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1 847 . 

EirramBD, aoconlinf to Aot of CongrMi, in the year 1847, 

Dt D. Applbton b Co., 

In tlw Oerk'i OAoe of the District Toart of the United Statei, for the Bonthem Diitriet of New-Toxk. 


The object of the Pablishers of the following pages has been to present, in 
a collected form, indications of the most important works in every department 
of literatare, arranged in sach manner as admits of the most easy reference. 

Part I. consists of Subjects, alphabetically arranged, with the exception 
df Mathematics, Medicinej and Theology ; all the sabjects of these divisions 
are collected under those general heads, in preference to scattering them 
through the body of the work. 

Part II. comprises Select Biography, Classics, Collected Works^ and an 
Index of Authors whose works appear in Part I. 

In the necessarily limited space devoted to the devel(^[xnent of the plan, it 
is evident that but little of it could be occupied with the Curiosities of Litera- 
ture : the various Bibliographical works already extant amply suffice to make 
known their peculiar claims upon the attention of the Man of Letters. What 
has chiefly been attempted is, to exhibit under each head the extent of its litera- 
ture, so far as might serve the purposes of the general reader : to the Student, 
whose aim is exhaustive, the Bibliography of each subject, when known, being 
given, will direct him to sources whence he may supply the deficiencies that 
must necessarily exist in a work of limited extent, like the present. When- 
ever the question of omission has occurred, the unknown work has been 
retained in preference to the well known. 

Prices. — Books are subject to as many fluctuations of value as other articles 
of merchandise ; but as it was considered desirable to affix prices to the titles 
whenever they could be ascertained, they must only be regarded as approxi- 
mate : those given, are generally the same at which the books were published; 
and will help to give some idea of the extent, &c., of any work in question : 
but as no hst of prices can be permanently correct, those given are, for many 
reasons, to be preferred. 

Notwithstanding the great care and labour bestowed upon this book, the 
inteUigent reader will notice many omissions, which it will be the Compiler's 
care to supply in a Supplement : some typographical errors will also be evi- 
dent, but as they are so palpable, they will in noway impair the general 
integrity of the work. When it is considered that the work' is made up of 
minutiae, it is a matter of gratulation that so few errors have crept in. 

American Works. — ^It has not been thought necesMiy to enter very fully 
into the details of American Literature ; there was no object to be gained by 
occupying the very limited space at command with chronicling books that are 

in every body's hands, or which it is the Pablishers' special interest to make 
known through the usual channels : besides, there is reason to expect a special 
American Bibliography ere long, in which the genius and industry of the New 
World may be favourably exhibited in contrast with that of the Old. 

We are not without the hope that this compilation may exert a favourable 
influence in the Republic of Letters. The Student, through its aid, will be 
enabled to observe the extent of the subject of his inquiry, and the authors 
most worthy of his notice. The Man of Letters will be enabled to ascertain 
the comparative richness and poverty of the literature of his native tongue, 
and to enlarge the sphere of his labours, either by translation or the production 
of original works calculated to supply the deficiencies that exist in many 
branches of literature ; while the Publisher will be enabled to recognize many 
important works with which he can enrich his stock of publications. Those 
engaged in the formation of libraries, we feel assured, will welcome the aid 
these pages can afford them. By the publication of an annual Supplement, in 
which all new works of permanent value shall find a place, as well as the 
more important omissions in the body of the work, it is intended it shall occupy 
a permanent place in the Library. 

To have added critical opinions or analyses of the contents of the various 
works enumerated, would, we are aware, have Increased the value of this 
Manual ; yet it could not have been done without increasing its bulk to an 
undue extent 

In conclusion, the Publishers feel the present a fit occasion to return to 
their many friends and countrymen their warmest acknowledgments; and 
while they do not desire to exert any undue influence by this publication, to 
the prejudice of others in the trade, yet believing it to be an important con- 
tribution to the cause of human knowledge, and considering the great expense 
they have incurred in its preparation, they trust that their peculiar facilities for 
obtaining books from all parts of Europe, and their large stock, will induce the 
personal application of their friends. As this publication, from its peculiar 
plan, will develope new riches and corresponding desires on the part of tlie 
student, it is proper to state that any books found in this compilation may be 
obtained in the space of a few weeks, and at the lowest prices, through their 
agencies abroad. The steam communication now established between France 
and Germany enables them to execute orders with as great faciUty from the 
Continent, as formerly from England. 


300 Baoadwat, ) 
Oct. 1,1847. \ 




Abdomkn (Medicine) SSO 


Abtssinia (Nobia, Etliiopia). 

I. Geography, Voyages, and Travels, 1 

II. History, S 

III. Language, 3 

Acts op thk Apostlbs, .... 315 

AcorHTics, 3 

AorLTERT 315 

Advbnt, 315 

iEsTHBTica, 3 

ArroHANisTAN (Cabal). 

I. Geography, Voyages and Travels, . 4 

II. Hiittory, 5 

III. Natnral History 5 


I. Geography, 5 

II. Hixtory and Antiquities, . . 7 


I. Bibliography, .... 7 

n. Hislory, 7 

III. Practical, 7 

IV. Thraretical, 8 

V. Implements, .... 8 

Albania, (Travels in), .... 9 

Albigknseh (Waldenses, Vandois), 9 

Altucmy, 9 

Aldinc Editionr (Bibliography), . 9 

Aldinc Poets (Pickering's Edition), . 9 

Alojr, 10 


I. History, ..... 11 

II. Treatises, 11 


Algebraical Eqcations, . 214 

Algebraical Gkombtrt, 314 

Algiers, 13 

Alhaxbra, IS 

Almanacs. 18 

Alpaca, IS 

Alphabet, 13 

Amazons, 13 


I. Bibliography, .... 13 

II. North America, . . . . 14 

III. South America, ... 14 

IV. British America, .... 15 
V. Natural History, ... 15 

VI. Language, 17 

America, Church ih, . . . 315 

American Indians, 17 

Amphibia 18 

Amputation, 890 

^^NA| • • • • • • lo 

Analysis (see Chemistry), .... 04 

Analytical Oeombtrt, . 814 

Anatomy (see Medicine), .... 890 

Anatomy, Comparativb, 8SS 

Anatomical Manipulation, . . . 883 

Aneurysm, 893 

Angling, 18 

Anglo-Norman Literatttrb, . 10 

Anglo-Saxon Church, .... 815 

Anglo-Saxon History (see England), . 133 
Anglo-Saxon Language AND LiTBRAirvES, 80 

Animalcules, 81 

Animals, 91 

Animal Kingdom (see also Zoology), . 88 

Anthems, . 315 


Greek, 88 

Latin, 83 

Anthropology (see also Ethnology, Man), 83 

Antichrist, 316 

Antigua, 83 

Antilles, ...... 83 

Antiquities, Christian, .... 316 

ANTiquiTiEs (Collections, Dictiooarisa, be.), 93 

Antiquities (Jewish), .... 316 

Apocalypse, 317 

Apocrypha, 317 

Apoplexy, 993 


I. G«(^grapby, VoyageB, sod Tisvais, 94 

II. History, 85 


111. Lui^ap BUd UlffntBPe 

4. Konn. 
AUKU Nioirri' Gir 

IV. Giw 

V. Konn. . . . 
Tl. Oothie ml Clmnb, 

VII. Civil uil DomMie, . 

«>aiimn Kaniiiio, . ' . 

i«[4i.aso), . 


1. 0»*™phT. T 


ni. L>t4.>(> 

Aktuih (MedldH), . 

ARtlGLII OF fOTB (TbMlOff). 

AlTILLili itm ilHaHMijr, Nan 

I. nw«T. . . . 

II. TrtUta- 

A.™, FiKi («. 4bo PilBtl>(. Bclpnm). 

n. Hi«.T 

m. Emtp. CriUota-. I»., . . 

An* (D™™ii" "■1 Omuiwilil), . . 


I. OncnpliT. VojM". "* Ti.™!.. 

n. Hitt«y 

Cm-Tilihy Vojrlfai, oil Tnnli, 
Amiuho, .... 
AaicnuKci (Lib) 

I. G»ti«)ifaj, TojifH, ud TimTd 

I, Eniilih, Wtlih. Iriih, Bcauh, 

h» BpaDuh, Romaie, F«lii>B, 

II. GtKiil T 
III. SpediJ, 
It. (MoliclM), 

.1 Eiinm (w ATm). 


BoBIHTt (LlltlUIinilf), . . 






. TS 

k, 79 
. S4 

CF.-T.. '. . , . . ! ' . 311 

I- Hi-"'r « 

III. Appli«l Cbmtarr. . , . «0 
V. Chemieiil Ag>lr>la, , . , W 


I, C«r'l>''J. Vo..^, Hd Tavri^ M 

II. iihio-r 97 

Id, Lur»)|. ud Liunlnr.. , . 98 

Chiv.lsj »a 

CHni.rt. .ass 


ClIK..Tl..'sF,M11.1tLlB«.H, . 3M 

CHUUTt.Tfinr (Hi.l«T of ), . . . aH 

Cl""..!! lot 

Cl.V«™ D.COK.TIOI., '-'.'.'. XO 
Civitir.ATio™ 101 

clui.tb, ...... saa 

Cumo.LM.Din« %» 

Coil, 106 

CoiHi iicD Miiuu(NDiiiiBiuiia), . . 901 

coitBCTi aa 

CoirimUlTTON lot 

Coton. (in ivinUBi). - . ' . " . lOJ 
Cotr-BU JOB 

CnHMKirriuu <BibU<i(l), ... 318 

CoNraoLOOY ne 

Cde<co».i.» (BibllnlJ. . . 3n,» 
CnKCOEDiiiciToBiiiiinBi. . . . ne 
Cotrzit^r-n (Thwlny), . . . 3M 

C01..T1WT10I. (MKiidn.), . . , ue 
rn>.T.Tni<i» (En»li.h) IDS 

rn,».-,m<.» (m«i«sm). . , . sw (Thwlugj). . . . 3M 

Coi-nrLi»oui.oB(«Es).pi), . , m 
ComoHi.m 3M 

CoTTon ira LwtM HinoMirreu!. . Ill 
COD-OL. (Tl«,1.»,) 3M 

Bmxr^ (Mnlkil) 



11. HslHT, atmlulia.fec. . 
III. NUU..1 rnnoFT, . . . 


BluBT (Medidie) 

BitiBgiHtTnTiitiTuii, . 
BurniH Min.nil PniuciTioMi, , 
BuiTT.^ iDmM"). - ■ ■ 


Bnlwa, - . . 
Xnum<:a (Lovu Empin), 

CiLGDLDi o» Fimn Dimm 
CiLcttm. Ibimul, 
Ciicm.!'., DirrM«irruI„ 

Cuj™«:.i-, . . . 

C*in» SqcllTT, 


CiHcm (Mvlidu). . 


Oftrrmr. . , . 
C...liatl, . . . 
C»«™.0., . . . 
Clint!! HiA [•» .ba Cuea 

C<.rr.«i.., . . . 


1, G«gT.phy, MWot,, 


. n 

. 991 


. 88 


. es 

. 390 

C-ii.Li«i (« A-jri., B^bjlo.), . 

■ "" 



Cctoni HiiTUL, .... 



OHd [ApiMlB.') 


Cm™« (Bibll«lj 


1[. IliUtrudAltiquOM, 

C>D>4i.H(Hia«.T0f), .... 



EL.cnDx(Th«l<lfT), . . . 




mtnxi. a.i.'i>n>i< iH | 

ELK-nonn. Bi.iicTiiiMK»utiiiir. 




EiirTcuip«Di.>. .... 


E»CYCtOP«DLH{MHUciD., tc), . 

llurt«.<1W*.n). .... 






111. Liiigiiifg ud Ltunlan, 

D«imi-n>j (m Jm T«Ui, 943], 







Ih.1ii...«o- (tl«l.m), . . 





I, Hlitiii;, Ocf>enph)>. Its., 

E™.ofi. (». Abfrtnl.), . . . 


EviDI^M (Th«ln«j) 



EicHixait (Caniiom*], . 


Domi^.L Di'iNitT. 



DOCTUO or ll.y.LO«Iirr (TWAw). 







nuinis (» Athdlton.], . . 

DUU iKO D»^1T10 LlTim.TtlM. 








D,U.B{«riBClli«P-hllH|). . . 

T«T (Mtdlcln.) 

DnuBicKw KHlwiUat, 


F.cTio,(Ki.lo,Tor), . . . 



F..™ <kh<hydo,7) 





Fuiunci {HuUHT of) 


INDBX OF sdbibCts. xi 


FODB. 1« 

FaoDfAdxltewjaaiorj, . . . I« 


FlacTcaia (NadiiUael. .... 230 
1. G«,«|*T. BMi«kM, Trarri., »c. ISO 

II. Hi«n-. A.u,u,u-, *^, . . isi 

VBi>taF<i>mm ISO. 97S 

Jmi«ic L.war.o 160 

FCMI (»«..,) 180 

FciiiirDU .160 


GiUTiioa [ThMliwJ 330 

I. GHnaJTMIiw. .... 102 
11. FlintciGankalot. ... IK 

III. Frail lad KiuOwii Ganln[>(, . 103 

aiBl («..!» OHIO Hi.t07J. . . 104 
OAirmiKi (G^ipiphj-), ... IBS 
GiniAUiiiaa ,Timt)K). ... 330 

0.«n. 330 

OB..i™t (B-blical) 331 

ni. Ilirtoiy of, 160 

IV. AUu- M 

Omwhii 1*7 

I. c«,~phr, H«OT. kc, . . lOB 


1. G«in»(ilij, Tfatfii, *«, . . 160 

II Huh^ ion 

Ul, Litiratan 150 

Ua«°a|., ..... 170 
«»>» ITS 

Sum Pi^^mJl• 175 

Guiia 173 

OLTrBooainiT 173 

Ommciin, 331 

a«nia 331 

GoiTT (MJIcii..) 830 

C<.>»N1III»T 173 

aa.Hiiia. Ci>i>»>i.Tt.a (•» ■)» FU1>- 

l'«) "3 

Gu»» (Ari»IU») 173 

Q.«iT»-r»H. 173 

I. a«,rap(.T.T™v^,ii=., . . m 

II. HW»j 174 

Gkmikl.kd (« (I» IkaadioavlaJ. 

I. Gmpni-hT, KkUHT, ko.. . . 178 

Gl1.kTIKiLA (CnilnJ Amnica), . . 17S 
GltlDt ngmt {rurTi»<4Jet>), . . 178, 3Sa 
CuHniaY(mUAArulJar]',N>riiainBaiy}, 179 

Hiuon» (Th«k>n) 331 

Haiti (« aim AaUUs). ... ISO 

H»t> [M>d«^oc} S3J 

H..LTH, (do.) m 

H..LT1. {P.bli=) S31. 3S1 

H»aT(D»«»«f) 131 

II.1IH.W. (Th«1.^) 33a 

HauLDCi iMDCmil^oaT. . . . IBD 

Uijini (Tb^\ntr) 31i 

HiaaooLTrmc. (Mi E»j^). ... 183 

IT. Diitorr. AnliqaLlim.Mylhoton.kD.. 183 

1. lni™lnclioin,l'niYtiH]Hii»>rr,«ie..l88 

IT. Aad™.Hi.l0T in 

IT1. Middl. A^ 187 

IV. M^,v 188 

H1.T0KY, Ecct.aiiA.TiCiL, ... 333 

UonaonTH. Xa 

Hmolmi. 181 

lluTicuLTi'Ralnaaidaiilai), . m 

»"«' (Tt^lofjl 3JS 

HnoiiioTP JJS 

I, Huiotj, ke 18B 

11,!. 190 





UjdnmUMtia 190 

Hyrfnalio 191 

pBMmatks. 190 

BrDSoaKAniT (tm ako Geofraphy, Naati- 

eaJ SanrcjiBf;, 191 


Hthm (Thtnioff), 335 



I. History 191 

II. Lufsafe 191 


ImnA (DitMM of) 333 

liTDfA (mo Hindodaa), .... 183 
IiriKTCTivB SciBRCBa (mo Natural Fhilwo- 

phy) 192 

iRnmruiMAL Araltsu, S16 

iRri^HMATiON (Medicine), . 233 

fjirvaoaiA (mo also Animakvlefl, SI), . 193 

la^truiTioR 335 

ImAHmr 333 

IliTBBRATiORAL Law (seo also Law of Na- 

tioot), 193 

ImcsTUfB* (MedictDo), .... 334 

IrrBBPBBTATioN (Tbeolofy), . . 335 

IrntoDUcnoNi ( do. ) . 335 

Ihvbntioni, History or (see abo Patents), 193 

I. Gcojcraphy, Travels, Ato., . 193 

II. History and Antiqaitice, 193 

III. Laniniaffe 195 

Ibob (Mannfactare of, Ifcc), . 195 
IborTbadb (History of), . .196 

Ibbitatior (Medicine), .... 334 

Isaiah, 336 


I. Geography, TraT«b, lie., . ' . 196 

II. History 196 

III. Language and Litaratare, . 197 


Jamaica (see Antilles), ... 196 

Jambs (Theology), 336 


I. History, Geography, Sie., . 199 

If. Natural History, ... 199 

III. I^anguage 199 

J AT A. 

* I. ni<itory, &c 199 

II. Natural History, .... 300 

III. Language 300 

Jbbbmiah 336 

Jbrusalbm, 338 

Jbbuits, 336 

Jbws (History of ) 337 

Job S3f7| 


Joijrrs /Mediciae!, .... 934 

JoSAB. 338 


JcmisPBCDBXCB, Mbbbcai. (aw Fusaaiiit Mo- 

diciae; 148 

JrSTmCATIOR, ...... 

KiDRBYa (Medietee), 


Kriohthood ^seo CUTalry), . 


KRioHT^a Wbbkly Volumb, 









LAROaCAPB Gabdbriro, . 



Laryrx (Medicine), 

Law. Commbrcial (see also Mercantila 

Law) 106. 904 

Law, Romar, 396 

Law or Natiors (see also Diplomacy), . 904 
Lboislatior (see also GoTernment), 904 

Lb XT (Theology) 338 

LiBRARiBS (see Bibliography), 904 

Library op Arolo-Catholic Thbolooy, 339 
Library op Entbrtairiro Krowlbdob, 
Library op thb Fathbrs, 
Library op Urbpul Krowlbdob, 


LiOHT (see Optics), 
Limits (Mathematics), 
LiTBRARY History, 
Lithography, .... 
Lithotomy, Lithotritt, 

LiTUROIBS, .... 
Livbr (Medicine), 
LocoMOTivB (see Staam Engine), 
Logarithms, .... 
Logic, .... 


LURB, (St), .... 

LuRGS (Medicine) 935 


Machirbry & Mbcharism, . 



Magic (we also Occult Sciences), 
Magrbtism (seo also Electricity), . 
Magrbtism, Animal (see Mesmerism), 
Mahratta Larouasb, . 






MvinnH 349 

M»L»™H»T(«^C»el»lon(. . 





Mu (».luAoU.n|»l<«r, EthuXofj), . 

NATIlITt (Th»1.W) »9 


NATU..I. H1.TDI.T (ThMjof,), . . 343 


Natuhxl Hi.TDi, SSS 

MUTTK'I CoMlOiL LlM*llT. . . . 

N.Tn.*i,..f. L,....., . . . SM 

MiTimii M.Dici 

Hatteih. cat.). 



"^1 s» 

N.^Ai. AmomTicrrDM (» ShipBidUlii(), 3U 





Na^oatiot. 2SB 

N..DL.WO.. aoo 

Nl>v» (M*didi») S3S 

NiRvou. BT.TH (M^toM). . . . SW 

Mwiciirr aiS 

HiHFiL JmiricDEHCi [m Fomuio M 


NiiToniA... J49 

MmoLooi [h >1» Wiif hbliid Mouura 


Sew t""t"""'t 341 

I., . . 

KeI. 7I.LA-.D MI 



Boioq.iPHI (MaliaM), . , . M 



HsLDini (Wall4chia) 


[■urrpsr.! Fotti 338 

HaniiiH HitTDiiAin or Chit Butaiic 

Omti ^MiUoI.inhi), - . . »4 


Ordi!<ati<h 343 


Mdhkai'i Ha-b Boon »■ TmAV^Liiii 


HiHic (« •!« OigM, Vtolin Cbonl Sm.h. 

1. Hblo., 

Htoumt [H«lki») 


Il, »»« OF .™«»3. 

OTTDHAifEiiniE(inil«iTiiAtTl, . 369 
OxiwiboOltle) 3TI 

. F. 

t. BlomuiTudFrHlM,. . TTI 

n. Hhti-jMdCriUd™. , .43,213 

Paibohtoumii (m iIk Fonb. BeUIrt, 373 

FAP«BlAill.O,'. . ff74 

P-" «* 

P....»MT).«.log,). .... 343 
PAHUKSocirn. (rubl,Q..KlD.0f). . 344 
PATian (Htbo Iktcntlou). . . . 374 

Patholmt, 339 

Piiiuii (Bet Honldrr) 180 

P.Krr SuniTf. Fuilicatioi™, . 375 

r 0«gnip<>T, T»"l., to,, . . 377 

II. H>BoiT»dA«iquit», . . 377 

in. LHdiigaiuHlUUnun, . 318 

Piuracnvi |M abo Dnwinf], . . 370 

F.»ti, 379 

Tmt.(BL) 344 

Pbahiaci 939 

Paiumn laLAini, 979 

pHltoMJOTfietiUoElhiioliici), , , 97B 

1. Hbl^n'of. .... 980 
II. Mod«B Srmiiu. ... 981 


Phueiiouhit 984 

Pin S8S 

FoimT 385 

FoETIi. BAcaiD, ... .344 


I. Birtoir SH6 

II. Lui»|. 3S6 

TnuTii-.L Er,.Mom S»6 


FoLiKinA (— .ho AnOnli*, Nt- Z«lud), 987 
Fo-nKAKDilncc'Un,:.. . . 3RB 
Poru. (HHUHTorK ... 345 
PoMOItAW MAmTucmilt, . . . BBB 

PoktBotal, 388 

PQSTCOAt {—.!«. Bprt.). ... 368 
P«tr>.,(»,B„n,IE«,»m,), . . . 3B9 

Fuohascv (MidioiiM) 340 

P»I"T>™ 3fB 

honni, ( Jo. ). . . . 318 

P.ora.T..Mn.o« 345 

PloTHU (TlwloiT) 346 

Pmvum 390 

PlDSIIi, ..-.,.. 990 

FtAUi. 348 

Fdhpikal FiT» (Hidkdu), . . 910 

Fu«aAToiii 34S 

Pt«oti««t, -■ ... 991 


OuAuit 346 


BiiLWAii 991 

BATeocim. (FoMlnUouof), . . 91 


Jl«D»»A-no», (iri.l„yor). ... 348 
TlimLEi(i™ii«Jln|«lolofyl, . . 3ia 
Ki.l]ln».-noy fTheology), ... 317 
R"«Toi.if 393 

Rjv««i 993 

Roai.Mai.»o 993 

Ro»A<c I-A:<orAO 393 

BoKAM (Th«logTl 3(3 

R«llA'"t« 383 

BOHA^O LAKdCACI twl»T>0»l»d0DBj, 394 


BohahLaw 396 

Rdhal EmiKiMf 308 

I. G««n.pNr,T..™l.,fcc., . . 396 

II, Hi-orr, ,..-.997 

HI, L>ni..i(<udLh«u>», . .307 

BuHUic Chobco. 347 

Babiath, -348 

BAOAmm. 348 

BArMtloi, 348 

Bahichit LAianAOi 3W 

Saiout, . .' .'.'.".'.!»» 

Scalp, (Di— of) 341 

I, 0«(p.|*r, feo 301 

II. Hi.l«; 301 

III. UnlaV 303 

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BomoreauHOK, . , . 

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iMT <■■ uln An> ud Huafte- 

H die DntiMrr. CMsaU(iipfe7), 343 

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(M ilia Adnridikbrv} , 

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■m«!ni») 181 

I. OwjEiaplij. Tn< 
II. HU«;, 
til. LftBfna^ ind L 



WiMBTi Aim MBAfVKBs (tM dbo Mfltro- 

lotor) 3» 

WifTlinmis, 300 

Wbam FifwniT, 300 

WiNB, 300 

Wood BvoRATiifa, 300 

WoHBir (DiwMtf of), .... 945 

Wool, 361 


TuoATAir, 361 


ZmcmAMiAMt 350 

ZooLOOT (tM dbo Natonl Hfatoiy), 361 






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I. GEOGRAPHY, VOYAGES, &c.— (Con^nuerf.) 

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ALDINE POETS.— Coniinued. ;'- *- 

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IITH. " 



















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Londouy 1847 
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I. fflSTORY. . - • -^ 

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mission acad^iipiqiie. folio Paris, 1845 

ALGIERS.— (Continued,) . • 

« ROZET, ( .) Voyage dans la r^gence d' Alger, on Deacrip. du pays oc- 

cup^e par Tarm^e £ran9miae en Afriqae, conten. des obflervations siir la g^o- 

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By Owen Jones, Architect. Vol. l,colombier folio, with ornamental title- 
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of the Arabic inscriptions, and an Historical Notice of the Kings of 
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grand eagle size, half-bound in morocco, gilt edges, jC24. London, 1842 

from Casts in ^is possession, one-half, quarter, and full size, by Owen 
Jones, Architect. Fonning the second volume to the " Flans of the Al- 
hambra." Tn 2 parts, 25 plates each, printed in colours and gold, price, 
each, folio grand eagle, £5 5s. ; colombier, £4 4s. ; imperial (for manu- 
facturers), £3 3s London, 1842 

on stone by J. D. Harding, R. J. Lane, A. R. Gauci, and J. F. Lewis. 

Folio, mounted, coloured, X'lO 10« London, 1835 

See Muepbt's Arabian Antiqattiet of Spain. 


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sidered as a National Benefit, and as an object of immediate utility to the 
Farmer and Manufacturer. Fcp. 8vo, 4s. 6d. . London, 1844 




ALPHABET.— (Philology.) 

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8vo Pari*, 1819 

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and other Philological papers. 1 vol. 8vo, 7«. 6d. . London^ 1844 
Sae miso Latham on the Enflaih Lan^a|[0. 

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(S«e Paliojraphie Univenelle.) Paris. 

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the Arabic Language, by Ahmad bin-Abubekr bin-Wahshik : and in Eng- 
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. (" Falady attribatad to thin Arabian Aotbor."— 5. de Socy.) 


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Parie, 1740 




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la]ring the foundation of an American Library. 4to. London, 1113 

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ranged under the years in which they were printed. Part 1. A. D. 1500- 
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Printed since 1700. Vol. 1. 1701-1800. Vol. 2. 1801-1830. 8vo. 

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Books, Maps, Engravings, and Medals, relating to North and South Ame- 
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Collection of Books relating to North America. 8vo, 6*. Paris, 1820 

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I'an 1700. 8vo, 10». 6d. Paris, 1837 

(HOMER, A.) Bibliotheca Americana ; or, a Chronological Account of the 
most Curious and Interesting Books, &c., upon the subject of North and 
South America. 4to. London, 1789 


1. BIBLIOGRAPHY.— (Con^mt/erf.) 

LUDEWIG, (H. E.) The Literature of American Local History ; a Bibli- 
ographical Essay. 8vo New- York, 1S4^ 

(Privataly priatad.) 

n. NORTH AMERICA, (U. S.)— («) Geography, (b) AunQurriEs. 

(a) Geography of. 

LONG, (Prof. Greo.) > Geography of America and the West Indies. 8vo. 
Three Maps ; and Statistical Tables. London, 1841 

MAXIMILIAN. Travels in the interior of North America. By Maximil- 
ian, Prince of Weid. With nomerons engravings on wood, and a large 
map. Translated from the German, by H. Evans Lloyd, to accompany 
the original series of 81 elaborately-coloured plates. Imp. 4to, half mor. 

£2 128. 6d London, 1843 

The work complete with the platea, £35 

EDIN. CABINET LIBRARY; vols. 35, 36 37. By Hugh Murray. 
3 vols., 5«. each. 

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United States, &c. 8vo. .... New York, 1836 

{b) Antiquities, &c., History op. 

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Century. 8vo, 10«. London, 1841 

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Ante-Columbianarum in America. 4to, (12. Copenhagen, 1838 

(Pnblbhed by the Rojal Society of Northern Antiqaaries.) 

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Origin and History of the Red Race. 8vo. New- York, 1841 

RAFN, (C.) America Discovered in the Tenth Century. 8vo. 

New- York, 1836 

SMITH, (J. T.) The Discovery of America by the Northmen in the Tenth 
Century ; comprising Translations of all the most important Original Nar- 
ratives of the Event : together with a Critical E^mination of their Au- 
thenticity ; to which are added, an Examination of the Comparative 
Merits of the Northmen and Columbus. 2d ed., 8vo, 6«. London, 1842 

DELAFIELD, (J. jun.) An Inquiry into the Origin of the Antiquities of 

America. 4to, plates. Cincinnati, 1839 

(See mbo PmisSr's American Antiqnitiet.) 

in. SOUTH AMERICA.— .(tf) Geography of, Voyages ahd Travels. 
{b) History. 

(a) Geography of, Voyages and Travels. 

HUMBOLDT, (A. von). Personal Narrative of Travels in South America 
in 1799-1804. 6 vols. 8vo, £3 15«. . . Lond,, 1822-26 

HUMBOLDT, (A. de). Ezamen Critique de I'histoire de la geographic 

du nouveau continent. 8vo, vols. 1-5, 10*. each. Faria, 1836-^9 

(To be completed in 10 vob.) 

EDIN. CABINET LIBRARY. Travels and Researches of Alex, von 

Humboldt, by MacGillivray. 12mo, 5«. . . . Edin., 1839 

(Reprinted N. Y., H. Brae.) 

TERNAUX COMPANS, (H.) Voyages, Relations, et Mdmoires origi- 
naux pour servir a I'Histoire de la D^couverte de V Amirique, public pour 
la premidre fois en Fran^ais. !'• et 2** Serie. 20 tom, 8vo, JCll lU. 

Paris, 1837-41 


m. SOUTH AMERICA,— (Conlinued.) 

DARWIN, (C.) Greological Obaervations on South America. Being the 
Third Part of the Greology of the Voyage of the " Beagle," under the 
command of Capt. Fitzroy, R. N., during the years 1832-36. 8vo, 13«. 

(Reprinted N. Y., H. Bros.) London, 1846 

in the years 1842 and 1843, with the Intent of Establishing a Communi- 
cation between the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. 8to, 5 plans, 5«. 

London f 1844 

S«e abo Ulloa's Voyage, Watbrton*s Wanderingi, Basil Hall's TraTeb, 
Capt. W. Smyth's NarratiTe, Hkad's Rough Notes, Alkxandkr'b Trans. 
Sketches, Cox's Adven. on Colnmbia BiT^. 

(J) History. 

There are no general Histories of Sonth America of any raloe. The Histories of 
the diflferent States will be found arranged under the respective heads. 

See Humboldt's Researches, Robbrtson's Lctten on S. A., Navaerbtb'b 
Coleccion de viages, etc. 


BRITISH AMERICA ; comprehending Canada, Upper and Lower, Nora 
Scotia, New Brunswick, Newfotmdland, Prince Edward Island, the Ber- 
mudas, and the Fur Countries: their History from the Earliest Settle- 
ment ; the Statistics and Topography of each District ; their Conunerce, 
Agriculture, and Fisheries ; their Social and Pohtical Condition ; as also 
an Account of the Manners and Present State of the Aboriginal Tribes. 
By Hugh Murray. With Illustrations of the Natural History, by James 
Wilson, R. K. Greville, and Professor Traill. 3 vols. fcp. 8vo, 15». 

(Edhi. Cab. Lib.) Edinburgh, 1839 

BUCKINGHAM, (J. S.) Canada, Nova ScoUa, New Brunswick, and the 
other British Provinces in North America ; with a Plan of National 
Colonization. 8vo, 15«. London, 1843 

BOUCHETTE, (Col.) Topog. and Statist. Description of the British Do- 
minions in N. America: including Upper and Lower Canada, New 
Brunswick, Nova Scotia, the Islands of Newfoundland, Cape Breton, 
Prince Edward, &c. &c. 3 vols. 4to, plates, £\ 5«. London, 1831-2 

ALCEDO, (A.) Geogr. and Histor. Dictionary of America and the West 
Indies : transl. from the Spanish by G. A. Thompson. 5 vols. 4to, £2 10«. 

London, 1812 

TYTLER, (P. F.) Historical View of the Progress of Discovery on the 
more Northern Coasts of America, from the Earliest Period to the Present 
Time. With Descriptive Sketches of the Natural History of the North 
American Regions, by James Wilson. Fcp. 8vo, 5s. Edin., 1833 

SIMPSON, (T.) Narrative of the Discoveries on the North Coast of 
America, effected by the Officers of the Hudson's Bay Company during 
the Years 1836^9. 8vo, 14« London, 1843 

McGregor, (J.) Account of British North America. 2 vols. 8vo, 
maps, IfU London, 1832 

v. NATURAL fflSTORY.— (1) Animal Kihgdom.— (2) Vegetable Kihg- 

DOM. — (3) MllCERAL KlHGDOM. — (4) MaN. 

1. Animal Kingdom. 

AUDUBON, (J. J.) The Qoadnipedi of N. America. Folio. 

iVew- Fori:, 1843 


V. NATURAL HISTORY .—(Continued.) 

AUDUBON AND BACHMAN. The Viviparous Quadrapeds of North 
America. By John James Audubon, and the Rev. John Bachmau. Vol. 
1, imp. 8vo. New- York y 1846 

AUDUBON, (J. J.) Ornithological Biography: or an Account of the 
Habits of the Birds of the United States. 5 vols. 8vo. Fhilada., 1831^9 

The Birds of America, from Original Drawings. 4 vols, folio. 

London, 1827-38 

The Birds of America. 7 vols. 8vo. . New- York, 1840-45 

Synopsis of the Birds of America. 8vo. . Edinburgh, 1839 

WILSON, (Alexr.) American Ornithology. 4 vols. 4to, col. plates. 

Philadelphia ^ London, 1833 

Do. Do., to which is added a Synopsis 

of American Birds, including those described by Bonaparte, Audubon, 
Nuttall, and Richardson. By T. M. Brewer. 8vo, plates. Boston, 1840 

BONAPARTE, (Chas.) American Ornithology. 4 vols. 4to. 

Philadelphia, 1825-33 

A Geographical and Comparative List of the Birds of Europe and 

North America. 8vo London, 1838 

NUTTALL, (Thos.) Manual of the Ornithology of the United States 
and Canada. 2 vols, post 8vo Boston, 1834 

HOLBROOK, (J. E.) North American Herpetology : or a Description of 
the Reptiles inhabiting the United States, 5 vols. 4to. Philad , 1842 

CONRAD, (T. A.) Monograph of the Family Unionidae, or Naides of 
Lamarck, of North America. Plates. Nos. 1 to — have appeared. 


FAUNA BOREALI- AMERICAN A: or the Zoology of the Northern 
Parts of British America. 3 vols. 4to. . London, 1829-^2 

Part 1. Quadrupeds ; by J. Richardson, .... 24«. 

** 2. Birds ; by W. Swainson and J. Richardson, . 50». 

3. Fishes ; by J. Richardson, 24«. 

4. Insects ; by W. Kirby, . . 27». 

GOSSB, (P. H.) The Canadian Naturalist : a Series of Conversations on 
the Natural History of Lower Canada. 1 vol. 8vo, 12«. London, 1842 

HALDEMAN, (S. S.) A Monograph of the Liraniades, or Fresh Water 
Univalve Shdls of North America. Nos. 1 to — plates. Philadelphia. 

SMITH, (J. V. C.) Natural History of the Fishes of Massachusetts. 12mo. . 

Boston, 1833 

See alio Gould on the Invertebrata of Ma.ssachawtts ; Harris on the Insects of 
' New England Injurioas to Vet;etmtion ; Legislative Reports of the Varioas 

Statee, &o. 

2. Vegetable Kingdom. 

FLORA OF NORTH AMERICA : comprising an account of all the 
Indigenous and Cultivated Plants growing North of Mexico, by Jno. 
Torrey and Asa Gray. 3 vols. 8vo. . New- York, 1838- 

NORTH AMERICAN SYLVA; or a description of the Forest Trees 
of the United States, Canada, and Nova Scotia, by And. Michaux, and 
Tho. Nuttall. 6 vols. imp. 8vo, coloured plates. Philadelphia, 1843 

BROWNE, (D. J.) The Trees of America, Native and Foreign, Picto- 
rially and Botanically delineated, and Scientifically and Popularly de- 
scribed ; being considered principally with reference to their Geography 
and History, Soil and Situation, Propagation and Culture, Accidents and 
DiBeasee, &c., &c. Superroyal 8vo. iVeto- York, 1846 


V. NATURAL HISTORY— (Con/tnuerf.) 

Sylva Americana ; or American Forest Trees. 8vo, plates. 

Boston, 1832 
DOWNING, (A. J.) The Fruit and Fruit Trees of America. 6ih ed. 

$150 New-York, 184S 

Mollusca and CroslaciBa. By James E. de Kay. 1 vol. roy. 4to, 53 
coloured plates. 

^— Geology : Fourth District. By James Hall. 19 plates, maps. 

■ Geology : First District. By William W. Mather. 44 plates, maps. 

2jOology ; By James £. de Kay. 141 coloured plates. 

Flora. By John Torrcy. 

Seembo Bioblow's PlantooT Boston, fro. ; Eaton & Weight's N. A. Botany. 
Eluott's Botany of Um Sontbern States. 

3. Mineral Kingdom. 

See Legislative Repoita on the Qeohgj of the Varioas States. 


FORRY, (S.) The Climate of the United States, and its Endemic Influ- 
ences. 8vo New-York, 1042 

4. Man. 

MORTON, (S. G.) Crania Americana ; or a Comparative View of the 
Skulls of various Aboriginal Nations of North and South America. Fol. 

Fhilad., 1839 

ORBIGNY, (D*.) L'Homme Am6ricain (de ' I'Am^rique mdridionale), 
considere sous les rapports physiologiques et moraux. 2 vols. 8vo, et At- 
las,/.18 Pom, 1839 

PRICHARD, (J. C.) Natural History of Man. 2d ed. 1 vol. roy. 8vo, 
plates, jCI 11«. 6<i London, \S45 

See alio Prichard's Reiwarcbes into the Physical History of Mafakind, Vol. 5, 
WiLKBs's Exploring Expedition, Etknogrephf by Hoa. IIalk. 


PICKERING, (J.) Remarks on the Indian Languages of North America. 
8vo. Boston, 1836 

DUPONCEAU, (P. E.) M^moires sur le systdme grammatical des langues 
de quelques nations indiennes de I'Am^rique du Nord. 8vo. Paris, 1828 

ZBISBERGER, (D ) Grammar of the language of the Lenni Lenape of 
the Delaware Indians. 4to Philad., 1827 

EDWARDS, (J.) Observations on the Muhhekaneew Indians. 8vo. 

Boston, 1823 

HOWSE, (J.) A Grammar of the Cree Language: with which is com- 
bined an Analjrsis of the Chippewa Dialect. 8vo, ds. 6d. London, 1844 

MOLINA, (A. De.) Arte de la lingua mexicana y castellana. 8vo. 

Mexico, 1571 


COLDEN, (C.) History of the Five Indian Nations of Canada : — their Re- 
ligion, Manners and Customs, Battles with the Europeans, &c. 8vo, 6s. 

London, 1747 
ADAIR, (Jas.) History of the American Indians, with an Account of 
their Origin, Language, Customs, Productions, 6lc. 4to, map, £1 Is. 

Land., 1775 






AMERICAN INDIANS.— (Cow/iViwcrf.) 

BUCHANAN, (J.) Sketches of the N. A. Inaians. 8to. London, 1824 

HALKETT, (J.) Historical Notes on the Indians of North America. 
8vo, 8» Xonrf., 1827 

CATLIN, (GEO.) Letters and Notes on the North American Indians. 
2 vols. 8vo, with 400 illustrations London, 1841 

The N. A. Indian Portfolio. A series of 25 Lithographic Plates, 

illustrating the Manners and Customs of the N. A. Indians, with descrip- 
tive letter-press. Coloured in imitation of Drawings. Folio, £7 7». 

London, 1845 

McKINNEY. (Thos. L.) and HALL, (Jas.) History of the Indian 
Tribes of North America ; with Biographical Sketches and Portraits of 
the Principal Chiefe. 3 vols. foUo. . . . PAtZad., 1838-44 

STONE, (Wm. L.) The Life of Joseph Brandt. 2 vols. 8vo. 

N. F., 1838 

Tlie Life and Times of Red Jacket. 8vo. . . " 1841 

VAIL. Notice sur les Indiens de PAm^rique da Nord. 8vo, map and 
plates, /.6. Paris, 1840 


SCHLEGEL, (Dr. H.) Abbildungen neuer oder nnyollstflndig bekannter 
Amphibien. Nach dem Leben entworfen. Parts I-IV. 4to, with 25 
col. plates, £U Dusseldorf, 1842 

WAGLER, (J.) Natfirliches System der Amphibien mit Vorangehender 
Classification der SaQgthiere und Vogel. 8vo, with plates, 8«. 

Munehen, 1830 

Descriptiones et Icones amphibiorum. Pars 1-3. Folio, with 36 

col. plates, jC2 8«. Manachii, 1636 

See Swaikbor'i Fishes, Amphibia, fro. 

ANA. " 

ENCYCLOP£dIANA : ou Dictionaire Encyclop^dique des Ana. 4to. 

Paris, 1791 

8m Aiticlet under this head ia Pbhiit CrcLOPcmA, mad Bmctclo. BaiTANXtcA. 

ANALYSIS.— See Chemistry. 
ANATOMY.— See Medicine. 


ELLIS, (H.) Catalogue of Books on Angling. 8vo. . London, \S\l 

WILSON, (J.) The Rod and the Gun: reprinted fiiom the Encyclo. 

Britannica. 8vo, 10#. 6d. Edin., 1840 

WALTON & COTTON. The Complete Angler, or the ContemplaUve 
Man's Recreation : (best edition,) edited by John Major. Illustrated with 
Engravings, fix>m designs by Absolon. sm. 8vo, 12«. London, 1844 

The same : with Notes by Sir Harris Nicolas, and Illusirations by 

Stothard and Inakipp. 2 vols, large 8vo, £6 6$. London, 1835-9 

DAVY, (Snt H.) Sahnonia, or days of Fly-fishing. l2mo, 12«. 

London, 1830 

WILSON, (J.) The Rod and the Gun. nt supra. 


■• • 

ANGLING.— (Con/intied.) 

PENN, (G.) Maxims and Hints for Anglers. 18mo, 7«. 6d. London, 1841 

HOFLAND, (T.) The British Angler's Guide. 8vo, 2U. « 1839 

PISCATORIAL REMINISCENCES and Gleanings, by an Old Angler: 
with a Catalogue of Books on Angling. 12mo, Is. id. London, 1827 

BERNERS, (Juliana.) A Treatise of Fysshinge with an Angle: re- 
printed from the Book of St. AIImuuT, with fac simile wood cuts. sm. 
8vo, 5« London, 1827 

A HAND-BOOK OF ANGLING : Teaching Fly-fishing, TrolHng, Bot- 
tom-fishing, Salmon-fishing, &c. By " Ephemera." 12mo, cats, 7«. 

• London, 1847 


BnuooRAPHT.— (Brunbt's Manael da Libraire, Vol. V.) 

WRIGHT, (Thos.) Biographia Britannica Literaria ; or Biography of 
Literary Characters of Great Britain and Ire^nd, arranged in Chronolo- 
gical Order. Vol. 2, Anglo-Norman Period. Svo, li2«. . London, 1846 

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les Troav^res Normands et Anglo-Norma&ids.' ^ols. 8vo. Caen, 1834. 

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et Id* sidles. 4 vols. 8vo, jCI 8«. * . Paris, 1808 

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firan9ai8, aux 12*, 13*, et 14* sidles. 8vo. . Paris, 1815 

LE GRAND D' AUSSY. Fabliaux ou Contes des 12* et 13* sidles, trad. 
5 vols. 8vo, 45«. Pam, 1829 

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18t Parw, 1839-43 

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et dn midi de la Belgique. 3 vols. 8vo, 27«. Valenciennes, 1837-^ 

MARIE DE FRANCE. Podte Anglo-Normandc dn 13*»% Ponies de, 
pub. par Roquefort. 2 tom, 8vo, 15* Paris, 1828 

MASTER WACE, his Chronicle of the Norman Conquest, frbd/the Roman 
de Rou, by Edgar Taylor, with wood cuts from the Bayeauz Tapestry, 
&c. 8vo, £lSs London, 1837 

WACE, TRoBERT.) Le Roman du Brut, pnblid pour la premiere fois, 
d'aprds les manuscrits des diverses biblioth^ues de Paris, avec un commen- 
taire et des notes par Leroux de Lincy. 2 vols. 8vo, /.20, om^s de 
gravures et de fiic-simile, etc. Poii^n, 1838 

Le Roman de Rou et des Dues de Normandie. 2 vols. 8vo,/.20. 

Rouen, 1827 

MICHEL (F.) Chroniques Anglo-Normandes, recueil publid d'aprds les 
manuscrits in^dits de Londres, Cambridge, Douai, Bnixelles et Paris. 
3 vols. 8vo,/18 iZotien, 1836--40 

Norman, and in Greek. Composed in the Twelfth and Thirteenth Cen- 
turies. Eklited by Franctsqne Michel. In 2 vols. fcp. 8vo, jCI lOs. 

London, 1835 

CHARLEMAGNE. An Anglo-Norman Poem of the 12th Century, with 

Introduction, &c., by Michel. 12mo. London, 1836 

See MiH CosTSLLo'a Earix French Poetry. Caet's Fiench Foeti. FoblicatioB 
of the SurUm 80eiftf, JlkbUtfwrd auk, Blackwoi'B Mag.; Jane, 1836. 
B«mi Tatua's VfjSfM Fitloiie qaM dlaas I'aaoiewM Fimaee. Bllu'i Eailv 


ANGLO-SAXON.] ^^ 'itg^ 20 [aNGLO-SAXON. 

*i— — — — ~- 



WRIGHT, (F.) Biographia Britaimica Literaria. Vol. 1, 12». 

London, 1842 

MICHEL, (F.) Biblioth6qae Saxonne 8vo, 15*. . . Paris, 1837 

PETHERAM, (J.) Aji Historical Sketch of the ProgreaB and Present 
State of Anglo-SaxbD^teratnre in England. 8vo, 5«. London , 1840 

BOSWORTH,i(REv. J.) A Dictionary of the Anglo-Saxon Language, 
containing the Accentuation ; the Grammatical Inflections ; the Irregular 
Words, referred to their Themes; the Parallel Terms from the other 
Gothic Languages ; the Meaning of the Anglo-Saxon in English and 
Latin ; and Copious English and Latin Indexes ; — serving as a Diction- 
ary of English and Anglo-Saxon, as well as of Latin and Anglo-Saxon. 
With a Preface Oh the Origin and Connection of the Germanic Tongues, 
a Map of ^Lajigaages, and the Essentials of Anglo-Saxon Grammar. 
Large 8T0|jGir.. . '^ London, IB3Q 

A Cqmp^^tfioQS (Hctionary of the Anglo-Saxon Language. 

(In prets.) 

LANGLEY, (t.) - Erincipia Saxonica : or, an Introduction to Anglo-Saxon 
Reading, l^toot'fi^. 6d London, 1839 

LEO, (H.) Altsachsische u. AngelsStchsische Sprachproben. 8yo, 6«. 

Halle, 1838 

BOSWORTH, (Rev. J.) The Essentials of Anglo-Saxon Grammar, with 
an Outline of Professor Rask and Grimm's Systems. 4«. London, 1841 

The Elements of Anglo-Saxon Grammar ; with Copious Notes, illus- 
trating the Structure of the Saxon and the formation of the English Lan- 
guage : and a Grammatical Praxis, with a literal English Vermon, &c. 
8vo, 16# London, 1823 

— ^-A Com^ndious Grammar of the Primitive English or Anglo-Saxon 

jlDhi§uage — a knowledge of which is essential to every modern English 

* rJPinp'^'^an who would fully understand the true origin and idiom of his 

'^jni^anguage : — being chiefly a selection of what is most valuable and 

/ • 'prtitetjcal in the Elements of the Anglo-Saxon Grammar ; with some addi- 

•• ' Vtignal observations. 8vo, 4«. .... London, IS2S 

'• *■ RASK, (E.) A Grammar of the Anglo-Saxon Tongue, with a Praxis. A 

new edition, enlarged and improved by the author. Translated from the 

Danish, by B. Thorpe. 8vo, 12». . . Copenhagen, 1830 

VERNON, (E. J.) A Guide to the Anglo-Saxon Tongue, on the basis of 

Rask's Grammar. 12mo, 5*. 6d. ... London, 1846 

GWILT, (Jos.) Rudiments of a Grammar of the Anglo-Saxon Tongue. 
■ 8vo, 6». London, 1829 

HUNTER, (Wm.) An Anglo-Saxon Grammar and Derivatives ; and an 
Analysis of the Style of Chaucer, Douglas, and Spenser. 8vo. 

London, 1832 

CODEX EXONIENSIS. A Collection of Anglo-Saxon Poetry, from a 
Manuscript in the Library of the Dean and Chapter of Exeter ; with an 
English Translation, Notes, and Indexes. By Bei\jamin Thorpe. 8vo, £1 . 
(Pnblbhed by the Society of AntiqQariet.) London, 1842 

BELIQU^ ANTIQUJE. Scraps from Ancient Manuscripts, illustrating 
chiefly Early English Literature and the English Language. Edited by 
Thomaa Wright and James Orchard Halliwell. 2 vols, 8vo, £^. 

London, 1841—1842 


■ ■ ■ .1 I ■ h ,. < . — i — — _. 


ANALECTA ANOLOSAXONICA. A Selection in Prose and Veree, 
from Anglo-Saxon Authors of varions ages ; with a Glossary. Designeil 
chiefly as a First Book for Students. By Benjamin Thorpe. 2d edition. 
8vo, 12«. London, 1846 

Conybeare. Edited, together with additional Notes, Introductory Notices, 
&Lt.y by his brother, William Daniel Conybeare. 8vo. London, 1826 


MANTELL, (G. A.) Thoughts on Animalcules; or a Glimpse of the In- 
visible World revealed by the Microscope. 1 vol. sm. 4to, plates, 10«. 6<2. 

London, 1846 

PRITCHARD, (A.) A History of Infusoria, living and fossil ; arranged 
according to " Die Infiisionsthierchen*' of Ehrenberg, containing coloured 
engravings, illustrative of all the Genera, ainrf descriptions of all the Spe- 
cies in that Work, with several new ones., ''^o nrhich is appended an 
account of those recently discovered in th^h^lkforbwtions, 8vo, JCl 10«. 

**• ' ^i , London, 1841 

— — A general history oi Animalcules. 8Vo, ^s ' ■ • -■ London, 

EHRENBERG, (C. G.) Die Infii8ionsthiei:fi(h;eii''ins tellkommene Organ- 
iBDien. With Atlas of 64 coloured plates. #oIks ^1^ 16«. Leipgig, 1838 

Verbreitung und Einflnss des mikroskopischeh Lebens in Sad- und 

Nordamerika. Folio, 4 coloured plates. Berlin, 1843 

Die Bildung der europftischen, lybischen und arabischen Kreidefelsen 

und des Kreidemergels aus mikroskopischen Organismen. Folio. 

Berlin, 1839 

DUJARDIN, (F.) Hist. Natur. des zoophytes, infusoires, comprenant la 

physiologie, la cUasification de ces animaux, et ia manidre de les 6tudier 

a Taide du Microscope. 8vo, et Atlas, /.13. . . PuriSy 1841 

— Le mime outrage, figures colorizes. /.19. ^ 


SWAINSON, (W.) A Treatise on the Natural History tiSiiroassification 
of Animals. 1 vol. fcp. 8vo, 6« lSi0l$dfn, 1815 

CONTBKT0. — Part 1. On the Geography of Animals. — Part 3. On tlw ViFB.9ilU^ Pn^(IW« 
of S)ttematio Zooloffv. — Part 3. On the First Principles of Natnml TjlasMDOUion. — 
Part 4. A Familiar JBxplanation of the First PrinciiJes of Practical and Sci^tifio 
Zoology, with Suggestions for a Plan of Studying the Details of each De{>art]pent. 

— Natural History and Classification of Quadrupeds. 1 vol. fcp, 8vo. 

London, 1835 
CoNTKNTs. — Parti. On the Great Divisions of Organized Matter, and on the Relations 
which Qnadrnpeds bear to other Groups of the Animal Kin^piom. — Part 3. On tlie Na- 
tural History or (^adrapeds. Part 3. The Class Mamraaha anmnged aocording to its 
Natural Affinities. 

Animals in Menageries. 1 vol. fcp. 8vo, 6«. London, 1838 

CoirrsNTS. — Part 1. Menagerie of Quadrupeds, contaiain|[ Accounts of 96 Species. — 
Part 3. On Living or Domesticated Birds, snilable for Aviaries or Preserves, containing 
Accounts of 53 ^wcies. 

— The Habits and Instincts of Animals. 1 vol. fep. 8vo, 6«. London, 1840 

CoxTBNTS. — On the Instincts of the Animal World, as diflTerent from Unman Reason ; 
Varions instaaoes of Instinct.— On the Senses of Animals ; On the different Senses as 
devetoped in all the classes of Animals ; General Remarks on those of the Vertebrated 
Division ; Vitality of Animals : Fascination of Snakes ; On the Pasrioas of Animals ; 
On the Motions of Animals ; On the Means of Defence possessed by Animals ; Direct 
Ininries inflicted by Animals ; Indirect Injuries ; On the Hybernation, Torpidity, and 
Migration of Animals ; On Imperfect floeietiei of Animab ; on Perfect Sodeoes of Ani- 
MUi ; Lnmiiions Animals. 

ANIMALS.] .U 22 [anthology. 

AmMALS.— (Continued.) 

KIRBY, (W.) HiBtory, Habits, and Instincts of Animals. 2d ed., 2 vols. 
8vo. (Brid«0water TremtiM.) LondoUy 1835 

MARTIN, (W. C. L.) A General Introdnction to the Natural History of 
Mammiferoos Animals, with a Particalar View of the Physical History 
of Man, and the more closely allied Genera of the order Quadrumana,or 
Monkies. 1 vol. Svo, illustrated with 296 Anatomical, Osteological and 
other engravings on wood, and 12. fiilUplate representations of Animals, 
by W. Harvey, 16* London, 1841 

BELL, (Thos.) a History of British Quadrupeds, including the Cetacea. 

Demy 8vo, £1 8«. ; royal 8vo. £2 16«. ; imperial 8vo, £4 4s, cloth. 

London, 1837 

This volume contains an aoeonnt of the habits, utility in food, manufactures, agriculturs, 
or domestic economy, and the noxioas qualities oi such as tue in any way injurious to 
man, of each species, of this the highest cJass in the animal kingdom ; and an attempt 
has been made to define the characters of many of the species with more accura(;y than 
had been done by pfevtous anthon. The illustrations comprise a figure of every species, 
and of many vaoetifs with numerous pictorial tail- pieces and anatomical diagrams, 
illustrative of the text, amounting, in all, to two hundred. 

LOW, (D.) On.tlve Domesticated Animals of the British Islands, compre- 
hending th^ li[atiirak%nd Economical History of Species and Varieties; 
the description of the properties of External form, and Observations on 
the Principles and Practice of Breeding. 8vo, 25«. . London, 1845 

The. Breeds of the Domesticated Animals of Great Britain described. 

The Plates from Drawings by W. Nicholson, R. S. A., reduced from a 
Series of Oil Paintings, executed for the Agricultural Museum of the Uni- 
versity of Edinburgh, by W. Shiels. 2 vols, atlas quarto, with 56 plates 
of animals, beautifriUy coloured after Nature, £16 6«. half morocco. — 
Or in four separate portions, as follows : 

The OX. ] vol. atlas quarto, with 32 plates, £6 16«. M. half morocco. 
The SHEEP. 1 vol. atlas quarto, with 21 plates, £(i 16*. M. half morocco. 
The HORSE. ] vol. atlas quarto, with 8 plates, £3, half morocco. 
The HOG. 1 vol. atlas quarto, with 5 plates, £2 2#. half morocuo. 

MENAGERIES. 2 vols. 12mo, 48. 6d. . London, 1846 

(Lib. Ent. Know.) 

JOHJfSTON'S Physical Atlas 1847 

See Birds, Eiitomoloot, Mammalia, RsmLas, ZooLooT. 


A'NIMAL KINGDOM.— (See Zoology.) 

CUVIER, (G.) Animal KFhgdom, arranged according to its Organization, 
forming the basis for a Natural History of Animals, and an Introduction 
to Comparative Anatomy. 1 vol. 8vo, 900 wood cuts, I89. London, 1840 

The same. 16 vols. 8vo, coloured plates, £20. . London, 1824-33 

^ SWEDENBORG, (E.) The Animal Kingdom, considered Anatomically, 
Physically, and Philosophically: translated firomthe Latin by J. G. Wilkin- 
son. Vols. 1 & 2, 8vo, jCI 16« London, 1843-^14 



BLAND AND MERIVALE. Collections from the Greek Anthology. 
8vo, 6«. . ' London, 1833 

JACOBS, (F.) Anthologia Grsca, e recensione Brunckii com Indicibus et 
Comment. 13 vols. 8vo, JC5 Leipzig, 1794-1814 

Tom. 1-4. Antholo^a 5. Indioet. 6-13. Gonmentaria. 8 vob. 

HECKER, (A.) Comment, crit. de Anthol. Grsca. 8vo, I2t. 

Lugd. Bat, 1841 






AUTROhOGY.— {Continued.) 


BURMANN. Anthologia Latina. 2 vols. 8vo, 27«. Leipzig, 1835 

ANTHOLOGIA OXONIENSIS: decerpasit Gnliclmus Linwood, M. A. 
8vo, 149 Londini, 1846 

ARUNDINES CAMI. Sive Musarom Cantabrigienaiiim Lusus Canon 
Colleget atque edidit H. Drury. 3d ed., 12«. . Londini, 1846 


TISSOT, (P.) Anthropologie speculative g^n^rale, comprenant : 1° la 
psjrehologie exp^rimentale en elle-mdme et dans ses rapports avec la phy- 
siologie : 2^ Tezposition et Texamen des doctrines de Bichat» de Cabanis, 
de Broussais, de Majendie, etc. sar le rapport da physique et da moral : 
3^ I'analyse tr^-d^taillee et la critiqae de la Physiognomonie de Lavater 
et des Lemons sur la Phrdnologie de Broassais : 4^ enfin la peychologie 

rationnelle pure. 2 vols 8vo, /.1 5 Paris, l£l3 

(See ako the Workt of Kant, Daub, SrcrrKNa, etc.) 


ANTIGUA AND THE ANTIGUANS: a FuU Account of the Colony 
and its Inhabitants, from the Time of the Caribs to the present day, inter- 
spersed with Anecdotes and Legends. Also, an Impartial View of Slaveiy 
and Free Labour Sjrstems ; the Statistics of the Island, and Biographidid 
Notices of^the Principal Families. 2 vols. 8vo, 2l9. London, ld#l 


GRANIER De CASSAGNAC, (A.) Voyage aux AntUIes fran^aises, 
anglaises, danoises, espagnoles, a Saint-Dominique fit m|x Etats-Unis d' 
Am^rique. 4 vols. 8 vo, /.1 5. . %■. I'am, 1842-^14 

MOREAU De JONN^S. Hist. Phys. des Antilles frsn^aises, savoir ; la 
Martinique, et la Guadaloope ; contenant le geologic, la mineralogie, la 
flore, la zoologie, «tc. 8vo, vol. 1, /.6. Pam, 1822. 

DESCOURTILZ. Flore m6dicale des Antilles, ou Histoire Naturelle des 
phmtes usaelles des colonies fran<;aises, anglaises, eqiagnoles et portugases. 
8 vols. 8vo, /.200 Faris, 1824-29 

DESSALLES, (A.) Histoire G^n^rale des Antilles. 8vo, vol l,/.7 50. 

Paris, 1846 

ANTIQUITIES. — Collections, Dictionaries, (fcc. 

A DICTIONARY of Greek and Roman Antiquities, by numerous con- 
tributors. Edited by Wm. Smith, Ph. D. 8vo, JCl 16«. London, 1843 

SCHOOL DICTIONARY o( Gttek and Roman Antiquities: abridged 
from the larger Dictionary. l2mo, numerous woodcuts, 10«. 6d, Lond., 1845 

FOSBROKE, (Tbo's D.) Encylopedia of Antiqaities, and Elements of 
Archsology, Classical and Mediaeval ; to which is added a Continuation, 
entitled Foreign Topography, being an Encyclopedic Account of the An- 
cient Remains in Asia, Africa, Europe, and America. 2 vols roy. 8vo, 
plates, £1 ISs London, 1843 

ARCH^OLOGICAL JOURNAL. Published under the direction of the 
Central Committee of the British Archsological Association for the En- 
couragement and Prosecution of Researches into the Arts and Monuments 
of the Early and Middle Ages. Vol. 1 — Q, 8vo, numerous illust, 22«. 

Oxford, 1845-6 

REAL'ENCYCLOFADIE der classischen Alterthumswissenschaft in 
al&bet. ordnung. Herausg. von Aug. Pauly. 8vo. StuU., 183d-46 

Paiti 1-76 (A-Mex). 


tu^tiqniTiEs.] 24 [arabu. 

*,..^MLi : 

Antiquities.— (Con/mweef.) 

GIRAULT-DUVIVIER, (C. P.) Encyclopedic elementaire de I'antiquitS. 
4 vols. 8vo, 20/ Pflrw, 1830 

CHAMPOLLION-FIGEAC. R6sam6 de I'archfiologie. 2 vols. 32mo, 7/ 

Paris, 1825 
BOTTIGER, (C. A.) Kleine-Schriften archaologischen raid antiquariachen 
Inhalta, gessammelt raid herausgegeben von J. Sillig. 3 vols. &vo. 

Dresden and Leipzig, 1837-38 

WOLFF, (F. A.) Vorlesraigen uber die Alterthmnswissenachait. 6 vols., 

8vo, jCI 7« Leipzig, 1839 

THESAURUS Antiquitatum Romanonim et Gnecanim, ed. GrsBvius et 

Gronovius. 25 vols, folio. Leyden, 1697 

(With Continnation by Burmanniu, in 90 toU.) 

GRUTERUS, {J^ Corpus Inscriptionran, ex recenaione et cum annotat. 
J. G. Graevii. ^ vols, folio. . . . Anut., 1707 

PITISCI, (D.) Lexicon Antiquitatun Romanonim. 2 vols, folio. 

Leiw., 1713 

MONTFAUCON, (B. de.) L* Antiquity expliqu^e et representee en Figures. 

2d ed., 10 vols, folio Paris, 1722-24 

POLENUS, (J.) Utriusque Thesauri Antiquitatum Romanonim, Gneca- 
nimque Nova Supplementa. 5 vols, folio. . . Venet., 1735 

' *.* DE SALLENGRE, (A. H.) Novus Thesaurus Antiquitatum Romanonim 
'# Congestus. 3 vols, folio. . . . . . Venet., 1735 

CAYLUS, (A. C. P.) Recueil d'antiquites Egyptiennes, Grecques, et Ro- 
maines. 7 vols. 4to. Paris, 1752 

WINCKK^jM ANN'S, (J.), Werke: herausg. von Femow, Meyer, und 

Sq^idilil, ^jpdIs. 8vo Dresden, 1808-20 

See^aO nQi^the heads of different nations, and the Works of Bokckh, Bokttiokr, 

APOCALYPSE.— See Theology. 




CRICHTON, (A.) Arabia, Ancient and Modem, etc. 2 vols. 12mo, lOs. 

Edin., 1834 
POCOCKE, (Ed.) Description of the East, &c. 2 vols, folio. 

London, 1743-45 
" BURCKHARDT, (J. L.) Travels in Arabia. 2 vols. 8vo, 24«. 

London, 1829 

NIEBUHR, (C.) Voj^ge en Arable et en d'autres Pays circonvoisins, 

traduit de Pallemand. 2 vols. 4to. .... Amst., 1766-80 

WELLSTED, (J. R.) Travels in ArabiiT, &c. 2 vols. 8vo. London, 1838 

LABORDE, (L. De.) Journey through Arabia Petra to Mount Sinai, &c. 

8vo, 18* London, 1840 

COOLEY, (W. D.) The Negroland of the Arabs Examined and Ex- 
plained. 8vo, 8«. 6(2 London, 1S41 

FORSTER, (C.) The Historical Geography of Arabia ; or the Patriarchal 
Evidences of Revealed Religion : a Memoir, >vith illustrative maps and 
an appendix containing Translations, with an Alphabet and Glossary of 
the Hamyritic Inscriptions recently discovered in Hadramaut. 2 vols. 
8vo, 30«, London, 1844 



I. GEOGRAPHY, &c.— (Con/twwi.) 

VINCENT, (W.) The Voyage of Nearchus from the Indua to the Enphra- 
tes, etc. 4to Zondon, 1807 

JOMARD, (M.) Etudes g^ographiqoes et historiqaes sar 1' Arable, accom- 
pagn^es d'one carte de I'Aaie et d'une carte de rArabie, etc. 8vo. 

Fan%, 1839 

HITTER, (C.) Die Erdkunden von Asien. Band VIII— Die Halbinsel 
Arabien. 8to Berlin, 1846 

ABULFEDA. G6ographie en Arabe, public par C. Schier. Edition 
antographi^e. Liv. I. II. Ill Dresden, 1842-45 

Geographic. Texte Arabe public d'apres lea MSS. de Paris et de 

Leyde aux frais de la Soci6t6 Asiatique par MM. Reinond et le Baron 
Mac Gackin de Slane. 4to Paris, 1840 

BURCKHARDT, (J. L.) Notes on the Bedomns and Wahabys, collected 
daring his Travels in the East. 4to. . . London, 1830 

JACUT*S Moschtarik, Lexicon geograph. Homonvme. Arabisch. heransg. 
S. F. WOstenfeld. (In 3 parts.) Fart. 1. 8vo, 6«. . Gott, 1845 

See miso L'Univen pittoresqoe; Mc€h7LLocH'8 Gaogr. Dictionaiy: Murrat*! 
Eacyclo. of Geofmphy, &c., &c. 

n. fflSTORY. 

PRICE, (D.) Essay towards the History of Arabia, antecedent to Mahom-'* ^_ 
med, from the Tarikh Tebrey. 4to, 2Ss. .. London, ISSt^ mjL 

OCKLEY, (S.) The History of the Saracens, comprising the Lives <^ i -'..^ « 
Mahommed and his Successors, to the Death of Abdalmelik, the eleventh 
Caliph ; with an Account of their most remarkable Battles, Sieges, Re- 
volts, &0C. Collected from authentic soarces, especially Aimbic MSS. 4th 

edition, sm. 8vo, 3«. 6i{ »« ^ fj§ndon,lS47 

(Boha'i Standard Library.) « * , 

RUHLE V. LILIENSTERN. Zur Geschichte der Aqiter.-.vor Moham- 
med. 8vo ; Berlin, 1836 

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nt LANGUAGE AND LITERATURE— 1. Bibliographt. 2. Gram- 


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• • 


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••• « 







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The Same — without the Notes. 3 vols. sm. 8vo, 30«. " 1847 

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le m6me ; avec un Dissertation par M. le Baron Sylvestre de Sacy. 

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the original MSS., by J. von Hammer, and now first translated into Eng- 
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by Shuekb Moohummed oosh Shnrwanee ool Yumonee. 2 vols. 8vo. 

(CoBtMM the StoriM of 300 night*.) Calcutta, 1814-1 8 






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bachem, besondera im Golius, fehlenden Worter . Vols. 1-8, 12mo. 

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(See HorrXAKH'f Sjriac Grammar, infra.) 

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the Aramean Dialects in general, and of the Versions of the Holy Scrip- 
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Matthew, and of the Epistle to the Hebrews, from the Ancient Peschito 
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• • 





ARAMEAN, SYRIAC, ice— {Continued.) 

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LOUDON, (J. C ) An Encyclopedia of the Trees and Shrubs of Great 

Britain, Native and Foreign, scientifically and popularly described : with 

their Propagation, Culture, and Uses in the Arts ; and with Figures of 

nearly all the Species. Abridged from the large edition, and adapted for 

the use of Nursersrmen, Seedoinen, Gardeners and Foresters. In 1 vol. 

8vo, with upwards of 2000 engravings on wood, JC2 10s. Londtm, 1842 

The original work (Arboretam et Fmtioetam Britannicnm) may be Itad in 8 rob. 
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8vo,20tf Xomira, 1842 

TREES. 8vo, 3«. (Lib. Use. Know.) . • London, 1832 


See Antiquities of each nation nnder the respective heads. 


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Practice of the Art ; interspersed with numerous Anecdotes, forming a 
complete Manual for the Bowman. 8vo, 10^. 6d. Z/mdon, 1840 

HARGRAVE, (E ) Anecdotes of Archery, from the earliest ages to the 
year 1791. By the late E. Hargrave. Carefully revised, brought down 
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cipal existing Societies of Archers, a Life of Robin Hood, and a Glossary 
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ARCHIPELAGO.— (Indian.) 

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Edin., 1820 



ARCHIPELAGO.— (Con^tnwcrf.) 

EARLE, (G. W.) The Eastern Seas ; or, Voyages and Adventures in the 
Indian Archipelago in 1832, 1833, and 1834 ; comprising a Tour of the 
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an account of the present state of Singapore, with observations on the 
commercial resources of the Archipelago. 8vo, 69. . London ^ 1837 

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(See BoRNBo, Cblbbki, Sumatra, Java, PmuPFiRBi, &c.) 




ischen Werken, heraus. W. Engelmann. 8vo, 6«. Leipzig, 1844 


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London, 1840 

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Age, tuivie d'un Trait^ de la Peintnre sur Verre. Roy. 8vo, col. plates, 
/21 Pari*, 1846 

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comprenant dans son plan les notions historiques, descriptives, arch^o- 
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/.50 Paris, 1833 

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de TArchitect. en France au Moyen Age. 2 tom, l2mo. Paris, 1843 

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kunst, von ihrem Ursprunge an bis auf die neueste Zeit. 8vo. Berlin. 

STIEGLITZ, (C. L.) Geschichte der Bankunst vom frOhesten Alterthura 
bis in die neuem Zeiten. 8vo Nttmberg, 1836 


WIGHTWICK, (G.) Hints to Young Architects: comprising— Advice to 
those who are destined to the Profession, to such as are about to Travel, 
and to those who are about to Practice ; together with a Model Specifica- 
tion. Post 8vo, woodcuts, 89. .... London, 1846 
(Reprinted New- York. 1847, W. ft P.) 

GWILT, (J.) An Encyclopsdia of Architecture ; Historical, Theoretical, 
and Practical. IlluBtrated with upwards of 1000 Engravings on Wood, 
from Designs by J. S. Gwilt. 8vo, 52«. 6d. London, 1843 

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and Gothic Architecture: exemplified by 1100 Woodcuts. 4th edition. 
2 vols. 8vo, Xl 12*. Oxon., 1845 

— r— Companion to ditto. 1 vol. 8vo, plates, 16«. . " 1846 

■M 4 


in. GENERAL TREATISES, &.c,— (Continued,) 

An Abridgment of the above. 1 vol. 12mo, with 440 Woodcuts, 

79. 6d Oxon., 1845 

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(From Encydo. Britan.) Edinburgh, 1832 

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Nomenclature and derivation of the terms employed by Architects, 
Builders and Workmen, etc. 2 vols. 4to. London, 1810 

Instructions on the Five Orders of Architecture. Svo. New- York, 1837 

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graphical, Decorative, d&c. 3 vols. 8vo. . London, n. d. 

BRITTON, (J.) A Dictionary of the Architecture and Arch»otogy of the 
Middle Ages. Including the words used by old and modem authors in 
treating of architectural and other Antiquities ; with Etymology, Defini- 
tion, Description, and Historical Elucidation ; also. Biographical Notices 
of Ancient Architects. Illustrated by 41 Engravings by J. Le Keuz. 
Roy. 8vo, je2 2* London, 1830-^8 

The volome consisti of above 500 pages of letter-prew, and embraces accounts of 
neariy 1800 different articles, nnder so many technical words. The en;;ravings repre- 
sent more than 200 Architectural Subjects, which illustrate nearly 000 Members, or 
Details of Bnilduigs. 

GAILHABAUD, (J.) Ancient and Modem Architecture ; consisting of 
Views, Plans, Elevations, Sections, and Details of the most Remarkable 
Edifices in the World. Edited by M. Jules Gailhabaud. With Archaeo- 
logical and Descriptive Notices, by Messrs. Jomard, Champollion-Figeac, 
Langlois, Albert Lenoir, Raoul Rochette, L. Vaudoyer, etc. etc. Trans- 
lated into English and Revised by Mr. F. Arundale. With an Introduc- 
tion by T. L. Donnldson. Vols. I. II. 4to, each £2 12«. 6J. 

Paris, 1843-5 

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gravings and Wood -cuts London, 1843-45 

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and History. 211 plates and wood-cuts. 1 vol. imp. 8vo, 28«. 

« London, 1840 

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damental Rules of the Art, in Geometry, Arithmetic, and Mensuration. 
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dents, Ainateurs, and Reviewers. 8vo. . . London, 

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und ihre Grftnzen. 4to, 6«. .... Berlin, 1835 

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ples of Interior Decorations and Frescos of the XVIth Century. Printed 
in colours, by Owen Jones. 4to, 30«. . . London, 1847 

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ziehung auf GebSlude unserer Zeite, ftlr Architecten und Kfinstfirunde. 
Svo, 42 pbtes, Iba. Berlin, 1837 

DURAND, (J. N. L.) Recueil et paralldle des edifices de tout genre, an- 
ciens et modemes, remarquables par leur beaut6, etc., avec un texte ex- 
trait de rhistoire de rarchitecture, par J. G. Legrand. Folio. Bnixelles. 





m. GENERAL TREATISES, &c.— (Con/mwerf.) 

ROLAND De VIRLOYS. Dictionnaire d'architectnre civile, militaire ct 
navale, antique, ancienne et modeme, et de toos les arts qui en dependent, 
etc. , en fran^aia, latin, italien, espagnol, anglaia, et allemand. 10 planches. 
3 vols. 4to, /.45. Paris. 

COUSSIN, (J. A.) Du g6nie de rarchitecture et de la philosophic de cet 
Art. 4to, 60 plates, jCS Parw, 1837, (1822) 

SCHINKEL, (F. K.) Sammlung architectonischen Entwarfe. 174 plates, 
folio, JB12 Potsdam, 1843 

HOLZ, (F. W.) Architectonische Detail, zum prakt. Gebrauch. 4to, 
plates, je2 J5er/in, 1844-45 

WOLF, (J. H.) Beitr&ge zu .Ssthetik der Baukunst, odef die Grundgesetze 
der plastischen Form nachgewiesen an den Hauptthielen der greichiachen 
Architectur. 8vo. ...... Darmstadt, 1834 


STUART, (J.) and REVETT, (N.) Athens: its Antiquities, and other 
Monuments of Greece. 4 vols, folio, jClO lOs. . London, 1825-^0 

STUARTS Antiquities of Athens, and other Monuments of Greece. With 
70 plates, accurately reduced from the great Work of Stuart and Revett ; 
and a Chronological Table, forming a valuable Introduction to the Study 
of Grecian Architecture, fcp. 8vo, 10^. 6d. London, 1837 

ATTICA. The Unedited Antiquities of: by the Society of Dilettanti. 2d 
edn. Folio, 73 plates, i;2 2« London, 1833 

ANTIQUITIES OF IONIA. Published by the Society of Dilettanti. 

Paut 1. (imp. foHo, with abput 40 platei, X6 6s.) ooBtaining — the Temple of Bacchos 
at Teoi ; Uie Temple of Minerva at Priene ; the Jf emple of Apollo Didymcas, near 
Miletna ; and the Temple at Jackly. 3d edition London, 18S1 

Part 3. (imp. folio, with abont 70 plates, £6 6s.) containing— Ruin near the Port of 
iGgina ; Temple of Japiier Panellenios ; Temple of Minerva at Saniam ; Temple of 
Japiter Nemcni, near Argo« ; Temole of Ceres at Eleosis ; Arch at Mylaasa ; sepnl- 
chre at Mylatsa ; Column of a Temple ; Rains at Baffi ; Theatre at Stratonicea ; Gym- 

nasinm at Ephesns ; Fragments of a Temple ; Theatre at MUetns ; Stadium at Labdi- 

n the Great Theatre at Laodioea ; Gyr 
Theatre at Patara ; Theatre at Castell Rosso ; Theatre at Tehnessns. London, 1797 

oea ; Plan or the Great Tlieatre at Laodioea ; Gymnasinm at Troas ; Theatre at Jassos ; 

Past 3. (imp. folio, with 74 folio engravings and 3 vignettes, £6 6s.) containing— Cni- 
dos ; Aphrodisias ; Patara. Ijondon, 1840 

BORY De SAINT VINCENT. Expedition scienUfique de Mor^e, ordonn^e 
par le gouternement fran^ais. Architectcu^, sculpture, inscriptions et vues 
du P^lopondse, des Cyclades et de I'Attique, etc. 280 planches, avec 
texte. 3 vols, folio, /.528 Paris, 1831-^9 

WILKINS, (W.) Atheniensia, or Remarks on the Topography and Build- 
ings of Athens. Roy. 8to, 12« London, 1816 

AIKIN, (E.) Essay on the Doric Order of Architecture. Folio, 15«. 

London, 1810 

MAUCH, (J. M.) Darstellung der architectonischen Ordnungen der 
Griechen, Rdmer, dec. 4to, 1(X) plates. Potsdam, 1845^ 


CANINA, (L.) Architettura Antica descritta e dimostrata coi monuroenti. 
Folio, 100 fine Engravings, i:2 8« Roma, 1832-3 

WIEBEKING, (G. F.) Analyse des Monuments de I'antiquit^, des Edifices 
les plus remarquables et des constructions hydrotechniques de I'ltalie, &c. 
5 vols, folio, and atlas. XlG. . , Munich, 1838-40 

LETAROUILLT, (P.) Edifices de Rome Modeme. FoUo, tome I— n, 
/.120 • . . . P«rM, 1825-44 




V. ROMAN.— (Coniinued.) 

TAYLOR and CRESSY. Architectural AntiquiUes of Rome, with Plans 
and Elevations in detail. 130 plates, 3 vols, folio. London, 1821-22 

•»— Architecture of the Middle Ages in Italy ; illustrated by Views, Plans, 
Elevations, Sections and Details of the Cathedral, Leaning Tower or 
Campanile, and Campo Santa at Pisa. Fol. London, 1829 

NORMAND, (C.) New Parallel of the Orders of Architecture according 
to the Greeks and Romans, and Modem Architects. Transl. by A. Pu- 
gin. Folio, 64 plates, £3 3«. .... %ondon, 1829 

WILLIS, (R.) Remarks on the Architecture of the Middle Ages, especial- 
ly of Italy. 8vo, 10«. 6d London, 1840 

WILKIN8, (W.) Prolusiones Architectonics ; or Essays on subjects con- 
nected with Grecian and Roman Architecture. Plates, 4to, 2l«. 

London, 1837 


PALEY, (F. A.) A Manual of Gothic Architecture. 1 vol. 12mo, 70 
illustrations, 6s. 6d. London, 1847 

— A Manual of Gothic Mouldings ; a Practical Treatise on their Forma- 
tion, Gradual Development, Combinations, and Varieties ; with full direc- 
tions for copying them, and for determining their dates. Illustrated by 
500 examples. 8vo, 9^. London, 1845 

BARR, (J.) Anglican Church Architecture ; with some Remarks upon 
Ecclesiastical Furniture. 3d ed fcp, 5«. . . O:fford, 1845 

BLOXHAM, (M. H) Principles of Gothic Ecclesiastical Architecture. 1 
vol. l2mo, 228 woodcuts, 5« London, 1845 

MARKLAND, (J. H ) Remarks on English Churches, and on the Expe- 
diency of rendering Sepulchral Memorials subservient to Pious and Chris- 
tian Uses. 4th ed., enlarged, fcp. 8vo, numerous illustrations, 6«. 6d. 

Oxford, 1847 

A GUIDE to the Architectural Antiquities in the Neighbourhood of Oxford. 
1 vol 8vo, illustrated, 24« Oxford, 1846 

PUGIN, (A. W.) The True Principles of Pointed, or Christian Architec- 
ture. 1 vol. 4to, 130 illustrations, 24«. . . . London, 1841 

An Apology for the Revival of Christian Architecture in England. 4to, 

plates, 10«. 6d London, 1843 

— ^ The Present State of Ekrclesiastical Architecture in England. 8vo, 36 
illust., 9« London, }Q\3 

— Contrasts : or a Parallel between the Noble Edifices of the Middle Ages 
and Corresponding Buildings of the Present ; showing the present decay 
of taste. Accompanied by appropriate Text. 4to, 30s. London, 1841 

PUGIN, (A.) Specimens of Gothic Architecture, selected from various An- 
cient Edifices in England. 2 vols. 4to, with 114 plates, 63«. London, 1821 

— -^ Gothic Ornaments, 100 plates. 4to, 63«. . London, 1831 

Examples of Gothic Architecture, selected from Ancient Edifices in 

England, consisting of Plans, Elevations, Sections, and Parts at large ; 
with Historical and Descriptive Letter-press: illustrated by 225 engravings 
by Le Keux. 3 vols. 4to, £7 lis. 6(2. .. . London, 1838 

BILLING, (W. R.) Architectural Illustrations of Kettering Church, 
Northamptonshire. Medium 4to, 20 plates, and descriptive letter-press, 
lOf. 6d. ; imp. 4to 2ls London, 1846 

Illustrations of the Architectural Antiquities of the County of Durham, 

Ecclesiastical, Castellated, and Domestic. 4to, 64 plates, 31*. 6d. ; royai 
4to, India proo6, £3 39 Zoiulofi, 1846 





MACKENZIE, (F.) Architectonil Antiquities of St. Stephen's Chapel, 
Westminster, the late House of Commons, drawn from actoal survey and 
admeasurements made by direction of the ConmiisBioners of Her Majesty's 
Woods and Works. Adas folio, 18 plates, £4 49. London, 1844 

WILLIS, (R.) Aichitectoral History of Canterbury Cathedral. 8vo, illnst., 
10s. 6(2 London, 1845 

WILD'S English Cathedrals. TwAve Select Examples of the Ecclesiasti- 
cal Architecture of the Middle Ages, beautifully coloured after the Original 
Drawings by Charles Wild, Esq. Each plate is mounted on tinted card- 
board, in imitation of the original. £6 6«. London, 1828-31 

PETRIE, (G.) The f!cclesiastical Architecture of Ireland anterior to the 
Anglo-Norman Invasion ; comprising an Essay on the Origin and Uses 
of the Round Towers of Ireland. 2d edition, royal 8vo, illust., 28*. 

Dublin, 1845. 

BRANDON, (R. & J. A.) Parish Churches ; being Perspective Views of 

English Ecclesiastical Structures, accompanied by Plans drawn to a uni- 

ibrm Scale, with'letter-press descriptions. 


The Open Timber Roofs of the Middle Ages, illustrated by Perspective 

and Worldng Drawings, with letter-press. 


Analysis of Grothlo Architecture. 


BOWMAN, (H.) Specimens of the Elcclesiastical Architecture of Great 
Britain, from the Conquest to the Reformation ; with Views, Plans, and 
Details, dtc. Royal 4to, i:2 5s. ...... 1845 

BLORE, (E.) The Monumental Remains of Noble and Eminent Persons, 
comprising the Sepulchral Antiquities of Great Britain, with Historical 
and Biographical lUustrations. 4to, £1 lOs. London, 1824-26 

ADDISON, (C. G.) The Temple Church. Sq. 8vo, 5 plates, 5*. 

London, IB^ 

ESSEX, (W. R. H.) Illustrations of the Architectural Ornaments and Em- 
bellisfaments, and Painted Glass, of the Temple Church, London ; with an 
Account of the recent Restoration of the Church, by S. Smirke. 4to, 
30 plates, many illuminated, half-bound morocco, JC2 2s. London, 1845 

BOISSER^E, (S.) Ansichten, Risse u. einzeke Theile des Doms zu Coin. 
Folio, 18 plates, je5 5«. ilftmcA., 1844 

— Geschichte n. Beschreibung des Doms zu Coin. 4to, plates, 10^. 6d. 

Munehen, 1842 

SHAW, (H.) The History and Antiquities of Luton Chapel. 30 splendid 
plates, folio, £1 16« London, 1830 

CARTER, (J.) Specimens of Gothic Architecture and Ancient Buildings 
in England, comprised in 120 Views. 4 vols. 12mo. London, 1824 

CAVELER, (^.) Select Specimens of Gothic Architecture, comprising 
the Finest Examples from the earliest to the latest date, which have been^ 
omitted or only partially portrayed in previous works ; forming a complete 
Chronology of that admired style. Plates, 4to. London. 

PUGIN AND LE KEUX'S Specimens of the Architectural Antiquities of 
Normandy. 80 plates of Plans, Elevations, and Details of the most 
admired existing Remains of Norman Grothic. 4to. London, 1828 

PUGIN AND M'KENZIE. Specimens of Gothic Architecture, selected 
from Ancient Buildings at Oxford. 61 plates, 4to, 21s. 

RICHARDSON, (G.) ^lecimens of the Architectnie of the Reigns of 
Queen Eliiabeth and iOng James L PlatM, folio. . Ltndon, 1837 



COLLING, (J. K.) Gothic Ornaments ; being a Series of Examples of 

enriched Details and Accessories of the Architectore of Great Britain, 

drawn from existing authorities. 

(PabUshinf.) ' 

RICKM AN, (T.) Attempt to Discriminate the Styles of Gothic Architec- 
ture in England, from the Conquest to the Reformation. 8yo, 15 plates. 

London, 1834 

BROWN, (R.) Sacred Architectore ; its Rise, Progress, and Present State. 
Illustrated with 63 Plates and a Glossary of Terms, &c. Royal 4to, 42«. 

London, 1845 
WME WELL, (W.) Architectural Notes on German Churches. 3d ed., 129. 

Camb.y 1842 

KNIGHT, (H. G.) The Ecclesiastical Architecture of Italy, from the time 

of Constantine to the Fifteenth Century ; with an Introduction and Text. 

Vol. 1, folio, 40 plates, £^ b», .... London, 1843 

Vol. 2, 41 plates, £b bo London, 1844 

PETIT, (J. L.) Remarks on Architectural Character. Folio^ 44 plates, 

21» Oxford, 1846 

Illustrations of Church Architecture. 2 vols. %9o, 36s. London, 1841 

AECHITECTUR und Omamentik des deutschen Mittelalters. Chorstahle 
aus dem Mtinster zu Ulm. Large folio, 5 plates, 16«. . Ulm, 

HEIDELOFF, (C.) Collection of Architectural Ornaments of the Middle 
Ages in the Byzantine and Gothic Styles. Vol. 1 and Vol. 2, Part 1, 96 
plates, 4to,je3 39 iVurem^., 1844-^6 

Der Hochaltar (the High Altar) von Blaubenren, engraved by J. 

Wagner and Walther. Imp. fol., 14# NUmb. 

KALLENBACH, (G. G.) Chronologic der deutsch-mittelalteriichen 
Baukunst. Text in roy. 8vo,and Atlas in folio, 48^. . Munch., 1845-47 

MONTFERRAND, (R. Db.) Eglise Cath6drale de St. Isaac k St. Peters- 
bourg, Description Architecturale et Historique, de ce Monument. Royal 
folio, ornamented with 50 plates, to be completed in 10 parts, 35«. each. 


HOFFSTADT, (Fr.) Gothisches A, B, C Buch, das ist ; Lehrbuch der 
Grundr^ln des gotluschen Styls, und insbesondere der gothischen 
Architectur. Parts 1 — , imp. folio. . . ... Frank/., 1842 

MOLLER, (G.) Denkmaler der deutschen Baukunst. Vols. I-II. 

Damuiadt, 1832 

POPP, (J.) u. BULAU,(T.) Architectur des Mittelalters in Regensburg. 
10 parts, roy. folio. ... . « . . Leipzig. 

PUTTRICH, (L.) Dcnkmaale der Baukunst des Mittelalters in Sachsen. 
folio Zeip^ri^, 1835-184- 

INSTRUMENTA ECCLESIASTIC A : a Seri^ of Working Designs for 
the Furniture, Fittings, and Decorations of Churches and their Precincts. 
Edited by the E^cclesiological Society. 4to, plates, 31«. 6<2. London, 1847 


CARTER, (Jno.) Ancient Architecture of England, including the Orders 
during the British, Roman, Saxon, and Norman Eras ; also under the 
reigns of Henry HI. and Edward HI. ; the whole Chronologically ar- 
ranged. Illustrated by 109 engravings, comprising upwards of two thousand 
specimens, shown in Plan, Elevation, Section and Detail. New ed. with 
hidexes. Alphabetical, Chronological and Systematic, and illustrative 
Notes, by John Britton. 2 vols in one, royal folio, £b St. London, 1837 




Vn. CIVIL AND DOMESTIC— (Con/mua?.) 

GO{iLIS> (JO The Boiider's Fort Folio of Street Architecture ; conssting 
of a aeries of original designs for fronts of houses of all cUsses, with let- 
ter-press description. FoUo> 21s. . . London^ 1837 

CHAMBERS, (W.) A Treatise on the DecoradTC part of Civil Architec- 
ture, illustrated by 53 Plates. 5th ed., edited by Papworth. folio. 

London, 1836 

LAFETVER, (M.) Beauties <^ Modem architecture^ consiiting of Forty- 
eight Plates of Original Designs, with Plans, Elevations and Sections; 
also a Dictionary of Technical Teizns, the whole forming a complete 
Manual for the Practical Bosineas Man. 1 vol. large 8vo, half bound. 


BORGNIS, (T. A.) Trait^ ^lementalre de construction appliqu^e h Parchi- 
tecture civile, contenanl les principes quoi doivent diriger : 1* le choiz et la 
preparation des Materiaux; 2* la configuration et les proportions des 
parties qui constituent les Edifices en general ; 3* 1' execution des plans 
d£ija fixSs ; suiv€ de nombreuses applications puis6es dans les plus c^l^- 
bres monuments antiques et modemes, etc. 2d edition, 4to, et Atlas de 
30 planches,/. 36 Ptfri*, 1838 

WIEBKKING, (C. F.) Architecture Civile, 7 vols. 4to, et atlas, folio. 

Munich, 1827-31 

CONTANT, (C) Th^ltres modemes de PEurope, on parall51e des princi- 
paux thSttres et des qrstdmcs de machines thefttrical^s fran^aises, alle- 
mands, et anglaises. folio. PariSj 1842 

VITRUVIUS POLLIO, (Mabcits.) Architectura: texta ex recensione 
codicum emendato,cumexercitationibus notisque noviesimis Joannis Poleni 
et commentariis variorum, additis nunc primum studiis Simoais Stratico. 
4 vols. 4to, XIO. 27«>mM825^0 

PUGIN, (A. W.) Details of AneienC Timber Houses of the 15th and 16th 
Centuries seieoted from those existing at Rouen, Caen, Beauvais, &c. 30 
fine plates, 4to. London. 

PUGIN, <T. J.) Ornamental Timber Gables, selected from Ancient Ex- 
amples in England and Normandy. Royal 4to, 30 plates, £1 Is. 

London, 1839 

TRAVELLERS CLUB-HOUSE. Blustrated by engravings of Plans, 
Sections, Elevations, and Details, by J. H. Le Keux. With an E^ssay, in- 
cluding a description of the builcUng, by W. H. Leeds. 4to, 18s. half 
mor. London, 1839 

PUGIN AND BRITTON'S lUustrations of the Public Buildings of Lon- 
don, with Historical and Descriptive Accounts of each Edifice. A new 
edition, much enlarged. Edited by W. H. Leeds. 2 vols, large 8vo, 
half mcco London, 1838 

LE KEUX, (J.) Memorials of CaDa>ridge : a Series of Views of the Col- 
leges, Halb, and Public Buildings, engraved by J. Le Keux ; with Histo- 
rical and Descriptive Accounts, by T. Wright, and the Rev. H. L. Jones. 
2 voLb. 8vo, with 76 engravings and numerous wood cuts (2 vols. 4to, 
£4 48.) £2 fU. , London, 1842 

INGRAM, (J.) Memorials of Oxford. 248 engravings by J. Le Keux, 
from drawings by F. Mackenzie. 3 vols. 8vo, 588. . London, 1834-37 

THOMSON, (J.) Retreats: a series of Designs, consisting of Plans and 
Elevations for Cottages, Villas, and Ornamental Buildings. Coloured 
plates, 4to, 42f London, 1840 

ROBINSON, (P. F.) Designs for Gate-Cottages, Lodges and Park En- 
trances, in various stylet. 3d edition, 4to, 3l8. 6d. London, 1837 


Vn. CIVIL AND DOMESTIC— (CoiKtnuerf.) 

ROBINSON. Deaigns for Fann Baildings, with a view to prore that the 
simplest fonns may be rendered pleasing by a proper disposition of the 
rudest materials. 56 plates, 4to, 31s. 6d. . . Londofit 1837 

Village Architecture : a series of Designs for the Schoolhoiise, Market- 
house, Town-hall, Charch, dtc. 4to, 34«. . London, 1837 

Designs for Ornamental Villas. 96 plates, 4to, 45s. London, 1836 

Rural Architecture ; or a seaes of Designs for Ornamental Cottages, 

in 96 plates, 4to, 45« London, 1837 

GOODWIN, (Francis.) Domestic Architecture : being a series of Designs 
lor Mansions, Villas, &c. ; in the Grecian, Italian, and Old English styles 
of Architecture. 88 plates, 2 vols. 4to, 52«. 6d. . London, 1843 

RICAUTI, (J. T.) Rustic Architecture. 4to, 35«. London, 1840 

HUNT, (T. F.) Exemplars of Tudor Architecture, adapted to Modem 
Habitations ; with illustrative details, selected from Ancient Edifices, and 
Observations on the Furniture of the Tudor Period. 4to, 24s. 

London, 1836 

BROOKES, (S. H.) Designs for Cottage and Villa Architecture, contain- 
ing Plans, Elevations, Sections, t'erspective Views, and Details ibr the 
Erection of Cottages and Villas. 4to, 39s. . London. 

LOUDON, (J. C.) An Encyclopaedia of Cottage, Farm, and Villa Archi- 
tecture and Famiture ; containing numerous Designs, from the Villa to 
the Cottage and the Farm, including Farm Houses, Farmeries, and other 
Agricultural Buildings ; Country Inns, Public Houses, and Parochial 
Schools; with the requisite fittings-up, Fixtures, and Furniture, and appro- 
priate Offices, Gardens, and Garden Scenery : each Design accompanied 
by Analytical and Critical Remarks. New Edition, edited by Mrs. 
Loudon. 8vo, with more than 2,000 Engravings on Wood, jB3 3». The 
Supplement, oeparately, 8vo, 7s. 6d London, 1846 

LAMB, (E. B.) Studies of Ancient Domestic Architecture, principally se- 
lected from Original Drawings in the Collection of the late Sir William 
Burrell, Bart. : with some brief Observations on the Application of An- 
cient Architecture to the Pictorial Composition of Modem Edifices. 
Folio, 20 plates, 25» 1846 

BARONIAL HALLS, Picturesque Edifices, and Ancient Churches of Eng- 
land, fi'om Drawings by J. D. Harding, Prout, &c., &c. The Text by S. 
C. Holl. Imp. 4to, Vol. 1, 24 plates and woodcuts, h. b. (large paper, 
£3 7s. %d.) 45« Lon£m, 1845 

Vol. 2, 24 plates, &c., 45« " 1846 

NASH, (Jos.) Mansions of England in the Olden Time. Consisting of 
26 existing Views of some of the most Characteristic Features of the 
Domestic Architecture of the Tudor Age, and also illustrating the Cos- 
tumes, Habits, and Recreations of our Ancestors. Drawn on Stone, in 
the Tinted Style, with raised light, from his own Original Sketches 
(made expressly for this work), Imp. folio, Tinted, jC4 4o. ; Coloured and 
Mounted, in imitation of the Original Drawings, in a Portfolio, jClO 10s. 

CHATEAUNEUF, (A. de.) Architectura Domestica. 1 vol. 4to, 19 plates, 
21s London, 1839 

WHITE, (J.) Rural Architecture, illustrated in a new series of Designs 
for Ornamental Cottages and Villas. Exemplified by Plans, Elevations, 
Sections, and Details. Folio, 90 plates, £2 8s. Glaogou), 1845 

MAISONS et autre Edifices de la Toscane, mesur^s et dessin^s : nouvelle 6di- 
tion, augment6e d'un receuil de 24 planches des plus beau tombeaux ex£- 
cnt^s en Italic pendant les XV* et XVI* sidles, par M. Orandljean de 
Montigny et Famin. Folio, 134 |^lanche8,/.60. Fario, 1846 


ARCHITECTS (Lives op). 

QUATREMfeRE Di QUINCY. Hist, de la vie et des oavrages des plos 
c^l6bre8 architectes da XI* ndele juaqa'k la fin da XVUI*. 2 yoLb. 8yo, 
47 plates, Xl lOt Pom, 1830 

MILIZIA, (F.) Ldves of Celebrated Architects, Ancient and Modem, with 
Historical and Critical Observations on their Works, and on the Princi- 
ples of the Art. Translated with Notes, &«., by E. Cresy. 2 vols. Sro, 
109. 642. London, 1826 

ARCTIC REGIONS (Voyages in). 

BARROW, (Sir J.) Chronological Histoiy of Voyages into the Arctic Re- 
gions. 8vo, 12s London, 1818 

NARRATIVE of Discovery and Adventure in the Polar Seas and Re- 
gi(Mis, with Illustrations of their Climate, Natural History, &c., by Sir 
J. Leslie, R. Jameson, and Hugh Murray. 1 vol. fcp. 8vo, 5s. 

(Editt. Cab. LIby.) Edin., 1835 

BEECHEY, (F. W.) A Voyage of Discovery towards the North Pole, 
performed in His Majesty's Ships Dorothea and Trent, to which is added, 
a Sammary of all the Early attempts to reach the Pacific by way of the 
Pole. 8vo, plates and map, \Ab London, 1843 

FRANKLIN, (Sir J.) Journey to the Shores of the Polar Sea in 1819-22. 
2vols.8vo. Zomion, 1824 

Second Expedition to the Same in 1825-7. 4to. . London, 1828 

PARRY. (Capt. Sir W. E.) First and Second Voyages for the Discovery 
of a Northwest Passage, &c., 1819-23. 2 vols. 4to. London, 1821-24 

Appendix to Second Vojrage of Discovery. 4to. *' 1825 

" " Third " " in 1824-5. 4to. 

London, 1826 

Narrative of an Attempt to reach the North Pole in 1827. 4to. 

London, 1828 

Voyages to the North Pole. 6 vols. 18mo, £\ 4«. London, 

LYON, (Capt. G. F.) Private Journal daring the Voyage of Capt. Parry. 

8vo. 16t London, 1824 

Narrative of an Unsoccessfiil Attempt to reach Repulse Bay in 1824, 

10«. 6({ London, 1825 

BACK. (Caft ) Narrative of Arctic Land Expedition, 1833, 4, 5, 8vo, 

Xl 10s London, 1836 

The Narrative of an Expedition in the ship Terror, in 1836-7. 8vo. 

Xl Is London, 1838 

KING, (R.) Journey to the Shores of the Arctic Ocean, with Capt. Back, 
1833^. 2 vols. sm. 8vo, 12^ London, 1836 

ROSS, (Sir John.) The Narrative of a Second Voyage in Search of a 
Northwest Passage, and oi a Residence in the Arctic Regions, in 1829- 
33. 2 vols. 4to, je2 2s London, 1835 

Appendix to Do. 4to, JCI lOs London. 

SIMPSON, (T.) Narrative of Discoveries on the North Coast of America, 
efl^cted by the Officers of the Hudson's Bay Company, during the Years 
1836-39. 1 vol. 8vo, with map, 14s. London, 1843 

WRANGELL, (F. von.) I^arrative of an Expedition to the Polar Sea, in 
the years 1820, 1821, 1822, and 1823, commanded by Lieutenant, now 
Admiral, F. Von WrangeU. 2d ed., edite4 by Miyor E. Sabine, fep. 8vo, 6s. 

London, 1844 



ARCTIC REGIONS.— {Contmued.) 

BARROW, (Sib J.) Vo3r8ge8 of Discovery and Research within the 
Arctic Regions, from the year 1818, in search of the Northwest Passage 
from the Atlantic to the Pacific, with Two Attempts to reach the North 
Pole, abridged from the Official Narratives, etc., IBs, London, 1846 

See also Scorkibt'i Arctic RefioM, and Northern Whale Fisheiy. 


ANGELIS. (P. De.) Colecion de Obras y Documentos relativos a la His- 
toria Antiqaa y modema de las Provincias del Rio de la Plata, etc. 6 
vols, folio, jC6 6« Buenot Ayres, 1836-7 

KING, (Col. J. A.) Twenty-fonr Years in the Argentine Repablic, em- 
bracing the Author's Personal Adventures, with the Civil and Military 
History of the Country, and an Account of its Political Condition, before 
and during the administration of Governor Rosas ; his course of policy ; 
the causes and character of his interference with the Government of Monte 
Video, and the circumstances which led to the interposition of England 
and France. 8vo London and New- York, 1846 

PARISH, (W.) Buenos Ayres, and the Provinces of Rio de La PUta. 
8vo, IBs London, 1839 

ISABELLE, (A.) Voyage k Buenos- Ayres et a Porto-Al^gre, par la 
Banda Oriental les missions d'Uruguay, et la province de Rio-Grande du 
Sul (de 1830-1834). 8vo, fig. et carte. . ^aore, 1835 

DENIS, (F.) Buenos Ayres et Paraguay. 3 vols, 18mo. Paris, 1823 

ROBERTSON, (J. P. &. W. P.) Letters on Paraguay and Francia's 
Reign of Terror. 3 vols. 8vo, 31s. ed. London, 1838 

See L* Univert PiUore*fwe ; Brbton db la MARTiNiBRK'a Buenoe Ajrrae, Ace. 


BROUGHAM, (Lord.) Political Philosophy. Part 2, Aristocratical Gov- 
ernment. 8vo. London, 1943 

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n. mSTORY, —CCaniinuetL) 


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[arts, FIIf¥« 

Fatu, 1M4» fJi 75 

" 1B45, 5 75 


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[akts, fiub. 

n. fflSTORY, ANCIENT AND MODERN.— (CoitftiiiMdL) 

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The SpMHh aad PiMck flihiili. 

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II. Die Griecfaen o. Roomt. 
III. .AltcfaratKcbe «. MahuiHdaa KnuL 

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Parts, 1845 




[arts, finb. 

n. fflSTORY, ANCIENT AND MODERN.— (Ctm/tnuerf.) 

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the same, in Bokfis SUmd. Lib'y. 3 vols. I0«. 6d. <* 1847 

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3« Londou,lS4S 

Sacrec^and Legendary Art. 

(In Fnm.) 

and Rafiaelle. Translated from the French of Qoatrem^re de Qnincy, 

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(Booub's European Libraxy.) 

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foUo, Atlas of Plates Pim, 1839 

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£i 1S» OitOa, 1845 

HAUSSAYE. Histoire de la peinture flamande et hollandaise, suivie d'un 

appendice snr les peintures modemes. 100 gravnres snr cuivre d'aprds 

Van Eyck, Rubens, Van Dyck, Teniers, &c. Folio, 100 livraisons, 3s. 


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Put. 1. dio AltchristUcho Knut. 

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BappfemMit by K. Wbiobl. Vol. I., 12mo. .... X^xy, 1843 

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fran^aise, ouvrage fiiisant suite au Peintre-Graveur de Bartsch. 6 vols. 
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AST8y FUfE.] 46 [AST8y FINE, 


KELLER, (J.) MonogFammen Lexicon. 8vo. Hmmb., 1831 

LETTRE it M. SCHORN. Supplement an Catalogiie Raool-Rochette, 
des ArtiBtes de I'antiqiiit^ Grecque et RomaiDe. 8to. Faris, 


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(Reprinted N. Y., W. k F.) 

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Bo9ton, 1845 

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31s. 6d London, 1838 

— Kunstwerke u. KClnstler in Deatschland. Vol. I.-II., 8to. 

Len^zig, 1843-45 

Essay on Rubens. Translated by Noel, edited by Mrs. Jameson, sm. 

8to, 10s. 6d. London, 1840 

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of PriTate Galleries, and remarks on the State of Art. 2 vols. 8yo, 2l«. 

London, 1836 

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suives des articles du Convertatunu Lexicona, concemant I'architecture, la 
Sculpture, et la peinture, et d'une nomenclature des peintres contempo- 
rains, par M. Couturier de Vienne. 8vo,/.5. Potts, 1830 

SIRET, (Adolfhe.) Dictionnaire Historique des Peintres, de toutes les 
Ecoles, depuis TOrigine de la Peinture juaqu'll nos jours. 4to. 

(FablUhiDg.) Paris, 1847- 

TH£0PHILE. Essai sur divers arts, publi6 par le comte Charles de I'Esca- 

lopier, et pr^c6d6 d'une introduction, par J. M. Guichard. 4to. 

Pons, 1843 
(Latin tat with FiMich trmndatSon at the foot of each page. The IntrodnctioB is 
ia French.) 

HENDRIE. (R. Jr.) Encyclopedia of the Fine Arts in the Xth and Xlth 
Centuries. Translated from the MS. of the Monk Theophilus, with 
Notes, dtc. 8to London, 1847 

PAINTING in the Encydo, Metrop. by James and Lindsay. 

JAMESON, (Mrs.) Hand-book to the Public Galleries of Art in or near 
London, with Critical, Historical, and Biographical Notices of the Pain- 
ters and Pictures. 2 vols. sm. 8to London, 1842 

— Companion to the most Celebrated Private Galleries of Art in London ; 
containing accurate Catalogues, arranged alphabetically for immediate re- 
ference, each preceded by an Astorical and Critical Introduction : with a 
Pre&tory Essay on Art, Artists, Collectors, and Connoisseurs. Post 8vo. 
15s London, 1843 

^— £!ssays on Art. Memoirs and Essays illustrative of Art, Literature, 
«nd Sodal MofbJs. am. 8vo. . .... Zofi<ion, 1846 

(Reprinted, New-Toik, W.ll P.) 



[abts, decorative, itc. 

m. ESSAYS, CRinaSMS, &c.— (Con/tym^dL) 

HAYDON, (B. R.) &, (HAZLITT, (W.) Painting and the Fine Arts. 

6vo,6« Edinburgh, leSQ 

(From the Enoyolo. Britannica, 7th Edn.) 

QUATREMERE ds QUINCY. Essay on Imitation in the Fine Arts. 

Translated from the French by J. C. Kent. London^ 1837 

Essai sor l'id6al dans sea applications pratiques anz CBorres de limitation 

propre des arts da deasin Paris, 1837 

On the Destination of Works of Ait, and the use to which they^re 

applied. Translated by H. Thomson. I2mo, 3$. . London, 1831 

LINDSAY, (LoBD.) Sketches of the History of Christian Art. 3 vols. 
8vo,31«. 6<f. XovuioR, 1846 

VAN D YCK. Pictorial Notices : consisting of a Memoir of Sir A. Van 
Dyck, with a descriptive Catalogue of the Etchings executed by him, and 
a variety of Interesting Particulars, relating to otl^r Artists patronized by 
Charies I. Collected from original documents in Her Majesty's State 
Paper Office, the Office of Pnblk Records, and other sources. Qy W. H. 
Carpenter. 4to, 28*. London, 1844 

MAZURE, (M. P. A.) Philosophic des arts da dessin. 8vo. Pom, 1838 

ROBERT, <C.) Essai d'une philosophic de Fart. 8yo. . " 1836 

SEIDEL, (C.) Charimenes. Beitr&ge zur allgemeinen Theorie und Ge- 
schichte der schonen KOste. 2 vols. 8vo, plates. . Magdeb,, 1825-38 

CONVERSATIONS LEXICON fiir bildende Kunst. Vol. 1, roy. 8vo, 
12«. (numerous woodcuts). Le^zig,l644 

NAGLER, (G. K.) Neus allgemeines Knnstler-Lexioon. Vol. 1— (A—), 
8vo,each ^fltocAm, 1835-184- 

KUNSTSYMBOLIK, Christliche, und Ikonagraphie. Ein Versoch die 
Deutung u. ein besKres Verstandniss d. kirchl. Bildwerke d. Mittelalters 
zu erieichtem. 8to. ,.«... Frankf,, 1841 

ARTS — Decorative and Ornamental. 

SHAW, (H ) The Encyclopedia of Ornaments. 59 plates, 4to, 30*. 


- niuminated Ornaments, selected from MSS. and early printed books 
of the Middle Ages, eoloured from the originals, with descriptions by Sir 
F. Madden. 4to, half-bound, jC5 5«. London, 1833 

Dresses and Decorations of the Middle Ages. By H. Shaw, F. S. A. 

2 vols, imperial 8yo, 57 coloured plates and letter-press descriptions, jC3 13«. 
M. each London, 1843 

Examples of Ornamental Metal Work. 4to, 43s. 

COTTINGHAM, (L. N ) The Smith's, Founder's, and Omamenul Metal 
Worker's Director ; comprising a variety of Designs, in the Present 
Taste, for Gates, Piers, .Balcony Railings, Window Guards, dtc. ; with 
various Ornaments applicable to Works in Metal. 4to, 44 plates, 42«. 

London, 1844 

HAY, (D. R.) Original Geometrical Diaper Designs, accompanied by an 
attempt to develope and elucidate the True Principles of Ornamental De- 
sign, as applied to the Decorative Arts. Oblong folio, 33 plates, 43o. 

Edin, 1845 

ADAMS, (E.) The Polychromatic Ornaments of Italy ; a series, of Exam- 
ples of the Interior Decomtions and Frescoes of the XVIth Century ; printed 
in colours, by Owen Jones. 4to, 30s. London, 1847 

POPPE, (C.) Sammlung von Omaroenten und Frttgmenten anciker Aichi- 
teetrnr, Sculptnr, Moaaik und Torentik aof einer R^k dnrah Griecfaenland, ' 
Italien, u. Sicilien, aa%enomnien« Folio, £\ 13#. Berlin, 1845 


ARTS — Decorative and Ornamental. — {Continued.) 

CHENAVARD, (A.) Album d' omamaniBte recueil compoe6 de fragments 
d' omements dans tous les styles et dans tons les genres. 12 livraisons, 
folio, 72 planches, 60/. Paris 

CHAPUY. Le Moyen Age pittoreaqoe, voes de monnmentB et details d'ar- 
chitectiire,.annares, meubles,etc., du X* an XVII* »^le, dessin^es d'aprds 
nature. 5 vols, folio, avec 180 planches lithog., 200/*. Paris. 

HEIDELOFF, (C.) Diie Omamentik des MitteUltere. 2 vols. 4to, 

NUmb^g, 1841-7 

L'Omdmentation du Moyen Age, ou Collection d'Omaments et de 

Profils remarkables, tirds de Tarchitecture b3rzantine et du style germanique. 
Edition fran^aise, tezte par D. Ramde. 2 vols. 4to, £3 16«. 

Paris, 1846-7 

ZAHN, (W.) Die schonsten Omamente u. merkwurdigsten Oemalde aus 

Pompeji, Herkulanum u. Stabiae. 2 vols, folio, 200 coloured plates, £24. 

Berlin, 1827-43 

*■ Omamente aller Klassischer Kunstepochen. Parts 1-10, 50 coloured 

plates, folio, £5 Berlin, 1832-43 

FEUCHi:RE, (L.) L'Art Industriel, suite de modules h I'usage des orfe- 

vres, tapissiers, ^bdnistes, fiibricants de bronze, de fonte, de fer, de porce- 

*■ ' laine, de papiers peints, d'^tofies, des marbriers et des sculptenrs omema- 

nistes. Folio, plates, /.1 08. Paris, 1843 

NORMAND, (Ch.) Guide de I'omemaniste. Folio. . Paris, 1826 

RIBAULT, ( .) Receuil de decorations intdrieures, comprenant tout ce 
qui a rapport a Tameublement, etc. Folio. . Paris, 1831-32 


Sm alM Tbcbnoloot; and the different branches of Akt and BliifurACTrRK. 
URE, (A.) A Dictionary of Arts, Manufactures, and Mines ; containing a 
• clear Exposition of their Principles and Practice. New edit., 1 vol. 8vo, 
illust with 1241 engravings on wood. . New- York, D. A. & Co. 

AlKIN, (A.) Illustrations of Arts and Manufiicturea ; being a Series of 
Papers on Pottery, Limestone, and Calcareous Cements, Gypsum and its 
uses. Furs and the Fur Trade, Felting and Hat-making, Bone and its uses, 
Tortoiseshell and Whalebone, Antiquarian and Metallurgical History of 
Iron, Engraving and Etching, &c. Fcp, 8vo, 8«. . London, 1841 

DODD, (G.) The Manu&ctures of Great Britain. 6 vols. 18mo, 9s. 

London, 1845-6 

Days at the Factories, sm. 8vo, 10*. 6d. . London, 1844 

GOOLEY, (A. J.) The Cyclopedia of Practical Receipts, and Collateral 
Information in the Arts, Manufactures, and Trades. 8vo, cuts. 

(Reprinted New- York, D. A. & Co.) London, 1845 

BABBAGE, (C.) The Economy of Machinery and Manufactures. 12mo. 5s. 

(From Enoydo. MetiopoUtana.) London, 1847 

BARLOW, (P.) The Machinery and Manufactures of Great Britain. 4to, 
£3 6«. (From Eacydo. Metropolitana.) London, 1838 

ALCAN. Essai snr Pindustrie des matidres textiles, comprenant le travail 
complet du coton, du lin, du chanvre, des laines, du Cachemire, de la soi, 
de caoutchouc. 8vo, avec un Atlas de 36 planches, /24. Paris, 1847 

I3ECKMANN, (J.) History of Discoveries, Inventions, &c. 4th edition, 
revised and enlarged by Drs. Francis and Griffith. 2 vols. sm. 8vo, 7s. 
V (Bohn'i Standard Library.) Zoiuiofl, 1846 

DICTIONNAIRE de Pindustrie, Manu&cturiftre, Commerciale, et Agricole« 
par MM. Baudrimont, Blanqu^ aine et autres. 10 vols. 8vo, 80/. 

Paris, 1830-41 . 



ARCET, (D*), PA YEN, BRUN. etc. Dictionnaire des Arts et Manofac- 
tnrefl, description des proc6d^ de I'industrie fran^aiae et 6trangore. Illns- 
tre de plus de 2000 graYoies sor bois dans le tezte. 3 vols. dvo. 

PariB, 1846-7 

DICTIONNAIRE des Arts et Manufiictures. Description des proc6d6s de 
Tindostrie fran^ise et etrang6re, par MM. Alcan, Burral, etc. 3 vols. 
8vo, 2600 cuts, /.60 Paris, 1847 

DICTIONNAIRE technologique. 22 vols. Svo, /.270. Paris, 1832-35 
PRECHTL, (J. J.) Technologische Encyclopaidia. Vols. 1-14. (A.-S.) 

Stutt., 1829-46 

NOEL, (Fr.) et CARPENTIER. Nouveau dictionnaire des origines, in- 
ventions et d6convertes dans les Arts, les Sciences, etc. 4 vols. 8vo. 

Paris, 1840 
TFJIR-BOOK OF FJiCTS. ISmo. each S» London, 183»-47 

REPERTORY OF J1RT8 AlfD M.iXUFJSCTURES. lat SmiM, from 1794 to 1808. 
16 ToU. Svo. 

'* " New Serin, from 1803 to 182S. 

46 ▼ob. 8vo. 

REPERTOR Y OF PATEJfT WFEITl'IOJCS. From 1835 to 1847, and coaUnued. 

TR.iKSACTIOXS OF THE SOCIETY huUtated at London for the Encouragement 
oftheAiU. From 1783 to 1847. 8vo London. 



DUPUIS, (J.) Journal of a Residence in Ashantee, and Notes on the Gold 
Coast. 4to, 10« London, 1824 

HUTTON, (W.) A Voyage to Africa ; including a Narrative of an Em- 
bassy to one of the Interior Kingdoms in the year 1820. 8vo. 

London, 1821 

BOWDITCH, (T. E.) Mission from Cape Coast Castle to Ashantee, with 
a Statistical Account of that Kingdom, and Greographical Notices of other 
parts of the Interior of Africa. 4to. London, 1819 



BIBLIOTHEqUE ASIATIQUE ET AFRICAIXE on Catdocne des onvrnfei ra- 
latif« k r Aiie et k I'Afiiqne qni ont para depnii la diconverte de nmprimerie jotqn* en 
1700. 8vo,/.15 30. ....... . Pari*, 

TERNAUX-0OMPAN3, (H.) BiblkMMqne aslatiqne et africune, on Catalofne des 
onrraffH qni ont pnblMt rar ces denx continenti, jnsqn' 4 oe jonr. 8yo, /.12 50. Paris, 


MURRAY, (H.) Account of Discoveries and Travels in Asia. 2 vols. Svo. 

London, 1820 

RITTER, (C.) Erdkunde in VerbaltnisB znr Natur u. zur Geschichte des 
Menschen. II vols. Svo Berlin, 1822-44 

Vol.11. Alia: Vol. 1. Norden n. Nord-ort 90f. 

III. II. NordHMt. n. Biid v. Hocb-Aiien . 90f. 

IV. III. SudHMt von f loch- Alien 31«. 

V: VI. IV. pt. l-%. IndiKbe Weh. 9 rob. . . %$. 

VII. V. UebemangvonOftaachWeM. Ut, 

VIII. IX. VI. pt. 1,2. IranbcheWelt. Svolf. . . . 34». 

Z. XI. VII. pt. 11, S. d. StnfealsDd d. Enphrat u. Tifris. V. 1. 3 37«. 

NiBMi V. BadiTenekhntai von Ideler. Vol. I., Ort-Aalen. 8to, 8f . . Berlin, 1841 




I. GEOGRAPHY, &c.— (Ciwtfmt/«rf.) 

RENNELL, (J.) Treatise on the Comparatiye Geography of Western 
Asia. 2 vols. 8vo, and Atlas, JC2 10«. . . London, 1831 

WILLIAMS, (J.) Essays on the Geography of Ancient Ana, \etc., 8va|r4«. 

London, 1829 

CRAMER, (J. A.) Greographical and Historical Descriptifm of Ancient 
Greece. 3 vols. 8yo, £\ 10« Oxford, 1828 

HUMBOLDTj (A.) Asie Centrale. Recherches sor les chained des mon- 
tagnes et la Climatologie compar^e 3 torn, 8to, avec 14 tableaux et 1 
carte,/.30 Pario, 1843 


BERGHAUa, (H.) Atlas von Asieii. In 19 maps, imp. folio, and Text 
in 4to, jCB 8« Gotha, 1834-184- 

laEPERT, (H.) Karte von Klein-Afien nach Finke, Fischer, Moltke, 
Schonbom u. Koch. 6 sheets folio, £14*. Berlin, 1844 

ZIMMERMANN, (C.) Atlas von Vorder Asien. Parts 1, 2, roy. folio, 

Je2 Bertei, 1841-43 

See alto Johnston's Atlas. Maps of the Soe. Dif. U»^. Knowtedge. Bharpx's 
Conespondiiig Maps. 

For TRAVELS IJf A8JA, see the Various Conntries. 

n. fflSTORY. 

HEEREN, (A. H. L.) Historical Researches into the Politics, Interconrse, 
and Trade of the Principal Nations of Antiquity. Asiatic Nations, 2 
vols. 8vo,jC1 4ff London, 1946 

EliAPROTH, (J.) Tableau Historiques de TAsie, depuis la monarchic de 
Cyrus jusqu'ii nos jours. 1 vol. 4to, et atlas in folio, de 25 cartes et 1 ta- 
bleau, /.50 Paris, 1824 

' M6moire8 relatife k PAsie, contenant des recherches historiques, g6o- 
graphiques et philosophiques stir les peuples de I'Orient. 1824-28. 3 vols. 
8vo, avec cartes et planches, /.30 Pam, 1826-28 

R&MUSAT, (A.) Melanges asiatiques, ou Recneil de morceaux de critique 
et de memoirs relatifs aux religions, aux sciences, aux coutumes k This- 
toire et a la geographic des nations orientales. 2 vols. 8vo,/.15. 

Paris, 1825 

— >- Nouveaux Melanges asiatiques. 2 vols. 8vo,/.14. Paris, 1^5-28 

LE NORM ANT, (Ch.) Cours d'Histoire Ancienne. Introduction k 

I'Histoire de I'Asie Centrale. 8vo Paris, 1838 

PLATH, (J. H.) Geschichte des dstUchisn Auens. 3 vols. 8vo. 

Gott, 1830-^1 

ASIATIC RRSRARCHES, Transactions of Society instttnted m Bennl for inqoiring 
into the History and Aotiqnilias, Arts and Soienoes, and Literatare of Asia. 20 vob. 
1—, 4to CaienUa, 178&-1831, and Serampore, 1835-^ 

ASIATIC AJfJVUAL REGISTER. 1790-1811. 13 vols. 8to. I.oiiioN, 180&-181S 

ASIATIC JOURJfAL, or MontblyRctgister for British India and her Dependencies. 
' New Series, oommenoed Jan. 7, 1830. 

AIJ^ AJ€D IRELAJTD. 4 vob. 4to Louden, 18S7- 

JOURJfAL OF THE ROYAL ASIATIC SOCIETY. — vols. 8to. London, 1834 

JOURJfAL ASIATIOUE, (monthly,) Ports, -^, /.S5 per annnm. 1st Series, 11 
▼ob. ia»-a7. 3nd Series, 1898-18ai9. 3d Series, 1836-43. 

ASIA MINOR. — Geoorapht, Voyages and Travels. 

KIEPERT, (H.) (Map of Asia Minor)— Karte von Klein Asien, nach 
Finke, Fiadier, Moltke, Schdnbom u. Koch. ^ dieets, folio, 21«. 

Berlin, 1844 



[assurance, life. 

ASIA MINOR.— (Con/tnticrf.) 

HAMILTON, (W. J.) Researches in Asia Minor, Pontus and Armenia, 
with some accoontof their Antiquities and Geology. 3 vols. 8vo, £i 10«. 

Xomiofi, 1843 
* CHANDLER, (Ret. Dr. R.) Travels in Asia Minor and Greece. 3d 

edition. 2 vols. 4to London, 1817 

BEAUFORT, (F.) Karamania, or a brief description of the Soath Coast 

of Asia Minor, with Plans, &c. Svo, 10«. London, 1817 

KINNEAR, (J. M.) Journey through Asia Minor, Armenia, etc. Svo, 

IfU Zafui(m,1818 

LEAKE, (W. M.) Journal of a Tour in Asia Minor. 8vo, 18«. 

London, 1824 

RENNELL, (Major J.) Treatise on the Comparative Geography of 

Western Asia. 9 yob. 4to., with folio atlas, £2 14«. London, 1831 

CRAMER, (Rev. J. A.) A Geographical and Historical description of 
Asia Minor. 2 vols. 8vo, maps, £1 11«. 6d. Oxon., 1832 

ARUNDELL, (Rev. F. V. J.) Discoveries in Asia Minor, with a Descrip- 
tion of the Ruins of Antioch and other Cities. 2 vols. 8vo, £1 10«. 

London, 1834 
Visit to the Seven Churches. 8vo, 15«. London. 

FELLOWES, (Chas.) Journal Written during an Elzcursion in Asia Minor. 
Plates, &c., imp. 8vo, £lSs London, 1839 

Discoveries in Lycia. Journal of a Second Excursion, in 1840. imp. 

8vo, plates, d&c., £2 2$ London, 1841 

The Xanthiifti Marbles ; their Acquisition, and Transmission to Eng- 
land, royal 8vo, map and plate, 5«. ... London, 1843 

LYCIA^ C^tria, and other ProvinoM of Asia Minor, illostrated by Mr. GcofM Searf : with ' 
Daciiptive letter-pi«« by Sir Charles Fellowet. Uaiform with Roberti°i Seiiei of the 
Hely Land, folio LvtuUm, 1817 

AINSWORTH, (W.) Travels and Researches in Asia Minor, ^. 2 . 

vols. 8vo, £1 4« London, 1842 

LYCIA. Travels in Lycia, Miljras, and the Cibyratis, in company with 
the late Rev. E. T. Daniell : by Lieut. T. A. B. Spratt, R. N., and Prof. 
Edward Forbes, F. R. S., in 2 vols. 8vo, numerous maps, plans, views, 
Slc. Slc., £1168 London, 1847 

TEXIEIR, (Ch.) Description de TAsie-Mineure (ordonn^ par le gouveme- 
ment). Antiquity, monuments des Arts, Architecture, geologic, geographie, 
avec un grand nombre des planches gravies, folio, 20 livraisons sont en 
vente. ehaque,/iH) Ptorio, 


MITCHELL, (J.) Manual of Practical Assaying : intended for the use of 
Metallurgists, Captains of Mines, and Assayers in general. With a copi- 
ous Table for the purpose of ascertaining, in Assays of Gold and Silver, 
the preciK amount, in ounces, pennjrweights, and grains of noble metal 
contained in one ton of ore from a given quantity. 8vo, lOs. 6d. 

London, 1846 
MANUEL de PEssayenr de M€taux. l8mo, /.3. Pmit, 

(Mannela Roret.) 


BuLioaSAPBT. — Bee Pocock'i TraatiM, infra. 

FARREN, (E. J.) Historical Essay on the Rise and Progress of the Doe- 
trine of Life Contingencies in England. 8vo, 4s. London, 1844 

BAILY, (F.) Doctrine of Interest and Annuitiet analytically iovestigited 
and explained, with Tabki. 4to ZojiiM, 1810 




[assurance, life. 




ASSURANCE, \.\v^,— [Continued) 

Milne, (J.) Treatise on the Valuation of Annuities and Assurances on 
Lives and Survivorships. 2 vols. 8vo, 30». . Londotiy 1825 

BA6BAGE, (C.) Comparative View of the Various Institutions for%he 
Assurance of Lives. 8vo, 10». 6rf London, 1826 

ANSELL, (Chas.) A Treatise on Friendly Societies, in which the Doctrine 
of the Interest of Money and the Doctrine o{ Probability are practically 
applied to the Afibirs of such Societies, with numerous Tables, &c. 8vo, 
5«. London^ 1835 

DE MORGAN, (A.) An Essay on Probabilities, and on their Application 
to Life Contingencies and Insurance Offices, sm. 8vo, 6«. 

(In Lardner's Cyclopsdia.) London y 1838 

POCOCK, (L.) A &miliar Explanation of the Nature, Advantages, and 
Importance of Assurance upon Lives, &c. 1 vol. l2mo, 7«. Lond., 1842 

HAND-BOOK (The) ^or Life Assurers ; being a Popular Guide to the 
Knowledge of the System of Life Aeeurance : with an Exposition of its 
Advantages, and of its useful application to the different classes of the 
community ; together with an explanation of the various modes of doing 

' business ; also a General Directory of Insurance Companies. Fcp. 8vo, 
2«. Sd. ...... London, 1842 

BAYLIS, (E.) The Arithmetic of Annuities and Life Assurance, or Com- 
pound Interest simplified ; explaining the Value of Annuities Certain, or 
Contingent on One or Two Lives, and the Values of Assurances in Single 
and Annual Payments, and comprehending the Values of Leases, Pensions, 
Freeholds, and Reversionary Sums, in Possession or Expectation, imme- 
diate, deferred, or temporary. 8vo, 5». .... 1844 

DOWDESWELL, (G. M.) The Law of Life and Fire Insurances ; with 
an Appendix of Comparative Tables of Life Insurance. 1 vol. l2mo, 6«. 

London, 1846 

TABLES showing the Total Number of Persons Assured in the Equitable 

Society from its Commencement in 1762 to 1829, &c. &,q. By Wm. 

Morgan, sm. folio. London, 1834 

" This most elaborately prepared and important docoment reflects the hig^hest rredit on 
the talented actuary who prepared it. It entirely supercedes the tables of Babbacre 
and Davies, and famishes complete aid nerfect data for the compntation of a safe 
and accnrate set of tables for the use of life assurance comfianies. ' ' — Porock. Since 
this was written, the Tables of Mr. D. Jones have ap{)eared, wiiich probably modify 
the statement of Mr. Pocock. 

NEISON, (F. G. p.) Contributions to Vital Statistics: being a Develop- 
ment of the Rate of Mortality and the Laws of Sickness, as indicated by 
Original and extensive Data procured from Friendly Societies in England 
and Scotland, pointing out the Insecurity on which these Societies are 
conducted, with an Exposition of the Unstable Nature and Non-equitable 
Principleis of Rechabite and Odd Fellow Societies, and an Inquiry on the 
Health of Towns and the Influence of Locality on the Duration of Life 
and the Amount of Sickness. 4to, £1 1«. London, 1845 

JONES, (D.) Annuities and Reversionary Payments. 2 vols. 8vo, jCI 1». 

London, 1843 

SANG, (E.) Life Assurance and Annuity Tables. Folio. Edin., 1841 

A most extraordinarr work. The author learned to print, that he m'jrht wt it up 
with his own hands. It contains for a single life, and for the Carlisle Tables, at 
three per cent, every thins. All annuities and assurances, temporary and deferred, 
or, for the whole lire ; allTalnes of Policies, whenever made, for every subsequent 
period ; all the yearly risks of such Policies ; assurances at increasing or decreasing 
premiums ; five figure logarithms and anti-logarithms, &c. &c. &c. And every 
retult has its logarithm set down by its side ready for use. The typography is so bcau- 
tifnl, the p^per aad tyiM so luxoiious, that a eentnrv henoe a copy will be an object 
of oompeution to the Heben and Spenoen of that day. 



ASSCILVXCE, Life.— (Con/iwwrrf.) 

McEELVN, ( A^ PmctiBil USf TMt» ; with « Di||v«i of the hhm «|vr\«vtHi 
Roles and FonaolK for the SolutioQ ol* all Ciuw ixvunrin^ in th^ aetwil 
daily boaneaB of Life Aamrance. 8vo. i>2 l*i«. 6W. UtHUm. l«37 

JONES, (J.) A aeiie* of Tihles of Annoithw aiiU AaPUxaiMvu. ca)eu)«t«4 
from a new Rale of Mortality amoD^ aamird Uv««. t^o» UU. 6d. 

iMmihm, IS44 

FINLAISON, (J!co.) Tables for proTidin}! Relief in SickneM and Old Ajse. 
for Payments at I>eath and Endowments for ChUdrvD. 8viv i^stf., 1833 


AINSWORTH, (W. F.) Researrhes in Babylonia, Aivyria. i^c. Bvo. 
l^.6d UndoH, 1838 

BUCKINGHAM, (J. S.) Travels in Assyria, Media, and Perain. &.o. SH 
edit., 2 vols. 8vo Undiw, 1830 

FRAZER, (J. B.) Mesopotamia and Awyria. 12mo, %'U. K//iit., 184U 

(£dia. Tab. Lib'y.) 

MONUMENT DE NJNEVE, d^^convert et ddorli pnr Botta: memu<< et 
dessin^ par Flandin. Ouvrefi^ ptibli6 par ordre du Gouvemement, sous lea 

auspioes da Ministre de I'intdriear Pari»t 1H47 

(To be conpiiied in 90 aaiiibMt, Iblio. No. 1, oont. 5 plitet, ii publiahod. Prioe /.)I04 


WILSON, (Jas.) Dictionary of AMrology. 8to, 14«. . . TAnlim. 


RENNELL, (Jas.) An Investigation of the Curn^nts o< the Atlantb; Dnean, 
and of those which prevail between the Indian Oceon and tli<« Atlnntii*. 
8vo Lont/on, IHSU 


RENNELL, (Jas.) Foar Charts of the prevalent Currents of tlio Attsfttin 
Ocean. Atlas folio. TMndnn, IKIil 

la Johnitoii'b Pbyficd Atlu is m eicflktnt (Jhart of lh« Aflulki Oofiin, npoo 
which is depicted m fanmeoie amoant of cariou* informatton. 



■ 4 

LALANDB. (i. i.) Bihliofraplriw Aatroaonriqa^, avw; l*lli«toiift Am I'Attronomi" AvoeM 
1781 JaM|B*4 1802. 4le. XI lOf. . I'mrt».\tm 

CJi TALOO UE of Om Bcinrtiie Book* ia the library of Om ft»raJ Hmm4/ of \MnAm. )'v«. 
TOCnrG*g LeeUnaaos yaCaral PhfleiopSy. «d. I«49, 


ROTHMAN, (R. W.> History of Astron/rtny. ^o. //wiwi, J«W 

WHCWELL, rW.) HiMory of th« IndiKtive Hci^nir^s i2<i «dit , % v/4s. 

8yo, 43s Idm4^, JM7 

LAPLACE, T. 8.) Pkwis 4e fUfMre de XuumtMmti. I ir</l. ^'/. )# M, 

*l * WM 



L marORY, ^(Continued.) "^ 

BAILLY, (J. S.) Histoire de rastronomie andenne depais son origine 
jnaqa'i I'^ubtiaKinent de PE>;ole d'Alezandrie, 4to. Parit, 1781 

Hist, de I'astronomie modeme depuis la fimdation de I'EScole d'Alezan- 

drie josqu'i Tepoqne de 1730. 2 voki. 4to. Pom, 1785 

Hist, de I'asCronomie ancienne et modeme, dans laquelle oa a conserve 

le tezte en sopprimant les details scientifiqaes, dtc., pea utiles aux ^l^yes 
aazquels ce livre est destini^, (par Victor Comeyras). 2 vols, 8vo. 

Paris, 1805 

Trait^ de I'astronomie Indienne ^t Orientale. 4to. Paris, 1787 

VOIRON, (M.) Hist, de rastronomie depuis 1781 jusqa'a 1811. 4to, 13/. 

Paris, 1811 

BENTLEY, (Jno.) A Historical View of the Hindu Astronomy, from the 
Earliest Dawn of that Science in India to the Present Time : to which are 
added : 1st. Hindu Tables of Equations ; 2d. Remarks on the Chinese 
Astronomy ; 3d. Translation of certain hieroglyphics called the Zodiacs 
of Dendera. 8vo, 15« London, 1825 

DELAMBRE, (J. J.) Histoire de I'astronomie ancienne. 2 vols. 4to, 40/. 

Paris, 1817 
— Hist, de I'astro. du moyen age. 4to, 25/ . . Paris, 1819 

Hist, de I'astro. modeme. 2 vols, 4to, 50/ . . Paris, 1821 

Hist, de Pastro. du XVIII si^le. 4to, 36/ . Pari*, 1827 

Then liz volaiiies of Delambre's HiHoirg o*nUin oopioiu extnoto of all the princi- 
pal woria which have been published on the rabjeot of Aftronomy, intenpened with 
mauh enlightened criticism. 

BIOT, (J. B.) Recherches sur plusieurs points d'astronomie ^gyptiennes 
appliqu^es aux monuments astronomiqnes tronv^ en Elgypte. 8vo, 10«. 

Paris, 1823 
SEYFFARTH, (G.) Sjrstema astronomiae aegyptiacfe quadripartium. 4to. 

Leipzig, 1833 
SCHAUBAGH. Geschichte der greichischen Astronomic. Gott, 1802 


HERSCHELL, (J. F. W.) Treatise on Astronomy. 12mo, 6«. 

Xondon, 1834 

MALKEN, (B.> Treatise on Astronomy. 8to. « 1830 

(Lib. Utefnl Kaowl.) 

NARRIEN, (J.) Practical Astronomy and Geodesy : including the Pro- 
jections of the Sphere and Spherical Trigonometry. For the use of the 
Royal Military College. 8vo, 14«. . . London, 1845 

ARAGO, (M.) Popular Lectures on Astronomy. 8to. " 1840 

CARPENTER, (W. B.) Horology and Popular Astronomy. 8vo, 9«. Sd. 

London, 1843 

DICK, (T.) The Practical Astronomer, comprising illustrations of Light 
and Colour. Practical Descriptions of all kinds of Telescopes, and other 
Astronomical Instruments ; a particular Account of the Elari of Rossi's 
large Telescopes, and other topics connected with Astronomy. 12mo, 
100 eng., 10«. 6(1. . London, 1845 

SMYTH, (W. H.) A Cycle of Celestial Objects, for the Use of NaTal, 
Military, and Private Astronomers. Observed, reduced, and discussed. 2 
vols. 8vo,X23# London, ISU 

RAPER, (Ht.) The Practice of Navigation and Nautical Astronomy. 
8vo. London, 1840 

BIOT. Traill ^Mmentaiie d'astrononiie physique. 3* edition entiftrement 
leioiidve. 4 w6k. 8vo, avee 4 AtlMrin 4io,/50. Parts, 1844^7 

/-''-• ■• ' 

ft;" '* y • ' : 

▲STBOMOMT.] "JSft - . [astronomy. 

*"- . ■ ' ■ , ; ■ ■ 

n. GENERAL TREATISES.— (CofrfiiSiiS.) 

WHEWELL, (W.) Astronomy and General PhTsics considered with re- 
ference to Natural Philosophy. 8vo, 5«. . . . London^ 1847 

PEARSON, (W.) An Introdaction to Practical Astronomy. 2 toIs. 4to, 
jC7 7« London, 1824-1839 

COMTE, (A.) Trait^ philosophique d'astronomie popnlaire, on Exposition 
systematiqae de toates les notions de philosophie astronomiqae, soit scien- 
tifiqae, soit logiqaes, qni doivent devenir oniversellement fiunilidres. 8vo. 
/.f. ..•>...... Paris, 1844 

FRANCOUR, (L. B.) Astronomic pratique : usage et composition de la 
connaissanoe du tems. 8vo, /.7 50 Paris, 1840 

Uranographie, on traits ^l^mentaire d'astronomie, a Tosage des per- 

soiuies pen vers^es dans les mathSmatiques. . 8vo,/.9 50 Paris, IBS! 

DELAMBRE, (J. J.) Astronomie th^riqae et pratiqae. 3 vols. 4to,/.60. 

Paris, 1814 

BAILLT, (C.) Rdsom^ complet d'astronomie, on connaissanoe de la nature 

et des mouvemens des corps celestes, &c., &c. d2mo,/.60. Paris, 1^25 

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Wien, 1840 

Die Wunder des Himmels. 2d ed. roy. 8vo, and Atlas of Plates, 4to» 

£1 5«w«., 1842 

- (G. L. y.) Theoretische u. prakt. Astronomie. 3 vols. 8vo, plates. 

WieiK, 1821-26 

LALANDE, (J. J.) Astronomie. 3 vols. 4to. Paris, 1793 

LAPLACE, (P. S.) Exposition dn systeme du monde, pr^c^dd de I'eloge 
de Tanteur par M. Fourier. 6* edn. 4to. Paris, 1835 

Le meme ouvrage. 2 vols. 8vo « « 

Traits de m^canique celeste. 2« ed. 1829-30 (poor Vols. I, II) 1803 

et 5 (Vols. Ill, IV) et 1825. 5 vols. 4to,/.150. . . Paris. 

-^— M^canique celeste ; translated with a Commentary, by N. Bowditch. 

4 vols. 4to Boston, 1829-^9 

P0NT6C0ULANT, ( DE.) Th6orie analytique du Systeme du monde. 

4vols. 8vo,/.48 Pari*, 1826-36 

Traite ^m. de physique celeste, on Precis d'astronomie th6orique et 

pratique, servant d'introduction a T^tude de cette science. 2 vols. 8vo, 
plates,/.10 Paris, 1840 

SOMERVILLE, (Maby.) On the Connexion of the Physical Sciences. 
12mo. Xomiofi, 1837 

Mechanism of the Heavens. 8vo. " 1831 

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physique de I'inclination des plana des orbites des planfttes par rapport au 
pUm de Tequateur. 2nd edn. 4to,/l2. .... Paris. 

LE VERR YER, (U. J.) Mftmoire sur les variations s^culaires des ^l^ments 
des orbites pour les sept plan^tes principales. Mercure, V^nus, la Terre, 
Man, Jupiter, Satnme et Uranus. 8vo,/.3 50. . Pari*, 1844 

- D6veloppements sur plusiere points de la Th^orie des perturbations des 

plandtes. dvo 1841 

(GonaaiiMaoe da Temps poor 1844.) 

Th^rie de mouvement de Mercure. 8vo. 1845 

(ConnaiMUioe de Temps poor 1847.) 

- Recberehet sur les mouvements d'Uranus. 8vo. 1846 

— > Recherches anr les mouvements de U phuidte Herschell. Svo. 1846 

(GMuaisMBoe de Temps poar J849.) 




n. GENERAL TREATISES.— (Con/tnittjrf.) 

AIRY, (G. B.) Mathematical Tracts on the lunar and planetary theories, 
the figure of the E^rth, precession and notation, the calculus of varia- 
tions, and the undnlatory theory of optics, for the use of Students. 8vo. 

Camh., 1831 


Vols. I.-XV. 4to. Landmi. Monthly Notion of Ditto. 8vo. Loud., 1831-46. 

COJ^JfJlISSJlMVE DES TEMPS, in IStam. and 8to. Paris, 1678-1846 

De morgan, (A.) An Explanation of the Gnomonic Projection of the 

Sphere. Bvo, 5« London, 1836 

JEANS, (H. W.) Rules in Plane and Spherical Trigonometry : with nu- 
merous Examples and Problems. 3«. 6d. . . London, 1843 

Solutions of the Astronomical and other Problems in the above vo- 
lume ; designed as ah Introduction to Nautical Astronomy. 3«. Sd. " 

Rules for finding the Names and Positions of all the Stars of the First 

and Second Magnitude. Royal 8vo, 3«. 6d. London, 1845 

► BLUNT, (C. F.) The Beauty of the Heavens. 4to, plates, 28#. 

London, 1845 

ARAGO, (M.) The Comet. Scientific Notices of Comets in general, 6lc., 

translated from the French by C. Gold. 8vo, 4«. London, 1833 

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von 1836. 2 parts, 4to, 24« Hamb., 1843-45 

BODE, (J. E.) Anleitung zur Kenntnin des gestimten Himmels. Edid. 
Enko Bremiker. 10th edn., Bvo Berlin, 1844 


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u. individuellen Verhftltniss. od. allgemeine vergleichende Selenographie. 
2 vols. 4to Berlin, 1837 

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perlustrat. 4to Goth., 1838 

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graphica. 4 sheets, folio fer/sfi, 1836 


LUBBOCK, (J. W.) Six Maps of the Stara, including those of the Sixth 
Magnitude, laid down according to the Gnomonic Projection. In size 25 
inches square. Plain, 15«. London. 

With the Constellations coloured, 2l«. 

The same on a smaller scale, 14 inches by 14, 3«. ; cold., 4$. 6d. 

(See Db Morgan on Gnomonic Projection.) 

WYLD, (J.) Map of the Stars and Phenomena of the Universe. London. 

SCHWINCK, (G.) Mappa Ccelestis, sive tabule quinque inerrantium sep- 
timum ordinem non excedentium et usque ad XXX gradum decl. austr. 
pertinentium, qnas pro medio seculo XIX stereographice construxit. Imp. 
foUo, jei 7« Leipzig, 1844 

ARGELANDER, (D. F.) Neue Uranometrie. Darstellung der im mittlem 
Europa aichtbaren Sterne. Stemverzeichniss. folio (17 tfiopt) with cata- 
logue. Bvo, 16» Berlin, 1843 

DIEN, (C.) Atlas des ph6nom6nes celestes, donnant le trac6 des mouve- 
ments apparents des plandtes. 4to,/.16. . Pari*, 1843 


MAURY, (M. F.) Astronomical Observations made during the year 1845, 
at the Naval Observatory, Washingtun. Bvo, vol. I. WatkingUm, 1846 




IV. TABLES, OBSERVATIONS, dtc.— (Conftnu^rf.) 

JOHNSON, (M. J.) Astronomical Obsenrations made at the Radcliffe 
Observatory, Oxford, in the yeara 1840, 1843. Vols. I.-IV.» roy. 8vo, 
each ISa Oxford, 1^43-45 

HERSCHELL, (J. F. W.) Observations in the Southern Hemi^here. 4to. 

London, 1847 

ARGELANDER, (F. W. A.) Astronomische Beobochtongen auf der 
Stemwarte zu Bonn. Vol. 1, Darchmustenmg d. Nordl. Uimmeis, zw. 
45 n. Grad der Declination, in d. Jahren 1841-44. 4to, 18«. Bonn, 1846 

BESSEL, (F. W.) Astronom. Beobachtongen anf der koniglichen Univer- 
sitats-Stemwarte in Konigsberg, von 13 Nov., 1813, — vols. fol. 

Konigtherg, 1813- 

Astronomische Untenmchimgen. Vol. I., 11., 4to. . Begiom., 1840-4 

Tabalffi Regiomont. redact, observat. astronom. ab 1750 usqae ad 

1850. 8vo Begiom., 1840 

SCHUMACHER, (H. C.) Astronomische Nachrichten. Vols. 1-32, 4to. 

Altona, 1823-44 

Sammlmig von HQlfBtafeln. 8vo. " 1845 

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per vol. 14#. 6rf WUn, 1813-^0 


BAILY, (F.) On the Construction and Use of some new Tables for de- 
termining the Places of nearly 3000 Fixed Stara in Vol. II. of Memoirs 
of the iZoy. Aetron. Society of London. .... 1826 

.— - Catalogue of the Fixed Stars of the Brit. Association for the Advan. of 
Science, being an EInlargement of the Astron. Societjr's Cat. of 1827. 
sm. folio, 63« London, 1845 

FLAMSTEED, (Rev. John.) An account of, to which is added his 
British Catalogue of Stars, corrected and enlarged, by F. Baily. 4to. 

London, 1835 

GBEENWICH OBSEBVATOBY. A Catalogue of one thousand one 
hundred and twelve stars, etc. 4to. London, 1833 

See abo the CatalofQes of Groombrisob, JoHMsoif, Richardion, Struvb'b 
Dorpst Cat., Bbbsbl*! ZoneOlMer. 


ABOUL HHASSAN ALL Trait6 des instruments astronomiques des 
Arabes ; traduit de I'Arabe sur le MSS. par J. J. S^dillot. 2 vols. 4to, 
/.27 Pari*, 1835 

Sl^DILLOT, (L. A.) M^moires sur les instruments astronomiques des 
Arabes. 4to Parit, 1841 

See the varions Treatiaei ob Practical Astroaoniy. Bbbwitbr*! Opticf ; Prich- 
▲Ro'a Optical iMtrnnenU in Lib. Utef. Knawl. ; YocNo'a Lectniei on Natural 
PhihMophy, ed. 1845. 



WILKINS, (W.) Remarks on Topography and Buildings of Athens. 8vo. 

London, 1816 

LEAKE, (W. W.) Topography of Athens ; with some remarks upon its 

antiquities. 2nd edn. 2 vols. 8vo, J^l 10«. London, 1841 

WORDSWORTH, (Rev. Dr. C.) Athens and Attica : Journal of a Resi- 
denee there. 8vo, 12« London, 1836 

. • 

ATHBN8.] 58 [atlases, GEOGRAPHICAL. 

TOPOGRAPHY, ANTIQUITIES, &c.— (Cofi/«ii£«rf.) 

liOCKHART. Attica and Athens : an Inquiry into the Ciril, Moral, and 
Religious Institutions of the Inhabitants, the Rise and the Decline of the 
Athenian Power, and the Topography and Chronology of Ancient At- 
tica and Athens. Translated from the German of K. O. Mfiller, Grote- 
fend, and others. 8vo, 9« London, 1842 

BOECKH, (Aug.) Urkunden (ib. das Grewesen des Attischen Staats. 8vo, 
with Atlas, in folio Berlin, 1840 

Public Economy of Athens. Translated by G. C. Lewis. 2nd. edn. 

1 vol. 8vo, 12s London, 1842 

SCHbMANN,(G.F.) De Comittiis Atheniensium. 8yo,9s. Gryph.,\%\9 

A Dissertation on the Assemblies of the Athenians, in Three Books. 

Translated from the above : with a Complete Index. 8vo. Comb., 1838 

AHRENS, (E. A. J.) De Athenamm Statu politico et liteiario. 4to. 

Gotu, 1829 

MULLER, (C. O ) Archaologische Mittheilungen aus Griechenland, he- 
rausg. von A. SchoU. 4to, vol. I. Athen's Antiken-Sammlung 1. 

Plates, folio, 10s Frankf.,1^43 

See Arcbitbcturb, Grbvcb, &o. 

ATLASES, (Geographical.) 

JOHNSTON, (A. K.) National Atlas of Historical, Commercial, and Po- 
litical Geography ; constructed from the most recent and authentic sources ; 
accompanied by Maps, and Illustrations of the Physical Geography of the 
Globe, by Dr. Hy. Berghaus, and an Ethnographic Map of Europe, by 
Dr. Gustav Kombst, folio, half russia, JC8 8«. Edinburgh, 1844 

THE SERIES OF MAPS, published by the Society for DifT. Useful 
Knowledge. 161 Maps, and 51 plans of Cities. 2 vols imp. 4to, hf bd. 
£1 7«. ; coloured, J^lO 10«, 

INDEX to the Principal Places in the World (Modem) ; with reference to 
the Maps of the Society for the Diffusion of Useful Knowledge. By the 
Rev. James Mickleburgh. 8vo, 5« London, 1844 

BLACKS GENERAL ATLAS, comprising 61 Maps from the latest and 
most authentic sources, with Geographical Descriptions, and an Index oi 
56000 Names, folio, hf. bd. 56s. ... Edinburgh, 1846 

— - School Atlas of Modem Geography : a Series of Twenty-five Maps, 
constructed expressly for this work by W. Hughes, with a complete Indrx 
of Names, exhibiting the Latitude and Longitude of each Place, and n 
Reference to the Map. 8vo, 10s. 6J. . . . Edinburgh, 1846 

constructed upon a system of Scale and Proportion, from the most recent 
authorities, engraved on Steel by J. W. Lowry. Consisting of 54 Maps, 
size 18] inches by 14) inches. Plain, 20«. ; coloured, 30«. 

London, 1847-8 

BUTLER. Atlas of Ancient Geography. 8vo, 12s. London. 

D'ANVILLE'S Atlas of Ancient Geography, folio, £4 4s. . 

WYLD'S Ancient Atlas. 4to, 12s 

HUGHES, (W.) Atlas of Scripture Geography. 4to, lOs. 6d. 

ARROWSMITIf S Bible Atlas. 4to, £1 Is. . 

WYLD'S Popular Atlas of the World, illustrated by Geographical and 

Statistical Descriptions. Consisting ojf 48 Maps, size 23 in. by 28 in. 

Plain, 40s. ; coloured, 60s London, 1847-8 




ATLASES, (Geographical.) — {Continued.) 

BERGHAUS, (Hy.) & JOHNSTON, (A. K.) The Physical AUm ; a 
Series of Maps iUnstratiiig the Geographical Distribution of Natural 
Phenomena, in 1 vol. impl. folio, half rossia. Edin , 1847 



* • 

1. — MrrBOROLOOT xm Maonbtum. 
I. Tempeimtnn. — Showiof botheniwl Line or Liaa of Eqnal Heat. 
S. Ttw Winds.— Sbowinf the Dbtribation of PaMi^e- Winds, Barncmaes, Tyfoou, fro. 

3. Rain and Snow.— Sfaowinf the Yearly Amoant fdliaf over the Globe. 

4. Rain and Snow.-- Showing the Yearly and Daily Amoants for Earooe. 

5. MagMetauB.— Tba Polaiiain; Strootore of the Atmoiphere. 

2. — Htdroloot. 

1. Phynoal Chart of Atlantic Ocean. 

2. Physical Chart of Indian Ocean. 

3. Phyncal Chart of Pacific Ocean. 

4. Tidal Bfap of Europe. 

5. RiTer Map of Enrope and Ana. 

8. RiTer Map of America. 

3. — Gboloot. 
1. Mountain SvitenH of Europe. 
3. Mountain Qiains in Enrope and Asia. 

3. Map of the Ghider Befioni. 

4. Mountain Chaiiu in North America. 

5. Mountain Chains in South America. 

9. Geological Map of Europe. 

7. Goological Map of England. 

8. Geological Map of Scotland. 

9. Regions of Earthqaakos and Volcanoei over the Globe. 
10. Speeialia of Voleanie Girdle in Atlantic Ocean, &c 


Pbttoloot xm ZooLoaT. 

1. Distribution of Food-Plants over the World. 

S. Distribution of Plants in Horiaontal and Paipendicniar directions. 

3. Dirtribotion of Animals. 

4. Distribation of Quadrapeds. 

5. Distribution of Birds. 
S. Distribation of Fishes. 

7. Distribution of Reptiles and Snakes. 

8. Distributioa of Man — Europe. 

9. Dirtribatioa of Mas-'Britnh Islands. 




8TURT, (Capt. Chas.) Two Expeditions into the Interior of Southern 
Australia, 1828^1. 2 vols. 8to., £1 8«. London, 1833 

BENNETT, (G.) Wanderings in New South Wales, 1832-4. 2 vols. 
8to, ;ei 8« London, 1834 

MITCHELL, (Sir T. L.) Journal of an Expedition into the Interior of 
New South Wales. 2d edit., 2 vols. 8vo, X2. . London, 1839 

BURTON, (W. W.) State of Religion and Education in New South 
Wales. 8vo, 12« London, IS40 

GREY, (Capt. G.) Journals of two Expeditions of Discovery in North- 
west and Western Australia, in 1837-8-9. 2 vols. 8vo, £1 16«. 

London, 1841 

BACKHOUSE, (J.) Narrative of a Visit to the Australian Colonies. 8vo, 
16» 1843 

HOOD, (J.) Australia and the East, Voyage to New South Wales, and 
Residence in Sydney and the Bush, &c. 8to, 14«. London, 1843 





EYRE, (E. J.) Journals of Expeditions of Discovery into Central Austra- 
lia, and overland from Adelaide to King George's Sound, in 1840-41 ; 
sent by the Colonists of South Australia ; including an Account of the 
Aborigines and the State of their Relations with Europeans. 2 vols. 8vo, 
numerous illustrations, 36« London, 1845 

STOKES, (J. J.) Discoveries in Australia, Elxplored and Surveyed during 
the Voyage of H. M. S. Beagle ; also, Capt. Owen Stanlejr's Visits to the 
Islands in the Araiuura Sea. 2 vols. 8vo, plates and maps, 40«. 

London, 1846 

EARL, (G. W.) Enterprise in Tropical Australia. 8vo, 6#. Land., 1846 

ANGAS, (G. F.) Impressions of Savage Life, and Scenes in Australia and 
New Zealand. 2 vols. 8vo, 24« London, 1846 

MAJORIBANKS, (A.) Travels in New South Wales. 12mo. 

London, 1847 

See also Capt. Ki<fO*8 Sarve^, Oxlbt'b Exp«ditioB, Pbron*! and Frktcinst's 
Voyage, Simiionds' Colonial Magazine, Brituh Colonial Libiary, &c. 

ARROWSMITH, (J.) Map of Western Australia. London, 1840 

n. fflSTORY. 

LANG, (Rev. J. D.) An Historical and Statistical Account of New South 
Wales. 2 vols. l2mo. 2d edit., £1 1«. . . . London, 1837 

STEPHENS, (Jom^.) The History of the Rise and Progress of the new 
British Provinces of South Australia. 8vo, 2d edit., 8«. London, 1839 

PRIDDEN, (W.) Australia ; its History, Condition, &c. l2mo, 5«. 

London, 1843 
BRAIM. History of New South Wales, from its Settlement to the close 
of the Year 1844. 2 vols, post 8vo, 12 illust., 21«. London, 1846 

See CuHRiNOBAM'a Two Yean in N. S. Wales. 


GREY, (Geo.) A Vocabulary of the Dialects of Southwestern Australia. 
12mo, 2d edit. London, 1841 

MAYER, (H. A. E.) Vocabulary of the Language spoken by the Abori- 
gines of South Australia. 8vo Adelaide, 1843 

STURMAN, (C. W.) Vocabulary of the Pamkalla Language, spoken by 
the Natives of the Western Shores of Spencer's Gulf. 8vo. 

Adelaide, 1844 

TIECHELMAN, (C. T.), and SCHURMAN, (C. W.) OutUnc of a Gram- 
mar, Vocabulary, and Phrasedlogy of the Aboriginal Language of South 
Australia. 8vo Adelaide, 1840 


STRZELECKI, (P. F. de.) Physical Description of New South Wales 
and Van Dieman's Land ; accompanied by a Geological Map, Sections, 
and Diagrams, and Figures of the Organic Remains. 8vo, 19 plates, 24«. 


HODGKINSON, (C.) Australia ; from Port Macquarie to Moreton Bay : 
with Descriptions of the Natives, their Manners and Customs ; the Geol- 
ogy, Natural Productions, Fertility, and Resources of that Region. First 
explained and surveyed, by order of the Colonial Government. 8vo, plates 
and map, 12« 1844 

GOULD, (J.) The Birds of Australia, &jc. Parts 1-22 imperial foHo, 
each with 17 coloured plates and descriptive letter-press. £3 3«. 

London, 1843--46 
■ SyDoptii 0r do.. Paita 1-, eaoh 35«. 




• — - 

IV. NATURAL fflSTORY.— (Con/int/^rf.) 

GUHiLEMIN. Icones plantanun Aostralasis rarionim. 410, /.lO. 

Portt, 1827 
DUTTON, (F.) South Australia and its Mines. 8vo. London, 1846 

BARTLETT, (T.) New Holland: its Colonization, Productions, and 
Resources; with Observations on the Relations subsisting with Great 
Britain, post 8vo, 7«. 6<f. London, 1843 

AUSTRIA.— History, &c. 

COXE, (W.) History of the House of Austria. New edit., 3 vols. 8vo, 
10«. ^d. (Bohn'f SUndard Libnry.) London, 1847 

WILDE, (W. R.) Austria : its Literary, Scientific, and Medical Institu- 
tions ; with Notes upon the Present State of Science, and a Guide to the 
Hospitals and Sanatory Establishments of Vienna, post 8vo, (Dublin), 
$B.M London, 1843 

TURNBULL, (P. E.) Notices of the Government and People of Austria. 
2 vols. 8to London, 1837 

ELLIOTT, (Rev. C. B.) Travels in the three great Empires of Austria, 
Russia, and Turkey. 2 vols. 8vo London, 1838 

MAILATH, (J.) Geschichte von Ostreich, vols. 1^. 8vo, £\ 5«. 

{Heerm Wkd Ukert*» OesekiekU.) Hamburgh, 1834-42 

TEGOBORSKI. (M. de.) Des Finances et du Credit Public d'Aotriche, 
de sa Dette, de ses Ressources Financidres, et de son Syst^me d' Imposi- 
tion, avec quelques rapprochemens entre ce pays, la Prusse, et la France. 
2 vols. 8vo, 15/. Faria, 1843 

RAUMER, (F. voir.) Geschichte der Hohenstaufen. 2d edit., 6 vols. 8vo, 
48t Zei>*i|r, 1840^ 

ADAIR. Historical Memoir of a Mission to the Court of Vienna in 1806, 
by the Right Hon. Sir Robert Adair, with a Selection fi-om his Diapatches. 
Published by permission of the proper authorities. 8vo, 18« 

London, 1844 

The Negotiations for the Peace of the Dardanelles, in 1808-9 : with 

Dispatches and Official Documents. Being a Sequel to the Memoir of 
his Mission to Vienna in 1806. 2 vols. 8vo, 28s. London, 1845 

NOSTITZ, (CoMTE DE.) De Tavenir de Pautriche, trad, de I'allemagne. 

8vo Paris, 1843 

REVELATIONS OF AUSTRIA. By M. Koubrakiewicz, ex- Austrian 

Functionary. 2 vols, post 8vo, 21« London, 1846 

LABORDE, (L£ CoMTE A. de.) Voyage Pittoresque en Autriche. 3 vols, 
folio, /.120 Portt, 1821-23 

The third toI. w entitled Pr6cn historiqne de la fvene entre la France et 1' Aotriofae 
en 1809. leprinted Porw , 18S3, in 1 toI. 8vo, aveo on atlu, de S5 pi., /.ao. 


CRAWFORD, (J.) Journal of an Embassy to the Court oi Ava. 2 edit., 

2 vols. 8vo, 15« London, 1834 

See 8thb«*i EmbaMT to Ava : 4to, 1800. Two Tean in Ava, by an Officer : 8to, 
18E27. Cox's Retioenee in the Burman Empire. 


BULLAR, (J. AND H.) A Winter in the Azores, and a Summer at the Baths 
of the Furnas. 2 vols. 8vo, 28* London, 1841 

SEUBERT, (M.) Flora Azorica ex collectiombus schedisque Hochstetteri. 

4to, 10«. 6(2 Bonn., 1844 

See Boid'i Dewription of the Asoiei. 8iro, Ltmiam, 1835. 





RICH, (C. J.) Narrative of a Journey to Babylon and Persepolis, with 
Memoir on the Ruins of Babylon. 8vo, 30«. . Ijondon, 1839 

AINSWORTH, (W.) Researches in Assyria, Babylonia, and Chaldea. 
8vo, IfU. Sd London, 1838 

MIGNAN, (R.) Travels in Chaldea in 1827. 8vo, 14#. '* 1829 

See BrcKiNOHAM's Traveli in MewpoUmia. Porter's Traveb in Georgia, &o 
Maurice on the Ruins of Babylon. Lord KcprsL't TniHH» in Babylonia, ftc. 
Heeren'i Researches. Feabbr's Mesopotamia and AHyria— Joor. of Ooofr. 
Society. Bbke's Orifines Biblicc, etc 


MAISTRE, (J. DE.) Examen de la Philoeophie de Bacon. 3 vols. 8vo, 
/.14. . ParU, 1836 

CRAIK. (G. L.) Bacon and his Writings. 3 vols. 24mo, 4#. 6i2. 


See TEmcEMAifN*! Creschichte d. Philosoph. Account of Bacoh'i Noynm Organon 
in Lib. Use, Knowl.y by Dr. Hoppui. 

BACTRIA, (See Bokhara.) 

LASSEN, (C.) Znr Geschichte der Greichischen u. Indoskythischen Konige 
in Bactrien, Kabul, und Indien. 8vo, 9«. 6d. Bonn., 1838 

GROTEFEND, (C. L.) Die Mttnzen der griech. partfa. n. indoskyth. 
Konige v. Bactrien. Hanover, 1839 

RITTER, (C.) die Stupas (Topes) od. d. architectonischen Denkmale aus 
der Indo. Baktrischen Konigstrase. 8vo, 7«. 6d. Berlin, 1838 

See Wilson*! Ariana Antiqua. 




PERCY. Reliques of Ancient English Poetry : consisting of Old Heroic 
Ballads, Songs, and other Pieces of our Older Poets ; together with some 
few of later date. New edition, 3 vols. fcp. 8vo, 18«. . London, 1844 

The Same, Moxon's Edition. 3 vols. 24mo, 9«. " 1845 

.— - Another edition. 1 vol. roy. 8vo, Qo. 6d. . '* 1844 

HALL, (S. C.) The Book of British Ballads. 2 vols. 8vo, illustrated. 42«. 

Xofiion, 1842-44 

KING, (R. J.) Selections from the Early Ballad Poetry of England and 
Scotiand. Fcp. 8vo, 6« Zoiuion, 1842 

COLLIER, (J. B.) A Book of Rozbnrghe Ballads. 4to, woodcuts, 21«. 

London, 1847 

GUTCH, (J. M.) A Lyttell Geste of Robin Hode. In Eight Fyttes. 
With other Antient and Modem Ballads and Songs relative to this cele- 
brated English Yeoman. To which is prefixed, his History and Charac- 
ter, grounded on other documents than those made use of by his former 
Biographer, " Master Ritson." 2 vols. 8vo, with Cuts by F. W. Fairholt, 
30« London, 1847 

SHELDON'S BOEDER MINSTRELSY. The Minstrelsy of the Eng- 
lish Border. Being a Collection of Ballads, ancient, remodelled, and ori- 
ginal ; founded on well-known Border Legends. With illustrative Notes. 
Square 8vo, 15ff London, 1846 


BALLADS.] 63 [ballads. 

■ III I «ii 11.. 

BALLADS.— (Continued.) 

A COLLECTiOJf OF OLD BALi^DS, correeted fhwiOhe bait and nuwt aadeat 
Copies extaol, with IntiodactkNu historical and criticaL 3 toIs. ISmo, platM. 

London, 1788-38 

D*URFET, (T.) Wit and Mirth ; or PiUs to paife Melaneboly : being a ooUection of the 
best Beiry Ballads and Songs, old and new, etc. 6 vob. 13mo. . J>nieii, 1719 

^ BVANS. (E.) Bone Spedmens of the Poetry of the ancient Welsh Bards. Translated 
* into English, etc. 4to Lvndvn, 1764 

HEADLEY, (H.) Seleet Beauties of Ancient English Poetry. 3 vob. 8to, 1810 

EVANS. (T.) OoOeetion of Old Ballads, new edition, enlaigwl by his son R. H. Evans. 
4 Tob. sm. 8vo Lonimi^ 1810 

AIKEN, (J.) Essays on Song- Writing, with a CoUeotion of English Songs, and SnppU- 
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/.Mien, 1813 

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IL, ed. and transl. by Wright. (Caaufen Sodetff.) sm. 4lo. London. 

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Society.) sm. 8vo. ....... London, It 

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Ijondon, 1818 

SUFFOLK OARI^JfD, or a collection of Poems, Songs, and Ballads rektive to that 

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Wright. (OHnien Socioty). I vol. 4to London, 1840 

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ciety). Bm.8vo London, ISa 


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Bards, tnnalated into English, etc. 4to. . X^ondQn,l7S4 

TRAX SIFTED SPECfMFJ>fS of Welsh Poetry in English Vctse, wkh Mme Original 

PlooBi and Nol« by J. Wahen. 8vo I^Muion, 178i 

JONES, (E.) Masieal and Poetical Rdioi of the Welsh Bards. Mio. . London, ITH 


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Dublin, 1789 
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London, 1839 

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translations, by Miss Brooke, H. Grattan, Dr. Anster, etc., with historical 

and biographical notices by Hy. R. Montgomery. 18mo. Dublin, 1847 

BUNTING, (E.) Collection of the Ancient Mosic of Ireland. To which 
is profiled a IXssertation on the Irish Harp, Haipers, &c., 4co, 31«. 6d. 


BALLADS.] 64 [ballads. 

BALLADS.— (Con/tnt/crf.) 

SCOTT, (Sir W.) The Miiwtrelsy of the ScotUah Border. 8vo. 

London, 1840 
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(Reprinted. Boston, 1846. Tioknor & Co.) 
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London, 1847 

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(Burnt* Fireside Library.) 

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Edinburgh, 1838 
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Edinburgh, 1822 
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New edition, with Notes by W. Stenhouse and D. Laing. 6 vols. 

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Edinb., 1776 
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FAiinburgh, 1806 

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Edinb., 1837 

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(Percy Society.) London. 




n. GERMAN, dw:, 

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of the Xllth and XlUth Centuries, sm. 8vo, 9«. London^ 1825 

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Barger, etc., by C. T. Brooks. 8vo. . Boston^ 1841 

* Ripley's Specimens of Foreign Litenttire. 

GERMAN BALLADS AND^ SONGS: comprising translations from 
Schiller, Komer, Uhland, Bdrger, Gothe, Foaqu6, Chamisso, Becker, etc. 
12mo, 2«. 6d. (Bnres's Fireside Library.) London, 1845 

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altesten Zeiten bis anf die neure Zeit. 8vo, JCIO. Quedling., 1835-45 

Abth. I.—Vob 1-3, 5-13, lS-«4. 
Abth. II.— Vob. 1-2. 
Abth.— III.— Vol. 1. 

BODMER, (J. J.) n. BRETINGEN. Samml. v. Minnesingem aus dem 

Schwflbischen Zeitpancte CXL Dichter, enthalt. darch Ruediger Manesse;} ; 

weiland des Rathes der urhalten Zurich, a. d. MSS. a. Kgl. Frz. Bibliot. 

heraosg. 2 vols. 4to, 10«. .... Zurich, 1758-9 

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3 vob. 4to (3d a rnif ment), 50«. .• iJer/iii, 1784-5 

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dien. 8vo, «» BerliH, 1007 

— — Literariacher Grandriu znr Geschichte d. deutschen Poesie von der Uterten 2jeit. bis in 
das 16te Jahrhnadeit. 8vo, lOt Berlin, I8I3 

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Vienna, 1817 

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Qaellen. Vob. I.-IV., roy 8to, 50« Eppish., 1821-16 

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snglichen deutschen VolkiJieder von der mitte des 15ten bis in die erste Hiilfte des lOten 
Janrh. mit den ndthigen Bemerkangen n. Hinweisungen, wo die vorschledencn Litnlen 
anf gefanden werden konnen. 5 vou. 8vo, 34« Mannh., \KV^-4i 

JULYJ^ESr^OER, dentsche IJederdichter d. ]2te 13te n. 14te Jahrh. ans alien bekannten 
Handschriden, &o., mit Leben d. Dichter, Sangweisen, n. Abbild. siimtl. Ilaodiichr. v. F. 
H. V. d. Hagen. 5 vols. 4to, £5. ....... Lnpzif^, 1838 

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vorh. fliegenden, Bl&ttem, mit. Vorw. v. J. A. Schmeller. 8vo, 7«. Stutt., 1840 

WALTER, (W.) Deutsche Volkslieder, welehe noch gegenwartig im Munde des Volkcs 
leben u. in keiner bisher erscheinen Sammlnngen zn finden sind. 8vo, 4m. l^ipiig, 1841 

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ters. 8vo. Jieidd., 1841 

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Berlin, 1843 

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UriLandenbncfa u. Abbild. heransg. von L. Becbstein. 4to, 48«. I^ipiifi, 1M3 

VOLKHLIRDRR, alter hoch-u. niederdentsche, mit Abhandlnng n. Anmerk. heransg. 
V. L. Uhland. Vol. 1, Liedenamml. 8vo, I4«. . . Stuttff., 1844 

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Dichtungen, Sagen, Volkslieder, &c. 4to, 12» Berlin, 1845 

ARNIM UND BRENT ANO. Des Knaben Wnnderfaora. Alto dentscber Lieder. :ivokMvo. 

Brrlin, 1845-4C 

WOLF, (O. L. B.) Poetiacber HansschaU des denUchen Volkes : voIbtAndimste Bumm- 
Inng deutscher Gedichte nach den Gattungen geordnet, begleitet von einer Einleitiin;; die 
Gcsetze der Dicht-Kuast im allgemeiner, etc. 8vo. .... Leipzig, 1844 


BOWRING, (J.) Senrian Popular Poetry. l2mo. London, 1827 
8TEPHAN0WIT8CH, (W.) Serbische VoUuUedw. 4 vob. 8vo. . Berlin, l*m-J3 
tiaMl. par Maie. E. VoUart. 2 vob. 8vo P«r>, IH^I 

of Aan^Norman Romances. 4to Ijmdan, 1826 



BALLADS.] 66 [ballads. 


BOWRING. fJJ Chnkian Antholo^ ; knng a Bktory of the POotioal Lhentare of Be- 
hcmim, witliVnnilated Spectmeiu. limo, London, 1833 

Specimens oi* the Polkh Poeto. ISmo London, 1887 

" SpeciineiM of the Rnnian Poeti. 3 vob. ISmo London, 18S1-0 

Poetry of the Ma^yan, preoeded by a Sketch of the Langnafe and Literature of Hob> 

fary and Transylvania. ISmo London, 1839 


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SU>ckkolm, 1834 

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5 vols I'iroo. Orptn., 1813-14. 

Udvalxte Danske Viser fra Midten af det 16de Aaiiiandrede til heniarod Midten af det 

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I^ondon, 1834 
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Brrolan, 1833 

CHOIX DE CH^XSOirS ei Poesiet Wallones. (Pays de Liege,) avoe In JUuoiqme. 

royal 8vo «f -^m^T'. 1840 

ICELANDIC— (See Edda.) 

GRIMM, (J. & W. K.) Die lieder der alten Edda ans dner alten Handsehrift heransg. nnd 
erkULit dordi die Briider Grimm. 8to Berlin, 1835 


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Time of the Troabadoara and Tronverea to the Reign of Henri Quatre. 

8vo London, 1825 

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^ with the Mnaic and Engravings on copper. /.54. Pari*, 1843 

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Lb ROUX db LINCY. Recnetl de chants historiqaet fran^ais, depnis le ]3e iusqa'an 
18e riecle, avee des notices et one introdnctloa, Ire s^ne, dn ISe an 15e siede. S rots. ]8mo. 

Pari; 1841 

RtVARES, (FmBDBRic.) ChaBsonset AfasPOpnIalraidiiBeara. ReeneilUB par F. Riram. 
Ro^al 8vo, 13» Pari; 1840 

BARZA8 BREIZ. ( ) Chanta popnlaires de la Bretagne, reeneillh et pnblite avec aae 
traduction fran^ais, des 6clairiswments, dee notes, et les m4k>dies originales. par Th. de 
la ViUemarqni. 3vols. 8vo,/.15 Pmrit, 

CABRIE. Le Troubadour modeme ; on FoMet poDokires de nos provinort m^ridionalea, 
tradnits en fran^ais et pr4c^d6s d'un disconn snr la langne et la UttAratnra provencale, de- 
pnfai lenr origine jntqn'a nos jonn. 8vo, /.7. Purit, 1844 

MONBT, (M.) Anthologie Fraa^oise, on OiaaMBs ChoWat depnis le ]3e riede. 3 vols. 
8vo *..... k . . Paris, 1785 


• •.* > 







LOCKHART, (J. G.) Anciont Spanish Ballads, Historical and Romantic. 
2nd Edition , • ' "^ • . London, 1842 

The same reprinted, (W. & P). New-Tork, 1842 

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London, 1823 

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Siglo XV. 4 torn, 8vo Madrid, 1779 

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Twelve Peers of France. 8vo. .... London, 1801 

■ History of Charles the Great and Orlando. With Metrical Versions 
of Spanish Ballads, relating to the Twelve Peers of France. 2 vols. 8vo. 

London, 1812 

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Romanzen, &c. 12ino. Attenb., 1817 

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on E.sp»nol Refngiado. 2 voU. I6mo. London, 1&5 

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Hamburg, ]82I-i5 
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Tom 1, Romances Moribcos. Tom 2, Doctmales, Amatorias, &c 2 vols. sm. Hvo. 

Madrid, 183&-0 

—— Romanoero de Romances Moriscos, eompnesto de todos los de esta clase que contiene 
•1 Romanoero General, imprese en 1614. 8vo Madrid, 1838 

—— Candero y Romanoero de Coplas y canciones de arte menor, letras, letriilas, romances 
oortos y gloisos. 8vo Madrid, 1829 

Romanoero de Romances Cabellerescos, Historicos. 3 vols. sm. 8vo. Madrid, 1829-33 

GRIMM, (J.) Silva de Romanoes vicjos. 12mo Vienna, 1831 

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8vo Paris, 1837 

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oscofidos, ordenados, y anotados por Don. F. J. Wolf. 12mo, 3«. . Leips., 1846 

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lerescos, moriscos y otros. 8vo Paris, liOB 

ROMA,MVERO Castellano, 6 colleccion de antifuos romances popalares de los Ebpognoles, 
pnblicada con una introduccion y notas por G. B. Depping. Mneva edicion, con las notas 
de Lon. Ant. Ale. Galiano. 3 vols. 12mo, Vis I^iig, 1845 

MICHEL, (Fr.) Cancionero de Jnan Alf. de Baena. Collection d'anciens tronbadonrs 
Espagnols. 3 vols. 12mo J^ipzig, 1847 


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trad. 2 vols. 8vo Paris, 1824 

• Translated by C. B. Sheridan. 8vo. . . London, 1825 


SPECIMENS of the Popular Poetry of Persia, as found in the Adventures 
and Improvisations of Kurroglou, the Bandit-Minstrel of Northern Persia ; 
and in the Songs of the People inhabiting the shores of the Caspian Sea. 
Orally collected and translated by A. Chodzko. 8vo. . London, 1842 

Oriental Transl. Fund. 

COSTELLO, (Miss.) The Rose Garden of Persia, a Series of Transla- 
tions from the Persian Poets. 8vo, 18«. . London. 1845 


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edn London, 1842 

GILBART, (J. W.) History and Principles of Banking. 3d edn., 8vo. 

London, 1837 
A Practical Treatise on Banking. 4th edn., 8vo. " 1836 

^^smf, : ^ 




[basqxte provinces. 

BANKS, BA^Kll^G,— {Continued.) 

FULLARTON, (J.) On the Regulation of Cnrrencies ; being an Examina- 
tion of the Principles on which it is proposed to Restrict, within certain 
limits, the Future Issues on Credit of the Bank of England, and of the 
other Banking Establishments throughout the Country. 8to, Is. 6d. 

London, 1844 

BELL, (G. M.) The Philosophy of Joint Stock Banking. Bvo. 

London, 1840 

POTTJER-GRUSON. Manuel de la Banque, du Commerce, de I'Industrie 
et du Capitaliste. Bvo, 7«. Paris, 1846 

See Politieal Dietionaty, 2 vob. 8vo, London, 1845-6, art. Bank, &c. Mc- 
CcLLocu's Dictionary of Commeroe. McCullocb'i Literature of Polit. 

BARBARY STATES, (see Algiers.) 

« HAY, (J. H. D.) Western Barbary, its Wild Tribes and Savage Ani- 
mals. 12mo, 2s. Gd. . London, 1844 

(Murray's Ck>lon. and Home Library.) 

RUSSELL, (M.) History and Present Condition of the Barbary States : 
eomprehending a view of their Civil Institutions, Antiquities, Arts, Reli- 
gion, Literature, and Natural Productions. 1 vol. fcp. 8vo, 5s. 

(Ed. Cab. Lib.) Edinburgh, 1835 

MANNERT, (K.) Geographie ancienne des ^tats barbaresques, d'apr^s 

I'allemand de Maimert, par MM. L. Marcus et Duesberg ; enrichie de 

notes et de plusiers mdmoires. Bvo Paris, 1842 

See Tuckjet's Expedition (Africa). ArU. Aloibrb, Morocco, etc. 


SCHOMBURGK, (Sir R. H.) The History of Barbadoes, comprising a 
Geographical and Statistical Description of the Island, a sketch of its 
former and present history, and an Account of its Geological and Natural 
Productions : with a Topographical Map and Views. . London, 1847 


I. HISTORY, dtc. 

COLLECCION de documentos concemientes a las provincias vasoongadas 
y varios pueblos y corporaciones de la Corona Castilla, copiados del archivo 
de Simancos. 5 vols, sm 4to Madrid, 1829-30 

ESSAI HISTORIQUE sur les provinces basques. 2nd edn. Bvo. 

Bordeaux, 1836 

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vascongadas. 5 vols. 4to Madrid, 1829-30 

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Auch., 1818 

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London, 1837 

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Spain, with Selections of National Music, roy. 4to, col. plates, X2 2s. 

London, 1838 
See PRicHARD't Phytioal History of Mankind, Vol. III. 


YRIZAR Y MOYA. IH I'Eusquere et de sea erderes, ou de la Langue 
Basque et de 868 d6riyte. Vols. L-HI., 8vo. . ParM, 1841^43 


n. LANGUAGE.— (Con/tnucrf.) 

ASTARLOA, (D. Pueblo de.) Apologia de la Lengna baKongada, o 
ensayo critico-filoeofico de sa perfeccion y antiguedad sobre todas las qae 
Be conocen. 4to Madrid, 1803 

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Spaniens vennittela der vaakiachen Sprache. 4to, 9«. 6d. Berlin, 1826 

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Langue Euskarienne. 8vo. Paris, 1836 


HAY, (D. R ) Firet Principles of Symmetrical Beauty. Post 8vo, 100 
plates, Ss Edinburgh, 1846 

Proportion ; or, the Geometric Principle of Beaaty analysed. Royal 

4to, 17 plates, 25« Edinburgh, IS43 

The Principles of Beauty in Colouring Systematised. 8vo, 14 coloured 

examples, 2l« Edinburgh, 1845 

WALKER, (A.) Beauty ; Illustrated by an Analysis and Classification 
of Beauty in Woman, etc. Plates, roy. 8vo, £1 Is. London, 1R35 

(Reprinted Jfeto-York, 1844.) 

See abo ifigTHSTict, Fii«b Arts. 


TENNENT, (J. E.) Belgium. 2 vols. sm. 8vo. . London, 1841 

DICTIONNAIRE g6ographique, historique, statisque et administratif de la 
Belgique. 8vo Bruxelles, 1831 

HEUSCHLING, (X.) Essai sur la Statistique G^n^rale de la Belgique. 8vo. 

Bruxelles, 1844 

# THOUIN. Voyage dans la Belgique, la Hollande, et Tltalie, redige par le 

baron Trouvfi. 2 vols. 8vo,/.15 Pam, 1841 

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union des principaut6s sous Philippe le Bon. 8vo. . Brux., 1837 

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8vo Bruxelles, 1833 

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VIIL, 8vo, 22». 64 5re«/att, 1831-45 

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avec des pieces d'appui. 2« edition. 2 vols. 12mo,/.6. . Par»«, 1844 

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Gouvemement. Chronique de Philippe Mouskes, avec introduction parle 

Baron de ReifTenberg. 2 tom, 4to. Bruxelles, 1836 

See McCcLLorn'fl Grcojcrapliical Dictionary, and the aathoritief there quoted. 
Macorboor's Commercial Statistics. Murray's Hand-Book, &c. 


HAUGHTON, (G. C; Rudiments of Bengali Grammar. 4to, £1 lOs. 

London, 1821 

A Glossary, Bengali and English, to explain the totaitihas, etc. 4to, 

18« London, iSSiS 

— — A Dictionary, Bengali and Sanscrit, explamed in English. 4to. 

London, IS^ 
Bengali Selectioiis with a Vocabulary. 4to, 18«. '* 1830 



BENGALI hA^QV AGE.— {Continued.) 

RAM CHONDRO SORMA. A Vocabulary of the Bengalee Language. 
2d edn., sm. 8vo. Calcutta, 1820 

CAREY, (F.) A Dictionary of the Bengalee Language. 3 vols. 4to, £5 Ss. 

Serampore, 1825 

The same, abridged. 2 vote. 8vo, £1 5». " 1827 

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RAMKISSEN SAN. Vocabulary, English, Latin, and Bengalese, for the 
use of Students, sm. foHo Calcutta, 1821 

A VOCABULARY, Bengalee and English, by Mohunpersand Takoor. 
8vo Calcutta, 1815 




THE LOXDOJ^ CATALOGUE of Books pnbliihed in Great Bntain. with their 
tizet, pricei, and publishen' names, from 1814 to 1846. 8vo, 31«. London, JH48 

THE PUBLISHER'S CIRCULAR, and General Record of British and Foieipi Litera- 
ture ; containing a complete Alphabetical Li)it of all new works published in Great Britain, 
and every work of interest pablished abroad, with their sizes, prices, &c. Vols. I.-X. 8vo. 

* London, 1837-47 

Published on the 1st and 15th of each month. 8s. per annum. 

BIBLIOORAPHIE DE LA FRAJ^CE, on Journal g^ndral de rimprimerie et de U 
Librairie. et des cartes g^oeraphiqnes, gravures, lith<»ranhies et CBUvres de mnsiqne. 

Vols. I. -XXX VII. 8vo PoTM, 1810-47 

Publislied weekly, at 30 francs per annnm. 


HORNE, (T. H ) Introduct. to the Study of Bibliography. 2 vols. 8vo. 

London, 1814 

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Times. 8vo London, 1827 

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Paris. Huitidme lettre. Etudes sur la construction dcs Biblioth^ques. 
8vo /.3 • . . . . Paris, 1845 

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I'arrangement, la conservation et I'administration des bibliotheques. 18mo. 

/3 Pari*, 1841 

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2 vols. 8vo Dijon, 1823 

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chez les Romains. 8vo Paris, 1840 



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yob. l2mo . London, 1803-^ 

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Paris, 1802-4 

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Leipzig, 1821-50 

The same, translated. 4 vols. 8vo. . Oxford, 1838 

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gedruckten BQcher. 7 vols, and Index, sm. folio, jC8 8«. 

Leipzig, 1833-42 


BIBLIOTHEK der Schonwissenschaftlichen Literatur 1750 bis jetz. 2 
vols. 8vo, lbs. ^d Leipzig, 1836-45 

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8vo Venez., 1839 

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usque ad annum M. D. t3rpis expressi, ordine alphabetico enumerantur vel 
adcuratius reccnsentur. 4 vols. 8vo. . . Stutig., 182&-28 

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of a Collection of Old English Poetry, Slc. roy. 8vo. London, 1815 

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now preserved in the Bodleian Library, folio. Oxford, 1836 

RITSON. (J.) Bibliographia Poetica ; Catalogue of English Poets of the 
XII.-XVI. Century, sm. 8vo. .... London, 1802 

QU&RARD, (J. M.) La France Litt6rairc, ou Dictionnaire Bibliographique 
des Savants, Historiens, et Gens de Lettres, de la France, &c., plus par- 
ticulierement pendant les 18»* et 19»* Si^cles. 10 torn, /.150. 

Paris, 1827-42 

Les Supercheries Litt^^raires d^voilldes, ou Galerie des auteurs apo- 

cryphes, supposes, ddguis^s, plagiares, et des editeurs infiddles de la litter- 
ature fran^aise pendant les quatre demicre alleles, ensemble les industri- 
els httdraires et les lettr^ qui se sont anoblis a notre epoque. Hvo. 

Paris, 1846- 
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Tendon, 1826-29 
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London, 1834 
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illustrated by Original Letten and Notes, etc. 8vo, plates, 12«. 

London, 1829 



in. SPECIAL.— {Continued.) . 

DUPLESSIS. Bibliographie par^miologiqoe. Etudes blbliographiques et 
litt^raires ear les oavrages, fragments d'oavrages et opuscules sp^cialement 
Consacr^s aux Proverbes dans toutes les langnes, soivi d* on appendice, 
contenant nn choiz de cariosity par^miologiques. 8yo,/.10. Paris, 1847 

BARBIER, (A. A.) Dictionnaire des Ouvrages Anonymes et Pseudonymes. 
2d edit., 4 vols., avec le Nouvean Recneil par M anne. 5 vols. 8vo. 

Paria, 1822-34 

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et Latinorum. 8vo, 8«. . ^ . . Leipzig, 1847 

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8vo Paris, 1834 

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Bupposti degli scrittori, con la contrappooizione de' veri. 8vo. 

Venezia, 1836 
DE BURE, (G. F.) Bibliographie Instructive, avec le Supplement, et Table 
des Anonymes. lOtom. 8vo. .... Paris, 1763-82 

The Bibliography of each subject will be foond nnder the respective heads. 



THE BIOGRAPHICAL DICTIONARY of the Society for the diffusion 
of Useful Knowledge. Parts I.-VII., completing the letter A. 8vo, each 
12« London, 1842-^ 

ROSE, (H. J.) New General Biographical Dictionary, projected and partly 

arranged by H. J. Rose, etc. Vols. I.-XII., each 18#. Lond., 1840-47 

^ VT0BI0OR.APHY : a Collection of the most instractive and amnsing Lives ever pab- 
Ibhed. Written by the Parties themselves ; with brief introductions, and compendious 
(Maeb, carrying on the narrative to the death of each writer. 33 vob. 16roo. 

AJ^XUAL BIOORAPUY, (The), and Obitaary from the year 1817 to the year 1836. 3 
vols. 8vo, each 15« lAmdon, 1817-37 

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period to the present time. 4 vols. 8vo QUuffow, 1833-3S 

COLERIDGE, (H.) Biographia Borealis ; or Lives of DistingQished Northerns. 8vo. 

J^Mndon, 1833 
FORSTER, (Jko.) Livei of Eminent Biitkh Statesmen. 7 vols. ISmo. 4St. 

(In Lardnec's Cyclopedia.) London, 1831-39 

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3 vob. 12mo J^ondon, 1830 

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clusive, etc. 13mo, 5« Edir., 1834 

MAUNDER, (S.) The Biographical Treasury : a new and complete Dictionary of Uni- 
verMd Biograuhy. Consisting of the Lives of above 13,000 Eminent Persons, from the 
earliest periods of History to the year 1841. New edition, with Supplement, fcp. 8vo, 
St.fU London, 1841 

WALPOLE, (H.) Catalogue of the Royal and Noble Authon of Great Britain, with 
Llsto of their Works, enlarged by T. Park. 5 vols. Hvo. /.ondon, 1806 

WlLLMOTT, (R. A.) Lives of tlie Sacred Poeto. 3 vols. 13mo. . lAmdon, 1834-38 

WALTON, (I.) The Lives of Dr. Donne, Sir II. Wotton, R. Hooker, Geo. Herbert, and 
Dr. R. Sanderson. 8vo I^ndon, 1835 

DISTIJfO UISHED MEJf of Modem Times. Authentic Bio^.'rnplues of 168 Pksr^ons of 
all countries, illustrious in the Arts, Sciences, and Literature, with wood-cut«. A vols. 
13mo, 1()« lAtndon, 1838 

LoDOB'a Portraits and Memoirs, Fullkr'8 Worthies, Jamkbon's Female 8oveiei;;ns, 
Jambson's Beauties of the Court of Charles II., JonNHON's Lives of the Poets. Craik's 
Pursuit of Knowledge under Difficulties, Cunningham's Lives of the Painters, etc. 

BIOORAPHIR UJ^IFERSELLE, Ancienne et Modeme, ou Histoire. par odre alpha- 
betique, de la vie publiqne et priv6e de tons les bommes qni se sont fait iemarqu?r par 
lenrs Merits, lenis actions, lenrs talents, leurs vertus ou leurs crimes ; onvn»e ridigd |iar 
nae social^ de gens de letUas el de savants. 58 vob. 8vo, /.30U. Mimaud. Pario. 

Supplement. TiAk 1 — , 8vo, cbaqne, f.8. 





MCnONARIES, COLLECTIONS, &c.— (Con/tnu«f.) 

BIOORAPHIE U^riFERSELLEt etc. : noovelle ddition, prdc^dte d'an diwoan pre- 
liminaire de Ch. Nodier, oontinn^e jaiqo'k dm joun, revue, corrigie et considdrablement 
•ajPinentde d' articles omis on nonveaux : oavrage rddig^ et sign^ par plos de tioii cents 
coUaborateois rran9ais et etrangen. Paris, 1843 

L'Oovrage se pablie en 40 vols, par Uvraisont d'nn demi vol. grand in-8. Prix de 
chaqoe volame. /.IS 50. 

BIOOJMPHIE U^IVERSELLE, on Dictionnaire historiqae, depsis le commencement 
da monde josqn'k nos jonrs, par nne locidtd de gens de lettres, sons la direction de M. 
Weiss ; novelle edition. von. grand in-8, omds de 60 portraits snr acier, /.60. Paris. 

BIOORAPHIE UM'IVERSELLE et portative des contemporaines. Dictionnaire biito- 
riqnes des bommes vivants et morts, depnis 1788 k nos jonn, pubIM snr sous la direction de 
MM. Rabbe, Vieii des Boisjolin et Sainte-Prenve. 5 vols. 8vo, /.40. Paris, 1836 

OG Y. Edited by WiOiam Smith, LL. D., editor of the ** Dictionary of Greek and Roman 
Antiquities." 3 vols. 8vo, iUnstrated by nnmeroos engravings on wood, X5 10*. 

lAmdon, 1844-7 

The articles in the work have been contributed by the following writers : — Alex. 

Allbn,-0. T. Arnold, m. A.y-J. £. Book, m. ▲.,-Oh. A. Brandis,-6korob 

Edward Ltnch Cotton, m. ▲.,-W. F. Donkin, m. a.,-W. A. Grbbnhill, m. 

d.,--Al. Grbnfbll, m. a-.-Bbnj. Jowbtt, m. a.,-W. Ihnb, Ph. D.,-H. G. 

LdDDBLL, M. A..-A. DB MoROAN,-Wm. PlaTB, LL. D.,-WlC. RaMBAT, M. A., 

Fr. RiTacHBL, Ph. D.,-Lkonard Schmitz, Ph. D., Wm. Smith, ll. d.. Aji- 
thur p. Stanlby, m. a., -Adolf Staur, Ph. D.,-Ludwio Urlicb8,-R. Whis- 

TON. M. A. 

For Mbmoiri , Livbs, and Autobiooraphibs op Individuals, see Part II. 


A DESCRIPTION of the* Burmese Empire ; compiled chiefly from native 
documents, by the Rev. Father Sangermano, and translated from his man- 
uscript by Wm. Tandy, D. D. 4to Rome, 1833 

(Oriental Translation Fund.) 

See McCulloch's Geographical Dictionary, and the aathorities there quoted, Jour- 
nal of the Asiatic Society, etc. 


BERTHOLLET, (C. L.) Elements of the Art of Dyeing and Bleaching. 
Edited by Dr. Ure. 8vo. . . . , . London, 1841 

MANUEL DE BLANCHIMENT et blanchiasage, nettoyage et d^grais- 

sage des fil, lin, coton, laine, soie, etc. 2 vols. 18mo, /.5. . Paris. 

(Mannels Roret.) 

Bee Art. Dtbino, Urb*8 Dictionary of Chemistry, Parnbll'i Applied ChendB- 
try, etc. 


BERZELIUS, (J. J.) The Use of the Blowpipe in Chemistry and Miner- 
alogy, translated from the 4th edit., by J. D. Whitney. 8vo. 

Boston, 1845 

GRIFFIN, (J. J.) Chemical Recreations. Part 1. Blowpipe Analysis. 
12mo Glasgow, 1838 

PLATTNER, (C. F.) The Use of the Blowpipe, in the Examination of 
Minerals, Ores, Fumace-Prodacts, and other Metallic Combinations. 
Transl. from the German, with Notes by J. S. Muspratt. With a Preface 

by Liebig. 8vo, 10«. 6d. London, 1644 

See Chbmical Akaltsis, Faradat's Chemical Maaipolation, etc. 


STEU ART, (J.) Bogota in 1836-7 : being a Narrative of an Expedition 

to the Capital of New Grenada, and a Residence there of eleven months. 

1 vol. l2mo iVifir- York, 1838 

See Macorboor's Progress of America, 1847, Cokdbr'b Modem Traveller, Mc> 
odllocb's Geof . Diery. 





■s;i„""v'zr "' "■*•• "" 

Uie »n"iao«.u Edted br wuh™ 

°TSi r"srj£.""" "■■•'•""■ " •' 

10, tmm lie A««.ioi. lo Ui. Dmih 
n« of the Uworiht MisHcicorSl. 

bfW,lli«„ Iluliti. E«|. TwVo- 

I.IFF. OF I.UTHKR: wriHtl. by Hiirnrff. Col 
nHhCop»><»SEliHlioi»rn>mU»t>bleTalk, One 

■^M^«d»l br M,M«bi,l«: 

P. V. 10. 

uisTORT OF cirri.izjiTioM: from ibi r.11 

of Ibe KamUD Empin la lh> Fnnch 

/,/rB OF CDRDIffAr. IVOf..1F.r. bj John Gil 

hoC«dio»l'.LrtTo<.Mj IV.iial=bM. 

Pirt-BliUw., oLvrfum. 



fUr /A- F,mr..iA-D. for tlw He- 
roe. 11. U. AroiMj Ciml. 
B,UM,KiKl;i.Ho..C.J.Fol. O.. 

iifES OF T//E ITAI.Uff r.lll^F.HH.—MlCHF.I. AA-OELO. hv K. tXiHn. 
LL.B. A.4^-.4£i./.(J. byannucuutrxDiiauiiiuf. Out V<.lai». 

• CiJfQ-XAItS : lu RlHorioiI Roainn. 'BrConiil AlfrMl Oi VJ(ii;. Odd Vslnme. 


■'■ ■ BIHTORY OF SPAJflSII LITERATURE. By Fr»l-ricli BoBUawBt 0»Vohm.. 
18, IB, 

, Aug, TUmij. Two VnluB-.. 

BOHEMIA, {Literature of) 

BOWHING. ;J.) Chmkinn Anthology ; being > HislOly of the Pwtiral 

Iilteralnra of Bohemia, l6mo London, 1633 

GSftLE, (W. A.) VulksmSrchcn der Bohnmn. 3 vols. IQmo. 
•JL_ -. J ■ ^™^'. iei9-S7 

MPTJmOBBut. Bkliitlrit^ (rollepiion of sncienl Boheminn Poems) pab- 
lidi-fiparTir.Hiiiisltn. 4to1s. «m. Byft, el snppi, . Pro^f, 1813-33 
t,. ^ORBROWSffV, (J.) LehAnch il. bohiuisolien Sprache. gvo, 4*. 
' -^ .■ " '" Prague, ISIS 

■ [ J>— BohniwclwlWonrrbncIi. 9vol«. 4lo, SU ■■ 1821 

J « "ii**— Bothaebnft aiis Ilohmen, ml. Bcilrflge i. Kenntn, d, CharakleriB. 
, vJ/*Mytliol. u, AlfPflb. d,al«w. Volker. 8vo, II«. . Prayui-, IB34 

•» WOLTMANN, (K. jtoh,) Nene Volksagen det BShmen- 1 vol, 12mo, 
" Priteue. 1821 

, EWALD, (Dr. E.) Volka- and Riuer-Sggcn Bohmens. S vols. :2mo. 

Prague, 1897 
!^ >■■' ""V 





Sm. 8foo. per tfol. Zt.tid, . 




Londm, 16i^7 

HALL, with Memoir by Dr. Gregory, an Euay on his Character by John Fonter. 


ROSCOE. Life and Pontificate of Leo X.. edited by his Son, with the Coprr^ht Notes, 
Appendices of Historical Documents, the Episode on Lncretia Boigia, an In^z, 3 Por- 
traiu, 3 Tob. 


BCHLEOEL, (F.) Lectures on the Philosophy of Fli^tory. translated from the German, 
with a Memoir of the Author, by J. B. Robertson, Esq. 2d ed. revised, Portrait. 

5, 6. 

SI6MONDL History of the Literature of the Bouth of Europe, translated by Roscoe. A 
new Edition, with all the Notes of the last French Edition. The Specimens of early 
French, Italian, Spanish, and Portuguese Poetry, are translated into English Verse by 
Gary, Wiffen. Roscoe, and others. Two volumes, with a new Memoir of the Author, an 
ealaiged Index, and two Portraits. 

ROSCOE. Life of Lorenzo de Medici, called the Magnificent, including the Copyrigbt 
Notes and Illustrations, with a new Memoir by hb Son, and Portrait. 

8CIILEGEL. ( Auo. W ) Lectures on Dramatic Literature, translated by Mr. Black, lata 
Editor of the Morning Chronicle. New Edition, carefnlly revised from the last German 
Edition, by A. J. W. Morrison. With Memoir and Portrait 

9, 11. 
BECKMANN. History of Inventions, Discoveries, and Origins. Fourth Edition, care- 
fully revised and enlaiged by Drs. Francis and Griffith. With Menaoir and Portrait 

SCHILLER. History of the Thirty Yean' War and Revolt of the Netherlands, translated 
by A. J. W. Morrison. With Portrait of Schiller. 

SCHILI^KR'S WORKS, Vol. 2, containing : Continuation of the Revolt of the Nethei^ 
lands ; Wallenstein's Camp ; The Piccolommi ; The Death of Walienstein, and Wilhelm 
Tell. With Portrait of Walienstein. 

Lucy ; to which is now first added, an Account of the Siege of Lathom House. With 

MEMOIRS OF BFJ^rVRffUTO CELLIJ^I, written bv himself. Now first ooDated 
with the new Text of Guiseppe Molini, and enlaiged. Translated by Thomw Bmoqb. 
With Portrait. 

COXE. HistorT of the House of Austria, from the Foundation of the Mooftrohj bf 
Rboddph of Hapubnrgh, to the death of Leopold, II., 1218-1792. New and nvisedad^ 
tion, complete in 3 vols. VoL 1. With Portrait of the Emperor Maximilian. 

16 AWD 17. 
LANZI. History of Painting, a revised translation by Thomas Roscoe, complete im 3 vols. 
" ~ " * Pc 

Vol. 1. With Portrait of Raphael 


History of the Saracens. 4th Edition, revised. 

LECTURES OJV PALYTIJirO, by the Royal AcademidaM, with Portraits, and an Intro- 
ductory Essay by an Eminent Writer on Art. 

BOKHARA. . *! 

BURNES, (A.) Travels to Bokhara, and Narrative of a Voyage up the 
Indus to Laor. 2d edit., 3 vols. sm. 8vo, 18«. '. . . London^ 1839 

ZIMMERMANN, (C.) Denkschrift Qber d^a X0^mt Lanf dea C^zoi n. f^*. 
fiber die Strombahn des Ochns, nebst merkwQrd. ^achricht fiber d. farsn. 
Land. 4to, 13«. 6(/ Berfij^l^iS 

KHANIKOFF. Bokhara : its Amir and its People. Translated "jlrafii fill 
RoBMan, by the Baron Clement A. De Bode. 8vo, 12«. London, 1844 

MEYENDORFF, (G.) Voyage d'Orenbonrg a Bonkhara fiiit en I9f0, 

etc. 8vo. Paru, 1886 

JAUBERT,(A.) Memoir aor rancien couif de POxua. 8vo. Porta, 1834 

• I 





ORBIGNY, (AxcroE d*.). Descripcion Geografica, Historica, y E^stadistica 
de Bolivia. 8vo, Tome 1 (to be completed in 10 vols, and atlas 4to), 25«. 

Paris, 1846 
Bee MACOKBOoa's Pracien of America, 1847, Comdbr'b Modem TraTeUer, McCul- 
loch's Geof . Diet., £c. &e. 


HANNETT, (tf.) Bibliopegia; or. the Art of Bookbinding in all its 
branches. 2d edit., 12mo, 6«. .... iZndon, 1843 

TUCKETT, (C. Jr.) Specimens of Ancient and Modem Binding, selected 
chiefly from the Library of the British Mnseom ; vrith an Introduction, 
containing the History of Bookbinding from the earliest period to the pre- 
sent time. roy. 4to, plates London, 1846 

MANUEL DU RELIEUR dans tontes ses parties, oontenant les arts 
d'assembler, de satiner, de brocher, et de dorer. ]8mo, phmchee, /.3. 

(Manuel* Roret.) Foris. 


JONES, (T.) Principles and Practice of Book-Keeping. 8vo. 

iVifir- York, 1841 

MARSH, (C. C.) The Art of Single Entry Book-Keeping. 3d ed. 8vo. 

New-York, 1843 

The Science of Doable Entry. 8vo. Philadelphia, 183^ 

BOOTH, (G.) System of Book-Keeping. 8vo, St, . London. 


THE EXPEDITION to Borneo of H. M. S. Dido, for the Suppres- 
sion of Piracy ; with Extracts from the Journal of James Brooke, Esq., 
of Sarawak, by Capt. the Hon. H. Keppel. 2d ed. 2 vols. 8vo, maps and 

plates, 32« London, 1846 

(Reprinted New York, H. Bnw.) 
Bee Prichard'r Researches in the Physical Historv of Mankind, Vol. 5, rU&iven 
Pittonesqne— Jfa/at«te et PolyiU§ie, par M. de KiBNZi. Dcmont d'Urvillb, 
Voyage pittoiesqna. Earl's Indian Archipelago. 


LINDLEY, (Jifo.) The Vegetable Kmgdom ; or the Structure, Classifica- 
tion, and uses of Plants, illustrated upon the Natural System, with up- 
wards of 500 Illustrations. 2nd Edition, with corrections and additional 
genera. 8vo. London, 1847 

School Botany ; or the Rudiments of Botanical Science. New edi- 
tion, with nearly 400 illustra. 8vo, b». 6d. London, 1846 

The^lements of Botany, Structural and Physiological, with a copious 

Glossary of Terms. The whole illustrated with many hundred woodcuts. 
5di edn. 8vo London, 1847 

HENSLOW, (J. S.; The Principles of Descriptive and Physiological 

' Botany. 1 vol. sm. 8vo London, 1835 

HENLEY, (A.) Outlines of Structural and Physiological Botany. Post 

8vo, 10«. 6d London, 1847 

CARPENTER, (W. B.) Vegetable Phyriology and Botany. 8vO, 10#. 

(Otipenter's Cyclop«dia of Natural Science, Vol. I.) London, 1843 

BABINGTON, (C. C.) Manual of British Botany. 12mo, 10». " 1847 

PAXTON, (J.) A Botanical Pocket Dictionary ; comprising the Name, 
History, and Culture of all Plants, known in Britain : with a full Expla- 
nation of Technical Terms. Accentuated and corrected by Prof Lindley. 
hp. 8vo, 15« London, 1840 

BOTANY.— (Continued.) 

LOUDON, (J. C.) An Encyclopaedia of Plants, comprising the Descrip- 
tion, Specific Character, Caltare, History, Application in the Arts, and 
every other desirable particolar, req^ecting all the Plants indigenous to, 
cultiyated m, or introduced into Britain ; combining all the advantages of 
a Linniean and Jussieoan Species Plantarum, an Historia Plantaram, a 
Grammar of Botany, and a Dictionary of Botany and Vegetable Cultnre. 
The whole in English, with the Sjmonymes of the commoner Plants in 
the difierent European and other languages ; the scientific names accen- 
tuated, their etjrmology explained ; the Classes, Orders, and Botanic 
Terms illustrated by engravings ; and with Figures of nearly lO/MM) 
species, exemplifying several Individuals belonging to every genus in- 
cluded in the work. The Specific Charactera by Professor Lindley ; the 
Drawings by J. D. C. Sowerby, F.L.S. ; and the Engravings by R. Bran- 
ston. 2d edition, corrected, with Supplement, in 1 vol. 8vo, £3 ld«. 6d, 

London, 1841 

Hortus Britannicus; a Catalogue of all the Plants indigenous to, 

cultivated in, or introduced into Britain. 3d edition, with Supplements, 
Qvo,£llU.6d London,lQ3B 

WATSON, (H. C.) Cybele Britannica, or British Plants and their Geogra- 
phical Relations. 8vo, Vol. I., 10«. 6d. . London, 1847 

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8AINTE HILIARE, TAuo. di.) Le^ns de Botanique, compieaant priDcipaleinent la 
morpbologie rig6taie, la terminologie, la botaniqne compar^e, etc. 8vo, 34 itfanchet. 

Plw^, 1840 

LEMAOUT, (E.) Atlas ^l^mentaire de Botaniqne, avec le tezte en regard, comprenant 
FicoBOfraphie det fanuUet d'Enrope, onvrage contenant 1684 figurM demntot par Btein- 
heil, intercaMet dans le tezte. 4to,/.15 Pari*, 1846 

CANDOLTjE, (A. P. DB.) Rogni VegeUbilb tjntema natnrale, nve ordinei, genera et 
speciei plantamm leonndnm method! natnralb normas digestamm et deecriptamni. S vds. 
BTO Paris, 1818-31 

Prodromna syitematb natnr. refni Tegetabilii, etc. Voh. I.-XI., 8vo. Paris, 1834-^7 

loonci idecia pbntamm qnat in prodromo svtteroatit nniTeruJit ex herbarib Parisiemd- 

bns prvMrtim ex LaMertiano. Edits 4 Benj. DekMert. 5 vob. 4to, 400 pi.. /.175. 

PaHs, 1830^16 

Orgaaogranbie v^g^tale : on detoription raiMonnte des orgaaee det plantes, ponr tenrir 

de tnite et de mTefloppement k la tMorie dleoMntaire de la Botaniqne, eC d'introdncUon a 
la PhysiolQgie v^g^taJe et k la dewription dee famiJlei. 3 vob. 8vo, /.18. Paris, 1837 

Phytiologie r^g^tale, on expoeition det fnnctiont vitalet det v^g^tanx, pooriervirde 

tnite k rOrganographie v^gdtaie, et d'introdnotion k la botaniqne g6ogniphiqne et agricole. 
3 vob. 8to, /.30. Paris, 1833 

- Plantamm toconlenfamm hittoiia, on hbt. det plantetgrataet, avec fig. dettin^et par 
P. J. Bedont^. folio. 30 Kvraiiont, planchet coloriet, /.300. Paris, 1^ 

Le mime, in 3 vob. 4to, fig. color, /.ISO. 

6AUDICHAUD. Recherohet tnr Torganographie, la phytiologie et TofgaBogenie det 
Vc«etoBx. 4to, 18 pi. col., /.35 Paris, 1841 

BROONIART, (A. db.) Contideration tnr la natnre det vegetaox qni oat convert la tnr- 
faee de la terre anx divenet ^poqnet de ta formation. 4to. Paris, 1839 

LECOQ BT JUILLET. Dictionnaire raitonn^ det iermet de boCaaiqne et det famillet 

natorellct, etc. 8vo, 9s Paris, 1841 

MEYEN. Nenet Syttem der Pflantzen phytiologie. 3 vob. 8vo. Berlin, 1837 

aCHLElDEN, (M. J.) GmndsUge der wbtenichaAlicheB Botanik, aebit einer methodolo- 
gbebea Einleitnng ab Aaleitnng snm Stndinm der Pflaaae.' 3 vob. 8vo, plalet, 36*. 

J^t., 1846 
Gruadrbt der Botanik znm Gebranch bei leinen Vorletnngen. 8vo, 4s. Leipt., 1846 

Ueber Unpmng der Pflanzea nnd Saftbewegnng in denielSen. 8vo. 3«. 1846 

BI8CHOFF, (G. W.) Haadbnch der Botanbchen Terminologie nnd Syttemknnde. 3 vob. 

4to. 100 platat Jf^mberfr, 183(M3 

ME18NER, (C. F ) Plantamm Vaicnlarinm genera, mo. ordin. aat. digeit. eommqae 
ddhimtbe et afllnttatai tab. dtag. expot. folio. l^-, 1043 



• • 



[botany, fossil. 

BOT AN Y.— ( Continued. ) 

HOOKER. (W. J.) Icones Plantaram ; or, Vipma, with brief Deieriptive Charaoten and 
Remarks, of New and Rare Plants, lelectied nom the Author's Herbaiiam. 4 voh. 8vo, 
with 400 plates, £5 lit London, 1836-41 

PRESL, (K.) Symbola Botanies, sive Icones plantar, nor. Vol. I. tute 1-7, (70 plates), 

folio Prague, 1830-33 

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I^ptV* 1830-45 
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Lipa., 1843-45 
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LINK, (H. I.) loones anatom. botan. ad illostr. elementa philoeoph. boCaa. 3 fafo., 
C^4 plates), folio. ...... Berlin, 1838 

Icones select, anatom. botan. 4 fiMc., (33 plates). Berlin, 1840-43 

Anatomia jdantamm ioonibns illostrata. fasc. 1, 3, 4to. . Beriin, 1843-45 

MOHL. (H. V.) Vermiscbte Schriften botaniscben Inhalts. 13 plates, 4to. Tubing., 1846. 

See Poblioations of the Ray Society. Sowbebt'b English Botany, CuRTia'a Botani- 
cal Magazine, Edwardb^s Botanical Rofrister, Uookbr's Joamal of Botany, ▲»» 
aales des Sciences Natnrelles Lianc, Joamal fUr die Botanik. * 

BOTANY.— Medical. 

LINDLEY, (J.) Flora Medics : a Botanical Accoant of all the most im- 
portant Plants used in Medicine, in different parts of the world. 1 vol. 
8vo, 18« London, 1838 

GRIFFITH, (R. E.) Medical Botany ; or a Description of the more im- 
portant Plants used in Medicine, with their History, Properties, and mode 
of administration. 8vo, 300 illust PAtZati, 1847 

8TBVEN80N and CHURCHILL. Medical Botany, edited by Burnett. 3 vob. roy. 
8vo, 300 ool. plates, XS 6« London, 1834-36 

FLEMING. A Catalog of Indiaa Sfedicinal Plants and Drags, with their names in the 
Hindaftani and Sanscrit Languages. 

FLORA MEDICALE, Mcrite par F. P. Chanmenton, D. M.— peinte par Tnrnin. 8 
vols.8vo, ool. plates, /.9G2 50 ParM, 1841 

JULIA-FONTENELLE. Nonvean dictionnaire de Botaniqne medicate et phannaoen- 
tiqae. 3d edit., 3 vols. 8vo Pari8, 1838 

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col. plates) Dusaetd., 1831-33 

6AUTIER, (A.) Herfoier medical, on Collection de figures reprisentant ks plante* midi- 
dnales iadigj&nes, supplement an Manuel des plantes m^didnaJesetiL tons les dictionnaires 
d^histoire natnrdle. iSmo, 314 fig.. /.15, col. /.30. Paris. 

Manod des plantes mAdidnales, on Description, Usues et Culture des V^g^taux indi- 
genes emp^yi9 en naidedne ; contenant la maaiefe de bs reoneillir, et les sAdier et de les 
oonserver. J3mu, /.G Paris, 

CANDOLLE, (A. P. db.) Essai sur les propri^tAs m^dicales des plantes, compar^es avec 
leurs formes ezt^rieures eC leur dassification naturelle. 8vo, /.O. Paris, 1816 

ROdUES, (J.) Nonvean Traits des plantes nsuelles specialement apfJian^es k la medecine 
domestiqne et an n&gime alimentaire de rhomme sain on malade. 4 vols. 8vo, /.30. 

Part*, 1837 

— — Phytographie MMicale, histoire des substances h^roiques et des poisons tirds du regne 
vegetal, on Ton expose leun caract^res distinctifs, leur action sur I'nonune et sur les ani- 
manz, leun propri<6t^s, leurs usages th^rapeutiques, etc. Nout. edit, 3 vob. 8vo, et atlas 
in4to, 150pl.color. /.85 . Pom, 1835 

BOTANY.— Fossil. 

LINDLEY, (J.) Sl HUTTON, (W.) The Fossil Flora of Great Britoin ; 
or. Figures and Descriptions of the VegetaUe Remains found in a Fossil 
State in this Country. 3 vols. 8to, JC6 12s. London, 1831-37 

ARTIS, (E. T.) Antediluvian Phytology illustrated by a collection of the 
Fossil Remains of Plants, peculiar to the Coal Formations of Great 
Britain, etc. 4to, 25 plates, 15« London, 183Q 

BR06NIART, (A.) Hist, des V«g«taux fomles. Svols. 4to,/.a90. . Porif, lSi8-38 

OORDA, ( A C. J.) Bdtrftge SOI Flora darVorw«lt,mit 00 Taf.Abbild. Imp. 4to. 

' ^ Pnv»«, 1845 

... .t. • 


BOTANY, {FosQih.)— {Continued,) 

GOPPERT, (H. R.) die Gattangen der fonilen Pflansen jreig^IicheB mit d«n d. Jetztzeit. 
Put I.-IV., ipUUet), 4to Bonn, 1841-43 

UN6ER, (F.) ChlcMis protagea. Bmtittga snr Flora dar Vorweh. Part I.-VII. folio, U^. 

flmUt) LeipiVy 1843H15 

— — Syaopiis plantannn fonfliam. 8vo. '* 1845 



MA WE, (J.) Travels in the Interior of Brazil, etc. 4to. London, 1819 

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SPIX, (Dr. J. B. von) dt MARTiuS. Travels in Brazil. 2 vols. 8vo. 

London, 1824 

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daring part of the Years 1821, 2, 3. 4to. . London, 1824 

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bracing Historical and Geographical Notices of the Empire and its seve- 
ral Provinces. 2 vols. 8vo New- York, 1845 

GARDNER, (G.) Travels in the Interior of Brazil, principally through the 

Northern Provinces, and the Gold and Diamond Distrists, during the 

Years 1836-41. 8vo, map, 18« London, 1846 

CAZ AL, (M. A. DK.) Corografica Brazilica oo Rdacio Historico-Gteografica do Reino do 
Brazil. 2 voh. sm. 4to, 209 Rio de Janeiro, 1817 

ORBIONY, (A. d'.) Voyage dani rAm^riqne m^ridkmale (le Br^til, etc.) Paris, 1844 

BAINT-UILIARE, (A. db.) Voyage dan* rinterieor do Brazil. Irepartie: voyage dam 
le ptovinoes de Rio Janeiro et de Minas-Geraes. 2 vds. 8to, /.15. 

2e partie. Voyage dans le district des Diamants et snr le littoral do Br6sil, etc. 2 vols. 

8«>./.15 Part*, 18- 

MARTIUS. (C. F. P.) n. J. J. B. SPIX. Rdse in Brazilien, 1817-20. 3 vols. 4to. and 
Atlas, 53 plates, folio, X5 JtfitncAm, 1824-31 

RUGENDAS, (M.) Voyage pittoiesqne an Br^sil, trad, de raUemand par M. de Golbery : 
paysagct, portraits et costnmes, moBUis et osagesdes Indians, Enrop^ns et negres ; lithogra- 
phies par lev pint oeldbres artirtes, folio, /.m) Pom, 1835 

DEBRBT, (J. B.) Voyagepittoresqne et historiqne an Br6zU, depnis 1818, jnaqn'k 1831. 
3 vols, folio, planches, /.20B Paris, 1839 

MARTIUS, fDm. P. vox.) Das Natniell die Krankbeiten dat Arzthnm nnd die Heilmittel 
der Urbewonner Brasiliens. 8vo. Munich, 1844 

8IGAUD, (J. F. X.) Da Climat et des Maladies de Brazil, on statJMiQe medicale de oeC 
Empire. 8vo,/.9 Plm«, 1844 


80UTHEY (RoBT.) History of Brazil. 3 vols. 4to. London, 1810-19 
ARMITAGE» (Jiro.) History of Brazil from 1808-31. 2 vols. 8vo. 

London, 1836 
HENDERSON, (J.) History of BrazU. 4to. . « 1821 

WALSH, (Rev. Dr. R.) Notices of BrazU in 1828-9, etc. 2 vols. 8vo. 

London, 1830 

MACGREGOR, (J.) The Progress of America from the Discovery 

of Colombos to the Year 1846. (Book IX. Empire of Brazil). 2 vols. 

8vo London, 1847 

BEAUMJBLLE, (M. Anolitibl v%,) De rEmpira dn BrAsU, comider^ sons ses Rapports 
poKtiqueset commerciaax Paris, ISO 

BEAUCHAMP, (A. di.) L'histoiie da Brtsfl, d^pois aa d^oonverta en 1500, JnMia'ai 
1810. 3 vols. 8vo. Paris, IBIS 

80LAN0-00NRTANCI0, (F.) Uistoria do Brasil, dasda o wn deaoobrimeBto per Pedn 
Alvar^ oabielate abdica^ao do hnperador D. Fedio I. 8 vote. 8vo. Paris, 183B 

■ \ 





SAINT-HILIAHE, (Auo.) Flora Brasiliensis, on Hist, et Deacrip. de 
toutes lea plantes qui croiasent dana lea difl^rentes provincea du Br^ail. 
3 vola. 4to, 192 plates, £7 10« Paris, 1824 

Plantea Uaaellea dee Br^ailiena. 2 vola. 8vo,et Atlas de pIanche8,4to. 

Paris, 1824 

MARTIUS, u. S. ENDLICHER. Flom Bmsilieiuit. faw. I.-V., folio, £8 15*. 6d. 

rind., 1841-43 

MIKAN, (J. C.) Delectai Oant et fannie Brasiliwiu. folio, col. plates, £5. ** 18S5 

8PIX, (J. B.) Aviom speoiet nove qoat in itinera per Bmziliain. S vols. 4to. 

Monackii, 1824-36 

ESCHWEGE, (W. L.) Pinto BraMliensii, Abbandlniif Qber Bmsilieiu Gold, Diamantea 
and andern mineral, Baichtham, die Geichichte seiner Entdeckang, das VorkomifeB 
winer Lagerrtillten, de« Betreibs, der Ansbente and die daranf beziiglwhte Geietxa|hnMp ■ 
8vo, maps and pkte*. . # Bttfii^tS^ 

Beitrttse xur Gebirgsknnde BraaiUens. 8vo, maps *\ - 1888 

BONGARD. Essai monographiqne snr les esp^ces d^eriocanlon do Br6sil. 4to, lOiJUaoba^. 
J.IO. . . . • BnH9,V^ 

Bee Travels by Maximiliin, Luccocsk, Caldbclbuob. Matbisoit. Pote., Vok 
LANosDoRrr. RoDRiecBg, Nattbrbr, Condaminb's Voyage and Sorvey sftM- 
River Amazon, TUniven Pittoresqoe. Edwards' Pari. ^ 


THE MILLER. THE BAKER. 2 yola. l2mo, fU. . London, 1840 

(Knight's Gaides to Trade.) 

WHITE, (D.) The History of the Art of Baking in all Ages and Coun- 
tries, &c. 8vo, 5* Dunbar, 1824 

ROLLET. — Mdmoire snr la meanerie, la bonlangerie et la conservation des grains et des 
farines, contenant one description complete des procM^s, machines et appareils appliques 
jnsqn'aa nos joois, et plus particnlidrement dans les diverses nsines de France, d'Angle- 
terre, de Belgiqne, de Hollande, etc. ; pf6c6d6 de considerations sar les commerce des bids 

en Eniope. 4to, with atlas in folio, /.90, Paris, 1847 

— — Md moire snr le Bid, sa conservation et ses transformations en forine, en pain et en bt»- 

cait de mer. 4to, avec Atlas de 60 planches, /.70, Paris 1844 

See DoNOVAii's Domestic Economy, Webstbr and Parkb's Ency. of Domestic 


BLACK, (W.) A Practical Treatise on Brewing, based on Chemical and 
£k;onomical Principles : with FormulaB for Public Brewers, and Instruc- 
tions for Private Families. 3d ed. 8vo, 10s. fid. London, 1844 

Remarka on Bavarian Beer, London Porter, the Influence of Electricity 

on Fermentation, and other subjects. Being a Supplement to the Third 
Eklition of his Treatise on Brewing. 8vo, 2«. 6d. London, 1846 

LEVESQUE, (J.) The Art of Brewing and Fermenting, and making 
Malt, exhibited in Eaaaya and Decimal Tables, &c. 4th ed. 8vo. 2l«. 

London, 1847 

TIZARD, (W. L.) Theory and Practice of Brewing illustrated : contain- 
ing the Chemistry, History, and right Application of all Brewing Ingredi- 
enta and Productsv a full Exposition of the newly-discovered Principle of 
Conversion and Extraction in the Mash-Tun, the Philosophy of Climate, 
Season, and Site, Critiquea on the Modus Operandi of Fermentation, and 
the effectual Prevention of Acidity ; also, many new practical Observations 
on Brewing London and Dublin Porter, East hidia Pale Ale, Export 
Stout, &c. 2d ed. 8vo, 25«. .... London, 1843 

ROBERTS, (W. H.) The Scottish Ale-Brewer and Practical Maltster : a 
comprehensive and original Digest of the Art and Practice of Brewing 
Alea according to the Scottish System, and of Malting. 3d ed. 8vo, 1 6«. 

Edin., 1847 

MANUEL DU BRASSEUR, ou PArt de fiiire toutes sortes de bidres. 

18mo, /.2 50, Paris* 

(Manods Rofst) . 

* ••;• 



[bridgewater treatises. 

BREWING.— (Continued.) 

DUBIEF. L'Art de feire de bidre, etc. 8vo, pi. /.5 50, . . Paru 

See Donovan's Domestic Economy, Liby. of Uaefal Knowledge. Urk's Diet, of 
Arts., tie. CooLBT'a Cydo. Pract. Receipts, &c. 


HANN, (J.), &C. Theory, Practice, and Architecture of Bridges. The 
Theory and Papers by James Hann, Professor Moseley, Robert Ste- 
venson, and T. Hughes, C. £. Vol. 1, royal 8vo, containing 381 pages 
of text, and 55 plates, with every detail and dimension for practical use, 
£l.l&a. ' London, 1840 

Vol. S will consist of a Practical Engineering and Architectnral Treatise on Bridge 
Building, by William Hoskino, with 55 plates. 

The work will be completed in 2 vols., to contain 700 pages of text, and illustrated by 
110 engravings of examples of Stone, Timber, Iron, Wire, and Suspension Bridges, 
, furnished by the principal Engineers of Great Britam and France. 



from drawings, 

P0U6LAS, (Gen. Sir H.) An Essay on the Principles and Construction 
of Military Bridges, and the Passage of Rivers in Military Operations. 
2d ed. plates, 8vo, 20« London, 1832 

BRIDGES. The Theory, Practice, and Architecture of Bridges of Stone, 
Iron, Timber, and Wire ; with Examples on the principle of suspension. 
Illustrated by 138 engravings and 92 woodcuts. 4 vols, royal 8vo, 
X4. 10« London, 1842 

CRESY (E.) Practical Treatise on Bridge Building, and on the Equi- 
librium of Vaults and Arches. 2 vols, folio, jC2 2«. . London 

— EincyclopflBdia of Civ|l Engineering, Historical, Theoretical, and Prac- 
tical. Illustrated by upwards of Three Thousand Engravings on Wood, 
explanatory of the Principles, Machinery, and Constructions which come 
under the Direction of the Civil Engineer. In l' volume 8vo, pp. 1656, 
639. 6d. London, 1847 

NAVIR. Rapport sur les ponts suspendus. 2d ed., 4to, 17 planches in 
folio, /58 Paris, 1830 

6HE6A, (C.) Ueber Nordamerik. Briickenbau und Berechnung des Tra- 
gungsvermdgens der Howeschen Brflcken, etc. 4to, plates. Wien, 1845. 

TOWN, (Ithiel.) a Description of his Improvement in the Principle, 
Construction, and Practical Execution of Bridges, for^Roads, Railroads, 
and Aqueducts. 4to, New- York 


THE BRIDGEWATER TREATISES: on the Power, Wisdom, and 
Goodness oX God, as manifested in the Creation. 

By the Rev. Thoma,* CHALMBaa, D. D. The AdapUtion of External Natnre to tho 
Moral and Intellectnal Constitution of Man. 9 vols. 8vo, 16«. Olatgow, 1^ 

By John Kidd, M. D. The Adaptation of External Nature to the Physical Condition 
or Man. 9to,9t.6d Acmiim, 1S37 

By the Rer. William Whbwsll. Agronomy and Creneral Physics considered with 
reference to Natural Theolo^. 8vo, 9». 6d. cloth ; fcp. 8vo, ft*. l^ondon, 1847 

By Sir Cbarlbs Bbll. The Hand, its Mechanism and Vital Endowments, as evinouy 
design. 8to, Kit. 8((. Jjomdon^ 1^ 

By Pbtbr Mark Roobt, M. D. Animal and Vegetable Physiolofy, considered with 
reference to Natural Theology. S vols. 8?o, £1 10*. /.ondon, 1840 

By the Rer. Dr. Bdckland. On Geology and Mineralogy. 3 vob. 8to, £1 15*. 

LoiuUm, 1837 

By the Rev. William Kirrt. On the History, Habits, and Instincts of Animals 2 volt. 

8to. £1 lOf LamtUrn, 183S 

By William Provt, M. D. Chemistry, MeteorokMnr, and tho Function of Digeation, 
conaideied with reference to Natural Theology. sVo, 15*. LandoHn 1834 

(R«piiBted, Phiiaddphia, 183»-37.) 

ByC.BAB«A«R,EM|. Tht Ninth BridgvwRtOT Tntfiw. AFragmaat 9dad.,8T0, 
99. 9d, La»dmi,ieaa 





Ancient Terra CotUs. 4to, 1810. . 
Ancient Marbles, parti 1 to 10. 4to, 1813-45. 
Anglo-Oalic Coins. By Bd. Hawkins. 4to, 1890^ 
Belmore's, Lord, PapyrL Folio, 1843. 
" Tablets. Folio, 1843. 
Catalogne of Oeog. and Topog. Collection of Geo. III. 3 rob. 8to. 

" Ms. Maps, CharU, and Plans. 3 vob. 8to, 1844 

" Music. 8vo, 1843. 

" MSS. Arundel. Folio, 1834 

" MSS. Barney. Folio, 1840 

" MSS. Cod. Orient., part 1. Folio, 1838. 

*' MSS. Hargraves. By Ellu. 4to, 1818. 

" Printed Books. By Ellis and Baber. 7 Tob. 8to, 1813-1819. 

" " " Tol. 1. (A.) Folio, 1841. . 

Fac Simile of Codex Alexandrinns. 3 vols, folio. .... 

Greek Papyri, part I. 4to, 1839. ...... 

Index to Arundel and Barney Catalogue. Folio, 1840. . 

Nummi Veteres in Museo. R. P. Knight 4to, 1830. 

Select Papyri in Hieratic Character, part 1. Folio, 1841. • 

*' 3. ♦* 1842... •. . . 
" 3. •• 18l|. f /. • . 

Description of Ancient Marbles. 4to, 1846. ..'.«*■ '■ . '. 3. 3. 

BKITISH MUSEUM. Parliamentary Repqit- of the .Select Coi^ttee on 

the Condition of. 3 vols, folio. . i^-*^'. ^^,/ ' .^-^XT^. hm/iin^ 1835 

BRITTANY.— (Bretagne.) ' \ •>;'^«* " ' 

OGJ^E. Dictionnaire historiqae et g^gmpUqR He I^ ^dfrince <le Bv^tagne. 
Nouv. edit., 2 vola. 8vo, /.40. . ly .. • C ' / r,Pttri§, 1845 



































BRETAOJ^E ^ ses Monamenty (la) cinqnante injb mm mftnnmwms. iffiam, chateaux, 
mines, celebres, etc. lolio. . - . ', * , • 

DELAPORTE, (J. B.) Recherchea sur la Breta^e. S Yols. 8vo. 

lUnhea, 1819-23 
FREMAINVILLE, (M.) Antiquities de la Bretagne. 4 vols. 8vo. 

Brest, 1832-^7 

OALERIE BRETONNE, ou mcBara, usages et coutume des Bretons de 

rArmorique, par feu O. Perrin, avec texte explicatif par MM. Perrin, fils, 

et Alex. Bouet. 3 vols. 8vo Paris, 1835-38 

DARU, (CoMTE.) Historie de Bretagne. 3 vols. 8vo, /.18. Paris, 1826 

ROUJOUX, (le baron de.) Histoire des rois et dues de Bretagne. 4 vols. 
8vo Paris, 1828-29 

COURSON, (A. DE.) Histoire des origines et des institutions des peuples 
de la Ganle armoricailie et de la Bretagne insulaire, depnis le temps les 
plus reculdsjusqu'k 5" sidcle. 8vo. >• Saint Briene., \S4!^ 

■ Histoire des peuples Bretons dans la Gaule et dans les lies Britanniqnes, 
iangue, coutumes, moeurs, et institutions. 2 vols. 8vo, /.16. Paris, 1846 

La Bretagne ancienne et modeme, avec des chants populaires in^dits. 

8vo, numerous illust., /.20. Paris. 

PITRE-CHEVALIER. Bretagne et Vendue, ouvrage ilhistr^ de gravures 
stir bois, planches, etc. 8vo, /20 Paris, 1846 

POTIER DE COURCY. Nobiliare de Bretagne, ou Tableau de Aristo- 
cratic bretonne depuis I'^tablissement de la Sodalit6 jusqu'a nos jours. 
4to, /.12 Paris, 1846 

JANIN, (J.) La Bretagne historique, pittoresque et monumentale. 8vo, 
nmnerous illustratioiis, /.30 Paris, 1845 

SUE, (E.) Histoire de 1a Marine de Bretagne, depois la oonquete romaine 
jueqofk la reunion de oette provinoe a la ooaraone de Fkance. 2 vols. 
8vo,/.15 . Paris. 





BURNEY, (J.) History of the Buccaneers of America. 4to, 12«. 

London, 1816 

ESQUEMELING, (J.) and RINGROSE. (B.) Buccaniers of America : 
an Account of Assaults committed upon the Coasts of the West Indies, 
etc. (From the Dutch.) 3 vols. 4to, £2 2$. London, 1684-85 

ARCHENHOLTZ, (J. G.) History of the Pirates, Freebooters or Bucca- 
neers of America. 12mo, 3« London, 1807 


BURNOUF, (E.) Introduction k rHistoire du Buddhisme Indien. Vol. 1-. 

4to Paris, 1845 

UPHAM , (E.) History and Doctrine of Buddhism, folio, 43 col. plates, 

jC3 3« London, 1829 

Sacred and Historical Books of Ceylon. . . . Also a Collection of Tracts 

illustrative of the Doctrine and Literature of Buddhism. 3 vols. 8vo, 
jC2 2« London, 1833 

THE CATECHISM OF THE SHAMANS, or the Laws and Regula- 
tioDi of.tke Fric9thood of Buddha, in China. Transl. by C. F. Neumann. 
8¥0, 12#: . .* .. (Orient. Traiul. Fund.) London, IS32 

BOCHINOER, IJ. J.) La vie contemplative, asc^tique et monastique chez 
1^ iaditaA et cKes peuples bouddhistes. 8vo. . Strasbourg, 1833 

VOS-KQfiMf^ * 'BMrirvdei roTaomes de Fo, o'ert-k-dire oh Ton rait la reli^n boadd- 
faiqoe ; mrTvSSfa ; ^pd«ifc do chinois par Abel R^mnaat, reva par M. Landrease. 4to, 
/.»., ;• . . ••. Paris, WM 


HOSKING, (W.) ' ^eatises on Architecture and Building. 4to. 15«. 

(From the Encydo. Brit.) Edin., 1832 

TREATISES on Masonry, Joinery, and Carpentry. 4to 3#. Edin., 1844 

(Enoyclopadia Britannica.) 

NICHOLSON, (P.) The Builder's and Workman's New Director, com- 
prising Explanations of the General Principles of Architecture, the Prac- 
tice 'of Building, ^. 141 copperplates, and numerous woodcuts. 2 vols. 
4to, 56«. London. 

Practical Builder's Complete Guide. Upwards of 200 plates. 3 vols. 

4to, £5 Ss London, n. d. 

— ^ A Practical Treatise on the Art of Masonry and Stone Cutting. 43 
pUtet, Urge 8vo, 12« London, 1839 

A Treatise on the Construction of Staircases and Hand Rails. 39 

plates, 4to, 12« London, 1847 

SMEATON, (A. C ) The Builder's Pocket Manuaf ; containing the Ele- 
ments of 'Building, Surveying and Architecture. 12 plates, l2mo, 5«. 


TRENDALL, (E. W.) Examples for Interior Finishings, forming a Book 
of Working Drawings, folio, 14«. . London, 1833 

BARLOW, (Peteb.) A Treatise on the Strength of Timber, Cast Iron, 
Malleable Iron and other materials ; with rules for application in Archi- 
chitectore, Bridges, Railways, Sec., with plates. 8vo, 16«. London. 

TURNBULL, (Wm.) A Practical Treatise on the Strength and Stiffiiess 
of Timber. 8vo, 10«. 6d London, 1833 

VIC AT, (L. J.) A Practical and Scientific Treatise on Calcareous Mor- 
tars and Cements, artificial and natural. Translated firom the French by 
Ca|iL J.8. Smith. £vo, lOt . 6<2 London. 

BUILDING.— (Con^inHcrf ) 

BARTHOLOMEW. (ALrirn.) Spcdficmionfl for Praciicnl Aichitf 
160 iliufllralionH, Svo, 2c(# U 

BENJAMIN, in.) The AlchlUcI, DT rnulkl] IIdhh Cupenlei. 114 liq;! qnaiui (ill 
TbrBoUdKr'i Gold*. Ulmmud bf fiV cnnnviBp. nhich uhibil llmOnlBnor 

T. ((■). NdU 

c ; or 1 Practiul TmtiH dd the leiml ordm or Gtt 
Uio GolhicStyloorBQiidiBg; canuiuUnf ( caiii|il«t« 
id AppracFd MMliDdi tiatfiirA hr •kilfbj Alchlwn III 
7, Joiacty, Muoni]', Illd Sculpture. lUuiUucd nil 

«PI.. /.» P-™, 

IDlien que poDT ka [totui. ^vcdt, 41c, /.42. /' 

coDlanmDl pku. canpn ft AJdtaliDDtdBofaiteuii, mo 

di Pari! Bt de M nmin 

lirophcUt dn MorU^a liydrnqlji 

Bt SsbiUry Report 


CODRTfiPfiE, (l'abbe.) Description hialurique el lopogmpbiqae tlu dach« 
tie BuurgogQc. Ftfc£clie de I'abr^ge tie I'liisloire tic cetle province. 
Nouv, edil., 4 vob 8vo, /.2a ParU, 1B46 


CoHFDS SoBomRuii HisttiHj* BYZiNTrKS. Ediiio emstitial. copios. con- 
aUo G. Niebnhrii instiiato, opera ejiadem Niebuhrii, I. Bekkeri, L. 
Schopeni, G. BlL. Dintiorf. paraia.Svo. . Joiin., 1829-44 

Addi Conmenl, vol. 1, IIM. Si 
CBBtuBumi. 3 voU. £3. 
Odrmn, CMrrrlu. 3 >o1i. £1 Ifb. 
Chnnimni Pnnehile. S •oli. £\ St. 
Cjlii>*l>iiii~Kiliepl»>n» BrysniiQi, K 
Cadlow CnnipUaU, »i. 

GcafEil Cotlni &iiinpt& de Aniiq, 
Conu.fl.. W. 

Untaliu. CliKniafniphla. ISi. 

ManUM. Jdel—aMli. AeinnoliU. 1T(, 

MerolHiidH el Corippoi. 13j. N. 

NIcMu Cht»il>(». kiriari^. £1 If. 

Puhf nuRi (tS.i 3 volt. £1 ICi. 

Flinsliei, (Uear^.J I, CBnanni, J. AEignoelei, 

Tlieophmiii ChnjMigniihlii, S tali. £1 14. 




f" *' 

BYZANTIUM, (Lower Empire.) 

LE BEIAU, (C.) Hist, da Bas Empire : nonv. edn. par MM. Saint-Mar- 
tin et Brosset jr. 21 vola. 8vo,/.84. . Pam, 1824-36 

MONTREUIL, (J. A. B.) Histoire du Droit Byzantin. on da Droit d^ne 
PEmpire d*Orient, depuis la mort da Jostinien juaqa'a la prise de Constan- 
tinople en 1453.' 3 vols. 8vo,/24 Paris, 1844 

8AULCY, (P. DE ) Essai de classification des suites mon6taires byzan- 
tines. 8vo, et Atlas, de 33 plates, /.35. Metz., 1036 

See SisMOHOi, Hiit. de la ohnte de Tempire lomaine. Fallmbraybr, Geachichte 
des Kaberthmns von Trapeznnt. 

CALCULUS, (See Mathematics.) 

BRADY, (Jno ) Clavis Calendaria ; or a Compendioos Analysis of the 
Calendar ; illustrated with Ecclesiastical, Historical, and Classical Anec- 
dotes. 3d ed. 2 vols. 8vo, 25« London, 1815 

See Compan. to British Almanac for 1839. Hampson's Medii JEvi kalendarinm. 
Ho.mb's Every Day Book. Annivenary Calendar. 


PERSOZ, (J.) Traits Theorique et Pratique de rimpreasion des Tissus. 
4 vols. 8vo, with 420 Patterns (which are real Specimens of the Stuf&), 
and 165 woodcuts inserted in the text, and an atlas 4to, with 20 plates, 
/.70 Pari*, 1846 

Parnbll's Chemistry Applied to the Arts. Urb's Dictionary of the Arts, &c ^ 


GREENHOW, (R.) The History of Oregon and California, and the other 
Territories of the Northwest Coast of North America. 8vo. Boston, 1847 

FORBES, (A.) California : a History of Upper and Lower California, 
from their First Discovery to the Present Time, comprising an account 
of the Climate, Soil, Natural Productions, Agriculture, Commerce, &c. ; 
a full view of the Missionary Establishments, and condition of the free 
and domesticated Indians. With an Appendix relating to the Steam 
Navigation in the Pacific, 8vo, with maps, plans, and views, 14«. 

London, 1839 

LIFE IN CALIFORNIA : comprising a Description of the Country and 
the Military Establishments : with an Historical Account of the Indians. 
By an American. 8vo New- York, 1846 

COULTER, (jT.) Adventures on the Western Coast of South America and 
the Interior of California, etc. With an Account of the Natural Productions, 
and the Manners and Customs, in Peace and War, of the various Savage 
Tribes visited." 2 vols, post 8vo London, 1847 

VENEGA8, (M.) A Katnral and Civil History of California. Translated from the 
Spaabh. 3 vols. 8vo London, 1750 

DUFIX>T DE MOFRAS. (M.) Exploration da territoire de I'Oregon, des Califomie« et 
de la mer Vermeille, ex^catde pendant les anaies 1840, 1841, et 1842. 3 vols, tiro, et Atlas, 
folio./.80 Paris, 1844 

DUHAUT-CILLY. Voyage aotoor do mondc, principalement k la Califomie et anx Des 
Sandwich, pendant les ann^es J8S6 k 1899. 2 voh.8vo,/.14. Paris. 

See also Capt. Frbmont's Expedition to the Rocky Mountains. Scenes in the 
Rocky Monatains, fcc, by a ^ew-EnglaBder. 1840. U. 8. Explorinf Expedition. 

CALOTYPE, (See Photography.) 



The PublicWionB of Lhe Caniden Sociely of London, for ihs Printing of Hie- 
toricBl and Lilenry Kemaina. am. 41o. Londtm, 1838-46 

, HISTOHIE dT lhe Anivtl tt Edwud IV, In Bnelud, ud Iht fiuU tKOVrn' et hit 
^ KinfdaiDH fram ncmr VI, 1471. iditid b) RniK, it LuniLa, ISK 

KYlfO JQHJIff, aPJiij, br JobnBal*, (im/nlpnjilHQ.iiiiUil bjr J. p. CdII1«. 9>. 

^LLITE^HJITIfEfoam Dn lira DepMUin of Kin^ Birhuil II., wilh ■ClOBni?— Kio. 
MlidratDne do CoDmrdii inuii Rich. II. n ClnUUcoi. Lanilm, edilad by Wn;hl, 9i. 

In Hinr; VIII. br UiB Plnicplan Funilf of Varkikire, fdiW b; SUplrtDn, i%i. 

JJVECZJOT'^^uulTndiliDDi UlnitntivfliirEulf En^h Hiilaiy uil Lrtpratarv, dprind 
boat MiDiiMirlpI Hnm, rditn) by Tlwiis, ISi. I^aim, 183R 

POLITICJIL Bona at Eulind. fiDm IbsREiiriiarJiAo loUiUorEdwudn., nliud Biid 
jimndiunl bj Wriglii, ppriae, e.. M. ....... Loidun. ]g3U 

.^Jk'A-JASiiI'lbc Pint Four Yon of lira RtllB of Q»ca Eliiltralh, b; Sir John Hir- 
ward, »im fril frinlrd. and idiled b; Bmcc, 3i /jnifin, IH#I 

SLCCLESUSTiaar. D0CUME.VTS. tli-l. A Brief Hlitoi; of Uh Buhopnck or Bd- 
Muco, luc/riE ptiliili^. b; lln Kev. Joicph HnoUi, 3i, Ijtndn^ IHW 

,?/ST0R/C4/, mnd CbDnwnpbJFd Doi'TinliDn of Ihc Coonly of Emi , Iit Jo<]ii Nonl». 
UM. ■»»JrriIj>r.'i»E<J, Bud HJiinl by Sii U. Bill.. i«« mn.u ~sj>, 4>. Sd. 

/.an-b^. IS40 

C'///l(UV-/C/.j;Dri)>eFlrHThin»ii Yei'nof UicRnfnafBdwinllV, BjJohn Wart- 

KEMP-S Nino rHuni Wondoi, pcrTormrd'in 1 D>tlD« fnnn LoDdoB to Nomicli. wjib la- 

IS. • 

EOKRTOJf PJIPERS; BColbnlinD of PnUin and Privals DHamFBIi, chcfly iUiMra- 

Fiaacu EdinoB, ediied h; J. P. CcJJjgr, 6i, ' Lmim, 1S40 

CHROfi-ICA Jocellna do BrBkcloDdB. ir Rehni GfOa SiBuoaii Ahali. Honaatiru BaBrti 

JMRRJITiyES >llB<(nUn of tli> CDBt^I> in IHina in lOtl and ISM, MliloJ by T C. 

CHROJflCLE of William of HiihBhier of IhoBaroai' Wan-Tbo Mincla of f>itnai> dx 

LJITIJf POEMS. oanrniODlr oiiribDIsd to Walln de Mapa, An:hdeB«in of OifiHd in 
tba XIIIll. Oamrj, cdllod bj T. Wriahl, lll». M Lamhm, IMi 

prinud) u Anglo-NDnnaD, FreBDh, Bcoliih, aad EnKJiMh. frcia ihx I3ih to thi llhli coaiarf. 

THAFEI.S Bf Nioaadai Nndniilf Coniiia is Eailud. darlBglh* V^KB oTHmry VUI 

tdiud lij Di, Cnraoi, 3< Lnion. mi 

THREE FjuI; eajrli^ Meirioal RomaDca, {<3m Anlanof ARlinT il lh> TBiMWBtIi>dBa : 

dawya of Bniaa), wilhalnauf, fto. Bf J. BobHa. Ji. , , Ltnvlan, IStS 

FRirjTF. DiaiTof Di. Joha Dhi, ud tlra Callll^uo of hla Ubrat; of MSB. fuvjIrM 


CAMDEN SOCIETY.— (Continued.) 

APOLOGY for LoBmid DoeCriMt attribated to WkOiflb, nna Jbnt'frinUd, aad edited by 
Dr. J. H. Todd, 7«. M. /.oiuira, ISM 

R XJTLAJfD P./f P£iI5.— DoeamenU relating to the Cotonation of Henry VII., thpfW 
of the Cloth of Gold, and the Interviewt or Henry VIII. with the Empeior, frtm fto 
Doke of Rntland'i BfS. CoUeetions, edited b;r W. Jerdan, U. 6d. X«iii0%'18tt 

22. •T 

DIARY of Dr. Thomai Canwriffbt, Bishop of Cbeiter, Aof. 1686, to Oct. 1687, nowfirgt 
frinUd, edited by the Rev. Jowph Hunter, it.6d .... Londamy 18fi 

ORIOIJfAL Letten of eminent Literary Men of the XVIth. XVIIth, and XVIIIth Oen- 
tnries, from the Originals in the British Mueom and the Bodleian Library, with Notes by 
Sir Henry EUis. /M-«tmt/e«, 10«. * ilromfra, ISO 

A COXTEMPORAR Y Narrative of the Prooeedinn ag"init Dame Alice Kytlevproeo- 
euted for Sorcery in 1334, by Richard de Ledrede, Bishop of OrM>ry, edited hy Tnomae 
Wright, ii.6d, London, 1843 

This Tolnme affords a curions picture of the tarbnlent state of Ireland in the Reign of Ed- 
ward II. and an interesting chajrter in the history of English sopentition. 


PROMPTORIUM Parvnlomm sive Clerioomm, Lexicon Anelo-Latinam princeps, antore 

Fratre Oalfrido Grammatioo Dicto e Predicationibns Lenne Episoopi Northfolciensi, a. d. 

1440, olim e prelis Pynsonianis editom, nnnc ab integro, oommentanolit sobjectis, ad fidem 

oodjcnm reeensoit Albkrtui Way. Tomos prior, 10«. Gd. London, 1843 

A COLL ECTIOJf of Original Letters relating to the DisMlntlon of the Monatteriet, and 
■erne other points connected with the Reformation. Edited by Thomas Wright, lOt. 6d. 

CORRESPOJfDFJfCE of Robert Dudley, Earl of Leicester, during his Government of 
the Low Countriet in 15S5 and 1586, edited by J. Bruce, 10«. London, 1844 

POL YDORE FEROIL*S History of the Reigns of Henry VI., Edward IV., and Richard 
ni., nowjirtt prinUd in EnglUk from a MS. in tke British Mtueum, by Sir. H. Ellis, 

6« London, 1844 

A FRFJrCH Chronicle of "London, from the 44th of Henry IIL to the 7th of Edward III., 

with eepSMM £n£iisk JfHea, by J. G. Anngeir, Go London, 1844 

THE THORHTOM' ROMA.NVRS.—Tho Early English Metrical Romances of Perd- 
val, Isnmbras, E^amoar, and Degrevant, edited by UailiweU, 9». London, 1844 

KERREY PAPERS.— Voif of Proceedings in the Long Pariiament, temp. Charles I., 
taken by Sir Ralph Vemey, Knt., edited by Bruce, la. fid. . London, 1845 

AUTOBIOORAPHY of Sir John Bramston, K. B., of Screens, Co. Emm, 1611 to 
1700, edited by Lord Braybroke, 10«. 6d. London, 1845 

LETTERS of James Earl of Perth to his Sister the Countess of Erroll, &c. 1688-1606, 
edited by Jeidan, 4«. 6d. I.«iiAm, 1846 

DE AJfTI^UIS hog^bfu Liber-Chronica Maiorum et Vicecomitum Londonianun, 1178 
ad VtlA Banc primom typis maadata curante Thoma Btapleton, 8*. 6d. . London, 1846 

CHRONICLE of Calais in the Reigns of Henry VIL and Henry VITI. to the year 1540, 
by Riehaid Tnrpyn, now Jlr$t printed, and edited by Nichob, plateo, 6«. 6d. 

London, VMA 
POLYDORE VEROIV8 English History, translated, vol. I. {the period mrior to tko 
Conquest) edited by EUts. 6«. 6^ London, 1846 

A RELATIOJf, or rather a True Account, of England, under Henry VII. Translated 
from the Italian of a Contemporary Venetian Nobleman, resident at the English Court, 
with IVotes, by Charlotte AugnsuSneyd London,Wkl 

Foundation and History. Edited by the Rev. William Atthill, Canon and Sub-dean of 
Middlefaam. Z^MiiM, 1847 




CAMDEN SOCIETY. ^(Continued.) 

THE C3MDEJ^ MISCELLJiJ^Y : Vol. I. Ck>ntaiBiiiff, The Renter and Chronicle 
of tbe Abbev of Aberconway ; The Papal Boll for the Marriace ot King Henry VII. ; 
A Diary of the Siege of Rouen in 1501, by an Officer of the EngUsh contingent ; Tbe 
Diary of Dr. Edwanl Lake, Chaplain and Tutor to the Prinoeoe* Bfary and Anne, in 
1677-78 ; and other Traofat LatuUm, 1847 


SMITH, (W.) History of Canada. 2 vols. 8vo. . Quebec, IS15 

BOUCHETTE, (J.) British Dominions in North America. 2 vols. 4to. 

London, 1831 
BRITISH AMERICA : comprehending Canada, &c. By Hugh Murray 

and others. 3 vols. 12mo, 15« Edin., 1839 

(Edin. Cab. Library.) 
See Amkrica (British), p. 15. 


BUCH, (Leof. von) Physisch. Beschreibung der Canarischen Inseln. 4to 
and Atlas. Berlin, 1825 

The same, trans, by Boulanger. 8vo at Atlas, /.25. Paris, 1836 

WEBB ET BERTHELOT. Histoire Naturelle des Isles Canaries. 3 vols. 

4to, et Atlas in foUo. Faria, 1835- 

1. Partie Historique. I'Ethnographie et les MitoenanAes Canariennes. 

3. Histoire J^Taturelle, La Geographie deicriptiTe, la Zoologie, la Gdographie bota- 
nique, et la Phytographie. 


CHRISTMAS CAROLS, Ancient and Modem, including the Airs to 
which they are sung. Edited by Wm. Sandys. 8vo, I2s. Lond., 1833 

GILBERT, (D.) Some Ancient Christmai Carols, with the tunes to which they were for- 
ferly sang in the West of England. 8vo London, 1833 

Specimens of, from MSS. and printed books. Edited by T. Wright. (Percy Societv.) 

sm. 8vo. London, ImI 

Jl LITTLE BOOK of Clirirtmas Carols ; with the Ancient Melodies to which they are 
snng. Includiog the celebrated Boar's Head Son^, annually sung on Christmas Day at 
Queen's College, Oxford. Collected and edited by Edward F. Rimbault, LL. D., F. S. A. 
square 4to, 4«. . ' London, 1847 


TREDGOLD, (T.) Elementary Principles of Carpentry, edited by P. Bar- 
low. 50 plates, 4to. London. 

TREATISES on Masonry, Joinery, and Carpentry. 4to,3«. Edinb. 

(From the Encyclo. Britann.) 

NICHOLSON, (P.) Practical Carpentry, Joinery, and Cabinet Making, 
being a new and complete System of Lines for the Use of Workmen*: 
founded on Geometrical and Mechanical Principles. Nomerous plates, 
iU), 2l«. London. 

THE JOINER AND CABINET-MAKER. 18mo, U. London, 1841 

(Knight's Guides to Trade.) 

HOLTZAPFFEL, (C.) Turning and Mechanical Manipulation. 2 vols. 

8vo. . . : London, 1846 

Vol. I. Materials : their difiFereiices, dioice, and preMration ; varioos modes of work- 
ing them, generally without cutting tools. With 300 woodcuts. 45«. 

Vol. 11. The Principles of Con«trnction, Action, and Application of Cutting Tools 
used by hand ; and also of Machines derived from the hand toob. With 70U wood- 
cuU, 90«. 
ADBEMAR, ( .} TrattA de Charpente. 8vo, 36 planches, /.25. Part*. 

- . —J 




C ARPENTR Y.— ( Continued.) 

FOURNEAU» ( .} L'art da tnit de Charpenterie, aveo 88 plandiM. /.43. Paris. 

EMT, (LK coLoifXL.) Traits de Tait de la Charpenterie. 3 rols. 4to, et AUai folio, de 
156 planches, /.93. Parit, 1837-41 

KRAFFT. Traits de Fait de la charpente. Plans, coapes et 6Mvations des divenes pro* « 
dvctions exdcaUes tant en France qne dans les pays dtrangen. 3d edit, mise en oidre et 
aogment^ de 40 planches par MM. Rondelet et Tbiollet. 3 vols, in folio, 5W0 planches, 
/ISO. Pa«#, 1845 


ADAMS, (W. B.) English Pleasure Carriages ; their History, Varieties, Con- 
stmction, Defects, Improvements, and Capabilities : with an Analysis of the 
Construction of Common Roads and Railroads, and the Pnblic Vehicles 
used on them. 8vo, 16 plates and woodcuts, cloth, 7«. 6d. Lond., 1837 


DUREAU DB LA MALLE. Recherches sur la topographic de Carthage. 
8to, plates, /.6 50 Pari*. 

BOTTICHER, (W.) Geschichte der Carthager. 8vo. Berlin, 1827 

MUNTER (F.) Die Religion der Karthager. 4to. Kopenh., 1821 

Sendschreiben an F. Crenzer iiber ein Sardische Symbole ; Beilage za 3ten Ansg. die 

Religion der Karthager. 4to JTopnU., 18BS 

Der Tempel der himmeliachen Gdttin zn Paphos. Ste Beilage. 4to. KopeuM.^ 1894 

Die Religion des Babylonier : Ste Beilage. 4to Kcptnk.^ 18S7 

FALBE, (C. C.) Recherches sur Templacement de Carthage, suives de 

renseignements sur plusieurs inscriptions puniques in6dite6, avec le plan 

topographique des mines de la ville. 8vo et atlas folio. ParU, 1833 

Bee HiiRSif'f African Nations. 

CASPIAN SEA, (Caucasus.) 

HOMM AIRE DE' HELL, (X.) Les Steppes de la mer Caspienne, la Cau- 
case, la Crim6e et la Russie meridionale. Vojrage Pittoresque, historique 
et scientifique. 3 vols 8vo, et Atlas in folio de 50 planches, representant 
des costimies, paysage8,Yues,etc., /.no. ParU, 1841 

the same, translated (without the plates.) Svo, 11«. London, 1847 

SPENCER, (E ) Travels in the Western Caucasus. 2 vols. 8vo. 

London, 1838 
WILBRAHAM, (R.) Travels in the Transcaucasian provinces of Russia, 

and along the southern shore of the lakes of Van and Ununiah, in 1837. 

8vo London, 1839 

EICHWALD, (E.) Reise anf dem Caspiachen Meere nnd in den Caucasus in den J&hren, 
1825-96. Vol. I, pt. 1-a, 8to, plates, 34s. ... StutL, 1834-M 

Pbntse qua* in itineie caspio-eaneasico obsenravit YaHo. . Filnm, 1831 

GULDBN8TADT, (Dr. J. A.) Beschreibnng der Kaukasischen L&nder, etc. Edit J. 
Klapfoth. 8vo. ........ Berlin, 1834 

D'OHSSON, (C.) Des penples du Cancase et dn pays dn nord de la mer Noire et de la mer 
Caspienne, dans le lOe siecle, ou Voja^ d' Abon-el-Cassim. 8vo. Paris, 1938 

KLAPROTH, (J. DK.) Tableau historique, gdographique, ethnographique et politique dn 
Caacake, etc. 8vo. ....... Paris, ISStt 

DUBOIS ST MONTPEREUX. (F.) Voyage antour du Cauease, ches les Tcherkesssa 
et les Abkhases, en Colchide, en CMorgie, en Arm^nie et en Crimde ; aveo nn atlas g6o- 
graphiqne, pittoresque, aich^dogique, giologiqne, etc. 6 vols. 8vo, et Atlas in folio de 900 

pi., /448 P«rM, 1830-43 

On vend s^riwunt La Relation dn Voyage. 6 vols. 8vo, /.48. 

Bee also Banwat's Travels, Buami* Bokhara, FRAisa'i Travels, Conollt's 
Travels, Journal of the Oeog. Sooietj, Omkur 'i Rsrise d. N. Rnsslaad, Smolb* 
BASDT nnd Fasrot'i Raise in dn Krym, ke. ttc. 



CATTLE ; their Breeds, Management, and Diseases ; with an Index. 

niustrated by beautiful cuts from drawings by Harvey, from living subjects, 

of the finest Specimens of the various Breeds, Anatomy, d&c. 8vo, 10«. 

6d. (Lib. Uw. Know.) London, 1838 

LOW, (D.) The Breeds of British Domesticated Animals. Descriptive 

Memoirs and Illustration of the Breeds of the Domestic Animals of the 

British Islands. 

The Plates are drawn on Stone, from a Series of Oil Paintinn, ezeented for the Ag- 
ricnltnral Mosenm of the Uaiirenity of Edinbnigh, by Mr. ShMi, of the Royal 
Scotch Academy. 

In two volumes, atlas 4to, with 53 beantifally-oolooied platea. X16. Hit, half moroeco. 

London, 184(M3 

This work may be had in the following separate portions : — 
The OX. in 1 vol. atlas 4to, with 22 plates, £6. 16«. 6d. half-bonnd morocco. 
The SHEEP, in 1 vol. atlas 4to, with 21 plates, £6. ]ft«. 6d. half-bound moiooco. 
The HORSE, in 1 vol. atlas 4to, with 8 plates, J^. half-bound moroooo. 
The HOG, in 1 vol. atlas 4to, with 5 plates, £i. 2*. half-bound morocco. 

READ, (R.) A Concise Treatise on the Use and Abuse of the Flexible 
Tube or Probang, for the Relief of Choking, and the Mechanical Disor- 
ders of Cattle. 8vo, 3«. 6d fjondon, 1845 

See Low's Domesticated Animals, Kniobt*! Farmer's Library, &e. 


PRICHARD, (J. C.) The Eastern Origin of the Celtic Nations, proved by 
a comparison of their Dialects with the Sanskrit, Greek, Latin, and Teu- 
tonic Languages. 8vo, 7« London, 1831 

BLAIR & RONALDS. Sketches at Camac (Brittany) in 1834 ; or, 
Notices concerning the present state of some reputed Celtic Antiquities in 
that and the acyoining Communes : with a Postscript, containing an ac- 
count of the Great Roche-auz-F^es of Eas^, Slc. Roy. 4to, 25«. Lond., 1843 

DA VIES, (Rev. E.) Celtic Researches on the Origin, Traditions and Lan- 
guage of the Ancient Britons, roy. 8vo. . . London, 1804 

EDWARDS, (W. F.) Recherches sur les Langues Celtiqaes. 8vo. 

Pom, 1844 

RITSON, (J.) Memoirs of the Celts or Gauls. 8vo . " 1827 

LEO, (B.) Die malbergisohe GIosm, ein Rest altkeltischer Spiache. FhrU I -II. 8vo, 7«. 

HaUe, 18%M5 
DIEFFENBACH, (L.) Celtica. Bprachliche DocumentezurGeschichtederKelten. 8vo. 

StMttg., I8%M0 
TROUDE, (A. E.) Dictionnalie fran^ais et oelto-breton. 8vo. . . . BreH, 1843 

LE60NIDEC. Grammaiie celto-bretonne. 8to,/.8 Part*, 1839 

BAST, (J. DK.) Recherches hirtor. litter, sur la langne celtique, gauloiseet tudcsqup. 2 

parts, 4to Geiid., 1M&-16 

PICTET, (E.) De TAffinit^ des Langues Celtiqnes avee le Sanscrit. 8to. . Parii, 1837 

ROSTRENEN. (G. db.) Dictionnaiie fran^aifr-oeltique on fran^ois-bretoa, revue etc. par 
B. JoUivet. 3 vols. 8vo Ouinfamp, 1834 

See also Bkthui's Etnuia. 3 vols. 8vo, 1843. 


SMITH, (J. Jay.) On laying out Cemeteries, Churchyards, &c., with De- 
signs for Monuments, folio. .... New- York, 1846 

LOUDON, (J. C.) On the Laying-out, Planting, and Managing of Ceme- 
teries ; and on the Improvements of Churchyards. 8vo, 60 engrav. 12*. 


COLHSON, (G.) On Cemetery Interment. l2mo, 5«. . London, 1838 
WALKER, (G. A.) Gatherings from Graveyards. 8vo,8#. ^d. 

Baa Oomponion to Britiab Almanae 1839. London, 1844 






BENNETT, (J. W.) Ceylon, and its Capabilities: an Accoont of its 
Natural Resources, Indigenous Productions, and Commercial Facilities : 
to which are added. Details. of its Statistics, Pilotiag and Sailing Direc- 
tions, and an Appendix, containing the Royal Charter of Justice, the 
Kandyan Convention of 1815, Ordinances of the Colonial Goveimnent 
on Tarious matters connected with the commerce of tiiat Iriand, dec. 
niost. royal 4to, i^S 3« London, 1843 

MARSHALL, (H.) Ceylon : a General Description of the Island and its 
Inhabitants ; with an Historical Sketch of the Conquest of the Colony by 
the English. 8vo, 1$ London, 1847 

KNIGHTON, (Wm.) The History of Ceylon, from tile Earliest Period to 
the Present Time ; with an Appendix, containing an Account of its 
Present Condition. Post 8vo, 9« London, 1845 

CORDINER, (J.) Description of Ceylon, etc. 2 vols. 4to. « 1807 

(See Onarteriy Review, Vol. XIV.) 
FELLOWES, (Dr. R.) History of Ceylon, etc. to 1815, to which is sab- 
joined Knox's Historical Relation. 4to. . London, 1817 
DAVY, (J.) Account of the Interior of Ceylon. 4to, £3 13«. 6d. 

London, leSil 
FORBES, (Major.) Eleren Yean in Oeylon. 9i edn., 3 rob. 8to, £1 Ir. Landam, 1841 

SELKIRK, (Rbv. J.) RecoUeetunuofOeylon dariDg 13 Yean* Residenoe. 8to, Hm. 

I^muUm, 1844 
CAMPBELL, (Lt. Col. Jai.) Excnnions, Adventorat, and Fidd Sports is Ceylon. 
3 vob. evo, £1 16«. London, 1843 

UPII AM, (E.) The Mahavansi, the RAja-Ralnacari. and the R4ja-Vali, fonninf the 
Sacred and HMtoiical Books of Ceylon. 3 vols. 8vo, £2 2». London, 1833 

See Martin's Colonial Library. Ceylon Almanac, Ceylon Gazetteer, Jonm. of 
A«atic Sodety. Condbr's Modem Traveller. Martin'i Brit. Colo. Liby. 
L*Univen pittoreMae. Fkrcival*! AoooontoTCbylon. Knox's Histocy of Cey- 
lon. Daiobll's Ceylon. 


CALLAWAY, (J.) A School Dictionary. Part first.Cingalese and English. 
Part second, Engl, and Cingalese. With an Introduction containing ob- 
servations on these languages, sm. 4to, 40«. 

Colombo {WetUyan Migtion Press), 1821 

A Cingalese Spelling Book, with the words explained in Englic^. 8yo. 

Colombo, 1825 

Yakknn Nattannawa ; a Cingalese Poem, translated. 8vo, 8t. 

(Oriental Transl. Fnnd.) London, 1830 

CHATER, (J.) A Grammar of the Cingalese Language. 8to, 20s. 

Columbo, 1815 
CLOUGH, (B.) A Dictionary of die English and Singhalese and Singha- 
lese and English Language. 2 vols. 8to, 4Ss. Columbo, 1821-30 

CHALDEA. — (See Assyria, Babylon.) 

MIGNAN, (Capt.) Travels in Chaldea, etc., performed on foot. 8iro. 

London, 1829 

AINSWORTH, (W. F.) Researches in Assyria, Babylonia, and Chaldea ; 
forming part m the labours of the Euphrates Expedition. 8vo, mapi, 
12«. 6l. London, ISSB 

Travels and Researches in Asia Minor, Mesopotamia, Chaldea, &c. 

2vols.8vo,24s Xomiofi, 1842 

Bbbrm's B s isn fBh es, Emu. Cab. LaBAaT^Masopotaaia aal Aayria, Coav*! 
Aaelsat Fngmsati, ite. ite. 




CHALDAIC LANGUAGE.— (See Aramean, p. 29.) 



I. History. 

THOMSON, (T.) The History of Chemistry. 2 vols. 12mo, 6». 

London, 1830 

HOEFER, (F.) Histoiie de la Chimie. 3 voU. 8vo, /.I7. . . Paris, 1843 

LONGCHAMPS. BiblioCheqne do Chimiste, oa Receoil des m^moirai des fondat«nn de 
U chimie. Vol. I.-, 8vo, /.8. Part*, 1834 

KOPP, (H.) Geachiobto der Chemie. 8to, vob. I.>m. . . Bruntw., 1843-6 

(To form 4 volt.) 

HOEFER, (F.) Nomenclature et Claasification Chimiqaes, soives d'an 
Lexiqne Historique et Synonjnniques comprenant lea Noma Anciena, lea 
Formalea, lea Noma Nouveaux, le Nom de TAiitear et la Date de la D6- 
coaverte dea Frincipaoz Produits de la Chimie. l2mo, /.3. Paris, 1845 

II. Elementary and General Treatises. 

DANIELL, (J. F.) An Introduction to the Smdy of Chemical Fhiloaophy ; 
being a Preparatory View of the Forces which concur to the production 
of Chemical Phenomena. 8vo, 21«. . . London, IS43 

LOW, (D.) An Inquiry into the Nature of the Simple Bodies of Chemistry. 
8vo, 6«. . ^ London, 1844 

FOWNES, (G.) A Manual of Elementary Chemistry, Theoretical and 

Practical, fcp. 8vo, 12«. 6d London, 1844 

(Reprinted, Philad., L. & B.) 

Chemistry, aa exemplifying the Wisdom and Beneficence of Grod. poet 

8vo, 6« London, 1844 

GREGORY, (W.) Outlines of Chemistry, for the Use of Smdents. 12mo, 5». 
Part 1. Inorfranic Chemistry. Part 2. Org^anic Chemistry. London, 1 845 

TURNER, (E.) Elements of Chemistry ; including the Acmal State and 
Prevalent Doctrines of the Science. 8th edit. Edited by Baron Liebig 
and William Gregory. Part 1. Inorganic Chemistry. 8vo, 15«. 1846 

KANE, (RoBT.) Elements of Chemistry ; including the most Recent Dis- 
coveries and Applications of the Science to Medicine and Pharmacy, and 

to the Arts. 1 vol. 8vo, £1 4a Dublin, 1841 

(Reprinted, New-York, H. Bros.) 

NO AD, (H. M.) Lectures on Chemistry ; including its Applications in die Arts, and the 
Analysis of Organic and I norg^anic Compounds. 8vo, 1S«. M. . /.on^tm, 1843 

THOMSON, (T.) Chemistry of Animal Bodies. 8vo, 16«. . . . Edinb., 18^ 

Chemistry of Vegetable Bodies. 8vo 1838 

DAVY, (Sir H.) Complete Woria and Life, edited by his brother. vols. 8vo. 

■i /..ondoH. 1839-40 

DUMAS, (M. J.), AND BOUSSINGAULT, (M. J. B.) The Chemical and Physiological 

Balance of Organic Nature : an Essay. 3d edit., fcp. 8vo, it. . London, 1846 

LIEBIO. FamiUar Letters on Cherai^itry. Second Series — The Philosophical Principles and 
General Laws of the Science. Edited by J. Gardner. 12mo, ba. . . Tendon, 1844 

BERZELIUS, (J. J.) Lehri)nch der Chimie. 5 edn. 8 vols. 8vo. Dretden, 1843-47 

The san^, translated. 9e edn. par MM. Esslinger et Hoefer. LIv. 1-. Paris, 1846 

BEASBd[jb8> (J. J.) Rapport annuel, snr le progres da Chimie, 184CM0. 7 vols. 8vo, 

ISSfYmr Partt. 1841-47 

< ■ t ■ ' ■ — • — — — 




II. Elementary and General Treatises. — (Continued,) 

GERHARDT. Comp^w-rendni des traraax de chimie, aante 1846. 8vo, Is. M. 

Paris, 1847 
HOEFER, (F.) Dictionnairede Chimie et Phyiiqne. 12mo, /.4. Paris, 18*6 

DUMAS, (M.) Le^OB* de philotophie chimique profen6es, an ooDege da France : recne- 
ittm par M. Binan. 8vo. ....... Paris, 1837 

THENARD, (L. J.) Traits iMmentaiie de chimie. 6e edition. 5 vols. 8vo, et atlai. 

Paris, 1834 
OMEUN, (L.) Handbnchder Chimie. Volt. 1-3. . Aei^fr., 1841-1846 

Lehrbnch der Chimie. Abth. 1, nnorganische Chimie. . . . Heid., 1845 

Mn^CHERLICH, (E.) Lehrbnch der Cbemie. 2 rob. 8vo. . . BeHiti, 184»44 

LIEBI6. Poggendorf n. Wohler. Handwdrterbnch der Chemie. Vol. I, p. 1-6. vol. II, 
p. l-«, 8vo BrwMW., 1843-45 

GERHARDT, (C.) Precis de chimie oiganiqne. 3 vols. 8vo, /.16. Paris, 1843-5 

SWEDENBORG, (E.) Some Specimens of a Work on the Principles of Chemistry ; with 
other Treatises. Translated Worn the Latin by C. E. Stratt. 8vo, 31 pi., 13«. London, 1847 

III. Applied Chemistry. 

PARNELL, (E. A.) Applied Chemistry ; in Manufactares, Arts, and Do- 
mestic Eksonomy. Numerous Illustrations. 8vo, vols. 1 and 2, each 13«. 

London, 1844 
Vol. 1. introduction, gas illumination, m 

The Article on Dyeing and Calico Printing is illnstrated by specimens of printed Cottons. 






The Third Volume will contain Dyeing Materials. 

(Reprinted, 1 vol. 8vo. New-York, 1844, D. A. k, Co.) 

KNAPP, (F.) Chemistry applied to the Arts and Manu&ctures. Transl. 

from the (German. 8vo, woodcuts London, 1847 

LIEBIG. Familiar Letters on Chemistry, and its Relation to Commerce, Physiology, and 
Agricahnre. Edited by J. Gardner, fen. 8vo, As. 6d. . London, 1843 

(Reprinted, New- York, D. A. & Co.) 

Chemistry in iu Application to Agricoltare and Physiology. Edited by L. Playfair. 

3d edit. 8vo, IQs.M. . London, 1846 

(Reprinted, New- York, W. & P.) 

LASSAIGNE, (J. C.) Abrdgd dl^mentaire de Chimie considerie comme science acoes- 
soire 4 Tdtude de la medicine, etc. 3d ed. 3 vols. 8vo. Paris. 

DUMAS, (M.) Traits de chimie appUqnde aijx arts. 7 vols. 8vo, et Atlas. Paris, 1843-6 

DUPASaUIER, (A.) Traits ^Mmentaire de chimie indnstrielle. Vol. 1—, 8vo. /.9. 

Paris, 1844 

BAUDRIMONT, (A.) Traits de chimie g6ndrale et exp^rimentale, avec les applications 

aux aru, a la medicine, a la pharmacie, etc. 3 vols. 8vo, /.IH. Paris, 1845 

GUILLOUD, (J. J.) Traits de chimie appliqude anx arts et metiers, et principafement a 
la fabrication des acides. de la sonde, alun, biea de Prasse, et antres prodnits chimiqnes : 
des eanx minerake, de Tether, etc. 3 vols. 13mo,/.10. Paris. 

MUNIN, (M.) Chimie Theoriqne et Exp^rimentale, appliqn6e anx Arts ladnstiieb et 
Agricoles. 8 vols. 8vo, plates, /.]3. ..... Paris, 1S15 

COLIN. Conrs de chimie It Tnaage de MM., les Aleves de I'EooIe sp^dale Militaire de 
Saint Cyr. 4e ed. 8vo, f.8. ...... Paris, 1845 

MILLON, (E.) EMmAnts de Chimie orsaniqne, comprenant les applications de cette sci- 
ence It la philoeophie animate. 3 vols, ^o, /.15 PoTM, 1845 

MILLON, (E. KT J. RsiiST.) Annnaire de Chimie, comprenant les applications de cette 
It la medicine et a la i^armacie, on Repertoire Ass d^ooovertes et des nonveanx tniveanx 
faits dans les diverses parties de TEnrope. 3 vok, 8^b, each /.7 50. Paris, 1845-47 

MUNIN. Chimie Theoriqne et expArimentale appKqn^e anx arts indastrieb et agricoles. 
8 vols. 8vo, /.IS. Pan>, 1845 

8CHUBARTH, (E. L.) Handbnch der techntschen Cbemie. 3 vols. 8vo, and Atlas. 

Beriin, lB3»-40 
MULDER, (G. J.) Veirach einer allgemeinen physiologiscben Chimie. Parts 1-^ 

Brunsw., 1844-5 
DESPRETZ. Traits *6Mnieataire de Chimie, avec rindication des priaaipales applications 
anx seiencei et aox aits ; oaviage dans laqnal les corps sont clas se s pfl^pHkivatoidies. 

S vols. 8vo, planohes, /.17. 




* « 



III. Applied Chemistry. — (Continued.) 

DUFLOB, (A.) n. KIRSCH, (A.) Oekonomiiche Chemie. Vob.l-3.8vo. Bre*lau,19i3 

Pfaannakologiacbe Chemie, Lefare v. d. Chemisch. Aneneiea, a. Giflen. 8vo. 

Breslau, 184S 

RAMMEL8BERO, (C. F.) Handwoiterbach d. ChemiKhen Thetlt d. Mineralogie. 

( A— Z.) and Bnpp. 1-8, 8vo. ..... Berlin, 1841-45 

HIM ON, (J. F.) Handbach der aagewandten mediziBiMh. Chemie. 8 toIi. roy. 8vo. 

Berlin, ]84(M3 

PA YEN. Man ad dn conn de Chimie oiganiqne appUqte anx arts indoftrieb eC af riooles. 
8vols.8vo,/.18. ..... Paris, 1842 

IV. Chemical Manipulation. 

FARADAY, (M.) Chemical Manipulation ; being Instractions to Students 
in Chemistry, on the Methods of peHbrming Experiments of Demonstra- 
tion or Research with aocnracy and saccess. 3d ed., ISt. Lond., 1842 

ROBIERRE, (A.) Trait^ des Manipulations Chimiqaes. Description 

raisonn^e de toutes les operations chimiques et des appareils dont elles 

n^cessitent Temploi. 8vo, /.6 FariSf 1844 

FRANCIS. Chemical ExpeiimenU, iUottratinff the Theorr, Praotioe, aad Application or 
the Scieaoe of Chemistry ; and containing the Propertiet, tJset, Mannfactare, Purification, 
aad Analyai of all Inocgaaio Snbetances : with nnmeioos Engravings of Apparatus, &c 
8vo, 6« iMnuUm, 1843 

ORIFFIN, (J. J.) Chemical Reeraations : a Popolar Compendiam of Experimental Che- 
mistry. For the use of Beginners. 9th edit, lemo. Is. fid. QUugow, 1847 

GRIFFITHS, (T.) Chemistry of the Fonr Seasons; Spring, Snmmer, Antnmn, and 
Winter : an Essay, principally concerning Nataral Phenomena, admitting of Interpreta- 
tion by Chemical Science, and illostrating Passages of Scripture, post 8vo, 10s. 6(<. 

Ijondon, 1846 

ROBIN. Philosophic Chiimqae, ou Chimie exp^rimentale et raJsonn^e. 4e ed.. aug. 8vo, 
vols. L-, /.lO. PoriM, 1843 

V. Chemical Analysis. 

FRESENIUS. Instruction in Chemical Analysis. Qualitative. Edited 

by J. L. Bollock. 2d ed. 8vo London, 1846 

(Reprinted, New-York, D. A. U, Co.) 

— ^ Instruction in Chemical Analysis. Quantitative. 8vo. Lond., 1846 
FOWNES, (G.) Introduct. to Qualitative Analysis. 12mo, 3«. 

London^ 1846 
Chemical Tables, sm. fol., 2«. Sd. ... " 1846 

PARNELL, (E.) Elements of Chemical Analysis. 3d ed. 8vo. 

London, 1845 

ROSE, (H.) Traite Pratique d'analyse Chimlque: tradnit d'aHemand sur la 4eme edit, 
par A. J. L. Jburdain. S vob. 8vo, lit Paris, 1843 

Maanal of Analytical Chemistry, from the Oermaa By J. J. Griffin. 1 vol. 8vo. 

LamUm, 1831 

FRESENIUS. New Method of Alkalimetry, and on determining the Commercial Value 
of Acids and Manganese. By Dri. C. R. Fresenins and H. WiU. Edited by J. L. Bul- 
lock. 13mo, is lAmdon, 1843 

WILL. Outlines of the Course of Clnalitative Analysis followed in the Giesien Laboratory. 
With » Preface by Baron Liebig. 8vo, 6s London, 1846 

GRIFFIN, (J. J.) Chemical Recreations. Part L Manipulation and Blowpipe Analysts. 

8vo, 7« London, 1839 

VON KOBELL, (F.) Instraetions for the Discrimination of Minerals by simple Chemical 

Experiments. 8vo, 2s CHasfow, 1841 

PLATTNER, (C. F.) Useof the Bfewpipe. Transl. by Mnspratt. 8vo. i:.eiuieii, 1844 

LIEBIG, (J.) InstmctioBs for the Chemical Analysis of Organic Bodies. 8vo, 3s. dd, 

Glasgow, 1839 
LASSAIGNE, (J. L.) Dictionnaire des R6actift Chimiques. 1 vol. 8vo. Paris, 1839 

8HAW, (S.) TaMas of the Charaeteristios of Chemical Bnbstaaoas, adapted to fisciliuta 
Chemical Analysis. 8vo. 5s London, 1843 

BARRVWIL BT BOBRERO. Appendioe k tons les tnitae d'aaalyae ««falmiqiie, reoneil 
dti BbwtyitioM pobHAei depnis diz ans tar raaalyw qnalitatiw et qnaatitative. 8vo, /.7. 

Paris, ISO 




V. Chemical Analysis. — {Continued.) 

BERTIIIER. Traiti det omu par la voie Mche, an des proDri6t4t, de la oompoution et de 
VemMX de* i abstanoes m^talliqaes et de> combustibles. 8 vws. 8vo, f.90. PariSf 1834 

PA YEN KT CHE V ALLIER. TiaitA ^Idmentaire des r^actift ohimianes,- lenn preparations, 
leou emplois sp^ciauz, et lenr application 4 I'analyse ; 3e ad., 3 vou. 8vo, 50 fig., /.9. 


ROBE, (H.) Anfanmriind* der qnanthaven mineralogisdi- nnd metallaigisch-analytischen 
Chemie dnreh Beupiele erlintert. Als Einleitanc, zn H. Rose's Handbuch der Analytia- 
chen CHiemie. Fiir Anfftnger bearbeitet von C. F. Rammebberg. 8vo, 8t. Berlin, 1845 

BfENIL, (vu.) Handbuch der Reafsntin- nnd Zeriegyihgsleluo. 8vo. Lem/fo, 1836 

See also Taylor's Medical Jurisprudence, Fowmbs's Manual of Chemistry, Chemical 
Gazette 1843-47, the Chemist 1840-47, Philosophical Magasine, Annaht de Chimio, 
Annalen der Physik nnd Chemie, Jonnial fiir Frakt. Chemie, 6lc. &c. 



CANCELLIERI, (F.) Biblioteta ragiont»dq|U serittori ral gnioo degli aohacefai, ^. ISmo. 


Bee also Bibliographical and Retroapective MisoaDaBy. ISmo, Londamf 1830. Puuiy 
Cyclopedia — Art. Cbbsr. 

ECONOMIC CHESS-BOARD; being a Cheas-Board, provided with a 
complete set of CheaB-Men, adapted for Playing Grames in Carriages or 
out of Doors, and for folding up and carrying in the Pocket, without dis- 
turbing the Game. Invented by P. M. Roget, M. D. In case, 50c. 

New- York, D. A. & Co. 

AGNAL, (H. R.) Chess for Winter Evenings ; or Useful and Entertaining 
Lessons on the Game of Chess. 1 vol. 12mo. 

New- York, D. A. & Co., 1847 


I. The Elements <rf'the Game, and an Elementary Analysis of the Prfaidpal Openings. 

II. The Openings Methodically lUnstrated by a Series of Games actually played over the 
board by the most skilful playen ot' the past and present time, viz.— Pniledor, Da La 
Bourdonnais, Lewis, McDonnel, Cochrane, Staunton, St. Amant, G«oige WaUnr, 
&c. &e. 

III. A Selection of one hundred Chess Problems, or Ends of Games won or drawn by 
brilliant and scientific Moves. 

rV. A series of CbcM-Tales, introducing Positions and Games. 

The whole compiled from the best English sources, with translations from the Fimdi. ^ 

With new ^d oiirinal illustrations, by Robt. W. Weir, N. A., Professor of Drswing 

in the Military Academy, Wast Point. 

STAUNTON, (H.) The Chess Player's Hand-Book. l2mo. 

New- York, D. A. & Co., 1847 

KENNY, (C.) Manual of Chess, containing the Elementary Principles of 
the Game ; illustrated with numerous diagrams, recent games, and origi- 
nal problems. 18mo, 354. New-York, D. A. &, Co., 1847 

TREVAJ{'OADACHAR YA 8UASTREE Essays on Chess ; ada|it«l to the Europaaa 
Mode of Play, consisting principally of positions or eritioal sitnations, calculated to im- 
prove the letuner and exercue the memory. Translated from the original Sanscrit. 8vo. 

^Miftay, 1814 

THE BEAUTIES OF CHESS : a Collectioa of the fiBest Chea Problems extant ; in- 
cinding upwards of two thoosand Curious Positions won or drawn by brilliant " Coups." 
Selected from the Works of the fiiat Chess Writers, Ptet and Presest. imp. 8vo, S4«. 

Pttri9 ana London, 1848. 

JAENISCH'S Chess Preceptor: a new Analysb of the Openiags of Games. Translated 
from the French, with Notes, by George Walker. 8vo, 15«. London, 1847 

LEWIS, (W.) Chesa for Beginners, in a Series of Progressive Lessons, showing the mort 
Approved Mathods of Beginning and Ending the Gime ; with various BituatioBS and 
Check-mates. 18mo, i§.€d, London, 1843 

—— A Treatise on the Game of Chess ; containing an IntroduotioB to the Game, aad aa 
ABaljnris of the various Openings of Games, with sevwal new Modes of Attack aad Da- 
feaoe. To whioh are added, SSaew Chess Problems or Diagrams. 8vo, 18*. London, 1844 

T0MLIN80N, (C.) AmanawBts in Gbere: 1. SkatdM* of the UiMoiv : S. Eaqr Lmmm 
in Chere, a SaleotioB of Oamei iUnrtrativo of the VaiioQa OpSBiap ; 3. BelooUoB of CImm 
Fkoblaoii, or Ends of GaoBM. Fop. 8vo, 4* . <M. . I.Mi0B,184f 

CHESS.— (Continued.) 

WALKER, (O.) Ch«M Stndiet : comprising One Thousand Garnet, aetQaUy pla^ dnrin^ 
the Last Half Century ; presenting a unique Collection of Classical and Brilliant Speci- 
mens of Chess Skill, m eveiy Stage of the Game : and thus forming a complete Encydo* 
paedia of Reference. 8vo, lOs. M LontUm, 1844 

Art of Chess Playing. 13mo, 10*. 6d " 1846 

See also, The Chkss PLiiTKR'i Cbronicls, monthly, I3«. fkL per annum. 
Ls Palkmsdk, monthly, 90 francs per aanam. 

CARRERA. (D. P.) Treatise on the Game of Chess. Translated from the Italian, with 
Notes and Remarks by W. Lewis. 8vo London^ 1822 

PHILIDOR, (A. D.) Studies of Chess. 3 vols. Bro " 1803 

TWISS, (F.) Chess. 2 toIs. 8vo " 1787-89 

An amusing repertory of aneo^otes of Chess players, accounts of Chess Books, and pas- 
sages relating to the game, extracted from an infinity of authors. In volume II. of the 
Author's MiBCBLLAjaKB (3 vols. 8vo. London, 1805,) will be found additions to this interest- 
ing work. 

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Lipaim, 1835-40 
See Macorboor's Progress of America, 1847. McCulloch's Gazetteer. Capt. 
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the Earliest Ages; Missions and Embassies to the Imperial Court; 
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I. GEOGRAPHY, &c.—( Con/in M«f.) 

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and Superstitions. 8vo London ^ 1841 

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tiDas,SSf JAnulon,l(i44 

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mm! Despatches. 8to, 14#. J^ondon, 1843 

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of, a Translation of the Ho^ Scriptures into the Chinese Language. 8vo, 5s, Lond., 1843 

EMPIRE CHIJfOIS (/*) hirtoin descriptive des moan, coatomes, aichiteoture, Industrie 
d« peaple ChiBois, dieinda lea tempa les pliis reeiMs jnqu'k bob ym. 4to, plates, /.30. 





IE. HISTORY.— (Con/inwd) 

A-D'CRDAN. UiitiiirFuil£dijDniiIii>d>l(C)lill«,<nlful«nd>llChiii«jiini'ta 

. d'Yjii i-M aase .v«.t not™ ««. 9voI..]Smo, /.to. . . p.™, is» 

S PITTOSESQUE, Cbini. Jiu M. Pmlhisr. Hto, 73 plain, /.T. Paru. 
J.ETTHKS eDfFUJfTES a aiitnam. Hmb-Sn. NDHTdlo Lettm fdJBula. 8 
Sn PmcHtBP'i Bannhn iDio Uii Flijilal Hlstorj of Minliind, wl TV. 


FR£MARE, (p.) NoLidB lingan ainiciB. 4ui. . . Malacca, IB31 

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87* Wicn. 1B45 

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and Japanese Langaages, etc. ray. Bto, 10s. . Balavia, 1B35 

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KEMUSAT. (A.) i:i£miii>i.<tBliiGrann.<»ChinolH. wy. gvo. . . Pirii, IBU 

THOM, (R.J Cbinw uJ Engluh Vociljfilur. e>D. .... Ct>iUii) ISU 
MARSHM AN, (J.) Clavis Sinica, or EleraenlB of Chinese GramniRr, pic, 

410,0 3* SiiTampore,l8li 

DEGUIGNE9, DletionnairechinoiB, IknrjaLsetlnlin. folio. Parit, IS13 
MORRISON. (Db, R.) Diclionary of the Chinese Language, in 3 pnnB. 

1. Qiiiu» and EnglMl airup^ ncconllDg >0 Ik; BailicBli, 3 vail. 4tD. XT'Ui. 

Grammar of Ihe ChitirEB Language. 4to, £1. Serda^are, 1815 

Vww of CliliiB, for Philologiea] PorpiHi. DslpiM foi U» OK of Bnw who •iDdr 

thcChlDnc Laitgaafi, 4U>. .... , . . , '~ Mtcae. lait 

ChiiiwMiKxllanv;nul<liiijiDrUTiiiiia] BulniHi from CthaasAnlMn. in Ibe Un- 
live Chnncur, wiUi rnnitUinni and Philoln^cnl Remnilu. 4tii, tOi. lU. Ijnid.. }mi 

MEDHURST, (W, H.) Dictionary of ihe Hok-keen Dialect of ibi ChinMe 
Language, containing 13/JOO CharocierB. 4to, £2 3i, XMifcn, 1838 

BIBLE, {Thf), tranalated from (he Originals inio the Chiil»«e Lnngunge, hy 
Dr. MBTBliman, in 5 pana. 8to, £5 5*. ... Stramp-irr. 

Epiaiies, ice., from James to Revelations. Sa. 

DUPONCEAU, (Db.) DiBsertatlon on the Nsnre tfnd CharaecerDf the 

Chinese System of Writing. Svo PiiUd., WX 

xm> GUTZLAFF, (C ) Two Lellere on the Chinese System of Wij- 

rting- 4to PhiUd,lS4a 

■ jVBSTpS, (S.) FsQ-hy-cheo ; n Tale from the Chineae ; wiih Noica aDd 

.' . iCliinew Gtamtnar, 8vo Zonrfon, 1814 

^^i, ISl^^OTH, Supplimenl su dictionnaire chinols. tbiio, Parif, 1S19 

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Macao, 1841 

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China T, J. Hoffmann, folio, 9j, . . iejiitfc, J£40 

CONFUCIUS ET MENCIUS. Lea quatrea Livrea aacrifl des CUbd^ff*- 

dnits en fran^aia par Panihier. ISmo, /.3 50. ;>.. foit.- 

STAUNTON, (StsG.) Ta Taing Lea Lee ; being the Fundameninltli** 

and a Selection from the Suppleinentaty Slatntes of the Pendl Ootorf'" 

China. Tranal, roy. 4io, ..... Londm, 1810 

NARRATIVE of the Chinese EmbajBT to the Khan of the Tourgouth 

Tarlara, in the yettta 1713, '13, '14, and '15; by the Chinese Ambaasador. 

Ttanaloied. Svo. London, IfQI 



CHINA.] 99 [c^HOMjlTOGaAPinr. ■ 


m. LANGUAGE.— (CoWmrxa/.) 

THOMS, {F. P.) CliineK Courtship, in Vcree, with the Chinese Tpii. 4c. 

DAVIS, (J. F.) The Fonunale Union ; a Romance, Iranai. from ihe Chi- 
na*, with Nol«, 4.=. 4lo London, im 

Huig Koong Teew, or Ihe Somiwa of Han, a Chineee TrBgedy. Irens- 

Uted. vrilh Not™, tc. -Ito London, 1839 

JOLIBN. (S.) Hoei-lan-ki, ua I'Hisloire de Csrcle de Craie. Dmme en 
PraK el en Vera- trad, avee no.™. 4c. 8»o. . , i™dm, 1832 

Le Livre des RecoropeoMa el dea Feinea. Bvo. . . Farit. 


MILLS, (Cb.) History of ChivBlry, or Knighthood MdiBTiniM. 2voU. 

(R^iriniBl, »«w-r«*, H. Bm'..) 
JAMES, (G. F, R.) ilistoryofChiYalryandtheCraMdcfl. IStno, 6#, ■ 
London. 1S30 

Practice of ChiTairy, 

Put 1, God.^f'iidDi. ISdv /j-tli-n. 1R44 

" >, nncndiu. ISbd. " IBte 

PERROT, (A. M.) C<.llo^iih>.i<Hiq«d>.ord>«d.d»v.brie«.ir,«iinnitMn«ifl»i 

DKiECLtTSB, (E.J.J Rol..d,mI.Cta..l«i.. a™(..8vo. . . P,r„, 1M5 

KOTTESKAMF. rF. von.} Der Rllliml: ilm CcKhioriK rl« Riti«iKnni>. mam 
Eauuhnii UDil FoniBip.icliur Grbimliubg niid SiKJrn. unucli, riliDUI von f. ton 

CARLISLE. (N.) A nni^iK KFaonl of IIh- «nnl FomliEB Onleii af Knl-hlhood. and 

BVRKB-(JJ Ti«K.»hl.gterGi«tBnt».B«dlr-l.nd, IS™.!.. /.™*«, IMl 

K„i,hl.orii.i!«».,fci!.ft=.,rn,n.l79a«.lhrpn»enl[Im.. 8... /jnuta., IBM 
■ELTZ. Cej4 H«n.<.ri.l.of U,.l>.d»,or>b. C«tt,, rnin. iU FDdnd.l.<,» w Ihf F™-nl 

Tbi> wort fonni ■ oompMe lititiKi of Ihg Ordn Df Ihe Tinpk. Aixa Iha •nar In 
: baaduin ia Filoiiu, n> il» period of .u mbohuon bT the Fow.iMlllwOinpnl of 


,, . FIELD,(G.) Chromatics; or, the Analogy, Harmonf, and PhiloBOphy of 
- Coloora. NeweJiiion, angmented.evo, U pjaiea, ia». LonJoa.lSiS 

«.'-''' WkY. |D- R.) A NomenclatDR of Colonr>, llaea, TinDi, and Shadea, ip- 

f \\ '^plicable lo Ihe Art! and Naioral Scimcmi, to Mannfiicmrea and other 

■* Parpo«a of GeneniLXJinity. 8vo, 40™joarfd plalea, 31,. £«,„ , IMS 






CHROMATOGRAPHY.— (Co/i/mwerf.) 

HAYTER, (C.) Treatise on Colours. Royal 8vo, e«. London. 

GOETHE, (J. W. VON.) Theory of Colours, translated from the German, 
by Eastlake. 8vo, 12» London, 1841 

THE PRINCIPLES OF DESIGN and Colour, comprising the Arrange- 
ment and Disposition of Forms with facility and success in the various 
patterns for Silk, Cotton, Woollen, Paper, and other Manufactures : to- 
gether with the Matching of Colours, so as to produce elegance and rich- 
ness of effect. Illustrated with Plates, containing Diagrams of the 
Principles of Colour. 4to, 21*. . . London, 1847 

BACHHOFFNER, (G. H.) Chemistry as Applied to the Fine Arts. 8vo, 
78. 6d London, 1837 

PORTAL, (F. DE.) Essry on Symbolic Colours, in Antiquity, the Middle 

Ages, and Modem Times. From the French. With Notes by W. S. 

Inman. 4to, illustr., lOs. 6d London, 1845 

t GREGGIRE. Th^orie des coalean appliqu^e a la pratique dei arts indostrids. 2d ed., 

8vo, /.5 50. . . . . . . . . Paris, Ii39 

CIIEVREUL, (M. E.) De la loi dn contraste timnhand dei Colonn et de rauortement 
des obiets colori^s, coiuiddrd d'apres cette loi dans ses rapports aveo la peiature, les tapis- 
series aes Gobelins, &c. &c. 8vo, et Atlas in 4to,/.30. . . Strasbourg, 1839 

See Handbook of \^ater Coloars. AcKBRiiaNN's Manaal'»f Colonrs, 1845. Pkr- 
soz*B Traite de I'impressions des Tissns, etc. 


NICHOLAS, (H.) The Chronology of History, containing Tables, Calcu- 
lations, and Statements indispensable for ascertaining the Dates of Histo- 
rical Events, and of Public and Private Documents, irom the Earliest Pe- 
riod to the Present Time. 2d ed., 1 vol. fcp. dvo, 6*. . London, 1840 

HAYDN, (J.) Dictionary of Dates to all Ages and Nations. 8vo, 18«. 

London, 1846 

the Creation to the Present Time ; with Additions and Corrections from 
the mqet Authentic Writers ; including the Computation of St. Paul as 
connecting the Period from the Exode to the Temple. By Sir Henry Ellis. 
Imp. 8vo, half mor., 31«. 6(2 London, 1844^ 

CHRONOLOGICAL TABLES of Ancient and Modem History, synchro- 
nistically and ethnographically arranged, etc. 2 parts, iblio. 

Oxford, 1835-46 

HALES, (Rev. W.) l^ew Analsysis of Chronology and Geography. 

4 vols. 8vOy63«. . ..^ London, 1830 

, HAMPSON, (R. T.) M0dii.iBvi Kalendarinm : or Dates, Charten, aa^Cnstoms of tfa« 
. * Middle Agat. 2 vols. 8vo Z.ondon, Idll 

CORY, (J. P.) Inquiries : Metaphysical, Mytholt^cal, and Chronological. 13mo, 13*. 

/.oadoit, 1837 

L*ART DE VERIFIER LES DATES des faits historiques, &c., avant 

I'ere chr6tienne. 5 vols. 8vo Paris, 1820 

depuis la naissance de Jesus Christ. 18 vols. 8vo. . " 1818-19 

depuis I'ann^e 1770jusqu'&, nos jours. 16 vols. 8vo. " 1821-34 

Continuation de la 3* partie ou plut6t quatri^me partie de I'ouvr, en — vols. 

Le 17e vol. contient rhtstoire de six des dtatt-aais de I'Amiriqne da Nord ; lo ]8e 
vol. contient I'histoire de six autres dt^-unis. C*est au 13e volnnM in 8vo, que 
commence I'histoire de TAm^riqae. 

HARMON VILLE, (A. L. d'.) Dictionnaire des Dates, das FaiU, des Kens et des hom- 
mes illustres. 2 vols. 4to, /.45. Parit, 

IDELER, (L.) Lehrbnch der Cbronologie. 8to Berlim, 1831 

Handbuch der mathemattschen und techntachtfn Chionolofie. 3 vols. 8vo. 

Berlin, 18SS-96 
Bee Climtoii 'a Fasti HeUoiiei, and Fasti Romaai. Uf bbe's Annab. Compan. to 
British Almaaao, r. y. 




CHRONOLOGY, Ecclesiastical. — See Theology, 

SPENCER, (E.) Travels in Circassia, &c. 3d edn. 2 vols. 8vo. Lond., 1837 

bell, (J. S.) Journal of a Residence in Circassia in 1837^8-39. 3 

vols. 8vo. London, 1840 


GUIZOT, (F.) The History of Civilization, from the Fall of the Roman 

Empire to the French Revolution. Trans, by William Hazlitt. 3 vols. 

post 8vo London, 1846 

(Reprinted New-York, D. A. & Co.) 

MACKINNON, (W. A.) History of Civilization. 2 vols. 8vo, 24s. 


MARX, (C. F. H.) & WILLIS, (R.y On the Decrease of Disease eflected 

by the Progress of Civilization. Fcp. 8vo, 4*. London, 1844 

BROTONNE, (F. de.; Civilization primitive, ou Essai de restitatioa de la periode anto' 
faistoriqae, jtoor lervir d'iatroductiuD a i'histoire oniveraelle. 8vo, /.7 50. . Paris, 1845 

DRUMANN. (W.) Grandria der Caltur-Geichichte. ISmo, As. , Kstdgsb., 1847 

ROUX-F ERRAND. Hi«toire des Piogivs de la Civilization en Europe, depais I'dre chre- 
tiennejtuqa'au XIXe titicle. 6 vob. 8vo, /.42 Paris. 




BIBLIOTHRCA Scriptoram Cla'toicoram et Grscoram «t Latinoram : an Alphabetical 
Catalogue of the Edition* of the Greek and Latin Ciassicf , their Tranilations, Commenta- 
ries, and Di«3ertation4, that have appeared in Germany and the adjacent Countries up to 
the end of 164C. Ed. by W. Engelmann. 8vo, 80 Leiptig,iM1 

HOFFMANN, (S. F. G.) Lexicon bibliographicum, live index editionum scriptor. gra>cor. 

3 vols. Hvo LeipiV, 1833-36 

MOSS, (W.) A Mannal of Clauical Bibliography. 12 vols. 8va. London, 1825 

8C11WEIGER, (F. L. A.) llandbuch der classischen Bibliographie. 3 vols. 8vo. 

J^ipzig, 1830-34 
WAGNER, (F.) Grandms der ClasMschen Bibliographie. 8to. . Breslau, 1840 

COLERIDGE, (H. N.) Introduction to the Study of the Greek Claasic 
Poets. Designed principally for the use of the Young at School and Col- 
3d edn. 12mo, 5s. 6d Londony 1845 

OR AFENHAN, (A.) Geschichte der Claasischen PMlologie u. Alterthum. 
3 vols. 8vo, 30» Bonn., 1843-46 

DIBDIN, (T. F.) Introdaction to the Knowledge of Rare and Valuable 
Editions of the Greek and Latin Classics. 3 vols. 8vo. . London, 1827 

ELTON, (C. A.) Spcchnens of the Classic Poets, in a Chronological 
Series from Homer to Tryphiodorus. Translated into English Verse and 
illustrated with Biographical and Critical Notices. 3 vols. 8vo. 

See Fuhrxan'b Ilandbncli der Clawiscben Literatnr. London, 1814 

MUSEUM CRITICUM: A Series of Papers, Criticisms, Essays, Fragments of Greek 
and Roman Authors, &c., bv manyof the most talented Critics, including Bishops Bloom- 
field and Maltby, Professor Monk, Klmsiey, Dr. Bumey, Hare, &c., &c. 2 vols. 8vo. 

OiiR^.. 1896 

CI^SSICJiL MUSEUM. V<*. 1-4, 8ro T^nAm, 1843-46 

REPERTORIUM der elasMoben Philologie and der anf sie sich beziehenden pOdagog- 
ischen ShrifVen. Ueraoif . Ton G. MUblmann und £. Jenicke. 8 vols. I. tl.-, 18«. 

SMITH, (W.) A New Classical Dictionary. Will comprise the same 
subjects as are contained in the well-known Dictionary of Lemprifere, 
avoiding its errors, supplying its deficiences, and exhibiting in a concise 
form the rendu of the labours of modem schoUrs. It wHl thus supply 
a want that has been kmg felt by most peraons engaged in tuition. One 
volume, 8vo. (u pran.) 


Abmiwh. JUrlluni. . 
Arkdnliann, .Mitlvi/. 9iaU. 

CDnHliDi NcFBi. Dadlwr'. . 
DenKilUieaiii. Di-Kiliirf. 3 mil. 
SuniiilB, DUiiarf, 9v<il>. , 
HviodntiH. Mitlitr. New sd, 
UalDdni. IHfta-f. .. . 
llaUK^i lliu. fmflttf. . 

TmcBsm's SreaEOTyFE Editions oi 

comclerJ Ten. 16mo. 
-SnUl Vini Iti.toHi. Henc)Ma PoD- 

j^»tljii>i* i>nr«rip Opi-ra. 1 t 

jflii^lirll TmnDdi>< - - 1 C 

ArnhDlo^lji BrscL 3vdIi, S( 

W HI." '. ' . 1 ( 

AfnWniiRliwIilAno.inuikii. . Oil 

II. MeliipJivw. . I 

III. Di- Ciila. dr GencnliDnf, I 
IVl MBUDrolo^en. , I . 

vi!'KCi,S2r,S"p™ibJ, J-" ■*■ 

s. Fine paper, ISmo. Leipt, 

[>ndiiu, SdHvurBfifn-CViunu. 110 

niBitu. »U^. 3 •iri>. lame. . 1 H 

loUrahH. &«i/ir. S'cih. . 110 

rhHKiilu, Biun It Hiwibu. Jfit- 
(uonionliiBipMllUaCTri.ihmliir/. ^0 

'"_' V vW."iX- Ore- 



bm. U> OfficUi 
Vol. X. Cta m 

Ucmotd^th or. riijl^fpte- ' 8 

liiiMJon>aH. .(nU. * OIUO 

DiuuFnh LunH ita lilk nhilOKirdi. 

IrEnX-SH*. . - . , SB 
niDn);iliii IblliwIIBU-nBi. tt v«li. B 

Itoi»iisiiTll^ Kan. 

V«l. II, l.ibri ie Oratow, BiolM, 

duoM.'irni'""'"""- • * 3 e Lliu Orilii 

Vol. III. Or«iu pn> asiiillo. pn tdtrntUt. 

mcdo. iiiCBci]iiimi>tVKiliii^ « ! 
Vol. rv. 0..n. jm rotMs, pre 

ih Iwu^i, B«bii», in OMII- 

uv.Ile. as 

Vsl. V. Orul. p» Ciriio, it pniti- 

fUia, R. UeJDUiD, FhDipkiB ^[V. 3 

Ua>U E^]r. 

iMugn'i Zodluu vHib^ 


U. EDITIOKS— (ConfmueJ.) 

0..(}nHffiO|m. txili. 

TbMjihhM ChlTVL. fSjiliiKa M> 



nnuichi MofftlU A voIl 

FtlybH HiMsilE. 4 rsb. 
FntgnaM Gmgnphls, Vol. t 
aniBiiltul Iiuin. aniorii. Sma. u 
QniBtl Sminmi. Tlfpliiodari, TlMu 
« ColnlEJ Cumin lie »b. Tnluii. 

Bdluuoi. D 

BesWE Op«m. i tbIl 

Seanm Trumliv- , - . . 
eUii lliHri PmiKafiiiii. UM XVH. 
; Sophocl™ TimgiKli". arab. 

BiDbKi Plinil>^uai, 3 vob. . . 

CJlTLItr^ARISCannMiiitidebdhiGiJIIuiBtclvai. AoonlimtinnJilMfcUimi 

HOHERI CudIu. iHUBiiiiai ikvbiwhiii Wi>iai, cum i>i>fulBHGiil«nn)i Kpnninr 

Hvnrn HbriEiDl utiiifiibBf et dprwnUtarum ardwiw, (Mm f^umcDt 
int.^ O. F. naton^ Nori Ain I ' llSlI I >lHmubiJi 

C. CORNELLITACITInnn, comlndwiniia. AdspUBOBnUbr.UBnBdnnvtt C 
aWclHi. a ml... 7. ... 1(H 

THUCVDima dn l»llo PelopanseiiECD libii \ 
Ucfaut. 7i. 

XEKOFHONTia da CrD.D»i|>><°'> l<l>i VID. 

Cv. Friitct. Aait.ilabbr. 3i. lU. 

AKIBTOtElja O^ia'Oaaii sd» ciiui.sdtdtt C. II. Wiiiii, Bap Tolnmii 

T.LJI CICEKONM Onsn oniBiB. ina vglsmlu aomiirahlMm) %K ncuikttii Eioe- 
lodi— i«*(HWa£^ H. Cu. KriJ. Aai. NoUbt, rn>r. tk Aii>iI*ibIl Llp^n.. i-i 

iv Ni™Mi[M.»aw«. an.. . . . . , . , if7 

apennnl DiDBacldria-nllUmm fruniewi, Ei 
im Siunb«i<ini. at V«iaohsaBii*> M« pwln 

. I.lVIt Pvnvloi Il»l»<ini<>>>1 
rrfiqU. DIK^ vvlui 


BJgLlOTHBCA GPMCA ■. Vl«in:iii dorUiniin oprra recognim ci 
' "itBiKia, enntnllbia Fr. Jarnlie I't V. C. F. RuM. Svo. Gotiu. 

.e»?CMTI,lTn««i-ai=i.,.Nl liiauwn. 

I. AeampBiiitiQ. 'j. iw. *. Cfni'i-hnr^.F*. 
A^^ACRBONTIS ri|i,,|,liu. rl BripDs fmpmilW, rt, B. A. MirWdi, 2., M. 
Ilf.l.f-.CrCf Ernommoio-n GnHonrg. «1. F. jBcsbi. S.. 
PEMOBTIIENISnrBlioanMRlf.tJ. Siappa. Vol. I. Stct. 1. 9.. ty, 
emiPIDIS Traari^dlr, ed. Plli«k. >^>!>. I. mil tl. 

Vll. 1. S«T. I. M»l».*d. a. St. U. S«4. 4, H.'.h. «i. ri 9.<U ) 

dn>n>ub>.. ^. M. Bwl. 4. ll^irWa, 3>. U. 
I'd. II. tl^^I. I. Hd»ii;3(. U l«4«l,l AIobU 


iGaCEflHIS OrUiaUB SdHUbM. J. II. 

Brtl. 3. HenikB Pi 

E<Llt..ty.«.' . 

.!>•■> I.. li.M. 
■d J. II. Bml 

ecUB>id«<i. Vol. i..g>. 





n. EDITIONS.— (CoTi/iwMed.) 


2. Phsdo, 2s. 6d. Sect. 

FLATONIS Opera, ed. Stallbftam. Vol. I. to IX. 

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Vol. II. Sect. 1. dorgiu, ed. II., 4s. Sect. 3. Piotagons, ed. II., 3s. fid. 
" III. •' 1. 2. De Repablica— rfjrrtntijv. 

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" V. " 1. Laches, Channides, Alcibiades uteraae, is. fid, 0eet. 2. Cratylns, 4s. 
"VI. " 1. Eothydemns, 3«. Sect. 2. Meno et £uthyphro et inoerti script. Theages 
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Vol. VII. Sect. 1. Timnus et Critias, 7s. 
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, is. 6tf. 

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s^par^, relie en toile. F. Didot et frdrcs. Paris. 

HOME RE, d'apnis la leoension de G. Dindorf, et Fragments dos CyoUqoes. 1 vol./. 16. 

II&dlODE, Appollonias Rhodins, Tnrphiodonis. Colotha*. Qaintos BmymiMM, Tzetxes, 
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1vol./. 18 

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1 VOI./.20. 

HERODOTE, texte 6tabli |>ar M. GoUlaQme Dindorf, traduction mvne. Soivi de CMsias, et 
de> chronographes, publics par M. TJi. Mnller. 1 fort vol. /.21. 

THUCYDIDE avec let Scholiee, pnU. par Haase. 1 voL/.18. 

XENOPHON. (SavrM oompMtes, d'aprie la le oB i ion de L. Dindorf. 1 vol. /.18. 




n. EDITIONS,— (Continued,) 

DIODORE DB SICILE, avec tons ki fragments, pabli^ par M. Dindorf et M. Ch. MiiUer. 
2 roL/.30. 

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todemi, Phaaodemi, Androtionis, Demonis, Philochori, Istri, et Apollodori Bibhotheca cum 
fragmentis. ansamnt notis et prolegomenis iilnstramnt Car. et Theod. Mulleri ; a(>c»dant 
marmora Parium et Ros^tannm, boe cum Letronaii, illnd cum C. Mulleri Commentariii. 
1 fort volume, fJH. 

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par M. Diibner. 1 voL /.18. 

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♦ ' 

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2 vol. /.36. 

Le teste giec seal, en nn vdnme, /.18. 

JtOUVEAU TESTAMEJrr^ pabM par Tischendorf, d4di6 k Mgr. Tarchev^qae de 
Paris. Ivol./.IG. 

Greek Authors, with French Translations. Didot, Paris. 

H0M£RE, traduction nouvelle, avec le teste en regard, par M. Dugas-Montbel, membie de 
I* Academic des Inscriptions. Densieme Edition, revue avec le plus grand M>in. 9 vol. papier 
v61in. X3. 10«. 

V ILIAD E ET VODYSSEE, et les poSmes bomeriqnes, tiad. senle. 2 foils vol. in 
8o, pet. pap. 8« 

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in 8o, 12. 

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College royal de France et k la Faculte des lettres de Paris. 8s. 

DION CASSIUS. Histoire romaine, traduite en fran^ais, avec des notes critiques, histo- 
riqaes, etc., et le teste en regard, par M. E. Gros, inspectenr de I'Acaddmie de Pari*. 
Tome 1, grand in 8o. 10«. 

VALPY'S FAMILY CLASSICAL LIBRARY; being a Series of the best 
English Translations of the Greek and Latin Classics ; with Biographical Sketches, 
Portraits, Maps, Notes, &c. 52 vols. 18mo, jCU. 14«. London,Y.y, 

(Reprinted, New- York, H. & Bro's.) 

This selection includes those Authors only, whose works may be read by the yonth of 

both seses. 

Demosthenes. .... Transl. by Lelaad. Vol. ]. 

Sallust. Rme. Vol. 2. 

Xenophoa's Anabasis aadCyropcdia. Spelman and Cooper. Vol. 3, 4. 

Herodotus. ..... Beloe. Vol. 5-7. 

Virgil. Wrangham, Sotheby, and Dryden. Vol. 8, 9. 

Pindar and Anacieon, new translations. Wheelwright and Bourne. Vol. 10. 

Tacitus. Murphy. Vol 11-15. 

Thflophrastus. with 50 engravings. ..... Vol. 16. 

Horace and Phrdms. ...... Vols. 17, 18. 

Juvenal and Persins. Dr. Badham and Sir W. Drummond. Vol. 19. 

Thucydides. Smith. Vol. 2(^^82. 

Plutarch's Lives, with engravings. .... Vol. 23-S9. 
Hesiod, and the Cassandra of Lyoophroa ; with Bion, Mosohot, 

Masseus, aad Sappho. C. Elton, Esq., and Lord RojstOB. Vol. 30. 


n. EDITIONS.— (Con(inH«;.) 

CluMo'i OnuiDH, OSc 

ind Eputlva, Dryden, Pope, 
«, lad TivBtivj 0D Old Agi 


HOLLAND, (J.) The History iind Descripdon of Foeail Fnel, At Collk- 
Hes, and Coal Trade of Greai Brimiii. 2d «d. 8vo, wwdcula, 14*. 

Landan, 1S41 

JOHNSTON, (J, W. F.) The Ecooomy oT ■ Coal Erid, Sro. 

London, 1841 

DUNN, (M.) An Hietohoal, Gedwuml, nnd DencripUve View of the Coal 
Trnde of ibe Norlb af England) comptelieiiiliiig its Rise, Prugresi. 
Presenl Sutp, and Fularc PrgspectB. To whleh are appended, a Concise 
Notice of lX\e Fecizlittrili™ v! cep«in Cool Fields in Greol and 
Ireland; and nbo a Genernl t1Mwibti«it.of 4Kc Coal Mines of Belgium, 
drawn ap from aclnal ins|iecLion, Bvn, T«. . Zondon, 1844 

MAMMATT, (E.) Geologieol FaeU! of Ashby Coal Field. Boy. 4to,4a». 

BkLiei.l'i Gcalogjr. Peaa; CfulopadiL M'Cii1.uh;b'> DictionuT. Itn. fte. 


COUBARD D'AULNAY, Monographic do Cafi. on Manuel <le I'amnlenr 
de Cafii, ouvroge conlcnanl la description ct la Cullure da catier, I'bimoire 
du Cai6. Bea characiiree commerciani, aa preparation et ses propri^i^. 
2d ed- 8YO./.4 50 Pori., 1842. 

COINS AND MEDALS.— (See Numismatics.) 

LEWIS, (G, C.) On the Govermnent of Dependencies. Svo, 12.. 

Ltindm, 1941 
'' ^*-', MERIVALE, (H.) Leclurea on Coloniialion and Coloni™. 2 vols. 8vo, 

>, ' 94« Landan, 1841^ 

' NAPIER, (CoL. C. J.) Coloniialion, eqiecially in Southern Atuttalla. 
8vo Lmdon, 1839 

COLOUR.— (In Painting.) 

BUBNET, (J.) Practical Hinla on Colour in Fainling. 4lo, 3I«, 6<l. 

LcmdoTi, 1829 

HOWAdD, (Frank.) On Colour, na b Meaneof An, being an adaptnlinn 
of the Eipeiienee of Profe«sorB lo the Practice of Amoteura. illnstrated 
by 18 coloured platea. post Sto, Si , London, 1838 


MOLLIEN. Voyage dans la rripubliqne de Columbia, omi!e de csrtes, de 
vues, et de diver* coatmneH. Sd. ed. 9 vols. e(0,/.14. . Paria. 

8« Micoiaeoa'a PraiiBiiir Anniici. 9ri>l..eFii, 1S4T. 



>f FuUlK'tl Econsi 

rails df the t 

fivo, 48». 
CRAIK, (G. L.) Tlip 

Times. 3 vols- 2tei>, 
M'CULLOCiJ, (/. R.) 

Oll,of Commeree and 

HiBiorjool Rfsffarehea inlu ihf Polilica, Inlercoon 
t'liiin^iil Noiiuiiat^ the Anclpnl Wotld. 4 vi> 

Oa/oridind London, 1833-16 
History of BciaA Comemro from the Earliest 

4*. fiJ. , , . Zondon, 1B4 

\ Uiciionnrj'. PraeHcsl Thmretiofll. and Hielor 
Conjnier<;iaJ NavigiHuti. Illuelrnted with Maps 

vo, SUi. .... Landmt, 1846 

msrcial Getjgrnphji. and NaTigBIit>Ii, 6vo, mnpa, lOi. Gil. London, tS4G 

HACGREGOft, ( J-) Cpmmucial SLilUlica^a Digest t)r Ilie FroducIiTo 
ReNiaicf«, Cooinieidal Legubtion, Ci^tomH, Tariflg, Navigation, Port, 
and tlaaraniinc Laws, and CtMrgra, Shipping, Tmporis, and Eipona, and 
the Monejn, Wi^ighia, aiul Memra of all Nations ; inclading all Britieh 
Cmmnervial Tt«ii«B witb Foreign Slates ; compiled from authentic 
record*, and conaolidaM iri^ Mptcial refFrcncd to Briiiati and Foreign 
Prododa, Trade.and NaTig«0«w. 3 vg|3. royal 8vo, £4. 14., 6d. 

London, tB44-7 

TOOKG. (T.) AEIkurrDfrrim. »^lh rrihifumalheCKiwaaribeir Piindpd Vorii- 
Uaai fnnn ITB-ito thg pmeut limi, 3 veil, »tD, 3(i>. IjiHiim, \iae 

M'CULLAUH. (VI. T.l InduitriiJ HUor; at Ki» NHiddi canudiKd In nlUiu M 
UiHrDometfia luUlnuoln ud ISiunil foUcf. aioti.^o, 3t(. y.niJini. IMS 

MILBL'RN. {Via.) OriMHil (^<nin>«» ; mnUiiilnK ■ 0««np)>k*] DmrJutlDO of ll» 

KDCipal pUm In Ih* V.M Indis. L'Uina, ud Ia|i>ii. with ibnr fmililce, MuuruUini, 
■a«, lU. 9vi>li.«g AsuJh, 1813 

DBPFING. (G. B.J UulaiiEdiiCaniiiwicaeBMtd^vutill'EunipediiiDulBrroiuda, 


■UoB im Coloai 

. a Tom 

bsSdnotar Tnde. uipplisd Is LigldaliiHi. 

BTIKLING. (P. 1. J.) TSi PhiUnDiihT af Trade, or OnlNiis of I 
pFkft: inolndiDf «D ElAiBuiAUan of tbe Pnnctp4« wfakli dttvTTE 
Con. LibouMUHlCiimilDy. Hro, I0i,6i«. 

BUCIIAHAN. (U.J Isauinr tua Um Tuuiod ud CaaraeRUI ) 
with ObMtvilioiii oa liiePriiiolfittiDrCiimDiiyud Kichufnl 



ANNUAISB GENERAL DU I'lnduairie. d^ la Ma- 
patratDK el de I'Adtninistrelinn. Alnianach dn 500,000 AdreaKs rt 
Almuiach dta AdrcMe* de Paris, 1. par rues el par nnm6ro8 de msisons ; 
9. parordrealphsMiiqae ; 3. parprufi^Bion. Ceideui Alioaiiaclm r^nnis 
en nil tea\ par MM. Firinin Didol ne lonnrnl plus qu^ne pnblicaiion. 
AnaCe 1847. Neuvi^me ann^e de sa publication. 4lo, de 1800 pages, 
aTec lableaui, etc., conlennnl la raaliire de 30 volumes in Sro, Sir 

Parit. 1847 
OrmUBUl: I. laUuti«B«ralDd«>*ildniBndD Purii : B. Ii dMpiulos. poor tint M 
In phadpabt tUla its mDnid, lis NMiwiuB. FilirkiiiD. uTtMAin. Mc. >f« la 

•b-, ; 4. !■ IMa dH Aeadimin, Badtlto •iiuul CkuBlm. BomiM, OhIb.'BIIk 
todHqw <t MaHH. Jwuai . TMUn. Huhu tt fttu, MuMoiriH. me. lu. ; 
•tMkmMi osmpbto dH pdtdi M nMH aairtni M malm ; S, k Tuff d« dogaw 
auBliM; a. I'Blal rtaf nl dot niali d> paUB ; T, laa pnaalpa^ Csiwda rDrinina; 

!• piai i, w.goO tonliUi ; 



COHMEBCE.] 106 [con CHOUIG Y . 


COSTBLLO. (Miss.) Jaqoee Conr, ihe French Argonaut anil hid Timn.'^ 

Bvo, cnis, 14« Laadan, IMT 

l/ICTIOJfJfjURK DU rOjlMr£RCE«ldl>iMui;hudi>ei:puMM. BluqM. Chiva- 
DlCTI(l.yJfAIRe OJViyERSELf.Eia Com<ar<c^,im\t Hiiiiii» « da MjiBBftBuTM. 
HAUTERIVE rr DASSY. Beiiiril d« Iiill«i de Cumiiicrai ■( a> ir«>%*tlai lie !■ 

HAUROr. Do Comnim ds Psupln d> I'AfriqsB ifpUKIriDH]. du> r>Iitk|iiiM. I> 


SMITH, [J. W.) A Cumpendimn of Metcantilf Law. 8»o. S5». 

(H>pnul«], Now-roik, 1M7, D. A. & Cd.| ZandoB. 1643 
MASSE. Le DnHl CommerciFL Pvn. Took I W S. ael,7i, AJ. . Parif.lMII 

BEDDtB, (J.) HUUriu) Vm of Ibe Lv> of MonUine Comincrre. •«», Ml. 
CHITTV, f J.) A TicUiHou Uh Lio DTOmiiicm ind Hl»I>ru>an«.l>d Uie Coolractt 
PARDESSUS, (M,] Caun di, digit Cemmsrcilll. Wl dill, Sxiii. Bro. . riWA 1^1 
« dn moron i«e, 3 yoli. »lo'. Pan*. Wa 


SWAINSON, (W.) A Treatise on MalBcolagri or the NBlaral Claaaili- 
calioQ of Sbells and SbcU-Bab. Tcp. 8vo. . . London, IB40 

CATLOW. (Aqnes.) Popular Conchology ; or, Ihe Shell Cabinet sr- 
raugeij: being an IntroducLion lu the Modem System of Conchology ; 
with a Slietch of the Nalaral History uf the Atiimils. an account of the 
Ponnntion of tbc Shells, and a complete DcBcripiiTe Lin of the Familiea 
and Genera. Fcp. 8to. with 319 woodcnta, 10«, M, . Loadon. 1842 

MACGILLIVRAY, (W ) Conchologisi's Teit-Book ; embracing the Ar- 
rangemenle of Lamarck and Lirniffua, with a Gloaaary of Technical 
Terms : to which ia added, a brief Account of the Mollnsca. Sixth ed., 
fcp., engrav., 5» Glaigoa, tSiS 

SOWERBY,(G. B.) A Concbological Manunl. lUust. by 650 ligarea. 
ad ed., Svo London, 1842 

The Conchologieal lilBBirationB, or Coloured Fignrea of all the hitherto 

anfigared recent SbeUa. gio Loadm, 1833-^ 

WOOD, (W.) Index TeBtDceologicus ; or.a Catalogue ofShells. British end 
Foreign, arranged accordfag to the Linnean System ; with the Latin and 
Engliah Namca, Rcferencea to Aalhota, and FUcea where found. Ilius- 
trated with 2300 coloured figareB. Sd ed., Sto, £6. ITf. id. Load. 1838 

REEVE, (L.) ConchiJogia Systetnaticn ; or, complete System of Con- 
chology : in which ihe Lepades end Conchiferous Mollusca are described 
and cTisilii'd according to their Natural Organization and Habits. S toIb. 
4la, 300 plitea. £1. iis., with the plates coloured, £13. Sa. Land., 1843 

BROWN, (T.) IlluBirntiDna of the recent Conchology of Great Britain 
and Ireland, with the Deacription and Localities of all the SpeeieB. Marine, 
Land, and Freeh Water. Drawn and Colonred Irom Nature. 2d edition, 
greatly enlarged, royal 4to, 59 plates, coloured, £3. 3». . Loadoa, 1944 



[constitution, ENGLISH. 

CONCHOLOGY.— (Continued,) 

BROWN, (T.) The Elements of FosbU Conchology, according to the arrange- 
ment of Lamarck ; with the newly-established Genera of other Authors. 
l2mo, 12 plates, 5s London, 1843 

KIENER, (L. C.) Species g6n6ra\ et iconographie des coqoilles vivantes. 
4to Paris, 1836-184- 

POTIEZ £T MICHAUD. Galerie des Mollnsqnes,* oa Catalo^e mitbodiqne, descriptif 
et rmimnnd des moUasqiies et coqailles dn Mns^am de Donai. 2 vob. 8vo, aveo «n Atlas 
de 74 planches. /.30. Paris, 1838-45 

CHENIT, (M.) Illastrations conchvliolog^iques on description et figures de tontes les coqnQ- 
les connaes, vivantes et fosdles, classics snivant le systcme de Lamarck, etc., folio, col. 
pJatos Paris. 

DUCLOS, (P. L.) Hbtoire natnrelle gdn6ra]e et partjcnliere de tons les genres de coqnilles 
univalves marines k T^tat vivante et fossile, pum. par monograpfaies. 1. genre olive, 33 
planches,/.! 90. 

AOAaSIZ, (L.) Etndes critiques snr les mollnsqnes. 4to. JfeuchAtei, 1840-^ 

nBftOffBAC, ( .^ Hist. nat. generate et particnlidre, des mollnsques terrestres et tdnvia- 
tBaa,tent des espeoes que Ton tionve anjonrd'hni que des d^poniOes fossilM de oeUes qui 
a*«arislMt plus, continue par 6. P. Desbayes. 4to. Prix de chaqne livraison/.lS. Le 
stei* barrage, folio, figures colorizes, /.30 Pom. 

■ ,^l^£itBT, (T.) Conchyliologie mineralogiqne de la Grande Bretagne, ou Figures colori- 

-"' sAm at Description des ddbris de tmtac^ on de coqnilles qui se sont conserv^es a diverses 

* ^poftss et a diflerentes profondeuis ; traduction revue et angm«»nt6e par L. Agassiz. sivo, 

m playdies cok>ri«es. 8vo./.300. . Jfeuehdtd, ISS^- 

] BJ^iADfYILLE, (D. DC.) Manuel de Malachology et de Conchyliologie. 3 vols. 8vo. 

( A vec Atlas de 109 planches, noires,/.40; color. /. 100.) Stratbcmrg , 19S5 

^ »,-' ipBIRAYES, (G. P.) Traits E16mentaire de conchvliologie aveo Tapplioation de oetta 
science a la g^ognosie. 2 vols. 8vo. Avec Atlas de 100 planches, noires, /.OO ; color. 

/.150 Paris, 183D-45 

Uistoire natnrelle des mollnsques. 4to, aveo nn Atlas de 117 planches. 4to 

Paris, 1847 

MO<^UIN-TANDON. Hist, natnrelle des mollosques terrestres et fluviatOes de la France. 

8vo, et Atlas de 14 planches, color. /.3S. Paris, 1847 

MORELET, (A.) Descript. des mollnsqnes terrestres et flnvlatjjes dn Portugal. 8vo, aveo 
14 pi. color. 8vo,/.l5 Paris, 1845 

ORBIGN Y, (A. D*.) Mollnranes vivants et fossiles, on Description des toutes les espdcesde 
Coqnilles et de mollnsques, classics suivant leur dbtribntion classique etgdogrephique. 10 
vols. 8vo, avec un Atlas de 300 planches Paris, 1847- 

Cet ouvrage sera pnbli^ en GO livraisons de 5 planches avec texte. Prix de cbaqo* 
livraison, /.3 50. 

CONCORDANCE.— (Shakspere.) 

CLARKE, (Mrs. C. C.) The complete Concordance to Shakspere ; being 
9 Verbal Index to all the Passages in the Dramatic Works of the Poet. 
Imp. 8yo, 46«. London, 1846 

CONIC SECTIONS.— (See Mathematics.) 
CONSTITUTION.— (English.) 

DE LOLME, (J. L.) The Constitution of England ; with a Historical 
and Legal Introduction and Notes, by A. J. Stephens. 2 yoIs. 8vo, 30«. 

London, 1838 

BOWYER, (G.) Commentaries on the Constitutional Law of England. 

2d ed. royal 8vo,23« London, IS46 

BROUGHAM, (Lord.) British Constitution. 8^o,3s.6d. London,lS^ 
STEPHENS, (T.) The Book of the Constitution of Great Britain, etc. 

8vo Glasgow, 1835 

RUSSELL, (Lord John.) An Essay on the English Government and Con- 

■titiition, from the Reign of Henry VII. to the present time. 2d ed. 

London, 1923 

cooKSRV.] 110 [costume. 

-^— — ■- H V- — ' 

CONSTITUTION, English.— (Co«/m«erf.)l ,'!!,?• . 

ALLEN, (J.) Enqnicy imo the Rise sad Growth of Ae ftor*! Prerogalin 
in EngUnd. 8va London. 1830 

PALGRAVE, {SiB F.) Rise Bud Pfogrea> of the Engliih ConunotiwciiUh 
daring the Angln Saion Period. 2 vols. 4lo. , London. 1^2 

ANBTBV. (T C > Guid. 10 iIk HulofT of IV Uw and Cautilntion of EBriinil -.jvlt- 
liiunf of ail Lcctnm dHiIi^'nl it Uk CdIIceb of HI. PH" ud Pioj, Priar>uk, Bull. 

kI Sum al Amenn ; iVsli Leflnm. tiioa. 3i LMiiiim, 1M3 

COOKERY.— (See Domestic Economy.) 

KITCHENER, (Dr.) The Cook's Oracle and Housekeeper's Manasl. 

12mo London, 1833 

(I^iriiud. Ni»-Va'k. H. Bi».) 
FRENCH DOMESTIC COOKER Y, combining Elegance wilh Economy ; 
describing new Cnlinaiy Implemenis and Processes ; the Managemenl of 
the Tnhle ; Inalmctions for Curving ; French, German, Folidi, Spanish, 
and iLaliaa Cookery, in Twelve Hundred Receipts. 12mo, 6<. 

(B»|K>»i«l. NwYoit, H, b™.) London, 1846 

OsotHT, wMi moAj Twn Tbnuana Fraco'cal E^ripu luitMl u> tin Inngiiu ol nil 
MU >r ••ST tin in to be ConilniDtBd ud Fu'nililicd. tlh id. Sro. jl>. .Z.iilulsi, IMT 

?RAHCATELLT, (C. B.l The Modem Cook ; ■ Ftidjc*! Guide la the D0II1../T Art, io 
■U Ht Bf«Bcb», idapied u well for iho liffvL E*iabUAhmeiiii b Tai tb* fi«« of Piivmie 
funiligL 8». ISi Ztnibii. IM6 

(BUMOUtt. F.) Ki>!<ia->Oei.ld>iK<h:UDi»t. 13»o. .... SInU.. IXK 

MANUAI. OF HOM<F.0PJITHIC COOVEfi C d«rig»«d ghMjF (br ll» OM of mch 
{■miHiiu a/c Dodet llomanpalhleTniilineal. Pep. 81a. Si. M. Lands; WM 

KOB1NS0N, (J.) ThB Wbote An of CarisE. ncklini. ud Bmokliit Mat ud Flih. bodi 

a« W WTIK ud FtkKKi' Exeyelo. of DoineBio Etnoomi. BnouT'a Gll>de> U> 
Srnlc*. Dosovis'l OonDertioEeOBaBiy, ke. 

COPTIC LANGUAGE, &c.— (See Egypt.) 

HOPE, (T.) The Coslume of ihe Ancients, illnslraied in 331 plalea repreMm- 
ing Egyptian Greek, and Roman l^bits and Dresses. 3 vols. roy. gvo. 
45i London. 1S41 

FAIRHOLT. (F. W.) Costume in England : s History of Drew, from the 
Earliest Period 10 (he close of ihe Eighteenth Centnry ; to which is ap- 
pended an dlnBlraled GloBeary of Terms for all Articles of Use or Orna- 
ment wura about the Person. 8vo., 600 engravings on wood, 31». Gd. 

London. 1S46 

WILTON, [CooiJTESS.) Book of toslume ; or, Annnls of Fashion, from 
the Earliest Period to the Present Time. By a Lady of Rank. Svo. iro- 
merous engravings on wood, 9I> London, 1846 

FLANCHE, (J. R.) History of Briibh Commne. New edit., 9 vols, lamo. 
3». London. 1847 

SHAW, (H.) DreiseB and Decorations of the Middle Ages, 6™n the 7th 
lo the 17th Cenlniy. 2 vols, imp, 8vo, £7. 7«. . . LondDii, IB43 

MARTIN, (C.) Civil Costume of England from the Conquest to the Pre- 
sent Period, fiom Tapestry, MS3., ic. 61 coioarod plales, roy. 41o, 
531. 6d London. 1642 

MEYRICK, [3- R.) *hd C. H. SMITH, The Costume of the Oritfinol 
InhabiUiius of ibe British Islands, &om the Earliest Periods, Id the Sinh 
Cenwry, etc. folio XlM^fcn, 1815 


COTTAGE ARCH;Tgffj'nRE.] Ill [cotton manpfactwre. 

COSTUME.— (Con/iHJ/erf.) 

HERBE, ( .) CoBinmea lnin(;BiM, citiJB, miliuires el religieni, avec li 
meubles, lea unnoKB, l^rchiwecuie domraiiqae. In ordren de cbevnlrip, Irs 
eiendxrdB. \ea erenax, lei nnpires, lea coaniiuiee el lea blsauna le ptaB hia- 
loriques. depuia lea Gautoii Juaqu'en 1634; dtain^s d'gpr^ lea hiBUniena 
el lea rnDnomenls. Ouvrage compoa^ de SI noiieea hiatoriqnea el Je lOG 
planchra colori^ea reprfeetiunl 2^00 coslnmea, tneublea, eto. folia,/. 1 2<!. 
ParU, 1840 

FERRAEIO. (O.) II c»li>iin nmkw e iii«]«fno. oiUrUdetKOvento, di4I*railnia.drlla 

lUBjiuqD'vli I'm. [>MUI» H WtlE pv MM. AlftHl da AhltxK M thouya de Nannaiit. 

LAUHA18E. Co«iine> de I'lDpiia Inn, aieo da HlH apiilieiUHi ; van de CooiUali- 
nuple, il« DiFdaneflei eldn Hmjine pimco inn-91, 4Ie, 01 pi, . Parit. ISei 

LAM£baNg£he, (J.Di.l C(HlunHilnf«niM>daHDnib«iis, dnTywI.ilelillsaud, 

FINELLI, IB.} Ricrolu di «iiid mlnml imiobl istUI dal moniuiienll e Ineiii iJl' tam 

Noiivi ncislu d[ 90 cMgmi pittoHcbi. Me. obi. fed " 1816 

HELTOT, (ll R. P.) BiilsiTe abi«f« « Cnhiiiia ajenti de Ions Is ordis momWiqiwa 

lOO planchH reiii^Mnlwil plos de 30a canumn DOlDiIta! S voU. tla,' /.BO. ' Psrii, ItOO 

HEFFNER, (J. V.) Trat^bun deaChriitlicbeiiMiltFliiIierB, DRi^h gleichiut- 
ligen KuiHUlenlunaleTi. 4ia. . . Mannheim, 1842-45 

AbUi. 1. Bii 1. Xlll. Jahrtal, pva l-T, acb it. 
■■ II. D.. XIV. =. XV. Jlilrti.. wuU 1-7, eub 1., 
" til, Du XVI, Jiih'h.. piw i-6, rich 9i. 
An nlllkin n luge pe|in, milaliRil, Midi SDl. 
COSTVMBVCH Tdi KHHllei, i«n> 1-IS. 1w, ^<. M. . DmnM., 1M1 

COTT AGE ARCHITECTURE.— {See Architecture p.38.) 


BA1NE8, (Ed.) Hiaiory of the Cotton Manofectare in Orenl Brilain, 8vo. 

London, 1833 

VB.E, (A.) The CdUdii Mnnuficlare oTGrenl feilnin Bynemiliailly invea- 

ligBtcd, Bnd illnatraied by 150 original fignres; wilh Bti ititroducloTy view 

of in present slate in foreign counlriea, 3 vola. poai 8to, 21«. 

London, 1836 
MONTGOMERY, (J.) A PracUcal Delnll of the CoHon Mannftclore of 
Ihe Uniltd Stales of Amfiica ; and the state of the Collon Manaraclure 
of thai country conlraBled aod compared with that of Greal Britain, wild 
eompimlive emimatea of the mat of nun ida Muring in both conntriea; alao, 
a brief Historical Sketch of the Riac and Progreas of the Cotton Manafsc- 
lUre in America, and Slatinical Notices of VBiiuOB ManoAcloring Diairicta 
in ihe United Stales. 1 vol. Bvo, pbtea, 6>. 6J. Glatgou. 

The Theory and Practice of Canon Spinning, at the Carding and 

SpiDTiing Maater'i Aniaianl. 3d ed., 8vo, plate*, 9>. 6d. Glatgoa, 1836 

The Collon Spinner's iUanaal. or a Compeodiiuii of the Principles of 

Collon Spinning, etc. ISmo, 2* Glaigoa. 

&COTTS Practical Cotton Spinner atid ManoTactnrer. %?o, 13i. 

London. 1846 

CBOIMET. (N ) BlemeniB ihtioriqiieB et pratiqaea de la filalare dn tin el 

du rt^nvre. 8»o,/.10 Pari; 1841 




COUUELIN, (C.) Nouveaa Traits complet de la filature da lin et da chanvre. 8vo, avec 
ao athuin^ de37 planche8^/.36 Pari*. 

RUN6E, (F. F.) Farbencbemie. Lehrbach der praktiscben BaumwoUeafarberei nach 
cbemischen Grands&tzen. 8vo, 90< Bcriin. 1834 

See CaI<ico Frintino, Dtkixo, Wkaviko, Urk's Dictionary of Arts, &c. &c. 


HUGHES, (R. M .) The Duties of Judge-Advocates : compiled from her 

Majesty's and the Hon. E^st India Company's Military Regulations, and 

from the Works of yarious Writem on Military Law. 8vo, Is. 

iandofiy 1846. 

ADYE, (S. P.) Treatise on Courts Martial. 12mo lAtndon, 1810 

JAMES, (C.) Cbai)n!s«&c. of General Courts Martial 1795 to 1830. 8vo.25«. /.oir<f., lr»21 

KENNEDY, (Major.) Remarks on Courts Martial. 13mo. /..ondon, 1805 

McARTHUR, (J.) Pnctioe of Courts Martial. 2 vols. 8vo. . . London, 1813 

SIMMONS, (T.) Remarks on tbe Constitution and Practice of Courts Martial. 3d edit. 
8vo, 16» London, 1840 

TYTLER, (A. F.) Essay on Military Law, and the Practice of Courts Martial. 8vo. 

London, 1806 



In Cboulant's Voriesung iiber die Kranioskopie oder Scb&deUehre vor einem Kreise gebilde- 
ter Nichtftrzte gehalten. 8vo Dresden, 1844 

MORTON, (S. G.) Crania .£gyptiaca ; or, Observations on Egyptian 
Ethnography, derived from Anatomy, History, and the Monuments. 
(From the Transactions of the American Philosophical Society, Vol 9.) 
4to, 14 plates, 21» Philad., 1844 

Crania Americana ; or, a Comparative View of the Skulls of various 

Aboriginal Nations of North and South America. Folio. Philad., 1839 

CARUS. (C. G.) Atlas d. CranioMopie, od. Abbildun^n d. Sch&del- u. Antlitzformen 
beriihmter od. sonst merkwiird. Personen. 4to I^ipiig, 1845 

SANDIFORT, (G ) Tabulae Craniorum divers. naUon. Fasc. I.-III. Folio, X4. 

Ltid., 1838-43 

CRUSADES, (History of.) 

KEIGHTLEY, (T.) The Crusaders, or Scenes, Events, and Characters 
from the Times of the Crusades. 13mo, la. London, 1847 

MILLS, (C.) History of the Crusades. 3d ed. 2 vols. 8vo. London, 1823 
VHiLEHARDOUIN, (G. de.) Chronicle concerning the Conquest of Con- 
stantinople by the French and Venetians in 1204. Transl. by T. Smith. 
8vo London, 1829 

MICHAUD, (J.) Histoire des Croisades. 4»« ed., 6 Tom., 8vo, 42s. 

Paris, 1828 
Bibliotheque des Croisades. 4 Tom. 8vo, 28». Paris, 1829 

HEEREN, (A. H. L,) Essai sur I'lnfluence des Croisades. Trad, par 

Charles VUlere. 8vo Paris, 1808 

WILKEN, (F.) Gesohichte der Kreucaii^. 6 vols. 8vo. Leipzig, 1807-3S 

SYBEL, (H. VON.) Geschiohte des enten Creuzzuge. 8vo. . JDusseld., 18ii 

CHOISEUL-DAILLECOURT, (M. de.) De I'Influenoe des Croisades sur les peuples de 
TEuiope. 8vo. . . . . Paris, 1809 

ROGER, (P.) La Noblesse de France aux Croisadn. 8to, plates, /.90. Paris, 

KAUSLER, (E.) Geschichte der Krencziige n.d. Konigr. Jerusalem, a. d. Latein. d. Wil- 

helm V. Tyros. 8vo, 9* Stutt., 1844 

RECEUIL DES HISTORIEJfS des Croisades, public par lesoins de Tacaddmie des 

inscriptions et belles lettres. Folio. Par >, 1844 

Vol. I. Assises de la haute cour. /.36. 

IT. Assises de la oour des bonnnois. /.36. 
IIL Hktoriens oocidenUaz. Part I. GaiUiaame do Tjr. fJ9L 



X\MIESON, (J.) Historical Atxoant of the Ancient Caldees of lona^and 
oi their Settlement in Scotland, England, and Ireland. 4io. 


TURNBULL. (D.) Travels in the West ; Cuba, with Notices of Porto 
Rico, etc. 8to, 159. Lonthn^ 1840 

ABBOTT, (A.) Letters written in Cuba. 8vo. . Bx»*ton, 1839 

NOTES ON CUBA ; containing an account of its Discovery and fcwirly 
History, a description of the Face of the Country, its Population. Re- 
sources and Weahh ; its Institutions, and the Manners and Ousitoms of its 
Inhabitants ; with Directions to Travellers visiting the Island. l2nio. 

Bo9ton, 1845 

RAMON DE LA SAGRA, (M.) Histoire physique, politique et naturelle 

de rile de Cuba. 8vo, avec planches, folio. Paris, 1844 

Mammipbrbs: Tnuloct. par M. S. Berthelot. 

Ormtholooik, par Alcide d'Orbignv. 

The Physical and Political History. In 3 vols. 8vo, aveo 19 plaachet, /.15. 

BEAUVALLON. (R. db.) L'lle de Cuba. 3 voh. 8vo. ... />«n«. 1844 

HUMBOLDT. (A. dk.) Basai poIiUque snr I'Ue de Coba, etc. 3 rob. 8v», /. 17. Pmti$, IW 

Tableau Stati^que de Tile de Cuba, pour les ai^aAei 1895 k 1899. 8vo, /.3. 

P»n*, 1831 
Se« MacGrboor'b Commercial Sutiftioi. M*CuLLorH'B DieUoaary of Com- 
merce, &c. 

DAGUERREOTYPE.— (See Photography.) 

BLASIS, (C.) Art of Dancing ; comprising its Theory and Practice, and 
a History of its Rise and Progress from the Earliest Times. Transl. by 
R. Barton. 8vo, plates, 149 London^ 1830 

CELLARIUS. I<a Danie dea Salons, dewiint de Oavami. 8vo,/.6 />ari>, 1H40 

JUAJfUKL de la Uanse, comprenant la thdorie. la pratiqae, et I'hiatoire de oet Art. IHmo, 

plancbe«,/.3 50 Pari; 

(Manaeli Roret.) 

NOVERRE. Lettiei inr les arts imitatean et snr la danie en particiilier. 3 vols. 8vo. 

Parit, \mt 

DANTE. — (Commentaries.) 


B ATINES, (Sign. C. db.) BibUografla DanteM», tradnsione italiana del Constantini. 8vo. 

t*rata, 1H44 

ROSSETTI. (G.) Disquisitions on the Anti-Papal Spirit which produced 
the Reformation, its secret influence on the Literature of Eurofie in Gen- 
eral, and of Italy in Particular. Translated from the Italian by Mim C. 
Ward. 2 vols. 8vo Ijtndon, 1839 

FOSCOLO, (Ugo.) Discorso suUa Divina Commedia di Dante, sni. 8vo. 

Ijondon, 1841 
ARRIVABEKE, (F.) Secolo di Dante, Commento Btorioo. 3 Tob. im. Hvo. 

Firmtft IH30 
AZZOLINO, (P.) Introdaxione alia storia della filosofia italiana ai tem|N di J)ant^. Hva 

Hnntia, 1H38 
BOCCACCI. (O.) Rnbriche deOa Commedia dj Dante AUfbefi. 8vo. k'fnier, ]84t 

CAN'CELLIERI, (F.) Owervaxioni sopra TorifpnaliU dell* divina ComroMlia di Dant*. 
ISroo Roma, 1014 

VARCHI. (B.) Lexione snl Dante. 6 toIb. 8vo. .... Firmtn, INI 

MI8BIRINI, (M.) Rivisu deUa varie Lezkme deUa DiTina Commedia, et Catalo^o deUa 
pio importABti Edizionl. 8vo Padtna, U0i 

OZANAM, (Dr. A. F.) Dante et la Philosophie Catboliqne an I3ffl« Hiccle. Hvo. 

PaH; 1840 
TOMMA8EO, (N.) La ComnMdia di Daato AUgfakri, ool conmralo. 3 voh. Hvo. 

Fra^tis, 1897 
For BiifnpUat and odilions of tho wifUiifi of Daala im Part II., art. Dahtb 

__ - 

: yt- ^ 

DEAF AMD DUMB.] ^* *il4 [dBNBU^JJ^' 

DEAF AND DUMB.— (Instruction of. ^ • 

KITTO, (J.) The Lost Senses. Vol. I. BlindneflB. Vol. If: Dea&ess. 
2 vols. 18ino> 3« London, 1845 

WATSON, (J.) Instruction ofthe Deaf and Dumb. . Zofi<2ofi, 1809 

PEET, (H. P.) A Vocabulary and Elementary Lessons for the Deaf anof 
Dumb. 12mo. New- York, 1844 

SICARD, (l'abbe.) Cours d'instruction d'un sourd muet. Bro. 

Paris, 1800 

Th^orie des signes pour I'mstruction des sonrds-mnets. 2 vols. 8vo. 

Paris, 1808-14 

GERANDO, (de.) De I'^ducation des sourds-muets de naiMance. 2 vols. 

8vo, /.16 Paris, 1827 

BEBIAN. Manuel de Peqi^dgnemeitt pratique des sourds-muets, suivi de 
I'art d'enseigner k parler tfi|k uMlrds-muets par I'abb^ de I'Ep^e. 2 vols. 
3to, 32pl.,et 1 vol. 8vo,/.l6. Paris. 


. BROUGHAM, (jMlto.) Political Philosophy. 3 vols. 8vo, 2U. 

London, 1844 

. '• TOCQUEVILLB, (H- M.) Democracy in America, transl. by H. Reeve. 

^ 2 vols. 8vo. . fSvpiUted, New-York, 1836.) . London, 1836 

CHERBULIEZ, (A. S.) De la Democratic en Suisse. 2 vols. 8vo. 

* • Porw, 1843 

LABITTE, (C.) De la d6mocrn:> chez les predicatears de la Ligue. 

8vo, /.6 Paris, 1841 

ALLETZ, (P. £.) De la Democratic nouvelle, ou des moeurs et de la 
puissance des classes moyennes en France. 2 vols. 8vo. Paris, 1837 
See Hberbn'b Werke, vol. I. 

DIALECTS. — (See English Language.) 

DICTIONARIES. — The Dictionaries of Languages, Sciences, &c., will be 
found under the respective subjects. 

DIET.— (Sec Medicine.) 

DENMARK. — (See also Scandinavia.) 


DUNHAM, (S.) History of Denmark, Sweden, and Norway. 3 vols. 
l2mo, 18». . (Lardhkr'b Cyclo.) Lond., 1839-40 

FELDBORG, (A.) Denmark Delineated, or Sketches of the Present State 
of that Country, roy. 8vo, plates, 7s. ... Edinb., 1824 
GEOGRAPHIE et Statistique du Danemark avec ces dependences et des 
duches de Schleswig Holstein et Lunenboorg. Vol. I-, 8vo. 

Copenhagen, 1846 
DAHLMANN, (F. O.) Geschichte von Dannemark. Vds. 1-3. 

Hamburgh, 1839-44 
SUHM, (P. F.) History of Denmark (in Danish). 14 vob. 4to. OpeiU., 1783-18iB 

MURRAY'S Handbook fat North Europe— Raasia, Sweden, Norway, and 
Denmark, m. 8¥0, Maps. London, 1847 

L HIOTORY, &c.—(CoTUinued.) ' 

\aDES, (G. L.) DMmarke Rifcs Histom (Fim GunW Com tS CluuiMa VI. dod). 

CWmA.. lll»« 

SCRTPTORF.S ramm Dmaicmoi nwdii vri. paitiia haclMims iMdit*, |»itiiD vnM^ndaliw 

•diti. ed. J. Langmbfvk. 8 rok. fiKio. Xa .... Mmrm., \7t^ltM 


^hbatok'* Hbtoi^ of tW NoithmMi.— 5cuidmavim, AacJent sad Modvni. ia 
Cak. Lii'p. L'L aivm PHionaqae. Cosdbr's Mttdeni TibtcUw. MAr«Rt«o»'t 
OomiBMCMl SutMtioft. 


RASK, (E.) Danish Grammar, with extracts in prose and yersr. ISmo, 
S* CiipmA., 1830 

DICTIONARY, (Pocket) of the Danish and English Langnages. 18mo, 
4* /-€^jri^. 1845 

The same. French and Dftoish. 4s *< 1845 

The same. German and Danish. i». ....** 1845 

DANSK ORDBOG adgiven tUiaer videnskabemes selskabs Bcstyrelie. 

(Molier, Viborg» Thoriacius and Mailer.) 4 vols. 4to. 

Copenh., 1793-1885 
MOLBECH, (C.) Dansk Ordbog, mcd en k^rt Ovcreigt af d. Daiiak iBlprogs 

historic. 2 vols. 8to Coptnk., 1833 

SCHNEIDER, (F.) Danish and EngU^ Dialogues. l3mo, 3«. 6#. 

THIELE, (J. M.) Danmarks FolkfMRn. 9 vols. 8vo, 8«. *' ' 1843 

BRESEMANN and JONES. Danish and English Dialogues. 8vo, 3«. 6if. 

Copenk., 1844 
MARMIER, (X.) Histoire de la litt<$rature en Danemark et en Suftde. 

8vo Part*, 1839 

PETERSEN, (N. M.) Det Danske, Norske og Svenske Sprogs historie. 

2 vols. 8vo, I8« CopenA., 1899-30 


liBLiooRAPHT.— (Bee Martkns and Kldbbr, infra.) 

FYNN, (R.) British Consuls abroad ; their Origin, Duties, ^c. 12mo, 
7«. 6<< Undon, 1846 

WARDEN, (D. B.) De I'origine, de la nature, des progr^ et de I'infliienos 
des ^tablissements consulaires, trad, de I'anglais. Uvo, /..'>. ParUt 1815 

CAPEFIGUE, (M.) The Diplomatists of Europis transl. from tlir French. 
Edited by Major-General Monteith. fep. 8vo, 6«. Ijtndon, 1845 

CUSSY, (F. DE.) Dictionnaire on Manuel-lexiqne du Diplomate et du Con- 
sul. 12mo, 10«. ^d I^psig, 1846 

MARTENS, (C. de.) Manuel Diplomatique. 8vo. Paris, 1899 

the same edit., par M. de Hoflfmanns. 3 vols. 8vo. " 1837 

(Avae aae biblioKrapbir.) 

GARDEN, fCoMTB db.) Trait* complet df> diplomatie. oo tht^orMi fiinhnh dM i^alioM 
rxtifiram dn pamaacM de rEofOfir. 3 vols. Hvo ParU, l*Vi 

— — Tabk'an htvAonqnt! de la Diptomati^. on Rx{io«* drt Fait« arronifilu de la PolitinM 
f(An*raJe, depoii rorvtineder^qoilibreeaiopien josqa'aaot joon. Hvo, oiielaixeilMat,af. 

P«W«. IfM 

MARTENS. (C. db), rr F. db CI.'HHY. Reroeil ManaH K praiinae da Trail4i, Con- 
veationt et aatre* Actet diploaatiqan. rar lecqaelt toal Atabll« ki RrlaClofft at Urn Ra^ 
paiu exHtaat aajo«id*bai eaue lei divcn Elatt loevemlat da tilobe, depab TaaaAe 1710 
puqa'k I'diwqaa aetaeUa. 5 vob. Hva, &# /.«^^, 11(0-7 

DBKOCH. HktafcMfAadaiTraitfodeFaix, anx.eteoBtia. par F. BclMafl. lArob. INw. 

Farie. WIT-HI 

KLUBER. Di«ildaifaM«adera«darEaiopa. avaeoBMipiiMaieBt eMlaBa■lsMMbft' 
•tbeq■•elMiMd•df«b4••fm•. S ««lk STO, /.I3. .... PmHs.mi 

MEIBBLL, (H.) Co— 4a t jb PiplsBisriqai. t v«b. 8««, Iff. . . 



[domestic economk. 

DI PLOMACY.— {Continued.) 

CALLIERES, (M. db.) De la Maniere de Negoder avec les Soaverains. 2 vob. ]3mo. 

Ijtmdan and Paris, 1750 

HAUTERTVE bt CUSSY. Recneil des trait^s de Commerce, et de Navigation de la 
France uvec let puitfsances ^tranferes depnit la paix de Westphalie jnsqn'k present. 10 
voU. 8vo Paris, 1H33-M 

FliASSAN. Histoire g6n6rale et raisonnde de la diplomatie fran^aise, on de politique de la 
France depais la fondation de la monarchie jnsqu'a la fni dnregnede Louis XVI. 2eedn. 
7 vol*. 8\o • . . Paris, 18U 

WICaUEFORT, (J. A.) L'ambaMadear ettes functions, etc. 3 vols. 4to. /^ Haye, ]?24 

WHRATON, (II.) Histoire des Progres dn Droit des Gens en Europe en Amdrique, de- 
pnis la paix de Wertphalie jusqn'k nos jours. 9e edition, 3 vols. 8vo,/.i4. Parts. 

Uiiitory of the Law of Nations in Europe aad America, from the Earliest Times to 

the Treaty of Washington, 1842. 8vo AVir-r«w*, 1842 

DUMONT, (J.) Corps universel diplomatique dn droit des gens, contenant an recoeil de« 
traitds d'alliatt<^, de paix, de tr^ve, de neutralite, du commerce, etc. faits en Europe de- 
puU A. D. eCO k 1731, etc. 8 tomes in folio, /.340 e300. JlmsUrdamet La Haye, 1725-39 

Choque tome est divis^ en 2 on 3 vol. 
There are Five Supplements, forming U vob. folio. 

WHEATON, (H.) Elemento of International Law ; 3d edition, revised and corrected. 
8vo PAtftfd., 1846 

DIPLOMATICS.— (See Palaeography.) 

DUMONT, (J. S.) Recueil de proc^dds chimiques pour lea liqnides en 
g^n^ral ou TArt du distiilateur-liquoriBte, etc. l2mo,/.3. Lyons y 1846 

ilL4iV?7£Z du DiBtillateur et Liquoriste. l8mo,/.3 50. . Paria. 

(Manueb Roret.) 

DUBRUNFAUT. Traii6 complet de I'art de la distillation, contenant, dans 
un ordre inethodique les instractions th^orique et pratique les plus exactes 
et les plus nouvelles sur la preparation des liqueurs alcooliques avec les 
raisins, les grains, les pommes de terre, les f^cules et tous les vegetaux 
sucres ou farineux. 2 vols. 8vo,/.l2. .... Paris. 

The Same translated. 8vo, 12«. . . London ^ 1847 

See Urb'h Dictionary of Arts. Donovan's Domestic Economy. Hartley's 
Wine and Spirit Merchant's Guide, &c Coolet'b Cyclo. of Practical Receipts. 


RICHARDSON, (H. D.) Dogs : their Origin and Varieties, Directions as 
to their General Management, with numerous Original Anecdotes ; also 
simple instructions as to their treatment under Disease. l2mo, illustrated^ 
25c iVeic-For*, D. A. &;Co., 1847 

MARTIN, (W.) The Dog. 18mo, Is. 6d. London, 1845 

(Knight's Weekly Vol.) 

YOU ATT, (W.) The Dog: their History, Qualities, Anatomy, Diseases, 

and Treatment. 8vo, woodcuts, 6» London, 1845 

(Reprinted, Philad.) 

NATURALISTS LIBRARY. Dogs. 2 vols. 12mo. plates, 10«. 

London, 1840 


WEBSTER & PARKES. An EncyclopsBdia of Domestic Economy ; 
comprising such subjects as are most immediately connected with House- 
keeping, as Building, Furnishing, Servants, Cookery, Dress, Carriages, 
Health, &c. 1 vol. 8vo, with nearly 1000 woodcuts, ilS. 10«. 

(Reprinted, N. Y., H. Bros.) London, 1844 

DONOVAN, (M.) Domestic Economy. S vols. an. 6vo, 12«. " 1830 

(Laidan't Oyoioiiadia.) 




DRAINING. — See Agriculture. 


SCHLEGEL, (A. W.; Lectures on Dramatic Art and Literature. Trana- 

lated by J. Black. lUmo, 3«. 6d London, 1846 

(Bohn's Standard Library.) 

HONE, (W.) Ancient Mysteries described, etc. 8vo, 8». " 1823 

HAZLITT, (W.) Lectures on the Dramatic Literature of the Age of 

Elizabeth. l2mo London, 18- 

(ReprinUHl N. Y.. W. & P.) 

View of the English Stage. 8vo " 1818 

Lectures on the BInglish Comic Writers. 12mo. . " 18- 

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of the Stage. 3 vols. 8vo London, 1831 

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and Goethe. Translated from the German. 8to, Ifis. . London, 1846 

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London, 1844 

WILSON, (H. H.) S fleet Specimens of the Theatre of the Hftidooe. 2 

vols. 8vo Calcutta, 1827 ^ 

MAGNIN, (M. Ch.) Lm ori^iines da theatre modeme, oa histoire da i^aie dramatiqae 
depoble ler JDitqa k XVIe iiucle, prdcdd^e d*ane iotrodnction contaaant des ^tndetsar 
Um origines da theatre antiqae. 8vo PariSy 1838 

DRAWING, (and Perspective). 

WILLIAMS, (B.) Model Drawing from Solid Forms : combined with a 
Popular View of Perspective. 8vo, plates, 15«. London, 1843 

Instmctions in Drawing for the Use of Elementary Schools. Nu- 
merous woodcuts. 8vo, 3«. ..... Xon<i(m, 1843 

GRANT, (H.) Drawing for Young Children. l8mo. As. London, 1837 

COLE, (Hy.) First Exercises for Children in Light, Shade, and Colour. 
l8mo, 4«. London, 1837 

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Principles and Practice of Art. Folio, 63*. London, 1845 

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London, 1844 

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Jopling. 8vo, plates, 10«. 6d. ..... London. 

JOPLING, (J.) The Practice of Isometrical Perspective. 2d ed., 8vo, 5». 


SIMMS, (F. W.) Treatise on the principal Mathematical Drawing Instru- 
ments employed by the Engineer, Architect, and Surveyor. 2d ed., with 
a Description of the Theodolite, by H. J. Castle, and Instructions in Field 
Work. 12mo, woodcuts, 3«. 6i London, 1845 

6UIOT, (A.) Element* de perspective lindare, oorapreaant la th^orie et les proc^d^a pra- 
tiqoet de oette loienoe. t:<vo, et Atla« de 37 pi., 15« Pan's, 1845 

LOCARD. Coun de de«sin lindaire appliqnd anx arts et 2l riadnstrie. 8vo, aad folio Atlas 
of Platfls,/.ia Pant, 1847 

ADUEMAR, (J.) Traitd de Penpeotive k Tasage des artistes. Deaxieme edn. oorrigde et 
augment^e. 8vo, planches, /.lo Paris, 1640 

CHAPMAN'S American Drawing-Book for the Use of Schools, and for 

Home Instruction. 4to New- York, 1847 

Part I. Primary and Elementary. 50e. 

Drawing Copy-Book. 4to New- York, 1647 

HAYDON, (B. R.) Lectures on Painting and Design. 3 vols. 8vo, 24«. 

Xofuion, 1844-46 

DBini>s.] IIB [eddas. 


HIGGINS, (O.) The Celtic DraidB, 4lo. . . London, 1837 

DAVIES, (G.) The Mythology and Rites of the Britiah Draids aBcerlaLned 

by Nnlional Docomenls, 9to, , . . . Lotidon. tS09 

TOLAND, (J.) HiMocy of the DruidB, ite. Bvo. . MonlroH. 1814 


MILLINGEN, (J.) Tht History of Doelling, eoitiprising Niirrali*« of 
Ibe most remirkaMe PctHmal EnooimlrtB, jtom the Earlipat Period to Ihp 
Present Times. 3 vols. Sto, 21» ionrfon, 1841 

FOUGEROIIX BB CHAMPIGNEULLES. ILstoire d™ duels ancienael 
moaemcs. 3 vols. 8vo,/.ia Pari*, 1838 

DYEING.— (Spe also Calico Printing.) 

A PRACTICAL rj(£.,4r/S£ on Dyeitig and Calico Printing ; inclnding 
the loiest liiTciiiionsandlmprotciDontB; also, a Descriplion of the Origin, 
Mannfeciure, Uses, and Chemical Froperliea of the Tarious Animal, Ve- 
getable, and Mineral Pubsmnrea employed in these Arts, with an Appen- 
dix. By an Experienced Dyer, Dsained by seteml Scienlilic Gentlemen. 
Royal, 8vD, 10 Bteel and numeions wood engravioga. New-Tork, 1B46 

BERTHOLLET, (C. Z. xyi> A. B } Elemenla of the An of Dyeing and 
Bleaching, with Notes, by Dr. Ure. New ed., 8to, I3«. Zondon, 1B41 

LEL'CRS. (J.i;.) Trtilt nmipiet d« propriftldi. da Is pn-paruian ct i» t'emjiln in mi- 
UsrH(ir>L.|ii:iilHid«caiiliiun, tiad. d>t'allE«Bd. SnU.ero./.in. Purii. 

DITMAS. PnSciidcl'ulilcIntrlnlDiv. Pra,AS.~ Parit, 1M7 

CHEVBEDL. (M. e.) Cr>nnd<ii«lDifa(p|,Uitg«calBtetlllB» 3 vidi. Svn, /.34. FariJ. 
KlFFAt;LT. {M.) eto NsBvean Maaod Hmplei do MBtorier. Mo. N«iy.ed., l^nio, 3i. 
BOMASSBL. CDDn Ihvnriqu it pnli<|iu inr I'urt de !■ Uulnn, «a aI , 8vd, /.S, 

RUNQB, [F. F.) FulwnchfiDie. Loluliach d-i pmbUKlicn BaonvDlleiiKibrml m'h 

cIienbilicD (tioniMlicni. SiD.aUi Berlix. JOi 

B» Unc'i Diet, at Arti. F>Hii[Li.'s Applied CbFinuuy. 

DYNAMICS.— (See Mechanics.) 
EARTH.-{Seb Gi^oldgy.) 

HIGGINS, [W. M.) The Earth; ita Phyaical Condition and Plienomena. 

ISniD Xonim, 183T 

(RrprlulBl, N»«-Vorl., II. Bro'..) 

HUMBOLDT, (A. de.) CoBtnos ; a Physical Description of ihe World, ' 
Translnled by desire of llie Author, nader the snperinicndence of L. Col, 
E. Sabine. Vola, I. and li. Sto Limdon, 1846-7 

MH.NER. (Ret. T.J Th^OmllFirarNitnn: mPlctnfil »d DncnpUn ToDr thnieh 
rnuion. Uluiniiiir at ilw Wcndm of AnnnioinT, Phmcil nnpiphf. mai Snlawr, 
With GliKI highly dnu^irj Unn Eogniliiin I F«» Mnjii at Ihe Binn. tihlhttini Ul* 
upRt or the Hmoeoi IhraaahBot IhgVeir; m Flnnsiphitie of Ihe Solir Synria ; tlit 
PliiHa at ih* Mum. and • Mnp oT thai PlanH rrdn<«d rnn thi Mapof MM, Bnr mti 

the Ant' rifk of «n. Sd|,. ny, ^m, I9< 'ijnultii, ISVl 

ANHTBD, (D. T.J TIh AnekHil Wmli, nr Pieluiev|De Bkncha of Cmliaa. mi. Bm. 

iUoUTUed. I9i. i,nid*m,ie*-> 

Brt BttiKa* Tuantit'n Sicrei) BWoiy of lb» World, ke. 



PIGOTT, (G.) A Manual of Soandinavian Mythology: containing a 
Popubir Account ol the two Eddas, &c. 8vd, 19», London, 1839 




EDD AS.~( Continued.) 

DASENT, (G. W.) The Proee of the Younger Edda, trmiulated. 8vo, 
5* Stockholm, 18^ 

OEHLENSCHLAGER, (A.) The Gods of the North, an Epic Poem. 
Translated from the Danish into English Verse, by W. E. Frye. Royal 
8vo, I4a London, 1845 

EDDJi RYTHMICjt^uextantiqnioT. 3 vob. 4to. ^amM, 1787-1838 

EDDA Ssmonda hinns Fruda, &c., ex receas. E. C. Rask. coravit Afzelios. SKmand 
dba Viaet Edda, &o., ofvenHUe af Afzelia*, Snonm-Edda atamt Skaldu og Panned fylf- 
jandi Ritgjordnm, atgefia af R. K. Rask. Snorre Stnrleion'g Edda, &c. af Afcduas. 
4 volt. 8vo Stockholm, 1818-19 

GRIMM, (J. a. W.) Die Lieder der alten Edda. lleraiM«(. a. arkl. Vol. 1-, 8vo, %». 

Berlin, 1815 

HEIBER6. (J. L.) Nord. Mythologie ; aas d. Edda and Oehlenschiager't Mythol. Dicht- 
aiifen dargestellt. 8vo Sekuowig, 1886 

LE6LS, (6. T.) Fundgrabea d. alten Nordens. S vob, 8vo, 98*. ^^i*£, 1830 

Vol. I. Ronien a. Uiie DenkmiUer. 
'* II. Edda d. Stanimmutter d. Poesie, Mythen a. Safen a. d. Isl&nd. 

ETTMtfLLER, (L.) Lieder der Edda v. d. Nibelunffen. 8vo. 4m. Zurich, 1837 

8TUDACH, (J. L.) SKmnnds. d. Weisen, od. d. ftlteiten Norranitohen Lieder. Am d. 
lal&nd. v. J. L. Studach. Vol. 1-. 4to, 13* J^rnb., 1899 

HA6EN, (F. V. D.) Lieder, Saemnndx, heraoaf. v. F. v. d. Hagen. 8vo, 6«. 

Berlin, 1813 

MAGNU3SEN, (F.) Den Aeldre Edda, en Samlinir of de nordiske Folks aeldeste Sa^ of 
Saage. Oven, og fork!. F. MifgnuMen. 4 vc^ 8vo, 38*. . Kopenh., 180 

BER6MANN. (F. G.) Pofimes islandais, Ur6s de I'Edda de Semnnd, poblii* avec ana 
tradacUon, des notes et an glossaird. 8vo Paris, 1838 

See Percy's Northern Antiquities, Vol. IL 


Dlostrated with Maps and Engravings 

1. Discoveries, &c. in Pdar Seas. 

5. Discovery and Adventure in Africa. 

3. Ancient and Modem Egypt. 

4. Palesiiae, or the Holy Land. 

i. Lives and Voyages of Drake, Cavendish, 
and Dampier. 

6, 7, 8. British India, to the Conclosion of 

the Affghan War. 3 vols. 
9. Prosress of Discovery on the Northern 

Coasts of America. 
lU. Travels and Researches of Alexander von 

II. Life of Sir Walter Raleigh. 
13. Nnbia and Abjrssinia ; Civil History. An- 

tiaoitiet, Arts. Natural History, &c. 
13, 14. Arabia, Ancient and Modern. 2 vols. 

15. Persia, comprising Afighanislan and Be- 


16. Lives of Eminent Zoologists. 

17. History and Present Condition of the 

Baibary Sutes. 









38 vols, 12mo, 3t. 6d. each. 

Edinbwrgh, 1822-44 

19, 90. China, from the Earliest Ages to 

to the Peace of Nanking 3 vols. 
Circumnavinition of the Globe, and 

Progress of Discovery in the Pacifio 

Life of King Henry the Eighth. 
94. Scandinavia, a History of Denmark, 

Sweden, and Norway. 2 vob. 
38. 27. Brituh America; with a foil 

Detail of the best Modes of Emigra- 

gration. 3 vols. 
Iceland, Greenland, Faroe Islands. 
30, 31. ItaJv and the lulian Islands ; 

from the Eariiest Ages. 3 vob. 
Mesopotamia and Assyria. 
Polynesia; an Acconnt of Islands in 

South Seas, including New Zealand. 
Voyages Round the Workl, from the 

DeaUi of Captain Cook. 
36. 37. United Suies of America. 3 vols. 
Traveb of Marco Polo ; enlarged. 


WHEWELL, (W.) Of a Liberal Education in General, and with particu- 
lar reference to the Leading Studies of the Universitf of Cambridge. 8vo, 
9t London, 1845 

Principles of University Education. 2d edit., 8vo. " 1838 

SEDGWICK, (A.) Discourse on the Studies of Cambridge University. 8vo. 

Cambridge, 1835 

TAYLOR* (L) Home EdocaUon. 8vo, 4s. London, 1842 

(Roprintad, New-York, D. A. k, Co.) 



EDUCATION— {Co«/iHMerf.) 

GREEN, (J. H.) Menial DyrmniitM. or GroonJwork ofa Profrnional Edn- 
CBiion : ihc Hunterimi Ocaiion before ibe Royal College o( Surgeons of 
Englaad. Feb. 15, 1847. Svo.ia. .... London, 184T 
AMOS, (A.) Foot Lectnrea on the AdTanUgea of n CIuuckI Edncalion 
a* nn Auilliiry lo a Commetcial Eauciiion ; wiih n Letter to Dr. Wbe- 
wclliiponibe8Bbj«:lofhiBTnicl"On Liberal Educnlion," 8vo, 10#. 6d. 
Lmdon, 1346 

Voi.i'.^i. TT . .' °'. °"™''° • ""■ f^™5.«<^?uo(i 

PRIAULX. |0. DC.) Nuionil EduuUoD, in riiocipln uid ObjKU •noinUllx] ix > Flu 

for > Normiil ft^haoL Sta, Ht ^>n«>i<. JMt 

BARWELL, (Mm.) Lallcn from Hnfw;! on ibe EdscitioBiJ [utiisuou oT rollMibni. 

COUSIN. (V,J Rbioii on llie Sum of Pahlie Innrncliaa ill PnudB, Inultfaid by Mn. 

ABAia. 13i»a .LhuIh, 1831 

Ob iIh 8u>c dT Edociuioa la flDJIoad. tnaaj. bj [., Horair. evo. " laja 

^}f}fVAIRE it OtatiM Svimlm in in Pimno- «! lin I'Etru««, piiMii khu Is iiupfna 

THE SERIES OF irORKS Oif EnVCATIOM: poblbbud by tbr SocMr (bf nwDM- 
JBt Ufefnl KnawlnlH. tail the Ucalnl SonHl— ni. ; Tl» fitilioalawiUr. jilt AlGbw, 
MIIUb, ItcO, I'oli-; Walioaal EduuIMIi. (bV UUi], I idIi.: Ewiyi by tba ba^lnl 8»- 
slMy, 3 Toll. ; tbc Edupalor. or Priie Ewip. fe toU. ftii »vd. Sji. /,««/.. ]S3S-3i 

FB.ITZ. (T.; Eh|u1>h d'oae lyiUDO niapWt ll'llulniDlKin « d'lduatkia, u do leu hk. 

Su Rcnortion GJoi-alhni is EDFa[Kby BicBi and Mm". MiaolB of tbiL'oaimll- 



ST. JOHN, (J. A.) Egypt and Nobis: with oumeruuB Dluatrations. Sro, 

9« Londm, 1845 

BELZONI, (G.) Narraiive of ihe OpemlionB and Recent Diacoreries in 

Egypt and Nubia, by W, Hamiiion. 4to and Allna. ioitd,, 1890-23 
HOSKINS, (G. A.) Visit to the great Oasia of the Lybisn Detierl, etc. 

Bro, plates. 10*. 6(1 Leaden, 1837 

VYSE, (Coi,. H.) OpemlioM csrried on ni the Pyramids of Gizeh, with 

an Account of a Voyage into Upper Egypt. 3 vols, 4lo. Londm, 1640 
DENON, (V.) Voyage dam la Baw « Ja llaql- EaypI, pcadaal I 

Pl'aWtolwS'.'nw'U"' , ' . "".' ."°'° 'V"' . 
CAILLAUD, (F.) Voyaf* k ]-Oa.l> do Tb-'ia « daoi ko d<<art 
BIFAtm, (J. I.) Voyao «> Enf 1 to Itabia. Dilio, 
COMBES. (E.) Voyan en Bgjplt. ta Nobw, dani lai d«Hit> da Bajwull. ic% BMuni. 

CUAMFOLLtON. (LlJlUKI.] LolUati:ritHd'li«Ii)log<deNabil.«il83«-tB. Sm. 

Pom, I8S3 
BAINT.MAUB [Vcani'tc Di.) Voya^odnLoioreoEeypIo, iBartnmpoiUid. TIhIh 

kraib, l'undoiob«lbc|aH<liMwtn>, Hta Pgru, IHU 

LBON 01 JOANNI8. Campagao pittomqae do Lmor. t voli, Bvo, M Allv In folki, 
BONNIHL Voyage daai la himect la bwEnpu. 3 rob. Bvo, M AUu In «o. 

PIETRC, (D. Dt.) Voyage huloriqni ID Bgriila. Bra " I8IS 

aCATREMERE, (B.) Ota«val.aBiqoatqaeipaloudelai«ogTa|iliiadal'EgTpU. Bis. 
M«malnig«ogr.nlbi«or, nuT^ypu. Voli. l.-II., 8to. , " ' 1811 

ESTFT.] 121 [ EGYPT, 

1. GECKiRAI'HY, &c.— (CoW.nued.) 

RUBl^ V. ULIENSTEKN. Gropiph. DinUUnnf ini SlIEitm OaicllidlW n. Ghr. 

COD JEtliioima n, SgyuM- Svo Btrim. IST 

MINVTOLr, (U. P. vov.) Bn>c inia T^irplB det JajHui AnuDm in d« Lvbbcbei 

WQiU Bid iiuhab«.£|ypUli. 4U « sUu in [iilin Brriix, lOU 


(a). Anciest. 

WILKINSON, (G.) Mnnnera and CubIoiok of ibe AncicDl EgnitiDns, in- 
cluiiing (heir Private Life, Govtmmeni, Laws, Arts, MnnDfaPturca, Agri- 
culture, Religion, and Enrly Hiatoi? ; derived from a compiriKiii of (he 
paistiiigB. sculpture, sad monuineiiui Mill existing, with the accoonla of 
ancient luthorB. IlluBtnited by Drawings of those mibjeclB. 5 vols. 8vo, 
84* Lnadan, 1S47 

RUBBBU.. (W.) VlBW of ADcirnl ind Modem Egjld ; iKli nn OsiUbc af iu Nuinl 
Hiatory. il. . . . |£dm. Cab. Lib'y.J .... EdM., 183S 

WATHEN, (G-IO Arti. AoUqnltlB, B>dChiaiH>)D(yorAiiokntEt!Ti'>: r>OBiObMrva- 
liauinUai. WtUl UlluMlHHU rram Oh|iBBl BkelchB. nr-Si-o. I(l>.^ 

BHARre. rS.] TI» tlliun or Eniit. riom Ihc EariiH Tlnn UU Ihe Coniiiiat bi Ibi 
A«b«,A. D.MO. s™, IB< i^mute., 1848 

Hillary of Egyi<l under (hs Ramiiii. I lol. Svo, Tj. , . . " 1S49 

Efyptiu rncriptioDi, titrm Iha Briiiib Mnwnm ud olhei Miiiim 4ui, Wi. Lnitn. 

D&BUBN. (W.) Aw^ienlEfyiit: li«Tsiu»i>}K>tl.eTtut!iorihBDib:t<. Bein; u ia- 

IfirpnUlwa of Uv lllicrtpliOBi and Pidam <«bicb imuia apoa bpr Tombt and TemplH : 
illniuaud by Tetj nnmiiOBH eSfmvinp and ookininl plal«. Si-o, 14i. JjnuUi», 1646 
CORY, (I. P.} CliionoliKiul BnqnirylntDtlioAneiant Hiatory of Egypt; Mylholaiiial 
Eaqnlty UlIot)ieRwwiiIiUrTI»olg|j'srihall«ll»nL Svo, Tl. <U. Jjndm. I83T 

Aaciml Fnjocnuofihr Flucnieian. dialdsan, EnyiiUan, Tyiian, Caflhiginian. In- 

HaprH no Im Uinn ninBlern CalBlognHof tlifl E^|itiju Klagi, with tbe TkrioDi read- 
in0i llut (wcvr in Lhifif diOereiii vemom^ 

BBERF.N. tA. H. L.J RcSHlioni on Ih« FiJIU«, rJxerconM, ud Tmde of Ilie Anciunt 
NaUouoC Afnca, 3 vnb. Bvo, Sir. Vol. S,— %yT>tian>. . . Or/ord.lg38 

HAMILTON. (W.) fiBVptiarn ; or an Acconnl of An4ml »nd Modem E?J|it. 1 vol. 
IDyal4ui, and a (alio Allajnr Plata lAmJm. l&IO 

WHITE. (JoaJ «BviiIi»r» ; or 01i«r.aiion. oB Cemin Antiqaliiei of Eisiil. In two 
Parti. Pan I. The UMnn of FruniKy'i Pillni Elneidiled. Put It. AbtfollaUfi Ao- 
OHBl of llM AnllqnJIn of E|;p(. KrttUn in Aiabw, A. D, 1^203, Ttanilaud lata Ebi- 
Ui and lUniliUHt wiib NMs. 410 /^dn, tm 

LONG. (ain.J EcrpUu AnljqglUn IB Iha BrtU<h MaieotB, »* eda. S loli. tSnn, 
*M.Bd. ^HHuJen, IMS 

PBICBARD. (J. C.) Ab AnalyiliorEjyiKian Myll»ta«r. To whleh (. added, a TraJ»- 
lalioa of ilw Fietimiaaiy Eu* preflied by Piof. A. W. Von SehJenl, (o tbeOiimiBn 
•dilin of ttie uioe Mik. By Jamea Vain. rgynJ »vd, ai#. Z,«nte.. ISIS 

eCHWENUK. IK.) Dig Mytlmlngw d» AuwiKban VAllm. Vol. 3, dla MilMoRwdef 
.Sgypur. Sis, 13 plu«, lb ^Vnai/., 1847 

MAKRIZI. Hi>laiiTd»8nlUB>M«iil<>iikadel'Et[y|de; tmiuseBAubrparTaki-Eddin- 
Ahmed Makrill. Tndoitaea Pilafaii, « acmmia^do da nail 
iiiian, SI {Hiiiipbiiiuea. jiai U. Qnairria^re. lis, >ol, I, — ■ 
(PaMicUioBi of IkeOiienlal TruilatloB Fnnd.] 

OmAirtiU d. Capua. Arab, mil UabarL a. Anm. beranw. >. F. WlWaalald. 4Ld, 

ut. e.((-. iM* 

CAII.LACD, (F.) Renbarrha mr lai arIM « milieu. In nugH de la via eirih at dnim- 
lMmiTnii«<«utsmBid(B[ieIi^ini^«n»dan>«nie>caBlititi. 4tl>. Porn. ]83T 

LETBONKE, (M.) Recberehn pour aarTit k I'Hiilotn de l'E|ypU paadaal la Dnminn. 
UOfl i)b Om « dii Romani, Ila Paru, 1H33 

iBanipban grar^^na da RoHtta ; tatle el Imdnolwn liLEdrale, afcnnapafnd d'nn com 

meBlaire criliiIbB, hrrtoriqne vL nrchAolo^^ae 8vo, .... PariM, 1841] 

8AVART. (M.) Lett5H mr I'EirjpIe. 3 voU. 8to. " ITW 

B0F/;KH, (A.) ManMbo a. i. HaadiriBiii-piinode. eln Beilraf i. GaHUdita d. Plu. 

lannal. Sro, Si Brrlm, IMi 

' BOHLBN, (P. v.] Dualletndian mit liriandarar Riickiicbt aof lEgyplea. Siokgro. 

KGTPT.] 122 [EGYPT. 

n. fflSTORY. ANTIQUITIES, Sic— (Continued.) 

BUNSBN. (C, C, J.) Xtf]iuu eidle In dn Wdttwhklit^ VoU. I.-III,, «n. SS 

plaUt, 4Ui HniKl., ]B«4 

GOULEANDF. (J, A.) AlvbtiolaeH ^BJptiBtkne, OD i^ahvrdm HOT I^HptcHion dq Jiidro- 

glr|i1>». Vah. L'lll., gva, SOi l^vg, ISW 

LGEMANS, IC.) Monununi £nrpllFii dn miu« d'unUqnllii ds Piyi-Bu k l^ide. 

PuUI-«, Iblio.uchlMi. . ..*.... LtUU.\mi-VI 

— - DewripUiiii luwniii del moDiiiDHU dgfptHnu. in. llli. " IBIO 

RABK, (K.) Die ilu a«ypi. ZeimdiaDiis- Bvd MIna. 1B30 

CHAMPOLLION LI Jeitki, (J. F.) Monmnniu dr TE^'pu « da 1> Nnbbi, d'ipni 

lioni aalOKniphn qn'U en a itdigEci. stc. ta\Ui,f.XD. , Pir/i. lH3S-i3 

CHAHPOLLCON-FIGEAC. (1. J.) AnEDla il« Luldn, <n ChnnalneiB d« Roil (na 

d'Efvpte, iDCHwnn d'Almndnt k (imnd. 3 vol.. 8vd. . Pant, inn 

BAINT-MAKTIN, (J.) KddicUh RwUmilu lar I'tiwiuc lie In moA d'AluMdre. etc. 

Oburrailoiu nt "AuDaleida Lufjda." pu M. Siliit MiHin. Bn. " USD 

Le NURMANT. (Cb.) Mut^ iv AntlqniiM £eri>'><^'"* B«<>eil de Munannu 

Efjplioiu. Aidiiuctnie, Slatiialni. el Fdninie. rolio Ptria, 1^41 

HOSaEia.lN'1, |J.) MonsmenlJ dell' EcilM a deiln NllMa dn^ali delb SuediilaH 

eeienUBu litenuU THUsa in t^lto ; dlilribnll [n ardioe di nuUrie. inln|ii*uii ed tlliu- 

HENRY. (D. M. J.) L'Cgypu pbwamuina. on UiHoiia dei iutiLnUmu del Eo-pUen 

BCHWABTZE, (M. G.) Dna mile £g;pUii, ndei Bprncbe. Gracbiclllit, BFlifioll a. Ver- 

VdI. 1. banUel. nnd Bnarllieil. der TsniFlimiten Rntiineronp-Sjileiiie dar dreC lll- 

Ogypltflicn Bcbrift-ArtfiD. Vol. I. In 9 parti. 41d, £A. . Leipzig, 18^ 

CHAMPOLLIOK LI Jiu«ll. L'Egvple loni In Fharaon., on rfchercliH mr la (togm- 

LBPBlUa. |R.) Aoiwibl der wlD>iU|;ueii UikondiMi Hm Sfj^- Aluniiaui. <u. (3S 
plaUa) Imp. loliik I-tipiig, 1B48 

(6). MOBEHS. 

LANE,(E, W.) An Account of llie Mannera and CiislomB of ihe Mfxiem 
Egyptians, wrilien in Egypt during ihe ycBis 1833-i nnd 1S35, p.rtly 
from Nolen mode during a fotnier Visit to thai Country in (he jpstb 
1825-6-T and 26. S vols. IStBO, 4*. 6J. . . Lrnidon, 163C 

The tame. 3 vols. STo.uairann with WilkinsoD'a Ancient Egyptian 

18# Lanilen, 16M 

FOOLE, (Mm.) The Engl ish woman in Egypt : Letters from Cniro.lfcrine 
a residenct there in 1B43-13-'U and 45. 3 nila. IBtno. London. 1844-6 

WILKINSON, (Sin G.) Modem Egypt nnd Thebes ; being a deacriplion 
of Egypt ; with inlbraiBlian tor TraTellers in that Counlry. 3 vo]». 6to, 
map and wooJcuis, 42* . Lantlon, 1S44 

H»nd-Book for Egypt and Thebea. sm. 8»o, mnp. ■' 1847 

YATM. (W- H.) The Modem IjW"?, "d Condition of Epvjrt ; iu ninmle. Dinm. 

GOIKN. < ) L'B)(7i>le 40 XCXe lUcle HUIDln mlKUilie el rnlKinne. He., da MdMind. 
Ali. Ibnhiia-Puh*. Soliman^pKha. Bid. pUUa, Ot. : esl. U: . Pirn, UK 

CLOT BEY. ApetfiRtatnlnut'EGTpte. 1 toIi. ISma. 8ntxW/u, teas 

IIAMONT, (P. N.) L'BeypU wu M*liiii»1-A]l. PapnliUoH, GagTHBaniMK.IiHtlla- 
llon. Publi^iie., eio. ivBL.Sxo.f.ti ^a™. 1M3 

BURCKHARDT, (J L.) Arabic ProYerbi, Br MlBlieB ud Curiona oT t]>e ECrpIluH, 
iUiutruedrnimlbeitpni>elbIllSa;IIIli. Ito limdM.liOO 

in. LANGUAGE,— (Akcient *hd Hoiiebn.) 

IDELER, (J. L.) Hermnpion, aiye nidimetila hJeroglj-phicB Tel. Mgyjn. 
htemt. 'i parU, impl. 4Ia, 54*. Lip:, 1S41 

ffl. LA'SGV AGFa.--(Continued.) 

CHAMPOLLION le Jeune. De recriture h^ratiqoe des anciens Egyp- 
tiens. folio Grenoble, 1821 

Lettie 2l M. Dmcier, relative 2l l*AIi>habet dei HiAroglyphes phoB«Ciqa«i. 8vo. 

Paris, 18i3 

deox Lettres 4 M. le dnc de Blacas d'Anlpe leUtives an Mas^ royal ^j^ptien da 

Turin monamenU hHtoriqaet. 8vo Paris, lfSitrQ6 

tar le SyfUme hMrogiyphiqoe de MM. Spolui et Seyffarth. 8vo. . Fioraiee^ 1896 

Prices do syst^me hieroglyphique des anciens Egyptiens, an Re- 

cherches sur les 6\6mens premiere de cette Venture sacr^e» sor lenv diver- 
ses combinaisons et sur les rapports de ce eyst4me avec les autres m^thodes 
graphiqaes ^g3rptienne8. 2* edition, 1 v. de tezte. 8vo» et 1 v. de 
planches Paris, 1828 

; Pantheon ^gyptien ; collection des personnages mythologiques de 

I'ancienne Egypte, d'apr^ les monomens ; avec un tezte explicatif. 4to. 

Porw, 1824- 

8P0HN, (F. A. G.) De Lingua et Litcris Vetemm iGgjrptionim. Acce- 
dunt Grammatica atque Glossarium ^gypliacum. Editit et absolvit. G. 
SeyfTarth. 4to L^sia, lSUS-31 

SEYFFARTH, (G.) Rndimenta Hieroglyphices, acced. ezplic. spec, 
glossar. et alphab. 4to, 45*. Lipg., 1826 

Beitrage z. Kenntniss der Literal. Kunst. Mythol. n. Gesehichte d. alte 

^gypten. Parts I.-VI, £2. 10*. . . . Leipzig, 1826^34 

YOUNG, (T.) An Account of some Recent Discoveries in Hieroglyphical 
Literature and Egyptian Antiquities. 8vo. lJon£m, 1823 

The rudiments of an Egyptian Dictionary in the Ancient Enchorial 

Character, containing all the words of which the sense has been ascer- 
tained To which are prefixed a Memoir of the Author, and a Cata- 
logue of his Works and Elssays. 8vo, 7t. 6J. . London, 1831 

SALT, (H.) An E^ssay on Dr. Young's and Champollion's Phonetic System 
of Hieroglyphics. 8vo London, 1825 

LOWE, (L.) The Origin of the Egyptian Langaage, proved by the Analy- 
sis of that and the Hebrew in an Introductory Essay, extracted from the 
Asiatic Journal. 8vo Ijondon, 1837 

LEPSIUS, (R.) Lettre sur I'alphabet hi^roglyphiqne. 8vo. Borne, 1837 

Le NORMANT, (C.) Rechercbes sur les hi^rogljrphes d'Horapollon^ 
4to PariM, 1838 

CORY, (I. P.) On the Hieroglyphics of HorapoUo Nilous. Greek and 
English. 8vo, 7t. 6(2 London, 1840 

DRUMANN, (W.) Untenacb. Uber Acfypt. od. d. IniehriA von RowUe. 8to. 

Konifsb., 1883 

GOUIjTANOF, (db.) EMai tar les bi^roj^Iyphes d'HorapoHoo, et queues mota gnr la 
Cabak. 4to Paris, 1837 

KOSGGARTEN, (6. L.) De priaca iE|rypCionim KtcrMara, eto. 4to. Fimar, 18^ 

LERMANS, (C.) Monamena ^gypt, portant des legeades royalea. 8vo, plate*, lis. 

I..eide., 1839 

Papyras 6fypC. d^rootiqae 2l transcript frecqnes. 4to, Sts. fid. 

Papyrus 4f ypt. faneraire. 4to, f)5«. 

HoSAPOLLO, Hieroflyphica. var. lect. et vert. lat. annot. et ind. adj. C. Leeman*. 8ro. 

81* AmstrrtL, 1835 

CHAMPOLLION, le Jeune, (J. F.) Grammaire dgyptienne, ou principes 

g6n6raux de I'ecriture sacrde dgyptienne appliqude a la representation de 

la langue parlde. sm. fol Paris, 183&^1 

- Dictiomiaire £gyptien en ecritnre hieroglyphique ; public d'aprte les 
mannscrits aatogrephes. folio Paris, 1841-42 

ROeSI, (I.) EtynologiB cfyptiaeae. 4lo. JImm, 1818 






in. LANGUAGE.— (Con/inwft/.^ . 

8ALV0LINI, (F.) Aaaljie grammaticale nkonm6« dm dimraas TcztM ancieBs Er[p- 
tient. 4to ParisVuM 

Det princtpaks ezpremoos qai senrent 4 la notation dm dates sar let monnmentB da 

Tanrienne Efypte, d'aprcg rinscription de Rotette ; lettres k M. TabM Constanzo 6az- 

xera. Svo Paris, I83S 

PETTIGRE W, (J. T.) A History of Egyptian Mummies, and an account 
t .^ of the worship and embalming of the sacred animals by the Egyptians : 
•^ \* ^iHtb ijemarks on the funeral ceremonies of difierent nations, 6lc. 4to. 

"* > •.♦EYRON, (A.) Lexicon lingue Copticae. 4to, 45«. Tour,, 1835 

- Grammatica linguse Coptics. 8vo. ..." 1841 

** These are the most cofHons Gtammar and Lexicon of the Coptic Laa^age extant.'* 


TATTAM, (H.) A compendious Grammar of the Eg3rptian Language, as 
contained in the Coptic and Sahidic Dialects, etc. 15*. London, 1830 

Lexicon .^gyptiaco-Latinum ex Veteribos Linguae ^gyptiacs Mon- 

umentis, et ex Operibus La Crozii, Woidii, etc. ; cimi Indice Vocum La- 
tinarum. 8vo, 28«. Oxon., 1835 

The Ancient Coptic Version of the Book of Job the Just. Translated 

into English. 8vo, 9t. London, 1847 

PARTHEY, (G.) Vocabularium Coptico-hit. et latino-copt. e Peyroni et 

Tattami lexicis, &c. 8vo. Berol, 1844 

SCHWARTZE, (M. G.) Grammatica lingus Coptic® ejusque dialecto- 

rum. 8vo. Leipzig, 1847 

PSALTERIUM COPTICE lingu. Memphit. translat. Ad. fid. cod. 

editit notisque instr. M. G. Schwartze. 4to. . Ltpoics, 1843 

PSALTERIUM COPTICE. Ad cod. fid. recens. J. L. Ideler. 8vo. 

Berlin, 1837 
TESTAMENTUM NOVUM, Coptice. EdiUt Dr. M. G. Schwartze. 

Pars 1, vol. ]. Evang. Matthaei et Marci continens. 4to, 12«. 

Ltpoia, 1838 
QUATREMi:RE, (M. E.) Recherches snr la langue et la litt^rature 

d*Egypte. 8vo Paris, 1818 


LARDNER, (D.) A Manual of Electricity, Magnetism, and Meteorology. 
Edited f nd completed by C. V. Walker. 2 vob. 12mo, 5 plates, 12t. 

London, 1844 
FARADAY, (M.) Experimental Researches in Electricity. Reprinted 
fi-om the Philosophical Transactions, Slc. 2 vols. 8vo, plates, 27«. 

London, 1839-44 
STURGEON, (W.) Lectures on Electricity. 12mo, 100 woodcuts, 5t. 

London, 1842 

A Course of Twelve Elementary Lectures on Galvanism ; illustrated 

with upwards of 100 Engravings of Experiments and Apparatus. By W. 
Sturgeon. 13mo, 5« London, 1843 

ROGET, (M.) Electricity, Galvanism, Magnetism, and Electro- Magnet- 
ism. 8vo, io. 6d. (Lib'y Use. Knowl.) London, v. d. 

NOAD, (H. M.) Lectures on Electricity ; comprising Galvanism, Magnet- 
ism, Electro-Magnetism, Magneto- and Thenno-EJectricity. 300 wood- 
cuts, 6vo, 14« Londm, 1844 




ELECTRICITY, &.c.—{Conluiited.) 

LEITHEAD, (W.) Elaelririly ; iib Namrc, Openlion, and Importance in 

iIk Phenomena of ihe UniTersr. 13ina. . Laaian. 183B 

HENRY, (J.) Conuibulions id Etectrict!)' uid Magnelisin. 4lo. 

Philad., 1839 
BREWSTER, (Sib D.) A Treiili« on Mognetinn, Bvo. 6.. Edinb.. 1^37 
FRANCIS, (G.) Electrical EiperimeniB ; iUnenaling Ihc IVof)'. Fnt- 

lice, and A|)(JiciIion of ihe Science of Free or FriciionaJ Eleciricit}' : 

eonlaining ihe meihods of Making and Managing Electrical J^|iBrtnii 

of eveiy deacripdon, with numeioos illualralive engcavin)^. Svo, 3a. 

GUMMING, (J.) Manual of Electro-Dynamira, chiefly translaled from ihe 

French of J. F. Dtmonferrand. Bvo, plnies. 12*. Cambridge, 1627 

MURPHY. (Rev. R,) Elementary PrineipleB of the Theory of Electricity. 

Sto, 7». Sd Cambridge. 

BEL'CtUEREL, (J. J.) Tnit« u|,aniii>DUl d> I'^lMriultA ol dn nignilkiH. lalTr d'uH 

Bvo. M Mlullriwf/.H Sr" ." .' .■"'°°' . , "!"'"' Jinj.. iB»<-l8*^ 

IT BBESCHET. Rnlitrchs loi In chtknii •niauJi- ng iiui«i ds ip|Hi«U ih'«ini- 

De J.^ BIVE. Tnili d'tleclrtul:6 tppllquAe au vu, o !> aitjiclni: d t la pli)ilalc«!i. 

NEIJMAlvlf', (F. E.) bis miu)>e'Da(i>ch«>'G«>«» <i« IndDcinra ^Mri>^lHa au^'. 

B» Ht'ii.T.ii-1 PrinriplH of Plinia. firDaaioa'i AnHb of Elnslrlelly', be. 
Scoailal's UuoMinl IaveiU(Uluni. PlscnaL'l Bteownli oF Phjriia. Lli'Y 
Use. Kiinwt.. Jihkaoh'i Edinlnr^ JoumaJ, PKilHeuUaJ MiniuH. Pbllir- 

dr Chimin « J> Pliiuuui, Aantlo da Bcimiu~ NbiorIIi*. TiTLoa'a BcIuUId 
MHDOin. &c. 


SPENCER, (T.) Eleclrography : Inalmction (or the Multiplication of 

Works of An in Metnl by Voluic Electricity. 8vo. . frloigou, 1840 
S.MEE, (A.) Elements of Electro- Metallurgy. 9d ed., iUuslraled wilh 

electroiypea sod Qumeroiu woodcula, Byn, cloth, 10«. 6d. London, 1843 
SHAW, (G.) A Manual of Electro- Meiallnrgy. 3J ed., 8vD. 7.. Gd, 

Landon, 1844 
WALKER, (C:V.) Electrotype MBnEpdalion. ISmo. 2a. 6d. Z^d, 1845 
LEREBOUaB, (J.) TiilUd*a>I>uiiipJuIiii>. e™,/.3. P«.i., 1H3 

JtlA-fE/. DE OAI.yjlJimpI.ASTIK. an TimtH complM dtcoi An. MMluaal 1ag> 

Is pioc«d«i Is plu rie>iiu, iiima.f3iO. Pirii. 1844 

JACOBI, OalruoplaUlll : 0(, tba rrnxna oT Cohfrinf Coppei 1(10 Plata. 01 «li« (ivcB 

PAL.>iEH, Glrpkoinaiih; : St. Engniod Drawing flu FfinUB( at Ibe Typn PrniaAsr tba 

BAWPSUN, El«ctnitml- di. thi Altof Makiu PalallDn Iniacha maniHir Uial FoppH- 
plitd iDd hlocki cas bo uUied fmm tboin bjr maiai of Vnltaiu Eloclrialj. Km, 

ENCYCLOPEDIAS. ''"'^' '*** 

BRANDE'S Dictionary nf Scieace, Literalnre. and Art : comprising the 
Hialary. Description, and Scisntific Principlea of every branch of Human 
Knowledge: with the Derivation and DeGoition of all Iha Terms in 

geoeiat oae. 1 rol. Svo. Landan, 1843 

(BapriaUd, Mow-Yoilt, H. Bvi.] 
COJfyEH&aTIOM^-LEXtCO.Y. WudlOon. ISTolt.Bto. l^ftlt. 18+5-7 

BJfcrcLOP^XDlA AMERIf-AlfA ; DB tba badi oT tba Snaalti sdiiioa or ihe GlT^ 
■IB CJoBwnaUoBi-lnlisni. 14 rob. Sn. Plilarf., ISKMT. 




Ei^CYCLOPMrnAS— {Continued.) 

THE CABINET CYCLOPEDIA ; comprising a Series of Original Works on 

History, Biography, Literature, the Sciences, Arts, and Manu&ctores. Con- 

dacted and edited by Dr. Lardner. sm. 8vo. London, 1830-46 

The work comprises tbe foUowing divisiou : 


15 Vob. 


Any Votwne may be purchased separatdyf Price fit. 

PHY. 13 Vob. 

JVtf. 4tf VoIm. when, complete. 

Eagland, 10 vob. 
Irebtnd, 4 vob. . 

Bootiaad, 3 vob. 
United States, 2 vob. . 
France, 3 vols. . . . 
Netheriands, 1 voL 
Switzerland, 1 vol. . 
Denmark. Sweden, Ite. 3 vob, 
Poland, 1 vol. . » . 
Crermanic Empire, 3 vols. 
Rnssia, 3 vob. . 
Spain and Portugal, 5 vob. . 
Eniope during Sfiddle Ages, 4 


Italian Republics, 1 vol. . 
Fan of the Roman Empire, 3 


R«me, 3 vob. 

Greece, 8 vob. . 

Grectaflfaod Roman Antiquities, 

3 vols. .... 
The Church, 3 vob. 
Reformation, 3 vob. 
Maritime Discovery, 3 vob. . 
Outlines of History, 1 vol. 
Chronology of Hbtory, 1 vol. 

Brittth Lawyers, 1 vol. 

— Military Commanders, 3 vob. 

— Naval Commanders, 5 viris. 

— Statesmen, 7 vob. 

— Poets, 2 vols. 

— Dramatists, 3 vob. 

Early British Writers. 1 vol. . 
Foreign Statesmen, 5 vob. 
Authors of France, 3 vob. . 
— — Italy, &0. 3 vob. 


Mackintosh, &c. 
T. Moore. 
Sir Walter Scott. 
Rev. H. Fergus. 
E. E. Crowe. 
T. C. Grattan. 

Dr. Dunham. 
Dr. Dunham. 
Dr. Dunham. 
Robert Boll. 
Dr. Dunham. 

Dr. Dunham. 
De Sumondi. 

De Sismondi. 

Rev. C. Thirlwali. 

Rev. T. Fosbroke, Itc. 
Rev. H. Stebbing. 
Rev. H. Stebbing. 
W. D. Cooley. 
T. Keightley. 
Sir H. Nicolas. 

Vole, of the Series, 

8. 18. 37, 63, 60. 81, 95, 104, 113, 134. 

65, 90, 131, 133. 


13, 15, 33. 



110, 118, 138. 


60, 64, 67. 

79, 85, 100. 

39, 30, 33, 35, 38. 

45, 49, 53, 58. 

87. H 


66, 74, 80, 88, 108, 114, 135, 133. 

47, 70. 



3, 11, 16. 




II. Roscoe. 

Rev. G. R. Gleig.* 

R. Southey, &c. 

Forster, be. 

R. BeU. 

Dr. Dunham, &e. 

Dr. Dunham, &o. 

G. P. R James, &c. 

Mn. Shelley, &c. 

J. Montgomery, &o. 


40, 48, 57, 87, 138. 
31. 78, 91, 99, 101, 106, 115. 
113, 119. 

46, 76, 88, 89, 108. 
105, 117. 
163, 71, 96. 

Brewing, Baking, Cooking, Itc. 

3 vob ' . Professor Donovan. 3, 94. 

G. R. Porter. 38. 

J. HoUaad. 84, 48, 54. 

G. R. Porter. 36. 

Bilk Maaufactare. 1 vol. 
Manufaetnret in Metal, 3 vob. 
Poroelaia and Glass, 1 vol. . 


Preliminary Discourse, 1 vol. . 
Hbtory, 1 voL 
Arithmetic, 1 vol. 
Astronomy, 1 vol. 
Mechanics, 1 vol. 
Optics, 1 vol. 

Heat, 1 vol 

Cbembtry, 1 vol. . • 

Hydrostatics aad Pneumatios, 1 

vol. ..... 

Emay on Probabilities and Life 

Contingencies, 1 vol. . 
Goooietry. 1 vol. 
EUotrieity, MagMtbm, l(o. 8 

Sir J. Herschel. 
ProfeMor Powell. 
Dr. Lardner. 
Sir J. Herschel. 
Kater and Lardner. 
Sir D. Brewster. 
Dr. Lardner. 
Professor DonoTaa. 

Dr. Lardner. 

Professor De Motgaa. 
Dr. Lardaer. 

Or. Lavdaer. 











130, ISL 

ENCYCLOP^ DlAS.—(Conlmued.) 

ao>dnij>s(li, ] vol. 

93. Si. 

ENCYCLOFJEBIA BBITANNICA i or, a Dictionary of Arw, Sciences, and 
MiacelliineoUB Liieratare. 7lb edilion, greatly improved, with the Sappleracntlo 
(he fojmet edilioiiB incoqioraled. Illnslnited by an entirely newsel of engray- 
inga on aleel. Eldiled by ProteSBor Napier. 3t vols. 4tn, 3G(. ne\i. Edin.. 1B43 

BREWSTEB. (Sir D.) Trail- oaMig- 

»lim.. 8«>.S-. 


TiwtiH on IIh Mlenwcope. Sto. Si. 

j«U in Nalnral aad Chnaieai F).iI«o|ihT. 

CBAtCrET (DR.) B.>I«r „r AnU«n,, 
»n)i H ploie., *u, 1±». 

MACKINTOSH, iBia J.] Dlurnaiw* oa 

hY P.Dfe-o. Whewiil. H™. tU. 

CREL-SErfA, F. B.) Tn.»ti« OB Hhi|,- 

NElLL, (P.) Tb. F-ail. Flower, and Kilch- 

BoiMing, Willi DOnirraai pju« md «<nt- 

»G.ri».' H.O.A.. 

«!..*«. la.. 

FHILLIPa. (Patir.) TnuiK oa OialDfr. 

DICK. (Pkdt.1 ManuJar VeUriuirBci- 

t'.o.fl.. ^' 

FLEMING. (Paor.) Tra!« m Mollo.- 

Moir, aaJ on Hhrtorto, bj Pi«r<Hoi Sj»U- 

oS^O W^."(TO '■^S^'^'^a ^'ilS- 

RO^ET.'lDa.J Tno Tiraii— oa Phjil- 

OBAHAM, |G- F.l Aa E-.,oa Ui-Tbe- 

01 and Prmi'limor Hn'LiiJ tompnitiini. 

TrralM on the »«>a Empaf. with aa- 

forming ihr aiHik oT - Marie,' with Ap- 
EiTlSsArD. (T.'c.) TtoHWorjaadAn 

SWOOT'^N^ ffand-Borit . 'Bvolni, * 

TEAILL. (Paor.) OelUa« of Hadical 

TiuUh oa Phfiic^al Gaopaph;. Bfo. 

IB5.WC. 810IM, Bvo.Hi. 

llwFinr aJo. H.O. B.. " >* ■■■ 



WILSUN. (J.) The' Nata^ HJHOry rf 
Tbe Vuanl HUlor; 0? Fnha. otlb 1» 

S-o. «.. 

b> Ninrod ; l»'iBf a Piacticl Tiaali« oo 

Finn™. 4.0. S.. ^ 

llonmanhip ml HsaUni. *illi a Clii|v 

T,«b« oa iB-d., with WO Fi»0f«. 

(to. IS., 

HOSKING. |W,~B"«™ofAn:hileBai., 

■adPriaeliilnorBDlldiu. 4ui. lii. 
IBVINK. (D.) Lin* of SMKlnh Writan. 

ticta.- Anfliai' aad ■ebooUn*.' with 

lare* Addlliini. Tlie fcrnifr by JanM 

JAMESON. tPaof.) El™™i. of Mia«- 

Wibon. ,h, l.u« b.Jha Aalbor of " Tbo 
nak)ei)li aiiniiiBK 6oile." in, icii. (U. 

■loe;. 8.0. S.. 

■pirilie drr WiHMchaftaa a. Kaa>io. - roh. 


THE FENNY CVCIOPXDIA of the Society for the DifluBtm of Use- 
(ill Knowledge. 39 Tola, small tblio. £11. Sa. XoniJan, )e33-16 

Tile same bonnd in IS Tola, cloth, £10. lOa. 
Tbe same bound in 15 vols, half Rusob, £15. 




ENCYCLOPEDIAS— (Conriwwerf.) 

Vols. I,-ir, Bso, EBcK 5a Lmrion. 1847- 

prajHMHl In IS3i u Ihe Kmin af "Dii Pinny L'^ula^vdiL' ani) al ■ ilUllaw*' esn- 
pvmfitB nniv. A Volnnw will be pnhlithed evny Fobi ModIIh, ■LrODgJr tHjvliJ, 
r<M FIvr BhiMinp. Tlu lime occuplad ia Iha jinlilksUon will bn lilnr yeui. 

1 vdI. 41o, pliira. XSO. in doth Ztniion, ISIB-^s 


ENcrCLOFEDIE ia XIX' Siicie, Repertoire nnivetwl dei Bclsncp?, dcs 
Utim, Ft deamU.avec la biograptiie de tDOB lea hommes calibres. 3G vols. 
BvD,/.330 Parii. 

ENCYCLOPEDIE NOUVELLE on DJctioimaire philorophique, Bo[en. 
tifique.llll^rairecl indoatricl, ofTram le tableau des caDnaiBMncea bnmBines 
■a XtXo Sitcle. sous ta direction de MM. P. L«cbdx et Rafnand. B vols. 
4to,/.130. Pom, 184 -5 

ENCYCLOPEDIE METHODIQUE Ripenoire oniyerecl de loot ™ 
qne I'eaprit hamain a reeueilli de connaisancea dana lee tempa anciena et 
modenieB, divJBfi par ordre de mati^res, par une aociSlfi de Keoa de iBlirea, 
et compost de 48 Dictionnaires ronnatiti! 164 Tolninn el dctni de lexle 
in-4. accompagnfB de 51 parxiea renfrrmant ensemble 6439 planches. 
/,1500 Parit. 

SAINT LAURENT. Dlctionnaire encrclopidiqne nsuel, on Reimni6 de 
tona lea dictionnairea biatoriquea. biographiqaea, g^ograpbiqneB, niyLbolo- 
giqiiee, ■cienliliquee, artieliquea, tEchaologiqaea.etc., presenlam la d^lini- 

=t prfeiE 





CRESY. (E.) An Encyclopffidia of Civil Enginee ring, IliBlodmi. Tbr'O- 

retical, Knd Practical. Illuslraled by many Hnndred Engravinga on 

Wood, e^vlanotory of the Priticiples. MKchinvry. and Conatruptionawlilcb 

, '!- 8vo. 

London, 184T 

BURR. {G. D.) Instructions in Praclieal Surveying, Topographieti 1 Plan 
Drawing, and Skeichiog Ground witbout Instruments. Plate and cuts. 
8to London. J847 

HEBERT, (Luke.) The Engineer's ami Mechanic's Encyclopedia, com- 
prehending Practical lUiutrslions of the Machinery and Proccases em- 
ployed in every lieacription of Mannfeciure of th« Briliah Empire, with 
3000 Engravings. 3 vols. 8vd, 36*. .... London. 

THE ENGINEER stid Conlracwr'a Pocket Book for the Yeats 1847 and 
1S48. re-modelled and improved on Temple ton's Engineer's Pocke( Book ; 
compriaing besides ibe Calendar and Memoranda for the Two YeaiB, re- 
quisite Tablea of Tides. Jic. l2mo, 6». 6d. ionrfon, 1B47 

BHEE, (S. C; A Glossary of Civil Engincrring ; a clear and practical 

Eqilanation of Ihe Terms used in thia Science, witli references to nuine- 

B works now in progress or lately completed, o" ' '" 

wood engiavinga. 8vo, 18*. 

Zondon, 1840 

EDO J -VEER INC.] 123 [engineerino. 

ENGISEKRING, &.c.—{Conlim<ed.) 

WHEWELL, (W.) The Meclmnics of Engineering, for use in UoiTfriiL. 

ties «□(] Culli^gFS dF Rngineera. f<vo, 0». ■ I^mioa, 1841 

WILLIAMS. (B.) Praciieai Geodosy, Cbain SurteyitiB, tc. 2d cdn., 

8*0, ia«. 6rf. . ■ Ijmdoa, 1846 

BRUFF. (P,) A TmllHi DC Enfiliiiinia^ Flrlilnork. nnaptiiine Ibe Practice of gnivcT- 

ID(. L>viilJiii«, ftc, 8va, plau>, lii . i^ilgn, ISJS 

MOBELT, (H.) Tha H«huiti3l Plisdpla ot EnitoHilal uxl AniliilRliln. 8ni, 34i. 

CASTLE, (H. J.; EuinrwiDg : Field NoTa on Pviih and R>i1»aT Survriinc lod Li- 
VFlltnE. with Plliu ud enliMli (brinii 1 SnunI to hii Bkinrnlnrr Tait-biwk] ; with 
rivtieE] FocniiliE f« iIb CdcnUIkiB of Buili Work, the ThKi)- ud FncUn of inn- 
nut (ml Ciin« ud polling down fiidi @iaka,lic., ud I TniiM Tutili. ^vo.lSi.M, 

BIMMB. (F. W,) ATrMli«OBUiBPrtDcip!«.nndPi»oli™of LeVBlling^ihowliiBimp- 
williHT.Tc^'i Rnln fat Itn nnx. sl 'aTTSva, iip. I«!. plaua. nuu, 3i. ijiiUI., 1843 

BOUXMa, (0.) PriiilplB und Pnnlice oT Enginwlnfl. ud olliFt Sntvefini ; willi in 
Appudil. 3diid.,Bva,5jilUn.l5> i.«ldn, IBM 

WLLINOTDH, (J.) EInnenliar (.IrllEl^noriind IniBIt u IltHipl to mniDiidUn tbn 

II pbiH, ati Phai.. mi 

eiMMS, (F. W.) Fnhlii: Wnb of Gtw Briuln ; coiuiitiDg of Rulmn, Biili. Cliiin, 
BiKti, CuttTiui, Embukmnu. Tanneb. OliliiiiH Amho. Vl*diK^. Brid(a. Sutinn, 
LocomiXivi b'li>in». ke. ; Cut-Inn Biidga, Iron iDd Ou Woib, Cuah. Lock-pilH. 
CHWrini, Muoniv ud Brickwiirii f<u Caul TunHh ; Cual BiMto ; th> London mid 
Liveinoal Docki, PIiiiu ud DiioHukHU. Dnok-titii. Willi. Qun. ud Ihdt Miuiut ; 
Moofmc-chilni. Plu drtlw Hirbonrond PanoT Loadod, ind otber imputAnC aagiiuwr- 
ing wuAa, Willi dBB^riptlanii iDd iiwdflciUoni : lbs wholr^ Tndeivd of Uw rniooil oliltlf 
ED iK* Civil EnriBvr ind 10 tlie SrodBBt, uid it Fiupploa ut U10 Foivigii Eiuinwi. Im- 
perill Mio. Willi tS3 idUB. £4. I1 £><id«i, 1B3« 

W. Stiicklud, C.B., E. H. OUI. C.B.. ud H. R. CimpM, C.E. 8vo. Hb'b. inlp. 

foUo. Ei-fiM Jjnilim. IMl 

Til^A-«.iCTIOA-S of the InwimlMUl of Civil Engioem. Voll. I.-III, 4ti>, [ililm. 

WEALE a Qninrrtx Pipm on EoitiBSMine. 4io. plUH. Voli. I.-V. fcontinnMl;. 

X3. lli.M /.tntan. IMS-is 

PAPERS on HnliJBI. CSBnuiWd wllb IhB Dntin of llm Corpi of Royal Englnem. Voli. 

APBUIBSON DIl VmSINa, [J. F, D'.J TmiUd'hjdranliqMi.ll'nuifedMinfrtoloon. 

andrf., B«o./.B. Pam.iea 

el SAINT GUILHEM, Tibl»l I'ouuedoi ingdnieDiifddsplirriciFu.rti:, 18idd. 

/-*-■■ Peri., 18« 

FROME. (Oin.J Outlinoaf Ihc Method of CoBdDGtili; 1 Tiinoumitlricll Bdivct Tdt tho 

FoimuioB of Toponiiiphleil Ptui, Mc. Sio, plita, ko., 13i. . Ijmini, 

DELAISTRB. (J. R.) I' Sciniv da ]'ini4iiinir. dlvMe en tmif pMln. lA I'on trail* 

fc. ^n°"?'>oU.^, «AtuI!'£"s7pi.r/.53° ""_' "7" , " .'"".' ' P*ri>riOT 

MJXUEh da I'ln^niau dill, on TnlU iDr rsppUeilwi diiecla im HiaDA int iit> « 
nunrBclniiB. PIT MM, Bchnili, Jofllaii « Loranti. 3 voli. IStno.ol Atlii, dcBS plu- 

ehaa, /.in 50. r«ru, IMS 

;t COL'SINERV. Recnoil da tablH i I'on^B d» inpinimn.poOT ruilllHn 
li - - - ■— 

CI.AI'DEL. Foni. 

MAHAN, (D. H.)' 

BGANZIN. pKyiMoiw, on rtniin* dni lafou d'uB ooBudo FODitractlBn. ivac dm ip]dl- 

p*> M. BalM 3 Toh. 41o. iv« an ulu da in pi Paris', llOa-tl 

MINARD. (M.) Coan da «D.i™,;lion da> ouirajm ooi fitabliMairnl !■ niviniioa dai 

li>UlH M daa tuHi, prafurt i I'Eoola du pOBHat chaan*™. dlo, « AUw dr 30 pi, 

Ciril. KJfOWKEH IBd ArchitwI'i Jonrnal. <I0. vol«. I -[X. . Laiiai. ira7-»6 
(PnhlUiad mnnllll; at Kt. pai uanni,] 

Kulviii.'Btuji Eirainl, RdlDi. ITC. 






HICUOL3. <J.) BiblxKliHsttaiiognplilcsBnuiDii^; AlIhCoBliBoi'kiB, 10>Db.4ta. 

tnufoii. itwhf: 
M'CULLOCH, (J. R.) A Dracriptive nnd SaiUrtcal Aeconm of the Briiisfa 

Empire ; exhibiting its Extern. Physical Capocilice, Populslirm, Indastry, 

and Civil and Religions ItuliluliaDa. 3il edit., corrected, enlarged, aDd 

improved. 2 vols. 8vo, 49» London, 1847 


R. Poner. No9. 1-14. 5» London, 1835 

(Lili. D«f. Kwwl.i 
PORTER, (G. R.) The Progrcre of ihe Nniioti, in ta varlona Social and 

Economical Relations, from tlie beginning of the Nineleenlh Century. 

New edit., 8vo, 34t London, 1846 

SPACKMANN, (W, F.) SwtiBlIca! Tables of the Agrienltnre. Shipping, 

Colonics, Matinfadmres, Commerce, and Fopnlation of the Uniled Kingdom 

of Great Britain and its Dependencies, brought down to the Present Time. 

Compiled from Otficin I Relurns. iama,5i. London, iHS 

DOITBLEDAV. (T.J A Flnanrisl MnnMsiT. anl BtsUiUcal HiilarTDr EiiElisd. rrscg 

Uic RcvotuiioB of insa la lbs Piu-niTime: dcriicd prindisllr rram Officiil DiHiiiurnii ; 

IB BeiBUlKti Linen U Uie Tosng Men nrCiut Biitmii. Hra. lOi. Ijnvtw, IMT 

ECCLBSTON. (J.) iDlmtlDction lo Bnsliih Amlqiillin. dvo, ai.. />>:4«i. 1SI7 

VtSOH. (B. ft B.) Mugnii ttritiiinii : ba^g • nuclie TopognpUal Aenunl of Iha 

HvenlCDonlinarOrnil Britain, fl voLi. 4Io ' Lmiiit. liOt-ti 

CAMDEN, [W.) Siilinnla, orsChom^mpbinlDni.rililiaiiarG'CBlDrilaiiiiiid In-luil ; 
IDMlui wub Adjie™' lilindi. Traniklni, niuj inliTfed li; tliE LuM DkwratiB. bi 

Huh'd GdhjIi. 3 vak fallD Lanim, Vim 

) tlbtaricaJ and Litcrarj Cnriixiiia ; oDniMtinq of Fac^iEnfln dT iDtoiwI- 

' ItviDBrkaliJtt HiueficKl Eveula felullBUIvliaB IdnJiluf, Ea- 

li OmMnenU, AnliqniB. ftt ko. OoBlaia- 

Jm'la>>°<^(ild HDiwr Illomim! 

BRAND. (J.) Obunalimu en Pafinlar ADiiqoiila, with AdditiOBi bj Sir Hf. Ellfa. 3 

The »ine. 3 vol.. Kir. lUmo. •■ 1(81-43 

BTKUTT, IJ.] B(UrU>uidFullin«aribeP«iJiii>rEngltDa. edilHlbjVI'. Bona, StD, 

IatUsh. IBM 

Bm Comiiuiloni to Ilnilih Alniuiici. FnblleiiiDni af Um AcllqniuiB', CiuiidBB, 

JVruy, and Siitivei Sooiriiea. An.hwokiglcai JaaniaJ. ArdiKolDjtifial Albaa. 


1. Genebai. Histories, Biogbafhical Collectioss, &g. 

HAORAY, (W, D.) A Mmnaal or BhiUli Iluloriain ; nnipriuar an Aeanal of tha 
HsalLiih Wrlten. Ead; Chniilulen, and CaUHtfaiiii ia winch Uk; an piialnl. wHh lh> 

THOMBON, (R.D.I Ulnitrailoiu of tbe Hlilon afOmt Britain ^ an HiHoHea! Viow of 
thaManncn aod Cnilonu. DiBsn, Ulainluia, Arii.ComnieiGa. ■adCovefiiiiicalarGiBal 
Brilaia: fiam il» Time of the Baioni, dowa loiht &ishlnath Ccnlair. STok, Igma, 

Thr Inlradacllaii nniiili Dfli:) pa^ ilncriptiva of tha SoDrm and Nalniali of Bril- 

KEIGHTLEV. (T.) An Elementary Hiatoiy of E 
A Illfltorj of England. 2 vols. ISmo, 14*. 



II. HISTORY.— (Con/iniud.) 

CRAIK, (G. L.>. AMD MACFARLANE, (C.) The Pieiorial HiBtory of 
EogUnd : being ii HistoTy of the People, oB well u a History of the King- 
dom, lo the Deaih of George the Second. IllustrHted with mwiy hnmJred 
Woodcuts of Monumenlnl Records ; Coins, Civil and Military Coetume ; 
Domestic Buildings, Funiilute. and Ornaments ; Cathedials and other 
Gml Works of Atrhitecture ; Spona anil other Iltunraiiona of Mannera; 
Mechanical Inventiona ; Portraits of the Kings and Qiit^ns i their Signa- 
Inres snd Great Seals; and Remarkable Historicnl Scenes. 4 vols, super- 
royal 6vo, £4. 1C( Londaa, \840-4l 

Pictorial Histoiy of ihe Rdgn of George III. 4 vain. roy. Bvo, £1. 

Londan, 1S41-44 

Cabinet History of England. 3G vola. in 13. ISmo, 40*. " 1844-47 

HALLAM, (H ) Coitslilulinniil History of Etij-land, from Henry VIII. lo 

George U. 3 vols. 8lo, 349. .... London, IBia 

HUME AND SMOLLETT'S History of England. The History of England 
from the Invasion of Jnliiia Cssar to the Revolution in 1688. By David 
Hume. A new edition, with the Awhor's last correctionji and improve- 
menls ; lo which ia prelixed a short Account of his Life, written by him- 
■clT, 6 lols. 8to. — The History of England, frotn the Revolution lo the 
Death of George tlie Second. Designed as a Continuation of Hume. By 
T. Smoilelt. A new edition, with the Author's last Correcliona, 4 vols. 
8to. Together, 10 vols. 8to, £4 Lmdan, IB41 

THE HISTOSr OF ENGLAND. By Sir Jamwi Mackintosh; W. 
Wallace, Esq. ; and Robert Bell, Esq. ID vols. Icp. Bvo, £3. 

London, 1830-1840 

LINGARD, (J.) A Hialory of England, from ihe Invaaion by the Romans 
(o Ihe Accession of Wjlliaiti and Mary. By John Lingard, D. D. 4tii 
edition, with great additions thruugliout. 13 vols. fcp. 8vo, 65*. 

London, 1837-38 

TURNER. (S } The History of England, from the Barlieat Period to the 
Death of Elizabeth. 13 vols. 8vo, £S. 3«. . Ijmdm. 1836-38 

WADE. (J,) Briliah Hielory Chronologically Arranged ; comprehending 
a Classified Annlysia of Evenla and OecurienceB in the Church and State ; 
and of the Cotutilutional, Polilicsl, Commercial, ItHelleclnal, and Social 
Progress of the United Kingdom, from the First Invasion by the RoinDns 
lolbeAcceHion of Queen Victoria. Svo, 3U*. . XDndon, 1841 

ELLU. (SlI K.J On|«aiJ L«l«< Uinitnliait DNIiih Hlitorj ; liclwUllf aanenina Lrllen 
lUiuuuiaiu by Bif lliBr; LIUi. 3d Seii«', i loh. Hyo. two poflnlu. aii. LmtJ'it. IMS 

BAIJ.IWELL. 11. O.J Lrltin of l>w King! of Enelwd, mm llnl mlbillBl IWol Iha 
OtigiMli in lh« RO)il Arehiv™, --' '' ■- ■■ — ■ ■■- — " ■■ 


I it Eflflnnd. ChniBolopcBlly BTTUincI, fron the 
ifland. IrDib Ijm ]«t G«r|« I. t« til* Piwnt TlBW. 

Vxtorm Bill Ja lOB.' 3 vok tita, Httrut. 14>, 

FARUjtMEJtTART KiMairor EnfliBd. fnia the Ewlisa Vtiiai, lOTS. id IM3. Bv 

CabbM. Wri(l>l. IsdaUKn. 36 voli. »;. H<|> Ijiuln. \(H6-A 

IMmIK, (Huuniyj rVom Kdi. 1803 lolbl end aC tJii Roiln ofGinili III,, (IS»). 

41 n>b. n; S.O. /^>ui». ifta-ao 

ND. (W. C.) 

iiies-i, tDih 




n. mSTORY.— (Cowinued.) 

RVMEH, (T.| FiBlem. Jtc. a vol>. in 0. fUia. 

£^>«f>*. 1P16-3D 

WOOD, (M»l.) I<IUii of R«r<l ■°'> IlllitTiMi I^iei of OrcU BiiUin. rimi Ihecom- 

BURKB. Ciim|ii>nd«i« af lln Ri|lil Hon. Eilnililld Biik*; b«inn Uis jhi 1744 and 

smf LleilL-li»M™l8ir R. Bourk*. 4 toIi. Svo. 48». . . ' . . t™*™,' Irm 

LODGE B FffflnlU ind MsiDoinaribi M»t DhnliiiiBi PnnaaapH In Britlih 14111017. "•* 

Hlilion. mpriiiJava. IDvoli. UDUiniiiBSIDPaitniu, i:il, : ditlo. tlldlt prociA, £17. 

STRICKLAND. (Mix.) Li>» of the ttiwin of Eniluid, rraoi Ibc Ni>m>ii'cDnq<i^i; 

IhEUioDaciiiufiiu. prime u we)lu nnblin. VdIl I.-X,.Hvd, a<^b lUi. M. 

(REIirinUd, Fhlladelphii.) Ijm^nn. lMi-47 

GRANCER, (I.) A BiofnjihiiM] lluioi]rof Gnglnd rion [%bnt the Gn-U loieM. 

SOUTHBY. <R.) U>» oT rlw Biiti>h Adnlnh : with >n InuodiKtarr Vkw oT th^ Nn- 
Tal aiiloij or Gnit BritmiB. A tab. in. Svo. 30*. . . . ^jadn, iai3-4U 

{LardBflr'i Cfclopcptia.} 

HICOLAB. (»■ N. H.) A Hmor; of Ihs Roiil Nin, froni lb* GhUM Tim- lo 
CAMPBELL, (Lord.) The LIm of the Lord Chiii»lk>n ud KHnM of UiB GirU Bui 

vok.tnlha BlvDlulioD of 16W. tj'o. 4-li Z.i>iiJii>>* ]»<M 

SmooJ Berin, volt. 4-5, evo, SOj. " ll^e 

(RojniHUd, PliLluliIpliiLj 


1. ROMAN fERlODt D. C. U, lo A. D. 44S. 

HERBBRT, (Hon. Alq.) Bnlnnnia nfler Ihe Romam ; being aa Ktrmpl 
lo ilinatmte ihc RpligiooB uid Political RevolBiiona of lliBl Province in Ihe 
Fifib and BDCceeding Cenmri™. 2 vols. 4U), 30». London. 1836-1641 

THACKERV, (F.) RcHJirclxi inlo Ihfl EcclciuUnl and Pol.llal SUK of Anrirnl Brif 

HOBSLBy. (J.; BrilBonn Rdimiib; or. [hs Kohob ABtlqiiilia of CfU Bnlnin, 
Sn Br-riiflTOIl'a luInidualBO lo Boglfah Anliqlulioi, ud Ibo AnlluirilH Ihont n- 


FOLYDORE VERGIL-S Bnglieli HiMor?, Inmslaled , Vol. t. (Ihe period 

prior to ihe Conqucai), edited by Elle. 4to, G(. 6J. Landan, 1844 

(Corndra SoclMj.) 

GILDAS' Episllc Concerning Britain, and NEBmCs' History of ihe Briloin, 

irausIoieJ by the Rct. J. A. Gilea. Svo, 8*. . Lc«dm, 1841 

GEOFFREY OF MONMOUTH'S Briiiah HlWory, irsMlaied by A- 
Thomson, and revised by ReT. J. A. Giles. Svo.lOi. LaniUm, IS43 
(MookMi Uiilorini.J 
WILLIAM OF HALME8BURV-B Ai:U tat Dredi of [bo Klap of Ea^nni. and H 

RITBON, (Jni.) Tha Ufa of King Arthor, rnnn Andoiil HUoriini sad IBAnlir Doi 

THE CHHOjriC/.e of Um King! of Briuin, Iiudaln) from Uie Wolch canT Ulliba 

lo TyU\iB. with NoUi and KKnulDn b; Rai. PHar Robsm. 410. tjidan, II 

See Lbt or AatboriUei bi Bcmmm'o latiodaetloa to Eufbita Antiqaliin. 

BKGLAHD.] 183 [e? 

a. HISTORY.— (Conlinwd.) 

3. ANGLO-SAXON PERIOD : A. D. 4U, to A. D. 1D6II. 

PALGRAVB, (Sm P.} Hbiory uf the Anglo-Saxons. 1 vol. 13mo, St. 

. Rise and Progre™ of lh» English Commonwenlih, during ihe A. S. 

Period, a ralB -liD Landon. 1S33 

TURNER. (S.) Tbt Hiwoty of the Anglo-Saions : comprising the His- 

loiy or England from tbe EnrlieM Periml In the Norman Cunqacai. 5lh 

ed.Svols. 8vo, iS. Sk Luadon. IS36 

LAPPEMBERG, [J. M.) GffchicblH Ton England. Vol. I, 8™. 

Mtmbureh. tM4 

The same, Inui^HWd b; Brnj, Thorpe. 3 vols. Svo. Londtn, 1M45 

COLI^N, [G. W.J BilUiiDlaBuonirs; a Msn nf BiiUiB iluilnf llw Suon Oi:Unhr ; 

wtlhNoUcmaf UinBuaa Piiiod. (Id J/Btuia,. ISa 

ENOLIBH. {H. B.) Ancimi m«ciry, BnilUh IDd FRn>U<. UMipUlM i> > DiuHdan of 

Uh Aa«>o-Bu<n Chmoick. Hvo /.nilin. ISM 

TH£ SJXOA- CHKtWlCI.F.. niih as Eniliili Tmnlunu ud Ntm. ChUnal ud Ei- 

■ ibon Gnniiiiu of the Anilo-Saiw Lm^iun. (to., by tlw Kin>. J. Ingniti. 11a. 

COMET niFLOMATICUS JEwi SiiDniu. open lDh<li>1lli M. K>iDb>. Sid. t'ol. 1, 

(IfladoB). 18311. Virf.S i™(™, IWO 

(TJie Anjlit^ueB Chuwn.) 
AXCIFJfT I^irS uri lirilmUt of Bnfli.nd ; ™npiiriB|[ Lmwi emeoA nndei Ihs 

U>e1uw!n?IM tflTwiHrUie L'onre-or'i 'lii°e iJwi orwULm UlEVonqHrH, lad" m 
•HTibvl wEdnnllliePlnl; mln MDnDminlaEcrleilutliMi Aiulkiu.fnmilheBcvcnth 
W Kb Tnlh Cenlui; ; ud rbe AsdcBt Lalia VimiDD of tbs Asglo-Buon Lawi. Wild 

lidttfd bT Brajuiin Thorpe, ud imblMedbyiheBaanlCDmiiiMao. An Ediuoo 
n. poUuM u the fiM liioe In 3 .oh. in. 
HACKENZIX. (Kiv. H.) As Ewij on tlie Ufe ud U.IIIoUaiu of Offi, Klni of 

Merck. A. D. tU-7M. 6n> L<Hiim.\am 

PHILLIPS, (G.) Veiiiicli einei SanMlnne i. Gmehielilo de AnglHU'luHKin Rnhu. 

niai^.o! " . "_"_"*'_ ■" " ' "."""^ " . " /^>^, teSi 

■(»•■> nr WiLLitH I.. II. Hkkt I. BTiman. HaaiY II. Riin.aD I. Sibh. 

Uaiai III. I. 

THIERRY, (Aco.) Hinory of ihe Conqucsi of England by Ih* Normans. 

Translated by W. Hailili. With ■ Memoir, Porimii. 2 vols. sm. 8vo, 7«. 

Lmdan, lAil 

To thta Edilion is added tor Ibc liral lime, tbe important Appendix of 

Historical Docnments. Portrail, snd Memoir of tbe Author, dec. 

WAGE, (RoBT.) Master Wace, hia ChroniclB of the Norman Conqaem, 

from the RoKiN de Ron. Translated with Notts, &c.,by Edgar Taylor. 

8vo ioBdon. 1H37 

SHARPG, (J.) The History of the Kings of England, and the Modem 

History of the Kinga of England, of WiUiam of Mulnuibuty. Tmna. 

Utcd from tbe Latin. 4la Landan, 1615 

FANTOSME, (J.1 A Chronicle of the Wars betoken the English and 

the Scots in 1173-74. Tranalaied, with Notes, itc., by F. Michel. Bvo. 

{SDitn BwietT.) Pari*, 1B40 

MATTHEW nc PARIS. Grande chtoniqne de, Iradaite en bamjais par A. 

HaiUard-Brehollea, accompagn^r de nolea, el pr£c£d£e d'une introduction 

p« M. le due de Lynes, 9 toIs. 8to Pari*, IB40-41 

LANCTOFT. (PiTsa.) Cbnsieli. EJiinl b; Thonu Heuoe. 9 Tid>. ffvo. 



n. mSTORV — ( Coji/imiafO 

RICHARD nr DEVlZEa' Chiflnkle. Btb. S>. 

{Monkjih Hktoiiuu.) 
BIBHANGER, ^M. DK.) The ChronJcIs of, of lbs Bbiim 

JAMEB, (li. P. R.) BBlofyor Hicl.MlCfDUrd«l.iM.. S •ob, 

(Raprinlad. VI«lmi..V. Ji H.) 
A FHK.VC/f CluBiiloliar Lonikni.frcnu IheMlh BrUsnir 111. 
wjlb copioiu GiBglJBh Notv. by J. C Aanmr. im. 4Id, 6#. 

piitLUPe, (c; Kn^bdic nnda- onit x«hiiKi«bichu. i«i i 

ttaBUl by Hfnty III. 


ifliib; ih> Cluuinn of 
tlie prlndpal ariglDkli uhI flddivi^eiiBni, boEii in 

1 CENTURlfee. 

FROISSARTS Chronicles of England, France and Spsin, Sie., new edi* 
lion, with 130 woodcuu, illustralire of Manners, CoBlame, ite. S toIb. 
roy. 8vo, 36. London, 1945 

— IUDin[nriiioii< lg FnliHuI'' ChrDnicla. Cuc^imiitt rn>D> MSS. ia thtBnIub MtHBB 
ud BibJiolbciiiic Royalfi, 2 Tali. im,i. Hvo, nmh 4Si. , . . Laluln. IMt-U 

KARTELL. (J.) TIh FuliDie or tl>- Pivi'lc. Till Cbmnrck DTIMnHt RfiUmji. ud 
miHl dpecydl; of Ihc Realm uT EiikIiiiiI. Ediud by Ihc Bit. T. F. DltxIiB, 1IO, 

HAI.I.E. IEdivd.I rhrankir ; nnUiains th> UUm^r of EoiKod dnria 

Hqrdyun in Me(n. fi 

woiUi. oso'a 


If FiiU TbiiUnn Ynnor ibc Rrifii of Edoud IV., b)r Julia Wuk- 

In EnflftDd, aiHl tke flna 
i( Uw iui(n of BdHinl II 

TYLER, [Hcv. J, C.) Heait of Monmaiilh. or MatuoiTi ud CbanotR of II'Bry V. ai 
Flinoeof WalaaaadKiagorEaglaad. 9 roL*. >'vo. . . J.,r<hm.iSV 

NtCHLAB. (Bia N. H.) A Hiilory of lbs BalUt or Agiawurt. Bud Of Uh Eippdilioa 
■r Hcary V. lalo FiUM ID IIJS. lU rdiliiM, Zjiiuf., Ilffi 

FDLYDORB VBKQIL'a Hulon oT Ib> lUini of Hcoty Vt.. Edward IV.. aad Rlrbard 
III., lu>wfl>M|ir>alad ia BBi|H.h rioia a MS. ia U» fiiiliih HaHDO, !>/ Sir H. E1J1>. 

BACON. (Lord.) HUunyor 

'fUHy fnrnlidhlfd aad Minnarwl w 
i Toli. Svo. Airtnil aod oUin lUoUi 


n. HISTORY.— (C'oTKinufd.) 

UHDaksoflUllEiHl'tMS.'CDlkicliaiu. &lil«l bf W.JeidtE. W,4>.IW. /jiuln^ 1M3 
p.iXTOA- LETTERS, Onilnil Uiifn wriUH doriof <lu R«|D> of Jlrurr VI.. £d- 

{luloni:!^ mail Eipluumr. idiud bi Joho Feno, new cdiUDB by A. Kuniar. H. §vd. 
i-iuln, INl 

RXIOM UP Itinv V|[I. Editaid VI. HiIi. EuuiiTU. 
GEAFTON, (Rn.) A Chroniok at tirge, and Mesrt Hismry of Ihe Af- 
byrei or Englunde, und Kingea of ihe umr, etc, 3 vols, 4to. 

Xondcii, ie09 

TTTLER. CF- F.) Life of King Henry ihc Eighth, founded on nmlwDtie 

and original DopoOirote, Bome of ihem nol l>efore pnbliaiicd ; indading an 

Hialorioal Vi.-w'^fJHia Rfign ; witli Biogmphical Skeich*» of Wotaey, 

More. Eniamni,piiii(iwell, Craamer, ojid other eminenl coaieiuporariea, 

9d ed. frp. 8vo, 5« EdiahiTsh. 1838 

THOMaON,|M«a. A. T.) MtiDoli. or the Conirnr Henry VIII. 2 ToLi, Bvo. SSj. 
BBNGBR, {Ml».) McDHin or Adhi- Ralfjii, Qdhd of Hinry VIIl. S tiA. Sco! 

Vlli.wlh.PnMulTim. Sded-S..^ "'.' ° T™Si., iS 

KEMPE, (A.i.) LiMiy HSS. uiloUKrDKuiDeau, illariraUis at &a-\aii KWory rnun 

Hrtl-y VIII. ID Juui I. Svo Jjtn4vK, IKU 

LODCE, (E.J lIlDftnllaniDrBridih ttiriocy, Bioenphy, ud Minniin, fnun Henry VIII. 

CUROM-ICI.B of Cilu » Ihi RcifDi of Henry VII. ind Hniry VIIl. u Uh je.r'l540, 
by KidunJ TuipT". ■'«<• Bnl jifiDUd, ind idilad by Nichnli. nunoui nlota. Si. fid. 
I (C«iiul«B So^Ky ) /-mA™, leM 

JJfJVXiS of ihF firel foor years of ihe Reign of Qown Eiiinbeih, by Sit John 
Haywood, nowfirai prinied,aniifditeJ by Brocs. iqi.4io. Loarion.lSW 

BAUMER, (F.Ton.) ComrihntionB to Modem Higtory. from ibe British Mu- 
amta and Stale Paper OETics. Queen Elizabeth and Mary Queen of 
Bcota. 8*0 London. 1836 

NICHOLS. (Jno.) The Piogrenra and Public Proceaions of Queen 
Eliiabeib, etc. 3 Tola 4 to Londan, 1823 

AIKIH, (Lnn.) Mnniilnarihii CaaKar aiHB EUubxli. ftti ed. 3 rali. Rio. rxr 

NAUNTON. {fliJi KogT.) Frumrnli Renlii. HeiwH* of Eliiabeth, b« Conii and 

FaioarilB. N*w «l. oilh Dslea. &c. Hra Ijn^*, lUU 

f.) Lifeof Sir Walter Riltigb; foBBdwl DIDDlberilhi and original Doen- 
jf Ihem neyvr btfniv pablklied ; iadudliu a Vlaw flf th* moat iiBlBrtaiil 
la the RMini of Ellubiiih and Jui<e> I. ; Bk«cb« of Bsrlnrh. E>hi. 
■I. Sidney, gpea»r. ud olbu entBenl cnnleiBpii.-arin : Willi a Vlndlcatioii 
lei from i1h alUdu of Hunw anil oiImi Hrilfn. 3d ad, 1 ml. fen. Bro. Sa. 

lia. A. T.| LifeorSiiWtlti-rlUlelKh. Bn. . ljmin,lS»t 

BUiUiUS, {J. W.) The Ufa and Tlnn of Sir Thai, Gr«bam; mclBdini Notina of 

najiTOf iJicDalHBporartec with diuilralioai. 3 voh, Bte. Lmln,lfO» 

NICOLAS, (Bin H.) Mennin of Ibit Life aad Timeiaf Sir CbriMopkn Hattoa. K. G. 

VM.aanibeilBjn aad Lord ClunodlM Is QoHa BliiabelJi : inelndinf ba Canmfmi- 

eo ER TOY PjH-KHS. a CoUntion of Pnblie and Frivale Dncamwu, ehiafly illaarvix 
of Um Tlm^of EliinbHti lod Jioiei I., fiain Ihe orijinal MSS.. the plsr«IJ of Lord 
PrwKD B|vton. EdUsdbfJ.P. ColliH. ■ni.4la. .... Lciultt.iaw 

BENtiER. (Hhi.J Mrinain of lh<- Lira of Mar. asm r>r ScoU, with AnaodoUaof lh> 

nee. . » . pa. ^^__^ ^^^ 

STRICKLAND. (Miia.) Lillen of Mary aocea of BeoU, uil DoDnmnU eeanacted 


Memoirs or the Sluart Dynnsly: inclDding llie cons 

cleslBBlicail Hlslory of EnElaad rrom the DeceoBe of Oizi 
cnlicn of James n. 3 vols. Bvo 

AIKEN, (Li: cv.) Meim>in of Ihe Caurt dT Kiii| Junn tlie Finl. S 
gf Iba Cgnrt oF EnglBid during Ihn Hflgn a 

D'BWBS, (Sm Sihohdi.) TIht Anlobincnnhrand CarnipaailBiiH oC, dcriuUw Bulni 
of Jimot. udCliulal. Edttnl by J. O. HollloJl. S vol.. Kvo. 9a>. i^vm.iSa 

AMOS, (Andb.) Tbe OirU Oyer •>]' Fouoaiiii : lb> TiUI or the Eiri of Seracna (or 
nnlcd Ihercwilh. Froia Cnnlfiniiaili; M8e. His. 13i. . ' . iMiJ^H. I8M 

CLARENDON, (Ewd., Eini. of.) History of ihe Rebellion. 8 toIs. 
Bvo, £3, ie» Oxford. 

TheSdtne. 1 yo]t. ISmo, £t. Sa Landoii. 

The Same, with Life. 1 vol. roy, Bvu., il. 1«. . 

The Ssinr, with Poitraits. 2 tols. roy. Svo., xa, 15». . 

GUIZOT. (F.) HiMory of the Enghsh Revolnlion of IG40. frnm the Ac- 

KSflion of Charles I. to his Death, Transliited by W, Hailitt. 8to. 
3». 6rf. {Bogn.-! Esropeu Ubnuj ) Zanifam, 1845 

(R»pil»wl, N-w-Vo*. D. A, b C»,) 
C0t.t.F.I-TIO.V de mtmolTB nktia j> It WvolBiioB J-AnglMiim. pablUi iVHi Di» iBliv. 

AIKIN. {LucT.) Hnwin dF Uu Court of K 


CAULFIELD, (JJ High Conn at Imtic*. ai 

ABHBUBN'IIAM. (Coi.. ]i.ii>..l K.m.Uy« 

9 Ihe Finl. 9d. ad.. 3 loli. 8'*. 
of the RigiddM of Chirlei 1. 410. 

r SU Willi™ Bngilih. "i'^J^ 
ISM to 1BS3, «U1«I rnm aii|;iiial 




n. HISTORY.— (Con/inuccf.) 

VERJiTE Y PAPERS. Notes of Prooeedingi in the Long Parliament, temp. Charlet L, 
taken by Sir Ralph Vemey, Knt., edited by Bruce. 4to, 1§. M. Londmi, 1815 

(Camden Society.) 

RUSHWORTH. (J.) Htftorical CoUecUons, &c., from 1618-1648, with the Trial of the 
Earl of Stimfford. 8 vob. folio London, 1650-1701 

EVELYN, (Jifo.) Memoin illnttratiTe of the Life and Writings of Jno. Evelyn. Com- 
prising his Diary from 1641 to 1705-6, and a selection of his familiar letters. 5 vols. 8to. 

London, 18SS 

8LIN6SBY. (Sir H.) & HODGSON, (Caft.; Memoiis daring the Civil War. Edited 
by Sir Walter Scott. 8vo ' Edin., 1806 

BURNET, (Bp.) History of His Own Times, roy. 8to, 17«. London, 1838 

The Same, with 51 Portraits. 8 vols. roy. 8vo. 42«. ... " 1830 

BURTON, (T.) Cromwelliaa Diary for 1656-50, with Introduction and Notes by Rutt 
4 vob. 8vo London, 1838 

FORSTER. (J.) The Statesmen of the Commonwealth of England. With an Introdno- 
tory Treatise on the Popular Progress in English History. 5 vols. fcp. Bvo, with portraits 
of Pym, Eliot, Hampden, Cromwell, &c., £1. 10«. Ijondon, 1^1-1830 

CARLYLE, (T.) Letters and Speeches of Oliver Cromwell. 3 vols. 8vo, 2d edn., 36*. 

(Reprinted, New-Yorit, W. & P.) London, 1846 

GODWIN, (W.) Histonr of the Commonwealth of England, from its commencement to 
the Restoration of Charles II. 4 vols. 8vo London, 1884-8 

GUIZOT. (F. P. G.) Memoin of Monk, Duke of Albemarle. Translated with Notes by 
Stuart Wortley. 8vo London, 1838 

NUGENT, (Lord.) Memorials of Jno. Hampden. 2d ed., 8 vols. 8vo. " 1838 

MASERES, (Fr.) Select Tracts relating to the Civil Wars in England in the Reign of 
Charles I., by writers who lived in the time of those wars, and were witnesses of the 
events which they describe. 2 vols. 8vo />niMi, 1815 

MEMOIRS of the Life of Col. Hutchinson, with original anecdotes, &e., and Memoir of 

Mrs. Hutchinson by herself. 4to London^ 1806 

(Reprinted in Bohn's Standard Library.) 

BLENCOWE. (R. W.) Diary of the Times of Charies II., by the Hon. H. Sidney, after- 
wards Eari of Romney. 2 vob. 8vo London, 18^ 

PEPYS. The Life, Jonmab. and Correspondence of Samuel Pepys, Secretary to the Admi- 
ralty in the Reigns of Charies II. and James II. Including a Narrative of hb Voyago 
and Residence at Tangier, tec, now first publuhed from the Originab. 2 vob. 8vo, poi^ 
traH. £l.%8 London, 1841 

JAMESON, TMrs.) Memoin of the Beauties of the Court of Charles II. With an In- 
troductory View of the State of Female Society, and its Influence during that remarkable 
Reign. Comprising a series of 21 Portraits. 2 vob. 4to, jC2. 5«. Ijondon, v. d. 

CARREL, (A.) Hbtorv of the Counter- Revolution in England for the Re-EstabUsbmeat 
of Popery ander Charies the Second and James the Second. — History of the Reign of 
James the Second, by the Right Hon. C. J. Fox. 3«. 6tf. Londion, 1846 

(Bogue's European Library.) <« 

MARCHMOHT PAPERS, illustrative of /Events Aom J68S-17S0. Selected by Sir O. 
H. Rose. 3 vob. Svo. ......... London, 1831 

ROBERTS, (G.) The Life, Progresses, and Rebellion af Jniaes, Dnke of Monmouth, to 
hb Capture and Execution : with a full account oi t^ Bloody Assises, He. 8 vob. 8vo, 
84« . 7 . . London, l»ii 

MACKINTOSH, (Sir J.) History of the RevoInlMn in Engbmd in 1688: comprising a 
View of the Reign of James II., from hb Accession to the Enterprise of the Prince of 
Orange. 4to, 31«. 6<{ London, 183i 

MAZURE, (F. a. J.) Histoire de la Revolution de 1688, en Angleterre. 3 vob. 8vo. 

Parts, 1885 

ELLIS, (G. A.) The Ellb Correspondence, now iint publbhed from the Originab, with 

Notes and a Preface. 2 vob. Svo London, 199B 

DAHI^ ANN, (F. C.) History of the Englbh Revolution, transl. from the German by H. 
E. Uoyd. Svo, 10s. 6<2 London, 1844 

ORIMBLOT. (P.) Letten of William III. and Lonb XIV. and of their Minbten. Uns- 
trating the Domestic and Foreign Policy of Eneland during the period which followed the 
Revolution of 1688. Extracted from the Archives of Fraaee and England, and from 
Foreign Papen. 8vo. London, 1847 

CAVENDISH. Sir H. Cavendbh's Debates of the Howe of Commons during the 13th 
Pariiaraeat of Great Britain, whieh met in May 1768, and was dissolved in June 1774, 
eomnonly called the Unreported Parliament. Mow fifst pobUdied by J. Wr^t. Vol. 
],8vo,8S« Z.M4ieii. 1843 

TREVOR, (A. H.) The Ltfe and Times of WilUam m., Klag of Ragland, ete. 8 vob. 
8ro, 94s - * I * London, 


H. mSTORY.— (Coii/tniiedO 

V£RNON, {J.J The Conn and Timn of WlUJim in.. IDiuIntiid ii ( nriB o( I^Ucn 
tddmud ID tfca Dukeiir ShnwibiUT. Ediled b) G, F. B., Jum. 3 inl,. gvD, 43j. 


Raima or aiiii Aunt. Kinoa Gioiai I.. II., III. 
MAHON, (LoHO.) The Hislory of England from Ihe Peacp of Uirwhl lo 

the Peace of All U Chopelle. 3 vols, gvo, 36«. Leadm, 1836-38 

ADOLPHUS, (J.) The Hiaioiy of England, from ihe aeirasion lo the ie- 

eaiee of George III, Vols. 1-7, 1-U. each. . London, 184IMS 

HUGHES, (T. S.) The Hiawry of England, from the sicefflion of George 

m., 1760, lo 1835. T vols. 8vu, £3, 13>, Sd. . . Lonioa. 1836 
TfiOMSOH. (Mil. A.T.J Memdnor Haiab, IhiiibcniiI'MulbaRiaebiiadsriltfCilun 
JEBSE, (J, H.) Mmaln at Uie Court dT EDg^iUid. from tin RKglntiiH 10 lh>^ IVnUi of 
MEMOIRS OFSOPNM DOBOTBEJt, Coiwm of GM«gt I. S .oil. 8.0, 2"*.' 
MEMOIRS (Laid Hmei'i) of Il>« Coan of Gtotp II- ud SonD CuuliBE. EJitnl b; 

LUTTEkS at Horace tValpols, Cnil of OifoTd, U Sh Hbhuo Naaa, Hb BiiUBaic Ma- 
JHty'i Ri>id>nt al lb> Cooa of Flomtx from ITdO to 171U. Now Bm poblUb<d from Iho 
Diifillll MSS. fi <oli. Bvo, Sli Lniun, 1S4&-7 

WALPOLB. Mi^a>oin or the Reisn of King Oaoig> II. Bf Horaoa Wllinlo. Edit<4 
rmn Ihr Ondoot MSS.. willl o FnracB and Noln, hv Iba JUe Lonl Holland. 3 voti. 
8vo. portiaiU, 30. LtnJ't. ISW 

Memolnol'the Reiin of Gmie HI. 4 toU. Sm, SSi, ... " IM1-S 

AIKIN, (Lfct.) Aiin>liorili>RL'UiiofG«iK<'lII.,l'niin ITGOlaira). 3 rok. 8va. 

iUixin. ites 

WRAXAU., (PlB If, W.) MemoiBorhkOwnTima., fiwoiTreiolTW, < >oU, B.O. 

PICTOHIAI. Hjilory ofEnglaud, dnrinff tha RHigb orGvorHB III.; bltiB|| a HIiIotv D'^thv 
Feophi. u wall u a Hiidary of Ihe Kingdoin. By C. 1,. Cm( and C. MacFailana, aa- 

BRDUOHAM, (Loao.) HiltorloU Blutchia of Btalsmao who UoBridnd in Iho'Tlmo oT 
Ouigo HI. ud IV. Too BeriB. firo. JjnAm. 183) 


1. History OF. 'i. Ghammahh, Dictiosaries, Glidssaries, &c. 


LOWNDES, (W. T.) Bibliographical Maloil of Eooluh Lilrimtara. 4 vok. ?io. 
RITBON. (J.) Bibllopopbia Foetioa ; Cauli«iH of Bngluh Po<^ of tin .Xlllh-XVIth 

GBIFTITIl, (A. F.) BibtkHhora Aii;!lo-FoctiH( Duonptlve Cnlalogmi of a Collei'tion 
of OU Eii(luh PoaiiT. (It roy. 8vo. .'..... I.mi'ii. IBIS 

MAUlNE. (Ro.l CalalofilT of EeH> Ea^ih Toelrv, coIleL'lal bj, and now pM«iv«l m 
IhoBodtian LIhraiT. totio ' . . , . Oifari, IBSS 

KIMBAL1LT. (B. r.) BiblioIJuoa Madiwaliana. 1 Cualsfnv of Hiuira) and roninl 

lala.' '^lUti,' ' Ajiot,' 't'lnioniin,' fcc. Bio.lj.BJ. Lmtian.KKl 

1. History OF, Collections, &c. 

CRAIK, (G. L.) Sketches of ihc Hiatoiy of Litemture and Lesming in 

England, from [he Norman Conquest to ihe Preaeni Daf . 6 vols. ISmo, 9(. 

London, ie44-*5 

WARTON, [T.) The Hislory of Englifh Foeliy, from the Cloae of the 

Clevenih to die Cmuneniirmeiil of the XVHIth Century, &c. New edit., 

reyised by TiyLnr. ' 3 Tola. 6n), 3G(. , Lmden,\%W 

CHAMBERS, (R.) History of the Engliah Laneiuge and LilcraliUE. IBmo. 

Edinb.. 1837 




HIPPESLEY, (J. H.) Chapters on Early English LiteratiuT 8vo. 

fjmdon, 1877 

WALPOLE, (H.) A CnUlogue of the' Royal and Noble Aathon of Gieat Britain, with 

Lists of tbdr Worki : enlarged by Tfaoc. Park. 5 vols. 8vo. Londmi, 1806 

BRITISH ESSA YISTS : with Prefaon, Historical and Biographical, by Alexander Chal- 
men. 45 vob. IGmo LondoHf 1606 

With Piefaoes, tie., by Feignton. 40 vob. ISmo. ... ** 1883 

BRITISH POETS. (Whittingham's Edition). 100 voU. ISmo. 

CHAMBERS' Cyclopedia of English Literature. 3 vob. toy. 8to, 14«. EdinHwffk, 1645 

(Reprinted, Boston, 1847). 

HALLAM'S Introdoction to the Literature of Europe in the 15th, 16th and 17th Centariee. 

3 vob. 8vo, ad ediUon London, 1843 

(Reprinted, New-York, H. Bro's.) 

SELECTIONS from the Edinbunth Review. 4 vob. 8vo, 48«. Ltmdom, 1833 

from the anarterly Review " 1847 

WRIGHT. (T.) Essays on Subjects connected with the Literature, Popular Supentitions, 
and History of England in the Middle Ages. 3 vob. post 8vo, 16s. . London, 1646 

WRIGHT & HALLIWELL'S ReliquK .MTUquK : Scraps from Ancient Manuscrmts, il- 
Instrating chiefly early English Literature and the English Language. 3 vob. 8vo>. xl. 4». 

London, 1844 
It contains a large number of pieces in Anglo-Saxon, Anglo-Norman, and Early Englith. 

HALLIWELL, (J. O.) Nnga> Poetics : Select Pieces of Old Englkh Popular Poetrv, il- 
lustrating the Mannen and Arts of the Fifleenth Century. Edited by James Ordiard 
llalliwell. F.R.S., &c. 12nx>, 5s ^Mutoiu 

PEGGE. (8.) Anecdotes of the English Language, chiefly regarding the Lodal Dialect* 
of London and its Environs ; whence it will ap|iear, that the Natives of the Metropolb 
and its Vicinities have not corrupted the Languace of their Ancestors : in a Letter from 
Samuel Pegge to an Old Acqaintance and Co-Fellow of the Society of Antiquaries, 
London. To which m added, a Supplement to Gmse's Proivi»oial Glossary. Edited by 
the Rev. Henry Christmas. 3d ed., enlarged and corrected. 8vo, 13«. . London, 1844 

DYCE. (Rev. A.) Select Specimens of Britbh Poetesses, sm. 8vo. AcmAm, 1635 

CAMPBELL, (T.) Specimens of the Brituh Poets, with Biographical and Critical No- 
tices. New edn., by P. Canningbam. 8vo, I5s. .... London, 1646 

SELECT WORKS of the British Poets, from Chaucer to Withen. With Biegraphical 
Sketches by R. Southey. 1 vol. 8vo, 30f London, 1831 

from Ben Johnson to Beattie. With Biographical and Critical Prefaces bv Dr. Aikin. 

1 vol. 8vo, 18« London, n. d. 

ELLIS, (G.) Specimens of the Eariy Englbh Poets. 5th edition, 3 vob. 13mo, 1R«. 

London, VmS 

KERR, ^J. B.) An Essay on the Arohrology of oar popular pbrases and Nursery Rhymes. 

New edn., 3 vob. 13mo London, ISSJ 

CHAPPELL. (W.) A Collection of National Englbh Aira, consbting of Ancient Song, 
Ballad and Dance Tunes, intenperMd with Renarks wid Anecdotes, and nreceded by an 
Essay on English Minstreby ; the Airs HarmoBlxMl for the Pianoforte by W. Crotch, 
A. MacfariaiM, and J. Augustus Wade, folio London, 1639 

See Ballads, Bi^LioeRAPHT, Carols, Ncrsert Rbtmrs, Publjcations of the 

CaMDRN SomPVtt VCRCY 8o<-lKTT. &C. 

The Collected W#pigi( fte. at Englbh authon will be found in Put II. 

2. Grammars — Dictiomaiiie84— -Glossaries. 
LATHAM, (R. G.) On the English Language. 8vo, I2ff. London, 1840 

Elementary English Grammar. 12mo, 4«. Sd. ** 1843 

ALLEN &, CORNWALL. New English Grammar. 18mo,3«. £(m(2.,1844 
DOHERT Y, (H ) English Grammar on University Principles. 8vo> 6«. 

London, 1841 
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Fnnrb. Bj Rnbetl abrfUDOd. etc. foJio Ijrtilaii. Iflll 

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Tbli work iBDIBlBt abatB 90,(100 woidi, (triabadyiii^ dl Uie kaoi* ■ HtOHad gl w ia iWM of 
tb bflUi laaiufi), Ibmilnf ■ oompltw key for Uw i«id« of Ihs wdHd of our old Paru, 
Dniulbli. Tkwitiiilui, mad oUair iiiUian whoH worki abound wlih iDutoa^ of irbloli 
HplaaatloBiBnaallabgftsndlBDnliDuy DjctioDuiw and bookinf nTnain, Manor 
tba n|Bcd|Hll Ambibnii it tlln«nlHl by tiamrdH Hltnilsd fiaoi (Silr InnliUd HBB, ud 

D.] 141 [EITGLUtD. 

in. LANGUAGE AND LITERATURE.— (Con/in i«i,) 

HOLLYRAND! (C.J A Duliwarie. Fraiiah ind Esgliib. 4lo, Ij«ulm, UM 

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•lUcIl H (ddsd ■ Vonbnluy nf Gimll, Lllin, ud 8ciJ|ilDni Pcopei Num. Nk nlil, 

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UABON. (G.) A BiippIniiKiii M JiABim'i EuliiK DiolioDur: oT whlod Uii nilnabl* 
EnonunUuiiipIBiUbeniiUnad, udiUDUcnilaintiMUUiupplM. 4Io. /.mil.. 1^" 

MFNSIIEU, (J.J Tbe Guide inlo lh« OIJ TaDIoa. Ili: En^, Wdah. Low DdI 
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Tbinio.. SvB.aO. flri^iuif. II 

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i->o ijni-m. \aao 

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FIOZZI, (tl. L.) Brili4 ayiOBginy ; or u mtm^tt u rFgulaung tbc Cbajw of Wonli In 

PSOJtPTORIUM PARFULORVMnn CiNEarnni. Lnicoa Aiulo-LiHnDm prianin 
■IIO» Fruro OalfriihiOnuiiiMtlco IHcIO e PredlcUiiHiibiu Lrnins EjuHOpI NaUhMcBui, 
A.D. IMO. alilllFprrliiPyiiHHiianliaililBm. Bmi! ib iaugio. mwtonilllriiilh islijsctia, ul 
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Z-™*™. 1T«1 

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Bioa BoMc ua nnoHiiHl Engltih Nalkiii. 4lo ^Uwf., itIO 

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Afflnlry to other Iahcuuv, Bud oniiuwnBl Nofim* of L«b] CnriDns tnil Popqlu So- 
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MtwcuUtifmrtm. 1M8 

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miy for Ibrming s Collcctian of Ancient Prinia ; containing Suggestions 
as to the Mode of commencing Collector, tbe Selectiona of Specimens, 
the Prices and Care of Prints ; also Notices of the Marks of Proprietor- 
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piaktiKlier. Auilwii lidliea. iitiHi. voa. C. Buth. t<vo. . MiliU., 

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JOUFEBT. IF. E.. PsRE.) Monnddvriimtnitil'aluiiM. 3 toU. a». Parii, 

STBUTT, {J,J A BiDKniitilcll DicUontrj of EOfUnn. t vob, 4ta. Z^iubm, ITB 
(],) LecIDnm Uii Aitaf BBgnvinf. Bid. . ■< 



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more remarkable Foreign Genera. 3 vols. 150 woodcuts, eompnaing 
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ETHICS.] 143 [ethmoi>ogy. 

ENTOMOLOGY.— (Cow^iwMcd.) 

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sects, and for Collecting and Preserving Crustacea and Shells. 3d ed. 
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BRITISH BUTTERFLIES, tMi their Transformations. Exhibited in a series of 48 
coloured plates, by H. N. Humphreys, Esq. ; with Descriptions by J. O. Westwood, Esq. 
F. L. S. &c. This work contains upwards of 450 figures, showing the Caterpillar, 
Chrysalis, and perfect Butterfly of each Species, together with the Plants on which they 
are usually found, carefully coloured from Nature. 4to. £1. I8s. ox £2. 5«. 

London, 1841 

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&c. With a complete Index of the Genera. 1 vol. post 8vo, 14«. London, 1830 

SPRY,* fW. J.) Coleoptera Delineated ; consisting of 638 Figures of all the Genera of 
BriUsh Beetles hitherto recorded. Drawn by W. J. Spry, and edited by W. E. Bhnckard. 
jC3. %s. London, 1840 

AUDOIN rr BRUl£. Hist, naturelle des insectes, coMopteres, orthopteres et h^nipteres. 

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(Ripley's Specimens of Foreign Literature.) 
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8vo. LeipMig, 1841 

ETHIOPIA.— (See Abyssinia.) 

BARTLETT, (J. R.) The Progienof Ethnology, an Aooonnt of Recent Archvokgleal, 
PhBoloeical. and Oemraphicar Researches in vaiions parts of the Globe, tonding to ^- 
ddate the Physical History of Man. 8vo AVw-reric, 1817 

PRICHARD, (J. C.) Researches into the Physical History of Mankind. 

5 vols. 8vo, £4 London, 1841-47 

The Natural History of Man ; comprising Inquiries into the modifying 

Influence of Physical and Moral Agencies on the different tribes of tipe 
Human Family. 2d edition, enlarged, with 44 coloured and 5 plain Itli»- 
trations, engraved on steel, and 97 Engravings on wood, large 8vo, 33s. 
Sd London, 1844 

— - Sii Ethnographical Maps, as a Supplement to the " Natural History of Man," aad 
the ** ReswTches into the Fhyiical Hirtoiy of Maaktaid." Folio, eoloarad, with a shMk 
of letterpress, £1. U Am^m, 180 

Tlw Evtoa Ofigia of the GAio Naiioiik 8«<»,7«. London, vm 

ETimOLOGY.— (CowfiHHcrf.) 

MARTIN. (W.C.} A general ImrodocliDH lo Ibe Nilaral Hiainty of 
MuDuiiferoaa Animalii; wilh a panicnlnr view ihe Fhyticsl Hialory of 
Msn, tic. S'o, 396 woodcnla ojlil la plntes, l&i. London, 1841 

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the Natanl Hiitoc; of Mnu. 19mo. . . London, 18; 

JOUNES, [A. J.) Philolo^cal FroolB of ihe Original Unlly and Rece 
Origin of [he UoTDan Roce, derived fiom a Compariiioa of liie Languages 
of Aflia, Earape, Africa, and America ; being an Inquiry how fur thf 
ferenctB in ibe LuignageH of the Gli^ are referhble lo CaQseH puw 
Operation. Svo. \'2t. fid. London. 1843 

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the Geographical Diatribution of Nalnral Phenomena. Folio, XIO, 10*. 

Edin., 1847 

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ing ExpediLiim under the commanrt of Chas. Wilkes. 4to, ^l''' 

PhUad., 1846 

BALBl, (A.) Atlas ethnographique du globe, on daaaififntian Ae» peuplea 
anciens et modemcB, d'apria leura laognes, eic. nvec environ 700 Vocabn- 
lairee den principaui idiuniea connus, et auivia d'un Tablem phyaiqae, 
moral el politique des 5 Parties du Monde, ploa une Inlroduction d I'Ailas 
ethnogiaphiqae. 1 vol. 8vo, Alloa, rali{i,/.3S. . Parii, IBS6-37 

DESMOULINS, (A.) UiHoiis NmlDiEllailH arm hanminm 6,a aonliiil de J'Bnropii 

D'HAIXOY, [J. J.) Da B>ca Humwnn : an EI^hwdU d'ElhnSfrijiluc. Bto. 


EicuTHAL. [a, u.; 

p. . 

a Modern 

I rAfriiiDe 8i-|>ui 


SOMERHAUeEN. [H.J PuDruw «i»>iu»pbio<K, « ul 
[Mk, lYn lini cluUlQitiDii d'ajimi Aili, Palbi. (oa ■ >]» 
BEBGUAUa. (H.) AUftmau Ldndsr b. ValkFihDiiilii. 6 

StMUgarJ. l»tU-U 
orUn FUIoIaglcaJ Sociaty of Landau, TmuutiaiuDf iba AnieM- 
liuaJ BODiMr. M«nwmdeJiBa<i4I«EUuio(npUq«il*Pufc. 


GRAY. (Mas. H.) The Hiatory of Etraria. 

of T>n)iilai( to the Foni 

. Ft. I, 8vo, ai». London, 1841 



DENNIS, (G.) The CiHn bdcI Ccmelri™ of Etrnris ; bring SD Acconni 
of two Jouraeya mode for ihe purpow of inveBligsling ihe existing He- 
ma-ing of Einiscan Civilizatiiui, and inlended aa t, Guide la ihe Local An- 
liquilira of Elraris. 6vu, mspe and illuatt. . London, 1847 

BETH AM, (Bin W.J Elinicmn lulrimlnn and AnUqnilia InnMl/uld ; or, Uh I^antnag* 
or thai ■n.^rcnl asd iDoMniHii F«ple caiii[iBi«d and idenUGid Will] the tbrmo-Cenio, aiiil 
batli abcnvn 14 tiB PluFoiaaBr S irok, ttvo, ilIiuTratfld by Dpwardi of GO Bnnaiinfi. 4^. 

BVSBS. (J.J Eininag Anliqnilis:— Hj|iD;>i, or Syiuluhra] CaTfmi of Tan|aliiia, Ibe 

HiiULBB, (H, O.) Di>E1niikR. 9Tirii. B>ii BraliK JSS 

INGHISAMI. (P.) MDnDmcnIi KidkIiI d dl ttntca Dams. iUii(iiaIi, Incii, iUmlrali a 

pnbhUniU, 10 vab. 41a firmu. l)«I-3e 

LKFSIUa. IDh. R.) AbluBdlnntniUb.d. Tyrrh'IIln'hil] FUawR in Etniria I DndLh.d. 

VnibRJIimedH luliKbi-n MaB»yftciiu lOD Elrariaaai. Bio /.i^i|r, 1843 

DOHOW. <M.) Vay^ianih4ali«iqiiDdaIiiJ'aiHHenBcEIniri>. 4U. Psru, laSfl 

GERHARD, IE.) ElnukiKba oad CuspaiiiKbii Vamiljildai dar kfiuigl. MnacDa IE 

Bnlin. fbl., 39iil Berlin, 18*3 

Ctau'Valiaill iBIorcD ai molemi lUlcmi lalla anUoliili rtmicba. Sio. K«mi>, 1^4 

MICAU.fO.) l.-luIiaavaiiliildoDiinHjdaRaniaai. 4 voli. Sra, M allai. ftmiclRlD 

EUROPE, (History of.) 

HALLAM. (H.) The HiBlory of Europe during the Middle Ages. 8ih 
edil., 2 voIb. 8vo. 34# Lonian. 1841 

KOCH, (C. G. DE.) Hiitory of Ihe Revolution of Europe, from the Hill of 

ihe Roman Empire to the preseni limeB, Tmnsl. by A, Crichlon. Sro. 

Landon. 1839 

RrSSELL, (Dr.) The History of Modem Europe : with so Aixonnl of 
ihe Decline nnd Fnll of Ihe Roman Empire, nnd a View nf Ihe Progress 
of Sociely from the Rise of ihe Modem Kingdoms to ihe Peace of Paris 
in 1763. New edit., continued to ihe Death of Wiltiam IV. of Etigtatid. 
4 vols, 8ro, .S2. Landon. 1837 

RUSSELL. (Lord Joum.) Hieiory of Europe from ihe Peace of Cirechl, 
a Yole, lamo London, 1826 

ALISON, (A,) The History of Europe, from the commenremenl of 'the 
Freneh Revolution in 17B9, lo the Restoration of ihe Bourbons in 1815 

10 vols, £7. IS*. Edinb., 1841 

(RcpriaUid, New- York. ie43. H. Bro'i.) 

The same, in 30 vols. >m, 8vo, £6. . lonifan, IB47-8 

Ao Aliai la Aisaii'i RiiUirF af Euiopa ; niaitnitiiig, is a lyiteiiialic wriai of 100 

Mapi and Flam. iJli Canpaimi. BalllH, aarl Sl^«. ilanni t)w Pariod anbiacad by Ilw 
HiMiHT. mDUnciMl nnd ainuMl nadai ijw dlmhion of Hi. Alwn. tVamUis mUeriali 

and editDioflha "Fhyiicaj Allai." 41a TOf., 8ie SDt. . '. /.,ijidai, IH4T^ 

LAING, (S.l Noles on ihe Social and Political Stale of Italy, France, and 

Germany. &c., during Ihe XlXth Century. 8vo. Zondim, 184S 

RAUMER. (F, VOM.) OaaiiUdiU Eaiapa'a lail dam Eade d. l.-Mn lalubimdart. Vol.. 1-7. 

£4.41 ijofsif, vf/a-a 

SCHOELL. 'H. ». F.) Conn d-hiilDln dai 4UU aiiTaptcDi. depnli la bvnlavcnrnrnl da 
rmi'lninHnalad-OixMaBlJlui'.Vd ITM. 40 yoli. H«t, /.3«. PatU.itOO-M 

AKCILLOK. (F.) Rei>a]gt»oudHBy«anKiFdilJqUid*l'Eiinipa. 4 tdIl ^O./.M. 

Mr>'. ii-XS 
CAPEFIUUE. (B. H. R.) L'EBroiwiiandutdaCDBnUtMrEniiiiiidaHapeUoD. » 

•oh. lens egTii,3!ata-i 

L'Ean>|ia depaia I'ATanniieiil ds Rol lAufi Fhitippe, pour lalie isllakl'HIatolia da Is 

L'Egroiie lirlldaBlliMi'alllllOB rraB^aua. 4 Tob, Rio, Pani. IB43 



BXCHAKGES.j 146 [fairy mytholoot. 

EURO PE.— ( Conlinued.) 

BBAITMOIirT-VASBT. Houin ds £uU iniTiip«FH, dcpoii l> CDHfin da Tlinne. 10 
TBLl"ifcLn»,lBolilu.df". liol.Bvo. '.'.','.'.'. . °"'' f ' » 

- II. B»dii. Nomt^. llaoemuk » Pn.«. Irii.Sia. ... T So 

"III.. IV. Ll Grande-Bnnpic. Ij %dIi. Hvo IS U) 

L^Cfir^DB. HirisiiTrtBdrafadcrEiiiDne. dcpnii la dersKm KnBteidiiT wi-lrju- 
qmmliiiiuliciidsXVCH. 9B>dn.. 18 .ali.£v<>./.aO. .... pii,. 

LEKGLET. HMsIn i)t TEoioiie H du coIdiiIb rDrDn(nBEiilrpiiBlip«i*daif|i( nu 

Jmqn'i liriiolnliMdejuUtl. ISaO. (1 vol., eio,/J6 Pari: itOl 

CARN^MARSIH. Tibkaii del'lB1olKg«n*>ih d<rE<in>p<> 1814 > 1S3D. 3tol>.)^D. 

EXCHANGES.— (Commerce.) 

KELLY, (P.) The Univerwl Cambiii and CommereiBl Innmetor, being a 
fall snd accnniie Tn ntise on the t:xr'hDngFe, Coins, Weights and Vlea- 
laten of all Trading NBIions and ilieir CDlonies, with bd icrouni uf ihrir 
Banks, Slc. Sd [and best) edition., 3 lob. ■Ito, 4Si. . London, 1831 

TATK, (W.) The Modem Cambbt, rorniing a Manna) of Fanigii Ex- 
changes. 4lhedition, 8vo, IBs Londen.lH^ 

LAURIE. (J.) Tables of Exchange between Paris, Bordtani, Marseilles. 
Hbtte, Lyons, Bmssels, Ghent, Bruges, Antwerp, Genog. and London ; 
being French money reduced inlu English, and English tnotiey rednced 
into French, from 33 Franca 10 26i France per Poanil Sterling, Src. dtc. 
With Tables of Commission in French and Englidi Moniea. 3d ed, Svo, 
90« Lendm, 1S45 


JESOJ*S F-4Si.ES, newly translated or selected from the <*iginri,brReT. 
ThoB James, illuslratei] with 100 designs by Jno. Tenniel. sm. Svo. 

London, tS47 
BEWICK, (T.) The Fables of iEsop and others, with dengns on wood. 

Bvo Neieeatitt, liilS 

NORTHCOTE, (J.) One Hundred Fsbles, original and selected, 8ro. 

London, 1 898 
LA FONTAINE I J. DC.) IflFublnik-, fdiiioBUIailitiiiul. J. anadrilb. Ivoli, 

B.o,/,a(h, PitU. ISM 

• Tl« Bum bf EUwr Wrlghl, Jr. ami.. Kvo. , . . ;»»I«. Ifm 

PLORIAN, (J. R) Fib)«d>.il1iutTdf|>u Victor Adam. Bvo.f.l*. . Pan., IMttJ 
DBSLONGcnAMPe. t,A. L.) Eul ini la FiUa IndrrniiH i-l m li-ur iBindociioa n 

I.OCMANN, (C,| FiblHcD AnbeannlndiiaiiHiMiKiw. ticpsrC. Scbler. lIs.Ti. 

B^BRIITnimlrXtou'x.cvw Fibnlamm DcpnditUDin Fnwniiali]. RnMiiall « biv- 

tltil diuilnvll a. C. Lewu. A.M. r^iD, Sic. 11'. Oiftnl, JMO 

BIDPAL Kalila and Dimna. Translated from the Arabic, by the Rev. 
W. Koatchbull. 8to On/ord. 181!) 


KEIGHTLEY, (T.) The Fairy Mythology, illustrative of the Superstition 
and Romance of Vorions Countries. 2 vols. lamo. London, 1833 

GESMAN FAIEY TALES and Popular Stories, as told by Gammer 
nr,^ilicl Tianslated from the colltrlion of MM, Grimm, by Edgar Tay- 
lor. Willi Tllii?irationa from Designs by G.Cruiksbnnk and Ludwig Grimm, 
laiin., -J. (iri. LomJon, 1846 

FAJEi- RING (The) A Collectioo of Popalat Tales, translated from 
ihc German of Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm, by J. E. Taylor. With JH 
IHustrations by R. Doyle. Fep. Bvo,7». M. . . London, IS45 




FAIRY MYTHOLOGY.— (Con/tnw^rf.) 

CROKER, (T. C.) Fairy Legends and Traditions of the South of Ireland. 
3 vols. l2mo, London, 1826-38 

The same abridged. 1 vol. l2mo, Ss. . Lond., 1839 

MAURY, (A.) Lm F^m dn Moyen Afe Recberchet tnr lew otifjine, Icnr histoira et l«ar 
attriboU poor wrvir de oonDUMiDoe a la mythoJogie ganlotae. 12mo. /.3. Paris, 1843 

CUBIXET DRS FEES, oa Collectioii efaoMe des contes des ftet et autres oontet mer- 
veilieaz. 41 vols. 8vo, avec jpravaret, f.9S, Amsterdam. {Paris), 1781 

GRIMM, (J.) Deatsche Mythotogie. 3le Anifabe. 3 vols. 8vo. . ChU., 1844 

IN8ULANUS, (TuKOPH.) An Kmiy of the Natare and Actions of the SnbterraBeu 
(and for the most part,) Inmible Peo|i]e, heretofoir goinf nnder the names of Elves, 
Fanncs, and Fairies, or the lyke, among the low country Soots, as they are described by 
those who have the second sight, etc 4to, (reprint). Ildinbmrgk, 1815 


SCHLEGEL rr WALVERHORST. TraiuS de Fauoonnerie, liv. I. imp 
folio, £3. 38. {Coloured Platet.) . . . '. Leiden., 1846 

FALKNERKLEE, bestehend in drey nngedracten Werken iiber die Falk- 
uerey . . . ans dem turkischen und griechischen verdenscht and heraosg. 
von Hammer Purgstall. 8vo Wien, 1840 

FICTION, (History of.) 

DUNLAP, (J.) The History of Fiction ; being a critical Acconnt of the 
most celebrated Works of Fiction from the Earliest Greek Romances to 
the Novels of the Present Age. 3d ed. 8vo, 15«. London, 1845 

MOIR AND SPALDING. Poetry, Romance, and Rhetoric. 8vo, 6<. 

(From the Eacyclo. Bntanniea.) Edinburgh, 1839 

FINE ARTS.— (See Arts, Fine, p. 43.) 

LEIOUZON-LEDUC. La Finlande, son histoire primitive, sa mythologie, 

sa po^sie ^piqne, son g^nie national, sa condition politique et sociale depois 

la conqndte russe. 2 vols. 8vo,/.15 Paris, 1845 

8CHMITZLER, (M.) La Rnssie, la Polo^^e, et la Finlande ; tablean statisUqoe g4o- 
fimpfaiqne et historiqne de tontes les parties de la monarchic rosse prise isol^meaU 8vo. 

Paris and St. PeUrsburgk, 1835 

PISHES.— (See Ichthyology.) 
FLANDERS.— (See Netherlands.) 

WARNKCENIG. Hist, de la Flandre et de ses Institations civils et poUti- 
ques jusqu'k Tann^e 1305, trad, de I'allemande par Gheldorf. 2 vols. 
8vo, 14« BruxelU9,ieB5 

FLEMISH LANGUAGE.— (See Netherlands.) 
FLORENCE, (History op.) 

NAPIER, (H. F.) Florentine History, from the eariiest Anthentic Reeordi 
to the Accession of Ferdinand the Third. 6 vols, post 8vo, 549. 

/^onitm, 1846-7 

MACHIAVELLI, (N.) Istorie Florentine. 8vo. Firenze, ISSSi 

(Various Editions.) 

Translated by Thomas Bedingfield. Fdio. L§uil^<lS94 

VILLANI. (O.) Istorie Fioientine. 8 vols. 8vo. '"^OiiMOBM 

DELtCLUZB, (M.) Fkwemoe at mi vidwtudM 1S15-17B0. 8foh. liii<t|iii Ctotn 

•t4pi. 'fiih,vm 




[forensic medicinb. 

FLORENCE.— (Co«a>ii/c(/.) 

RBUMONT, (A.) Rdmhche Briefer tob tiamm FlormUner. 1837-38. 2 vob. ISmo. 

I^piig, 1840 

BRUTO, (6. M.) Istorie Fiorantine, tnd. da BUnisl. QattoKlii (arec le teste latin.) 2 

ToU. 8vo Ftreni., 183S 

CAVALCANTI, (O.) Iitorie Fiorentiiie, daU* anno fHaO al 1453 ooa DlnUras. 3 torn. 
8vo . fVreaz., 1838-9 

See Mubbat's Hand Book to Nottbem Italy. 


DARBY, (W.) Geography, and Nataral and Ciyil History, of Florida. 
8vo Philad., 1821 

WILLIAMS, (J. L.) Sketches of the Topography and the Civil ond 
Natural History of Florida. 8vo. . . iVeio- York, 1837 

FORBES, (J. G.) Sketches of the Floridas. 8vo. New-York, 1821 

HERNANDO de SOTO. The Conquest of Florida, translated by Theo- 
dore Irving. 2 vols. l2mo Pkilad., 1835 

TERN AUX COMPANS, (H.) Voyages, Relations et M6moires originaux, 

pour servir a I'histoire de la dt^couverte de I'Ameriqtie. — Recneil de pi^es 

sur la Floride. 8?o,/.ll Paris. 

GARCILASSO db la VEUA. Historia de la Florida. 4 rob. 18taM>. Madrid, 1803 

BARTRAM, (J.) Acconnl of East Florida. 8vo Jjondom, ITC* 

BARTRAM. (W.) Travek throogh North and South Carolina, Georgia, Ea«t and WVt 
Florida, etc. ^vo I^ondon, 1794 

VIGNOLLES, (C.) Observations on the Floridai, etc. 8vo. . A<»- Xorit, 18 J 


PEREIRA, (J.) A Treatise on Food and Diet : with Observations on the 
Dietetical Regimen suited for Disordered States of the Digestive Organs ; 
and an Account of the Dietaries of some of the principal Metropolitan 
and other Establishments for Paupere, Lunatics, Criminals, Children, the 
Sick, &c. 8vo, 16* 1843 

TRUMAN, (M.) Food, and its Influence on Health and Disease ; or, 
an Account of the Efll'cts of difierent kinds of Aliment on the Human 
Body : with Dietetic Rules for the Preservation of tlie Health. Post 8vo, 
7t. 6rf London, 1842 

THOMSON, (R. D.) Experimental Researches on the Food of Animals, 

and the Fattening of Cattle : with Remarks on the Food of Man. Fcp. 

8vo, 5« London, 1846 

(Reprinted. New- York, 1846. D. A. & Co.) 

See CoMBB on Di^^estion, &c. 

FOOD. — (Adulterations of.) 

GARNIER ET HAREL. Des Falsifications des Substances AHmentaires 
et des moyens chimiques de les reconnaitre. 12mo. Paris, 1844 

REMER. Lehrbuch der polizeilich gerichtlichen Chemie. 8vo. 

Helmstadt, 1827 
See AccuM^s Domestic ChemLtt. Ubb'h Dictionary of Arts, etc. 

FORENSIC MEDICINE.-^(Medical Jurisprudence.) 

TAYLOR, (A. S.) Manual of Medical Jurisprudence. 2d ed. fcp. 8vo, 
12« 6d London, 1846 

GUY, (W. A.) P^ciples of Forensic Medicine. Fcp. 8vo, 10*. 6d. 

London, 1844 

BECK, (T. R. & J. B.) Elements of Medical Jurisprudence. 7th edition, 

8vo»2l« .... London, 1842 

SMITH, (J. O.) The Prindplee'of Foiwuic Medidtte, ■yrtwnatteaTly ananyd. and appHsd 
to BriUsk PraoliM. 3d ad., 8vo, 10«. . ... Lntdon., 1837 




FORENSIC MEDICINE.— (Co/i/mt/erf.) 

TRAILL, (T. S.) Oatlines of a Conne of Lectnret on Medical Jarispradenee. 9d ad. 

8vo, 5* Edinburgh, 1840 

RAY, (J.) Ob the Medical Jorispradence of loMnity. 8vo. . BosUm, 1838 

CHRISTISON. (R.^ Treatise on Poisons, in reference to Medical Jorispradence. Physid- 
ogy. and the Pracboe of Physic. 4th ed., 8vo, 20«. EditUm^k, 1814 

FOD£r6, (E.) Traits de medicine l^^e et d'hygiune pnbliqne. 9e edn., 6 vols. 8vo, 
/.25 Pari*. 

BRIAND.JJ.) et Braest Chand^. Mannel complet de medicine Mgale. 4e ed'. coat*- 
nant on Traits de chimie legale, par 6. de Claobry. 8vo, /.9. Pari*, 1K46 

NICOLAI, (D. H. G.) Handbuch der gerichtlichen Medicin, nach dem 
gegenwart. Standpankte dieser WisscDSchaft fur Aerztc u. Criminalisten. 
8vo. Berlin, 1841 


PASLEY, (C. W.) Rules, chiefly deduced from Experiment, for Condnct- 
ing the Practical Operations of a Siege. In two Parts. 8vo, 1S«. 

London, 1843 

JONES, (J. T.) Journals of Sieges carried on by the Army under the 

Doke of Wellington, in Spain, during the years 1811 to 1814, etc. 3d 

ed., 3 vols. 8vo, plates, 43« London, 1846 

F18CHMRISTER (J.) Traits de fortification passagore, d'atUqae et defense des pontes et 
reCrenchments, saivi d'on appcndice sur les ponts militaires. Tradnit de TaUemand par 
Rieffel. 8vo et atlas, /. 15 Pmris. 

MADELAINE. Fortification permancnte. Uufants des fronts bastionnis en nsage, modt- 
ficatioBs necessaires, bases d'nn noavean sy»toine. 8vo, fA. .... Parig. 

BOUSMAip. Essai de Fortification, d*attaqae et d^fente des places. 3b 4dn., 4 vols. 
8vo, et atlas Paria, 1838 

SAVART. Conn ildmentaire de Fortification, ii rusa^e des Cloves de T^cole militaira. 

3e Mn., 3 rots, 8vo Pari*, 1830 

IMBERT, (M. J.). Conrs £l«nientaire de ForUfication. 9e «dn.. folio. " 183S 

DUVIGNEAU, (M.) Exercice complet snr le trac^, le relief, et la constraction, FattaqiM 
et la defend des fortifications. 8vo, et atla«. Pari*, lo30 

VAUBAN, (S. DC.) Traiti do ratta/(ne des places, 4dit. par M. Angoyat. 8vo. 

Pari*, 18» 
— — Tiaitd de la defense des places, Adit, par le baron de Valaz6. 8vo, et atlas. 

Pari*, len 
CARNOT. De la defense des places fortes. 3e. 6dn., 4to. ... " 1818 

-. Mimoires snr la Fortification primitive. 4to. *' 189i 

EM Y. Conn AlAmrntaire de fortification fait 4 Parole militaire de Saint Cyr, oompreDaaC 
la fortification pa^agere et permanent. 8vo, et atla«, /.15. . . Pan*, 1843 

MAURICE, (P. E.) Esitai snr le Fortification modcrae, on Analyse compart des systemei 
nwdernes fran^ais et allemands. 8vo, et atlas in-4, /.1>2. Pari*, 1845 

MERKES. (J. G. W.) Ezamen raii(onn6 des pro^*>s et de I'^tat actnel de la fortificatios 

Cmanente, dan« ler|nel on comfiare les dire.-ves applications qui ont et4 faites dn syftema 
tionni anx principes fondamentanz admis de nos jonis. Tradnit dn Hollaadais. 8t«, 
/.7 30 Pari; 1846 

BCHWINK, (G.) Les Elements de Part de fortifier, Gnide ponr les lerons det Aoolei mBi- 
taires et ponr sMnstruire soi-mcme. Tradnit de Pallemand par T. Parinentier. 8vo, avao 
atlas, /.40 Parf«, 1849 

See also the Works of ATroi<«K dk Villk, Bblidor. Blo!«dkl. Cokhoriv, Birsbt, 
ERftARD. CoMTB DB Paoak, MrLLRT. Mo!<(TALBKRT, Maxob. Encyclo. Molro- 
pol. Hallbce'b Military Art and Science. 

FOSSILS.— (See Paleontology.) 

MANTELL, (G. A.) The Medals of Creation ; or First I^essons in Geo- 
logy, and in the Study of Organic Remains. 2 toIs. l3nio, plates and 
woodcuts, 21*. ^ . London, iSa 

OWEN, (R.) A History of British Fossil Mammals and Birds. 8vo, 337 
woodcuts, 3U.6d. London, 1846 

MORRIS, (J.) A Catalogue of British Fossils ; comprising all the geneim 
and species hitherto described, with lelerenoe to their geological dittribn- 
lioo» and to the localitiet in which they have been fimnd. §wo, 10#. 

• r.i' 





GIRAULT DC SAINT FARGEAU. BibKogmphie hbtoriqae et topogiapfainne d« 1« 
Fruioe, oa Catalo^n* de toas lai onTnmei impnmte en France depak Je XVe sMde 
jntqn'an mois d'nvnl 1845, ooatenant lei tUies d'envinm 13,000 onvragw, etc. 8vo. f.l± 

Pari*, 1845 


SCHNITZLER, (J. H.) Satistiqne Generale methodique et complete de 
la France. Compar^e auz autres grandes pnisBances de I'Enrope. 4 vols. 
8?o, /.30 Paris, 1846 

MURRAY'S Handbook for Travellere in France : being a Guide to Nor- 
mandy, Britanny ; the Rivers Loire, Seine Rhone, and Garonne ; the 
French AIpe, £hiaphin6, Provence, and the Pjrrenees : with Descriptions 
of the principal Routes, Railways, the Approaches to Italy, the chief 
Watering Places, &c. 8vo, with 5 travelling maps, cloth, 12«. 

London, 1846 

GUIDE PITTORESQUE des Voyageurs en France, omd de 90 Cartes 
routi^res, de 70 portraits et 680 vignettes. 6 vols. 8vo. Parit, 1838 

VAYSSE DE VILLIERS. Itin^raire descriptif de la France, on Gfiogra- 
phie complete, historique et pittoresque de ce royaume, par ordre de routes, 
divis^ en huit regions, etc. 30 vols. 8vo, /.150. . Paris. 

HUGO, (A.) France pittoresque, ou description pittoresqae, topographiqoe 
et statistique des departments et colonies de la France. 3 vols. 4to, 120 
cartes et 720 vignettes Paris, 1835 

LUNIVERS PITTORESQUE France, par M. le Bas. ParU, 18— 
!'« Partie. Annates historiques. 2 vols. 8vo. 33 cartes historiques colo- 
rizes. II* Partie, comprenant le Dictionnaire encyclopZdique de Phistoire 
de France. 12 vols. 8vo, avec 600 gravurcs. 

DUCLOS. Dictionnaire gZnZral des villes, bourgs, villages, hameaux et 
fermes de la France, des principalcs des pays dtrangers et des colonies. 
4e. Zdn., /.lO Paris, 1846 

DUFOUR KT DUVOTENAY. La France. Atlaa des F6 ddpartmente et des coloniet 
fran^aiMs, divu^s en arrondit«emenU et Cantons, aveo on notice sar cbaqoe departemente 
par Albert Montdmont. 89 cartes et 80 notices. 4to, /.40 Pari*. 

CA8TELVERD. Nonvean Prdcis mcthodiqne de I'hkitoire des Fran^ais et de la fr^ofrraphie 
de la France. 8vo, planches el cartes, /.7 50 Paris, l^'46 

GIRAULT DB SAINT FARGEAU. Dictionnaire g^ographiqae, historiqae, adminktra- 
tif, indnstrlel et commercial de tontes les communes de la France, et de plus de 20.000 
hameanz en dependant ; illostr^ de 100 gravnres. 3 vols. 4to, /.80. Pari*, 184S-40 

DOCUMFJTTS STJiTISTIQ, UES snr la France, pnbMs par le ministie dn commerce.— 
Territoire, Population, Commerce czt^rienr. Far M. Morean de Jonds. 3 vols. 4to. 

Paris, 183&-37 
Agricnhnie. 2 vol*, en 4 tom., 4to " 1840 

VOYAGES PFTTORESQUES dan* raneienM France par le Baron Taylor, Cbaric* 
Nodier, et de Caillenz : grand in-folio sur papier vilin, avec nn grand oombie de planches 
tir6es snr papier Chine et litbographi^ei par les premiers artiste*. Pmru, 1843- 

1. La Hante Normandie. 9 vols, folio. 980 planches. . . /.487 

9. La Basse NormaMlie. *' 900 " 095 

3. La Franehe Co^. " 170 " 330 

4. L'Anveigne. 9Tob. " 974 " 087 

5. Le Langnedoe. 4 vob. " 700 " I89S 

6. La Ficardie. S vols. " 300 " 19S0 

7. Le Danphhi*. ** fM ** 790 

a. La BratagM. 8 voh. " 980 " 875 

9, La OMmpivM. ^ 100 "... . 


II. fflSTORY. 

General Histories, Collectkirs, Slc, 

CROWE, (E. E.) The History of France fiom the Earliest Period to the 
Abdication of Napoleon. 3 vols. sm. 8to. . London, 1830-31 

(Lardner*! Cydopsdia.) 

BONNECHOSE, (E.) History of France, torn Ciovis to Louis Philippe. 

12mo. London, 1839 

GUIZOT, (F. P. 6.) Emm rar rHutoire de France. 4 vob. 8vo. . . Pctm, 18B3 
UERICOURT, (A. db.) Mmnod de I'Histoire de France. 8 roh. 8to, 14«. ** 1846 
6ENOUDE, (DB.) Hittoire de France, Vols. 1-15. 8vo, 7«. Qd. each. Paris, 18 — 1847 

Htttoira de France. 9e series. Rivolntion francaue. Vob. 1-^ 7«. U. each. 

Porte. 184Ck8 
MAZAS, (A.) Coots d'hutoiie de France, dnpnb lee tempi aatiqaee de la Ganle jneqa^k 

la lertanration de 1814. 4e Mition, 4 Tob. 8vo, 20« Pans, 1846 

BERRYER. (PKax.) Soavenin de, (1774-1838). 9 volt. 8to. . . . '' 1830 

BIOORJIPHIE DES MWISTRES Francau, depn» 1789 jnsqn'k oe jonr. roy. 8to. 

Paris, 1896 

RATIIERAT, (E. J. B.) Histoire des dtats ^niranx de la France, iniri d*an Ezam«i 
comparaiif decet aaembl^es etdea parlementid'AnglHerre. 8vo, /.7 SO. Parw, 1845 

SCHMIDT. (Dr. E. A.) Gewshichte von Frankreich. Vob. 1-S, 94«. Hamb., 183!M0 

8ISMONDI. (9. DC.) Fr«c4i de J'histoirB dee Franfais. 2 rob. 8to. /.16. Parif. 

Htttoire des Fran^ai*. 31 vob, 8vo Porut, 1881-43 

MICHELET. (M.) ilUtoire do France, torn. I-VI. 8vo. . Paris, 1833- 

Tlie rame. translated by G. H. Smith. 2 vob. 8vo. D. A. U Co., Jfew- York, 1846-7 

MARTIN, (II.) Hutoire de France, depau lei tempi lei ploa raoaUe joiqn'eii 1780. 15 
vob. 8VO./.75 PoTM, 1840-44 

8E6UR, (L. P. DE.) Hutoire de Franoe, depnb Iw Ganlou juqne et y oompiii le mpM 
deLoab XV. Ovob. 8vo,/.54 Port*, ISMPSO 

QJILLICJIRUJ^ et Franoicararo Reram Seriptorei; on Recenil dei Hbtorieni dei Oanlai 
•t de la France, par Dom. Martin Uouqnet,, et antre Religieox de St. Manr. Fd. vol. 1.- 

Poris, 1738 
THIERRY. (A.) Lettres tor I'hutoire de France. 8vo. ... ** 1836 

COLLRCTIOy complutp dei mimoires rclatifs 4 Thtatoire de Franoe, depnb le regno do 
Pbillppe-Angnite, jnsqn'an commencement dn 17e liccle, par M. Petitot. 58 vob. 8vo. 

Paris, 1819-87 

COLLECTIOJf DE MEMO IRES nonr«ervir4 rhUtoire de France, depnb le 13ei 
jn«io'4 la fin do 18e par MM. Michaod et Panjonlat. 33 vob. 8vo. Paris, 183S-W 

COLJ.ECTIOJf DE MEMOIR ES relatift 4 Thbtoira de France, jusqn^an l3e tieele avoo 
on introdoction. etc., par M. Goizot. 31 vob. 8vo,/itl7. Pari*, 188^-35 

COLI.ECTIOX DES C///20AVQC7/C5 nationals franf-abei dn tiesieme an leisi^Be 
nede. par J. A. Buchon. 47 vob. 8vo Paris, 1884-86 

COLLECTIOJ^ DES MEILLEURES dioerlations, etc., relativei k rhbUrfn do 
France . . . pobliAe par C. Leber, etc. SO vob. 8vo. Paris, 1896-43 

VAUBLANC. (lk Comtk dk.) I^ France an tempi dei crobadei, on Recherehei lar !•■ 
mcroiB et coatumw dei Francabaox Xlle. et Xllle. kiecJei. 8 vob. 8vo,/.16. 

Pant, 1844 

MULLIE. (C.) Futei de la Franoe. on Tableaox chronotoKiqaei. synchronlqoei. et ff4o- 
rraphiqnei de Thiitoira, depoit retabliaiement dei Franei jnsqn'k noi jonn. 5e 6d. lolio. 
8mapi./.36 .... Port*, 1845 

COLLECTIOJf de m^rooirei relatifs 4 Thixtoire de France, depnb ravAneroent do Henri 
IV. jnsqo*4 la paix de Parb (1763), par MM. Petitot et M. Monmerqo^. 79 vob. in 8vo. 

Paris, 1890-80 

CAPEFIGITE. (B. H. R.) Ilbtoire Cowtitntionelle de la Franoe dopnb Philippe Anfusto 
(182^1483.) 8 vob. 8vo Pari«, 1834 


THIERRY, (Aug.) Narratives of the MeroTingian Era, translated. 8to. 

Xb.U London,l^iSt 

SMEDLEY, (E.) History of France from Charlemagne to Francois I., 

A. D. 843 to 1529. 8vo. 6s. 6i{ London, 1836 

(Ub. Uw. Koowl.) 

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8vQ,/.l5 Pmris, 


-:;' r 

. n. m^TORY. —{Conlinucd.) 

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State and History of France, from the Fall of the Roman Empire to the 
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n. mSTORY.— (Continued.) 

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aatioaala*. depob 179 jnsna'ca 1815, par P. J. B. Baches eC P. C. Rons 'f«avMna.) 

40 vob. 8vo. Pwis, vm-m 

Thetaaw. I3thed.revbed. ia9lf«l».ttlM,/m ... '* |M4S^ 

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9 vob ffvA. pmria. IMU 

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n. mSTORY. ^(Confinued.) , 

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Pan; 1846 
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Grand Gnerre, la Gnerre de Charette, la Chonaanerie, 1815 et 1833. 4 volt. 8vo, fJ30. 

Paris, 1840-41 

COLLECT/OJf DES MEMO IRES relftif* a la R^ToIntion franfaiM, avec des noUoet 
inr lenn antenis et det 6clairineineBt» histonqnet, par MM. BenriDe et Baniere. 63 
Yob. 8vo, avec fig. pott etc.,/.300. Pari*. 


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8vo, 60« Paris, lP2»-30 

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The same : to which are added a History of the Hundred Days, of the Battle of Wa- 

terioo, of Naixrfeon's Exile and De^ at St. Helena. 4 vols. 8vo, plates, 30«. 

Union, 1836 
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8vo Paris, IH— 

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g're, indiqnant jour par jour, |)endant tout sa vie, le lien ou etait NajioKon, ce qn'il a 
lit et les dvdnements len plus remarquables qui se rattaohent k son histoire. 8vo. et Atlas 
de 10 cartes in folio,/. 15. Pcrt«, 1845 


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Paris, 1W9 

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jusqn'dL la Chute de Charles X. en 1830 preoedde d'un prack historique sar les Bourbons et 
to parti Royaliste. 5 vols. 8vo, /.25 Paris, 1846-7 

RENARD. (E.) Histoire de la restauration, snive d*un precis de la revolution de juillet. 
8vo, /.7 50 Paris, 1H49 



BIBLIOORJIPHIE DE LA FRJIJTCE, on Joomal general de riraprimerieet de la 
% . fiftrairie, et des Cartes giographiques, gravnres, lithographies et (Envres de Musiqne. 

-' .. Tdi.L-XXXVir.avo Pan*, 1810-47 

r^'' (Published weekly, at 30 francs per annum.) 

fUlteARD, (J. M.) La France litt^raire. 10 vols. 8vo, XIO. . . Paris, 1897-43 

^ V^ T^ttdratnre Contemporaine Vols. 1-11. 8vo ** 1843- 

HBISCHER, (G.) Biblioffraphie fran^ww. Vob. 1-11. 8vo. . . '* 1811- 

(To be completed in abont 80 volumes.) 

VEKTOUILLAC. (L. T.) The French Librarian, or Literary Gnide : pointing out the 
best Works of the Princiital Writers of France. 8vo. /.Mitfeii, 1839 

Ijterary History, &^. 

HISTOIRE LITTERAIBE de la France. Par D. Rivet, D. Tailandier, 

etc. 20 vols. 4to Paria, 1733-1843 

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Pmris, 183JM0 

•— Hblofa* da la HttAratan fraaf aiea aa mojen-ife, oomparAe mz liUArdras Atrangiiiat. 

8vow Part*, 1841 


BERGER DC XIVREY, (J.) Rechercbes snr Im lonroM antiqiMi de Im ijttAratarv fraii- 
(aiw. 8vo P»rU, 1839 

CH ARPENTIER. (J. P.) Tablewi Uistoriqiie de la littAratnra fran^aiw a« ]5e et aa 16a 
liede. 8to Paris, 1835 

SAINT MARC 6IRARDIN bt CUASLES. Tableau de la liltArataie fraafaiM an ]6e 
riecle. 8to Pari*, 1899 

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HICHIELS, (A.) Hist, des Idees lAtlinum en France an XlXme Siede. 3 v«ls. 8to. 

Paris, 183^ 

GERUZEZ, (M.) Histoiie de Peloqnenoe politique et religieose en Fnwce, k la fin da ISo 
siede ct pendant le 16e. 3 vols. 8vo Paris, 1836-37 

BARANTE, (M. db.) Tableau de la litt^ratare frangaise an 16e ti^cle. 8vo. 

Pans, 1833 

T.^BLEJiU .aJfTHOLOOIQUR de la litti^ratnre fran^aise contemporaine (I'^S^l^ST). 

en six Hvres, etc 8vo, vol. 1- Berlin, 1837 

DUaUESNEL, (A.) Dn travaU iateUectnd en France, on Resnmi de la litt^ratare fiaa- 
{aif« deimis 1815 jusqn 'en 1837. 3 vols. 8vo, /.15 Paris, 

LA HARPE, (J. F. db.) Lvc^e, on Ck>nr8 de littiratnre ancienne et nodenw, raivi dn 
tableau de la litt^rature au 19e siecld, par Ch^nier, et du tableau de la littAratnre an 19e 
Steele, par M. Saint-Marc Girardin et M. Philarcte Cbasle. 3 vols. 8vo,/.30. Paris, 1840 

portraits, chaque 4*. 6d., cloth. . Flrmin Didot, Paris, t. y. 

MALHERBE, (J. B.) ROSSEAU;*. lifiBRUN. 1 vol. 
LA FONTAINE. Fables avec notai, ya<M. Walckenafir. 1 vol. 
CORNEILLE, avec notes de VoHauii, Ho. t «ol. 
RACINE. ThA4tre oomplet. 1 vol. 

BOILEAU. Poesies completes ; Comipmidance avec Racine ; Traits da SnUimt. 1 fol. 
MOUtlRE, avec notes. 3 vols. 
REGNARD. Theatre et Voyages. 1vol. 
VOLTAIRE. La Henriade et Poemes choi&i«. 1 vol. 

Theatre. 1 vol. 

Coatet, Satires, Epitres, etc. 1 vol. 

PASCAL. Pens6es, suivies des Pensdes de Nicole et dn Traits d« la paiz avec ks hoauaat. 

Les Provinciales, pr6c6d6es de la vie et de Tdloge de I'aatenr, par Bordas-Daraoolfai. 


Fi:NEIX>N. Tdl^maqne et Fables destin^ k r^ncation de Mgr. le dnc do BooifOfiM. 
1 vol 

— '— Education des Filies, Dialof^ies des Morts, Vies des Philosophes. 1 vol. 

Trait6 de Texistence et des attributs de Dieu. Entretiens sur la religion. Lettiea wax 

divers sojets de mdtaphysiqne et de rdigion. Didogne sur r£loqnenoe. Lettre s«r lai 

occupations de 1' Academic fran^aise, etc. 1 vol. 

BOS8UET. Histoire univendle 1vol. ^ 

OiaisoQs fanebres, saivies des OraiMns fonebres de FMchier et de MmowMi^ 1 ML 

Sermons choisis. 1 vol. . ' : * 

MAS8ILLON. Petit Car«me et Cboix de Sermons. 1 vd. ^t ' '^^ ^^• 

LA BRUY^RE bt TH6oPI1RA8TE. 1 vd. ^ . - ' 

Ije mAme ouvrage sons le titre : Les Caractores de Th^ophraste, par La Brayira, ato. 

Premiere Edition complete, par M. la Baron Wdokenaiir. 3 vols. 

LE SAGE. Gfl-Blas. 1 vd. 

SBVIGNE. Lettres, avec les notes de tons les commentatenn. 6 vob. 

—— Nonvoan cboix de Lettres tres-complet. 1 vd. 

MONTESaUIEU. Grandeur des Romains et Lettres Persaaes, etc. 1 vd. 

Esprit des Lola avec les notes de Taatear et an cboix des noeillean oommeBtatenia. 1 


VOLTAIRE. Si^de de Louis XrV. 1 vd. 

Ckailea XIL et Histoiio de Pierre le Grand. I voL 



BUFFON. Histoira des Animaaz. 1 vol. 

£|K)qaes de la nature, hutoire de Phomme. 1 vol. 

BERNARD! N db BAINT-FIERRE. FaiU et Viipaie, etc. 1 toL 

Etudes de la Nature. 1 vol. 

CHATEAUBRIAND. Atala.— R6nd.— Lai Abencerrages.—Vojage en Am^riqne. 1 vol. 
GAnie Chnstianisme. 2 vob. 

Martyrs. 1 vol. 

Let Natchei. 1 vol. 

Itin^raire de Paris k Mnualem et Voyages. 9 vob. 

fitndes hutoriqnes. 1 vol. .., 

Analyse de I'butoire de France. 1 vol. 

Les qnatre Stnart et Melanges politiqnes. 4 vob. 

ROLLIN. Traits des Etudes, revn par M. Letronne, avec les remarqnes de Crevier. 3 vols. 

CHRFS-n^CRUVRE des poStds tra^qnes, Rotron, Crdbillon. Lafo«e, Sanrin, De Belloi, 
Pompignan, la Harpe, Ch^nier, Lancival, Legonv^, Dncis, Lemerder. 9 vob. 

Des poStes comiqnes, tome I k IV., oontenant Searron, Montfleary, La Fontaine, 

RourMiult, Baron ; — Danconrt, Dufresney ; — Braeys et Palaprat, Le Sage, d'Allainval, La 
Chanss^e ; — Destoucbes, Fagan, Boissy. 

ROUSSEAU. NonveUe Hiloise. 1vol. 

Eniilc. 1 vol. 

Confessions. 1 vol. 

MADAME DE STAEL. Corinne. 1 vol. 

De rAllemagne. 1 vol. 

MRS PRJSOJfS. M^moires de Sflvio PoUioo, tradoiti par M. P. L6saad. 1 vol. 

BEAUMARCHAIS. Theatre complet. 1 vol. 

SCRIBE. Son theatre renfermaat fiO piece*. 5 vob. 

COURIER. (P. L.) Pamphlets, Daphnu et Chlod. Correspondaaoe, etc. 1 vol. 

BIB/./OTHEQUE DES MEMO IRES anciens et modemes rdatift k Thutoire de 
France. Prtmure shie, r^di>6e par M. J. Yanoski, tome I. Froissard fsons ptene). 
Deuxume shrie, r^di^e i>ar M. F. Barricre. (Le tome I., qni contient les Mdmoires de 
M. de Staal Delaunay, de M. d'Argenson et de Madame, mere r6gente, etc., est en vente.) 

DANTE. La divina Commedia con commentari 1 vol. 
TASSO. Gemsalemme liberata el Aminta. 1 vol. 
ARIOSTO. L'Orlaado fnrioso. 2 vol. 

In 16fno, imprimi $ur papier satini. Ptr vol. 2t. 64. 

RACINE. Theatre complet. 1 vol. 
MOLIERE, avec notes et commentaires. 2 vob. 
LA BRUYERE. 1 vol. 
CORNEILLE, les Chefs-d*<envre. 1 vol. 

BIBLIOTHEQUE FRANCAISE. Pabli^e par Firman Didot Frfrea. Pom,T. y. 


La FONTAINE. CEnvres completes, avec une noQvelle notice snr la vio, etdw notes par 
M. WalckenaSr. Portrait, 10». 

MOLIERE. CEnvres completes, prie^dAes des Mdmoiras snr la vie, et des notes par M. 
Aim^-Martin ; accompagn^es des notes de Bret, Auger, Aim6-Martin, etc. Portrait, 10». 

RACINEL (Envres, completes, pr6c^ddes des Memoirs sur la vie, par Lonb Racine. 1 
vol. Portrait, I0«. 

CORNEILLE. (Euvres completes, et CEovres choisies de Thomas Comieille, avec les notes 
de Voltaire, la Harpe. Marmontel. Palissot, Nicot Saint-Evremont, etc. 2 volames om6s 
du portrait de Pierre Comeille. 20«. 

BOILEAU. (Euvres completes, Malherbe et J. B. Rousseau, acoompagn6es de notes. 
Portrait, ]0«. 

PETITE POETES FR.AJtCA1S. DepuU Malherbe ^usan*k nos ionn. nontenant Racan, 
Begrau, Deshoulieres. Chanlieu, Lafare, Senec^, Vergier, Houdard Lamotte. Piron, Loois 
Racine, Lefranc de Pompignan, Gressot, Bernard, L«nierre, Bemu, Saint-Lambert, Mar- 
montel. Lebmn. Malfilatn, C'Olardean, Doob, Dorat, la Harpe, Leonard, Bonnard, Im- 

. bert, Gilbert, Bertin, Paray, Florian, Chattier, Legonv^, Luce d« Laadval, MiUevoye, A. 
Chtnier. 9vob., 90f. 

.•♦^- ■•-Vi 

■ ■ z\ ■■ 

m. LITERATURE AND LANGUAGE.— (Con/inu«;(i.) 

DBLILLE. CEovfM com|dctes, aveo ws prdfaoes, ws dbconis nrdiininurai et ws notei ; l» 
tazte latin det Gioryiqnes et de TEB^ide ; le tezte anglain da Paradu perdn de Milton ; de 
Doovellai notei, 1. poor Malhearet Pitid, parM. Atm^-Maitin ; 3. poor rimafination, par 
MM. Cboiieal-Goaflller, Paneval-GrandmaiM>n, de Feletz, Aimi-Maitin, etc. ; 3. enfin 
avec nne nooveUe notioe sar la vie de Delille. Portrait, 14«. 

CHENIBR, (J. M.) XT DUCI8. CEnvrei. IQs 


F^NELON. CEnvree pr«c4d«ei d'nne nooTeHe Tie de F6nelon par M. Aimi-Martin, et 
aofmentiei de« Maximes dei Saints, qoi ne m tronvent enoore daas anonae Edition. 3 
▼oT. portrait, £1. 12». 

F^NELON. Chef«-de-<Bavre. 1 vol. IQt. 

MA8SILLON. (Eovret oompletet. 3 vol., portrait, 18». 

BOURDALOUE. (Eavrei conopletes, revnes et collationa^es lar I'^dition de 1707 dn P. 
Bretonneau. 3 vol. XI. Id*. 

BOSSUET. CEavrw. 4 vol. in-8, portrait, jC2. 

VOLTAIRE. (Eovret completes, avec les notes de tons les comment atenn, Cette Edition 
ronferroe en 13 vol. les 07 vol. de I'ddit. de Dalibon. 13 volumes om^s degravares, jC6. 6$. 

La HARPE. Conn comnlet de littdratnre. avec le TaUean de la Litt^ratnre an XVesiede, 
par. M.M. Chasles et St-Maro Girardin, et le Tableau de la Littirature an XVIIIe siecle, 
par CMnier. 3 vol. XI. ia«. 

LESAGE (Envres, contenant Oil-Bias, le Diable Boiteuc, le Bachelier de Salamanqne, 
Gasman d'Alfarche et le Theatre ; omi de 7 gravnres et dn portrait de Tanteur. 13#. 

FOY^OE dn jenne Anachanis en 6r6oe, prdcddd des Mirooiras de BartMlemy snr sa vie 
eC ses onvrages. Merits par Ini m4me. Ids. 

8TAEI4-UOL8TEIN, (Madams db.) (Envies completes, oontetMOt les onvrafies pnMi^ 

dn vivant de I'anteur et ses oenvres posthnmes ; avec nn bean portrait de I'antear. 3 vol. 

XI. 10«. 
CHATEAUBRIAND, membre de I'Acaddmie fran^aise, (Envies completes. Svolnmas, 

omds de 30 belles fravnres et cartes. Demidre Edition. X3. ISs . 

La m^me Edition sans let gravnres. X2. 2«. 

BEAUMARCH AIS. (Envres compldtes. prdc^ddes d'nne notice snr sa vie et ses onvrajjea, 
par M. Saint-Marc Girardin. Portrait, IQs. 

BERN ARDIN dk SAINT-PIERRE. (Envres completes, nonvelle Edition, levne, anno- 
t^e et angment^ de la vie de cet antenr par M. Airoe-Martin. 3 vol. 30«. 

THFJiTRE FRjI/rC^IS DU MOVFJT JIOE, depoia le Xle siecle jnsqn'an XlVe 
si<*cle. pnbM par M. de Monmerqni, membre de Tlnstitat de France, et M. Franclsqne 
Michel. 10«. 

SEVIGNE, (Madame db.) (Envies completes, contenant sa eomspondance avec sa fiUe 
et ses amis. 3 vol., portrait, XI. 

SHAKSPEARE. (Envres completes, traduction nonvelle, par M. Franclsqne Michel. 3 
vol. XI. lOf. 

FLUTAR(^UE. Les Vies des Hommes illnstres, tradnites en fran^ ais et aeoompafndes de 
notes et de tables g^nirales de matieres, par Ricard. 3 vol. 18s. 

D^MOSTIli^NE BT E8CHINE. (Envres com|>lotes, traduction nonvelle. par M. Stieve- 
nait doyen de la FacnltA des lettrcs de Dijon, avec des notes critiques et explicatives, 13«. 


MONTAIGNE. E>«is de avec les notes de tons les oommentatenra. la traduction de ton- 
tea passsfes frees et latins, nne table aaaljrtiqne des matieies, le Trait6 de la servitude vo- 
lontaire par la Bofitie, etc. Portrait, 1 1«. 

MONTESQUIEU. CEnvies completes, prdc^ddesd'unenonveUenotiee sar Montesquieu, par 
M. WalckenafBr. accomnagnAes des notes de Dupin, Oevier, Voltaire, Servan, Mably, la 
Harpe, etc., et snivies d nne table analytiqne des matieies. Portrait, 1I«. 

MORJILTSTES FR AJ^.i IS, on les Pens^es de Bl. Pascal: les Maximes de la Roche- 
foncanld, snivies d*nne Refutation par M. Aim^-Martin ; (Taracteres de la Bmyeie ; 
(Envres completes de Vanvenaifues ; les essai snr les mmnis de oe siode par Duclos. 
Portrait, 11«. 

IXXnCE BT LEIBNITZ. (Envies. 13s. 

VOLNEY. (Envres completes, prAo6dAes d'ane notioe snr sa via et gas Merits. Portrait, 
gravnres et de plnaienrs cartes. I Is. 

STERNE BT OOLD8MITH. (Envies, omA de fravnres. 10$. 

COURIER, (P. L.) (Eavies completes et inidites, avec naa notice par Annaad Canal. 
Portrait. Id*. 

MOTIFS ET COJfFEREJ^ES DU CODE CFFFL, iMifAs par aa mafistrat qm a 
•OMoara k la coafcctioa des codes (M. k baron Favaid da LaagJada), et lavus par BL 
PMualat, prefMsaar 4 k FaMll* da Droit. STotSla. 




. ■. 

". f- 



Grammars, d^c. 

OLLENDORFF, (H. G.) A New Method of Learning to Read, Write, 
and Speak the French Language. With an Appendix, containing the 
Cardinal and Ordinal Numbers, and fiiU Paradigms of the Regular and 
Irregular, Auxiliary, Reflective, and Impersonal Verbs, by J. L. Jewett. 
1 vol. l2mo, $1. ... New- York, D. A. & Co.; 1847 

ROWAN, (F.) Morceaux Choisis des Autenrs Modernes, a I'Usage de 
la Jennease ; with a Vocabulary of the New and Difficult Words and 
Idiomatic Phrases adopted in Modem French Literature. Edited by J. 
L. Jewett, editor of OUendorfTs French System. l2mo. 

New-York, D. A. & Co., 1847 

DE FIVAS, (M.) An Introduction to the French Language: containing 
Fables, Select Tales, Remarkable Facts, Amusing Anecdotes, etc., with 
a Dictionary of all the Worda, translated into English. 16mo, 50c. 

New- York, D. A. & Co., 1847 

COLLOT, (A. G.) Chefii-DCEuvres Dramatiques de la Langue Fran^aise. 

Mis en Ordre ProgresBif, et Annot^s, pour en &ciliter Tlntelligence. 

l2mo, 91 New-York,D. A. &, Co., IM7 

LE BRETHON, (P.) Guide to the French Language. Syo. 

London, 1837 

FALLOT, (G.) RiehereliM $or lei formes pramnuticalea de la lanfae fnuifaiie etde nt 

dialectei an I3e siede, etc. 8vo Paris, 18W 

WAY, (F.) Etade tar la langne fkancaiie k propoi de I'oamse de GoataT Fallot. 8vo. 

PariM. 1640 

6IRAULT-DUVIVIBR, (C. P.) Grammaiie dee giammairai, oa aaalyw raiionnCtt doi 
meillean trait^i rar la laagne fran^aiae. lOe Ada. reme et ooingAe par P. A. Lemaire. 
8 vob. 8vo Paris, 1840 

. . GRJlMMAIRE JVA TIOJ^ALE, par MM. BeKherelle frerw et Litaii da Canx. 3e «d. 
*V • 8«>. Pari*, 1840 

.dURENNE, (G.) The Standard Pronouncing Dictionary of the French 

and English Languages, in two parts. 

Part one, French and Eoglikh ; part two, English and French ; the fint part com- 
prehending wordi in common nw — terms connected with Scienoe— terms belonging 
to the Fine Arts— 4000 Historical names— 4000 Geographical names— 11,000 terms 
lately published, with the pronnnciation of every word auoording to the French 
Academy, and the most eminent Lexicographert and Grammarians ; together with 
750 Critical Remarks, in which the various methods of proaonaeing emploved by 
different authors are investigated and compared with eaoh other. The second part, 
containing a copious Vocabulary of English words and expcemoas, with the pronun- 
ciation acoordinjg^ to Walker. The whole preceded by a practical and oomprriiensive 
system of French pronnnciation. IStmo, nearly 900 pages, neatly bound.fl 50. 

Jfew-York, D. A. b Co., 1848 

WILSON. French and English Dictionary. Svo. London, 1833 

TARVER, (J. Ch.) The Royal Phraseological English-French, French- 
English Dictionary. 2 vols, royal 8vo, 50». London, 1845-47 

FLEMING &, TIBBINS. Grand dictionnaire fran^aiae-anglais et an- 
glais-fren^aise. 2 vols. 4to, £3. .... Faris, 1843 

(Reprinted. PhUad., C. & H. S vols. 8vo. $5 50.) 

DICTIOJ^J^'AIRE DE L* ACAD EMI E FRAJfCAISE; sixieme Edition pr«c«d6e 
d'un disconrs sur la LAngne franfaise, par M. Villemaia. 3 vob. 4to, 36s. Pari*, 1835 


M sous la direction d'un membce derAcadimie, par MM. les membras de Tlnstitut et les 

professeorsderUnivefsite, savants et artistes. 4to, 94*. Part>, 1843 

deraiera ^ditioa public ea 1835. par M. Loraia. Adopla par rUaivamtA. 8 vob. 8vo, 
10«. ......... . Paris. 

Oe DiclioBBaira oontieat : tons !•■ mots et d^fiaitfcms doan^e par 1' AoafMaio. na oar- 
taia aombre de nou aonvaaax oonnorte par I'asafn, hi,4ty m oloi i w , lae {Miadpes da 
grammaira extiaits da INotiDaBaira da 1* AoadAmia. 





ROaUEFORT. (J. B. B.) Glossaire de la lanf^ne romane. oontenant retTmolofpe et 1« 
•ifBifiaation det mod nul&s daiu let XI., XII., XIII., XIV., XV. et XVle sieclea, etc. 
«rolf.8vo./.94 P«rt«, 1808 

Et Sapplement. 8to ** 1890 

PLANCH E (J.) Vocabolaira de« latinismet de la laninDie fran^aiie, on doi locutions fran- 
f aiact emprnat^et litt^ralement de langoe latine. 8vo Part«, 1833 

NOEL KT CHARPENTIER. Fbtloloipefmn^se, oadictioDaaiieetynKrioeiqae, critiaae, 
hbtoriqne, anecdotiqoe, littdraire, oontenaat an cboix d'archaitmes, de n^mogUmes, d en- 
I^dmismes. d'ezpfenions 6gur4es on podtiqnes, de tonn haidb, d'henrenses allianoes de 
note, de tointions grammaticales, ponr servlr k I'hisUNre de la langne fran^aise. 2 vob. 
8vo,/.12. Part*, 1831 

BOISTEf (P. C. V.) Dictioonaire nniverael de la langae francaiie, avec le latin, etc. 4to, 
21# Paris, 1844 

RAYMOND, (F.) Dictionnaire f^n^ral de la lan^e francaiie et vocabnlatre univenddes 
•cienoea, des arts et des mdtieis, onvrage entlerennent neof, renfennant an moins 100,000 
mots, pr^sentant le dictionnaire le pins complet qni ait pam jnsqn'ii oe jonr, etc. S vob. 
4to Paris, 1831 

LANDAIS, (N.) Dictionnaire g^ndral et Grammatical extrait dee dictionnaires aactem 
et modemes les pins c^i^bres, etc. 2 vols. 4to Paris, 1&I3 

LAVEAUX. (J. C.) Dictionnaire raisonn^ des dkfficnltAs grammaticales et litt6r. de la lan- 
goe franf aise. 2e 6d. 2 vols. 8vo. Paris, 1833 

DJCTIOJf^.ilRE classiqne de la langne franfaise. avec dee ezemples tirds des meillearas 
fraacab, et des notes puisnes dans les mannscrits de Rivarol, ooatenant, etc. 8vo. 

Pari; 1838 
FLANCHE, (J.) Dictionnaire fran^aise de la langne oratoire et po^tiqne, snlvi d'nn vo- 
cabnlaire de tens les mots qui appartiennent an langne vnlgaire. 3 vob. 8vo. 

Paris, 1810-90 
— - Dictionnaire synonymlqne de la langne francaise, oontenaat, etc. 8vo. '* 1836 

NODIER, (C.) Dictionnaire raisonn^, des onomatopdesfrancobes. Sedd. 8vo. Pan«, 1838 

— — Ezaroen critique des dictionnaires de la langne francaise on recherefaes gramm. et litt^. 
snr rortbographe, la dMnition et I'etymologie des mots. 8vo. . Paris, 1838 

DICTIOJfJf.iIRE des synonymes de la langne franfahe, d'apres Girard, Ronband, etc. 
par M. Gnizot. 2e ed. 2 vol*. 8vo Paris^ 1833 

LAVEAUX, (J. C.) Dictionnaire synomymiqne de la langne francaise. 8vo. " Wtk 

ROQUEFORT, (kt CHAMroLLioN-FiosAC.) Dictionnaire dtymoloiriqae de kl ln|p» 
franf aise, on les mots sont dasn^ par famille, avec les prindpanz termes d'arta, ^wtS^ 
oes et de metien. 2 vob. 8vo,/.14 FaHk, |B^ 


OLIVER, (G.) The Antiquities of Freemasoniy ; comprising Illnstrations 
of the Five Grand Periods of Masonry, from the Creation of the World 
to the Dedication of King Solomon's Temple, roy. 8vo, 16*. 

London, 1843 

— The Historical Landmarks and other Evidences of Freemasonry ex- 
plained, in a series of Practical Lectures, with copious Notes. 2 vols. 
8vo, 40# London, 1845-6 

ASHE, (J.) The Masonic Manual ; or Lectures on Freemasonry ; con- 
taining the Instructions, Documents, and Discipline of the Masonic 
Econonly. New ed., with Annotations and Remarks by the Rev. G. 
Oliver, D. D. 12mo, 7«. 6^ London, 1843 

THORY, (C. A.) Acta latomornm, oa chronologie de Thisfloirede laFranche-Ma^onnerie 
fraaf aise et itrangere . . . avec la bibliogrephie dee principanz onvrages paMies sur This- 
toire de Tordre, depois 1723. 2 vols. 8vo Paris, 1815 

CHEMIN-DUPONTES. EncyclopMie ma^onniqne, eontenant les faits histor. snr la Ma- 
ronnerie et snr les Soci^t^ qni ont avec elle des rapports, ete. 4 vob. l^ttao. 

Paris, 18IIMa 

REOHGLLINI. (F. M.) Esprit dn dogme de la Franche-Maconnerie ; recherches snr son 
origine et oelle de ses diflercnts rites, compris celai da carbonaris'me. 8vo. BruzsUes, 189S 

~—— La Ma^onnerie considir^ comme le r^okat des religions ^gyptienne, jnive e( chrAtiemie. 
3 vob. 8vo Paris, 183J 

BAZOT. Maaoel da fVaac-oiaron, on Guide des offieien de lofM. 7« M. S vols. l2mo./.6. 

Paris, imA 

HAUFFMANN bt CHERPIN. Histom nhiloMrpUqne de la f^o-mafonnerie ; ••• 

■ctes et Mi tendanoee. 8vo, planches, /.IS 50 Paris, ldl6 

KRAUBB, (K. C. F.) Die drey lltartM Knataikutai te Fnimauw-BifidefBclMift, is 
•iDon LafarfragestScfc orvargeistafBt. S vob. 8vo. Drssdtm^ lflai>-91 

V g: 


■ *' 




TAYLOR, (W. B. S.) Manual of Fresco and Encaustic Painting ; con- 
taining ample Instractions for executing works of these descriptions : with 
an Historical Memoir of these Arts from the earliest periods. Post 8vo, 
7t. 6d. . London, 1843 

GRUNER, (L.) Fresco Decorations and Stuccoes of the Churches and 
Palaces in Italy, during the Fifteenth and Sixteenth Centuries. Taken 
from the principal Works of the greatest Painters, never before engraved. 
With English Descriptions, by tx>uis Gnmer. 45 plates, folio, plain and 
coloured. London, 1845 

CENNINI, (C.) A Treatise. on Painting, written by Cenniuo Cellini, in 
the Year 1437r— <^ntaining practical directions for Painting in Fresco, 
Secco, Oil, and Distemper, etc. Transl. by Mrs. Merrifield. 8vo, plates, 
12». . London, 1844 

BARUFFALDI, (G.) Vita di Antonio Contri, Pittore e Rilevatore di 
Pittnra dal Muro. 8vo Venice, 1834 

CENNI. Sopra diverse Pittur^ staccate dal Muro et tran^ortate su Tela, 
&.C. &V0 Bologna, 1840 

See Appendix to B«poit of Ck>mmitsion on the Fine Arts, 1843-43. Fbnnt Cyclo. 
Sapplt. Vol. 1, etc. Haydgn'b Lectares on Painting and Design. 


RASK, (E.) Friesische Sprachlehre. l2mo, 3<. . Frieb., 1834 

OUTZEN, (N.) Glossarium der Friesischen Sprache, herausg. von En- 
gelstoft und Molbeck. 4to Ccpenk., 1837 

WIARDA, (T. D.) Alt-friesisches Worterbuch. 8vo. . Aurich, 1786 

RICHTHOFEN, (K. v.) Friesische Rechtsquellen. 4to, 22«. 

Berlin, 1840 

Alt-fnesisches Worterbuch. 4to, 18*. . . 6?««., 1840 

FUNGI.— (Edible.) 

BADHAM, (CD) A Treatise on the Esculent Funguses of England : 
containing an Account of their Classical History, Uses, Characters, De- 
velopement, Structure, Nutritions, Properties, Modes of Cooking and Pre- 
serving, &c. 8vo, illustrated, 21« lAmdon, 1847 

ROQ,UES, (J.) Hiat. det champi^ons comntibles et vdndncux, on Ton expow lean ca- 
racteres diiUnctifn, lenra propriitds alimentaires et iconomiqaec. lean etkts naisables et let 
moyen* de t'en garantir on d'y remidier ; Se. 6dn., 8vo, et Atlas, de 34 {d. color. /. 27. 

Pans, 1841 

BR06NIART. (A.) Essai d'ane classification natnrelle des chanipifnous on Tabieaa 
methodiqne des genres rapport6s jnsqn'k present a oette famille. 8vo, fig., /.5. . Pari*, 


SHAW, (H.) Specimens of Ancient Furniture, drawn from existing 
Authorities, with descriptions by S. R. Meyrick, LL.D. 4to,43t , partly 
coloured, 84«. ; coloured, 910. 10« Zon<2oft, 1836 

WOOD, (H.) A Series of Designs for Furniture and Decoration in the 
Style of Louis XIV., Francis I , Elizabeth, and Gothic. Designed and 
drawn by H. Wood. 4io, 24 plates, plain, £3. 39. ; coloured — 

London, 1845 

Designs for Chairs, &c., 25* " 1845 

DESORMEAUX, (P.) Art du menuiser en b&timents et en meubles, suive 
de I'art de l'6b^niste ; ouvrage contenant des 61^ments de g6om€tne ap- 
pliqu6e au trait du menuisier, du nombreaux modules de I'escaliers, de 
notions forts 6tendues sur lea bois, sur la manidre de les coloi^r, de les 
poUr, de les Teroir et sor lev placage. 3* €dn. 3 vols. 4to, 71 pi., /.34. 





FURNITURE.— (Co/i/iwtied.) 

ROBERT. ' Collection de meuhles dana le demier go6t, a la ^b^nistes et 
tapis&iera, formant on recueil de 68 plates. 4to,/.12 ; color. /.24. Paris. 

JANSEN. Menmserie en fiiuteuils, contenant ane saite des modules le 
plus nouveaux en ce genre. 4to, 48 pi. col.,/.30. Paris, 1840 

Ouvrage sar I'^b^nisterie, contenant la collection des meubles les plus 

noQveaax. 4to, 38 pi. col., /.SO Paris, 1840 

La Petit Guide du fabricant de meubles. Suite dc 107 pi. col. 3 vols. 

18mo,/.24 Paris. 

RIBAULT. Recueil de decorations interieures, comprenant tout ce qui a 
rapport a Tameublement . . . et tout ce qui a rapport k I'orfi^vrerie. Iblio, 
72 pi Pan>, 1831-32 

FEUCHi^RE, (L.) L'art industries suite de modules a I'usage des orfevres, 
tapissiers, 6b6ni8tes, fabricants de bronze, de fonte, de fer, de porcelaine, 
de pa piers peints, d'^loffes ; des marbriers, et des sculptures omemanistes. 
folio, 75 pi. /.108 Parw, 1843-4 



REID, (J.) Bibliotheca BcoCo-Cdtica. An aoconat of all the Books printed in the Gaelio 
Langnage. 8vo. Cfiasgow, 1833 

FORBES, (J.) A Double Grammar of English and Graelic, in which the 
Principles of both Languages are clearly explained ; containing the Gram- 
matical Terms, Definitions, ^d Rules ; with copious Exercises for Parsing 
and Correction. 12mo, 4s. .... Edinburgh, 1843 

MUNRO, (J.) Practical Grammar of the Scottish Gaelic, in eight parts ; 
illustrated throughout with Notes and Observations, Critical, Philological, 
and Explanatory. 2d edit. 18mo, 4s. ' . Edinburgh, 1843 

KELLY, (J.) A practical Grammar of the ancient Gael. 4to. 

London, 1805 

ARMSTRONG, (R. A.) Gaelic Dictionary, in Two Parts: I. Gaelic and 
English. II. English and Gaelic. 4to. . London, 1825 

GAELIC DICTIONARY, with English and Latin explanations. Pub- 
lished by the Highland Society. 2 vols. 4to, 45s. Edinh,, 1828 

MACFARLANE, (P.) New and Copious English and Gaelic Vocabulary, 
with the difierent parts of Speech. 8vo. . Edinburgh, 1815 

McALPINE, (N.) A Pronouncing Gaelic Dictionary, to which is prefixed 
a Concise but most Comprehensive Gaelic Grammar. 3d ed. 12mo, 9s. 

Edinb., 1847 

English-Gaelic Dictionary ; being Part. 11. of the above. 12mo, 5s. 

Edinb., 1847 


TUTSCHEEK, (L.) Dictionary and Grammar of the Galla Language. 
3 vols. 8vo, 12« Munich, 1845 

KRAPF, (J. L.) Evangelium Mathsei transl. in Linguam Gallarum. 
l2mo Ankobari (Shoa), 1841 

Testamen. imbecillum tranalationis Evangelii Johannis in Linguam 

Gallarum : auxil. Berkio, viro ex stirpe Gallarum, qnam Grelan vocant 
oriundo. 12mo Ankobar, 1839 

GALVANISM.— (See Electricity.) 








LOUDON, (J. C.) An Encyclopsdia of Gardening; Presenting, in one 
systematic view, the History and Present State of Gardening in all Coun- 
tries, and its Theory and Practice in Great Britain : with the Manage- 
ment of the Kitchen Garden, the Flower Garden, Laying-out Grounds, 
&c. A New Edition, enlarged and improved. 8vo, with nearly 1000 
Engravings on Wood, 50s. London, n. d. 

An Encyclopsdia of Trees and Shrubs ; being the " Arboretum et 

Fruticetum Britanicum" abridged ; containing the Hardy Trees and 
Shrubs of Great Britain, Native and Foreign, Scientifically and Popularly 
Described ; with their Propagation, Culture, and Uses in the Arts ; and 
with Engravings of nearly all the Species. Adapted for the use of Nur- 
serymen, Gardeners, and Foresters. 8vo, with 2000 Engravings on 

Wood, 50« London, 1843 

The Orijrinal Work may be had in 8 vols. Pvo, with above 400 Octavo Plate* of Treea, 
and upwards of 25a) WoodcoU, £10. 

DON, (G.) A General System of Gardening and Botany ; containing a 
complete enumeration and description of all Plants hitherto known, with 
their Mode of Culture. Founded upon Miller's Gardener's Dictionary, 
and arranged according to the Natural System. 4 vols. 4to. Lond , 1831-37 

JOHNSON, (G. W.) Dictionary of Modem Gardening. 12mo, 10*. 6d. 

(Reprinted Philad.) London, 1846 

KOLLAR, (M.) A Treatise on the Insects injurious to the Gardener, For- 
ester, and Farmer, transl. from the German, with 60 Engravings, by J. 
C. and M. Loudon, and Notes by J. O. Westwood. 12mo, 79. 

London, 1840 

LOUDON, (Mrs.) The Ladies' Companion to the Flower Garden : be- 
ing an Alphabetical Arrangement of all the Plants usually grown in Gar- 
dens and Shrubberies ; with full Directions for their Culture. 2d ed. 
l2mo, e».Sd. London, 1846 

■ Gardening for Ladies; and Companion to the Flower-Garden, edited 
by A. J. Downing, Esq., Author of a Treatise on Landscape Gardening, 
Cottage Residences, &.c. 12mo, engravings, ^1 50. New-York, 1845 

.1 The Ladies' Magazine of Gardening. Illustrated with 16 coloured 
plates of choice flowers, and 87 woodcuts. 8vo, 18«. London, 1843 

.1 The Amateur Gardener's Calendar : being a Monthly Guide as to 

what should be avoided, as well as what should be done, in a (larden in 

each Month : with Plain Rules how to do what is requisite ; Directions 

for Laying out and Planting Kitchen and Flower Gardens, Pleasure 

Grounds, and Shrubberies ; and a short Account, in each Month, of the 

Quadrupeds, Birds, and Insects, then most injurious to Gardens. l3mo, 

7*. 6rf London, 1847 

—— The Ladies' Flower-Garden of Ornamental Annuals. In 48 beantifnlly coloured 
rdateK, containinff upwards of 300 figures of the most showy and interesting Annual 
Flowers, with fall Directions for their Culture. 1 vol. 4to. A2s. . . /..ondon, 1841 

— — The Ladiee' FloMrer-Oarden of Ornamental Bnlbom Plant*. In 5R ooloared nlates, 
containing above 300 colon red figures of the most desirable Bulbous Flowen. with De- 
•oriptions and Directions for Cultivation. I vol. 4to, S2«. . London, 1841 

-^- The Ladies* Flower-Garden of Ornamental Perennials. S vols. 4to, col. plates, 88*. 

London, 19ii 
— — Tho Ladies' Flowm-Gaideii of Gw—honse Plaalt. 





n. FLOWER-GARDENING— (Con/irmed.) 

UENSHALL. (J.) Practicul Treatise on the CalUvation of Orchidaoeoas Plants : with 
Remarks on their Geographical Distribation, and a select Catalogue of the best kinds in 
Cultivation. 8vo, 14« I^ondeu, 1845 

RIVERS. (T.) The Rose Amatear's Guide . containing ample descriptions of all the fira 
leading Varieties of Ro«e«, regularly claioed in their respective families, their lustory and 
mode of culture. 3d edition. 12mo, 6s London, 1846 

REDOUT^, (J. P.) Les Roses, d^crites et olast^es d'apr^s lenr ordre natorel, par C. A. 
Thory. 3e Edition. 3 vols. 8vo. ISi planches, color., /.laO Pmrio. 

WARD, (N. B.) On the Growth of PlanU in closely glazed Caaes. 8vo, 5». Lond,, 1841 


LINDLEY, (G.) A Guide to the Orchard and Kitchen Garden ; or, an 
Accotint of the most valuable Fmits and Vegetables cultivated in Great 
Britain ; with Kalendars of the Work required in the Orchard and Kitchen 
Garden during every month in the year. Edited by Prof I^indley. 8vo, 
16tf London, 1831 

DOWNING, (A. J.) The Fruita and Fruit-Trees of America. Sijrth^ 
edit, 12mo, $1 50 New-York, ISiS 

The Horticultural Magazine. ^3 00 per ann. 

HOVEY, (C. M.) The Fruita of America. Containing richly coloured 
Engravings, accompanied with the wood and foliage, of all the choicest 
Fruits in the United States, from Paintings from Nature by W. Sharp, 
roy. 8vo. Boston, 1847 

LINDLEY, (J.) The Theory of Plorticulture ; or, an Attempt to explain 
the principal Operations of Gardening upon Physiological Principles. 1 
vol. 8vo, I2s. (Reprinted, New-York, W. & P.) London, 1840 

LOUDON, (J. C.) The Suburban Horticulturist ; or, an Attempt to Teadi 
the Science and Practice of the Culture and Management of the Kitchen, 
Fruit, and Forcing Garden, to those who had no previous knowledge or 
practice in these departments of Gardening. 1 vol. 8vo, ISa. 

London, lQ4Si 

The Suburban Gardener, and Villa Companion, etc. 8vo, 300 wood- 
cuts, 20« • . London, 1838 

HORTICULTURAL SOCIETY. A Catalogue of the FmiU cultivated in the Gardra 
of the HorUcuitnral Society of London. 3d ed., 8vo, 5a. . . . Jjondon^ 184SI 

MEYER, (U. L.) Coloured lUaatration* of British Garden Fmit, with deicriptiv* lotter- 
pren. 4to. Parts I.-IV., each 5s. (id London^ 1844n5 

LINDLEY, (J.) Pomologia Britannica, or figures and deMription of the nuMt inportaat 
vaiiettei of Fruit cnltivateid in Great Britain. 3 vols. 8vo. London, 1841 


HOARE, (C.) A Practical Treatise on the Cultivation of the Grape Vme 
on Open Walls. 3d edit., l2mo, la. Sd. . London, 1841 

(Reprinted, Boston, Ticknor 8l Co.) 
A Descriptive Account of an Improved Method of Planting and Man- 
aging the Roots of Grape Vines. 12mo, 5«. London, 1844 

(Reprinted, Boston, Ticknor & Co.) 
ROBERTS. (J.) View of the Culture of the Vine under Glav. ISmo, 5s. 9d. 

HovBY** Magazine of Horticulture. Lindlbt** Gardener's Chronicle. 

PIROLLE. L*Horticulteur fran^ais, on le Jardinier anratenr. Traits eomplet, tbteriqas 
«t pimtiqna du jaidiaage. 13no, plates, f.lO Pmrit. 

LR BOJf JARniJfIRR pour 1847. 48e «dition, eatierBinent r^rve. Par MM. Po<taM, 
VUmorin. Decaisne, Neuman, et P6pin. 12mo, pp. 1400, /.7. Paris, 1847 

BIBLlOTHKqVE DES MEXJIOES. Maanel •ocydopAdiqao dee maisou da vilb 
et eampagne. TiaM oomplat de riiortieiihnra poor la graads «C lat patte ^rdiw, als. 
parMM.DanisatRovaid. 8to, aTw flffww, /JL .... P«m, 184S 


GAIiDENmo.] 184 [eAci., 


D17I1AHEI. nc UONCEAU. Tnii<« da ubis rrnillHi. DanUnullinubgm, Jenide- 
Hrijltlas M bvi Folinn : ■diikOi BdHian, aiipiiiDMi d'an |[iud Dlrnhn- dl finru, lU:. 
Pii A. PdIimd n P. Tnrpiii, onit* dr tfon UnprimtH i-h mulcar, me. a toll. Mta. 
f.lteO. - . ■ PtrU. lH*-35 

SACERET. Pomolo^ pli;i^la(iqiu, m TnlU dn ptrArUoBiiMiuBI d> Ib rncUficUioD. 

I) ALBERT, CaunlhtoriqacilpnUqnc dc ]■ Uille di> ulin fnUga. 4>Mn.. 33II|../A 
COUVBRCKEI,. Tniii« Jk Fniu. tail ii>die«ii«<|ii>ioIiqii», oil DlMioiiBoini cvpolD- 
niU,«r'"svo?/.lo!""". ""'"' 1°^"' .' *°™1°'' ' pj^ihj, 

«ill>., a VDh, Hvo. ISO jilincln'. niuAwnUnl pra df 4Ua rnuVoolorior/UO. Piri*. 

DOVE, (iL W.) U'bcT dm Zguoiiwnliuic dsr W&iiuvuliidBi«iiicii der Augo^kn 


DOWNING, (A. J.) A Treoli«e on the Theory and Practice of Landscnpe 
Gardeaiiig, nilBpleit lo Nonh America ; with a View to Couniry Resi- 
dences ; compriaiDg HiiloHcBl Noiices and Grneral Principles ol Uie An, 
DirecIionB fur Laying ool Grouids and Amingtng PlaRlHltoiia, ihc De- 
■cripiioa and ColliVHlion of Ifardy Tivea, Decorative AccDrnpsnimenli to 
the Hoose nnd Grounds, the Fonnalion of Pieces of Aitifictal Water, 
I^owecGardeiw, &^., with Remnrlia on Rural Archilictnre : illuMrated 
by EogiaTings, 1 vol. 8vo,$3 50 New-Turk. 

THE LJIJfDSCJIFR OjIR/JEX'WT/ uidLuidKa[ie ArchllHtBlsoTllHiUlllaniphny 

ud BciiiD'inc' InuodBctisn, ■ Kjriuniuiii ADnljiu/i Bincnpbkal NMka. Noui, ud ■ 

mpknii Alphilnticil iBdci, bjj. C, Londiiii, F, L, B., kc. !MD ngniliin aail piHIralt. 

30« A«h(m, 1840 

HOFLAND. (T, C] B)Mlii>nuofaiid«IlKO»tJDiuindOni»DiiitalSinii«y. nppni- 

pHutB ID riMiot* Gniii»U. ■iilnled tmn WUtrKnlfhH. > Sell Dfliii GiKa ib> Unfc of 

V M»llMroO):li. Eniinivd rmm Dnni^i. RiUii. 93 pbtH, 3I>, M. Z^nubs, 1)<M 

VERIiNAUD, (N.) L'ulilacitirlAJudliii, aiBlniu1lnpria!pU.f«B*raiu d« «t >R. 

ptndiDiiti, Mlilnci pnUqwdBlmlBpum doj»nl'(ii. folio, /.«. fan., I8u-3e 


CLEGG. (S. Jr.) A Practical Treatise on the Mnnneicluii! and Dietribu- 
lioti of Coal Gob. I vo!. -Ilo, with very numcrone plntea and woodeula 
explanatory of ibe whole ayetein of OaB Mana&ciate. £1. 8a. Lead., 1B41 

Hl'RIXIItRT. IR. d'.) Uel'Hliuiuciisni;dt'vFllopi»nwni>*iir]aaniHHiiiaBatitH 
iwi « In iilituHUM dr la loniiAn. I^to. plum,/,? HI. . . .' Pirii. mi 

PELOUZE, Tnitt da I'RlairaiR an ^i IM ila la lioBilki, dia Mlnmn. da ^pilto.dala 

iDiB Mppli<iiMe. eK. 

GAUL. — (See also Celtic History, &c.) 

WALCKENAER, (C. A.) GSographie ancienne, hiMorifjae et comparSe 
dea Gnnlea ciaalpine ct transalpine. siuTie da I'lniilyBe gdographiqiie dea 
llineiaircB ancicna. 3 yols. 8vo, el aiUe in 4to,/.36. Pari*, 1839 

FAURIEL, (C.) Hiffloire de la Gaole niiridionale bods la dominiUon dea 
conqueranlagennaioB. 4 lam. 8vo,/,34, . Paria, 1836 

THIERRY, (Amedee.) Hiatoire de la Gaalo scnia la domination mmaina. 
3»ola. Bvo,/.3a 50 Parit.lBW 

Hiatoire dea Gatiloia, depuis lea temps lea plus recol^a jiuqn'i I'entiire 

aonmiffiioii de la Gaule a la domiaalion romaine. 2d edn., 3 vob. Svo, 
/22 50 PaHa, 1833 




GAUL.— ( Continned.) * 

MARCH ANGY, (de.) La Gaal po^tiqne, on I'histoire de France coniid^r^ dam mi rap- 
ports avec la pcM^sie. 2d edit. 6 vols. 8vo. Paris, 1»4 

DUCHALAIS, (A.) Daicription dm Midailles gaaloises, faUant partie det oollectiont de 
la Bibliotheqne royale, acoompagnie de notes explicatives. 8vo, i5s. Paris, 1846 

MEMO I RES de I'Academie Celtiqne. — M^moires de la Society des antiqaaiies de France. 

10 voU. 8vo . . Paris, 1817-34 

New Series •• 1835-46 

GAZETTEERS.— (See Geography.) 
GEODOSY.— (See Engineering.) 

WILLIAMS, (B.) Practical Geodoay, &c. 2d edn., 8vo, 12#. 6rf. 

London, 1846 

PUISSANT, (L.) Traits de s4oddsie, on exposition des m^tbodes astronomtqaes et trico- 
Dom^triques, appltqudes soit ^ la mesnre de la terre, soit 2i la confection da canevas des 
c&rtes et des plans. 3e ddn. considerablcment aagment^e. 2 vols. 4to, /.40. Paris, 1842 

FRANCCEIJR. Gdod^sie, on Traite de la Figure de la Terre et de ses parties, comprenaot 
la topographie, Tarpentage, la g^omorphie et la navigation. 2e 4dn. 8vo, /.7 50. 

Paris, 1840 




MURRAY, (H.) An Encyclopaedia of Greography : comprising a com- 
plete History of the Earth: exhibiting its Relation to the Heavenly Bodies, 
its Physical Structure, the Natural History of each Coimtry, and the In- 
dustry, Commerce, Political Institutions, and Civil and Social State of all 
Nations, New edition, with 82 Maps, drawn by Sidney Hall, and up- 
wards of 1000 other Engravings on Wood, from drawings by Swainson, 
T. Land»cer, Sowerby, Strutt, (fee, representing the most remarkable Ob- 
jects of Nature and Art in every Region of the Globe. 1500 pages, iJ3. 

London^ 1840 

McCULLOCH, (J. R ) A Dictionary, Geographical, Statistical, and Histo- 
rical, of the various Countries, Places, and principal Natural Objects in the 
World. Illustrated with Maps. 2 vols. 8vo, je4. . London, 1841-42 

(Reprinted, New- York, II. Bro's.) 

MALTE-BRUN, (M ) A System of Universal Geography. By M. Malte- 
Brun. 9. v. 8vo, with a comprehensive Index of 44,000 Names, jC7. 

Edin., 1831 

MALTE-BRUN & BALBI. System of Universal Geography, founded on 
the works of Malte-Brun and Balbi ; embracing the History of Geogra- 
phical Discovery, the Principles of Mathematical and Physical Geography, 
and a complete Description, from the most recent sources, of all the coun- 
tries in the World : with Alphabetical Indices of 13,500 Names. 8yo, 30«. 


BERGtIAUS, (H.) Gmndriss der Geographie. 8vo. 22«. . Breslau, 1844 

BALBI, (A.) Eldmens de Odo^raphie G^n^rale. 8vo. Part>, 1843 

SULLIVAN. (R.) An Introduction to Geography, Andent, Modem, and Sacred: yrith 

an Outline of Ancient Hhctory. l^mo, Is DuUin. 

G<>ograph^ Generaliz(>d ; or, an Tntiodnction to the Study of Geography on the Princi- 
ples of Classification and Comparison. ISmo, is. Dublin. 

LUDDE, (J. G.) Die Methodik der Erdkunde. 8vo. " 1842 

ENNERY ET HIRTH. Diclionnaire g^n^ral de geographic univereelle 
ancienne et modeme ; accomp d'une introduction k I'etude de la geogra- 
phic daM sea rapports avec histoire par C. Cuvier. 4 vola. 8yo. 

Sira$b., 1840-41 


), IB. 


CnMiim of Fl.juc»l QMemph,. Sn 
I PhjUnJ Ofi^njihv. I4VD 

. lSi», 3i. /.nAn, IMS 

HOFFMAN, (F.) PhyBikoliBche Geographie, V. I-II. 8vo- Berlifi,183S 

MALTE-BRtIN, (M.) PriDciplcaof Mathemalicil, Pli]>siciil, BDd Political 

Grogriphy. 2d ed. improved by Ihe addilion of the mosl receni infurma- 

[ion. 8vo, 15* EdmiuTgh, 1834 

UUOHES. (W.) Prinnipla of Huhimukil 0««nphr: MnirrehcndlBf ■ Tlmmicd 
uil frmOietl EiiiluuUcm of Ihc Coulnmlian af Hap>: wilfi Riici (m Ibw Poiimthlll 
DrUwnrianikiiuIiafHipPnijrclloiu. Svo, plUH, Cj. . . . Ijadn. ISU 
JAMIESON, (A.) A MibhiI of Hiij>-m>kiu •nd Midbiiiicit Gntpifhy, Xv:n\ra br 
Si^ljr Eo^nkiriiigv. Kfrnpfuiiii Pidj«vIidiu dT (hr Sphei*^ err^rnl trnd p4jtlciilHT M^md 
TDpainilihinl rluiu. larllis pnipiiH of (ullhlitliii Piulical EdaolUoii. Ilit ih> Dprn- 
li<nu of Lund Som^n^. MUIU17 ud Nmiil Bamvi. UnM. Qt. . KMnt^ri. ISM 
FORBIGER. (A.) Handbnch der sUen Geogniphiff, 2 rola. my. 8»o. 

Leipzig, 1843-44 
MANNERT, (K.) Geographie der GriectiEn u. Riitner. II) vols. 8>a. 

£«Fi. 6 
■■■ '■ ■""'aip, G.Ui.ii!' '. '. ', '. '. ! ; 1H04 « 
I. Rhlleliil. tt. ItW 13 D 

I. DhNo 

/. Indis" I 

r p. I. A 

I. Thruw 


r 1b g6DgiBphie 

c ]■ Sotieli de ^BKISplilt, Jem 

ra. fflSTORV OF. 

COOLEY, [W. D.) The Hiaioiy of Maritime and Inland DiKo-vpry. 3 
tola. ISmo, ie» LoTidoB, 1830 

AN HISTORICAL Acconal nf lh« CirenraiiBrigBlion of ihe Globe, and 
of the Pnigrf» of Discovery in the Pacific Occean, froni the Vojage of 
MBgeilan to the Dealh of Cook. 13mo, S>. cloth. . Edinlmrgli, 183T 



la R^o^nphie du nurren Kg 

BAINT-MARTIN. [V. mj Iliiloire d™ Diconvsri™ G*i>graphii|uci d 
■ ■ "■ BpuH-dnMomls, Hvo 

JfOUfKU.F.S ^Jfff^LES DKS rOT^BES rt da Bri™» 

M. Viti»d.Bi^BI-Mutin. Bvo. Bciua I- 

(Pablulwd monlbl;, 30 fiMB psi iniiDm.) 
LACSOIX. (F.) AuBilndH VsjfagHiidaliCtotnphiE. Abb^ 

HAVARHBTB. (Dob M. J. d 

HI xiti. 

Peru. IM4-IHa 
JUath^d. ItOS-37 


V. ■;■ -V 

GEOLOGY.] ^ iM [geology. 



Zoology. Botany, Geology, Palarantology, &c. ; or. a Systematic Catalogue of all Book* 
on those subjects nublubed stnoe 17U) in Germany, Enfland, France, Holland, kc. 
Edited by W. Engelmann. 2 vol*. 8vo. X^xy, 1846-7 

LYELL, (C.) Principles of Geology ; or, the Modem Changes of the 
Elarth and itfi Inhabitants considered as Illustrative of Geology. 7th ed. 
8yo, I89. . London, 1847 

Elements of Geology for the use of beginners. 2d. ed. 2 vols. 12mo, 

^ London and Boatouy 1841 

Travels in North America ; with Geological Observations on the 

United States, Canada, and Nova Scotia. 2 vols. 8vo> two Geological 

Maps, coloured, 2 1«. Z>on(2oR, 1845 

(Reprinted, New-Tork.) 

MANTELL, (G. A.) The Medals of Creation, or First Lessons in Ge- 
ology, and in the Study of Organic Remains. 2 vols. 12mo, 6 plates and 
numerous woodcuts, 2l«. . . . Londont 1844 

The Wonders of Geology, or a Familiar Exposition of Geological 

Phenomena. 5th ed London, 1847 

Thoughts on a Pebble, sq. 12mo. ... "1842 

Geology of the Isle of Wight ; comprising Ezcuraions round the Is- 
land, and along the adjacent Coast of Hampshire and Dorsetshire. Illus- 
trated with above 100 fine woodcuts, and a Geological Map, coloured. 
8vo, 12« London, 1847 

De La BECHE, (H. T.) The Geological Observer. 800 woodcuts. 

London, 1847 

ANSTED, (D. T.) The Geologist's Text Book ; chiefly intended as a 
Book of Reference for the Geological Student. Fcp. 8vo. 3«. 6(/. 

London, 1845 

Geology ; Introductory, Descriptive, and Practical. 2 vols. 8vo, 42*. 

London, 1844 

The Ancient World ; or. Picturesque Sketches of Creation. 8vo, with 

148 Illustrations, 12« London, 1847 

RICHARDSON. (G. E.) Geolofy for Beginners; comprising a Familiar Explanation of 
Geolofv aud h« avtociato Sciences, Mineralog^y, Physical Geology, Fossil Concholofy. 
Fo^ Botany, and Palsontology. indadiuK Directions for forming Gollections, and gene 

rally cultivating the Science ; with a succinct account of the several Geological Forma- 
tions, l^mo, numerous illnsirations, 10«. 6d Jjomdam^ 1843 

PHILLIPS, (J.) A Treatise on Geology, it vols. \m. 8vo, 12*. Jjonda*^ 1837-39 

(Lardner's Cyclopaedia.) 

MILLER, (H.) The Old Red Sandstone. New Walks in an Old Field. New ed. 12mo. 

Edinhtrffk, 1847 

BISCHOFF. (G.) Practical, Chemical, and Geological Rewarches on the Internal Heat 
of the Globe. Vol. 1, 8vo. plates, &c 1C«. Edin., 1841 

HOPKINS. (E.) On the Connexion of Geology whh Magnetism ; showing tho 
General Polarity of Matter, the Meridional Stirnctarvof tbeOrystalline Rocks, their Trane- 
ition. Movements, and Dislocations, inoladiM| tbe Sadi|>entary Rocks, the Laws regu- 
lating the Distribution of Metalliferous DepoiHir BBd oUl6r Magnetic Phenomena. 8vo, 
S4 plates, lOs.64 • . . . . JAmdon, 1844 

DARWIN, rC.) Geological Observation* on tho VoloMio lilands visited during the Voy- 
age of H. M. S. Beagle : together with soma brief Bodfees on the Get^gy or Aortraua 
and the Cape of Good Hope : being the seiMud part of The Geology of the Voyage of 

the Beagle, under the command of Capt. Fitzrby, during the yean 1832 to 1836. 8vo, 

chart, woodcuts, 10«. Qd J^nulon, 1844 

The Structure and Distribution of Coral Reeft. 8vo, maps and cuts, lit. " 1848 

FORBES. Travek through the Alps of Savour and other parts of the Pennine Chain ; 
with ObaervatiOBs on the PbenouMna of Glaciers. 2d ad. royal 8vo, maps, S8«. 



GEOLOGY.— ( Continued. ) 

AGASSIZ, (L.) Sy«tenae Glaciaire, on Recherches wr lea Glacien, lear m^canUme, lenr 
ancienne extension, etc. Premiere Partie, NonveUe ^tndet et experienoeii snr les glaeien 
actnels. 8vo, avec nn AtJai in folio de 3 cartes et 9 pi. /.42. . Paris, ]847 

Etudes lar les Glaciers. 8vo, et Atlas de 32 pi. in folio, /.42. . Jfntfehdtei, 1840 

COLOMB, (E.) Preaves de I'existence d'aaeiens Glaoien dans les valldes des Vos|^. 
8vo, plates, /.8 • . Paris, 1847 

MEMOIRS of the Geological Survey of Great Britain, and of the Mnsenm of Economic 
Geology in London. Edited by T. De la Beche. Vol. 1, royal 8to, 9 platM, SU. 

BUCKLAND, (Dr. W.) Geology and Mineralogy considered with referenoe to Natural 

Theology. 2 vols. 8vo London, 1836 

(Bridgewater Treatise.) 

MURCHISON, (R. I.) The Geology of Russia in Europe and the Ural Monntains. By 
R. [. Murchison, Edward De Vemeuil, and Count A. Von Keyserluig. 3 vols. roy. 4to. 
very numerous plates, £8. Bs Ijondant 1846 

The Geology of the Silurian Region. 3 v<^. 4to, map and plates, £1. 6#. " 18%) 

MEMOIRS OF WILLIAM SMITH, Author of " The Map of the Strata of England 
and Wales." By his nephew and pupil, J<^n Phillips. 8vo, five portraits and woodcuts, 
Is.M London, 1845 

WILKINSON, (G.) Practical Geology and Ancieat Arohitecturo of Ireland. &oyal 8vo, 
17 plates and 72 wooduuU, 28« London, 1845 

ROBERTS. (G.) An Etymological and Explanatory Dictionary of the Terms and Lan- 
guage of Geolc^ ; designed for the early Student, and tboee who have not made great 
progress in the Science. 12mo, 6« London, 1839 

HUMBLE, (W.) Dictionary of Geology, Mineralogy, A^c, comprising such Terms as are 
used in Botany, Chemistry, Comparative Anatomy, Conchology, Entomology, Palaroa- 
tology, Zoology, and other branches of Natural History eonnected with Georogy. 8to, Z.<mi(<m, 1840 

CASTELNAU, (F. di.) Essai snr le Systeme Siluriea de TAmerique septentrionale. 
4to,/.25 Strasbourg, 1843 

BEUDANT, (F. S.) Cours dldmentaire do mindralogie et de gdologie. ]3mo,/.6. 

Pearis, 1845 

BURAT, (A.) G^olo^e applinn^e, an Traiti6 de la recherche et de 1 'exploitation des 
mineraux utiles. 2e ed. 8vo./.15 Par«>. 1846 

DUNKER, (W.) Monogranhie der Norddeotschen Wealdenbildnng : ein Beitrag znr 
Geognosie und Naturgeschichte der Vorweh, etc. 4Co, 31 platai, 35«. Bmnsvick, 1846 

Siluhan's Journal. Transactions of the Geological Society of London. Quarterly 
Journal of the Geolcmeal Societv of London. Annals of Natural History. Edin^^ 
burgh Philosophical Journal. Memoires de la Socidtd geologique de France. 

GEOMETRY.- (See Mathematics.) 

GEORGIA. - (See Caspian Sea.) 



WAKHOUCHT, (T.) Description g^ographiqne de la G^orgie, publi^e 

d'aprfes I'onginal autographe, par M . Broeset. 4to. St. Petersburg » 1841 

Z.£ TTiZ £5 la Gdorgie, in 1813. 8vo. . . //ami., 1816 

Cif/20JV/QI7£ Geoigienne. Trad nit par M. BrosseU 8vo. . Poru, 1831 

Ltall's Travds in Russia. Klaproth's Traveb in the Caucasus, &c. 


KLAPROTH, (J.) Vocabnlaire et grammaire de la langue g^orgienne. 
8vo Paris, 1827 

Kaukasische Sprachen. Anhang sur Reisen, etc. 8vo. Halle, 1814 

BROSSET, (M .) L'art liberal, ou grammaire g^orgiemie. 8vo. 

Paris, 1834 

— Elements de la Ungne gdorgienne. 8yo. . "1837 

TCHOUBINOFF, (D.) Dictionnaire G^orgien RosBe-Fran^aiB. 4to, 30«. 

Petersbmrg, 1840 
Sae Jonnal Asiatique. 

4- ■ - . . . » 






MURRAY'S Hand-Book for Travellers in Northern Germany. 8vo, maps, 
13« London, 1846 

Hand-Book for Southern Germany. Syo, maps, 10«. " 1846 

LEHNHART. (I.) Dloitratioiis to Mamy't Haad-Booki : a Sariet of Maps, Plani, T»- 
blei, He. 8vo FHnltfort, 

Part I. North Germany, HoOaad, kc. 19t. 
** II. South Germaay. ISf . 

HAWKINS, (B.) Germany : the Spirit of her History, literatare, Social 

Condition, and National Economy. 8to. London, 1838 

GRANVILLE, (A. B.) The Spai of Gennany. Svolt.8vo. Lmdn.l&r 

HEAD, (Sia F. B.) Bnbble* from the Brnnnens of Nanaa. ISmo. " 1896 

HO WITT, (W.) The Student-Life of Gennany, from the MS8. of Dr. Cocaelini. 8to. 

(Reprinted, PhUad.) Zm^m, 1841 

RUSSELL, (J.) Tonr in Germany, in 189(HB. S Tob. 19mo. . £dm., UBS 

DIEZ, (F. M.) Karte von Dentachland n. d. an|{iftnsenden L&ndem, mm Reiwfebraiwh. 
4 theeU folio in caie, lis 0«eA«, 18» 

DELKESKAMP, (W.) Rhein-Panorama von Mains bU CAIn. 4to, 13«. M. 

Atm^ort, 1848 


KOHLRAUSCH, (F.) History of Germany, from the Eariiest Period to 
the Present Time. Translated from the last German edition, by Jamet 
D. Haas. 8yo, 500 pages, with complete Index, (1 50. 

New- York, D. A. & Co., 1847 

DUNHAM, (S. A.) The History of the Germanic Empire. S toIs. ibp. 
8yo, 18« London, 1834-35 

MASCOU, (Dr. J. J.) History of the Ancient Germans, translated by 
Lediard. 2 vols. 4to London, 1833 

GREENWOOD, (T.) The First Book of the History of the Germans: 

Barbaric Period. 4to, 52«. 6d London, 1836 

LUDEN. (H.) GeMshichte des TentMhen Volket. Vob. 1-lS, 8to. OotA*, 1835-38 

DULLER, (Ed.) Getchichte d. Dentachen Vollm. 3d edn., 8to, 13*. Bmiiu, 18C7 

8TENZEL, (G. A. H.) GeMhichte DentscUand nnter den Fr&nldMhen Kaitem. S vob. 

8to /"^^^t 19B 

PFI8TER. (J. G.) GeKhiohte der Tentachen. 5 rob. 8vo. Namhtrgk, 18!ilK^ 

BtiLAU, (F.) GeMhichte Dentichland t. 1806-30. 8to, lU. Hkmb., 1848 

ARCHENHOLTZ, (J. W. vox.) GeMhichte des uebenjahrigeii Krieget in DaotMhlaad. 
3 vob. 8vo, 6«. 6d Arrltn. 1840 

The same, trantl. into Eaglixh. IPmo, (b FirtmJtf., 1844 

SCHILLER, (F.) Hbtory of the Thirty Yean' War, tiand. by A. J. W. Bfonbon. no. 
8ro. 3«. W. (Bohn't Standard Libnry.) Lamdmt,lB4l$ 

MENZEL, (K. A.) GeMhichte der DentMhen (bb snr Reformation). 8 vob. 4to, 48t. 

AtmI., 18UHD 
LICHNOWSKY, (C. M.) OeMhiehte dei HanMe Habdrarf . Vob. l-«. 8vo. £6. 

rKtm, 1835-44 
ZEU8S, (K.^ Die DentMhen and die NachbaiitJImme. 8to. MmuMtn, 1837 

PERTZ. (O. II.) Moonmenta Oennani* Hittoriea. lade ab. a. Chr. CL. nsqne ad a. 
MD. Aospicib Soc. aper. Font. Remm. Germanicomm, Med. iEvi. Vob. 1-8., folio, 
plates, i^^l. 16* Hammmt., 189M5 

Seriptomm remm Germanicamm Ex MonnoMnt. Germ, hist 8 vob. 8vo. SB*. 

Iftfia«e., ]JB40-I5 

OERMJIJflCARUM RERVM F0MTE8; Johinnoi Viotorinnf, nad der GMoUcbli- 
qndlen DentMhknds in XIV. Jahrfannd., beraaif . Ton J. F. BoehMsr. Vol. 1, 8«o. 

«M^., 1843 



OKRVAKT. 170 [germakt. 

n. HISTORY.— fCoWinuerf.) 

SARTOBIU^. (C. F.) UAindilHih* OaohitliU! Am UnpnmgB dv DmUchon Hmih. 
hanaig. vOD Lappenberi;. S Toll, tto. --,... Hank^^, IHIO 

DAVQUD-OGHLUU. (O. A.) Raul» de U li«>>I>ini> dMUKiegiGgnntiiu. 'iwali. 



FsbliiM lwi« > wnk hi N«. at IS U S4 pn^ (timiu Uh' BoniuEUBr'i Fui 

d.ily.l SoU la3nWntKi>aii];, «£ SO pci urium, 

yER7.F.ICH^ISa DKR BVCIIRR. Landliuuii, be,, widclis tdh Jannai bi> Jnai, 

1817, n™ BKchieiiMi od« nm mfetfegi MardcD >lgd, mil AD^be dir Begmuhl, dw Vor- 

1^. iler PniK In M Tbdci-FaH. liBiudiao Nich wewo^D UBd iititt WMmOufUidim 

IMO in (iemutii iirodKniDl. T Toll, ud Inilfi. ^. faUi. jCH. Mt. . /^y. 1833-4'] 
ERBt'B, (J. S.J HudbadidetDeutKrliu LiiHUur. 4Tala.8va. 1 " 1893-M 

HhrB SpruhwiHllHillilflugMUiriB. Scbiiilell, 810,11'. . . . /.•yr'V'. 18U 
nElNSIUS, (W.) AUg. BiIoh« in DaDi~ht, B <ol>. 4id. . " 1813-38 

3. History of. 

THIMM, (F. L, J.) Ijleramre of Germany from ihe earliew Period to the 

prewnL lime. ISiDO London, 1844 

GOSTICK. (J.) The Spirit of Germnn Poeiry, 8vo. 4*. " 184S 

MENZEL, (W.) German Lileralnre, Trandmed ij C, C. Fellon. 3 

Tola, lazno ftalm, 1B40 

TAYLOR, (Wk.) Jiiiioric Survey of G«rawn Poetry, with iranslmionB. 

3 yola Svo London. 1830 

GERVINUB, (G. G.) Genhichle der poetischen National -Lileralnr drt 

Deutsch^ii. 5 vols. Btd. 63* Leipiig, 1838-44 

Ilandbnch d. Geschicbic d. poet. Nat LileFBtar. Bvo, 6*. 

Leipxig, 1844 

HILLEBRAND. {J.) die dctlUoWNilionil-IJIiralur inl Lming. TaL I. 11,. Hro, 15>. 

Hmmt., I8W 

BEINSIL'S. (T.) OaichidiU du daulKhm Liurunr, 13iih, Tl. 6J. . Berlin. l»a 

UOPFMANK, (H. V. Fti.i.iiiiLi»i>.] FundciabM T GoMb. diulKlM Bpnobi d. Ui- 
lifrtlaf- t vok. 15vo. l?Lt, ..-■-.... Brat,. 1830-37 
BENECKB, (G. F.) Bttx/ite coi Ktoloiu d. A)ldeiit«l>eii Spruin Did UlorUnr, a >oU. 

WOLFF. (lit. L. B.) EncrclDpUie dri Drntrrlini Kationil-LillciUH, ad« Uoi. ail. 
Lsiiron dcr deauclHii Diahlir Did Pmutsr. 7 vols. 4la, . /<i>^^, lt<3SH9 

OELZER, fH.)PMdRit>clM|>DMiiclMLilintur>HlKJo|inoi!li D.Lnring.iHli Htiiubtii k. 

BORN, (F.J [>>> FKii< nnd Bendunlicii d>^ DntKhcn, vog lAtber'i Zeii i^ n, 

GsfenwiiH, 4 voli, Svo. BirUtt. IBS9-a» 

GOBDEKE, <K.) Ikiuchluid'i Diohur von li'lS bi> 1943— Auwthl yon STS durakirr- 

CKIMM, (J,; DaulicliF Mylholosie. Su Ab^bIic, t voli. Si-d, B4i. OMI^iy.. 1M4 
(1. ft W.) DbiuiUk Sigan, S toh. Bn. iii Btriin. ISIfl 

iml. XVI. Jihrhtudorl.' Hv'o. IB*. '. "'. T° . ." Btriin, WIS 

DiBlHlieOedlclitadciMlllaliihen. Vol. I., Sni.ati. ... " }flte 

3. LiTsaATL-RE, National (See BalladB, p. 65.) 

BRLACH, IF. K. Fk. voil.) Ufa VolkilMer der Ihniudwi. S VDh. Bra. 

Mnnnh.. If3l-St 
ama'AVB, (}. A.) VDHe^arrlm dm Pciw^Iih. lor.Si'D, . . Jrf^ir«, IHI 

TlnHiir. « roll, lino. . . •■ ISU 

RBUMONT. (A.) BbciDliidiSuseD; Gndhudite i. Lsgeidon. Svo, ATufl, lBt4 




m. LITERATURE.— (Crm/intttfrf.) 

Z>/C^T(7JVGt£JV* dM deutschen MiUelahen. Yds. I.-V., ISmo. Le^xig, 1943-45 

Vol. I. Nibelonge Not. u. d. Klan. v. Volkner. 4s 
II. Tristan n. Isolt. v. H. 8. MftasmanD. 4s. 

III. Rarlaam a. Jowphat, v. Pfeiffer. 4s. 

IV. Boner Edebtein, V. Pfeiffer. 4s. 
V. Gudrun, von A. J. Vollnier. 48. 

RINNE. (Dr. K. F.) Innere Geschichte der Entwickelnnf dar dentKhen National Litera- 
tnr. 8vo LMpxig, IMSt 

HAGEN, (F. H. von dbh.) Nordische Ueldenromane, Ubenetzt. 5 vols. 13mo. 

Bsriin, 1814-18 
Vols. 1, 2, 3. Dietrich von Bern and die Niebdnngen. 

4. 8i|niid nnd die Niflnncen. 

5. Ragnor Lodbrok't nnd Nonagest*s Saga. 

TALVJ, (Th. Robinson.) Versvcb einer geschichtlichen Charaktaristik der Volkslieder 
Grermanischer Nationen, mit einer Uebenicht der Lieder anMerenrop&iscber Vdlker- 
Bcbaften. I-^ig, 1840 

JORDENS, (K. H ) Lexikon dentscher Dichter nnd Prosauten, mit Bnppt. 6 vols. 8vo, 
48« l-eir^igy l9»-n 

NiBELUNGEfli Lied. 

J^IBELUKOEJf-LIED, (Das.) UberMtz von Marbacb, bH Holtsschnitten, he.. 
nach Zeicbnnngen von Bendemann, Hilbner, Retbel, ke. 4to, 31«. Leipxi^, 18M 

lUnstrirt von J. Schaorr n. E. Nenrenther, Text bearb. v. G. Pflzer. 4to, 9U». 

attM., 1843 
Uebersetz v. Karl Simrock. 8vo, 4s " 1843 

LACUMAN, (K.) Zo den Nibelnngen n. snr Klage. AnmericaBgea. 8vo 6s. 



L Grammars, &c. 

OLLENDORFFS New German Grammar. A New Method of Learning 
to Read, Write and Speak the Grerman Language. Bf H. G. Ollendorff. 
Reprinted from the Frankfort edition ; to which is added a Systematic 
Outline of the different Parts of Speech, their Inflection and Use, with 
fiill Paradigms, and a complete List of the Irregular Verbs. By G. J. 
Adler, Prof, of the German Language in the University of the City of 
New- York. 12mo, $1 50. iVctr-rbrJt, D. A. & Co., 1846 

ADLER, (G. J.) A New German Reader, with reference to Ollendorff's 
German Grammar. l2mo. New- York, D. A. & Co., 1847 

ZIMMER, (T. F. W.) The German Teacher, or the Elements of the German Grammar. 

8vo, %s Hcidelb., 1839 

BECKER, (K. F.) Auxfuhrlicbe dentsche Gramma^ik. S vols. 8to, 90». Fhinkf., 1843 
GRIMM. (J.) Dentsche Grammatik. Vob. I.-IV., 8vo, 43«. Oottinf.^ 1831-40 

HETNSIUS, (T.) Tent, oder theoretisch praktisches Lehrbnch der gesammtmi dentschmi 
Sprachwiasensohaft. 6 vols. 12mo. 37« Bsriin, 183&-45 

HEYSB, (J. C. A.) Ansrubrliches Lehrbnch der dentschen Spracha. Vol. I. and II.. p. 1. 
tjvo. 3H« Hamav., 1838-44 

OLTRAGGE, (C.) Deotches Lesebneh. 3 vols. 8vo, lis. . " 1845 

PISCHON, (F. A.) Denkmaler der dentsobea Spracha. Vols. L-IV., 94«. 

Berlin, 1838-45 


A NEW DICTIONARY of the German and English Languages. 

Part I. German and English. Part II. English and German. 1 vol.. 

Urge 8vo New- York, D. A. & Co. 

The materials of this Dictionary will be derived from Hilpert, FKigd, and other autho- 
rities, by G. J. Adler. 

An Abridgment of the same, in 1 vol. l2mo. New- York, D. A. & Co. 

FLUGEL'S Complete Dictionary of the German and Enflish Langaafes, in two parts ; 
viz. : English-German, and Gemwa-En^Hsfa, adapted to the Eiurlish Btodest ; with great 
additions aad improvements by C. A. Fading aad A. Heunaam. 3d ada., S vob. 8vo, 30a. 

AMuim, laiS 





m. LANGUAGE.— (Con/iwuerf.) 

HILPERT, (J. L.) Dictionary of the Gennan and Engiiih LannacM. 4 vob. 4to, £A. 

Carhr., 1831-45 

ADELUNO, (J. C.) Handwoitarlracb der deatMbeB Spraehe. loy. Svo. Wien. 

GRIEB, (C. F.) Dictionary of the German and Engliih Langnafet. 2voli. roy. 8vo.. SOs. 

Stutt., 1842-47 

HEYSE, (J. C. A.) Handworterbnch der dent«chen Spraehe. Volt. I.-It. Ma^deb., 1845 

Verdentacbendet Fremd-Wdrterbach. 9th edn., roy. 8to, Vis. . Magdeb., 1845 

LEUDROY, (J.) Worterbncb der deotsohen n. fransduacben Sjiraohe. 3 toU. roy. 8vo. 
1«#. . . . Frank/., 1835 

MOLE, (A.) Dictionnaire fran^. allemaad. 9e6dn., roy. 8vo, 8«. J?run«., 1843 

ERBERHARD, (A. G.) Synonym. Handwdrterbnch der dentachen Spradie. 12mo. 9«. 6d. 

Berlin, 1837 

BCHMITTHENER, (J.) Knrzea denticbel WSrterbnch fdr Etymokfie, Bynonomik u. 

Orthograpbie. 9« Darmst., 1837 

POLITZ, (K. H. L.) Das Creiammtgebiet der dentachen Spraehe. 4 vola. 8vo, 90«. 

JLeijnig, 1825 


BORROW, (G.) The Gjniwies of Spain ; their Manners ancf Customs, Re- 
ligion and Language, sm. 8vo. .... London, 1844 

(Reprinted New-York, W. & P.) 

HOYLAND, (J.) Hist. Survey of Customs, Habits, and Present State of 
the Gypsies. 8vo York, 1816 

GRELLM AN, (H. M . G.) A Dissertation on the Gypsies, transl. from 
the German by M. Raper. 8vo London, 1807 

POTT, (A. F.) Die Zigeuner in Europa und Asien. Ethnographisch- 

linguistische Untersuchung. Einleitung, Grammatik, Wdrterbuch u. 

Sprachproben. 2 vols. 8vo, 2la Halle, 1844-45 

KOGAINITCH AN, (M. db.) Esquisae anr rhbtoire. lea mcenra et la laofne des Cigaina, 
connnaen France aona le nom de Boh^miena, anivied'un recneiideaept oenta moti Cigaina. 
8vo Brrlin, 1837 

BISCHOFF, (F.) Dentsch-zigenneriscbea Worterbncb. 8vo. . Ilmenau, 1827 

VEBER die Spraehe der Zigeoner, etc. 4to ErfuH, 1835 

TR.A TT.A TO dei bianti ovvero pitoccbi, e vagabo di, col modo d*imparar la lingua for- 
beaca. 16mo Piaa, 1828 

A TRJiJfSLATIOJ^ of the Goapel of St. Luke into the Rommany or Spaniah Gipsy 
Dialect, am. 8vo. • Madrid, 1837 


PORTER, (G. R.) Treatise on the Manufactures of Porcelain and Glass. 

sm. 8vo, Qs. . * London, 1832 

(Lardner'a Cyclop.) 

BASTENAIRE-DAUDENART, (F.) Art de la Vitrificatioa, on traits eMmentaire. 
thdoriqne et pratique de la fabrication da verre, etc. 8to, /.7 50. . Paris, 1825 

MAJiTVEL dn Terrier et dn fabricant de glaoea, criatanx, pienea precienaea, factioes, verrea 

oolorda, yenx artifideb. 18mo, f.3. Paris. 

(Mannela Roret.) 

See Paemsll's Applied Chemiatry. Urb'b Dictionary of Aita, &^o. 


BALLANTINE, (J.) Treatise on Painted Glass, showing its applicability 
to every Style of Architecture, roy. 8vo, plates, coloured, 10«. 6(2. 

Edinburgh, 1845 

AN ENQUIRY into the difference of Style observable in Ancient Painted 
Glass : with hints on Glass Painting. Illustrated by numerous coloured 
plates, drawn from Ancient Examples. 2 vols. 8vo, 30». Oxford, 1847 

CARTER, (O. B.) A Series of the Ancient Painted Glass of Winchester 
Cathedral. Traced from the Windows. 4to, 28 coloiired illustrations, 
36* London, 1843 

I , — — — - — , 


GLASS PAINTING.— (Con/miierf.) 

LANGLOIS, (E. H.) Ewat bistorique et descriptif tor la peiatara tur.Tene. 8vo» /.16. 

houen, 183S 
LASTEYRIE. (F. de.) UUtoire de la peiatare rar verre, d'apres mi monamenU ea 

France, folio,/. 1000 Pari*, 1838-45 

See'8 Qnarterly Papera on Architecture. Archaeological Joomal, etc 

GLYPHOGRAPHY.— (See Electro-Metallurgy.) 

PALMER. Gl3rphography ; or. Engraved Drawing, for Printing at the 
Type Press after the manner of Woodcuts. With fnll Directions for the 
use of Artists, Engravers, and Amateurs, and Specimen-Illustrations. 
3d edit. imp. 8vo, plates, 5«. .... London, 1844 


DE MORGAN, (A.) A Treatise on the Globes, Celestial and Terrestrial. 
2d ed. 8vo, 5s London, 1837 


BROUGHAM, (Lord.) Political Philosophy. 3 vols. 8vo, 21*. 

London, 1842-44 

SISMONDI, (S. DE.) Political Economy, and the Philoeqihy of Govern- 
ment ; a series of f^ssays selected from the Works of M. de Sismondi, 
with an historical notice of his life and writings, by M. Mignet. Trans- 
lated from the French. 8vo London, 1847 

See Bintham's Works. Machuvilli's Prince, etc. Alio Aitldet — Aeutoc- 
RACT, Democracy, Mo?iarcht. The Political Diotjoaary. S Tolt, 12nM>. Lorn- 
don, 1845-6. 

GRAMMAR, Comparative. — (See Philology.) 

BOPP, (F.) A Comparative Grammar of the Sanscrit, Zend, Greek, Latin, 
Lithuanian, Gothic, German, and Sclavonic Languages. Translated 
from the German principally, by Lieut. Eastwick ; conducted through the 
press by^H. H. Wilson. 2 vols. 8vo, 42*. . London, 1845 

De SACY, (S.) Principles of General Grammar, translated from the 

French. l2mo Andover, 1837 

GENERAL Principles of Grammar. 18mo, 3«. 6d. . London, 1847 

(Small Books on Great SubjecU. No. XII.) 

HUMBOLDT, (W. von.) Ueber das Entstehen der Grammatischen Formen. 

4to Berlin, 1833 

See Enctclo. Mktrop., Art. Orammar, by Sir John Stoddart. Vatkr*m Ver- 
snch einer allxemeinea Sprachlehre, and Lehrbnoh der allgemeinen Grammatik. 
Claatical Mnseam, 1843-. 

GRASSES.— (Agriculture.) 

PARNELL. (R) The Grasses of Britain. Royal 8vo, illustrated by 
figures drawn and engraved by the Author. 142 plates, 42<. 

London, 1845 

KNAPP, (I. L.) Gramina Britannica ; or, Representations of the British 
Grasses: with Remarks, and Occasional Descriptions. 2d edit. 4to, 
with 118 plates, coloured, £3 I6s London, 1842 

SINCLAIR, (G.) Hortus Gramineus Wobumensis. 8vo, coloured plates, 
30«. London, 


AIRY, (G. B.) On Gravitation ; an Elementary Explanation of the prin- 
pai perturbations of the Solar System, am. 8vo, 7«. . London, 1834 
See AsTROROirr. PBTtici. 





KIEPERT, (H.) Atlas von Hellas, u. d. hellen. Colonien, in 24 Biatt. 
foUo Berlin, 1841 

CRAMER, (J. A.) A Geographical and Historical Description of Ancient 


Greece. 3 vok. 8vo, with a map and plan of Athens, 31«. 6d. 

Oxon., 1828 
GELL, (Sir W.) Itinerary of Greeoe, with a Commentary on Pansania* and Strabo, and 
an Account of the Moaoments of Antiquity at prewnt existing in that Country. 4to. 

Lomdn, 1610 
Geography and Antiquitie* of Ithaca. 4to " 1807 

Topof^raphy of Tioy and its vicinity, folio ** 1804 

'— Narrative of a Journey in the Morea. 8vo, plates, 15«. ... " 1823 

BTRONG, (F.) Greece as a Kingdon : a Statistical Description of that Conntnr—iU Laws, 
Commerce, Resources, Public Institutions, Army, Navy, &c. — ^from the anfval of King 
Otho, in 1833, down to the present time. From Official Documents and Authentic 
Sources. 1 vol. 8vo, 15# London, 1843 

LEAKE, <W. M.) Travels in Northern Greece. 4 vols. 8vo. je3. " 1836 

WORDSWORTH, (C.) A Classical Tour in Attica, and Residence in Athens. 2d ed. 
8vo, with maps and iUustrations, 12^. London, 1836 

OIFFARD, (E.) Visit to the Ionian Islands, Athens, and the Morea. 8n>, 12f . 

London, 1837 

MURE, (W.) Journal of a Tour in Greece and the Ionian Islands in the Sfaing of 1838. 
With Remarks on the Recent History, Pseseat State, and Classical Antiquities of those 
Countries. Illustrated, 2 vob. 8vo, 84« London, 1843 

PASHLEY, (R.) Travels in Crete. 2 vols. 8vo, with maps, plates, and woodcuts. X3. 2«. 

London, 1837 
AIN8W0RTH, (W. F.) Travels in the Track of the Ten TboDsand Greeks. 8vo. 

lAmdan, 1844 

KRUSE, (Dr. F. C. H.) Hellas, oder ceog. AnUq. Dantellnng des alten Grtechenlands 

nnd seiner Cok>nien. 2 vols. 8vo, wiUi 4to Atlas. .... Leiftig, VSS5-^ 

DROYSEN, (J, G.) Die Hellenistischen Colonien des Ostens. 8vo. . 1843 

MANNERT, (K.) Geography der Griechen u. Rdmer. 10 vob. 8vo. Leiptig, 1802-29 
Vol. VII.-VIII. Griechenland. Thracien, Maoedon, kc. 24«. ^ " 1823 

UKBRT, (F. A.) Geographie der Griechen ond Rdmer, v. die friiheston 2!ieiten bis auf 
PtolemKBs. Vol. 1-3, 8vo Wein, 1816-43 

&omJlrt.: Asia Minor. Conder'b Modem Traveller. MnaaAT** Hand Book. Mac- 
Grbooe's Commercial Statistics. L'Univers Pittoresqne. 

n. fflSTORY. 

SMITH, (W.) A Dictionary of Greek and Roman Biography and Mythology. 3 vols. 8vo, 
woodcaU, £5. 10« London, 1845-47 

A Dictionary of Greek and Roman Antiquities. New ed. 8vo, 36*. " 1847 

GROTE, (G.) A History of Greece. Vols. 1-4, 8vo, with maps. 

London, 1846-47 
1. History of Early Athens, and the LegiJation of Solon, 
i. Grecian Colonies. 

3. View of the Contemporary Nations surrounding Greeoe. 

4. Grecian History down to tne First Persian Invasion, and the Battle of Marathon. 

THIRLWALL, (Bp.) The His^^ory of Greece. 8 vols. fop. 8vo, X2. 2*. 

London, 1839-40 
The same. Library edition. 8 vols. 8vo. " 1845- 

KEIGHTLEY, (T.) The History of Greece. 3d ed. 12mo, 6«. 6J. 

London, 1839 
MALKIN, (Dr.) History of Greece from the Earliest Times to its Final 

Babjection to Rome. 8vo. (Lib. Use. Know.) London, 1829 

WACHSMUTH, (W.) Historical Antiquities of the Greeks, transl. from 

the German, by E. Woobych. S vols. 8?o. . . Oxford, 1837 

FINLAY. (G.) Greece under the Romans. 8vo. . . Edin., 1844 


n. HISTORY. —(Cmiimied.) 

HERMANN, (C. F.) PolUicsl AnliquitiraoTGreece. 8to, Oz/Dril,lB36 
CLINTON. [H, F ) Fasii HfllenLci : Ihf Civil and UlmiTT Chronnlogy 

of Grei-», ftom ihf Earlieai Accounu lo ihe Denih of Angnslm. 3 .oIb. 

4io, £5. 3». Oxford, 1830-41 

MULLER'S DORIANS, Tho Histoiy nnd Aniiqoiiic. of ihe Doric RocB, 

TraiMlaled by H. Tnfiifi nnd G. C. Lewii- Sd. ed., mBp», a vols, Syc, 

£1. 6> London, 18»9 

St. JOHN, (J.) The Htaiorj of ihe Mannen, Ciwtoroi, Am, ice. of An- 

cienl Greece. 3 vols. 8vo. Sli London, 1843 

ibint llie mnnnRi, Uw imULuUgiti, aiid Iki lonlilHI arUut OHatiy." 

Wailrr SalHirt Laniir. 
HAEE. (H.J TluFiibHcsiidPnrue lilfeoT Uie Aaunl Ondu. Tiuulud rmm iho 

BECHEB. (W, A.) Clurtcha, BiUn nhcrlaDh. Slun. 3 <iDb. Bvo, 31i. Lt^ig.ifM 

Ths une. liuiliiUd bjr F. Mnulfe. 19ino, Itt. . Lmttdmi, 1B45 

DR0V8EH. (J. G.J GBdiiiJiW Aleiuihii rsii HieedHtoi. Btb. it. Ukmitrg, 1838 

Onchkhu if Hell'sioniu. Vol, 1-3. Svd. S> " um-M 

Vol. I. D» Nuliblrn Maondin. 
" U. Di> BiMsBK da HellcD. Siutnujuim, 
HELWIHG. |Di. E.) Gochlclilo ila AcKuKhiD Buadca. B>o, '."V.. IBW 

FLATHG, (L.) Geschichte Macedonicru nnd der Reicfae, welchc von 
DincedoniBchFn Kanige behernchl. 3 vola. 6vo. . Leipxig, 1833-34 
HOECK. (C. F. C.) Krei.. Vpxnch r°i AunKJiunK d« Myihologn and Gnchk-t.^, On 
SCHDRN, (Dc.WJ aniJikihlnG'iRbnIudiiBBdiiEnUUhagKdnatBli.BgdBcbVKh. 
KRAUfiE. (Di.J. K.) EX>i|.iis; odnliBtHnu.SftlciiaBd Bnncbx do Alln EIiIIh— 

Lerp-.ig, 1S41 ' 

OlfiiiHL odrr DintrllDiii d« Onwtn Qlimpkcln aniala, g. d. vaibond, FMliehkn. 

lEB. rto. ^B »r.™, IMS 

BBOUWER. (F.T. LiHivHi.] HMoln do l> OwliiuloB monk M nUrl>°H dn Om. 

8 voU. 8?B. 7tt* GrvnxJif-. lSJ7-^a 

PANOFKA. IT.) GtJKbliiDtii OBd Gricohen nidh •kUIkd Skliurl. Folht. B>Hin. WU 

MULI.ER, <C O.) ArchSoJoawhe MltUieflautn rin< GriBcIieiilud. beruv. nn A. 
8=Iib]I. 4U]. KnnliS.. 1S« 

GiKjilghtin HclknlKlier SUhubb d. HIMu. 2U wjiMf. •«! F. W. BahBddrwin. 3 

"U.'m. DwDin«! s'loufMi. ** 
BOGCKH. (Ana.) Cnfpn InKripUoisn Onovon. Voh. I.-tll. . 0bs/., USe-te 
K088IUB. (L.) iDioriptism Gteo iBoditc. Fho. I.-III.. 4Ui. Ml. " lS3B-tS 


MULLER, (C. O.J lairoduclion lo a ScieaLiSc Spteni of M^tholo^. 
TranHlnifd &om Ihc Genunn by John Leiich. Svo. ISa. London, 1844 
KEIGHTLBY, (F.) Mjthology of Ancienl Greew ind luly. Sto, 16«. 
London, 1835 
V8CHOLD, (Z.) VarhilkiErpiK)!. OscUcluuBdMyllnlofle. 1 rob. I9iih. 
CKEUZES. (F.) BylTiMik Bud Hf IboIofM doi iben VBIk«, Iwosdni doi arieclie 
8CHWENK. (K.) die Mv'KokigH im OiiochoB, RSovr, .Cnifl, a*nni»D <i. mv 

ki. Vol.. I.-Il., Nvo, ]}.. M. «*.*/.. im: 

KLAUaEN, (R. II.} £nsi n. dw Pibbioii. Dk iUliuibtB Volln*ll|lo»n Dniir 

EiaflsM dai aiuehuchcn. 3 •ol>. 8id, 37> tfuit., I«3 

VOSS. IT. H.) HyUnlaiiKbe BtKrc. 3 mh. lama. 3Sj. . . SIKU.. 187 
PAHOFKA. (T.J D« HiileaiUT dir OriKbn Berlin, Wi 






MILLER, (CO.) HiBlai7orGRekLilenlare,tranBUtedfTain the German. 

By G. C. Lewis. Vol. I. 8io, 7>. 6d. . . . London, 1840 
(L.b. U»f, Knowl.) 
WATTBIM. (A.) Manual of the Hiaioiy of Grwk and Roman Litem- 

Uire. ISmo Oxford, 1841 

DONALDSON. (J, W.J TfanlKsT tbcOrnlii: ■SerinorPapennJUill'IDllir HblDi]> 

BCHOBLL, (M 8. 7.) HuMndakLIUcIIilDnOrKqlie. 2dFdn.,e>l>l>.g>o. Porii, ]^S 
BERNHARtiy. <i:,J Oiunilwi dd IinciiblKlKE UuiimlgT, mil nD« rsi^gic<>FIUI. Uebri- 

bBck dii raniKlin. a vsU. Svn, 3li IJalit. ISSt-lMi 

BODE. (G.H.) GooiliDllla llw IwlleniKhM DnhUlilluI bn inf AlHlnderil. Gtiwrll. 3 

ink. ?™. I-afiif, lS38-<0 

ULRICI, (H.) CocbicMcikilHUMbdiealHchlliaiuL aisb-Bvo. Ep«. LiTlk. 

(E, (A.J Fra{m>iiuComk«n>ia Gmomm. tvokTIiU. . Berlin, ]§3»^(3 


DONALDSON, (J, W.) Nfw Cratylas ; conmbnliona lownrdH a more 
Bccunite knowledge of ihe Greek Languoge. 8vo, I6(". . Cami,, 1839 

MATTHI.*:, (A.) A Gtammar of Ihe Greek Language. Traoaldled 

from ihc Gennan. 5lh ed., revised by John Kenrick. 2 vols. 8vo, 30*. 

London, 1 837 

Index of Qnolalions from Greek Aultiora eontained in tbe 5th edition 

of Mailhis'a Greek Grammat. 3d cd. Sva, Ti. Bii. . Xoniian, 1S4] 

Slianer Greek Giammar, for the use of Scbools. Tlh ed., rerised by 

the Rev. J. Edwards, M. A. ISmo, 3«. . . London. 1841 

THIERSCH. (F.) Greek Grammar, Iranolatcd from the German, with 
brief Remarke, by D. fC. Sandford. 8vo, 16«. Edinburgh, \S3Q 

ARNOLD, (T. K.) A Firet Gr^ek Book ; with Eaay Eierciaca and Vo- 
cabolary. Revised and Corrected by J. A. Spencer, A. M- ISmo, 
(lai cts Nete-York. D. A. Si Co.. 1847 

A Practicnl Inlroduetion to Greek Froae Composition. Revieed and 

Corrected by J. A. Spencer. A. M. ISmo. 75 cu. 

JV™- York, D. A. &, Co., 1847 

A Greek Reading Book ; including a Complete Trfolise on the Greek 

FarticleB. Revised by J. A. Spencer, A. M. ISmo. (In Pren.i 

Nta-Yark, D. A. & Co., 1847 

MIDDLETON, (Bf.) The Doctrine of the Greek Article applied to the 
Cnticism and lUuHmtion of Ihe New Te«lameiit. New edition, with 
prefiitory ObBerrationa and Notes, by Ilngh Jamea Roee. Sto, 13: 

London, 1841 

BUTTMANN. Lemlogus; or.aCritical Eiaminationofthe Meaningand 

Etymology of variotiB Greek Words and Passages in Homer, Hwiod, and 

other Greek Writers. Translated, with Notes, by the Rev. J. R. Fisii- 

lako. ad ed. 8vo, 14* London, 1840 

ColBlogiie of ihe Irregnkr Greek Verbs ; wilh all the TetBrs that are 

Eiiant — their Formation, Meaning, and Usage, aeeom)ioiiied by a Com- 
plete Index. Translated, with Notes, by the Rev. J. R. Fiahlake, 8va, 
7», 6d Zdndon, 1837 

Iniermediaie and Larger Greek Grammar. TrnQalaled from ihe Ger- 
man; with a Biographical Nottce of the Author, Edited by Dr. Chariet 
Sopf New edition, 8vo, 13». 6rf London, 1840 

III. LITERATURE.— (Con/i/it/erf.) 

BOS. On the Greek Ellipsis ; abridged and translated into Englinh from 
Professor Schaefier's Edition: with Notes, by the Rev. John Senger. 
8vo, 9s. Sd Jjondont n. d. 

HERMANN. Elements of the Doctrine of Metres ; abridged and trans- 
lated into English. 8vo, 8«. 6d. LondftUf n. d. 

HOOGEVEEN. On the Greek Particles; abridged and translated into 
English. By the Rev. John Scager. 8vo, 7«. 6d. Ij)ndo», n. d. 

A GRAMMAR of the Greek Language, chiefly from the Gennan of Ra- 
phael Kuhner. By W. E. Jelf, B. D. 2 vols. 8vo,30*. Oxford, 1843-^ 
Vol. I. Accidence. Vol. II. Syntax. With Oopioat Indexes. 

KUHNER, (R.; Ausfuhrl. Gramm. dcr griech. Sprachc. 3 vols. 8vo, 18«. 

Hanov.t 1835- 

Schulgram. der griech. Sprache. 8vo, 6». . . " 1843 

Elemtargram. d. griech. Sprache. 8vo, 4«. . . *< 1844 

BENFEY, (T ) Griechische Grammauk. Abth. I. Griechisches Wuizel- 
lexicon. Vol. 1-2. 8vo, 24« Berlin, 1839-42 


LIDDEL kjxn SCOTT. A Greek-English Lexicon, baaed on the Gennnn 

Work of F. Passow. 4to, 44« Ox/brd, ISIS 

(Reprinted New- York, H. BroV) 

A Lexicon chiefly for the use of Schools, abridged from the above. 

sm. 4to, 8«. 6i2 Oxford, 1846 

SCHREVELIUS' Greek Lexicon Translated into English, with many new 
words added ; and a copioos English and Greek Lexicon. Edited by 
the Rev. J. R. Major. 4th ed. 8vo, 15«. London, 1841 

DUNBAR, (G.) A New Greek and English and English and Greek I^xi- 
con. With an Appendix, explanatory of Scientific Terms. 8vo, jC2. 

Edinh., 1840 

DONNEGAN, (J.) A New Greek and English Lexicon; the words 
alphabetically arranged : distinguishing sach as are Poetical, of Dialectic 
variety, or pecnliar to certain writers or class of writers: with Examples, 
literally tratislated, selected from the Classical Authors. 4th ed. Royal 
8vo, 42« London, 1849 

GILES, (Rev. J. A.) A Lexicon of the Greek Language, for the tise of 
Colleges and Schools; containing — 1. A Greek-English Lexicon, com- 
bining the advantages of on Alphabetical and Derivative arrangement ;— 
2. An English -Greek Lexicon, more copious than any that has ever yet 
appeared. To which is prefixed, a Concise Grammar of the Greek Lan- 
guage. 2d edition, with corrections. 1 vol. 8vo, 21a. . Aomion, 1839 

8UIDAS. Ijezicon 6r. et Lat. port Gaivford. recent, annot. crit. inttrax. G. Beraharrij. 
Tom. I. and II. faK. 1-6, 4to. 116«. 6d HaU., 1X34^ 

PAPE, ( W.) Ilandw&rterbnch der griecb. Spracbe. 3 Tob. rojral 8to, 30*. 

Bmnaw., IMS, 43 
Vol. 3. Wdrterbnoh der griecb. Eifennamea. 7#. 

R08T. rV. C. F.) VoUiUndigea WCrterbnch dw daaiMbfla OrMhat Vol. I.- part I, 
4to. 9# l-"P'-ig, IHW 

STEPHANt'8. (H.) TheMarw !»«. Gr»e». Poit. ed Aafl. aor addtt. aori. Hid. C. 

B. Uaae. G. et L. Dindoif. Paris, IH3I- 

To be completed in SO parts, folio, each lit. 

VIGER, (F.) De prvcipnk Grvc« dictioBis idioCbmit. ad. O. Ilermaaa. 8yo. I3«. <W. 

IJpMim. IKM 

DICTIOX^CJtlRR rne et franraii. na/ J. Ptanobe; edition tar an plan rati«;mniwt 

aonTean. aapneatte de plae de 15000 artidat par M. M. Veadd lieyl et Al^x. Pilloa. 

»*o Paria, 1843 

ALEXANDRE, (C.) D tet ioa a afaa fiae-fraafaaw, eoaapoeA Mr aa aoavaaa plan. Hyo. 

Pari; Iftm 
AHRENB, (F. B L.) Da Or»e« liana dialaetii. Yd. I. n: 8fO. OHUng., l8»-4i 

I. da dialaeiM iEoHda, kc, Oi. ]83B. 
n. dadialactii Doffea, Kb. IMl. 



A!f HISTORICJII. and DitKri(ilivv AhtodiiI at Inlud. QnvnlBnd, uri Dm Fun 
Uuili, with lUluuUwni or UiFlr Nilunil Hillary. 4lli sdn, Vtme. 3l. SiL 

dUm. Ciblniti Libruy.) EdinivrgK ISM 

GKAAH.'.CirT. W.A.J Ei|«lii>Dii to ib> Cut OohI of Gniilmnd. Bid. 

Limian. IBIT 
CRANT7,. (D.) Tb« HiMny of GmnliiiKl ; (nclsding iiii uuiinL of Die M(-<on c 
Dd liT the Unllol BrHhmi In Uill annUt. Fiom llu> GcrmiD. With > canUnDV 

MANBY. IG. W.) AJonmilof MVoj.yreloOTMBr.od. Bvo. . Jjmdn.lfSa 
GAIMARU. (P.) Voyifc in lilnndo (1 on anKolud. 7 mtj. e< 

EGEDE.fH.) AdacripllDiiorOmiliiHl. Truil. fnia Uic Duuli. Bra. Ijm-lm. nti 


BOEDB, (H.J GntiDinUicaiiiiBBraiidlisa-diinicD-lalliia. Bvo. #«■!>, IT60 

DidHin. eneatiodiu dnBlco lutlni, Byo, IBi ■- I1M 

FABRICUS. (0.) Dlclian. |nieiir»dili. B\a CV^irn, ]t«4 

GrH-niand liv Knla, Fubricloi, and olhen. H« Towklik'ii IlIoitntiDiu oTBiti- 

GUATEMALA, Central America. 

MAC GRCGOR. (J.) The Progrea of America, (Hitiloninl and Stilisii- 
licoi), 3 vols gvo, £4. i4*. ed ioBdon. 1647 

inn. ro • a na a en a ua q^j,^^ "m^-JS 

WAI.DECK, (F. DH.) .Vavaia pillamina at aich«alo-iiiD« dam la piotinn d'Vocatan 
puidani la inads 1634 >-i IU3S, fotlo, ul. fig. /,I3D. .... PsfVi, 1R3B 
TR^fKLSiT, CanlralAioitnca: »lih a Joontlor noailrThno Yun' R~hlcn<i> In ih* 

riF.fVS of Ancienl Monom^nU is OoUat Amarin, Clhaaai, and Ynulao. Bj F. 
CitlKrwoad. AnhllTcI. With DeKTltillve Lcllrrnnn hy J. 1.. SlopboH. Iibji. rolui. as 

CABRERA. (Dii. F. P.) Dncri^dion o[ the Rnint bC an Ancknl Cilr dHSicrid nau 
Patinoua. la the Kinidomof Gnatamala. Tiand ham Iha onliBal MS. Il<|iDn of Cinl. 


SLACK'S Picturesque Tourist and Rond-Book of Gnglnnd iiiitl Wnlps. 

With B gciirrat Triiveiling Mnp. Ctiaru of RosiIb, RailroadB, and lule- 

rrsljng Localities, and engraved Views of the Scenery. Bm. 8vt>, )0a. 6d. 

Edinb.. 1846 

Tourisi of Scollnnd. 13ino, B«. 6d. . . . " 1845 

WORDSWORTH. (W.) Guide lo the Lnkes. lamo, 5». Lcmdey,\SiS 
OSBORMB. [J ) Guide lo the We« Indies, Mndeira, Mtxico, Nnrthrm 

South America, &.c, &.c, Canipileil from documenlB specialJ; iiiniiahed 
by the igenti <k the Royal Mail Slenm Packet Conipanf, the Board of 
Trade, and other anlbentic saums, with Charts and other Qlaatrallong. 
3d edition, Bf Zonilun, I84G 

GUNNERY.] 179 [gunpowder. 


GUIDE BOOKS.— {Continued.) 

GOGHLAN, (F.) Hand-Book for Central Earope ; or Gaide for Tourists 
through Belgium, Holland, the Rhine, Germany, Switzerland, and France, 
including the Channel Islands, a List of Steam Packets, Continental Rail- 
wajrs, 6^. 2d edit, enlarged, l3mo, 10«. London, 1845 

Hand-Book of Italy. l2mo, 10» " 1845 

MURRA Y^S HAND-BOOKS, sm. 8vo, Maps, &c. 

London, v. y. 

HAJfD'BOOK for Franoe and the Pyrenees. Normandy, Brittany, the Freodi Alps, Pro- 
vence, &c. Map, 12«. 

for Switzerland. The AIpe of Savoy, Piedmont, and the Waldentei. Map, 10«. 

for North Germany and the Rhine. Holland, Belfinm and Prussia. Map, IS*. 

for South Germany and the Tyrol. Bavaria, Austria, Styria, and the Danube. 

Map, 10«. 

for Northern Italy and Flortnoe. Sardinia, Genoa, Lombardy, Tuscany, fcc. Maps, 


for South Italy, Naples, and Sicily. Map. 

for Central Italy and Rome. The Papal States and Cities of Etraria. Map, 15*. 

for North Europe. Russia, Swoden, Norway, and Denmaric. Maps. 

for Efypt and Thebes. With the Overiand Passage to India, frc Map. 

for Maha and the East. The Ionian Islands, Orseoe, Turkey, Asia Minor, kc 

Maps, 15s. 

— ^ for Spain. Andalusia, Omnada, Catalonia, Madrid, fcc. Map. 

of Travel-Talk. Convenations in Enflish, German, French, and Italian. Ifltaio, 5f. 

— of Painting— Italy. The Schools of Art, and CoOeotions of Paintings. ISs. 

of Painting. The German, Flemish, and Dutch Schools. ISf. 

See TBOEM'a Rambles by Rivets, in Knight's Weekly Volnme. 

GUNNERY.— See Artillery. 

GREENER, (W.) The Gxm ; or, a Treatise on the yarions descriptions 
of Small Fire-Arms. 8to, with illost., 15«. London, 1835 

The Science of Guimery, as applied to the Use and Constraction of 

Fire- Arms. Plates, 15« London, 1841 

WILKINSON, (H.) The Engines of War, &c. : being a History of An- 
cient and Modem Projectile Instraments and Engines of Warjare and 
Sporting ; including the Manufacture of Fire-Arms, the History and 
Mana&ctare of Ganpowder, of Swords, and of the cause of the Damascus 
Figure in Sword Blades ; with some Observations on Bronze, etc. 8to, 
9« Zondon, 1841 

DOUGLAS, (Sir H.) Treatise on Naval Gaimery ; for the Instmction 

and Examination of Oflicers, and for the Training of Seaman Gimners. 

2d edn., 8vo, 15« London, 1839 

PAIXH ANS, (H. J.) NouTdle forae maritime et application de oette foree k qnelqnss par- 
ties du service de I'armde de terra. 4to Pmrig, 18SB 

CHARPENTIER, (E A.) Essai sur le materiel de raftilleria de noa naTiies de gnerps. 
8vo, f.^. ............ Pmtu, 1845 

TIMMERH ANS, (C.) Prindpes de ooastruetion des bonebes k fen. 8n>, /.IS. 

Parts. 1841 

POI880N. (D. 8.) Formnles relatives auz eflets du tird*nn canon sur lesdiArentespaitiei 

de ion aflTut, et regies pour calculer la grandeur et la dur6e du recnl. 9d edn. 8vo, /.3 50. 

Ports, 1838 

HUOUENIN, (lb Osii'L.) Description de la fkl»rieation des boaobes k fen en fo«ta de 

fer, et de projectiles k la fbnderie oe Liege, trad, du boUaadais par le capitaine If eneM. 

8to, 13pl. Pterif.ieaB 


BRADDOCK, (J.) Memoir on Gunpowder. 8vo, St. . . London. DnoripdMdndivm proeMfadolUNiotftadolapoiidrakouM, 
dosaseflkBdaMlsboMlMiklM«tdif«iM9«wd*«piwva. 99o, f.VL faH»,im 

HAYTI.] 180 [heraldry. 

HAYTL— (See Antilles.) 

MACKENZIE, (C.) NoCes on Hayti. 2 vols. em. 8vo. . London, 1830 

. HARVEY, (W. W.) Sketches of Hayti. Svo. . " 1827 

HISTORY of St. Domingo from its Discovery to the Present Time. 8vo. 

Lonion, 1811 
SANDERS, (P.) Documents of the Kingdom of Hajrti. 8to, lOt. M. 
MARLiSS UUtoim deicriptiTe et pittomqae de Saint Domingo. ISmo. Tmrg, 1846 

MALO, (C.) llistoire d'Haiti, depais la ddooaverte jaiqa'en 1834. Svo. . Paris, 1885 

LAUJON, (A. DC.) Sooveniri de trente anndes voyages k Saint Domingue, dans plasiera 
colonies etrangeres, et an continent de I'ameriqne. 2 volt. Svo. Paris, 1835 

JUISTOJRK politique et statistiqne de Tile d'Ha'iti. Saint-Domlngne, ^rite »nr des docu- 
ments commoniqa^s par Sir J. Bankett, par Piacide Justin. Svo. . . Paris, 18S5 

JORDAN, (W.) Geschichte der Inset Hayti und ihres Regeistaats. Svo. Leipzig, 1846 

CHARLEVOIX, (lb P.) Hisioire de Sainte-Domingne. 3 vob. 4to. Paris, 1730 

See Macorboor*! Commercial Statistics. McCulloch's Geograph. Dictionary, 
L*Univen Pittoresque, etc. Brown'! History of St. Domingo. 


LARDNER. (D.) A Treatise on Heat. 1 vol. fcp. 8vo, 6^ London, 1833 
Chap. 1, Introduction ; 2, Dilatation of Solids ; 3, Dilatation of Oases ; 4, Dilatation of 
Liquids ; 5, Thermometer ; 6, Liquefaction ; 7, Ebullition ; 8, Natural Forces manifested by 
the Effects of Heat : 9, Vaporization ; 10. Evaporation ; 11, Specific Heat ; 13. Radiation ; 
13, Propagation of Heat bv Contact ; 14, Mutual Influence of Heat and Light ; 15, Combus- 
tion ; 16. Sensation of Heat; 17, Sources of Heat; 18, Theories of Heat. Appendix, 
Tables, &c., &c. 

THOMSON, (T.) An Outline of the Sciences of Heat and Electricity. 
1 vol. 8vo, 15«. London, 1840 

METCALFE, (S. T.) Caloric, its Mechanical, Chemical, and Vital Agen- 
cies in the phenomena of Natare. 2 vols. 8vo, 35«. . London, 1843 

P^CLET, (E.) Traits da Chaleur consid^r^ dans ses applications. 2d 
edn., 2 vols. 4to, and Atlas,/. 66. . . , . Paris, 1843 

POISSON, (D. S.) Th6orie math^matique de la chaleur 4to. /.25. 

Paris, 1835 
KELLAND, (P.) Theory of Heat. 8vo. . . . Camb., 1837 
See Pbbchbl's Elements of Physics, Vol. II. Mdllbr*! Principles of Physics. 

HEAT. — (Applications op. See Warming.) 
HEBREW LANGUAGE, <kc.— (See Theology.) 



MOCJLE, (T.) Bibliotheca heraldica Magns Britannic An Analytical Catalogue of 
Books on Genealogy, Heraldry, Nobility, Knighthood and Ceremonies, roy. 8vo. 

London, 1823 

OLOSS^^R Y of Terms used in British Heraldrv ; with a Chronological Table illustrative 
of its Rise and Progress. Svo, with numerous illustrations, 16r. . Oxford, 1847 

CLARK, (H ) Introduction to Heraldry ; conuining the Origin and Use 
of Arms. 14th ed., fcp., 48 plates, plain, 7s. Sd. ; coloured, iQs. 

London, 1845 

MONTAGUE, (J. A.) Guide to the Study of Heraldry. 4to, I85. 

London, 1840 

NEWTON, (W.) A Display of Heraldry, exhibiting the origin and im- 
port of armorial bearings ; the rise and establishment of the feudal system ; 
knight errantry, and the expedition of crusades or holy wars ; chivalry, 
and the feats of tilt and tournament ; the derivation of titles of honour, 
and nmames ; maishalUng of arms, genealogies, and funeral processions, 
niuatrated by nearly 700 Engravings on Wood. Svo, 14s. London, 1846 



HARRINGTON. (A.) Lectaras on Hsnidry ; in which the Princtplet of the Science are 
familiarly explained, and its application shown to the Study of History and Architecture : 

illustrated by numerous Drawings of varioas kinds of Armorial Bearings. Badges, and 
other Devices, indndiaf those of the Kings and Uueeus of England ; with an Explanation 
of the Causes which are said to have given rise to their Adoption. 12mo, 33 plates, 7«. 6d. 
plain ; oolM., 10s. 6d /.ondon, 1844 

WILLEMENT, (T.) Regal Heraldry ; the Armorial Insignia of the Kings and (Queens of 
England, from Coeval Authorities. 4to lAmdon, ISil 

BERRY, (W.) EncyclopoMlia Ueraldioa, or complete Dictionary of Heraldry. 2 vols. 4to. 

London, l«ai 

MOULE, (T.) The Heraldry of Fish. Notices of the principal families bearing Fish in 
their arms. 8vo, woodcuts, 21« J^nHon, ItOii 

LOWER. Curiosities of Heraldry. With Illustrations from Old English Writer*. 8vo, 
cute, J49 1845 

MAGNY, (Marqctis db.) Noveau Traits historique et archdologiqne de la vrais et par- 
fait Science des Armories. Tome I., 4to, XG. Paris, 1846 

To be completed in 3 vols., illnstrated with vignettes and coloured plates ; containing 
20,000 CoaU of Arms. 

BURKE, (J. Sl J. B.) Heraldic Illustrations, comprising the Armorial 
Bearings of the principal Families in the Empire, with Pedigrees and An- 
notations. Vols. I.-III., 4to, plates and letterpress, 21«. London, 1846 

BURKE'S Peerage and Baronetage for 1847. Corrected throughout to the 
Present Time from the Personal Communications of the Nobility, &c., 
and containing all the New Creations. New and revised edition, in 1 
volume, illustrated with 1500 Engravings of Arms, Slc, 38«. 

London, 1847 

Extinct Dormant and Suspended Peerages, sm. 8vo, 28*. London. 

Extinct and Dormant Baronetcies. 8vo, 36«. . Lond., 1841 

BURKE'S Encyclopaedia of Heraldry, or General Armory of England, 
Scotland, and Ireland, comprising a Registry of all Armorial Bearings, 
Crests and Mottoes, from the earliest period to the present time, including 
the late Grants by the College of Arms With an Introduction to Her- 
aldry, and a Dictionary of Terms. Third edition, with a Supplement, 
imp. 8vo, 25«. London, 1844 

BANKS, (T. G.) Baronia Anglica Concentrata ; or, a concentrated ac- 
count of all the Baronies commonly called Baronies in Fee, deriving their 
Origin from Writ of Summons, and not from any specific limited Crea- 
tion ; whereto is added, the Proo& of Parliamentary Sitting from the 
Reign of Edward I. to that of Queen Anne ; also, a Glossary of Dormant 
English, Scotch, and Irish Peerage Titles. 2 vols. 4to, JC3. 39. ; royal 
4to, jC5. 5« London, 1844 

DODD, (C. R ) The Peerage, Baronetage, and Knightage of Great Britain 
and Ireland, including all the Titled Classes. 9«. London, 1846 

A Manual of Dignities, Privilege, and Precedence ; including Lists 

of the Great Public Functionaries, from the Revolution to the present time. 

12mo London, 1838 

Part I. Pieoedenoe. II. Heteditarv Dipiities. III. Personal Distinctions. IV. Of- 
ficial and Professional Ranks. V. Ceremonies and Costumes. VI. Statistics and 
Official Lists. 

DEBRETTS Genealogical Peerage of Great Britain and Ireland, revised 
and corrected to February 1847, by Henry Collen. 8vo, 30«. 

London, 1847 

- Baronetage of England, revised, etc., by H. Collen. 8vo, 28«. 

London, 1841 

BURKE, (J. & J. B.) Geneological and Heraldic Dictionary of the 
Landed Gentry of Great Britain and Ireland. 2 vola. 8vo, 50« 

ZoiuIoR, 1844^16 



HERALDRY and GENEALOGY.— (Conimwed.) 

BOOK OF THE COURT; eihibiUng the HiaioTy, DuiiM, ind Priiil^n 
of the several Rnnka of ihe-Eiigiish Nobilily ami Gentry, parlicularly of 
the Greni Officeis of Suie, nnJ Memhera of ihe Royal Housebold, includ- 
ing lli<' vorioui forms of Coun Eliqaellp, Tables nf Preeedency, Rulea 
10 be obaerveii DC Letees *nd Eh-nwing-Ruoina, &c.,wilh U1 Inlrodaclory 
Eany on Regal Bute and Ceremonial, and a full Accaunt of the Comna- 

lion Ceremony. Svo, 7« London, 1845 

NoiiceB of the moBl diatinguiahetl Indiyidnala in each. Compiled and 
edited by Henry Droinmond. Imp. fulio. . ifnrfon, 1S4 15 

HLrtofTMof Ihe'Cslolm F«niia)i6luli»B."'linbUiSed by ConntUlu. ofMilin, iml 

d II. C 

BERRY, (W.) Pedigntea of Heitfordahire Families. Folio, £3. I0». 

London, 1843 

E«e» Families " 1838 

Betkiihirc, BuckinghamBhire, and Surrey Families. " 1837 

Of Familiea in ibe County of Henta, . . ■' 1833 

Kent ■■ 1830 

Susaci. " 1830 

ROBSON, (T.) The Briliah Herald, an enlarged Diotiotia 17 of Armorial 
Bearinga of the Nobiiily and Genliy uf Grcal Britain and Ireland, from 
the earliest period to the preaenl time. 3 vola. 4to, . London, 1830 
every Family Bearing, alphabetically arranged according to the Surnames 
of the Bearen.and ^ly bbiutied or explained, accompanied by upwards 
of Four Thousand Engravinga, illustratiTe of the Creaia of all the Peers, 
Baroneta, and British f'amiUea of England and Wales, Soodand and Ire- 
land, the Colonies, and various pans of the world ; a Dieliorjary of Mol- 
toB, with Traoalaliom and Beareta' Names, accompanied by illuainiliie 
quolatiuna ; a Glossary of Terms, and Introductory Remarhs, Hiaiorical 
and Explanatory. 2 voh. ISmo, Sla. London. 1845 

VITON BE SAINT-ALAIS. Nobiliare itniversel de France. 31 toIb. 

8vo Pari; 1814-13 

COURCELLES, (J. de ) Diclionnoire univerael de la nublene de France. 

Bvo, vols. 1-5 FariM, 1890-^ 

LOWER, (M. A.) English SnrnaiDes. Essays on Family Numeticlatuiv, 
Hiaiorical, Etymological, and Humorous: with Chapieta of Rebuses and 
Canting Arma, Ihe Roll of Battel Abbey, a List of Latinized Surnames, 
&c. &c. am. 8vD, 61 London. Ifiia 


BELL, (T.) A Riatory of British Reptilea. 1 vol. Sro, 40 illos., 8(. 6d. ; 
royal 8vo, 17». ; imperial Bvo, 25». 6rf. ' 

TbD Raptiis of lUi gnnlry. aMKHftl hw !■ nn. 
la ia n i their haUtt an populM; mnah ml 

cfaa an «liuaiw1 uai dntmyMl, ttaqi a mklAkfla nolloa thU tbar an dlnotly nr indliKAJy 
.^1^ u _.. 1^ -Iwwiuisa sT UHir hsHB, Dm dbtliiaJn dagriptei ST tk> tfom. 
Hilkia. ud Uh I1MS17 of tb* nB>t(inaii»ii or all tba amplubkni 
longil Un inbJRa dBCiuied. la biMIUim u ■ SfnnsC ■■0)1 ipniB. ud sT 


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HIEROGLYPHICS.— (See Egypt, p. 123.) 



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niNDOSTAK.] 194 [himdobtan. 

II. IITBTORY, Sic^Cenlinued.) 

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Foliiical BtJiUHr if India rmm ITM ta 1)83, SToh.SvD. . " im 

MrmiiiiD/ Central India. Sd edn,, 9 loli. Bra. .... " IBS 

BRITISH IXUIA, ffron tha nwA nmola parind B Uia FiaanlTtoie; Ibdnilblf a Nvrm- 
Uit Df Uie Earir PsRaf naa ami BngUih VgfUH. Ihi Oavalallan !■ llw Uafsl Espin. 
and lbs 0rj|ia, fW«. urt EdaMuhDMOl gf Um Bribih foim: vilh IflnHfaUnu aflka 
Zoolon, BoUnr. ClimaU, Oeotng;. and MlaaialoQ ;— ala Midical Dfaaanaliaiu— an 
AAoant of tha Hindoa AttrtiicqDjr— tlw THnMHEHtucal Btfnwn — tht NavinboA of tlw 
Indiu Siai— andlhalUnidnaUoBarBlaaii VBBabaathaiiulKivns, BiUnchMami. 
and mben. 3 loh. 12mci. IDi. U. . SMtki^ I«il 

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Yit.m KonieitiTf, leai 

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. . . UDanincau uciau M oodHU* da I'HladginUB. 9 Tsl-., >l>a. 

9. (J.) Oriantal Mamain, a Nvniiw- of BsnauaB Yem' Roldcnis in ladia. 

An Ad-ogntDfllwKiiitdDiBar Nepal, «c. Ato. £iliiti., IBIB 

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K0WLANl>9ON. (M.J.l HUUk/ nrilKCgnuMinribn MahonaiUiu and PDnsfnaaaia 

, ^^'^^^ TnHilaUott"Fniid.) ' '"' ' 
BARER. (ZKBH-ED-D„lM[iu.aHID.) i:>>i]«tKoriIlDd«lili,Meinalngr. wrilUg by 

Htnuair. TnajJaUil by La^ilBn and Bnllina. 11a fjliwi.. IsA 

MKJKOIHS of lliiiKmperntli\,tiu!iiB!.vrUUaiyHiiBrlf; aad IniulaUid rmm a Fenian 

ManouiiM br MdJoi David Piion. 4tB. Iji Ltndm, V^a 

(Oriaoitl Traulatinn Fsnd.) 
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M. Oaicia dt Tb«» ' 8m. *')™''*'"^ * "" ^ "" ; ■■ " '°Ari..°j£l 

(OilenlaJ TmoJanon Pand.) 

RIORNSTIBRNA, (CaHTau.l Tahlenn dn I'Bmiiia BiiusBlqna dan ['Inda, Irad. 
BARCHOir lit PBNBOEN. L'lndn loai ladom.dillgn aliiilllx. S rgli. 8ni,/.l9. 

Bvo,/.3cT "T' . ' ' "•'•"•'' "opifaanj n. a ^vg^, 

FERIRHTA. (,} UMai. gf IheMolianilnadao Pgwei in India. TranilaUd 

withNola.byCol. BriHi. 4 >ali. Brg /jmAm.^ 

FEKISHTA, Hbtory gf HindmUn, UuulaUd fiam IhaPanian by Alai. Dgw. 3t^.'^ 

QI7.4A-OOJV £ tSLjIJt. or Iba CnUDSu of Um MoHnlnuiu of India : ogmnriuill a roll 
and aiacl accouul gf Iheii .arinn. Kiln and CannlBnlK. rrorn Ihe Mgment oniKir Blnh 
liUlb. UouioC Dr^lh-. bTlaSaiBbenaif; InulaUdbrG. A. UnitLaU. Swb. 




n. fflSTORY, &c.— (Con/m««i.) 

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System of Philosophy snd Coeaiogony. An Essay. 8yo, St. 6d. 

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and Roman Character : with a Selection of Easy Eidbracts for Reading, 
and a Vocabulary. 8to, 12s. .... London, 1846 

The Hindustani Manual : a Pocket Companion for those who Tint 

India in any capacity ; intended to facilitate the essential attainments of 
conversing with fluency and composing with accuracy, in the most useful 
of all the Languages spoken in our Eastern Empire. In two Parts. 
Part 1. a Compendious Grammar. Part 9. a Vocabulary. 13mo, 7«. 6<I. 

Zondon, 1845 

ARNOT, (8.) Orammar of the Hindostani Toacne. in the Oriental and Roman Cbaractar : 
with illostratioas of the Sanscrit. Arabic, and Persian Systems of Alphabetical Writing. 
With Extracts. Vocabolary, and Notes by D. Forbes, toy. 8to, lOt. <U. Ltndan, 18M 

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Treatise on Grammar, Familiar Dialogues, and Vooabnlary. ISmo, 3*. RUmh., IMl 

Grammar of the Hindostani Lanfnaffe, followed by a SerisB of Grammatical Eiercisw. 

roy. 8vo Edink., 1838 

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as a Dictionary, English and Hindustani. 4to, X7 Ltmdam, 1894 

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4to. 3S«. 6d ljntdmi,Vm 

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deacy, viz. : English, Bengali, and Uindnstani, in the Romaa Ghaiaeter. 8vo, «it. 

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des laagnes orieatales vivantes. ^o, f.9. Ports, 18B9 

Appeadice aaz Radimeas de la Laagne Hiodoustani, oontenaat antra qneloues addi- 
tions 4 la Grammaire des Lettres Hindoustani Originaies, aooompagnee d'nae tradnctloo at 
« Fac-simile. 4to. 10s. 6d Pmrit, 18B 

Manuel de I'auditenr du court d'Hiadonstani, on themes gradnAes pour exeicer k la 

coavenation at au style 4piitolaiiia, aoooaspaga^ d'na vooabnlain fmafais-hiadonstaai. 
8vo Paris, 1838 

— Histobe de la Lhteiatnn Hiadoa at H la dsis Ua t (O. T. F.) ray. 8vo. 
VoL I. Bioffiairiiia at BibHographla. 


m. LANGUAGE.— (Con/inued.) 

BAGII O BAHAR : goniuUiii Df Enuiuinlne Tila » tht HiidBHaBl Linpcie. B; 
Mil Annu, of Dibli, oh of Om tmnei Nuito biMili uuchad u Uk CDIkie of Fan 
WHIiBin, B«n^- New Mlitkiq. ool]«red w;lh 0%lb^ MAniufripu. havine Ihe pH(*BliB] 
VowH PvinU Bud PaDdDBIion iDuked rhrDU^IwDI ; 10 which '» lAM ■ VocBbaluy of 



TAYLOR, (W, C) A Mnnoal of Ancienl and Modem Hulmy, comprio- 

I. Aaiiciii Jllitorr- conulnlUE Ihn roUUul Hhmit, G»pi4ikic>l Podtioii, ud eociil 

ud Ilkutnlnl V Uh IW^^ o°'t3^>I^°B^IuI>I( ud IWdln. ^MUin Bii' 
tally, nnuininf ihcBiK god FrniiH of ilw Priidpil BiinHB Huisu. iIhh P«tiU«l 
HIilDiy. and iL ChgnitH hi their \3teM CHdUna. wiCli > tliiWiiraf ■!» ColoilfaB 
fonndnt by Europrini. Revited. iriiU Addiliou on Amniian HI1UH7, bj C. B. 
Kinrr, D.D„ Fiofauar of Hkun ia Ibi Ualnnllr sf Naw-Vgit. Bto. M) pani, 
tsii. . . . A-w rert. D. A. k Ci..riW8 

KEIGHTLEV, (Tho«.) OnlSnBDf Hinorr, fimUiaEari-rtPMiiid, Unm. 6.. 

i^^. van 

MAUNDEB. (9.) Tba Timniy of HWoiy and flaoanpliy ; mmfiriBU a piwrsJ Lnlnl- 
ntolflriiina of oiry NaUOD Ibal nvU m hai uaUd in 'ihc VVoild : in which u dtvil- 

anJCuaroJ Blalbllci. I vol. ftp. Stu ' . Jjnuluii. IBU 

TTTLER. ElemenliorGniiiralHMwy, AndentiivdMsdfrn. Br PnTrMf TtUh (Laid 

WoodhDUKlae]. Naw idiDoB. mM. with roHldmbUi additioiu. coptau aMs, aad a 

oobUdubUob to lbs pmeat lima, by T. E. Tamliu. ray. Sro. li. lU. /^lulin.. IBM 

MULLER, (J. I HiKoryoflha Worid, Iianil. riDin tbaGiiman, inTiMd by A. H. GtaMt. 

tvol.. lHaa Jfne-Tirt. tew 

aOTTECK. [C. von.) Tha OenanU Hi.niry of Uia Worid from tba Ettia-t TImn anlil 

OlflVERSAL mUTORY, fiDm Uia tUiJicH Aaxnnl of Tima U> Dia PrhbI, OO vth. 

8ni UnJu*. 1770-64 

AneiaBl, IB nb. Modani. 30 Toh, BB;iplnn«i1, 3 voli. 

of aach neriod. Naw edittoB, BBJBTTad, and brought down 10 tJia pmeDl unw. 4ta, balT 

tmad, £3.^ Lamdn, iiMa 

JtXJfVAJ, HKQISTER: 01. a Viiw sT Iba Hlriory. PsIIIIb. ud Lilantire of Eacli 

Ym. Wrok I10 Ltnim.Viai-iSW 

(Piibli.luid (SBaallr a I6t. jwr vol.; 

DtLUlN. (i.'abbI[ H.) BiiUilTa UBimielhi. CDnuaasl la lynclironiuiit da haUi» da 

UMtlvpeaiilaiHHtaiiipoiaiBi, ato, Vatl. l.-IX Parii. mi-» 

SFRUNER, HiUorucJi. GHi)|n;]h!>char Haad-Atlu, tar GaicbicbUi det StaUin Enranl'i 
vain ABrmnga dn MitUlah^n bU SDr dia rwaila Zelt. T3 «l. nlalea, oanlataJna v.anl 
hnadir<tMajii,PlBiiiarTaw».BUtlsi,llc..<nlfaT>iI. TdI.. fe. diOt. ISM 

MICHBLET. Inlisdactioaal'Miitaiinllninmlla. Sd ad, »vo. /.t. 56. pmrii. 

CANTU, (C) HinoiTanniT«Bclla. Had. patE. Anni. 18 «!.. §to. Pmil, 18(3- 

8CIILOSSEB. (F. C.) WfbfaacliiuLU in >[»ainaaaUIn|aDdni EirUlgun. VM. 

^-IV,, put!. inSlwIti, 80( Asaj/irl, lait^U 

WcluncIiicliU beubnix. ton Dr. G. L. Kiiak. Vd. I.-II., Bn. ucb 4i. 

(TobanHnplcladiBl3«ol>Tj ^'^iv. H^M- 

BECKEW, [R. P.) WellK<!iichlchU acB beajbrtM von J, W. LSblJ. nil dan FanaUBBnn 

von J. Q. Wrilmann und C. A. Maniar. 14 rob. Bn. ... ffnVm, IMl 



LEO, (H.) Lehrbaeh der UnivviMlgBwhichta. 4 vob. Svo. . HaiU, 183^0 

Vol. I. EinleitDiif nnd die alte G«Mshiehto 
" II. Die Getohichte dat Mittelaltan. 
'* III., IV. Die neneie GeMhiehfta. S vols. 

Leitfaden fdr den Unterrieht in der UniTenalgeidiichte. 4 puts, 8to. Jffalie, 183B-40 

DAHLMANN, (C. F.) Fonchongen aaf den Gebiete der GeMihkhte. 3 taJs. 8to. 

Mtoma, 18S9-43 
DAUNOU, (F. C. F.) Conn d*4tadet historiqnes. Vob. I-XV., 8to, dhMoe/.8. 

Ij^ill be completed in nbont 90 Tob.) Paris, 1849-6 

LERMINIER. Etod« d'hittoire et pbikMophie. Stom. 8to,/.I4. PMif. 

8EOUR, (L. P. DB.) Hirtoiie nnivenelle. oonteonnt I'lMstoire anoienM, rhfatoin romaiM 
et d'histoire da Bas-Empire. 6e4da. IS vob.Svo./.aO P«rir. 

DICTIOJfJfAIRE Univeiwl d'hiitoiie e( de gAoffmphie, oootonaMt, eCe., par M. N. 
BooiUet. 8ro,/JM Partf , 1840 

Onvrage aoUwiie par ie eonaefl royal de I'instmeUon pnbKqne. 

HISTOIRE UJrirERSELLR, par Danont, Baratte. OailfaudiB at Magia, pnblMe m 
5 parties. 13 vob. ISmo, /.45. 50 Paris, 1846 

Hbtoire Aaciene. 3 vob. ISmo /JO. 80 

Hbtoire Romaine. 3 vob. ISmo. 10. SO 

Histoire do Moyen &m. 3 vob. ISmo 10. 80 

Histoire Modeme. 3 vob. ISmo. 7. 

Hbtoire de France. 3 vob. ISmo 7. 

SCHLEGEL, (F.) Leotnrai o« the FhJloHMihy of Bbtory, tmadaied finom the GarmaD, 
with a Memoir of the Author by J. B. Robeilion, Eiq. 3d edn. vm. 8vo, 3». Si, 

(Bohn's Standard Library.) Jjnism, 184B 

MILLER, (Dm. 6.) Hbtory phikMophioaUy iUnttiated, fiom the Fall of the Ronaaa Eoa- 
pire to the French Revolation. 4 vob. 8vo Lsmis/t^^ 183B 

BUCHEZ, (P. J. B.) Introdnction k U Soienoe de Thbtoire. 3 vob. 8vo, /JS. Pwrit, 

FERRARI, (J.) Eoai vox let priaoipet et let limitet de la phikMphie da Hibtoin. 8va, f.7. 

PunSf 1843 
BUCHEZ. latiodaotion k U Sdenoe de rhbtoiie. Svob.8vo. . Au^, 1849 

n. ANaENT. 

HEEREN, (A. H. L.) A Manual of Ancient History, particiilarly with 
regard to the Cknistitations, the Commerce, and the Colonies of the States 
of Antiquity. Translated from the German. 9fo, I5a. Oxford, IS40 

HiBtorical Researches into the Politics, Intercourse, and Thuie of the 

Principal Nations of Antiquity. Tranalated from the Geiman. 6 vols^ 

8vo, £4, 5s. M. cloth Oxford, 1838 

RALEIGH, (Sir W.) Works. 8 vob. 8vo " IflBO 

SEGUR. (L. P. DB.) Hbtoire UniverwOe (andenne.) ISvob. 8vo. i>terM, 1830 

ROLLIN. Histoire ancienne det Efyptieni. det Carthafiaob, det AHyriaBt, dn Bladai 
et det Pkrwt, etc., revne par Letroone. 12 vob. Bvo. .... Pmis, 18M 

— — The nine, translated, nnmeroos editions. 

RAUMER, (F. TON.) Vorlesnasea Uber die alte GcMsbichte. 3 vob. 8to, 34#. 

i^tif, lan 

8CHL088ER, (F. C.) Univenal-hbtovbebe Uebenicht der Getohiobta der ahen Wek aad 
ihrer Cnhnr. 3 vob. 8vo, 38« J^nJtfsrt, 1890-34 

MANNERT, (K.) Haadbnch der altea Geeohiefate aai den aoeOea baarbeitat 8vo. 

Berlin, 1818 


DES MICHELS. A Mannal of the History of the Middle Ages, from the 
Invasion of the Barbarians to the Fall of Constantinople ; with Grenealo- 
gical Tables of the Imperial Honses of Germany, of the Three French 
Dsmasties, and of the Norman- Angevin Kings of England. TVanslated 
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HALLAM, (H.) The History of Europe during the Middle Ages. 8th 
edn 2 vols. 8yo, 24« Lomdtm, 1841 

DUNHAM, ( ) The History of Eorope dwing the Middle Ages. 4 
▼ok.l3mo,34tf Umigm, ldSB-94 

(Laidaer't Cjrdspadia.) 




m. MIDDLE AGES.— (Con/inuerf.) 

DI6BY, (K. H.) Mores GathoUci, or Ani of FaUh. New edn., 3 Tob. roy. 8vo, 78*. 

LondoH, 1845-47 

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COMYN, (Sir R.) History of the Western Empim from Cbailemagne to Charles V. 
3 vols. 8vo, 4Ss London^ 1841 

FRANTIN. Annates do Moyen &ge, depnis la ddcadeace de rempiie romaia jnsqn'k la 

mort de Cbarleina|{ne. 8 von. 8vo. /.40. Paris. 

See Fkoi88art*8 Chronicles, MoHaTmiLrr'a Ditto. 


ARNOLD, (Dr.) Leetares on Modem History, with an Introduction and 
Notes by Prof. Henry Reid. 12mo, $1 25. New- York, D. A. & Co., 1845 

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to the close of the American Revolotion. 3 vols. 8vo, 31«. LAnuton^ 1841 

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8vo, voU. I.-VI., 70» London, 1843^5 

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Turks (1453) josqu'k la fin de la guerre d' Ameriqne, 1783. 5a. 6dn., 3 vols. 8vo, /.31. 

Parit, 1845-6 

HOLLAND.— (See Netherlands.) 
I. HISTORY, &c. 

MURRAY'S Hand-Book for Holland, Belgium, Prussia, Northern Ger- 
many, and the Rhine, from Holland to Switzerland. 12mo, Map, 12«. 


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Tenth to the end of the Eighteenth Century. 3 vols. Svo. Land., 1842 

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See Macorkooe's Commercial Statistics. L'Univen Pittoresqne. 


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L^nd&t^ 1843 
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2>»ieii, 1845 
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* iiwmltm 1844 

JURGENSEN. MAmoiret tar rhorologie exacte. 4to, /.O. Pari*. 

Principe* de Tesaet metora da tempi par horologei, oa RAcamA det prindpes de eoa- 

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STEWART, (J.) Stable Economy : a Treatise on the Management of 
Horses, in relation to Stabling, Grooming, Feeding, Watering, and Work- 
ing. By John Stewart, Veterinary Surgeon. With Notes and Additions, 
adapting it to American Food and Climate, by A. B. Allen. l3mo, illw- 
trated with 33 EngraTings, $1 00. . Nno-York, D. A. & Co. 

YOUATT, (W.) The History and Treatment of the Horse ; with a Trea- 
tise on Draught ; showing the Power of the Hofk, how calculated ; Dif- 
ference of opinion as to Wheels ; the Power of the Horse and Steam Car- 
riages compared, and their relative Expense ; real Action of the Horse in 
Walking, Trotting and Galloping ; the best Roads for Draught ; most 
Useful Direction of the Traces ; how best to load Carriages for easy 
Draught ; Springs, Railways, Canals, &c. 8to, illustrated with numer- 
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dition, Traininf , and Shoeing : with a Digest of Veterinary Praoliee. 8vo, lOt. 9d. 

Lmtdmt, 1846 

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HORTICULTURE.— (See Gardening.) 


L fflSTORY. 

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FESSI.ER, (J. A.) Oesehichte der Ungam imd ihrer LandaasKn. 10 
▼ob.8?o LoipMig, ISIS-^ 




L fflSTORY.— (Om/tniW.) 

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des Huns. 2 vols. l2mo. Paris, 1778 

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de i'aUemand par M. Wacken. 3 vola. 8to. 

Frankfort nor le Mein, 1815-16 
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Aaa8./.50 A • • I*aru. 

ren Pittowgoe. 
et AUm. Paris, 183S. 

See L'UniTen Pittoreaqoe. — BsuDAirr*! "Voyafe n^okgiqoe en BoBfrie. 3 voh. 4to, 


GYAMARTHI, (S.) Affinitas lingoie hongarics com Unguis fennicn 
origin, grammatice demonstrata, necnon vocabularia dialectonun tartari- 
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lecto conaervarint, qaaeve a Slavis, ati B<^mi8, Camiolia, Croatia, IllyriiB, 
Polonis, Rapifl, Serbia, Slavis, Pannoniia, Vendis, Valachis, porro a Gnecia, 
Germanifl, Italia, ^tc., adoptarint. 8yo. jPMomt, 1833 

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Ftemui, 1822 

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ribna dectuaa triginta et amplins annonun elaboratnm est. 8vo. 

* Buda, 1825 

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See alio F. Vsrskoht, NeaverfaMte onuariache Spiachlehn. 8vo. Pett., 1805. 
J. N. Rktai, Elaboratior grammatica hangarioa. 8vo. Pestini, 1803, eto. 


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Camkridge, 1830 
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Camtn^e, 1830 

Reports of the British Awociation. 1833. liibrary of Useful Knowledge. Pae- 
cHBLL'a Physios. Mckllke'i Physics. AaifOTT'a Elementi of Physios. 


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London, 1834 

EWBANK, (T.) A Descriptire and Historical Accoont of Hydraulic and 
other Machines for Raising Water, Ancient and Modem ; including the 
ProgresBiTe Development of "die 8team Engine, illnstrtted by aeariy 300 
engrafings. 18a iVew-Forib, 1849 

TJBRARY of Useful Knowledge. 3 yds. 8to. Xom^mi, 1831-41 


HYDRODYNAMICS, <fcc.— ( Continued.) 

OAUSS. Priaeipia feneralia theoi«Uo» fignne flaidoram in tUta 0qaflibrii. 4to. 

Getting., 1830 

PONCELET rr LESBROS. EznArMBOM faydnnKqaca inr let km da r^oonlement da 
I'aaa k travan let orifioas rectaafauurai vaitioaaz k fraadai diaMuioM antniMt k Matz. 
4to, platas Parit, 1833 

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4to, et atlas in A>Uo, 30 pi Paru, 18S9 

EMY, (Col.) M>n monvement das ondes et dai travaox hydnnliiioct muitimei. 4to, avec 
aUas Peru, 1831 

BEAUDEMOULiy, (L. A.) Rachardias TMori-jtratiqaas inr la fbndation par immenioD 
des oavrages hydraabqnee, et partionliereinent des edoMi. 4lo, /.5. Paris, IttD 

ATJBIBSON DB VOISINS, (J. F. d'.) Traitd d'faydranliqna k TaMiga dai ing^niaan. 
9dadn.,8TO Part* at 5tra«*vv, 1840 

VIOLLET, (J. B.) TMoria dat pnits aitMem, sniva d'naa inttreetioB tor lei moyeaa 
d'ntilifer cas pniti. 8to Paris, 1840 

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B^LIDOR. Architaetnre hydraaliqiM. 4 Tob. 4to, /.13S. . " 1737 

La mAma onrmga nonTeUa Mitian, par Naviar. Vol. l~,/.45. . " 1819 

LIND, (A. J.) NoQTalla architactaia faydranliqaa. iWo. . . Jhumk, 1818 

HYDROGRAPHY.— (See Geooraphy.) 

BEAUTEMP3-BEAUPR6. An Introdnction to the practice of Nautical 
Surveying and the oonatroction of Sea Charts. Translated from the 
French, 1^ Gapt. Copeland, ¥rith an Appendix, etc. 4to» 34 plates. 

London, l&SS 

DUPERRY, ( ) Hydrogniphie nantiqne et phjrsiqiie. 4to,et Atlas, folio, 

de 52 cartes, /.140 ParU. 

See Johniton'i Physical Atlas. 

HYDROPATHY.— (See Medicine.) 

AN HISTORICAL and Descriptive Account of Iceland, Greenland, and 

the Faroe Islands ; with Illustrations of their Natural History. 1 yol. 

fcp. 8vo, 5«., cloth. (Edin. Cabinet Library.) Edinb., 1840 

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HOOKER'S Tonr in Iceland. Plates, 3 vob. 8vo, S«. ... London, 1813 

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EOnh., 1818, Bawton, 1831 
TROIL, (U. V.) Letten on Iceland. 8to Lomdon^ 1780 

MARMIER. (M. X.) Lettres snr rislaada. 8vow .... PmHt^ VSB 

OALMARD. (P.) Voyace en Islaada et en Orfenland, ax6cut4 paadaot las aaaAes 1835 
at 1836 sar la corvette la Ka el iaroha,— Lhtatatnw Islaadaisa. 6 Tob. 8to, avae 350 planches, 
/.480 Pmria, 183fM3 

HORREBON, (N.) Natural Hbtory of loalaad, trans, from the Danish. foKo. 

LaniM, 1756 

SIGURDBON, (J.). AHD RAFN, (C. C.) Uandhifa B6fur (Hbtoiical MoaaawBti o^ 

Iceland. 3 vob. 8vo. Uafaim. 

BCRIPTA HISTORIC^ Idandorum da labos festb valamn Boiaaltani, latlaa raddita (a 
Sveinbjom Egihon). et apparatu critico instmota, enraata Societata lagia aadquarlorani 
saptontrioaal. 13 vob. 8vo Utfiiim, 1838-46 


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lated from the Swedish of Erasmus Rask, by G. W. I^asent. 8to, 7«. 6J. 

London, 1844 

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Blagnsani, cura R. K. Raskii. 3 Tola. 4to. Coptnk,, 1814 

PabHoatioBs of tha Sooistt or Noannaa Aaii«VAmiss. MHosas or mtto, 
18»-44, ale. 



SWAINSON, {W.) The Nilnral Histoir and ClamiiicBdanof Fish, Rep- 
lilre, SiK. 3 vols, grn, 12* Landan. lBJS-39 

Fuhs. A SlL«cliarU.rlti«arvinii Biblingnpliy of Ichlhynliifii', with wine Ruoulu 
on CDlkcIing ind Fnxivini f uhn. Thi Hyiwnialic ArraneFnieDt gf Fnhei. Tbs 

Tlie ChuHiBn ud OeniipliDDxiriiilr-IKD New or JUUi'kuwn BpnUx, Kc, fee. 

uiiieni sriha FBtiorclH Ndnnl Sin 41 tinnu nign during ilie HntiwD ynn. IS(, 

A History of BrilUh Firiiu. 3d ed., 9 Tola. 8to, SOt. London, 1841 

clDding niny ifiKiH Hw baron BWnd, taiKbdliiMw^MS Fi|^s» or FHhH, 
inDidy lAkcb rmoi iliBobji9C4ilb«nB»lvH. ud v«7naiiyilliiitm1invigiictua, dra*a 
and *Danitfpd b; Ihs ncHt nnknut Artnb ; wid no pniqi bvit bvn iparBd ro rcndrr 

mJ" ' ° '"' " , BI.B1 IB wo Bf X T 

WILSON, t J ,} Inundurlim tmhcNuurBiHuiorrarFiilia, 4iB,ii, £4iia.. 1B38 
BEALB.IT.) ThnNunimlHiilUflirilnaiHnnWluln. J3n»,t3>. J^dc». lEOa 

BOOCIUB. (G.) A TnH» m the Mnoafnninnt af F«h-wnl« Full, wiih ■ Vkw u 
nuking ibrm ■ wom of pnlil io r.andHl fmimeUm. K>o, wilb ■ FigBn Dflbs SpiEfid, 

FORBF.8, (&.) A Hlriniy of Briu.h Biu F>>h», Bet (Inhiu, and Mhct ulnnli or U» 
CtMi BchmodfrmnU. et». (SOilluuriuon.. Li.. i™t™. 18U 

aiVlER, {G.). IT VALGNCIEITNES. ^ HiB. asl. d« pawn., onyiw nanlinul (lot 

Volt.I.-XVIl, 4i<i.'i:huuirsn<nr,/.9l;*oiilD'ri«,/.4«. Ik I'igBio, ea nolr'/.tS » : 
colaiM./.aSSe. (TabnnnnpliiudiniDTdi.) 

AGABB1Z, (L.J His. nUnidl>-d»|x,iw.iud'ui>duidcl'Eiinpe«nIi>h. ToIiD. 

A'cutild. I83e- 
BhCctier'ii AniBisI Klngdani. Sa^. to P«nn;GTdi>]iEdii. MafuuieBrNilBral 

INDUCTIVE SCIENCES.— (Seo Natural Philosophy.) 

WHEWELL. (W.) The Hirtory of the Indnotive Sciences, from the E«r- 
liest 10 (he Preaent Time. 3d etlitioii. 3 vola. 8vo, 43i. Londm, 1847 

The Philtsophj' of the [ndnctiTC ScienceB, founded opon their Hiaioiy. 

a vqIb. 8to, 30* LBodon, 1840 

INDIA.— (See Hindostan.) 

INFUSORIA.— (See Animalcules, p. 21.) 

EHRENBERU, [C. G.) Or^BniMtlon. sysieinutik, nod geographiBchea 
Verhaltnin der IniiisionBlhierchen. Bvo. Leiptig, 1830 

INTERNATIONAL LAW. — (See Law of Nations.) 
INVENTIONS, History op. 

BECKMANN, (J.) A llieluty of Inveations, Dlncoverlea, and Origini. 
2 vols. on. Bvo, T>. (Boho'i HunUud tJbTsir.) Xandon, 1846 

PRITCHARD, (A.) A List of nil the PoieiiU for Inventions granted in 
Englnnd during the Present Century (Id 184G). ISmo, 18(. 

Limdon, IMT 

NEWTON. Lilt of all Pnlenw for Invenlions granted in England during 
the year 1844. sIphnbelicBlly artanned according to the Names tif Pa- 
tenlees ; to which is addet! a Ciamified Index of the varioas SQbjpcti to 
wbich the Patents belong. 8to, 3*. ... London. 1845 


IN VENT I OSS.] 198 [iHEbutO- 

INVENTIONS.— (Con(t«Merf.) 

DAUSON iHD DEMP8EY. The Inventor's Manoal: a Familiar and 
PiBCilcal Trealiae of ihe Law of Palenu for InvftilloDS. Bvo, St. 

London, 1843 
NOEL IT CARFBNTIER. Nonvun diclioncure d» ongiiis. iDKdtisiu, tl Hzoa- 

BOat;iI.U)N^(N.] DinMimtin ds invrnUou tt dta>tvcnm depnii Is comiunniiwiit 
du mDudcjoi^'t nujoiin Uma,/,3KI Panj. 

DlCTIOJffi'jIIRF. CKmnologiqn* a Riiuiiiii« do dtmamUa, tavnUinH. ptriMlioniM- 
meDU. obK^mUaDi novvdlH ct imjioniiliari an Fianiw, dui In ■ctauoH. In jKianuun. 

DESCA/PryOJV t— MuJuhi M PiucMti iJiicllUi diDi le biviib d'invsBtiati, dei-n- 

VoU. LII., LIII., UV., IW)-IMfl, Kuth /,S0. ""■ 

FEI.OUZB. SmreU asdeniBi ds irU « intlkn, iitnuU dai jonniaH iadiutriililn ploi 

S« Repirtaiji of Pwrnl [DTiatlwi, mDniUf, aBi, pH (BDiiB. NitTTOif'i Londan 
jDornil, moBilili, 301. p« UBBO. ■•chania' Muulaa. L* Bim« d'lniimUin, 


FRASER, (J.) A Hand-Book for TrsTclIera in Ireland, descriplive of iu 
Snnery, TaWDB. Seals, Antiquities, Jtc. : with numerona Slatiatical To- 
bies. Also an onlllnr of its Mineral Slnicture i a brief view of id 
Boisny ; and inforaiaiion for Angieta. Third thousand, corrected and 
mlarged. post 8yo, 12». ; or, with numerous maps, 16». DuWi'n, 1843 

WAKEFIELD, (E.) An Account of Ireland. Statislieal and Political. 
3 vols 4to London, 1S13 

CROKER, [T. K.) Researches in the South of Ireland, illastrative of the 
Scenpty, Architectural Remains, Mnnnera, and Superatitiona of the Peaa- 
antry, ftc. 4lo London, ISIA 

IMGLIa. (II. D.| A JociBii UiiDDehaoUnlaiid la IKM, SioIlSto. " 1^04 

BABTLBTT, (W. H.) Tl» SMn«j and Aniiqallw of In-land, illnilnln] rrom D™«- 
Inii hr W. H, BwilMi ; Ux Ui«ur ixiniaa of the wnk l^ N. F. VViJJii lad I. Stirilaf 
C<i;n<, Einn. i ral>. tto. wiUi PoHrUI, Map, ud ISO «Iiw [Ibnruwu, £3. 3j. 

HALL, (Ma. k Uai, B.C.) I»lud: ll> Snanr, ChattDinr, kc. 3 vsIl Sto, llliM. 

5a» iraArmlSU-U 

BAKBOW. (J. .Ta.) Tost ranail IrIkh'I ia IfOi. tSran. . . " ISSa 

GOUZ. (J. F-uBaii.LiTi La.) Togt la Inland, 1064. Ediud bf C»an» Ciatai. 

LETTF.RS m tbe CaadiUoa at Iho Fmpli of Inland. B; T. C. FwWt. Eii|. IT\m 

KANe,(R.) flw lad iiHiial RHonii sf Inland. Sd td. |i«lSn,T>. " ]845 

BEAUMCmT.lO. Dl.) L'Hand., lonlal., poliUqaa it R)K.«». H tbU. Bni. 
WILKINSON. (G.) FratxtcalGMlofyand ArcliiUcian la Intaad. Ba;aJ S's. 'filaia. 


HOLT, (J.) Memoirs, written by himself; edited bj Ciofion Croker. 

3rols. evo Lmdon. IS3S 

MUSGRAVE, (Sir R.) Memoira of the Rebelliooa in Ireland, includinit 

that of 1798. 3d ed. 3 vols. 8to London, mOQ 



II. mSTORY.— (Continued.) 

ly ALTON, (T.) The Hialory of IrelBnd, from the EarliMt Period lo ihe 
Yenc 1245 ; when the Annals iff Bajle, which are adopted and euibodied 
Rathe tunning text BDihorily, letminnle ; with a Brief Esray on the Na- 
tive AnnsiiBM and other Hjurcea for iiluslrating Ireland, and liiit Staiii- 
lioDl and HiMoricai Notices of the Barotiy of Boyle. 3 toIs. Sio . Wt. 

Dublin, 1845 

COMERFORD, (TO History of Ireland, from the Earlieal Time to the 
Invfliion of Henry II, 4th ed. 8vo Cork, 1807 

GORDON. [Rev. J.) History of Iirlnnd to the Union. 2 voU, 8vo, 

London, 1B06 

THE ANNALS OF IBBLAND. Traiulated fi™ ibe Original Irish 
of the Four Maaiere, by O. Connellan. Edilf d, mih Annoiotiona, hy the 
TranBlntor and P. M'Uennott. with o Mop ahowing ibe Nimea of all Ihe 
Irish Princes and Chiefii, and (he Territoriei ponesed by each, from the 
12th to the 16th Century ; also showing the Poespsaions and Titles of the 
Anglo-Nomian, dt Old Nohjply of English descent, in Ireland. Accu- 

rately collected Irom suthi 
MOORE, (Thos.) The History of Ireli 

O-COHNELL, (Dim..) Memoir of Ii 

8vo,vol. l-.10«.ed 

SMYTH, (G, L.) Ireknd, Historical and SlatisUeal. 

I, Native and Sajon. 2 k 


Vols. 1-a, aa., 6d, 

Lmdm, 1844-46 
after the Union with Gmt Britain, i 
Zwidon, 1B44 

xifdKiikhRsinUiDnoriTsa. to. e>D. 

TEHFI^, (Hia J.) KiOBtj srUw Imh Ri 
HARRINGTON, (Sii J.) Hiilwk Ri«n 


ja, (Loar.) ni.iDfy of ih 

D'CONOR.(M.J MIlttsirHiiieiTDrtlRliI 

BTAFPORD, (T.l Pm«i Hitjomi.. lliil 

of Eltiiivtb. 3 vab. Bio. 
OB.ACE, (J.) Aniiili of IreUnd. in Luin, 

,e iniii rein """^^^^ j^j^ 

.ulAEioh hn*) NiHabjRaT. B Bnl- 

fltlooii of Iha DalricI at Ht-oiAnr. 
I Irlih, »lth Tnailatioa ud Haia. 

(S. la Ibc Origiiil IrUh, wiih Tnai- 

Ii<uloiiar3JiniT II,. with a Piclini- 

lined fmrnlba Imh bf D.CX'DBnor, 

/.™y.., 1743 

CliVn, 1H1I 

Inlond. 3 lok 8>a. " ]a03 

Inland, fto, . - 1J9I 

. EdlBid hr Walter Hairii. S vai., 

£l>U>ii, ITU 

Id in IS41 ud 10(3, EdiWd br T. 


IRON TRADE, (History of.) 

SCRIVENOR, (H,> Hislory of (he Iron Trade. Svo, 15*. London, \8il 


SPALDING. (W.) Ilnjy and the ItEliin lalnnds. from the EBrliesi'Ag™ to 
the Present Time. 3 vale. I2mo, Maps, &.C.. lOa. 6d. London, 1841 

VALERY. Historical, Literary, and Atlislical Trawls in Italy ; an aeco- 
nite and complete Guide to Travrllera and Artisu. Translated by C. S. 
Clifton. 12mo, Map, I6« Londoa. 

Italy and ita Comforts. 12mo, 7*. 6i 

HAND-BOOK (Murray's) for Travellers in Northern Italy— States of Sar- 
dinia, Lombardy and Venice, Parma and Plaxeaza, Modena, Lucca, Mas- 
■a-Carrara, and Tuscany as Air aa Uie Vil D'Amo. ISino, Map. 13». 

lor Central Italy, Rome, the Papal States, and Cities of Elmtia. 

Maps, ISmo, 15* London. 

for Sonthem Italy, Sicily, and Naples. Map, ISmo. 

COGHLAN, (F.) Hand-Book for Italy, complete in 1 vol. ; including 

every Infonnation explanatory of the Ronles, Modes of Travelling, Money, 
' Paraports, Expenses al Hotels, and for an entire Tottr, from recent Per- 
Bo'nal Viaiti. ISmo, lOi London, 1845 

EUftTACB, (8rv. J. C.) Cluucil Tom ikrsDgh ltd} ia Itva. «k ads., 4 tgh, Bid. 

Lttiat. JB9I 
XVAN9, (G. W. D.) Cliuii^ larl Conaniicor in lUir ud BioUt, with abridjRd timiula- 

uox. t>r l-nfi't BioKi rmonci. 3 vol.. Hni Z«uIh, 1839 

FORaVTH, (J.) Anliqaitin, Aili. ud LHIri in Ilalr. 4lh eda. " IBU 

UOAKE, (SiK E. C.) OuHci! Torn IhroueMtal; and S-vilj. Sdcdn., S nlLSTo. 

TAYLOR, (Mm C.) L-tier. from luij le a jonnpir 8iil«. Stab. IBma. ■■ IWT 
&AUMER, (F. voFi.l rialf uxl ihc [ttliuu. StoLi. B». ... " ISW 

JANIN, (J.) yo,tf<nVt\>>. ISmo Psrii, IS3R 

BLUNT. (Rev, J. J.) Vcnitn crT AlwicDl CiuUinii ud Mnnin in Madam ItaJy ud 

CRAMBB, (Ret. J. A.) ficainpIilFil ud HiUMial DncrlpdoBorAiDlHil lulr. E 

■nk. Hrn. Oj>rd, 1805 

MAEIOTTI, (L.) Half, rut nnd Fmenl. 2<1 cdn., 2 voli. im. Bre. lit. Ijnimt, 18IS 
BARTORIUS, (C.) E^ui »[ l-EUI d» pcnpki d'lulic uu l> «°>«ne<iinl de> GdUii. 

.... Pmri,. 1811 

) Itilr : ClunclJ, ilinorii^nl. ud Piclnmnnc. imp. 4la. nlilH, £i. 

7.«<l«. ISU 

ZUCCAGNI. (O.J Cnwnliieiion, iIaiirieiUli>liwd*IJ'ltiJiied<]leit.ei«h. BtoM 

AUu in rnno Pirnai. 1S3S- 

GROTEFEND, (G. F.) Znr GHKrapbie n, Onchichw van Alt-lulicD 5 Befls. tw. 

m«iw.. 1849 
Sh Cdkdei-i UoJin Tmrdbr. L'Usivcn FiuonqD*. Utcoui 
Biulaia, be. 

n. HISTORY, &.C 

BISMONbl, (J. C.L.DE.] The History of the IlaKsn Republics; or 

Origin, Progren, and Fall of Freedom in Italy, from A. D. 4T6 lo 

am. 8vo, 6i. London 

ITALY.] 197 

11. mSTORY. &c.— (CorWmuerf.) 

PROCTER, (G-) The HUlory of Italj. from ihe Fall of ihe Weslcp 
Empire 10 the Commencsmeni of th* Wttra of ihe French Reiolalioc 


GUICCIAEDim, (F.) B»rt.d'ln.l(.,^«i,Jlo 

(Pu-rinlb de>' BUM- di MlI»oJ «»..d. d. 

RokDdi. lft«*.B™. 
3 'SIl 8va, T3i. M i oilb Aflu ID 

"giiTNU l^™"""'*"™ ""'■'"■"- 

a gli, orjtinili .dubI, fcc. w«.<i in 

JKCHiriO SuiM luUuo ; Mia R»™Ju di opt™ ■ danninili. ta.. rhfHri. 1. Siorii 

BOTTA. (C.) aorUa'tlaii^njnlinnlUdl^ntll. 

tf<«4.,' 1H3S-32 
i Giiicciudinl HDD li mt. 14 nil. 

ABEKEN, (Di. W.) Milid-lullek ve.d« Z.l».. 
DARZBTTI, (0. B.) Dettt Sloria > drlU nndjiu 

BD d'lUlll IDIU il (»«IW lll^«U IlD- 

TANIM, (C.) Hlimln da Iniuiam da SiTuiiK 

■• t\Mir. i, vti. .. XI. nDDi>. Vol. 

DU EOUaB, [LI MiMBH.) H»1wi.dnTb4odont 

hGnnd. nHd'lUil«*pr<e«i)«>d'ilII<i 

RANk£, (L.) TlwBlrtor(arU>aPapH<>rib>fM,liii»l.biMiL 
[RupilBtsd. Ptaiiu) , C. k H.) 


OLLENDORFF, |H. G.) A New Meihod of Learning lo Read, WriW, 

and Speali ihe llaliiin Language. With Addiiiona and Comotiana by 

Ffiix Forest], Prof, of the lialien Language in (he UniveiHily ct the Ci^ 

of New- York. l3mo.91 50. .Veie- rori, D. A, &C<1.,'184T 

A Key u> liie atiat'D in * -puito •Djgn*. uaifDrm. 

FORESTl. (F.) Crestomaiia Italians : a Colleeiion of Selected Piacei in 
Italian Prose, designed as a Clan Reading-Book for Begtnnen In the 
Study of (he Italian Lnnguage. ISmo, ^1. 

JV™-For*, D, A. Sc Co.. 1847 

GRAGLIA. (C.) A New Pocket Dictionary of (he Italian and English 
Languages, in Two Pans. Many new words and locations, with a com- 
pendiooB Elementary Italian Grammar, ere now added. 18mo, 6i. 

London, 1840 

BARETTI. (J.) A Diclionaryofthe English and Ilo I ian Langnnges. To 
which is prehxei). an Italian and English G rum mar. 9lh edition, cor- 
reeled and improved, by C. Thomson. 3 vols. »vo, 9Ga. London. 1839 

MEADOWS, (F.) Italian and English Dictionary. 18mo,7», " 18*4 

Dizrojf.imo dkllji Litmus itaiaaj^a. t vol., 4io. £7, 7«, 


,.. >>•> L.Dri 

DIZIOJfAmO pmuuli Mit iiaena [tuli 

ALBEETI. DiDtioaailn ilalka-riuc. '. 
CORMOH. DlQitininaln poruiiTiulm-f 
BAEBBEI. Dictioaniirn IV»fiiii ii>ll«. 
T0MMA9EQ. KBSiodiiloBariadiSlnD 

inl dolU liifu iialius. B rab. Sro, 3S<. 

lULT.] 196 [JAMAIU. 


X (B.) OiciiaHno i«bi>i«»tiiiiol(i(ii;a-eiolo(iRi di IntU iTonboIl aiitl mMt 

«.,«.. rewm Miia-i'.im-33 

•nil nuMi en . tcwnie b^^^^ vo. 

DANTE, {mp. lia.> of HriU Pirnio.;. ad PindlH, oT Danu Alirtirt. 

Timuliuil bT (h< Rk. Hn'7 Cut, A. M. With » Lift gf Pimm, OhiDBal— t u dVinr 

sr iiH Afc, Addlliimiil Now lad lailu. msBninl wHb Twdr* Surf Bi^riip, 

fiom Dnigiii b; John FliimiD, R. A., ud ■ fiiKly nitlird PMnH. l&M. (I 30. 

/rVB- IWt. D. A. It Cb., isit 

TA880, TI>»J«u«l«niDtUvfrKl. of ToniMioTuK. Tniulud iaio GvU>h 8i«»- 
liin ocTK. wiih * Liff or Uw AoUwt^ J. 11. W.An. Illu.inud Willi ■ liiJT™- 

1S0O pp. ixrlniU Farit. 

POETI DEJ.L' tntt^JUF.DIJI. RDyJ8™,lS00pp.pon™U,/,18. . Patii, 1BI7 
POETI ITAI.IAJff COtfTEMFORAJfEl ManloH > Mil»ri. Raf. Bra, HOD pp. 

FROSJTOKI ITJIt.lA^I. (Kiicbi c niadEmi. pel enn diUliueppe Z'Ludiii. 6 tdU. 
In S^lvo. poiUKU Pm,. 

Ijtebaby HisTimy. 

8ISM0ND1, |S. DE.) Hislory of [he Lflrralare of iht^ Soulh of Europe. 
Transl. by Thoa, RoBcoe. 2 toIb. 12inp, 7». . London, 1M6 

(Bohn'i 9uild>nl LilAty.) 

STEBBINGS, (Dk. H.) Lives of ihe Italian PoeW. 3 toIb. mn. 8io. 

Zondan. 1833 

GINGUENE. (F. L.) Hill. LtnitoiTd'lulle. S«>li. tv«t»iiUD<iUigiinBr8«]G.3vab, 

U .01.. B.I. Pupi., 180»-M 

LOMBARDI. (Akt.) Storiscl.:ll>lMt<»i»IXV|[I,ucalo. ItoU.Rm. 

^agfio mllii •tarn drib lelUrml. IIIIiiBI Del piiini SS Biinl del miila XIX. ^td. 

MaaM; m\ 

MAFFEr, (G.) BiDiiii dallB LeIleniBia Tullani, dtU' oripiiB iUOt liiifii ilns ■ nalri 

■lomi ;iu«iii, Svob, Bid Fimzt, IfB* 

TIRABOBCHI, (U.) euri* delk Lctlintiiia luliui. ID ok 8>o. . " lBCO-13 

CooipFBdla di>ll( mi Btoria drili LHUnvma llnliiH. 3 ioliHvo,3at. I'tiuiii. IWS 

CORNtANI, (a.) I leinU iWUi MtriBtiiia lullma dopoU ••ii>riiDni<iw>>i°..«iB"»><i>>rie 

UOOM, <C.) DellB letUirBliiiB ilaliUB ubIIb HeandB hhU M ■koId XVIII. 3 lob. 

LirCCHEBINI, (C.J IMIi illnitmlDnB delU liBfU BBlkihi- a ib^bb, b pnncipBl^u 
«>ir ItnliBU pKKorui bbI ■wId XVIII, itiV Iiillui. »n. Lucm. m» 

FBRBAKIO, (J.) Ston* ti ibbIhI dfRtl (nllchl iwuBBii dl «vBll«i( b M pBemi roiBBn- 
BKhld' IibIIb, ioUb DcrimHiiB de' ciibIUbH. ion goitld' ansn, *ls, 1 •oli, avg, /.SB. 

JAMAICA.— (See Antilles.) 

FHILIPPO, 0. M.) JmnaicB, iu Paul und PrFaeni Suie. Sro, 8*. M. 

Zondmi, 1S43 

RENNY.(R.) History of Jammca. 4to, . , . " 1807 
HAKE WILL. (J.) AFittBW|»Ti>iiilithBbl»dDrJiniBle>. 4l<i. 1894 

LONG. (B.) Tht HblHT <•' .IimBicB. oi GbbbiiI Bhiib)' vT ilw Ascisiit Bnd Modirn 

BLOANB, rBtB Him.) Vowb ib ihe Uiadi sf Maddn, IIiirtKdH, Nnni. Bi. Chnnn- 

BDWARDS. IB.) HiBory of lbs Briliih CMobIbi In tbi Wial tndiia. 5 laU. Htd. 

/.ni/n. leit 

ALt^DO. 'A.) I^MfnnhicBl BBd Hiitorial DMiUaBBi; of AoKno ud Iha Weal ladiv. 

TnailBUdrrooKbiSpuiidi. byCi. A. TbomiaD. 3 vbIl 4U>, 30>. . i>»r«, IBIS 

GOaBE.(P.H.) The Bi.d> of Juaun. ini. B>a. ]0>. ... " IMT 

Bn MiKTiH'i BiiUih GolDoial Ubraij. McCuLLOcn'i Gtaf. DioUOBBiT. F. 

Hbdwi-'bCkII ind NBIniBl lliilai, DrJBiliBii'l. falia, £.>B.ln, 1T46. J. Ldhi'i 

ip6nuiM, et let him da 
4to1s.8vo. . Porir, 1796 


L HISTORY, dtc. 

MANNERS and Customs of the Japanese in the Nineteenth Centary ; de- 
scribed from recent Datch TraTellers. 8vo, 9«. Sd. London, 1841 
(Timnsl. by Mra. Bask from SieboM and othen.) 

KAEMPFER, (Dr. E.) History of Japan. Translated from the Dutch by 
J. G. Scheuchzer. 2 vols, folio London, 1737 

KING &. LAY. Voyage to Japan, and the Malayan Archipelago. 9 
▼ 8to New- York, 1939 

GOLOWNIN, (Caft.) Memoirs of Captivity in Japan. 3 vols. 6vo. 

London, 1824 
CHARLEVOIX, (P.) Hiitoiie et DMoription gAn^rale dn Jfpon. 9 vob. ISmo. Paris, 1736 

THUNBERO, (C. P.) Veyam m Jamm, pu la Gap 
la Bonda, aof. dct aotei par I*. LasfMc at J. B. hum 

RIOORD, (Capt.) Voyaca aa Japon. 3 Tob. ISuio ** 1831 

8IEB0LD u. NIPPON. Arehiv car BawhiaibaBff voa Japan and denaa Nabaa and 
Sehntd&adarn. Parts I.-XV.. foUo. ... jSmtterd., 1833-1845 

—' Voyaia an Japon, axAcntA pandaat las aan^as 1833 k 1830, on datciipUoa physiqaa, 
f6ofraphHina at bistoriqna da rempire japonais, d'Icgo, das lies Knrilas iMiidionalas, da 
KnAo. da la Cor6a, das lias Lni Km, etc., Edition fraaf aisa rtdifaa par MM. A. da Montiy 
at R. FrassiBet. 5 vols. 8vo, avac on atlas in folio da 130 plates, doat ana ppirtia odoiiaa. 

Port*, 1345 
L*onvraga sera pnblM an SS Livraitoa*. Prix da chaqoa Krraieoo, /.14. 

A^JfALES das Empereois dn Japon, trad, dn Ji^waaois-Chiada, par M. Isaac Thsia^, 

laraas, tec , par Klaproth. loy. 4to, 30i» Pmri*,VS3i 

(Oriea. TraasL Faad.) 

APERCU OEM'ERAL dee trois Royaamee, tiadait da rorigiaal Japonak-CUnois, par 
M. J. Klaproth. 8vo, 5 cartas, ISs Paris, 1898 


SIEBOLD, (P. F.) Flora Japonica digessit J. G. Znccarini. Vols. l-,Mo. 

Lutrd. Bat , 1831-184- 

Fanaa Japonica, alaboraatibas C J. Tammiack. H. SdilMar, at W. da Haaa. foUo. 

lAvd. Bat., 1834-1846 
Mammalia fase. 1-3. 
Aves ** 1-3. 

Piscae " 1-13. 

Cmstaoca " 1-^5. 
Cbaloaii, Ophidii, Sanrii at Batraehii, 3 ftse. 


RODRIGUES, (lb P.) EMmants da la frammairajaponaiw, tiadnits dn portagais snr la 
maanscfit de la BiUiotbeqaa da Roi, ate, par M. C. Laadreesa : pv6c4d4s d'naa axpBoft> 
taoa das syllabaires par M. Abal Ramnsat. 8vo Paris, U85 

AR8 ORAMMA TICJE )^^niat Ungnm, a Fr. Didaoo Collado. 
DtCTIOIfARIUM fM9 thasaari liagnc japoaica oompaad. 4to. 
VOCABULARY, English and Japanese, and Japanese and English ; com- 
piled from native works, by W. H. Medhorst. 8yo, I6t. Batmria, 1830 


RAFFLES, (Sir S.) History of Java. 2 vols. 4to. London, 1817 

HOGENDORP, (M. lb Coktb.) Coap d*<En snr rUa da Java at lee aatiae PoMswioas 
N4arUndaisas dans T Archipal das lads*. 8ro. .... BmseUes, 1830 

BTUER8. (F. V. A. db.) Mamoiiae ear la fnena da Tlla da Java, da 1835-30. 4to. at 
folio, atlas L^, 1833 

THORN, (W.) Memoir of the Conquest of Java, with sobsequent opera- 
tions of the British Ibroea in the Oriental Archipelago, to whidi is sub- 
joined a statistical sketch of Java. 4to. . London, 1815 




[knight's GiriDSS. 


HORSFIELD, (Dr. T.) Zoological Researchetin Java and the neighbour- 
ing Islands. 4to, 71 col. plates, 84«. London, 1824 
MACLEAY, (W. B.) AnnnloM javanioa. 4to. . . . " 1835 

BLUBiE, (C. L.) Flora Javc, nee non iiunlarum adjaoeDtinni. 3 Tob. folio. 

BruxeUes, lSa»-X 


HUMBOLDT, (W. voH.; uber Kawi-Spnoha anf dar IiimI Java. 3 rob. 4to. 

Berlin, 1836 



ENGELM ANN, (W.) BibUotheca Juridica. Veraeichn. aller branchbaren 
, Ton 1750 bis 1839 erscheinenen Bucher. 8vo, 7«. 6d. Leipzig, 1840 

SCHLETTER, (g. T.) Handbuch der jivischen u. staatswissenschaftl. 

Literatur. Vol. 1, parts 1-7. (Jurisprudence.) 8vo, 10«. Grimma, 1840 

KRUG, (W. T.) Allg. Haadwdrterbuch der phikMophiscbeB WiiMntehaft aeUt ihren 
Liteiatnr and Geacfaichte. 5 volt. 8vo. Ltipnig, 1838 

AUSTIN, (Jno.) The Province of Jurisprudence determined. 8vo. 

London, 1832 
GROTIUS. The Introduction to Dutch Jurisprudence of Hugo Grotius, 

now first rendered into English by Chas. Herbert, of the Middle Temple. 

roy. 8vo, 31». 6d London, 1844 

L*HERMINIER. Philotophie dn Droit. 3 vob. 8vo Ports, 1831 

JOUFFBOY, (T.) Court de droit nataiel. etc. Vol. 1-3, 8vo. Porta, 1835 

MATTER, (J.) De riafluence dca lois tar let nKsnit, et de riaflaoBaa dee aaoeart tar let 

loii. 2e 6dn., 8vo Pari$, 1843 

MONTESaUIEU. De I'etprit da loit. 4 volt. 8vo Pari; 1890 

Spirit of Lawt, trantl. 3 volt. 8vo, 14« London, 1883 

Commentaire rar TEtprit da lott, par Dettatt de Tracy, etc 8vo. Poria, 1819 


ADDISON, (C. G.) The History of the Knighto Templan, the Temple 
Church, etc London, 1842 

KNIGHTHOOD —(See Chivalry, p. 99.) 


18mo, 1«. each. 

KinoHT's Guides to Service. 

Banker't Cleric 




Dairy Maid. 

Farm Bailiff. 



Groom and Coachman. 

Lady't Maid. 
Laundry Maid. 
Maid of aU Work. 

NnrMry Maid. 
Pk>aghman, Carter, &c. 
Poultry Maid. 

Knight's Guides to Trades. 12mo. 


Carver and Gilder. 

Ciiemiit and Dmggitt. 


Goa raetioiief . 

Mam aad Cabtaet Maker. 


Milliner and Dresmaker. 

Plumber, Glacier, Au>. 




London, 1847 





18mo, li. 6d. each 

Lord Bronibiuii'i StiumEDDriheTinieo/' FoDaLot C 
Gn»|>«iri. Bvol.. ijC.H 

Loiil Bmujiluin'i adlUan nr PiJey^ 

1 adlUan □■ PiJey^l \ 

nl Th«>liii;y and Tieilix on ( 

Min'MnniDHn'iFuu an Du Fiord. I 
Mi>Mutil>«il'.BiUoMaiidll»Ri>cll. : 

Knighr'! RBUtH or Muhinify. and Cuial 

■ Ti»?ot. By C. Mm Fmlint S 

IT Lant'i Flounh'i Lin^ Thn Ciril 
1 of Ron*. Svob. 
ir— Flctninllf Eniliili UCl rrom Cban- 
C>n1«bni; TntAi rTom C!h>D«r. B) 

s by Bivm. By Jams Tbone. 4 

LifcorNlHcon BuoaapaiV, By A. Vltu- 

tAluA by A. fiarauy. 1 vol. 
Flomn ud Unic Aiwuuieu. By Mia 

» Bpindla, a Sf^edioi 


with Prcfacg by 
ThV Fao3"or Miii; By Di. UnhH 

Haton or Litmriin Md Lnmlnj il En 
Isad, v>ilh anndmtmiafllio Piincipal W 
UFt. B;0. L. Ciuk. A. H. «»b. 

Bpeim and bii ForlTy. By G. L, Cnik, 

HWoryorBrlUihroniBiBi™. ByO.L.Crai 

Bf Dr. KIUD. a 'Ob 
CnnnlriH of PhyiinJ OMgraiihy. By W. 

TbiEli«IUhwDmaiiinE;^pl. ByMn. Pwlo. 

Laas'i Modim EniiiiaiK, 3 'ob. 
Laor-. Arabtati Tal^ - - - 

Mii1i.^n>. tUcina 

ThaCid, By O. DniUi.— Tin S|)Hi 

>u. BrQ. H. Lcwn. a.oU. 
Ub of Glaihan, Iba Fonadcr at Uh Royal 

Bioliaiiri. By C. Mao FaHaaa. I to' 
OM Erxland Noy.lM. — Tha tTarap of 

K.__Tha Dolck In Ilw Madwat— A 
>r Bodini Abboy. By C. Mac I 

AnbUo Ni<liU. 

Oitfua Tctntoiy. By Ibo 
Biat[m|iiiin^liiIoTT or An«^ 

Canada. ByaL^idy.— 

ov of Gnal BnUig. By O. 

<^ati^. A. M, 3 Toll. ' 

1 Smilh-i PbdoHph; of Heallh. 

By M>» Prall. I vol, 
Ponalar Tunnlb llhihltlm 

k'i BilliUi CMtoma, fiDno ihe EaHiM 
od IDllH commnniunitDriboFiaaat 

TIm Fltncbi ef Painlinf CbaiisUnHd. A 
"' tFhDrihalliitotyof Painiinn. Aaoiaat 

aUiel Poilnit Qiliary o( BntUi Woi- 
I. 73 Blcol PoilrttJU. ia Tob. 
Sabine) Hifloty of Eii|lud. By C. 

KORAN— (See page 27.) 



LAtor.] 303 [latin. 




ARNOLD, (T. K.) A First and Seeond Latin Book and Piaetioal Gram- 
mar. Revised Mad carefidly Corrected, by J. A. Spencer, A. M. 13mo, 
bomid, 75 cents. The First Latin Book, or the Second Latin. Book and 
Grammar, can be had separately. 50 cents each. 

New'Tork, D. A. & Co., 1847 

The oUef tk^mtt •t tUi work f wUoh ii fimnded oa the priaoiplet of imitatioB and 

ftwiMBt iMMdlioa) k to esald* the papil to do «z«oii« ffom tho flnt day of Ym 

— Latin Prose Composition : A Practioal Introduction to Latin Prose 
Composition. Revised and Corrected by J. A. Spencer, A.M. 13mo, 

boond, $1 NeW'Tmrkt D. A. &, Co., 1^47 

This work b alio foanded oa tbe priaciplM of hnitatioa aod fiMiwBt lopetiUoa. It 
is at bnoa a Syatax, a Voeabolary, ud an Eseraisa Book ; aMcomkhfabh attea- 
tioa has beaa paid to tha sabjeot of Syiionynes. 

KEY, (T. H.) A Latin Grammar oa the System of Cmde Fonat. By T. H. Key. Post 
8to, pp. 410, okich. 9» LmUam, 1840 

ZUMPT, (C. O.) School Grammar of the ].«tin Lanfnaco. Translated and adapted to 
the ttse of the High School of Edinbonfa, by L. Sehmits, Ph. D. IBmo, 4#. 

/MdM. 1840 

•— A Grammar of the Latin Lanraace. Translated firom tbe Ctorman, with additions, by 
the Rev. J. Kenrick, M.A. 9th ed., 8vo, 10#. OJ Lmidom, IS» 

ANDREWS k. STODDARD. A Grammar of the Latin Langnage, for tho Use of 
Schools and CoUefes. ISmo. BMtmi. 

KRESS, (J. B.) Guide to Writiaf Latin : consistinf of Rales nnd Baamples for Praetice, 
flom the German, by Saml. H. I^ylor. 19mo. Animnr, 1845 

DONALDSON, (J. W.) Vanonianos : a Critical and Hktorteal IntradnetiM to the Pht- 
lokigieal Study of the Latin Langnaso. 8vo, 10«. Orf. ... AendeH, 1844 

EICHENFELD rr ENDLICHER. AnalecU grammaticn maxfanam partem anecdote. 
8«ols.8vo rAidstMM, 1830-37 

LEMARE. (P. A.) Coon de langne latino, o& 4000 ezemples prk daas Sallost, Ctear, 
Cleefon,Viigila, etc., etkramemblerdeSOOOmoineslatinesetles 15,000 d«riv4s, etc. Se 
4dit. 8vo PoTu, 1819 

CORPUS ORJiMMATICORUM Latinomm Teteram, raoensnit no leet. Tariet. adject. 
Fr. Lindemnnn. vok 1-4, fosc. 1, 78« /'•^pxV* 183UHK> 


DUMESNIL, (G.) Latin Synonyms. Translated by GoaKt. 8vo,12f. 


DOEDERLIIPS Hand-Book of Latin Synonymes. Ttanalated from the 

German. By the Rev. H. H. Arnold. 8vo, 7t. 6d. London, 1841 


FACCIOLATI ET FORCELLINL Totins Latinatis Lexicon. New 
edn., ed. by Jas. Bailey. 3 vols. 4to. London, 1828 

RIDDLE Sl ARNOLD. A Copious and Critical English-Latin Lexicon. 

Founded on the German-Latin Dictionary of Dr. Charles Ernest Georges. 

8to., 35« London, 1847 

RIDDLE, (J. E.) A Complete Latin-English and Engliah-Latin Dictionary ; 

compiled from the best sources, chiefly German. 2d edn., 8vo, 31«. 6d. 

London, 1840 

GEORGES. (C. E.) HandwOrterbooh der Uteinlsdien Spmehe. 4 rob. roy. 8vo. 

Leimt^, 183SM3 
Latein.dentscherTheil. S vols. lOt. . *^ 1843 

Dentsch-lateiniseber Thefl. 3 vols. 18« " 1839 

LEVERETT. (F. P.) Lexicon of the Latin Langnage, oomidfed diiefly from Facciolati, 
Sdieller, and Lnenemann. 8vo Betton. 

IfttHLliANN, (G.) HandwOrterboch der latein. Spnehe. S ttk, lOy. 8ro. 

ir«rx*«fy, 1845 

FUinrD, (W^ Wdrtmbach der Latinfachn Bpmidii. 4 ^nk. wj, 9f, Lt^^Mig, ttMr4l^ 

LATIN LANGUAGE, &,c.— (Continued.) 

aUICUERAT, (L.) ThoMBra* poetiou UafOB latins, on dietionaAin pratodkiM et poA- 
tiqne de la laagne latine, oontenant Uhw 1m mots imonjim pnr J« poficos dont m onviif 
nooa lont pnnrennw, «t oenz qni m tronvent dans ms fragments et dans las inscriptioBs. 
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NOEL. (F.) Nonveaa Di«tk>naak« fnn^ais-latin, oontenant I'dtymolocie das mots fran- 
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DU CANGE. Glossarinm Media et Infima Latiaitatis, conditnm. i CaraJo Dofrasne, do- 
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Anthor of *' Christian Morals,*' ** Christian Potitiee," etc, etc With Additioas by 
Henry Reed, Prof, of English Literntnre in the University of Penaeyhraaia. 

D. Appleton it Co. vsspeotfhOy notify Teaehon that they have recently pobMshed 

A KE J to Arnold's Latin Prose CompositioB. 

" " Greek " «« 

Teaeheis only can be snpdied with the above. AppEoatloas for than to bo aiAer par- 
sonal or by letter to the PnbBsheis. 


DUNLOP, (J.) The History of Roman Literature, from its Barlieat Peri- 
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LAW. — ( Continued.) 

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LIBRARIES.— (See Bibliography.) 

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(Manods Roret.} 

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13mo, plilea uid woodculs, Si. Sd, per toI. London, v. j. 




■n« Bgyptillp AsIiQiiiliH 

?hg TsHcJiy HnrhlH. S 
Muiiam, Tbt BlgtD ud Fhiilkiu 

NjtiDcil Huionr. MenuHira — i^tiuiiu (be 

ViriMin or iIh tiDi, Woir. UjiDi. Udu, 

TiiH, CuncI, LJuum, Glnlfc, Monkij 
Trib.,fte- ivoli. 
Nuiud Uidarr. VigiUbk ShIhUeish, 

liualluiH— lono 
iUmlcfy. The A 



GmhomiT, (Flue, Solid, ud SpbencilJ. 

8i->. S>. 

by Pn.f- !-.«. 8.0. 10., M. 
A».o.lH,(V;j»or).b,J««, IrokBto 

Bxli'hCulh, 8.0, lOi, N. 

Bndlev, Brn.U. 

Q™Jkito,,or),bjMiUl«., HrD,S.. 
H™ rrhe),^ TOQ.U. Byb, 10*. 
LoiKiUmi., (TmblM ofi. lima^. 

Bm-h HDiUidrr. a>Dh. StD. 3tu,M, 

RMit^phr ar'Bninnl P^wnu. Bva, Id,. 

C>k:u)<ii (Uiff iHl loUf). bj D> Marfu 

N.le«l Pbil™.,*,, 3.,.l..8vo.38.. 

a™, H.,M, 

Ph«..l=«,. {AniQUl), b, Dr. Boi«, b™. 

ia> u. 

Bhee'p, (TieUueonl. 8to, lOi. fU. 
Bi™.llil, I.«p.4lopl.i=,IS.„eol.n, 

o.B,„™. hr McCMnoh B.», «.. at 

Dnf (Tbt), b; Ydo*1I. Bto, «.. 



Bo/luil i»d« t)» Bnirli. Std, le.. 

Swiu«lud, (Hblorj of), bf VieiWMll, 

FlmUi H<ubud». e.g. Si. 
Four, UiMarr oTby Bowdk? 


Spain ud Porlaiil, (HbrUKT of), by On. 

Priindly Baatolw, bT AmUt, 8<b. ii. 

Boik, B>D, 7i. 

Tnn, a— Ii-ie.Flutl.1), 8». S.. 


URANCE, p.51.) 

4T.— (See Optics.) 


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LOCOMOTIVE.— (See Steam Engine.) 
LOGARITHMS.— (See Mathematics.) 

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pbl«. £5.5» Z.«nian, 181»49 

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hONBO^.— {Continued.) 

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See BiLUNoa' Temple Charch. Bratlkt'i Londiniana. Elmbb's Sanrey of the 
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Batlbt's Tower of London. 


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I'lle en 1596 jusqu'an r^cit des demien evdnements de Tamatave. 8vo, /.8. 

Paris, 1846 

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See Owkn'i Voyages in the ' Leven ' and ' Barracouta.^ DauRT'e Captivity, etc. 


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MAGIC. — (See Occult Sciences.) 

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MAGNETISM.— (See Electricity.) 

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on the Principles aflectinf the Capacity and Retentivenen of Steel for the Magnetic Cob 
ditions, with the devetopmeBt or ProoeMei for detennininy the Quality and IWice of 
HardneM of Steel. Part 3, comprinnc Invettifations concerning the Laws or Pnndplei 
afiectinf the Power of Magnetic Steel Platet or Ban in combination at well as sinriY, 
nnder varioos conditions as to mass, hardness, quality, form, fro., as also ooncerftinc the 
ComparaUvePowen of Cast Iron. 8vo. 15«. M. LMd<m,ieSlhO 

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MAGNETISM, ANIMAL.— (See Mesmerism.) 

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Bombay, leSB 
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Ijndtm, 1806 

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((Mental Translation Fund.) London, 1833 

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Bcrit in6dit de la biblioth^ue royale, et publi6 par M. E. Jaqtet Iblio, 
/25 Paris, 


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withan]jitrodaetioD,lqrSir8.RafflM. 8vo. . £«ub«,1891 




MALACCA.— [Conlinved.) 

B0NDYCK-BA8TIANSE, (J. H. dk.) Voyag™ 6iU imn le» MolnqnM. 
elc., » bord la Eoflleiu.' roynk Hns. 8»o./.7. . Farit. 


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London, 1812 

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HOWIBON, [J.J A DicUddU)' oT lli' Miil» Tonfii'' *">. • • " 1 

VOCjIBa/^RreF lh«eitiyUli,B<iga, ifld M>li; Linjuign, Conuininf ktunl i.__ 

vnrit. 8m, a., Brf Siite-V^', 1*33 

ROBINSON, (W.J An iiuiD^ ID lU^diu Dx piii>d|J« i>r Mil(r» Onl»«iip^ 

BOFP. (F.) Uetwrdlg VtnI■Illl■l:h■nl1'•mlU>)iIl:ll-lluly'»•>»l>"■Spruh«DltllFnIBdiKll' 
WEKNnLtJ, (O, H.) MileiHhgBpnchkmut. •10. 4u. ... Boubh, ins 
BAE.'C, (D.) INcUoBinsaiMiUliM.LduninMI^iiB-MilsieBm, 410, lOi. 

Hnu. laai 

MALACOLOGY.— (See Concholooy.) 

SWAIN30N, (W.) A Trealise on Malacology ; or Ow Nalnral Claaaifini- 
lion of Shells and Sholl-fiBh. fop. Byo. . . . ten 4™. 1840 

ALDER k HANCOCK. Monograph of ibe Briiiab Nudifaianchiate Mol- 
luBca. Colonred platca. 4lo London, 1846 

OWEN, (R.) Leclurea on Ihe Comparaiiro Analomy ol the Intensbraif 
Aniiuila, delirend sL ihe Royal CoUegs of Surgeons in 1843, 8to, I4U 
iUuBlratioiiB, 14«. Lmdoa. 1843 

FLEMING, (J.) MolluBcouB An[mai6, indoding 3bcll-fish. conlainLng an 
Eipoaiiion of their SLniolure, Syaicinaiical Arrangemenl, Physical Disiri- 
buiion. and Dieteiical Usee, wilh a reference to ihe eilinci racea, Svo, 
irisles, E( • Edinburgh. 1S3T 

GRAI^, (Mabia E.) Figures of Molluscons Animals, selecled from various 
■olbois. Etched for ihe Use of Students. Sto, vol, 1, 88 pistes and de- 
scriptions, 1S«. London. 1843 

LAMARCK, Hiuoln numVt J« iniiniiii htii V>n«t»M, i.rt»DUnt l« ana.',a m- 

a P. [Inhajwein. Milm Edwaidi. S v<rii. Htd,/.^ . pin-il.'lE^-U 

DELEeSBHT. (B.) kKeaQ ds coqsills dtoriln «r Lunircli. dui ■■ BiUiie DHa- 

POTIEZ IT MICHAUD. OiUsni d« MnllBiqui, an Cat>li«ii> mUwdlqiHi. dmiiplifH 

ruosntdu moUnHHiU uqniUH du oiiutanide Douu. Svo, tlUlu, (Un pi. /.IB. 

^.ir... 1838 

EDWARDS, (Mii.Fi ) EiAiD.>ni> de ZDoln|». on Le(an> mr l'uii(iii.>>. lapKT«^of», Is 


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■lantinople and Turkey, and on ihe System of Quarantine as at present 
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BOISceLlN. (L. DE.J Akoshi of ih* Pnrol Suiw of Malu ind am, niUi Ihe 

BTON, (W.) MUHilli rgr . BirisIT nr iIh P»pl> or H>Hl s™. " la 




[mabitimb law. 

MALTA.— (Continued,) 

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Motti, afommi e proverbi nulteri, raeooiti, iatarpntati, e di note npliBSlivo e fiMo- 

giehe oomdatL 8to '. • . MUU^lSBB 


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See Cctibr'i AjUawl Kiafdom, eCc. 

MAN. — (See Ethnology.) 

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into the modifying Influence of Physical and Moral Agencies on the dif- 
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alhed Genera of the Order aaadmnana or Monkevs. Ulnstratod with 898 AnaHlJcd. 
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The same, tiaaslated. 8to JBtfnA., 1841 

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fbadte ear I'expArieaee et la raisoa. 8f«, /.7S0. ..... 

THBOPHRA8TU8. Traaslated. ISMo, 50 eagmTlafk .... 

(Yalpy'i Faaly ClaaiGsl likiafy.) 

MABmilE LAW.— (See IfsRCAiif ile Law, pi. 201) 









DALLAS, (R. C.) History of the Maroons, from their Origin to the Es- 
tablishment of their Chief Tribe at Sierra Leone. 9 vols. 8vo. 

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1. Canada*. Upper and Lower. 

8. New South Wales. Van Dieman't Land 

3. Cape of Good Hope. Maaritini, fto. 

4, 5. Wert Indies. S vob. 

6. Nova Scotia. New Brenswick, fte. 

7. Gibraltar, Malta, fto. 

8. 9. Pow Bwi ons of the East India Company. 3 vols. 
10. Britkh Possessions in the Indian and Atlantic Oceans. 



L fflSTORY. 

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^The first edn. transl. by BonnycasUe, LontUm, 1803.) Pari*, 1810 

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«— A OoUmioB of PiobtaittfBid Ezampka, adaplad to tfaa Elliataiy Gonna of Math»- 

— '- 8to. . . • CMok^ ygna 






GREGORY, (O.) Mathematics for Pmotical Men. New ed., 8vo, 14*. Am^m. 1833 

CoBteata. — Artthmalic ; Algebra ; Geometry ; Trigonometry : Oonk Boctioai ; Cnrrea 

nnfttl to Arohiteota ; Mensaration ; Medianics ; Statiw ; Dynamiai ; Hydrostatiet ; 

Hydrodynamiot ; Pneamatiot ; AdtiTe and PaMtve Btieiigth ; and Supplementary 

«• Table*. 

CAPE. (J.) A Conne of Mathematics : principallr dedgtted for the nw of StndeaU in the 
East India Company's Military S«minary at Addtacombe. Vol. 1, 8vo, 15#. Vol. 9, Rvo, 
190 Ijondtm, UOMa 

MjS THRMA tics. Poblished under the Saperintendeiice of the Society for the DIflWoB 

of Useful Knowledge. 9 vols. 8vo, 17« fU ixmitm, 1835-36 

Vol. 1. Containing Diffenltles In the Stndy of Malhematlee Arithmetic and Algebra. 

Vol.J2. Containing Geometry, Plane, Solid, and Spherical — Elements of Trlgonomotiy 
— Spherical Trigonometry — Algebraical Geometry, lit. M. 

O'BRIEN, (Rev. M.) Mathematical Tracts. On La Place's CoefflcienU ; the Fignra of 
the F<arth ; the Motion of a Rigid Body abont iU Centio of Gmvity ; PiMemioa and No- 
tation. Part 1, 8vo, 4*. fid Oiiia., IMO 

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Mathematics and SabjecU connected with them, Apm aadent inadited MBS. 9d ed. 

8vo, 3«. 6d Lmtdffn, 18H 

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ticnlier. 4e Mn. 8vo PoHt, 1836 

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ISe Mn. 3 rob. 4to, /.36 Pari#, 1844 

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maiine. 3 vols. 8vo Porit, 1830-38 



Algebra. — (See p. 11.) 

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London, 1843-4$ 
Vol. 1. Arithmetical Algebra. 15*. 
Vol. 9. Symbolical Algebra and it* Application* to the Geometry of PoeitioB. Ill*, (hi. 

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provemeots, adapted to the Use of Schools and Colleges. 8?o. 

New- York, 1846 

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tional Propositions, and Examples, by T. Lund. 8yo, Ids. 6cf. 

London, 1845 

Appendix to Algebr». Containinf Soiations of dtfflcnit Eonations. and Problems, 

together with a large Collection of RxaaidUa in every part of Algebra, and Colkfin Kx- 
amination Papers, by T. Land. Hro. 6#. M. I^mMm, I94S 

LUND. (T.) A Companion to Wood*s A%i tia ; containing Solotion* of rariona Qoea 
tioos and Problem* in Al^bra. and forming a Key to the Qiief Difflrnltie* found In tbo 
Collection of Example* appended to the ISth edMon of Wood'* Algebra. 8vo. 4U. 

HIND. (Rbv. J.) Introdnetion to the Elements of Algebra. 9d ed. 13mo. S«. 

Ck«M^«, IfMO 
The ElMMnU of Algebra. Sth ed. 8to, , . . «* 

See Library of Useful Knowledge. Mathkmatics 

Algebraical Detelopmekt. 

JARRETT, (RiT. T.) An Ymmj on Algebraksal Development ; contain- 
ing the principal Expansions in Common Algebra, in the Diflerential and 
Ii]£egrnlCdBnhi,andintheCakalniafyiBiteDllinenoe«. 8fD,8s. M. 

Lmitm, 1831 

•• i .» 


ffl. SPECIAL TREATISES.— (Ctm/inuerf.) 
Algebraical Equations. 

STEVENSON, (R.) Treatise on the Nature and Propertiet of Algebraic 
Eqnations. 9d ed. 8vo, Bs. 6d. Cambridge, 1835 

HY]M(ERS, (Dx.) Treatise on the Theory of Algebraical Eqnations. 2d 
ed. 8vo, plates, 9«. 6d Camiridge, 1840 

Algebraical Geometrt 

WAUD. Treatise on Algebraical Geometry. 8vo, 5«. London, 1835 

SCOTT, (W.) The Application of Algebra to Geometry, Plane and 
Spherical Trigonometry, &c. 8?o Zjondan. 

Ahalttical Geometry. 

SCOTT, (W.) A Course of Analytical Geometry, including Xk>nic Sec- 
tions, and the Differential and Integral Calculus. 8?o. London, 1846 

GREGORY. (D. F.) Treatue on tbe AppUefttioii of Analyiii to Solid GeooMtfr. Coo- 
duded by W. Wakoa. 8to, lOf . (M Cntkridf, 184S 

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HYMERS. (J.) A Treatiie on Analytical Geometry of Three DinenskHn ; roBtaininc the 
Theory of Curve Snrfaoet, and of Cnrres of Double Cnrratuie. 9d ed. Sro, 10». lid. 

CkflOr^r*. 1830 

NARRIEN, (J.) Analytical Geometry ; with the Properties of Coaio Beetions, and an 
Appendix ; constituting a Tract on DeacriptiT* Geometry, for the om of the Royal Mili- 
tary College. 8vo, e*.6d. LmtUm, 1846 

LESLIE, (Jno.) Geometrical Analysis and Geometry of Curre lime. 8to, VU. 

Edmb., 1881 

OOBfTE, (A.) Traits elem. de c^om^trie anal^tique k denx et k tiois dimessioos, con 
tenant toutes les theories g^n^rales de g^om^tne acceasiUes k Panalyse ordinaire. 8to, 
/.7 50 Paris, 1843 

Arithmetic. — (See p. 41.) 


Dk morgan, (A.) Arithmetical BooJLt from the laventioB of Priatiag to the Prasent 
Time ; beinf brief notices of a large number of Works drawn up from actual inspection, 
sm. 8vo. 6« LmuUn, 1847 

PEACOCK, (Dr. G.) Arithmetic. 

(Encyclopedia Metropolitana : Pure Sciences Vtd. 1.) 

Db morgan, (A.) Arithmetic. 5th edn. 13mo» 5«. . . . l,ondmi, 1846 
HIND, (J.) Principles and Practice of Arithmetic, comprising the nature and use of Lo- 
garithms. 4th edn. ISmo, 4«. 6d Cambridge, 184S 

BOURDON. ElemenU d' arithm^tique. 15e Adn. 8to. .... Paris, 1837 
REYNAUD. Arithm^tique. 21e Mn. 8vo " 1838 

Binomial Theorem. 

DOBSON. niustratSon of the Binomial Theorem. 4to, Is. 6d. Ckaabridgs, 1840 

Calculus of Fiwite DiFFEREifCEs. 

HYMERS, (J.) Treatise on Differential Eqnations, and on the Calonlns of Finite Diflfer^ 
enoes. 8to, lOf Oaaiiri^e, 1839 

KUHFF, (H.) ElemenU of the Calculus of Finite Diflbienoes. 8to, As. 6^ " 1831 

Calculus, Integral. 

HYMERS, (J.) A Treatise on Integra] Calcnlos. Part 1, conuining the 
Integration of Explicit Functions of one ▼ariable, together with the 
Theory of Definite Integrals of Elliptic Fonctioiis. 3d ed., enlarged. 
8vo, 10s. M Camkridge, 19i4 

BKMAX. BfMmaiOmUabmmti^^kdlwftigi^C^loidm,'9pm^ 8f»,ll#.ftf. 

^ • 

MATHBXATICfl.] 916 [XATHtlftAnot. 


A COLLECTIOJf of Ezampin m the latagnl OifeOH, It wliih •my opMMw tf 
Moh MMnpfe k oomplHaly dbelMi. 8*«. VmmUiig; 

CAENOT. (L. N. M.) IMisiMH nr k MM^ihyriqM *i CUmI lairtlidiMl. 
Ms. %n A \ . IWw, 

8a0 EwcTCfcoPBDiA MiTKoroUTAiiA. wfK. Isl^pil QilciiM j If' A. Lett. 

Calcttlxts, Differential. 

BAILY, (J.) AJTD LUND, (T.) A Tkcutiw oq the Diflemitkl C«ksiifaM. 
8vo, 10«. 64I. CmKAnif,Va» 

BROWNE, (Rbt. A.) A Short VImt of tiw FInl PriMlH» of tiw DiAnatU Oyariw. 

8vo,ft» Qwi^K^ri. 

HTMER0. (J.) TraotiMOo Di&imtiilE«|«atkNM,u4o«dMOdo«lworFiiiktDMftiw 

•oen. evo, platM. HW GmM^ ]0» 

O'BRIEN, (M.) EfeBMtaiyTMtiMOAtiwlWkiwtidOyoidw. a«o» |ilila|« MW. M. 
WALTON, (W.) A TmtiH oo tb» Diflbiratial CUooIw. 8fo, MW. W. 

HIND. (J.) Di|MltdBMtaiorEuai|iln»thoAppliM«lMMortiwPriMi|ilnortbolNr- 
Amtkl CUmOw. 8«o,8*. CtaiM^^ 18» 

J« of tko D(*Mtial Odeatat, with to AppliMtiM to CvTW ud Cuvo 8w- 
«l. 8to,16#. CtaiM^^iai 

MILLEE. (W. H.) Aa BkMBtaryTiMtinoAth* DiAmtWOyoidw. M«L 8««, 
pUlii.6« CmmMigt, 

Calculus, Ihteoral ahd Diffbrehtial. 

ANSELL, (0.) A TraatiM on Difienntid and Intflgiml CftleiifaM. 

RITCHIE'S Difierentul and Integral Galcnlaa. 9d ed. By J. A. Speneer. 
ISmo, with Diagrama, 4«. M. .... Xmubm 1846 

GREGORY, (D. F.) Ezamplea of the Pioeeaws of the Difiermtial and 
Integral Calculns. Collected by D. F. Gregory. Sd edition, edited hf 
Wm. Walton. 6to, 4 plates, 18«. Cmmkriig; 1846 

HALL, (T. G.) An Elementary Treatise on the Difierential and Intagial 

Caleolos, and the Calenloa of Variatioot. 4th edn. 8to, 1%$. 6tf. 

iMubn, 1846 

Di MORGAN, (A.) A Treatise on the Cakolos of Functions. 4to. 

XMubn, 18S6 

^— The Difierential and Integral Calcolos, with Ekmentarj fflnstratioM. 

aro, 10« XmnImi, 184S 

UkCEOIX, (8. F.) TfoM 4l4«nof iw do Coloal Dil>i— tfal ot d» CyoallatlproL Int 
•da. 8vo. Parii^ VSKI 

MOIONO, (L'Abbb.) liMoatdoealealdifllMBtWotdeoolealtaMittBL ToL 1-9, Part 1. 
evo./.17. Avi», IMMt 

BOUOHAELAT,(Bf.) BI*iMa>id>CMoaldMiiaalklotd>CaloaHatigfaL dtMa. 0f«. 

Poric, IflH 
CAUGHT, (A. F.) Ucoas do eoloal diftmtW et da eokiai iMignl. rftdigio prtadpalo- 

aM«t d*apm l« ai4thod« doi ot e t ta du w aaz tiavaax l« plat wk%m% da fdoaidtni; 

porM.I*ahboBloifBO. -voli.8*<o. M«, IBM 

Boa EaoTCM. Mrraop., Faro Mmom, YoL I^-, Oriialat hy A. Lavr. 

Cone SscnoRs. 

WALLACE, (W.) A Geometrical Treatise on the Conic Sections; with 
an Appendix containing Fomrala lor their Qnadratue, etc. 8?o. 


HAMILTON, (H. P.) Aa AaMoal ByrtMi of Goiria BortioBa, Mft* C^ Um bmoT 

Btadnts. 5th ada. 8vo,]0». M. Ctmkriig^ 

HTMEEB, (J.) TiaetiwoaONleBaethNMaadthaApplieatiaaor A%Affato< 
3d odp. ofo, w. .... J^fitmtnf 

WHEWBLL.(W.) DiHiBiof.I^BitlmHihhiApplliMHoM; aaily, OmIb BirtL,, , 

MATHEMATICS.} 216 [mj 

m. SPECIAL TREATiaea— (Con/muBrfO 

BEARir, to.) Rneudw on Cniin of the arami Oidn. ibo on Oobs and Spharin! 
C«tik«, tUMalBJvlicBjIr. In which Iha TftbfaadH of ApollDliilu KM iqirHIJ^IHl, &nd 
Genent OMVHrtritBl CitDflTDfitHiiu dedaced fmin Adk]?ui; aIh. HVenU of IhvGmHtn- 
nl Ca^^aiDiu of M. Chuha mn uialjlinlly rHolndl Toprlher wilfa Diuij ProparliBd 

Differential EqcATiom. 

ItVHERB, (J.) TRIltoxwDiftncliaJEqtiiliDU. &a 8n>. lOi, . Om^ruJrr, 1839 
OTTLE7. Tnlue ea Ui4 Ufi^niiil Eqnuiou. 8'0. 7>. M . " 1833 


WHEWELL, (W.) Dynnnii™. Part I , on ihe Fr« Motion of PoinB. 
and on Univerml Gravitation, including ihe Principnl Propcaiiona of 
Books I, ind III. of the Ptiocipio. 3d tda. Sto, 10«. 6d. 

Cambridge, 183G 

Dynamia. Pari 2, on the Constrained ind Reaiaied Motion of 

Poinu, md on the Motion of a Rigid fiodr. 2d edn. 8va. 13>. M. 

Camhridge, lB3G 

EARNSIIAW, (S.) DToamica; or, n Treatte on Motion: to whiii ia 

added, a Short TrcBtiae on Atlnclion*. 9d eidn. 6to, lit. 

Cambridge, 1844 

MURPHY, (R.) The Theory of Equations. 8«i,4». 6d. Camhridgf. 
LOCKHART, (J.) ReaolntioQ of EqtulioM. 4to, it. 6d. Oxfirrd, 1837 


BROOKE, (C.) A Synopsiflof the Prindpal Fonnnlm and ReaoliB of Pnre 
Maihemolics. Svo, 15i. Cambrid^t, 1839 


LARDNER, (Db.) A Treatise on Geometry and its applications to the 

Arts. 13mo,6t Zon>iDn, 1840 

EUCLm ; (hi Elmwnu or. Br B, BiiDMni, M. D, Twsnlr-tinh EdHioa, nvbnl und 

EUCLID; UKBkinnUar. Fion Ihe T«( orSimnn. EdiUd, iB UwSfnlnlln] rortn, 

EtICLrD; Tbieieiinliliar. (Thi Aim Ihrt* bookt). Timniliitid Oooi Iba lAlin of tbi 
Right Bn. Thamu ElrinEton. D, D. Tei ujlkh a nhlMt ■ CwnpudiDn of Alfshn. 

BLAND. (H.) C»i»lriiMt PKi1il«n<. drJocilile nam <h> fli« 8ii BwAi cr BDdid. ar. 

*ik *&.»">, 10,. it!" ." .'''"'! ■""' °°' " "*■""; "■ ^^^^^^ 

BXASLET, rr.) Pnulin] dvaovrj. Lim-ni PrniscUie. ud PiDJoHlDg ; iiicjiidiai 
IiDID«IKaJ FnmcTfirvt Projrctlan r>r the flfihere. %aa Ihe Pn>JH1ion uf Shailnwi ^ with 
DuarlprlDu of thv Prinopd iM lj niugnlB Tiafi Jn <>«imrirlcaE Dnwlnf.^u. lUuitntad br 
BfJiIii. FoiUMiuaarAniiU. ArchiucU. Enginun, Ma:huiiii,)(E. Sin. Lmitm,i«H 
B« ALdtuuc GiamTHT. AhaI-itif.l GaoHiTiT. 

Infinitesimal Analysis. 

CARNOT. Reflectiona on the Metophysicsl Piinoiplea of Infinitesimal 
Analysis. Translated by Browell. 8to,5*. . . Oi/orrf, 1832 

WHEWELL, (W.) The DDctriDs ;^ UoBs, with its Applications, ic. 
8vo,9» '•.'.-.. . &m6., 1831 


UI. SPEaAI. TREATISES.— (Cmi/miKd.) 


TABLES of LognriihniB of Nnmbers, from One to Ten ThWiiand. Pub- 
liBhril nndur Ihe ■uperiatendince of the Socieiy for the Diffasion of Usefiil 

Knowledge. 12mo London, If- 

T-^B/.KS of Bii FlfHK lx«lnthini. cnnUiniDE Ihe . LorinihnB of Nomben. fTom 
10,000. uilof Sinn and Tanfuiu fur e>en mlnaUDTUui QdwIibiiI iiiil nisry Ri> 
KniUof UieFinlJ'wiiDKrni wilh k Tabji aF Ca«ituU. nil ruimiilK for Ibi kIh 
of PiBiip ind Bpbencd Triiulrt. SuHnnUHldd bv BJchud Park*, of tbe Nid' 

AJmaiiu EniblBhiiitiil. inirgT0.4l.dil L-mict, . 

SBOKTREDE, (R.) Lwirilliniic Tablet w BaT^PUia of D«miali, eanUining L«i- 

TiuB. and New AHioniniuiial and Geodeui:*! Tallin. Roial Bvo, XI. U. 
LAI.ANDB. [J. J. F. II.} TMa do logoritlmH ponr Is nombmal poor koinni ; ani- 


SNOWBALL, y. C.) The Elemenia of MechBnica. Bso. 8.. Sd. 

Camb., 1845 
PRATT. (H. J.) TTiB MBlhemaiical Frinciple> of Meclumic«l PhUoeophy, 
and iheir AppHcatiora lo Elementary Mechani™ and Archiieclure, bnl 
chiefly lo the Theory of Universil Grsriladon. Sd ed.. revised and im- 
proved, 8vo, ai» Cambridge, \SH 

WHEWELL. (Dh.) Meohoiiioal EocliJ. Containing ihe Elements of T 

chanitn uid Hydroatalics, dnnonalnted after (he manner of Geome 

7th ed., 12[no, it. Bd. ; or with Supplrmeiil, 5>. . Cambridge. 1S43 

Walton, (W.) a Coll«lh» of Pnbloiu <■ UloOiUiaa orUn Prinoipl* or Tlumlinal 

Mockaala. Bvo, 1«« Con*. 

CAMBRIUOE Conno of EknMDUuy NaiBol Fliiloior>l>r. Mdi Uw U«gonitTaticina nf ibo 
FnpviUiMii In Uochuio and H^dnaUlw. in whiEh iboR pinoni wtia ait poi Candi- 

POISaOK. TnatlK af MRhania. TimnilaUd b; H. H. Harto. ^Ui Nol«. 3 vok Sio, 
LAGBAKoe. Mccaniqio A>aJ;llqH. l>oli. 4(o./.3a. . . Pirif, laiMS 


SCOTT, (W.) Plane Trigonometry and Menroration. 8vo. London, II 
LUBBOCK, (W.) Ob Caak Gtiagiog. 8vo. "1834 

Nbwtob's Pbikcipia. 

EVANS, (J. H.) The Firat Three 8eciion»of Newion'a Pritieipia, with an 
Appendii, and the Ninth and Eleventh Seclioni. 9d edn., 8vo, 6a. 

Camh., 1837 

WRIGHT, (J. M.) The Three Firal Sections of Newton'i Frineipia. 

Translated wilh Nolea, Si.c. 8vo, 6*. ... CaaJ>., 1830 


CAMBBIDGE Maihemaiinl Joamal. Vols. I^, each 1B< , Bvo. 

Camhridge. v 
M.^THF.M.iTICI.^ff. adiwd if W. Rnihorfonf. and H. Foawitt. PnbliilnJ o<oij I 

MonUivU 3< S^. • Namkir. Nm. t-X Lintitt.-W 

lonroal. AKoLiwaaaHi, li. U. >Hb, 


PsoBABiLrnB8.->-(See Aasarance, p. 61.) 

Di MORGAN, (A.) An ^may on Ptobabi]itiet» vai on their applicatkm 

to Life Gontiiifenciet and Inwranoe Offioet. 19mo, e». Lmd»», 1838 

(LaidMr** CyolopiBdiB.) 

GALLOWAY, (T.) A Tremtue on Probability, m. 8yo, 6«. " 1829 

QUETELET, (A.) Th^oiie des probtbilitet appttqo^e anz adences mor- 
alea et poUtu|Be» ftvo, mwe uUean itatiatiqiMa.«/.8. . Pwrig, 1846 

LAPLACE, (M. DB.) EvaipliiloaophiqiieaarleiProbabilit^a. 6me ^dn., 
8vo. . Poriff, 1840 


SENATE-HOUSE ProUema lor 1844. With Sohitionf , by M . CBrien, 
and R. L. EUia, Moderatoia. 4to, 4$, Sd. Cambridge, 1844 

^ MATHEMATICAL ProUema and Ezamplea ananged according to snb- 
jects from the Senate-Honae Papers from 1831 to 1827. 8to, 12t. 

Cami., 1637 
Pubs Mathematics. * 

FRANC(EUR, (L B.) CowaeompletdaBatlieinatiqiieapaRaaCmentairea. 
2to18.8yo Piirtff,1837 

SCHRCEDER, (J. F. L.) Elementa matbeaeoa pore. 9 Tola. 8vo. 

TVa;. Mt-JTAeN., 1832-34 
I. Vnhgemmu. de ■ ■ th we w imtioB* pvUbM alqa* naUwdo. 
n. Elenwmta arithmetioa pone. 


WHEWELL, (Dr.) Analytical Statica. 8yo, Platea, 7«. 6i{. 

Cambridge, 1833 

BARN8HAW, (Rkt. 8.) Treatiae on Statioa. Containing thiT Theory 
of the Eqnilibriun of Forces ; and nrnneroos Examples llhiatnitiTe of the 
general Prindptee of the Science. 3d ed., enlarged. 8to, Plates, 10«. 

London, 1845 


BUTTON, (C.) Mathematical Tables ; containing the Common, Hyper- 
bolic, and Logistic Logarithms; also. Sines, Tangenta, Secants, and 
Versed Sines, lx>th Natural and Logarithmic ; together wiUi sereral other 
Tables nsefbl in Mathematical Calculations ; also, the complete Descrip- 
tion and Use of the TaUea. With Seven additional Tables of Trigono- 
metrical FonnuUs, by QUnthua Gregory, LL. D. 10th ed. 8to, 18«. 

London, 1842 
GALBRAITH, (Wm .) Mathematical and Aatronomical Tables for the use 
of Students, Practical Astronomers, Surveyors, Engineers, and Naviga- 
tors v with an Introduction, illostimted by Problems and Enmplea. ^o. 

Edm., 1827 


HYMERS, (J.) A Treatiae on Plane and Spherical Trigonometry, and 
on Trigonometrical Tables and Logarithma ; together with a selecdon of 
Problems, and their Solutions: 2d ed., 8vo, 8a. Sd. Camb., 1841 

TRIGONOMETRY. A Syllabus of a Course of Lectures upon, and the 
Application of Algebra to Geometry. 2d ed., 7a. §d[. Comb. 

HIND, (J.) The Elements of Plane and Spherical Trigonometry ; with 

the Nature and Propertiea of Logarithms, and the Construction and the 

Use of Mathematical Tables. 4di ed., 12mo, 7a. 6d. Comb. 

"' HEWITT, (D.) ProhlMM ud ThMmu of Flua TrifOMnalry. 8to, 6«. Omi*., 1840 

(VBUBN. (M.) TrastiwoiiPlaMC»^mUnatoQM«HCn;ortlMAmiUei^«ftheMeaiod 
. sf C^-otHaatm tm tkm Boltipa ef Piroblii to JPII^ (iio^ttfy. Sire, pfaMi, Sa. Camk. 

WO0DBOU8B, (S.) Twitiw oa Pima 4ad Bfht^nl Ti%eaoMStiy. Ml od^ 8n>, l»». 


MAlTRrnUS.] 219 [MBDICimk 

^ - -- ■ ■ — — ■ • 1 - 


PRIDHAM, (C.) England's Colonial Empire : an Ifistorieal, Political, and 
Statistical Account of the Ehnpire, its Colonies and Dependencies. Vol. 
1. — The Maaritius and its Dependencies. 8vo, IS*. lAndon, 1846 

8w Maktim** Biiliili ColoiiisI Lttnary. McCuli4>ch*s INet. of Gtqgrspby, eto. 

MECHANICS.— (See Mathematics.) 

LARDNER asd KATER. Treatise on Mechanics. ISmo, 6*. 

(LardMff'i Cjdopsdia.) London, 18S0 

ROBISON, (J.) System of Mechanical Philosophy, with Notes by Sir D. 

Brewster. 4 vols. 8vo Edinburgk, 1899 

MOSELEY, (U.) Illwtrmtiou of Praotkal Moduudot. 12no, woodoatt, 8t. 

A Tmtiie on Mechanics applM to the Arti. 8vo *' 

See Library of Utefnl Kaowbdfe. Yomio's Leotant on Nataial Phioeophy, 9u. 






FORBES, (J.) Manual of Select Medical BibKogmphy. roy. 8td, 15f. 

London, IBBS 

ATKINSON* (J.) Medical Bibliography. Vol. 1, (A and B.) roy. 8vo, 

16« London, 18BS 

ENGELBfANN, (W.) Bibliothoca aiedioo-ohirariica et cheniea. Spaifi. 8ro,9». 

ROY, (C. H. k.) Catalofos Bibliotheea Bfedioc. 5 toIi. 8to. AmtUHmm, 1830 

BROUIBSAIS, (C.) Atlai Hiitoriqae et BibUofraphiqae de la MMidM, oa Riitoira da 
la Mediciae, compot^ de tableaaz inr Thirtoira de ranatomie, de la phyiiokgift, de fhy- 
gieae, da la nadidBe, de la efainirfie, de robttetriqae, de la matMre MMdiealei^ d^ '*JP'*^ 
maeie, de la medicine kcale, de la police mMicale et de Uhliocraohie, eto. folio, fJo. 

JMr, 18M 

KUNHOLTZ. Ooand'UiUMrodelaMMidBeeedobibUoffrapkieniMiealB. 8vo./.6. 

Jfymtptllitr, 1887 


MOIR» (D. M.) Ancient History of Medicine. 12mo, 6o. 

Edinbmrgk, 1899 

BOSTOCK, (J.) Hittory of Medicine, fitmi its Origin to the Commence- 
ment of the XlXth Centnry. 8vo, 7«. Sd. London, 1835 

RENOUARD, (V. P.) Hirtom de la MMidae depoii mb origiBe Jaiqa'aa ZIXe rieeb. 
Svob.8TO./.]3. PBrw, 18«6 

SPRENORL, (K.) Yenaeh eiaer prafnat. OeeoUohio dw Amattmade. So Aill. 5 Tab. 
8to. JEfaUf, 18S1-48 

GeeefaiehCo dor CUrai|ie. 8 Tab. 8vo. 180S-19 

Hirt. do la MMieiM, depaie mb oripao j«M|i'aa 19o iMeb, trad, do I'albBaMl par A. 

J. L. Jooidaa, et torae par BotqailloB. 9 vob. 8vo Paris, )8l5-80 

OA8t£. (L. J.) Abr«f4 do Thbtoiio de b nMidao, depab mb oiJRiBe Jaeqo'ao ISo 
si^eb. 0TO Pari#. 18» 

HOUDART, (M. S.) ^tadee hirtoriqoee et eriUqnee sar la Tb et la doolriBO d'Hippoorolo, 
et tor I'eCat do b mMidBe avaoat lai. 9» M. 8to Parit, 1840 

WALTER. Ueber der VerhlltBiw dor Medicte nr Chiraifb and db DapNeHIt des aaral- 
UeheaSUadee. 8to JiWMB*y,J84I 

ER8CH, (J. 8.) Haadboeh dor deBteebea LiloratBr. YoLS^PaitL litoratar der Medi- 
flia. bearb. F. A. Poohok. Svo, 8e. M X,c^s^, 1888 

See CoKOLLT'a Cvdopadb of Praelbal ModMoo. Foaaia' CyslopBdia of Piaetf- 
oalMedWao. OooratLo'a O ye l a M d b of ftati w l Bu^/mj, Otauva't Piaetf- 
oal8«i|aiy. PahMoatiaM of tho ^rdaahaa Swbty, ola. 

scBDiciKE.] 221 [iCBmcins. 

ANATOMY— ( CmUinued,) 

OROS, (L. D.) EknMnti of Psthokgioal AmOomj, M«w ada. 8?o, pUtn. 

HOPE, (J.) The PrinciplM of Pathologioal Anatomy ; adited by L. M. LawMm. fro. 


HOENER, (W. E.) Speeial Anatomy and Histology. 6th ada. S Tob. 8vo. 

*^ PMloii^ilta, 1843 

MECKEL, (J. F.) Manual of General, DescriptiTO, and Patholofieal Anatomy. T 
with NotM by A. Sidney Doane. 3 vols. Sro. .... PkiUdi^kUf 


VELPEAU, (A. L. M.) A Treatise on Soifieal Anatomy. Tmul. by J. W. Steril 
8 vob. 8vo. ... ^n»- Ytrk, ' 

WILSON, (E.) Practical and Surgical Anatomy. ISmo, eagr. 1(W. 9d. Lamiam^ 1838 

MORTON'S Snigioal Anatomy of the Principal R^gioa*. roy. 8ro, plates and woodonti. 

1.011^*11, 1838 
Perinenm. Four plates and three woodcuts, tt*. plain, 1§. M. eol. 

Groin, Femoral and Popliteal Regions. Eight plates and elevmi wood engravings, %», 
plain, 13*. col. 

Iwrainal HemiK, Testis and its CoTerings. Five plates and e ler e n woodeots, lit. ooL, 
w. plain. 

The Head and Neck, the AziUa, and Bend of the Elbow. Eight plates, 13«. ool., 
7#. M. plain. 


CrCLOPJKDM of Anatomy and Physiology : edited by Dr. Todd. * Vol. 1, 40«., S, JAe. 
Vol. 3 pablisbing. 8vo Z.mUm», 1838-184- 

EJfCYCLOPEDIE Aaatomiqne, oomprenant raaatomie descriptive, raaatomieg^n^rale, 
I'anatomie pothologiqiie, Thictoiro da dAvAloppement et eelle des Races hnmaiaes. par 
MM. les professeors 8. Tb. BiMshoff, J. Henle, E. Hasohke, S. Th. Sasmmerring, F. O. 
Theile, G. Valentin, J Vogel, R. Wagner. G. et E. Weber, tradoit de rAUemand par 
A. J. L. Joardan, membre de raeadAmie royale de mMedne. 10 vol. in-8, fl^. Pkiz de 
ohaqne, 7«.M Porw, 1843-47 

1. Biographic de BoBmrnerring, et histoire de Tanatomie et de la physioloiie dopoiB 
HaTler, par R. Wagner. 1 vol. in-8. * 

8. OstAologie et Syndesnologie. par S. T. Besmmerring et R. Wagnerw— M4oaaiqne dae 
moavemens de I'homme, par O. et E. Weber. 1 voL in-S, fig. 

3. Mydogie et angeologie, par F. W. Theile. I vol. in-8. 

4. NAvrologie et anatomic da oerveaa, par Valentin. J vol. in-8, fig. 

5. Splanehnologie et organes des seas, par S. T. 8<Bmmerring et E. Haschke. 1 vd« 


6. Aaaiomie g6aArale, on histoiro des tiasns et de la composition ohimiqne dn corps ha- 

main, par Henle. S vols, in-8, fig. 

7. Histoiie da d4v61oppement de rhomme, par Bisohoff. 1 vol. in-8, fig. 

8. Anatomic palhologiqne, par J. Vogd. 1 vol. in-8. 

9. Aaatomle des races hamaiaes et des nations, aveo Tanatomie des UgnmtmtM enti- 

nears, par E. Wagner. 1 vol. in-8. 

Atlases AifD Plates. 

CRUVEILHIER, (i.) Atlas IHoatrative of the Aaatomy of the Bnaan Body. Drawm 
from Nataro by M. E. Beau, with descripdoas by M. O. Bonami. 

Parts 1-S3, each containing 4 plates, an oat : to be completed ia 900 plates ; plain, 
S«. tU. per No., eoloorea, S«. 

aUAIN ahv WILSON'S Series of Anatomical Platea, with Refeiences aad Physiologi- 
cal Commenti. S vols, folio, £1S plain, £90 colonred. Z,eMioii, 1836-4t 

The Work may also be had ia separate portions, as follows : 

The Mnscles of the Hnmaa Body. Royal folio, 51 plates, £i Ifie. plaia, £5 S». fUl 

The Vesaeb of the Haman Body. Royal folio, 50 plates, £i 14«. plaia, X3 18f . with 
the vesssh colonred. 

The Nerves of the Unman Body. Royal folio, 38 plates, £2 4«. plain, £A S«. fall 

The Viaeeraof the Haman Body; Indndiagthe OigaM of IHgaatioB. Rasphatioo, So- 
eration, and Excfadon. Royal foHo, 39 plalaa. £1 18f . ptall, £3 l6§. cdoarad. 

ThalMaaaadLliBMBtB. R«yal firii», 30 plHH, £9 plaia, £9 lAe. oolowad. 

] 2S)3 [iCBDiciiai* 

ANATOMY.— ( Continued,) 

LIZAR8, nK. J.) AntmninX VUtm cf tlw UjfmaM Body, ■e>OM|MMii* by Ihmriplkmt, 
•md PImkilQgiod, PalliolofinI, and 8w|ioal ObMnratioas. N«w eda. 101 ooL plain, 
Mio»j»l«» EHutmrgi, ISiJ 

WEBBR,(M. J.) AaatoiBieal AtkNoftheHaaMuiBody, fai Nataial Biaa. 80 piatat, 
fbUB,witk8fOt«tt,X5S». XMdMhlSn 

— BapplMnaatary Plalai to dilta. 13« " 1841 



WAGNER, (R.) Elai«ate of tba Ooaipaiativa Aaatooiy oTtha Vailabnta AateaK ^ 
rigaadaspaoialtyfcrtbaaiaorBCadMti. BdUtai fiom tba GauMB by A. Tak. 8vo.9*. 


Gbhbral Trbatisbs. 

ORAMT, (R. R.) OalliMt of ODanpamliva Aaatoany. 8*o, woodeaii^ 9Bt. 

X.aMlaii, 1841 

JONE8, (T. R.) GaMMlOallfMorUiaAaianlKiBgdoai^aad HaaaalorOompaiativa 

Aaatoaiy. Sao, woodaala, 38* 2>adM, 1841 

CUVIER, (6bo.) LaeoBs d'aaatooua compaida. 9« 4ditkm. 10 vah. 8vo, (1-7 wnt aa 
iraata) 7«. aaeh. Ptorit, 18»-1845 

^ FLOURENS, (M.) M4p. d'aaatomia at da Phyiiologia aompai««. 4ta, 8 pUaebat, Ifit. 

iVwit, 1844 

OWEN, (R.) Laetaiat oa tha Oooiparativa Aaatoeay aad Phypiobgy of tba lavaitabrala 

AaiaMk, daUvaiad at tba Royal OoUwa of BaifaoM ia 1849. Fmmb Notat takaa by W. 

W. Oaaper, aad laTiiad by Piof«Mor Owaa. 8to, aeoMroai waodeatt, 14«. Ltmd,, 1843 

— — LaetavM oa tba Goaapaiatira Aaatoany and Phyaiolagy of tba Vaitobrata Aalnials ; 
defivaiadattbaRoyalOaliitaof0af|aoatof Ba^aadiinEB44o>dl848. VoL8.paitl, 
FUms. 8vo, aanaraa* waodeatt, 14* Zaadaa, 1847 

Sm abo tba varioaa Aitidai ia Toss'a CyelMdiaar Aaatoany, ka., aad Iba Woriu 
•f CAMva, BLVMSffBAOB, BoBaBBSE, Wa«iimi, tba Plnay Cfyalopadia, ke.. 
Go. of Manaai of Royal Gbl. of Baqpoaa, 9 vak. 4ta, ola. 

Tboxtmbhtart Stbtem. 


FLOURBN8, (H) Aaalaarit O—oiala da Im Naa, at dit MaarfitaMi Maqaaa»«fc 4lo, 
eplaaebat,«W Fmru.mi 

flaa abo tba Woriu of A«Aans, Mvbll«b» Mjjmu, NmacB, aad otb*», qaolad 
ia Wabhhl 

Osbbous Ststem. 

BLAINViLLrS OUaagraphia Oooipai^a. Pu. - Mio, (aot yat B Oa iphU d.) Pmit, 1830 

8PIZ. Caubalonawii, siva capitis Oatai itnietaia formatio at liyaiieatio par ooiaas aai- 
aMHav. OhMa, Ibaallias, gmaia, at vtatas, digarta, atqaa tabalii illBrtiata. foBo, 18 
platat,je4. ., ... . . . . . Aba«:4.184S 

BRANDT, (J. F.) BaHitia aar KaaataJw dar Nataigaieliiobta dtr Vifrf. 4lo. 

«C P««r«ft«fy*, 1830 

CUVIER, (G.) Raaheiaba* mu kt ■■■■■■ai AiribtdM OudrapMai. 4a4ditfoa. 10 vak 
8«o, at S vak 4to, aaaMioai platat, X8 8« PaH*, 1834 


flaa ITi^aar** Sapt. sa 8ekrA9r'§ JifiUmirf§§ekiekU i§t taUffJItfira, 18M, aad 
W'agmm'a Maaaal of OMBp. AaatOBiy. 

NxEvouB Stvtbm. 

LEORBT, (F.) AaatoBOaOompaidadaByitiaMNarvaaaji.aBAtlai. Mio. 

PBrw. 1840 
flWAN, (J.) BhrtiBtioBiof tba Comp. Aaat. of tba Natfoa* flj *l a« . 4ta,aili.ed. 

XaoadMi. 1841-0 

LONGBT, (F. A.) AaaL at Pbya. da ByHdan Namaaz do TBoauBa, at det aaiMai 

Vartibi^ . Pari.. 1849 


BCBMMPRRINO, (8. T.) Da Oealoram Baetioaa boriaoatak. fid. . OattnyMi, 1818 
HANNOVER. Da eaitflafiaibat maaeaUt, aanri* aarit axtama aU|aa da aaza aorri ^ 

atfbaklii. 4lo jr«0B<«. 18» 

TODD, (R. B.) Tba Dneriptiva aad Fbyriologkal Aaataany of tba Biaia, Soiaal Covd, 
BBdQBi^lkM,BBdaf tfarirObvariBgi. Adaplad kriho aia«f BtadoBlh fivo, wood- 

Blka T#. ..*••.*••••* XfOBBaB, 1849 

BMaboifin&M*iAMUv.,]fl8M8IL ABB.ialfBiiB«dPBhi.»iO.,vaLI8,k«. 

MEDICWB.] 228 [msdicucs. 



OWEN. (J.) OdoMogmphy. 8ro XmiImi, 1840-18«5 

CU VJER, (F.) Dm dtato te Mmmadfitm. 8vo Pkrit, IflU 

Sm abo Blaiktillb'i OitAogimphi* Compwte. MuLLim'a Aidiiv. 1837, 1841, 
1843. Abb. dM BcfoBMi NaUuiBw, 18S; ke. 


MANDL. ABBUMide MieroMopio i^rif, 1838-41 

WAGNER. (R.) Bmkiikf m Ym^Mmmitm VkytUh^ 

Sm bIm Mui.LBB*i ArahiT. 1838. OvLurra ia AppBBJIi to Onwra'B OwbibI 
ABBtomy, 184S, k/o, 


BRANDT, (J. F.) Obt. AbbI. ds MbbubbUboi qBoraadam p>B»iHiia q«adf«BnBonuB 
vBcti iastraiDMito. 4to B^rUn, 18EU 

MULLER. (J.) Sehrift Ubw die CompentBtloB dsr jkplmhm KiUb Bm MB—chHchBa 
SUmmoiiBB HcrbMalflM 


MULLER, (J.) De OlBBdBkwa BmiiBtiBi BlnMtfi piBUJari. M. Ltffti^.Vm 

Ob the IbUbmIb StnMiBn of Um SBonli^ Gbad*. TnaBhlBd wMi m^lkm bf 8. 

Solly. 8to Lmim, VBOB 

Sm Bbo MuLLBE'i AroMr., 1818. 


WAGNER, (R.) Ekneato oT Phyrioloiy. TnaBhlBd by Dr. WIBh. 8vo. Ltmd§m, 1844 


TULK, (A.) &, HENFREY, (A.) Anatomical Manipalatioii ; or the Me- 
thods of paiaaing practical inreatigatioiia in ComparatiTe iljiatomy and 
Phyaiology ; alw an Introdoction to the Uae of the if icroaoope, &c. 1 toL 
l2mo London, IBU 

PBita I.. II. tiBBt of BfoebBBioBl AitBafaaeBta Bad tho MienaeopB. m. oobi 
direedoDi for Dh wcti Bg Bsd Pr o wi itay the nvwml HjiIbbm of Orgaa*. 


PORTER, (W.) Ob Um SBigicBl PBtbokvy Bid TnoMmmHOt Ammtjtm, PM I. 8f«, Cl 


DERMOT. (G.) niBiAiBtioB* of the AitetiM ooaaoetod willi AaoBryna. 4to. 30*. 


ERICHSEN, (J. E.) ObnnratioBs on ABrarrnB, MloeCod ftoBn tho Wodoiof tlwTriMipBl 
WiilBnoBthBtDiMBM, fiontbeMrliHt MnodstotheotonofthelBrtOMtaiy. 8t«. 

(SydBBhBflu SooMty.) Lmimt, 1844 


COPEMAN, (E.) A CoDoetioB of Cbm of ApoplBiy, Willi BB oiphsBlofy laHodaedBB. 
8ro, 7# -b . . , . 


BELL, (C.) EBfTBTiBp of the Aitorfat ; tthMCrBliBf tho ABBtooy of tho Hbbmb Body, 
BBdMnriBf BSBBlBtiodBoiioB totheSBi|«ryoftlM Aftofin. 8to. FUtod., 18B 

DERMOTT, (G.) UlBitntioBsofthB AitorkseoBBBOlBd wMi AafBiyM. 4lt,3iv. 

GUTHRIE, (G.) Ob tb* DiMBMi Bad lajBriM of Artaita. 8v«, 14b. ]fl» 

aUAIN, (R.) ABBtonyBBdOpBrBthrB0B«ByofthoAilBrin. 9 vob. fpl., XIS. 
FLOOD, (V.) S«i|ioBl ABBtoBiyoflkBAitBria. Iteo, plHoi, 7#. . 


HUOHBB, (H. M,) A CIbJmI ItndatHBM la tka Vnelhiof 
■Bdv of DiBCBorii: iMMdod to ritopMy tkB Hadyof iko Dtnaniof tlw 
BoBiL Haw, ft 

■■ I ■ ■ I ■ . I ■ I . ■ ,11. . ■ . I ^ » 

XBlMCtirB.] 234 {lIBI«BINX. 

, • 

AUSCULTATION.— (C(»i/ini«rf.) 

BAETU k ROGERS. A Praolied Tmttim on AucoltatMMi. Tiurittod with NoIm, by 
Dr. NcwbifiiBff. ISmo Edimtmrgk, ISU 

ANDRY. (F.) Manoal FnOnm d« Pwuiwiua at d'A-eihatioa. 1 vol. Iteo. 

Prrit, 1844 
KENNEDY, (E.) OfannrataoM on PngnB^ ud AwtehatioB. ISmm, fit. (M. 

Ltmd0n, 1833 

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and Heart ; with Notes aad Additmu, by MM. LaaaMo aad Aadial. Tftlatcid bj 

T. Herbert 8to. filatei, IB* /.Mtrfeii, IMS 

FOURNET on Aowaltalfam, aad oa the Di^pMMb, GambOity, aad Traatawat of the Fint 
8ti^ of C oat aa i ptioa. Timadatad fiom the Fraadi, by Dr. Biady. Fait I. 8vu. 7«. 

L0md0n, 1841 


BUI80ON, (F.) DelaBila,daaaVaiMtiaFhydBlo|iqo«,otdanBallimtkM»aorbida«. 
8to .Pbtm, 1843 


GRIFFITH, (J. W.) A Piaetioal Manaal : eoataiaiaf a DoMriptioa of the feamml Chemi- 
cal aad MienMooj^eal ChanMlen of the Blood aad fleontioas of the HaaMa Body, ia- 
dadiag both tfaeir Healthy aad Dlwaied Stata^ 5§ /.m^^ 1846 

ANDRAL. Roahewhat sar lea BMdifieatioBs do p to p aitioa do qaalqaoi priadpcs da Saag 
daat let aialadiat. 8vo. Pmns, 18a 

The taaM, traad. by Dn. Meip aad MM. 8*o Pkitmi., 1844 

LBOANU. Btades Chiniqaee rar le saaf haiaaia. 4lo. . . . F^ria, 1837 

STEVENS, (W.) ObMrratiOBs oa the Blood. 8to, IS*. . iM^ea, I83i 

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Wright. 8to, la, 94, lj»$tdmi, 1H34 

M AJENDIE, (F.) Leetaraa oa the Blood, aad oa the Cbufaa ft aadei|00i dariac dkeaae. 
Trand. 8to PIMad,, 1830 

REE8.(G. O.) Oa the Aaalyiit of the Blood aad UfiaetelMlh aad Dinaie. Sdeda. 
8ro,7*.ed. Cw^ Limdan,16i5 

HOLLAND, (G. C.) The PhikMophy of the Moviaff FMlijVtta Blood. 8to, 8*. 


HALL, (MAftaa'L.) Critical aad Esparimoatal EiMyi oa the Ciioalatioa of the Blood ; 
cHMenlly ae obearved ia-the BUaate aad Capillary Ve«eb of the Batradiia aad of Fishes. 
8m>, pi., 0*. Ijamiam, 

BOTANY, MEDICAL, See page 78. 

SOLLY, (S.) The Haaua Braia : its Stcactare, Physiobgy, aad Disswi. 9d ed. 8vo, 

■ ■ 1. 1847 

XOBU (D.) The Braia aad its Physiology : a Critical DisoaWtioa oa the Methods ot 

iMBff tlM Ralatioas sobsistiaf batweea the Stmotore aaa Faactioas of the Eaeei^ 

8ro,«* Z.emie»,1846 

KURENBERG, (F.) Mioroeoopical Obsenratioas oa the Braia aad Nerves. 8vo. 

FkaUL, 1830 

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aad the Spiaal Coid. 4th ed. ISmo, fi« Umion, 1845 

BAILLARGER, (M.) A Coorae of Lectorss oa those D h saiss of the Braia which afleot 
the Miad and prodace lasaaity. Edited by Dr. Cooelley. 8to. . Pkilmd,, 1846 

ANDRAL, (O.) Diseases of the Eacephaloa, etc. Traasl. 8?o. *' 1843 

' BURROWS, (Q.) OaDisordenoftheCeiebralCircnlatioB, aadoBthaooBaezioabetweea 
Aleotioasofthe Braia aad INseases of the HearU 8to, fUalos. 10*. (M. Z.mmI*», 1848 

GUTHRIE, (G. J.) Oa lajaries of the Head afiectiaff the Braia. 4to, «*. 184S 

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Parif, 1844 

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OOOPBR, (Sn A. P.) OathaAadaayofthaBiaoit. 4l». with t7 plalH, oavMl od'd, 
Of. . . . . . . LmdM^Vam 

OOOPBR. niaHwtioaaof Diiiwii of the ■■— ^ ^ 



BRE AST.— ( Continued.) 

TUSON. (B. W) The Straetora and Panctioiis of the Female Breast, m ther relate to Um 
Health. DerangenaeBt, and Diieaae, 8vo. Ida. M Lmtdant 1846 

VELPEAU, (A. L. M.) A Treatiw on DiwaMt of the Breast. Transl. by J. Parfcman^ 
8vo PkUad.,lBil 


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2d ed. post 8vo, 8«. M iMndon, 1846 

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Liebif's Physiolngy to the Prevention and Core of those Diseases. 8vo, A*. lAmd., 184S 

BTHARLING, (E. A.) On the Chemical Diserimination of Vesical CalcnU. Translated 
from the Latin, with an Appendix, by 8. E. Hosklns. M. D. Post 8vo, S4 col'd plates, 
7*.M . . I^Am, 1812 

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4to, plates, 4SU. plain ; 53«. M. eol London^ 1835 


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with Additions by J. M. Warren, M. D. 12mo Boaton, 1844 

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Morbid Growths which may be confoanded with it. Trandated fWrni the German, with 
Notes, by Charlce West. Part 1, 8vo. plates and woodcuts, 1$. ^. London, 1840 

CANQUOIN. Expose complet de sa m^thode dn Traitement dn Cancer. 8ro, /.6. 

Pan*. 1838 

CHEST, (Diseases of, &cO 

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plates, ke.. l6«. (M /.enifsii, 1840 

A Practical Treatise on Diseases of the Chest. 8vo " 1847 

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PkUod., 1843 

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eases of the Chart. SMred. 8vo PkiUd.,Wa 

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8vo PkUad^VMA 

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18« Z.eiufeii, 1834 

CHILDREN, (Diseases of, &c.) 

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Management of Infants. 10th ed. with additions, by Henry Davies, M. D. 8n». ISe. 

London, 1846 

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PfttfoA, 1844 

Management or. 

CH AVASSE, (P. H.) Advice to Mothers in the Manageasent of their Oflspring. lAno. 

Akie- Tork, D. A. k Co., 1844 

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vised and enlarged. 7« Jjondom, 1845 

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Bell, M. D. 12mo, 4th edn B-ton, 1845 


HAWKINS, ( ) History of the EpideaiioBpMBBodieCholeia of Romia. 8vo. 7«. 6ii. 
KENNEDY, (E. H.) Nolaa on Ike Epideaiio GiMlara. 9d ad. 8fO, 7«. eiL 





CHOLERA.— ( CkmtiTtued.) 

MBLBON, (R. M. ».) 8lMtdi«rtlMHiMofyMdFragn»ortlM 
m it oocanvd in Montved. 8v«. ..... 


PAINE» (M.) LattMB Ob the Gholm AtphTzia, ■• it hv anMrnd fai the CUtjvi N«w. 
York. 8ro AW-TWl, 18» 


FORRY,(8.) Tlw Climfjf the Uaitod Birtw aad to Kiiimio LOIumiuiii^ 8to. 

JVk«-F«r*, 1811 

CLARK, (J.) TtoSuMtiirvliiftiMoeorGUMta. Iteo, 4th adiu Itt. 6^ 

Lndmi, ISil, i>!UMilji*s«, 1843 

ARM8TRONO, (R.) Tlw IbUmmb of CUnata, aad oUmt Afult, on tin Humui Coa- 
■thatioa. with ntknmcm to tlw Cumm and Piavaatioa of INwaM amai^ SaanaB ; with 
Obtervatiotti oa Favar ia ffeaaiml, and an Aoooaat of tha Epidamio Favor jif Jamaiaa. 

8to,8«. J^oaini, 1843 

F0I88AC. DaTiaihieiMadaiClimatatarrhoBBma. 8vo./-^ POrit, 1837 

8I0AUD. ]>«CaiaMtatdetMaladieidaBr6iil,<NiStataMinaBMdieabdaoataniipife. 8n>, 

/.9. . . . Ftorw. 

BOUDIN. EMaidegOopaphaiBMieala,OBEtndaaarlcaloi«qaipffMdaBthladiitribBtfaMi 
gaograpbiqna det aialattiai, ate. 8?o,/.3. PoHf, 1843 


LATHAM, (P.) LaotavM on Bobjaot* ooanaelad with CUniool Medieiao. Xteo, 8*. 6d. 

/itadim, 1836 
ANDRAL, (O.) Cliaiqne MOdieale. Tfaa«lat«l by Dr. Spfllaa. 8vo,SS«. '* 1836 

, GRAVES. (J.) A New Syrtem of Clinical Madidaa. 8ro, 18f. •« 1843 

ORBfSROD, <W. V^ CUaieal CollaetioBt and OfaMnratioaa ia SaiffBtj, mada daring aa 
adaadaafla on tlia 6ai|leal Piaetiea of St. BartbokMnaw'a Hoiptol. 8n>, Ifio. 6d. 

ArfNiaMi, loan 


BURNE, (J.) Oa Habitnal OoaiUpatioa. 8to, 7#. 6d. . . . 




CLARKE, (J.) A TiaatiM oa Pnlmonaiy Coaninption : aomprdiaadiac aa Eaqairy iato 
Iha Nataia, Caana, Piaraataoa and Treatamit of Tabeieoloaa aad SoronJoa* TrjiuMia ia 
foaaiaL 8to, 18« XmmImi, 1835 

(Rapriatad, Phiiad.. L. k B.) 

CAMPBELL, (J.) Oa Tabaroaloa* Coaranptioa. 8to, platas, ISt. *' 18U 


TABfPLIN, (R. W.) Laotaiaa oa tha Nataia and Ticatmaat of Dafonaitiw. ISao, 
woadcaii, 7#. 6d. JLaa^M, 1848 

BEALE, (L.) A TicatiM oa the Diatoitiont aad Dafonaitiai oTtha HaaMui Body ; azhib- 
Mag a CoaoiM View of tha Nataia aad Tiaatamit of tha priaolpal Malfbniatioaa aad 
DhtoftioatofthaChait,B|aaa, aadUaiba. WhhPlalai. 9d ad., 8to. ]8#. 

Z^aadaa, 1833 

AMB8BURY, (J.) Oa tha Nataia aad TicatawBt of Deftmoitiat oflha Spiaa, Chart, aad 
Lhaba. 4to, plalaa, 31«. ad. XmhImi, 1840 

DENTISTRY.— (See Teeth.) 

BnuoaKAPar.— Sea Rooama' Dletioaaaiia, ii^ia. 

GODDARD, (P. B.) The Aaatonnr, Physiology, aad DinoMB of tha Teeth aad Oaaa, 
with the WMt appaoved laathada or Tiaatiaaat, iadadtag oparath>aa» aad of aaaUag aad 
laltfaBgarttffllBllaath. 4to, plataa FUlad., 1844 

R0BIN80N, (J.) Tha Saigiaal, Maebuiioal, aad Modioal Tnataast of tha IWth ; ia- 
aiadiag DeataJ Machaaioa. 8ro, 139 eagraTinga, 10«. JUadan, 1846 

MAURY, (F.) TaaaHwoalfaalkatalArt. TiaaaL hj A. B. SoTiar. Sva, 308 Ulnat. 

PMIod., 1843 
HARRIS, (C. A.) The Priadplea aad Praetioe of Daatal Saigary. 8?o, 00 aagr. 

FlSlad., 1848 
Da LOUDE. Saigieal. Oaaiativa. aad Maehaaieal Daatirtnr. Tha Sabataaoa of a Sariaa 
oTLaiCMN daHfaaad W IT OMia 4a Lawla. 4 Plalak lalMdad « « O^ 
j Wdtto aai i hi tha Paatal P i ift aai n a, M adio al StadaaiB, aad tha PobBe hi mmm^/Z:, 

MEDICINE.] . 227 [MBDICniX. 

DENTISTRY.— ( Cmtinued.) 

ROGERS, (W.) L'Encyclopddie da Dentitte. an Repertoire g<in4ral de tont« 1« connais- 
sances mMico-chimrgio&Ies aar lanatoinie et la patboVgie des denti, etc. ; pr6c6de de 
rili»toire da dentiste cliez les anciena. 8vo, .7 5() Paris, 1845 

Dictionnaire des Science! dentaires, laivi d'an Dictionnaiie de Bibliopapbie dentaira. 

l2mo, /.5 Parit, 1846 

Manuel d^hjgiene dentaire. ISmo, /.3 " 1846 


HALL, fM.) The Principles of Dia^OMs. Sd edn., by Dr. Sweet 8to. 

JVtv-rorik, D. A. ftCo. 
SCHIIJL. Oadinet of Pathological Semetology. Tranil. by Dr. SpiUan. 19mo. 

London, 1830 

RIDGE. (B.) GloMolofry ; or. the Additional Means of Diagnoeii of DieeaM* to be derived 
from Indications and Appearances of the Tongoe. 8vo, 6 plates, 4*. fid. London^ 1844 


COPLAND. ( J.^ Dictionary of Practical Medicine ; A Library of PMhoiogy, and a DigHt 

uf Medical Literatore : compn»ing — General Pathology ; a Classification of DLwases ao- 

cording to Pathological Principles ; a Bibliography, with References ; an Apfiendix of 

Furmulc ; a PathoM>gical Classification of Dueases. &c. 8vo. J^ondon, v. y. 

Vols 1 and 3. 30*. each. PnrU I to II. Abdomen to Pleura. (Diwasei of). 

The Preface, with a Pathological Classification of Diseases, Sic, formiaLa Key to Um 

Systematic Study of Practi^ Medicine, as well as an arranged Table oTtbe Ck>ntenli 

of the Work, will accompany the last Part. 

An Index of the Individaal Topics oomprised,under the various Chapteia and SectioM 
of each article will al»o be given in the last Part. 

DICT/O^TJ^.ilRE de Medicine, ou Repertoire general des sct^noes m6dlcalea oonsiderAea 
■004 les rapports theoriqoe et pratifjue : par MM. Adelon. Reclard, Berard, Blaohes, Chorael, 
Cloqaet, Gerdy. Gaervant, Marjolin, Riistan, Roaz, Trousseau, Velpeau, eto. Se Ada. 
30vob. 8vo. /.180 Part«, 1845 

IIOBLYN. (R.) Dictionary of Terms used in Medicine and the Collateral Sciences. ISmo, 
!»« London, 183S 

PALMER, (S.) A Penta^)t Dictionary of the Terms employed in Anatomy. PhyKi>log7, 
Path 'logy. Practical Medicine. Surgery, Obstetrics. Medical Jurisprudence. Materia Medi- 
ca. Pharmacy. Medical Zoology. Botany, and Chemistry. In Two Parts. Part 1, with 

German Terras of the preceding Part. Bvo, 10«. .... A^iidoit, 1845 

LUNIER, ( .) Dictionnaire des Sciences et des ArU. Conteaant Petymologie. la d^fiai- 

tion et les divertes acceptioas des termes techniques usitis dans I'anatomie, la m6decin«, la 

chimie, etc. 3 vols. 8vo, /.IS. Pari*. 

JOIJRDAN, (A. J. L.) Dictionnaire RaisonnA, etymologique, synonvmique et polyglotte 
das temut usitis dans les scienoes naturelles. eomprenant I'aaatomie, la pnysiologie g4n^ 
ra]e, I'histoire naturelle, etc. 3 vols. 8vo, /. 18 Potm 1834 

DIETETICS, (See Pood, p. 148.) 

VIDSON, rW.) A Treatine oi 
>«ition. Adulterations, and Uses 

D A V IDSON, (W.) A Treatine on Diet ; comprising the Natnral Histonr, Proporties, Cooi- 
ponition. Adulterations, and Uses of the Vegetables, Animals, Fisbas, Ko., used as Food. 
ISmo. ds London, 1844 

PEREIRA, (J.) A Treatise on Food and Diet. 8vo. 16«. ... ** 1843 

/ (Reprinted, Now- York. 1843.) 

COMBE. (A.) Physiology of DigesUon. 13mo " 18M 

rReprinted. N. Y.. 1836.) 

LIEBIO, (J.) Researches on the Chemistry of Food. Edited by W. Graforr, M. D. 8vo, 
5a.6d.... London, ISffT 


BEAUMONT, (W.) Experimeats oa the Gastrie Jnioe and Dfgertkm. Edited by Dr. 

Combe. ]3mo, 7« London, 1836 

COOKE, (W.) Oa Daraafemeat of the DigoMiva Oigaaa. 9d ed. 8vo, 7#. ISn 

COMBE, (A.) Pbyaiolofy of DiftalioB. 18bo Ak«-r«p|E,18M 

PRODT, (W.) Chmddtry, Mataotohny, aad tho Faaotioa af Dl f iHio a . Sd ada. 8vo. IS*. 





CYCLOPJ&DIA of Practieal Medieine, edited by J. Forbei, A. Twe«die, and J. CunoIlT. 
4 vols. roy. Hvo. Ijondom, IHw 

The same, edited by Dr. DaofitMn Pkilad., 1844 

CYVLOPJKDM of Practical 6oii[ery. embracing a oomplete View of all |he DepartmenU 
j 4 Operative Medicine. Edited by W. B. Cfiktello. My. 8vo, vol. 1>. /<eiidM, 1843 

(In oonrM of pablioation ) 

C YCLOFJEDIA of Anatomy and Pky«i(»l(^v, edited by R. B. Todd. roy. 8yo. " 1041 

(In conrw of pobUcation.) 

EJfCYCLOPEDIE det Sciences MMicales, on TraitA findral, m^tbodiqne et oomnletdee 
«VverB branches de Part de (Toirir, et collection dei antenrt claMiques ; sons la dIrectioB 
He y Rayle. — L'Encyclopddie des Sciences Medicates en 40 vols. ovo. Pari*. 

(In conrw of publication.) 

TJ^CYCI.OPEDIK anatomiqne, comprenant anatomie descriiitive, raaatomie g4n4rale 
I anatomie pathfilofpqae. Phistoire du dAvelopiwment et eelle des races hnmalns. ParO. 
T. Bischoff, J. Henle, E. Ilnschke. S. T. SanimerrinK, R. Wagner, G. and E. Weber, 
traduit de Talleniand, par A. J. L. Jourdan. 10 vols. 8vo, /.90. Pari*, 1B13-47 


PARKIN. (J.) On the Remote Canse of Epidemic DJaeaM. 8to, 7«. <U. Jjmden, 1641 

OZANAM. Hkrtoire m6dicale, i^n^rale et |»articoliere des maladies AfNd^mianes, oonta- 
^asev et 4j>izootiqnn qui ont wgn^ en Eorope depnis Ics temp* les plus racnm, ineqn'i 
nosjoare. ^ edn., 4 vols. 8vo, /.I'i P«r£r, 1845 


JACKSON, (J.) Inquiry into the Nature and Causes of Epilepsy. 8to, 6e. Aeiii., 1843 



On the Natnie, Causes, and TreaUneat of Erysiptlaa. 


BANKS, (A.) Medical Etiquette. ISmo, 3«. 0J. 

8t«, 9«. 
/.eniM, 1841 

LmMn^ 18M 


LAWRENCE. ^W.) TreatiM on Diseases of the Eye. 94 edn. 8vo. S4«. Jjm»4n, 1841 

TYRRELL. (F.) On DiH«ses of the Eye, and their Tieatment, Ikledicallv, Topically, 
and by Operalim. 2 vob. 8vo. 3U Jymdon, 1840 

FRANZ. 'J. C. A.) A TreatiM on the Kye ; exhibiting; the Art of p«»«^vin« tliis organ 
in a heaJtfay condition, and of im|irovinf tli^ Hi^^it. To which is prpfiied. a Viifwof the 
Anatomy and Phvuologry of the Eye. whh ObM^ations on its Eipicsuon as indicative of 
the Character and Emutkms of the Mind, tfvo, 1». (kd. lAmd^m, 1H90 

MACKENZIE. ^W.^ A Practical Tr^ati^ on the DiwaMt of the Eve. To which is pm- 
fixed, an AnaiomK^I Introdnction, explanatory of a horizontal Section <if the Hemaa 
Eye bail, by T. W. J'ines. Surge-in. 3d edn. Hvo, with a hunsuntal SecU'in of iIm 
Eye. and ab-ive a hundred woodcuU. *£^ Aenden, 1840 

The Physiflofy of Vision. 8vo, 10#. M " 1841 

JONES. ^T. WnARTO!!., A Manual of tite Pnncipln and Practice of Ofihthalmic Medi- 
cine and Surgery ; iilastfated wiih lUSt Engratings, plain aad c-jlonred. Vim-t, Hm. tU. 

IjftUim. 1HI7 
MORGAN. (G.J Lectures on lliseascs of th- Kye. Hvo. oA. filates, IK*. ** l>a0 

DeM-fiption of the Diflefent Operati</BS required in tije PractioKof OphlliaJniic Suf 

gery. Hvo. pUles. J^trndf. 

TRAVERS A-iD GREEN. Ophthalmic Surgery. J»<m'i. <Se. ijvmdmm, \iO$ 

GUTHRIE. C. a., <fn Cataract aad iu Ap]w;iriate TnmUtttmi by tite Operafi'm adapted 
for each Peculiar Cum Hvo. 4« /j9udim, IMS 

LectuKs on the Operatite Suigery of tlie Eye. Itc. 3d edn. Hvo, filatM. SA*. 

Ijemdtm, WSn 

HALL. 'I.e., aiBKul Rcmarfcs on «ji^ue l>i>«'jue» of tlnr Eye and on .Mu(«4laB«NM 

Bubjecti. Medical and HuigMaJ. indudiug G'jui. Bheunwusm, Fulula, Ca«<3«r. Ilemia, 

IndJcestjon. kc. Hvo. 7« ij^mdim, IHtf 

On the Nature and TieataMttt <yf utmt' of iIm; atiore iieportaat iMMtAuss, Medial aad 

Buigieal. ladnding the PhneipaJ ilfc*a»ii of tbr Eye. Jtd ado., enlarged. Hvo. 7«. 4tf. 

ij$md0m 1844 
MIDDLEMORC, <R.; TwaUw o« Diseases of the gye, i>4 iu Ajywdaf ■ S«els.8v«, 

" I, J«l 



[mEL'V^INE. j 

EYE. — ( Continued,) 

WALKER, (J.) The Ocalwt'i Vade-meeam ; a oomplete PncUcal Bjttem of Ophtht. >iv 
Saifery : witti nnmeroiM Woodenti and ooloarad Enf ravings of the DiieaM* and Opera- 
tions on the Eye. ISmo, 1(W. 6d Z^mIm^ ^^43 

WATSON. (A.) On Diseases of the Eye. 9d edn. 8vo. Sl#. " I'sU 

SCEMMERIUNO, (8. T.) Desoription finrie de r<ml hamain. trad, pnr Demonrs. 4to, 


EI8ENBER6, (J.) Snrfical and Practical ObsonraUcns on the Diseases of the Haman 
Foot ; with Instmctions for their Tmatment ; to which is added, Advice on the Manue* 
ment of the Hand. 4to, 91* London, 1845 

LITTLE, (W. J.) A Treatise on the Nature of Clnb-Foot and Analagoas Distortions ; 
inclndinf their Treatment, both with and without, Snrfical Operation ; illustrated by a 
series of Cases and numerous Practical Instmctions. 8vo, 41 woodcuts, ISt. 

Lmtdon, 18?9 


GAVIN. (H.) On Feifued and Fictitious Diwases, chiefly of Soldiers and Seamen ; on 
the means used to simolate or produce them, arid on Uie best Modes of disooverinf Impos- 
tors ; being the Prixe Essay in the Claas of Military Snigery in the University of Edir- 
burf h. 0VO, 9* Jjondmi, IB'tS 


SMITH, (SoTTTBWOOD.) Systemftic Treatise on Fever. 8vo, I4«. London, 1830 

M*CORMAC, (H.) Exposition of the Nature, Treatment, and Prevention of Cbntianod 
Fever. 8vo, «« I^muUtn, 1835 

BOI88EAU, (F. 60 Phvsiological Pyretolofiy. or a Treatise on Fevers : according to the 
Prind))les of the New MedicalDoctrine. Transi. by Dr. Knox. 8vo. . PkilM., 183S 

CLYMER, (M.) Fevers, General and Special. 8vo *« 1846 

TWEEDIB, (A.) DisserUtion on Fevers, etc ** 1813 

BARTLETT, (E.) The History. Diagnosis, and Treatment of Typhoid, and of Typhus 

Fever, etc. 8vo Pkitad., 1843 

ROUPELL, (G.) A Short Treatise on Typhus Fever. 8vo. ** 1840 

ARNOLD. (W.) A Practical Treatise on ihe Bilious Remittent Fever ; with Remarks on 
the Connection of Diseases with the Changes of the Atmosphere upon Epidemics ; Medi- 
cal ToiMgrephy, &c. 8vo, 10# J^mdon, 1840 

REED, (M'C.) Fever Physiolo^cally Considered. Considerations on Yellow Fever. 
Typhus Fever, Plague, Cholera, and Sea-Scurvy ; abo the Questions of Contajpon and 
tM duarantine Laws ; with an Address to tKe Public on the Popular Treatment of 
Cholera. 8vo, 10s. M. London, 1846 

LOUIS. On Yellow Fever. Transi. by Shattuck. 8vo, 10s. ..." 1840 

TWEEDIE, (A.) Clinical Illustrations of Fever. 8vo. la, " 1830 

GREGORY, (G.) Lectures on the Ernptive Fevers, delivered at St. Thomas's Hospital, 
in January, 1843. 8vo, 7«. 6rf /.oti^m, 1843. JWw- Ferik, 1846 


AMESBURY. (J.) Practical Remarks on the Nature and Treatment of Fractures of the 
Trunk and Extramities : with Plates, Woodcuts, and Cases. 8 vols. 8vo, 5i5i*. 

J^ondon, 1P31 

COOPER, (Sis A.) Treatise on Dislocations and Fractnres of the Joints. New edn.. bv 
Bransby Uooper. 8vo, woodcuts, SO*. J..ondon, 184^ 

HIND, (G. W.) Fractures of the Extremities. Exhibited in twenty plates, showing the 
Caases of displacement, ete. 9d edn. folio, S4#.- .... Jjondon, 1836 

XfEYER, (F. G.) Die Lefare von den Fractnren. 8vo, .... Berlin^ 1843 
LONSDALE. (E. F.) A PriMstical Treatise on Fractures. 8vo, 60 woodcuts. 

Ijondon, \90% 

SMITH, (R. W.) A Treatise on Fractures in the Vicinity of Joints, etc. 8vo, 900 wood- 

tnta. DwUin, 1847 


ROBERTSON, (W. H.) The Natnn and Treatment of Goat Svo, 10s. 6^ London, 1845 
PARKIN, (J.) On Gout : its Causes, Nature And Treatment. 8to, 8t. *' 1841 

8CUDAM0RE, (C.) Trentisa on the Natnra and Cun of Gout and Gravel. 4th ed. 8vo. 

M* London, 1BS9 

TODD, (R. B.) FMnlinl Raouifci on Ooot, hn, 8v», 7#. 64. 1813 

JOm,(H.B.) OBOmvil,Cal8alM,ndlGo«t SfO.Ct. ... •* 





SHARP, (W.) Practical Observations on lojories of the Head. 8vo, 7s. 
VELPEAU. De roi)^ratiua du Trepan daut let Plaies da tete. 8vo. 

lAmdon, 18*1 
PoTM, 1834 


SMITH, (SocTHWooD.) The Philosophy of Health. New edn. 3 vols. 18mo, eats, fit. 

London, 1847 
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London, 1843 
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EDWARDS. (W.) On the Inflnenoe of Physical AgenU on Life. Translated by Dis. 
Ilodgkin and Fi»her. 8vo, \6s London 1839 


PARENT nrCiI.\TELET. Hyginne Pnbliqae, oa M«moires snr les qoestiona Iw pins 
importanteH de rhygicne appliqaoe auz prufessiuns et aax travaux d'atiliti pnhliqae. 8 
vol. in->*. a ve« 18 planches. /.16 Pans, IBM 

MONFALC:0\ KT POLINIERE. Traits de laSalabrite Pnbliqae dans les Grandes ViDet, 
ouvrage destine aiix in^dicinx, aax membres des conseils de salabrit6, anx prAfets, aax 
mairev, aux membrcit des con^cilii gen^ranx, etc. in-8, /.7 50 . . Potm, 1846 

Cet ouvra^«' qui embra^ae toutes les ((uestions qui se rattachent k la santd paUiqae eil 
ain->i divide : 

Chapitre I. Hiot in* de la f^alabritd chez les peaples andens et modemes. conditions 
dariH le»qiit>lie!i m* troiivent lug grandes villes; intdrdts opposes de Tindattrie, de lasa- 
Inbrite et do la propriute. etc. — II. Des lieax qai servent d'habitations krhomme. — 
III. Des maixons, de leurconstraction. hantear, contenance, orientation, ani6nagement 
interieur, cavt^, rez de chauM^e. ventilation, capaoitA des appartements, chambre k 
couchor. raiMne, latrinrs, chaatfage, dclairage, etc.— IV. Dos mes et des places pnbli- 
qae«, pavage nnroi'itA. voirie, latrines pobliqaes, etc. — ^V. Dos edifices destinds k reoe- 
voir une (lopulatioii ag;!lotn(!rde : ateliers et fabriqaes, coll6g«s, prisons, hdpitanx. ca- 
fcernoo, (^gli-^s, tht'atre^, etc. —VI. Dm dtabli^sements et des lieox k Emanations in- 
romiiioil<M, dangeuMises pt insalubres. — VII. De qnelqncs fo}'ers spEcianx d'infection, 
cimetii reK, inhumaiiouii prdcipit^es. in rts apparentes, eqnarri^sage, abattoirs, ete. — 
VUI. Des etabli«^nien*:i k emanations incoromoHes, insalubres et dangereuscs.^X. 
De la (tolice dc» alimcntjt et dat boissoas. — X. De la falsification des mddicamenti. — 
XI. Lijgi^latioiii relatives aax mannfactares et aax ateliers insalubres et incommodes. 

CHADWICK. (Vs.) General Repwrt of the Sanatory Condition of the Labouring PopaI»- 
tjon of Great Britain. J^vo J^tndon, 1843 

Parliamentary Reiiortson Health of Towns, (Interment«),&c. 

HEART, (Disease.^ of.) 

L.\TfIAM. (P. .M.) On Di<ease4 of the Heart. Lectures on Subjects connected with Clini- 
cal Medicine ; comprising DUeases of the Heart. 2 vols. ]3mo, 16«. Jxmdon, 1845-6 

HOPE. (J.) A Treatise on the Diseases of the Heart and Great Vessels, and on the Affec- 
tions which may be mi'>takeo for them. 3d edn. plates. 8vo, V^». Jjondon, 1839 

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by W. II. Harris. M. I). 12mo Pkilad., 1843 

FIJRNIV.ALL. (}. J.) On Dise&tes of the Heart and on Anenrism : their Diagnosis, Pre- 
vention, and Treatment. Hvo, H« Jjondon, 1845 

ALISON, (8. S) Some ObiervationH on Organic Alterations of the Heart; and particn 
larly on the beneficial emidoyment of Iron in the Treatment of such Cases. l:imo, 2«. 6</. 

lA>ndon, 1P45 

BOIJILL.AND, (J.) Traits Clinique des Maladies du Ccear. pr6c<^d4 de lecberches nou- 
velles sur I'aaatomie et la physiologie de cet organe. 2d edn., 3 vols. 8vo,/.16. Paris, 1811 


TE.ALE. CT. P.) A Practical Treatite on Abdominal Hernia. 8vo. \Ss. I^ndon, 1846 

HAMMOND, (W.) Anatomy and Surgery of Inguinal and Femoral Hernia, folio. 

lAmdcm, IP34 

LAWRENCE, (W.) A Treati^ on Ruptares. 8vo Pkilad , 1H43 

COOPER, (Sir A.) The AnaUuny and Snrgieal Treatment of Abdominal Hernia. Plates. 

8vo Pkilad.. 1844 

TUSON. (E ) The Anatomy and Surmy of IngninnI and Femoral Hernia. Illnstrated 
by Plates coloarad from Nature, and interspersed with Piactical Remarks, folio, X3. Sjt. 

i>iu/oii, 1834 

MAIiOAIGNE. Lecons cliniqnes snr Iw HcraMi. 8vo ParU 1641 





HERNIA.— (CimiinW.) 


MOHTON. (T.) The BiiirnJ Ao.un;, of icgniniJ H.™., «c. flro, plM-, 



Hoinio. T™u(u«lb,MoWl.lDnl.- ayo,pl.u. i«*ii.l8M 




1 . 



Itai, Odd wliled, with DDnieio<u AddlUon.. bj f , F. Corio, M. D, 9 vok. ri.o. M.. 

Z«i«, iBtr 

■ Fopnkr V-w of HomiPopilhy. S.o, Gi ""'1838 

P™cUl^d AdimnWuof llomipoiimlhj. 8«0, 8f. ■' 1811 

GtlNTHEB, tf.AO »«. H»«I of HoQioMpKhic V«.riojir, Mrdidae; o,, Ih. Horna- 
op.lhicTB«li»Mloftll«Boiw, ib.Oi, iht SliMp, Ih* Dog, ud olhoi DoDMic Axlaili. 


BENNETT, (J. H.) -nBCoK., NUo™ Dmjn«i., ond T«lm«l<.f AcW. H(d™™pl,- 




tiinb>,u]dBlLin; BiidofthBiiT«.lm™ilixW.I«.i.,(olfi«llj(ieBu:M«o.. ub, B.o, 

T.. (RiT,rioi«i,N.«-yoi, w.ftp.) j^i^.,m 

lOHNBON, (E.) RhdIK or B,imfUbj ; di. Cooriinlioa not 1 Dhui of Dh Bowok, 

G>D» of U». AiIdibhu. oipliinlon IJui Rgii»D »bj lb>r vo n nrUlulj cMiil by U» 

(RoprioM. Nf*-Vo*, W, k p.) 

HvdiopiUiv : tbo Th«>7. FriselplH. and Pnutfre of ll» Wilir Ci™ ilurwi u bo h 

uonr^ana with MidicmJ &.-HIlc<>iiid IboTucblop afCoioiiwn Bonio; itIiMrUv] -ilh 

n»orin.porumC»>. )-lnio.S..U Z^nuln. 1H3 


GRAHAM. {R. H.J GnieR>Db>« ; O', i TmB Report of tlie Watoi Can : whli u Ao- 

caDBlDf ill Anlii)Dilr. Svo, 6i. /.niln. ISH 


CLARIDGB. (R.T.) Hjdi-pUhj; or. Uio CnM WUor rore. u pimetii^ bt Vi.nral 
P.>,SiM>.AQ«">- 3d«!L<.Bvo.3.. .'^. l^^^.im 

GRAHAM. (T. J ) The Cold Wiler B.itcm : aa Buy eihlMKaE the leij MoriU, Iha 

New"—. '3d«i.B™,5..M. . . . '"'^. . .'" I J^. 19*3 


WILSON, a.-, Tbe W«.. Com : . Pnede.1 Tre^iB. oa lb. Can of Di-.v« t>T WaW, 
HaOlh , foi Ilia Radical Can or Dv-peplii, N«>01B, Hd Dm Cttmiirnini., Tif [lo.r«- 



/.™rf^», ;w^ 


1 , _ 


•■ Wun Can 

ssrrdP,^ -"■"""■ ■-ff-™-- 

aiHETHfRflT, (T.) Midi 

«pl™. 2.. 

■II to bqtriBgi 


PARKGS. (E. A.) KimMkiwi IbgBjwnlR^ and McjuUtuor lidio. gra, Oi. 

ANWRM.EV. (J.J BWH(jMlllBthaCtii«, Niton, ■nd Tmlmcnl onin- i«m pr. 

I>UDiKuniiripdih»4ofW*Ra(X>nu>)nDerally. 3d ad. Svo, lii. I.n4m. I 

>- StiUbn of UieniiWFnnleMlHHieiar IndiL Sdcd. SvD, jd,. ]H(. " ] 

BRtrrr, (F.J Fraetieil Eoar » Hue gf lJ« Piindpil Soipuf Diwuti of IiAi. Bcg^ ' 

llu - <M»1U,U« 

MI)BCAN. (G.> Finl Friiicipt«arBiti(«T7. ksif u OmDu a 
TRAVERS, (B.) TIh Phjndoliin of IilUaimillaD. and ibg Ball 
JAMEa. (I.) On iDflunniUHiD. M lid. Btb, 1S#. . . 

MAC'AKTNBr, (J.| Ml iT^lliDiinUwa. 4m. plDa. ]S(. 
BENNETT. (J. H.) TrHlHroa iDllainniiillaB ■ ■ PigeOBOr Al 


CONOLLT. {].) An liiiBlrj «d«>oIii( Ibe IlldhiUiDU of Inunll;, Mc. Bio. 

J^indoK, IB30 
ELLIS. {W. C) TnUiH dh Iha WUnra, Sfrnplomi, Cams, and TrMUUSlt of Inianili 

Wio /.ndn, IBi§ 

MILUNGEN, (D.) AphoruBHca ibaTraalnni aid MuifimHiilorilialnuiii. IXno. 

CREWE, ().} EunoB Panlal nmuiemmlafUw Mind In ■annoaed coaaaiiDn with 
RfllfiDil. Wrihan AnlobkifiaplilFaJBkHebiiriliaAulhar. gro,Y>. U. ZhiUia. I8t3 

BARLOW, (J.) On Man'aPawcTDiarhuniEiriajKavantDiaiaUol riuimlr. CumaiD- 
ucau^ u il« Himbcn dF iba Rojil luUiuUnn oTanU Briula. ISma, 3<. U. 

BABLAM, (J) On Bonnd Mind. Bra, Ti " laitt 

THL'RNAM, (J.) OlMftaUDU ud ^»> on tha StalbUa nf Inugllr. laatndiat an 

iiiai Iha £alb nf Tiaaliwal ia~B 

W1GAN. (A. L.) A Naw Via* at IbuhIIt. Tha DnaJItT at Iha Mlad nDWKl by Ih 

° "— ■■ •■ "^ --....=_-- -id h,Uj.Ph.n«™aorM»nlalIla 

"ih. In«n.nw'"t" '" " '"'""' " """' ■" 
ESaUtBOtttiU JteHaUdlnMnUlH. 

AlU^; bt Dt. FdHip 

[ARC. IM.] 

FBIIl'HAmD, (J. C.) On Iba Dirarant F<«na of tDBnily. In lalaUa* 10 JgiupfodaanJ 

l"TI,>-"': Mind.' IBmo. 5# '.* 'Lm^lMi 





INSANITY.— ( Continued.) 

ALLEN, (M.) On CasMifieatiM oftlM InMne. 8ro. ... Lemdon, 1837 

CONOLLT, (J.) Tlw Oonstniction aad GovemmeBt of Lanatie Aqrlvni wd 

« • 


for the Ibbum. With Plant. 8to, tt* Ltmdomt IBO 

JACOB!. (M.) On the Constraction and ManagemeBt of Hospitali for the !■•«■«. Tianl. 
by 8. Take. 8vo, 9«. Lmtdom, 1841 

MORISON, (A.) Phjrriopioiny of Mental DiMaiea. loy. 8ro, 100 pb'M, TDt. 

Landem, 1840 
Ontlinet of Lectnraa on Mental Dueaae*. 3d ed. 8vo, platat, ISt. ** 

PAGAN, (J.) Medical Jompnidenoe of luianitj. 8vo, 6f . . . . ** 

See abo Haalam on Sound Mind. NsnLUi on Insanity. Nbwkham, The Beoipnn 
cal Inflnenoe of Body and Mind. Rat, Medical Jarbprndenoe of luMnity. Sbsp- 
PAEO on the Proximate Canaes of Inmnil|r, ete. 


TRA VERS, (BJ Inqniry into the Procen of Nature in repairing Iniuries of the Intattince, 
iUBtrating the Treatment of Penetrating Woondi and Strangulated Hernia. 8vo, plates, ISg, 

London, I81S 

^ GROS, (S. D.) An Experimental Enquiry into the Nature and Tieatntent of Wounds of 
Intesltnes. 8yo, cflg PkUad,, 1845 

IBEITATION, (Constitutional.) 

TRAVERS, (B.) Inquiry Concerning that Disturbed Stateof the Vital Functions, usually 
denominated Constitntional Irritation. Sd edn. revised, 8yo, 14«. . L.ondon, ItSSH 

A Further Inqniry Concerning Constitntional Irritation, and the Pathology of the Ner- 

Toos System. 8vo, i4j. London, 1835 

RIADORE, (E.) Bpiiial and Nervooi IrritaUon. 8vo, S*. 6d. . . *' 1843 


GROSS, (S. M.) The Anatomy, Physiology, and Diseases of the Bones and Joints. Sro, 

PkUad., 1830 

SCOTT, (J.) Surgical Observations on the Treatment of Chronic Inflammation in Various 
Structures, particnlwly as exemplified in Oiseaaes of the Joints. 8vo. . London, 193R 

» BRODIE, (B. C.) Pathological and Snigical Observations on Diseases of the JoinU. 4th 
edn., with alterations and additions. 8vov 10«. Gd London, 1836 

LITTLE, ( W. J.) On Ankylosis, or Stiff-Joint : A Practical Treatiw on the Contractions 
and Deformities resulting from Diseautes of Joints, hvo, woodcuts, 8s. Qd. Jjondon, 1843 

COOPER, (Sir A.) Treatise on Dislocations and Fractures of the Joints. New edn., by 
Bransby Cooper. 8yo, woodcuts. .... London, 184%, PkUad., 1844 

COULSON, (W.) On Diseases of the Hip-joint. 2d edn., 8vo, plates. . J^Mndon, 1841 

SMITH, (R. W.) Treatise on Fractures in the Vicinity of Jointo, and on oeitain forms 
of Accidental and Congenital Dislocations. 8vo, woodcuts, 16«. Dublin, 1846 

BOYLE, (J.) On the Application of Moxa in Treatment of Stiff and Contract^ ^^^^^ 
Rheumatism, &c. 8vo, plates London, VHA 

See also Todd'i Practical Remarks on Gout— Chronic Rheumatism of the Joints, &c. 


RAYER. Tnii4 des Maladies des Reins, et des alterations de la secretion nrinaire. 4tn- 
dlAes en elles -m^mes et dans leurs rapports avec los maladies des nreteres, de la vessie, de 
la prostrate, de Turotre, etc. 3 vol. in-8, /34 Paris, 1839-1841 

Le atlas ponr oet ouvrage est consacrd k V^natomie palMofi^jgue des reins, de la vessie, 
de la itfostrate, des nretores, de Turetre, etc., coropoed de 6o planches grand in-folio, 

1. N4phfite dmple, Ndphrite rhumatismale, Nephrite par poison morbide. PI. I, S, 3, 

4.5. « 

S. N4nhrite albomieneuse (maladies de Bright). PI. 6, 7, 8, 0, 10. 

3. PyAlite (inflammation dn bassinet et des caHces). PI. 11. IS, 13, 14, 15. 

4. Py4lo-N«phrite. P«ri-N4phrite, Fistoles-RAnales. PI. 16, 17, 18, 10, 90. 

5. Hydron^phrose, Kystes nrinalres. PI. 21. 89, 93, 94, 95. 

6. Kystes s^renx. Kystes ac4phalocTstiqnes, Vers. PI. 96^ 97, 9B, SO, 30. 

7. An^mie, Uypdf^mie, Atrophie, Hypertroiihie des reins et la vearfl. PI. 31, 39, 33, 

8. Hypertroplue. Vices de conformation des reins et dee nretras. PI. 36, 37, 38, 39, 40. 
0. Tnbercniee, Melanose des leins. PI. 41, 49. 43, 44, 45. 

' 10. Cancer des reins. Maladies des veines rdnales. PI. 46, 47t 48, 40. S?. 

11. MakdiesdestipwoUnientainsdasieiaeetdekuneoidsiliOxerMenB.; PL 51,9, 

a. 54, 55. ^ 
]t.»MUadiasdesoa|iiQlesiun«iiaki. PI. 55, 57, 58, 50, 




KIDNEYS —(Continued.) 

BERZELIUS, (J. J.) The KidDeyt and Urine. Tnuulated by Boye and Leaooinc. Rvo. 

Phiiad., 1843 
CHRISTISON. (R.) On Granalar Disiateffration of tbe Kidney*. 8vo, 9». London, 1838 

See Prout on Stomach and Urinary EHMuei. 


PORTER, (W.) Obserrationt on the Snigical Pathology uf the Larynx and Trachea. 
8vo, 8* London, 1837 

RYLAND, (F.) On Dtieaaei and lajariea of the Larynx and Tmchea. 8ro, plates, 18«. 

London, 1837 


CI VI ALE. Traits pratique et hlstoriqne de la lithotritie. 8vt>, pi., fB. 
BELfNAYE. (H.) Compendinm of Lithotripty. 8vo, 8«. . 
IlEURTELOUP. Principles of Lithotrity. 8vo. platea, 30«. 
KING, (T.) Lithotrity and Lithotomy compared. 8vo, plates, 10*. 

Pano, 1847 

London, 1837 




BUDD, (G.) On Diieaies of the Liver. 8to, platea and woodenti. Us. 

London, Pkilad,, 1846 

MOSGROVE, (F. S.) A Practioal Treatjie on Congestion and Inactivity of the Liver, 
etc. l3mo London, 1843 

CONWELL. (W.) On the Fanctional and Stractnral Changes of the Liver in the Pto- 
l^ress of Diaeaae. 8vo, 14tf I-tondon, 1835 

HOLLAND, (G.) Physiol' vy of the Fcetas. Liver, Jio. 8«o, 8«. *' 1831 

ROWE, (G.) On the Nervous Diseases of the Liver, ke. 9Ch odn., 8vo, 5». " 1848 


FLOOD, (8.) An Exposition of the Patholofry and Treatment of Tnberenfar Phthisis, 
l^o. As lAfndon, 1843 

EVANS. (J. T.) Lectures on Pulmonary Phthhin, delivered in Jervis-straet Hospital ; com- 

grehondinjr the Pathology, Diagnoiis, and Treatment of the Disease : with an Appendix, 
vo, 75. 6</ I..ondon, 1844 

WALSHE. (W. H.) Physical Diagnosis of Diseases of the Lungs. 13mo, 6jr. M. 

F^tmdon, 1843 
TURNBULL. (J.) A Tabular View of the Phvsical Signs and Diagnosis of the Diseases 
of tiie Longs ; with a Synopsis of the Signs which occur in each Di^ase. 8vo, Us. 

lAmdon^ 1846 
HOLLAND. (G. C.) Diseases of the Lungs from M«^;hanical Causes ; and Inquiries 
into tbe Condition of the Artisan exposed to the Inhalation of Dost. 8vo, 4s-. 6if. 

J>jiito«, 1844 


BiBLiooRArBT. — See Perbira, infra. 

ROYLE, (J. F.) A Manual of Materia Mf^ica and Therapeutics, inclading the Ph^par»- 
tion< of the Pharmaco|Mvia4 of I^nd'in. Edinburgh, and Dublin, with manv new Medi- 
cines. I'Jmo, YXs. 6d. (Reprintetl, Phiiad., L. ft B.) /jondon, 1846 

PEREIRA. (J.) Elements of Materia Medica; comprriiending the Natural Hintory. Pre- 
paration, Properties, Composition, Eflevti, and Uses of MadiciMt. 8d ed. 3 voU. Hvo. 

J^ndon, 1847 

THOMSON. (A. T.) Elements of Materia Medic* and Theiapeotlos : including the recent 
Difi-ovcries and Analysis of Medicines. 3d ed., enlarged and improved, 8vo. KM) wood- 
cuu. 2\s. Cd lAtndon, 1849 

BRANDE. (W. T.) A Dictionary of Materia Medira and Practical Pharmaov ; indudinr 
a Translation of the Formuiv of the I<ondon I'harmaropa>ia. 8vo, I5«. J^rndon. IKw 

AINSLIE. (W.) Materia Indica: an Account of thoie Articles which are employed by 
the Ilindo'w. and other Ea-^tcm Nations, in their Medicine. Arts, and Agriraltore. &c. 
2 vol*. Hvo, 40s lAtndon, 18iG 

CHEVALLIER. RICHARD, kt GUILLEMIN. Dictionnaire iU% drof^uei simples et 
composers, ou Dictionnaire d'histoire natnrelle m6dicale, de phaimacolo^e. et de chimie 
pharmaoeutique. 5 vols. Hvo, fig , /.34 Paris, 1^^-99 

BOUCH ARDAT. Manuel de matiure m^dieale, de th^rapentiqne oomparie et de phnrma- 
cie. 9e Mn. 19mo, /.7. Paris, 1846 

Annnaire de th^rapentiqna, de matiere modieak, da wtmsnmtHim at da toxicoI<vie, pour 

1846. i9BM»,/.195. ' Poru, 1847 



MBDicisE.] r^^UPS?^^ [medicine. 

MATERIA MEDICA,— (0.™finufyJ.) 

M^KAT, (F. v.] ZT DELENS, fA. J.) DiiMioo 

fa™, leb 


e inv»» til4dii:4lo. 3iH. dd.3 vol., 
do >iuU.iro midiok. doodn. IPmD, 

DIEU, (H.) Tnli* de muui-r, nitdUnle w d. tW 
POY. TdBW de mUiere nitdicilo d d> UienpeDU 

t. la ad» 3 Yab. 8.D, /.SO. 

Pan. 1837 

ue appliqiito ichbiae maJadio la pu- 

GALTIES. TniU do luUiin iiddiulo ot d'iDdJu 

ul da naiicio mtdioalo at do iMnpta- 
8to, /.7. FuriM. IBU 

■L 8.D./.*s3. . /.,««, 1843 

li<|<io : tnd. do l-iutioD pu M^jiHi >( RofEHU. 
GIVAUDAN, (N, X.)^ Fitcii do miUdn mddicU 


Nki... W..I T.^.Xn««l Df bi««, Morbid Slrn 
■ _ dMUjtoUinnUo. lolhtaoi. and lo the difli.eo 

.DTO.. lad U,; Di»ri«i Hpo^iS; iu^ 
Epoch! of Lifa ; »ilh a»m(»u Pn^ 
^vo, >ob. ludl, liOi. 

anal rf tbo Friiaipla aad FnoUo. of 

'^^r^ls^ ^i' A''?»'piii" "?3 ^r;™s 

Madiaioo. B; Job. Blliou«.. Edilad , 

BRI(!HT.«^I|DiaON. El-m-^ou Flu. 

WILLiAMB. (C. J. B)°>pla of M«iCB» 

DompRbendJKg Gnenl PulKil«'aJ 

ALIBON, (W. n OuU,i.aorP.ll.oln,r.MdPnirt«DfMrficior- 3[«tt,St.f;'7;- 

' £JiHh 1B44 ' FkUad ItMl ' 

BILLING, (A.) FinlPrinciplaorMrditino. «hrdii. 8vo, 10., wi' ' ' *,' 

GREROBY.(J.I Co«.p,^.».M«lio=.TI>«,v.ic>;; or . Vi.- of <1» TbrnT^flStiiii^ 

HARDY M rfBlrbcR. >««* Elomtoi^-t ,1. P«),o(^ Iierac. toU. 1- s™'™' ^'*'* 

HCFELAND. KMUritlM IMiarn : dt M.i^d 

1 of Iha Fnaliao of Madioioo. T.anij. 

Jk-iv- t-ari, IMS 

anlia, wilh NoUi, bg., bf Dt.Gnhlid. 

FIORRY, (P. AO ■rnA«d>'M«dirinepni<iqu.eldopUhologltiUriq<»o><.rfdio.lo. B 
voI^Bki, /,W /"a™, 1S4HB 

«iUu<nl», Hialmlinla. Hipilhio.). ■ ■ ■ ' ■ 

* > 



iplca of tlliaSoi) md FibcIuz of UedlciK, 
» MidcndL, or Uw DachpUiM ud Tmuunl 
I fif UiB Prutioe of HvSurio*- 4 vok, Bti^ 

:a) IrnlmcIiDb in AnfanBl MuDMUnir Trmil 
leliini, or Pi;«>daDuc;. ISnui, (I 93. 

""" (R^niiadT5B»-V«k, W.fcP.j 
BAMDBV, (O.J HsisriliDiiiiEliiiOppanciib: with a NiiTUJra or Chh. lEnw. t). 


Ub UUJLIJr gf iu'kiipluwiaa for lii« Soliu'l' of HsmaD Bsflfrin 
J MuoMInn: i-anuluiBi u Rimo 

Edhiinrgi. tea 

BRAIII, |J.) N«>ir|H>al^: -'. <>» Biu'saila of Wotvou Bl«p cond^nd in .fIi 
BEEREBS (ThD OF FRRVORST : Iwliu Bav^io.i »i>HtBBrll» lonel Lift of 
LOISBOH en GUINAUMON. Bamimliwi muntllqno, an R«s^ rlo faiU rl opin 

r, LOUBERT.,(] 


iwkifiqiw ri pvytbolofiqiio, J 

af VailoJi ud Brpliilii. tJluU 
Lift) or t)H Amhm, bj Ki> Son, 
BALUNODAL, (Q.) lilmdoc 


Dl. John UgWH. t". 1S>. Lrmir*, K 

atj Lhiuw 10 a Crib of HiUiu; Suifan. ^io.Gj 

■•tl JUtmtti Book. 

t [mpniTDd A^cm of MrAlof r, j[ 

A flqpplemeni la Myoiofy. 

b; Cotonrtd Fl>u>. i 
■^ Abd LjinphUki, tl 
E*i. Die Efo. ftc. £4. ISi. 

i* :* 


MSDicras.] 239 [mi 


OWF.N, (R.) {MoiiHni»iU>j. or DHcrijilUii. of Ihi Mici«»|>l4: Bfmcltifc dF lilt T«lh in 


BAUTII. Coniibu Dwnpriiiii or tin Ddimi : TggrUin wlih UiHt KtenJ Cnnimijoni 
Hlih cncli t>lK«. and wlih ihr Ma»l«. BirMaiiHy ulapud Tar SluJenli in AnmiMni, 
£leg!inilvprinlRlmfcp, Bye. 3d E<ln„ unliiwd. ud illnitiilEd wilh UU Mxuite wwd- 
Odli, br BiuutDn, rimOrifliial Ditwlllgi. Illiio,7i. . . ZAnulvn, 1)S7 

KAMDF.LL(H,) DncnpliDn of IIm Buna, Sdnlo. I3im, il. Z^nnbn, I89I 

BOISRACON. (T.) IDntnlion of Oualofy, S put'. r>b«. lUl. 1839 

BLAINVILL&, (D. Dr.) Ost^Oflisphfe. hd IteacrlFiliini icDno-rAphiqna compar^B dq 

imir Htv^ d« l4rt A la ADolDjiiD el 1 1« gSologie Parit. L6W 

MACLISB. (J.) ConparaliteOflNlogr; Iwmi Mmpliolofiiia] Btulia MDcnioBilnHi lb> 
AictHTpi alieltlBii of Vmrbnisd Aninuili. Tolia. M pliUa, t^. . Lm^n, 184T 


AUSON, (W. F.) OtnliiB or FailialDKy and FiaMin of MoIlclK. Sn, 13a. 

FLETCHEK, (J.J BlcmmU oT Geaaral Pathrinn, «)llM[ by Dn. Diyidlli ud Suud. 

FRECKLBTON'. (fl.) OnlUna of 0«iHa] PalliD<Df)>. »io. Ptijnd., 1839 

MAYO. (H. I OnliiaMof BomanPalhotafy. Hvo "1841 

CBAGIE, <U.) ElniBna of Uk PnAioi dT Pbjrilc ; pnmibBg ■ Vicv of Uh P«nl 

Blalo or Special Falhoiog; and Tlunioiilla. ^voi.. kio. 'J4>. EdMarft. 1R37-40 

SMVTU. Minilnnwu Conlhlniliani to PalboioRy and Tlii-nipfnUa ; 1«» a t^nn of 

monarr A;iO)il«l)f init IliiiiKiiilr«I, IW. evD, IDi.fiil. . l.iniioK, K4A 


FARIB. (J. A.) Fbannacoliira : bfing sn enieeitad »qnir} ints (In opgrulDtn of Madi- 
elnl Bodn, BpaB which us fmnileil \im Theuty and Art i>r Fcocilbisi. SUi eilo. 8l<>. 

NELIOAN, (1. M.) MnliciBa. Their l.'in and Mnia at AdminalnllDK ; iMlodinf a 
Coniilila Can<|iecini of Iha Tiiraa Bitliib Phainaconiiai, an AmsDiaraJI Ilia Naw 
RmntlcB, und an Ap|«ndii oF Famair. 8*o, llf . BJ. . . . /.aa'^Aii, 1844 

THOMBUN. (A. TJ Loadoa Diiptnxlorr : ci^nlaininf Tna.laUoni of Uia Pharnno)- 
jataa. kc. kc. :-l. Elinvnu nf Fhormai^y ; % Bulaniul D«crt|>Ur>n, Naland H»l<iry. 

1 Pncik-al Bjnoniii dT llw Mali-na Madica, Fhannacy, and ThiiTlpnlia : wlih Tablai 

of Phyiiciau : bnDf 1 PianllatlU C^paBdinm of Malana MnliFa aild Phannaey. llui 
^^. IKnm.b.U /.Mtn. UttS 

CBBIBTIBON, (R.) A DupeBUIOty, nr ClttniDanlaly of Ibv Ph>m>«plll[u nf OlHt 
Dfiiya; tomytmiaM Iba NalanI H^lory. De*cnptiaD» ChemiitrT, PhaniuDyH AclHUU, 
Uw. and D»B sf th> Anidai of ihi Muark MadlDi. 8 in. 181. l.fitt.mA 

GRAV'S SuppttnnDl to tha FharmatMipnia ; baini % ooaclM bnl fomprabamly^ Diiprnu- 
UUbbw. Eauieiy n.wm1el and ixHuidenbiyenlansd. By Fror Radwosd. V'O.^tit. 

PH1LLIP8.(R.J Fhannampiaia i>r the Royal Collap> of rhyucianaori^doD. Tn«- 
laU<l. »!■(). /jiid«i, 183B 

ILUUfBUROH PHJIRM-HCOPISIJI. TIk PhatmanitHeia of tha Royal Cnllifa of 
Fhyuilaiusf Edinboigb. New ad n. t8mo. Sj MimtMrgk. 


svB. ti(.,r.ifl. ". p— .J, iMo 







Bdqiu. 9d«iB, e™. 

Bi poix de •» kLi- 
fl.o./.lJ. " 'isw 

rBi«i mneh of Uk vSh- 

GUIBOURT. H»UH»>).ri«*dadn(.>»uo.|te. SBcdn. tvd. 
CMEVALL1EB rr IDT- M.b«I do Phinnu^ .0 r,t^l.i\6 
•«. 3l«dB. 9v<*,e™./.»50 


ALISON, (W.) O.Ui.aarPl.jM><l(i.. Utdt.. §.». IE.. 
ELL10TS0N. (J.) Hornu PhyHSlan. Wilh whli^h b inwrpo 

rflU0„,«d.iJp]id-iU,N«««>d^5^p™di.,b,b,. Copied. Sd^lB. B.B.19.. 

CARPENTBB. Piindpln of Homin PliyiiDliHy; ivilh Ihrii chief ipplkiiliDn' » Fl- 
HuUrr. 9d,<sdii., with Impoium uldiUnu, ilJnilimUd wilb namenxu fl(Di»oii cDpwT 

EiDRi corrBolpriiiclpi™ nspnUsg Ijle Nalo™ >iid trMUntnl of 0. 

», n^d llin. 10 »ub™h 
fDaa^iSuiB. 4Ili 

nt Beliii>, dellirnd In 


DrHaiiiBDGHtuioii, Bndlbisi^B. orDtl^rj. Hvor^l. )dua, Ituf /U<^. ItO? 

p-rtod. of Pregn.Bdj-.LmbouMiiJ Suckling. IS-.-. Jlfno- Kor*, D. A , £ Cu. 

flnar. CbibUioad, ud Youth. Sdedn. 3>. M Zmfn, 1813 

BULL. (T.) HiBUio MoUien for U» M>ii>M«naii of HottUdDriniUui poiiod of Pn«- 
Bincy iBd in llw Liini-in Roddi : irilli u Elponn of nipnJu Ernin JB cr^BOBClhiB 
WllhlLoHlDbjKU. l&H JfHB-r-rk.W.lLF. 


TftK HISTORY.«,MdTMlB«l.lBrPo«p™I FCB udCnm] PW-bW.. bj 
MOORE, {G.) On PncT«™l FB.m, B.o, fl.- M. . . r-ni..' ISM 







BERN Y. 0« Spinal Carvator*. 8vo, pUtm, 7« Landan, 1840 

STAFFORD, (R.) Oa Injvriet, DiteaiM. &o., of Um Spine. 8vo, lOt. fW. 1833 

Two Eisavt on Dneaitet of the Spine. — 1. On Angular Cnnratnie of the Spine and its 

Treatment. S. On the Traatment of Lateral Corvatnra by Gravitation. 8vo, S«. 

jLenien, 1844 

TAVERNIER. On Deformitie* of the Spine. Translated by Dr. Biewer. loy. 8vo. nl. 
&r L»md0m, IStt 

WARD. (W.) On Distortions of the Spine, Chest, Ifcc. Sd edn. 8ro, 7«. ** 1840 

TUSON. (E.) On Treatment of Corvatore of the Spine. 8vo, lOt. M. " Jdll 

COULSON. (W.) On the Deformities of the Chest and Spine, plates and woodcats. 
2d edn. 8vo. 6» J^mdcn, 1830 

HARRISON, (C. H. RooKaa.) Deformities of the Spine and Chest snooessfnilv treated 
by Exercise alone. 8vo, 8«. LioninL, 1848 


BARTLETT, (T.) On Stammering. ISmo, Ss. fW London, 1830 

Jl THF..'JTrSR on the Natoie and Causes of Summerinf, with an Exposition of the best 
methods of Care. 8vo London, 1843 

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/.endra, 1837 

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8vo, 20* ^ I^ndon, 1840 

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cine and Surgery. 8ro, It London, 1843 


BtBLiooitAnrr, See 

CHBLIUS, (J.M.) A System of Surgery. Translated from the German, bvJ.F. South. 3 
vols. 8vo y^ondon, 184^-47 

C08TELL0, (W.) A Cyclopsdia of Practical Surgery, loy. 8vo. Vol. 1- 

London, 1841 

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German edition, and accompanied with Additional Notes and Observa- 
tions, by John F. South. Svols. 8vo. London, IS45-1, Philad, 1846-7 

Thb excellent Work which has been translated into eight languages, presents a complete 
view of European Surgery up to the present period. A most valuable feature in it is 
a very copious bibliography, exhibiting the literature of every department of Surgery. 

COSTELLO, (W. B.) A Cyclopedia of PracUcal Surgery. Vol. 1-, roy. 8vo. AOn. 

Ijondon, 184 1 

COOPER, (8.) A Dictionary of Practical Snigcrv : with all the most interesting Imnrove- 
ments down to the present period ; an Account of the Instruments and Remedies emf^ved 
in Surgery ; the Etymolorv and StTuification of the principal Terms ; and numerous Re- 
ferences tn Ancient and Modem Works, forming a Catalofue of Surgical Literature, ar- 
ranged according to subjects. 7th edn. revised and enlarged. 8vo, 3>1«. . london, 1838 

^— The First Lines of the Theory and Practice of Surgery. 7th edn. 8vo, IBs. 

• lAmdon, l-'40 

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Ho«pital. 8vo, 15f London, ]^ 

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the University of Edinburgh. S vols. 8vo. 15s. London. 1^ 

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woodenu and plates. 8vo, SSe Londom^ 1<^ 

-— > PimUoiI or Opantie* Swiify. 3d edn. Bvo, JCL S«. ... 1840 

YlUCBNT, (J. P.) ABkHchorthoSoltaoaerflMiPMorBmiMlFMftlBt. 8vo. 

- ■ 1.1817 

MEDICINE.] 243 [medicine. 

SURGERY.— ( Coruinued.) 

ABERNBTHT, (J.) Leetnrei on the Thaory and Practice of Snigvry. 8to, 8«. 

/.MuiM, 1840 

The Work* of. 4 Tola. 8vo, 45*. 6tf 

ELLIS, (A.) Lectnres on Obeenrationt in Clinicd Snigery. 8vo, 0». . DuUin, 1846 

BURNS, (J.) The Prindplet of Sorgery ; contnininK the Doctrine and Practice lelatinff to 
Inflammation and its vanons conaeqnenoea — Tnmoon. Anenrinraa, Wonndi, and the itata* 
connected with them ; the SnrgicaJ Anatomy of the Unman Body, and it* application to 
Injuries and Operations. 2 vols. 8vo, 34* Londtn^ 1838 

SYME, (J.) The Principles of Surgery. 3d edn., plates and woodcuts, 8to, 31«. 

IiMiMi, 1843 

COCKS, (W. P.) A Treatise on Operative Surgery ; describing the Methods adopted by 
the English, Continental, and American Surgeons. 8vo, 12 (Nates, iHnatrating 64 opera- 
tions, £c., ]4« Lndom^ VSSt 

MALOAI6NE. Manual of Operative Sargery, based on Normal and Pathological Ana- 
tomy. By J. F. BritUn. 13*. 6tf Am^ms, 1846 

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Ijondon, 1847 

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IiMiMi, 1846 

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taught by Sir A. Cooper, and J. U. Green. 4th edn. 8to. . Ijonden^ 183Q 

HOWSHIP, (J.) On the Discrimination and Appearaaoet of Surgical Dkeaw. 8to, 10». 9i, 

HUNTER, (J.) Surgical Works. 3 vob. 8to, S2s.6d, . . , ** 1837 
The who!e Works of. 4 vols. 8vo, and Atlas of Plates. TQs. " ** 

SYDENHAM SOCIETY, Publications of the. 

Subscription 31«. per annum. Ltmdon, 1843-46 

HECKER'S Epidemics of the Middle Agea. 
IX)U1S'S Researches on Phthisis 
SYDENHAM'S Opera Omnia. 

The Seven Boi)ks of Pavlus iEoiNBTA. vol. 1. 
ERICHSEN'S Observations on Aneurysm. 
SIMON'S Animal Chemistry, vol. 1. 

SIMON'S Animal Chemistry, vol. 3. 
HASSE'S Pathology. 

HEWSON'S Works. 

DUPYTREN'B Lectnras on the Diseases and Injuries of the Bones. 
The Works of W. HARVEY, M. D. 

TEETH.— (See Dektistry.) 

NABMYTH. Researches on the Development, Stractnie, and Diseases of tba ToeCb. 8vo. 
plates, 10s. &/ Lond^mt 18V 

— Three Memoirs on the Developmeat and Stmctore of the Teeth and Epitbdinra. Svo, 
St Am^mk 1841 

BELL, (J.) Anatomy, Physioloffy, and Diseases of the Teeth. Sd ed. 8vo, plates, 14«. 

LmtdM, 183S 

FOX, (J.) Natural History and Diseases of the Teeth. 3d ed. 4to plates, 4Ss. '* 1834 


CURUNG. (T. B.) A Practical Traatisa on the Diseases of tboTartit, and of the Bpefmalie 
Gold and Scrotnn. 6vo, with lUastntioM by Bagf , IfW. Ismdtm, 1843 

CX>OPBR, (Sir A.) Obearvatkms oa tbt BtnMtara and DfaMM of tbt TMii. M odn. 
4M, 94 eoL plalM, £10. Me 

Bat MoRTOii'a Bngloal A— twy, k9. 


MEDICINE.] 244 [medicine. 


CHRISTISON, (R.) Treatise on FoiflonB, in reference to Medioml Joriipradenoe, Phyu- 
ology, and the Practice of Phyuo. 4th ed. 8vo, S0« Edinb., 1844 

ALISON, (S.) On the Propagation of ContagiooiPoiflons. 8ro, 5*, . '* 1839 

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ADDISON AKD MOBGAN. On the Operation of .Poiaonon* Agenti upon the Livins 
Body. 8vo, 5* London, 183^ 

ROUPELL and McWHINNIE. lUoitrations of the Effects of Poiioiii. 4to, col. j)latM, 
Parts 1-2 each 18« London, 1833 

GUERIN. NoQvelle Toxicolofie, on Traits des poisons et de I'empoisonnement sons let 
rapports de la chiraie, de la physiologic, de la pathologic et de la therapeutiqne. 8vo, /.6. 


FLANDIN, (C.) Traits des Poisons, on Toxicologic appliqn6e a la medicine legale, k k 
Physiologic et k la Thdrapeatiqae. 8vo, Tom 1-, 7« Paris, 1846 

., G ALTIER, (C. p.) Traits de Toxicologic m^dico-Idgale et de la falsification des alimenu, 
des boissons et des medicaments. Part 1. Poisons inoiganiqoe on mineraux. 8vo,/.7 50. 

Paris, 1845 

ANGLADA, (J.) Trait6 de Toxicologic Gdn^rale envisage dans ses rapports avec la 
Iihysiologie, la pathologic, la therapeutiqne et la mMicine legale. 8to, /.5 50. 

Paris, 1835 

ORFILA, ( .) Toxicologie gdncrale. 4e 6dn. 2 vols. 8vo, /.16. . . " 1843 

The same, translated. 2 vols. 8vo, col. plates, 30«. . London, 1831 

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Betlin, 1838 

WILLIAMS, (R.) Elements of Medicine— Morbid Foitona. S rob. 8to, S8«. %d. 

London, 1836^1 

See Taylor's Medical Jnrispradence, ed. 1843. 


WARREN, (J. C.) Snigical Observations on Tumours, with Cases and Operations. 8vo, 
col. plates * . . . Boston, 1837 

MACILWAIN, (G.) On Tumours, their General Nature and Treatment. 8vo, 5s. 

London, 1845 


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2d ed. 8vo, 8*. W London, 1848 

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6* London, 1H42 

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PhUad., 1843 
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Lond., 1843 ; Philad., 1843 
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3d ed. 8vo, 5^ /..ondon, 1843 

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8vo London, 1843 ; PA*/orf., 1843 

ARNOT, (J.) Practical IlluMrations of the Treatment of Obstructions in the Urethra, and 
gther Canals, by the Dilatation of Fluid Pressure. 8vo, 3s. l^ndon, 1841 

Treatise on Stricture of the Urethra ; containing an Account of Improved Methods of 

Treatment : with an Appendix, on Dilatation by Fluid Pressure in the Treatment of Uri- 
nary Calculus and other Diseases. 2d ed. 8vo, Is Ijondon, 1841 

COULSON, (W.) On Diseases of the Bladder and the Prostate Gland. 3d ed. 8vo, plates, 

7* London, 1842 

See Calculus, Kidnktb, etc. 


DUPARaUE, (F.) Histoire complete des Ruptnres et Ddchirures de VUterus. de Vagin, 
et du Perin^e. 8vo Paris, UOBS 

BENNETTr (U.) A Practical Treatise on Inflammation, Ulceration, and ladnration of 
the Neck of the Uterus. With Remarks on LenoorrbflDa and Prolapsus Uteri as Symptonu 
of this Food of Disease. 8to, 6s London, 1845 

BOrVIN AMD DUGE8. Practical Treatise on the Dtseases of tho Utaras asd its Appendages. 
Transl. by 6. O. Uemiag. 8vo, plates, 96s. ; od., 45*. 6d. Lmtion^ VSOi 

M£Dicii<^.] 245 [medicike. 


UTERUS.— ( Continued.) 

LEVER. (J. C. W.) Practical Treatise on Organic Diieamof the Uterm : being the Prize 
Eesey to which the Medical Society of London awarded the FothergiUian Gold Medal for 
1843. Bvo, 9«. . ' J..ondon, 1814 

LEE. (T. S.) On TnmonnoftheUtenu and iu Appendages. 8vo, 8«. '* 1847 

WALLER, (C) A Practical Treatbe on the Function and Diteates of the nnimpregnated 
Wumb. With a Chapter on Lenoorrhoea, Flnor Albni, or Weakneu. 8vo. plates, U«. 

Ijmdon, 1840 ; Pkiiad., 1843 

RIDGE. (B.) Phvtiology of the Utemt, Placenta, and Fcrtnt : with Oiwervatiimt on the 
Merabrana Meconii and Rete Vanculare, newly diiKMveied Stmcturet existing in the Ffl»- 
tnt and Yoong of Man and Animals. 8vo, 4«. .... J^ondon, 1845 

RIGBY, (E ) On DyhmenonhoBa, and other Uterine Afiectionf, in connection with De- 
rangement of the As^milating Functions. 8vo, 2 plates, 0$. JjOHion, 1844 

DUPARQUE, (F.) A Treatise on the Functional and Organic Diseases of the Utenu. 
Transl., with Notes, by J. Warrington, M.D. 8vo PkiUuL. ISyj 

HUNTER, ( W.) An Anatomical Descrijition of the Human Gravid Uterus, and iACon- 
tenu. 'id ed., by Dr. Rigby. 8vo, plates. IjffHiam, 1843 

INGLEBY, (J. T.) On Uterine Hemorrhage. Sd ed. 8to. ..." 

BALBIRNIE, (J.) The Speculum applied to the Organic Diteaaes of the Womb. Sto. 
10« London, 1836 


HACKER, (H. A.) Literatur der SyphiHtischen Krankheiten vom Jahr 1794 bii 1899. 
8t(> I-eifiig, 1830 

ACTON, (W.) Complete Treatise on Venereal Diseases. 8vo, woodoaU, and 4to Atlas 
of ool. plates, 31«.M London.lMl 

BACX)T, (J.) A Treatise on Syphilis, &o. 8vo ** 1899 

CARMICHAEL, (R.) Clinical I^ecturcs on Venereal Diseases. Reported by Samnel 
Gordon, A. M. Iliustrated by coloured Engravings of the difieient forms of Eruption. 
8vo, 7«. 6tf Ijondon,V6Vt 

PARKER, (L.) The Modem Treatment of Syphilitic Diseases, both Primary and Sc^n- 
dary. 2d ed. 8vo, G«. 6(2. . • Ijondon. 

OOLLES, (A.) Practical Observations on the Venereal Disease, and the nse of Mercury. 
8vo /..ondon, 1837 

HUNTER, (J.) Treatise on the Venereal Disease, with Notes by G. B. Bubington. 8vo, 
engr PU^oit., 1839 

JUDD, (W. H.) A PracUcal Treatise on Urethritis and Syphilis. 8vo, 34 col. plates, 35«. 

/..<m«<0fi, 1836 

RICORD, (P.) A Practical Treatise on Venereal Diseases. Transl. by Dr. A S. Doane. 
Sded. ^vo Jfew- York, ISiH 

dininue Iconographiqne de THopltal des V4n4riens. Parts 1-^, 4to, cd. plates, each /.6. 

TRAVERS. (B.) On the Pathology of Venereal AffecUons. 8vo. London, 1830 

WALLACE. 'W.) A Treatise on Venereal Disease and iU Varieties. 8vo. " 1838 

ROSENBAUM, (J.) Geschichte der Lnstseuche im Alterthume. Tdr Aente und Aiter- 
thumsforscher. 8vo JialU,18» 

WOMEN, Diseases of. 

CLARKE. (C. M.) Observations on the Diseases of Females. 3d ed. 8 vob. roy. 8vo, 

plates, 36« London, iSai 

CHURCHILL, (F.) Outlines of the Principal Dise as e s of Femaks. 8vo, 10«. 6^ 

600CH. On the most Important Diseases pecniiar to Women. 9d ed. 8vo, ISs . 

London, 1831 

FERGUSON, (R.) Eaays on the most Important Diseases of Women. 8vo, 9s. 6tf. 

Ijondon, 1838 

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into the Natnie, Gaases, and Trsatmeat of Spinal and Hysterical Disordeis. Hvo, 10«. 6/. 

London, I8¥i 

HALL, (M.) Commentaries on the Constitutional Diseases of Females. In 3 Parts. 8vo, 

plates, 16» l^andon, 1830 

Part 1. Of the SympKNBs, Caasea. asd Preveatioa of Loeal Inflammation, Consnmptioa, 

Spinal Affections, and other Dssorders inddental to Yoaag Females. 
Part 3. CompiAiending the several Afbctioas incidental to tbo middle and later FMods of 

Life, and of tiMir OoMtHntioaal Ori^n. 

ABHWELL, (B.) Praetioal Traatise oa tbt DIhmm pmOiv ID W«Ba, fltailnilad b; 
Caen derived fkanHoqNtaluaPrivttaPlrMlidt. 9A td. 8f«. 81#. LmMm^im 




WOMEN, DISEASES OF.-— (Continued.) 

IN6LEBY, (J. T.) FacU and Caws in Obatetrio Medicine, with OUervations on some of 
the most imjiortant Diseases incidental to Feinaks. 8vo, 9s. Ijundon^ 1841 

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9« London, 1840 

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London, 1830 

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plates. London, 1833 

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BLUNDELL. (J.) Observations on some of the more important Diseases of Women. 
Edited by Dr. T. Castle. 8vo, 12« London, 1837 

MifbALS AND COINS.— (See Numismatics.) 
MENSURATION.— (See Mathematics, p. 217.) 

SMITH, (J. W.) A Compendram of Mercantile Law, from the third and 
last English Edition : greatly enlarged by the addition of Notes and 
References to American Authorities, by J. P. Holcombe and W. Y. Ghol- 
son. 8vo, calf, $4. . iVeic-Forifc, D. A. & Co., 1847 

HOLCOMBE, (J. P.) A Selection of Leading Cases npon Commercial 

Law decided in the Supreme Court of the United States ; with Notes and 

Illustrations. Bvo, $4. iVeuj- For*, D. A. & Co., 1847 

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lAtndon, 1824 

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London, 1817 

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Marseilles, 1783 

AZUNl, (D. A.) Dizionari universale razionato delta ginrisprodenza mercantiJe. 4 volt. 
4to Jjtvomo, IS£1 

Droit Maritime de I'Rarope. 2 vob. 8vo Paris, 1805 

AJiJ^.ALKS marhimes et coloniales, on recueil de lois et ordoananoei, rtjflements et deci- 
sions minist^rielles. m^moires, etc. ; qui peuvent int^riesser lei colonies, par MM. Bajol et 
Poirrd. 88 voU. 8vo Paris, 180»-]846 

See Commercial Law, pp. 106, S04. 

MESMERISM.— (See p. 237.) 
METAPHYSICS.— (See Philosophy.) 

KAEMTZ, (L. F.) Complete Course of Meteorology. With Notes by 
Charles Martins, and an Appendix, containing the Graphic Representa- 
tion of the Numerical Tables, by L. Lalanne. Translated, with Notes 
and Additions, by C. V. Walker. l2mo. 12*. 6d. London, 1844 

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and enlarged, of Meteorological Essays. 2 vols. 8vo, numerous charts, 32*. 

London, 1845 

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and its Phenomena, &c. roy. 8vo. . ^ New- York, 1843 

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lSnio,4«. 6i{ Zondm, 1843 


METEOROLOGY.— ( Continued,) 

LARDNEB, (D.) and WALKER, (C. V.) A Mannal of Electricity, Maf^etbin. and 
Meteorology. 2 voU. 12mo, |ilatet, lis JAtndon, 1844 

REID. (W.) An Attempt to develoue the Law of 3tonns by meant of Facts, arren^d 
according to Place and Tirae ; and nence to point out a Came for the Variable Wind*, 
with the view of practical use in Navigation. lUostrated by Charts and Woodcuts. 2d 
edn. roy. 8vo, 16» l^endon, iiM6 

HARR[S. (W. 8.) On the Nature of Thondentornis, and on the Means of Protecting 
Buildings and Shipping against the Destrnctive Effects of Lightning. 8vo, 10s. 6d. 

London, 1843 

THOM, (A.) An Inquiry into the Nature and CourMof Storms in the Indian Ocean, 
South of the Equator, with a view of discovering their origin, extent, rotatory character, 
rate and direction of progretsion, barometric depression, and other concomitant phenome- 
na, for the practical purpose of enabling Ships to ascertain the proximity and relative posi- 
tion of Hurricanes ; with Snggwtions on the means of avoiding them. 8vo, with Chart 
and Diagrams, ]2«. Jjondon^ 1845 

SAINT -IlILIARE, (B.) De la Meteorologie d'Aristote. 8vo. Paris. 

See Enctclo. Metropolitana, Jirt. Meteorology, by Gko. Hauvkt. Reports of 
the British Association, 1831 & 1840. by Prop. Forbbs. Companions to the Brit- 
iah Almanac. Taylor's Scientific Memoiis. Pouillbt's Elemens de Physique. 


BOECKH, (A.) Metrologiflche nntersachungen Clber gewichte MfinzftlaBe, 

und Masse des Alterthams in ihrem Zosammenhange. 8to. 

Berlin, 1838 

LEP8IU8. Ueber die Verbreitung des Italischen Miinzsystems von Etruria. 8vo. 

Leipzig, 1842 

PAUCTON. (A. J. P.) Mdtrologie, on traits des mesures, poids et monnoies des anciens 
fieuples et des modernes. 4to. Paris, 1781 

See Hi-LSOB, Samminng Mathematischer Tafeln, I^tig, 1840. Kbllt's Cambist 
MrCrLLOCH*fi Commercial Dictionary. Paplbt's Obwrvations on the Measures, 
Wei;;ht4, and Money uaed in this Country, lAmdan, liK4. Companions to British 
Almanac. Encydo. Britannica. B«port from tlie Select Committee of the House 
of Commons on the Royal Mint, 1837 ; the Appendix contains a large collection 
of pajien relating to the Mint of the United States, tlie French and Dntch Mints, 



GILLIAM, (A. M.) Travels in Mexico, by tlie way of Vera Cruz, Jalapa, 
Paebla, &c., with Observations upon the Religion, Political Institutions, 
Commerce, Agriculture, and Civilization in Mexico ; and accurate Ac- 
counts of the Mines and Mining. 8vo, plates. Philad., 1845 
BEAUFOY, (M.) Mexican Illustrations, ind. of the Condition of Society, 
Manners, Morals, &c., of Mexico. 8vo. . London, 1828 
BULLOCK, (Wx.) Six Months* Residence and Treveln in Mexico. Pvo. I^omhn. l&U 

WARD. (A. G.) . Mexico in ia37. 2 vols. 8vo " lP2fl 

CALDERON dk la BARCA. (Mmk.) Life in Mexico. 8vo, Us. . " 1844 
THOMPSON, (Wappt.) Recollections of Mexico. 12mo. . AVv-lorAc. 1840 

NEBEL. Voyage pittoresqne et arch6ologiqoe dans la partie le plus intdreiMUit de Mexique. 

fi.lio, 50pl.,/.3i)0 Paris, \A» 

JSJfTIQ UITKS MEXICJI IJ^ES. Relation de Tn)ii Ex peditions du Ca|Mtaine Dn paix en 
1805-O-7 pour la recherche des antinuites dn Mitka et de la Paleaque : luive dni Disserta- 
tions, des Notes, &c., iwr Lenoir, W arden. Farcy, &c. 3 vols, folio, 16d )ilanches, /.jOO. 

Paris, 1834-36 

LYON, (G. F.) Journal of a Residence and Tour in Mexico in 1896, with some ac(«unt 
of Uie Mines of that Country. 8 vols. ISflM Jjmden, 1898 

See Poikbbtt's Notes on Mexico. LATRaax's Rarablee in Mexico. raBVALLiBR** 
Letten MAcaRKOOR*s Commercial Statistics. McGuli.ogh'ii Geograph. Die- 
tionary, etc. 



[military art. 

n. fflSTORY. 

TERNAUX-COMPANS. Voyafet, Relatioiu, et M6moirH oiiginaaz poar Mrvir k Thif- 
tdire de la diconverto de 1* Ameriqne, pnblMt poar la pmniere fob en franfau. — Racneil 
de pieces relatives k la conqaSte do Meziqae. 8vo,/.]4. .... Pari*. 

PRESCOTT, (W. H.) History of the Conqnest of Mexico ; with a Pre- 
liminary View of the Ancient Mexican Civilization, and the Life of the 
Conqueror, Hernando Cortes. 3 vols. 8vo, 3 plates, and 3 maps. 

New-York, 18^ 

CASTILLO. The Memoirs of the Conquistador Bemal Diaz del Castillo, 
written by Himself; containing a true and full Account of the Discoveiy 
and Conquest of Mexico arid New Spain. Translated from the Original 
Spanish, by J. J. Lockhart. 2 vols. 8vo, 24«. London, 1844 

CLAVIGERO, (Abbe F. S.) History of Mexico, transl. from the Italian 
by CuUen. 2 vols. 4to London, 1787 

AJ^TK^UITRS MEXICAWES. Relation de Trois Expeditions do Capitaine Dnpaix, 
en lS(i5-6-7, poor la recherche des Antiqnites dn Mitka et de Palenooe ; Koive des Disser- 
tations. des Notes, &c., |>ar Lenoir, Warden, Farcy, &e. 3 torn, folio. Paris, 1834-6 

Db SOLIS, (A.) Httt. of the Conq. of Mexioo by the Spaniards. 2 rols. 8vo. 

London, 1738 

G\yi\, (A. Db.) Description historica y cronolofica de las dos piedras qne eon occasioa 
del noevo empedrado que se esta formando en la jSaza principal de Mexico, se hallaron en 
eUa el aHu de 17U0, etc., por. C. M. Bnstamente. sm. 4to. . Mexico, \9S3& 

CORTES. Despatches of Hernando Cortes, the Conanemr of Mexioo. addressed to Charles 
v., written darins the Conquest, and containing a Narrative of Event/t. Now first trans- 
lated into English from the original Spanish, with an Introdaction and Notes. By G. 
Fulsum. roy. 8vo JVew- York, 1843 


BREWSTER, (Sir D.) A Treatise on the Microscope. 8vo, plates. 

London, 1837 

EHRENIIERO. (G. G.) bt MANDL. (L.) Traits dn Microscope et de son emploi dans 
r^tnde des corps organises, snivd de reoherohes snr I'organisation des infnsoires. 8vo. 14 
plates./.8 PoTM, 1839 

(See a)«o Mandl's Anatomie Microsoopiqne.) 

LEREBOURS, '.N. P.) Instruction pratique snr les Microsoo|ies. 3e 6dn. 13nio, fSt. 

Paris, 1846 

DUJARDIN, (F.) Nonvean Manuel oomplet de I'observatenr an Microscope. IProo, et 
Atlas, /.lO 50 Part>. 1843 

CHEVALIER, (C.) Des MicroKopoi et de lenr usage. 8vo, planches. /.9. " 1839 

DONNE. (.\Lr.) bt FOUC.MJLT. (L.) Conn de micnwcopie compldmentaire des etudes 
m^dicale. Anutomie microscopique et physiolugie des fluides de Tdconomie. Atlax exd- 
eut6 d'apres nature an roicroscojie-daguerreutype. folio, oontenant 20 planches gravies, 
avec nn textedescriptif,/.30 Pons, 1846 

See TiaK and IIbi«prby*s Anatomical Manipulation. 8vo, 9«. London, 1844. 
PriciiaRd's Essay on the Use of Microscopes, &c. 


HALLECK, (E. W.) Elements of Militarv Science and Art ; or, a Course 
of Instruction in Strategy, Fortification, Tactics of Battles, &c., embra- 
cing the Duties of Staff, Infantry, Cavalry, Artillery, and Engineers ; 
Adapted to the Use of Volunteers and Militia. l2mo, illustrated with 
numerous Diagrams. New- York, D. A. & Co., 1847 

There it no work nimilar to this in the En<;li«h language, and no pains have been spared 
to make it a use''ul book for ofRoen of militia and volunteers, as well as the general 

AIDE-MEMOIRE to the Military Sciences, framed from Contributions of 
Officers of the different Services, and edited by a Committee of the Corps 
of Royal Engineers in Dublin, 1845. roy. 8vo. Parts I.-II., each, 149. 

London, 1845-6 




MILITARY ART. -^{Continued.) 

GORE, (Caft. J.) The Evolatioiit of a Field BmtteiT explained in MH detafl ; togedier 
with Thirty-three Plates for the fnither illnstration of the Subject To which are added, 
the Principal ManoeavrM of a Brigade of Batteries ; with Thirteen Plates. 12mo, 3«. 6d. 

Woolmeh, 1846 

WELLINGTON. Maxims and Opinions of Field-Marshal His Grace the Dnke of Wel- 
linffton, selected from his Writings and Soeecbes dnrinf a Public Life of more than Half 
a Centory : with a Biographical Menoir, oy G. H. Francis. 8vo, 14«. . Londtm^ 1845 

BURN, (Caft.) Naral and Military Technical Dictionary of the French Language : with 
Ebcplanations of the various Terms in English. 12mo, ScM. . IfWioidk, 18tf 

JACKSON, (R.) A View of the Formation, Discipline, and Economy of Armies. 3d 
edn. 8vo. ]3« Ijondtn, 1845 

GRIVET. Aide-memoire de ring^nieur militaire, on ReoneQ d'dtndas et d'obsenratioDt. 
8vo, planches. ............ Paris, 18^ 

le partie. Sciences et adminirtration ; oomprenant Thistoire, l*oiganisatH>n et radmin- 
i«tration du corps dn g^nie, les se i v i ce s de patx et de guerres et plnsienis rAsnmte seieB- 

SSe partie. Construction. 3me partie. Art Militaire. 

CASTELVERD, (E. dk.) Memorial militaire des Franfais. 8vo, avec 40 tableaux et 10 
cartesff6ograpLiqnes. /.IS Porw, 1846 

' CORRBARD, (J.) Recneil snr les leoonnaissanoes militaiies, d'apres les autenrs les tin 
estimes. 8to, et Atlas,/. 15 Paris, 1845 

^JfJfU^lRE de r^tat militaire de France pour Tannte 1846, pnbM sor les documents dn 
miniiiture de la guerre, l^o, /.O Pari*, 18<I7 

FAV£, (J.) Histoire et tactiqne des Uob armes, et plus particnlierement de raitiUeiie da 
campagne. 8vo, avec un atlas iii-4, de 48 planches, /.3D ; planches color., fSR. 

Paris, lBi5 

R^OND, (lk Gkm taAL.) Piineipes de stratAgie ^Mmeataire et de progris. 8vo, /.7 SO. 

Ptarit, 184A 


WELLINGTON Despatches and Correspondence, during his Campaigns 1799-1815. Compiled from Authentic Documents, by Gol. Gar- 
wood. 12 vols. 8vo, and Index, £12. lOs. . London, 1839-41 
Seieotiuns frum the above, toy. 8vo, ils. .... '* 1841 

MAXWELL, (W. U.) Life of the Duke of Wellington. 3 vols. 8to, plates, maps, and 
woodcuts. 3Q« JLsndom, 1839-41 

THR MJIRLBOROUOH Letters and Despatches, from 1708 to 1713, recently discovend 
at Woodstock. Edited by Sir George Murray 5 vols. 8vo. £i. London, 1845 

MJiPS and Plans of the Principal Operations, BaUkM and Sieges of the English Army dnr* 
ingthe War from 1866-1814. from Original Drawings by Major Sir T. Livingston MiiebeH. 
In sheets, jC13 ; mounted as maps, £14 ; bound, xl8. J^mdon, 1840 

NAPIER, (W. F. P.) History of the War in the Peninsula and the South of France, 
from the Year 1807 to the Year 1814. G vob. 8vo, jC6. ... London, 1810 

(Reprinted, Philad., C. k. H.) 

GLEIO, (O. R.) Lives of the most eminent British Military Commaaden. 3 vols. ISbm, 

18s London, neak 

BOUTHEY, (R.) The Hbtory of the Peninsular War. new edn., 6 vols. 8vo, 63s. 

London, liOMn 


BUCHANAN, (R.) Practical Essays on Mill- Work and other Machinery ; 
with Examples of Modem Tools, dec. First published by Robert Ba- 
chanan, M. E. ; afterwards improved and edited by Thomas Tredgold, 
C. E. ; and now re-edited with the Improvements of the present age, by 
George Rennie, large 8vo, and the plates, upwards of 70 in number, in an 
atlas folio vol. 45<. London, 1841 

KANE, (Sir R.) On Horizontal Water- Wheels, especially Turbines or 
Whirl- Wheels; their History, Construction, and Theory. Illustrated for 
the use of Mechanics. By Moritz Rdhhnan. Edited with an Introdne- 
tion and Notes, by Sir R. Kane. 4to, 6 plates and tables of calenlatioM. 
1$.M IMIm^lSiS 





BiBUO«RAPHT, lee Dana's Syttem, infra. 

DANA, (J. D.) System of Mineralogjr, comprising the most Recent Dis- 
coveries. 2d edn., 8vo, woodcuts and 4 plates. . New- York, 1844 

JAMESON, (R.) Mineralogy, according to the Natural History System. 

8vo, 6» Edinburgh,!^! 

(From the Encyclopedia BritanBica.) 

THOMSON, (T.) OvUinei of Mineralogy, Mineral Analym, &c. 8 vols. 8vo. 

AMuton. 1836 

CHAPMAN, (E. J.) Practical Mineraloey, or, a Compendiom of the di&tineoiUiinx 
Characten or Minerals, by which the I^ame of any Species or Variety in the Mineral 
Kingdom may be speedily ascertained. 8vo, 7« London, 1843 

A Brief Description of the Characters of Minerals ; forming a Familiar Introdnction 

to the Science of Mineralogy. 12mo, 3 plates, A$ l^mdon, 1844 

MILLER, (W. H.) A Treatise on Crystallography. 8vo. Cambridge, 1839 

GRIFFIN, (J. J.) A System of Cr>'stallography, with its application to Mineralogy. 
8vo Oiasgou), 1841 

KOBElLIi, (F. VON.) Instmction for the Discrimination of Minerals by simple Chemical 
Exfieriinents. 7vo CHa*gow, 1841 

BAUDRIMONT. Traits «l6menUire dn mindralogie et de g^ologie. 8vo. . Paris, 1840 

DUFRESNOY, (A.) Traitd de min^ralogie. 3 vols. 8vo, avec nn grand nombre de figures, 
et an atlas de 3UU planches. Paris, 1843-47 

BEUDANT, (F. S.) Traitd de min^ralogie. Se «dn., 2 vob. 8to. . ** 1833 

6RARD, (C. P.) Nonveaox dl^ments de min^ralogie, on mannel dn min^ralogiste voya- 
geur. 3e 6dn. 8vo Paris, 1H38 

Min^ralogie appliqa^e anx arts. 3 vols. 8vo '* 1821 

NECKER, (L. A.) Le Rcgne mineral anx mithodes natnrelles. 2 vols. 8vo. '* 1835 

BURAT. (A.) Gdologie appliqude, on Traits de la recherche et de I'exploitation des min6- 

raux utiles. 8vo,/.l-^ Port's, 1844 

Encyclo. Mktropolitana, jSrt. Crystallography and Mineralogy, by J. H. Brookk. 

MINING.— (Metallurgy.) 

URE, (Dr.) Dictionary of Arts, Manufiictures, and Mines ; containing a 
clear Exposition of their Principles and Practice. Illustrated with 1240 
Engravings on wood. One thick volume of 1340 pages, bound in leather, 
$5 New- York, D. A. &, Co. 

Recent Improvements in Arts, Manufactures, and Mines, (being a 

Supplement to his Dictionary.) 8vo, illustrated with 200 cuts, $1 50. 
The complete Work, with Supplement, bound in two vols. Price $6 50. 

New- York, D. A. & Co. 

BUDGE, (J.) Practical Miner's Gnide ; comprising a Set of Trigonometrical Tables, 
adapted to all Pormwes of Oblique or Diagonal, Vertical. Horizontal, and Tiaverse Dial- 
ling ; with their Application to the Dial Exercise of Sliafts, Aditt. Drifts, Lodes, Slides, 
Levelling, &c. ; also a Treatise on the Art and Practice of Asvaying Silver. Copper. Lead, 
and Tin ; with essential Tables, Roles, and Illustrations, applicable to Mining BuKiness. 
Sd ed. 8vo, lis London, 1845 

JITLAS DU MLYEUR et dn M6ta]lnrgiste. recoeil de dewins lithogranlnes, rclatifx k 
I'exploi'ation des mines et aux operations mdtallnrgiques executes par Sl.M. St>s iMeve« 
d'^cole royale des mines. le-5e annees, planches avec tcxte exp'icatif, Ibliu. Paris. 1837- 

COMBES. Traits de Texploitation des mines. 3 vols. 8vo, avec on atlas de G8 planche< in 
folio, /.45 ^Paris, 1S45 

BLANC. Mannel de I'exploitation des mines. 18mo, fig. . * " 1845 

Part 1. Ilouille, ou charbon de terre. /.3 50. 
Part 2. Fer, plomb, coivre, 6tain, argent, or. rinc, diamants. /.3 50. 

LAMPADIUS, (6. A.) Mannel de mdtallnrgie g^ndrale, tradnit, revue et ang. par G. A. 
Arranlt. 2 vols. 8vo Paris, 1^0 

KARTEN, (C. J. B.) System der Metallurgie. 5 vols. 8vo, et atlas. Brrlin, lfc30 

See Irom MANrPAcruRB. Taylor's Records of Mining. Mining Review. 

MINNESINGERS.— (See Ballads, p. 65.) 

TAYLOR, (E.) Lays of the Minnesingers, or German Troubadours of 
Xllth and Xlllth Centuries, sm. 8vo, 9<. . London, 1825 






WILKINSON, (W.) An Account of the Principalities of Wallachia and 
Moldavia. 8vo London, 1820 

KOGALNITCHAN, (M.) Histoire de la Valachie, de la Moldavie et des 
Valaqaes tranadannbiens, etc. 2 vola. 8vo. Berlin^ 1837 

VAILLANT, (J. A.) La Romaine, on histoire, langne, littdratore, orogra- 
phic, statistique des peaples de la langae-d*Or, Ardaliens, Vaiaqoes et 
Moldaves, r^som^ sous ie nom de Romans. 3 vols. 8vo, /.21. 

Pom, 1845 


CLEMENS, (A.) Walachische Sprachlehie. 2d ed. 8to. 

Hermamutadt, 1836 
MOLNAR, (J.) Dentsch- Walachische Sprachlehre. 8yo. '* 1810 

DICTIONNAIRE fran^ais-valaque, par P. Poyenar, F. Aaroo et G. HiU. 
2 vols. 8to Bouearett, 1840 

LEXICON valachio-latino-hnngarico-gerxnanicum, quod a pluribus aucto- 
ribus decursu triginta et amplius annomm elaboratum est. 8vo. 

Budas, IS25 

MOLLUSCA.— (See Malacology.) 

Edited by Dr. Giles. 8vo London, 1840--43 

I. BEDE'S Church History, revised from the Version of Stevens. 8vo, IS*. 

II. GILDAS' Epistle respecting Britain, and 
NENNIUS' British History. 

III. RICHARD OF DEVIZES' Chronicle of the Reign of Richard I.» and 
RICHARD OF CIRENCESTER'S Description of Britam. 

IV. GEOFFREY of MONMOUTH'S British History. Translated by A. 

V. BEDE'S Ecclesiastical Biographies and Letters. 2 volt. 

VI. CHRONICLES of the White Rose of York. 

MONUMENTS, Sepulchral. 

ARMSTRONG, (Rev. J.) A Paper on Monuments. 8vo» cms. 

Oxford, 1844 

MARKLAND, (J. H.) Remarks on English Churches, and on the Ezpe- 
diency of rendering Sepulchral Memorials subservient to Pious and Chris- 
tian Uses. 4th edition, enlarged, l2mo, 6«. 6d. London, 1847 

BLOXHAM, (M. H.) A Glimpse at the Monumental Architecture and 
Sculpture of Great Britain, from the Earliest Period to the End of the 
Eighteenth Century. 8vo London, 1834 

3LORE, (B.) The MonnmeBtml Renains of Noble umA EmiMst P^noM. eompruiiiff the 

Sepolckral Antiqnitie* of tiirat Britain ; with Historical and Biographical iUtutr^ioM. 

8vo London, IBEW 

8TOTHARD. (<?. A.) The MonnmeBtal Effl;riet of GmU Britaia, lelwted Timn Cathedfak 

and Chnrchn, etc. folio. plalM London, 1816-38 

MOLLIS, (T. AMD G.) The Monnnsental Effigies of Great Britaia. 4to ** 1841 

HARTSHORNE. (Rev. C. II.) An Endeavonr to aaMify the Repnlchral ReonaiM la 

Nortbamptonthire, or a DiMioaiw on Fnaeral MoannraU in that Oonnty. im. 8vo. 

GaaOru^. 1840 
WALLER. A Bofiw of Monnmntal Braaaa, ozteBdlaff tnm the TIom of Edwaid I. to 

that of ElisabeUi. folk>. 



[mtjrrat's librabt. 

MONUMENTS.— (Continued.) 

BOUTELL, (Rev. C.) >fonomental BmsMs and Slabs : an Hiitorical and DeMripdve 
Notice of the Incised Monamental Memorials of the Middle Ages, with AnmeioaB iJIastm- 
tions. 8vo, 10».6d Ltmdnn, 1847 

THOMAS, (W.) Designs for Monoments, &c. 4to " 1843 

POTTIE, (C.) Designs for SepolchrmJ Monuments, sm. foL, S5 plain, 36*. " 1843 

^ OEJ^RIUiL VOL UME of Epitaphs, Original and Selected, with appropriate TexU 
from Bcriptore. l2mo, 5a London, 1840 

SNOW, (J.) Ljrra Memorialia : Original Epitaphs and Charefayard Tbooghts, in Verse. 
With an Essay by Wm. WordsworUi, reprinted by his permission. New edition, remo- 
delled and enlarged. ]8mo, 3«. 6d London, 1847 

ECCLESJOLOOIST(Tke). Vols. 1-. Svo, woodcaU and plates. . " 1848 

(Continoed monthly.) 

MOON — (See page 56.) 

RENOU. Recherches geographiques sur le Maroc, soivies d'itin^raires et 
de renBeignements. Svo, /.12. . . Paris, 1846 

THOMASSY, (R.) Le Maroc et ees caravans, ou Relations de la France 
avec cet Empire. 2e ^dn. Svo, /,6 50. ... Paris, 1845 

HAY, (D.) Morocco and the Moors. 12mo, 2«. 6d. London, 1844 

BEAUCLERK, (G.) Journey to Morocco, roy. 8vo, 21*. 

JACKSON, (J. G.) An Account of the Empire of Morocco and the Dis- 
trict of Suae, etc. 4to London, 1809 


YOUNG, (T.) Narrative of a Residence on the Mosquito Shore, during 

the Years 1839, 1840, and 1841 ; with an Account of Truxillo and the 

adjacent Islands of Bonacca and Roatan. 12mo, 5s. London, 1842 

See Macorboor's Progress of America. 2 vols. Svo. ..." 1847 


sm. Svo, monthly, 2«. 6d. London, 1844-47 

1. The Bible in Spain. By George Borrow. 

2. Journals in India. By Bishop Heber. 

3. Travels in the East. By Irby and Mangles. 

4. Siege of Gibralter. By T. Drinkwater. 

5. Morocco and the Moors. By Drummond Hay. 

6. Letters from the Baltic. By Miss Rigby. 

7. The Amber Witch. By Lady Duff Gordon. 

8. Cromwell and Bunyan. By Robt. Southey. 

9. New South Wales. By Mrs. Meredith. 

10. Life of Sir Francis Drake. By John Barrow. 

11. The Court of Pekin. By Father Ripa. 

12. The West Indies. By M. G. Lewis. 

13. Sketches of Persia. By Sir John Malcolm. 

14. The French in Algiers. By Lady Duff Gordon. 

15. Bracebridge Hall. By Washington Irving. 

16. A Naturalist's Voyage. By Charles Darwin. 

17. Fall of the Jesuits. From the French. 

18. Life of the Great Conde. By Lord Mahon. 

Murray's handbooks.] 253 [music. 

MURRAY'S Library. —{Continued.) 

19. Gjrpdes in Spain. By George Borrow. 

20. The Marquesas Islanders. By Hermann Melville. 

21. Livonian Tales. By Miss Rigby. 

22. Memoirs of a Missionary. By Rev. J. Abbott. 

23. Sir Robert Sale's Brigade. By Rev. G. R. Gleig. 

24. Letten from Madras. By a Lady. 

25. Highland Sports. By Charles St. John. 

26. Jonmejrs across the Pampas. By Sir F. B. Head. 

27. Gatherings from Spain. By Richard Ford. 

28. The Sieges of Vienna. By Earl of Ellesmere. 

29. Liberation War in Germany. By Sir Alexander Gordon. 

30. Adventures in the South Seas. By Hermann Melville. 

31. Story of the Battle of Waterloo. By Gkig. 

MURRAY'S Handbooks for Travellers. 

See Guide Books, page 179. 



BLAZE, (C.) Biblinfmphie mtnicate de la Fraaee at de rMfs«|tr, M B^peitote g^B^ral 
•t lyslematiqv* de tons Ms timitia at oaviM de moiiqiM vocal* at iartroanrtale inpriaiAf 
on graves en Europe jnsqn'k oe Jonr, etc. 8vo, /.8 50. ... Parit, 188S 

I. fflSTORY. 

BURNEY, (C.) A General History of Mosic, from die EarHest Ages to 
the Present Period, Slc. 4 vols. 4to, plates. Loudon, 1776-89 

HAWKINS, (Sia J.) A General History of the Seienee and Practice of 
Music. 5 vols. 4to. Loudon, 1776 

LA FA YE, (A. de.) Histoure g^n^rale de la mirnqoe ct de la danae. 3 

vols. 8vu, avec un atlas de 28 planches in-4, et 36 planches de musiqne 

in folio, /27 Parif. 

NORTH. (HoK. R.) Memoira of Motick. By the Hon. Rocer North, AttonMy-Geaeml 
to James II. Noir lirit printed ftnin the Ori|pnal M8., and edhed, with oopiom Notee, 
by Edward F. Rimbanit. crown 4to, half-boand, IS*. iMudrnt, 1846 

HOGARTH, (G.) MnMcal Hbtory, Biography, and Critieitm. 9ded.Svob. ISmo, JOt.W. 

Memoin of the Mnsical Drama. S vok. 8to, 16e •• IdSg 

CHORLEY. (H. F.) Mwic and Mannen in FraMe and Gtimaay. 1 vob. ta. 8vo. 

/•enifMi, 1B41 
BUSBY. (T.) Iliitory of Mnitc ; condensed from the Works of HawUM and Baiwy. f 

vub. 8vo Lmidom, I8I9 

Concert Room and Orehestra. AneedolM of Mnsictaas, andent aad modem. 3 volk 

l8aio. AMiAm. 1895 

BOMBBT. (L. A. C.) The Lives of Haydn aad Moiart, with ObsenralioBS on Metaslasio, 

etc. Tiantl. fVom the French. ISmo. .fieeCea, U99 

MOSCIIELLES. (J.) The Life of Beethoven, inclnding his ComspoMleMe, etc. TVaMl. 
from the Gtfrmaa. 9 vob. ISmo Ltmiam^ 1841 

ORLOFF, (O.) E«ai snr Thirtoiie de la mnsiqne en Italia, dcpais Us tompt Us pins andeas 
jnsqa'k no* joon. 9 volt. Hvo jPsrw, I8tt 

BECKER. (C. F.) Systemat. Chronolof . Dantellang MasikaHsohen Littaratnr. 4to. 

IjfiwtiMf 1836 

BLONDEAU. ( .) Hirtoira de la mnsiqne Bod«M, dopaii Us pnnlm iMoIm de V^m 

chritienne jnsqn'k nos jonn. 8to, toL 1, /.6. Avit, 1847 

ADRIEN >B 1^ FAOB, (J.) Hhtoim |«a«fab da la aMriqao at da la Dwfi. fals.l,t, 
«t atJai de BttsiqM Hri§. 

music] 254 [mythology. 

I. mSTOKY .—(Conlinued.) 

BERLIOZ, (H.) Voyage Mosical en Allemagne et en lulie. Etadei rar Beethorea, 
Clock et Weber. Mdanges et nonvellet. 3 volt. 8vo, /.15. . Parity 1845 

DICTlOJfJlR ForMiuiciani from the Earliest Ages to the PicMnt Time, and a Sommary 
of the History of Music. 3 vols. 8 vo. London, IBH 


WEBER, (G.) An Attempt at a Systematically Arranged Theory of 
Musical Composition. Translated from the 3d German edition, with 
Notes, by J. F. Warner. 2d ed. 2 vols. roy. 8yo, $5. Boston, 1846 

The distingnishinf characteristic of this woric is, that it is a theory of musical compo- 
sition conformable to the present state of the art : a view of the rules and methods 
pravtiaed by Mozart, Beethoven, Mendelssohn, and Spohr : it is unique for the copi- 
ousness as well as appositeness of its musical illustrations. The treatise of Albrechts- 
berger is full of antiquated pedantry, and that of Chernbini wholly unworthy of his 
illn^rious name. In Germany, Weber's work is the standard authority. The 
works of Reicha and Marx possess some peculiar merits, but they aim more at par- 
ticular excellencies, while Weber aims at general and universal ones. 

WARNER. Rttdimental Lessons in Music. Containing the Primary Instniction requisite 
for all Beginners in the Art, whether Vocal or Instrumental. 16mo, 50 cts. 

JVewYork, D. A. & Co., 1846 

A Univeisal Dictionary of Musical Terms, taken in part from G. Weber's Vocabu- 
lary of Italian Words and Phrases, bnt chiefly furnished from other sources. 8to. 

Boston, 1843 

The Primary Note Reader, or First Steps m Singing at Sight. ISmo, 35 cts. 

JfewYork, D. A. & Co., 1846 

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F^TIS. Music Made Easy. 13mo Bootan, 1840 

SCHILLING, (6.) Lehrbuoh der nllgemeiner Musikwissenschafl, od. dessen, was Jeder, 
der muiik treibt oder lemen will, nothwendig wissen muss, etc. 8vo. Karltr., 183&-40 

Conversations-hand-lexicoB, musikaliscbes enthaltend d. roUstandige Erklarung aller 

mnsikalischen Realien, etc. 3 vols. 8vo Jht£*b., 1840 

Allgemeine General-Basslehre, mit besond. Rucksicht anf angehende Musiker u. 

gebildete Dilettanten bearbeitet. 8vo. Damut., 1839 

MARX, (A. B.) Musikal Kompositionslehre practisch-lheoretiaoh. 3e verb. Aufl. Ir 
TheU. 8vo Leipiig, 1846 

MALATIER, (J. A.) Encvclop^die populaire de mnsique vocale, ou Receuil des plus 
beaux chants popnlaires et reiigieux de tous ies peuples, notes et chiffies d'apies la m^thode 
de CraTin. 4 vols. 13mo, /.13 Parit, 1844 

RAYMONDI, (J.) Nonveau Systome de notation mnsicale, suivi dn rapjiort fait an oongres 
scientiflque de France, sur le premier essai de simplification musicographiqne. 8vo, pi., /.5. 

Parit, 1846 

F^TIS, (F. J.) Traits complet de la Thdorie et de la Pratique de Thannonie. 8vo, /.13. 

Parw, 1844 

ESCUDIER, (Frbrbh, MM.) Dictionnaire de Musique d'apres Ies thdoriciens, historiens, 
et critiques le plus ci^lebres qui ont dent sur la musique. 3 vols. l3mo, /.3 50. 

Pario, 1844 

GIULIANI, (N.) Introduction au Code d'harmonie pratique et th6orique, ou Nonveau 
Systeme de basse fondaroentale. 8vo, /.8 Pari*, 1847 

ROUSSEAU, (J. J.) DicUonnaire de musique. 3 vols. 8vo, /.IS. . . " 1823 


MULLER, (C. O.) Introduction to a Scientific System of Mythology. 
Translated from the Grcrman, by John Leitch. 8vo, 12«. London, 1^4 

CHRISTMAS, (Rev. H.) Universal Mythology. 12mo, 7*. 6rf. 

London, 1838 

KEIGHTLEY, (T.) Mythology of Ancient Greece and Italy. 8vo, 

plates, 16« London, 1834 

the Same abridged, for the use of Schools. 18mo, cats. 

New- York, D. A. & Co. 

CARR, (T. 8.) Manual of Classical Mythology ; or, a Companion to the Greek and Latin 
Pbets: with a Copious Lexicon Index. ISmo, 6«. 6A .... 1846 

BUTTMANN, (Ph.) Mythology, oder geil Abhandlnngett Uber die Sagendet Aheithnms. 
8 vols. 8vo Berlin, 1898 



[natural bistort. 

MYTHOLOGY.— (Co/t^inwed.) 

CREUZER, (F.) Symbulik ond Mythologie der alton Vfilker, beMmdm dcr Orwcben n. 
Rumer. 4 vols. 8vo Darvut., 18XM4 

—r- the Same. Tmnilated by J. D. Gaj|^iam. 4 vob. 300 pi. . Paris, 1835-99 

HITZI6, (F.) Znr UlMten Vdlker and MytbeBgeMshiehta. Vol. 1-, 8vo. Leipzig, 184- 

IIEFFTER, (W. M.) Mythologie der Griechen and Rdmer. 8vo. ** 1815 

BURCUARDT. (6. E.'i Handbach der ClmmicbeB Mythologie, aach Grandit&tzen. 
Vol. 1-, 8vo JDreaden, 1843 

BCHWENCK, (K.) Die mythologie der AsiattiMhen Vdlker, der Oiiechea, Rdroer. iEcyp- 
ter, GemuuieB a. Slawen. Vol. 1-3, 8vo /Vaal/., 1843-45 

JACOBI, (E.) Dictionnaire Mrtbol<yiqne oniTend, oo Biographie mythiqoe det dienx et 
det penonnages fabnienz de la Grece, de Tltalie, de TEgvple, de I'lnde, de la Chine, da 
Japon, de laScandinavie de la Ganle, de TAmdriqae ; deUFolyiidMe. Tndnit de Talle- 
mand, lefondn et compl^t^ par Th. Bernard. ISino, f.i. . Paris, 1840 


GIANNONE, (P.) Opere : civ^ iBtoria del Regno di NapoH: Open Pos- 

tiime, con Vita sua. 11 vol. 8to. .... /to/ta, 18S1 

COLLETTA, (Gen. P.) Stori4 di Napoli. 1734-18S5. 9 ▼ob. 8to. Grp., 18M 

TENORE, (M.) E«ai rar la geographle phyuqne at botaoiqae da rajranme de Naplei. 
8vo Jfaples, 1897 

Floim napolitana, oada dasotixione delle piante iad^ane di Napoli, oto. 5 vols. Mio, 

pi. ool Ab^t, 1810-38 

See MuRiAT'a Haad-Book for Sooth Italy, Naplet, and Sidlr. IteRRHTORi'i 
Statiitica d'ltalia. Macorboor'i Commeroial Btatktka. BIoCoAoch*! Goo- 
graphical Dictionary, be. 



ENGELMANN, (W.) The Literature of Natural Hkborj: or, a Syitematio Catakpw 
of thoee Worfci o» Natural Hittonr which have been printed from ttte commencement of 
the last century to the end of 1845, in Eoglaiid, France, €lermany, Italy, Holland, aad 

other Foreign Conntriet. Vol. 1, 8vo. 19# I'^^V* 1^^ 

Part I. — Zoology and M isoellaneoas Woriu, with Two Indexei of Anthon and of 

AGASSIZ, (L.) Nomendator Zoologicus, continena nomina systematica 
generam animalinm tam viventiam quam foasiliiixn, secundam ordinem al- 
phabeticum disposita, adjectis aoctoribns, libris in qoibns reperiimtar. 4to. 

SifUure, 1842 

Parti. Mammalia. 1 vol fS. 

" 2. Avei. 1 vol 7. 

" 3 and 4. Crustacea, Vermes, Entosoa, Infnsoria, etc. S vols. 8. 

A translation, edited by Hugh E. Strickland, is aaDoaneed for pabUcatioa by tht Rif 
Society. » 

CUVIER. (G.) Ilistoire des Sciences Naturelles, depnis leur origine josqu'k nos jonrs, ehoi 
tons les jienples connus, comprenant la philosopiiie de Thistoire natnralle et un ezamea ap- 

profondi de la phil«M>uhie tie la natnie en Allemagne et en France ridig^e et com- 

pMtte par M. T. M. de Saint-Agy. 4 vols. 8vo, f^ Pant, 1841 

Ilistoiie des progres des sciences natureDes, depoii 178B jnsqn'k noa jonrs. 5 vols. 8vo, 

/^50 Paris, 18»-30 

CUVIRR'S Animal Kinrdom, translated, with additions, by Edward Griffith. Major 
Smith, Edward Pigeon, J. E. Gray, E. Gray, and othoit. 16 vob. 8vo. Lsndam, 1897-39 

Animal Kingdom, arranged aocording to its Oigaaization : Ibrming the Baiiis for a Na- 
tural History of Animals, and an Introduction to Comparative Anatomy. The Mamma- 
lia. Birds, and Reptiles, bv Edward BIyth. The Fbhes and Radiate, by R. Mndie. Tht 
Molhisooas Animials, by 6. JohnMnn, M. D. A«d the Articulated Animals, by J. O. 
Westwood, F.L.S. Royal 8vo, with 300 wood engravings, 18«. ; with plates after Laad 
Beer,94« /.en^M, 1810 

JENYNS. (L.) ObsorvatioM In Nataial Hhtory : with aa Imrotfnetioa on Habits oC Ob- 
aarviag, MooBBooladwilhthatBeiBaQo; aho, a OWadarof Frtodie Phaanmwna in Nrta- 
ral HiSfcpiy, with Ea— ika oa tha Import— n of tmth Bijialin. aai. Sto, lOi. U. 

HATURAh HISTOET.] 258 [naturalist's libraky. 


SWAINBON, (W.) A FreliiDinstr DtBConrae on the Madr of Nalnra! 
Himory. Bra. 8»o, Gt London. 1934 

which IbeNmmnU Bjawn ni»v tw ifvelopMl.— Sin 4, On Iht PiMnt et»l«'.rZM>- 

JONES, (T. R.) A General Outline of ihe Animal Kingdom, and Manaal 
of Comparative Anstonif, 8to, 350 illiutr., 38«. ; royal Svo, £3. 16i. ; 
imp. Svo, £5. I4«. Lonian. 1S41 

■lanrs in whiuk Ibej w ivvenU; dvitiDvil to riid, 

LMmn on the. NUnjil Uiiloir vf uimals, diUvend bi>rgn Ibe Royil t»TiI<i- 

1ie>n of Qwu BiitiiE. 3 Fi>I>. tbno. Mj ijniAm. ISIS- 

WHITE, (O.) The NUnnl IliiUiTy of SellHRU, Willi Now bf tin Ktl.L.JiDfiii. 96 

BBODERIP, (W.I.) ZooloricMl lUo.lralioiu. Fvo. llta.Si ... "1837 

(Rijiniiled, Hen- York, W. b P.) 
WATGRTON, (C.) B>ipiiiiN>[linlHiHory,iiUefljOiiilliiilog;. aledn-i mil. ISn», 

L0U[)ON. (M».) Tlis EnwnuDiBf Nitinliil ^ briiif Paaalu DiKripliDiii. Til« ind 

BIrdi, Pi^, R«|>(iln. InwU, &c, IllulnilM] by gpwwdi of 3S0 hchhI FBgnvmn. 

B>w hIb. Idma, If, U i.nil«. ItU 

TlM-Ysu-Baakof NUnnJ HinntyfaiVaiinePinau. 40 rnli. lOmo, 4i. " IHi 

6Um|>H> ot Saatr. mnd nbjiicU or rnlcml doKiibHl. darinf n Viiil lo Ihii I>l> ef 

Wight. DHigaed to Biciil ind cncannpi YiiDDg Phhoi in fanniofl Hnblb of Ohiprrn- 

OOBBB, (P. H.) Th« Cauliiii NitBimliil, un. S.o, 44 IIImU. . ■" ' IWO 

HABTIN SAINT-ANOE It GtlERlH, (E.) Tnit* dMiipigi^ia d'huoin nttni^li, 

Kg.^pau.™ . *■'■"'"' "*"_" »™«™ ."^ ' , °\ 'y^i 

CBENr, (M. J. C.) Lwoni Elimmliiim d'Hulnin, MnpnaUl Boe Awrco 
■or taalo la Zoologie St DO Tnil« dn CoDchyliologlB. Hm, pkncbw./.lS. . Farii. lli» 

OUHIT. MlMUltl^ MobLDICOira AlcllIJlU, OinnTHOUIDT . ZoOLODI, fto. 

JiM|-iGli<uinnliiNat.Uirt. JovDil uf * Nimnlirt. Fmhi- IUhUh of ■ 
NilonUit. LnCDOn'i Muutno of Ntt. llblofT. The Znobgiil. miintUy, 13.. 

TnnucUou c( LiniKiii Sncieiy. TniDucIiiiu oT Zooioginl BodilT. &e 


Condacteil by Sir W, Jordine. 12idd, colmUBcl plates, 4>. Sd. per vol. 

Edinburgh, v. y, 

I ud 9. BUMMING BIRDa. m mloDred FlalH, with Fmlnnt ud MmDin or Lin- 
OEDi Mid Pentiilii. 

3. PGACnCKS. PHEASANTS. TURKEYS, fto. 39 colmnd PlUei, wilL Pofiniit 

4. BIRDS nr Uie GAME KIND. 33 colonied riaM, wllh Poilnil ud MamolT at E 

5. PIGEI^NB. 39 CDlnnnd Pliw. with Poitnll ud Mimaii oT Plliy. 

Tude. BIRDS of WESTERN AFRICA. OS eDlonnd plain, Willi PonnUt. u 

Hemoin ..C Biow mid Le ViiUanL 
Sudll. BIRDS of OHBAT BRITAIN ud IRELAND. 6B ooknicd PlUx, »b 

PonraiU ud Memojn of Bii Robarl Bibblld ud BmelHe. 
10. FLY-CATCHERR . Ihfii Nalnial ArTiin(fiiieIII ud RelaUeiu. 33 ootaaied Pliu 

naturalist's library.] 


[natural philosofht. 



1. introduction, by Jnmm Daacan. 

2. BEETLES— Col«opt«rons InMCts. 39 oolonred Flattt, with Portnit and Memoir of 


3. BRITISH butterflies. 36 eoloored Plates, whh Portrait and Memoir of 


4. BRITISH MOTHS. SPHINXES, bo. 3S coloured Plates, with Portrait and Me- 

moir of Madame Merian. 

5. FOREIGN BUTTERFLIES. 33 coloaied Plata, with Portrait and Memoir of La- 


6. HONEY BEE. 32 coloured Plates, with Portrait and Memoir of Huber. 

1. MONKEYS. 33 ootonred Plates, with Portrait and Memoir of Buifon. 
3. LIONS. TIGERS, &c. 38 coloured Plates, with Portrait and Memoir of Cuvier. 

3. RUMINATING ANIMAX.S ; containing Deer. Antdopes, Camels, &o. 35 col- 

oured Plates, with Portrait and Memoir of Camper. 

4. RUMINATING ANIMALS ; containing Goats, Sheen, Wild and Domestic Cattk, 

&c. 33 coloured Plates, with Portrait and Memoir m John Hunter. 

5. THICK-SKINNED UUADRUPEDS (PaohjrdermaU); consisUng of Elephants, Rhi- 

nooeroMs, Tapirs, &c., fcc. 31 coloured Plates, with Portrait and Memoir of Sir 
Hans Sloane. 

6. WHALES. 33 coloured Plates, with Portrait and Memoir of Laoepede. 

7. BRITISH QUADRUPEDS. 36 coloured Plates, with Portrait and Memoir of Ulysses 


8. AMPHIBIOUS CARNIVORA ; including the Walrus and Seals, and the HerbiToroDa 

Cetaoea, Mermaids, &e. 33 coloured nates, ¥rith Portrait and Memoir of Franjoii 

and 10. DOGS. 70 coloured Plates, with Portrait and Memoirs of Don Felix D'Anim 
and Pallas. 


1. FISHES of the PERCH GENUS, &c. 33 colonied Plates, with Portrait and Me- 
moir of Sir Joseph Banks. 

3. FISHES, Vol. 3, |Articularly their Stmctnre and Eeoaomioal Usee, tte, 33 eolound 
Plates, with Portrait and Memoir of Balviaai. 


WHEWELL, (W.) A History of the IndnctiTe Sciences, fiom the Earliest 
Times to the Present. 2d edn. 3 vols. 8vo, 42«. London, 1847 

The Philosophy of the Inductive Sciences. 3 vols. Svo, 30«. 

London, 1840 

POWELL, (B.) Hutory of Natural Phihmmhy. ISmo, «f. London, WH 

(Lardner's Cyciopcdia.) 

CUVIER, (G.) Htstoire des Sciences Naturelles, depnis leor oriciBe jnsqn'k nos jours, dm 
tou4 les penpies connus, . . . compMtAe par M. de Saintagy. 3 Tob. Svo. Pario, 


HERSCHEL, (J. F. W.) A Preliminary Discooise on the Study of Natu- 
ral Philosophy. 12mo, 6« London, 1830 

On the funeral nature and advantage of the stndj of the physical scienoe«.--Ou the 
means on which ph]rsical science relies for its snooessfnl ptosecution, and the rules by 
which a systematic eiamiaation of nature should be conducted ; with illnstratioM 
of their influence, as exemplified in the lustory of its progress.— Of the snbdivisiow 
of fAysics into distinct branches, and their mutual rebnons. 

HERAPATH, (J.) Mathematical Physics ; or, the Mathematical Princi- 
ples of Namral Philosophy : with a Development of the Causes of Heat, 
Gaseous Elasticity, Gravitation, and other great Phenomena of Nature. 
2 vols. 8vo, with Tables and Diagmms, 30f . London, 1847 

ARNOTT, (N.) Elements of PhyMi. 9fok8fo. " 1833 

(BepriMMl FhUad., L. fc B.) . 


v-3 256 [». 

TREATISES. — (Cimlinutd.) 

BIRD, (Q.) £lrnnnu of Nllnnl PKiJiwiphf ; brinR ib EipcrinmliUl InTcaducilinB lo Ite 
IDfD j.c 'Enm. n., rty en . ■», w ^^jj]^ — 

IfATVIMI, PHILOSOPHY FriR B F.O I.V/fF.US : \irlB$Ttrn\\tumaitnaoatOClbe 

iiDp^nl. lima, >Dpmviiiei.3<. «J. . ' JUuIn, J«43 

YOUNG. (T.) A CgoM oT Ix(ii» »> Nunnl Pt>ll<»ptai aid [Ik M.riHalnl Am. 

N«w Mb., ttitli Trfenma »d nou. by the Ret. P. Kelluil. 2 idU. Syd. 43 ni(n>liig> 

oa CBf^r. Ml imirfM, 1B« 

LE;RI.IE. (J.J TmlBa oil Ihe VlHoiu SaliJecU of NUnraJ md ClwmiuJ PhiloKiphT. 

Ncn, Bi .... £i(nite>TA. 1838 

[Edq^cIo. BriliuiQiai.) 

FESCHEL, [C. F.) Elemenln of PbjBi™. Tranalaied from ihe Gennui, 
with NolM, by E. West. IllnBifBied wiih DiBgrainfl snd Woodcuta. 3 
toIb. 13mo, Sl( Zondsn, 1845-G 

Pki. 1. The Phydr. of PondenhlB Bod^. Tcp. 8™, 7i. B>. 

PArt. ^. Impandbf^ld Bodiu (l^bl, HoRt, Mo^MKiun, ElHIricilj^ %m6 Ekvin-hy- 

MOLLER, (J.) PrincipleBof Phjraic* and Meuorologr. TnuBl, from the 
Gennnn. 8td, 540 wmdcuu. . . , . Lonion, 1B4T 


Londmi. 1829~1S38 

VdI. I— csnUinliilllac PnHnlnaiii Tnalue; Hydnnlaliu: Hydnnliui: PneamUki 1 

lliai ; NechanKi; Opllci: PolarinlioiKirLJilil; ladci and Glowaiji. Bi, 
Vol. i — roqiaiBlri^ Pd;iuIv iBEroJuufltni to NaiuraJ PhUcBophr ; Nawton't Qptin ; 

Vol. 3-CDiilaiBiiii A.lronojnr; HaU^n of Ailxjaomj; MallniialicmJ Gmpuhr r 
Phjiiul Gni^gih; ; NmciailioD ; uilL Glomrj and Indai. ^r. M. 


Ml Mnttni a1 BillDlnii(li, 1834. 8va, lit. 

5th MHling It Dublin, 18U. Bid, I3i. fU, 

eili M»tiii|[ u BiuIdI. IBSe. Sm. 1S>. 

Tlh MMirBn u Liviqinal, IM7. 8vo, MU. U, 

Btli MHIing It NncWla, 1838, 8co, ISi. 

Ml MnllKf It BiiiDin«hiin, 1839, 9n.\3i.M. 

lOHlMrrtiBgatGloigow. IMO, 8vo, 35.. 

l]lhM«<iB«MPI}miinTh,18tl. I3i. 6^ 

IWi Meelilf U MucbHtet, IMS. lOi. 6^ 

13lh MeeUlx al Coik, IM3. lOa. 

I4lh M>*Ung nt York. IM4. StU. 

leili M«Un| al BonlhunptDD, IH4a, 
Iha Finl FriooiplH l/NBInTal PJiilaia|ih> by the lid uf Pa'polit Toyi nmT^p .tu. Ottl 
(Se(irin'u(l, Fbilul.. L. &. B.J 
HAMILTON, <W.) A llandboplt : at. Slinri, ConcaDlenl. and InlaUifihIl DnUonaiy i.f 

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llmo, IDl. U Ltn-Ljn. 184(1 

LIB&B. Hiriaini pbilowptliqaa da piogrei da la ph;ii<)t<i-, 4 voli. Syo, /.SO. Fnri,. 

l«d*™.™I''n.od»™B.™lta«d™, 3EoS!3.o|i(, /■'*■ ' Pi'". 

F£CI£T. TtalU AltiDHilBlia da pbynnoa. 3a idn, 3 vnli. Bvo, avaa Allai da St id., 
, 410, /.4S fnWi, 1&38 



TREATISES.— ( Conlinued.) 

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8\-o, /.16 Pari*, 1844 

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IlutoifB aatoreUe, Itt and 2d Parts. /.7 Paris, 1844 

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NAUTICAL SURVEYING.— (See Hydrography.) 

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NAVAL GUNNERY.— (See Gunnery.) 

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NAVAL ARCHITECTURE.— (See Ship Building.) 

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/.M^M. 184t 

See MrNDY'e Life of Lord Rodaey. KamL*! Lift of Admiral Keppel. OoOii^ 
wood's Life. Oslbk's Life of Lord Ezmoath. 


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III»ILB,(B.) TMtlnoAN«ri|atitaai4lfaBtitalAMnM^. 4lh ada. 8«^ ISt . 


NAVIGATION.— {Confmuerf.} 

NORIE, |J. W.J TlnSnniiii'>y«wD<ulr A-Jilut. ]3U>«Jb.S>ii,4i.U. 7.«urvii. IftW 

MAURV'BTlMMi>'>l>nlFr»l>«IT>Mi»<im NingUHB. g><i. PiOad. 

F AUXIN BR, (W.) A Muinc DicUiinu;, brini ■ CDmani E:ipluiUiin at disTieliivat 
Teimi >iul PhniH mmpl.'yi>i in Iba OiBitraFlina. &qDli>iDi>itt, Mobintn. MnFEmuu, 
■hd MiJiTAry, b wti\ >■ NjitkI 0|wrWHii> of ^*'^ : "^'^ >Bch pBru of AjtrcManfr Bod 

bolir) or Fimcb Brl'piiiuai, and Tirnu dF An, upUucil 1b Eofliih. Saw sdn.. bi 
Dr. BnrHj. mjri Us, HoiO' 3)'' «^ I^b^hi, ISIS 


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(RtpnMtd. N'Bw-Vark. W. b P.) Landim. 1B4G 

Charch Ncedlewark, wilh Praciicil Remacka on its Arrangcmenl and 

Preparaiion. 8vo, UlusiraiL-d by engravingi, 9». 6rf, London. 1844 

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GACGAIN. (Mb>.) l^r'i Aaiiunt ia KDluioi. Nel 

Si. M. : vvl. 9, lOi. M.. BDd Hxomp'l, it. M. : lol. 3. lOi. U. Lrndn. IMS-t 
HEE. [Mei.) Minai] oT KaltUof , NMIing, ud Famj WoA. uUgiig ISmo, if. U. 
CooMHiDUB lo Uh Work Tabic. l«ii>», 3* ■■ " 

NETHERLANDS, (See Belgium, Holland, &c.) 
I. HISTORY, &c. 

GRATTAN,(T,C.) History of ibe NcUwrlanda. 12mo,6». Zonden, 1831 
SCHILLER, [F.) Thr Revolt of IheNelherUndB, Trnnrf,, am. 8vo,3«. 6<i. 
(Bohn-.atAnilHitl.,ibr(rr) Londofi, 1846 

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DiBOGUE. DidiaBDBin nt^rapliiqaB hbtAnnne, iriBUNio* af adninittiBlif dp Ik Rrlriqa*. 

B>D Bmrtaa. lasi 

^. BCHAyES, (A.O. B.) na-hl>U>r. IDF la ornni, lacrayHKv. (HtndUian. Ivgh*- 

' C .^. I. J^nuniK, 1B34 

phllBS, elc, il> Ib DrbiiBC « dn 1. Ilolhsil, ilepau'ln piruiun tFBi,a h^ariqm 

ALTMBYEB, (J, J.) Hiili*™ d« ndBtJinu coimnBrcUlM <* dlpl°B>BU<iaH d« Pmn-Bai 
pendBDllelfiBilscle. Beo Ant^M, 1»W 


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410 Amtterdam, 1831 

DEB RlK'lIKa. NeaTB*D diaionuln fViB^Bli-llaoiBad. asar. Ua. lai. bbi A. Omn, 

S 'Ol.. S>D ,*BIPWJ. JSt 

WEBTBEENEN »■ TIEIXANDT. Ruehncbia lai Ib hiifSD dbUbbbIb di, Ib majnis 

BILDERDVK, |W.) NBdBrind. S|in>Bkl»i. Bvd Ontn*.. !%» 

WEILAND'B Bsknopl NsitRdiiiUBh UBlkaadif TToiinlsBbDBck. S lah. Nib, Bsd 9l|it. 


PT- 'Pn"- ' O""^- '8^ 




AN3PACH, {L. A.) Hiaiory of the Islnnd of Ncwfoondland, evo. 
DOKNVCASTLG. lan B. H J NF»CD<.iitIlii>d is ]B43t •Bc.gorJID "ThiCis'u 
JUKES, (i. B.I EiDiinioiu is mnd tbodt Nr^wroDDdlind, doriua Ihe ran ISKM 

NEW ZEALAND— (See Polynesia.) 

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Edi'nt., 1B44 

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rOI.ACK. (J. B.) Mmmh. ud CoMMmof U.« N.wZfjUinden. 3 loll. poW pii " 

naoWK, (W.) N'wZrilud nnd iu Aboriaim; bdngu Ancsoni of Uh Aboncinn. 

Trsdr. ind Enqfch oI' The Colony. 4nd the advanlBt^ kt nov ^IHBflti u m fidd Tor 

EmilTiilwn And Lbe lnvatDicnt orCAplA), Svn, 9t L9nion, 1H4& 

BRODIE, (W.) Bnnuluoii ths Pul uul FrHHI SUU of Neu Znlagd ; ruODvimnwiiI, 

CB[>abiUliH» ind P;oi>[vcIi : UiB^UHtioB tiTtba Lud UEaiiiu, thcNew Zalaitd Ciim|iuiy. 

lU IfidiccEeni Eiparli, ud HlDIi en EmlxiUiaii. Bvs, b. U. LaKdtn, IMS 

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IIIiuehiIdbi In "AdTVDtvm in Nvw Zcalibd,'^ Utliographad Inim Oilfind Diawinn 

[■ksimn Ihe Spot. imp. fal., IS iilala, .£3. 3i. ; ealaorad, Xt. 1^. lU. JjndoM, IBU 

MARTIN. fS. M. D.) Nrw Zealiuid ; in IieneiorLHleiicaiiluninfu Aooninl uf Ijw 
Clonjbal ™.ii niiKiU DpiUDn j n <i™niiMl.l, Mc^^^ ^.^ 

7./i<iL/IRyarEnuiriirnii«KiuniM(K Tba Mow Zaludsi, S nili. !&». e>>I>. 4i, 6il. 

BAOUL, IM.J Choil it Fklllfa dt 1( Nnttu ZiaUnd. 4tg. Piirii', 1MB 


MURRAY'S Handbook for France, Normandy. &c, ISino, 12*. iunJrni, 
KNIUHT, (U. G.> Tbe Nonnane in Sicily. 8vo. Undam, 1638 . 

FETITniiBABONCOURT. De Im juliUfiDed - - - 

TUIERBr, I A no.) 
A aa. bn, ■•« AU» 

WAGE, |Rd»«t.1 L. Rddui 

p«F.Pi=ii.«. i.<J..a..,/. 

pondut 1> CDnquMMvDMMl 

fliVK. li«7 

ni bf Edfu Ta)loi. 8>o,»(. iXutn.]!" 

Biino«mMa2!SriiUqiqi.™wVM!iwi.%'^iili, «>./,». . Pm-ijTu 

DEPriNO, |U. B.I IlHldn ia Nsnundii, hhi GuiUiDIM Ir CoDOHtuu, M w Sun 

•MH, tin. 3lom.6.o. /'an-., II 

KkisindnEiinliUiiiu Muitiim dn NarmisdL noDv. «dD. S lob. IBnH. 

BBTAXCBUN, (L.J BnlHidiH ini k> Vajagn M DeceuintadaNinfUniii'N 
oundK l^vo . Pini. II 

GAnTlER D'ARC, (E.| lildain dn Fonqntlo da NoinAiid en IlnJIe. fb Bieik et 
G<cn. MdiltDitubluKDKDIiil Itsliei^l » Bisilg. S vob. 8'd, M 4ui AlUi, ^ 10. 


JANrK. (J.) L.! Namudie biilmiqac. piltonnqM « nwaniuBtik. Sis. plun ■ 





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from the Earliest Times to the Conquest of England by William of Nor- 
mandy. New ed. 2 vols. 8vo. . New- York, D. A. & Co., 1847 
This edition it entirely re-written, and may be considered a new work. 

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Parit, 1823 

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8vo Boston, IfibU 

NORWAY.— (See Scandinavia.) 


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'35, and '36 ; made with a view to inquire into the Moral and Political 
Economy of that Country, and the Condition of its Inhabitants. 8vo. 

London, 1837 

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Translated from the Icelandic of Snorro Sturleson, with a Preliminary 

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See Macorkoor's Commercial Statistics. McCulloch's Geog. Dictionary. 


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lAtndon, 1819 

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mean» of whiuh even im]>erfect and obliterated pieces may be easily deciphered. 1 vol. 
8to, 21# London, 1840 

New Testament of Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, with Historical Notes and 

Numismatic Illustrations from Ancient Coins in various Public and Private Collections. 
With numerous wood engravings of authentic Coins. 8vo, bs. M. . I^ondon, 1846 

Coins of Ancient Cities and Princes Geographically arrangvd and Doseribed. Contain- 
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Coins of the Romaiu relating to Britain Described and Illnttrated. 9d oda., enlaiied. 

8to, 7 plates, 10». M London, Vd^ 

Catalogue of Rare and Unedited Roman Coins. 9 vds. 8vo. . '* 1834 



[occult sciences. 

WMISMATICS.— {Continued.) 

CO/A^S OF EJfOUtM'D. Printed in Gold, Silvw, and Ckmper. m. 8vo, 94 plntet. 

London, IBtr 

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East Angles. 8vo Leeds, 18i5 

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British Money previous to the Saxon dynasties. 8vo. London, 1841 

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Reign of George IV.. etc. 4to Cork, 1830 

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Oxford, 1833 

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Ancient Coins of Greek Cities and Kings, from various Collections, illustrated and ex- 
plained. 4to London, 1831 

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Modem, of his Collection, described and historically illustrated, in two pvts. 4to. 

London, 1823-SS 

RIDDELL, (J. L.) A Monograph of the Silver Dollar, good and bad ; ittnstrated with 
Ike-simiie figures of 425 varieties of Dollars, and 87 varieoes of Half-Dollars. 8vo. 

Jiflsw Orieans, 1845. 

GREEN, (B. R.) Atlas nnmismatique de Thistoire ancienne, en 21 planches, contenaat 
nn choix de 960 mddailles grecques, de rois. etc. ; nlac^es par ordie chronologiatte. depois 
r^poqne la plus recuMe jusqn'an commencement au I Ve sieole, aveo des notes nistoriques, 
etc. folio, /.36 Pario, 

LELEVEL, (J.) Nnmitmatiqoe du Moyen &ge, considdrde sons le rapport dn type, ao- 
oompagnie d*un atlas et de tables chronologiques, g^ographiques, et de nguras, monnaias, 
etc. 2vols.8vo,et Atlas, /.30. Parte. 

HENNIN, (M.) Manuel de numismatique ancienne. 3 vols. 8vo. Pari*, 1830 

MIONNET, (T. E.) Atlas de gdographie numismatique. 4to. . . " 1830 

TRJilTE 6i4nientaire de numismatique ancienne, grecqoe et rom., d'^ir^ odni d'Eckal, 

aug. d*un grand nombrs d'articles par G. Jacob Kolb. 9 vols. 8vo. Parig, 18S5 

ECKEL, (J.) Kurzgef. Anfangsgr. xur alten Numismatik, nene Anag. 8vo. Wien, 1807 

See Numismatic Journal. Numismatic Chronicle. Encyolo. MetiopoUtana, JtrU 
Numismatics, by B. Grbbm. 


KERR, (H. B.) Essay on the Archaeology of our Popular and Nonery 
Rhymes. 2 vols. l2mo. London, 1837 

RIMB AULT, (E. F.) Nursery Rhrmes ; with the Tunes to which they are sUU song i« 
the Nnrwries of England : obtained principally from Oral TradiUon. sqnare, 5s. 

London, 1847 

THE jrURSRRY RNYMES OF EXOTJUTD, obtained principally from Oral Tra- 
dition. Coilectod and edited by J. O. Halliwell. 4th edn., with alterations and additions, 
post 8vo, 4«. (y I.ond0n,Vm 

(Percy Society.) 


SALVERTE, (E.) The Philosophy of Magic, Prodigies, and apparent 
Miracles. Transi. from the French, with Notes, Illustrative, Explanato- 
ry, and Critical, by A. T. Thomson, M. D. 2 vols. 8vo, 28#. 

(Reprinted New-Tork. U. Bro*s.) Zofufofl, 1846 

GODWIN, (Wm.) The Lives of the Necromancers. 8vo. " 1834 

COLLIN DB PLANCY. Dictionnaire infernal, on bihiiothrque uni%-enelle snr Ics £trst, 
les peisonnagvs, les livres, Ics faits et Ics choees qui tiennent anz apparitions, k la mag^, 
au eMnmeroe de Tenfer, anx divinations, anx sciences secrates, etc. 3d edn. 4 rob. nVs. 

Pane, 1R3S-4K 

MflOIKOJf. Arehiv fur Beobaohtnngea ans dem Gebieto der Gekterknnde Vob. 1-3, 
part 1-3. 8vo, 33« 5tali;r., 1840-4S 

Bco 8roTT*s DamoMkfv and Whehoaft. Hibbbrt*s Philoaophy of ApfmritkNU. 
BBBwrrBB'a NataraTMagie, ale 



e on Oplic*. New edn. 
if Ligkt. ReBeiln b; S| 

I ml. tcp. gTD, 6*. 
Zofldm, 18? 

null ud Hlnun— ll 


Put a— Ph^FiJ OfOa. On Ui« colnnn ef li^hl— Tin alUpenlln of lijht— tbt pelui- 

Pan 5~Aprdim»D of OpUciJ PrlDdiilH Id Ilie ElplnnBlino of NUniiJ nicHmeni. 

PtH i— Oo OpUot! Inilniiiiimli. The Csimnm ObMoim— Micnacopn, T.Jm«pp««. ko. 

MOIGNO, (L'abbb.) Reperloire d'Optiqae modemc. le Panie. 8fo, 8*. 

FarU. 1846 

Ilea, Pun i. a'O. plUfhlti, 
A TmiHC on Iba E]v, ud on OpUoa! IminiiiHiili : Iniae Opiio. F>k 3. i 

An EIrinrBlu)' Tnatiit on Optia, Sd ein, 

GRIPFiN. (W. N.) TmiU> DB Oplio. alndn. 

ThsThfoii of Dooble RefniclioB. 8wi, 1>. 

HUNT, (R.) H«™ili 

.,— ... McileFDlar Chabni pradai.-flil bl !be Inflnpnw of iHs SoIm Rv> > 

taibmciiig all tin linuwn Phoiognpliic Fwct-i-i, ind New Dut-oveno in Ihi Art. Sra, 

Mil- M /-iBH^fc ISM 

FERBIRA. (J.) LHInm og Polubnl Li|hl, deliincil bsfan- the FhannannUnl SdcM; 

MACKUN/.IE, (W.) Th> Phfiioliw nf 

OREGON.— (See California.) 

GREENHOW, (Rob't.) Geogniiihy of Orepin nod Ciilifoniia. &ro. 

i\Vw-yort, D. A. & Co., 1845 

HiBiory of OiTgon and California. Bvo, " ■■ 1844 

FARNHAM, [P. J.) Ttavele in ihe Grtal WeslPtn Pniitira, and in Ihe 

Oregon Temlory. 8vo JV™-- IV*, 1843 

FREMONT, (J, C ) Exploring Eipettiiion to the Rockf MoaaiainB. and 

lo Oregon and New Califoniia. Bvo. WaMngtan. 1845 

WILKES, (Geo.) Hiatoty of California, Geographical afd FoUlical, 8™. 

Nta-Ytrk, 1845 

NICOLAY. TheOreionTmilof.. Ifiro, li. M, .... /jiuln. IMS 

IKDjfbt'i W»Ut V<itnr».) 
TWtSS, (T.) TlB Ornai Qnalinii unnliutd, in mini In Fuu ud IIm Liw oT N>- 

IH>». ^id.Qmipi, 1& JjmJ-mniJf^-Ttrk.lUa 

DUNN [J.J HiUoi. of Ihe Onnni TtnOmy. nA BriiiUi Nonh American Fur Trado : 
'-■- - ' -^gai DfUi- HaWc Had Co.l^m. nf Uh "-■ ' ■ ""- - ■'-■ " - 

H«. J. C. Cilhiimi ud <h> Hon. J. 
Hbo. R. P.t»haiB. H. B, I- - 
CDDDIer ButHical or M'. P>J 


lb« Princiial Naiiva TnW as Uia 

OK)[on, (I uaiMl in the I,«im eT Ui 
I. AmcHiaa SenHiuIn of Aau. la lb 
1- With IB Appebdll, DOnTBiniiu lb 

i:ni,.u, .u ,u., ..,«rinn Skhikh sf Sutp. BBIJ B Hin 

ipc»«l bj ™cli Party. 

?■ ■(-J?: 

I I'OcAaa pacidiiiiv dh Nord. Aptrfu ff*ot|Taphi<iD 

ORGANS.] 265 [orient, transl. fund. 


A SHORT ACCOUNT OF OBGANSsBmit in England, from the reign 
of Charles II. to the present time. IShno, iilostr., 9«. London, 1847 

See Penny Cydopvdia, .^rt. OaoAH. 



ALNAWAWrS Biofnphienl Dietkmanr of Uhutriou Bfen, by Dr. WUrteaMd. Paiti 
1-7, emeh7».6d. 

ALSHAHRASTANrS Book of Religfow and PhfloMphical Seets, by Coratoa. PaHi 
1-3, each 8«. 

PILLAR OF THE CREED of the Sinnites, by Cnieton. 7«. M. 


MAKHUiJf UL AZRAR, by Niiami, edited by Blaad. 1S«. 

THE SAMA-VEDA, by SteveaMm aad Wikon. 13#. 

EUSEBIUS'S Theopbaaia, or Diriae Maaifertatioa of oar Savkrar, by Dr. 8. Lea. IS*. 



THE TRAVELS OF IBN BATTUTA (in EffypC, Syria. Penia. Zaafnebar, Taitair, 
Hindortaa, Ceykm. China. Spain, aad Africa, betweea A.D. I3SS aad 1353.) Traaa- 
lated froa the abridfed Arabic maantcript oopiet praMrred ia the PaUio Library of Caa- 
bridge ; with notes illastrative of the hittwy, feocmphy, boCaay, aatiqnitiei, etc., oeoar- 
ring thronghont the work ; by the Rev. S. Lee. 4to, \ik. . Londomf 180 


MEMOIRS OF THE EMPEROR JAHANGITEIR: writtea by Utmialf, and traaalated 
from a PMuaa Maawcript. by M^jor David Price. Aio^ IS*. Jjondon, 189 


THE TRAVELS OF M ACARIUS, Patriarch of Antioch : writtea by his attendaat 
Archdeacon, Panl of Aleppo, in Arabic. Translated by F. C. Balfonr. 4to. Niaa 
Parte in 9 vob. JC4. Z^mdea, VSa»-lSK 


HAN KOONG T8EW. or the Sorrows of Han ; a Chinew Tragedy. Translated fnm thn 
origiaal, with aolas aad a speoimea of the Chinese Text, by J. Daris. 4to, Ss. 


THE JilSTORT OF THE AFGHANS. Tiaashted from the Peiriaa of Neanet Uldb, 
by Berahard Dom, P. D. 4to. 88* Lmtimi.imi 

HAOU KEW CHErjEN. or the Fortnaate Union ; a Romanee. Translated from tha 
Chinese original, with notes and illBstratioas ; to wbidi is added a Chinese tragedy (Haa 
Kooag Tsew, or the Sorrows of Hmn) ; by J. F. Daris. S Tob. 8vo, 18«. Z^mdea, lfl» 


YAKKUN NATTANNAWA ; a CingaJcae Pom ; dewriptive of the Cbyloa syatam of 
Demonolofy : to which is app e nded the pracCiom of a Capna, or Devii-priort, as demihad 
bv a Badhkt: and KOLAN NATTANNAWA. a Cingalese Faem. descriptive of thn 
charartcn a is omed by natives of Ceylon ia a masquerade. Traaihled by Jofaa Callaway, 
late MisHuaary ia Ceyloa. 9vo, 8« LtrndsH^Wm 


THE ADVENTURES OF HATIM TAI; a Roouace. Translated from the Pefsiaa.W 
Dumcmm Foftas. 4to, Ifie. AMidra, islb 


lalad from two Paniaa maanM»nts. nad ainstiatod with aalm aidaaatory af the Urtmy. 
pMiiy.fMfiafhy.aic.,wkidbtb8Miaoccar. byF.C.BaUbar. 6ve,]4W.6d. 

(BeaVo. Uu) Lmim, VB 



MEHOma OF A MALAYAN FAMILY: viiUi hy Tboiudm, ud Trmuliuil 

THE HIBTOBV OF THE WAR IN BOSNIA during tl» jna 1737, 17M, Bud 1738. 

Trudilol (iDn Uw Tgiti^, by C. Fru«. 0>D, it Limdim, ItBD 

THE MULFUZAT TIMURY ; oi. Aoubkignpfaicil Munnn of U.a Mogbiil Elipiroi 

IIhjd;." ""I'^'udU^ into Eng°i>h^) mIJo^CIiuC Suwut. 4li>, lii/j^mXi, 1^0 

Nnwib-Mooai'djibKlian BthuUr; and ooiiUMl "Gsliiian i-BibuaL" Abridin)sii<l 

Trmoiliteil fnni the Peraui, b; CbirWEHiMI. 8to. V. i.«dn, 1831 



^.!i/bjF. CBniroai, M.A. 8-0, 10.. M. . .' . . ijiHfJI^BSI 


MISCFJ.LANEOUS TRANSLATIONS Tram tbt OrionliJ l>ii«i>SK*. Vol. I. B.g, »,, 

l^rin. IWi 

I. NotB or t JonnMr liiiD iha InMlor of BO'iben Arriua : b; Iliji Ebn^^Din El- 

GabnUt, Tr*D~l*lB4 rrgm U» Anb*:. b; WiUiun B. UodnoD. 
i. EitncU frrrm Ibe - Siioi Tkcran Sonjlirav," di Book al Fut. Tniullted from 

lbs Tanol lingnun. b^ (be Rev. jDH|ih Robvrtf. 
3. Thelul di^iof Kmhoe mod The SoDtof Pmnda ; fnm the naelodiiw vtf ton oflba 

$, Indus Conkn; ii jmuUied and deKnbed b; the aoUm of Ibe Ea>l. Tranilated by 
SanillDid ArDiM. 

THE ALGEBRA OF MOHAMMED BEN MU9A, In Anbic and En^ub. Fjltledand 

IheTnrklibar llajlKalUih, b;J. Milcbill, i'ul 1. 4ta. T>. , Z-niha, 1!:3I 

rick Nenmann. flvn. 111. /.«»(«■. ItQl 

Buddha in ChiSL T'nT.>l'wl'r<Vni''lhe Cbil^ ohllceroltho'Dle^llld iUniliu»<il 
1. Vshom'i Clir..mde oflhe Armenian kloi^em In OlieU, dDrin« Ihf Hnie Dribo Cro- 



on variim Muouriiil Worki. Arable and Fcnlu. aiu>MUn( ibe HUorr of Anbia. 

Pilria, TorkDnuuiia. lodla. Syria, E|Fpl. MnuriUnla. and Siiiln. TranilUed br J. C. 

rmm griliaal Penian Manmeriuli in iho uolleellon of Bit William Onieley. Ihe Edhoi. 

Sr>, 1U, ijntit^. \S& 

THEBIIAHNAMEIIoflhi-PfiilanPaMFinlKiil. TmnilaVed and abridgad.ln tiKMand 
vena, witb iiDiBi mil illniitalluiH, bjr JunH Alkinmn. Svo, I3>, . /.ntfsii, ia>! 
THE TEZKEREH AL YAKUT, or IMvile M*fI>I>if>oriheMn«bnl EniHnt Humavnn : 




TUB 8IYAR-UL-MUTAKUERIN. « Uiitory of Um MohamnMdu Powot in India Awbu 
the last oentnry. by Mir Gholaa HuMin-Kban. Revised from the trmadation of Haji 
Moitefa, and collated with the Peruan original, by Lieut. CoL J. Briggi. vol. 1, 8vo, 14«. 

Lndm, least 

IIOEI LAN-KI, on THistoire dn Cerde de Craie ; Drame en nroM et m tms. Tradnit d« 
Chinois, et aocompagn^ de notes, par Stanislas Jolien. 8vo, <«. Jt Lotuhret, 1831 


SAN KOKF T80U RAN TO SETS, on Apercn g«n6ral den tiob Royanniei. Tradnit do 
I'orifiaal Japoaais-Cbinoii, par M. Jnlien Klapioth. 8vo. Oavrafe accompan^ do 
cinqoe Cartes. 4to, lH* PmriSf 1831 


ANNALS OF THE TURKISH EMPIRE (lorn 1591 to 1650 of the ChrkUan era, bj 
Naima. Translated from the Tnrfcisb, by Charles Fraaer. vol. ]. 4to, 31«. M. 

Linden, 1838 

RAGHUVANSA. KALIDASiE CARMEN, Sanskrite et Latin^. Edidh AdoMiw 
Fridericnt Stenaler. 4to, Sl« ZomImi, 1838 


CUSTOMS AND MANNERS of the Women of Penia, and their domestic snpentition. 
Translated from the orifinal Persian mannscript, by James Atkinson. 8vo, 5t. 


THE HISTORY OF THE EARLY KINGS OF PERSIA ; from Kaiomats, the first of 
the PesbdsNiian dynasty, to the conquest of I^n by Alexander the Great. TVansJated 
from the Original Nrkiaa of Mirfchund, entitJed the " iZanta(-«*-«^«,'' with notes aad 
illnstrations, Dy David Shea. 8vo, 10« Z^mdra, 1838 


TUHFAT-UL-MUJAHIDEEN ; a history of the ihst settlement of the Mohammedans im 
Malabar, and of their •nbteqoent stra^f^les with the Portng nese. Translated from the Arable, 
by Lieat. M. J. Rowlandson. 8vo, Sir Ijtndmtt ISO 


ALFIYA, on la quintessence de la Grammaire Arabe ; onvrage de Dj^mal-eddin Mohaa»> 
med, connu sous le nom d'Ebn-Malec : PobliA en original, avee nn oonuaentaiie. par lo 
fi«oa Silvestrs De Sacy. 8vo, 8# Paris, 1831 


A NARRATIVE OF TRAVEI^ in Enrope. Asia, and AfVica, in the seveatoenth oentary, 
by Evliya Eflendi : Tran»lated from the Turkish, by the Ritter Joseph Voa Hammer. 
Part],4to, 1(M. See No. 64 Leniim, 1834 


A DESCRIPTION OF THE BURMESE EMPIRE ; compiled chiefly from native doo«- 
menu, by the Rev. Father Sangermano, and translated from his manuscript by William 
Tandy, D. D. 4to, 16« Rome, 1834 


AN ESSAY on the Architectnie of the Hindus; by Rim Ras, Native Jndge and Mi 
trate at fiangalors. 4to, 31#. 6d. /^Miien, li 


NIPON O DAI ITSI RAN, on Annates dm Emperenrs dn Japon : Tradnites par M. Is 
Tilsingh, aveo I'aide de jilnsienres internietes attach^ an comiiloir Hollandau de Nanga- 
saki ; onvrage rsvu. cumpMtA, et corrigo. snr ToMgiaal Japoaais-Chinois. aocompagnA do 
nolm, et prtc^M d'nn apcrf n de PHistoire Mythologiqoe dcs Japonais, par M. Jnlioa 
Klaproth. 4to, 30# Pari>, 18M 


MISCELLANEOUS TRANSLATIONS from the Oriental Ungnages. vol. 8, Rvo, 7«. 

Jjmkdam, 1834 

1. A Genealogical Catalogue of the Kings cf Amrieaia. by Prince Hnbboff. Translatad 

from the Armenian into the Rainan Language, by I^azar Koosnets ; translated from 

the Russian into the English, and oomparod with the Original Armeniaa mannscfinC, 

by Jamas Oloa. 

S. Ab AeeoaatoT tiM Ble|o aad RodaotioB of CluhAr, bv Hm KMiiot Akbw; tnm 
tbn**AkbMHaMh"orShalkliAl«l-Fad. Tmihlij by M^oT a Mm. ^ 




Cunnaolioopie. "Hh Oio ilntijtnii Hit? cmplayid ii ontei Lo dcnuH enliu MnuA 
and ihUit In Hie Ihronc SdIUd BbHbi, Ills Mutfr; In Iba yew of Uu Hljn OS. 

inmliH] "Kiuma>iii^ya," by iIh Biv. Bujunin Cloagfa, Wnlcju MiBl.iaarr, 

6. As AcmniiEarilw grand Feidval blld by llu Amii TiaAr nil the pluai °r KtlKh 
Gdl, Di Mint or K«a. mn» hu KHnra fn>m Ar> Miaor, ind (I- ricl^t dF 1M<-I>m 

Timbr wnileii by hlimeif, by Coloiwl Fraudiliii. 
HABIVANSA, on Hiiloin- di la FamlUe da Hiri ; aanan fDnual an appindka ilo Ma- 

THE ETHIOPIC DIDASCALIA : oi (ba Bilui|iiii »iila> of tba Aimulical CnnniiniiDu 

LES AVENTUBES nc KAMRUF. lai Tabcin-addin : Tiadnlla dfl'Dladaailaai pat M, 
Ganrto Ite TaBy. if- P.f.l. 1(04 

THE CHRONICLER i>[ Ratibi Jnieph Bm Jmhaa B«n Melt, Un Bphaidi. Tranilaled 
rtnm Ibc Utbrf * by C. H. F. Biallobkilihy. i nk. fwo. Mi. I-miltm, IfOi 


HAil KHALF.C LEXICON Encyclopidleam el Blbllocninhlcatn. LeiiCMI Blblio^pbl- 

Ttmu J>'»>?>U. Ultlu^TadjiniFiKn^cleaL 
CHRONIaUE d'Abnu-Difil Muliammsd Tahaii fili de Djarii, fiU d'Yeild : TtulaiH aat 

LAILI AND MAJNUN. A reeni : (mm ll» Diilinal Fsniall of Kailinl, bi Jamei Al- 
kinun. gv». 5J. Ad /^>id». IgX 

or iSe loilm Jalal-Addin Al SidLI, wiib bouh and dbBenuiuu. by Ibg Bai. Jamea Roy- 
noUi. eta. IS* J.0mlon. liX 

THE SANKHVA KARIXA ; ot. Menmiial Venea at Ui> Saakbyt PbDouphr, bi Loan 
Kiubaa. Tnailaud HeatyTbDnaiCsIebrndl. Aim tba BWbra, 

llotlM'K'jmMVC'^ 41o, 10.™M. '" '. "" . !" . . Oz^'ne^ 
BIBTOIBE DEB BULTANH MAMLOUKB de I'EfypUi; iaiStaaii Atube ™Taki-Ed- 



RIGVEDA 8ANHITA ; SaiMkrita et Latane ; Liber Primw. Edidit Frideriew AngiHtai 
RowD, P. D. 4to, 21« Lmtdan, 1838 


KUMARA 8AMBHAVA KALIDASiE CARMEN ; Buikrit^ tt Latine. Edidit Adol- 
phu Fridericu Stanxler. 4to, lOf. 6^ Berlin^ 1838 


THE PRACTICAL PHILOSOPHY of the Mnhuamedui People, exhibited io its no- 
fMMd coBnezion with the Enropeftn, so m to render either an introduction to the other ; 
being n translation of the " AlEhlak-i-Jalaly,*' the must esteemed ethical work of middle 
Asia, from the Persian of Fakir Jany Muhainmed As&ad, with references and notes by 
W. F. Thompson. 8to, ]5ff L^udm, 183b 


HISTOIRE DE LA LITTERATURE Hindoni et HindonitaaL ParM. Oardn De Tumw. 
Tome 1. fiiographie et BibUographie. 8vo Pari»t ISSq 


THE VISHNU PURAN A, a system of Hindu Mytholocr and Tradition. Translated fion 
the original Sanskritf and illnstrated by notes dMired caiafly fi«m other Purines, by H. H. 
WUson. 4to, 4!2« Z.«M<eii, 1840 


the " Naffan-t-tib-min Ghosni-l-Andalusi-r-rattib waTarikh Lis4n«-d-din-IbBi4 Kbattib." 
by Ahmed Iba Mohammed AI-.Makkari, a native of Telensin. Translated firon thecopwi 
in the library of the. British Museum, and illustrated with critical notes on the history, 
geography, and antiquities of Spain, by Pascoal De Gayangos. 4to. Lendcn, 1840-49 


EI^MASUDI'S Historical Enoyelopvdia : entitled *« Meadows of Gold and BTines of Gent.*' 
TranshUed from the Arabic, by AJoys Sprenger, M. D. vol. 1, 8vo, 16«. LondoMt 1841 


TRANSLATION of the SanhiU of the Sama Veda, by the Rer. J. Stevenson, D. D. 8vo, 
^» LMiemldU 


SPECIMENS of the Popular Poetry of Ptonia, as found in the Adventurss and Improvi»- 
tionn of Kunroglou, the Bandit Minstrel of Northern Persia ; and in the Soncs of the People 
inhabiting the shofes of the Caspian Sea. Orally collected and Translateo, with Philolo> 
gical and Historical Notes, by A. Chodiko. 8vo, 18*. ... /.en^eii, 184B 


IBN KHALLIKAN'B Biographical Dictionair. Translated horn the Arabic, by Baim 
Mac Gncken de Slane. 3 vob. vd. 1, n>y. 4to. .... /.eaien, 1818 


HISTORY OF HYDER NAIK. otherwise stvled Nawaub Hyder AK. ke., written bv 
Meer Hussein Ali Khan Kirmani. Translated from an original PlsiBian MB. in the Qjomtrnfu 
Ubrary. by Col. W. Miles. 8vo, 10* Lndm, IStf 


DABISTH AN ; or. School of Manaeit. Trauhted flrom the Peniaa, by Shea and Troyer. 
3 vob. roy. 8vo. J^^ndam, 1844 


HISTORY OF THE REIGN OF TIPU SULTAN, by Mir Huaein Ali Khan Kinnaai. 
Tianslated (Vom the Persian by Col. W. Miles. 8vo. London, 1845 

BIOGRAPHICAL NOTICES of Peman Poets. with critical and eznJanalory Remarks bj 
the late Sir Gore Oaseley. Edited, with a Memoir, by the Rev. J. Reynolds. 8vo. 


EVLIYA EFENDI. Narrative of Traveb in Eumpe, Asia, and Aftioa, in the XVHth 
Century. Translated from the Turkish by J. R. Von Haasmer. vol. 1, pt. S. 8vo. 



YARRELL, (W.) A Hiitonr of BritMh Birds. lUiwtnted bf 590 wood 
engraTingi. 3 Tob.8TO,je4.10«.;royil8fo,j69 ; iiiipeiitl8To,jtl3. lOt. 

~ 18a 


ORNITHOLOGY. — {Continued.) 

SWAINSON. (W.) The Naloral HiWoiy md ClaaBifiealLoo of Birds. 2 
vola. fcp. Bvo, 300 wtrndcnto, ia». ... London, 1836-37 

Cdhtikti.— Put 1, On III! atnioliifs and Nslural Hiitinj tt BIrdi in jnmml.— Fvt 
3. On Ihs BibliognQhy, NnniMiclitiin, uil PraKnUkm of Btnli.— Pmrt 3. On Uw 
Nunnl Hiiuiii tnd B^tUoiH oT the dMliniit Otd«i, Tribs, ud FuDtliH nf Biid^ 
—Pan 1. SyiHipHi of a NatDtal Ananicmnl of Blldl. 
GRAY, (G. R.) Thp Gtrnprn of Birds ; comprtsing ihrir Generic Chsrsc- 
Mra, a Notice of the Habits of tach Genns, and an extensive list o{ Spe- 
cies, mnnnled vrilh ibonl 350 plates hj D. W. Milcbtll. Firal Order, 
Accipilnrs. Imp. 4ui. £S.8r. .... LmiUn. 1846 

WILSON, (J.) Aalntn>diicti(»>tDU»Nati>taJHMatT<>rBmli. With I3S Figniai. 4ta. 

13, Brfiaiare*. 1839 

BEWICK. (Thd.J a RiHaiY oT Britkh Blidi. 3 csb. Bvo, Willi nnniMa°< woodcnti. 

.ei. tSa. AVvwuUr, 1KB 

EYTON, (T. C.) A Hlitoi; of Uia RamT Britiih Blidi: {alnidnl ai a ftapplanml Id 

»Tai nn*ii. u.""'' .' . ° . ^""'""; "• " "I"™™'" " ''l!iui«.,"iaM 
•cripU'aWia^iHi. a.jl.'wio?'^™ . *. / . /^'d™. ira* 

TEMM1NCK. L« OiHBU d'EniDpa. sitn lenr ducriptiaa iipitjmatiqna d«ln«> pal J. 

CWnaw. 4n)l>. Hto. MUUi. «kir../-<M9 Parii. 

Wn^024.(A.) AnMricBi OmiUioiogT. oi Dm HalDial Hiiui; of tbe Blid< af tbn Vaiud 

StalB. aU. Stob. 8iD. col. p!it», X4. 4a Lmkni. ]fat 

AfDtTBON, (J J.) AmerfcaB OrnilholoEicB] BiuaiaptiT. S tdIi. nr. Hvo. 

Tol>. niy. Sid, plain Jftm- Trri, isu 

TEMMINCK. I ) Man»U'Oi(iitbol<>pe, an Tiblean inliRiallqiwi dnoiMDI quits 

innien n ampB, p a>fn<!n»g«i nmi o . >o . '"'^f^ ,g^^ 

THIENEMANN. IF. A.L.) FortpflasinnEignchiclita doreminiiiirn Vofrl, Faitl-ID, 
BHEA. ZHlK:)iil(ir<ltdia (aamnilc Oinitbcili^. Bar. r. F. A. L, TbleKiBBoa, Heft 

HKTER. (H. I..| CiilDiiiFd DInitntlDni of BiTtiib BInli and Ilnii En. Vsh. 1-3. )>>a. 

«0«l«nivl plain, aacfa £i, lij.M Zflujaa, ISM 

HEWITBflN. (W. C.) Coliniad ninRi«wnii^tbaI:n>i>f Bdtl.h Binl>. aHDmpaDiad 

WALTBR. (J. E. V.) NaidiKbe DiaitfaalogM. odai gatiens nub dar NatnT etnahindif 
f««f hnale ^lodi. nn*^ cvIdt. Abbilil. dar dJtaiBcb«n, ^rdnlftnd. nnd iililnd. Vn^l, nabcl 
ainlgcD B&n^iertB. rolin a^^., Iffis 


RANKE, (L. VON.) Histor? of the Oltaman and Spanish Empires in the 
XVIih and XVIilh Centoriee. Transl, bj W, B. KeUy. 8to.3«. 


ANNALS of the Turkish Empirr from 1591 to 1659 of the ChrisliaD Era, 

Transl. from the Turkish of Nnlma, by Chna. Fraeer. 9 vols. 4tD. 63i. 

(Ot.«nii( Traniliiion Fund.) London. IB33-3G 

THE HlSTORYof Uie Maritime Warn of the Turka. Transl. from the 

Turkish of Hadji Khalifeh. hy James Mitchell, Part I. 4lo, 7s. 

{Oritntal TiMdnlni. K"ad.) /jindan. 1831 

FBA3ER, (C) History of the War in Boania. during the years 1737- 

38-39. Tniiisl. frwn the Turkiah. Bvo. 4«. . . London, 1830 

HAMMER PORG3TALL, (J. c.) Owliichla dn Ouninucban RalcbaL U fia. 4 

vol.. »•,■„ P«l*, 183S 

ZtNKEISEN. (J. TT.) a«ek. da. Ormao. RaiDkeain Eoropa. Sm, . Himi., I 

PL^E, IT.) Camnnntsln uf rAilH da i'EiapInt OuoaiaB. on nainniA (Antral da I* 

tl^re ft da la g^rapbia phrakijaB po7iIlqD«. itatlfiaa at (opoaitpbiqua da I'ampirB O 

OTTOMAN EMPIRE.— (Continued.) 

HELLERT, f J. J.) Noavel AUm phyiiqiw, politiqve ct hktoriqtie de rSmpira Ottoman, 
et d«« Auts limitrDphM en Earope, en Ada et «n AfUqae, en qnnimnte feoUles. 1 toI. 
folio,/J6. Paris, 1844 

ALIX, (A. F. L.) PiAcb de rhistoire deTempire Ottoman, dqraii ion orifine josqn'k noi 
Joan. 3 volt. 8vo Paris, 1829-85 

BOUE, (Ami) La Tnranie d'Earope, on obeenrationt tnr la g^opaphie, rhiitoire Datnrelle, 
la itatiiqae lee nunnn, lee cootnmee, etc. 4 vole. 8vo Paris, 1840 

ROBERT. (C.) Les Slaves do Tarqnie, Berbee. Mont«n«grin8, Boiniaqnei, Albanais et 
Balipuei ; lenra raMwroee, lean tendanoes et lean progiee mJitiqoet. S vok. 8n>. 

PoTM, 1844 


LOW, (D.) The Breeds of Britiah Domesticated Animali. The Oz. 1 
vol. folio, 32 col. plates, £6. 16«. 6d. . . . Londtm, 1840 

CATTLE. Their Breeds, Management, and Diseases. 8to, cats, 10«. Bd. 

(Reprinted Philad.) London, 1838 

Bee Low*t Domerticated Animals. 6ro, Landsm, 1845. KnaHT'a Fanner's li- 





Da VINCI, (Leov.) Treatise on Painting. TransL by Rigaad, with Idle 
by Brown. 8yo London, 1835 

BURNET, (Jno.) Practical Hints on Painting. 1. Light and Shade. 3. 
Colour. 3. Composition. 4to, plates, 65«. London, 1834 

f^ssay on the Education of the Eye, with Reference to Painting. 

4to, plates, 35« London, 1837 

HAYDON, (B. R.) Lectures on Painting and Design. 

Vol. 1. Oriffin of the Aft— Anatomy the basis of Drawinip— The Skeleton— the Mneclei 
of Man and Qaadniiieds— Standard Fignre— Composition — Colour — Ancients 
and Modems— Invention. With designs drawn by mnself on wood. 8vo. lis. 

I^otniou, 1644 

Vol. 3. Fusefh- WUkie— EflTect of the Societies on Taste— A Oompetest Tribunal— 
On Fresco— Elgin Marbles— Beauty. 8vo, portrait, 12*. I^oudsn, 184G 

HA YTER, (C.) An Introduction to Persnective, Practical GeoroetrY. Drawing, and Paint- 
ing; a new and perfect Explanation of the Mixture of Colours, with Directions for Minia* 
ture, Crayon, and Oil Painting ; with woud engravings and coloured plates. 6th edn. 
8vo, I5s London, 1844 

FIELDING, (T. H.) On the Theory and Practioa of Painting in Oil and Water Coiout, 
for Landscaiies and Portraits. Illustrated with plain and coloured plates. 4tb edn., mndk 
enlarged, roy. Hvo, 3U. W. Ijsmdem, 1640 

HJIJfDBOOK of Young AititU and Amateurs in Oil Painthig ; being chiefly n condensed 
Compilation from the celebrated Manual of Bouvier : with additional mauer from the 
labours of Merim^e. De Montabert. and other distinguished Continental Writers in the 
Art. tco.. fcc By an American Artist. 8vo. .... AVw-)'orl(, 1840 

MERIM^E, (M. J. F. L.) Art of PalnUng tn Oil and Fresco. Trsnsl. by W. B. Taylor, 
sm. 8vo. Ijsudon, iKW 

THEOPHILUS. An Essav upon various Arts, in three BchAb, b^ Theophilus, called also 
Rngems, Priest and Mona ; formiaff an Encyclopedia of Christjaa Art of this Eleventh 
Century. Translated, with Notes, by Robert Hcadrie. 8vo. SU. /..anJim, 1847 

REYNOLDS, (Sin JoenuA.) Literary Works. Comprising hit D is co n ise s . delirered at 
the Royal Academy, on the Theory and Practice of Painting, also his Joamey to Flan- 
ders and Holland, with Critidsns on Pictures— Dn Frasaoy's Art of Painting, in Bngisli 
Verse, with the original Latin Text subjoined, and Notes A Tabular View of Painten, 
from the revival oTthe Art to the beginning of the last Cbatanr- To which is prefixed, a 
Memoir of the Author, with Remarks on his Profesnoaal Cbaraeter, illnstrative of Us 
Friadpl* aMi Pnctiee, by H. W. Beechey. Mew eda. S vols. ISino, with portrait. Mt. 

DinowM oa Paintiiv. lOartnlad by SxphaiUfy Kolai aad VUtm. By Joha B■^ 

Mt,V.R.8. 4la,lSplatM,4i« JLm^m, '''^ 




I. ELEMENTARY, tc— (On(in«rf.) 

CENNIHI. Ti«ll-oilPri.liDr.*rilltnbrC™«liMtCMBiiii)iiIh.yMrI«7. CoBUin- 
<Bf iHUHiuI DtiKtioni foi Pililint in IWa, 8™co, OO, ind Dulnn^. «ilh Ibr Art 

liH TTani o>l>btW>a pl«°M. ray, a>o, lOi. ' . . /^ifa>, ISM 

WHEELEH. U- A.) H...db«>t of A.™m, b. BixIhU of <l» Fi.. Arut •rilb dlo- 

tnllsUDIIWDOil. linw, U plus, ^. Sd LrmAm.Ktt 

BELL. (B.m On.-.) Tta AbUmi of EijiMuontn Ptinii.j. loy . Bvo, H.. 

FLAXMAN'9 Anuomiul Bmdin, for Uie ITk of Anuti. folio. 18 pbl«. 3U. 

«.pet>..™.,Kolpl..f. «(«."•"•■ 8'o,pl"«./-< P.rt..lBM 

Hjpl..n. 8vo..l««,a.Wpl„/.15. />.™,IB48 

ODETHE'B Tb»iTi>f Colodn. TniuUusJ fxiBi UwGmnu. ud i^diuid. with Kola, b; 
C, L.Bwirt.. S™. |.i»i». la* z*»j«,i846 

PORTAL, (F. B..1 Eb.t oo B.».1k>1Ic Cologi.. ii A.lh,.rt., Ib> MMdl» Ao^ ud 
Modem Tio.«. l-rmul. fmm ill. F™.oh. wilh Nolfl, b, \V. S, iDn.n. 41o. pl.M, 

MI..W. i«d«.lH*S 

Fresco. (See also p. 160.) 

MBRBIFIELD, <M».) Tbt Art of Fnoo FuEUnK. u nturiKd by ibo old tliliu ud 

Spiouh MutH.. olo. 8»0, 7>. IW /^*m. ie«i 

LATILLA. IE.) TmliHimFnco, Encmntlic, »dT«><|»niP4il<l<n;. Sn.ii. 

MBRIMiE'9 AH of PaiDiinj io OU ud Fbko. Tiuiil. bj W. B. T.ylor.' b.o.'lJ.. 

t™fc-, IKK 

n. mSTORY AND CRITICISM. (See p. 43.) 

EASTLAKE,(C. L.) MowrialB for a Hialorj of OQ Fainting. Bvo, 16,. 

imdon. 1847 

j(onEflA-p.«7JsrTEHS. bj.o™do««oftb«UBiiw.iijof Oiford. Pwui-s-, h.o. 

<Il.pri°i^ N.W yo,k, W. k p.) /.«Hl«. I6M 

JAMEBON, (M«J.) Li™ of Ihc Eirly lUliin P.inlBi. 3 vol.. Wmo. BoDdoBU. 3.. 

/.hJ«. IBIS 

H>iidlH)ok<iillHFnbl>cGilleri«ofArt,iiiudiu»rLaD<liHi. Bdodn. in. Hvo, Ifti. 


— H.ndbook.olhoP,J..»G.I]«te., .r.,Bvo. 15. "ISM 

KUGLER, (D>.) UudbookorPtiBliee.— Muly. Tiuul.. wilb NOM, bjC. L.Eul- 

.^ — S. Gi-rtnn. Dmdi, iBd FloniiUi Bchooh. With NoM by Sir E. H«*d. in-HiK, iSi. 

3. 8pl«l.h, Fr»Bd., ud Engli.b Stboob. {!■ PR..J ^^"^^ "^ 

TrmilUtd ud »bndp«l froiD Ibe Fnnct. bj Eob.n WhilB. S.o, plua. B.. 

/.«^>, »U 

pl«>,h-,/.10. . . . ,' "^^ . . Arc. isS 

E«l. TiAllMBi S.0./.T " ie» 


SMITH. (J.) C.l.ln,«, «!.„,„* of u„ work, of U» mort >.Blntnl IhHi^h. FtonUJi, ud 


^.ol«l p-o.™. . «Ue™,l'if Ih. ,,n«. « -hid, Ihoy b..a bi,B »W, «rU« ..Jlcn 
otooltecUuuJliwhk:1illHy*nuprM<iiL g vob. Std, . /.»rf>l>. IhS)-3T 

BRYAN. (M.) DidkiDiri of PiinUin. a >olt. 4u>, .eS. S.. /.<>>A»<. 

HOQARTH. (W.) Ho^nb Mormlind : > D»mrdM« rdili',s of ill >be moU ctfhtl and nd- 

Ho«. fi.o. . . '; ' . L«U«i.mi 

FLAXMAN'B WOSKB. Enpayod by Rind. oblongSni, asfl prit«,/.3D, . Pirii. 


Iliid. 3!l iJntM. OOywy. Mdo, £<oh;]iu, 31 do. Dmle, 111 do. Halod. 37da 
8UiUl<.>i.d^u-Rclicf., lido. ' 

[G.] 'iT8 [pAL^O.XTOLORy. 

ir. mSTOR^' AND CamclSM— (Con/iniifrf.) 

MCSF.VM OF PAIJfTWO Jtffp aCU/.PTURE. A OIlnrtiOB of Ok Prindpii 
■ nd^grsW^llBi-X Wilh'oilicml ■Dd HkUitnl NMim. 17 

FmrM-'Pi'iKTlKO. PiKiplcnVM. 
Encyclo. Mxraiioltivi* — Iri. PuxTHa. b; Suaor Jihki ind Bn. J. Liniim. 


T^u. 8.O. ! . ! ."',''. . . .' " . ° "^."isaa 

WAILLY, {N. DE.) fel^msnia de paliograpbie. 2 vols. 4lo. Po™, 1838 

SILVESTRE. Piil^ographie nnivereeUe, avec dfg MpUcBtions par MM. 

Chsmpcillioa. folio Pant. 1839 

FoVnhM.reu«n'lKCenli;'iiM!"lo, i<"lOj. ''°'°'. . ; ""f £,„,rf^°i6»S 
HUMPHRBVS, <H. N.) ItlimiDaleil Roobi of Ihe Middla An. A Bid«| of [Uniiil- 

Mtrd Bnlu> rrom (he 4th la Ibe ITlh OnlnTy. 1llat1r«1«il by & Serib of BpMimFnt. 

roDBfaliuaf H MitimnuflDf ihe viBct tin pf iSe oruinal. from Ihe moil urlebrATEil ftbd 

ipliiidldMBB. Priaudui Cold. 8Unr, end Coloan. Pub I. ud II. 4Ui. neb l-b.; 

fftlD. 91> I-^ultn. I8U 

CHAMPOLLION-FIOEAr, P^<i>|^pbi> dn dwiqun Jllinn. d'lpiu 1h pint brim 

LANOLOIB. (E. H.) E>nl Hit le lallltTinbh do ntojn-ifn « inr Is imum>nU dn yii~ 
mienbTKTid'bnniiiiipriniH. Hn. Hi |fl Himn, TMi 

PALEONTOLOGY.— {See Fossils, Botany, p. 78.) 

UANTELL, (G. A.) The Medals Fitst LcKons in Geology, 
and in ihe Study uf Organic Remains. Q voli. I3ido, PIhUb, S1<. 

Lmdan, 1844 

OWEN, (R.) Hiaiory of BritiBh Fomil Mammab aad Birds. Svo, 237 

woodtou, £1. Uf. 6d. ; rojralSvo, £3. 3*. Lt>ndim.\8i6 

C^TALOOVF., DHCripliTe tuA lIlDiHatirD. oT Uir FhuI Oremlc Rhduiu of Mamnulii 

ud Am wdUIbhI in Uh MoKiim af Uw Koyil Colk(« or Biir(»ni of Esgland. 4ui. 

lOptalH.aii ta-dim. 

PAXKINaON. (J.) iBITDdBoliilD ID Iha Study of F«il OriaBio BemKliH. Sra, nt. Sd. 

BUCKLAHD. (W.) IMkiiiiii Uhirluit : or Obflnitioei on Um Orpmk Rfmnliu con- 
UilwdiiiCini. t'Hismi, udDilnviiJ OnTtJ, fto. 410. .. . Ijmin.\«Ci 

Oiion and MininlDfy. lBndt[c>iiLn TntOiK). S lOli. Sn, SSt. . I.nim. I83T 

HOSRI8. (J.) A i;ualMH of Brittab Po-ib: Miflnripinf atl the OoiKn ind Bitds 
hItiwrtD dncribvd, with rereirbcB In theil (SeoloficBj Dulribntiob, and to (ha Localifief ia 

BRODIE. <P. B.) A riinotvoribe Fond) laHooia thr Hrcinidiiy Rociuar Eniland. k- 
csmli'a"'! bj 1 l-aoicolar AccaBnt of Ibe Bliaii in wbinh Ibay occur, ud of Uw cipcnai- 
■taaoBCOBBMlad with tbniPrsRTiuiiin. 810, II plun, Si. /,«uf«. 1MB 

ARTIS, (E. T.) Aatgdilnvlio Phylolofy. IDutntnl by a CoilRHan nflliiFoHil RriniiH 
"'*'"'' orn. luni n n. . . ^^^ ^^^ 

PIDaEON.(B.) PiKiJ Bnnaini of thi Aaimnl Rinndonl. 3dndn.B>D,3a nlnta, ]f>i. 

MEVER. (H. V.) a. DRUNKER. PaJtoaloitnipliln BnJUigi ini PMirftcOBkinde. 

Paill. llpp.4I0.<rltlia plaM.plMil.t)!.; Oli.i^. 1MB 

ORBIGNT, (A, a',', Piitontoloiir nalnneno d« coipiilki el <la niUiiqsa. 8 tali. »n. 

aric aa (llu la-8ni. d'aaoimn IHO pbaoiH, n]ii4«itut lonla lai mfitm it coqalUa 

L'Oavra^ tera pabUi jai UvnieonidanplaBcbrtirHlatailaaofmpinidaBt. VAs da 



PAL DEONTOLOGY.— ( Co»/iHf/ed. ) 


unpin de pilioiiliilii«i>, « do Ink 4s 



PIETTK, ( ,) TrBiif . 

It uludaaSllpluclia. . jAmfclit 

a fnbricalion du pDpici 

MANUEL du fnbricmil dc pspie™, rar 
IBmo, avec Alias, f.lO 50. 

(Itlaoiul. Rom. J 

y( l»v. 



GIRAULT m RAINT FARGEAtT. Biblioanplile lapoinphii^c ■< il> k Frurr, on 
d'Mvrtl'l'lMS, ™nunM(°krur™'a'U»iiJiri!!,(«u'Mvi^| «o. s!o, f.ll'^c'u. JM5 

GAUGNANI'S Qnide to PariB. 18mo, Map, tc. . . " 
FASIS ind its Hiatorical Scensa. 2 vola. IHiiio. PlalM, 4.. M. 

(LIbniTof EnlcitaiDlngXDBwIedge.) Ltrndon, IS33 

DULAURE, (J. A.) Uoliiira de l>>rii. 8 vnli. Hvd, ft Atlu, Pant. 1838 

SinAULLa (J.) NonisMiliiiUilntltFuKetdanieiiv^ioiu. iivKdsiioUattDncin- 
PATENTS.— (See Inventions, p. 192.) 

DAN90N *ND DEMPSEY. The Invenlor'a MbihihI, a femiliar and prac- 
tical Treatise on tiie Law of Paienig for Inventluns. 8to, S». 

London, 1843 

PRITCHARD, (A.) A Linl of all the Potfnls for Invpntioni eran'fd in 
England during ibe Presetil Century. 13ino, 1S«. . Zonijon, IB47 

BPB5CE, (W.) Timliif DnlhePriprlpl=wltlill|llHiiea™<j|fliaUonor«P»l*nirorIli- 

CARFMAKL, (W.) The Li» i.r PiUnU Soi lEiUiti«ii rmiiiili4rir eiplai»l: fe< tbr nw 

DRLfNG. The Liwof PaUnU in F<n'i«nCoaatri«. TtuilMed. wjtii NoM, ftc. fn 

DESCRIPTION if machinea et proc^d^a sp^cifi^B dauB Ira brrve tB d'in- 
vsntion, de perfeclionnemenl et d'iraponaiion. Publiie par MM. Molanl 
el Chrialian. 8.0 Pant, 1B44~1G 


PATENTS.— (Continued.) 

DESCRIPTION dee machines et proc^d^ consignia dans les brevets d'in- 

vention de perfectionnement et d'importation dont la dar6 est ezpir6ei et 

dans ceox dont la d^ch^nce a 6i€ prononnc^e. Tome 6S (ann^ 1846). 

KKh 4to,20» PflfM, 1847 

Bee Eepertory of PatMt IiTeBtiou. Nbwtom's Loadoa Joanal. Lt firirat d'h- 
ventioB, ICo. 

PATHOLOGY.— (See p. 239.) 
PEERAGE.— (See Heraldry, p. 180.) 


am. 8vo. London, 1841-6 

OLD BALLADS of the vtmort rmrity, now lint collected ud edited by J. P. OoOior. St. 

ROWLEY'S Search for Money, reprinted from the edition of IflOO. 9#. W. 

PAIN AND BORROW of Evil M«nii«e, from nn nniqne copj, printed by Wynkya dt 
Worde. "la, 6d, 

A SELECTION from the Minor Poem of Dan John Lydgate, edited by UaOiweU. lOf . 

THE KING and the Poor Northern Man, from the edition of 1040. 8». 

HISTORICAL SONGS of Irdand, illiutratire of the Btmnle between Jame* II. and 
William HI., with Introdnclion and Notes by T. C. Crolur. if. 

COLLECTION of Songi and Ballads, relative to the London 'Prentices and Tradaa, and 
London generally ; edited by C. Mackay. it. 

EARLY Naval Ballads of England, collected and edited by J. O. Halliweli. St. 

ROBIN GOODFELLOW ; hU Mad Pranks and Merry Jests, faU of honest miith. 3t. 

STRANGE HISTORIES, consisting of Ballads and other Poems, principally by Thomai 
Deloney. 1607,4*. ' 

POLITICAL BALLADS, pnblisbed in England daring the Commonvrealth, edit«i by 
Tho*. Wright, pp. 3U0, Of. 

PLEASANT History of the two Angry Woown of Abingdon, with the Hnmonras Mirth 
of Dick Coomes and Nicholas Proverbs : a Play by Henry Porter, 1500, edited by the R«t. 
A. Dyoe. i*. 

THE BOKE of Cnrtasye, an English Poem of the XVth Centary, edited by J. O. Uatt- 
weU. it.9d. 

MEETING of Gallants at an Ordinarie, or the Waikes hi Powles, edited by HaOiweD. Ifc 

KIND-HEART'S Dream, by Henry CbetUe, edited by E. F. RimbaaU. 4*. 

SPECIMENS of old Christmas Carob, edited by Wright. 3«. 

NURSERY RHYMES of England, collected priacipaily from Oral TradUioa, by HaU- 
well. &*. 

HISTORY of Patient Grisell, with Introduction. 3«. 

SPECIMENS of Lyric Poetry, of the Reign of Edward !., edited by Wright, it, 6i. 

MARRIAGE Trinmph on the Nnptials of the Prince Palatine and the Princem Bliiiheth, 
daughter of James 1., by Thos. Hey wood, edited by Collier. S«. 6d. 

A KNIGHT'S Oonjnring done in Eamcat, disoovered in Jest, by Thos. Dekker, edited bj 
Rimbaalt. 3«. fid. 

A PARAPHRASE on the Seven Penitential P>alms, in Engtuh Versr. by Tliomas Braap* 
ton, 1414, together with the Fhaher of St. Bernard . edited by W. H. Bbc^. it. Orf. 

CROWN Oariaad of Roeas. cOMMng of Ballads and Bongs, by R. Johnson, MIS, edited 
byW. ChappcO. 3«. 

DIALOGUE oonceraiag Witches umA Witchcrafts, by George Oiflbtd, Viear of Bfaldoa, 
10U3, edited by WrighU is. 6rf. 

FOLLIES* ANATO.MIE. or Satyres and Batyricall EpigraoM, by Henry Hntton. Dmut- 
MMUts. lOltf, edited by Rimbaalt 2t. 

JACK of Dover, bis Uoest of Inqnirie, or his Privy Beaich for the veriest Foole in Engiaad, 
a Collecti'in of Merry Tales. 9t.6d. ^ 

ANCIENT Poetical Traeu of the XVIth Oentniy, npiteted from miqne enpiai, oditad by 
RimbanH. 2t. 6d. 

A 8BLBCTIOM «r Lslia Blorim Am MM. «r the Zmih aa4 ZlVlh OtevK attid 

by ^ntiptt, ppu sBDp 6e. 


THE HARMONY of Ih> Cbnnh. aplnlnil Buiwi ind Halv llT>ail>. bl Miehtrt r>Fm;uii. 

rniHBUil fmm ilw nlitigii sf IS8I, (ihI uh ib Eii mUntsd BOrtu) ; sdiitd b; n>w. 3j. 
COCK I.ORRELL'8 BOTE, a SUyiiul Pcwin, ftOEi id nslqiic cDpr. prinUd by VfjBkja 

dr Woidt, nllud by Rimbioli, Si. 

TbB HABMONT of Biidi, B P<wm, fram Ibc DnJj kMncn cDpr jillliUd til Ibe BiiMIc aC 

A KERRY PASTORAL, in ImftUiDn if Um Fint Eduau of Virgil, MilHl wilh IntiD- 

duciIMll. byT, U. CmUr. waodcnu, S>. 
THE FOUR KNAVES, mBni«i>rSUTiiuITfiEli,brBamni1Ri>wIuib. M1I-I3, •ditnl 

witb lixmliiouiia snd Nbm. bj RinbiiUl. »<»jdoiiU, ti. G.i. 
A POEM lo lh« Mrmmr at WUIlun CiHl(nvc, by Juoa TlioDiMB, cailRl by F. CuDDing- 

PLGASANT CDn«iU of Old UdIwhi, thr Mirir lADdoOBr. Tali r>r homoniui dJKSunn 
liliwrfl! "S" "' " ""'^ "' ' °° "'*" 

Buha'i Bbv Hoih Id ■ Tnnn : uil,]miiilie nins 

F. W. Faiiboll. Put 1, wuiliiiU. 5>. Put 9. Si. 
OWL ind ih< NlihUimib. ( Fmih or Uw Xllllb Ontorr : inribnUd U NlebolM d< Goil- 

ford : trilb mine ihdrl P»ini triim lh> HUM MS., riiuA hj Wright. S>, W, 
THIRTEEN FnlnB.(BdlbiFlrrtniap(HarEwI«utai.trui]UMlin»Enf1l>liVTnebj 

HtBTOKICAL BipoHnluiaBi uilort tbsbrulJrB AbsKnbMbaT Oij'tiitpnlsiBd Fbr- 


>d b) Rlmt ' 

it tho bcaitlre Abnen be 
wilt, ranrmil.) adiud bj I 
■t Fml dT IS83~4. Ud lb 

111 A^, b; BbibiI 
if Rufnaid Ibn Fin. fnini ( 
Hlilorj of lhi> RoranncB. fdil«l bj W, J 

■nd DgmBUt Hliuicy, MnnBm, Mniicr, 
POKMSiif John Audela;, tiiwiilHBoft 

bf HiHivdl. 3f . S'l, 
ST. BRANDBAN : a Medieial Lucud 

Wfiglil. 3i. 
ROMANCE afrhe Emperor Ocliviin, BO 

daid, HlBUnUie of Iriib PoliUal 
.ni, adiCBd br T. C. CtoIui. 4>. 

RngllUi V*» ud ?nm sdilid br 


B MB. al Cimbildgi, «iiM br OoadniB. 

I of Ibe TiiDM, JIMH, DdilvJ br 
inibridg«, rdiua bj WBjhI. «i. 

CROWN Cariud ol 

THE AAivtianUIi Bhrpherd, by Rti: 
SCOTTISH TrMUlioml V*r«m ufi 
LIFE inil Martridom ol 

from a MB ofthe Time i>f 

M. adiiHl by HBl'lwell. 3i. 
ud by J. H. Diion. li.U. 
J of Caniwbnry, by Rubbt of 

C GARLAND, aColIedioD 

III the Bcv<n Sagn. by Wiifht. 3t. 
BETWOOD'S (John) Dialape nn Wil Ind Folli, now finit pi 

I or Prnveiba ud PopoJu Har^Bpi • 

m PaguDU, nliled by Fali- 

(inud, irlUi BB Aecnmit at 
Ibe Ssueiu, Wutbet 


. • 




FRASER, (J. B.) An Historical and Deflcriptive Account of Peraia, from 
the Earliest Agea to the Present Time : with a detailed View of its Re- 
soorces, Government, Popalation, Natural History, and the Character of 
its Inhabitants, particnlariy of the Wandering Tribes ; including a De- 
scription of Affghanistan and Beloochistan. 12mo, 3«. M. Edin., 1834 

PORTER, (8xK R. K.) Traveh in Geofgia, Penia, Amienia, Ancieiit Babvlon, ICo. 8 
vob. 4to. JUn^Mi, lifil 

RICH, (C. J.) Narrative of a Reddeaoe in Koordittan, and on tha rit« of aadent Nintveh, 
etc. 2 vob. 8vo, 2Dt L^ndam^ 1836 

Narrative of a Jonmey to the Site of Babylon in 181], etc. 8vo, Sl«. '* 1839 

FRASER, (J. B.) Traveli and Adventnm in the Persian Provinoei Sooth of the Caspian. 
4to LMd0m,ltm 

MORIER. (J.) Jbameys throngh Persia, ICc. S yob. 4to, jC7. ** 1819-10 

Db bode, (C. a.) Traveb in LanrisUn and Arabistan 9 vols. 8vo. Aenien, 1844 

BRYDGES, (Sir H. J.) Transactions of Mission in Ftonia, 1807-11, with a brief History 
oftheWahaaby. 2 vob. 8vo Aenimi, 1834 

ATKINSON, (J.) Customs and Manners of the Women of Ptoisia, and their Domestic 
Bopentitioas. Trensl. from the Peruan. 8vo, St. . Limd$n, 1838 

(Oriental Translation Fnad.) 

FOWLER, (6.) Three Yean in Peisia. 3 vob. sm. 8vo.' . ** 1841 

See BucKiNonAM^B Trareb. L*Untveii Pittoiesqne, eto 


MALCOLM, (Sir J.) History of Persia from the most eariy period to the 
present time, etc. 2 vols. 4to. .... London, 1815 

8ILVE8TRE db SACY. M^moires snr diverses antianit^s de la Peise, et sor les mMailles 
des rob de la dynastie des Sassanides, snivb de I'histoire de oette dynastie, trad, da persan 
de Mirkhond. 4to. pt., /.I5. Paris, 17U3 

ABOUL' KASIM FIRDOUSI. Le Livie dee rob, pnbliA, tradnit et oommentA par M. 
Jnles Mohl. vob. 1-S, folio, /.16 Paris, 1838-4S 

UISTOR Y OF HYDER XAIK, written by Meer Hoseein Ali Khan Kirmani. TransL 

by Col. W. Myles. 8vo, ]«« I^mUm, 1848 

(Oriental Translation Fnnd.) 

THR SIOAR-Ur^MUTAKHERW ; a Hutory of the Mohammedan Power in India, 
dnrinf the last Century, by Mir Gbolam Hnssein-Khan. Revised and edited by General 
Brifgs. 8vo, Vf>l. ]-, 14«. (Oriental Trantt. Fond.) London, 1833 

MIRKHOND. Hbtory of the Early Kinn of Persia, txansl. from the PenUn by D. Sbea. 
roy. 8vo. J0«. (Oriental Transl. Fond.) London, 1833 

RASCHIDELDIN. Hbtoire des Mongob de Ptoiae, edit, par M. E. anatremere. vol. 1, 
folio Part*, 1838. 

H18T0IRE des Monfob. depnb les temps les plu raenl4s Jnsqi'k Taaeriaa, tradnita da 
peisaa de Kliondemir. Par M. Griforiaff. 8vo. ... St. Pttortlnu^k, 1834 


GROTEFEND, (G. F.) Beitrlfs snr Bri&ot. d. peiwopol. Keibchrift. 4to, A$, 

Hanow., 1837 

Beitiige nr Erttnt. d. babykmbcben Keibchrift. 4to, At. Hanoo., 1840 

LASSEN, (C.) Die Ahpefsischen KeaeascfariAen v. Penepolb. 8vo. Bonn, 183S 

V. WE8TER0AARD (N. L.) Uber die lUleucriAMi der entmi ud sweiten Gal- 

tnnr. 8vo Bonn, 1H45 

2eit«cfarift Tdr die Knnd^ dee Moifealaodci. vob. 1-. OoUing. and i?Min, 1837- 

HOLTZMANN, (A.) Beitrlfe inr Erkliranf der persbchea KMlenschriAen. Part 1. Hvo, Am, 

Carlor., 1845 

BURNOUF, (A.) CooinMiMain tw la Tafsa, Pan das Uvtm leligans des Parses, ate. 

vol. 1-, parts 1-9, /.dS. Poria, 1893 

CummwHaM oa tba Coiae oi Alnaader's Bneeawow ia tht Sail. Joaraal Asiailqaa. 
Joamal of tba Rayal OsMwplilpil BteJUy, vab. 9, !•. 8ym>^niiaa BoeistT oi 
LaaJoa. Joaiaal ef thaloyd Ariatfa Bacinty, vd. It. JoaraaTirAitalie Bactolf 

ai BoBfaiy vai. w» 




JUHKB, (Bin VV.) Onunmir or Uii Fi^niu LuEQifE, whli mddhkmi. b; lln K». Bunotl 

IBBAHIM, (Miui. H.| A Gnmniii dT Iht Pemia Ldiibiii£c, no. llo. " IHU 
FORBES b ARNOT. ANeMGnininlrdriliePciiiuiLui^xc. Svo, " IMW 
AKDRBW, jW.) A CoviHcliHiUn a,t-i->M or Uk Gl^nunu of Piiiiu Giuuiuir, with 
■DDM lemjtriLf on Arabic iUtr .-..--.. LatOox, IrOl 
BAIJ.AKTYNE. (I.; Cauduim of Puitui Gmnmu. 34iihi. . . '- IMS 

VULI^RB. (J. A.) Inlhuliana JingDn PcnicE cum Souscrilm il Zcnlki Kniu cam- 

POBSAST, (P. A. T.| eniiiicilih Her pmHchFn Spimchr. Debit rcrigJelchrDdel B'riick- 

■iKba aU jAi dem Ptftiicbeii jv iMatvlie. Ura t^ipzi^, 1^34 

^PreCEL. (P.) CbnitDIBItlll>Peniin,ciiiiigliiwr. Bro, I3i. (U. " IMS 


KICHARDBON, (JO Di»iiniiiy. PcmliB, AnUo, ni Eii«ti>b, nrbtd ud Htaifed br 

A ViKibulBiT. P>niu, Anliic. anil Engliili, ibiidcHl ficoi BlcbudHn'i Dklioaiin. 

sdlird by Wilkiii d Hllpllliu. Bvn Z>ll>feii, 1840 

BARETTO, (I.) DicUOHi)' at tlio PeniiD enil Anbic Lii»E<«V«' 1 vDb. S>a. 

K0CTS9EAU. (3.) A Vixsiblilarv of Ifae PmiBn LmaoiirF in T<vd Puis, Ffnlan ud 
E=glL.h. >uJ E»^tA ud Pmum • /,o-J«. IrtS 

BOORH-i^I Q^TiU. a DiaiianiuTor tbo IVnJm Lanfiaan piplaiiH in Pniife. ale 
eto., vraaWbr Tho. RoebODlc, 4id Calctiu.ien 

OUSELEV.(W.) Pemu HHeUuia : uEHjlotHHIiuu the Radiii|of PtaluNSS., 
wilb EoHnrvil BpeoniBtu, PbiluJgjncaJ OUhthIidiu and Nolca, Critical aad BiAsrical. 

*o z-mrfM. irea 

ROUSSEAU. (S.) Tbi FbjHcn or raniaii Litcninrv. aanlainla); MtllcU fmiB tlia rtHal 

S£t£Cr/OAfS, fromOiaBoiiauofaiJi, Tor lh« mt of Blnrlml^by F, Falcgoar. IHma. 
LnuI'm, ISK 

HAMMER. rJ. van.] Ooobliibii det SuhQsaB Bad'keiiH* Fwiieiii. 4to. . nVn. IBIB 

CHODZKO. BiMimeu or th> Fopittor Poatn of Pania. ai raanil In tbe Adnnirm aad 

Iaip(t><na1i''ni af Katniloo. tha Huiilll Hfintnl of Noilbafii Pgnia; and la tb« ^nn 

of Iha Pra|>)e iahabiUni ths Sbam of iha Ciinbin Sea. Onlly callaclad aad Inailitfd, 

irlth PbDological and Hfalnrfanl NoM. 8tii. lb /^onlin, IH! 

(OrieBCal Tnnil(tiini Fand.) 
COBTGLLO. (Mm.) TIii' Ron Ganbm af Panic a Sarin of Tnmlatioai froiB tlK 
Panlag Poeii, ttvD, wilb boideniiriDtinl Id pili! and tcilnan, ISf, ; iih>i«ob.31., &f. 

OUSELV. (Sii O.) Blagnpiilul NMsm of Pcniaii P<n<i. nilb Criuol and Eipluatoii 
Ramarki. Edlttd, with a Mrlmllr. by the Rfv. J. Rsjaoldi. /jnufsi, IMS 

(Oltaal^ Traniialioil Faad.) 

AVEEN AKBERY. luIitaUs uf Ibi Emtmiii Atbar. Traail. fnnn Iha Feniaa, br 
Oladvrin. t voli. S» Limine, JWO 

aad Vane, wilb N«n aad Jamaa AtUann 8vo, ISa. , ^Dwba IlQ! 
(Oncatai Tnrolaiioa Fogd.) 
THE DJBlsT.IJf.ot S>i,Tni«r yinnm. Tranilatid rnm ibe PaniaB br D. Bb«* aad 

A. Trarar, 3 toll, Hit. Lmim. 1S43 

FRACTICJtL PHILOSOPHY at the MobaianBdaa Peipla, eibibileil In lli pmriwed 

traailalioa of tlx AUiak-MiJaly, tha oiiit BUaaisd Mhieal Work nf middle Aua. fiam 
the Peruan of Falli hnj Hakniiwd Aiatad, witli Nnua and Vltttnim. br W. F. 

ThomiwiB, Pio, 15> . Lnin, t83B 

(Oiinul TnulathiB Fund.) 


m. LANGUAGE.— (Con/tViMed.) ^ 

THE SHAH J^TAMEU; an heroic Poem: containing the History of Penia from^Mv 
earliest times to the conquest of that empire by the Arabs : illustrated by a copioos a^oe- 
sary of olMulete words and obscare idioms ; an introduction and life of the author in Fer- 
sian and English, and an Appendix, by Tamer Macan. 4 toIs. 8vo. Calcutta^ VS3d 

VULLERS, (J. A.) Chrestomathia schahnamiana, in luam scholamm editit, annot. et 
gloss, locupleti instruxit. 8vo. BonnM, 1833 

PERSPECTIVE.~(See Drawing.) 

FIELDING, (T. H.) Synopsis of Practical Perepecthre, Lineal and Aerial ; 

with Remarks on Sketching from Natnre, &c., &c. 3d edition, royal 

8vo, 19 plates London, 1843 

ADH^MAR. (J.) Traits de perspective lindane. 8vo, et atlas de G2 planchet. /.30. 

J0PLIN6, (J.) The Practice of Isometrical Penpective. 3 plates, and 173 diagrams, 5s. 

London, 1843 


PRESCOTT, (W. H.) History of the Conquest or Peru. 2 voh. 8vo, 
portraits New- York, 1847 

TSCHUDI, (J. J. VON.) Travels in Peru during the Years 1838-1842, on 

the Coast, in the Sierra, across the Cordilleras and the Andes, into the 

Primeval Forests. Translated from the German by Thomasina Ross. 

8vo, 12« London, 1847 

(Reprinted. New- York. W. & P.) 

SMITH, (A.) Peru as it is, during a Residence of Ten Years. 3 vols. am. 8vo, 10«. 

/AtntUm, 1839 

ZARATE. (A. DE.) Histoire de la ddconvcrte et de la conquSte du Pdrou, trad, de I'^spac- 
nol par De Brofi. 2 vols. 8vo. Paris, li31 

GARCILASSO de la VEGA. Historia General del Peru. 13 vols. 18mo. Madrid, 1800 

Ulloa'h Voyaf^ to Sooth America. Edwards' Voyage up the Amazon. Jour- 
nal uf the Ge(>{;rnj>hical Society. Savage's Amazonian Republic. Stbven- 
fioN'8 Account of South America. McCuLLOcn's Gazetteer. Stevenson's 
Residence in PerO, &c. 


MALLAT, (J.) Les Philippines. Histoire, Geographic, Moeurs, Agricul- 
ture, Industrie, et Commerce, des Colonies E^pagnois dans TOceanie. 2 
vols. 8vo, and atlas folio of maps, plates, &e., col., 30«. . Paris, 1846 

ZUNIGA, (M. DE.) Historical View of the Philippine Islands. Transl. 

by Maver. 2 vols. 8vo London, 1814 

COMYN, (ToMAS DE.) Eatado de las Isla* Filipinas en 1810, brevemente detcrito. 4to. 

Madrid, 1890 

Translation of the above, by Wm. Walton. 8vo. . . Ijondon, 1881 

ESTADO de la Poblatiou, &c., de la* Islai Filipinas correspondente a el AHo de 1818. 

Manila, 1890 


BOPP, (F.) Die Verwand«chafl der malayisch-polynesischen Sprachen mit den Indo-Euro- 

p&ischea. 4to, IQjf. M BeHin, 1841 

ALTER. (F. C.) Uebcr die Tagalische Sprache. 8vo JVien, ISKI 

SAN AUGUSTIN, (G. de.) Compendio de la arte de la lenguatagala. 4to. Manila, 1751 
NOCEDA, (P. J.) Vocabolario de la lingua tagala. folio. " 1754 

JACUUET, (M. E.) Considerations sur les alphabets des Philippines. 8vo. Paris, 1831 

(Extr. du Nouv. Journal Asiatque.) 

See Berohaus's Asien. Mooa's Malayan Archipelago. Mbtbn'b Retse nm die 

PHILOLOGY.— (See Ethnology.) 

ENGLEMANN. (W.) Bibliotbeca Philologiea; oder Veneichnist deijenigen Grammati- 
ken. Wdrtenbiicher. ko., walcbe sam Stadiom dar GrnelMolim, LateinieolMn, «. Oriental- 
tocben Sprachen gebSrta, &c. 9» anfl. 8to. Lsfptig, 1840 

PHILOLOGY.] 280 [pi 

PHILOLOGY.— (CoH(ittMerf.) 

ERSCK. (J, B.J Bibliofraphiicba Eludbiuili dn pbDoliifuolicE Uutum, liiiru^. Ton i 
A. OeUer. gin I-rirti/r. ^ 

HtwDKlisn ■snehitlf SSnttra. 8>o ifl^IW, 18 

WINNING, (W..B.) -MiinuBl of Compsralive Philoiogy. in which tl 
KfBiiiiy of Karopean Languages it illualraled, and npplied (o ihe PrimenJ 

History of Eui!q>e. fito, 9< London. IK ' 

!, (J P') . Killl«>l«. 5.0I.. 8™,S3i Lfipjif.U 

VATEB. (J. B.) AniMuii dir SpimcbenkDiiiJe. Bm. . . t-af-t. 

ABKDT, (C. D.) Uobii dci L'npnsDg bdiI die veiKfaKdCDUllpi VerwiBdlKhiR 
EaniAiiclnii Sprubrn. I^to fViniV, IBU 

MEIDFNGER, (H.) DicUinlDlIrT *lrilil>lii|lqi» it comiMnUr d« JtnilM teaUts'UlBH. 

KODIER, (C.) NoliDni «)«ninitll]T« dfl UnntatKIM. on hMiln mbrfite di kpunliKd* 

l'*crico». SvD tait, UM 

SAPF. (K. M.) VeTiDcl] Elnct niTilolDiiki d« Spwsbe. I vpb. Bra. Slal^ati, 18S-K 
Sf» ETii>iiu>oi. CoiirtKTirM Qkimuii. Cimluido PblWgiiHl Hbmb. 
Fhilolofieiil jBDniBl. DoiULDioii'i Nin Crujrliu 

I. HISTORY OF. (Akcient and Mooern.) 

RITTER, (H.) HiMory of Ancienl Philoeophy. TrEnsl. (rom the Ger- 

mnn, by A. J. W. Morrison. 4 toIb, 8vo. 43». . Oxford. 1S38-46 

LEWES. (G. H.) A Bioinphlcal Hiilon nf PhiliMphy, Siria I. AaiiiaU PUImmIii. 

Stria II. Modeni Pfailowplif. t inli. 18mii, «i /.cudn. tiis 

MORELL, (J. D.) An Hiaoricu] uid CriU«] View of Lhi SpccnlUiis Phlldiopliy at 

POTTER, {J. P.J ChvicUrinia at ths Oneh Fliiloiaphcn, SocnUi isd FU 

CR/I:P View of Gnck rbilouiplir np Is Ihe An of Firicla. 3j. M. 

(Smill B«k< on Grul SubJKU.) 
TENHBMANN. (W. O.) Muaal at Ihe Hbtoi; of PhiJiMpKr. TrHiiI. tnm 

BTEvr ART. (D.) A Onenil VtFw of Uie PrainTv e( Mrtiphjiiuf ud EihicaJ FbllSB- 

phr, •"«■ Ik* "•t'^l of lEllei' In Enitppt, 4id jariu 

(DUhiUUdiu piefilEd ID EncyolD. Bitunnki.) 

MACSINTOSH. (SlH J.) DWKation on thr Frofmi of Elhicai PUInaphj ill lb 
mi ISh C«iiorl«. WWi ( Pnh« bj W. Wh»w.U. 8vd, Bj. Eiini-rfh. WM 

GDIIXON. [N. B.) Hiiriain («ii«nl« dc l> pbllunpbii uclenne « mnh 

TlSBOT,(I.) BkUin Eliri(*> da t( phaDMphki. Bts. D^r 

LERMINIER. Eudlnd'hiiUdnsldiipUkiHplile, S vuli, Bm, H*. 

Ds I'lnflntnoe dc ll ptiSuKphia w XVIIle ddok ini In Igiuluim M 

SlXBri«cl.i Svo, /A 

HITTEIl,(H.] GacblcfalndirFhikKinhlf. rob. 1-8, Bn. HMmt.,lB3t-ti 

V.A. !-4. Gewb. d. nil. Phil«„ IH^-IO. 

" 3-S. GfmblchudatCliriMiictiBII Philiinphie, 184I-4S, 

TENNGMAWN, (W. G.) C~ih<cl.ud« Pliiloxiphlc. llvoti.Sva. Lt^if. n9»-ua» 

GmndrlHB d« G^chichle d«f PhUfmpbi4, .... 

M>n<»ld<I'll>(.deniilDMplile. Tnul. |4i V. Coaiin. Sn 

POETALtS, [LI '^"■nj ^ ''°«(o <^ •>• ''*>"" •)• ''"P"! P*< 



I. HISTORY.— CCnnrinuoJ.) 

Vixcirr.) tabaduiUaB i I'tCods di !■ pbUnBfiliia. Tni. di 
J. Aluf. 4 'Db. 8io. /.30. .... Parii, ISU-T 

M.J GiKlitelite d« "■ •■ ninttr *on 4llni»liwn wiwiucbanJHihi-ii 
)lud|iiiDjU. 3vi>k.evo. . .■ '_ . suag..iSH 

COUBIX, <V.) ynfmiEUFhiliHpMqua; PhihM. Jl^ainiB. SdedD. Hvs, /.rSU. 1S40 
—~~ do. do. PhJot. SntWiquc. Btn. /.7 N>. IMO 

FsnERBACH. (Dit. L. A.I UckIucIiU iln Hp«n PUkHphls, vtn Bina trii Bpinna. 

KKtSCHE. (Di. A. B.J Fonehgngcn unf dun Gebku drt dua PhiloHpUe. vol. I-. On. 

VACHEROT. Uiitoin ulUqiH de Veaik d'AluandM. a iiil>. nvo, /.IS. Porii. IMS 
SIHOH. (J.J Ili>uiui rt. J'ikiob d'AhsudiH. vd), I. Boo. . .' . " ISM 
MATTER. (J.J Huuin d« l'£k«l> d'AluudHa, woiiuii* u> pfindwln tlcolii <»■- 

Uniponiao. Se Ada. 3vol<. e<0, /,», Pvu, I34(M4 

SAINT HiLAlSE. (B. DI.J De t'raak d'Alntadiu. iii«>,-6d« d'uD Enai mi I> ntUiDdi 

d« iliaudrHiu « li BiyBiiiiiBS. Svo, /3 SO Psni, IdW 

RITTEB jinii FREIXBR. HkUnUFhiliBiiIiliwOnio-BoniinEufDiiUimlacimiiuIU. 

RENOUVIER, rc.) MiiiiHld>iJuli»phl>iiicl»Bg, a >oli. llimi, /T. J^irui IS34 

dKK>lc|rin«ilil>m. 'Hvd./.; Brrlin.lM7 

BLAINVitXE. (EL ■>■,) Huwlnda Bubw* d« I'aiiuuUiini « de Inn praam, cniniiM 
bus de l> phjloupiiw. >•« d« d«>>lli>|Bm«u M iddiUDiu. Pm. M, Miapwd. a inli. 

BUONAFEDE. (A.J Delli UuniiedillaltidiilcdlaniniouSisdiUanliUiiiukiiia di 
4ifiu SlouSs Dil nvli XVI., XV[I.. XVIU. 4 yoli. Ovn. JVilliu, Ita7-3§ 

HATTER, (J.J HuuiiT da dwilrian mumla M poUliqns d« Doii dmiian iIkIil 3 
'-<•. Hvo P«ij, 1S3T 



BROWN, (T.) PliilosophT ofibe Haman Mind. 8vo, Bi. £i{i'n&. 

Inqoiry into ihe Ri^laiiao of Caow KQd Etfecl. 4ih ed. Sio, 12*. 

fifmi., 1835 

Life and Wtilinp, by D. Welsh. 8vo, I4». 

Lectures on the Philusoph]' of ihe Mind. Wiih B Memoir of the 

Author by David Welsh, D. D. IGth ed. 4 toIb, 8va, portrait. 4Si. 

Edinb.. 1845 

Uclnres on Ethics. 6^0,81.6(1 " 1846 

CUDWORTH, (R.; Inielteciual Systrm, and Lii^, by Birch. 3 toIe. 8>o, 

43* London. 

CORY, (I. P.) A MetDphysical Enquiry into the Method, ObjectB, and 

ReBoli of Ancient nnd Modem Philaao|iliy. 8vo. Londan, 1833 

FIELD, (G.) Ontlines of Analogical Philowphy; being ■ Primary View 

of the PriiKiples, Relationa, and Purpoaea of Nature, Science, and An. 

a Tola. Sto London. 1839 

HAUGHTON, {G. C.) Prodromus, or an Enquiry into the Firal Princi- 

plea or Reoaoaing; inclading an Analysts of the HoniBn Mind. 8to. 

Lendon, IS39 
STEWART, (D ) Active and Moral Powers of Mttn. 2 Tok Bto. 34». 

PhiloBophieal E^eaiya. Bro. 14*. " ' 

Philooophy of the Hmnan Mind, by Wii^t, 8vo, 10*. 6i. " 




n. MODERN SYSTEMS, &c.^Cantinued.) 

REID, (T.) Essay on the InteUeotoal Powers of Man ; with an Analysis 
of Aristode's Logic. Edited by Rev. N. G. Wright. 8vo,13ff. LoHd.,lS43 

Essays on the Active Powers of the Human Mind : an Inquiry into 

the Human Mind on tb^ Principles of Common Sense ; and an Essay on 
Quantity. By T. Raid, D. D. ; and a Memoir of the Author, by Dogald 
Stewart. With No|^. 4bc. by the Rev. G. N. Wright. 8vo, 12s. 

London, IB43 
. HARTLEY, (D.) ObarinmtionB on Man. 8vo. " 1834 

HOBBES. The Conqilete Works of Tho's Hobbes, of Malmesboiy, Eng- 
lish and Latin, now first collected and edited by Sir William Molesworth. 
16 vols. 8vo, Portrait and Plates, X9. 15^. London, v. y. 

MOORE, (G.) The Power of the Soul over the Body, considered in rela- 
tion to Health and Morals. 6vo, 7«. ... London, 1845 

Use of the Body in relation to the Mind. Bo, . ** 1846 

(Reprinted* N«w-York, B. Bio't.) 

WHEWELL, (W.) Lectures on Systematie Morality. 8vo, 7«. 6d, 

London, 1846 
Elements of Morality, indnding Polity. 2 vols. 8vo, 24«. " 1845 

(Reprinted, New- York, H. b Bro's.) 
LOCKE, (Jno.) The Philosophical Works of: with a Preliminary Dis- 
course and Notes, by J. A. St. John. roy. 8vo, 16s. .London, 1843 

HUME, (D.) Essays mnd Treatises on several Sobjects. 2 vols. 8vo, 18«. 

London, 1825 

HAMPDEN, (R'D.) A Coarse of Lectures introductory toHhe Study of 

Moral Philosophy. 8vo, So London, 1835 

PALE Y, (W.) The Principles of Moral and Political Philosophy. 8vo, 7». 

London, 1841 
ABERCROMBIE, (J.) . The Philosophy of the Moral Fedings. 7th ed. 

8vo. (Reprinted. New- York, H. ft Bro's.) London, 1846 

Inquiries on the Intellectual Powers and the Investigation of TVuth. 

12th ed. 8vo, Ss. Sd London, 1846 

MILL, (Ja's.) Analysis of the Phenomena of the Human Mind. 2 vols. 

8vo, 16«. London, 1829 

See Whkwii.l*8 Hutory and PhOotophy of the Induotive Sdenoei. Jirt. Inductivs 
BciixcKS, p. 193. 

■ Fraitce. 

DAMIRON, (P.) Emi iir rHnloIre de la PhOowphie en Fnace an XVIIe tiede. S Toh. 

8t©, le* PariM, 1840 

EHfti rar THistoire de la PbiloaDphie en France, iw XDU siMe. 3e Mn. 9 voh. 8to. 

Paris, 1834 

Com de phOoiophie, saToir ; Fiydiologte : morale et Logiqne. 9e Mn. 4 vob. 8to, 

fSU Paris, 1842 

COUSIN, (V.) Frafmente PhiloMpUqnei. Sd «dn. 9 vob. 8vo, i5e. *• 1838 
JOUFFROY, (Tb.) M«lan«etdePhi]oMphie. 9d 4dn. 8n>, /.8. . . " 1838 
Nonveaox Melanges dePhflosophie. 8to,/.8. ** 1842 

CARAMAN, (lb Due.) Hiitoire- dei r6Tol«tiom de la nhUoiophie en Fmnce pendant le 
moyen-^ Jnean^an seizl^me liecle, prtcM^e d'ane Introdnction sur la philosophie de 
I'aatiqnitd et oelle des piemien tems da chrisUaniinie. 8vo, toIs. 1-3, ofaaqne, /.7. 

^,, , . ^ ^ Paris, 1845-4 

CONDILLAC. (Eavies completes public par A. F. Thieny. 16 vob. 8vo, /.80. 

Paris, 1833 

DESCARTES. CEovtm completes, pobUAes par Y. Contin. 11 vob. 8vo. pi, /.40. 

OBuviet phOosophiqnes d^apret les testes oricinanz, aveo notice et^cIairdoemAnto par 

G arnier. 4 vob. 8vo. /90 Paris, 1838 

DS8TUTT Ds TRACY. EMmmts «*id«olagie. $ tOu VSno, f.tS. '• 

LAMBirHAIB, CPv.) OUfM osaqMlM. ]0f^]»M,irJ8. i . *" 1844 

FBiLosoPEr.] 2S3 [philosophy. 

n. MODERN SYSTEMS, &o.—(Coniinued.) 

MAIBTRE, (JlE.) (Kiin« HjmpMUt Bn>K8™,/.«. .... Farii. 
HALBBRANCHE, (En>nii«iiip1ii»>pi|blltspvM. GeDDKiIa. 9 Toh, «tii, /.9) 
MAZnBE, Coin de Philmplilc 3e«r]illan. G rob. 8ia,/.I5. . . " ' 

MONTAIGNE. CEcvmonmpUM.ol. pv Bnchqii >t Dt.Fiycn. e<g,/IO. " 

Cooplau Worhi uuilaud. Ed. br W. HuliU. roy, »rD, lb. . Itmbn. 

COMTE. [Ans-I Csnn de Phit»>pbie Fnilin. D vi>li.e?a,/.«0, . RiWi, IK 
P1NBL,(L.) E»i de FUKwipUa Pnltin. en,f3X. 


WILLM, IJ.) BiiUlniteliPliiloiapKisARiiiiiindB.ileiinhKaillJluqii'lHiHL Ton 

ew. 7«.M. Pan.. 

(Td be mmpIH^ Id 4 'oli.) 

B^ DeliPhil<»rAl«Allcm>i>il>,r>n>r«d«d'DI»lnlnid«lioEiiirlH 
UilE. de Kill. d> mi<. da Sdhrillnf « dc Hcgcl. H.n./B. Pari.. 

BARCHOU Di FENEOEN. (BxaoK.I BMolndBlaPhUinipliieAlleiDandi. 2vab. 

MrrHGLET, [Dii.C. L.) GndiKbie der leiiUB SyUfm da PbilmpkB is ItasUchI 

RIEDEBMANN. (C.) Die DbqekIio PhUrwphle von Kut, bi< suf rni-eni Z«(, 3>Ui. 

CII.4I.YBAUS. (H. M.) IliilDriiche EmvlckilDng drt Spscalilimi Philwaphlc 

GAHLF:R.;G,A,) DiaHigrlKliiPbDuHipliiD. BrililBi in ihiK richtlKenu Bmnbuilnn. 

DDd WUnllJong. H«ft I. !»™ nirii.. 1B43 

MICHELET. (Dn.C.l..) EnlwichrtniunWhlrhliidi-r TiruA.n d«l>chci> Fhiltiu>|>faiBiiiil 

ORELLI, (C. V.) SpliiDiB Leben sad L>hn, Vnbil rinsm Abites d« SoMTidk aixl tJs- 
IslRjm FfailiJUphia. Bvn. ^iraii, MS 

FAIILITS. (Dl. H. E. G.) Did ollkiblir n>riiidc>c pdulivn PUIwifibh die OfbnbuBDi 
wler EbtfebnofUHthichle. T«il. EtaDrtheilnng. and Bflrichd^ng der vun 9alae]liiii:*iflhei 
VhfIwbssii, lS4l-t3. gva />arfuMA, IHt 

liBiadellphiliHDphieinrnlindeitcpnl^ •pKialenml dr mini ds Brgtl ^d./t! 

ROBEW KKANZ, (K.) Fifnholiiiie Dd« dis WnniKUiDn ron labjaetivn Oiimi. Svf. 

Sohelling. Varlaniiigni gshilUn in Somnwr Ifi3 pn dM UnirenilU >a Ksninbam. 

BAINTRS. [A-l Hliti>in<trit<<|>e dp {tUroi>ili<m>ei> AHniUFiidiimliwiiatiilH. a 
•dB. B™. . . . »!■*., HO 

C G Ficktr B»o. 10., 8d. ' . . t^f , IMT 

Hliliilra da Via al da )> Fhilaaniihla da KanI, 8vo IHM 

ESUMAN, (J. E.) Vanncb ajgai wiMPHlianti^a DwnaHniv daf GauAMMo dn IKU- 

nri] PbilMphia. S vcih. Sra JIvi, ISM^H 

BITCHEZ. {M.) Trulld HwiplM da pbikuphia, dn pojnl da vm da owVilIcb'nB M 

P1CHTE, (J. Q.] Bmiinllliilit Wnke. In (i Dandia. B>o. Brrlin, 1r»5 
HEGEL. (G. W. F.) Warka, 'iilMaiid^Aiuglba. dnnhatnanVanliiiTinFranBdnida 
PhiloHphia. I> wonlnbas AmiilKaii, brnof. t. Fnnu a. BOIan. §iK9. 1°.. 

KANT, |J.) Wnke. heranv. lonK-SoHnkraorD. F.W.SobabaR. 13 •ob.^TO-.CS. Ej>. 

Cltllsor Pun RauoD. Trin.. 8™, SI. 7.*i«lni. Ifflf 

Lnfia, wflh Ufa. bf RicbaidKin. Pvo.tlt. " ISX 

Maupbftiaa of Elhbs. Ttuul, by Bampla, 8rs, IBt. . Blia.. IBM 

Thr-M; of R<1i|ri<>a. Tnail. bjr Bampla. Bto, lOf. ... " 1^37 

Prokpi'°a°a <" ■""T faun MaUphrBD. en, St. rjmtiin. 

DIRKBEN, [B. tt.) OrnUMndcapauiiiiiUinlimDHsaiidaalaBAiulriii, »l. I. Tiumnd. 




LEIBNITZ, (6. W.) qewimmeln W«ik», haimug. tob 6. H. Pnte. Vok 1, S. 8vo, 
9i».9d. Ommi., Isd-U 

SPINOZA, (B. DB.) Op«m omllil^ ed. C. H. BvaOm. VoL 1-3. lOmo, ISf. 

L^fte, 1843-4 

Z£/T5C£rjt/Fr ftu PUIowplM i. BpMolitiTsTlwoktfe. Vok 1-w Bms, 7Wtv> 197- 


ROETH, (E.) G«Mhiolite vamm abradttadiwlMa Phflotophit. Vol. 1. Dit IgypCiMlM 
nnd ZoroMtriMbe Gkobendtim ab dte Uteiten ftnclkB auMiw wwoalrtivwi IiUm. 8to, 
31«.(W. . Jir«iiA«m. 18M 

BCHMOLDERfl, (A.) Enai tor 1« twAm PhiloMphiqaM dM Ai»b«, et Doetriaw dw 1' 
AlgusaK. »ro,V Parw, 18C7 

THE SANKHYA KARISK A, or Memorial Verm ob the Sinkhya bwam 
Krithna. Transl. from tba Sanierit, br H. T. Cokbrooko. Th« BflABB YA, or Com 
meBtarr of GamrapadB. TraBiI. aad ffloat whh bb oikiBal oomoMBt by H. H. WiiMm. 

4to. ....... (hi/^rJ, IBOl 

(PoblieatioBs of tba Oriental TraBiIatioB F«Bd.) 

TNh PRACTICAL FhUowphy of tbe MobammedBB People, Bxbibited ia its praAmed 
ooBBexioB with the Eniopean, etc 8vo, U« /.eaim, 1839 

(Oriental TranslatioB Fnad, UI.) 


PITMAN, (J.) Manual of Phonography, or Writing of Sound. ISmo, 3ff. 


Db stains, (V. D.) Phonography ; or, the Writing of Sounds. In 
Two Parts, viz.: — Logography, or Uniyenal Writing of Speech: and 
Mnaicography, or Symbolical Writing of Mnaic: ¥dth a Short- Hand for 
both. 9d edn. 8to, lOt London, 1849 


MEMES, (J. S.) History and Description of the ProoesKS of the Da- 
goerreotsrpe and Diorama, illustrated with Plates by the Author, M. 
Daguerre, Officer of the Legion of Honour : — containing also the Report 
of M. Arago to the Chamber of Deputies. 8to, 2«. 6d. London, 1829 

LEREBOURS, (N. P.) A Treatise on Photography ; containing the latest 
Discoveries appertaining to the Daguerreotype. Compiled from the im- 
portant Communications of Scientific Indiyiduals. Transl. hy J. Eger- 
ton. 8vo, 7«. 6d London, 1843 

LEREBOURS et SECRETAN. Trait^ de Photographic, contenant tous 
les perfectionnements apport^ jusqu'i. ce jour au daguerr^ype. 5e 6dn. 
8vo,/.3 Paris, 1846 

6AUDIN, (T.) Traits complet de photographic. Ezpos6 complet des 
proc6d^ relatifi du Daguerreotype. 8to,/.5. Pom, 1845 

FISHER, (G. T.) Photogenic Manipulation, containing die Theory and 
plain Instructions in the Art of Photography. 18mo, 3t. 6d. 

XofMisii, 1845 
TAYLOR (A. 8.) On the Art of Photofrmio Drawinf . 8v». Z,MMi9B, 1840 


COMBE, (Geo.) A System of Phrenology. 5th edn. 9 vols. 6vo, plates, 
21t EdMtir^A, 1849 

Elements of Phrenology. 5th edn., plates &c., St. 6d. " 1841 

GALL, (J. J.) System of Phrenology. l9mo. PAtTatl., 1835 

Complete WoHlb. 6 vols. l9mo. . BooUm, 1835 

£^URZH£IM, (J. G.) Phrenology ; or the Doetiine of the Mental Phe- 

9 T^S. 8t0. ...... ^MfSflf lo3o 




PHRENOLOGY.— ( Continued.) 

SAMPSON, (M. B.) Criminal Jnriflpnidenoe eoiuddered in relation to 
Cerebral Organisation. 3d edn., with additions. 8to, St. London, 1844 

STRUVE AND HIRSCHFELD. Atlas illustrative of the Doctrine of the 
Functions of the Brain (13 pUtes of Gall's), with E^hinations in Eng- 
lish, German, and French. Edited by G. Von Strnve and E. Hirschfeld, 
M. D. foUo,13f fi«isl6er^, 1844 


LAVATER, (J. C.) Physiognomy ; or, the Conespoiiding Analogy be- 
tween the Conformation of the Features and the Knling PassioDS of the 
Mind. 20th edn. 7phite8,4s XoiMim, 1844 

PHYSIOLOGY.— See p. 240. 

PRICE, (Sir U.) Essay on the Pictnresqae in Scenery and Landscape 
Gardening, with an Eany on the Origin of Taste, edited by Sir ThomM 
Dick Lander. 8vo, 60 woodcuts, I3f. EikAmrgk, l94Sk 

8m JEdtntUm. Landioaps Osideaiof , kc 


RICHARDSON, (H. D.) Pigs, their Origin and Varieties ; Management 
with a View to Profit, and Treatment under Disease, also plain Diree- 
tions relative to the most ajgproved mode of presenFlng their fledi. 
12mo,35<; New- York, D, A. Sl Co. 

YOU ATT, (W.) The Pig : a Treatise on the Breeds, Management, Feed- 
ing, and Medical Treatment of Swine ; with Directions lor Salting Poi|l 

and Curing Bacon and Hams. 8to, illustrations. Bo. Bd, London, 1847 

(Raprintad Pldlad.) 

LOW, (D.) The Breeds of British Domesticated Animals:— The Hog. 

1 Tol. 4to, 5 col. plates, 42f London, l94Si 

8m Low's DooMrtiofttMi Aainab. 8vo. '/.mmImi, 184S. 

PNEUMATICS.— (See p. 190.) 


BIBLIOTHEOA ANGLO POETICA : or a danripliTs OttyofM of a mi* aiid rieh cel- 
leoUoii of Eaily Eof Ush PoaCir ; Ulaitntid by occiiioad utmeli tad iMMtfa, eriUaal 
«Bd biofraphioal.^ro LmmImi, 1815 

RITSON, (J.) BibUographim Pottioa; CatalogM of Eagliih Poeli of the Xllth-XVlth 
Ctntwy. Mm. 8n> Lmd0nt 1801 

WARTON, (T.) Tbo Hirtofy of E^[ttrii PM17, torn tfat Cloio of tlw BlMf«itii lotho 
CoBONMeawnt of the XVuIth Gbatiiy, kc Now oda., tvritmA bj Taylor. 3 Tob. 
8TO,38t Uiuhm,]Bm 

MOIR AMD SPALDING. Treatises on Poetrf , Modern Romance^ and 

Rhetoric. 8vo, Bo, BdMurgk, 1899 

(Fioia Eaoyolo. Britaaaiea.) 

CAMPBELL, (T.) Specimens of the British Poets; with Biographioal 
and Critical Notices. New edn. roy. 8vo, 15s. London, 1841 

SOUTHEY, (R.) Select WoHls of the British Poets, from Chancer to 
Withers ; With Biographical Sketches. 8to, 30t. London, 18S1 

AIKIN, (Dm.) Select WoHls of the British Poets, from Ben Jonson to 

Beattie ; with Biographical and Critical Pldkoes. 8to, 18t. London. 

8m Jtrt, AuNm Poart, BAUtADs, 1 
^ TboWadMaf4Mfcwt f >iiiiw M hiibaadiaftHlL,i 



[political bcohomt. 




DUNHAM, (Dr.) Ifiatoiy of Poland. l2mo, 6«. London, IB40 

FLETCHER, (J.) History of PoUmd. 8vo, I6t. Z^iiiofi, 1831 

BALVANDY, (N. A. db.) Histmie d« Pok«B«, avaat et torn J«m BoUnki. 8 vob. 8to. 

BruxMe», 1841 
ROEPELL, (R.) G«M9hioht« ▼. Ptolen Bamb,, IdO. 

LELEVEL, (J.) Hktoire d« Pologne. 8 toI*. 8vo, at 4t» Atlas, /.SO. . Fmrw, 1844 

FERRAND, (M.) Hkloir* des trait d^nmbmnenti de la PologDa. 3 vob. Bw. 

Pmrit, 1880 
RULHI£:RE. (C.) Hktou«d«rABarcliied«IaFoIoKBe. 4Tob.8vo. . «* 1807 

8L0WACZYN8KI, (A.) Btatisqoa g«B«rak d« la Fologiie. 4 vols, lakno. 

Part*, lear-ae 

MALTE-BRUN. Taitleaa de la Pologne aadeBae et modenw, boot. 6dB., par L. 

Chodzko. 3 volt. 8vo, oiapt. Pwru, 1830 

Bee Burnbt's View of Polaad. Oozb*s Traveb. Comioa'a Btata of Folaad. 
Maltb-Brdk CMopaphia. L'Uaivan FittoieM|oa. Cobdbe'b Mod«m TiaTcUer, 


VATER, (J. 8.) Giaoiinain abr6f6 de la laagoe pdoaabe, ooadttaat ea tableaax, lAriet 
etesemidet. 8vo. Ifoile, 1607 

BANDTKE, (6. 8.) Poloaitobe Grammatik Pat Deatacfae. 3e Mb. 8vo. Bmlmu^ 1884 

TaaoheBwSrterbneh dw deotich. pola. b. fiaBsfli. Bpraofae. 5 rok. 8n>, 88t. 

.0y«tla«, 1833-38 
BCHMIDT, (J. A. E.) DkUoanain poloaaie^tte ■IWniiBd, at nna-poloMit-aUemaBd. 

'8vob.8vo Aretteat, 1834-36 

/>/£ PokmaJe-fran^ut. 8 volt. 18mo, /.84. . PBri*. 1844 

DlCTIOyjrAIRE FraBgait- pol<MMU»' 18mo,/.18 . .... " 1844 

€XOIT. de poitiet poloneiiet, pt«o6d6 d'aa dbooan Mr Tori^Be de la Polcfae, et tnr la 
poiftaie de oette aatJOB, etc., veeoelli, terit et tiadait ob fraa^^aiae par Chrehowiki. 8 vok. 
SfUk. .... Oettiiy ) 18U-17 


Bibliography and History. 

MoCULLOCH, (J. R.) The literatBra of FoKtioal EooMmy. 0vo, ]4«. Imtdam^^SVi 
BLANUUI. Uiftoue de I'Eoonomie politiqae ea Enrope, depnit let Aaeieat iotqn'k aot 

iean ; toivie d'nae Bibliographie raiionn^ det priocipaoz oavraget d'4ooB0aue poKtiqae. 

3nie Ada. 8 volt. 8vo, 10« Paria, 1847 

TWISS, (T.) View of the Pimrett of Political Ecoaonv is Europe tlBoe the NiaeleeBtli 
OMtBiy. BeiBf a Comnm of Leotaret deUveied at the UBivBnity of Oxford, Ib Michaet- 
BMB Term, 1846, Md Luit Tenn, 1847. 8vo X.««iiMi, 1847 

LEWIB, (6. C.) Remarkt on the Ute and Abate of PoHtioal Teimt. 8vo. *' 1838 

POLITICAL DICTIONARY {The); fonning a Work of Universal 
Reference, both Conatitotional and Legal, and embracing the Terms of 
Civil AdministTation, of Political Eiconomy and Social Relatfon, and of 
all the more important Statistical Departments of Finance and Com- 
m^poe. 3 vols. 8vo, 30t ' London, 1845-46 

DICTIONNAISE POLITIQUE, encyclopedic dn langage et de la sci- 
ence politiqnes: avec nne Introdnction par Gamier-Pazte. 2d edn. 
8vp,/.a0 Ptario, 1843 

Di QUINCEY, (T.) The Logic of Political Economy. 8vo, 7t. 6rf. 

SMITH, (A.) An Inquiry into the Nature and Causes of the Wealth of 

^ Nations. With a Lif(^ of the Author, an Introductory Discourse, Notes, 

and Bopdememal IMnertations, by J. R McCoUoch. New edn. 8vo, 

I6t. . . Loniibii, 1846 

<----.nBaHM,iiilkiiUillH«flMi|lwABMhsr€biiriHk 8w,it. Xiteftwyft, 1845 


POUTICAL ECONOMi-.] a87 [pa 


McCULLOCH, (J. R.) The PrineiplM of Poliuoal Economy ; with some 
Inqoirin rcqiecliag their Applicalion, nod a Sketch of ihe Rise «n<] Pro- 
gma of the Science. A new edition, enlarged and corrected thranghout. 
0TO, 15*. Edinburgh, 1S43 

Treatise on the Principle* and Practical Inflaence of Taislion and 

Ihe Fnnding SyBtem. Sfo, 15i Londan, 1845 

BlSMONPt, (M. DE.) F.illIieaJ Economi, and Iht Bcinnni of OoTErtiiml. A Bsrk* af 
Evan Bilicuid ffom Iba Worki of M. ie Hunondi. nilL u bixaiiiBl BDIiia at bii Ufa 

TOKRENa, IRdI't.) An Eu; on Ibe ProdncliiHi of WnUh. 8n. , Ln^n. INI 
WIIATELV, (Air.J IstiodDcUryLnliiiiiSBFaliliiidEouiWf, M*da, Sia.Ti.aiL 

CAZENnVE, (J.) Ab ElfinHtan Tr«tl» on PoUUoal Eciw»r> <■• • Blx" flipv'iu" 

RICARUO. TlioWaikmfDBTMBJHrAii with ■ Nulkc DFihv LIfssnd WilUiinoriba 

AuiImh, Uj J. B. MuCoUoeh. 8vo, Ifl. ZjiijS., 1S« 

MAl.TEIt;S, IT. R.) On PuJillnl GninDDir- 9d odn. Sio. 14., . " IfflS 

PncinuB M«1nb frorn IJv EnriiHl AfH. * Toh, fl»o, lOt. . Loiuian. IWl 

PE(X;H10. (GJ BloiildHkEaillanupaUicninlUliL Ibw. . /.•;., 1833 

BOaDI. (M. F-l Cannil-fkoaoiiiJBFtliuqH. ad«ln. S volt. ^o. Ptrit.KK 

Oh Encrcla. Heuupoliuu, ^ri. Fotlticil Eanonif. b; N. W. SinoB. 


AI-[80N, (A.) TIm PiiidplB of FopnlnUoa. nud Ibeir CunnKlion wllh Hainan Hnppl- 

p»rnlel)t«>«lfDDIuHnpp>i«>,fcc.,lIc. d vol.. n.n, Mi. Lix^^., IttH 

THORNTUN. (W. T.) Otf.-FocmJtuon ud Hi Rcnedy ; o> no Innnlrr inu I)« ulenl 
■Bd <.->DK< or Ibc DMn- imvmIidi nnxmc tbn Lnbooij.) Clwa. ind inu. iKr Mum 

DOUOLKDA V, (T.| Ttia Ttoi tj* o! Papolaiion thon to be coaioDtod wiU< ih.'p«id 

oriboF»p)«. 3d«di. Hvo.Oi j^nAM. laa 

6m Hum's FopnlniuniH of Ancwnl Nuion^ WiLUCl'n DbMUHoB OB lb* 
Nnmbcnof Minkindin Anwnttnd Modem Tiowi, rtc. 

POLYNESIA.— (See Aestbalia, New Zealand, tfcc.) 

RUSSELL, (Da.) Polyneaia ; ta, an Historical Acconnt oT the Principd 
Mindam itw Soaih Sca.iDcinding New Zealand ; ihe IntrodnctioD ofChri*- 
li»nilf ; and the iclaal Condition of the bihabituiU in regard toCiTiliza- 
lion, Commerce, and thr Arts of Sociat Life. I8ino, S«. Ediiii., 1843 

IGdiBbnTKb ClblMI Librni;.) 
lARVIK, {I. I.) HUari'DfihiUtwiiilaBiirSBDdwioliliUDdi: enlifi^u IbMi ABUqni- 

On. -tlyUHA^j, kc SVw- !■«■». lb« 

ELMS. (Biv. W.) Polraaliii Roeucbn daring t BeddcBoe ji Ibt South 8« Ulie 

Toiirllitoli»)l Oubjliee. tta. " iJ 

LANG, (R«. Da. J.) OriflB and Miftnuonor Use PolvDHinn Nnion. f*Ta. 

WILLIAMS. (}.) NarrBUrrofMiHiinuTEplerpiiniBIligftntbllna, Itvo. h. 

MHraON. <A.) PiDt«orElfBUln1lMSindKichbliDilsriB»(MidKsrar>brCaH. 

C«>ll. «'", *' /j™4«. 1*3 

HARINEB.fW.) An AKonntofibeNBtivoorUnTDBtnUand^ IWa.ltino. 

DUMOULITf. (V.J. rr DEBGRAZ. Il>. Talti. EHtiiaH hMoi*m * (*9>*p^i1<i 

Dn M>ri|<iia«. uo Niinta-Hita. Hiriofn. iHaraiihlF. liKrlin rt «liiiiMrmlbiBi |^b 

nls lor la culuniialiaB rinncaiH dan rOfauii, 9 •ota. gra. ai«e<WUtw idw. f.l, 

fiWi. 1834 


poMPEi!.] 289 [tost aotxl. 

POLYNESIA.— (Continued.) 

BIENZt. 0c*4»«. «« anqiiBiM P«ri» du Monde, Reme GiK«~|lhlq« « EUjnofm- 
pfaiqiB <lc ll Maluic ; dr !• MkniBKe. do i> PolfHiie, rt d( U Mulunii. 3 voti. >^vo. 
JL Pom. ISM 

HARBDEN, (W.) MiuHlu»iii Woiki. Aw. IjmJtn. ItOl 


KAOUL, (M. E.J CbDii di Plinla d« li NoovellF Z«ludc, mnillia si dtcrlta pu J'la- 
uni. All.. M pludM. /.H Pllni, ItW 


BOPP, (F.) Die VtrwindKhsfl ier nuliytich-iiolyiieiiichim Sprachini mil im lndtodi- 

MDBBLECR. (L'ABai B) VooilinluK ivtuleii-fnnraliMfruieaii-acoinnii dn dH- 

Ic-b. pul*> aoi IIh Mlrqiln ]9fPO. Pifu. 1M3 

CHAMIHSO. (A. I riHidieHiwuucbcBpiuhe. Tenash eliui Gmnmuik der SpiEcba 


POMPEII: conummg ud Acconnl of ihe Deslrnclion of Pompeii aod iU 
subsequent Recovery. 9 vob. l2ino, plaiea and woodcuUi, 4». 6rf. 

(UbniiT °r EnWiUiniDB KaawM^,) Lmdon, 1846 
G ELL, I W.J Pampelaiia : IhcTajKignphj. EdiSm. mid OrtmaeDIi of Pomiinl 8td. 
Fanpelua : uauinini; Ibi R«uJ( of EicBiiUmi liiua 1810. S nil. Bvn. 

b; l^sckbam ; with pluu ud itoAt at the pnfiic ud^onuatie cdlll«. Inclndinf Uig 

ibiio. . . ' .' .' , Lni'ini. tan 

WOBDS WORTH. |C.) Iwriplioiui F<iin«iiin>.«3petiig>eii>uidFu:-dniila<>rA>><:MI 
Iii>cripli«ludi»ii<etBd <iD Die wdUoT Imildiaiii Bl PaniBd. Sin. Z«d», IS38 

BERCULjUfUM a Fnmp«l, meall. ,. gnti an fail puMH. Roai alDtHA.Bonehtt. 

LIGHT, (W.) AS«ri«of ViewiofPompBi. fij L-nJtn. tfX 

OOLDICUTT, IJ.J BpedmeninrADciiiitDicaniliDariomPiimpiill. Bvo, " ISS 
ZAUN, (W.J L» piDi beaai omimFaU, t« Ubhmni In pisi ieTiiin)Da)>la da Pnaptf. 
CBIfii lUI lei Ueal. rol, ' . BrrUn, I89B-3D 


PORTER, (G. R.) A Treaiiw on the Manu&ctare of Por«l«n and Gliiw. 
13mo, 6f London, 1832 

BROOHIART, (A.) TiiiUd«aiUc«niiiigaii«dHpDIcn«iiiisfiddT*idaiuleiiihi>Ir>ln, 
hat piBllqu K togi th^srii. S idIi. f^vo, SO pluohia. awe nn allai. /.}«. Psrii. 1M4 
-^ ET D. RIOCREUX. DoDilMion milbodlqae de mnttc cetaiBlgai da ]> uanaraDtnn 
Sfa.°ett^^M^lplai™r000obj^/t9j!' °" . ." . ■ Pb™, IBii 

MJJfVEL da FiHeeUJaiM Falcnciei » F«iel de Tern: nM de I'Art da rabriqaK Im 
""' ' (MaoS'R.inil.j'' ■ '" ■ ■ ■ ■ ""■ 

BaaUu'i Didiiiiuiijuf Aril, P«»iin.i.-a Applied Chamblrf. 


SCHIMMELPENNINCK, {M. A.) MrmoirB of Port Roynl. 4ib ed, 3 
wis. Bto Lmdn, 1835 

REUCHLIN, IDl. H.J Ocaohlclile ran Pari Rural. Vol. 1, bii mm Tuda dai AairllDa 
Anaald. 1681. Bn> ««>a*„ ie3B 

KEUCHLIN. GfaaUehU TOB Pan Ro;a]. Du- Kampr dea n-rDrmlrUa a, d, jaaaltnchen 
KatlHilknniii. S yah. Bro BaiO.. IfOa-U 

PI]IAin.T. (A»l.) HIiLdaladBiiaRipaiiKaUoadePonRgfal. 3 toll. Ittea. 

Bm KnoBT'a WeeU^ VolDBo. Ricihi, b; MiJuhBlui di Buar. Eaiabnigfa 


PORTUGAL.— (See Spain.) 

BUSK, (Mrs.) Hinory of Spsin "dJ Furtnea], 8»o, 4ii. Z«niion, 1833 

(libiuj nf UhTdJ KBDwlnlpr.) 
DUNHAM,(Dk.) The HLslorr of Spain and Ponugal. 5 vali. iSina, 3Di. 
London, 1833 

Sic. of PoFlTiga]. LiUnrv DepartmeBt : PuU I mad S. SgIhtwd of StiKBti. with Bio' 
gniphial SkabJiHDf tb* AnUian. flva, 13t. JWiAcajtfc-i^pii-TViu, Iei9-1G 

LANDMANN. (G.) OtHTTUiiHiKni PoRngal, 3 vota. 4t«. 
BALBI. (Ad.) Cul BtUM^ia mi In Boysiinie dt PiiitntaJ. 9 r 
LA CLiiDG. (UK,] HMuln (tptnlc du PDrtuzil, augni. pu M 

M.MIdl>. voU.1-9 

8CHAFEK. (H.} GwihkliU nm ronsgtl. voU. 1-i!. 


VIEYRA. (A.) APntndHHCniDiiur. lOUinJ., T>. «^ 
BAMONt^KE. Grvnnlun |iiiiiii(tlw. tSmo. 

VJEYRAh <A.) a DidkiDAry of iho Partn^uda find Eofliah Ltag 
FONBECA, |J.) Diclionmirc poiUtiT riBn[ui-panii;ui « piiniiBiui-(nii(aii. a 

', IS3M1 

POULTRY— (See Rubai, Economy.) 


SAVAGE, (W.) A Dictionary of Printing, gvo, 26«. LondBti, 1841 

A TnaliH an Ibe pupunt^nQ at Prisl,n| [ak : both Bluk ud Colwired. S>o. ISi, 

HANBABD, (T. C.) Thr Ilirtnry and Arl nf Piinliiu, Cnpnir-nliU Prinliu, and Tjpa- 
rmndinj. and on LIUinpapttc Planting. en>, 6s FMti., mO 

Biomiriiica! NoHob. kc. ¥to. 83. /-mJo". ISB 

(J) TjpiBiBnhia; oi Ihe Frinlw'i InilrnclDi: iBclodlu an Artoual of tb* 
linliBf , wilE BinfnpUnl Notlm of llw Frinlcn nf EniTind f>OIIi Cuton lo 

TIMPERLV. (C. m A Didionary of Piinun ud FrtaUnf, wHh U« Prafrw of Llm- 
Un. Andaot ud ModuB, Bibliographical lIlnAnliiMi. tu. Bid. IjMim. I83B 

AMES, (J.). >» HERBERT. |W.) TlpoinaiAtnl AnllnnlUis: er HMOTT of PriiliBf 
In Endud, SeoUaad, ud Inland, uhiodli; Dr. Dibdia. t ndi. 4U>. 

LtnAm. IBll^lS 

»yrRBBV. <B. Tj.) The TipninpliT of ibi FUtanlh CnUn l bvini Snaiiwai of iba 
Prodacrkmi of Uh BaHi Ccmlinmul Prinlm. •iin|jifl«l la a CallarUoa -f Fac-Rlmlha 
fmn ItW Worki. UfMher with thril Wal« Mvka. Am>a(«l ud sUlcd riOBi Ibi Blbll- 
OfraphiciJ CallMlani of llw \w S.niaal h, bti 8»D. r<>lia, hllf-boand, Li. 


PALKENSTEIN, (K.) GwUiicbli d« Bnohdrubiknial is Uint Ealriahaai I. AaahO- 
duat *lo, plal«Mdwoodoiili.3H. 6* I^ilt, J^K 

UMBREIT. (A. EJ Uk Eifindoncdrr BsEhdtlaknkaBM. I<to, (Ii. " 1841 

hoflaadau, par Nmrdaiack 8to. ....... I^ fiaft. III43 

PANZER, 10. W.) Aaaaln d>r Mlrttn JaabclKa Ularalgr. oWf A>(«|(> nad BmchtH- 
Bpiai;ha(«lraelititonlea lini], Mo, /furnt.. nee ; ZaiUt. Ltifiif, laoi 


PROBABILITIES.— (See p. 318.) 


D[.TPLP.Sar!l. Btbtiogniihif FirrimiDlo^qnc, BlndH BIMlOfnrililqu H munln lar In 

RAY, (Jso.) Collrenon of Proveiba. IQmo, 7«. , London. 
BELFOUR. English Proyertw. 8vo, 19» 

LAM^SANUfeEE. (P. oil I>tMioiiiiuiBiMpniveibMfmii5m. Modi. evo./-J. 
TUPPBR. {M. F.) FrOTerbkl PluLo»phj. l-Jmo, SO cU. . A-M-rw*. W. * P. 


STENZEL. (G. A.) Geachichie der Freuascn SlaatB, Svo, vols. 1-3. 
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BemDlufl dv DntfatiH Ordeni, 9 vob. f^vo. Koitifshefg, ltFJ7-3B 

RUMFP, a D.P'I'IIdH. P.J VDll>IIlndi£~ IDpogi. WilrU'bach dg Preo-. Sluta. 3 

KBUC nTD mUTZELL. Vtvm lopognfjli. iiuiit. (eognph. Wortnbneh il. pTai. 


VATBB, |J. T.| Die Sprmchc du tUen Fiawn. ««.... firuwe.. leSl 

PUNISHMENT, Prisons, &c. 

SAMPSON, tM. B.) Rniionole of Crime, and its oppropriale Treatment ; 
being e TresiiiK on Ctiminal Juriipnidence conaidered in rclsiion to 
Cerebral Organization, with notes ami illnBlratinns by E W. Fnrtiham. 
12mo Nfic-Vork, D. A. &, Co., 184G 

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London, 1B4S 

FIELD, (J.I Tfac AdviMtMn of Ihc BcpnraUr Sjiism of Imptiiomiwiit, » nUbinbFd m 
Ibi Ne» CodDi; Gnil of R«dlDB, whh ■ DncriiiUon aC lt» fdmwr PlnDH. ud > Je- 
>«ilBd Afcaniil o( tlH DiKtpUu bow pamtd. gni, ]b. . ZMlbm. IMS 

OA" PUJt'rsHME/rra AM'D PKISOJ^S. Bv Omr. Onwn Prinm of flwtdn ud 
Norw>]r. TiuiliMd rnm (ke maBil amdnOi •diiioD. bj A. Mk;. eta. 3 plwa, 5<. 

8.) Tnit«dn d«liu«i dn peiou, Tnd. pn Conii d> nui^T, inn 
niil>ladediiwr.»cniiumtUesr<. Iftno./.S. . . Pin'i, INS 
ir.) tT TOCQDEVILLE. (A. di.) Dd Byitenu NBitinCuin lu 

EiM-iinii. iviiu. l^mri • . pa™, 1837 

Thtimmp. Tnuul. by F. Lieber. Hvn PJrtii, ISSS 

SCJCr&TIAUX. (e.J PmfK, dr l« Refom PdDilailJiin ct d« IdhHiiUdu PitmniiHi 
■ n. EUU Uni.. fn F™ioe, en BUBK. elt. 3 vol.. lemo./.lj. P<n>, l«3S 

e» Abp. lViitT(i.T r>n SKDBdir) PnoUunini^ nil aa Tnoipoituka. PulHlal 
DuTianaiT, Vol. 9, Pirliimenlaij ReporU on PriMai iid Prnea Dudpline. Ra- 
pom of LoipKlaA at PrinlM- Rpfalalioiu Tor Priionk in Eulaihl Hnd Walv, 
UihI br liie Sccntni; of Hiue, 1S4I. Wichshitb's Bnmk AEtiqaHlH. Had- 
■old'i LlaunienU. ailHil'i UecuclK RHUuUlturtlUJIDH. I<a Ccdi Peall. 




MORTIMER. A Manaal of Pyrotechny, er a ikmiliar sjrBtem of Recrea- 
tive Fireworks. l2mo London. 

CUTBUSH, (J.) System of Pyrotechny. 8vo. PkUad.,lS3S 

See Urs*s Diotionwy of Aits. Coolxt's CyoIopiBdia of Pndioal Baoeipto. 

aUAKERS.— (See Theology.) 

WISHAW,(F.) Asalysis of RaUways. 8to, 8«. . London. 

The Railways of Great Britain and Ireland described. 4to, platef, 

dla.6(i London, 

DEMP8EY. (6. D.) Prmcticd BaUwej EngiMeer. Example* of the Meohanicftl aad Ba- 
cineering OpemtioM and Straotont conhiBed ia the makiag a Baihray. 4to, 50 platai, 

EJfS^MPLKS of BaUway Makiag, which, althoofh not of English Practice, ai« tub- 
mttted, with Practical lUnstratioas, to the Civil Ea^aeer aad the Biitish aad Irish PabKe. 
roy. 8vo, d6 plates, 12* London, IBa 

WOOD, (N.) A Practical TreatiM on Baiboads, etc. 3d eda. 8vo, plates, 31«. 9d. 

Lmieny 18S8 

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CdkctioB of Working Plans and Practical Details of OonstnietiaB in the Public Worfca 
of the most celebrated Engineen, oompristng Bonds, Bailroads, Canals, he. 3d eda. 
plates. SSs. 6d. ' Xenden, 1M7 

Sd Series. 4to, SSs. Od. Londom. 

PAMnOUB, (Cocmr.) A Practical Treatise on Loeomotiva Engiaea apon BaUwni. 
8vo. 18s ZMien, IMl 

STEPHENSON, (B.) Bepoit on the AtaMspheiie BaUway System. 4to, 97 plates. 7«. 

8AMUDA, (J. D*A.) A Traalise on the Adaptation of Ataospberic PManua to the par- 
poses of Locomotion on Bailways. 8vo, plates, i$.9d. .... Z.swi— . 

See Civil Engineer's aad Architect's Jbnmal. Bailway GaaeCla. Wbalb's Qaar- 
teriy Papers on Engineering. 

RAY SOCIETY, (Instituted 1844,) Publications of. 

Foa TBK First YsAa, 1844. 
BEPOBTS on the PiogreH of Zoology aad Botany, consisting of— 
I. Observations oa the state of Zodmnr in Europe, by Chartos Lnciea Baoaapaita, titaa- 

latad by Hagfa E. Stricklaad, jm.,M. A.. F. 6. S. .^ 

t. BepoitOB the PMgiMsof Vsgetabla Pbysiulofy, by Dr. H. F. Uak, tiaiAuad by ■. 

Laakoster, M. D., F. B. S. 
3. Bepoit on the Progress of Zoology, for the year 18IS, by Wagaar and otbm, tnaslalai 
by W. B. Maedonald, B. A. 

MEMOBIALS of John Bay ; coasistiBg of the Life of John Bay, by Derham: the Bio- 
graphical Notice of Bay, by Baroa Cnvier and M. Dnpath Tfaoaia, ia the BtograpUa 
Universelle; Life of Bay, by Sir J. E. Smith: the Itlaerlaacios of Bay, with Not« by 
Messrs. Babiagtoa aad YamH; edited by B. Laakastar, M. D.. F. B. i. 

A MONOOBAPH (with Coloaied Drawings of ovaty Spooks) of the Brilfah NadibraaokA- 
ale Molasca, by Messrs. Akler aad Haaeock. Part. 1. 

Foa 1845. 
8TBEN8TBUP oa the AttOTsatioa of OeaaiatioBs, tvaaslatad flooi thoGacaMa, by Gaoqpi 
Bask, F. B. C. S. 

A MONOOBAPH of the British Nndibranehlata Mohnea, wflh Ucoloaiad fflMdalioM 
in lithoCiat, by Memis. Alder aad Haaeock. Part 9. 

BEPOBTS aad Papers oa Botaay, eonsistfag of Tiaaslatfoai floai tba 0«raMa— 
1. Zneeariai OB dm Motpbok«y df the Oonifem, wtt 9 plalm, tmariated byO. Ba*, 
F. B. O. B. 



4. Link. Bipon on Ihe Piogreu of Vturlibln PhjlwloCT 1" I84S-3. Dmuli 

Talk.. B«|. 

REPORTS .nU.. Prop™. 

.., b; ProfisD. OlLcn, I..ii.Uud fnm il» eamu br Alf«d 
Zoulo^ n>i 1843 ud ISM. 


«[.£« Geologic, beinfi 
by Pn>r«oi Aguilz, o< 


riml. .nil Engnving of 


4lo, wilh la CDlDnml iilum 

lnli.bhiQ|Ib.BriU>hBH.. tlBp. 


bj M«i. AU« ud Huoock. 

LINHAIltS'B TRAVELS, U»o.llllBi from Iht awriih by W. Lowin, E«|. 
AZARA'B HilnnI UiilDr; sf Pusgnaj, uinilaUiit froni Ibo 8|anBli. 
MEV^'8 a«>«r>|>b; of rianu. 


REYNARD THE FOX : A renowned Apologne of the Middle Age- Rc- 
prodnced in Rhyme, Embellished ihrmighout wiih Scroll Capiials, in 
ColouiH, from Wood-block Lellpra, made expreaaly for ihia work, oftsr 
Designa of ihe ISth and 13lh Cenluries, Wiih an Introduciion, by St- 
marl Nitylor. gvo, I8t Zimdan, 1845 

« — - Rebiecko Stella, Hilt ZucbBnago] 

eo0|>he]j.rjng. T.J. r. Waiim. » 
RBINJTE DE VOB vu Hondc. T. A 

Uro. 3t. ti. 

lido at xmdc <p 

<b d. Lfibedi. Aow, v. I4K. M 




REPTILES.— (See Hbrpetolooy.) 

BELL, (T.) A Hntory of the Britiih ReptalM. 8vo, 40 woodoato. 18«. M. 

Land4mj 183B 


WHATELY, (R.) Elements of Rhetoric ; dompriaing an AnalyuB of the 
Laws of Moral Evidence and of Pennaaionj with Roles for Argumenta- 
tive Composition. 7th edition, revised. 8vo, lOs. 6d. . London, 1846 

jSRISTOTLE*S Rhetoric ; a new tmialaiioB, with en Introdnotimi and Appendix. 8vo. 

LondoHt 18S3 

-— Rhetorics, fr. et laL earn aBimadrenionibin Yarioram. (Gabford.) 3 vols. 8vo. 

Oxnut, 1881 

Rhetoric, hterally translated from the Greek, with Notes ; to which is added, an Aaaly^ 

sis of Aristotle's RJielorie, by Thomas Hobbet, of Mafanesbnry, and a Series of Analyti* 
oal Qnestions. ISaoo London 1817 


FRIST, (P.) Treatise on Rivers and Torrents. 4to, 15«. . London, 

BROOKS, (W. A.) On the Improvement of the Navigation of Rivers. 

8vo, So London. 

STEVENSON, (D.) Remariu on the ImproTement of Tidal Riven. 8vo, 3*. (U. ** 


GILLESPIE, (W. H.) A Manual of the Principles and Practice of Road 
Making; comprising the location, construction, and improvements of 
Roads and Railroads. 8vo. .... NeW' York, 1847 

PARNELL, (H.) A Treatise on Roads ; wherein the principles on which 
Roads should be made are explained and illustrated by the Plans, Sped- 
fications, and Contracts made use of by Thomas Telford, on the Holyhead 
Road. 2d edition, enlarged, plates, 8vo, 3U. . London, 1838 


SCHINAS, (M.) Grammaire 616mentaire du grec modeme, etc. 8vo. 

ParU, 1839 
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Ava 1834 
SCHMIDT, (J. A. E.) Nengriech. a. dentsche W5rteri>nch. S vols. ISroo, Ibt. fiST' 

Ltmtig^ 1RS7 
Hiilfthnch s. Erieni. d. nenifriech. Sprnche. 8to, 5«. <U. '' 1884 

— — Nonvean dictionnaire complet fran^ais-freo moderne allemand, et grec moderae firaa- 
^ais alienand. S vols. sm. 8to. Leijptig, 1837-^ 

— — Handwdrterbach der nenj^riechish u. dentscben Sprache. 16mo, As. W. " 

- DEHtSQUE. (F. D.) Dictionnaire grec moderae franf ais contenant let diverses acoeptioos 
des mots lear dtymolofie ancienne on moderae et tons les temps irragnlien des verbes, etc 

lOmo Pari*, 188S 

WEIGEL, (K.) NeogrieehiMhes tentsohitaL WSrterbaeh. 3 voU. 8vo. . Lnftig, 1884 
ROBERTSON, (H.) Conoiee Romaic Grammar. ISmo, 4«. M. . Z.Mi4ieii,I813 



REVUE dot Romaoa, lecveil d*ana)ytes raisonn^s des prodnctions reraarqnablei dee phM 
eAlebfes nmiaaoien ftaafais et dtrani^en, contenant 1100 analyses. Par Ensebe G. S 
▼da. 8vo. (Contains a BibUogcaphical Essay on Romaaoes.) Pari*, 1890 

BIBLIOORAFIA dei romand e poismi oavalleraschl italiaai, (da D. 6. de'oonti Meld). 
8vo MiUjn, 18» 

OAMBA, (B.) Ddlm aovelle itaUane in praat MbUogralla. 8to. . Firma*, 1835 


FLOP, (J.) The HMory af Fiction : being a Criliod Aoeoont of tka most odebralad 
■ika of FioUM, ftMi tlw iMlt Qfaak BwiiacM to tlw Noveli af tlw Pnwat Am. 
•d.8n»,19«. . Lmim,Vm 



ROMANCE LANGUAGE.— (See Troubadours.) 

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Languages. Svo Oxford, 1840 

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ROaUEFORT, (J. B.) GlcHnin ic la Langne Romanc. iim SopplHimil. 3 volt'8.a 
HAUVAOEB. (l'Abh Di.) DicUoB. lutD'dociiii-fnnf III. Et<i. 8ib. L«lut| i8» 

DtEZ. (F.) GrunoutUi der RumaaiKlicD SpraclKD. 3viik, iivo. . £rn, ubs-M 
COKBADI, (M.I PrakUKhf I>iillHll-B<iai»Wba Orunoullk. Svo. Zvici, inO 

VAILLAST, (J. A.) La Homiiw, on Hlitoira, Ljnm, ljlt4r.w», 0«r.rfu«, »e., 
Rommci. ■Jvoh.Svo.fSl. '..'..'..... Parii. 18a 


MURRAY'S Handbook for Ccniral Iialy and Rome, J2mo. Mnp, I5» 

BURTON', (Rev. Ed.) Descripdon of iho Anliqaities and olhpr CnrioaitieB 

of Romi^ a^I ed. 2 vdIb. ISma London. 1898 

GELL, (SiB Wm.) Toppgniphy of Rome ond iw Viciiiily. Now fdiiion, 

revised nnd enlarged, by E, H. Bunbury. 8vo, wilh Mnps and PlaleB, 13». 

Londim, 184F 

BDNSEN, (C). FLATTNBR. (E.I. ki-, BschnlbDni dn Sudl Ram, nit B>IIiif« 

ton Nirbnlir, Gufaard, l:c. 3 luli. 8vo.~Dildcrln[L 9 parti, fnlio. 

X6. lei AMlt., l8B-4t 

BECKER. (W, A.) HindboehdarltamiHihcii Allntlilii»T. rob, 1.9, Lriptig. 19tt-tS 
KUPERTI, (G.P. F.) Hiiidbiichd.BSgi.AIUKbaiiHr.lrDli.aTs. ff nntvrr. IM\-a 
BECKER. IW. A.) D> Rgnur Vottrfi Maiii ilqat PiMb. ?•». i«r>V. IBtS 

Die Kijinivflie Topo^nphir {a Ron. B*o. ..... " IftH 

MANNERT. (K.) G«rii|>h>a<)crGriHhiinn. RBowi. lOioli.SiD. " l^Sft-IS 


ARNOLD, (Dd. T.) The HL.lorr of Rome. 2 toIs. Svo, 95. 

Ifta-Tark.D. A. 4c Co. 
Vol. 1. Early Hlilorj. la Iho Bamliif nf Bmrn hj Ih* Gaol., 
Val. I. ProIB tha Gaolbh InvanioK ID Ibe Eni) of th> ttm PbdIc War. 

Hialory of the Later Homan Commonwealth, from the end of the ac- 

eond Pimic War to the Death of Julias Cajsar, and of the Reign ofAa- 
goBliis : wilh B Life of Trojan, Svo, ftS 50, JVew- York, D, A. & Co. 

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iV™- York, D, A. flt Co.. 1847 

SCRMTTZ. (Da, L.] BWarrltf Roeia, r»m Ibc Elrlloil Tlam ID Ib« Saalli ef Camnii- 
du. A. D. 183. Bt Dt, L, ^aiiu, ISin». 7t, M, ... /.n^fa, IMT 

{SqirinieJ. Neo-Vodi, Hu|<a' fe B<"'>.) 
NIEBI.TIIR. (B. G.| TbtHiMorjoTBaoie. Bi B. G. Nwbahr, Traad. hy Wn. Bttiitb. 

Itlar. VoT ], Vdv der Eabt^anf Ron, Uman AoibraDbdaaiitnpiiajaDhvn Krieflia, 
en. Si £iWi>, 1S« 

II. fflSTORV, ANTIQUmES, &c.— (Con/imi«i.) 

TWISa. rr.) AnBfitoiMofth»tliiwvofauMoCNielMltf^Hiitoi7orBMM,wMiCliio- 
BologicaJ Tables aad aa Appendix. S vols. 8vo, ISe. Lmdam^ 1836-7 

KEIGUTLEY. (T.) The UUtory of Roma, to the oad of Um Repnblio. 3d ad. ISmo. 
C«. (M., cloth : or 7«. boaad Lomdam^ 1810 

The Hittonr of the Romaa Empira, fiooi the Aeeanion of AvgMtas to tlw aad of the 

Eapiie in the WeO. ISmo, 0*. <M. Lomiam^ 1890 

THE HIS TOR Y of Rome, from the EarUert Timet to the Foondiaf of OoBttaatino|fe. 

S rob. fcp. 8vo, with vi|{nette litlet, VU Xtadlta, VaU 

The raWaaoe of the pmeat woik, with awiiUnoe from aU the ttaadaid wiiten almdy 
familiarly known to itadents of history, and with raqniiila modifieatioBs as to Ibm 
and method, fcc, ins been mainly drawn ftom the bwraii of a mat Hvfog historian 

iSchlosMr), who is almost nnkaown to Engliih readei* in general, and hitherto to tlw 
^renoh only through the medium of a wieCched translation. 

GIBBON, (E.) The History of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empiie, with Notes by 
the Rev. H. H. Milman. Sd ed. 6 vols. 8vo, 13 maps, 63*. LemlMi, 18» 

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View of the Invaaon and Settlemeat of the Barbarians. 3 vob. ISmo, 1S«. 

LmU%^ 1834 

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tia. vols. 8vo Fvia, 18M 

CLINTON, (U. F.) Fasti RnmanL The Civil aad Literary Chrooology of Rome and 
Constantinople, frum the death of Angnstns to the death of Jastin II. 4to, 4B«. 


LIVY. The History of Rome. With English Notes, Maiginal Referenom, and vaiiow 
Readiags, by C. W. dtocker. 8 vols., the Fint Decade, 8vo, 48a. Otf^r^^ 1840 

PLUTARCH. The OvU Wan of Rome, tiansL by C. Loag. 5 vols. 18mo. 7». 6d. 

LnkHan, 1844-^ 

BBCKER. (W. A.) Galhis ; or, Roman Seenm df the Tfane of Aagnatns : with Notm and 
bennas illustrative of the Mannen aad Customs of the Romans. Traasialad ftom tha 
German by F. Metcalfe. 8vo, 13a ZMideit, 1844 

F08BR0KE, (T. D.) A Treatise on the Arts, Manners, Maaufactnms, and Institatkma 
of the Greeks and Romans. 3 vols. ISmo, ISa Aandan, 183^-35 

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fSMTTE, (W.J A Dictionary of Greek and Roman Antiquities, new ed. 8vo, 38a. 

Lamitm^ 1847 
— — A Dictionary of Gicek and Roman Biography and Mythology. 3 vols. 8vo, £5. IQa. 

/.antfan. 1845-47 
AHREN8, (E. A. J.) Der dial Volkstribnnen, Graeehas, Drasas, nad Snlpicius. 8vo. 

J^zig, 1838 

UOECK. a)R. K.) Romische Gesehiehto vom VerfUl der RepubHk bis snr VoUendnng der 

Monarehle unter Koastantin. voh. 1-. BrauHscJLt 1841-44 

DRUMANN, (W.) GeMchichte Rom's in seinem Uebergaage von der lepnblieaaisch. car 
moaarchischen Verfassong, etc. 6 vols. 8vo Konigtb.^ 1833-44 

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Nerea. 8 vols. Sd Part. TaUean du Monde Romain soos les promiea Emperaais. 8 vols. 
4 vob. 8vo, /.34 Parsa, 1843 

DEZOBRY, (C.) Room au siude d* Aairnste, on Voyage d'oa Ganlois k Rome k repoono 
du r^f^ne d'Auiruste et pendant une partie dn regne de Tiboro ; prt>cAd4 d'une desonptm 
de Rome k oeUo ^poque. 4 vols. 8vo, avee vignettes et plaas, /30. Pliria, 1846 

8E6RIS, (i.) Rome ses novatenn, sea coaaervatean et la monarohla d'Oolava Augusta. 
Etudes historiqnes sor Lncrcce, Catulle, Virgile, Horaoe. 8 vols. 8vo, f.\&. Parity 184i 

DUREAU DB LA MALLE. Economie PoUtique dea Rooaaina. 8 vols. 8vo. ** 1810 

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Z»amian, 183S 
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^. 10a T^andan, 1845-47 

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8CHWENCK, (K.) Die Mythologie der Grieehen, R6mar, JBgfptm, ke, Vob. 1-8, 

8vo, 17a. M I-yamtf., 1843^ 

CREUZER, (F.) Symbolik and Mythology der Uten Volker, besoadeis der Giiaehen a. 

ROmer. 4 vob. 8vo, 84a DtrmsL, 1833-44 

▼OSS. (T. H.) Mytbologboha Briofa. 5 vob. ISmo, 38a. StmiL, 1887-33 

HARTUNO. (i. A.) Dfa RaligkMM dar RAanr. Swb.8f9. . . WHtmg^ 
lUMPT, (C. G.) DiaRaigioadorRtair. 8f«. .... 

u] 296 [RUSSIA. 


DUNLOP, (J.) History of Roman latemtiire from the earlieat period to, 
and during, the Angostan Age. 3 toIs. 8to. Lomdon, 1834-98 

BiEBR, (J. C. F.) G««diiehte der RAmlielMn Litaimtu. Sto sail. S rob. 8to, £h 

. BERNHARDT, (O.) GroBditai der Rornhdwa Lttentv. '8to. . JOmlU, 1830 

Roman Law. 

BOOKING, (E.) Institotionen. Em Lehrbnch des RAmiMdien PriTatrechts, 
&c., nebst EUnleitong in daa stadium des Rdm. Rechts. Yd. 1-, 8to. 

SAVIGNY, (F. C.) Geschichte des Rdmischen Rechts im Mittelalter. 

6toI8.8vo,80« Jfeide/ft., 1835 

— .^xSystem des heutigen romisehen Rechts. 5 toIs. 8yo, 40«. 

BerUn, 1840-41 

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▼ols. sm. 8vo BerUn, 1833 

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Yd. 1-, 8vo Mm York, IMS 


BOUISSING AULT, (J. B.) Rural Economy, in its relations with Chemis- 
try, Physics, and Meteorology; or. Chemistry applied to Agrknilture. 
Translated, with Notes, etc., by Gkorge Law. 13mo, over Sk) pages, 
$150 NeW'York,D.A.&,Co. 

Bees, Poultry, &e. 

RICHARDSON. (H. D.) The Hive aad the Hoaej-Ree : with aa aoooaut of the Diwaeae 
of Bees, and their Reoiedies. Iflmo L^ndon^ 1847 

B08WELL, (P.) Bees, Pi«eons, Rabbits, aad the Caaaiy Bird, famUiariy deKribed. 
16mo,37]-3(; J^ew-York,W.k.F, 

The Poaltnr Yard, a Practical View of the best method of SelectiBc, Reariac, aad 

Feedinc the Various Species of Domestic Fowl. 18mo, 50e. JTew-York, W. It P. 

See Marshall, Fanner's Hand Book. ISmo. Smith, Prodnctive Faraiinf . ISaio, 
&c. Art. AoRicuLTURB, Cattlb, Horbb, Pio, Subbp, &c. 





MURRAY'S Hand Book for North Europe, Rnasia, Sweden, Norway and 
Denmark. 12mo, maps, 13s London. 

MORTON. (E.) Traveb ia Rnssia aad a residence at St. Petenbaigh and Odessa, in 1897- 

S9. 8vo l^mdvm, 1830 

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Lcmdvuy 1839 

RECHBERO, (lb Comtb db.) Voyage pittoresqae en Rasue, om« de 30 graTnres : avee 
na tezte jrar Deppiag. folio Parity 1839 

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/..ondan, 1839 

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theaoe across Monat Zagras, bj tho Pass of Aenopboa Into Kooidistaa. 9 vols, sm. 8vo, 
»« X,MMlM,18a9 

FORTIA »■ PILB0. ▼•jvi ii dmui TnMMk aa Veid da PBuo^. aa rWMH. 5 
w*.8»o JWit.lTM 

RTTSSIA.] 297 [] 

I. GEOGRAPHY, TRAVELS, &c.— (Con^uei) 

WSEVOLOJSKY. DiotioiiBura itegmpUqve UrtoiiqM d« l*«npii« ds B— ia, ooatfluat 
le Ubieaa poUUqae et sUtisUqiM as oe TMte pfty>t ate. 3d edn. 8 fvb. 8to, /.15. 

JUnwMV, 180 

See Raodsk, Voyioa «b Hoagrie, •!&« Ltali.'i Koala. Ooz'i TraTels. Db. 
Claekb'! TraT«ii. L'Univen PittorMqoe. Comms'i Modem TrawBtr. 
MAcemcoom*! Commeitial SUtbtiet, ke. ke. 

n. HISTORY, &c. 

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Roma aad the Ramiaat in I84S. 1^ rok. uaah 8vo, Sit. . . . *< IStf 

Db CUSTIXE, (Mabquib.) The Empiie of the Csar ; or, ObMrvatkms oa the Social, 
Political, and Relifpons State and Pmpeeti of Raaia, made dnriof a Journey thiOB|A 
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Pmi», 1838-37 

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Pmrit, 1844 

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Parte, 1830 

IBN-ABI-JAKUB-EL-NEDIM*S Naehiicht tob der Bchiift dar Rassea im X. Jahrbaadert. 

4to. 8<. Peter«*Bfy, 18K 

Grammars ahd DicTioirARiEs. 

HARMONI&RE, (6.) Grammaira Rume diTis4a ea qaatia paittm, ale. 8to. 

Parte, ISn 

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aBam,ale. 8vab.aU.8i«u Jtem, 18H 

aussiA.] 298 [sANscaiT lanbuage. 


UEVM.ll.] DiHionuilt poituir, pnnuin pnlia, OS diDiiouun noH-fruiw-tUcmud*. 
fi rob, ISlM. Rif. ISM 

r'AndtiDW fimn^uH. h edi. 4 mil. Hrii. . ' . SI. fuln-iliwr, IBM 


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eniwick»lt. 11* Drad.,1842 

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yoIb., 2a. Copenh., 1817-19 

KELLF.R, (A.) AllTiuiBiBcbi B>|cB. 9vDlLftio.ei, Tut^lBW 

TBGNER, (B.) Fnlja&ag(, 6io.8i.6il «IMU,. 1MU 

Tbe Mms, InuMl. hi Suong. Svo " IMl 

FnuciKST't Sdan, itidr (Smlmn hudrilini uwrBv ad tilhnfuB UuoHnu ftra>n*Ji 
rd(v>: iKiau, (;,C. EiA. 19 Teb. 8ra, £1 T^. M, Csr™*., lEBS-ST 

Fcitivii'aA Siai, ill« FuralmriM biflg>n, J dun lilnmbki Orudtiil Bed Fieri^ik at 
Daiuk ovenuiiriH iailpini if C. C, Horn. n>, Svo. ISi. . (>nA., IBB 

(BoiMy er IfsKhBn Antlqaarin.) 
OLDHoBBWitii, Mion.i uiHff i doiiit afiviiSlIiuu. 13 lab. gro. " IfsO- 

tSnrlmy orNorHxm Aiiii<i<i>Ti« J 
I Nauuii FoiTiDi Sisiiii. ummi naiir i ilsmklronniuingaf C. C.IUfK. Iioli.Sva. 

(BocMr at Knnheni AiniqBuiH. o^njl. 

IlLCKDlsaa SOODI. 1><>I< Bvo. 

(SocM; of HiflliErD Aiiiqaute.) 


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from the Gfnnnn, by D. A. Tulboys, 8vo, B». . . Oxford, 1832 

WILLIAMS, (M.) An Elemenlary Gmnimar of th» Sanecril LanenagF. 
partly in ihe Romsn Cbaiacier, artungcd accoiding Id a New Throi? in 
reference eBpecinlly ID tbe Clsieical Languagee : with Short Eitraeta In 
EoBy Proec. To which is added, a Seleciioii from Ihe Iiietiiutea of Mann, 
with copious ReferenceB to the Grammar, and an Englidi Tninlalion. 
roy. evo, 14* 1846 

WILSON, (H. H.) Inlrodnetion to the Grammar of the SanKrii Un- 
gnage. 6*0, 18« Luniian, 1841 

WILSON, (H. H.) A Dictionary in Sanscrit and Englidi, etc. 4lo, £5. JO*. 
Cakulta. 1833 

4lo. '. M<nackii,'tia> 


Awrahilkli. LehqitbaQilt dn SanuriU-BpfiDbr, a piiu, 4ts, 3I». M. " IfBJ 

nam VDub. Grvc. GDin|iumfif. 4ui, ££#. U. ..... Bctiin, 1844 

Vergleicbvndp GnrnmalikilH SanKrii, Zend, ITrHcbliQhen,LBL^nt>clwil,AIUIaviHhra. 

GuUiikIks UBil DnilMbrn, Puu 1-4, 4U, 4Uf BrrUt. lSSL-43 

Th« uuu, liBulaUil by Lieiil. Eaitwick aad H. B. Wilwa, S nb, 8m, 421, 

BOHTUND, (O.) BainkTlInFlia ChntamVhil. dig, 01, A. iVlcnt.] IMS 



SANSCRIT LANGUAGE, &x:.~(Continved.) 

BRAEFE, tF.J IHn BuBni-Vnboia Im Veteletch mil d. (rlccK. u. lUeb. ««, IOt. W. 
SI. PtUrtli., 1830 
d. Einbut d, SnucU-DadluUan mit d. griech. d, hteii. rw. 1. Un. <>. 

WGSTERIiAjVRD, (N.L.) Ktdka linfuE Suucriu. n>i. Bio, 34(. . " IMl 

LASdEN, (C) AntbaloKilSuHCfU.glaB. lEilnii'U. Bid, tSi. . '■ 1S3B 

BHAGAVAD-OITA. flH AJmi Crulin* n ArjSDC cothuiuiis de nbn dWh>i>. Tori. 

Suuc. nvsni. idniit. aiil. H inUrptM. L*L tdj. a A. G. S<lhlC|>]. Ed. dl. WHst. cl nHnd. 

CDia Ch. Laihi. lor, Hro. IOi fiimii, IMS 

JURICCHJIKJiriKA idniriuriDntomn(UDOiiiaadnUinta.yabiilie>iukriu.«li(il A. 

F. 8l«ula. my. Hrn, aHf B™«. IM8 

PRABODH./ITSCMJHfOROI)JIJ.i adfi doi EikMinlnnmondBU frun. FtulnoiiMwlHi 

Dnm TUP Krluxluiuiina, Muhaduu iidM dei Wulkenbiile. Lrriu&B Oiilghl i*d EmJi- 

dua, lulrtHhfibtnMiiaBDr.B. Huid, Um.Si Ziria. IIHC 


MURRAY'S Hand Book for Nortbeni luJf, Sanlmhi, G«d<«, &c. am. 
BvO) Via. ..--..... London. 

SMITH, (W. H.) Sketch of the Present Sute of SBrdiniii. 8vo. " 1828 
DENINA, (C.) TiUnnlliH. SUIiiLeL Morale Asia niaUIIilb. See. . r>sn>,I«OS 
Dl7-IO^^mo Gntiaphiin. Bluma, BiuUiin. C<niii>eHi>jF, dagi Suii dl S. M. il R> 

MARMORA, [A, ni LL.) Vornfa an Svdalna. <ia DaasripUm itaiiuiqK. phjit^a. it 
Vul, 1. Huoin pllfi^iia, inHtiqiM, kn. Bfa, at arlaa, Ailig. «ilof,,/JH. 

MANNO, (G.) Storia di Baid^aa. lvi>l>. IBmii Milm. 

t/AJE, (J. F.) Da Cliiini|l>|>Ua Sinliliv liln duo; da nin larduia Hbri qnalnrir, si 

9»Ht>:aaaaom'> CoiDiHRiiilSuiiiUoi. Sirriitcijii, Sutiu.d'ttalia. 


PRATT, [J. T.) A SammBry of Lowb reinllng to Savings BiDhs. 

ed., lamo, 5« Lontfon. 1847 

The History of SsvingB Banks. Svo, IS*. . . " 1843 


BbTTIGER, (C. W,) Gwchichte »on Sachnti. 3 vols. Bto, 34». 

JTamiurf*, 1831-3 
STANFORD, (J. F ) Ramblei nnd Reacarcbe* in Thoringian Saion" 
8vo. London, 18^ 

BrR&nira OviRiaujr, OLain'i Gprmany. HAWIIMt' Gamany. Bowaraq 
ammflTctal RepDfU- Maf^aaaanl'a CunmHrdal BblivliB. 


DUNHAM, [Dr.) The Hialory of Dennurk, Sweden, and Norway. 

vols. ISmo, ISt. (Lariaar'. fyehipadia.J Zondioi, 1839-^ 

SCJIJfDIXAfM, Anidcnt and Modrni : lielBf a IIIriiHT of Daamark. Bwedan. and Nor- 

iray : comtiioln-adlne a [iHeriiilliia at Ibrw Onalrin. an Aaa-nnl oT Iba M^hoOiitT. 

•ail Blala gf BHialJF. Rallfioa, Uunlara. .^Hn, and Ciiimiwno : with ItlaHraTliiiM nr 
UHirNuanl Hliliit). By Aadiaw C'lidilaa, ud Bi-nrr WhHbia, AnUmaf Uii llaun 

oflhaMwtlinaii, ka. 9 Tob. laaia. 7> MM., IKS 

WHEATON, fH.) Hiitmr oT tlia NofibmB, or I>ana. aad NatauBi, fna Ow Eirliwt 
Ti~alolhaOi>aiia«IBf BagtaadbyWiUiamof Sanaaady. Naw ad. S nk. fl>a. 

AW- rart, D. A. k Co., 1N7 
Thn adltioB n aniirriy Ta-wnllao, and m^y ba naiidafad a BCW wo^. 

GAtMABD. (P.) VoTVVcnBcudinxic 
30 .Db. " ', a AUu in roiio d. Sie'^iiT.'b 
LESaiNG.lCFO tMKduialiHDomiiMii 

WOLTMANN. (J. F. A. L.) Bnchinlnin 

and Kopinhvu- S'o. 

en Idponic, in S|vJUl>«g « (a Fii-int, pin- 
h den LoAdes dnicli Ltiiplanil nnd SdmrB- 

1 Mrtbolog}. t 
iUnilnted bj I 



:iETT or Northers Aktiquaiiies. 

Coptnhagen. T. j. 
FORNMANNA i<OGUR, «lleihi>tiiti.tauei>FDinIllld'vcl»'iI'D'riR>, SrxripiKfaDin- 

y. M. PeleHi 

n Oiruli C&niwiii BiTii : met IB pluc^in. 



n KORoisK OM) 



Nord. 1830-30. imim [vol. I.-II.) 






New Statistical Aooount c^ Scotland. 15 Tob. 8to, £16. 16f. 

Edimb., lB34r44 

THE TOPOGRAPHICAL, Statistical, and Hiatorical Gaxetteer ai Scot- 
land. 2 vols. imp. 8yo, Maps, &c., 40t EdM, 

BEATTIE, (W.) Bootiftiid : iUoatiiUad with a mom of Vkwi bj AOini, Baitbtt, •!■. 
SToli.4to . Lmtd0m,Uai 

CHAMBERS, (R.) The Piotara of Soodud. 4thad.l9tto. MiUk, 

, (R.atW.} Gaiettaerof SooUaad. 8vo £dM., ISSi^ 

BLACK'S PictBreMim Toarirt of Sootlud. Iftno, Map, 8t,9d, . " 18M 

Economical Toarist of BooUaad ; ooataiiiiiif an aoourata Idaoimry aad TraTdliBf Mi^ 

with DMcnptJTe Notioes of all the InterMtiof Objeeto alone the leTeral roads, aad mitt 
Enfraved Cbmxt» of thoee Loealitjae whieh poewei peeahar Hatorieal or Pfol«rew|ae taAe* 
iMt. In a pocket Tolnine, 3».fid. JEdM., 1839 

ANDERSON. (G. h P.) Guide to the Hkhlanda aad Uandi of Scotland ; hidndiar Ork- 
ney and Zetland. 19mo, with a map, l(b Ltmdmi^ 18tt 

WILSON, (Ja8.) a Voyage ronnd Scotland and the Uea. 9 vob. 8to, nunenras illw- 
tmtiona and a map, 8J« XdM., IMS 

MACCULLOCH, (J.) A DeMjription of the Weetem blee of SeoClaad. 8 vob. Bto, and 
4u>atlak Sdte».,18l9 

The Bi(hland and Weetem Itlee of Scotland. 4 Tob. 8to. . . ** UM 

SCOTLAJ^D DELIJf RATED, in a lerice of Viewi firom Drswinci bv Staafield, OH* 
termole, LHteh, Creewiok, Roberts, Haidinff, Nash, and MaceoDoeh. Uthamphed by 
J.D. Haidinf. foUo LSuk^mS- 

The Baronial and Ecclesiastical Antiqnities of ScoClaad. (PnUisUnf .) 


TYTLER, (P. F.) The History of Scotland. 9 tdIs. an. 8fo, 54t. 

ZoAdoR, l84d-44 
The same. 7 vols. 8to, 84« '< 1845 

SCOTT, (Sir W.) The History of Scotland, new ed. 9 toIs. l3mo, iSt. 

Xonitm, 1837 

AJfALECTA SCOTIA : CoHection ilhistrative of the d^, Eeelssinstieal. and JiteiaiT 
Uiitory of Scotland. 8vob.8TO JEdM., UM-al7 

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VI. 3 vols. 8to. Ltmitm^ 1806 

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BELL, (H.G.) The Life of Mary, Oneen of Soots. 3ded.8vo. . . *' 1811 

STRICKLAND, (Mies.) Letters of Mary, aoeen of Scots, and Doeameats e o naeeled 
- with her Personal History. 3 toIs. sm. 8vo, 31e. fkL Lmid^m, 18IS 

LETTRES^ Instroctions et M^moiies, de Marfe Staart, Reine dHBcosse ; p«Vi4s sar ks 
Orkinevx et les Manuscripts dn State Paper Office de Londras, et des Piindpaies Arehivw 
et Biblioth^nes de rSarope, et aocompn||n4e d'aa RdsnnA Qnoaologk|Be. Par k Priaaa 
A. Labanoff. 7 vols. 8vo, 84« /.enien, 1845 

LETTERS of Mary Staart, aneen of Scothuid. selected firom the '* Recnea des Letlns ii 
Marie Stnart :" tovether with the ChiOMloffiool Sammary of Events dnriag the Reica oC 
the aneen of Scotland. By Prince A. Labaaoff. Traaslated, with Notes and an latio- 
dnelioB, by W. Tnmban. 8to, 14« /.eadMi, 184S 

CARRICK. (J. D.) Life of Sir Wm. Wallace. 8vo '< 10« 

KLOSE, (C.L.) Memoiw of Prince Charles Btnait,comawBly called the YaaagPrsts a dar; 
with Notices of the Rebellion of 1745. 8 vols. 8iro, 94e. ZeaiM, IBIf 

JESSE, (J. H.) Memofat of the PMMideM and their AdhevMrts. 8 vab. Swo, 8B«. 

Memoirs of the Ooart of BnflnBd--the8taaito; 4 vols. Swo, SSs . 

CHAMBERS, (R.) BteMyof theRebeOiawia BeodaadflmalSSBlolOOII. 8vob. 


trnHm-mL tttaa. " 

M M 44 lBiMi.48.ivih.ltea. 



II. HISTORY.— (Con/inuai.) 

BAILLIE. TbiLelWnuii) Joorniliaf R. BlUlia. A.M., PnndpilgflbaUiiivBiiitTof 
aiiw)w,)B3T ID una. EUHnl.lVaiiillnAllUior'iHagiucriiil. I^U.I.ihiI. Siol^nij. 

Bvu, 48> , . Wi«».. imi-a 

AlKUAN. AEDaksrihc Fciwullcn in S«Uud, fram Uh Ssurslioii <a tlo lU.iiIiitiin. 

e<s, CU. U Erfnt,. 1M3 

TVTLBR. (P. F.) Uth of Scollnh Wonhla. 3 loh. ISoo. . . Lt'ul^. leSBSa 
CHAMBERS, (K.) Li<»Dr[JI°>l'k'»u>d Dl>Ungiii>b«lHeDIilH!D, >1«.; fanning • com- 

pfaleBcDlIiib BugnpliiciJ DiOionuy. 1 iDk. Std. . . (Mlf «, 1 £33-33 


JAMIEHON, (J.) An BlrxiDMal ncUDBUT of Uh BuHiUh Lun*^. <«c.. wlih iba 
B.ppi, * vob. )io, . , £A»i., I-WMIS 

OictBBanr of ihe Sroitfib Lan^ne'^. AhriJg»d ftom tba Dlc6oii4rr ind Sopplonwiit, 

l>r J. JohniUne. Rvd. 1jl> MiIfrnrfA. IHS 

S« SiaitLD'a rnmnicb dF SeoKiili P»ur. vol. 4. Hotbibiy'i DiMiouij' bT 
Uk Scouuli Uiom, Cu. Aru Billuii. p. 84. 


BRUWHB, (Dl. J.) HlHorTDribaHitlhJmiidiKnd HigbludCluu. 4 •olt 8td. 

QliUfrtv, 1H34 

LOGAN, (J.J TKa ScoUhih Girl, or CdtiD Mun«;i, oj pivwrved uwHtf Iho UiBhUndrn, 

fto. Sto^t.ljtg L«uhm. 1B31 

Ttff: (U-4A*£ of Scollud. 41.1, cohmnnl pjaln, (pDUiihinB). . '- IMT 

SKENE, (W. F.) Tba m^tnimat BnitJud ; Uwir On^b, HulaiT ud Anliqnilin. 

WALKER. (Dl J.J Biwr;(irih>UebiM«uilHI|h1udL St°b.8ni,3l>. " 


FLAXMAN, (J.) Leclarea on Sculpmra. Sfd. . London, 1839 

Works, engiaved in ODiline, by Eeveil. S6G pL, ohl, 8to./.3U. Farit. 

1, Howt'i Iliad, 39 p). OdvniiT, 34 A. .fiicbTlsi, 31 pi. Duw'i U Dlilna CVun- 

nedll. 111 [d. Hidod, » ^. Siuii», bo.. 14 [J. 
MIIBEUM OF PAIirriSG AND eGULPTlJRE:ac»llKiIlDDofih>pnn.ipilPM<iiH. 

of all Ibf Fh>r uwki of Ihr Italian, Garmia, Dnlrh, Fiaadl, ud Eucllih Sfhnoli. iT 

cls4i>l,3nUtiIiUi, 17 roll. «», HVD, bound, .CS. Sa l^iAm. 

WILLIAMS. (B. F.) An HuMhciI Bknlch aZ Iba An af BcnlptOR in Wood, rnnn tbi 

HEMES, (J. 8.J HulDiy or ScnlpnTn, Painting, and ArcbilKtnn. ISmo, 3>. M. 

£diHt., 183 1 
CHRIST?. (J.; Aniaqoicy inlolbeEaily HidairafO»«1l8cslpUn. 4U. /.Htilijii, ie» 
aUATREMtRBni QUINCK. LcJnplUi Dl;nipl<iii. nn I'an da la Boalpum autiniin 

THE ELCIN AND FHIGALEAN MARBLEB in Iba Brldih Mniaum. 1 tqU, ISnw. 

[Ubiarf Ealanaininf KnuHlDgK) 
THE TOWNLBV aALI.EBV In Iha Briliih HnHnm. t9ino,Sj.&i. -- I84« 

(LAiar; Eaunaininc KnnvMge.J 
CARTER, Bpaan»niiif ADciFnlBcal|>luiaandPiinIuiK, now Tamiiniacin Gnflui]. aln. 

roiki, lamo, «([., i9. a. Lmtan. i§3e 

CLARAC, (M. u Cuim nt.J Mai«a da Banlplnia auiqaaalaiiiilanw. 

THORWALSDEN, (B.J 0( bau VwkH, StoIi. lAlptaw. 4U, Sai. 

Q»aA., lMl-13 

Aleiaadanii^r. ^eit. v. Amitca. 39 ^. lU, 5fi«, .... JVaiuL. l"*" 

BCHWANT1IALER. (L.j' Wcrkc. Ablb. I ud 9, (MitLa i. Apfarodltti Knau 

FfiBdr. Uaibuma.J 31 ^, riiba,Sf.Ed. i>wirf..l 

B»Eal^;cl>•,M«><>l■alilana. Wrt. ScuLM^Bi, b;R.Wirraicon. Jr. Cehhi 


RANK£, (L.) HiBtory of Senria; inchidiDg an aocoont of the Senrian 

Republic, from Senrian MSS. and Documents. Translated by Mra. Kerr. 

8vo, map. London, 1847 

PATON, (A. A.) Bervia, tb« Yotuunt McnlMr of Um Eoropatt Funfly : or a R«ideiiot 
is Bel|(rad0, and TnTris in Um Hignundt sad Woodludi or tha Intorior dnrinf thevMn 
1843 aad 1844. 8vo,lS« Z.Mira,l845 

8«o Paoit'i Travab ia Haofaiy and TnasylTaaia. <^i7»*i Daaabo, kc 


STEPHANOWrrSCH, (W.) SwbfaolHDntMb-LttMa WMiibMsk. nj. 8vo,a0ff. 

Serbiiche Onunm. veideatieht. t. J. Grimm. 8to, fU.9d, . . ** 18M 

WUK, (B.) KJeiae lerbiaobe Grammatik, vafde o ti oh aad mit aiaar Vomda tob J. OdwB. 

8to L»^n^, UM 

JORDAN, (O. P.) Grammat d. SerbiMfa. Wendiseh. Spcaofaa. 8to, 4#. . Pnyr, 1841 

BCUAFFARIK, (J. P.) BerbiMlM Lnekdnur, odff liiitoibeli-kritiNha Balaaditaaf 6m 
Serbttohe Maadart. 8vo, <U. < Pettk, 183S 

TALVJ. (TaaaBBB Bobiioon.) VolkilMar dar Barbaa. 9 v«k.8ro, ISf. MalU, IBM 
Baa Ballaim, p. 65. 


THE PICTORIAL EDiriON of tbaWorfa of BhakqMfa^aditadbjChailnKBkbt 8 
vob. roj. 8vo Ltmim. 

UBRARY EDITION, (Kaigfat's). 1^ Tob. 8to •« 

(Collier's). 8 vob. 8vo, M* " 

CABINET EDITION, (Knight's). U Tob. 18dmn 97a. 6^ ... . *' 

DIAMOND EDITION, (Plekaring's). 9 vob. 48mo, 30f ••' 

ILLUBTRATED EDITION, (WUtUngfaam's). ISkao, 18». . . . " 

(Ptckeriag's). ISmo, «te, wHh 33 plataa <« 

7 voh. 94mo. . . . • " 

(Kenny Meadows'). 3 vob. roy. 8to, 63a ** 

WORKS, with Preface, he,, by Campbell ray. 8vo, 16a ** 

by Cbas. Kaiglit. loy. 8to, Sla ^ ** 


tbaPasngnaiatfcaDiamaUeAVorfciof thaPoat royal dvo, pp. 8^ 46a. X«uba, ttitf 

CLARKE, (Maa.) The Compjata Coaootdaaoa to Bhakapaia ; bafa|g a VaiM ladaa to dl 


BEAUTIEB OF BHAKBPEEE, by Dodd. 94bm, 8a. 6d. . . 


ALDINE EDITION. ISmo.Sa Fitktrk^, •* ! 

POEBIB, ad. (Chas. Knight), roy. Sre, 0« - \ 

, (Bmitb's Standard Library), roy. 8to, la. ..... . " . 

BROWN, (C. A.) Bhakspaara's AatoMqnmpUaal Foams. Baiv Ui Boaaali alaarly da- - 
Talopad : with hb Chaaetar drawn ehiafly mm hb WoriGk wmJBwo. , Xmubu, IBM i 

SHAKSPERLAJfA. Cataiogna of all the Books, Pamphlets, kc, ralaliag to Bhakspwa, . 
etc. ISmo /.anile*, 1817 

HALUWELL, (J. O.) Catakgne of tba Eariy EdMoas of Shakspaaa'a Flays, andof tha 
Commantarim and other Pnblieaiiona OlastntiTa of hb Worin, 8vo, U. hmdam, 1841 

Aeoonnt of tha only known Maaneerfpt of Bhakspara's Flap, com p fbi a g soma Im- 

pofftant TariatioBs and eonaotiaaa in tha Many Wives of Windsor, obtoiaad fSam a Plnv- 
hoow eopy of that Play raoaatly dbeovarod. Svo, la. ... Ltmdon, IBR 

HUNTEB, (J.) New lUnstratians of tha LUa, Btndbs, aad WiW^i of flhabmpaara, sav- 
plefliantary to aB Editiona. 8vab.8ra,9llr Lmdtm,}M 

DRAKE, ^0 Mamoriab of Bhakapaaia, or BkH i h m of hb O hm a eto r mA qaaiaa, by i^ 
laadhbTlBMkOto. Svak.4to. •< 1817 

DOUOB,(F.) Ilhlwtiaaaaf «nb i |m ,aaiaf , W siii Kll i aw Sva. ' •" Wm \ 



POEMS.— (Con/imW.) 

■pfaiKbn bninu. ar7iB(cvh, Aifl. Put I. Bvo. S>. l^'ifot. ISM 

nmiic .u DO c nu /^,^'jM( 

>r WonwD. Uhna. Sulla. IMB 

Jfm-rart. 1847 

. _ Ciill»liDB or 111* BonuiBca, Novell, PaenH. ud 

HcgrmUl; nprtoUd TKIni Uw orypnal idilwni, wilh lnUolncUir; Noliia, bj J. P. Cglbnt. 
Bh HiiLiTT'i Hk}!. !••■■'■ Woriu, ScDLEalL'i Lmliini on Diuuii 

SHAKSPEARE SOCIETY, {Pdblications of.) 

8va. Landon, 1841-46 

HEMOmS at Ednn) ASng, FoondaT of DdIwuJi CdUm*, iBclnitlBf new nulicnlui oT 
Shakipeore, Beslanwli, MuoDpr, Mtnloa, bis^ b, J. P. CdIIIh. 7i.M. 

THE SchsoJ dT AbDK. omtiitiiliif ■ Pkuvit Invntin iitsiiut Potu. Fliiai, Plifsn, be. 
ij Suphm Odbod, 1S79— Hejuuoil'i (ThomaiJ Apoloiy ft>r AcUn, IBI^ nprinwd Id 

LUDU8 COVBNTKI£. A CoIIkIwd at MnU'rio ronnFrlr irpnHiIlad U dmUni, oa 
IM F«u of Corpu Cbriiti, adilid, with Nolo ud Glwai;, by J. O. Hdllwitl. 1^. 

A DEBATE bMWHO Prids lad LowLnni, hj Fcanoi Thynoa. *d>M bv J. f- Cnlliar. 

PATIENT GRIBGL, a Coawd; by DeU»r, ChatUe, and Hisght^B, wlUi iatnldgalisa b; 

EXTRACTS rrom tba Aocoacti of Iba Revch ml Conn, lamp, Qngen Eliiabelh and 

FIRBT akclib of BhakiiKSie'i Men; WItb gf WIndnr. wilb a Col)«-tian sf Uia Tale. 

UD wbuh Uie Plol U lUppOKd U have been runndad, adilad by Halliwell. 4i. U. )M3 

NOTES an Bea jDawn'i CDOieiMUDU with Williini DramoioDd sf Hawlhonidaa, adiud 

FOOLS aad laiten, willi a Kepiinl at Kobiil Anaia'i N«L of NiDDm, 1008. adilad bi 

CHiei. H.M. IMS 

THE (M Play of Timin of Aihaai, which )irand«l tliM of Shakspeara, doh lint prlaU 

PIERCE PENNlLEaa'SSopphdaliDDIoIheDaii^brThoniiaNaih.iam; wilhlalre- 

dsctlsn ud Nnlai, by Collin, tr, 
HEYWOOD'S (Tbninii) FinI aad BHond Piin of Kiiii; Edwud IV., wlih fiola 

BaionFKld. Ij.M. 
NORTHBROOKE'B Treallio aailKM Dice. Daacing, Pl.ji, aad olbar Idle Fanlina, ISTT; 

adilcd by CoUIO. 4i. 0^. 
OBERON'S VUna ia ihe Mldiinine' Ni«hu' Df«iid, llloRiaied by a oompiriHni with 

Lylie'i Eadymion, by the Rev. J. Hllpia. tt. M. 
THE FiiB Slieleh- of the Benmd and Ttilrf Pan. of Kiaf Henrj Ibe Siilh, Rilh Utn- 

dotfuin aad Note, by HaJliwell. Stf. 
THE Cheiur Pla>>: a Coneclioa of Myiteiiai foaaded apea Senptoral SabJMI., mad 

ronnerly repmeaCed by Ihe Tiadei of Chalei al WhluaoU^e, edilej by Thonuu Wii^I, 

AU.EVN FAPEREI; a CoUeciion of Origiaal DacnmenU iUn.lialive „r ihe Life aad 
TioM of Edward AlleyB, aad of Ihf Ewlj Englnh Bute aad Draaii ; ediled by ColliH. 

"HONOUR TRIUMPHANT i" lad "ALiaeof Ufc," two Tiart. bj loha Fonte, 111. 

TAHLTOM'S J..I., ud Neie. oat of Pomlory. with NoIm aad »« Accoaal of U» 

Ltfaof TvltoB. by J, O, Hillineil, 4., e3, 
TRUE Tllfedt of Ekhud III., to whksb i. ajipended, the Litis Play of Riclianlu Ter- 

tiaa, by Dr. Tbooia. LeHa. both anlenof to Shall.;ieafe'. Drania, wilh Nolee by Bana 

THE Uhot of Riohud III., i Poem, Iflll, fnaadnl apoa ababpeug-. Hiilorieal Flay, n- 

BIR THr>MAB MORE, a Play, aow am prialed, edilad by Dyn. U. St. 
THE SHAKSPEARE BO(;1ETY'a Fapan, balag a MlualluT of CoatriboUoai illn- 
twiva of the object, of the Society. S vdU. Hx. 



SHAKSPEARE SOCIETY'S Publications— (Con fmwerf.) 

ILLUSTRATIONS nf Ihi TWj M}thB\ogf nf ahakspmr, by HiliimlL It. U. 
BRAKBPEARE'S TJay of Kinji Hm; IV, prinlnl fram a COnlnnpanry Minoicript, 

TUB OTARV >ul Aimunl Bwk of Philip Hcniloive thu pkyir, cdiUH) b; Collier. 79. 

or Bhilupein lOd UiF Edil Etigliih Dnnu. ediud b; HiUiwiU. 4i. <U. 


BLACKLOCK. (A.) Trulise on Sheep. 16mo, 50c. 

ffew-FoTjI-.W. &P. 
SPOONGR, (W. C.) The Hislory, Disnuea, &:c., of the Sh«p. 13mo, 

SBEEP; their BneilB, MnnngFmenl and DiBeisea. 8vo, cuts. 

(L.b^jof U-fqlK=o-W(..) ^ Zflndon,lS37 

LOW, |D.) The Breette of Dotneeljcalecl AtiimiliH-Tbe Sheep. 41 i:d1- 

oiired plalea, £6. 16* London, IS42 

g« Law'i UoiiKUlcUnl AdIhiiJi, 8>d, /jniln. I8U. 


CREUZE, [A, F- B.) A Trealiio on ihe Theory and Pmciice of Novsi 

Archiiecture. 4lo, platee, ia« Edinburgh. \aiO 

BTALKART, IM.) Vntl ArsbiuMnra. or the Kadimenu aid RaJsof ahi|rRuLM.i.( 

KNOWLEa. |J.} Th< Elnnanu ud Pradin sf Hival An>hil«tarr; or a T»»» IB 
Bbtp-Bnildiai.TbmMlulaiid PiuiticaJ.oIilIicbBl intiiclplBBiatiti.)Md InGiitt Biiiya, 

Sdada. 4U, lad IblloAUai of Plata, XIO. tO>. ijMitn. 

CHAPMAN, (F- H.) Naval AreliiiKIDn, b; laman, «lo, 4Sa. . . . " 
FIStlDOUBNE. (B. C.) LKlnrn on Naval AnhltMore, lUaUialiim ll» " Wan t^ 

F:^R[8. Eaal •« la Coulrncliaii aavak dm pHiplaaaiua «n]ri^o<. DO CnlkeliDn dai 

M"aTAn^^e"*<n«°ai^'M <!«>*• par I'aaUDt peadanl xa v<>r((a'u°<Hi'da laoada! 
foliu, laOplancbH./.aW. Poni, 

KIPPINO, (R.I TtoEkiMouofSaiimaklnt. §.0. Panl, 4», /,mim. 184T 

T£f£ ART Of BailmRklBgaB praclknd tq tba Rtnal Navy, and aoaordiBf to iha moit ap- 

imvad malbodiill Uia McnbanlSirTioa. dlh ada. S», Si, /^atfin, 1IU3 

FINCHAM. IJ.) DiiaiiUcHU Tor liTiai off Bhlinaa lbs Mould LoltFlaiir. 9d ada. gvo, 

SS. /,«1«, U« 

ATrFalfaaanMaiUuBhlpi, aod Mait-Haiini. Id ada. Svo, nlsui, 2S>. 

i>iutoi, 1843 
WEALE'R Nivat Archlicci'i Puirolio, and Iba Sladnil-i Fnetieal Inxniclor In Iba Coi- 


MURRAY'S Handbook for Soothem Italy, Naples and Sicily, lamo, 
Map, London. 

BHVTU, (W. R.} Tba HrdrofraptiTorBloilj. Malta, and Ibt adjaoaal lilaidi : •■m^ 

KNIGHT, (H.C.) Tba Nonnaai la BitUr- Bvo, and AUai ia fiHio. "1^138 

FRBRARA. (A. F,) aioria (aaarala ddta SlFlHa. Sis, ni)>. 1-8, Pofanu, IfflS 

BAZANCOITR. rLi BiioHDi,) Rlitoindf la SIcUa KU ta dwniaation dai Nomiaadt, 

gp aooaqn u wga ata 1 a a oa , . «^^^J ^^ 

AMARI, (M.) La (Sana d(a va^m alDitiaBD. lU, Sdadli. Siolt.era. Par^l, IMS 
SsaMiraatoai'iCaniiiHrclaietalMica. Co»H'iHDdaniTranllar. L'Ualrtn 



PORTER, (G. R.) A Treatin on the Manu&cnire o( 8ilk. 13mo, 6>. 

(Ludui'i Cyflopcilli,) Leniioa, 1831 

TAVLOR. (W, C.) Hudboak of Silk, CoUDn, nd Wsotn NuorutniH. ISniD. 

a.. W i^Ah., 1M3 

Btt Uile'i DicUmai; or AiU. EncfiilD. BrltUDlq^ <Ie, 

SLAVONIC Language and Literature. 

EICHOFF, [F. G.] KiBioire dt la Lsngue ft de la Literature da Slivn. 
8vo PoTu, 1839 

DU M^BIL, Hlu. di-lapMivlaicudiiiiiTii. Pial«eiHii^iiH. 8>b,/,B. . Paru, IS» 
MICKIBWICZ, (A.) VoilnaiiHii liber ikwiKlie Liunlm n. ZuUndi-. Vah. 1-3, 

19nn, SH>. Lafof.Wti-ti 

OKSCaiCUTLICHE Urirnidit drr SllIiKlnn Spnebe. Bio. " 1817 

BCHAFABIK, (F. J.) Sl»iKtae Alunh«i»i, Dtgucli vm, M. con EhruMd. i Tsk. 

a.D. ; it*t^. 1B«-M 

DANKOWSKT, (O.) Halrii SIlTln filU irudlDl. In iili rnimldT, ilKiiHt. uhib. GlD. 

IIBl.mdil. Uii«, habltB. Siiili. Hm, 12>. . . . Frnt.,\Sn 

M1RLG9ICH, (P.) Btdico lingoK Bh>»iuF> m. diilnX. Bvo. U. ti. Uiptif. 18«S 

MUBKO.(A.J.) TI»oKlich-pr>liti.clHiai<>w»u<-li.S|.nicI.WbrcrdiD>ut«h>.«i. 8». 

Onti. IBS 

HluvFnitth-deDUQllei ond deoiKh-ilainiiiDbn tlindwaneHnoh, S tdIi. Svo. 

Omli. IS31 
TBNKA, IF.) Tb«>rEtwh-nilktlK)>« Lchrbiu:!! der Sla-iicbun BkhIh in BDhmnn. 

Mihren, nnd Obcr-Ua;ain. be. i vdIi, P>o finns, ItOi 

IIDBROWSKV, iJ.) IUIJ><IIfaIMllli|D> AlBVlmdial, vcl. Bvn. ISi. . Wi'm. IWS 
r.) BriefCDlwiilBwiKiie AJuuIbuiiM, SunmJ. 1. 41s. IE plilsi, fli. U. 

■KiuRi'ii Fiimol Hi-toD' or Mootind. Vol. 3. BibUcnl RopHtlDrr. «ah- 


TAYLOR, (W. C.) The Naluiul Hisloty of Society in the Bnrboroim 

and Civilized States. 3 vuls. ISmo. Neio- York, D. A. Sl Co.. 1841 

FBROC80N, (A.) Eiaj on Ibe Hiriorj of Civil SoHtlj. ato. . . Lmin. 

SOCIETIES, LITERARY— (See Transactions.) 

HUME, (A.) The Leanwd Societiffl and Printine Clnbs of the United 
Kitigdom ; heing an Account of their rcBpcclive Origin, HiBfory, Objecia, 
and Constitnlion : with full Uelnils respecting MemberHhip, Fccb, iheir 
Fubiiahed Works and Tranaacdons, Notices of their Ferioda and Florea 
of Meeiing, ic. Bvo, 8«- ^d Lendon. 1647 

SOUTH SEAS.— (See Polynesia.) 

BURNEY, IAdkl. J.) Q>Tom>lngJcil lllrioij at DiKO>Erl« In the SoDth 3«>. S loIi. 

WILKES, (C.) Narrative of ihe U. B. EiiJoring Eipediiion, 1838-12. 

5 vols. 4lo, and an Atlne Fhilad., 1844 

BOBS, (Cm. Sia J. C,} Vojift of DliuteiT inil Bsnrcli !■ Ilm Soalkoii and Anl- 
■m « m. a ng yea,. . xa . .o. aM. maph »" jj^. wi? 

WEBSTER. |W. a. B.) Tbe Nuiallva at a Voriei to lli* Soathcn AtluOu 0«u in 

DILLON. (P.) NtmtlH and n«»«nil nnll nf ■ Voyam in Iba Sonlh BaM . . . ID a>- 

Dcrtain Iba fiu oT llio La Faronu Bipjdiliun. 3 vob. Bid, . . Ltudn, 18311 

WBDDEL, (J.) A Vlqtt Imvaidi Uh Bunlh Poll in lffiS-34, ooHlaislni aa Eiamina- 

10, niai« '^^^__ ,gjj 

DUMONT-D'URVILLE. Eiuddiliaa an pSIi autral it dtu I'Osiania daa oonclio di 
a. MMati fJI,lr«l^ « (a iilM. Hvo, n.»i«, /, 10. /'an.. 









HANDBOOK for Trayellere in Spain anci Readers at Home ; describing « 
the Country and Cities, the Natives and their Manners, the Antiquities, • 
Religion, Legends, Fine Arts, Literature, Sports, and Grastronomy : with " 
Notices on Spanish History. 3d ed. 12mo, maps, 16s. London, 1847 

INGLIS, (H. D.) Spain in 1830. 2d ed. 3 vols. sm. 8yo, 31s. 

London, 1837 

WELLS, (N. A.) The PictareMiie Antiqaitiei of Spain ; d«Kribed in n-Scita of Lattflta, */ 
witli Ulnnration^, reprawnting Moorisfa I^lacei, Cathadrala, and oCber Monamaata of Art, 
oonUined in the Citiea of Bargoc, ValladoUd, Toledo, and Seville, loy. 6to, iU 

/.MKini, 1846 . 

MURPHY, (J. C.) AntlqnitieaoftbeArabi in Spain, folio, plate*. '• IBIA 

LABORDE, (A. dk.) llin^raiie de«ripttf de PEfpagBe. 3e Mm, »eTae, G voh. 8to. at bb 
atlas in 4to, /.34 fkru, lffi7-4i 

CORTEZ T IX)PEZ, (Mio.) Diccionario geofrafieo-histor. de la EipaBa antiqaa, Urr»- 
coneae, betioa y Insitana 3 volt. 4to. Madrid, 1835 

MINANO, (S.) . Diocionario geogiafico-nrtadiiUoo de EipaOa j Portogal. 10 voU. hb. 4to. 

BORY DC SAINT-VINCENT. Onide do Toyagew en Espagne. 8vo. ' Paris, ISO 
GIRAULT DK PRANGEY. Munamentea arabea et morewiMi d'BqMgne. folio. 

Pcm, 1830 
BERBfUDEZ, (Cbam.) Snmario de laa aatiqaedadea romanas qne hai en Ecp^a. fiilit. 


n. fflSTORY. 

DUNHAM, (Dr.) The History of Spain and Portugal. 5 vols. 13mo, 30«. 

London, 1833 
BUSK, (Mrs.) History of Spain and Portugal. 8to, 4s. « 1833 

MAHON, (I^HP.) War of the Saee a ai i on in Spain. 8vo, map, 15*. J^ndim, 1838 

Spain under Charlei the Second ; or. Extracts from the Corr«»poDd«ioe of the Hob. 

' Alexander Stanhope, Britidi Minister al Madrid. ]6gO-lQ09. Selected from the Originab 
at Cbevening, by Lord Mahon. 2d ed. enlarged, tm. 8vo, 0s. &f. /.ea^en, 1844 

PRBSCOTT, (W. H.) llutory of the Roign of Ferdinand and Isabella the Catholic. 3 
▼ols. 8tu BfUm, 1838 

HtSTORIA de la vidm t reinado de Ferdinando VII. de Espaaa. con doonmentoa InstifieB- 
teras, Ordeneo reservadas j nninerotas cartas del nnismo monarca, Pio VII., Marw Lain, 
Napoleon, Lnii XVIII., d enfiuitm Don Carkw j otros penonages. 3 vols. 8vo. 48*. 

Madrid, \9W 

6AYANOOS, (Doff Pabcual db.) The Ristofy of the Mohammedan DyBasUos In Spain. 
Tnnsl. from the Text of Al-Makkaii. Svols.4to. /.Mini, 1840-43 

(Oriental Translation Fnnd.) 

MURPHY, (J. C.) The History of the Mabommadan Empire in Spaia 4to. 

/.miM, I8ie 

The ArabiaB Antiqnities of Spain, folio •• |8M 

CONDE, (J. A.) Historia de la Dominacion de los Arabes en Espana. 8to. Pmria, 1840 

CIRCOURT, (lb Comtb.) Histoirs dm Moras Madajares et des Morisqnes. on des Arabaa 
d*Espagne, sons la domination des chritiens. 3 vob. 8to, /.18. PartM, 1845 

MIGNET. Antonio Peres and Philip the Second. Transl. by C. Cooks, poat 8vo, la. 

Ltmdmi, 1840 
BORROW. (G.) The Bible in Spain ; or, the Jonmeys, Adventnres, and Imprison maBli 
of an Bnglishmaa In an Ataaaspt to efamlate the Sariptares in the PtaintBla. IStaio, 5«. 

Lmtd»m, 1844 
The Zincali, an Acconat of the Gypsies of Spain. ISao, 5«. . . *• 1845 

MORON, (F. G.) Cano de Hirtoiia de la dvOisaeioB de Espana, l i f cai oB as pnmnndadai 
eBellieeodeValaBoiayeBalleBc«daMadiid. 5 rols. 8vo, 3Sf . JMUtmI, 1840 

MARIANA, (J.) Historia general de Espana, illnst. con notes, BnevaaTablM ehronologl- 
vm haste la mnarte del Ray Carlos IIL (1780) por Dob J. Sabaa y Blaaco. Svok. sm. 4lo. 

MUrid, isn-m 

MA0DKU, (J.FO niilMiaCiiti«daEs|iBla,7ialBCBltBiB«ipBBola,aaarfcaaBilaKBB«. 
tiad.pBr!f ...flvBli.Mi.4to. JHhMI, 1783-1800 

BFAIN.] a08 [SPAIK. 

n. HISTORY.— (CoTUinw-f.) 

NAVARETTE, {B. V S, Ek Baiixi>a,> CdIIvnjuip lU DnninHilv tnvditot ptm Ife hJiUtriH 
ds Bipuii. T nil. Sni, 1.3. ii. . . .... JtaihH, IBU 

FAQUC9, (M.) Hlilolrcil'E>|l>(HMllg Foflin'. Srub. Stci, Pan'i, irae 

GuiftOlfLT «T LAVALLfeE. .Eip™. i voli. 8.e. /.la. . rtrf,, UM 

LGMBKB, (D. F. W.] G«blel>u ><m Bprnicn. .oj. 1-9. . mmh.,leaO-U 

DEFPING, Hirtsiia Bdnanle da rEipifne dspsii Ih Innpl k* plnl lemilli jiiii{D> l> fin 

MARUANI, Hiiinin uoJiliqiw &t I'Etpsf ne madcnic, luliit d'on ajnifD idi In SniDOH, 

Sd nl. S •Db, Svo. /.I J, Far,,, 1S4I 

ROMBV, (C.) Huloinil'EiiiicDi ilcpnuls Ismpileijiliu nculilijuijs'n 1S30. aaai. 

ROB8EW-8AINT-H1LIAKB. HWglni d'Eipiiu dipoii h> iiMijBn Umpi kiilwuiu.. 
jaqn'kliniiiniloFenllBBIKl VII. bmii. Hn. lu roU. B>D. /JO. _ f Jni, IHtl 

ABCARI^ORTA, Buloire d'Eapa^e. dvpnta In Uaipi W pIlH mnKi jiuqu'^ noi jiHira, 

BAKCIIr.Z. [J. M.J lluuiu U^dgEipiiiiidBdaliidDniiMeisii (od* hum duhm 
diu. S voli. tjve. ISt MtdnJ. I8W 

ABOHBACH. |J,) GMchudlte Bputeni ■. Poitni:*!! m Zcit il« HernchaA iat AlniDnil- 
dsD I. Almah4dM. li-oke.a J>nl/., 1^03-37 

RANKE. a.voic.) L-Eii>i«» ■Dm CtuTla-aninl. Philiinn It. « Fhilipi«ttl..i>iil« 

m. LITERATURE,— (See Bai.laD3, p. 67.) 

BISMONDI, {S. DE.) Higlory of ihc Liwrnrans of the Sonth of Earopf. 
Tranal. by T. Roncoe. a vols. Bm, 8vo. It. . . Lonthai, 1646 
(Bohli'l BUndiid Libruj.) 
BOUTERWEK. (F.) Hillary of Spaniib ud FottDnnac Lltenlnn. Tnnil, tmm lbs 

GeiDiu b; Miu Rw. % ia\.. Kvo ZamIii. IS33 

niuorj of SpMiiih Lilmlnro. im. e»o, 3.. (It .... " IB17 

DEN NIB. (G.) TheCid. iaino.l>.(U. " 1S44 

FUIBU8QUE. (A. m.l Hnti^irE cDIDpIrte da blUnlnrei apienalc gl fraacaiw. 3 VDli. 

CLARtle. (L.) Dintdlnii; dit SfiaoUcbeE LiUiilnc dn MindilWn, mil dnn Vamti 
VDD Joaph von aamnrt. 3 roll. Sco. ISi JUIuiii, IBM 

MULLER, I .) RoiDiDonjKularlidolGid. HoIiVldmd.lCid. Ubo. Porii, ISU 

BANCRBZ, (DDK T. A.) CoIIbkIod dg Poedu CuliUuii, ulniow III Biflii XV. 4 
vgh.Svo Mtirid, 1T7B 

DEFFING. (fl.B.) KunuHniC>mll>i». 6 collneiini do ■nUfiiuinnuim 

daJBOiBBl al pttUicAdD pord BofiH Don O. B. Dap[^, Btoi^idD*, ordenbdo* y BnoUdot 

I. Gbamhars. 

OLLENDORFFS Method of LeBming to Re»d. Write, and Speak Ihe 
Spnniah Luigange. 12nio. Nea-Yark.D. A. SlCo. 

{In prquifatiDn.) 
MEADOWH, (F.C.) NiiwRnoiinaiofUiEBpBnIih Lnn^iKC : cainprT4ieiidint in n mal 

SPAIN.] a09 [aPOHTS. 

LANGUAGE.— ( CoWinued.) 


MBAD0W3, (F. C) S|>v>Ui »d Budirii Dldioaicr. 18a<i, T>. Ijmibni.mB 

NEUMAN I: BARETTI'S Diatowvy at ihe Bfrnnkk mat Eiflnb LuisifH : •buniB 

Tmifc, dadidmud. Sll Hliliaii, itulJ} impioini. bj M. 3«us, M.D.' » wSTm™! S*.. 

BALVA. Ni>m di«w«uiD d> l( tngn CwMbiiH. qai cnmpinde la aJUna nU.lM Inli- 
(rb. i»l>]r TTCtificadt y mjnrxlll. del pBbHcAdo par !■ aadwDia bptbola. Sd vd. roy. Pro, 

KUNEZ Di TABOADA, Dictlen. ttiDFin-niapml m npMpiiAfmc'i'. l^ Mil. 9 

•■il>-S" ■ P»n-., IMO 

I4(iul « HpHfiD^-riinHii pu F. Hannl ct P. Mitlino Idpei. 
r=n., IStO 

McHENRV, (L.J. A.J n}iHHiirninaril»t!|iaBl>liLanga.n tUpliinod; IsUadnl aiu 
VALRDGNA, (H. HI.) Dinclcnaniinniwnallaliag-HiMJoJ. SUi cda. fidiD. /.SO. 

SPORTS AND PASTIMES.— (See Anqlino, Chess, &c.) 

£MITH. (H.) Feaiivali, Gamrs, aiid AmuscmenU, 13ido, 6t. 

(Ri^rlniBl.New-ya'k.ll.kBra'i.) London, 1634 

STRUTT, (J.) The Sporu and PoBtimcs of ihe People of England, in- 
cluding ihe Domegtie Recreations, May-ggmf-B. MummerirB. PageanU. 
Frocenions. and Fatnpoua SpecUicleH fium the EirlicsE Peiiod to ihc Pre- 
•cm time. Ed- by W- Hone. 8vo. 14.. . London, 1934 

THE BOrSTrtMaryaf BpoiUaml Pailimn. l»iiig, 7i. M. |eO 

Bf.AIWB. (D. P.) Aa Biie^p«)l*i>fRDnlS|»iD;«npMa Aaeaisl. HiHiirirar, 

wood, by R. BianiUB. frun drawiati by AlkiB. T, Ludim, Diokci, be. 1 nry lUok 
i-ol. 8.0, 511. Lnitm. leW 

FmtX.t«i. *r."M hI. Co, •roodcaU I>!!^ C. UB,to»|-.'D-Iiru"'KlI! /IwTr!' 18W 
JOHNSON. |T. a.) Tho Wio.Ul'i rnceptsr; oonlaiainf PruticaJ [gitniclisai io tlii 

I^CT. ICiPT.I Tlic M«d«a Sboolai^ nalaininf Frutiul tnilniDtiona uil DimUoH 
foi avity dBcripIioa of laliail uU Caul BhooUaf . Btd. 311 Lndtn, MM 

COLQUHOL'N. The Moof aad lh« Looh : eoaiuaiai ppwuiea} hiab on Hi^laad S|nni, 
and NalJCM of Lbe Habdanf Ibe difl'rirDL dvUnm uf Oama apd Fray la llta mouaiaia- 

tlAWKBR, (P.) InMniiniani Lo VoDae Bp^iugus la all iliil nlalB la Oau and Shool- 

HAKTINCALE'B BporUBi Btaas aad Cmieuy Oiaraium. »,a. woodcaU, iq »n, Sti. 

H<Mndi I Noliew o( Uia Ciaik Kldtn ; led ebamiiaFinlia or Uia UanUai Cn^Un "al 
Ea^land. 1 tul. Hio, |>tiUi IjmJmt. 

— Lifa of a Sponnnaa, 1 ral.gra. oHh UHady ootoartd plalaa. by Aikra. 

ThaChaB.IMTulf and Ibt Road. U cdn., flIIU. 8lo.«t, Sd. . Zndm, IBU 

LLOVD, (L.) FWdSpaiUorthoNanbofBaropa. SToh.Sio. plaw. lb. " 

Bse Boai'i Evaiy Day Book, fee. 

STABS.] 310 [steam, etc. 

Stars. — (Catalogues of,) see p. 57, 

LALANDE. A Caliluris at 47,^ S»n, R» Uw bntUiBnu ot Iba n« ISM, fiaa tba 

LACAILLE. (Am DI.| A OUiloane or e.Tm Bluiln Ibr XnDtbrtil Hmii)ihHi fni Un 
bnnnliu nf ths V«r 1150, frnni ObnrrulDBf mwk U tha Can oF CiMt Haft In Ibi 
Y«i> lflll-i;», RhIiwI iBihr Ikl nparinunilniia itf Iba lala PlsTawH Haadniaa, 
uid nrln1«4 under (ha dlnuloa cf rhr lata F. Badj. With a Fmfan bj 8ii J. F. W. 
HerMhcJI. Si /.*uI«>.IB4T 

BAILY. (F.) Ciulofw of iSlan ; er,nlaln;a; Iba Mean RiiU AiccniliHii aad N.iiUi Pulu 
DIMaflM or Piiad Btan. mlaaad Is Janaarr I, ISW; tvHlnr nilli UiHrAnBnal 

tbaiiCoiutnKi&ODand ApliUcaliDn. imp. 8<d. S3>. , . Xslidn.teU 

STARS.— (Maps op,) seepage 56. 
STATICS— (See page 219.) 

POIN^OT. EhmanU uf SlaUu. Tianilald fiDin Ui> Fitni:!., »>lh N°r», lie.. b> T. 
SBIHm, Bvo. ill. /.mJ-a, iMT 


" mr..,[:il LfEi.lntiDn. l.'uU<ii». Tirifli,' Navia.lion. Port, and L**,;!, u>4 
i;,. Sliippini. ImjBiBi. and Ei|n>ni. and Uit Moor j.. W»i|ihti. anrt Mianita «f iH 
Null n. ; in<:lDdlB( alj Rrill-h CamniiTiiial TrraUn with Fivclia Srai» ; Lf.mnjM nn, 
lirln-iiirc mindi, and nnuoNdalad wtlh VMi^ laBniiH laBrTlkh and Fc«.^n.Tvi*eta. 
T™u.. and mvigaUiin, a vol.. fvo. w.. Ill I^mJ..n. IH^BHT ' 

PORTER. (G. R.) Th. Pi. Er«i"rilH Salion. In tU va*>«. S oial nnd E'on iRiiol KiIm- 

BPAOKMA^. (W. T.) Tablta of iht Arn^^nlKua, ShUnii. Colgnm. IVUka-- 
niulnna. Ci^nninniF, tui l^ipoIulDii ct Ihc Unltnl Klnidoin nC G^sl Hrliain and lu Da- 
pandeltdsi. Bnughl dowa ID tlie Yiar 1IM3. CompllHl froin OiDidal KatiiiBL ISmo, S>. 

KEUMAHN, IC.F,) OrandriB in VorbaiiDBeo liber UndemndVulkcikaiida. and ■%>- 

mellia HUIiitill. Bra Miaiidi, 14(0 

HALLOV, (D. dM Nulloa. EI«maillalF«.da8laliK|n6. Bio. /■»",. ta« 


HODGE, (?. R.) Thp Sicam Engine : its Origin and gradual ImproTe- 
nipnl, Irom the lime of Hero Id the prmni day, as adapted to Mino&c- 
mtea, Locoraolion, nnd NaTigBlion. Illustrated with 48 Flutes in inU 
detail, numerous woodcals, &c. One Tolume folio of Plates, and letter, 
press in Std, 91D Nev-Torl, D. A. &. Co. 

foMlsn, Mllh. 8i«iiiiI>avlK^iT<Hi''»>il Ridtwan." b' tt,» A Hiua clab. BdLl'brJ. 

XUSSBLt,, (], e.; Oa Uia Namn. P»innle>, itid A|i]ilinliaii of Blaam, ud oa Stan 

A TnsilooB tht Strim Gnifac. Bro, jilalia. Hi. ....■< IMI 

LARDNEB. (Da.) Tlw Blaara Engini EiplaJnod and inniliaUd ; vilb aa Anaoaat of ill 
laroBtkn and Fiopiwlia Imiiiaveniaal ^nokdlai a Ufa of WauJ. and ha AnlkiMkoa 
U KaiiGiilian anil Railwori 'th ad, 1 vol. Bvo, nnnHnnu euraiinn, I3i. 

j:«aibB, IBH 
TREDCOLD OB tbf Sfauii En^lna and oi Biiani NaTinlicn ; conprMng aa Aasooal oT 
iti Invanljon and Praen^lva Imnravprneol. wilh an fnv»U^a14iHi o^ Itt Prlaallikat aed 
Uh Fioponiani or III ParQ fin VManet and BiraBph : dautiUai alM Ha AiiiAcitlaB u ' 
Na^^i^o, MialBg. [mHllai Mudilao. ko.. and iha B«ill <s aamanu Tablai (m 
PiaaUnal Um : Hilti N<u>. CsimlioDi, aad Naw Etamplai. irlatlDc to LaaoiBMiy* mad 
oibn EnflnH : Willi Uia Appendkia. la A inb. 41i>, plalai ia fabo, jCV. Sa. 



ALSAH, (B.J TW Hicb-Piaiiitr SUun Eniliui InlwlnUiI: sn Inn 
:... «.... —^ .. >. . 1. .. f„j„„j B,.l»iB or Coniln 

HpHulty fa hWQin Aafcty ind K«nam5 ID iu vfe 


The TlMorj (.r the 8t 


»EID. (1 

Blnin EoBins: betai ■ ppnbi Dmriptkiii of Ih* 

_„ — __ ipiilin] m lUuiPi WiiEi, MMhinwy. Niiigmt.ii, R 

■ Bkoulinrit. Hixoiy, and » Aixmial oniia U»>orH«i mil Fui 
bTiBnnlwrsrw<»i{«i(F(t]i>(>. lino. 38 wmloiu, 4'H<I. 
WICKSTBED. (T.) Qlwiriiliini ii|ian romlth ud Boulinn .ni] Wui 


- DwnpU™ Hillary or On 
YE FJ^aWKKH nnd M 


V;.--*- LEWIS, (J. H.) An Hisloriml Account of the Ri« and Progioa of Sle- 
1 * 'r) ' nogratihy. Svo, 10*. 6d. IjinJon, 1816 

i ^i ■ -•'iJAWTRESS, [W.) Practiol Imroduolion to Slion-H»nd. 12mo, 4j. 
H* t ' London. 

TAYLOR, (8.) SyUnn af Bunagiaplir, m Shoit-tllDd Wrillnf. Impniied by Hmlinx. 

BARDINO, (W.) ayriHnor8han-ll».il. lamo. 3., M 

Binclfa. ISoio. a> ' Laiiim, I8U 

DAVIDSOH. [J. B.) A New a»lnii af abDH-Untid ; si, BwnoFiphi man nty uf m- 

STORMS.— (See, \\ 247.) 

REDFIELD, (W. C.) Coureea of HnrriciineB. 8to. Nea-York, 1638 

S« pa[an by Ibk wriler In BlI.I.iaill'1 JsdriiI. stc, 
RBID, (Cot.. W.) Ab AlUmpt U drviilaiia Iba L«w orSUnn.dc. Sdxl. KIT. 8va. ISi. 
f^nufm, 18401 


EVANS. (W. J.) The Sngar PlantefB Mmnnsl ; being ■ Trealiie on lh« 


MARSDEN. (W.) Hialury ot Somet™ 3J fi 

SURGERY.— {See Medicine, p. 219-242.) 


n. fflSTORY. 

THE HISTORY of Switserland. 1 vol. 13mo, 6«. . London, 1839 

(Laidser's Cyclopedia.) 

VIEU88EUX, (A.) The Hiitory of Switeerlaad. 8to, 7«. W. . "1840 

Z8CHOKKE, (J. H.) Popnimr Hktoiy of Switxerlaad. Traadated flom the Germaa. 
ISmo L^ndm^lBH 

MULLER, (J. TON.) Geeehiohte der SchweitseriiebeB Eid geB Owe m chaft 5 Tob. 8to. 

OELZER, (Dr. H.) Die swei enten, oad die dni ktsilea Jahrfaondeite der Schweiaar ' 
feichichte. 3 Tob. 8to Bmad oad jf emit, 1838-4D 

MEYER TON KNONAU, (L.) Haadboeh der G«Mhiefate der BchweiaeriKhea Eidpaoe- 
leaschaft. S vob. Sto Zmriek, laMHV 

TILLIER, (A. DS.) Hiitoiie de la RepobHqae HelvAtiqae, depob la foadatioa ea 17B8» 
iuaqa'k la dbtolatioa ea 1803. Trad. 4« I'AHeiaaad par Craaier. S vob. 8to, 14«. 

SYRIA.— (See Theology.) 

SYRIAC LANGUAGE.— (See Armenian, p. 29.) 


ANDERSON. Tarnnl GnminEr, with an Introdnction to Sheii TtmiiL 

4to, 18« Londmit 1891 

BABINGTON. Gnumaar of the High Dialeot of the TamQ Laagaafe, teraied Shea 
Tanul. 4to. 18« MUn^Vm 

RHENIUS. Grammar of the Taaiil. 8to,S1« " I6N 

ROTTLER. Dictionary of the Tamnl aad Eaglbh Laagaagei. Vol. 1, Parte 1 aad t. 
' 4to, 38*. 




R£MUSAT, (A.) Recherches snr les Ungues tartares, oa m^moirea aor 
differents points de la grammaire et de la litt^ratnre des Mandchoos, dea 
Mongols, des Oaigonra et des Tib^tains. Vol. 1, 4to. Parit, 1890 

8CHOTT, ( ) Venaefa Uber die Tartarbchea Spraehea. 4to. . Bmrlin,lBM 

XYLANDER, (J.) Dai Spraehgeeehleeht der Tttaaea. 8to, 10*. W. . tymUtf., VSn 
TROYANSKI, (A.) Dietioaaaiie tartare et roMe. S Tob. 4to. . 8t. PtUn^mrgk, 1814 


BCflMlDT, (J. J.) Orammatik der moagoibhea Spraehe. 4to, 19k " ISU 

MoBgolMch-Dentich-Ra«. WSrterbaeh. 4to, 50». . . . " I6N 

Grammatik d. Tibetaa Spraehe. 4to. 17«. M. . . . . ** 18V 

Tibetao-deatsch Wdrterbaoh. 4to, 40« •* 1841 


LANGlJbs, (L.) Alphabet Maatohoa, rM^ d'apree le SyUababe et le Dietioaaaiia Uai- 
▼enel de oette Laagne. 8to, 10* PmHa^ 1817 

KLAPROTH. Chiftomatliie Maadchoa.oa Reeaeil de Textee Maadehoa. 8to. 9lle. 

GABELENTZ, (H. C. db la.) ^Mmeate de la giamoiaira Maadehoae. 8vo. 

AMYOT, (M.) Dietioaaaife taitare-maaldioa-ftaaeob ; iMig4 et pablU avee dee addi- 
tioasetralphabetdeeettelaagoe, parL.LaagUt. 3vob.4lo. PurU.lTm 


BROWN» (Catt. T.) The Tazidenniif a Mtimal; or» the Art of CoUeet- 
inf , Prepaiing, and Pieaenriiic Oljeeli of NfttonU ffiMorv. 7ifa edn. 
l8nio,3a.M. iMAm, 184< 





T AXl DERM Y.— ( Continued, ) 

8WAIN60N, (W.) Tuidwmy : with the Biogmphy of ZooloftBis, and NoUeet of their 
Works. ISmo, 6* L4nuUm, 1840 

LEE> (Mrs.) Taiidermy ; or. the Art of CoOeotiiiff, Pnparing, and Movstlac Objecto of 
Nataral History. For the Use of MaMann and Travellers. 6th eda., oorrecied, im- 
proved, and modernized. 12mo, 7« /«4nu^, 1843 

WATERTON, (C.) Essays on Nataral Hktory. 12iih>, 8«. . . "1838 

TECHNOLOGY.— (See Arts and Manufactures.) 

BUCHANAN, (W.) A Technological Dictionary, explaining the terms 

of the Arts, Sciences, Literature, Professions, and Trades. l6mo, 7«. 

London, 1846 

DICTIOJVM'JIIRE TECffJJVLOOTOUE, on Nonveaa Dictionnaire nniversel des arts 

et Metiers, et de I'^conomie indnstrtelle et commerciale ; par nne society de savants et 

d'artistes. 22 vols. 8vo, et 4to, planches, /JTO Paris. 

Le mSme, abrege. 6 vols. 8vo, et 60 planches. /.54 ** 

FRECHTL, (J. J.) Technologische Enoydop&die. Vols. 1-14, (A.— Sei). Svo, and folio 
plates Stmttg., 18^ 1846 


CAMPBELL. Grammar of the Teloogoo Langoage. 4to, 2l«. 

Madras, 1820 

Dictionary of the Teloogoo Language. 4to, 63«. ** 1821 

MORRIS. English and Teloogo Dictionary. Vol. 1. 4lo, 42«. . . *' 1835 

Telocgoo Selections, with TranJations and a Grammatical Aaalysisy &c folio, 2U. 

Jtadrat, 18bS 


BOSWORTH, (J.) The Origin of the Gennanic and Scandinavian lan- 
guages and nations. 8yo. London, 1836 

PISCnON, (F. A.) DenkmiUer der deutschen Sprache von den friihesten Zeiten bis jetzt. 
2 vok. 8vo Berlin, 1838-41 

MEIDINGER, (H.) Dictionnaire dtymologiqae et comparatif des langnes teutAgothiqnes. 

Svo." /VanV"., 1833 

HOFFMANN, (H.) Althnchdentsche Glossen, oder Sammlnng aebst einer litter. Ueber- 

sicht althoch. und altsachs. Glossea. 4to Hgriin, 1^ 

GRAFF, (fi. G.) Althochdeatscher Sprachschats, cder WOrterbnoh der althochdentachen 
Sprache. 4to, vols. 1-5 , . . . . Ber/in, 1834-43 

ZIEMANN, (A.) Allcemeines mittelhochdeatsches HandwOrterbuch znm Verst&ndniss 
der Schrifkwerks von X. bie XVen jahrliundert. 8vo. (^uediinffb.^ 1837 

GRIMM, (J.) Deutsche Grammatik. Vob. 1-4. 8vo, 43«. . OoUing. 

Grammatik der hoehdentschen Sprache unserer Zeit, bearb. von EiKlein. 8vo, 5«. 

Qnutanz, 1843 

iiber deutsche Rnnen. 8vo, 10». 6d Ootting^, 1821 

die deotsche Ileldensaf^. 8vo, 8* " 1889 

See Fricbard's Physical History of Mankind. Bobworth'b Anglo-Sazoa Dic- 
tionary, etc. 


KENNEDY, (W.) The Rise, Progress, and Proq)ects of the Republic of 
Texas. 2 vols. Svo, with maps and charts, 30«. London, 1841 

MAILLARD, (N. D.) The Historv of the Republic of Texas, frcm the Discnvcry of the 
Country to the Present Time ; and the Cause of her Separation from the Republic of 
Mexico. 8vo, I5s. J^nuimt, 1842 

KEND.ALL. (G. W.) Narrative of an Expedition across the Great Western Pr^irfrs from 
Texas to Santa Ti ; with an Account of the DiMuters which bel'el the ExpediUo^^rom 
Want of Food and the AUacks of Hostile Indians, the Final Capture of the Texa»i and 
their Snfierings on a March of Two Thoosand MiJes as Prisoners of War, and ia the 
PiiKiM aad LasaratiM of Meiioo. S vob. p|atas and nwp, ISt. JVtw- Ttrk, 1845 

FOOTE, (OmiL. H. ■.) Tnai aad the IWum. Svokdro. PkOU, 

OS£BN. Joanal of the Tazaa SipadilioB agaiart Mi«r. «va,iiaMi. . Ate-Feri. 

■ - ■ 






HODGSON, (R.) LeetttitM on Uie Fint SerratMB Chftpieit of tlM Atli of tlM ApwUv. 
avo. 1^ /.Mim, 1845 

BENNETT, (J.) I^cetoiw on Um Acta. 8vo, It.dd. " ISM 

BURTON, (Ed. D.D.) Aa Attempt to AMertdia the ChrOMlofyoftlM AoUoTtho Apoa- 
tlet Mid of SU Paal's Epiillei. 8vo J^MuUm, lOO 

BISCOE. (R.) The Hbtonr of th* Aete of th* Holy ApoiUw, ooofinDad from other A«- 
thon, &c. 8vo. O^tfri^ 189 

BENSON, (O.) Uwtory of the Fint PlaMiaff of ChrktiaaHy ; takea ftma the Aeti of the 
Aiiostlet. 3 vob. 4lo, 18* himimk^ 1798 

. BREWSTER. (J.) Leetaiei oa the Aett of the Apoetlee. 8n>, lO. 
SUMNER, (Bp.) Fractieal EzpoiMoB of the Actt of the Aportlee. 8ve aad ISno, 89. 

Jjtmdtm^ 183 
MASKEW, (T. R.) Aaaotatioae oa the Aets of the Aportln, Or%iaaI aad Bfebcted. M 

edn. ISmo. S# Ofmkridf, 

BLOOMFIRLD. (C. J.) Twelre Lectaras oa the Acts of the Apoetk*. To wUeh ii 
added, a New Editioa of Five Lectniec oa the Gospel of 9t. Joha. 3d eda. 6vo. V^. 6^ 

Zea^im, 180. 
KUINOEL, (C. T.) Commeot. in Acta Aportolonini. 8to. . Ifif-f 1897 

See Pbarbgn'b Minor Theok^gioal Work*. 3 vob. 8va (Hf9^ 1844.' BaJUIU' 
Notes, etc. 


TEBBS. (H. V.) Evay oa the Seriptnie Dootriae of Adaltery aad Oivoice. aad os the 
Criminal Character and Panisbmeat of Adnlteren. 8vo, 7«. Lomiamt 188S 


A VRILLON. Guide for Pusiair Advent HdUy. ia which U fooad for each day a Practice, 
Meditation, Thoughts apon portions of Holy Scripture, for the Seasoiu ; Seatenoes froai 
the Holy Scriptores and the Fathen, and one Point in the Incaraatioa. Tmaslatod froai 
the French by Dr. Posey. ISroo, Of JUmImi, 1844 

HOOK, (W. F.) Short Meditations. Part 1. Adveat to Leat. 1Sbio» 89. ** 1846 



WILBERFOBCE, (S.) A History of the Protcrtaat Episcopal Chareh fai AoMrica. Itea, 
map, fis Leadea, 1844 

HAWKINS. lE.) Historical Notices of the Missioas of the Chnroh of Eaflaafl ia the 
North Americaa Colonies, previous to the Indepeodeace of the Uoited States : chiefly ttom 
the MS. DoeamenU of the Society for the Propofatioa of the Gospel ia FoteiKa Parts. 
8vo, 9« Lomdam, 1845 

WHITE, (Bp.) Memoiit of the Protestaat Episeopal Chareh ia the United States fmai to 
orfaaintioB ap to the presaat tioM. Sd ed. Bro, fl 98. .... Mim-YtHt, 


so AMES, (H.) The Anf lo Saxon Clinrch, its History, Reveaoee, aad Geaeral Cbaiaolar. 
3d ed. 8vo, lOs. 6d Lonim. 

LINGARD, (J.) History and Antiquities of the Anflo-Saxon Church ; eoataiainc an Ao- 
cooatof its Origin, Government, poctrines, Wotship, Rereaoes, aad Cloioal aad Moam 
tic lastitatioas. StoIs.8vo,M« /.oisdMi, 1849 

AlWilEMS.— (See Choral Service.) 
1. Words or. 

MARSHALL, (W.) AOtMntiomtJA w^mu , ]8tao,lfcML . . Ot^f^rd, 
CALVERT, (J.) A Collaotio» •f Aathi—. Afo. .... 


ELLIOTT. (E. B.) Hon Ajwciljiiiic" ; i 

niKl HiniHual; IncludihK lUio 411 mbhiiih _, .._, _. 

InUvd bv %n ApoctlyniH Oiut. ud mtiiri BiumtiiiiEi fnn MtdAh ■nil ntbir eiti 
Mosonnaor ABUnnltr. 4 vsl>. 8to. wUfa V) EiiiTiivliiiL 3d Kdn., »•. 

GALLOWAY. :W. B.) TbfGiuar Piopl»«: briniUie R..tluionof JaoiChrW. b) 

■Dd TrampvLi at tiis Aaoclljpv. 
inuDlDE IbsBcinlificOnnulDiiT 
ir Uii Hte, Fn^nn, •nil Fill at 

B>. Juhs, UieoluliiinTanil buinrtsajlr Biponmbd. 

ciH or luiali. Ei«]l;>I, DiDtal, ZKhuJab, ud Kl 

CUNNINGHAME, fW.) A DiwRuion on Uu : 

BWEDENBORO. (E.) Th> Ap«lyp« EipUiud, i lek. »;. Svo. ud Isdii. 

-«. — AplHBlTpH Revealed- f votl, Sra, ud Imlei- 3]f. 

CLieHOLD. (Ava.) A Review of ihe Piisciiilca iif ArxnalrpU"' ''■"rr 

iriil. Cyclo. ofBibklJuru 




I. T. • LilHU edilil « HS9. silUetu, Notuqi 
] ImprnpriMv of CirealmLlDv ths ApDcrTi^Bj B 

da dT DuhJ »d Bl. Join. B>i>, 3>. 

NICHOLS, |J.) CiMnlxa tod Campand. S.oli. avo. . Ij„iim,imi 


BIIRNET, (Br.) ElIW>ltloo of IK* XXXIX. Article! of Il» Cbiieh oT EnilioJ. wllk 
HolH. liE,, be J, R. Put. WHh u AiineDilli, eoBUnini iIh Aiunbnifh (^nreuDn, 

Ci«iof pop.niuiv7kc. Rvo. . , . . Aifr-4,.D.X.uc«.. i84s 

WlhaoS.iyV.) The XXpX. Am<d<a_or llMCIiairh Bf Biclnnd, ■liurinwd t>T EilncU 

m the LI»T(}, ) 

kwell'i Apeloar, u 
AitjidBof iheChnreb of EiifUmt. etplaloed, proved, 

BEVERIDGR, |W > The IVHtriu of Ihe Clinnh aC Euliod Cog-ni 

Rfuon, and FUben. Sd edB. 61 

CASDWELL, (E.) Srnodtlii: A Colleeuaii of ARlelnof B.II«loa.fce, 

:,; oT Fillb jnl AMbby AglI»rflydnrii«llMBrifiiari 

Lsiueii, lau 

Mitg Ptlih. oonnoiilv nibd the Coed of 
Vorki. Ciilul Riilarj oT tlie Atbuiiia* Cned. 

Y.] 318 [th£Ologt. 


■ad SBHifiofl : md no Lbe jhiiw]aJ Ai{umBbU bdt&ilnd. jmil Uie Mods of EauooiBg 


CHARNOCK. (9.) lli>«»r>>.<i[>>e.u,un».ud AttribninorCal. Bn. T>. U. 


WALL, (K«. W.) RkUiraf latwf Bnptiim. BdHn,.idiUd b j Dr. Damn, trilb Mr. 

Gik'i axBaataia ud Di. VValJ'i Dcfsnix. t Toll. Brs. 3b. O^ard, 1844 

FALLOW. (R». T. M.) TlM C>Fdil of Bnpthnl, boUi poklio Hd Mitlto. HimnliH U 

lbs UvaribcUuUidChnichorEiiglmndiiid [nlud. llms. 7j.W . LmiulakTSX 
OGILBV, (J. D.) Dulliui oC Ihi Airsnunil uunil Ihs VlJtdUi of Lil BuitUii. ISmo. 

ud Void. ian». '.'."', ° .'■. " Ijmin. Wi 

BOOTH, <A.] Fvda-Baplfain Eiuninnl, ttilh rapHa In Uh AifoawBli ud Ohjcctiou 

I.MHII^It'I "The IJi>i:liil>e or lU ChniEb,' )(e, Rl'DD Dn Uj^El BipUiiii. 
Ilil.l,t1i OS tic BlcrnlnrnU. Ful 1, BmpUun. Svn. J.«i(», 1M4. BkX- 

BIBLEB, (with Commertabies,) 

D'OVLET fc MANT Tht Holy BIbli-, iMordiM lo the Anlhoriud Vmtmi : will 
Noftfi, «|ilBBKlDrr AAil t>'"'*^^' '■'i*^" principiillr Trom Uk Vno«I rtnlbont wrtien sr Iba 
lad'ia. Hid Mlfu. tlsdi-r Ibe Dimnii^nl^thi Booial; ^Pnnnaling Chhiliu Kmk- 
ledgi. For Ibr UiB or KBiniila. 3 iJi. imp. Svo, JSj. /jmAiii, IMS 

aCOTT, (T.) Th. HtJr HLbb : with ElptlnWot. N«a, PfkUhU ObwrTBlSon., R,f,r- 
n», i^TlB Mlja. 6 toll. 4Ta, .£6. Oi. /.unifiii, 1841 

Thr HH Woik.'^llliaDt BeCfifnca. A nawtdHIoo, vtltM by Ihs Rrv. Jniah Pnu,B.D.. 
wilBWKIIlltsHninfiBvinp, iimnitiiig of Mb|i>, CmDmn, Bod mon Uiu 60 lalbiBtiD 
Vixn of Uia HO* inpoilBnt iiluiBi BuiitHnBd ib ib* Bund HIiUiT. 3 raU. Inp. 
8«D, (0>. . . .<, Lmilow. ISlo 

ThtihnwWwkrViaitwPniMicDl ObHmliuBi OBJj. 3 'ob. Sni, 9Si. 

IIEX^Y, I«.) A* EijHjailion of Iho Oid ud Now T«Ui»iil : wb'nii mci ChapUi ii 
■otDiMd BjiulliClntfDii; UiF BuradTui iaioiUd il lu»,iB didlnol piuiiinphi; Hdi 
pBn(fnlriM4(td Id iu pnpH httit ; Ihe •mattwina ud^larplir inwuuiid | wlib Pna- 
liaTSdBBttl tii OliviiBliDIU. lab. 4U>, jCit (t> i.n.liHl, IBM 

TOWNBBND. {O,) Thi HoIt BiU', armnnl in Hutorioil iixl Cbmni^ul anbr, te 
nwh inuDH IbH Uh BkiIu. CkuUB, fto. hiu niliT be md Iu «i Ukuclid Biitin, la 
Uic T«T Wonh of Iba AiUioiiM^TluilUiin : villi cajiiau NoUi, InduB, lad Mnnri- 

bbJ ad^BDta. Nnr (dilion, 4 t^Bru, SOi Lnirti, ifit 

Tb> OM ud Now TntBnwnu «JlbU HpBrauIr ; ud liia Bibio, wiihool Uw AnaolB- 

loiiu) OidBT. in iho Wuidi of iJia AnthanHd TnuuliUon, ric Vol, 1-, Bvo, 30i. 

OMplailllorj of Ibfl an^qviDgi. and of'iaoii PvHf^ eOBoeelBd wilh the Ht^lory, Gf«f rm- 
?»£■. liilp.««i,«W. ' . "11""° ' " ."""." "^"'".Mdw.JiaMB 

■ TKE //,/.t?S7-«.«r£Z>CoinnieBlKj8BlhcBiblo. ChinSroip'uBlnry bF Lbo Muam 
ud CDtlnou aUBlionod ia tho Old and Nrw TwuiaBli : uil alw of Ihi tUitocr. Gis- 
fiapliT. RalonJ llkuirr, asd AnHqBiiiii: bcina a npablii-wlaa nf the Notn or tba 
■' nowrial Bilito." or a hh wbich wUl n<i» wili Iho autboilicd Bdillaai or Iho e«iad 

Tul, i Tob, Bw, 3Tl. W tjmdai. tM) 

S, (C.) TheHoIr Bllila. aantalainf IboOMud NawTsUDwau: with 
°"' " '" °' tail*™, i8« 

p /* . :'* . - ' ■ 

J ud Stw Twine 

CI, L(nn 

lor, Ite. 
E. — (History of the Tramsutions 

ON. (C.) Aiilliki>ril»E»Uifa Bi 

sTblc »er |innl^.""Tlic'Llil dl BlbL 
(Br.) AHi.liiryorilii^Ti»Ml.lrnii 

& WBiTii'a CHiinntiiir. *"> CvcniMDIuio 

U.MMOHD, UloTlin, P(H>1.(. Lc CLHC. CLMI 

.I'l Bipsilina, HoiMn' Ohrtulu Eipi 


VuiiMbV.'uMDCCCXX. wli 


HOBNIi. IT. 11.| MaimaJ of B<l 

Biblioi^phi. 3d nin, Bio. 

il theli Woiki, fnini 111 

PETTIGBBW, (T. J.) BlUinthna BiHHiiilu. S volt. Imp. Svo, " ISS7 

TOWNLBV, (},) UhutiWimii of Bibllol LlUmlDir, nhlhiDni ibe HiiUir} nnd Kila 

IJ* ttund WntlDp rmm tbo Eulinl Fariod lu Ihs Pium CHIV>. 3 vi>&. Bvo, 42., 

DOWLING, (J. G ) Im 

tstbl CiilktaJSlad/sr 

bg. B^iil.'ik' 

THKOI.OOK.i <^< \ 

Sm lAiriiDH' BriiUi Libnriin. Tdw^lit'i InlTod. lo Bib. Lltmlnn. 

Bf. Miim'a I^kIow. etc Hdihiii. BibltaUwane BaurMGTKiiiW'LaUu. Hn. 
IBSS. cU. 


Or Heraienrntical, Exegfticsl, and Philotogtcal Ijbriry: CDruiMingof Trans- 
■I Valuable and InUreBling Works of German, aniJ otbcr 

Contiaenuil Divii 

iPnlitgiceJ TitmU, lUoHISt 
lUB'iGint eyunp^eirUW Neo T»ll 
lub'i Elpciltl"B oTllie EiaHle In Ibi Hi 
nek'. EipnilHii oTChiot'. Benn.iii os 
>trDda[1JiilluBKT«d PUIdIo^T' Si- 
LI DB Ub iMHpMUin eflhs Old Tati 
Iraek Sj»u cf Nav TMunit. ■>. 
mniuUci'tBibllnlGHiiniih;. 3 idI 

> conoecleil wilh BibLical Lilein- 

f __ 

TBEOLOGv.] 320 [theology. 


13 & U. au^i'ieipuiiii.mofUHlit Epulis of Hi. P<<«. tfcb. tit. 

]« ft IS. UicbiiHl'i Bipnidaii atiht Book DfJoti, 9 vdIi, I2t. 

9] & S3. Billnilk'i Bipniluin of the EpiulH or Bl, Pial III Ibf CorlnUliuu. S rob, 

SS. Krnmmicbai'i Life ind Cliiraiui nf Candiu tl« OnUrloil, aad of Si, Jabn Ihs 
rrhiK niii Ih had Kpanl'l; : CoiniUni. 4i. ; St John. 3i.) 

Ewaldu, Viuidi:b, He. Bf TK.'mu Wcmjv, Anlli^i of Biblinl GI»Dingi. Tj. U. ' 
ST. RoKimilitlrt'iBibUixI B<»iiB]riJiil Minenkijty. fli, 
K. Tbdldl'i emmjai. nut Llh uil Claradcr af 81. Fiiil. Natuni ud Mornl IbBd- 

39, Lu«'> Eipunlioi DfCtirin'iFanbla. It. 

30. Ctlvin m Epiuln id Iha Gililiiiii and Ephciluu. Oi. 

m. BomBiiUR OB the Minluiu PbJiib. 7i. M. 

3S ll 3a. Nrudci'i Hi>MtT of ll» Plantiif and TnJniDe of Ihn CtlMIU Chantli. ! 

•all. III. 
38 ft 3». Tbolndi aa lbs Epiille 10 Ok Hrlinwi. » vdIl IIi, 

40. Calvin and Slarr on Uk EpUUei of PanI U thr Fhilipplui ud CsIhIbiu. T(, 
41 ft 49. Semifcli'i Lib. Tlmo. ud WrHinp of JniUn Manyr. S voli. I3i. 

43. BtMir'i HiHoiim-OeDeniihicil Acconnl of Paledinc. Roeareln in Pakdin br 
Snulliuid WalcDUinlBII. 8>. 

W. UnnpUabug, The Boaki of Mnei Ulnrfralnl bj Uig Mannnienli of Egrpl. Bra, 

4T. Bcafrtcnbell oa ll» I^almi. a Tub. lU. 


HOOK, (W. P.J EceMuIkd Bluiapby ; containing Ibe Liin of til* AulenI FxImii 
nnd Mudern SiilaB, ftc. >n!i I. f. 3. ISud I,miiai, IMB 

WORDBWOKTH. (C.J Entoiulii-a] BionrapbT ; or, 1]»- LivH of Eioinnil Mrn noa- 
n«Wd Willi IhnUiRaiyar Reliilan la Gn|(l>">d, Iri'in Ihi coliiiiMcriaenliiribi lUronna- 
inn U Ox Ravoluuoa. Brlmwd, and dlaxinUd wilb SaUa, by Ihc Rei. C, Wurdiwortb, 


B™, Oj, ' (Libiarj or An|lo Cnlholii; TlitDlugy.) OifrM, 1S44 

B£VER1DGE, (Br.) Clianib CnMbiini Eipliined. I%no.!ti. U, . l-twln. 

NIXON IF. R.| LrIdih, Hbloiical, ^octrinal, aad FiBclical. on tha CUechiini of tha 

HAMMOND, (H.) A Praaical Cu«, I6lh ad. a™. . . , Oioa., 1847 

(Ltbitrr DfAnalD-CailMlti^TbHikinr,) 
FITZGERALD, (A, D.) Short Lkidh an Iha Cbanb CalmblHii. laaw.Oi, iMian. 
JAMEB, (I) ACoaimimlinilheCharchCalHhliniandDccaiioniilOnDn, orUwMi>th«-i 

Halp. lamo Zm^.. IMS 

BECKER, (Abf.) I.*clgmaDI)iel~horchCaUi:hi>iii. 19mo. TSi. JV. r. 

BEAVEN. A Ualp to Calacbiiini. reviKd by II. AnUloa, D. D. Iffaia. 

X. r.. D. A. ft Co. 

EERINGTON mr KIRK. FaithnrCuliaUitan cwrlaia PalauarCoauonnT. oaaflm- 
cd b; Schplore. and allaalnl by Iha PHhtn of tlw Flnl Flia Ci«taiiB of tbo Chanh. 

giaally eal.rinl, by Ib^Rev.Jama Walcrwoith. S'to'lt, e>D, 31f. U. /^4i>n. ISU-S 

THEOLOGV.] 321 [tE 

CHANTS.— fCaoEAL Service.) 

CATHEDRAL CHANTS of Ihi Biilsnilh, BmnlMBlli. ud E^twilh Cenlsrii 

ACLAND. (T.G.I Cbialliit Simpllflsd, in in atnnninnil of Ibc Omlldn, fee, of C 
CbDruh : fuc IlnH •rha us unikUM tn Mnnc. IJdki, Ln-laii. IS 

(iRERORIAN >nd iHhH EalMiWiinJ Chinli. nlapUd U tha PolUr *Ii4 ClDUcIn, ti 
K!lVciillicilS°5en]«.''svn."j.!"' . *!" . , .'"*', " j!^!d^. H 

Fnfut DU CKiaSsg. bj tin Riv, F, Ookalsr. M. A. lino. 4i. tJuUs*. ISU 


BURGE, (tV.} On the ChoriJ Seriin of Ibe Angla-Cuhulii: Chircli. gra. 

JEflB, (Rl> Jko.J TheCbonlSroinDl'lhetTDitnlChDrFhal' Engluidand InliD 

Thras LectniH Dn ihe Cuhsdral S«>i<» nt Ike Chnrcb nf Eulind. Sd «d. with i 

ditioni, fcp. e>i> /.mfn, It 

LATROBB. (J. A.J The Mduc °f Iha Cligich ooMiSmil la in rtriva HrusliH. Conin- 
KmU<,D>Iudnionl,«c. 8vo, 10.. U. /.nAm, ISI 

3. Mo?ir. 

RIMBAULT. (Emi'DP.) A CnHRUon of CiChsdnl Mwlii, b; Iba gnU EnilM Mum 
CnaiiHiBf of Bmtanlad AnUianu, HlasUd frmn Iba Boglu iif UwdlOerHI Calt-idnh 
Oan iIm AMiich, Iha Todway. thi FiUwilUam MtaoHnpt CollKUaai. awl trDU Iba U 

■id Bki(i*phlilll NalioB of IllF Comjioian. vol. I, fnl.,' gOj. Z.n^im, lU' 

(FDrnu a SappIaiiHBi to Uh CoIIkiIdiu of Bajrix and Arnold.] 
Dk. ARNOLD'S CnllacIlDa of CUhadnil Moilo ; a U' isd lajwioi mUiIoii. in Bmn 

Da BOYCE'B CollKtioa arCmtbadraJ Hntifl ; a n<v and inpariDr adilina, in Scan, witi 
■eparaEc Aai:ofnpanidwnt for tlie Orgaa, 3 vdIi. fbt. . . . . . /^ndcia 

THE BonKB of Usamm PrUcr aotHl. By Inbn Merbgcka, iiiinnlnl br OraRoa. ISM 
.in. 4ui, SSi., boand. PUkrrii^, LaiJtii, IBf 

RIMBAULT. (E. F.) The Order -rihaDniir Barrin. with Iha Mxlcd NoUIina ai a>d 
in the Abhsr Chunih sf 81. Pdn, WndnlnHal. Ediud bjr Edw'd F. RimliaaM. LL. D. 
■m. 410. Si Lin^n, IM4 

TALLIB, 'Tso'l ) The Older oTlbr DlUlBtrvlea of Ibadnltid ChnrcK of Euf^Bd (||4 
Inland, ii aitannd far Clirdn. br Tho'i TaUii, A. D. 1S7D. Ediud. with aaHWorfeai 
liillodnciUni if e. F. Rimbaah. mj. Htd Z,n*ni. IMT 

_- Tha Fall CaU»Iiil Barvloe, ai uad on U» FaUiiab aid Sainu- Dun of Iba Chonb 
ofEn/land. Nao); ediud by E. F. Binbanll. LL. D. iili. fol. I0>. 6^ Z.«id«. IMS 

HILL, f J.) Tba Chcpial Bonrica a* nied in Iba Faritb Cbnrch of Leadi. at tbe Dftilr Pn7*r 

JEBB, (Rav. Jan.] The Cboral R«f4iH« and Lllaniai nTthe United Cbnrch of EnglaDd 
■oi! l<elind, collected fTOn AatbentlD Bonroa. |In pfepamtfoa.r 

gtFiano"orta"8.°b. ^ol., ei. "". . ' ." . '™!'°'*!""*LJlI.. 1P0?S 

(ISbWMi Hnthlr.) 
MOTerr $OcrErr, mMaOmeK- Couinlof of SirrimA>ib«ii^HoiMU, fee. 
bi EaflUi ud FonjfnCom)M«ii' <tl. 1-, [lii paniJ.Slf. ^.Mdn. 





W" *• 

Edited by the Rev. E. Bicketvteth. 

1. LUTHER and fait Timet. By ReT. J. Soott. Poitnit, VoL 1. 8«. 
8. LIFE of the Rev. E. PayioB. U, 

3. LUTHER and hi« Timoi. By Rev. J. Scott. Vol. S. fitf. 
' 4. HARMONY of the Gocpeb. By Rev. E. Biokentath. 5«. 

5. CALVIN and hit Timet. By Rev. J. Scott. Portiait. 8r. 

6. SELECTIONS fiom the Wurkt of AmbRMe Smla. 5«. 
T. LIFE of the Rev. Lej^ Richmond. Portrait. 8*. 

8. THOUGHTS of Patchal and Adamt. 5«. 

9. TAYLOR'S Life of Cowper. Portrait. 6». 

10. PICTET'S Chrittian Theolo^. 6«. 

11. DOMESTIC Portraitare. With lUuitrationt. 6#. 

13. MEMOIRS of Claadiot Bnehanan, D. D. Portrait. 6». 

13. MILNER*S Hittory of the Charoh of Chritt : Fint Six CeBtmrici. «r. 

14. LIFE of the Rev. David Brainerd. 5«. 

15. THE ATTRIBUTES of God. From Chamock, Goodwin, ftc. Editad by W. Wkl- 

tOD, D. D. 5i. 

16. REV. E. BICKERSTETH'S Scripture H«l|i. Mapt. 5*. 

17. MEMOIRS of the Rev. John Newton. With Engravinp. 5r. 

18. REV. E. BICKERSTETH'S Treatise on the Lord't Sopper. U, 

19. TESTIMONY of the Reformen. Selected from Archbithop Craamer, Jewell, Tyadal, 

&c. (m. 

90. REV. E. BICKERSTETH'S Treatise on Prayer. 5«. 

81. LIFE of the Rev. Thoroat ScoU. Portrait. 6«. 

83. ELEMENTS of Prophetical Interpretation. By tbe Rev. J. W. Biooka. <U. 

83. LIFE of Augaattit Herman Franke. Portrait. 5*. 

84. THE ENGLISH Martyrology : from Foxe. Platet, Vol. 1. 6«. 
35. LUTHER'S Manual of the Book of Ptalms. 5«. 

86. THE ENGLISH Martyrology: from Foxe. VoL 3. 6*. 

87. THE CHRISTIAN Faihen of the Fint Two Centoriea. U, 
96. MEMOIRS of Mn. Hannah More. Portrait. 6». 

80. CHRISTIAN Troth. By the Rev. E. Bickersteth. 6«. 

30. REV. E. BICKERSTETH'S Book of Private Devotiont. 5t. 

31. ESSAYS on Romanism. By the Author of " Ecsayt on the Choroh.'* 5«. 
33. REV. E. BICKERSTETH'S Treatise on Baptism. 5«. 

33. MEMOIRS of Mitt Graham. By the Rev. C. Brid|s««* <^« 

34. ESSAYS on the Charch. 1840. 5*. 

35. THE CHRISTIAN Mourner. By Mn. Drommond. 5«. 

36. HISTORY of the Hebrew Nation. By Rev. J. W. Brooks. 6«. 

37. FAMILY Prayers for Eight Weekt. By Rev. E. Bickerateth. 5t. 

38. PRINCIPALITIES and Powers in Heavenly Placn. By Charlotte EUxaboth. &. 

39. LIFE of William WUberforoe, Em)., M. P. By his Sons. 6». 

' ^ •. 4d. THE PROMISED Glory of the Church. By Rev. E. Bickertteth. 5t. 
41. THE FOUR Prophetic Empiret. By the Rev. T. R. Birks. 6«. 

45. THE HOLY Land. With Engraving!. 6«. 

43. THE LIFE of Itaac MUner, D. D. By hit Nieoe. 6«. 

44. THE LIFE of the Rev. Rowland Hill. By tbe Rev. E. Sidney. 6«. 
* 45. THE LIFE of the Rev. Henry Martyn. 6». 

46. LETTERS of tbe Rev. Henry Martyn. With Plates. 6«. 

47. CHURCH of Chritt in the Middle Ages. 6«. 

CHRISTIANITY, History of. 

HINDS, (S.) Tbe Hbtory of the Rise and Eady Piogreat of Chriktianlty. 8 rob. 8vo, 81*. 

HOUGH, (J.) History of Christianity ia Iadia,iVom the oonunencemeBt of tbe Christian 
Era. \yiAM,^vo,^, /.mira. 1839-45 

JffBANimV(A.) Hktoryortfaa Flmliff MTraininffortlMGIiiiiliuiCbnah bytha 

Hktory of tfaa FlWiit M Tin 





CHRISTIANITY, History of.— (Continued.) 

MILMAN, (H. H.) The HUtory of ChrUUanitT, from the Birth of Christ to the Eztine- 
tion of Paganiun in the Roman Empire. 3 vob. 8vo, 36«. London, 1841 

TAYLOR, (W. C.) The History of ChriMiuity ; Irom iu promal(atioB to its hgml estab- 
lichmeDt in the Roman Empire. 13mo, 9».6d JLn^onf IBM 

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AVw- York, D. A. & Og. . - 
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STEBBING, (H.) History of the Chareh of Christ from the Diet of Augsbnigfa, IStO, to thi ^^ 
lethCenUry. (Designed as a ConUnnation of MilnerV) 3 vob. 8vo. 36«. X.Mi»», 1843 

The History of the Christian Chnrch from its foundation to A. D. 1493. 8 vols. ISmo, 

I3«. London, V&i 

BURTON, (E.) History of the Christian Chnrch from the Asoension of Jesns Christ to the 
Convenkm of ConsUntiae. 4th edn. ISmo, Qs.Qd. . London, 1840 

CHRONOLOGY.— (See p. 101.) 

BROWNE, (H.) Ordo Safculurvm : a Treatise on the Chronology of the Holy Soriptant, 
and the Indications therein contained of a Divine Plan of Times and Seasons ; togsthor 
with aa Appendix. 8vo, 90s, London, 1844 

HALES. (W.) A New Analysis of Chronology. 4 vols. 8vo. C3«. . . ** 1830 

See Companion to British Almanac, 1830. Cunninohamb's Fulness of the Tim«, 
Parts 1 and 3. CuNifiKaRAMi's Synopds. Riddlx's Ecd. Chronology, eCo. 


IjrSTR UMEJrrA KCCLESIASTICA : a series of woriune Desifus for the Fnreitara. 
Fittings, and Decorations of Churches and their Precincts. Edited oy the Ecclesiolo|ioal 
(late Cambridge Camden) Society. 4ro, 31«. M J^Mndan, 1847 

PUOIN, (A. W.) Glossary of Ecclesiastical Ornament and Cortnme, eompiled and iDna- 
trated from Aneient Authorities and Examnles. With Extracts from the Works of Dn- 
randus, Geonrios, Bona, Catalani, &c., faithfully translated by the Rev. B. Smith. 9d 
edn. 4to, 73 illuminated plates, £7. 1m London, 1847 

FRENCH. (G. J.) Practical Remariu on Some of the Minor Accessories to the Servioai 
of the Church, with flints on the Preparation of Altar-Cloths, Pede^loths, aad other 
Ecclesiastical Furniture. 18nio, At /.eedf, 1844 

LAMBERT. (Miis.) Church Needlework; with Practical Remaika on ito airaagenmt 
aad preparation. 8ve, 9«. 6^ London^ 1844 


JAMES, (J.) A Comment upon the Collects. lOtb edn. 13mo. Lonion, I84S 

LEMPRIERE, (F. D.) Lectures on the CoUects. 1st Series. 8vo, lS)r. ** 1848 


WILSON, (Bp.) Expository Leetnies on St. PanPs Epistle to the Colosriaas: in wUoh 
the Apostle's Argument respecting the Errors on the subject of the Mediation of Christ 
prevailing at Colosse Is appU^l to uw present circumstances of our Protestant Chnrch. 9d 
•da. 13mo, AWv- Ferik, D. A. ft Oo. 

6I8B0RNE, (T.) Fauiliar Exposition a«d Application of the Epistle of St Paal ttfUa 
Colossiaas. ISmo, 3«. 6^ London, 1810 

WATSON, (T.) Discourses, Practical aad Experimental, on the Epistle to the Colomlaat. 
8vo, I0«. 6A London, 1834 

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from the Latin, with Life, Notes, ftc , by J. AMport. 3 vols. 8vo. London, 1831-^ 

See D^LLB*a Sermons on Colossians. Jumkbr's Commentar. 8vo. Mnmk.. 
1838. BAHR'a Commeatar. AcWc, 1833. Bobhmbr Infoge ta Ep. a Paalo ad 
CokM. datam, ftc. 8vo. Borol., 1838. 


CRUDEN, (A.) A Oompleto Coaoofdaaoa to the Holy Sedptnnk. '41a London, 1844 
Thesama impl.Svo. PktkialfkU^ 1847 

CRUDBN*8 OMeofdaBoa of tiM Naw TMuMSt. tbridfid bj W. FMI—.WMiwnjf 

tbaAalkar. ate»,ai. jna^JUI. D. A, ^JObw 

KmO, (D.) A MW aad Ctepbto QpBiwiiiui tttfan Ifaly SaliAMijNi'tlM b«li «r 


• « 





EM'OLISMM.^jrs (.The) Hebrew and Chaldee Concordance of the Old TeaUment ; bein|; 
an Attempt at a Verbal Connexion between the Original and the English Translation : 
with Indexes, a List of the Proper Names, and their Occurrences, &c. 3 volt. sm. folio. 
73*. 6rf J^ndon, 1844 

FUERST, (A. J.) ConcordantiK libr. Vet. Tert. Hebraic* atqae Chaldaicc. folio, 84*. 

Leipzig, 1842 
—. — Concordantia> omnium vocnm novi tettamenti gra>ci, cnra G. U. Broder. 4to, 1)6*. 

J^pzig, 1833 
NORDHEIMER, (I.) axd TURNER, (W. W.) A Complete Hebrew and C^aldee Con- 
cordance to the O. Testament ; comprising also a condensed Hebrew and En;rli»h Lexi- 
con, with an Introduction and Appendices. Parti-. 4to. JVew- }'t^&, 1843 

THE HE BR Err COXCORD^I.yCE adapted to the English Bible; di*posed after the 
method of Bnxtorf, by Jno. Taylor. 3 vols, folio jJmdon, 1754-57 

PICK. (A.) Tlie Bible Student's Concordance ; by which the Enriith Reader may be 
enabled to ascertain the Literal Meaning of any Word in the Sacred Original, imp. 8vo. 
35* J^nuion, 1845 


' CARDWELL, (E.) History of Conferences, &c., conaected with the revision of the Book 
of Common Prayer. 8vo, Is.Gd Omu., 1841 


LATHBURY. (T.) Convocations of the Church of England. 13mo, 7*. 6d. lAindon. 

OVEIRALL, (B.) Convocation Book. 8vo, 8* Oxon., 1844 

(Library of AngI»-Catbolic Theology.) 


8UMNER. (J. B.) Practical Exposition of the Second Epistle of St. PanI to the Corin- 
thians, and the Epistles to the Galatiani. Efihesians. Philippiani, and Colossians, in the 
form of I^ectures ; intended to assist the Practice of Domestic Instruction and Devotion. 
8vo, or 3 vols. 13mo, 0*. /<<m</c;if, 1845 

BILLROTH, (G.) Exposition of the Epi«tles to the Gorinthians. 2 vols. 13mo, 10*. 

(Biblical Cabinet.) Kdinh. 

See also the Works of Pott, Krauhk, Hktdknrich, OLSHArsBN, Rceckert, 
Emmkrlino, Flatt. Barnes's Notes on Corinthians. 


LANDON, (E. H.) Manual of Councils of the Holy Catholic Church, compriMug the 
Snb»tancc of the most Remarkable and Important Canons, alphabetically arrangeil. 
13mo, 12* J^ondon, 1846 

HAMMOND, (W. A.) The Definitions of Faith and Canons of Discipline of the Six 
iCcumenical Coancils, with the remaining Canons of the Code of the Universal Church. 
Tran!>l., with Notes, together with the Aiiosiolical Canons. 13rao. 

Tendon, 1843. JWw-r<rr*, 1844 

HART, (R.) Ecclesiastical Roconls of England, Trefand. and Scotlaml, from the Fifth 
Century till the Reformation : being an Epitome of British Councils, the Lcgatine and 
Provincial Constitutions, and other Memorials of the Olden Time ; with Prolegomcn and 
Notes. 2d edn., enlarged. 8vo, 13* lAmdon, 1846 

SARPI, (Paolo.) The History of the Council of Trent. Tiansl. by Sir N. Brent, folio. 

London, 1676 
See Hook's Church Dictionary. STA^fT0N'8 Church Diotioaary. 


SUBffNER, (BpO a Treatise on the Records of the Creation, &c. 3 vols. 8vo, 31*. 

lAtndon, 1833 

RAY, (Jonif ) The Wisdom of Cod manifested in the Works of the Creation. New 

cdn., ed. for the Wemerian Gub. I^ndon, 1845 

CREED, Apostles'. 

PEARSON, (Bp.) An Exposition of the Creed. 8vo. . JTew-Tork, D. A. & Co. 

MILL, (W. H.) An Analysis of the Exposition of the Creed, written by John Peanton, 
I). D. Compiled, with some additional matter occasionally interspersed, for the use of 
the Stadents of Bishop's College, CalcutU. 2d edft. 8vo, St. Cam^idfe, 1847 

8m NicnoLRON, (Bp.) Ex position of the Apostk's Cieed. Viviam's Exposition. 
PooLB'a Senaons ob the Apostles' Craed. 8to, 10«. 64. 1837. Kino,. (Sir P.) 
The History of the Apostles' Creed. 

• •a 





BARRET, (R. A. F.) A Synoptit of Criticmni npoa tbote Paasnnt of the Old Teita- 
ment in which Mudem CyNnmentaton have diflerad from the AoDiorized Verniun ; to- 
gether with an Exnlaoatitin of various Difficulties in the Hebrew and Enj;li<b Texts. 
Vol. 1-, 9r*a. (To Im completed ia 6 vob.) lAmdon, 1847 

DAVIDSON, (8.) Leotuies on Biblical Criticism, ezhibitinf a Systematie View of that 
Scienoe. 8vo Edinb., 1K39 

COOK, (J.) An Inquiry into the Books of the N. Te«t. Rvo. Ixmdon, 1831 

OLASSII, (S.) FhUoloKia Sacra. 4to Leip^Vt 1735 

NOLAN, (F.) An Inquiry into the Inte^y of the Greek Vnlgate, etc. 8to. 

jAmdon, 1815 

Suppt. to ditto. 8to " 1830 

LITERJiR T HISTOR K of the New Testament, (by Josiah Cunder.) 8vo. " 1845 

GRAY. (R.) The Connexion between the Saored Writinjp and the Litaratura of Jewish 
and Heathen Authors. etCk S vols. 8vo Jjondon^ 1819 

HORSLE Y, (Bp.) Biblical Critidtm on the First Fourteen Books of the Old Testament : 
also on tlie First Nine Prophetical Books. 2 vols. 6vo, 30«. Jjondon. 

See CARPozovma, Critica Sacra. CoirvaKARB's Lectures. GiRARD'a Institutes. 
HoDT on the Septnagint. Walton'i Polyglott, etc. 


FABER, (6. 8.) A Dissertation on Daniel's Prophecy of the Seventy Weeks. 8vo. 

I^mdcn, 1811 

8T0NARD, (J.) A Dissertation on the Seventy Weeks of Daniel the Prophet 8vo. 

J^mtdcn, 18W 
OOX, (F. A.) Outlines of Lectures on the Book of Daniel. 12mo. " 1834 

See Havbrnick, Cofflmentar. iiber das Bnch Daniel. 8vo, 139. NawA., 1833. 
Rosknmdellbr'i Scholia. Lktiobrkk. (C. ▼.) Das Buch Daniel iibenetxt n. 
ausgelegt. 8vo, 13f. Kmtigsb. Madrbr's Commentar. 

DEVOTIONS, (Manuals of.) 

WAIN WRIGHT, (Dr.) An Order of Family Prayer for Every Day in the Week, and for 
the Commemoration of the Holy Days and Seasons of the Church. I3mo. 

/Tw-Tork, 1845 
HOB ART, (Br.) A Christian's Manual of Faith and Devotion . containing Dialofues and 
Prayers, suited to the vnrioos exercises of the Christian Lifis. 13th edn. 13mo. 

JTew- York, 1845 
BERRJAN, (Dr.) Manual of Family Prayers. 13mo. ... " 1845 

Devotions for the Sick Room and for Times of Trouble, compiled from ancient Litar- 

gies, &c. ]6mo JVhe- Korik, 1845 

PALBY. (W.) The Clergyman's Companion in Visiting the Sick. New edition, carefully 
revised and corrected. 18mo, 5« J^ndon, 1846 

OROSWELL. (H.) A Manual of Family Pra>'er. 13mo. . JTfw Haven, 1845 

SPINCKE8. (N.) The Churchman's Companion in the Closet, or a Complete Manual of 
Private Devotions. Edited by F. E. Paget 16mo, $1. . JVctp- York, D. A. & Co, 1843 

IVES, (L. S.) New Mannal of Devotions, in Three ParU. 13roo. $1. 

JWio-rerib, D. A. &Cb. 

WILLIAMS, (I.) Some Meditations and Prayers, selected fimm the Way of *'Etenitf 
Life," in order to illustrate the Pictures by Boetius k Bolswert, for the same work. Trans- 
lated from the Latin, and adapted to the use of the English Chnrch. 8vo, 31 plates, I0#. 

Oxfffrd, 1845 

ANDREWS, (Bp.) The Devotions of Bishop Andrews, translated from the Greek, and 
arraufed anew. 5* Oxford^ 1844 

AVRILLON. The Year of Affections ; or Affections on the Love of Gnd. Drawn from 
the Caatioles, fur Every Day in the Year. Transl. from the French by Dr. Pusey. ]3mo. 

I^nuhH, 1845 

Gnide to Pasring Advent HoIUy. ISmo ' . " 1844 

•— » Ovfde to Passing Lent iiolily. 3d edn. 13mo *' " 

flCUPOLI, (L.) The Spiritual Combat, by the venerable servant of God, Lawrence Sen- 
poll, Clerk Regular ; with the Path of Paradise, bv the same. Translated, with the addi- 
tional Chapten, from the Italian, for the use or the Memben of the English Church. 
18mo, Z$.6d. J^endon, 1840 

OOBIN, (BiBHOP.) A CoOeetkm of Private Devotions in the Practice of the AndeM 
Cborcii. oalled the Hours af Prayer, aa they WBm mnch after thb maaMK pnblisbed 1^^ 
MtlMMlty of anaen EUaabatfi, 1500: taken o«t of tha HoIt Berfptana, the Ai ' 
Fgttiwi, —dl tfca Ptvi— Barefaa <f cwowb Ckwtk, UUi adlHwi, ateo, 4«. 04. 





DEVOTIONS, Manuals of.— (Continued.) 

8URIN, (F.) The Foundations of th« Bpiritaal Life, drawn from the Book of the IniiU- 
tion of Jesus Christ. Translated from the French, and adapted to the use of the English 
Church. l*>mo, 4*. M JAntdon, 1844 

DREXELIUS. The Reflections on Eternity of Jeremiah Drexelius, made English from the 
Latin, by 8. Donster, D.D. Revised and edited by H. B. Dnnster. ISroo, 5s. London, 1844 

PHILIP. (R.) Devotion Guides. 2 voU. 12mo, $1 75. ^^e»'York, D. A. & Co. 

HOOK, (W. F.) Short Meditations for Every Day in the Year. 3 vols. 13mo. Vis. 

J^ondon, 1846- 

SHERLOCK, (R.) The Practical Christian, or Devout Penitent. A Book of Devotion. 

etc. J2mo JVeir rorifc, D. A. & Co., 1843 

TAYLOR, (J.) The Golden Grove, a choice Manual, containing, &c. ISmo. 

JVV«- York, 1849 

Holy Living and Dying. 12mo JWw- ror*, D. A. & Co.. 1847 

WII^SON, (Bp.) Sacra Privata. Private Devotions, Meditations, and Prayers Complete. 
16mo, 91 AVw- York, D. A. & Co., 1S47 

WILLIAMS, (J.) The Gospel Narrative of the Nativity Harmonized, l^mo. Is. 6d. 

J^ondon, 1844 

The Gospel Narrative of the Holy Week Harmonized. 12mo, Is, 6(2. *' 1843 

The Gospel Narrative of the Passion Harmonized. 12mo, Is. dd. . " 

The Gospel Narrative of our Lord's Resurrection Harmonized: with Reflections. ISmo, 

ts.Qd I^mdom, 

BULL, (II.) Christian Prayers and Holy Meditations, as well far private as public ose. 

l8mo Camb., 184S 

(Parker Society.) 

BEST, (S.) Pietas Domestica : I. Family Pni^era, arranged as a weekly course from ths 
Liturgy. II. Discourses on the Services appointed by the Liturgy for Sundays and Holy- 
days. J2mo, (w. 6c/ I^mdon, 1843 


MacBRIDE, (J. D.) Diatessaron, or Hist, of our Saviour from the Gospels. 8vo, 5s. 


Lectures Explanatory of the Diatessaron. 8vo, 12«. . . " 


f • 


CALMET, (A.) Dictionary of t}ie Holy Bible, &c., cd. by C. Taylor. 5th edn. 5 vols.4to. 

lAtndon, 1R93 

The Same. Edited by J. Conder. 2d edn. roy. 8vo. ... " 1833 

The Same. Edited by Dr. Robinson, roy. 8vo. Maps and Engravings. 

Boston & AVv- York, 183S 

ROBINSON, (Dr. E) A Dictionary of the Holy Bible, for the Use of Schof Is and Yoonc 

Persons. 12mo, Ma|)s and Engravings. .... Boston & JWv- York^ ISn 

KITTO, (J.) A Cyclopaedia of Biblical Literatuns. 3 vds. 8vo. 

FMnb. ii J^eW'York, 1845-40 

THE BIBLE CYCLOPJEDM, or Illustrations of the Civil and Natural Hl^ »ry of Um 
Sacred Writings by Reference to the Manners, Cnstoms, Rites, Traditions. Antiqaities and 
Literature of Eastern Nations. 2 vols. imp. 8vo London, ]fm~43 

HOOK. (W. F.) A Church Dictionary. 4th edition, with many additional articles, and 
carefully revisted throughout. J2mo, 10s ' . . J^ondon, 1846 

BROWN, (J.) Dictionary of the Holy Bible ; containing an Historical and Geograf^ical 
Account of the Persons and Places; a Literal, Critical, and Systematical Descripii n of 
other Obiectft. whether Natural, Artificial, Civil, Religions, or Military ; and an Explana- 
tion of the Appellative Terms mentioned in the Old and New Testaments. 8vo. 9*. 

London, 1844 

EDEN, (R.) The Churchman's Theological Dictionary. 12mo,5«. . " 1846 


HOOKER, (R.) Of the Laws of Eoclesiatieal PolHy. (In Works). 9 vob. 8vo. 

JVnp-r©r*, D. A.k. Co. 
See Bilson'h Perpetual Government. Bp. Ovbkall's Convocation Book. Jik. 
Taylor's Sacred Order. Abp. Uihbr'i Works. Sir F. Kins'i Primitiv* 
Church. HicKBi's Two Treatises, &o. 


HEY« (J.) Leetniw on Divinhj. 8 rob. 8ro, 30« 

OAMBPELL, (O.) Leotnm on 0jatMMtio ThMkffy and Palpit SloqMM 

8to, 8f. 

Viy :JL 








SMITH, (J. B.) A Manual of Uke Radiments of TbMlofy. ISmo, 10«. U. 
A Gompend of Ditto. ISmo, Kto. Oil. 

CALVIN, (Jko.) Chrutiaa Theolofy, Sdeeted and Anan^od by 8. Dann. ISmo, 6«. 

LondoHt 1837 

A MAJfXJAL of Divinity, oompiled fiom tlM Meet Eminent DiviMi of the Chorch of 

England, with Map*. 2* vob. 18mo, 7« Chum.^ 1831 

See Jbbb's Praot. Theology. UtiBBR*s Body of Divinitv. Howb'i Christiaa 
Theologv. Tt;RRBTiN'« Inititatea. LBiORTON't Preleo«ionM, Ifcc. Swbdbn- 
BORo's Worfci. Dwioht'b Theology. Kmapp'b Leotaies, tranalated by Wood. 


NEWMAN, (J. H,) An EHay on the DeTelopment of Christian Doctrine. 8to, 13«. 

/.MiAm, 1845 

PALMER, (W.) The Doctrine of Development and Conacience considered in lelation to 

the Evidences of Christianity and of the Catholic System. 8vo ft*. 6J. . Lmtdon, 1845 


HOLDEN, (G.) An Attempt to Dlnstnte the Book of Eodesiartes. Bro. Zeiuim, 1883 

PRESTON, (T.) The Hebrew Text and a Latin Version of EecMartes. 8vo, 15«. 



FABER, (G. S.) The Primitive Doctrine of Election ; or, an Historical Inqoiiy into tho 
Ideality and Caosation of ScripUral Election, as received and maintained in the Frimhivy 
Chnreh of Christ Sd ed. 8vo, $1 75. .... D. A. & Co., Atae-lVrt. 


LAWRENCE, (Abt.) The Book of Enoch the Prophet, traudatad ftom an Ethiopic MSS. 
3d ed. 8vi>. Oxw., 1838 

MURRAY, (E.) Enoch Reetitntos ; or an attempt to separate from the Books of Enoch 
the Book quoted by St. Jode. 8vo DuUin, 1838 


BARNES, (A.) Notes, Explanatory and Practical, on the Epistles of Panl to the Epho> 

- ^ jTg^ 

I, Philippians, and Colussians. 12mo JV. K. 

BUCKERT, (L. T.) Der Brief Panli an die Epheser. 8vo. . LiptiiB, 1834 

See L. RtDLBT'g CommenUry. Tho'i Goodwin*! Works. Calviii*s CommenU- 
ries. MATTHiAfl, Erkiarnng des Br. Paali an d. Ephes. 8vo, 1834. Harlbss, Com- 
mentar. Ub. d. Br. Panli an d. Ephes. 8vo. 1845. Lubn bhann . Comment. 8vo, 1843. 
Mbtbr'i Kritisch. exeg. CommenUr. Wbttb'i Handbneh, vol.2. Olshaubbm** 
Commentar. RosBNHUBLLSR'e Scholia. 


PALMER. (W.) The Apostolioal Jurisdiction and Sneoession of the Episoopacy in the 
Britoh Cnnrdies vindicated against the Objections of Dr. Wiseman. 12mo. 

/.M42im. 1840 

MARSHALL, (T. W.) Notes on the Episcopal Polity of the Holy Catholic Chnich : with 
■ooM Account of the Development of the Modem Religions Systems. 8vo. 12«. 

London, 1844 


MACKNIGIIT, (J.) New literal Translaflon, from the Oririnal Greek, of ajl the Apos- 
tfilical E|iistla ; with a Commentary, and Notes. Philolocicai, Critical, Explanatory, and 
Pmctical : to which is added, a litstonr of the Life of the Apostle Panl. New editiitu, 
carefully revised, to which is now prefixed an Account of the Life of the AuUior. roy. 
8vo. 3U /^eiufen, 1843 

STANHOPE. (G.) Paraphrase and Comment, on the Epi*ties and Gospels. 4 void. 8vo. 
SSs I^ondon, 1817 

SUUTTLEWORTU, (P. N.) Paraphrastic Translation of the Apostolic Enistlee. with 

Notes. 8vo, 10« Ozford, 1HS9 

BLADE. (J.) Annotatiou on the EpMes. 8 vols. 8vo. 18e. /.Mien, 1838 

flee Palbt'b Horn PmUbb. flUMNSft'e ApmoBeal PnaeUBf eoas J de r ed. Bladb'b 
AnnotaUoBe ob the EpMn. WaanLT*! Emji m Man 9t tho P taoB W es ia tho 
Writings of St. PbbL 

11 •. • - 




WALCB, (J. S.) BibliDlJieDi TunHKt Kunnii usoui^ 

be ChritUan HcUiiwi. 


•M. EdicI.T.U 


LIBRARY OF THE FATHERS of the Holy Cslholic Chnich, bdu 
to lliE OiviBJon of [he East and Wesi. Traiwlated by Membect of the 
EagliKh Church, tjro Oxon., ^ 

!. Th' Cilechelictl Lniliim tt B. CjrrU. 

3. Trruart of S. CcdUu ryprim. 

4fc !l. RDBiliHcire.Juhii Clirnwioin mlheAM EpMI 

S. ComiunlUT dd (be EpbUe In the Gtluliiii ind Uqb 

BpberiiDiarS. John (AijiixUim. 
T. Tlie Homlliei of B. Joha ChrrHnlom n Ibe Epiille a 

S, Tbe Ilamiiks of S. labn Chr^iaitaiii de Uk BliEsUo, 

ll. PanlUUHCsrlB- 

he Eplilks of Si 

• Ej*iilei of S. Cjprins with I 
. Taohich ve added IheEl 
Irak of the Bciok nf Jab, by S, Ontmr IbeGrell. 

>, RofidiM, l« Connlhia 
. lilTimnlh;, Tltu, Jim 

.rCuUiife oD Ibe BipUiin at Hen 

»iil, V8 Aiifsrii». (Vol. 
uu, EptaHiuu, PUIippiut, 

«, TmutUBd, whk Kola. 
. Vol. 3. Put I, 

ALDHELMt e^ H.ri.b. Op™- !»•■ <W- 
B,'BONIFACRF<p>Open. s'>sl..9l>,' 
LA1IFKA.NC1 Open. X>D)i.aU. 
ARNUI.F[ EpMolE, l(L<. td. 
8 THOH£tBeck«Opera. S Toh. gvo, <M<.