaicaU and Political 
Geography. 2d ed. improved by the addition of the most recent inibrma- 
Uon. 8vo, 15« Eiinhwrgh, 1834 

HUOIIES, (W.) Principle* of MalhematiGal Ocorraphy; compreheiidiBf a Tbrofetieal 
and Practical Ex planation of the Comttraction of Mapt : with Knke for the Formatioii 
of the various kiud« of .Map Projections. 8vo, plates. f«. . . Ijtmim^ V^4A 

JA.MIESON. (A.) A Mannal of Map-makine and Mechanical Ge<^{raphy, iOnslrated br 
Sixty Enfrravincx. compriting Projectiont of the Sphere, general and particnfar Mam aod 
Topo^aphical Plans, for the purpose of facilitating Phictical Edocation, aBfd the Opem- 
tions of Land Saneying. Military and Naval Snrvev*. ISmo, S«. . Edimtmgk, 1840 

FORBIGER, (A.) Handbach der alten Geographie. 2 vola. roy. 8to. 

Leiptig, 1843-44 
MANNERT, (K.) Geographie der Griechen u. Romer. 10 vols. 8to. 

Leipt. 6 

I. Einleitung n. Iliapanien 18S9 


II. p. I. Tran«alp. Gallien 
p. 2. Briiannien. 

III. Gemiania. Rha«*tia. &c. 

IV. Der Nonlen d. Erde . 
V. Indien o. Penien . 

Vl. p. 1. Ambicn. 9yrien,lfcc 

n. '2. 3. Kleinasien 
VII. ThraiMon. Illyr. Maoed. iu;. 
VIII. Griechenland 

IX. Italii. Sicilia, &o. 

X. 1. i. Africa. 












1 3 


Recherches aur la geographie ancienne et celle da 
Porit, 1823 



moyen-ftge. 4to. 

See ri Jniven PHtornqne, Bafletin de la Society de gAograpbie. Jovraal of the Koyal 
Geographical Society of London. JoHifiTOifK'a Phyocal Atlas, etc. 


COOLEY, (W. D.) The History of Maritime and Inland Discovery. 3 
vols. l2mo, 18tf London^ 1830 

AN HISTORICAL Accoant of the Circumnarigation of the Globe, and 

of the Progress of Discovery in the Pacific Occean, from the Voyage of 

Magellan tu the Death of Cook. l2mo, 5«. cloth. . Edinburgh, 1837 

(Edin. Cab. Lib'y.) 

DESMICIIELS. Prices de rhistoire et de la geographie do noyea &ge, depim la d4cs- 
dence de remfiire romain jnsqn'k la prise de Ccmstaatinople par hi Toica-OUoinaas. 9a 
Adn. Hvo, map!i./.6. Pari*, 1840 

SAINT-MARTIN. (V. dbO Histoire det IMconvertes G^ogmphiqaes dm Nali«M Ear»- 

(teennesi (iann lev Diverte* Parties dn Monde. 8vo Paris, IBO- 

To be completed in 43 volumes, with an Atlaa of abont 00 Mapa,/.175. 



Pr^ientant. d'apr»^« les sources originales poor chaqoe nation, le piAcea de* voi a fB a e: 
ltd* par terre et (tar mer, et offrant le Tableau complet de nos coaaaisajioei aelaeilaa tar 

pays et In neuples de P Aeie. de T Afriqne, de TAmerique, a* do rOodaaia, afw •■ fiaad 

nombre de Cartes et une bibliographie complete des Voyagca. 

9 vols. 


III. Afriqae 

IV. AmAriqn* et Oc4aalB 



I. Aftie intdrieare . 
II. Asie meridionale oentrale et 

XOUVF.LLES JiXJfJILES DES V0YAOE8 et dea Bdeaeaa 4«f ra p Mq —i . 

M. Vivien de Saint-Martin. Rvo. Seriea 1- ... 

(Published monthly, 3U francs per annnm.) 

LACROIX, (F.) Annnaiie das Voyages et de la Geographie. Aaa^aa 1 k 3. 3 vols. IBtoo. 

/.4 50 Faria, 1844-1840 

(Pnblisbed annnally, price /.I 50.) 

N AVARRETE. (Don M. J. db.) Viages y DescnbrimieBtoa de loa Eqiaadaa, i 
del Siglo XV. 5 vols. sm. 4to. 


GEOLOGY.] 167 




jr, Botanjr, Geolo^, Pmlwontology, Ito. ; or, a SyttemsUe Catalogae of all Books 
•e subjecti pnbluned since 17U) in Germany, Enfland, France, Holland, &c. 
by W. Engelmann. 3 vols. 8vo. Leipzig, 1846-7 

on those 

LYELL, (C.) Principles of Geology ; or, the Modem Changes of the 
E!arth and its Inhabitants considered as Illastrative of Greology. 7th ed. 
8to, 18«. London, 1847 

Elements of Greology for the use of beginners. 2d. ed. 2 vols. l2mo, 

$3 London and Boston, 1841 

Travels in North America ; with Geological Observations on the 

United States, Canada, and Nova Scotia. 2 vols. 8vo, two Geological 

Maps, coloured, 21«. London, 1845 

(Reprinted, New- York.) 

MANTELL, (G. A.) The Medals of Creation, or First Lessons in Ge- 
ology, and in the Study of Organic Remains. 2 vols. l2mo, 6 plates and 
numerous woodcuts, 21«. London, 1844 

The Wonders of Geology, or a Familiar Exposition of Geological 

Phenomena. 5th ed London, 1847 

Thoughts on a Pebble, sq. 12mo. ... *< 1842 

Geology of the Isle of Wight ; comprising Excursions round the Is- 
land, and along the adjacent Coast of Hampshire and Dorsetshire. Illus- 
trated with above 100 fine woodcuts, and a Geological Map, coloured. 
8vo, 12« London, 1847 

De La BECHE, (H. T.) The Geological Observer. 800 woodcuts. 

London, 1847 

ANSTED, (D. T.) The Geologist's Text Book ; chiefly intended as a 
Book of Reference for the Greological Student. Fcp. 8vo, 3«. 6d. 

London, 1845 
——' Geology ; Introductory, Descriptive, and Practical. 2 vols. 8vo, 42«. 

London, 1844 

The Ancient World ; or. Picturesque Sketches of Creation. 8vo, with 

148 Illustrations, 12« London, 1847 

RICHARDSON, (O. E.) Geolo|^y for Bepnners; comprising a Familiar Explanation of 
Creokwr and its auociate Sciences, Mineralogy. PhyiUcal Geology, Fowil Conchology, 
Foeetl Botany, and Palaeontology, indading Directions for forming Collections, and gene- 
rally cnltivating the Science ; with a soccinut account of the several Geological Forma- 
tions. 12mo, numerous illostrations, lOs. Qd London, 1843 

PHILLIPS, (J.) A Treatise on Geology. 2 vols. «m. 8vo, ISm. lAmdon, 1837-39 

(Lardner's Cyclopaxlia.) 

BflLLER, (H.) The Old Red Sandstone. New Walks in an Old Field. New ed. ]2mo. 

Edinburgh, 1847 

BIBCHOFF, (O.) Practical, Chemical, and Geological Researehei on the Internal Heat 

of the Globe. Vol. 1, 8vo, plates, &c. 10« Edin., 1841 

HOPKINS, (E.) On the Connexion of Geology with Terrestrial Magnetism ; showing the 
General Polarity of Matter, the Meridional Stractare of the Crystalline Rocks, their Trans- 
ition, Movements, and Dislocations, including the Sedimentary Rocks, the Laws regu- 
lating the Distribution of Metalliferous Deposit*, and other Magnetic Phenomena. 8>'o, 
»4 plates, lOr. W iMmdon, 1844 

DARWIN. rC.) Geological Observations on the Volcanic Islands visited during the Voy- 
age of H. M. S. Beagle ; together with some brief notice* on the Geology of Australia 
and the Cape of Good Hope : being the second part of The Greology of the Voyage of 
the Beagle, under the command of Capt. Fitzroy, during the yean 1832 to 183G. 8vo, 
chart, woodcnU, 10«. M I^ndon, 1844 

The Structure and Distribution of Coral Reefs. 8vo, maps and cuts, 15*. " 1843 

FORBES. Travels through the Alp* of Savoy and other parts of the Pennine Cham ; 
with Observations on the Phenomena of Glaciers. 2d eJ. royal 8vo, maps. 28«. 

Edinburgh, 1845 






4 I 


ir / 







GEOLOGY.— (Co«n«Med.) 





AGASSI/, (L.) 8v»U'a)e Glaciaire. oa Recherchm tar let Glacien. l^nr m^canU 

anciennc extennion, rtr. Preiiiiri» Partie, Nonvdle ^todet et exp«tienc«H kur !•« gtacaeft 
actorli. Hvo. av«c an Atlas in folio de 3 cartn et 9 pl./.44. Pari*, J847 

Ktudr* iiur let Glaciers, tivo, et Atlai de 3i pi. in folio, /.4S. . Ac%^cAilW. 1810 

COLDMIt. (E.) Prvuvn de reAtttenoe d'ancieaa GImmm dam lea valUet dee Vovet. 
Ho, |ilato<./.S Pmrt$, 1&I7 

Mh'.JMdlHS of the Geo'oj(iial Suner of Great Britain, and of Ibe M oaenm of Eoonomic 
Gcoloifv in London. Edited b} T.' De la Becfae. Vol. 1, lojal ^vo, 9 plalee, SU. 

DIH'KLANP. (Dr. VV.) Geolufy and Minerakinr oonsideied with referenco to Matvral 

TlHulojry. 'J voU. ^vo. Lamimk, lt36 

(Bridf^water Treatise.) 

MliRCHlSON, (R. I.) TheGeolofry of Ruwia in Enrope and the Ural Mottrntaina. By 
R. I. .MuixhiM>n, Edward De Vern'cail. and Count A. Von Keyserlaig. !ii vol*, loj. 4to. 
ver>- numerous |»late«, X'H. \f* Ijtmdtm^ ]cf46 

T1m> (;polcif:y of the Silorian Refion. 3 vob. 4to, map and platea, £1. ft*. " 1^99 

MKMOIHS OF tVILLI.iM HMITii, Author of "The Map of the BtraUof Eaclaiid 
aud Walo." Ily Im nejihew and pupil, John Phillip*. 8vo, five portraittaad woodcatt, 
7#. tW Jj^mdtm, 1845 

WILKINSDX. (G.) Pra<.-tieal Geology ud Ancient Architecture of Ireland. Royal Hro, 
IT plat(«. and 7'J woodcuts, 'i}*# Jjfwdmm, 184S 

ROnr.RTS. (G.) Ad Etymological and Explanatory Dictionarv of the Terms and I^aa- 
gua^ ut* Ge<>lo«y ; de»igned for the early Btudent, and those who have not made freat 
pruuriHM in thi> StH>nof'. l*Jino. ft« /.Mulea, 1839 

1II*.MIUjK. iW.) Dictionary of Gt*«loffy, .Mineralogy, &c., compriMnc tnrh Tennt at aw 
umhI III Botany. Clu-mintry, (^oni|Hiratire Anatomv, l^ncholoi^, Eiatomolo|rr, Pahroa- 
tolu};v, Zoolojry, and other' branches of Natural llittory connected with Geology, t^^o. 
lOjr. tV /^n^M, 1840 

CASTELN.W. (F. dk.) Essal tur 1« Sy»tenM> Silurien da rAmeriqne aeplMitrioaala. 
4to. //:.'> 5trw*Mry, 180 

RBI'DANT, (F. S.) Conn ilemenUirv de mineralosie et de fiologie. ]9mo,/.6. 

f^VPte. 184S 

BUR AT. (.\.) Gfolofrie apiilioofe, an Traitie de la recherche et de rexploitatioa dea 
niini'raux utilt-i. Ce rd. Hvo. /.15 f*«r»«, 1846 

DUNKKR. (W.) Monoi;raphie der Nonldentitchen Wealdenbildunf : cia Beitrag inr 
G«H>i;QOkH> und Natur);e«i>hichte der Vorwelt, etc. 4to, 31 plate*, 3S«. Brmmtwiik^ 1846 

Sii.liman'h Journal. Trun^ctions of the Geolofpcal Society of London. Qaarterly 
Journal of tlie Gt>olofrical Soi'ietv of liondon. Annab of Natural Hktory. Edia* 
bur};li Pliilo»opliical Journal. Menioim de la Sociotd geologiqne de Fraaoe. 

GEOMETRY. - (8ee Mathematics.) 

GEORGIA. (See Caspian Sea.) 

I. GEor.RArin, &c. 

WAKHOrCHT, (T.) Description g^opraphiqne de la G^rgic. pobli^ 

U'npr^s rorifi^inal autogniphe, por M. Brunei. 4to. St. Peter^urg, 1841 

/.f:TT/if:x »orleCaucMe,rt la Georjrie, in IHIS. 8vo. . . Hsmft.. 1816 

C7/K0.«V/<^r>: Georipenne. Traduit |)ar M. Broeset. 8vo. . Fam, 1831 

Lyall'8 Travel* in Rn»ia. KLAraorn*! Traveli in the Cauraaoi, ke. 

n. LAN(iUA(;i:. 

KLAPROTII, (J.) Vocabulaire et grammaire de la langae gdorgienne. 
Syo PmrU, 1827 

Kaukasidche Sprachen. Anhang sur Reison» etc. 8vo. HmlU, 1814 

BROSSET, (M.) L'art liberal, ou grammaire g^orgiemie. 8to. 

Porw, 1834 

ElementH de la langne g(?orgiennc. 8vo. . " 1837 

TCHOIJBINOFF, (D.) Dictiomiaire Gdorgicn Ruase-Fran^ait. 4to, 30*. 

Petenkurg, 1840 
Bee Journal Atiatique. 


GERHA^T.] 169 [gEBMANT. 




MURRAY'S Hand-Book for Travellers in Northern Germany. 8vo, maps, 
12< London, 1846 

Hand>Book for Southern Germany. 8vo, maps, 10«. ** 1846 

LEHNH ART, (I.) lUaBtrattons to Mnrrmy's Haad-Book* : a Series of Mapi, Plane, Ta- 
bles, &c. 8vo. Fratdtfort' 

Part I. North Germany, Hi^and, fte. 16«. 
" II. Sonth Germany. 13«. 

HAWKINS, (B.) Germany : the Spirit of her Hjstory, Literatare, Social 

Condition, and National Eiconomy. 8vo. London, 1838 

GRANVILLE. (A. B.) The Spas of Germany. 3 vob. 8vo. L0udon,183n 

HEAD, (SiK F. B.) Babbles from the Brannens of Nassau. 13mo. " 1836 

HOWITT, (W.) The Stodent-Uib of Germany, from the MSS. of Dr. Comelins. 8to. 

(Reprinted, PhUad.) London, 1841 

RUSSELL, (J.) Toar in Germany, in 1630-23. 3 vols. 13mo. Edim., 1835 

DIEZ, (F. M.) Karte von Dentschland n. d. anj^nzenden L&ndem, cam Reise|^braaeh. 
4 sheeu folio in case, 13« Gtka, 183S 

DELKESKAMP, (W.) Rhein-Panorama von Mainz bis Cdln. 4to, 13«. 6^ 

FyankfoH, 1848 


KOHLRAUSCH, (F.) History of Germany, from the Earliest Period to 
the Present Time. Translated from the last German edition, -by James 
D. Haas. 8vo, 500 pages, with complete Index, (1 50. 

New-York, D. A. dt Co., 1847 

DUNHAM, (S. A.) The History of the Germanic Empire. 3 vols. fcp. 
Bto, 18« London, 1834^5 

MASCOU, (Dr. J. J.) History of the Ancient Germans, translated by 
Lediard. 2 vols. 4to London, 1833 

GREENWOOD, (T.) The Firet Book of the History of the Germans: 

Barbaric Period. 4to, 52«. 6d London, 1836 

LUDEN. (H.) Geschichte des Teatschen Volkes. Vols. 1-13, 8vo. OotJka, 1835-38 

DULLER, (Ed.) Geschichte d. Deotfchen Volkes. 3d edn., 8vo, 12s. Berlin, 1847 

STENZEL, (G. A. H.) Geschichte Dentschland unter den Fr&nkiscben Kaisem. 3 vols. 

8vo I^pzig, 1838 

PFISTER, (J. G.) Geschichte der Teatschen. 5 vob. 8vo. Hamburgh, 183&-35 

BULAU. (F.) Geschichte Dentschland v. 1H06-30. Bvo, lU. Hamb., 1843 

ARCHENUOLTZ, (J. W. vom.) GcMshichte des siebenjahrigen Krieges in Dentschland. 
3 vols. 8vo, ts.Sd Berlin, 1840 

The same, transl. into English. ])>mo. 6s Prankf., 1844 

SCHILLER, (F.) History of the Thirty Yeare* War, transl. by A. J. W. Morrison, sm. 

%\'0. 3«. 6sf. (Bohn's Standard Library.) London, 1846 

MENZEL, (K. A.) Geschichte der Dcutschen (bis znr Reformation). 8 vols. 4to, ASs. 

Brtsl., 1815-33 
LICHNOWSKY, (C. M.) Geschichte d« Ilaoses Habsborg. Vols. 1-8. 8vo, £6. 

Wien, 1836-44 
ZEUSS, (K.') Die Dentschen und die Nachbarstamme. 8vo. Munehen, 1837 

PERTZ. (G. II.) Monnmenta Germaniaf> Historica. Inde ab. a. Chr. CL.'nsqoe ad a. 
MD. Anspidit Soc. aper. Font. Rerum. Gcrmaniconim, Med. JE\i. VoU. 1-8., folio, 
plates, JC31. 16« liannov., 1826-45 

Sciiptomm lemm Germanicarnm Ex Monnment. Germ. hist. 8 vols. 8vo. 3R«. 

fiannotf., 1840-45 

ORRM.9J^ICARUM RERUM FOJ^TTES ; Johannes Viotorinos. nnd der G«Bchieht»- 
qnellen Deutschlwids im XIV. Jahrhnnd., herauig. von J. F. Boehmer. Vol. 1, 8vo. 

atMl^., 1843 

u f.. 


» A 



J * 





II. mS'rORY.— fCV/n/iniirti.) 

BARTORirti, (G. F.) C'rhiBdJiMlM G«whkht« d« UnpnagM dm DmIkIm 
hmwf . vott I^pfifobvif . S vok. 4te. H* 

I>A Vori)-OGIIU)L\ (G. A.) Uteoin «k U legiilation 6m uei«u GmaaiBi 
r*«o. 'lU Bt 



HOHsyj^'Hl^ TT fiir dea de«t«chn BuhbaDtM nnd dw mit Uim Tcrwaadim 4 

sweiiTP. 4fo. 

Pablwhcd twic« « w««k in Nm. of 12 to M pp* (l>«nBf Um BookMi 
daily.) Hold to BubMribm only. ^ SO per annnm. 

rERZElCH.VISS DUR HUCHF.R. Laadkartn. fto.. welrhr voa Jannar 
I<<4T. Dru i>rv)ii4*Brn otlfr nru >ur;;i>li>|!t woidni kind, mil Anfabp der BoKvacahl 
krpr. drr Prrite in 14 Thak-r-FuM, litrraMrlivn Nachwittnafea nad riavr « iwr ac 

U«bcnicfai. l4mo 

A volame ii pDlilitlicil rvcry *\x moatht, price SO orati. 

KA YHER. (C. G.) ladrx Iocs jdrtiiM mat libroraa, qni iadeabaaao 1730 aMjoe i 
|fM() IB (Sermania prodicraBt. T volt, and lades, nm. folio, £^. He. . i^ipzi^ 

ERSni. (J. S.) IlaB<lbnch der Umttrhen Litrratar. 4 voh. Hro. . 

B IB LlOTii F.C.I rHILOLUQICA €i F.RM.iS'lVA ; odOT Vencichatai der 
•chrn f*prarhwi«en*rhaft an|;liclK>ri2. HchrifWa. Hvo, 3«. . . . /.Wj 

lIEINHirS. (W.) Alle. Riirlier io UTUttcbl. (< vot^. 4U>. ... 

2. Hl!«T«»RV OF. 

Till MM, (F. L. J.) Literaturr of Germany from the earliest Peric 
prett*nt tiiii«v li2mo. ...... Londt 

GOSTICK, (J.) ITic Spirit of Gennan Poetry. 8vo, 4«. 

MENZEL. (W.) (;enii&n Literature. Translated by C. C. Fe 
Tol^. 13:no. ........ B^Mti 

T.AYLOR, (Wm.) Ifiitoric Survey of German Poetry, with Iran 
3 volff Hto Tjond* 

GERVIM'S, ((;. G.) (;oHrliuhte der poetinchen National- Liier 
Dtrnturhpn. 5 volfi Hvn, G3« Ijeipxig, \ 

- Handbuch d. Grvchirht*- d. \iw\. Nat Literatar. bro, ti«. 


IlILLERRAND. (JJ die deatiche Xatioaal Literatar wit Lnna?. VoL I. II.. 

HEINFirf*. rr.) Grwhicht« der denttrhea literalar. ISmo. 7«. W. . Br 

LAI'BE. 'II.) Gnchirhle der dentarhea Lilnatnr. 4 yoIi. Hro, ^«. STa 

IIOFFM.ANN. rll. \. FALLCavLBBBM.) Faaclfraben f. (;cwh. dealiclMr P|nr 
tiratof. "l rolt. Hvo. I.Vji Btrt*!. 

BENEf.KE, (G. F.) Reitrace car Kentavw d. Ahd«at*rhea Pprarhe aad l^rteiati 
Hvo Oerria, 

WOLFF. (Da. L. R.) EarTdoi-idie der DeatK-hea NatioaaJ-l^lefaiar. oder 1 
I^\i«vn firr drniKhea Ihrbifr aad IViMUiter. 7 to1». 4to. i^n/rug 

GKI./.F.R. rll.) Die drattrhe poetiwhe literatar wit Klopitock a. LcMBf . sack all 
lelifiiMpn (>e«irbt*|'°'*^*'''*< ^vo. \{\m Ln^ 

HORN. I v.. Ihe INm^H' nad Bef«d*amkeit der iWatKhea. voa Latker'i Zmi 
iwv^nwmn. 4 tob. rto BeHtm 

G( tr.DKKi:. /K I UniM hlaad't llirhler roa l^n bn I'«43— Aaiwahl «oa fTtS r 
i%tiM-)ifn Ct^lh-litm. iiiit Itcini'rkunffB. toy. '*vo, V2». Ummm 

GRLMM. 'J. I>pntMl.nMtth«iknrie. 'Ar Anniuhf. S voU. Hto. 9I«. Oefti 

'J k W.) iWriiMh'- Hatm. 3 volt. Hvo. ISe i»«i 

ii.AGF.V I Itr!4('IIl\(i. I.itrrarwber Gniadn«f lar Gevbichle dw deataehea 
lad. XVI Jaiirhumirr*. "lu. KU Sn 

|VutMbe(;i«liihtrdit Mittrlalierv. W. I., Hto.SU. ... 

3. LiTKiiATiKr, National. — rS'o Rallads. p. fi5.) 

ERLAril. F K Fa. «o^.: IV Volk.lirder der Ueotwbea. S rok. 8vo. 


MrKAl'rt. J. A.; Volktni irrlira der lleatwheB. iot. Hvo. ijm^ 

Tbr ftaioe. 4 woh. ItaMb 

REI'MONT, A : Rheialaadt HhfVB ; Gcwbirhlc a. I^cfPBdea. 8vo. X 




X^iy» 1843-15 

a. LITERATURE.— (Co7i/mu«/.) 

DICHTUJ^OEJr des deutMhen MittalaJten. Vob. I.-V., ISmo. 

Vol. I. Nibdnnge Nut. n. d. Klace. v. Volknn. A» 
II. Titttan n. Iiolt. v. H. 8. M«Mm«nii. Am. 

III. Bariaam a. JowphaU ▼• PfeifTer. A*. 

IV. Boner Ed«!stein, v. Pfeiffer. it. 
V. Gudrun, von A. J. Volimer. At. 

RINNE, (Da. K. F.) Inn«n GeMhichte der Entwiokdanf dm dratacben National Litara- 
tnr. 0VO Leiptigy 1A43 

HAGEN, (F. H. von dbb.) Nordiache llaUanroinaiM, ubeiwtzt. 5 voli. IShao, 

BcHiM, 1814-18 
Vob. 1, 2, 3. Dietrich von Bern and die NiebelaDgMi. 

4. 8i|rnrd and die Niflansen. 

5. Ragnor Lodbrok'i una Norrageat'i Saga. 

TALVJ, (Th. Robinion.) Vennch einer gewliichtlichen Cbaiakteriatik dar VoUnliader 
Gennaniacher Nationen, mit einer Uebenicht der Lieder auMmnropiiacher VAlker- 
achaften. l^xig, 1840 

JORDENS, (K. H ) Lezikon dentaoher Dichter nnd ProaaiataB, mit Bnppt 6 vola. 8vo, 
48a Leiftig, l9»-li 


jriBELUKOEK-LIED, (Dot.) Uberaeti von Marbach, mh HoItsMhaitteB, fte.. 
naeb Zeichaungen von Bendemann, Uiibner, Rethel, &o. AHo^ 31#. Leifzif, 1840 

lUoatiirt von J. Schnorr a. E. Nenrenther, Text bearb. ▼. G. Pfiaar. HOt 90a. 

Stutt. 1843 
Uebenetz v. Karl Simrock. 8vo, 4« '* ' 1843 

LACHMAN, (K.) Zn den Nibelnnftn a. znr Klage. Anmeritnngen. 8vo 8a. 

BarHhi, 1837 


1. Grammars, Slc. 

OLLENDORFFS New German Grammar. A New Method of Learning 
to Read, Write and Speak the German Language. By H. G. OllcndorfT. 
Reprinted from the Frankfort edition ; to whidi is added a Sjrstematic 
Outline of the different Parts of Speech, their Inflection and Use, with 
fhll Paradigms, and a complete List of the Irregular Verbs. By G. J. 
Adler, Prof of the German Language in the University of the City of 
New- York. 12mo, $1 50. New- York, D. A. & Co., 1846 

ADLER, (G. J.) A New German Reader, with reference to OllendoriTs 
German Grammar. 12mo. . New-York, D. A. Sl Co., \S^7 

ZIMMER, (T. F. W.) The German Teacher, or the ElemenU of the German Grammar. 
8vo. 8« Heidtlb., 1830 

BECKER, (K. F.) AnafUhrliche dentsche Grammatik. S vob. 8vo, dOa. FhuUtf., 1843 

GRIMM, (J.) Dentache GrammaUk. Vola. I.-IV., Hvo, 43«. Chttinf., 1831-40 

HEINSIUS, (T.) Tent, oder theoretiach-|iraktiacheB Lehrbnch der geaammtan dentachen 
Sprachwi«iaenaohaft. 6 vob. 12mo, 37a Berlin, 1838-45 

HEYSE, (J. C. A.) Anafuhrlicbea Lehrbnch der dentachen Spracha. Vol. I. and 11., p. 1. 
8vo. 2e<a Hanov., 183^-44 

OLTRAGGE, (C.) Deotchea Leaebnch. 3 vob. 8vo, 13a. . . *' 1845 

FISCIION, (F. A.) Denkmaler der deutachen Spractie. Vob. I.-IV., 84a. 

BeHin, 1838-45 

2. Dictionaries. 

A NEW DICTIONARY of the German and English Langaages. 

Part I. German and English. Part 11. English and German. 1 vol., 

large 8vo New- York, D. A. & Co. 

The materiab of this Dictionary will be derived from Hilpert, Fliigel, and other antho- 
ritiea, by G.J.Adler. 

An Abridgment of the same, in 1 vol. 12mo. New- York, D. A. &. Co. 

FLUGEL'S Complete Dictionary of the Carman and Enelith Lanpiafcea, in two parta ; 
viz. : Eogliah-German, and German -English, adaoted to ue Emriiah Student ; with neat 
additions and improvementa by C. A. Felling and A. Heimann. 3d edn., 3 vob. 8vo, Ma. 










a . 



in. LANGUAGE.— (Cwi/i7»i^/i.) 

HILPERT, (J. L.) Dictionary ofthe Gennan and EngKih Laagvagei. 4 Tok. 4to. £4. 

Cmrltr., IIOIMS 

ADELUNG, (J. C.) Handwdrterbuch der dentwben Spraehe. roy. 8ro. Witm. 

GRIEB. (C. F.) Dictionary of the German and Englikb Langwfei. 9voh. rov. 8to.. 50«. 

Siutt., 1H43-47 

HEYflE. (J. C. A.) Ilandwdrterbuch dcr deatMhen Spraehe. Vob. I.-II. Mttifdth., 1845 

Verdeatiichende* Frcmd-Worterbuch. 9tli edn., roy. 8vo, ]S«. Ma^dsh., 1H45 

LEUDROY, (J.) WorU'rbach der denttchen n. franzcMitchen BpradM. S roh. ror. 8ro. 
16*. ... AVaiU/., 1835 

MOLE. (A.) Dictionnaire franc, allemand. 9e 6dn., roy. 8to, 8*. Bmns., 1843 

ERBERH ARD, (A. G.) Synonym. Handwdrtarbnch der deataoliea Spiacbe. l?roo. fi«. M. 

Berlin, 1837 

0CHMITTHENER. (J.) Knrzet dentschM WOrterbach Tdr EtynMlosie. Bynoaomik n. 

Orthogra|ihie. 9it Darmft., 1837 

POLITZ, (K. II. L.) Daa Gesammtgebiet der deotMhen Spraehe. 4 vole 8vo. 90«. 

Leipiig^ 1835 


BORROW, (G.) The Gypsies of Spain ; their Mannen and Cufltoms, Re- 
ligion and Language, sui. 8vo. .... London, 1844 

(Reprinted New- York. W. & P.) 

IIOYLAND, (J.) Hist. Survey of Customs, Ilahits, and Present State of 
the Gypsies. 8vo York, 1816 

GRELLMAN, (H. M . G ) A Dissertation on the Gjrpsies, transl. from 
the German by M. Raper. 8vo London, 1807 

POTT, (A. F.) Die Zigouner in Europa und Asien. Ethnographisch- 

iinguistische Untersuchung. Einleitung, Grammatik, Wdrterboch n. 

Sprachproben. 2 vols. 8vo, 2U Halle, 1844-45 

KOGA^ITCHAN. (M. de.) E^quiwe sur rhi«toire. lei mcpnn et la langne daa Ci^raiat, 
coonasen France m»iu le nom de Ilohdmien«, tnivied'on iccneil de wpt oenis aaols Cigain*. 
Hv6 BfHin, 1837 

mKCHOFF, (F.) DeutMh-zigeanerisches Worterbnch. 8vo. Bmmau, 18:27 

VKBKR die Spraehe der Zi<*r>aner, etc. 4to. Erfurt, 1835 

TR^tTTJiTO dei biaati ovvero pitocchi, e vagabo di, col raodo d*impaiv la liofoa fnr- 
beM*a. 16mo Pita, 1898 

A TR.iJiTSr^TIOJf of the Go>pel of St. Lnke iato the R&mmanf ot Spaaiih Giny 
Dialect. %m. Hvo MaJrid, 1837 


PORTER, (G. R.) Treatise on the Manufactures of Porcelain and Glass. 
sm. 8vo, 6« London, 1832 

(Lardner'i Cyclop.) 

BASTENAIRE-DAUDENART, (F.) Art de la VitrificatioB, on timit4 et^meBtahv, 
thtoriqne et pratique de la fabrication do verre. etc. 8to,/.7 50. . Parit, It^ 

MJiJfUF.T^ dn veirier et da fabrirant de glaces, cristanx, pienei ptecieoaM, faetieea, T«n«i 

oolor^s, yeax artificieU. V^mo,f.2. Pmri». 

(ManneU Roret.) 

See Parnkll*! Applied Chembtry. Ukb's Dtctionary of Aita, kc. 


BALLANTINE, (J.) Treatise on Painted Glass, showing its applicability 
to every Style of Architecture, roy. 8vo, plates, coloured, lOt. Sd. 

EdinLurgh, 1845 

AN ENQUIRY into the difference of Style observable in Ancient Painted 
Glam: with hints on Glass Painting. Illustrated by nimierous coloured 
plates, drawn from Ancient Examples. 2 vols. 8vo, 30«. Oxford, 1847 

CARTER, (0. B.> A Series of the Ancient Painted Glass of Winchester 
Cathedral. Traced from the Windows. 4to, 28 coloured illustrations, 
36« London, 1843 




GLASS PAINTING.— (Con/mi/crf.) 

LANGLOI8, (£. H.) Eiui hntoriqna vt d«icripUf inr la pnntnra nir totto. Sto, /.16. 

Arntm, 1838 

LABTEYRIE, (F. dk.) Hiitoin da la paintan rar vwro, d'apni sea monamanu an 
Franca, folio,/. 1000 Parit, 1838-^ 

8ae Wbalb's Qnartarly Papen on Architaetvre. Archaadofkal Journal, ato 

GLYPHOGRAPHY.— (See Electro-Metallurgy.) 

PALMER. Glyphography ; or, Engraved Drawing, for Printing at the 
Type Frert after the manner of Woodcuts. With fail Directions for the 
use of Artists, Engravers, and Amateurs, and Specimen-IUostrations. 
3d edit. imp. 8vo, pbtes, St. .... London, 1844 


DE MORGAN, (A.) A Treatise on the Globes, Celestial and Terrestrial. 
2d ed. 8vo, 5« Lotuhn, 1837 


BROUGHAM, (Losn.) Political Philosophy. 3 vols. 8to, 21«. 

London, 1842-44 

SISMONDI, (S. DE.) Political Economy, and the Philosophy of Goyero- 
ment ; a series of E^ssays selected from the Works of M. de Sismondi, 
with an historical notice of his liie and writings, by M. Mignet. Trans- 
lated from the French. 8vo. London, 1847 

Baa Bkmthah's Works. MArHiAvsLLra Princa, ate. Alio Aitieka— Aristoc- 
racy, Drhocracy, Monarchy. Tba Political Dictionarj. S vob, ISmo. Ltm- 
dan, 1645-6. 

GRAMMAR, Comparative. — (See Philology.) 

BOPP, (F.) A Comparative Grammar of the Sanscrit, Zend, Greek, Latin, 
Lithuanian, Gothic, German, and Sclavonic Languages. Translated 
from the German principally, by Lieut E^twick ; conducted through the 
press by H. H. Wilson. 2 vols. 8vo, 42«. London, 1845 

Ds BACY, (S.) Principles of General Grammar, translated frt>m the 

French. 12mo Andover, 1837 

GENERAL Principles of Grammar. 18mo, 3«. Sd. London, 1847 

(Small Books on Great SobjecU. No. XII.) 

HUMBOLDT, (W. von.) Ueber das Entstehen der Grammatischen Formen. 

4to Berlin, 1833 

Sea EwcrYCLO. Mbtrop., Art. Orammar, by Sir John Stoddart. Vatkr'i Var- 
soch ainar all^meinen Sprachlabra, nnd Lahrbnch dar allfamainan Orammatik. 
damcal Mnsaom, 1843-. 

GRASSES.— (Agriculture.) 

PARNELL, (R.) The Grasses of Britain. Royal 8vo, illustrated by 
figures drawn and engraved by the Author. 142 plates, 42«. 

London, IS45 

KNAPP, (I. L.) Gramina Britannica ; or, Representations of the British 
Grasses: with Remarks, and Occasional Descriptions. 2d edit. 4to, 
with 118 plates, coloured, jC3 16« Xovu^on, 1842 

SINCLAIR, (G.) Hortus Gramineus Wobumensis. 8vo, coloured plates, 
30«. London, 


AIRY, (G. B.) On Gravitation ; an ElemenUiy Explanation of the prin- 
pal perturbations of the Solar System, sm. 8vo, 7«. . 
Set Aitroroxy. Fhyiici. 

London, 1834 



rtt / 


/> \ 


• m 


4 • 







KIEPKRT, (H.) Atlas von Hellas, a. d. hellen. Colonirn, in 34 Bltti 
folio Berlin, IMl 

CRAMER, (J. A.) A Grognphical and Historical Description of Ancient 
Greece. 3 vols. 8vo, with a map and plan of Athena, 3U. M. 

Oxwt., IfTiri 
GEl'L. 'HiK W.) ItiDprsry of Grnrop. with a rommeatary oa Paaiaaiat aad Hcrabo. aaJ 
a a At-rouat of the MoaaniratA of Aatiqaity at pnnral eintiDf ia that CoaaUy. Uo 

Lwmdm. I-M 
(rtOfraphy aad Aaiiqahm of Iihaca. 4io '* Ir^T 

TopocraiJiy af Troy aad iu viciaity. folio ** WM 

Narrative of a Joaniry ia \\w Morra. Hvo, |Jat«, 15*. ... |>*2I 

STRONG . ' F. ) Grvnre a« a Kiaffiion : a HiatHtiral I>r«rh|«Joa of that Coaauy— te La«i. 
I'ufflmrrw. R«»oarun, Pablic lattitatioa*. Army. Navy, Ice. — from llw amval of Kmf 
Othu. la Ir03. dowB to tho pmrat tiinr. From OfllfiaJ Uocamaau aad AalWaiK 
ttooron. 1 vol. 4«o, 15« Ijamdtm. IMi 

LEAKE. (\V. M.) TravrU ia Northrra Gr«M». 4 vob. f>vo. i3. l^aB 

W(>RI)H WORTH. (C.j A na^ical Toar m Attica, aad S«Hd«Ma la AlkoM. dd cd 
H%o. with map! aad illaitratioai, Vi*. #<— rf»a, I»Q6 

GIFFARD. (E.) VmI to thr loaiaa Iilaadt, Athaai, aad iho Mona. Pvo. M«. 

MirRE, ' W.) Joareal of a Tour in GrrM<r aad ih« loaiaa Iilaadft ia tha Bphac of 10«. 
With Remark! on thr Rrornt lUiory. FiawBt Htate, aad ClaMi-al Aatiqailin of IkiM 
tbaatrw^fl. Illuitratcd. U vob. r'vo. 34« ijmdm. IMl 

rAr^III.EV. 'R.) Tratrli la Crrtr. 'i voh. Hvo. with mapi, platM, aad woodcata. tt 'ta 

i^m4mm. 1^37 
AINHWt >RTil. rW. F.) Trarrl* ia ihi> Track of thi> Tea Tbowaad Gmka. (Hol 

KRrHE. -Iir F. C. II ; lldlai. odrr rmc- Aaiiq. DantdlaBf dai alto* GiMchralaMdi 
aad maer C'oloaiea. 'J vol*, ■'vo. with 4iu Atta* ijnfitig. V^&^ 

DROYHEN. ;J. G.} Ihe lIHIeaitliM-hrB ColoaM-a dn Otteaa. Svo. . IMI 

MANNERT. rK J Gracraphr drr Gmyhra o. Rumer. 10 Tob. Bve. Lwmxin, V^S^^A 
Yd. YII.-YIII. Gnrchralaad. Thranra. Macftioa. Ice. M*. . liW 

UKERT. (F. A.) GMCiapbia dpi Gnfchea aad Rmdot. t. dia fK hiUta Zntoa h« aaf 
Ftotnarna. Yd. 1-3. r^ro ITna. I "16-0 

9c« .^rf . ; A«uMiNi»a. rft^naa'iiMoilcraTravpllar. MraBAT'i Haad Boafc. Mar- 
GRBaoa'i Comawrcial Htati»tiai. I/I'aiven PiitonM|aa. 

n. insTORY. 

H.MITII. I'W.) A Dictioaary of GrKk aad Romaa Bmirrapliy aad Mytbolqiy. 3 vab ^«a. 
woodcnu. XS. 10* Afrfaa. lc4S-r 

A Dirfioaary of Giwk aad Roniaa Aatii|aiii(«. New ad. 8va. 38a. IMT 

GROTE. ^G.) A History of f;n'rcp. Vols. 1-4, 8to, with mapa. 

£MiiM, 1846-47 

I. Hiatory of Early Alh«'at, aad the liefiJatwa of Baloa. 
9. Gimaa C'okMiM. 

3. Ymr of the font^mpnrarT Natioat Mnoaadiaff Giaaea. 

4. GiT«*iaa Ili4ory down to tK^ Fir*t Peniaa lavauoa. aad tha Banlaaf Manikaa 

THIRLWALL, (Br ) Thi- Hi5tor>- of Grrece. 8 Tola. Icp. 8ro. X9 Sa 

Tlie mme. Library edition. H vols. 8vo. •• 1045- 

KEIGHTLEY, (T.; The History of Greece. 3a ed. iSnio, fit. M. 

MAI.KIN. ^Db) Hiatory of (;rerrr from the Earlieai Timea to iia Faal 
Sulijertion to Rome. Hvo. /fjb. I'w. Kaow.j Laaiiaa, 

WACH.SMLTH, (W.) Historical Antiqaitica of the Greeka. truaL 
the (;fnTian, by E. Woolryrh. 3 vola. 8vo. 0tr>W4. 1837 

FINLAY, 'G) Greece andrr the Rnmana. Svo. . Stfia., 1844 

n. HISTORY.— (Corainued,) 

HERMANN, (C. F.) Political Andqnities of Greece. 8to. Oxford, 1036 

CLINTON, (H. F ) Fasti Hellenici : the Civfl and Literary Chronology 
of Greece, from the Earliest Accounts to the Death of AMMtus. 3 toIs. 
4to,i:5. 2« Oxford, 1030-41 

MULLER'S DORIANS. The History and Antiquities of the Doric Race. 
Translated by H. Tufhel and G. C. Lewis. 3d. ed., maps, 2 vols. 8vo, 
£l.S». London, 1839 

St. JOHN, (J.) The History of the Manners, Customs, Arts, iui. of An- 
cient Greece. 3 vols. 8vo. 21«. .... London, 1843 

" Tbe most leftraod, the most comprehensive, and the mostjndioions work ever wiitten 
abont the manneii, the tnttitntions, and the loeaUtiea ofthat conntry." 

Walter Savage Lander, 

HA8E, (H.) The Poblic and Private life of the Ancient Oieeki. Traulatod from the 

German. Fcp. 8vo, S». 6J Zjemd., 1836 

BECKER, (W. A.) Charicles. BUder altfriech. Bitten. 9 vols. 8vo, 9U. Le^if, 1840 

The tame, tranilated by F. MetcaJfe. ISmo, 12ff Lenden, 1645 

DROY8EN, (J. O.) Gewhichte AJexanden von Maoedoniea. 8vo, Be. Hemhwrg, 1830 

Geichichte dei Hdlenumns. Vol. 1-3, 8vo, 33« " 1837-44 

Vol. 1. Die Nachfoiger Alexanden. 
'* 11. Die BUdnng da Uellen. BtaatentjttenH. 

HELWING, (Dn. E.) OeMhichte de» AchaiMhen Bnndaa. 8vo. . Lemg,,VS» 

FLATHE, (L.) Geschichte Macedoniens nnd der Reiche, welche Ton 

macedonischen Kdnige beherrscht. 3 toIs. 8vo. Leipxig, 1833-34 

HOECK, (C. F. C.) Kreta. Venocfa znr Aafbellonf der MjrtholQgie and Gewhiohte, der 
Relif. n. Verf. diewr Iniel. 3 vols. 8vo Oott., 1BS3-S0 

8CHORN, (Dn. W.) d^eiohichte Griechenlands von die Entitehnnx des BtoU. nnd aohaiMh. 
Bnndet bU anf die Verstdrunff Korinthi. 8vo Bemn^ 1833 

KRAUBE. (Dn. J. K.) EXXirrira ; oder IniUtnte, Bitten nnd Brancbe dei Allen HeOae— 
Die Gvmnastik nnd Afoniitik, Um Fvthien, Nemeen nnd IiUunien. 9 vok. 8vo. 


Oljmpia, Oder Dantellnng der Grooen Olympiache Spiele, n. d. verbnnd. Fertliehket- 

ten, etc. 8vo. ITtni, 1835 

BROUWER, (P. ▼. LiHBDao.) Hiitoife de la Givilixation morale et raligienM det Greet. 
8 vols. 8vo, 73« * . Oreitt%., 1837-48 

PANOFKA, rr.) Grieehlnnen nnd Griechen nach antiken Skizaert. Folio. £aWtn,1844 

-—- BilderantikenLebent. 4to, Platet, 16* " 1843 

MULLER, (C. O.) Afch&ologische Mittbeilnngen am Chaeohenland. heranur. von A. 
Schdll. 4to /ywO/., 1843 

Getchichten Udleniecher StAmme n. St&dte. 9te anv. v<m F. W. Schneidewin. 3 

voIs.8vo, 31« Btm/., 1844 

Vol 1. Orohomenoi a. d. Minyer, lit. 
*' II. III. Die Dorier. 3 vols. 90*. 

BOECRH, (Aro.) Corpm Inscriptionttm OrMamm. Vob. I.-III. . BenL, 1896^40 
ROSSIUS, (L.) Inscriptionee Grssca inedita. Faw. I.-DI., 4to, 94«. '* 1838-15 


MULLER. (C. O.) Introduction to a Scientific System of Mythology. 
Translated from the German by John Leitch. 8vo, 13«. London, 1844 

KEIGHTLEY, (F.) Mythology of Ancient Greece and Italy. 8vo, 16s. 

London, 1835 

USCHOLD, (Z.) Vorhalle car griech. GeMhicbte nnd Mythdogie. 9 vob. 19mo. 

StuU., 18B3 

CREUZER. (F.) SymboUk nnd Mythokigie der ahea VBIker, baeonden der Orieohen a. 
Rdmer. 4 volt. 8vo, 84« JDoravC., 1833-44 

BCHWENK, (KJ die Mvthokwie der Griechen, ROmer, MopbK. Gemaoea n. Slaves, 
ate. VoU. I.-II., 8vo, 17*. 6rf . PrmUtf., 184»-45 

KLAU8EN, (R. H.) iGneM n. die Pmaten. Die itaUnheo VoIkinl4|iOMB nnier dm 
EinfiuM der griedriMhen. 9 vole. 8vo, 97« Hamh,, 183IMO 

VOSS, (T. H.) Mytbologieohe Biiefe. 5 vob. 19mo, 38«. . . . SteM^ 1897-33 

PANOFKA, (T.) DerHeilgOtterdvGibQheB B«r<iM, 1845 





. tt 









MtJLLER, (C. O.) Historf of Greek Literatare,tninfllated from the Gennan. 

By G. C. Lewis. Vol. I. 8vo, 7«. %d. , , , Limdon» 1840 
^ (Lib. U«ef. KdowI.) 

MAT*l7IIi£, (A.) Manual of the History of Greek and Roman Litera- 
ture. l2mo Oxford, 1841 

DONALDSON. (J. W.) Themiv of th<> Grreks : a Series of Papen KlaUnc to the llutory 
and CriticUmi of the Greek Drama. VVith a new Introdnctioa, aod otner akeratioaft. 
Sth ed.. Hvo, 15« L^ndn, 1845 

SCIIOELL. (M. S. F.) Hi*loire de la Litteratore Grecqoe. 9d eda., 8 tob. 9vo. Pmris. 1»93 

BERN HARDY, (G.) Grondnu der ^rieclittchen Lileratar, mit eiMO venleidbeiid. Uefaer- 
blick der rtimischen. 3 voU. Hvo. '34« Halle, 1836-I«f45 

BODE, (G. II.) GeMhichte der bellenischen Dichtkniiat bii anf Alexander d. GnMWB. 3 

vol*. Hvo I^yiig, ItOe-IO 

ULRICI, (H.) Gefcbichte der heDenucben Dicbtknoit 2vob.8TO. Epo«. Lyrik. 

BrWia, 183S 
KAYSER, (W. C.) hiitoria crit. TraKicomm Grscoram. 8to, 7«. . . Q0tL,l9A& 

MEINEKE. (A.) Fra^ menta Comicoram Gra>oonim. 4 vob. 740. 6i{. . Berlin^lB^^ 
Vol. I. Hutor. critic, comic. Grac. 
" II.-IV. Fragm. Poet. Commoedie antiq. medic et aovc. 


DONALDSON, (J. W.) New Cratylus ; contribationa towards a more 
accurate knowledge of the Greek Language. 8vo, 16a. . Comb., 1839 

MATTHIiE, (A.) A Grammar of the Greek language. Translated 
from the German. 5th ed., revised by John Kenrick. 2 toIs. 6to, 30«. 

Ltrndon, 1^7 

Index of Quotations from Greek Authors contained in the 5th edition 

of Matthise's Greek Grammar. 2d ed. 8vo, 7ff. 6(2. . London, 1841 

Shorter Greek Grammar, for the use of Schools. 7th ed.» revised by 

the Rev. J. Ekiwards, M. A. 12mo, 3a. . . London, 1841 

THIFIRSCn, (F ) Greek Grammar, translated from the German, with 
brief Remarks, by D. K. Sandford. 8vo, 16a. Edinburgh, 1830 

ARNOLD. (T. K.) A First Greek Book ; with Easy Exciciaes and Vo- 
cabulary. Revised and Corrected by J. A. Spencer, A. M. 12mo, 
624 cts New- York, D. A. & Co., 1847 

A Practical Introduction to Greek Prose Composition. Revised and 

Corrected by J. A. Spencer, A. M. l2mo, 75 eta. 

New-York, D. A. & Co., 1847 
Thi« work conMsts of > Greek Syntax, founded on Buttmana't, and Ewv Senteaon 
to be translated into Grwk, aAer given Kxamplex, and with given Wonu. 

— — A Greek Reading Book ; including a Complete Treatise on the Greek 
Particles. Revised by J. A. Spencer, A. M. 12mo. (In Press.) 

New- York, D. A. & Co., 1847 

MIDDLETON, (Bp.) The Doctrine of the Greek Article applied to the 
Criticism and Illustration of the New Testament. New edition, with 
prefatory Observations and Notes, by Hugh James Rose. 8vo, 13a. 

London, 1841 

BUTTM ANN. Lexilogus ; or. a Critical Examination of the Meaning and 
Etymology of various Greek Words and Passages in Homer, Hesiod, and 
other Greek Writers. Translated, with Notes, by the Rev. J. R. Fish- 
lake. 2d ed. 8vo, 14« London, 1840 

Catalogue of the Irregular Greek Verbs; with all the Tenses that are 

Extant — their Formation, Meaning, and Usage, accompanied by a Com- 
plete Index. Translated, with Notes, by the Rev. J. R. Fishlake. 8vo, 
7a. 6c/ London, 1837 

Intermediate and Larger Greek Grammar. Translated from the Ger- 

mon: with a Biographical Notice of the Author. Edited by Dr Charles 
Supf. New edition. 8vo, 13a. 6d London, 1840 

in. LITERATURE.— (Coji/inMe</.) 

BOS. On the Greek Ellipsis ; abridged and translated into English from 
Professor Scheffer's Edition: with Notes, by the Rev. John Seat^cr. 
bvo, 9«. M ^dAHtdont n. d. 

HERMANN. Elements of the Doctrine of Metres ; abrio^d and trans- 
lated into English. Bto, 8«. 6(2. .... lAtmlout ii. d. 

HOOGEVEEN. On the Greek Particles; abridged and trnnslatcd into 
English. By the Rev. John Seager. 8vo, 7«. 6<2. London, n. d. 

A GRAMMAR of the Greek Langaage, chiefly from the German of Ra- 
phael KQhner. By W. E. Jelf, B. D. 2 vols. 8vo,30«. Oxford, 1843-5 
Vol. I. AocMenop. Vol. II. flyntox. With Copioiu Iii<lexa. 

KOHNER, (R.; Aosfuhrl. Gramm. der griech. Sprache. 2 vols. 8vo, 18«. 

Hanov., 1835- 

Schnlgram. der griech. Sprache. 8vo, 6«. . . " 1843 

Elemtargram. d. griech. Sprache. 8vo, 4«. . " 1844 

BENFEY, (T ) Griechische Grammatik. Abth. I. Griechischea Wurzel- 
lexicon. Vol. 1-2. 8vo, 24* ^cr/»n, 1839-42 


LIDDEL JLKD SCOTT. A Greek-English Lexicon, based on the Gernnn 
Work of F. Passow. 4to, 44«. .... Oxford, 1M5 

(Reprinted New-Yoik, II. Bro's.) 

A Lexicon chiefly for the use o( Schools, abridged from the above. 

sm. 4io, 8#. M Oxford, 1846 

SCHREVELIUS* Grefk Lexicon Translated into English, with many new 
words added ; and a copious English and Greek Lexicon. E Uted by 
the Rev. J. R. Major. 4th ed. 8vo, 15«. Loudon, 1841 

DUNBAR, (G.) A New Greek and English and English and Greek Lexi- 
con. With an Appendix, explanatory of Scieutiflc Tenns. 8vo, jC2. 

Edinb., 1840 

DONNEGAN, (J.) A New Greek and English Lexicon; the words 
alphabetically arranged : distingnisiiing such as are Poetical, of Dialectic 
variety, or peculiar to certain writers or class of writers: with Examples, 
literally transited, selected from the Claasical Authors. 4th ed. Royal 
Hvo, 42«. London, 1842 

GILES, (Rev. J. A.) A Lexicon of the Greek Language, for the use of 
Colleges and Schools; containini; — 1. A Greek-English Lexicon, com- 
bining the advantages of an Alphabetical and Derivative arrangenn^nt ; — 
2. An English-Greek Lexicon, more copious than any that hns ever yet 
appeared. To which is prefixed, a Concise Grammar of the Greek Lan- 

. gnag^. 2d edition, with corrections. 1 vol. 8vo, 2l«. . London, IS39 

SUM) AS. I^exicon Or. et l^t. po-it G>i%ronl. rvcens. annot. crit. iDttnix. G. Kernhardr. 
Tom. I. and II. fate. 1-C. 4to, lU\s.{y liaU., IKH^l 

FAPE, (W.) llandwOrtrrback der ({rivch. Sprache. 3 vob. royal 8vo, 30*. 

Bmnstp., 1842, 43 
Vol. 3. Worterbnch der griech. Ei^^nnanvn. 7«. 

ROST. fV. C. F.) VoHitandi^ct Worterbnch der cla«iicben Grvdtat. Vol. I.- part I. 
4ro. 0# JA'.pziir. 1H40 

STEPHANIJS. (H.) Thekaonu lins. Qrvcr. Vtui. ed Ansl. nor addU. auct. odi.l. C. 

B. Haw. G. et L. Dimlort*. Paris, 1.H31- 

To be completed in 511 parts, folio, each 15«. 

VIGER, (F.) De prvcipoi* Gr»ci> diutionis idiotitmi*. ed. G. Hermann. Hvo. I.I9. 6d. 

/A]ui4g. IKM 
DiCTJO^.y.lIRE gnc et francai*. par J. Planche; e«lition sar nn plan enti<>remeiit 

nouveaa. an^meatte de pla« de 1500U artiulei par M. M. Vendel HevI et Alex. Pillon. 

H*o Pin*. 1H43 

ALEXANDRE, (C.) Dietionnaire grec-fran(ai«e, compost inr on nooveao plan. 8vo. 

Parin, IKTi 
AHRENS, (F. H 1^) DeOrrev Linrn^ diatectis. Vol. I. II. 8to. CMtimir., IH31M3 

I. de dialectic /Bolicit. ftc, 6«. ]H3d. 
U. de dialcctif Dorica, I2f . 1643. 



/. / 




\ ' 



I. geogrI^hy and history. 

.^JV HISTORICAL ud Dncrintive AcoMiBt of looIaMl, OranlaMl, aai tba Fum 
Uanda, with lUostnUioiu of their Natnral Hittorr. 4th eda. 12bo, S*. ti. 
J (EdiB. CabiBet Library.) Eiimhmgk, 18M 

/<Ar-y ORAAH. (Capt. W. A.) EznedjtioB to the Eart OoMt oT Gnaahad. 8to. 

J^J CRANTZ. (D.) The History of Greealaad : iadndhig aa aooovBt of tha MiiriBa eanM 

CuTv, OB br the Uaited Brethren ia that conntry. Froaa the GeiBMB. With « oaatiaaatioB to 

# the Prefent Time ; Illoatrative Notei ; aad an Appeadiz, eoataiaiaf a BkaCch of the lfi»- 

^ tioB of the BielhrtB in Labrador. S vob. 8yo, iu Lmmdtm, lOO 

^*T J ' MANBY, (G. W.) A Joara&l of a Voyafe to Gicealaad. Svo. Zm^m. ISB 

^ « / GAIMARD. (P.) Voyace en Uaade et ea Oroealaad. 7 Tob. 8to, ot 4 Atlas ia feHo. 

U^ ' OREEJfLJlJfD^S hiitoritke Miadetmcrker. S voh. 8vo, 1&. . Oyaiiyta, US 

^^ EOEDE, (H.) AdewsriptioBofOraealaBd. Traaal. Cnn the Daaiih. 9m. Ltmim,r74i 


EGEDE, (H.) Grammatica groealaadiGO^Bioo-latiBa. 8to. lfnnn«, I7B0 

Diction, (^roenlandico-danico-latina. 8to, ]8». .... ** 1790 

FABRICUS, (O.) DictioB. groeBlaadai*. 8ro Oym., 1804 

Varions portions of the Holy Scriptnm havo beea traatlatad iato the laagaaca af 
Greenland by Egede, Fabricins, and othen. Bee Towblbt*! IBartiatioaa or B^ 
lical Literatnie. 

GUATEMALA, Central America. 

MAC GREGOR, (J.) The Progres of America, (Historic&l and Statisti- 

tlcal). 2 vols. 8vo, £4. 14«. 6<{ Londem, 1847 

OBERT. Mimoiie, on Aper; n Statittiqne rar Gnatenala. 8to. BrmztUu^ 1840 

JUARROS, (D.) Compendio de la htMoria de la cnidad de Gaatamala. 9 Tob. 4lo. 

Gaarnaafa. 180fr-18 

WALDECK, (F. dk.) Voyage pittoreMjne et archMo|pqae daas la piOTiaoa d'Yaeataa 
peadaat le« annAct 1834 et liS36. folio. coJ. fig, /.130 Fartt. 1838 

TRAVELS in Central America : with a Jonraal of nearly Three Yean* Saddeaoe ia the 
Conntrv. To which are added, a Sketch of the Hirtor^of the RenabHc, aad aa Accoaat 
of its dlimate, Prodactioas, Commerce, fee. By a BesMkat British Bfarehaat; 8to. Map., 1847 

VIEWS of Ancient Monuments in Central America, Chiapas, and Yocalaa. By F. 
Catherwood. Architect. With Descriptive Letterpress by J. L. Stqiheat. Imp. folio, 3S 
plates. £5. 5«., coloured and monnted. in a portiblio, £iSt. ISlt. . Ltmdmm, 1844 

A i CABRERA. (Dr. F. P.) Description of the Rnias of aa Aacieat (^ di se o »«ie d acar 

// ,' Palenqne, in the Kingdom of Gnatemala.. Traasl. Ama the oiifiaal Mft Bapoit of OuiL 

(-^ .. D. Ant. del Rio. Followed by a critical is vestifatioB iato the Uisloffy of ' 



BLACK'S Picmreaque TonriBt and Road-Book of England and Walea. 
With a general Travelling Map, Charts of Roads, Railroads, and Inte- 
resting Localities, and engraved Views of the Scenery, an. Bto, lOf . 6d. 


Tourist of Scotland. l2mo, 8«. 6<2. . . . " 1845 

WORDSWORTH, (W.) Gnide to the Lakes. l3mo, 5a. ZoMbn, 1849 

OSBORNE, (J.) Guide to the West Indies, Madeira, Mexico, Nordiera 
South America, dtc. &c. Compiled fhnn documents specially famished 
by the agents of the Ro]ral Mail Steam Packet Ckmipany, the Board of 
Trade, and other anthoitic aoorces, with Charts and other DhiacimtioDS. 
3d edition, 8s Zm^ii, 1846 




GUIDE BOOKS.— {Continued.) 

COGHLAN, (F.) Hand-Book for Central Europe ; or Guide for TourirtB 
through Belgium, Holland, the Rhine, Gennany, Switzerland, and France, 
including the Channel Islands* a List of Steam Packets, CoMbiental Rail- 
ways, &^. 2d edit, enlarged, l3mo, 10«. £^ndon, 1845 

Hand-Book of Italy. 12mo, 10» " 1845 

MURRAY'S HAND-BOOKS, am. 8vo, Maps, &c. 

London, ▼. y. 

HAJfD-BOOK for Frajiee and the Pyrenees. Normandy, Brittany, the Frmeh Alps, Fio- 
T«noe, &c. Map, 1S«. 

for Switzerland. Tbe Alps of Savoy, Piedmont, and the Waldenses. Map, 10s. 

for North Germany and the Rhine. Holland, Bel|pnm and Pnusia. Map, ISs. 

for Bonth Germany and the Tyrol. Bavaria, Anitria, Styria, and the Danube. 

Map, 10s. 

for Northern Italy and Florence. Sardinia, Genoa, Lombardy, Tuscany, &c. Maps, 


for Sonth Italy, Naplei, and Sicily. Map. 

for Central Italy and Rome. The Papal States and Cities of Etmria. Map, 15*. 

for North Europe. Rus«ia, Swoden, Norway, and Denmark. Maps. 

for Ef ypt and Thebes. With the Overland Panage to India, &e. Map. 

for Malta and tbe East. Tbe Ionian Islands, Gneee, Turkey, Asia Bfinor, ko. 

Maps, 15s. 

for Spain. Andalnsia, Granada, Catalonia, Madrid, Ace. Map. 

of Travel-Talk. Convenationt in English, German, French, and Italian. 18mo, 5s. 

——' of Painting— Italy. The Schnob of Art, and Collections of Paintings. ISs. 

of Painting. The German, Flemish, and Dutch Schools. 12s. 

See Thorn's Rambles by Riveri, in Knight's Weekly Volume. 

GUNNERY.— See Artillery. 

GREENER, (W.) The Gun ; or, a Treatise on the rariotis descriptions 
of Small Fire- Arms. 8vo, with illost., 15«. London, 1835 

The Science of Gunnery, as applied to the Use and Constniction of 

Fire-Arms. Flntcs, 15«. London, 1841 

WILKINSON, (H.) The Engines of War, &c. : being a History of An- 
cient and Modem Projectile Instruments and Engines of Warfare and 
Sporting ; including the Manufacture of Fire- Arms, the History and 
Manu&cture of Gunpowder, of Swords, and of the cause of the Damascus 
Figure in Sword Blades ; with some Observations on Bronze, etc. 8vo, 
9« London, 1841 

DOUGLAS, (Sir H.) Treatise on Naval Gunnery ; for the Instruction 

and Examination of Officers, and for the Training of Seaman Gnimers. 

2d edn., 8vo, 15« London, 1839 

PAIXH ANS, (H. J.) NouTelle force maritime et application de cette force k qnelqnes par- 
ties du service de Tarmde de terre. 4to Ports, 1823 

CHARPENTIER, (B A.) Essai sur le matdriel de rartillerie de noa navires de fn« 
8yo, /.6 Parit, 1645 

TIMMERHANS, (C.) Prineipes de construction des hooches k fen. 6ro, /.19. 

Pari*, 1841 

POISSON. (D. S.) Formnles reiatires anx effets dn tird*un canon sur lesdiflSrentes parties 

de ton aJTut, et regies pour calcaler la grandeur et la dQr6e dn recnl. 3d edn. 8tro, /.3 50. 

P«ris, 1838 

HUGUENIN, (lk Gkn'l.) Description de la fabrication des bonches k fen en fonte de 

fer, et de projectiles k la fonderie oe Liege, trad, du lioJIandais par le capitaine Nenens. 

8vo, 13pl Poru,lB3» 


BRADDOCK, (J.) Memoir on Gkmpowder. 8vo, So. 





TIMMERHANS, (C.) DeKription des divers prooM^de fabiieatioB de la poudie k canon, 
de ses eficts dans le bonohes k fen et divnn uMyens d'Apmvn. 8vo, /.IS. Pwria, 1880 





'< : 

i ».-. 

y »■-. 


HAYTL— (See Antilles.) 

MACKENZIE, (C.) Notes on Hayti. 2 yoIb. em. 8vo. . Londtm, 1830 
HARVEY, (W. W.) Sketches of Hayti. 8vo. . " 1827 

HISTORY o{ St. Domingo from its Discovery to the Present Time. 8to. 

London, 1811 
SANDERS. (P.) DocomeDU of the Kingdom of Hayti. 8vo, 10«. ^ " 

MARLi:S Hutoire dncriplive et pittomqae de Salot Dotnisgo. ISmo. . TViirt. 1846 
MALO, (C.) Ilistoire d' Haiti, depoisM ddcoQvertejoiqo'en 1894. 6vo. . Porif, 188S 

LAUJON, (A. DK.) SoQvenin de trente ann^e* voyages k Saint Domingue, dans plotieii 
colonies etrangeras, et au continent de I'ameriqne. 3 vols. 6Vo. Pmru, ItSS 

HISTOIRE poUtiqne et statittiqne de Tile d' Haiti. Saiat-Domingm, iorite siir des doea- 
ments communiqo^s par Sir J. Barkkett, par Placide Jnstin. 8vo. . Pmrit, 19S 

JORDAN. (W.) Geschichte der Inscl Hayti nnd ihres Regentaati. 8vo. Leiftif, 1846 

CHARLEVOIX, (le P.) Histoite de Sainte-Domingne. 8 volt. 4Co. Pmris, 1730 

See Macorkoor*s Commercial Statistics. McCnLifOCH's Geofraph. Dictkmaiy, 
L'Univers Pittoresqoe, etc. Brown's History of St. Domhifo. 


LARDNER. (D.) A Treatise on Heat. 1 vol. fcp. 8to, 6«. London, 1833 
Chap. I, Intro^luction ; 2, Dilatation of Solids; 3. Dilatation of Oases; 4, Dilatation of 
I^iquids ; 5, Thermometer ; G, Liqaefaction : 7, Ebullition ; 8. Natural Forces manifested by 
the Effects of Heat ; 9. Vaporization ; 10. Evaporation ; 11, Sneeific Heat ; 12. Radiation ; 
13, Propagation of lleat by Contact ; 14, Mutual Influence of Heat and Lialit; 15, Combus- 
tion ; 16. Sensation of Heat ; 17, Sources of Heat ; Id, Theories of Heat. Appendii, 
Tables, &c. &c. 

THOMSON, (T.) An Outline of the Sciences of Heat and Electricrty. 
1 vol. 8vo, 15« London, 1840 

METCALFE, (8. T.) Caloric, its Mechanical, Chemical, and Vital Agen- 
cies in the phenomena of Nature. 2 vols. 8vo, 35«. . London, 1843 

P^CLET. (E ) Traitd du Chalear considdrd dans ses appUcations. 2d 
edn., 2 vols. 4to, and Atlas, /.66 .... Paris, 1843 

POISSON, (D. S.) Th6oric mathdmatique de la chalenr 4to. /25. 

PttriM, 1835 
KELLAND. (P.) Theory of Heat. 8vo. . . . Comb., 1837 
See Pbschkl's Elements of Phjkics, Vol. II. Mcllbk's Principles of Physios. 

HEAT. — (Applications of. See Warming.) 
HEBREW LANGUAGE, &c.— (See Theology.) 


MOCJLE, (T.) Bibliotheca heraldica Ma^c Britannic. An Aaalytical Catatogm of 
Books on ticneabgy, Heraldry, Nobility, Knighthood and Ceremonies, roy. 8vo. 

O/.0.S.Sj9A r of Terms u»ed in British Heraldrr; with a Chronoloeical Table ilhutraUve 
of its Ri*G and Progress. 8vo, with numerous illustration*, 16r. . 



Oxford, 1847 

CLARK, (H ) Introduction to Heraldry ; containing the Origin and Use 
of Arms. 14th ed., fcp., 48 plates, plain. Is. 6d. ; coloured, 18«. 

Zofufon, 1845 

MONTAGUE, (J. A.) Guide to the Study of Heraldry. 4to, 18#. 

London, 1840 

NEWTON, (W.) A Display of Heraldry, exhibiUng the origin and im- 
port of armorial bearings ; the rise and establishment of the feudal system ; 
knight errantry, and the expedition of crusades or holy wars; Rivalry, 
and the feats of tilt and tournament ; the derivation of titles of honour, 
and surnames ; marshalling of arms, genealogies, and funeral procesBions. 
Illustrated by nearly 700 Engravings on Wood. 8to, 14«. London, 1846 




HERALDRY and GFsNB ALOGY.— {Continued.) 

BARRINOTON. (A.) LaetWM on UermJdry ; im which Om Privctpln of the Sdeao* are 
fBniliarlj explained, and He ap|>lication ihowa to the Study of History and Architectnra : 
yiMtratM by aomeroai Drawiasi of raiioQi kinds of ArmoriaJ Bearings. Badces, and 
other Derioei, inchiding tbow of the Kings and daeens of Englaad ; wMb an Ex f^anation 
of the Oaoses which are said to have given rise to their Adoption. I'imo, m plata. It. 6d. 
pUn ; ool'd., 10«. 6d /.ondon, l(^4 

WILLEMENT, (T.) RegaJ Heraldry ; the Armorial Insignia of the Rings and aoeens of 
Saglaad» ftom Coeval Atitfaorities. 4to Lvmdon, 1^1 

BSERY, (W.) Encyclopedia Ueraldica, or complete Dictionary of Hcfaldry. 3 vols. 4to. 


MOULE. (T.) The Henldry of Firii. Netioee of the principal families bearing Fish in 
their aras. 8vo, woodonU, 31« LmnAon^ 1(08 

LOWER. CariosHioe of Heraldry. With Illustrations from Old English Writen. 8vo, 
cnts. 140 J845 

MA6NY, (MARqni db.) Novean Traitd bistoriqne et archiologiqoe de la vrais et par- 
fait Science des Armories. Tome I., 4to, X6. Porw, 1846 

To be eompleCed in 8 vok, illnatnted with vigneUss and ookrared plates ; containing 
80,000 CoaU of Arms. 

BURKE, (J. & J. B.) Heraldic Illustrations, comprising the Armorial 
Bearings of the principal Families in the Empire, with Pedigrees and An- 
noUtions. Vols. I.*III., 4to, plates and letterpress, ^1«. London, 1846 

BURKE'S Peerage and Baronetage for 1847. Corrected throoghoot to the 
Present Time from the Personal Commnnications of the Nobility, &c., 
and containing all the New Creations. New and revised edition, in 1 
▼olimie, illustrated with 1500 Engravings of Arms, &c., 38«. 

London, 1847 

— — Extinct Dormant and Suspended Peerages, am. 8vo, 28«. London. 

— — Extinct and Dormant Baronetcies. 8vo, 36«. Lond., 1841 

BURKE'S Encyclopiedia of Heraldry, or General Armory of England, 
Scotland, and Ireland, comprising a Registry of all Armorial Bearings, 
Crests and Mottoes, from the earliest period to the present time, including 
the late Grants by the College of Arms With an Introduction to Her- 
aldry, and a Dictionary of Terms. Third edition, with a 8uppl<'mrnt, 
imp. 8vo, 25*. London, 1844 

BANKS, (T. G.) Baronia An(;iica Concentrata ; or, a concentrated ac- 
count of all the Baronies commonly called Baronies in Ft-c, deriving iheir 
Origin from Writ of Summons, and not from any specific limited Crea- 
tion ; whereto is added, the Proo& of Parliamentary Sitting from the 
Reign of Edward I. to that of Queen Anne ; also, a Glossary of Donnant 
En^ish, Scotch, and Irish Peerage Titles. 2 voLp. 4to, £3. 3«. ; royal 
4to, XS. 5« London, 1844 

DODD, (C. R ) The Peerage, Baronetage, and Knightage of Great Britain 
and Ireland, including all the Titled Classes. 9«. London, 1846 

— A Manual of Dignities, Privilege, and Precedence ; including Lists 

of the Great Public Functionaries, from the Revolution to the present time. 

12mo Ijondon, 1H3»^ 

Parti. Pieoedenoe. II. Hereditarv Di^itiei. III. Pinvooal bwrinotion*. IV. Of 
tfeial and Professional Ranks. V. Cenrmonies and Coitarooi. VI. Hu(i«U'.-s and 
Official LisU. 

DEBRETTS Genealogical Peerage of Great Britain and Ireland, revised 
and corrected to February 1647, by Henry Collen. 8vo, 30«. 

London, 1847 

— ^ Baronetage of England, reriaed, etc., by H. CoUen. 8vo, 28«. 

London, 1841 

BURKE, (J. 4l J. B.) Geneological and Heraldic DicUonary of the 
Landed Gentry of Great Britain and Ireland. 2 vols. 8vo, 50« 

Xmiioji, 1844-46 




u ^ 



.'. / 




HERALDRY and GENEALOGY.— (Con/iniicd.) 

BOOK OF THE COURT; exhibiUng the Hiatory, Duties, and PrivUcge* 
of the several Ranks of the English Nobility and Gentry, particularly of 
the Great Officers of State, and Members of the Royal Household, includ- 
ing the various forms of Court Etiquette* Tables of Precedency, Rules 
to be observed at Levees and Drawing- Rooms, Slc., with an Introductory 
f^ssay on Regal State and Ceremonial, and a full Account of the Corona- 
tion Ceremony. 8vo, 7«. London, 1845 


Notices of the most distinguished Individaals in each, Compiled and 

edited by Henry Dnimmond. Imp. folio. London, 184- -AS 

The pre*ent Work for Noble Brilkh Familieii, u formed npon the same plmn •• Um 
IlUtories of the " Olebri Famiglie It&liane," nublUhed by Coont Litta, of Milu, and 
in illastrated by their Arinorid BeajinfN emblazoned, and snch Monament*, Por- 
trait!, 8eaJ«, \ iews of Plareii, &c., ai are calcalatud to throw light ujwn the actiou 
of the mott remarkable indi%-idual« of each family iMpedivdy. 

Farts I. and II. Containini; the FamiUet of Ashbarehan, Ardea, Conpton, 
C<>cil, and Harley. G3m. each. 

III. ContaJninf; the Brace Familv. ^U.Od. 

IV. Containmg the Portraiti of the Brace Family. 3U. W. 
V. Containing the PercivaJ Family. 3U. M. 

VI. Containing tJie FamiliM of Dnnbar, Ilnme, and Dnadas. 83v. 

BERRY, (W.) Pedigrees of Hertibrdshire Families. Folio, £3. 10«. 

London, IS43 

Essex Families « 1838 

Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, and Surrey Families. " 1837 

Of Families in the County of Hants. . . " 1833 

Kent " 1830 

Sussex. " 1830 

ROBSON, (T.) The British Herald, an enlarged Dictionary of Armorial 
Bearinirs of the Nobility and Gentry uf Great Britain and Ireland, from 
the earliest period to the present time. 3 vols. 4to. . London, 1830 

every Family Bearing, a iphnbeticnlly arranged according to the Surnames 
of the Bearers, and fully blazoned or explained, accompanied by upwards 
of Four Thousand Engravings, illustrative of the Crests of all the Peers, 
Baronets, and British Families of England and Wales, Scotland and Ire- 
land, the Colonics, and various parts of the world ; a Dictionary of Mot- 
tos, with Translations and Bearers' Names, accompanied by illustrative 
quotations ; a Glossary of Terms, and Introductory Remarks, Historical 
and E.xplanatory. 3 vols. ]2nio, 31ff. . London, ISA5 

VITON DE SAINT-ALAIS. Nobiliare universel dc France. 21 vols. 
8vo Fario, 1814-43 

COURCF^LLES, (J. de.) Dictionnaire universel de la noblesse de France. 
8vo, vols. 1-5 Paris, 1830-22 

LOWER, (M. A.) English Surnames. Elssajrs on Family Nomenclatnre, 
Historical, Etymological, and Humorous: with Chapters of Reboaesand 
Canting Anns, the Roll of Battel Abbey, a List of Latinized Sunuunes, 
&c. &,€. sm. 8vo, 6« London, 1842 


BELL, (T.) A History of British Reptiles. 1 vol. 8to, 40 illos., 8«. 6d. ; 
royal 8vo, lis. ; imperial 8vo, 25«. 6d. . . . London, 1839 
The Reptilfli of this country, althonfh few in number, are not devoid of eoMidarable ia- 
tereit ; tiieir habit* are popularly mach misunderstood, and several innocent and owfol spe- 
cies am %hannod and destroyed, from a mistaken notion that they are direeUy or iBdirecdy 
notions to man. The elntudation of their habits, tlie distinctive dMcrinCion m tbe spaBias, 
their f^xraphical distribution, and tlie history of the transformatiOD ot all the aapnibkNU 
forms, are amongkt the subjects discnssed. In addition to a figure of each tpaeiei, aad of 
some of the most important varieties, the iUnstrations comprise many of stractaw, devalop- 
roent, and iranUbrmation. 




HERPETOLOGY.— (Con/mucrf.) 

BBLL.(T.) MoMfmph of TMUdinsU. folio. . . Umi0m,18X 

DUM^RIL rr BIBEON. ErpMologio g^B^rak, oo Hiitain mttaioUt oooapleto d«« rm- 
tilm. 9roU,8vo,fSl. Porw, 183549 

/.« wume mnrag: avec 1* flfnrM ooloriAw, /.75. / ' y 

HARLAN'S AflMricu HMpMology. 4u». . ' /V'*, /V.^ > / • PkUU., 1836 

HIEROGLYPHICS.— (See Egypt, p. 123.) 



HAMILTON, (W.) A Geographical, StatisUcal, and Historical Descrip- 
tion of Hindottan, and the adjacent Countries. 3 toLs. 4to, maps, 
X4. 14«. 6<f London, 1820 

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account of the East Indies, a succinct history of Hindostan,etc., 8vo. 

London, 1834 

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cte. SvoU.8¥o Ijtnian^ 1841 

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(Reprinted, Philadelphia.) 

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FERGITHSON. (J.) Illu«tration« of the Rock cut Temples of India, selected from the best 
examples of the difltfrent «erieftof Cavi^, drawn on stone bv T. C. Dibdin. from Hkelches 
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/.Mien. 1845 


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Eastern Seas. 8to, 10s. 6J London, 1843 

KEIGHTLEY, (T ) History of India. 8vo. . " 1847 

i t 


» I. 





II. HISTORY, &r.— (Om/mi«f/.) 

MAU.'OLM. fHiK J.) Hketrh of the Politicml llHlory of luliA. 9ve. 
Pohtird HiBiorjr of Indim froni I7H4 to ItV. 9 voh. (hro, 

Mrnoir of Oatnd Imlia. 3d cda.. 3 vob. Hro. 

Ijifr of IjOfd (liT^. 3 voi». Hvo. ... 

The (fo^rmnient of Inilia. Hvo, 1&*. ... 


KRITlsH J.VIil.1, from tiie roo-t n>n)otr iienoil to th» Pivwat Tioir : Mclndiaf • ?fvra 
ii^r of ih^ Earlv Portuf u^««> ami Knf>h«h Voyiffn, th« Rpvelatioaf id ihv Mo(«l Emiw. 
■mi ilir <»n|;in. l*ni|[rr«*. ami K«uMi»hiii**Di of th« Bhtnh Powvr ; wKh illaiirBlMMfl 01 ilw 

• I 

/nolo*r. Botany. <1iinaip. i;«uJai;y. aad Miarmloiry :— alM M«diral OlMrrvaliea»— aa 
Aixiionl of ttie llimloo .\«tnmviiiy-— the Tneoaoawtncal 8arrrrt — the NaTiraiioo of thm 
ladian Hrai— and llie Inirodurtmn of Htram Vmeb oo IhoKioal Ibrcn. Bv llofh Manaf . 

and oiben. 3 tub. l!2nio. HU. tW. . ^'oiaV*' l"^ 

MARTIN. (R. M.) lii»torv, .\Btiqiiilie«, Toiniraphy, and tfiatbiM of RodrrB lodia. 
3 tol«. Hvo. i.tm4»m, !•» 

.M'HP.R. (P.; The Rue aad Pro^rmt of the Britbh Power in ladia. 4 rok. Hvo. 

Ijtmdmm. I>^ 

M.VrRirF.. rT The Moilern iIi*torv of IliadoMaa : eonpftiheMliiiff that of the Giwfc 
EmiMie of Bat-tria, etc., from the death of jMexaader to the J Ah eiratarjr. 9 vob. 4io. 

ROIILKN*. (P. V.) dai alt« ladiea mit bewaderer Ruckaivht aaf iCfyplea. 9 toh. »Ho. 
ITji. 6J K0»i£»krrg, IrOl 

I.ASz«eN. (C\) IndiMhe Altherthonukonde. Vol. I., Part I. (la 6 paita). 4co. lOi 

JkWio. Ifta 

L.ANCSLKS. {L.) Monomenti anrirDt et modemes de I'lliadoOkUB. 2 Tob.. 4lo. 

/^ru. |fili-*Ji 

KORBKS. rj.; Onental Memoin. a Narrative of Beveatreo Yean* Mfdfw la lodw. 

>Jil rd. '2 tub. Hto. AwU— . 1*04 

ll.\MILT< >N. (F.) .\n Arroaat of tlir Kiaplon of NeinU. Hr. 4to. £d»mk.. Hll 

MIR (:ili>LA\l liUHHKIN KIIA.V. Tlip Hiyar al-.Malakhrria : a llMlory of the Ma 
liitiimiAii Puwrr in India darinx the I^saI feDlury, reviwd, etc. by Ueal. Bfifit Vol. I-. 

^tu. 14» /..Mdoo. IKH 

/Oriental Traadatwn Fnnd.) 

PRINSKP. J ) IVfal Tablei. Part I. Cuint. WeifhU. aad Mcakofw of BnlHk lodm. 
I'art M. lunlaininjc a H*^ir« of Indian ('hroBul»*ical Table*, r^to. CkUutU. 1*0} 

IN)\V. .\ : llitiory uf lliadoktan. 3 tfd*. -Iio Ij 

TO|)|>. :J.i AnoaU and .\ntiquilm uf Rajaxt'han. '2 toI«. -Ito. 

FANK. If. K . Fit r Vra(« m India. 'J vuli. •m. Hto. -j:}*. . . " IMl 

RoWi..\MM*ON. fy\. J ) lli«turv ofilH- innii^tt of ihf MahnmrdaiM aad fta t ^ aear m 
ln>li« fruiu MIH^IjTV. IrinW.ili^i I nun thi> Arnlmv ilutal l**o. is. ij&mdmm. llOS 

(OrM-Dlai TranilaiiuB Fand.; 

n.KRTR. r/KiiKR Kp nt^ Mi iiAHMcn .- V.m\wnn of llmdu^taa. Memoin of, wnlleo hi 
iiiiii-«Jf. Trjiu-iaird by Iji'tdfn aud F.r«kini- llo Cdtuk , l^Ml 

.VIM/r'//r*> of till* Kin;>-riir Jh'i.-insni-ir. t»ri!ti>n by liini**lf ; aad traaUaled 

MaauM-rifiC by .M.ij<ir IhitMl \'n*-r 4io. I*> Im 

i'( Hirntal Tran«lalion Fund.) 

tfl.F.K;. >(i. R. Iliuory uf the Bnii.h|Mrpia India. 4 roll. I'Jtao. 
PRINSKP. H T lli.t»r% iif Trnn«a>tMin«in India I^IS-ja. 'J « oh. Hto. 

i.f.s .f/il /.V77 M/:-S de Kaniru,i. |iar Talmn uddio : tradaifei 4e rilii 

.M. (lanin dp TaMV fyn. 

:<>nenta!Tran*laiiua Fnnd.j 

l.r.TTHI'.s KinH.LVTF.s r\ Tum lUin. f.:ii«-« dr* Mimom Ktraag^im. 

RhiRNSTIKRNA. r..ifiB PR Tald«'aii dr IT^iNfe Bnuaaniao daw I'la^. Im4 
air< no;p« rt Su|ifit. |iar fVtit de Haronrunt ^to. ftrit. |Mt 

TnnO by II F. Lltitd. "lo Lwm4wm. IMff 

UARCIlnr PK FKNIIOKN. I.'Imb- *oui la .loaiinatioa anilaHe. 9 vak. M%,f ly 

IIi«Siir* t\*! la fuB-iiH-ip H lir la fiindatioa dp rem|Hrv aaf lab daaa Flada. 

FRRI^IIT.V. M«n Kt<ii« . Ili-tiirt nf ilw MotiamiaMlaa Pave* i a ladia. 
tilth Niifr». Ill <'<>l. U'lffS*. 4 tiiJ* "til . .... Ma 

FKRIr<liT.\. Iltk'nry »f liiDibntan. iran-Uiiil from the iVruaa by Aki. 
Htu /^ 

<^/'. f.Vfr/.V h. ts!„iM. or the riiiiiNut of ilie Maoaalmaa* of ladM 

and ria>-i a«-i«uni uf iiirir tarioa* RiI«h ami (Vrpmoaie*. fmm the MoiaeaK 

iiU the Hour uf l»pa!h : by JalTar Hhpmvf ; iraaalaled by ti. A. Htvklok. (Nrm. 




. I*W 
a ia 





[. fflSTORY, &c.— (Con/inucrf.) 

/ BJORNSTERNA, (Couht.) The Theogony of the Hindoos ; with their 
4 Sjritem of Philoeophy and Coamogony. An Eany. 8yo, 8«. Sd. 

London, 1845 

^ WILSON, (H. H.) Vishnu Parana ; System of Hindu Mythology and 

Tradition. 4to. ....... London, 1840 

^ COLEMAN, (C.) Mythology of the Hindoos, etc. 4to. «< 1833 

KENNEDY, (Lt. Coh. Vans.) Researches into the Nature and Affinity 
of Ancient and Hindoo Mjrthology. 4to^ SHa. 6d. land., 1831 

WARD. (Rsv. W.) View of the History, Litemtare, and Religion of the HiBdooe. 3d 
ed. 2 vols. 8vo. ........ Z>iiiM, 1817 

CRAUFURD, (U.) RcMarches concerning the Laws, Theology, eto. of Ancient nnd 
Modem India. 2 vols. 8vo. ...... homda/ti^ 1817 

TJMJ^/^^TJOJV of the serera] principal Books, Passages, and Teits of the Veds and 
of some Controversial Works on Bramnnieal Theology, by Rajah Rammohnn Roy. 8vo. 

Lamd&n, 1838 
BURNOUF. Introduction k Thlstoire dn Bnddhisme indien. Vol. 1, 4to, /.30. 

Pmrit, 1845 

FR ANCK. (O.) ViaM ; Uber Fhikwophie, Mythologie, Literatnr, fro. der Hindus. Vol. 1. 

3 parts, lis. . Munich, 1896 

Die Philosophie d. Hindus. Vaedanta-Bara v. Sadananda. Banserit n. Deutsdi. 

4to, 15«. JUkiikA, 1835 

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8vo, plates, 25«. ....... Leiptif, 1837 


FORBES, (D.) Grammar of the Hindustani Language, in the Oriental 
and Roman Character : with a Selection of E^asy Extracts for Reading, 
and a Vocabulary. 8vo, 12«. .... London, 1846 

The Hindustani Manual : a Pocket Companion for those who visit 

India in any capacity ; intended to facilitate the essential attainments of 
conversing with fluency and composing with accuracy, in the most useful 
of all the Languages spoken in our Elastem Empire. In two Parts. 
Part 1. a Compendious Grammar. Part 2. a Vocabulary. 12mo, 7«. 6d. 

London, 1845 

ARNOT, (8.) Grammar of the Hindustani Tonfrue. in the Ortental and Roman Character : 
with illoitrationi^ of the Sanscrit, Arabic, and Persian Systems of Alphabetical Writing. 
With ExtracU. Vocabulary, and Notes by D. Forbes, roy. 8vo, 10«. M. /.eiK/en, 1844 

B ALLANTYNE. (J. R.) A Pocket Guide to the Hindo«Unee Language ; eompnatnf a 
Treatise on Grammar, Familiar Dialogues, and Vocabulary. 13roo, 3#. Edimb., 1841 

Grammar of the Hindustani Language, followed by a Series of Grammatical Eiereisea. 

roy. 8vo Edink., 1838 

PRICE, (W.) Grammar of the Hindostanee, with SdeoUons, Familiar Phrases. 4to. 
10«. 6(f X.Mien, 1888 

8HAKESPEAR. Hindustani and English Dictionary, with a copious Index ; to serve also 
as a Dictionary, English and Hindustani. 4to, £1 I^Mmdm, 18M 

GILCHRIST. Englifh and Hindostanee Dictionary, with a Grammatical Introduetiou. 
4to. %«. Gd Lomdmi, 189S 

Dialogues, English and Hindustanee, 8to, 15« " 1896 

D'ROZARIS, (P. S.) Dictionary of the Principal I^urnages spoken in the Bengal Presi- 
dency, vii. : English, Bengali, and Hindustani, in the Roman Charaeter. 8to, lit. 

8HAKESPEAR. (J.) Grammar of the Hindustani Language. 4to, Sl«. Ltmiem, 18S6 

G ARCIN DK TASS Y. Rudiments de la Langue HindonsUni, )i Pusage dee ^lores de TAeole 
del langues orientiUes vivantes. 4to, /.9. Parit, 1899 

Appendice aux Rndimens de la Langne Hindoustani, oonlenant autre qudaueti addi- 
tions k la Grammaire des Lettres Hindoustani Originaies, accompagnee d'nne Araonction et 
Fac-simile. 4to, 10s. 6d Parit, 1833 

Manuel de Tauditeur du cours d' Hindoustani, on themes gradn^es pour exercer )k la 

conversation et an style 6pistoIaire, acoompagn^s d'un roeabiuaire francab-hindoostani. 
8vo Pari*, 1836 

Histoire de la Litteratnre Hindou et Hindoostaat (O. T. F.) roy. 8to. Paris, 1839 

Vol. I. Biographic et Bibliographie. 

- / 

■ < ■■ 

.^ f. 

• 4 
(f. •' 












m. LANGUAGE.— (Con/inuerf.) 

B AGH O BAHAR : cotuutinc of EnteiUining Tales in Um Hindartairi Laaniffe. B7 
Mir Aromaii, of DihJi. one of the lecraed Natives fommiy attached to the CoUena of Fort 
William, BengaJ. New edition, collated with orifinal Maaoacripts, havinc the eiaeBtial 
VoMrd Points and Punctuation marked throa|lioat ; to which b added a Vocabnlaiy of 
the Wwds occnninc in the work. ByDuncan rorbee, A. M., H. E. A.8. 107. 8to, 1S«. 

- ■ IMS 





TAYLOR, (W. C.) A Manual of Ancient and Modem Hifltory, compris- 

1. Ancient Ilbtorj, containinf the Pditical Histoiy, Geofraphieal Posltioa, atnd Boetal 
8tatr of tlie Principal Naiioni of Antinoity, carefully diverted from the Ancient Writen, 
and lilostratiHl by the Discoveries of Modem Scholars and Travyllefs. 9. Modem His 
tory, containing the Rise and Progress of the Principal £nro|)ean Nations, their Political 
llivtory. and the Chanj^e* in their i.k>cial Condition, with a iiistonr of the Colonies 
founded by Euro|)eans. Reviaed, with Additions on Anteriean History, by C 8. 
Henry, D. D., Proietcor of History in the Univenity of New- York. 8vo, 800 pa|rei, 
m"^ JVVw-y«r/k, D. A. IfcCo.. 1846 

For convenience as a Class-Book, the Ancient or Modem portion can be had ia sepa- 
rate volumes. 

KEIGHTLEV, (T1108.) Outlines of Hivtory, from the Earliest Period. 19mo. ta. 

y^ofuipit, 1836 

MAUNDER, (8.) The Trea<>nry of History and Cveofraphy ; coBprisiiig a gracral intro- 
ductory Outline of Universal History, Ancient and Modern, and a complete series of sepa- 
rate Histories of every Nation that exists or has existed in tbfs Worid : in which b devel- 
ojHxI tlieir Rise, Progress, and Pn'M>nt Condition ; the Moral and Social Character of their 
n>9[iective Inhabitants; their Rt>li;rion, Manners, and Cuitonw; together with the Geo- 
graphical Position and Commercial Advantaf^of each country, their liatnial PradnctioBS 
and General tJtatistics. I vol. fcp. 8vo LimdAm, 1443 

TYTLER. Elements of General History, Ancient and Modem. By Professor Tytier (I^ord 
Woodhouwlee). New edition, revist^. with considemble additioos, copioas boil's, and a 
continuation to the present time, by T. E. Tomlin^, roy. 8to. 4#. (M. lAmdon, 1844 

MULLER. (J.) History of the World, traml. from the German, revised bv A. H. Everett. 
4 volri. 12mo JVew- Ytrk, 1946 

ROTTECK, (C. VON.) The General History of the World from the Eartieat Times natil 
the Year 1831. Translated from the German, and continned to 1840. 4 vols, 8vo. 

Pktiud,, 1813 
UJ^rFKRSJfL HIS TOR Y, from the Earliest Account of Time to the Piewat. 00 vols. 

8vo iMmdom, 17i9-fH 

Ancient, 18 vols. Modem. 39 vols. Supplement, 3 vob. 

UUIN, (E.) An Hivtorital Atlas ; in a Series of Maps of the World as known at different 
pf>.'iods, constracted upon a uniform scale, and coloured according to the politieal chanfM 
of each period. New edition, enlarged, and brought down to the prevent time. 4t«, half- 
bound, X3. 3« Jjmmdom, 1846 

Jiyj^U.^L RKOIHTKR; or, a View of the History. Pblitica, and I Jteratmv of Each 

Year. 88 vols. 8vo Jjtmiem^ 1758-1846 

(Published annually at I6«. per vol.) 

BOSSUET. Diicours snr Thistotre nniverwile. Various editions. 

DILLON, (l'abbk H.) Histoire nniverselle, contenant le syBchrmisine das hirtoirafl d* 
tous les pouples contemporains, etc. Vols. I.-IX Paru, 1914-9i 

8PRUNKR. Historiitch. Geo^raphischer Hand-Atlas, zur Geschichte der Staaten BaropB*t 
vom Anfan^ des Mittelalters Ihs nuf die neuste Zeit. 73 col. plates, contaJning wverai 
hundn>d Maps. Plans of Towns. Battles. &c., with Text, fot., 88*. OWAa. 1846 

Mir;HET<ET. introduction a I'llittoire Universelle. Sd ed. 8to,/.4. 50. Pmrit. 

CANTU. (C.) Histoire nniverselle. trad, par E. Aronx. 18 voh. 8vo. Port*, 1843- 

SCIILOSSER. (F. C.) Weltgeschichte in zusammenhaagenden ErxJUiIaBfeB. Vol. 

I -IV.. part I. in 8 parU, 80« f\rm»Jtf»rt, 1815-<41 

Weltgeschichte bearbeitet. von Dr. G. L. Kriegk. Vol. I.-IL, 8vo. each 4a. 

(To be completed in 12 voU.) I^^iff^ 1844- 

BECKER. (R. F.) Weltgeschit^hte neu bearbeitet von J. W. Ldbel, mit den ForwtaBngea 
von J. G. Woltmann nnd C. A. Meniel. 14 vols. 8vo. . JBcr/ni, ]e43 





LEO, (II.) Lflbrbach dcr Uoivenalcewhichta. 4 vok. 8vo. UalU, 183»-I0 

Vol. I. EUnleitang ond die alto Gochichte 
" II. Die GeMhichte dcs Miitelallere. 
'* III.. IV. Die neHere G«chichte. 3 voU. 

Leitfaden fur den Unterricht in der UBivem]t{eeelikhte. 4 paita, 8vo. HtlU, 1838-40 

DAHLMANN, (C. F.) Fonchanmn aaf den G«biete der GeKhiobto. 3 vob. Avo. 

DAUNOU, (P. C. F.) Conn d'dtade* hittonqnai. Vob. I-XV., 8to, chaque/.8. 

(Will be completed in aboat 90 rob.) Paris, 1849-6 

LERMINIER. Etadea d'bistoire at pbilosophie. 2 torn. 8to,/.J4. . Pmris. 

8EGUR, (L. P. DR.) Hiitoire nniveneUa. contenant Thistoiro ancienM, rhiatoira romaiiM 
•t d'hifltoire da Bas-Empire. 6e Adn. 13 vob. 8vo,/.60 Paris. 

niCTIOJ^y.lfRE Univenel d'hbtoire et de rdoffraphie, contenant, etc., par M. N. 
Boaillet. 8VO./.S1 />tarw. 1840 

Oavrafe aatoriac par le coaaeil royal de I'initniction pabliqne. 

HISTOIRE UyiVERSKLLF., par Dnmont, Boiette. GaUlardui at Bfaffin, pobUte an 
5 paitjei. 13 voU. ISnoo, /.45. 50 Part*, 1840 

Hbtoire Anciene. 3 rob. 12ino. 
Hutoire Romaine. 3 vob. 13mo. 
Hirtoire du Moyen ue. 3 vob. 12nio. 
Uistoire Moderne. x vols. 13ino. 
Uifttoire de Franoe. S vob. ISmo. . 

/.lO. » 





SCHIiEGEL. (F.) I.«ctami on the PhiloMMihy of Ilbtory, trmMlated from the GennnB, 
with a Memoir of tlie Author by J. B. Robertson, Esq. itd odn. sm. 8vo, 2». 6d. 

(Bohn's Standard Library.) Jjonkdam, 1846 

HURLER. (Dr. G.) Hi«tory philotophii'ally iUostrated, froaa the Fall of the Roman Em- 
pire to the French Revolation. 4 vob. Hvo. Ijondtm, 1832 

BUCHEZ, (P. J. B.) Introdaction k la Science de rhittoire. S vob. 8vo, /.15. Paris. 

FERRARI, (J.) EiMi sor les principeset leslimitesdelaphiloiophiede Thbtoire. 8vo,/.7. 

PaHs, 1843 
BUCIIEZ. Introdaction )i la Science de rhbtoira. 3 vob. 8vo. . Paris, 184S 


HEEREN, (A. H. L.) A Manual of Ancient History, particularly with 
regard to the Constitutions, the Commerce, and the Colonies of the States 
of Antiquity. Translated from the German. 8vo, 15«. Oxford, 1840 

Historical Researches into the Politics, Intercourse, and Trade of the 

Principal Nations of Antiquity. Translated from the Gennan. 6 vols. 

8to, J&4. 5«. 6</. cloth Oxford, 1838 

RALEIGH. (Sir W.) Works. 8 vob. «vo " 1809 

SEGUR. (L. P. DK.) Hi«toirpUniveneIle(aneienne.) 12vob. 8vo. Pttrw. 1839 

ROLLIN. Hintoire ancienne dm E;ryptiens. des Cartha^nob, de* Aajiieils, dea Medea 
et des Perses, etc., revae par lyitroiine. \1 vob. 8vo Paris, 18S4 

The same, translated, nameroas editions. 

RAUMER, (F. VON.) Vorlc«aa;;en Uber die alte Gescbicbte. 9 vob. 8to. M#. 

/.c^uir. 1891 

SCHLOSSER, (F. C.) Univenal-historische Uebersicht der Geschichte der alten Welt and 

ihrer Cnltur. 3 vob. 8vo. 3S« FrankfoH, 1^06-34 

MANNERT, (K.) Handbaoh der alten Geschichte ans den Uaellen bearbeitet. 8vo. 

Btriin, 1818 


DES MICHELS. A Manual of the History of the Middle Ages, from the 
Inyasion of the Barbarians to the Foil €^ Constantinople ; with Genealo- 
gical Tables of the Imperial Houses of Germany, of the Three French 
Dynasties, and oi the Norman -Angevin Kings of England. Translated 
from the French, by T. G. Jones. 12mo, 5«. . Zjondon, 1840 

HALLAM, (H.) The History of Europe dur&ig the Middle Ages. 8th 
edn. 2 vols. 8vo, 24t London, 1841 

DUNHAM, ( ) The History of Europe during the Middle Ages. 4 

vols. l2mo, 24«. London, 1833-34 

(Lardaer'i Cyelopadia.) 




u . 








in. MIDDLE AGES.— (Con/ini/erf.) 

DIGBY, (K. H.) Moras Catholici, or AfM of Faith. Now odn., 3 vob. loy. 8n», 78«. 

/.ra^M, 1845-17 

MAITLAND, (8. R.) The Dark AgM. 8to, ISt. ... *' 1844 

COMYN. (Sir R.) Hutory of the Weitem Empire ftom CharlemafM to Charles V. 
3 vob. Hvo. 42# IjmUm, 1841 

FRANTIN. Annales dn Moven a^, depnis la d^eadenoe de Pempira lomaiB juqB*)^ la 

mort de Charlemagne. 8 voU. Hvo, /.40. JPorw. 

See Froibbakt'b Chronicles, Monitkblst'i Ditto. 


ARNOLD, (Dr.) Lectures on Modem History, with an Introduction and 

Notes by Prof. Henry Reid. 12rao, (1 25. New- York, D. A. &, Co., 1845 

SMYTH, (W.) Lectures on Modem HiHory, from the Irmption of the Northern Natioas 
to the close of the American RevolQtion. 2 vols. 8vo, 2]«. lAmdam^ 1841 

8CIIL08SER. The History of the Eif hteenth Century. Translated from the Gemaa. 
8vo. vob. I.-VI..70« Z.<miiMi. 1843-45 

RAGON. Hiftoire f^n^rale des temps moderaes. depnis la prise de Cbnstaotinople par las 
Turks (1453) jotqu'k la fin de la guerre d' Ameriqne, 1783. 5e. 4dn., 3 vols. 8vo, /Sl. 

P«rw. 1845-6 

HOLLAND. — (See Netherlands.) 
I. HISTORY, &c. 

MURRAY'S Hand-Book for Holland. Belgimn, Pmsna, Northern Ger- 
many, and the Rhine, from Holland to Switzerland. ISmo, Map, 12«. 

DAVIES, (C. M.) The History of Holland, from the beginning of the 
Tenth to the end of the Eighteenth Century. 3 vols. 8vo. Land., 1842 

• GRATTAN, (T. C.) The History of the Netherlands, from the Invasion 
of the Romans to the Belgian Revolution, in 1830. sm. 8vo. 

London, 1830 
BOSWORTH, (J.) The Origin of the Dutch: with a Sketch of their Lan- 
guage and Literature, roy. 8vo, 5«. ... London, 1836 

GIGOT, (P.) Abr^gd de I'histoire de Hollande. 8vo. BruxelUo, 1830 

BILDERDYK. (W.) Geschiedenis des Vaderlands nitgeg. door H. W. 
Tydeman. 8vo, Vols. I.-VIH. . Amsterdam, 1834-^6 

See Macorigor's Commercial Statistics. L'Cniven Pittoresqoe. 


VAN HASSENDONCK. (J. B.) Grammar of the Dutch Language, with 
Vocabulary, Dialogues, Idioms, dtc. l2mo, 6o. London, 1823 

SEWELL, (W.) Dutch-English and English-Dutch Dictionary, by Boys. 

2 vols. 4to. Amoterdam, 1766 

WERNINCK. ( .) New Dutch and English and English and Dntefa Fteket Dioliowuy. 
sq. 12mo. 12« /^aira, 18M 

BOMHOFF, ( .) Dutch and Engluh, and English and Dutch Dicttonaiy. 9 vols. 19hw. 
30ir JVYmm^wb, IflB 

HOLTROP. English-Dutch and Dutch-English Dictionary, bjr A. Stomsoa. 9 vols. Bro, 
XS D^rdrmki, VfO^ii 

WEILAND. ( .) Beknopt Nederduitach Taalknndig Woordenboek. 5 
vols. 8vo, X2. 15«. (Supplement. 1832.) Dordreekt, 1896-30 

MARIN, (P.) Dictionnaire fran^ais-hollandaise, etc. 2 vols. 4to. 

Amoterd^im, 1793 

VAN-MOOCK, (S. J. M.) Nouveau dictionnaire fran9ais et hdlandais et 

hoUand-franq. 8vo Zmtphen, 1834- 

landische Volkslieder. 8vo Berlin, 18^ 





REID, (T.) Treatise on Clock and Watch Making. 3d edit., 8vo, 2l«. 

Glaggow, 1844 
THOMSON, (A.) Time and Timekeepen. iSmo, 5«. London, 1S41 

DENT on tb« conatnuAion of Chfonometera, Wstehw, aiid CIoo^ 8to, U. fid. 

London, IMi 
YOUNG'S Lectam on Nntnrml PbikNophy and the Mechanical Arti. 9 Tob. 8to. 

X^MAm. 1845 
CARPENTER, (W. B.) Mechanical PhikMOphy, HorokvT. ^d AstioMaijr. im. 6to. 

LrfnHim. 1844 
JURGENSEN. MAmoiret lar rhorologie exaete. 4to, /.8. .... JP«rM. 

Principee de Fez act mesnre dn temps par borolofeiy on R4«nni4 dee priactpei de oo»- 

ttraction dee horologH pour la pln« exact merare dn tempt. 9d 6dn., 4lo, 17 pi., fM. 



STEWART, (J.) Stable Economy : a Treatise on the Management of 
Horses, in relation to Stabling, Grooming, Feeding, Watering, and Work- 
ing. By John Stewart, Veterinary Surgeon. With Notes and Additions, 
adapting it to American Food and Climate, by A. B. Allen. 12mo, illus- 
trated with 23 Engravings, $1 00. . New-York, D. A. 6l Co. 

YOU ATT, (W.) The History and Treatment of the Hone ; with a Trea- 
tise on Draught ; showing the Power of the Horse, how calculated ; Dif- 
ference of opinion as to Wheeb ; the Power of the Hofw and Steam Car- 
riages compared, and their relative Expense ; real Action of the Horse in 
Walking, Trotting and Galloping ; the best Roads for Draught ; most 
Useful Direction of the Traces ; how best to load Carriages for easy 
Draught ; Springs, Railways, Canals, dec. 8vo, illustrated with numer- 
ous cuts, 10s. (Reprinted, Philad.. L. fc B.) London, 1843 

MILES, (W.) The Hone's Foot, and how to keep it sound, with Dlustra- 
tions. From the third London edition, 12mo, 25e. 

New-York, D. A. & Co., 1847 
WINTER. (J. W.) The llorw in Health and Diseaw : or. Snfgertions on hit Natoral and 
Genera] Htttory, Varietia, Conformation. Paces, Action, Ace, SoondneH, Stabling, Con- 
dition, Training, and Shoeing : with a Dige»l of Veterinary Praotaoe. 8to, 10«. Hd. 

I^»ndoH, 1849 

PERCIVALL. (W.) Hippopathology : a Systematic Trratiw on the Diioiden and Lame- 

neeaes of the Hone ; with their modem and mmt approved methods of Cure. Vob. 1-3, 8to, 

I4« Lomdtm, 184- -45 

MORTON, (M. J. T.) On Calcolons Concretions in the Hone, Ox, Sheep, and Dog; 
being the sobstanoe of two Esitays read before the Veterinary Medical Astoetation. 8vo, 
plates. 6e iMtd^, 1844 

GUNTHER. (F. A.) New Mannal of Homoeopathic Veterinary Medicine ; or, the Ho- 
moeopathic Treatment of the Hone, the Ox, the Sheep, the Dog, and other Domestic Ani- 
mals. Translated from the third Gerauui edition, with additions. 8to, 10«. M. 

iMmdon, 1846 

D*ALTONS. (E.) NatorgeKhichte dee Pferdes. 8 vols, folio. fTiemar, 1812-19 

Abbtldongen SAmmtlichen Pferde-Raoen, naeh dem Leben geiaiohneC, lithog. nnd 

heransg. von R. Knnst. folio, plates CarisnUU 1887 

HORTICULTURE.— (See Gardening.) 

I. fflSTORY. 

PAGET, (J.) Hungary snd Transylvania. 2 vols. 8vo. London, 1839 
FRASBR, (C.) History of the War in Bosnia, 1737-9. Transl. from the 

Turkish, roy. 8to. (Orient. Transl. Fund.) London, 1830 

MAILATH, (J.) Geschichte der Magyaren. 5 yoIs. 8vo. Wien, 1838 
FESSLER, (J. A.) Geschichte der Ungam nnd ihrer Laodsaseen. 10 

Tols. 8yo Zsqyjrtr, 1815-95 



.< i... 

f I 







L HISTORV— (CV/n/iniifti.) 

cACY. I'DE.; Hiiu»ire gte^rmie de Hangne, depu la pRmitae 
<i«s Hans. 2 vob. 12mo. Pcrit, 1778 

SCHWARTNER. SudMiqae dn RofMme 4e Hoapie : aMg6e et tnd. 

de raiiemuid par M. Wacken. 3 voh. C^vo. 

Frmmkfmt tmr U Mem, ieiS-16 
RAG USE. Voyag« en Hongrie, en TransylTanie, etc. etc 5 toIl 8to, et 

AtUii,/.50 Pawi. 

flee L'f .'niTen PittoreMjve. — BxrDATr'f Vojaf* g t okfi qM «■ Baafm. 3 vak. 4m, 
ct Aliaft. Peru, 1023. 


GYAMARTHI, (S.) Afiinitas lingoc hnngaiicB cum lingnia feimicB 
origin, grammatice demonstrata, necnon Tocabolaha dialectonim tartari- 
canun et ■iaTicaram com hongarica companita. 8vo. G^it, 1799 

DANKOVSKY, (G.) Migyricc lingiue lexicon ciitico-etjniolckg. (latino- 
german.) e qao pateiit, qnc Tocabola migyari e ma avita caneaaia dia- 
lircto conflervarint, qasve a Slavis, oti Bobrmis, CamioUa, Croatia, Illjriii, 
Polonifl. Ropis, Serbia, Slavia, Pannoniia, Vend», Valaehia, porro a Grscii, 
Germania, lulis. etc., adoptarint. Sro. PtaaHii. 1833 

MARTON, (J.) Lexicon trilingne latiDO-hnngarieo-gefinaniciini 8to. 

riemMi, 182S 
LEXICON Valachio-latino-hongarico-germaniann, quod a plaribos ancto- 
riboa decarau triginta et amplina annonim elaboiatam eM. Bro. 

Budtt, 1895 
MAILATII, (J.) Magyariflche Sagen, Mthrcben, &c. 2 vob. 8to, 9«. M. 

Stutt., 1837 

See tho F. VKRfKOHT. Xeareffaate nafarisehe Spnifdilekm. 8vo. FtMt., 180$. 
J. N. RcvAi, Elaboratior frunmatica honfarica. ero. Pettnti, 1003, etc. 



YCHJNO. (Dr. F.) A Coniveof Lectam oa Nataral PhDowphy and the Maefaaaieal Aite. 
New eda.. by the Rev. P. Kellaad. 2 vols. 8vo, plates. »U. f rnrfin, 18IS 


LARDNER, (Dr.) Hydroatatics and Pneomatica. 12mo, €». 

London, 1840 
MILLER, (W. H.) TheElementiofHydnMtaUctaBdHydiodyBaiiiioi. 3dcd.8TO.i4atai,(U. 

OnOrMir', 1831 
MOREL Y, (II.) A Treatiie oa Hydiortctios aad Hydiodyaaoiict. 8vo. IS*. 

WEBRTER, (T.) The Theory of the EqaUibriam Motion of Flakb. dvo, 9i. 

FRANC<£UR. Principlei of HydrostaUct. Tranilated ftom the Freadi. 9to. 5*. UL 

Reports of the BritUh Anociation, 1833. Library of Usefnl Kaowladf*. Paa- 
riiELL'f Physics. Muellbr'h Physics. Arkott'i Elemeati of Fhyaoa. 


BEAUFOY, (M.) Nautical and Hydraulical Experimenta. Vol. 1, 4to. 

JLmulim, 1834 

EWBANK, (T.) A Descriptive and Hiatorical Account of Hydratdic and 

other Machines for Raising Water, Ancient and Modem ; including the 

Progressive Development of the Steam Engine, illustrated by nearly 300 

engravings. 18« Ntw-Yurk, 1842 

LIBRARY of Useful Knowledge. 3 vols. 8vo. London, 1631^1 




HYDRODYNAMICS, &c.— {Continued.) 

6AU88. PriMipia fMMfmBa Ihaonticm flgora flaidonim is itatn 0q«iUbrii. 4to. 

Getting., 1830 

PONCKLET vr LE0BEO0. Exp^rmMSM hydimnUqiiM nir 1* loit d« r^ooalement de 
Vmam k trwnn !« orifiow wetangnMiw rmtioMU ii grmndc* diamuioM eatrepn )i MetE. 
4to. piftlw Parity 1H33 

OENIEY8, (M.) Buai ror Iw moyeai de ooadaire, d'Alcror et d« dirtribneor 1m mux. 
Mo, M atlai is folio. 30 pi Pmrit, 1830 

EMY, (Col.) Da aMMTenMit des oadM cC des traT«Dx bydrmiilki«M maritiiMt. 4lo, arec 
atk* Paris, 1831 

BEAUDEMOULIN, (L. A.) B«diercb« Tb^ori-pfatiqiMi tvr la fondation par imnmiion 
^ oaTrafw hydraaliqBM, at paitkalieremeat des ecloMs. 4lo, f.i. Pmri*, lifiO 

AUBI880N DB V0I81NB, (J. F. v'.) TraitA d'hydiaabqaa )i I'aMia d« iagAaiean. 
9d adn., 8vo Pari* ct Strmtkmrg, 1840 

VIOLLBT, (J. B.) Thtorie des paiti artMeni, raiTa d'ana iaftraetMm tar 1* moyeat 
d*atilHcr cea poito. 8to Parit, 1840 

DELAISTRE. La Scieaca de riagAnimir. 3 vob. 4to, /.40. " 1835 

FRONT. Noavelle architcctare bydranliqae. 9 roh. 4to, f.W. Pari*, 1700-M 

B^LIDOR. Arehilaetaro hydraabqae. 4 vob. 4to, /.18S. " 1737 

Le ai4iDa oaviaga aoavella Mitioa, par Navier. VoL 1-, /.45. . " 1819 

LINO, (A. J.) NoQvela arekilaoCaia hydraaliqae. folio. . Mmmiek, 1818 

HYDROGRAPHY.— (See Geography.) 

BEAUTEMPS-BEAUPR6. An Introduction to the practioe of NanUcal 
Surveying and the conatmction of Sea Charta. Tranalated from the 
French, by Capt. Copeland, with an Appendix, etc. 4to, 34 plates. 

Lomdan, 1833 

DUPERRY, ( ) Hydrographie nautique et physique. 4to,et Atlaa, folio, 

de 53 cartes,/ 140 ParU. 

See Johnston's Fhyiical Atlas. 

HYDROPATHY.— (See Medicine.) 

AN HISTORICAL and Descriptive Account of Iceland, Greenland, and 

the Faroe Islands ; with Illustrations of their Natural History. 1 vol. 

icp. 8vo, 5«., cloth. (EdiB. CaUoet Library.) Edinb., 1840 

MACKENZIE'S TraveU in Iceland, oolooied plates. 4to, ISs. . Edimk., 1811 

H(X)KER'S Tonr in Iceland. PlaU^, 3 vols. 8vo, Os. ... Lmid»n, 1813 

HENDFJISON, (E.) Jonrnal of a Residence in Iceland, ia 1814-15. 8to. 

JMm*., me, JiMfMi. IPIl 
TROIL. (U. V.) Letters on Iceland. 8vo. LamUm, 1780 

MARMIER. (M. X.) LeUres sor I'lslaade. 8to Pflri«, IflW 

GAI.M ARD. (P.) Voyace en hiande et en GrSenJaad, ex^catA pendant las anodes 183(5 
ec 1836 snr la aorrctta la Kacfaarche.^Lhteratnre Islaadaisa. 6 vob. 8to, svaoSSO plancbas, 
/.480 Pmrit, 1830-43 

HORREBON, (N.) Natural History of Iceland, trans, from tha Daafah. folio. 

Aen^ea, 1758 

8IGURD0ON. (J.). AND RAFN. (C. C.) Islaadinfa tUfnt (Histofkal Bfoaaamls df 
Iceland. 3 vob. 8vo. Hafmim. 

8CRIPTA HI^TORICJI lUandoram de labns jtmOb vetarnm Boraalinni, latiae nddiU (a 
Sveinbjom Egilwn), et npparatn critieo instmcta, enranta Sodatata regia antiqaanerun 
sapteatrioMd. IS vob. 8vo iHfnim, 1898-46 


RASK, (E.) a Grammar of the Icelandic or Old None Tongue. Trans- 
lated from the Swedish of EIrasmus Rask, by G. W. Dasent. 8vo, 7«. M. 

London, \%4A 

HALDERSON, (B.) Lexicon Mandico-Latino-Danicum, ex M8S. Ama 
Magiusani, cure R. K. Raskii. 3 vols. 4to. Copenh., 1814 

PnbHoatioBs of the Socibtt or NoaTHsaif AxTiQUAaici. MsMoiai or Dnro, 


ft- 1 

.1 u 







SWAINSON, (W.) The Natural History and ClaMification of Fiah, Rep- 

tilefi, dLC. 3 vols. 8vo, 12« London, 1838-^9 

CoNTKXTa. — The Nature and Relatiofi of Moaocaidian Aainiali ; aad noce etpedaUy 
Fubn. A Sketch of Uir Hutory aad BiMiofn«phjr of IchthyoloffTt ^^ **">* Remarki 
on Collecting and PnMervine Fuhes. The Bvstematio ArraBfemeat of FialMi. The 
Natoral Arrangement of Fbhe*. The various Drdeis of Fbhea. The Anphibiani. The 
. ReptUcK. The Crocodile*. Tortoi«n, and Fith Lizards. The Serfwnfa. The Liaa-ds. 
The Character! and Detcriptionx of uxty-two New or little-knowa Bpedaa, lie. &e. 

YARRBLL. ( Wm.) On the Growth of Salmon in Fresh Water, with six ooloared. Hint- 
trations of the Fifth of the Natural Size at various stages during the tint two jeais. lis. 

/m4m, 1839 

^ A History of British Fishes. 2d ed., 2 Yols. 8vo, 60«. London, 1841 

This work, which contains a com|)}ete history of the Ichthyology of Oveat Britaia. ia- 
dnding many species never before noticed, is embellished whn 963 Fi|rares of FistMS, 
mostly taken from the objects themselves, and very many UlastraliTe vijgoettai. dr«wB 
and engraved bv the most eminent Artists ; and no pains hare been spared to reader 
it worthy of punlic estimation, the number of iOustiatioas ia the work baiag acaily 
500. -m J 

WILSON, (J.) IntrodnctioB to the Natural History of Fishes. 4to, Sf. Eiink,, 183P 

BEALK. (T.) The Natural History of the Sperm Whale. 13mo, 18*. Z^mi^ms. 1839 

BtXXMIJS. (G.) A Treatise on the Management of Fresh-walar FMi. with a View to 
making them a source of profit to Landed Proprieton. 8vo, with a Figure of the Spiegel, 
or Minor Carp, proposed lo be introduced, 5s. .... f tmdwm, loii 

FORRES, (E.) A Hutory of British Star Fishes. Sea Urchins, and other aaimak of the 
Cla»s Echinodermata. 8vo, 190 illustrations, 15*. JJtmdtm, 1841 

CUVIER. (G.), IT VALENCIENNES. Hist. aat. des poiswMu. ouTiwre oonlenaat plus 
de .'iOOU psnecn de oes animaux, d^crites d'apres nature ct distribuAes oonronnAmeat k lenn 
rapports d organisation, etc. .... ... Pmrit, 1840-44 

V ols. I.-XVII. 4to, chaqne en noir. /.28 ; colons, f.48. De Tin 8to, ea Mir, /.19 SO ; 
colons, /.39 50. (To be completed in 90 vols.) 

AGASSIZ, (L.) Hiit. natnrelle dos poisaons d'eao dans de I'Earope oestrale. folio. 

.VeadkalW, 18a»- 

■ See Ci'vibr'h Animal Kingdom. S«j>pf. to Fanny Cyclopedia. Magaiine of Natural 
History, fcc. 

INDUCTIVE SCIENCES.— (See Natural Philosophy.) 

WHEWELL. (W.) The History of the Inductive Sciences, from the Ear- 
liest to the Present Time. 2d edition, 3 vols. 8vo, 42$. London, 1847 

The Philosophy of the Inductive Sciences, founded apon their History. 

2 vols. 8vo, 30« London, 1840 

INFUSORIA.— (See Animalcules, p. 21.) 

EHRENBERG, (C. G.) Organisation, systematik, imd geographiM^es 
Verhaltniss der Infiisionsthierchen. 8vo. Leipzig, 1830 

INTERNATIONAL LAW.— (See Law op Nations.) 
INVENTIONS, History of. 

BEGKMANN, (J.) A History of Inventions, Discoveries, and Origmt. 

2 vols. sin. 8vo, 7s. (Bohn's Standard Ubrary.) London, 1846 

PRITCHARD, (A.) A List of all the Patents for Inventions granted in 

England during the Present Century (to 1846). l2mo, 18s. 

London, 1847 

NEWTON. List of all Patents for Inventions granted in England dtiring 
the year 1844, alphabetically arranged according to the Names of Pa- 
tentees ; to which is added a Classified Index of the various Subjects to 
which the Patents belong. 8vo, 3«. ... London, 1845 




INVENTIONS.— (Con/ini/e</.) 

DAUSON AND DEMPSBY. The Inventor's Manual: a Familiar and 

Practical Treatiae of the Law of Patents for Inyentlons. 8vo, 5*. 

f London, 1843 

NOEL rr CARPENTIER. Noovean dictionnaira des oriffn«t. inrentions, et dicoo- 
TertM daai \ta arts, let KMoeM, la g^ofnphie, le comin«roe, ragricultaro, etc. 2e Adn. 
aof. par M. PniMant fiU. 4 volt. 8vo. /.18. Paris, 1834 

BOQUILLON, (N.) Diotionnaire d«t inventions et dAeonvertes depais le oommencement 
da monde jnsqn'ii noi joan 12ino, /.3 50 Paris. 

DICTIOJfJ^AIRE Chronologiqae et RaiionnA des diconvertes. inrentions, perfectionne- 
ments, observatioas nonvelles et importations en France, dans ies sciences, la litt^ratare, 
la arts, ragricoltare, le commerce et rindastrie dp 1780 k la fin 1830. 17 vols. 8vo, /.85. ' 

DRSCRIPTlOJf des Machines et Proc^dAs sp4cifitedans le brevets d'invention, dener- 
fcctionnement et d'importation dont la darie est expMe. Vols. I->LI. 4to, pi., /.720. 

Paris, 1813-^ 
Vob. LII.. UII., LIV., 1844-1846, each /.90. 

PEI^UZE. Secrets modemes des arts et m^tiera, eitraits des ioorsanx indastrieb let pins 
estim^s, des brevets d'invention, etc. 2e Mn. 3 volt. l!2mo, /l5. Paris. 

See Bepertoiy of Patent Inventions, monthly, 38«. per aonnm. Nswroic'i London 
Journal, monthly, 30«. per annam. Mechanics' Mafaaine. Le Brevet d'lnventimi, 
monthly, &c. ftio. 



FRASER, <J.) A Hand-Book for Travellers in Ireland, descriptive of its 
Scenery, Towns, Seats, Antiquities, dtc. : with numerons Statistical Ta- 
bles. Also an outline of its Mineral Stnictore ; a brief view of its 
Botany ; and information for Anglers. Third thousand, corredftd and 
enlarged, post 8vo, 12«. ; or, with numerous maps, 16«. Dublin, 1843 

WAKEFIELD, (E.) An Account of Ireland, StatisUcal and PoliUcal. 
2 vols. 4to London, 1812 

CROKER, (T. K) Researches in the South of Ireland, illustrative of the 
Scenery, Architectural Remains, Manners, and Superstitions of the Peas- 
antry, etc. 4to London, 1824 

INGLIS. (H. D.) A Joomey thronf hoot Ireland in 1834. 3voIs. 8vo. " 1834 

BARTLETT, (IV. H.) The Scenery and AnUqnities of Ireland, illustrated from Draw- 
ings by W. U. Bartlett ; the literary portion of the work by N. P. Willis and J. Btiriinf 
Coyne, EMirs. 2 vob. 4to, with Portrait, Map, and 130 other lilnstrations, £3. 3s. 

HALL, (Mr. St Mri. S. C.) Ireland : iU Scenery, Character, fco. 3 vols. 8vo, iliost. 

S3s ZxmifMi, 1841-43 

BARROW, (J. Jr.) Toor lonnd Ireland in 1835. ISmo. . *' 1836 

GOUZ, (J. F. LA BoDLLATS LB.) Tour in Ireland, 1664. EditMl by Crofton Croker. 
sm. 8vo L^ndsm^ 1837 

LETTERS on the Condition of the People of Ireland. Bj T. C. Foster, Esq. rPha 
Timet* Commissioner ) Reprinted, by permission, with additions and copious notes, from 
" The Time! " newspaper. Sd ed. 8vo, 18» /^luion, 1846 

KANE, (R.) The Industrial Resources of Ireland. 9d ed. post 8vo, 7s. " 1845 

BEAUMONT, (6. db.) L'Irlande, sooiale, politique et religieuse. 3 vols. 8vo. 

Paris, 1839 

WILKINSON, (0.) Practical Geology and Architecture in Ireland. Royal 8vo. plates 

and woodcuts, 28«. ........ L^nd^m, 1845 


HOLT, (J.) Memoirs, writteo by himself; edited by Crofton Croker. 
2 vols. 8vo London, 1838 

MUSGRAVE4(Sni R.) Memoirs of the Rebellions in Ireland, including 
that of 1798. 3d ed. 2 vols. 8vo London, 1803 






• f 




0.. 1 




11. HISTORY.~(Cf>n/inwprf.) 

D'ALTON. (T.) The History of Ireland, from the Earliest Period to the 
Year 1245 ; when the Annals of Boyle, which are adopted and embodied 
as the running text authority, terminate ; with a Brief Etaay on the Na- 
tive Annalists and other sources for illustrating Ireland, and iiill Statis- 
tical and Historical Notices of the Barony of Boyle. 3 Yola. 8vo, SO*. 

2>it6/»ii, 1845 

COMERFORD, (T.) History of Ireland. fiY>m the Earliest Time to the 
Invasion of Henry II. 4th ed. 8vo (kfrh, 1807 

GORDON, (Rev. J.) History of Ireland to the Union. 2 voh. 8yo. 

London, 1806 

THE ANNALS OF IRELAND. Translated from the Original Irish 
of the Four Masters, by O. Connellan. Edited, with Annotations, by the 
Translator and P. M'Dennott, with a Map showing the Names of all the 
Irish Princes and Chiefs, and the Territories possessed by e^^, from the 
12th to the 16th Century ; also showing the Possessions and Titles of the 
Anglo-Norman, or Old Nobility of English descent, in Ireland. Accu- 
rately collected from authentic sources. 4to, 42t. . DMin, 1847 

MOORE, (Thos.) The History of Ireland. 4 vols. l2mo. Land., 1838-46 

(Lardner'i Cycioprdia.) 

O'CONNELL, (Danl.) Memoir of Ireland, Native and Saxon. 2 vols. 

8yo, vol. 1-, 10». 6</ London, 1843- 

SMYTH, (G. L.) Ireland, Historical and StatisUcal. Vols. 1-2, 22#. M. 

London, 1844-46 
MARTIN. Ireland before and after the Union with Great Britain. 8vo, 

lOr ^ London, 1844 

TEELINO, (C. II.) Peisonal NanaUve of the Irish lUbeUioa of 1706. u. 8to. 
# £.4nu{m. 189P 

TEMPLE, (Sir J.) Hbtory of the Irish RebeUion in 164J. Editw) by Banm Matetve. 4to. 

Lmndon, 18L3 

HARRINGTON, (Sir J.) Hntoric Records and Secret Merooiri of the LefUatiTe Unioa 

between Great Britain and Ireland. New ed., portratu, 8vo, lis. jLndt*, 1844 

O'CONNOR, (C.) DissertaUons on the History of Ireland. 3d ed. 8to. *• 18— 

WARNER, (Rev. F.) History of Ireland, and of the RebdJion and CitU War. 9 rob. 

4to. ......... Ijamdam^ 1763-7 

MOUNTMORRES. (Ix>rd.) History of the Principal Trmnsaotions of the Iririi Parlia- 
ment from 1634-1666. 2 vols. 8vo. ..... LmUlmn. 1793 

O'CONOR, (M.) Military History of the Irish Nation : oonoprisinff a Memoir of the Irish 
Brif^ade in the Service of France, with an Appendii of Official Papers lelatiro to the 
Bri^e, from the Arcliives at Paris. 8vo, 9* VuUan, 184S 

STAFFORD, (T.) Pacata Hibemia. History of the Wars in lidaad darinf the Rei^ 
of Elizabeth. 2 vob. 8vo. ...... Umklim, 1818 

GRACE, (J.) Annals of Ireland, in Latin, with Translation and Notes by Rer. R. Bnt- 
ler. 4to Dublin, 1849 

O'DONOVAN, (J.) Account of the Tribes and Cnstonn of the Dirtiict of Hr-naay, 
commonly called O'Kelly's Country, in the Original Irish, with TmaslaUoa and Notes. 
4to I^mJmm, 1843 

Battle of Mafh Rath (Moira), from an ancieat MS. in the Original Iikh, with Traaa- 

lation and Notes. 4to. .... JJublm, 1843 

LELAND. (Dr.) The History of Ireland, from the Invasion of Henry II., with a Pielimt- 
nary DiscouTM on the Ancient State of that Kingdom. S Tob. 4to. Ijamdm^ 1773 

KEATING, (G.; A General History of Ireland, translated from the Irish by D. O'Coanor. 

Folio /.Mien. 17S3 

Transl. by Wm. Haliday. 1 vol. 4vo. .... £>«l/i«, 1811 

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folio £>«l/ni, 1764 

XARRJITIVES illnstntiva of the ConteMs in Ireland in 1041 aod UM. Edited by T. 

C. Croker. 4to, 4« .* . . Ijndam, 1840 

(Camden SoeitCy.) 




n. mSTORY, ^(Continued,) 

MOEYSON, (F.X History of Inland flora 1599-1603. 8 voli. 8to. . Z>«Mm. 1735 

AJfCJRJ^fT IlUtories of Ireland, by Hanmer, Campion, SpeoMr, and Marlboronirh. New 

ed. 3voli. 8vo DuUi%,\9» 

PETRIE, (6.) Eodetiastical Architectare of Ireland, anterior to the AnjiloNonnaB lava- 
fion ; oontprisinf an Eway on the ori/nn and met of the Ronad Towen of Irelaad, 
which obuiaed the Gold Medal and Prise of the Royal Iriih Academy. WfA. 1, 4to. 
■amerona illustration*, SSs- 6^ DnMm, 1845 

See McCuLLOCH'a Gaxetteer, Ace. Dnblin Penny JoareaL 


(^DONOVAN, (J.) A Grammar of the Irish Language, published for the 
nae of the Senior Claases of the College of St. Columba. 8vo, 6«. with 
engraved qiecimens from early Irish Manuscripts. Dublin^ 1845 

O'REILLY, (E.) An Irish-English Dictionary, containing upwards of 

20,000 Words that have never appeared in any former Irish Lexicon, 

with copious quotations from the most esteemed ancient and modem 

writers, etc. etc. 4to, 42« Dublin, 1817 

VALLA NCEY*S Essay on the Antiqnity of the Irish Lan^age, 8vo. JLeiMbm, 1779 

Grammar of the Ibemo-Celcic or Irish Lanf nage. 8vo. DMbiin^ 178B 

WALKER, (1. C.) Historical MemoirB of the Irish Bards, intenpened with AneodotM. 
^ fce. 4ta. London^ 1786 

UISTORJCAL SOJCQS of Ireland daring the RevoloUon of 1688-9. Edited by T. C. 
Croker. sm. 8vo. (Percy Society.) Ijondon^ 1839 

BUNTING. (E.) The Ancient Masic of Ireland, arranged for the Piano Forte, to which 
is prefixed a Dissertation on the Irish Harp and Uarpen, indnding aa Aooonnt of the 
Old Melodies of IreUnd. 4to, 31«. 6d. ... Z^eniem, 1840 

IRON, (Manufacture of,) &c. 

MUSHBT, (D.) Papers on Iron and Steel, Practical and Experimental : 
with copious illustrative Notes. 1 vol. royal 8vo, plates, 30«. 

London, 1840 
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(Lardner's Cyclopsdia.) London, 1834 

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(Knight's Weekly Volume.) 
GRANTHAM, (J.) Iron, as a Material for Ship-Bnilding. 8vo, dt. . LemUm, 184S 

TREDGOLD'S ExperimenUl Researches on the Strength and other Properties of Cut Iron, 
with the Development of New Principles and CalcaUuions deduced from them, and In- 

3 niries applicable to Rigid and Tenacions Bodies generally. By E. Hodgkinson. 3 vob. 
vo, with plates and diagrams, 34« /.aiuUm, 1849-46 

FLACHAT, (E.) BARRAULT, (A.) st p£tIET, (J.) Trait« de la fabrieation de la 
fottte da ftir et enrisag^ eons les rapports chimiqne, no^caniqoe et oomnwroiale. S mb. 
4to. areo Atlas de 96 planches, /.200 PoHl, IBM 

WALTER BT LABLANC. MAtallnrne pratique dn fer, on atlas de machines, appareai 
et onttls actnellement employes k la faorication de la fbnte et dn fer, etc. 4to, avoc Atlas 
de 06 planches, /.140 P«rw, 1838 

PELOUZB. Art do maltre do forges, on Traits theoriqne et pratiqne de rezploration d« 
fer et de ses applications avz difl%r6nls agents de la micaniqae et des art*. 8 vols. ISmo, 
et Atlas de 10 plates. /.9 Poru. 1898 

MAJfUEL dn Semirier, on Traits oomplet et uraplifiA de oet art. 18mo, pI./.3. Poru. 

(ManneU Roret.) 

JfJiJfUEL dn travail dee m^taax. fer et aoier mannfaotnr^s. 9 vols, l&no, fAi. Pmria, 

(Manoels Roret.) 

MANSON. TraltA dn fer et de Pacier. oontenant an syst^me raitonnA snr lour nature, la 
construction des foureeanx, les proc^d^s snivis dans lies diflftients travanz dee Ibrgas ot 
I'emploi de COS deux metaux. 4to, 15 pl./.18 Pari*. 

KAR8TEN. Manuel de la m6tallargia do fer, trad, de Tallemand par J. F. CnUmaa. 9a 
6dn. 3 vob. 8vo. /.SI P«rM, 1830 

BERTHEAUX. Le Parfait Serrurier, on Traits oomplet det onviuges fkits en ftr, onw- 
menta, b&timents at beaux-arts, omA de planches on se tronvent plus do 990 si^eta poor 
barrieres, balu^tfades, rampea, serrures simples, oompliqn4es, de sArstA, seonCs, ote. ovo, 

/.» " " 

See URB*i Dietionarf of Arts. 

^ / 

a . 




Pmi.\ .< 



.■ / 



'>- 1. 





IRON TRADE, (History of.) 

SCRIVENOR, (H.) History of the Iron Trade. 8vo, 15«. London, 1841 
Bee McCullocu'b Dictionary of Commerce. 





SPALDING, (W.) Italy and the Italian Islands, from the Earliest Ages to 
the Present Time. 3 vols. l3mo, Maps, &c., 10«. 6<2. London, 1841 

VALERY. Historical, Literary, and Artistical Travels in Italy ; an accu- 
rate and complete Guide to Travellers and Artists. Translated by C. E. 
Clifton. 12mo, Map, 16«. London. 

Italy and its Comforts. l2mo, 7«. 6<2. . . . . " 

HAND-BOOK (Murray's) for Travellers in Northern Italy— States of Sar- 
dinia, Lombardy and Venice, Parma and Plazenza, Modena, Lncea, Mas- 
sa-Carrara, and Tuscany as far as the Val D'Amo. l2mo. Map, 1SJ«. 


for Central Italy, Rome, the Papal States, and Cities of Etraria. 

Maps, 12mo, 15«. London. 

for Southern Italy, Sicily, and Naples. Map, 12mo. . " 

COGHLAN, (F.) Hand-Book for Italy, complete in 1 vol. ; including 
every Information explanatory of the Routes, Modes of Travelling, Money, 
Passports, Expenses at Hotels, and for an entire Tour, from recent Per- 
sonal Visits. 12mo, 10«. London, 1845 

MATTHEWS, (II.) The Diary ofan InvaUd. l*2mo. /^x^m. 1835 

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L0ndon, 1831 

EVAXS, (G. W. D.) Craiuic and Coanoiaeur in Italy and Sicily, with abrid^vd trMtln- 

tion of Lanzi'a Storia Pittorica. 3 voI». 8vo iJonion, ]835 

FORSYTH. (J.) Antiqoitin. Arts, and Lettcra in Italy. 4Ui odn. . " 18SS 

nOARE, (Sir R. C.) Classical Tour through Italy and Sicily. 3d edn., 2 Tob. 8to. 

JLmuIm, 1819 
TAYLOR, (Mifls C.) Lctten from Italy to a younger Sirter. 3 vob. ISmo. " 1847 
RAUMER, (F. VON.) Italy and the Italians. 3 vob. 8vo. ..." 1840 
JANIN, (J.) Voyage en Italie. ISmo Ptaria, 1830 

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Sicily. iSvo Z^ndra, 1833 

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voU. Kvo Oxford, 1896 

MARIOTTI, (L.) Italy, Pa*t and Present. 2d edn., 2 vob. sm. 8vo, lA*. Lomim^ 1846 

SARTORIUS, (G.) Essai snr I'Etat de^ peoples d'ltalie tons le gonrememeat das GoUm. 
8vo Pmrit, 1811 

BROCKEDON, (W.) Italy : Classical, Historical, and Pictnmqne. imp. 4to. plain, £5. 
Ids /.tfiubw, 1843 

ZUCCAGNl. (O.) Corografia fisica, storica e statistica dell' Italia e delle sne iaole. 8to eC 
Atlu in folio Pirmxe^ 183S- 

GROTEFEND, (G. F.) Znr Geographic n. Geschichte von Alt-Italien 5 HeAa. 4to. 

MiM9.. 1843 

Sec Condbr's Modem Traveller. L'Univen Fitlorewine. BfACORKOoa'a OoouMraal 
Statistics, &c. 

n. fflSTORY, &c. 

SISMONDI, ( J. C. L. DE.) The History of the Italian Republice ; or of the 

Origin, Progress, and Fall of Freedom in Italy, from A. D. 476 to 1805. 

sm. 8vo, 6« London^ 1833 




14 vols. 

II. fflSTORY, 6lc.— {Continued.) 

PROCTER, (G.) The Hiaiory of Italy, from the Fall of the Western 

Empire to the Commencement of the Wars of the French Revolution. 

3d ed., 8vo, 6«. London, 1844 

GUICCIARDINI, (F.) Storia d* Italia, alia miglior lezione ridoiU dal Prof. Rozini, con 
Picfas. di C. BolU. 6 vob. 8vo. ao« Pari>. 1K%2 

(Fae-fioiUa dell* edizione di Milano) emend, da Roland i. 10 vob. 8vo. /..and., I8S3 

%IICAL1. (6.) Storia dcfli Antichi PopoU Italiani. 3 volt. 8vo, 73«. 6d. ; with Atlas in 
fol., r7. 7« Firenu, 1833 

MOLINI, (G.) Docamenti di Storia Italiaoa, cop. sa gli. originali aatent. Sic, esistenti in 
Parifi. 3 vols. 8vo. ftremu, 1836-7 

..^RCHl^IO Storico Italiaao ; oana Raccdta di opere e doonmeati. fco., litgnard. la Storia 
d* Italia. Vob. 1-. Firmie, 1849- 

LEO, (Da. H.) Gcscbichte der Italiens hen Staaton (15G8 bis 183U.) 5 vol*. Hvo, SO*. 


BOTTA, (C.) Storia d*Italia, contiaaata da qaella di Goicciardini sino al 1814. 
8vo Pari; 1833 

ABEKEX. (Da. W.) Mittel-Italien vor den Zeitea rum. Hemchaft. Rvo. Stutt., 1843 

GARZETTI. (G. B.) Delia Storia e della condizione d' Italia sotto il foverno degli Im- 
peratori Romani. 3 vols. 8vo. Milan, 1838 

FANIM, (C.) Hittoire des Invasions des Sarracins en Italy, d« VII. an XI. si^cle. Vol. 
1. 8vo Paris, 1843- 

DC ROURE, (LS MxaQuif.) Histoire dn Th^odoric le Grand, roi d'ltalie. prie^dde d'nne 
revoe pr^liminaire de ses antenrs, et condnite josqu'k la fin de la monarchie C>stro;(Othiqne. 
3vob.8vo,/.15 Pari«, 184« 

RANK6, (L.) The History of the Pones of Rome, tranAl. by Mn. Austin. 3 vols. 8vo, Ma. 

(Reprinted. PhUad., C. & H.) I^ndan, 1841 


OLLENDORFF, (H. G.) A New Method of Learning to Read, Write, 

and Speak the Italian Language. With Additions and Corrections by 

Felix Foresti, Prof, of the Italian Language in the University of the City 

of New- York. 12mo, $1 50. New- York, D. A. & Co.. 1847 

A Key to the above in a separate volome, oniform. 

FORESTI, (F.) Crestoniazia Italiana : a Collection of Selected Pieces in 
Italian Prone, demgned an a Claas Reading-Book for Beginners in the 
Study of the Italian language. l2mo, $1. 

NtwYork, D. A. <k Co., 1847 

GRAGLIA, (C.) A New Pocket Dictionary of the Italian and English 
Languages, in Two Parts. .Many new words and locations, with a com- 
pendious El<*inentary Italian Grammar, are now added. IHmo, 6». 

Ijondon, 1840 

BARETTI, (J.) A Dictionary of the English and Italian Languages. To 
which is prefixed, an Italian and English Grammar. 9th edition, cor- 
rected and improved, by C. Thomson. 2 vols. 8vo. 2&v. London, 1839 

MEADOWS, (F.) Italian and English Dicuonary. 18mo,7r " 1844 

DIZIO.VARJO DELI^^ LIXOUA IT.iLUyjI. 7 voU. 4to, £1. 7*. 

Padova, 1827-30 
VENERONI. Le Mattre Italien. revae par I^nri. 8vo. Lyon$, 1830 

BIAGIOLI. (G.) Grammaire Italien. 8vo Pari$, 18-J9 

BARBERI. Grammaire des ffraramaires Italiens. 3 vols. 8vo. " 1819 

FOCJfBUJtARIO iMAxrx^aim della linjpia Italiana, compilato a cnra delta societ4 t(ino- 
frafica Tramater e comp. 4to JtTapltf, IHicO- 

DIZIOXARIO portatile deUa lingua Italiana, composte da Fr. Cardinali. 3 vols. 8vo. 

Bolamm, imS 

Milano, l>*» 

Pant, 1840 

" 1838 

2 vol*. 8vo, 35«. 

Krenze, 1833 

PBZZANA, (A.) Osnrvationi ooaoereentj alia liafua italiaaaed a' lavi vocabolarii. 8vo. 

Parwta, 1833 


ALBERTI. DicOonnaire italien-franr. 3 vols. 4to. 
CORMON. Dictionnaire portatif italien -fran^ats. 8vo. . 
BARBERI. Dictioanaire fran^ais italien. 3 vols. 4to. 
TOMMA8EO. Nnovo dizionario de Sinonimi della lingua italiana. 

■ t 






i ■ 





AQI'ILINO, (R.) INnioMrio iMhBiro-etiiiiolarHio-fllolocKtt di latti i voaboH 

Mi« e niMtitfi, eh* trmuoai ohflaa dd gnoo, ec., accmciato dall* ftb M. A. MmtIii. 
9 vuli. 4to JViIbm. IHW-S 

CARRN A. ((■.) OMmrvuioni iatoraoM vorftkralarii dvlla liajpi* I'alMBa, ■pnidaivate p*r 
qveUft pmrto ch« rannaida alle dcfiaiiKwi d«4k oom coBonaeaii hi mmbm aaiamJi. Hi o. 

TVniM. IfOI 

DANTR. rwr |i. ]13.) Th» Vmob of IMI. PnnMorj. and Paradiw. of Dhst* AMwfi. 
TraB«latcd by Ihr lUv. Ilcnrjr Cary. A. M. VViih a UreorilaBU>. riiWBoiafiial ViMi 


of hn Affi», AdditioBal Nous and Ind^i. IlliMlraltd with Tw*<t« 8lw< Eaffranaci. 
from lirufM bjr Joha Flax man. R. A., and a flatly cafravrd P»rtrail. Mom. il V. 

Aiw- Ymrk, I). A. ft f'« . I>M7 
TAKHO. Th« jMvialpin Drlivrrwl. of Torrjnaio Taiio. TraadalMl lalo Ragliih Hppim 
naa vrr^. tritli a l^if* of iha Aothor. by J. II. Wifl^. Illarirat«d wiili • isviy ra 
gtavrd Portrait aad ■rrcral bcaotifni t^Uvl EaKravinfi. Mno. 

. _. _. A>»-r#rA, D. A. ft C©.. 1»47 

/ i^VATTHO POF.TI ITALIAXI. Daato, PMrarra. Ariorto, TaM, au. B«yy l*v«, 
I'iMl pp. |«flrail» 

POKTI DF.F.i: KTA MEDIA. Royal Hvo. I2U0 pp. portmiU./.18. . 

poftraiU. /. I.V 

TKATRO ITALIAXO, aaticoe moderao, coaceaai ttorici • Bote da A. 
Hvo. I'JUO pp. portraiu 

PROSATi)HI ITAlslAXI. aaiklii » modrrai. pci cara diGiawppa ZviMdmt. 6 voli. 
ia 3. >'T0. |Jortrait« Pmr%§. 


SI.^MONDI. S. DE.) Iliirtonr of thr Literature of the Sooth of Earnpe. 
TreriMl. by TiicM. Rowoe *i Toln. 13ino» 7r Ltndom, 1h4€ 

'Boha'i Htan'Unl I^ibraiT.^ 

STKBniNC;S, (I)r II } LivPH of the Italian Poeta. 3 Tob. nn 8ro. 

(ilNUI'KNK. M'. Lj Hui. I^itf'rain'd'fialw'. 9 vob. av«ccoaUaaalmi|«r fUi. Stofc 
14 %ol* -«o f^aru. l^l^SS 

U».MRARI)I. rA^T } Hrona ilrlla l4>ttrralora iuliaaa mI XVIII. w«olo. 4 v«|i. >^o. 

.MMnM. Iiir-3i 
^^ f*afyio kolla ttoria drlla Irltrrar. Iiahana art pnmi 'I'l anni dH if^rolo XIX. ^H^. 


MAFFKI. <<;.) Htona ilrlla I^tPraiora Itatiaaa, dall' origiar daOa bagu mm • mmttn 

fiomi. rtsa pdir. 4 toli. H\o firvaw, IHM 

TIRAniUTIIi. r<; ) Hiofia d^lla I^watora Iiahana. 10 voh. Hvo. . " ia»-lJ 

romfM>ndio drtia taa Hlona dHIa l^>ii^ratBra ilaliaaa. 5 «ol«.H«o,30i«. Fr«riio« l<<0 

CORNf.AM, fif.; I M>(«li drlla Irtrrratora itaiiaaa dc»fio il tno l ii of g ia w tft. eew — tan» 
rafnonaio. 4 %olt. h«o Milmmm, I*QII-M 

ri;(iN|. IV., IMIi Irttrratara iialiana nrlla Mronda imU dal waolo XVIII 3 *db. 

l*Jino ilrrarM. I*4i 

LrcCiir.^^INI. ((' , iMIa illu-irarionr drlla Imror aatirhp a Modafw, • |iiBiifBlwiali 

dHI' Maiiana prorora'a ad «hwIo XVIII. dafl' Iialiaai. Hvo. #.««•. !■» 

FF.RR \ RI< >. 'J.^ Ptoria rd analui iln;li aaiir-hi romanri dj carallafia * dai 
■111 d' Iimlia. tvUe ivninoair •!*■' catrllwri, aull coftid* aoMMa, olo. 4 


JAMAICA. (Soe Antiixkh.) 

PHILirrO. rJ. M ) Jamaica, ita Pam and Prraent Sute. &vo, 8a. Bd. 

iMtiaii, IMS 

RENNY.fR) Ilirtorv of Jamaica. 4to . . . " 1H07 

IIAKKWIM.. 'J , A PirtBiMfiw Toor la thr hlaad of Jamaka. 4ca. 

I«<»N(:. 'F. ' The llviory of Jamaira. or CSrarral Aanrvy of iJba Aadaat 
Hiair of ihat Ulaad. 3 %oli 4ro |iUim 

RU>A VF,. /Hi a H*<i« ; Vo%as* to ih» Maadi of Madnra. Rartadoi. Hai 
pkrr'i. anil JamaKa. wrtb ihr Nararal llitiory. :t *ol«. foiio. . i^Bsasa i#wf 

F.DIVARim. (R ; llioory of th* Rri'Hh rokiam la iho Wort ladiaa S vab. 

AM'KDo. 'A. (;Micnipl>M»] aad lli«tonral flinioMry of Aaanaa aa4 *i W«l li 
Tran*lai»i f'oin ihp I*[«anb. bi <;. \. Thooitoa 5 *ola. 4lo. Mt. . i^amttm, fit 

G^iHiaF.. P II J The Hifdi of iamaira ua ^tvo. I0«. ... ** SM7 

t*fw MaKTi^'a Rniwh Colonial Ijbrarv. MfCVLMMii'a 
Ba Aw«*« Tivd aad N ataral llnlarv oTlamaira fbbo. f 
llortat JaiMMvom. i %oU. 4lo. JIaaaira. HI4. ole 





MANNERS and Costoms of the Japanese in the Nineteenth Century ; de- 
scribed from recent Dutch Trayeilers. 8yo, 9«. 6d. London, 1841 
(TrasBl. by Mn. Batk from Siebdd and oUwn.) 

KAEMPF£R, (Dr. B.) History of Japan. Translated from the Dutch by 
J. G. Scheuchzer. 2 vob. foUo London, 1727 

KING &. LAY. Voyage to Japan, and the Malajran Archipelago. 2 
Tols. sm. 8to New- York, 1839 

GOLOWNIN, (Caft.) Memoirs of Captiyity in Japan. 3 vols 8to. 

London, 1824 
CHARLEVOIX, (P.) Hiitoire et Dercriptioii K«n«rale dn Japon. 9 Toh. ISmo. P«ris, 1736 

« THUNBBRG, (C. P.) Voya{^ aa Janon, par le Cap da Bonne-E«p6raBoe, et hi Urn da 
la Boade, aii|;. det notet par L. Laiif lit ct J. B. Lamarok. 4 rohi ero. . Paris, 1796 

RICORD, (CATr.) Voya«« an Japon. it volt. ISmo *' 1881 

8IEBOLD u. NIPPON. Arahiv car Batchieibnng tod Japan and deiwB Nebaa nnd 
Sehntzliladeni. Parts I.-XV., folio. ... ^nuterd., 1833-1845 

at R. FraHinet. 5 %oU. 8vo, avao on atlas ia folio da 130 platas, dont one partie oolorida. 

Paru, 1845 
L'ottYrafe «era pnblii en 23 Livraiaow. Prii de chaqna Uvraisoa, /.14. 

AJ^J^ALES des Empereun dn Japon, trad, dn Japonnoit-Chinois, par M. Isaac Titling. 

revnes, fee , par Klaproth. roy. 4to. 30« Pcrjf ,1834 

(Onea. Traasl. Fnnd.) 

APERCU OEJ^ERAL dca troia Royaamai, tradnit da I'oriciaal Japoaab-Chinois, par 
M . J. Klaproth. 8vo, 5 cartas, 15« Parit, 1833 


SIEBOLD, (P. F.) Flora Japonica digessit J. G. Zuccarini. Vols. 1-Jolio. 

Lued. Bat , 1831-184- 

Fanna Japoaica, elaboraatibos C. J. Temminck. H. SchlM^ at W. do Hann. folio. 

Lmgd, Bat., 1834-1846 
Mammalia faso. 1-2. 
Ayos " 1-3. 

Pisoea " 1-13. 

Crnstacea " 1-5. 
Cbelonii, Ophidii, Sanrii et Batrachii, 3 fase. 


RODRIGUES, (lb P.) Elements de la gTAmmaireJaponaiae, tradnita dn portn|fais snr la 
■lannscrit de la Bibliotheqne dn Roi, etc., par M. C. Landi 

I : p»6c4dis d'nne explica- 
tion des syllabaires par M.' Abd Remnsat. '8vo Porta, 1835 

ARS ORA MM A TICM iAfonicm linens, a Fr. Didaco Collado. Rowu, 1633 

I>/C'T/OJVjfA/(7.W^sivo thesanri lingnc japonicK compend. 4to. " 1638 

VOCABULARY, English and Japanese, and Japanese and English ; com- 
piled from native works, by W. H. Medhurst. 8yo, IBs. Batavia, 1830 

I. HISTORY, &c. 

RAFFLES, (Sir S.) History of Java. 2 vols. 4to. London, 1817 

HOGENDORP, (M. lb Comt^.) Conp d'(£il snr I'lsle de Java et let antrts Pottessiont 
Nierlandaitei dant I'Arohipel det Indes. 8vo. .... BruxaUat, 1830 

8TUER8. (F. V. A. db.) Merooiret snr la gnerre de Tile de Java, do ]82S-3a 4to, et 
folio, atlas Lqfde, 1833 

THORN, (W.) Memoir of the Conquest of Java, with snbseqoent opera- 
tions of the British forces in the Oriental Archipelago, to which is sub- 
joined a statistical sketch of Java. 4to. . London, 1815 






■f /. 

.* : 



[knight's guides. 

/ / 

r • 






HORSFIELD, (Dr. T.) Zoological Reflearchesin Jara and the neighboar- 

ing klandB. 4to, 71 col. plates, 84«. London, I8dl 

MACLEAY. (W. 8.) AnnokMa jftvaaiea. 4to. . ** ItQS 

BLUME, (C. L.) Flora JavK, oec bob insolannn adjaoeBtinm. 3 vob. folio. 

BruxdUs, 1896-36 


U UMBOLDT, ( W. voir.; uber Kawi-Spraofae aof der Inad Java. S Tob. 4to. 

BeHim, 1636 



ENGELMANN, ( W.) Bibliotheca Jaridica. Vcneichn. aller branchbaren 
von 1750 bis 1839 erschcinenen BQcher. 8vo, 7«. 6d. Leipzig, 1840 

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Literatur. Vol. 1, parts 1-7. (Jurisprudence.) 8vo, 10«. Grimma, 1040 

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Literatar nud Ckachichte. 5 vols. 8vo Jjfiptig, It^S 

AUSTIN, fJwo.) The Province of Juri^nidencc determined. 8vo. 

London, 1832 
GROTIUS. The Introduction to Dutch Jurisprudence of Hngo Grotius, 

now first rendered into English by Chas. Herbert, of the Middle Temple. 

roy. 8vo, 31». 6rf London, 1844 

L'lIBRMINIER. Philotophie da Droit. 3 vob. 8vo Purit, 1831 

JOITFROY. (T.) Coura de droit naturd, etc. Vol. 1-9. 8vo. Pari*. 1835 

MATTER, (J.) De rinflaence dea loi« lor Ics maan, «t de rinflnaBoe d« mann rar hi 
lois. 3e 6dD., 8vo PurU, 1843 

MONTESQUIEU. De retprit dn loii. 4 vob. 8to Parta, 1890 

Spirit of Laws, transl. 3 voU. 8vo, 14* Ltrndtm^ 1893 

Commentaire lor T Esprit dn lois, par Dostutt de Tracy, etc. 8yo. Pmria^ 1819 


ADDISON, (C. G.) The History of the Knights Templan. <he Temple 
Church, etc Limdim, 1842 

KNIGHTHOOD.— (See Chivalry, p. 99.) 


18nio, 1*. each. 

Knight's Gmnzs to Service. 

Banker's Oerk. 




Dairy Maid. 

Farm BaiJifl*. 



Groom and Coachman. 

Lady's Maid. 
Laandry Maid. 
Maid ofaU Work. 

Nnnery Maid. 
Pk>offhroan, Caiter, fcc. 
Poultry Maid. 

Knight's Guides to Trades. l2mo. 


Carver and Gilder. 

Chemist and Druggist. 




Joiner and Cabinet Maker. 


Milliner and DreMmaker. 

Plumber, Glacier, fcc. 




London, IWl 

knight's weekly volume.] 201 

[landscape gardening. 



CM . 






ir - 

18mo, 1«. 6d. each. 

Lord Broturham'i Statninen of the Time of 
George III. 6 vols. 

Lord Brougham's Dialogues on Instinct. 1 vol. 

Lord Brongham's Trvatiset on the Objects. 
Pleasures, and Advantages of Science, and 
on Political Scienoe. 1 vol. 

Lord Brougham's edition of Paley's 
Natural Theology. 

Sir C. Bell's Dissertations on Nato- \ 4 vols 
ral Tlieologv and Treatise on 
Animal Mechanic*. 

Sir John F. Davis's Chinese. 3 vols. 

Sir John F. Davis's Sketches of China. 1 vol 

Lord Nngent's Lands, Classical and Saered. 
'2 vols. 

Miss Martineao's Feats on the Fiord. 1 vol. 

Miss Martinean's Billow and tlie Rock. 1 vol. 

Mrs. Jameson's Lives of the Painters. 9 vols. 

Knight's Life of Caxton, the firrt English 
Printer. 1 vol. 

Knight's Volume of Varieties. 1 vol. 

Knight's Results of Machinery, and Capital 
and Labour. 1 vol. 

Lamb's Tales from Shakspere. with Scenes 
selected by C. Knicht. 2 vols. 

The Elephant, the Horse, and the Dog — the 
three Friends of Man. By C. Knight and 
W. Martin. 3 vols. 

Taiwo's Recovery of Jerusalem, translated by 
Fairfax ; with Lives of Tasso and Fairfax 
by C. Knight it vob. 

Mind among the Spindles, a Selection from 
the Lowell Offering ; with Introduction by 
C. Knight. 1 vol. 

Memoirs of a Working Man ; with Preface by 
G. Knight. I vol. 

The Food of Man. By Dr. Lankester. Sj 

Ilistorr of Literature and Learning in Enj^- 
land, with Specimens of the Principal Wri- 
ters. By G. L. Craik, A. M. 6 vols. 

Spenser and his Poetry. By G. L. Craik. 3 

Bacon and his Writings. By G. L. Craik. 3 

Historv of British f^mmeree. By G. L. Craik. 
3 vols. 

The Pursuit of Knowledge under Difficulties. 
By G. L. Craik. 3 vols. 

The I^st Senses — Deafness and Blindness. 
By Dr. Kitto. 2 voh. 

Curiosities of Phvsical Geography. By W. 
WitUch. 2 vols. ^ 

The Englishwoman in Egypt. By Mn. Poole. 
3 vols! 

Lane's Modem Etgrptians. 3 vols. 

Lane's Arabian 'TaJes and Anecdotes. Se- 
lected from the Arabian Nights. I vof. 

Mohnre. Racine, and the French Classical 
Drama. By Madame BIaz de Bury. 2 

The Cid. By G. Dennis.— The Spanish Dra- 
ma. By G. H. LeWMi. 2 vols. 

Ijtfe of Gresham, the Founder of the Royal 
Exchange. Rv C. Mac Farlane. 1 vol. 

Old England NoveleU :— The Camp of Re- 
fuge — The Dutch in the Med way— A Le- 
gend of Reading Abbey. By C. Mac Far- 
lane. 4 vols. 

London, 1844-47 

Popular Customs and Recollections of Italy. 
By C. Mac Farlane. 1 vol. 

Romance of Travel. By C. Mac Farlane. $ 

Professor Long's Plutarch's Lives. The Civil 

Wars of Rome. 5 vob. 
Chaucer- Pictures of English Life from Chan- 
cer — Canterbury Tales from Chancer. By 

John Saunders. 3 vob. 
Rambles by Riven. By James Thome. 4 

vob.— The Avon. 1 vol.— The Duddon ; 

the Mole ; the Aran, and Wey ; the Lea ; 

the Dove, I vol. ; the Thames, 2 vob. 

Hbtorical Paralleb. By A. Malkin, A. M. 

3 vob. 

Life of Napoleon Buonaparte. By A. Vieiu- 
seux. 2 vob. 

The Industry of the Rhine. I. Agricultnie. 

II. Manuractures. By T. C. Banfield. S 

Hudibras and other Works of 8. Butler : 

edited by A. Ramsay. 1 vol. 
Flowen and their Associations. By Mi« 

Pratt, 1 vol. 
The Backwoods of Canada. By a Lady. — 

Oregon Territory. By the Rev. C. G. Nl- 

colay. 2 vols. 
Biographical History of Ancient and Modem 

Philosophy. By G. H. Lewee. 4 vob. 
The Manufactures of Great Britain. By O. 

Dodd. vob. 
Insect Architecture, and Bird Architectore. 

By James Rennie. A. M. 3 vob. 
Dr. Bonthwood Smith's Philosophy of Health. 

4 vob. 

Industry of the Rhine. Series II. Manufac- 
tures. By T. C. Banfield. 1 vol. 

The Field, the Garden, and the Woodland. 
Bv Miss Pratt. 1 vol. 

Popular TamulU Illustrative of the EflTects of 
So^Jal Ignorance. 1 vol. 

The Book of Table-Talk. By numerous con- 
tributors. 2 vols. 

The Pursuit of Knowledge under Difficulties. 
Illustrated by Female Examples. Being a 
Continuation of "The Pursuit of Know- 
ledge under Difficulties, illustrated by Anao* 
dotes." By Geoige L. Craik, A. M. 3 

Settlers and Convicts ; or, Recollections of 
Sixteen Years' Labour in the Australian 
Backwoods. By an Emigrant Mechanic. 
2 vob. 

Planche's British Costume, from the EarUeet 
Period to the oommanoeniMitof the Present 
Century. 2 rob. 

The Epochs of Painting Characterised. A 
Sketch of the HUtory of Painting. Ancient 
and Modem ; showing its gradnu and vari- 
ous development from the Earliest Ages to 
the Prewnt Time. By Ralfh N. Womum. 
2 vols. 

The Cabinet Portrait Gallery of British Woi^ 
thies. 73 Steel PoitraiU. 12 vols. 

The Cabinet History of England. By C. 
Mao Farlane. 96 vob. 

KORAN.— (See page 27.) 




I ■.' 





. / 


. Grammars. 

ARNOLD, (T. K.) A First and Second Latin Book and Prectieal Grmm- 

mar. Revised and carefully Corrected, by J. A. Spencer, A. M. 12mo, 

bound, 75 cents. The First Latin Book, or the Second Latin Book and 

Grammar, can be had separately. 50 cents each. 

New- York, D. A. & Co., 1847 
The chief object of this work (which ii foanded on the pri»cipleft of inatatioa and 
frw^oent ivpccilion) h to enable the popil to do ezoroiMt from tbo fint day of his 
beginning hn accidence. 

Latin Prose Composition : A Practical Introdnction to Latin Prose 

Composition. Revised and Corrected by J. A. Spencer, A.M. 12mo, 

bound, $1 New- York, D. A. Sl Co., 1847 

This work ii also founded on the principles of imitatioo and freaneat mpatitioa. It 
is at once a Syntax, a Vocabolary, aiid an £xerciso Book ; ana coosidwable atten- 
tion has been paid to the subject of Synooymet. 

KEY, (T. H.) A Latin Grammar on the S}-stem of Crude Forms. By T. H. Key. Port 
8vo, pp. 410, cloth, 8$ Ijtmian, 184S 

ZUMPT, (C. G.) School Grammar of the ].Atia Language. Traaslated and adapted to 
the use of the High School of Edinburgh, by L. SohmiU, Ph. D. ISmo, A». 

/.oii^M. 1846 

A Grammar of the Latin Language. Translated from tb« Gomaa, with additiosw. by 

the Rev. J. Kenrick, M.A. 5th ed., 8vo, ]0«. CJ Lmuitn.VSS 

ANDREWS b STODDARD. A Grammar of the Latin Language, for tbo Use of 
Schools and Colleges, fimo. B**9Um. 

KREBS, (J. B.) Guide to Writing Latin : consisting of Rules and Examples for Pradke. 
from the German, by Saml. II. Taylor. 12mo ./fmlewr, 1845 

DONALDSON, (J. W.) Varronianus : a Critical and Historical Introdoctioa to the Phi- 
lok)incal Study of the Latin Language. 8vo, 10*. Cd. ... /.Mian, 1844 

EICIIENFELD xt ENDLICHER. AnalecU grammatica maxintam paiteas aneodota. 

Svols. 8vo TimMom, 18»-37 

LEMARE. (P. A.) Coon de langue latino, ou 4000 exemples pris dans Salhist, Ctear, 

Cioeron, Virgile, etc., et k rassembler de 2000 racines latinos et let 15,000 d6riv4«, etc. 3o 

Adit. 8vo Paris, 1819 

CORPUS OR^MMATICORUM Latinorum Tetemm, reoonsuit ae led. variet. adkct. 

Fr. Lindemann. vols. 1-4, faso. 1, 78« I^eiptig, 183U-40 


DUMESNIL, (G.) Latin Synonyms. Translated by Gosset 8to, 12*. 


DOEDERLII^S Hand-Book of Latin Synonymes. Translated from the 

German. By the Rev. H. H. Arnold. 8vo, Is. 6d. . London, 1841 


FACCIOLATI ET FORCELLINL Totius Latinatis Lexicon. New 

edn., ed. by Jas. Bailey. 2 vols. 4to. London, 1838 

RIDDLE 6l ARNOLD. A Copions and Critical Engli^-Latin Lexicon. 

Founded on the German-Latin Dictionary of Dr. Charles Ernest Georges. 

8vo., 25* London, 1847 

RIDDLE, (J. E.) A Complete Latin-English and English-Latin Dictionary ; 
compiled from the best sources, chiefly German. 2d edn., 8to, Sis. Sd. 

London, 1840 
GEORGES, (C. E.) HandwSrterbuoh der lateiniscbea Bprache. 4 mb. toy. Bvo. 

I.*irt^, UQ&-43 
Latein. deuUcher Theil. 8 vols. 16«. " 1843 

Deutsch-lateinischer Theil. 3 vob. 18« " IHCIP 

LEVERETT. (F. P.) I^exicon of the Latin Language, compiled chiefly from Facciohrti. 
Scheller, and Luenemann. Hvo Btiam. 

MUHLMANN, (G.) Haodw5rterboch der latein. Sprache. S vob. toy. 8vo. 

Wnrtkurf, 1845 
FREUND, (W.) Wdrterbnch der LaUnisohe Sprache. 4 vols. loy. 8ve. l^-^vug, £93^-16 

LATIN LANGUAGE, &,c.— (Continued.) 

ttUICHERAT, (L.) TheMarai poetioaa linfUK latios, oa dietioiinure prowdiqae et po^ 
tiqae de la langu* latine, oontenant toui )« moCs ^inptoy^ par k» poSte* doat les asaviM 
nous sont parvenoes, et ceox qni w Uoovent dans let fragmenU at daas lei inaoripCioiu. 
8vo Paris, 1836 

NOEL. (F.) NoQvaaa Dietionnaire fran^aii'IatiD, oontenant I'^tymologie des mota fran- 
^aifl, leur definition, lenr sens propre et fi^r4, toniei lenndivenei acceptations. 8vo,/.7 50. 

DU CANGE. GloMarinm Medie et Infim» Latinitatis, conditnm, Ik Cardo Dnfratse, do- 
mino Dn Cange, enm lupplementiB intefrris monachoniin ordinii 8. Benedicti, D. P. Car- 
penterii, Adelnngii almrum iniaqjBa digeMit 6. A. Ia Hensebal. VoL 1-6, 4to, cloth. 

Pom, 1846 


LIFT, with Bnrlith Notct, Grammatical and Explanatory, together with a Geographical 
and Historical Index. By J. L. Lincoln, Professor of Latin in Brown Univanity. Ono 
volume, 12mo. 

HORJt Til 0|iera, with Critical and Philological Notes. Index , fce. By J. L. Lincoln, Fra- 
fesM»r of Latin in Brown Univenity. One Tolame, ISmo. 

CiESAR'S CommenUries, with Notes, Critical and Philological, iBdezea, Lexicon, kc 
By Rev. J. A. Spencer, A. M. One volnme, 13mo. 

^ SALLUST'S Catiline and Jognrtha, with Critical. Pliilological, and Excgetical Notas, la- 
dexe«. Lexicon, etc. By Rev. J. A. Spencer, A. M. One ToJnne, ISmo. 

TACrrUS'S Historr, Germany and Agricola, with Copion* Notas, Indexea, fcc, for tba 
Use of Schools and Colleges. Bv Rev. J. A. Spencer, A. M. 

CICERO'S Select Orations, with Critical and Philological Notes. Indexes, fcc. By E. A. 
Johnson, Profeswr of Latin in the Univenity of tha City of New- York. One volnnM, 

CICERO de Senectate et de Amicitia, with Critical Notes. Indexes, fcc. By E. A. John- 
son, Professor of Latin in the University of the City of New- York; One volume, 19mo. 

A OREEK Readiag Book, indnding a Complete Treatise en the Greek Particles. By 
Thomas K. Arnold, M. A. Edited by Rev. J. A. Spencer, A. M. One volnme, 12mo. 

A SPEAKER ; for the Use of Schooh. Selected from Classical Greek. Latin, Italian, 
French, and English Writen : Demosthenes. Tfancydides. Homer, Sophocles, Cicero, Livy, 
Yiigil, Lucretius, Shakspeare, Milton. Burke, Bacon, Itc. By Rev. W. Sewell, B. D., 
Author of "ChrisUan Morals," "Christian Politics," etc., etc. With Additions by 
Henry Reed. Prof, of En^h Literature in the University of Pennsylvania. 
D. Appleton fc Co. respectfully notify Teachers that they have recently pnblBhed 
A KE Y to AmoU's Latin Prase Composition. 

Oieek " " 

Teachers only can be supplied with the above. Appficatioos for thorn to be aitlm per- 
sonal or by Tetter to the PuMuhers. 


DUNLOP, (J.) The Histoiy of Roman Literature, from its Eariiest Peri- 
od. 3 vols. 8vo, 47«. 6if. Londont 1828 

8CH0ELL, (M. S. F.) Histoira abr^g^e de la Utterature romaine. 4 vob. 8vo. 

Part«, 18)5 
B AHR, (H.) Oeachichte der r5mi<tchen Literature. 4 vob. 8vo. . Carlamke^ 183SM0 
KLOTZ, (R.) Handbuch der latein. Literaturgescbichte. Yol. 1-, 8vo. Leiftig, 1845 

8URINGAR, iW. H. D.) Historia critica schoUastarum latiaomm. 3 parts. 8vo. 

LMgd. Bat,, 1834-35 
COLLOMBET, (F. Z.) Histoire civile et rehgieuM des lettres latinos, an 4e et an 5e siecle. 

0VO Ljfona, 1830 

HOFFMANN, (8. E. W.) Bibliegraphisches Lexicon der gesammten Litarator der Giei- 

ohen und Rdmer. Yol. 1, parU 1- Ltifmi, 1833 


WARREN, (S.) Popular and Practical Introduction to Law Studies, and 
to every department of the Legal Profession, Civil, Criminal, and Eiccle- 
aiastical: with an Accoaut of the State of the Law in Scotland and Ire- 
land, and occaaional IJIbstrations from American Law. dd ed., 28«. 

Xon<2(m, 1845 

The same, edited by Thoe. W. Clerke. 8vo, $3 50. 

iVet0. York, D. A. dt Co., 1845 


Cu '•'-'• 

,,.\ .- 


!• , 


LAW. — ( Continued.) 

O'BRIEN. (EO TIm> I^w%^ : hu Ch«racter ud R«fe of Holy life ; alWr tlw wnmmtf of 

G«>oirr Herbert's Conntry^aniMi. I^imo. 6« Ij^mdmm. IMi 

CAMrS. (A. G.> ProfefMon d'avorat : Recoeil dc pieces coDceraattt IVxevciee dc oH pn»- 
fe«»iofi ; et RihlkMlu-qne ChoM'c dos livm de droit. ... Se M. rPTue et aojr. d*am fr^id 
Dombiv d*anicle» et de notu^e* bibliofiaphkiiic*. par M. Dapu mimt. 9 T«b. 8to. /.lA. 

LAW, Commercial. — (See p. 108, and Mercantile Law.) 

A COyrPEyDrUM of MERCAyrrLE law. By John WiUUim 
Smith. From the third and English edition : greatly enlargted by the 
addition of Notes and Rt'forenres to American aQthoritie«, by James P. 
Holcombe and William Y. OhoUon. 8\'o, boand. ^4. 

-Y. r.. D. A. & Co.. 1&47 

LA 11'. decided in the Supreme Court of the United States ; with Notes 
and Illustratioiui. Bv James P. Holcombe. t^vo, ^4. 

N. r, D. A. & Co.. 1&47 

LAW OF NATIONS.— (See Diplomacy.) 

WHEATON, (H.) Elements of International Law. 3d ed. rerised, 8to. 

Pkilmd., 1846 

History of the I^aw of Nations in Europe and America, from the Ear> 

licst Times to the Treaty of Washington, 1842. iVeir- For*. 1845 

Histoire du Progr^s du Dn>it des Gens en Europe et en Am^riqoe, 

depuis la Paix de Wcstphalie jusqu'k nos jours : avec nne Introduction 
sur les Progr^s du Droit des (tens en Europe avant la Paix de Weslphalie. 
2e (fdition. revised, etc. 2 vols. 8vo, 15#. P«rt*, 1845 

MANNING. {W. O.,. Conimentarie* on the Law of NatioM. 8vo. 14^. /.mUm. 183» 

VATTEL. cN. dk.) I^w of Nation* ; or Princi|ileft of the Law of Nataiv applied to the 
Coniluot and Affain of Nation* and ^veiei|!n». Tr«n»J. ^vo. Ltmd^n^ iPJl 

MARTEN9, ^G. F. de.) Coni|iendinm of the Law of Natioa*. etc., XxtoL by W. Cob- 
brtt. Hvo. Jjfmdmm, ItW 

PIFFENLK^RF, (S.) [.aw of Natnn' and Nation*, with the Notes of J. Rarfaeyiw. 
Tran>l. by Kounct ami Caivw. folio. I^fUiUm, 1749 

GROTirS. (II.) Ri);ht»orWar and Teare. with the Note* of J. Baibeyrae. Trannl. fol. 

I^mJmm, ITS* 

The same, translatei!. \«iih Notes, &c.. from the beat PoUtical tad Legal Wiilen, br 

Re«. A. C. ('Hm|>MI. 3 \ob. ^vu /.MrfMi, 1844 

WARD, (R.) An Knqnin into the Foundation and IliatorT of the Lav of NalioM ia 
Euro|ie. fmm tlw Tiiiir of the Itittko and Roman*, i vob. ^hro. Id0m^0u, 1«SS 

GERARD PK RAVNEVAL. (J. M.) In»iiiution da droit do la aatai* oc 4m feaa. 
Nouv. edn. '2 %-ol«. Hvo. /. lU. Par**, 1833 

LEGlSLAT10X.-~(See Government.) 

PASTORET. (LE CcMTE de.) Histoire de la legislation. 11 toIs. 8to. 

Parts. 1817^7 
BONALD, (M. Ttr..) Legislation primitive, consider^e dans le deinieis 
temps par les seules Inmin^res de la raison, etc. 3e €6n., 3 toIs. 6vo. 

Pmri9, 1829 

LIBRARIES.— (See Bibliography.) 

LUBBOCK, (J. W.) Remarks on the Classification of the difieirat bnnclies 
of Human Knowledge. 8vo. 3s. .... Lomdom, 1839 

COiVSTANTlN. (L. A.) Mannel de HibliothiSconomie, inatradioa aar ranaaieiMat. 
) la conservation et I' administration d*-* bibliotlKHinM. IHino, /.3. f^u. I^m 

^ManueU Roret.) 

LABORDE, (le Comtb dk.) De Tonrani^iion des biblioth^oet daas Paris. (Haitienw 
lettrp. Etude* rar la contraction de* ilibliothcqnet.) 8to, /.3. . f>kn>, lt*45 

NAMUR. (M. P.) Mannel da Ribliothccaiie. Fvo. BrmvUe*, UM 





13ino, pUtes and woodcutB, 2*. 6d. per vol. London, ▼. 7. 







ChiMM (The). A GeiMral DeMripiioii of 
ChiML By J. F. Davit. £m|. S vob. 

EfypC. An Accoant of the Mannera and 
CvatooM of the Modem Ecyptians. By E. 
W.LMe. Em|. SYob. 

The New Zealaaden. Aa Aoooant of the 
Feople and Iilaad. 1 toI. 

Canada. The Baekwoods of Canada, a De- 
•ehplion of the Goantry. 1 vol 

India. The Hindoot, a DeKription of India, 
and an Aoooant of their Rdifion, fcc. S 

Fompeii. Containing an Accoant of the De- 
•troction of Pompeti, and its labaoqoent re- 
covery. S vols. 

Farii, and its HittoricaJ 8cen«« — dcMribes the 
more remarkable Edifices and Bitoalions in 
the Flench Capital. S vob. 

Secret Bodetict of the Afid<Ile Aires. Con- 
tains an Acounnt of the Eastern Aieocta- 
tlon, known as the '* Assassins, " the 
Knifhts Teroplan. lie. 1 vul. 

Bietory. Historical Parallels, detailing the 
must ceiebrated Events in Grecian and Ro- 
man Histurv, and comparing them with 
Aacient or Modem Times, i Vvib. 

The Parsnit of Knowledge under Difficahies 
which would appear to present insurmoont- 
ahle Impediments. 9 vob. 

Criminal Triab. The most Remarkable and 
Interesting Trials connected with British 
History, with an Accoant of theGnopowder 
Plot. By David Jardine. Esq. 3 vob. 

Britbh Mnseam. The Egyptian Antiauities 
— a complete Aooonnt of Ancient Egypt 
By Profeaior Long. S vob. 

BritMh Mosenm. The Townley MarblA. S 

British Mnseam. The Elgin and FhigaJeian 
Marbles. 2 vob. 

British Costume : a compleCe Histonr of the 
Dress of the British Islands. 1 vol. 

Dbtinguished Men of Modern Times. An- 
thentic Biographies, referring to foller sour- 
ces of information, of One Hundred and 
Sixty-eight PerMns, of all Countries, illus- 
trious as great Originators or Inventon in 
Arts, Sciences, and Literature, and of 
Statesmen and Warriors who have had the 
greatest influence on the destinies of Man- 
kind. With woodcuts. 4 vob. 

Natural Hutor}-. Meoa j w r iee co ntains the 
VarieUes of the Dog, Wolf, H^ena, Lion, 
Tiger, Camel, Llama, Girafie, Monkey 
Tnbe, fce. 4 vob. 

Natural Hbtory. VegeUble Substances, 
Timber, Trees, and FraiU, SnbsUnoes 

used for the Food of Man, and Substan- 
ces used in Manufactures. 3 vob. 

Eutom<ilogy. Insect Arofaitectare — Insect 
Miscellanies — Infoct Transformations. 3 

Ornithology. The Arcfaitectnre of Birds— 
the HabiU of Birds— the Facultiee of Birds. 
3 vub. 


8to J^ondon, ▼. y. 

AlgebraicalGeometry, by Wand. 6vo,5s.Qd. 
A%ebraical Bouations, by Murphy. 8vo, 4«. 
America and the West Indie*. Geography of. 

by Prof. Long. Hvo. 10s. 6d. 
Annuities, (VaJaeof), by Jones. 9 vob. 8vo, 

BntiA Cattle. 8vo, lOs. &/. 
Britbh Husbandry. 3 vob. 8vo. 30«. 6d. 
Botany. t*v», 4s. 

Biography of Eminent Penons. 8vo, lOs. 
Calculus (DiflT. and Integ.). by De Morgan. 

t)vo. 14«. 6d. 
Church, (Untory of) by Waddington. 6vo, 

13s. M. 
Commerce, by McCollocb 8vo, 2s. 6J. 
Dog (The), by Youatt. 8vo, Os. 
Emtricity, Magnetism, &e., by Dr. Roget. 

Hvo. fi«. U. 
England under the Stuarts. 8vo, Ids. 
Flemish Husbandry. 8vu, Ss. 
France. History of, by Smedley 
Friendly Societim, b^ Ansell. 8vo, 5s. 

Geometry, (Plane, Solid, and Spherical). 

8vo, 5s. 
Geometry, (Practical and Ptonpective), by 

Bradley. 8vo, 7s. 
Greece, (Literature of), by Muller. Vol. I. 

Hvo. 7*. «W. 
Greece, (History of), by Malken. 8vo, 5*. 
H irw (The), by Youatt. 8vo, 10s. 
Logarithms, (Tables uf ). 12roo, 3s. 
Mathematics. 9 vob. Hvo, ]7«. 6d. 
Nstural Phihisophy. 3 vols. Hvo, 38s. 
Physii'logy. (Animal), by Dr. Roget. 8vo, 

is. 6d. 
Sheep, (Treatite on). 8vo. 10s. 6J. 
Stan, (.Maps of). Large 4to plain, 15s., color. 

Compendium to do., by De Morgan. 

8vo, 3s. W. 
Switzerland, (Hbtory of), by VieuMoux. 

Hvo, 13s. 6^ 
Spain and Portngal, (Hbtory of), by Mis. 

Busk. 8vo, 7s. 
Trees, (Treatbe on Planting). 8vo, 3f . 

Gravitation, by Prof Airy. 8vo, 7s. 

LIFE ASSURANCE.— (See Assurance, p. 51.) 
LIGHT.— (See Optics.) 

SCHLEGEL, (F.) Lectures on the History of Litermtore, Ancient and 
Modem. Translated. 12mo. .... London, 1846 

MUNDT, (T.) Geschichte der Literatur der Gegenwart. l3mo» 7«. 

Berlin, 1833 





-a IT 






■■ * 



LITERARY HISTORY.— (Con^iwucrf.) 

BOYD, (Sir W.) The History of Lit«ratiire ; or, the RiM and Progres 
of Langnage, Writing, and Lctteia, from the Earliest Ages of Antiquity 
to the Present Time. 4 vols. Vols. 1-3, 9«. each. 8to. X^iMbii, 1843-4 

' HALLAM. (H.) latrodnction to the Litcrauueof Earope, ia tbt I3ch, 16ch aad ITlh On- 
turies. ^ editkw. 3 vob. 8vo, 38* /.— rfwi, 1613 

(Reprinted New- York. H. Bro'i.) 

8I8NONDI, (B. DC.) Hintory of the Litermtara of the Soath of Earopo. Timailated, 
with Notes, Ale., by TboawB Roteoe. ad eda. S vob. na. 8vo, 7«. . Jjtmdam^ 1846 

(Boha't Sundaid Library.) 

BERINGTON. (J.) Literary Uistory of the Middle Afai, from the dow of Um R«ga of 
Aafaitat to iu revival ia the Fiflceath Ceatary. ua. 8v«, 39. 64. X.— rfea, 18lt 

(Bogae'i Earopeaa Libiaiy.) 

BOUTERWEK, (F.) History of Bpaaith Uterataie. ua. 8«o. 39. 64. Z4iirfM^ 1847 

(Bflfae's Enropcaa Library.) 

WARTON, (T.) The History of Eafiish Poetry, from the doM of the Blevaalh Ocataiy 
to the ooameaoemeat of the EiKhteeeth Ceatary. To which is pieized. Thiee DaHita- 
tioes :— L of the Orifie of Romantic Fictioa in Eaglaad ; 3. Oa the latiadactioa of 
Learning into Enf land ; 3. On the Gesta Romaaoram. Priated fraai the Edilioa of 18M, 
superiateaded by the late Richard Price, iacladiax the Notes of Mr. Rilsoa, D. Ashby. 
Mr. Donee, and Mr. Park ; aow farther improved by the eonaetioas aad ai^tiaas of 
several eminent Antiqaaries. 3 vols. 8vo. 3fi« /.earfea, 1840 

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Bpeeimeas of the Principal Writers. 6 vols, learo, 9e. . . . Aearfea. 1845 

8CHULZ, (A.) Aa Essay oa the Inflnenoe of Welsh Traditioa apoa the Lilacainiaof 
Gerasaay, France, aad Scandiaavia, traasiated from the Geraiaa. ISbw, tt». 

I.MI4M. 1841 

ROBERTS, (W.) Uistory of Letter Writing, from the Earliatt PMiod to tlw FiAh Cta- 
tury. evo, 18s I,— dea, 1843 

D' ISRAELI, (I.) Cariosities of Literatnre. 8vo, 16t Lwmiwm^ 1840 

Miscellanies of Literataie. 8vo, 14« *' |8I0 

Aaaenities of Literature. 3 vols. 8vo. 36« ** 1841 

Calaauties of Authon. 3 vols. 13no, 10s " 1840 

lUostrations of the Literary Character. ISmo, 5e ** 1940 

BOUTERWEK, (F.) Gesehichte der Poesae aad Becadttmkoit, asH deal Eada da ZUL 
Jahrhanderts. 13 vob. 8vo OMt., 1801-10 

GRASSE, (J. G. T.) Lehrt>acb einer allgemdnea LiterilrgeeBhichte aDer Vflftar d. WolL 

vols. 1-3. Dvmdtu, 1837-48 

der grease Sageakreis des Mittdalten, historisch-kritisdi. beleaditat. 8vo, lli>. 

Uhrmitm, 18» 
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8vo IMb, 18S3-S 

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Gesduehte der Literatnr, von ihrem Aafaage bis aaf die aeaeslaa Zeitaa. 6 vals. 8«o. 

GtU., 1807-» 

Gesehichte der Collar aad Literatnr der nenwea Earopa. 3 vob, 8n». 

GMt., I7B0-1813 
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I.t»iy, 1833 

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Lb franc, (E.) Histotre iMmentaire et critiqae de la litterataro, roafimaaat, satw des 
details biographiqaes et des considerations f6n6rales snr les aatean, eCc-^LiUaiatar da 
Midi (Italic, Espagne et Portugal). 8vo,/.5. Fwia. IMS 

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L m kttm, 1747 
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Hist, des lettres aax daq premiers siecles da Christiaaisaia. Vob. 1-5. 8vo. 

Pkrtt, I84IMS 

DE T^ LITTR1LATURE aaz ouse premiers stedm de Peia ohratieaDO. Lrtbea k M. 
C. Balbe k M. A. Peyron, ouvrage traduit de I'itdiea : aag. par I'abbA J. A. Maitigav. 
8vo Fartt, l8to 

CH ARPENTIER, (J. P.) Histoiie de U leaabaaaoe dar Idtiaa oa Earopa, aa Ua ddda. 
8 vob. 8vo Fnrie, 



HULMANDEL, (C.) A Manual of Lithognphy ; clearly explaining the 
whole Art, etc. 8to, 6« London, 1833 

The Art of Drawing on Stone. New edn., 8vo, plates, 7«. 6d. 

London, 1835 

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London, 1940 

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TraitA tbeoriqiM sC prmtiqM de UthofrapUc. 4to. . MmUi9— ct Pom, 1830 

TH^NOT, (P.) Conn oomplet de lithogmphie. 4to *' 1836 

CHEVALLIER rr LANGLUM^. Trait6 oompl«t d« UUiogmphte, on mund do litKo- 
fnph, arac dct notM par MM. Manlonx at Jonmaid. 8ro. . Fmri§, 1838 

LOCOMOTIVE.— (See Steam Engine.) 
LOGARITHMS.— (See Mathematics.) 

WHATELY, (R.) Elements of Logic. 7th edn., 13f. . XofKbfi,1840 

MILL, (J. S.) A System of Logic, Ratiocinative and Inductive ; being a 

connected View of the Principles of Evidence, and the Methods of Scien* 

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(Reprinted, New- York, H. Bro'i.) 

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principles of Troth and Reasoning ; applicable to moral subjects and the 

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DESTUTT dk TRACY. I^qae snive da plnaien onvrifei lalatift k l*1feitn»efioa pnb- 
liqne. 3e paitie. 3 yoIi. IhTo, /.6. ........ Paris. 

CONDILLAC. Logiqne eompMte, tnira da oette da Damanab. Iftno, /.I 50. 

Paru. 1834 

FRANCK. (A.) EMiniae d'nna hirtoire da b kfiqna, pi«o4d4a d'naa analyia da I'onn- 
nam d'Aristote. 8vo Pari*, iSSB 

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KANT, (I.) Werke. Yob. 1. 3, 4. 8to, 88a Lo^Hg^JBS^ 

ARNAULD, (A.) CBaTiM phUoephiqnaa. 18bm>. FiorU, 1813 


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Sfio.ed London, 1843 

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A Snnray of I^ondon. 4to *' 1508 

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InYasion, to Uie Year 1700. 3 toU. Qto Ltndsn, 1811 

AnaodoCea of the Mannen and Cutoms of London, dnriny the 18di Gntnry. 8 Toh. 

8to LaiuUn, 1810 

WILKINSON. Londina nimtrate, or Graphic lUnstrntioM of the moet intaiwtiaf and 
enrioas Arcbitectaral Monnmenta of the City and Snbnika of London. 8 toIs. 4to, 807 
plates. X5. 5« Lmitm, 1810-89 

PENNANT, CT.) Some Aooonat of London. 4to. . . . ** 17B0 

BRAYLEY. (E. W.) fc BRITTON. (JnoJ The HiHonr awl DiMriplte oTtha Aadant 
Palaoe and late Hoases of Parliament at WWminttaf. 8ro. Lfmitm, 1830 







"7 /■ 



1 1 




hO^DOK— (Continued.) 






^■ y-..- . 

MURRAY, (J. F.) The World of Loodra. S Tolt. ISmo, ]2«. '* 1844 

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cf them. 2 vols. 8vc Ijanjdem, 1839 

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miaster, etc., by E. W. Brayley. 3 vob. 4to Lamdtm^ lblB-S3 

THOMSON, (R. D.) The Chroniclei of London-Bridge. 8vo. . " 1830 

DITGDALE, (Sir W.) The History of St. Panl'i Cathedral hi London, with a conti- 
noatiua, &c., by Henry Ellis, folio Lmtdtim^ 1818 

Soe BiLLiNQs' Temple Church. Br^tlkt'b Londiniaaa. Elnis'* Sarvryof tha 
Port of London. IIvouson's Walk Throofh London. MATTBiirt* Hydiaalia. 
Batlkt's Tower of London. 


BABBAGE, (C.) The Economy of Machinery and Manafkctures. l3mo, 
2d edn. London, 1847 

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London, 1841 

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66« London, 1838 

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wendungen bei mannichfachen Gegenst&nden der Indnstrie fur den Praktiker. 8 vob. 4to. 

HtidM., 1896-S8 

LABTEYRIE, (F. db.) Collection de machines, instmmens, nstensifa, eonstmctioM, 
appareiU, etc., employes dans I'ioonomie mrale, dumestiqne et iadastrialle. etc. 9* 
«dn., 2 Yols. 4to. 300 pi., /.90 Parit, 1893 

NAVIER. Rdsom^ des lemons donndes ^ T^cole des ponts et chansi^s, sar I'applicatioa de 
la mecaniqne 4 Tdtablissement des constmotions et des machines. 8 Tob. 8vo, /.IB. 



ELLIS, (Rev. W.) History of Madagascar. 2 vols. 8vo. London, 1838 

MADAGASCAR, Past and Present : with Considerations as to the Politi- 
cal and Commercial Interests of Great Iritain and France, and as to the 
Progress of Christian Civilization. By a Resident, sm. 8vo, 9s. 

London, 1847 

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ACKERMAN, (M.) Histoire des rdvolations de Madagascar depnis 1648 jnsqa'k an* joan. 

8vo Puria, 1831 

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tale de Madagascar. 8vo, map, .8 PmHs, 1815 

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rile en 1596 jnsqn'aa rdcit des demient dvdnements de Tamatara. 8to, /.8. 


B01SDUVAL, ( .) Entomologie de Madagascar, Bonrbon, et Maaiioe, LApidoptepfi, 
avae des notes sar let mdtamorphotes, i»ar M. Sgansin. 8vo, /'.32. . . Pmr' 

MALAOASS^ Venion of the Holy Scriptures. 18mo. M ai agm$e § r , 1830^ 

See Owbn's Voyages in the ' Leven ' and ' Barraconta.* Davar's C^itiTity, ate. 


RIMBAULT, (E. F.) Bibliotheca Madrigaliana, a Catalogne of Mnaical 
and Poetical Works, pablished in England in the 16th ami 17lh Centa* 
ries, under the titles of Madrigals, Ballets, Ayres, Canxoneu, dtc. l2mo, 
6« £<mil9ii. 1847 

OLIPH ANT, (T.) Masa Madrigalesca, or a Collection of Madrigals, Bal- 
lads, Roundela3rs, &c. sm. 8vo, Is. ... London, 1837 




MAGIC. — (See Occult Sciences.) 

BREWSTER, (Sir D.) Letters on Natural Magic. 5th edn., 12mo, cuts, 
5«. (Reprinted, New-York, H. Bro'i.) London, 1842 

MAGNETISM.— (See Electricity.) 

BREWSTER, (D.) A Treatise on Magnetism. 8vo, 6». Edin., 1837 

SCORE8BY, (Rev. W.) Menetical Investigatiun* Parti. comprUin^ Invent igattons 
on the Principles affecting the Canacity and Retcntivraocx of Steel for the Ma^Kic Cun 
ditiont, with the deTebpment or Processes for determining the Quality and Decree of 
Uardncaa of Steel. Part 3,- comprising Investigations cuncemin^ the Laws ex Principles 
afiecting the Power of Magnetic Steel Plates or Bars in combination as well ba MnglT, 
nnder various conditions as to mass, hardne!»s, quality, form, &c., as also oonremins tlie 
Comparative Powers of Cast Iron. 8vo, 155. OJ. Ijmdon, MfSO-^H 

OBSF.RFATIOJfS made at the Magnctical and Meteorological Observatory at Toronto, 
in Canada. Printed, by order of Her Majesty's Government, under the superintendence 
of Lieut.-Coi. Edward Sabine. V(>l. 1, 1^40. 1841, 164:2. 4to, numerous diagranu. 42«. 

lymdon, 1845 

HENRY, (J.) Contributions to Electricity and Magnetism in Trans. Am. PhiJ. Society. 
N. S., vols. 5 and 6. 

GAUSS, (C. F.) Atlas des Erdmagnetismns nach den Elementen der Theorie entworfen, 
etc. 4to I^tpzig, 1840 

See Lardnbr's Electricity, Magnetism, &c. Reports of the British Association. 
Edinburgh Philosophical Journal. Encyclo. Mktropoutaha, Arts. M<vneti*m 
and Eiectro-Magnttism, by Pktrr Barlow and Capt. Katrr. Mullbr'b Physics. 
Pkschrll's Physios. Dr. Rookt's Treatises in Lib. Usef. Knowledge. Philoso- 
phical Transactions. Taylor's Scientific Memoin. 

MAGNETISM, ANIMAL.— (See Mesmerism.) 

BALLANTYNE, (J. R.) Gnunmar of the Mahratta Language. '4to, 

10#. 6rf ' . . EdinhtirgK 1839 

GUNGADHUR SASTRL Mahratta Grammar. 12mo,5«. 

Bombay, 1838 

MOLES WORTH, (J. T.) A Dictionary Maratha and English, com- 
piled for the government of Bombay. 4to, 40«. Bombay , 1831 

KENNEDY, (Vajvs.) Dictionary of the Maratha and English, and English 
and Maratha. folio, 35«. Bombay, 1834 

CAREY. Dictionary of the Mahratta Language. Bto, 30«. 

Serampore, 1810 


DALRYMPLE, (A.) Atfaw of the Coasts of Malabar, Coromandel and Ceylon, folio. 

IxmdoH, 1806 

TAHFAT-UL-MUJAHIDEEN ; a history of the first settlement of the 
Mohammedans in Malabar, and of their subsequent struggles with the 
Portuguese. Translated from the Arabic by M.J. Rowlandson. 8vo, 5$. 

(Oriental Translation Fund.) London, 1833 

RECHERCHES BOX la Religion des Malabars ; ouvrage extrait d'un manu- 
scrit in6dit de la biblioth^que royale, et publi6 par M. E. Jaquet. folio, 
/.25. Paris. 


NEWBOLD, (T. J.) An Account of the British Settlements in the Straits 
of Malacca, including Penang, Malacca, and Singapore. 2 vols. 8vo, 
26« London, 1839 

LEYDEN, (J.) Malay Annals. Translated fi-om the Malay Language : 
with an Introdoction, by Sir S. Raffles. 8vo. . London, 1§21 



^ / 










i 'I *'-v 



M AL ACC A.— ( Coniinved,) 

BONDYCK-BASTIANSE, (J. H. ds.) Voyages fiuts dans les Molaqiws, 
etc., H bord la goClette royale i'lris. 8to,/.7. . . FariM. 


MARSDEN, (W.) A Grammar of the Malayan Language. 4to, lOf. Sd. 

London, 18}^ 

A Dictionary oi the Malayan Language. 4to, 15t. *' ** 

H0WI80N, (J.) A Dictionary of the Malay Toiifn«. 4u». . . ** imi 

VOCJlBUiJiRYot the BnflUu^ofw, aj(a Malay Laagnaget. Cbataiahif abovt 9Q00 
word*. 8vo. 3v. M. . -. \. fSh-f'T'^ •'pjft'*^ .... Singmpart^ IfSi 

ROBIN80K, (W.) An attempt to eladdate the prlndples of Malayan OithoftaphT. 
4to Art RoHnM0n, 18h 

BOPP, (F.) Ueber die Verwandachaft det malayiKh-puIynMJaclwn SfiracheB nit den indisch- 
enropdiichen. 4tu. Btrlim^ Mil 

WERNDLIJ, (G. H.) Maleinche Sprachkantt, etc. 4to. . • . A«teVM, 18S 

HAEX, (D.) Dictionaham Malaico-Latinam et Latino-Malaienm. 4to, lOit. 

R»mm, 1631 

THE BIBLE (in Roman Character!.) OaleutU, 181S-17 

THE XRfT TESTAMEJ^T (in Roman Characten.) 8iro, 15f. . Auv^jwrv, 1831 

MALACOLOGY.— (See Conchology.) 

SWAINSON, (W.) A Treatise on Malacology ; or the Nataral Clasifica- 
tiun of Shells and Shell-fish. fop. 8vo. . London, 1840 

ALDER &L HANCOCK. Monograph of the British Nndibranchiate Mol- 

lusca. Coloured plates. 4to Jjondon, 1846 

(Ray Society.) 

OWEN, (R.) Lectures on the ComparatiTe Anatomy of the InTertebrste 
Animals, delivered at the Royal College of Surgeons in 1843. 8vo, 140 
illustrations, 14« London, 1843 

FLEMING, (J.) Molluscous Animals, including Shell-fish, containing an 
Exposition of their Structure, Systematical Arrangement, Physical Diitri- 
bution, and Dietctical Uses, with a reference to the extinct races. 6to, 
plates, 6$ Edinburgh, 1837 

1 GRAY, (Maria E.) Figures of Molluscous Animals, selected from various 
authors. Etched for the Use of Students. 8vo, vol. 1, 88 plates and de- 
scriptions, 128. London, 1843 

LAMARCK. Hiitoire natnrelle def animaox san« Vertrbm, prtsentant lea eametttrei (Et- 
niranz et particolien de cet animaax, tear distribution, lean cImuw. lean famiUet. ban 
cenres et la aynonvmie dec nrinci|>alet eip^cet qui t'y rappoitent. 9i 6dn. mog. pvM. 
G. P. Deshayeset H. Milne Edward*. 9 vob. 8vo,/./3. . Prnru, 1B3M4 

DELESSERT, (B.) Recenil dca ooqniUe* ddcrltM nar Lamarck, dan wa Hirtoira aata- 
relle det animaax sans vertcbret, ot non encore fi^rem. folio, 40 pi. col. f.WIL 

P«rM, 1H8 

POTIEZ KT MICIIAUD. Gallerie dn MoiluaqoM, on CataJofM bmUmmUom. daKfiptifct 
raitonnA dee moUuMjam et ooqnillee dn mns^nm de Donai. 8to, ac atlaa, da S7 pi. /.li. 

Pcrif, 183S 

EDWARDS. (MiLNK.) Elements de Zooloaie, on Lefoni tnr ranatomh, laphyiiologie.U 
elamfication et les moenn dee animaax. Wl. 4, Les MoUoMnei, otc. Se Ma. 8to./.4 50. 

nwu 1811 


MURRAY'S Hand Book for the East, Malta, &c. 13mo, maps, 15c 


DAVY, (J.) The Ionian Islands and Malta : with aome Remaiki oo Coo- 

stantinople and Turkey, and on the System of Qnarantiiie as at pietnit 

conducted. 2 vols. 8vo, map and plates. . London, 1843 

BOISGELIN. (L. de.) Account of the PreMnt Stat* of Malta and Gosa, with tha Hii- 
tory of theKnifhttofXemsaleB. S volt. 4to L— rfaa, W08 

ETON, (W.) Matariali for a Hiilory of the Ptopk of Maka. Svo. ** 180»-7 

MALT A.— ( Continued,) 

MARTIN*8 Britkh CMonwl Library. Vol. 7. 

8UTUBRLAND. (A.) Acbi«VMMoU of Um KnMiU of BfalU. S voh. 18nio. 7«. 


VERTOT. (R. A. db) HUtorr of the Kaifbt* HosptUUen of St. Joha of Jaroaaiam, 
■tyled aftcfwaiis tbt Ugliu or Rhodes, and now of Maha. 8 vob. folio. LaiuUn, 179a 


V ASS A LI. (M. A.) Grammatica deHa linfua maltMe. 9d oda. 8fO. JMUfc, 18V7 

M«ui, afiMiuBi • provorbi maltcM, raocoUi, inte^iatati, • di DCte axpliaativa • ilolo- 

giobe oonadatL 9vo JUlU,VBBB 


WATERHOUSE, (G. It) A Natural History of the Mammalia. lUiw- 
trated by Engravings on Wood and Copper Plates. 8vo, plates colour., 
vol. 1-, 34«. 6d London, 1846 

MARTIN, (W. C.) A General IntroducUon to the Natural History of 
Mammiferons Animols ; with a particular View of the Physical History 
of Man, etc. 8vo, 296 woodcuts and ]3 plates, 16*. London, 1841 

FOUCHET. Theorie positive de la f<$condation des mammil^res, basse sor 
fobaervation de toute la th6orie animale. 8vo, /.5. Paris, 1843 

OWEN, (R ) A History of British Fossil Mammals and Birds. 8vo» 

woodcuts, 31s. 6<2. London, 1846 

8m CuviBK'a Aaiiaal Kiafdom, ato. 

MAN. — (See Ethnology.) 

FRICHARD, (J. C.) The Natural History of Man ; comprising Inquiries 
into the modifjring Influence of Physical and Moral Agencies on the dif- 
ferent Tribes of the Human Family. Sd ed. enlarged, 8vo, numerous 
plates, 33s. Bd. London, 1845 

— Researches into the Physical History of Mankind. 3d edit., 5 vols. 
8vo, 80s London, 1841-47 

GREEN, (J. H.) Vital Dynamics, the Hunterian OraUon, Feb., 1840. 
8vo, 5o.6d London, 1840 

KIUD. (Da. J.) Adaptatioa of Extoraal Nature to the Physical Condition of Man. 8vo. 
5th eda. (BridfewaterTreatije;. /^oniea. 1837 

MARTIK, (W. C. L ) A Gmeral Introdaction to the Natural History of Mammifaroas 
Animak ; %rith a paiticnlar View of the Physical History of Man, aad the more d sely 
aihed CUmera of the Order Qaadramana or Moakeys. tUoatratad with 906 Anatmaicd. 
OMeolofieal, aad other incidental En(ravia]{s tm Wo.^, 1*2 fail-plate Reptesentations or 
Aaimals. drawa by William Harvey. Hvo. Ida Ltuden, 1841 

CABANI8, (P. J. O.) Rapports da Physique et da Moral de rHomme. Noov. 4dU.. arao 
Table par DuMtt da Tracy. 0th eda.. 8vo. /.3S0 Peru, 1844 

HARTLEY, (D.) Observations on Man. 8vo, 12«. London, 1834 

FICHTE, (J. G.) The Destination of Man. Transl. from the 6ennan» 

by Mrs. Percy Sinnett. am. 8vo, 3s. ^d. Jjondon, 1845 

QUETELET. Bur rhomme et le d^veloppement de see faculties, on Eaeai de philosophia 
Sociale. 3 vob. Hvo. /. 10. BruxdU»,iS3i 

ThesaoM*. tiaaalated. 8vo Edinh.,lMl 

BONSTETTIN. Etadet de rhomme, ou Recherches snr les faculties de eentir et de penser. 
3 vob. 8vo, /.lO Pmrit. 

JACOB, (L. H.) Essai de philosophic snr Thomme, ses principauz rapports eC sa daetiate, 
faod4ssarr«sp4rieBeeeClaraisOB. 8to. /.7 50 Pmia, 

THEOPHRA8TU8. Translated. 12mo, 50 enfravinfs. .... 

(Valpy's Family CtasdoO Library.) 

MARITIME LAW.— (See Mercantile Law, p. 204.) 












> ^ 


■ I 



I . 



DALLAS, (R. C.) History of the Maroonfl, from tlieir Origin to the Els- 
tablishment of their Chief Tribe at Sierra Leone. 9 vols. 6to. 

London, 1803 


1. Canadaa. Upper and Lower. 

8. New Sooth Wales. Van Dieman's Laad 

3. Cape of 0«od Hope. Mattritioi, fco. 

4, 5. We»t Indies. 3 vob. 

6. Nova Scotia. New Bmnswick, fro. 
J. Gibraltar, MalU, &c. 

8, 9. Po«»emont of the East India Company. S vols. 
10. Britkh Posaesuons in the Indian and Atlantic Ooeaat. 




MONTUCLA, (J. E.) Histoire des mathdmatiqiies ; lea torn. 3 et 4 
ach^ves et pabii^s par J. de Lalande : 4 Tola. 4to. 

Paris, an. VII. (1799)- an. X. (1802). 

LIBRI, (G.) Histoire des Sciences Math^matiqnes, depnia la renaianance 
des lettres jusqn'a la fin du XVHe allele. Vols. 1-4. Parit, 1835-41 

SEDILLIOT, (L. A.) Materiaux poor servir 8i I'Hiatoire compar^e del 

Sciences Mathematiquea chez lea Greca et lea Orientaax. 8to, /.lO 50. 

Paris, 1845 

ROCG. (J.) Bibliotheca mathematica ; tire oritfent libroram mathMnatiooniBi q%i inde nb 
rei ty|M>^phiciP exordio ad anni IKJO UM]ae finem ezcui snnt iadex ; sectio I. libros 
arithmeticot et geomi*thcoi complectena. 8vo T\ikin£m, 1680 

BOSSUT. (Cii.) Es»ai snr Thtttoire ^n^rmle des mathAmatiqaes. 9d ada., S Toh. 8yo. 

^The fiist cdn. transl. by Bonnycaatle. Ijomdtm, 1803.) PmrtM, 1810 

KASTNER, (A. 6.) G««chichte der MathemaUk. 4 Tob. 8to. O^tt., 1795-1800 

8CHEIREL. (J. K.) Einleitung zor mathemat. Bacherkentnia. am. 8vo. 

BretUu, 1779 

ERSCII, (J. S.) Handbach der Dentscben Lharatore,— drifter Band nthnllmd Math*- 

matik. Hvo /-^x^Tf 1^^ 


WHEWELL, (W.) On the Prfndples of Eftflkh VniwwtHj Edvcatioa. 8to, S». 

Jjtmdsm, 1837 

Remariu on Mathematical Reaaontnc and on the Locic of Indnctioa ; a Sapplnwat 

to the fourth edition of Dr. Whewell's Mechanical Eoaid, ooDtaining the onittad parti 
of the third edition. r2mo. Is. . . C^mk. 

HUTTON. (C.) A Couree of Mathematica, compoaed for the use of the 
Royal Military Academy. New edit., by Dr. Olinthos Gregory. 2 yola. 
8vo, 24« London, 1841 

Ditto, edited by Rutherford. 8vo. ... " 1846 

Mathematical Recreations. 8vo ** 1840 

DA VIES, (T. S.) Solutions of the principal Qneations of Dr. Hatton's 
Course of Mathematics ; forming a general Key to that work. 8vo, 24«. 

London, 1840 
A Mathematical and Philosophical Dictionary. New edn., 2 Tola. 4to. 

London, 1815 

GOODWIN, rll.) An Elementary Coniw of Mathematies. Derifoed principalis for 8to- 

denU of the Univenaty of Cambndj^e. 8vo, 18« CewAn^v, 1847 

A Collection of Problems and Ezamplei, adafilad to tho EhnMataiy Caon* af Mulw- 

8vo C«Mk. 1RI7 





GREGORY, (O.) Matbcmatica for PractioftI Men. New cd., 8vo. H«. I.«ndmt, 1833 

CoBtenU. — Aritbmetio ; Algebra ; Geometry ; Trifonometry : Conic Sectiomc ; Corvee 

uaeful to Arehitecti ; MeiuQratioD ; Mechanics ; Statics ; Dynankici ; HydroitaUei ; 

Bydrodynamici ; PMnmatici ; Active and P&Mive Strength ; and Supplementary 


CAPE, (J.) A Conne of Mathematioi : principally defined for the n«e of Stndents in th« 
Ea*t India Company's MiliUry Seminary at Adducombe. Vol. 1, 8vo. 15t. Vol. 3. 8vo, 
10« Jjond^m, 183IM3 

Jtfjf THEMJi TICS. Pnblisbed under the Superintendence of the Society for the DifTnsion 

of Useful Knowledge. S vols. 8vo, 17s Sd I^andtn, 183S-36 

Vol. 1. Containing Diflbnlties In the Study of Mathematics — Arithmetic and Algebra. 

Vol. 3. Containing Geometry, Plane, Solid, and Spherical — Elements of TrigonouMtry 
^nSpberical Trigonometry — Algebraical Geometry. Us. 6d. ' 

O'BRIEN, (Rev. M.) Mathematical TracU. On La Place's Coeffidents ; the Figure of 
the Earth ; the Motion of a Rigid Body about its Centre of Gravity ; Precession and No- 
tation. Part 1, Mvo, 4s. 6d Camh., 1840 

WRIGLEY AKt) JOHNSTONE.— A Collection of Examples in Pure and Mixed Maiho- 
matics ; with HinU and Answen. 8vo, 8s. 6d. .... London^ 1845 

BALLIWELL. (J. O.) S517 Ram Malhcmatica ; or a Oolleotion of Trsalitet on the 
Mathematics and Subjects connected with them, from ancient inedited MSS. 9d ed. 
8vo. 3s. fid Is9nd4m, 1844 

LACROIX. Essai sor l*ensetgBenieut en g<6n6ral, et rar oelui des mathtmatiques en par- 
ticniier. 4e «dn. 8vo Ports, 1838 

MONTFERRIER, (A. S. db.) Dietionnaiie des sciences mathAmatiques purasetappliquAes. 
19e «dn. 3 vob. 4to, /.36. Parts, 1844 

LACROIX, (8. H.) CouiB de MathAmatiques. 10 vols. 8vo, /.SO. . " 183S-43 

BEZOUT. Conn de math^matiques k Tuffage de la marine, de raitiDerie, etc., revue ct 
aug. par Reynaud. 6 vols. 8vo Parts, 1835- 

REYNAUD KT NICOLLET. Cours de math^matiqnes a rusage des 6coles royalea do 
marine. 3 vob. 8vo Pwi»^ 1830-38 

Algebra. — (See p. 11.) 

PEACOCK, (Dk. G.) Treatise on Algebra. 2 toIs. 8to, 31f. 6d. 

London, 1843-45 
Vol. 1. Arithmetical Algebra. 15s. 
Vol. 3. Symbolical Algebra and its Applications to the Geometry of Pusition. 18s. 6^ 

HACKLEY, (C. W.) A Treatise on Algebra, containing the latest im- 
provements, adapted to the Use of Schools and Colleges. 8vo. 

New-York, \U^ 

WOOD. Elements of Algebra. Revised and enlarged, with Notes, addi- 
tional Propositions, and Examples, by T. Lmid. 8yo, 13«. 6<f. 

London, 1845 

— — Appendix to Algebra. Containing Solutions of difficult Eauations, and Problems, 
together with a large Collection of Examples in every part of Algebra, and Colkfo Ex- 
amination Papers, by T. Lund. Pvo. 6s. 6J IjmuUm, 1845 

LUND. (T.) A Companion to Wood's Algebra ; containing Solutions of various Quca- 
tions and Problems in Algebra, and forming a Key to the Chief Difficulties found in the 
Collection of Examples appended to the 19th edition of Wood's Algebra. 8vo, Os. 

HIND, (Rkv. J.) Introduction to the ElemenU of Algebra. 9d ed. 13mo. 5«. 

CuHhridgt, 1840 
The Elements of Algebra. 5th ed. 8vo, 19s. Od. . . . *' 1843 

Bee Library of Useful Knowledge. MATBKMATicfl 

Algebraical Development. 

JARRETT, (Rev. T.) An fcssay on Algebraical Development ; contain- 
ing the principal Expansions in Common Algebra, in the Difierential and 
Integral Calcnlos, and in the Calculus of Finite Difierences. 8vo, 8«. 6<f. 

ZMiiom 1831 








m. SPECIAL TREATISES.— (Con/inucrf.) 

Algebraical Equations. 

STEVENSON, (R.) Treatise on the Nature and Propertiea of Algebraic 
Ekjoations. 2d ed. 8vo, ^. Sd. . . Cambridge, 1835 

HYMERS, (Dr.) Treatise on the Theoiy of Algebraical Equations. 3d 
ed. 8vo, plates, 9f. Sd Camkridge, 1840 

Algebraical Geometry 

WAUD. Treatise on Algebraical Geometry. 8vo, 5«. London, 1835 

' SCOTT, (W.) The ApplicaUon of Algebra to Geometry, Plane and 

Spherical Trigonometry, dec. 8vo London. 

L Analytical Geometry. 

SCOTT, (W.) A Course of Analytical Geometry, including Conic Sec- 
tions, and the Differential and Integral Calculus. 8to. London, 1846 

GREGORY. (D. F.) TrPBiine on the Applieation of Aaalysis to Solid Gconwtvy. Com- 

cloded by W. Walton. 8vo. ]0«. M OMilr^r*. IMS 

HAMILTON, (II. P.) Principles of Analytical Geometry. Rvo. plalei. ]4«. '* 1890 

/ HYMERS. (J.) A Treatise on Anajytical Geooietry of Three DtmeBslons ; coataiBiaf tho 

^ r Theory of Curve Surfaces, and of Curves of Oonble Curvature. 8d ed. 8to, 10«Tm. 

CamkrHgt, l'» 

/ NARRIEN. (J.) Analytical Geometry; with the Properties of Conic Sections, aad aa 
/ 4,<^ Appendix ; ccnotitnting a Tract on liacrijitiTe Geometry, for the use of IIm Roval Mili- 
■^ Ury College. 8vo, 8*. 6d iMLm, 1846 

LESLIE. (Jno.) Geometrical Analysis and Geometry of Curve Lines. 8to, IS*. 

Edmk., 18B1 

COMTE, (A.) Trait6 clem, de c^om6trie anal^tiqoe ^ deux et k trois dimenMons. eon 
tenant tonte* les theories g^ndrales de ^om^tne acoevibles k I'analyae ofdinaire. Hte, 
/.7 50. . Pmris, 184) 

Arithmetic. — (See p. 41.) 


'If ./ Dk MORGAN. (A.) Arithmetical Books from the Invention of Printing to the Piwmt 

V *- ' Time ; being brief notices of a large number of Works drawn up from actual inspection. 

sm. 8vo. (u Lmtd^m, 1847 

/ PEACOCK, (Dr. G.) Arithmetic. 

(EncycIo^MHlia Mctroitolitana : Pure Sciences Vol. 1.) 

^ De morgan. (A.) Arithmetic. 5th edn. ISmo, S«. . . . I^vndvm, 1846 

HIND. (J.) Principles and Practice of Arithmetic, comprising the nature and use of L»- 
. garithms. 4th edn. iSmo, 4^. 6^ Clumhi^ft, lb48 

o-'' BOURDON. Elements d' arithm^tiqne. ISeMn. Bro Pmris,liSeT 


REYNAUD. Arithmdtiqne. 21c «dn. 8vo 

Binomial Theorem. 

DOBSON. Itlostration of the Binomial Theorem. 4to. U. Hd, 

Calculus of Finite Differences. 

IIYMERS. (J.) Treatise on Diflercnlial Equations, nod on the Cnlculns of Finite Diflbr- 
encen. Hvo, 10* Omhri^t^ 1 -9p 

KUHFF, (H.) Elements of the Calculus of Finite DifRirenoes. 8vo. 4j. W. •* lOl 

Calculu.s, Integral. 

HYMERS. (J.) A Treatise on Integral Calculus. Part 1, containing the 

Integration of Explicit Functions of one variable, together with the 

Theory of Definite Integrals of Elliptic Functions. 3d ed., enlargtil. 

8vo. 109. 6d Combridgr, 1844 

HIGMAN. Syllabus of the Differential and IntMinl Calcnlttf. Spniti. 9ro.U».r4. 

CktnM^. 18S64B 



A COLLECTIO^r oT Examplei on the Intefral Calculos, in which ervry opentlon (rf* 
each exnnple is oompleleiy eBeoled. 6to Ctmkridge^ 1835 

CARNOT, (L. N. M.) lUfluiom snr la M^taphynqne dn Cdcnl InfinitMma]. 3nM 

*dB. 8vo Poru, 16» 

See ExcTCLoriiMA MBTioroLiTAiiA. Art, Intefial Cmlcnlni, hj A. Lkvt. 

Calculus, Differentl^l. 

BAILY, (J.) AND LUND, (T.) A Treatise on the DifTerential Calculus. 
8vo, lOf. U CmwUnridge, 1838 

BROWNE. (Rkv. a.) A Short View of the Pint Prineiplei of the Difiefential Caleolos. 
8vo. S« QumMdf§, 

HYMBR8, (J.) Treetiae on Differratiml Equations, and on the CakoJos of Finite Diflbr- 
eaoes. 8vo, platei, I0# Camkridft, 1630 

O'BRIEN, (M.) Elementary TraaUie on the Diflhrential Caloolns. 8to, plates, 10#. M. 

WALTON, (W.) A Treatise on the DifllBfential Calcnlns. 8vo, 10«. M. 

Camtridge, 18M 

HIND, (J.) DiKestod Series of Examples in the Applications of the Principles of the Dif- 
ferential Calcalos. 8vo, 8f GnOri^fs, 183S 

— — Principles of the Differential Cnlonlns, with its Application to Carres and Cnrre Sur- 
faces. 2d ed. 8vo. lfi« C^mbrUfe, 1831 

MILLER, (W. H.) An Elementary Treatise on the DifferenUal Cahmlns. 3d ed. 8to. 
plates, 6e Camkridge, 1843 

Calculus, Integral and Differential. 

ANSELL, (C.) A Treatise on Differential and Integral Calcnliis. 

London, 1841-42 

RITCHIE'S DifTerential and Integral Calculus. 2d ed. By J. A. Spencer. 

l2mo, with Diagrams, 43. 6d. .... London, 1846 

GREGORY, (D. F.) Examples of the Proceases of the Differential and 
Integral Calculus. Collected by D. F. Gregory. 2d edition, edited by 
Wm. Walton. 8vo, 4 plates, 18«. Cambridge, 1846 

HALL, (T. G.) An Elementary Treatise on the Differential and Integral 

Calculus, and the Calculus of Variations. 4th edn. 8vo, 12«. Sd. 

London, 1846 

Ds MORGAN, (A.) A Treatise on the Calculus of Functions. 4to. 

London, 1836 

The Differential and Integral Calculus, with Elementary Dlustrations. 

8vo, 10s London, 1842 

LAOROIX, (S. F.) Traits «ldmentaire de Calcnl Difliirentiel et de Calcol IntAipal. 5me* 
edn. 8vo Pari; 1837 

MOIONO. (L' Anns.) Lemons de calcol difli&rentiel et de calcnl integral. Vol. 1-2, Part 1. 
8VO./.17 Paris, 1843-46 

BOUCHARLAT, (M.) EMmenUde Calcnl difl<6rentiel el deCalculint^f ml. 4eMn. 8vo. 

Pari; 1838 
CAUCHY, (A. F.) Lecona de calcnl differentiel et de calcnl iat6|rral. r6dig«e principale- 

ment d'aiirii let m^thodes des et etendoes aux traranx les plus rioens de ftemeties ; 

par M. Tabbe Moifno. - vols. 8vo. Paris, 1844 

« See Ekctcxo. Mktsop., Pur* Sciences, Vol. 1-, Calenlns by A. Lkvt. 

Conic Sectio.xs. 

WALLACE. (W.) A Geometrical Treatise on the Conic Sections ; with 
an Appendix containing FormulsB for their Quadrature, etc. 8vo. 

Edinburgh, 1837 

HAMILTON. (II. P.) An Analytical System of Conic Sections, designed for the nie of 
StadenU. 5th edn. 8vo, 10s. fid Cambridife. 1843 

HYMERS, (J.) Treatise on Conic Sections and the Application of Algebra to Geometry. 
3d edn. 8vo, 9s Jjtmin, 1845 

WHEWELL. (W.) Doetrine of Liniito. with Its Applirations : namely. Conie Sections ; 
the Three First Sections of Newton, and the Differcniial Calculus. 8vo, 9«. 








t'f ■ 





f L 

m. SPECIAL TREATISES.— {Ccm/tmierf.) 

HEARN, (G.) RnMrrhfli m Canm of tba fl>eo«d (M«r, kho tm 
Coaiei, tmkted BMlrtieally, n wbieii Um Tiagiinlw of ApoBoww 
Oeaeral Geometrical CoMtradknu 4«4oc«d froB ABaJnii ; bIm 
ctl CoBclMioBt of M. Chwlei aic ualytieoUy NMlvod. TogoUMr witk auy PfopniM 
•ntirtly oajpnal. (jvo, S« hmmdwm, IMi 

Ddterential Equatioks. 

HYMERl. (J.) TmiiM on DiflriMitial EqaatioM, fte. 8to, Mte. . GmIH^. |fQi 
OTTLEY. TiMtiK oB Um Diflbimtial EqsAtioM. 8«o. ?«.«<. !*« 


WHEWELL, (W.) I>]nuniic8. Part 1. on die Free Motioa of PoiDtn, 
and on UniTenal GniTitation, inchiding the Principal Propoaitioiia of 
Booki I. and III. of the Principia. 3d edn. 8to, lOt. Sd. 

Cemkndgts ISM 

— — Dynamics. Part 2. on the Conatrmined and Rcaiated Moiioo of 
Points, and on the Motion of a Rigid Body. 3d edn. Bro, 19a. M. 

Umkridgt, liQ€ 

EARNSIIAW, (S.) Djnamics; or. a Treatise on Motion: to which is 
added, a Short Treatise on Attractions. 3d edn. 8to, 14«. 

Cmmkndge, IB4A 


MrRPIIY, (R.) The Theory of Equations. Bwo, 4s. M. Cmmiridgt. 

LOCKIIART. (J.) Reaolation of Equations. 4to, 4s. SiT. Oxftrd, 1837 


BROOKE. (C.) A Synopsis of the Principal Formals and Results of Pare 
MathemaUcs. 8to, 15« Cmmhridge, 1899 


LARDNER, (Dr.) A Treatiso on Geometry and its appUcaiions to the 

Arts. l2mo,6« Lsa^sa. 1940 

E1.'njn : iho RIpbdcbU of. Br R. Phihoh. M. D. TwratyCMi Edilk*. iwm4 Mrf 
G«irm-tMl. Ht(», Ht. ; I^hoo. it / tm4tm. If**! 

ECClJn : tbr ClrawBti of. Fmn theTrtt offliiiMon. EJitcd. ia ihoBybilfl faim. 
by R. Bbkrii<-k. I*.'n«. 6# ' " . um 

E('«'Mn: Th# Elnwiit« of. fTht Urn thiw hooki). TrmadMcd fraa il* Latta of iW 
Riftit R«>r. Thoau (Unnfion. D. I). To whirh h mIiM b CiBipiwIiBi of A|p i >iB> 
I)m(n«^ for ih* nw of SrbiM>b bbH |in«atr ia«tr«nioa. IIhm, 1«. W. Ijtm4mm» 

T.WlAli ', a rofn|ioBKJB to. Witk a trt of im|ir»vi<d fif ami. I2h«i. 4«. 

BI.ANP. (M.) Gi^nfthcal Problemt. (l*«!arihl«> fiom tlw fnt 8u Books of BbcW, W> 
raofMl aod iolvvd. «ith bb Apurodu, f 'Btainiof thv Kfemrati of Plaao TftpaaoHotiy. 
4th «l. H«o. ]0«. W '— -|i, luil 

BR.ADLRY. fF.) PrM^iral G««>ni^rr. I^orar P^m^Hiv^. Bud ^^Jirtlia; fi h '^i 
I« nirtn«d IVr«nrrtiirr, Pr»>«H-tioii fif thr Hph(>fv. aao the Fmjrclii* iif BlMMlawa: mol 
IkMrnptifUMiiflhr PnartpaJ loitnimpiitt vmnI ia GiNMnHriral Dramof. k«. IBwmtirfby 
H platr^ Ktf ibe nw of Arti>U. Arrliiint*. En-iown. .HochaBWi. ftc. Bvo. Jjm^m, |OI 

H<* Aliibbkaic Gbohbtby, A^alttiial GBoarrav. 

CARNOT. Reflections on the Mrtnph>*sical Principles of InfiniinaMl 
Analypifl Translated by Broweli. 8to, 5s. Owfmd, 1699 


WHKWRLL. (W.) The Doctrine of Limits, with its AppUmikM, Ac 
Hto. 9s Ctmh , 1831 










TABLES of Logarithmi of Nomben, from One to Ten Thousand. Pub- 
lished tinder the saperintendence of the Society for the Diffbaion of Uaefrd 
Knowledge. l2mo. London, 1839 

TABLES of Six Fifiira JjoguWtkna. eonUinin^ th» Lonrithnis of Nvmbora, from 1 to 
10,000, and of SiiiM aad TsBfeiito for evenr minata of the Qoadnuit and every Six Se- 
cond* of the Flnt Two Decrees : with a Table of Constants, and formoJc for the solntion 
of Plane and Spherical Trian^es. Baperintended by Riehaid Fariey, of the Nantioal 
Almanac EstablfahmenL sn. 8to, 4j. (M. /.en^M, 1810 

8BORTREDE. (R.) LMarithmic Tables to Seven Places of Dedmals, oontaininf Utnr 
rithras to nomben ftom fto UIO,000. nnmben to Logarithms from '0 to 1*00000, Logarilb- 
mic Bines and Tangents to every Second of the Circle, with Arf oments in Space and 
Time, and New Astronomical and Geodesical Tables. Royal 8vo, £i. 4m. 

EMnkmrfk, 1844 

LALANDE, ^J. J. F. db.) Tables de logarithmes poor les nombiesei poor lessinns intt- 
ment^es de la table do logaiithmes de Oanm ; edition levne et angmenttes par H. 6. 
KAUer: 0«r. and fV. Bvo Le^xig, lS3i 


SNOWBALL, (J. C.) The Elements of Mechanics. 8vo, 8t. 6d, 


PRATT, (H. J.) The Mathematical Principles of Mechanical Philosophj, 
and their Applications to Elementary Mechanics and Architecture, bat 
chiefly to the Theory of Uniyeraal Gravitation. 2d ed.. revised and im- 
proved. 8vo, 2U Cambridge, 1834 

WHEWELL, (Dk.) Mechanical Euclid. Containing the Elements of Me- 
chanics and Hydrostatics, demonstrated after the manner of Geometry. 
7th ed., 12mo, 4«. 6d. ; or with Supplement, 5f. Cambridge, 1843 

WALTON, (W.) A Collection of Problems in Ulnstimtion of the Prindplm of Theomtioal 
Mechanics. 8vo, 18* Camk. 

CAMBRIDOE Course of Elementary Natural Philosopby, being the Demonstrations of tho 
Propositions in Mechanics and Hydrostatics, in which those persons who aro not Candi- 
dates for Honoon, aro examined for the Degree of B. A. 3d ed., ISmo, Am. 

POISSON. Treatise of Mechanics. Translated by H. H. Harte, with Notes. 9 vols. 9vo, 
96«. DmUvm, 

LAGRANGE. Mecaniqne Analytiqne. 9 vols. 4to. /.36. 

Pcrtf, 1811-15 


SCOTT, (W.) Plane Trigonometry and Mensaration. 8vo. London, 1845 
LUBBOCK, (W.) On Cask Guaging. 8vo. . <« 1834 

Newton's Principia. 

EVANS, (J. H.) The First Three Sections of Newton's Prindpia, with an 
Appendix, and the Ninth and Eleventh Sections. 3d edn., 8vo, 6s. 

Camh., 1837 

WRIGHT, (J. M.) The Three Pint Sections of Newton's Principia. 
Translated with Notes, dLC. 8vo, 6«. ... Camb., 1830 


CAMBRIDGE Mathematical Journal. Vols. 1-4, each 18«., 8vo. 

Cambridge, v. y. 

M.^THKMJlTICMJf, edited by W. Rotherfoid, and S. Fen wick. Pablisbed every Fonr 
Bfonths, at 3«. 6d. a Number. Noe. I-X. London, 1843- 

CAMS RID OE and Dublin Mathematiea] Journal. 6 Nos. per annum, 3s. W. each. 


CRELLE, (A. L.) Journal fUr die mine nnd aafewandte Mathematic 11 vols., 4to. 

A«rMi, 109ft-35 

Bulletin des Sdenoes nsath^matiqoes, Annaks de math^matiqoes. 





/ ' 


. t 

/ : 

in. SPECIAL TREATISES— (Con/iniiftf.) 
pKOBABiurrEs. — (See ABBurance, p. 51.) 

De MORGAN, (A.) An Eoaay on PFobabilitiet, and on tbeir appUcatioD 
to Life Contingencies and Inauiance Ofiioea. 13ido, 6b. Lomdn, 1838 

(LsfdDcr'i Cjclopvdia.) 

GALLOWAY, (T.) A Twatiae on ProbabUitj. am. 8vo. 6«. " 1829 

QUETELET, (A.) Th^orie des probabilites appliqa^ am aciences mor- 
ales et politiqaes. 8vo, avec tableau atatiatiqaes. /.8. Paris, 1846 

LAPLACE, (M. DE.) Eaaai philoeophiqoe aar leaProbabilit^a. 6me ^n., 
8vo PmriM, 1840 


SENATE-HOUSE ProWems for 1844. With Solotiona. by M. O'Brien, 
and R. L. Ellis, Moderatora. 4to, 4a. 6J. C^wtbridge, 1844 

MATHEMATICAL Problems and Examplea arranged according to sub- 
jects from the Senate-House Papera from 1821 to 1827. 8to, i£. 

Camh., 1837 
Pure MAXifEMATics. 

FR ANC(EUR, (L. B.) Coura complet de mathematiqnes pores 6Umentaire8. 
2 vols. 8vo Faru, 1837 

SCHRCEDER, (J. F. L.) Elementa matheseos pune. 2 vola 8to. 

Traj. ad-Bkem., 1832-34 

I. Prolo{;onH>na de mathcwo* ratione paitibai atqoe methodo. 
II. £leinenta anthmcticc porw. 


WHEWELL, (Dr.) Analytical Statics. 8vo, Platea, 7r M. 

Cambridge, 1833 
EARNSHAW, (Rev. S.) Treatise on Statics. Containing the Theory 
of the Equilibrium of Forces ; and numerous Examples illustrative of the 
general Principles of the Science. 3d ed., enlarged. 8vo, Plates. lOa. 

London, 1845 

HUTTON, (C.) Mathematical Tables; containing the Common, Hyper- 
bolic, and I/ogistic liOgarithms ; also, Sines, Tangenta, Secants, and 
Versed Sines, both Natural and Ix)^arithmic ; together with several other 
Tables useful in Mathematical Calculations ; also, the complete Descrip- 
tion and Use of the Tables. With Seven additional Tablea of Trigono- 
metrical Formulae, by Olinthus Gregory, LL. D. lOth ed. 8vo, 18#. 

London, 1842 
GALBR AITII. (Wm.) Mathematical and Astronomical Tablea for the oae 
of Students, Prnetical Astronomers, Surveyors, Engineers, and Naviga- 
tors ; with an Introduction, illustrated by Problems and Elxamplea. ^o. 

Edin., 1827 

HYMERS, (J.) A Treatise on Plane and Spherical Trigonometry, and 
on Trit^onoiuetrical Tables and Logarithms ; together with a selection of 
Prohleins, and their Solutions. 2d ed., 8vo, 8«. 6d. Camb., 1841 

TRIliONOMETRY. A Syllabus of a Course of Lectures upon, and the 

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Aimmus.] 219 [hbdicinb. 


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lECHANlCS.— (See Mathematics.) 

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See Conolly'i Crclopsdia of Practical Medicine. Fokbei' Cyclopvdia of Practi- 
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~4. ~ 


* y 






*/' r- 


ABERCROMBIE, (J.) Patlwlofieal mmd Piadieal BMMichnoa DImmm of tiw BloBMk, 
Uw iBtartinal Cmad, tk* Litw, and oUmt ViMcn af Um Abdonaa. 8to, 91 SO. 

PJUta^a^JUs, 18M 

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FBANKUM. (R.) Dnceane on the Enluswl and PMdnlow Abdomn, afaowinf it to b« 
a Viitceral Affection attended with important conKqneaoet in the Haraaa Eoonoflnjr ; vfth 
Cnnor^ Observations on Diet, Ezcrciae, aad the Goneral MaaacHaant of Haahk : for tfai 
Uta of the Dyvpeptic. 9d cda., anipnented. with a DtaeftatioB oa Goat, ■Miy tiaf at* 
phrsiological views as to it* Caaae, PiaraatifOa, aad the b«t Ooaiaa ofrnataieBt. 
ISmo. S« L0md0»,jm 

See PioBKT De la Percninon Mediate, ata. 


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General, Elementary, and Descriptivk. 

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AlfATOMlCAh REMEMBRAJ^ER, or Complete Pocket Aaalomist ISaM. 


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CRUVEILHIER. (J.) Anatomie pathologique dn corps hnmain, on deMriptioaa awe 

fignres lithographies et colorizes des diverses alterations morbidee dont le oorps haauiia est 

snsceptibte. Ouvrage complet. pnblid en 41 livraisoiu, ohacnaa ooataaaat 6 leallles de 

text grand in-fol. avec 5 planches, color., X22 11a Pmri»t 188D-48 

VOGEL, (J.) The Pathologioal Anatomy of the HnaMa Body. Traad. by 6. E. Day. 
8vo, 10 plates, 18a laarfaa, 1846 




INATOBfY.— { Continued.) 
ornos, (L. D.) 

of PMkotaiioal Anatoonr. Kww «!■. 8«o, plstM. 

PkiMtlpkiM, lg|g 

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PkUaia^M, 1845 

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Willi NoCM by A. ffidaoy Doaao. 3 vob. 8to F k i l M J alpk U , IflM 


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Svob.STo. ... Jirm-r0rk,ia» 

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MOETON'S Baigieal Aaatoaiy of tbo Priaeipal Reirioas. loy. 8v«^ plala* aad woodeats. 

Lomdam, 1838 
FHiaaaoft. Foar plata* aod thraa woodoati, fi«. plaia, 7». 6d. coL 

Oraia, Femoral aad Popliteal Rafioat. Eight platM aad obToa wood oagraviagi, 9«. 
plaia, 13«. eol. 

laniaal HeraiK, Tottis aad its Coreriogi. Five plates aad ateroa woodeaU, IS*. ooL, 


Tbe Head aad Neck, tho AiUla, aad Bead of tlM> Elbow. 
7«. W. plaia. 

platae, 13». ool., 


CrCLOPJKDM of Aaatomy aad Pbyuolofy : edited by Dr. Todd. VoL 1, 40*.. 9, 50*. 
Vol. 3 paUidiiBf . 8vo /.Mdea. 183^184- 

EXCYCLOPEDIR Aaatomiqae, oompnraaat raaatoniedeieripliTe.raaatomiegAB^rale, 
raaatooiie patholofiaae. i'M^ra da d^vAloppeneat et oelle dee Raoet hamaiBei, par 
MM. lee piofeuean 8. Th. Biadioir. J. Heale. E. Haichke. 8. Th. Btamoierriair. F. G. 
Theile. G. Valeotia. J Vogd. R. Waffaer, G. et E. Weber. tradaH de I* ADenaad par 
A. J. L. Joordaa, oiembre de raead^oiie royale de oi^dedae. 10 vol. la-8, flf . Prii do 
ebaqae. 7«. (W Pofi*. 1843-47 

1. Biofraphie de BomaierriBf . et hirtojre de Paaatomie et do la pbyaWtfio deoaie 
Haller, par R. Wagaer. 1 vol. ia-8. 

ft. OrtAolofie et SjradaHBolorie. par B. T. Bomroerriaff et R. Wagaer.—MAcaaiqao dee 
moaremea* de rbomme, par O. et E. Weber. 1 vol. ia-8. if. 

3. Mjroloipe et aofeolofne, par F. W. Theile. 1 vol. ia-8. 

4. NAvrologie et aaatomie do oerveao, par Valentin. J vol. iB-8, ig. 

5. 8planobaok)fie et orgaaee da teas, par 8. T. BcBmoMniag at E. Hanlika. 1 vol. 

ia-8. e 

8. Aaatomie j^aArale, oa hittoire dee tiMot et de la compoeitioa eUmiqao da oorpe ba- 
main, par Heale. S vob. in -8, fig. 

7. Hirtoire da dAvAlopperoeat de rbomme, par Bitcboff. 1 vol. ia-B, ig. 

8. Aaatomie pathologiqne. par J. Vogd. 1 vd. in-8. 

9. Aaatomie dea raoet hnmdaee et dee aatioas, avec raaatooiie dee tlgaawtt esti- 

nenra, par R. Wagner. 1 vd. ia-8. 

Atlases ahd Plates. 

CRUVEILHIER. (J.) Adas lUnrtraUvo of tbe Anatomy of tho Hamaa Body. Diawa 
from Nature by M. E. Beaa, with deaoriptiona by M. G. Boaaoii. 

Parti 1-9S. each contaiaim; 4 plates, are oot : to be completod ia 900 plate* ; plaia, 

ired, 5», 

9». Od. per No., odoni 

aUAIN AND WILBON'B Beries of Anatoroicd Plates, with Refe 
ed Comaienti. S vols, folio, £Yi pidn, jC90 ooloored. 

The Work may abo be bad in separate portioas. as foDowt : 

The Mascles of the Hnmaa Body. Rojrd folio, 51 plates, X9 18*. plda. £5 5«. fall 

aad Physiologi- 
Lumdam, 1836^19 

The Ve«ek of the Hnmaa Body. Royd fdio, SO plates, X9 14*. plaia, X3 18*. with 
the veneU colon red. 

The Nerves of the Homan Body. Royd fdio. 38 plates. £3 Am. plda, £A 9«. fall 

The Visoera of the Haaaaa Body ; ladadiagtho Orgaasof Digostioa, Rasdratioa. Bo- 
cratioa. and Excietioa. Rojrd fdio, 39 plates, £\ 18«. plda, £i wa. ooloarad. 

Royd fdio, 90 plains, £% plaia, X9 15a. ooloarad. 




4 ■ - 


: " /. 




AN ATOMY.— .( Conixnued,^ 

L1ZAR8. fR. J.) AaatoBiicml Plato of die Hb»m Bcdy. ■winp—iwi by DwaijiliOM. 

tad PhvitolorieU. PatholoKica], aad Safikal Obwnlio— . N«w ads. 101 eoL platm. 

foho. £^U fdnlwjr*. 1911 

WEBER. (M. J.) Anatonical AUat of Um Huaaa Body, ia Mstaral Siic. 90 ptetM. 

folio, with 8vo text. X5 5« I^M^ra. ISSl 

SnppleateaUnr Plates to ditto. I3f ** 1841 



WAGNER. (R.) ElemeBU of the ComparatiTc Anatony oTtlM Voittfanto Aaiaah, do- 
nned cspeciallT for tlw OM of Stodeals. Edited fion tlae GcnnaB by A. Toft. 8vo, 111*. 


Ge5eral Treatises. 

GR.\NT. (R. E.) Oatliaoi of Comparative Analoaiy. 8to, woodcota, 98*. 

Umdtm^ 1941 

J0NE9. (T. R.) Geaefal Oalliae of tbe Aaimal Kiagdom, a«d Maaaal of GoapanttiTo 

Aaatomy. t*vo. woodcots, 3t^« l^mdim, ItMl 

Cl'VIER. ;Gbo.) Lecoai d'anatomie compart. 9e edition. 10 vole. 8vo. (1-7 MBt an 
vnte) T«. each. Fmris, 18»-184S 

FL0UREN8. (M.) M«m. d'anatomie et do Phyuoloffie eoapar««t. 4to, 8 plaMfaes. Vg. 

Pmria, 1844 
OWEN. (R.) Lectnm oa the Comparative Aaatomy aad Phyuolaty of tho laTaitobnia 

Animab. delivered at the Royal Collm of Saifeoas ia 1843. From NoCas takra by W. 

W. Cooper, aad revised by PfofesMK Owea. 8to. nnmeroos woodeati. lit. Ijtmd., 1843 

Lectaret on the Comparative Aoaiomy aad PhyMolofy of the Vetttbnto AuMah; 

delivered at the Royal College of 8ar|eoBs of Eaflaad ia 1844 vU 1848. VoL 9. part 1. 
FiAhc*. 8«-o. Domerou woMcats. lir Ijtmdtn, 1847 

See abo tha varioos Articles ia ToDo'a Cyclopvdia of Aaatomy, ftc, aad tha Woiki 
of Cxat-a. Blcmbkbacb, Scbkbbkk, Waokkb. tho Peaay CyelofNedia. Jfcc, 
Cat. of Mawam of Royal CoU. of Sarfooas, S Tob. 4lo, ale. 

Tegumettary Syste.m. 


FLorREN8. (.M.) Aaatomie Geaerale do la Pnv, at dm Membraaw Maqarams. 4to. 
6 planches. -iOf Ptoia, 160 

See abo the Worka of AoAsatz, Mubllkb, Mandl, NmscB, aad 
ia Waombb. 

Osseous System. 

BLAIN VILLE'S Osteof raphie Compart. Par. - fblio, (aot y«C eomplalad.) . w... 

SPIX. Cephalof^nesit. uve ca|Atif Ouei itnictara formatio et linlfleatio pot omaos aai- 
malinm. ClaMei, familtaa, feaera, et vtales. digota. atqaa tabaln illaatralau folio. 18 
plate*. £4 JITimMA, 1841 

BRANDT. (J. F.) Beitr&fe znr Keantnin der NatvrfeMshicfata dar V6gcl. 4ia. 

St. PHt rt k w g h , 1830 

CUVIER. (G.) RcchercbmiorlesoMemenifomilmdcsQoadrBpedai. 4oMitMM. IOtoIl 
Hvo. et "2, voU. 4to, nomeruoi platei. JC8 8* Paria, 1834 

Musci'LAR System. 

See Wagner's Sopt. za Sekrehrr't .VaturfettkiekU dtr SaiffCMcrf, 1840, aad 
Wagner*$ Manaal of Comp. Aaatomy. 

Nervous System. 

LErRET, (F.) Anatomic Compar&a da Systema Norvcaax, aa Atlaa. fbGo. 

Pvi9, 1840 
SWAN. (J.) IHastrationi of the Comp. Aaat. of the NervoBt Byttaoi. 4lo, St. 6tf. 

Lwmim, 1841-4 

T.ONGET, (F. A.) Aaat. et Php. do Sytfeow Nenreaax da rHoouw, at dm aaiaaaaa 

Vertebros Pmria, 184f 


SCEMMERRING. (S. T.) De Ocnlomm Sectioae hoiuoatale. fd. . OMttngm^inA 
HANNOVER. De rartiiaxinibas mascniu, nervi« aarii ezteraK atqaa de aasa aanri ^^ 

et faciali*. 4to HMmnm, 1830 

TODD, (R. B.) The Detcripti\-e and Phvftioiofical Aaatomy of tho Braia, BmaalCoad, 
and Ganglions, and of their Coveringi. Adapted for the B*o of Sudeata. 8vo, wood- 
cats. 1$. Jjtmdtm^ 1845 

See also MuLLiR'a Archiv., 1838-1841. Aaa. da Mas«am d'Hnt. MaL, voL 18, k«. * 


HBDicufB.] 223 [medicine. 

ANATOMY, COMPARATIVE.— (Con/tntiarf.) 


OWEN. (J.) Qdoatcfraphy. 8to Zm^m, 1840-1945 

CUVIBE, (F.) Dm drato d« Bfaninll!li«i. 8to Pmris, 1835 

8w ako Blainvillb'ii Ort^Mmphi* Conpwte. Mullbb's AicUt. 1837, 1841, 
1843. Abb. 6m Scwatm NatureOe^ 183S, kc. 


MAMDL. ABBtmnia Miciwoopie Ptait, 1838-43 

WAGNEE, (R.) BvkrlfB rar VBigWebradBB Phyiiologk. ' 

8m ako M(Tllbb*b ArchiT. 1838. OnLUTBB ia Apfwadiz to Gbrbbk'b G«B«rBl 
ABBtomy, 184S, ice. 


BRANDT, (J. F.) Ofas. AbbL de MBiniBBliBm qoorvBdain pnHBrtim qoBdraBiBBonim 
¥taii iBftramento. 4to Btriiu, 1898 

MULLER, (J.) Schhft Ubw die CompeBiation dw phyiiaeheB Kitfta am BleBwhliohea 
StJBiflMHfBB Bffiim,lBBB 


MULLER, (J.) D* GiBBdnlBram SMBraBBtiBm Stroctorl pesBCiori. fol. Lti^tif, 1899 

Ob Um iBtimat* StrBctBiB of tkt SBOfBliBff GUad*. TraBilatsd with additmu by S. 

SaOy. 8to Lmdm, 1830 

Saa abo Mcllbr's Aiohiv., 1838. 


WAGNER. (R.) Elamaats of Phyiiolagy. Traadatad by Dr. WiUia. 8to. Lm^m, 1844 


TULK, (A.) & HENFREY, (A.) Anatomical Manipulation ; or the Me- 
thods of parauing practical investigations in Comparative Anatomy and 
Physiology ; also an Introdoction to the Use of the Microscope, Slc. 1 vol. 
l2mo London, 1844 

Paiti I., II. tieat of MachaBkial AnattfemeaU aad the Mieroaoopa. lU. ooataiBt 
diiaetioas for D i wac t iag aad Prewnriaf the tereral Syttaoai of O^faas. 


PORTER. (W.) Ob the Saifical Patholofy and Treatmeat of ABaaryam, Part 1. Bro, St. 

I.9nd&H, 1841 
DERMOT, (G.) ninatratioQS of the Arteries connected with Anenryini. 4to. 30*. 

LMuira, 1841 

ERICHSEN, (J. E.) ObwrratioBs on Anear^m, wlected from the Work* of the Principal 
Wrilan OB that Diieaw, fton the earliest penodt to the cJote of the last caotnry. 8to. 

(Sydenham Society.) Ltmd^n, 1844 


COPEMAN, (E.) A ColleetioB of Caies of Apopleiy, with aa explaaatory iBtrodnotioa. 
8iro. 7a L«N^eR, 1845 


BELL. (C.) Eagraviafi of the Arteries ; illnstratiaf the Aaatomy of the Human Body, 
and serviaf as aa Introdaetion to the Surgery of the Arteries. 8vo. FhiiatL, 1833 

DBRMOTT. (O.) Illnstrations of the Arteries ooaneeted with Anenryam. 4to, 3n«. 

Ijtndon, 184] 
GUTHRIE, (G.) On the DiMBses and lajnries of Arteries. 8yo, 14«. " 1830 

dUAIN. (R.) Anatomy and Operatira Sarfery of the Arteries. 3 vols, fol., XI3. 

/.4miM, 1841-45 

FLOOD, (V.) Sargical Anatomy of the Arteries. ISoio, plates, 7». . ** 1838 


HUGHES. (H. M.) A CliBical latrodBctioB to the Praetioa of Ansenhation, and other 
nodes of Dwiniosis : iatended ta simplify the stndy of the Di s ea s es of the Langs and 
Heart. ISrao, ft» Lm^on, 1845 






■^- / 

■ t 



: » ' 

MBOiciNE.] 224 [hkdicinb. 

AUSCULTATION.— ( Continued,) 

BARTII k. EOGERS. A PimoUcal Tre«U«e on AmcnlUtMm. TimMlated wMi lfolM,bT 

Dr. Newbifftng. l^imo Binikmrgh, ISlS 

ANDR V, (F.) Manael Pratique de Pacommm cC d'AoMultatiM. 1 vol. ISno. 

KENNEDY. (E.) ObterrBUoa* on Pregnancy and AnwnltatioB. IStan, ft*. 6if. 

f-wrfiin. 1633 

LAENNBC. (R. T. H.) A Treatiae on Medical AoMnJuUoa, and on Dimubs of Uw Lnnga 

and Heart ; with Notes and Additions, bj MM. LaenBce a«4 Andnl. Trmnilnicd bj 

T. Herbert 8vo, piate*. 18# Jjimin, !{*« 

FOURNET on AoMnltatioa, and on the DiagBora. Cwmbility, and TiwtmntaTthe ToA 
Stage of ConsQinption. Traulatcd from the Fiench, by Dr. Brady. Part I. 8vo, 7«. 

JLm^m, 1841 


BUI880N, (F.) De la Bile, de m VaiMt^ Phyi&alQffiqiMi, at do m ahAiaUoM nwrindee. 
8vo Pcrtf, 18a 


GRIFFITH, (J. W.) A Practical Manual : containing a Dewriptlon of Uw geooral Chemi- 
cal and Microioopical Charactcn of the Blood and Secretioas at tfaa Haman Body, ia- 
cludtnf both their Healthy and Dbeated Suiee. &» IjmMtk^ 1846 

ANDRAL. Recherobei rar lee modificatium de propoitioa da qaalqaae principn do Saw 
dana let maladioi. 8vo. Perw, 180 

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Tran^. 8vo PkUmd„Vm 

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bvo, 7«. M Z^dea, 184S 

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especially as observed in the Minute and Capillary VemeU of the Batmchia aad of 
8vo, pi., 9» 

BOTANY, MEDICAL, See page 78. 

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alon. 8vo, 6« Ltmdtm^Vm 

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63« Lmimt, 1840 

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MSDiciNE.] 225 ^ [medicine. 

BRE AST.— ( Cnniinued.) 

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HnJth, DermngeiMiit, and Diwaw. 8to. ]0«. 6tf f^Hdon, 1846 

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8to PkUad., 1841 


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9d cd. post 8to, 8t. 9d London,, 1846 

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Licbig's Physiology to the Prevention and Cnre of those Diseases. 8vo, 8«. Land., 1849 

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7#. M lAmdim, 1849 

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Porw, 1838 

CHEST, (Diseases of, &c.) 

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CHILDREN, (Diseases of, &c.) 

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Management op. 

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London, 1331 
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p -s 








, f 


CHOLER A— ( Continued:) 

NELSON. (R. ■. D.) 8k«tch of the Ubtoryuid ProfiMi of tlie picwBt CiMbni EpMfic 
a« it oocanvd id Montreal. 8vo. JMnUtm/, IHK 

PAINE, (M.; Letters od the Cholera Atphjxia, ae it luw appeMad te tho City of Nev- 
York, ttvu AW- Ferries 


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AW-rer*, 18U 
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Lmmim^ 1841, Pkiimdtlpkia, 180 

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ttitotif^n. with rpfrrence to the Caovn and Prevention of D ise a s a aasoBf flaamra ; with 
Ob^TvatK-ns on Fever in general, and an Account of the Epideoiio Fever of Jaauica. 
8v>. Hji. /.Muiea, 180 

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/» ... Fmf. 

BOrniN. E>w»ai de gi>uffra(>be medicale, on Etude snr les kM qui piMdaat k k distribntjoa 

geoj;ia|>hii]De des maladies, etc. 8ro, /.3. Pmris, 1843 


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GRAVES. (J.) A New Sptem of Clinical .Medicine. 8ro, I8«. * . " 1813 

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attendance on the Surgical Practice of St. Barthi.lomew'K Hospital. Sro, Vkt, (U. 

AraJm, 1846 


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the Nature. Causes, Prevention and Treatment of Tnberculons aad Bcmialoas Diseasn ia 

general. 8vo, 12a Lmi^mt, 183S 

(Reprinted, Philad., L. & B.) 

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woodrnts. 7«. tiJ. Ltmitm^ 1841 

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itinj; a Concise View of the Nature and Treatment of the priadpal Malfomatioas aad 
Distortions of the Chnt, Spine, and Limbs. With Plates. 8d ad., 8vo, IS*. 

Jjmiam, ISO 

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DENTISTRY.— (See Teeth.) 

Bibliography. — See Rookrs' Dictionnaire. infra. 

GODDARD. (P. B.) The Anatomv. Phyviology. and Diseases of the TeHb aad Oaw. 
\« ith the mojkt approved meth'ids o^ Treatment, including operatioas, aad of making aad 
setiinjr artiricial teeth. 4to, plate« Fftalad., 1844 

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clndinc Dental Mechanic's, t'vo. 13U engraving*. I0«. I^rmirm, 1841 

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Mtfad., 180 
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Da LOUDE. Surgical, Operative, and Mechanical Dentbtry. The Sobrtaaco of a Bniis 

of Ix-ctures delivered by L. Charles de Loude. 4 Plates. Intended as a Gaida to yoang 

Practitioners in the Dental Profesuon, Medical Students, aad tho Paolie ia atacral. etc.. 

8vo. I2«. 6d. Zmdea. 1840 




DENTISTRY.— (Cwi/mii«/.) 

ROOBRS. (W.) L'E«cyclop«die dv DentUte. an R^pettoire giniai dh to«t« Im coBaaw- 
saaec* mMic^-chinirginlci war lanatomie et U patho'ugie do d«DU, etc. ; pr^o^de d« 
rUktoiic do dentitte cbez la ancient. 8vo, .7 50. .... Partt, 1845 

DietMnaaii* dee Sdeacet deaUim, cuivi d'nn DictJonoairo de BiUiogiaphie dentair*. 

ItiDo, fJi Paris, 1840 

Maaad d'kygieM daataira. ISoio, /.3 1840 


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JWw York, D. A. ft Co. 
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Lamdany 1830 

RIDGE. (B.) GloaMtoffy : or. the Additional Meant of DiafMW of IKnatce to be deffived 
ffWB ladicatioBf aad Appearaaoee of the Tengoe. 8vo, 6 plates, 4#. 0^ Lamiom, 1844 



COPLAND. (J.^ Dictionary of Practical Medicinp : A Library of Pathology, and aDigcit 

of Medical Litrmtore : comprtMni; — General Pathtili^y ; a Ulamfication of Diseaaet ae- 

oordinr to Patholoj^eal Principles ; a Biblio«;ra|)hy, with References ; an Appendix of 

F«>nnnw ; a Pathoktj^ical Clanificatjon uf Di»oafe«, iic. 8vo. I^tndam, v. y. 

Vob 1 and '2. 30«. each. Parts I to II. Abdomen to Pleura. (Diseayi of). 

The Prefai-e. with a Patholo^cal Clanification of Diiiea«et, &c.. forming a Kev to tiM 

Snleniatic Stodrof Practical Medicine, as well as an arranged Table of the doateata 

or the VViirk, ivill accom|iany the last Part. 

An Index of the Individoal Topics comprised under the varioos Chapten and Sections 
•f each article will aJkO be givea ia the last Part. 

VICTIOK.y.'lIRK de Medicine, on Rd|iertoire g^n6ral des sciences indilicales coniddArAes 
sous les rapports tlieotique et pratii^ue : par M.M. Adelon, R^clard. Berani, HIacbes, Chomal, 
doqnet, Gerdy. Guervant, Marjolin, Rostan, Roux, Tronssean, Velpean, ete. Se Ada. 
30 vob. 8v4>, f.i^ Farit, 1845 

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»* /Mmdtn. 1H35 

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Path -It^y, Practical Medicine. Sarxery. Ob*tftric«. Medical Jurisprudence, Materia Medi- 
ca. PliarmacT. Medical Zo >logy. Rotany. and Chemistry. In Two Parts. Part 1. with 
the leading Term* in French, foil iwed by the Synonynies in the Greek, Latin. German, 
and English; BxplanaticMis in English; and copious Illustrations in the different Lan- 
goages. Part 3. A German-En?livh-Kreach Dictionary, comprehending the Scientific 
German Terms of the preceding Part. Hvo. 10« J^andam, 1845 

LUXIER. ( .) Dictionnaire des Science* et des ArU. Contenant Tetymotogie. la defini- 
tion et les diverses acceptioas des termes technitines usites dan< Tanatomie, la nsideciae, la 
chimie, ete. 3 v«>ls. 8vo, /. 15. Pari: 

JOURDAN, (.\. J. L.) Dictionnaire Raiwnn*. etymologique, synonvmiqoe et polyglotta 
des termes nsit^ dans les sciences natorelle*. c imprenant I'anatomie, la physiologie g^n^- 
rale, rkistoire aatnreUe, etc. 3 vols. 8vo, /. 18 Porte 1834 

DIETETICS, (See Food, p. 148.) 

DAVIDSON. (W.) A Tfeatl<ie on Diet ; comprising the Natnral Hirtonr. Propefties. Oom- 
poution. Adulterations, aad Uses of the VegeUbles, Animals, Fishes, ho., nsed as Food. 
Kaio, fis Laudan, 1844 

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(Reprinted, New- York. 1843.) 

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^Reprinted. N. Y.. 1R36.) 

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i§.9d Londam, 1847 


BEAUMONT, (W.) EzpariatMBU on the Gastrio Jaico and DigeitioB. Edited by Dr. 

Combe. 13mo. 7e Lamdon, 1838 

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COMBE, (A.) PhytMofy of DigatliOB. 18mo JVev- FerA, 1836 

PROirr, ( W.) Chamirtrf, Motaofolofy. u<l *^ Fanetion of Digartioft. 3d edn. 8vo, ISe. 



,h f 








BTEINAU. (J. H.) A Pathological and Phllowpliical Tmatiw on HeradiUiy DiamM. 
With an Apiiendix on Intennarriaxe, and the IniMritaaoe of llio Tendencj to Moral D»- 
pravitiet and Crime*, tfvo, 3a. 64/ l^Mndvn, 180 

GAVIN, (H.) On Fei|;ned and FactHioai DiwaaM, chi«fly of Soldion and Bnnwa ; onth* 
Meann a«Ki to umalate or produce thrm ; and on the beat Modei of DitcOTenny InipM- 
tor» : beinj; the Prize Euav in the Clan of Mililnry 8ai|ory in tho Uiiveniiy of Edta- 
bnrgh. 8euion l>=05-6 ; wilK Additions. 8vo, 9$. .... Ij^mdmm, ll*l3 

SHEARMAN, (E. J.) An Cs»ay on the Piopertiea of Animal and Vccatable Life ; their 
I>e|iendence dn the Atmofphere. and Connection with each otbar in raation to the Fnne- 
tionc of Health and DiieaM*. Po«t tfvo, S#. <W Jj»mi»n, V^ 

MARX Ac WILLIS. On the Decrease of DiseaM efiectod by tiie Praffesi of Civiliatjon. 
l*2nio. 4jr Lndtm.l^iU 

SEY.MOI'R. (Dr. C. J.) Thoughts on the Nature and Tremtment of several Severe Diieam 
of the Human Body — iacludinr — I. Diseases of the Stomach. — 9. Gknit. — 3. Melancholy 

i Mental Derangement).— 4. Epilepsy. — 5. Nearalgii) AiEsctiou — Biow Agnc, Sciatica, 
(c. Svols. Bvo. Vol. 1, 1U« lMnd0m,]Ml 


SEYMOUR, (E. J.) Nature and Treatment of Dropsy, conndeied capednOy in lefeivnce 
to the Diseases or the Internal Orjnins of the Body which most oommoaly produce it. 
Part* 1 and 3 — Anasarca and Ascites. With an Appendix, and a Transli^ion of the 
Italian Work of Dr. Geroroini on Dropsy. 6« /^mdWn, 1837 

WALNE. (D. H.) Cases of Dropsical Ovaria removed by the laigo Abdominal Section. 
\<\o, Zt.Qd I.0mdou, IMI 

OSBITRN, (J.) On the Nature and Treatment of Dropacal Diseiaei ; fai Four Parts. 
Ports I. and II. on Dropbics fri>m Suppressed Ptonpimtion and Diseased Kidney; with a 
coloured plate reprekenting a kidnev in an advanced sttfe of the diseMe. — Pnrt III. Oa 
Dropies from Impediments to the (^rculation.— Part. IV. On Dropsies from Topical Af- 
fecuons. iM edn., 7« Lmutm^ 19X1 


HARTY. (W.) Observations on the History and Treatment of Dyaontary and iU oombi- 
nations. Sded. 8vo, »« JLmuIm. 1847 


WILLIAMS, (J.) On the Anatomv, Physiology, and Pathokvy of the Ear; being the 
Prize E»ay in the UnivcMty of Edmbnrgfa. tfvo. |datet. 10«. &. /.Mubn, IMO 

SAUNDERS. (J.) Anatomy of the Ear. 3d edn. 8vo, plates, 8*. ; col'd, Via. 

TODD, (D.) Anatomy and Physiology of the Organ of Hearing. Bvo, plntaa, 7«. W. 

Z.»itd!wi, 188 

PILCHER. (G.) A Treati*e on the Structure, Economy, and DisMsea of tlw Ear. 8vn. 
platen. 'Jd edn.. IS/r UmiM^iBil; PkHmi.lBO 

SAI8SY. (H.) A Treatiic on the Diseases of the Ear. 8vo. J9n/rtaMre, 1839 

KRAMER, (W.) Nature and Treatmfnt of the Diseases of the Ear. Translated fhm the 

German, with the latest improvement* of the author since the laU German editioa. br J. 

R. Bennett. M. D. Hvo. plates, IIU. (W. . . . Lamtfam and Phiimi., iBM 

DUFTON. (\\.) Tlie Nature and Treatment of Deafness and Diseaiai of the Ear. and the 
Treatment of the Deaf and Dumb, t^vo, 4s £jtmd0m,l94i 

YEARSLEY, (J.) Contribution* to Aural Surgery. ISmo. 7«. *' 1844 

SaiMMERRING. (S. T.) Iconologie de I'oigane da Toaie, trad, da Ittia pv BivdW. 
bvu, et Atlas de 17 pi. 4to. /.7 Puis, VBSB 


VELPE.\l^ Embr>'o1nine on Ovologie humaine, contenant I'histoiro d«aeii|ilive el : 
graphiqne de Tceuf humain. folio. 45 pi. color.. /.:2S. Ptrit, ItOS 

ERDL. (M. P.) Die Entwit-keluuir des Menschen nnd des Huncbaa* im Eie. VoL 1-. 
Entwickeluug der IjeilM>f(»nn des Menschen. 4to Ijtiftig, 1841 

POrciIET, (F. A.) Tlxiorie positive de Povniation sponUnie et de Im f6co«datioB dam 
Tespece humaine et les mammifcres. Ouvrage qui a oMenn le grand prix de phyiiologia 
^ rinstitut de France, in-t*, avec atlas, in-4, da 90 planchea gimvAea et oolofiea. 






CYCLOPAEDIA of Praotieal Medidne, wlitad by J. Forbet, A. Tweedie, and J. Conollv. 
4 Toli. roy. 8vo. IjtmdoA^ 1835 

The Mine, edited by Dr. DaDgliiOD *. . Pkitad., 1844 

Cm.OP^T.DTA of Practical Sargerr, embraciiiff a oompieta View ofaU the DepaitmenU 
j a Operative Medicine. Edited by W. B. Cottello. ruy. 8vo, vol. 1-. Lamd9n,l^43 

(In conrae of pablioation ) 

C YCLOFJS.DIA of Anatomy and Physiolof y. edited by R. B. Todd. roy. Bro. " 1841 

(In conne of pnbuoation.) 

EUCYCLOPEDIK des Sciences MMicaki, on TraitA 96n4ral, mitfaodiqne «t completdet 
Hiven branches de I'art de nirir, et collection des aatenn darnqnes; aovs U direction 
n« M Bayle. — L'EncycIup^die des Sciences Modicales en 40 vob. 8vo. Paris. 

(In conne of publication.) 

VyCYCLOPEDJE anatomiqoe. oomprenant anatomie deeciipUve, raaatomie g4n6rale 
I anatomie pathdlogiqae, I'hiitoire dn d^velopiiement et celle des races hamains. Par G. 
T. BischoflT; J. Henie, E. Ilusehke, S. T. Sammerrini;, R. Wafner, 6. and E. Weber, 
tradnit de i'allemand, \^ A. J. L. Jourdan. 10 vuU. 8vo, /.90. . Piit, 131!M7 


PARKIN, (J.) On the Remote Caose of Epidemic Diseases. 8to, 7«. 6d, London, 1841 
OZANAM. Ubtoire m6dicale, g^ndrale et particnliere des maladies 4pid6miqnes, oonta- 

^uses et i 
nos jonn. 

bjiizooti(ines qai ont re^n6 en Europe depab les tempt les plot reouMt. insqn*^ 
!i2dedn.,4voU. 8vo, /.12 . P«rw, 1845 


JACKSON, (J.) Inquiry into the Nature and Causes of Epilepsy. 8vo, 8f. Land., 1842 


NUNNELEY, (J.) On the Nature, Causes, and Treatment of Erysipelas. 8vo, 9s. 

X.mAm, 1841 


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Lsndsn, 183d 


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TYRRELL, (F.) On Diseases of the Eye, and their Treatment, Medically, Topically, 
and by Operation, i! voU. 8vo, 31« London, 18^0 

FRANZ, (J. C. A.) A Treatise on the Eye ; exhibiting the Art of preservinr this organ 
in a healthy condition, and of iinproving the Sight. To which i« prefixed, a View of the 
Anatomy and Phvtjology of the Efye. with Otnervnti:tn« on its Expression as indicative of 
the Character and Emotions of the Mind. 8vo, Is. 6d. . . . lumdon, 18^ 

MACKENZIE. (W.) A Practical Treatise on the DiMases of the Eye. To which is pre- 
fixed, an Anatomical Introduction, explanatory of a horizontal Section of the Human 
Eye ball, by T. W. Jones, SorKdn. 3d edn. 8vo, with a horizontal Section of the 
Eye. and above a hundred woodcoti, "iSs London, 1840 

The Physiology of Vision. 8vo, 10s. 6d '* 1841 

JONES, (T. Whartom.; A Manual of the Principles and Practice of Ophthalmic Medi- 
cine and Surgery ; illustrated with 102 Engraving! , plain and coloured. l3mo, 19«. Gd. 

London, 1847 
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Description of the Different Operations required in the Practice of Ophthalmic Sur- 
gery. 8vo, plates. I^ondon. 

TRAVERS AND GREEN. Ophthalmic Surgery. ]8mo, (is. London, 1839 

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for each Peculiar Case 8vo, 4s I^ndon, 1845 

Lectures on the Operative Surgery of the Eye, &c. 3d edn. 8vo, plates, 35«. 

Ijondan, 1630 

HALL, (J. C.) Clinical Remarks on certain Diseases of the Eye. and on Miscellaneous 
Subjects, Medical and Surgical, including Gout, Rheumatitm, Fistula, Cancer. Hernia, 
Indigestion, Ilc. 8vo. la I^ondon, 1843 

On the Nature and Treatment of some of the more important Diseases, Medical and 

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I^ndon, 1944 

MIDDLEMORE, (R.) Treatise on Diseases of the Eye, and ita Appendagea. 3 vols. 8vo, 

35f Londlm^ieX 












' ■. ■ 

EYE.— (ConrtmW.) 

WALKER. (J.) The Oculwft Vade-mecam ; • complete Pneticd Sjttrai of Opfaihb W. 
Bnrgery : with nomerooi WoodcuU aad ooloorMi EncnTingi of the Diksm* Acd Open- 

tioDi on the Eye. ISrao, 10«. M. L^mim.^ !«0 

WATSON, (A.) On Dweuos of the Eye. Sdedn. 8vo, Sl«. '* J^sXl 

SCEMMERRINO, (B. T.) DeMriution fif«r«e de 1'cnI hamaia. tnd. par DeiMvn. 4t«. 

fij., /.8 P«ri», ldl8 


EISENBERG, (J.) SarxicMl and Practical Obwnrationi on the Diwaies of the Ilnraaa 
Foot ; with iMtnictioni for their Treatment ; to which is added, Advice on the Manage- 
ment of the Hand. 4to, SU. Ijarndtm^ lc45 

LITTLE. (W. J.) A Trpatiie on the Nature of Clah-FooC and AnahiifrnM Distortion* ; 
inclodinjr their Treatment, both with and without 8urgical Operation ; illnstrated by a 
leriei of Case* and nameroos Practical Instructions, t^vo, 41 woodonts, IS*. 


GAVIN. (H.) On Feifrned and Fictitioos Diiease* . chiefly of Soldiers and Seamen ; oa 
the mean* used to limnlate or produoc them, and un tlie best Modes of diseoveria^ Inapoe- 
tun ; being the Prize Essay in the Class of Military Sundry in the UniveisHy of Edir- 
bnrgh. 6vo, 9tt 7.awdea, mH 


SMITH. (SorrnwooD.) Systematic Treatise on Fe\-er. 8to. 14*. Jjtmdtm, 1830 

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Fevur. Hvo, e<r /^TOrfM^ 1835 

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Principles of the New Medical I Joctn'ne. Transl. by Dr. Knox. 8to. . Pkiind., 1833 

CLYMER. (M.) Fevprs, General and Special. 8vo *' WA 

TWEEDIE. (A.) Dissertation on Feven, etc. ** 1813 

BART LETT. (K.) The lli>tr>rv, Dia£no<.if, and Treatment of Typhoid, and of Typhos 
Fever, etc. 8vo PkUad., 1844 

ROIJPELL, (G.) A Short Treatise on Typhus Fever. Pvo. . . . ** 1840 

ARNOLD. (W.) A Practical Treatifie on the Bilious Remittent Fever; with Remarks on 
the Ct.nnection of I)iMaM» with the Changes of the Atm<>>phere upon Epidemics ; Medi- 
cal T<:|io^ni|)liy, &c. 8vo, 10« Ij^ndtn, IHCO 

REED. (M'C.) Fever PI)y!iiolo;;ically ConMdercii. Con vtlerat ions on Yellow Fever. 
Typhus Fever, Plague, Cholera, and Sea-Scurvy ; aNo the Questions of Coatafion and 
the Quarantine Laws ; with an Address to the Public nn the Popalar Treatment of 
Cholera. 8vo. 10«. (id. L^mdtm, 1846 

LOUIS. On Yellow Fever. Transl. by Shaltuck. 8vo. ID*. . *• 1840 

TWEEDIE, (A.) Clinical Illu^traUons of Fever. 8vo. 7«. . . " 1830 

GREGORY, v'G.) Lectures on the Eruptive Fevers, delivered at St. Thonaa's Hoapital. 
in January, 1»43. 8vo, ta.Gd /.amdan, 1843. Mm- Ytrk, 1846 


AMESBUR Y. (J.) Practical Remarks on the Nature and Treatment of Frvtaraa of the 
Trunk and Extremities : witli Plates, Woodcuts, and Cases. S vols. 8vo, 8S/». 

/.mmIm, 1831 

rK)OPER, (Sir A.) Treatijie on Dislocations and Fractnres of the Joiata. Now eda.. bv 
DrHUiiby <^per. 8vo, woodcut*. 20«. Aaatfm, 1844 

HIND. (G. W.) Fractures of the Extremities. Exhibited in iwaaty platan, showiac the 
Cause* of displacement, etc. 3d edn. folio, 24«. .... Aaa^m, 1836 

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F.ttmd&m, 180R 

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cuU DmUim, 1847 


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PARKIN, (J.) On Gout : its Causes, Nature and Treatmaat. 8to, 8a. ** 1841 

8CUDAM0RE, (C.) Treatise on the Natnre aad Cure of Goat aad GrnvcL 4tli ad. 8va. 

14$ Lmid0m,18» 

TODD. (R. B.) Practical Remarks on Oont, ke. 8vo, 7».9d. ** 1843 

JONES, (H. B.) On Gravel, Calealas, aad Goat 8vo, 6«. . . . " 




SHARP, (W.) Practical ObMrvatioM on Injaries of th* Haul. 8to, 7«. 
VELPEAU. D* rop^ntion dn Tftpui <Uiu Iw PlaiM da tAte. 8n>. 



London, Vdil 
P«m, 1834 

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WINSLOW, (F.) On the Pmervation of the Health of Bodj and Mind. 8vo, 7*. 6d, 

London, 194SI 
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EDWARDS, (W.) On the Infloenoe of Phyiical AgeaU on Life. Translated by Dn. 
Hutlgktn and Fisher. 8vo, 16s London ISBS 


PARENT DUGHATELET. Hygiene Pabliqae, on Mimoim rar las qnertious les pins 
impoftantes de rhycion<> appliqa^e anz professions et aaz travanz d'atilitA pabliqae. 3 
▼01. in-8. avecI8 (danchn. /.16 Pari«, 183G 

MONF ALCON bt POLIN IERR. Traits de la Salabrite Pabliqae dans les Grandes Villes, 
oavrage dntin^ aux m^dirins, aax membret des conseils de salobriti, aax prdfets, anx 
maiies.aax meinbreidesconseilsgdnAmaz, etc. in-8,/.7S0 . Pan>, 1846 

Get oavra;;e qai embnuse toutes les quettioos qui le rattachent k la santA pabliqae est 
aia»i di%'i8^ : 

Chapitie I. Histtire de la ntlubritd chex les peoples aneiens et modemes, conditions 
daart lesquelles te trouvent les grandn villes ; int^rdts opfinsds de I'indastrie, de Insa- 
lubrity et de la propria te, etc. — II. Des lieax qui servcnt d'habitationf k rhomtne. — 
III. Des maisons, de leurconstructioo, hautear, oontenance, orientation, am^oagement 
intirieor, caves, rez-de chaass^e, ventilation, capacity des appartemcnts, chambPB k 
coucher. coi«ine. latrtnt*^, chanfTa^, drlairage. etc. — IV. Des rues et des places pabli- 
qae*. pavage. ^frouts, voirie, latrines nubltques, etc. — V. Des edifices dettinis k rece- 
voir nae iwpalation a^Klom^r^o : atelier* et fabriques, colleges, prisons, hdpitaax, ca- 
seroes. <^glise«, tb^utred, etc.— VI. Des ^labli«seinents et des lieox 4 Emanations in- 
commodeA, dangeri*as«^ et insalubres. — VII. De quelqaes foyers sp6ciaaz d'infection, 
rimetieres, inhumation* pr6cipit(^ef, m'lrts apparenles, eqoarnMage, abattnin. etc. — 
VIII. Des dtabli-Moroents ik Emanations incommodes, insalabres et dangerenses.-~IX. 
De la (lolice dv» aliments et des boitsons. — X. De la falsification des roEdicaments. — 
XI. Ijegi»lation« relative* aux manufactures et aux atelier* in»alubras et incommodes. 

CH ADWICK, (E.) General Report of the Sanatory Condition of the Labouring Popula- 
tion of Great Britain. Hvo London, 1843 

Parliamentary Reports on Health of Towns, (Intermenti), Sec. 


LATHAM, (P. M.) On Di<ea»es of the Heart. Lectures on Subjects oonneetad with Clini- 
cal Medicine ; comprising DisMses of the Heart. "2 vols. 12mu, lfi«. . J^nidon, 1845-0 

HOPE, (J.) A Treatioe on the Diseases of the Heart and Great Vessels, and on the Affec- 
tions which may be mittaken for tliem. 3d edn. plates. 8vo, 18«. . Ijondon, 1H39 

ARAN. (F. A.) Practical Manual of IHseasee of the Heart and Great Vessels. Translated 
by W. H. Harris. M. D. I3mo Pkilad., 1H43 

FURNIVALL, (J. J.) On Diseases of the Heart and on Anenrism : their Diagnosis, Pre- 
ventiott, and Treatment. 8vo, H« Ijondon, 1845 

ALISON, (S. S.) Some Observations on Organic Alterations of the Heart; and particn 
larly on the beneficial employment of Iron in the Treatment of such Cases. 13mo,3«.6</. 

Isondon, ]P45 

BOUILLAND. (J.) TraitE Cliniqne dee Maladies dn Ctrar. pricEdE de recberches noo- 
Tsiles sar Tanatomie et la physiologic de cet organe. 3d edn., 8 vols. 8vo, /.I6. Paris, 184] 


TEALE, (T. P.) «A Practical Treatise on Abdominal Hernia. 8vo, 15*. I^ndon, ISiti 

HAMMOND, (V^.) Anatomy and Surgery of Inguinal and Femoral Hernia, folio. 

Jjondon, 1834 

LAWRENCE. (W.) A TreaUse on Ruptanw. 8vo PkUod , 1R|3 

COOPER, (Sir A.) The Anatomy and Surgieal Treatment of Abdominal Hernia. Plates. 
8vo Pkilad., 1844 

TUSON, (E.) The Anatomy and Surgery of Inguinal and Femoral Hernia. Illustrated 
by Plates coloured from Nature, and interspersed with Practical Remarks, folio. £i. 8*. 

London, 1834 

MAIXSAIGNE. Lemons cliniqoes snr les Hemies. 8to ParU 1841 

a f- 







MEDICINE.] 232 [MKmcnis. 

HERNIA.— ( Ci>n/mM«/.) 

MORTON, (T.; The Soifical AnatomT of lafUBal Hotbu, tie. 9f, pbtM. 

CI«Oar;ET. a.) Aamtomiea] DcwriplioB of %• PuIb eooeniMd ia lagviMl sad FcMoral 
Hernia. Tnuialated by MeWhinnie. 8ro, platce. .... 


BLACK. (¥.) A TmUiw on the Prindplei ud Pndiee of UooMBopatfay. 8vo. 9». 

~ I, IBO 

CT'RIE. ^P.) PrinciiJct of Ilomnopathy. Pto, 5e *' 1837 

I Domutje Homoopotby. IHmo. if ** 1839 

Practice of IIoni<M>pathy. Qs. '* 1838 

i EVERKHT. (Rkv. T. R.) A PopDiar View of IIonHBopaOiy, whh Notci by A. G. Hall. 

M. I). t:\o Jftw-Twrk, 1849 

IIAIINKMAN'N. Or^pinon of Ilomsopathie Medidiie. 8to. '* 1838 

JAIIR. Manaal of IIuni<K>paihic Me<lictiie, is two Parts. Part 1. Matoris Medica. 
Part i. Tiiera|ieDtical and Hymptumolofical Repertory. Tramlaled from the Fonrth edi- 
tion, and editrd, whh nnmeroat Addition!, by P. F. Carie, M. I). S rob. dvo. 32*. 


! LAVVRIE. (J.) HotncropalhiG DonoMtie Medicine. ]3ino. . . . '* ISO 

DL'NHFORI), (H.) Pathogenetic Effecta of the Priadpai HomiBopothie Ecnodiaa. Svo.flto. 

L«Uea. m» 

Popalar Virw of Homcropathy. 8vo. 0*. ** 1838 

PracUcal Advantajre of IlonHPopathy. 8to, 8* " 1811 

GUNTHRR. ^F. A.) New Manaal of Honufpopathie Veterinary MedMae ; or, Uw He 

onathic TrMtinrnt of the Ilorw, the Ox. the 8heep. the Dog, and other DoBortae Aainab. 
Tran«tated from the German, with contiJerable addition*. 8vo, lOt. 6d. L^md., 1846 


DAVIH, (II.) On Acnte Hydrocephaiu. 8vo, Of . 6d. ... JOaiea, 1840 

BENNETT. (3. R.) The Cante*. Natare. Dia|^ods, and Treatment of Acnte HTdioceph- 
alui. or VVatfr in Uie Head . a Prize E«ay, to which the Medical Sodetj of Loadoa 
awarded the rotherxiHian Gold Medal for IMi. dvo, 8i. . . . tntdgm, 1643 


GIJLLV. (J. M.) Tlie Water-Care in Chronic Diwaw : an Kxpoulioa of Uw CaoMa. Pio- 
f FfM. and Termination^ of varion* Chronic l)i i * a «iet of the IN^estive Offan«, Lnagi, Norvea, 
LiiiilM, and Hkiii ; and of their Treatment by Water and other Hvjienie Means, un. Bto. 
7*. (Ri-pnnte<l. New York. W. & P.) LmUUm, 1846 

JOIINHON. (E.) ResiiltM of Hydropathy ; or. C-on-tiimtion not a Diiea«e of the Boweh, 
lndi<;eittiim not a Ihaease of the Htomarh ; with nn Ex|ioittion of the Tme Nataro and 
(■■Use of thnse Atlmentt. et plaining liie Rea«»n why they are m certainly oand by the 

Ilvdroiiailiic Treatment ; with CaMM. i*\o,A» Awidlea, 1846 

(Rvpriate'i, New Vurk, VV. & P.) 

llydropaihy : the Theorv. Principle*, and Practice of the Water Caraahewn to be ia 

uoi- rdancp with Mcflical i^riencc and the Teaching* of Common 0enie ; illaitralad with 
many important Camp,. J-Jino, 5tf. (W. Ij»nd»m, 1843 

Bl.'SHNAN. fJ. S.I Ob*i'rv.ition« on Hydropathy : with an Account of tbo priadpal Cold 
Water I-^«taldiiIiini>nU of Germany. I'imo. At. .... Ijtnkitn^ 1846 

GRAHAM. (R. H.) GraefenlM.'r;g ; or, a True Report of the Water Cam : with aa Ae- 
coont of It* Antiquity. Hvo. G« /.eaiiea, 1844 

CLARIIKiE. (R. T.) Hydr»i>athy ; or, tho VaU Water Cure, as practiaed by Vinceat 
PrivKsnitz. at (iraefenb«>r;;, Milo^ia. Auktria. 3d c<Iit. 8vo, iM. . l^wiam^ 18ti 

GRAHAM. (T.J.) The Cold Water Hr^U>m: an Eway ezhibitinjr the teal MeriU, the 

ino^t oate nn>l ef!Hi;tual Emplormeut of tliiii excellent S\ttein in Indigeftion, rniliiwae«, 

A<thma. &cc., with raotionarr Remarks addres>ked to peo{ile of extreme opiaioBa, and i*>m« 

I New Caitf^s. 'Jd ed. Hvo. 7jr. >W/ #. #.— dba, 1843 

' WEI.^S. fjj The Handbook (if IIydro(»athv ; f ir Pro(}>«ionaI and Domefltie Uie: with 

an .Afipt'odix, on the b«Mt !V1o<ie of fomiin:: ifydroiiatliic Establish ments. Being the rcanhs 
of Vl year*' rxiwrience at Graefenberg and Kreywaldan. ^\o, T«. 6rf. Ij^md**^ liM3 

WU'HON. (J.) The Water Cure : a Practical TreatiMf on the Cure of Di<eaMa by Water. 
Air. ExenW. and Diet : bein;; a new Mode i f nwtoring Injured Conctitntioat to lobnrf 
Ilenltli . tor the Railieal Cure of E>v*|inptir, Nervous, and Liver <'omplninta. Tic IHmiIii- 
n-u\. Gout, and Rlii*umntiiim. Kcrofnla. Hyphili*. and their (V)n«N|aences. JMseatet pecn* 
bar to Women and Children, Feven, Inflammation*, &ic. 3d ed. H\o, 4e. (W. 




HYDROPATHY.— ( Continued.) 

WILSON ARD GULLY. The Dftngen of the Water Cars and iU EfBcacy examiBed and 
compared witfa thote uf the Drag TffeatineDt of DtieaKs, and an Ezplanalion of ita Prin- 
eiplea and Practice ; with an Aocoont of Catei treated at Bfalvern, and a Protpectos of the 
Water Cure EkUbJuhment at that place. S« J.,onda», 1843 

Water Cure : a Practical View of the Core 
water as a piceervativo of health wbA 

8METIIURST, (T.) Hvdiotherapia ; or, the Wat 
in all iu bcAringt, exhibiting the great ntilitj of 

remedy for dtwaae. 8vo, 6« 

A#iUmi, 1843 


PARXES, (E. A.) Beraarki on the Dpentery and Hepatiti* of India. 8to, 9f . 

/.miem, 1846 

ANNESLEY, (J.) Reeearchef into the Gaaaet, Natnre, and Treatment of the more pnrm- 
lent Diwases of India, and of Warm ClimatM generally. 3d cd. Svo, hi*. Ltmdcm^ 1841 

Sketehei of the most PreTalent DiieaMi of India, ad ed. 8to, pi., 18*. " 1831 

BRETT, (F.) Practical Enay on lome of the Principal Sorgical Diaeaiea of India. 8to, 
16« CaUmtUi, 1840 

CHISHOLM. (C.) On the CHmate and DiteaMs of Tropical Oonntriei. 8ro, Of. 

London, 182i 
TWINING. (W.) On the DUeaiet of Bengal. 8vo, 2l4r. ... «' 1833 

GEDDES, (W.) Clinical Ulnstrations of the DiaeMes of India, etc. 8ro, 16*. 

L«m4(M, 1846 


MORGAN, (O.) Fint Principles of Surgery, being an Outline of Inflammation and fts 
Effects. 8vo, 18« London, 1840 

TRAVER8, (B.) The Physiology of Inflammation, and the Healing Proocm. 8to, 7«. 


JAMES, (I.) On Inflammation. Sd ed. 8to, 15* •• igs 

MACARTNEY, (J.) On Inflammation. 4to, plates, 15«. ... ** 1838 

BENNETT, (J. H.) Treatise on Inflammation as a Process of Anormal Nntrition. 8to, 

plates Edinb., 1844 

OENDRIN, (A. N.) Histoire Anatomique des Inflammatbns. 9 vols. 8vo. Porit, 1896 

BR0USSA19, (F. J. V.) History of Chronic PhlegmasiK. or Inflammations : founded on 
Clinical Experience and Pathological Anatomy. 9 vols. tivo. PkUod., 1831 

7 ^ 

^ 1 


CONOLLY, (J.) An Inquiry concerning the Indications of Insanity, etc. 8vo. 

Ijondon, 1830 
ELLIS, (W. C.) Treatise on the Nature, Symptoms, Causes, and Treatment of Insanity. 

Hvo Ijmdon, 1S8 

MILLINGEN, (D.) Aphorisms on the Treatment and Management of the Insane. 18mo. 

Ami^ms, 1840 

CHEYNE, (J.) Essays on Partial Derangement of the Mind in supposed connexioa with 

Religion. With an Antobiographioal Sketch of the Author. 8vo, 1$. 64. Dublin, 1843 

BARLOW, (J.) On Man's Power over himself to prevent or control Insanity. Commu- 
nicated to the Members of the Royal Institution of Great Britain. 13mo, 3«. 6d. 

London, lSi2 
HASLAM, (J ) On Sound Mind. 8vo, 7« «• 1819 

THIJRNAM, (J.) Observations and Esitavs on the Statistics of Insanitv. Including an 
Inquiry into the CaniKw inflorncing the Results of Treatment in Establishments for the 
Insane : to which are added, the Statistics of the Retreat near York. York, 1846 

WIGAN. (A. L.) A New View of Insanity. The Duality of the Mind proved bv the 
Structure, Functions, and Diseases of the Brain, and by the Phenomena of Mental D» 
rangement. aad shown to be essential to Moral Respoukibility. With an Appendix : 1. 
On the Influence of Religion on Insanitv ; 2. Conjectures on the Nature of the Mertal 
0|)eratioiu ; 3. On the Management uf Lunatic Asylums. 6vo, ]9«. Loiuhn, 1844 

ESaUIROL, (E.) Des Maladies Mentales. 2 vol*. 8vo, et Atlas. . Paris, 1838 

Trans!, by Dr. Philip. 

GEORGET. Des Maladies Mentalos.* 8vo " |8CT 

MARC, (M.) Dc la Folie consii'er^ dans ses rapports avec les questions m6dieo-jodicairet. 
2 vols. 8vo Pans, 1840 

PRICHARD, (J. C.) On the Different Forms of Insanity, in relation to Jurispradencej 
designed for the use of Persons concerned in Legal Questions regarding ITneoandBen of 
Mind. ]2mo, St London, 1843 














INSANITY— ( CarUinved.) 

ALLEN, (M.) On Cluuficatkm of Uw InMiM. 8to. />mIm, 1837 

CX)NOLLY, (J.) The Coiutniction and Ooverament of Lnsfttic AijIbbm sod Hoqiitafc 
for the [BMne. With Plani. ^ro, ft* Lmmdan, 1^47 

JACOBI. (M.) On the Conttraction and Manafement of Hospitab for the Insane. Tranal. 
by S. Tnke. 8vo. 9«. Ijomiam^ 1841 

MORISON, (A.) Ph)-noE^oniy of Mental Diaeaset. roy. 8vo. 100 pla'ei, 70f . 

Londmi, 1840 

Outlinet of I^ectareB on Mental Duieaae*. 3d ed. 8to, pUte«, 12#. *' lt99 

PA(SAN, (J.) Medical Jari«i>rudenae of Insanity. 8vo, 8*. . . . *' 1B40 

See alto Ha«lam on Sound Mind. Neville on Inkanity. Ncwicoam, The Recipro- 
cal Influence of Body and Mind. Ray, Medical Jurispmdenoe of Iniianity. SRsr- 
FARD on the Proximate Cante* of Insanity, etc. 


TRAVERS, (B.) Inquiry into the Proceu of Nature in repairing Ininrieii of th« Intestines, 
illustrating the Treatment of Penetrating Wounds and Strangulated Hernia. 8iro, plates. 1S». 

London, 1819 

GROS. (S. D.) An Experimental Enquiry into the Nature and Treatment of Wounds of 
JntwUnes. »vo, eng PkiiMd., 1845 

IRRITATION, (Constitutional.) 

TRAVERS. (B.) Inquiry Concerning that Disturbed State of the Vital Functions, ntna^ 
denominated Constitutional Irritation. I'd edn. revised, Hvo, 14«. . J^mtdon, lifin 

A Further Inquiry Concerning Coubtitutional Irritation, and the Pathology of the Ner- 
vous System. Hvo. iis. Ltndon, 18QS 

RI ADORE, (E.) Spinal and Nervous Irritation. 8vo, 5*.Qd. . *' 1843 


GROSS, (S. M.) The Anatomy, Physiology, and Diseases of the Booes and JeiDts. 8to. 

Pkitad.. 1830 

SCOTT, (J.) Surgical Obtervations on the Trpatment of Chronic Inflammation in Varioos 

Structures, particularly asexemphfird in Diieaiws of the Joints, t^vo. Ijondon, 1838 

BRODIE, (B. C.) Pathological and Surgical Ob=>ervaUon8 on Diseases of the Joints. 4th 
edn., with alteration* and additions. Hvo, lOs. CyJ /^r^r, 183({ 

LITTLE, (W. J.) On Ankylo^i^. or Stiff-Joint : A Practical Treati>e on the Contractions 
and Defonnitics resulting from I)i»ea^*9 i.f JoinLc. H\o, woodcuts, Hjr. 6J. J^rndtn, 1843 

COOPER, (Sir A.) Treatise on Dislocations and Fractures of the Joints. New edn.. by 
Bransby Cooper. 8vo, woodcuts. .... JAfndon, 184*2, Pkiiad., Ir44 

COULSON, (W.) On Diseases of tlie Hi|)-joint. Sd edn.. 8vo, plates. . I^ndmn, 1841 

SMITH. (R. W.) Treatise on Fracturos in the Vicinity of Joints, and on certain forms 
of Accidental and Congenital Dislocations. Hvo, woodcnts, 16«. Dublin ^ 1846 

BOYLE, (J.) On the Application of Moxa in Treatment of Stiff and Contracfvl JoinU. 
Rheumatism, &c. Hvo, plates Lamdsm^ 18!^ 

See also Todd's Piactical Remarks on Gont—Chrunio Rheumatism of the Jiiints.&c. 


RAYER. Traitd des Maladies des Reins, et des alterations <le la secretion nrinaire. ^tn- 
diees en elles mcmeset dans leors rapports avec Ioa maladies des nreteres, de la vessie, de 
la prostrate, de Turbtre, etc. 3 vol. in-H, /.2't. .... Parig, 1K30-1841 

IjC atlu pour cet ouvrage est consacr^ & W-lKotomie patkofogimte Am reins, de la veasie, 
de la prostrate, des ureteres, de Turctre, etc., comp.j(6 de CO planobee fraad ia-folio, 

1. Nephrite nmple. Nephrite rhumatismalc, Nephrite par poison morbide. PL 1, 8, 3, 

2. Nephrite albumieneuw (maladies de Bright). PI. 6, 7, 8. 9. 10. 

3. Py^liie (inflammation du baisinet ct des calicts). PI. 11, Pi, 13, 14, 15. 

4. Pv«lo-N<^phrite, Pcri-Nuphritr. Fistulob Renalfw. PI. 16, 17, 18, 19,90. 

5. H'ydronephrose. KvstM urinaires. PI. SI. 39. 93.34, 25. 

6. Kvhtes »ereux, Kysics aceplialocv<^tiques. Vers. PI. 36. 97, 98, 90. 30. 

7. Ah(>mic, Hyp^rdiuie, Atrojihie. Ilypertropliie des reins et la vossie. Pi. 31, 39, 33, 

8. Ilyiiertrophie, Vices de conformation' des reins et dm uH'tres. PI. 36, 37, 38, 39, 40. 

9. Tubercntes, Melanow dm rein<. PI. 41, 4-i, 43, 44, 45. 

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See Prout on Btomaoh and Urinary Diaeaiet. 


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r« /, 







MATERIA MEDICA.— (Con/mwe/i.) 

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2. Munographies, 1, roaiadie« du coBur, dcs gros Taisseaax, dcs ait^res, etc. (Car- 
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'* 3. Monographies, 2, ulti>rations du sang. 
" 4. Monograph if». 3, maiadiex des conduits de Pair, des broaches, da ponmon, etc. 

" 5. Monograjihit^. 4, maladies du tube digestif, des glandcs salivairts, dn foi (An- 

gibromies, Sialaddnies, H(i))athie«). 
" G. Monogniphim, f), maladies (!<> la rate, ficvres intermittcntes, Toics nrinaires, etc. 

(Snldnoi>athics, An;pnropathii«, etc.). 
" 7. Munographie«, A, nialadies de« reins, de la vessie. 
" 8. Monographies, 7, maladies des organes des sens, dn systemc ncrrcu, etc. 




MEDICINE— ( Continued.) 

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A Supplement to Myology. Illustrated by Coloured Plates, on a Peculiar Construo- 

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See QuAiN ft Wilson's Anatomical Plates. 







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iiifi. £\\ Umiim.VSfi 

The whole of the foiejcoinf work, on a lednoed tcde, on 35 Stael Pktfl*, by Findea. 
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^rew-rork,B.A. Ac Co. 

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G(h edn., revi^d. l'.2mo, platen, 7«. (W. L^Usn, VSCJ 

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3d e<lB. 2 voU. 4to, 45« i^mnd^m, V<4S 

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Puris, 1845 

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taoMin et les organes g^niteauz de la femme adulte. le d^vdoppment de I'lrnf hnmaia, las 
diverses presentation et positions du fstus, les operations obst^tricales, etc. 8ro./.40. 




' [medicine. 


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Tariou» esktiiig and extinct ipecies of Vertebrmte Animui tfvo, and Atlas of 168 platet. 
JC& 6f I^ondon, 1845 


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with each other, and with the Moacles. £«peciaUy adapted for Students in Anatomy. 
Ele){antly printed in fcp. 8vo. 3d edn., enlamd, and illnrtrated with SSO accurate wood- 
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pour serrir de base k la zoolugie et k la peologie PariM, 1809 

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'JOs I^ndon, 1843 

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(Complete CouAfiectus of the Three Britiih Pharmaco|Mrias, an Account of all the New 
Rifmettii-s. and an Ap|iendix of Formultr. 8vo, lUs. OJ. . . . I^ondon, 1844 

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|MRia<i, &c., &;r. : — I. Elements of Pharmacy ; 2. B >tanical Debcription, Natural History, 
and AnalvM* of the Substances of the Materia Medira ; 3. Pliarmaceutical Preparations 
and Com|>a*itions of the Pharmacoixpins of London. Edinburgh, and DuUia. Forming 
a Practical S>no[wis of the Materia Medica. Pharmacy, and Therapeutics: with Tables 
and woodruts. 9th edn.. uniform with the New Pharmacopeia. 8to. 3]«. Ijondon,\9X1 

A Con<>|»ecto« <if tlie Pharmacopoeias of the Londctu, Edinburgh, and Dnblin Collecei 

of Physicians ; bein;; a Practical Compnndinm of Materia Medica and Pharmacy, llth 
edn.. containing the new French and American remedies, and corrected and greatly im- 
provini. Jr'rao. Sk. M Jjnidon, 1843 

CHRISTISON, rR.) A Dispensatory, or Commentary of the Pharmacopopias of Orettt 
Britain ; comprising the Natural History. Description, Chemistry, Pharmacy, Aotiaas. 
U«ew, and Do^s of the Article* of the Matena Medica. 8vo, 18«. JMdon, 1843 

GRA Y*S Supplement to the Pharmacopeia ; being a concise but comprehensive Dispensa- 
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I^ondon. 1847 

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th^rapeutique HU Codex, par <?azenave.- Hvo, /.lO Par>#, 1837 

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8vo. fig../.16 Port*. 1840 

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dca drogues simples et compos^oi et d'en conrtater la degri de poreti. 8vo, /.3 50. 







PHARMACY.— ( Continued.) 

DORVAULT. L'Officine, on Repeitoiie g^oiral de ph&nnacie prmtiqiie. 9d edn. 8to, 
/.lO. PortV. 1846 

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■^ ^ -. d'Anutei^am, Anven. Dublin. Edinboarg. Ferrare, Geodve, Greoe, HunboQif, Lonam, 

L'*' etc., americainc, aatrichipnae, batave, Mge, danoii, e»pafBole, finlaadake, fiaB^ake, 

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», Phar- 

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of the Bealp. 8to, ooI. platea, 10*. U. . London, 1843 


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Drawings am afwr Nature, and lithographed by Arch. Henning These lUuirtrations are 
comprised in 94 iJates, folio ; the drawings am originab, carefully oolourBd. XO. 

r^dom, 1841 

PLUM BE. Practical Treatise on the Diseases of the Skin, arranged with a view to their 
Constitutional Causes and Ijocal Character* ; including the Substaaee of the E^ay to 
which the Roral College of Surgeons awarded the Jacksouian Prise, and all such valuable 
facts as have been recmded by continental authon on these subjects to the present time. 


4th ed. revised. 8vo, 3l« 
BROACKES. (W.) Cntaneons 


traatad Homewpathkany. 13no, 3«. 6rf. 

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Slumber at WUI. 13mo, lO*. 6tf. 1845 

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r / 

. / 







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~— Two Kaiay* on Dbeann of the Spine.^l. On Anjrnlar Carratnre of the Spine and its 
Treatment. St. On the Treatment of Lateral Curvatnie bj Gravitation. 6vo, ba. 


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:m I^andfn, ISfi 

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2(1 edn. Hvo. tU Louden, ItOB 

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by Exercise alone. Hvo, i*s. Lmtdom^ 1848 


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cine and Surgery, tivo, 7« London^ I8CI 


Bibliography, Ste 

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voU. 8vo J^ondn, 1845^7 

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German edition, and accompanied with Additional Notes and Obfienra- 

lions, by John F. South. 2 vols. 8vo. London, 1845-7, Philad., 1846-7 

This excellent Work which has been translated into eight languages, presents a oompleU 
view of European Sur|;ery up tn tlie pre^ient period. A most %'aluable feature in it is 
a very copious bibliography, exhibiting the literature of every department of Surgery. 

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I^amdem, 1841 

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ments down to the present period ; an Ac(>ount of the Instruments and Remedies empiloved 
in Surgery ; the Etymology and Sisnification of tlie princi|>al Terms ; and nnmerons Re- 
ference* to Ancient and Modem W<irk«. forming a Catalogue of Surgical Literature, ar 
ranged according to subjects. 7th edn. rvvi««d and enlarged. Hvo, 3i)«. . iMUdmiy 1838 

— ^ The First Lines of the Theory and Practice of Snigery. 7th edn. 8to, 18«. 

lM»d9n. 1^40 

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Hospital. Hvo, I.'m. . . ' Ijimdon, ]f^ 

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KEDICINB.] 243 [medicine. 

SURGERY.— ( Continued.) 

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Ijondtm, 1840 

The Work* of. 4 ntb. 8vo, 45«. M 

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connected with them ; tlie Snrrical Anatomy of the Human Body, and its application to 
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London, 1840 

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The whole Works of. 4 vols. Bvo. and Atlas of Plates. TOf. . " " 

SYDENHAM SOCIETY, Publications of the. 

Subscription '•21s. per annum London^ 1843-16 


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SIMON'S Animal Chemistry, vol. 1. 

SIMON'S Animal Chemistry, vol. 8. 
BASSE'S Pathology. 

HBWSON'S Works. 

DUPYTREN'S Lectnrw on the Diseans and Injnriee of the Bonet. s 

The Works of W. HARVEY, M. D. f ' '■ 

TEETH. — (See Dentistry.) 

N AS.M YTH. Rceeavches on tba Dovetopment, Stmotnn, and Dieeaset of the Teeth. 8vo, 
plates. 10s. 6<f London, 1839 

Three Memoirs on the Development and Structure of the Teeth and EpitbaKum. 8vo, 

Ss London, 1841 

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London, 1835 , 

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4to. 34 col. plates, XIO. lOe London, 1818 

See MoKTon'i Snigioal Anatomy, ke. 




■c L 







CHRISTI80N. rR.) Tmatiie oa Poiaont. in refemioe to Madieal JwkpradMM 
olofjr, and the Practice of Pbyiic. 4th ed. 8to, 9U« Edi 

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ADDIRON AND MORGAN. On the Operation of Poisonons Afents vpon tb 
Body. Htu, 5a Zjtm 

ftOnPKLL AND MrWHINNIE. lUostrations of the Effects of Poiwns. 4to, cc 
Paru l-*i each 1H« JLmu 

GU^RIN. Noovelle Toxicolofie. on Traits des poisons eC de I*empoisonneinMil 
rapports de la chimie, de la phybiologie, de la patDMOgie et de la therapentiqoa. 

FI^ANDIN. (C.) Trait6 des Poisons, on Tozicolo^ appliqnie a la midkios M, 
Physiologie et k la Th^rapentiqae. 8vo, Tom I-, 7« Pa 

G ALTIER. (C. P.) Traits de Toxicoloine ro^dico-I^fale et de k falsification des 
de* boissons et des medicaments. Part 1. Poi«oas inoiganiqne on minamnz. tJvt 


ANGLADA, (J.) Traitd de Toxicolci^ G^ndrale eavisaipie dans sea rmofft 
physiologie, la patbok^, la tliera{ientiqne et la medicine l^fale. 8to, /.S 50. 

ORFILA, ( .) Tozicologie g^ncrale. 4e Mn. S toIs. 8vo, /.16. . . ' 
The same, translated. 3 vols. 8vo, col. plates, 30«. . Lmm 

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See TAYLoa'i Medical Jnrispmdence, ed. 1843. 


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col. plates * . . . Bm 

MACILWAIN, (G.) On Tumonn, their General Nature and Tieatment. 8to, 


BIRD, (G.) Urinary Depwits : their Diafoosis, Pathology, and Therapentical Im 
2d ed. 8vo, Hs.Gd /.mi 

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«* Lmm 

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Lnut., 1842 ; Phii 
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3d ed. Hvo, 5« /.mm 

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8vo London, 1843 ; Pkil> 

ARNOT, (J.) Practical Tllusirationit of the Treatment of Obstructions in the Um 

other Canals, by the Dilatation of Fluid Pressure. 8vo, 3«. . Lond 

Treatise on Stricture of the Urethra ; ctntainiuff an Account of ImpiOTMl Mc 

Treatment : with an Appendix, on Dilatation by Flnid Pressure in the TieatiMfi 
nary Calculus and other Diseases. Sd ed. 8vo, 7« I^mu 

COULSON, (W.) On Diseases of the Bladder and the PiosUte Gland. 3d ed. Bn 

7# Lond 

See CALCULVi, Kidnbts, etc. 


DUPARQUE, (F.) Ilistoire complete des Ruptures et Ddohimres de PUtenit, d 
et du Perinoe. 8vo. p« 

BENNETT. (H.) A Practical Treatise on Inflammation, Ulceration, and Indar 
the Neck of the Uterus. With Remarks on Leucorrha>a and Prolapsiu Uteri as 8i 
of this Form of Disease. 8vo, ds. Lond 

BOI VIN AND DUCES. Practical Treatise on the Diseases of the Uterus and its App 
Transl. by G. O. Ileming. 8vo, plates, 20*. ; col., 4S$.fkL JLeii2 




rERUS.— ( Omiinued.) 

LEVEE. (J. C. W.) Practical Treatiw on Or]pDie Dii«aMsof the Utemt : bdn;: the Prise 
Emsj to which the Medtcd Society of lioodiin a\varde<l tlie Fothersiilian Guld Medal for 
1IH3. Hvo. 9t Lomdpn, 1H44 

LEE. (T. 8.) (>a Tanioan of the Ulerui and itj Aptieadaj^. Hvo. 8«. 1H47 

WALLER. fC) A Practical Trratiie on the Function and IH^eafln of the untmprngnated 
WoBb. With a Chafiter on Lencoahoa. Floor Albu«, or Weakntv. Hvo. plate*. U«. 

iMntUm, l^«40; Pkilad., lt^'2 

RIDGE. (B.> Phjtiolof y of the Utenu, Placeata. and Fa«ta* : with Uttoer«-aiiun« on the 
Meabrana Mecoaii and Eete Va»colare. newly di»coveRHl Straviom exi»tin|r in the Fot- 
tas and Yonng of Man and Animab. Hvo, 4^. .... l^mdan, 1845 

RIGBY. (E ) On livMnenorrha*a. and otlier Uterine Affection*, in connection with De- 
raaxement of the AMmilating Function*. Hvo. *J plate*, (i/r. /.^eaWuM. 1H44 

DUPARUUR. ^F.) A Trfati:ieon tlie Fumtional and Orjranic Diaeaxet of the Uterus. 
TrantJ.. with Notm. by J. Warrinsion, M.I). Hto Pkiiad., 1H37 

HUNTER. (\\\) An Anatomical l>c«4-iiption of tlie Unman Gravid Uieras. and its Con- 
tent*. 'JMcd.. by Dr. Rixiiy. Hto. plates. /^m<en, 1843 

INGLERV. (J. T.; On Uterine llciDorrliaee. Sd ed. Hvo. ..." 

BALRIRNIE, (J.) The 8}ieculum applied to the Organic Dineaaei of tiie Womb. Hvo. 
J0« y^dea, 1H36 


HACKER, (II. A.) I^teratnr der Syphilitischen Krankheiiea vom Jahr 1794 bis 1839. 
evo J^iig, 1830 

ACTON, (W.) Complete Treat ite on Venereal Diseases. Hvo. woodcnU. and 4to Atlas 
•f col. plates. 3I«. (W i.9ndon, 1841 

BACOT. (J.) A Treati»e on Hyphiitt, kc. H*o " 1H2» 

CARMICIIAEL. (R.) Clinical l^ectare* oa Venereal DiM>a«es. Reported by Samnel 
Gordon. A. M. lllontratevl by coloured En^ravinj^ of the different lorms of Ern|i(ion. 
Hvo. 7«. M London, XM'i 

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dary. 'Jd ed. Hvo. 6«. IWi. . . . .' Ijondon. 

C<tLl<ES, f A.) rraiiical Ol>«ervationh on the Venereal Disease, and the nse of Mcrcnry. 
Hvo J^ondon, 1837 

HUNTER. (J.; Trratiie on tl»e Venereal Di>ease, with Notes by G. B. Bubinjrton. Hvo, 
eacr Pkilad., 1H39 

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lAmdon, 1K36 

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•Sd ed. t*\o A>»- York, 1842 

-— Cliniqoe Icono|n^|>hiqtie de rilopilal des Vi^n^riens. Parts 1-<H, 4to, col. plates, each /.6. 

Paris, lH4!2-44 
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WALLACE. 'W.) A Treat iK> on Venereal I h^ease and lU VariHies. Hvo. " 1838 

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thamaforKher. Hvo HaUt, 1830 

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plates. 3(U I^ondon, 1831 

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IHMin, 1838 

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Isondon, 1831 

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l^ndon, 1838 

LAYCOCK. (T.) A Treatf« na the Nervous DiaeaMw of Women : compHsinf: an Inqairr 
iato the Nature, Causes, and Treatment of Siiinal and Hv*tencal Disordefs. Hvo. Hit. M. 

I^don, 1H40 

HALL. (M.) Commentaries on the Constitutional Diseases of Females. In 9 Parts. 8vn. 
plates. Iti* l^don, 1830 

Part 1. Of the Symptoms. Causes, and Prevention of Ijocal Inflammation, Consumption, 
S|Nnal AlfectKina. and otlier Dnorders incidental to Vouuf Females. 

Pan *i. <%>m|>relirndin|! tlie aeveral .Afle^'tions incidenlal to the middle and later Periods of 
l^fe. and of their (?onstitotjiinal Origin. 
ASIIWELL, fS.) Practical Treatise on the Diseases peculiar to Womea, illustratod by 

Cases denvad from Ilo«pital and Private Praotioa. 9d ad. 8vo. 91«. London, 1846 



<t ' 




, / 


WOMEN, DISEASES OF ^(Continued.) 

INGLEB Y, (J. T.) Facto «nd Cawt is Ohitcuie MediciM, with ObMnrcttoM 
the ino«i imiioiiaDt DiteMes inddeatal to FenuJat. 8vo, 9*. . , Ij 

WALLER. 'C.) On the Fnnctiun and Dneam of tlie UnimpmyDatedl Womb 
!fcr Ja 

^ DEWBEH. (W. P.) On the pneam of Females. 7th cd. 8to. . Pi 

JEWELL. (G.) Practical Obwrvations on LeacorriNBa. Floot Albas, fte. 8v< 


LEE. (R.) Rnearchei on the Patholo|nr and Treatment of the Diteawa of Wo 
platc«. £a 

POWER, (J.) On the Periodical Dbchafie of the Human Female. 8ro. 

ROZIER. I^ If abiiodes Secnitet chez kft Femmee. 3d ed. 8vo. enf . 

BLl'NDELL. (J.) ObMrvatinni on tome of the moce important D i ma m < 
Edited by Dr. T. Ca»lle. 8vo, I'it. Lt 

MEDALS AND COINS.— (See Numismatics.) 
MENSURATION.— (See Mathematics, p. 217.) 

SMITH. (J. W.) A Compendiom of Mercantile Law, from the 
last English Edition : greatly enlarged by the addition of K 
ReftTPiices to American Aathorities, by J. P. Holcombe and W. 
son. Ko. calf. $4. New-York^D, A, 6l^ 

HOLCOMBE. (J. r.) A Selection of Leading Cases open Ca 
Law decided in the Supreme Court of the United States; with 1 
Illustm lions. 8vo, 1^4. New- York, D. A. &. ' 

DENECKE, (W.) On Indemnity in Marine In%nrance. Bottomry, Rcvpondeatl 

PARK. (J. A.) A System of the Law of Marine Intarances, Bottomry, 9tc. 

EMERIGON. (B. M.) Trait« Ae* AMorancef et de« Control* k la Grone. 9 « 


AZUNI, (D. A.) Dizionari univenuiJe razionato della ifiurisiirudenza mercaat 
iU) Itr 

Droit Maritime de I'Enrope. 2 voU. 8vo 

JJ^^WI I. F.S maritiinn et coloniale*. on recneil de Ion et ordoanaaoaa, i^KleaM 

tinnii mini«t(*ricl|ps. inenioirps, etc. ; qui jwovent intirieawr ies coloniei, par M. 

P<iirT*. Hf< voN. Hvo ~ ■ 

See Comiiiercial Law, pp. 109, 204. 

MESMERISM.— (See p. 237.) 
METAPHYSICS.— (See Philosophy.) 

KAEMTZ, (L. F.) Complete Conrae of Meteorology. With ! 
Charles Mnrtins, ond an Appendix, containing the Graphic Re 
tion of the Numerical Tables, by L. I^alanne. Translated, wi 
and Additions, by C. V. Walker. l3mo, I2s. 6d. Lom 

DANIELL, (J. F.) Elements of Meteorolgy ; being the 3d editio 
and enlarged, of Meteorological Essays. 2 toIs. 8to, numeroiis cb 


FORRY, (S.) Meteorology: comprising a DescriptioD of the At 
and its Phenomena, dLC. roy. 8vo. New-Tt 

HOWARD, (L.) Seven Lectures on Meteorology. Sd edn., 
12mo, 48. 6d Ltm 




METEOROLOGY.— ( Continued.) 

LARDNER, (D.) and WALKER, (C. V.) A Manaal of Electricity, Masnetifni, and 
Meteorolofy. 3 vols. I'lmo, |>t«tM, 12* JMndon, 1B44 

REID, (W.) An Attemitt to develoM the Law of Storms by means of Facts, arran^^d 
according to Place and Time ; and nenee to point out a Caase for the Variable Winds, 
with the view of practical use in Nav^ation. lUostrated by Charts and WoodcnU. 3d 
edn. 10$. t^vo, 1m. London^ 1846 

HARRIS, (W. 8.) On the Nature of Thnnderetorms, and on the Means of Protecting 
BaiUings and Shipping against the Destractive Effects of Lightning. 8vo, 10«. U. 

iMmdon, 1813 

TUOM. (A.) An Inquiry into the Natnre and Course of Storms in the Indian Ocean, 
South of the Equator, with a view of discovering their origin, extent, rotatory character, 
rate and direction of progression, barometric depression, and other concomitant phenome- 
na, for the practical parmHe of enabling Ships to ascertain the protimity and relative noai- 
tion of Hurricanes ; wiiii SnggCKtions on the means of avoiding them. 8vo. with Chart 
and Diagrams, ]S«. < . Ijondon, 1845 

SAINT-UILIARE, (B.) De la Meteorologie d'Aristote. 8vo. Pari$. 

See ExcYc-LO. Mktropolitana, Art. Meteorology, by 6ko. Harvkt. Reports of 
the British Association, 1831 & 1A40, by Paor. Forrks. Companions to the Brit- 
ish Almanac. Taylor'! Scientific Memoirs. Pouillkt'a Elemens de Physique. 



BOECKH, (A.) Metrologtache anteraachangen flber gewichtc MOnzftit 

und Maase des Alterthums in ihrcm Zosammenhange. 8vo. 

^ Berlin, 1838 

LEPSIUS. Ueber die Verbreitong des Italischen MUnssystems von Etraria. 8vo. 

I^eiptig, 1843 

PAUCTON. (A. J. P.) M^trologie, ou traitd des mesures, poids et monnoies des anciena 
penples et des modernes. 4io. Paris, 1781 

See UrLsciK. Sammlung Mathemalischer Tafeln, Leipzig, 1840. Kklly' a Cambist. 
MrCi'LLOCH'8 Commercial Dictionary. Pa8LKY'8 Ob^rvations on the Measures, 
Weight*, and Money used in tliis Country, lAmdon, IH34. Companions to British 
Almanac. Encycio. Britannica. Report from tlie Select Committee of the House 
of Commons on the Royal Mint, 1837; the Ap^iendi.x contains a lanre collection 
of papers relating to the Mint of the United States, the French and Dutch Mints, 




GILLIAM, (A. M.) Travels in Mexico, by the way of Vera Crnz, Jalapa, 
Paebla, &;c., with Observntions upon the Religion, Political Institutions, 
Commerce, A»?riculture, and Civilization in Mexico ; and accurate Ac- 
counts of the Mines and Mining. 8vo, plates. Philad., 1845 

BEAUFOY, (M.) Mexican IllusiralionR, ind. of the Condition of Society, 

Manners, Morals, &c, of Mexico. 8vo. . Z.on(2oN, 1828 

BULLOCK, (Wm.) Six Mouthk' Residence and Travel, in Mexico. 8vo. J^mhn, IftM 

WARD, (A. G.) Mexico in l»I7. 2 vol«. 8vo " 1P28 

CALDERON dk la BARCA, (Mmk.) Life in Mexico. 8vo, \U. . " 1844 

TIIOMPSON, (Waddy.) ReoolJecf ions of Mexioo. 12mo. . J^'em- York, 1840 

NEBEL. Voyafe pittoresqne ct arch<^ologiqoe dans la partie le plus int^reswnt de Mexiqoe. 
fi.lio. 50pl../!300 Pfln>. 18aC 

JU^fTIQ VITES MEXIC\.iiyES. Relation de Trois Expedition* du Capitaine Du|>aix en 
1805-6-7 ponr la recherche des anticnites dti Mitka et de la Palenqne : suive dm Di«erta- 
tions, des Notes, &o., |>ar I^enoir, Warden, Fan-y, &c. 3 voU. folio, 16^ planches, /..50(). 

Paris, 1834-36 

LYON, (G. F.) Jonrnal of a Renidenoe and Tour in Mexico in ltfi6, with tome acfx>nnt 
of the Mines of that Country. 2 vols. 12rao i^mdmi, 1838 

See PoiNiKTT'8 Notes on Mexico. Latrobk's Rambles in Mexioo. Chkvallikr*! 
Letters MACORKOoR'i Commercial Statistics. McCullocii'b Goograph. Dic- 
tionary, etc. 


I ". 


iT A 




[military art. 

.' ,4 




/ - 


TERNAUX-COMPANS. Voya^, Rclationi. et Mdmoim oiuin«az poor ttvrir k Vim- 
tt.irc de la d^ctioverte de rAm'eriqae, pubJies poor la prrmiere fou en iran^ais. — Racocil 
de pii'civ relative* k la conqoete du Mnxique. 8vo,/.14. .... Pari*. 

PRESCOTT. (W. H.) History of the Conquest of Mexico ; with a Pre- 
liminary View of the Ancient Mexican Civilization, and the Lile of the 
Conqueror, Hernando Cortes. 3 vols. 8vo, 3 plates, and 2 maps. 

NevD' York, 1843 

CASTILLO. The Memoirs of the Conquistador Bemal Diaz del Castillo, 
>vrltten by Himself; containing a trne and full Accoont of the Discovery 
and Conquest of Mexico and New Spain. Translated from the Original 
Spanish, by J. J. Lockhart. 2 vols. 8vo, 24«. . London, 1844 

CLAVIGERO, (Abbe F. S.) History of Mexico, transl. from the Italian 
by Culien. 2 vols. 4to Londmi, 1787 

AyTIQUlTRS MEXICO IJfES. Relation de Trois Expeditions dn Capitaine Dopeiz, 
en l^lUo-6-7, {Mior la recherche de« Anliqaite* dn Mitka ei de Palenane ; cnire dei Diaw^ 
tation*. des Note*, &c., |>ar Ijenoir, Warden, Farcy, &c. 3 torn, folio. Paris, 1834-6 

Dk SOLIt?, (A.) Hist, of the Conq. of Mexico by the Spaniards. 3 vob. evo. 

Ltmdm, 1738 

GAM.V, (A. De.) Dtwcription hiotorica y cronoloipca dc las dos pied rnN qne con oocanon 
del niicvo emjiedrado que he »ta foiinando en la {uaza principal de Mexico, le baUaron ea 
ella el aiio de 1790, etc., por. C. M. Bustamente. sm. 4to. . . Mexieo, ld33 

CORTES. Despatches of Hernando Cortes, the Conqoernr of Mexico, addrened to Charlei 
v., written daring the Conquest, aij^containiog a Narrativeof Events. Now fint trans- 
lated into English frum the orif^al Spanish, with an Introduction and Noles. B7 G. 
Foliom. roy. 8vo AVw- r«ri, 1843 



BRKWSTER, (Sir D.) A Treatise on the Microscope. 8vo, plates. 

London, 1837 

EIIRENIIERG, (G. G.) kt MANDh. (L.) Traitd da Micr0M!O|ie et de son eroploi dans 
I'etude dcii cor^w organises, »uive de recherchos sor Torganiiatiun des infosuires. 8to, 14 
plates. /.H. Paris, 183B 

(Sec also Mandl's Anatomie Microscopiquc.) 

LEREROTRS. 'N. P.) Instruction pratique snr les MicrusQO{Ns. 3e 4dn. l3mo./.3. 

Paris. 19^ 
DUJ.VRDIN. (F.) Noaveau Manuel complet dc robservatenr an Microscope. ]>hno, et 

Atlas, /.lO 5() Part«. 1843 

CHEVALIER. (C.) Des Micn>*copos et de lour usage. 8vo. planches, /.9. " 1H39 

DONNE. (.\lf.) kt FOUC.AULT. (L.) (.'our« df uiicriscnpie n mplementaire des ^todoa 
modicale. Anutoinie microiteopique et phy^iohigie des flnideii de I'economie. Atlas ex4- 
cai6 d'a]>ro« nature au micr(>scO|ie-da^err6otype. folio, oontrnant 30 planches ^rar^es, 
avec un U-xte descriptif, /.30 Part*, 1846 

Sec Ti'LK and IlENrRKv's Anatomical Manipnlation. 8vo, 9«. /..andom, 1844. 
Pkk hard's Es»ay on the U»e of Micro»copes, &c. 


HALLECK, (E. W.) Elements of Militarv Science and Art ; or, a Conrse 
of Instruction in Stratei^y, Fortification, Tactics of Battles, &c , embra- 
cing the Duties of Staff, Infantry, Cavalry, Artillery, and Engineers ; 
Adapted to the Use of Volunteere and Militia. 12mo, illustrated with 
numerous Diagrams. New-York, D. A. & Co., 1847 

There i;* no work similar to thi« in the Ensli4h lan^ua'^e, and nn pains have been spared 
to make it a u«e''ul book for officen of militia and volunteers, as well as tlie general 

AIDE-MEMOIRE to the Military Sciences, framed from Contributions of 
Officers of the different Servicca, and edited by a Committee of the Corps 
of Royal Engineers in Dublin, 1845. roy. 8v6. Parts I.-IL, each, 14#. 

London, 1845-6 




MILITARY ART. -^{Continued.) 

gore, (Capt. J.) The Evohition* of a Field Battenr explained in fall deUO ; together 
with Thirty-three Plates for the farther illostration of the Sabject. To which are ^ded, 
the Priacipal Manoovrei of a Brigade of Batteries ; with Thirteen Plates. 12ino, 3s. 6d. 

Woelwick, 1846 

WELLINGTON. Maxims and Opinions of Field-Marshal His Grace the Duke of Wel- 
lington, selected from his Writings and Siieeches during a Public Life of more than Half 
a Century : with a Biographical Memoir, oy G. H. Francis. 8vo, 14«. . London, 1845 

BURN, (Capt.) Naval and Military Technical Dictionary of the French Language : with 
Explanations of the various Terms in English. 12mo, 5«. &d. . fVooiwick, 1843 

JACKBON, (R.) A View of^the Formation, DtscipUne, and Economy of Annies. 3d 
edn. 8vo, 13« jAmdon, 1845 

GRIVET. Aide-memoire de I'ingAniear militaire, on Recneil d'dtndes et d'obserrations. 
8vo, planches Paris, 184- 

le partie. Sciences eC administration ; oomprenant Thistoire, Toffanisation et Tadmin- 
istration dn corps du g<^nie, les services de paix et de guerras et plusienis r^snmds scien- 

9e partie. Constmction. 3me partie. Art Militaire. 

CASTELVERD, (E. dk.) Memorial militaire dte Francais. 8vo, avec 40 tableaux at 10 
cartes r^ographiques. /.13. . '. Pari*, 1846 

CORREARD, (J.) Recneil snr les reconnaissances militaires, d'apres les anteuis les pins 
estim^s. 8vo, et Atlas, /. 15 Part«, 1845 

.AJ^J^U^IRE de r^tat militaire de France pour raan6e 1846, pnUiA snr let documents da 
miniftere de la guerre. 12mo, /.6 Peris, 1847 

FAVE, (J.) Histoire et tactique des trois armes, et plus particnlierenient de raitillerie de 
campegne. 8vt>. aveu un atlas in-4, de 48 planches, /.2D ; planches color., /.28. 

^ Psris, 1845 

RKMOND, (lk Gknkral.) Principes de strategic iMmentaire et de progrde. 8to, /.7 50. 

P«rt«. 1846 


WELLINGTON Despatches and Corrcepondence, daring his Campaigns 1799-1815. Compiled from Authentic Documents, by Gol. Gar- 
wood. 12 vols. 8vo, and Index, jC12. 10*. . London, 1839-^1 

Selections from the above, roy. 8vo, 21* " 1841 

MAXWELL. (W. H.) Life of the Duke of Wellington. 3 vols. 8vo, plates, maps, and 
woodcnU. 36« London, \«3S^-il 

THE MARLBOROUGH Letters and De*patch«>s, from ITOS to 1713, recently discovered 
at Woodstock. Edited by Sir George Murray 5 vuls. 8vo. X5. London, 1845 

MAPS and Plans of the Principal Operations. Battles and Sieves of the English Army dur- 
ing the War from 1806-1814, from Original Drawings by Major Sir T. Livingston Mitchell. 
In sheets, £12 ; mounted as maps, XJ4 ; bound, jC18. London, 1840 

NAPIER, (W. F. P.) History of the War in the Peninsula and the Sooth of Fran6e. 
ffum the Year 1807 to the Year 1814. 6 vols. 8vo, jCG. ... London, 1840 

(Reprinted, Philad., C. & H.) 

GLEIG, (O. R.) Lives of the most eminent British Military Commanders. 3 vols. ISmo, 
18s London, 18» 

80UTUEY, (R.) The History of the Peninsular War. new edn., 6 vols. 8vo, 63«. 

Linden, 1838-37 


BUCHANAN, (R.) Practical Essays on Mill- Work and other Machinery ; 
with Examples of Modem Tools, &c. First published by Robert Bn- 
chanan, M. E. ; afterwards improved and edited by Thomas Tredgold, 
C. E. ; and now re-edited with the Improvements of the present age, by 
George Rennie, large 8vo, and the plates, upwards of 70 in nimiber, in an 
atlas folio vol. 45*. London, 1841 

KANE, (Sir R.) On Horizontal Water- Wheels, especially Turbines or 
Whirl- Wheels; their History, Construction, and Theory. Illustrated for 
the use of Mechanics. By Morltz ROhlman. Edited with an Introduc- 
tion and Notes, by Sir R. Kane. 4to, 6 plates and tables of calculations. 
79. ed DiUtlin, 1846 





." ./ 

/ ' 







BiBLiooRAPHY, See Dana's Sjitcm, infra. 

DANA, (J. D.) System of Mineralogy, comprigiiig the meet Recent Dis- 
coveries. 2d edn., 8vo, woodcuts and 4 plates. . New-York, 1844 

JAMESON, (R.) Mineralogy, according to the Natnral History S>'Bteio. 

8vo, 6« Edinburgh, IT^I 

(From the Encyclopedia Rritannica.) 
THOMSON. (T.) Oatlinet of Mineralogy, Mineral Analytn, &c. S Tob. 8vo. 

Ij»ndon, 1636 

CHAPMAN. (E. J.) Practical Mineralosj, or. a rompendiam of the distJM|pii<»hiii|r 

rharat:ten of Minerab, by which the Name of any Specie* or Variety in tlie Mineral 

Kin^om may lie speedily aMwrtained. &\o, ?« Ltmmdan^ 1813 

A Brief De«cri|>tion of the Character! of Minerals ; forming a Familiar Introdnctioa 

to the Science of Minerahigy. I'imo, 3 plates. As iutntlom, 1844 

MILLER, (W. H.) A Treatite on Cry*tallo?raphy. 8vo. Cttmlrrid^e, 1839 

GRIFFIN, (J. J.) A System of Crystallogni(^y, with iU application to Mineralocr. 

^'vo Oiojtff^w, ]M1 

KOBELL. (F. VON.) Instmction for the Discrimination of Minerals by tirople Chemical 
Ex|ierinienU. Tvo CUtugow. 1«*11 

BAl^DRIMONT. Traits eldmentaire du min^raloipe et de gdulogie. 8vo. . Pa n>, 1(40 

Dl'FRKSNO V. (A.) Traits de minOrzUuKie. 3 vuU. 8vo, avec un grand nombre de fifoici, 

et un alias de 'JUD planrheA. Pari*, lHi^-47 

BELTDANT, (F. 8.) Traite de minoralogie. Se ddn., 3 vols. 8vo. . " 1H33 

BRARD, (('. P.) Nouveaux <^lomenli de minoralogie. on manud du min^raloviste vnva- 
geur. .Te t'<lii. >"'vo Paris, liSS 

Minoralogie appliqaoe aux arts. 3 vols. 8vo " 1821 

NEt'KER. (L. A.) Le R- frne mineral aux methnlM natarelles. 2 vob. 8vo. " 1835 

BURAT. (.\.) Gcolojne appliquee. ou Traitd de la rocherciie et de I'explottation de» miM- 

raux nlilw. 8vo,/.l-J Pmrit.V/M 

E.sf vcLO. Mktromlitana, .irf. Cry»tal]ography and Mineralogy, by J. H. BaooKt. 

MINING.— (Metallurgy.) 

URE, (Dr.) Dictionary of Arts, Manufoctures, and Mines; containing ■ 
clear Exposition of their Principles? and Practice. Illustrated with 1240 
Engravings on wood. One thick volume of 1340 pages, bound in leather. 
$5 New- York, D. A. & Co. 

Recent Improvements in Arts, Manufactures, and Mines, (being ■ 

Supplement to his Dictionary.) ^vo, illustrated with 200 cuts, $1 50. 
The complf tc Work, with Sui)plement, bound in two vols. Price ^6 50. 

NetB- York, D. A. & Co. 

BUDGE, (J.) Prartical Miner's Guide ; comprinin^ a Set of Trijfunometrical Tables 
adapted to all I'urixnies of Oblique or Diasonal, Vertical, IloriKontal. and Tiarene Diil- 
lin^; with tlieir Application to the Dial Exercise of ShaHs. Aditt, Drifti, L<^des. SUdfS, 
Ijcvelling, &c. ; aI»o a Trc.itise on the Art and Practi<«of As«a>ing Silver. Cop|ier. Lead, 
and Tin ; with e«<cnt)al Tables, Rules, and liluntrations, applicable to Mining Bniiness. 
3d ed. Hv<», 12* Isumdan, I8i5 

JiTL,if< DU MIXKUR et du M^tallnrciste. recucil de dessins lithograi>hies. K^atif* I 
iVxploitation des minei« et aux o|>eration'( metallar<!iques exocntds par M>I. ^ dJercs 
d'ocole royaie des mine^. le-5e annees. planches avec texte oxp'icaiif, f(»li'>. Parig, I8ES7- 

COMBES. Tnute de IVxploitatiun des mines. 3 vols. 8vo, avec on atlas de 68 plaftcbef hi 
folio, f.45 Pari*, 1845 

BLANC. .Manuel de I'evploitation des mine^. I8mo, fig. . . . " 1845 

Part I . liouille, ou charbon de terre. /.3 5(1. 
Part 3. Fer. plomb, cuivre, dtain, argent, or, zinc, diamants. /.3 50. 

LAMPADirS. (G. A.) Manuel de mdlallargie geni^rale, tradnit, revue et ang. par G. A. 
Arroult. 2 veils. 8vo JParis, V^ 

KARTEN, (C. J. B.) System dcr MclaJInrgie. 5 vols. 8vo. ot atlas. BfHin, 1630 

See Iron MANurACTiRK. Taylor'h Records of Mining. Mining Review. 

MINNESINGERS.— (See Ballads, p. 65.) 

TAYLOR, (E.) Lays of the Minnesingers, or German Tronbadoors of 
Xllth and Xlllth Centuries, sm. 8vo, 9«. . London, 1835 



WILKINSON, (W.) An Accmuit of ihe PrincipuUlia of WalbichiB ■Dd 
MtddlTia. Bvo Xsndm, 1630 

KOCAhNITCUAN, [M.] Histoirc dr la ViUchic, dr la Moldivip Hdrm, 
Valaqncfl irBrndBtiabUoi, eic. S vo\b. 8vd. Berlin, 1837 

VAI1J,ANT. (J.A-) 1# Kontsini-, ou hiKoLreJiingup.liiuh.Miw.iireg™- 
pfair. naimlque lira peupleii iIp la langnr-d'Oil Ardalivna. Valiqitn tl 
Motdavea, rfaunC woi le nam <Je RonMiia. 3 voli. Std, /JII. 

Parit. 1S45 

CLEMENS, (A.) WaluhiKhr SprschJfhre. 3d «l. Sn. 

Utrmamttlail. IS36 

MOLNAR, (J.) Dtowch-WnUcliisdir Spmchlehre. ero. " 1810 

J};CTfOJYiV:AUI£ liaDtais-valaque. fur P. Poyenar, F. Aaron et G. Ilill. 
3 Tola. 8to BeucartU, 1640 

LBIICOtf va[achia-Utin(i-bun|garioo-g>TiJiBiuciini, qucxt a pliuibos anctu- 
tibua dtcuiau iriginta cl ampliiw aniioruni elabaralum est. 6va. 

BaiU. teas 
MOLLUSCA.— (See Malacology.) 


Failed tyUr.tiilca- Bvo ZandM, IB40-43 

[. BEDE'S Church HiMorr.cPiiard Iram ihe VcraioDoTSlevrn*. 8<a,l!l». 

II. GILDA9' tpiade mftecting Britain, md 
NKNNIUS' Briliah HiMory. 

III. RICEIARD or DEVIZKS' Chrnniclr of ibe Rrii^n of Richard l. and 
RICHARD OF ClKENCBSTElt'S bncription of Biilain, 

IV. GEOFFREY or MUNMOUTIl'tJ BrUiah UiA»rj. Tiawlated by A. 

V. BEDE'S Ccclceianical BirigrapKira and hftttn. S vola. 

VI. CHROyiCLES of ibe Whil« Roae of York. 

MONUiVIRNTS, Sepulchral. 

ARMSTRONG, [Rev, J.) A Pnprr on Moonmenia. STo.fflita. 

Otfard. 1644 

MARKLAND, (J. H.) Hrnmrka an English Chnrebca, and on ihr Eipe- 

diencf of rcndEriiig iirpuicbnil Mrnwriala mbwnrioit io Pioni and Cbria- 

lian Uva. 4lh rdition, enlargi-J, IStno, G>. 6ii. London. 1647 

BLOXHAM, (M. II ) A GJimpn- at llie Munatnenuil ArchiinMun- and 

Scalplan of Gml Britain, from ibr Earliest Prriod lo thp End of ihe 

Eighl«Dlh C^nlary. 6to Lonibfl, ie34 

BI.OBB, (B) riw Maaaadrtal Ri-niin*nrMot4> ud emiuM N i m w, tomjmmt ilu 
Bnttslml AaUqsilM oT firnl BnuiB ^ viUt IlUiMisI uol DavapkHri IIIWhiim., 

e™ f^-Um, IK» 

ercrriURD.IL'.A.) TlwHoaaw«I^ Kffipnsfliininnlaia.a^HMdAsaiCtuliBlnk 

•Kli.1iinilM.fU. fiHill. plat-. /..hImi, 1HI»« 

JJOU.W. (T. il.D«.) "n-Mamm-BlalEIIlKmofCrMlfcrtUlB- «• |a*l 

HABT8HOBSR, <R«v <T I£ ) A» EibJmiiiih lo HMify lh»«.p»Wi™l Rhmih 4b 

KMblBplMliln.waDUniBMiia Piiim>lMaaan«lI»lkM4A«UT. «B.I'«a. 

WALLRV. Aft-Wo/MuiiiitMaial Bf»— . mtwliai frmn il>.Tii»rf B,l<r>i<l I. is 

4- / 




[Murray's librart. 



MONUMENTS— (Con<tnucd.) 

BOUTELL. (Rkv. C.) Monumental Braaes and Slabt: an Hutorieal tad D«ef{ptiT» 
Notice of the IncUed Monnmenial Memoriali of Uie Middle Afet, with BamefoiH illutia- 
8vo. 10«. M ZiMudm, 1847 


THOMAS, (W.) DeMKnt for Monanenti, he. 4to 

POTTIE, (C.) Dekif nt fur Sepulchral Monuments, sm. foL, 85 pialft, 96«. 


A OEJfER.iL VOLUME of Epitaphs, Orifinii and Seleetad, with appropriate Texts 
from Scripture. J'Jhw, 5« l^tmdam, 1840 

SNOW, (J.) Ijjrra Meroorialia : Orijnnal Epitaphs and Chorchyaid Thooffais, in Verse. 
With an Eoay by Wm. Wonltworth, reprinted by bii permissioa. New editioa. lemo- 
delled and enlarged, l^mo, 3«. 6*/ London, 1847 

ECCLEHIOLOOIRTiThe). Vols. 1>. 8vo. woodcnU and plates. . " 1846 

(Continaed monthly.) 

MOON.— (See page 56.) 

RENOU. Rccherches geographiqaes sar le Maroc, BoiTies d'itin^nim ct 
de renseignetnentB. 8vo, /.1 2. Paris, 1846 

THOMASSY, (R.) Le Maroc et sos caravans, ou Relations de la France 
avec cet Bmpire. 2c 6dn. 8vo, /.6 50. ... Pari*, 1845 

HAY, (D.) Morocco and the Moors. l2nio, 2«. Cd. . London, 1844 

BEAUCLERK. (G.) Journey to Morocco, roy. 8vo, 2l#. " 

JACKSON, (J. G.) An Account of the Empire of Morocco and the Dis- 
trict of Suae, etc. 4to London, 1809 


YOUNG, (T.) Narrative of a Residence on the Mosquito Shore, daring 

the Years 1H39, 1840, and 1841 ; with an Account of Tmxillo and the 

adjacent Islands of Bonacca and Roatan. 12nio, 5». London, 1842 

See MAroRiooa's Pro<;reu of America. 9 rols. 8vo. ..." ]847 


' / 



sm. 8vo, monthly, 2«. Cd. 

1. The Bible in Spain. By George Borrow. 

2. Journals in India. B^ Bishop Ileber. 

3. Travels in the East. By Irby and Manglet. 

4. Siege of Gibraltcr. By T. Drinkwater. 

5. Morocco and the Moors. By Drummond Hay. 

6. Letn^rs from the Baltic. By Miss Righy. 

7. The Amber Witch. By Lady Duff Gordon. 

8. Cromwell and Bunyan. By Robt. Southey. 

9. New South Wales. By Mrs. Meredith. 

10. Life of Sir Francis Drake. By John Barrow. 

11. The Court of Pekin. By Fatlier Ripa. 

12. The West Indies. By M. G. Lewis. 

13. Sketches of Persia. By Sir John Malcolm. 

14. The French in Algiers. By Lady Duff Gordon. 

15. Bracebridge Hall. By Washington Irving. 

16. A Naturalist's Voyage. By Charles Darwin. 

17. Fall of the Jesuits. From the French. 

18. Life of the Great Conde. By Lord Mahon. 

Limdon, 1844-47 

mxtrrat's handbooks.] 



MURRAY'S Library. — (Continued.) 

19. Gypsies in Spain. By George Borrow. 

30. The Marquesas Islanders. By Hermann Melville. 

21. Livonian Tales.* By Min Rigby. 

29. Memoirs of a Missionary. By Rev. J. Abbott. 

23. Sir Robert Sale's Brigade. By Rev. G. R. Gleig. 

24. Letters from Madras. By a Lady. 

25. Highland Sports. By Charles St. John. 

26. Joomeys across the Pampas. By Sir F. B. Head. 

27. Gratherings from Spain. By Richard Ford. 

28. The Sieges of Vienna. By Earl of Ellesmere. 

29. Liberation War in Germany. By Sir Alexander Gordon. 

30. Adventures in the South Seas. By Hermann Melville. 

31. Story of the Battle of Waterloo. By Gleig. 

MURRAY'S Handbooks for Travellers. 

See Guide Books, page 179. 



BLAZE, (C.) Biblin^raphie mo«lcale de la France et d« Viistngtr, on Repertoire fin^ral 
et »yftematiqnr de tons lee timit^t et onvret de mnuqne vooale et iaetmiBMitale imprinUt 
on grav^ en Europe jnsqn'k oejoor, etc. 8vo, /.8 50. . Paris, IBS 


BURNEY, (C.) A General History of Music, from the Earliest Ages to 
the Present Period, dec. 4 vols. 4to, plates. . London, 1776-89 

HAWKINS, (Sir J.) A General History of the Science and Practice of 
MuHic. 5 vols. 4to. London, 1776 

LA F'AYE, (A. de.) Histoire g^n^rale de la musiqne et de la danse. 2 

vol<«. 8vo, Qvec un atlas de 28 planches in-4, et 36 planches de musiqoe 

in folio, /.27 Paris, 

NORTH, (Hon. R.) Memoir* of Mosick. By the Hon. Rocer North, Attorney-General 
to James II. Now first printed fn>m the Orijnna] M8., ana edited, with copious Notes, 
by Edward F. Rimbanlt. crown 4to, hairbonnd, 13t. J^ondcn^ 1846 

HOGARTH, (G.) Musical History, Biof^raphy, and Criticism. iUed. 2Tob. ISmo, 10«. U. 

London^ 1R37 
. Memoirs of the Musical Drama. S vob. 8to, 16« " IS38 

CHORLEY, (H. F.) Music and Manners in France and Germany. 3 ?oIs. im. 8vo. 

A«iuien, 1841 

BUSBY. (T.) History of Music ; condensed from the Woriu of Hawkins and Bnney. 3 

voh. 8vo Lmiem, 1819 

Conceit Room and Orchestra. Anecdotes of Mnsieians, ancient and modem. 3 vob. 

l8mo London, 1835 

BOM BET, (L. A. C.) The Lives of Haydn and Mosart, with Obwrrations on Metastasio, 
etc. Transl. from the French. 12mo. Booton, It£19 

MOSCHELLES. (J.) The Life of Beethoven, includinf his Correspondence, etc. Transl. 
fnim the German. 3 vols. 13mo. LoiUton, 1841 

ORLOFF. (G.) Eisai snr Thistoire de la mosiqneen Italie, depnis les temps ks plus aacieas 
jucqu'^ noi jours. 3 vob. 8vo Pstm, 188S 

BECKER, (C. F.) Systemat. Chronolog. Dantelluag Mnsikaliscbett Litten^nr. 4to. 

A/ijpztr, 1836 

BLONDEAU, ( .) Histoire de la mnsiqne modarne, depnis bs piemien sieoni me Vin 

chrdtienne jnsqn'k nos jours. 8vo, vol. 1, /.6. Pttrit, 1847 

ADRIEN DK LA FAttE, (J.) Histoin gendiale de la mnsiqna et de la Daase. vols. 1, ST, 
et atlas de mnsiqne. ~ nmmJm 






4, ■ 








I. HISTORY.— (C«7i^ini/«/.) 

BERLIOZ, (il.) Viiyace Muaical en Allraiarii* rt ra lUlw. Etad« wr BwUmitm. 
Clock et Wehrr. Mdanffn el nonvelles. 9 rob. 8vo, /.I5. PKrt«. 1K45 

DIVTIOJCAR I'ofMoticiaM ffum the Eftflint Ag«« to the 1* 11 — 1 TioM, mmI % Bommarj 
orthe Iltktoryof Music. *i«oli. Hvo. Jjmtiam,\ifi\ 


WEBER, (G.) An Attempt at a Systematically ArraniH Theory of 

Musical Composition. Translated from the 3d Gennan editicHi, with 

Noll's, by J. F. Warner. 3d ed. 2 vola. roy. 8vo, $5. BmIm, 1^'46 

The ilMinKauhinic rharartemtUr of this wurk ii, thai it ii a thaorr of msMeal rompo- 
HtHia confonnable to the |m>«ent Mate of the art : a view of the raka aad methoJs 
pimrtMed by Mozart, Beethoven, MenddMOfaa. and 8piihr: it ■ anii)oe fiir Iht- co|ii- 
ooftDevi a« Well a> apiMMlene* of lU mntical iiloMratioat. The tieat«e tif Albierhit- 
beriter i« full of aBUnuated pettantrv. and that of CheraUni wholly ■■ worthy i f K» 
illokinow name. In <ienuany, Wrber't work m the ktandanl nathnnty Tbr 
worki of Rnoha and Mari jiow»mi >onie |irvuliar nerit*. bnt tliey aim more at |«r 
ticular exrelh-ni*ira, while W eber aim* at fencfal and nnivenal onea. 

WARNER. Rndimenial Ln«oni in Mniic. CTuntmninf tha Primary iMtrartioa iv<}UMte 
for all Becmncn ia the Art, whetlirr Vucal or Infttmmental. iHmo, 50 cU. 

AVw-reri, D. A. ft Co.. 1K|6 

A (TniTerul l>ietionarr of M aural Terms, taken ia part from G. Wefaer'i Vorabn- 

lary of Italian Word* and'I^raHn. bnt chiefly fnmishad from other MMueai. Hro. 

The Pmnary Note Reader, or Firbt Steps m Sinjpnff at 8i|rht. Idmo, SS cti. 

AVv- I'eri, D. A. ft Co., l^HA 

GRAH.^M, (G. F.) The Art of Mniical Compoutaon. 4lo, 12#. . JMm*., 1*^ 

Fi:TIH. MnMc Made F^y. 1'imo Ito»ren. l'^ 

SCHILMNG. ■(;.) I^hrborh der allsemeiner MnukwimenKhaft, od. drwea. wv Jcder, 
der mn«k trt-ibt iider lernen ndl, nothwendif wiMen mu*, etc. Hvo. KmrUr., 1*09-10 

-— <V}nverkatton«hand-leiicua. mnukalnchet eathallMid d. nribUadito Eiklamnc aHer 
moMkahwhen Rfalirn. etc. "2 vol*, f^o AugMk.. IHU 

AllcvnitHne <ti-Bi*ral-nai>il<-hre, nut be^oad. Racktieht anf aofehende Mauker a. 

febildete Dilrttanteo bearbfiiet. H\.i iJmrmMt., l^OP 

MARX, (A. h.f Muiikal Kotni»tattiiin«lelire praetiKh-theorrtiieh. 3a verb. Anfl. Ir 
Theil. t*vo t^piig, I'MS 

MALATIER. ti. A.) F.nrvrk>|iedie p<ipalaire de mniiqne Torale. on Rceeail det pint 
brans rhantu pnuohuiet ri rel^penz de lorn Ics |«nples, notes ct cbiflies d'apna la methode 
detialiB. 4 voK. l'2mo. /.I'i PSrw. 1M4 

RAVMONDI. f J.) NoQveau Sy«t<-mi' de notatinn mmicale. snivi dn rappnrt fkit an ronfr't 
seietttifiqoede France, »ar le premier e%»ai de umphfication mustoogmprnqne. Svo. pi • / ^• 

Fart J. lr«li 

Fi:TIH, .'F. J.) Trait« complet ile la Theurie et de la Pratiqne dc rharmowe. I>vn. / 12. 

Pmna, 1*44 

EHCf 'DIER. ( FKKRBii. MM.) Ihctionnaiie de Mnsiqne d'apret tea lh«oricin^ bklonen*. 
et cntiqun li> plu* c^'lehrea <jni obt >*rrit tur la UB>iqne. 2 \ols. Idmo, /J JO. 

Pmris. IM4 

(iirUANI. (S.) loipidortion an (\>de d'harmonie pratiqne eC th^oiiqne, on Nomcnn 
H>»ii-me lie Iwwe foodameaiale. f\o, f.** Fari#, )M7 

Rt>rSSEAU. (J. J.) iHctionnaire dv muiqne. 3 vols. 8vo, /. 1-2. '* I'VS 


Mi*I.LER. (CO.) Imrodurtion to a Scientific Syaiem of MFtbolofnr. 
Traiisloted from the Grniian. hy John I^itch. ^^o, \2s. Ltmdtm, lKt4 

CHRISTMAS. (Rlv. II ) Cuivrraal Mythology. 13ino, 7r 6d. 

KEIGHTLEY. (T.) Mytholoj^y of Ancient Greece and Italy. r»To. 
platm, Knt LojiiMi. Ih34 

tlie Same abridged, fur the use of School*. IHmo, cats. 

A>». rsrir, D. A. ic Co. 

CARR. 'T Hj Mannalof «'laMcal M>tholoey; of.arompanNMlutbaOnekaadLMm 
Poet* with a (^•|li>•n% liCitcoB Imlrv. l;!mu. <U. iU liMI 

BrTTMANN.tPn.) M>ilmloeaB.oderre«. Abhandlann* iibcr dieRaflvi 4m AkHlhamiL 
'J «oU H\o BarHn, l^tf 







[natural history, 

MYTHOLOGY.— (CoM/iwwcrf.) 

CRErZEE. (F.) Svmbulik aid MjUiakYi* d«r akea Vdlk^r. bcaoMlm d«rGrMi>heB a. 
Eoowr. 4 vob. i*to i>4rmst.. lt<3»~^4 

the itame. TnuMlatcd br J. D. Gniimiaat. 4 T«>li. 300 pi. . Farit. \i*S&-^ 

HITZIG. (F ) Znr Ahartea Volkrr Bad MytheB^oKhichte. Vol. 1-. Hro. Uipiig, IM- 

HEFFTEE. (W. M.) Mythnlofir der Oritvhea and Roowr. Hn>. ItHJ 

BL'RCHAEDT. (G. E/< Haadlracb dw ClwuKbeD MTtbokgw, Dach Grand^atien. 
Vol. 1-, i*vo. i>rr*dm. lt^3 

»'iIWENCK. ( K.) Die in]rtholf«ie der AMttucben Volkw, der GrierJm. Romer. .Kffvp 
ter. (tenMBen v. MaweB. Vol. 1-^, Hvo »«bA/., lt«43^5 

JA<'Y)BI. (E.) DictioaBaiie MvtholoftqDe aniveiBrl. on Riofn«phie BiTthh|Be de« dieiii et 
dea peMMBafffa fabaleat de la Grpce. dr I'ltalie. de rRfnjite, de I'lade, de la Chine, da 
Ja|«oa, de la Scandiaavie de la Gaale. de 1' AnH>nqDe : dela Pol7B6aia. Tradnil de I'alle- 
uaad, ivfoada et conidote i>ar Th. Bernard. l:!ino. /.4. Pmrtt, It^G 




GIANNONE, (P.) Opere : ciT6 Istoria del Regno di Napoli: Opere Po«- 

tuiiie, con Vita sua. llvol. 8to. .... //diiVi, 1H:21 

CX)LLETTA. fGKM. P.) Storia di Napoli. 17:M-]H25. S rob. i*TO. Cap., \t/Qi 

TENORE. (M.) EimI tar la feofraphie phyiiqae «l botaaiqae da roymame de Naidn. 

^^o ,\uplt$, 1»«7 

-^ Flora napolitana. oada deKriiknie delle pianta indifM* dl NapoU, ato. 5 vol*, folio, 

pi. col JVa^i. IHl()-38 

0ee Mt'RKAY** Iland-Bfiok for 8oatb Italy. Ifaplet. and Sirilr. 8»KiiiTnRra 
SutiAtic* d'ltalia. MAiORKOOR'a Cummereial Statirtioi. M[c(\'LU>CH'a G«.>- 
icraphical Dictionary, &r. 



EN(iELMANN. (\V.) The I^ileratare of BTatoral Ilittory : or. a fVvttematic CataJofM 
of lliOM> \Vork« on Natoral IIiMory which hate been printed from thie commeBreiiiettt of 
the la»t reatary to the end of JH-U. in Enf;laBd. France, (lennaay. Italy. Holland, and 
other Foieijrn Count ne«. Vol. 1. fvo. liir /^ps^r. IH46 

Part I.— Zoology and Mi«oellaDfoa« Wurlu. with Two Indexes of Aothora and of 

AGASSIZ, (L.)* Nonienclator Z4H>lofriciis, continrns nomina nyatematica 

genoram animaliuui tain vivcntiuin quam foMiliam, aecundiun ordinem al- 

phabeticum dwpoaita, adj<*cti8 aactoribtia, libria in qniboa reperiimtnr. 4to. 

SoUwre, 1842 
Part 1. Maamalia. I vol /5. 

•2. A^ 

1 vol. 

" 3 and 4. Cruktaoea, Venrnv. Entoztia. Infoioria, etc. S vols. R. 

A translation, edited by lIaiE;h E. dtneklaad, it anBonnead for pabHeatioB by th* Baj 

CI^VIER. (G.) Hixtoire de» Scirnfe* Natarelles, depahlenroriiriBe JoMto'k aot jonn, ehes 
ton* lek penplis ronnn*. romprenant la philoK>|iiiie de rhbtoiie aatorelie et nn exaoMB ap- 

profoBili de la phil<iM>i>hie de la natnre en Allemafne et en France ridici^e et com- 

)iletee par iM. T. M. de Haint-.\ffy. 4 \oK. Hvo./.*^^ /'arf>. 1H4I 

Ilivtoiiv des prof;n>i de* ncientMi nalnrelle*, depni* 17HII jotqn'k nm hinr*. .1 vok. Hvo, 

/•-M3« Parif, l(«a»-36 

Cl-yiKK'S Animal Kinfdom. tnin!«lMe«l, with additioB*, by BdwanI Grifllth. Major 
Hautb. Edward Pigeon. J. E. Gray, E. (tray, and uUiers. 16 vok. Hvo. I^mndan, lH|f7-3S 

.Animal Kinir<iom. arraneetl acconlinc to its OrxaaizatioB : ferminc tlie Ra»i* for a Na- 

Inral Ilittory of Animal*, and an Introduction to < ompamtive Anatomy. The Mamma- 
lia. Bird*, ami Re|rtilni. bv I-^ward RIyth. Thf Fuha* and Radiatn, by R. Mndie. Tho 
MollBiooin Animab, bv G. John*t«in, M. D. And the .Articnlated'.^nimah. bv J. O. 
Wert wood, F.L.8. Roval Hvo, with 3nu wxod enfravlBip, 1H«. ; with plain aft«r'l.ABd 
•eer. ^Kt I^wUmi, 1840 

JEN YN8. (I«.) ObMrvatiom io Natural llirtory : with an iBtrodnetioa on llabiu of Ob- 
»«rvinK. ai connanlod with that Srjenoe ; alfii. a Calendar of Periodic Phenomena in Naln- 
lal flitlory, with Ronailu on tba Importaaoe of MMb R^prtMs. mi. 8vo, lUf- M. 

i^arndtm, UM6 




[naturalist's library. 



SWAINSON, (W.) A Preliminary Diaeoone on (he Mody of Natuml 
History, sin. 8vo, 6* LanJon, 1834 

CoixTKHTH.— Part 1. Rm aad Prwrna of Zoology.— Part 9. Oh thv UcMral Natarv 
and Advanta:rci of the St udj oi Natural HUtury. — Part 3. <>• the Pnan^ilf** «m 
which Natural IlMory irlin for it* i>acfeii«rul nefM«ution. and the Con«idrratiua< by 
which thr Natural Sy'iitrai may b*.' <lrvrlo|MNl.— Part 4. On the Pi^cnt Btate nf Zo»- 
li'pcal 8rirnr« in (*rfat Bniain, and on tiie Mraiu beat ealculal«d for Ha Eaooorafv- 
ment and Eiteniiiin. 

JONKS, (T. R.) A General Outline r)f the Animal Kingdom, ■nii Mantial 
oi Comparative Anatomy, dvo, 3S0 illustr., 38«. ; royal 8to, £i. 16«. ; 
imp. »vo» £b.\\8. London, 1841 

Thin work fompri<«M a i^enerml viewof ihr Animal Crration, ezhihitinf the clraetDivaBd 
intrrnal cTononiy ot' every rlaw of litinfc beinp, and tbdr ada|iUtioii to the ctrcoCB- 
hlani-m in which they are wverally diittined t'l eiut. 

liffiurpH on the Natural History of animaU, deli\-ered befova tba Royal InftHn- 

tion of Great Britain. 2 viih. Hmo. ^iA» i^mUam, li^5- 

WIIITK. r: ; The Natural History of t^lliome. with Notrt by the Ew. L. Jeaya*. 9(1 
lllai>tr. l*.*mo. In. (id Ijtmdmm. 

BRODKRIP, 'W. J.; Zooloxical Illustrations Hvo. 10«. (W. . . " IKT 

'R^firintwl. New-York. W. k P.) 

WATERTON. ;('.; t:»av«on Natural II iRlory, chiefly Omitbokjffy. 9d edn. 9 vob. ISno. 

\U M. IjomAmm, l'<44 

LOrnoN. -Mk:! ) The F.nienainin); Naturalivt ; beinj; Poonlar l)fMrri|ilii>as. TaJr« and 

Amviioi*^. of more than Five IIandn><l Animab, comjirrnendinf all ibe Qaadni|wiit. 

KiriU. Fi*he«. Reptiles, In«>el«. Ate. Illuitrati'd by upwards of 3jU wood eDxra«iBf%. 

new «<«hi. n'xiMi]. I'Jmo. 7«. tU Ij&m4wm.\^^ 

The Year Rook of Nataral Mi«ti<ry for Youns Person*. 40 ml*. ICm >, 4«. " IM*J 

tihmiMN. «.f Nature, and olijtH-tii of intenM de«cribi^, dari«f « Vi»it lo tbe I*lr of 

Wi/tht. I>i><ij:ne«i to A«ii>t Hnii i-m-ouraire Vuunx Penon* in forming Habits of Obvnra 
tmn. niu*t. Mjuare Hiino, Ilx. IM. . . Ijtmdmtk, IMS 

GOSHF.. (P. 11.) TIkt Canadian Naturalist. ;m. Hvo. 44 lllu»tr. " \*Vi 

MARTIN SAINT ANiiF. kt Gl'KRIN. lY.,; Traite elem-niaire d'hitlotn' aaiarrlle. 
oomprenant I'lirEaHivation, le* rarai-tt-re^ ei If ^la^•lH■■atlon lie* ve^^eaux et de« aninianv. 
loi miran de i)i« dernM*rv, rt lo i-l«-iiieni^ tie Li inineraloeie. i-t de la ^eoluffir. r*%o. / 141 ; 
fiff. col. /.I'J» I'«rtf. 

CHENI*. (M. J. V ) I^ron* EkmeniAiro^ dTIt'ioire Naiordle, rom|ireaanl aae Aperra 
uir toute la Zo'*lofr*e et un Traill do t'om-hyhulocie. r'\u, jilanilm. /.13. . Pmrit. IinKJ 

8ce .\MifALa. Ammal Kimidom. Khtdmoloot. liEarcTouxiT. Iiiitiit- 


Jcmmr'h Gleanini:! in Nat. Mi«t. Jonmal i fa NaturalM. KoiBBa* RamUnnf a 
Naturah»t. I^)M>o^'h M»ca/ine uf Nai lli*ti>ry. Tlie Zoolqpirf. moathly. |3#. 

?>r ana. Majra/ine of Natural IIiMory. Annali of Natural llirfory. 3li«. prr aaa. 
ran«actioni of Linnean ^*ocu•ty. Tran«anioot of Zodofical Society, &c 


Conducted by Sir W. Jardine. Ithno, coloured plates, 4«. 6<f. per toI. 

Edinhmrgk, ▼. y. 

List of IWaaiM eompr»tn/f tkm Sfrus. 

1 aad 9. IirMMING BIRDS. Vt* rolourvil Plate*, with P> rtraiti aad 
nm« and Pennant. 

3. P£A(H>rKS. PIIKASANTS. Tl'RKKYS. fcr. X cotoarMl Plataa. with 
and Memoir of Art«totJe. 

4 BIRDS of the GAME KIND. 3-i colourvtl Platm, with Pbrtrail aad Meaoirof 

T. S Ra«fle«. 

5. PIGKONS. Ji foloared Pl;ite«, with Portrait and Menmirof Pliaj. 

n. PARROTS y* i-oluuml Plate*, with Potrait and Memoir of Bewick. 

TandN RIRI»H of WFJ^TKRN AFRICA. fW i-oktoied Plates, wilb Pbrtnrta 
Mi-titoiri iif Ilruif and I^ Vjkillant 

'J and II BIRDS of GRKAT BRITAIN hnd IRELAND. 68 cobarMl Phl^ 
Portruti .ind Memoira of Sir Robert Sibltald and Smellie. 

10. FLY CATCH ERH Ihetr Natural Arm nsemtnl and Relatjoaa. 33 
With Purtrniu and Mrm'nr of Baron llnller. 

lemoinof Lia- 



naturalist's library.] 


[natural philosophy. 


1. INTRODUCTION, by 3mmm Duncan. 

S. BEETLES-^ColcoptoroM laiect*. Ji coloured Plmtea. with Portrait and Memoir of 

3. BRITISH BUTTERFLIES. 36 coloured Platei, with Portrait and Memoir of 


4. BRITISH MOTHS, SPHINXES, &c. 33 coloarcd Plates, wiib PortraH and Me- 

moir of Madame Merian. 

5. FOREIGN BUTTERFLIES. 33 coluuied Plates, with Portrait and Memoir of La- 

ft. HONEY BEE. 33 coloored Platea, with Portrait and Memoir of Huber. 


1. MONKEYS. 33 coloured Plate*, with Portrait and Memoir of Baflbn. 

S. LIONS, TIGERS, &o. 3m colourml Plates, with Portrait and Memoir of Cavier. 

3. RUMINATING ANIMAI^ ; c<intaininf De«r. Antelope*, Cameb, tic. 35 cd- 

onred Plates, with Portrait and Memoir of Cam|ier. 

4. RUMINATING ANIMAI^; containing Goats, Sheen, Wild and Domeatic Cattle, 

tus. 33 coloured Plates, with Portrait and Memoir ot John Hunter. 

5. THICK SKINNED aUADRUPEl>H (Pachydermata); conststlBg of ElephanU. Rhi- 

noceroses, Tapirs, fcc., k.c. 31 colosred Plates, with Portrait and Memoir of Sir 
Hans Sloane. 

6. WHALES. 33 coloured Plates, with Portrait and Memoir of Lacepedo. 

7. BRITISH QUADRUPEDS. 30 oolonied Plates, with Portrait and Memoir of Ul 


P. AMPHIBIOUS CARNIVORA ; inclndinr the Walrus and Seals, and the Herbivorous 
Cetaoea, Mermaids, &c. 33 coloured Plates, with Portrait and Memoir of Franfoia 

9 and 10. DOGS. 70 coloured Plates, with PortraiU and Memoirs of Don Felix D'Azara 
and Pallas. 


1. FISHES of the PERCH GENUS, kc. 33 cokmiwl Plates, with Portrait and Me- 
moir of Sir Joseph Banks. 

3. FISHES, Vol. 3, ^larticnlarly their Structure and Economical Uses, tie. 33 ookNuwl 
Plates, with Portrait and Memoir of Salviaai. 


WHEWELL, ( W.) A History of the Indactive Sdenoes, from the Earliest 
Times to the Present. 2d edn. 3 vols. 8vo, 42«. London, 1847 

The Philosophy of the Inductive Sciences. 3 vols. 8vo, 30«. 

London, 1840 

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(Lardner's CycIopMia.) 

CUVIER, (G.) Hi«totre dee Sciences Natnrellcs, depUM l«or Ofiriao jnaqn'k nos Joon,di«i 
tout les peuples oonans, . . . compldt^e par M. de Baiatafy. 3 vow. 8vo. Paris. 


HERSCHEL, (J. F. W.) A Preliminary Discoarse on the Study of Natu- 
ral Philosophy. 13mo, 6s London, 1830 

On the feneral nature and advanta|^ of the study of the physical science* — On the 
mean« on which physical scifnce relies for its successful pn><ccutioa, ami the rules by 
which a systematic examination of nature should be conducted ; with illustrations 
of their influence, as exem|ilifl<*(l in the history of its progress. --<>f the subdiviiioM 
of physii-s into distinct branches, and their mutual relatioos. 

HERAPATH. (J.) Mathematical Physics ; or, the Mathematical Princi- 
ples of Natural Philosophy : with a Development of the Causes of Heat, 
Gaseous Elasticity, Gravitation, and other great Phenomena of Nature. 
2 vols. 8vo, with Tables and Diafrroms, 30*. London, 1847 

ARNOTT, (N.) Elements of Physics. 2 vols. 8vo. " 1833 

(Reprinted Phllad., L. k B.; 

* * * 

h ■■: 






[natural philosopht. 




v . 

TRK ATISES— ( dmi'muvd.) 

BIRD. (G.) Rlrnientk of NttareJ PhiioMphy ; \M\nf, an ExpcfimMtal latradactioa to tb* 
Htudy of the Phykical Bciriicw. iM rdn., reviwd and calaifcd. I3aw, vroodrau. \i». Grf. 

XATVRAL PHILOSOPHY FOR RKOLYJ^KHS: bMBC Familiar Hhwirftiiom of the 
I<aw» of Motion and Mmhanic* : intended ai a Text Rook lor Bcbooli aMi tMf-lm(r«c- 
tion, a* a Comjianion lo the Lrctnrr Room, or for Model Schook. Sd 9dm.. iwim^I aad 
ini|iro%cd. limo, en((TKvin|r«, Zn. M J^^ndtm, li*4i 

YOrNG. (T.) A Conneof LprtariM on Natural PhikMophT and Uw Bleehaiical Aru. 
New edn.. witli rrferrnce* and note« by the Rev. P. KeltaM. S Toli. (Ita, 43 esfrntlBct 
on co|i|ier. iMf ijgmdfm. IH45 

LRtlLIK, (J.) TreatiKt on the Vaiionn Hiibjecto of Natural and Clwmical PkikMophT. 

H«o. (» .... Kdtmkurfk, 1<P* 

(Enryclo. Rritannica.) 

PESCHEL, (C. F.) Elenuntu of Phydicx. Translated from the Gennan. 
with Noteff, by E. West. Illiwtnited with Diagrams and Woodcai*. 3 
vols. l2iiio, 2U Londam, li!45^ 

Pan. 1. The Phyiirt of Ponderable Bodie*. fcp. Br; It. tt. 

Part. *2. Imponderable Bodin (I^ht, Heat, Mafnctttm, Elactricity, aad Ekrtfo I)y 

naniici). U voK. fcp. Hvo, I'Sn. fni. 

MtlLLER, (J.) Priiiciplfh of Physics and Meteorology. Transl. from thf 
(leminn. Hvo, 540 woodcuts. .... Ijondom, 1kI7 

LIBRARY OF USEFUL KyOWLEDGE. 4 vols. 8vo,24«. 

Londw, l^nKUl^3}4 

Vol. 1 — roDtnininir tiK* Preliminary Treatise ; H\dro»tiitic«: llydraahcs; Pneaaiatnj : 
Ileal; Mwhanif»; 0|)iie« ;' Polarisation of Lif hi ; Index and Glotcarr. !*•■. 

Vol. '2 — euntainmi; Popular lniro<inetion« to Natural PhifoMmhy; Newton** (»i«h* ; 
<)|iii<-al InMriiimni« : TtMriiHuneti-r and P}rometer; RkvtrM-hy ; (iaJ«ani«ai : 
Magnet um : Kleciro .Max"*'***'" • ('lonary and Inilex. t'j. 6d. 

Vol. :i— vnntaininc AMrononiv ; Ili«t> ry of Ahtronomy ; Mathemaliral fl t op a |»hy ; 
Pb)*M-al (:c<><.;r.-iphy : Na\icniinn ; with (tloMsry and Index. 7«. fU. 

Vol. 4 — rontnininir ClMmKtry ; Btitnny ; Animal Phytiolofy. and Animal Mefhaaio \ 
with Index. T«. M. 


U\ and 'id .MeKin^ at Vi.rk and Oxfonl. IKtl-SS. Hvo, I3«. (U. 

3d Meriinir at CambrHlffe. IrCO. H%o, Vis. 

4th Meetinjc at Gdinhnrfh. IK34. Hvo. I.V. 

Sth Meetinjc at Dublin. 1H35. H%o. I.X*. fU. 

fith Meeiinc at Brutol, IrCM. Hvo. l>i.«. 

7th .Mreline at Liverjiool. 1KI7. f\o. If*^. fid. 

eth Mt^inf at Neweantlr, ]H>. hvo. I.'m*. 

Ml Meetinf at Birmingham. IKK^. Hvo, l.t*. fid. 

lOih Mertinc at Clanirow, |H4(). "xo. ]mi. 

nth Meetinf at Plymonlh. 1H4I. 13«. (W. 

leth Meetinft at .Manchester, IM*3. 10«. Ad. 

13th MnKinir at (%irk, IH43. V2j: 

I4th Mertinir at York. 1K44. *Jll(. 

]5th Mertin;; at ( 'anibriilKe. lP^5. \'2s. 

jrith Meetiac at 8ouihaiU|rfnn. IMTi. 

PARI!*. 'Dr.; niilinonhv in ^mrt miKle S«'i<T.ce in Eame«t : beisf an allrmiit to iDn»trsie 
the Firit PHnripb-^oT Satural Phil'iH>i)h> by the aid of Popular Toyi and Hp-rta. Hk 

e<L, with KM wodk-ntii. I'imo. Tir i^^udam. IHft 

(Repnnif«l. Pliilad.. L. k. B.) 

HA.MlIiTO\. ' W.) A Ilandliook : or. Hliort. (*onienient. and lUrllifikle iHrlioaan .f 
Term* uard in the An« and Hi-ienf-r*. l-.'nKi. *J». tU. /^vnJea. i-^i 

POMRRVIM.K. -Masv.: an Uie Connexion of the niv«ical 0cie«eM. 7lk««l.. |daie». 
I'ini.i. HU tU Awrf— . IHS 

LIBFJt*. Ili*toii« phik»«>|ihiqne de« |irr»irr«-. de la plitwqne. 4 voh. Hvo, /.V. Pmn§ 

Tniite it>m|ilet et elemeniaire de phtMi)ae. iiretentee dant nn ordiv WNttaa, d'a|ii»« 

lev deiiiovrrlr* nioilemrt. *> edn. 3 \oU. t*\o. fif.. /.|H. Paru. 

P^rLKT. Traite «lemMlaire de pby»iqne. 3e edn. i volt. Bvo. avw Allsi^ 9 id.. 
4t«>, f.ii Pmna, W 




TREATISES.— ( Confinued.) 

POUILLET. (M.) Elimens de phytiqae exp^rimenttle et de mdtiorologie. 4e Adn. 9 vob. 
Hto,/.1« Part*. 1844 

BECUUGREL, (M.) Traitd de phynque considerAo dmnt ws npporti avec U chtmie et let 
TCiencen n«t«retk». S rob, 8vo, /.15 Pmris, 1844 

BOIJCfl ARDAT. (A.) Ooura des Scieaen pbysiqaet, iL TuMfe das iUrm d« i^ioiophie. 
HiftoifB ■aiaralie. Itt and 'id Partt. /.7 Paris, 1844 

EISENLOHR, (W.) Lehrbnch dcr Phy«k. 8vo. . . . JVomAetm, 1844 

NAUTICAL SURVEYING.— (See Hydrography.) 

BELCHER, (E.) A Treatise on Naatical Stureying: containing an Oat- 
line of the Duties of the Naval Surveyor, &c. 8vo. Ijmdon, 1835 

NAVAL GUNNERY.— (Sec Gunnery.) 

DOUGLAS, (Sir II.) Treatise on Naval Gunnery ; for the Instruction 
and Examination of Officers, and for the Training of Seamen Gunners. 
3d ed. 8vo, 15« London, 1829 

NAVAL ARCHITECTURE.— (See Ship Building.) 

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time. "2 voU. Hvo, 31«. 6</ lAmiem, 1887 

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Lond»%, 1843 

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of the Fieach Revolution, vol. 1. Hvo. eajn^vin^, Hf. /.^aion, 1847 

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Ijmdvn, 1846 

See Mr!«DY*« Life of Lord Rodney. Keppkl's Life of Admiral Keppel. OoUiaf- 
wood'a Life. OaLCR^t Life of Lord Exmootli. 


CLERK, (J.) Elssay oo Naval Tactics. 3d edition, 8vo, plates. 

Edinh., 1827 

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Riginnf . and Manapnc VeMelfl of War, etc. 8vo BovtoM. 

FORDVCE. Outlines uf Naval Rontine. roy. Bvo /^nitm. 

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Ijtmdom, 1834 

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iVeio- York, 1821 

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edn. 8vo, 18« London, 1843 

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Botfofi, 1841 

RIDDLE, (E.) Treatise on Navigation and Nantioal Astionoaj. 4th ada. 8to, 18s. 

Ltmdn, 1813 





5£ E^!.f, 'K<i K K . LTC. ] 



NAVIGATION.— Cow/mi/^rf.) 

.VORIK. 'J VV , T.At'i »» iHilj A»toUBL 13Ui oda. ?««. 4«. U I^tmJn, IMO 

A r«Wi;J*-^ K;.i* ir«* of Pf»rti'*i NatixmikM. J2tfa cda. «f«o. ]fi#. . 

MAr'RV'H Tr.«4»r«r*i'.4j a»d Fr»/.tinii Tr»%uw<Mi XatiqrXiOB £*•. Philmd. 

r A 1^ :0 N K K . ' VV , A Ma nB» Ihct Kwanr . bmof ft C<k«o«i Ei phnaykw of ilw Tccknirai 
T'^rm* «aH Pfaf&M* «:ni{ri'<>«'1 in ti.« C bi^nir'toa, r~n[fift. MadUMrr, M'rtcoieau. 
anl Mili'urv M wcil »a >'»vhi 'J;#^ra.*Moi of i^hi^ : witb tach pani of A■«fO•^^lT jud 
Nav»i»v.'m. •• Mili br fodad -i*^ful t#> Pr«/:tK«J ^avi^aum, t/j wmrh ii aaa^scd a Voca- 
bvla'v of Fr»nr:h S^a (flkra««n. and Termt of Aft, eipJaiaad ia Eafl^. New cda.. bj 
Ilr Burnfjr. pitsMio. plau^. 3l«.M imitn. lg|5 


LAMBKRT, fMits., Hanflbook of Needlework, Decorathre and Ornm- 
m^'Tital ; iricluriine Crotrh*'t, Knitiini^, and Netting. By Min Lambert. 
With Jllu.<«trativ4: Hn;(rav.ngs. 4th ed. enlarged, 12mo, 6«. fid. 

'RoiiriofH. .NVw-York, W. k. ?.) London, 1846 

Church Nfedifwork, with Practical Remarka on its Arrangement and 

Frf{»aration. Hvo, illamratod hy engravings, 9«. 6<f. Lmdan, 1844 

HLVTS on ( >rn»m<;ntai N«:*'^lk:wijrk, ai applied to Ecdouastical ParpotM : with fllostra 
tK«fl«. Mjuarf . 3« /^Midoa. 1^<43 

OWKN, ^MMl>. lij This IlhiniinaUMl Lailir*' Book of UaeTol and Orn amenta] Nc«dk- 
work. «m. ''vo, ]h plaif*. rolourr'i. and woodrnt*. 9«. . . . Loa^a. 1644 

(;Af;(*AT.S'. ^Mr4.; T^ly'ii A'MH?ant in Knittinr. Nrtting. fcc. obloa« ISnio. vol. J, 
5«. Tm/. ; vol. '2. lUg. M., ami aMroinp't, 2s. Gd. ; \ol. 3. ]U«. M. Ijomdtm, 1M5-4 

MKK, ^MKllJ Manual of Knittin;;. Nirtiinff. and Fancy Work, obhmf 13ibo, b. M. 

Oomfianion to tlie Work Table. JOmo, 2* •• 

Croclurt Kxplainrd and IltfutraUftl. obi. Iftmo, 2«. Gtf •• 

NETIIKRIiANDS, (See Belgium, Holland, &c.) 

(;R ATTAN, (T. C.) Hirtory of the Netherlands. l2mo, St. London, 1831 
8(:IIILLF:R, (F.) The Revolt of the Netherlands. Transl., am. 8vo,3«. Sd. 

niolin'a Htandard Library.) London, 1846 

KAMVKS,(V.<i.) (;«Mliid»ti* dw Niedorlandn. 3 voU. 8vo. . Hambur^k, ISn-Si 
I)eBC)(;1TE. Dictionnairp^'i^raphiqae hUtoriqae, statUque et adminUtratif d« ta Belfiqoa. 

Hvo BrmxtUft, IH31 

HniAYKH, (A. (i. B.) Yjmm bi<tor. Rnr In a«nffM. let croyancoi, lc« traditi'.aa, Iwe^r^. 
monim K l<» pratiqum rcli;;ii>usn ct civile* dug Bolgai anciens et modernct. 3 vota. 8vo. 

JjBUMoin, 1834 

I^M Payii Ba«i avant nt dorant la domination romaine, on tableau hbtorkine, f^oj^ra- 

nhiqiir, fXf.. dtt la BclsiqiiP et de la Holland, depui* fet premien temps faiiioriqaM 
jnsqu'aii n** mi'clc. 1 vdU. Hvo. BruxtUe*^ 1837 

ALTMKYKR. (J. J.) Ili^toire dea relations commerdalea et diplomatiqoci daa Pay*-Baa 
pendant lo 16o hiucJe. Hvo BruxtUtt, 1840 


IIAIiMA. Lc grand dictionnaire fran^ois et flamand. 6e Edition. 3 toIi. 

4to Amtterdam, 1821 

DK.H RtK-HRH. Nouvpau dictionnaire franraif -flamand. nonr. 4dn. ang. par A. Oiaanau 
'i voIh. Hvo * .^nvers, IrfM 

WKSTRKKNKN pb TIRI.LANDT. Recherchei inr la langiie aation%Ie de la maJMiv 
pariii' du royaum** dn Pays-Bin. Hvo Aa //aye, IHSO 

BII.DKRDYK, (W.) Nudprland Hpraakleer. 8vo Orovndk., ]89i 

WKIIjAND'S Bcknopt Nodrrduitich taalkandig Woordeaboeck. 5 rch. 8vo. aad SanC 

norirtckt, U98-aa 


HIK(}KNBKCK. (M.) Pr«cM de rhi«toire littAraire dec PayB-Bai. trad, par J. II. Lebrae- 

iruy. IHmo Oamd., 1887 

8'(}RAVKN WKBRT, (J. dk.) EmU tor I'histoire de U Utt4ratar» aAerlaadaiw. Hvo. 






ANSPACH, (L. A.) History of the Island of Newfoundland. 8to. 

London, 1839 

BONNYCASTLE. (Sia R. H.) KewfooMllEnd in 1843: « Sequel to " The Canadu is 

Itair ^vois.t<ve. map. 3ill«ft., *il« J^ondeu, 1642 

JUKK8. (J. B.) Exc«rMOB« in and aboot Newfoandland, dnriBg the yean IKKMO. 3 
vok. 8vo. 31< J^Mdan, 1843 

See Edikbukob Cabinst Library.— British America. MACOBBaoR** Britiili 
America. McCullocu'b Dictionary of Commerce. 


RUSSELL, (Dr.) Polynesia; or an Historical Account of the Principal 
Islands in the South Sea, including New Zealand. 3d ed. l2mo. 

Edinb., 1844 
DIRFFENBACII. (E.) Travels in New Zealand ; with Contribationt to the Geography, 
CMt>hMy. Botany, and Natural History of that Country. H vols, f vo, 5 pktet, 34<. 

y^i/M, 1843 
POLACK. (J. 8.) Mannen and Cnstomk of the New Zealanden. 3 vob. ]iqU 8vo, 80 

woodcuT^. lfS« Ijondom, It&i 

Reudence in New Zealand. 3 vo(«. Hvo, I6t. ' . . . . " IcQS 

BROWN, f\V.) New Zealand and its Ahorifines; bein^ an Acconntof the Aborinnce, 
Trade, and Rv^onrcest of the Coiony, and the advantage* it now prevents as a field for 
Emigration and the Inveatment of Ca|)ital. 8%o. fit /«eii^on, 1845 

BRODIE. (W.) Remarks on the Past and P cMrnt State of New Zealand ; its Government, 
Cafabilitm, and Pro»|»ects : lite Q,ue»tion i f tJio Land Claims, the New Zealand Companv, 
the Indqtenons Ex|)orts, and Hints in l-^ni|;ration. Hvo, 6«. Od. Ijtmdom^ 1845 

WAKEFIELD. (E. J.) Adventures m New Zealand. (183IM4.) 3 vob. 8vo, 30«. 

I.»ndon, 1845 

Illustrations to "Adventures in New Zealand." Litliof^phed from Original Drawinp 

Ukea on the Hpot. imp. fol.. 15 plaii*^. X'll. 2*. ; coloured, X'4. Vi*. 6d. I^mdon. 1845 

MARTIN. (8. M. D.) New Zealand ; in a mtms of l^teni cootaining aa Aecoaat oftho 
Colony both before and since its Occnjiation by the British Government, etc. 8vo, 8*. 

lAmdtm, 1845 
LtBHjaR r of EnterUining Knowledge. The New Zc«danden. 3 vob. 13mo. cnu, A$. (U. 

/Arndtm, 1846 
RAOUL. (M.) Chotx de PUntei de U Nouveao Zeelawl. 4to. Paris, 1846 


MURRAY'S Handbook for France, Normandy, &c. 12mo, 13«. London. 
KNIGHT, (H. G.^ The Normans in Sicily. 8vo. London, 1838 

PETIT DK B AR()N<:OURT. De la politique des Normands pendant la conquete des Dens 
Sicilr*. r*vo. fMbd Pari*, 1846 

THIERRY. (Aro.) Hist, de la conquete de I'Angletane par lea Normands. 5meMn. 
4 tom. >*«o, avcc Atlas in 4to. Pmris, 1838 

The same, transkted. 8vo IjmUon, 1841 

WACK. i' Robert.) lie Roman de Ron, et des dnes da Normaadia, etc. ; mree doi notes 
par F. Pluqnet. 3 vols. 8vo. /.30 Rtmen, lriS7 

Transl.. with Notes and lllnitrations by Edgar Taylor. 8to. 35*. Ijondem. 1837 

BENOIT. Chroniqnct det duct de Normandic, publi^es pour Im premiere fois d'aprei na 
mannscrit Mnsee britanniqne par F. Michel. 3 vols. 4to, /.30. Pmrtt, 1837 

DfiPPINO. (G. B.) Hirtoire dn Normaadie, suns GniUanuM le CoaqnaraBt, et sn Haccea- 
M«n, kc. 3 tom. 8to PmrtM, 1835 

'— Histoiie dca Expeditions Maritimei At* Normaada. aonv. edn. 3 vols. ]8no. 

PmHs, 1843 

ESTANCELIN, (L.) Raclieichet snr let Voyagaa et DeeoBTartct doi Navigateois Nor- 

mands> 8vo Paris, 1893 

GAUTIER D'ARC, (E.) Uistoira des conqa^tea dea Nonnaad en Italia, en Sicile et ea 
Orece, et de lenr AtabUMemant an Italia et en Sioila. 8 vols. 8vo, et 4to Atlas, /.16. 

Paris, 1846 

JANIN, (J.) La NoTBMwdia IwtoiiqBe, pittonaqaa at monanMntala. 8to, plates and 

. woodcnts, /.I3 Paru, 1844 

Baa NoaTHHKK. 


f- ^ 




". .' 







•J I 

ijmimm. Its 

Nami^inii'h- IMa»ir«tion* t'-om Anricnl ('mn« in «BnoB« Public tMl 

Wi'h niiiiHTiuit w(M»il rnLT'iiiiij* nt' auttirniir Com*, ^\o. juf. fW. ijmmdmm. I* 

('omt of Anr-H-nt Ckim kihI Pn«<v« (■wotraiihicailj amB|rd ftsd DkMtAsd. C^taia 

iBC lh>|iaDi«, <**llia. aoil Hnianaia. hvo. |i^ i^mtdwrn. IMS 

<* III* of I hr Roman* n*latinc to KntaiD Dncnbfil and IllB«tfmtad. da cdB., •■Ib*|i^ 

fvo. Tiilair*. Iiv. (W l«pi^ba, IMI 


WHKATON, (H.) History of the Northmrn. or Dnnn and Norminn. 
from the IvarlieM Times to the ConqaeHt of Knglaiid hy William of Nor- 
mandy. New ed. 2 vol*. 8vo. New- Yurk, D. A. &, Co., lc*47 
Tlii» «HiilioD U «'ntirrlr rp-writirn, and may be considen^ a nrw work. 

CARKKKtiJi:. R<*ai tnr \»* Invasion* maritiato dr« Normantl* dam lea Oaaiis. 9vi. / r. 

DErriNC. a;, n.) llHtoirr dn EK|i«(iition* mahtiiMi d«t NonBaada. et d« Irar Habl»« 
mrnt rn Frani.-*;. ooav. vdn. j \uLi. Jt'nio Pmna, IM3 

8MITII. (J. T.) Th« NorthmrB in New England; or Ameiica in iho Tea'b CraUn. 
o>o. . . . .* H09tmm, 1"^* 

NORWAY. — (See Scandinavia.) 




LA1NC!, S.) JoiimnI of a Ri'Hidrnco in Noru'ay, during tha Yearn 1*^. 
'35, iiiid "M\ ; made with n view to inqaire into the Moral and Foliiical 
ticonomy cf thnt Couniry, and the Condition of its Inhablianis. 8vo. 

London, l^*37 

MTRRAV'S IIandb(K<k fi>r Northeni Europe — Denmark, Norway, ?wr dm. 
and Rim>'in. 12mo, nuip. Itjjt. . Jjondom 

BARROW, (J. Jr.) Kxcursifmn in the North of Europe. IShno. 

London, I -3^ 
BRF^MNKR, ;R.; Exmrsions in Denmark, Norway, and Sweden :i vi»l« 
8v() Jjomdon, I MO 

LATHAM, (R.) Norway nn«l the Norwegians. 2 vols. Hvo, 14#. 

London, 1**11) 

Twi*|wc;*-> Voya?^ *'n NorwrjM H rn Soi'dr. Hro. P/frfV. l»<lfi I.bmnina'^ R»i«* 
f\o llrrhm, Ir.'il ruNPKK'o .MiMlt-rn Tra^rllcr. L'l'nitrfv Pilloicatja*. |;jia 
Caliini.-I Librarv : H<^niliiia\u. -J \o|s. 


DUNHAM, iS. A.; The Hi<*t..ry of Scandinavin. 3 voIp. 12mo, Iftr 

Ijondon, 1839^0 

LAINC;, (H } Th«* Hi'im-lirinirln ; or, ChronirI*» of the Kingn of Ncirway. 

Trnnslaied from th** Icfinndie cf Snorro Slurlei>on. with a Prelimmary 

Diivcnation. 3 voix :rvi>, .*)(»«. .... XtOadcm. IrM-l 

K*^* Ma' oRKGoR'it i\ liinii 't la) Statutic*. MtCrLLoi'ii'M Grof. Dicti laarj. 


PINKKRTON. fJ^ An IN-.ty ( n Mr.lnls; or nn introd to the Knowledj;*- 
of .Aii<:ii-nt nml Moili-rn (''Mji* ami Medaln. eS[M'rlally thour of (■fe*rr, 
Rom«', and Britain. 2 vi>ls H\o. phtcfl London^ \'»r^ I 

RI'IUNC;. 'R.) AnnaUot' tti^ rnmacHor (;n^t Ilritain ami »■ IVprad^Mtn. fiwa iW j 

i,mm4mm. I/-I9 , 

AKl'.RM.VN. J. V/i A Ntinii-iii:iM.- Mbnnal; r>r Cioii!*' to ihcCMImiMi aad AmIi af ) 

(irt-rk. Roman, ami Rntli*h (otn^ IMuitratMl by enrra%ins*ot'inany buadwd li|««. b* > 

OH-an* (it uiiiriivttD iiii|i*-rtiif t iiHii fili.'iifraird pir«i-« aia% br v»>ily 4irtpk«f««d.' 1 laJ. i 

Hvn, 'lU frarfia. IHV \ 

—^ Nfw Tr-«iamrni of Our ami Saiioar Jr«ut <'hri>t, «itb ilglonol Hal** aad | 


CVakiffiie of Rare and l-iiMliUHi Roman IToiat. 3 toI*. H«-o. 




[occult scisxces. 

NUMISMATICS.— (Cow/iniierf.) 

COXA'S OF ILVai^l.VD. rttmtmd u Gaid. Silver, mad Coypw. im. iw9. U pUtM. 

/^MiM. 1M7 

HAIGH. I'D. U.; A a Eimj m th« N'aBnaatw Haiafy of ih* Aacmt Kinriom of tba 
Ea>t AojEin. -^vo 7^^^. I'HS 

HAWKINS. EL. Tiv> :*ilTor Coin* of tlofUad arraa^vd aad dcacnbed : wi!h r^markioa 
Bhtkh Moaej pie«iua« u> Um k*a&oa dvaaitiM. ?vo. I^mJttm. I'M! 

IJND9AY J.. A Vkv of tar Ci«iBas^ of IiMad. fraa dw lavaiioa of tike Dane* (o the 
R«wa «f (3«<rp» IV.. etc. 4to. Cer*. l<gQ 

CAEOWEXL. [>B. E., Ltctanm tm i^ Coiaafi of she tiRoki and Eoaau. i^vo. 

Orf'ird. IfJi 

MILLIVGEN. J . lUrirnl <> qoHpn fl^v!aiIlm rvr-^M^ v^t^i'je*. A:o. Rsmt. W13 

Anri^n* f'oiBi of C»r«i^k Ciim SLii Kia/t. I'rom %ano-i Coijcc'soat. ilJa.tratnl aad ei- 

pUiBMj. 4to. . . . .... /j»Kdm. liQl 

M.\R:t<iiEN. \V .ymmirmmfj fp'^.-^taitn ulm**rttm.. Tb« O-v^'aJ Coia*. Ancwat aad 
Modria. o!' Uta CoCjniuoB. OcwnUfd aa>i h>tor-aLt UiaiC/arcd. la t«ii parf« 40 •. 

/.«aJ./B. I>*3-i5 

RIDDCLL. J. I.. A MoBo;-i-4 ^t' th^ .^.Iv*r TMIa.-. rood an-! Lad : illQitnXfd «iib 
far MiBiiie £fa:ra of 4J^ -■ i.-.^<e» u:' EKtiiat. aad *7 va/wfm of Half D> J^an. '^\o. 

.Wv tjrienms, JA|5. 

GREEN. R R. A*ij< a<tri-n.a:i- ;.■'' •:« 1':. !•*•)(*» aai-traaf. en .1 ;■• i3<-h««. roat«vaat 
OB cKoii •> l"! r«^ :aii«^ fr^-*;**-* C'- roi*. c'c ; (Jar^H« par o<di« c'i*oboJ ip'jOi*, depoii 
\'*:4ji-,'i» !a ;.ii- rv«-a •:.- ja», I'aa -^ aura-.i^seai da IVc u^iclc. aTcc do* aoi«« hMoniiaes, 
•fc. f .:u f.f. ... P*ri». 

LELC\ KL. J N~~.t...Tr.a*i-.'>* di M •' --. Ir^. r-.atKivne foai Ir rafTiort if? ****• >c- 
eoni;.ajn- •- •.' .1 ail^^ •'' .> 'ibiri •-i.'-jcu.o.: ;.««. f<-ocraphtiiUC». el de fi^can^. B-<aBaMi, 
etc. - voj -vii, r< Atia.,/."^'. Pmrir. 

HENN'IV. >f .Miav.; 'i- nr,ini,n:afi-;-.* 1-- i-ra*. 2 vol*, "to. /'m«, I^QO 

MiO.VNLr. T. r. A::a«de2^>«ra:wi» aaautBiaiir,M. 4to. " ]R39 

Tft.1/Tt. rM-B^nraifv d« nini.marn.a* *s -i^aa*. ffr*c^a» «« lom . d ap«.i ct-Iii d'Erkel. 

aa;. d'bn zr\nd aonib-e ilarii >: -a.* it. j£ t>s K^ i^. i to.*, '■to. Parts, IrttS 

El.'KLL. J . Ki'i^f Aaf-.a;>fT xar aJw Nbniusia::k. aece Antf. £vo. ffum, ISO? 

Rv« \.iai.*mv. Jonrai.-. Naaiaaiati': Cufoaieie. Eaejclo. Meroputitaaa, .frf. 
NofBi^maii'^ bi B. f«aEK5i. 


KtlKR. H. B ; £>«>• on :h<? Arrhaoolcjjy of oar Popular and Nnrwry 
Rhym«r«. H xo\» Ithno. Ijfndon^ 1^37 

RIMR.\I'LT. E F >nr»'> RnMn^ . » m -f^ Tsb*^ to v.hich tii*T a-e »t; I •aajp la 
lh» N~ar<«rt^ of Ea^nai oMa;B-w) ;.nB -i.-^^it Iruoi Oral TraiiifioB. tiinare. ji«. 

T/ff: .VfP^ /:/.•>' HHYMFS f'f r.Vf;r..K\'If. '.Vamrd nrinnpallf fRMn Oral Tra- 
di*ioB. r ll'-'*<'i *b: e:.*.ci: :#. J. <> IIi. i*-... 4tb via . wiih aitrraiiua* aad addiiioM. 
port rKu. 4e. &/. . /..inuUm, 1448 

'Prrr* Societt.; 


^ALVERT^^ F' The Philo^of-hy of Mncic, Pro'liji*^, and apparent 
Mirarl'-«i Trn:.-. from '.h^ Fr*-nrh, with Noie«. IIluittrmtiTr, Explanato- 
n. and Critici.. by \ T. T':.«'inw.ri. .M D. 2 v«jla. "^vo. m§. 

Re.naffl Nr« York. H Bra'. ) Ijondon, 1846 

GfJDWIN, U'%! Thr Liv#* .f th»- NVcnimanrcr?. ^to. " ltf34 

COLLIN DR M-.\N<'Y. Fhi-t'OBBajr^ •nTr'aa'. no f-blKrth-.-a* nenej^-l* tar In *tfw, 
10^ {wroaaar*^. )i^ ime*. I«i> f^it* ei tr» rh<-«*-« '.i.i !w-aB«nt aiii a;.,>ani'»B«. ^ la macie, 
aa oumioeri'T J«- iVairr. aai di»iaaiioBi, aui «ciea-.-«» ■««^ to«. etc. dd eiln. 4 yak. Hro. 

M-IGIKO.V \' fwr BcoUchtaafra aai dvm G<-biet# d*r GeMterkaade VoU. 1-3. 
p^rt 1-3. "^o. ?>. >fBtt/.. I'^IO-U 

ff*» H ••T-r'« IlniioaolorT and Witchcraft. HiaBBiT** Philov piij of Apparitaoat. 
Kit v.TKK'if Natarai Ma'to. etc 



•i /.. 


BREWSTER, (D.) Treatise on Optics. New edn. 1 toI. (cp. 8to, 6«. 

XoiMim. 1631 
Part 1— Refleiton «nd RefrmrtioD of Lifht. Rdfesioo br Speenia aad Mi iiuu Im- 
airn formed by minori — Refractioii throtif h pmmt, ICc. tu. 

Part 2— Phpical 0|iCic«. C)d the coloar* of lifht — The dh>penioB of li^ — tlie polan- 
zatioa of li;;ht— Pbeaonoenaof comyotitm crjr»ialfl — On tJie donhle col mr of bwbM. 

Part 3 — Apnlication of Ofrtkal Princi|«le^to the ExplanaXioa of Namral Pbtaoitai. 
TIm; K«inbow — Halo* — On tite e>e and vision, he. 

Part 4 — C>n OpticaJ InttromentB. The Camcfa Obteara — Micrawopes. T efcac p p ai. Itc 

MOUiNO, (L'abbe.) Repertoire d'Optiqae modeme. le Pmrtie. 8to, 8r 

Paris, 1B46 

This work i» a complete analyus of all the books pnbliUied on the pbcBomeaa of L%hL 

POTTER. (R.) Elementary Treatiw on Optics; oontainiaf all the reqaisita Pio|>^Mtaoaa 
earned to lirU approximation, with the Conaroction of Optical Instnimeais. 8to. 9». 6rf. 

COTlDINCiTON. (H.) A Tieatiie on the Reflexioa and Refraction of L%bt; be»f Op- 
tics. Part 1. Hvo, plates, \ht Cmmi^idgt. 

A Treatike on the Eye, and on Optical Instniroents ; being Ofilics, Part 2. Pro, h». 

An Ekmentary Treatise on Optics. 3d edn. 8to, plates, fit. CmmkrUgt^ I8SS 

GRIFFIN. (\V. K.) TrPBiiM- on OpUct. Sd edn. 8vo, plates, &. '* IMS 

The Tlicorv of Doable Refraction. 8vo. 8< " 1643 

Ill-NT. rR.) Rewarrlie* on Lij;ht : an Exaininati'm of all the Pbenomeaa eoaaeclcd 
with the Cliemiral and Molecular Changes produced by the Infloenoe of the Solar Rays ; 
embracing all tliu known Photographic Processes, and New DiscOYeiies in the Art. Pro. 
10/ . (W ljnd§n, 1844 

PEREIRA. (J.) I.<ectares on Polarised Light, delivered before the Pharmaccofieal Society 
cf Great Kntain, and in the Medical School of the London Hospital. 8vo, i*. M. 

L«mda%, IS43 
MACKENZIE. (W.) The Physiology of VUion. 8vo, cots, m». 6d. . *' IMO 

8ee Fkarn'h Treatise on CVrebnd Vi»ion. Ryan on the Elements of Lj|^t. 
Lloyd's Lertnres on the Wave Theory of Light, and Treatise on Li|;ht and 
Vuion. PowRLL'ti Undulatory Theory of Light, and Treatt<e rn Optics. Wood** 
Elements of Optics. IIkrsciikl'h Treatue un Light, in Encyclo. Bfctropobtaaa, 

OREGON.— (See California.) 

GREENIIOW, (Rob't.) Geography of Oregon and Califomia. Sfo. 

JSetO' York, D. A. &. Co., 1845 
I History of Oregon and California. 8vo. " " 1844 

FARNHAM, (P. J.) Travels in the Great Western Prairies, and in the 
Oregon Territory. 8vo iVeip- Yorkt 1843 

FREMONT, (J. C ) Exploring Expedition to the Rocky Mountains, and 
to Oregon and New California. 8vo. WoMhington, 1845 

WILKEii^, (Geo.) History of Califomio, Geographical and Political. 8vo. 

New- York, 1845 

NICOLAY. The Oregon Territory. IHmo, \$. M I,nulm, IStf 

(KnightS WMfkly Volume.) 

TWISB, (T.) The Oregon Clu«>»tioB examined, in retpect to Facts and th« Law of Na- 
tion*. Hvo, 3 maps, Ms I^ndun and AVw- l'«rk, 1846 

DITNN (J.) History of the Oregon Territory, and British North American Far Trade; 
with Hn Account of the Habits and Castcms of tlie Princij)al Native Tribes oa tlie 
Northern Continent. 8vo, 7^. 6//. /.ea^ea. ]H4tf 

ORF.OO.V. The Claim of the United State* to Oregon, as stated in the Letters of tiia 
Hon. J. r. Calhonn and the Hon. J. Duchanan, American Secretaries of State, to the 
Hon. R. Pakrnham, H. B. M. Pleni|K>tpniiary. With an Appendix, containing tba 
Counter Statement of Mr. Pak«'nham to the American Secretaries of State, and a Map, 
showing the Boundary Line profioiied by each Party. Hvo, 2».Qd. l^trndmn^ 1846 

'.'. 1 DUFLOT DE MOFRAS. Exploration «hi territoiie de rOr«g;<n, dcs Califoreies et de la 

mer Vermeillc, czdcntd pendant \e» anndua 1S40, 1841, et 4*2. 2 vols. 8vo, at Atlas, /.80. 

- P*ri», 1»*44 

FEDIX. L'OrAgon et les Cutes de I'Oc^an pacifiqne da Nord, Aper^a gAographiqa*. 

statistiqne et |)olitiqae. 8vo, mdp, /.7 /*an«, ]t*46 





A SHORT ACCOUNT OF ORGANS BnUt in England, from the reign 
of Chmrin II. to the present time. 12nio, illustr., 9«. Lomdom, 1847 

8m Peaay Cyclopvdia, Art. Oroak. 



ALNAWAWrS Bkifrmpliical Dictioury of lUiutrions Mn. by Dr. WUitsBMd. Parts 

1-7, fMch 7«. U. 
ALPHAHRASTANrS Book of RelifioM and PhikMophical Sects, by Cantoo. Puts 
1-4, each («4r. 
. PILLAR OF THE CREED of the Simaites, by Caretoa. 7«. Otf. 

MAKIiZAJf UL AZRAR, by Nizaaii. edited by Blaad. 1S«. 

THE SAMA'VEDA, by SteveaMa aad Wilsoa. 13«. 

BUSEBIUS'S Tbeophaaia, or Diviae MaaifcsUUoa of oar Bavioar, by Dr. S. Let. 15«. 



THE TRAVELS OF IBN BATTUTA (ia Ef TpC. Syria, Pcnia. Zaanebar. Tartary. 
iiiadoMtsa. Teylon. Chiaa. Spain, and Africa, betweea A.D. 13)15 aad 1353.) Tnuw- 
hied from the abrtdfml Arabic maaoM-riiit copies pmerved ia the Pabiio Library of Caa- 
bridfe : with note* liluatrative of the hutory, geof rapliy, boUay, aatiqaities, etc., ocoar- 
naf throngbout the work ; by the Rev. S. Lee. 4to, Jb». . /.Muba, 1889 


MEMOIRS OF THE EMPEROR JAHANGITEIR: writtea by liiaMeir. aad traaslatod 
from a Peniaa Maaawript, by Major David Price. 4(o. Um. Ltmdem, 18S0 


THE TRAVELS OF MACARIl-S, Patriarch of Antioch: writtea by bis attoadaat 
Arcbdeacoa. Paal of Aleppo, ia Arabic. Traaslated by F. C. Balfonr. 4to. Niao 
Paiu ia % vols. £A /.mmIm. Ufi9-]830 



II AN KOONG T8EW, or the Sorrows of lUa ; a Chiaeee Trafedy. Traaslaled from tba 
orifwtl, with aotcs aad a specimea of the Chjacse Teat, by J. Davis. 4lo, 5e. 

Ij0nd^t 18S9 

THE JlfSTO|tV OF THE AFGHANS. TnaiJatod from the Ptaiaa of NcameC Ullah. 


by BemhanI Dora, P. I). 4to. A><. 


IIAOU KEW CIIEI'EN, or the Fortanate ITnioa ; a Romaaoa. Traaslated from tba 
Chiaeae iiri|riBal. with aote* sad illurtratioat ; to which is addad a Chiaese tragedy (Haa 
KooBf Trow, or the Sorrow* of Han) ; by J. F. Davis. S vols. Svo, Itt. J^^md^, 18S9 


YAKKUN NATTANNAWA; a rinolf^ Poem; descriptive of the Ceyloa system of 
UenMBolory : to which is apprnded the practices of a Capoa. or Devil-priest, as dcecribed 
bvaBadhWt: aad KOIiAN NATT.\NNA\VA. a Ciagalese Poem, descriptive of tha 
cKarartefH assaoMMl by aative* of Cryloa ia a masqaerade. Traaslated by John Callaway, 
late Musi laary ia Cc}loB. (^%-o, H« .... 7>ai(ea, 1030 

THE ADVENTURES OF HATIM TAI ; a Romaace. TraashUed from the Peniaa.^ 
Doacaa Forbes. 4to, 1(»«. i^mdtm, 1800 

9. • 

lated from two Peniaa maaascritrts. aad illoitrated with notes esplanatory of the history, 
iMeCrv. ceofraphy, etc., which thertia occar, by F. C. Balfoar. tivo, lUs. M. 
•^ • -^ »" ^^ ^^ ,5 J Ijmion, 1830 





[orient. TBANSL. FU2CD. 






MEMOIRS OF A MALAYAN FAMILY: wriUea by ThemsriMs, amI Trai^UiMl 
J, I'roni ibr i>rif;in&l. by \V. Manden. Hvo, "is. fid L,0md»n, \^'M 


THE HISTORY <»F THE WAR IN BOBNIA dnring th« ye«n 1737. 173H.binI 179. 
Translated from tlie Torkikh, by C. Fraxor. Hvo, it Ltmiwm, kOU 






THE MCLFrZAT TIMl'RY ; or. Aatobio{rra|ihiral Menoin of tb« Moehal Eamrrer 
Timnr : writirn in the Ja;.'tai Tiirkev lan};ai^e. tamed into Peniaa. by Abo Talib- 
ilu^fcyay. and Tran>lated into Enj^liKh V Major Chark-s tftrwart. 4to. V2i.' l^^udttm, l"3ll 


TIIF HISTORY OF VART.W. and of the Rattle of ih«> Armeniani : coataiBineaa ar- 
i-oant ul' the n-lti'ioiM w:ir» lietween (he IVr^ian* anil Ainwnians by Eli*a-u«, Km1i<»|i of' 
ihe Ama«lnnian». TianUatrd tmni the Arnonian, by V. F. Neunaan. 4io, 10^. 

J^mdmn, IKU 

THE LIFE OF HAKIZ OOL MOOLK. liatix R4-limut Khan* wrHtra by hi. Son. !)•«' 
Nuwah Mooii' ujab Khan Kahailar : and entiiM "(Suli^taa i Rehmut." 'AbrMl;:*^! aad 
TranHlattil Ironi tlie iVrsian. by <'harle« Ellmtt. Hto. b». . . . J„mmdom. IHDl 



writt«>n hv Iliinv>ir. Eilitt-d from two Ter^ manapcripu. aad aotMl with tlie«ari.iit 
reading's, by F. C. Kali'our. M. A. Hvo, Id^. tW/. .... J. mmJ^m. I'Ql 


MISCELLANEors TRAVSLATIO.NS from ihe Oriental ianpiap-f. Vol. 1. Pro. t*, 

l.mi^»m. I -.11 
1. Notf4 of a Journey int'i the interior of notllieni Afriiai : liy llaji Kba-cd-Iha El 

Eshwaali. Tran>laTi-d from tli«* .\rab:<>. by Wiihaai H. Ilmtnoa. 
•i. E\tra«-ti fiom Itie " snkna Tkrran ^'inftrntm," or H<»ok ol Fate. Tna^lakd fn>ai 
the Taniiil l:>iiffii:i!re. by the Ri>v. Jooi-,*li Rob>*rt«. 

3. The \-A\i d.-ivo of Kri'>hnit ;iimI thr Stri< ol' Famln ; from the eonrlailiaciirrtion of ihi* 
.Mahnhhamf. Tr»n«lMinl from the v«'r«ioB made by Nekkeib, in Urn 
tinif of Ihi* I'*in;MMo: Aklvtr. hy MnjcM' DhviiI Rire. 

4. Thf Vitlahi r,vl«i. In-m^ ihf Tniiiiil t*-r«ion of a rollection of anneat Tal-^ i*i t><e 
SanMTit lan-!uUL'i* |Mi;itil:trl\ known throiiifhout Indui. and eatilled IIm' " #'if.i/i Pia- 
ckiirinr-itf " Tr.'in>lati ■! h\ H. (i Ilnhiii;;ii»n. M. H. 

5. IniiiKu ('iviki-rv a< |irai ii'iil ami iicM-riii<-.i li\ the naii%(-<ol'iiie F.a>t. Trma«la:cii by 
Samlford Ainoi. 


THE AUiERRA OF MOHAMMED KKN Ml'SA. in Arabic aad EnrlMi. Klreitand 
tran«laie<i bv Fmleru- Rommi. >^vu, IOj*. ... . .' J.mmJ0m,lf3l 


the Tnrkuh of Haji Kultn-h, hy J. .MiIiIm-II. Part 1. 4to. 7«. . . /.Mrfaa, |^3| 


ni'k Neumann Hvo. |*J«. ......... Ijmmdmm. 1-31 

I. Til** IIkIotv iif thf I'ir»t<-< wliu infe«ti-d ihi* ('biaov> Sea. fnioi IHlT to I'^ill. Traar- 

lati-<l from the Chim**' orurinal. uilh nol<*« anil illn>tr.tiMin«. 
'2. The rati<>hi>m of the Shani.-in« : or tin* Ihh* and rvculatton* of tht* |WM*t|i *f of 
Riidiiha in China. Trmi.lmlnl fniin the I 'hin«-w «ri.nnal. with note* aini diuatratiuaft. 
n. ViihraHi'. Chr nw !•> of the Ariiifninii kin;:ifiiin in Ciln'ia. dnnn; 'he ttm^ oTtbr da- 
»aiirr«.<lali-<l t'rtmi tin* uri;::iiaJ .ArnM-nian. uilh nr>.*i-^ aud illu»tia:iaai. 

THE (:nH;R\rHI('\L \V(»RKS of SADHIK ISAFAHAXl: aad a f Niii««I Rwt 

on \aniMi. M:iiiii«i-ri|>t Work*. .\r:iliir and Ppr>ian. ill ii»t nil inf tlie IImivt el' .\raUa, 
IV r.i;i, Tii'koiiinnia. In hi. S\ria. Ilj\|it, Mauritania and S;iatn Trandaied br J (' 
from o'i;:iii:il IVr^ian M.iiin^t-riiiti lu tin- i-otki tion of Sir Wiihaoi < hi*rlrv . ihr lUrw 
>'vo. IIK l^rnndmrn. l-Aj 

^ * . 

THE SII MI N AMF.ri ..! ih.- P.rvi.i,. p«,..i Kinla'iM. 'Craodatrd aa.! ahnd^. ia tw«h- aad 
\\'t^\ Milh iitf(i-« anil Jlu>trati iu«. h\ J:i<im-» .\*kin*on. ^\n, \ji*. J^mitmm, KK 

TIIF. TE/KTRKH AI. VAKI \T. or M.-ninin..f the MochnI Rair«for llaiaaiva 
wnltfii Ml \\t- IV'kiin LanjiLiC''. hy Jo>ihi>r, * <-unfiih-otiaJ ilomnlr of llli Ma}«*ly. 
Tiandati<tlh> Major Charier Sifvt art! 4tu. Jjmm^m, IKti 



[orient. TRANSL. FirifD. 



^ 24. 

THB SlYAtf^-MUTAKlIERlN. a IlUhiry ofUw MoIuuauMdMi Potrw in Indift doriaff 
the lart cvatarj, by MirGholan HoMein-Khan. Revued from Um translation of Hajl 
Miutefa, and collated with the Pereian ori^nal, by Lieot. OoL J. Briggi. vol. 1. Svo, 1<U. 

Lendsm, ItSS 


IIOEI LAN-KI. on I'llifttoira dn (Vrcle de Craie ; Prame en prose at «li vera. Tradnit da 
ChiaoM, eC accoai|iagne de notes, |iar 8ianiilas Jalien. b\o, Is. A i^^ndrts^ VSH 

' ' • ' 26. 

BAN KOKF TSOr RAN TO SET8. on Aperrn jr^n^ral des trois Royauases. Tradnit de 
rorifiaal Japonats-Chinois, \imx M. Jnlien Klafiroth. 8vo. Onvra^e accompafa^ de 
linqne Cartes. 4to, 15« /*cri«, 1838 


ANNALS OF THE TI'RKISH EMPIRE from 1501 to 1659 of the Christian era, by 
Naima. Translated from the Turkish, by Charles Eraser, vol. ]. 4to. 31<. 6tf. 

/.ondtu, ISn 


RA<:ilUVANRA. KALIDASvE CARMEN, Saaskrhd et Latine. Edidit Adolphns 
Friderieas Stenxler. 4to, 21 « /.eiM^mi, 1838 


CrSTOMA AND MANNERS of the of P<rrMa, and their domestic nperflHioM. 
TraniJated from tlie orifinal Pi'r>ian manuscript, bj James Atkinson. 8ve, St. 

Ijtmdtm, 18n 


THE HI.*»TORY OF THE EARLY KINOS OF PERSIA ; from Kaiomars, the first of 
ilie Peshilvdian dynasty, to the ronqnevt of Irun by Aleiander the Clreat. Trnnftlated 
from the OriipinaJ Persian of Mirkhond. entitled the " /{aHMl-M«-«a/(i," with notes and 
illnst ration*, by l>avid Shea. 8vo, I0« /.vaden. 1833 


TCHFAT-irL-MrjAHIDEEN ; n history of the first settlnnient of the Mohammedans in 
Malabar, and of their i>uli«ei)Dpnt siru^le* with the Porta|faese. Translated from the Arabic, 
by Lieat. M. J. Rowlandsun. r*vo, 5j* I^mndrnt, 1H33 


ALFIYA, on fa quintessence de la Cramninire Arabe ; ouvrai>e de Dj^mal-eddin Mohaas- 
med, connn sous le nom d'Ebn Malec : PubliA en ori^nai, avec nn conimentaire, par le 
Baron Sdvestre De Sacy. 8vo, 8« Parity 1833 


A N.ARRATIVB OF TRAVELS in Europe. Afia. and Africa, in the seventeenth century, 

% bv Kvliva EflTi'udi : Translated from tlie Tarkish, by the Ritter Jose|»h Von Hammer. 

Part 1. 4to, Hif. See No. G4 i^andom, J834 


A DF.SCRIPTION OF THE BT'R.MESE EMPIRE ; compiled chiefly from native docn- 
meaU. by the Kev. Father Sanj^rmano. and traaslated from his maanscri|it by William 
Tandy. D. I). 4to. 16« Rome, 1834 


AN ESH.\Y on the Architrrtare of ihe Hindus; by Rim Rax, Native Jadfre aad Maitis- 
trate at Baagalore. 4to. 31«. M. ...*... jMndun, 1834 


NIPON O DAI ITS! RAN. on Annali-^ dc^ KmfiereurH dn Japon : Traduite* par M. Isaac 
Tit>«n|rh. avec Taide de piu«ieures tnter|inlcs aitai-lM>« an comptoir Hollaadaii de Nan^ra- 
saki ; unvraKe ret a, c'tmpl«>t6. et oorrice. our I'oriirinal Japoaais Chinois. aocomiiA|rn^ de 
notes, et pr^«i^dA d'nn a|)erru de I'lli^tutre Mythoiojnqne des Ja|)Ooais. par M. Julten 
Kla|irulh. 4to. 3U«. Pant, 1834 


MISCELLANEOUS TRANSLATIONS from the Oriental Lan|;uac«s. vol. 2. Hvo. 7«. 

I^mU4m, 1834 

1. A Reneai(>eiral (^talopue of the Kinss of Armenia, by Prince llnbboflT. Translated 
from the Arroeaiaa into the Ru«kian Lan«uac<'. by loi/ar Kooznets : tran«lAied from 
the Ruasian into the Enjplikb, and comparad with the Original Armenian manuscript, 
by James (iMen. 

2. An Account of the Sieee and Reduction of Chaitur. by the Emperor Akbar ; from 
the " Akbat Nameh " of Shaikh AbnJFaal. Traaslated by Major D, Price. 


k. {* 

t ' 

// •', 

f. , 

V ■' 

: f ■ 


.^ i 






3. A fthort hUiory of the lecrel motivet which indarrd th« dfofifd Almilftr, MnUA 
PaUia, BBil the leadpn of tlie IiiijieruJ Carol), to inarch fm«(|fep4Mty of AdnaDoi4p to 
Ciin<taiitino|>le. with the ttratairenii they employed ia order WSepofee l^vhaa MoaUft 
anil mtore to the throne Huhan Sehm, the Martyr ; in the ye«r of the llijra VUL 
Traod. bv Col. T. (iordon. 

4. The Ritaal of the Buddhut Priruhood. Traailated from th» orijeiaa] Pali «od 
eniitlml " Karmaw8k)a.'* by the Rev. Brajainiii Clough. Wcwleyaa Mi«u -Barr, 

5. The Tran«Iation of an ritract from a Ilortkohnra] work ia Peniui, by Baboo Rad- 
hakant Deb. of Cak-uita. 

b. An Aci<ouni of the jeranil Festival held by tJie Amir Tirattr oa the plaint of Kaa*k 
(tul, or Mine of Roiet, aArr hi« retura from Aiia Minor, and the defeat ot Ikimia 
llayazed or Baiazft. A. II. HtO. Traa«lated from the ** Matmzaft Tuaun," or Lib 
Timiir written by himMrlf, by Colonel Francklia. 


H.\RIVANHA. ou ]Ii«toire de la Famille de Hari ; onrrace fonaaat aa appeadice da Mt- 
habharaia : et traduite >ur I'orifinal dan*crit, |iar M. A. LaafloM. 4to. Two «o!» u ' 
three Li\rai»on», 5G«. Paru. Ir04-S , 

30. j 

THE CTMIOriC 1)1 1) A SCA I.I A : or th? EthiO|MC Trnionof the Apoalolical r«a«titaiMaf > 
of the Ab«««ini8n Chunh ; Hiih an English translation. Edited and tmatJaied by Tbos 
PrU Plati.'M. A. 4io. Kljt J^udmm. l-Oi 

LE8 AVRNTT'RKH nc K AMRUP, imr Tahcin-nddin : Tiadoitet de I'llindoastani |«r M j 

(«arcin I)f TiiMV. fsn. 

Pmrtt, 1-04 


kiBion. ''vo, Jf . 6d. 


A Poem : from the on*iBaJ Peniaa of Natftaj, Vf Ji 


of the Inium Jalal AdJm Al Siuii, Hilh note* and di*iertatji«t, hy tht Ber. 
nol<U. fyo, 1S«. • 

I At 



TIIK W WKIIVA KARIKA : or. M<>monal Verw« on the Saakhra PhiloMpliv. ht liwi 

Kn'>>iiia Trnn>laii-il from the SnnM-nt. b> llrnr> Thomas rulebn«k. A he the 
or Cuiiimentart nf (itia/^;>iMlA. Tran*1»ii-d and illustrated with aa enfiaal 
llorai-e Madman Wilwn. 4lo. IHjf IW. O^fwrd. 


UIPTOIRF. liT;^ Sn.T \NS M \Mr.o|-KS del'F^pie; Arrile m Arah» bw Taki 
dm -Ahineil Vfakriri Trailoit" pn Franrai*. et afeoaapBira^e de aoiBi BhtfulapqBea. 
tonqiirs, rtgro^rraiihiqae*. ;iar .M. Uaatn-'mi'ie. 4t i. Toaa Pcvauvr. ftlc. Fbt 

THK CflRONirLES of Rabbi J<>seph Ben Joshua Bea Mcir. the Bphaidl. TraasiaMd , 
from the Hi brew by (\ II. F. Bialloblolzk} . 3 voh. Hvo, tM«. /.mUim, |tW 


the Persian by James Bird. Hvo. 

43. I 

LA LIVRK des Rn:om|ieniet i-t des Peioet ; Tradnite dn ChinOM par Siaaialaa Jahea Mio. j 
\'1» Tbti* 


IIAJI KIIALF.^: LEXICON nnryilo|»»iliciim et BibliojrraphicnBi. Leiicoa BihlMcraf^H- 
rumet Kni->rlu|Miiiruiu a Ma»tula Ren .AihlaJIah. Katii Jrlebt dirto. et a bub* Haji Khalfa 
celebralo, i-om|4)<itum : lui ('•ilii-um VindolMinenfeium, PariNeimom. et BeraliBeBtis. Mea 
pnmum e<liiiit. l^atint' tertii, ft i-ommrntario iBilicibBsi{oe iBstmsit. (>B«tavBa Flasfvi 
\(.is. 1 and *J. 7t)x /u^>ty aad /.i^adlea, l-qj-TT 

Tf»tif Primmit. I'm fad' n«*m H Literam Ehf rom|4ecteaa. 
Ttrmuji SecunuMf. I^tera^ lla aii Jim i-oiii|tlii-teBS. 


CHRONIUI'E d* Abm Djfar .Mnhammed Tahari fiU de Diarir. fits d'YeiU : TradaMr «r 
la %rrsion Pen>anc-. d'.Abou .\li Mobammnl B«'lami tilt de MohamoMid, fib d'Abd-aHah, 
d'a|>rf% k-k maouMrnta de la Bibli .tlM-qoe da Rfi. |>ar I.«OBis Dnbeaa. 4ti». Pivtat^ leLiv 
raiion. IH^ Parts. IrOl 




RIGVEDA SAHHITA ; Sanikrite et Latine ; Liber Primu. Edidit Fridaricw AngaAm 
Rtmn, P. D. 4tu, 21« LmuUm, 1838 


KUMARA SAMBHAVA KALIDASvE CARMEN ; Saatkrite et Latioe. Edidit Adol- 
phai Fridericiu Stenzler. 4to, Kb. <W. Berlin, 1838 

THE PRACTICAL PHILOSOPHY of the MohMnmedaii People, exhibited in its pro- 
f«»ed connrxion with the European, w as to render either an introdnction to the other ; 
being a trantlation of the " Akhlak-i-JalsJy," the most esteemed ethical work of middle 
Asia, from the Persian of Fakir Jany Muhammed AsiLad, with references and noCas bj 
W. F. Thompson. 8to, 15* Louden, l«b 


HISTOIRE DE LA LITTER ATURE Ilindoai et Hindonstani. Par M. Gardn De Tasvr. 
Tome 1. Bioi^aphie et Bibliograiihiv. 8vo Paris, 1839 

THE VISHKi; PUR AN A. a system of Hinda Mytholoey and TradiUon. Translated from 
the original Sanskrit, and illostrated by notes derived chiefly (irom other Pnrints, by H. H. 
Wilson. 4to. 4'J« Landm, 1840 


tlie " Nafha-t-tib-min Ghosai l-Andaln«i-r-rattib waTarikh Lisinn-d-din-Ibni-l Khattib,'* 
by Ahmed Ibn Mohammed Al-.Makkari, a native of Telems&n. Translated from the copiei 
in the library (if the British Kuseam, and illostrated with critical notes on the historT. 
geography, and antiquities of opain, by Pascual De Gajrangoe. 4to. London, 1840-43 


EL-MASUDI'S Hiitorical Encyclopedia: enUtled *'Meadowsof Gold and Mines of Gems.*' 
Translated from the Arabic, liy Aloys Sprsnger, M. D. vol. 1, 8vo, 18*. Ijondom, 1841 


TRANSLATION of the SanhiU of the Sama Voda, by the Rev. J. Stevenson, D. D. 8vo. 
7« /.enieii, 1841 


SPECIMENS of the Popular Poetry of Persia, as found in the Adventures and Improvisa- 
tions of Korroglou, the Bandit Minntrel of Northern Persia ; and in the 9onn of the Peoole 
inhabiting the shores of the Caspian Sea. Orally collected and Translated, with Philolo' 
gical and Historical Notes, by A. Chodzko. 8vo, 16s. . . London, 184S 


ON KHALLIKAN'S Biographical Dictionary. Translated from the Arabic, by Baron 
Mac Gncken de Slane. 2 rou. vol. 1, roy. 4to. .... London, 1843 


HISTORY OF HYDER NAIK. otherwise stvled Nawaub Hyder AH. fro., written by 
Meer Hussein Ali Khan Kirmani. Translated from an original Persian MS. in the Qneen^ 
Library, by Col. W. Miles. 8vo. 16« London, 1843 


DABISTH AN ; or. School of Manners. Translatad from the Persian, by Shea and Troyer. 
3 vols. loy. 8vo London, 1844 


HISTORY OF THE REIGN OF TIPU SULTAN, by Mir Hossein Ali Khan Kirmani. 
Translated from tlie Penian by Col. W. Miles. 8vo. . London, 1845 

BIOGRAPHICAL NOTICES of Persian Poets, with critical and exnjanatorf Remarks by 
the late Sir Gore Ooseley. Edited, with a Memoir, by the Rev. J. ReynoUb. Rvo. 

London, 1846 


EVLIYA EFENDI. Narrative of Travels in Europe, Asia, and Africa, in the XYHth 
Century. Translated from the Turkish by J. R. Von Hammer, vol. 1, pt. S. 8vo. 

London, 1846 


YARRELL, (W.) A Hiatory of Britiah BirdB. Illaitrated by 520 wood 
engravings. 3 vols. 8vo, £4. 10«. ; royal Qvo, £9 ; imperuU Svo, £13. lOt. 

London, 1943 



u- y 









ORNITHOLOGY.— ( Coniinned.) 

SWAINSON, ;W.) The Natural HiBtory and ClaaeificaUon of Birds, 2 

vols. fcp. 8vo. 300 woodcQts, 12». . London, 1836-37 

CoNTKST*.— Part 1. Go the Sirnctnw and Nainral History of Bird* is feneral. — Part 
2. On the Bibhocraphv. Nomrnvlatorp. and Pr g >c nration of Binlt. — Part 3. On the 
Nataral Hklory and Relattont of the diflVrrat Orden. Trilw, and Famibea^ Birds. 
— Part 4. Synofwu of a Nataral Arraniperaent of Birds. 

GRAY, (G. R.) The Genrra of Birds ; coinprLsing their Generic Charac- 
ters, a Notice of the llabiu of each Genoa, and an eztensiTe list of Spe- 
cies. Iliumrated with about 350 plates by D. W. Mitchell. First Order, 
Accipiires- Imp. 4to, jE2. Ss. .... London, 1846 

WILSON. (J.) An Introduction to the Nataral History of Birds. With 135 FipiTes. 4to. 
Vis Edinhmr^k, l^B 

BEWICK. (Tug.) A Hi*lory of British Birds. 3 vols. 8to. with nnniefoas woodcuts. 
X'l. IBjt Jfemcastle, lrt32 

EYTON. (T. (\) AHiMoryof the Rarer British Birds*, intended as a Bupplement to 
Bewick ; with a comi»!ete Iu*t of Synonyms. Sxo, with nnmerons woodcuts, 10*. 6rf.. 
wyal r*vo. £1. Is. Lamdan, 1836 

GOf^LD. {i^o.) Tlie Birds of Europe, rompristnf beaatifnlly coloarMi fifUR*. with de- 
scnplive letterjireM. 5 wA*. folio. jC7G. 8« l^midmrn, 183S 

TEMMINCK. \^^ Oiseaux d'Eorope, avec lenr descriptiott srst^matique deMB^spsrJ. 
C Werner. 4 voU. 8vo, et alia*. color../.)i4*2. ...... Paris. 

WIL.SON. (.\.) American Omitholo^v. or the Natnrml History of the Bird« of the United 
Slates, etc. 3 vols. Hvo. c^l. filates. £4. 4s. Lomdaii, iBSS 

AUDUBON, (J J.) American Omitholneical Biocrmphy. 5 rob. rov. 8vo. 

PkUUdpkia k. Limd0m, 1:91-9 

SyiiO|isis of the Bird* of America. P^o Edinbrnrgk^ 1<^ 

Birds of America^ from Drawin^i made in the United States and their territories. 7 

%-ok roy. 8vo. filates AVw-Fsri, 1845 

TKM.MINCK. ( ) .Mannel d'Omiihologie. ou Tableau svsteniatiques det otseanx qui se 
trouvent en Earoiio, priced^ da s>-»tome ecneral d'omithoWie. 4 Tob. 6vo,/.30. 

Paris. lf*4f^ 

THTENEM.VNN. (F. A. L.) Fortpflaazungsjreschichte dergesammten V6gel. Part 1-10, 
JllO col. filate*. 16* 7^zVf, IS45-47 

RHEA. Zeitsrhrifl fiir die gcMmmte Omitholos;te. Her. v. F. A. L. Thieaemaaa. Heft 
1. roy. tfvo, 5s /.^e^i/, 1847 

MEYER. (11. L.) Tnloared lllaftrations of British Birds and their E§gu Vob. 1-3, Hvo. 
00 coloured plates, each jC^. I*2«. 6J Ijsmdsn,lB46 

IIEWITSON. (W. C.) CoNmred Illustrations of the Ekc« of Brituh Birds, accompanied 
with DcM riptions of the E^irs, Nest*. hi.c. '2 vols. t^vo. 131 plates, X4. ]()«. i^omdom^ 1846 

WALTER. (J. E. ('.) Nordiscbe omitholofie. oder fretreoe aach der Natureigenhandif^ 
gezcichnete ge«toch. and color. Abbiid. der danischcn, grdnlflnd. nnd isldnd. Vupel, aebrt 
eini^jeti Siiuglhieren. folio C^enk., 1898 


RANKE, (L. YON.) History of the Ottoman and Spanish Empires in the 
XVIth and XVIIth Centuries. Tranal. by W. B. KcUy. 8To.3t. 

London, 1842 
ANNALS of the Turkish Empire from 1591 to 1659 of the Christian Era. 
Transl. from the Turkish of NaTma. by Chas. Frascr. 2 vols. 4to. 63». 

(Oriental Translation Fund.) London, 1832-36 

THE HTSTOEYof the Maritime Wars of the Turks. Transl. from the 
Turkish of Hadji Khalifeh, by James Mitchell. Part I. 4to, 7«. 

(Oriental Translation Fond.) London, 1831 

FRASER, (C.) History of the War in Bosnia, during the years 1737- 

38-39. Transl. from the Turkish. 8vo, 4o. . London, 1830 

(Oncntal Translation Fund.) 

HAIVfMER PURGSTALL, (J. v.) Geschichte des Osmanischen Rcicbea. 9d cdn. 4 
vols. Hvo. Pe#fA. 1896 

ZINKRISBN. (J. W.) Geseh. de*. 0«man. Roiches in Euiopa. 8to, . liamb., 1840 

PlIiE. (L.) Commentaire snr 1' Atlas de I* Empire Ottoman, on RAsamd f^n^ral de Phb- 
toire et de la geosraphie physique politique, statisque et to]iOfraphiqne de I'empire Otto- 
ct des provinces torques. 8vo. Pmris. 




OTTOMAN TS^MPIRE,— {Continued.) 

BELLERT, (J. J.) Nonrel AUm physique, poliUqu* tt historiqiie de rEnptre Ottoman, 
•t des AtaU limitrophes en Europe, en Atie et en Afriqae, en qaamnte feailles. 1 vol. 
folio,/30. Parit, 1844 

ALIX, (A. F. L.) Prtois de Thiatoire delVmpiie OtUmmn, depnb ton origine jusqa'k nos 
jours. 3 vol*. 8vo Paris, 1822-35 

DOU£, (Ami) La Tarauied' Europe, on obwrvationi inr la g^ofi^raphie, Thistoire naturrlle, 
la statUqne lee maran, let oontnmei, etc. 4 vob. 8vo Parig, 1840 

ROBERT, {C.) Lei Slaves de Turqoie, Serbes, Munt^B^grini, Bosniaqncs, Albanais et 
Bolypirae ; lean retonroee, lenn teadancet et lenn pfQgws poKtiqaei. S vols. 8vo. 

Paris, 1844 


LOW, (D.) The Breeds of British Domesticated Animals. The Ox. 1 
vol. folio, 22 col. plates, £6. 16«. 6d. London, 1840 

CATTLE. Their Breeds, Management, and Diseases. 8to, cuts, 10s. 6d, 

(Reprinted PhUad.) London, 1838 

Bee Low'fl Domesticated Animals. 8%'0. Lamdam, 1845. KiaeHT'a Fanner's Li< 





Da VINCI, (Leon.) Treatise on Painting. Transl. by Rigaad, with Life 
by Brown. 8vo London, 1835 

BURNET, (Jno.) Practical Hints on Painting. 1. Light and Shade. 2. 
Colour. 3. Composition. 4to, plates, 65s. . . London, 1834 

Essay on the Education of the Eye, with Reference to Painting. 

4to, plates, 25« London, 1837 

HAYDON, (B R.) Lectures on Painting and Design. 

Vol. 1 . Oricin of the Art — Anatcimy the basi* of Drawioi^The Skeleton— the Mosdca 
of Man and (Quadrupeds — Standard Fixure— Comno*ition — Colour — Ancients 
and Modems — Invention. With designs drawn by himself on wood. 8vo. 13«. 

lAtndon, 1844 

Vol. 3. Fuxali—Wilkie— Effect of the Societies on Taste— A Coospetcnt Tribunal— 
On Fretco— Elgin Marbles— Beauty. 8vo, portrait, 12jr. . iMndon, 1840 

HA VTER, (C.) An Introduction to Pcnnective. Practical Geometrv, Drawing, and Paint- 
ing ; a new and perfect Explanation of tne Mixture of Colonr«. with Directions for Minia- 
ture, Crayon, and Oil Painting ; with wood engravings and coloured plates. 6th edn. 
8vo, 1&0 London, 1844 

FIELDINO, (T. H.) On the Theory and Practice of Painting in Oil and Water Colours, 
for Ijundicapes and Portraits. Illustrated whh plain and ooloarcd plates. 4th edn., much 
enlarged, roy. 8vo, 3la. 6d. Jjomdon, 184G 

HAXDBOOK of Yonng Artists and Amateurs In Ofl Painting ; being chiefly a condensed 
Compilation from the €elebrate<l Manual of Bonvier : with additional matter from the 
labours of Merim^, De Montabert, and other distin g oished Continental Writers in the 
Art, &c., &:c. By an American Arti»t. 8vo. .... JVWp- I'^rir, 1840 

MERTMl^E, (M. J. F. L.) Art of Painting in Oil and Frnco. Transl. by W. B. Taylor, 
sm. 8vo. lAtndon, IK^ 

THEOPHILUS. An Efsay upon various Arts, in three Books, hj Theophflut, called alw 
Rugems, Priest and Monk ; fomung an EnoyelopKdia of Christian Art of the Eleventh 
Centary. Translated, with Notes, by Robert Hendrie. 8vo, 31«. London, 1847 

REYNOLDS, (Sir Jomhua.) literary Works. Comprising his Discourses, delivered at 
the Royal Academy, on the Theory and Practice of Painting, also fai« Journejr to Flan- 
ders and Uolland, with Critidsms on Pictom — Du Frasnoy's Art of Painting, in English 
Veise, with the ori^nal Latin Text subjoined, and Notes— A Tabular View of Painters, 
from the levival otthe Art to the beginning of the lakt Centnrr — To which is prefixed, a 
Memoir of the Author, with RonMru on Us Professional Cnaracter, illnstimtive of his 
Principles and Practice, by H. W. Bcechey. New edn. 3 vols. 13mo, with portrait, 10*. 

London, \94A 

DiscoQiaes on Painting. IDnstratad by Explanatoiy Notat sad Platat. By John Bnr- 

BOt, F. R. 8. 4to, 18 pW«, 42r London, 1843 


a L 





I, ELEMENTARY, &c.— (Con/m««/.) 

, CENNINI. TiVBtue on Paintin|r. written by Cennin* Cennint io the jtu 1437. Contaim- 
ing prai:tical Dinsstiont for Painting in Freioo, Secco, Oil, and Distemper, with the Art 
ol'tiildine and lilominatinK Manuscript* adopted by the Old Italian MaiAert. Trao»laied 
by Mrt. Merrifleld, with an Introductory Preface, copiou Notes, and lUutxatioat ia Oat- 
line from celebrated pictaret. roy. 8vo, 12$. Lmtdon, 1844 



7 . 




WHEELER, (J. A.) Handbook of Anatomy for StndenU of the Fine Arts: with iU 
traliont on wood. ISmo, 11 plates, S«. GJ Lmidam, 1846 

BELL, (81R Chak.) The Anatomy of ExpreiMon in Paintisf. roy. 8vo, SJ«. 

J^mdmi, 1847 
FLAXM AN'S Anatomical Studies, for the Une of Artists, folio, 18 plates, 3J«. 

, , Lemdmt^ 1633 

PEm'£GNOT. Anatomie, on deMription des formes de Thomnie, exdnsivemeat destiaic 

aiix (icintres, scolptenn et gravcnn. Hvo, plates. /.4 Parts, 1846 

FAIJ. (J.) Anatomie des formes extt&rieun da corps hnmain, k rnsafe des peintres ct des 
kculpteun. 8vo, et atlas in-folK>, de24 pl../>15 i^vit, 1846 

GOETHE'S Theory of Colours. Translated from theOermaa, and edited, with Notes, by 
C. L. Ea>tlake. 8vo, plates, I2s Lmtdan, 1840 

FIELD. (G.) Chromatography, or Treatise on Colours. 8vo. 14«. . ** 1841 

PORTAL. (F. DK.) Euay on Symbolic Colours, in Antiquity, the Middle Afes. aad 
Mlxlem Times. Trantl. from the French, with Notes, by W. 8. Inouui. 4to, fdatcs. 


JUmitmy 1845 

Fresco. (Soe also p. 160.) 

MERRIFIELD, (Mrs.) The Art of Fresco PainUnf , as practised by the old Italiam aad 
SpaniMh Masters, etc. 8vo, 7«. (k/ Ltrndtn^ 1846 

LATILLA, (E.) Treatise on Fresco, Encaustic, and Tempera Paintiaf. 8vo, St. 

. /.m^cni, 184S 

MERIMEE'S Art of PainUng in Oil and Fresco. Traasl. by W. B. Taylor. 8vo. IS*. 

I^aAm, 1839 

n. fflSTORY AND CRITICISM. (See p. 43.) 

EASTLAKE, (C. L.) Materials for a History of Oil Painting. 8fo, 16t. 

London, 1847 

MODKRJV PJUJfTKRS, by a Graduate uf the University of Oxford. Parts 1-9-. Hto. 

(Reprinted New York. W. & P.) J^tnuiii. 1846 

JAMESON. (Mrs.) I^ves of the Early Italian Painters. 3 vob. 18nH>, wcodcuts. 3». 

JAmdfn, 1845 
Handbook to the Public Galleries of Art, in and near lioadoa. Sd eda. sua. 8ro. IQe. 

■Cowrfea I84S 
Handbook to the Private Galleries, sm. Hvo, I5« ** ' 1844 

KUGLER, (Dr.) Handbook of Painting.— 1. Italy. Transl., with Notas, by C. L. East- 

lake. sm. t'vo, I2«. Jjfndtin, J84S 

2. German, Dutch, and Flemish Schools. With Notes by Sir E. Head. sai. 8iro, 13s. 

I.MrfMi. 1846 

3. S|>anikh, French, and English Schools. (In Press.) 

Db BURTIN. (F. X.) Treatise on the Knowle<lge Necessary to Aaiatean ia PSctarsa. 
Translated and abridged from the French by Robert White. 8to, plalss, 19«. 

/..m^ra, 1845 

BOUVIER, (P. L.) Manuel des jennes artistes et amatenrsea peintnia. 3e Aditioa. 8vo, 
plaaches./.lO Parts, 1846 

GAULT. (Dr St. Gcrmaj.'*.) Guide des amateurs des tableau, poar ki 4ooki aUemaoda, 

flamande, et hullandaise. 3 vols. Hvo, /J 4. ..;... Farit, 1841 

Ecole Italienae. 8vo,/.7 •• 1835 

SMITH, (J.) Cataloffue raisonn^ of the works of the most eniaeat Dutch, Flemish, aad 
French painters, with biographical notices of the artists, a cnpioas dasoripCkm of their 
princiital |>icturcs. a ktatcmeitof the pnces at which they have beea sold, aao thecallevias 
or oollectioni in which they are at [iresenl. 8 vols. 8vo. LmuUmy ImSBI^-37 

BRYAN. (M.) Dictionary of Painters. 2 vols. 4to. jC5. 5«. . . . Am^mi. 

HOGARTH. (W.) Hogarth Moralized : a omnlete edition of all the most canital aad ad- 
mired works of William Hogarth, accompaniea by concise and compfehenuve esplaaa- 
tions of their moral tendency, by the late Rev. Jno. Trasler, with an Intiodaetjoa aad 
Notes. Hvo. Ltmd0m, 1831 

FLA XM AN' S WORKS, Engraved by R4 veil, oblong 8vo. 356 platas, /.30, . Pftrif. 

Iliad, 39 plates. 0«)vsBey, 34 do. iGsehyloi, 31 do. Daata; 113 do. VLmkoA, 37 do 
Statutes and Ba-Reliefs. 14 do. 




n. HISTORY AND CRmCASM.—(Co7Uinued.) 

MUSEUM OF PjilJfTIJfO AXD SCULPTUMK. A Collection of tlie Principal 
Pictnrct, Statnct, and Bu- Reliefs in the Publio and Private Galleries of Kiiro]iu. Drawn 
aad Engraved by R6veil. With Critical and Ilialorical Nutices. 17 vols. J*2mo. I7U0 
plates. jC6. 6#. Paris, Jsondon, —' 

Bee Arts, Fink, p. 43. CoaritMB. Coloor. Chromatoorafht. Drawixo. 


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vols. 8vo J'iV*^, 1838 

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Ancient Versions of the Bible, copied from Illaminated MSB., executed between the 
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HUMPHREYS. (H. N.) Illuminated Books of the Middle Ages. A HUtory of Illami- 
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oonsbtinff of an entire |)a^ of the. exact size of the original, from the most cc^tmited and 
Kplendid MSS. Printed m Gold, Silver, and Colonn. Parts I. and II. 4to, each 1^. ; 
fldio. t21« ij^mdxm, 1844 

CHAMPOLLION-FIGEAC. Pali^ographie des clamiques latine*. d'apivs les plus beans 
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mi^rs livres d'henres imprimos. 8vo, IG pi Rount, 184S 

QUENTIN. Dictionnaire raisonnd de diplomatique chr^tieane, eontenant les notions n^oes- 
■aires pour I'intelligence des anciens monuments manuscrits, avec nn grand nombre de fac- 
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PALAEONTOLOGY.— (See Fossils, Botany, p. 78.) 

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companied by a particular Account of the Strata in which they occur, and of tlie circum- 
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lAmdan, 1838 
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iMndon, 1844 
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avec un atlas in-8vo, d'environ 1500 planches, repr6sentant tontes les espoces de coquilles 
fossiles connns. Paris, 1847- 

L'OuTrage sera pnUiA par llTiaisons da 20 plancbss at«o la tazta oorrs sp o n dant. Prix ds 
obaqae lirraison. /.O. 


A /. 


// / 








PALAEONTOLOGY.— (Con/im/cd.) 

MARCEL DK HHRRE.M. Nnuvena Manael cymplet de paMoatdogM, oa dei loU de 
rnr;:ani>Btton (I«>h i'ln-^ vivanU com|iarL>os a celles qa'ont tuivict les eap^oc« fotoilei et ha- 
matileji daiu Ifur ap|iariiion >acc>«iwive. 3 voU. ]8ino, avec nn atlaa dm SS tmble«a. /.lO 50. 

Parif, 1M6 

PICTET. TraJK^ dlAmcntnire de |ialeontolof;ie. 4 vob. 8vo, pi. /.38. . Pcrt«, 1845 

('r VIKR, (G.) Recherche^ Kur lo<i OMM'mi'nbt foiwile* dn qnadrepi'dM ; 4e Ada. ivviie Mr 
M. I^iinllnrd. JO vols. Hvo. et "2 \u\*. 4to. de planches. fM. . . Paris, ]»4 

BLAIN VILLE, (I), nic.} OHtiWtf^niplnr, ou I)e«rriptioQ iconof^mphiqoe oompaite da Mfoe- 
Ictte Ft dn K}Mcni(' dentairc drt oiiii] rlaioiteti d'animauz vcil<^br6« raoenU ec f<imln^^iMr 

fervir de bane k ta xoolo^ne et a la {.'eolojrie Paris 183^-43 

Piix dm livraiitoDK 1-15. contrnaiit If-H planche«. /.492. 

ACtA88IZ, (L.) Rt'clicrclioii Mir Ifs poi3t»on4 fo4>ilet, comprenant la docripcioa de 5fl0 
enfMitfii qnj nVxihtent pliH, IVxiiOMtion *k^ loix de la snccewion et do dcvaMppeiiieDt or 
ynniqDe dr« }ioiMionH diirant touies It^ ini'lainorphoses dn globe terreitre, nae B«Bvelte daa- 

silicatioii dc> (rfn animaux pnfin des con^iderationt {f^oloinqaet i^n^raks tirvt* de 

I'eiudv dm foiiiilPTi. H voU. 4io, et alias dc 250 planche». . JVVit/dk«fr^, 1633-13 

Rc[)ort* of the Rritisji AMoriation, lrM!2-43-44. Geoiogicai Truuactioas. Mafa- 
zine of Natural History. Zoological Journal, &c. 


PIETTK, ( .) Traiid de ]a fabrication du papier, contenant lea proc^dds 
g6n6raloment en usagj? jwur preparer ce prodnit. 8vo, planches, f.lO. 

Pttru, 1631 

MANUEL da fabricant de papiers, carton et Art da foimaire. 2 vols. 

Itinio, avec Atlne, /.lO 50. ...... Paris. 

(Mannela Roret.) 

See Urc'ii Dicti >nary of Artj. Library of L'jefnl Knowledge — Vegetahle SuManees. 
Bkckmann'm History of Invention!, fcc 



GIRAULT nt SAINT FARCE A(T. Bibliosrraphic to 
Catalogue de ton:« Im onvrafr^^ imiirinioii en France depnit le XVe «i«>cle jaiqa*an mott 
d'avril 1H45, contenant Im titre« d envircn 12.U0U unrrB«es, etc. Bvo, f.l2 Paris, 1845 

no at do U France, on 

GALIGNANI'S Guide to Paris. 18mo, Maps, &c. . . " 

PA BIS and its Historical Scenes, 2 vols. ]2nio, Plates, 4s. 6rf. 

(Library of Entertaining Knowledge.) XoROOfl, 1833 

PJIRIS and its Envirom. in a M'riex of Picturesque View! from Drawinfi taken nnder the 
direction of A. Pugin. 2 voU. 4to. /.eaWeit, lftK^3I 

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Dk c; AITLLE. (J.) Noovelle hifttoirp do Pari* et de let eaWroiis, aveo de* aotai et nne in- 
introductinn par C. Nodier. 4 voU. Hvo Paris, IdSIMO 

PATENTS.— (See Inventions, p. 192.) 

DANSON AND DEMPSEY. The Inventor's Manual, a familiar and prac- 
tical Treatise on the Law of Patents for Inventions. 8vo, Ss. 

London, IS43 

PRITCIIARD, (A.) A List of nil the Patents for Inventions granted in 
England during the Present Centary. 12nio, 18«. . London, 1847 

BPENC^E. (VV.) TreaiiiiT on the Principle* relating to the Specification of a Patent for In- 
vention ; khowing tiie Standanl by whidi tiie Sofflciency or that Imtrameat I* to be tried. 
8vo, 75. tW. Jjsmdsm, 184S 

CARPM AEL, (W.) The Law of Patents for InventioB* familiarly espUined : fbr the n«e 
of Inventors and Patentees. 4th ed. t<vo, ^s I^smdsn, 1846 

URLING. The Law of PatenU in Fon>ign Cnantrjes. Translated, with Notes, fce. for 
the informati'in of InTenton and Patentee*. 8vo, 8s. ... Jjsmiam, ItHS 

DESCRIPTION des machinea et proc^d6s spdcifi^s dans les brerets d*in- 

vention, de perfectiormement et d'importation. Public par MM. Molard 

et Christian. 8vo Purit, 1844-46 




PATENTS.— (Co«/i«i/crf.) 

DESCRIPTION dcB machines el precedes oonsigiies dans les brevets d'in- 

vention do perfectionnement et d' importation dont la durd est expiree, et 

dans ceuz dont la ddchdance a 6\6 pronouncde. Tome G3 (annde 1H4G). 

KKh 4to, 20* Paris, 1847 

8«« Repertory of Patent lavcntiun*. Nkwton'h Londun Joornal. Le Br^ret d'ln- 
ventiun, 8ic. 

j PATHOLOGY.— (See p. 239.) 
PEERAGE.— (See Heraldry, p. 180.) 


sm. 8vo. 




London, 1841-6 

OLD BALLADS of the otmoct rarity, now firet collected and edite<l by J. P. Collier. 5». 

ROWLKV'S Search for Money, reprinted from the ctiitiun of lG(/9. 'if. Gd. 

PAIN AND BORROW of Evil Marriage, from an unique copy, printed by Wynkyn da 
Wnrde. -J*, (id. 

A SELEl TION from the Minor Poeiiu of Dan John Lyd^ate, edited by Ualliwell. I0«. 

THE KING and the Poor Northern Man, from the edition of IMO. 2«. 

IIKSTORK-AL HONCS of Ireland, illuKtraiive tof the Stru<»Kle between Jamet IL and 
William III., with Introduction anil Notes by T. U. C^roker. 5;*. 

COLLE(?TION of tionfr* and Ballads, relative to tlie London Trculiccs and Trades, and 
London ^nerally ; edited by i\ Mackay. 5jt. 

EARLY Naval BallaiU of England, collected and edited by J. O. Halliwell. 5s. 

ROBIN GOODFELLOW ; hii. Mad Prankii and Merry Je^ts. full of honest mirth. 3t. 

8TRAN(iE HISTORIES, cunsiktinj; of Ballads and other Poems, priudpally by Thomw 
Dffloney. ItiOT, 4«. 

POLITICAL BALLADS, publikhcd in England during the Commonwealth, edited by 
Tlio>. Wright, pp. 3UU, Qs. 

PLEASANT History of the two Angry Women of Abingdon, with the Humorous Miith 
of Dick Coomes and Nicholas ProvcrtM : a Play by Uunry Porter, I3*J9, cdilcd by tbo Rev. 
A. Dyce. 4*. 

THE BOKE of Cnrtasye, an English Poem of the XVth Centur)-, edited bv J. O. HalU- 
well. *2*. W. 

MEETING of Gallants at an Ordinarie, or the Walkes in Powie*. edited by HaDiweil. 2», 

KIND-HEART'S Dream, by Henry ChetUe. edited by E. F. Rimbault. 4*. 

SPECIMENS of old Christmas Carols, edited by Wiight. .^r. 

NURSERY RHYMES of England, cullecteil princi|>ally from Oral Tradition, by HaDi- 
wdl. 5s. 

HISTORY of Patient Grisell, with Introduction. 3#. 

SPECIMENS of Lyric Poetry, of the Reign of Edward I., edited by Wright. 4*. 6d. 

MARRIAGE Triumph on the Nuntials of tlie Prince Palatine and the Princess Elizabeth, 
daughter of James I., by Thos. lleywood, e<lited by Collier, 'is. &/. 

A KNIGHT'S Conjuring done in Earnest, discovered in Jest, by Thos. Dekker, edited by 
Rimbault. 3«. 6d. 

A PARAPHRASE on the Seven Pcnilpntial P»alms, in English Verve, bv Thomas Bramp- 
ton. 1414. together with the Psalter of St. Bernard, edited by W. H. Bfack. 4s. 6d. 

CROWN Garland of Roses, consisting of Ballads and Songs, by R. Johnson, IGI2, edited 
by W. ChappeU. 2s. 

DIALOGUE oonctnuing Witches and WMtchcrafls, by George Gifibrd, Vicar of Maldon, 
ltiU3. edited by Wright. 4s. 6d. 

FOLLIF^' ANATOMIE. or Satyres^and Satyricall Epigrams, by Henry Uutton, Dunet- 
mensis, 1619, edited by Rimbault. 

JACK of Dover, 
a Collection 

ANCIENT Poetical Tracts of the XVIth Century, reprinted from nniqoe copiet, editad by 
Rimbault. 3jr. Od. 

A SELECTION of LaUn Sunin from'MSS. of the XlOth and XlVth Ceatvifai, edilai 
by Wright, pp. 9B0, 0«. 


er, his Q,ae«t of Inouirie, or his Privy Search for the veriest Foole in England, 
of Merry Tales, ks. 6d. 


J * 


. ■■ / 


¥ . 





TIIK IIARMONV ofthr niiirrh. Spiriinal Simp and HoIt Hjrinnt. by Mh'haH hniios. 
rcpnntMl t'r« m thr eiiiiion of ITrfll, imnA not in hi* collects works) ; Milcd by Dyer. ?«. 

COCK I.(>RRKLI/8 HOTK. a 8atyrical Poem, from an oniqMcopy. phatod by Wjak)* 

i\v Wurile. iilitrd l>y Riinhanlt. '2*. 

VOy.Mi* by Sir Henry Wolloii. nlittd by Dycp. U. Ad. 

TIIH IIARMDNV of Hifil*. a Pmiii, fiom thr only known copy prinud in lb* midillc af 

the Si\t<-cnth Ontury, with IiitriMiuction. 'Zt. 

A KK.RRV PASTORAL, in Imiiation of Uie Vint Edofnaof Virfil. edited with latit>- 
ilurtion. by T. ('. Croker. woodcntH, 2«. 

Tin: FOCR KNAVKS. a SitneHofSatyriral Trarta. by Samnel Rowlaadi. inil-13. p4t\fi 
witb IntriNiurtKin nn«l Noico. by Riinbaalt. wtiodrnU, 4«. 6d. 

A POKM to tbf Mfiiiory of William (^onjrrpve, by Jamca Thomion. cdltad by P. Caaai*!- 
tiain. Ix (it/. 

riiKASWT <'onrriU of Old Ilolt^on, the Merry I^ndoner, fall of hamoroof dncoann 
niiii >titty tiicrriiiii'n**. wherfai Ihf (|uickm witt'es mny Inngb, and the wiavr lort tafcr 
(ilfaoiire. I'M)', cditi-d by IlalliwHI. 'if. 

MARiM-crs KXTATiri'S: or KnnkiH'< Bay Hone in a Trance: annLimlun? Kiar 
alMl«i■^ ami luui trii-kt of thi« k:*' '\M't), Mliltrd by Rinibanlt. I«.<W. 

LORD MA Yr)R'S P.i'.'pant* : lM>ine Coll*^-tion- toward* a Hi«tory of thf>«e annnal cvUbra 
tion« : Hiih k|i«Tiin<-ii« of ihf (l<-MTi|iii\(> |»anipbl<rU |iubU»lie^ br the City Ports, rdiicd ^i 
F. \V. Fairliolt. Part I. »«MKli.Mitv .")* Part V.». .'m. ' ^^ y 

OWL uiifl tlri* NiL'btiii:;.'!'*'. n i'ti-in of tb<- Xllltb (?i'ntury ; at(ril»iite«f to N'irbolas dr (;«•■ 
ford : Hiili •oiiif olitift I'otnis lioiii tlif »ainc MS., niiti'd by Wneht. "It. tid. 

TIIIRTr.KN I'.nlin*. .ind tli«- Fir>l rbitptercf Ccrli^iaotm, trantlaied into Ensli»li V*-r^ ><t 
Jolin Cr< kc. t'-nip. Hi iirv Vlil., nith Documents relative to the Croke fmmiJy. edited tv 

HISTORICAL r.»(>o«l Illations airain^t the beutlye Abnten both of rhyrnrEevie an>] Ph>- 
>>kf' in oiiri* Tiiiir. b> Jolin llalli-, (with jiortrait.) edited by Pettii^w. is fid. 

OLD It \LL\DS ; liliut ratine tin* irrfat Fro«t of IfirO-t, and the Fair on the River Th^mM, 

i-i||i»sl liv Riinlmnli. 'Jit. 

tin: HoNnsTIK oftlii* A<;o. by Bamaby Rich. Ifill. edited by rnnnincham. 3^. 

HL^'ToRV i>r R«\n.ird thi- Vn\. fn>in CaxtonN eitition in 14*'], with and Lxrra'v 
lli>tor\ of iIh- Riint.-ini'**, MJitiHi by W. J. Tliom«. lt«. 

TDK KKKN 'Fiimrnl L:inii-iit.vionv; of the South of Ireland. illn«trati«e of iri«k PoJiPiiJ 
:in>l llofMi-«iii- History, .M:tiiiirr«. >Iii«|i*, and Sn(w>r«titi'int, t^lited by T. C Crokrr 4t 

P( iF<MS >.f John .\iiib-lBv , a ^i^i inu-n of t)ie Shni)i«liiTe I>iaJe<'t in the X Vth Ceaiarv . ^-Ifl 

b> HalliH.II :t... »-/. ' 

ST. HR.VNDRAN : a M«tliftal I^'^iml of the Sea in Cngli^h Vrr« and Prow #diird b« 
Wri-ht .X* 

RO.MANf'K of ihi-|«*ror Oft.i\nn. now fir«t pnbltphed from M$*R. at Lincoln and Csb- 

bii<lc<'. »<litr^l b> HalliMi-ll. .*«('••/. 

SIX BALLADS with Biirdrn.. from a MS at Cambridp*. eilited by (fiMidwin U W. 

LYRICAL POKMS. M-Iutrd from .Mii>ical Pu Miration*. ]>*l and 161.1). edited br CeUirr. 
:»>. tW/. 

FRI VR B XKoN'S Pri>pli«M«-. a Satire on the Do^neracy of the Time*. IflM, fdiled br 

Halliw.-I!. •.'«. 
THF. SFA LN S.\r;F.S. in Knuli^h V.rt.e. frt m a MR at Cambndjr. «^itMl by Wncht. it. 

Pi >PI'L \R SON<iS illustrative i f the Fn-mh Invanions of Ireland. Put 1. edited by Oo- 

k«'r. '2a 

P< tr.TlCAL Mi«vllaiiii^ from a MS of tiM- Time ..f Jamei I., edited by llalliwcfl i« 
CR( >WN 4;arlaiid • f (iol.i.ii Rih..-^. t'r.mi lh«- i^litiiin of IGj9. Part S. edited by (iMpivB. 

TIIK \ll< • tiiiTi.iti- Slif|ili<r<l. by Ri. haKI B,irnfirld. l.'iM. edited br liaJ'iwell. 2a 
fii OTTISII Trndiii \<r«» • f XiMH-nt BallaiU. eilrfeii by J. II. Dixon. O.V, 

Lirr. ami M.riv'iiittii of Thuiii.ii Ilfi k< t. .\rrlibi4h<tp of Canterbury, by Robcft of Gki- 

■ -ii-r. now Jir»« ;-riiiti-ii. «ilitf.| Lv Hln-k .'u.. 

11 .\ Wr. S Sti<|.tH-n I'a-liiitf of' v., a ur*-. an AII<-j;onraJ Pi em, reiihntcd fren the eifat«a 

of I.Vki t". In/. 

THi: riVli- f:.\RLAM». a Coil.<'ion nf Sonc« fn>m l^>ndon Pafr«nU. edited by Fair 

|..i|r 4 

INTRODI CTION t., thf .S\..n Sai'.-». b> Wrcht 3*. 

II LV W* M iD'S Jfthii Di.ilii.'iif III) Wi* aifi F<>[lv. now firtt printed, witb na Accuval *■( Xi.Mii.r in. I til* Draniatp- W'lrkh. bv F.iirliolt. 4«. 

DF.MI.VM'S Ciillm-tiun of Pruvi rbi and P-pnlar Sayinfft, on tbn 
hi'-. It* 






FRASER, (J. B.) An Historical and £)e9criptive Account of Perela, from 
tho Earliest Ages to the Present Time : with a detailed View of ita Re- 
sources, Government, Population, Natural History, and the Character of 
its Inhabitants, particularly of the Wandering Tribes ; including a De- 
scription of AfTghanistan and Beloochistan. 12mo, 3«. 6d. Edin., 1834 

PORTER, (Sir R. K.) Travels in Georgia, Perua, Armenia, Ancient Babylon, 3cc. 3 
Tok. 4to. London, 1821 

RICH, (C. J.) Narrative of a Retidenee in Koordiitan, and on tha ata of ancient Nineveh, 
etc. S voU. 8vo, Vis London, 1836 

Narrative of a Journey to the Bite of Babylon in 1^11, etc. 8vo, 31«. " 1839 

FRASER, (J. B.) Travels and Adventare* in the Peivian Provinoet South of the Caspian. 
4to Jjondon, 1896 

MORIER. (J.) Jonmeys through Pervia, &c. 3 vols. 4to, £7. " 18r>16 

Db BODE, (C. A.) Travels in Lauristan and Arabittan 3 vols. 8vo. Ijondon, 1844 

BRYDGRS. (Sir H. J.) Traniaclionf of Mistion in Perua, 1807-11, with a brief History 
of the Wahauby. 2 vols. 8vo l.,ondon, \9QA 

ATKINSON, (J.) Cuitomt and Mannen of the Women of Perkia, and their Domestic 
Snpentitiims. Transl. from ttie Poraian. Hvo. 5«. . . . Ijondon, 1833 

(Oriental Translation Fund.) 

FOWLER, (G.) Three Yean in Penua. 2 vols. sm. 8vo. . . '* 1841 

See BrcKiNOBAM'a Travels. L'Univere Piltoresqne, etc 


MALCOLM, (Sir J.) History of Persia from the most early period to the 

present time, etc. 2 vols. 4to. .... London, 1815 

8ILVESTRE dr S ACY. Mdmoires sur diverses anti<^uit£s de la Perse, et snr les m^dailles 
des roil de la dynaslie des Sasuinides, suivi* de I'hi&toirs de oette dynastie, trad, dn persan 
de Mirkhond. 4to. p!.,/l5. Pari*, 17B3 

ABOUL* KASIM FIRBOUSI. Le Livre des rois, public, tradnit et comments par M. 
Jules Mohl. vols. 1-3, folio, /.IG Paris, 183tM2 

HISTOR Y OF HYDER JfJi/IC, written by Meer Huiuein Ali Khan Kirmani. Transl. 

by Col. W. Mylus. 8vo, 16/r London, 1843 

(Oriental Tran^ation Fund.) 

THK SIG.^R-UL-MUTJIKliKRI.Y ; a Histoiy of the Mohammeflan Power in India, 
during the last Century, by Mir Gholam Ilussein-tvlian. Revised and edited by General 
Briggs. 8vo, vol. 1-, 14«. (Oriental Transl. Fund.) London, 1832 

MIRKHOND. History of tlie Early Kings of PiTvia, transl. from the Peruan by D. Shea, 
roy. Hvo, lU*. . (Oriental Tran«l. Fund.) . Ijondon, 1833 

RASCUIDELDIN. Histoire des Mongols de Perae, edit, par M. E. Quatrempre. vol. 1, 
folio Paris, 1838. 

HISTOIRK des Mongols, depnis los teimis les plus recul^s jnsqn*^ Tamerlan, tradnite dn 
penan de Khondemir. Par M. Grigurien. 8vo. . . . Si. Petertburgk, 1834 


GROTEFEND, (G. F.) Beitrilge znr Eiiaut. d. peneopol. Keilschrift. 

4to, As. 


—— Beitrilge xur ErlAut. d. babylonischen Keilschrift. 4to, 4s. Hanov., 1840 

LASSEN, (C.) Die AltpeniscKen Keilenschriften v. PersepoHs. 8vo. Bonn, 1836 

u. WESTERGAARD (N. L.) Uber die Keilenscriflen der ersten nnd iweiten- Gat- 

tung. 8vo Bonn, 1845 

Zeitschrift fiir die Kunde des Morgenlandes. vols. 1-. Ootting. and Bonn, 1837- 

HOLTZMANN, (A.) Beitriige zur ErkliLrungder pertiwrhen KeilenschriAen. Part 1, 8vo, As, 

CaHsr., 1845 

BURNOUF, (A.) Commentaire snr la Ya^na, Tun des livres religeux des Parses, etc. 

vol. 1-, part* 1-3, /.65 Pari*. 1833 

CuNi«i!toHAM on the Coins of Alexander's Successors in the East. Journal Asiatiqne. 
Journal of the Royal Geographical Society, vols. 9. 10. Syn^EIgyptian Society of 
London. Journal of the Royal Asiatic Society, voL 10. Jonmai of Asiatic Sociaty 
of Bengal, vol. 0. 


r f 

§ * 

k L 


• — 















. i> 

. * — 
■ ( 






III. L^V\C;UA(1E. 

Gil AM MA US. 

JONKS, fHdt W.) (xrammar of the Persian Laof^ua^, with addition*, bjtbe Rrv. flunoel». f<vo. ajj« • . I^mdoM. ItfM 

ll}R.\niM, (Mekk/a M.} A Grammar of the Pereian Langna^, etc. 4to. " ]j^3 

FORBKS *: AKNOT. A New Grnminar of the Perwan Language. Pvo. " IrtM 

ANDRHW, (VV.) .A ('om|irfhen«ita Hynu|»ia of the Element* of Penian Grammar, with 
KOiiif reiiinrk< in Arabic. 4to. . L.andim, V^ 

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paiata-. h\o Guma, 1*M0 

POSSART, (V. A. T.) Gmnmiatik der jjomwhen Spraoh^, nelwt verfrleichender Bi»rikk- 
hii-liti:;!!!):; i!»-r iiii' di-n IVr»iM-h<<ii vorwnndten Sprnchcn, nameiitlich des Sanskrit und de« 
HlaxiM-lii.-ii. iiiiii nut t'iiicni Anliiinzc /■■I'n I'l'lterniM/en, sowuhl auit dv m Deut^ehen in« Per- 
si.N(>he ;il> au^ ut-m Periti>>('lien in^ l)ftitM:ho. Hvo I^iptig, lc34 

SPIKCEIi. (K.) njrtstoiiiathiaPcrMca,turagIo*Mir. 8vo, 13«. 6(/. . ** 1A«J 


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Sir rii.iil* -^ Willvin- and F. John^un. 4io lAmdvm, lr*£) 

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QalcMtta, T«)4 

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Kn;.'h^li. iitiii Kiiirli^h and Persian. . * Ijomitm, 1*41*2 

A yociHrL.UiV, En::li>h and Persian. For the College at Fort William, in Bengal. 
4to CtUcuttn, IHUO 

77//.' SUf'y.y .sy. is, a Dirtionary and Grammar of the Porsian Jjanguage. by bia Ma- 
jt>ty till* Kill:; "'f Oiiil»* • in Si-xi'ii I'rirts. V! vol*, folio. . . . I^ueknou, \t*:S 

JiOOHIL I.VI (^.I'/'ir, H Uii'iioriary of tin* PerMiin Language explained in Persian, efi*.. 
etc.. arr:jii;,'fd by Tliu-. Rch-luiL-k. Ito. Catruttn, IrJS 

OrrT.I.KV, ' \V.) Pi«r>ian .Mixrilhinif* : an EJ^^ay to facditate the reading of Persian MS?., 
with Eii^iavi'il S]H.'ciiui.-iiN. Phil logical Observation* ami Notes, Critical and lliitoriral. 
4t«». JAmiien. 17U5 

R(.)lT.<SK.\r, (S.} The riow«M<i of Persian TJterature, e ntainins extract* from the moU 
celi'briited Author in Pnw and Ver^* ; with a trnu.ilation into English : being a Com- 
Iiaiiioii to Sir Will. Ji)ni.>s'.'« Persian (iruinniar. 4to /.•rn/oa, ]<4)1 

SKLIJTIO.VS, from llie Ro>trin of Hidi, for the use of F. Falconer. H^mo. 

J^yndtm, lcQ8 


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CIIODZKO. S;Mvitncn«. of tliL' PojMilar IVhMrv of Poia. a-t fonnd in the Adventanp^ and 
Iniiir )\io:iti fi^ of Kurroirloii. the H-nndit >fiii!itrr| of Northern Pcrna ; and in the 8onn 
o\' tiir' IN o|»l«> iiitialiitin:; tlii> Slio'es of the ('atiiian Sea. Orally collected and traiulated, 
with Philolo^'ical and Ili>lorical Noti»%. Hvo. l.'w. . . * . . Lowlim^ Idi'i 

(()iii>nt:U Tran>lalion Fund.) 

COSTKLI.O. r.MHs.) TIm- Ro-v Garden of Pi r,ia ; a Series of Translations from the 
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OrSRI.,V, (Sir (J.) Hio;:jnxphii'al Noii.v-i of Persian Poet*, with Critical and Explaaatory 
R<>mark>. Etiili-il, witii a Memoir, by I Ik* Rev. J. Reynold*. . Lmidtm^ Id46 

(Oriental Translation Fund.; 

AYEEN AKRE-RY. Institute^ of the Emjieror Akber. Transl. from the Permn, by 
Gladwin. 'J \ol<. Pvo. 7<Mi4ib>ii.*18nO 

THy sn.JH .V.f.V/://^of the Persian P.xa Finland; translated and abridg«l in Pr*wB 
and VerM>, with Note?* and IlluMrniiun«, by Jame^ Atkinson. 8vo, 15r. . J^mition J639 

(Orienial Translation Fund.) 

TIfh: n.iniST.LV. or School of Mannen. Translated from the Penian by D. Shea and 

A. Troyer. » voU. Hvo Ij&nd§n^ 1843 

(Oriental Translation Fund.) 

PtL1( TiriL P/rr/.OsOPUr i,r the Mohammedan People, exhibited in Ita pmfeMMl 
connexion with the Euni|K.>an. ^o a% to render either an Introduction to tlie other, being a 
tran>lation of the AkIilak-i-Jalaly, the most esteemed ethical Work of middle Afia. from 
the Persian of Fakir Jany Muhammed Avolad, with Notes and Refermon, br W. F. 

Tliompfon. Hvo, 15*. ZtMMm, 100 

(Oriental Translation Fund.) 




III. LA:sGV AGE.— (Conlinued.) 

THE SIMM J^.^MFJl; an heroic Poem: conUininf; the Hixtory of Persia from the 
earliest timet to the nonqueht of that empire by the Arabs : illa^rratnl by a oopiout flos- 
«ary of obvlete word* and obscure idium* ; an introduction and life of tlie author in Per- 
■ian and En^ii»h, and au Ap|)endix, by Turner Maean. 4vuls. Hvo. ' Caieutta, 182^ 

VULLER5. (J. A.) ChriAtomathia «chahnamiana, in nsum scholarnm editit. annot. et 
glo»«. Iocui>lcti instru.xit. bvo. . . Bonna, 1833 

PERSPECTIVE.— (See Drawing.) 

FIELDING, (T H.) Synopsis of Practical Perepeciive, Lineal and Aerial ; 

with Remarks on Sketching from Nature, &a:., &c. 3d edition, royal 

8vo, 19 plates London, 1843 

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jAmdon, 1842 


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portraits JVlrip- York, 1847 

TSCHUDI, (J. J. VON.) Travels in Peru during the Years 1838-1842, on 

the Const, in the Sierra, across the Cordilleras and the Andes, into the 

Primeval Forests. Translated from the German by Thomasina Ross. 

8vo, 12» London, 1847 

(Reprinted, New-York, W. & P.) 

SMITH, (A.) Peru at it n, during a Residence of Ten Years. 2 vols. sm. &\o, ]0«. 

/Amdan, 1830 

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Ulloa's Voynijp to South America. GdwaRDd' Vuya^e up the Amazon. Joor- 

nal 'if ili>! Gei frraphical Society. Bavagc's Ania/onian Republic. Stkvbn> 

fsoN's Account of South America. McCuLi.ocu'8 Gazetteer. STCVKXSON'a 

Residence in Peru, &c. 


MALLAT, (J.) Les Philippines. IliHtoire, G^ographie, Mcrurs, Agricul- 
ture, Industrie, el Commerce, dcs Colonies Espagnols dans TOceanic. 2 
vols. 8vo, and atlas folio of maps, plates, &,c., col., 30;?. . Paru, 1846 

ZUNIGA, (M. DE.) Historical View of the Philippine Islands. Transl. 

by Maver. 2 vols. 8vo London, 1814 

COMYN, (ToMAa dk.) Kstado de Ia» Islas Filipinas en 1810, brerementc deM'rito. 4to. 

Madrid, IHaO 

Translation of the above, by Wm. Walton. Hvo. . . I^mdon^ 1S21 

ESTJiDO de la Poblation, &c., de las Ulaa Filipinas oorretpondente a el ARo de 1818. 

ManUa, 18S0 


BOPP. (F.) Die VerwandschaA der malayisch-polynesischen Sprachen mit den Indo-Eoro- 

pdischen. 4to, IQjr. (k/ Berlin, V*A\ 

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SAN AUGUSTIN, (G. dk.) Compcndiode la arte de la lengua tagala. 4to. Manila, 1751 
NOCEDA. (P. J.) Vocabolario de la lingua tagala. folio. . . * " 1754 

J.At.'QrUET, (M. E.) CouMdirations sur les alphabets des Philippines. 8vo. Paris, 1931 

(Extr. du NoDv. Juurual AMatque.) 

See BcROHArs's Asicn. Moor's Malayan Arclii])cIago. MKTE:!f*8 Reise nm die 

PHILOLOGY.— (See Ethnology.) 


ENGLEMANN, (W.) Bibliotheca Philolo^ica ; oder Verzeichni<s derjenijen Grammati- 
ken. VViirtenbiicher. tec. welchc zum Stndiam der Greichischen, Lateinischen. n.Oriental- 
isdiun Sprachen gehurcn, &c. 2e aofl. 8vu. /<«r>:i/, 1840 



(. c 

n I 

4 • 






PHILOLOGY.— (Co«<mMcd.) 

ERSCII, (J. P.) Bibliographischet Ilandboch der plul<dafiachen Lttcimtur, herftoif . toiiC. 
A. Geulcr. 8vo Lieiftyft 1S45 

BIRUOTHRCjI philotogica Gennanica, oder Vemicbnia der, dar deotidicn Spncb»- 
wis«enscliat\ angehurig Schriften. 8vo JLe^zyp^ 1^^ 

WINNING, (W. B.) Manual of Comparative Philology, in which the 

affinity of European Languages is illustrated, and applied to the Primeral 

Hi8tor>' of Europe. 8vo, 9« London, 1838 

ADKLUNG. (J. C.) Mithridate*. 5 vob. 8vo, 63* I^piif* 1^^ 

(F.) Uebenicht aller bckannten 8prachen. 8vo. . St. Petergburfk^ IBSO 

UrMBGLDT, (VV. von.) Ueber die Yenchicdenheit des menschlidMn BnrachbsMt. 
4to. . Berlim,18» 

VATER, (J. S.) Analekten der Sprachenkonde. 8vo. Leiftig, 1890 

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Earojidischen Sprachen. Hvo Fromkf^ 1818 

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MEIDINGER. (H.) Dictionnaire ^tymologiqae et comparatif dei lancet tentogiMhiqnec, 
Tancien {^othiqiie, etc. . . ri*Iandai«. le laedois modeme, le danou modehie, le iiAer- 
lanilai* modcrue, etc. aveo dt» racino^ slaves, romainei et aiuatiqun, aui proDTeat TorigiBe 
commnne do toutcs oeat langucs, trad, de I'allemand. 8vo./.30. Fratutfort am Afa|r«,7833 

NODIER, ((.'.) Notions ^Idmentairet d-t lingnUtiqne, on histoire abr6g6e de la parole ct de 
rocriture. 8vo Paria, 1834 

RArP, (K. M.) Ver&uch einer Physiologic der Spracho. 3 volt. 8vo. Stmttgari, 1838-39 

See Etiinolooy. Coxparativb Grammar. Cambridge Philological Mniram 
Philological Joamal. Donaldso.^'h New Cratylns 

r •- 


t ■ 



I. HISTORY OF. (Ancient and Modern.) 

RITTER, (II.) History of Ancient Philosophy. Transl. from the Gei^ 

man, by A. J. W. Morrison. 4 vols, '^yo, 42*. . Oxford, 18d&-46 

LEWES. (G. H.) A Biographical IIi<.tory of Philosophy. Strict I. Ancient Pbilomphv. 
Scries II. Modern Philosophy. 4 vob. iHnio, 6«. .... /««n^9it, 1845 

MORELL. (J. D.) An Historical and Critical View of the Specolative Pbiloaopliy of 
Euro|)e in tho Nineteenth Century. ^ cdn. S voU. Hvo, 'ila. . I^omton, 1847 

POTTER, (J. P.) Characterihlici of the Greek Philosophers. Socrates and Plato. ISmo, 
As.Cni LmtJtm, 1845 

BRIEF View of Gn-ek Philosophy up to the Age of Pericles. 3#. W. . . 1844 

(Small Book* on Great Subjects.) 

TENNEM.\NN. (W. G.) Manual of the History of Philosophy. Transl. from th« G«r 
man, by A. John»on. Hvo thr/sntf, 1808 

STEWART. (D.) A General View of the Profriess of MeUphjilcal and Ethical Philoso- 
phy, since the revival of letteis in Europe. 4to Edin,, 1835 

(I)K<sertalion> prefixed to Encyclo. Britannica.) 

MACKINTOSH, (Sir J.) Di!urf>rtation on the Progress nf Ethical Philosophy in tho ITlh 
and hSth Centuries. With a Preface by W. Whewell. 8vo, 9s. Edimhttrgk, 1836 

GUILL()N, (N. S.) Histoire g^n^rale de la philosophie ancienne et moderao jnaqn'^ no* 
joura. 2 voU. 8vu PmriSf 1835 

TISSOT. (J.) Hi-itoire abregee de la philisophie. Pvo. . . Difon «t Parity 1840 

LERMINIER. Etudes d'histuirc et de f»hiloM>phie. 3 vols. 8vo, 14«. . . Paris. 

De rinHaence de la philo^ophie au XVIIle siocle snr la legislation et do Socialite dn 

XIXe siecle. Hvo. /.8 Pari*. 

RITTER. (H.) Geschichte der PhiIoM>phie. vols. l-«, 8to. . Hmn*., 183IM4 

Vols. 1-1. GcMch. il. alt. Pliil.«.. IH-J9-4fl. 

" 5-H. Gevchichte dor Christ lichen Phihwophie, 1841-45. 

TENNEMANN. (W. G.) Ge^chichto der Phihtfophie. II vob. 8vo. I^zig, 17W-1889 

Grundrisse der GcAchichte der Philosophie. .... " 18B9 

Manuel de I' Hist, de Philosophie. Transl. par V. Cousin. 2 vob. 8ro, /.15. 

Peru. 1830 

PORTALIS, (LB CoMTB.) De Tnsage et de Pabaa de Pciprit philosophiqno dnrant lo 

XVIIle sit clc, etc. 2 vob. 8vo Paris, 1H3S 

— I 


PH!LOS(»»HT.] 281 [philosophy. 

^ • 

I. fflSTORY.-.(Con/mMC(/.) 

G10BERTI, (l*Abbb ViifCBirr.) Intiodaetion k TAtode d« la philowpbie. Trad, de 
I'italien. Par L. M. J. Alary. 4 rob. 8to, /.SO. Parif, 1B45-7 

DICTIOXJ^AIRR des Sciences phikMophiqnes, ]>ar on Sod^ti de profetMort et de vavaiu. 
Tok. 1-3, 8vo, /.15 Paris, lrt4t>-7 

8IGWART, (H. C. M.) Getchichte der PhiloMphie von allgemeinen wi»eiuchaAlichen |L» 

nnd KMchicbdiuheii dtandpnlikt. 3 Tob. 8vo Stuttg., 1444 

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do. do. Philos. Scolattique. 8vo, /.7 50. 1840 

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8vo /lusb., 1833 

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OotL, 1840 

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temjioraines. 9e ddn. 2 vols. 8vo, /.IS Paris, 1840-44 

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des alexandriens et le inykticisme. 8vo, /.3 50 Paris, 1645 

PRADT, (l'Abbk DB.) Ilistoire de I'eclectisme alexandrin, ooniddAr6e dans sa colte aveo h^ 

le chriilianisme. 3 volt. 8vo. /.lO. Paris, 1843 /* 

RITTER AND PRELLER. Uistoria Philosophic Grvoo-Romaaie ex fontinm locis contexta. /Z/JL^ 
t«vo, 11* Hamburg, 1838 *^ 

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der Kate^rienlehre. 8vo./.7 J^eWia, 1847 

BLAINVILLE, (II. db.) Histoire des Sciences de Torganiaation et de leanpro^res, comme f 

base de la philosophic, avec des devel!o|ieinents et additions. Par. M. Maopied. 3 vob. 
8vo. /.18 Port*, 1845 

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ofni filosofia nel secoli XVI., XVII.. XVIII. 4 vols. Hvo. Miiano, 1837-38 

MATTER, (J.) Histoire des doctrines morales et politiqnes des trois demieres biecias. 3 
vol*. 8vo Porte, 1837 

G£RANDO. (Db.) Ilistoire compart des systvmes de philosophie, consideris relativement 
anx principes des connaissanoes nnmaines. 3e 6dn. 4 vols, dvo, /.30. Paris, 18SS 



BROWN, (T.) Philoeophy of the Human Mind. 8vo, 8». Edinb. 

Inquiry into the Relation of Cause and EfTcct. 4th ed. 8vo, 12«. j 

Edinb., 1835 

Life and Writings, by D. Welsh. 8vo, 14». . " 

Lectures on the Philosophy of the Mind. With a Memoir of the 

Author by David Welsh, D. D. 16th ed. 4 vols. 8vo, portrait, 43«. 

Edinb., 1845 

Lectures on Ethics. 8vo, 8*. 6d " 1846 

CUDWORTH, (R.) Intellectual System, and Life, by Birch. 3 vols. 8vo, 
42«. London. 

CORY, (I. P.) A Metaphysical Enquiry into the Method, Objects, and 
Result of Ancient and Modem Philoeophy. 8vo. Zon Jem, 1833 

FIELD, (G.) Outlines of Analogical Philosophy ; being a Primary View 
of the Principles, Relations, and Purposes of Nature, Science, and Art. 
2 vols. 8vo London, 1839 

HAUGHTON, (G. C.) Prodromus, or an Enquiry into the First Priaci- 
ples of Reasoning ; including an Analysis of the Human Mind. 8vo. 

London, 1839 
STEWART, (D.) Active and Moral Powers of Man. 2 vols. 8vo, 24«. 


Philosophical Easayn. 8vo, 14« " 

Philosophy of the Human Mind, by Wright. 8to, 10«. Sd. " 

I' . * 

i f '' 



: \