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Digitized by VjOOQIC 





Digitized by VjOOQIC 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 






FOR 1913 




Digitized by VjOOQ IC 

^' 1 ,; 





.- ...alurd 



'; 1952 

/. . 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

Industrial Arts Index 

December, 1913 

PuUnhed Febnuir. April, June. October. Deccnbei by 

White Plains. N. Y 39 Mamaroneck ave. 

With Ihis issue the Industrial Arts Index 
completes its first volume. The removal 
of the publishers from Minneapolis to 
White Plains prevented the publication of 
a lutniber in Deceniber. The present issue 
however, is a complete index for 1913 o( 
the magazines listed on the following page. 
Numbers oite and two of volume two will 
be published as a double number in April and 
the publishers hope to resume thereafter the 
regular schedule. 

The four numbers thus far published 
have been in the nature of an eKperinienf. 
The list of periodicals is still far from com- 
plete, and the method of indexing will no 
doubt need modification as the work is en- 
larged. Suggestions will be welcome both 
as to the list of magazines and the improve- 
ment of the indexing. Ice and Refrigera- 
tion. The Proceedings of the American So- 
ciety of Civil Enjjineers'. the Electrical 
Journal, and American Machinist do not 
appear on the list as the publishers have 
not yet sent us copies for indexinR. The 
Textile World Record, General Electrical 
Review, Journal of American Institute of 
.\rchilects, American Gas I-ight Journal 
have been chosen as the next additions, 
while the indexing of Horseless Age and 
Electrical Review and Western Electrician 
which was necessarily omitted from this 
volume, will be carried back to the begin- 
ning of 1913. 

One of the difficulties of indexing engi- 
neering magazines is to indicate the fact 
that certain articles appear in more or less 
similar form in several difTerent periodicals. 
As the titles of these articles usually vary, 
it takes a good deal of time to establish 
their identity or partial identity. This hap- 
pens frequently in the case of reports or 
abstracts of papers presented before engi- 
neering or trade societies. The original 
paper may be published in one magazine, 
a portion of it in another, reasonably full 
abstracts in a third, and perhaps a brief 
summary in a fourth. An expression of 
opinion is very much desired as to the im- 
portance of indicating the relationship of 
these articles to one another. Should (hey 
be combined in one entry under one title, 

with some abbreviation or symbol to show 
the relationship e. g. "Same cond," or "ex- 
cerpts," or might they be entered separately 
each under its own title and the time thus 
saved be spent more profitably in improve- 
ments iu other directions? 

Miss Louise Teich has edited copy and 
read the final proof of this index. Credit 
is due also to Mrs. Nellie Shimer for val- 

The American Institute of Mining Engi- 
neers publishes an index to volumes 36 to 
40 of its Transactions, covering the years 
1905 to 1909. This index supplements the 
"General Alphabetical and Analytical In- 
dex" of volumes 1 to 35- A new arrange- 
ment of materia! under group headings is 

The American Society for Testing Ma- 
terials has published an index to the first 
twelve volumes of the Proceedings of the 
society. Volume 1 contains the index to 
the twenty-eight bulletins that were issued 
at irregular intervals from 1898 to ig02. 
Volume 2 contains the index to the annual 
volumes which have been issued since that 
date, including the volume for 1913. A 
table of contents giving the contents for 
each individual volume follows the index 

The "Index to Transactions of the Amer- 
ican Institute of Electrical Engineers" in 
two volumes has been issued by that so- 
ciety. "This index consists of two separate 
parts, each intended for a distinct purpose. 
First. There is an index of papers in which 
they are classified in natural groups and 
arranged chronologically in each group. 
Second. There is an index lo specific data 
and information arranged alphabetically. 
The index of papers is intended for search- 
ers desiring to locate papers on a given 
subject, and to aid in this search the papers 
have been characterized. These character- 
izations are not intended to be abstracts of 
the papers, but rather to give the scope and 
nature of their contents. . . . The index 
to specific data and information is intended 
for searchers desiring to make a complete 
study of the subject as presented in the 
Transactions. There is a great^ mass of 
valuable information hidden in discussions 
which has no very direct connection with 
the subject of the paper. This data can be 
found only by reference to such a topical 
index," (Introduction) Volume i covers 
the period from 1884 to igpo inclusive; vol- 
ume 2, from 1901 to 1910 inclusive. 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

List of Periodicals Indexed 

Eng — American Engine 
lech ed). 


Ry Age 

_ _..j InduBtrlM. tl; Blngle num- 
bers I DC. National Hanufacturen Co., SO 
Church St, New York. 

Am Intt E E Pro— American Institute o( BIm- 
trical Engineers. Proceedings. $10; single 
numbers Jl. F. L. Hutchinson, aec, 33 W. 
391h St, New York, 

Am Intt Mln E Bui— American loHtltnte of 
Hlnlns Enslneera. Bulletin. Bubs. |10; to 
membera, public llbrarlas, and educatlonetl 
InBtltutlons, tS. Joseph Struthera, aec,, 19 W 
asth St, New York. 

Am Mach— American MachlnlBt. (4: alncie 

• numbers lEc. HUl Pub. Co., GOG Pearl St, 
New York. 

Am Soe M E J— Journal of the American Socie- 
ty of Mechanical Engineers. 13; single 

bers 3fic. American Society - -- ■ - 
Engineers. 29 W 39(h St.. N. 

Arch A SIdg— Architecture and Building. %2: 
single numbera 2Dc. William T. Comstock 
Co., !3 Warren St, New York. 

Arch Rcc— Architectaral Record. tS: single 
numbera SEc. Architectural Record Co.. 119 
W. 40th St, New York. 

Automobile — Automobile. t3; single numbers SOc. 
Class Journal Co., 231 W S9th St, Mew York. 

Brickb — Brlckbullder. IE. Rogers & Manaon, 85 

Co Ulery— Colliery Engineer, (2: single numbers 
2Bc. International Teitbook Co., Scranton, Pa. 
Formerly Mines and Minerals. 

Concrete Cem — Concrete- Cement Age. (LEO: 
si net a numlKrs 15c. Concrete -Cement Age 
Pub. Co., 97 West Fort St. Detroit, Mich. 

Dam Eng— Domestic Engineering. %S: single 
numbers lOc. Domeetlo Engineering Co., 445- 
447 Plymouth Court, Chicago. 

Elee By J— Eleolrie Hallwar Journal. tS; Bln- 
gle numbers IDc. UcQraw Pub. Co., 239 W 
S9th St, New York. 

Elec R A W Elec'n — inectrlaal Review and 

* Western Electrician. %i: alngle numbers ISc. 
Electrical Review Pub. Co., 603 S Dearborn 
St, Chicago. . 

Elec W— Electrical World. %3; single numbers 
lOe. McOraw Pub. Co., SSS W SSth St, New 

Ena a. Mln J— Fhiglneering and Mining Journal. 
tG; single numbers lEc. Hill Pub. Co., G05 
Pearl St. New York. 

Eng M — Engineering Magailne. |S: single num- 
bers 25c. Engineering Magazine Co., 140 Nas- 
sau St.. New York. 

Ena N— E^nglneering News. (5; single numbers 
ISc. Hill Pub. Co., 505 Pearl St. New York. 

Eng Rec — Engineering Record, tt: single num- 
bers 10c. UcGraw Pub. Co., 2S9 W 39th St, 
New York. 

Foundry — Foundry, tl; single numbers IGc. The 
Foundry, Cleveland, O. 

Heat A Ven— Heating and Ventilating Maga- 
zine, tl; single nomberB 10c. Heating & Ven- . 
tlUtIng Magazine Co., 1113 Broadway, New 

Horseleit Age — Horseless Ace. , 32. Horseless 

t Age Co.. 250 W 51th St.. N. Y. 

Ill U Eng Exp Sta Bui— rilnoh 

nlcal Literature Co,. 120 W. 32d St.. New 
Inland Ptr — Inland Printer. tSi single numbers 
30c. Inland Printer Co., 624 Sherman St, Chi- 

Int Marine Eng— Interna 1 1 on si Marine Engi- 
neering. t2. Atdrich Pub. Co., IT Battery 
Place, New York, 

A tew numbers only are Indexed 

I Age — Iron Age. |S- 

David WUIiama Co., il9 ' 

Iron Tr R— Iron Trade Review. M; Blnsle num- 
bers r.c, Penton Pub, Co,. Penton Bldg,. 
Cleveland. O, 

J Account— Journal at Accountancy, tl; sin- 
gle numbers 30c. Ronald Prsaa Co., Coopara- 
town, N. Y. 

J Fr Inst— Journal of the FHtnklln In«tltuta. 
35; single numbers 50c Franklin Institute, 

J Ind S, Eng Chem—Journal of Industrial anil 

1 Bnsineering Chemistry, 16, American Chemi- 
cal Society. Easlon, Pa. 

Locomotive — Locomotive. EOc; single numbers 

frat Is ; recent bound volumes fL Hartford 
team Boiler Inspection A Insurance Co.. 

Mach— Machinery. Engineering edition 32; coated 
PH. 3:?.5n, Industrial Press, 140 Lafayette St, 
New York. 

Met & Cham Eng — Metallurgical and Chemi- 
cal Engineering. 32; single numbers tSc Mc- 
Qraw Pub. Co., 239 W S9th St, New York. 

Metal Ind n ■— Metal Inilustry new series. 31: 
single numbers lOo. Metal Industry. 99 John 
St. New York. 

Mines A Mln — Mines and Minerals. See Colliery. 

Munic Eng — Municipal Bnglnearing, tSi single 
numbers 2Gc. Engineering Pub. Co., Indian- 
apolis, Ind. 

Power — Power. 32; single numbers Ec. Hill 
Pub. Co., SOE Pearl St, New York. 

Ry Age-^Railway Ags Qazette. |E; alngle num- 
bers 15o, Simmons- Boardman Pub. Co., Wool- 
worlh nldg. New York. 

Ry Age (Mech ed) — Hallway Age Gazette, me- 
chanical edition Including the American ICngi- 
neer. 32; single numbera ZOc. Slmmons-Jioard- 
man Pub, Co,, Woolworlh Bldg, New York. 

Ry & Eng R— RaJlway and Engineering Re- 
view, 34; single numbers IGc. Railway Re- 
view, 1407 Ellsworth Bldg, Chicago. 
Continued as Railway Review, 

Scl Am — Scientific American. |3; single num- 
bers 10c. Munn A Co., 361 Broadway, Naw 

6el Am S — Sclentldc American Supplement. 
IS: single numbera 10c. Munn A Co., 881 
Broadway, New YoHc 

Btevens Ind— Stevens Indicator. 3160- single 
numbera SDc. Stevens instllute of Technology, 
Hoboken, N, J, 

U 8 Agrle Bui— United States, Dept. of Agri- 
culture, Bulletin, Dlstributeil free of charge, 
U. S. Dept. of Agriculture. Division of Publl- 
catiuns, Washington, D. C. 

U S Bur Chem Bui— United Stales. Bureau 
of Chemistry. Bulletin. Distributed free of 
charge. U. S. Dept. of Agriculture, Division 
of Publications. Washington. D. C. 

Included, after bulletin 166, In the Bulle- 
tins of the United Stales. DepL of Agricul- 

U 6 Bur Mines Bui— United Slates. Bureau of , 
Mines. Bulletin. Distributed free of charge. 
U. S. Bureau of Mines. Washington. U..C. 

U 8 Bur Stand Bui— Bulletin of tha United 
States Bureau of Standards, quarterly. 11. 
Superintendent of £>ocumenta. Union Btdg, 
Washington, D. C. 

U S Forest Serv Bui— United States. Forest 
Service. Bulletin. Distributed free of charge. 
U. S. Dept. of Agriculture. Division of Pub- 
lications, Washington, D. C. 

U 8 Pub Road Bui— United Statas. OfBce of 
Public Roada. Bulletin. Distributed free o( 
charge. U. S. Dwt. of Agriculture, Division 
of Publications, Washington, D. C. 

Included, after hullelin IS, in the Bulle- 
tins of the United States. Dept. Of Agriculture. 

t Periodicals elected but n 


Industrial Arts Index 

A Cumulative Index to Ejigineenng and Trade Periodicals 

January — December, 1913 

tests made by J. M. I^hy. J. Bayer. II Hci 

Am 109:316 O 25 '13 
Mental tests to grade pupils at school. Scl 

Am 8 75:87 F 8 'IS 
Psycholoslcal tests ot motormen. Blec Ky J 

Absecon Inlet 
Channel- ajid beach -maintenance problem 
at Atlantic City. R. R. Raymond, map Ens 
N 70:150-4 Jl Z4 '13 
Proposed Improvement oF an ocean bar at 
Atlantic City. N. J. L: M. Haupt. EnR N 
70: 523-4 S 11 '13 
Absorption of light 
AbsorpUon^ofllglit^ln jya^e^ B: S. King. 11 

Absorption ayatem. See Retrlgeratlop and re- 
frigerating machinery 

Absorption towers 
Absorption and reaction towers for chemical 
factories, dlags Met & Chem Eng 11;899- 
61 Je 'IS 

Abu, Mount 
Temples o( DUwara on Mount Abu. T. 0. 
Dalai. II Scl Am S 76:200-1 S 27 '13 

Abutments. See Bridges— Abutments 

Economic study of aoaoiaa. C: II. Shitin. II 
U S Agrlc Bui 3:1-38 '13 
Acadtmic efllclency. W: Kent Btevens Ind SO: 

Detecting reslsU nee— saving fu 
Marshall. 11 Automobile 28:133-5, 
1. 378-9 Ap 17-Hy 8 '13 

888-90, 937- 

moblle' 29:200-3 "ji 3i"-lS 
Accident law, Kee NcBllgeture: Personal Injuries: 

Workmen's compensation 
Accldant prevention. See Safety devices and 

Prevention of elevator accldpnls. R. p. Bol- 
ton. Ind Eng 13:251-3 Jo '13 

See also AulomoblleH — Accidents; Aviation 
-Accidents: Building failures: Collisions ai 
sea: DerailmentB; Life savinK: Railroads-' 
Accidents; Safety devices and measures; 
Shipwrecks; Street accidents; Street rail- 
roads — Accidents 
Accldsnts, Industrial 

Accident prevention. J. B. Douglas. 11 Scl 
Am S 7«:23S-4 O 11 '13 

Accident prevention at Rochester, N. T. I) 
Am Ind 13:24-7 Ap '13 

Accident prevention In construction work. 
Sol Am S 7B;3B3-8 Je 7 '13 

a"^ ^*e^ j^""*^ States and Oermany. Iron 
*S20 Mr' SZ^IS *"''"' **'"*^"^*- ^« K*" *T: 
Conservation of the worker. A. Cotter, ii 

Eng M 45:189-605 Jl '13 
Industrial accident costs In Massacbusetts. 

Eng Ree 67:338-9 Mr 39 '13 
LMSons o( a power plant accident. H- H. 

Knowlton. Power 37:49-60 Ja H '13 

1. i._. -_j ■- lustrial accidents discussed 

■ '— - ~r R 52:921-3 Ap 

_. ... Age 81:946-8 Ap 

Metal-mlnlng acddenta; Catsklll aqueduct ao- 
(^dents- Eng A Hln J H:100S-10 My IT 

Museums of safety and their aotlvltles: a 
brief history of movement for prevention 
of industrial accidents. M. a Hutton. Ma^A 

Luck, _ _ 

W: H. Doollt.._. . 
"" """; Same cond. 



Ordinary precautic 

Eng Ree 67:433-4 Ap 19 'JS 
Practical work In Industrial advancement Am 

Ind 18:12-6 Jl '13 
^?*"y2" °' accidents In central statlona. II 

Elec W 61:986-9 My 10 'IS 
Prevention of accidents In factories. 11 Scl 

Am B 76:212-4 O 4 '13 
Prevention of disease versus cost of llvlnr 

T: F. Harrington. Sol Am 8 7B:402-S Je Ts 

Recording memoranda on accident nreveiitton 
^T: D. West. Am ind 14:19-20 D '13 
Relative vocational hazards. H. Davis. Col- 
liery 33:486-6 Ap '13 
Safety engineering should form part of 
every engineering course. G. ailmour. 11 
Scl Am S 76:36-9 Jl 19 '13 
Sanitation and safety In heavy -chem leal pro- 
3i"m°"'11^' ^' ^""'"^''"' " ■*■" ^^^ 13-28- 
' trench. II Ifunlo 


I of 

Sir. aim Boiler explosions; Building «ccl- 
denta; Coal mines and mining— Accidents; 
Derailments; Electricity, Injuries from: 
Foundries— Accidents; Mine accidents; Rail- 
roads—Accidents: Safety devices; Street 
_..■ — j_ . ^. ,!._._. -Workmen's 


. _.._ 'of^M^ty; 

Bureau of safety 
Account analysis 
Account analysis in commercial banks. H. C. 
Thompson. J Account 16:210-89 B 'IS 
Accounting charges. F: O; Colley. J Account 
16:245-7 Ap '13 

Sre alio Accounting 
Accountants, Public 
Charlatanism In the profession of account- 
Co-operation between bankers and account- 
ants. J Account 16:61-3 Jl "13 
Federal relations; advancement and reKUla- 
tlons of the profession. J: A. Cooper. J 

1 16:1 

Ja ■ 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


Accountant!, Public — Condnued, 
Municipal recognition ot the certlfled public 
accountant In Cleveland. C. H- Nau. J Ac- 
count 16:39-109 Ag '13 _ 

editorial. J 


New York C. P. A. eicaml nations: dlac 
J Account 16:410-4 N '11 

New York C. P. A. examlna 
Account 16:230-2 S '13 

New York C. P. A. examtnatlons of January, 
1913. J Account 15:377-90; 16: 132-44. 21B-B2 
My. Ag-S 13 , ,, , „„ 

Pennsylvania C. P. A, examinations ot No- 
vember. 1912. J Account 16:198-230. ZTI- 
301, 370-6 Mr-My '13 

Pennsylvania -•-•- ■■"" 

C. P. A. legislation. Tennessea. J Account 15 

S01-* AP 'W , , , M ™ VnrW I 

Cerlined public ticcountants In New York. J 

Account l6;B3-6 Ja 'IS ^, 

Delaware, North CaroUna Norlh Dakota, Wlflj 

Nevada and 

32S-32 O 'id 
Oregon C. P. A. law. J 

lG:G3-6 Ja '13 
!, North Carolina, norm uanuia, ■ 
C. P. A. laws. J Account 16:65-7 

C. P. A. law. J Account 16: 
16:468-70 JB 
tancy legislation. 
pike. J Account 
nt G. P, A. law. J Account 16:408-9 N 

itlns methods. Blec W 81:1135-8 Je 7 
id discount 

^ -J: Bauer. J Account 15:218-58 AP 'IS 
Accounting Bystem (or a municipal hospllal. 

D. C. Eggli ■ ' 

Accounting 8, 

. J Account 18:366-70 N '13 

n lor electric companies. 

er 38:697-700 N 11 '13 

■n tor Bmatl lighting co 

™,„„. ^.^^ .. 62:380-1 Ag 23 '13 

>■ Apportionment of proBts of building and lo 

■ associations. G: G. Scott. J Account 16: 3i 

7 N '13 , ., _, 

AssessmenlfP on stock of corporations orgt 

laed under the laws ot California. J / 

count 15:117-21 P '13 

Cotton mill accounts. J. Hunter. J Account ' 

110-9 Ag '11 , , 

Departmenl of practical HccoiintlnK mniiui 
od by J; R. Wlldman, See incnthly nui 
bers of the Journal of accountancy 
Depreciation reserves vs. depreciation fun. 

B. A. Bailers, J Account 16:358-65 N '18 
Determination of the Income rate -' '"■— ■ 
ment. B. D. Kribben. J Accouti 
My '13 
Development of systems ot contro 
Steele. J Account 16:280-90 O 'IS 
Distribution ot accounts of road construction. 
Munlc Eng 44:524-7 Je '13 . . „ 

Ford service syslem. Automobile !S:470-S F 

'. R C. 

13 -IS 



in ting and 

: Kent 

. C: M. VanCleve. 

aid. J Account 16:433-13 Je 
MeasurlUG efflct™ry ou n Prnl 

Paasano. Iron Tr R 62:682-4 
Practical principles 

t 16:268-79 O '13 

. Chance. 

See alto Account analysis; Accountants: 

Card syalem In 1 ■ 

Ing: Depreciation: 1 

Foundry accountlnr, _ 

counting: Municipal accounting; Railroads— 

See Accountants, Public— Law 

Study and teaching 
Bte Accountants, Public— Eiamln at Ions 
Aceountlna, Municipal. See Municipal accounting 
Accumulator*. See Storage batteries 
Accumulator!, Steam. See Steam accumulators 
Ability ot (he acetylene fla 

Colliery 34:239-41 N '11 
Acetylene lamps In coal mines. Colliery 34: 

49-61 Ag '13 
Acetylene lighting system defended. R. H. 
Coomba. Automobile 29:614-5 S 18 '13 
See alio Oxyacetylene flame 
Acetylene-electric flame. C. F. Lorenz. I) E^ec 

"■ "51" " 

f-. .,, 

lighting equipment ot the Panama 

canal. J. Paltlson. dlags Eng N 69:1067-9 
My 32 '13 
Acld-prooflno the floors of battery rooms, plan 

Met & Chem Eng 11:66 Ja '13 
Acid waste 
Disposal ot acid waste in schools. J. Graham. 
dlaga Dom Eng 63:212-4 My 24 '13 
Acldimetry , „ 

Benzoic acid as an acldlmetric standard. Q: 
W. Morey. U S Bur Stand Bui 8:643-50 Mr 
I 11 

Sre also Acldimetry; also names ot acids, 
as Amlc acids; Hydrochloric acid; Nitric 
acid: Sulphuric acid 

Acorns and their uses. 11 Scl Am 108:248 Mr 
15 '13 
Acoustics. Architectural 
Air currents and their relation to the acous- 
tical propertle? ot auditoriums. P, R, Wat- 
son. Eng Bee 67:266-8 Mr S '13 
Bee alio Architecture 
Adding machines. See Calculaling nnachlnea 
Adding typewriters 
Frame work on an adding typewriter. R. 
Mawson. 11 Am Mach 38:S47-60 My 22 13 

A^.''.^_«„5rL''1', ..... brick. Eng & MIn J 96:I0T4 

jngth 0- 
6 '13 

Advertising for the printer. C: W, Hoyt. In- 
land Ptr 50:5:!i-7 Ja '13 

Advertising In printing trade. M. Gross. In- 
land Ptr 50:524-5 Ja '13 

Advertising printing— a profitable field. B. R. 
Rocder. Inland Ptr 52: 391-2 D '13 

Cost ot Bdverltsing In country dally and 
weeklv newspapers. E. K. Whiting. Inland 
Ptr 61:718-!0 Ag '13 _ 

llteher advertising rales for country papers. 
Inland Ptr 51:5f.7-9 Jl '13 

How shall we make advertising effective? J: 
K. Allen. Dom Bng 64:341-2 S 20 '13 

It pays (0 advertise. A. G. Brenton. Inland 
Ptr 50:343-6 Mr '13 

Newspaper wnrk. O. P. Byxbee. Sea monthly 
numbers of the Inland printer 

Printers' advertising. W. H, Wright. Inland 
Ptr 51:838-40 S '13 

Publicity for plumbers. Dom Bng 62:311-2 Mr 
15 '13 

Reaching the public through printing. W: T. 
O Diinnpll. InlamI P(r 51:106-8 Je '13 

Securing business by a house orftan. C: W. 
Hoyt. Inland Ptr 51:682 4 Ag '13 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


Advertlilnti — Conlinucd. 
Sliding acale of luIvertlBing ctnta. J. C. Mor- 
rison. Inland Plr G2:43i-6 D '13 
Study course In ajlverllaliiB. liUand Ptr BO: 
631-5 F '13 

See aim BualnQBa; House organa; Photog- 
raphy la Industry; Salesmen and saleBman- 
ahip: Signs 
Advartlaing managers 
Job with a curse. W. A. Otsen. Inland Ptr 
G1;6S5-T Ag '13 
Aeolian hall, Nsw York city 

VIewa, Arch & Bldg 4fi:S5-9 Ja 'IS 


Ja 1 

Need for 
United Stat 
7«4-7 F '13 

n S 76:398-400 D 2D '13 

im llnea around obslaclea to air cur- 

its. II Scl Am S 7G:2eS-9 Ap IS '11 

Ite alia Aerodynamic taboratorles; Baro- 

Aeronautic show at Olympla. 8. T. Beach. II 

Scl Am S 75:21-3 Ja 11 '13 
Latest motors at the Parle aero show, 11 
Scl Am S 75:196-7 Mr 89 "1! 
Aeronautic maps. Sec Maps. Aeronautic 
Aeronautic motors. See Aeroplane motors 
Aaro nautical meteoroloB/- See Meteorology, 


AarlBl navigation. See Aeronautics 
Aerial photography. See Photography, Aerial 
Aerial warfare. See Aeronautics, Military 
Aerodynamic laboratories 
Aviation to-day; Importance ot a national 
aerodynamic laboratory. W, 1. Chambera, 11 
Scl Am S 76:124-6 F 2S '13 
I^ngtey aerodynamical laboKttorj;. C. 

Way stations for a relay (light to Europe, H: 
H. Suplee. map Scl Am 109:496 D !7 *13 

See alao Aerodynamic laboratories; Aero- 
dynamics; Aeronautic eihlblUons; Aeroplane 
motors; Aeroplanes; Aviation; Balloons and 
airships; Hydroaeroplanes; Winds 
See Aviation— Accidents 
eronautic*. Military 

Aohi eve merits of military aircraft. H Ban- 
nerman-PhllllpB, II Sol Am 108:308-7 Ap G 

Aerial baltleahlpB and flying torpedo boats; 
^^fnjM dirigibles versus French aeroplanes. 

)uting at the Italian maneuvera. 1 

1 Am 

Dissecting the military dirigible airship VI. A 
Gradenwlti. It Scl Am 109:1S4 Ag 30 '13 

*^'SJi"ii* !" *»''?,."'■■ *^- Dlenstbach. Scl Am 
lu9:aD Ag 2 13 

Military supremacy of the air. T. M. R. 
von Keier. Scl Am 108:6 Ja 4 '13 

"'J'^'?' ^}!\ <"' low flying. C. DieDstbacb. 
Scl Am 109:210 8 IS '13 

Mining the air with balloon torpedoes. H. 
Bannarman- Phillips. Scl Am 108:538 Je 14 '13 

New hangars for military uses. II Scl Am 
108:69-70 Ja IS '13 

Repelling aeroplanes from the ground. C. 
Dlenstbach. Scl Am 109:319 O 25 '18 

Reiiulrements for scout type mllHary aero- 
plane. Scl Am S 76:IBB Mr S 'IB 

Sea and air command: Germany's new doUcv 
In lt9 relation to the British naval suprem- 
acy. 11 Scl Am S 76:392-6 Je 21 'IS 

Why we need an aerial navy. Scl Am 108: 
330 Ap 12 -13 

Work of aircraft in the French roaneuvars. 
1913. H. Bannerman- Phillips. 11 map Scl Am 

Aeronautic*, Naval 
Naval airship. C. Dlenstbach. Scl Am 109; 178 

Aeronautics and aviation In 1912. Scl Am 
I08;30 Ja 11 '13 

Aeronautics In Oermany. Sol Am 9 75:322-3 
My 24 '13 

Airhole of landing. E. Helnkel. Am Soc M B 
J 35:690-1 Ap '13 

Airman and the weather: aeronautic meteor- 
ology. C: F. Talman. 11 Scl Am 109:94 Ag 


2 'IS 

erlal hlghwi 

.. Scl J 

I 109:293 

eat her bureau. Scl 

pressure : 

., .,n a5rM)lai._ 

F. Zahm. J Ft Inst 175:503- 

Holmes. Scl 

m 109:229 S 

Am 108:362 Mr 21 
Measurement of tht 

a moving fluid — application to an aErcj>lane 

barograph. ' " ~-t— ...._- 

9 My '13 
Progress In air navlgal 

Am 109:211 S 13 '13 
Recent aviation events 

Am S 76:398-400 D : 
Sclentlflc instruments used In aeronautics: 

devices for determining direction, speed 

and Bide-sllp of aeroplanes. H. Darwin. 11 

Eng H 45;893-6 S '13 
Stobllity in flying machines. A. A. Merrill. 

Am Soc M E J 36:1405-78 O '18 
Travel inc through Inler-stetlBr space what 

type of motor would you employ? Set Am 

S 7S;263 Ap 28 'IS' 

n Qermeny. i 

5:322 My 

1. L, Ovington. 

Aeroplane, motor, or aviator? 

11 Eng M 44:339-44 D '12 
Data from German aviation motor contest 

ot interest to builders of automobile motors. 

Automobile 29:715-8, 778-8 O 16-23 '13 
Gyroscopic action of gnome engines. J: L. 

Collan. Scl Am 108:31 Ja 11 '13 
Latest motors at the Paris aero show. 11 Scl 

Am S 75:21-2 Ja 11 '13 
Progress In aeroplane design and aeronautical 

motorfl. Mach 19:753-4 Je '13 
Simple formula for computing gyroscopic 

forces In an aeroplane. E: V. Huntington. 

Scl Am S 76:247 Ap 19 '13 
Tests ot German aeronautic motors. Scl Am 

108:196 Mr 1 '13 
Upside-down motors at Kaiser prize contest 

for German-made aviation engines, dlag 

Automobile 29:870-1 O 9 '13 
Aeroplane propellers 
Feathering air propeller. Scl Am 108:154 P 

15 '13 
Aeroplane races 
Race for the Gordon Bennett cup. J: J. He. II 

Scl Am 109:313 O 2B '13 
"""' ■-■■-- meeting and the Gordon Ben- 

n meeting and th( 
:. J; J. Irle. II Sol 

109:368 N g '13 

Digitized GvCOC^lC 


Aeroplane itablllty and 
Automatic and Inherent stability or aero- 

planea. Scl Am 108:U4 F 8 '13 
AutomnUc longitudinal atablllier for aero* 

planes. W: H. Dettmao. Scl Am S 7S;1I2 
- F 16 'IS 
Autos lab lei a. flying machine possessing a 

high degree oC automatic stability. W. I. 

Cbambecs. Scl Am B 7E:S9-90 F 8 '13 
Dished dlak stabilizer. 11 Scl Am 10»:43T D 6 

Blngineerlng appUotitlona of the gyroscope. B. 

A. Sperry. 11 J Fr Inst 176:471-8: My '13 
Gyroscope In aviation. E. A. Sperry. U Kng M 

46:674-7 Jl '18 
Lateral Htablllty of aeroplanes. H. Challey. 

Sci Am 8 75:128 F U '13 
Making the aeroplane sale by the Kyroscaplc 

.. er. R. Q. Skerrett. 11 Sd Am 10S:!il 
8 Je 7 'U 
HeSectlons on aerial night: fallac: 

Stability In flyliix macMnea. A. A. Merrill. Am 

Soc M B J S6:l4«6-78 O 'IS 
Aerial battleshlpa and flying torpedo boats: 

Qennan dlrlslbles versus French aeroplanes. 

fi«l Am S ITSS Jl IS 'IS 
Aeronautic show at Otympla. S. Y. Beach. II 

Scl Am S 75:186-7 Mr St '18 
Aeronautics and aviation In 1912. Scl Am lOS: 

30 Ja 11 '13 
Aeronautics In Oermany. Scl Am S 76:S22-3 

My 24 'IB 
Aero-parachute. Levavasaeur and Qaatambidc. 

Am Sac M £: J 36:1885-7 Ag '13 
Aeroplane dealgn. U. Linton. Scl Am 108:187 

Mr ! '13 
Aeroplane In war. Scl Am 108: 674 Je 28 '13 
Aeroplane, motor, or aviator? B. Li. Ovlng- 

lon. 11 Eng M 44:83»-44 D '12 
Autostable; a flying machine possessing a 

high degree of automatic stability. W. 1. 

Chambers. Sci Am S 76:89-30 F 8 'IS 
BisBest flying machine In the world: bi-plane 

Of Sikorsky. II Sci Am 109:280 O 11 '13 
Coming army aeroplanes. C, H, Claudy. Sci 

Am 108:127 F 1 '13 
Comparative efficiency of Blllel surfaces: 

studies in aeroplane design. H. D. Andrews. 

Scl Am S 76:307 My 17 '13 
CurtlsB military biplane. S. T. Beach. II Scl 

Am 108:240 Mr IG '13 
Dangerous positloD of aeroplaDe 

Sci Am 108:278 Mr i._ „ 

DeaiKD and use of scientiflc Instruments In 

aeronautics. H. Darwin. Scl Am S 70: 6E-7 

Ak I '13 
Drzewleckl following surface aeroplane with 

Inherent longitudinal stability. II Scl Am 

108:137 P 8 '13 
Elevator action of the rudder. Scl Am S 76: 

7 Ja 4 '13 

r. Beach. 11 Scl Am 

WlnBV. J: O. Hanna. 

20 '18 

UepelllnB ne rap lanes from the ground. C. 
DIenstTjaeh. Sci Am 109:319 O 25 'IS 

Requirements tor scout type military aero- 
plane, Scl Am 8 76:166 Mr 8 '13 

SIde-BllppIng of aeroplanes. E. Q. Still. Scl 
Am 109:471 D 20 '13 

Smithsonian institution and the Aero club of 

.. Zahm. II J Pr Inst 176:601-1. ... .. 

Two-rudder control system tor aeroplanes. 
P. W. WllcoK. 11 Scl Am S 76:212-3 Ap 6 

See alfo Aeronautics; Aeroplane motors; 
Aeroplane propellers; Aeroplane stability 
and stabilisers; Aviation; Hydroaernplanes 
Safety device* 
Prevention of aviation accidents. E. Q. Still. 
Sci Am 109:269 O * '13 
African mahOBsny, See Gambia mahogany 
Aarlcultural cooperation. See Agriculture, Co- 
Aartcultural credit 
Railroads' interest In agricultural credit. Ry 
& Eng R 53:969 O 11 'IS 


. P. S. Rose. 

Four-cylinder pumps In Bellem motor which 
render starting from cold With keraaene iHJa- 
. Automobile 29;507'8 S 18 '13 

, P. S. 

Hose. Scl Am 108:120 F 1 '13 
MachlnInK gaa tractor parts by novel meth- 

Agricultural meteorology. See Meteorology. Ag- 

Aorlcultural peits. See Field mice 
Agricultural products. See C'ropa; Farm pro- 
duce; Forest products 

See alto Agricultural machinery; Drain- 
age; Eleclrlclty on the farm; Farm build- 
ings: Fertilizers and manures; Forests and 
forestry: Irrigation; Meteorology, Agricul- 
tural; Reclamation of land; Seeds; Soils; 


Farm accounts. J. Hunter. J Account IB: 

106-73 Mr '13 

Study and teaching 
Agriculture In the high schools. Scl Am 108: 

664 Je 31 '13 
Success oC the county agriculturist plan. C: 

M. Carroll. Scl Am 108:124 F 1 '13 

y Igor Sikorsky. Sci 
>Q flight. U Scl Am S 

DaWH of similitude and their application In 

aeroplane design. I. Balrstow. ll Scl Am 8 

70:109-10 AK 16 '13 
Measurlnj; the height of an aeroplane. Sci Am 

S 75:296 My 10 '13 
Morane-Saulnler monoplane. J: J. Ide. II Scl 

Am S 76:173-3 Mr 16 '13 
Moreau automatically balanced monoplane. II 

Scl Am 108:137 F 8 '13 
Nleuport monoplane, whose i 



Increasing the food supply of a nation: how 
lnti>nsiie farmlne Is pructlaed In Germany. 
H. C. Price. II Scl Am 108:111-2 F I '13 
United States 

Asrlcutture, manufncliires ;in.l railways, a 
study of capital values and net reluma. 
Sci Am S 76:66-7 F 1 '13 

Our record-breaking crop for 1912. Sci Am 
S 75:18-9 Ja 11 '13 

Railways and agriculture compared: carriers' 
outputs Increased much more In proportion 
to facilities than farmers'. Ry Age 54:796-9 
Ap 4 '13 
A tjr I culture, Cooperative 

Enlarging the agricultural unit. E. Daven- 
port. Scl Am S 76:29 Ja 11 '13 

SlucPSM of the county nErlculturlst I.Ian. C: 
M. L-arroll. Scl Am 108:121 F 1 '13 


cy Google 


Insulating bodies of higher 
capacity. G, L. Forteacue b. 
worth. 11 Ara Inat B E Pro .. 
DlscuBBlon. 38:1182-67 My '13 
Charts Bhowlng weights per cubic foot and 
specific heats of mlitures of air and wal^r 
Sf o"i" ^" '^- ttowB*- Ani Soc M E J 3ii:1375- 

7,-,<?'i.*^.*'^'l-,.'"y?,'« A^ ^"«t E B Pro 32: 

1318-3S Jo '13; Discussion. 83:2300-15 D '13 

Law of corona and dielectric strength of air. 

B- w !..„,. .. .„ ,„. ^ ^ pj,^ 32:1336-55 

Ven 10:30-6 O "13 ' 

Sm aJao Aerodynamics; Aeronautics; At- 
mosphere: Barometer; Compressed air- Hu- 
mWlty; Liquid air: Meteorology: Ozone: 
Psych romatry; Ventilation 

Air, Compreued. See Compressed air 

Air, Liquid. See Liquid air 

Air, Purification of. See Air filters; Air waahing- 
Tiii.t «mn„oi; Smoke prevention; Venllta- 

Dust r 

BOlh annual c ^„„„ ..,„, 

Ry Age 64:1033-4, lOST-9 My 9-16 '13 ' 
5n.K . ,._ „.^ Louis. May, 1913. 

St. Louis. May, 131 

ZOth annual c _,. „ „ 

Ry Age (Mech ed) 87:286-8 Je '13 

Twentieth annual convention. St, Louis, May 
1913. Ry & Bng R G3:43Z-E. 439-10, 45t-B 

Air bivka hose 
Air brake hose. P; Dannerth. Ry Age 64;Bfi9 
AlP brake hose. J. s. Sheate. Am Eng B7:lie 
Air brake^haee. J. S. Sheafe. 11 By Age 6E:Til- 

1. T. W. Dow. Ry Age 5' 

Air hose fallu 
9 My 16 '13 
Damage to air brake hose In shops. Ry ft Eng 

tnvesligatlon of the troubles with air brake 

hose. Ry Age 64:275-6 P 14 "13 
Air brakes 
Air brakei and modern condlllona. W. V. 

Turner and P. H. Donovan. Hy Age 55:415- 

S 8 6 '13 
Air brakes and the Stamford collision. Eng N 

69:1337-8 Je 2S 'IS 
Air brakes for henyy 'xteel nasAPnger cnrs. 

A. L. Humphrey. Am Soc M E J 35:841-4 My 

'13; Same. Ry A Eng R 63:113 My 3 '13 
Automatic brake alack adjuster, diags Ry Age 

54:801 Ap 4 '13 
Bettendorf variable load braKe. II dlag Rr A 

Eng R 53:568-9 Je 14 '13 
Brakes on fast trains. W. O, Clark. Ry & 

Eng R 63:709-10 Jl 2« 'IB 
Braking efficiency. Ry & Eng R 63:39-40, 186- 

7 Ja 11, Mr 1 '13 
Care and maintenance of air brakes. R. Wolfe. 

Am Eng 87:265-8 My '13 
Defective applications of t 

63:572-4 Je 14 13 

New York citv brake order. J. N. Dodd. Elec 
Ry J 42:414-9 g 18 '18 

Q-R locomotive brake equipment, plan Ry A 
Eng R 53:106-7 F 1 '13 

Stamford collision on the New Baven rail- 
road. Eng N (9:1292-3 Je 19 'IS 

Triple valve lubrication. Ry A Bng R 68: 
468-S My IT '18 

Twentieth annual <-onvenlion of Air brake 
assn,. St. Louis. May. 1913. Ry A Eng R 
63:432-5, 439-40. 1GS-B My 10-17 '18 

Twentieth annual convention of Air brake 

SK"i;,?SiV"i'"'.,'5"''' ^'"' ^y ^f" <Me«i' 

«d) 87:284-8 Je 'IS 

Undeslred quick action of brakes lessened hv 

1083 :^ ""'is °°"^- ^y -*«* "■ 

TO f^J "^ond. Rv Age 64:1067-8 My 16-13 

''4'"^Sg"^1^:4*'n''T"''"<"' " ^'^" ^y 

Sa^Sty'd^l^i*" ""''' "■"■*■ ^"'^'^ ""oes; 

"■1 '^rn''?%i%,irrjT--n''- """'=-"■ ^"-^ 

'"siO^Mr^'lS^'*"''""' ^ ^°'"^'- *'°"'«'" "■ 
ArjUcatlon of electric power to ralnlnii r * 
TtSi'^^SL " V°" "^^ ^ ^*:3E-9 Ja 2 -13 

. « ,.^*''«*''" oompresBor. 11 Foundry 41- 507- 
rJ-i* '5' .Same, Iron Tr R 58:916 N 20 '13 

5 O 'IB Same. Locomotive 29:274- 

*'™r™f«^'' "''■ "'"^7 "' **>« Anaconda cop- 
per mining co,. Butte, Mont, n -^ vt.J 
berg, 11 Am Inst MIn E "- ■ - 

III r. oui 81:2225-87 a '13 
~T^^"'^^Z" """ ""Station of turbo-blowers 
ana compresaors F mr fj^AAt^t* n v^Z. 
M 11:35-9. 199:203 O-N "l2 '*=''''*'"■ " ^"" 
"^h?^» '"^,^'J'',V5'' '<"■ «'■• compressing ma- 
chinery. 11 Colliery 88:528-9 Ap 'IS- S*m« 
cord, Bng Reo 67:BUp 13 P 1 'IB ^^ 

T».I^~,?iS*- ." '".'^ ^"B 18:182-3 Ap 'II 
Int^oollng In air compression. R a How. 
ard Ind Bng 18:287-40 Je 'IS 

IMF ll''"n''V^ SST'Pr""?"- P°"<* "•■ 

29 '13 ' "*■ ^* * "'" ^ 95:661-2 Mr 

Portable air compressors, II Colliery S4:260 N 

^a5792'?7J80'*J*18'"'° '»"'P''«'«'°'-- " Ito" 

Sullivan ariBle-compound air compressor, il 

Eng N 70:1127 D 4 'IS; Power 38:814-6 D 9 

ri'lR^-Ta"^ i^o,, r.rie, Pa. II Iron Age 

Bee «bo Air pumps; Compressed air 

Bee aleo Compressed air 

Air filters 

Water-Bprav Alter for turbo- generator ven- 
tilation. Elec W 62:94-6 Jl 18 '13 
ftr afjM Air washers 

Air measurement by Pltot tubes: abslraot of 

paper read before Am. Soc. M, B,. 1912 C 

H, Treat, plans Eng N 69:204-9 Ja 30 'It 
Design of air ducts. L. A. Harding. Heat A 

Ven 10:28-82 Ap '13 
I,«ias of nressiirp due to elbows In pipe, dlass 

G""" ^■5?J*-^^''-" *" ^0 ■": Same c^ 

Power 38:303-4 Ag 26 '13 
Measurement of air In fan work: discussion 

of paper bv C: H. Treat. Am Boc M E J 35: 

295-9. 637-11 F. Ap '13 
Measuring air velocities through registers. 

Hent A Ven 10:86-« An '13 
Special Venturi stvle elbows, F. L. Buaey, 

dlags Power 38:369-70 B » '" , , , 

cy Google 


Air flow —CoHttnued, 
Time itudlea and air oonnimptlon. A. For- 
mi«. II Bng & Mln J 9S:118S-E Je I' "* 

"— -' Pltot tube tn -'- 

_ jaey. plan Powej 
Use o{ Pltot tube In 

Loeh. Power 37:302-4 Mr 4 '13 
See alio Gas flow; Steam flow 
All* In surface condenaatloi). O; A- Omk. dias 

Power SS:S-10 Jl I '13 
Air lift 
Investigation of the air lift pump. Met ft 
Chem Eng 11:129 Mr -13 

Air mapa. See Maps, 

Air meaaurement. See Air Dow 

Air mater*. See AJr Hon 

Air pBMtaea. See Reaplratory organs 


Minevllle, N. Y. II E:ng & Mln 
N 29 -13 
Air pollution 

Inorganic co __ __ _. . _ 

Ohmea. Heat & Ven 10:S<-T Hy 'IS 

Mettioda for InveatlgatlnK and recording; at- 
mosplierlc Impurities, Including the soot 
ajid dniat auapeaided In the atmoaidiere. J: 
B. C. Keraban. dlaga Met ft Chem Shig 
ll;3g«-4Z Je -13 

Standard apparatus and method of measuring 
the amount and character of atmospheric 
pollution. J; B. C. Kerahaw. Met & Chem 


N ' 

Ag -IS 

DiBLgrama from i 

. , . R. C. H. Hick. 

Power 38;E15 O 7 ^13 
Independent air pump tor condenaers. R. O, 

- ■ ■ - r 37;G04-G Ap * "- 

.8:36 Jl 1 


nsing aystema. Power 9T:Sll-3 

Modern pumps for high vacua. E. N. da C 
Andrade. II Scl Am S 75:141 Mr 1 '13 

Molecular air pump. W. Gaede. II Eng M 
14;614'7 Ja 'IS 

New four-cy Under air pump. II Scl Am S 78: 

! J 35i902.3 My 'IS 

Rotary air pump for hlgh-Tacuum con 
service, dbg Eng N fO:SD7 S 11 '13 

im condenser 

Wbeeler turbo-air pump. 1 
Je '13; Same. " — " 
Same. Power S 

dlags Power 38:122-3 Jl 22 '13 
Btt alto Air compressors 
Air reslitance 

Air resistance to (ailing bodies. A. A. Som- 
ervllle. II Scl Am 108:429 My 10 '13 
Srt alto Air flow; Train resistance; Wind 

Air waihera 

Air washer va, centrifugal collector on dust- 
collecllng aystema. J. D. White. Power S8; 
672 O 21 '13 

Air washers and dust i 
Ven 10:24-7 P '13 

I Heal ft 

Air waahina 
■•- washfiig 

— ■ In bulldlngH. G: C. Whipple .. 

Whipple. Heat A Ven 10:13-9 S '13; Same 
cond. Eng N 7(I;671.S S 18 "13 
Tale of three bottles. E. T. Murphy. II Heat 
ft Ven lO:^-? My '13 
See also Air niters; Dusi removal; Ventll- 

Alrahlpi. See BaUoons and airships 
Akron, Ohio 

Flood. 1013 
Flood of March K. II map Eng N SS; 749- 
60 Ap 10 '13 

Richards. Poi. ._ __, _ _. 

Indeiiendent air pump tor the condenser, dlags 

Power 37:134-6 Ja 28 -13 
Influence of olr pumps on the military eHi- 

clency of turblne-drivfn warslilps. D. », 

MorlHon. 11 Int Murine Eng 1E:4;0-S O 'IJ 
Mesta slngle-atage air pump. II dtag Power 



ffM aUo Air Qlters; Air 
Smoke; Ventilation 
Air pumpa 
Atr pump maiittenance. Ry A Eing R 53:303 

Ag 23 -IS 
Air pump steam head repairs. J. A. Jesaon. 

dlags Ry Age (Mech edi 87:eo.-,-6 N '13 
Air pumpa. dings Ind Eng 13:230-:' Mv '13 
Automatic air pump, dlag Power 38:262-3 Ag 

Compound locomotive air pump, ding Am Ei 

87:104 K '13 
Condensers, air and circulating pumps. C. . 

McAllister, dlags Int Marine Eng 18:343 

Sewage -treatment studies at Akron, Ohio. 
II plans Eng Rec 67:387-90 Ap E 'IS 
Alabama coal operators' asaoclatlon 

Glh annual session, Marvel. Ala., 1913. W: Z. 
Price. II Colliery 34:69-73 S '13 
Alabama traction, light and power company, 

Hydroelectric a 

1 the C 

Experlencea of two miners at Stiuahanna. 
Eng ft Mln 3 36:676-8 O 11 '13 

Reminiscences of the Nome rush of 1900. G. 

1-. Sheldon. Eng & Mln J 9S:262-4 F 1 'IS 


Glaciers and international boundarlea. L. 
Martin, map 11 Scl Am S 76:129 Ag 30 '13 

Settlement and survey of the Alaskan bound- 
ary. J. A, Fiemer. 1) map Eng M 46:209- 
26 My '13 

Dtacrlptlpn and travel 

Across Alaaka by motor. Ekig A Mtn J 96: 
702-3 O 11 '13 

TruclflnB to the polar circle, II Automobile 2'i: 

Economic conditions 

Alaska's need of railway development. E, E. 
Swergal. map Ry Age 55:421-3 S B '13 

Promised government onnersliip of railroads 
in Alaska. Ry Age S4:lll9-20 My 23 '13 

Report of the Alaaka railroad commission, 

Jan.. 13-13. map Eng N 69:664-7 Mr 20 'IS 

Industries and resources 

Conservation as applied In Alaska, Q. I.. Shel- 
don. Rug ft Mln J 95:184 Mr 1 '13 

Development of Alaaka coal lands. Colliery 
33:534-e My -13 

Hlnlng In Alaska In 1*11: abstract of raport 
to U, S. Geol. a. Bng A Mln J 95:130-! Ja 
11 -IS; Saina cond. Eng M 44:788->0 F 'IS 

New laws and transportation in Alaska. II 
Eng & Mln J 96;«34-5 O 4 'IS 
Alaaka gold mines company 

Ind Eng 13:267-8 


_.. . .1 In August, 10 

. Eng A Mln J 96:1133-4 Je 7 

Digitized GV Cockle 


Albany, New York 

State education bultdlnK. il plan Arch & Bids 
(5:178-81 My '18 

Rec ei:3Tl Ap E 
"■- "Ing ot the . 
riouB hiKh ft 
9:7B4-E Ap 10 "13 

Sanitary alTalri 
Typhoid outbreaJi, due to flooded niters. T. 
Horton. Ens N 69:1031-3 My 16 '13 
Albany, Oragon 

Tuning op dllera at Alliaiiy. Eng Rec 68:613-1 
N 15 '13 

Electrical properties of egB--whlt». B. F. Nor- 
thrup. J Fr Inst 176:413-9 Ap '13 
Density and thermal expaoslon ol ethyl alco- 
hol and Ita mlitureH with water. N. 8. 
Osborne and othtrrs. U S Ilur Stand Uul 9: 
327-474 Ap 16 'IS; HDmmary. J Fr Inst "" 
165-7 F 13 

alcoholic liquids. 1) 

Nomenclature of the Don-ferruus alto)-s. C P. 
KaiT. Foundry 41:'I84-T N '13; Same. Melal 
Inil n ■ ]l:al7-n D '13 
I'yruphorlc alloy Industry. G. Martin. Scl Am 
S 76:325 N 22 "13 

See also Aluminum alloys; Brass; Bronie; 
Cupper alloys; Iron alluys; Metallography ; 
Melallurgy; I'ewter; Solder and soldering 
Gothic capital letters. W. Welch. II InlanA 
Ftr El:2ie-21 My '13 
Btt alto Hieroglyphics; Lettering 

l.atHchberg or Uernese Alpine railway. A 

GradenwltX. 11 Scl Am 108:452-3 My 17 '13 

Alts mate -atop plan In Cleveland. Elec Ry J 

41:141 Ja 26 '13 
Alternators. See Dynamos 
Meaaurliijc the^hel^ht/if an aeroplane. Scl 


.( the literature on alcohol and 
McKelvy. U S Hur 



Stand Bui 9:436-74 Ap I 
Alcohol, Denatured 
Industrial alcohol. Set Am 108:529 Je 7 '13 
Removing tarbun from gas engines with de- 
natured alcohol. J. A. Anglada. Iron Age »2: 
616-7 S 18 '13 

Height oi 

ly 10 -13 

Use ot alum In connectloD i 

Wells. Eng N 70:248-1 Ag 
Alumina from clay by the fluoride proceas. 
D. H. Cbilda. Met & Chem Eng 11:211 
My '13 
Froductlon and uses of alumina; four papers 
by J. W: Richards, S: A. Tucker, A. H. 
Cowles, and L. B. Saunders. Met A Chem 
Eng 11:137-43 Mr '18 
Solubility ol alumina In a bath of fused 
fluorides. A. H. Cowles. Met & Chem Eng 
ll;lT7-8 Ap '13 

I4re alio Bauxite; Aluminum 
Aluminium. See Aiumlniun 
Aluminotypes. O: E. Dunton. Inland Ftr GO: 
879-80 Mr '13 

Aluminum aa flux. R. Grlmshaw. Metal Ind 

n B ll;42S O *13 

- - ■- — ■- - * ■. J: A. Han- 

Algae In water. 
10 Ag !6 '13 

Concrete In 
291-2 Je '13 

a. Hanson. Power 38:300- 
alkatl soils. Concrete Cem 2: 

itlgatlons by 

il Met & Chem Eng 11:19-31 Ja '13 
, Production ot caustic alkali and bleach, D. 
J. Allmand. 11 Scl Am 8 76:22-3 Jt 12 '13 
Set alio Ammonia 
Allgemelne deutiche bera man n stag 

12th cunvemlon, Brealau, Sept., 1913. O. H, 
Hahn. II Kng & Mln J 96:779-82 O 2S '13 
AMla-Chalmera manufacturing company 

1 Mr 2 


1 Inst 

Critical ranges A2 and A3 of pure iron. G. K. 
BurgesB and J. J. Crowe. II diaga Am " 
Min K Rnl 82:2,137-91 O '13; Ulseusslor 
2870-89 D '13 

Staling of bread explained In the light of phys- 
ical chemistry. R; Lorenz. 11 Scl Am 8 76: 
26S-9 O 25 '13 

■y as applle<l to alloys. Met & Chem 
619-21 N '13 
~ ' " of metals and alloys. T. 

Aluminum precipitation at Deloro. Ontario. 

8. F. Klrkpatrlck. dlag Eng & Mln J 96: 

1877-8 Je 28 '13 
AJuralimm proclplta-tlon at Nlplsslng mill, Co- 
balt, Ont. E. M. Hamilton, plan Eng & 

Mln J 96:935-9 My 10 '13 
Aluminum production. E. F. Roeber. Elec W 

61:21 Ja 4 '13 
Casting aluminum. Foundry 41:221 Je '13 
Condition ot aluminum Industry. Metal Ind 

n B 11:8-9 Ja '13 
Corroaion ot aluminum. G. H. Bailey. Metal 

Ind n B 11:204-5. 240-1 My-Je '13 
Explosion during aluminum .-..._ ^ _ 

& Mln J 96:914-5 N 15 '13 
How to melt aluminum turnings and borings. 

Foundry 41:119-20 Mr '13 
Improving the quality ot 

Am S 76:63 J] -^6 '18 
Mai'hlning of aluminum and whlt< 

Deinhardt. Mach 19:970 Ag '13 
Manufacture ot aluminum In France. Eng & 

Mln J i>6:1D10 N 29 '13; Same. Met 6 Chem 

EnK 11:632 N '13 
Modern aluminum and hmsn foundry. II plan 

Iron Age 92:7(14-6 O 9 '13 
Nitrogen In aluminum. Foundry 41;lSG-fl Ap 

Overland company's aluminum foundry. II 
Antomohile 29:469-61 S II '13 

■ V heat. Foundry 41: 

S 76:36 
Jl 19 'IB 

Recent applications o( metallic aluminum. 
Metal Ind n s 11:347 Ag '13 

W 61:339 F 15 '13 
Use of aluminium for kitchen and eating u- 

tensllB. Scl Am S 75:64 Ja 2B '13 
What Congress thinks ot the alumhiiun tar* 

Iflt. Foundry 41:249 Je 'U 

' aluminium. : 

'=, Google 


Aluminum illoya 

'" 'he aluminum with tbe rmrer metals. C. 
vIdbod. Foundry ll:331-2 Ag '13; Sajne. 

AUoylns aluminum witl 

H. IvIiiBOD. Foundry 41:3 

MatKl Ind n_a_11^40-_l Ag "13; 

cuetlni practice. AutMnoblle 18: 

3T3 Hy B IS 
Influence of pouiins temiierature on alumi- 
num aJloya. H. W. QlUett. Metal lad n a 11: 
1S7-9 Ap '18 
Set alio McAdamlte; UoEnalium 
Aluminum co. oT America 
Aluminum company defended by secretary 
Oliver. Iron Tr R 53:485 S II '13 
Aluminum nitride 
Aluminium nitride. & Chem Enfc 11:281 
Hy '13 
Aluminum ■lllcate. See pyrophylllle 
Carborundum and alundum. 8. A. Cochell. 
Het&l iDd n s 11:Z49-GD Je 13 

1 My IT 'IS 

Mexican method of retorting amalgam. A. M. 
Morton. dla« E^DK & HIn J 96:263-4 Ag i 

See alto Alloys 

Street car ambulance. Scl Am 10S;31S Ap 
E '13 
American asioclatlon for the advancement of 

Cleveland meetlnB. 1»12. W: H. Hale. Scl Am 

5 75:34 Ja IS '13 

Sixty-fourth annual meeting. 1312. EJlec It 

6 W Elec'n ei!:I03-5 Ja 11 '13 

Account 16:312-8 O '13 

President's address at annual me 

Sept 15-19, 1913, H. H. Monlg 

. Iro 

r R 53:1010 n 

Report for 1912. Iron Age 91:428 F 18 'IS 
American conference of teachers of Journailim 

Third conference. 1812. Inland Ptr 60:571 
Ja '13 
American electric railway accountant!' aieocla- 

Proceedlngs at Atlantic City 

17. Elec Ry J 42:»O0-l O 18 '13 
Report of meetlnff. Tuesday, "-• 

I, Oct. 

. 1913, 

Atlantic City. Elec Ry J 42:761-3 O 15 '13 
American electric railway aaaoclation 

Address of President Harries to the American 

association. Elec Ry J 42:756-9 O IE '13 
Annua) conventions of the Am. electric rail- 
way asBn. and Its allied and affiliated assi-- 
clatlons, Atlantic City, Oct., 1913. Elec W 62: 
779-80 O IS '13 
Committees for 1914, Elec Ry J 42:1247-9 D 

Conference of public policy committees of Na- 
tional Elec. Light Assn. and Am. Elec. Ry. 
Assn. Elec W 6I:3S4 F 22 'IS 

Co-operation with National Elec. Light Assn, 
Elec W 61:Stl-2 F 22 '13 

Lelter to Congress by committee on mall com- 

uensatlon. Klec Ry J 42:1337-8 U 27 '13 
Midyear banquet, 1913. Elec Hy J 41:208-8 

P 1 13 
Mld-yenr conference, 1913. Ene N 69:281-3 

F 6 '13 
Opening session at Atlantic City i^i i' ion 

Elec Ry J 42:760-1 O 15 '13 

844-5 O w ij 
. Reports of Committee meetings of the mid- 
year meeting, 1913. Elec By J 41:197-205 P 

32d nnnual convenllon at Atlantic City. Oct., 
1912. Eng N 70:837-40 O 23 '13 

all way claims association 

an, Oct, 15. 1913. 

Report of the r 
Elec Hy 1 42 
American electric railway enjineerlng aasoci 

traffic association 

Meeting of executive i-ommiUee, New York, 
Dec. 12, 1913. Eieo Ry J 42:1294 D 20 '13 

Rerwrt of session Oct. 16, 1913 at Atluiillc 
City, Elec Ky J 4a;R42-4 O 17 '13 
American electrochemical society 

23d general meeting. Atlantic City, April, 
1913. Met & Chem Bng 11:178 Ap '13; Else 
W 61:763-6 Ap 12 '13 

23d general meeting, Atlantic City. April. 
1913: wllh abstracts of papers. Met A Chem 
Eng 11:277-86 My -13 

S4th general meeting, Denver. Colo., Sept., 
1918. Elec W 62:573-4 S 20 '13 

24th general meeting, Denver, Colo., Sept.. 
1913. Eng & Min 7 R6:5El-2 3 20 '13 

!4th general meeting, Denver, Boulder and 
Golden, folo., Sept.. 1913: abstracts o( pa- 
pers. Mft & Chem Eng 11:669-91 O '13 
American foundry men's association 

,.u. ..„_ Qpt., 1913: report. Metal 

American association of railroad superintan- 

Zlst annual convention, Chicago, Aug. 1913. Ry 
Age 55:374-7 Ag 29 '13 
American boiler manufacturers' association 
Proceedings of 25th annual meeting. Cleve- 
Und. O.. Sept. 1-4. 1913. Iron Age 92:591-2 
S 11 '13 
American can ^'Company, _ 
4 '13 


157-6; N ■_. 

_.. ionventlon, Chicago. Oct., 1913. 

Eng N 70:827-8 O 23 '13 
;th annual convention, Chicago, Oct., 1913. 
Mel &. Chem Eng 11:608-10 N '13 
jundrymen discuss many problems at Chi- 
cago. II Iron Tr R 53:723-8, 766-6 O 23 '13 
eeling at ChlCHgo, Oct., 1913. Iron Age r2: 

on of ( 

■ Chicnfio 

-..., of the allied associations and (. 

of the exhibition of foundry supplies and 
equipment, il pors FViuudry 41:391-9 O '13 
American hardware manufacturers' association 
Meeting at Atlantic aty. Iron Tr R 53:857-8 
N C '13 
American institute Of architects 
46lh annual convention. 1912. Arch Rec 83: 
lBO-2 P '13 

Eng N 69:169 Ja 23 '13 
5th semi-Minual meeting, Boston, June, 1913. 

por Met ft Chem Eng 11:430-2 Ag '13 
5th scmi-antiual mepllng. Hoston, June 25- 
38, 1913. Met ft Chem Eng 11:310 Je '13 
American Institute of consulting engineers 

fore Am, Inst, of consulting engineers, 1912, 
L: B. Stlllwell; S: Whlnery. Eng N 69:116- 
8 Ja 23 '13; Same abr. Eng Rec 67:118- 
20 F 1 '13 
Americsn institute of electrical englnee 

e as defendant C. T. Hutdilnf 

:995-6 My I" "" 

Inalltute as defendant C. T. Hutdiln^on. Eleo. 

■ C.ooglc 


'L^WBuit against the A. 
ae4-5 Ap 26 '13 

Midwinter convention. New York, Feb.. 1S13. 
ELec W 61:128-9. 43S-9. 6I5-2Z Ja 18. Mr 
1-S '13: Ene N 69:480-2 Mr t 13: Blec Ry 
J 11:131-2 Mr 8 '13 

Model for englneerlnK convenllons. Eng N 
6S:B24 Mr II '13 

PacISc coast convention, Vancouver, B. C, 
Sept., 1913. Elec W 62:629-30 8 27 '13 

Papers and dlscuasiona at SOth annual con- 
vention, Cooperstown, N. Y., June, 1913. 
Eleo W 62:15-21, 81-6 Jl B-12 '13 

Phlladelphlu meeting, Oct., 1913. Elec W 62: 
TSO-3 O 18 '13 

Plttsbursh meeting, April 18-19, 191S. Elec 
W 61:870-2. 9S2-3 Ap 2$-My 3 '13 

Report of the hoard of directors tor flscol 
year enillne April 30. 1913. Am Inst R K 
TTo 32:H96-1G14 Je '13; Dlacusslon. 32:2254- 

30th anni 

Jl b'-i. 

30th annual convention, Cooperstown. N. Y., 
June. 1913. Eng N 70:77-80 Jl 10 '13 
See olaa Mershon, R. D. 
American institute of machanlcal engineers 
Board of directors: portraits. Eng & MIn J 
»E:118T-9 Je U 'IS 
American Institute of metsis 

Ion, ChlcaBO, Oct., 1913. Mel 

Eth general mectir 

1913. Iron Age 3 

, Buffalo. N. T., June, 

Amerlcsn mine safety auociatlon 

First-aid and rescue contest. I'itlsburjf. Sep- 
tember 22-21. W: Z. ITlce. 11 Colliery 34: 
207-10 N '13 

nerlcan mining 

JBth annual mecmiH, i 
liery 33:377-8 P 'IS 

Annual award of medals, 1913. By & Eng R 

53-M Ja 18 '13 
Anmial meeting, 1913. Elec W 61:231 F 1 

SclentlUc American gold medal awarded to 

pulmotor. Colliery 33:184-6 Ap '13 
American order of cteam engineers 
2Tth annual convention. Philadelphia, 1913. 

por Power 37:878-9 Je 17. '13 
American public health association 

l^orta presented before the laboratory and 
sanitary engineering seillons of list annual 
meeting at rolorudo Kprlngs. Eng Rec 68: 
293-7 S 13 '13 

Foundry 11:179-83 N '13 
Institute of mining anginsers 

Annual meeting of the New York section, 
N. Y., 1913. Eng & Mln J 96:1009-10 My 
17 'IS 

Conslltutioii and by-luws. Kng & Mln J 95: 

Fnll meeting 

Oct.. 1913. Eng & Mln J Hfi:793-1 O 26 is 

Mining engineers dlscUBs Iron an.i steel top- 
ics. Iron Tr R B3:7«l-2 O 23 '13 

104th meellng, New York, 1913. Colliery 83: 
199 Ap '13 

106th meellng, Great Falls, Anaconda and 
Butte, Aug., 1913. Bng & Mln J 96:409-10 
Ag SO 'IS 

105th meeting, Great Falls. Anaconda and 
Butte. Aug., 1913; with extracts of papers. 
Met & Chem Eng 11:521-31 B '13 

Plans for a union of the Mining and metal- 
lurgical Sw. of Am. and the Am, Tnat. of 
M. R Eng & Mln J 9S:382-3 V V. 'U 

Program for annual meeting, Feb., 1913. Iron 
Age 91:389 F 6 '13 

Proposed union of the Mining and metal- 
lurgical society of America and the Insti- 
tute. Eng & Mln J 96:166 S 6 '13 
See alto Kemp, J. F. 
American Iron and steel association 

End of an era. J. M. Swank. Iron Tr R 62; 
172 Ja 9 '13 
American Iron and steel Institute 

Comments on business conditions accompany 
technical papers at Chicago meeting, Uct,, 
1913. Iron Age 92:OSe-60 O 30 '13 

:, New Yorli, Hay 23. 1913. 

disposal and 

769-61 O 16 ' 

41st annual m 

Eng Rec 68: 

t annual meeting. Colorado Springs, 

ig. Colorado Springs, 1913. 

47 r 

apera at annual mee.— _. 

Sept., 1913. £:ng N 70:670-3 S 1 
American railway association 

Fall session. Chicago. Nov. 19, 1913. Ity ft 
Eng K 53:1076-7 N 22 '13 

Spring meeting. New York, May 21, 1311. 
Ry & Eng R 53:489-90 My 24 '13 

Spring session. New York, M«y, 1913: commit- 
tee reports. Ry Age :^4:1I50-1 My 23 '13 
American railway bridge and building asaocla- 

Ahslrncts of reports of committees and dis- 
cussions al 23d annual convention. Mont- 
rciii. 1913- Ky Aep 55:781-93 O 21 '11 

Committee appointments for 1913. Ry A Eag 
R 53:141 F IE '13 

23d annual convention, Montreal, Can.. Oct.. 
191J, Kng N 70:SSH-91 O 30 'IS 

23d annual convention. Montreal, Oct.. 1913. 
Ity & Eng R 53:I!I2.1 O 25 '13 
American railway engineering aMoc'atlon 

Exhibits at annusi convention, Chicago, 1113. 
Eleo Ry J 41:55S-1 Mr 22 'IJ 

11th annual convention, Chicago. 1913. EHeo 
Ry 3 41:E43-8 Mr 22 'IS: Ry A Eng R SI: 
274-8B Mr 23 '13; Eng N 69: 610-4 Mr 2T 
'13; Eng Rec l7:BUp 40 Mr 2" "" 

of t 


nuHl convention, Chicago, Mr., 1913. Ry Age 
S4: .',7l-S9. 610-41, 701-32 Mr 19-21 '13 

Recommendstlons adopted at annual conven- 
tion. 1913. Eng Rec 67:316-7 Mr 29 '13 

Review of work aa reported to annual con- 
vention. 1913. Eng Rec 67:321-4 Mr 22 '13 
American railway master mechanics' assocla- 

Amerlcan railway safety asaoclatian 
Convention al Chicago. Sept.. 1913. Ry Age 

SSiSGI-S S 26 -U 
Railway and Industrial safety. Ry & Eng 
R 53:907-8 S 27 '13 
American railway tool foremen's association 
Eth annual convention, Chicago, July, 1911, 
Elec Ry J 42:147-8 Jl 26 '13 ^ It ^tjlf 

. OOg Ic 



Amerlon railway tool foremen'! «Mn.— Con(. 
Bth iinnual convention. Chli-a«o, July. 1913. 

Ry ABe ri5:l58-9. ITS Jl ;5-Ag 1 13 
Sth annual convention, Chicago, July, 191S. 

Ry ft Bng R 53:7ia-< J! U ^13 
pai)era al Tilh aonual convonflon. Chicago, 

.luly 1!»13. Ry Ago (Mech ed) 87H31-6 Ag 


Americin road bullden' aooOatlon 

Abstracts of some papers presented at the 
annual convention In Philadelphia, Dec. 
lal3. Ene Rec tlR;S72.4, 700-2 I> 1" "" "' 

rroceedlnKs of annul'' — "--i"- -• 
phla. EnB Rec fi8:s 

lOth annual convent _ ----.-■-- 

1913. Kng N 70:1256-7 D 18 '13 
American road congreil 

AbBlractB ot papers at the Sd annual conven- 
tion In Detroit, Sept. 29 to Oct. i. Bng Rec 
68: 377-81, «B-10 O 4-11 '13 _ ^ _ ,„,, 

Heaolullons adopted at Detroit, Oct.. 1913. 
Bng Rec 68:401 O U '13 ^ , ,, 

Some poi>ers at 3d annual poncress. Detroit, 
Mich. Bng N 70:728-32 O 9 "- 

Jd annual coneresa, DetroK 

Bng N 70:T!«-7 O 9 '13 

American imelting A. rettnlng ( 

j^,.. , . *„ . 

eeting at Phlladel- 
„ .J.Bup 60 D 13-aO '13 
>n. Philadelphia. Dec, 

Mich., 1913. 

American «oclety (or taitlnq materlali 

Improving the character of technical papers. 

Eng Rec 67:249-50 Mr 1 -13 
lTor<%dinKS of 16tU annual meeting. Atlantic 

City Iron Tr R 53:27-9; 34-9 Jl 3 '13 
Program of technical reports and papers to 

be given at annual nie«tlng:. Atlantic City, 

June. 1913. Ry ft Eng R B3:BS3 Je T "18 
Revision of the speclflfatlona for BteH, Iron 

16th annual meeting.' Atlantic City, Jur 

1913. Concrete Gem 8:12-4 Jl 'IS 
16th annual _meeilng^^ ^i"'."V 

1913; with papers, fcng N 70:37-13, T4-7 Jl 
lOlh annual meeting: presidential address by 
Robert W. Hunt on application of Bpecll- 
cations. Iron Age 91:16«l.71 Je 3fi '13 
American society of agricultural engineers 
SUlh annual convention, 1912. Bng N e9;44 
Ja 2 '13 
American society of ciyli engineers 
Annual convention, Ottawa, June, 1913. Eng 

Annual reports ot standlns < 

Soc M E J 35:7-19 D '13 
Code of ethics for engineers. Iron Tr R 52: 

415-fi F IS '13 
From Cologne to Munich with American en- 
gineers. 11 Iron Tr R S3:I31-4 Jl IT '13 
Germany's great Industrial plants visited. 11 

Iron Tr R 63:77-80 Jl 10 '13 
Mechanical engineers' German meeting. F. 

R. Low. II Power 3S:SlZ-4 Ag 5 '13 
Mechanical engineers In Germany. Iron Age 

92:73-3 Jl 10 '13 
Meeting with Vereln deutscher Ingenleore. 

Lelpilg. June, 1913. Bng N 70:121-4 Jl 17 'IS 
Spring meeting, Baltimore, Uay. 191S. Eng N 

S9:1148-Bfl My 29 '13; Iron Age 91:1292-3 

My 39 'IS: Iron Tr R 62:1236-8 My 29 "l!; 

Power !7:SO0-l Je 3 'IS 
33d annual meeting. New York. Dec. 1912. 

Am Soc M E J 35:8-27 Ja '13 
33d annual meeting. New York. 1912. Msch 

19:412 Ja '13 
34th annual meeting. New York, 1913. Iron 

Age 92:1339-43 I) II '13 
3tth annual meeting. New York, 1913. Iron 

Tr R 53:1081-7 D 11 '13 
31th annual meeting. New York, 1913. Eng N 

701200-2 D II '13 
34th annual meeting. New York. Dec. 1913. 

Power 38:870-3 D IS 'IS 
34(h annual meeting at New York city. Dec, 

1913. Elec W 62:1119-51 D fi '13 
Trip through Germany. Am Soc M E J 36: 

3-9 Ag '13 
8te alio Qoaa. Vt. F. M. 
Amertcan society of municipal Improvementi 

'"muhVc Eng ■'S;*P,-„8,„1''*' 

.„,. ..^. —.sup I- _ .- -- 
■^nventlim at Wilmington. Del.. 
ilO. Eng N 70:776-8 O 16 'IS 
American society of refrlgeratlno engineers 
9th annual meeting. New York. Dec, 1913. 
Power 38:837-8 D 9 '13 
American steel foundries^ , , „, „„ „, 

Annual report (or 1912. Iron Age 91:851 Mr 
IS '13 

■upply and machinery manufacturers 

6-9. 19tS. 

20 Ih ( 

leapolls, June, 

Value -it membership. Eng N T0:T71 O 16 'IS 
Bee alio SwaJn. O: F. 
American society of engineer draftsmen 

Fralprnai American engineering socletj-. W. 
M. Hmyth. Eng N 70:772-3 O 16 '13 
American society of healing and ventilating 
IMT'in^u'l^meetlng^New^York. J.,n., 1913. 

19th"JInnSal "meeting. New' York. 1913. Heat 

& Yen 10:37-35 F 'IS 
19th annual meeting. New York, 1913. Power 

19lh^InnuS mee^tlns. 1913. Elec W 61:232 F 

19th aem'l-annual meeting, Buffalo, July. 1913. 

Power 38:180-1 Jl 29 '13 
Proceedings of meeting, Buffalo, July, 191S. 
Heat ft Ven 10:28-87 Ag '13 
American society of Inspectors of plumbing and 
Sth'anm.ll'oonvenUon I.ouisvflle, Ky., May, 
1913. Dom Bng 63:218-50 My 31 '13 
American society of mechaflical engineers 

American telephone «. tel^MP^'ompjiny 
Annual report for 1912. Elec W 11:606-7 Mr 
Interstate commission Investigation of tele- 
phone company. Elec W 61:186 Ja 25 '13 
■ssiilpnient of American iclephone and tele- 
gra™ suit Elec W 62:1.103-1 D 27 '13 
American waterworka association 
33d annual convention, MinneJ 

1913. Eng N T0:42-6 Jl 3 '13 

SSd annual convention, Minneai^oHB, June. 
1913. Bng Rec 6a:sup 40-1 Jl 5 13 

Concluding sessions, 1913. Blec Ry J 11:220-1 
StiT annual convention, 1913. Ry ft Bng R 
.,'h'^l'.-nV™v.„'5.n. I...: ...h .«.««... 

Elec Ry J 41:150-5 Ja 25 '13 
N^th ann-ial meeting. 1913. Blec W 61:284- 

Repo«'or%th annual convention, 191S, Eng 
Rec 67:Bup 40-1 F 1 13 
America's cup. See Yacht racing 

*Acld'am'dea In the soil. 3: L. Jodldl. J Fr 
Inst 175:245-68 Hr 'IS 

*F:i^Hc'ltv In mines. H. R. Webb. Colliery 
24:347-8 N '13 
Keystone ammeter and voltmeter. 11 Met ft 


[■ R fp 

Chem Bng 11:866 Je "13 

Rfc tilao F;ie.trlc meters /^-- i 




Ammonia rondonaere. F. OchUIs. II Power 38: 

S35-T. *U-t S 1, SO -13 
Ammonia from aluminum nitride, Serpek 

process. EnK A Mtn J »fi:603 Mr 32 'iS 
Antmonla. In brine. M. B. Smltb. Power SS: 

337-8 9 2 '13 
Cuaclty of ammonia compressors. R. l- 

Hosanian. Power 38:200-1 Ac 5 '13 
Haber synthetic ammonia process, plans Mel 

& Chem Ens 11;1T3-1. 311-4 Ap '13 
Holller dlasram for ammonia. Power 38: 398- 

«D0 S 1« 'IS 
Ostwaid process tor maklnc nitric acid Irom 

ammonia, plans Met A C%em Bag 11:498-42 

Ak '13: Same. Scl Am S ;e:ieZ-3 8 13 '13 
Ostwaid process for making nitric acid rrom 

ammonia, and the production of ammonia 
- 1 cyanamld. Met & Chem Bng 

F. HiLber and R. L« Rosalffnol. li Scl Am 
S TG;68-9 Jl 28 '13 

Properties of saturated ammonia vapor- 
tables Power 3S:G!I-S2 Jl g '13 

Properliee of saturated and superheateil am- 
monia vapor. C. A. GoodsmiuBh and W: K. 
MoBher. Ill II Eng Exp Sla Bui ee:l-94 

PmiMTtleH of saturated and superliealed am- 
monia. W: E. MoHher. Am Soc M E J 35: 
;S-6R Jn 'IS 

Removing ammonia charere from compression 

Ins capacity. T. OphUIs. plan Power ST,: 
lM-2 F U '13 

KfC alio Coke-oven Baa; Oas manufacture 

ind dea 

isconda copper n 

Animal lntelilq*nce 
Don. the talking doc. 
Am 10B:E02 My 3! 'IS 

Iklng^dojT^ Ia K. Hlrshberg- Bel 
Animal trainino 



Isms- Scl Am 10»:£l 

Animals, Experiments on 

Delecling polflonoua gases l)y their action 
upon small animals. G: A. Burrell and P. 
M. Seibert. 11 Scl Am S 76:38.^, 389-90 D 20 

Treatment of bacteriological Infections by 
chemical means. F. Biumenthal. Scl Am S 
75:S5B Ja T '13 
Animals, Marine. See Marina zoology 
Annealing hieh-speed steel. Hach 19:431 F 

Annealing mulflEs. C. H. Wall, plans Metal 

Ind n s 11:1«2-G Ap 13 
Annealing of hoisting chains. Iron Age 91: 

94S-T Ap 17 '13 
Annealing of aleel costings. B. P- Cone. II 

Iron Age 91:1049-64 My 1 "13 
Annealing steel castings. Foundry 41:96, Mr 


Annealing steel In alternating magnetic Qeld. 
Scl Am S 75:311 My 17 '13 

Indoen.e of divorcing anneaiinit on the r - 


1 Inst Min 


Ammonium sulphat« from ammonia and sul- 
phur dioxide. W. Feld. 11 Scl Am S TS: til- 
8 Ap G '13 

Ammonium sulphate from foke oven kas. 

Iron Age 92:403 Ag 21 '13 
Cleaning coke-oven gas. B- F. Walker- It 

plan Colliery 33:349-51 F 'll 

M. Howe and A, „, 

Bui 73:1-35 Ja '13 
A man la, Connecticut 


Concrete highway bridge. II plans Eng Rec 
67:219-20 P 22 'IS 
Antarctic regions 

Achievements and lessons of the Scott ex- 
pedition. Scl Am 108:212 Mr 1 "13 

Scott exredltlon and Its tragic end. map il 
Scl Am 108:175-8 F 22 'IS 

To the south pole with the cinematograph. 
11 Scl Am 108;5fiO-l Je 21 '13 

: Wlr 

Anthracite coal 
Chemical Interpolation Of anthracite. H. S. 

Hachlts- Colliery S3:3TS-G P 'IS 
„. „ ._ ._._,.__ .... 2. Price. 11 plan 

!H3B2 N 

Inst Mia K Bui 78:1047-54 Je IS 
rianis, metliods etc. of the Anaconda cogiper 
mining co. 11 Am Inst MIn E Bill 80:1413- 
2197 Ag '13 
Repon for 1912. Eng & Hln J 9G:g<G-7 My 
10 *13 

Analysis (chemistry). Kee Assaying: also names 
of diibslaniea analyzed, e, g. Coal — Analy- 
sis; Gases — Analysis: Steel— Analysis 

Analysli, Spectrum. See Spectrum analysis 

thod for calibrating anemometers. B, F. 
Leai-ned. plan Eng N 19:313-4 Ap 14 'IS 
Aneroid barometer. S«fl Barometer 

Anesthetizing machine of Prot. Dubois. J. 
Boyer. 11 Scl Am 108:468 My 31 '13 
Angle Irons 

Defleetlon of angle Irons. W: L. Cathcart. 
Mach 19:636 Ap '13 

Animals as converters of plant nutriments 
into human toodstuDs. Sol Am a Ttrtlt Ap 
■= '13 

Antimony In brttsa mixtures. C. Vlckers. 

Foundry 41:322-S Ag 'IS 
Antimony In 1912. Eng & Mtn J 96:9G Ja 

in of arsenic and antimony In 
and elMtrolvlic copper K. E. 
Am Inst MIn E Bui S0:H!in-95 

Soil sterilization, B. J. Bussea II Sd Am 8 
76:180-1 Mr 22 '1> 

So- aho DIflinfectlcin and disinfectants 
Bacteriology and your health: serums and 
vaccines In the diagnosis, treatment and 

Srevention of disease. C: F: Bolduan. 11 
d Am I08:B40-1 Je 14 13 
Apartment houses 
Heating and ventilating apiirtmeni liousc- 

Plans Pom Eng 63:l18-2n My 3 '13 
How one expr"Bs oompany proposes to cm- 

Portfolio of current architecture; pictures 

and plans. Arch Rec 33:68-73 Ja '13 
Recent work by Albert Joseph Bodker. C: 
M. Price. 11 Arch Kee 33:381-91 My '13 
8te alto Tenement houses 
Description of the apopho remoter- plan Met 
ft Chem Eng 11:137 Mr "IS 
Apparatus. See Instruments 

Uncle Sam's appraisers ot merchandise, II 
Scl Am 10B:Z44-E Mr IG '13 
See alto Valuation 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


Apprentice pro bl era. J. 0. Holman. Inland 

Fir S0:SG3-4 Mr '13 
Apprenticeship, ny Age (Mech ed) 87:417-20 

Ag -13 
A^prentlceahlp on the Illinois Central. Am 

66:1023-4 N 28 '13 

J: P. Jackaim and J. ... 

1 InBl K B Pro 32:1432-9 Je '13 

1 approntlceahlp. By Ab* Sj;] 

Itej _.. 

ji 25 -la 
Santa Fe apprenllee InalrucHon. R. T. Pen- 

body, il lly ACP (Mech ed) N7;311.2 Je -13 
SoluKon or the apiirentlceahip problem. F: 

K. Fladd. Horn Kn^ 03:401-2 Je 28 '13 
Study your appren1i<e boya <-arcfully. O. M. 

Baarord. Ity Age 55:7-9 JI 4 13 
Syatem of apprentice Instruction in Uio Ma* 

nlla bureau of printing. W. B. Stevens. In- 
land Ptr 5a:SBS-9 Mr '13 
TrnlnlnK apprentices !n machine ghop work 

at the R. K. Le Blond machine toot co., 

CIncinnall. II Iron Tr R 62:179-82 Mr 2D 'IS 
Why don't railroads hold the college man? 

Ry Age (Mech cd) 87:523-4 O '11 
Woods apprentice indualrlal school, Alliance, 

Ohio, Mach 20:316 I> '13 

S« alio Corporation schools; Industrial 

education: Schools and shops. Cooperation 

Aquatic anlmala. See Marine iooIoky 
Completion of n preat engineering work. Sil 

Am im-MK N S '13 
Construcdon and completion of th« Los An- 
geles aqueduct, B. A, Helnly. 11 Bag H 4fi: 

1-17 Ap '13 
BIght-mlle concrete conduit at Baker. Ore.: 

replacing a. wooden flume with molded 

pipes, dlag Eng Rec ST: S88-9 My 14 'IS 
Monolithic conatrucllon of heavily reinforced. 

IT-foot circular a^iueduct: CatsklU. H: W. 

Nelson. 11 plan Ung Rec G7:»l2-5 My 3 '13 
Proposed Shoal Lake or Greater Winnipeg 

aqueduct. Eng N 70:B28-10 S 25 '11 

"'--■ ' for concrete construction: 

in aewers, aqueducts and ... 
_. Venable. 11 Concrete Cem 2:11- 

4 Ja '13 
Surplus waters of the I<os Angeles aqueduct. 

B. A. Helnly. plan Eng N 69:606-10 Mr 13 


See alio Cataklll aqueduct; Los Angeles 

Aqultanla (steamship) 
Aquttanla. II Scl Am 8 TE:S64-S Ap SC 'IS 
Cunard liner Aqultanla. II Eng M 45:B80-2 

Jl '18 
Launch of the Aqultanla. U Int Marine Bng 

18:214-6 Hy '13 
Power equipment of the Aqultanla. tl Power 

37:663-6 My 13 '13 
Arbitration, Industrial 
Amendment Of the Erdman act. Ry ft Bng R 

63:266 Mr 22 -13 
Arhltrallon as if factor In (he mining indiis- 

Irv. roUlcrv 34:::94-0 1> '13 
Arbitration of terms of trainmen's service In 

Detroit Bleo By J 43:346-7 Ag 30 '18 
Arbitration Of the firemen's controversy. By 

A Eng H 63:158-9, 2M5-6, 340-1 F 22, Mr 29, 

Ap 1 


j-ntlon n _, 

Rv Ane 64:479-8(1. *67-8. 762.5, 799-801, 838 
MV 14-Ap II '1.1 

Award In the flremen'B wage arbitration. Ry 
& Bng B 63:382 Ap iS 'IS 

Award of arhitralors In rose of conductors 
una tralnnipn of eastern roads. By & ICng 
n 53:10.18-8 N 15 '13 

Award of arbitrators In Chicago wage con- 
troversy. Elec Ry J 41:649-60 Ap B ^IS 

Boston arbitration hearings. Blec Ry J 42: 

349, 434, 470. 611, 700-1. 941. 993, 103O, 1066-7 

Ag 30, S 13-27. O 11. 26-N 15 '13 
Boston Elevaled hours of labor aereement. 

Elec Ry J 42:1254-5 D 13 13 
Canadian industrial disputes act. Iron Age 

92:655 8 25 '13 
Chicago street railway wage arbitration. Elec 

By J 41:616-6 Ap 6 '13 

Compulsory arbitration. Elec Ry J 41:791 My 

S 'IS 
Decision of Detroit .irbltralors In regard to 

working conditions and wages. Blec Ity J 

42:1028-9 N 8 '13 
Dispute between the Chicago city railway co. 

and its employees. Blec Ry J 41:749 Ap 26 

Eastern trainmen's wages settled. Ry Age 5'i: 
909-13 N 14 '13 

firemen's arbllratlon award. Am Eng 87:275- 
(1 My '13: Same, wllh arbitrator's report. Ry 
Age .M: 961-2 Ap 35 '13 

Government mediation In railroad labor dis- 
putes, 8. Low. Elec Ry J 11:212-4 F 1 
'13: Same. By & Eng R 63:209-10 Mr 8 '13 

Indianapolis arbitration proceedings. Elec By 
J 42:1254 1302-3 D 13-20 '13 

Indianapolis differences placed before com- 
mission. Elec Ry J 42:1149-50 N 29 '13 

Indianapolis employees close their c:ise. Elec 
Ry J 42:1348 D 27 '13 

Industrial arbitration, C: Murphy. Elec Ry J 



LeglalatloD to avoid railway strikes. Eng N 
69:733-4 Ap 10 '13 

Managers' and firemen's briefs. Ry Age 54: 

Needed amendment ot the Erdman law. Elec 
Ry J 41:318-9 F 23 '13 

Proposed arbitration bill. Ry Age 54:1328-30 
Jo 13 -13 

Railway arbitration. Eng M 44:697-8 Ja '13 

ai'EBPfllons for legislation for arbitration of 
lalior dlspuli?s. lly Age 54:472-3 Mr 14 '13 

Ternis of aettlement of Cincinnati strike. 
Elec Ry J 41:939 My 24 '13 

Set alto Labor and capital; Latmr dis- 
putes: Strikes 
Arbors (machinery) 

Arbors for second -opera! Inn work. A. A, 
Dowd. dlags Mach 20:115-20_O ;I3 

dehorn and methods for t 

Arc lamps. See Electric li 
Arch, See Arches 

Mi-lals In andqulty. S 

Arches of Meidci 
engineering. H. 

relics of early Spanish 

Convenient method for drawing Hve-centered 
arches. J. J. KlBt>er. Scl Am S 76:335 My 
24 '18 

Graphical method of dividing neutral axis 
■- •- arch design, T. A, Smith. Eng 

.„«:S59 Je 31 '13 

History ot the arch. C. Hammond. Scl Am 
108:471 My 24 '13 

Method of designing arches, Klngshlghway 
iladuot. St. I-oulH Eng Rec 67:136-7 p I'l3 
S<r Hlin BrUlgcH, Arched; Building; Cul- 
verts; Vaulting 

dcy Google 


Do archjlects read? a group of tnterviens. 
8: Hone. Arch Rec 33:S2'90 Ja '13 
Architects, American Initltute of. See Ameri- 
can InBtltute of archltecU 

ecu at lea. See AcousUca, Archl- 

Archltectural drawing 

Three dlmenslonB In architectural drawlns: 
the lesson of the Italian maaters. A. O. 
Byne. II Arch Rec t4:l»3-2Dl S '13 
Architectural education. See Architecture- 
Study stid teaching 
Architectural league of New York 

28th annual exhibition. 11 Arch Rec 33:217-30 
Mr '13 
Architectural 1 1 bra He* 

Deslen of (he Avery archlteotural library, 
Columbia university. C. M, Price. II plana 
Arch Rec 33:533-19 Je '13 

Notes on the collection ot the Avery arch- 
itectural library, Columbia university. Q: 
L. Hunter, il Arch Rec 33:660-66 Je '13 

Architect and builder not synonymous. Arch 
ft Bldft (6:127-8 Ap '13 

EnglneerlnK slandarda and architectural re- 
quirements. Eng: Rec GB:111 Ag 2 '13 

Interpretation of architecture. Arch A BIdK 
(5:41-2 F 'IS 

L.esaoiis of the Chicago world's fair, D. H. 
Burnham. 11 Arch Rec. 33:31-44 Js '13 

ard. 11 Arch Rec 34:SII-4; U 'Is' 
Portfolio of current architecture; pictures 

and plans. Arch Rec 33:fiB-81 Ja '13 
Textile orlKins In srchttpctiire. C: De Kay. 11 
Arch Rec 34:46S-(J6 N '13 (to be cont) 

Hfe aim Acoustics, Architectural; Arches; 
Armories; Bank buildlnKs: Baths, Public; 
Bridges: Building; Building materials; Ca- 
thedrals; CdllnRs: Chimneys; Church archi- 
tecture: Columns; Concrete construction: 
Conrrete houses: Cottages: Department 
stores: l>omeB; Doors: lOxhiMtlon buildings; 
Failorles; Farm buildings; Fireproof con- 
struction; Floors; Foundations; GaraBes: 
Crain elevators: Heating: High htiildlngs; 
Motels: Library architecture; Machine 
Bhnps; Masonry; Mills and mill-work; Mu- 
nicipal centers: Offlce bulldlnRs: Orders of 
nr.'hlteclurc; Plumbing; Post ofllce bulld- 
Inga: Range towers: Itoofs; Schoolhouses: 
Kteei construction: Stnilns and stresses; 
TempleK: Theaters: Tombs: Towers; Tn 

'entllatlon: Warehouse 

WImloi _. _.__ .._ _ 


Lettering and the architect. W: Heyny. II 
Arch & Bldg 45:8-10. 62-4, 9T-9, 133-6. IBT- 
R, 3111-1. S17-1, 415-S, 496-7 Ja-My, Jl, O-l? 

Molding »and cores for Roar construction, F: 
Squires. II Concrete Cem 2:213-8 My '13 
See nI«o Doors; Floors; Windows 

Chicago architectural club: notes on tilth 
annual exhibition. 1913. R. A. Upplncott. 
II Arch Rec S8;BST-TS Je '18 
Study and teaching 
Director Lord on the leaching of architec- 
ture. Arch Rec 33:96-6 Ja '13 
Bicycle Irlp through England. W, Schneider. 
II Arch Rec 33:123-36 F '13 
United States 
Architectural Philadelphia yesterday and to- 
day. C. FltiOlbbon. II Arch Rec 34:20-45 Jl 




,if t 

Arch Rec 34:232-9 S '13 
Varied work of Willis Polk. C. M. Price. II 

Arch Rec 34:S6«-84 D '13 
Work of Parker. Thomas and Rice. H. D. 

~ ~ CM. Price. U Arch Rec 34:96-134 

S"a = 

Study In local adaptation: a new-old Dutch 

colonlai farm-house In the CalAllls. D: E. 

Tarn. II Arch Rec 34:318-28 O '13 
Three types of Oeorglan architecture, H. D. 
. Eberleln. II Arch Bao 34:66-77 Jl '13 
Architecture, Domestic 
Anglo-American country-house, designed by 

Edmund B. OllchrUt H. D. EAterleln. 11 

Arch Rec 34:351-66 O '13 
Architecture and the houslnc problem. C. M. 

Price, 11 Arch Roc 34:240-7 3 'IS 
Building a house of moderate cost. R. C. 

Spencer, jr. II Arch Rec 31:609-15: 32:37- 

4S, 109-19. 238-49, 431-14; 33:156-62. 350-8 

Je-S, N "12, F. Ap '13 
Co-operative group planning. D: E, Tarn. II 

plans Arch Rec 31:J«7-"6 N '13 
Country house In California, H, D. Croly. 

II Arch Rec 31:4B3-J19 D '13 

Arch & Hldg 4S:43'>-51 N '13 
Edgerton. a study In the Tudor style: the 

n^dertck F. Brewster residence at New 

Baven. Conn. R: H. Dana. II Arch Rec 34: 

273-91 O '18 
Palatial country house In Delaware: the A. 

I. duPont residence. Carrtre and Hastings. 

axchltects. II Arch Reo 34:337-47 O '13 
Personal architecture: house ot H, C Mer- 
cer. Doylestown. Pa. W. T. Taylor. II Arch 

Rec 33:212-51 Hr '13 
Practical houslni 

the quadruple 

45-55 Jl 'IS 
Ready-made houses. Scl Am 8 76:16 Ja 4 

Study In local adaptation: a new-old Dutch 

colonial tann-house In the Catakllls. D: B. 

Tarn, tl Arch Rec 34: 8IB-28 O '13 
Suburban development. II Arch Rec 34:348-53 

O '13 
Three types of l3eoralan architecture. H. D. 

Eberleln. II Arch Rec 34:51-77 Jl '13 
8m atto Aitartment bouses: Cottages; 

Countrj- houses: Healing; Plumbing; Tene- 

Deslgns and plans 
City house to date: the residence of J. W. 

Herbert. II Arch Rec 33:201-11 Mr '13 
Concrete brick veneer and stucco house. J. 

C. Petersen, plans Concrete Cem 1:121-2 

Mr '13 
Country house with an Idea: the Russell res- 
idence at Qreenwlch, Conn., FYank E^loo 

Newman, architect. C: M. Price. 11 Arch 

Rec 34:292-301 O 'IS 
Evolution of domestic plans. C. E. Schermer- 

horn. il plans Arch & Bldg 46:!21-69 Je '13 
Recent work by Albert Joseph Bodker. C: 

M. Price. II Ar«h Rec 33:381-423 My *1S 
Recent work of Howard Shaw. H. D. Croly: 

C. H. Price. U Arch Reo 38:184-181 Ap '13 
Three cottafes and a studio: recent work 

of Arthur T. Remlck. A. T. Covell. II Arch 

Hec S4:30«-17 O '13 
Workmen's houses In Qermany. platta Ind 

Eng 13:374-6 S '13 

Portfolio of current architecture. Arch Rec 

33:163-76 P '13 
Architecture, Georgian. See Architecture, Co- 

Rec 33:389-19 Ap 'It 

dcy Google 


Arctic exploration 

Arctic eipl oration and the 

eipedUlon. H. E. Peary, mftp II Sol Am 

S K:27B My S '13 
Canadian arctic aipediUon. Scl Am 108:140 

Mr 15 'IS 
Pinna of the Steransson ex|>edltlon. C. Wlss- 

'- "I Am S 75;n6.T My 3 ■" 

What have the RuRSiar 

3H ' 


. .ered In the 

BxtractinK roota of numbani bj iDSpectloii. 

A. J. Lotka. Scl Am 10g.-)E4 Ap IS 'U 
Homer method of extra<;(inK roota. P. Staf- 
ford. Power 37:»0g Je 24 "IS 
Preparing tables of cubes, etc. J. a. Wltton. 

Scl Am S 76:318 My IT '13 
Simple method of preparlnK tables of cubes. 

A, W, Weeden. Scl Am S TB:!87 My S 

Set also A coo un ting; Calculating machines: 

Coat Bccountlnf;: Decimal system; Interest; 

Mensuration; Metric system 

Cube anil fifth roots by mental arithmetic. 

■ ' • -■■- "1 Am B 7" ■"■ ' " ** '•- 

A. J. . 

M-5 S 27 ■■ 

Deacrlptlon and travel 
Bnglneer'a atage Journey through Arlsona 
and Mexico In ISSO. C. Ii. Annan, map Enz 
N 69:1128-30 My 89 'IS 

MIn J 9B:i038 My 84 '13 
Arkanaai (United States ateamahip) 

Injury to the hull of the U. 9. S. Arkansaa 
ty KTOundlnB- 11 Eng N T0:4S9-« 8 4 '18 
Arkansas aasociatlon of public utility operators 
Sixth annual convenUon. L.lttle Rock, May. 
1913, Blec Ry J 41:888-9 My IT '13; Eleo 
W 61:102S-7 My 17 IJ 

Arm;tliirc nimr relullons in synchronous 
machinex, J. H. More.ri.fl. Eleo W r,2:lin6- 

Dj-namo and motor armature wlndlnKS. C. P. 

Poole, plans Power 37:G99-G00 Ap S9 '13 
Method of locating Erounda In armatures. 

Elec W G2:29G As 9 '13 
Primer of eleotrlorty. plans Power 37:741-2 

My 27 '13 
Wave -con nee ted armature windings. C. P. 

Poola. Power 38:196-7, 22T-8 Ag 5-12 '13 
So- nlM Commutators; Dyniimos; IJIctlni- 


D. K. Bii 
lens. Iron Akp 9::'53-S O 30 'lH 

Millions tor naval armor— the remedy. C: 
Browne. Scl Am 109:110 Ag 9 '13 

Should the government maniifacture Its 


3:68 Jl 2e '13 

t defeme 


Armalronfc works: pioneer In deve 
. mndprn HhlpB. guns, and armor. 

]09:4S3-4 D 13 '13 

>ci J 

Armstrong company 

Armstrong works: pioneer In development of 

modern bIiIiib, guns, and armor. II Scl Am 

]0«:i5!-) D 13 '13 
Arrowrock dam 
Construction camp at Arrowrock dam. A. B. 

Mayhew. 11 Eng Rec 68:116-8 Ag 2 '13 
Construction of Arrowrock dam, Idaho. 11 

Eng Rec 6S:26d-T S 6 '13 
Design and speciflcatlons (or the Arrowrock 

dam, U. S. reclamation service, plan Eng 

N 6H:118-!n Ja 16 '13 
Excavation for the Arrowrock dam. Idaho. 

C: H, Paul. II map Eng N T0:93-100 Jl IT 


Steelwork of the Broadway arsenal, Buffalo. 
II plan Eng Rec 67:301-2 Mr IE '13 

I J 95:96 Ja I 

Hrownnon. Am Inst Min E Uiil — 

Ag 'IS 
Art, Primitive 
Plastic art of prehistoric man. tl Scl Am 108: 
Z70 Mr 22 '13 
Art galterlea 

UghlinE of the ■ Cleveland an loan cxp.)Bl- 
tiou. Elec W i;2:13:t2 li 27 '13 
Artaalan well a 
Mysteries ot 
Ja 2E '13 
Artinclal Ice. See Ice— Manufacture 
Artificial llmts 
Artificial limbs: ancient and modem. A. H. 
J. Keane. Scl Am 108:403 My 3 '13 
Artificial meat. See Meat, Artlflcla] 
-,-.._.. — . -__ ,r|i]]ery, n Scl Am 108: 

wells. Scl Am 108:103 

25 Ja 1 


1 Naval gun* 
I crafts 
o(«o Beadwork; Tapestry 

426 F 1 


Coal and «ah handling at Lake Shore plant, 

Cleveland. A. D. Wllllllms. II Power ST: 

T63-T1 Je 3 '13 
Conveyor installntlon at raclfle Mills. South 

Lawrence, Maas. 11 plan Iran Age 91:882-3 

Ap 10 '1.1 
Features of the Lemp brewing company's 

Slant, St. t.ouls. Mo. II Power 38:420-1 S 
a 'IS 

Motor-driven ooal and uRh-lianillhiR equip- 
ment at Pactllo MtUe, South Lawrence. 

1-handllng egulp- 

Erecting the 22d regiment armory, New 

York. II Eng Rec 87:186 F IB '13 
Large nrrh-lmss drill-hall, for university of 
IIIiniilB, II plans Kng N 70:llS2-5 D 11 '13 
Bee alio ArsenaJa 

eee alio Artillery; Firearms: Guns; Rifles 
William Qeorge, lit baron, 1810- 


Pacific Mills coal- ._ _ .... 

ment. South Lawrence, Mass. II Pt., 

42E-7 S 2S 'IS: Ind Eng 13:13«-S O '13 
Pneumatic aah- handling teat. Eng Rec 68: 

410 O 11 'IS 
fnrterwater hodzenlnl ash discharger. F, P. 

Palen. II Kiig M IB:2S7-« N 'U 
Aalatie cholera. See Cholera, Aalatlc 
Aaphalt paving cementa and road binders. J. 

W. Howard. Eng Rec 68:34E-T 8 2T '13 

structures. W. H. FInley. Eng M ii;113-6 

n 6 -13 

Characteristics and differentiation of nallTe 
bitumens and their resMuals. C. Rlchard- 
BOD. Bog Rec 67:466-8 Ap 2S '1! 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


— Cont 

_ I and differonUation of native 

bHumena and their reslduala. J, R. Dran- 

cy. Eng Reo 87:875 Je 14 'IS 
Determination of asphalt In oils. Eng & 

MlD J 96:310 Ag 16 '13 
Method or determining the toughness of bt- 

tumlnoue materials. Eng Rec 67:72 Ja - 18 

iRphall der 
■=■-- N 70: 

>, Asphalt 

Asphalt pav 

Coat of asphalt repairs. II Munic Eng 44: 

3S7-91 My '13 

I>etrolt'B munlcipul HKiihall plant. H. B. Pul- 
ler. II MunIc Ens 4S:13G-7 N '13 

Inemclent operation of Dayton's asptialt re- 
pair plant. 11 Munlo Eng 44:117-30 F "JS 

Invrsttgatlon of municipal asphalt plants; cost 
data collected In report recommending plant 
(or Washington, D. C. Eng Hoc 67:160-2 

Semi -porl able 

Springfield, Mass. 11 Eng i 

•13; Eng N 70:430 Ag !8 '; 
Why some municipal asphalt plants fall, H. 

B. Pullar, Manic Eng 45:231-4 S '13 
Assay offlcM. See United States— Assay offlces 

Assay method for palladium and platinum, 
H, D, Greenwood, Eng ft Mln J 98:1176 1» 
20 '13 

Assay of gold and silver by the Iron-nail 
method, K. J, Hnll and C, W. Drury, Am 
Insl Mln i'. Bui 7S:10S9-86 .le '13: Same 
cond. Eng & Mln J 96:1126-8 D 13 '13: DIs- 
RMSHlon, Am Inst Mln E Bui S3:26S3-93 N 

Bone ash vs. cement cupels. D. M. LJddell, 
~ S & HIn J 96:30» Ag 16 '13 

■ " " " •."4^ th£ vanning assay. 

_.rnilh „ _.._ .... 

Met ft Chcm Eng il:IOti F ' 
Determination of lead In unchllled slags. R, 

T. Wilder. Eng ft Mln J 96:895-8 O 11 '13 
Elecirolydi' vh, l.Hllde aspay for copper. P. S. 

Harrison. Kns ft Mln J SB;2R3-4 F 1 '13 
Empirical rs. exact methods. Met ft Chem 

Eng 11:63-4 F '13 
Oayl.ussac method of allver determination. 

F: P. Dewey. Am Inat Mln R Bui 76:587- 

metais — gold, silver ami platinum. Trenk- 
ntr. Met ft Chem Bnit ll;S67-8 O '13 

copper-bullion. E: Keller. II Am Inst Mln 
E Bui 80:2093-15 Ag '13; Discussion, 83:2738- 
9 N 13 
Kalllng assays by salted cupels. D, M, Lid- 
dell. Eng ft Mln J 96:831! N 1 '13 

Hfc aim Metallurgy; United States— As- 
Associated foundry workmen 

Procpcillngs of tlie annual convention at Chi- 
~ ■ 1913, Foundry 41:461-3 N '13 


I, Ele< 

Speclflcallona for open-hearth 

billets and slabs for forging 

& Chem Eng 11:88-9 P '13 

Association of Edison Illuminating companies 

!4th convention, Cooperstown. N. Y.. Sept., 

1913: reports. Else W 61:613-4, 566-9 S 13- 

ZO -13 

Association M Iron and ste«l electrical engl- 

7th annual convention. New York city. Sept,, 
1913. Elec W 62:621-2, 682-3 S 27-0 4 '13 
Aiaociatlon of railway electrical enolneer* 

6th annual convention, Chicago. Oct,, 1913. 

Eng N 70:888 O 30 '13 
6th annual convention. Chicago, Oct. 1913. Ry 

Age 55:766-7,831-3 O 24-31 '13 
Association of railway tilegraph superintend. 

32d annual convenllon. St. Irfjuls. May, 1913. 

Elec W 61:1127-8 My 31 '13 
33d annual convention, St. LauIs, 1913. Ry 

Age 64:1187-8 My 30 -13 
i2d annual convention. St. Louis, M«y, 1913. 

Ry ft Eng R 53:46B My 17 '13 
Association of trmsportatlon and car ■ccount- 

Ing at CliarlevoU. Mich., June, 
i!ii.i. Ky Age 56:60 Jl II '13 
Wlnler meeting. Galveslon, Dec, 1913. Ry 

I dam, II 

Summer i 
•-■3. Ry 

e 66:1168-9 

Completion of Ihe rebuilt Aasufl 

Eng N 69:143-4 Ja 23 '13 
Enlargement of the Aswan dam. II Scl Am 

108:140-1 P 8 '13 
Raising the Aseuan dam. II plan Qig Rec 67: 

725-r Je 38 'IS 

'""" " Antiquities 

Statue from the land of Semlramla, E. J. 
Banks. 11 Scl Am 109:86 Ag I '13 
Astoria tunnel 

Construction. H, Q.rpenler, II Eng N 70:737- 
43 O 16 '13 
Astronomical Instruments 
Automatic aalronomjcal calculatar; Butter- 
neld azimuth chronometer. A. H. Brown. 
U Scl Am S 76:44-5 Jl 19 '13 
Set a J»n Telescope 
Astronomical models 
New way o' 
celestial si 
21 'IS 

Astronomical photography 
Integrating opaci meter for stellar' photog- 
raphy. J. Boyer. 11 Bel Am 109:124 Ag 16 '13 

r ending June 30, 1913, Ry 
Age 66:846-8 O 31 '13 
Rehabilitation of the Santa Fe system. Ry 

ft Eng R 53:754-6 Ag 9 '13 

Revenues and 

2 O 31 '13 

B 56:8 

Sanitary afralrs 
Sewage purification at Atlanta, da. II MunIc 
Eng 46:221-30 S '13 
Altantlc City, New Jersey 

Channel- and beacli-iru. 

R. R. Raymond, map Eng F 
Proposed Improvement of e 
Atlantic C— ^ - " "-- 
4 8 II '1 

- ot 

r Fi 

See aiio Air; Heteorology 
Atmospheric pressure 
Barometric pressure and mine gases. Colliery 
33:477-9 AP IB 
Bte alio I 

95:190 Ja 18 '13 

Same cond. Power 37:206-8 F II '13; Same 
cond, Eng N 89:1000-1 Hy 16 'IS 
Methods_or spraying, oil Juel. R. T. Strohm. 

Methods of sprayiOK oil fuel. R 
dloga Elec W 6ZT4»1-I B 6 'IS 

H-l g 6 'IS t'- I 



Appearance of helium and neon In vacuum 
tubes. J. J: Thomson. Sci Am B TG:160 Hr 
S '13 
Birth of the atom: has matter been synthe- 

Blaed. 8cl Am S T5:1B4-G Ur S '13 
Counting atoms by sclntlUatlODS. E. Mars- 

den. 11 Hcl Am S 7B:IS8 Mr g '11 
Has matter been syntheslsed? J: W. N. Sul- 
livan. Set Am 108:ZZS Mr 8 '13 
In the world of molecules. A- J. Lotka. Sci 

Am 108:226-7 Mr 8 '13 
Structure at the atom. J, J; Thomson. Bel 
Am 3 75:21S'9, I34-S, 260-1, ZSZ-3, Z8S-7, 
298-9 Ap 5-My ID '13 
Trlatomic hydrogen and other researches In 
molecular physics. J. J. Thomson. 11 Sci 
Am S TE:I6T-8 Mr t '13 

ffc alto Atomic theory; Atomic weights; 
Electrons; 'Matter 
Auckland, Nsw Zealand 
ElcclrlcHl eQulpmeiit anil fonerete construc- 
tion at Auckland harbor. W. Wllaon. II map 
Eng M 46:217-36 N '13 

Com m area 
Australia — a fine export fleld. maps Automo- 
bile :S:91>-SI Uy 1 '13 

8m alM Copyright; Editing: Proof read- 
Autobuses. See Motor omnibuses 
Autocars. See AutomobUea 

Data of teats of an exploded steam autoclave. 
a. Goldbern. Am Soc M E J 3B:nS6-7 D '13 

Relation of a pure water-supply to chronic 
Intestinal tract Infection; cond. from paper 
read before Am. Fub. Health Assn.. 1912. 
N: S. Hill and L. R. Whilcomb. Eng N 
69:319-30 Ja 30 '13 
Automatic machinery. See Machinery. Aulo- 

Automatlc sprlnkltrs. See Sprinklers 
Automatic train-stop. See Rallroads-~-Automat- 

Automobile accident* 

Automobile ratalltles and railway fatalities. 

Ry Age B6:711-2 O 24 '13 
Speed factor In collisions, scl Am 

tS 'II 
Teaching Massachusetts 


eaching Mast . __ .. _ 

tomoblle 28:1199-301 Je 12 '11 

Automobile batteries. See Automobiles— Elec- 
tric equipment; atorage batteries 

Automobile brakes. See Brakes, Automobile 

Automobllo chamber of commerce 

■omobile chamber of commerce formed. 

Fashions tor the woman in the automobile. 

II Automobile 28:1162-3 Je S '13 
Spring apparel for the autNnoblllst. II Auto- 
mobile 28:1049-E1 My 22 '13 
Automobile driving 

Seeing ourselves as others see us. P: J. Hill- 
man. It Automobile 29:228-9 Ag 7 '13 
Automobile englnaers, Society of. See Society 

of automobile englneera 
Automobile englnea 
Adapting of Diesel motors to automobiles. 

lobUe 2S:l262-4 Je 19 '13 

Assistance tor the designing; and mounting 

of caniBharts. Automobile 28:080-1 My B '13 
Carter motor has overhead piston valve. 

Automobile 29:1208-9 D 2E '13 
Chipping or dissolving scale from cylinders. 

Q: Rice. Sci Am 108:339 Ap 12 '13 
Coal engine for automobiles run by coal gas. 

V: Hart, plan Eng M 44:413-B D '12 
Combination two-cytde and turtdne motor. 

plan Automobile 28:I13S My 29 'IS 

Comparison of English motors for three years 

■"" " '"^ and horsepower. Automo- 

13 13 

tomoblle 29:120g-9'D 2B ' 
Data from German aviall 

of interest lo builders □ 

tors. Automoliilo adiic-B 
Dleael motors f i . 

mobile 28:296-8 Ja 23 '13 
Flameless combustion sjid automobllss of the 

future, II dlags Automobile 28:931-6 My 1 

Franklin car and third cylinder missing, dlags 

Automobile £9:2!!8-9 Ag M '13 
French motor siies for the Uist three years: 

tabulation. Automobile 29:813, SS3-6 O 30 

E. P. Batzell. 

LUtomobile 29:1148-9 i) IS 

I plane slide valves, dlags 
Automobile 28:1060-2 My 22 '13 

Gulttun^B combination sleeve-and-rotary-valve 
molor. dlagn Automobile 29:157-S Jt 24 '13 

High-speed motors for new models of HIs- 
pano-Suiza cars, dlags Automobile 29:830-1 
() 30 '13 

Horsepower per litre cvllnder voluni'i: sleeve- 
valve versus poppet type. C: Y. Knight. 
Automobile 29:1050-1. 1073 D 4 ^13 

IncreasinK the number of cyllmlers. Automo- 
bile 29:30r. S IS '13 

Ingenious overheating tell-tale. Scl Am 108: 

48 Ja 11 ^13 

- ;ngine 

! H. 

and 1 

... DelllnE, Automobile 29:706-7 _ — .. 
Light weight reciprocating motor parts. M. 

R. Machol. Iron Age 01:1238 My 12 '13 
Location of gasoline engine troubles made 

easy, il Scl Am 108:34-6 Ja 11 ■IS 
Low's gasoline motors & la Diesel, plana 

Automobile 28:683-3 Mr 13 '13 
Main considerations In design of b ' "* 

I L. H. Pon 

iblle 29: 

bile .- 

Moline motor shows power Inc 
bile 29:1333 D 26 '13 

Motor chokes up at low speed, dlag Auto- 
mobile 28:1178-9 Je 5 'IS 

Non -poppet motors Influence poppet types. 
E. P. Batzell. dlags Automobile 28:760-1, 
803-3, 844-G Ap 3-17 '13 

Premier adopts new valve-ln-head motor, 
plana Automobile 39:1165-7 D 18 '13 

Prospects for Diesel motors tor automobile 
use. dlags Automobile 28:231-2 Ja 16 '13 

Reasons why medium -stroke -bo re — ■'" '- 

Kiblle 29:708-9 O 1 

record, diag 

II Automobile 29:803-7 O 30 '13 

Stroke -bore ratio affects eftlclency. Auto- 
mobile 28:524-7 F 30 '13 

Stroke vs. bore. Automobile 38:74-8. 233-S 
Ja 3-16 '13 

Theory of the water-cooling of gaaollne mo- 
tors. H. Petit. Automobile 28:44-5 Ja 2 

t valves. Automo- 

n cyiindeV nt." Automobile 39:476-7 

>tor Is of block type, plan Auto- 

:1275 Je 19 '13 

es carbon rtepoBits. diag Automo- 

ae 'II ' 



Automobile engines — Continued, 

Why Mullne ailorted KntKlit molor. W, H, 
Van Dervoort, Automublle 29:IH» D 18 '13 

pins; Puel; Uas nnii oil englneti; Valves and 

Automobile run on Uqullled natural saa. II 
Automobile 28:11TE Je G 'IS 

Auxiliary contrivances for reducing gasoline 
consuiupllon. and ImpruvInK action of mo- 
tors. dIaRS Automobile 29:87S-7 N 6 '13 

Benzol beats gaaollne In aconomv lest. Auto- 
mobile 2S:1IS7 Mr 2i '13 

Britain's stiTigKle Co evolve new liquid mo- 
tor fuels. Automobile 28:1121-2 My 29 '13 

Cheap fuel discovered in l>ondcin. Aulomublle 
29:4ST S 11 '13 

French keroaene motor For automobllea: Bel- 
lem engine atarta cold on kerosene and 
runs on any kind of cinide oil. II plan 
Automobile 2B:ST9-gl Mr 20 13: Same Dond. 
Eng lit 4E:2TZ-4 My '13 

Fuel situation In EJngiuid. J. 3. CHtchley. 
AutomobUe £8:840 Ap IT '13 

'Automobile 29:346 As 21 '13 

Kerosene vaporiser cuts down fuel expense. 
diag Automobile 28:909 Ap 14 '13 

Latent beat of vaporisation. Automobile 2B; 
90«.7 Ap 24 '13 

Low-grade fuel for motor trucks. N. B. Pope- 
Automobile 2a:294-B Ja 23 '13: ijame cond. 
Iron Age 91:430 F IS '13 

Motor fuel engage* a.tlenlicro Of Indiana 

ovens! A. RoHason and A. W. Taylor, En? 
M 46:434-e D 13 
Motor spirit to solve fuel i>roblem for the 
passenger car. Automobile SS:Ei8G-7 P 27 

R, W, A. Brewer. Automobile 29:8G1 N 6 

New Standard oil fuel: motor spirit. Au- 
tomobile Z8:60O F 30 '13 

PBJUffln as a tuel. diags Automobile 38;9GA-1 
My 1 -13 

SolvlnB the fuel problem for the motor truck. 
H, U', SlauRon, II dlags Mach 20:121-4 U 
'13; Same, Scl Am S Te:292-4 N 8 '13 

Sources of motor fuel. Sci Am S 78:159-60 S 
6 '13 

Tail run 62 miles on 20 centa worth of fuel, 
dias Automobile 28:]1«7-S Je G '13 

Temperature ilmlis In combustion. R, W, A. 
Brewer, Automobile 29:598-9 O 2 '13 

Test Harroun carbureter on kerosene. D, S. 
Hatch. II Automobile 28:90S-9 Ap 24 '13 

TestlnB flow of fuel thru noizles. R, M, An- 
■leraon. Automobile 28:126S Je 19 'IS 

Testing various combinations of kerosene. 

Kisollne and ether as tuel for motor ve- 
Icles. Automobile 28:687 Mr 20 '13 
Two fuels from kerosene anil alcohol, II Au- 
tomobile 28:1219 Je 1^ '13 
Will the automobile be driven by kerosene? 
H, A, Morris, II Scl Am 108:38 Ja 11 '13 

Krt ofjto Gas and oil engines— Fuel; Gaso- 
line; Kerosene: Motor spirit; Vaporiiers 
Ignition devices 
TIattery versus maeneto Ignition systems, B: 
F. Bailey, dlags Automobile 23:376-9 AR 

„ -13 
Jump spark 

a spark Ignitlan 
H9S-7 D 2B '13 

11 J 


Heat treating at an a 
Continental motor mfg co,. Detroit. 11 plans 
Iron Age 91:71-3 Ja. 2 '13 

How nlumlnum crank cases and gray Iron 
pistons are molded anil cast by the Buten- 
ber motor co. il Foundry 41:87-92 Mr '13 

Isolated plant of gasoline engine factory; 
features of electrical and steam -heating 
station of Continental motor mfg. co., De- 
troit. Mich, H. C. Splllman. II plans Elec 
W 61: 3*3-6 F 16 '13 

Light weight reciprocatlne parts for motors. 
.. .. ..-..._. ...... ,-, i.^ -, ji ,j3 

M, R. Machol, 



, H. C, Splllman, II plan Iro 


] field well stocked- 11 Automobile 28- 
iii-si Ja 30 '13 

Make-and break Ignition system. J, K. Mer- 
cer, Aulomohlle 29:28-9 JI 3 '13 

New spark plugs. II Automobile 28:360-3 Ja 
30 '13 

Posaible causes of premature Ignition- Auto- 
mobile 28:80E Ap 10 '13 

Splltdort Ignition on Ohio 1911. plan Auto- 
mobile 28:1072 My 22 '13 

«rf alio Gas and oil engines— iBnlllon; 

«2:178-R2 JI 24 '__ 
Machining the Ford cylinders. F- H, Colvln. 

n Am Mach 38:841-6 My 22 '13 
Iwaukee casta eihaust ^'"" " 

Automobile 28:1077 My 22 
Molding gas engine cylinder. ._ _. . 

methods pursued at plant of Campbell. 

Wyant & Cannon foundry co., with details 

of coremnklng. it Foundry 41:1-6 Ja '13 


A, C. A. to test Packard motor 200 hours. 

Aiilomoblle 28:926 My 1 '13 
ContliientBl motor munufucturing co. testing 

25,0110 motors a year, il plan Automobile 

29:594-6 O 2 '13 
Engine testing at the Northwar motor A 

mfg. CO- plant. J. O. Heinie. dlags Auto- 
mobile 28:807-11 Ap 10 '13 
Exhaust gas analysis. Automobile 28:288-91, 

413-E, 466-7, 612-3 Ja 23. F S-20 'IS 
Factory methods of testing automobile mo- 
tors. 8. Petman. II Scl Am ]0S:284-G Mr 29 

Full report Of Pa^ard motor test. F. R, 

Hutton: H. Chase. I| Automobile 28:1080-2 

My 22 -13 
Magic motor on teat at A. C A. laboratory. 

Automobile 28:738 Mr 27 '13 
Making more tests In less space, dlag Au- 

tomdhlle 28:1169 Je G '13 
Methods of testing autoniobllo motors, p. P, 

Dean. Automobile 28:739 Mr 27 '1! 
Metropolitan engineers dlscuaa motor test- 
Motor testing plants. J. £: Schipper. II plan 

Automobile 28:G40-3 Mr 13 '13 
Sleeve vs. poppet In teat, C: Y. Knight, dlags 

Automobile 29:119-21 JI 17 '13 
Testing room for automobile engines. H. C. 

Splllman. U Iton Age 91:1047-8 My 1 13 
Automobile fuel. See Automobile engines— Fuel 
Automobile horns. See Automobile signals 
Automobile Industry 

American automobiles in world's marketil. 
Automobile 28:962-3 My 1 '13 

American danger: how Germany views our 
automobile industry. Scl Am S 75:19 Ja 11 

Australia—* fine export field, maps Automo- 
bile 28:919-21 My t '13 

Car registrations gain Tt.8S4 in 3 months. D. 
M, lay. Automobile 29:1089-91 D 11 '13 

Census shows sixfold Increase over 1904. D. 
M. Lay. Automobile 29:361-5 Ag 28 '13 

Detroit, the city built by the automobile In- 
dustry. L. V. Spencer. II Automobile 28:791- 

I9M. U V, Spencer, II Automobile 29:1186-9 

D 25 -13 
England and America lead in Australian 

trade, S, Oiberry. Automobile 29:689-91 O 

2 '13 
Future growth of the automobile Industry. 

Iron Age 92:621-2 S IS '13 
Great Britain Is largest buy 

899-901 N 13 -13 
Guatemala has 200 

Ja 30 '13 
House organ; Its object — when published — 

made to the hour. Automobile 28:863 Ap 

IT '18 

Automobile 28:338 

Digitized cv Google 


_ _ ._re(ully planned 

.--. „. ..utomoblle 29:3S4-B Ag 21 'H 

indtanapuIlB. a. city where pulling tofrether 

has brought results. L. V. Spencer, il Auto- 
May production breaks all reconls. J. E; 

Schtpper. Aulomobile 29:1-3 Jl 3 '13 
Plant of Packard motor car CO.. Detroit. 

A. R. Mauler. II Power S7:140-6 F 4 'IS 
Proper selling of eleoIHc cars. L; K, Burr. 

Automobile 2»:111 Jl IT '13 
Proposed tarlfF on automobiles unchanged. 

trlbutlng agent. 

Trade nppnrtiinltl 

lSMi-6 Mr 20 
Automobile 2»:2)0-l 

York bills. Automobile 28:672 Mr : 

York tlre-datlng bill and automobile 

leglBtaiion In other states. Automobile 2S: 
- r 27 '13 




J. T. _ _ __. _. 

Je 13 '13 

Pennsylvania automoblllsts endeavor to slop 
bad legislation. Automobile 23:S24 Ap 10 '13 

Recent decisions of the law courts. (J: F. 
Kaiser. Automobile 23:1145 D 18 '13 

Texas. lllinolB. Idaho and other legislation. 
Automobile 28:611 Mr « '13 
Automobile patents 

European patents, plana Automobile 28:306- 
9 Ja 23 '13 

Lapsing of Prench patents. Automobile 28: 
162 Ja 9 '13 
Automoblla racing 

nankpfl turn (or French road race. Automo- 
bile 2S:TB;-3 Ap 3 '13 

BoIHot again wins Grnnd Prix. W. P. Brad- 
ley. II map Automobile 29:91-7 Jl 17 '13 

Breaking the record at Mont Ventoux. 11 Au- 
tomobile 29:GI>0-I S 18 '13 

Bulcks win EOU-mlle reliabliltv run. J. E: 
" " ■utomohlle 2U:H192-S " 

He 1 


of C. , 

Omix makes 10E.2 miles In 

mobile 2B:83S Ap 17 '13 
Ooux. Peugeot, wins »5O,0O0 r 

. II ; 

United states has 1.157.646 
mobile 29:179-81 Ji 31 '13 
Wilson -Underwood achediiJe proposes reduc- 

" " 79& 9^ ""'""' "" '"'" 

World's" iVl'a , 

Automobile 2»:GS7-91 O 1« '13 
8(« oI»D Motor truck Indualry 
Automobile Inspection. See Automobile service 

stations; Automobiles— Inspection 
Automobile loiurance. See Insurance. Auto- 

es— Mghllng 

Automobile speed ItmitB. Bng" Rec 67:30 Ja 

Bay state hopes to defeat truck billa. Auto- 
mobile 2B:9!2-3 My 1 '13 

Dealers organize to meet proposed New 
York legal meosures. C: T. Terry. Au- 

How the Clement -Talbot racer made over 

103 miles In an hour. II AutomobUe 28: 

liOE-E Mr 6 '13 
HumanllteM of a world's record at Amiens. 

France. W. F. Bradley. II Aulomobile 29: 

137-9 Jl 24 '13 
Makers wont slock car conteata. Automobile 

28:963-5 My 8 '13 
National grahd winner In Catskitl run. II 

Automobile 2S:lbB6-T My 22 '13 
Naziaro's skilled driving and reliable car are 

winning factors In the Tarsa Florlo race. 

II Automobile 28:1112-3 My 29 '13 
Preparing for Grand prix. plan Automobile 

28:607 Mr 6 '13 
Ileveni Improi-ements In Peugeot racing cars. 

Automobile :9:H1 Ag 21 '13 
Stock cars are not fit for racing purposes. 

F, R. Porter. Automobile 28:1123 My 29 'IS 
Siutz u'lim ElKin classic. )I Automobile 29: 

A(\:,-!t. 412-3 S 4 '13 
Third annua] international Bweepstakea race 

staged at the Indiana poll a speedway, 11 Au- 
tomobile 28:1993-9 My 29 '13 
See alio Speedways 
Automotjlle rei I stance 

Detecting^ resistance— saving fuel. 

S-MZ-S, 888-90', 937- 

rshall, I 

for 244 models. II ^ 
D 11 '13 
Automobile lervlce i 

2S;470-S F 

Inspection report blanks. Automobile SS:9S6- 
7 My 8 '13 

Keeping the automobile In service. A. Fow- 
ler. Am Mach 38:818 My 15 '13 

I.«ylng out the service l>uililing. Automobile 
29:332-3 Ak 21 13 

Packard service system. Automobile 28:6SS- 
7 Mr 13 13 

Service for electrics. Automobllo 28:898-9 
Ap 24 '13 

Service plants for Boston owners. II Auto- 
mobile 28:577-9 Mr 6 '13 

Service system of New York Cole dealera. 
Automobile 2S:1210-3 Je 12 '13 

trade. Automobile 29:650-4 O 9 '13 

Simplified slock system. Automobile 29:26-7 
Jl 3 -13 

Special shops for Goodyear service, II Au- 
tomobile 29:18>i Jl 31 '13 

Steams co., N. Y.— model service and In- 
spection. Automobile 28:852-6 Ap 17 '13 
Automobile signal a 

Methods employed In making the long horn. 
II. Mawson. II Am Mach 38:733-7 My 1 'IB 

1913 warning signals. II Automobile 28:382- 
5 Ja 3D '13 
Aulomobile touring 

entrants carefully planned 

Ivertlsing. Automobile 29:324-5 Ag 21 '13 
- — ring party. 11 Automobile 


1H41-3 n 4 

Swedish ro>-al automobile club's annual win- 
ter tour. II Automobile 28:736-7 Mr 27 'It 
Transcontinental hodge-podge. E. Li. Fergu- 
son. II Automobile 28:877-81, 980-3. 974-7, 
1018-21 Ap 24-My 15 '13 
Automoblla trailers 
--.r>e11verv Irnller for pds.ipnKer csrs, II Auto- 
/ m<.'.ilp l'S;i:'-3 Je 19 '13 

. Digitized GvCOC^IC 


...tonioblle 29:338-10 Ar 21 'IS 

Analysis of the 1913 car. Automobile SS:6T- 
73 Ja e -13 

AiiBtIn new six leailer. 11 Aulomgblle 29; 
1016.7 N n '13 

Brain products; being a. company- by-com- 
pany story of all 1913 cars, listing their 
changes, lines of development and general 
tendencies In chassis and bodies, J. E: 
Schlpper. II Automobile 28:)08-S5 Ja 9 '13 

BuEBitl car an example of light fast vehicles. 
11 Automobile i9:91B-20 N 13 '13 

Bulck adds six to four-cylinder line. 11 Au- 
tomobile 29:600-3 O Z '13 

Cadtllao 19H cars have two-apeeil rear aile. 
II Aulomobll? Z9:l«9-71 Jl 24 '13 

Car of 1913. Scl Am 10S:2E Ja 11 'IS 

Carnation model; small car. II Automobile 29: 
35 Jl 3 'II 

Cars Of 1913. il Automobile 28;79-99 Ja 9 




-cylinders for 
R 4 'IS 
c tor 1914. I 


. Automobile 

iblte 29:434-7 


8 4- 

Cbandler six ol tight construction. II Auto- 
mobile 2S;994 Hv 8 '13 

Climbing Pike's Peak by automobile: effect 
on motor and (Ires. O. W. Hall. Automobile 
29:1115 D 11 '13 

Coal engine for automobiles run by coal gas. 
V: Hart, plan Eng H 44:4I3-E D '12 

Cole 1914 models. 11 Automobile 29:172-3 Jl 
24 '13 

Deltal. Isotta and Erwln Hpeclal are novel 
racers. 11 Automobile 29:414-5 S 4 '13 

DeSoto car embodies light six motor. II Au- 
tomobile 29;10SB-7 D 4 "13 

Delrotter adds model B with sloping hood and 
" " ■■ Dr. diaga Automobile 29;12H- 

5 D 2 


Dr. Bled lei's science popularized. Automo- 
bile 28:891-2 Ap 24 '13 

Electric vehicles for 1913. il Automobile 2S: 
10-23 Ja 2 '13 

Empire 1914 car a refined and enlarged edi- 
tion of 1913. II Automobile 29:I05!!-3 D 4 '13 

European models, Aulomoblte 29:4-E Jl 3 '13 

" " I shock absorption of power 

1437-9 i 
- in kiln 

Bobeth. Am Soc t 

1914 has six-cvllnd 
iblle 29:Tnn-1 O 16 '] 

French car 

show. W. F. Bradley. 11 Auf 

50 N 6 '13 
German lO-horsppowei 

1120-1 My 29 '13 

r chassis, 
at Paris 


Automobile SS: 
itomobile. 11 Aulumoblle 21: 

1320-1 Je 26 '13 
Havers 6-60 has larger motor for 1914, II 

Automobile 29:523-3 S IS 'IS 
Haynes adopts electric gearshift; two six- 

cylinder 1 
-■ 120-2 < 

rd adi'. 

.Mle 29:1210-1 P =5 

ider lypes, 11 Aut- 
II Automobile 29; 

6 '13 

Hudson to make sixes exclusively. 11 Auto- 
mobile 29:254-7 Ag 7 "13 

Hupmobile adopts electric system. II Automo- 
bile 29triT2-E S 25 '13 

Ignition, motors and gearsets discussed by 
R A. E. members. Automobile 28:392-3 Ja 
23 '13 

lm_perlals In^ fpurchassls. plans Automobile 

. II plan A ilc- 
4 -13 

"Automobl'lV 29 : B!« -9 
Krit motor cars have new bodies. 11 Auto- 
mobile 29:912-3 N IS 'IS 

ou-obile 29;Ki:- I N 27 '13 

r light six; type 77 has unit power plant 

'- '- ■ — -"e 28:772-3 Ap 

29:392-3 Ag 28 '13 

Automobile 29:601-T O 2 "13 
Marmon small six with I.-head cylinders cast 

In llirees and gear-box located amidships. 

II dlags Automobile 29:1190-2 D 26 13 
Maxim tricar adapted for both business and 

Pleasure. II Aulomoblle 28:615 Mr 6 '13 
Maxwell 26 Is out. 11 Automobile 2B:86t-E Ap 

Mitchell has three models for 1914. 11 plan 

Automobile 29:1116-9 D 11 '13 
Modem car and Che noise problem. L. Klngs- 

29;960-3 N 20 '13 

il plans Automobile 

long stroke and syphon cooling. II Auto- 
mobile 23:1218 Je 12 '13 
Multiplex— a new car with racy lines. II Au- 
tomobile 28:995 My 8 '13 

for 1914. II Automobile 29:1212-3 D 25 '13 

I'nthflnder has V-radlator, streamline body, 
dry plate clutch and four-speed gearset. il 
Automobile 29:914-5 N 13 '13 

Peerless continues the tbree sixes. 1! Automo- 
bile 2S:99Z-3 My 8 '13 

Pullman out with light six-cyiinaer. il Auto- 
mobile 29:525-7 S 18 '13 

Rambler supplanted by JefTery. II diags Au- 
tomobile 29:694-7 O 16 '13 
. & M, emhodies foreign features. II Aulo- 

Standards committee of the Soc. A. E. re- 
port. Automobile 28:252-3 Ja 16 '13 

Sli^rna adopts left drive and center con- 
trol. 11 Automobile 29:196-7 Jl 31 '13 

Sludehaker tour and six for 1914. II Automo- 
bile 29:9oS-ll N 13 'IS 

Slutz car has four and six on one chassis. 
II AulomohilP 29:516-8 S 18 '!3 

Trafllc by land, J. E. Kuhn. Scl Am S 76: 
139 Ag 30 '13 

Trend in automobile construction: the views 
of automobile engineers and designers. Scl 
Am 103:46 Ja II 't3; Scl Am S 75:32 Ja 

> N 20 'IS 
adds six-cylinder cars. II Automobile 

;a:9!l-2 N 13 " 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


Automobllei —Continufit. 

WlnCon 1914 motor has longer stroke, dlags 
Automobile 29;T02-4 O 16 '13 

Sec a 1(0 Automobile englneB and other 
headings beglnnlnK with Automobile; Cycle- 
care; Electric trucks : Electric vehicles: 
GHraBcs; Motor cycles: Motor trucks; 
Springs (mechanism); Tlree; Wheels 
Sir Automobile accidents 

firr nlxn Anles; Automohilea — Gearing; 
Au tomobl les — Wh eels 

Retainers Improved In special bearlnga, Ati- 

■ '!*ulimobt[|"29:S5^-S 's 'z 

Dealen tor runabout boiy with doors, disss 

Automobile !8:8E0-1 Ap 17 '13 
Deeign for etreamllne runabout body. G; J. 

Mercer, diags Automobile Zg:102S-9 My IE 

Folding tops for llmouslne-landaulets. dlags 

Aulomoblle Z8:T26-T Mr S7 '13 
Freak FYench automobile bodies. II Sci Am 

10S:2M Mr 23 '13 
F*u(ure car; how car l>odles have developed 

at home and abroad. W. Baunard. II Scl 

Am 108:28-30 Ja 11 '13 
Limousine and landau let types combined. II 

Automobile 3S:Sg2-S, Mr 20 '13 
Limousine body designed [or the Ford. 

J. Mercer, diags Automobllt 

17 "13 
Motor coach: SprlnnHeld convertible , boily 

H-S Jl 

I N IS 13 

. II Automobile 29: 

1914 Peerless closed i - 

bile 39:320-1 Aft 21 '13 
Dne-plece material tor tops. Automobile 29: 

931 N 13 '13 
Queer automobile bodies: French designs. 

11 Scl Am 108:204 Mr 1 '13 
Runabout body design for Paige -Detroit. G: 

J. Mercer, dtags Automobile 23:1170-1 Je 

Automobile 2S:896-f Ap 24 '_. 

Schoop's metallizing method for motor ve- 
hicle bodies. Automobile 23:462 F 13 '13 

Seml-r.)l\apslb!e body for Ford oar*. Q: J. 
Mercer, dlags Automobile 29:374-K Ag 28 

Stearns— Knight has European features, 11 
Automobile 29:932-3 N 13 '13 

Strpamllne bodies at Olympla. II Automolille 

tomobile 29:1010- 

Passengcr car chassis listed for 1913; horse- 
power and mechnnicHi details. Automobile 
2S:13e-4T Ja 9 '13 

Pierce- Arrow adds 2-fon truck chassis. 11 
Automobile 29:570-1 S 35 '13 

Regal models both under and overalung. II 
Automobile 29:660-2 O B '13 

DeslCTi of clutch release shoes. J: B, Myers. 
Mach 19:723-4 My '13 

Design of clutch release shoes. M. Twry. 
plans Mach 19:333-4 Ja '13 

Choosing a color scheme. Automobile 28:1070 

My 22 '13 
Quiet colors In fashion. Automobile 29:249 Ag 

7 '1» 

dlags Maoh 19:786-7 Je 'IS 
G earless automobile differential. R. Babcock, 

■■ " 1 Ap 26 '13 

!, dlags Automobile 28: 

arleas differ 
1322 Je 26 '1, 
" ~ dllTerentlal displaces beve 

. II 

Automobile 29:637 S 18 '13 

New type of spiral gear differential. 11 Scl 
Am 1(^:203 O 4 '13 

Some dllTerentln) Ideas. J, Munden, II Au- 
tomobile 29:970-1 N 20 '13 
Electric equipment 

A, C. A. testa Dijur-Paekard generator, 11 
Automobile 29:1049 D 4 '13 

Advantages of dutch-type generator and sep- 
arate starting and lighting units Tor motor 
cars. A. Churchward. Am Inst E E Pro 32; 
19S8-93 N 'II 

Automobile electric system and that of a 
railroad cor. R. M, Newbold. Automobile 
29:1120-1 D 11 '13 

Battery life depends on correct design of sys- 
tem. A. 8. Cole. 11 Automobile 29:597 O 2 'IS 
equipment ja double deck design. II 


of i 


7-9 Jl 31 

.._j.ter for automobile radiators. II 

E^lec W 62:443-3 Ag 30 '13 

Electric lighting worth the money. Automo- 
bile 29:1170-1 D 18 '13 

Electric starting, lighting and Ignition sys- 
^.. _ ,1 gigj, ^ JJ.J5J j^ 

1 ^ Paris 

t gasoline 

'. 11 ; 

Engineers disagree on starter units. Auto- 
mobile 29:190-2, 231-B. 2S2-3, 328-30. 383-S, 
422-3. 162-3, b:A-5 Jl 31-S 11, 2S '13 

Fisher B-ampero generator. II Automobile 38; 
999 M? 8 '13 

French generators for lighting of cars with 
novel mean.-i for equalizing voltage, diags 
Automobile 29;6«8-T0 O 9 '13 

Fuel consumption by electric eeu-iratir. Au- 
tomobile 29:1218-9 D 25 '13 

Grny tc Dnvls use planetary iwliiction: 
starting motors In three slies, 11 Auto- 
mobile 29:1110-1 D II '13 

Installing secrot control swlt^. plan Auto- 
mobile 28:1076 My 31 'IS 

Norwalk car has electric shift. II Automobile 
29:80-1 Jl 10 '13 

Resuscitntlng a dead storage battery. Auto- 
mobile 33:949 My 1 'IS 

Shifting gears by electricity. II Scl Am 109: 
140 Ag 23 '13 

Types of storage batteries and their care. 
Automobile 28:7"R-9 Ap 3 '13 

Voltage at the spark gap. dlKg AutMHOblle 
23:1177-6 Je B 'IS 

Ward Irfonard motor generator arrang- 
ed In tandem. II Automobile 29:I1I>7 D 18 '13 

Wiring of an automatic cut-out. dlags Au- 
tomobile 2a;8::7-9 O 30 "13 

fcrr aim Automobile engines — ignition ilir- 
vlces: Automobiles— Cearlng; Automobiles 
— Ughtlng; Automobiles— Starting devices; 

Equipment and >uppll«) 

Alternating a stethoscope to locate motor 
knocks. W: R. Inghram. Scl Am 108:359 
• I 12 '13 


I oil I 

. plan Automobile 
motorlHts. II Scl 
tale. Scl Am 108: 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


Automobllu — Equipment and supplies— Conl. 

Many flltlnga for cars and tor drivers. 11 
Automobile za;656-7. 698-9 Mr 13-20 '13 

Plant for making automobile tool boiea; 
aiobe machine ft stamping' co., Cleveland, 
O. II Iron Age 91:643-6 Mr IS '13 

Pneumatic suspension for varylnt; load, 11 
Automobile 2B:6M Mr 20 '13 

PrevenllnK vibration, plan Automobile S8:B08 
p to "• 

3hlmpt i ^ 

dlasB Automobile 28:1 __. _. _- 

Shock absorbers show Improved details, tl 
Automobile !S:3T1-3 Ja 30 '13 

Tire carriers for 1913. 11 Automobile 28: 691- 
3 Mr 6 '13 

Windshields. 11 Automobile 2i:3M-6 3a 30 -13 

Worm gea-T. brakes, sTirlnKs. maicnelos. and 
new axles. 11 Automobile 29:308-13 O 30 '13 
See alaa Acoel^rometer; Automobile en- 
Si neii; Aulomobllf^s — Electric equipment; 
Automobiles — Pedals; Auiomoblles — Had- 
lators; Brakes, Automobile; Carbureters; 
Magnetos; Mufflers: Shock absorbers; Spark 
plugs; Speedometers: Vaporliers 

Automobile America at the shows In Madi- 
son Square Garden and Grand Central Pal- 
ace, 11 Aulomoblle 28:218-29 Ja IS -13 

BelKium^s national show. 11 Automobile 28: 

Boston show, March. 1913, J, E: Schlpper. 

11 Aulomoblle 28:621-1 Mr 13 '13 
Chicago the automobile Mecca: 13th annual 

automobile show, 1913. II Automobile 28; 

399-403, 436 F 8 '13 
Complete list of exhibitors at Boston sbov. 

Automobile 28:582 Mr 6 '13 
Features of (he 13 th national automobile 

show. 1913. Am Mach 3B:1GT Ja 23 '13 
14th Paris salon. Oct.. 1913, W, F. Bradley. 

11 Automobile 29:786-9. 803-7 O 23-30 '13 
International aulomoblle show at St, ri.'lur!'- 

burg, 11 Automobile 28:1217 Je 19 '13 
Manager of Abbott motor co, does not be- 
lieve In New Tork and Chicago shows. 

M. J. Hsmmera, Automobile 38:617 F 20 '13 
New Tork automobile shows. Scl Am 108:86 

Ja 2S '13 
Olympla exhibition. 1913, J. R, Crllchley. 11 

Automobile 29:902-5, 949-S5. 977-81 N 13-20 

Philadelphia show a success. Automobile 28: 

390 Ja SO '13 
Prominent aulomohites exhibited at Olympla, 

II dlaKB Aulomoblle 29:1002-7 N 27 '13 
Revelations of the Boston aulomoblle show, 

Scl Am 108:266 Mr 22 '13 
Streamline bodies at Olympla. II Automobile 

29:997-1002 N 27 '13 
13th annual exhibition of Imported cars, N. 

T., 1913, II Automobile 28;172-3 Ja 9 '13 
13th French automobile show. 1913. Auto- 
mobile 28: EG Ja 2 '13 
See Aulomoblle engines — Fuel 

Ad)iislment of silent chains for valve Ignition, 
dlags Automobile 29:248 Ag 7 '13 

Automobile bevel drive Keara; forglns. ma- 
chining, heat-treating, inspecting and as- 
sembllng, D, T. HamJIton, il Mach 19:417-23 
F "IS 




dlags Mach 20:36-8 

Continuous gear change, dlag Automobile 
28:981-2 My 8 '13 

Crltiolam of American drive-stMirt construc- 
tion. Automobile 28:718-9 Mr 27 '13 

Delroit S, A, E, discusses electric shift. Au- 
tomobile 29:936 N 13 '13 

Duplication of gears having long and short 
addenda. " *" '•— — "*"-->- .n,,,r .. — 

Fioatit^ . . 

tomoblle 28:438-4 

aeor changing and the clutch brake. B. P. 

Batiell. dlaga Automobile ZS:722-S Mr 2T 

. Baxter. Mlat^ 1 

:776-7 Jo 

GearboK location— which? Automobile 11: 
940-1. 983-&. 10Z6-7, 1063, 1123, 1Z07-8 My 
8-29. Je 12 '13 

Gearseta show conservative design, dlaga Au- 
tomobile 28:780-2 Ap 3 'IS 

Gray gearshift Includes starter, il Automobile 
29:1075 D 1 '13 

Incorrect meshing causes growl. dlBB Auto- 
mobile 28:1181 My 29 '13 

Investigation of efficiency of worm searing 
for automobile transmission: discussion of 
paper by W: H, Kenerson. Am Soc M E J 
35:676-80 Ap '13 

Mondex— magic gears et. dlags Automobile 
28:783 Ap 3 'IS 

New noiseless gear for motor cars. 11 Scl Am 
109:149 Ag 2S '13 

Norwalk lar has electric shift. 11 Automobile 

Pneumatic or electric gearshift? 8. R. Hunter. 
Automobile 29:865 N 6 '13 

Quicker action makes gearchanglng with the 
electric shift simpler than with the lever. 
Automobile 29:921 N 13 'IS 

Rear axle gearbox. S, B, Waldon. ii Automo- 
bile 28:869-1 Ap 17 '13 

Robs gearset does away with clashing, dlags 
Automobile 29:1217 D 25 '13- 

Shlfllng gears by electricity. 11 Scl Am 109: 
140 Ag 23 'IS 

Silent cTialns In motor ponstru-;tl..n. Auto- 
mobile 28:350-1 Ja 30 '13 

Society of automoibUe engineers on worm 
drive. Automobile 28:826 Ap 10 '13 

Special machine for hobblng automobile gears. 
11 Iron .Age 91:261 Ja 23 '13 

Status of the worm-gear i'' — 
28:719 Mr 2? '13 

Variable speed hydraulic 

motor trucks. 11 Scl Am 109:208 S 13 

Vulcan electric Rearshlft. dlags Auto 
3S:77S Ap 3 '13 

Why Packard uses -^ « - 

Waldon, Aulomoblle 29:100R-9 N 27 '13 

Worm gearing for automobile transmission: 
recorA of a number of tests, II dlaxs 
Mach 19:46-9 S '12 

Hff aim Automobiles-Differential; Au- 
tomobiles—Steering gear 
Sec Automobile engines — Ignlllon de- 
vices; Automobiles — Electric equipment 

How materials for automobiles are Inspec- 
ted: system employed by Packard motor 
car CO B. P. Roberts, diag Automobile 
2S:1300-S Je 36 '13: Same cond. Iron Tr 
R 53:209-12 Jl 31 '13; Same cond. Ind Eng 
13:tl8-21 O '13; Same cond. Iron Age 92:168- 
60 Jl 17 '13 

See Insurance, Automobile 

Acetylene lighting system defcti^aed. ll._ H. 

re. Automobile 

, S, D. 

due emphasis placed o 

„ „,i dectrto light ays- 

lomoblles. Automobile 28:997 

My 8 '13 

Hetler regulation of values In automobile 

lamps ding Automobile 29tll6-7 Jl 17 '13 

Complications of electric lighting. Aulomoblle 


\ 109:56 1 

19 ' 

'IS; Same. Scl Am K 76:394-5 D 1. .. 
Electric cranking and lighting. II Automo- 
bile 28:242-7, 310-6. 339-46, 416-21 Ja 16-F 

Electric lighting of the gasoline c*r, II dlags 

Automobile 28:422-6 F B '13 
Electric-lighting system for automobiles. 1! 

Eiec W 61:159-60 Ja IS '13 
Electric lighting worth the money. Automobile 

29:334-5, 1170-1 Ag 21. D IB '13 
Gray and Davis lighting system explained. 

dlags Aulom-""- ""■■"' " " ' '" 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


Automobllei — Lighting — i-i.,ilinu€<l. 

Making two autotnolilli.' lumps do the work 

of four. Scl Am 1«9:3>2 N l.i '13 
Protests agnlnat the Freat-O-Llte tests. Au- 
tomobile 29:416-7 S 1 '13 
Bee also Automobiles— Electric equipment 
Automobile and machine tools. Am Mach 

33:161 Js 23 '13 
Automobile manufacturing methods. I). T. 

Hamlllon. II dlaKa Mach 19:XTO-5 Jl '13 
Automobile side frame press. II Iron Age 91: 

1I6B-7 My IE '13 
Broaching automobile parts. C L. lAlcas. II 

dla«s Mach 19:187-B Je '13 
Building- an automobile every 40 seconds. F. 

K. Colvln. 11 Am Mach 38:7^7-62 My 8 '13 
Drawing and formlnK an automobile elulch 

cone. D. T. Hamilton. It Mach J0:l'<2-3 N "IS 
Drilling and mllllne in the shops of the 

Winton motor car co.. Cleveland. F. H, 

Colvln. 11 Am Mach 38:133-40 Ja 23 'IS 
European electric steel automobile castings. 

E. F. Lake. 11 Iron Arc 91:763-70 Mr 27 '13 
Forging and mar-hlning automobile front axles. 

11 Mach 20:2N7-9 U '13 
Foundry speclallKlnB In motor car castlngx; 

Overland cu. II plan Fouti.liy 4l:D37-«2 D 



isllngs. H. i 

1! Ii 

How malerlalH for automohllCH 

system employed by I'ai-kurd motor car co. 
E. F. ICoberta. dlag Automobile 23:1306-8 
Je 26 '13: Same cond. Iron Tr K 53:^0^-12 
Jl 31 '13: ^amc cond. Ind Ens 13:418-21 o 
'13; Same cond. Iron Age 92:ISS-«0 Jl II '13 

Iron and steel committee of Society at au- 
tomobile engineers furnish test [Iguiea. 11 
Automobile 28:1220-1 Je 12 13 

Keys and keyways for automobile, U Automo- 
bile 29:424-6. 16T-9 S 1-11 '13 

Laboratories of the modern factory: apparatus 
and InveatlBatlonM of the Studi-baker cor- 
poration, Detroit. B. F. Lake, il Iron Age 
92:387-91 Ag 21 '13 

Malleable Iron castings for automobile work. 
E. Touceda. it Iron Age 91:1426-9 Je 12 '13: 
Same. Iron Tr it !i2il3B8-63 Je 12 '13: Same. 
Automobile 23:1260-3 Je 19 '13; Same. Foun- 
dry 41:-'7fi-80 Jl '13 

Marmun accuracy and liow obtained. II Auto- 
mobile 29:1044-8 1> 4 '13 

Haas- production the source of perfected con- 
struction. Automobile 28:1023-4 My 15 '13 

Maxwell uses one factory for spare imrts for 
244 models. 11 Automobile 29:lWtS-llU0 D 
11 '13 

Model automobllo foundrj-: Willys-Overland 
CO., Toledo, O. It plan ML'iat Ind n s 11:475-6 

plan Automobile" 29:4iii-6T S il '13 
FftCkatd motor car con^pany. IDetrolt. O. J. 
Abell. 11 Iron Age 91:l;ll7-ot, 14iri-2t. 1473-6 
Je 6-19 '13 
Secrets of automobile easting manufacture. 

il Foundry 41:261-71 Jl '13 
Shop practice of the Wl 1 1 ya- Overland co., 
Toledo; evolution of a four-throw crank- 
shaft-machining flywh.-els, cam-shafts, etc. 
D. T. Hamilton, il Much 19:496-9 Mr '13 
Ford 1 - 

r Jl : 


Standardlilng the making of automobile 
parte. Am Mach 38:833 My 16 '13 

Tools for a high grade automobile. R. Maw- 
son. II Am Mnch 38:127-30 Ja 21 '13 

Bee a{»o Automobile engines — Manufacture; 
Automobiles— Gearing: Aulomobtlis— I'alnt- 


Nomenclature report. E. J. Stoddanl. Auto- 
mobile 2S:1222 Je 12 '13 
Rapid painting of the automobile. Automobile 
29:19 Jl 3 '13 

Ste ol™ Automobiles- Color 


- pedals. 

i 29:236-9 Ag 

mobile 28:iO0-7 >_ - .. 
What gasoline pleasure car can I buyT i 
compoBlle price list of American pleasun 


Angles for pump connection to radiator. H. 
W. Hawkins. Foundry 41:23! Je '13 

Beat iinll-freeze solution. Automobile 29:1022 
,\ 27 '1.1 

Getting the angles for the pump connection 
to an auto radiator. Foundry 41:30 Ja 'IS 

Repairing radiator tube leak, dlag Automo- 
bile 28:989-90 My 8 '13 

Wolfe radiator with variable area. II Aulomo- 

Maklng repairs on inner tut 

2H:71 Jl 10 '13 
Tire repairs— nudsidc and garage. J. E: 
Kchlpper. il Automobile 29:496-9. 646-9 8 
lK-25 '13 

sn al'ti Auiomobiles. Care of 
Sataty devices 
Mirrors for dangerous street cornera. 11 Au- 
tomobile 28:646 Mr 13 '13 
Shock absorbers 
Hiv Shock absorbers 

Bee Automoi^le signals 
pting spring suspenaion to varying loadA. 

"dlagAUilomoblle 28:1023 "My is 'is' 

irovvmenls of sjirlngs and tires. Automobi 
9:2!i8-9 Ag 


I. a. H. Baillee. Automobile 

FrU'tlon betnecn the spring leaves a small 
factor in the damping of oscillations. Au- 
tomobile 29:lls4-8 D 18 '13 

Progress In aiiring suspension. H. C. Turner. 
Automobile 2H:12-fi-7 Je 19 '13 

Iteasons for the wobbling of front wheels. 
Automobile 29:3sn-l Ag 28 '13 

Rledler on the action of springs. Automo- 
bile 28:846-7 Ap 17 '13 

Te.ulfl tor leaf springs and their treatment. 
E. F. Lake. II Maoli 20:217-21 N '13 
Starting tievlcel 

Air preferred for starteM in France, dlag 

Automobile M:804-6 AP 10 '13 _ 
I'bllc 2!t:818' O 30 '13 

. II Au 

""Auromobile" 2U:»i2-;i'N 20 '13 
Effect of the self-starter on motor-truck de- 
velopment. Eng Rec 67:B10 My 10 'IS 
Electric cranking and lighting. II Autoropblle 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


. 11 Automobile 

_ _ _ _ _ mobile ZS: 

lllO-l D 11 '13 

Hartford Htarter fitted with flywheel. 11 diae 
Automobile 2!i:9t5-6 N 13 '13 

How strong and heavy a motor 

be if operated by power stored .... 

aprlng. Automobile 29:974-5 N 20 '13 

Improved Rofill m-— " ■■•— 

29:341-2 Ag 21 lo 

Metropolitan H. A. K, dlscuaaes starters. Au- 
tomobile 29:11 Jl 3 '13 

d<a« Automobile £»:l(l24-!> N ZT '13 
RuHhmore starter reijiilrea no Intermediate 

gears. 11 Automobile 29:866 N E '13 
Tight motor easier to start. Autiimoblle 29: 

164-B Jl 24 '13 
WestlnghousB starter a compact design, diaga 

Automobile 29:1U«D-1 D 4 '13 
Sec a(»o A ulo mob Ilea— Electric equipment 
Automobiles now form 59 per cent ot Mas- 

sacbu setts' vehiclea. J. T. Sullivan. Au- 
tomobile 2S:495-9 F 20 '13 
Car registrations gain 71,884 in 3 months. D. 

M. I-oy. Automobile 29:10S9-91 D 11 '13 
Registrations, 1912, 1.010,(83, U. M. LAy. 

Automobile 28:327-33 Ja 30 '13 
Stearin B gear 

Left si 
tor c 

3 '13 
. H. Gre 

:. II ; 

steering gear design ._ . 

tomoblle 2S:612-4 Mr 6 '13 

Theory at correct ateerlng. Automobile 28: 
B5E-7 Ap n '13 


Oars tajted on unused horsepower, diag Au- 
tomobile 23:707-9 Mr 37 '13 

Horsepower as basis for tax discussed. Au- 
tomobile 28:765. 812-3, 849. 894-6, 1040-1. Ap 
3-24, My 15 -13 


Delecting resislance — saving fuel. W. C. 
Marshall, il Automobile 26:333-6, 888-90, 
937-9, 978-9 Ap IT-My 8 '13 

Dynamometers va. twid- testing. Automobile 
"--"'8 My 1 -13 



;:7"6-7 J< 

i Je 


Spring substitute for a pneumatic tire. 11 Sd 
Am 105:3fl0 Ap 1» '13 

Spring wheel U. K. DomiS. Set Am 1DB:19T 
Mr 1 '13 

Spring wheel for automobiles. 11 plan Biik N 
69:781 Ap 17 '13 

Spring wheel problem. £1. P. Du Pont. Scl 
Am 108:375 Ap 26 '13 

Spring wheels cure bumpa, H. T. Dunbar. Au- 
tomobile 28:1314-5 Je IZ 'IS 

Blralght-spoke wire wheel more resilient 
than tangent type. J. B. Dunlop, II Automo- 
bile 29:860-1 N 6 '13 

Triple spoke wheels designed to take great 

. dti 


igs J 

I K and Blgma. 

Wire automobile wheda not a fad. W. F. 
Kvhu.s. Iron Age !i2;190 Jl 24 '13 
Bee alto Axlesi Motor trucks — Wheels; 


FramelesB glass windows for automobiles. 
G: J. Mercer, plan Automobile 28:644 Mr 
13 'IS 

How non-inflammable celluloid Is actually 
used For automobiles and aeroplanea. Au- 
tomobile 33:1022-3 My 15 '13 
Automobiles, Care of 

Automobile repairs. P. C. I. 11 Scl Am 108: 
583 Je 28 '13 

Constant Inflatlrui means tons tire life. Au- 
lomoblle 28:1316-7 Je 26 '13 

Daily <'''>re of the car is essential. Automobile 
29:421 !:; 4 'IS 

Directions for grooming an automobile. Au- 
tomobile 28:507-8 F 20 '13 

In form iLt ion on cleaning, fast driving, and 

Location of gasoline engine troubles made 

easy, II Scl Am 108:34-5 Ja 11 '13 
Low Inflathin on bad roadH. J. B. Dunlop. 

body. II AutomoMle 28: 
818-9 Ap 10 '13 
me for cleaning the car. Automobile 28: 

721 Mr 27 '13 

ire reiiairs — roadside and gnrage. J. E: 

Electric. Kee 


ruck a; 

(0 moll lie rac 

Analysis of requlrementa In truck wheels. 

Automobile 28:676-3 Mr 3D '13 
Demountable and quick detachable rims. 

diaga Automobile 28:558-61 F 37 '13 
Development of the wire wheel. G: W, Ilouk. 

Automobile 2S:12:'3-E Je 12 '13 
Fallacy of the spring wheel. Ia J. Monahati. 

Scl Am 10S:335 Ap 12 -13 
Front wheel design. F. C. Sheehy. plan 

Automobile 28:353 Ja 30 '13 
Helios demountable wire wheel. Aulomobite 

28:892-3 Ap 24 '13 
Houk whecLs. 11 Automobile 29:719 O 16 '13 
Large -diameter wheels and the underalung 

frame. V. A. I*ngaker. Automobile 28: 

299 Ja 23 '13 
MrCue whpela u^td as rpiftilnr o.niipmenl. 

plans Automobile 28:510-1 F 20 '13 
Machine for awaglng automobile wire-wheel 

spokes. Scl Am 109:214 S 13 '13 
Pros and cons of wire wheels. H: Souther. 

plan Automobile 28:468-9 F 13 '13 
Hcquiremcnts of cast sleel wheela. G: 

Walther. disea Automobile 39:82-3 Jl 10 '13 
S. A. E. hears rim manutacturere in Cleve- 
land. Automobile 23:693 Mr ID 'IS 
Schermaek aprlrg wheel acta on new princi- 
ple, li diae Automobile 28:568-9 F 27 '13 
Shock -absorbing hub. U Scl Am 108:818 Ap B 

Automobiles. Military 

AutomoUile field kitchen. 11 Scl Am 198:500 

My 31 '13 
Militarv automobile gim. 11 Scl ' 

Mr 15 '13 
Motorizing MarM in 
29:639-13 O 9 'IS 

1 103:347 

.... W: W. 
Ap '13 

Automobile pay car tor Detroit city em- 
ployes. II Munlc Ens 44:140 F '13 

Controlling use of dopartmcnl automobiles In 
PhllHd.^lphia. J. Kecd. Munlc Eng 44:353-4 

, Municipal 

Emery In road races. Automobile 28:608 Mr 

6 '13 
Where should the money for good roads oon- 

Btructlon be spent? Erg N 69:1013 My 16 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


Chaml>era. Sd Am S 76:89- 

AutoiUbre. W. ] 

90 F 8 '13 
Auto-traniformer*. See Electrics 
Avary* library. See Columbia university— Avery 


I D '12 

E. L. Ovlng- 

fllsht Bel 

Aeroplane, motor, 

ton. It Bus M 4* 
Btg aeroclane am 

Am 10S:420 My 3 lit 
CrossInK the ocean In a flying machine. Bel 

Am 108:446 My 17 '13 
Flying for altitude recnrdB. C. Dlenstbnch, Sc! 

Am 109:470 D 20 ■|3 
Flylny in fofr and at night, C. Dienatbach. Sd 

Am 109:423 D 6 '13 
Journey In a Zeppelin; Impressions of a trip 

In the airship Vlhtoria Lulse. C. Dlenst- 

bseh. II Sel Am 108:4(9 My 17 '13 
P«S«urtB remnrkable performances. II Sci Am 

109:301 O 18 '13 
Seeord cross-country flight with an Ameri- 

mlllt&ry monoplane. Scl Am 109)136 

„4« ' 


Safety parachute tor airmen. II Scl Am 108: 

B20 Je 7 'IS 
Turning Bomeraaulls with an aeroplane: the 
■ ' ■ ■ ■ Adolphe Ptgoud. 11 

— „ 5 F^irope. H: 

H. Suplee. map Scl Am 109:49« D 27 '13 

t<iv alio Aerodynamic laboratories; Aero- 
nautics; Aeroplane races; Aeroplanea 
Aeroplane accidents. Sci Am 108:S1Z Je 7 '13 
French army offleers killed In balloon ascent. 

11 Sci Am S 7B:37I Je 14 'IS 
Prevention of aviation accidents. B. G. Still. 

Sci Am 109:269 O 4 '13 
Wreck ot the (irat German naval airship L 1. 

C. Dienatbach. Scl i 

1 109:2$6 O 4 '13 

fleld. Sel 

Aviation map*. See Maps, Aeronautic 
Axle llghtino- See Car lighllnK 
Am lea 

AulomoWIe rear axle design, K. W. Najder. 

Mach 20:36-8 8 '13 
Electrical J y controlled two- speed rear axle 

deslni tor motor cars. II Scl Am 109:95 Ag 

2 '13 
Floating types dominate axle fleld. disss 

Automobile 28:438-41 F fi '13 
Forging and machinine automobile front 

axles, II Mach 30:287-9 D '1,1 
Interurban car axles. Elec Ry J 42:143-4 

Jl 36 '18 
Service records of heat-treated chrome- 
vanadium, axles. Ry A Bng R 53:571-2 Je 

8n alM Bearings (machinery); Wheels 

Automatic astronomical calculator: Butter- 
Held asimuth chronometer. A. H. Brown. 
11 Sci Am S T«:44-6 Jl 19 '13 

Ailmuth by direct solar observations. Q; L. 
Hoamer. Rng N 69:861 Ap 24 '13 

Azimuth by direct solar observation, L,; Roas. 
Eng N 69:454-8 Mr 6 '13 

Simple method of ohialninf; time and nxiniuth. 
J. A. Macdonald. Ity. Age !i[i:llN6 n in '13 

Baalbek the mymerlous: Jl. J. Shcpstone. II 

.fcl Am 109:456-7 D 13 'IJ 
Babbitt metals 
Bearing metal. A. P. Wright. Metal Ind n s 

11:245-8 Je '13 
Study of bearing metals and testing meth- 

o<ls. T. D. Lynch. II Foundry 41:291-4 Jl 

'13; Same. Metal Ind n s 11:295-8 Jl '13; 

Excerpts. Ind Eng 13:410 S '13 

9 Mr 6 '13 

Babylonian excavation a by the Qermans. B. 
J, Banks. II Sol Am 108:357-9 Ap 19 '13 
Backflllfng. See Trenches 
Bacteria In eggs. Scl Am S 76:80 Ag 3 '13 
Bacteriology and your health: serums and 
vaccines In the diagnosis, treatment and 
prevention ot dlseaae. C: F: Bolduan. U 
Scl Am 108:540-1 Je 14 '13 
Bacteriology ot Ice. E. O. Jordan. Scl Am S 

75;199 Mr 29 '13 
Salt-rising hread; raising dough ' 
ly discovered bat" ' -- ■ - 
Sci Am 10S;!20 Mr S '13 
Ultra- microscopic paraaltea. Scl Am S 76;80 
F 1 'IS 
Bee alto Auto-ln toxica tion 
Bacteriology, Dairy. See Dairy bacteriology 
Bacteriology, Water. See Water — Bacteriology 
Baekeland, Leo Hendrlk, 1863- 
Award ot the third Wlllard Qlbbs medal to 
Dr. Baekeland. por Met A Chem Bug 11: 
SIl-1 Je '13 

Economic combustion of low grade or waste 
fuels. D. M. Myers. Eng M 46:358-60 My '13 
Baggage and empress cars 
Express car tor automobile shipments. 11 Elec 

Ry J 41:721 Ap 19 '13 
New light-weight express cars of the Bay 
state street railway. Boston. II plana Elee 
Ry J 42;49l-4 & 27 '13 
'■pedal hagRSee car tor bc 
Age (Merh ed) 87; 615-8 
Baggage cars. See Baggage and express ears 
Balrd machine company 

Inst ailing Taylor system in Connecticut 
plant, Imn Tr R ,13:221-2 Jl 31 '13 
Baked enamel painting on the cars of Hudson 
&. Manhattan railroad. II Elec Ry J 41:116- 
9 Ja 25 '13 
Balancing devices for centrifugal pumps. A. V. 
" eller. ■■- " - 

Mueller, dlaga Eng N 70; ~490-4 
Balkan war, 1912-1913 
Bomb-droppIng in the Balkans. ! 

1 109: 

r Journal bearings. R. H. Grant. 

Design of ball hearings. F. J. Jaroseh. plans 

Ind Eng 13:24-7. Tl-4. 117-9 Ja-Mr 'IS 
Formula for .letermlning the ball circle dia- 
meter for halt bearings. W. C. Prior. Mach 
2":3S S -13 
Manufacture ot halls for hearings. T: J, Hol- 
ler. 11 Scl Am S 76:84-5 Ag 9 '13 
Ribbon type ot separator (or ball t>earlngs. 

II Ind Eng 13:7R-9 F '13 
Specialists who do not specialise In prices. 
V; W. Page. Mach 19:544-5 Mr '13 
Bee aim Bearings (machinery) 
Ballast. See Railroads— Track 
Ballast cars. I^ee Cars Iballast) 
Balloon sheds. See Hangars 
Balloons and airships 
Achievements ot mllllary aircraft. H, Ban- 
nerman -Phillips. 11 Scl Am 10S:30T Ap 5 '13 
Aerial battleships and flying torpedo boats: 
™b French aeroplanes. 

dirigibles. Scl 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


In dlrlKlble airships, U Sci Am lD9:lZfi Ag 

Dissecting a mllllai 

Future ot the (tirlglble. Kcl Am 10ti:!"H 
N 15 -13 

Journey in a Zeppetln: ImpresslanH of e 
trip to the airship Viktorla. Luise. C 
'-—-"—-•- ■■ Bel Am 108:449 My 17 IS 

Drotecllan. See Canals; Rivers — Resula- 

-New currency law. Ry Sc EnK R 63:1190-1 

D 27 '13 
Banks and banking 

Account analysis In commercial banks. H. C. 

Thompson. J Account 16:210-29 R '13 

Control o( banking over Industry. A. L. 

Brodhead. Enf N 69:323-4 F 13 '13 
Control ol banking over Indtistry. Bng N 69: 

Over Germany in s 

Wreck at the flrst German naval airship L 1. 
C. Dlensthach. 8cl Am 109:266 O 4 '13 
Ki-e rt("0 Aeronautics: Aeroplaues; Aiia- 


Halaam of Peru. Scl Am 109:493 D 27 'IS 
Baltimore, Maryland 
Balllmon- hlgh-p 
Si-otl. 11 diags 
Mr '13 

Cathedral ot the Incarnation. II plans Arch 
Reo 33:476-91 Jo '13 

Sanitary affair* 
Covering of Jones' Falls, Baltimore. Md. il 

map Ene N 70:2-8 Jl 3 '13 
Tublk' t>a1hs of Baltimore. J. Graham. II 
Dom Eng 65:400-3 D 27 '13 
Building a highway on a sewer. 11 Scl Am 
109:130 Ag 16 '13 
Baltimore A Ohio railroad 
B. & O. enhlblt at Wheeling. W. Va., cele- 
'•—•'— 'I Ry & Bng R 53:753-' ■-"■■- 



fltiod reconstruction. II 
. II plan 

1913. Hv Age 65:1050-2 N 28 ' _ 
Inereaspil parnlngs of B. & O. map Ry Age 

55; 1007-8 N 28 '13 
Locomotive terminal. Cumberland. Md. 11 Ry 
■13: Ry Age 55:709- 

Zd staft meeting of officials. Deer Park. Md., 
Sept., 1913. Ry A Eng R 53:931-2 O 4 '13 
Baltimore United railways A electric cam. 
report for 1912. Blec Ry J 41:776- 

Problem solved In cBBtlng bridge balusters 
successfully. Concrete Cem 3:35 Jl '13 
Banff- Windermere motor road. 11 Eng Rec 6S: 
830-1 D r ""' 

CoBt ot steel vs. wood for river barges. A. B. 
Hageboech. Bng N 69:321-2 F 13 '13 
Hi-c tilno Motor bai'ges 
Barges, Concrete 
Reinforced concrete barge In ssrvlce. II Con- 
crete Cem 2:93 F 'if 
Baraai, Motor. See Motor barges 
Manufacture ot barium compounds In Qer- 
many. Eng & Mln J 96:248-9 Ag 9 '13 
Measurement ot the true static pressure In 
a moving fluid — application to an aeroplane 
barograph. A. P. Zahm. j FT Inst 17S:S03- 
9 My '13 
Aneroid barometers: from report of the Di- 
rector of the Bureau of standards. J Fr 
Inst 175:329-30 Mr '13 
Meaning of a change of two Inches In the 
barometer. A. F. Miller. Scl Am S 76:272 
O 25 '13 
Mercurial and aneroid barometers. Colliery 

33:572 My '13 
Use of the barometer in mining. W, H, 

Hammon. Colliery 33:646 Jo '13 
Use of the t>aroineter In mining. F. Z. Sctiel- 
lenberg. Colliery 33:5E0-1 My '13 
Barometer*, Human. Scl Am 108:556 Je 21 '13 
Barometric pressure. See Atmospheric pres- 

Halt mlk „ .„ 
Held. II Concr 

itarytes Industry of Cole county. Mo. F. C. 
Brj'Hnt. Eng &. Mln J 96:317-8 F 8 '13 
Bascule bridge*. See Bridges, Bascule 
Baseball Indicator* 
Mechanical baseball bulletin boards. II Bel 

Ant 109:286-6 O 11 '13 
New baseball Indicator. G. E. Mitchell. II Scl 
Am 109:109 Ag 9 '13 

Spencer, Jr. II 
Bath tub* 
Dpslgn m plum 

Bank bulldlnaa 

Electric wiring a.... . _.. __ 

""' and _commerc|al_ bank bidg,, 

; and Illumination c 

cago. 11 dlag Elec W 62:189-94 Jl 26 '13 
Emigrants' Industrial savings bank. N, T. 

R F. Almlrall. II Arch ft Bldg 46:17-21 

Ja '13 
Guaranty (rust company buildlnit. New York. 

11 Arch & Pldg 4.1:48fl-93 D '13 
Structural features of the Continental & 

commercial national bank. Chicago, plana 

Eng N 70:976-81 N 13 '13 

• of moderate cost. R. 
Arch Reo 33:156-62 F ' 

iliaKS Dorii Ena 

Portable l>alh tulis— their us 

11 Dom, Eng 62:275-6 Mr 8 

Bath room I 

Dom Eng 

;ti,-,„ „„„„, b.„ 

64:335-6 8 20 '13 
Baths, Public 

Public baths of Baltimore. J. Graham 11 
Dom Eng 65:100-3 D 27 '13 
Baths and bathing 
Bath house at Cameron colliery, Shamokin, 
Pa. 11 Colliery 33:679-80 Jl '13 

J. E. Butler, plan 

Colliery 33:1SI Ap ' 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


logical beneHts of hoi and coJd baths. T; 
DarllnKton. il Edk M 4S:42g-30 O '13 
Design In Diumblnjt fixtures: bath tuba. F. W. 
Tower. (llaBs Dom Entt 65i76-T <) IS '13 
fire alio Bathrooms; BathB, Public 
Bleclrio batik work. A. Qradenwitz. II Set 
Am ll>S:Bg4 Je 28 '13 
Bitten ea 
Fort that IravelB -- -'---■- --..--t..— — 

Ball buoyi. See Buoys 
Belmont, Ollvar Hazard Perry, 1E5S-190S 
Revival ot French Gothic architecture: •. 
mausoleum alter St. Hubert's clutpel. L. R. 

" ~ [ Bor. a4:!(IS-lS R 'iS 



. II : 


I Bub N 70:304-5 Ak 1 



9:354 F 20 '13 
Beacons. See LlRhtHhlps 
Beams. See Girders 


2-11 -IS 

Beet sugar. See Beets and beet sugar 
Beets and beet sugar 
Distribution o( sussr In the beet root. Scl 

Am S 76:16 Jl 5 '13 
Sugar beet In Us relnllon to other crops. 
T. G. Palmer. II Scl Am S 75:237.40 Ap 

Industries s 

How the Belgian Iron Industry mafntalns It- 
self under InlernatlonHl competition. Eng 
N 70:717-8 O 9 'IS 
Bell. Alexander Oraham. 1847- 
Floneers In telephone enKlneerlng. T: A: Wat- 
son. II Scl Am a 76::lC-7 Ap 6 'IB 


McCabe. 1) Arch Rec 34:201-12 B 'l3 
lacing. 11 Mai 

109;4«9 D 20 ' 

Batteries, Electric. See Electric batteries; Stor- 
age batteries 

BattI Wallahi society 

Marine EoK 18:633 D '13 

Battle cruisers. See Warships 

Battlefield relief. See First aid In Illness and 
Injury: Medicine, Unitary; Military hyglena 

Bauxite near Ellzabelhlown, Tenn. J. H. 
Watklns. II En;; & Mln J 95:604-6 Mr 22 '13 
Production of bauxite and aluminum. Eng 
Sc Mln J »e:778 O 25 '13 

Maklne sti'el w 
194-6 N -13 

Belt shifters 
Dash-pot belt shifter. J. F. Hobart. I] Blec 

W ft;BSO Mr 8 '13 
Electric belt shipper. A. F. Broadhead. plan 

Elec W 61:460 Mr 1 "13 
Safety typo of Iwlt shifters. P. A. Barker, 
diags Am Ind 13:eup 1-4 My '13 

Be! I 


mediate supports for long ahafta, W. G. 

Dunkley. dlags Mach 19:363-4 Ja '13 
Kingsbury thrust bearing. 11 plan Power 37: 

667 My 13 -IS 
on -pressure thrust bearing, dlags Elec W 

61:1272-3 Je T '13 
Power consumption In bearings. Eng & Mln 

J 96:405-6 Ag 30 '13 
Retainers Improved in special bearings. Au- 
tomobile 2S:4*2-3 F 6 '13 
Study ot bearing metals and testing meth- 
ods. T. D. Liynch, 11 Foundry 41:291-4 J! 

■13; Same. Metal Ind n s ll:S9B-8 Jl '13 
Temperature tests on Journal bearings. A. M. 

Bennett. Power 37:848-9 Je 17 '13 
Test of thrust bearing on large water wheel. 

Eng Rec 67:75 Ja IS '13 
■Water wheel thrual bearing. 11 plans Bng 

Rec 67:44-5 Ja II '13 
Sm alio Ball bearings; Lubrication and 

lubricants; Roller bearings 
Beatty-Quogenhelm case. Eng & Mln J 96:84-6 

Jl 12 'IS 
Beatty-Quggenhelm case. H: Wollman. Eng & 

Mln J S«:223-6 Ag 2 '13 

dlags Power 38:146-6 Jl 22 '13 
Care ot rubber belts, dlags Eng & Mln J 96: 

35S-6 Ag 23 '13 
Comment on direction In which belts tend 

to run off pulleys. J. R. Rand. 11 Mach 19: 

472 F ■!! 
Do bells run to the high aide of pulleys? 

G; P. Paarce. Mach 19:387 Ja '13 
Obsolete belt drive In power stations. A. 

Kennedy. Eleo W 61:581 Mr 16 '13 
Pulling power of slack belts. R. T. Kent. 

Ind Eng 13:203-6 My '13 
Reasons for the running of bells. A. I. Ja- 
cobs. It Mach 19:627-8 Ap '13 
Safeguarding bells, shails and pulleys. Ind 

Bug 13:623-4 D "13 
Troubles of high-speed bflt drives, .1. A. Sea- 

ger. dlags I'ower 38:917-8 D SO '13 
N.r >ili) n.'it lachitt: Hell shiflers: Power 

transmission; I'ulleys; Roiie driving; Slafl- 

Belttng, Steel 

How flexible st»el helling Is m«nutacturcd. 

11 Iron Tr R 53:329-31 Ak 21 '13 
Benbow (battleship) 
British battleship Benbow. Int Marine Eng 

18:125 Mr '13 
Bending devices 
Devices for bending iriates. C. T. Rice. II 

dlag Bng ft Mln J 96:161-2 JI.26 '13 

Power bending machine. II Concrete Cem 2: 

1). McKlllop. 

Mln J 96:S35-a N 1 

trrlal. Eng & 

beats gasoline in economy teal. Au- 
-■•- "" -12? My 29 '13 

F. I^iinirg. 11 Iron Tr R 63:625-32 O 9 'IS 
Problem of the world's oil aupMy. Scl Am 
108:326 Ap 6 '11 
Bergen, Norway 
Samnanger hydroelectric plant, tl map plan 
Eng Rec 87:329-31 Mr 12 '11 

Iteci-nt Imprm-ements. II plans Elec Ry J 
42:1170-7, 1270-4 II «, 20 '13 
Berlin, Germany 

PolltlcB and govern nxnt 
Verband Gross-Berlin, a new form of metro- 
politan government. Eng N 70:310 Ag 14 '13 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


Berlin, Qermany — Continved. 
Rapid transit 
Bspid transit development In Berlin ajid New 
York: aubway and elevEited lines. nMp' 
Elec By J <2:S77-» S 6 '13 

Rerun's splendid HutomublLe streels. II Auto- 
mobile 29:1B6-T Jl U '13 
Bern, Switzerland 

HsJen reinforced- ooDcrete bridge. 11 plans 
Eds N T0:G31-7 S IS '13 
Berness Alp* railway 
LOtachberJT or Kecneae Alpine railway, A. 
Gradenwlti. 11 Scl Am 10S:462-3 My n '13 




Multl cycles 

tor Industrial \ 

-- '13 

InvesllgBlions of unilereraund 

Z9 '13 

Black Hills 

LIthIa deposits of the Black Hills. V. Zle«- 
ler. 11 KUK & Mln J 96:1053-6 D 6 '13 
Black powder 
Anulysls of black pon-<Ier and dynamite. W. 
O. Hnelllre and C. G. Storm. 11 U S Bur 
Mines Bui 51:66-16 '13 

Gases met with In coal mines. Colliery 31: 

4<7-< Mr '18 

Blacksmith! ng 

Inlemalional railroad master blacksmlthH' 

aHsn. Zlst annual convention: papers. Ry 

._. ....... .J. „,..,,■: „, ,. .,j. game cond. 

„. Jell. 11 Elec Hy J 42:374-6 S 6 '13 
New Alpine railway. 11 Scl Am S 75:308 My 
17 '13 
Bsissmsr proceis 
Can the BcsHcmer steel Industry be saved? 
Met & Cbem Eitg 11:119 Hr 'II 
Sre alta Steel 
Bethlehem steel corporation 
Attractive yards of the Bethlehem ateel co. 

1) Iron Tr R B2:484-7 P 20 '13 
Bethlehem co. purchases BhlpbuUdlng plant, 
Qulncy, Maas. II Iron Tr R 52:998 My 1 'IS 
EtXtensive building' plans of Bethlehem steel 

CO. Iron Tr H 62:164-6 Ja 9 '13 
Extent of the Chilian Iron ora depoelta. map 

Iron Tr R E2:459-62 F 20 '13 
Great ore deposits acquired by Bethlehem 

CO. II map Iron Tr R 62:268-9 Ja 23 '13 
Tofo Iron mines In Coqulmbo, '-'■n- ii-n 
Age 91:427 F 13 '13 
Betterment, industrial. See Industrial better- 
Bevel gearing. See (jearlne. Bevel 
Bibliography „ _ 

Need of a blblloBraphlcal Institute. A. O. 8. 
Josephson. Scl Am 108:131 My ID '13 
See alao Indexes; Periodicals— Indexes 
Bicycles and tricycles 
Renaissance ol the bicycle. Scl Am 109:106 Ag 

Ordinance govemlns billiard rooms. Munic 

BnK 45:110-1 Ak "iS 
Bill iter alkali -chlorine cells. A. J. Alt man d. 

11 Met & Chem Eng 11:19-21 Ja '13 
Bllilter-Slemene cell. See Electric batteries 
Bins. See Ore bins 

See alia Physlcdans and surgeona 
Biological inventlona: patenting life processes 

.__ ._j.,.._... c, j^nj 3 76:226-7 O 

Uses of commercial woods of the ITnlled 
Klates. H. Maxwell. U S Agric Bui 12: 
11-32 '11 
Birds, Protection ot 
Federal regulations for proteclion of migra- 
tory birds. Scl Am 109:66 Jl 26 '13 

Birth rate and military armaments. S. J. M. 
Low. Scl Am S 76:343, 370-1 My 31, Je 14 '13 
Bisulphide ot carbon. See Carbon disulphide 
Bitumen. See Asphalt 
Bituminous materials 
Characteristics and differentiation of native 
bitumens and their residuals. C. Richard- 
son. Elig Rec 67:«6-a Ap 26 '13 
Determining the conslalency of bituminous 
materials. Eng Kec 67:192-3 P 16 '13 
S« alto Asphalt; Pavements 
Bituminous roads. See Roads. Bituminous 

5:369-70 Ag 29 ' 

SI & Lake ErTe rail 
. Emerson. Gng M 4G:17t-6 My '13 

a railroad's blacksmith 

See iilto Forging: Welding 
Blast furnace gas 
Apparatus for catching cinders In gases, it 

dlag Iron Ace 92:647-9 S 11 '13; Same. Scl 
■ Am fi 76:316-7 N 16 'IS 
nlant furnace and coke oven gaaes. Iron 

Age 92:669 S 2G '13 
Cleaning blast-furnace gas. P. H. Wagnsr. 

Power 37:861 Je 17 '13 
Cleaning blast furnace gas. J, A. Seager. 

plans Iron Tr R 52:116 F 13 '13 
Cleaning of blast furnace gaa. Iron Age 91: 

1392 My 29 '13 
CleanlnK ot blast-furnace gas. W. A. Forbes. 

dlagu Am Inst Min K Bui 82:2417-2514 O 

'13; Discussion. 84:2953-86 D '13 
Determlnintc heat value of blaat furnace gas. 

J. F. Mowat. Iron Tr R 52:21-9 Ja 2 '13 
Dust determinations for blast-furnace gaa. 

a Brown, plan Power 37:670-1 My 13 '1! 
Electrical tume-preclpttatlon. "" ' 

Am mat Mln " "-^ """ " 
Gaa washers e 

1 Soc M E J 36:767-86 My '13; Same. 
- Age 91:1120-3 My 8 'IS: Same. 

Tr R 62:1120-4 My 15 "- " " ' 

S 76:186-7 S 20 '13: Sami 
i.» In 10 '13; Discussion. .. „ . 
c M^E^J^35;_l276-9 Ag '13 


Uses of btast furnace and coke oven Bases; 

their practical application at the Cuckerlll 

works In BelBlum, Iron Age 92:608-10 S 

18 '13 
31 a It furnaces 
Bloat rurnnfe progress In Scotland. Iron Age 

92:1328-9 D 11 '13 
Blast furnace stag analyses for 24 hours. F. 


Mr 20 

Am Inst Mln E Bui T6:47B-T Mr 
Iron Tr R 52:971 Ap 24 13 


Blowing In an Iron blast furnace. R. H. 
Sweetser. diag Bng & Mln J 95:427-9 F 22 
'13; Same. Iron "Tr R 53:169-71 Jl 24 '13; 
Discussion. Am Inst Mln E Bui 77:896- 
903 My '13 

Cement for blast furnace hearth and boih. 
8: H. Chauvenet Iron Tr R 62:680-1 Hr 
6 '13 

Cement Instead of fire clay. Iron Age 91:429 
F 13 '13 

Cement mortar In hearth and boshes of blast 
furnace. Concrete Cem 2:220 My '18 

Chan for use In connection with wet and 
dry bulb thermometers in making psychro- 
metrlc delermlnallons. C. P. Linvllle, Am 
Inst Mln E Rul 82:2533-6 O '13 

Construction of blast furnaces proceeds slow- 
ly. B, E. V. I.uty. Iron Tr R 62:123-4 Ja 
2 '12 


^.'irdik*._ _.._, ...... .. 

1367-88 Jl *13 
Development of the American water- lacks 

lead blaat-fumace. R. C. Canby. Am Ins 

Mln E Rul 76:363-S Mr '13 
Drying air for the blast furnace, dlaga Iro 

Age 92:664-5 S 26 '13 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


e As s 'u 

Five-ton smelting- turnac« that Bmelts. R. 

F. JarvlB. IkiB ft Mln J 3B:11&9-S0; »a:llG 

Jb T, Ab 30 -18 
Five-ton Bmeltlng furnace that inieltB: Part- 

ridge fumacs. C. H. Mace, plan Eng A, 

Hln J 9&:909-I0, lSD3-« My 3, Je 28 '13 
Gas-driven blowers at Bethlehem Bl«el eo. 

A. West. Iron Age 9i:lS03-6 My 29 '13; 

Same. Iron Tr K E2:MO0-3 Je 19 '13 

"— ' — In blaat furnacee and etoel 

. Freyn. Iron Tr R 62:1812-8 
JBme cond. Iron Age 91:1291)- 

In blast (umacM. dla« Iron 
Ap S '13 

urnace at Younsstown. Ohio, 
II Iron Aee 92:962-4 O 3u '13 
Lining blat<t furnacex. C. A. Tup[)er, iliaga 
_ .. , „ ^ ^ ,,j 

24Z-S Ja 23 '13: Same. 

8 Ja 23 '13 
New blast furnace at Tort Col borne. Out. 

II moi) Iron Ane 92:718-9 U 2 13 
New type Of blast furnace construction. J. 

E. Johnson. Jr. 1] plan Met A Chem Bng 

11:39-43 Ja '13; Same. Am Inat Mln E Bui 

76:349-62 Mr '13: Same cond. Eng M 44: 

953-5 Mr '13 
Nodullzed ore tn the blast furnace. R: H:, 

l..E_I)ul 82^2616-22 O '13: Dls- 

Ice, _. 

'13: Same. 

[''53':V5'3-"4 N T' 
i'\s iron and Its methoa oi manuiuciure. j : 

J. I'orler, II Iron Tr R 62:61-76 Ja 2 '13 
Preparing Cuban ore for blast furnace use. 

R. B. Gerhardt. Iron Tr R 62:361-6 F 6 '13 
Reactions In Ihc blast furnace. Iron Age 92: 

1167-8 N 20 '13 
Beclamatlon of flue dust lor furnace uae. 

A. P. PlocJt. Iron Tr R 62:1017-8, 1063-B 

„,My 1 


Story of the dry-blast process. J. Gay ley. 

Met A Chem Eng 11:71-4 F '13 
Thermal effect of blast-fuinaee JackctH. R. 

I-. Kolierts. Am Inat Mln E Bui 79:1343- 

B6 Jl '13 
Turbo blower as a help to the Mast fur- 
nace. R; ir. Rice. Iron Age 91:1305, 1330-1 

My 29 -13 
Toungstown sheet & tube co.'s furnace plant. 

II plans Iron Tr H 63:771-8 O 30 "13 
Kfr nliw Bag-liouBps: Ftlasl furnace gas: 

Cast Iron: Coke ovenii: Cupola furnaces: 

Iron metallurgy: Iron works; Refractory 

malerlHl.i: Slag 

Automatic furnace hoists at Monessen. Pa. 

II dluis Iron Age 92:1210-1 N 27 'Kl 
Freeland furnace charger. C. W. Renwlck. 

dlBg Eng M 45:170-2 My 13 
Novel blast furnace !<klp bridge conatrucllon. 

II plans Iron Tr II 53:1093-8 D 18 '13 
Oils automatic furnac 


1 27 * 

i^.hodof oh 

B dust \ 

ring. J: W, 


y. diag 

Age 92:1 

111-2 N 13 ■ 

Blasting coal. T: C. Wakefleld. CoUlary IS: 

S(7-g Je '13 
Blasting irons tor shaft seta, plan Eng & 

Mln J 96:999 My 17 '13 
ItlaKlIng nole holes, il Eng & Mln J 96:1219 

D 27 '13 
Blasting with liquid air. II Scl Am 109:504 Je 

21 '13 
Churn drill holes for blasting. Eng A Mln J 

96:351 Ag 23 '13 
Comparative safety of electric and fuse 

biHStlliK. Eng & Mln J 95:1014 My 17 '13 
Drilling and blasting methods. E. M, Weston. 

11 Eng & Mln J 96:419 F 23 '13 
Exploding powder blasts with central -sta- 
tion energy. E. C. Arnold. Elec W 61:202- 

3 Ja 26 '13 
Prevention ot missed flres In blaning. plan 

Eng N 69:623 Mr 13 '18 
Prevenllon of missed flrca in blasting. W. 

H. Mason. Am Sue M E J 35:276-8 F '13 
Products t>t explosion. Eng & Min J 98:213-4 

Ag t '13 

■ handling of r 

1227 1 



96:1030-1 .. -_ .. 
Safely rules — blasting. Eng ft Mln J ! 

Ag 9 'IS 

alHO Coal mines and mini 

plosives: I 


Blasting caps 
Monkeying with the buiisaw. C. Bulger. Eng 

A Min J 96:536-6 8 20 '13 

English mulllcyclea for the blind. F. C. Fer- 

klna 11 Scl Am 108:352 Ap 19 'IS 
Training the sightless: the Light-house. W. 
L. Beasley. II Sci Am 108:448 My 17 13 
Block signal and train control boird 

Block signaling and train control report. Eng 
N 69:387-90 F 20 '13; Same. Scl Am S 75: 
365-7 Je 7 '13 
Final report, Rv Age 64:292-6 F H "13 
Final report. I9l2. Ry A Eng R 53:191-3. 
213-6 Mr 1-8 '13 
Block signals. See Railroads— Signals 

Ancient and modern research of the blood. 
Scl Am 109:138 Ag 23 '13 

Blood pararttes. foes of mankind. H. G. 
Pllmmer. Bel Am S 76:141-2 Ag 30 '13 

Blunders made by nature: disease ot the res- 
piratory tract and circulation. A: Maverick. 
Scl Am S 76:171-2 S 13 '13 

Our life blood: family likeness In biological 
species laid tiare by blood tests. 11 Scl Am 
B 76:124-5 Ag 23 '13 
Blood -pressure 

Effect of humldlly. temperature and baro- 
metric pressure on the blood -pressure. B. 
R. Hoobler. Heat A Ven 10:17-21 Ja '13 

Construcllon and ' operation of turbo-blowera 
and compressors. F. zur Nedden. 11 EDg 
M 44:35-9, 199-203 O-N '12 

Coppus turbo blower. II Power 37:203 F 11 





„ ,,,„, ..„ J-5 My 2U '13; 

Same, Iron Tr B 52:1400-3 Je 19 '13 
Myers imiiroved boiler-tube blower, dlag 

Power .18:744-5 N 25 '13 
Southwark engine of United Verde copper 

CO settled ten feet but kept on running. T. 

Peacock. 11 Power 38:392-3 S 16 '13; Same. 

Eng ft Mln J 96:600-1 S 27 '13 
Turbo blower as a help to the blast furnace. 

R' H. Rice. Iron Age 91:1305. 1S30-I Uy 

29 -13 
Worthlngton turbo blowers and compresscn*. 

11 Power 87:12-S Ja 7 '18 

Xir iiNo Fans. Mechanical: Mechanical 

draft: Mine ventlliitlon; Ventilation 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 



ll bill 

1 My 1 '13 

I, P. Q. KeeKan. 8cl Am S 7E:323 My 

it '13 
Slue print pa par 

Blueprint paper. Its l _ 

ol Its characterlstica. F. B. Hays. II Scl 
Am S T5H5-6 Ja 18 '13 
Blue printing 
Blueprint frames, plan Bng & Mln J BE:10S0 

My H '13 
Cost data on blueprinting. P. H. Jones. BnE 

N 70:612 8 IB '13 
Incorporating detaJIs on the blueprint. F. 

W. Shaw. Am Mach 38:ST4 My ti '13 
Maiie your own blue prlntH. P. H. Command- 
er. 11 Munlc Eng *5;243-6 8 '13 
Blue-printing machinery 
Automatic blue printing machinery. O: J. 
KlrchgHwer. Munlc Ens H:E76-T Je '13 
Blue prints 

Making colored photograplilc reproductions 
with the aid of blue prints. Scl Am 10»;eul 
D 27 '13 
Blue >ky legislation. See Securities 
Biythe, California 
Improving desert Toada for motor-truck haul- 
age between Biythe, Cal., and Biythe 
Junction. II Ens N 69:1126-7 My 29 '13 
Boat racing. See Motor boat racing 
Concrete pontoons (or a boathouae. D. C. 
Flndlay. II plan Concrete Cem 3:1£7-S 8 '13 

Sec atxo Barges; Canal boats; Ferry- 
boati^; Freight ships: Hydroaeroplanes; 
l.irehoatB; Motor barges; Motor boatx: 
Shipbuilding: Ships; Steamboats; Submar- 
ine boats: Ton boats and towing; Yachla 
Boata, Concrete 
GOO-ton rein forced -concrete HCOw. C. B. Sud- 
ler. 11 plan Eng N 69:166-7 Mr 6 '13 
Bodker, Albert Joseph 
Kecent work by Albert Joseph Bodker. C: 
M. Price. II Arch Bee 33:381-423 My '13 
SodonI, John Baptist, 1740-1813 
Frintera of note. W. C. Bleloch. Inland Ptr 
51:56-6 Ap '13 
Boiler cleanlna 

Influence of soot on holler economv. 11. D. 

M»her. Power 3S:«16-7 D » 'IS 
Novel boller-cleanlng arrangement. II Power 

,. E. Bommann. 



Elec Ry J 

Island boll) 

42:1(1^3 N 8 '13 
Sliiten Island boiler explosion. 11 Power 38: 

663-4 .N~ 4 '13 
Two serious explosions of cast Iron heating 

boilers. 11 Locomotive 29:137-9 Ja '13 
Boiler Inspection 
Are your boilers property tnspectedT Power 

37:231 F 18 '13 
Boiler Inspection In England. Power 37:903-4 

Je 24 '13 
CIvli service examiniitlon for nctlng chief 

InsiK-ctor of boilers. Masnachusetta. Power 

37;S92.3 Mr 4 '13 

■boiler Inapectlon. J. C. Hawklna. 

Boiler piping 
Safe piping for boiler plants. C: U, Wara. 
plan power 37;S4D Ap 16 '18 

8:524-6 O 14 

E. F. Learned. 11 plan 

operate. Q. B. 
-- '13 

and boiler 


29 -13 


3 D 1 

t boll« 

76:337 N 

Iron Age 92: 


II Elec 

of boilers to relay 

-room operation. W. 
..."=. o=, 0.2-3 D 9/13 

Ry J 42:B43-g O 
Qulck-Hrlng arrnn 

water-power. 11 Elec W 62:1170-1 D 6 '13 
Storage of oil fuel. R. T. Strohm. diaga Elec 

W 62:1277-9 D 20 '13 
Task BCtlIng for firemen and maintaining 

high eftlcTency in boiler plants. W. N. 

Polakov. diags Am Soc M E J 35:1729-69 
'13: Same cond.. with discussion. Power 

31:881-7 I 
Well -del ■ 
plan 1 

23 13 
- rotlint 

Iron Tr R B2;l347-8 
iIbo Boilers; Sleam plants 
Boiler plate 
How boiler plate Is made. C; H. Bromley. 11 
Power 38:262-5 Ab 19 '13 
Boiler scale 
Boiler scale. J: Bailey. Power S7:UG-I F IS 

New light 

Scalln.. .. 
ed) 87:295- 

Boiler- tut 
38:5-15 < 


8:241 Ag 1 

- , -^ .s"j ?5 r334'-6 "p '13 
the chemistry of boiler scale 

graphite, c. E- N 
10 N 11 '13 
boilers. Ry Age 

. E. Terman. 11 Pow- 

> S7:6<I6 1 

. Newi 

. diags Ry 

Boiler explosion fatal at Mt. rieaaant, Ulcb. 
11 Power 37:763 My 27 '13 

Boiler explo^ons May-July. 1913. tiOcomo- 
tltc 29:f81-e O '13 

Holler explosions In Great Britain. Locomo- 
tive 29:283-6 O '13 

Deadly monoxide. H. R. Callaway. Power 
37:385-8 Mr IS '13 

Deadly monoxide. L. H. MorHson; H. R. 
Callaway. Power 37:720 My 20 '13 

Buckling of boiler ' 

Power 37:«14 Ap St '13 
New list of stael boiler tube schedules of 

weights and prices adapted by Charcoal 

Iron boiler tube makers. Iron Tr R 61:14! 

Ja 9 '13 
Removing ! 

8:595-6 O 28 '13 

» 27 ■ 

. H. V. Hart-Da- 

{ M 44:936-8 Mr 'IS 

lllc.wlnc-otr of Htenm boilers. W. llopr. Ain 

Soc M K J 35:1442-4 S '13 
Bolter attachments. J. E. Terman. II Power 

38:481-4. S60-3. 618-31. 635-7 S 30, O 21-N 

4 '13 
Boiler blow-down recorder. P. A, Banoel. 

dlag Power 37:776-6 Je 3 '13 
Boiler capacity at altitude. Eng A Min J 96: 

369-70 Ag 23 '13 
Calculation of chimney losses. Ind Eng 13: 

462 O 'IS 

1 .Soc M E J 



Designing a 160 -hp. 

>ntal t 


Power 3S;S73-4 N 11 '13 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


Boiler* —Continued. 
DlBtributlon ol heat in the operation of Bteam 
botlera. P. Barker. Sci Am S 7«:ilO-l O 4 

Effect of peak load on boiler operaHon. Power 

38i7a8-» N 25 'IJ 
Electrically controlled draft regulation for 

steam bollera. II Elec W 81:209-11) Ja 2& 

a of satety and InautaticB. Powi 

3U-4 B 9 '13 
Feeding compound I 

_jn. 11 Power S8:a<l) Ai 
Foaming hollerB. Power 

Fortunately cont " 
Piiwer 38:681-2 

Lg 12 '13 

oneratlon of large Stlrlinir Delray 
J. W. I'arker. Power 38:936-8 D 

I of graphical analvs 


Heat t 

. polakov. 

_ aieatn boiler. W. 

I Soc M E J 3E:1TG8-e3 U 

Power SS:550-1 O 14 'IS 
liCBC oaiance in steam boilers. L,. 3. Marks. 

Power 37: 4!- 7 Ja 1* '1! 
HoT4iontal tubular- boiler aettlDg. plans Bleo 

W EI:10»9-11DD Mjr 14 '13 
Kroeschell boUcr. diags Power 38:li4 Jl 23 '13 
Manifold and mlier lor CO, recorders. M. B. 

Smith, dlags Power 38:29fi-7 Ag 26 '13 
MaBter boiler makera' aasn. : addresaea at 

7lh annual convention. Chicago, May. 1913. 

Ry Aue <Mech ed) 87:314-6 Je '13 
New arrangement of heating boilers. A. Qra- 

denwIlL II Power 3T:Sl-3 Ja 7 '13 
NewBteain boiler conatruetlonB In steam tur- 
bine olanta. Fr. Mllnilni;er, Am Soc M E 

J 35:338-9 F '13 „ 

Operating boilers under dtfllcultles. F. J. 

Ravlln. i1 Power 3g:3E2-S 8 » 'IS 
Operation of low pressure heating boilers, plan 

I.ocomotlve S»;142-S Ja '13 
Oiifratlon of 3366-bp boilers at Detroit, dlag 

KIcc W 62:1149.511 U « '13 
Pitting of boiler- ^ ' 

Sept. 1-4. 1913. 

Recent developments In boiler construcUon. 
dioga Ind Eng 13:273-7 Je '13 

Reinforced lap joint problem. 8. R. Wins. 
plan Power 37:351-2 Mr 11 'tS 

Revelations of some damaged bollen. Power 
38:298 Ag 21 '13 

7th aniiu^ti convention of (lie Ma-iter boiler 
milkers' assn., Chlcano. 1913, Ry Age 54: 
1190-3 My 30 '13 

7th annual convention Of Master holler mak- 
ers' assn., Chicago. May. 1913. Ry A Eng 
R 6S:B0l-2, 610 My SI 'IS 

Small vertical boiler oT '-'-'■ 
Prescott. dlag Powei .. - -. 

Standardization of boiler-stoker Installations. 
J. G. Worker. Power 38:500 O T '13 

Steam-boiler efficiencies. A. Bement. Power 
37:876-7 Je 17 '13 

Strain on stay-bolt. H. D. Flaher. Power 38: 
343 3 3 '13 

Stresses In unaymmetdcal boiler Jolnta. plan 
Power 37:518-21 Ap 15 '13 

25lh annual convention of the American holl- 
er manufacturers' asan., Cleveland. Ohio, 
Sept., 1913. Power 38:417-8 S 16 'IS 

I'tllliallon of the wasln heat of legeneratlve 
furnaces. CJ: C. Slone. Am Inst Min R Bui 
82;24»l-2 O '13: nlscussion. 84:2893-8 D 

Boiler- efflclencv Indicator, diag filne & Min 
J 96:464 3 6 '18 ' 

Boiler -efficiency indicator, dlag Eng N 69: 
I2I7 Je 12 '13 

Boiler efficiency meters. 11 plan Bloc W 61: 

of the ward c_ _.- 

Eng M 45:744-6 Ag '13 
Simple COi meter, dlag 1 

Progress in boiler, tank and plate shops. C 
A, Tupper. 11 Iron Age 82:1427-30 D 25 '13 

Shop coats of boiler and olate work. W. C. 

Connelly. Iron Age 92:614-5 S 18 '13 

Safety meaiursa 

intlnn > 

13:480-1 N '13 
Safety nilea— boiler eraction. Eng & Min J 

96:f56 Ag 23 'IS 
Safety rules— 4>ollar repair land operatioci. 

Eng A Hln J 96:647 8 20 '13 
Plea for uniform holler sued Heal ions. Ti B. 

Durban, Iron Age 92:665-7 S 11 '13 
Standard tubular-holler spec I flea lions. Power 

38:748-9 N iS '13 
Value of boiler speclflcatlons. F. W. Rose. 

Power 87:9 Ja 7 'IS 

Adaptation of boiler to available coal. H: 

Krelsinger and W. T. Ray. dlags Power 38: 

255-9 Ag 19 '13 
AnalyalB of boiler losses. J: G. Moxey, Pow- 

-r 38:224-6 Ag 12 '13 

_ COi percentages. H. D. Fisher. 

power 37:644-5 My 6 '13 

Available (JO, peici'nlages. H. O'Neill. Pow- 
er 38:146-7 Jl 22 '13 

Boiler efflciency. Power S8:4S9-40 S 23 '13 

Boiler efficiency. (Bnglneera' study course) 
I*ower 88:445-7, 483^4, E16-7 S 23-0 T '13 

Boiler -eRIclency chart J: C. Parker. Power 
37:812-3 Je 10 '13 

Boiler tests on shipboard. H. 8. 
Power 37:892 Jo 24 13 

_ . ■ 37:831-3 Je 1. __ 
Distribution of heat In steam boilers. Power 
38:390-2 8 16 '13 

and coke-oven gas firing, H. Ortmann, Am 

Soc M E J 35:1675-7 O '13 
Exact analysis of flue gases, dlag Ind Bng 

13:322-3 Jl '13 
Experiments on efficient boiler operation. 

V. H. Carpiea. Power 38: 140 Jl 22 '13 
Experiments on etflclent boiler operation. B. 

W. Rogowskl. Power 37:799-800 Je 3 'IS 
Flue-gas sampler. L. B. Case, plan Power II: 

G3B Ap 16 '13 
F^el saving and smoke prevention thru the 

use of a HmokeieSB llrebojt boiler. R. W. 

Hunt Munlc Eng 44:474-6 My '13 
Guarantees on steam generating units. T. 

A. Peebles. Power 37:148-9 F 4 "13 
Heat lost In flue gases. (Bngineers' study 

course) Power 38ri43.4, 178-9, 210-1 Jl 22- 

Ag 5 'J3 
Heine bailer teats at terminal stations. 11 

plan Power 87:702-3 My 20 'IS 
laboratory apparatus for the exact analysis 

of flue gas. Met & Chem Eng 11:254-6 My 

Making a flue-gas analysis. (Engineers' study 

course) power 37:374-6, 911-1; 38:30-2, 68-9, 

104-5 Je 17-JI IE '13 
Measuring water in boiler teat. R. C. H. 

Heck, dlag Power 38:406 S 16 'IS 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


Boileri— Tesllns- <T(iii((nBfil, i i T K 

^'nuT.ertB'^ iTIfuiK ' li»i''Eii^""6l'fi-21 D 'll ' 
Overload test of boiler at 260 per cent 

of rating. Elec W S1;83S Ap ir ■" 
PenalllfiB of boiler mlsmanagei 

38:306 Ag 

Bollen, Loco mot I 

Boilers, Marina 

Advanlanes o" 

, See Loeomottvt 

Ballera, Water-tuba 

Adaptallon of boiler lo avallalile coal. H. 
KrelRinger and W. T. Ray. illaRS I>ower 
3«:2i5-9 AK IS '13 

Ppatiires of the Lomp brewing comimny'? 
plant. St. l,oula, Mo. 11 I'ower 38:420-3 S 23 

Four pasn Iwilers. G;"H. GlilBon. Piwer S7: 

272-3 P 2B '13 ,, , , 

F"iir-pnt>s bnllcra. T. A. Marsh, dines ln<l 13:333-1 Ab '13 

512 . 

) 15 '13 

Performance of a 4B0-hp. boiler wltli oil fuel. 
A. I* Meniln. 11 diag Eng N 69:1121-6 My 

Solutions for ahsorblne CO:^ O^nnrt CO, C: 
M. UoEera, I'owrr 38:601) O 28 "13; Same 
i-ond. liid I'^iiR 13:532 V '13 „ ,„ 

TeHlK of a l«00-n.r. 24-lubes hiKh R. & W, 
boiler: discussion of piai^er bv l\ N. Dump. 
Am Soc M R J 35;61S-54 AP '13 

«rr itlun lloilers— Efficiency meters; Loco- 
motive boilers — Testing 

II. Jhprit. Am 
. Set Am S 76:83 

>owcr 38:120-1 Jl 

ItiBt Mln K Hill Sl:23ll- 
Boll weevil! 

FlKhtiiJK ihe boll wpevli i 

\uioiiv;ti''""r''''' '"""" "'"■'' ""■■''''' ■'* '" ' 

Jam nuts. C: Jablow. dlag Power 3S:3T5 S 3 

Maohlne forelnK. D. T. Hamilton. 11 dlags 

Mach 19:581-5, 707-10, 789-9< Ap-Je 'IS 
New expansion bolt. 11 Eng N 69:316 F 13 

iiliic bolls 

11 lion .Vn. 

r bnllcd-up 

c liv .1 1 


lo places. 11 

' ll'"'r;i,i» 


7'|l7-9 N 6 

■l:h<J Ap '13 

', i«''-n ' 

F. .lolm>-,Mi 


w..rl.l. .1. J 

■ rail Wilt- 

46:431-3 I 

s,.,;,„.l,i..s. .V 

"IT disc.. 


H,-- & KriL' i: r.;:;ini2-3 .v I'iV ' 

Bonds, Municipal. Spp Mui.l.'lpal bonds ' 
Bonecourt combuitlon. See Combustion 
Bonus tystem 
Ronus ana rating for works executives. J- 

> Nelson. Iron Age 91:1159-62 My IS ■» 
""J""f.,^>::;'.r'"> trip pxpen«p i.ur.Icn. A. 

" " Ktm M 46:21(7-16 ."* '13 

-■ -ub-committee on 

t slato (If iu.Uis- 
[■ M !■: .1 35:l6S-74 

of 1 

V ■\. H. Climvli. Kne M '.1.1:21-33 Ap ''is'"'"" ' 

SPpsuIIh from .ijinratlon of the bonus plan. W 
,'' I* Mylea. Am Mach 38:779-81 My 8 '13 

I'.tK K- S|i,i .1 rnl:T»„ ., .., ,.. 
^Simple bonus si-slem and its r 
/ Mylps. II Iron'Aee 9::43-5 Ja 

I: M, 

Ills. W. L. 

! L. P. St. Cyr. Power 37: 

/nter tube boilers. A. 

A. Cory, plan Power 37:328-30 Mr II '13 

Performance "t a isn-hp. boiler with nil fuel. 

A. r.. Meniln. 11 dtag Eng N 69:1124-6 My 

Talbot water-tube boiler. T. H. Heath. H 
Power 37:443-4 Ap 1 '13 ^ 

oik explained. S. R. 

ISimiw systPm for tbe p.iri' nf P„ilbu..1 
6s!?r"6 A^S^-Jt ^^ " ''^' '■■"" "'■'■ 



91 X 








f Fol liooks bj 
{'orniack. 11 Sd 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


Bookk«apina — CunifnBcd. 
Keeping pereonaJ accounts. A. H. Sswyer. 
Ede a Mln J 9e:6SS-T O 11 'IS 

)nft; Muntclpal accounting; Kallruade — Ac- 

Set alio Printing 
Books and reading 
Do architects read? a group of Interviews. 

S: Howe. Arch Rec 83:82-90 Ja 'IS 

Technical extra Illustration: preserving ctlp- 

plngff. A. L. Haas. Power 3B:326 S 2 '13 


Applied geology. Michigan Iron ranges. P, B. 

McDonald, diags & Mln J 96:208-10 Ag 

Ion. map plans Eng N 

New subway construe 

7«:1190-2 13 11 '13 
Subway paseenger referendum at Boston, tl 

ESec Ry J <1:S68 My 10 'IS 
Traffic stallBllcB from Boston. Elao Ry J 

(1:287 F IB '13 
Utilizing electrical energy in the construc- 
tion or subway at Boston, il Eiec W 61: 

t(-7 Ja 4 "la 
t^re aim Boston elevateii railway 
Sanitary affairs 
Collection and disposal of Boston refuse. II 

plan E^^g Rec S7:G12-5 Hy 10 'IS 
Boston A. Maine railroad 
lioslon & Maine extension from Hinsdale, 

N. H., to Brattleboro, Vt. II Ry Arc 65: 

SOI-2 O 10 '13 
"""" and _ Maine's extremity. Ry & Eng 

I Eng & Mln J 96:3! 

Controlling the direction of bore holes, plan 

Mlnea & Mln 83:327-9 Ja '13 
Drilling In mid air. C. M. Hansen. II Eng & 

Mln J »C:£11 Ag 2 '13 
DrllllnK- in the Michigan copper mines. Eng & 

Mln J 96:91S N 16 '13 
nrilllnc Mesabl gopher holes, dlags Eng & 

Mln J 96:1169-70 D 20 '13 
Itemized equipment for churn drill. H. P. 

Bowen. diage Eng & Mln J 96:141-6 3 6 '13 
KArns tunneling machine. O. J. Grimes, 11 

Eng N 69:470-1 Mr 6 '13; Sanne. Eng M 

46:261-3 My '13 
Manipulation of cylinder lowers on a drill 

boat. 11 Cntr Reo 67:802 My 31 '13 
Preliminary testing of placer ground. 11 Eng 

A Mln J 96:702*4 Ap 6 '13 
Preliminary testing of placer ground. M, B. 

LalTerty. Bng & Mln J 9B:961-S My 10 'IS 
Hock drilllnir in the Tennessee river. Eng 

Kec 68:48S-9 N 1 '13 
Substitution of air for water In diamond 

drIIHnK. K. Wilcox. Am Inst Min E Bui 

82:2409-10 O '13; Same cond. Eng & Min J 

98:973-4 N 22 '13 
Unit drilling costs, Rawlev tunnel. Eng & 

Mln J 96:523 Mr 8 '13 

See alto Roch drills; Shaft sinking 

Description of born Its. !„ C, < 
Inst Min E Bui 77:760-6 My ' 

Eng' N ToVmo'i'N'ao "i; 

Boston, Massachusetts 

B rid pes 
FIvot pier of ChelEca bridge north. 11 dlags 
Eng Rec 68:138-9 Ag 2 '13 

Commonwealth pier 6, Boston. II plans Eng 

Rec 68:275-7 S 6 '13 

.w, Boston. Eng N 7 

BoBton arbitration hearings. Enec Ry j 42:349. 

424. 470. 511. 700-1. 941. 993. 1030, 106l)-7 

Ag SO, S 13-27, O 11, 26-N 15 '13 
Boston elevated organisation, Blec Ry J 41: 

240 F 8 '13 
Changes In Boston elevated organ Iiatlon. 

Elec Ry J 41:13 Ja 4 '13 

of labor agreement. Eleo Ry J 42: 

1254-5 D 1 


I Bacteriology; Seeds 

I of I 

anil food values 
lets and home- 
It. F. C. Cook. 

II U S Agric Bui 27:1 
Otaclers and International boundaries, I., 
Martin, map II Scl Am S 76:129 Ag 30 '13 
Box cara. See Freight cars 
Box factories 
Motion study In the box shop. R. T. Kent, 
plans Ind Eng 13:325-9 Ag '13 
Cigar-box factories 

of packing boxes of various forms. J: 
Newlln. 11 I' S Forest Wcrv Clrc 2H:i- 
'13; Abstract. Eng Rec 67:116 Ap 12 

Need of belter boxes for freight. Ry Age 
65:23-1 Jl 4 'IS 
"PC alto Box factories; Box making 
Boxas, Water-tight. See Water-tight boxes 
Boy*- schools. See Interlaken school 
Bra el no 
Failures In building construction and their 
lessons. E: Qodtrey. II Arch A BIdg 45: 
329-33 Ag '13 
Overcoming difflcullles In New York Lexing- 
ton avenue subway: excavating rock and 
quicksand 50 feet below tide level under 
traffic In cHv streets, dlags Eng Rec 6S: 
676-7 N 22 '13 

Brake shoes 

: shoe plant, plan Foundry 

works department orgsjilzatlon, Eng N 69: 

1018-9 My 22 '13 

Rapid transit 
Accident prevention In Boston, E: Dana. II 

Elec Ry J 41:5S-61 Ja 11 '13 
Extensions Of the Boston subway. II Ry & 

Eng R 63:262-4 Mr 22 '13 
How service requirements are ascertained in 

Boston. E: Dana, Elec Ry J 42:340,1 Ag 30 


brake with 8i«>clal release feature. 

.c iiy J 42:1027 N 8 '13 

New type of multiple disk brake. II Iron i 

91:1616-7 Je 

fin- nlw Air 


s: Br 




Brakes, Automobile 
Jackshaft vs. double r 
Automobile 29:250-2 




B. dlags 


Antimony In brass mixtures 

Foundry 41:322-3 Ag '13 
Brass tmlshes. Foundry 41:188 



Digitized by VjOOQIC 


Sraw — C'unElnued. 
CorrOBlon of condenser lubes. O. D. Gensough 
and R: M. Jones. Metal Ind n s ll:3gfi-T 
S '13 

cuaslon. A. D. Fllnn. II Ens Kec 68:E27-9 

N S 'IJ 
Determlnallon o( oxygen In copper and brass. 

T. Wesl. Melal Ird n s 11:379-30. 611-3 S, 

D 'IS 
Increasing- the efflclency of a brass manu- 
facturing plant. P. W. Blolr. 11 Metal Ind 

n a 11:13-4 Ja '13 
Manufacture of wrought brass; contloued 

from August, 191!. U J. Krom, H Uetal 

Ind n s 1I:18-H, 331-9 Jo. Ag '13 
Metal fahes: how the unwary buyor is de- 
ceived. Set Am 3 75:295 My 10 '13 
Nomenclature of the non-ferrous alloya. C. 

1'. Knrr. Foundry <1;4SJ.T N 'IS; Same. 

MeUl Ind n s 11:517-21 D -13 
Oxygen In brass. T: Turner. Metal Ind n ■ 

ll:S14-5 My '13 
Plant of Michigan smelting & reflnInK oo., 

Detroit. Mich. U Metal Ind n s 11:1-6 Ja '13 
Production and working of sheet brass. C. 

H. SUIson. Eng M 45:241-6 My '13 
Recent Improve men Is In non-ferrous alloys. 

C. Vlckers. Foundry 4J:41fi-20 O '13 
Recovering brass from (oundry cinders. Li. 

L. WltUcb. plans Eng & Mln J 95:S53 Ap 

ze -IS 
Use at arsenical copper for making cold 
rolled brass. K. A. Lewis. Metal Ind n s 
11:78-7 F '13 
i^rc alio Brasing 
8 rasa founding 

nt metala, Chicago, Oi^t., 1911. Founi 
479-8" ■■ "- 


; 41; 

3 foundry diOlcuUles solved by experts, 
aee monthly numbers of the Foundry 

Brass (oun<1ry rurnaiea, W. H, Parry. Metal 
Ind n B 11:423-4 O '13 

Dangers of phosphorus and sodium. C Vlck- 
ers. Foundry 41:27 Ja '13 

Distillation of Impurities from copper. Found- 

Electric 1 

» Ja ' 

Herlng. Foundry 

1 Mel 

Ind r 



J, Horner, plana Foundry 41:113-6 Mr '13 
Brass foundries 

Aids to brass foundry management Foundry 
41:ieS-S Ap ■!) 

Brass foundry of the future. C. P. Knrr, Me- 
tal Ind n s 11:482-4 N '13 

Power plant In a Tanadlan hrDRA maniifac- 
turlne ronccrn. Sarnla, Ont. P. W. Bl.iir. 
II Metal Ind n s 11:440-1 O 'IS 

Relation of metal cast to floor area of fac- 
tory. P. W Blair, II Metal Ind n s 11:111- 
3 Mr '13 

Waterbury. Conn.— metal castlnar shop. O. 
Thompson. II plans Metal Ind n S 11:166- 
7, 206-9 Ap-My '13 

Wages In the Amazon river valley. H. BL 
Collins. Power 37:621-3 Ap IS '13 

Armore.1 river monitors for Braiil. F. C. 
Coleman, plan Int Marine Eng 18:471-2 
N '13 

Brass and copper plating of the futuro. H. 

G. Loverlng. il Metal Ind n s 11:173 Ap 'IS 

Elect rode position Of brass and bronie. C. W. 

Bennett. Metal Ind a s 11:170-S Ap '13 

£alt-riBlng bread: raising dough with newly 
discovered bacteria. H. A. Kohman. tl Scl 
Am 103:220 Mr S '13 

StHllng of breid explained in the light of 
physltal ciiemlstry. R; Loreni. II Sci Am 

Study In local adaptation. D: E. Tarn. 11 Arch 

Rec 34:318-23 O '13 
Features of the Lemp hrcwlng company's 

plant, St. Liouls, Mo. II Power 38:420-3 S 33 



Havt... - 

273-91 O 'II 
Brick pavements. See Pavements, Brick 
Srick roads. Se<- Itoiids, Brick 

Manufacture of paving brick from furnace 
slag. Eng Itec 63:241 Ag 3D '13 

Kfc! aim Adobe bricks: Brickwork; Bri- 
quets (iron); Fire bricks; Masonry 
Testa of two brick piers of unusual six*. J. 
E. Howard, it Kng Rec S7:I3Z-4 Mr It '13:. 
Same cond. Eng N 69:G38-9 Mr 21 '13 
.yiT aUn Masonry 
Bridge c 

Electric br.isa furnace. C. Vlckers. Foundry 

41:27-8 Jn '13 
Electric furnace for brass molting. Eng & Mln 

J 96:350 Ag 23 '13 
Electric furnaces In Iron and br.TSS foundries. 

E. K. Scott. Foundry 41:370-81 S '13 
Hints on brass founding; continued from 

Mlay. 1912. plan Metal Ind n s 11:10-1, 216- 

7 Ja. My '•' 

Large pumps of acid resisting metal. W. J. 
Reardon. 11 Metal Ind n s 11:26-7 Ja '13 

Melting brass In the electric furnace. Ind 
Eng 13:27 Ja '13 

Melting losses In the brass foundry. Foundry 
41:116-7 Mr '13 

Producing brass Ingots In Michigan smelt- 
ing A refining co.'b plant, Detroit. II plan 
Foundry 41:72-7 P '13 

("oncreto Cem 3:176-7 
Bridge expansion 
Observations on brid»ce expansion. H. A, 
I.oser. dl»R Kng N 70:1170-1 D II '13 
Bridge failures 
Failure of a steel-truss highway t>rldgo In 
Colorado. W. H. Hubbard, Jr. 11 plan Bug 

Report on <!len l.och derailment. Ry Age 64: 

717-9 Mr 28 '13 
Wellsvllle bridge failure. E. S. Morse; D. 

Instructions for the Inspection of the fabrt* 
cation of steel bridges. Ry & Eng B ES: 

3»« Mr 29 '13; Same. Ry Age 54:oBl-3 Mr 

F, K. Schall. Ry Age 55:969-74 N 21 '13 
Periodical brldne inspection. Ry Age 64:S: 
F 21 '13 

Bridge moving 

isaa City. C. E. Smith. II 
.61 J] 10 '13 
Pacific Kaw rtver bridge. 

Moving the Union Pacific Kaw rtver bridge, 
Kansas City. 11 plans Eng Rec 67:601-2 
My 31 '13 

Digitized GV Cockle 



ot Kaw fiver bridge. C. 

Smith. LI plana Ry Age S5:4E-» Jl 11 '13 

Hannibal, Mo. II En^ Rec 68:500 N 1 
Trnnsfeiring bridge spans on barges at Han- 
nibal, Mo. It EnK N 70:1128 D i '13 
Bridge painting 


N Z 


; or bridge paint. J. S. Rice: A. B. 

Ptietps. Ry Age GE:llT9-80 D 19 '13 
Bridge ihope 
lAflt word In bridge atiops. Eng Rec ST:SS3 

Je 7 -18 
St. LAwrence brMge company's new shop; 

Montreal. II plsjis Eng Reo fiT:S24-6 Je 1 



I without scafTold. U Scl Am 

WlsconBln. A. R. Hirst Bng 1 _ 

O 9 '13; Same cond. Bng Rec eS:37S O i 13 

Brldgea In relation lo the Hudson River. G. 
F. Kuni. Scl Am S T6:3<2-3 N 29 'IS 

Bridges of the Connecticut company. II Elec 
Ry J 42:eSS-43 O 4 '13 

Bridging (he Hosphorus and the Golden Horn 
at Constantinople. H. G. Tyrrell, plan Eng 
N 70:1020-1 N 20 'IS _ 

Chicago— Milwaukee avenue Tiaduot Eng 
N 69:613 Hr IT '13 

Civil Bervlce examination questions for New 
York state, Eng N 70:1129-31 D 4 'IS , ^ 

Compensalton for street-railway use of high- 
way bridge In New Jersey. Bng Rec S8: 
667-8 N 15 '13 . ^ _ 

Data (or use In designing culTerta and short- 
span bridges. C: H. Moorefleld. 11 U S Pub 
Roads Bui 4G:7-39 '13 

Design of large bridges, with special refer- 
ence to the Queliec bridge, K, Modjeskl. II 

plans J Fr Inst 176;2r- " ~ "■ " 

*-nK Rec fiS:321-4, 354-6 

cting a long plate-g):_„ _, 

Chelienham. Pa. plan Eng Rec 87:4«S 
Ap 26 'IS 

How Mexican rebels destroy railways and 
bridges. G. E. Weeks. 11 Scl Am 109:209-10 
8 13 'IS 

Municipal bridge approach, 8L Louis: de- 

Eng Rec I 

Rcriptlon and methods of construction. 8. 

W. Bowen, 11 plans Eng N 69:94-100 Ja 

16 '13 
New York state highway department bridges. 

diaea Bng Rec 68:361-2 8 27 '13 
Organization and equipment for maintenance. 

operation. Inspection, repair and renewal 

of East river bridges, N. Y. plans Eng Bee 

67:98-101 Ja 25 '13 
Pole- truss highway bridges on mountain 

roads In Washington. C. B. Bge. 11 Eng N 

69-842-3 Ap 24 'IS 
Portland— broad way bridge over Willamette 

river, with rail bascule span. W, P. Hard- 

eaty, n plan Eng N 70:704-10 O 9 ' 

r bridges 

! of I 

J. May* 

nd c 


1 be r 

J Fr Inst 176:645- 

Proposed Hudson river bridge and tunnels 
to connect New York and Now Jersey. 

plans Eng Rec 67:367, 3S4-7 Ap 6 '13 
Proposed Hudson river bridge; present neces- 
sity for highway and railway bridge at New 
York city. G. Llndenthal. Eng M 44:779- 
81 F '13 
Public worka in the Philippine Islands un- 
.liT th,' Amcrlisn r^cime. M, F. Cameron. 
II Eng Rec «S:I71 Ag 16 'IS 
St. Lawrence bridge company's new shop; 
Montreal. 11 plans Eng Rec 67:624-0 Je T 

1 Eng Reo 67:674-5 Je 14 '13 


In Wisconsin. A. R. 

cem 3:266-6 D '13 
bridge carried 

iv-ing; Bridge 

.. . _.' river, Wa^, II Bng 
N 69:1205-6 Je It 'IS 

Bridge failures: Bridge 
Intlng: Bridge shops: Ciil- 
vLTiai jjrawuriuges; Girders; Pontoon 
bridges; Trestles: Trusses; also names of 
cities, subhead Bridges 

Bridge abutment with cantilever wings. II 

plana Eng N 70:917-8 O 23 '13 
DeBlKn of concrete abutments without wing 
walls for deck girders. C. M. I^uther. plans 

. II diag Ry Age 54:7S9-6I Mr 28 
Collection and use of construction cost data 

Eng N 70:1305-7 D 25 '13 
Rors for a North river bridge at Now York 

6S-64<1-1 D 6 -13 

Damages from floods, < 
Damage to bridges at lAtayette, Ind. B. L. 

- ■■ - ■- g9:837-8 Ap ?' "- 

. In Indlanai 

1 map Eng N 69:8' 

Destruction of brldRes In Indiana flood. C: 
BroBsmann. II Eng Rec 47:373-4 Ap 6 '13 

Genesee river bridge wrecked by Ice. Bng 
Rec 67:92 Ja 26 '13 

Heaulls of recent flood at Columbus; dam* 
ages to bridges and levaes and pUnt for 
ImproTlng river channels. J. J. Morgan. II 
map Bng Rec 67:444-5 Ap 19 '13 

Y brldee at Zanesvllle, O. wlthslands flood. 
R. IT Lewis. II Concrete Cem 8:298-3 Je 

Protpcllve coallni™ for railway bridge floors, 
A, W. Carpenter. Ene N 69:60-1 Ja 9 '13 

Viaduct fl-mr of hollow concrete tile. II Ena 
Her 6S:647-8 D 6 '13 

Founilations and piers 

Concrete pile sppclflcallona for the i'oint 
brliige at Pittsburgh. Eng Rec 6S:58I N 
22 '13 

Concrete speclll cat Ions for bridge substruc- 
ture. KOB llec 6S;.ln5.6 .S IS 'iS 

Construction features Of the substructure of 
the Cum,bertand river bridge, L. & N. Ry. 
H. M. Jones. II map Eng N 68:1060-2 My 
22 '13 

C-nnKtruclion ol new Quebec brldso piers. II. 
P, Borden. II Ry Age 56:366-9 Ag 29 '13 

Dfpp-waler plera for Passaic and Harkensack 
bridges. II Eng Rei' 68:698-9 D 20 -13 
'-- —1 the Pitt river bridge: 

717-8 Je 2 



I plan Eng 

. bridge reconstr 

434-6 Ap 19 '13 
- .1. I';.,— fijundatlcna for the Tunhhan- 
k viaduct. 11 plan Eng Rec 67:432, 484- 

t My ! 

. . _ (or drawbridge over Calumet river. II 
Eng Rec 67:208 F 22 '13 

Plvut pier nf ChclsMi bridge north. 11 diags 
Eng Rec 6S:13S-9 Ag 2 '13 

Removing the masonry and submerged gril- 
lage of a bridge pier, Cleveland. O. I] Eng 
Rec 67:618-9 My 3] '13 

TIi.npwiMB- Iwn Bwlnrr rniflns under trnlflc at 
and. Me, II plan 

Ijicollo. Quchp 
Rv Age 54:ir.-; 

! Je 20 '13 


. II discs Kne 


8:661-3 D 11 

Rec 68:328-3Ci"s"2o"f3' 
Set alio Bridges— Abu tmen la; GolTerdamp 




Bridges —Continued. 

EqufvalenI uniform loads on brlclRes for 
different typea of engine. Bng N 70:8S1-B 

EaipeilmentB on moving loads on highway 
brldEes. Bng Reo 6B:lS6-6 Ag 9 13 

Impact stresses in railroad bridge design. 
Ens Rec 6T;364 Mr 29 -13 

Moving loads on steel bridges; consldera- 

D 13 '13 

Replacing lower obord of a drawsiilui while 

In service. II Eng Rec eT:5Tl My 24 '13 
Hce alio Bridges— Reconstruction 
Bridatsi Arched 
Allen town, Pa.^reinforced concrete viaduct 

for heavy service. B. H. Davis. II pl&ns 

Concrete Cem 2il61-8 Ap '13 
Alletitown, Pa.— South Eighth street Ttadoot. 

I] plana Etig N G»:T69'E3 Ap IT '18 
Atherton B,venue tilghwsy btiage, Pittsburgh. 

II pl&ns Eng Rec 67:G40-2 My 17 'iS 
Broadway bridge across OsweKO river and 

I Nev 

. Fultc 

, N. 

• Mos- 
cow, lowi. II Ity Age B4:S96-7 Ap 18 '13 

Erecting Canadian Paclflc bridge over the 
at. Lawrence river. II diags Ry Age B4; 
1027-9 My 9 '13 , „ 

Kaw river bridge reconstruction. II plan Bng 
Rec 67:434-6 Ap 19 '13 

Movlnc a three-span truss bridEe over the 
Kaw river at Kansas CKy. C. E. Smith. 
il plans Eng N 70:54-«l 31 10 

Novel method of removing an old bridge. 

Eng N 69:846 Ap 2* '13 
Ohin river bridge at Kenova. W. Va. 11 diaga 

Ry Age 65:401-13 S 5 '13 
Pont Notre-Uame reconstruction, Paris; arch 

replacement under trafflc. II plana Eng 

N 70:1211-4 D IS '13 
Rebuilding of the burned Ne' 

My 29 '13 
Reconstrucllon of Kaw river bridge. C. 
Smith, 11 plana Rv Age SG:4r " " " 

■ N 

plana Eng N 1I):5S5-T 8 S5 '13 

Reconstruction of the Quebec bridge: a de- 

Hlgn. G. KrIwoBchetn. II Scl Am 8 76i293-E 

My 10 'IS 

Renewing two swing apans under trafne at 
I.aoolle Quebec, and Portlond. Me. II plan 
Rv Arc 64:1575-7 Je 20 '13 

Replacing a timber Howe truss with a long- 
span plate-girder. 11 plan Eng N 70:1303-4 
D 25 '13 

Replnclng Cedar river bridge; building new 
and extending old piers; erecting plate- 
girder spans by derrick cars and hy over- 
head Jigger beams. II Eng Rec 68:1)13-5 Ag 
16 '13 

Rpplacing high timber trestle near Boone, 
Iowa without Interrupting trafflc. II Eng 
Rec 67:187-8 P IB 'IS 

Replacing porlagevllle, N. Y., bridges. 11 plan 
Eng Rec 67;4OT Ap 12 '13 

Replacing Sumner street bridge, Toledo. 
plan miB Rec 67:661 My 17 'IS 

Replacing Ihe Cuyahoga river draw bridge 
(tasculel. II dlags Eng Bee 67:20-1 Ja 4 

Safeguarding displaced viaduct piers: slop- 
pEng dangerous settlement and sliding by 
'ramage system: underpinning and rebulld- 

1 Eng N fl9:lS2< 

I Je iS '13 

Maxtin. 11 idans Eng N 70:646-50 O 3 '13 
Catawba river bridge near Charlotte, North 

Carolina. II Bng Rec C7:2TZ Mr S 'II 
Colorado street bridge over Arroyo Seco, 

Cal. B. B. Howard. II plan Bng Reo B7: 

668-70 My 2' "* 


s and a 

and < 

I for 

Ing foundations at Cleveland. 11 dlags Bng 
Rfc 68:661-3 D 13 '13 
Schuylkill river bridge Improvemenfs: wlden- 

vanla main line In Philadelphia. 11 dlag 
Ry Age 56:1173-6 D 19 '13 

Sm alto Bridge moving; Bridges — Repairs 

Bridge maintenance. Ry Age 64:1660-1 Je 20 

Novel bridge repair Job at Uhrichsville. Ohio, 

B: atlngel. II plan Bng Rec 68:53 J< 12 '13 
Reinforcing a scoured pier foundation at 

Newcomers town, O. E; Stlngel. dlag Eng 

Rec 68:182 Ag 16 '13 
Remforcin^ anold^raJlway viaduct. W. T. 

. a dlag Eng N 70:864-6 

highway bridge at Anaonla, Con- 
uBvuuUt. plans Eng Rec 67:219-20 P 22 '13 

Construction of the Martin's creek viaduct 
fur Delaware, Lackawanna & Western rail- 
road, II Eng Reo «8:710-2 D 27 '13 

Crooked river arch bridge, Oregon. 11 dlags 
Ry Age 54:394-6 F 28 '13 

Ciooked riier bridge, Oregon, C, B, Chase. 
II plan Eng N S»:519-GS Mr 20 '13 

Delaware river bridge of the P. & R. E. 
Chamberlain. II plans Ry Age 54:944-60 Ap 
26 '13 

Fall River, Mass. concrete arch bridge. II 
plan Bng Bee 67:466 Ap 21 '13 

Fltchburg. Maas.— FIftll street viaduct. II 
plans Eng N 69:443-7 Mr 6 'IS 

Halen reinforced -concrete bridge, Bern. 
Switzerland. II plans Bng N 70:631-7 8 tS 

Largest reinforced concrete bridge in Ameri- 
ca, Pittsburgh. P. C. Parkins. II Scl Am S 
75:348 My SI '13 

Method of designing arches, KIngshlghway 
viaduct, St. Louis. Eng Rec 67:136-7 P 1 

Bee G7:327-S Mr 22 '13 

Pont Notre-Dame reconstruction, Paris; arch 
replacement under traffic. 11 plans Bng N 
70:1211-4 D 18 '13 

Spokane, Washington— Latah creek bridge. J, 
F. Greene, 11 plan Eng Beo 67:312-4 Mr II 
'13; Same cond. II plan Bng N (9:614-7 Ur 
27 'IS 

Tunkhannock viaduct conatructlon on D., Li- 
ft W. relocation. II Bng Bee 68:594-6 N 29 

Bridges, Base u la 

Bascule highway bridge with overhead bal- 
ance beams Installed across a lock of the 
New York barge canal at Phoenli, N. T. 
plan Eng Bee 67:177 F IE '13 

Double deck baacute bridge at Fort William, 
Ont. II dlag Hy Age 55:603-1 O 3 '13 

Doublo-deck bascule bridge over the Chicago 
river, plans Eng N 70:116-7 Jl- 17 '13 

Gunpowder and Bush river bridges, II dlags 
Bng Rec 68:144-6 Ag 9 '13 

Hand-operated bascule bridge, dlag Bng N 

Calum _ __ _ 

697 D 20 '13 

Lift bridges of Milwaukee. H: O, Tyrrell. 11 
Munlc Eng 46:2-7 Jl '13 

Long- span double-deck bascule drawbridge 
over the Kamlnlstlquia river for Canadian 
Paclflc By. 11 Eng N 70:308 Ag H '13 

Motor-operated, three-leaf lift bridge. 11 Iron 
Tr R 62:674 Mr 6 '13 

New type of rail Joint for bascule and vert- 
ical-lift bridges, II dlags Ry & Eng R U: 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


Eng M 

Bridge*, Batcul _. 

Norwalk, Conn., Waahlngton street brldse- 

ttlans Ehk Rec £8:103-1 Jl 2S '13 
Portland — broad way bridge over Wiltamelte 

river. W. P. Usrdeaty. 11 plan Ens N Vu; 

701-10 O » '13 
Itall roUliiB bascule bridge at Portland, Ore. 

11 dlas Ky Age 64:«ue Mr 1$ '13 
Recent types at railway bascule bridcea. H. 

G. Tyrrell. 11 Hy & ting K B3;236-8 Mr 16 

Beplaclng the Cuyahoga river draw bridge 
[bascule]. II dlags Bng Rec G7:20-l Ja 4 '13 

Road Improvements of the Northern Padllc 
Ry., In Wasliington. II plan Ry & Bug R 
E3:2E9-G0 Mr 22 '13 

Rolling lift bridge 186 tt. long, So. Chica- 
go, II Iron Age 31:299 Ja 30 '13 

Bmail bascule highway draw span, Barn- 
stable, Mass. II Eng N 7D:lES-8 Jl 21 '13 

Strauss single leaf bascule bridge at South 
Chicago. 11 dlag Ry Age 61:605-6 Mr IM '11 
Brldse*, Cantilever 

Adopled design o( the Quebec bridge. R. 
Mocljeakl. dIagB Ry Age 55:66a-fia S 26 '13 

Comparative economy of cantilever and bub- 
penslon bridges. Eng Rec 6T:E66-T My 21 

e Quebec bridge, K. ModjeBkl. li 
ni »»;117-20 D '13 

High cantilever bridKe in Mexico across Rio 
Chlco, II cTlogs Ry Ago 56:12:;2-4 D 26 '13 

Large cantilever brldse In China. 11 Bng N 
69:61 Ja 9 '13 

Latest bridge dealcn for Sydney harbor, N, S. 
W.; the third largest apan in the world. 
Eng N 10:220 Jl 31 '13 

Ltfllng the i;!u,UO(i,0O0 pound Quebec bridge. 
H. P. Stratton, 11 Eng M 46:311-9 D 13 

Memplila cantilever bridge, plana Eng N 7U: 
930-3 N 6 '13 

New Mississippi river bridge at Memphis. 
Tenn. tllags Eng Rec 6R:316-7 N 8 '13; Ky 
Age 56:821-5 O 31 '13 

Proportioning of long-span truss and canti- 
lever bridges. J, Mayer. J Fr Inst 17G:e5»- 
7U D '13 (lo be cont) 

Relntorclng^ an old cantilever bridge, Phila- 
delphia, Penn, il plan Eng N 70:187-9 S 11 

Sewlckley, Fa„ cantilever bridge. II plans 

Eng N 69:3!i3-y F 27 '13 
Suspension bridges and cantilevers. D: B. 

Stelnman, Eng Rec 67:647-8, 677-8 My 17- 

24 '13 
BrldQes, Concrete 
A lien town. Pa. — reinforced concrete viaduct 

tor heavy service, B, H. Davis. II plans 

Concrete Cem Z:16I-S Ap '13 
Altentown. Pa. — South Eighth street vladuot. 

11 plans Eng N S9:TG9-63 Ap 17 '13 
Atherton avenue highway bridge, Pittsburgh. 

II plajis Eng Rec «7:d40-2 My 17 '13 
Broadway bridge across Oswego river and 

the New York barge canal at Fulton, 

N. T. II plan Eng Rec 67:88-90 Ja 26 '13 
Carondelet park bridge, St, Louis, Mo. C; 

"■ Martin. II plana Eng N 70:«16-HI O 2 

lirldKo near Charlotte. North 

i.sroiinn, ii r-ii^^ It.-c «7:27J Mr \ 'I:! 
Color.ido street bridge over Arroyo Seco, Cnl. 

E. B. Howard. II plan Eng Rec «7:568-70 

My 2* 13 
Colorado street bridge over the Arroyo Seco. 

Pasadena, Cal. 11 plans Eng N 7U:H<-50 Jl 

14 '13 
Concrete bridges lo wlth-sland flood, and their 

---tiparatlva cost. Concrete Cem 2:210; 3: 


Catawh.T i 

115 i 

Con ere 

. '13 


aii.-p-e s 13 ■ 
ConcretInK the Milwaukee avenue vladuot, 

Chicago. II Eng Rec 67:304 Mr IS 'IS 
Construction of the Fifth street viaduct. 

Fltchburg. Mass. II Eng Rec 6T:4-6 Ja 4 '13 


ruud. [1 Kng Rec 

.S:71U-3 D 2T '13 


Delaware river bridge of the p. & R. B. 

fhamberlain, 11 plans Ry Age B4;914-i0 Ap 

■iS '13 
Designing concrete alab spans tor double- 
track bridges of Penneylvanla railroad 

across the Bush, and Gunpowder rivera, 

Eng Rec 51:100 O 11 '13 
Fall lllver, Mass. — concrete arch bridge. 11 

plan Eng Rec 67:466 Ap 26 '13 
Features of concrete- bridge design. Eng Rec 

68:366 O 4 '13 
Fitch burg, Mass.— Fifth street Viaduct. U 

plans ICng N 63:413-7 Mr t 'II 
Qeorgia- Harris viaduct, Vancouver, B. C. 

plan Eng N 70: 311-5 Ag 21 'IS 
Gilbert Avenue viaduct in Cincinnati. II plan 

Bng Rec 67:216-8 Mr 1 '13 
Gravity concrete-depositing plant. Fallsway 

viaduct. Baltimore. Eng N 70:927-8 N 6 '13 
Gunpowder and Bush river bridges. II dlags 

Eng Rec 68:114-6 Ag 9 '13 
Hal en reinforced -concrete bridge, Bern, 

SwKxerland. 11 plans Eng N 70:531-7 3 IS 

Hupalcong-Slateford cut-Off; heavy concrete 

bridge work. C. W. Simpson. II dlags Ry 

Age 54:9-11 Ja 3 '13 
Lake Park bridge, Milwaukee, Wis. O. B. 

Young, Jr. II Munic Eng 45:63-4 Jl '13 
Largest reinforced concrete bridge In Amer- 
ica, Pittsburgh. F. C. Perkins. 11 Scl Am S 

76:318 My 81 '13 
Light reinforced -concrete arch. La Mescla, 

France, plan Eng N 69:307 F 13 '13 
Long span concrete bridges. diagB Concrete 

Cem 3:119-20 s 'IS 
MarElialltown, la. reinforced -con Crete girder 

bridge. H. J. Bodgera. II plan Ens N <9: 

560-1 Mr 30 '13 
Method of designing arches, Klngshlghway 

viaduct, St. Louis. Eng Bee 67:136-7 F 1 

Nicholson, PB. — foundations for the Tiinkhan- 

nock viaduct. II plan Eng Rec 67:18!, 184- 

8 My 3 -IS 
Norwalk. Conn., Waahlngton atreet bridge. 

_-, 1 concrete. 11 plans i — 

Rec 68:401-2 O 11 '13 

Present statue of bridge building. F. P. Mc- 
Kibben. II Concrete Cem 1:48-61 D 'IS 

1-rlie di-slgn for .himes river bridge at Rlch- 
nioml. II Etig Ht-c 68:G1U N 15 '13 

Reintorcpd contrele. C: H. Moorefleld. II 
plans U S Pub Road Bui 46:13-39 'IS 

Reinforced concrete slabs under concentrated 
loading. A. T, Gold beck, diacs Concrete 
Cem 3:56-9 Ag 'IS 

;^l> viiuhict- II Concrete Cem 3:199-203 
N '13 

SiKikane, U'ashington concrete arch bridge; 
I.atah creek bridge. J. F. Greene. II plan 
Eng Rec 67:312-4 Mr 22 'IS; Same condl. 
II plan Bng N 69:614-7 Mr 27 '13 

Summlt-Hallslpad cut-ort of Pelaware. Lack- 
awanna & Western railroad: ileHcrlpllon of 
Tunkhnnnock viaduct and other structures. 
II dinBH Ity Age 55:1069-74 D 6 '13 

Tunklinnnock viaduct construction on D,. L. 
& W. relocation: cuntinuuus concreting of 
plerH, more than 2iiO feet high, and adjust- 
able stcH tnisH centers for 180-foot arch 
pjiatis. II dlags Eng liec 6S;i91-« N 19 '13 

Two large concrete arches on a Swiss moun- 
tain railwa.v. 11 Eng N 70:12'.<l-6 D 25 '13 

Tardley, <Pa.) brldgp across the Delaware 
river, Philadelphia & Reading Ry. II plana 
Eng N 69:1101-8 My 29 '13 
Bridges, Iron and steel 

Bridge trusses with uniform T-shapa rnem- 
bprs. Eng Rec 67:202 F 22 '13 

Columbia river bridge at Trail, plan Bog 
Rec 67:160-1 F 8 '13 

acting a steel bridge. Eag N 69: 

675-6 Mr 20 ' 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


, Iron and Meel — Contlnurd. 


Erection of Mononsahels r 
Age G4:9E-g Jb 17 '13 

Failure ot a steel-truM highway brldga In 
Colorado. W. H. Hubbard, Jr. II plan Bng N 
69:632-3 Mr 13 'U 

Fort Dodge. Des Molneg ft Southam Ry. re- 
places high timber trestle with a steel 
viaduct. 11 plans Eng N e9;S3U'l Ap II 'IS 

High steel viaduct In New Zealand. Eng Rec 
A:2T7 8 G 'IS 

Highway bridge spec I float Ions: requirements 
outlined by G. S. office of public roads. Eng 
Rec G8:230-S Ag 30 '13 

InatruPllon for the Inspeolion of Ihe fabrica- 
tion of sleel brldKes. lly Ace 54:SS1.J Mr 
19 '13: Same. Ry & Kng R S3:30e Mr 29 '13 

Iron and steel railway bridge In German 
Cameroon. A. Qradenwltx. 11 Eng Rec 68:134 
Ag 1 '13 

Necessary precautions In the design and su- 

Servl«lon of construction of low- truss steel 
[ghway bridges. Q. M. Braune. Eng N TO: 
398-9 Ag Z< ■°3 

N1 squally river pipe -line bridge; dealgn and 
erection nt La Grande. Wash. II plan Bng 
Rpo 67:I27-S Mr IJ '13 

Obser vail one on bridge expansion. II. A. 
I.oner. dlag Ear N 7(1:1170-1 D 11 '13 

Helnforclnr an old cantilever bridge, Phila- 
delphia, Fen n. 11 plan Eng N 70:487.9 S 11 

Replacing hl^h timber trestle near Boone. 

Iowa without interrupting tratflc. 11 Eng 

Rec 67:187-8 F IB '13 
Steel highway bridge Bpeclncatlons of the 

V. B. ofDce of public roads. Eng Rec 63: 

Z55 S S '13 
Tacoma-R steel lift bridge. J. O. Baahford. II 

Munin Ens 44:183 Mr '13 , 

Testa of two large nickel steel columns. H: 

W. Hodge. 11 plan Eng Rec 67:834-6 Mr 

Roud Ore 100:1-25 'IS 

Weldon viaduct over tile Ronnohe river; 3.688 
feel lonR. II ]>lan Ry Afte 64:998-1000 My 2 

S'ln aim RridBes — Load 
Bridges, Lift 

BuIIalo ■ river lift hrlilBPR, R. Low. II dlBBS 
map Ry .\ge 64:197-201 Ja 31 '13 

Cables of (he Halsted street lift bridge at 
Cliicagn. Eng N 70:371-2 Ag 31 '13 

City waterway bridge, Tacoma. Washing- 
ton. 11 Bng N $9:1010 My 15 "IS 

Comparison of old and new designs for ' 

IMrect-llft drawbridges without cables, dlags 
EnK N 89:1168-71 Je E '13 

Erection of a cable lift bridge. W. J. How- 
ard. II plan Bng N 70:600-1 S 11 '13 

New lift brldBC of the Oregon -Washington 
R. R. A navigation co, at Portland. II Ry 
& Eng R 63:137-8 F 16 '13 

New type of vertical lift bridge, plans Ry & 
Rnit R r>3:39H-l Ap 26 '13 

Repairs to the So. Halsted st lift bridge 
over the Chicago river, Eng N 69:920 My 

I '13 

StrauBB direct lift bridge, diafta Ry Are 

S4:S63-B Mr 18 'IS 
Taciima'a steel lift bridge. J. O. Bash ford. 

II Munic Eng 44:183 Mr '13 

Two mo lor -operated railroad lift bridges of 
the New York, New Haven & Hariford. 11 
Ry Age B4:BB8-9 Mr IB '13 
Vertical llft-spnn higbwny bridge In Ta- 
coma. il Rn^ Rec 67:428-9 Ap 1ft '13 
Bridges, Pontoon. See Pontoon bridges 
Bridges, Railroad 
Akron. Ohio— group ot railroad plate-girder 
t>rldges. plans Bng Rec 67'.SK-S Mr 19 '13 
Bridge maintenance. Ry Age B4:1B60-I Je 30 

Chinese i _ _ 

_^Scl Am S 75:181 Mr 23 '13 

the sutwtructure of 

Construction — _„ „. 

the Cumberland river bridge. L, & N. Ry. 
" " ' " map Eng N 69:1060-3 Mjr 

H. M. Jones. 
22 '13 

onalrucllon ot the Martin's creek viaduct 
... „ ■ , _ .. . -pstem rall- 

} n — 

Ky"AKe"6iT394''-'6'"F 28"T'3'" 
Crooked river bridge, Oregon. C. B. Chaak 
II plan Bng N 69:S19-Ge Mr 10 '11 

Delaware river bridge of the P. ft R. B. 
I'h.imberlain. 11 plana Ry Age B4:944-60 Ap 

Designing concrete slab spans for double- 
track bridges of Pennsylvania railroad 
across the Bush and Gunpowder rivers. Bng 
Rec 68:100 O 11 '1! 

Development of short- span railway bridges. 

liiiuhle rleck bascule bridge at Fori Wtlllar 

Ont, 11 ding Ry Age 65:603-4 O 3 '13 
Doubling the load capaclly of an old iK viaduct. 11 diag Ry Age 61:1323 

Je 13 '13 
Drawbridges over rivers having limited nav 

j^atlon. C, E, Smith. Bng N 69:151-1 Ja 2 

Emergency bridge reconet 
ft CMllo R. R, n Eng N 7 

1 10 'IS 
Tin loads on bridges for dif- 
ferent types of engine. Eng N 70:824-6 O 
23 '13 

Erecting a plate-girder bridge with a gajitry 
traveler, l! Eng Rec 67:663 Je 14 '13 

Erecting Canadian Pacific bridge over the 
Kt. Lawrence river. II dlags Ry Age 64: 
1027-9 Mv 9 '13 

Erecting 8S-toot Plate girder spans with a 
glnpote. 11 Eng Rec 68:10S Jl !« 'IS 

Eh-ecting (Ulnois river bridge at Peoria, 11 
Eng Rec 67:667 Je 14 '13 

Erecting the Boucanne river (Canada) via- 
duct. Bng Rec 67:625-3 My 10 'IS 

Erecting the New Oeneva, Po. bridge. 11 plan 
Eng Rec 67:466-60 Ap 16 '13 

Erection cists for a double -track railway 
liridgc. M. A. O, Stilson. 11 plan Bng N 09: 
362-4 F 20 '13 

Erection of a Cable lift bridge. W. J. Howard. 
II plan Bng N 70:GOO-1 S 11 *13 

Ererllon of Kentucky & Indiana bridge: de- 
tails of superstructure of Ohio river cross- 
ing at Louisville. II diag Ry Age 54:67-61 

Erection ot Honongaheltt river bridge. II Ry 
Age E4:95-B Ja 17 'IS 

Extensive Improvcmenls on the Louisville A 
Nashville. II map Ry Age 56:143-9 Jl 2G '13 

F.Tt r<"lce, Dea Moines & .^niiihern Ry, re- 
places high timber treatle with a steel via- 
duct. II plans Eng N 59:830-3 Ap 24 '13 

Foundation work on the Pitt river bridge: 
Canadian Pacific Ry. II plan Bng Rec 67: 
717-8 Je 28 '13 

Foundations for the Tunkbannock Viaduct. 
Nicholson, Pa. II plan Eng Tlec 67:482, 484-8 
My 3 '13 

a rode- crossing elimination at Second Avenue 
and Trv .Sirppl, rillsburgh, II plans Bng 
Rec 88:32-4 Jl 13 'IS 

Ounpowder and Bush river bridge*. U dlaga 
Eng Rec 68:1'' " •-"■•■' 

s 6S:1222-4 

cross RIo 
> 36 '13 

68:377 S 6 '13 

iy Google 


Bridgei, Railroad — Continued. 
Iron and steel railway biid 
Cameroon. A. Oradenwlti. 

134 Ak > '11 

Iron anh stee 

rea. Hy Age Bl:680-5 
Mr 19 '13 

Kaw river bridge reconstruction. 11 plan Bng 
Ree S7:434-« Ap 19 -It 

Ischlne bridge erection across the St. Law- 
rence river. II Eng Rec 67:3S0-1 Ap G '13 

Largest baacule bridge: double-trark, single- 
leaf span for Baltimore & Ohio bridge over 
Calumet river. Chicago. II Eng Rec tS:S91 
D SO '13 

Lew litown -Great Falls line of ttae C. M. & 
St P. Rr> II plans Ry & Bng R E3:S8S-9 Jl 

II diags map By Age e4:l»T-»)l Ja 31 '13 
Maintenance englaeeiinar In railroad work. 
Bnx N 19:109 Ja 1« 'iS 

Motor cars for bridge ganga. Ry Age B6:78S- 

7 O 34 '13 
UovEng a bridge to permit (he 

aS3-4 D 13 -JS 

tSovitiK the Union Faclflc Kaw river bridge. 

Kansas City. U plans E^g Rec B7:Ml-3 My 

t BL 1 

J, plan Ry & I 

— - ding ___ ^ „ 

SIrder spans by derrick cars and by 
Bad Jigger beams. II Eng Rec "" """ 

5 Ag 

I« ■« 
Replacing high timber trestle near Boone, 

Iowa wllhout Interrupting traffic. II Eng Bee 

67:187-8 F 15 'IS 
Replacing PortDgevllIe [N. T.] bridges. II plan 

Eng Rec 67:107 Ap 13 "13 
Report of oommlttpe of American rallwav 

eneineertng BBHn. on wooden hrldges and 

tresllsB. Ry Age B*:S17-2a Mr !0 '13 

IT bridge 
1 the C.. 

R 68:60-1 Ja 18 'IS 
New lift bridge of the Oregon -Washington 

R. R. A navigation oo. at Portland. II Ry 

& Eng R 63:137-8 P IS 'IS 
New MlBRlsBlppI river bridge at Memphis. 

Tenn. dlags Eng Rec 88:616-7 N 8 '13 
New MlaslBslppl river bridge at Memphis. 

dlag Ry Age 55:824-6 O 31 '13 
New type of vertical lift bridge, platui Ry 

A Eng B 63:390-1 Ap 36 'IS 
Ohio river bridge at Kcnova. W. Va. II dIags 

Ry Age 55:407-13 S 6 '13 
Partial wreck of the Bangamon river bridga 

by a derailed train: Wabash R. R. Eng N 

«9:S9 Ja 9 '13 
Pennsylvania railroad has Incased unsightly 

eight -track and five- track plate-girder 

spans In orMUoontal concrete. II plans Eng 

Rec 11:401-3 O 11 '13 
Progress on the lower Ganges bridge, north- 
em Bengal, India, M. D. Brayshay. 11 pluis 

Bng N 70:460-1 3 4 'IS 
Protective coatings for railway bridge floors. 

A. W. Carpenter. Eng N 99:60-1 Ja 9 '13 
Providing for navigation during erection ot 

drawliridBi-a. plan Kng N fiS:153-fi Ja 23 '13 
Question of Impact on bridge substructures. 

C. M. I.uther. Eng N 6!>:]80 Ja 23 '18 
Railroad bridge denlgn In Europe and Amer- 
ica, Bng Rec 67;24<-« Mr 1 '13 
Railway bridges on track elevation. O: H, 

Tinker, Eng N 69:355 F !0 '13 
Rebuilding of the burned Newark Bay trestle 

bridge, Pennsylvania B. B. It Ry Sc Eng R 

53:795 Ag 23 '13 
Rebuilding the Zanesvllle bridge, Baltimore 

& Ohio R, R. 11 Bng N SS:1H6-T My 29 '13 
Recent types of railway bascule bridges. 

H: Q. Tyrrell, II By Sc Eng R 63:238-8 Mr 

15 'It 
Rpcons true lion of Knw river bridge. C, E, 

Smith. 11 plans Ry Age 55:45-9 .11 11 '13 
Reinforcing tfce Manistee river viaduct. Bng 

Rec «8:H JI 19 "It 
Renewing two double track swing spans. II 

dlag Rv Age Sr,:6n»-702 O IT MS 
Replacing Cedar river bridge: building new 

and_ extending old piers i erecting plate- 

65;1173-fl D 19 '13 

Southern Pacific bridge at Sacramento: dou- 
ble track, double deck, swing span, II Ry 
Age E4:S4«-9 Ap 11 '13 

Strauss single leaf bascule bridge at South 
Chicago. 1! dlag Ry Age 54:605-6 Mr 19 '13 

Substructure (or East river bridge division. 
New Tork connecting railway, II dlag Bng 
Beo 68:333-30 S 30 '13 

Summit-Halls tend cut-off of Delaware. Lack- 
& Western railroad: description Of 

_nnock viaduct and other atructures, 

II dlags Ry Age 55:1069-74 D 6 '13 

Track elevallcm of the P. R, B, st Pitts- 
burg, 11 Ry & Eng R 63:476-6 My 24 -It 

Tunkhannock viaduct conntruction on D,, I>, 
& W. relocation. II Eng Heo 63:594-6 N 
39 '13 

Two large concrete arches on a Swisa moun- 
tain railway. II Eng N 70:1394-5 D IS '13 

Weldon viaduct over the Roanoke river: steel 
structure 3.688 feet long, II plan Ry Age 
54:998-1000 My 2 '13 

Tardley (Pa.) bridge across the Del&ware 
river. Philadelphia & Reading Ry. II plana 
Eng N 69:1101-8 My 29 'IS 

Yardley (Pa.) bridge replacing. II plans Eng 
Rec fiT:493-4 My 3 '13 

Kre alao Bridge Inspection; Bridge paint- 
Bridges, Suspension 

Bridge over the Rhine at Cologne. C: J, 
Kavanagh, II plana dIags Eng N 70:846-9 
O 30 '13 

Clifton chain 
River, Avon, c 
09:191-2 Ja SO '13 

Clifton au spent Ion bridge, at Bristol. Eng- 
land, H. G. Tyrrell. Eng N 69:379-80 F 

, Richards, 

Miniature suspension bridge, R. i 

plan Power 37:677 My 13 '13 
Proposed Hudson river bridge and tunnels 

to connect New Tork and New Jersey. 

plans Eng N 69:839-41 Ap 34 '13t Enic Rec 

67:367. 384-7 Ap G '13; Same cond. Eng H 

46:423-* Je 'IS 

r the Herser, 

I Ja 18 'IS 
Suspension bridges and cantilevers, D: B. 

melnman. Eng Rec 67:617-8. 677-8 My 17- 

34 '13 
Brlquettlng coal. II dlag Colliery t3:«87-» Jl 

Brlguettlnc pitch from coke oven tar. Iron 
Age 92:5S9-90 S II '13 

Briquetllng plant at Cardiff. Wales. Bng ft 
MIn J 95:946 My 10 '13 
Briquets (iron) 

Brlquettlng of flue duBt In the United Plates 
by Iho Sohumaeher process. P. A, Vogel 
and A, M, Tweedy. II Am Inal MIn E Bui 
84;3S29-31 D '11 

Experiences with benellclated ores. Iron Age 
92:902-6 O 23 '13 

Reclamation of flue dust Bng A MIn J 94:394 
Ag 30 'II 

Reclamation of flue dust for furnace usa. 
A. F. Plook, Iron Tr R 62:1017-8. lOM-B 
My 1-8 '13 

Scoria briquettlng process: the use of slag 
as a binder In preparing minerals for smelt- 
ing, E. Stillz, II Eng M 45:888-90 S '13 

Scoria procpBs for the manufacture of fine- 
ore hrlqupttpB. flue-duct briquettes, and 
Blag brick for htilidlng purposes. K. Stilts. 
diRgn Am InBt MIn E Rul 79:1267-65 Jl 
'13: nIscusBlon, H4:2SB9-29n3 D ^IS 

Use nf nodullzed ore In the blajit furnace, R: 
H: l#e. Am InBt MIn E Bui 32:2616-22 O 
'13; Discussion. 84:2864-) D/IS i 




Briitol, Engfand 


CHfton chain suspension bridge, over the 
River Avon, at Bristol, Bngland. 11 Bng N 

_ .S:-23S-9. 25S-.. .__... 

Meeting. Birmingham, England, Sept., 1913. 

Elec W 62:618-9 S 27 'IS 
" ■ September IB and 16, W13. Elec 

Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Greenwood cemetery 
Concrete (eatures of the Qreenwood mortu- 
ary chapel. 11 plan EIng Bee S7:S62 Mr it "13 
Rapid trandt 
Brooklyn rapid transit. By Age 65:4gf> S 19 

Sanitary a train 
Subaqueous seiver construction. 11 plans Eng 
N 70:1061-70 N 27 '13 
Brooklyn rapid transit company 

Annual repon tor year enrting June 30. 1918. 

Ry Age 65:543-6 S 19 '13 
Brooklyn motor, truck and brakeshoe Im- 
jirovements. 41 face Ry J ^l:3S-103 Ja 18 

fire Min 



British Columbia copper company 
Annual report for 1912. Eng & Min J 9E: 
987 My 17 'IS 
British foundrymen's SMOelatlon 
10th annual convention, London, 1911. J. Hor- 
ton. 11 Foundry 41:334-8 Ag '13 
Brltlih institute of metal* 

. meeting, London. IDIS; abatracta of 


80 Ap ' 
Broaclilng machines 

Broachrng a vacuum cleaner part. R. R. I*- 

pulnCe. 11 dlag Mach 19:901 Jl '13 
Broaching automobile parts. C. L. Lucas. II 

dlags Mach 19:787-8 Je 'IS 
Broaching va, milling. P. J. I-apolnte. 11 

dlag Much 19:799 Je '13 
HiRlily developed broaching operation. 11 Mach 

13:860 Jl -13 
Miaklng push brooches for steel work. E. 

Vlair II Am Maoh 38:786-7 My I '13 
Making the Red-E tool-liolder. C. L. Lucaa. 

11 Mach 19:715-8 My 'IS 
Manufacturing broaching machines and tools: 

' "crlpllon of system with details of — 

N I 


Intrloata bronie casting for 
II Fooindry 41:287-8 Je '13 
Making a large vanaidlum bronze engine 

housing. 11 Foundry 41:224-6 Je '13 
Nomenclature of (he n on -ferrous alloya. C. 
P. Karr. Foundry 41:484-7 N '13; Same. 
Metal Ind n s 11:517-21 D '13 
Plant (or the manufacture of large man- 
ganese bronze castings: the American 
manganese bronze cO. at Holmesburg Junc- 

.»«—„_..,.,., -...V. «w. «- -, ^urg Jur 

Uon, Fa. II Metal Ind n s ll:2ST-8 fi '13 
Sheet bronze for safety chains and 
- ~ ■ ■ ■' ■ ! Ind n B 11:303 


42:826-7 O 16 '13 

Rattan broom tilling machine at Milwaukee, 
11 Elec Ry J 41:613 Mr 15 '13 
Brush discharge. See Electric dlschargea 

Rrush friction and contact losses, H. F. T, 
Erben and A. H. Freeman. Am Inst E E 
Pro 32:270-6 F '13 

Commutation and brush loss. C. E. Wilson, 
Am Inst E E Pro 32:640-8 P '13 

Discussion on group II iiatiers (Methods of 
determining losses In apparatus). (.See Pro- 
ceedings for February, 1913) Am Inst B B 
Pro 32:2029-62 N '13 

Methods of determining brush losses due to 
contact and friction. H. R. Edgecomb and 
W. A. Dlek. Am Inst E E Pro 32:460-61 
F 13 
Brushes, Paint. See Paint brushes 

Tatman. 11 Scl A 
Atomic weight of bromine, H. C. P. Weber. 
U H Bur Stand Bui 9:131-60 Mr 15 '13 

Caatlng a 87.000 pound manganese bronze 
propeller wheel, W. R. Dean. 11 Hetal Ind 
n a 11:71-3 F '13 

Cracking of bronzes and brasses: with dls- 
. ... _ . „ —nn. It Eng Rec 63:527-8 

Rail roads 

New railway stations and six-track tunnels 
at Brussels, plan Eng N 70:160-1 Jl 34 '13 

American locomobile. Power 38:849-61 D 16 

Cooper. Elec Ry 

American locomobile 

J 42:1207 D 20 '13 
Operating results with an Amerli 

bite. Rieo W 61 " ~ "" "' 


279-80 D 20 '13 

It status of (he locomobile. W. H. Mil- 
ler, II Elec W 62:326-7 Ag IS '13 
Self-contained superheated steam-driven unit. 

II dlag Eng & Min J 96:913-4 N 16 '13 
Steam-power unit of remarkable efficiency: 
Buokeye-moblle, li dlag Ind Eng 13:399-401 
a -13 
3uckhannon A Northern railroad 
Construction of the Buckhannon & Northern 
railroad. R. E. Kerr, 11 map Ry Age 56: 

National budget on Its expenditure side. 
S. Chase, J Account 15:397-411 Je '13 

313-28 My '13 

Strength and ductility of Iron, sleel and 
bronzen at high temperatures. Eng N 69: 
3T2-4 F 20 '13 
Bee alio Bronxes; Bronzing; Oun metal 
Art of making bronze statues: from the raw 
clay to the finished figure. C. B. Fairbanks. 
11 Scl Am 108:166-7 P 15 '13 
Bronze finishes. O. A. Hlllman. II Metal Ind 

n s 11:160-1 Ap '18 
Elec trod eposit Ion of brass and bronte. C. W. 
Bennett. Metal Ind n s 11:178-8 Ap 'It 

3 Eng Uec 68:613-5 N 2 

Eng R 53:1168-73 D 20 '13 
Rapid transit 
New substations in Buffalo. II plan Elec Ry 
J 41:840-3 Uy 10 '13 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


Buffalo, Rocheiter A PitUburgh railroad 

Kevenues and cxpenBes. Ry Age 55;3Hl-9 Ag 

22 '13 
Studies of operation. W: 1<1 Hooper. Ry Age 

64:683-7 Mr 21 "IS 
ZSlIt annual rc|iort, for year tnillng June, 

1913. Hy Age 55:356-6 Ag '^2 '13 
Buffalo ttreet railway 
NlagerB power lor the International railway 

company, dlag Elec Ry J 42:420-2 S 13 '13 
Buffer* (railroad} 
Stronger buffers needed for railway termln- 

alB. Ens N 70.-619 S 11 '13 
Teat or a hyiirauUc buffer. C. Schwartz. 11 

Am Hoc M E J 35:937-46 Je '13; Ulacusslon. 

36:125S.60 Ag 'IS 
Ten of a hydraulic buffer for railroad term- 
inal atations. II Eng N 70:S26-7 S II '13 
Buffing. See Grinding and polishing 
Buhrar, Caspar. 1854-lSia 

Sketch, por Ry & Eng R 63:307-8 Mr 29 '13 
Buick motor CO., Flint. Mich. 
Co -operation in Che Biiick pUnt. Automobile 

29;lla3 D 25 '13 

Building const ruction In India. H: D. Ba- 
ker. Concrete Cem 3:269-70 D '13 
Constructing a building upside don-n, II Scl 

Am ia»:2gt O 11 '13 
Construction conditions In South America. 

W. B. Wagner. II Concrete Cem 3:122-4 S 

Construction of an K- story ahop- building: 

F1«her building, Detroit, J: N. McMlchaels. 

11 plans Concrete Cem 2:GT-60 F '13 
Construction work in Madls 

iltiSn, "^fl ^ng 

.__n camp. Eng & Min J 9«:B50 S 20 '13 
D<^slgn or slL'cl mill buildings. R. Fleming. 

Eng Rcc 6MM'i7-!l. 491-3 O 2B-N 1 '13 
Details ot englDe lest building of M. Rumely 

CO., Laporte, Ind, II plans Eng Ree 67:42-3 

Ja 11 'is 
EMtect of the Omaha tornado on structures, 

A, C, Arend. 11 Engr N 69;«9B-900 My 1 '13 
Eliminating columns in a store front, plans 

Eng Rec 67:733 Jo ti '13 
Erei'tliig the 22d regiment armory. New 

York. 11 Eng Bee 67:1S5 F 15 '13 
HJgh eight-acre exposition building with a 

Umber frame, San Francisco. H, D. Dew- 
ell. II Eng Rec 67:653-4 My 17 '13 
Mow a basement story was added to a mill, 

J. Chlttick, dlag Scl Am K 76:324 N 22 -JS 
How to lay out building lots or foundations. 

■^—rete Cem 2:251-2 My 'IS 

illonal bMilding exposition In Leipzig. 

r-ci Am 108:200 Mr 1 '13 
Life hazard In crowded buildings due (O In- 
adequate exits. H, F. J. Porter, plana Scl 

Am S 76:2-3 Jl 5 '13; Same. Eng N m:22S- 

30 Jl 31 '13 
New building tor Ihe Bureau of engraving 

and priming, Wasblngton. D. C. F. \V. 

Lcpper. II plana Kng N "0:335-8 Ag 21 '13 
Partitions tor factories and Industrial l>ulld- 

InKs, H: C. Tvrrcll. il KiiK M 45:S53-6I; 

li;:r.3-62 S-" '13 
Practical method of following up construction 

work. A. W. Welch. En? M 45:512-7 Jl '13 
Remark^iblc review <>f liulldhiK methods old 

and new. B. Urlmahaw, |[ Sd Am |iv>:112- 

3 Ag 9 'IS 
'■KuslT' construction work. J. 1^ Stuart, Eng 

Storage system for construction plant: I 
apectlon and maintenance of wood and st.-. 
derricks, hoisting engines, ropes, sllnga and 
connections, Eng Rec 67:431-2 Ap 19 '13 

System In the building Industry. Arch & 

plant: In- 



'I'M Ac 




: Brl 


rk: Cel 

Inga; Painting, Structural; Plumbing; Post 
oHlce buildinga; Quantity surveying; Re- 
taining walla; Roofa; Scaffolding; Ship- 
building; Shoring and underpinning; Stalr- 

KlreaBea: Tenement houses; Theaters; 
Towers. .-Jleel: Trellis work; Trusses; Vault- 
InK: Ventilation; Walls; Wind pressure; 


See Building contracts 


Better estimating. Arch Rec 34:4S2 N '13 

Building. Fireproof. See Fireproof construc- 

Building accidents 
Accident prevention In construclion work. Scl 

Am S 75:362,3 Je T '13 
Oriilnary precautions In conalructlon work. 

luring liuUdlng 
Jew York city. 

:Ity. plan Eng N 70:356 A 

& Min J 96:693 O 11 '13 
Safety rules— structures, Eng & Min J 96 
S 27 '13 
Sec aJ»a Building failures 
Building and loan associations 

Apportionment of profits of building 
loan sssociiitions. G: G, Scott. J Acco 
16:350-7 N '13 
Building contracta 

lalons of building contracts v 
■ yards -• • ■■ ------ 

the Bureau o. ._ - 

ileimrtment, C: F, DIngman, Eng Rec 68: 
476 O 2S '13 
Injustice o( Including the heating, venliial- 

executlng the conatrucllon of a relntorcvd- 

c.ncrete induatrlal building, Eng Ree 68: 

693-4 D 20 '13 
Recovery for plumbing and Installation oC 

heating plant, Dom Eng 66:106 O 2S '13 
Reform In conatruction apeclllcatlon practice. 

Concrete Cem 2:286 Je '13 
Shipbuilding conlrans. L, I'eaketl. Int Ma- 
rine Eng 18:440-3 O '13 
^« nlsu Brldtce contracts; Contractors 
Building tallurea 
Building failure In Detroit due to workman- 

ahlp. plan Concrete Cem 1;9»-100 D '12 
Cuve-ln of Randolph slreet, Chicago. 11 Eng 

liec 6S:677-8. 7i:.-6 D 13, 37 '13 
Collapse of a reinforced -concrete frame In a 

building. Vancouver. B, C. A. P. Hueckel, 

11 plan Eng N 70: 290-1 Ag 14 13 
Ciillaiisp of Orpheum theater, New York city, 

Knit lice «H:5Gi' N 22 '13 
Effect of stable refuse on concrete. B: Brooka, 

11 Eng N 70:317 Ag 14 '13 
Failure ot Orpheum theater building', New 

York clly, plan Eng N 69:234 Ja 30 'IS 
Failures in milldlng construction and their 

lesKOns. E: Godfrey. 11 Arch ft Bldg 45: 

77-sa, 329-;l3. Sll-B F, Ag. D 'IS 
Long Beach (ChI,) auditorium disaster. II 

Eng Reo 67:628-9 Je 7 'IS 
Long Beach. Cal, fatal_ tal1ure__of_^ 

29 '13 

:251-2 Ml 

Eng N 69:114G My 
C: P. T^w- 
1 — Failures 
lullding Inspection 
Inspection of reinforced concrete work In 
I,oa Angeles, II, Albright. Concrete Cem 
2:235-6 My '13 
Rules for 1nap<>ct1on Of iron and steel struc- 
lures. By & Eng B 53:306-7 Mr 29 'IJ 
sti' nl.1 BrldL-e mapecllon 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


HeatJns and ventilating secClonB of Cleve- 
iHna's new building code. Heat & Ven 10: 
42-3 D 'IS 

Illinula law (or licensing mason contrftctora. 
Eng N 70;S13 O 23 '13 

LImllIng the height and area or buildings. 
Eng Ret ES:e5U-I D 13 'la 

Logic aa asainst precedent In wiitlnK build- 
ing codes. Kng Keo 68:170-1 Ag 16^3 

Municipal building laws In the United States. 
R. FlenHng. E»ik N 70:9-13 Jl 3 '13 

Proposed Ohio slate building code. Eng Rec 
67:83-1 Ja 18 '13 

Proposed rcslrlcllons for helgtits of buildings 
tn New York. Eng Rec 68:«&9-«0 D 13 '13 

Revision of New York city's bultdlng code. 
Eng Rec 67:482-3 My 3 '13 

To limit building heights. Arch Roc 33:»T3- 
3 My -13 

J*fe alaii Bridge contracts; Building con- 
tracts; Bullcjlng Inapecllon 


procesaea and details. E: 
Biili; 4G:511-£ O '13 
■- — t of Uoor arches. II 

111 I 

I & concentrat. 

Set Am 109:ll& Ag i '13 

Plre, load and water test upon cinder-con- 
crete, terra-cotta and gypsum floor arches. 
H. Perrlne. II plan Eng N 70:37»-5 Ag 21 -13 

Fireproof conatructlon: teatlng malerlala for 
their power of resisting extreme tempera- 
turea. H. Perrlne. 11 Scl Am S 76:360-3 Je 
7 '13 

Tests of three types o( floor archea. II dlag 
Concrete Cem 3:169-70 O 'IS 

Theory of penetration of heal In solid mate- 
rials. L. R. Ingersoll. Eng N 70:866-9 O 30 '13 
See alKi Adobe bricks: Brlquels (Iron): 
Cement; Concrete, Reinforced; Concrete 
blocks; Concrete tile; Gravel; Iron; Lime- 
stone; Stucco; Terra cotta; Timber; Wood 
Building moving 

Moving 8000-ton building: San FVanclsco 
school transferred 16B0 feet at rate of *0 
feet daily, II Eng Rec 68:BSl-2 N 22 '13 

Using a barge tor moving a fire house In 
servlr.e. II ESig Rec 67:13 Ja t '13 
Building superintendence 

EIHcleDt building superintendence. R. Cox. 
Arch A Btdg 15:13-5 Ja 13 

Norton co.'a model administration building, 
Worcester, Mass. 11 Iron Tr R 52:919-21 
Ap 17 11 

Valuation of buildings. R. H. Overstreet. Eng 
N T0:E1I-B 8 11 'IS 

Hcc also Bank buildings; Capitol bulld- 
tngn; Car houses; College arrhiteclurc; 
Department stores; Bxhlblllon buildings; 
Faclorlea: High bulldlnRS- Hotels: Machine 
shops; omce buildings; Posl-ofllce build- 
ings; Public buildings: Hallro.ids— RuUd- 
InKs: Uallroads— SiHllons; Schiml-houMea; 

Report o[ manager for period June 1. 1911, 
to December 31, 1913. Eng & Mln J 9G: 
1200 Je 14 '13 

Light ho uses and buoys of New York har- 
bor. J. Fattlaon. 11 Int Marine Eng 18:1-4 
Ja -13; Same. II Scl Am S 75:136-8 Mr 1 '13 
Marine lighting equipment of the Pananui 
canal. J. Pattlson. dlags Ens N 69:1057-9 
My 22 '13 
Buo)^, Conereta 
Floating concrete buoys in Jamaica. II Con- 
crete Cem 2:1S«-T Ap '13 
Bureau o( sarety, Middle West utilities com- 

Operatlng methods of the Bureau of safety 
of the Middle West utilltlea company. Elec 
Ry J 41:419 Mr 8 '13 

United States— 

Buah terminal company, So. Brooklyn, New 
York City 
Modem industrl.ll buildings, II Ind Eng 13: 
l!'3-6 My '13 
Making of bushings for drill )lgs, F, B, Ja- 
cobs, dla^ Mach 19:12-E 8 '13 
" — ~ In piston valve bushings " " 

Pr.'ssing In r 

lags t 

I My ■ 

Business and (he new administration. A. P. 

Nevln, Am Ind 13:13-4 Mr 'IS 

Military history and the science of bualnesa 
administration. E: D: Jones. Eng M 44;1-E, 
lBB-90, 321-6 O-D '12 

One essential of success Is system, 11 Uom 
Kng 64:68-9 Jl 19 '13 

Organization of large commercial and Indus- 
trial establlahmenta. B. Orensteln. Eng M 
44:E88-96 Ja '13 

Stt- aim Accounting; Advertising; Book- 
keeping: Business conditions; Chamber of 
commerce of U, 8,: OorapelKion; Corpo- 
_., ^^ .1 "-eilit; Depart- 

Buslneea. education for 

Why there Is place In business tor men tech- 
nically trained. J: Ritchie, Jr. Scl Am 108: 
S4S Je 14 '13 
Business cards 

Few suggestions. Inland Ptr El:38ta-384h Je 

11 lent of Natloniil chamber of 
sfore N tlonal plpf an I sup 
om Eng S3 1S1 91 216 My 

lions abroad In 1913 map A i 

American -grown bulbs, G. E. Mitchell, 11 S 
Am S 76:396 D 20 '13 
Bulkhead and pier for the new port of Si 
Diego, Cal. II plan Elng N 69:498-600 1 
13 '13 
Calculation of docks aiid bulkhead walls. 

dlags Eng Rec . ~ — ..- 

Bull Run, Oregon 
Bull Hun hydroelectric plant. C. H. Hickok. 
II Eng Rec 67:70-2 Ja 18 'IS 
Destructive effect of bullets. A. SIgmsnn. ijci 
Am 109:343 S 27 '13 

6-T 8 20 '13 


itisUtuTe "New" York May 23 

1913 iron Age 91 1294 B My 39 13 
Judge Gary on majesty and humanity at 

the law Iron Tr R 63 1253 4 My !fl IS 
Judge Gar> tells mhv business halts Iron 

Tr It 53 810 3 O 30 13 
Rallwa> bu Ing and general proiperily F 

B Leigh Rv Age E 1161 U 19 IX Same 

Itj & Png R « 1174 E D "0 13 

Bualnesi men mu-it orhanlie for legNladon 

I on Tr 11 j3 1104 6 D 18 13 
Need of l uslness men In p II tics A B 

l.r Ikslank Am Ind IS IT Ap 13 



Buslncii record*. See Cost accounllng; Foundry 

reeorda; Rallronds— Records 
Butchers. Se? Meat markets 
Butte, Montana 
Mineral aHaoclatlun at Butte. D. C. Bard and 

M. H, GIdel. Am Inst Mln R Bui SO:lfi27-31 

Ae -13 

Oi-f (leiinsltii at Butte. R. H, galea. d1aB3 Am 
Inst Min K Bui Sa:l&:!3-I62fl Ag '13 
Butte, Anaconda A Pacific railway 

. 11 Am Inst Mln 

Elect rlflcall on. R. E. Wai 
B But 83:2623-34 N '13 
Flavor of butler Injured by metals, i^cl Am 
S 7G:334 N 22 '13 
By-lawa. See Corporations — By-laws 
By-product*. See Waste products 

'Ula,tln8 machine, II Flee W 62: 

the business 

1127 N 29 '13 
HollerUh tabula.. _ 

office. S, G. Koon. It Mach 20:2S-B s li 
Improved caJculatlnar macblne. 11 Scl Am B 

n-.tii o 11 '13 

Keeping books by machine: the punched card 
as a saver of brain energy. H. S. Mo- 
Cormack. U Scl Am 103:191-6 Mr 1 'IS 

New Veeder counters, 11 Ind Eng l3:403-3 S 

Tabula^lnff Matlstlc* and accounia by ma- 

_. I locKea-wneei counters. II 

■ 38:637 N 1 '13 

chlnery. Elec By J 1 

1. il i 

Improvement!. ,_ , _ _ 

plan EleC Ry J 41:1108-9 Je 21 '13 
Bte aJ»o Mountain railroads 
CabiM, Electric. See Electric cables 
Cables, Submarine 
«ul( of Georgia submarine telephone cable. 
K. ■>. I,A Kelle and I,. F. Crim. II Am Inst 
E F Pro 3I:ISIS-31 9 '13 
Morse nignala from I.,ondon to New York. 

Scl Am 108:193 Mr 1 '13 
Radical improvement In cablinK: elimlnatlnt; 
the Blphon recorder. H. T. Wade, ii maps 
:11aRS .Scl Am 109:S!ll'-4 N 22 '13 
Submarine transmission Une In the Baltic 
sea. 11 Flee W 8S:2B0-1 Ag 9 '13 
Cable ways 

Aerial ciibleway Into the vale of Kashmir. 
Ity & Eiig B 63:li";9 N l.'i ' 

ilewnv across the Himalaya 
mountains. Eng N 7V:928 N 6 '13 
Single-track cableway In Sardinia, B. Prae- 
lorlUR. II Eng & Mln J !i6:lun».I0 N :!9 '13 
Unusual deelsn of overhead tramway at ft 
Utah mine. W. R. Elliott. 11 Eng & Mln J 
86:293-8 As IS 'It 

al»o Suspended railways; Telpher- 


■ C:ir.' 

Foundations for the Hule's Bar dam: pneu- 
matic caissons used for excavating seamy 
rock for « hydroelectric project on the 
Tennessee river. II Fng Reo «7:178-8I) F 15 

Pneumatic calasona for Scotia dam. plans 
Fne Rec G8;24a-9 Ag 30 '13 

Rock Rroutlne and calf-son sinking for Hiile.i 
liar dam. II plans Eng N TO.'.i49.5<> N 13 
Hit ttiM Ttrldges— Founilallons arid piers; 

Calcium chloride 
Making; calcium chloride brine. M. B. Smith. 
Power 37:50 Ja It '13 
Calcium peroxide 
Peroxides and per-aalts. A. S. Neumark, II 
Scl Am S 75:221 Ap 5 '13 

Exponential computer. L: Ross. Hng N 69; 

366-7 F 20 '13 
Power plant log calculator. W. N. PolakoT. 
plan Power 37:696.7 Ap !9 '13 
Calculating machlnt* 

_. Irving J. 

I'L M. Roorbacli. II plan Arch 
Itec 34:520-30 D '13 

Industries and reaource* 

Attempt to restrict gold dredglnj; In Call- 
fornfii. 1* H. Eddy. Kng & Mln J S5:«i6 
Mr 22 -n 

California asphaltum deposit H and methods 
of mining, E. A. Ward. 11 Scl Am 109:427-8 

Hydro- electric devetopment In California. J: 
A. Brltton. 11 Scl Am S 70:72-4 Ak 2 '13 

Metal mines production in California, In 1912. 
Eng & Mln J »I>:S!I0 N 8 '13 

on Industry of CalKomla, Bns N 69:ZBl-6 
F 6 '13 
Calorimeters, Respiration. See Respiration cal- 


StV-. --- 

Ffry bomb 

Esii mating 'heat value of fuel. (Engini 
itudy course) Power 37:83B_-7 Je_ "" ■ 

reading, ther- 

electrlc Instnimeat for Industrial usage. 
" Whipple- E^ng M 44:619-21 Ja '13 


course) Power 
stand Bui 8:7' 

I Mr 

. iiarp 

, 3d. U t 

Throttling calorimeters, diags Power 38:448-9 
8 33 'll 
Ca1umet-8>g canal 
Construction of the Calumet-Sag canal. B. J. 
Kelly. 11 map Eng N 8S:14«-60 Ja 23 'IS 
Cambria iteel company 

Vice preoident Rcplogle tcBtl"— ' ' "- 

. Iro 
Caml>rldge, Masaachusetti 

■ ..— .i~T of Carob-" 

17:21-2 Ja 4 

) 18 ■ 

Dodges with tenses and tripod stands. Scl 

Am S 7fi:304 N 8 '13 
Mectrlcall^ opemted slot-machino camem. 

11 m«n TV 63:102 Jl 12 'IB 

e and the photosraphlc c 

Cameron septic tank ^ „ „_ 

Cameron septic tank decision. S. H. Cros- 
by. Eng Bee 67:195-6 F IB '13 
Cameron septic lank decision In Knoxvllls 
case, Eng Rec 07:140 F 1 'IS 
Cameroon. See Kamerun 
Campagna dl Homa 
Rehabilitating the Roman Campagna, Scl Am 
108:481 My 24 '13 
Campanile, Venice 
New campanile 

F IB '11 

Boiler -bearing support o( tlffure on the Cam- 
panile, plan Eng Bee 67:111 Ja 15 '13 

2SS N 1 '13 
Camps, Construction, Se* Construction camp* 

Venice, Scl Am 108:1 SI 

dcy Google 


Undulator:' a modified reclproeator for oma- 

•rCannlng and prMarvIng 

' Sclenllfte advttncemsnt of th« cannliiff In- 
duBtry. R. T, Hoban. II Set Am 8 78:40-3 
Jl 19 '13 
Cantilever brldgsi. See Bridges, Cantilever 

Settlement and survey of the Alaskan t 

z« My '13 ' 

Flemer. II map EiDg H 46:2' 

e-clay depoBlts of Cnnada. H. Riea. 

t Mln B Bui 7B;429-4 
Canadian electrical asaoclatlon 
Papers and dlseussloc- " " 

Toronto, June, 1913. 

Canadian mining rnititute 
Annual meetlnK. Ottawi 
379 P "13 
Canadian Northern railway 

1913. Colliery 3S: 

Canadian Northern Ry. H: K. WIckHteed. 
maps Bng N TO:flB-73 Jl 10 '13 
Canadian Pacific^ railway 

...._. .. .. lap Ky Age 55:100- 

Operntiio; or»!anliation on the Canadian Pa- 

clflc. Ry Age B4:19-'"' 
Shops near Calgary, 

Eng R 63:561-6 Je 

32d B 

lal reiwrt. Ry Age 6B;438-*0 S 6 

Comparison of freight train and 
realatance. H. A. Hr— — °-- 
N 21 '13 

Canal locks. See Locks (canals and 
Canal machli 

Ry Age 55:958 

nal 1> 

Jl 1 


. Eng Rec 67:216-7 P 22 '13 
Cape Cod canal 
Cape Cod canal. 11 Eng N 69:47-60 Ja 9 '13; 

Same cond. map Eng M 44:933-1 Mr '13 
Electric service In connection with the Capo 

Cod canal. II Qec Vf 82:3T6-S Ag 23 '13 
History and advantages. 11 map Scl Am 103: 
164-E S I 'IS 
High price of capital. Eng N 70:018-9 S 25 '13 
fiv. alKo Banks and banking; Intereat; 

"--"illMtlon _- 

. J Ptr 51:678-9 Jl '— 

Inconslslenoy In capitalizing. Inland Ptr 60; 

727-8 P "13 
Use of capitals. W. P. Root. Inland Ptr GO: 
863 Mr '13 

}ntrol syslem o( the Panama ca- 
ll dlag Eng N 70:1323-9 D 25 IS 
Locks (canals and rivers) 

Canals In Illinois. Eng Rec 87:87 Ja 26 '13 

Commercial and military value of the intra- 

coastal waterway. Scl Am 109:178 S 6 '13 

Kelly. II mop Enir N 09:146-60 Ja 23 '13 

Intra-coaslal canal system for the Atlantic 
seaboard, map Scl Am 109:185 S S '13 

New Welland ehlp canal, plan map Eng- N 
70:598-002 S 25 '13 _ _^,. 

Now York state barge canal. N. B. wblt- 
tord. Scl Am 108:377-9 Ap 26 '18 

Present status of the New York state barge 
canal. Bng N 69:181-2 Ja 23 '13 

Proposed Welland ship canal, map Eng Bee 
88:36-<JI 12 'IS 

Protectlnc sandy fannl banks. Eng Rec 68: 
4BS-9 N 1 '13 

Rehabilitation of the IlllnolB ft Michigan ca- 
nal. Eng Rec 87:98 Ja SG '18 

Rellning the Mauvages tunnel on the Marne 
ship canal. F. B. Mann, plan Eng Rec 67: 
203-4 P 22 '13 

Surveys and estimates tor proposed Black 
river canal, map Dnr Bee 68:167 Ag 9 '13 
«<T nfjio Aquediicta; Canal boats: Canal 
machinery: Hvtlraullr engineering; Irrlga- 
lion canals: lyicka; Walerwa^-a; also Capo 
Cod canal: Chicago drainage canal; I.^u1b- 
vllle and Portland canal; New York state 
barge canal; Panama canal; Saiilt Ste. 
Marie canal; Suez canal 
Canals, Irrigation, See IrrigaUon canals 
Cananea. ftoni. Mexico 

Relation of outcropB to ore at Cananea. M. 
J. Elslng. RnR ft Mln J 95:357-62 F 15 '13 
canned food. See Canning and preserving 

aclentlllc advancement of the canning in- 
dustry. R. T. Mohan. II Scl Am 9 71:40-3 


II Kn» 

:526 N S 

Dome of the Wisconsin capltol. 11 plana I 
N 70:389-96 Ag 28 '18 
Car building. See Cars 
Car cleaning 

Selentlflc cleansing o( rallvvay^coa 

Radial coupler and draft rigging for electric 
care. II Bleo Ry J 12:344 Ag SO '13 

Fender and wheel-guard testa tn Vancouver. 

Elec l!v J 42:!!68.9 N 1 '13 
Novel disappearing fender. 11 Elec Ry J 4 



''B:iXter cbar 

. Ry Age 6-1:1230 

. Elec Ry 

e Connecticut company. 
41:320-4 F 23 '13 
.,i^»,.vii«.. - ^ —. Ktt.illano, B. C. ding 

Elec Hy J 42:133R T> 27 '13 
Luieme earhouse of the Philadelphia rapid 

transit company. II plana Elec Ry J 41:1186- 

41 Je 28 '13 
Milwaukee— -Pond du Lac avenue carhonse of 

the Milwaukee electric railway ft light co. 

11 Elec Ry J 41:497-601 Mr 16 '13 
Muskogee Okla. electric traction company 

carlioiise. U Klec Ry J 42:1010-2 N S "IS 
New earhouse and shops at Dayton, Ohio. II 

plans Elec Ry J 42:460-4 3 20 '13 
New bsadquarterB earhouse of the Union 

street railway, New Bedford, Mass. 11 plans 

Elec Ry J 42:292-8 Ag 23 '13 
Norfolk. Va.— sclentlflo design of carhouses 

and ahopH. C. A. Neff and T. P. Thompsoiv 

II plans Eng Rec 67:284-7 Mr 16 '13; Sams. 

Elec Ry J 41:490-6 Mr 16 '13 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


I plan Elac Ry J <2;6' 

i lOrce Street carl ' 

ell Bluffs rallw 
Z«-6 P g '13 
Repair shop board In Colorsdo SprlnBB. 

Klec Ry J 42;U')r..G I) 13 '13 
Shops and carhouaes of the Hantburs ra 
transit syBteni. II plan Blec Ry J 41 ;4 
T4 Mr IS -13 

Wrr nl»o Car Inspection 
Car inipection 

'^— eloplnc cffleient -~- '-— " 



II 'IS: 

See ciilet Interchange 

ir llghtlna 

Axte llghTl 

inspectors' and 
of ihe Atchison, Topeka 

Sume. Ry Age (Sleth ed) fn:392-i Ji '13 
Car lUiKnlnatlon. Ry Ak« 56:831-8 O 31 "13 
Car Huhtins tests In Toledo. II mec Ry J 42: 

Ry J 43:180.1 A«r ! 
-* ■■-" — axle-llgbtlng equipment of 
battery co., Phil, dlag Elec 

1 87:245-7 My '13: Sam 
cond. Ry & Ene R 63:418-9 My 3 '13 
Theorv and practice of painting a modem 
steel paueneer car. J. w. Lawrle. Sol Am 
S 7«:&«-l O 11 '13 
Car ahopt. See liallroads— Shops 
Car ahortage. See Freight car service 

Canadian Pacific all-steel trucks. 11 dlBgs Ry 

Age 55:1163-9 D 13 '13 
nerallment of trucks on c 

Ity ARe 54;lIl-2 Ja T. .- 
Diagram for wheel and truck clearances of 

cars. W, Boothe. Eng N 69:578-9 Mr 20 'IS 
Frelsbt car truck experimenls. Am Eng 87; 

42-4 Ja '13: Same, Ry Age E4:B7-8 Ja 10 

'13: Ry & EnB It 63:184-5 Mr 1 '13 
Link side bearing truck, dtags Ry Age (Mech 

ed) 87:673-4 D '13: Same. Ry Age 55:1167- 

9 D 19 "13 
Ma n It fac luring truck transoms for pasnenger 

ooaoheB. G: Fraser. II Ky Age (Mech ed) 

87:487-08 S '13 
Uaitmum-tTsctloff trucks versus H. C. B. 

trucks tor city and auburt>an service. H. A. 

Benedict. Blec Ry J 41:1157-S Je 2S 'IS 
Six- wheel trucks for passenger cart. J. A. 

Pllcher. Am Soc M E J 35:809-17 My '13: 

Same. Ry & Kng B 53:644-6 JI 5 '13 
■"---'- "--- ^-rslgn. L. V. Curran. diags 

Electric _ .. , 

TV 62:916-7 N 1 '13: Hy Age 55:023-4 N 
'13: Ry & Eng R 63:1113 N 29 '13 

Electric railway car lighting. J. R. Crava 
II Rlec By J 42:1057-8 N 16 '13 

Eltectric storage battery axle lighting t 

My ' 

1. H, 

I. Currle. . 

Truck equalize 

7:96-7 1 

_ '13 
eslgn, S. Holm, 

20 -13 

Illumlnutlon of street railway cars. L. C. Por- 
ter and V. r.. Staley. Elec Ry J 42:1089-92 

N 22 -13 
Indirect lighting on limited trains between 

New York and BOBtOtl. 11 Blec W Sl:Sg8-B 

Ap 26 -13 
Indirect lighting on New Haven trains. 11 Ry 

Age (Mech cd) S7;395 JI "13 
Llghllng fixtures for postal cars. II Ry Age 

54:081-2 Mr 21 '13: Same cond. Am Eng 87: 

ZlR-9 Ap 'n 
Postal car illumination teata, Baltimore & 

Ohio R. B. Ry & Eng R G3:S17-8 Ap G '13 
Postal car illumination tests by Baltimore A 

Ohio railroad. Blec W <1:<S0-1 Mr 39 'IS 
Postal car Illumination tests made by the 

Raltlmore & Ohio, diags Ry Age 64:609-71 

Mr 21 '13: Same. Am Eng 87:212-4 Ap '13 
— ' " itlng in steel pas- 

Car ventilation 
Car window air Intake, diag ny Age (Mech 

ed) fi7:.M4-5 O '13 
Ventilation of dining cars. II Heat & Ven ID; 

40-1 Mr '13 
Ventilation of passenger cars. Ry & Bng R 

63:208-9 Mr S '13 
Ventilation of steel sleeping cars. II Heat A 

Ven 10:28-31 My '13 

Ventilation of steely sleeping cars. T: R. Cro 
Elec Ry J 43: 

Ventilator (or arch root. 
3 JI II 'IS 

Car washing 
Car washing 

„ „ patnt preservation. U. B. 

Smith. Elec Ry J 42:S28-9 Ag 9 '13 

ew car-washing plant at St. Iiouls. II plan 

Elec Ry J 41:722-3 Ap 19 -IS 

Sgieciflcatiun for postal car llghClng. Bv Age 

64:149-60 Ja 24 '13: Same. Am Eng 87:^7- 

8 F '13 
Tesls of passenger car lighting by Lake 

Shore & Mlchlean Southern. Ry Age (Mech 

edl 87:007-8 N '13 
Train lighting. H. A. Currle and B: F. Wood. 

hlbllog Am Soc M E J 36:69-93 Ja '13 
Train lighting Instruction cur, 11 plan Ry Age 

(Mech ed) 87:655-0 D '13 

Baited enamel for painting steel cars. II EHec 
Ry J 41:080-7 Ap 1! '13 

Baked enamel painting on the cars o( Hud- 
son A Manhattan railroad. 11 Elec Ry J 41: 
146-9 Ja 26 '13 

Finishing slcel passenger cars. Ry Age (Mech 
ed) 87:5.19-41 O '13 

Master painters' assoclallon on finishing steel 

Bled p<iuipmeni and pjilnt tests. Ry Age 

65:496-8 S 19 '13 
Paint protection for steel eiiuipment, Ry Age 

(Mech ed) 87:644 O '13 
Painting cars with baking enamel. Blec By 

J 41:141 Ja 25 'IS 

wheels, by M. D, Hayes: abstraetg. Ry Age 

641075-6 Mv 16 '13 
(?hl1lai) cast Iron car wheel. Q; W. I^mdon. 

Iron Age 91:1110-1 My 8 '13 
Chilled Iron car wheel. A. A. Hale. Ry i 

Eng R 63:730-2 Ag 2 '13 
Chilled Iron car wheels for electric rallw.TV 

Kprvlce. W. A. Bennett. II Elec Ry J 42: 

109S-1100 N 22 -IS 
Chrome -vanadium ear wheels. Iron Tr R 62: 

020 Mr 13 '13 
Chrome-vanndium tender wheels. Ry Age 54: 

-1 F 2S ■-- 

Discussion of Ihe sleel wheel. D. P. Craw- 
ford. Ry & Eng R 63:1133 D 6 '13 
IN,.,.,.-, of the chilled cnr wheel. P. H. Grlf- 

, . ... . '^.*S93.2SM O 'IS 

- steel wheel. J; 

C. Neale. By A Eng R 53:1131-2 D 6 '13 
Increasing number of car wheel Mlurea, 

Iron Age 91:S88-9 Mr 6 '13 
Interurban car ailes. Elac Ry J 42:143-4 JI 


Digitized b^' KjQ\)Q IC 


Car wheels ^CnnHtiued. 

I.ciciitinK defertive car wheels. II Am Eng ST: 

152-3 Mr '13 
Manufacture of thilled Iron, car wheels. F: C. 

Weber. IkTet & Chem Eng 11:»2-1 F '18 
Removlns flat spols (rom car wheels. C: A. 

Curtis, Jr. dlags Am Eng K7:2(H Ap '13 

Wreck caused by a broken tire. II Ity Age 

5E:RM-E O 31 '13 
V.'rought steel wheel. D. F. Crawford. By Age 

..■•■15-*^ Jl ' 
9S-9 Ag S-lti ■ 

Eaectrldty dfrect from coif: probfem of the 
galvanic cell with carbon conaumption. S>. 
Baur. Scl Am S TS:3ie-B Uy 31 '13 

Metallography of carbon. Met & Chem Eng 

Notes on manutaoture and properties of car- 
tmn bricks. Met A Cbem Eag 11:82 F 'IS 

Removing carbon deposit with oxygen. II 
Sci Am 109:125 Ag 19 'IS _ 

Reelslance of carbon contacts, Elec W 61: 
338 F 33 '13 

Some effects of temperature upon the resist- 
ance of graphite and carbon, E. F. North- 
rup. Met & Chem Eng 11:376 My '13 

Src nlio Coal; Electric light carbons: 
Carbon dloxlda 

Befrlgeratlon with carbon dioxide. Power 87: 

672 Ap 22 '13 



Carburetlon. B. W. A. Brewer. Automobll« 
28:168-9, 300-1 Ja 9, 33 '18 

■ ■ . dla«s Automobile 28:961 My 

Exhaust gaa analysis. Automobile 28:612-3 
_F 20 '13 

■ design nnd require 

to vaporizer, dla^ Ai 



. R. W. . 


Carbon dioxide recorders. See Recorders 
Carbon dliulptilds 
Manufacture of carbon dl sulphide: advantag- 
es of the electric turoace. E: R, Taylor. 11 
Scl Am S T&;110 Je 28 '13 
Carbon monoxide 
Deadly monoxide. H. B. CallBway. power 37: 

SSG-B Mr 18 '13 
Deadly monoxide U H. Morrison; H. R. 

Callaway. Power 37:720 My 20 '13 
Teatlns for carbon monoxide. Colliery 31:14- 
E As 'IS 

Carbonlne. C: F. Adams, power 38:730 N IS 
Carbons. See Electric light carbons 

Carborundum and alundum. 3. A. Cochell. 
Metal Ind A s ll:24»-50 Je '13 

Carborundum refractories. F. J. Tone. Met & 
' Chem Sag 11:484-6 S 'IS 

Outcome of the carborundum patent suit be- 
tween Electric smelting & aluminum co. 
and the Carborundum co. Met & Chem Eng 
11:703-6 Ap '13 

Interesting safety device for tilting carboys. 
11 Iron Age 91:633 F 27 '13 

" " - - Sunderman carbureters, dlag 

Miilr carburetor controls air and bus aulo- 
mallcally. diHg Aulomohlle 23:683 O 9 '13 

New llBvOeld. 11 Automobile 29:1205 P 26 '13 

Quadruplex carbureter has (our Jets, il dlag 
Automobile 28:1078 My 22 '13 

Regulation of carbureters for fuel economy. 
Automobile 29:S7a-fi N G '13 

Representative carburet ere. plan Automobile 
28:464 F 13 '13 * 

Scheliler R Is automatic, dlags Automobile 29: 
fi75 S 25 '13 

Sohine Ihe fuel problem for the motor truck. 
H. W. Slauson. 11 dlags Mach Z0:l21-4 O 
'13: Same. Scl Am S 76:2!l2-4 N 8 '13 

Teat E. C. B. carhureter on many fnele. 
dlag_ Automobile 28:998-9 Uy 8 13 

Test Harroun carbureter on keroaene, D. 8. 
Hatch II Automobile 28:908-9 Ap 24 '13 

Vaporlilng kerosene by partial comhuatlon. 
Scl Am 103:418-9 N 29 '13 

iSre alio Automobile engines; Gaa and oil 
Carburetlon, Theory of. F. A. Heath, plan Au- 
tomobile 28:47 Ja i 'IS 
Carburlzlng materials 

Thermal conductivity of carburlilag mate- 
rials, lod Eng 13:14 Ja '11 

9:213 S I 

Why the r 
tem. E. 
Je '13 

r Jl 24 '13 
Carburetor adjustments. A. L. Brennan, Jr. 

Power 3T:41S Mr 26 '13 
Carbureter manufacturers on carburetlon. 

Automobile 23:638-9 Mr 13 '13 
Carburetor troubles and symptoms. A. I.. 

Brennan, Jr. Power 38:923 D 30 '13 
Carbureters (or 1913. plans Automobile 3S: 

148-61 Js S '13 

. T: F. V. Curran. Eng & MIn J 

95:1106 My 31 '13 
Uranium and radium situation. C: L. Par- 
sons. Met & Cbem Eng ll:2T6-« My '13: 
Sam*. Scl Am S 7E:374-6 Je 14 '13 

^11 Is work 
Carriage and wagon making 
Technical training of boay designers, 
tomobile 28:897 Ap 24 '13 
Kre aho Aulomot 
Carrier pigeon*. See Flceons 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


HuKQ piece o( enKlneerlriK work: railway 

valuaUon act. Bng N 69:478-8 Hr fl '13 
Plans tor federal valuation of common car- 

;e E4:13S8-SO 

[ N S*:48!-S 

ed to public 


Alr-op«rated dump car. II dlag Ens N 69: 
USa-S Je 6 "13 

Air Sander ror interurhan cars. F. G. LlBl- 
er. dtugs Ry Akc (Mecli ed) 87:4Si R "IS 

Air aander on Intsnirban cara. plana Klec Ry 
J 42:419 8 13 '13 

Appllcntlon of safety appllanres to cars. F 
J. cnrty. Am Err S7:HT-9 Mr '11 

Articulated cars In Richmond, Va. II ESec Ry 



II Ry & EnK K E 

. E Jl Z 

Bettendort un> 

G44 Je T 'la 
Caboose laws. Am Kii« 87:87 F '13 
Car department nolea. Am Eng S7:3U3 Ap '13 
Car design from the repairman's standpoint. 

Am Env 87:143 Mr '13 
Car roofs, a: W. Rink. Ily & Eng It 63:1207 

D 27 -13 
Center-entrance Interurban cara tor the Kan. 

aaa City, Clay County & St. Joseph rail- 
way. 11 raec Ry J 41:l!0-t Ja IB '13 
Center-entrance trail cars for Memphis. II 

Eleo Ry J 41:899-300 F 16 '13 
Chief Interchanse car Inspectors' and car 

foremen's assn. 14th annual convention. Ry 

Ase (Mech ed) 87:496-6 B '13 
Collapsible end construction for passe nger 

eoulpment. dlans Am Enit 87:87-8 F '13 
ColfapHlhle platform and vestibule, dlag Ry 

ARe 54:142-4 Ja 24 '13 
DeslRn of undertrame for cars, P. M. La 

Hach. dlaes Itv Ane 54:786-7 Ap 4 '13 
4Ttb annual convention of Ibe Haater car 

builders' ftMn.. Atlantic City. Junej 1913. 

By & Ens S 61:595-3, I07'll, 637-8. 632-4 Jo 

31.18 'IS 
Hamburg elevated & subway syatem. II plan 

ESee Ry J 43:177-80 Ag 3 '13 
Improved type of articulated car. 11 Elec Ry 

J 41:588-5 Mr 29 '1! 
ImprtJvenlent In Pullman compartment car 

saals. II Ry & Bag R 6t:Slt My 31 '13 
Low-Btei>, center-entranc« caiv for Santa 

Barbara. Cal. 11 plan Elec Ry J 42:31 JI 5 

Maintenance of electrical equtpnient of cars 

in Brooklyn. 11 plana Elec Ry J 41:480-9 

Mr 15 '13 
Maintenance of equipment. Ry A Eng R 63: 

598-9 J« a '13 
Mercy of steel and the menace of wood. II 

Scl Am 108:92-3 Ja 25 '13 
New pay-wlthln car for the Michigan united 

traction company. II SSlec Ry J 41:122-3 Ja 

18 '13 
Northwestern Pennsylvania railway two-car 

train. 11 Rlec Ry J 42:R1R O II '13 
Outside metal car roof. II Ry & Bnt! R 63:629 

Je 18 '18 
Papers at the Master car builders' conven- 
tion, Atlantic City, June, 1913. Elec Ry J 41: 

1113-4 Jo 21 '13 
Preservation of lumber for car construction. 

J. H. Waterman. Elec Ry J 41:153 Ja 16 

■13: Ry & Eng R S3: 101 P 1 "IS 
Private pjr New .Jersey: dust-primf and 

soimd-prrmf car built for the offlclaia of the 

Public service railway. Newark. 11 plan 

Klec Ry J 42:i318-BI D 27 '13 
Public Inspection of proposed Brooklyn sub- 
way car. II Blec Ry J 42:503 S 27 '13 
Reinforced end const ruction for Pullman cur 

piiuipment. 11 Ulags Rv Afte IMfch e,t) 87: 

WI4-5 S '13; Ry & Rng R 53:112S-'J D 6 


A. H, Emery. ,]r. II F:n« Rec 68:IS0 O 25 '13 

Scale teallntt Ciir. United States Bureau of 
standards. 11 plan Ity & Eng R 53:1098-9 
N 29 '13 

Scoop car for removing slides. 11 Ry Age 55: 
H87-S N 21 '13 

Simple device for locking passenger car bod- 
ies to trucks, plan Eng N 69:187 Ja 23 '13 

Snon tie boring and spike driving car. 11 Ry 
& Eng R 63:376 Ap 19 'IS 

South Fork- Portage center-entrance combi- 
nation cars. II plan Blec Ry J 41:768 Ap 
26 '13 

SpeclHl convention car of the Bay slate street 
railway. 11 Elec Ry J 42:7S4 6 16 '13 

S per I float Ions and rules for Itouglaa Or c4r 
material. Ry Age 5S:58'-8 8 26 '13 

Tables for deslenTng center sills. C. H. Farls. 
Ry Age (Mcch edi 87:444-6 Ag '13 

Test car and eniilpment of Bureau of sland- 
arda. H. T. Wade. II Scl Am 109:46* II 20 

firr alHo Air brakes; Automobiles; Bag- 
gage and depress curs; Car cleaning: Car 
couplings; Car houses: Car Inspection; Car 


Htc Car lighting 

Car repair notes from the Norfolk & Wesle 
II Ry Age (Mech ed) 87:442-3 Ag '13 

Car repairing during one year on the N 
York Central. Ky A Eng R 63:1190 D 

tin trucks 

Kir C»r venttialinn 


Chicago elevated railway new track and road- 
way derrick Car. 11 Elec Ry. J 41:116 Ja 18 

trie railways. II Eng N 69:1060-1 My 22 'IS 
Sn- al,o Wrecking cars 
Car*, Electric, See Electric railroads; Motor 

cars (railroad)— Storage battery 
Cars, Fire engine. See Fire engine cars 
Cars, Inspection of. See Ciir Inspeillon 
Cars <llne} 
Emergency line cara for Milwaukee. H Blec 

Ry J 41:642 Ap 6 '13 
Line car tor Waterloo, Cedar Falls & North- 
ern Ry. with novel features. II Elec Ry J 
42:426 S 13 '13 
Cars. Mine. See Mine earn 
Cars, Motor. See Motor cars (railroad) 
Cars, Postal. See Postal cars 
Cars, Steel 
All-steel cars for the Union traction com- 
pany of Indiana- II plans Elec Ry J 43:498- 
500 S ST '18 
All-steel passenger cars. Iron Tr R 61:9S2-J 
Ap 17 'IS 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 



Cart, Steel —CotiHnaed. 

Cast •steel double body bolsters, platforms 
and end trames for steel cars. C. T. West- 
lake. Am Soc M E J 35:X45-GD My '13; Same. 
Ry & Knu 11 b3:S9«-7 Ad 26 'U 

Development and statui of the steel passen- 
ger car. Eng Itec 6T:1S1 Ap Zfi '13 

I>evelup merit of slc-l passenRPr eijulpment. 

Ry & Eng R 53:364-E Ap 19 '13 
Melhod of deaJKnlnf; n steel gondola rnr. I.. 

W Wallace. Ity Age <Mech ed> B7i381-6 

Jl '13 
NaTTOw-ttage combination ear for the PaclHc 

eoaflt nillway. Elec Ry J 41:S99 My IT 'IS 
New steel car plant of Haskell & Barker 

car CO. at Michigan City, Ind. 11 dlag Iron 

Age 91;590-3 Mr 6 '13 
New York Central lines steel couehes. 11 

dlae plans Am lOng H7:N!>-95 F '13; Ky Age 

n4;3';il-8 F :i '13 
Ninety-tun high side gondida car; developed 

on (he Norfolk & Western and equipped 

with sperially designed sU-wheel eiiual- 

' —■■" n phinn Am Eng 87:35-10 Ja -13; 

__.- design. W. 

. _ ... ; M E J 35:791.5 My 

'13: Same. Ry & Kng J 53:346 Ap 13 '13 
Progress of steel passenger train equipment. 

Itv Age fiS:Z69 Ag IB '13 
Provision for electrieal equipment on steel 

m..tor Ciirs. P, W. Butt. Am Hw M E J 

35:K3ti-tn My '13: Same. Ky & Kng R &3: 

130 My 3 '1.1 
R<n>r Btru.lure for steel cars. C. A. Seley. 

Am Soc M E J 3G:80:;-3 My '13: Same. Ry 

ft Ens R e3:39S-G An US '13 
Safety In travel as relateil tn Iron and steel 

miilpmenl. Iron Tr R 53:902-3 N 13 '13 
Special ends for steel passenger < " 


Specliu j'l-ion nai car lor snipTunR very laivu 

Ky Age IMech edi ST:3sii-Vo Jl '13 

Steel and steel underframe passenger equip- 
ment. Ry A Bhig R E3: S06-T Ag 23 '13 

Steel car as a Ufe saver. U Scl Am 109:ZZt S 
a> -IS 

Steel cars for Callfornln Interurlian train op- 
erath.n. II Kloc Hv J 42:6H6-7 U 11 '13 

Steel frame lux cars for (he Frlscn. II diaga 
Ky Age r..'.:mi9-14 O 3 'IS; Same. Ry Agi; 
tMech Pd) 87:riE5-fil O '13 

Steel Interior Hnlsh tor steel passenger cars. 
K. Koch. Am Koe M K J 38:818-22 My '13; 
Same. Ry A Eng R 53:417-8 My 3 '13 

Steel passenger car and existing passenRer 
tiiulpment. Rv ft Eng R 53:999. 1040-1. I0$<- 
f. O 35, N 8. 22 '13 

Steel passenger cars and sate railway prac- 
tice. Eng N 70:S61-e S IS '13 

Steel passenger ear design: popers and dEs- 
ciiHsIon. Am Soc M F J 3!>:T8S-R70' My '13: 
Same. Ky Age B4:S29;35. "— — '- •■ ■" 


.1 Eng 87T2ri7-fi3 S_ 
.... „_j M E J 35:971-7 J 
r cars and sate laJlway 


7 Je '13 

Steel paseenger cars and sate laJlway prac- 
tice. Eng N 70:5(4-8 8 '" ■'• 

> a7:5i>l-2 O '13 

(eel I 



__ -- .— _; introduced. 

il Rv Axe 5ri:947-S2 N 21 '13 
Strength of steel cars. Eng N 70:80 Jl S 13 
Undertramea for steel passenger ears. J. M. 
Amea. dlags Am Sm- M B J 35:796-81)1 My 
■13: Same. Ry A Fng R 53:408-9 My 3 '13 
Sec Car painting 
Cars (supply) 

Standard supply car. n. T>. Cain, plans Ry 
Age G4:lU3-r, My 23 '13: Same cond. Ry 
Age (Meoh ed) S7:302-l Je '13 

Cars, Wrscklng. See Wrecking cars 
Case carbonizing. See Steel, Hardening of 
Cast iron 
Artistic treatment of ca*t Iron. B. J. Fletch- 
er. Foundry 41:3G4-fi B 'IS 
Blowing of malleable castings. R: Q: Q. 

Moldenke, Foundry 41:106-7 Mr '13 
Calculating mixtures for malleable cast Iron. 
H. Hemenway, Foundry 41:451-5. 497-501 O- 

■ (ool parts. H: M. 


88:765 My 1 .. 
Cast iron pipe prices from 1900 to IBli, Iron 

A«e 91:49 Ja 2 '13 
Chilled cast Iron used (or machine tools. H: 

M. Wood. 11 Am Hach S8:14e-g Ja SS '13 
Cleansing effect of titanium on cast Iron. B. 

Stoug-hton. Iron Tr R 52:473-4 F 20 '13 
Close-grained soft cast Iron. J: J. Porter. 

Eng M 44:261-4 N '12 
Corrosion of cast Iron reviewed. R; H. 

- - - "1:1353-9 Je 6 '13 

214 F '13; Discussion. 77: 


J. K. 

1 T4:l~ 

Oray Iron mixtures for motor castings. II. B. 
Swan. II Foundry 41:474-8 N '13; Same. 
Iron Abo fl2;893-7 O 23 '13; Same. Iron Tr 

»53:9H3-S N 27 '13 
uence ot silicon on corrosion of cast Iron. 
J. N.. Friend and C. W. Marshall. Foundry 
4t:S07-g Ag '13 
Intricate forms of cas( iron explained, 11 Iron 

Age 92:1431-5 I) 25 '13 
'-'llH''' contractjon of cast Iron. Iron Age 92; 



work. E. Touieda. 11 Iron Age 91:1245-9 _. 

Same.' "Automobile 28:1260-3 Je 19 '13; 
- Iry 41:276-80 Jl '13; Same cond. 

Nn(e„ _.. ,_ _. 

Mln R Bui 75:;'.03-31 Mr '13: Discussion 77: 

941-64 My 13 
Oxidized nnlsh on gray Iron. Foundry 41: 

104-5 Mr '13 
Preparing gray Iron for polishing and plat- 
ing. J. H. Hansjosten. Metal Ind n s ll! 

118-9 Mr '13 
Ret"tir)n between the composition and phy- 
sical properties of cast Iron. II: M. Howe. 

Bng ft Mln J H:5U S 13 '13 
Eclentlflc methods In th« study ot cast Iron. 

II Iron Age 91:G9B-B Mr I '13 
Seasoning cast Iron, p. W. Shaw. Mach 19: 

65 S '12 
Specincatlons (or machinery castings. J: J. 

Porter Iron Age 91:91-5 Ja I '13 
Unusual gray Iron stove plate casting. W: 

J: Keep. II Foundry 41:73-9 F 'IS 
Wlttorff's iron-carl>on equilibrium diagram. 

H. Ktijughton. II Am Inst Mln E Bui 74: 

227-17 r '13 

Sir iil-o Car wheels; Foundry practloe; 

Iron: iron founding; Pig iron 
Cast iron war« 
Enameling process tor cast Iron sanitary 

ware. N. E. FrlsselL plan Foundry 41:220- 

S Ja 'IS 
Castings, Steel. See Steel eastings 
Casualty insurance. See Insurance. Casualty 

See alio Fllea and Dllng (documents) ; 

Catenary, Theory of 

Theory of the non-elastic and elastic caten- 
ary as applied to transmlxsion lines. C. A. 
Pierce, F. J. Adams and Q, 1 " " 


i ITo 32:1374-91 Je '13 

dcv Google 



CalhedrA] o( the 
II pif ■ ■ - 

rays from Incandei 
1 109:124 Ag 16 '13 

CaUklll aquaduct 
Acciilenls on Ci 

320 Mr 22 '13 
Cnmp Hill View aanltatli 
"— '■' -"-TOL'-S O 16 '13 

aqueducL Eng Bee 67: 
W. Tldd. II 

Hudson river alphon. C^taktTl aqueduct. <l 
dlags Edk N 70:696-701 O 9 '13; Same cond. 
Eng Rec 88:413-4 O 11 '13 
City tuncel and conduits of tbe Catsklll aque- 
duct. W. E. Spear. Bug Rec 68:333-4 9 ZD 

Concreting the Sarles tunnel of the Calaklll 
liiqueduct. II Eng R«c ES:42S-9 O 18 '13 

rrHcklns- of bronzes and brasses: with dlsous- 
Blon. A. D. Fllnn. II Kng Kec 68:527-8 N B 

Creating a subterranean river ninety miles in 
length: how Catshlll water is brought to 
New York. II Scl Am 108:198-300 Mr 1 

Electric power In building tb« world's great- 
est aqueduct. J. M. Matthews. 11 Bng M 
44:161-84 N '1! 

Monolithic construction of heavily reinforced, 
17-foot circular aqueduct. H: W. Nelsoa 
It plan Sag Rec 67:G02-E My 3 '13 

Narrows siphon of the Calahill aqueduct. A. 
D. Fllnn. dlaga Eng Rec 68:317-8 S 30 '13 

of s 

! differ 


2:763-8 C 

Jenneti, II il...„_ 

Supplying a metropolis with mountain water: 
mining operallons In (he heart of New 
York. 11 Scl Am 108:301-2 Mr 1 '13 

II Metal Ind n a 11:371-S S 
Cattle auarda. See Rn I Iruads— Cattle gua 
Caxton, WlllUm, 14!3;-lt91 
Printers of note. W. C. Bleloch. Inlani 

Roth. II Munlc Eng 


Cement Industry prospered In 1»13. Eng & 

Min J 9b:2U Ja 2S '13 
Cement Instead of tlrt cUiy in hearth and 

btsh of Sheridan blast furnHfes. Iron Age 

Ml;42d F 13 '13 
Cement manutacliire. Am Soc M E J 3J;2B7-78 

F '13 
Cement on the Pacific coast. Concreta C«m 

2:33 Ja '13 
Concrete in alkali soils. Concrete Cem 3:69-72 

Ag '13 
Damage ti 

by wetting in transll 

N 70:2BI Ag 7 '13 
Ecanoniical cnnHtruction with bulk cement. 

L, H. Ubberton. il dlag Concrete Cem 3:62- 

3 Ak '13 
Economy of bulk cement. O. Wilson. Con- 
crete Cem 2:243 My '13 
Growth of cement industry on Pacific coast. 

C: A. Newball. 11 Concrete C*m 2:196-8 Ap 

Crowlh of tht; cement Industry on Paclflc 

cii.iHl. Eli(t Kec 68:474 O 35 '13 
Handling bulk cement In a small plant, plun 

Handling: ceme: 
11 Eng Rec bs.od-i ji IS II 

International cement questions from a French 
viewpoint. Eng N 69:3M F 13 '13 

Oxy- chloride cement formulas. W. C. Ed- 
wards, jr. Concrete Cem 2:184-G Ap '11 

Sand-cement as used by the U. 8. reclama- 
tion service. Eng N 69:B62-3 Mr 20 "IS 

Shipment of cement in bulk. Concrete Cem 
2:160 Ap 'la 

Storage of explosives, plans Concrete Cem 2: 
'" *1 Ja '13 

1 States ceme 
9:1200 Je 5 ' . 

Unloading car of bulk cement in one hour 
with one man. II Concrete Cem 3:147-8 S'13 

Use and care of cloth cement sacks. Con- 
crete Cem 2:sup 79 My '13 

Concrete: Portland cement: 


cte Cem 3:1B0 O '1 

Jan., 1913. Con- 

Molding aand cores for floor construction 
and artistic celling. F: Squires. 11 Con- 
crete Cem 2:!13-8 My '13 

Cellar space made available by the use of 

Jrlsmatlc glass, J. Chlltlck. It Sci Am S 
6:107 Ag 16 '13 
How non -inflammable celluloid Is actually 
used for aulomoblles and aeroplanes. Au- 
tomobile 28:1022-3 Hy 15 '13 

Action of alkali and sea walur an cements. Ry 

Age !i5:.'>14 S 19 '13 

Action of the salts In alkali water and sea 
water upon cemenla; abstract of Technolog- 
ic paper no. 12. P. H. Bates and others. 
J Fr Inst 175:6G-7 JOi '13: Same. Eng Rec 
67:691-2 Je 2L '13; Same. Munlc Eng 46:58- 
9 Jl '13; Same. Eng M 4B:J46-8 Ag '13; 
Same. Met & Chem Eng 11:442-3 Ag '13 

Action of various substances on cement mor- 
tars. Concrete Cem 3:59 Ag '13 

Action of various substances on cement mor- 
tars. R: K. Meade. Eng N 70:21-3 Jl 3 '13: 
Same. Bng Rec 68:20-1 Jl B '13 

Blended or sand-cementa; results of the study 

Chicago's sixth 

Crete Cem 2:87 F '13 

Some preferences as lo com I 
Shows. Concrete Cem 2:249 My id 
Cement plants 

Cement and hvdraled lime pUinl of Tide- 
water Portland cement co. R; K. Meudc. 1 
plan Eng N 70:B5S-B4 O SO '13 

Depreciation - ■ ■ ■ 

Schmidt. Eng M V 

Metaline Falls, Wasl..— ^.«... u. .... 
I'orlland cement co. M. \V. Krejei 
Am Inst Min K Biil 7a:13H5-H Jl ■ 

New cement plant in Vancouver: 

sheet piling and heavy construction m 
precipitous site. U plan Eng Rec 68:123-4 
Ag I '13 

mith. II I 

k, KI Pa: 
; & Min 

Use of motors li 
67:207 F 22 '13 
Csment storage 
Storage of cem en 
2:19 Ja 'IS 

nil IB. Eng Rec 
Concrete Cem 

testing materials: papers 

R. R. Coghlaji. Eng N 69:1270-3 Je 19 '13 
Bulk shipments ot cement. Q. Wilson. 11 

Concrete Cem 2:27-8 Ja '13 
Cement industry in tbe United States; effect 

of tariff. Eng Rec 67:69 Ja 18 'IS 



Jl 3-10 ' 
Apparatus for determlnltig consistency. C. M. 

Chapman. II Concrete Cem 3:8-9 Jl '13 
Autoclave test. Q. J. Ray. Bng N 70:272-3 Ag 

7 '1! 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


Cement teitlng — rontinufil. 

Autoclave ten for cement. Ens Rec 68:13-9 

Jl 5 'IS 
Autoclave test for cemenl. H. J. Force. Ry 

& Bag It 53:61-3 Ja IS '13 
Automatic briquette testing record. T. Y. Ol- 

Ity In fliienesa, <!, 
N 70:1219-7 I) 26 '13 

I 3:S9 As '13 
Teata of sanil cement by the Reclamation 
service; from C: H. Paul's notes. Bag Bee 
BT;343 Mr 29 'W 
Tests of the strength of cement. Concrete 
Cera a:2B7-8 My "13 
Cement users, National association of. See Na- 
tional association ot cement users 

Uunlclpal cemetery accounlH. D. C. Eggles- 
ton. 3 Account 15:174-81 Mr '13 

Unltsd States 
Census bureau. Ens & MIn J 96:607-8 8 2T 

centrifugal machines 
Centrifugal separation. L. Orlacom. II Met A 

Chem Eng 11:Z2».« Ap "IS 
Design, conatrucllon and uses ot centrifugals. 

■■ " " I Met * Chem Eng II: 

H. H. Stephe 
3G8-9 Je '13 
Mausa centrifugal -filtering machine. 11 ESng 

UauBS eenlrlfural-flltei 
& Mm J 96:547-8 S 2( 
on extracting and waahlng centrifugal. II 

plan Met & Chem Bng 11:296 My '13 
Self- balancing penlrltugal. 11 Met ft Chem 
Eng 11:297 My '13 
Centrifugal pump*. See Pumping machinery 
Certlned public accountants. See Accountants. 


Vae ot cesspools anil their dangers. F. W. 
Tower. Horn Kng 65:^31-2 N 22 '13 

ta '13 

Annealing of hoisting 
M6-7 Ap 17 '13 
Chairs, Motor. See Motor chairs 

Description of rl ' ' - 

Am I09:2iS S 
Iron Age 9h 


Work ot the Census 1 
»S:6I0 3 S7 '13 

2-13. 1913. K 

List of _. _ _ ,. 

1913. Blec Ry J 41:G94-E Mr 29 '13 
Papers :inci proceedlnKs of meeting at Indinn- 
ni'nlis. Nov. 20-21. 1!I13. Klec Ry J 42;1(I»S- 
IIOB N 22 '13 
Fapera at June meeting on board the steam- 
er City of St. Ignace. Blec Ry J 41:1163-8; 
42:20-30 Je 2a-JI S '13 
Proceedings of annual meeting, I9I3, abstraclB 
of papers and reports On car equipment 
malnlenance. fare registration, coupler In- 
Blallatlon. Interline freight, etc Blec Ry 
J 41:370-80 Mr 1 'IS 
Proceedings ot convention held on board the 
steamer St. Ignace, June. 1913. Elec Ry J 
42:17-9 Jl B -13 
Central electric traffic association 
List of names of members of committees. 
1913. Elec Ry J 41:696 Mr 29 'IS 
Central Georgia transmission company 
High-tension iranemlsslon system In central 
Georgia. II Elec W 61:189-91 Ja 26 '11 
Central Illinois public service company 

Great rural network. Elec W 61:1123 My 31 

Unified public utilities In central Illinois. II 
map Blec W 61:1146-66 My 31 '13 
Central power stations. See Electric planls— 

Central stations 
Cantral railway club. Buffalo, N. Y. 
History of Centre.1 railway club. Ry & Eng 
-R 63:466 My 17 '13 
Central station heatlna- Sre Healing from 

A MIn J 9 

rlgln ot the Butte cbalcoctte, Eng & MIn J 
96:439-40 S 6 '13 
:ng & Min J Chalk. .See L.lmestone 

Chamber of commerce of the United States 
nts' assocli- Address »r president of National chamber of 

commerce, before the National ptiie and 
supplies asHtc'lutlon. H. Wheeler. Dom Eng 
63:18.1-91, 21fi-7 My 17-21 '13 
Address of Its pre.sident. Mr. Harry Wheeler, 
before the Central supply .issoclallon, uC 
Chicago. Dom Eng 62:10-4 Ja i '13 

mnnel- and beach -maintenance problem at 

Atlantic City. R. H " ' " — " 

70:160-4 Jl 24 '13 

30-4 Ja 
Problems In removing sand from Columbia 

rivc-r bar. Eng Itec 68:781 1> 27 '13 
St, Lawrence ship <hannel Improvemenls. H, 


truck. II Scl Am 108: 

352 Ap 19 '13' 
Concrete features of Greenwood ., 

chapel, N. Y. tl plan Eng Bee 

67:362 Mr 29 'IS 
Revival ot French Gothic Mchlteoture: a 

mausoleum after St^ Hubert's chapel. L, 


R. McCabe, I 

Rec 34:203-12 a '13 


See Electric plants— Central 

Central union telephone 
Interest of i '' 

My 3 -is" 

Scientific employment __ ... _ . 

human character. H. Newton. II Bel Am 
109:68-9 Jl 26 '13 

Charging batteries. See Storage batteries 

Charging machines. See Blast furnaces — 

Charters, Municipal- See Municipal charters 
Chassis. See Automobiles — Chassis 
Chattanoooa, Tennessee 
Nine mTlllon dollar hydroelectric plant for 

ChatlanoriKa. II Scl Am S 76:388 I) 20 '13 

Proposed plumbing Inapecllon ordinance for 
Chattanoogii, Dom Eng S3:L'J1.|0 .My 24 '11 
From the chauffeur's point of view. Scl Am 

109:76 Jl S6 'IS 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


B and others, tl aci Am S 75:36T-S Je T 

Chemical afflnity 

See alio Chemical reaction 
Chemical apparatus 

KppplTiB iiPiUimFtrlr scilulloii,'; roiisliinl. il 
KnB & Mln J !r.:376 K 15 '13 

laboratory practice. 




«■<■ AlliiiMfs; AHiuiylnR: Atiimlc Ihi-iirv; 

(.'hemlcalH: Collolilti: ('ombiiBlloii; I'rystal- 
lography; KlectrocliemlHlryi ICIei'Irolyala: 
Kvaporadnn: Fire; (Inneni LtctuelHcllon ol 
Kascx; I liiuUI air; MltM-rnloKy: Molei'uleB: 
«...<_.........,.. ^„i...,._ ...... .™|Btry): Spee- 


I of I 

n S 76:6-7 Jl 6 '13 
Ste aleo Carbon 
Chemlitry, Technical 
Absorption and reaction (oners for chemical 
factories. dia«B Met & Chera Eng 11:359- 
61 Je '13 
rhpmlcjiJ pr'nluclion of lluhl; ciild lixhl. W. P, 
Ifaincrofl. J hi- Intil 17i:i::i-4'i f '13; Same. 


II: 554 -II 
ml res< 

J Kr Inst 17fi:l-n Jl '13 

Industrial lellowshlpa: Ave years o( an edu- 
cational Industrial experiment. R. K. Dun- 
can. J Ft Inat 17EM3-ST Ja '13 

IndUKtrlal res.'jin'H in .\m_prl<';i, A. D. l.lltlp. 

Msnufaeture of chemlcnlly pure adds, prob- 
lems encountered. J. T. Baker. 11 Scl Am 
S 7S:9(-e P i '13 

Menu taclu ring problems. P. D. Bell. 11 Pi-I 

. . light on (he i 

ol mineral oil. P. W. Busbong. Sti ; 
76:86-7 Ag 9 '13 

Urbaln's researches. Scl Am 103:332 Ap 12 

Hci' aim .\lomic nclHlilM; Mftals; Trana- 

Chemlcal engineers. See American institute of 

chemical engineecB 
Chemical engines. See Fire engines 
Chemical Induitrlea. See Cliemlcals: C 

Chemical laboratories 
Power plant 

T-S D 2'\ '13 
Chemical reaction 
Electricity and chemical action. H. C. Jonei. 
Scl Am 8 7S:n<.6 Mr IB '13 
Chemical technology, i^oe Cbemliitry. Technicil 
Chemistry tn Ruasla in 1912. Met 8c Cbem 
Ens 11:166 Hr 'IS 

Inn hem 

Photo -chemistry ot the future. Q. Clarolelan. 

Scl Am S 76:253-9 Ap 26 '13 
Protection of Intellectual property In relation 

to chemical Industry. L. H. Baekeland. Met 

& Chem Eng 11:31-6 Ja '13 

Recent chemical and metaHurglcal patanta. 
It Met tc Chem Bng lI:G3-6 Ja 'IS 

ll-lalloii «r ihe chemist lo the electric rail- 
way. V.\w l!y J i2:\\fi-3 N 29 '13 
Siallne ot bread exrlattied in Ibe light of 

tylene: Alcohol. Denatured: 
t furnace sua; Boiler scale: 
i-alH: Clay; " ■ - 

Wood dislillaiiim; Wood preB< 
Treatment of bacteriological 
chemical means. F. Blumenl 

|> ny AKe EG:642-t 

StitrtiiH In operation. Hy AKe 65:1061-5 D 6 

.15111 annual report for year ended June 30, 

iai3. Kv Ag<- 55:681-3 O 1<I 13 
Flghtlne the chestnut bark disease. II Scl Am 

103:314 Ap C '13 



Chicago. Mllnol* 
Bearing power of soil under foundations In 

Chicago. Eng N 69:1«3-e Mr 6 'IS 
Electric service in Chicago. 11 map Elec W 

61:1137-45 My 31 ,'13 
Hardpan and other soil teats In Chicago: safe 

loads. J. N. Jensen. II plan Eng N 69:460- 

3 Mr 6 '13 

Civil service commission 
Work of the eUlciency division. Eng Roe 67: 

629-31 Je 7 '13 


Chicago harbor and subway plans. Eng N 

70:395 Ag Zg '13 
Pier tor Ihe outer harbor at Chicago, dlaga 

Eng N 70:553-3 S 18 '13 
Chicago, Ihe ronvenlioi. dlv of American 

' - ---I. J. H. llanajoHlen. II Metal Ind 




C Itep 


Reorganization ot the I>ePBrtinent of elec- 
tricity. Chicago. Elec W S2:222-S Ag 2 'IS 
.\rn''|.i i.-rmrl on fhlraRO railroad terminals. 
Kntl Kcc liN:r>07 N 29 '13 

and the city 


illfiil plan. Ry & Eng R BS:169 P 12 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


Chicago, I III noli— Railroads — Continaea. 
Chicago railway terminals. J: F. W 
Ry & Ene K _53;l<>pN3..1014-« -^ 'S-i* 

El Bctrifl cation ot Chicago railway termlnaJa. 

By & E:ng R 53:459-81 My 11 '13 
Eniployeea oppose ChlcflBO electrillcBlioii. Ry 

Age 6B:S23-4 (> 31 '13 „ . 

HcarlnK on electrlflcatlon In ClilcaBO. Ry ARe 

B*;lll«B-« My 16 '13 , „ . _„,„„. 

Municipal partldpaUon In railway -terminal 

proj^ at Chicago. Eng N 69:1236-7 Je 

New Soo trelKht tprmlnol at Chlcano A R. 

Lord. 11 plan Itv Aae SS:J21-6 Ak 22 'H 
New terminal plan for Chicago. 11 fid Am 3 

T6;3T-8 Jb 18 '1! 
New Union station (or Chicago. 11 Ry & 

Eng R B3;«78-9 Sly U "13 
One plan for BolvlnB the Chlcaco lermlniil 

problem. 11 Ry AKe 5R:32n Ak n '13 
Plans for new union station al Clilcngo. 11 

Hy AKe 5*:","-9 Mv 23 -13 „,,^..v 

ProiMised development at Chlcaeo railway 

fflclillles, Ry Akb 65:745-3 <1 2t '13 
Propoaed plan ot one central railway term- 
inal for Chicago. B. C. Sattley. plan Ry & 

Eng a BS:68S-ri JI 12 '13 
BAllwa.y terminals in Chicago, plan Eng N 

T0:2lt-S JI 31 '13 . ■ . ... 

Railway terminals In large cities and the 

tale at Chicago terminal project. Eng N 

69:427,9 P 27 "13 
Rflucatlng of Chicago railway terminals, plan 

By A»te 64:1184-7 My 30 13 
Report on Chicago termlnala. R. J Arnold. 

Ry & EOK R 53:1087-91 N 22 13: Sanie 

cond, Eng N 70:1154-7 D 4 "IS: Same cond. 

Ry Age 55:1I>78-S1 T> 5 IS , , 

Soo line freight terminal In Chicago. 11 pl«n 

Eng N T0:3Tg-aS Ag 21 ■J3; Same cond. 

Bng Ree 68:188-91 Ag 18 'ij 
TermlnaJ eleolrlflcaUon In Chicago. Eleo W 

81:1075-6 My 24 'IS , , , 

Wallace report on Chicago railroad terminals. 

Ens Rec 68:486-7 N 1 '13 

supervising englneera. 

I Chicago rolling stock 

41;SB3-6 My 17 '13 
Service equipment and operation In Chicago. 
Elec Ry J 42:266-8 Ag 16 'IS 


for I 

Elec liy J 42:1113 N 
;,■). Munic Enjt 45:642-3 

™bv II) .. .1:947-8 My 2. .. 
Value of Chicago elevated railways dlscuKsed 

In merger proceedings. Biec Ry J 41:168-9 

Ja 25 '13 

Sanitary affair* 
Clay-bole dumps for Chicago's garbage. Bng 

Rec 68:422 O 18 '13 

B Eng 45:20-4 JI ^13 

^<.L....«u...e ...t^ ; of garbage and refuse 

collection and haulage In Chicago. Bng " 

69:106-7 Ja 1« '13 
Failure In appraisals of Chicago Reduction 

co.'s plant. Eng Uec 68:451 O 25 '13 
'nf oidnlons of llie appraisers, Eng Rec 68: 
Oarbnge reduction In Chicago. 11 plan Munlo 

Eng 44:137-9 F '13 
I'luinblng and heatins In Chicago. Dom Eng 
R*fu"'"diBi^«s" methods as adapted to Chl- 

KnK '45:528-32 D '13 , ., _ 

Street cleaning and garbage collection elQ- 
clency studies of the Chicago civil service 
commission. Eng N 69:123 Ja 16 'IS 

Street cleaning and garbage collection meth- 
ods In Chicago. Eng Rec 67;24-S Ja 4 13 
Bee alto Chicago drainage canal 

Care of streets In Chicago: abstract ot a re- 
port on denning and repairing slreels. Ens 
liec 69:55S-9 N 15 '13 

Cnve-in of Randolph street. II Eng Bee 68: 
677-8, 715-6 D 13, 27 '13 ^, , „ 

Creosoied block paving In Chicago. J: B. 
Erlcson, 11 plan Munlc Bng 44:17-20 Ja 

;ng 44:89-95 F '13 

j". W. Solen. Munlc Eng 

I merger. Elec Ry J 41; 

Street cleaning efficiency standards for Chi- 
cago. P. H. Cenfleld and A. B. Segur. map 
Eng N 69:402-4 F 27 '13 
Chleaao A Northwestern rellrpad 

4lh I 

engineers, • 

. Elec Ry J 4i 11032 Je 7 
report of Board of supervising 

'.'"1911- i^lec By J 4l':309.11 My 3 '13 

Negotiations for consolidation in Chicago. 
Elec Ry J 41:364 Mr 1 '13 

New railwiiv pownr eontracls In Chicago. 
Elec Ry J 42:1138-9 N 29 13 

Preliminary draft of Chicago general merger 
ordinance being prepared. Elec Ry J 41: 
338 -9 F 22 'IS 

I'rocrcss wllh unification ordinance In Chica- 
go. Elec Ry J 42:990-1 N 1 '13 

Proposed chaogea In Chicago ordinance. Elec 

: J. Shanks. 

Eng M 44:251-4 N 'U 
Recent derailments on the Chicago elevated 
loop. Eng N 69:381-2 P 20 '13 

" shop "safearuards, W. T. Oale. II plans 
Am Eng 87:137-41 Mr '13 
Chicago architectural club 

Notes on I he 26 1 h annual exhibition, 1913. 
R. A. LIpplncotl. II Arch Rec 33:B6T-7S 
Je '13 
Chicago, Burlington A Quincy railroad 
Burllnglon adopts new train audit system. Ry 

Age 64:112-3 Ja IT '13 
Burlinpton'B construction organlsotlon. Ry 

Age ."iS;lll-2 ,11 18 '13 
Snih annual report, tor year ended June 30, 

19!3. Rv Age 65:893-6 N T "13 
Revenues and expenses. Ry Age 65:864-6 

N 7 ' 

- 55:S6-7 JI IS '13 
', Jan., 1811. Con> 

jdtes of operation. Ity 
Chicago cement show 
Chicago's sixth cement > 
Crete Cem 2:ST F '13 
Chicago central station institute 

School to teach the selling of electricity. Elec 
W 61:334 F 15 '13 
Chicago drainage cam 


I rally o 

r.-ited e 

1 Calur 

dcy Google 


Chlcaao drainage canal ^CanKniied. 
Par reaching daclalon reap«ctlnK the use of 

the ChlcBco drainage canal. Eng N e9:ltG 

Ja I< '13 
LI ml tins the uae of the Chicago dralnase 

canal, raig N «9:1Z9-31 Ja IB '13 
Setback for the Chicago drainage canal. Eng 

Rec 87:58-9 Ja IS '13 
Chicago Qreat Weitern railway 
Maintenance of way Improvements. Ry ft 

Eng It G3:I4S F IS '13 

Eng N «9:E8-S0 Ja 9 '13 
Chicago, Milwaukee A Puget Sound railroad 
El ectrin cation of 4S0 miles of mountalD divi- 
sion. Elec K & W Elec'D G2:109 Ja 11 

Bleetrlflcation plan. Elec Ry J 4 

O IT '13 
33d annual report for year ended June 30, 

1913. Rv AKe 5S:733-6 O 17 '11 
ilcaao, Saint Paul. Minneapolis A Omaha rall- 
I June 3fl. 1913. 

-- . -.(BOiltlon, 1893 

Lessona ol the Chicago world's fair. D. H. 
r. — ^ — .. .„.j jjg^ S3:S4-« Ja '13 

Chief Interchanae ear Inspectors' 

I association 

(Mech ed) S7:l96-« S 


r 92;i3i3"-Y a A *13| 


1 with new rharlB. for » 

with hiiuBv hriidns 
\V: J. Baldwin, dlags H 

..,.,,-. --, -I Jerome. Arli. C. W. 
neU. diac Kng S 7ii:llH-E l> t '13; 
Ens & MIn J 96tlO58-60 D $ '13 

I Hue 

and c 

. H. Kleplnger. 

InHt .Mln E Ttui gO:l»35-2010 Ak 'I'l 
Pl.-int chlmneya for burning crude oil. Elec 

W 61:255-6 F 1 '13 
Slim foumljilton for n 305-fl. sleel chimney. 

~ i-ell. plans End N 70:1167-8 D 


; Healing: Ventilation 

B plant, Coun- 

Purchased power for electrification. Elec Ry 
J 4]:2»0 F IE '13 
Chicago. Milwaukee A St. Paul railroad 

Improvement work on the C. M. ft St. P.: 
fU'Oond track and xrade revision belween 
Aberdeen. S. P.. and Montevideo, Minn. 
II diagK map Ry Age 54:673-6 Mr 21 '13 
Chicago railways company 
Annual reports for years ended Jan Sl.ltlS 
and 1912. Elec Ry J 41:776 Ap 2« 'IS 
Chicago, flock , I aland ft Pacific railroad 

Chimneys, concrote 

Chtnmey at J. T. Wilcox ft » , 

cll Blutts, la. nithatood aevere wind atraln. 
R. P. Wilcox. II Munic Bug 46:181-2 Ag 



■ '13 

I 44: 

Concrete chimney construction. II I 

966-3 Mr '13 
Concrete chimney on the Pacific cooat. 11 

Ooncrele Cem 2;234-B My '13 
Construction of gravity concrete chlmneya. 

~ " Draper, plan Concrete Cem !:149 Mr 



J chim 

ev conajruet 
-- '13 

. II 

r the n 

pal water plant. Clarksvllle, Tenn. II Munlc 

Eng 44:567-8 Je 'IS 
Repairs to a reinforced -concrete chimney. 

Kansas City, Mo, Power 37:764 My 27 'IS 
Repairs to a reinforced-^ 

Child study 
- ■ Bogical 

— died li. _ ,. .. ._ 

Radosavllevlch. II Scl Am 109:161-2 Ag 30 

'n» fron. _..„ w....« .,*,-..,,. v. --.... . » 

-- . created by rt-of. Ernest Meu- 

mann. P. B. RadOHavljovlch, 11 Scl Am 109: 
141 Ag 23 '13 

Industries and resources 
Extent of the Chilian iron ore depOBlls. map 

Iron Tr R 62:459-62 F 20 '13 
Iron cirp resource* of Chile. C: VaUler. Eng 
ft Mln J 95:234-6 ,lB 25 '13 
Chile saltpeter. See Sodium nitrate 
Chilled I 

: Mln J 96:978-9 r 

25 '13 
Large cantilever bridge In China. 11 Bng N 

Chinese (raining cruiser Ting Swel. F. C. 
Coleman. II Int Marine Kng 18:331-2 Je 

Chilled „ _ „ 

M. wood. II Am Mach 38:146-8 Ja 23 '13 
I'ne of chills. W. J, Keep. Foundry 41:182 


Calculating weight of slacks. Eng & Mln J 

96:1018 N 29 '13 
Calculation of chimney losses. Ind Eng 13: 

452 O '13 
Chimney design, dlag Power SB:277-9 Ag 19 

Chlno copper company 

Report for 1912. map Eng i 
8 My 3 -13 


Production of caustic alk^l and bleach. D. 
J. Allmand, II Scl Am S 7E:2S-B JI 12 '13 
Chloroehyt „ „ „ 

Hepburn. hIbliOK J Fr Inst 176:406-62 O '13 
1 Steel. P. Oar- 



Ch ran cm Star* 
Automatic RstTonamlcal calculator: Butter- 
flald ailmuth cbronoroeter. A. H. Brown. 11 
Scl Am 8 76:11-6 Jl 19 'It 
Chucking machinal 
New Britain autamatlc multiple Bp indie 
[:AucklnK machine. II Macti 19:fi5-6 a '12 

Holding ilevlcea (or ft rat -operation work, A. 

A. Dowd. dlaea Marh 20:199-203 N '13 
Making the Horton- Morrow chuck. C. I* 

Lucas. II Mach 19:79E-9 Je '13 
New combination ollset boring head and 

drill chuck. II Ind E:ng 13:2£l-2 My '13 
I'lii-umatlc cliuck tor stayhoit drllllnB. J. C. 

BrekenfelU. il dtaR Am EnR 87;247 My '13 
Schorlemmer drill chuck, (tlag Ene & Mtn J 

»5:SI)8 Mr 22 '13 
Church architecture 

Design of " 



1:953 My 3 13 


Sec alio Smoking 
Cincinnati, Ohio 

Topographic surver of Cincinnati. H. C. 

Mitchell. 11 plan Eng N 69:662-6 Ap 3 '13 


Qllbert avenue viaduct In Cincinnati. 11 plan 

Eng Kec 6J:2K-S Mr 1 '13 


tl'B playgrounds. 11 Hunlc 

E3E-43 Je '13 

Cincinnati traction company 
Terms of proposed agreement between Cin- 
cinnati traction company and tbe city. 
Elec Ry J 41:618-9 Ap G '18 

647-9 S 11 '13; Same. Scl Am 

InreBtlgallon of the strength of cinder con- 
crete. G: B. Strehan and H. Perrlne. 11 Bng 
N 70:738-4 O 9 '18 
Clnematog raphe 

ClnemaloBraph hand camera. 11 Scl Am 109: 
346 N 1 '13 

Cinematography carried to extremes In tbe 


, 11 Scl Am S 7e:3S» Ja 3 

y. 11 plan Arch Rec 34:541 -EG D 

Spanish church In New York city. Our I-ady 
ot Hope. L. R. McCabe. II Arch Rec 33: 
14-21 Ja '13 
Steel framework of St, Jean Batiste church, 
N. 7. 11 plans Eng Rec 68:133-6 O IS '13 
See alio Cathedrals; Chapelo 
Church decoration 
Study in church decoration: the Paullat fa- 
thers church In New York city. C: H. Dorr 
11 Arch Reo 33:187-203 Mr '13 
Church llqhtlna 

Church llKhtlng. Klec W 62:762-3 O 11 '13 

Hearing and ventilating a church building: 
new St. Patrick's church, of Philadelphia. 
J. Graliam. plans Dom Eng 65:298-302 D 
B '13 

4-™ aiKO Church architecture 
Churcha*, Concrete 
German evangelical Lutheran church, Sacra- 
mento, CaL built of white concrete block. 
II Concrete Cem 1:61 D '12 
Chutn. See Flumes 
CIgar-boN factories 


Non- In flammable cinematograph Htms. Scl 

Am S 76:83 F i 'IS 
One hundred thousand photogra.pbs per aec- 
ond: hlgh-freauency electric sparks used u 
a source of Intermittent light. II Scl Am 
S 76:69 F 1 '13 
To the south pole with the cinematograph. II 
Bel Am 108:660-1 Je 21 'IS 
Cinnabar orei. See Mercury 
Clrcasilan walnut. See Walnut 

Circle. (Ensineera' study course) Power 37: 
313-5 Mr 1 '13 

I. II Elec W 62:2E0 

Sng 44:8- 

Poilties and government 

Cincinnati's purchasing system, Uunlc Bng 
45:217-23 S '13 

Rapid transit 

Cincinnati traction strike. 11 Elec Ry J 41: 
890-2 My IT '13 

Report on Clnolnnntl terminal poaslbllltles. 
map Eleo Ry J 41:330-4 P 32 '13 

Terms of proposed agreement between Cin- 
cinnati traction company and the city, 
Elec Ry J 41:648-9 Ap S 'IS 

Cincinnati sewerage Investigations and sur- 
veys. J. E. Root. Eng Rec 67:347-8 Mr 29 

Instrucilons (or subsurface survey, Eng N 
70:1080-3 N 27 '13 
Cincinnati, Chicago & St. Louis railway 

21th aiiiiuu] re]>ort, 1912. Ry Age 64:697-8 

. W: Z. Price, i 

1 city growth stop? Eng N 69:426 

itigs iJegintiTn)! "MunicipaJ: Parks; Sewage 
ill.spoaal: Street cleaning: Water purilica- 
tlon: Water supply 
City halls. See Public buildings 
City lighting. See Street lighting 
City manager. See Municipal government 
City planning 

City plHnnlng and the engineer. Eng Rec 68: 

622-3 D 6 '13 
City Bclentmc. Q: B. Ford. Bng Rec ST: 

B61-2 My 17 '13 
Delhi, the metropolis of India: how shall the 
new Indian capital be bulItT B. Leslie. 11 
Scl Am S 76:72-4 P 1 '18 
Engineering Interest In city planning. Eng 

Rec 67:661 Je 14 '13 
Extract from report of committee on town 
planning, as read before the Am. Inst of 
Dec, 1912. Bng N 69:100-1 F. 

.... ._....,,._ nlng, 

Ohlrago,_ May, 1913. Elec W 61:1022 My 
17 '13: Eng N 69:1021 My IB '13 

Induatrtai city of Torrance, Cal. R. Bennett, 
11 map plans Eng N 70:870-3 O 30 '13 

Municipal control of city planning in Eng- 
land. Eng Rec 68:175-6 Ag 16 '13 

Organi sail Ion and functions ot a city plan- 
nlMK commission. W: A. Magee. Eng N 
69:376-7 My 8 '13; Eng Rec 07:662 My 17 

plan MunTc Eng 16:77-80 Jl '., 
Transportation and city planning. M. R, WbH- 

bie. Elec Ry J 11:1108-7 Je 21 '13; Same 

cond. Bng Rec 68:65-6 Jl 19 'IS 
Transportallon facilities and ttty planning. 

M. R. Maltble. Eng N 69:1026-6 My IS '13 
What Cedar Rapids has done In Ave years 

under commission plan of government. L: 

Roth, II Munlc Eng 41:448-60 My '13 
See alfo Housing problem 

Municipal centers 


Ivll I 

Eng Rec 67:196 F 16 '13 

in Massachuse 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 



jwcrage pavlr 
H. Markwo 

at oflice-wark. Bng N 
Am 108:2 

70:1(170-6 K 
Rainy day tiieorj 

63:368 F 20 'IS 
RetroBpect ot the 

U. a. civil service eiamlnatlon quesOons (or 
Junior eriBineer. Eng Hec 67;4B0 Ap 26 "IS 
See alio AqueflucW; Arches; Blaatlng: 
Boring- Bridges; Building: Canala; Col- 
terdame; UoehB; Uratniigc; DredKing: 
Karthworii; Excavallon; l-'oundalltma; Har- 
bora; Hydraulic enitlneerhiB : Irrtgatii": 
lilghlhouacs: MlnliiK eiiBineeriiiB; I'lli-s 
pile driving; I'ubHo workB; HalTmad eni 
eerinK: Hailr "■-■ """ '°' 

CI ax I flan 

Anaconda classlfler. R. A 

Min B Bui 80:^161-97 j 
Ar'nlicntlon ot hinder—" ° 

olassiHers. R. S. B. 

llul 80:1169-79 AtC '13 , 

Arsall claHalfler. dlag Eng & Mln J 35-5! 

Mrche'/ hydraulic elaartfler. II Eng & Mln J 

„,.,.„. wilR— Com 

tlon ur land; Rlvi 
KlneerlnR; '" 

iiiela ! 

21 'IS 
Merit aye 
Doyle. l.„B — — - -- 

Suggested aalary schedule for New i 
engineering employeea. Eng N 69: 
16 -13 

GUI] service examination for civil ( 

In Massochuaett ~ 

Civil service exam 

York state eiicl - -- 

70;lI!9-32 D i '13 
O. S. civil service exai 

Junior (Civil) enginee 

!6 -13 
Is our clvlllBatlon dying! 

Am S 75:370-1 Je U '13 

Eng Bee 67:111 
iBlion qucsllona I 

»f(s Iro 

iiid H. Cadwal 
92:1017-9 N 6 

Clarksburg. West Virginia 

Water lopply 
Mechanical nitration plant a_ 
W, Streeler. II Eng Rec 08:7- 


Class !< 

96;693-4 O 11 13 

R. H. Richards. 

Scl Am S 76:10< F 1 

aim File clay; Full 

■ reproducing drawlnga. U 

Bi>iler cleaning 

tng: Car cleaning: 

ijum cleaning 

■a. Railroad. See Railroad clearing 

Icliial electric planla 

136-i6 Jl 26 '13' 
Papers read at 6lh annual meeting of Pa- 

cTflo claim agents' assn., Vancouver, July, 

1913. Blec Ry J 42:103-7 Jl 19 MS 
Successful claim agent. W. H. Hyland. Eleo 

Ry J 41:420-1 Mr 8 '13 

° "" O: P. Early. 

Cleveland'! new charter. Eng Rec 68:Sl Jl IS 

Munioinal recognition ot J''^^5^;;,'^^''fg.gJ.'',o9 

piiposed new Cleveland charter and the en- 
gineering organization of cltlaa. Eng N 69. 
6S3-4 Mr 20 '13 


''l,v"{he''"^4,■X 'Y-ork C^c«l' & m'^'wuia 

i-uihoad *tl map Hy & Bnic R 63:1100-4. 

1114-7. il78-Sl N 29, D 13-20 '13 
Rapid transit 
Arbitrated result In Cleveland. Bleo By J 41; 

1131-S Je 28 '13 , .„ 

Arbitration of operating cjipenae charges In 

Cleveland. Eleo Ry J 41:925-9. 971-3. 1O70- 
Cltv?lLd*trancM."lB not a >«lution. Elec Ry 

J 42:918-9 O 25 '13 „ „ , „ 

Decision In the Cleveland case. Else Ry J 41, 

1112 Je 21 "1* 
Decision Of Board of arbitration In the Clev|; 

land case: text. Elec Ry J 4 

1:1169-61 Je 28 


englneenng education. C; P. 
. Eng M 4fi:'J7-9 O '13 
Value ol the classics In modern cducalion 
lis viewed by an engineer. C: P, Stelnmetz. 
Eng Rec 63:158-9 Ag 9 '13 

numbfrs for corrcsponilence llllng. W; S. 
Wollncr. Rv Age 55:1117 D 12 '13 
Ste alto Files ant) tiling (documenla) 
Classification, Decimal 
Dewey decimal system of clasalBcatlon ex- 
tended to engineering. Eng N 89:637-8 Mr 
13 '13 

I of rrelflht. Sec Freight cbssltica- 

Electrlc power in Cleveland. 11 map plana 

Elec Ry J 41:618-23 Ap 6 13 
Issues in Cleveland. Elec Ry J 41:967 My 

Track construction in Cleveland, Ohio during 
1912. plan Elec Ry J 41:104 J8 IS 'H 

Sanitary affairs 

Sewnge disposal investigations at CI evetend. 
R W Pratt. 11 plans Eng N 69.287-04 If 
13 '13 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 



Claveland. Cincinnati. Chlcaao & St. Louli 

Annual report for 1912. Ry Ark 6<:«60-1 Mr 

21 'IS 
Claveland englneerina loclety 
Publicity work. C. E. Drayer. Eng N 89; 

113T My 13 '13 
Volcanic dust and climatic changes. Bng & 

MIn J 96:453-4 8 6 '13 
Volcanic du>t oa a factor In the production 

o[ cllmallc changeB. W. J. Humphreys. Scl 

Am S 78:114 Ag 23 '13 

Cloch that BpeahH the time Ot day. W. R. 1. 

11 Scl Am 109:35 Jl 12 '13 
Phonographlo alarm clock. W. Isendahl, Sci 

Am 108:456-7 My IT '13 

Ste atao Time clockB; Watch making; 

Cloth. See Textile Industry and fabrics 
Clutch release ehoee, Design of. J: S, Myers, 

Mach 19:733-1 My '13 
Clutch release shoes, I>esUn of. M, Terry. 

plans Mach 19:332-4 Ja '13 
CharaclerlstlcB of friction clutchsB. J, W, 

RrassfnRli.n. Mach 19;911-2 Alt 'IS 
Fixtures used tn making EdgemonC friction 

clutchee. D. T. Hamilton. 11 Mach 19:358- 

9 Ja "13 
Clutches (automobile). See AiitomoblleH— 


Analyses of coala In tho I'nltpd Slates; ilc- 

acrliitlon ot Eiamples. N, W, lx)rd and 

olherH, ir .S Bur Mines Rul 22:331-1168 '13 
Coal at Panama-l'acinc exposition. Co!11ery 

S4:SlS-4 n '13 
Coal minlne adjuncts of rallrosdn, J; D. A. 

Morrow. Rv Ase R5:6I)« O 1(1 '13 
Coal statlsllcB, 1912: Pennsylvania, Mon- 
tana, Iowa. Colliery 3S;612-i Ap '13 
Cnseivatlon of coal and liquid fuel. I'owp;' 

3S:564-6 O 21 '13 
Economy in purehnslng and uslnK coal. A. 

O. Doane. EnR M 16:398-101 Je "IS 
Electricity direct from coal: problem of the 

EolvBnla cell with carbon consumption. E. 

Baur. Sci Am 8 75:346-8 My 31 '13 
Etb annual convontlim of Inteniatlcmal rail- 
way fuel assn., Chlc.iBo. 1911. By Age r,l: 

1178-83 My M '13 
Sth annual convention of the Intern.illonal 

railway fuel assn.. Chlcaao, 1913. Ry & 

Bng B E3:4RB-7. 607-8 Mv 24-21 '13 


G, Bur 

Sub-bltiimlnoii8 and lignltlc coal as locomo- 
tive fuel. S: B. Tiagg. dlam Ry & Eng R 
53:530-1 Je 7 '13: Same cond. Ry A_ge 
iMech pdl R7:!90-3 Je '13; Same cond, fiy 
Ace 54:1178-80 My 3D '13 

«(T «lm Briquets: Coal liandllnR: Coal 

landc: Coal mines and mining; Coal prep- 

aialion: C"ul BtiiraRc: ConI lestinK; Coal- 

Ine otatlona: Cokp; Fuel; Ooa; Lignlle 


Accuracy and llmltationB ot coal analylls. 

Power 37:S57-«0 Mr 11 'IS 
AnalVK.a <,f coals In (he United States. N. W. 
■ ■■ U S Bur Mines Bill 22: 

1166 '13 
Anal>-s!a and bea 
327 Je 10 '13 

(Engineers' study < 

Analysis of government coal. Iron Tr R 62: 

20S Ja 16 '13 
Available CO, percentages. E. J, Billings: C. 

H. Soutbem. Power 37:721-2 My 20 "13 
Avajlable COi percentages. A. Pohlman. 

IMwer 37:638 Ap IS '13 
[■■iimpllni.- ronl de^iverlps. M. B, Smith. Elec 

Itv J 42:1242-3 I) 13 '13 
Valup ot coal analyses. N. W. I.rf.rd. Colliery 
34:242-3 N '13 

Motor bnree.s tn the Alabama coal trade. 
11 plan Ity & Kng R 63;990-l O 26 US 
Krr nNa Coal handling 
Coal, Pulverlied 
Beltingion dust-fuel holler. H. V. Hart-Da- 
" Eng M 14:936-8 Mr '13 

- 92:11 

I fe,d dev 

Powdereo fuel and explosions, W. D. ' 

Rv Age 66:K3-4 Jl 18 '11 
I'owdcred fuel tor locomotives. W. D. ' 

liy Ase 55:13-5 Jl 1 ■13; .Same. Kng 

SSl-3 S '13 


IP fuel. Automobile 
. H. R. BamhurBt. 


Puei production In the United States; present 

consumption and future supply. R. H. Byrd. 

II Scl Am 109:10 Jl 5 '11 
Kilowatt hours per tor ~* ■ 

evaporations. C: H, 

191 Ag 5 '13 

- 1 for fuel. Power 37:396-7 

.._ „ _ . My 1 

cond. Eng M 45:274-7 My '13 
Pulverized coal as a fuel. A. W. Raymond. 

Met & Chem Bng 11:108-9 F '13 
Pulvei-iaed ,oal as a fuel for metulliirgieal 

fu mil ■■■•>(. II, R. narnhurBt. Am Inst Min E 

..... -ij.jsaa.jz Q .13. DiBcusslon, 84:2667- 

63 I 

' coal at various 



OrWn ot 

34:271-1 1- .J 

Papers and discussions at 6th annuiil con- 
vention of International rallivav fuo| nf^sn,. 
Chicaco. 1913. Ry Awe (Meeh ed) 87:2Sll-nG 

Photo-cbemlBlry ot the future. O, Ciamlclan. 

Scl Am B 7E:25S-9 Ap 2G '13 
Power from waste fuel. Scl Am S 76:267 Ap 

26 '13 
PurohasinK coat by heat units. F. P. Welker, 

plan Mimic Eng 45:238 S '13 
PiircbaslnB coal under Kpeclficatlons, G: S. 

Pope Power 3^:623-5 (1 2S '13 
Rational utilization of coat. F. B. Junge. 

Power 37:416-7 Ap I '13 
Spontaneous healing ot stored coat, its cause 

and prevention. Scl Am S 76:10-1 Ja 4 '13 

_ J42-3 n 2B '.. 

I>utver]zeil coal In metillurulcal furnaros; 

Pulverized fuel for boiler Uring. C. H. wrlsht. 

II ptnn Klec W CI ;5«7-9 Mr IE '13; Same 
cond. Ind Eng 13:23S My '13 

eil ( 

t for 


I'-, street. Ry Age 55:130-7 Jl 2S '13 
Wider utlllEalion ot pulverized coal. H, H. 
narnburst. Iron Arp 92;9'"* - - — -- 

6-3 O 21 'IS 
. It Colliery 34: 

Jeffrey- nrennen adjustable turret coal cutter. 
C, K. Warbnm. il Colliery 34:326-7 1) '13 

lal dust 

Oil uses ot coal-dust explosions; composition 
nnd fineness of dust combined with vol- 
atile gases. C. M. Young, Eng M 44:771- 

or. Colliery 34:99-101 S '13 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


dust explosive? Colliery 34:109^ 
Ib coal dust explosive? Colliery 3J:60S-J Ap 

Keeping down the dust. 1. C. Purfltt. Colliery 
M:Z5S-7 N '13 

laboratory study of the Inflammability ot 
coal dust. J. C. W. Frazer and others. U 
S Hur Mines Bui E0:1-6S '13 

Robbing; coal dust o( its dangers; eiperlance 
In applying aieam to air current. S. Rey- 
nolds. Mines & MIn 33:307-9 Ja '13 

Coal handling 
Aulo-truck for coal delivery. F. C. Perkins, 

II Sd Am S 75:21.5 Ja 11 '13 
Canadian Pacific unloading dork at Ft. Wil- 
liam. Ont. 11 plan Ry Age 54:1173-6 My 30 

Welfare norh at coal mines. Colliery 3S:4S9 

Ap '13 
What the large anthracite companies have 
done. Colliery 34:132-3 O '13 
tfff alKu Mine sanitation 
Coal mines and mining 

~ company's steam-turbine plant 

Chanslng from oil fuel to coal. F. V. Hetzel. 

diaga Power 3S;803-4 D 2 -13 
Coal and ash handling at Lake Shore plant, 

Cleveland. A. D. ft'lliiams. 11 Power S7: 

7fiS-71 Je 3 '13 
Coal handiine plant operated by the Illinois 

traction system at St. l.ouls. 11 Eiec Ry 

J 4!;119» D « -13 
Coal -handling plants for Panama. E^g Rec 

68:428 O if '13 
Coal unloartlng machines at Fort Wllliaro, 

nnt. R. D. Williams. II plan Iron Tr R 

B3:577-S0 O 2 "13 
Concrete coal pockets. II Mines & MIn S3: 

4-5 Ja -IS 

20 -13 

Mechanical handling of coal for British lo- 
comotives. C. J._ B, Cooke, plan Ry & 

Mass. 11 Rlec W 62:1178-9 D 6 '13 
New Canadian Pacific cual handling plant. II 

plan Iron Age 91:192-5 Ja 18 'IS 
New coal classification yards of the Plilla- 

delphla & Reading Ry. at St, ClaJr, Pa. 

J. S. Ward, 11 maps Ehig N 70:640-8 S 18 

New cool handling bridge at Duluth, Minn. 

II Ry Age 64:59^-600 Mr 19 '13 
New coal handling plant at Fort William, 

Onl.. Canadian Pncillc Ry. II Ry & Bng 

H 53:116-6 F 8 '13 
Pacific Mills coal- and ash. handling equip- 
ment, South Lawrence, Mass. 11 Power 3S: 

426-7 a 83 '13; Ind Eng 13:436-8 O '13 
Storing and rehandllng anthracite under 

cover. W: E. Hamilton, plans Colliery 33: 

529-30 Ap '13 
Transfer of coal to and from ships, il Int 

Marine Eng 18:390-2 S '13 
Coal land* 
Assessing and tanlng coal in the ground. W: 

Orlfflth. Colliery 38:669-70 Jl '13 
Coal fields of Ohio. W, G. Burroughs, map 

Colliery 33:644-7 Ky '13 
Coal prosppcts In Matanuaka field, Alaska. 

map Eng & MIn J 9«:in84 D 6 '13 
Development of Alaska coal lands. Colliery 

33:S34-6 My '13 
Michigan mining Interests tn Spltzbergen. 

Eng & Min J 96:1008 N 29 '13 
Taxing coal lands. Colliery 33:406 Mr '13 

83:;S93-2701 N 'IS 
What is coai land? Colliery 34:234 N '13 
fee also Coal mines and mlnlnR 
Coal miners 
Bath house proposition, J. E. Butler, plan 

Colliery 33:481 Ap '13 
Conneil colliery hospital. 11 plan Colliery 34: 

201-6 N '13 
Examinations. Colliery 33:348 F '13 

Colliery 33:651-4 Je '13 

Answers to examination Questions for ftro 
bosses and mine foremen Weat Vii^nlBi, 
1912. Colliery 33:600-3, 687-90 Ap-My 'IS 

RlaKtlng coal on \a pans, plan Colliery 3S: 

Central siatlon power for coal mines. C. W. 
Beers, Am Inst E E pro 32:834-45 J(p '13; 
Discussion, 3:;:2206-13 D '13 

Central station power for mines: West Penn 
system. J. S. Jenks. Am Inst F, E Pro 32;9S0- 
II Ap '13: Discussion, 33:2234-13 D '13 

Clraracterlsllcs of substation loads at anthra- 
cite collieries of the Lackawanna R. R. Co. 
H. M. Warren ami A, S, Blesecker. Am 
Inst E E Pro 32:866-73 Ap 'IS; Discussion, 
32:2234-43 D '13 

Coal mine ventilation. A. King. ColUerr S3: 
4Z3-6 Mr '13 

Coal mining machines. W. A. Miller, il Col- 
liery 34:77-80 S '13 

Conservation and commercialism. F. S. Pea- 
body. Colliery 33:694-0 Jl 'IS 

Cost of coal mining. E: W, Parker. Colliery 
34:2Sl-3 D '13 

Coflt of mining as related to output. R. C, 
.lonPB. Ciilllery 34:168-61 O "13 

Earning power of chemistry In the coal min- 
ing Indusiry. E. M. Cbance. Colliery 33: 
693-4 Jl '18 

Effect of coal mining on the surface. Col- 
liery 3J:51R-.12. 617-22 My-Je '13 

Electrically equipped coal mines In Nova 
Scotia. C. H. Wright. 11 Elee W fil:S39-41 

Ideal method of r „. _. _. 

H. M. Glbb, diags CoUlery 33:665-9 Jl '13 

Interference between oil and gas wells ana 
coal mines. Eng N 69:450-3 Mr 6 '13 

Machine mining In anthracite mines. H. 
Archbald, II plan Colliery 33:471-6 Ap '13 

..„^. — — . ..__ exhibition. 11 plan 

Mining plant 



W. EvanH. illag Colilerv 34:151-3 O '13 

Mining steel dipping coat: method suggested 
to meet certain conditions in thin seams in 
Arkansas, plan Mines & MIn 33:301-3 Ja '13 

No. 2 mine of United coal mining co. C. 
M. Modem-ell. Colliery 33:612 Je '13 

Open aJr coal mining: stripping methods em- 
ployed In Pennsylvania. E. J. D. Coxe, 11 
Scl Am S T«:U8-9 B 6 '13 

Pillars In mine working. Colliery 33:706-8 Jl 

Power transmission from the coal mine. Eng 

Rec 67:483 My 3 '13 
Pumping Ihrnugh coal. II Collierv 33:365 F '13 
Purchased power In coal mines. H. C. Eddy. 
.„ ._„. Y. R Pro 32:SBS-64 Ap '13; Dis- 

3S:6r.3-4 My 

Scientific management applied to coal min- 
ing. H: M, Payne. Colliery 33:701-2 Jl '13 

Short Mountain breaker. W; Z. Price. 11 plan 
Colllory 34:267-70 D '13 

Waste in coai mining. Colliery 33:441-2 Hr 'IS 

Waste In mining. ColUerr S8: 009 Ap '11 

Digitized bjGOOgk 


done. Colliery 31:132-3 O '13 
Workliw an Inclined coal bed. Q: W. E^rana. 
map aWKS Colliery 31:18-21 Ag '13 

Set alini Cojil (tuat; Coal lands; Coal 
miners; Coal waHhlng; Mine accidents; 
Mine eases; Mining pngineerlng 

BrOokBlde mine dlBaster, Schuylkill CO., PL 
W: Z. Price, il plan ColUetv S4;101-3 S 

: com position 

Causes of coal-duet _ 

and flneneas of dust combined wim vol- 
atile gases. C. M. Young, ling M I4;T71- 
3 F -13 

Coal dust explosion tests In the experlmenlal 
mine. G: R. Rice and others. HUB Bur 
Mines Bui Bil:l-113 '13 

Coal n.- - , 

Combustion of oxygen and coal d __. 

J. ABhworth. Colliery 33:709-10 Jl "13 
Discipline In mining. Colliery 33:Sg5-8 My '13 
Eldorado (111.) mine eiplosion, Feb. 19, 1SI3. 

Colliery 33:609 Ap '13 
First aid In coal mining accidents; sugges- 

tlons for rormntlon of relief corps and 

for Hrst aid Instruction. C: Graham. Bng 

M H:10l-3 O '12 
Imperial no. 3 mine explosion. Noble co., 

(Jhlo. W, B. Badcllft. map Colliery 33:689- 

S JI '13 

Verner. Colliery 33:576 My '13 

Report of Kngllsh explosions in mines com- 
mittee. J. Asbworth. Colllory 34:93-3 S '13 

Scott colliery disaster. Fa. plan Colliery 33: 
703-4 Jl '13 

Slopping ventilation at flrlns time. W. H. 
and S. Reynolds. Colliery 33:GI4-« Ap '13 

Stray electric currents. C; J. Norwood. Col- 
liery 33:356-7 F '13 

ftrr alta Coal dust: Coal mines and mln- 
Inn— Safety measures 


Blasting cool. T: C. Wakefield. Colliery 31: 
64T-8 Jo "13 

Tests or permissible explosives. C. Hall and 
S. P. Howell. U S Bur Mines Bui 66:1-307 

Use of explosives In coal mines. F. H. Oun- 
solus. Colliery 33;4S9-60 Mr '13 

Use of high explosives In northern mines. 

F, H. Gunsolus, Colliery 33:665 Je 'IS 

Safety meaeuret 

Fire pmtecllon of mines, Q. E. I..yman. Col- 
liery 33:634-7 Je '13 

Hon to handle a dry or dusty mine. D: Vic- 

tor. Colliery 34:99 _. 

Madison coal corpora 

Colliery 34:S7E-S1 D 

exhibition. II plan 

) fires and their prevention. H. M. Wil- 
son. II Scl Am 8 7S:101-S Je 28 '13 

New safety catch tor hoists. 11 Colliery 33: 
461 Mr '13 

Prevention of coal-dust explosions, dian 
Colliery 34:10 Ag 'IB 

Production of stone dust In collieries. 11 Col- 
liery 34:90 9 '13 

Relation ol subsidence to packing. O: Knox, 
dlsgs Colliery 34:87-90 S '13 

Safe timbering. II Colliery 33:G5G-T My -13 

Safely first. T: Moses, Colliery 3*:236-S N '13 

Stopping ventilation at firing time. W. H. 

and S. Reynolds. Colliery 33:514-6 Ap '13 


Alabama coal operators' association: 6th an. 
nual session. Marvel. Ala.. 1913. W: Z. 
Price. II Colliery 31:(l!i-T3 S '13 

Coal flelds ot western Canada. A. Lakes, map 
Colliery 34:11-4 Ag '13 

Cape Breton Islands 

Coal mines under the sea. Colliery 34:17 Ag 

Jangamon county. II Elec 

W 63:1211-8 D 13 '13 
Longwall mining in Illinois. S. M. DalielL 
plan Colliery 33:606-9 Je '13 

Coal stripping In Kansas. B. Soobee. 11 Col- 
liery 33:407-3 Mr '13 

Strlp-pli mining In Kansas. B. Scobee. 11 Col- 
liery 34:333-3 N '13 


Destruction of coal-mining idant at Lampa- 

cllos. II Eng A Mln J 961657-8 S 20 '13 


t_nelds of Montaiin. E, aieblnscr. bifillog 

1 E I 


1:2329-59 H 


Pennsylvania anthracite mine cave commis- 
sion report and recommendations. Colllsry 
33:604-7 Ap '13 


Notable Scottish colliery (Newbattle). II Col- 
liery 33:671-3 Jl '13 

I mining at Hoyt, Texas. II Colliery 

:4:93-4 S 


33:378-9 F 'L. 
Semiannual meeting, Pittsburg, June IS, 1913. 
Colliery 34:26-7 Ag '13 
Coal mining institutes 
Rocky mountain coal mining Institute— meet- 
ings of the West Virginia and Kentucky 
Instltiiles. Mines & Mln 33:298-9 Ja '13 
Coal pockets. See Coal handling 
Coal preparation 
German coal picking table. II Am Ind 13:35-6 

F '13 
Preparation of a domestic coaL J. D. Rogers. 

11 Colliery 33: 426-8 Mr '13 
Preparation ot coal. Q. Buchanan. Colliery 
34:61-2 Ag '13 
^rc also Coat washing 
Coal products company, JollM, ill. 

Coal products company's power .filajt..^.:. P; 

products compwiy's power Plant. S. G 
tlngstali, Jr. II plan Power 38:384-7 S 1 

Coal sampling. See Coal — Analysis 
Coal sheds. See Coal storage 
Coal storage 

Concrete coal sheds are durable and dreproot. 

il Concrete Cem 1:71 D '12 
Deterioration and spontaneous combustion of 

gas coal. P. Barker. Am Soc M B J 35:379- 

84 F '13 
Spontaneous heatlnjr of stored coal. Its cause 

and prevention. Bel Am S 76:10-1 Ja 4 


Defense of American coal products co. R. P. 
Perry. Eng Hec 67:418-9 Ap 13 '13 

Adaptation of boiler to available coal. H: 

Krelslnger and W. T, Ray. dlags Power 38: 

256-9 Ag 19 '13 
Chemical Interpolation of anthracite. M. 8. 

Hachlta. Colliery 33:378-6 F '18 
Coal testing under dlfflculUes. B. S. Haiison. 

Power 37:473-4 Ap 1 '13 
Coking of coal at low temperatures. Scl Am 

108:353 Ap 19 '13 
Coking of coal at low temperatures. S: W. 

Parr and H. I,. Olln. II Sci Am S TG:2G2-E 

Ap ; 


._. _,_ _. ._„ .... using coal. A. 

O. Doane. Eng M 45:393-404 Je '13 
EfUclency valuation ot fuels. W. P. Blwood. 

Colliery S4:it-6 Ag '13 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


I teitlno — Continued. 

or tlie purchaao 
C 11:293-4 My 'IS 

Ky Age 56:1121-2 D 1- -. 
Plahel coking test. M. A. PIsheL tables Col- 
liery 33:674-» Jl 'IS: Excerpla. Eng M 1i: 
897-S S '13 
Power plant chemtcal laboratory practice. 
Power 37:168-9 P i 'IS 
Coal trada 
Growth o( the coal trade. 11 Scl Am B 7E:SG 
Ja 25 '13 
Coal washing 

Coaling itatlona 

30 '13 
Modern locomotive coalinfc stati 
<Mech ed) ST.2M-5 Je '13 
Coaat dafenae 
Electricity tn the United Statei 
coaal defense. E. M. Weaver. 
2;6. 212-3 F 1 '13 
Fori ihnt travels o 
baltPrlPB for coa 
169 D 20 '13 
Coating with mstal. See Metal coating- 
Cobalt depositing' bath. Foundry fl:f 

metals. E. HaynPB. 
T<:219.SS F '13 
New material for lal 
Mach 19:463 P '13 

Inst MIn E I 
jols. E. Haynea. 

Wbat la coca? Scl Am 109:224 S 30 :i3 
Cocal no mania at Montmartre. Scl Ani 108: 

33T Ap li '13 
Coffer-dam on sand bottom: Ohio r;ver dam 

no. 48. J. C. Oahes. olans Eng N 89:702-4 

Ap 10 '13 
Construction work on a short railroad 

branch. II d1a« EhK Rec 67:666 Je 14 -13 
Dlfllcuitlca In placing the aubstnieture for a 

Bwing bridge: cofferdam of wood and ahect 

steel piling-, Newark. N. J. plana Eng Reo 

67:2G8-9 Mr 3 '13 
Failure of coffer at loch and dam no. 48, 

Ohio river. -T. C. OaJies. plans Rng N 7(1: 

231-2 Jl 31 'IS: Bame. Eng Rec 68: lau Ag 

Ohio river lock and dam 18; building half a 
mile of cofferdam In IB to 26 feet of run- 
ning water to Inclose 20 acres of sandy, 
Bhlfting river bottom. II plan Eng Rec 6T: 

ling river I 
3 Ap IS '13 


^g and pile driving 
. T. K. Rose. 11 ! 

Cohc anil Iron ore frelglil rule dedslona. Iron 

Are 91:1478-sn Je 19 '13 
Coke rate reduction. Iron Tr R 53:136 Jl 31 

Coking of coal at low temperatures. Scl Am 

108:353 Ap 19 '13 
Coking of coal at low temperatures. 3: W. 

Parr and H. L. Olln. il Scl Am S 76:262-6 

Ap 19 '13 

J Prices tor thirteen years. 

Iron Age 91:383 F 6 '13 
HiKh prti'eB of coke In 1912. C. F. Wllllama. 

Iron Tr R 5Z:127-S Ja 2 '11 
Important changes in coke and Iron ore ri><o<i 

Iron Tr R 62:1115-6 Je 19 '13 
Inveallgatlon of cupola melting operat: 

II diaga Foundry 41:309-18 Ag '13 
Pro's and con's on coke manufacture. E 

.lohnson. Colliery 31:312-3 D '13 
Recent experiments on coke hardness. 

Ace 92:296 Ag 7 '13 
Smelting Iron electrically with coko as 

H. J. Hanson. II Iron Tr R 53:1003-7 

Stimulus to by-product coking. Met & Chem 

Eng 11:127 Ag '13 
Waste In coking. G. E. Mitchell. 11 Colliery 

34:74-6 S '13 
f<e alio Coal 
Coke-oven gas 

Ammonium sulphate from coke oven gas. Iron 

Age 92:103 Ag 21 '13 
Benzol — bow ir Is recovered from coal aas. 

F, Punlng. II Iron Tr R 53:626-32 O 9 'II 
Blast furnace and coke oven gasea. Iron Age 

92:669 S 26 '13 
Rrl<iuett1ng pilch from coke oven tar. Iron 

Age 92:589-90 S 11 '13 
By-product coke. r. W, Andrews, Am Inst 

Mln E Bui 73:17-50 Ja '13: Same. Iron Tr 

H 52:60 Ja 2 '13 
By-product ovens for manufacture of coke. 

C, A, Melssner. diags Iron Tr R 52:1412-5. 

1155-T Je 19-26 '13: .'^ame cond. Met A 

Chem Eng 11:161-8 Ag '13; Same cond. Eng 

M 16:722-1 Ag '13; Same cond. Scl Am 3 

76:290-2 N S '13 
By-products ot retort coke manufacture. C 

A. Melssner. Iron Age 91:1386-8 Je 6 '13 
Cleaning coke-oven gas. S. F. Walker. II 

plan Colliery 33:349-61 F '13 
Gb« power for collieries, s. F. Walker. 11 

dIaga Colliery 33:613-6 Je '13 
Koppcra oven Installation at Jnllet, III. 11 

plan Iron Tr K 62:17-25 Ja 2 '13 

" . F. E. Lucas. Colliery 

of \ 


■ Mi'ii E Bui T3: 

Use of cold coke-oven gas In steel produc- 
tion, plan Iron Age 91:1014-6 Ap 24 '13 

Uses of blast furnace and coke oven gases; 
Ilielr t>ractlcal npiillcatlon at the Cockerlll 
works In Belgium. Iron Age 92:608-10 S 18 

jctlon. II Scl Am 109:1 Jl 5 '13 
Bvprciduct rnke ovens In the l!nl(ed Slates, 

Eng & Mln J 96:784 O 25 '13 
Discussion of hy-produr( coke o\*en. W- H. 

Blauvell. Iror ■"- " '"■-•'■' - 

!8g-9 n '13 

Improved by-product coke oven; construc- 
tion and claims of the Muller by-product 
oven. E. B. Wilson, plans Eng M 44:131-4 

Koppers oven InRlRllatlon at Jollet, III. II 
plan Iron Tr R 62:17-25 Ja 2 '13 

Manufacture of coke. F. E. Lucas. Colliery 
33:351-2 F '13 

Modem by-product coke oven. Met & Chem 
Eng 11:382 Jl '13 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


CokB ovaiu —Contiimtd, 

Modem by-product ovens for coke manurac- 
ture. C. A. Heissner. dlags Iron Tr R 52: 
1=94-8, 1S50-1, H13-6, HB5-7 Je B-Z6 '13; 
Excerpts. Iron Age »l:13S3-8, 13S6-8 My 29- 
Je S -13 

Motor (uel from coal: higher recovery of 
light oils tiy tile use of limestone in the 
by-product coke ovens. A. Roilason and A. 
W. Taylor, Eng M 48:434-6 D '13 

Froducllon of col<e In Koppera ovens at Eng- 
1<Bt) collieries. II plans Iron Tr R &3:lSl-9 
Jl 21 -13 

Recovery of by- products in coke manufac- 
ture. W. E. Hartm«n. Iron Tr R 62:799- 
SOl Ap 3 '13 

Bleel-plant coke ovens. R. L. Streeler. II Eng 
M 44:194-&ia Ja '13 

Sydney. Nova Scolla new coke oven planL F. 
B. I^ucas. II plan Iron Age »l:9t-3 Ja Z 'II 
r™ alto Fire brick 

Cold In nature and In science: extremea of 
temperature In cosmic space and In the 
laboratory. Sci Am S 76:60-1 Jl 26 '13 

Life without heat. Scl Am 103:170 Ap IS 'IS 
Stt alio Heat; Temperature 

How to build concrete hot-beda and cold- 
frames. II Concrete Cem I:EO D '12 
Cold-headlng. C. K Iiucaa and E. W. Duston. 

II dlags Mach 19:^07-71 My '13 
cold light 

Chemloal production of light, W, D. Ban- 
croft. J Ft Inst I75:lM-4y F -13; Same. Stl 
Am S 7C;254-tJ O 18 '13 

Cold light: Invention of C. F. Duesaud. Scl 
Am 108:486 My 31 '13 

Dusaaud's cold light. Scl Am 108:138 P 8 '13 

DUHsaud's cold light. J. Boyer. tl Scl Am 
108:489 My tl 'IS 
Cold storage 

Cold storage temperatures. Scl Am 3 76:TE 
Ag 2 -13 

Comparative installation and operating costs 
of a, combined ice-manuracturing and coid- 
atorage plant. K. H. Tall and L.. C. Nord- 
meyer. Power 38:606-8 O 28 '11 

Temperature of storage rooms, plan Power S7: 
748 My 27 '13 
I'rc all" Refrigeration; Refrigerator cars 
Collapse of buildings. See Building failures 
College architecture 

Large arch-truss drill-hall, for university of 
IlilnoiH. Kng N 70:1182-5 D 11 '13 

l.«yout for new buildings of MnKsachuselta 
Institute of technology. Arch Hec 33:272-6 
Mr '13 

New engineering buildings at Minnesota. II 
Ir»n Tr R 63:73-5 Jl 10 '11 

ColTege n 



G. HIgbee. 

College nwrkB and business. P. 

Am Mach 38:790 My S '13 
College men and the railroads: symposium. 

Ity Age (Mech ed) Jj7:G80-2, E3S-W N-D '13 
CollL'ge men underground. H. F. Davla, Ene 

& Mln J 9G:31-2 Ja 4 '13 
Study of Incomes of technically trained men. 

D: B. Rice. Scl Am 109:116 Ag 9 '13 
Why don'l railroads hold thp college man? 

Ry Aue (Mech ed> 87:823-4 O '13 
College theses. See Engineering theses 
Colleges and universities 
Beginnings of famous universities. Scl Am S 

76:IGD Mr 8 '13 
Four versus five or more years of collegiate 

education. A, C, Humphreys. Stevens Ind 

30:189-202 Jl '13 
Our universities and Industrial research. A. 

D, Little. Scl Am S 76:311 N 16 '13 
Src alio College architecture: College 

graduates; Industrial aerv'-- 

Academic efficiency. W: Kent Stevens Ind 30: 
20-38 Ja '13 
Speed factor In collisions. Scl Am 109:138 Ag 
23 '13 
Collisions (railroad). See Railroads— Accidents 
ColMslona at sea 
Experiments on "suction" between passing 
vessels. A. H. Gibson and J. H. Thompson, 
dlags Scl Am S 76:269-72 O 26 '11 
Bee alio Salvage 
" " ■ " ■ crystals. R. H. Bradbury. J Fr 

Inst 176;319-2S S '13; 
246-7 O IS '13 
ilogne, Germany 

I Am 8 76: 

Artificial daylight tor color matching, R. P. 

Pierce. 11 Scl Am S 76:133-4 Ag 3D '13 
Influence of colored surroundings on the 
color of the useful light. Etec W 61:410-1 
F 82 '13 
Mixing colors in light versus colors In pig- 
ments. Elec W 62:1166 D 6 '13 
dec alio Colorimeters; Paint; Pigments 
Color ol floMrers 
FlorsJ blue. P. Q. Kesgan. Scl Am S 76:323 
Hy 24 '11 
Color photography 
Marino system of color telephotography. II 
Scl Am 108:272 Mr ^2 '13 

Color printing 
Milton A, McKee, inventor of McKee process. 
". H. Horgam, por Inland Ptr 61:745-50 Ag 


accuracy and color. J. P. E^rhart. 

Inland Ptr 52:69-70 O '11 
Krc aim Color photography 

Water- right controversy between Colorado 
and Kansas. Eng Rec 67:195 Ap It '11 
See alio Railroads — Colorado 
Colorado & Southern railroad 
Comparison of condition in 1912 and In 1^11. 

map Ry Age 66:1068-9 D 6 '11 
14th annual report for year ended June 30, 
1913. Ry Age 66:1101-2 D 5 '13 
Colored moving plctursa. See Moving pictures, 

Colorl meters 
New precision colorimeter. P. G. Nutting, II 

U B Bur Stand Bui 9:1-6 Mr 16 '13 
Quantitative spectrum analysis: oolorlmeters. 
a. A. Shook, dlags 'Met A Chem Eng 11: 
194-7 S '13 
Coloring of mstals. See Metal coloring 
Columbia university 

Avery library 

Design ot the Avery architectural library. C, 

M. Price. 11 plans Arch Rec 33:533-49 Je '13 

Notes on the collection ot the Avery archl- 

(eclural library. G: L. Hunter.' 11 Arch Rec 

33:660-66 Je '13 

Journalism building 
Views and details of the Journalism building, 
Columbia University, Arch & Bldg 45:420-4 



iblan exposition, 1893. See < 

'orld's Columbian exposition, 1893 

s tlood- protection; 
consulting hydraulic 
31-3 S 26^13 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


Recent flood. J. Grlgga. II map Ens N ES:T14- 
g Ap 10 'IS 

Operation ol Columbus garbOKe reduction 

Kant. Ens- Rec B8:220-l Ak 23 '13; Same. 
unic Kne *S:321-3 O '13; Same cond. Sag 
N 70;E«2 B 18 "13 
Operation of Hewage disposal plant. 11 Munle 
E^ig 44:<S6-S1 Je '13 
Coiumbut railway and light company 
Annual meeting, 191S. Elec By 3 41:3»4-S 
Mr 1 '13 
Columns In the new GrancI Central terminal. 
New York cUy. plana Ens Hec 67;lZ5-6 F 

„ 8-301, 3E1.3 Jl-AK '13 

jjifKci method of deslKniDK columne. O: 

Paaswell. Enff N 68:1333 Je 28 '13 
Strength of ouimanding (larger '- '• -— ' 

columns. R. 3. Roark. Eng 

27 '13 
U. B. navy column tables not based upon a 

fundamental miaconcppllon " '-' '-' 

Marine Ei.g 18:407-8 N '13 

c 68:722-3 D 

ture; Strains 

and E 

■; Order 

Concrete columns without molds. S. M. Jones. 

11 Eng M 4fi:4Z3-E D '13 
Intercepting epirals as column relnforcemt 

11 Concrele Cem 2:302-3 Je '13 
Protection of corners of Interior colum 

Concrete Cem 2;Z89-J0 Je '13 
Relative economy in column forms, diags 

Concrete Cem 3:75 Ag '13 
Report of teat of reinforced concrete column. 

11 plan Concrete Cem 2:84 F 'U 
Structural steel cores for concrete building. 

Concrete Cem 2:123-4 Mr '13 
Testa of reinforced -concrete wall and col- 
umn footlnga. Bng Rec 68:128-8 Ag 2 '13 
Transverse reinforcement for columns. "— 

Crete Cem 1:92-3 D '12 

and gas fuels. J. C. 
S2-3 N 11 'IS 

' 'mobiles of th( 
IS: 931-e My 

Heat balance in steam be 
Power 3T:42-T Ja 14 '13 
Principles * '" " 

,_ _. .jmbustlon. (Engineer. 

j) power 3T:5S2-4, 817, M8-9. I 

e2-My 18 '13 

Study of the oxidation of coal and of (he 
process of combustion. H. C. Porter. Met & 
Chem E^ng 11:B43 O '13 

SurfACa combustion. Eilec W 62:3E2 Ag 23 '13 

Surface combustion. C. D. McCourt. diaga 
Bng M 46:589-92 Jl '13 

Temperature llmllB In combustion. R. W. A, 
Brewer. Automobile 29:E98-9 O 2 '13 

Scr itlio Fire; Firing; Fuel: Heat; Me- 
chanical draft; Smoke; Smoke preventk 

Comfort station 
Planning ' 


. See Public 


Deflection method of calculating the strength 
of columns and stanchions. A. J. Murray. 
Int Marine Eng i"— " -"■ -■■■ - •' '- "■■ 

roads; Saleamen and salesmanahip : Ship- 
ping; Tariff; Trade-marks: Transportation; 
Trusts; Warehouses; Waterways; Weights 
and measures: also namea of counlrlea, sub- 
Commerce court 

Utility of the Commerce court. Blec Ry J 
41:525 Mr 16 '13 
Commercial corres pen dance 

Correspondence. H. Sibley. Am Uach 18:823-9 
My IE '13 

Em dent me (hod a of handling correxpondence. 
J: I,. Hanna. Ry Age 64:6r-3 Ja 10 '13 

ler, 1912. J Account J6;370-6 My 'IS 
aim Accountants. Public — Law; Arbl- 
■ ■ ■"': Banking law; Carriers; 

..._ liability; Interatste com- 
petent laws; Railroad Ian; 


Commercial travelers 

iHie alto Salesmen and salesmanBhlp 
Commlstlon plan. See Municipal government— 

Commlasion plan 
CommlBSlons, Port. See Port commlaslons 
Common carriers. See Carriers 
Commonwealth Ediaon company 

Electric service In Chicago, il map Elec W 

6l;1137-4B My 31 '13 
Operating features. II Blec W S2:E33-6 8 37 

Plant extensions. II Iron Tr R E3:1148 D 25 

Care and operation of commutators. H. S- 

Page. plan Power 37:706-8 My 20 '13 
Commutating-jiole saturation in d-c. ma- 

chlnea, H. E, Stokes. Am Inst E E Pro 33: 

1622-39 Jl '13 
Commutation and brush loss. C. E. Wilson. 

Am Insl E E Pro 32:840-8 F '13 
Home-made commutator truing rig. 11 Elec 

W 61:41B F 22 '13 
Stray losa In direct -current commulatlng ma- 

chtnea. H. F. T. Erben and H. S. Page. Am 

Inst E B Pro 33:282-9 P '13 
Uae of the synchronoua commutator In alter- 

natlnjT current meaaurementa. F; nedell. 

blhliog II J Ft Inst 176:3SE-404 O '13 

) Dynamos; Electric motors; Phase 

. See Workmen's compensa- 

Compensatlon I 

Compensators. Sec Elei 
purchasing agent and publicity; two neglect- 
ed faclora In price s(ablllEation. J: C. Jay, 
Jr. Iron Aks 91:310-1 Ja 30 '13 
Unintelligent competition: brasa manufactur- 
ers and their pront. S. Jacobsen. Metal Ind 
n s 11:247 Je 'IS 

Competition, Engineering. See Engineering 

Compotitlon floorlijg: com pari iion of Ita most 
Important diarncterlstlra wltli those of 
eighteen olher matcrlat!<. Eng Rec 6S:e3E- 
6 D 6 '13 

Compound words 

See Spontaneous 

„ „ ... merce via Panama 

C; M. pepper. 11 Iron Age 92:831-7 O 16 '13 
Kiv alto Accounting; Advertising; B;inks 
and banking; Bookkeeping: Husiness; Ca- 
nals; Carriers; Commerilal law; Contracts; 
Corporaliona ; Credit: Foreign exchange; 
Freight; Government regulation of industry; 
ila,"bi)ra; Interest: Manufactures; I>ackinR 
fur shipment; I-orts; Profit sharing: Rail- 

Compreised air 
' ■- --mpressr 
R. L. ; 

latenclPF of Webster. J. U. 

1 45:822-32; 48: 

^-l) '13 
Air-opera(pil dump car. il diBg Eng N 69: 

1102-3 Je 6 '13 
Air receiver explosion. J. King. Power 37:362 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


CamprCMed alp — i> 
Alr-rec«lver lnapect 

Power ISM79-80 8 -. .. 
Air supply and the air receiver. F. Rich- 
ards, plan Powpr 37:472-3 Ap 1 '13 
CompresBed air as b. foundry Builliary. II 

Iron Age 31:]%-3 Ja IG '13 
ComprcHBed air aB a protection (or battlo- 

shlps. It. G. Skerrelt. Scl Am 108:366 Mr 

32 '13 
Compressed air meBSuring tank. II Bng A 

Mln J 9K:10ua My 17 '13 
Compressed-air mine haulase. W: Z. Price. 

II Colliery 3*;H2-6 O '13 
Compresaed air ayfltem of the Anaconda oop- 

rer minlne co., Butte. Mont. B. V. Nord- 
1 Inst Min E Bui 81:22ZE-87 5 13 

system, dlag 1 

L the 
8:1300-1 Je 

Invest IgatTo: 

Electric vs. compressed air hoists. K. A. 
Pauly. II Ene & Mln J 9o:S63-S Mr 29 '13 

Electrically drivan compressed air plant. II 
Colliery i4:34-G 3 '13 

Entropy -temperature and transmission dia- 
grams for air. C: R. Richards, ill U Eng 
Erp Sta Bui 83:1-20 .'13 

Elstl mated working capacity and welehts o( 
starters Operated by compremed air shot 
Into cylinders. Automobile 29:1069 D 4 '13 

Experimental and theoretical Investlsallon of 
compressed air machinery. E, Qroedel. 
dlags Am Soc M E J 35:1583-1 O '13 

Explosions In air lines. B. B. Anthony. Pow- 
er 37:199-200 F 11 '13 

Filter for oomiireBstd air. dlag Eng ft Mln 
J 95:615 Mr 22 '13 

FVirelgn requirements Kovernlng work under 
compressed air. P. Seurot. Enj N T0;666 8 
18 '13 

Graphic solution of compressed air trans- 
mission formula N. Herz. Eng & Mln J 
»&:iZ8-aO Ja 25 '13 

Bow compressed air Is used for sheep staear- 
Inr, cutting sugar cane, and shlftlnB auto- 
mobile Bears. 11 Scl Am 109:8-9 Jl E '13 

■ ■'-atTon of compressed air apparatus. R. 

Soc M E J 35:696-8 Ap 'IS 

neasunng air rrom compressor. R. S. Bay- 
ard. Power 37:198-9 F 11 '13 

New York law eovemlnK work under c 
- • -■ Eny N 70:SOT-8 >- ■' "* 

.. ..10 compressed-air 
S N 70:426-6 Aff 28 ".. 

Power tranamlHBlon by compressed air. G; 
Barr. Power 37:296-7 Mr 4 '13 

Raising a wrecked Atlantic liner by com- 
pressed air. Eng N 70:419-20 Ag 2S '13 

Sale of power on the Rand. A. E. Hadley. 
map Eng ft Mln J 96:108-8 Jl 19 '13 

Time BtudTes and air consumption. A. Formls. 
II Eng * Mln J HB; IISS-S Je 14 '13 

Victoria Falls and Transvaal power co. In 
aouth Africa, map Power 38:356-8 S 9 '13 
Btt alto Air compressors; Vacuum clean- 
Compressed oxyoen. See O^tygen, Compressed 

Making smell paris on 

dlog Iron Age 91:360-1 r n u 
Computing. See Calculating 
Com stock lode 

Mining on the Comstock lode. W. Symmes. 
map Eng A Mln J 96:129-30 Ja 11 '13 
Concentration. See Ore treatment— Concentra- 

Actlon ot acids, oils and fats < 
Eng N 69:601 Mr 13 '13 

machines. 11 


20 Ag 30 '13 

F. A. Jordan. Eng ft 

Mln J 96:674 Mr 29 '13 
College shrine, the Initial letter of Utah Unl- 

verally In concrete. H. GofT. II Concrete 

Cem 2:83 F '13 
Concrete among the ancients. Concrete Cem 

2:2 Ja '13 
Concrete deposited under sea water. H. R. 

Stanford. II Concrete Cem 2:66 F 'IS 

Cracks in concrete. MunIc Etng 45:64-6 Jl '13 
Erect of too much water In mixing concrete. 

Eng N 69:1063 My tt '13 
Excess cement in concrete. W. A. Aiken and 

W. R. Mason. Eng N 70:1043-1 N 2D '13 
Fuller's rule for concrete quantities. Eng ft 

Mln J BS:10B1 My 24 13 
Joint eommfttee on concrete and reinforced 

concrete: abstract of 2d report, Eng N 69: 

268-64 F 6 '13 
Marketing mine tailings for concrete. F. M. 

Clutter. 11 Concrete Cem 2:16-6 Ja '13 
Method of proportioning concrete. W; B. 

9th annual convention of National assn. of 
cemeni users, Pittsburgh, 1912. Concrete 
Cem 2:3-6 Ja '18 

Oil-mixed mortars and concretes; an absolute 
waterproofing material. L. W. Page. Eng 
M 41:109-13 O '12 

Proposed test of sand for concrete. Eng Rec 
68:202 Ag 23 '13 

Sand tests essential to good work. 'W. B. 
Relnke. Concrete Cem 3:81-6 Kg '13 

Strensih deficiency of overwet and of under- 
mixed concrete, B, McCullough. Eng N 70: 
1250-1 D 18 '13 

Testing of sand for concrete. By ft Bng R 63: 
710-1 AgS '13 

Water as an element In concrete construc- 
tion. H, A, Mark. Munlc Eng 14:156-6 My 

Concrete Cem 2:71-6 F '13 
Valerprooflng of concrete struoti 
^45:899-901 S '13 

N 70:579-80 O 30 '13 

G. Rueas. 
ires. Eng M 

n Crete? Eng 

Hrt al»o Asphalt: Cement: Concrete, Re- 
inforced; Concrete construction; Concrete 
products: Gravel; Groullns: Pavements. 
Concrete: Roads. Concrete; Sand; Water- 

. 2:268 Je 

Steam curing. C. J. Rowley. Concrete Cera 
1:96-7 D '12 

Winter curing in products manufacture. Con- 
crete Cem 2:21 Ja '13 

Schilling. II Concrete Cem 2;6-8 Ja 'IS 
Concrete floor nnlsh nnd Its execution. L. 

Bid. Concrete Cem 2:230-3 My '13 
Methods In painting concrete surfi 

Nemzek. Concrete Cem 8:232-3 

Cem 3:216 N '13 
. with concret 
m. a. E. Fisher. 

Crete o 


I Eng 13: 

Crete Cem 3:161 O '13 
Thermal protw riles of con 

3G8 Ag 'IS 

Thermal properties of cnncrele. C: U Norton, 
Am Soc M E J 36:1011-21 Je '13 
JJrr Concrete mixers; Concrete mixing 

Determining proportions o( concrete mixtures 
after hardening. H. Burchartz. Eng Rec 68: 

In concrete. C. S. Duke. 11 Eng Rec 6S:G70- 
1 D 13 '13 

re. load and water test of Iloor arches. 11 
Scl Am ]n9;llS Ag 9 •'' 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


Method and apparatus for determining con- 

Hlstency. Eng Reo 68:63 Jl 12 '13 
Methods for tesUng concreta waterproofing. 

C. M. Chapman. Concrete Cem Z;36-7 Ja 

Methods of lests for concrete materlala. Eng 

N G9:42-3 Ja 2 '13 


rete. 11 Cone 

. _ ..; Eng N 70;aM-B Ag 11 
o( piiving Blahs. 11 Concrete C 

I dlag 

N 7 

1 Jl 1 



i of I 

C: A. Newhall. 

W. A. 

Hoyt. Eng Rec 6T:<i6-S Ja 18 '13 
Influence of temperature on concrete: letters. 
W. A. HoyI: B. McCullough. Eng Rec 67: 
223-1 P 22 '13 
Concrate, Ornamanlal 

Color and texture of concrete products. A. 
Scuming. II Concrete Cem Z:G-S Ja '13 

archttorlnral conaldera- 


. II < 

; tooled by machinery; meth 
□lis In manufacture and use of product 
of the Onondaga lltholtle company. [I Con 
Crete Cem 2:Bl-5 F '13 

Cut surface -finish for concrete: Deutsche mu 
seum, Munich, Germany. II Bng N 70:3G8 
fiO Ak » '13 

Rgyptia ... 

2:270, "SOS-f'je 
Tests of three types of fioui 
Concrete Cem 3:169-70 O 'la 
Set also Concrete, Reinforced— Testing 
Concrete, Effect of alkalies on 
Action of alkftll and sea. nater on concrete: 
the U. S. Bureau of standards report. Eng 

Molding sand cores for lloor construction. F: 

Squires. 11 Concrete Cem 2:213-S My '13 
Ornamental concrete tamp pOBls. H. G. Hall. 

II plan Concrete Cem 2::;26-T My '13 
Ornamenlal use of concrete In playground 

structures In Iloboken park improvement. 

II plans Concrete Cem 1:41-7 D '12 
Pennsylvania, railroad has incased unelKhtlv 

eight-track and Ave -track ptate -larder 

spans In ornamental concrete. II plans Eng 

Rec 68:401-2 O 11 '13 
Concreta, Reinforced 

Beam design, Shorl-cuts In, plan Eng N 69: 

570-2 Mr 20 '13 
Bending moments In continuous relnforced- 

concrele beams. S. E. Thompson. Eng Rec 

67:639-10 Je 7 '13 
Concrete beams for underground use. diags 

Eng & MIn J 95:ia9E My 31 '13 
Concrete floor failure In Detroit. E. H. Owen. 

plan Eng Rec e7:16E-G F 8 '13 
Design and construction of reinforced con- 

— -- ". P. Wells. Eng N 69:2-3 Ja t "' 

Alkali action on concrete; Investigations by 
the United States reclumatlon servlcs. J. 
T. Jewett, Eng M «;267-9 N 'IS 

Concrete In alkull soils. Concrete Cem 3:231- 
1; 3;I9-TS Je, Ak '13 
Concrete. Effect of electricity on 

Effects of electric currents on concrete. E: 
B. Rosa and others. J Fr Inst 175:126-7 
Ap -13 

Electric currents— action on concrete. II Con- 
crete Cem 2:131-3 Mr '13 

EleclrotyalB ' ' 

M 11:961-3 Mr~'"iJ 
Concrete, Effect of manure or 

Effect o( stable refuse 

Brooks, tl Eng N 70:317 Agr 14 '13 
Concrete, Effect of moisture an 
Effect of mol.>iture on the strength of con- 
crele. B, McCullough. Eng N 69:224 J* 
20 '13 
BfTert of moisture on the strength of con- 

fallurea, S. M. Woodward and F: C. Young. 
Eng N £9:127-8 Ja 16 '13 
Concrete, Effect of salts on 

Effect of sodium chloride and calcium chlor- 
ide on strength of concrete. Em; Kec 68: 
166 O 25 '13 

EfTccl of sodium chloride and calcium chlor- 

tures. Concrete Cem 3:256-7 D '13 
Conerate, Effect of •«• water on 
Concrete In alkali soils. Concrete Cem 3:63- 

72 Ag '13 
Four-year lest of the effect of sea water on 
concrete. Enje N 70:1033 N 20 '13 
Concrete, Effect of sugar 


I of 

I of 

;. Ry Age 51:632-3 Mr 20 '13 
on reinforced -con Crete acow. C. B. Sud- 
. 11 plan Eng N 69:166-7 Mr 6 '13 

Reinforced concrete. C: H. Moorefleld. plans 

U S Pub Road Bui 15:13-7 '13 
Relnforced-concrele elevated sidewalks. East 

St. Louis, 111, E, H. Hodenberg, It Eng N 

6D:S2 Ja 9 '13 
Reinforced concrete water tank, A. B. Dixon. 

11 Concrete Com 1:67 D '12 
Re-rolled steel rati reinforcing bars, W. K, 

on; Concrete construction; Concrete slabs 
Comparative test of two tull-slsed reinforced- 

concreti. Ilnt-slah panels, H: T. Eddy. II 

Kng N 69:624-3 Mr 27 '13 
Determination of "N" bv mieana of ultimate 

load tests. B: Klein, Eng Rec 67:536 My 

Reinforced concrele slabs under concentrated 
loading. A. T. Goldbeck, dlags Concrete Cem 
3:66-9 Ag 'IS 

Reinforced concrele wall footings and column 
footings. A, N. Tulhot. Ill V Eng Exp Sta 
Bui 67:1-111 '13 

Report of test of reinforced concrete col- 
umn, II plan Concrete Cem 2:81 F 'IJ 

Shearing strength of Joints between old and 
new concrete, II Eng Rec 67:500 My 3 '13 

*"""' ■" eauipment. 11 plan Concrete Cem 



Testing rln for full-s 

e bridge slabs. 

_. 1 buildings under 

load. Concrete Cem 3:16-7 Jl '13 

Tests of reinforced concrete hulldinga under 
load. A. N, Talbot and W, A. Slater. 11 
III II Eng Bip Sla Rul fil:5-ln4 '13 

Tests of retnforced-concrete slabs under con- 
centrated loading. Eng Rec 68:151-6 Ag 9 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 



Concreta. R«lnforced — Testing — 

'TeeUi ot 'the' Norcroes and 'muahroom Bat 

BlabH. EMb N e9:113H-40 My 29 '13 
Teat* on concrete tile »nd Jolat construction. 

il dlacH Concrete Cam 3: 32-3 Ag '13 
Testa vs. theory In reinforced -concrete flat 

Blabs. W. A. Slater; A. C. Arend. Eng N 

69:429-30 F 2T '13 
Concreta baluitera. See Baluaters, Concrete 
Concrete barge*. See Barges. Concrete 
Concrete block* 
Cleveland teats o( concrete block. Concrete 

Cam 3:Z«-T Jl '13 
Concrete block. O. C. HerlnB. 

!;77 F '13 
Concrete block — a Eymposlum. — 

and othera. Concrete Cem 2:133-42 Mr '13 
Concrete block — an architect's view. O. C. 

Herlnjr. Concrete Cem 2:66 F '13 
Concrete block cotlagea built complete for 

tlBOO each. 11 plans Concrete Cem 2:137-8 

Sir -13 
Concrete products— arch It eel ural considera- 
tions. 11 Concrete Cem S:IS6-60 O '13 
Concrete products plant of J. P. Norrls In 

Rochester; layout, equipment and methods. 

11 plan Concrete Cem 1:68-71 D '13 
Concrete stone tooled by machinery; meth- 
ods In manufacture and use of products 

of (he Onondaga lltholite company. II Con- 

crele Cem 2:61-6 F '13 
Development of concrete block. ■ Concrete 

Cem 2:241-6 My '13 
German evangelical Liutheri 

ramenlo. Cal. built ot whltu tu..^i=ic umt«. 

II Concrete Cem 1:61 D "12 
How to produce realistic atone facings. C: H. 

Doubler. II Concrete Cem 1;6B-I D '12 
Manufacture of concrete products In Qer- 

many. J. Caratanjen, Jr. il Concrete Cam 

2:137-90 Ap '13 
Special concrete 


4-5 Je 

Spraylne freshly made block. C. C. Thomp- 
son. Concrete Cem 2:SS Ja '13 
" ' I block machine. II Concrete Cem 

Wet process 
2:53-4 Ja 


Concrete boats. See Boats. Concrete 
Concrete bridges. See Bridges, Concrete 
Concrete buoys. See Buoya. Concrete 
Concrete chimneys. See Chimneys, Concreta 
Concrete ehurche*. See Churches, Concrete 
Concrete columns. See Columns. Concrete 
Concrete con it ruction 

Bending moments In coullnuous reinforced- 
concrete beams, H. E. Thompson. Kng flee 
C7:«39-40 Je 7 '13 
Bonding old and new concrete. Concrete Cem 

2:240-1 My 'IS 
Clnclnnall. O.— eight -story concrete building 
without interior columns. H. D. Lorlng. il 
plan Eng Rec 67:617-8 My 31 "IS 
Combination concrete and cast iron for col- 
umns and arch ribs. II Eng N 70:S64-6 O 
30 '13 
Combined water tank and pumping station at 
Berlin, Ont. plan Eng Bee 67:126-7 F 1 

1 3:222-3 N 13 


Ry. at Pasco. Waah. plans Ry & _._ _. 

E3:90e-e 8 27 '13 
Concrete in mine <■ ona true t Ion. A. F. Allard. 

Colliery 33:623-4 Je '13; Same cond. Eng N 

69:1167 Je B '13 
Concrete In railroad work. F: Auryansen. 11 

Concrete Cem 2:37-40 Ja '13 
Concrete mnnure pits readily built at mod- 
erate coal. II Concrete Cem 2:S6-7 F '13 
Concrete on a Kansas farm. C: Dillon. II 

Concrete Cem 3:183-4 O '13 

Concrete shaft station. Wolverine mine. C. 
T. Rice, plan Eng & Mia J 96:397-9 Ag 30 

Concrete alaba In levee construction. E. B, 
Murray. II Concrete Cem 1:80-2 D '12 

Concrete atatlon at Champion mine, plans 
Eng ft Mln J 86:641-2 O 4 '18 

Concreting the floors and columns In the 
Butler broB. building, Clilcago. 11 Eng Kec 

Constructing a ten-story concrete bulldlnK 
M*'a io'^** '^"■^' '^" '^" " ^"* ^^^ ^^■^"■ 
model factory building. II 


FlBher building, Detroit, j: N.sfcMlchaeS! 

II plans Concrete Cem 2:57-60 F '13 
Construction of small concrete Ice-houses u 

Concrete Cem 3:36-7 Jl '"* 
Contracling eoonomica an 

«achs. concrete Cem 3; 
Coat of complete concrete structures. Eng & 

Mln J S6:1295.6 Je 28 '13 
^l"'S^. ''■^'"'■ea of San Diego T. M. C. A. 

cl'"Si,?,'D*^n'^"""- " »'■"■ <=""'■'•'• 
EievelopmentB In unit construction. J: E. Con- 

lelman. II plana Concrete Cem 2;li7-7l F 

design. Eng N T0:8£fi O 

Economical depth of T-beams. R. W. Slew- 
art. Eng N 69:S44-5 Ap 24 '13 

ETconomical design ot steel girders embedded 
._ ... „. paag„g|[ jjpg jj 69:845 Ap 

4S:2i7-3S N '-. 
Enclosing Jones' Falls, Baltimore, In con- 
crete. S. S. Scott. II Concrete Cem 1:117- 

nlng r 

celilnga. R. 

Mnrley. Concrete Cem £ ,, .. 

Fastening timber platen to cone re 
dlaft Concrete Cem 3:177-S O '13 

Ornin elevator construction. R P. Durham. 
Concrete Cem 2:41-3 Ja '13 

Half mile of concrete barracks. R. M. Bean- 
field, 11 Concrete Cem 3:164-7 O '13 

Hoisting and placing concrete at low coat, M. 
IX Morrill, plan Concrete Cem 2:282 Je '13 

Home-made reinforced concrete factory, Naab 
__ _ ^^ „ 

chinery co., St. Louis. W. J. Knight. 11 

plans Eng Rec 67:256-8 Mr 8 '13: Same 

cond. Ind Eng 13:188-9 Ap "13 
Inspection or reinforced concrete work In 

IxiB Aneoles. H. Albright. Concrete Cem 

2:236-6 My '13 
Keeping track of centering units. Concrete 

Cem 3:73-4 Ag '13 
La a Vegas arched masonry dam. 11 Eng Ree 

67:17 Ja 4 '13 
Lotus building at Memphis. Tenn. 11 plan 

Concrete Cem 2:177-8 Ap '13 
Method of compullng reinforced concrete T- 

' ~ .a. Hansen. Eng Rec 67:102 Ja 26 



t Venice. 



Crete Cem 1:41-7" D "'12' 
PatenlB on concrete cons 

Turner. Eng Rec 67:140 
PatenlB relating to con 

Eng Rec 67:69-70 Ja 18 

Rec 68:123-4 Ag 2 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


Concnte conitructJon — Continued. 

Poured concrete hulMlnss, I>.. L, & W. R. R. 
NantLcoke, Pa. II Rr & Ene R 51:165-6 My 
n '13 

Rapid construction for U. 8. light & heat- 
ing CO., at Niagara Falls. II Concrete Cem 
2in5-e Ap '13 

Rapid execution ot heavj- foundation work. 
Bng Rec 67:606-7 My 31 '13 

RebuiKling Humboldt Bay, Cal. Jetties. Ens 


1-6 O 2 


e Cem 2:260-1 My '13 

Rein forced-concrete beacon tower. Alexao- 
drla, E:gt'pt. 11 plan Eng N 69:730-2 Ap 10 

6« O 3 ■« 

Reinforced -concrete factory bulldlnga. H. C, 
Splllman. II Ind Eng t3:2£l-3 Jl '13 

Reinforcert-concrete factory built under un- 
usual coTidltlonH by Itobblns & Myers co. 
nt Sprlngfleld. O. N. n. Bralnard. II plan 
Rnit Upc 67:410-1 Ap 13 '13 

Reinforced concrete gaa tank holder In Spain. 
tl Concrete Cem 3:23-4 JI '13 

Rpln forced -concrete girders of unusual span. 
II dlag Eng Rec 6S:G03 N 1 '13 

Reinforced concrete la factory construcUon 
at Milton, N, H. 11 plans Concrete Cem S: 
3-6 Jl 'IS 

Rein forced -concrete ore dochs. II Eng N 69: 
S-12 Ja 3 -13 

Roof construction, II plan Concrete Cem 2: 
47-9 Jh "IS 

Safety In concrete construction. Bng Rec 
67:112 Ja 25 '13 

Safely In concrete construction. F. E. Dav- 
idson: E. McCullougb, Eng Rec 67:3!I2 Ap 

Safety In concrete construction. C: P. Ii«wIb. 

Eng Rec 67:261-3 Mr I 'IS 
St. Louis filters. E: E. Wall, II Eng N 70: 

61:HiS0-l My 16 '13 
Segmental chimney construction In Franca. 

plans Concrete Cem 2:32. S Ja '13 
Special concrete foundations In the Manila 

port district. J: W. Graham, dlags Eng N 

T0:B54-5 S IS '13 
Specifications and design standards for rein- 
forced -concrete structures. E. McCullough. 

Kng N 63:2S2-3 F 6 '13 
Steel forms for concrete construction, W; M. 

Venable, II Concrete Cem 2:11-1, 279-81 Ja, 

! buildings In reinforced concrete for 
viiiieilcnn hide and leather CO., Lowell, 
Mass. 11 Concrete Cem 2:171-2 Ap '13 

Test of pressure of wet concrete. E. B. Ger- 
main. II Eng N 70:89A-B Ag 14 '13; Concrete 
Cem 3:1S7-R O "13 

Tests_ o(^ reinforced concrete buildings under 


Cost keeping for reinforced -concrete build- 
ings. W. P. Anderson. Eng M 46:34-49 Ap 

. M. C. Tuttle. tables 

Keeping concrete c 

Eng Rec 67:9-11 . „ 

Scientific cost-keeping system for reinforced 
concrete, J: S. Nlcholl. Bng M 44:BI1-2S 

building In Cedar Rapids, c. A. P. Turner 
Eng Rec 6S;7H-6 D 27 "IS 
Collapse ot a reinforced -concrete frame In 
- ■--' ling. Vancouver, B- C. A. P. Hueckel. 

Ian Eng N 70:290-1 Ag 14 '13 
-- of concrete Sla ' 
Itapids. Iowa. 

1 lapse of concrete 
:;e<lar llapids. ' 
>R:705 D 20 'IS 

y Stark-Lyman building 

at Cedar Haplrts. II Eng Rec BSVsup'" 51-2, 
698-9 N 22-29 '13 
" "" '^'"'"'^J,"* ^'?"*I*LJ1 Cedar Raplda, 

m strong. II 

troll, Mich. II Eng N 69:86-7 Ja ! 
Failure of groined arches at b'"- 
waler-nitratlon J. IV 
Eng Rec 68:638-40 N 16 'IS 

" * -arllaliy constructed grulned arch 

_E. _B. Wliltman, II plans 

Falhire .. ,_ 

roof. Balllr _ 

Eng N 70:1100-4 N 27 '13 
Failure of the Stark-Lyman building. Cedar 

Rapids. Iowa. Bng N 70:1104-6. 1251-5 N 27, 

Frost damage to Montreal niters, F: E. Field. 

II dlags Eng Rec 68:566-9 N 22 '13 
Grain elevator failure at Transcona, 11 Bng 

N 70:911-S N 6 -13 
Grain elevator subsidence at Transcona. II 

Concrete Cem 3:259-60 D '13 
Threatened collapse of leaning grain elevator 

at Winnipeg, fl Bng Rec 68:sup 4B-6 N 1 

Concrete fence posts. See Fence posts, Con- 

r Pittsburgh. 11 plana 

Attractive dwel 

Concrete Cem 1:57-9 D '12 
Building a concrete residence on hillside. A. 

M. Smith. II plan Concrete Cem 2:131-5 

Mr '13 
Concrete and plaster houses built on Molave 

desert. II Concrete Cem 3:26 Jl '13 
Concrete block cottages built complets for 

II500 each, II plans Concrete Com 2:137- 

8 Mr '13 
Concrete block cottages built In England. II 

plan Concrete Cem 2:73 F '13 
Concrete home of unique design. II Concrete 

Time record In building. 

1:93-5 D '12 
Two methods of treating 

forced concrete. Concrete uem i:«a u 12 
ITnit structural concrete, C: D. Watson. II 

Bng M 15:106-8 Ap '13 
ITsJng light lumber for beam and girder sides. 

Dams, Concrete; Domes: Fl 
■tructlon: Floors, Concrete: St 
Crete: Walls. Concrete; Water 
Crete; atxo Catshlll aqueduct 

Concrete Cem 2:111-5 Mr '13" 

Double concrete walls with tile columns. 11 
Concrete Cem 2:135-6 Mr '13 

Double walls and tile columns In residence 
construction. II plan Concrete Cera 2:218-20 
My '13 

Fireproof houses on western plains. II Con- 
crete Cem 2:115-6 Mr 'IS 

Garden apartments of California: Irving J. 
GUI. architect. E. M, Roorbach. II plan Arch 
Rec 34:520-30 D '13 

House built of concrete— to resist fire at- 
tack. II Concrete Cem 2:1(3-1 Mr 'IS 

House of concrete block, attractive as to 
color and tenture. II plan Concrete Cem 
2:2!t7-8 Je '13 

Poured concrete houses In Prance. II Con- 
crete Cem 2:209-12 My '13 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


Concrete houie» ^Cutifiniicrf. 
Reinforced concrete Whitehall 

buildlnB, Providence, R. I. plan Eng Rec 
67:lBS-9 P S "13 
Steel forms for concrete cottage construe' 
tlon. Concrete Cem Z:S3 Ja 'IS 



,000. plan Concrete Cera 2:80 P "13 

r tenement built with wait ma- 
Concrete Cem 2:43-4 Ja '13 

r alio Roofa, Concr 
Concrete lining 

Concrete Unfiig of the Klngdon stiart. Globe.' 

Arlz. dlags EnK & Mln J 3E:U7-9 Ja IS '13 

Concreting a tunnel by compressed air. A. C. 

E^rerhs-m. plans Bng N 70:208-9 Jl 31 '13 
r.. ,1 — .... ..._. — ^....^ Bubway tunnel. 

Concreting the I 

Cono „ _ .„. 

aqueduct. II Ene Rec G8i12S-» O IS '13 
Sinking a concrete pit lining through clay 

and aulckHand. II plan Eng Rec «7:97 Ja 

mixer. II Elec Ry 

_ , rete mlier. II Ens 

Hee STiBup 43 Mr 8 '13 
Concrate mixino 

Cost of machine concrete mixing compared 
with hand mixing. Munlo Eng *4:23S-41 Mr 

Mixing concrete In winter months. Munlc 

Eng 44:243 Mr '13 
Mixing of concrete. 11 Munic Eng 45:4»0 N '13 
Concrete pavements. See Pavements. Concrete 
Concrete pltlnB 
Aids to navigation on the Ulssourl rlvsr. P. 

C. Perkins. II Scl Am S 75:100-1 F IS '13 
Building plera 30 and 32 at San Francisco. II 

Eng Rec 68:633-4 D 6 'IS 
C:i»l-ln- place Concrete pllea. R; Irvin, 11 

Eng Rec «7:6ai.2 My 24 "IS 
" ! piles for strengthening foundations. 

Portable plant for mixing and distributing 
concrete. 11 Eng N G9:t«2 Ja 23 '13 

Portable railway concrete plant: toldlnK tow- 
er, mixer and chute mounted on a flat car. 
11 Enar M 46:740-1 Ag '13 

Track elevation and portable eoncretlns plant; 
C, M. & 8L P. Ry, plan Eng N 70:36-8 Jl 

Track elevation at Plqua, Ohio. II diags map 

Kns Rec 6S:.'i47-n S la '13 
Winter work in products plants. C: B. Slma. 
II Concrete Cem 2:9-t0 Ja '13 
Concrete poles. See Poles. Concrete 
Concrete products 

Color and texture of concrete products. A. 

Sclillllng. II Concrete Cem 2:6-8 Ja '13 
Concrete products — arehileclural considera- 
tions. II Concrete Cem 3:lfiF;-so O '13 
Manufacture of concrete products In Ger- 
many. J. Caralnnjen, ]r. 11 Concrete Cem 
2:187-90 Ap '13 
New lines in concrete prodiicla field. II Con- 
crete Cem 2:22&-6 My '13 
See aim} Concrete plants 
Concreta retervotrt. See Resarrolrs, Concrata 
Concrete retaining walls. See Retaining walls. 
Concrete roads. See Roads, Concrete 
Concrete sidewalks. See Sidewalks, Concrete 
Concrete silos. See Silos, Concrete 
Concrete slab* 
Comparative test of two full -Bjzed_reln forced- 


' bridges, 11 Eng Rec 68:6 

Rec 67:3„ 

Large concrete pile lostallallon for Toungs- 
town sheet & tube co.'s slecl plant, 
Youngatown. O. 11 Eng Hec 67:35-7 Ja U 

R«in forced -concrete piles on the Chicago. 

Rock Island & Paciflc railway, dlags Eng 

Rec 67:606 My 31 '13 
Tests on cast-ln-place concrete piles. P. I> 

Pruyn. plan Eng N 69;B92-J Mr 20 '13 
Concrete pipes. See Pipes, Concrete 
Concrete plants 
Concrete plant for the Utah capltol building. 

II Eng Rec eS:G26 N S '13 
Concrete products plant o( J. F. Norrls in 

Rochester; layout, equipment and methods. 

II plan Concrete Cem 1:68-71 D '12 
Concreting trtiin using a drag-line excavator. 

II Eng N 70:1031-! N 20 '13 
Gravity con Crete- depositing plant, Fallsway 

viaduct. Bnllimore. II plans Eng N 70:927-3 

N 8 '13 

; product. 11 plan 

i flat-s 


. H: T. 


Eng N 69:624-8 Mr 27 '13 

onorete slabs In levee cons 

Murray. II Concrete Cem 1:80-2 D ' 

Designing concrete slab spans lor doubl 
track nrldgea of Pennsylvania rallrot 
across the Bush and Gunpowder rivei 

_Eng Rec 68:400 1' "' 

„. ... T. C 

3:58-9 Ag "13 
Testa of reinforced -concrete slabH under con- 
centrated loading. Eng Rec (S:154-E Ag 9 

Tesls of the Norcross and mushroom flat 

Blabs. Eng N 69:1119-40 My 29 '13 
Tests vs. theory In relnforced-concrete flat 
Blabs, W. A, Slater; A. C. Arend. Eng N 
69:429-30 F 27 '13 
Concrete stairways. See Stairways, Concrete 
Concrete testing. See Concrete — Testing; Con- 
crete, Kelnforced— Testing 
Concrete tile 
Concrete tile and Joist construction, diags 

Concrete Cem 3:21-2 Jl '13 
Tests on concrete tile and Jolat construction. 

11 dlags Concrete Cem 3:82-3 Ag '13 
Viaduct floor of hollow concrete tile. 11 Eng 
Rec 6S:647-8 D 6 '13 
Concrete troughs. See Troughs. Concrete 
Concrete water towers. See Water towers. Con- 
Condemnation of property 
Excess condemnation — an Important municipal 
issue. Eng Rec 68:4SO-l N 1 '13 
Condenieri (electricity) 

Combined synchronous and induction motor 
loads. H. J^. Wallau. Elec W 62:1057-9 N 
22 '13 
Energy losses in some condensers used In 
high-frequency circuits. I.. W. Austin. U S 
Bur Stand Bui 9:73-80 Mr IB '13 
Kre a'to Dlelectrica 
condensers (gases and vapors) 
Ammonia condensers. P. OpblllH. II Power 38: 

33B-7. 174-6 S 3, 30 '13 
Condenser and back pressures. Power 37:826 
Je 10 '13 
Condensers (steam) 

Air In condensers. H. FothergiU. 11 Power 

38:B92-B O 28 '13 
Air In surface condensation. G: A. Orrok. 

dlag Power 38:8-10 Jl 1 '13 
Air In surface condensation; discussion of 

Sper by G. A. Orrok. Am Soc M E J 35: 
i-16 F '13 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


Condsnteri (rteam) — ConHnutd. 

Barometric coudenser pIpltiK- B. S. Nelson. 

dlag Power 38;5E9-60 O 21 '13 
Booth's condenser problem. R. S. Bayard. 

Power J7:S10-1 Mr i '13 
Booth's condenser problem. W: E. Dixon; F. 

Gllhens. Power 37:437-8 Mr 2S '13 
Caring for condenser apparatus. Power 37; 

26T-8 P !5 -13 
Condenser repairs, J; J. Ramsey. 11 Power 

37:611-2 My 6 '13 

781-3. 817-9 


r 38:6 

; N 1 

i. D 2-9 '13 

H. Ches 

Trachoma. 8cl Am S 76:231 O 1 

Hydroelectric en-rKy ff>r Wnrce 

1 '13 


■Delation of maiter plum- 
s. JTnrtford, May, I!il3, II 

Condensers, air and circulating pumps. C. A. 

McAllister, dlacs Int Marina mtg 18: 313-S 

A« ■!■ 
Condensing equipment of Ijike Shore plant 

of Cleveland electric lllumlnallns co, A. D. 

Williams. II plan Power 37:616-7 AP IE '13 
Condensing plants for large commercial 

buildings. W. L. purand; I. N. Evans. 

Power 37:227-30 F 18 '13 
Condenslne plants for large commercial bulld- 

IngH. I. N, Kvans. Power 37:88-9 Ja 31 '33 
Corrosion of condenser tubes. G. D. Rengough 

and R: H. Jones. Metal Ind n a ll:3gB-T S 13 
Development In marine coniienaers. diags 

Power 37:76-8 .la 21 '13 
Large high vacuum condenser lest. J. J. 

Brown. 11 plan Power 37:278-82 F K "13 
I.arge high-vacuum condenser test. C. C: de 

Laval. Power 37:756 My 27 '13 
Lrtton vacuum traps serving surface conden- 
ser, n Power 3S:lt8 Jl 22 '13 
Marine condensers. Power 37:332-3 Ur II 

Modem condensing ayBtemfl, dIags Ind Eng 

13:229-30 My '13 
Modern condensing systems. Power 37;G10'S 

Ap S '13 
New theory of condensation. D. B. Morlson. 

dIags Power 37;7R-Sn Ja 21 'IS 
Rees roturbo rotary jet condenser, plan Int 

Marine Eng 18:42 Ja '13 
Removing corroded condenser ferrules. B: 

M. DavlB. n Power 38:403-4 S 1« '13 
Surface condensers for Broolilyn Edison com- 
pany. It Elec W 61:317 P 8 '13 
Teat of large high-vacuum condenser. II plan 

Ind Gng 13:1ZE-T Mr '13; Same cond. Elec 

W 61:4il-2 P 22 '13 

ter. rower 37;6S1 My 13 '__ 
Troublesome condensing system. B. H. Lana. 
Plan Power 37:594-e Ap 29 '13 
Sff of™ Cooling towers: Evaporation; Feed 

conservation conareis. See National c 

tlon congress 
Conservation _. 

Bill to provide (or 
and state control of dams In Pennsylvania. 
Eng N 69:67«-7 Ap 3 '13 

Conservation and commercialism. Bng Rec 
67:G94 My 31 '13 

Conservation and research; economies secur- 
ed by scientldc Investigation. H. T. Kal- 
mus. Scl Am S 7B:114-B P 22 '13 

ConiHTViitlon as applied In Alaska. G. I,. 
Sheldon. Eng & Min J Br.:is< Mr 1 '13 

Conservation movement. Eleo W Sl:184-G Ja 
26 '13 

National or state control of natural resourc- 
es. C, T, .Tolinson. Eng N 7O:ll!i9-120O D 11 

National or state control of the gifts of na- 
ture. Kng N 70:1012-3 N 27 "13 

al resources. Eng Rec 68:686-7 n 20 '13 
Report of committee of Am, railway engin- 
eering assn. Ry Age R4:710-l Mr 21 '13 
Secretary Ijino on conservation. Eng N 70: 

1312-4 D 2r. '13 
Secretary Stlmson's suggestion as to Niagara 

Falls. I 

t & Chen 

; 11:1 





New' Yorh cons 



Consolidated coppermlnes company 

Incorporation of CiinBOlidated coppermlnes 
CO. Eng & MIn J 96:1206-6 Je 14 '13 
Constantinople, Turkey 

Bridging the Bosphorus and (he Golden Horn, 
H, G, Tyrrell, map plan Eng N 70:1020-1 
N 20 '13 

Coleman, il Enjt N 70:10IS.:o N 20 '13 
Co nit ants. See Units 
Construction. See Engineering 


P^e 'design f 

atton, plan I 

Problem In beach reclamation Sind a prize for 

Its solution, plan Eng N 69:364 F 20 '13 

Conference of governors of New England, 1913. 

Elec By J 11:224-6 F 1 '13 
Congress <steamshlp) 

Trial runs nf the Pnclflc liner "Congresa," 
II Int Marine Eng l«:ll.'>-9 O '13 

1:752-9 O 16 '13 

r — ^k dam. A. B. 

Mayhew. It Eng Rec 68:116-3 Ag 2 '13 
Cost Of small frame buildings for a construc- 
tion camp. Ehig & Mln J 96:550 S 20 '13 
Keeping the camp contented, Eng Rec 67: 

394 Ap 12 '13 
I.lquor in constnictinn camps. C: B. Fisher. 

Rv & Eng R 63:205-6 Mr 8 '13 
Night soil Incinerating furnace at a contrac- 
tor's camp. A, W, Tldd, II Eng N 69:161- 
6 Ja 23 '13 
^Vell ennlpped lioardlnR camp of Iwenty-three 
cars. 11 nv Age 5l:10'iT-8 My 16 '13 
fir alao Mining camps 

; and con tin - 

I s-hon 

1 3 16:181-3. 206-8 

Continuous rail for Chicago street traction: 
the story of a rush order, 11 Scl Am B IS: 
197-9 Mr 29 '13 

Contr.ictirE economics and administration. W. 
Sncbs. Concrete Cem 3:;57-9 D '13 

Contractor, engineer and Inspector. F: I* 
Crnnford, F.tii! Rec BS:700 D 20 '13: Dlscus- 
sitn, F, K, Ellis, 68:724 n 27 '13 

EUlclency of labor — a dllTlcult problem for the 
contractor. Eng Rec e7:r.lO My 10 '13 

work, R, W. Hulch 

. ]r. il Eng M 45: 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


. G. H. Chase. 

ooiK-rele industrial building. Enn Kec 68: 

«M-4 D 20 -13 
PtwctioroKy and the contractor. Sng Rec 6S; 

2S4 8 S 'IS 
Selection ol combloatlon equipment. J. M 

Donahue. Munic EJng 4G:394-5 O '13 
Sliould fees tsii cliarRed [or the use of plana 

bv conlraitora? Kng N 70:S31 O 23 '13 
UnradrnesB to tlie contractor. Eag Rec 68: 

1<2 Aff 9 'IS 
Untalmesa to the conti 

Eng Rec BS:166 Ag » 
Sic aha lllLnole dect 

Contractor*' camps. See Conat ruction campB 
Arbitration clause In contracts. Eng Rec 67: 

454 Ap 26 -13 
Business methods for the plumber and tit- 
ter. W. A. Flnlf, Dom Eng 65:306-7 D 6 'IS 
Central-station energy for Chicago railways; 

terms of contracts between the Common- 
wealth Edison company and the surface and 

elevaterl lines of Chicago. Eiec W G:i:1110-1 

N 29 '13 
Compensation claim for keepins cotTerdam < 

dry. W: B. Kins. Eng Rec 6T:»T Ja ZG 

Contract between Great Falls power company 

and Puset Sound railway. Elec W 61:284 

F 8 'IJ 
Contracts tor public works. Eng Rec 67:148 

F 8 'IS 
ContraclH for purchased power, Elec Ry J 

4S:I]7S-S1 D 6 *13 
Contracts not to re-eneaee in business. A. L. 

H. Street. 

Converter! (electricity). 


ictlon I 

Kng ; 

N 20 

c of t 

3 of c 

Long, Uom Eng 65:160-2 N 8 '13 
Uniform general contract forms: report of 
'•■-- ■' Amprlon railway engineering 

extras. W: B. King. Eng Rec 67:48 Ja 
11 "13 

Sre 'il:»i Bridge contrnrls: Building con- 
Contracts, Letting of 

9 Ap 17 .. 

Preparing and letting bridge contracts. Con- 
crete Cem 3:121 S ^13 

Responslblliiv of the architect as related to 
sub -con tracts. Arch Rec 33:379-80 Ap '13 

Unbalanced bidding. J, P, Snow: A, J. Hlmes. 
Eng N 69:1013-4 My 15 '13 
Controller*. Electric. See Electric controllers 

Responsibility for 
Ry J 41:995 Je 

Converters (foundry) 

Converter design whloh facilitates repairs, II 

Iron Tr R 52:308-10 Ja 30 'IS 
Converter For melting Iron and blowing steel. 

II plan Foundry 41:33-6 Ja '13 
Development of the baalc-llned converter for 

copper mattes. K. p. Malhewaon. 11 Am lost 

--■ - Hul 78:1033-7 Je '13: ■ ' 



Electric operated copi 


11 El 

Ing £ Ml 

J 96:91 

My 3 

Equipment for the foundry and pattern Shop. 
II Foundry 41:81-3 F '13 

Oreat Falls converter practice. Met & Chem 
Eng n;6ai-2 S '13 

Great Falls converter practice. A. E. Wheel- 
er and M. W. Krejcl. 11 dlaga Am Inst Mln 
K Bui 80:1331-80 Ag '13: Discussion. II 83: 


N ■ 

In a Stuck, oil-nred ( 
11 plan Iron Tr R 52:97-100 Ja 2 '13 
Monolithic magnetite linings for basic cop- 
per converters. A. E. Wheeler and M. W. 
Krejct. Am Inst Mln E Bui 84:2769-73 D '13 
Two-piece small type converter. A. F. Black- 
wood, II Iron Age 91:-'97-8 Ja, 30 '13 
converters, Rotary. See Rotary converters 
Conveying machinery 
Conveyor system utilizing gnivlty. II Iron Age 

92:199-500 S 4 '11 
Cutting factory costs with conveyor system. 
U Iron Age 91:349-53 F 6 '13 

■ ■ traveler for ■■■ ' ' 


KIne. Kng Kec 68:308 S 13 ^13 
Bffect of Inspection and acceptance upon 
pavement guaranty. Munic Eng 44:363-i Ap 

Future contract prices. A. Del Mar. Eng M 

Governmental responsibility tor delays on 

contracts. Eng Bee 68:62-3 Jl 9 '13 

Legal BuggeatlonB respecting road contracts. 
W: L. Bowman. Eng Rec 68:408-9 O 11 '13 

New railway |)o»er contrails In ClilcaKO, Elec 
Ry J 42.1133-9 N 29 '13 

Power contract for a trunk-line electrlflca- 
tlon between the Great Falls power com- 
pany and the Chicago, Milwaukee & Puget 
Sound railway, Elec Ry J 41:280-1 F IB '13 

Purchased power for the Chicago, Milwaukee 
& Puget Sound elec trlB cation. Else By J 
41:290 F 16 '13 

Railway construction contracts. Ry & Eng R 
63:309-11 Mr 29 '13 

„ .n thS '^^ . -. 

Foundry 41:21-6 Ja '13 
Equipment for unloading a special canto at 

a German eteamshlp pier, diags Int liUrlne 

Eng 1S:394.G Jl '13 
Labor-saving conveyors used in handling 

screw machine products. II Iron Age 92: 

2J5-8 Ag 7 '13 
Monorail system between buildings nt Hood 

rubber co.'s plant. E!aat Watertown, Mass. 

A, W. Nichols, II Eng Rec 67:463-4 Ap 26 

Moving minerals in thin flat beds. 11 HInes 

& Mln 33:310-2 Ja 13 
Portable loading and conveying machinery: 

descriptions of a number of recent Ger- 
man constructions, diags Ind Eng 13:381-4 

Marine Eng 18:890-2 _ .. 
Twin Falls -Oakley Irrigation project. A. M. 
Korsmo, 11 plans Eng N 69;516-21 Mr 13 '13 
Kff nlfo Cableways; Coal handling; Elec- 
tric shovels: Freight handling; Hoisting 
machinery: Meclianlcal handling; Mine 
haulage; Mine hoisting; Ore handling; Rail 
handling; Telpherage; Trucks 
Conveyors. See Conveying machinery 
Convict labor 

Convict iHbor In road construction, J. H. 
Pratt. Kng Rec 68:701-2 D 20 '13 
cookery, Electric, See Electric cookery 

...:160-Ag'"8. — 
New method of cooling gas engines. B, Hop- 
klnson. diag Ind Eng 13:449-60 O ^13 
Cooling ponds 

Sharp mill spray cooling pond, New Bed- 
ford. Mass. W. O. Rogers. II Power 37:326- 
8 Mr II '13 
Coo 1 1 no towers 



^„ ., -- or small refrigerating plant. 

R. 1.. Mossman. plan Power 37:746 My 27 '13 
Cooling lowers for industrial establlahments. 

II Scl Aro S 75:220-1 Ap 5 '13 
Cooling towers for the iwweE plant, E. 

"■■" ■'■'tXibgk 

Brown, plan Power 38:496-8 


Cooling towar* 

Wheeler- Balcko natural draft to' 
Power !7:412-3 Mr 26 'IS 
Kre nliro Condensers (steam) 

.'piaiiB Blec'w 61:9(3-V My" 3"T3 
cooper, Hugh Lincoln 

Man who biitlt the Kenkuk dnm. W. F. 
Green, por Set Am 109:3t>ii N 8 '13 
Cooptr Hawitt lampa. See Electric lampi, Mer- 
cury vapor 
Co-operative buylns for the employees of the 
InterborouKb rapid transit company and 
New York railways compaoy. Elec Hy J 
41:219 F 1 '13 
Plan for cu-opemllve buylne In Philadelphia. 

Klec Ry J 41:855-6 My 10 '13 
Railway co-opernllve grocery stores In New 

York. II Blec Ry J 42:86-6 Jl 12 '13 
Securing lower purchase prices for employees. 

Eieo Ry J 41:S3S-;i My 10 '13 
Syndicalism or co-operation? J. Douglas. 
EnK M 44:833-41 Mr '13 

Kn also lienedt societies; Itulldine and 
loan associations: Trsde unions 
Cooperation, State and federal 

State and federal co-ouenition in irrlgulion 
work In Oregon. E. G. Ilopson. Eng Rec 

6S;i;hb.i; u 20 -is 
Cooparatlan In education 
Co-operation In educational effort Scl Am 

10S:IBS F IB -13 
Cooptratlve agriculture. See Agriculture. Coop- 
Cooperative (torei. See Cooperation 

Annealed copper .Htandlird. Am Inst E E Pro 
"- 2ir.3-B. 2161-2 N "13 

11:11B Mr '13 

uomparatlve ch.iracterlstl__ _. ..r,_ 

alB. Eng & Mln J S5;75a Ap 12 '13 
Coiyjer in steel — Its Influence on corrt _. 

M; Buck. II Iron Tr R B2:S73-8 Ap 24 'IS; 

Same. Iron Age 01 :Ml-6 Ap 17 '13; Same 

cnnd. Kng M 4r.:(19.21 Je '13 
Copper— Its uses In large electrical works. 

J. L. Jones. Metal Ind a M 11:37E-S S '13 
" •- ■ _._... jn^.jgi 

ted replacement copper deposits. 
C, W. Botsford, Eng & Min J !'o:620-2 Mr 

Influence of copper In retarding the corro- 
sion of steel plate. Engr N 70:^Z.S Jl SI 'IS 

Influence of cni>per upon pliVHiriil properlies 
of steel. (S. H. Clevpnger and H. Ray. blbllog 
II Am Inst Mln E But 32:2137-75 O '13: 
niHCUsslun. S4:£93S-40 l> '13 

Metallography of refined cnpjier. E. K. Hnrd- 
welL II Am Inst Mln B Rul 79:H2fl-il Jl 

Determination of oxyKen in copper and braai. 
T. West. Metal Ind n s 11:379-80, Bll-S S, 

Copper a I lay a 

Approvlmale melting pcilnts of some com- 

meroiul copper ullovs. It. VV. Uillett and A. 

H. Norton. Metal ind n s ll:M4-7 D "13 
Copper alloys for motor car service. W. U. 

liarr. Automobile S8:B14-B F 20 '13 
Electro -analyst 8 of the copper alloys. J. O. 

Falrchltd. II Met & Chen Eng 11:330-2 Jl 



Micros! ructu re of mw and manufactured cop- 
per. Mel & Cheni Eng 11:B:;].2 N '13 

New oonatruclion at copi'er smelteries. Eng 
& Min J E5;33S.S F S 13 

Rolling of copper. Metal Ind a s 11:205 My 

Testing engineers dlacusa copper and alloys 
Foundry 41;294-B Jl 'IS 

Hr^ ..).« Kriiss: lironie: t;.ippcr allova; 
Copper foiindinc: Copi-i-r ludMslrVaml tn.di'' 
Coppi-r met;. II II rev; fojipcr ores; M.-tuls 
Determination of arsenic and antimony In 
converter and electrolytic copper. E. R. 
Rruu'n;<»n, Am Inst Mln E Rul Sil:nN9-9S 

a. H. Deach 
a 11:430-2 O '13 


Micjo-chemlBtry of corrosi 

Recent imprbyementa in t 
C. Vickera. Foundry 41:4 
»e also German silver 
"ylnB , „^ 

copper- bullion. E: Keller. 11 Am Inst Mln 
!■: Rul Si):2093-I5 Ag 'IJ; Discusalon. 83: 
;T3S-9 N '13 
lopMrclad steal wit. P. H. W. Smith. Elec 
W G2:244 Ag 1 'IS 

E. Welnlraub. 

ng of sound hlgh-conduc- 
.. D. Thomson. U Hetal Ind 

879 Jl 'IS 

■oiled copyer. W. 8tahl. Metal 

Influence 'on corrosion 

.KU. Eng & Mln J 95:1013 My 17 'L. 
Anaconda copper mining co. report for 1912. 
Kng & Mln J 93:965-7 My 10 '13 

S^pt. 30, 1912. Eng & Mln J 95:t03S My £4 

Chino copper co. report for 1912. map Eng ft 

Min J ■i5:;iM-a My 3 '13 
Company reports. Eng A Mln J 96:357-3, 697- 

8 Ag 23, S 37 '13 
Copper freight rates. Eng & Mln J 96:197 

Ja IX '13 
Copper Industry In ISIS. Bng & Mln J 9I:ES- 

04 Ja 11 '13 
Copper prices, consumption and supply. H. 

.'ituclo. Eng * Mln J l'<;:Hlfil-4 D 6 '13 

production In Alaska. Elec R & W 

V>Iiper produ 
I'llec'n 62:40 

r mining Industry 

Miami copper eomliany In 1912. J: P. I 
-*— Bng A Mln J 96:69-60 Ja 11 '13 

;opper ro. report tor 1912. Bng A Mln 

Phelps. Dodge & Co., niiacellaneous costs. 

Eng & Mln J 95:1003 Mv 17 '13 
PhHps. nodee A co. report for 1912. Eng tt 

Min J »B:9i4-E My 11 '13 
Prices received for 1912 copper, Eng A Mln 

J 9!i:1044 My 24 '13 
ITospectB for copper, Eng & Mln J 96:193 Ja 

QiiolHtinns for copper. Eng & Min J 96:801-3 
O ^5 '13 

'Eng"A%ln*'j'u5'iWsf-'4 My ?l^°n 

4-S My 31 ■ 

I>li.>d Slates popper prmlnctlon, 1912. Eng 
& .Min J !.r.:t;76 Mr 29 "13 



■. p. w. 

Copper Industry and trad* -^Conlinutd. 

Utah copper co. report tor 1913. Eng & MIn 
J 95;100T.3 My IT '11 
Coppar metallurgy 
ChemlBtry of trie reduction prncesHCB in ufle 
nt Anaconda. Mont. F: Lsist, Am Inst MIn 
E Bui 73 133-Sn Jfi 13 
ConcBntration and rev erbera.tory^mel ting of 

'. Mont. 
,__ _.^_ ._ Bill SOi 

; Ab '13: IUHCUsalon. 83:2740-1 N '13 

Constllutton of copper slags. Kng A Min J 

9;.:*Kn-Z Mr 1 'IS 
Control of QDxlouB fumes: Heslewood method 

InTolvlnff new principles In copper imelt- 

Ins. A. H. Martb. Bns U 45:901-! S '13 
Copper deoliaatlon by means of maKneslum. 

P. HUser. U Met & Chem Kag 11:518-30 8 

Copper leaching. Ene & MIn J !ie:9l>2-3 N 22 


Copper Bmeftinit "at" Chromed Nr"y7"jr"W. 

JemcB. Sne & MIn J 96:1207 Je 14 '13 
Copper emelllng operations of the Santa F6 

gold and copper mining co.. San Pedro, 

New MCT, C. T. Bmrtch, 11 Met ft Chem 

EnE lI:32T-9 Jh '13 

ti of dust ■ 

I Inst Min 'e BiiI S0:20!i1- 

Development of the bnaic-llned convei 

Min^ E Bui 7a:lo'33-7 J " -13* Di"cuHB 
26J0-83 N '13 
Development of the reverberatory fiirn 
smeitinK copper-ores. K, P. Math" 


Min E Bui 73:113-37 Ja 

DtBtillatlon of Impurities from copper. Found- 
ry 41:S8-S Ja 'IS 

Elect rniyl lo rellninB of copper preclpllate an- 
odes. W. F. Barns. Am InsI MIn E Bui 
79:11113-7 Jl '13 

Sxperlments with an oll-bumtna; shaft fur- 
nace. A. L. Waters. U Bng £ Uln J 98: 
tOS-E As 1 '13 

Flotation va, table con cent rut Ion tor copper 
ores. Eng ft Min J 95.328 F 8 '13 

Great Kails converter practice. A. E. Wheel- 

t Min 


N '13 

Oreat Falls electrolytic copper refinery. W. 

T. Burns. 11 Am Inst Min E Bui 80:2011-49 

Ak '13^ Same. Mel & Chem Eng ll:.'>o;t-18 

S '13 
Great Falls electrolytic copper refinery. H, A. 

B. Motherwell; Met & Chem EtiR ll:fifi9-70 

D '13 
Great Fallii system of concentration. A. E. 

WiRKln. diag Am Inst MIn E Bui 30:1801- 

30 Ae '13 
Historical note on copper smeltlnK. Kng ft 

liOn J 9S:159.B1 As it '13 

the efflcli 

of MacPougall r 

. E. Whce 

ind M. ■ 

New smeltery of United Verde copper 
pany, Clnrfidale, Arl». R: H. Vair 11 __.. 
dla«« Eag ft win J 3«:tS7-», S41-< As lS-33 

Precipitation of copper from Ihe mine v 
of the Butte district, J. C. Fehles. I 
Inst Min E Bui 79:1267-83 Jl '" 

Recent Cottretl electric precipltalloD results, 
p. Bradley. Ens ft Min J 96:247-8 As 9 

Slater liiiviatlon process, H, B, Slater. Bng 

Treatment of c 
J 95:902 My : 

Copper In Arizona. J, Douglas, map Eng ft 

MIn J e5:E0-I Ja 11 '11 
Cost of copper. H. Steele. Eng ft MIn J 91: 

!E1-S Ag 9 -IS 
Earlv copper mining and smelting In Arizona. 
G^ A, Martin, II Eng ft Min J 9E:g81 My 3 

. Kyloe copper mines, N. 
. plans Met ft Chem Bns 

J 90:311-3 Ag 1. .. 

Lake Superior district In 191 J. C. L. C. 
Flchtel. Eng ft MIn J 9B:«S-4 Ja 11 'II 

Magistral district, Jalisco, Mexico. E. Ordo- 
nez, Eng ft Min J 90:491-2 S 13 '13 

Mining In Butte In 1912, B. B. Thayer, map 
Eng ft Min J 9E:Bl-t Ja 11 '1> 

New smeltery of United Verde copper com- 
pany, Clarkdale. Ariz. R: H, Vail. II plan 
diags Ens ft Min J 98:287-93, 341-fl Ag 18-13 

Ore deposits at I 
illags Am Inst I 
Copper ores 

Investigation of copper enrichment, L. C. 
Graton, Kng ft Min J 90:835-7 N 8 '13 

Sulphide ores of copper; some results of mic- 
roscopic study, 1-. C, Groton, II Am Inst 
Min R Bui 77:741-98 My "IS; DlHCusslon, 
77:798-811 My '13 

Rrr aim Copper metallurgy; Copper mines 
- 1 mining 

Copper plating 

Applying chemistry In I 

Foundry 4 


e plating rw 
.9 My Via 

I. B. P. 

lenw of Ma 
Falls smeit 

S, a. Kiidivcrs. dlags Am ln,"i Min E Bui 

7P;1399-H3S Jl '13 
Bjedaheg copper- smelting works, Transcau- 
casia, dlasa Ens ft MIn J 9«:lS-9 Jl G '13 
Leaching ofcopper ores. Ens ft Min J 98:051 

O 4 '18 
Leaching Shannon copper ores, F, S. Schlm- 

erka, Enn ft Min J 96:1107-10 D 13 '13 
Metallurgy of copper In 191!. A. L. Walker. 

Eng ft MIn J 9B:loa-4 Ja II "18 
Metallurgy of Sudbiirv copper-nlckel ores. Met 

& Chem Eng 11:029-31 N '13 

" ^rt?-'"ejrr 

Copper- pin ting to size. Foundry 41:190 My '13 
Electro copper plating of galvanlied Iron 

chain. C: H. proctor. Metal Ind n s 11:84 P 

Copper range consolidated co-, Houahton, Mich. 
Copper Range consolidated. Eng ft MIn J 9b: 

357-g Ag M '18 

, s. trade-marks, copyrights 

and franchises. P. J. BsguerrB. J Account 
1B:B0-1 Ja 'IS 

Core ihops. See Foundry management 

Coras. See Foundry prsctlce 

Commercial Importance of cork bark. A. J. 

Clansay. II Scl Am S ?E:844-S My 81 '13 

Some old cork oxtraclors, diags Scl Am 109: 

383 N IE '13 


icy Google 



, 11 Con- 

Corn and Its future. Am Ind t4:23 
Corn cribi 

Special concrete block loi 

• Crete Cem 2:2«4-5 Je 'la 
Corona (electricity) 

Electric streneth of air. J. B. Whitehead and 
T. T. Pitch, bibllog Am Inat E E Pro 32: 
1316-33 Je -13; Discussion. 3Z:23I>0-1& D '13 

Law of corona and dielectric strength of air. 
F. W. Peek. jr. Am Inst E R Pro 32:1336- 
&5 Je '13: Discussion. 32:2300-16 D '13 

OsclllOfcraph study of corona. K: Fenni 

4 Je '13: Discussion. 32:2300- 

S peel flea 1 1 oils for lestlnK hiBh-voltage Insu- 
lalors. Blee W 62:83-5 J1 12 '13 
Corporation law 

Appeal important to all manufacturers, 
Sioux remedy CO. v*. Cope. Am Ind t3:It- 
7 F '13 

AeseasmentB on stock of corporatlotu organ- 
ized under the laws of California. J Ac- 
count 15:117-21 F '13 

Decision of the Supreme court on corporate 
liability. Ry & Eng R 63:406 My 3 M3 

Interest of minority stockholders in public 
utllllies to be establisbed. Elec W 61:924 My 

Corporation!, Public aervlce. See Public service 

corrosion, Electrolytic. See Electrolytic corro- 

l. Smith. Eng N 69:1(H)2- 

: '13 

Regulation of ateam heatir 
New York. Heat & Ven 10:15-7 O '13 

£ce olio Franchises: Income tax; Public 
service corporations; Railroad law; Sher- 

Corp oration schools 

Apprenticeship on the Illinois Central. Am 

Kng S7:349-r>2 My '13 
Carnegie aleel company's training school. Iron 

Age 91:12!IB My 29 '11 
National association of corporation schools. 

Elec Ry J 41:1S3 F 1 '13 
Organization of National sssn, of corpora- 

Uon schools. Iron Age 91:318-9 Ja 30 '13 
Pennsylvania railroad company apprentice 

schools. J: P. Jackson and J, W. L. Hale. 

Am Inst E K Pro 32:1433-9 Je '13 
Public trade schools or shop schools — which? 

P. Kreuzpointer. Am Maeh 38:831-2 My IE 

Training of employeea. Kng Reo tT:llG F 
1 'IS 

Woods apprentice Industrial scliool, Alliance. 
Ohio, Mach 20:315 D '13 

BBtigatlon by Dept. of „ 

Age 92:1393 D 13 '13 

Her olar) Building anil loan asanclatlons: 
Corporation low; Government rcsulation of 
Industry; Holding companies; Public ser- 
vice corporations 


Bet Accounting 

Adoption of by-laws. T: Conjmgton. J Ac- 

15:10-20 Ja '13 

Mistaken popular notions concerning public 

service cort — *■ "■ "' "■-- "-- 

J 41:190-2 I 

Tax on mining Income. Bng & Min J H: 65E- 
e O 4 'It 

Sec oJjiii Income lai; Mine taxation 


jrroslon. 11 Power 38:531-3, 
I. D 2-9 -13 

Iron Age 

Copper-bearlne st< 

92:512-3 S 11 '13 
Copper in steel — its influence on corrosion. D. 

M. Buck. 11 Iron Tr H 62:973-8 Ap 24 

'13: Same. Iron Age 91:931-6 AP 17 '13; 

xnd. Bng M 45:419-21 Je ■"" 

19 '13 
Corrosion of aluminum, a. H. Bailey, Metal 

Ind n B 11:204-5, 260-1 My-Je '13 
CorrtjBton of cast Iron reviewed. R: H. Qalnes. 

Iron Age 9I:13SR-9 Je 6 '13 
Corrosion of condenser tubes. O. D, Ben- 

gough and R: M. Jones. Metal Ind n s 11:3BB- 

7 S '13 
Corrosion of fopper. T: A. Eastick. Metal 

Ind n B ll:Fi;4-5 D '13 
Corrosion of disllDlng condenser tubes. Met 

& Chem Eng 11:287-3 My '13 

" — - ■ ivervoltage. Met ft 

y -IS 
-, 1 and steel. W: H. Walker. 

Iron Age 91:1205 My IE '13; Same. Scl Am 

B 76:51-3 Jl 26 '13 
Corrosion of lead. R: H. Qalnes. Bng Beo 

«;:4SG-6 Je 21 '13 
Corrosion of pipe in refrigerating svstems. 

F. N. Speller, bibllog 11 Iron Ago 92:1330- 

. _ .1 13 

Corrosion of pipes t 


f; E. Hale. Siunic EnB"45';334-9 O '13 

Corrosion of spikes In ties treated with zinc- 
chloride. Bng N 69:270 F S '13 

Corrosion report before ;he British Institute 
of melals. Met & Chem Bug 11:544 O '11 

Corrosions in steam boilers. Am Boc M E J 
3r.:l«5-6 Ja '13 

Decarbonatlon of public water supplies to re- 
move corrosive properties. G; C. Whipple. 
Bng Rec 68:213-4 Ag 23 '13 

Design of hot water supply systems to mini- 
mize corrosion. F. N, Speller, plan Bng 
89:294-5 F 13 >13 

DiseaHp of old leaden art obiccls. J, Boy 
II Sri Am 101:38-' N 16 '13 

Electrolytic method of preventing 
Bng Rec 68:215 Ag 23 '13 

Electrolytic theory of the corrosion of iron. 
& I-ambert, Met & Chem Eng 11:272-4 My 

Further studies In corrosion. Power 38:843- 

4 I) Ifi -13 
Influence ot copper in retarding the corrosion 

of steel plate. Eng N 70:23S-S Jl 31 '13 
Influence of silicon on corrosion of cast Iron. 

J. N. FHend and C. W. Marshall. Foundry 

41:307-8 Ag 'IS 
Mlcro-chemlatry of corrosion. C, H, Desch 

and S: Whyte. Metal Ind n a 11:430-2 O "13 
Preservation of metals for marine work. F. 

I.yon. Int Marine Eng 18:151-4 Ap 'I! 
Preventing corrosion of Iron and steel. Set 

Am 109^158 Ag 30 'IS 
Prevention of the corrosion ot iron water 

mains. W. F. Monttort. Bng N 70:670-1 S 

18 '13 

ve and how to 

; 13:264 Je '13 
i-roieciion oi sieei irom corrosion. H; Wil- 
liams. 11 Eng M 15:183-95 My '13 
Rusting of Iron. Scl Am 108:67 Ja 18 '13 
"-' ■- '— boiler waters. C: H. Bromley. 


Power 38:412-3 S 16 '13 
Steel and Its corrosion. Eng M 4B:E69-70 Jl 'la 
Steel, wrought iron and corrosion. G; Schuh- 

mann, II Iron Ag" 92:1190-3 N 20 '13 

■ ofsD Metal protection; Paint; Palnt- 



Carruoatlon of electric railway rails. A. Busse. 

Eng M 44:2H.e N 'IS 

Assay for coruniluni by mediani<!ii analysla, 
W. S. Hulchtnson. Am liiBt Mln B Bui 
78:10.18-40 Jt "13 
Decreaaed cosl month. Iron Age 91:1187-8 My 

15 '13 
What Is .. 

Is (he sellttig iirice? II, H. f 
>om Eng 66:15-6 O 11 '13 

Cost accounting 

Accounting as a basis tor and a i 

of efflelencv In bualneaB, C- H. Nau. J Ac- 
count lS:14J-56 Mr "13 

Analysis of costs In a refrigerating plant. 
Elec W «l:148-9 Ja IS '13 

cuHslon of paper by H: U. Towne. Am 3oc 
M I'l J S5:'io,1-6Z Ap '13 
.^Bulldinr a cost system. B; A. Franklin. 
.^^Eng Sf 4«;35a-S4 D '13 

of the small pruOt In the plumbing 
E. C. Cole, Dom Kng 63:306-7 

Central -station 
Cheap, eni< 

JO ■ 

; w 

Ja 2 -13 
Construction by day labor in Minneapolis: 
.._i_ __j .. . vaulting 

methods and costj 

- fr clly reservol 

c 6T:4S4-6 Ap 1 


1 In r 

. Auto 

'Stem, Automobile 28: 
loothly. In- 

Locomobile .. - 
1030-3 My IE la 

Maklntt (he cost system t 
land ptr 5i:l2il-i D '13 

Manufacturing burden obtained monthly; sys- 
tem of the Gilbert & Barker mfg. co. 
Sprlngneld, M-asg. Iron Age 91:350-9 F B 'j; 

Mining cost accounts of the Anaconda pop- 
per mining co. H, T. Van Blls, Am Insi 
Min K Bui 15:1047-54 Je '13 

Necessity of knowing what things cost, J; R 
Godfrey. Am -Mach -■|S;7S4 My 8 '13 

"ISIS'f V"n ""■"■'■" »■•■■ "•'" "' 



N. Jones. 11 Eng 

Contli ..__ _ _, 

by Automatic transportation co., Huitajo. 
11 Iron Age 91 8S-90 Ja 2 '13 - 

Cost and method. B. Daniels. See monthly 
. numbers of the Inland printer 

Cost eatlmaling on screw machine products. 
II Iron Tr R 62:909-15 Ap 17 MS 

Cost keeping tor reinforced- concrete build- 
ings. W, P. Anderson. Eng M 46:34-49 Ap 


Cost-kecBrng ayslem 'for warehouse 
s. Automobile 2S:942-3 My 1 '18 
-'Cost ayBtematizing, A. HtUer. J Account 16: 
435-9 D '13 

Cost Bystems. M. HcCune. Metal Ind n s 11; 
399-300 Jl 'IS 

Dally time and material report systems o( 
ratlroail.". Rv Age 55:M5-8 S 19 '13 

Distribution ot shop expenses, J, A. Slngler, 
Inland Ptr 51:567-9 Jl '13 

Easily -applied, common sense cost system; 
the method ot distributing direct and In- 
direct foundry costs. O. O. Brace. 11 Found- 
ry 41:13-0, S7-100, 152-7, 207-8 F-My '13 

EcononMcal ifoundry cost-keeplnK methods. 
E. W. Hiker. Foundry 41:283-5 Jl 'IJ 

Fallacy ot Includine Interest and rem as part 
of manufacturing cost. A. L, Dickinson. J 
Account 16:S;i-9>i Ag '13 

Improved cost summary sheet. E. Gorman. 
Inland Ptr 51:230-1 My '13 

Inlerest a factor of costs? E: C. Gough. J 
Account 16:-t73-7 Je '13 

Keeping concrete costs, M. C. Tuttle. tables 
Eng Rec 07:9-11 Ja 4 '13 

Keeping costs. Eng Rec G7:S Ja 4 '13 

Keeiiing track of tfrea : sales recrirde and 
other forms. Automobile 28:1301-5 Je 26 

°^Df'i''^^S^*" 'M"* plumbing business. R. H. 
Pflug-Felder. Dom Eng 61:332-3 S 20 '13 

Overhead expense distribution: with discus- 
sion. K. li. Keely. Am Hoc M K J 35:983-96 
?^ ".i. *^"..'"*.- ""■ ''■"^ 13:301-1 Jl '13; Same. 
Iran Tr R 63:337-S Ag 21 '13; Same cond. 
Iron ABe 92:398-!) Ag 7 '13 

Problem in the distribution of expense burden 
Bentley. J Account 10:25-50. 17B-209 

h-prieed workmen. Ind 

oat -keeping system for reinforced 

J; S. NicKolL Bag M 44:5ii-2s Ja 
■• Shop costs of boiler and plate work W c 
Connelly. Iron Age 92:6H-6 S IS '13 
Simple cost-finding method tor photoengrav- 

ers. Inland Ptr 61:587-8 Jl 'IS 
Mm pie system tor procuring cost data. Iron 

Some observationB on costs by k country 
pr'nWr. C. L. Hobart- Inland Ptr 60:GSS-10 

Standardization of method tor determining 
and comparing power i.osts In steam plant" 
H. G. iitolt and W. S. Gursueh, Am Inst E 
B Pro 33:10a8-1131 My '13 

System for keeping costs In a foundry. E: 
A. Boyce. Iron Age 91:601-6 Mr 6 '13 

l.realment of Interest on manufacturing In- 
veslment: symposium. J Account 16:kji-44, 
329-36, 427-32, 16:22-4 Ap-JI 'IS 

Uniform cost methods in the foundry Indus- 
try. C. B. Knoeppel. Foundry 41: 372-4 Ji 

t keeping. Power 37:8. 

What should II 
Feider, II Dl 

Dum Eng 64 "si 

i,--Vj— -■7.-.-- sslUng price be? R. H. pflug- 
_ Feider, II Dom Eng 65:338-40 D 13 '13 

■ . end and profits begin. F. S, Prior. 
' ""-J S 27 '13 

n adaglable to public ulill. 

18 ' 

W. KalwelL Elec Ry J 41:113-6 Ja 

1*0 Account analysis; Accounting; 

; W. 

. of 

Cost of living 
Comparative measurements of the cbanglDir 

lil-B?'My sf" -is ^' N""""- «<=' A"i S 7^ 
Cost ot high living. Ind Eng 13:218.9 My '13 
Good roads and the cost of living, v "- 

Flnley. Concrete Cem 2:17-8 Ja '13 
Philadelphia— result of ^inquiry ' ' 

486 My ■"! 

h'le aho Food— Prices 
Costa Rica 

Survey ot the boundary between Coata Rica 
and Panama, Eng Rec 67:361 Mr 29 '13 

£fe alto Automobile costumes 
Concrete block cottages built complete (or 
JlsOOeach, II plana Concrete. Com 2:137-8 

Mr '13 

built of white face block at Creston, 
1 plan Concrete Cem 2:298-9 Je '13 
I apartments of California: Irving J. 
architect. E, M. Roorbach. II plan Arch 
34:520-30 D '13 
f_cottagc« at Villa Nova, Pa., Aymar 

Embury, II. architect. 11 Arch Rec' 3 

H, Perkln. Eng H 44:761-3 F '18 

Improvement In batting cotton. Am Ind I 
Ag '13 

S'e also Textile Industry 
New pre pi 

machlnet^y I rorVu»4_)lt|)^ltC 

lills. il Am Ind 13:31 ApilS O 


Cotton minof»cturor». Seo National aaaoclatlon 

ol cotton manufaoturtra 
Cotton m«|., „„^^„^^ J „„„,„,. J Account 

35:1029-33 j'e '13; . 

Modern malhoda of "KhHng In cotton mllla. 

A L, Pearson. Am Soc M E J Jl;I033-« Je 

^3; Same. Ind Eng l3;306-7 Jl '13 

t!.e also Factories 

Cotton Btorage ahed <'f,e^'"""','=^',^nf '/";., 

S. Penn^aker, ]r. 11 Bng N 89.26-7 Ja a 

relty. Iron Age 92:HM)fi-T O 30 

.-.a 10B:A36 My 10 'li 
Counterbalance ""pji" „„,„„tB q e. Bron- 

^^iruJTge'TlJitihTd) t7:5:"-30 O "IJ 
Counting ,,,„. ^.^ai mnni'V Is lost 

L*ak for factory l'i;oms. J™,."'^' ,?., 

'^ «"»,rt''if. hnmV of Frank Uoyd WrlRht; plc 

turefl. Arch Reo a3;4S-B4 Ja '13 
Country home" 

:-ounWhou7o in Calitotnla. H. D. Cioly. » 
' Arch^^Boc 14;«3 
Country ' "' 

'™lih"an Idea: the Russell res- 

Hac 34:292-301 O "13 
Eloment_of.the_pictnreaane^a I 

Clearances tor eleclric cranes. W. L. Tr 
diag Foundry 41:608a N '11 

Clearances for hand power oranoa. W. 
Tryon. dlag Foundry 41 :418a O '13 

CompensatlnB quadrant crane. M. W. Bro 
II diae Int Mal'ine Ens I8:30&-» JI 13: 

Crune failures 
::3I-a My "" 
Dcrricka tor erection of^atei 

oauaea. Ind Flng 13: 

r Panama. 11 plan Eng Rec 

by F: Tench. Eng Rec 67:278 Mr 8 

Design of overhead travelinB cranes. Ind 
Eng 13:189-91 Ap '13 

Dynamic braJdne hoist controller and its ap- 
plication to mill cranes. H, F. Stratton. 11 
Iron Tr R 62:SD-93 Ja 2 '13 

EO-ton locomotive crane. 11 Ene N 69:675 AP 
3 '13 

Floating cra"nas for the permanent equipment 
of the Panama canal. 11 Eng N T0;n8-») Jl 

Floating revolving cranes tor Pajiamft. 11 Am 

M:ieh 3S;796-7 My S '13 
German cranes tor Panama. 11 Iron Ago 91: 

1170 My IB '13 „ ^. 

Large locomotive ]lb crane. 11 Iron Tr R 62: 

741 Mr 27 '13; II Ind Eng 13:207 My '13 
Large steel derrick tor government work. 11 

Eng Rec 67:240 Mr 1 'IS ,, ~ p tv. 

at the Blohm & Vobs shipyard. U 

rine Eng 18:438-9 O '13 
Shop cranes— their design and cons 

F. W. Suffield. Mach 19:943-5 Ag 
Steel Kuyeil dcrriciis tor building 

plana Eng N 70:1028-30 N 20 '13 
Stresses In an A-frame for a crane 

analysis of primar> stresses and fl 

of stresses In lattice bars. It Owini 

Mach 19:37-8 S '12 

ner. dlag 

Torbonm. Arcu m "■"=. " u ri Croly 


See -il«i ArchUeoture, Dooieetlc: Bun- 
galows: Country homes 
"C?cCTt 'h;'"unty agriouuurist plan. C: 

M. Carroll. Scl Am 108:124 F 1 13 
'^'county'suTJoyOT-cngineer. J. \V. Mavity. Eng 

N 70:1189 D 11 "13 
'^ Bo^rlrra large compression coupling. A. H. 
Myers, dlag Mach l^-SO'-^ J* ," Aulomo- 
Magneto couplings for 1913. diags AUiomo 

New%lxibie"Vo''«^r''transmlsslon coupling. 11 
uir"f*Uat'h;r'^to"'"unillrsal coupling. Au- 

New York county court house design. 11 Eng 
Reo 67:404 Ap 26 '13 
Court of olalms. See United States. Court of 

Courtesy na an asset in tne j.mi 
neaa F. W. Barclay. Dom Em 
28 -i3 
Cranes, derrick*, etc. 

Building with (raveling tower-era 
Eng N 70:814-5 O 23 '13 

Ap ■ 

^en minutes. II Au- 
I. II Foundry 41:1B1 

St^arna-Knight trankoases milling and drill- 
ing il Automohlle 29:279 Ag 14 '13 

"naly'sis of crankshaft stresses. K. W. Najder. 

Centering drop-forged crankshafts, diags 

Much 19:50 S '12 
Design of a crank shaft. B; M. Bragg. Int 

Marine Eng 18:36-6 Ja '13 
lioose dowel pin In crank shaft. Int Marine 

Eng 18:174 Ap '13 
Crankplns , „t ^ 

Flitlne crankplns in the backwoods. W. E. 

Stickney. dlag Power 37:7811-90 Je 3 '13 
PultlnK crankpin In EOOO- horsepower englnA. 

W. J. Maxwell. Power 37:233 F 18 "13 ^, 
Putting crankplns in large engines. J. N. 

T.ucas. 11 Power 3;:«SS My 6 '13 
Three point nilcromeier and its use. 11 dlag 

M.nch 19:688 My '13 

Successful municipal llghtlnr plant. II plan 
Munic Eng 44;8()-S F 'II 
Crayfish. See Crawflsh 

Credits and collections discussed by elec 

tnanclal statements^ 




Bne 62. 

Eke W «2:1£I5' 

D 13 13 

Chloride with coal-tar 

for preserving cnxB-tlea. H. F; 

WelHs. Glee Ry J 41:lSl-3 Ja ti 'IS: Same. 

Ens Rec e7:109-t0 Ja 26 '13: Same. By & 

BnK It E3:84S Ja 25 '13; Same. Ky Age 54: 

l«o-7 Ja 2i '13 
Effeet of Initial air preeBura on penetration 

ol creosote, it. S. Belcher. Ens Bee 67: 

299 Mr IS '13 
Effect upon absorption and penetration of 

mlxlns tar with creosote. F. H. Band. Bat 

Rec eT:10« Ja 2G '13; Same. Kjr Age E1:lTl-2 

Ja 24 '13 
European c 

bloidl for i;n» BirccLB, c n. uid^ 
Rec 67:495-6 My i 'IS 
Production and supply of coal-tar 

Ens Rec S7:3ZG Mr 22 '13 
Production and supply of cuaJ tar creosote. 
E. A. Sterling. By Age (14;I64-B Ja 24 '13 
Creoioted wood. See Wood preservation 
Creoeoted wood blocka for floore. E. A. Sterl- 
ing. Eng M 44:276-8 N '11 

Cripple Creek. Coloradi 
CrjpplB Creek In Ih- - 

Eng & Min J 95. 



! 92:933 O 2 


Cruel biM 

Color of crucibles. J. Bartley. Metal Ind n s 
'1:S4B Je 'IS 

relationship. J. Bartley. 

a J 96:508 B 18 '13 

Crulaerl. See Warships 

CruBhlng Tojiopah (Nev-.) ores. A. R. Par- 
sons. Bng & MJn J »5:1110 My 31 '13 

Grinding ores for cyanldatlon. H. A. Megraw. 
Kng & Mm J 96:821-4, 917-21 N I, 16 '13 

HarOinge conical mltl. H. \V. Hardinge. II 
dlags Am Inst Mln K Bui 76:453-6S Mr '13 

Hardinge mltl. Kng & Mln J 95:663 Mr 29 '13 

Hanllnge mills vs. Chilean mills. R. Franke. 
Am Inst Mln K Bui 79:1201-s Ji 'IS; Same 
cond. Eng & Mln J 96:493-4 S 13 '13; Dis- 
cussion. Am Inst Mln E Bui 88:2702-8 N '13 

Ore cruehing. H. W. Hardinge. dlags Eag U 
45:598-601 Jl '13 . o e 

Pebble lining for Hardinge mills. D: Cole. Eng 
& Mln J 96:927 N 15 '13 

inlde 1 

ipecltl cations for paving 

In Ihe early days. G. L. Sheldon. 
" 95:220-1 Ja 25 '13 

Cripple Creek, Colo. H, A. 
II Eng & Mln J 95:313-7 F 8 '13 

.f crops. Ry & Eng R 53:467 My 17 

Our record-breaking crop tor 1913. Set Am S 
75:18-9 Ja 11 'IS 

See alto Agriculture 

Cross -seel ions and symbols, diags Am Mach 

38:776-8, 791 My 8 '13 
Discussion on report of the committee on 
standard cross- sections and symbols. II Am 
Soc M E J 35:18-27 Ap '13 
Crois-tle*. See Railroad ties 
CreMlngs, Grade. See Grade crossings 
Croeslnge, Railroad. See Grade crossings 

Kinetic effects of crowds: the forces due to 
movements of live load. C. J. Ttlden. II 
8cl Am 8 T6;I72-E S 13 '13 
Crucible steel company of America 

Annual report for fiscal year ended Aug. 31. 

Mar. il Eng & Min J 96:769-71 O 25 '13 
Special mixing and grinding machinery. 11 

Met & Chem Eng 11:111 P '13 
Stone crushing and screening, Falrmount, 

111. K. E. Casparls. It Eng N 69:112-6 Ja 16 

Hce alto Grinding |ians 

Crushing- surface diagram. A. O, Gates. Eng 
& Mln J 95:1039-41 My 24 '13 

WIttorff's Iron-carbon equilibrium diagram. 
K Sloughton. II Am Inst Mln K Bui 74:227-37 

InduMrles and resource* 

Cuban Iron-ore resers'es. U. Whitaker. ETng 

M 46:253-4 N '13 
Vast ore depoalu of Cuba. H: Hate. Scl Am 

Foundry practice. 

Crushing plant o( Natomas consolidated. R; 
H. V^t. II plan Eng & Mln J 96:181-6 S 13 

Crushing -surface diagram. A. O. Gates. Eng 

ft Mln J 95:1019-41 My 24 '13 
Brr also Gold milling 
Crushing machinery 
Baltic regrlnding plant. Redrldge. Mich. A, H. 

Sawyer, dlags Eng & Min J 95:521-2 Mr 8 'IS 
Changing a tube Into a cone mill. II Eng & 

Min J 96:977 N 22 '13 
Corrugated roll shells. H. C. Holthoff. Eng & 

Mln J »G:1303 Je 2g '13 

. J. Liotka. Scl Am £ 

Bridges and culverts for country roads In 
Wisconsin. A. R. Hirst. Eng N 70:729-30 O 
9 '13: same cond. Eng Rec 68:37S O 4 '13 

Data for use In designing culverts and short- 
span bridges. C: H. Moorefield. II U S Pub 
Roads Bui 45:7-39 '13 

Diagram for area of railway culvert open- 
ings. T. J. Wright, Jr. Eng N 69:173-4 Ja 
23 'IS 

Large reinforced -concrete culvert, Newcastle, 
Eng. diag Eng N 70: 339 Ag 21 '13 

P^rea. St. I^uls. Mo. C: W, Mardn. II 

plan Eng N 69:1218-9 Je 12 '13 
Sre olio Bridges 
Cup greaiea. See Lubrication and tubrlrants 
Cup races. See Tacht racing 

Ancient cupolas render efficient service at 
General foundry CO., Boonton, N. J. II 
Foundry 41:149-50 Ap '13 

Blast iiuantlty and pressure in cupola work- 
ing. F. J. Conk. Iron Ace 92:292-8 Ag 7 '13 

Pore hearth for foundry cupolas, dlag Iron Age 
92:234-5 Jl 31 '13 

Foundry — cupola gases and temperatures. A. 
W. Belden. 11 dlags U S Bur Mines Bui 54: 
1-27 't3: Same cond. Iron Age 92:289-90 Ag 

Fuel-etflclency of the cupola- furnace. J; J. 

Porter. Am Mln E Bui 71:239-48 F '13 
Investigation ot cupola melting operations. 

II dlags Foundry 41:309-18 Ag ^13 
Melling Iron in Ihe cupola- furnace. R. Molden- 

ke. Am Inst Mln E Bui 73:37-46 Ja '13 
Newly designed foundry cupola, dlags Iron 

Age "2 795 O 9 '13 
Operating a sniall cupola. W J Keep. Foun- 
dry 41 456 O IS 
Remarkable cupola explosion plan Iron Age 

92 346-7 Ag 14 13 
Studies of the cupola melting prscesB. Iron. I 

Age 91 772-4 Mr 27 1^ "^ CllOOQ IC 


Cupola lurnacet-^Conlitmed. 
Testa or cuiioIel eanes iiniJ tvmperaturcH: A. 
W. nelden's rei«nt. II Iron Tr K 52;HS3-5 Je 
26 'H 

N.e aim Foimciry work 
Curasao. Weit Indlei 
Improving a, harbor of Curagao. II. C Flum- 
mer. map II Scl Am 10E:474-& My 21 '13 
Current meten. See Water flow 
Currenta. See Winds 
Currents, Electric. See Eaectrlc currentB 


Contlmioua sand planl in cyatilde practice 

o[i ihe Rand- E: L,. Bateman. Mel & Chem 

I'lng 11:672-3 I> 'IJ 
Counter- currant decantatlon o( allme. J: V. 

N. Dorr. Bng & MIn J 9E:2ID Ar 9 '13 
CyunliJatlon at Urtpple Creek. Colo. H. A. 

MeKraw. II Ens & MIn J 95:313-7 F 8 '13 
Cyanldatlon at the Llberly Bell mill. H, A. 

Megraw. It plan Eng & MIn J 95:9-14 Ja 

4 '13 
Cyanide practice In the Black HlUe. South 

Dakota. H. C. Pamielee. Met & Chem Eng 

Il:39&-8. 435-8, 600-2 Jl-3 '13 
Cjanlrtlng at Grass Valley, Cal. H. A, Me- 

p-aw, II plan Eng & MIn J 95:983-7 My IT 

Special problem In reverse curves. W: C. 
Crosby. Eng N 69:1323-3 Je 26 '13 

K(V nim Circle; itailroads -Cunes and 

United Statea 
Uncle Sam's appraisers of merchandise. 11 
Scl Am 108:244-5 Mr 16 '13 
Cutting machines 

Automatic proHllng device. M dlaga Mach 19: 

486-7 F '13 
Culling power of lathe lurninR IooIb, W: 
Ripper and G. \V. Hurley. Iron Age ■J2:13S4-9 
D IS -Vi 
Hie altio Gear cutting 
Cutting of glae*. See Glass cutting 
Cutting of meUla. See Metal cutting 
Cuyahoga river 

Cuyahoga rtver In [he flood of Mar. 25-26, 
" "" - - ap Eng N 69:322- 

!il3. v.. B. Tlioi 

Prellm'lnary report on Btralghtenlng the 
Cuyahoga river. I] map Kng Kec 67:546 My 
IT '13 

M 45:432-4 
Cyanide procSM 

. J. Franke. Bng 

Action of oxldixers In cyanldlng. Eng & MIn 

J 96:392 Ag 30 '13 
Action of oxTdliers In cyanldlng. M. Green. 

Eng A MIn J 95:1233-6 Je 21 '13 
Aluminum precipitation at Deloro. Ontario. 8. 

F. Klrkpatrlck. dlag Eng & Min J 95:1277-8 

Cyanldlng silver at Nevada Hills mill. Fair- 
view. H. A. Megraw. 11 Eng & MIn J 9o:64fi-S 
Mr 29 '13 

Cyanldlng slimy ore by continuous deeanta- 
"--. H. C. Parmoloe. II plan Mot & Cbem 

1. Met & Chem 

ERect of heat on atnalgamatinc and c 
tratlng In cyanide solullr- ^'— " 
Eng 11:98-9 F *13 

Electrolysis of afjueous flolullons of the simple 
alkaline cyanides. Met & Chem Eng 11:577 

I'^lectrolysia of cyanide 

I. Met & Chem 

Gold Road cyanide mill. Arliona. H. A. Me- 

graw. II dlag Eng & MIn J 9E:3-6 Jl 6 '13 

Grading analyses and tlieir application lo 

cyanldallon. Bng A MIn J 96:lB44-6 My 24 

Grinding ores for cyanldallon. R B. T. Kll- 
lani. Ene & MIn J 9e:10ES-6 D « '13 

Grinding ores for cyanldatlon. II. A. Megmw. 
Eng & Min J 96:821-4. 917-21 N 1. 15 '13 

Handling c>^nlde precipitate at I.I u via de 

Chem Bng 11:112 F '13 

Metallurgy of the Homeatake ore. A, .1. Clark 
and W. J. Sharwood. Eng & Min J 95:215-9 

MIn J fl_.,_ 

Analysis of cyanide practice. H. A. Uegran. 

Eng & MIn J 95:110-3 Ja 11 '13 
Argo cyanide milt, Idaho Springs. Co!o. S, L. 

Goodale. II plan E:ng & MIn J 96:385-9 AS 30 

-1 of extraction In cyanldatlon. H. 

A, Megraw. Eng A Min J 96:441-4 S 6 '13 
Calculation nf extraition In cvanldatlon. W. 

J. Rhnrwood. Eng & Min J 96:937-40 N 15 '13 
Calculation of extraction In cyanldatlon. G: 

.•^imi.son, Jr. Eng & Min J 9J:i;55: 9S;1230 

Je 21, D 27 '13 
Calculation of extraction in cyanide plants. 

A. 8. Addlton. Eng & Min J 96:31-2 Jl G '13 
Calculation of extraction In cyanide plants. 

A. G. Cndogan, Eng & Min J 90:1109-10 

My 31 '13 
Charcoal an a precipitant: I'ae of lime. Met 

A Chem Bng 11:719-20 D '1.1 
Continuous decanlatlon of slime. H, A. 

M<'Kraw. il plan Eng & Min J 95:379-81 F 


r-li>LEatlnf aold Anil sll.^.. ... -, 

-..._ „ - . .... 19 '13 

Ores amenable lo cyanldatlon. H. A. Hegraw. 

Eng & MIn J 96:629-38 O 4 '13 
Practical cyanldlng. J: Randall. II Colliery 

33:335-9. 391-G Ja-F '13 
Precipitation temperatures, J: Cross. Eng 

& Min J 95:911-2 My 3 '13 
Ifeipld sliver estimation m mill solutions, G. 

H. Clevenger. plan Eng & Min J 95:892-3 

My 3 "- 

nail rvanlde mills. A. Del 
Mar. 11 Eng & Min J 96:769-71 O 25 '13 
Bevlew of cyanldatlon In 1912. P. H: Argall. 




, Nev. D. P. 

_. ..nopah, Nev 

Irvln. Ens & MIn J SE;91£ Mv S '11 
Sliver cyanldallon at Tonopah, Nev. A. H. 

Jones; H, A. Mesraw. Kne £ MIn J 9G: 

767-8 Ap 12 '13 
Silver cyanldallon a( Tonopah. Nevada. H. A. 

Megraw. 11 Eng & MIn J 95:113-7. 155-9, 

503-6 F Za-Mr S 'll 
Slimes agllatlon Cor cyanldallon. H. A. Me- 
graw. EoB & MIn J 96:1161-4 D 20 IS 
Smelting preclpltale at Cerro Prieto, Sonora. 

Mexico. H. 3. Munroe. II dlag Ens & MIn J 

95:1137-9 Je T "13 
Study o( cyanide preelpltalea. G. H. Clevenger. 

Eng & Mia J 95:273-1 F 1 13 
Study or leaching processes. Eng & MIn J 

96:7M9-9I) O 25 '13 
Synopsii of I Iterator*. Mat ft Chem Bng 11: 

t Oatman and the Vulture r 

1199-202 Ag 3 '13 
fiiL-uUBt preclpltallon. Met ft Chem BnB 11: 

101 Je '13 
ZInc-duBt preclpltallon at Cerro Prieto. So- 

nora, Mexico. H. S. Munroe. 11 Eng ft Mln 

J 95:1085-6 My 31 '13 

Biautogo— motorcycle car. 11 A'Jtomoblle 29; 

SHO-l Ag 28 '13 
British ryctccnrs and light cars. II Automobile 

29:1139-15 D 18 '13 
CyclecarB — American and foreign, li Scl Am 


, 'IS 

Cyclecars better 

EAigllsh Morgan 

Molding gaa eneEce crllnderj for motor cara: 
methods of Campbell, Wyant ft Cannon 
foundry CO., with detalla of coremaklng. II 
Foundry «:l-6 Jb '13 

Standard turbine cylinder motdlng practice. 
C. A. Tuppor. 11 Foundry 41:47-60 F '13 

Tlme-siiving methods of producing cylln- 

Water pressure on cylindrical surfaces, plan 
Eng Rec 67:379 Mr B '13 
Cylindrical segments and ellipses, 11 Pow«r 
37:468-70 Ap 1 "l! 

Wick- Dairy bacterltrfogy 

. — "--rerlology of Clieddar chae 

[s and others. 11 Scl Am 

an sidecars. Au- 

- r Automobile' 29:9S-101 Jl 17 '13 

Field ot the cyclecar. Automobile 28:910 Ap 

24 '13 
Fourlh inlernatlnnal exhiblllon of the Cycle 

and motor cycle traders' union at Olympla. 

J. S. Crltchley. II Automobile 39:1136-9 D 

18 '13 
French cycle raclng-car. 8, P. McMlnn. Scl 

Am 109:110 Ag 9 '13 
Lob Angeles cyclecar In two models, Iwo- 

cvllnder and four. 11 Automobile 29:823 O 

30 '13 
Many companies take up the cyclecar. Auto- 

mi^lle 29:349 Ag 21 "13 
S. A. B. divided on definition ot cyclecars. 

Atllomoblle 29:8X2-3 N 6 '13 
Three-pasaenser cyclecar design. G: J. Mercer. 

diags Automobile 23:SU-i O 3o '13 
Zip cyclecar severely tested. 11 Automobile 2»: 

867 N 6 '13 

See olno Motor cycle trucks 
Cyclra. See Bicycles and tricycles 
Cycles, Motor. See Motor cycles 
Cylinder-packing. See Packing 

Boring a InrRe cylinder In the lalhe. R, A. 

Suverkrop. 11 Am Mach 38:859-60 My 22 '13 
Casting paper machlnerr cyllndor*, II Am 

Mach 38:166 Ja 23 '13 
Cylinder heads ot horizontal slngle-acdng 

motors. M. H. MUUer. dlags Power 37:85S- 

(0 Je 17 -IS 
Efficient production of cylindrical work. C. 

H. Norton. II Am Soc M B J 35:95-106 Ja 

'13; Same, Ind Eng 13:4-6 Ja '13; Same. 

Iron Tr R 52:204.6 Ja 16 '13: Discussion. 

Am Soc M E J 35:629-31 Ap '13 
Forming motor-car cylinders, tnd Eng II: 

13-3 Ja 'It 
How we cast 22 cylinders in one sand mold, 

G: W. Kelly. II Foundry 41:I>1 Mr 'll 
Loose liner In cylinder causes severe knock. 

H. E. CoIUdb. dlag Power 38:107 Jl 15 '13 
Machine finishing of cylinders. S. Dean. Iron 

Age 91:594-6 Mr 6 '13 
MHOhinlnic the Ford cylinders. F. H, Colvln. 

II Am Mach 38:841-6 My 22 '13 
Molding cylinders by hand and machine. 11 

Foundry 41:143-4 Ap 'II 

Accident a,t diim 26 on the Ohio river, plan 

Bng Rec 67:5l!-4 My 17 '13 
Cooley Brook dam washed out. Eng Rec 68: 

Faliuro of coffer at lock and d — — ._. 

river. J. C, Oakes.planB Eng N 70:231-2 Jl 
31 '13; Same. Eng Rec 68:120 Ag 2 '13 

Fbllure of earth dam a< Oladwln, Mich. Eng 
Rec 67:bup 41 F 1 '13 

Lessons from the (allure ot a weir and sluic- 
es on porous foundations. W: O: Bllgh. U 
plan Bng N 69:261-70 P 6 '1! 

Recovery ot liquidated damages: Isthmian 
canal case. W: B. King. Eng Rec 67:«41-2 
Je 7 '13 

See <il«o PersohHl Injuries: Workmen's 

Dampneii In building* 

Preveniing dampness In masonry. II Bhig Rec 
67:82-3 Ja 18 '13; Same. Concrete Cem 1: 

. Eng Rec GS: 

Building the < 

development. G; 

H7:683-3 My 24 'X., 
Completion of the rebuilt Assuan dam, 

N 69:143-4 Ja 13 '13 

plan Eng Rec 

VI. II Eng N 70:1300-2 D 25 '13 
!:onBtructlon of Somerset dam. Bng Beo 67: 
182-4 F J6 ■!! 

Construction of the Abl>ott Brook dike. Saw- 
yer lake, Maine. 11 plan Eng Rec 67:196-7 

Cvdopean masonry dnm at PKtarield. H. A. 

Miller. Eng Rec 68:291 S 13 'i:! 
Design and construction of Oakley dam. U 

Eng Rec 67:32-4 Ja 11 'It 
Design ot masonry dame. Bng N 70:623-6 S 

25 '13 
Dfi<l(!n of ri>llln« d:imR. A, n. Hlllberg. 11 

dlags Ens Rec 68:6.54-7 D 13 '13 
Diversion <lnm with iiniisuallv hlch ateel flash- 
I River. Colorado. M. C. 

dams. Eng Rec 67:11 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


Dami —ConUnued. 
ExperlmentH on uplift presBure In maaonry 

dams. C. R. Weldner. plans BitE N 70:202-5 

Jl 31 -IS 
Henne dam and reiervolr bultt by Qerman 

water usera' aaaoclatlon, K. C. Orant. II 

Ens Rec «7;4ie Ap IE '13 
Hugh L., Cooper, who built the Keokuk dam. 

W. P. Green. Sol Am 109:368 N 8 "13 
Hydraulic fill dam (or additional water aup- 

Sty of Cambria steet works. II plaa Enr 
ec tl-.nS-S F IG '13 
KacheflB dfun, Washington. E. H. Baldwin. 

II plans Eng N 69:989-99 My IB '13 
Largest embankment In Oermany. Scl Am 

108:107 F 1 '13 
LiBB Vegas arched masonry dam. 11 ESnK Rec 


I Ja 4 


Eng N 89;l!St»-S Je 12 'U 
Neglected first principles of masonry dam 

design. J: S. Eastwood. Eng N 70:832-3 

O 23 -13 
Neglected first principles of masonry dam 

design. G; H. Moore. Eng N T0:M2-5 S i '13 
Ohio river lock and dam 48. 11 plan Bng Rec 

ET:41Z-3 Ap 12 '13 
Operation of the Mohawk river bridge dams. 

D. A. Watt. II Eng N 70:282-9 Ag 14 '13 
Pneumatic caissons for Scotia dam. plans 

1! Power 38:184-8 A|r G '13 

Replacing etlls or chanoine wicket dams. Eng 

N 7D:l3l Jl 24 '18 
Report on weir In t.._ ... 

Eng Rec fi8:206-8 Ag 23 '_. 
Reservoir dam for Cambria steel company. 

Iron Tr R 62:694 Mr 20 'U 
Reservoir tor flood control In Germany al 

Mnucr. K. C. Grant, II map plan Eng N «9: 

672-4 Ap 3 '13 

r Halea 

Bar'dam". il plana Eng N 70:949-56 N 13 '13 
Rolling dam of the Boise project. C; H. Paul. 

11 diBg Eng Rec 68:125-6 Ag S '13 
Solid timber arch dam. Melrose, Wis. R. A. 

Lund(]ulst. 1! Elee W 61:677 Mr SS 'IS: 

Same. Eng Rec 67:353 Mr 29 "13 
SpBuldlng dam. H. C, Vensano. 11 map plan 

Eng N 70:1163-6 D 11 '13 
Thermophones for temperature measurement 

in Kenslco dam. Valhalla, N. T. Bn^ Rec 

68:119-20 Ag 2 '13 
Twin FallB-^akley Irrigation project. A. M. 

Korsmo. 11 plans Eng N 69; 616-21 Mr IB 

Upward water preasuro o 

the r 

.. J. Osbom. Eng N 69:127 Ja 1. 
Use of hydraulic lime for a masonry dam, G. 

S. Newklrk. Eng N 70:19-20 Jl 3 '13 
Ukp of hydraulic lime tor masonry dam. Eng 

Rec <!7:B59 Je II '13 
Waldeck storage dam. Germany. R, Grlmshaw. 

II plans Eng N 70:862-4 O 30 '13 
Kre alto Cofferdams: Dam failures; Hy- 

dr.iuiic engineering; Irrigation : Reservoirs; 

Spillways: also Arrowrock dam; Assuan 

Dams, Cenerete 
Arrowrock dam, Boise Irrigation project: 
highest dam in the world now under con- 
BlrucUon in Idaho by the U. 8. reclamation 
Bervlce. plans Eng Rec IT:214-G P It *1I 
Big Bear valley dam; miiltlplp-aroh type. J: 
S. Eastwood, il plans Rng N 70:1284-90 D 

Concrete arched dam near Cheyenne, Wyo- 
ming. M. V. Moulton. il Plan Eng Rec S7: 
149-60 P 8 '13 

Construction features of the Elephant Butte 
dam, U- B. reclamation service, plan Eng 
N 69:120-2 Ja 16 '11 

Construction of Arrowrock dam, Idaho. 11 
Dng Rec eg:a«G-T B 6 '13 

Court decision on a concrete dam patent. 

Design and spec! flea tlons for the Arrowrock 
dam. U. 8. reclamation Mrvlce. plan Ens 
N 69:]18-!0 Ja 16 'IS 

Elephant Butte dam construction. L: C. Hill. 
II plans Eng Rec 68:368-71 O 4 'IS 

Elephant Butte. New Mexico dam. map plan 
Eng Rec 67:5ri7-8 My 17 '13 

Foundations for the Hale's Bar dam; imeu> 
matlc caissons used for excavating searay 
rock for a hydroelectric project on Uie Ten- 
nessee river. 11 Eng Reo 87:178-80 F IS 'IS 

Ingenious dam in French Indo-Chlna- II dlag 
Concrete Cem 3:250 D '13 

Internal water- preasura In hollow dams. D. 
SUirs: G. I.. Bilderbeck. Eng N 69:226-6 
Ja 30 '13 

Lower court decision on Ambursen concrete 
dam patent. Eng N 69:1201 Je 6 '13 

Rapid construction on Hedtna valley Irriga- 
tion project In Texas. T. Bartlett. II plan 
map Eng N 70:508-13 8 11 '13 

Rayatown hydroelectric plant near Hunting- 
don, Pa. 11 plans Eng Rec 67:712-4 Je 28 '13 

Reconstructing the foundation of Elwha river 
dam. II dlag Eng N 70:1258-9 D 18 '13 

Reinforced -concrete dam that has sateiy 
passed Its second flood, Akron, O, J. C. 
Lttthrop. II Eng N'«9:919 My 1 'II 

Resistance of Salt river gravity- section con- 

heavily laden with sand and silt. A. L. 

Harria. 11 Eng Rec 68:541-2 N IB '13 

Dangerous occupations. See Occupations, Dan- 
Date* (fru 

Ity. A. M. Compton. Concrete Cem 1:78-80 
D '12 

New davits for lifeboats: characterlstliu of 
the Babcock and Wilcox boat-lowering gear. 
II Eng M 46:124-6 O '18 

inters 'of'' note. W. C. Bleloch. Inland Ptr 
52:218-9 N '13 

I. 11 Scl Am 8 76:133-4 Ag 30 '13 

Ap 21 '13 

Dayton flood, 11 Eng Rec 67:376 Ap 5 '13 

Emergency sanitation work. C. P. Irf)ng. Eng 
Rec 67:148 Ap 19 '13 

Flood devastation, map Eng Rec 67:401-4 Ap 
12 '13 

Flood protection Cor Dayton. Eng Rec 68:399- 
400 O 11 "18 

Preliminary report on Daylon flood protec- 
tion. Eng N 70:775-6 O 16 'IB 

pontics and Bovernment 

New home rule charter of Daylon, Ohio. 
Munlc Eng 45:270-3 S '13 

Asylums and educstlon 
New method of educating deaf mutes. J. Boy- 
er. il Set Am 108:221 Mr 8 '18 
Dear mutes. See Deaf and dumb 
Trenling deafness by electrklly. Scl Am 109: 
366 N E '11 
Death rate. See Mortality 
Decimal claeslflcatlon. See ClaHsiflcatlon, Decl- 



—Deck Hhields 

Decimal •yctam 

Engl i ah decimal ayatem ol neighta and 
measures. P. B. Bond. Bag Rec eT:M2 Ap 
B '13 

See alto Metric ayatem 
Deck ahleldi. i 

Decoration and . .._ 

Training or the decorator. Arab Rec 33:280-1 

Mr "13 
tlae of decoration. F. J. Treilse. II Inland Ptr 
5\:i»h-t Je '13 

8tt alto Bronzes; Bronzing; Dealgn, Dec- 
orative; Lettering; Stucco; Tapestry; Terra 

See Electric lighting. 

Deep aea fauna. See Marine zoology 
Decrfleld Hver 
Power developmenta on the Deerfleld rlTer, 
Masa. 11 map plana Bug Bee 6T;11<-S, lU-T, 
181-1 F 1-lG -13 

Bit alto Deaf and dumb 
Delaware A Hudeon railroad 

gJd annual report, lftl2. Ry Age E<:92T-J0 Ap 

18 '13 
Expenses and revenues ot the Delaware & 
Hudson for 1S12. Ry Age G4:SET-S Ap IK '13 
Delaware, Lackawanna A Western railroad 
City that appreciates a railroad: Montelalr, 

N. J. Hy Age B5:5i-6 Jl 11 '13 
New D. L, A W. line north ot Hcranton, Pa. 

II dlag Ry Age £1:011-2 Ap 25 -13 
Nicholson relocation ot the Lackawanna rail- 
road. G. J, Ray. Bng Rec S7:4fil-3 Ap ZS 
'13: Same. Ry & Eng R G3:383 Ap 26 '11 
Roadbed Improvementa. Ry ft Bns R 63:3St-3 

Ap 2S '13 
Summit cutoff of the lackawanna railroad. 

II dtags maps Bng N 70:410-9 Ag; 38 '13 
Summit- Hallstead out-off ot D. L. ft W, 11 
map Ry Age BB:903-8, 1069-74 N 14, D 6 'J3 
Delhi, India 

Architecture for Delhi. Arch Rec 33:47« Uy 

Delhi, the metropolis of India: how aball the 
new Indian capital be built T B. I«Blle. II 
Scl Am 8 76:72-4 P 1 '1! 

Government and public works ot Delhi, India. 

T. Salkletd. Eng N e9;10»5-T My 22 'l3 

Delivery vehicle!. See Automobile trQllers: 

Motor cycle trucks; Motor trucks 
De Moienthal, Henry, 18ei)-lB13 
In memorlam. Met ft Cbem Bnc 11:H F 'IS 

Demurrage as a remedy for car shortages, 

J. O, Klapp. Ry Age 55:1335-7 D 36 '13 

Need for a higher demurrage rate. Ry Age 

51:574-7 Je 1 
Denatured alcohol. Bee Alcohol, Etenalured 
Denver, Colorado 


I financing' proposed by Den- 

Railroad ,.,,„_. 

ver. Eng Rec 67:310 Mr S3 '13 
Alameda avenue subway In Denver. II Eng 
Rec 6B;6fi'B Jl 19 '13 

Water supply 
Denver water case. Bng Rec 88:3 Jl S 'IS 
New sixty-Inch water-supply conduit at Den- 
ver. II Bng Rec 67;S0-3 Ja 18 'IS 
Denver ft Rio Orande railroad 

Somier _S_ummlt_de_tour Jine. 11 dlag Ky ft Eng 


R 53:1078-80 N 22 ' 

BIdg 45:11-2 Jft '13 

. establishment, Beaton. U Eiec w 

v..„,J-8E B 30 -13 
Lighting of Bamberger store, Newark. N. J. II 

Elec W S1:109S My 24 '13 
New lighting equipment of HoCreary ft oa, 

PltUburgh. plan Eleo W »:304-E P 8 '13 
Stem brother.^' atore. New York. II plan Arch 

& Bldg 45:403-13 O '13 
Ventilating a modern department store. 11 

diags Dom Eng 62:96-8 Ja 25 '13 

Depreciation and otwolescence In Portland 
cemcnl plants. II. SIruckmann. Am Soc M 
E J 35:262-4 F '13; Discussion. 35:364-76 F 

Depreciation and public service regulation. 
R. H. Whltten. Eng N 69:912-7 My S '13 

Depreciation: estimated and actual. A. C. 
Humphreys. Stevens ind 30:511-37 O '13 

Depredation factor In coat ot producing Port- 
land cement. F: H. Lewis. Am Soc M E J 
35:257-61 F '13 

Depreciation in railway valuation. Ry Age 

_. ... SaJiers. j i _. „ 

Disputed points In railway valuation. Ry Age 

54:1164 My 30 'IS 
Physical valuation ot public utiUtlcs. R. S. 

Hale. Eng M 45:161-5 My '13 
Practical studies of depreciation. Power 37: 

500 Ap 8 '13 
Study In depreciation, L; Bell. II Eleo W 61: 

ST9 Ag 23 '13 
Analysis of a broken rail. Ry Age 56:633 O 

3 '13 
Derailment of trucks on curves. A. Stnckl. 11 

Ry Age e4:tll-3 Ja IT 'IS 
Derailments on Chicago elevated. HIee Ry J 

41:253 F S '13 
Factors aRectIng derailments on abarp 

curves. Bng Rec eT:185-e P 16 'II 
Hays Mill, Ala, wreck; transrvarse assures 

in Btee! rails. Ry A Bng R 53:000-11 S 27 

Increasing number ot car wheel falturea. Iron 

Age 91:588-9 Mr 5 '13 
Inters ta to commerce commiaslon report on 

derailment near Stockwell. Ind., Jan. 7. 

1913. Eng N 70:1177 D 11 '13 
Locomotive tender derailmenta. dlags Ry Age 

54:309-12 Ja 31 '13 
Recent derailments on the Chicago elevated 

loop. Eng N 69:381-3 F 30 '13 
Report on Glen Loch derailment. Ry Age 64: 

747-9 Mr 38 '13 
Report on the Stilwell derailment, C C, C. 

& St. L. Ry. II plan Ry ft Eng R E3:1016-T 

N 1 ■"■ 

Wreck caused hy a broken tire. II Ry Age 

55:814-6 O 31 '13 
Derricks. See Cranes, derricks, elc 

Flratlng ot commercial designs and why a 
new law Is needed to protect such designs. 
E. W. Bradford. Inland Ptr 51:903-4 S '13 
Sketching of mechanism In designing. F. W. 
Harris. Sd Am S 75:179-80 Mr 32 'IS 
Six aim Machinery — Design 
OeslQn, Decorative 
Importance of design in the development of 
art metal Industry. A. P. Saunders. II 
Metal Ind n s 11:15-8 Ja '13 
Set alto Lettering 
Des Moines, Iowa 
Civic center of Des Moines. O: B. Lord, II 
Munlc Eng 44:194-6 Mr 13 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


Dn Moines, Iowa — ContiHufd. 
Rapid tranalt 
Decision in Dea Molties franchise case. EHeo 
Ry J 41:fi50 Ap 5 '13 
DcipradellB. Conitant Dtiiri, 1S6Z-? 
Work or the late D«Blre Despradelle. P. A. 
Bourne. 11 Arch Rec S4:185-9 Ag '13 
De«troyer«. See Torpedo boat deatroyeri 
Deeulphurlzing proeaae. See Ore treatment 
run'ta for detonator uHera, Eng & Mln 3 

96:1020-1 N 29 'IS 
Use of multiple detonators. Eag & Mln J 96; 
ISO S fl '13 
Oetanatora, Electric 
Teats ot electric de(onB,torB. Eng Rec B7:T18 
Je IS '13 
Dctrclt. Michigan 

City built by the automobile Industry. I-. V. 

Spencer. 11 Automobile 28:791-7 An Ifl 'IS 
Radius of Delmlt. li Am Ind 13:9-11 My '13 


P.iasengrer slatltin of the Ulchlean Central. 

il plan Ry & Eng R 53:U91-fi D 27 '13 

Rapid tranalt 

Detroit's municipal ownership charter 

amendment. Elec Ry J 41:557 Mr 21 'IJ 

^re alto Detroit untied rallwa,y 

Detroit united railway 

Annual report for 1912 and 1911. Bleo Ry J 

41:307-8 F IG '13 
Appraisal of the city lines, plan Flee Ry J 

41:897-8 My 17 '13 

Decision o( Detroit arbitrators In regard to 

working conditions nnd wages. Elec Ry J 

42:1028-9 N 8 '13 

Decision of Supreme court In Fort Hlreot 

case, DetrfJit. Else Ry J 41:1030-1 Je 7 '13 

Dewey daclmal ayatem. See CiasalflcatloD, Decl- 

Dlamond drllilno. See Boring 
Diamond tool* 
Use of rou^ diamonds for metal grinding 
purpoaes. W. H. Parry. Metal Ind n ■ 11: 
343-4 As '13 
Diamond mining in Arksnaas. J: T. Fuller. 
Eng & Mln J 9B:7B Ja 11 'IJ 



72 Mr '13; IHsoi^s»U>n. 
Dielectric nroperlies of n 

Thomas. .1 Fr Inst 176i2> 
Dielectrics In alternatlnf-ei 

W 61:226-1 F 1 *U 

1132-r.7 Mv '13 
-conductors. P. 
3111 S 'la 
rent Belds. Btec 

'leleclric strength of thin insulstlnR mater- 
ials. F. M. Farmer, Am Inst E E Pro 32: 
2192-2205 D '13; Summary. Elec W 6!:12S0 

Pro 3:!:I31«-33 
IE D '13 

"-h-voUage engineering. 
_ Fr Inst 176:S11.43 D 
Law of corona and dli ' 

Hlgh-voUage engineering. F, W. 


1 Ins 


illn J ^IG:S50-1 Ap 26 '13 
Formation Ot diamonds. L. K. Htrshberg. 

Mines A Mln 33:339 Ja '13 
Mounting and sctilntt diamonds. W. C. Belz. 

11 Mach 30:131 O '13 
New International diamond carat of 200 mll- 

llgmms. G: F: Kuni. Am Inst Mln E Rul 

79:1225-45 Jl '13: Ramc. Scl Am S 76:82-3. 

98-9 Ag 9-18 '13 

. Eng & Min J 96:1031 N 


29 '13 
New way of making artificial diamonds. II 

Sci Am 108:515 Je 7 '13 
lYoductlon of the diamond In electric fur- 

n.ices. F. P. Mann, dlags Met & Chsm Eng 

Dictionary for the proofroom. P. H, Teall. 

Inland P(r 52:262-4 ,\ '13 
New standard dictionary. F. H. Teall. In- 
land Ptr 52:431-2 D '13 
Die. fiee Dies 
DIa-ilnkIng machine* 
Improved die -Bin king machine. 11 Iron Age 
91:1236 My 22 '13 

Insulating "hodVs"^ erf h"gh"r srmJ'iH'c^l'ndu?- 

55 Jo '13: DlKCUsslon. 32:2300-15 D '13 
OsdllORraph study of corona. E: Bennett. II 
Am Inst E E I'ro 32:1472-94 Je '13; Dis- 
cussion. 32:2300-15 D '13 
I>oallive and negative corona and electrical 
precipitation. W. W. Strong, Am Inst E B 
Pro 32:1304-14 Je '13; Discussion. 32:2300- 
15 D '13 
ffe aha Insulation 

J. Oldroyd. dlag Mach 19:963-4 Ag '13 
Cluster double-iirinnn punches and dies. U: 

W. Hurd. diaua Mach 2.);259-eo D '13 
Combination dies. Easy Way. Metal ind n s 

11:87-8, 169 F, Ap '13 

Die tor piercing rods and rivets. C. r,,a- 

moreoux. 11 diag Mach 19:629-30 Mr '13 
Forging machlnp dleS;.B. 

i Melal 

„ -._ „ ._ „ D. T. 

Hamilton. II Mach 19:376-6 Ja '13 
Ijandls Stationary pipe die head. Ry AKe 

(Mech ed) 87:626 N '13 
Making hall players' shoe plates. A. F. Hor- 

ton. II tlliigs Mach 19:780-2 Je '13 
Making die* used In the die-casting process. 

II plans Fuunflry 11:193-6 My '13; Snme. Iron 

Tr R 53,119-23 Jl 17 '13 
Making thread luKlng dies. A. Metz: J. Ft. 

Hasty; a, \V. Smith, Rv Age I.Mech ed) 

87:433-4 Ag '13 
Manufacture of white-metal die castings, 11 

dlag Am Mach 38:819-22 Mv 15 '13 
Molding die for AIht Insulations. E. Chipman. 

dIacB Mneh 19:971 An '13 
Oval turning device for the lathe. F. E. Ross. 

11 Am Mach 38:729-31 My 1 '13 
Practical nickel solution for platlitg die caat- 

ings. C: H. Proctor, tt Metal Ind n s 11:11-2 

Ja '13 
Punch and die for bending past the vertical 

line, E. Hawkins, diag Mach 19:548 Mr '13 
Punch and itle for forming electric terminals, 

A. L. SenesBC, II dlags Mach 19:571-2 My 

Punch and die made in sections, A. I,. Mon- 

rad. plan Mach l»:r.05-6 Mr '13 
Sectional punch and die construction. A. I-- 

.9:423 F '._ 
Sub-pres.i die for piercing and shaving. A. 

Van Wagner, dlags Macli 20:2l5-« N '13 
Tools for multiple plunger presses. C: 

Doescher. dlags M;ich IH:44n-53 F '13 

^re alua Forging; 
metal work 
Diesel. Rudolf. 1858- 



Carels-Dlesel engine applied to motor ship 
Eftvestone. 11 Bng M 11:601-1 J& '13 

Crude oil Diesel engine: special dsBlgn for 
liorlEontal type. II Scl Am B 7&:1B3 Mr S '13 




iNinB : 


Motor yacht Idealia, equipped . ._ 

englncB. tj int Marine Eng 18:16S-E Ap li 
New Diesel englna. ticl Am S 75:271 Ap 26 '13 
Observations on the oU engine. 3: F. Went- 

worth. Power 37:338-41 Mr 11 '13 
100 horaepower Nlseco Diesel engine. 11 diagH 

Int Marine Bng 1S;110-I 8 '13 
Operator's exj>erlenre with DIeael engines. J: 

Pierce. Power S7;4M Ap 8 'IS 
Power apptlcatlons ot Diesel engines In In- 
dustrial plants. C. Van Langendonck. 11 

Eng M 15:843-92 S '13 
Prlni-iples of the Dlcsvl oil engine. H, Haas. 

II I->iB ft Min J !t5:t!13-il Ap 26 '13 
Progress of (he oil engine In Great Britain. 

Int Marine Rng 18:21)i My '13 
Recent development o( gas poiver In ETurope, 

H. J. Freyn. Eng N «9:228-3« Ja 30 13 
Research work on large Diesel engines. II 

Power 37:19 Ja 7 '13 
lludulf IHesel: an anpri'clallon. H: H. Suplee. 

Scl Am lOHiSiie (J 18 '13 
Single screw motor ship of l.GOO b. h. p. 

J. R. Wilson. 11 plan Int Marine Eng 18: 

102 -1 Mr '13 

: manufacture ot small 

. Sol .■ 

_ m central 

tlons. M, Gercke. Power 3T:W6-» Mr . _ . 
Twin-screw motor-shlp Hagen— a new Krupp 

two-slroke tjpe Diesel -engine lank vessel 

of 210O b, hp. J. R. Wilson. 11 Eng N 69: 

90i;-7 My 1 '13 
Twin-screw motor ship Monte Penedo. 11 Eng 

M 14:SBT-ei N '13 
Hrr (i(-o l>ieHel loromi.tlves 

Test ot 225-hp Diesel engine at Hugo, Okla. 
"■ "V 61:1047-8 My 17 '13 


8:Zn6 Mr Z9 '13 

rallwavH. 11 Rleo Kv J 42:1026-7 X ,S '13 
First DIeaet locomotive. 11 diags Scl Am 103: 

83B-5 S 20 '13; Power 38:470-3 8 80 '13; Eng 

N 70:656-8 O 2 'IB 
" Ive. 11 dlag Ry Age 65: 

diae Eng M 46:4 

I. 11 Heat & Ven 10: 

B and airships 

- -._ -7:85-6 Ja .. -. 

Diesel engines at English country house. A. 

H. Allen. II power 37:51-2 Ja 11 '13 
Experience with oil engines in Minnesota. 

Elec W 61:735-6 Ap 5 '13 
First Amerlcan-Lullt marine ulesel engines. 

11 dlag Power 37:780-2 Je 3 '13 
French Diesel engine. 11 Scl Am S 76:4-6 Jl 

Fuels tor Dies 

2S '13 
German Diesel englned tank ship Hagen. II 

plains Int Marine Eng 1S:207-11 My '13 
Kasard due to slarllng Diesel engines wllh 

compressed oxygen. Elec W 62:1020 N 15 

... ., J 76:326-7 1. „ _- 

Motor ship Eavestone's flrst long voyage. II 
plan Int Marine Eng 18:78-80 F '13 

Hce Building failures; Collisions at sea; 
F'loods: Mine accidents 
Methods of willing off discount on bonds. 
G: R. Webster. J Account 16:169-71 S 'IS 
DliiSM germs. See Bacteriology 

Blunders made by nature: disease of the 
respiratory tract and circulation. A: Maver- 
Icit. Scl Am S T6;171.2 S 13 '13 

Prevention of disease versus cost of living. 
T: F. HarrlngtOn.^ Sci Am S 75:402-3 Je 28 



ralysle: Infecllous diseases: I.ead poison- 
ing; Occupations— Diseases and hygiene: 
Public health: TuherculoBis; Typhoid fever 
Disinfectants. See Disinfection and dislnfec- 

Dlilnlectlon ai 
Osone as an 

109:11 Jl G __ 
Ozone In ventilation. M. W. Franklin. Heat 

& Ven 10:30-5 O: 13-8 N '13 
Progress in Blandardliatlon of disinfectants, 

J: M. Weiss, hlbllog J Fr insl 175:615-25 


SclenUtlc cleansing of railway coaches, J, T. 
A. Walker. 11 Ry Age 54:32S-30 F 21 'IS 
Ser alto Fumigation; Ozone 
Electricity and chemical action. H. C, Jones. 
Scl Am S 76:171-6 Mr IB '13 

Ste nlno Eleclrochemlslry : Electrolysis 
DistI nation 
Distilling machinery. II Met & Chem Eng 11: 

:'99-300 My '13 
Multlplr-erfcrt water stills. II Met ft Cliem 
Eng 11:661 N '13 
Ji,c al»o Wood distillation 
Distilled water. See Water, 

Wastes ot distribution. Eng M 14:753-60 P 
District electric railway com ml Ml on, WMhlng- 

Fitth' annual report. ]»t. Elec By J 11:301 
F 16 'IS 
DIaulphlde of carbon. See Carbon disutphlde 
Ditches. See Irrigation canals 
Diversity- factor. See Electric terminology 
Divlnlna rod 

DowsFng m Frnnce and In Colorado. Eng 

ft Min J 115:862 Ap 26 ^13 
Dowsing In France and in Colorado. C: B, 
Diilton. Eng ft Min J 96:1011 My 17 '13 

Accident to the foundations of the Pearl 
harbor dry dock. H. R. Stanford, plan Eng 

N 69:485 Mr 6 
Calculation ot 

dlags Eng Roc 68:325-7 S 20 '13 
Concrete deposited under sea water. 

Stanford. 11 Concrete Cem 2:66 F ■« 
Dreadnought floating dockj difterence 

1 the box dock and docks ot 
oocKinff typo. F: 
76:184-5 S 20 ■JS 

Scl i 

H. B. 

e be- 
e sett- 

; St. Lawrence river at Levis, 

yueoec. plans Eng N 70:1214-8 D 18 '13 
Economy ot inclined dock elevator. 11 Int 

Marine Eng 18:66 F '13 
Qerman-bultt 25,000-ton floating dock, Han>- 

burg. II Int Marine Eng 18:2^ Jl '13 
Illumination of docks and wharves, tl Int 

Marine Eng lS:3B3-4 S '13 
New Qladatons wet and dry dock, Liverpool, 

Eng. 11 plan Eng N 70:454-6 S 1 '13 
New Liverpool docks, T, Osborne. Int Marine 

Eng 18:431-2 O '13 
New railway drydoch plant at Harbor Grace, 

Newfoundland. Int Marine Eng Ig^OS-S Mr 



Reconstruction of a timber crib dock Bt Erie, 
Pa. II dlac Bub Rec G8;152 Ak 9 '13 

lS,(H)0-ton noatlne dry dock at Seattle. II Int. 
Marine Bny 1BT3B9-90 Jl '13 

Km also Freight handllnB; Harbora; Ore 
docks; Porta; Wharves 

Dobs for the Dutch army. W. J. L. Kichl. U 

tjcl Am 10S;S&3 Ap 13 '13 
Don, the talking dog. L. K. Hlrehberc. Scl 

Am 108:502 My 31^13 
Dome mine* Co., South PorcuDln«i Ont. 
Second annual report for period Nov. 30, 1911, 

to Mot. 31, 1913. Ens & MIn J »(I:317-B Ak 

I -13 

Elome □[ the Melbourne library, plan Concrete 
Cem 3;263-4 D 'll 

Dome ot the Wisconsin capltol. II plana Euk 
N T0;Sg9-96 Ag 28 '13 
Domestic architecture. See Architecture, Do- 
it estle 

Doorway suggestions for concrete houaes. II 

Concrete Cem 2:111 Ur 'IS 
Doorways of an old whaling village. Q. N. 

Rose. 11 Arch Bcc S3:6B-aS Ja "IS 
English nre test on concrete doors. U plan 
tfoncrete Cera 3:216 N '13 
Double-deck cars. See Street cars 
Doves. See Pigeons 
Dowsing. See Divining rod 

Chimney design, dlag Power 38:377-9 Ag 19 

Draft and boiler capaolly and ctnclency. 
Power J7:l«3-I F 11 '13 

Draft and Its measurement. Power 38:244-6 
Ag 12 '13 

«« aim Chimneys; Combustion; Firing; 
Mechanical draft: Mine venlllatlon; Tunnel 
venlllalion: Ventilation 
Draft, Mechanical. See Mechanical draft 
Draft gears 

Draft gear and the M. C. B. Ry a Eng R 63: 
6EI Jl 6 '13 

Frelsht car troublea: poor drafl gear and at- 
tachments. J. C. Frltts. 11 Ity Age SE:499- 
501 S 19 '13; Same. Ry Age <Mech ed> ST. 
651-4 O '13 

Testing draft gears prior to purchastDg. B. 
V. Crandall. Ry ft Eng R S^):397-» Ap 2< 

Why Is the subject of draft gear neglected? 
Ry & Eng R 53:5«7 Je 14 '13 
Sic alw> Car couplings; Car trucks: Cars 
Draft tubes 
Method tor designing concrete draft tubes. 
Eng Rec 68:161 Ag 9 '13 
Drafting. Ree Drawing Instruments: Drawing 

Drafting tables 

Standard drafting table nl the Ilnlverslty of 
Illinois, A. F. Comalnck. dlaga Eng Rec 
68:491 N 1 '13 

English ship draftsmen and technical gradu- 
ates. !•. B. Chapman, tnt Marine Eng IS: 
220-3 My '13 

Ethical relation between the drattaman and 
the mechanical engineer. F: R. Hutton. 
Eng N 69:71-2 Ja 9 'It 

Hygiene for draftsmen. F. G. Hlgbee. Am 
Mach 38:8^3-4 My 15 '13 

Kre al»o Drawing room practice 
Drain tile 

SpeclOcatlons for drain tlla and sawer pipe: 
committee report of Iowa state drainage 
assn. Bng Rec 87:216-6 Mr 1 'It 

Sped neat Ions tor drain llle. for sewer (He 
and tor pipe laying. A. Marslon and A. O. 
Adams, dlags Concrete Cem 3:201-4 N '13 

Strength of drain tile and sewer pipe. Eng 
Rec 68:46-7 Jl IS '13 

Testing drain tile ami sewer Pipe. M. Schuy- 
ler. Eng Rec 68:696-7 D 20 '13 

tJralnage of the Haarlem lake In Holland. 
mapTing Rec 6T:E5S.e] My 17 'IS 

Cuvernment aid In land drainage. A. E. Mor- 
gan. l-Jiig N 6»:a7S-9 My 8 '13 

lAnd drainage In Louisiana. A. M. Shaw. II 
plan Elng N 70:300-3 Ag 14 '13 

Laswell drainage- pumping plant near Bur- 
Lngton, Iowa. II Power 37:846-8 Je 17 '13 

MoB<|uito extermination and Its problems. E. 
Wlnehlp. 11 Eng Rec 67:490-2 My 3 '13 

Railroad roadbed drainage. J. T. Bowser. Bng 
Rec 67:290-2 Mr 16 '13 

Reclaiming the Florida everglades: Joint re- 
port of Board ot engineers. Eng N 70:836- 
7 O 23 'IS; 11 map Eng Rec 68:464-7 O 2i 

Swamp drainage and the floods. A. N. CrosB- 

Sd Am 108:397 My 3 '13 
Third annual convention of the National 

drainage congress, St. Louis, 1918. Eng N 

69:875-7 Ap 24 '13 
Tile drainage and Its relation to floods. C; 

G. Elliott. Eng N 69:877-8 Ap 24 '13 
Topographical surveys for drainage dlstrlctsi. 

W. A. Blrket. Eng N 69:362-3 F 30 'IS 
Taktma Indian reservation drainage project. 



! N 69:348-7 P 20 

See al»o Irrigation; Marahes; Mine drain- 
age; Heclamatton of land; Sewerage 
Drainage, House 

20 ■ 

. Tower. I>om Eng 6 

8-71 I 

I Plumbing 
Drainage congress. National. See National 

drainage Congress 

Aesthetic design for drawbrldgeB. plan Eng 
N 70:926 N 6 '13 

Conrernlng rullway drawbridges and river 
rights. Eng N «9:17B-B Ja 23 'II 

DIHlcultles in placing the substructure for a 
swing bridge; cofferdam of wood and sheet 
steel piling, Newark, N. J. plana Bng Rec 
67:268-9 Mr 8 '13 

Drawbridge stalled by an unusual accident. 
11 Eng N 69:8S Ja 9 'iS 

Drawbridges over rlvera having limited nav- 
igation. C. E. Smith. Eng N 69:161-2 Ja 

Improved drawbridge gate latch, plan Bng 

Rec 67:212 P 22 "13 
Low-cost drawbridge. II plan Eng Rec 68: 

69 Jl 19 -13 
PIvQt pier Ot Chelsea bridge north. II dlags 

Eng Rec 88:188-9 Ag 2 IS 
Preliminary considerations in the design o( 

opening bridges. H; G. Tyrrell, Ry Age 65: 

1230-1 D 26 '13 
Providing for navigation during erection ot 

drawbridges, plan Eng N 69:lE3-5 Ja 23 'It 
Renewing Iwo double track swing spans. II 

dlag Ry Age 5.S:S99-702 U 17 '13 
Replacing lower chord of a driiwspan while 

in service. 11 Eng Rec 67:.171 My 21 '13 
Replacing the Cuyahoga river draw bridge 

[l)ascufo]. il dlags Bng Rec 67:10-1 Ja 4 ^13 
Southern Faclflc bridge ot Sacramento: dou- 
ble track, double deck, swing span, II Ry 

Age 64:«46-9 A[i 11 '13 
Temporary drawbridge of the horliontal roll- 
ing type, Oneida street, Milwaukee. U 

plans Eng N 69:210-1 Ja 30 'IS 
Turntable draw span for a temporary city 

highway bridge, between Charles town and 

Chelsea, dlags Eng Rec 68:122-3 Ag 2 '13 
See alto Bridges, Bascule: Bridges, Lift 
Drawing Instruments 

Bramwell precision drawing Instrument. II 

Mach 19;4Sl-2 F '13 . 
Combination drafting Instruments, by E. Z. 

Lesh. pUn Eng N 69:856 Ap 24 'IS 
^cf alio Mechanical drawing 
Drawing presses. See Presses, Drawing 
Drawing room practice 

the struetntal 


Drawing room practice — runKnurd. 

Cross sectloTis and ayniliols. dlags Am Much 

38:775-3, 791 My g '13 
DIscUHSlon on report of the rommitlee on 

Soc M E J 3S:l8-27 Ap '13 
Don-Is tor draflamen. M. W. Fox. Maeh 20: 

15 8 '13 
DraJIlng room opporlunitlea. B. K. Bead. Tly 

& Kng R 63:*lS-20 My 3 'IS 
Easier readlns of drawlnga, R. I. Cleg((. Iron 

Age 81:11 fa 2 -13 
BIhTcat relation between Ibe draftsman and 

ihe raschanico) eneineer. F: R. Hutton. Eng 

N «;71-S Ja 9 "13 
False economy In drafting. C. J. Morrison. 

dlags Ry AKe (Mech ed) 87:3SI-Z Jl '13 
Photography in the drafting room. II Bng H 

4S:10»-n Ap '13 
Practical design as It concerns the shop. E: 

J, Knapp. Ene M 1fi:4l5-Gb D '13 
Simple system (or filing and handling trac- 
ings and prints. F. Buch. U Eng M 45:E4e- 

Standard Idling drafting-room and aliop terms. 

Maeh 19:S;S Mr 'li 
System for the dratllng ofllce. pattern shop 

and foundry. F, TIsslnKlon. Maeh l»:877-!t 

i 8 TB-IOVP llf'lS 

Dipper-dredge work on Neponapt river. E, M. 

Blake. 11 Erg Rec 68:651-2 N 15 '13 
Dredging In Havana harbor. II Eng Rec 6S; 

687 N 22-13 
Dredging problems In Wilmington harbor. 

Delaware. R R. Raymond. m.-ip Eng N B'J: 

93S-41 My S '13 
Hydraulic dredging on the upper UlsHlsalppl 

rlTer. R, Monroe. II Bng N 70:Hl-6 Jl 24 

I.and drainage In Iioulalana. A. H. Shan. 11 

plan Eng N 70:300-3 Ag 11 '13 
Large clam-shetl dredges; levee building 

methods and standards In California. F. H. 

Tibbetta. 11 map Bng N 70:46G-» » 4 '13 
Mining gold by proxy. A. L. Dahl. 11 Scl Am 

8 7f:321 My 24 '13 
Natoma no. 7, a California all-steel dredge. 

L: H. Eddy. 11 Eng ft Mln J 96:873-5 O 11 

Natoma no. 10; an all steel dredge. L: H. 

Eddy. II Eng & Mln J 95:1079-83 My SI '13 
New design ot centrifugal dredging pump. H. 

S. New. 11 Bng N 69:31-3 Ja 3 '13 
Now gold dredges In Alaska. L: H. Bddy. 

II Eng & Mln J 95:211-3 Ja 2S '13 
Performance of Ellleott dredge Wahalali. II 

mt Marine Eng I8:19K-200 My '13 
Quick-acting steam- operated trip for dredge 

dippers; Panama canal, plan Ene N S9;569> 

70 Mr SO '13 

Righting an overturned gold dredge. L: H. 

V.My. II Eng & Mln J 96:773-« O 25 '13 
Steam trip for dredge bucket plan Bng Reo 

87:93 Ja 26 '13 
Suction dredgers. 11 Int Marine Eng 18:201-2 

My -13 
Tyne Improvement bucket dredger. F. C. 
Coleman. 11 Int Marine Eng 18:198 My -13 
Drill halls. See Armories 
Drill Jigs. See Jigs 

Drilling (earth and rock). See Boring 
Drilling and boring 
Boring a large compression coupling. A. H. 
Myers, dlag Maeh 19:801-2 Je '11 

icrete. C. S. VaV 

. 11 i 

( Rec 

ces apart. F. Henke. Math 19:717 My 'IS 
Urc alto Machine shop practice 
Drilling and boring machinery 
Adzing and boring machines. II By Age 54: 

Dredglno machinery 

Automatic dredge recorder. U. Thompson. 

diugs Kng M 46:417-9 Je '13 
Col. M. B. Adams — a 4-yard dipper dredge. A. 

F. King. II Int Marine Bng 13:280-2 Jl '13 
Dipper dredge with hydraulic Jets tor level- 
ing the nKiII banks. C. B, Loomis, 11 Eng N 

70:196-7 Jl 31 '13 
Dipper dredges for Panama. 11 Int Marine 

Eng 13:194-5 My '13 
Dredge-cutter recording device. 11 Bng N 69: 

860-1 Ap 34 '13 
Dredge spuds on the Panama canal. Eng & 

Mln J 95:1118 Je 7 '13 
Dredgers for gold and tin. Int Marine Eng 

lS:lS«-7 My '1.1 
Dredging. M. O. Kindlund. 11 Int Marine Eng 

18:183-92 My MS 
Dredging equipment for harbor maintenance. 

Eng Rec 67:270 Mr 8 '13 
Dutch auction dredger. P. M. Van Brakel. 

Plan Int Marine Eng 18:192-3 My '13 
S-eubIc yard dipper dredge, plans Int Marine 

Eng 18:186-6 My -13 
Blectric hydraulic dredge. East St. Louis, HI. 

il Bng N 70:432-4 Ag 28 '13 
Equipment and performance of the British 

Columbia dredging fleet. II Bng Rec 08:209. 

II Ag 33 '13 
Bvolullon of gold dredging machinery. A. H. 

Martin. Maeh 19:370-1 Ja '13 
Feathering paddle wheels for self-propelling 

dredges. J: M. Sweeney. Eng N 69:123 Ja 

Eng 18:196-8 
Hydraulic dredging on New York barge ca- 
nal. E. Low, II plan Eng N 69:710-20 Ap 10 

Boringr drilling and milling machine. Iron Tr 

R B2:63t Mr 13 '13 
Cross -drilling and milling attachments. D. T. 

Hamilton, il Maeh !"-■" •- *- -" 

Age 91:1287 My i. _- 
DUncult boHng operation 

Maeh 19:466 F '13 
Don'ts for drilling; machine operators. J. E. 

Cooley. Maeh 20:1SO-1 N *13 
Drill with fltty-slit spindles. 11 Automobile 29: 

61 Jl 10 '13 
Drilling a crankcaae In seven minutes, II Au- 

tomi^ile 2.1:212 Ag 1 "13 
Drilling and milling In the shops of the Win- 
ton motor car co., Cleveland. F. H. Col- 

vln. 11 Am Maeh 38:138-40 Ja 23 '13 
Drilling-machine operations and tools, C: 

F. Serlhner. dlags Am Maeh 38:813-4 My 

16 '11 
EKiplex back-geared drilling machine, dlags 

Iron Age 91:1363 Je 5 '11 
Duplet horisontal drilling 

Maeh 18:793-4 My 8 '13 
Flvnn comhinntlon drilling and boring chucks. 

il Maeh 19:653-9 Mr '13 
Fosdlck horizontal boring, drilling and mill- 
ing machine. II Ry Age (Mech ed) 87:663-4 O 
Four-splndle Hue sheet drilling machinery: 

Foote-Ilurt co., Cleveland, II Iron Age 92: 

9.^6 O 30 '13 
Four-spindle radial drilling machine. Edwin 

Harrington Co.. Phil. II Iron Age 92:1236 

D 4 '13 
Garvin no. 1-8 duplex drill. 11 dlag Macb 19: 

813-4 Je '13 
Graham drill speeders. II dlags Maeh 19:811-1 

. E. Fladd. dlags 

II Am 

,v Google 


Drilling and boring machinery — Conlinunl. 
HIsli-power universal portable cleclrlc drilla. 

II Elec RAW Elec'n E2:110-l Ja 11 '13 
Illgli HpeeJ drllliHK fltlachmenl. II lUug lion 

Tr R fJ:l-:3i My :v '13 
Improved machine drill; lieavy-(e«d VaucUIn 

drill adapted to economical metal cutting. 

A. C. Vauclain and H. V. WlUe. plans Eng 

M 14;fi22-4 Ja '13 
Kokomo 2o-lncli upright drilling; ■ muchlne. 

11 Mach l'.i:401-o Ja 'IS 
Langeller drill for roller btarlng cages, II 

dlag Mach S0:63-6 S '13 
Locating [he driving screw on horizontal bor- 
ing mills. W. C Dunkley. dlags Mach 13: 

Bmi-1 Ap '13 
Machine fur drilling tell-Iale Holes in slay- 

bults. I>. II. DufTcy. dlugs Am Eng K7:Sb2 

My '13 
.._ ...... .._ p„jjinp beds with a Blckford 

Dry-blaM proceia 
Drying air For tlii> blasl furnace, dlags Iron 

Akc S2:654-S S 25 '13 
Economy^ o( dry blaat. Bng & MIn J 9B;S00 


1 '13 

r 109;268 O 4 — 

Pawling & Harnlschfcger eo. Iiorlzonl 
ling and boring machine. 11 Am 1 

Portable boring, drilling and milling macliliie, 

11 Iron Age MliSS'i Mr 6 '13 
Portable radial drilling machine. II Iron Age 

1 gang drills. 
, infe. by Fosdlck 

■13; lly Age (Mech ed) > 

a drill, Mach 19: 
x-platc drilling machine. 

--,. --. 11 Iron Age ! 

T05 O 2 '13; Ind Eng I3:4SG-7 N '13 
Special machines uKcd by the Iloeler mfg. c 

Age 92:2L 

23-ln. all -geared d 
92:12»1 1) ■ ■'" 

Use of turntable in post drilling operattona. 

II Iron Tr R 52:llS:;-i My '22 '13 
Vauclain drill: dlHCUKslon uf paper by A. C. 

J 35;642-S Ap '1 


II Mach l»:3li:>-l> Ja 
Scf al-o Jigs 
Drills. See Diilhng and horirif 
Drilli, Rock. See Rock drilla 
Drinking fountain! 


Ind what 


rete ' 

ig four 
. II pla 

5 founia 

il Munic Eng 44: 

'Iving boxes — Locomotives. Seo Locomotives — 

Driving b.ixea 
'op forging. See Forging 

Ag 1 

,■ ot dry blasl. Iron Age 91:1. 

<-4 My 

' dry blast process, H: M. Howe. Uet 
« i^hem Eng 11:147-8 Mr '13 
Story ot the dry-blast process. J. Oayley. 
Met & Chem Eng 11:71-4 P '13 
Dry docks, Hee Docks 
Dry goods 

.■J'f nlno Textile Indualry and fabrics 
Dry rot 
Dry rot In conatruction timber. Iron Age 81: 

Mf. Ap 3 '13 
Dry rot in floor*. D. E, Hooker. E^g Rec 

U:Z6-7 Jl 6 '13 
Dry rot in timbi^r use^l In alow-burning con- 
Mriiction. F: J. Hoxie. Am Hoc M E J 35; 
435-41 Mr -13 
Kif aUn Wood preservation 
Dry dock. Sec Docks 
Drying apparatus «f a rotary steam drjer. 11 Loco- 
motive 29:Hfi-7 Ja *13 
Mimiii'n drier fur molds. II diag Iron Age 31: 
3ti3-t Ja 3(1 -IS 
Dubois, Raphael 
Anesthetizing machine of Dubola. J. Boyer. 
II Scl Am I0S:46S My 24 13 
Duff manufacturing company, Pittsburgh 
Steel saah, wire partitlonB, sleel bins. Cen- 
tral oil diHtribution and telpherage Irana- 
port.ition for ItJirreti Jack factory. 11 plan 
Ir-m Ako 9I:877-S1 Ap 10 '13 
Duluth, Minn. 

Sanitary affairs 
Sewage disposal and water supply at Duluth. 
J: Wilson. Munic Eng 14:347-8 Ap '13 

c dumb-waltera. Elec W 62: eD4-5 S 20 

Dumping appliance* 
Air-o]»'ruted dump car. 11 diag Eng N 611: 

Ilti::-:l Je 5 "l;! 
Angove skip dump, plan Eng & MIn J 95; 


Eng & MIn J 96:213 Ag 2 '13 
-■■'--- '— ' — ' -^Ing. J. r 

My ■ 

,■ 33:5' 

... _ .__ _ I vehicles. B. 

BabCcick. II Scl Am 103:372 AP IS '13 
Kelly power dump. 11 Munio Eng 15:484 N 13 
Kilbourne * Jacoba automatic air dump car, 

il lly Age 55::h5 Ag Ifi '13 
New* hydraulic dumping body, II Automobile 

29::;ii;-7 Jl 31 ■13 
Suaiipnsion dumping bridge, plan Eng N 70: 

lu24 N 20 'li 
Three -wheeled motor dump cart; buUt by 

Third avenue railway of New lork city, II 

i:ng Hoc 67:35 Ja 11 '13 
Dunea. See Sand dunes 
DuPont. A. i. 
I'alMllal country houa-- In Delaware; (he A. I. 

dul'oiit resldotue, farrtre and Haatlnga, 

archlleclH. tl Arch Rec 34:337-47 O '13 

Nnn- corrosive Iron alloy. Eng N 69:563 Hr 

Experiments on liquid globules and columr 
motions displayed by drops ot liquid. C: 
Darling. 11 Scl Am S 7a:310-l My 31 '13 
Dry batteries. See Electric batteries 



Du»t— ContiBHcd. 

Methods ror Invcstl^linR and recordtTiR nl- 
mosphMic Impurllles, tncliiilInK the siiol :ina 
dust susnondpd in the titmosipliere. J: B. C 
Kershsw. dlags Mel & Chem Kiig ll:S3;i- 
t2 Je 'IJ 

See alin Conl duet: Dust prevention; DUat 
removal; Stone dust; Street clennlns 
Du(t prevention 

ProgresB reports of eitperimenls fn dust iire- 
veiillon and road preservatton, 1912. U S 
Pub Road Circ 99:1-51 '13 
Ket altn Roads. Oiled 

Air washer vs. centrifugal collector on dust- 
coUectlnn BvatemH. J. D. White. Power 38: 
:,T1 O 21 'IS 

Air washers and dust remoyal. 11 Heat A Ven 
10:24-7 F '11 

Corona i 

i ot removing smokft and 

from BaseB. W. W. Strong. " "-' ' — 
"1 s S 'IS 

S 76: 

Dust control In cement manufaclure; Cottrell 

electrical precipitation proeeSHca. W. A. 

Schmidt. ESig M 46:121-S O '13 
Dust In Johannesburg mines. Eng & Min J 9S: 

777 D ZS -13 
Dust problem 

room. T. C. 

ll:125-fi Mr '13 
Exhaust system for removal at emery grind- 

Ings. II Iron Tr R 51:806 Ap 3 IS 
Exhaust systemB for grinding, polishing, and 

hufflng wheels, sped Heat Ions prescribed by 

N. Y. stale depl. of Miich V.>-.ll\-3 

Mv -13; Same cond. Ind Eng 13:211-2 My 

EitiausI systems for Rrlndfng wheels. Ity Ape 

(M»eh ed> B7:sn5-G Je '13 
Filler for compressed air. diatt Eng « MIn 

J 95:615 Mr 22 '1! 
German melhodn of allaying dust from rock 

drills. [1 Eng & Min J 9«:1021 N 29 '13 
Plan of collecting fine dust f .. .- 

^,„.i Blec W 61:401-! P iZ 'IS 
Requirements (or exhaust systems laid down 
bv New York state department ot labor. 
Heat ft Ven 10:19 Ap '13 
Rules for dust collection and shop ventila- 
tion. Ind Bng 13:390 S '13 _ 
SpeclfleallonH for exhnnst svstems, Foiinilry 
41:20ea. S54a, 280a, 326a. My-Ag '13 
Dulles. See Customs service — United States 
Dwarf tms. See Trees. Dwarf 
Dwelshauveri-Oery, Victor Augusts Earnest, 
Sketch, por Power 37:584-5 Ap 22 "l! 
Dykes. See Dikes (engineering); Levees 


fieter « 

Results ot tests of Splro turbines. H. Coward. 

11 pliin I'uwer 37:ftfl-7 My 27 '13 
Torslon-dynamometerB and their field, dlag 

Automobile 29:42S-9 3 4 '13 

S',f n(gn Electric testing; Blectrodynamo- 

Care ot the dynamo on board ship. V; White. 
Int Marine Eng 18:402-4 S '13 

Cleveland electric Illumination company's di- 
rect current generators. II Iron Tr R E2: 
691-2 Mr 20 "13; Power 37:416 Mr 25 '13 

Dlsciimlcin on group IV papers (Miscellaneous 
subjects relating to rating!, (See Proceed- 
ings for February. 1913) Am Inst E E Pro 
82:2112-21 N '13 

Discussion on operating characteristics of 
large turbo -gen era tors (Field), and the 
transient reactions of allernators (Durgin 
and Whilehead). Am Inst E E Pro 32:99- 

Dynamo nnd mntor characteristics. C. P. 

Poole, diags Power 37:115-8 Ja 28 '13 
Dynamo and motor trotibles. R L. Uossman. 

plan Power 37:526-3 Ap 16 '13 
Dvnamo- elect ric llghtlnB for automobiles. A. 

K. Waller. Am Inst B B Pni 32:1972-85 N 

'13: Same. »cl Am 8 76:394-5 D 20 'll 
Kff«;t of room temperature on temperature 

rise of n:oti-rs nnd generators. M. W. Day 

and R. A. Beokman. Am Inst B B Pro 

32:416-36 P '13 
Experimental determination of the regulation 

of ailernatora. A. B. Pleld. Am Inst B B 

Pro 32:600-5 F '13 
Fire hazard in turbo -generators. Elec W 82: 

1200-1 D 13 "13 
Fire haiard In turbo- gen era tors. O. S. Law- 

ler. Am Soc M K J 35:1093-7 Jl MS; Same 

cond. P.iwer SS:I!90 D 23 '13 
French generators for llghllng of cars with 

novel means for (dualizing voltage, diags 

Automobile 29:668-70 O 9 '13 
Generation and transmission ot hydroelectric 

power. B. A. Lof. 11 Eng H <4:GG3-61 Ja^lS 

_._ nf black powder and dynamite. W. 

O. Snelling and C, O. Slorm. 11 U S Bur 

Mines Bui 51:6-63 '13 
m-nam1le grade mnrkings. P. H. flunsolua. 

Eng & MIn J 95:772-3 Ap 12 '13 
Konfreeztng carrier for dynamite. II Eng N 

69:169-70 Ja 23 '11 
Notes on dynamite consumption. Kng ft MIn 

.T 95:24 Ja 4 'IS 
What Is dvnamlte? F. H. Cunsolus, Colliery 

34:181 O '13 

Srr nf.o Explosives 

II Eng Rec 68:631-2 D 6 '13 
D\-namomelers vs. road-testing. Automobila 

28:943 My 1 '13 
Milling machine dynamometer. It. Pollakoff. 

11 dlag Mach 20:106 N 'IS 
Prony brake nnd lis use. H: M. Phillips. 

plan Power 37:^,88-90 My 13 ■13 
Recording transmission dynamometer. D. D. 

Huyett. 11 Power 37:461 Ap 1 'IS 

R. liU! 

Pro .i; 

and E. A. I.of. Am Insl B B 

710-20 Mr '1.1 

■ ■ - •- ;ii-|(. plants. 

' 6i:li 

S My 

J: r.. Hogan. Jr. 

High -f re. 

High-frequency generator for wireless teleg- 
raphy and telephony, E. F. W. Alexander- 
son. II Scl Am S 75:323-30 My 24 '13 

High-speed turbo- alternator destKn. Elec W 
61:183-4 Ja 26 '13 

High speed Uirbo-alternators — designs jjnd 

Hunting of generators. B. Dawson; V. K. 
Stanley. Power 38:469 S 30 '13 

InlemnI heiiting ot slalor rolls. R. B. Willlam- 
acn. Am In^t E E l*ro 32:138-48 F 'IS 

Invention ot the dynamo. Eflec W 61:S53-4 F 
1 -13 

Large direct -current fieneralors, 11 Iron Age 
■i1:fi5S Mr 13 '13 

Large direct -current units for Cleveland elec- 
tric Illuminating company. 11 Blec W (1; 
20S Ja 25 '13 

Parallel operation of alternators with com- 
posite windings. R. L. Mossman. II Elec W 
61:66-7 Ja 4 '13 

rot.-nlial w.ivpg of altemating-currenl gcn- 
eralora, W, J. Foster, Am Inat E E Pro 
31':20S-21 P -IS 

Rpgulntion of definite pole alternator.'', S. H. 
Morlen-'.-n. Am Inst K V. Fro 32:2P2-1 F '13 

Trouble with three-wiro generators In paral- 
lel. H. R. Mason, dlag Power 38:331 S 2 '13 

Turbo- alternator design and conslrucllon. 
Elec Ry J 41:97 Ja 18 '13 

Voltage on short-circuit. Power 37:896 Je 24 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


Water* h( 

21 '13 

Bee alto Au 

eralors. II Power : 

Edgartewn, Mattachutetta 
Doorways of an old whaling vlllaee. G. N. 
Ros«. II Arch Rae S3:G5-6r Ja '13 

Load losses ot alternating current seneratora. 

W. J. Foster and F.. Knowlton, Am Inst 

E E Pro 32:116-81 F 'IS 
Losses In turtio-aUernators, B. Q. L.amine. 

Power 37: HE Ja 28 '13 

Alternator testing. P. 8. Barton. Power 37; 

SS5-g Ap 22 '13 

Comparison of methods of loading large a-c. 
and d'C. generatorf and rolary converters 
for factory temperature tests. F. D. New- 
bury. Am Inst E E Pro 32:660-77 F '13 

Comparison of methods of making load tents 
on A-C. generators and on Induction 
motors. B. F. Collins and W. E. Holcumbe. 
Am Inst B B Pro 3i;190-2C3 P 'IS 

Discussion on group III papers (Melhods of 
testing apparatus for performance). (See 
Proceedings for February. 1913) Am Inst 

B B Pro 32:2i 

1-72 N -13 

Radium and the evolution ot the earth's 
crust. A. Holmes. Scl Am 3 T6:C7 Ag 2 -13 

Ser. alto Earth qua It es; Geology; Meteor- 
ology; Mines and mineral resources; Ocean 
L>ength ot geological epochs: radium as the 
clock ot ages. Bel Am 3 TE:37« Je 1« '13 

I and the Panama, canal. D. F. 


MacDonald,~t'i~Sci 'Am~"l09:3(lj'-5 plY ;i3 

I the 


) damage by 

Cost of living; llistr' 

earth quakes 

New seismology. J. Hllne. Bel Am S 7fl:lGl 
S e '13 
Convenient earthwork table. P. B. Hill. Eng 

N 7i>:R2,';-fl O 23 '13 
Melhods of handling light earthwork. H. C. 
Landon. II Ry Age E'""" ' 

Are alto Dams: I 
tlon; Foundations: 


Truth about (he Culebra rut slides. Panama 
canal. A. S. Zlnn. dlag Eng N 70:4DS-8 Ag 
28 'IS 
Eastman Kodak compiny 

Judicial decision Involving the camera film. 

Set Am 109:lfr3 Ag 30 '13 
New laboratory for research In optics and 

photography. II Scl Am S 78:56-7 Jl 2S '13 
Three years of accident prevention. II Iron 

Age 91:I0&S-61 My I '13 
Ecclesiastical architecture. See Church archl- 

CO, diagrams from actual practice. A. Be- 
ment. Power 37:409-11 Mr SB 'II 
Economic conditions 
Growth or modern IndUBlrlallsm. E. C. Eckel. 
Bng M 45: 321-S3 Je '18 

Rrf aUa BuBlne«s conditions: Distribu- 
tion (economics) : Tariff— United States 

Ion: Cost; 

lent regulation of Industry; Indus- 
try; l^bor and laboring classes; Strikes; 
Tariff; Taxation: Wages 

Economtiert, Fuel. See Fuel economlsera 


Editing In tba government printing oDIce. P. 
■ — M:S6" •- — 

Daniel Boone Idea In education; school system 
based on voluntary muscular work. 11 Scl 
Am Il)9:3«l N 8 '13 

Present day need'ot vocational education. T, 
W. Rohtnson. Iron A^e 92:10J8-SS N « '13 

Teaching from the child's point of view: • 
new science created by Prof. Bmst Heu- 
mann. P. R. Radosavljevlch. U Scl Am 109; 
141 Ag 23 13 

Kcc aim Classical education; Colleges and 
universities; Corporation schools: Engineer- 
ing education; Evening and continuation 
schools; Industrial education; Ballroad 

Education, ClaHlcal. See Oaaelcal education 
Education, Cooperation in. See CooperfttlMi In 

Education, Technical. See Technical education 
education for butlnes*. See Business, Bduc<t> 

tlon for 
Education of employees. L. Galloway. Z Ac- 
count 1E:3G-E£ Ja 'IS 
Efficiency, Induetrlal 
Automatic rating of workmen; Springfield 
(Meas.) armory's system. Iron Age 91:811-1 
Ap 3 '13 
Blocking the other fellow's efficiency. Iltm 

Age 91:20-1 Ja 2 'IS 
Bonus and rating tor works executives. J: 

Nelson. Iron Age 91:1169-62 My IS '13 
Building a coBt_ system. B: A, Franklin. Bng 

6:3S6-61 D 'LI 
n of failures tn efllcier 
:. Eng M 45:862-6 " ' 

' Collins.' Eng M 45:862-6 S 'IS 
Chemical engineer and industrial etflclency. 

W. M, Booth. Scl Am 9 75:210-1 Ap G 'IS 
Bdlcleney and the railway wage problem. F. 

L. Jandron. Eng M 44:141-7 N '11 
Emciency and the worker. H. R. CaltawKy. 

Eng M 4S:7IG-7 Ag '13 
Efficiency of labor— a difficult problem for 

the contmclor, E^g Rec 67:610 My 10 '13 
ESBclency of large corporations; proposed 

invest IgatEon by Dept. of commerce. Iron 

Age S2:13n3 D 18 'IS 
Executive efflclency. Automobile 11:470 P 13 

Hunger and shop efnciency. Iron Age 9I:107t 

Mv 1 '13 
Hunger, rest and shon effldency. M. H. C. 

Rrombacher. Iron Age 91:1126 My 8 'IS 
Hessurlng elRcIency on a profit basil. B: B. 

Passano. Iron Tr R 62:682-4 Mr SO 'IS 
Office efflolencv as it affects the men. L. 

O. Fisher. J Account 16:11-21 Jl '13 

- " efficiency engineering. Scl 

S:466 My 2 

. „. (luallty of workmanship, B; A. 

Franklin. Eng M 46:201-6 N 'IS 
Production largely Increased by a simple re- 

-Tanlzation. B: A. Pranklln. II Eng H 46: 

t^n i 

Efficiency society 
Concerning the L 

Porter, Eng N tS:4S4 I 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


Efficiency toclaty — ConUnveA. 

First £--..— .... 

F S 

Bacteria In ckkb. 3c1 Am S T6;80 Ag 2 ' 

Of th 

« '13 

!S^i a 

Induitriei and reiource* 
Bgyptlan mlneraJs. Scl Am 109;70 Jl 2B '13 
Egyptian linguafl*. See Hleroglyphlca 
ElfTel, Alexandre Quatave, 1833- 
Bullder and authority on aarodyoainlca. por 
Scl Am S 1«:121 Ag 23 'IS 
Eight-hour day. See Houra of labor 

E^fflclency o[ a steam ejector. F. 1 



4-6 N 1 



■leal apparatus. Elec 

W «l:l216-7 Je-T 

and humidity of the cooling medium on 
temperature rise of stationary Induction 
apparatus. J. J. Frank and W. O. Dwyer. 
Am Insi E E Pro 32:138-62 F '13 

Long-distance water-level Indicator. A. V. 
Youena. dlag Power 38:8SS-30 D 23 "13 

""■■""■ "f rating electrical apparatus. '" ' 

Itobblns. Am 

Merrill. W. H. Powell a 

Inst E E Pro 33:127-36 P '_ . 

32:l«73-n37 Ab '13 
New apparatus and appliances. See weekly 

numbers ot Electrical world 
New baseball Indicator. G. E. Mitchell. II Scl 

Am 10»:1D» Ag » '13 

) and suspended dust 

pipe -thawing outfit. 

Precipitation ot i 

See alto Armatures: Automobiles — Elec- 
tric equipment: Condensers (electricity): 
Dynamos: Electric batleriea: FTlcctrlc cir- 
cuit breakers; Electric equipment; Elec- 

..._ry; Electric meters": Electric motL._, 
Electric protective apparatua; Electric 
railroads— Equipment and supplies: Elec- 
tric sienals: Electric atandards: Electric 
startpra: Electric transformers; Electric- 
ity In mining: Electricity In the home: 
Electricity on the farm; Electromagnets: 


n of young moduli (or very deforma- 

ble bodies. H. Bouasse, Am Soc M E J 36: 
106t-e Je '13 
Elastic hysteresis. E. B. Smith. Eng Rec 67: 
SSI-3 My 17 -13 
. itism and elasticity. 
' S1-M9-70 Mr IE '18 

Electric accidents. See Electricity. Injuries 

Electric alarms 
Engine-room alarm equipment, plan Elec W 

Discussion on group II papers (Methods of 
determining losses in apparatus). (See Pro- 
ceedings for February, 1913) Am Inat B B 
Pro 32:3007-62 N '13 

Losses In transformers, W. W. Lewis, Am 
Inat E E Pro 32:473-504 F '13 

Stray losses In t ranaformers. C. Fortescue 
and W. M. McConahey. Am Inst E E Pro 
32:308-31 P '13 

Midwinter convention. A. I. E. B., New York, 
Feb.. IBIS. Elec W 61:Glt-2S Hr 8 'IS 
Elvctrlc arc 

Sre alto Electric lampa. Arc 
Electric automobiles. See Electric vehicles 
Electric batteries 
Battery for experimental use. H. E. Dey. 11 

Elec W 62:1210-1 D 13 '13 
Billiter alkali -chlorine callB. A. J. Allmand. 
II Met A Chem Bng 11:18-21 Ja *13 

■ battel. __ . 

108: 435 My 
Electricity dlr 

I to make tliem. i 

?ct from coat: problem ot the 

__ with carbon consumption. B. 

Baur. Sci Am B 76:346-8 My 31 '13 
Ignition from dry cells. A. L. Brennan. Jr. 

Improved prlmtuy wet cell. Elec W 62 :U! 

Jl 1» 'IS 
New electrolytic alkali cell. J: B. C. Kerahaw. 

[| Set Am 10»:1B1 Ag 16 '13 
Production ot cauatic alkali and bleach. D. 

J. Allmand. II Scl Am S 76:22-3 Jl It 'IS 
Test of nn Edlaon primary battery (Bdlson- 
Lelande cell). D. Santord. Met A Chem 
Bng 11:129-30 Mr 'IS 

See nlno Storage batteries 
Electric bella 

l-\r alto Electric signals 
Electric cables 

morlnR_ electric cables In shafts. Eng A 

H. W. 

... Fisher. Am Inst E B 

Pro 32:566-73 F '13: Discussion. 32:1869-67 

S '13 
Deasau-Bltlerfeld 60.000-VOlt cable. Slec Ry 

J 11:369 Mr 1 'IS 
DIscUfislon on Notes on underground condiilta 

and cables (Mosman). Am Inst B E Pro 

32:794-821 Mr '13 
Eleclrlc cables for mlnca. W: White. Mines 

A MIn 33:309-10 Ja '13 
Handling telephone cables In tl>e mine. a. 

Brown. II EhR & Min J 98:1216-8 D 37 

Heating of cables carrying current. S. Dush- 
man. Am Inst E E Pro 32:184-88 F 'IS 

Novel designs of cable clamps and cable 
brackets. 11 Elec Ry J 41:976 My SI '13 

Progress of high-tension cables. Elec W 61; 
1071 My 24 '13 

Steel-taped cabtea . tor underground wirei. 
Munlc Eng 44:47-8 Ja '13 

Street lighting supplied from steel-taped ca- 
bles underground. 11 Blec R & W Elac'n 68; 
4S Ja 4 'IS 

Krc aim Cables. Submarine; Electric dla- 
irlbutlon: Electric wire and wiring; Insula- 

Electric carriage*. See Blectrio veUt 



Electric carrier sjateni, jl Uy Age 65:624-5 O 
Eleetrfc celU. See Electric batteries 
Electric Chrlitmai tree* 
Electric Chrlalmas tree In New York. 11 Elec 
R & W Elec'n 82:25 Ja 4 '13 
Electric circuit breakers 
DIst-uHslon on group IV papers {Mtscellaneous 
subjects relaUns lo rating). (See Proceed- 
ings for February, 1913) Am Irat E R Pi-o 
S2;20T4-9 N IZ 
Montreal apparatus for (eMtng circuit break- 
ers. II dlag Elec Ry J 42:1244 D 13 '13 
Oil circuit breakers for larife powers and 
bigb potentials. K. C. Ranilall. II Am Inst 
E E Pro 32;iaSB-!i2 O ■13 
Rating of oil circuit breakers with 

Electric cooking at Boston engineers' club. 
11 Elec W 61;1171-4 My 31 '13 

Recent tests ot the coat of electric cooking. 
Scl Am S 7fi:ai» My 17 '13 

Value of a cookinj; load. K. B. Maleer. Elec 
W «2:lL>70-l I) 20 'IS 
Electric cranM. See Cranes, derricks, etc 
Electric current converter! 

Automatic subslHtions. K. B, Summerhayea. 
U Am Inst E E Pro 22:1336-SO Je 'U; Dis- 
cussion. 32:22<!6-Jl n '13 

Frequency cliangers and synchronous i 

I Inst E E Pro 3 


95:1048 My 24 'IS 

bution ; 
Electric CO 


cables: Electric diatri- 

iMt. I 

Turbo converter. II Power 3T:lB-( Ja 7 '13 
See altn Electric current rectifiers; Elec- 
tric transfurmera; Rotary converters 
Electric current rectifiers 
Advancement ol the mercury arc reollfler. H. 
F. Perkins. II Met & Chem Bng 11:491-4 S 

Randolph, diags 

Electric conductivity 

Conduction o( electricity throush an Insu- 
lator. P. S. Helmlck. Scl Am S 7G:2S» Ap 
2S '13 

Conduit ivity of lluoaillcic acid and lend fluoa- 
illcate. T. A. Putterson. Met & Chem lOni! 
ll;6Ti)-2 I> '13 

Electricity In mines. H. S. Webb. Colliery 33: 
489-91 Ap '13 
Sfc aim) Electric conductors 
Electric Conductor* 

Electrolytic corroaion nf eiirlhed metallic 
conductors. Elec Uy .1 42:S1S-;;(1 O 11 '13 

Transmission line conductors. Bng & MIn J 

Eleo W fl2:548 3 13 '13 
Motor- gen era tors and recllflers, 11 Automo- 
bile 28:34-6 Ja 2 '13 

Direct versus continuous current. Scl Am S 

75:13 Ja 4 '13 
Effect of a shorl -circuited aecondary on an 

oB<-illaiin« cli'cult. L: Cohen. Blec W 62; 

„ -J. J: S. Stone. Scl Am 8 76: 309- 
^3-6 My 1T-Z4 'IS 

conductivity: Electric 

Increaaed conduit con at ruction with reduced 

restrictions. Elec W 61:629 Mr ii 'ti 
Iron pipe used for electric conduit. O. W. 

Storey. Met & Chem EnK 11:190-4 Ap '13 
Notes on underground conduit construction. 

G. P. Speer. II Eleo W 61:52-4 Ja ' '"" 
Standard sizes of conduits for ele 

ductors. Eng N 69:174 Ja 23 '13 
Electric controller* 
Constant voltiii 

..] Inst 
eerpta. I' 

: Pre 

1-5 Jl 8 

Double -drum controller (o 

Elec Ry J 41 :aS7 Mr '13 
Dynamic braking hoi at cc 

. H. P, Iteed. il iron Tr H 53:S79-! 
N' 13 '13 
Larfte automatic controller. II Elec W 61:1003- 

4 My 10 '13 
Leonard patent for electric control, dlags Elec 
W 62:318-9 Ag 16 '13 

See alea Electric motors; Rheoslata 
Electric converter*. See Electric current con- 
Electric cooker* 
Automatic electric cooker. It Elec W 61:367 

5 -IS 

Electric cookery 
Costa of one year'a ele< 
ing. Elec W 82:843-4 

cooker. II Eleo W 62:397 Ag 
cooklne and heot- 

: V ii Rur Stand Bui 9:5<J7-646 D 
kleclric distribution; Electric 

>n; Elei 

ric ^ 

Electric discharge* 

Acetylene- electric flame. C, F, Loreni. II 
Elec W 61:Sil-G Mr 8 '18 

Brush discharge. A. Voamaer. II Met & Chem 
Etik 1I;i;2.1-'i N '13; Hanie, Sci Am S 76: 
3fi»-3 1) 13 '13 

Corona method of removing smoke and duat 
from gases. W. W. Strong. U Scl Am 8 76: 
156 S 6 '13 

Poalliv.- and neRiilive corona and electri- 
cal iirccipitatton, W. W. Strong. Am Inst 
E E Pro X^:13'.'l-14 Je '13; Discussion. 32; 
2300-15 D '13 

^*ic ntiia Electric sparks; Radioactivity 
Electric distribution 

Convenient " 


1311-2 Je n JJ 
Distribution -line construction problems. Bleo 

W 61:380 F 16 '13 
Distribution ot electrical energy. H. B. Gear. 

Elec W 61:10-1 Ja 4 "13 
Elfctric Held iliKtrilnitioii. W. S. Franklin. J 

Fr Insl 176:61-76 Jl ■" 


1 In a 


Elec Rv J 41:618-23 Ap 6 '1. 
Feeder tests on the San Diego electric rail- 
way. H. Macnutt dlaga Elec Ry J 42:141-3 



EMctrIc diitrlbutlon —Continued. 
Flow of water Irom [jumps uacrt lu PXiiUifn 
various ayEtems vt electric ULstrll'iillon. I.. 
R. Pomcroy. (lingH Am Kiir S7:1R!-4 Ap '13 
Grounded neiilral. Elec W £1:227 F 1 '13 
Hish-tenBion distribution by one-wlra ground- 
ed eyatem. J: A. Cavanaugli. Power 38:503 
O T -la 

Inductliin reEiiIatoni. J: A. R:inclo1ph. dl^RS 

Power 38:919-21 D 30 '13 
L.!tmp oreratlon due to accidental frround. S. 

" •• -' "-- "V 61:10fl8 My 2" '^" 

Locating grounds 



; Elec 


: EIpcl 

Electric plnnlH— Subt^lationn: EIpc 

er: EHeftrlc transformers; Electric tri 

slon; Electric wire and wiring: . 

c driving; 

Elactrlc driving 
Altematlns- current drive of a newspaper 
plant, Jersey City. N. J. A. B. Spauldlng. 

, - -sey C .. 
il Elec W 62:239 Ag 2 '13 
AnalysiB of cost of eli ' ' 
dr>-. Elec W S2:537 S 

-. .- --:239 Ak _ __ 

AnalysiB of coBt of electric drive In a foui 
*— "'ec W S2:537 f " * 

1 ~i'-h 


, dia«s Iron Tr R 63:1177-8 

Elect rkally.npc 

II Inland tnr 51:532-3 Ji '13 
Motor-driven cnal nnd Bsh-hnndllnB e< 

ment al l-adflc Mills. f*outh I,awrence. ! 

11 KIcc W BZ:ins-'i 1) S -13 
Hotor driving; in envelope factory. Elec f 

m7 Je 28 'IS 
Paragon system of electric drive. A. H 

len. plan Power 38:264 Ar 19 'IS 
Power reitulri '- ' — ■•■-- ' — '- ' 

Mach 1»;769-71 Je '13 

„ molor drive (or planers 

and similar shop machinery, il Elec R & W 

Niagara power ._. _. 

company, dlag Klec Ry J 42:J;;u-2 S 13 '13 

Present status of erounded secondaries. Elec 
W 61:303-4 F S '13 

Requirements for proper grounding. Elec W 
'1:337 F 15 '13 

NJWer diati . _ 
. Elec Ry J 11:4 

Three wire system with rotary balancer. A. 
M. Bennett, plan Power 37:490-3 Ap 6 'II 

TIrrell regulator. J: A. Randolph, dlags Pow- 
er 38:501-3 O 7 '13 

Weak spots In the distribution of electrical 
Tergy. Eng Rec 67:266 Mr 8 '13 

Elec'n 62:112-4 Ja 11 '13; Same. Am EJng 
87:46-8 Ja '13; Same. Ry & Eng R 53:16 Ja 
4 '13; Same oond. Ind Eng l!:76-7 F 'IS 

ReverslnR motor planer drive. 11 Mach 19: 
6SK-S Am 'la: Am Kuk R7:26» Mv '13 

Iteverslng molc.ra for machine tools. C: Fair. 
1 Eng M 45:119-20 Ap '13 

of I 



AgP 9:1:752 O 2 '13 
Kff tilim Electric 

Elactrlc atcvator*. Sec Elevators. Electric 
Electric engineering 
Changes in the National electric code. Elec 

W 61:668 Mr 29 '13 
Charles Proteus Stelnmeli and electrical 
pro^eas. D. S. Martin. Scl Am S 76:28 Jl 

12 ^13 

Civil ... 


LI est ions fc 
II 4 '13 


II Elei .. ,. ._ .„ 

Application of motors Id mining and mill In- 
stallations in Colorado. W. J. Canada. Eleo 

W 61:724-7 Ap B '12 
Driving ilneshnrtlng. G: N. Van Derhoef. 

Mach 20:197-8 N 'la 
Economy of electric drive for air -com pressor 

service. Elec W 61:1418 Je 28 '13 
Electric drive for revpr»lng roUlne milK J. 

A. Scager. dlag Iron Tr R ril:lM-7 Ak 21 

Electric drive for rolUng mllK H. Wiley. 

Iron Age 92:848-t; O 16^13 
Electric drive In mnclihie sliops. H:iec W 62; 

7S0-1 O IS '13 
Eaeetric drive In machine shoiis, C: Fair. Am 

Inst R E Pro 32:1928-33 O '13; Same. Ind 

Eng 13:482-3 N 13 
Electric motor drive In a stiitlonery fiictorv. 

11 Klec W 6;:1113-3 N :i 13 
Electric operated copper converters. G. B. 

Rosenblatt. 11 Eng & Mln J 95:901 My 3 '13 
Electric power In foundry operations. H. F. 

Stratlon. 11 Iron Tr It S3:!'17-L'l. "41 N 20 

'13: Same. Foundry 41:407-16 O '13 
Electrical dntn from some ("olorado mills. 

Eng & Mln J 9G:903-4 My 3 '13 

, n. M. Nichols, Power 

Electrical (uliacles. A. H. Allen. Power 38: 
165-6 Jl 29 '13 

Examination questions in electrical engi- 
neering. Eng N 69:170 Ja 23 '13 

Joint meeting of British and Frencti electri- 
cal engineers at Paris. May, 1913, Slec W 
61:134:'-fi2 Je 21 '13 

Maintaining operation during constnictlon 

N. K, 

N, k. 

ork, Elec W 6 


and dis- 

lons. Chlrano, June. 1913, Elec W 61: 
■*J Je 7 '13 

coast convention of the American In- 
i" of electrical engineers. Vancouver. 
!pt., 1913. Elec W 62:629-30 S 27 'IS 

Canadian electrical 

23d annual convention, Toronto. 1913, 
V 62:69-71 Jl 1! '13 

ventlon of Am. Inst, of electr 
Cooperslown, N. Y., Jun 
62:16-21, 81-6 Jl 512 '13 


F 22 13 
Electricity in the packing Industry. W. D. 

Bearce. 11 Blee W 61:466-70 Mr 1 'IS 
Electrirytng a wjilpr-mpif-r f.i. lory, plan Klec 

W 62:S94-S O 4 '13 
General electric reversing motor drive. II 

■- " -— ■'■0 Ja '13 

™.t nf motor drive In a slx- 
12,3Sl-2 Ag 23 '13 
Lo-swIUE lathe tP!;t on motor armature ahafis, 

11 Mach 19:6:;3-5 Ap '13 
Motor drive tor a 28-ln, valve. J. R, Allen. 

plan Power SB:1B1-E Jl 29 '13 

Reorganization of the Department of elec- 
tricity, Chicago. Elec W 6!:222-3 Ag 2 '13 

Research laboratory of applied electricity. C. 
Dontslzen. II Sci Am 8 76:261-2 Ap 26 "13 

Retrospect o( the year 1912. Scl Am 108:1 
Ja t '13 

6th annual convention of the Assn. of rallwBV 
electrical enulncprs, Chicago, Oct., Um. 
Kkc \V r.2:SX2-i X I '13 

7th annual convention of the Aaooclalion of 
1-';;. 6S2- 

Dynamos: Electric 

ea and nther head- 

ininc Bieotrlc:_ Electricity In mln- 

r nf-o Armatui 
irnlus and ami 

Conalnictlon of an overhead lint 
roiid-s riBht of way. Magulrc 
Elec R & W Elec'n 62:97-8 Ja 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


Electric engineering— Law— r7a« If nurd. 
Rules of electric Mrvlce In Wlacon»lii, Blec 
W <1:338 F 16 '13 

Uri alua Eleclric IIiibb — Law; Electric 

El««trlc equipment 
Centralized electrical control Bystems for Pan- 

ama locks. II Eng Rec 6S:7ID-1 U 27. '13 
Control equlpmenl for 

I equipment In Lytton bultdlns. Chi- 
cago, n dlft« Elec W 62;2B-g Jl E 'IS 
Ellectrlcal equipment of a modem building: 
Isolated BOO-kw generatlog pliint for Mo- 
..... ,. .. .. - .. -.. ^ ii;8S6-«l P tl 

, N. T. 11 Elec 1 

McAlpIn hotel, 

My 1 


Y. II I 


1 equipment of Charlea river locks. 
II diags Elec W 61:1355-61 Je 21 '13 

Electrical Fqul]>nnent of Induslrial plantti: 
illninlnatlon, motor requirements and tele- 
phone-call aj'gtem of Continental motor 
mfg. CO.. Detroit. Mtoh. K, C. Splllman. il 
Elec W 61:10SI-4 My 2i '13 

EHectTlcal rehablllULtlon of the Rock Island 
railroad shops In Chicago. IJ plans Elec W 

ei:H10-t Jg 28 -13 
Improving electrical service 

Eng Hec 67:539 My IT '13 
Lighting and mc" ■" 

Filene establish 

6J9-8S S 20 "13 

Output of Banni 

cam pli ■ 

for I 



^ry CO.. St. Louis, 

^ . ..icreased with » 

equipment. Elec W 61:1101 My 24 

equipment on steel 
moior ™ri,. r. vv. liutt. Am Soc M E J 
35:838-40 My '13: Same. Ry & Eng R 53: 
420 My 3 '13 

Varied uses of electricity In hotel Ohio. 
Youngstown. II Elec W 6::1206-R D 13 '13 

Wool worth building; world's highest offlce 
building. Cr E. Knox. 11 dlags Elec W 82: 
12G-3I Jl 19 '13 

frr alto Automobiles — Electric equipment; 
Electric apparatus; Electric distribution; 
Electric driving; Electric lighting; Electric 
plants; Electric power; Electric transmls- 
slon; Electricity in mtnlnn; Eleclrloity on 
ships; Electricity on the farm 
GlBctrlc fans. See Filiib, Electric 
Electric flatlron*. See Electric Irons 
Electric furnace* 

Advantages of small hlfh speed electric fur- 
naces. C. Herlng. plan Met ft CAiem Eng 
ll:IS3-7 Ap '13 

Application of the electric resistance furnace 
to determination of oxygen In Iron and 
steel, R. H. McMUien. 11 Iron Age 91: 30H- 
9 Ja 30 '13; Same. Mel ft Ciieni Eng 11:86- 
7 F '13 

Comparison between electric and fuel fur- 
naces. Met ft Chem Eng 11:652 N '13 

Crafts electric furnace of the Induction type. 
C. H. Vom Raur. Iron Age 92:612-3 S 18 '13 

Developments In electrochemistry. E. F. Roe- 
ber. Elec W 61:20-1 Ja 4 '13 

Eleclric brass furnace. C. Herlng. Foundry 
41:111-8 Mr '13 

Electric brass furnace. C, VIckers. Foundry 
41;!7-8 Ja '13 

53:129-30 Jl 17 13; Iron Age 92:174-6 Jl 84 

Electric furnace for making steel castinga: 
llrst Roechllng-Rodenhauser furnace Instal- 
lation In U. S. at Crucible steel casting 
CO., Lansdowne, Pa. C. H. Vom Baur. II 
Foundry 41:56-8 F '13 

Electric furnace heat -treatment of steel. E. 
F. Lake. II Mach 20:111-4 O '13 

Electric furnace In a steel casting foundry: 
Metallurgic engineering co., Milwaukee. 11 
Foundry 41:363-4 S '13 

Electric furnace In production Of iron from 
ore: discussion of present status and com- 
parison of ,Seandln:ivlan and Caltfornlan 
practices. D, A. Lyon. Mel A Chem Eng 11; 
15-9 Ja '13; Same. Sci Am S 75;381-3 Je 
14 '13 

Electric furnace In the steel foundry. E. P. 
Humbert, Iron Age »2;MI4-E D 18 '13 

Electric furnace methods of steel production. 
J; B. C. Kershaw. II Iron Tr R 62; IS7-203. 
361-3 Ja 16, F 6 '13 

Electric furnace of Crucible steel casting co., 
Milwaukee. 11 Iron Tr R 62:1399-1400 Je 
19 '13 

Electric furnaces In Iron and braas foundries. 
E. K. Scott. Foundry 41:379-81 8 '11 

Ejleclric furnaces; their design, characteris- 
tics and commercial application. W. M. 
Johnson and G: N. Sieger, "" ' " — - 

, 563-7 


Electric production of steel: from the early 
experiments of Siemens to the thirty 'ton 
furnace of to-day. 11 Scl Am 109;S8-9 Ag 1 

-...^ .pnolUE fllrnnce for CA«f Ht**' 
J 41:9. 

Electric smelting of Iror 
Iron Age 92:124-6 .11 17 '13 

Eleclric steel furnace In foundry practice. 
Mnch l!t:611 Ad '13 

Electric steel Industry's present status: num- 
ber and character of electric steel furnaces 
In the United Slates compared with those 
In other countries. Iron Age 92:81 Jl 10 '13 

"' "■"; furnace. Met ft Chem Eng 11: 



plan Iron Tr R 

52:747 Mr 27 '13 
Electrode bolder construction for electric fur- 
naces. II dlags Met ft Chem Eng 11:321-6 Ja 

Electrodes for eleclric furnaces: proper de- 
sign and manufacture, O. B. Barham. Scl 
Am S 76:B6 Jl Zfl '13 

Epochal achleycment in the electrical arts. 

First combination Induction furnace In oper- 
ation In the United States. C, H. Vom Baur. 
II Met & Chem Eng 11:113-4 F '13 

25 '13 
Frlck electric steel Ind 

. 'iron Age 92:670-1 S 

ctlon furnace, dlags Iron 

Age 3Z;744-7 O 2 ' 

3; Same. Scl Am S 76: 

357-9 D e '13 


n: Fric'k!'"ron'AK. 

Prick Induction furna 

e. 0; Frick. plan Eng 

M 46:439-48 D '13 

Helfenstein large elec 

11 Eng M 46:97-100 Ap ■__ 
Inrluetlon -furnace notes. J. HUrdfn. Met & 

Chem Rng 11:659-62 O '13 
Manufacture of carbon dlsulphlde. E: R. Tay* 

lor. II Sol Am S 75:410 Je 88 '13 
Methods of heat-treating steel with electrtc- 

Uv, E. F. Lake. 11 dlags Mach 20:278-82 

n '18 
New electric steel casting plant: a Stassano 

furnace installation In Calltomla. E. H. 

Schmelz. II dlag Met & Chem Eng 11:709-10 

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_ trie fumacss. 

O. J. Abell. II Iron Axe 91:1388-9 My 2S '13 
New type of electrical furnace for the reduc- 
F. LiOuvrler. 11 Mel 4 Cham 

Bng 11:710-3 D '13 
Inch effect and the pine 
.. J. Harden. Met t 

Pinch effect and the pinch-eftoot eloc 

M Ag -IS 


[ 11:123- 

appll cat Ions of the electric furnace 
•u western metallurgy. Met & Chem Bng 
11:577-81 O '13 

Present status of the Induction furnace, plana 
Met & Chem Eng Il:9a-103 P '13 

Production of the diamond In electric fur- 
naces. F. P. Mann. dla«s Met & Chem Eng 
ll:3Gl-3 Je 13 

Proitresa of electtic smeltlnc at Heroult. Cal. 
J; Crawford. II Met A Chem Bag 11:383-8 
Jl MS 

Progress of electric steel Industry, Bng & 
Mln J 96:453 S fl '13 

Recent Improvements In the use of the elec- 
tric furnace. 11 Scl Am 109:84-5 Ag 3 '13 

Regulating electric furnaces, dlags Met A 
Chem Gng 11:347 Je '13 

Roech ling- Rode nhauser electric fumnce for 
making steel for castings. C, H. Vom Baur. 
11 Iron Tr R E2:lB3-6 .la 9 '13 

Smelting iron electrically with coke as fuel. 
II plan H. J. Hanson, Iran Tr R 53:1003-7 
D 4 '13 

Smelting of copper 

nace. I), A, L.yon — „- 

Am InM Mln E Bui 80:2117-49 Ag '13: Same 
cond. Met & Chem Eng 11:522-7 S '13 

Smelting zinc In an electric fumace. F. L. 
"■--- "--. A Ch " ■•- 

._„_ ,.'2:8BB-T O 16 '13 

Steel castings from the electric furnace, B, 

F. Cone. 11 Iron Age 91:1273-33 My 29 '13 

See alio Electric heating; Electrometal- 
Electric tuies 
Change in the National electrical code. Etec 

W 61:630-1 Mr 32 '13 
Electric-fuse construction. L. B. Buchanan. 

Etec W (1:577-8 Mr IG 'IS 
Blectrlc fuse testing. L. W. Downea. Bleo W 

Sl:4ia P 22 '13 
Electric fuse testing. A. A. Somerville. Elec 

W 61:141 Ja 18 '13 
Fuse economy. H. S. Pardee. Elec W 81:1044- 

6 My 17 '13 
Fuse economy. H. R. Sargent Blec W tl: 

83T Ap 19 '13 
Important change In National electric code 

Bu^ested, Blec W 61:553-4 Mr IE '11 
patented electric fuse for preventing total 

or partial mlssflrea when firing shots In 

series. Eng M 45:258-9 My '13 
Electric seneraton. See Dynamos 

109:190 S 6 '-- 

Eleetrlc haulage accidents, Eng & Mln J 35: 
661 Mr 29 '13 

Hff nim Electric locomotives; Electric 
railroads; Electric tractors: Electric trueka; 
Electric heitina 

Costs of one year's electric cooking and heat- 
ing. Blec W 62:943-4 S 27 '13 

Electric heating and lighting In E^ngland. 1,; 


. Had away, ]r. 

ting del ... 

Elec W 61:16-6 Ja 4 '13 

Electric- heating plans at Marblehead, Mass. 
Elec W 61:1095 My 24 '13 

Improved air conditions In a Boston resi- 
dence. F. I. Cooper, plan Heat & Ven 10: 
20-S P '13 

Liow rates for electric heating service. Elec 
W 62:476-6 S S '13 

Bee alv) Electric furnaces; Electric water 

Electric holata. See Hoisting machinery; Mine 

Electric Ignition. See Automobile engines — Ig- 
nition: Oas and oil engines— Ignition 

Co-operation for electrical development Elee 
W «2:514-S S 13 '13 

Co-operation to promote a greater electrical 
Industry. Elec fCy J 42:412-3 3 13 "IS 

Co-operation with the aaJes department: Edi- 
son Illuminating co. of Detroit. S. M. Sher- 
idan, Blec W 62:639-41 S 13 '13 

Credits and collections discussed by electri- 
cal bualneSB men. Elec W 62:1046 N 22 'IS 

Developing- the latent electrical market. Elee 
W 62:1261-4 D 20 '13 

Eastern New York section. National electric 
light assn.'s annua] meeting at Lake 
Oeorge, N. T., Sept., 1913. Blec W 62:574-6 
S 20 '13 

Electric service In Chicago. II map Blec W 
61:1137-46 My 31 ']3 

Electrical affairs in Great Britain In 1912. 
' ". Bridge. Elec R & W Elec'n 02:16-6 

T: C. 

Ja 4 '13 
Electrical Industrial growth I 
.Martin. Elec W Sl:3 Ja 4 'la 
Electrical propaganda on wheels. 11 Elec W 

62:188 Jl 26 '13 
Financial needs of the electrical Industry. F. 

A. Vanderllp. Blec W 62:534-7 S 13 '13 
Furthering electrical Invention. B: P, Thomp- 

, March 4 & I 

. Blec 

Elec W 61:14-5 Ja 4 '13 
J, Robert Grouse on the Society for electri- 
cal development Elec W 62:169-70 Jl 36 '13 

Retail dealer and electric appliance salea. 
Blec W 61:349 F IG 'IS 

Review of the year in the electrical Industry. 
Elec R & W Elec'n 62:7-16 Ja 4 "* 

Chicago central station 

„. „..., -. __pHances, S. M- 

Kr-nnedy, iT Elec W 62:10Ki-3 N 22 'U 

Statistics of electrical installations In Chi- 
cago. Elec W 62:174 Jl 26 '13 

Supplv .iobbers' convention considers accounl- 
inr. Elec W 62:1037-8 N 22 '13 

Syndicate interests In central stations. Elec 
"" 62:482-8 S ' "" 

1913. Elec W 62:171-8 j( 2L — 
Unified pubUc utIllUea In central IlUnola. 1) 

map Blec W 61:1146-66 My 81 '13 
Yenr's progress In continental Europe. 1911. 

C. I> Durand. Blec R & W Elec'n 62:34-6 

: Electric plants — 
c power; Electric 

Electric In 

detectors. R. Li. Mossman. plans 

37:14-5 Jb 7 '13 
"' iments, 11 Blec Ry J 

41:728-9 Ap 19 __ 

Precision direct -current indicating-instru- 
ments. 11 Am Maoh 38:877 My 22 '13 

Switchboard losses. H: D, Jackson. Power ST: 
3TG Hr 18 'IS 

, and references i 

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Electr.e miflatlon. ?*e 1: !'j:ai:on N'^n y^.Ta-W.m rey ■^mi-a. E>;g N S»:5S9 Ur 

I <j\,Br:i I-J^e lan^p: J^fifra acl rrircipal uses 

..; i:.c C'-:r«r He« i-.J Ta.-^uro arc J. C. 

. Ji H. M' 11 EIcO 

. J, P--.>i-r. 

'.;-,--,. 1. L.i:. 

T . S. pi.. 1V13: 

= MardI 
. 11 Elec 

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Indirect Tlhimrnallon lor general ofDces. Klec 

W 6l;.155-8 P 15 'IS 
liidiEwl (it'litiiig. JOlec W 6lil.",0 Jii IS '13 
Inijlrecl-llghllng units with detacliatile bowls. 

il eiec W $:i:143 As so '13 
liKluKirial IlKlil-ltix l>v InruiiiltKoent lam lis: 

Kli-i' W^'sjIidiiI-s'k IB 'JS ' 
Iii.^ullatiun mid maint>-niinL-« uf electric iK-iid- 
li«hl riiutlimtiit, V. T. KropiUlowskl. i3iaK» 
III' Ai^i IllPCli ed) S7;3<>7-g. 42»-au, 5tfi-U, 
aa-i Jl-Ak". U-N '11 

,jhr,iry illuniiiiatiun. P. A. Vauglin. U Elec 
\y Gl:ll]fi-8 Je 14 '13 
Jifhting: Inalalled In the Pilene eatabllsh- 
iiient, Bwlon. 11 Elec W 62:uSa-2 3 20 '13 
.iKliling DC an eleclrical salesroom. II Etec W 
61;;*4 Ap 1! 'IS 

.rt'hdiiK of iiucoiniihlle Hak-Kr'xim •>! I1i<' 
While CO., Uiwti-ii. II BJbc W 6a;IJ3«-l U 

... I Iho ,„,„ 

i:iw W S2;1332 U 27 '13 

irliliiic ot Ihu I'liiiiima-IJacllic ex[iosUlon. 

MH.'i. Elcn W 61:1043-1 My 17 'IS 

k'liiInK the modern circus. |[ Klec W 62: 

:^U Ag 1 'IS 

;ijilnu Die )'iiiiama'I<nrlllc t'xnnsitlon, lOlR. 

■I'WM- 37;797-S Je 3 '13 

1 scries lighting circuits. V. 

■•■ -:»29-3« Mr S '13 

I. 11 Klec 

Nat lor 

...< Bng 4!):2B:-4 S '13 
i|iiil liKhtlna: H'tnt of Ti 
!. It Sluiiir- KtiR 44:l!'T-2'i 

c Itglit 

t electrlc-lleht 

llxturt-a: H«il.libo;irdn 


li.i-ton EilJMOii house-wiriiiK eamiiaign. Klec 
„\V «2:l<il3-4 N 15 '13 i s r 

Cost of municipal electric llgliting at CUi- 

eago. R. Pajmer. Eng N 70:668 O 2 '13 
Coat Of street lighting In Chicago, Elec W 


How weather condlllons i 

ijllla. Elce W fll;302 P 8 
Pasadena miKilclpal lieJiting plant. II Munic 

fc-ns 44:Bn5-li Je '13 

problem. Elec W 62:1215 U IS '13 
I'uMIc service commission acta in landlord and 

tenant case. Fiiwer 38:41(1-7 H 16 13 
Halts for _IUTliek-y.^ Ual., elfdric tight. Munto 

Rates for electricity. H: D. Jackson. Ens M 
14:32fi-34 D '13 

llccurd of I'aaiidcTia's municipal plant. I'ower 

3Mli26-T (> 28 -]3 
Sy.'tem in charging. W, H. Boudi. Puwer 37; 

474-5 Ap 1 '13 

^^zsurs-T- " •""■"- 


.\mt-iit-aii elpclilr railway nHsoi^intinn: reu 

Bi,c"]V"j"i!:s<7--"r, 'liv " »""■■ 
"fS ?■&;•■;, ';vvi5'" '»""•"" 


11 Elec W 62:439 S 6 '13 

(■.•Kl of cn-ctliih' ilii.iHlK.voit transmission 
Uni-i^. 11 Elci- W Sl:1259 Je 7 '13 

fiPBis of mal«rlnl for GBnO-volt line construe- 
tl..n. Klec W 61:11147 -My 17 '13 

I>»slgn uf hlRh-teiialon electric transmission 
lin.'s. J: Ureeiihalgli. Eng M 44:4U-S5 O 

DetiTllH of permit for ilrcat Fall.i liansmls- 
sJcin line. ICug Itec 67:1«:; F S '13 

DistriLutiou lino records. H. A. Holmes, maps 
l-:\ec W 62:21*1-3. 338-40 Ag I'-IS '13 

Brfect of sleet storm on distributing lines at 
Itochester, N. Y. It Elec W 61:412 P 22 '13 

V, J I. I ireiss.-r. diuus .\m inst" K M ITo 

■ Chicago. 

Klec W 62:623-5 S il '13 

f llKhtilif!. il Elec -W r.niM Ja II 
iPtTi Bicctlon. N-atinnal clpi'tric 1 
1st Himual Macnn. 
913. Rlec W 62:3iiS-!t. 42T-!i Ag ! 

Ileliling cncliif 

ley. II Elec W 61:407- 

.'' ' 

: fic. 

■■■lliis. il Eng N 6»:610-I Mr 1; 


al ,.r 

I^'tj^ fr My streeis, Elec TV 


■""13 " 

44.0(IO-volt (ranBmls.«lon-Iin< 
n at Panama, il Ei^c W 6^:211 

smillicrn <'atifornia. II. \V. neiinlR, II illaes 
ElPC \V <2;:81-7 Ac 9 '13 
Slrensclh of tranHnitsslon lowers. K. D 
CoomliS, Elec W 63:S44 S 13 '13 

'lizodcy Google 



■ wtr 







:; ■! 

fl-.-s. K- 






K. i: 

Electric line* r;t,iiiirri. Nfw d-f:im nf *!e-tric locK.mntive for the 

T'-M.JE 11.11.^ ::.i.u;aI.T! iii lOa. f <J H. N. a Y tK lTn..!.a. l.t;* -jt li.e N>w Tork 

MK'«u:. i;.-. Kv J 41' :■;;:■ !■ :' :! r.r...r^. ,,,.ir,,^,i u ,.„,„;. tug N 6? S"u-2 

Tri.!frr..sf.-.-, I:-- j-.'S »:..! ( KnK & W; i ;■: 

M,r, J !■■• -r.;-; .\|. ;■■; :i N. « i>i-c rlr- ir.c '.ori.TnPtive for heavy p«s- 

Trai.>ii.,s^it.n l"Btr defjcn tor tl.e Central .-!ip« yrT. i.f. New Y .rk Central electric 

z ti'. [^an l:^ & F.ns K &J.3^4-£ Ap 2£ '13; 
.-ati.T ,-..!il. !;>- J tl:6M-i Ap 12 '1! 
X-u iy;,t vt e;, ruic Jocomouve. U Eng Eec 

«: *-;■ 31- Aj, i; 'IS 
New York Cenlral eleclric locomollves. U Eng 
M c r;;-; as "is 

S,r.--l--i' ,~. n :■■; ;.!,.| ;■'■ I'^e c-.tlverler for 
]- TT-.i .- ,.,M'-r il Jiaui. Elfc Ity J *!': 

rvuJ e-ectrlfl nations. A. H. Armatronc. 
Hv J )::::-;o ja « 'ii 

n. V. 

i m California. Flt-c P.y 

J ii...^l.iT,ef. Elec W 

:;,! siiklns machin 

Elec RAW 

J 4; :';l.'-3 Ar I''- '13 N' -.;.-^ ..■,-,■ ■!■ ■_!•:■ ::i.- m,i(-li!nes, G. 
Fri-n'}! Fiijck-iihuse Ipcomotwe. r'^"' Elof !■ : !• . ;\.- 1.- \\ ■■: .-■■- .1.- . '13 

i:v J 41-;-SS-;'ii F la 'IJ s, r ->■ . m. ■ .- - c ■;•■! '■■>-^E. i:oBenbere. 

i-ar's in' ciiv :.ri^i s-jV.rl'an' p,Vv.. ,■ i::,'.- lli ?;. :.-;■.:,. .,; 

I,..,.iii..iivvs fvr ii;e N.-rfi)!; *.- n. ■.:, :-,, , :, , .■: ■- M: :"■ 

ii.f.;^aii..n. ■i-.As in,ii> Ki.-o r.y .1 i:....i-i .. sr, . ;-; ■..i.i .; 

M,,,ni. I...1I.- iif I!iP IVt^r-jh.iT.l.i r.nlioi.l 1 i- ,■■- ^ , ■,. ; 

sir ID 'ij' " '" '*" '" " "' ' [;'.: .1,, J ■.' 

1 f-r N.iv'f.jk' CoMTjl"lli-.'s, 'i; Kie'o ",'v^V .^"' i ' 'V ' V-..!,'!!'.' I:;!"' Vfil'9S2''My 

11 Elec W 61; 

\V M;T:'7 Aj. 12 

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ctrle machinery -(Vnlimifd. 

iSrr aim Commulators; Uynamoa; Etec- 
trlr aiiparalus nnd apT>U»nceH; Electrlt 

l')ln'Li-li> driving: Klptlric enslneerint-: Khe- 

aWUrif. Hyaroeletlrlc planta; kotary e 

'lo 32:3;u.6 F '13 
■nmiKatliHi and ■ - 
im mat B B T 
(irmlnallon uf 

itiiCH. H. F. T. Erhpn ami II. H. I'iiBe. 
lOM R R Pro 32:3S2-9 V '13 
l.wwM in nyn.-hrtiiiou!. inartifii.^s. F. K. 
lai-d. Am InBt R K I'm ;!!;54S-5I F '13 
"'"» IJynamoH— l,iiKsi!»; Hli-ctHc m<J- 


. -Itinary Indui 

. J. J. Frunk uml XV. O ,„. 

Am Inol F; R Pri> 32:S;iS-«2 F 'IS 
Lnboratiiry InvvstlKatloii of tprapeniture rlne 
as B riinctlon ol atmospheric cundlllons. r 
R. RInnpliard and C T. Amiersun. Am Inet 
K K Pro 32:Jii4-7"i _K -13 


. lie 

- EliT Uv J ri: 

Mi'tliod of ilelermlntng umpcr 

iiiitliiK i;urrenl ueneralors al.- 

raimi temprralure. 11: <J. Rfial and T. h. 

Rdpii. Am limt K R Pi'o 33:L'3B-34 F '13 
Mi-lhcid of raliiw elfi-li'li'iil a|iparatiiB. W. 

I.. Merrill. W. 11. I'owell and C: Uii1>1><nH. 

Am Inflt E B Pro SS:12T-3lj F '13; UiB- 

niB^'ioii. :i;:1t;7ft-I737 As '13 
MothmlB ijf dtlermiiiltiK temperalurp of trans- 

fnrmcrs and uf c.nllnE modliim, 8, K. 

■ • :<iid <i, \V. Winle. Am Tiwt K F 



. DlMf'l 

ST 3-6 

HT, I., \V, 


ii^i^b^ anjl' p. ' TlK-iiias.* Am Inat 

ratory Im-fullHatiim of (.-m|)pr 

a III re rise 

nianchiiid <itid C. T. Aiid'.-ii.on 

'" Am"! list 

dHi. blliilOK 

■: i;r.> 3:':lB4-75 F "IS 

Irjcal iiiH- 

Eli-ctrU- iTs'li 

..■ry. 1. _I.aMh-miiir. Am_ InM 


Coiiiblnfd kilowatt-hour and demand meter. 

(liana EIpo W 62:S0B Ab 3 'l^l 
Graphic meters. Eiec W 62:i8:i-l Jl 2S '13 
Horschlt]! Blip meter. It Else W 63:4t1-5 Ae 

iMa.liincs. J. A. r'app and I„ T. lloli- 
. .\.ii HiM( I-: K \;,i 3:;:7u:'-S Jir 'LI! 

nt il KIm- W (il:132ii-l Je 11 '13 
llemiile control of lu'o-rale meters for off- 
peak Bcrvlce. plan ElPc W 61:684 Mr 29 '13 
Split-core Instnimert for menaurinB larce 
direct current, plan Elcc W 61:632-3 Mr £2 

e-form. F: Bedell. 

Cost of porL. 

Eiec W 62: 

Mi-n-r i.-il t.i. 

2 Ag i '13 

t-hour meter leating for rentral Blallone. 
W. Ward and H. N. Stroh. 11 dlags Elec 

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Elcctnc motor* r.-nliri,..! Sp*«) c 

}..-\-t-'^ "■•'■■■■■■ '■'.'• ■'.:■'■''"■'.'.• ■:!■.,'.". -i '"-'■ '- '- '"" ■-"-■'-■"- '---"1 J^- Str 'IJ 

D/r-(-_c.rr-T.t rr.-.t'.r from a_ l*:f_; rine- A'jt..n-. ,f. r-v-;r,E -tarttr, J. A. Seager. II 

K. A. . 




.r. il C. 



W-J M> 



l,«d t 

.^* ,.i'd 

on J 







Irttr^sling static electric motor. H, B, Daf- DevelorroeDt of the electric railway motor. 

]?;-. i: S-.i Am ::S^11 Ja 1 'll .v, iv. Siorer. E:«: Ry J 41:!1-S Ja 4 '11 

y. ■ ■ ■ ■■ • ■ :. :■ ■■ ■ .. l: v.- W ■-- E. ■-■r.-' ir. motor Tr.ainieraiK-e. J. C. Thin- 

_ .. N -■ ^ ^ ., , .. '^^I'- Elec R>- J 41:370-11 

;■ ■. ;. • ■-- y y. H .;. ■:■- ):!.- N T Eltc'Ry J 41; 

M'.'.'^rs ■■•T.i'jr a pi';; call on a. A. B. Morr^- 

■ I- :.-..,. .-T. :■.■-. 1-- .-- S 27 ■!! 

Riij:nav riH.'.ir ..(.r.eclions. diags ELec Ry J 

!■..■■ :.:.■:-!! of the d:r(:^t-r-.;r- 41,li;4 ■ '- "' ■■■■ 

i ■ ■■:.■: -.'.<.- lo;M!.,)?e Sinpie-I'! 

■ .' ■■■.■ i; Mvrc^jtz. ElfC -W CI: r.:i; & 

::-- I- : ■;- 'IJ 

I-r .^-^ '..-.;.'r.'a-:r. V, A FiTn. ETec W '■:: r'-r.-.^'-.-M \fi- T-..:\s\ ,y m.t.irB. I,; Btll. (li.igs 

I'-Ei, :: M. i:.-? .'i s.r- ■:-. v..- ■ i;> j ;: ■.'-.■:> it : -u 

Ra-.rif if :r.:-,'';-T. I....t..^^^. A. Gray. TMe W S'tcxr e moicrs, fiynchronoui 

^!>■ 2 n"" ■ ■■ " 1,. "."■. ■■" " . "- '■ ■ ■ .".".s"T;,.ii''.T'p .iun'tiK st;.rt- 

.^rlf-ttartir.? sii.Bb rha^e Inlutmn mr.t.-.r. ' ■,' ^ . ', ^ ■' ,' , ,'" JC ''/T ;;;',.''|„''VI'''l™i.^ 

C: F. Frs.'J'a. Jr. il Sci Am S 75:i;6-7, :4:-3 ,.,,. ,. . , ,,.■ ,, .. ,i 'i,,,],,, n..n 

Ap i:-l^ --.Z ■, ., II ■. y...::.. i:;,., w <i^A-i-.-:- X 

: mll'E. T.:-.e Rcc 

■" T; 






c W 

. di 

,E El 



62 8- 

-S Jl 

^dru-lng a 






|. I.I lit. 








g M 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


isolated SM-kw generatlnK pLant for ^o- 
llan Hall, K. 7. II plan Blec W S1:39G-401 
F 22 'IS 

S;4-!2 Ag '13 

Pnwer tT.H7-i Ap 1 "18 

ilnlcd plant vs. central Btallon. Power 37: 

<<!-! Ap 15 '13 

ilatpfi plant vs. central slatlon. V.'. B. 
,™-is. Power 37:720-1 Mv 20 '13 
t^ilnlne power from a lesting plant. Scl 
\m lUflHOS Mv 3 '13 

fralinc tlw p'nnt of Mnson-Senm.Tn trans- 
nrtaHon ™., N. Y.. under OitfloultlPs, plan 
'nwpr 37:(!27-S Mv 6 'H 

■rallon of a turbo- electric lee factory, I.oB 
l^icr --- - - - --- 

Gorge steam atatlon ot the Northern Ohio 
tra-ctlon & light co., of Akron, O.. at Cuya- 
hoga FallSL J. C. Lttlhrop. I[ plana ELec W 
62:4111-24 Ag 30 "13 

Jncknonvlllp, (Fla.) traction co.'s power plant, 
il Power 37:654-7 Ap 22 '13 

LlghCng. water and ice plant at Graham, N, 
C. Eloo W 61:627 Mr 28 '13 

1-ittlp Itni'li. Ark,-ti,.w tiirl.liiu Instiillallnn of 

Merlden, Conn, electric co.'a new power sta- 
tion. 11 Power 38:218-9 Aft 12 '13 

llontgotnerj'. Ala. eenlral power ptant. W. O. 
Rogers. 11 Power 87:438-41 Ap 1 '13 

New Perth Amlioy central atallcm, W. O. 
Rotters. II I'ower :i7:Sfl-ll .la II '13 

Newport News & Old Point railway * elec- 
tric CO. at Hampton, Va.: combination rail- 
way, electric and fce-maktng plant. A. B. 
Smith, il plan diac Elcc W 6S;J71.S Ag S3 


. Fi>ik 

jiiticai co-operatEon belwccn rptilml sta- 
ilr.ri iinil iBoIaled plant, p. R. Moses. Eng 
M .H:r.7R-87 Ja 'IS 

udentlal insurance co. plant, Newark. N. 
r. C: ir. Bromley. II plan Power 37:2-8 Ja 
' '13 

rctiaslne nr maklnft powec. H: D. Jackson. 
I'ower 38:317 S 2 '13 

nton heel co.. Lynn. Ma»B.: good record 
or small Isolated plant. F. L. Johnson, il 
'oner 3S:45fi-g S 30 '13 

-reasful email Isolated pinni, Detroit, 
Ihh, il Power 3S:33-4 Jl 1 -13 
■ho-alternator plant for the world's l-nr- 
rst office building; Railway exchange 
'dg.. SI. I.ouis. Elpc W 61:714-5 Ap 6 '13 
v the Chicago mierai building in In have 
3 own plant. Power 38:73-4 Jl 8 '13 



V.' 61:603 Mr 22 '13 

I distribution ot energy. Elea 

St. De'nii nl.'rtrlc poiier sl'^iiiun. I'aVis. t 

Am S 7I1:L';S-I' O 11 '13 
Savnnnnli electric co.'s new jMiwer plant 

O. Rogers. II plan Power SR:ir':'-; Jl 2 
SpringKeld dec trie light plant. W, O. lio 

il Power 38:318-23 S 3 "13 

al. station praclloe at Waterloo. Iowa. 
i:ies Elec \V S3177-R1 .11 26 'l.l 
!iik1 PlSRlrlc Ihuminatlng co.'s generat- 
i.lnnt A. T). WlillamB. il plan Power 37: 
7. 51fi-7 Mr IS, Ap 15 '13 

nnr'chlc.Tgo. il plans Power 37:583-93 

. map Power 28 :;!r..-i-S S 9 '13 
I Hull's Bridge (Conn.) plants 
itiiiilc power CO, W. O. Rogers. 

Cl:2;'l-3 F B '13 

Digitized ov Google 


Electric planU— Cpnlral staltons— Acrt.— Tonl. OpmirlunlllcB /or power jilant economy J. O. 

■imi ,.>iiii.iirini.- i..i»i-r ooBf in stcum nluiil:*. Power «■, .ii'.'mltB In laiBe BfnfraitnB plants. 

II r. ■111,1 W >f ([..isiicli, .Mil lii"l Kni: Kfc fi'^-lM N 1 '13 

f' F "pr.. S' h"'S-li:il >H- 'n Prartioiil co-opprntlon between central sta- 

,. , tlon ntiil li-olated plant. P. K. Moses. Eng 

' " ' , . ^ . M H:57K-87 Ju 'JS 

Central station construct Ion -t-ost data oh- prevpntlun of ncclilfnls In opntral stations, 11 

lainert Irom Tenney cpntrai-statlon com- ,.., „- ^j.^^.s My l" -13 

panics tn Massaohuselts, l.ler W 62:63'.i-40 (jiii,.k-HrlnB arrnnKcn<-nt of t")llprs tn relay 



r. 11 Kl. 

*■ S2 


>-l I> 6 -13 






central Bta 


tlons. H,n 

er 'ir'w 




nn servlc 

l-:i,-<- W fi!:S4S O 25 


■suits .If n 

in: Wo 

ISB. Elcc \ 

«1*:1041 M> 

17 ■» 


lies omMti! 

'. M,.nr>. 

c W 


1091-4 My 

tial Ken- 
l> 13 13 

iges from noodi. etc. 
..[- Ll,,. ll.H).l il..|i<l. Elec TV 61: 

■I . '^ 1(1 eleclrloal properties. 11 

■-[■I Ar S -13 
, t<i r-'iTirical IntcreslB In OHlo. 
.-.(■■]--> Ap 12 -ll 
bmeigcd flt'clrlral apparalUB to 
fT llooil. (3: H. Moree. II Klec 


siuii.ilj .1 ci'iii'ial cli'itric nnvolty. 

ni, W: R. Davis, plan I 
■^ignnljiie In the world' 

Inn lirnils at nnthra 
.kawnnna R. R. »'< 
S. lllpsccker. Ai 

A|- 13; liisc-usslor 

«- 6!;T»l-2 O 

•. LlveiTfilBe. II 
r.:.o-7" O '13 

'■■■"'■'" '''■"'"'". "^hz'd'iJGooglc 



lectrk plintt-^iilwl 
...... — —'— aiii.n 1.. _ 

. J. ». Fin 

. I^uls, II II 

c planti, Municipal 

i>pk.Ts llKhti 


ngeles muni 

■ated. Eleo ' 

iliml iif nwl llniiinR. W, 1* Durand; D! 

It™i-lninii. I'tiwor I8:"nT.S D 2 '13 

Jam. Mliin.-iiDulls. Jlliiii. 'il Klec W S3:104^- 
^ X 22 -U 

nil. j'l'V ';iisi"i:i:'i'i;r-'(;',MV,Tr''is*'' 

mini, (,t ,.\:,„i ^\f,,. i„ |,.iivi;r i-nst. P. M. 
iii'i.ln. \rii InM !■; i: Pr.i l2:1ri3i;HS O '13 
)■".,',"!' •;'., "11'-'-.'-, '■■"'1 with |)1:im eiie. Eke 

.>i. .if... Kli.i irio IliililiiiB -r-wt; Poorer coit 
tlilRp,_ »Inss._ centrat-slatlon practice. II 

TlTO.ikfnEs. S, II. 

, C R. MitPB. 
te. EnK & Mln 

ii.'^lleld. Mas!>;, ilRhtlTi): planl. 

1.. central- slat I un dsveiop- 

W 02:4736 S fi 'IS 
IHs on central-station ralca. 
I S » '13 II. J. Bronwrw, jr. il Miinli; F.i 

(t;i-Jl Ag '13 

iii;il|i:.l iiKtiliiiK i.laiit nl Si-!illl<., W.ii 

inirrr>ai ' lifihllnB plant coat. Munlc E 

; in Inndlord 

Inn Power rtS-.-^S'-. 

hirlns. Mil Hie 
A. n. Rlak". 

. il T-:h--- w r.-:i7i-, 8 Ac 

Kli-lri.- .hivlni:: Kl.-.- 


of kllowatt-lifiir rn-ls ol 
"tciii. Elcp W r.-i 2S8 Ab 2 
>iio yenr's pleotric oiOklnK 

1. H. II. Sllckney. plan Power 

D,,„i,!od'=, Google 


-rsi. ■ ■■■I.-' C-ri™; '■l^rr'.: r^TTaj- »c :'--j Tyrants" a^sofl- 

■■:-■ 7 ni:a-iT »?•:: : rr-jct'-iir.n of a- r A F. T. V.rj acl tther*. Elec R>- J 

,- .^ K- l:. J 

; i.::-5 X 

F_<-;_P.j; J.t: ■.■■7.^ 


'■■v*j ^:; ■v'V:^* 


■ L. Ford. Elfc 

. E -c r.y J 4:::;r-« Mr f : ■ ■■ '" .' -.-■.:■- T. l!i-!Jini;f 

IL--- : 

I". - r.y J 4: *T J,i I 

■ h Rv. it. p. 
■-•S-^l n !. -13 
r.icific elPC- 
. II plan Else 

French P;T*n*ea: 

I- J 4:.;i2-:i .\g 

■■■■ ■' '->^ -^ " 'f ■» 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


ElectiHc rallroids — ronstructlon — Contliueit. 
Speclflcatlona for 600-volt cilrert current over- 
head trolley coiiKtructlun. diass Ity & But 
R 53:1202-( D 27 '13 
Supoortlni; en electric railroad on the edge 
of B Bide htll. W. L. Webb. II plan Ens N 
" - - '13 

hlngton & Old Dominion rallwAr. W. N. 

Smith. 11 map plan Elec Ry J 41:M4-tl 
Mr M '1! 

Way and buildings. Bleo Rr J 41:C-I Ja * 'IS 

Way construction of the Connecticut com- 
pany. 11 maps dlass Elec Ry J 42:328-35 AK 
SO -13 

Westchester railway electric tracllan. tl diasa 
Eng N S9:lZ08-n Je 13 '13 . 

«« alio Electric railroads— Trach: Eloclrlo 
railroad a— Wires and wiring; Poles; Street 
rallroadB— Track 

Cast of operation 

Cost of carrying a pasHenRer, and proposed 
work of the Bureau of fare research. E. 
Gnihl. Elec Ry J 42:893-4 O 18 "13 

Effect of load factor on coat of electric rail- 
way passenger service. C. N. Duffy. GHeC 
Ry J 41:19B-S F 1 'IS 

Damages from flaods, etc. 

Additional reports from the recent floods, tl 
Elec Ry J 4l:ST9-83 Ap IS '13 

EHect of the flood on the Ohio electric rail- 
way. 11 Elec By J 41:T24-E Ap I* '18 

Flood In the middle West. II Elec Ry J 41: 
G24-3g Ap 6 '13 


Instruction methods at Rochester. N. Y. Elec 
Ry J 42:1338 D ZT '13 

Instruction of trainmen on the Houston elec- 
tric. II Elec Ry J 42:488-90 S 2'^ 

Oakland terminal railways. 
47-8 Ja 4 -IS 

School for trainmen at Buffalo, plan Elec Ry 
J 42:1236-7 D 13 '13 

System of disclpllninK tralnmi 
Ing tum-ina at Muskogee, O 
42:1332-3 D 27 '13 

Westchester electric railway building for em- 
ployees. Mount Vemon, N. Y. II plan Elee 
Ry J 42;971-2 N 1 '13 
Rte nine Street railroads— Em ploy eea 
Equipment and supplies 

American electric railway engineering associa- 
tion: report of the committee on equipment 
Elec Ry J 42:889-82 O 18 '13 

Brooklyn motor, truck and bnikeshoe Im- 
provements. 11 Elec Ry J 41:98-109 Ja 18 

Development of the electric railway motor. N, 
W, Storer. Elec By J 41:21-6 Ja 4 "1! 

Equipment truata for electric railways. Bleo 
Ry J 4I:E41-2 Mr 22 IS 

Eihlbits at the Am. electric railway assn. 
convention. Elec Ry J 42:744-50 O 14 '13 

Experiences with boltleas guy clamps. 11 Elec 

: By J 41: 

c Ry J 

Resistors' for street railway service. P. W. 

Harris. Elec By J 41:756 Ap 26 '13 
Single-phase railway motors. !•: Bell, dlags 

Else By J 41:1003-6 Je 7 '13 

See al^o Cars; Electric motors, Railway; 

Electric rail roads— Records; Poles, Concrete 

Pare accounting: symposium, i^ec Ry J 42: 
582-7 O 4 '13 

HambuK elevated & subway si-stem. 11 plan 
Elec By J 42:177-80 Ag 2 '13 

Inoreaae In fare ordered by New Jersey com- 
mission. Elec Ry J 41:324-1 F 12 *13 

Low rates of fare versus efBciency of serv- 
ice. Elec Ry J 41:779 Ap 28 '13 
Bee alta Street railroads— Fares 

Am. electric railway engineering assn,: re- 
port of committee on life of railway physi- 
cal property. Elec By J 42:870-1 O 17 '13 

Applying the car trust plan to the purchase 
of electric railway equipment. Elec Ry J 
41;2»3 F IB '13 

Determination of probable operating reve- 
nue. L. R. Fischer. Elec Hy J 42:301-6 Ag 
23 '13 

Electric railway securities from. the Investor's 
standpoint. A, M. Harris. Elec Ky J 42:S81-3 

Ry J 41:641-2 Mr 22 'IS 

Estimating operating expense and coat of con- 
struction o( proposed electric interurban 
railway. L: B. Fischer. Bleo By J 42:380-7 
a S '13 

Federal Income lax law as applicable to elec- 
tric railroad corporalions. H. B. Cavanaugh, 
Elee Ry J 42:1277-8 D 20 '13 

Financial and corporate. See weekly numbera 
of the Electric railway Journal 

Hypothetical electric interurban railways. L; 
E. Fischer. Elec Ry J 42:460-2 S 20 13 

Municipal railway line in Seattle, map Bleo 
Ry J 41:753-4 Ap 26 'IS 


r In f 

c Ry 

J Je 7 '13 

Receiverships and foreclosure sales In 1S12. 
Elec Ry J 41:14 Ja 4 'IS 

Report on United railways of St. Louis. Blec 

Ry J 41:248-53 F 8 'IS 
Sinking funds. W: H. Forse, Jr. Blec Ry J 

42:SB3 O 17 '13 

Statistics of electric railway properties. Blec 

Ry J 42:925-31, 1280 O 25, D 20 '13 
Trafflc statistics from Boston. Hnee Ry J 41: 

American electric railway transportation & 

traffic association: report of committee on 
and freight traffic. Elec Ry J 


Disc _ , _. 

Elee By J 42:799-800 O 1. — 
Freight and express on electric roads. F. 

Walsh. Elec Ry J 41:1164-5 Je 23 '13 
lilinols traction system's St. Louis ezpreas 

and freight tralBo methods. 11 map plan 

Elec Ry J 41:282-7 F IE '1! 
Interline freight business. C. O. Sullivan. 

Elec Ry J 41:374-7 Mr 1 'IS 
New electric freight stalion at Boston. 11 plan 

Elec By J 42:260-1 Ag 16 '13 
Providence, R I. express and freight trafflc. 

11 Elec Ry J 41:574-7 Mr 29 '13 
Re^rt □( the standing freight committee, 


■ic railway engineering asso- 
Elec By J 42:803-4 O 16 '13 

Am. electric railway assn.: report of com- 
mitlee on federal relalions. Elec Ry J 12: 
872-3 O 17 '13 

Electrolysis clauses of Chicago street-car or- 
dinance. Eng Rec 68:642 D 6 '13 

Legislation affect Ing electric railways. Elee 
Ry J 41: 226-7 P 1 '13 

Proposed modification of draslic Chicago elec- 
troly.sis ordinance. EIco By J 42;9«6-7 N 

I '13 

Maintenance and repairs 
Electric arc welding on the Paclflc coast. 

II Elec By J 41:07-70 Ja 11 '13 
Mc^Dtenance costs ot old and new railway 

motors. J. C, Thirlwail. E^ec Ry J 42:495-7 


Digitized GV Cockle 


Electric rallroadi— Malnlenance — Continued. 

Maintenance notes trom Untted railway* ft 
electric CO., Baltimore. 11 Blec Ky J 11:SIS- 
4 F IB '13 

MalntenaiiGu of way In Syracuse. Blec Ry J 
12:1187-8 U 6 '13 

Nortolk. Va. — aclentiflc design o( carhouaes 
and shops. C. A. Nell and T. P. Thompson. 
11 [jliris I'.iiK Kii- B;:2S4-7 Mr Id 'IS; Same. 
Elec Ry J ll:*SS-6 Mr 15 '13 

Rolllne slock maintenance In Burato. 11 Elec 
Ry J 41:922-1 My 21 '13 

Slngte^phase motor maJntenanca on the Den- 
ver &, Interurban railway. II Elec Ry J 12: 
lOS Jl 19 -13 

Standardization On the Michigan united 
traction; organliatloD and methods em- 
ployed In rehablUtatlnB track and road- 
way. 11 plan Blec Ry J 41:4Te-> Mr IG '13 

Standardized maintenance. J. L, Ingoldsby. 
Blec Ry J 12;1B34-B U 13 '13 

Track and overhead maintenance on the 
Beebe lines. Elec Ry J 42iT0 Jl 12 '13 

Track maintenance and reconHiructlon In San 
Francisco. 11 Elec Ry J 11:162-7 Mr 15 'It 

Work at the maintenance -of -way department. 
New York state railways, at Kochestcr. 
Dlans Elec Ry J 4K:63-1 Jl 12 '13 
See alio Electric rallrua da —Shops 

American electric railway transportation & 

Elec Ry J 12:S12-4 O 17 '13 
Fltth annual report ol the District electric 
railway commission, Washington, D. C., 

1912. Elec Ry J 41:301 F IS '13 

Merit and demerit systems applied to man- 
agements. Elec Ry J 42:135 Jl 26 '13 

Notes along the line. E. W. Oos*. Elec By J 
41:329 F 22 '13 

company. 1] map Elec Ry J 12:252-60 Ag 16 
n or rrelghl. II Elec Ry J 42:5SS- 

42:501-3 S 27 '13 

Hcc olno Klectric luilroads — Uecords; Elec- 
tric railroads— Shops; Street railroads — Man- 
agemen Motors 

Sec Electric motors, Railway 
Report of Ihe Aera advisory committee. Elec 
Ry J 42:827-(l O 16 'IS 
Central -sUtion energy for Chicago rail- 
ways: terms of tuiilracls between the Com- 
monwealth Edison company and the surface 

IIIO-I N 29 '13 
Contracts for purcliaSLd power, Elec Ity J 

42:1173-81 D 6 '13 
Gary & Interurban railway co's quick change- 
over from 12.000 volts to 33,000 volts. 11 

Elec W 62:387-8 Ag 23 '13 
Hydroelectric energy of Worcester rallwaj 

W 62:6f ■ 

., power t . ... 

Elec Ry J 42:1138-9 N 29 '„ 
Niagara power tor the International railway 

company, diag Elec Ry J 42:420-2 S 13 '13 
Operating data of a large railway power plant. 

MinneuiiDllii, Minn. 11 Elec W 62:1019-54 N 

Elec Ry J 4a:94-8 Jl 19 '12 

rower plant development In Minneapolis, 

Minn, Elec Ry J 12:1250 D 13 '13 
Predetermination of energy to propel cars 

or trains. Elec Ry J 42:1166-1 D 6 '13 
Purchased power In New York state. Blec Ry 

J 41:1016-8 Je 7 '13 
Sw alio Electric railroads — Substatliins l 

Train resistance 

See Electric plants— Central stations 
' Bee Ralls 

Indianapolis t;-actlon & terminal company's 
method of indexing patterns, il Elec Ry J 
42:1311-6 V> 27 '13 

Method of recording wear of gears and pinions 
W. E. Johnson. Klec Ry J 12:1021-2 N 8 '13 

Electric railway rolling stock ordered In ISIZ. 
Elec Ry J 41:11.4 Ja 1 '13 

Hamburg elevated & subway system. 11 plan 
Elec Ry J 42:177-80 Ag 2 '13 

Inferiority of electric locomotives to motor 
cars in city and suburban service. Elec Ry 
J 42:379 S 6 -13 

Standardization on the Michigan united trac- 
tion. 11 plan Elec Ry J 41:478-9 Ur IS 'IS 

Safety • 
Value of safely committees. Elec By J 42:162 

O 15 '13 
Value of safety committees. G: Carson. Elec 

Ry J 12:778-9 O 15 '13 

Safety devices and measures 
Pennsylvania rallroaij "safety first" exhibit. 

11 Elec Ry J 42:934-6 O 26 '13 
Testing trolley insulators in place. Q. H. 

M'Kelway. Elec Ry J 42:1342 D 27 '13 

Brooklyn— maintenance of electrical equip- 
ment or cars, il Elec Ry J 41:480-9 Mr 15 

Dayton, Ohio— new earhouse and shops. II 
plana Elec By J 42:450-4 8 20 '13 

Detroit united railways paint shop. 11 plans 
Elec Ry J 41:668-71 Ap 12 'IS 

Errei'tlve shop equipment for reducing main- 
tenance of equipment. G. A. Mills. Elec Ry 
J 41:816-8 My 3 '13 

Electric arc-welding mid other features of the 
Hiin Frnuclsco shops. II Elec Ry J 41:880-2 
My 17 '13 

Kenmore shops of the Northern Ohio traction 
& lUht company. J. C. Lathrop. II Elec Ry 

. 'II 



8 '._ 
New shops tor the Rochester, Syracuse & 

eastern railroad, plan Elec Ry J 42:466 B 

20 '13 
New woodworking shop of Omaha & Council 

Blurfs street railway. 11 plans Bleo Sr J 

41:750-2 Ap 26 '13 
Planning shop production. Elec By J 4I:1BI) 

F 15 'l3 
Protection of workmen at Southern Pacific 

e'ectric shops, Oakland, Cal. dlag Elec Ry 

J 42:1144 N 29 '13 
Recent repair Kliop improvements at Minneap- 

ollx,_ Minn, il plan Elec Ry J 42:671-6 O 


."hop design and u 

ition. 11 Elec By 

light & power co., Portland, Ore. F. P. 
Maize. 11 plan Elec Ry J 42:130-5 Jl 26 '13 
Scientific design of carhouaea and shops, 
Norfolk, Va. C. A. NefT and T. P. Thomp- 
son. 11 plans Eng Bee 67:284-7 Mr 15 '13; 
Same. Elec Ry J 41:490-6 Hr 15 '11 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


Electric railroad*— Shops —ConUaued. 
Shops and carhouaeB of the Hamburg npld 

transit syatem. I) plsji E!lec Rr J 11:4U- 

T4 Mr IE -IS 
Standardized maintenance. J. L. Ingoldsby. 

Elec Hy J 43:lZ34-fi D IS '13 
Union traction compaoy shop notes. Bleo Rr 

J 41:610-1 Ml- IB ■!! 
See alio Car houses 
Block slgnat Installations on electric railways. 

Ry & Enc R u3:1046-7 N 8 '13 
Block BlsnallnB on electric railway*. Blec Ry 

J 4I;T-g Ja 4 'IS 
Electric railway algnallni;. II Elec Ry J 42: 

607-21 O ' ■■- 

- -. Bslne signal aeslKne.l by W. J. 

Harvie. ilinK« Kiec Ry J 4E:1194 D fi 'IS 
Indianapolis & Cincinnati traction company's 

operating rules with cab slsnala. Elec Ry 

J 42:339 Ae 30 '13 
Meeting oF the Committee on block sIsnalB, 

ChlcaKO. March, 1913. Bleo R7 3 41:Sei)-l 

Mr 2 


Overhead BlBna] Inntallallon at Yonkers. N. 

T. II plan Btec Ry J 41:39«-B P IB 'IS 
Report of Joint committee of Am. electric 

railway engineering and Transportation & 

traffic assorlatlons on block signals. Elec 

Ry J «:7S3-(, 774-5 O IB '13 
Report of the committee of the Am. electric 

railway assn. on rules. Elec Ry J 42:729 

O 14 '13 
Simple trolley contact crossing signal, plan 

Blec Ry J 41:2S9 F S '13 
Suggested light signal system, plan Elec Ry 

' -1:117 Ja 18 '•' 

See . 


: plar 

' protection, etc. 
Equipment for snow and Ice on ... 
lines. II Elec Ry J 42:eES O 4 '13 

American electric railway association; report 

of commit lep on company seel Ions. Elec 

Ry J 42:886-7 O 17 "13 
Electric railway express station designs. 

Elec Ry J 41:T4S-B Ap 26 'IS 
Recent Improvements ol the Boston ele- 
vated system. II plan* Blec Ry J 41:te8-SC, 

408-14 Mr 1-8 'IB 

Statistics of electric railway companies. Elec 

Ry J 4S:S91-g O 11 'IS 
Statistics of electric railway prnpertiea. EHec 

Ry J 42:925-31, 12R0 O 25, D 20 '13 
electric power In Cleyeland. 11 map plana 

Elec Ry J 4I:tte-2S Ap G 'It 
Hydroelectric energy of Wnreester railway 

system. II map Elec W 63:737-40 O 11 '13 
Location of electric railway sub-stations. Q. 

H. McKelway. Em M 46:709-14 Aff '13 
New substations In Buffalo, 11 plan Elec Ry 

J 41: 840-3 My 10 '13 _ 

New 3000-kw substation In Port Worth, Tax. 

11 plan Hec Ry J 43:410-2 S 13 '13 
Portable aubslatlon tor the Northern Ohio 

traction & light company. V. W. Shear. II 

plan Elec Ry J 42:261-3 Ag 16 '13 
Power distribution on the 'Hi'ln City system. 

dlags Elec Ry J 13:1191-2 D 6 '13 
Rotary converter operation from slngle-phaso 

railway power station. II Elec Ry J 41:298-9 

P 16 'IS 
Running substations at low cost. Elec Ry J 

42:449 S 20 '13 
Substations. Elec Ry J 42:557-60 O 4 '13 

distrllnitlon ; Electric 


Illinois traction system's SL Louis express 

and freight traffic methods. II map plan Blec 
Ry J 41:282-7 F 16 '13 

Iiiteriirban terminals. J. F. Hanlon. Hec Ry 
J 41:811-5 My 3 '13 

Proposed terminal of Terre Haute, Indianap- 
olis & Eastern traction company at Terre 
Haute, Ind. plan Elec Ry J 41:336-7 P 33 

Report on Cindnnnll terminal possibilities, 
map Elec Ry J 41:330-4 P 22 '11 

S!rc aUn Electric railroads— Stations; Street 
rjUroad s— TermI na Is 



American electric railway 
aoclatlon; report of — 
- '-■-- Ry J 

.... feline. W.' 

My . _. 
Electric welding for track repair* and rail 

Joints. II EAic N 70:39«-9 Ac 14 '13 
New electric railway track built In 1913. 

Elec Ry J 41:16-6 Ja 4 'II 
Notes on track maintenance. B, W. Goss, Blec 

Ry J 13:3S5 N I '13 
mil meetinz cif Keystone railway club. York. 
"* Elec Ry J 41:1032-6 Jo 7 

track. Elec Ry 

Pa., June, 1913. 

Standardization of 

J 12:959 N 1 '1» 
Standardization on the Michigan 

nited t 

II plan I , . ., — 

Track construction on narrow right-of-way 

between Morrlstown and Madison, N. J. 

II Elec Ry J 42i6Sl O 11 'IS 
Track Improvement on the Southwest MIs- 
_^BOurI rallroad-U Elec Ry J 42:42B 8 IB^'IS 

maps dlags Elec By J 42:328-86 Ag 

Work of the mat ntenance-of- way-department. 
New York state railways, at Rochester. 
plans E3ec Ry J 42:63-4 Jl 13 'IS 
See alio Ralls; Street railroads — Track 

Wires snd wiring 
Feeder tests on the San I>leKO eloctrlc rail- 
way. H. Macnutt. dlags Elec Ry J 43:141-1 

Jl 36 '18 
Feeding street Intersectloiu. O. H. H'Kel- 

way. plan Elec Ry J 41:604 Mr IG 'II 
Keeping track of feeders. O. H. M'Kelway. 

Elec Ry J 11:217-8 F 1 'IS 
Parabolical overhead wiring for electric 

roads. O. M. de Munnlck. 11 Scl Am 108: 

158 F IB '13 
Puspeiialon nr trolley wires from buildings. L, 

A. numord. II Munic Bng 44:415-6 My '13 

Statistics of Canadian electric railways. 

Ry J 11:224 F 1 '13 

TraiBc Improvements of the Connecticut 

pany. II map Blec Ry J '" *" " ' 

_pany. II map Blec By J 42:252-60 Ag 16 'IS 
Way construction of the Connecticut com- 
pany. II map dlags Elec Ry J 43:338-36 Ag 
30 '13 

Electric railway In tha French Pyrtntes: 
double -current generators. II Bleo W tl: 
609-11 Mr 8 '18 

streels'^^Boyer^ II Eng M 44:74-9 O '13 
Midi d. c. and a. c. elect rin cations, 11 plans 
Elec Ry J 41:792-6 My S '18 

Digitized GvCOC^lC 


Electric railroad* —Continued. 

Hamburs elevated nnd underground railway. 

11 Sel Am S 75:20 Ja U '13 „ „ 

Hamburg subway ajid """"iS? -.'^TV- aJ^ 

map Bleo Hy J 41:4iB-&; «:m-ao Mr 8, ae 

Z '13 


Electric ::afety lampt. See Safety lampa, E1«0' 


12-6 N 



New high-tension dlrgJt-current railway tor 
Holland, map Elec By J 42:!l3 S « I3 
LatBchberg railway tn Switierland and,/J\8 
dlder iScco-Colloo line In northern Italy. 
L. Bell. 11 Bloc Ry J 42:3T4-6 S B 13 
Vltallilng Influence ot the electrtc r^lwaya. 
Bleo Ry J «;«! Mr 8 "IS 
New Jeraey 
Newark-Trenton hlgh-apeefl line. 11 map Elec 
Ry J 42:465-3 8 20 '13 

New York 
Purchasprl power In New York slate. Blac Ry 

J 41:1016-8 Je 7 '13 
WeMcheeter railway electric traction, II dlage 




ira. See Electric 

Electric (ervlce companies 

Accountinir Hvfltem Tor elertrlc companies. 
L. W. Allison. Power 38:697-700 N 11 '13 

Commercial development under Kroup control: 
system of Illinois northern utilities co. II 
Elec W ei:125B-9 Je 7 '13 „ 

ElectHc service In Chicago. II map Elec W 61: 
1137-4S My 31 13 ^ . _, 

Electric service In Chicago suburbs. II dias 
map Elec W 61:1243-54 Je 7 '13 

Saturating the dollar with energy. Elec U 
62:939-41 N 8 '13 „,.■«■ 

Strained trade relations at Cincinnati. Elec 
W 61:1399-1401 Je 38 '18 ^^ ^ 

S4th convention of Assn. ot Bdlson Illuminat- 
ing companies, Cooperatown. N. Y,. Sept., 
I9I3: reports. Klec W 62:566-9 S Kl '18 

Unlfled public utlilllea In central Illinois. 11 
map Elec W 61:1148-56 My 31 '13 

Kre nl-'o Electric light companlea: Elec- 
tric plants— Central st»(lonH:_ Electric 

"map"ISig"N"69:'il53-T Je 5 'IS 

BJukMi railway. II Elec Ry J 42:846-7 O 4 '13 

'• " ■" n«...m<. 

R&Dld transit report on Phllaflelphla. map 
ifiec By J 4i:!22-4 Ag 9 '18 
Providence. R. I. 
Recent Improvements In the elactrlo railway 
■ystem ot Providence, R. I. 11 Plan isiec By 
J 4S:G6-<I Jl 12 'IS 

South Africa 
Electric railways of South Africa. BHec Ry J 
4S:tM O 4 'IS 

First single-phase railway In Spain, plan map 
Elec Ry J 41:801-2 My 3 '1! 
lj6tschberK rallvray In Switierland ajid the 
older Leceo-Collco Una In northern Italy. U 
BelL U Elec Ry J 42:374-8 9 6 '18 
New ISW-volt line betwMn Nashyllle and 
Gallatin. Tenn. U plana Elec Ry J 42:172-6 
As 2 '13 
Electric railroads, Industrtal 
Electric Industrial rallvray at Logan Iron « 
steel CO Bumham, Pa. II Iron Tr R BZ: 
6ST-B Hr 20 'IS 
Bee nljio Railroads, Industrial 

"ffi'l-!„;"'S"...':r"."Si-» n,.ii „,. ^..c 

Ry J 41:291-8 F 16 'IS 
Letter to^ C?J.8'^ ^.comml.t.e. on ^n,all 



Youngs town's electric shop. 
1213-4 D 13 '13 
Electric shoveli 
Electric shoi ' 

11 I 

„. sumption ot a 

.„-.... ,-. rie sbovel. C. E. Hogle. 

Kng N 69:168-3 Ja 23 '13 

bIii and "lamp signal systems. S. P. W»IIt«t 
II Elec W 61:150-1, 199-201, 251-3 Ja I8-F 

Electric signal method of firing navy bollera 

11 Scl Am 109:196 N 22 '13 
Evolution of an electric Rlgnal system. O; 

A. rackard. dlag Eng & Mln J 96:737-8 
New interior algnollng aystem. II Eng M 46: 

s of Intermittent light. 

Sparking. E. F. 

9 Je 10 'IS 

Electric standards 

. dlags Power 37:818- 

Electric reflulators. See Electric distribution 

"rJ.'Snr'rSSrno.. ,.. W. A«.Un, U B B., 
Stand Rul 9:65-72 Mr 15 'IS 

^"yon^^Klelf w"6?;10m's N 15 '13* 
Beslstorv for street riOlway service. P. W. 
Harris. Bl«c Ry J 4I:T5t Ap S< '13 

Hre aim ElPClrIc conductivity: Kleclrlc 
: Electric tcsllng; InNulafion : 

maclilnes. Elec W 61:1322 Je 14 '13 
Current rating of electric cables. R. W. At- 
"-■; , __i-.. „. 1.1.1.— At, injt E E 

. 32; 1869-67 

I e' E Pro 32:127-36 F '13; DlscUHslon. 
32:1679-1737 Ag 'IS , , .„ . _ 

Proceedings of the American^ Institute^ « 

I Inst I 
F '13 
i.uuu^r^.. ...... -....oe standard, C. M. Davis. 

Am Inst E E Pro 32:236-44 F '13 
Eating ot oil circuit breakers with reference 
1o rupturing capacity. <!; A. Bumham. 
Am inflt E E Pm 32:278-80 F '13 
Revision of German atandardUatlon rules. 
Elec W 61:967 My JO '13 
Electric starters 

E Pro 32:113-7 

W I 

1 D IS 'IS 

orcycles. 11 Elec 

Digitized GvCOC^IC 


4 '13 

«<P nl'a Aulomobi leu— Elfc trie cqulp- 

li-ic inotorH— BtaitinK .levites 

Elactric Mat tons. See Electric plants — Cen- 
tral stations 

Eleetdc lubitation*. See Electric plants — Sub- 

Elactrlc iwitchboardi. See Swllchbourds 
Electric iwltche* 
Generation and Iran am im Ion o( hydroelectric 
power. K. A, Lof, 11 Eng M 45:337-83 Je '13 
Horn -type dlsconnectlns awltcli tor pole top 

mounting. II Elec W 61:«tl Mr 12 'II 
LochlHK aevlce rar electric swltih. II Kns & 

MIn J Va-A Ja 4 '13 
Mechanical design ol anltcheB. 9cl Am S ^S: 

S Jl 1 


lED.OOa-volt air-break snitches for southern 
Sierras tranamlssloD aystem. 11 Elec W ii: 
234-6 Ag i '13 

Pole -I op discon nee tins switches. II Elec Ry 
J 4i:?7-S Ja 11 '13 

Pressure -operated snitcb tor pump motors 
and low-water alarms, plan Bnc N tV:6Z3 
Mr 2T '18 

Service switch and Cuae box; Switch tor re- 
mote control; and Three-circuit cord switch. 
11 Elec W 61:64-5 Ja 4 '13 

Transformers and BWUchlng equipment. E. 
A. Lof. il Ens M 44:636-713 F '13 

Teat of an Edison primary battery (Bdlaon- 
Lalande cell). D. SanTord. Met & CbMU 
Eng 11:139-30 Mr -11 

See alto Eiynajnometer; Dynamos — Test- 
ing: Kddy currents; Electric laboratories; 
Electric machinery; Electric meaBuri'ment; 
Electric melera: Electric mo tora— Losses ; 
—Testing; Elec" ' 

Electric tractor (or hauUng (relglit cars in 
city streela, Pennaylvania. R. R. 11 Eng N 
69:34S-» P 20 '13 

Electric tractor lor awltchlng service In elty 
Blreeta. II Elec Ity J 41:7S8 Ap 26 '13 

Electric Iractor for use on city streets, Penn- 
aylvania rallroud. 11 Ky & Eng R 63:106 F 



IE cost reduced by tractors. 11 Iron 

92:14-5 Jl 3 'J3 

: alto Electric locomotives; Electric 


U. on Byintiola. , 

60 N '13 

Electric tachometers. S«e Tachometers 
Electric termlnoloay 

Dl V era iLj- -factor and load-factor. G. 

Brown. Elec W 62:1119 N S9 'IS 
Load-factor and diversity- factor. Elec 
62:1122 N 29 '13 
Stc ut«u Electric symbols 
Electric testing 
Comparison of methods of loading large a 
and d-c. generatora and synchronous ci 

Comparison of methods of making load (eats 
on a-c. generatora and on Inducllon mo- 
tors. E. F. Collina and Vi. E, Holcombe. 
Am Inst E E Pro 32:190-205 F '13 

De terminal I on or stray loasea from Input- 

igs trir February, 1913) Am Inat ' 
I 32:2054-72 N '13 
motor load loaaes. H: G. Relat and 
■errett. Am Inst E E ITo 32:138-44 

Iton. Am Inat E 
. J. J. K. Madden. 


Am Inst E E i'ro 32:S24.36 F 13 
Locating faults on series lighting circuits. 

V. James. II Elec W 61:619-30 Hr 8 'IS 
Measurement of peak voltage. H: A. Morssk 

Elec W 62:136 Jl 19 '13 
Midwinter convention. A, L E. E„ New York, 

Feb., 1913. Elec W ei:GlB-2S Mr S '13 
Notes on methods of making load teals on 

laritc Induction molora. A. M. Dudley, Am 

Inst E E I'ro 32:618-26 F '13 
Revision of standardiiation A. L E. E. rules. 

Blec W Sl;23a-1 F 1 '13 

of rotatlne -. 

and W; Hraclaliaw. Am Inat B E Pro 
650-7 F '13 
Sources of error in transformer tests. W 
McOonahpy and C. Forte.seue. Am Ini 
E Pro 32: 576-82 F '13 


„.i Kroup II papers (Methods of 

determining loaaea In apparatua). iSee Pro- 
ceedings for February. 1913) Am Inst E E 
Pro 3^:2016-28 N '13 

Discussion on group 111 papers (Methods of 
testing apparatus for performance). (See 
I'roceedliiga for February, 1S13) Am Inat 
E E Pro 32:2068-72 N '13 

Electrolytic recllfler for Ihe garage. 11 Scl 
Am 109:246 S 27 '13 

Handling, aumplinic and testing of trans- 
former oil. G: E. Arraatrong. 11 Elec W 
62:1322-4 D 27 '13 

Hlgh-voltngc pole-type transformers, il Elec 
R » W Elec'n 62:41-2 ,'- ' '"• 

Hydraulic transmission i 
tinge r transmitter, il ] 

Induction motor safeguarding. Iron Age SI; 

1S42-3 Je 26 '13 
Load teaia on transformers. J. J. K. Madden. 

Am Inat E B Pro 32:324-36 F '13 
Losses In tranaformers. W. W. Lewis, Am 

Inat E E Pro 32:478-504 F '13 
Merita and the early history of some phase- 
transforming systems. W: T, Taylor. Elec 

W 62:647-9 8 27 '13 
Methods of determining temperature of 

Iraiiaformers and of cooling medium. 8. 

E. Johanne.ien and G. W. Wade. Am Inst 

E E Pro 32:254-75 F '13 
Methods of determlnJuB temperature of 

iramiformcrs. W. M. McConaliey and C. 
1 Inat E E iYo 32:606-19 F 


of obtaining greater tiezlblllty of 

402-4 F 22 

Novel transformer connections. E. R. FtUclni 
11 Power S8:19T Ag G 'It 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


Electric traniformeri — 

Otl-plplne layout for 
oil F. Buch. plaiiB 

lee W 61:360-2 F 16 
I Bleo W 61:317-8 F 

__6-71 S 'IB 
Some (rhaijii-tranarortiiiiiB 

Sources of error In transfoi 
MoConuhey and C. Foilt 
E Fro 3^:576-82 F '13 

and W. M. Mt-Uonahey. j 
32:308-21 F '13 

. Klei 

W I 

iwltthlng eiiuliiment. IS. A. 

U>f. IL Kns M 41;6Ka-6 F '13 
Tranafonnera for manholea. 11 dlag Klec W 

62:349 Ag 13 '13 
Two-phase to three-phase au to -transform ■ 

---1. R. K. UpteBratf. Blec W 63,6(1»-M0 S BU 



den. 11 ElBC W 62;627-aO 8 13 'IS 
Alternallng-ouneni cunductoi-a. C. R. Iiarll- 

niiin. i'ower 37:669 My 13 '13 
Application of hyperbolic {unctions. A. E. 

Kennelly. plan Kleo W 61;460-l Mr 1 '13 

W G1:7B la 11 '13 
Constant- vol taee trans mission. Elec W 63:Sl 

Jl IS -18 
(.■onataot- voltage tranamlsHlon. H. B. Dwlght. 

Am Inst E K I'lo 32; 13,11.- 7:: Je 13; iin- 

ctrpt.'i. Power 3)t:54-6 Jl S *13 
Construction methods on Keoktik-St I^ulk 

transmission tine. II Bleo W 61:BSl-t Ap 

26 'IS 
C«st o( eieclhiE 110,000-volt Iraiisraisslon 

lines. II Blec W 61:1359 Je 7 '13 
Darlns Scandinavian trunaniisslon project at 

TrolllilUtan. Blec W 01:278 K 8 '13 
Design of an llSO-tt. transmission -line span 

In Hiroahlma In aouthcrn Japan. K. No- 

gaml. II dlag Klec W 62:277-80 Ag 9 '13 
Design of liiRh-lcii»lun electric transmission 

lines. J: Greetihalgli. Eng M UH-J-i& O 

Distribution ot electrical energy. Elec W 62: 

Elt-5 8 13 'IS 

Electric transmission equlpnient, Panama ca- 
nal. Ry & Ens R K3:S12-3 3 6 '13 

BlectrlcaJ transmission line, Isthmus of Pan- 
ama, diags Ry & Eng R 53:831-2 As 30 '13 

Electrically operated eicavotors on Columat- 
Sag channel of Chicago drainage canal. II 

Rlpp TV B1>4(1!1 *■ *a 'IS 

Gary and interurban railway oo.'^s quick- 
changeover from 12,090 valta to 33,000 volts. 
11 Elec W 62:387-8 Ag 23 '13 

OeneratlJig current at the mine. Scl Am 108: 

A. Still. Elec W < 

Hlgli-tt-nsion d. c. tranamlaslon. Elec Ry J 
41:1069 Je 14 '13 

High-ten a Ion direct -current transml salon. 
diags Elec W 61:1412-3 Je 28 '13 

High-tension transmission system; substations 
and 66,000-volt ateel-tower lines of Cen- 
tral Ueurgia transmission co. 11 Elec W 
61:189-91 Ja 2S '13 

Hlgh-voKage englneertnK, F, W. Peek, Jr. 
J h'r Inst 176:611-43 D '13 

Hydrofletirlc energy /or Worcester railway 
sysiein. 11 map Elec W 62:605-8. 737-40 

International Scandinavian transmission sys- 
tem; comparative costs of generating equip- 
ment and proposed 200-mllB line from Troll- 
hfittan to Copenhagen. Elec W 61:294-7 F 

Keokuk (la.)— worid's laxgest waler-power 

plant. II plans Elec W 61:1167-8 Mj* 31 '13 
Network ot Waterhury-New i3rltaln system 

of Connecticut company supplied from three 

hydroelectric and two steam stations. C: R. 

Harte. 11 Elec W 61:448-50 Mr i '13; Same. 

Elec Ry J 41:366-8 Mr 1 '13 
160,000-voU air-break switches for Bouthern 

Sierras transmission system. II Elec W 62: 

234-6 Ag Z '13 
Operating results with a 2300-volt single-wire 

ground-return transmission line of Benton 

Harbor-St. Joseph Ry. & lig-ht co. dlag Eleo 

W 62:S95-6 S 20 '13 
Ojiernllon of lilgh -voltage power ay stems. 

En(t Rec 67:651 Je 14 '13 
■latlon of tran3niission__ll_ne3. r.. Hagood. 

[ E E I 

1 32:2163-8' 

: By 

J 42:554-60 U 4 '13 

Pressure drop in alternallue-current lines. H. 

J. Elchhorn. Elec R & W Elec'n 62:106-8 Ja 

tice. L: Bell. Elec Ry J 41:31-2 Ja 4 

Progress In transmission. R. D. Mershon. 

Elec W 61:11-2 Ja 4 '13 
Remote control through street malna. A. H. 

Allen. Power 87:414 Mr 2E '13 
t or the commute 

rail was 
Ry J i2: 


60 .000- volt steel- tower line construction In 
southern California. H. W. Dennis. II diags 

Elec W 62:281-7 Ag 9 '13 
Stresses produced In a transmission line ky 

breaking of a conductor. R. S. Brown. Elec 

W 61: 67S-G Mr 29 "IJ 
Study In depreciation. 1^: Bell. II Elec W 62: 

379 Ag 23 '13 
Submarine transmission ilne In the Baltic 

sea. II Elec W 62:2S0-1 Ag 9 '13 
Surges, standing and traveling Waves on 

overhead transmission lines. A. Still. Blec 

W 61:779-81 Ap 1! 'IS 
Talluhih Falls — liydroeleclrtc development: 

<>r the CoorKla railway & power company. 

il plan l-:->-r \V 62:13"9-16 l> 27 "IJ 
Tula high-head development; lOil.OOO-volt 

irHnHmlsi'lon Into llombay. India, map 

plana Elec W 62: 950 -S X 8 '13 
Theory of the nun-elasllc and i-laiillc caten- 
ary HH implied [o iransmlHHlon lines, C, A. 

i'ierce. F. J. Adams and O. I. Ollchrest. 

Am hist R E I'ro 32:1374-91 Je '13 
Thurv power (ransmidsion in mines. S. F. 

Walker. dln«s Eng M 45:255-7 My "13 
Thury system In mines, plans Blec W 61: 

759, 77B-S Ap la 'IS 
Transmission and distribution. Elec W 81: 

1218-2S Je 7 'IS 
Trollhilttan, Sweden— a !0O-mlle, 90,000- volt. 

direct -current power transmlsaion project 

In Sweden and Denmark, map Bnr N 69: 

617-8 Mr 27 *13 
Unified public ulllltles In centrfil Illinois II 

niap Klec W 61:1146-56 My 31 -13 
VeslerdnlJllfven power co. at MockfJ.^rd: sub- 

iprranean Swedish generating plant, il plans 

Elec W 61:979-84 My 10 '13 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


ElBctrlc ti-an«mlMlon — fnniJnueii. 

Victoria. Palls and Transvaal power co. In 

South Africa, map Power 3S:SKE-g S 9 '13 

frc alio Electric conductors; Electric 

driving; tlleclrlc linen; Electric plants; Blec- 

trie plants— Sutjstal ions; Hydroelectric 

Elaetrlc trucki 
Central station co-operation In the electrlc- 
vehlcla Industry. D. S. Martin. Ens M 48: 
4E-5t O 'IS 
Commercial electric vehicles at New York 

auto show. Qlec W ei:211 Ja 25 '13 

Determining coaallns ability of electric com- 

_ merclal velitcles. Svi Am 108;4I8 N 29 '13 

*> Electric express handllns at the North sta- 

■^ tlon, Boston. II plan Elec W 61;34e-S P 

IE -13 

Electric pole truck. Ii Hlae W tl:gn Ap i6 

central station. Elec W 61;B01 F 8 '13 
Elec trie -truck battery Interchange sytsem on 

mileaKB bases at Hartford, Conn. II Elec W 

82:473-6 S 6 '18 
Electric trucks for I9M— their Improvements 

and characteristics. II Aulomublle 29:762-71 

O 23 '13 
F;ie<'tric trucks for Northern Ohio traction ft 

llRliI company. Akron. 11 Elec Ry J 41:1080 

Je 14 '13 
Electric trucks In fretnlit house service. II 
_Hy Age 56:!36-8 Ae 8 '13 
Electric trucks In freight pier service. II 

Elec W m-.lM-i Jl 26 13 

T^Eaectrle versus gasolene motor vehicles. S. 

O, Thompson. E:nB M tE:112-4 O '13 
Electric wagon In Denver— facta and figures 

for managers. J. A. McMeel. 

II Elec R ft W Elepn 62:23-6 Ja i '13 
Electrical features of commercial -vehicle au- 
tomobile show In Chicago. Elec W 61:370 

F IB '13 
Energy consumption of an electric truck on 

dirrerenl street surfaoee. Elec W 61:1040-1 

My 17 '13 
From the chauffeur's point of view. Scl Am 


Electric units 

Kelvin and the kilowatt -hour. J. Gray. Elec 
W 6];3o» P 15 '13 

Units of enei^y: an appeal to simplify en- 
gineering calculations by avoiding the use 
of cumbersome conversion factors. C. Her- 
Ing. Eng M 44:93-6 O '1! 
Electric vehicle association of America 

Annual meeting of Chicago aectlon, May, 
1913. Elep W 6l:l(l!7-8 My 17 '13 

4Ih annual convention, Chicago. Oct.. 1913. 
Elec W 62:886-7. 9B0-1 N 1-8 '13 

History, alms, activities and methods. A. 
Williams. Automobile 38:4 Ja £ '13 
Electric vehicles 

Annual meeting of Chicago Becllon of Electric 
vehicle Assn. of America, May, !913. Elec 
W 61:1027-8 My 17 '13 

Arthur Wllllama on the electric vehicle. Elec 
W 61:178-9 Ja 2S '13 

Battery- con serving vehicle transmission sys- 
tem, dlag Elec W 62:J94.5 Ag 9 '13 

Central atallon and the eleetilc vehicle. Elec 
W 61:1129-30 Mv 31 '13 

Central station co-qperatlon In the electric- 
veblcle Industry, D. S. Martin. Eng M 46: 
46-G2 O '13 

Chicago """■ 

Grinnell electric car co,. Detroit, builds 
trucks; 1,000-pound electric velilcle has (our 
speeds. Automobile 28:841 Ap 17 '13 

Importance of electric truck us central- station 
load. Elec W 61:179-80 Ja 25 '13 

Moving goods economically outsldi. the fac- 
tory, D. Baker. II Ind Eng I3:SU9-H D '13 

Power truck emancipates the baggage man. 
J. B. Baker, Scl Am 108:340 Ap 12 'II 

Storage -battery Induatrlal trucks. A. D. Slev- 
enson, 11 Elec W 61:112-3 Ja II '13 

Tendencies and constructional details. 11 Au- 
tomobile 28:24-33 Ja 2 '13 
Hre al*v Motor trucks 

Cost of operation 

Central -Stat Ion saving with electric (rucks, 
^ Elec W 62:957 .\ 8 '13 
, Chlcaeo elRctencv bureau PBtimatea that 
electric trucks would save tl5.775 yearly. 
Automobile 29:ll5S-9 D IM '13 

Commercial -truck cost comparison. Elec W 
62:484 S 6 'IB 

Comparative coat of horse-drawn and elec- 
tric vehlfles In delivery sen-Ice. Elec W 61: 
1316 Je 14 '13 
■ComparatJve operating expenses of horse. 
electric and gaBollne commercial vehicles. II 
Elec W 61:936-7 My 3 '13 

Comparison of electric ami hand trucks In 
freight house service, H, C, Weller. Rv Age 
55:1163 D 19 '13 

Cost data tor borte -drawn and electric 
trucks. Eng Rec 6T:4!9->0 Ap 19 'IS 
^ Electric truck about 50 per cent, cheaper 
thnn horae and wagon. J: A. Cleveland. 
Aulomoblle 28:236 Ja 16 '13 
"'Electric vehicles tor meat delivery. Elec W 
62:320 Ag 16 '13 

Commercial i 

/ 62:992-3 N 1 

! W 61:211 Ja 25 'IS 
■les Is object of vehk- 
Aulornoblle 29:735-6 O : 

Detroit service stations handle 170 electrics 
H night. Automobile 29:862-4 N' 6 '13 
'elopmenl of (he electric vehicle. EHec W 

61:130-1 Ja 18 '13 

a for 1914. II / 

Electric vehicle. Elec W 62:181-5 Jl ! 
Electric vehicle and tile central i 
Elec W 62:960-1 N 8 '13 

Electric vehicle at Boston: fait i 

^62:5?6 ' 

Elec trie -vehicle cost data. Elei 

Elec W 61:1040 

Williams. Au- 

RoBton. Nov.. 1913, 

._ 22 1.1 

I for 1913. 11 Automobile 28: 

railway service 

... -. .,-ind street rail- 

„„, : Ry J 41:37 Ja 4 '13 

Electric vehicles In British Columbia. It Eleo 

W 61:990-1 My 10 '13 
Engineers view electric standardization ot 

electric vehicles. Automobile 28:8-9 Ja 2 

Future bright for electric automobiles. Au- 
tomobile 28:6-6 Ja 2 'IS 
Growing tmpulnrlty of electrics. Automolille 

28:1161 Je 5 '13 
Local activities In the electric vehicle Beld, 

Elec W 62:1216-7 D 13 '13 
Meeting of Klectric motor car club, Boston, 

"'— w '■- ■" "* 

i Jl'n 'U' 
Rauch ft l^ng electrics have worm drive. 

diaga Automobile 29:520-1 S 18 '13 
Service for elcclrlca. Automobile 28:898-9 Ap 

Status of the electric vehicle. W. H. Blood. 
]r, Elec W 61:22-3 Ja 4 '13 

Storage battery and the automobile. L. Lyn- 
don. Elec W 61:21-2 Ja 4 '13 

Rloraee balterv operation In electrics. G: 
Taylor. Aulomobfic 29:746-7 O 23 '13 

Surveying the Held, Automobile 18:1-1 Ja 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


Electric vehicle* — Continued. 

Thin platfl is latest battery development. 
<lla«fl Automolille 29:7«-4 O ZS '13 , „ , 
What electric pleasure car can I buy? Scl 
Am 108:« Ja 11 '13 

«<r Alio Electric tractors: Electric 
trucks: Motor cars (railroad); Storage 

646 D 15 13 


tand rtul 9:567- 

New electric weldins process. B. L. Haclcen- 

berger. Bng M 45:5M-6 Jl '13 
Winfield Mectric welding mac+ilne. II Mach 19: 

6S » '13 
Electric wire and wiring 
American and European wiring practice. A. 

H. Bernhard. Elec W 61:102-1 Ja 11 '13 

Euri>pean and Ameilcsn wiring practice. A. 

H. Bernhard. Elec W 62:646-7 S 27 '13 
Exnerlence In .substailon wlrlns. T: G. 
Tlinrsion, diags I'uwer 37:297-8 Mr 4 -13 
ind transmission of hydro-elec- 
power. E. A. Lot. i1 Bat M **: SOS- 

Condenser -current method (or the d 

tion or altematlnE waveCorm. F: Bedell, 
dlaga Elec W 62:378 Ag 23 -13 

Discussion on group IV papers (Mlsrellan- 
»m,. ■,„hiB,-t« ^..^111... to rating). I See 
, 1913) Am Inst 

Wireless telegraj; 
Electric we Id I no ' 
Adaptability of electric welding. G: Hills. 11. 

Met & Chem Eng 11:419-20 Jl '13 
Apparatus for electric-arc welding. II Elec W 

62: 205-6 Jl 26 '13 
Arc welding procesa. j. P, Lincoln. Iron Tr 

R G2:63T-8 Mr 13 '13 
CoFl data on electric welding. Elec W 62: 

1120 N 29 '13 
Development of electric welding. II I 

Electric arc welding. II Het A Chem Eng 11: 

467-9 Ag '13 
Electric arc welding. II Hv Age (Mecli ed) 

87:391-2 Jl '13 
Electric arc welding. Ry & Eng R 53:742-3 

Ag i '13 
Elec trie- arc welding and other features of 

Ilie Sail Francisco shops. II Elec Ity J 41: 

880-2 My 17 '13 
Electric arc welding on the Pacific coast. II - 

Elec Ry J 41:67-70 Ja 11 '13 
Electric welder In the steel foundry. B. H. 

Reddy. Foundry 41:141-2 Ap 'IS 
ElectHc welding, tl Eng & Mln J 96:162-3 Jl 

26 '13 
Electric welding. C: A. Griuns. Int Marine 

Eng 18:355-6 Ag '13 
Electric welritnK. J, Grine. dlags By Age 

Electric welding and motor reluvenation. il 

Elec Ry J 41:1102-5 Je 21 '13 
Electric welding by first Intention. II Elec W 

61:368 F 15 '13 
Electric welding tor track repairs and rail 
_^_]oints. II Eng N 70:2!ig-9 Ag 14 '13 

J Elec B & W Elec'n 62:90-4 Ja 

_ __ __.. 11 Elec W 61: 

ia7-43 Ja IB ^]3 
Parabolical overhead wiring for electric roads. 

O. M. de Munnlck. It Sci Am 108:158 F 15 

Polarity of line wires. A. E. ChristopherseD. 

Power 38:14 Jl 1 '13 
Splicing wires and cables. H. V. Talbot. 11 

Elec W 61:6T5-e Mr 15 '13 
Studying wiring diagrams. Power 31:7BT-8 Je 

3 '13 
Tariff hearings on schedules B and C (rods 

and wire). Elec W 61:229 F 1 '13 
Wiring buildings with clnder-fllled floors. G: 

"artley --- "■ ~ 

. ..Ing of 

29 -13 
Wiring of shop buildings of steel tMmstruc- 

tlon. E. a. Bradshaw. 11 Ind Eng 13:1T0-S 

Ap '13 
Wiring of the Bankers' trust building, N. Y. 

II ETec W 61:1407-10 Je 28 '13 
Wiring of the Continental and commercial 

bank building. Chicago. Elec W 62:542 B 13 


fiee aUif Electric cables: Electric conduc- 
tors: Electric eondults; Electric distrlbutlf- 

Electric lighting; Electric " 

...„. Electric 

Insulation; Telegraph; Tele- 

ctrlcal accidents. See Electric protective 
apparatus; Electricity, Inlurles from 
ctrlcal contractors' association. See Illinois 
electrical contract^ 

ctrlcal development. Society for. See Society 
(or electrical development 
ctrtcal Intpeotars, wa«tem sstoolatlon of. 

See Western association of electrical In- 

ctrlcal supply lobbers' association 

.November meeting. Hot Springs. Va, Elec 
W 62:I03T-S N 22 '13 


Acetylene -elec trie flame. C. F. Lorenl. II 
Elec W 61:511-6 Mr 8 '13 

Dvnamo and motor charHcteristics. C. P. 
Poole, dlags rower 37:115-8 Ja 28 '13 

Electric currents— action on concrete, tl Con- 
crete Cem 2:132-3 Mr 'IS 

Electricity In mines. H. 8. Webb. Colliery 33: 
-— "■ 489-92. 562-4. 629-3" "" "• ''-'" " 

116-8. ._ 
be conl). 

247-8. 309-10 Mr-D '13 

Matter aiid electricity. Elec W 61:330 F 15 

Progress of electrical science In 1912. A. B. 

Kennelly. Elec W 61:3-4 Ja 4 '13 
Relation of matter to electricity. A. W. 

Goodspeed. J Pr Inst 176:303-18 S '13 

graph: Telephone; Telpherage: WlrelCB 
teiegrapb: also headings beginning Electrl 
and Electro 

See Electric distribution: Swltcbboaj^ 

Some historical Inaccuracies in teit-t>ook 
on phvflic-1. Brother Potamlan. Elec W 6i 
1221-2 D 13 '13 

(sTr Electric IlghMng— Rates: Electrl 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


Elect He Itjr, Injurlei rrom 
Artincial respiration with a lemon squeeier. 

A. C. Muller. il Scl Am I08:T Ja 1 '13 
Don'ta tor electricians. H. M. Nichols, Power 

38:820-1 D 9 'U 
Electrical accidents. Eag M 41:1DB-G D '11 
Fatal electric shocks from llshtlns Qxtures. 

Eng N 69:857 Ap 24 "IS 
Lessons from line troubles. Blec W e!:)lT9 

My 31 13 
Principal causes of Injury by electricity. Scl 

Am 8 Te.-E4-E Jl 21 '13 
ReeiiscKHtlon from electric shock. Blec W 61; 

1!H Je 7 'IS; Same. Elec Ry J 41:1067-8 

Je 11 '13 
Resuscitation from electric shock, Mach 19: 

661 Ap -IS 
Electricity and food 
Electrlclly and <llei 

Am IOS:10 . 

Electricity In agriculture. See Electricity on 

Electricity in arts and crirts 
Electric batik work. A. Oradenwltt. U Scl 
Am 10S:G84 Je 28 'IS 
Electricity in coast defense 
Electricity In the United States army and 
coast defense, E. M, Weaver. EleC W 61: 
22S, 242-3 F 1 '13 
Eiactrlcity In Induatrj 

Recent Improvomeni 

trio furnace. U Sol Am 10»:84.6 Ag I '13 
Eiactrlcity In meat markets 
Electrical refrigeration for the butcher. R, 
L. Lloyd. II Elec R & W Elec'n 62:83-8 Ja 
11 'IS 
Electricity in mining 
Acadia coal company's steam-turbine plant; 
generating station for the mines at Stel- 
larton. Nova Scotia, burning culm, II Elec 
W 61:446-8 Mr 1 '13 
Alternating- current motors for the economic 
" 1 of mine fans. F. B. Cnisby. Am 
I Pro 32;974-8S Ap '13; Discussion, 

Electricity In mines. H. 8. Webb. ColUwr It: 
149-60. 489-92. 662-4, S29-3D, 7J6-7: 34: 4T-9. 
116-8, 1S2-4, 247-8, 300-10 Mr-D '13 (lo be 

Electricity underground In relation to safety. 
^R H. Clark.^^ig ^_,^'" -> 96:354 Ag 23 '13 

Mining loads for central stailons, W, Sykes 

and G. Bright. Am Inst E E Pro 32:998-1014 

My '13: DIacusalon. 32:2223-33 D '13 
Mining magnetite In Sweden. A, S. Rice. II 

Iron Tr I( 53:963-60 N 37 '13 
Modem substHlion In (he Cieur d'AI4ne 

mining district, J: B. Flaken. II plan Am 

Inst E E Pro 32:1770-82 S -13 
Pittsburgh meeting, Am. Inst. B. H., April 

18-19, InlS, Rlec W 61:870-2, 922-3 Ap 26- 

My 3 '13 
Pun tied ge river hydroelectric power plant 

used for operation of coal mines at Van- 
couver Island. II plan diBga Eng Rec 68: 

312-4, 319-61 S 20-27 '13 . 
Purchased power in coal mines. H. C Eddy. 

Am Insi E E Pro 32:858-64 Ap '13; Dlacus- 

ion, 32:2206-1! D '13 
Safeguarding the use of electricity In mines. 

H. H. Clark. Am Inst E K Pro 32:848-56 Ap 

'13: DlscuBSion. 32:2214-22 D '13 
Safety rules — electrical haulage underground. 

Eng & Mln J 96:303-1 Ag 16 'IS 
Sale of power on the Ra.nd. A. B. HadJey. 

map i^ng & Mln J 96:106-8 Jl 19 '13 
SoiirrM of electrical accldenlH In mines. H, H. 

aaric. Eng M 46:424-6 Je '13 
South Afrlian electric hoisting systems. Eng 

77fi-8 Ap IS '13 
Two- speed alternating-current 
mine-fan drive. II Elec R & W 1 
Ja 11 '13 

high sneed t 

Eleo W 61:731-7 Ap G 'It 

Central power stations In Pennsylvania ef- 
fect operating economies. S. Rice. II plan 
Iron ■Tr R 53:546-9 S 25 '13 

Central station oower for coal mines. C. W. 
Beers. Am Inat E K Fro 32:834-15 Ap 
■13; Discussion, 32:2206-13 D '1! 

Central station power for mines: West Penn 
system. J, S. Jenks. Am Int E E Pro 32: 
990-6 Ap '13: DIscQBston. 32:2234-43 D *13 

Central -station service in coal mines. Eiea W 
61:1229-30 Je 7 '13 

Characteristlcfl of substation Inada at the 
anthracite collieries of the Lackawanna R. 

Am Inst E E Pro 32:866-73 Ap '13; Dis- 
cussion. 32:2234-43 D '13 

Electric cables for mines. W: While. Mines 
A Mln 33:309-10 Ja '13 

Electric coal mining In central Illinois: 
O'Gara coal mine In SaUKumon county, 11 
Elec W 62:1211-2 D 13 '13 

Electric power costs at El Ttgre. Eng & 
Mln J 96:523-4 Mr 8 '13 

Electric power for underground winding at 
the new Hcrlnt mine, Transvaal 11 Eng & 
Mln J 9S:19 .Ta t '13 

Electric power Installation at EH Tlgre. Son- 
era. Mexico. J, W, Malcotmson. Am Inst 
Mln E Bui 76:681-5 An '13 

Electric vs, compressed air hoists. K. A. 
Pauly, II Eng ft Mtn J t "" 

1 Ag 30 '13 
Ktc aJua Mine signals 
Electricity In refrigeration. See Ice— Maniifac- 

Electriclty In the home 
Unusual electrical equipment and construc- 
tion for residence service. II Elec R ft W 
Elec'n 62:26-9 Ja 1 '13 
Electricity on ihipt 
Care of the dynamo on board ship. V; White. 

Int Marine Eng 18:402-4 S '13 
Dlesel-electrlc-drlven ship Tynemounl. J, R. 

Wilson. II Power 38:641-3 

N 4 

_. R. Bmmet. 11 plana Int Marine 

Eng 18:323-7 Ag '13 
Electrical equipment of a motlern battleship. 

H, A. Homor, II J Fr Inat 176:173-88 Ag '13 
Electrical propul.^lon of ships. W. L. R, 

Emmet. II dlags J Fr Inat 176:43-60 Jl '13 
Elect rlcolly-drlven cargo boat Tyneraount. C. 

Van I.*ngendonck. 11 Int Marine Eng lS:B20-2 

D '1! 
Blectrlcally-drlven vessel Tyneraount. F: C. 

Coleman. II Sci Am 109:257 N 8 '13 
Electrically operated ship Tyneraount. II 

Elec W 62:M7-9 N S '13 
H>'iJraullc transmission on ships: the F5t- 

tlnger transmitter. II Eng M 46:108-12 O '13 
Marine usee of electric storage batteries. O. 

Li. Reynolds. Int Marine Eng 18:167 Ap '13 
Teats on a 10.000 horae-powi 

r for 

:536 Je 14 '13 

A. Gradenwltz, II Scl 
Electricity on the farm 
Agriculture electricity and Irrlgallorv elec. 

trically driven pump. P. A. Bales. II Scl 
Am 1*8:472 My 24 iB 
Central station power fur farmers, D. R. 
Palraqulat. II Scl Am 109:405 N 29 '13 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


Electricity on the larm — CoaUnited. 

DlBoUHslon on electricity on the farm (Bales). 

Am Inst K E Pro 32;89-98 Ja 'IJ 
BlecIrlcBl furmlng near Dayton, Ohio. Blec 

W 61:176-7 Ja 25 "IS 
Electricity on rarm of W. W. Mills near Mar- 
ietta. Ohio. 11 Elec W 61:ZI0-1 Ja 25 
Bleetriclty on (he farm, Blec W M:122«.g Ja 
7 -IS 

tier alto Electrohortlculture 
Elactrincatlan or beniene by trlotlon. fiid Am 

S 7E:19» Mr IS '13 
Electrification of rallroade. See BallroadH— 

Electrochemical lockty. See American elec- 
trochemical society 
DeveloptnentB In elect roc tiemla try. E^ F. Roe- 

ber. Elec W «1;20-1 Ja 4 'IS 
Digest of electrochemical U, B. patents. See 
monthly numbers of Metallurgical and 
chemical engineering 

Electrolyila Gommltta* 
Meeting, New Tork, May 27. 1913. Elec Ry J 

41:1025 Je T 'IS 
Electrolytic corrosion 
BlectrolyslB In reinforced concreteL O. B. 

Rosa, B. UcCoUum and O. 8. Peters. Itng 

H 44:9Gt-S Mr -11 
Blectrob'tic cnrronlon of earthed metallic con. 

ductors. Klee Ry J 4i:8IR-2i) O 1« '13 
Electrolytic corroaloD of Iron In aolla. Bleo 

Ry J 42:423 S 11 '13 
Electrolytic coiroalon ot Iron In soils. Bng 


lolty a 

I cher 

H. C. Jones. 

Scl Am S 76:174-6 Mr __ __ 
Eleolroohemlstrv and batteries In 1912. Elec 

R & W Elec'n 62:11-2 Ja 4 '13 
SSd general meeting of American eleotro* 
■ ■ ■ :lety. Atlantic City. April, I91S. 

Elec w"6I:76a-B'AV"ia""'"lS 
24 th general meeting o( the Amei 


[Hiemlcal ■ocTe'ty B."t' Denver" 'Cofo.i' Sept., 
I91S. Elec W 62:E.3-4 S 20 '13 
24th general meeting o( the American electro- 
chemical society at Denver. Colo., Sept.. 
1913. E:ng & Mln J 9fl;5Sl-2 S 20 '13 

Srr alio Electric batteries; Electric fur- 
naces; Elec I ro lysis; Electrometallurgy; 
Electrode holders 
Klectrodp holder constructlnn for electric fur- 
naces. II dlags Met & Chem Eng 11:321-8 

o"'li' 'is' 
Carbon elei^lroden (or electrolytic < 

Harden. Met & Chem Bnr " -— ' 
Electrode reactions. Met & C 

4 My '13 
Blectrodes for electric furnaces: proper i 

sign and t 

5T7 O '13 

.. Met 

-- -.» solution. Met & Chem 

P^ng 11:575-7 O IJ 
Kleetrolyjila of low grade gold bullion. T, W. 

Rouchelle. Knx A Mln J Sb-.nS-IO Ja 2S 

trodes; Electrolytic 

■olytk _ 

Rec 6S:34-6 J1 12 'IS 

~ ", ' corrosion of iron i 

'ollutn and K._H. I.,ogiin. 


Irotysis. C. Herlng. Elec Ry 
N 29 '13 

Report of committee on Am. railway engi- 
neering asan, on eleetrolysla. Ry Age 54:708- 

10 Mr 21 '13 

Electrolytic refining. See Blectrometallnrcy 
Dynamo and motor field magnets. C, P. Poole, 

11 Power 37:185-8 F 11 'II 

Primer of clectrlcltv. C. P. Poole. II Power 

37:373'G Mr 18 'II 
Kcf alio Commutators 
ElectromasnsU, Lifting. See Lifting magnets 
Advantages of amaS Jitgrt speed electric 

furnaces. C. Hering. plan Het ft (Aem Eng 

11:183-7 Ap 'IS 
Kleclrlc steel for amall castings. F. T. Snyder, 

Iron Age !I2:VZ-: O 23 '13; Same. Foundry 

41:468-9 N '13 
Elec trod eposltlon ot ilnc Eng ft Mln J 96: 

602 S 13 '13 
Blectrolytlo production ot Iron sheatB and 

tubes, etc. K. W. P&lnmr ftod J. A. Bri- 

nell. Met & Chem Bnc 11.197-202 Ap 'U 
Eleptrolytlf reflnery In Wall street. 11 Met & 

Chem Kng ll:Sn4-5 O '13 

oiies. W. F. Rurns. Am Inst Mln E Bui 
79:1163-7 Jl '11 
Btectro-metallurKy. Ry & Bog R GS:I91 Ap 


. Barham, Scl 

ectrolytlc copper i 

Am 9 76:66 Jl 26 '] 
Experiments with furnace electrodes. II Met ft 
Chem Eng 11:279-81 My '13 
El ect rod ynamometer 
Tubular elect rod ynamometer for heavy cur- 
rents, P. O. Agnew. dlag U S Bur Stand 
Bu! K:6Bl-8 Mr 1 '13 
Electro-galTanlitng process. 8. W. Rowsbar. 
Foundry 41:437-40 O '13 
Electro -gliding. See Qlldlng 
Electrical stimulation ot plant growth. Scl 

Am 108:520 Je 7 '18 
Experiments In elect rocul lure near Dayton. 
Ohio. H. G. Doraey. Elec W 62:1217-8 D 
13 -13 
Electro-analysis of the copper alloys. J. O. 
Falrchlld. II Met ft Chem Eng 11:380-2 Jl 

A, B. Motherwell. Met & ( 

70 D '13 
Great Fails eleclrolytlc plant. W. T. Burns. 

II Am Inst Mln E Rul 80:2011-49 Ag '13; 

Same. Met & Chem Eng 1I;S09-18 R 'IS 
Production and properties of metBlIlc flima. 

Scl Am S 7B:161 Mr B '13 

r electric steel c 

stings. F. Sny- 

ft Chem Eng 11:581-2 O '13 
Recent Cottrell olectrio precipitation results. 

L. Bradley. Eng ft Mln J 96:247-8 Ag 9 '13 
Recent progress In electrolytic process for 

S 76:102-3 Ag 16 'IS 

r app 

... ,._ ___wut r ,- — 

ula ot the electron theory. P. H. 
Thomas. Scl Am B 76:338-» Hy 31 'IS 

Nir nPun Cnlliode ravs: Electric dlscharg- 
ps; Radloaiilvlty; Transmutation of ele- 



ElectHflcBtlon of beniena hy frlctton. Sal 
Am S n-.lit Ki 29 'It 

S« nfjin nieleclrlos; OsclllogramH 
Electrical properties of egg -while. E. P. 
Northrup. J Fr Inst lTG:41S-9 Ap -IS 
Electro -plater*' ■■aoclatlon. National. Sea Na- 
tional electro- platers' BSBodatlon 
Application of chemistry in the ptatios room. 
E. P. later. Foundry 41:101-3, 115-8, 187-9, 
MS'E. 3S1-3, tSS-1 Mr-Je, Ag-S 'IS 
fleanlng of steel and Iron. C. S. Thompson. 

Metal Ind n s 11:119-20 O '13 
Cobalt depoBlttng bath. Foundry 41:440-1 O 

Compilation of electro- plating hints. S. W. 

Bowsbar. Foundry 41:a4G-6 D 'II 
Copper and nickel -plating ergulpment at the 

works or the Underwood type writer, J. 

Htedman. il Iron Age »S:651-3 f* 2!> '13 
Efllclency and economy In the platlnr room. 

H. E. Wlllmore. II Hstal Ind' n s 11:19-11 

Ja '13 
Electric cleanina of metols. W: Voss. Metal 

Ind n B 11;510 D '13 
Electro copper platlnK of KalvanlSAd Iron 

chain. C: H. proctor. Metal Ind n s 11:84 

F '13 
ElectrodeposltJon of brass and bronie. C. W. 

Bennett. Hetal Ind n a 11:170-3 Ap '11 
Electro- deposit Ion of copper, brass, bronse, 

etc. E. Blassett. Jr. Metal Ind n s 1I:2Z0-1 

My -IS 
Electrodeposltlon of nickel. 0. P. Watts. H«t- 

aJ Ind n s ll:£ei-l, S93-4. 334-6, 380-1 Je- 

8 '13 
ElectroplatlnK coats by the square loot. 

Foundry 41:ie8-> Ap 'IS 
Equipment and management of cleaning 

balhB. S. W. Rowsbar, Foundry 41:190-3 My 

Factors Influencing the nature of electroly- 
tic deposits. O. P. Watts. 11 Hetal Ind n ■ 

11:32-3, 83-4 Ja-F '13 
Plating aa a science. H. L. Haas. Melal Ind 

n s 11:433 O '13 
Pure copper anodes. Foundry 41:441 O '13 
Relation of chemistry to electro-plating. G: 

F: Burseas. Metal Ind n s 11:28-9, 78 Ja- 

Eiephant Butte dam 
Conatruclion features of the Elephant Bntte 
dam, U. S. reclamation service, plan Ens 

Derailments on Chicago elevated. Elec Ry J 

41:263 F 8 '13 
Improvements on Boston elevated system, il 

plans Elec By J 41:3GT-eG. 408-14 Uf 1-8 

railway, plana Bng N 1 


1:331-3 Ag 

Sliver solution. S. Shoeld and O: B. Hoga- 
boom. Metal Ind n ■ 11:39-30, S6-8, 301-3 Ja- 
F, Jl '13 

SpottlnB-out problem and silver- plating. C. F. 

BurBess and 1.. T. RIchanlBon. Foundry 41: 

E02-3, 509 N '13: i^me. II Metal Ind n s 

11:477-9, .^nS-lO N-D '13 

Symposium on electroplallng. Met Sc Chem 

Bng 11:234-6 My '13 
Three wire system for a platliv room. C. O. 
Backus, plan Melal Ind n S 11:166-6 Ap '13 
Troubles of the electro -plater. See monthly 
numbers of the Foundry 

«re alKO Electro -galvanising; Electro-met- 
How to make an electroscope. C: B. Ben- 
ham. Scl Am B 76.170 Mr 16 '11 

Sfe aUa Condensers (electricity) 
Electrotachnlcal commission, Intemationsl. Bee 

International electrotecbutcal commission 
Modem views of electro-therapeutics. Scl Am 

B 78:116 Ag 23 '13 
Trenling doiiTneas by flectrlclty. Scl Am 109; 
3B« N 8 'l:! 
The btith. Inland Ptr 61:238-9 My '13 
Electrolyplng and stereotyping. C; 8. Part- 
ridge. See monthly numbera of the Inland 

_ ... sway of elevator cables. W: 

Kavanagh. II Power 37:734-6 My 27 '13 

Economy o( Inclined dock elevator. II Int 
Marine Eng 18:65 F 'IS 

Empire hydraulic elevator. II Eng & Min J 
96:1123-4 D '13 

Interesting repair to elevator plunger, plan 
Power 37:703-4 My 20 '13 

Operating costs of hydraulic vs. electric ele- 
vators. J; Bailey. Power 37:614 My 6 '18 

Prevention of elevator aocldents. R. P. Bol- 
ton, ind Eng 18:361-8 Je 'IS 
Sre alio Hoisting machinery 
Elevators, Electric 

Complete elevator manufacturing plant, il 
plan Iron Age 92:67-70 Jl 10 '13 

Electric elevator (luestlona and answers. A. C. 
Waldroh, Power 37:668-9 My 13 '13 

Electric elevator quesllons and answers. W. 
H. Pyatt. Power 37:832 le 10 '13 

Elevator a« a central- stal Ion load. R. W. 
Charles. Elec \V 6Z:1017 N 15 '13 

New terminal post office In New Tork. Ii. B. 
Marks and J. B. Woodwell. II Bleo W 11: 
193-4 Ja iG '13 

Oils Inclined freight elevator. II Ry Age 64: 

Elevators, Grain. See Qraln elevatora 
Engineers' study course: mensuration. 
Power 37:468-70 Ap 1 '18 

mentB. En 
Extra top i 

ments. T: 

Preventing erosion of highi 

by a gr--- ■ ^ "■-- "^ 

Eng Rec 68:134 Ag S 'IS 


rren. II Miinic Eng 45:421-9 N '13 
ion dumping bridge for building em. 
Eng N 70:1024 - '■■■ '" 


Templates for embank'menl slopes. M. D. 
Ewell. il diags Eng N 70:821-2 O 21 '13 
See iilao Earthwork; Levees; Sea walls 
Emergencies. See First aid in Illness and In- 
Emery wheels 
Emery and polishing wheels, dlag Hetal Ind 
n S 11:342 Ag '18 . -. „ 

Tapers for safety emery wheels. C: O- 
Smltli. Iron Age 91:610-1 Mr S '13: Same. 
Iron Tr R 62:636 Mr 13 '13; Same. Mach 19: 
633 Ap ns 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


lectrlc 3 

-».niiH of llip orK.i"liatlon. 
ri'ii Tr n B2:S13-i Mr IS 'IS 
icllral anil Hrlenltllc manatiem 

U3-6, Ifil-e Mr-* 
d by Bdiilv «t «« 
.. Franklin', EnR M 

-k. Oft,. I'H. 

' lUl 

r.:.^„!," '5vl:"l';'^r'^n".^.^^rsr.=3 ^- 


i<?<TinK anil the iiitifnllli's: the beauty of 
>rniiriiiioneBa. A. Barr. Scl Am 5 T5:SS-* 

i: Spr1n(-fleld 


nor-ritii; and the beuullfiil. Eng Bee B7:S3I) 
in -13 

H. Emer»on. 


ri^.Tlni: anplienimns of (folocv. R. C. 


ii'l. Kng RPT «T: S«7-g. 711-3 Je H, 28 '13 

lent: the Thv- 


neerliig develo|>menl and human welfare. 

. I,. Janilron. Hy 

70:32-1 J) 3 
iim,l:im:,iii,. _ii,-Mlly i^n .■n«iii"<Tlni: I. "iin- 

Inlluenceg affectlnK American engineering 

iii,i.-iii.'. IV: F, M. ijnss, hiin Am- ;u:i:i72- 
I .!.• ■'•: -rr!' [.:.,.-,.riiia, I'mw.t ns ::•(-'> .11 1 
■\?.: Kv,--! |,(s. Kv & KiiK R 53:i;r,5-7 Jl 5 

InvpstHraUfin i>f exlpltng enKineerlnc struo- 
luros, H. R Thaver. Kng N 70:60L>-10 a 2i 


( In oontrar'tlne and constni 
W; HiKrhlnPon. Jr. 1] Eng » 

of' the 'y^ar lai';. Scl Am 

Review of 

the year 1912. Power 37:M-6 Ja 

7 ■« 

3Dili anniii 

11 convention of the A, I. B- E.. 


iiwn. N. T., June. 1L'13. Eng N 70: 

7- -80 Jl 

in -13 

Val,,,. ,.f f 

oreBiulit In etiKlneorliifi, Ens N 89; 

3:'i-3 F 

13 ■!:! 

■ir-i- ii.,mhh: nriclges: Building; 

of Joint 
IfiB, Elec 

li^'ht & 

'tine pHdnintes. Eng Rec 
ted researches. Eng Rec 
,' oi^iioi;it.'¥. Eng Rec 67: 

:S;236 Ar 30 '13 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


Formulas. (Englnee 
37:166-7 F t '13 

Bludy couniG) Power 

Prlsmotdal tormuliE to suit special casea. V 
T. Case. Ene Bee 68^140 Ak 2 '13 

SuggeHtei] simplification for the value of C 
Kutter's formula and a aewer diacliarge ijli 
grain. A. Boy<l. Eng N 70:316 Ag 14 '13 


Prpservatlon o[ technical history urge 
Power 37.47B-6 Ap 1 '13 

Study and teaching 

Ensineprlng workahops of the TTnlverslly ol 

Shefflciii. G: W. Uurlej-, 11 Mach 1M:69!*- 

71*1 Mv -IX 
Fitting engineering students for Industrla 

management. Eng Rec 68:170 Ag 16 '13 
Foreign language aa a tool In englneerlnf 

Irainlnd. F. W. ScholU. Concrela Cem 2 

146-7 Mr '13 

s In.; 


K J :IS: 

Relative Importance ot principles and prac. 

lice In educallon. J. E>ouelas, Met & Chen 

Bng 11:377-80 Jl '13 
Safely engineering should form part ot everj 

engineerlns course. G. Gilmour. II Set Ait 

•5 76:36-11 ' 

Iludy ( 

reign In 

ng; F Kocst 

gea by e 
Dug N 6E 

:GS3-5 Ap : 

f^ 62:12-5 Jl 5 "13 

luiclpal cn- 



If Sri 

li englneer- 



pthics f 

.-nperntiun between Massaeliusell.^ Insti- 
LHle of technology and Harvard university. 
KnK N Gi>:7S3 Ap 10 '13 

panese er.BineerinB college. Eng N 69:6.0- 
I Ap 3 '13 

Engineering education 

Tin. Eng & MIn J l<B::iEt S 2. 

Pronoseil node nf ethlos fur ch^ 

neera. Knft N 63:1SI) Ja 23 '13 

. El.;c W 01:3 

C. J. M.>r 

Eilui-ationat work In higbway engineering- 

EnRtni-iTiM!; ediirali..ii in rei^Uion to training 
Am.^nc'.of C. B-. \'-n'^. i''- McCiiilougli. Ry 

3n 23 '13; Same abr, Eng Rec 67:118-20 F 1 
Siiu'i-'oslp.l oodn of PtblpB of tb(- Orcgn" s.i- 

EloctroTnechanlcs research laboratory nt C.u- 
liimbla university. J; H, Morecroft. 11 Bleo 
W 61:727-8 Ap 6 '13 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 



Englneerlna taboratorle* — r-nlinui<l. 
Trainlnc erKineerf. iit Viilp. T; Wils..n. ii 
l:> Slrr.-^'i Je 3 '13 

^*'r nil': Klr.'lrlc- lul.or^it.irk's: llvariiullo 
I;il<iinil<>ri<-K: Mvlalluinl...!,.ii'»t<>ri<-s 
Engincaring law 
ForelKn requirements governing work under 
compressed air. r. Seuroi. Eiig N 70:566 S 
IS '13 
New York law govemlne work under com- 
pressed ttlr. Eng N T0:30T-S Ag H '13 
Overstghl In the compressed -air Invv. V. Kich- 
arda. Ens N 70;425-6 Ag 28 '13 

. Ens Itec 6;:a03 My 

engineering tlieses. Eng Rec G7:8' 

Kr.iuse. Kng Hec uJialS My 1! 11 
Engineering literature 
T'twey decimal system of eliissitlcalion . 

Structural engineering nutalii-n. Eng Rtc tS: 
114-0 Ag Z 11 
Engineering organization eKv;in-J ure-iiiliatioii, Elec ily J 41 r 

li.-s.TViot f'mmissi.inH. Eng lie," B":i45 .V 
15 ■);; 
Can eimineirs he triiste.l to .nrMlmle fairly 
i.nd iiitelllgeiiily Litiveen piihli.- interesis 
aii.i_ pr.iperij- Inieitsts? Eiig N 0:';llS7-9 

Civic fleMs for engineer*. O. V. P, Stout, Ry 

& Bng R S!:61-i-!» Jl IS '13 
C.'n^uliiMK mid operaiiriE enKhieers. i'oner 

37. .;n:- My ii -IT. 
I ■■ii?iiltini:_ini:inviT and (he prutesslon. Eng 

Di,-,iissii'.n 'of'tiie'slatiis of the engineering, Eng N ■•.■.■■.2:i-': Ja 30 'll 

Disregard for experience and relaxaiion of 
di- i;.|iiL.-. i;; y .<wain, Kv & Eng R 53^852- 
3. S''S-7 S 6. :0 '13 

K> A^ V.'.a \l":,'.:''i\:''::' Jii- 3 'U ' J.ii.l lin;iii.-c. Kng liec STSiO Je 14 

Kii^Nieer :.s n t:ii;tidi,in of public credit. Eng 

Kngiiieer as "an 'econoniisL Eng N 70:111) Jl 


iling ■>[ the republic. I. 
ti lTJ:259-72 Mr 'la 
r ilie XeK- York public 

- i:ns N 61';:;71-2 P C 

■erEl.ip in i.n ■ 

■n I .iMlc service commissions. 

r 1-:- !■■ - '13 

I' unities, Eng Rec 67:707 Je 

y w. i''..ii.i'i-i. Enj! M i<>.ii9-Ba 

-. :iii- Iv Eng N 70: 

<d of (pchnfcally trnined men: 
i,:ii;u:,'iilii;ir.g and the opportu- 
i,is. W. Ii. KaempfferL Scl Am 

],■. ll 

ivhiV? rower 37:460 Ap 1 '13 

,. !.!>,rs. >:ci .\^.i 1','St3« Ap 1 

>:;=,•.;;•;/_. D, tf, Kimball. 
. 1:-.J Fng 13l3^S-3 Ag '13 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


Englnec. ,. _._. 

ProIeBslonal relallonH o( the enKlneer. Bng 

Rec S7:tOS-10 Ap 12 'IS 
Ratlnga (or valuation englnecrB. J. B. Wrtghl. 

Eng Rec GS^T05-G D Zt> 'H 
Relation of the consuKlns engtoeer to the 

opemtlns engineer. P. Vf. Rose, Kng Rec 

67:197 My 3 'iS 
Relation of tlie engineer to public improve- 

menla. J: A. tJensel. Stevens Ind 30:357-62 

O '13 
Relations o( consultlnf and municipal engl- 

neera in Great Britain. H, C. H, Shenton. 

Bng N 70;2O6-B Jl 31 'IS 
Removing handlcapa of young; graduate en- 
gineers. Eng Rec 67:555 My 17 'IS 
SeTecUng engliieera. Power 38:204 Ag 5 '13 


1 law 


D. B. Lu- 

ten. Eng Rec 68:335-6 i, .. .. 

Some tendencies and problems o( the pres- 
ent day and the relation of the englnc" 
then-- " " " — '- " — " —■'■"- " 
2S 1 

Status of engineering profesalon: papers be- 
fore Am. inst. of consulting engineers, 
ISia. L: B. StUlwell; S: Whlnery. Bng N 
63:115-8 Ja 23 '13; Same abr. Bng Rec 67: 
118-20 F 1 'IS 

Status of the engineer. Eng N 69:S»-7. S7S-9, 
965 Ja 2, Ap 24, My 8 '13 

Status of the engineer. D. S. Burnett. Eng 
N 69:628-9 Mr 13 "13 

Status of the engineer. G. B. Hazlehurat 
Eng N 68:179-80 Ja 23 '13 

Statua of the engineer. D. S. Ferry, Bng 
N 69:434 F 27 "13 

Status of the engineering profession and a 
proposed employment bureau. W. New- 
brough. Eng N 69:587-90 Mr SO '13 

(Ion, A. Relchniann. Ry & Eng R 53:46G-6 
My 17 '13 
value of the engineer, D. B. Pangburn. Power 
38:769-71 N 25 '13 

See also Klectrlc engineers: Engineering 
elhlca; Engineering societies; Locomotive 
engines; -Me.hanlral englneera; Municipal 
engineers; Rallroaii engineers 

Bill to license engineers In Iowa. Bug N 

69:631-5 Mr £7 'IS 
Bill to license engineers In New York and 

the Technical league; aympoalum. Bng N 

69:1172-6 My 8 '13 
Engllah view of registration of engineers. 

Eng Rec 67:636 Je 7 '13 
'^" and Ucensoa (or engineers. Bns 

Standard salaries for engineers In munic- 
ipal service. Eng Rec 6f:4S3 My S '13 

Standardizing city engineers' salaries. Bng 
Rec 67:498-500 My 3 '13 

Study of Incomes of technically trained men. 
D: E. Rice. Sol Am 109:116 Ag 9 '13 

Suggested salary schedule tor New York 
city engineering employees, Eng N 69:110-1 

Engineers, Municipal. See Municipal engineers 
Engineers as witnesses 
Patent eKperilng — a new Held for engineers. 
D, Smith. Mach 19:343-1 Ja '13 
Engineers club of Boston 
Opening of new building, 1913. Bng Hec 67: 
sup 41-2 F 1 '13 

Developments In prime movers. W: P: Du- 

rand. Elec W 61:7-9 Ja 4 'IS 
Bnglne wrecks and remedies. W. M. Olass. 

Power 37:613 Ap i» '13 
„ ., ._ j,g gi^j. yf 61:233-4 

r capacities. D: R. 

Ferrantl c 
~ ". '13 

Pro 33:710-20 Mr '13; Sanie coiiH. Power 37: 
449-50 Ap 1 '13 

Power featurea of the Ghent exposition, il 
Power 3B;62l-3 O 28 '13 

Preparing for the post-fuel age. II Sci Am 
108:317 Ap G '18 

Prima movers: our debt to James Watt. S, 
Z. Ferrantl. Sci Am S 76:138-9 Mr 1 '13 

Progress in power production. Sci Am S 75: 
ISg.Mr 1 -13 

Rolling-mill engines. R. U Slreeter. II Eng 
M 44:16-35 O '12 " 

Weight efflcie... 
a 75:299 My 1 

See aim Automobile engines; Diesel en- 
gines; Fire engines; Gaa and oil engines; 
I. oco motives: Marine engines; steam en- 
gines; Steam turbines; Traction engines; 

Utilizing power generated in engine tests. 
A. G. Popcke, Am Mach 3S;855-6 My J2 

English channel tunnel 
Channel tunnel: revlvi 

Legislation to restrict the practice of engi- 
neering. B. McCul lough. Eing N 69:636-8 
Mr 27 '13 

Licensing engineers, Eng N 69:5SG Mr 30 

Licensing engineers In New York. Bng N 
69:639-40 Mr 27 'IS 

Licensing of engineers. Bng Rec 67;472-3 Ap 
i6 '13 

Ucensing of engineers. W. H. Drane. Bng 
Rec 67:648 Je 7 '13 

Licensing of engineers, E. G. Kastenhuber, 
Jr. Eng Rec 67:563 My 17 '13 

National aesoclatlon of stationary engineers 
license committee report. Power 37:210 F 
11 -IS 

New Jersey state license law. Power 37:618-9 
Ap 28 -13 

Problem of protecting the younger members 
of the engineering profeaslon. R. Trulllnger. 
Eng N 69:lIS9-90 Je 6 '13 

Scientific analysis of engineer's license legis- 
lation. Bng N 69:792-8 Ap 17 '18 

Workings of the Wyoming law for licens- 
ing engineers. Bng Rec 67:387 Ap E '13 

Engineers' wages. J. R. Belknap. Power 3S: 
676 O 21 -13 

D '13 

Proposed tunnel under English channel. C. O, 
Purge, map Eng Hec 68:499-500 N 1 '13 
English dictionaries. See Dictionaries 
English language 

Study and teaching 
Engineering English, Eng & Min J 96:1037-! 

N S 


Engineering English. H. R, O'Brien. Eng N 

Engravings — a suggestion. J. F. Tobln. In- 
land Ptr 61:61-3 Ap '13 

Process engraving, S. H. Morgan. See month- 
ly numbers of the Inland printer 
i-'rr alto Color printing; Photo -engraving 

Enl ropy- temperature and transmission dia- 
grams for air. C: R. Richards. Ill U Eng 
Exp Sta Bui 63:1-20 "13 

Molller diagram for ammonia. Power 38: 398- 
40O a 16 'IS 

New < 

analog, v, Karapetoff. plana 
06-9 F 27 '13 
. L E. Miller. Mach 20:67 S '13 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


Erdman act 

Amendment n( tlie Erdman act. Rv- 

B 53:265 Mr 22 -13 
Erdman act amended; strike protiatily a 
Ry & EnK R 53:681-5 Jl la '13 
~ , Battle of Lake, ISl 

!d Sta 

1 A. G. Kesaii 

E rail on 
Corrosion and erosion. H. M. Graham. Pow. 
38:307-8 Ag 2S '13 
Eruptive rocki. See Rocks, Igneous 
EWImataa. See Enelneerlng— E:8llmatefl 
Channel - 

AUantlc - 

70: 150-1 Jl 24 '13 
Proposed Improvement of an ocean bar at 
Atlantic City, N. J, L; M. Haupt. Kng N 
70:523-4 S 11 '13 
Ethici, Englneerina. See Enginecrlns ethics 
Eugene, Oregon 
UunlcipBl power plant. 11 Elec VV 61:ia33-« 
My 17 -iS 

Progress of eugenics, Scl Am 109:459 D 13 '13 
Social problems and eugenics. Scl Am lOB: 
42G Hy 10 '13 

Europe's good roada. M. F. Mansfield. II Scl 

Brick-plant savings Willi motor -operated clay 
excavator. 11 Kieo \V 62:1162 D ti '13 

Construction of the Calumet-Sag canal. E. J. 
Kelly, il map Ens N 69:146-60 Ja £3 '13 

Electrically operated excavators on Calu- 
met-Sag channel of Chicago drainage canal. 
II Elec W 61:409 F 22 '13 

Estimate of yardage In ditch excavallon. Eng 
& MIn J 98:107 Ag 30 '13 

Excavating a bridge abutment foundation 
through Quicksand. F. I. Barrett, dlags Eng 
N 70:608-9 S 26 '13 

Excavating with large scrapers tor the Uni- 
versity ut Illinois armory. A. B. McDaniel, 
il Kng N 70:1302-3 U 25 'IS 

" Panama. Hy & Eng R 63:190-1 


I 108:36-7 Ja 1 

t N 1.-13 


and e 

evaT»oralorB. dlag Met * i. 

1 Ens 1 

: M E J 35;152S-S8 O '13 


. - -, t & Chi 

1-2 N '13 
Evening and continuation achools 
Continuation vs. trade schuols. H. E. Ml 

Am Ind 13:23 Jl '13 
Trade school costs and attendance, H. 

Miles. Am Ind 13:18 Ap '13 
y. M. C. A, and vocational I 
14:31-2 D '13 
Eve rota dee 
Reclaiming (he Florida everglades: Joint re- 
port o( Board o( engineers. II map Eng > 
70:835-7 O 23 '13; Eng Ri - ----- - --- 


J. Lotka Scl J 
ai-Je 14 '13 

Evolution ot man from the ape. Sc 

76:239 O 11 '13 
Questioned and unquestioned factors 

lutlon. Scl Am 109:238 B 37 '13 

Mr 1 



ullc , 

ri Pana 

inal si 

Method of figuring excavation. M. R. LewM. 

I'^ig Rec 67:647 Je 7 '13 
Method of figuring excavation. T: F, Nlchola. 
Eng Rec 67:167-8 F 8 '13 


1 New York Lexing- 

ixCBVatlng rock and 

quicksand DO feet below tide level under 

(rafHc In city streets. II dlags Eng Rec 68: 

576-7 N 21 '13 

Program for completion of Culebra cut. Eng 

N 69:437 F 27 '13 
Twin Falls hydroelectric development. G: C, 

Newton. Eng Rec 67:581-2 My 24 '13 
Unit costs on steam shovel excavation. Munic 
Eng 45:429 N '13 
N<e alio Trenches; Tunnels and tunnel- 

C: H, Paul. 11 n 

] Enc N 70:93-100 Jl 17 

for evaporation from reservoir 

surfaces. II. M. Chittenden. Eng N 69:108 
Ja 16 '13 

Data and results of evaporallve trials. W. N. 
I-olukov, Am Soc M E J 35:1766-9 !> '13 

Evaporation, (Engineers' study course) Pow- 
er 38:312-4. 346-7, 378-9, 410-1 Ag 26-S 16 

Factor o( evaporation. J: S. A. Johnsoa 
Power 37:579-80 Ap 22 '13 

Factor of evaporation. A. A. Potter. Power 
37:334 Mr II '13 

Factor of evaporiitlon. L. C. Roberts. Pow- 
er 3?:;64 My 27 '13 

Pan and raft equijiment lor water evapora- 
tion tests, dlags Eng Rec •"=-■"= ■■ ' ■•- 
fi<e also lystillatlon 

Evaporators and distillers. 
■" [.18:446-7 i 



333-S Je '13 
Tests upon the transmis.tlon ot heat In 
"■" n evaporators. K._W. Kerr, dlags Am 


drilling In the Tennessee river. Eng Rec 
' ■ N I '13 

submarine -rock drilling In deepen- 
■ flver, II plan 

Ind tunneling. 

Executive abllltv 

Continuous rail 
the story of a rush order. II f 
197-9 Mr 29 '13 
Executive efflclency. Automobile 28:470 F IS 

:'3, F 6-20 '13 
Exhauit steam 
Heat accumulators and their use i 
Bteam turbine plants. Ind Eng 1 


Utlllza -- ----- - . 

Hy & Eng R 63:830-1 Ag 30 '13 
Exhaust systems. See Duat removal 
Exhibition buildings 

Architectural plan of Panama- Pacific exposi- 
tion. Bel Am S 76:360-1 D 6 '13 

Construction work in Madison Square gar- 
den for an automobile exhibition. 11 Gng 
N G!<:1164-6 Je 6 '13 

High eight-- 


• My 

. H. Markwart, 
.. Jlng N 70:895-904 N 6 '13 
Review of building methods old and 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 



I (buirding) 
..'e haunl In crowded buildings due to 
adequate exists, H, F. J. P.irler. plans 


Soc M B J 35:719-63 My -IS; a _ 

S T«:Z-3 Jl E '13; »Bme, Ens N 70:228-30 

Jl 31 '13 
Expenu dlitrlbutlon. See Conl areountlng 
Experlmenta on ■nim>l>. See Anlmala, Experl- 


sjewer expluBlon In I-lttgburgh. Ene 


• ■■ I all 

i:[i37 ■- 
l-^lTei-ts of mdl 

& Mln'jSSrSH-S N 15 'IS " 

Ha aim Boiler explosions; Ci a1 mines 

exploKlons; Mine arcl'lents; Mine explosions 
Advance* In permlHBible exploalvss. Colliery 

t<:lll 8 '13 
Analyala of black powder and dynamite. W. 

O, Snelllng and C. G. Slorm, II U 3 Bur 

Mines Kul 51:1-76 '13 
Energy ot blasllng explosives. Bng Rec S7;B4- 

E Ja 11 'IS 
Energy o[ various explosives. Eng & Mln J 

95:013-4 Mr 22 '13 
Explosives tor mining operations. C. Hnll 

and S. D. Howell. Ens M <5:417-40 Je '13 
Handling explosives In mines. E. Hlgglna. Eng 

M 4fl;279-81 N '13 
Products of exploBlon. Bnff b Mln J 9E:!13-4 

Ag t 'IB 
Proposed explosives monopoly. Bngr & Mln 

J 9E:G44 B 20 '13 
Safety rules — handllns explosives. Eng ft 

Uln J 9e:44»-9 S S '13 
Safety nilea — storing and tbawlngr explosives. 

Ens ft Mln J 36:S9I-2 S 2T '13 
Selection ot explosives for engineering work. 

EUfc N 70:495 H 11 'IS 
Storage of e»pl03lvea, plans Concrete Cem t: 

19-31 Ja 'IS 
Underground magailnes In rock tor storing 

exploslvea. II plan Bng Rec 67:159 F 8 '11 
A'rr nim Bla.'iling: Coal mines and mining 

— ExplDslvcs: Detonators; netotiatora. Elec- 
tor: I>ynamlte; Inflammable liquids: Mines, 


Modlned form of stability test 

_ and the eye. M, Lucklesh. 

Klec W 62:844-6 O 25 '13 
ind Theory of vision, M. H. El. Tachernlng. 8cl 

leel Am S 75:339 My 31 '13 

""' K'f alao Uogglea; Spectacles 

Eyesight and typography. Scl Am 8 7G:11I 
Mr 15 '13 

niumlnatlng toplca at International achool hy- 
giene congress, 1913. Elec W 62:164-6 8 6 


Illumination and eye strain. 2). U. Alger. 
Iron Tr R 52:743-4 Mr 27 'IS 
Eyes. See Eye 
Eyre, W I lion 
Omce and apartments of a Philadelphia ar- 
chitect. R. Caye. II Arch Rec S4:7S-88 Jl '13 

and ! 

■. U f 

r Stand liul 


r 15 

Testa to determine the proper selection of 
explosives. Eng Rec G7;523-4 My 10 '13 
Exploalve*, Military 

PrDgress In military explosives. W. J. HaW' 
kins. II Eng N 63:16-24 Ja t 'II 
Exponential computer. J.: Ross. Eng N 69:3e6. 
T F 20 '13 

C 1. f. foreign hiislness qnolotlons. ■ fl 

Plaher. Iron Age 9IAV15 My 1 '13 
Export trade. See monthly numbers of Amer- 
ican Industries 
Exp salt I on a 

Srt San Dieao- Panama -I 'alitornia expo- 


. 1915 

Express cars. See Baggage and e 

xpresa cara 

£fr al*o Carriers 

Expreas service 

Decision In the express 

s. Ry Arc 

56:233-5 Ag S '13 

Electric express hand 11 

e .It the 

North sta- 

Hon. Boston. II plao 

Blee W 

61:S46-8 P 

15 'IS 

Interslate commerce c 

orders re- 

ductlon In eipreM ra 
761-S Ag 9 *li 

as. By & 

Eng R 63: 

Fabrics, Waterproofing of. See Waterproofing 

Allowable heights and a~reaB for factory build - 
tnga. Eng Rec 67:614 My 31 '13 

Allowable helRlits and areas for factory build- 
ings. I. H. Woolson. Am Soc M E J 35:961- 
9 Je '13; Same cond. Iron Age 91:1399 Je S 
'13: Same cond. Eng M 45:733-4 Ag '13 

Cellar spare made available by I*" '' 

frlsmatio glass, l' ">-■■"-■- " 
6:W7 Ag 16 *13 

Complete elevntor manufacturing plant. II 
I'lan Irim Age 92:67-70 Jl 10 '13 

Cons true ling a ten-story concrete building, 
Long Island City. N. Y. II Eng Rec (g: 
319-20 S 20 '13 

Construction of a model factory building. II 
plana Crincrete Cem 3:151-3 O '13 

Petolla and heating of fireproof factory build- 
ing, Homer City, Pa. B. J. Moore, Eng 

II Sd Am S 

I Jacks. II d^g 
building 8 

id telpher syslema. 

kcturlnr hydraulic and acrew 
ting Jacks. II dlag Eng Rec 68:234-5 Ag 

Factory building equipment delaiis. H. C. 

Splliman. il Iron Age 91:5X1-5 Mr 6 '13 
Fire protection for factory workers. It dlags 

Ind Eng 13:411-7 O '13 
Home-mn^e reinforced concrete factorv: Nash 
engineering co.. South Norwalk. Conn. II 
Iron Age 92:1119-52 N 20 '13 
Isolated plant of Rasollne engine factory; fea- 
' ' and ateam-haatlng s' 

„ anenta' - '- 


W 61:313-0 F 16 '__ 

layout, design and equipment of industrial 

works. A- H, Morton, Ind Eng IS;289-32 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


Factorle* — OonUnuti. 

New plant of the Preat-O-Ute company, In- 
dianapolis, making lanha Tor dtalrlbutins 
acetylene gas. II plan Iron Age 92:4B9-95 S 
i '13 

New Bteel car plant ot Haakell & Barker car 
CO. at Michigan Clt>', ind. 11 dlag Iron 
Age Sl:&90-3 Mr 6 '13 

Notes on factory layout. Ind Eng 13i411-2 N 

Partitions for factories and Industrial build- 
ings. H: G. Tyrrell. II Bng U 45:8E3-611 
46:G3-S2 S-O '13 

Plant for ntaklns automobile tool boxes; 
Globe machine & stamping co., Cleveland, 
O. II Iron Age 91:643-6 Mr 13 '13 

Plant Of DulT mfg. Co., Pittsburgh. II plan 
Iron Age 91:3T7-S1 Ap 10 '13 

Rein forced -con Crete factory buildings. H. C. 
Splllman, II Ind Eng 13:231-3 Jl '13 

Rein forced -con Crete factory built unilcr un- 
usual condllions by Robblns & Myers CO. 
at Sprltigneld. O. N. D. Bralnard. II plan 
Eog Rec S7:41D-1 Ap 12 '18 

Reinforced concrete In factory construction 
at Milton, N. H. II pUuis Concrete Cem S: 
3-S Jl '13 

Riveted pipe works at south San Francisco: 
the Schaw Butcher co. 11 plan Iron Age 
92:701-4 O 2 '1! 

Specifications for nood blocic floors. 11 Iron 
Age 91:1006-7 Ap 24 '13 

Terminal and the city factory problem. Ind 
Eng 13:218 My '13 

Hfe aleo Cotton mills: Factory laws: Fac- 
tory management: Factory sanl 
works; Machine shops: Mills ai 

Scientific management; Steel i 

tile factories; also subdivision Manufactures 
under names of subjects, e. g. Automobiles 
— Manufacture 


Continuous cost keeping system maintained 
by Automalic transportation co.. Buffalo, 
il Iron Age 91:88-90 Ja 2 '13 

Simple system fur procuring cost data. Iron 
Age 91:767-9 Mr 27 '13 

Treatment of Interest on manufacturing In- 
vestment; symposium. J Account 16:231- 
44. 329-35, 427-32 Ap-Je '13 

Heating and ventilation 

Fan blast system of factory heating. Heat 
& Ven 10:37-9 My '13 

Heating buildings of sawtooth construction. 
Heat & Ven 10:47-9 S '13 

Hot water heatins For factories: forced cii 
culstlon. C: 1^. Hubbard. Dom Eng 6a;40' 
« D 2T "13 

Office practice in estimating healing and 
Illation for factories. E, W. Smallr-- 
& Ven 10:33 Ja '13 

Operating economies In heating large factory 
l)Ulldlng9, E: L. Wilder. Heat & Ven 10: 
17-20 Jl '13: Same cond. Power 38;3<I2-S Ag 
26 '13 

Rules for dust collection and shop ventilation. 
Ind Eng 13:390 S '13 

Unusual factory heating installHtlon of the 
De Laval xeparalor co. K. M. Lloyd. II plan 
Dom Eng 62:02-4 Ja IS '13 

1 ml II work: 

in. Heal 

: 02:676-7 O 4 ' 
Foundry and workshop lighting. A. Kltaon. 
11 Melai Ind n s ll:383-& S '13 

New York state's 

law. Heat & Ven 

Sfe alto Workm 

1 Industry. Ind Bng 13:6: 

Factory manigement 

Automatic rating of workmen; Sprlnglleld 
(Mass,) armory's system. Iron Age 91;81I- 
2 Ap 3 '13 

Bonus and rating for works eiecutives. J; 
Nelson. Iron Age 1ll:11G9-<>2 My IB '13 

Buying. Belling and advertising maxims. S. 
I>ean. Iron Age »l:10O2-4 Ap 24 '13 

Chemical engineer and Industrial efllclency. 
W. M. Booth. Scl Am B 73:210-1 Ap E '13 

Co-operallon. Ind Eag 13:75-6 F '13 

Culling Ihe factory coats with conveyor sys- 
tem. II Iron Age 91:349-53 F 6 '13 

EITectlve follow-up system for recording the 
progress ot small manufactured parts. A. 
L, Valentine. Mach 19:926-30 Ag '13 

Efllelency management In gas tractor plant 
of the Hart-Parr co. 11 diaga plan Iron Tr R 
52:49-60 Ja 2 '13 

Efficiency methods used by Auto-Lite co. 
plan Automobile 29:698-9 O 16 '13 

Factor in ice-plant efficiency. P: Neft. Power 
38:270 Ag 19 '13 

Factory organization and administration. W. 
L. Saunders. Eng M 46;2S7-60 N '13 

Factory record and tracing system. H. 1. 
Arnold. II Am Mach 3e:8Sl-4 My 22 '13 . 

Heat and power in manufacturing process- 
es. S. H. Bunnell, Iron Age 91:378 F 6 

Increasing the efflclency of a bT«H manu- 
facturing plant. P. W. Blelr. 11 HetsI Ind 
n s 11:13-4 Ja -IS 

lon_or materials and finished product. 

n Ihe shop by 
e sheet. If Ind 

1 detail. Aulo- 

Keepinn .. 

the bulletin board and ; 
Eng 13:453-3 N '13 

mobile 28:1066-9 My 22 '.. 
Leak for factory profits: how money Is lost 

In coiindng. Ind Eng 13:458-60 N '13 
MbnaKemenl of small vernus large plants. 

S. Dean. Iron Age 91:1377 Je 5 '13 
New development In factory study; use of 

the Route model aa a. method ot Investlgk- 

tlon. 11 Ind Bng 13:68-61 F '13 
Organization ot large commercial and Indus- 
trial establlahmenta. B. Orenateln. Bng M 

44;eS8-96 Ja '18 
Practical principles of rational management. 

A. H. Church. Bng M 44:437-94. S73-S0, 

8S4-903: 45: 24-33, 166-73. 405-11 Ja-Je '13 
Progress rliarts as a means of securing 

prompt delivery ot goods. Ind Rng 13:485-6 

Relation of de 
of prodiictloi 
45:353-8 Je ' 

1 large plant. Ind Ens 

box successful ly. Iron 

l^iT aim Bonus system: Conveying machin- 
ery; Cost accounting; Employment syatems; 
Machine shop management: Photography In 
Industry; Premium wage system; Purchas- 
ing departments: Sclentltic management: 
Stores systems; Time study: Workshop 

11 Dom Eng 64:66-7 

F-BCtory hygiene. J. D. Hackelt. Ind Eng 13:427 
N '13 

Human element In industry. W. Talbot. Iron 
Age »l:366-tt, 418-20 F 6-13 '13 

Rules tor dust collection and shop ventila- 
tion, Ind EnK_13;390 S 'IS 

Shop hygiene, w. Talbot. EnK M lG:t4-T Ap 

—Heating and ventlla- 




Labor oondltiunx at Fairbanks, Alaska. H. I. 

Ellis. Kng & Min J S«:llll-a D 13 '13 
Placer situation at Fairbanks. HTng & Mln J 

9«:1167-g D 20 '13, 
Falling bodlei 
Air reslalance to railing bodies. A. A. Somor- 

vllle. II Sci Am 108:429 My 10 'IS 

Chlneae famine and proposed Hood preven- 
tion. C; D. Jameson. 11 map Bre N 74:EgS- 
93 S 2S -13 

Teallng electric tans. H. B. I 
W 61:1039 My n '13 
See alto Fans, Mechanical 
Fan I, Mechanical 

paper read belore Am. Soc. U. B., JDIS. C. 

H. Treat, plana Ens N 69:304-9 Ja 30 'IS 
Booster tans. II Colliery 33M54-E Mr '13 
Equivalent opening of a ventilating system 

Federal regulation or Induatry. See Govern - 

menl regulation of industry 
Feed pumpi. See Pumping machinery 
Feed water 
Efftc't of air In teed water. K. Carpenter, 

Power 38:911 D 30 '13 
Feed water fillers, numns and Injectom. C. 

A. McAllister. 11 fnt Marine Eng 18:393-6 

S '13 
Feed-water treatment. (Engineers' study 

course) power 3S:580-1, SlB-7, 668-T, S94-S 

O 21-N 11 '13 
Lifting hot water. F. P. Nickel. Power Jg; 

5T7-8 O 21 '13 
Neco teed -water regulator, dlac Power SS: 

34-5 JI 1 'la 
See olto Boiler scale: Boilers: Feed water 

healers: Feed water purlflcatlon 
Feed water heater* 
Calculation at (eedwater heaters. Ind Bag 

13:318 JI '13 
Canil>inod open feed- water beater iind bat- 
water meier. II Power 3S:SS9-60 N 4 '13 
Elliott twin heater. 11 Power 38:360-1 ij 9 '13 
Elliott vertical and horlionlal heaters. 11 dlax 

Power 38:290-3 Ag 2E 'IB 
Home-made feed-water heater. E. R. I'earce, 

il Power 3«:S87-8 O 21 '13 
Mr. Flnnnery's ' ' 

Mine ventilating tans. Ind Eng 13:139 Mr '13 
Running Cfntrlfugal fans in parallel. L. B. 

Lent. dlMK Power 38:851-2 D 16 '13 
Siie, lapacily and power retiuired for cenlri- 
tugal tans. F. B. Gilbert. Jr. Power 37:73-6 
Ja 31 '13 
Stine fan fitted with Hyatt roller bearbiKS. II 
Colliery 33:627-8 Ap '13 

8te also Fans, Electric; Mechanical draft 
Fargo, North Dakota 
Fargo declares a municipal dividend. W: D. 
Sweet. Munlc Eng 44:121-2 F '13 
~ I accounts. See Agriculture — Accountlnc 






Concrete manure pits readily built at mod- 
erate cost. 11 Concrete Cem 3:88-7 F '13 

Concrete on a Kansas farm. C: Dillon, il Con- 
crete Cem 3:183-4 O '13 

How. to-do-it Information for tarro work, il 
Concrete Cem 3:36 JI 13 

How to lay sanitary floors in dairy barns, 

Poultry, sheep and hog bouses. II Concrete 
em 3:38-9 Jl '13 
Sre also Poultry houses 
Farm bureaus, County. See County (arm bu- 

Farm engines. See Agricultural machinery; 

Motor plows 
Farm machinery. See Agrlcullurnl machinery 
Farm produce 

Conference on marketing and farm credits. 
Ry & Eng R 53:341 Ap 12 'J3 


Fatigue and efflciency. Ind Eng 13:435-6 O '13 
Occupational fatigue. Sci Am S 75:410-1 JO 
33 '13 
Fatigue In metals 
Cryslaliliatlon of steel through taligue. F. 
^Rogers. Iron Age S2:5S4-B » 11 '13 
"""■ " "■ : Sibley college. 

heater troubles. 
E: H. Roble; O: McMillan. Power 37:M6- 
S Ap 1 '13 
Piping tor teedwater heater. G. H. Klmtwll. 

plan Power 38:176-6 Jl 29 '13 
Simple feed water healer. A. It. Kenner. diag 

l-Tng & Min J 9S:327-S F S "IB 
Utilliatlon of eihaust steam on locomotives. 
Ry & Eng R 53:830 Ag 30 '13 
Feed water heating 
Feed water heating and pumping, plan Pow- 
er 37:146-8 F 4 '13 
Feed-water beating tor locomollves. II Power 

3S:387-9 S 16 '13 
Superheating and feed water heating: theoret- 
ical discussion checked by results on Egyp- 
tian Elate railways. F. H. Trevllhick and 
P. J. Cowan By Age 54:1543-8 Je 20 '13 
Feed water meters. See water meters 
Feed water pumps. See Pumping machlner]' 
Feed water purification 

Boiler feed-water filter, plan Eng & Mln J 

96:1173-4 D 20 '13 
Experience with water softening plants. H, 


7 Mr 1 


jr treatment. (Engineers' study 

course) Power 38:ES0-1, 616-7. 656-7, 694-6 
O 21-N 11 '13 

Fullering teed water. C: S. Linch. Int Ma- 
rine Eng 18:240-1 Je '13 

How the Brier Hill steel co. purities Its boiler 
water. 1! Iron Tr R 63:1135-6 D 26 '13 

Soda-ash for boiler waters, C: H. Bromley. 
Power 38:412-3 S IS '13 

Soda-ash for boiler waters, J. C. Hawkins. 
diflg Power 38:795 D 2 "13 

Tropical feed-waler filler plant. C. C. Semple. 
II plan Power 3K:S10-2 D 9 '13 
Feeders. See Electric distribution 

Mining and treatment ot feldspar and kaolin. 
A. s. Wnlls. II map U S Bur Mines Bui 
53:1-164 '13 
Fellowships, industrial. See Industrial fellow- 

a. B. Upton, il dl:igi 

13 '13 

Fats. See Oils and fat* 
Faults (mining) 
Graphics applied to fault problems. E. R. Ri™ 

Pertinent facta regarding felt polishing 
wheels. F. Dotge. Metal Ind n B 11:86 F '13 

Relallve advantages of the different kinds of 
fence posts, lly Age 51:627-9 Mr 20 '13 
Fence posts. Concrete 
Concrete fence posts. H. P. Taylor. Concrete 

Concrete fence posts tor factory Inclosure, II 
diags Concrete Cem 3:54-6 Ag '13 

Steel and concrete tence posts. Bng M 69: 
856 Ap 24 '13 

Digitized GvCOC^IC 


FencM, Concrete 
Concrete fences (or elevated tracka. II Con- 
crete Cem 3;129 S '13 
Fence of cimcrele pnatx nnd rails. 11 plan 
Concrete Cem S:162-3 O '13 

9 publlo printer. S. H. Horgan. por 

Inland Ptr B3;71l-80 O '13 
Ferrantl, Sebaitlan Z. de 
Ferranlt ami Ma turbine. F. H. Low. por 
Power 38:9II«-11 1) 30 '13 
CrystBlllne growth of stralne.l territe, A. 

Saiiveur. II Iron Age !i1:;;SH-i;0 Ja n '13 
Formation ot ferriteii In roaaling blend. G. S. 
Bmolls. lilbli.-i! Am Inst Miii K liill 7T: 
829-42 My '1.1 
Fcrroalloyi. See Iron alloys 

Duty on ferro. Iron Tr R S!:12fi£ My 29 

—I ofBeea. A. L. Heywood. 

Eng Rec 6T:3E3-4 Ur 29 '13 
I"sc of commerie commission ac- 
munt numbers for lorri'spondtnce filing. 
W: H. Wollner. Hy Age 5r>:lU7 I> 12 '13 
Why the miinlcipBl ofllce necila modern sys- 
tem, 1':, ir. Gllmiin. Munic ICng 14:49»-S04 
Je '13 
Fllea and raapi 
Manufacturing (he circular cut file. C. I* 

Lucas. 1) Scl Am S TE:92-S F g 'IS 
Manufacturing the Vixen Hie. C L. Lucas, 
il Mach lS:41-4 g '12 

Work o( tiling. Scl Am S 7E:99 F IB '13 
Fllme, See I' holography— Films 
Filler paper 
Manufacture of Swedish tiller paper. Q. 
Fornstedt. Scl Am S 76:2I» O 4 '11 
Filters and filtration 

" " "the Croton 




iron Age Sl;1016-7 AP 

24 '13 

Swedish methods of packing ferroslllco 
& Chera Eng 11:87-3 F '13 

I>elerml notion of sulphur 

1 Kng ll:^:ifi My 

19E-7 Ap 'la 
Technical analysis of ferrovanadlum and Its 
products. W; W. Clark. Met & Chem Bng 
11:91-2 F '18 

Ferry boat South JackBonvlllc dlu— ■ '-' 

? Frng 1 


-- --- ... , Brldglt. II Int 

Marine Eng 18:4J7 N '13 
Sample of old-time engineering skllh the 

ferryboat Long Beach. C: S. Llnch. 11 plan 

Int Marine Has 18:98-100 Mr '13 
Side wheel ferry l.eschl. II plan Inl Marine 

Kng 1S:470 N '13 
Steel screw ferry-boat Kdward T. Jefferv. J. 

B. Shipley, il Int Marine Eng 1S:428-3I 

. K. J. Pranko. Eng 

M 4E:I32-4 Je IS 

Electrochemical fertilizer. E. F. Roeber. Elee 
W ei;21 Ja 1 '13 

Production and connumpilon of chemical fer- 
tilizers in Iiie world. Eng & MIn J 9i>:T7e O 
2r. '13 

Radio-active manures. Sci Am S 76:27 Jl 12 

Rrc al>o rhosjihatps; Po(!i.-:h; Soil inoc- 

.Itc aim Typhoid fever 

.Ire alfo Silk cotton: Textile Industry 
and fabrics 
Field mice 
War iigainst field mice In France, J. Boyer. 
II Scl Am 109:114 Ag 9 '13 
Fllene_ Blore, Boston, Mass, II plan Arch * 

& MIn J 9S:a72-3 F 15 'i:! 
Kfflclent methods of liandllnc nirrinpiiiifle' 

J: I- Hannn. Ry Age KI:6I-3 Ja 10 '13 
Filing and Indexing system for Boston 1 

bor development work. F. H. Jones. 

N G9:1333-4 Je 2G '13 
FIlinK arllcles and data. F. C. KveritI 

Mach I»:nr,4-S Ag '13 
Simple system for filing and handling t 

Ings and r"' — "" "■ " ' — " 

Ings and prinla 
G4S-61 Jl '13 


;-3 Je 

Abuses In water nitration. Eng Rec 67:23-4 

Ja i 'IS 

Albany, N. Y. Alters flooded. 11 Bng Reo S7; 

460 Ap 19 "13 
Alum In slow sand flllradon. W: F. Wells. 

Eng M 16:H:0-2 N '13 
Application ot the Moore niter to rapid fil- 
tration and purification of sewage. Met A 

Chem Eng Il:BS-9 Ja '13 
Holler fpp.l-Hivter filter, plan Eng & Mln J 

9fi:ii7;i-4 n :>o 'is 
Clarifying city water supplies by flltration In 

American practice. G: W. Chiller. Eng H 

14:<i09-I2 Ja '13 
Cleveland. Ohio— water filtration. R W. 

Frail. Kng N g:i:107K-9 My 22 '13 
Condition ot wash water In mechanical filters. 

Eng Rec 68:430 O 18 "IS 


, 111. 

\a fillers. E: E. 

!2H-31 D 2ri '13 

plant. 11 Eng Rec 

(-9 N 22 '.- 

Experiments on water purification: work ot 

Mass, state board Of health, 1911. E^ Rec 

67:50-2 Ja 11 '13 
Filler for holler feed and cooling water at 

Omaha. II Eng liec SSiSIB N IB '13 
FlUerinR feed water. C: S. Lineh. Int Ma- 
rine Eng 18:240-1 Je "IS 
Filtration plant at McKeesport. Pa. E. C. 

Trax, 11 Munic Eng 4B:H-9 Jl '13 
Filtration plant at the Great Ijikea naval 

training station, Grent Lakes. Ill, plans Eng 

Rec 07:205-6 F 22 '13 
Frost dnmngp to Montreal filter!". F: E. Field. 

il dlaE^< Eng Rec 68:1)66-9 N 22 "~ 


e filte 

Power 38:710 N IB '] 
Mechanical flltration piani at t-;iHrKSDuriE. v«, 

Vo, H. W, Slreeler. II Eng Rec 88:f-B Jl 

5 '13 
Micro-organism (roubles and mechanical fil- 
_F: H. StovcT. Eng Rec 68:100-1 Jl 

Tircar"filters "Jit llarrisburg. Eng Rec 
m::;iii-8 s 13 -13 

New York water filtration contrnversy; sym- 
posium. Erg N K:':nill-7 Je 5 '13 

Operating results of Terrs Haute filters. Bng 
Rec 67:3*g Mr 29 '13 

Pittsburgh's slow-sand filtration plant; pre- 
liminary treatment of water by contact 
baffles of coarse atone and A-frame baf- 
nea. 11 plan Eng Rec 67:437-9 Ap 19 'IS 

ItMpId flltration i>l:<nt at Columbus, Indiana. 
plans Eng Rec 67:262-3 Mr 8 'IS 

Italild filtration system: Ihe I'aterson plant 
at Ihe Chellenliam water works, plan Bng 
M 4!',;883-6 SI '13 

Rpports on flllerlng the Crot.m water-supply. 
New York cit)-. Eng N 69:1082-91 My 2S 

Ilpsults of double nitration at Steelton, Pa, 
during 1913. Kng Rec 67:218 F 22 '13 

Rorh Island iir:<enn1 filtr>r plnnt. 11 dlags Rng 
Re.- fi«:6O!l.I0 N 29 'IS 

Itolnrv-drum vacuum Alter, dlags Met A 
Chem Eng 11:3" " ■'" 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


Filter! and flKratlon —ConilnueO^ 
SI. LouJB mechanical wnter filters. B: E. \Va! 
__11 plans Ens N_70^S " " "" 

My io 'U 
Standardization of rapid filler dedgn. Ens 

Rec 67:264-5 Mr 8 -13 
Torreadale filler plant at Philadelphia. F. D. 

West. Eng Rec 6S:290 S 13 '13 
Tropical feed-water filler plant. C. C. Semple. 

11 plan Power 3B:810-a I> 9 '11 
Tunlns up filters at Albanj-. Oregon. Eng Rec 

68:553-4 N 15 'IS 

Tuning up the Minneapolis Alter plant. W. 

N- Jonea and L: ' *>■-•■-"" '■ -'— "— 
Rec 87:630-4 Je ! 

Filtration. See Filters and mtration 

Sre aUn Budgets: Foreign exchange; 
Holding companies; Income: Interest: Pur- 
chasing departmenls 
Flnfier guard* 
MelHl finger guorda for machine upernlors. 
II Scl Am 3 76:404 D 27 '13 
Flnoer prints 

Finger print delecllon by chemical nieanfl. 
11 Scl Am 10U:367 N 8 '13 

na. 11 Blea 

533 Je -IS 

liitiir diiven die iippamtllB as an in- 
J. E- Sl.rewsbory- Munic Eng 1: 

folor fire apparatus. H. W. Perry. 
Eng 45:206-16 S 'IS 


II MunIc 


Munlc Eng 46:391-! 

. 11 plan Eng 

Oakland. Cal. Is motorizing. N. A. Ball, il 
Munir- Eng 44:268-9 Mr '13 

T: Recce, il Munlc Eng 45:438-9 N' 'IS 
See alto Fnre engines. Motor . 

Locomotive. See Locomotive flre- 

gerB, F. W. Tower. Dom Eng 64:97-8 Jl 

26 '13 
Water filtration hold-up In New York city. 

E)ng N 69:1075-7 My 22 '13 
Water purlflcatlon at Philadelphia during 

1911. Eng Rec 67:9S-E Ja 26 'IS 

SfK alto Air fllleifi: Bag-huU3es; Ore 



;:1165-7 N 30 


. 11 Met i 

Firebrick specifications, F: I„ Ray. Power 

3R;8«.3 If 1« '13 
Refracloriea for the mndern holler plant. K. 

Seaver. il Power 3S:5S3-6 O 21 '13 
Refractories In the Iron und steel tnilustrv. 

H. W. Croft. Iron Age 92;1163-6 N 20 '13; 

Same. Tr R 53:1133-40 D 25 '13 
Tcsling nrcbrick for use In coke ovens, diag 

Eng & MIn J lt6:S33 N 1 '13 

Fire-clay deposits of Ciinada. H. Rlea, !' 

Ll 75:4'i!i 


Comparative testa c 

W Sl:3ia F 8 "IS 
Natural and artificial seasoning oC Douglas 

fir for treatment. F. D. BcaJ. Hy Agt 

54:174-5 Ja 34 '13 
Specifications and rules for Pouglas fir car 

material. Ry Age 55:537-8 S ^6 '13 
Trealment of Douglas fir with creosote oil. 

G. A. Coleman. Ity Age 54:346-7 F 21 '13 
Chemical balance and the Hve waste problem. 

S. K. Koon. Scl Am 108:234 Mr 3 '13 
Kec afsoCombuBlinn; Flames: Fli-I; Ifpnt- 

ing; Smoke; Spontaneous conibuallon: al;^o 

headings beginning Fire 
Fire alarm* 
Automatic fire alarm. Sci Am 103:130 F 22 

Electrical fire protection. 11 Sol Am ]U9:215 

S 13 '13 
Fire alarm system using the telephone wires. 

Munlc Eng 44:565-6 Je '13 
New automatic fire alarm. F. A. J. Flta- 

geriild. 11 J Fr Inst n6::.76-32 N '13; Same, 

Scl Am S 76:397-3 D 20 '13 
Flra apparatui. Motor 
Advantage of motor combinations. T; E. 

Heath. Munlc Eng 45:296 S '13 
Care of iiulomobile .ipp.tratUB. 1'. J. MrCue. 

for foundry use. E. H. Oehler. 

Foundry 11:108 Mr '13 
lletraclnrlea in the Iron and steel Industry. 
H. \V. Croft. Iron Age 92:1163-5 N 20 '13; 
Same, iron Tr R 53:1138-40 P 25 '13 

< Firedamp 
T- pressure Are 

Fire dapartmenti 

resEiire i.^ E^'j ' 35;37i.4|'9 
Drilling' the flremen. Munlc Eng ■t4;441.3 My 

ilntcnanie of Are department grounds. 
•:, Bideker. It Munlc Eng 46:367-3 O ' 
trnJardiiation of hose and hj-drant t 

No It pumping engine, Eugene, Ore. C. F. 

Cronor. 11 Munic Eng 41:149-60 F '13 
Staltonury chemical engine. 11 Scl Am 109: 

tyre of centrifugal fire pump, plana Au- 
loblle 28:506-7 F 29 '13 

[ing range of centrifugal and Pittler Ore 
nps. Automobile 28:351-3 Ja 30 '13 

__ Munic Eng 45:379-81 O 'IS 
son. Munic 

;, F, L, aiet- 

, Mer 

, 11 Mui 

s of I 

II Munic Eng 45:383-5 O '13 
Modernizing the Hartford. _Coi 

369-60 Ap '13 
Motor drivfn tomiiinnt 
Munic Eng 15:474-5 N 

, P, J. Reddy. 

icholla. II Munic Eng 44: 
P. M.Davit. 


Inil Eng 13:.'>ll-a 
wdust.' Eng & Min 

E;!t1ngulshlng of flres In lacquer with aaw- 
dUBt. E. A. BarHer. Eng N 69:217-8 Ja 30 
■13- Same. Metal Ind n s ]l:llii-2I Mr '13 

Fire extliigulshing and fumigation by the 
Harker process. II diaga Int Marine Eng 
18:320-1 Jl 13 

Flue n:ii for fire lliihtlns on shiplmard. Eng 

; 11 

1 '13 

FiKim Are extinguishers. H: Williams, diag 
Eng M 45:263-5 My '13 

DKjilizodcy Google 


164 Ap '13 

n Fire a 


nra-niei. See FirefHea 

New method of molding cast Iron Are potB, 
II Foundry 41:20;-fi My '13 
Flr» prevantlon. See Fire protecllon 
Fin proof building*. Sea Fireproof construc- 


Fire protactlon 

Allowable helglita and tLre»s for fa'tory bullJ- 
InRS. Kn»t Iter i;7;B14 My 31 '13 

Allowablv heights and areas fur factory build- 
injis. I- H. Woolson. Am Soc M H J 3S: 
!»il-9 Jc -13: same cond. Iron Age 91 :13H» 
- - cond. EnK M 46;731-4 A« 



Automatic sprinkler protection for Industrial 
planCH. F. P. Waltber. II Ens M 44:79-90 O 

Auxiliary water supply for the fire protec- 
llon of San Francisco. A. J. Gleary. plans 
EnK Hec 68:107-10 Jl 26 '13 

Debarment of ilty contlagratlonB. A. Bluuvclt. 
Am Koc M E J 35:947-60 Je MS ' 

DtscuBslon of pai-ers presented at the Bprlng 
meetinK of Ihe Am, Soc. M. K.. BaUlmore, 
1S13. Am Soc M K J 3;;126^-7S Ag '13 

Electrical fire protection. 11 Scl Am 109:216 

171 Ae 30 '13 

: New York. Scl - 

I 109: 

Fire-flehtlnK appliances for Industrial plants. 

F. P. Wailher. 11 Enff M 44:233-41 N '12 

Fire hazard and Are prevention In foundries- 
Foundry 41:G1-S F 'IS 

Fire hasard tn turbo -Ken era tors. C. S. I^w- 
ler. Am Soc M R J .■lB:llii'3-7 Jt '13; Same 
cond. Power 38:830 D 23 '13 

Fire prevention and fire ineiirancc. J. John- 
son. Am Ind 13:;i Je '13 

Fire prevention In metalliferous mines. Gi J. 
YounR, Eng M 41:604-6 Ja '13 

Fire prevention leRlululion. P. Evans. Am 
Ind 14;i2-3 N 'IS 

Flro protection at Ijidge & Shipley plant. 
Cincinnati. H: M. Wood. II Iron Age 91: 
1105-8 Hy g '13 

Fire prulection by automatic aprinkiera. S. 

G. Koor " ' ■ - ■— •"- - ■ '•- 


I.. Ken 

tor I 

Hy J 4;;:ii4o-i tj as 
:erB. II diaga 

Fire protection for factory 
Ind Eng 13:411-1 O '13 

Fire protection of mines. G. E. Lyman. Col- 
liery 33:624-7 Je '13 

Fire protection of the country house. B. O. 
Torbohm. Arch &. BIdg 45:270-4 Je '13 

Fire atreama from small hose and nozKlea, 
y. R. nemlng. Bng Rec 67:fi:;i.3 My 10 

Let 1 

• Infor 

:!:1233 1 

IS '13 

. . D: K. Eoyd. Arch & BIdg 45:206-7, 
309-10 My, Jl '13 

Life hazard In crowded buildings due to In- 
adequate eslfltH. H. F. J. Porter, pinna 
Am Soc- M K J 3S:749-6,f My '13: S;ime. 
Scl Am 3 JS:2-3 Jl :, '13: Same. Kng N 70: 
228-30 Jl 31 '13 

Menace of the match. F. H. Wentworth. Am 
Ind 13:19 Ap '13 

Methods of Are prevention. Scl Am S 76:161 
Mr IE '13 

Municipal watch tower In Indianapolis. 
Munlo Eng 44:146 F '13 


Railway fire protecllon association formed 
at rhicago, Oct.. 1913. Ry Ane 55:705-8 O 


a9;I0!<l-3 My 22 '13 
Smoke-proof buildings. Scl Am 109:222 S SO 

2' 2-4 Ag 1 



. ..^ , . ,,.^ _ervlce; Fire walls; 

Fireproof eonalrucllon; Hydrants; Sprlnk- 
lera: Water supply 

Fire protactlon aitoclatlon, National. See Na- 
tional Hre protection aaaoclation 

Fire pumps. See Pumping machinery 


ic M E J 3S*;37i-4 

('barges for public water service to pri 
nre protection systems In Milwaukee, 
e. Miller. Kng X 70il1SS-9 l> il '13 

Debarment of clly conHaKratloi 

I Soc M E J 3.1:947-60 Je '13 

jnal standard hoite couplings and hy- 

int tlttings for pul " — " --■-- " " 

Private flre-pri. 

Rec 68:51 Jl 12 '13 
[Valer-worlia charges for prli 

teitlon. I„ Metcalf. Kng N 70: 

ME j" 36:421-34 Mr '13 
charges. Eng 

e departments 
n Inatllutlona. Arch & BIdg 15:471- 

ItemlnRton negative angle sighting ay si 
11 Mach 19:603-S Ap '13 
Fireboxo*, Locomotive. See Locomotive 

445-7 Mr '13 

Testing for nredamp 

mines. Colliery 3J; 

wire loop. H: 
irlggs. Colliery 33:489-41 Mr '13 

Sir alM Mine actldenta: Mine exploslona; 
Mine Area; Mine ventilation 
Intrinsic brilliancy of the glow worm. H. H. 
Ivea and C. W. Jordan. II Scl Am S 76:U 
Jl 26 '13 
Fire I SIS cookers 
Electric fireleas cooker. 11 Elec W 62:397 Ag 
23 '13 
Firemen's arbitration. See Raltrnada^Employ- 

Cunstrutlion oit an S-story ahop-building; 

Fisher building. Detroit. J: N. McMlchaels. 

il plana Concrete Cem 2:57-60 F '13 
Rmclency I'f thin solid partitions. H. B. Mc- 

,-e Cem 3:233-5 N 13 

DKjilizodcy Google 


3 52 An 23 '13 

lew bulld- 

IngB. II plans Arch & Bids 4G:3Sl-8 S '13 

Fire prolection for faclory workers. II dlags 
Ind Entr 13:<ll-7 O '13 

Ftreproot con struct Ion In mines. Concrete 
Cem 3:64 Ag 'IS 

Fireproof construction: testing materials for 
their power of resisting eitreme tempera- 
tures. H. Perrlne. 11 bA Am S TE:3eO-2 Je 

Fireproof exits for lott buildings. II Eng Reo 

6T:19 Ja 4 '13 
Flat roofed fl reproof house. F: Squires, il 

Arch & Bldg 45:1-7 Ja "13 

Homer City, Pa.— details and heating of fire- 
proof factory building. E. J. Moore. Eng 
Rec 67:K57 My 17 '13 

Life hazard in crowfled buildings duo to In- 
adequate exists. H. F. J. Porter, plans 
Am Snc M F. J SS:749-r.3 My 'IS; Same. 
Scl Am S 76:2-3 Jl 5 '13i Same. Eng N -0: 
22S-30 Jl 31 '13 

Methods of Are prevention. Scl Am 8 76: 
167 Mr IB '13 

Pierre -Arrow bulMlnE, New York. il jiliiii 
Arch & Bldg 4r.:4;6-8 O '13 

Prolection of main belt drives with _firo- 
returdant partltlonp " "' 

...u r,..K ....-.-— -e''l3 

Review of concrete as a dre-reslalant. Con- 
crete Cem 3:l«l O '13 

Sateguardlng lite In factory flres. Eng N 70: 
22i-5 Jl 31 -13 , „ . 

Two-way reinforced concrete and tile noor. 
C- V. Weln. 11 Concrete Cem 3:18-20 Jl '1! 

Wrapping I-beams. Concrete Cem 2:237 My 

Krr aUn Bulldlne: Concrete. Reinforced; 
Concrete construct (on; Fire proteellon: Fire 
walls; Steel construction 
Fireproof textllss . , 

Fireproof clothing: a process for rendering 
cotton elolh permanently fire- resisting. W: 
H. Perkln. Eng M 44:761-3 F '13 

Flah hatcheries. See Fish oultura 

.See alto Fish culture 
Curious eioilc fishes. J. Boyer. 11 Scl Am 
109:92 Ag 2 '13 

Peril of flrp at sea. Set Am in!l;3U O 25 13 
Perils of the sea. Eng M 46:2r.5-6 N '13 
COj diagrams from actual practice. A. Be- 

ment. Power 37:409-11 Mr 26 '13 
Firing practice. Ry Age (Me.h ed) 87:293.4 

Mechanically directed firemen. Eng M 46;aup 

10-2 N '11 . , , 

Task setting for firemen and malnlaintng 

high efficiency In holler plants. W. N, Pol- 

okov. dlags Am Soc M E J 35:172!l-69 D '13; 

Same cond.. with discussion. Power 38:881- 

7 D 23 '13 
Bet alio Combustion: Fuel; Furnaces: 

Stokers, Mechanical 
First aid In lllnsH and Injury 
Artificial respiration with a lemon squeezer. 

A. C. Muller. 11 Scl Am 108:7 Ja 4 13 
Contests and competitions held by I 

Z. Prli 

, II Colli 


. W; 

Fitch burg, Massschuutts 

Construction of the Fifth street viaduct. II 

Eng Rec 67:4-6 Ja 4 'IS 
Fifth street viaduct. 11 plans Eng N 69:441-7 

Mr 6 


Sanitary aflalrs 
Sewage treatment works, plans Eng Rec 67: 

G33-S Je 7 '13 
Sewage treatment worita. F. A. Maraton. 
map plans Bng N 69:1176-81 Je S '13 
Fitting (engineering) 

Record of pressed fits, C. F. MacGlll. Am Soc 
M E J 3G:lfi55-67 N '13 
Futures. See Machine tools— Fixtures 
Flagging, ^ec Railroads — Signals 

„ curved flanges. 

A. H. Anger. Maoh 19;TZ0 My 'IS 
1SI2 U. S. standard for Hanged fittings and 

flanges: with data sheet supplement Mach 

19:766 Je '13 
Repair of large flanges. P. Sllke. il Power 87: 

577 Ap 22 '13 
"-pairing a leak 

.'ower 37:612-3 -., — — 
Sl'.ndarii for flanged fittings. Heat & 

[Standard for flanges and Banged fittings. 

Power 38:627-30 O 14 '13 
StandardiMllon. Iron Tr R S3:1082-3 D 11 13 
Kir nho Pipe Joints: Pipes; Steam pipes 

Dalton's law In the steam plant. Q: P. Fen- 
no. Power 37:389 Mr 18 '13 

Dalton's law In the steam plant L: Qross- 
baum. Power 37:183-4 P 4 '13 

„ ,..,, „ ^ , 7-23 N '13 

FtrHI aid Id coal mining accidents; auggea- 
tlons for formation of relief corps and tor 
flrst aid Instruction. C: Graham. Eng M 44: 
101-3 O '12 
Humajiltarlan side of war: Red cro™ uni- 
tary equipment for the fleld. W. J. Murray. 
II Scl Am S 76:412-3 Je 28 '13 
Schaefer method of resuscitation. II Colliery 
34:63-4 Ag '13 

Kre alto Accidents, Industrial; Mine res- 
Large flsh hatchery tor the state of Kansas 
at Pratt. L. M. Bush. II Bng N 69:472-3 
Mr 6 '13 

„.,=..,.w.. ......I with high Btepi flashboards. 

M. C. HInderllder II plans Eng N 70:910- 
3 N 6 '13 

Making foundry tools by short-cut methods. 
J. Horner, il Foundry 41:136-40 Ap 18 

Hit ali-o Moldlnn machines 
Flat-irons, Electric. See Electric Irons 

Cleveland fiy campaign. J. Dawson. Scl Am S 

75:102-3 F 15 '13 
Practical elimination of the house fly. A. 

Moyer. 11 Scl Am 109:31 Jl 12 '13 
Files as carriers of contagion 
House fly: how It spreads disease. B. Hesse. 

Scl Am S 76:214 Ap 5 "13 
Insects that carry disease. C: Dury. Sol Am 

S 76:178-9 S 20 

dcy Google 


Fllei ■■ carrlar* of contagion — ConHnued. 
Stable fly as the carrier oC Intantlle paral- 
ysis. C: T: Bruea. II Scl Am S 76:117-8 F 
22 '13 

Improved float valve. U Ind Eng 13;3B1-Z 
Ak '13 
Floating docks. See Docks 
Floating Islands 
FloatfnE Islanils. Eng Rec 6T:T2 Ja 18 'D 
Floating Islands. Scl Am 108:9 Ja 4 '13 
Flood control 
Alternative propositions for control of the 
Mississippi. W. Parker. Scl Am iaB:2S7 Hr 
22 '13 
Chinese famine and proposed flood preven- 
tion, C: D. Jameson. 11 map Ens N TO: 

R. Flint. Sol 

r My J 

on Dayton flood. Eng 

1 '11 
Germany. II map Eag Rec S8; 

Flood frequency and flood 
Flood- pre veni 

72-4 Jl 19 "is 

Flood prevention In the east St. Louis dis- 
trict. T. Aiiblithon. Am Ind 14:15-11 N '13 

Flood.prevenlion Investigations In Ohio. Eng 
Rec «S:38-9 Jl 12 '13 

Flood -prevention problem, B. T. Perkins. Eng 
N 69:1137-8 My 29 '13 

Flood protection for Columbus, Ohio, plans 
Eng Reo 88:343-4 S 27 '13 

Flood [iroteellon for Dayton, Ohio. Eng Rec 
68:399-400 O 11 '13 

Flood protection for Lima. O.; engineers' rec- 
ommend ii linns. Eng N 7n:S2fi O '^X '13 

Flood -protection plans for Ohio cities, J: 
W. Hill, En^ Iteo 6fi:6»9 N 2t '13 

Flood wall i.t PnrtKmouth, Ohio, J, 1, Hudson, 
II Knjt Rer 88:712-3 U 27 '13 

Floods and the problems of river regulation. 
C: W. Baker, map 11 Scl Am 108:398-401 My 

IroC'EnK'Rec 67:S"o'5l6" My 3 "■13"' 
Isatsslppl problem. T. D. Long, Scl / 

0;1121 D 

Necessity for co-operation In flood control: 
report of U. S. Geological survey on Miami 
river work. Ry & Eng R 53:937 O 4 '13 

Need for sclentinc river regulation. Bng N 

89:734-8 Ap 10 '13 
Notes on flood in the lower Mississippi. A. 

U Dabney. Eng N 6S:9(iG.6 My 8 '13 
Prellmlni ' " 


inory report or army engineers on the 
ral states floods. Bng N TO:7ZG-6 O 9 


, C. Harnett, Eng Rec 67:508 My 

888-93 S 25 '13 

Control of the Mlssls( 
Am 108:31 Ja 11 '13 

Control of the Mississippi floods, J, L. 51 ush- 
er, Scl Am 3 7B:39$-4(tO Je 21 'IS 

Control of the Mississippi floods. C. D. Town- 
send, map 11 Scl Am S 75:279-83 My S 

Control of the Mississippi river. Scl Am 148: 

262 Mr 22 '13 
Control reservoirs and the Dayton flood. Scl 

■-1 108:350 Ap 19 '13 
rolling Cherry creek 

Rec 68:81-3 Jl 19 '13 
Controlling the Mississippi wllh small dams. 

F. A, Day, Scl Am 108:579 Jo 28 '13 
Correspondence concerning flood control. Scl 

Problem of flood prevention, R. J. Markoe. 

Eng Rec 67: 67B Je 14 '13 
Problem of national proporUons. Scl Am 108: 

330 Ap 12 13 
Problem of the Mississippi river. Scl Am log: 

160 F 16 '13 
Protection of tlie Kansas river valley against 

floods, J, Y, Oleson. map Eng Rec 67:631- 

2 Je 7 '13 
Real problem of the Mississippi. B, 8. Spears. 

Scl Am 108:155 F 15 '13 
Recent great flood; what may be done to pre- 
vent such Inundations In the future. 11 

Scl Am 108:386-7 Ap 12 '13 
Relation of the propused Pittsliurgh flood 

reservoir syaiem to navigation. Eng Rec 

67:51M-2U My JO '13 
Report Of Board of arm_y engineers on Ohio 
He|._.. _,, .„ 

Eng N 70:1292-4 D 26 '13 
Reservoir for flood control tn Germany. K. 

C. Grant, 11 map plan Eng N 69:872-4 Ap 

Shall we retard, divert or conflne our flood 
waters? Scl Am 108:166 My 24 'IS 
ne months after the flood, Eng Rec 67: 

. J, C. Hopper. Scl Am 108:569 Je 21 

c alio Reservoirs; Rivers — Regulation 

Additional reports from the recent floods, II 
Elec Ry J 41:679-83 Ap 12 "13 

Albany filtration plant during the flood, Eng 
Rec 67:374 Ap 6 '13 

Albany, N. Y, Alters flooded. II Eng Reo 61: 
460 Ap 19 '13 

Blrd><eye view of conditions in Ohio flood dis- 
tricts. II Eng N 69:793-8 Ap IT '13 

Cause of difficulty in Batavla sewage pump- 
ing station, K. B, Mathes and R. U Foi. 
Eng Rec 67:336 Mr 22 '13; Same. Munlc 
Eng 44:331-2 Ap '13 

Cleveland — flood damage. R, HoCfmainn. II 


; Ilec 6 

:449 J 


. _ _ — .._ _. damagea 

to bridges and levees and plana for Im- 
proving river channels, J, J. Morgan. II 
map Eng Rec 6T:144-G Ap 19 'IS 
iiyHhoga river In the flood of Mar. 25-2r., 
1913, E, B. Thomas, il map Eng N 69:9*2- 

I My 


Damage by floods to electrical properties. II 

Elec W 61:700-10 Ap 5 'IS 
" by flood- -' • 


. 11 Ry 

" 5!:Si 

.... In Indianapolis flood. 

D. V. Moore. 11 map Eng N 69:870-5 Ap 

24 '13 
Dayton after the flood. 11 map Eng N 69: 

865-7 Ap 24 '13 
Dayton flood, 11 Eng Bee 67:376 Ap 6 '13 
■' - "' • ■' ■■ Wisht. Eng N 69:971 

My ) 


Effect of flood at Bedford, Ind. il Elec 

fil:117S My 31 '13 
Effect of recent flood on New York streams. 

R, E, Horton. 11 Kng Ret 67:339-402 Ap 12 

_.. _._ .jf Hood o.. ^ _ „ 

C. Cummin. 11 Eng Rec 68:357-8 S 27 '13 

ElTecIs of the flood in Indiana. C: Bross- 
mann. 11 Eng Rec 87:372-4 Ap G 'IS 

Flood and rainfall durInK March and April 
nl Ctnclnna^tl, J. W. Kllms. II Eng Rec 63: 

3-6 Ap 17 ■« 

cy Google 


Floodi —Continued. 

Flood i3>LmaKe. Eng Rec G8:394 O 11 '13 
Flood duinaiie to railway properly. Une Rec 

67:sup )7-S My 3 '13 
Flood dumase to Ihe Pennsylvania lines. II 

mapB Hy & Btig R iS:Sti-7 S 13 '13 
Flood destruction on the San Pedro rallway- 

H. G. Tyrrell. II map Eng N 1<l:16-8 Jl S 

Flood devastation at Dayton, Ohio, map Bin 

Rec eTA03-i Ap IS '13 
Flood disasters In Ohio and Indiana. Bns N 

S9:fi81-2 Ap 3 '11 
Flood (rom undet^round waters at Bellevue, 

Ohio. Bng N B;.;9M My 1 '13 
Flood gaglngs at Culumbua. OIilo, R. H. Slmp- 

SZ4-3S Ap 6 '13 
Flood losses In the Ohio valley in March - 

April, 1»I3. Ens Rec 6S:43S-40 O IS '13 
Flood ot January 3, 1913, at Pittsburgh, Pa. 

K. C. Gram. II l-^ng N 69:Z3D>3 Ja 3D 'IS 
Floods and levees at Cairo. 111. II map plan 

Eng N T0;l(M-7 Jl IT '13 
Floods and the problems ot river regulation. 

C: W. Baker, map II Scl Am 108:398-101 

My 3 'IS 
Floods damage niitomoblle centers; Dayton 

and IndiunHT'olls liear large loss. II Automo- 
bile 28:747-51 Ap 3 '13 
How an Industrial plant tn Louisville, Ky. 

was saved from the Hood. C. M. Struck. II 

Eng Hec 67:575-9 My 21 '13 
Iron and steel output cut down by Hoods- 
Iron Age 91:861-4 Ap 3 '13 
Is man reaponsible for floods? Eng N «9:915- 

« My 1 '13 
Leading iron centers swept by (reat Boods. 

II Iron Tr R 62:812-4 Ap 3 '13 
Lessons and opportunities o( the recent 

' ' . Jupiter Pluvlus. Eng N t»Mi Ap 24 


HiscelianeouB nood 

442-3 Ap 13 '13 
Notes from the Miami valley. 

n Ene Rec «T: 
Eng N 

Ohio' and Indiana recovering from flood. II 

Horn Kng fi3:lS-9 .^v fi '13 
Ohio reservoirs during the March floods. M. 

Knowles. II EIng Rec 87:439-42 Ap IS 'It 
Ohio valley Hoods. 1913. 11 Eng N 69:693-8 

Ap 3 13 
One flood lesson. Munlc Bni; 44:4in My '13 
Pittsburgh flood of March 27. M. Knowles. 

II map Eng Rec e7:44G-T Ap 19 '13 


RallwL, „. _ ._ 

In the Ohio Hood districts. II Eng N fl»:8S7- 

9 Ap 24 '13 
Rainfall and flood conditions In Ohio, March 

23 lo 28, 1913, J: W. Smith. II Scl Am S 

76:298-7 My 10 '13 
Rapid recovery from results of Ohio flood. 

Iron Tr R 62:776, 873-B Ap 3-10 'IS 
Recent storms and Hoods. II Scl Am 108:316 

Ap S '13 
Becoverlne from the floods. H, T. Smith. Eng 

Rec i>7;Sfi4 My 17 '13 
Rehahllltation from the D^ivton Hood. K. G. 

Martin, il Iron Age 91:1li;-5 Mv 8 'IS 
R«>airing Hood damage on the Pittsburgh A 

Lake Erie. II Eng Rec 67:443-50 Ap 19 '13 
Reports from the Hooded districts. March, 

1913. II Eng N 69:741-65 Ap 10 '13 
Richmond, Ind. flood notes. Ens Rec G7:4EO 

Ap 19 '13 
Situation In the flooded districts. Iron Age 

91:917-9 Ap 10 '13 
Through Are and flood at T>ayton. W: W. 

Smith. 11 Concrete Gem 3:65-6 Ag '13 
Unprecedented Hoods In New York state, R. 

E. Horlon. Eng Rec 67:bup 61 Ap B '1.1 
Wabash river flood. March Zl-Aprll 8, 191J. 

R. L, Sackett 11 Eng N 69:836-8 Ap 24 '13 
««■ nl>o Flood control; Rivers— Reg "In tion 


Hooker, ding 

study of c 

floors, H, M, 

Comi>oaltlon flooring: comparison of Its moat 
Important characteristics with those of 
(.-iRhleen other materials, Eng Rec 68:635- 
6 IJ 6 '13 

Composition flooring; Its usefulness, quall- 
lles and comparative cost. H. M. Hooker. 
Eng M 46:100-2 O '13 

Creoaoled wood blocks for factory and ware- 
house floors. F. A. Weaver, Ens Hec 68: 
I88-G Ag le -13 

Creosoled wood blocks for floors. H. A. Ster- 
ling. Eng M 44:276-8 N '13 

Dry rot In floors. D. B, Hooker. Eng Rec 
68:26-7 Jl 6 '13 

Factory floor which will resist wear. II lod 
Eng 13:433 O '13 

Fire, load and water test of floor arches, U 
Scl Am 109:115 Ag 9 '13 

Fire, toad and water test of floor systems. II 
Ens Rec «8:bup 52 As 23 '13 

Fire, load and water test upon cinder-con- 
crete, terra-cotla and sypsum floor arches. 
H. Perrlne. 11 plan Eng N 70:374-6 Ag 21 '1! 

Fireproof floor of beveled blocks. F: Squires. 
II Arch ' ""- ' '" ■- '"- 


collapse, il Eng N 69:1281 

ig Beai 
88 Jb 1 

Eng N 69: 
disaster. 11 

1144-6 My 29 '13 
Lons Beach (Cal.) au< 

Eng Rec 67:628-9 Je i lo 
Lons Beach, Cal,— (aUl failure of overioad- 

ed wooden floor. Eng N 6S:I146 My 23 


1.5 Je 



Inforclng a vibrating floor, diags Eng Hec 
68:260 Ag 30 'IS 
Speclflcntions for wood block floors. 11 Iron 

Age 91:1006-7 Ap 24 '13 
Tests of three types of floor arches. II Con- 
crete Cem 3:169-70 O '13 
Workshop floors; flooring materials. W. J. 
May. Sci Am S 76:196 S 27 'IS 

Krr niAo Bridges— Floors; Building; Fire- 
proof conslructlon; Pavements 
Floor*, Concrete 

- c th- - ,- 

i Chero Eng 11:66 Ja '13 
BIB iiuur faflure In Detroit. B. H. Owsn. 
n Eng Hec 67:166-8 F 8 'IS 
rete floor flnlsh and its eieculfon. L. 
I. Concrete Cem 2:230-2 My 'il 
ncrete tile and Joist construction. diHga 

Concrete top flnlsh In compression. Concrete 
Cem 2:238-9 My '13 

Design of armored tubular floors. D. Don- 
aldson, Concrete Cem 2:228 My '13 

Field made plaster cores for floor work. F; 
fkgulres. II Concrete Cem 2:283-6 Je '13 

How to lay sanitary floors In dairy t>ams, 
poultry, sheep and hog houses. 11 Concrete 

J8-9 jF 

. the pyroblock and t 

plastered celling. F: Squire. 11 Arch & Bldg 

! Cem 2:232-3 My '13 
B for floor construction. 
ancrele Gem 2:213-8 My 

Recent test of a flat slab floor. Eng N 63:123 

Ja 1' 



H: B. Wood, plans Bnc l 

_ . .J and performance of flat slabs. 
Thomson. Eng N 89:887 Mr 20 '13 

Tests on concrete tile and Joist consti.. 
II dlags Concrete Cem 3:82-3 Ag '13 

Tile and concrete floors. E. V. Johnson; B: 
Godfrey. Concrete Cem 2:28 Ja 'II 

Two-way reinforced concrete and tile floor. 
C: V. Weln. 11 Concrete Cem S:18-20 Jl '18 
Plotation procest 

Flotation ot minerals: describing wood flota- 
tion process and three typec "' ' 

im-i J. -ii 


Floutlon proceu — CanCiniKd. 
Ftotallon plant at Kyloe copper mlnea, N. L. 

H. H. Smltb. plaiM Met « Cbem Sag 11: 

111-t Ur 'IS 
Flotation testa at Brad en copper co.'b mill 

In Chile. Ens & Mm J »E:T17 Ap E '13 
Flotation tb, table concentration tor copper 

ores. Ens & MIn J »5:32S F E '13 
MacqulHten tube flotation process. O, B, Hof- 

Flow of water. See Water flow 
Flue dust 
Arsenic trioxide from flue dust, J. O. Btlon. 

Am In&t MIn E Bill 80:1497-1509 Ag '13 
Brlquettlnfi of flue dust in the United States 

by the Schumacher process. F. A, Vogel and 

A. M. Tweedy. 11 Am Inat Mln E Bui 84; 

Z8Z»-S1 D '13 
De terminal ion of gases In smelter flues; and 

Notes on the determination of dust losses 

at Washoe reduction works. Anaconda. E. 

M. Dunn. 11 Am Inst Mln B Bui SO:iOBl-92 

How bIsBt furnace Hue dust can be ullllzed, 
K. B. nark: with discussion by J: W. 
Dougherty. Iron Age 92:1108-12 N 13 '13: 
Same. Iron Tr R 63:1060-5 D 11 "13 

Proposed method of charging Hue dust with- 
out slnterhiK. J: W. Dougherty, dlag Iron 
Age !>2:llll-2 N 13 '13 

Reclamation of flue dust. 
3M Ag 30 '13 

Reclnmallon of flue diis 
A. F. I'loek. Iron Tr 
My 1-e '13 

. Eng & Mln J 96: 

Determination at gases Id smeller flues; and 
notes on the determination of dust los- 
ses at Washoe rodui.-tlon works. Anaconda. 
E. M, Dunn. 11 Am Insl Mln E Bui B0:2U[il- 

Flue gas for Are flglillng on shipboard. Eng 
N 70:1!3& D IS '13 

«rc niKo KasI furnace gas; Boilers— Test- 
ing; Gases — Analysis 

Design of smoke flues. Ind Eog 13:28-9 Ja '13 

1 diag 

Klulclne sand and grat-el in steel-lined flui 
11 Ens Kec 68:702 D :iO '13 

(t're. alto Hvdrci-elecirlc plants; Irrlga 
canals; Water power 

11:670-2 I) '13 
Fluxes. See Solder and solderim 
Flying boats, see Hydroaeroplanes 
Flying machines 
SlnSillly m flying machines. A. A. Merrill. 
Am Woe M E .1 ^5:146,1.78 O '13 
8te alio Aeroplanes 
Flywheel explosions 

Bursting flywheel causes two deaths at Al- 
pha Porlland cement co. II Power 37:915-7 
Je i4 '13 
Cuuse of flywheel explosions. J. Stewart. 

Power 38:863 D IS "IS 
Fly-wheel explosion at Birmingbain. Ala- 


e 29::80- 

t Falls ..__ . 

Coodaie and J. tl. Kleplnge 

Inst Mln E Bui Su:193B-2010 Ag '>• 

Unique temporary flue. C: H. Bromley, plans 
Power S7:S90 Je 24 '13 

Factors of safety and Insurance. Power 38: 

3S3-4 S 9 '13 
Strains In flywhePls. J. !■;. Terman. Power 38: 
651-2 N 4 '13 
Folding machines 
Comrilnalion folding nmchine and brake. II 
Iron Age 9:;;716 O 2 '13 
Following up the purchase and Installation of 
machinery. A. W. Welch. II Eng M 46: 
674-82 Ag '13 

Eleclrlclly and diet. Scl Am 108:10 Ja 4 '13 
Relation of railroads to the cost or distri- 
bution of food products. Ry & Eng R G3: 
760-1 Ag 9 '13 
Substitutes. O. Becklesteln. Sci Am 3 7E:gO P 
1 "IS 

««■ nl>o llre:id: Cost of living; EgRs; 
Meat; Meal exlrarts 

, Eng ft Mln 

. W. Ledoui. II dlags Met & Chem Bng 
ll:4«3-T Jl '13 

See alto Drops; Gases- Hydraulic engi- 
neering; Hydraulics; Liquids; Solution 

Collapse ot fourteen-foot flume of Ballevllle 
hydro- electric CO.. O. 11 Power 17:395-6 Mr 
18 '13 

Concrete flume thai did nol fall: land- 
slides flU Cungdon dllch, Washlnglon. II 
Kng Rec 6S:57I-3 N :!2 '13 

Details of flume construction. A. W. Ste- 
veos. dlag Eng & Mln J 95:1289 Je 28 'It 

High flume trestle at Oakley, Idaho. A. M. 
Korsmo. II plan Eng Rec 67:377 Ap G '13 

' ' ' ' ' allon flume on Pala Indian 

. dlags Eng Rec 68:153 Ag 

Light- iron Irrlgali 
reservation, Tl i 

Lining an Irrigation ditch with Hess metallio 
fluming. E. M. Chandler, 11 Eng N 70:4S4-6 
S * '1! „ ,., 

Metal flumes for Irrigallon canals. F. W. 
Hanna. II Bng N 70:1077-! 

Metal Humes for Irrlgaf'"- 
N 70:1316-8 D 25 '13 

Puntledge river power aeveiopmeni; Vancou- 
ver. B. C. il plans Bng N 70:793-801 O 23 

Rapid repair of a water power flume. 11 Elec 
W 6l:f" ~ ■ ■■" 

rrlgation canals, diag I 

Force and energy 
Force, work and power. C, A, McAllister, Inl 

Marine Eng 18:18 Ja '13 
Harnessing nature: can the free energy ot 
space be utilized? W, KaempfTarL Scl Ara 
•■■8:308-9 Ap 6 '"• 




force. E: V. Huntington, Eng N 70:400-1 Ag 
!S -13 
Units ot energy; an appeal to stmpllty engi- 
neering calculations by avoiding the use ot 
cumbersome conversion [bcIots. C. Herlng. 
Eng M 44:93-6 O '12 
forced tits. See Fitting (engineering) 

. II Iron 

luiiiiiiiiuiuiB useless trucking from the factory. 

O. F, Hornhdtl. Ind KnR 13:50fi-« D '13 
Plumbing in an automobile factory. W. H. 
Chapman. 11 Dom Eng «3:I4<-E My 10 '13 
Slx-slory continuous foundry building of the 

Ford motor company, O, J, /'— " " ' 

Age 92:1-7 Jl 3 '13 
Fordi, Concrete 
Construction ot concrete fords. 
Concrete Cem 3:112-S S '13 

Knr al»a Weather forecasts 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


Je ■ 

. DJOrup. J 

Foroign vtHllors In American plants. R: Hol- 

denke. Iron Age 91:38t-& F 6 '13 
UonuB and rating tor works executives. J: 

Netson. Iron Age 91:1169-62 My IB -13 
Enlisting the lore man's co-operation. R. T. 

, —1 Eng lS:B86-g Jl ■li 

■, .1 -pprenu 


„B^ IMpfh Pill B7i(l«.7 *IS.ZR Air "* 

Woolner. iiy Age on:ii8i-tt u is is 

Manaitement of small versus large plants. 
S. Dean. Iron Age »1:1377 Je E '13 

Market value of machine-shop foremen. F. 
P. Terry. Am Macb 38:7« My 1 'IS 

Organliallon of floating gang to train fore- 
men. W. H. Cleveland. Hy Age G4:507-8 Mr 
11 '13 

Scleniinc selection of foremen. Iron Age 91: 
BQ5 Ap 3 '13 
Forest (Ires 

Co-operative protection of forests against Are. 
Eng Rec t7:10G-e Ja SG 'IS 

Order o( the Board of railway t 

for Canada, describing refutations .. _. 
adopted by railway companies for the pre- 
venllon of fires. Ily Age 54:711-3 Mr 21 'IS 

Itange-nnder stallons tor forest tires. Bng N 
6»:673-4 Mr SO '13 
Forest products 

Forest products of the United States: the eco- 
nomic value of OUT trees, map Scl Am S 76: 
14-< Ja 4 'IS 

Transportation of lumber. Ry A Eng R G9: 
822-$ Ag 30 'IS 
Kic alim fiiims and resins; Lumber; Rub- 
Turpentine; Wood; Wood 

ForsM raservet 

e of the present policy. Scl Am S T5: 

126-7 F 22 'IS 
Our national forests: their value, nunagement 

and needs. Scl Am 8 7G:90-I F 8 'IS 
State versus federal control of the national 

forests. Scl Am 108:134 F 8 'IS 
State vs. national control o( public forests. 

Scl Am 109:176 S 6 '13 
What the Forest service offers the proepec- 

tor. L. A. Palmer. Eng & MIti J 9^:11111- 

2 My 17 -13 
Hcc alto Forests and, forestry 
Forest service 

United States 
Forest service and schools, W. E. Humphreys. 

Am Ind 14:18 O '13 
Forest service and the prospector. S. Hlley. 

Eng & Min J 9«:ne-6 Jl §6 'IS 
What the Forest service does to the prospe"- 

tor and mine owner, J. C. Kennedy, Eng 

MIn J 35:12GS-7 Je 21 '13 
What the Forest service offers the prospei 

tor. 1. A. Palmer. Eng & MIn J 96: 101 

2 My 17 '13 
Forests and forestry 

Control of the Mississippi floods. C. D. Town- 
Bend. II Scl Am S iG:2S0-2 My 3 '13 
Diminishing timber supply and munlclpa* '" 

esls. Eng N 70:409 S 4 '13 
Forestry as related to mining. F. D. Rash. 

Colliery 3S:Glt-2 Ap 'IS 
Troposed reforestalion of the Cedar river wa- 
tershed, Seattle water-supply. II map Eng 

N 70:480-3 S 4 '13 
Reforestation of Cedar river watershed. Eng 

Rec 67:7SI Je 28 'IS 
Krr alio Conservation of resources: Forest 

fires: Forest reserves: Lumbering; Natural 

resources; Timber; Trees; Wood 

Forge tools 

Hardening the heads of forge 
11 diags Mach 20:304 D '13 
Forge work. See Forging 

I. J. Cran. 

Detecting raised checks with ultra-violet 
rays. Scl Am 108:476 My 24 '13 

rroleclloQ against bank note raising and for- 
serles. II Scl Am 108:247 S 27 'IS 

Improvised forge. R. K, Patterson, 11 Scl Am 
109:148 Ag 23 '13 

Chart for (orging machine work. O. V. P. 

BuUeld. Am Eng 87:80-1 Jft '18 
Design of heavy duty (orglng machinery. II 

diag Iron Tr R 63:691-2 O 2 '13 
Drop forging; lis relation to the bicycle and 
automobile industries, F. W. Trabold. Scl 
Am 8 7S;22-S Ja 11 'IS 
Drop-forging practice. Ind Eng 13:273 Je '13 
Maclilne forging. D, T, HamlUon. II dIags 
Mach l9;6Sl-5. 707-10. 78S-94, 883-T; 20:11-6. 
91-4 Ap-JI, S-O '13 
National heavy type forging machine for gen- 
eral work. II dIags Iron Age »Z:709 O 2 'IS; 
"""■', ^■^*?:^'' ** ''*• ^y AK^ (Mech ed) 
:l for forglngs adopt - 

. .. _ steel manufacturers. 

Iron Age 91:264-6 Ja 23 '13 

Krr also Blacksmlthlng; Dies; Ironwork; 
Camphor industry in Formosa. Scl Am S 76: 
2S8 N 1 '13 
Formulas. See Engineering— Formulas; Matbe- 

■ ma tics— Formulas 
Fort Myer, Va. Wireless telegraph station 
raph — " "■— "-- 

61:146-6 Ja 18 '! 
Foundation soils 

Bearing power of soil under foundations In 

Chicago. Eng N 69:463-6 Mr 6 '13 
Hard pan and other aoU tests In Chicago; 

safe loads. J. N. Jensen. II plan Bog M 89: 

460-3 Mr 6 '13 

Building an addition to a foundation. W. H, 

Wnkeman. dlag Power 38:297 Ag 26 '13 
Building foundatron constructed by Ihe (reel- 
ing process, plan Eng N 69:214 Ja SO '18 
Deep foundation pits In quicksand. II Eng 

Kcc 67:469 Ap 26 'IS 
Deep open pits tor foundation plera. Eng Rec 

67:168 F g '13 
Earth pressure against foundation walls. R. 

A. Seaton, II Eng N 70:721-2 O 9 '13 

Equltabh' building, N. Y. Eng Rec 68:247 

Failure or the foundation of the new Cana- 
dlan-Paclflc elevator at Transcona, 11 Ry 
Age 56:986-7 N 21 '"■ 

i Mr 1 

26S-62 / 



1 piles 


_ e employed to make a foundation. 
II Scl Am 109:494-5 D 27 'IS 

Novel construction of concrete foundations, 
W: G, Klrchofter. Eng N 69:364 F 20 '13 

Proportioning of foundations for columns and 
walls, Eng N 69:697-8 Ap 3 '13 

Proportioning of foundations for columns and 
walls. E. McCullough. Eng N 69:166-6 Mr 6 

Rapid execution of heavy foundation work. 
Eng Rec 67:606-7 My 31 '13 

Reinforced concrete wall footings and column 
footings. A. N, Talbot. Ill U Eng Bip Sla 
Bui 67:1-111 MS 

.Saving a cathedral with a diver: how Win- 
chester was furnished with a new founda- 
tion, J. W. Overend, II Scl Am 108: 428 
My 10 '13 

Simple form for column footings. S. H. Bun- 
nell, il Concrete Cem 3:87 Ag 'IS 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


Sinklns piei. „.. , _, _-- 

tlnentol and commercial national b 
cago. 11 Eng Itec e8:<T0 O 26 '13 

Special coiLcicte ruundallons in the Manila 
port dlslrict. J: W. Graham, dlags Bdb N 
tO;561-6 S 18 '13 

Suspended grillage foundation o( 11-Btory 
building (or I^xlngton avenue Bubway, N. 
Y. EnK Bee ii:2&« S 6 '13 

Underpinning and retaining grillage tounda- 
tluna of Evening post building far Lexing- 
ton avo. 8ubwa.y. plan Bng Reo SS:178-7 AS 
IS -13 

fie also Bridges — Foundations and piers; 
Caissons; CoRerdams; Compressed air; 
Earthwork: Foundation soils; Grouting: 
J'llea and pile driving; ijhoring and under' 


Founding. See Brass founding; Copper found- 
ing; Foundry practice; Iron founding; Mold- 
ing machines 


Addillon to a Hamilton, Ohio, foundry. 11 

I National founders' 


4-5 O 3 

8 Ja 9 -IJ; Same. Foundry 41:67-8 F '13 

Canadian railroad Conn dry at Transcona, 
Man. plan Foundry 41:236-8 Je '13 

Combination brass. Iron and steel foundry: the 
Delaware & Hudson at Watervlist, N. Y. 11 
Ry Age 55:467-9 S 12 '13 

Does It sound like a molder'a dream7 P. 
Dwyer. Foundry 41:19*20 Ja 'IS 

Emerson- BnintUngham co., Roekford, III.— 
model plant tor making Implement cast- 
ings. 11 plans Iron Tr It 52;10<T-73 My 8 
■13; Same. Foundry 41:175-83 My '13 

Fan heating systems for foundries. W. H. 
Carrier, plans Heat & Ven 10:36-31 Ja '13 

Few observBtions by a veteran molder. B. 
C. Askem. Foundry 41:369-60 S '1! 

Fire hazard and Rre prevention In foundries. 
Foundry 41:B1-S P 'IS 

Foundry Epeclaiizing In malor car castings: 
aluminum and brass shop of the Willys- 
Overland CO. II plan Foundry 41;637.42 D *1S 

Ground space in foundries. Iron Age 91;424 
P 13 '13 

Heat and venlllBlion in a large foundry: 
Inlernallonal harvester co.'s plant, Spring- 
Held, O. II dlag Iron Age lil:4l5-7 P 13 


How molders can be safeguarded from injury. 

Foundry 41;651 D '13 
Prevention of accidents in the foundry. A. E. 

Outerbrldge, Jr. II Iron Age 92:772-< O 9 'IS 
Equipment and lupplles 
Efficient foundry sand-handling plant Inatalled 

In the Hart-Parr co.'s foundry. II Foundry 

41:21-6 Ja '13 
ElecLric power in foundry operations. H. F. 

Stratton. 11 Iron Tr R 63:917-24, 941 N 20 

'13; Same. Foundry 41;407-15 O '13 
Equipment tor tlie foundry and pattern, shop. 

11 Foundry 41;Bl-3 K '13 
Foundry notable lor transporting devices: J. 

1, Case threshing machine co, 11 plan Iron 

Age 92;7S9-71 O 9 '13 
How a light work gray iron shop Is equipped, 

11 plan Iron Tr R 63:621-3 O 9 '13 
How a modern railroad foundry Is equipped: 

Dtlaware & Hudson co.. Watervhet. N. Y. 

E. Kreutiberg. 11 plan Foundry 41:343-8 S 

; Molding sand 

Exhibitors, what thev exhibited and their 
opinions regarding the Chicago exhibition. 
11 Metal Ind n s 11:462-73 N '13 

Exhibits of foundry equipment and supplies. 
Iron Tr H 63:657-62 O 8 '13 

Foundry and machine exhibition at Chicago. 
II Iron Tr K 53:709-14 O 16 '13 

Foundryraen's conventions In Chicago: meet- 
ings and combined exhibition of equipment 
'-r foundries and machine shops. lion Age 


■} 9 -13 



jt.ihe plant of the Falk c . 

aukee. It plans Foundry 41:386-30 Af Foundry machinery 

Iron Tr R 52:1449-54 Je 28 '13 Combination Jar-rai 

ir outpul wbiit 

equipment exhibition at Chi- 
cago. 11 Foundry 41:489-97 N '11 
Foundry accountina 
Eaaiiy -applied, common Bense cost system: 
the method of distributing direct and in- 
direct foundry costs. O. O, Brace, 11 Found- 
ry 41:43-6, 97-100, l!>2-7, *'- " " "- "" 
Economical foundry c 

W. Riker. Foundry .. __ 

System tor keeping costs In a. foundry. E: 

A. Boyre, Iron Age 91:601-5 Mr 6 '13 
Uniform cost methods in the Foundry Indus- 
try. C, E. Knoeppel. Foundry 41:273-4 Jl '1! 
Urc at»a Foundry records 
Foundry foremen. See Associated foundry fore- 

^ locomolive co., Kingston. 

Ont. II plans Foundry 41:365-9 S '13 

Latter-day stove shop; I: A, Sheppard A 
co.'s plant, Philadelphia, E. C. KreuUberg. 
11 plan Foundry 41:423-33 O '13 

Making of soil pipe as a plumber saw it. 
II Dom Eng 64:31-6 JI 12 '13 

Model automobile foundry: Willys- Overland 
CO., Toliilo, O, 11 plan Metal Ind n s 11: 
476-6 N -IS 

Modern aluminum and brass foundry: United 
foundry and machine co,'b works, Bridge- 
port. Conn, 11 plan Iron Age 92:784-6 O 9 

Iteialion of foundry Hoor space to output, 
plan Foundry 41:;;01-4 My '13 

dry building of Ihe 

. O. J, Abeil. 11 iror 

Foundry 41:96 Mr '13 

Foundry and machine exhibition at Chicago. 
11 Iron Tr R 63:709-14 O 16 '13 
J'cc alua Foundries — Exhibltiona; Molding 

Foundry managsment 

Aids to brass foundry management. Foundry 
41:162-3 Ap '13 

Aids to scienllflc management In the foun- 
dry. W. M. Corse, Iron Age 91:688-9 Mr 
13 '13; Same. Metal Ind n s 11:158-9 Ap 

Back of tlie shop. J. F. Delter. Metal Ind 
n s 11:289 Jl '11 

Casting cleaners' wages on the premium ba- 
ais. A. W. Gregg. Foundry 41:183-4 My 

Cleaning castings by the premium aystem; 
the application of the bonus wage plan. A. 
W. Gresg. Iron Tr R 63:571-3 Mr 6 '13 

Core oil storage. 11 Foundry 4l:!li My '13 

Economies of continuous foundry operatlona: 
efficiency of conveyor shop for making cast- 
ings, with data on cost of Installation, oper- 
ation, repairs, etc Q: K, Hooper. Foundry 
41:7-9 Ja '13 

Eight-hour versus twelve-hour shifts; econ- 
omies effected through shorter hours. R. A. 
Bull. Eng M 44:599-601 Ja 'IS 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


Foundry manaseitisnt — CuntiRii«iJ. 

Foundry output atid convenient arrangement. 
H: M. Lane. Iron Age 92:778-9 O 9 '13 

Foundry specLaliats or skilled meclianlca. M. 
\V, Brundage. Foundry 41:46 F '13 

Holley carbureter co.'a system In atoring pat- 
terns. dIdgB Automobile 29:370-1 Ag ^8 '13 

Hon economies can be alTected In core shops. 
C. F. Flumerfelt. Foundry 411B32-4 D '13 

How I e8t1mn[6__ the selllnB price ol f~-' 





. W. 

Jar- rammed guard rail molds. 

. F. W, Shaw, i) Scl 

foundry 41:236-6 Je 

CO. C. S. Taylor. Foundry 41:627-31 D '13 
Iniportance of dltpalchlnK In the foundry. 

C. E. Knoeppel. Foundry 11:69-71 F '13 
Interesting foundry methods and output. II 

Am Mach 33:S05-S My 15 '13 
Premium system In a steel foundry: a weight 

basis for rales In the foundry cleaning 

room. G. A. W. Gregg. Bng M 44:776-8 F 

Safety rules for the foundry. II Foundry 41: 

36-7 Ja '13 
SdentlUc management In the foundry. Iron 

Age 92:913-4 O £3 '13 
Specialization Id the foundry. W. H. Dean. 

Foundry 41:26 Ja '13 

Metal Ind i 

t 11: 

and foundry. F. ' 

Jl -13 
XTllllzallon of old foundry sand. H. C. Estep. 

Foundry 41:631-2 D '13 
Vllal points In good foundry practice. J. J. 

Wilson. Iron Age 92:1101 N 13 "13 
Well-equipped shop lor core manufacture; 

Northweslern malleable Iron Co., Milwau- 
kee. 11 Foundry 41:281-2 Jl '13 
Sff aJto Foundry accounting; FVlundry 

Foundry practice 
Annual convention of Am. foundrymens asan. 

and Am. Institute of metals. Chicago, Oct.. 

1913. Met & Cliem Eng 11:608-10 N '13 
Anvil block cast In open sand, L: Luhraen. 

diags Foundry 41:274-5 Jl '13 
Casting paper machinery cylinders, II Am 

Mach 38:166 Ja 23 'IS 
Ciisllng parte of a 6000 -hp, gas engine. II 

Iron Afie 92:782-3 O 9 '13 
Compressed air as a foundry ftuzlUary. U 

Iron Age 91:196-9 Ja 16 '13 
■ Continuous brake shoe plant, plan Foundry 

41:G0 F 'IS 
Electric power In foundry operations, H. F. 

Stratton. 11 Iron Tr R 63:917-24. 941 N 20 

'IS: Same. Foundry 41:407-16 O '13 
Enterprise mfg. co.. Cornwells. Pa.: found- 
ry with continuous molding units. 11 Iron 

Age 91:62-61 Ja 2 '13 
Features nf American core room practice. Iron 

Age 92:400-2 Ab 21 '13 
Formulas for finding the weights of castings. 

W. L, Tryon. Foundry 41:386a S '13 
Foundry pyrometers. H. W. QlUott. 11 MeUl 

Ind n s 11:24-6, 79-80, 116-7 Ja-Mr '13 
Foundry practice Is increasingly scientific: 

meetings of Foundry men's assoelalions at 

Chicago show progress. Iron Age 92:909-14 

O 23 '13 
Foundrymen discuss many problems at Chi- 
cago, Iron Tr R 63:723-8, 756-6 O 23 '13 
French view of Amerii'nn foundries. M. Bras- 

Hpur. Iron Age 92:1136-S N 13 '13 
Gray iron month-piece casting for a retort 

II Foundry 41:160-1 Ap '13 
Hints for the steel founder: paper read at 

Am. foundrymen's assn,, Buffalo. 8: R. Rob- 

Inson, Foundry 41:$S-4 P '13 
How- aluminum crank cases and gray Iron 

pistons are molded and cast by the Rut- 

enber motor co. 11 Foundry 41:37-92 Mr 

How we cast 22 cylinders In One sand mold. 

G; W. Kelly. II Foundry 41:121 Mr 'IS 
Hydrostatic pressure on molds and cores, R. 

R. McGowan. dlags Foundry 41:229-32 Je 

goods. P. W. Blair. 
202-3 My '13 

Molding cylinders by hand and machine. II 
Foundry 11:143-4 Ap '13 

Molding gas engine cylinders for motor cars: 
methoda of Campbell, Wyant ft Cannon 
foundry co., with details of coremaklng. II 
Foundry 41:1-6 Ja '13 

Molding large crank caaea. 11 Foundry 41:161 
Ap '1! 

Molding large. Iron, generator field frames. 
II Foundry 11:217-9 Je '13 

Notes on cores, core boxes and prints. J. 
A. Shelly. Foundry 11:267-8 Je '13 

Overland company's aluminum foundry. II 
plan Automobile 29:469-61 S 11 '13 

Physical properties of molding sands, A. B. 
Searle. Eng M 14:103-6 O 'IS 

Practice of the Edsar Allen American man- 
ganese steel CO. 11 iron Tr R 62:1404-11 Je 
19 '13: Excerpts, Ind Eng 13:492-3 N '13 

Problems of the foundry dTscuased at Chi- 
cago meeting of Am, foundrymen's assn. 
and the Associated foundry foremen. Foun- 
dry 41:461-8 N '13 

Satisfactory mixture for a Jobbing foundry. 
W. J. Keep. Foundry 41:422 O '13 

Standard turbine cylinder molding practice, C. 
A. Tupper. II Foundry 41:17-60 F '13 

Threaded fillings made with green sand cores. 
W, J. Carew, Jr, dlaga Foundry 11:635-6 D 

Use and abuse of slip Jackets. W. H. Parry. 
Foundrv 11:519-20 D '13 

retyiene torch In foundrlf- 

1 dle- 


Syracuse, K. .. _. ._ - _-„- 

Mach 19:327-31, 425-8 Ja-F '13 
Waterbury. Conn.— metal casllng shop. G. 
Thompson. 11 plans Kfetal Ind n s 11:155- 
7. 206-9 Ap-My '13 

See nlna Aluminum; Brasu founding; Cast 
Iron: Copper founding: Cupola rurnaces; 
Fire clay; Iron founding; Iron metallurgy: 
Manganese steel: Pnttern making; Pickling 
f); Pig Iron; Steel castings; Steel 

Foundry records 


B iron 

rati or 

I Installed by Ihe Rutenher 

c. s. Taylor. Foundry 41:627-31 D '11 

Foundry au poll as. See Foundries— Equipment 

and supplies 
Open -shop policy, workmen's compensation 
clc. dlsruHSed by National founders' asso- 
cintlon. Iron Tr R !i3;BS9-97 N 27 '13 

lean foundrymen's association 

Novel eleclilc fountain. II Am Ind 14:26-7 
N '13 
Fountains. Drinking. See Drinking fountains 
Fox farming 
Fortunes In foxes. Scl Am 108:172 F 22 '13 


Comparison of French and German strength 
In dirigible airships. 11 Scl Am 109:126 Ag 
16 '13 

Recent warships for the French admiralty. II 
plans Int Marine Bng 18:93-7 Mr 'IS 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


Goodwill, patents, tra'Ie- marks, copyrights 
and iranchiaes. P. J. EsquerrS. J Account 
15:31-* Ja '13 

Franchiiet, Municipal. Spp Municipal fran- 

Aulnmobllc ZS:62S F 20 '13 
Am- ^5:43 Jl 11 13 

I freight cars. 
■pair shops. Ry 
flslon. By Age 

■ 74-7 Jf 14 '13 

R. W. Roplequet. 

Rclatlun of Interurban freight service to the 
hi;:h cost of livins, K: -J. Spring. Elcc Hy 
J 41:171 Ja 25 'IS 

; V.nt: R S3;12S- 

11. Wilsim. Hy Age 55: 
rs Hy & ling R S3: 
. J. F. Tiiwnsend. Ry 
ce. C. C. 

26 '13 

Ry Age G5: 

tiii'iip. I!y Arc (Mech e.l) 
I Hy & Eng R 53:505. 6«S 
i>.| l...\ .-^ir. 11 .ll;ig^ Ry 

■ & Kn« li ;3:1JS 
lagh. Ry & Ens R 

7-S, 132-4 Je 28 '13 

.f ()!.■ M.nBtor car 

ruy, June, 1913. 

: .M 45:lS-23 Ap '13 

U J3::i: 
. A. Hal. 

i; .■l,-.ioHcU.. ny 
& F.ns R 53:535 

i'i'IkDI cars. Ity A 1 

a Trunk Rr. II 

".\ cnrs f'lr 
il E-:n?r N 70: 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


Freight cart - CoiUiaunl. Welflhrng 

Link Blijp lirarliin l"i(^. <UBBs Ky As.;_iMo.ih HearJnji on car weJghlnB by InterBtate com- 

r f) n -ii .■■■•il'i.- merce commlssJon. Ry A Eog R 63:209 Mr 

_\V: yiifeiian. Ity Ajic iMfch nl) ST:3T:i Jl ii,.;rr.. .■.njlmi).«i„ii, 1(7 & i:"e R ^53*767"^ 

Narrow bobp ciiiii-nii-nt for llip i:nst bro.iii WHWilni.-*"!.'."!'/' i^^.ifiii.^M fr.-i,.|,t . ^r, ii c.-i 

lop, II Kv AKt r,t:Mu.i-7 Je :: -n Aiii|Vw-"i .%•■>■' 'i;l "'"■'" •'"^^- " ^" 

''\*'AU"'K^'m7""\T''l.!'Tl''*"''''''' " '■'''''" Frel'flhi claMlflcatl^n ' 

NUiPty-tor hluli bI.Iu t:" rar: ,ii-v.-I.i|»-<1 I 'J!.'*." "' ''■■'«'" il^iSKln.aimn. Itv & Eni; K 

on the Norfolk & UVBtPrn ami o.|nli>1>.>cl ,,;'■■■,'"-'', ^ -',' 'i' ,, , . . ^ , 

with Biiefiiilly .U-KiKiiP.! Kix-ivli...l r-.|.i i]l?,,..| Wc':-!.'!-!! .■l:i5siili:nlon nn, SI r«Jcolea by In- 

!;;;£"■ ,ii 'S:"=a-i'"K ?;;■;'" ■'■ '- ;;™;:;;.iT"rr"r""°""""- »' ' "" 

Nlni-ty-tons capacity gondola, Nnrfnlk A Freight hiindling 

Wpstprn railway. II plans By & Knu It 63; \:i-'.'.n li-.i-lLi.^- m-...-\ ^ :ii H^iiii,- slr.-fl. 

3-« Jn 4 'IS i:..."l.liii ii i:i \'^.- .-.Linpil--.' .My l; *n 

iilnin.Tii ot Nl-w York 
Lin Knic iUT n;MX:!-H Ap 

i. i;iii,- K r..i :;;b.i.7 A[i n 

iii.> Kiig 1£;2111-e My '13 
1 frflKht on IhP Nordi 
.. N.'w Y..rk rllv. W. J. 

N- ''•-.M-i Ak 14 '13 
irlM. i-rmln^.l 
Inl Mariiiu ICiig 18:335-8 

r. :i-.itii; .l."k fi.i^ifUy. Jl Knir N 63: 

llip frlrllfiii In our transportation 
. Ii, H, r.f'K'rs, II Sri Am K 7r.:I44 
■n; Sanin ronJ, lly & Eng R 53:213 

I prior to purcliasing, 13. 

VKal fat-tors In car oconomy; adapted from 
lidPiT by (■; A. I.lndBtrom. Iiy & Kne R 
63::;i)l-B Mr S '13 

. Ity & Kiii! K 'iS: 


">', *.„'■ 


17, J.. 2I-J1 

Increased efflclpnoy In freight car repair" 
lly ifc Kan i: r..'.:::!':: A|. M 'I" 

Ii, \V, "siliiil/i'. Am l-;iii S7I .1 s\, i;: 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


por Ens ICec t7: 

Gr^l Lakes stpamera (or coasiwlse service. I'a.-s.rii: of a urval ironmasler. Sci , 

il I'lana Int Marine Eng 18^17-52 F '13 I"- -Mr I '13 

I-unibiT s^'i.iion-r J..h|i A. Hooper. 11 plan Si,.-t.i,. ath S... M K ,1 r.::~:-r.-> Mr 

■■e S.Mill.. II Ini M;id.,e Ens 1S;!;5-T '^™*,.., *;"-!■„ i. , 
= ' ln[ Manijv' EnB 1S:3:S-K; S 'U Fronde (tugboat) 

. p:ans int Marine Eng 1S:T 

iial 'l,.■'^■^^.' 

al-ulial? Pon'Pr 37:2" F 25 '13 

,!:■."■.-* F I 

!i..-"i'i/^.l"va;iip':rt"f«H, '^En^tlneeri.' 

fr. 1,-l.t t-Tii 
U.-,l l.y ^W 

■,n.l' tH^ fr. 

,-.M,i^,.. i'„«rr ;:7;-n:.-: .!*• !■• ■::; 

ii.'i-r' arL.l' v,-.iFlf."'MelB. F. Fielden. 
iT::.;2-i F :s -is 

lj"'>.look. M 

.im'"',i.-l^ f:':M. ^cl Am S 75:;'l F S 

!,» Ui^\. f..".-. r 37.745 Mv '7 '13 
i..f.,^=c:iSf;.ll.,Ba='_pw.!ii.'ers. C: E. 

■'... AAii.TOnHle piic;ii..?-Fvip!; Blnst 

■ Coal. Piilveriied 

M. F. Friv.i.rinB. W Ar.-h Ro^ 33:2;-:!3 J 
;fc. H, C, cclie CO.. Comeltsvllle. P.i, 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


lokelesa combustion. 

il.i»,-.-, ,lliiB» Hy .\se 

:iT. Am liml .Mill E Hill 74:U:i."m !■" '11 
iiillvi' fiifl economy. R. Collett. diag Ry 
:iii: K r>:!:r,:(T-lu Jt , Tt; Ity .\iie r.5;S7l- 

iiinu fuel frnm chnin-Krii 

U:35M-60 Je '13 
»,_ !■■. I'.'li-i', 





k'' Co 

r ST: 

' "J'! 


^ 3 

1. K. O. lUthurdH. 

D;.ilii,s. liid Kng 





:. dlag 



dry 41:3iJ»-lg Ai,' 'IS 

Fulton. New York 

UrondMiiy liiiilgn acn>ss Osbubo river and 
the Xeiv -iork l.nvfic caniil at Kullon, N. Y. 
il iJlun l':nK Kec GI:88.'jU Ja 2S '13 
Pulton (tugboat) 
Uxiii'diiieiilnl tugboals: thp Fulton nnd ttie 

EspiTimrnla .>ii Ihe Fulton and Ihe Froucle. 
C. H. PP.ibody. plana Int Marine Eng 18: 
7-13 Ja 'U 

, Smelter. S.'« Smell' r funn s 


iiKiil^hlne ;<iid fumh 
JI 13" 

, by tlip 

< fur 

I.uj^li fiiriiaee. V: Ele- 
[■•:l;i-G J;i '13 

furniifp. di:iB Met & 
■iie.ii'lh furnac!=. Iron 

iMiiiiv. Ciag rower 38: 
riiii,-.-s. R TaniLt. dine 

up, R CedcrblMm. plan 

1 '13 

lurnji.'i', II EiiK & Mill J 

iLfilH Mr 13 '13 

Digitized ^k^jUO^Ic 


; & Min J !f6:101S-T 

l:'.-:-7. :71-3 Ap :;i:-M>- 3 'IS 
Ltgal Ept;clli< aligns fir illuminating gas. 
Kng Rec 68.171 Ag 16 '13 

M^..-h 3^:141-i Ja :'3 '13 


CoHe-oven. tree Coke-oven gaa 
!,.l.-ii.-.,ii..Ti "t K^i'-lin.- fnmi iialural gas. 


-'ih'nn i- b<:'lMeen oil and gas wella and 

-. al „.:„.■< K-nu- N 6:.:iS0-J Mr 6 'IS 

.i^.L> ,l^.l ukl.,t,orna gas flelds. L.. L. Wit- 

■'! ■'■■■ i'" "t. 'i! \V.'>:,i''.i.'Vi'.'Am''!<w^ll"K''j 


■■.■,i-'".r.>: '.-'"::, !::,n. .■: T. llTiIcl.ln.on. Entf 


vii.l-' >n'ir\i"i'iui-al b-aa. Scl Am 10:.:6S Jl 


>sle''.j! naiural rbs. Eng & Min J 96:160 


ist^' of "naiural pis. U. Arnold and F: 
;. L-lai.n. i:iifi 4; Min J I'S'^.-S Ag IG '13 
analysis. :;^e >;,iM.'S-Aii:Hysls 

"f.."!' Jal'".'*:;..!'. F. 11. l^w. 11 I'ower 


.-•.ii'aj;..ii'": j.ii vni-'lnes. 0. P. Ofllergren. 

i. ..'j".. i.i!' Iii'i'ji turl burnirig.'e. H. Pea- 
■■■.:.. li Irjl .\l,.Mi.c 1;m« IS;1I-7, 60-4. 112-4 
..Mr -i::. !^..-u<.- cund. I'ower 37:205-8. 


■,.■;■ ;^i- ..| r_ iz,_~ _>-usine. E. Brown. 


T'y '■■,. ,M., _;'. _^ ncF. J: F. Went- 


■Vi ,i ' . I o^r'.:, s..; \m ^ T6::i71 r 13 'IS 
' . ; fi,^_ii'..-,-!;..k.- */■>? engine. 11 Iron 


L:";r>- t'iiit 'wi:t run on Beveral fuel*. 11 
■ ■; ATii l"^:;::S-^ Mr 8 '13 
■ .i^ii on I rime movers. Kiee W 61:!33.4 P 


^^!,-..; n. '.„ ^!,,:i,... l; s,-i An. IOS:l! Ja 


:."•! ;.-.-^ in r f.T n.iIonioMlo-!: Bel- 

-..■,.;■,. .:. -1- ,■ .; 1 ..ii'ene and runj 
' ' ;, 1 .\ ■■ ■■•.1 >,,■ -ii. 11 i>ian Auiomoblle 
. ...■..^■-- •.;• .-. ■■::. Su:n,. .Lnd. Hng M 43: 

--.■'. ■ '"- ;r. . iT'w: ir'noo'ih. i'ower 37: 

■_' ■ ;■'. -.'.■, .-V 1. r.reiin,in. Jr. I'ower 


^.'■L- ■ -' r f .i.-'iii;r..i .V and stpel plants. 
1 r ]-■..■ ii..„ '1-, i: r.i;^:r:iL'-v^My 39 ■13; 

-'.';■',. ,','i:i .'.ir',.-"',"r';.n' ihe'farmT P. 8. 

;.■■..";...["..■ V. ;iii' I'liv.. slide valvpa. dlnga 

■Ik-n, Ind Eng 13:3eG-T 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 



Gai and oil ansl — ~- 

Heavy -oil engine Id marine service and Its 

Influence upon battleship dealgn. R. c. H. 

Held. 11 Scl Am S TS:113-4 F S2 'U 
Heavy oil Kromhout engine with Ignition 

chamber. O. H. Wlldt. dlag Am Soo M E 

J 36:527-9 Mr '13 
Horizontal crude oil engine brought out by 

the St. Marya' machine company, St. Marya, 

Ohio, dlag Iron Age 31:14)IG Je 19 '13 
Horsepower of small gaa engines. Power 38: 

639 O 11 '13; Same. Scl Am S 76:339 N 23 "IS 
How the Fulton-Toal oil enRlne Is constructed. 

11 dlag Iron Tr R 63:IMI-2 D 25 '13 
Illmer two-atroke-cycle gaa engine. 11 plan 

Power 37:743-6 My 27 *^IS 
Improvements In gaa engine dealgn. Q: H. 

Strombeck. Mach 19:39-10 B 'IS 
Increase of output of Internal -combustion ■ 

engines and a new six-stroke cycle engine, 

E. Ki'hlmanelc. ding Am .Soc M B J 35:701-4 
Ap '13 

Industrial locomotive driven by a omde oil 

engine. II Eng N 69:61-6 Ja 9 'It 
Internal combuatlon engine using coal fuel 

Invented by A. M. Low, plan Ind EDg 13: 

31 Ja '13 
Jacket water requlramentB ot Internal com- 
bustion engines. R. Trautachold. Power ST: 

494-6 Ap 8 '13 
Jamea Internal combustion engine. U Sd 

Am 108:166 My 17 'IS 
Junkers engine. F. E, Junge. II Power ST: 

IJO-l, 417-S Ja 28 Mr 25 '13 
Junkers vs. Diesel enplne. A. M. Levin. Pow- 
er 37:871-2 My 13 '13 
Knock Id gas engine. A. M. Leonard; R. H. 

Danfortti. Power S7:3H>-1 Mr 11 'IS 
Location of gasoline engine troubles made 

eaay. 11 Scl Am 109:34-5 Ja II '13 
Low coal engine. 11 Power 3T:S8 Ja 2] '13 
Low's gasoline motors h la DleseL plana 

Automobile 28:832-3 Mr 13 'IS 
Lubrication of gas enslne cylinders. A. L. 

Brennan, Jr. Power 37:119-20 Ja 28 '13 
Lubrication of gas engine Cyllndvra. L. L. 

Brewster, Power 37:341 Mr 11 'IS 
Machining the Keystone Rnsollne engine parts. 

F. B. Jacobs. 11 Mach 19:350-1 Ja '13 
Uarine oil engine, T. Lucas, plans Int Ma- 
rine Eng 18:56-9 P '13: Same cond. Eng H 
45:111-7 Ap '13 

New Diesel engine. Scl Am B T6:t71 Ap 26 

„.j 109:"m Agl- — 
New large gas-engine: valval eas, two-cycle. 

vertical engine. A. E. L. Chorlton. 11 Eng 

M 14:606-9 Ja '13 
New type of gasoline engine, 11 Eng Hec 6T: 

sup 41 F IS 'IS 
Oil-engine charade rlstlca, dec W 61:TT-8 Ja 


1 •» 

In railway water service, C. R. 
Knowies. By Age l)5:2S9-90 Ag IB '13 
II engines for driving electric generators. 
Ind Eng 18:29-30 Ja 'IS 
" — ' — Industry In Italy, dlaga Power 

38:604-6 O 7 


... QrsdenwltE. II Power 38:3-. „ 

18 'IS 

Operating costs of small gaa engine plant. 
M. W. Uti. 11 Power 37:124 P Ig 'IS 

Paragon engine, plan Power 37:226-6 V IB '18 

Performance of engine operating on coke- 
oven gas. II power 37:633-4 My 6 ^13 

POBSlbltlUes ot the marine oil engine. J: F. 
Wentworth. Int Marine Eng 18:129-SD Hr 

Practical operation of gaa engines using 
blast-fumnre gas aa fuel. C: C, Snmp,«on. 
diags Am Soc M E J 35:767-83 My '13; 
Rame. Iron Aee 91:1120-3 Mv 8 '13: Same. 
Iron Tr R 62:1120-4 My 16 '13; Same. Sd 
Am S 76:185-7 S 20 'IS: Same cond. Power 
37:821-3 Je 10 '13: Discussion. F. H. Wag- 
ner. Am Soc M E J 36:1276-9 Ag '13 

Freheatert air. J, Barraja-Frauenfelder. Int 
Marine Rng 18:173 Ap '13 

Pressures In gaaoltne englneB. O. A. Field. 
Power 31:58 Jl ( '13 

Principles of fuel oU englneB, C. P. Hlrsh- 

feld. 11 Bel Am 8 76:46-7, 61-4, 74-6 Jl 19- 

Ag 2 '13 
Recent development Of gas power In Europe. 

H. J. Freyn, Eng N 69:22S-S0 Ja 30 ■«: 

Same, Am Soc M E J 36:237-49 F '13 
ItBcoiery ot heal lost in explosion engines. 

G. Debeswn. Am Soc M E J 35:1639-91 

\ oxygen, 11 Scl 


Removing carbon deposit t 
Am 109:125 Ag 16 '13 

Itpnioving carbon from gaa enginea with de- 
natured alcohol, J. A, Anglada. Iron Age 
92:616-7 S 18 '13 

Saving In power cost with a gaa engine. F. 
R Lufkln. Power 88:93 Jl 16 '13 

Silencer for gas engines, II Scl Am 108:644 
Je 14 '13 

Small Internal combustion enginea on land 
and water, Scl Am 108:304 Ap 6 'IS 

Snow high -compression oil engine. A. E, 
Ballln, 11 Power 38:329-30 Ag 12 '13 

Stationary oil enslne-- .--...— — 

bIbpb. Scl Am S 7 

Status of the large e- -.— — ,- -- 

I.anger, dIags Iron Age 92:1332-6 D II '13; 
.'^ame cond. Power 38:1*91-3 D 23 '13 

Trials ot a 100 brake horse-power oil engine: 
Junkers marine engine. 11 Scl Am 3 76: 
348-9 N 29 '13 

Triple-screw motor ahtp Alkmaar. J. R. Wil- 
son, Int Marine Eng 13:32 Ja 'IS 

Src aim Alcohol motors: Automobile en- 
gines; Carbureters; Cylinders; Diesel en- 
gines; Diesel locomotives; Oaa power 


turbines: Indicators: I.ocomo(lves, Gas 
nil; Motor iwat.'i; Motor cars (railroad); 
Motor shlpa 

Cooling a gaa engine by Internal Injection, 
dlag Eng N 70:BM-5__S 26 -' 



.... .,■ '13 
way. 11 Scl 

iglnes, B. Hop- 

92-3 Ag 21 'IS: 

Cooling gas engine. 

Am 109:160 Ag SO Ua 
New method of cooling gas engines. Power 

38:932-4 S 1 '13 
New method of cooling gas engines, B, Hop- 

kinsi.n. dlag Iron Age 92:r-^ 

Inrt Eng 13:149-60 O '13 
Delivery of fuel Into the evilnd. 

J 35:1177-9 Jl '13 
Fuel economics of the oil en 

Tmn .Age 91:974-6 Ap IT '._ 
Fuel for oil eiiglnes: qualities r 

Am S 76:111 Je 28 '13 
^*'^./'y..''5*Y7".?y engines, I. C Allen. Blng 

!. J: A. Secor. 
squired. Scl 

" m"46'.*888-8 F 'IS 

Heating fuel oil. B. P. Hartley, plan Power 
37:60 Ja 14 'IS 

Heavy oil as fuel for Internal -combustion 
enelnes". I. r. Allen, Tnit Eng 13:392-6 S 
'13: Same. Scl Am .'J 76:326-7 N 22, '13 

Power from kerosene: using oil. kerosene and 
distillates in the ordinary gas engine, L. 
W, Ellis and W. R. Dray. II Scl Am S 7B: 
lOB-e F IE '13; Bxcerpta. Scl Am 103:146-7 

I 3 75:271-2 Ap 26 >1S 
Will the automobile be driven by keroseneT 

H. A. Morris. 11 Sd Am 108:38 Ja II 'IS 
Working fluid of Internal -combustion en- 
gines. D, Clerk. Ind Eng 13:406-8 S 'IS 

frt alio Automobile enginea — Fuel; (iaa as 
fuel; Gasoline: Kerosene: Motor spirit; Pe- 

High-tension Ignlllon with tiatterles. A. L. 

Tirennnn, Jr. Power 37:636 My 6 '13 
Igniters for oil etiglnes. W: J, Demoreet. plan 

Power 87:377-8 MT 18 'IS 
Ignition devices. H. R. Tan Deventer, Scl 

Am 103:613 Je 7 'IS 
Ignition from dry cells. A, L. Brennan. Jr. 

Power 37:17-8 Ja 7 'IS 
Make -and -break Ignllera. B. P»gett. U Power 

SS:19B-9 As 6 'U 

iy Google 



Oaa and oil erglnea— iBnllion — Vualintifil. 
Time of ignition vs. economy. A. B. Morrl- 
■on, Jr. Power 3B:897 S IB '13 
SiX' also Automobile engines — Ignition 

Brake teat on a 7B-hp oil engine. A. A. Pot- 
ter and W. W. Carlson. 11 Blec W 61:106-« 

Ja 1 


Heat balance oC a gas engine. J. C. Small- 
wood. Power 37:162-4 Ap 1 "W 

Test o( a keroaene-oli engine. H. D. Wile. 
II Elec W eS:389 Ag 23 '13 

Tests oD small gaaollne englneA F. M. 
White and B. A. White. Power 38:298-301 
Ag Ze '13 

Exhaust gases 
■ -■■ oihJ. 

i una gHH fuels, J, C. 
, ,t:«82-3 N II '13 

Producer gas as a substitute for oil tor fur- 
nace work. Met & Chem Bng ll:IOT F '13 

Producer gas In heating furnaces. El Brown. 
Power 37:376-7 Mr 18 "13 

Surface rombusllon. C, D. McCourt. Eng M 
13;5S9-92 Jl '13 

System of burning producer gas. C, M, Gar- 
land, plan Iron Age 92:«64-6 S 25 '13 

Sfe al'n Blast furnace gaa; Gaa and oil 
engines; Gas power: Gas power plants: Gas 

for caiclilng olndera In gases: 
- ling. II Iron Age 92: 
5cl Am S 76:316-7 

3 of cleaning pro 

S-4 D 9 



H. F. 


) Mr I 


35:289-114 F '13 
Pilot tube In gas measurement, r. K. Mc- 

QuIgfC. diacs Eng £ Mln J 95:649-51 Mr 

23 ■13 
Pilot tubes for gas mpasureraenl. W. C. 

Kow.ip. II dlags Am Soc M K J 35:1319-8*1 

S 'IS: Same cond. Met * Chem Eng 11: 

«(l-3 N '13 

Oai heating 

aiicpB, C. E. r.ucke. dlacs Enc N 70:nflti-8 
D 11 '13 
Heating the Induatria) »gposltlon bslt, Tole- 
do, O. with artlflclBl gaM. A. H. Qlnd«a fl 
Heat * Ten U41-I J* It 

Commercial and flnanclal aspects of gas man- 
ufacture. G: B. Cortelyou. Sci Am S 76: 
2SS-7. 274-6 Ap 26-My 3 '13 

High-pressure gaa lighting. Eng Eec 68: 
395 O II '13 

Stt alar, Acetylene tor lighthouses, buoya. 
etc.: Gaa melera 
Gas manufacture and works 

Commercial and flnanclal aspects of gas man- 
ufacture. O: B. Cortelyou. Scl Am S 7B: 
266-7. 274-5 Ap 26-My 3 '13 

Manufacture of arliflclal ga.scs. J. M. Rusby. 
11 J Fr Inst 17S:1"-41 jf'iS 

Operation of an English producer gas supply 
works. South StarrordBhlre, H. A, Humph- 
rey. Eng N $9:180-1 Ja 23 '13 

Producer gas for power purpnsea: chemical 
principles and mechanical factors in It* 
manufacture. H. F. Smith. 11 Scl Am B 7B: 
120-3 F iS '13 
Bee alfo Qas companies; Oa> producers 
Oa« meters 

Accuracy of the Thomas meter. ' W. C. 
Kowse. Am Soo M E J 3S:lJ66-73 S '13 

Pilot tube in gas measurement. C. E. Mc- 
Qulgg. diags Eng & Mln J 95:619-61 Mr 
29 -13 

PI tot tubes for eas meaBurcment. W. C. 
RowMC. II diags Am Soc M E J 35:1319-80 
S '13: flame cond. Met & Chem Eng 11: 
641-3 N '13 

Trouble with gas meter. I* M, Johnson. 11 

y process of cleaning | 
Smith, n dlag Am Soc M B J 36:l»"i-(i n 
■13; Same. Iron Age 92:1158-9 N 20 '13; 
Same cond. Ind Eng 13:631 D '13 
Sec tiUo Blast furnace gas 
Gas companies 
Commercial and flnanclal aspect* of gas 
manufacture. Q: B. Cortelyou. Set Am B 
75:266-7, 274-5 Ap 2S-My S '13 
Education of employees. L,. Qalloway. J Ac- 
count 15:8B.B» Ja '18 
Fair rate of return for public utilities as 
affected by unearned Increment EJng N S9; 
868-60 Ap 24 '13 
Gas rate decision In New Jersey. Mec Ry J 
11:3e-T Ja 4 'It 
Bte aim Gas lighting 
Gas. electric A street railway association of 

Second annual convention, Oklahoma City, 
May. 1913, Elec Ry J 41:884-5 My 17 'IS: 
Elec W 51:1023-4 My 17 '13 
Oai engines. See Gas and oil engines 
Oai fitting 

Bie alio Oas meter* 

Device for measuring gas flow. 11 

91:H3! Ap 3 'IS 
Friction of gas flow In pipes. 11 Scl Am 108 

I^ B. L*nt. Power i „ , ._ 

Comparative economy of producer gaa and 

fitpam for pumping stations. Eng Iteo 68; 

262-3 S « -IS 
Cost of power with small gaa engine unit. 

S: B. Moore, ]r. Power 37:B2-S Ja 14 "13 
Gas-driven blowers at Bethlehem steel co. A. 

West. Iron Age 91:1303-5 My 29 'IS; Same. 


37:123-4 Ja ; 
Gas ( 


1-9 D 2 '13 

Qhs power for collieries. R. F. Walker. II diags 
Colliery 33:613-6 Je '12 

Humphrey pumps for London water- works- 
plans Power 37:802-4 Ap 29 '13 

Recent development of gas power in Europe. 
H. J. Frevn Ens N' 69:228-30 Jn 30 'IS; 
Same, Am Soc M B J 3.1:237-49 P '13 

Utilizing Initial gas pressure, plan Pownr 37: 
710 My 20 '13 

Kit fli™ Blast furnace gas; Coke oven 
gas; Gas and oil engines; Gas as fuel: 


8 F 8 


! W 61:277- 

,.-„ .n blast fumacea and steel planls. 

H. J. Preyn. Iron Tr R 52:1242-8 My 29 '13; 

Same cond. Iron Age 91:1299-1302 My 29 '13 
Gas power plant In wool warehouses. South 

Boston, B. F. Learned, 11 Power 37;B69- 

70 Ap 22 '13 
Improvements at the plant of the Falk co., 

MIlw.TUkee, II plana Iron Tr R 62:1449-54 

Jc 2fi 'IS: Same. Foundry 41:326-30 Ae '13 
Producer-gas situation In the United States, 

map Power 38:16-7 Jl 1 "13 
Record of a suction gas-producer plant. G: 

W. Muench. Power 37:604-5 Ap 29 '13 
Status of (he eas-producer plant. Eng Rec 67; 

539 My 17 "13 
Test of gas producer plant. L. I^ Brewster. 

r 37:153-4 P < 
Plan rower 38:922-3 D 3" ' 

Digitized ov Google 


Trlatomlc hydrogen and other reeearches In 
molecular physlcB. J. J. Thomson. U Scl 
Am S 7B;157-8 Mr 8 "IS 

World beating discovertea. W, H. Booth. 
Power 37:200 F 11 '1! 

Gas producer and waste (ualg. F. Flelden. 

Power 37:282-4 F 2B '13 
Oas-producer chemistry. G. W. Huench. dias 

Power 38:433-4 9 23 '13 
Gas produrers for small heatlnc furnaces. 

Iron Ace 91:857 Mr 13 '13 
Heat balance or a. producer. J. f Rmiiil- 

wood. Power 37:S9T-3 Je 24 '13 
Hints on Ms-producer operattoi " 

ley. Power 38:S6-7 Jl 3 "IS 

illable COj percentagBH. H. D. Fisher. Pow- 
r 37:6H-S My 6 '13 

lermlnatlon of aajie? In ameltcr flues: and 
[oles on determination of dust loases at 
k'ashoe reduction works, Anacjonda. K. M. 
>unn. 11 Am Inat MIn E Hul (IU:2oSl-92 Ae 

r 38:8J4-!i D 9 '13 

Hoore byproduct recoveir producer. J. A. 
Sealer, plan Power 3g:m-7 Ag 19 '13 

Oil 1 

76: Sis N 

Producer gas tor power purposes: chemical 

principles and mechanical factors In Its 

manufacture. M. F. Smith. U Scl Am 8 TG: 

120-3 F « '13 
Quality and uniformity of producer gas. R. 

Trautschold. Power 37:634-5 My 8 '13 
Heading Iron ro.'s new gas producer. II 

Power tS:i34 8 2 '13 
Sawmill refuse as fuel In gas producers. C: 

K. Snypp. Eng M 44:S(-g O '12 
SlagBlng gaa producer. W : H. Blauvelt. 

blbllOR Am Inflt MIn E Uul 84:2823-7 D '13 
Slfam Kenirntor for pna producers, dlag Iron 

Age 32:1327 D 11 "iS 
I'p-draft roiary gas producer. II Iron Age 

92:349 Ag 11 '13 
WarwIll producer. J. A. S«a<er. plan Power 

37:S60-1 Je 17 '13 
Gai purincatlon. See Gas cleaning 
Qa« tractors 

Emclency mnnncrment In gas tractor plant 

or \Uf llart-l'Hrr co. II dlaga plan Iron 

Tp K 52:49-60 Ja 2 13 
Machining gas tractor parts by novel meth- 
ods. II Iron Tr R 62:623-6 Mr 13 '13 
TowlPK tractor Arlon. F. de Cond*. II dlajt 

Am Soc M F J I5;886-G My '13 

Small recenl Imnrovpinents of gas turbines. 

Bng 64:3114-7 
Qas wella. See O 

from gases. W. W. Strong. ._ __. _ 

78:156 S 6 '13 

EMTect of Incombustible dusts on the eiplo- 
slon of gases. H. B. IMxon and C. Camp- 
bell. Scl Am S 7e:llS-» Ag 23 '13 

Gas-producer chemistry. Q. W. Muenoh. dlag 


II J Fr Inst 176:1-41 Jl ■, 512-3 J 

Laboratory apparatus for the exact analysis 

of Hue gas. Met & Chem Eng 11:264-8 

My 'IS 
Modification of the JiiEer method of gas 

anulyalB. C. H. Worrell, plan Met & Chem 

Eng 11:245-7 My '13 
Orxat apparatu:i: new design of gas analysis 

apparatus. II Iron Aga 92:1274-5 U 4 '13 
Qa soli no 
Condensation of gnaollne from nalural gas. 

G: A. Uurrell and F. M. Selbert. Scl Am 

S 76:362-3 D 6 '13 
Fuel economics of the oil engine. J: A. Se- 
-. Iron Age 91:974-6 Ap 17 '13 

Gasoline and I 

Mr ! 


Scl J 


Gasoline and kerosene situation. J: A. Secor. 
Scl Am 108:469 My IT '13 

Gasoline situation. J: A. Secor. Bng M 45: 
134-7 Je '13 

GuHollne alol macbine. II Sol Am 109:300 O 
IB '13 

High cost of fuel arouses consumers. Au- 
tomobile 28:273 Ja 2S '13 

Natural-gas gasoline. C: T. Hutchinson. Eng 
M 45:696-8 Jl 'IS 

Sidewalk gnxollne pump.s draw transient trade. 
Automobile 29:650-1 O 9 '13 

Testing flow of fuel Ihru noziles. R, M. An- 
derson. Automobile 28:1268 Je 19 '13 

Waning supply of gasoline. J: A. Secor. Sd 
Am S 75:271-2 Ap £6 '13 
QasoMna, Substitutes (or 

Britain's struggle lo evolve new liquid motor 
fuels. Automobile 28:1121-2 My 29 '13 

Fuel situation in England. J. S. Crltchley. 
- - >mobile 23:840 Ap 17 '13 

tnd Its B 

I Am 108:276 

1100,000 prize for a gasoline BUbatltute. 8. 

Fetman. Scl Am 108:166 P 16 'tt 
Problem of the world's oil supply. Scl Am 

108:325 Ap E '13 
Taxi run 62 miles on 20 cents wortA of fuel. 
dlag Automobile 28:1167-8 Je 6 '13 
Qasollne engines. See Gas and oil engines 
Oatun lacks. See Panama canal 
Gauges. See Gages 
Gayley, James, 18SB- 
James Gayley receives the Perkin gold medal. 

por Iron Age 91:300-1 Ja 30 '13 
Story of the dry-blast process; speech at 
presentation of the Perkin medal, por Met 
& Chem Eng ll:7t-4 F '13 
Gear cutting 

Automatic gear cutting machine, II Iron Tr 

n 63:381-2 Ag 28 '13 
Boston i-ear hobt>lng machine. II dlag Maoh 

19:808 Je '13 
Cutting elllpllcnl gears on the miller. J. A. 

Woleh. 11 Am MAch 38:731-2 My 1 '13 
Cutting twelve leelh In a thirteen -tooth 

blanh. G, Bar. dlag Mach 19:66 S '12 
Data on feeds for gear cutters. Iron Age 92: 

260-1 Jl 31 '13 
Dimcult gear-cutting proposltloo. II dlac Hach 
18:686 My '13 /-' I 




Oaar cutting - 

DlmE^naluna ol spiral gear tcuth. A. C. MuX' 

Bsirly'autumalic'suar cuttlnB majlilnp. IJ. T. 

Hamllic'ti. II Mai-li 20:1S-'i2 H '13 
Oeared turbines lor ship propulHlon. Iron Aite 

U1:M1 Ap 3 '13 
Improvement In gear cultlng. T. W. Hollo- 
way. dlaK Madi 19:889 Jl '13 
Innpecllon leata for Clnclimaii geiir-cuttlng 

machlneB. II Mach 20;39-lUl O '13 
Lai'lng out gear templales. B. W. J. Stewart. 

Am Mach 38:818 My 16 '13 
Old gear cutting machine. I] Mach 19:503 Mr 

I'OBlllve method ot spillnB bevel gtur cutler, 

F. J. Mould, dlags Mach 30:299 D '13 

Advantagea of cast-iron gears. E. H. Trick. 

Mach iVAS S '13 
Automatic screw machine drive. 11 dlogB Iron 

Age 91:820-1 Ap 3 '13 
Figuring out gears for speed- boxes. J. J. 

Densman. M^ich 19:588-9 Ap '13 
Geared drive for electric motors. Ind Bng 

13:476-7 N '13 
Gviirs for machine-tool drives. J: Parker. Am 

Sue M !<: J 3^:164e-S3 N '13: Samu coiid. 

Iron Age 9Z:lZ5l'-3 N 27 '13 
t-treated gears In machine tools. A, 


Ileat-treated gears In maolilne tools. J, H. 

I'arher, plana Iron Age 92:1151-6 N 211 '13: 

Same. Mach 2»:2'J4-6 D '13 
Heat- treatment of gears at the Boston gear 

works, Norfolk Downs, Mbsh. G: L.. Colburn. 

11 dlags Mach 19:767-9 Je '13 
Hydraulic speed-change gear or variable 

Hpecd power transmission, II Eng N G9: 

1141-3 My 29 '13 
Hydraulic variable speed gear. 11 Scl Am 

108:488 My tl '13 
Machine cut herring-bone gear. II Set Anv 

109:214 6 IS '13 
Machine for rolling gears from drop forglngs. 

II Iron Tr R 62:862-3 Ap 10 '13 
Making patterns for machine- molded gears. 

J. Horner, plans Foundry 11:11-6 Ja It 
Mechanical gearing for propulsion of ships, 

C: A, Parsons. iF dlags Int Marine Bng 18: 

233-7 Je '13 
Mechanical safeguarding— gears. P. A. Bark- 
er. II Am Ind 13:sup 1-4 F '13 
New connecting- rod gear for engines and 

pumps. II diag Mnch 2n:ai« D 'is 
Novel reducing gear, plan Power 37:698 Ap 


I of toothed wh<-elM 

Gearing, Bevel 

Automobile bevel drive gears: forging, ma- 
cblnlng. heat-treating, Inspecting and as- 
sembling. D. T. Hamilton. II Mach 19:417- 

Generating the skew bevel gear, M, Uhlmann. 

II Mach 19:543 Mr '13 
Patterns for bevel gears. O, F. Berg, plan 

Foundry 41:71 P '13 
Practical form of tooth for skew bevel geai*. 

G: M. Bartlett, Mach ]9:373-4 Ja '13 
Gearing, Spiral 

, , ijig j^^ jjj spiral gears. G. H. 

Formulas tor spiral gear combinations, L. Q. 
Xealiaogh. Mach 19:625 Mr '13 

Selecting tlie cutter for milling spiral gears; 
with data aheet supplement. G: W, BuMey. 
Mach 19:435 P '13 

SplTHl gear design: with data sheet supple- 
ment, J. H. Carver, Mach 19:366 Ja 'IS 
Gearing, Worm 

Chart for the design of worm gearing. P: A. 
Hnlaey. Am Mach 38:136-7 Ja 23 '13 

liiv.',HtlgBtion of efBclency of worm searing for 

ln-r by W; H. Keneraon. Am Soc M E J 

33:676-811 Ap 'IS 
Li'nRths of worms and hobs. B, W. Haxier. 

Mach M:t93 N '13 
NoU's on worm gearing. Ind E:ng 13:3«4-6 Ag 

Iron .\ge 92:1402-3 D 25 '13 
Worm gearing for automobile transmlaslon: 

;;".'-'.%"■,■> °""'""" '•■-- " "'■" "••» 

Geari. See Gearing 
Gelatine molds 

Geiadne molds. Concrete Cem 2:126 Mr "18 
Oelert, Johinnei Sophui, 1852- 
Danlsh-Amerlcan sculptor, C: H: Dorr. II 
Arch Rec 33:332-8 Ap '13 
General electric cpmpany 

° ■• '-' •— ■ of applied elsctrlclly. 

'— " -'■"•" ' Ap 21 

Bower of spur gears. F: W. James. 

ur teeth, ti, H- Man. 11 dlags 

; J ,16:107-161 Ja 'IJ 
10,000 horse-power Fettlngcr 

hydraulic gear for marine 

turbines. A. Oradenwltz. II Scl Am 108:536 

ttej-lilp IlKbtinE powi'r, il diag Si-i Am 109: 

117-S O 25 -13 
TurnlTig and formlne cliialer gears. H: M. 

Wood. II Mach 19:507 Mr '13 
Waterbury tool co, hydraulic transmission 

gear. 11 dliig Iron Age 91:1284-6 My 29 '13 
Worm and liellcnl f;eara an applied (o rear 

axle drives: abstract of paper by Frank 

IturgesB, Mach 19:36 S '12 

Cir. nf«n Automobiles — Oearing; Gear cut- 

tiUK; Machinery TJcsiKn; Timer trans- 

C^ Dantalzen. II Scl Am 'E 

1912, Elec Ry 3 41:828-9 

2lBt annual . 

Mv 3 '13: Elec W 61:918-9 M 
Age 91:1127 My 8 '13 
Generators, Electric. See Dynamos 

Geological time 
Length of geological epochs: radium as the 
clock or ages. Scl Am S 75:374 Je 14 '13 


iJ-n C'lal; Earlliquakes: Glaciers; 
(CPology): MeLals: Mineralogy; Ore 
<: iincks. IgneoL 

C Use ill eat ion 

Class 111 cation of Igneous rocks, H. Warth. 
Scl Am S 75:330-1 My 24 'IS 

Applied Bwlojiy Iti the nutle mines. F, A. 
l.iiiforth. Am Inst Min E Bul 83:8611-23 


Sudbury, Cobalt and Porcupine geology, W. 
G, Miller and C. W, Knight, [1 map E^ng A 
Min J 95:1129-33 Je 7 'IS 
Geology, Economic 

Enclneerlng applications of geology, B. C 

Eckel, Ens Rec 67:667-8, 7U-2 Je 14, 28 '13 

Microacnpy In economic geology. R: Beck. 

Eng & Min J 95:1087-9 My 81 'M^ i 

hzodcy Google 


Otology. Economic -^Conlinacd, 

Ore deposits at Butle, Monl. R. H. Sal^s. 
dlagB Am Inst Mlii K Ltul S0:1&23'I6Z6 
As 13 

—■■-■'— ' * ■■■ '• ni:n. M. 

F 16 '13 

„ _ S & Mln 

J 95;941-4 My 10 '13 

Hre al«o Abrasives; Aaplialt; Cemenl: 
Clay; Cuai; Coal lunds; Copper orea: Can, 
Natural; Oypsum; Iron ores; Metals; Mtnea 
and mineral resourcea; Ore deposllB; rest; 
p.troltum; Phosphates; Soils; Sulphur 
German languaas 
German language as an indlapenaable element 
or engineering progress. F. Koesler. Bng N 
69:ee4-5 Ap 3 '13 
German illvar 

German silver, Mach 19:«4 P '13 
Mlcroslruclure of German allver. O. F. Hud- 
Son. 11 Metal Ind n a 11:209-10, 253-t My- 
Jo '13 
Wliat la Oerman silver? A. A. SomervlUe. 
Scl Am S TG:H:-3 Ag 30 '13 

Commercial policy 
Germany's Industrial policy In contraat to 
American tendencies. F. R Junge. Eng M 
44:<80-9, 842-51 F-Mr '13 

Comparison or French and German strength 
In dirigible alrshlpa. 11 Scl Am 109:126 Ag 
IS '13 

8ea and air command: Germany'a new policy 
In Its relation to the British naval suprem- 
acy. 11 Scl Am 9 7S:39£-5 Je 21 '13 
Industrlaa and reaourcaa 

Formation and atrueture of the German pot- 
ash beds. H. Boeke, tl Scl Am B TG:<0<-T Je 
2S '13 

Iron Tr H 62;S3-4 Ja 2 '13 
Germany's Industrial policy In contrast to 

American tendencies. F. E. Junge. Eng 

M 44:680-9. 842-51 P-Mr 'IS 
Amprlcan mpchanlcal enelneers In Germany. 

11 Iron Tr R GJ:30-2 Jl 3 '13 
From Colofme lo Munich with American en- 

Klneers. II Iron Tr K 63:131-1 Jl U '13 

'Vron Tr*It^Ml77-8o"jl "^10 -fs " ^ ^ ^ ^ ' 
Made in Qermany. Ind Bng 13:396-7 S '13 

Growth of a great navy. P. A. HIslam. 11 

Scl Am 109:241-2 Mr IG 'IS 
Waather bureau 
Germany's aeronautical weather bureau. Scl 

Am 108:262 Mr 33 'IJ 

Electro -deposition of gold. A. JeReraon. Me- 




Ginpole of 10-ln. pipe, II dlag Kng & Mln J 
96:1113-20 1) 11 '13 

Chart for determining the seel 

floor beams. Bng N 70:174 Jl 
Cliarts for designing plate -gird era. Q. D. 

nsh, Eng N 69;SB4-S Ap 24 '13 
Determination of momenta In continuous 

beam& W, A. Slater. Eng Rec 68:70 Jl 19 

Shear and rivet illaxram for railway plale- 
glrders. Eng N 70:323-4 O 23 '13 

Strength of I-beams In flejiure. H. F. Moore, 
il dIaBB 111 IT Eng Eip Sta Bui «8:l-40 '13 

Strength of outstanding flanges in beams and 
columns. K. J. lioark. Eng Rec 68:722-3 D 
27 '13 

Unusual girder work In a Pittsburgh theater. 
11 plans Eng N 70:1330-1 D 18 '11 

Set aUo Bridges; Building; Concrete. Re- 
inforced; Roofs: steel ' " — "■ — ' — 

LtlonaJ boundaries. L. 

City car wlndow-giasa test. Elec Ry J 41: 

78 Ja 11 '13 
Investl^tion _ of dlRualnf glassware. M. 

lalng gla 
Vf 61:3 

Electrical method for glass cutting. P. Bdel- 
man. Scl Am 108:11 Ja 4 '13 
Glaai manufacture 

I. See Aeroplanea 

1 safety goggles 

Tr R 63:414-6 S 4 '13; Same. Ind Eng 

ilnht of workmen. W. Tal- 

3:427-9 O '13 
necling the e. . 
tut. II Iron Age 


gold dlnCrlct of Alaska. P. Thomp- 
EnK &■ Mln J 96:1040-1 N 23 '13 

nt or gold. Eng & Mln 

Gold and sliver In Idaho In 1912. B. N. Bell. 
Eng & Mln J 95:123-4 Ja II '13 

13. Eng A 

Mln J 96:604 'S 27*'13"' 
Gold and sliver production In 1 

. F: Ho- 

Eng & Mln J 95:61-2 Ja 1 
Gold .production of the world. Eng A Mln J 

96:660 O 4 '13 
Meaning of rolled plate, gold filled and solid 

gold. G: G. Wheeler. Metal Ind n a 11:256- 

7 Je IS 
Sampling of ei>ld- hull Ion. E: Keller. Am 

Inst Mln B Bui 75:626-8 Mr '13 
Trans portal ion and deposition of gold. Eng 

& Mln J 96:122 F 8 "" 


)ld dredslnp 

roi-esa: Glld- 
lurgy: Gold 


E>;onomlcal depth of T-beama. R. W. 8t«W' 
art. Eng N 69:844-6 Ap 34 '13 

Economical design of steel girders embed' 
-'-■■ ' •-. G: Paaswell. Eng N 69:841 

moduli of Science and t 

486 My 31 '!j 

Gold assaying 

Asaay of gold and silver by the 
method. E. J. Hall and C. W. Di 
Inst Mln E Bui 7S:10G9-6« Je '1 
cond. Eng & Mln J 96:1125-6 D V 

Ap ■ 


. In building construction and their 

leBsonS. E: Godfrey. Arch & BIdg 46:77- 

82 P '13 
Girders In the Grand Central lermlnaT, New 

Tork ctty. plana Eng Reo 87:78-80 Ja 18 '13 

P.elnforcpd-coiiereie glnlera of unusual span. 

II dlag Eng Rec 68:503 N 1 '13 

Bui 83:2683-93 

Buying and selling silver and gold: the scl- 
entinc aide of (he assay office at New Tork. 
H. J. Slaker. 11 Scl Am 109:144-6 Ag 23 '13 
Gold dradglna 

Attempt to restrict gold drpdging In Califor- 
nia L. H. Eddy. Bng & Mln J 95:628 Mr 
22 '13 

Evolution of gold dredging machinery. A. H. 
Martin. Mach 19:370-1 '- '" 

O-I Ja. '» , I 



Gold dredging - -riiallimrd. 

Gold dredging In 191!. R. E. Cranslon. map 

Kng & Mm J !i5:113-6 Jn 11 '13 
Mlntng Koli] by proxy: Che old-taihloned miner 

replaced by machinery. A. L. Dahl. II Sci 

Am S 76:321 Uy 24 '13 
N'nioina no. 10; an all steel dredge. L.: H. 

Eildy, II Ene & Mln J 9G:IOT!)-i«3 My 31 '13 
Nettit river placer mining. Colombia. W: F. 

Ward. II map Ens & Mln J %:!»7-9 Ag 16 


Stoplng methods at the North Star mine. L. 
<). Kellogg. II Eng & Mln J 96:10U-B N 
29 '11 


Gold placers of AnIIoqula. M. H. De HOM. 

man Am Inst Mln K Bui 79:1197-1^00 Jl '13 

Nechl river placer mining. W; F. Ward. II 

map Eng & Mln J 9G:297-9 Ag IG '13 


Repairing a California gold dredge. 

Eddy. Eng A Mln J 96:340 Ag 23 '1 
Rltihilng nn overturned gold dredge. 

Eddy. 11 Ens & Mln J 96:773-6 O 2a 
Gold metallurgy 

Evolution ot methods of haJidllng allmu. H. 

N. Splcer. 11 Met A Cbem Eng U;I81-3. 

239-*l Ap-My '13 
Gold recovery by volatilization. Bng & Mln 

J 95:115I.a Je T MS 
Metallurgy of gold and silver In 191!. Met 8c 

Chem Bng 11:4-6 Ja "13 

■ -- Rppubllc. Wash. F; A. 

.Smith. 11 lang & Mln J 95:603-4 Mr 22 ': 

Itule or ccrlaJn metallic minerals in preclp 

tuting sliver and gold. C. Palmer and I 

J 9S:113T-9 Je 7 '13 
SpelBs as a precious metol colfeclor. Bng & 

Min J 9E:167-8 Ja IS '11 
Volatilization processes in the metallurgy of 

gold. H. C Farmelee. Met & Chem Eng 11: 

Free milling concentration: canvas table 
methods employed In California mills. A. 
H. Martin, Bng M 44:426-7 D '1! 

Gold-miliiiiB prngreBB In California. A. H. 
Martin. 11 Mi-t & Chem Eng 11:6411-1 N '13 

Grlndlng-pans va. tube mills at the Home- 
stake mine. S. Dak. Met & Chem Bng 11: 
105-6 P '13 

Stamp milling Id 191!. L: D. Huntoon. ETng 
& Min J 96:lD7-g Ja 11 'IS 

~sand"" sluice r. 11 Colliery 33:386 P 

«c Mln J 96:702-4 Ap B 

8ff aUa Gold dredging; Gold milling; Hy- 
draulic mining 

Annual reports, 1912, Trea dwell group. Alas- 
ka. Eng A Mln J 96:1278-9 Je & '13 
Data nn Al.iska Treadwell. EIng & Min J 96: 

S07-8 Ap 19 '13 
" — loping the A'iiKkB Juneau mine, plan 

Work at t 


Southern Cross mine. Georgetown. Mont. P. 
Hlllingsley. map Am Inst Mill E Hul 81: 
2289-97 S '13 

New Zealand 
Walhl gold mining < 
year ended Dec 31, 
407-8 Ag 30 -13 


Nosi'lnlscato plarers. Eng & Min J 96:7:'8 O 
18 '13 

South Africa 
Governmeni gold mines In South Africa. A. 
C. Key. Eng & Mln J ;..n;lS-i: Ja 4 '13 
Golden Horn 

Bridging the nospliorus and the Golden Horn, 


a of I9I2. Bng 
Eng A Mln J 

u, map Eng & 

Curious exotic fishes. J. Boyer. II Scl A 
109:92 Ag 2 '13 
Goldschmldt companlea 
Growth of the Goldschmldt companies: 
unique Inleruational development in tl 
metal industry, iron Age 91:1B39 Je 
Golf bails 

Explosive golf balls. II Scl Am S 76:205 S 
27 '13 
Qolf courias 
Night golf putting course. T. J. Lltle. ]r. II 
Scl Am l(ft:643 Ja 14 '13 
Gondola ear. See Freight cars 
Goniometer for microscopes. C. C Kipllnger. 
11 Sci Am 108:271 Mr 22 '13 
Goodwill, patents, trade-marks, copyrights 
and franchises. P. J. Estjuerre. J Account 
15:21-6 Ja '13 

109:163 Ag 30 '13 
Goodyear tiro A rubber company 

Welfare work raises Goodyear co.'s efficien- 
cy. Automohile 28:1318-9 Jc 26 '13 
Goal, William Frasman Myrick, 18G9- 
Portrait. Eng N 69:19(8 Ja 30 '13 
Sketch. Am Soc M K J 3ri::"-3 J;i '13 
Sketch, por Mach 19:411 Ja '13 
W. P. M. Gobs, president (' "- 
G: H. Basford. Eng N 69 
Government, Municipal. See Municipal govern- 

Governmsnt ownership 

AgMatlon for government ownership of rall- 

w;uya. Ry Age .nB:688 O 17 '13 
Falsi' arjium.-nis on gnvernmenl ownership. 

E. 1'. Ripley. Ily & Eng R 63:1032 N 8 '13 
Govt'rnment ownership of postal cars. Ry A 

Eiig R 63:1152-3 D 13 '13 
New York state hydroelectric scheme, maps 

p:iec \V 61:31-6 Ja 4 '13 
I'aiM-r before National cjvic federatJon_ 

(1 J 96:748-50 O 18 '13 

Mount Morgan mine. F. Conly. il Bng A Mln 
J 96:833 Ap t6 '13 

Eiec By J 42:1219-40 T 

railroads, s. Low. 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 




lufaclure lis c 

Should the gnv 
armor plate? _ _ 

ITnclP Sum's fr.'Iglit cars. J. Q. Hill. By Age 
EA:4t4 S S '13 

Bee aim Government reflation or Indus- 
try; Munlclnal ownershtp; RallroadB and 
Biftte: also New York conservation commia- 

Govarnment printing otnee 
Editing In the government printing oOce. F. 
A, Kiad. 11 Inland Ptr G0:EE9 Ja 'IS 
Qovernment regulation of Induitry 
Department on regulation ol interatate and 
municipal utilities o( the National clvto 
federation. Eleo W «l:186-« Ja »B *J1 
Dlecuaslon of puhllc-utlKIy regulation and ac- 
counting methods. Elec W 62:S79-82 O * '13 

Eng N 70:936-6 N 6 "IS 

Gas rate declsloa In New Jersey. Bleo Ry J 
41:35-7 Ja i 'IS 

Government mediation In railroad labor dis- 
putes: S, I,ow. Elec Ity J 4l:2l2-< V 1 '13; 
Snme. Rv & Bng R S3:2OS-10 Mr 8 '13 

Midyear l)anquet of Am. Blec. Ry, Assn.. 
1913. Elec Ry J 41:208-3 F 1 'IS 

Opportunity or menace — which? J Account 
lB:12S-7 F '13 

Our national resources and our federal gov- 
ernment: discussion of paper of R. W. Ray- 
mond, Am Inst Mln E Bul 74:319-29; 77: 
971-81 F. My 'IS 

Regulation of public utilities. W: J: Hage- 
nah. Elec W ei:2?-g Ja 4 '13 

ReeulBtion of utilities by commission. H. 
Erlckson. Ry Age Sl:7B5-9 Mr 23 '13 

Relnlions of envprnmeiit to InduRtriallsm. E. 
C. Ki-kel. Eng M 4B;3.'iO-3 .Te '13 

Report Of department on regulation of Inter- 
state and municipal utilities of National 
civic federation. B. M'Mllltn. Blec Ry J 41: 
210-2 F 1 "IS 

Report of franchise committee of National 
municipal league. Elec Ry J 42:1107-8 N 
22 '13 

13th annual conference. 1913. of National civ- 
ic feiierotlon. Elec W 61:231-2 F 1 '13 

Wp.nted: legislation to promote business, 
Elec W 62:1243 D SO 'IS 

Bn al¥i Land grants: Municipal owner- 
bIiIp: Natural resources; Puhlic servke fom- 
mlsstons: Public service corporations: Rail- 
roads and state: Slreet railroads — Public re- 

Qovernor* (machinery) 

CInrii centrifugal governor. II Power 37:652 

My 6 -13 
Correcting (rouble of Inertia governor. J. C, 

Hawkins, diai- Power 3«:7!7 N 1ft '13 
Electro-mechanical watemheel govemor, II 

Elec W 61:414-G F » '11 
New type of Pel ton -wheel governor, dlags 

Ens: Rec eS:lB6 Ag 16 '13 
Turbrne pendulum governors of the De Tem- 

zig, O. Mnog. Am Soo M E J 35:1048-50 Je 
Qrade crossings 
City's side of Erade-crosslng elimination. R. 
Hoffman. Bng N 69:3E9 F 20 'IS 

Kllmlnntlon nf ^rndr, croBslnttB li] Cleveland. 
44-7. 1178-81 

....l'l09;2's3'o"n ''13° 

Grade crossing elimination in cities: sum- 
mary, Ry ft Eng R 63:1148-50 D 13 '13 

Grade-crossing scandal. 8cl Am 109:«2 Jl 28 

Grade separation laws and requirements: ah- 
strart of 27 stale laws with tabular resume 
of city requirements. Ry Age BE:1118-21 D 

Railway grade crossing wllh steel foundation. 
II plan Eng N 69:448-9 Mr 6 "13 

«rp of"0 Railroads— Const ruction; RaH- 
ruads — Signals; Railroads— Track 
Grading (civil angineerlng) 
Eiampie of street grade Improvement: 
Pittsburgh Hump cut. II Bng N 69:491 Mr 

Grade reducllon on street railways. C. H, 

Reeves, II Eng N 69:72-6 Ja B '13 
Project tor regrading Rlncon Hill. San Fran- 
Cisco. Cal. II Eng N 69:400 F 27 'IS 
Sre of*) Railroads— Grades 
Graduating machines. See Indexing machines 
Graffito. See Frescoes 
Grafton, Richard, d. iWil 
Printers of note. \V. C, -Bleloch. Inland Ptr 
S2:376-6 D '12 
Grain cars 
Grain oar inspection, R. W. Sohulze, Am Eng 

87:33-4 Ja '13 
Hopper hotlom grain car. Grand Trunk Ry. 

II Ry & Eng R 63:317 Ap 6 "13 
Resolutions on grain cars and grain car sBr- 
VIOP. tl Ry & Eng R 53:1166-7 D 20 "13 
Grain elevators 

Concrete grain elevator construction, R, P. 

Durham. Concrete Cem 2:41-3 Ja '13 
Failure of the foundation of the new Cana- 
dl«n-Piirffi<- elevator at Transconn. 11 Ry 
Age 55:986-7 N 21 '13 
Pallu'-e of (he Transcona grain elevator. II 
Eng N 70:941-5 N 6 "13 

elevating and grain 

Floating pneumatic elevating and grain dls- 
charglnif plant. F: C. Coleman, 11 Scl Am 
109:48 Jl 19 '13 

Transcona. II Concrete Cem 3:259-60 D 'IS 
Threatened collapse of leaning grain elevatoi 
at WlnnlppB. 11 Eng Ret- 68:8up 45-6 N 
1 'IS 
Grain handling 
Floating pneumatic elevating and grain dis- 
charging plant. P: C. Coleman. 11 Set Am 
109:48 Jl 19 '13 
Gramophone. See Phonograph 
Grand Rapids, Michigan 

Watsr supply 
Conslrucdon of the Grand Rapids nitration 
plant, r,. D. Cutcheon. 11 Munlc Eng 44: 
492-8 Je '13 
Wkter softening and decoloration. W. A 
Sperry. Munlc Eng 45:343-6 O '13 

Grand Trunk offers Neiv England line to 
state. Ry ft Eng R 63:341 Ap 13 '13 

Proposed extension nf Grand Trunk railway 
system In New England, maps "Bag N 69: 

(jiraridsland for the Brooklyn basetHlII club. 
plans Bng Rec 67:271-6 Mr 8 '13 
Graphic methods 

I 19:723-4 My '13 

. Blec 1 

shoes. J: 8. Uyera. 


:-9 s 2 

Graph Id ■ 

N. a E 
Graphic solutlonof c 

■22ft"3o"ja 23 ' 
Graphical method of determining r. 

Inertia. R. KrauB. M»ch 19:697-8 My 'IS 
Graphics applied to fault problems. E. 1 

Rice. Eng ft Mln J 95:609-12 Mr 22 '13 
Graphic statics 


drf alin Bridges: Girders: Mechanl 
drawing: Roofs; Steel construction; Stral 
and stresses 



Graphite In boilers. J. A. Handy. Power S 

J78 F IB '13 
Graphite Industry. M. McNauKhtOn. Ens & 

Mln J 95:320 F S '13 
Graphite 1b Buccesaful. D. 1. Ciirtin. Power 38: 

375 S 9 '13 
Graphite lubrifatlon. 11 Colliery 34:193.1 O '13 
Lubrication with oils and with colloidal graph- 
": F. Mabery. charts Scl Am S 76; 

dlas Power 33:B89-90 N 11 '13 
Some elTects of temperature upon the re- 

Blatanre of sraphlte and carbon. B. P. 

Northrup. Met & Chem EnK 11:Z7S My '13 
Undeslred quick action of brakes lessened by 

Aee 51:1033 My 9 ' 
Graphite, Artinclal 
Uses for artificial graphite. P. H. Davles. 
plan Eng M 14:41G-e D '13 
Cnaracier In handwriting: the influence o( 
temporary moods. W: L.. French, it Scl Am 
B 78:199 S 27 '13 
Handwriting and human efflclency. W: L. 
French. 11 Scl Am 109:241-2 5 27 '13 
Oraphophone. See Phonograph 

Q rash of medal presented to George Westing- 
house. Scl Am 109:416 D 6 '13 

Wemlnchnuse receives Grashof medal. Klec 
W 62:1145-6 D 6 '13 

Compact Peekskll) sand and gravel washlnE 

plant. II plan Eqb N 69:614-6 Mr 13 -IS 
Bronnmlcal snnd and sravel plant. II plan 

Enr N 69:1068-7 My 2! '13 

Improvements In sand and gravel washing, 

R. W. Dull. 11 Concrele Cem 2:129-31 Mr 

■13: Same. Ry & Rnn B 53:202-3 Mr 8 '13 

River gravel on Panama canal construction. 

Ry & Eng B 63:776-7 Ag 18 '13 

Oreate. See Lubrication and lubricants: Oils 

and fats 
Qreaie traps 
Grease traps— their Interior construction. F. 
W. Tower, dlags Dom Eng 66:13-4 O 11 '13 
Oreat Britain 

Sea and air command; Germany's new policy 
In lis relation to the British naval su- 
premacy. II Scl Am S 75;39Z-E Je SI '13 
ar«Bt Falls, Montana. See Anaconda copper 

Great lake* 
Lake commerce ihrough Sault Sle. Marie oa- 

MiilB durlTiK 1912. Ens Rec 67:847 Je 7 '13 

New route for downbound vessels to facilitate 

Great lakes shipping. II Iron Tr R 52:30-4 

Ja 2 '13 

Traneportallon on the Great lakes. H. CouJby. 
Iron Age 91:1404-5 Je E '13 
Great Lakes naval training Btatlon 
Filtration plant at Great Lakea, HI. plans 
Eng Rec 67:206-6 F 23 '13 
Great msn 
Heredity and genlua. C: Kassel, Scl Am S 
76:155 S 6 '13 

Montana. E: P. Burch. Elec t^ J 41:117- 
8 Ja IS '13 
Great Salt Lake, Utah 

Variation In level Of Great Salt Lake, Utah. 
Eng Rec 67:729 Je 28 '13 
Green heart 
Greenheart timber. Scl Am 108:338 Ap 12 

Green houB** 
AppllCBllon of electric drive In greenhouBea. 
II Elec W 6Z:B11-3 O 25 '13 
Successful rules tor beating green housea. 
Heat & Ven 10:18-20 Ap '13 
Qreenland'B Eden. R. O. Skerrett. 11 Scl Am 
S 75:52-3 Ja 26 '13 
Qreenwood cemetery. See Brooklyn, N. T. — 

Gieenwood cemetery 
Fighting with dynamite and electricity. A. 
Gradenwltz, ii dlags Scl Am 109:188 D 27 
Grinding (ores, etc.). See Crushing machinery 
Grinding and poll thing 

• — i,_. gnd modern methods of bufnng. B. 

W. Rowabar. Foundry 41:210-1 

Iron Tr R 62:204-6 Ja 16 '13; Discussion. 

Am Soc M E J 35:629-31 Ap '13 
Emory-wheel truing device. D. A. Hampson. 

II Mach 19:67 S '13 
Exhaust syBlema for grinding, polishing and 

bufHng wheels; sped ficat Ions prescr" ' 

cylinders. Ind Bng 13: 
e of polishing telts. Met- 

n grinding one line of toots. _. ... 
Blair. 11 Metal Ind n a 11:390 S '13 
Inspecting before grinding. R J, Spenoe. Am 

Mach 38:159-60 Ja 23 'IS 
Metal polishing— -ancient and modem. S. W. 
Foundry 41:167-8 Ap 'IS 

portable rail grinder. 11 Elec Ry J 

igarding felt polishing 

laetal In^ - - "-" " 

427 S 13 

wheels. F. Dolge. 

I 11:86 F 

_..ita1ned polishing apparatus and dust 

collector marketed bv Lelman Brothers. II 
Ind Eng 13:508 D '13 

Time-saving methods of producing cylindri- 
cal work at Norton grinding co., Worces- 
ter, Mnes. ii Ind Eng 13:1411-51 Ap '13 

Use of rough diamonds for metal grinding 
purposes, w'. H. Parry. Metal Ind n ■ 11; 
143-4 Ag '13 

8rt alto Dust; Emery wheels: Hacbtne 
shop practice 

Ball hearing grinding machine. 11 Iron Age 

92:176-7 Jl 24 '13 
Bnlh universal grinding machine. 11 MAch 19: 

194-B Ja MS 
Bell-driven grinding and polishing machines. 

11 Iron Age 91:535 F 27 'IS 
npsly G3-inoh verllcal-splndle disk grinder. 11 

Mach 19:67 S '12 
Brown & Sharpe niain grinding machines. 11 

dlags Haoh 19:650-1 Ap '13 
Cincinnati 12-Inch grinding machine. II Mach 

19:391-2 Ja '13 
" "' ■ " I grinding machine. 11 Iron Age 91: 

Mach 20; 
three wheels. 11 

'22 Ja 2 .„ 
Diamond face grinding machii 

164-6 O "13 
Disk grinding mnchlne witl 

Iron Age 91:763 Mr 27 '13 
Double-spindle rtjig wheel grinding machine. 

767 Mr 27 '11 

N 70:1181 n 11 '13 
Gardner products notable for 

ball bearings. II Iron f 
Grinding machine for dl 

Age 92:982-3 O 30 '11 


cy Google 


Ing machlnei. _.„_ _ _, __ 

Beavy-duly face-grtndlnB machine, II Iron 

Age 92:6*1-2 8 26 '13 
Horizontal surface grinding machine. II Iron 

AKe B3T666-T B ii '13 
Lan<1lB roll grinding machine. 11 Iron Tr R 

"'3:377-8 Ag 2S -13; Iron Age 92:414-5 Ag 28 

■13; Mach 2 

58-9 e 

'13: Ens M 1fi:s 

Motor-driven grlndlnR maclilne for handltnB 

shafts and olher work up to ZO feet. 11 Iron 

Age 92:HS2-3 D 25 'IS 
Motor -driven lever-feed disk grinding ma- 
chine. II Iron Age 91i6E3 Mr 13 '13 
New surface grlndlnK machine. II Ind Eng 

13:«8-40 O '18 
Norton plain grinding machine. II Iron Age 

92:1131 D £G '13 
Norton roll grinding machine. II Iron Age 

92:228-31 Jl 31 '13: Iron Tr R 53:213-6 J) 31 

■13: MHCh l»:r81-8 Ag '13 
Norton surface grinding machlnea. II Iron 

Aee 92:4« Ag 38 '13 
Flaner-type aurface grinding machine. II Ind 

Eng 13:441-2 O 'IS 
Pratt & Whllney 2 2- Inch vertical surface 

grinder. II Iran Age 92:448-0 Ag SS 'IS; 

Mach 20:63-5 S 'IS 
RIvelt no. « Internal grinder. 11 Maoh 19: 

651-2 Mr '13 
Safety as applied to grinding machinery. F*. 

A. Barker. II Am Ind 13:aup 1-4 Je: sup 

1-4 JI; 14:bup 1-4 As 'IS 
16,T72-tn, universal grinder. II Am Hacta 38; 

878 My 22 '13 
Two new pin In grinding machines. II dlag 

Iron Age 91:940-1 Ap 17 '13 
Stt alto Grinding wheels 

Details of a simple equipment for grouting. 

II plan Concrete Cem 2;84-B P 'IS 
Grouleil foundation at Ihe Lahontan dam. H. 

A. RundB. Eng N 69:1190 Je 5 '13 
Grouting gravel In river heds. Eng N 69:969- 

70 My 8 '13 
Grouting process for preventing slides on the 

Panama canal. G: S. Rice, dlag Eng N 69: 

1181 Je S -13 
Grouilng Ihe arches of an old stone viaduct. 

Bng N 69:1184 Je 5 '13 
Mfthods used on L.ahontan dam of the 

Truckee- Carson project. D. W. Cole, II map 

Eng Rec 67:340-2 Mr 29 'J3; Same. Eng 

N 69:647-61 Ap 3 '13 
Rock grouting and caisson sinking 

Bar dam. 11 plans Eng N 70:949-56 N 13 'IS 

Tests of grouting rravel In river beds. H. H. 

Cartwrlght. II dlags Eng N 69:979-84 My I 

EteclrlDed chickens — electricity aa a growth 
stimulator, II 8cl Am 109:287 O 11 '13 
Guard rails 

Guard rail design. F. W, Rlzer, diags Hy 
Age 64:1096-7 My 16 ')8 

Jar-rammed guard rail molds. II PVnmdry 41: 



I Ouggenhelnu. Eng A MIn 3 96:368 Ag 

( Forest Serv Bul 127:1-64 


Stake mine. o. uhk- mei s Liiem r,ng lh 

105-B F '13 
New grinding pan. II Eng & Mln J 96:792 

O 26 'IS 
RfiiiuirementB of small cyanide mills. A. Del 

Mar. II Eng A Mln J 96:769-71 O SB '13 
Kce alto Cruslilng machinery 

ExhauBl systems tor grinding wheels, Ry Age 

(Mech ed) B7:3CS-« Je '13 
Grinding wheels and their use, W, R. Hede- 

man. diags Ry Age (Mech ed) 87:663-1 

D '13 
Mounting grinding wheels. Ind Eng 1S:600 

Saving money In the grinding room. C. P. 

DIeli. Ind Eng 13:473-6 N 'IS 
Teals of grinding wheel protection dovlcea. R. 
G. Willlsms. IT Iron Age 92:1278-80 D 4 '13: 
Same. Sol Am S T6:392-S D 20 '13: Same, 
il Iron Tr R 63:1045-9 D 11 "13 
Btc alf Emery wheels 
Orolned-arch. See Vaulting 
Foreshore protection by re Info reed -concrete 

groins, plans Eng N 09:668-70 Ap S '13 
Reinforced -concrete sea defenses In England. 
Eng Rec 6B:M0-1 Ag JO "13 
8ie alto Sea walls 
Groeiman manufacturing co., Brooklyn, N. V. 
Grossman plant, plan II Automobile 29:1201 
D 25 '13 
around detectors. See Electric Instruments 
Ground watsrs. See Water. Underground 
Qroundlno. See Electric dlstrlbutloii 

Annealing admiralty gun metal Foundry 
' 41:168-9 Ap '13 
Motor gunboats tor Colombia. II Int Marine 
Eng 18:469 N IS 
One-man broadside control. 8cl Am 10S:lTi 
F 22 '13 
See alto Artillery; Guns; Projecllles 
Gunpowder, Smokeleas. See SmokeleM powder 

Bursting of 13.S-lnch and 14-Inch guns, BL 

Bravetta. Scl Am 1DS:1T4 P 33 'IS 
Military automohile gun. 11 Scl Am 108:247 

Mr 16 '13 
Premature explosion of shells in three-Inch 
neld guna. II Scl Am 108:358 Ap 19 '13 
Sff alto Artillery 
Guns. Naval. See Naval guns 
Gurney electric elevator company, Honesdat*, 

Complete elevator manufacturing plant. II 
plan Iron Age 92:67-70 Jl 10 '13 
Gutenberg. Johannei, 14007-14687 

Evolution, invention and progress Of print- 
ing. W. E. Stevens, por Inland Ptr 61:77- 
9 Ap '13 

Ventilation of Kymnasiums: detailed results at 

Springfield (Mass.) ventilation plant. J. H. 
McCurdy. plan Heat A Ven 10:26-33 N '13 

Oklahoma gypsum deposits and Industry, ti. 
C. Snider. II map Etig A Mln J 95:931-3 
My 10 '13 

Engineering appllcnlions of the gyroscope. E. 

A. Sperry. II J Fr Inst 176:463-74 My 'IS 

Gyroscope „ 

Engineering applications of the ovoscope. E 

A Sperry. 11 J Fr Inst 175:447-83 My '18 
Gyroscope in aviation. E. A. Sperry. It Eng M 

46:674-7 JI '13 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


Gyroscope — Conlinseil. 
QyrOBCopk mechftnlBm foi 
pitch of vesaela at aaa. 
Ag £3 'la 
Qyroscoplc BtablUaer (or shlpa. 

__. Am S 76:203-5 Mr 29 "13 

MakEne the aeroplane aafa by tlie gyroacoplc 

stabfllier. R G. Skerretc. II Scl Am 103:611- 

2 Je T '13 
Widening Held ot the gyroscope, Mach 19: 

683 My -13 

Haarlem lake, Netherlandi 

Drainage of the Haarlem laUt, In Holland. 

map Eng Rec 6T:5E9-61 My IT '13 

Hall desulphu riling procaia. Bee Ore treatment 

\ minerals: martdngs due to radium In 

_..,.. aignlflcance. J. Joly, 11 Scl 

Ellmlnallng chance In hardening IooIsl dlagt 

Ry & Eng R 53:765-6 Ag 9 '13 
HardenlOK small Novo sleel milling cutlers. 

Mach llcilOl Mr '13 
Hanienlnc the hpada of forge tools. J. Cran. 

11 dlags Mach 20:304 D '13 

-denlng of steel. See Steel. Hardening ot 

s ami their 

Am S T5: 132-G Mr 1 
, Syria 


Ancient city and Its remarkable 
ibursi Qermany 


11 Iron Age 

mer; Steam 

map Enj 

nap Eng T 

Z "13 

Rein for 

W. T. .._ _. .. 

Toronto, Ont.^ — harbor 
maps Eng N 69:lllB-g My Z9 '13 
Bee alto Buoys; Docks; Ports; Wharvea 

e wharf with grouted foun- 
improvement at Hollo, P. I. 
Eng N 70:1003-10 N 30 '13 


Harding _ 

Am mat Min E Bui 79:13ai-S Jl '13: Same 
pond. Eng & Mln J 96:493-4 S 13 '13: Dis- 
cussion. Am Inst Mln E BUI 83:2708-8 N '13 

Ore crushtnK. H. W. Hnrdlnge, dlaga Rng 
M 45:598-601 Jl '13 

Pebble lining for Hardlnge i 

D; Cole. 

_._ cago; safe 

. J. N._ Jensen. 11 plan Eng N 69; 

Port ot Hamburg. I. P. Bubendey. 11 £ng N 

70:189-91 Jl 31 'IS 

Rapid Iran I It 
Hamburg elevated and underground railway. 

II Scl Am S 75.20 Ja 11 '13 
Hamburg subway and elevated railway. 11 

map Blec Ry J 41:416-9; 42:177-80 Mr 8. 

Ag 2 'IS 
Power equipment of the Hamburg rapid tran- 
sit system. 11 plan Else Ry J 42:6-9 Jl 6 '13 
Shops and carhouses of the Hamburg rapid 

transit system. 11 plan Elec Ry J 41:168- 

74 Mr 15 '13 
Hamilton. Ohio 

~ • lection plana for Ohio cities. J: W. 

460-3 Mr 6 '13 
Early America . . . 

lection of Dutch -colonial examples, li: w. 

Nash. II Arch Rec 34:329-33 O '13 

f!re alto Bolts and nuta; E^les and raspa; 

lAivks anil key.s; Tools: also American iron. 

steel and heavy hardware association 
Hardware manufacturer!' auoclatlan. See 

American hardware manufacturers' asaocla- 

Improved type of power hammer 
91:893 Ap 10 '13 

Set alM Phillips spring han 

landllng, Mechanical. See Mechanical hand- 
fandling o( coal. See Coal handling 

handwriting. See Graphology 

New hangars for military uses. 11 Scl Am 
108:69-70 Ja 18 '13 

t of tronaoortatlon: 

Bide of New York bay. Eng Rec 68:526-6 
N a 'IS 

Dredging problems In Wilmington harbor, 
Delaware. R. R. Raymond, map Eng N 69: 
M8-41 My S '13 

Electrical equipment and concrete construc- 
tion at Auckland harbor. W, Wilson. II 
mnp Eng M 46:217-36 N 'IS 

Harbor construction at Kobe and Tokohama. 
Japan. W. T. Howe. II i>lan Eng N 70:666-7 

Harbor development at San Pedro, Cal. O, C. 
Mufioz. il plan Eng Rec 67:,149-50 My 17 'IS 

Harbor development In Seaftie. W. Ij. Kids- 
ton, map plans Hng Rec 68:221-3 Ag 23 '13 

Hydrographlc surveying; Oakland harbor de- 
velopmenl. California. F, W, Johnson. 11 

T N 70:362-4 Ag 21 '13 

~ " boat ways, Rockhaven 
i. R. Morrow. II Eng N 

riman memorial gold medal. By Age 55: 
70S O 17 '13 
Harris, William Laurel, 1670- 
Study In church decoration: the Paullsl fath- 
ers church In New York city. C: H. Dorr, 
i! Arch Rec 33:187-203 Mr '13 
Harvard university 

Co-operation In educational effort. Scl Am 
103:153 F IG '13 
Harvesting machinery 

Ket alf Mowing machines 

Trackless- 1 roll ey motor for aasistlifg haulage 
on a Bleep- grade street at Alt on a, Ger- 
many. J. P. Sohroeter, 11 Eng N 70:253 Ag 
T '13 

Traction hauling costs. E. O. Stanley, II 
Munic Eng 15:570 D -13 

Sre dim Conveying macl'lnery: raoctrlo 
haulage; Freight handling: Mine haulage; 
Motor trucks; Transportation 

O. Kellogg, dlag Eng & Mln J 96:924-5 N 
16 -13 
;imple Joplln headframes. 11 Eng & Min J 95: 

II '13 

Ian Mine shafts 

-heading. C. I.. I.ucas and E. W. Duston. 

II diasa Mnch 19:667-71, 814-3 Mv. Jl '13 

Machine forging. D. T. Hamlllon, 11 Mach 19: 

707-10 My '13 


B.ik1c prlnclpleK of head-lamp illumlnntion. 

: R, 

:741-2 ( 


K'r iilun Reflectors 
eadllaht*. Locomotive. See 1 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


Health boards 

Lessons from a never-used sewage- treatment 
plant, Scotia, N. Y. Ebb N 70:413-4 Ag 28 

Rules KovemlnK tlie Bubmlsalon of sewerage 
and water-supply plans to tlie New Jersey 
state board or health. Ens N 70:648-50 S 

Thermal proiiertles of {■onr 
ton. Am Soc M E J 35:li 

ThermodynamlcB. iIIbks Am 
IST-SZ Ja '13 


Heat balanoe. I'ower 38:E50-1 O 14 '13 
Heat balance In steam boilers. I. S. Marks. 

Power 37:4S-T Ja 14 '13 
Heat balance of a producer. J. C. Smallwood. 

Power 37:897-3 Je 24 '13 
Heat balance of the open hearth. B. Cornell. 

Met & Chem Eng 11:3B7-SS My 'J3 
Heat, combust ton and the generation of 

steam. C. A. McAllister. Int Marine Eng 

18:18-20 Ja 'IS 
Heat Itet Id Hue gases. (Enfclneers' study 
~ wer 38:143-4 Jl 22 '13 

__' combustion; meaaurement of 

(Engineers' study course) II Power 

37:617 Ap 29 '13 

Brr o'lT') Calorimeters and caloHmeCry: 

Cold: Comhuslfon: Entropy: Fire: Heating: 

I.lquefaetliin of gases: Pyrometers and py- 

rometry; Radiation: Steam: Temperature; 

Thermodynamics; Thermometers; Waste 

Heat accumulatars 
Heat accumulators and their use in exhaust- 
steam turbine plants. Ind Eng 13:319-21 Jl 

Heat conductivity 

Electrical method for comparing thermal con- 
ductivities. W: Eves. Met & Chem Eng II; 
503-4 S '13 

Flow of heat through furnace walla. Met & 
Chem Eng 11;B74-B O '13 

Healing of oablcH carrying current, S, Dush- 
man. Am Inst K E Pro 32:164-KS F '13 

Internal heating of atator colls. R. B. Wil- 
liamson. Am Inst B E Pro 32:438-48 F '13 

Some aspects of heat Dow. Met & Chem Eng 
11:,iT2-4 O '13 

Theory of penetration of heat in solid ma- 
terials. L.. R. Ingerswll. Eng N' 70:864-9 O 

M E J 36:1625-53 O '13 
Thermal testing plant at the Pennsylvania 
state college. J. A. Moyer. Eng N 70:696 
O 9 '13; Power 38:684-5 N 11 ^13 

Srr, aluo Boilers; Evaporation; Heat con- 
ductivity: Steam engineering 
Heat treatment of steel. See Steel. Heat treat- 
Heaters, Feed water. Sea Feed water heaters 
Auiomalic lemperature regulation. J. Gra- 
ham, dlugs Dom Eng 64:270-2 S 6 '13 
Combination steam and hot -water heating 
I'. Connor, dlag Power 38:857-3 

, C: L. Nor- 

!l Jp -13 

c M E J 35: 

K Steam en- 

. Sf-e Heat conductivity 
iurement. See Calorimelerg and cal- 
ly: T'yronielerB and pyrometry; Tem- 
rP — Measurement; Thermo-couples; 

Heal transmlsilon 

Beaver Falls heat transmlselon testing sta- 
tion. II dia«B Heat & Ven 10:45-9 Ag '13 

Convection and radiation of heat. Met £ 
Chem Eng 11:273-9 My '13 

Heat trnnsmlsslon and entra.inment In vac- 
uum evaporators, dlag Met & Chem Eng II; 
333-8 Je -13 

Heat transmission with pipe colls and cast- 
iron heaters under fan blast conditions. 
L. C. Soule. plan Power 38:435-7 S 23 '13 

Ijiboratory InvcstlFtation of temperature rise 
as a function of atmospheric conditions. C. 
R. manrhairt and C. T. Anderson. Am Inst 
R E Pro 32:464-76 F '13 

I>aws of heat trans 

Tests upon the 
um evaporators. Met & Chem E 
N '13 

U 16 '13 

Elements of heating. E. N. Irwin, Power 
38:509-10 O 7 '13 

Embedded radiation for heating buildings. 
Eng N 69:173 Mr 6 '13 

Fan blast system of factory heating. Heat & 
Ven 10:37-9 My 'IS 

Fan heating systems for foundries. W. H. 
Carrier, ^ana Heat ft Ven 10:26-31 Ja '11 

Friction and InerlJa of the heating art. J, 
G, Dudley. Power 38:924-5 1> 30 '13 

Heat and ventilation: suggestions for com- 
bining heating with air condlttonlDg Bva- 
lems. 3. (J. Koon. Eng M 44:786-8 F '13 

Healing and ventilating HonwJt- Teller bldg.. 
N, y. city, plans Dom Eng 62:368-72 Mr 

-- 13 

Heatinn and ventilating the 

ervliel, N, Y. plan Dom Eng 62:274-6 Mr 

Hot blast heating for an Ice skating rink; 

Winnipeg horse show amphitheatre, plans 

Heat & Ven 10:11-7 Ap '13 
Hot blast system of heating the D. A H. 

railroad shops. Watervllet, N, Y. plan Heat 

R. Sankey. plan Heal A Ven 

in:!1-7 My '13: Same oond. Eng M 4E:J78- 

80 My '13 
Indirect heating systems with respect to 

maximum economy and operation. F. L. 

Biisey and W. H. Carrier. Heat & Ven 

10:30-7 Mr '13; Same. Power 37:380-2 Mr 

18 '13 
Mixed heating system. E: T. Blnns. plan 

Power 37:465-6 Ap 1 '13 
Modern mechanical equipment for a public 

institution. II plan Hea.t & Ven 10:36-43 O 


339-41. 64:37-9. 99-101. J22-4, 273-5; 66:2-4, 
.141-3. 365-7 Ap 6. 19. My 17, Je 21, Jl 12, 
26. Ag 2. S 6. O 4. D 13-20 '13 

New terminal post ofnce In New York, L. B. 
Marks and J. E. Woodwell. II Elec W 51: 
191-2 Ja 25 '13 

lOlh annual meeting of the American society 
of heating and ventilating engineers. New 
York, Jan., 1913. Dom Eng 6!:133-9 F 
1 '11 

19th annual meeting of American society 
of heating and ventilating engineers. New 
York. 1913. Power 37:170-1 F 4 '13 

191h semi-annual meeting of the American 
soc. of heating and ventilating engineers, 
Buffalo, July, 1913. Power 38-180-1 Jl 29 

Operating economies In heating large factory 
buildings. E: L. Wilder. Heat & Ven 10:17- 
20 Jl '13; Same cond. Power 38: 302-3 Ag 26 

.. Heat A Ven i 

Question of heat and ventilation, C: L. Hub- 
hard. II Arch Reo 33:444-56; 34:248-56 My, 
S '13 

Room temperature and radiating surface. J; 

. Power 87:379 Mr 1 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


Heating —Continued. 
SiiccesBtu] rules lor heatlitK greeDhouaeS. 
Heat & Ven 10:18-20 Ap '13 

■ - ■ lieatlnK apparatus. 


Power 3g:3GS-» S 9 '13 
Unusual factory heallne inslnllat 

lie LAval spparatur co. E. M. 
_plan Dom Eng 62:62-1 Ja 18 'u 
Warm air HeatlnK and ventllatlDs. K. Meier. 

dlBRS Heat & Ven lD:ZS-32 8 'IS 
Hee al-o BoUers; Car heating; Chimncya; 

Electrit healing^ Fuel: Fumaoea; Gas 

heatlns: Heating from central slalLons; 

Heating pipes: Hot water heating; Kadla- 


Aine: Ventilatli 

f«r-plDii[ apparatus. 

», J. u>j»iiiiiK. luwcr 3B:721-2 N 18 '13 
Expense of operating heatlns and ventilating 

plants. Power 38:437-8 S 23 'IS 
Operating cost lieatlnj): and ventilating plants. 

H. M. Hart. Dom Eng 65:133-6 N I IS 
Tablsi, calculation!, etc. 
Calculator for residence heating. 11 Power 

ST;3TK-gD Ur IS '13 
Coal required for heating. Power 37:363-1 Je 

IT '13 
Comparison of thirteen radiation formulas. 

A. C. Rogers. Heat & Ven 10:i5-T Ag '13 
Qraphlcal solution of heating problems. Pow- 
er S7:20 Ja 1 '13 

Heatlns a New England house with steam. 

B. R. Pierce, plans Dom Eng 86:228-30. 
26t-e N 22-29 '13 

Heating a BChool, K. L. Busey. Power 37: 
SO Ja 21 '13 

Hot-water direct-hen ting charts. P. B. Gil- 
bert. Jr. Power 37:712-4 My 20 '13 

How to figure boiler horse power. Heat & 
Ven 10:39-40 Jl '13 

Methods of estimating radiation and types 
n! radiating surfEU^es, A. G, King. 11 Dom 
Eng 63:fil-4 Ap 19 '13 

Ofllce practice In estlmatlns heating and ven- 
tilation for factories. B. W. Smallman. Heat 
A Ven 10:33 Ja '13 

Pressure losses In piping system. Power 37: 
1^6-8 Ap 1 '13 

Radiation formula for house heating. C: F: 
Smith. Heat & Ven 10:21-2 Mr '13 

Steam and electric load curves In large build- 
ings. Power "'-" " " ■ '■" 


Tempera lu 
factor. C 


1 62:11 

, Heat & Ven 1 

-9 Ja 11 ■: 

" the 



. Pow 

■ S7;6i 



heating with high-p 
F. W. " ■■ 

Power SJ:7B3-6 Je 6 
Economics of central station heatlns. 

(Iirrord. Am Boc M E J 36:1421-5 ! 

Hame. Ind Eng 13:450-1 O '11 
6th annual convention of National dl 

heaJinR__ftSHn.. Indianapolis. May, l""" 

1:1299-1301 Je 

'13; Power 37:841-3 Ja 

10 '13 

Gth annual convention of the National dis- 
trict heating assn., Indianapolis, May, 1913. 
Heat A Ven 10:29-36 Je '13 

Is district heating protltable to the central 
". J. Davidson. Heat A Ven 10; 


9 Jl '13 
•nal disti 


Ohio public service commission promulgates 
new rales, rules and regulations for central 
station hot water heating. Heat & Ven 10: 
33-4 My IS 

Present tendencies In the generation and dis- 
tribution of heat from a central station, B. 
T, Qifford. Heat A Ven 10:17-20 My 'IS 


Double fallacy oC flat rates for steam heat- 
ing. Elec \V 62:693 S 20 '13 
Meter rale versus Hat rate for steam- healing 
service. H. R. Wetherell. Heat & Ven 10: 
33-6 D '13 
Heating pipes 
L,09s of pressure due to elbows in pipe, dlags 
4 Ag 26 ■-- 

466-8 Ap J '„ 
special Venturl style elbows. F. L. Busey. 
dlagH Power 38:369-70 8 9 '13 

Bee alto Hot water heating; Steam pipes 
Heights. See Altitudes 


t Hei 

Birth of the atom: has matter been syn- 

theslaed. Scl Am S 76:164-5 Mr 8 '13 
Has matter been syntheslaed7 J: W. N. Sul- 

Uarvesting tan bark. S: J. Record, il Set Am 
8 76:408 Je 28 'IS 

"rdiVr^u"""^ ''' ""■■•'■ ^"' "■" = 

Hatch Hetchy valley 
Army engineers and Secretary Ftsher on 
Hetch Hetchy and the San Francisco wa- 
ter-supply. Eng N «9:530-2 Mr 13 '13 
Erroneous statements regarding the Hetch 
Hetcliy project. Eng Rec 68:282-3 S U 'IS 
Heterochromatlc photomelry. H. E. Ives. Ble« 

W 61:734 Ap 5 '13 
Composition of hieroglyphic types. N. J, 
Werner. 11 Inland Ptr 60:671-8: Ja "« 

mputlng hot water radiation. 
Heat A Von 10:39-40 D '13 
Heating, Electric, See Electric heating 
Heating, Hot vrater. See Hot water heating 
Heating, Steam. See Steam heating 
Heating and ventilating engineer*, American 
society of. See American society of heat- 
ing and ventilating engineers 
Healing from central stations 
Cenlral atdtlon vapor healing at Cleveland. 11 

dlaga Hum Ene 63:336-8 Je 21 '13 
District heating by steam and hot water. L.. 

iompieting a belated skyscraper. Eng Rec 
building, S. F. 

68:192 Ag IS '13 

Design or the W ^ „. _. .. 

Holtiman. 11 plans Bng Rec 68:22-4 Jl 6 '13 
■ yllght into a skyscraper. II Arch 


otHce buildings. D. K. Hojd- Eng Rec 68: 
BS9 N 22 '13 
Method ol checking economical height of 
offlre buildings, (T T. Culey. Eng Rec 68: 

68:111 Jl 26 '13 
Office bulldine of the Conwlldated bob co.. 

.Vcw York. 11 plans Eng N 70:1276-83 D 

35 '13 
Proposed restrictions for helghtn of buildings 

Jn New York. Eng Rec 68:689-60 D 13 '13 
Skyscraper of the future. D: H. Bay. 11 Scl 

Am S 76:148-50 Mr 8 'IS 
Tallest office building In the world: erec- 
tion of the Woolworth building. New York. 

11 Scl Am 108:221-6 Mr 8 '13 
Towers of Manhattan and notes on the 

Woolworth building. H. Schuyler. 11 Arch 

Rec 33:98-122 V 'IS 

Hlgh-preMure fire service. See Fire service 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


Hlgh.achool graduaU* ^ „ , 

KlBh-Hchaor graduate an^ the 8hop. R. J. 
Spence. Am Mach 3S;7B5-6 My B -13 

Agriculture In the high Bchoola. Scl Am 

lOSMi Je 21 'IB , ,^ 

Sfchool that trains hoya tor shop work: the 
William L. DlckliiBon high acliool, Jersey 
City, N. J. E: K. Hammond, 11 Mach 19: 
149-B3 Je '13 
High apaed ateel. Bee Tool ateel 
Highway engineers aaioelatloo ot MlMourl 
Sixth annual meeting, St. LouW, 1»13. Eng 
N 63:630-1 Mr 20 '13 

"!S?ldSM "^ culverts tor country roadB In 
fl^conaln. A. R. Hlrat. BngN 70:729-30 

Rulea governing the uae of heavy 
highways m New York. Ens 
O IB '13 
Hlghwayi. See Roads 

Barly American hardware: 

iriy «uiB.i™.. iM« — Interesting 

coilectian of Dutch -colonial examples. Q. 
W. Naah. 11 Arch Ree 34:323-83 O '13 


UlliTty of the atudy o( history. B: D: Jones. 
Eng M 44:1-6 O 13 
Hljtory, Military. See Military history 
HItchei. See Slings and hllches 
Hoboken, N. J. 
Rehabilitation of Holwken sewerage system. 
II plana Eng Rec 87:321-8 P 12 'II 
Ornamental use of concrete In playground 
structures In Hoboken park. II plana Con- 
crete Cem 1:41-7 D 'IS 
Hoeklno vsiley 

14th ) 

I for 

■"1913." Ky Ane r,5:684-6 (. . , ,,, , 

RevPiiuea ami exrenacB. Ry Age 5B;644-5 ' 
10 'll 
Hogs. See Snlne 
Holatlng chains. See Chains 
Hoisting machinery , ,, 

Bleolrlc motor clam shell bucket 11 dia 
Iron Ase 92:135-4 Ji 17 13; Iron Tr R B! 
332 Ag 21 '13 ^ , „ 

Equalizing load moment on hoisting er 
glnes. W. Ehle. plan Colliery 33:399 
Experiments on the power consumption < 

33:4BE Mr '13 
Hoisting bea"" 

Btreet. il B: 
New aafety ( 

4«1 Mr "13 
Otis autoniatL .. 

Iron Tr R B3:96I-2 N 27 ' 
PawllnK & HarnlschfcEer e 

Inil Eng 13:438-9 N '13 
Portable column hoist, a Br 

not St InstnllaUor 

' ft MIn J 9fi: 

hoists. Concrete Ceni 

Some heavy lifting tackle, il Ry ft Eng R 
53:371 Ap 19 '13 

«(T aim Conveying machinery; Cranes, 
dcrrlrks, etc.: Electric shovels; Elevators; 
Cilntiules: Hooks; Lifting magnets; Mine 
hoisting; Mining machinery; Slings and 
hitches; Wire rope 
Hoisting rope. See Wire rope 
Holding companies 
Consolidation of DohMty holding companies. 

Elec W 62:1247-8 D 20 '11 
Where holding companies may lead. Elec W 
G2:1I9S D 13 '13 
Holding devices. See Arbors (machinery): 

13; same' cond, Eng Rec 63:378 O 4 '13 
Cbboalng highway superintendents under new 

Illinois law. W! R. Robinson. Eng Rec 68. 

37B O 4 '13 ^. ^ , „ 

Criticism of New York's new highway law. 

Eng Rec 67:46! Ap 26 '13 
Iowa road law. Eng Rec 68:31, 36 Jl 12 13 
Iowa rt^ law. A. llarston. Eng N 70:131-3 
New Illinois highway law eentrallies author- 
ity. Concrete Cem 3:136 S '13 
Reports on the organliatlon of a highway 

department for the state of New York. 

Eng N 69:773-80 Ap 17 '13 
Road legislation and syndic aaaoclatlons in 

Prance. M. de Pulllgny. Concrete Cam l. 
Rules governing (he use ot Heavy vehicles on 

highways, In Allegheny CO.. I'a. Eng Rec 

lerlth I 

See Pur 

;ard i 

Presiaent of Worcester polytechnic Institute. 
por Ens N 69:721 Ap 10 '13 
Hollow tile. See Tllea 
Homestake mining company 
Homestake Improvements and Lead notes. 
Eng &. MIn J 96:984 N 22 '13 
Homing pigeons. See Pigeons 

Hookworm disease at southern mines. J. W. 
Pryor. il Colliery 33:688-60 My 'IS 
Hopper car*. See Freight cars 

Derlvallon of S, A. B. horsepower. F. Jehte. 

Automobile 28:991 My 8 '13 
ExplaiiHtlun of horsepower. Automobile 28: 

820 Ap 10 '13 
Method of lindlng horsepower. Automobile 

29:1196-7 D 11 '13 
What Is a horsepoiver? Power 37:125-6 Ja 

28 '13 
What Is a horsepower? W: Kent. Power 37: 


L 28 ' 

Thinking horses: a problem In animal psy- 
chology, or In stage trickery? II Scl Am 
108:454 My 17 'IS 

gn, Horace E.. 1 

Flexible hose that doesn't kink. 11 Int Ma- 
rine Eng 18:tSl Ap '13 
See alio Air brake hose 
Hose, Air brake. See Air brake hose 
Hose couplings 

.Nallonai standard hose couplings and hy- 
drant ntllnEs for public Are service. F. M, 
Grl.swold. Am Hoc M E J 35:421-34 Mr '13 
Standardization of hose ana hydrant connec- 
^ tlona. Enf N 70:289 Ag 14 "" 

r for I 

• Rock 

I Ry . 


Accounting sysiem for a municipal hospital. 

D. C. EKi,'leM"n. J Account 16:266-70 N '13 
Connell colliery hospital, II plan Colliery 34: 

201-6 N '13 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


tal. H. I'. Alt. 
Ak 13 '13 
HOHpllol refrigeration a.nd vacuum cli'iining. 
H. L. All. Dom Kr "' *' ' ~ '" 

11 cli'iinin 
< 30 'IS 

. O. 


I'uoleey. Ry & Ens R &3:853- 

Plumbing In Grecnpolnt hoHitltal. Brooklyn. 
Dum Kns 62:216-» F 22 '13 

lIumbiriK in Ml. Vernon, New York, ho.spltaJ. 
plans Dom Bng 62:3uZ-1 Mr Ifi '13 

Question of heat and ventilation. C: L. Hub- 
bard. Arch Hec 34:246-56 S '13 

Service equipment of the Samarllan hoepl- 
tal, Troy. N. Y. C. F. Herlnston. plans 
Kllg N 7U:1U8-11 Jl IT '13 

Special ward li<^utinK and ventllullon at the 
I'tter Bent Urigham huspilul. liiistun. II. S. 
Knowlton. plan l-ower 38:7B0-2 U 2 '13 
Hre alta Sanatorlums 
Hot water fitten. -See Nutlonal BHsociallon ot 

master steam and liol water Utters 
Hot water h Bating 

Cliart for delermlnlnE aize of pipe fur gravity 
hot water heating Bystems. M. S. LXioiey. 
Heal & Yen 10:3;!-S S '13 

Circulation through shunted hot water ra- 
diators. L. L. Brewster, plan Power 37: 
158 F 4 '13 

Circulation through shunted hot water ra- 
diators. W. U Durand. Power 3T:4S8 Ap 
1 -13 

Compressed air to circulate hot water, plan 
Power 37:712 My 20 '13 

Condensing plants for large commerdal 
buildings. W. I.. Durand; I. N. Bvans. 
Power 37:227-30 P IS '13 

Connections between live and exhaust steam 
heaters in forced hot water beatlnc. plan 
Heat & Ven 10:33 P '13 

Connections to circulating pumps In hot wa- 
ter heating, plan Heat & Ven 10:37 P 'IS 

District heating by steam and hot water. 
U B. Lent, Power 37:606-8 Ap 29 '13 

Figuring pipe sIkps for li.ii water li.atlng 
apparatus. 1. V. Serginsky. Heat & Ven 
10:19-26 N '13 

Plow of water In shunted radiators. H. A. 
Kleselbach. Power 33:230 Ag 12 '13 

biillern used Interrhangealily for Hteam and 
hot water, sanatorium of the Metropolitan 
life Insurance co., Mt. McOregor, N. Y. 
plan Heat & Ven 10:17-24 D '13 do be 

FVirced circuiHtiun of hot water In domestic 
heallntr plants, also a brief I'xplnnalion 
of tiie Honeywell system. A. C. King. I>om 
Eng 65:365-7 I> 20 '13 

Heating and ventilating details ot the New 
York general post-office. II plans Heat ft 


High -pressure steam heating vs. hot-w 
by-product plant. I. N. Evans Power 
169-72 Jl 26 '13 

Hot-waler direcl-he.Tlln(r charlH. F. B. 
bert. jr. Power 37:712-4 My 20 '13 

Hot water healing system In a bakery, plan 
diags Dom Eng 6::iii-S Jii 18 '13 

Machine shop heating, ventilating and. cool- 
ing on a largp sonle; plant of Ford motor 
CO., Detroit, Htch. 11 plans Heat & Ven 10: 

i p '1! 

Novfl and sritisfartnry hei 
Eng 66:74-6 O IS 'IS 

Ohio public senice commission promulgates 
new rates, rules and regulations for central 
station hut water heating. Heat & Ven 10: 
33-4 Mv '13 

Open tank iwo-i>ip,. system of iiol water 
halting. .V. U. King, dlags Dom Eng 61:273- 
5 K 6 13 

overhead xystem of hot water heating, bet- 
ter known ua the Mills system. A. G. 
King, pliins Hum p:ng 66:2-4 O 4 '13 

I'iiyslcal iiition of attam and forced hot-wa- 
ter heating systems. I. N. Evans. Power 38: 
232-6 Ag 12 '13 

Pipe sizes for forced hot water heating. 
\V. L.. Durand. power 37:465, 714 Ap 1, My 
20 '13 

Possibilities of hot-water heal. N. M. Ar- 
gabrlte. Power 38:!»S-6 Jl IS '13 

. dlag J'ower 38:507-9 O 7 'is" ' 

Shunt system ot connecting r 
Kisselljaeh. I'ower 38:723-4 

H. - 

Meier, diags Heat & Ven 10:13-7 Je; 21-8 

Jl '13 
23 ruli's for comiiuting hot water radiation. 

Hi-Ht & Ven 10:39-40 D '13 
Tw<i hot waicT suppli' systems that caused 

trouble, plan Dom Eng 62:223-5 F 22 '13 
Vacua hot-water lienting ain>lled to Wool- 

worth building. I. N. Evans, plans Power 

38:II4'l-8 N 4 '13 
l-lot water supply 


1 for h 



s. dliiBH l)"m Eng 64;3'. ,, _. -_ 

■ oorrOBion. F. N. Speller, plan Eng N 
'4-5 F 13 -13 

i iHiller syslem for hot water, diags 
I Kng 63:;f;;o My 24 '13 

ilarliun. F. W. Tower. Dom Eng 64:179- 

Pooriy arranged 

Dom Eng 65:72 O is i-> 
l>rtiliteni In hot water supply. II Dom Eng 

6:.:3i4-5 I> 20 '13 

I^ W. Tower, diags Dom Eng 64:242-4 Ag 
30 '13 

Srr iilmi CJus water healers; Plumbing 
How to build concrete hot -beds and cold- 
frames, ii Concrete Cem 1:60 D '12 
Believue-St rat ford hotel. Philadelphia, Pa. 

11 Arch & Bldg 45:120-2 Ur '13 
Eieelric hotpl in Paris. J. Itoyer. II Sci Am 

10»:315 N 1 -iS 
Eleclrlcal eiiuipmenl of a modem hotel; ar- 
tlsllc and ellictent lighting scheme In Mc- 
Alpin hotel. N. Y. li Elec W 61:927-30 My S 

vm * ■ 

ii 1 

Hotel as a central- station c 

62:432-3 Ag 30 '13 
Hotel Kimball, SprlngReld, Uass. 11 plan 

Arrh & Bldg 4S:65-7 P '13 
Hotel McAlpln heating system. 11 Heat & Ven 

10:43 Ag '13 
Iloif.l Mr.Mpin. New York. 11 pUn Arch A 

Bldg 45:43-61 F 'I" 

ot the 

412-3 N 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


New YortCa newest hotel: Hotel McAlpln. 

D: E. Tarn. II Arch Rec 33:i31-41 Mr 13 
RltB-Carlton hotel, Philadelphia. Pa. 11 Arch 

& Bide 4S;6e-TZ P '13 
Rid- Carl ton hotel, Philadelphia: pictures. 

Arch Rec U:113-U S '13 
Rltz-Cartton hotel refrise ratine: plant. N. Y. 

plans Power 37:»»7-B Ap S -13 
ahoreham hotel. Washing-ton. D. C. i] Arch 

& BIdE 45:73-5 F '13 
Varied uses of flectricllj- In lintol Ohio. 

VouTiBBtOHn. 11 Elec W B2:12uB-S D 11 '13 
Ventllallnn EHiuipmeiiC of Ritz-Carltun hotel. 

II plans Dom EnR 6S:155-S F 8 '13 


BlBht-hour versuB twelve-hour shifts; 

mles efFected In a steel foundry through 
shorter hours. R. A. Bull, BnK H 44:599-601 
Ja '13 

Heaiintf on Illinois bill llmmnB hours of labor. 
Elec Ry J 41:854-6 My 10 '13 

National iron and steel labor report: condl' 
lions BXlBtlng In 1910. Iron Age 91:961-6 Ap 

Towermen and hours of service taw. Ry & 
Eng R 53:634-6 Je T '13 
House cleaning 

See also Vacuum cleaning 
House decoration 

iS™ aha Tapestry 
House drainage. See DnilnaBe. House: Plumb- 

.. '"" 
House organs 

Securing business bv a houw! organ. C: W, 

Hoyl, Inland Ptr 51:682-4 Ag '13 
Why some house -oPKan.i died. 0. R. Llpp- 
mann, Dom Bng 65:277-8 "J Sn 'U 
Houses. See Architecture, Domestic: Concrete 

housfls; Country houses: Schoolhouses 
HouBss. Concrsts. See Concrete bouses 
Houslna problem 

' and the housing problem. C, 

! Rec 67:673 Je 14 "13 

jusing ' - 

the quadruple r 

Suburban development. II Arch Rec .14,348-53 
O '13 
> Workmen's dwellings of Kriipp work.i, C!er- 

Worhmen's houses in G«rmany. plans Ind 
Bng 11:374-S 8 'IS 
*« tilfo City planning 
Houston, Texas 
Houston's plan of tanatlon. J, J. Paslorlia. 
Munic Eng 45:Z35-6 S '13 


_ ._ _ .. railroad 
t for 1913. Elec Ry J 41:736 Ap 19 'IS 

. the 

-73 N ■ 

Formation of leafmold: production of humui. 

F: V. Colville. Scl Am S 75:386-7 Jo 31 '13 

Huntington mills 

Huntrngton mills and thtir operation. C. T. 

Klce. dlags Kag & MIn J 96:215-6 Ag 2 '13 


Boston's new high-pressure Are hydrant. II 

ding Eng Rec 67:642-3 Je T '13 
Nallona] standard hose couplings and hydrant 
fltliiigs tor public fire service. F. M. Grls- 
wold. Am Woo M E J 36:421-3J Mr '13 
Standard spec! float iona tor water-works, hy- 
drants and valves. Eng N 70:265-7 Ag T 'IS 
Scl- alio Fire prolectton: Water supptyi 

Hydrated lime. See Ume 
Hydraulic elevators. See Elevators 
Hydraulic englneerlna 

Chnnnel- an'l beach-maintenance problem at 
Atlantic City. R. R, Raymond, map Eng N 
70:ISO-4 Jl 24 '13 

Great hydraulic principle: or how to make en- 
gineering structures hold water. Q; U Dill- 
man. Eng N 69:1226 Je 12 '13 

Hydraulic power development In New Bng' 
land. Eng Rec 67:116 F 1 '13 

Hydroelectric development replacing old pow- 
er canal system In Paterson, N. J, II plans 
Eng Rec 67:200-2 F 22 '13 

Industrial need of technically trained men. 
C. W. Lamer, Scl Am 109:218 S 13 'IS 

St. T^wrence ship channel Improvements be- 
tween Montreal and Quebec. H. C. Plumi- 
mer. II map Scl Am 109:183-3 S S '13 

Water power and water supply preliminaries. 
B. E. Horton. Eng Rec 67:80-1 Ja 18 '13 

See alio Aqueducts; Boring: Bridges — 
Foundations and piers: Caissons; Canals; 
Channels: Cofferdams; Culverts: Dams; 
Docks; Drainage: Dredging: Flood conlrol; 
Harbors; Hydraulic machinery; Hydraulic 
mining; Hydroelectric plants; Irrigation; 
Jetties; I.ighlhouses; Locks (canals and 
riversl ; I.os Angeles aqueduct: Pumping 
machinerv: Pumping stations; Reclamation 
of land: Reservoirs; Rivers: Sea walls; 
Spillways; Tide power; Tunnels and tunnel- 
IniT, SuhaqueouK: Turbines: Water ham- 
mer: Waler supply; Water .lunply engl- 
necTlng: W^Hcr wheels: Wells: Wharves 
Hydraulic excavation, i^ee Excavation 
Hydraulic laboratories 

Hydraulic laboratory for Irrigation Investiga- 
tions, Fort Collins. Colo, V. M. Cone. 11 
plan Ens N 70:862-6 O 2 '13 

Wheeler condenser and engineering; co., Car- 
teret, N. J. P. A. Bancel. II Eng N 70: 
910-8 N 6 '13 
Hydraulic machinery 

Design .-' - «-".■--.-■.- 

500- 1 


1 '12 

Inverted hydraulic 

HiTdson bay route. W: B. Mcpherson, map 
Eng M 45:249-52 My '13 
Hudson Bay route 
Perils of navigation on the Hudson Bay 
route. Bng N 69:223-3 Ja 30 *1S 

Bridges In relation to the Hud.uon river. 

G, F. Kunz. Sri Am S 76:342-3 N 29 '13 
Air conditioning for textile millf.. F: W, 

Parks. Tnd Eng i:!:307-S Jl '13; Same, with 

dlflous.'don. Am Soc M K J 35:1096-42 Je '13 
Experiments of humidifying nir at the Oliver 

Wendell Holmes school. Boston. Mass. C; 

F. Eveleth. plan Heat & Ven 10:13-20 O '13 
8n olso Psychrometry 

enslfler. J, B. Vareia. 
II Iron Tr 

heavy forglngs. II 

, E. Low. II plan 1 

; N 69:710-20 Ap 

city. Ind Eng 13:401-2 S 
Inking a stone mnniifaoturing press. P. A. 

Stanley. II Am Mach 38:715-8 My 1 "13 
V'BtBon- Still man cnr coupler shearing and 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 



Hydraulic maciilnery — 


Test or a hydraulic buffer. C. Schwartz, II 
Am Soc M E J 35;937-4S Je '13: Discussion, 
35:1258-60 Ag "13 

Test of a hydraulic buffer for rstlroad ter- 
minal ■tatfona. II Ede N 7D:E>6-7 S 11 'II 

Wheeler condenser and engineering eo,, Car- 
teret, N. J.. - 

. Bance 

1 70:9 

8 N e 

J 95:533-4 Mr - -. 
FolrbankB opencut jilace 

& Mln J 96:926 N IB 
HydrauUcklng at la G 

county, Cal. 11 Eng & 



-._ = „ J 96:11..- . 

17 '13 
Le. Clara, hydraulic mine, Colombia. II Eng & 

Mln J 9S:1114-e D 13 '13 
RIttlea for hydraullcklng. P. Bouery. 11 plans 

Eng A Mln J 95:1055-60 My 24 '13 

'orltlng BJithradte culm piles, 11 Cblliery :i3: 


.">' '. 

Zinc and lead placer mining. L. L. Wlttlch. 
Eng Sc Mln J 95:1140 Je 7 '13 
See alio Gold dredging 
Hydraulic rami 
Efflclency of a ram. 8cl Am 108:450 My 17 

Mr 22 '13 
Hydraulic tranamlailon 

Hydraulic tranamladon In railway c 

Shaw ayatem combined with Internal com- 
buBtloD engines. U E^g M 46:119-21 O '13 

Hydraulic transmission nn ships: the FOt- 
tlnKer trOJiamltter. 11 Eng M 16:108-12 O '13 

Hydraulic yarlable speed gear. II 8cl Am 103: 
438 My 31 '13 

Tests on a 10,000 horse-power Fot linger 
transformer: hydraulic gear for marine tur- 
bines. A. Oradenwilz. IT Scl Am 108:536 Je 

Variable speed hydraulic transmlaslon 
motor trucks. 11 Scl Am 109:808 S 13 'I 

Waterbury tool co. hydraulic transnilsi 
gear, il dlag Iron Age 91;1234-6 My 3M 

N 6 

6-7 Ap » 'IS 

i: Hele- 


gallons. Fort Collfns, Colo. V. M. Cone. 11 
plan Erg N 70:662-6 O 3 '13 

Investigation of flow pro<esses In the ascend- 
ing pipe of the Mammoth pump. K. Hoefer. 
Am Soc M B J 36:1431-4 S '13 

Uftlng hoi water. F. F. Nickel. Power 38: 
577-S O 31 13 

Metering' and recording: the flow ot Hulda, J. 
W. IjeClou_x. II dlags Met & Chem Eng 11: 

- -- y 

Eng Rec 67:279 Mr 

See aim Hydraulic engineering: Hydraulic 

machinery; Hydrostatics: LUiulds; Stream 

measurements; Water flow: Water power 
H y d roa aro p I a nes 
Aeronautlca In Germany. Bci Am S 75:322-3 

My 24 '18 
Benolst flying boat. 11 Scl Am S 7S:1G6 Hr 

S '13 
Big aeroplane and transatlantic Bight. Scl 

Am 103:420 My 3 '13 
Crossing the ocean In a flying tnachlne. Scl 

Am 108:446 My 17 '13 
Hydro -aeroplane meet at Monaco. 11 Sci Am 

108:402-3 My 3 '13 
Hydro -aeroplane meeting at Deauvllle. Scl 

Am S 76:218 O 4 '13 
Monster hydro -aeroplane. 11 Scl Am 108:432 

My 10 '13 
New American flying boat. II Scl Am 109:158 

D 13 '13 

Rational attsorption of hydrochloric acid. T. 
Meyer, plans Met & Chem £ng 11:267-72 
My 'U 

and transmlBston ol hydroalectrlo 
power. E. A. Lof. II Bng M 44:647-66, 690- 
713. 903-20: 45:50-70, I96-20S, 372-83, 506-11 
Ja-Jl '18 
Hydro- electric systems. Power 37:834-8 Je 14 


also Elec 


jn, light and power co., ltd,, 

of BlrmJRgham— hydroelectric station on tb« 

Coosa river and si earn station at Gadsden, 

II Elec W 62:527-30 S 13 '13 
Butterfly gates for the San Franclsqulto 

__ .^ j__^ Angeles aqueduct. 

J 20 '13 

'elopment of Paclflc gas & electric 

cumpuny. F. G. Mudgell. il Elec W 62:1055-6 

N 22 '13 
Hydro-elect rlc development In California. J: 

A. Britton. It Scl Am 8 76:72-4 Ag 2 'IS 
Klamath river hydroelectric developmenL J. 

C. Boyle. 11 plan Eng Rec 67:637-8 Je 7 'IS 
Pacific service project: tbe South Tuba and 

Bear river hydro -elec trie development. J. 

H. Wise. II Scl Am S 76:162-3 Mr 8 '13 
San Fran cl sou Ito power station no. 1, Los 

Angeles anueduct. 11 plans Ens Rec 68:218- 

20 Ac 23 '13 
South Yuba-Bear river power development. 

J. p. Jollyman. 11 map Eng Rec 63:573-4 N 

22 '13 
Spaulding dam and south Yuba power devel- 
opment of the Pacific gas & electric co. 

H. C, Vensano. 11 map Eng N 70:1163-6 D 

11 '13 

Canada's largest generating station at Ce- 
dar liapids. Elec W 62:319-20 Ag 18 'IS 

Cpilnr Rapids hydroelectric development: 
eighteen 10,800 horsepower turbines, re- 
ceiving St. Lawrence river water, dlags 
plan Eng Rec 68:461-4 O 25 'IS 

Ontario h.vdioelectric system. Elec W 61:602 
Mr 22 '13 

Puntledge river hyflroelecWc power ^lant ui 

61 S 2u-z'. 

O 23 'is' 


Braden copper co., Rancagua, Chile, hydro- 
electric development. C. O. Newton. U dlags 
Eng N 69:1041-8 My 22 'IS 

Bulls Bridge hydroelectric plant. C: R. Hatte. 
II Elec W 61:448 Mr 1 'IS; Same. Elec Rr 
J 41:366-7 Mr 1 '13 

Permit for development of power on Pend 
d'Orellle river, Eng Rec 68:146-6 Ag 9 'IS; 
Same. Elec W 62:333-4 Ag 16 '13 

Thousand PTTlngs (Idaho) power plant, II Bng 
Rec 68:189.90 N 1 '13 

.. 62:950-5 N S '13 

Tata hydroelectric devplnm 
Eng Rec 68:529-31 N 


Electric power from the MlMlsalppl riTsr; 

engineering details of the Keokuk plant 

with a description of the power house and 

the turbine units. 11 plans Iron Tr R 52:676- 

80 Mr 6 '13 
Historical review of the Keokuk bydro-elec- 

trlc development, il Elec W 62:462-4 S6'18 
Keokuk (la.) hydro- electric development. 11 

map Irnn Tr R 52:513-7 P 27 '13 
Keokuk (la.) power plaiit. Elec W 61:1123 My 

31 *1S 

Digitized GvCOC^lC 



Hydroelactrlc pitnts — Iowa — Conltnued. 
Keokuk (lu.j power plant turblaea. C. W. Lar- 

ner. II Iron Age 91:659-64 Ur 13 'D 
Keokuk (la.)— world's lajseat water-power 

plant. II plana Elec W 61:1157-68 My SI "13 
OvenlQK ol tbe world's greateat power plant 

at Keokuk. U 8cl Am 10»;ZI2-S S 13 '13 
Power Irom tbe UisHUilppl river &t Keokuk, 

la. 11 plana map Power 38:184-90 Ag E '13 

181-4 F 1-1& 13 

Uuvla de Oro hydro -elect tic plant and water 
system, Chihuahua, Mex. H. R. Conklln. 
11 Ens & MID J 9a:5»7-8 Mr 22 '13 

Marquette (MIcb.) Light and power commie- 
Blon 24Ih annual report. Elec W 61:1133-4 
My 31 '13 

Twin li'aJlB hydroelectric development. Q: C. 
"-wtun. 11 plan Eng Hec 6T:61IU-4, 611-4 My 

24-31 '13 

I Creek development 1 


' 81:9; 

r hydroelectric devetupment. I 


White river hydroelectric plant: Qret ol a 
■erlea designed for full development of the 
potential power of the stream, 11 dlags Eos 
Rec E8:13&-T Ag 3 '13 


Montana hydro- elec I rlc development. M. lleb- 

gen. 11 Am Inst Mln E Bui iOtlVQl-M Ag '13 

New Jersey 

Hydroeleclrlc development replacing old pow. 

New York bills for state hydroeleotrle 

Bchemea. Elec W 61:eEG-T Mr IS 'IS 
New York hydroelectric development. B. P. 

Bollon. Elec W 61:TS6-T Ap 12 '13 
New York hydroelectric plana. A. WllllamB. 

Elec W 61:711-2 Ap 5 '13 
New York hydroelectric plans, second N. E. 

L. A. analysis. Elec W Gl:6&8-60 Mr 29 '13 
New York Murtaugh hydro eleCUIc bill be- 
fore the Slate legislature. Elec W 61:600-1 

Mr 22 '13 
New York stale hydroelectric scheme, maps 

Elec W 61:38-6 Ja 4 '18 
New York slate hydroelectric scheme. Eng 

Rec 67:394 Ap 12 '13 
Niagara falls hydroelectric developments. A, 

F. Ganz. Stevens Ind 30:79-93 Ap '13 
North Carolina 
Electrical equipment of a North Carolina 

mouDlalD resort at Lake Toxaway. H, M. 

Friend. Jr. II Elec W 61:827-8 Ap 19 '13 
Whitney, N. C. development abandoned by 

Southern aluminum company. Ellec W 61: 

654-5 Mr 15 13 

Blverum, Norway, hydroelectric dpvelopmenl. 
11 dlags Eng Rec 6N:583-6 N 22 '13 

Samnanger hydroelectric plant: blgh-head 
development built by city of Bergen. Nor- 
way. II plan Eng Rec 67:329-31 Mr 22 '11 

Auglalie river hydroelectric station. II plan 
Elec W 62:1(91-4 N 1 '13 

Bull Run hydroelectric plant. C. B. Hlckok. 

II Eng Rec 67:70-2 Ja IS '18 
Gondii plant of tbe Northwestern electric co.. 

Portland. Ore.: ISii ft. wood-slave pipe. 

11 plans Eng N 70:686-7 O 9 '18 

Ehigene, Ore. munlclnal power plant 11 
Elec W 61:1033-6 My 17 '18 • 

Mount Hood hydroelectric developments ; 
electric features. W. P. Brereton and R. 
H. Mulock. 11 plans Elec W 6!:667.71 Mr 
29 '13 

Mount Hood hydroelectric developments: hy- 
draulic features. W. P. Brereton and R. H. 
Mulock. 11 Elec W 61:617-9 Mr 22 '13 

White Salmon river hydroelectric plant: sys- 
tem of Northwestern electric co. to supply 
electricity and steam beat In Portland, Ore. 
W, B. Foshay. 11 Elec W 62:275-7 A(t 9 '18 

Wblte Salmon river power development. R. 
M. Overstreet. II [dans Eng Rec 68:396-8 O 

Mc Calls Ferry hydro-electric plant. C; H. 

Bromley, 11 Power 37:656-61 My 13 'IS 
HajFatown hydroelectric plant near HuntlnK- 

don. Pa. U plans Eng Rec 67:712-4 Je 2S 

_1 Elec W 61:89-94 Ja 11 '13 

International Scandinavian transmission ays- 
tem; comparative costs of generating 
equipment and proi>osed 200-inlle line from 
Trollb^ttan to Copenhagen, Elec W 61:194-7 
F 8 '13 

MockrjUrd (Sweden) hydroelectric develop- 
ment. II plan Etig Rec 67:516-8 My 10 '13 

MockfJUrd, Vesterdaltilfven power co. sub- 
terranean Swedish generating plant 11 plans 
Elec W 61:979-84 My 10 '13 

Notable Bwedlsh enterprise at Troll hftt tan. 
Klec W 61:78-9 Ja II '18 

Trollhattan, Sweden— a ZOO-mlle, 90,000-VDlt, 

in Sweden and Denmark, map Bng N 69: 

S17-8 Mr 27 '13 

Swiss hydroelectric development a. II Elec W 

61:771-5 Ap 12 '13; 11 Eng Rec «T:4T6-9 Ap 

26 'IS 
Swlsa hydroelectric plant development at Bl- 

aachlna. 11 dlag Gilec W 62: 73-5 Jl 12 '13 
Swiss hydro -electric station at Arnll>erg us- 
ing water under 2800-ft. head, plans Eng 

N 70:52-3 Jl 10 'IS 

Chattanooga — nlne-mllllon dollar hydro-elec- 
tric plan). 11 5cl Am 3 76:388 D 20 '13 

Hales Bar station of Chattanooga & Tenn- 
esaec river power company. H Elec W 62: 
997-1000 N iS '13 

t completion. 11 plan Power 


18:310-1 Ap G '13 
pumping station In- 

9 My 17 

Windsor, Vt.— central station practice. II 

Klec W 62;l!53-9 D 6 '13 
Appalachian hydro-electric development. New 

,., — ,■■_ „. ^ ^ jj pj^u Power 87: 

ipany— teat of the 

lllver, Va, W. O, Roge 

40;-B Mr 25 '13 

Appalachian power 

6aOO-horBepower turbines, n. f. Hust. 11 
plan Eng Rec 67:367-8 Mr 29 'IS 

Tacoma'a Nlsqually river development, R H. 
-■ ■ -■- ■■ ^lec W 62:227-9 Ag 2 '13 

fower st;illon on While Salmon river. 
ngton. dlag Iron Tr R 62:1333 My 29 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


Hydroelectric plant* —Con((niii'(i, 
Cornell. Wis.— Brunei tallo water-power and 
paper-mill development on the Chippewa 
river, il plan Eng Rec fiT:3«S-71 Ap 5 'IS 
Pralrte du Sac (Wis.) power plant conalruc- 
Ilon work. 11 Eng Rec a7;«03-i My 31 'IJ 
Hydriielectric power 
Investlsadon of prospective hydroelectric 
power service for rellaWLIti". fl. S. Knowl- 
ton, Eng N e9a0»3-5 My 22 '13 
Hydro-eiectrlG power commlulon of Ontario 
Annual report, 1»12. Elec W U:1S5 Ja Z5 'It 

Manurai'lure o( hydrogen from waler gas. 

H. Brot. dlaga Kd Am S "6;244-S O IS '13 
Manufafture of hjdrocer gaa for spherical 

balloons: portable plunia (or inilllury use. 

II Sci Am 108:452 J> 13 '13 
HydroDtn peroxide 
Peroxides and per -salts. A. 8. Neumark. II 

Scl Am S 75:182-3 Mr 22 '13 
Hydrographlc lurveylng 

Current observations with a stadia float. B. 

I.. O. Rees. plan Eng N 6»:3i>S-7n F 20 '18 
Hydrographlc surveying; Oakland harbor de- 
velopment, California. F. W. Johnson. It 

map Eng N 70:362-4 Ag 21 '13 

veys. I3t>B Rt-c e7:r,6i; My 24 '13 

Set nlm Harbors 
Copper leaching, ^^lg & Mln J 0«:9ii2-3 N 22 

Hydrometallurgj-. B. Chauvenet. Met & Cliem 

Eng Il:1Se-91 S '13 
Hydromelallurgj* and chlorlnatlon: answer 
to Dr. Chauvenet. J: L. Malm, Met & Chem 
Eng 11:689 D '13 
Hydromelallurgy— Joys of Its theory, woea of 
Its practice. W. F. Bleecker. Met & Chem 
Eng 11:ESS-S1 O '13 
Iieaching of copper orea. Eng & Mln J 96: 

est O 4 -13 
Leaching Klinnnon copper ores. F. S. Sthlm- 
erka. Eng & Mln J 96:1!UT-1U D 13 '13 
See nlao Plater lixiviatlon proo-ss 
Hydroplans boats 

Curious exhibits at the 1913 motor boat 
show In New York city. Eng N 69:474 Mr 

Curious French gliding boat, ll Sci Am 109: 
140 Ag Z3 'IS 

Coat ol 

1 Fluids); Hydraulics 
cess. Scl Am B TS:291 

Eng 1 

:S23 D ' 

c functions. See 


Chlorine or hypochlorites for Btertllsing wa- 
ter. Miinlc Eng 44:14G-t F 'IS 

Elimination of taste In water treated with 
oali'lum IxypochlorKe. A. Lederer and F. 
H;iihniann. Kiic N 69:936-7 My S "13 

EnKTRi-ncy Installation of a sterlllzBtlon plant 
in England. {I Kng Rec 67;6Z6 My 10 '13 

Hypochlorlle dlslnfetlton of sewage at Provi- 
dence. R. I. Eng N- 70:1292 D 25 '13 

Preventing aftergrowths In hypochlorlle treat- 
ment, n. Freas. Eng Rec 67:249 Mr 1 '13 

Temporary hypochlorite plant lor treating 
the sewage of Norrlstown, Pa. S. C, Cor- 
son, plan Eng N 69:558 Mr 20 '13 

ElaBtic hysiereais. E. B. Smith. Eng Rec 67: 

561-2 My 17 


Bacteriology of ice. 

75:199 Mr 2S "IS 

Causes (or varlatli 

•" '", V 

. O. Jordan. Scl Am B 

._ I quality of distilled 

P: Neff. Power 3S:132-3 Jl 22 
hame. Scl Am S 76:107 Ag 18 'IS 

till (lalt mixtures. (J. H. Crawford, jr. 

er 3T:S25-6 Je 10 '13 

1 heat of fusion of Ice. l-ower 38:60S O 

alM Cold a 

:; Olarle 

Economy of a works hospital system. Scl Am 

S 75:356 Je 7 '13 
Motion study. Kng M 45:412-4 Je '13 
Occupational fatigue, Scl Am S 75:410-1 Je 

28 "13 
Successful factory drinking water system, W, 
J. Bitterllck. plan Ind Eng 13:28S-'J 8 '13 
See aim Factory .sanllatii.n: Mine sani- 
tation; Ociupattons— Dlsens.',- and hygiene; 
Safety devloes and mcusiirca 
Hygiene, Military. See Military hygiene 
Hygiene, Tropical. See Troplcnl hygiene 
Hygiene and demography. International congress 
on. See International congress on hygiene 
and Jemography 
Foxboro recording hygrometer. II dlag Ind 

iGfrigeradon and refrigerating maclilnery 
t decreased output In Ice plants. P: 

Iral-slation service. Elec W 61:1261 Je 7 

romlil nation steam -electric lee -making plant 
tn Chicago. II Bteo W Sl:454-< Mr 1 'IS 

I'oiMK.irHtivc lOHlH of motive power In Ice 

manufaclurtnK, Elec W 62:756 O 11 '13 
Coinpariilivc ctfla of oiH-ratlng Ice factory 

lioHP. II Kle<- W S2:12:;6-S D 13 '13 
('nmluiratlvc lni<ln11nllon and opcriillns costs 
of a combined Ire- manufacturing and cold- 
atontge plant. R. H. Tait and L. C. Nord- 
mcyiT. Power 3t!:60S-B O 28 '13 
Cost of Ice making tn smalt plants. R P. 
Kohoe. Rd Am S 75:135 Mr 1 'IS 

hi dislllled-wHier ice 

Is. I': 
rjn 1 

ml r."frli;cration 

Btaiion vi.'wpotrl, l-:iw W h:;(i !>-b ii 4 i.i 
Ice-mnking D|>cratlng practice at Durham, N. 

C. Elec W 61:686 Mr S9 '13 
Municipal Ice -electric plant at Weatherford, 

Oklahoma. 11 plan Elec W 62:430 Ag 30 '13,= on vaiioui) Ice planta. Elec W 6l:4G2-3 

Mr I -13 
Operation of a turbo- electric lee factory, 

Los Angelea. Elec W 61:S92 Ap 26 'IS 
Refrigeration a desirable load for central 

staliiins. Power 37:^00-2 Je 24 '13 
Reli:il,lliln1inn of conihrnation elc'tvlc and 

Ici-nipiklnir plants at Hainplon, Va. Elec 

W r.}-.w7-X My 10 '13 
Relation of >nld storage to plant capacity. 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


'. See Motor lee boata 

and freight traffic methods. II map plan 
Eleo Ry J 41:282-7 P IB 'IS 

Ice houiea 
Concrete Ice house for the Northern Pacific 

Ry. at Pasco, Wash, plana By & Eng R 

U;9IK-6 S 2T 'l3 
Construction of small concrete Ice-houiieH. II 

Concrete Cem 3;36-T Jl '13 

lIllnolH. K: C. Kclimldt. II diags Ky Aee 
51:7.'iZ-l Mr :'S Ti 
lllinol* water lupply xioclatlon 
Fifth annual meelW. UnW. of 111., 1913. Eng 
N 69:660-3 Ap S 'IS 
iriumlnatlna engineering loclety 
Annua] meetlnK. 1913; list of olllcer*. Bleo 

W 61:129 Ja 18 "13 
I'ltlsburBli tonvenlton. Sept.. 1313. ELec W 62: 

Tth annual convention, Plttebursh, Pa.. Sept.. 
1913. Elec W 6I:«l9-2i S 2T '13 
Illumination. See IjRhllng 
lllurnlnatlDn commltslon. International. See In- 

Uecbanlcal Ice saw. II Scl Am S T5;113 Mr 
16 'IS 
Ice (torage 

.storage and hamlllng ot ice. Ry Age 5J 
10 My 23 -13 
Autograph cif an loM,erg L. E. Browi 

Ice detection 


16:2SI-3 N '13 
Iceberg Indicator. II Scl Am 108:584 Je 28 '13 
Perils of navigation on the Hudson Bay 

route. "Eng N 89^322-3 Ja 3D '13 
Truth about the Iceberg peril. Scl Am 109; 
106 Ag 9 '13 
Ignaou* rocks. See Rocks. Igneous 
tgnlllon. See Aulnmoblle enfilnos— Ignition de- 
vices; caB and oil engines— Ignition 
llilnolt A Michigan canal 
Rehabilitation of the Illinois & Michigan ca- 
nal. Eng Rec 67:92 Ja 35 '13 
llllnola Central railroad 
Annual rer'"rt fur ve;ir ended ,lune 3". \V]X. 

Ry Age &S:S89-»0 8 26 '13 
AporentlceKhlp on the ItUmiiH Central. Am 

Eng 87:249-52 My 13 
Mechanical terminal. W. Doud. 11 plans Ry 

Age (Mech ed) 87:153-61 Jl '13 
Mechanical terminnl nt Pentralt.-i, II phiu.s Rv 

Age 54:15:17-1601 Je 27 '13 
Ilevenues and eipenses. map Ry Age i>o:5r.l- 
2 S 26 '13 
Illinois electric railways association 
Annual meeting. Chicago. March, 1913. Eleo 
Ry J 41:508-9 Mr 16 '13 
Illinois electrical contractors' association 
Midwinter convention, Peoria, 1913. Elec W 
61:180-1 Ja 36 '13 
il-annual convention, Chicago, June, 1913, 

S 75:77 F 1 
Illusions, Optical. See Optical I 
Hollo, Philippine Islands 

Reinforced -con Crete wharf. W 
Eng N 70:1003-10 N 10 '13 
Imhoff tank 

Deslxn of Imhoff b> 

Lnks. C; Hoopes. Eng Rec 68:4 

11 '13 
Illinois master plumbers' association 

I'iBt annual coniention, BnrlimHeld. Jr 
II Dom Eng i>.;:H;T-J-' K >. 'n 
Illinois northern utilities company 
Commercial development under gro 
trol. II Mec W 61:1255-9 Je 7 '13 
Illinois soclaty of engli 
" zSth annua 

67:sup 39"-"4i, 
281 h annual c 
F t '13 

itlng, 1913. Eng Rec 
9ia. Eng N 69:250-1 


Fresh sludge and decomposed sludge: com- 
parative analyses and discussion of sludge- 
ulllizatlon possibilities. H. Bach and L. C. 
Frank. Eng Rec 68:331-3 B 20 '13 

Imhoff aew^,gp [link for Torrance. Cal. R. 
liennell. i.laiiH KnK .N 70:ll.i;-3 D * '13 

Imhoff timis. 11 plan Munic Eng 44:399-404 
My '13 

Principles of the Imhoff tank. H: N. Ogilell. 
Eng M 44:958-60 Mr '13 

Sewage purification. F. H. Tlbbelts. II dia« 
Munlc Kng 44;.'.12-S Je '13 

Sewnge-tr^iitmenl sludlen at Akron. Ohio. II 
plans Eng Rec 67:387-90 Ap 5 '13 

(Ifacs Eng Heo fi7:r.;ta-5 Je 7 ■I3 ' 
Vrtiv iiDt Hink InihofT tanks as open caissons? 
E^ R Van de Greyn. dlag Eng Rec 68:432 
O 18 '13 

1 mperate r (steamship) 

Qrealest steamer In t— — .. 

marvels. II Scl Am I08:5«2-3 Je 21 '13 

II Int 

M:irine Eng l»:216-7 My '13 
Impuratcir: dftalls ut the equipment. II Eng 

M 44:107-9 O 12 
Life boats on the Imperator. II Int Marina 

Eng 18:364 Ag '13 
*'-■' — -Dyage of the Imperator. J. B. 

S. S. Imperator of the Ham burg- American 
line. It Eng N 70:49-50 Jl 10 '13 
incandescent lamps. See Electric lamps, Incao- 

Income si ate men ts tor Institutions. V 
Cole. J Account 15:79-89 F '13 

Study of Incomes ot technically trained 
D: B, Rice. Scl Am 109:116 Ag 9 '13 

Income tax 

Collecllon of the income lax. Eng & Mln 

Sll .\ 1 '13 
Federal Income tax. 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


Federal income tai law &a applicable to elec- 
tric railroad corporations. H, B. Covanaugh. 
Elec Ry J 4:.':12T7-S D 29 '13 

Income tax. J Account 1G:1B6-T Hr '1! 

Income tax: Its origin and application. 1* 
NlBBen. Am Ind 13:20 Mv '13 

Income tax law. J Account 16:3B<-<07 N 'IS 

Income tax problem- J Account 15:467-8 Je 

New Income (an. Eng & MIn J 98:817-8 N 1 '13 
PropoHed lax on IncomcB. J Account 15:351- 

4 My '13 
Rulings of treaaury depurlmenl. J Account 

16:ll>8-Si I) '13 
Independence hall. See Philadelphia— Public 


Indexes in sclentlDc books. Scl Am 108:192 
Mr 1 '13 

Nff i/io Card Indeses: Indexing: Index- 


Methods of increasing the use of technical 
literature. I,. B. KrauKe. Eng Eec 67: 
5H-S My 17 "IS 

Src alio Files and nling (documents) 

r~di~aK Mach 19:11 S '12 


India and its trade possibilities. J. Sevcstre. 

Am Ind 13:34-5 Ja; 29-30 F; 31-2 Mr '13 

True sandalwood ot India. Scl Am 10S:GSS Je 
21 "13 
India paper. See Paper 
India rubber. See Rubber 

Glee By J n: 

Indiana electric llaht iiioclatlon 

Annual convention, IndiannpoUs, Sept.. l:il3. 

Elec W 62:«7H-Sl' O 4 '13 
Indiana engineering aoclety 
J3d annual convention, 1913. Eng Rec eT:BUP 

42 P 1 — 

e '13 


.^lec Ifv J 4!:ri49-iO. 12(i:;-3, I2ht, 
34S N 2H-U 27 '13 

iipoli" strike. Elec Ry J 

2:lOBSi-61 N 
)lenc-e In Im.. _ 
I:lnlS-21 N 8 

Indians ot Ncrth America 


PrehlslorIc dwelling In Nebraska: a cannibal 
charnel house uneartbed. R. F. Ollder. II 
Scl Am S 76:220 O 4 '13 

How the tncllans harvest wild rice. Scl Am 
108:366 Ap IB '13 . 

niBf ' 

I ndl caters 
Anlomatlc indicate, ... „.„. _ 

Trvln. dUig Ene & Min J 9G:663-4 Mr 23 

Boiler- efficiency indicator, dlag Eng A Mln 

r for drag cLiSBlflers. n. F. 

_ ectlng, Indianapolis, . 

1913. Ens Rec 67:sup 40-1 Mr 8 '13 
Indiana state aasoclstlon of master plumbers 
20th annual convention at Indianapolis, Miir. 
1913. Dom Kng «2:34i;-56 Mr 22 -13 
Indianapolis, Indiana 

Flood, 1913 
Damage to structures. D. V. Moore. 11 map 

Eng N 69:870-6 Ap 24 -13 
Flood at Indianapolis. D. V. Moore. II map 
Eng N 69:803-4 Ap 17 'IS 

Manul ,. ,. 

Eng R 6S;777.9 Ag 16 la 

Indianapolis traction A termlnL. . 

Indianapolis^ dlfferenceH placed before com- 

J 96:454 S 6 '13 

diags Power 37:851-8 J 

IndlCiillng the compreaso 

er 3K:r.40.2 O 14 'JS 

Eini'K. ('. A. McAllisle 
l»:530-3 D '13 

■s. J. G. Stewart 
17 -IS 
P: Neft. dlag Pow 

"""nt "MBrlnTEng 

Ycim-ns, dtaK Power 3K:SSH-!i6' IJ 23 '13 
Malhak Indicator and Boettcher efficiency In- 
dicator. II Power 38:427 S 23 '11 
O'Klll Is a simple pressure Indicator, W. 
C. Marshall. 11 dlag Automobile 2g;ni6- 

Smallwood. Power 37:914-6 Je 24 '13 
Induction coils 

Set aim) Condensers (electricity):. Elec- 
nductlon furnace. See EHectrlc furnaces 
iductlon motors. See Electric motors 
iductlve Interference. See Electric lines 
ndustrlal accidents. See Accidents. Industrial 
trial alcohol. See Alcohol. Denatured 

■ ,\Krl. 

eetlng, 1913. Eng N 69:280-1 F 

Ing: Building: , „.. ., _ 

nioHl: Electric engineering: Bngineerins: 
Engraving: Kiicloriea; Foundry nracilce: 
(ilasa manufaclure; Industrial education: 

tlce: Machine shopa; Machinery; Manufac- 
turpH: Masonry: Mp<'lianlcal engineering: 
Metallurgy: Mills and nUllwork: Painting. 


ln«; Waste pronaci 
Industrial betterment 
Amei'iran electric railwav aasochitlon: report 

of cfimmlttee on welfare of employees. 

Elec itv J 42:S12-3 <> 16 '13 
Attractive yards of the Bethlehem Steel co. 

II Iron Tr R .'i2:4G4-7 P 20 '13 
Having the men with you. A. T, Morey. Am 

Ind 13:23-4 Ja 'IS 
Human element In industry. W. Talbot. Iron 

Age 91:366-9, 418-20 F 6-13 '13 
Need ot a new official In certain manufac- 
turing plants. H. C. Spauldlng. Eng N TO: 

35-6 Jl i '13 
Praclleal work In Influslriiil advancement. Am 

ind 13;l2.,-i Jl '13 
Psvdiology of maniigement. L. M. Ollbreth. 

Hid Eng 13:213-7 My '13 

F. H, Ifiii.iii.', jr. Kng N 70;M2-3 N 13 'is" 
Workmen's houses in Germany, plans tnd 
Eng 13:374-8 S '13 

Eillc'ipnty, Industrial; Hours of labor; 
Housing problem; Industrial education: 
Ijilmr lawa; FensLms: IToflt sharing; Safe- 
ty devices; Welfare work In Industry; 
Workmen's compensation 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 



Induatrlal buildings, Modern. II Ind Ens 13: 

193-6 My '13 
Induatrlal clllet. See Torrance. California 
induatrlal commlMion. Sea United SIAtes com- 

m lesion on Industrial relatlona 
Induatriai education 
Direction ot vocational education. H. E. Miles. 

Am Ind 14:21 N '13 
Fundamental prolilema of Induslrlai edura- 

Indiana comnUssion Is diMppolntlnx. A. A. 

Snowden. Am Ind 13:11-3 F '13 
~ ~ trial education. Eng Rec 67:3 Ja 4 '13 
trial education In Berne. Switzerland. F. 

P. McKlbben. Bng Ree 68:1«4-G Af( 9 'IS 

nd 11 St rial education needed for efflclencr ol 
- :e and Individual. 1,. Bird. Am Ind 13: 
r My '11 

leal .steps In Induxtrlnl education. H. E. 
'- At, init l.l;2T Je '13 

' of managem«nl; teacliing under 

gement. L. M "•"—"- '-■ 

5-70 Ja-P '13 

Amerlcdn institute of electrical ei 
Am Inst E E Pro 32:1100-39 Je ' 
cusalcin. 32:2:54-85 D '13 

; 1>1B- 


olio Apprenllces: Corporation 

j; Englneertnit education; Industrial 
ihlps; TechnliHl educilion 

efllclincy. Sea Efficiency, Industrial 


Industrij . . ,_ 

Industrl.^l felluwstitps. Eng Eec 67:511 My 

Industrial feUowsblps: Atb years at an edu- 
cational Industrial experiment. R. K. Dun- 
can. J Ft Inat 175:43-57 Ja '13 
Induitrlai hygiene. See Hygiene, Industrial; 

Occu|>atlonB — Dlaeasea and hygiene 
Industrial laws and iagisiatlon 

Industrial legislation In the flZnd Congress. 
Am Ind 13:14-6 Ap '13 

Week In Congress. Ry A Eng R 63:333 Ap 19 

Industrial plants. See Factories; Machine shops 
Industrial rallroadi. Sea Railroads, Industrial 
Industrial retearcH. S.>e Sclentlflc research 

SolvlnK Ihe problem of "human engineering." 
F. H. Rlndgc. Jr. Eng N 70:962-3 N 13 ^13 

nduatriea. See Industry: also names of coun- 
tries and states, subhead Industries and 
resources, and names o( cities, subhead 

ndustrlaa, eractrie. See Electric Industries 

Growth of moilpm Industrl a I Ism. E. C. Ek;k- 

el. Eng M 45:331-33 Je '13 
How the Belgian Iron Industry maintains It- 

— " ■—• ■ — International competition. Eng 

Inertia, Moments ot. 

Prevention of disei 
T: F. Ilarringtoi 

tile paraiysl* 

ble Ay as the carriar of Infantile parftlysls. 

: T: Bnies. il Sol Am S 76:117-8 F )S "ll 

1 that trains boys tor shop work: the 

William I^ Dickinson high school. Jer- 
sey City. N. J. B: K. Hammond, il Mach 
19:719-53 Je '13 

Trade education, from engineer's vlewi>olnt. 
" •. Trinder. Am Soc M F. J 979-82 Je 

infectious c. 

Bacteriology and your health: serums And 
Tacclnes In the diagnosis, treatment and 
prevention ot dlseaae. C: F: Bolduan. 11 
Scl Am 108:640-1 Je 14 '13 

Srf nf.o Bacteriology: Cholera. Asiatic; 
Files Bs carriers of contagion: Infantile par- 
Blysls; Leprosy; Steeping sickness; Typhoid 

inflammable liquids 
Kyslem for storing and handling Inflammable 
liquids. 11 Eng N 70:1011 N 20 '13 
Ingots, Steel. See Steel Ingots 

ReKHirlnir Injectors. C: Markel. Am Eng 87: 
243-4 My "13 
Anil-lnjuncllon bill In New Jersey. J. A. 
Emery. Am Ind 13:9-11 Ap '13 
injuries. See Personal Injuries 
injuries from electricity. See Electricity, Id- 

Juries (rom 
Buying Ink for efficiency. B. Daniels. Inland 

Ptr 51:110 Ap '13 
Mixing of inks. Inland Ptr 60:737 F '13 
Uelallona of paper, type and Ink. E. M. 
Keating. II Inland pfr 50:683-7 F '13 
Inland Portland cement company 

riant at Melallne Falls. Wash. M. W. KreJ. 
cl. II plana Am Inst MIn E Bui 79:1305-11 

II Scl Am 

JIbles, horns 

_-_ , _ -. CoUlns. 11 Scl 

Am 109:167 Ag 30 '13 
Insects as carriers of contagion 
Insects that carry disease. C: Dury. Scl Am 
8 76:173-9 S 20 '13 
Field for the Inspector's efCorta. A. W. Tldd. 

Enc N 70:1010 N 20 '13 
Inspection of maleriala and flnlsbed producu. 
E. F, Riiberls. Ind Enir 13:418-21 O '13; 
Same. Iron Age 92:I58-<I0 Jl 17 '13 
Inspection of automoblie*. See Automobiles- 


Inspection of bollari. See 
Inspection of bridges. See Bridge Inspection 
inspection ot bulldinas. See Building Inspec- 

■nspectlon of mine*. See Mine Inspection 
inspection ot steamboats. See Steamboat in- 

inspectors ot plumbing. Sea American society 
of insuccturs of plumbing and sanitary en- 
Institute Ot Italian naval and mechanical sn- 

Papers on warships at recent meeting. Int 
Marine Eng 18:133-3 Mr '13 
institution ot automobile engineers 

C.I- ^_j . . T.. .|f gij lakK trip, pore 
jB:ij.nii-o, nao-l Je 6 '13 
I uto mobile engineers ot Oreat 


nd has live englnf 


3i.ile 28: 

.1 ot naval architects 

Annual meeting, March, 1913; list of papers. 
Inl Marine Eng 18:150 Ap 'IS 
Income statements for Institutions. W: H. 
Cole. J Account 16:79-89 F '13 
Alloys suitable for Instrument vork. W. Ro- 
senhaln. Scl Am S 76:83-3. 98 F B, IE '11 
Ifiv alto Drawing Inslrumenta; Electric 
apparatus and appliances; Electric Instru- 
ments: Machinery; sclentlflc apparatus and 

Dioiiized 3, Google 



Air as an [naiilaWr when in the presence 
or insuIatlnB bodies or higher Bpecillc In- 
ductive cniviclty. C. L. Fortescue and S. 
W. FarnHworth, il Am Insi E K Pro 32:758- 
72 Mr '13; rlsciiBslon. S2:1132-57 My '13 

Application of a theorem ol eleclroHtatics to 
Insulation problemH. (', Fortescue. 11 Am 
Inst E E Pro 32:771-93 Mr '13 

Dielectric strenRth of thin InsuLatlnR mater- 
ial. F. M. Farmer. Am Inal E E Pro 32: 
2193-221)5 D '13; Siimmary. Elec W 62:1250 
D 20 '13 

DlscuBsIon on HlKh-Irei|iiency tests of line 
Insulators (Imluy and Thomas), and Com- 
parative tests on lilgh-tenslun suspension 
Insulators (Sothmnn). 11 Am Inst E E Pro 
32:871-^1 Ap '13 

BTTect of temperature on the puncture volt- 
HKe of cahLe Insulation. F. R. Lutkln. Elec 
W 61:1310 Je 14 "13 

Healing ot cables carrying current, S. Dush- 
roan. Am Insl E IC Pro 32:I64-8S F '13 

Insulating and grounding motors and genera- 
tors. T. Crott. dlags Elec W 62:90B-9, 9S5- 
7 N 1-8 '13 

Insulation of Joints In pipe lines, diag Eng 
Rec 6J:B90 My H '13 

Insulation problems at high potentials. Eleo 
W 61:608-9 Mr SS '13 

Internal heating of stator coils, il. B, Wil- 
liamson. Am Inst E K Pro 32:438-48 F '13 

Ix>sBons m Insulation. Elec Ry J 41:788-9 
My 3 ■•- 

ew Insulating 

Ry_J 43;7S Jl l?.;iS:^ EIec_ W 62:103-4 Jl 

New Insulating material; mlcai 
Ry J 43;7S Jl " "■ ~ 
12 '13; Power 

Electric wires and wiring 
alio Bureau o[ safely 

B'c alia Insurance, Employers' liability 
Insurance, Automobile 
Club Insiirame saves 178.000 a year to mem- 
bers of Los Angeles urganiziltion, Aiilomo- 
blle 29:1102 D 11 '13 
Insurance from the electric viewpoint. C. H. 
Clark. Automobile 2S:T Ja 2 '13 
, Casualty 
of safety a 
S 9 '13 

Insurance, Employers' liability 
LlabllUy insurance. F. H. Mils. Elec Ry J 

41;8S1 My 17 'IS 
Liability insurance In Ohio. Iron Age SI: 

499-500 F 20 '13 
Report of Liability Insurance committee of 
Wisconsin electrical association. Elec Ry J 
41:111-3 Ja 18 '13 

_ .. _ , . _ entlon and lire insurance. J. John- 
Insurance on mine property. W. H, Charlton. 

Colliery 33:696 Jl '13 
Kurance. Industrial 
Ten-cent proleolive system. P. McKillop, 

Mach r':»;2-3 Ag MS 
Jirr alia Insurance, Employers' liability; 

Perils of navtgatlon on the Hudson Bay 
route. Eng N 69:222-3 Ja 30 '13 
Intellectual properly. See Copyright; Patents 

ity. A. Whitehead, Scl Am S n-.SSl Ap 1» 

Suggestions on tooling (or Interchangeable 
manufacture. Mach IBi.llS-O Mr '13 

IntercoDlIng in air compreasion. R. S. Howard. 
Ind Eng 13:237-40 Ja '13 

Accounting of interest and discount on notes. 

J; Bauer. J Account 15;248-5B, 341-50 Ap- 

My '13 
Fallacy of Including Interest a 

'-98 . 

: '13 

>lcklnson. J 
. Gough, J 

ford and P. H, 

32:1642-65 Ji '13 
SuBpension Insulators suitable for 110,000- 

volt transmission. J. B. Baker. II Sd Am 

108:312-3 Ap G '13 
Temperature and electrical insulation. C. P. 

Sleinmeti! and B. Q. I^mme. Am Insl E 

E Pro 32:113-23 F '13; Discussion. 32:167U- 

1737 Ag '13 
Uses of artiflclal Insulating materials in the 

construction of electrical apparatus. H. 

PaHsavant. Scl Atn B 76:47-8 J] 19 '13 

Treatment of interest on manufacturing In- 
veslmeni: symposium, J Account 16:231- 
44, 329-35, 427-32: 16:32-4 Ap-Jl '13 
fre alii Discount 
Interference <llght> 
Roentgen-rnv interference phenomena. Elec 

W 62:1194-5 D 13 '13 
Slmoilfied formula for change In order of 
Interference due to changes In temperature 
and presMurc of air. I. n. Priest U S Bur 
Stand Dul 9;47?-81 D 15 '13 
Interlake staamshlp company 
Big merger of Independent lake ore carriers. 
Iron Tr R 62:8S6 Ap 10 '13 
Interlaken school. La Porte, Indiana 

Daniel Eoone ide:i In education, il .Scl Am 

Interlocking plants 
Interlocking rules adopted In Wisconsin. 

Elec Ry J 42:536-7 O 2B '13 
Rules adopted bv the ^allro^d commission 
ot Wi.fconsln. Ry & Eng R S3:llS4-6 11 20 '13 
tnglnes. See Gns and oil 

- for testlna materials 

- __. „._js. New York, 1912. Concrete 

Cem 2:206 Ap 'IS 
Work and policy. B, Reltler. 

J N e9:81-t 
ding exposition, ISIS. See 

ernatlonal congress ot refrloeratlon 

-*3rnational congress of retrige" 
7 61:436 Mr " ■- 

International congress of refrigeration. Elec 
~ Mr 1 '13 

. Chicago, Sept., 1913. Eng N 70: 

3(1 poncr...,. 

679-81 O 2 '13 

, Chicago, Sept.. 1913. Elec W 62: 

630-1 S 27 '13 

Third meetlnc. Clllc; 

5,'i:S«7-71 S 26 "13 

, Pept., 1912. Ry Age 
hygiene and demo- 


International congress on school hygiene 

Fourth congress. Buffalo, August, 1913. Heat 

& Ven 10:43-5 S '13 
Illumination topics at International school 

hygiene congress at Buffalo. N. T.. Aug., 

1913. Klec W 62:461-6 S 6 '13 
Intamatlonal electroteehnleal commission 

o Ihe T- 


L Ins 

Berlin meeting. Sept., 1913. Elec W 6 

S 20 '13 
Meeting at Zurich, Switzerland, 1913, £ 
61:386-6 F 22 '13 
International engineering congress, 151E 

456 My 31 'IS 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


InUrnatlonal expeiltlon of larety and tanita- 

Flrst espimltlon, Xew York, Itcc, 1913. Iron 

Ago !i;':14ll-2 D IS '13 
Many rttvieps on uxliihition. Iron Tr R 53: 

IIL'S - 



Aug.. ISIS. 

411i meeting, Berlin, Gern 
Blec W 82:519-20 S 13 '13 

International photometric 

comes the International Illumination c 
mission. Klec W S2:E>1I S 13 '13 
Internatlanal motor company 


i Ji -ir. '13 
International roa4 con g mat 
Leiaons from the International road conKTess. 

E: 1). Sohler, Kntc Rec 68:406-7 O II '13 
Sd International road consreas, London, June, 

1913. Eng Rec SSiBup 53-5 Jl IB 13 
3d International road congreflB at London, 
1913, E. L. Corthpll. Enf[ N 70:182-4 Jl 2* 

irnatlonal ly poo raph leal union 

ilh aniuial cnnvenllon, Nashville, Tenn., 

1913, W. B. Prescott. pors Inland Ptr Bl: 

897-903 S '13 
'ntarnational union for the protection of Indui- 

trlal property 
Ratification of the convention of 1911. Scl Am 

108:436 My 10 '13 

: the 

1 hn 

.hlns n 


W. Hurslyli. p:i.>'- W €.■•:]"-. .. 

Mercury Interrupter. G: F. Worts. II Scl Am 
109 :3S Jl 12 '13 
nteratate commerce 

Sie aJmi Railroads and state 
nteratate comm 

1 geolooical congreie 

Mcclinu at Toronto. Canada. Aiigiisl 7-11, 
1913. R. A. F. Itnroae. Jr. J Fr Insl ITS: 
5«S-B N '13 
Twelfth International geoloelcal congress at 
Toronto university. Aug., 1913. Bng & MIn 
J 98:372-3 Ag' 23 'iS 

J. C. Jelfery. Ry Age £4:880-1 Ap 

t Rec 6S:694-5 D 20 '1. 

ite advances and the interata 

e commission. Ity Age 55:10-1 

lal convention, Richmond, Va., Aug., 

Iv Age (Mech ed) 8T:4S.-,-94 8 '13: 

cond. Ry Age 55:3nn-70 Ag 2:> '13 

I railway fuel aasoclallon 

Eth ;innua] convention, Chicago, May, 1913. 

Ry & R 53:48!i-7. 607-8 My 24-31 '13 

Eth annual convention. Chicago. 1913. Hy Age 

54:1178-83 My 30 "13 
5th annuiil meeting. Chicago, May, 1913. Eng 

N 69:114g My 29 "13 
Pttpcr.i and dlacui^Hlons at Slh annual conven- 
tion. Chlcigo, May. 1913, Ry Age (Mech 
ert) 8T:L>8!t-9H Je '13 
International railway general foremen'a aaao- 

Dedslon on coal and coke rates. Ry & Bng 
R E3:100-l F 1 "13 

proj.osed. Ry Age 54:951 Ap 25 '13 

hi on, IC 

4 '13 

Commission? W: E, Hooper. Ry Age 55: 

l-."i4-7 N 21 '13 
Huge piece of engineering work: railway 

valuation act, Eng N S9:47«-8 Mr 8 '18 
Interstate commerce commission and safety 

on railroads. Scl Am 109:278 O 11 '13 
Interstate commerce commission orders re- 
in express rates. Ry & Eng R 53: 

— .JB of Commission's powers, H. T. 

New-iomb. Ry ARe 54:23-4 Ja 3 '13 

New Haven collision of Sept. 2, 191S: ab- 
stract Of report. Ry & Eng R E3:9I3-T B 2T 

T51-3 Ag 9 


Overloading the Interstate commerce com- 
mission. Eng N 69:223-4 Ja 30 'IS 

Ri'port on railroad accidents, ky & Eng R 
53:l:;04-6 1» 27 '13 

Report on track ecales, Ry & Eng R 63:717-9. 
703-4. 807-10 Ag 9, 23 -IS 

Revision of express rates. Eng N 70:7I9-S0 O 

union. Ry Age 54:478- 

1 convention, Chicago, 1913. Ry A 

9th a - ., 

Ebk R G1:0S-7 Jl 19 '13 
9th annual convention, Chicago, 1913, Ry Age 

E5:9S-T Jl 18 '13 
9th snnunl convention, Chicago, July, 1913: 

papers and rrporls. fly Age «Mech ed) 87: 

40S-7. 415-33 Ag '13 
Reports on apprenticeship, sliop HchediileB. 

9B4-7 My 2 '13 
Western classification no, SI rejected. By & 

Eng R 53:31-2 Ja II '13 
What 1 am trying to do. F. K. Lane. Ry Age 

54:871-2 Mr 21 '13 

Sre aiio Railroads — Rates 

Railway valuation board 
Personnel, pors Eng N 6H:1019.20 My 16 '13; 

Ry & Rng R E3:4t;6-7 My 17 '13 
Preparing for railroad appraisal: personnel 

of Board, R- •- ■=■ — " 'o...^ t •... - 


Ry & Elng R E3:lIE-7 

Interstate commerce law 
Colorado free pass investigation. Ry ft Eng 
R 53:349-61 Ap 12 '13 
Interurban railroad* 
Award of contract for electrlflCBtlon of Mel- 
bourne suburban aystem. map Blec Ry J 
41:256 F g '18 

menis, II plans Elec Ry J 42:1170-7. 1270-4 
n K, 2ft '13 

Center- en trance Interurban cars tor the Kan- 
sas City. Clay County & St. Josepb rail- 
way. 11 Elec Ry J lI:120-2 Ja 18 '13 

Central electric railway assn.; proceedinga of 
annual meeting, 1913, abstracts o( papers 
and reports on car equipment maintenance. 
fare registration, coupler Inatallatloa, inter- 
JIne freight, etc. Elec Ry J 41:370-80 Mr I 

latlon of probable operating revenue. 
■="■■-■■— ■*'— Ry J 42:301.rAg 23 'II 

. Fischer. EHec Ry J"42:3; 

: interurtian raltnays, L: 

— ' "* "20 'IS 

. . . defined, 
Ek-c liy J 12:1113 N 2l' '13 
Interurban railway versua the city rollHar, 
J. M'Phllllps. Blec Ry J 41:433-4 Ur 8 '1) 


Digitized by VjOOQIC 



lnt«rurb>n railroad* —Con Unu«il. 

Interurban roada In the new Indiana law. 
Elec Ry J 41:617 Ap S '13 

Inlerurban terminals. J. F. Hanlon. Elec Ry 
J ^l:81^-6 My S '13 

Kanaaa Cl^, Clay county * St. Joseph rail- 
way. 11 pia-oB m&t> Biec Ry J ii:Ziz-:i Ac 

New suburban line ror Philadelphia. 11 Blee 

Ry J *1:B89 Mr 29 '1! 
New 1 200 -volt line between Naah villa and 

QallBtln, Tenn. tl plana Klec Ry J 42:173-6 

OaWand. Antloch & Eastern Ry. II lty'& EnB 
K 53:996-6 O 25 -11 

Recent interurban construction In the far 
West. Blec Ry J 41:1171-3 Mr 19 '1! 

Relation of carriers tu the deielopment ot 
(he territory they serve. P. Slioup. Elec 
Ity J 12:821 O IB '13 

Relation of Interurban freight service to the 
high cost of living- B: C. Spring. Elec Ry 
J 41:171 Ja ti -It 

Report of Jolm committee of Am. electric 
railway enKineerlng and Tmnsportation and 
irafnc BBBoclallonB on train operation for 
Interurban service. Elec Ry 3 4I:T8i-3 O IG 

Rhine high-tension direct-current railways. II 
mnp Elec llv J 42:9«2-fi N 1 '13 

Through routes calnblished: St. Louis, Spring- 
field & Peoria el al, v. Peoria A Pekin 
union, Ry Age 64:47S-9 Mr H '11 

Through routes ordered among interurban 
lines. Ry £ Gng R fi3:691-3 Jl 19 '13 
8rt aI«o Electric nilmada 
Inundations, See Floods 

Scl Am S 76:228-7 O 

Dra use ullra-vlolel rays. 11 dlapa 
9:335-6 N 1 -13 

: A. Du Puy. Scl 

Inventor and hia 'reward. L. W. Smith. Sd 

Am 108:31 Ja 11 'IS 
Inventors and inventions. Scl Am 108:292 Mr 

29 '13 
Letters patent In relation to modern Indus- 

108:8-9 Ja 4 -IS 
Modern industrial hIrlh-rJte. H, M. Kahler. 

Am Ind M:Il-3 D 13 
Principle ot reversal: a suBgeatlon for In- 

Protection ot Intellectual property In relation 
to chemical Industry. L. H. Buekeland. Met 

& Chem Eng 11:31-6 Ja '13 
Quelles sunt les dix plus Brando.q Inventions 

Sol Am S 76:346-7 N ^3 '13 ' ' 

Rewarding the Inventor. C. F, Jenkins. Scl 
Am 109r237 S 20 '18 

Simple methods In model -making: how soft 
wood and cardboard can be used. P. Col- 
lins. II Scl Am 109:66 Jl 26 '13 

Slrint of Invention: the keynote of our mod- 
em age. F. W. Psj-ker. Scl Am S 76:71 Ag 
2 'It 

Ten grcalest Invetidons, ScE Am 109:243, 333 
S 27. N 1 '13 

Ten greatest invention*. J. H, Boyden- Scl 
Am 109:383 O 11 '13 

Value ot Inventions. S: H. Kennedy. Scl Am 
108:375 Ap 26 '13 



What f 

' C. « 

e the 

II, Sd Am S 76:310-1 N 1 

[) grestest Inventions of ot 

lowe, Scl Am 109:368 N 

t inventions of o\ 

; I. Wym 
Wliat are the ten greatest Inventions of o 

.. diags Si'l Am 

S 76:374-5 D 13 '13 

See alio Patents 


Rewarding the Inventor. C. F. Jenkins. Scl 

Am 109:227 S 20 '13 
Inventors' guild 
Preliminary report to the Inventors' guild: 

the guild's relation to patent practise. F. 

L, O. WadHworth. Scl Am 8 7^:146-7. 166, 

178-9 Mr 8-22 '13 


I-, Barr. Am Ind 

i 30 '11 

Private Irrigation proji 

T: Berry. Eng N 70:83j. 
Iowa sleetrlcal association 
I3th annual convention, Waterloo, Iowa, 1913. 

Elec W 61:920-1 My 3 '13 

2Gth annual convention, Sioux City, Jan.. 191J. 
II Dom Eng «L':1ID-1 Ja -ib '13 
Iowa street A Interurban railway association 
Tenth annual convention. Waterloo, 1913. 
Elt^c Ry J 41:812-6 My 3 '13 
i.'leanins of stpel and Iron, C. S. Thompson. 

-Metal Ind n s ll:11!l-2n O '13 
Coloring iron and steel products. E. F. Lake. 

Mach 19:7;s-9 Je '13 
Corrosion of Iron and overvoltage. Met & 

Chem Eng ll:28a-90 My '13 
rviifcnl rHnuM Ai and A3 Of pure Iron. G. 
- - - II dlagB Am 
„ (iz:zbai-»i " ""■ "■- 

Electroiytic corrosion ot iron In soils. Eng 
Rec 63:31-5 Jl 12 '13 

Electrolytic corrosion ot Iron In soils. B, 
McCullum and K. H. I.ogan, Am Inst E K 
Pro 32:1616-76 Jl '11 

Electrolytic theory of the corrosion ot Iron, 
B, Uimlierl. Met & Chem Eng 11:272-4 
My '13 

Engineering malerlals, C, A, McAllister. Int 
Marine ESig 18:S3-6 F '13 

Fluidity of Iron, W: J: Keep, Foundry 41:310 
Ag '13 

Ingol Iron, II Ry Age 55:112-4 Jl 18 '13 

Mining engineers discuss Iron and steel top- 
ics. Iron Tr 11 :,3:7«l-2 O 21 '13 

RuKling of Iron. Scl Am 108:67 Ja IS '13 

Selecting and specifying protective coats for 
Iron and Meet. J. C. Smith. Eng H 44:334> 
9 D '12 

Strength and ductility of Iron, ateel and 
bronzes at high temperatures, ESng N 69: 
372-4 F 20 'II 

8cc alHo Annealing; Blast furnaces: Cast 
Iron; Corrosion and anti -corrosives; Found- 
ly practice; Oalvanlzing; Hardware: Iron 
f.mndlng: Iron industry: Iron mines and 
mining; Iron ores; Ironwork; Pickling (met- 
als); Fig Iron; Slag; Steel: Wrought Iron 

Application or Ihe electric resistance furnace 
to determination ot oxygen In iron and 
sleel. it. II. McMlllen, 11 Iron Age 91: 
luK-g Ja lu '13; Same, Mel & Chem Eng 
il:S6-7 F '11 

Determination ot oxygen In Iron and steel. 
Iron Age !nl:i!!'«-l Ag 7 '13 

Determination of oxygen In Iron and steel. A. 
S. Cuahman: R. H. McHlllen. Uet A Chem 
Eng 11:176-7 Ap '18 





Digitized by VjOOQIC 


Methods of the United Stntes steel corpora- 
tion for (he commercial sampling and ana- 
tysla ot ple-lron. J. M. Camp. Am Inat Mln 

E Bui 71:279-308 F '13 
arly use of the 


orks. P. 
I -13 

. Age 32:iM 

it Iron— Testing 
Iron, Wrought, See Wrought Iron 
Iron alloy* 
Ferro- (Itanium alloy In the manufacture ot 
Iron and aloel. Cr V. Slocum. 11 Scl Am 
108:^12 Je 7 '13 
Non-corrosive Iron alloy; durlron. Bng N 89: 

G63 Mr 20 '13 
Tarid hearlnss on schedule! B sod C. Bleo 


_j 'la 

WtttorfT's Iron-carbo . „ 

tl. Slnughton. 11 Am Inst .Mln B Uul 74:227- 
37 F '13 

Ace alio Ferromanganese; Ferrovanadlum 
Iron and steal electrical engineers. See Asso- 
ciation of Iron and steel electrical engln- 

B, ... ., May. 1913. Iron 

Age 91:llSl-< My IE '13 
Dlsdisslona on papers at nrussels meeling. 
Iron Age 9!:6«9-71 S 2u '13 
Iron and staal institute, Amaricsn. See Amer- 
ican iron and steel Institute 
Iron founding 
Aluminum as flux. R. Qrlmahaw. Uetal Ind 

Better nielllng ratio. W: J: Keep. Foundry 

4t:10T Mr 'la 
Calrulatlng mixtures fur malleable cast Iron. 

H. Hemenway. Foundry 41:161-5. 4*7-601 O- 

N '13 
Electric turnacea In Iron and brass foundries. 

E. K. Scott. Foundry 41;!7»-S1 S '18 
First and last iron from the cupola. W: J: 

Keep. P^>undry 41:117 Hr 'IS 
Foundry pig Iron smelted In electric fur- 
nace operations of Noble electric a I eel 

CO.. Heroult, Cal. II Iron Tr R 63:493-7 B 

IS '13 
□ray Iron formed In delicate shapes. 11 Iron 

Afie 9:;:1096 N 13 '13 
Gray Iron mixtures for motor car castings. H. 

B. Swan. II Iron Tr It 63;!IS3-8 N 27 'IS 
I,Brge water wheels for Keokuk power plant: 

problems Involved In moldinB. II Iron Tr It 

62:407-10 F 13 '13; Same. Foundry 41:109- 

II Mr -la 
Melting dlfflculllea. W. J. Keep. Foundry 11: 

188 My '13 
New method ot moldlnr cast Iron Are pota. 

II Foundry 11:205-6 My '13 
Removing; sulphur from molten cast iron. 

dlag Iron Age 92:1325-6 D 11 '13 
Secrets of automobile casting manufacture. 

11 Foundry 41:281-71 Jl '13 
Trouhles of miilleable foundries. R: Moldenho. 

Iron Age !l2:i)33-41 O 23 '13; Same. Foun- 
dry 11:471-3 N '13 
Use of chills. W. J. Keep. Foundry 41:182 

My — 

Iron Industry and trade _ 

Alabama Iron market. L. W. Friedman. Ste 

A Mln J 96:82 Ja 11 '13 
British trade booms in 1913. J. Horton. Iron 

Tr R 52:10i-l<l Ja 2 "13 
Canadian Iron In I9I8. Bng « Min J 98:684 

S 27 '13 
Chairman Topping on Iron and steel tarllT; 

argument against Underwood bill. Iron Ass 

91:206-7, 227-8 Ja 16 '13 

B. C. Eckel. Iron Tr R 53:31S-6U Ag :!1 

Distribution of rolled pniducts. Iron Age 92: 
45fi-8 Ag 2S '13 

European ore disappears from eastern mar- 
ket. C. J. Stark. II Iron Tr R 62:146-61 Ja 

Export trade In iron and steel in 1912. Iron 
Age 91:263 Ja 23 '13 

Finished products make rapid Increase In ex- 
ports — Imports continue to decline. Iron Tr 
R 62:691 Mr 8 '18 

Foundry Iron prices at CInclnnoll and Chi- 
cago: a record of 37 years. Iron Age 91: 
3S2 F 6 '13 

Germany highly prosperous In spite of wars. 
Iron Tr H 63:S3-t ja 2 '13 

mliiee. Iron Tr it 52:263-6 Ja 23 '13 

nd metal markets. See Weekly num- 
of the Iron age 
-' ■ ■- -"-i, J-. Hobart Eng & Mln 

J 96:80-2 Ja 1 

I Jobbing warehouse; handling 
miiterlol at itoehm & Davl- 
letrolt. 11 plan Iron Age 92: 

vn capacity and prospects. Bng & Hln J 

98:389 As 28 'IS 

nn market and Its reviewers. Iron Age 91: 

897-8 Ap 10 '13 

'on mining industry. Eng A Min J 98:400 

Ag 30 '13 

on trade In 1912; Fitlsburgh, Philadelphia, 

Chicago. Cincinnati. Iron Age 91:7B-85 Ja 

2 '13 

Lake Superior Iron ore ti 
Wood bridge. Iron Age 9 

„■*" \ 

existing in 1 

le In 1912. D. E. 
103-5 Ja 2 '13 
or report; condl- 
ron Age 91:961-6 

New Underwood bill; Iron ore and rails 

placed on the free list. Iron Tr R 82:878-8 

Ap 10 '18 
Noteworthy year In Iron and steel. Met & 

Chem Eng 11:3-1 la 'IS 
Our effective blast furnace capacity. Iroh 

Age 91:669-70 Mr 13 '13 
Our foreign Iron and sleel trade In 1912. Iron 

Age 91:600 Mr 6 '13 
Pig Iron curtailment. Iron Age 92:10fi1-5 N 

6 '13 
Pittaburgh iron and steel markets. B. E. V. 

Lutr. Eng & Min J 96:83-1 Ja 11 '13 
Plate, sheet and tin plate production In ISIS. 

Iron Age 91:1400-1 Je 6 '18 

22 '13 
Ri'cord -breaking Iron ore shipments in 19i; 

II Iron Tr R 62:101-6 Ja 2 '13 
Remarkable sh>-et and lln plate production 

Iron Age 91:1439-10 Je 12 13 
Review of conditions In Irnde centers. Se 

weekly numbers of the Iron trade revlet 
Southern pig Iron steadily advanred in prhe 

in 1912. S. G. 

22 Ja 2 '13 

Unprecedented * 

Tr R 62:1 IB- 
iperlty in Russia. 

: 62:111-6 Jft 2 ■ 

nendoUB activity In Chicago dls- 

!. ISoyer. Iron Tr R 52:94-6 Ja 2 

Iron metallurgy 

Beneficlallon of lalie iron ores. H. E. Wood- 
bridge. EUK & Mln J 95:311-2 F S '13 

Chemical reactions of the puddling process. 
T: Turner. Iron Age 91:888-9 Ap 10 'IS 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


Iron mfttallurBy ^ — Conlinwd. 
Concentrating low-grade Iron ores In Michi- 
gan. 1) plan Met & Clieni Etig 11 :35fi-7 Je 

Cnncpntratlon of Iron-oren. C. Q- Payne. Am 
Inst Min E Bui T&:S:i9-33 Mr '13 

Coneentratlnn of Iron-orex: dlscusiilon of (he 
paper of N. V. Hansell. F. L. Grammer: 
II. H. Kichards. Am Inst MIn E Bui J7: 
XST-Sl My '13 

<:^unc en t ration of low-grade Iron ores at Di- 
urlte, Mich. 11 plan Kng & Mln J !J5:I016- 
8 My IT -IZ 

Deaulphurliatlon of New Jersey Iron ore. II 
dlag Iron Tr R 5Z;2ST-3 Ja JO 'IS 

Electric furnace In the production of Iron 
from ore: discussion of present status and 
comparison of Scandinavian and Callfor- 
nlan practices. D. A. Lyon. II Met A Chern 
Ens ll:lE-9 Ja 13; Same. Bel Am 8 TG: 
381-3 Je 14 '13 

Electric heutlnj; and the removal of phos- 
phorus from Iron. A. K. Greene. Am Inet 
MUn K Bui 74:26!i-T7 F '13 

Electric ameltlnE of Iron ore In Callfomla- 
II Iron Aee 92;124-6 Jl 17 '13 

Electrolytic production of Iron iheeta and 
tubes, etc K. W. Palmar and J. A. Brln- 
ell. Met ft Chem Bng llilST-SOI Ap '11 

Ooltra process (or eoncenlratlng Iron ores. 

Eng & Mtn J 9S:<75-6 Mr 1 13 
Irwn blast furnace and the characterlallcs 

of It fuels, J. E. Johnson, Jr. Met & Chem 

Eng ll:fiS7-91 D '13 
Iron breakouts In blast furnaces, dlag Iron 

Age 91:822-3 Ap 3 '13 
Iron concentrator of unusual design. I,. O. 

Kellogg. II Eng A Mln J »«:24S-rAK > 'l> 
Iron-ore concentration: commerctalhr nssd 

methods In the United BtatM. N. V. Han- 

seU. Bng U 14:76T-T1 F '11 
Magnetite In maltes and alags. J. W. Ben- 

nte, Eng ft Mln J 9fi:1213 D 27 "13 
Wagnelitt tn mattes and alass. E. W. Wal- 
ler, Eng & Mln J 95:213-4 Ja 2S '13 
Metallurgy of Iron and sleel. B. Stoughton. 

Eng ft Mtn J Ii6:98-in3 Ja, 11 '13 


ereJ I 

... (i. kliigh. II Am Inst Mln E Bui 

77:HI3-28 My '13 
PIb Iron and Its method of m.inufaclure. J: J- 

PoHer. II Iron Tr II :.2:61-75 Ja 1 '13 
Prngress In the metallurgy ot Iron and steel. 

R Stoughton. Iron Age 91:12-4 Ja 2 '13 
Reactions In the blast furnace. lo.n Age 92; 

IIBT-K N 20 '13 
H°ducllon of ferric oxide by ferrous sul- 

iihlde. L: T, Wright. Eng & Mln J 96:S25.6 

. _ '13 
.Separation of Iron and m 

Mln J 96:377-8 F IB "13 
»nielling Iron electrically li 

H, J, Hanson, II Iron Ti 

Rng ft 

ganeae m 

W-M Jl I 

I , 

. II 1 

'B(e alti) furnaces; Iron alloys 

Iron mine* anil mining 

Close work In Iron mining: Alabama Clinton 

reserves; New York Clinton ores. D. B, 

Woodbrldge. Eng ft Mln J 96:H>E-t S I> 'IS 

Lake Superior and Cuban Iron ore8,_ D. A. 

din J 

1 in 1 


' iro 

IL Flnlay. Iron Tr R 52:618-21 P 37 ■13: 
S«ini-. .\m Inst Mln 10 Itul 7,-j:187-ri02 Mr 
■1.1; .'iiime Iron Aire 91:fi'.f-S Mr 13 '1.1; Ex- 
i-iirpts. Eng & Min J !'ri:l>3'>-in My 10 '13: 
1>l»cirsslon. Am Inst Mln E Bui 77:915-40, 
32:2003-8 Mr, My '13 

Bng A Mln J 95: 

Valuation of Iron mines. 

477-S Mr 1 '13 

Iron mining methods and costs In Alabai 

I>. E. Woodbrldge. Iron Age 9Z;SS8-9 

11 '13 

Tr R 6i:459-SZ F 20 '13 
Iron ore resources of Chile. C: Vattler. Eng 

ft Mln J 95:234-6 Ja iS '13 
Tofo Iron mlnea In Coqulmbo. Chile. Iron 

Age 91:427 F 13 '13 

Cuban Iron ore reserves. D. Whltalcer. Eng 

M 4E:2G3-4 N '13 
Cuban ore beds; world's Breateat Iraa-ora 

deposits. D. A. Willay. 11 Eng H *iMl-i» 

Mr -18 
Vast ore deposits of lAiba. H: Hale. Bel Am 

10»:142 Ac 21 'IS 

Applied geology, Michigan Iron ranges. P. 

B. McDonall. dlags Bng ft Mln J 9S:£0S-10 

Ag 2 '18: Same, gel Am 8 76:235 O 11 'IS 
Busy year on the old ranges of I-ahe Su- 
perior. M. P. Vounga. Iron Tr R 52:168-71 

— . 9 '13 


Itevelopmentfl on the Michigan Iron rBi 

BnR A Mln J Sfi:777-8 O 25 '11 
" ' on the L.ake Superior r 

Michigan Iroi 

Ag SO '18 
Rogers mine. Iron River. Mich. Eng ft Mln 

J 85:227-8 Ja 25 '13 
Sanitation In minea and mine towns. Lake 

Superior region. W, H. Moulton. Iron Age 

92:475-6 Ag 28 '13; Same, Eng & Mln J S6: 

391-2 Ag i1 '13 



II map Eng ft Mln J 96;119!)-1203 D 27 '13 
Outline of Mesabl topillclni 

Bng A Mln J g6:G7S-W S S 
Underground costs In Minnesota Iron mlnlnf. 

Eng ft Mln J 96:408 Ag 80 '18 
New York 
Masnetlte mlnee near Port Henry, N. T. L. 

O. Kellogg. II Eng A Mln J 96:863-8 N 8 

Methuselah among American mlnea: the 
Sterling Iron mine, New York. L. O. Kel- 
logg, II Eng ft Mln J 96:431.3 S 6 '13 

Note^ on Lake Chaniplain Iron mines. 1,. O, 
KellORg. Eng ft Min J 96:1065-7 D 6 'IS 

MInlne magnetite hy ateam shovel in Swed- 
en. A, S, Itiie. II lion Tr R .13:95.1-60 N 27 

United State* 
American Iron-ore reaerves, E, C. Eckel, Bng 

M 44:7-16 O "12 
Mining Iron ore In eaatem and southern 
st.itcH. n, K, Woodbrldge. Iron Tr R 53; 
379-8(1 A« 28 '13 

Montreal Iron mine. Gogebic range. Wis. 11 
Eng ft Mln J 95:956-8 My 10 '13 
Iron molder's union 

B. C. BckeL 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


Iron or«> — CoitHnutd. 
Applied KeolOKy. Mlchlsan Iron ranges. P. B. 

McDonald, dlan Bns & Mln J SS:iOS-10 

As ! '13; Same, Scl Am 8 7B:!Sll O 11 'IS 
Brown Iron ores as cavity till Inn. B. C 

Eokel, 11 Ens & Mln J 96;l-£ Jl B "IS 
C^romlferous Iron ores of Greece. Iron Tr 

R 53:624 O 9 "13 
Coke and Iron ore freight rale decisions. 

Iron Afte 91:1478-80 Jc 19 '13 
Coleralne Iron oro waahlnK plan). J: U. Seb- 

enluB. II plan Iron Age 92:452.6, 479-80 

Ag 28 '13 
Cuban Iron-ore reservea. D. Whltaker. Eng M 

4fi:263-4 N '13 
Cuban ore beds; world'a greateit Iron-ore de- 

poBlts. D. A. Wllley. 11 BnE U tt:leT-gt 

Hr '13 
DevelopmentB on Mkhlsan 

-. McDonald, II Eng & Ml 

33 '18 

5-9 Ak 

:. C. J. Stark, fl Iron Tr R 52:145-51 Ja 

3 13 
BxperlmenlB with titanlteroiis ores by Me- 

Intyre Iron co. Iron Tr R 53:T9T-8 O 30 '13 
Extent of the Chilian Iron ore deposita. map 

Iron Tr R 52:459-6! F 20 '13 

. Aliell. Iron A^e 92:514-5 B 4 '13 

n ore depoHllB of the BOUthern Btatea. E. 

!. Eckel. 11 map Iron Tr R 52:77-83 Ja 2 

: Vattler, Eng 

leii. Eng &. Mil 

i testify (or U. 

_. H. 

<S:SOS Mr 8 

Ore shipments from Lake Superior raoKea. 

Iron Tr R 62:688-9 Mr S '1! 
Position or the tltanlferoua ma«^etlter BnK 

& Min J 98:678-9 O 11 '13 
Texas Iron ore depooltH. R. T.lnlon. II map 

Bnt- & Win J M:llB3-fi D 20 '13 
Tltanlferous Iron ore Investigation. Enir * 

Mln J 9e:«Bl O 4 '13 
THanlferous Iron-ore myth. Eng A Mln J M: 

705-6 O U 'IS 
TItnnlferoue Iron ores In the United States. 

their compOBlllon and economic value. J. 

T. SlnBCwald, Jr. 11 IT S Bur Mines Bui 

S4:l-t41 '13 
Vaat ore deposits of Cub*. H: Hale. Sol Am 

109:142 Ag £3 '13 
Veneiuelan Iron ore development. 11 map Iron 

Tr R 52:686-7 Mr SO '13 

53:716-6 O 16 'IS 

Kee ainn Iron Industry: 
Iron mines and mining 
on rust. Pee CorroBlor 


, Leadvllle. Cola. 

r 1912. Eng & Mln J 95:860 Ap 

!^ee Iron Industry and trade 

I work. See Ironwork 

.3:683-4 O 16 '13 

& Mln J 95:::34-6 Ja 25 '., 

on-ores of the South range of the Cuyuna 

district. Minnesota. C. Zapffe and W, A. 

BarrowB. ]r. Am Inst Mln E Bui 74:215- 

M F 'IS 
Lake Superior and Cuban Iran ores. D. A. 

WlUey. II Mines ft Mln I3:>4I)-1 Ja '13 
Lake Superior Iron ore district. D. B. Wood- 

brldse. Ens & Mln J 95:85-6 Ja 11 13 
Lake Superior Iron ore leases. C, ZapIIe. Eng 

ft Mln J 95:338 F 8 '13 
Lake Superior Iron-ore outlook for 1914. Eng 

ft Mln J 96:869-70 N 8 '13 
Letter to Harper's weekly correcting 

Iron and steel output cut down by Doods. 
Iron Age 91:861-4 Ap 3 '13 

Iron making In New York harbor. Iron Ago 
92;9IS O 23 '13 

Iron emeltlnu; In Maryland In the I8th cen- 
tury. H: W. Lewis. 11 Iron Tr R 63:469- 
60 S 11 '13 

New iron and steel works construction. Iron 
Age 91:105,122-7 Ja 2 '13 

Rehabilitation from Ihe Dayton Hood. K. G. 
Martin. II Iron Age 91:1112-5 My 8 '13 

Situation In the Hooded districts. Iron Age 
91:917-9 Ap 10 '13 

Utility of efnclency-rpoords in the manufac- 
ture of Iron. J: J. Porter. Am Inst Mln B 
Bui 76:643-53 Ap 'IS 

Hce also Foundries: Voungxtiiu'n sheet ;ind 

Uanufacttjre o( chilled Iron car wheels. F: C 
Weber. Met ft Chem Bng 11:92-4 F '13 
fire alto Forging; Iron Industry: Metal 
work; Welding; Wrought Iron 
Ironwork, Artistic 
Artistic treatment of cast Iron. B. J. Fletcher. 

Foundry 41:364-6 S '13 
Early American hardware: an Interestlnc 
collection of Dutch -colonial examples. O: 
W. Nash. 11 Arch Hec 84:Si9-3S O IS 
Accidents and diseases of Ironworkers. P. 
Roepke. Ind Eng 13:52-3 F '13 
Agriculture, electricity and irrleatlon: elec- 
trically driven pump. P. A. Bates. 11 Scl 
Am 108:472 My 24 '13 

mento valley project. E. C. Milla. II Eng 
Rec 67:662-4 Je 14 '13 

Duty o( water tor Irrigation; amount and 
character of water losses as determined by 
extensive studies In Idaho. Eng Rec 67:305- 
6 Mr 16 '13 

Engineering principles applied to farm irri- 
gation. A. L. Harris. 11 Eng N 70:1172-5 D 


Hydraulic laboratory lor Irrigation Investiga- 
tions. Fort Collins, Colo. V. M. Cone. H 
plan Eng N 70:662-5 O 2 'IS 

Irrigation and the nefd for hvdrographlc sur- 
veys. Eng Rei- 67:566 My 21 '13 

Irrlgallon pumping plants. Eng Rec 68:6S-4 
Jl 12 '13 

Module or constant -discharge device for Ir- 
rigation works, plan Eng N 69:602 Mr 13 

Permanent fertility of Irrigated lands. Eng 

Rec 67:171 F 16 '18 
Private irrigation project as an Investment. 

T; Berry. Eng N 70:854-6 O 30 '13 
Reinforced -concrete chutes on Boise project. 

F. W. Hanna. II Eng Rec 67:600-1 My 3 

Reservoir and cannl losBes In Irrigation. 11 
Eng N 69:619-23 Mr 2' '13 

Seasonal duty of Irrigation water; conclu- 
sions tiased on observations made In Ihe 
Boise vallev, Idaho. F. W. Hanna. Eng Rec 
67:90-1 Ja 25 'IS 

Seepage losses In Irrigation systems; their 
economic significance. E. O. Hopson. II Scl 
Am S 75:56-9 Ja 25 'IS 

Selling water by current meter measurement 
J. C. Allison. i1 Bng N 69:66-70 Ja 9 '13 

Value of snow surveys In IrrlgBllOn: meth- 
ods for predicllng run-oft from snow-clad 
mountain areas. J. C, Alter. II Eng U 45; 
737-40 Ag 'IJ 

What Is the matter with irrigation? Eng 
N 69:1237-40 Je 12 '13 

See olso Dama: Drainage: Irrigation ca- 
nals: Reservoirs; Water rights 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


Cost of Irrtgatlon works p.. --„., 

with water. Eng N fi9;]008-9 My IB 'l3 

C;oat of reclamation service and Other Irri- 
gation projects In CDlarado. J: E. Field. 

Katlon projects in Colt 
EnK N T0:3t8-eB Ag 21 .. 

Unestimated cost In the development of Ir- 
rtgatlon proJectH. Eng Rec 67:510-1. 629-30 
My 10 'U 

Unestlmated cost In the flevelopment of Ir- 
rigaiion projects. C: K. Fox. Eng flee 6T: 
G20 My 31 M* 



jrilder. 11 map Eng Bee 6S;2O0.i; 21i.t 
Ag 23-30 '13 

Reclamation of ancient Babylonia by Irriga- 
tion. E. J. Banks, il map Eng N 69:468-3 
Mr 6 '13 


nia. il Eng N 70:748 O 16 '13 

Study of Irrigation heads In the Modesto and 
Turlock Irrigation dlBtrlcta. Cal. Eng N TO: 
G02-3 S 11 13 

We 11 -water Irrigation ayateni In sou them Cal- 
ifornia. 11 plan Eng Rec «?:S4I Mr 1 'IS 

5-6 D 20 '13 

Philippine lalandi 
Public works In the Philippine Islands 

tlon t ... .. 

map Eng N 70:608-13 9 1 
United States 

Federal report on Carey act Irrigation pro- 
jects. Eng N 69:1321 Je 26 "13 

Government irrlRnlion work. P. K. \Mne. Elng 
N 70:1322 D 25 '13 

Irrigation water-supply for the Pima Indiana. 
A. P. Davis. 11 Eng N 70:9S6-7 N 13 '13 

Ten years of government Irrigation work; re- 
view of actlvltlea and experiences of U, S. 
reclamation service since passage ol New- 
lands act. Eng Hec 67:128-90 F 1 '13: Same. 
Scl Am S 76:142-3 Mr 1 'II 


Wapalo Irrigation project In northern Wash- 
ington. Eng Bee 67:11-2 ja 4 '13 
Irrigation canals 

Facta ahout peroolatlon from canals. W. C. 
Hammatt, dings Ent: N 70:8Sl-2 O 10 '13 

Uning an irrigation ditch with Hess metal- 
lic numing, E. M. Chandler. 11 Eng N TO: 


Inforoed i 

Eng N 69:620-3 My 27 '13 

Eng N 70:402-5 Ag 28 'IS 
Ishlkarl river, Japan 
Precipitation and runoff; with special re- 
lation to ice condillons. B. Okazakl. plana 
Eng N 70:850-2 O 30 '13 
Island!, Floating. See Floating ialanda 
lathmlan canal commlsalon 

Extracts from annual report of lathmlan 
" ■ Ion. G: W. Goethals. Eng N 

70:1122-6 D I 



Jock tor pulling drill rods and sounding bare. 

plan Eng Rec 67:87 Ja 11 '13 
New design of Journal Jack. Il Am Bng 87: 

Jalli. See PHsons 
Jamaica, New Vark 
Jamaica Improvement of the t<ing Island 
railroad. II plans Eng Beo 67:46-7 Ja II 'II 
Long Island improvemenla al Jamaica, II 
map plana Uy Age 66;lS3-9 Ag 1 '13 
Jamea. Arthur Curtlea 

Country estate of Arthur Curtlss James: 
... .__|| ^ pijg 46:439.51 ^ '13 

CoBt of reclamation service and other Irriga- 
tion projecta in Colorado. J: B. Field. Eng 
N 70:348-65 Ag 21 '13 

Twin Falla-Oakley irrigation project. A. M. 
Korsmo. 11 plans Eng N 69:l>16-21 Mr 13 '13 

Oregon state Irrigation c 






A. P. Broadhead. 
nd varnishing 
C. Bleloch, Inland Ptr 

50:676-7 F '13' 
Jersey city, New Jersey 

School that trains boya for shop work; the 
Wllllnm L. Dickinson high school. B; K. 
Hammond, il Moch 19:749-63 Je "13 

Problems in removing sand Columbia river 

bar. Eng Iter 68:731 D 27 '13 
.,..,.....,. — .,.._._... p^y_ (,^1 jgtiies. Eng 


lamping work In Jigs, diags Mach 20:300-3 
J. M. Henry. dIags 

D '13 

Drill Jig for __ 

Am Mach 38:786-7 My 8 .„ 

Economy In tool design. B. H. Pratt. dIags 
Mach 20:3«-40 S '13 

Jig for milling an Irregular shaped guide. 
C. F. Meyer, dlags Mach 19:359-61 Ja '13 

Jig for milling cam slots. C. F. Meyer, diaga 
Mnch 10:61-5 S '12 

Making of bushings for drill Jigs. F. B. Ja- 
cobs, dlags MacTi 19:12-5 S '12 

Rotating Jig for drilling connecting-rods. II 

ach 19:882 Jl ' 
- ■■■ Jig , - 

■niB. C. F. Mey 

Dry conoentralion and separation of min- 
erals: the Plumb pneumatic Jig. II Met & 
Chem Eng 11:722-4 n '13 

Plumb pneumatic Jig. E: K. Wiard. II Eng 
& Mln J 96:1090-1 D 6 '13 

Woodbury allme clasalder. E: T. Wright 
plan Colliery 38:39T-S F '13 
Job compcaltlon. See Typesetting— .Job work 
Joint committee on concrete and reinforced 

Abalract of second report. Eng N 69:368-64 
F 6 '13 

Second report: a review. Eng N t9:S73-4 F 
6 '13 
Joints (geology) 

I^ws of jointing. R. Stevens. Am Inst Mln 
B Bui 79:1285-1303 Jl '13 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


Jollet, lirtnots 

Newly completed union Blatlon at Jollet. II 

plan Ens Rec eT:T4-E Ja 18 '13 
Track elevation at JoUel. map plan Ene N 
Sa:962-5 My B '13 
Jones, Howard M., 1874- 

Sketch. por Ry & Eng- B S3:4CE My IT '13 
J one*, inlgo, 1ST3-16S2 
Contrlbuilona to the history ot the English 
playhouse. H. Bell. II Arch Rec 33:262-7 Mr 
Science and Joumallam. Scl Am 10g:4SS My 
10 13 
Kte airo FMIIIng: House organ:): Traile 


My 2 

itlon. Erg N 89:1063-7 


.. . lubway conatructlon In Kanias City. 
II dlags Eng Rec 68:228-30 Ak 30 'It 
inaaa City, Clay County A St. Joseph rail* 

3ulld1ng a IZOO-volt electric railway. R. P. 
Woods. II plan map Enit N 70:688-»4 O » 

Kama* aa>. _ _ . _ 
railway association 
16Ih annual convention 

electric light . 


_.. .__ . ..trlcal 

fraternity. E. C. Bennett. Blec W 6Z:14t-< 
Jl 19 'IJ 

Technically trained Judtres to decide patent 
easeH. C. A. F. Turner, Eng N 69:1241 Je 
12 '13 

Jnngfrau railway. II Scl Am ]09;160 N 8 '13 
Junior Institution of engineers, Great Britain 
Making membership In an engineering; so- 
ciety a tangible asset. Bng N 70:16S-11 Ag 
21 'It 
Junkers engine 
Junkers engine. F. E, Junge. U Power 37; 

120.1. 417-8 J.i 2S. Mr 25 '13 
Junkers vs. Diesel engine. A. M. Levin. Pow- 
er 37:671-2 My 13 "IS 
.1. — . ,nn t_„... .. — arine 


ntlon, Kansas City, Kan.. 
r. 1913. Dom Eng 62:317-20 Mr 16 '13 

632 JeT "13" 

!(lon BRalnst floods, j. Y. Oleaon. map 

7:631-2 Jo 

Mlnlnt; and treatment ot feldspar and kaolin, 
A. a. Watts, il map U S Bur Mines But 63: 
1-164 -13 
Kami timnellng machine. O. J. Grimes, II Eng 

N 69:470-1 Mr 8 '13 
Copper El DtrtHo In mid -Africa— the Katan- 
ga. C: F, Talman. map Scl Am 108:4EO My 

Kathode rays. -Si-e Cathode rays 

land. Elec W «E:1 
Manufacturers and the Kahn law 

92:1240 N 27 '13 
Remarkable offer by the United Slates gov- 

rlghts. EnK N 7i 

Northern railway of Cameroon. 11 Sol Am S 

TB:84 F 8 'IS 
Kanaas City, Missouri 

L.and-tax system or beneni aBsensments for 
public Improvements. O: Keasler. Eng N 
6ft:103« My 15 '13 

Public cimforl stations at Kansas City. Mo. 
Dom Eng 62:2-7 Ja 1 '13 

Kansas City park system. J. H. Lowry. 11 
Munlc Eng 44:2-7 Jft '13 

Beautifying Kansas City union station sur- 
roundings. B. J. Lubschei, II Munlc Eng 
44:463-4 My '13 

Construction work of tbe Kansas City termi- 
nal Ry. 11 Ry ft Eng B 63:225-30 Mr 15 '13 

Kansas CItv passenger lerminal. II plan map 
Ry Age 54:1121-8 My 23 '13 

Kansas Cliy terminal railway, li plan map 
Eng N 70:237-44 Ag 7 'IS 
Rapid transit 

Franchise negotiations In Kansas City re- 
sumed, Rlec Ry J 41:1031 Je 7 '13 

Franchise progress in Kaneas City. Elec Ry 
J 42:460-70. ElO-l S 20-27 '13 

Kansas City appraisals. Elec By J 41:38) Hr 
- "13 

1:718-20 Ap 19 ■IS 

Arch Rec 34:3S5."4bTn 'iil ' 
Kemp, James Furman, 1869- 
James P\irman Kemp, president. Am. Inat. 

M. E. P. D. Adams. Eng N 69:199-200 Ja 

30 13 
Portrait. Eng N «9;19«a Ja SO 'IS 
Kensko reservoir 
New York city's water supply system, tl Scl 

Am 3 75:140 Mr 1 '13 
Traveling plant for casting concrete blocks 

for Kensl™ dam, Valhalla. N. Y. 11 Eng 

Bee 67:528 My 10 '13 
Kentucky state association Of master plumlwre 
9lh annual convention, Covington, April, 

1913. Horn Eng 63:96-8 Ap 26 '13 
Keokuk, Iowa 
Historical review of the Keokuk hydroelec- 
tric development. 11 Elec w 62:462-4 S t '11 
Hugh L. Cooper, who bulli the Keokuk dam. 

W. P, Green, Sd Am 109:366 N 8 '13 
Mississippi look at Keokuk. 11 Eng N 70:964-72 

Opening of tlir world's greatest power plant 

at Keokuk, II Scl Am 103:212-3 8 13 '1,1 
World's largest wBler-power plant. II plans 

Elec W 61:1157-63 My 31 '13 

DifUciillIes in kerosene carburelion. Auto- 

miiliile 2S:W3 My 8 '13 
Fuel economics of the oil engine. J; A. Secor. 

Iron Age 91:974-6 Ap 17 'IS 
Gasoline and kerosene situation. J: A. Secor. 

.sjcl Am 108:459 My 17 '13 
Kerosene for flteel heating furnaces. H, C, 

Splllmiin. it plan Mnch 20:125-8 O '13 
Power from kerosene: a system whereby oil, 

kerosene and distillates are used In the 

ordinary type of gas engine, L. W. Ellla and 

W. R. Dray. 11 Scl Am S 76:106-8 F 16 'IS; 

Excerpts. Scl Am 108:248-7 Mr IG 'IS 
S. A, E, talks kerosene. Automobile 2S:5BS 

Mr 8 'II 

Digitized GvCOC^IC 


... ... „ — 4 O '13; 

Same. Scl Am S 7S:292.4 N S 'J3 
Ubo of kerosene In motor. Automobile 28: 

SOS Mr 6 '13 
Vaporizing kerosene by partial combustion, 

.Scl Am 109HIS-3 N 29 'U 
Waning supply of gasoline. J: A. Secor. Scl 
Am S TE;iTl-2 Ap 26 '13 

See also Gas and oil engines; Petroleum 
Keroiena enalnes. See Qat and oil engines 
Kerr lake mining co., Cobalt, Canada 
Kerr lake mining company cosla. Eng & MIn 
J 96:1076 D 6 '13 
Key*. See Locks and keys 



utting keyways in a lathe. "W; H, Tnieman. 
II Scl Am 109:HS Ag tt 'IS 
Dimensions of taper keys and keywnvs: with 
dala sheet supplement. G. G. Ui 

& MIn J 95:20 Ja 4 '13 
Keys and keyways (or automobile. II i 
mobile 29:121-6. 1fi7-9 S 4-11 13 

dlags Eng 


incald. Illinois 
Model minlne town of Kincald. map Eng 

Rec 68:639-40 D 6 '13 
lamatic* of machinery- See Machinery, 

Kinematics of 
Telephone aid to Edison talking pictures. 11 

Blec W Sl:V41 Ap G '11 
Itehen utenllis 
Use of niiiminium for kllclien and eating 

utenslte. Scl Am S 16:34 Ja SG 'IS 
-- - IS. Automobile 
Automobile Held kitchen, il Scl Am 108:EOO 

My 3 


lU photonraphy. Se« Photography. Aerial 

alt. Inland Ptr 51:103 Ap '13 
Knots and splices 
Short aplice for rope drive. C L. Mallery. 

Power 37:461 Ap 1 'U 
Splicing transmission rope. 11 Eng A MIn J 

36:110-1 Jl 19 '13 
Splicing transmission rope. II Scl Am S T6:!44 

O 18 'la 
Three-two method of rope splicing, A. Wil- 
son, dlag Colliery 33:684-5 Jl ^13 
Knowledoe. Embroidery of. Sci Am 103:483 Hy 
31 '13 



656-7 S 18 -IS 

Kanao (battiethip) 

Japanese battle-cr 
109:128 Ag 16 'IS 

iser Kongo. 

Trip throuRh north 
il map Am Insi R 

rn Koren, It 
In R Bui 76 

Kyslitim corporation. London 
Kyshilm corporation, Eng & MIn J 96:368 Ag 

Labor and capital 
Employer's right to employee's Invention. A. 
F, Jobke. Elec W 61:132 Ja 18 '13 

Is taking a Job selling a commodity or mak- 
ing an Investment? Am Mach 38:875-6 My 
22 '13 

Practical principles of rfttlonal management. 
A. H, Church, Eng M 45:34-33 Ap '13 

nelatlonship of sdentlflc management to 
labor. J: p. Prey. Iron Tr R 62:917-8 Ap 
17 '13 

file aim Arbitration. Industrial; Coopera- 
tion: Kniployees; Industrial betterment; 
Tnlior contracts: Strikes: Trade unions: 

Labor and laboring classes 

Srs oijo Accidents. Industrial: Apprei 

lices: Arbitration. Industrial; Bonus syi 
tem; Convict Libor: Cooperation: Gnst < 
living: Rtflclency, Industrial; Fac' 

; Industry; 

capital: Labor contracts; I.ebor laws; Min- 
ers: Mnlion studv; O' cnpations — Dlse^ises 
and hyKiene: Occupatl'ins, Dangerous; Pen- 
' " Pleee-worh: Railroads — Employees: 

Housing problem 
Wages Id the Ainason river valley. H. E. 

Collins. Power 3T:5£l-3 Ap 16 




Workmen's houses in Germany 

Eng 13:374-6 S '13 





manufaoturlng In Japs 

ind 13:19-31 Mr '13 

United States 

n. J 



National 1 
3 Ap 17 

on and sleel labor 



Labor contra 


Labor disputes 

Presidents Brown and Rea on labor dis- 
putes. Ry & Eng B 53:220 Mr IB '13 

Anti-Injunction bill In New Jersey. J. A. 

Emery. Am Ind 13:9-11 Ap 'IS 
Eduriiling tlliteraie employees. Iron Age fl2: 

861-2 o 16 '13 
Foreign requirements governing work under 

compressed air. P. Seurot. Eng N 70:663 

S IS '13 
l.i'eisl.ition nirpctlnii the time and manner 

Oversight In the compressed- all 

Richards, Eng N 70:436-8 Ag 28 
Iti'ceni eliiht-hour legislation for B 

in '13 

Nrc nlin 1 

hold. J. B. 1 

■ 67:S2(i-S My 
Mining laws: 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


r the modem lactory: appara- 
. L^ke. II Iron 

New laboratory fir research In optics and 

photosraphy. II Sol Am S 76:56-7 J1 26 '13 
^rc alio Selenlinc research 
Laboratories, Biological. See BloloKlcal labor 

Laboratories, Chemical. See ChemicH.1 labors 

Laboratories, Electric. See Electric labora 

Laboratories. Engineering. See EnslneerInK lab- 
Laboratories. Hydraulic. See Hydraulic labom 
Laboratories, Metallurgical. See Metallurgical 
Laboratories, Pedagoslcal. See pedasogical la- 
Laboratories. Physical. See physical labora- 

Lackawanna steel company 
Annual report for I!>t£. Iron Age 31;}17 Mr 

20 -13 

ExtlngulshlnB of llres In lacquer with saw- 
dust. E. A. Barrier. Ens N 69:117-8 Ja 30 
'13; Same. Metal Ind n s 11:11»-Z1 Mr '13 

Use of lacquer. F. P. Davis. Melal Ind n a 
llillS Mr '13 
ffc alto Japanning 

Isabella knockdown Iron ladder. L, H. P. 
Knelp. II Eng & Mln J S8:6B1 S 27 '13 

Sately In ladders: seven deslgsa. P. A. Bar- 
ker. Am Ind 13:Bup 2 Ja 'II 
Lake Shore A Michigan Southern railroad 

43d annual report. 1912. Ry Age 51:69<-6 Mr 

21 '13 

Operation of the I.Bke Shore & Michigan 
Snuthern In 1912. map Ry Age 54;C58-9 

Land titles 
Dlfllcultlea In Bxlng land llnea 
Pennsylvania. Bug Rec 67:102 ]a 26 '13 
Landscape gardening 

Co-or'ern'trifi group planning. r>: E. Tarn 
plana Arch Rue 31:467-75 N '11 
Bee alto Country homes: Parks 

Mr 1 


.„ — e advantagea of the New 

York Central- 1. ake Shore conBolidalion. Ry 
Age E.i:41-3 Jl 11 '13 
Lake shore electric railway 
Annual reports for 1>12 and Itll. Blec Ry J 
41:342-3 F 22 '13 
Lake Superior mining InstltuU 
ISlh annual meeting, MesabI i 
1013. Eng & Mln J 96:1GG-6 S 
Lamp posU. See Street lighting flxturea 
Lampacltos, Mexico 
Destruction of coal-mlnlng plant at Lampa- 
cltOB. 11 Eng & Mln J S6:EG7-S S I) 'It 
Modern producllon of lampblack: bow It la 
automatically precipitated and collected by 
electricity " '"'-' " " ' ' " "*-■"■* 

Ag 1« IS 

Kaufman lighting syslen 
264-6 Ja 23 '13 
S<t alio Electric lam 
Lamps, Tungsten. See Ele 

II Iron Age 91: 
is; Safety lamps 

H e Agriculture; Coal loiida; tmlncnt 
domain; Land grants; [.and tenure; Ijnd 
titlf-s; Mineral lands; I'arks; R«clam»tlon 
of land: Taxation 
Land drainage. See Drainage 
Land grants 
Our national resoiiices and our federal (cov- 
ernment; dlsciisKlun of paiier of H. W. Kay- 
mond. Am Inat Mln E Bui 74:319-29; 77; 
971-81 F, My '13 
Proposed new land law. Eng & Mln J M: 
ElO S 13 '13 

ir federal n 
of R. '" " 

. 11V> 

Suggested methods of pre< 

en ting rock slide*. 
53:8Se-9 Ag 30 'It 
'enting lana slides. 

108:463 My 17 '13 
t-sngley aerodynamical laboratory 
Es"6llBhment C. H. Butroan. Bel Am 108: 


ficc nf«o Dictionaries; English language; 
Hteroglyphica; Synonyms and anlonyma 
Study and teaching 
Foreign language aa a tool In engineering 
training. P. w. Scholtz. Concrete Cem 2: 



il Scl Am S 7t:lD> 

ejigineera. R."'c. PoweflT'w; Whll"edT"Eng 

N (i9:10H-6 My 15 '13 
'^jT 'iM^Mf^''*^'^'"* phonograph. II Scl 
Study of 'foreign languages by engineers. R. 

Herfng; F. Koester. Eng N 69:683-5 Ap 3 

Study of modern languages In technical 
schools. W. H. UeracheL Ens N <S:411-t F 

Mechanical propertiea of western larch O 
P. M, Gosfl. 11 U S Forest Serv Bui I22'1.4S 


Acme comi.inatlon flat turret lathe. II Iron 
Age MilOlfl N 6 '13; Ind Eng 13;G2«.7 D '13; 
Ity Age (Mech ed) BT:(I77 D '13 

'°.!i%";r-;r" ■°"" ""■•■ " '•" '" "■■ 

American tool-room lathe. It Maeh 19:69-60 
Automatic threading lathe. 11 plans Mach 19: 
Auiomntic turret machine for macliinlng 

JasiB for measuring lathe cnpacltv; the value 
nf torrjue ot one foot radius. L. R. Pomeroy. 
dlag Am Rng Jt7:133-6 .Mr '13 

J . . io(,ipoB,_ II aiagg Mach 19: 

o — „ K...;e jaws and screws for a. 

heavy lathe. W. G. Dunkley. dlags Mach 

1!';76B-S Je ^la 
Engine lathe with quick-change gear. II Iron 

Tr R 62;10!9 My 1 '13 
Geared head slnsie pulley latlie. II Iron Age 

92:1033 N S '13 
Handy ialhe collet. H. Kirk, dlaga Am Hach 

38:8il9 My 22 '13 
Ilenvy 30-ln. rapid production Ialhe. II Iron 

Ase 92:!)77 O 30 '13 
Hjorlh bench lathe attachments. II Mach ID: 

Slfl-1 Je '13 
Increasing axle lathe output. C. L. DIckert. 

plans Am Eng 87:34 Ja '11 
Ineenloua lathe attachments. II Iron Tr R 

62;10!0-1 My 1 '13 
Large motor-driven lathe. II Iron Age 91: 

loos Ap 24 '13 
Lathe designed and built I 

. II Am Mach 38:' 

2-3 My 8 '13 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 



Lo-Bwing' livthe Improvements. II dlag Iron 

Age »l:H3a-S Ap IT 'IS 
Lo-BWIng: iBihe teat on motor armature shafts. 

II Mach 19:623-6 Ap 'IS 
Mmlel driving wlif-et latht. I[ Ry Age |Mech 

ed) 87:336-7 Je '13 
Modern flat turret lattie. 11 dlag Mnch 20: 

SeS-S D '13 
Nenr material for lathe tools. E. Haynea. II 

Mach 19:463 F '13 
Old lathe. K. A. Suverkrop. 11 Am Mach 3S: 

741-2 My 1 '13 
Oval turnInK device for the lathe. F. E. 

Ross. II Am Mach 3S:7:»-31 Aly 1 '13 
Precision lathe as a. manufacturing machine. 

II dlag Mach lU:i)<S Je '13 
Recent quick change sear engine lathe. Iron 

Age 91:1002 My 1 '13 
Roughlnfi Inthe for hpavy forgings, il Iron 

Tr K 53:1011 It 4 '13 
Slxteen-lnch Cincinnati engine tathe. 11 Mach 

1»:T30-I My '13 
Special Inthe for turning tapers. II Iron Age 

92:447 Ag ZS '13 
Taper boring and turning attachments. A. A. 

Dowd. diags Mach 30:26E-71 D '13 
Thirty inch rapid rtMluctloii iHthe, II Eng M 

46:sup 12-4 D '13 
Turning tapers on a lathe. P. W. Both. Am 

Mach 38:778 My 3 '13 
Turret lathe set-up for a small screw, diaca 

Lead fluoallicate 
Conductivity u( fluoalllclc acid and lead fluo- 

slllcate. T. A, Patterson. Met & Cbem Sng 

11:670-2 D '13 
Laad metalluray 

lead blast -furnace. R. C i.'anby. Am Inst 

Mtn 13 Hul 75:363-3 Mr '13 
Historical note on smeltlDK lead and slW«r. 

Ens & MIn J »6:l«»-70 Jl 2» '13 
Improvements In the metallurey o( lead. ll«t 

& Cheni Eng 11:6 Ja '13 
Metallurgy of lead In 1911. H. O. Hofnian. 

Eng & MIn J 95:97-8 Ja 11 '13 
Milling In southeastern Missouri. C. T. RIca. 

11 :flags Eng & MIn J 95:1229-33, 12B1-8; 

96:7-14, 57-64 Je Sl-Jl W 'IJ 
Notes on the bng-huuae In connection with 

leail hlast-furnace? and leady copper-matte 

converters. A. Bllers. di:iga Am Inst MIn 

K Hul 73;N5-li; Ja '13 
l^ad mines and mining 

Undulator: a modified reclprocator tor a 
mental lathes. A. S. Rogera. 11 Scl A 
76:14-6 Jl G '13 

Unusual method of supporting lathe sai 
dlag Mach 19:54G-T Mr '13 

Laths, Metal. See Metal latha 

ncTilng a vessel on the river Clyde. Q: 
K. Turnbull. 11 Int Marina Eng 13:148-9 Ap 

Launder*. See Ore treatment 
Laundry tray* 
Design In plumbing fixtures: laundry trays, 
F. W. Tower. dIagH Dom Eng 65:78 O IS 
Lava founlains of Kilauea. F. A. Perret. II 
Scl Am S 7S:332-3 My 24 13 
hVr nl-.. Horka. iKneon.f 
Laval, GusUv d>. 1846-1913 

Guatav de Laval. Scl Am 108:262 Mr 22 '13 



7-8 O 1 



Mining und mining methods in the southeast 

Miasoiirl dlsnenilnaled-lead district. H. A. 

Cuess. 11 map Am tnst Min K Bui 81:2749- 

(;8 D '13 
Southeaatem Missouri. H. A. Wheeler. Eng 

A HIa J 95:68 Jd 11 IS 
New Mexico 
I.ucky mil-lend vanadium mine, New Mexico. 

- 1." 

. 11 1 

: MIn J 96:1103-5 

Lead and zinc Id Oklahoma. Li. C. Snider. 
Eng & MiD J 9E:74-e Ja II 'IS 
Lead polioning 
Haziirils of painting. Kng Bee 6S;509 N B 



White lead 

: LeglHlaiion : 

laua; Ni'gl !).■<' nee; I'iUcnt lawK: ' Pad-iits; 
Per.sonal Injiiriesi lti<llr<i:id law: SIreul rall- 
roMit law: Tresptiss; Water laws and leg- 
islation: W.irkm.n-.i com|i.>n»attcin 

Leaching. S.-e Hydromelulliirgy 

Corrosion of lead, R: H. Oalnes. Eng Bee 

I he composition of 
. p. Veltch and J. S. 
em Bul 165:7-20 '13 

Origin and peculiar llica of lead. J. Scott 
II Metal Ind n s ll:.14-5 Ja '13 

Production of lead In 1912. Eng & MIn J 9 
6S-g; 36:319 Ja 11, Ag 16 '13 

Formation of leafmold: producllon of humus. 
F: V. Colville. Scl Am S 76: 386-7 Je 21 '13 
Leduc, SUphana 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 



ianlze for leBiHlallon, 

Iron Tr R 53:1101. « D ] 
Lalilgh Valley railroad 
Condition of Ihf Lehigh Valley, map Ry Age 

5S:18«-5 S 19 '13 
TiSth annual report for year ending June 

3n, 1913. Ry Age ES:»fi-a S 19 '!3 
Lohigh valley transit company, Aiientown, P«. 
Annual reports tor IBli and 1»11. Blec By J 

11:M3-4 P ti '1! 
LalpzlB. Intornational buliding axpoaltion, IMS 
Exposition ot architecture and bullillnK. 11 

Set Am S 7««8-» Ag 9 '13 
Internal I onal buUdlns exposition In L«lptlK- 

Scl Am 1I1S:20« Mr 1 'IS 
Remarkable review ot building methods old 

and new. R. Orlmshaw. II 3cl Am 10S:112-S 

Ag » 13 
Lenape (iteamboat) 
Clyde line coastwise steamship Lenape. II 

plans Int Marine Eng 18:133-44 Ap '13 

Armapear spheroidal lens. 11 Ry Age 55:502 S 

19 -IS 
DodRes with IcnscB and Iripod stands. Scl 

.'; 76:304 N 8 '13 

'crosooplcal optics: 

I lt:S4-e P 'II 
Leproiy ^ 

Research on leprosy. 1 

Library Illumination. F. A. Vaughn. II Elec 

W 61:1316-3 Je 1* '13 
Special resources of American Ubrarie*. Sd 

Am 10g:es Ja 11 '13 

K-r aho Englnetrlng libraries; Library 

Llbrarloa, Architectural. See Archileotural II- 

Llbrary arctiltccture 

Design ot the Avery architectural library, 
t:.r,.^,.i„ .,„i..erstty. c. M. Price. II plans 

': synthetic ideaa 

Dead matter (hat b< 

about life. R: C. „. ., 

108:93 Ag 2 '13 
Ll_fe without heat, Scl Am 108:370 Ap SB 

Ivtng organisms. II Scl Am 1 

: '13 

Life-boats, gee Uteboata 
Life-saving apparatui 
His mattress a lite raft II Scl Am 10S:t« Ja 

LetterlDc and the architect W: Heyny. U 

Arch ft Bldg 45:8-10, 6S-4. M-S. 1S3-6, 187- 
H. 300-1, 317-8, 435-K. 196-7 Ja-My, Jl, 0-D 

" bui'ldlng," Ar"Sl."Shaw. Eng N 69:1339-40 Je 
it '13 

Clam-shell dredges: levee building methods 
and slandarda in Catirornia. F. H. Tib- 
betts. 11 map Eng N 70:4EG-9 8 4 '11 

Closure of Reulah levee crevasse, Mias. A. 
L. Dabney, II plan Eng Rec 68:4-7 Jl B 'IS 

Concrete slabs In levee construction. B. B. 
Hurray. 11 Concrete C«m 1:80-2 D '1! 

Control of the Mississippi floods. C. D. Town- 
send. It Scl Am S 75:SS2 My 3 '13 

Controlling the Mississippi river: why the 
levee svB(em is superior to all other pro- 
pirsed methods. C. M, Townsend. Scl Am 
S TS:6-T Ja 4 '13 

Flooda and levees at Cairo, n. II map plan 
Bng N 70:104-7 Jl 17 '13 

Notes on flood In the lower Mississippi. A. 
L, Dnbney. Eng N 6!l:9fiS-6 My 8 '13 

Problem of flood control, C. M, Townsend. 
Eng N 89:802-8 Ap 17 '13 

Results of recent flood at Columbus; dam- 
ages to brld8:ea and levees and plans tor 
Improvina river channels. J. J. Morgan. 

F 6 'IS 

.'^louEhlnE off of Missis 
Ark. 11 map Eng N ^ 


1-^7 "n- 

H« aliro Flood cOT 


ships has increased. W. D, 

Forbes. Int Marine Eng 18:127-8 Mr 'IJ 
,ff. olio Lifeboats: Safety at sea 
Bigger lite-boats tor ocean liners. Scl Am 

109:138 Ag 23 '13 
Fifth awarfof the Scientiflc American medal. 
11 S'-t Am 10O:46n D 20 — 

t-oft tor the protection of levee 
C. O. Sherrill. Eng N ■S;S47 



. Scl ; 


Life boats on the Imperalor. tt Int Marin* 

En« 18:364 Ag '13 
Lltetioats which can be launched on either 

bram. II Scl Am 108:511 Je 7 '18 
Lundin deched lifeboat. 11 Scl Am 108:172- 

3 Mr 22 'IS 
New davits for lifeboats; characteristics of 

the Babcock and Wllcoi boat -lower Ins 

gfar. il Eng M 4e:I24-( O '18 
Power Itfebo.ils— the I.ondln declted type. 

dlags lot Marine Eng 18:248-61 Je '13 
Ship's lifeboats. A. Welln. II plan Bng M 

45:671-4 Jl 'IJ 
Liftlna magnets 

Klwtrlc powpr in toundrv operations, H. F. 

Stratton. II Iron Tr R 53:922-3 N 20 'IS; 

Same. Foundry 41:412-3 O '13 
Chemical production of Itght W. D. Bancroft. 

J Fr Insi 17S:l'!''-49 F '13; Same. Sol Am 


) 18 ■: 

In nature, H. B. 

, Luckiesh, II Scl Am 6 ^i■. 

Influence ot colored surroundings on ths color 

of the useful light. Elec W 81:410-1 F tl '18 

MlTinc colors in light versus colors in pig- 


Precise level net of the United States, W: 

Bowie. Bng N S9:T7B Ap 17 "IS __ 

Precise leveling In New York city. F: W. 

Koop, map Bng N 70:446-52 S 4 'II 
What is a Ifveier. and why? Rng N 70:1111-2, 
l?5;-3 D 1, 18 '13 
S™ oi™ Surveying 
Liability insurance. Bee Insurance. Employers' 

1 and aignlB- 

Vlsual nciiity in while light. M. Luckleah. 
Klec W «3:I1B0 P 6 '11 

Hit nim Ai'sorptlon ot light; Color; Day- 
lluhl, Artincfal: Eye; Headlights: Interfer- 
ence lllghl): Lighting; Optical illusions; 
Photngraphv: Photometry: Radiation; Rndl- 
onotlvlty; Reflecllon (light): Spectra; Spec- 



Light, Abiorptlon of. See Absorption of ItghC Lighting fixture! 

LlghthouMS i.ii;!.T;iii: tmiii.-'i f-.r p-.stil larp. 11 R>- Ac* 

Ll^l.thijiisps aTid buoys of Xew York harbor. -i "•!-- Mi' -1 'U: tfjniE mmi. Am Kng 

J. l'jii;^.)n. 11 Int .M.irirp lOng 15:1-4 Ja '' -1--' Ap 'iX 

nii: i^:iiiK-. Sci Am S 75;I3i;-S Mr I '13 ^Vh n .1.. i.^ lii.,,n- al.nut ;ii;hilnE? F. t^ 

Rflnfor.-^.i-concrtle bc.ioon tower, AIei;.n- ii-"lLr"z. 11 Ar.^h Rpc I.-i;:;55-i;i, 3v'-TS, 457- 

iir;a, Egipt. II pljin Eng N b,-::30-2 Ap 10 «^ Mr-My '13 

"•^ ■■'■r .,1— Sircet lightine fiilur*8 

.-.( «;■.. I.liil.i.-'lilps Lighting of churc>>es. S.-p rhur.h lighting 

Lighting Llnhtlna of (treeU. !>>-v i^^Treet lichUtie 

^■\V"i'''-!3" "'■•"""=^*'""- ^"^^ "'■"' "^*-' Lightning 

C-" "!.p:ue ma.le avi.ii^hlB by the use of '' mL"k^:^ rT'"^ ' Talinl,n'''^fi'' Scl'^'Am'^l^^^^^ 

f. '."v' 'Jt "^rf ii'i'*!. Iniri.m I II frii-.ih Fi„. I.iehloln? prol'ctlon of bulldlngB. E. J. Berg. 

■■:iBhting. Eng Rec «8: s-i\.fi 's'-i's ^''' ^ ''^- '^^«'"'">'- ^tiR M 45; 

F.,>- lin.l w..rk9hou lighting, A. Klison. II 

>!^i!.i in.l II s i::n.S.S .« -13 
GrMi.h.r su:ut:on for llliimlration problems. 

N. .S. I'lcklnaon. Elec V,' S2:aiS-3 S Zl> 13 
Ill-iminaiion anil pvp strain. K. M. Alger, 

Inm Tr B £;;:i3.I Mr 27 "iS 
IJ'mninQti. ". of docks and whan-es, II Int 

V (,2:Wi 

-6 S 

It- ina 


r^ J. R. Cra' 
V.f dlfTi'inc cl.issn-j 

.\iiiT.|ii,um-.-ll Ic'.lnl.B ,t-r..yter J: A. Ran- 
■ii.'ih .iiaas P.>Her 3S:Ji>-.4 S S '1! 

LiEKtnii>e piii|rcti..ii. Powpf 3g:lB6 Jl M '11 
.lohtnina protection 

I.lcliTrrntf protc'-tlon of hTilMincs. E. J. Berg, 
il i=:r= N- >■.■■:■:*'■■•■■ F -i '1:1: S^m- tirl Am 
S_T.'.H.-.1--S" Mr S 'IS: Excerpts. Eng H 45: 

I.!El:tn!ne pnifi-ilnn of explosive works. Scl 

Am s ;ii:;:7 o 11 '13 

.Mi!.ir liahl^liln piireermeisler O'Swald. J. 
!:_._ VVilsoT. 11 plan Int Marine Eng IB: 

, Texas. II Coihery 

r.- K. M",i4e 

Artiflcial 11 



for hydra ted 
e Cem S:118 

Ks use: dl 
I. R. NewiT 

Iscusslons by 
lan. Concrete 

.„.!j„ 'rvm"i 

; j.*^:^ n"^3 

wn;er. C: 

P. HooTer. 

_i\]'k! *m.. 


Ing of limestone. 

e Mines A Mln 

i'"ite In Lincoln 
ibile SI: 

Digitized cv Google 



•il'O Textile tnilusfry and fabrics 


■ '",S." 

k. A. T. K-.i^h-y. 
37:tl71-2 Je 17 '1! 


Are tranBIH-RitioiiB 

l.irs- C 

:Mr.-il l> -U 
UtinipiisiiiR pi ft or 1j 

il irila.ul I'.r u1 
l.tnoty|,fi (-fflcienej 
Slac-hlne eonii.osit 

monthly miml.ei 

Ill ilpslgns on llie II 

;;'lnlan<l "ir 51;70 
Ion. J: S. ThonipEc 
-s of the Inland i>r 





iHi'iml "I'tr 

notvpe mulnl. C: F. 
;i:::!li-3U Wy -13 



xo'd nil. II: A. <;.i 
-.' Ap 'IJ 
Liquefaction of flasei 

6:SU-1 Jl 26 '13 

Liquid air 

,>■■ 2[ '13 


itmK wllh UquiJ air. 11 Scl Am 108:664 
imiumry. Pel Am S 7fi:27 Jl 12 '13 

tnal locks nl l.ockpoi't. N,Y. K. 

I plan Kne Iti-c: 67:liBl-3 Je 14 13 

liiT ii»:73u-l D 27 '13 

I vitulpnienl at L'hurleH river lucks. 
i Ulec W 61:]3GE-lil Je 21 13 

;iM.ioi. B"'-'* '«i"ti ■"■f.ii..!i.ri.i.i"iiii.i- 

IntB. II .iiaiix Kiis Kw i;i:.-.l--r, .N S 

J:8a-$2 Jl 26 -13 
T:SM-31 Mr 1 '13 

'<k/;il 'l-.iiiisviilo. 
II 1> IX 'U 
iiiol HyHtem of 
1; Kill! N 7U 

Iowa, il plans 
canal. II plan 

n-23-S D 26 IS 

yu-\ Un- vnnliies; (|nalItf<-B required. Scl 
Am W liAll Jp 28 ;i3 

I'Gi'nplnK and heBltng of oil fuel. R. T. 
Sirolim. tliaga Eire W" 62:660-2 S 27 'IS 
See alio Uenzul; Gasoline: Kerosene: Mo- 

11 Si'i 

; Ap 1 

: R. Ilarll'ic 

Experinn-nls on llqulil bIoIiiiIps and columns: 
miHtmiH diKployed by .Iropa of liquid. C; R. 
ImnlnK. II S.l Am S 75:ai0-l My 31 'IJ 

Liquids, Inflammable. St->- tn:hiiiiiiial>lg 
Liquor trafnc 
l..piii..r in r..nB(riiriion canipa. C: E. Fisher, 
llv & Eiin It 6.1:21)5-6 Mr 8 "IS 

Ini'pt'i'tion reuoi't. Ky & Eiig It 63:^8 
Insi'e'-tur'a Ural annual report, liy & 

. Dlan Ry & Eng K 63:126-8 

oii..,iH-.. Ijolltr inspection. <(. V. Robln- 
011. il liy &. ling It 53:616-9 Jl 6 '13 
■ivniollve boiler lube tools for applioatlon 

S-1 Ap 2; '13 

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:.'.■:. .1- ■;:; I.... ..n,. .-,..■ i.. ...:|-.i:',-, laws. Ky Age iMerh 

loi:-r. Eng N 6S; . .] , ^: ;,-^ .\ -.i 

I'. -^rnr.iii.. .■ i-f ii.iai..)— o^nt L.-a-l-lamfs. L. 

:.- i:v A-- iM-th '■ i.-ii-'- K ■■■■ \v fi;::4i-s .1 II -n 

r:.r;r.L- „■..] :M:]Tij,.Mne rai;r.«.J looemnllve 
.„ y ,■]. -!.^ . \v- h-..:!..^(.i i.r.-iU.if :u r.-H-:. C: H. Frvc- 

. .1 l;, ,\--- iM-ih '■■- -M- i:il [T-t n s 11:. '-.l- My '13 

nti.'iri c.n ioconiotlve headlights by the WIs- 
-r, .i,ai..s M„ K:.^ loti^in railroad coraraission. Ens N «9:T J& 

. P.y ^ lir.K R 53:H Ja Locomotive rod*. .-:.- l,(.(-.mulivtf— 

!j,.-'"';'|''V.i'-.ii'"K>- W 1:tli; h.'^'I' ':. r "' . ''.!',"i,i'*' jji^i ,■ , ,(,,,,.? l\-nT 

1 F 8, 2a 'la -.;,,.,.. r',,;, ..,.!. I.lai.:.**!:.' * Ei'.b U i 

s. I.: 1>. Fri-tman. jilans 

Dkerf. Mechanical 

vi.iilr rncllltlos of 

. in WiishinKton. 
-:.:■-■.■:: Je T -13 

lii-ti i-.l' ^7:303-61 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


rand. Bng M 45:582-6 

iliig ihu output whlJe rebuilding a aliop; 
.diuu locumullve co.. Kingston, Utlt. II 
I Kuunilry tl;3t>a-K iS '13 

King. II iilun Kiig M 1 

-a2. 62G-ST Je-JI 


Hi .\B<: ^■■■.M-b .S 5 -13 

H. * u. rxhibil ul Wliteling, \\ 

biatl'.n. U liy & Eng It BJ^Ti3 

1^1 Ab- 

;, lly 


ItriLiali luL-umotlve davulopmeut. 

11 Scl 

1 Am 

Ukluhuiiiit &[ Uull Ky. pluiiH II Hy & Etig 
K EI:IU Ju 4 '13 
Mnilet InL'omuiJtca on [hi> Noi-f.-lk ft Went- 
nii^ Ity. 11 Uiaas Ky & I'liig II i3::isb.S) Je 

Mallfl,< on tli<> X'li' 

Aiiv 51:l025-6 My 9 '13 
Medioda by wliliti to ini-reuse the mileage 

of loi'oniotJveB. Ity & Kiig R !i3:35 F 1 

Mlkiidu and Miill.'t typtj lotomotlves tor th« 

.\.>rtiii-ri> rurilit lly. II diaga Ry & Eng R 

63:1143-5 » G '13 
Mikii.l.. In.'..m..liv» f.»' ilie I^ik? »lii>re & 
1 diiiKH Ky Ai KiiB 

i-rn. II Ity 

It i 


-My . 


J. T. 

Huperlieat. Scl 

. - — _ ... „ a-3u A(t i 'IJ 

Mikiiilo tyijp loo'iniiillvis for the llllnuis Ceii- 
tial It. I(. II ptun Ry & Eng R 53:!)3-4 

I' i':ti<' riiilruad. 11 jAuns Ity & Eng It 

•a U « 13 

,1 iiK;i.nii)tive ujierallun, L., It. Pom- 

lias Am Kiig Si':6s-7U F '13 

.11 o.uNtiTliulancc wi-lBhIs. C. E. 

n, ]!y .\Ki; (il.-i'li ud) )lr:5;y-S0 U 'll 

mil of |>uHei' 111 Muili'is: vitlvt- He(- 

Itv J At.:': 

tlikudn 1,>.n, 

3 '13 

il III 

■ (he l>,.n. 
:.KS Ity & 

. ^■"^^'.^I"?- 


:. II 1 

4-K-:! lyjm MbiKuiiri l'u<'iii.'. |] di:iK.< Ky 

.\Ki. lMwIi i-d) S7:3I>3-j .N 'l.l 
(iniTiitt ai'tlcuUited locomulivcs. 11 EnK M 

J4:VI1-J Mr '13 

7:611-3 I " 


. , . .Ichlng locomotive with aide sand- 
msas. II Eng N £9.239 F 6 '13 

I'M—Ji:-, i.f i...r:,„,,i i-uiln-ay pruflire: 

ifi'i _ut I'liisliui-g. II di.'igs Ity i 

. 11 <li:ies lly & Eng It 53:884-5 

: lly & Kiijj 11 

motive di-i-lKn. Ry & Eng R 53:'J Ja 1 

motive tlevelopmtnt: larse decapod en- 
lea f'.r service In the French coal- 
Ida. II Uci Am S 76:229-30 O II '13 

it'in atfindnrd designs rhang-d to Incliula 
lio Wnlsclinert v:ihc Ktnr and auperhcat- 
rM, II Am Eng 87:5-J Ja '13 
.■liiotivea for llic Chiian.. & Western In- 
liiiriiu R. K. plans lly & Kng R 53:325- 

. II S.'l Am S 76:180 S 20 '13 

RocciH iteveloi.incnt of (lie Incomolive. G: R. 
Ifenderson. 11 .Set Am S 75:8-9. 25-7, 35-0. 
54-5 Ja 4-23 '13 

1 locomotive. Am Etig S7:3-4 Ja 

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Gteam deteclor. Scl Am 108;1S0 F S! 

r fror.t er.J. U plans Am Eng 8T;7-S Ja 
-aiLiiBi of r.ew lucumotivts lor Ihe 

"^ "ai-^r li-a[ir.e; Iheo- V:ii!a.1inin o;,st pt-^-l Inoomolii" Irames. il 

Burning f-tls on i.., on.oiLvM. S: 
B da'.a. Ry & Ene B 53: . H. FUtm- .ii^ya^Kng N ■. 

' Ihe 1 

Uil l:. U. i. 1.UI1 l;v & tng ii i3:i3i- 
Mr I -.: 
Su.i..h.i,g :.>■;■. m.>i;v-s (vr the ll.,in>ngahel; 
".•A—.ui-s 11. li. il r.y ti Ei.B H b3;SJu Ai 

,]' i.f iv'n yi-ars. Ry & EtiB R 33: 
e'fuel. W. J. ToUerlon. Ry Age H: 

" ■!--". J,.' 1-1 -13 
^ a-.-n., Zlst annual con- 
.\uBu>r. l;iI3. Hy & Eiig 
Ag 16 13 
li ii> atrlicativn in loco- 
...n. <-,: L. .\.,rrls. ity & 
J .-, ;3; t:vet!t,u Ei,g N 


• N~7 

fur !■ 

,, „n:,i 

Je : 1,-^ l:v AK^ 
.tiv.-8. \V. 1>. Wood- 




.otlv,.s. troubles and 
. EniE M «:S31-S S 



I\ »anry, il 

VN. .■ 

. P, . 

Ashmore. plans 




f.'rmulas and 

i:n; r: j;:-;;-; ja 

Digitized ov Google 


Locomotive*— Roiis— Condnur./. 
Sufvlte n-ponlB n! vanadium steel main and 

«iiio rods on ti\e roacia. Ky & Eng R 63: 

1033-4 N 1 '13 

Hundlliin aand on locomoU'. es. l". H. Ca- 

luthpia. Am Kng 87:172-3 Ap '13 
l-«e cif Kind on Joconiuilvf:-. F. W. IMUim. It)' 

Ase (Mech ed) B7:iW N '13 
Smoke problem 
Abal.-mi-m uf ltii:unioIiv? smoke, 1). F. fiiiiv- 

ford. Ity H, Kiig It Ii3:10j;-3 N I '13; Same. 

Hcl Ain S 7«:351-5 U 6 '13; tjamu cond. 

Ky Age EB:7S2-5 O 24 '13; Eicerpla. Power 

.1K:G62 N 1 '13 
Chli'Hgo & North Western demoniitrates nmoke 

abutemeni device. Ky Age 5J:tt37 A|i 2S '13 

S3:3S4 Ap ^6 '13 
Eliititnadon of htack smoke from locomo- 
. M. Wlieliin. Ry Ape r,S::!3«-7 Ag 22 

valve* and valve gears 
CrlllcBl vaive pear analysis. G: A. Harlman. 

Ulan ity & ling H .■|3;10-1 Ja 11 '13 
Forrnila (or w.d.ll,. j.ia ..Itarl. diag |(y Ags 

'liparl. iriilin'Am'Kiil; '^Tiai -.-"i""\p MS 
Opcmlliin and iiiiiinlL-niirc iif a lut'oniotili' 
di'iriliik; devtvi'. I'. Sliwdv. diaj; l:y Ajie 

(Mt'i'ii e.i) si:en-t I) -i:t 

Slide viili-e KHrremfiilly "Ki'd nn superheulcr 
lc,...illiiliv<-H. Hy Anf r.l;10i;:! My Hi '13 

Warsdiaci't villVf w^i- K^iKeH. ('. T. Hummel. 

.lilies Ky Auc ISte.-h <-d) »T:ilfi;i-7ll I> 'III 


~ 7E:a*4 Je H '13 

IntUienve uf uir xupiily on ^moUinR fires 
de ilralil. Am Sop M' K J 35:1181-6 Jl 'IS 

Sci Am 10S:;'.ifi Mr 29 

lotlve service. Ry 

i.ih.«1,.|-. il l,o„,n,.,tlve L'n:k-i-J O '13 
Oiiliies (Iri-lOK nil the IlllnMs Central, il dlaes 
^Ky Akc iMech i-di )i-:3B;-.-, .11 'ij 

.ir.:.3sr-5 Ak 2i '13: Ity Arp iMtch ed)"ti;- 
417.9 H -13 
Increase In locomotive capacity by the use of 
hlKlily siiiierheated steam. G. K Ryder Ry 

\ 70:flr.'r-9 6'2 'is' 
Fli'Nt riill-!<l/i'il loi-omotlie propelled by oil 
.nKin.'S. KOE N 7«:«7«-l O 2 '13_ 

CiiK-d.-ctric iocnn'ioilve r.n'lia'n Palcb lines. 

tl Ky Ace r).1;!'lK-7 N H '13 
(iasuliiie fri'lKbl niid HU'lK-bln^ lociimotlv^ for 

tbp Mlnn.'^iiiidlK ft Xorth.-rn Ry. II Ry & 

ICnir K 53:ilt>S K 20 '13 
fjB^.illiiP fr.-iKliI l'»-.>i V on thi^> Minn — 

npolls & Norlhern lly. II ICmr N 70:745 O 16 


& KiiR R 53:101.3 F I 

. Knc A MIn Locor 

Kim & Mill J !";;3!7-S0 As 23 
le. II Klf^- W fil:714 Ap E 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


,u,,|. l>.ili.aiiiin aiiil oi^nlng. Scl Am B liHl D 

ii.K I.W.. motives. il 13 13 

ln-^itmni; Mi-t! put fur mlnlnmm wei«hl 

Loggpng. S-- Liinit.cnnK K:.iJ -it' ot pirssiire ilt,h..n in ru. k. Eng Kec 

LoQwood ,.''', '''^ ■''■ • '^. . ,, , .... 

CpI *m int "Tn Mr I-.ulijrv "f the b.iiid < aft-.n Inolint-d pres- 

. lly ic K:n l: i3,:.7 Ja IS *13 
i..mi-.ilii,.M In I...ijil..n. Klvc lly J 

. lir.g -N C>;in: 



the San.l i."afl..n pre?; 
plan' Eiig N^e'/;!!:!- 


riy J tl: 

^ l-nK'^ll^^i-'' 


1. 11 plan. 
:.t, 11: Z. 

'kiJc Hy 



;..i-s N 1 

n. H, R. 

>-««•■ ■■;-;:^; 


..... Klo.- 

!■;.■'-;. Je 

Latt articles 

i";:?^?^ .??"•" 

E: Dana. 

-" "'-^' 


\ ..t I. ?vill^. r, Mini 

ic K„g ^5: 

ig Islani) 


...I '.t H-TiKiHTi «;,v^s. L: E. Itruwr 
\Tn ■.'■;'::iil .\K p "13 

I:-;'--.";-: '^ ' ;■ ■ ■: O^:...".,):. .\. H-;'.- Li.B-icanis. >;^.. I.iil.ri ■ ui-ii ar;,! Ixil.rtcants 

^'■'•'■.'t'"' t""V ' H."' 1-."' W:m''''F:ri^"^N " "-"l^ ^"'■'"'""°"- "''' '":*'. I i""*'i,-i.I..r ,l>.ic F.iib & 

"^','„'!,J^'."l.„. M.^.'.v ;„i,i.-rl„rt rN',V\xX'nr.;r_ .{".nlTic^otl. plan Kng & 

Los Angeles aoueduct . ■/ l.-nn-- '.ii'i.l !■ '-tii:' ovliti^l-r nil E: T. 

II Ry Ae» 61:113-4 Ja 
l'itirlc.iti"n. r.. T. Dur- 

Digitizedov Google 



Lubrication and lubricant! — Con tinned. 

Lubrlcaling oil for automobile enstnes. H. Automobile i9:76-l Jl 10 '13 
Lubricating value ot cup Breasea. A. I/. Weat- 

cott. il Am Soc M E J £5:1043-67 J] '13; 

Excecpta. Ind Eng 13:409-10 S '13 
LiibrlcHlion. (ErgineerB" study course) Pow- 
er ili:I32-1 N 18 '13 
Lubrication at Steptoe valley emeltlnK ft 

mining co. concentrator. A. G. Marah. plan 

Ens & Mln J 9E:1231-» Je 21 'IS 
Lubrication ot air comprBSHors. Power 37: 

1H4 P 11 '13; Same. Eng & Mln J 95:601- 

2 Mr 2-i '13 
Lubrication of gas ens>tie cyllnderB. A. L. 

Brennan. Jr. Power 37:119-20 Ja 2S '13 
Lubrication ot gas engine cylinders. L. L. 

Brewster. Power 37:341 Mr 11 'IS 
Lubrication of machinery. W. J. May. Bel 

Am S TB:S6B Je 7 13 
Lubrlcatinn with olla and willi colloidal 

graphite. C: F. Mabery. charts Scj Am 

S 78:349-52 N 29 '13 
McCord & company's Improved force feed 

lubricator for locomotives. dUigs Am Eng 

ST:157-8 Mr '13 
Mechanical cylinder lubricator, dlaga Iron 

Age 91:422-3 F 13 '13 
Methods of lubricating machine tools, J. Hor- 
ner, diags. Mach 19:436-41. 513-9 F-Mr '13 
Notes on lubrlcatln;: oils, Int Marine Eng IB: 



ton. dlag Rv Age <Mech ed) 87:366 Jl '13 
Purchase of lubricating oil by specifleatlon. 

A. D. Smith. Ry 4 Eng H 53:144-5 F IB 

Rusheater aulomnllc lubricator. 11 Eng M 46: 

sup 1-3 D '13 
Rock-drill lubrication. Bng & Mln J 96:489-30 

S 13 '13 
Saved engine oil. G. S. Sprague, plan Power 

37:680 My 13 ■IS 
Simple test for cylinder oil. C. B. Fairbanks. 

Power 37:SS JB 7 ■IS 
Sppclflcndona (or lubricating oil. Colliery 34: 

314-6 D 'IS 
Sj: eel 11 cat ions for lubHcallng oil. A, D, 

Smith. Colliery 3S:6gl-3 Jl "13 
Three useful kinks. L: T. Watry. II Power 

38:373 S 9 'IS 
Triple v.ilve lubHcalion. Ry & Eng R S3: 

462-3 My 17 '13 
Un desired quick action of brakes lessened 

by use of graphite. C. N. Remfry. Ity AEe 

rMech e(l> R7;317-S Je 'IS; .Same cond. Ry 

Age 54:1033 My 9 '13 

Krt al'o Bearings {machinery): Oil lest- 
' Ing 
Lubricator*. See Lubrication and lubrloanla 

Baulpment needs of lumtier manufaclurers. 

Iron Age !H:774-R Mr 27 '13 
Forest products ot the United States: the 

economic value of our trees, map Set Am B 

75:14-1 Ja 4 'II 
Speclflcatlonn and rules for nouglas fir cir 

miilerlal, Ry Age 5S:.iri7-8 S 26 '13 
Transports I ion of lumber, Ry & Eng R 63: 

822-3 Ag 30 '13 
^rf of«o Forests and forestry; Sawmills: 

Lumber handling 
<?ableWBy for railway lumber cars, M. M. 

Cooke, 11 Eng N 70:939-40 N 6 '13 
LumlHr sheds 

Dry lumber shed, dtags By Age (Mech ed) 

87:307 Je '13 
mbor t 


68:706 D SO 'IS 

E J, Barry, il , 

LogglnR wllh a motor truck. U Bng N S9:10<S 

Logging with a motor truck. II Scl Am 101: 

Ell Je 28 '18 
Suggestions for college course in logging en- 
gineering. I':;ng Rec 68:549-50 N 15 '13 
•6« aUo Lumber trade 

Smallest lung capacity compatible with life. 
Scl Am S 76:91 Ag S '13 
Lutetia (iteamihlp) 
French liner. II Inl Marine Eng 18:535-6 D 

I Int Marine Eng 18:66-9 F '18 

McAdamlte and Its propertlea. J. P. Carrltte. 

Metal Ind n s 11:273 Je '13 
Making McAdamlte metal. Foundry 41:421 O 

Macadamlzad roads. See Roads. Macadamised 
McAndrew'a floating school, C, A, McAllister. 

Int Marine Bne 1" '" "" "" ' """ ' '"" 

70. 2IB-4. 259-61, L 

493-6. K30-3 Ja-D '13 (lo oe conij 
MacDougsli roastera. See Furnaces 
Machine design. See Machinery — Design 
Machine shop manaqament 
Continuous manufacturing by placing 


1276-7 D 4 '13; Same cond. Iron Tr R 58: 
1102-3 D 18 '13 

1 machine shop sales advantages. Q. 

Outline the ., - — 

Dean, Iron Age 81:936-7 Ap 17 '13 

Eeonomicnl management of sheet metal shop. 
C, A. Harrington, Am Mach 38:739-40 My 

Eliminating useless (rucking from the fac- 
tory: Ford motor co. O. P. Bornholt, Ind 
Eng 13:E0S-8 D '18 

Engine house organization and operation, W, 
Smith, Ry Arc (Mech ed> 87:597-602 N '13 

Following up the purchase and Installation 
of machinery. A. W, Welch. II Eng M 45:671- 
82 Ag '13 

Force organlistion In the railroad repair shop. 
E, Cordeal. Bng M 46:538-45 Jl '13 

Getting the most out of the shop: llluatra' 
tlons of efforts to bring machines to max- 
imum capacity with resultant effect on 
overhead chai««s and proilt. S. Daan. Iron 
Age Bl:20D-2 Ja 16 '13 

Machine lools grouped for highest elBclency, 
il plan Iron Tr R 53:405-7 S 4 'IS 

Machinery safeguards In a German factory, 
il Ind Eng 13:467-71 N '13 

Noise and factory efllclenoy. Scl Am S 76:189 


Packard motor car companv's production 

svstem: records, time studies, etc. O. J. 

Abell. II Iron Age 91:1473-6 Je 19 '13 
Practical principles of rational management 

A. H, Church. Eng M 44:673-80 F '13 
Producllnn eiTlclency In typewriter building; 

methods developed by the Oliver typewriter 

CO., Woodstock, 111. II Iron Age 91:65-70 JB 

2 -13 
Proper care of machines and tools In the 

manufacture of brass and metal goods. P. 

W, Blair. II Metal Ind n s 11:290-2 Jl '13 
Qiialldcatlnns of a machine shop Instructor. 

P. B. Allan. Am SDlCh 38:764-B My 1 "" 

dcy Google 


Machlni shop managairiBnt — ConUnued. 
Time saving devices on the aasembly floor: 
assembly bin and pipe litter's b«ncli. dla^a 
Ind Eng 13:161 N ^13 
Twenty operations to make Knight sleeve 
valve at Steams factory, II Automobile 
29:618-9 O 9 '11 

See alto Machine shop practice; Mechan- 
ical handling; Sulenlinc management; Steel 

Machine thop practice 

Aulumoblle manufacturing method.s. D. T. 
Hamilton. II dlaga Mach 19:S7U-5 Jl '13 

Bulldlne an aulomohlle every 10 seconds. F. 
H. Colvin. 11 Am Mach 3S:TGT-ei My S '13 

Developments In machine shop practice dur- 
ing the Inst decade. Am Soc M BJ -I 35:217- 
39 F '13: Same. Mach 19:3&2-7 Ja '13; Sam« 
cond. Ind Kng 13:53-8 P '13 

Drilling and milling in the shops of the Win- 
ton motor car CO.. Cleveland. F. II. Col- 
vin. 11 Am Mach 38:138-10 Ja 23 '13 

Electric drive In machine shops. C. Fair. Am 
Inat E E I*ro 32:1928-33 O '13; Same. Ind 
Bng 13:182-3 N '13 

Examples of screw ma<-hlne set-iiiu'. [>, T. 
Ifumliton. 11 Mach 20:l:.'9-31. 181-!i U-N 

Frame work on an adding typewriter. R. 
MawBon. 11 Am Mach 38:B1T-6n My SS '13 

Increasing aile lathe output. C. C Dickert. 


1 Am Eng 87:31 Ja '11 

. S. 

Machinery operai , 

O. J. Ateil. II Iron Age 91:141S-I4 Je __ __ 
Machining automatic chucking machine and 

lathe turrela. C. M. Conradson. 11 Mach 

20:1-3 S '13 
Machining gas tractor parts by novel meth- 
ods. 11 Iron Tr R M:«23-6 Mr 13 "13 
Machining gagollne engine governor valves. 

J: F. Winchester, dlags Mach 19:199 Mr '13 
Machining the Ford cylinders. F. H. Colvin. 

11 Am Mach 38:811-6 My 22 '13 
Machining the Keystone sasoline engine 

parts. F. B. Jacobs. 11 Mach 19:350-1 Ja -13 
Making the Red-E tool-holder. C. L,. Lucas. 

11 Mach 19:711-6 My '13 
Manufacturing kinks used on contract work. 

C. L» Lucas, ii Mach 20:13G-T O '13 
Methods employed In leaf spring manufacture. 

E. F. Lake. II Iron Age 91:T0T-6 Mr SO '13 
Methods employed in making the long horn. 

R. Mawson. 11 Am Mach 38:133-1 My 1 '13 
Methods U9cd In manufacturing the Jones 

speedometer. E: K. Hammond. 11 Uach 20: 

41-7 a '13 
Model-room tools and methods. F. B. I.ucas. 

diaes MHOh 19:369-70 Ja '13 
Modern plant of DodBe Bros.. Detroit, for 

1... jj plana Iron Age 91:1-1. 

h SS:gSl-8 My !_ __ 

Safeguarding machinery at Hawthorne. M Bci 
Am 108:333-4 Ap 12 '13 

Safeguarding motor-driven apparatus. D. C. 
Pultney. II Ind Bng 13:!91-30l Jl '13 

Safety rule*— engine rooms. Eng & Mln J 90: 
SOI S 13 13 

Safety rules — machine shop and machinery. 
Eng & Mln J 93:643-1 O 4 '13 

Session Am. Soc. M. B. on machine shop 
topics. Iron Age 92:lS40-2 D 11 '13 

Shop kinks. W. F. Canavajt. II Am Eng 87:81- 
4 F 13 

Shop klnka. C. U Dickert. dlags Ry Age 
(Meoh ed) S1:S37-8 O 'IS 

Shop kinks from the Frisco. J. C. Brekenfeld. 
II diaga Ry Age (Meoh ed) 87:373-8 Jl '13 

Shop practice of the Willys -Overland CO., To- 
ledo: evolution of a four-throw crank- 
shaft — machining flywheels, cam-shnfts, etc. 
D, T. Humlllon. II Mach l9:19S-9 Mr '13 

Bllngs and hitches for handling machinery. 
J; Ridden. 11 Bng N 69:788-12 Ap 17 '13; 

Same. Ind Bng lS:lGG-<0 Ap '13; Same cond. 
Power 37:561-4 Ap 23 '13; Same cond. Bog 
& Mln J 95:1092-4 My 3l '13 
Some ever>day problems. R. B. Piatt Mach 

20:52-3 S '13 

Work holding arbors and methods for turning 
operations, 11 Ma*'h 20-81-7 O '13 

f!ee alta Drawing room practice; Drill- 
ing and boring; Dynamos; Engines: Forging; 
Foundry practice: Gages: Grinding and 
pollahlng: lathes; Locomotive shops; Loco- 
motive works; Machine shop management: 
Machine tools; Machinery: Pattern mak- 
ing; DaninK machines: Tin II minis— Shi 'lis: 
Sheet-metal work; Steel works: Welding: 
Workshop management 
Machine shop* 

Appearances. H. Sibley. Am Hach 38:li4fi My 
22 '13 

Bflird machine company's new plant at 
Bridgeport, Conn.— layout and building de- 
tails, plans Eng Rec 61:311-G Mr 29 '13 

Eleclrlciil equipment of industrial plants; II- 

phone-call system of Continental motor mfg. 

CO., Detroit, Mich. H. C. Splllman. II Blec 

W 61:in81-4 Mv 24 '13 
EnglneerinR workshops of the University ot 

Shemeld. U: W. Burley. II Mach 19:699-701 

My '13 
Fastening machinery to concrete ceilings. R. 

Morley. Concrete Cem 2:288 Je '13 
p^tening machinery to concrete celling*. J. 

Richmond, Concrete Cem 3:«S Ag '13 
Foreign melal working coata: wagea In Ger- 
man and English machine shops. Iron Age . 

91:1035 Ap 21 '13 
Germany's great IndUEtriel plants vlnited, " 

Iron Tr R 53:11-80 ■' '" '"■ 
lustriai plant with i 

.einforced concrete; . _ _, _... 

chinery co., St. Louis. W. J. Knight, 11 

plans Eng Rec 61:266-8 Mr 8 '13: Same 

cond. Ind Eng 13:188-9 Ap '13 
Inspection methods that accomplish maximum 

good. E. J. Knapp. Eng M 15:701-8 Ag 'IS 
Machine shop heating, ventilating and cool- 
ing on a large scale; plant of Ford motor 

CO., Detroit. Mich. 11 plans Heat & Ven 10: 

42-8 F '13 
Mead-MorrlBon mfg. co.'s new plant. A. W. 

llnwland. plan Iron Tr R 53:913-4 N 20 '13 
Modem principles of shop design. Ind Eng 13: 

241-3 Je '13 
Modernizing an old mnnufaclurlng plant: de- 

talla of chnnires at R, Horton & sons com- 
. 11 plan Iron Age 92:121-30 

Plant of Henry Vogt machine CO., Louisville. 
Kv. O. D. Grain, Jr. 11 Iron Age 91:1321-4 
My 22 '13 
Plants of the German Tnachlne works. II 

Iron Age 92:142-3 An 21 'n 
Saxon engineering works. Chemnlti. C: R. 
King. II plan Eng M 45:334-52, 525-37 Je-JI 
Sheot steel pipe plant at Richmond, Cal. 11 
plan Iron Age 91:471-3 F 20 '13 

Sec «Un Bridge shops; Electric driving; 
Electric rail road a— Shops: Locomotive shops; 
Machine shop management; Machine shop 
practice; Machine tools; Rail roiid.s— Shops 
Machine tool builders' association. See Nation- 
al machine tool liuilders' aasoclatlon 
Machine tool industry 

for machine tools. E. P. Bullard 
- -- -192 My 22 '13 


Jr. Tron Tr R B 

of new Induatrle'a Itiij' Eng''l3Vl2-3"Ja'"'lJ " 


e machine tool Industry. 

New tariff bill and t) 
Mnch 19:682a My ' 
PrpceplB for mnchlne tool salesmen. F. M. 

RIUb. Iron Ace 91:838-8 Ap 3 '13 
Spiling machine tools at a flied price. J: R, 

Ondfrey. Am Mach 38:737-8 My 1 '13 
=-""-"—-' -invention of Natlor- 

1' assn., New York, 

I Age 91:1232-3 My 22 '13 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


. pB«e. MbcIi ]9:544-& Ur '13 
MachJnt toola 
AutomHtlr fenlurPR nn marliine toola. K. R. 

.VorrtB. Much ;":L'.Vi-l N 'la 
Automobile and machine tools. Am Mach 38; 

161 Ja 21 -IS 
Bnr turner tor I.lbby turret laihe, <l dla» 

Mach IDiSO S '1! 
Cbpncily or metal norklng machines. S. Dean. 

Iron ABe 91:486-7 F 20 '13 
Cisl Iron for mnchlne-tool ]>artB. H; U, 

Wooci. 11 Am Sue. M K J 35:1631-14 N '13; 

Slime lond. Foundry 41:523-6 D "13: Same 

cond. Iron Ase BSJ31J-4 n 4 '13 
Castlnff mllllnE cutters and similar toola In 

high speed steel. ........ 

> 11 Metal Ind n 
;. J. Ball- 

Chl'llpd'castironiise'dfor'machlne tools. H: 
H. Wood. II Am Mach 38:146-8 Ja 23 '13 

Close- Brained soft cast Iron. J: J. Porter. 
Gng H 44:262-4 N '12 

Common Hmitiillon of niiichlne tool chan- 
nel room fi.r chips. C: K. Smart. II Mach 
I'MMS-D Jl '13 

CuttlMS jioiier o( lathe tiitnlns tools, W: Rip- 
per ami (!. IV. Burley. Iron Age 9Z:13S4-9 
D 1S '1.1 

Device ton startlnK and alopplns machlns 

InfJm II Q/iI Am El •jn-^ltl Ta 91 '1^ 

Semi-Kutomatlc nut tapper, 11 Am Eag 8T:1E 

Sheet steel work In the ahop of the Oallgher 

machinery co., Salt Lake City. F. A. Stan- 

Spetlal machines used by the Hoefer rofg. 

CO. In the mumifactiire of drilling machlnen. 

D. T. Hamilton, il Mach l»:»31-3 Ag '13 
Speeds and feeds for machine tools. R. T. 

Kent. Iron Age 3L':lg-2n Jl 3 '13 
Standardization of machine tools. Ind En( 

13:lTS-7 Ap '13 
Stcllile as a cutting tool. D. T. Hamilton. 

11 dlag Mach 2a:2'JT-S D '13 
Thre:id cutting toola. J. Waldnian. II Much 

•2i>:r>3-i s '13 
Toola for a high grade automobile. H. Maw- 

Bon. 11 Am Mach 3S:lBT-30 Ja tS '13 

Lima, O, P. Stelner. II Mach 19:366-8 Ja 'li 

Mawaon. II Am Mach 38:719-24 My 1 'IS 
Tools used In making the Intertype type- 
casting machine. R. Manson. II Am Hach 
3S:S09-I3 My IS '13 
Water bury Farrel wire spoke machines. It 
Mach 19:809-10 Je 'IS 

Pec almi Arbors (machinery); Broaching 
machines: Clutches; Electric driving; Qear 
cutting; Grinding inachlnes; Heading ma- 

Four-sllde I _ = 

l.urns, 11 diRg Mach 19:773-4 Je '13 
Fuller attachment tor machine sharpener. 

plan Eng & Mln J S5M7 My 17 '13 
Gt-ara tor miKhlne-lool drtvt's. J: Parker, 

Am S«e SI K J 3,i;lSI3-ri3 N 'IS; Same cond. 

Iron Age «:12Si-3 N 27 '13 
Heal- treated Keuis In machine t03ls. A. C. 

<Ileason dInKs Iron Age 92:iaL'0-3 N 6 '13; 

Same. Iroa Tr It S3:lt43-6 D 25 '13; Same. 

Maeh 20:3:^0-3 f '"" 

C. Van l.anKendonck. II Iron Tr R i3:123- 

S Jl n 13 
Japanese machine toola. J: 3. NlchoU. Am 

Mach 3S:«04 My 15 '13 
Locomotive boiler tube tools for application 

and maintenance of- all tubes. IncludlnE 

those for superheaters and brick arches. 

W. R. Hedeman. 11 plans Am Eng 87:23-9 

Ja '13 
Machine Hnlshlng ot cylinders. S. Dean. Iron 

Ace 91:694-6 Mr 6 '13 
Machine ahop kinka. H. T. Nowell, dlags Ry 

Ase (Mecli e.l) 87:5Si-e N '13 
Machine-tool design, past and present, H. 

Sililey, Am Much 38:772 My S '13 
Machining automobile cylinder- valve htdeB;_P. 

My 1 


Mach 38:727-8 

Manufiictiirlng GreaveB-Klusman engine 
lalhe.*, l>. T. HumlHon. II Much 19:^65- 
S Ab '13 

Mttliods ot lubricating machine tools. J. Hor- 
ner, dlaga Mach 19:436-41. G13-9 F-Mr '13 

Motion work hinks. W: II. Fouvler. plana Am 

^Kiig 87:136_Mr___'13 _ 


_.,..,. B tools, 11 Sol 

Am 109:144, 160, 180 F 8-22 '13 
Reversing motors tor machine toola. C: Fair. 

II Eng M 4S:119-20 Ap '13 

1:246-7 Ja 2S '13 

Shopers; ' Shears (machine toola): Tool 

Boring and taclng spring aback lea. C. F. 

George, dlags Mach 20:310 D '13 
Clamping work In Jlga. dlags Mach 20:300-3 

D 13 
Flsturea and gaBes used In manufacturing the 

mulligraph; -'-■■' — ■■ '- "■- ■-"-- 

Mach ^ __ 

9 for machining exhaust pipes. ' 
. II Mach 19:434-5 F '13 
.> used in making Edger 
ches. D. T. Hamilton, If W 

ning automatic chucking machine and 
e turrets. C, M. Conradson. II Mach 20: 


Dennltlon ot a machine tool, R, I. Clegg. 

Iron Age 91:652-3 Mr IS '13 
Views on nomenclature ot machine tools. 

Iron Age 91:S24-G Ap 3 '13 
Machine vibration. See Vibration 

Air compreaaor* and compressed-air machin- 
ery. R. L. Streeter. II Eng M 45:822-32; 46: 

1(1-36, n7-!<3, 3S1-9J S-O '13 
Cost estimating In machine cunstructlon, A. 

C. Jewett. Mach 20:1T-S S '13 
Finishing machine pans. Mach 1»:4G4 F -IS 
Indirect causes ot imperfect Interchangeabil- 

Ity. A. Whitehead. Scl Am S 76:251 Ap 1> 

Lugs, facings and bosses. P. W. Shaw, it Scl 

Am S 75:111-2 F 15 '13 
Machine forging. D. T. Hamdlton. II dlaga 

Much l!l::.ftl-S. 707-10, 78S-H4, SS3-7; 20:11-5, 

91-4 Ap-Jl, S-O '13 
Manganese steel for machinery parts. S. H- 

Stone. II Iron Age 91:110-2 Ja 9 '13 
On the realization of high angular speeds. 

M. l.eblanc. dlag Am Soc M B J 86:633-7 

Mr '13 
Power machinery of the American ateel in- 

duatry. R. L. Streeter. II Eng M 44:16-86. 

204-21, 362-84, 494-610 O 'IZ-Ja 'IS 
Practical principles of rational managemt 

A. H. Church. Eng M 44:673-30 F 'J3 

'"catlona for machlnerj " 

er. Iron Age 91:94-6 J 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 




Vetter steel lype making machine, C. ^. ^« 
cas. II Mach 19:961-3 As '13 

8rt alto Ball beartngs; Bearings (ma- 
chinery); Ueltlng; iJuahings; Calculating 
mBchlnea: Chucking machines: Ctutchee; 
CorveyLng machinery; Cotton machinery; 
Couplinss; Cranee, derricks etc.; Crank- 
ahaftB; Crushing machinery; Dredging ma- 
chinery; EJectrlc engineering; Electrte ma- 
chinery; Engines; Excavating machinery; 
Fans, Mechanical; Gearing; Heading ma- 
chines: Hoisting machinery; Hydraulic en- 
gineering; Hydraulic machinery; Indexing 
tnachines; Jncks; Jigs; Keys and heyways; 
I-athea; Lcicomolives: Lubrication and iu- 
hrlcants: Machine ahop practice; Machine 
tools: Manufactures; Mechanical handling; 
Mechanics: Milling machlnea: Mining ma- 
chinery; Molding machines: Pattern making; 
Planing machines: Power transnvlsHlon ; 
Presses; Pulieys; Pumping machinery; Re- 
frlRcralion and refrigerating machinery; 
Itoad-making machinery: Rock cu tl I ng ma- 
chinery; Screw machines; Shafting; Bhap- 
ers; Siotting machlnea; ynow-plows; Springs 
(mechanism); Steam engines; Swaging ma- 
chines: Typesetting machines; Valves and 
valve gears; Watch making: water wheels 

Analysis of crankshaft stresses. K. W. NaJ- 

der. Mach 19:«i>S-8 Jl '13 
DealgD or ball bearings. F. J. Jarosch. plans 

Ind Eng 13:21-7. Tl-4, 117-B Ja-Mr '13 
Design of clutch release shoes. J; S. Myers. 

Mach 19:723-4 My 'IS 
Design of clutch release shoes. M. Terry. 

plans Mach 19:332-4 Ja '13 
Designing faceplate Jaws and screws for a 

heavj lajhe. _W. G, Dunkiey. dlags Mach 

■. G. Dunkiey. 

Machinery. Transportation of 

Transporting he»\ y machinery In Mexico. 
H. R. Conklin. 11 Eng & Mln J 95:501-2 Mr 
S -13 
Machinery Industry 

Joint triple supply convention; Indlanapolln 
meeting of Notional supply and machinery 
dealers, ftouthern supply and machinery 
dealers, and American supply and machin- 
ery manufacturers. Iron Age 91:950-1. 971-3 

Machinery markets. See weekly numbers of 

the Iron age 
Pension plan for the machinery Industry. W: 

I.adge. Iron Age 91:948-9 Ap 17 '13 
Selling guarantees— what are safe limita- 
tions? G. O. Grldley. Mach 20:218-9 N '13 
Kee nisn Machine [ool Industry 
McKsisport, Pa. 
Filtration plant at McKeesport, Pa. B. C. 
Trax It Munlc Bng 1B;14-9 Jl 'l3 
Iver. Colombia 


6-8 Je 'IS 

Determining shaft dlametei 
Mach 19:948-9 Ag '13 


1-2 O ' 

New medium for manufacturing seamless met- 
al tubing. Tubal. II Metal Ind n s 11:428-30 
O -13 
iSrr aim Screw machines 
Machinery, Canal. See Canal machinery 
Machinery, Elsctric. See Electric machinery 
Machinery, Foundry. .See Foundry machinery 
Machinery, Hydraulic. See Hydraulic machinery 
Maohlnery, Kinematics of 
How to calculate the power of a press. W: L. 
Cathcart. 11 Mach 19:726.6 My '13 


II lnl~ Marine Eng 

the Magdalen 

1 design from a foundryman's view- 
point. D. Cox. dlag Foundry 4l:i3S It '13 
Professors of machine design. W. F. Schap- 

horst Mach 19:306 Je '13 
Sketching of mechanism in designing. F. W. 

Harris. Mach 19:541-2 Mr -13 

Strength of C-shaped caal-lron frames. A, L; 

Jenkins, dlags Am Mach 38:815-7 My 15 'IS 

See alto Bearings (machinery); Drawing 

room practice; Gearing; Keys and keywavs: 

Machine shop practice; Mechanical drawing 


Foundry and machine exhibition at Chicago. 

II Iron Tr R 63:709-14 O 16 '13 
Great foundry equipment exhibition at Chica- 
go. II Foundry 41:489-97 N '13 
Machinery exhlMt at Atlantic City. Iron Age 
91:1492-3 Je 19 '13 

Inspection methods that accomplish maxi- 
mum good. E. J. Knapp. Bng M 45:701-8 Ag 
Machinery, Arranaemenl of. See Machine shop 

.tlur. dlags Eng St Mln 

Machinery, Automatic 

Applications of elecli . „ , 

vices, G: M, Meyncke. dlags Mach 1 

90 O '13 
Automatic features on machine tools. B. R. 

Norrls. Mach 20:260-1 N '13 
Automatic machinery. Its place In modern 

man ufac luring, A. Pott. II Metal Ind n s 


Magneslte crucibles, D. M. LIddell. Eng & 

Mln J 96:603 S 13 '13 
Production and use of magnesite. Eng & Min 
J ^6:438 S 6 '13 
Magnesium peroxide 
PeroildcB and per-salts. A. 8. Neumark. 11 
Scl Am 8 75:222 Ap 5 '13 
Magnet cores. See Electromagnets 
Magnetic separation of ores 

tratlon, J. T, Slngewald, Jr. V S Bur Mines 

Bui 64:17-21 '13 
Home-made magnetic concentrator. L. O. 

Kellogg, plan Eng & Min J 96:307 Ag 16 '13 
Iron concentrator of unusual design. L,. O, 

Kellogg. II Eng & Mln J 96:343-6 Ag 9 IS 
Magnetic separation of minerals. Mel & Chem 

Ene 11:297 My '13 
Ullrich magnetic sepat. 

J 96:9ST-!1 N 16 '13 
Wltherbee- Sherman no. 3 magnetic mill S 

L. Nasoti. 11 Eng & -Mln J 96:959-62 N 22 

See alio Electrometallurgy 
Magnetic surveys. See Magnetism, Terrestrial 
Demagnetization and recovery of permanent 

magnets. S. Sano. 11 Elec W 61:96-7 Ja 11 

Magnetism and elasticity. Etec W 61:660- 

1 Mr 15 '13 

Magnetism and elasticity, F. J. Kean, II Elec 

W 61:669-70 Mr IE '13 
Some historical lnaccuraclef< in text-books on 

physics. Brother Polamliio. Elec W 62:1221- 

2 D 13 '13 

fife aim Electromagnets; Magnetic sepa- 

. Scl Am 108: 
mo my it i» 

mining; Iron ores 
lagnetlte linings for basic coppei 

■-. E.Wheeler i.nd _M._W._Krejcl. Am 

:2769-7S D ' 
magneto Ignltlo 


Bat I try vers 

F. Bailey. 

28 '13 
Care of magnetos. A. I* Brennan, Jr, Power 

Magneto couplings for 1913. dlogs Automobile 

28:900-3 Ap 24 '13 
Magneto Held well slocked. II Automobile 28: 

374-81 Ja 30 '13 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 



1S6 1) 1 

i after 

Remy brlnft!) out new watertight maBneto 

il Automobile 29:472 S 11 '13 
Magnet*, Liftlno. Ree Uttlne magnets 
Mahogany, Qambla. See Qambla mahogany 

I handling 

Four early American mantels; pictures. Arch 
Rec 31:225-31 S '13 
Manual training 

EUnlel Boone idea in education: school ay»- 
tem baaed on voluntary muficular work, 11 
Scl Am 103:381 N S 'IS 

dec ahn Indualrial education: Teclialcal 
education: Trade schools 

f mall and expreaa. ll SMu N TO:fi3T-9, 702- 
1 O !-9 '13 
Electric carrier system. 11 Ry Age 55:«24-5 

O 3 '13 
Jones' mrtll ftttcher. II Rv Age 5"i:75S O 24 '13 
New mall carrying railway: a parcels post 

tunnel. 11 8cl Am 109:263 O 4 '13 
New railway mall exchanging apparatus. 11 

Scl Am 108:292 Mr 29 '13 
Parcels post tunnel railway. II Sc] Am 108: 
4 Ja 4 '13 
fee alea Motor irucks in postal service 
Mall aervlci. See Electric railway mall service; 
Postal cars; Postal service; Railway mall 


Public uCllllies law of Maine. Elec W Gl:1029- 
30 My 17 13 
Maine monumtnt, Naw York city 
Maine monument. H. V. Magonlgle. II Arch Sc 
Bldg 45:302-S Jl '13 
Maintenance of way master painters' auocla- 

Abstract of papers presented at lOlh annual 
convention at Ijjiiisville.' Ky.. 1113. Ry 
Age .15:982-6. 117»-81 N n. 1) 19 '13 

RehabllltatInK the Roman Campagna, Scl Am 
108:481 My 24 'IS 

Man, Prehistoric 
Plastic art of prehistoric man. 11 Scl Am 
108:270 Mr 22 '13 

Management. See Factory management; Foun- 
dri' management; Machine shop manage- 
ment: Mine munagemeni; OtHce manuKe- 
menl: Sclentlltc management: Workshop 

Management, Central station. See Klectrlc 
plants — Central stations— Management 

Management, Sclentldc. See SclentlRc manage- 


r... [^...1 — „. 5 sulphate and 


lum, (T 

hlsmuthate method. W: 
" ~ 1 8:715-40 I" " 

Separation of Iron and manganese Rng & 

MIn J aa:377-8 F 15 '13 
Utilisation ot highly aillclous Iron and man- 

eaneee rnlnerals. N. Tarugl, Eng & Mln J 

98:84 Jl 12 'IS 
World's supply of manganese ore. Iron Age 

Manganese steel 
Manganese open-price .issoclalions. Elec By 

J 42:984 N' 1 '13 
Manganese steel castings. J: H. Hall. 11 Iron 

Age 91:712-3 Mr 20 '13 
Msjtganese steel tor machinery parts. S. R. 

Stone. 11 Iron Age 01:140-2 Ja 9 '13 
New track appliances. Ry & Eng It S3:955- 

6 O 11 '13 
Practice of the Edgar Allen American mang- 
anese steel co. 11 Iron Tr R 52:1M1.1I Je 
19 '13: Excerpts. Ind Eng 13:432-3 N '13 
Wood that never rota. Scl Am S 76:317 N 
29 '13 
Manhattan. See New York (city) 
Transformers for manholes. II dlag Etec W 
62:349 Aw 16 '13 
Manila, Philippine islands 
Special concrete foundations In the Manila 
port district. J: W. Craham. diags Eng N 
70:5S4-E S 18 '13 

Manufacturer's duly in the , 

field. J. H. Drew. Blec Ry J 42:26 Jl G '13 
Manufacturers, National asiDclatlon of. See 

National association of manurecturers 
Agriculture, manufactures and railways, a 

study of capital values and net returns. 

Scl Am S 75;6S-T F 1 '13 
Chemical engineer and Industrial eOlclency. 

W. M. Booth. Scl Am S 7E:Z10-1 Ap G 'IS 
Contract machine shop sales advantagrea O. 

D. Grain. Jr. Iron Age 91:1013 Ap 24 '13 
How patented Inventions have increased the 

national wealth. Scl Am 108:414 My 3 'IS 
Industrial need of technically trained men: 

acientiflc manufacturing and the oppor- 
tunities It offers. W. B. Kaempltert. Sd 

Am 108:252 Mr 15 '13 
Manufacturing problems. F. D. Bell. 11 Scl Am 

108:577-8 Je 28 '13 
Manufacturing specialist and the influence 

of new Industries. Ind Eng 13:12-S Ja '13 
Manufacturing the circular cut nte. C. L. 

Lucas. 11 Scl Am B 7G:92-3 F 8 '13 

Prke fixing by a monopoly and price fixing 
by a single manufacturer. W. Kaempftert. 
Scl Am 108:666 Je 21 '13 

Price maintenance and modern merchandis- 
ing. W. Kaemprrert. Scl Am 109:20 Jl 6 'IS 
See nlao Automobiles; Box making: Coat 
accounting; Fiictorles: Foundries; Fuel: 
ni — "lanufacture; Hardware; Iron Indus- 



oring ( 

Patents; Pottery; Rubber; Scli 

Ag'Wrm-e" Ja 23™T* 

Map photography 

Photographing blueprint map& H. A. Wil- 
liamson. Colliery 33:889 Jl 'l3 

red-oak and hard-maple croasties. F. M. 

Bond. II U S Poresl Serv Bui 126:9-92 '13 
Uses of commercial woods of the United 

sliilee. H. Maxwell. U S Agric Bui 12:32- 

56 '13 
Mapping the sphere on a plane. 11 Scl Am 109: 

66 Jl 26 ■■- 

Maps, Aeronautic 
Aviation map of the world and marks for 
aviators, map Scl Am S 76:179 8 20 '13 
Maps, Relief. See Relief maps 
Maps. Topographical. See Topographical maps 
Marine boilers. See Boilers, Marine 
Marine englnserlng 
Marine engineering in the good old days. Int 

Marine Eng 18:313-4 Jl '13 
Rebuilding a double liottam under engines. 
B. Benvenuti. dIags Int Marine Bng 18:330-2 
Ag '13 
ITiiderwater horizontal ash discharger. F. P. 
Palen. 11 Eng M 4«:2S7-S N '13 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 



Marine englnaering — C'lHtiiiacil. 
Varied experience at sea. G. C. 
Int Marine Eng 18:126-7 Mr '13 

Mnrlne: Eli-etriclty 



nropulsion; Shlpbuiljitiu; Ste'ain turbines. 

Study and teaching 

Mcj\ndrew's flouting school. C. A. McAlllaler. 
dIagTi Int Marine Eng 18:18-20, 53-5,_ 122-_5. 

4' 3-6, . 

, 446- 

Carels-Dleael engine applied i 


Eavealone. il „ _ . ,_ — 

Devplapint.'nt <>r iirtxliK'i-r ^i» itiului- l>uats. 

n Int Murine Kiir 1s:4S4-6 N '13 
Engineering progress In the U. S. navy. Pow- 


It dltiK Power 3T:7SO-2 Je 3 '13 
Fuel oils for use in marine Diesel engines. 

II Int Marine Eng 1S:104-E Mr '13 
Gas engine yacht. It. Maclntyre. 11 Scl Am 

I0»:165-« Ag 30 '13 
Geared turbine. Power 3T:5flS Ap 29 '13 

lan Dlespl englned lank ship Hagen. 11 

Preventlne; dampness in nuwonry. 11 Ens Reo 

67:S::-a Ja 18 '13: Same. Concrete Gem Z: 
91 F -13 

Massachusetti Institute of Uchnalaoy 
Co-oper;itlon between Massachusetts Instl- 

lute of technology and Harvard university. 

Eng N S9;T3a Ap 10 '13 
Co-operation In educational effort. Scl Am 

108:153 F IB '13 
Layout for the new technology. Arch Ree 

33;272-K Mr '13 

Masiachuietti rnaiter plumberi asaoc 


E 18:2' 

I My ■: 

11.13-4 My 31 '13 

ing to the design, 
handling of marine engines, boilers bhu 
auxlliarTes. See monltily numhors of Inter- 
national mnrlne engineering 

Possibilities of the marine oil engine. T. 
Lucas, plans Int Marine Bng lS:56-9 F '13; 
Same cond. Eng M 45:114-7 Ap '13 

Possibilities of the marine oil engine. J; F. 
Wentworth. Int Marine Eng lg:12»-30 Mr 

Problem of marine oil engines for ocean lin- 
ers. Scl Am 109:2 Jl $ '13 

Single screw motor ship or 1,BOO b, ft. p. 
J. R. Wilson. 11 plan Int Marine Eng 19: 
102-4 Mr '11 

Small Internal combustion engines on land 
and water. Scl Am 108:301 Ap S 'IS 

906-7 My 1 .. 
Twin-screw motor ship Monte Fenedo. II 

Ens M 44:237-01 N 'iZ 
Word of warning: navies and the policy of 
oil fuel. Scl Am 109:46 Jl 19 '13 

fill- aim Boilers. Marine: CJiiR and oil en- 
gines: Marino engineering: Motor «hl|i9; engines; Steam tiirliincs. Marine 
Marine Insurance. See Insurance, Marine 
Marine law. Rei> Maritime law 
Marine lighting. See -Acetylene (or llglithouses, 

Marine surveying. See Hydrographlc surveying 
Marine zoology 
Attached cuilma)» II Scl Am S 76:23G-T O It 
Maritime law 
Safety of life al sea. J. Donald. J Fr Inst 
175:15-42 Ja '13 
See oIhii Shlrninj;: Sft';iml..)Bt Inspt" tl.m 
Marquette (Mich.) LlQht and powei* commltslon 

Sec Intema- 

Master boiler makers' asaoclatlon 

Addri'^iKi-H and alistrarls of thu reports and 
the diKi'irs.'loiis at the 7th annu;il conven- 
tion. Chicago. May. I,il3. Ry Age (Mech 
ed) 87::fl4-6 Je '13 

71h nnnuiil ronvention, ChlcaKO. May, 1913. 
Ry & Kne n 53:501-2, 510 My 31 '13 

7Ih annual cunvtinllon, Chicago. 1913. Ry Age 
,',4:ll'0-3 My 3H '13 
Master car and locomotive painters' association 

44th annual convenllon, Ottawa, Canad.i. 
Rptil. I»13. Itv Aire r>.>:49S-8 S I'J '13 

I care of Hie 

-"l, lly Age 

:S3K-45 O 

Master car builder*' association 
47th annual convention, Atlantic City, June, 

1913, Eng N 69:1341-4 Je 26 '13 
47th annual convention. Atlantic City, June. 
1913. Ry & Bng R 63:696-8, 607-11, «2T-8. 
632-4 Je 21-28 '13 
47th annual convention, Atlanltc Clly. June, 
1913; program. Rv & Eng K 63:617 Je 7 'IS 
Papers at convention, Atlantic City, June, 
1913. Elec Ry J 41:1113-4 Je 21 13 
Master mechanics' association. See American 

railway master mechanics' association 

F^'IS "" 

,ter me, 


Ic, Am Bng 87:70-1 

Master steam 

and ho 

■ Na 
hot ■ 

Iter fitters. National 
tlonal association of 
water fitters 

Menace of the molch. F. H. Wentworth. Am 
Ind 13:19 Ap '13 
Materials, l^ec linihlhiR malerials; Road mater- 
Materials, Strength of. See Strength of ma- 
Mathematical li 

Is; pli 


ichlnea: Drawing 
Slide rule 

_ , F. B. Selkln. Set 

Am S 7,';;383 Je 14 '13 
Mathematics for recreation. F. B. Selkln. Scl 

Am 8 76:16 Jl 6 '13 
Straight line, apparently, not always the 

. 11 'Sd Am 108:470 My S 


t My 29 '13 
n of Innd 

M.i.oon va'ley mines, Lyon county. Nevada. 
Kng & Mln J 95:il85-S Je 14 '13 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


of slKnB and symbols employed In m 
calculimonH. Colliery 33:413-6 Mr "13 
Study and teaching 
Teaching mathematics to engineering bIh- 
denlB. W. Whited. Eng N 70:638-9 S 18 '13 

Matler and electricity. Elec W 61;33l) P 16 

Relation of matler lo electricity. A. W. 
GoodBpeed. J Fr Inst 176:303-18 S 'll 

So- attn Atomic theory; Atoms: EIns- . 
tldty; Force and energy; Molecules: Radl- 
; Transmutallon of elementa 

HlH matlresa a lite raft. II Scl Am 108:90 Ja 
26 '13 
Mautoieuma. See Tomba 
Mauvaaaa tunnel 

Rellnlng the Hauvagea tunnel on the Marne 
ahlp canal. F. B. Mann, plan Eng Rec 
67:20I-< F !! '13 
Maxwell motor company. NcwcaatlB. Ind. 
Maxwell uses one factory for spare pnrta for 
244 models. .\utomoMlc 2S;10ng-1100 D 11 'IS 

sm Aren mpasurement: Calculallne; Elpc- 
nt; GaEcs; Gas meters: Ll- 
eters; Micrometers; Planlm- 
ule: Stream measurement: 
Surveying; Temperatur 


Meaaurement of tempe 

and calorimctry; P) . ... 
Temperatu re— Measure 
Mtacurea. See Mensuration; Weights 

Frozen meat Industry of New Zealand. A. M. 
Wright. Scl Am S T6:!1I O t 13 

See aUo Meat extracis; Meat markets; 
Packing Industry 
Maat, Artificial 

Artificial meat. Scl Am 109:253 O 4 13 
Meat extracts 

Bouillon cubes: tlieir contents and food v.ilues 
compared with meal extracts and home- 
made preparations of meal. F. C, Conk. 11 
U S Agrfc Rul 27:1-7 '13 
Meat markeU 
Electrical retrlgeratlon lor the butcher. R. L. 
Lloyd. II Bleo RAW Elec'n 02:83-8 Ja 11 

Spring meeting of Am. Soc M. ES., Baltimore 
an<l Annnpolla. May 20-23. 1913. Iron Tr R 
52:123S-S My 29 '13 

Sri- aim Boilers; Electric engineering: Bn- 

Blnefrinc; I.cico motives: Lubrication and lu- 
brleants; Machine shop practice; Machine 
toiils; Machinery; Marine engineering; Mb- 
Mechnnica; Power plants; 



m HWiely of r 
Mechanical engineers 
Proposed code of ethics for mechanical en- 
gineers. Bng Rec ST:96-6 Ja 28 '13 
Machanlcal engineers. American aoclety of. See 

American eoclety of mechanical engineers 
Mechanical fans. See Fans. Mechanical 
Mechanical handling 
Cleveland electric liluniinnlfne en. ash hand- 
ling plant. II iron Ace 91:42* F 13 '13 
Device for loading ties. 11 dlags Ry Age 

5B:llBl-2 D 19 'IS 
EfflcienI foundry aand-handltng plant Install- 
ed In the Hart- Parr CO. 'B toundi?. II Found- 
ry 41:21-6 Ja 'II 
Foundry of J. I. Case Ihreshlng co. notable 
for transporting devices, 11 plan Iron Age 
92:768-71 O 9 13 
Freight- handling equipr 

Ap : 

Ap 19 ' 
Mv ■•" 

ing equipmi 
mv. 11 plan 

New York 


11 plan Power 37:181-3 P „ „ 
Control Of furnace draft. E. Brown. Power 

38:486-6 S 30 '13 
Diehl electrically controlled draft regulation. 

II Power 8T:?47-8 F 18 '18 
Prat system of Induced draft. L; Prat, plan 

Power 3:371-2 Mr Ig '13 
See olio Boilers; Draft; Fans, Mechanl- 

caJ: Smoke prevention 
Mechanical drawing 
Free-hand sketching In mechnnlcal work. A. 

A, nowd. II Mseh 19:073-6 My '13 
Shading In meclianlcal drawing. T. W. John- 

«on. dlags Am Mach 3S;Rsr.-7 Mv 32 '13;. 
, Am Spc H E _J_35:M3-600 Ap '13: 

■signing. P. 1 
) Mr 22 '13 
Hff nl«» Architectural drawing: Drawing 
room practice; Drawing Instruments; firaph- 
Ic slntics; tittering; Machinery— Design: 

Machanlcal engineering 
American society of mechanical engineers' !4th 
annual meeting. Iron Tr R 53:1081-7 D 11 '13 

J: Same. Int' Majine Eng 1S:204-S 

Frei'((ht-bandling machinery for tncreaalng 
dock capacity, by New York dock co. II Eng 
N 09:914 My 1 '13 

Handling cos! reduced by trpclors. 11 Iron 
Age !'2;14-B Jl 3 '13 

Handling of material In an Implement plant; 
mono-rail trollev system In Emerson -Bran t- CO, work.s. Rockford. 111. It Iron Tr 
H 62:1013-6 My 1 "13 

Material handling plant In a scrap yard. II 
Iron Age 91:187-8 Ja 10 '13 

Mechnnlcui handling of coal for British loco- 
motives. C. J. B. Cooke, plan Ry & Eng R 
63:45S-9 Mv 17 '13 

Meicbanlcal loader for motor trucks, Scl Am 
109:70 Jl 26 -13 

Methods of handling materials In shops, H. C. 
Spiiiman, 11 Inm Age 92:1272-3 D 4 '13 

Motor- ope rated clam-shell bucket. 11 Eng N 
70:108 Jl 24 '13 

Same. Ind Eng 13:165-60 Ap '13: Same cond. 

Power 37:K61-4 Ap 22 '13; Same cond. Eng 

& MIn J 95:1092-4 My 31 '13 
Storing and handling of material of Main- 

tenance department: seven papers, Ry Age 

Kt:ir.»-01 Ja 24 '13 
Unloading car of bulk cement In one hour 

with one man, II Concrete Cem 3:147-8 S '13 
Unloading earth from cars by sluicing, J. C. 

Lathrop, Eng N 70:609 S 96 '13 
Wagon loaders for handling sand, stone and 

gravel. II Munic Eng 45:188 Ag '13 

St al'O Ash handling; Coal handling; 

ConveylnK marhinerv; Dumping appliances; 

Freiahl hnndllnc;; Grain handling; Lumber 

handling: Mall handling: Mine haulage: 

Ore handling: Rail hnnilling; Telpherage 
Mechanical models 
Franklin Institute treasures. H, D, .Tones, II 

Scl Am 108:473 My 24 '13 
Model room tools and methods, F, B. Lucas, 

discs M.ich 19:309-70 Ja '13 
Simple methods In mod el -making: how aott 

wood and cardboard can be used. P. Collins. 

II Scl Am 109:65 Jl 26 '13 
Mechanical movements 

firr atm Pulleys 
Mechanical atokera. See Stokers, Mechanical 
Mechanical theory of I 
Dead matt— -■•-' 


Digitized GvCOC^IC 


New MlHBlHslppl river I 

HcAndrtfw's floattiiK school. C. A. McAllUter. 
Int Marine Kng lB:lS-2a Ja '13 

See aim Aeronautics; Bridges— Load; 
Counterbalance welelils: ElaBtlolty: Flulda: 
Forne and energy; Friction; Gasea; Graphic 
statics; Hydraulics; Uqulda; Machinery: 
Matter; Moments of Inertia: Power; Pulleys: 
Rotating discs; Strength of mate rials i 

Mechanics, Applied 
Automatic balancers. M. Lioblano, Am Soc 

it E J 35:893-6 My '13 
ComputlnK the shear on pins. W: C. Stripe. 

Am Mach 3li:787-8 My 8 'I! 
Limitations ol malhematical theory. W. G. 

Button. Eng Rec 68:618 N 8 '13 
Mechanics of mining. R. T. Slrohm. Colliery 

33:448-9. 48T-8. E«e-8. 633-G. 713-Gi 34:43-5, 

lH-6, 1S4-S, 246-T, 307-8 Mr-D '13 (to be 

W: H, Burquesl. Dom Eng S2:H Ja 4 '13 
Wlllard GIbbB medal. Met A Chem Einx II: 

: Ry & Eng R 53:708-9 
I, Military 

.iltarlan side of war: Bed cross sanitary 

equipment for the field. W. J. Murray, fl 

alio Hygiene; Public health; Sanlla- 
■ temple, Chicago 

Mtgallthic monuments 
Stone monumenls: their relation to history 
and geography. J. W. Fenkes. 11 Scl Am 
S Tfi:248-Sl, 284-6 O 18-26 '13 
Melbourne, Australia 

Award of contract for electrification of Mel- 
bourne Buburban system, map Elec Ry J 
41:351 F S '13 

Contract awarded for electrlBcatlon of the 
Melbourne suburban railways, Ry A. Eng R 
63:120-1 F 8 '13 

BDectrlcal equipment for the Melbourne aub- 
urbao raliwaya. Hleo W <l:IlE-e F ■ '11 
of Melbourne suburban rail- 
. By & Eng R E3:S9 Ja 18 '13 

Approximate melting polnls of some commer 
clai copper alloys. H. W, Glllelt and A. E 
Norton. Metal Ind n a 11:514-7 D '13 

Btncfency in learning: a practical reault t 
experlntenlal pedagogy, P. R. Rado8avl)ev 
Ich. tl Sci Am 109:179-80 S 6 '13 
Memphis, Tennessee 

Memphis can til eve 

930-2 N S '13 
New MisHlssippI river bHdge at Memphis. 

dlaff Ry Age 65:824-5 31 '13 

„. T bridge at Memc 

diags Bng ttec S8:61S-T H B '13 
IlllnolB Central improvement. 11 plan 
Rec S8:720-2 D 27 13 

Circle. (Engineers' study course ) Power 
37:313-6 Mr 4 '13 

Cylindrical segments and elllpsea. (Bnglneen' 
study course) II Power 37:468-70 Ap I 'IS 

Lines and angles; the circle. (Engineers' 
study course) Power 37:202-3 F 11 '13 

Polygons. (Engineers' study course) Power 
37:276-7 F 25 "IS 

Pyramid, cone and frustum. (Engineer*' stu- 
dy course) 11 Power 37:364-6 Mr 11 'IS 

Quadrilaterals: triangles. (Engineers' study 
course) Power 37:238-40 F 18 'IS 

Spheres. (Engineers' study course) II Power 
37:393-4 Mr 18 '13 

Spherical segment. (Bnglneers' study course) 
11 Power 37:430-2 Mr 26 '13 

Table of feet reduced lo decimals of a mile. 
J. G, Wlshart. Ry Age 66:793 O 24 '13 

Set oI»n Area measurement: Gages; Met- 
ric system; Surveying; Weights and 

Mental arithmetic. See Arithmetic, Mental 
Mental teste. See Abllltr tests 
Mercantile marina. See Shipping 
Mercer, Henry Chapman, 1856- 
Personal architecture: house of H. C- Uer- 
cer. Doylestown, Pa. W, T. Taylor. 11 Arch 
Rec 33:242-54 Mr '13 
Merchant marine. See Shipping 


mining in 1913, Bng & Mln J 96: 

Mercury Interrupters. See Interrupters 
Mercury vapor lamps. See Electric lamps. Mer- 
cury vapor 
Mershcn, Ralph Davenport, I8<S- 
Portrail, Bng N e9:IS6a Ja 10 'IS 
Ralph D. Mersbon, president ot Am. Inst. E^ 
E, a, A. Wardiaw. Eng N 69;)0«-S Ja SO 
Metal coating 
industrial application a of spray method for 
producing melolltc coatings. Automobile SS: 
130: Je 26 '13 
Metal plating with the air brush: Schoop 
^process. II Sd Am 109:346_ N I ^13_ 

Am' S~78:10a~9" 'Tig 1 

' -dvances In the sp 

lion of metallic 

. II Met & Chem I 

rvtnoop metal apray process, a, ii, ocno<«). 

dlag Eng M 46;2S5-8 N '13 
Schoop syslem of metal plaling, il Mach 19: 
869 Jl '13 

Kpc alio raectroplallng; Plating 
Metal coloring 

Arsenic as an agent in metal colorillg. E. 
niflssett, Jr. Melal Ind n s 11:124^ Mr 
Artificial and genuine patina. Sci Am S 15: 
319 Mv 17 '13 

products. B. F. lAlce. 

Mach 19:778-9 Je '13 
Coloring nnn-ferrous metals and alloys. E. P. 
Lake. Macli 20:27-30 S '13: Same. Sci Am 
S 76:266-7 O 25 '13 
Coloring of extrusion metal. C: H. Proc- 
tor. Metal Ind n s 11:126 Mr 'IS 
.vrr aim Bronzing; Gilding 
Metal ccrroeion. See Corrosion and antl- corro- 
Metal cutting 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


.. Am Eng 87:248 My '.. 

Improved machine -drill: heavy-teed Vau- 
clsln drill adapted to economical metal cut- 
ting. A. C. VauclalD and H. V, Wllle. plane 
Ene M 44:422-4 Ja '13 

Manutacturlnx broaching machines and tools: 
description of system with details ot pro- 
duction of neceasary eciulpment el J. N, 
I^polnte CO. 11 Iron Tr R 82:T3e-g Hr ZT 



cold metal sawing machine. 11 Iron 
Tr B 63:110 S 4 '13 

Oxweld cutting and welding process. II Ry A 
Eng R 53:570-1 Je 14 '13 

Oxy-acelylene weiillng and cultlng In Euro- 
pean commercial and railway repair estab- 
lishments. H: W. Jacobs. 11 Ky Age 54:476-8 
Mr U 13 

Oxyacetylene welding and cutting operations. 
II Eng N 69:1062-3 My 22 '13 

Pantagraph which draws on steel with a 
point of flame. H: H, Suplee. 11 Sci Am 
109:300 O 18 '13 

Recent Improvements in machine tools. Scl 
Am 108:180 F 22 '13 

Stelltte as a. cutting tool. D. T. Hamilton. 
II dlag Mach 20:297-8 D '13 

Welding and cutting with oxygen and Il- 
luminating gas. Ry Age 86:196-7 Ag 1 '13 
See olso Cutting machinery; Steel cutting 
Metal flnlihlng 

Methods of finishing metal surfaces. E: K. 
Hammond, ll Mach 19:852-4 Jl '13 

Progress made In scraping metal siirfacss. 
L. J. Krom. 11 Metal Ind n a U:B21-2 D '13 
See alio Metal coloring; Metal protection 
Metal laths 

Melal lath with tnleeral furrinc strips. II Bng 
N 89:IS7 Ja 2S 'IS 
Metal pollshlns- See Grinding and polishing 
Metal protect I on 

Basic pigments snd metal corrosion. Iron Age 
92:342-3 Ag 14 '13 

Cumberland patent process tor the protection 
o( metals. Int Marine Bng lS:36e-7 Ag '13 

Electrolytic prevention of T>oller corrosion. 
Power 37:706 My 20 '13 

Influ*--- - ' --' 

SB:93-r Ji'"2'6'"'i3"' 

Influence of basicity on protective value of 
paints for meUls. Eng Rec 6SiS7 Jl 26 '13 

Iron Age 82:321-, ..„ . .. 
Preservation of metals tor marine work. P. 

Lyon. Inl Marine Eng 18:161-1 Ap '13; Same 

cond. Eng M 45:440-2 Je '13 
Preservative coalings. Iron Age 92:49 Jl 3 '13 
Protective coatings for railway bridge floors. 

A. W. Carpenter. Eng N 69:60-1 Ja » '13 
liust inhibllive paint. Hy Age (Mech ed> 

87:541 O '13 
Selecting and specltylng protective coats for 

Iron and steel. J. C, Smith. Kng M 44:334- 

Metal surfaces. Sec Metal Dnlxhlng 

Metal tariff. See MeUI trade 

Metal testing. See Metnls— Tusttng; t 

Country's enormous Junk heap. Foundry 41: 

384-6 S '13 
General business conditions and the metal 

marl<els In 1912. Met & Chem Eng 11:1-3 

Hetal markets. See weekly numbers of the 
Engineering and mining Journal 

Metal acl.e<iule in the House. Iron Tr R GI: 
inS4-6 My 8 '13 

Metal schedule of the IJndei-wood tariff: du- 
tiable list and free list. Iron Age 91:sup894a- 
8:4d Ap 10 '13 

Metal tarlfl. Eng & MIn J 96:654-5 O 4 '13 

Melal, lln plate and sheet prices for IB yearB, 
tS9S-l912, Iron Age 91i43 Ja 2 '13 

New tariff bill. Iron Age 91:896-7 Ap 10 "IS 
Tariff hearings nt Washington on metal 

schedule. Iron Age 91:2B0 Ja 23 "13 
Tariff on metals. Metal Ind n s 11:219-20 My 

Iron Age 91 :1649a. 1.^4')d Je 26 '13 
Underwood -Simmons tarirl bill In the Senate. 
Iron Age 92:135-7 Jl 17 '13 

Hre alto Copper Industry and trade; Iron 
Industry and trade: Scrap metal; Steel 

See National metal 

Industry and Iradi 
Metal trade* 

trades assoclalli 
Metal waste 

Benefit of meltlns over plallnui 
OllngB In your own factory. W 
Metal Ind n s 11:4*J4-5 O '13 

. work 

..eUl In_ _. . _ _. _ __, __ 

Machining of aluminum and white metals. 

K, rwlnhardl. Mach 19:370 Ag "13 
Methods of finishing metnl surfaces. E: K. 

Hammond, II Mach 19:852-4 Jl '13 
Progress made In scraping metal surfaces. 

L. J. Krom. II Metal Ind n s 11:521-2 D 

fee also Brass founding; Bronze: Bronies: 

Bushings; Dies: Hardware: Ironwork; Keys 

and keyways: Metal coloring: Metal laths; 

I'ewter: Pickling (metals): Punching ma- 
■" ' ork: Slotting ma- 


and solder 


Metal work, Artistic 
Importance of design In the development of 

the art metal industry. A. F. SauDdera. II 

Metal Ind n e 11:16-6 Ja '13 
Influence of style on the art metal work of 

modern tlmea A. P. Saunders. 11 Metal Ind 

n s 11:332-3 Ag '13 
Metal work, Plate. See Plate metal work 
Metallic films. Production and properties of. 

Sol Am S 75:151 Mr 8 '13 
Metallic furniture. See Furniture. Metallic 

Conden'er-tubc corrosion. II Power 38:531- 

3 O 14 -13 
Crystalline growth of strained ferrite. A. Sau- 

vi>iir. II Iron Aire 91:358-60 Ja 23 '13 

through fatigue. F. 

. Iro 



. W. 

B. Swan. 11 Foumlry 41:474-8 N '13; a<^,„^. 

Iron Age !i2;S:'3-7 O 23 "13; Same. Iron Tr 

R B3;!l6S-8 N 27 '13 
Ilp;it-trc:ilment of carbon steel castings. J: 

H. Hill!. II Iron Tr R 63:81-4 Jl 10 '13 
Mallenblc Iron ciistlngs for automobile work. 

K, Touceda. II Automobile 28:1260-3 Je 19 

'13; Same. Iron Age 91:1426-9 Je 12 '13: 

same. Iron Tr H 53:1368-63 Je 12 '13; Same. 

Foundry 41:276-80 Jl '13; "" . - - 

Enc 13:408-9 S '13 
Metullographv of carbon, M 

11:619 N -13 

applied lo alloys. Met & Chem 




N ■ 

11 the 

A Industry. A. 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


Metallography — 

■liilB. U, G, KlURh. II Am Inst MIn K Bui 

S13-28 My '11 

■'-- --tnlloBraphv of rpOnoii copper. 

■ II \„ Mtn K Tllll in- 

B. H. Biirdwell. 11 
U29-41 Jl 'IS 
Sulphiap ores of ciipl 
rnscoplc study. L. 

K Bui '• 

C.' Graton. 11 Am 1 
yg My '13; Diacusa 

le m the study or n 

2:S4I)-;; I 

Sec aUo Annealing 

"SS"?r'o"S'n.'d"". ar...ln, .nd m.W- 

lurglcal laboratory, Ottawa. Eng & Mln J 

96:1016 My 24 "13 , , „, 

Metallurgical laboratoiiea. Emb & Mln J B6; 

1161-3 Jb 7 -IS 

Great Falls Mont, reduction works, 11 Eng 4 

Mln J B6:677-B O 11 '13 „ _ ^, 

HyrtromelalliirBy. R. Chauventt. Met & Ciicm 



i '13 

r to 

Hviiromiitailurgy and chlorlnatlon; _ . 

Dr. Chauvenet. J: L. Malm. Met & Chem 
Eng 11:669 D 'IS ^^ 

of ks^practicu. W, F. Bleecker, .Met & Chem 
Kng ll:5S8-9 O '13 „, ,., , 

MaKntllte In mattes and sUiKS. 1i. W. Wal- 
ter, EI.K & Mln J i.5::!13-4 Ja 2.. '3 

Mctallureical cobIb at the Homeslake. Met &■ 
Chem Eng 11;60-1 3a 'IS .,-.,,, 

MetallurKy of the Homcstake ore. A. J, Clark 
and \V. J. Hharwood, 11 map Eng & Mln J 
9S161-6, :!15-» Ja lS-25 '13 

N«w desulphurlilng method: sulpliur re- 
moved by dlatillalion Into Its elemental 
forms. W: A. Hall. Eng M 45:876-8 S '13 

New factor In metal failures, B, A. Lewie. 
Metal Ind n h 11:7 Ja '13 , ^ . 

Notes on chemistry and metallurgy In Great 
Britain. See monthly numbers of Metallur- 
gical and chemical engineering 

Notes on metnllurgy in Britleh Coluinbia in 
1912. E. Jacobs. Met ft Chem Eng 11:29-30 

Precipitate melting at the New Belmont 
mlH Tonopnh. Nev, A. H, Jones. 11 Eng 
& MJn J yB:llB7-8 Je 14 '13 „, ^ 

Heclamiitlon of non-ferrous metals at Weat- 
Inghouae electric 4 mfg, co,'a plant, Pitta- 
burgh, II Foundry 41:130-4 Ap '13 

Relative Importance of principles anil P_rac- 

cal literature See monthly numbera of 
Metallurgical and chemical engineering 
Temperature of certain ^operations^^ln^ the 

i All<» 


grts; Blast 

Conlwr nn-tallur}:y; fynniile proceMs; 
trometalhirgyi Flotation proreca; Kuri 
Gold melalliirgy: Iron mctalliirwy: 
melnllurgy; Slagnetli; scpiviitlon of 
MeUillurgli'Ul li>1ioratorii-s; Mctnls: Ore 
nient: Ores; Rcf ra~-— - ~ -'"'-■ '■ 



eights, Eng & Mln 

MetBtaln siuqultyl^Scl Am S 76:16 Ja 4 'It 
Misuse and failure of metals and al oya. T. 

V. Hughes. Scl Am 108:171 F 22 13 
New (actor In metal failures. E. A. I^wls. 

Bci Am S 76:96 Ag 9 "13 „ , 

Non-ferrous metals. Iron Age 92:51-2 Jl 3 

Resistivity ot a few metals through a wide 
range of temperRture. E. F. Northrup and 
V. A. Suydam. J Fr Inst 176:163-61 P 

Use o( ammonia in bringing metal Into so- 
lution, C. D. King. Set Am B 7S;16 Ja 4 IS 

Worlds production of principal metals. Eng ft 
Mln J 95:742-4 Ap 12 '13 

iSre alM Alloys; Aluminum; Annealing: 
AssBylng: Corrosion and and-corrMjves 
Electromet.illurgy Foundry practice; Melal 
trade- Metal work; Metallography; Metal- 
lurgy: Mineralogy; Mines and mineral re- 
Xnes: Ore dep^lta; Pickling (metals); 
Slag; Smelting: Solder and aoldering; Weld- 
ing^ Wire' alM namea of metals and alloys, 
e g, lt:ib'Mlt metals; Copper: Iron: Lead; 
Manganese: Niikcl; Silicon: Steel; -Vana- 

8 Jl 

• M I 


,-io...T,> o. .„u.!>nc.^s in metals. A. F, Shore. 
11 ding Iron Age 92:16-7 Jl 3 '13; Same. 
Iron Tr R .'i3:Sr-8 Jl 10 '13 
«.c alto Ore testing 
Metali. Cutting of. Sea Metal cutting 
MetaiB, Fatiaue of. See Fatigue of metals 
Metalwork. See Metal work 
**l-"r"" of meB«.gea from other worlds, H. 

iRtc nr™ Thunderslorms; Tornadoea; 

"A"rSn"iid*lhrweat'er: aeronautic meto^ 
Ology. C: F. Talman. il Scl Am 109:94 Ag Z 
G^Jmany-H aeronautical weather bureau. Sel 
Am 10S;!62 Mr 22 '13 

Meteorology, Agricultural .ertcuUural 

•^\^rr,s^. sTS'r'fo"8:5,^^e;ff3'"™'. 

Rise Of agricultural meteorology. Scl Am I0». 
112 F 1 '13 

"Elcc'rical energy meter. 11 plan Power 37: • 
2S6-7 F 25 'IS 
Improved How "^^er-^^^ll ^dl^^Pow^r^ 38:192-3 

^Hm> Int MuTnp 'Kna isr4l'l-3's ■13; Same 
cord ' Kv Ak.' IMech ed) 87:507-8 3 '13 

Metering and f^^^\^^"«J^^2'>lLf^''^]^'-,i: 
W T.edoux, 11 dlags Met ft Cnem J",.ng ii. 
403-T Jl "13 

ietalB:"Bng N 70:14-6 Jl 10 '13 
; meeting ot British Institute of met- 
I.ondon, 1913: abatracla of papers pre- 
<1. Met ft Chem Eng ll:i:9-Mi Ap 13 
ering materlala. C. A, McAllister. Int 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


Metric Hystem and the average man, Ind Ens 
13:370 9 '13 

nammcB. G: F: Kuni. Scl Am 8 76:82-3, 

SB-9 Ag S-ie '13 
Simple appro^lmale metric conversions. A. 

A. Cary. Power 37;ZlT-9 P IS '13 
Meumann, ErrKt, 1B6Z- 
Teachlnr from the child's point of view: a 

new Bclence created by Prof. Meumann, P. 

R. Radoaavljovlch, por Scl Am i(IS:Hl Ak 

23 '13 

Michigan united traction company 
Standardization on the Michigan united trac- 
tion, il Elec Ry J <l:178-9 Mr IB '13 
Mlcrographic analyili. Rce Metallography; 

Micro meters 

Uench micrometer. W, T, Murphy, dlag Am 

Miich !S:S69-TI) My 22 '13 
Improvement for the micrometer- microscope. 

W. Souder. Kng .S' G9:J6« F 30 '13; Same. 

Am Maeh 3B:7S3 My 8 '13 
MIcrcmeter helsht saee. ^V: C. Beti. diss 


. V. DIs.' 

11 An 



V.I I-.- 7 


Thre_ , _ 

-Mnch 19:fiSS My 'IS 
Ml«ro-motion study by r 
and moving picture m 
1-4 Ja '13 

. 11 dlag 
11 Ind Eng 13: 
: T. Hoore. Scl 

e Journey through Arizona and 
mexico m inSO. O. L. Annan, map Eng N 
89:1138-30 My 29 '13 

Economic conditiotil 
Bngineer's remlnlacences of Mexican railway 
buildlnff. M. E. Schmidt. Bng M 4S:E83-94 
Ag '13 
National raiiwava of Mexico, map Rj- Age '•:•: 
l!11-2 n SS -13 

induilriaa and rMourcaa 
Mines of Mexico. H, A. Megraw. II Eng M 

48:37-<6 O '13 
Patience and chenn labor In MfXtran mtn- 
Ine. W: H. Yeaii.lle. Eng & Min J ;'fi:1127- 

ABsault on the Lucky Tiger mine. Eng & Min 

J 95:890-1 My 3 '13 
How M ST lean rebels destroy ralln-ays and 

bridges, O. E. Weeka. 11 Scl Am 109:209-10 

S 13 'IS 

Miami copper company in 1913. J: P. Chan- 

nlng. Eng & Mln J 95:59-60 Ja 11 '13 
Report for 1912. Eng ft Mln J bi5:7«3-1 Ap 12 

Flood notes from the Miami valley. 
Eng N 69,-924-31 My 1 '13 

Am S 75:74-5 P I 'is 
Src alio Bacteriology 

Micro- monophone. 11 Scl Am 108:248 Mr I( 

ft rlicm KnB ll:lllfl-2:' N '13 
Comparison mlacroscope. W. Thoemer. II So 

Am 108:158 F 16 '13 
Early "se .if tlio mlirOHcope at Iron and 

sli-.-l wurhK. I". KrBUipolnlner. Iron Age 

»:':35i Ag 14 '13 
Hints for young mlcroscnplats. N, Barden. 

11 Scl Am 103:435 My 10 '13 
Improved metallurgical microscope. W. Ta*- 

sin, 11 Met ft Chem Eng lt:E6-S Ja '13 
Improvement for the mlcromoter-microscope. 

W. Souder. Kng N 69:366 F 20 '13: SaJne. 

Am Maoh 3S:783 My 8 '13 
Microscope In the Iron and steel Industry, A. 

iinuvcur. II Iron Tr K B2:l3!il-7 Je 5 '13; 

I Je 6 


Mining and treatment of feldspar and kao- 
lin. A. S. WattH. II II S Bur Mines Bui 53: 
1-160 '13 

Tariff hearings on schedules B and C. Elec 
W 61:340 F 15 '13 

jri2"^r37"Bl?c"w 6. --. - 

3R:t6i R TO '13: Mnch V':<H2 Ag '13; Enn ... 
46:flup J-3 N '13 
Mice. See Field mice 

induatrlea and resourcea 
Applied geology, Michigan Iron ranges. P. R. 
McDonald, dlags Eng ft Mln J !i6:Zns-10 Ag 
3 '13; Same. Scl Am 9 76:3aii O 11 13 
Developments on Michigan Iron ranges, t^. 
B. McDonald, II Eng & Mln J 96:335-9 Ag 
23 13 
Michigan Central railroad 

OpeTall^n ..f,Mi.-l.i5;i;. Cenlnil In 1912. Ry 

Micros-foptsl In the HeXi 

a Mln J 9.'i:I7l-6 JH 18 '13 
Microscopy In economic geology. R: Beck. 

Kns A Mln J »5;10S7-9 My 31 'IS 
Modern microscopical optics: the llmltatlona 

of the microscope. C. Metz. Scl Am 8 7(: 

16S-3 Mr 15 '13 

I"sc of the mliTosrope In the study of metals. 

K. F, Cone. 11 Iron Ag" 9;:S40-2 O 16 '13 
Hfi- iiltn Goniometers; Metallography 
icroscopy. See Microscope and microscopy 
Iddlelown. Ohio 
Fln(..i-i....tPclli-ii pinns for Ohio cities. J: 

W. mil. Kng lie.- 6fi:,"i9H N 2:' '13 



form HI Ion and Inhibition of 
lints. H: A, Gardner. II J Pr 

tict. See Aeronautics, Military 
■norU-B; ArseliJilR: BarroclfB 

my. H. F 

9:382 O 1 
itlcB, Milllnry; Artillery; 
iji"», Millt.'.rv 
See Automobiles, Mill- 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


Mllltiry eKploilvei. See BxplosIveB, Uilltary 
Military hIMory 
Military history and the science of buslnesa 
admlnlatratlon. E: D: Jones. Eng M i4:l-t, 
185-90, 331-fi O-D '12 
Military hygiene 
Tj..»..^if A-i»v. -jdfl fif vyiir: Rsd croBH sanitary 
. J. Murray, ft 

Humanitarian s 

Scl Am S 7B;412-3 Je 28 '1 
Military medicine. See Medicine. Military 
Military mines. Sec Mines, Military 
Military racannalisance 
Achievements ot military aircraft, H. Ban- 

nerman -Phillips, II Scl Am 108:306-7 Ap B 

Milling machlnet 

91;9S-100 Ja 1 .. 
Con at ant -speed milling; machine. 11 Iran Ags 

91:I3E4 Je S '13 
Crosa-drtlllng and mlliinK attachments. D. T. 

Hamilton. II Mach 13:619-22 Ap '13 
Experiments in mllltng. Tnd Ede 13:81 I** '!> 
Hoefer duplex mllltng machine. II Iron Tr II 

B3:25S Ag 7 'U 
Ingersoll open -side horizontal -spin die mltllne 

machine, II Mach 19:67-8 S 'IZ 
Italian mllllnR machine. J. Horner, il iliae 

M«rh 2";107-8 O '13 
Kempsmlth mllllnir machine. 11 Iran Tr R 

62:746-6 Mr 27 '13; Am Eng 87:217 Ap '13 
LeBlond heavy-duty cone-tvpe mlillne ma- 
chine. II Mach 19:62-4 S '12 
LeBlond heavy duty miller. II dlas Am Mach 

33:799-803 My 16 'IS 
Lees-Bradner thread milling machine, II Mach 

19:474-5 F '13 
Locomotive link milling machine. II Am Enc 

R7:46 Ja '13: Iron Tr R 52:162 Ja 9 '13 
Milling motor truck spring chairs. G; E. Pope, 

dla«s Mach 19:en-8 Ap '13 
Milling operations slmultaneou.^ly performed. 

S. II. Stone. II Iron Tr R B3:fiR8 O 16 'U 
New style ot duplex milling machine. II Iron 

AKe 91:531 P 27 '13 
Newton mulllple-splndle milling machine. II 

Mach 19:817-8 Je '18 
K.-ipid produrlion with mlDlnic machines. II 

Iron Age 92:286-8 Ag 7 '13 
Steams-Knight cm nkcanci— milling nnd drill- 
ing, 11 Aulomoliile 29:279 Ag H '13 
Tripling the output of a milling machine by 

motion study. 11 tnd Eng 13:169 Ap '13 
Variable s|>eed mechanism for milling ma- 
chine table. 11 diagH Mach 19:442 F '13 
See aim Gear cutting: Machine tools 
Mlllino ol ore*. See Crushing machinery: Ore 

Milwaukee. Wisconsin 

Lift 1 

. 11 

Munlc Eng 46:2-7 J1 '13 

Politics and govern m ant 

Milwaultee's non-parlisan a^mlnlBtratlon, 
Munlc Eng 44:423-4 My '13 
Rapid transit 
Service order for Milnaukeo line.';. Klec By J 
42:HR2-e D 6 '13 

Water supply 
Claselflcatlon ot water consumption In Mil- 
waukee, Wis. Eng N 69:1319 Je 26 '13 

-9, Eng Sc -Min J 9:.; 

Accidents In metal mines of the United Statea. 
Eng & Mln J 95:769-70 Ap 12 '13 

Answers to examination questions a^ked at 
examination for mine foreman and asslBtant 
foreman held at Potlsvllle, Pa., 1913. Col- 
liery 33:651-3 Je '13 

Comparative safety of electric and fuse blaat- 
Ing. Eng & Mln J 96:1014 My 17 'IS 

Electric haulage accidents. Eng & Mln J 95: 
6fil Mr 20 '13 

Metal mine accidents In British Columbia. F: 
I.. Hoffman. Eng A Min J 96:931-2 N 15 '13 
i-idents In MonUina. Eng & Min J 95: 


I Ja 2 



Mln J 96:876 

Rand. Eng & Mln 

—Safety measures; Safe- 

Eng & Mln J ! 

Sources of electrt 
H. Clark. Eng ^_ . __ 

Two hoisting accldenls and their It „-. 

son hoist and I-eonard mine. Eng & Mln J 
96:1111-2 My 31 "13 

Who Is responsible? W: H. and J. T. Rey- 
nolds. Colliery 33:560-1 My 'IS 

Winding accldenls on the Ran 
J 96:1111 D 13 '■" 

See alia Conl mines and mining — Acci- 
dents and exptoalons; Firedamp; Mine ex- 
plosions: Mine fires^ Mine rescue work; 

ly lamps 
Mine Bccountlnj 
MlninK cost a'connts of the Anaconda copper 
mining co. H. T. Van E:I1s. Am Inst Min 
E Bui 7R;1047-ril Je '13 
Outline of mine aocountlng. H: B. Femald, 
Kng & Min J 96:6-8 Ja 4 '18 
Mine air 
Humidity of mine air. J. de B, Hooper. Col- 
liery 33:608 Ap '13 
See alio Mine gases: Mine explosions 
Mine cage*. See Mine hoisting 
Mine cart 
Advnntiiges of steel mine cars. G. P. Biack- 

iston. II colliery 34:172-3 O '13 
Federal galile-bottom ore car, dlsgs Eng A 

jctlon. W. D. 

y 34:175-6 O ' 
I 111 Mine hnulae 
! Gommlsilon 

Mine construction 

Bulldozing chute and imderswiing gate. G. 

J, Jackson, il Rng & Mln J !i6:735-6 O 18 '13 
Concrete In mine construction. A. P. AUard. 

Colliery 33:623-4 Je '13; Sam« cond. Eng N 

60:1107 Je 5 '13 
Concrete station at ChaJnplon mine, plans 

Eng & MId J 96:641-3 O 4 '13 
Fireproof construction In mines. Concrete 

Cem 3:64 Ag '13 
Ilydmullc fllllne as roof support. G: Knox. 

Modern steel-tipple design, J: A. Garcia. 
plans Eng N 69:1316-7 Je 26 '13 

Safety rules — structures. Eng & Mln J 96: 

596 S 27 '13 
Steel In mine construction. C. Schols. Eng N 
69:1166-7 Je S '13: Same. 11 dlag Colliery 34: 
30-2 Ag '13 
So- ahn Mine shafts; Mine Umbering 
Mine costs. See Mining costs 
Mine drainage 
Bailing through an untlmbered ahatt. D, Mulr. 

il plans Eng & Mln J 95:991-6 My 17 '13 
Driving a long adit at Bonanza. Colo. W. C. 

Russell. Eng. & Mln J 95:272 F 1 '13 
Geological drainage prolih-in. R. H. Heap, 
maps Kng & Min J fl(::rjn'i-ll D 27 '13 
fre <iltn f^liaft / 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


Mine empiayeas. See Miners 
MIn* exploalons 

Answers to exam 1 nation questions. Welt Vlr- 
Blnla. 1»I!. Colliery 33:587-90 My 'IS 

Causes dI coal-dust exploBlona. C. M. Young. 
Bng M 14:771-3 F '13 

Cincinnati mine (Pa.) dlBasler. W: Z. Prloo. 
map Colliery 33:636-43 Je "IJ 

Effect of Incombustllile dusts on the explosion 
of gases. H. B. Dixon and C. Campbell. Scl 
Am B 76:118-9 Ag S3 '13 

Impressing upon tlio miner faet* regarding 
explosions. J: Vemer. UIdce Sc Mln 3S: SI3- 
6 Ja -IS 

Some features of mine disasters, Q: S. Rice. 
Colliery S3:3ei-S F 'IS 

Nn- al'o Coal; Coil mines nii,l min- 
ing— Accidenla and <-<|Jli>',i.ina: Mlnu ai^l- 
dents; Mine Ores; Mine gases 
Mine flrti 

Coal mine flres. Oolllery 33:e90-3 Jl '13 

Drift candlestick. W: J. Crocker. II Colliery 
33;3% F '13 

Fire prevention in metalliferous mines, Q: J. 
Young. Eng M 44:601-6 Ja 'IS 

PIre protection of mines. G. E. Lyman. Col- 
liery 33:624-7 Je '13 

nre protection of mines, J. Taylor. Colliery 
34:!8-B Ag '13 

Mine (ires. Colliery 34:16 Ag '13 

Mine tires and their prevention. H. M, Wil- 
son, 11 Scl Am S 7K:404-B Je 2S '13 

1 Mt. Lyell mine Are, Mines A Mln S3: 


Ja '13 

.._ .. __ „.i Mount Lyell Are. 

Eng & Mln J 95:820-1 Ap 19 '13 
Some features of mine disasters, O: 8, Rfce. 
Colliery 33:361-2 F '13 

Bit alao Firednmp; Mine aocldents: Mine 
explosions; Safety tamps 
Mine foremen. See Mine nianaRumenl' Mining 

Abillly of the ncetvlene flame. E. M. Chanee, 
Colllpry 34:23"-41 N '13 

Apparatus for testing mine BBJlea. P. C. Per- 
kins. II 8ci Am 109:£GS O 4 'IS 

Barometric pressure and mine gases. Colliery 
33:477-9 Ap -13 

Chart clasalfjing mine gases. C. K. Qloman. 
Coniery 33:aup Ap '13 

Detecting poisonoun gnsen hv (hi^ir oclii'ti up- 
on small animalB. (!: A. Burrcil and F, M. 
Seihert. II Scl Am S 76:38B, 3«9-E» D 20 

Oases met with In coal mines. Colliery 33: 
445-8, 192-6. 564-6, 831-2 Mr-Je -13 

Use of the barometer In mining. F. Z. Schell- 
enberg. Colliery 33:690-1 My *13 

Mine haulage 

Animal haulsBe In mines n. S. Randolph. 

II Colliery 34:139-42 O '13 
Automatic switch for loco motive haulage. 

dlags Eng A Mln J 96:404 Ag 30 '13 
AvallahllUy of motor trucks for mines. Bng 

A Mln J 9f;731-4 O 18 '13 
Compressed-air mine haulage. W: Z. Price. 

11 Colliery 31:112-5 O '13 
DescrlpHon of tonnage map, C. Robinson, 

dlag Colliery 33:B03-4 Je '13 
Efficiency In mine haulage. W. H. Bines. Col- 

liTy 34:171-2 O '13 
Electric mine hiiiilHge. E, A. I.of, 11 Colliery 

34:301-6 D '13 fto be cont) 
Experience with storage- battery haulage on- 
" ~ ■. Easton. Eng & Mln J 96: 

— ,.- --. - - -d S.600 fefii long that falls 

350 feet 6 inches. P. M. Welgte. Cnlltery 34: 
177-8 O '13 

Mining plant of Petros roal co.' the grav- 
ity plane and nve-car rotary dump. A. W. 
Evans, dlag Colliery 34:151-2 O '13 

**?i?i' !''S5''."..''y ."'.'.".*^- O. H, Sonne. Eng ft 

Mln J 96:157 8 

Motor trucks In mining. D: Ross, E)ng & HIn 

J 96:368-7 Ag 23 13 
,....,__ rnlneralB In thin flat beds, II dla« 

Practical mule haulage. A. E, Thompson. Col 
liery 34:166-7 O '13 

" ■' ' " ' anoy plane. Phlladel- 

■d. II plan 
II. U Handley. 

phia & Heading Ry. eo, J. 
EnK N- 70:1220-7 D IS '13 
Repairing a large rope sbeaV' 
diags Colliery 33:604-6 Je '13 

O '13 

Safety n , 

Eng ft Mln J »«:303-4 Ag 1 

Single-track cableway In Sardinia. B, Prae- 
lorlus. II Eng & Mln J 96:1009-10 N 29 '13 

Slope haulage at Sayreton, Alabama. F. 0. 
Morris. 1! Colliery 31:155-6 O '13 

e battery ^haulage coats, Bng ft Mln J 

, ..._ ._ r-Mor„_.. ,., ... ... 

Pitkin. II Colliery 34:174-6 O '13 
Unusual design of overhead tramway at a 

Utah mine. W. R. Elliott. II Eng & Mln J 

96:393-6 Ag IS '13 
Wire rone haulage. A, Brlgga, Colliery 34; 

173-4 O '13 
Ker dim Locomotives. Mine: Mine cars; 

Mine hoisting; Mine tracks 
Mine hoisting 

Aulotnfltlc bucket tipple, D. A, Cavagnaro. 

plan Eng & Mln J 95:898-9 My 3 '13 
Bailing through an untlmbered shaft. D. Mulr. 

II plans Eng & Mln J 95:991-6 My IT '13 
Case with Munzner safety catches, dlag Eng 

ft Mln J 96:112-3 Jl 19 '13 
Chain-driven convertible hoist, E, E, Carter. 

dlag Eng A Mln J 96:116 Jl I» '13 
Changing the holsIlnK rope. B. Uoyd; F. W. 

Davts. Colliery 33:676-6 My '13 
Comparative costs of Rand hoisting systems. 

Eng ft Mln J 95:1199-1200 Je 14 ^13 
Compressed air system of the Anaconda cop- 
per mining co., Butle. Mont, B. V. Nord- 

bersr. II Am Inst Mln E Bui 81:2225-87 S "13 
of pit head pulleys, J: S. Watts, dlag 

iaG11."> Mr 'n 


9:511-2 Mr '13 

„ _ -^ 2 Ag 2 

Electric power for underground winding _. 

the new Heriot mine, Transvaal, li Eng ft 

Mln J 96:13 Ja 4 '13 
Electric vs. compressed air hoists. K. A. Pau- 

ly. 11 Eng & Min J 95:653-8 Mr 29 '13 
Electric winding at the West Rand mines. 

South Africa. II Rlec W 61:1054-6 My 17 'IS 
Foilr-decked cage at St, Michael. 11 plans 

Colliery 34:6-10 Ag 'IS 
Hoisting practice In Wisconsin sine Delda. W. 

F. Boerlcke. Eng & Mln J 95:26-6 Ja 4 

Hoisting ropes, W, D. Lloyd. Colliery 33:6TB- 

efflclency In hoisting. Eng ft Mln 

& Mln J 96:831 N I 
Safety rules — ropes and sheaves, Eng & Mln 

J 96:7S8 O 26 'IS 
Soulh African electric hoisting sy stems. Eng 

ft Mln J 95:608 Mr 22 '13 
Speed of hoisting. Colliery 3S:5T1 My '13 

May. II Eng & Mln J 95:613-4 Mr 29 '13 
Two holadng accidents and their lesson: El- 
lison hoist and I^onard mine, Eng ft Mln 
J 95:1111-2 My 31 '13 
Use of 111 I eke I crossheads, W. J, Roberts, 

Eng ft Mln J 96:893 N 8 '13 
Wet bucket elevator design, A. O. Gates. 
Eng ft Min J 96:TS5-T O 18 '13 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


MIna hoJitlno — Contlnaed. 

Windlass far Umber shaft. T.. D. Davenport, 
plan Eng & MIn J 9E:T56 Ap 12 'IS 

See ofao Dumping appliances; Headframea; 
Hoisting macliliiery; Mine csrs; Mine haul- 
age; Wire rope 
Mine [nipectlon 

Answers to exwnlnatlon questlonB asked at 
examination tor mine Inspector held In 
Pottavllle. Pa.. 1913. Colliery 33:719-21; 31: 
33-7 Jl-Ag '13 

Answers to examination questions for atate 
mine Inspector, Colorado. 1911. Colliery 13: 
119-Z2, ses-Tl. 456-9 Ja-Hr 13 

Law regarding mine Inapeclors. Colliery 33: 
674 My '13 

Selection of state 
33:346-T F '13 
Mine labor. See Miners 
Mine lamps. See Safely lamps 

vine. Colliery 33:372 F '13 
Plummet lamp. II Colliery 3B:B3«-T Ap '13 
Seom-es for holding candles. II Eng ft MIn J 

9S:819-G0 Ap 26 '13 
Mine locomotives. See Locomotives. Mine 
Mine management 
Contract systems In Michigan ivipper mines. 

Eng & MIn J 9S:ll77-8 D 2« '13 
Bfncleney engineering applied to mining. O. 

A. Collins. Ind Eng 13:16e-8 Ap '18 
Eflllclency In mining. W. J. Crocker. Colliery 

33:3»E-R F '13 
MHEnellte mines near Port Henry, N. Y. L. 

O. Kellogg. II Bne & MIn J 96:863-8 N 

8 '13 
Organisation as affecting mining. A. J. Moors- 


head. Colliery 33:627-8 Je '13 
-'"" — of engineers to mine foreman. Col- 
577 Mv ■■' 

llery SS:577 Mv '13 
Bclenllflc management for mines. Eng & MIn 

J SI:K14 S 13 'IS 
Successful mine Toreman from four view 

points. H. La Vlera. Colliery 83:610-1 Ap 

Min* maps 
Applied^ j[eo1og>- 


Win E 





glon or N 
Bur Mine 


5,1: pi 

■e and 

'ii & i 

[11 ■ 






"S"' r«"="« 


Cincinnati mine (Pa.) disaster W: Z, Price, 
map Colliery 33:6aS-43 Je '13 

Collapsible skeleton emergency bucket, dlags 
Eng ft MIn J M:262 Ag 9 '13 

Detecting poisonous Eases by their action up- 
on xmall animals. G: A, fturrell and F. M. 
Selbert, II Sri Am S 76:385, 3S9-90 D 20 '13 

Emergency car — Colorado fuel and Iron co. 

liery 33:184 Ap '13 

First aid lo the Injured. W: Z. Price. 11 Col- 
liery 34:207-23 N '13 

First aid truck for miners made br White 
company. II Automobile 29:1161 D is '13 

Oerman rescue organization, B. Breyhan. 11 
Colliery 34:2S4-S D '13 

Kentucky flrst-ald team meet. Colliery 34:22 

Af 'IS 


llery 34:62-3 Ag '13 
Mine rescue telephone equipment. II Scl Am 
l')9:.34« N 1 '13 

11 Colliery 34:32 Ag m 

.. ..' 62:204 Jl 26 '13 

Training with mine -rescue appliances. J. W. 
Paul. Eng M 44;94B-8 Mr '13 

^fe aho Mine accidents; Mining engineer- 
ing—Safety measures 

■mpllng. See Ore sampling 

Vtlne s 


Inspectors. Colliery 

- . Zealand nafely commission report. Eng 
ft Mln J 95:841-: Ap 26 '13 

Sanitation In mines and mine towns. Lake 
Riipi-rior region. \V. H. Moullon. Iron Age 
92:475-6 Ac 2!« '13; Same. Eng & Mln J 
96:391-3 Ag 30 '13 

Sre alfo Mine ventilation: Mining camps 
Mine shafts 

Aligning concrete forms In shaft. R, H. Dick- 
son, diBgs E^ng ft Mln J »«i25» Ag 9 '13 

Concrete lining of the Klngdon shefl. Globe, 
Aril. dlapH Eng ft Mln J 96:177-9 Ja 18 '13 

Concrete shaft station. Wolverine mine. C. T. 
Pice, plan Kng & Mln J 96:397-9 Ag 30 '13 

Concreting methods In Michigan copper 
shafts, dlags Eng A Mln J 96:66-7 Jl It '13 

Construrtlon of no. 3 shaft, Negaunee mine. 
S. R, KllloU, diags Eng & Mln J 95:265-71 

; ft Mln 

liimbing, dlag tfng ft 

- „ n shaft, Chapln mine. 

Iron Mountain, Mich, plans Rng ft Mln J 

96:680-3 O 11 '13 
Repairing a I2-ln. shaft without removal. 11 

Eng ft Mln J 95:1381-2 Je 28 '13 
Safety galea for shafls. 11 CoUlery 34:162-3 O 


: & Mln J 96: 

.,,= .„. IS .....„r.„ ... .^.....^, =..»fls. C. W. Mac- 

dougall. plan Eng ft Mln J 95:897 My_3 '13 
Shaft limbering In swelling ground. W. H. 

Storms, plan Eng ft Mln J 96:4n8-9 S 13 '13 
Steel and concrete drop-shaft. Eng Rec 67: 

505 My 3 '13 
System of sand-filling for deep mine shafts. 

plan Eng N 69:1324-5 Je 26 '13 
Why leave shaft pillars? Mines A Uln S3: 

306 Ja '13 
fa- al") Headframea: Mine hoisting: Mine 

timberlne: Mine tracks; Mine ventTlaUOn: 

S\\&n sinking 
Mine alanals 
Bell and lamp slg 

er. plans Elec ' 

Ja 18-F 1 '13 
Evolution of an electric signal system. G: A. 

Packard, dlag Eng A Mln J 96:737-8 O 18 


,, pla.i 

:ns ft 

Mine surveying 
"arrylng the meridian underground. W. H. 
RoberTs, jr. dlsgs Colliery 34:95-6 8 '13 
._... ._ .... "olllery 34:91-2 R 'IS 

Carrying the r 

"-"erTs, jr. C 

DltflcuHles In ralneBuWeyVng.'lLQ," Heiidsr- 


U Colliery 33:369-60 P 'IS ^ 
is, dlag Eng < 

Mines ft Min''S3;300-t Ja 'IS 
Underground survey. W, N. Cols, Oolllflry IS: 

619-30 Ap '13 

U, S. Geologlral survey topographic maps tor 
the civil and mining engineer. E, O. Wood- 
ruff, Eng N 70:284-5 Ag 21 '13 

Use of relief maps In mine surveying. H. O. 

Henderson. II Scl Am S 75:101-2 F 15 '13 

Mine taxation 


Digitized by VjOOQIC 



le deducted (rom r 

Intns com 
S D £7 '1 
J-» N 1 •! 

O 4 '13 

Srt a 

I Mln« valuation 

. II Sng & MIn J 36: 

Mine timbaring 
Hexagonal stope 

EJ9-Z0 Hr 8 '13 
Metliod or recording mine timbering. J: T. 

fuller. dlBg Eng & Hln J 9G:3Z3-4 F 8 '13 
Safe timbering. II Colliery 33:U5-T My '13 
Safety rvlea— timbering. Eng & MlnJ 96:636 

N 16 '13 
8 holt timbering In swelling ground. W. H. 

Storms, plan Bag & Mln J 9«:4»g-9 8 13 

t Bulte. 

Square-Ret Tramlug a 

9«;878-80 N 8 '13 
Timbering a main level. I. 

Ilery J4:ZB7-8 N '13 
Timbering In the Butte mln< 

Bhee. 11 dia«s Am Inat Mln 

21 Ag '13 

F 1 '13 

See alto Mine shafts 

Concrete stringers for Incline I 
*"' I. plan Eng & J" " — --- 

Eng & Mln J 
. PsJ-ntt. Col- 

Concrete atrlnge.- ._ 

& Mln J 96:1290-1 Je Z» '13 
Construction. Colliery 31:162-8 O '13 
Novel Incline track arrangement, dlag Eng & 

Mln J 96:7SS O 15 '13 
Track work In a Minnesota, mine, <»i the 

Mesabl range. E. W. R. Butcher, dlaga Bng 

& Mln J 96:393-3 Ag 33 '13 
Trncks In rooms. M. J. Rafterty. Colliery 33: 

580-1 My '13 
Mine transportation. See Mine haulage; Mine 

hoisting; Mine tracks 
Mine trolleys 

New type of mine trolley. 11 Eng ft Mln J 

9S:1133 Je 14 '13 
Mine tunnel*. See Mine drainage; Tunnels and 


Mine humldlflcatlon, D. Qerber. 

34:329-31 N '13 
Mlne__ventllallon; Colllei^ 

45-7, I 

9 Je-D '13 (to 

Pressure and velocity meter for mines. Col- 
liery 34:300 D 'IS 

Size of airway. D. B. Gregg. Colliery 33:531 
My -13 

Stopping ventilation at tiring time. W. H. 
and 8. Reynolds. Colliery l3:S14-t Ap '13 

Too much ventilation. W: H: Booth. Col- 
liery 33:419-10 Mr 'IS 

Ventilating mines and removing gas. J. J. 
Rutledge. Colliery 34:81-0 S '13 
■Stt alaif Coal dust; Firedamp; Mine gaaea 
Mineral Industries 

Bureau of mines report. Eng ft Mln J >i: 
189-31} Ja IS '13 
Mineral lands 

Leasing of mineral lands. W: Oriffth. Col- 

.. r federal for- 

discussion of i>aper ot R. W. 

Raymond. Am Inst Mln E Bui 71:319-21; T7: 
971-81 F, My '13 
Mineral oils. See Petroleum 
Mineral waters 
Warning against fraudulent radioactive wa- 
ter. Scl ArI 149:387 O 11 '13 
Halos In minerals: marlclngs due to radium In 
rocka, and their •IgniflcaDce. J. Joly. 11 

Scl Am S 7G:132-E Mr 1 '13 
Mlcroscoplst In the field. W, E. Koch. Eng 
A Mln J 95:174-0 Ja 18 '13 

See aim Assaying; Metals: Mines and 
mineral resources; Bocks; also names o' 
minerals, e. g. Coal; Diamonds; Feldspar; 

Abstract ot current decisions on mines and 

mining, October, 1912 to M^irch, 1M13. J. 

W. Thompson. U S Bur Mines Bui 61:28- 

03 '13 
Bath house at Cameron colliery, Shamokln, 

Pa. II Colliery 33:073-80 Jl '13 
Butte vei^uB MIchigBii. W: L.akeland. Eng ft 

Assessment of mines. F. J. Miller. Eng & 

Mln J 90:969-71 N 23 '13 
Factors In the valuation of Iron mines. J. R. 

Flnlay. Iron Tr R 52:618-21 P 27 '13: Same. 

Am Inst Mln K Bui 7S:4R7-W2 -Mr '13; 

Same. Iron A^e 91:664-0 Mr 13 '13; Ex- 
cerpts. Eng & Mln J 95:939-40 Hy 10 '13; 

DlH<'Usslon. Am Inst Mln E Bui 77:916-40; 

82:2606-8 Mr. My '13 
Life factor In mine valuation. A. C. Key. Eng 

« Mln J 95:1101 My 31 '13 
Valuation of Iron mines. Eng & Mln J 96: 

477-8 Mr 1 'IS 
Mine ventilation 

liitlon for mine foreman and assist. 

; fore 
lllery 33:61 

leld at pi 
-4 Je 13 


1, Colliery ; 


Coal mine ventilation. A. King. Colliery 83; 

Common sense mine ventilation. J. C, Oaa- 

kill. Colliery 33:409-13 Mr '13 
Control of ventilation. Colliery 33:413-4 Mi 

Facts and theories relating to fans. D; M. 

Mowat. plan Colliery 33:429-89 Mr '13 
Gnsoline motors In coal mines. A. J. King. 

11 Colliery 31:104-5 O 'i3 
Humidifying the air-current. J. K. JohnatoD. 

plan Colliery 33:400 Hr '13 

miner. F, B. McDonald. Eng & Mln J 

n J 90;916 N 15 13 

Foreign mining costumes. C. I» Bryden. II 

Mines & Mln 13:114-5 Ja 'll 
Johannesburg strike. Eng & Min J 90:434 S 

Labor conditions at Fairbanks, Alaska. H. L 
Ellis. Eng & Mln J 96:1111-2 D 13 '13 

Lake Superior copper country strike. Eng & 
Mln J 90:230 A< 2 '13 

Lake Superior copper -country strike com- 
ments. Eng & Mln J 96:411 Ag 30 '13 

Living conditions on the Lake Superior 
rarECB. 11 Iron Tr R 53:245-8 Ja 23 '13 

Michigan copper strike. Eng ft Mln J 9«: 
301-2 Ag 16 -13 

Miners' strike on Vancouver Island. E. 
Jacohs. Eng & Mln J 96:645-0 S 27 '13 

President Shaw of the Calumet A HecU min- 
ing CO. denies statements of J. A. Walker. 
Eng & Mln J 96:742-3 " ■■■ ■" 

Joclal conditions in the 
Mln J 96:606 IS 27 '13 

Strike at Mount Hope (N. J.) Iron mines. 
Eng & Mln J 95:1066-7 My 24 13 

Strike In the copper-mining district ot upper 
Michigan. T: 'Thomas. Eng A Mln J 96;220- 
7 Ag 2 '13 

'''•it'i-?'. T.*-.?-,'^' Sheldon. Eng ft Mln J 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


Was-^B in the Mlchlgiin oopper ilistrlft, Kiig 

& MIn J B6:Sfi< N Tl 'IJ 
What the union has done for Bult«. W: L.ake- 

land. BnE & Mln J »<:611-2 S 13 '13 
Who is reaponslble tor accidenta? W: H. and 

J. T. Reynol'- '"'-"'-— "-==" > "■■ ■'» 

MInen' lamp*. See Safety lampa 

Mine*, Military 
FiBhiInE with dynamite and electricity. A. 
Qradenwlti. 11 dlaga Sci Am t09:4S8 D 27 

MInei and mineral reaourcv* 

Rte alto Coal mines and mining; Copper 
mines and mining; Copper ores; Geology. 
Economic; Gold mines and mining; Hy- 
draulic mining; Iron mlnea and mining; 
Lead mlnea and mining; Mercury; Metals; 
Mine accidents; Mine fires; Mine manage- 
ment; Mine surveying; Mine ventilation; 
MIneiral lands; Mineralogy; Miners; Mining 
engineering: Mining laws; Mining machin- 
ery; Natural reaouroes; Ore deposits; Ore 
sampling; Ores; Petroleum; Prospecting; 
Shaft sinking; Silver; Sulphur; Tin; Zinc 
Mlnlns in Alaaka In 191S: abstract of report 
to U. 8. Geo). S. Bng ft HIn J 9e:lSa-S Ja 
11 '13; Same cond. Bng M 44:788-90 F '11 

History of the Copper Queen mines. Eng A 

Mln J 95:&2&-:0 Mr S 'IS 
Johnson -Dragoon district. Arizona. Eng ft Mln 

J if,:M& Mr 29 '13 
Mining in Arliona in 1912. Eng ft Mln J 95: 

128-7 Ja 11 "IS 
New developmenta at Jerome, Arliona. ti 

Eng & Min J 98:116-7 Jl 26 'IS 
Oro Bianco district ot Arizona. M, C. MUton. 

11 Bng & Mln J 96:1005-7 N 29 '13 

Mining In Australia In 191), W. P. Geary. 

Eng ft Hin J 96:1 


Aramayo Franclie mines, ltd. Eng ft Mln J 

--.1259 D 27 '13 

map Eng & Mln J 9S:G36- 

'ough Yanqul eyes. Eng & 

! O 4 '1 

Min J 96"r62S~-< Ml 

; '11 

Sritfih Columbia 

Mineral production of British Columbia. Eng 
A Mln J 96:946 My 10 '13 

Mining In British Columbia In 1912. B. Ja- 
cobs. Eng ft Min J 96:133-4 Ja 11 '13 

New [leld In British Columbia. Plomoso. 
Eng & Min J 96;S94 N S '13 

Geology of the Woody copper district, Cali- 
fornia. W: H. Storms. Eng A Mln J 96:036 
O 4 '13 

Mining In California In 1912. L: H. Eddy. 
Eng ft Uln J 95:117-8 Ja 11 'IS 

Mining in Siskiyou county, Cal. Eng ft Mln 

i Mln J 9 

5-10 F 22 '13 

6 Jl W '13 

Mineral pri>ductlon of Canada In 1912. Iron 

Age 91:708 Mr 20 'IS 

Central America 
Mining In Central America In 191S. EnK ft 

HIn J 96:139-40 Ja 11 'IS 

I Mr B 'L- 

Actlvlty in Colombian placers. F. F. Sharp- 
less. Eng & Mln J 96:915-6 Ap 19 '13 

Progress ot mining In Colombia, S. Wright, 
Eng ft Min J 96:429-30 F 22 '13 

Eng ft Mln J 95:220-1 „ 

L.ondon mine. Mosquito mining-district. Park 

county, Colo, C: J. Moore, dlacs Am Inst 

Min E Bui 75:415. S7 Mr '13 
Metal mining In Colorado tn 1911. G: E. Col- 
lins. Eng ft Mln J 96:118-9 Ja 11 '18 
Platoro district, Colorado. C. A. Allen, il 

E^ng & Mln J 96:575-7 S 27 '13 
Visitor's estimate of Platoro. 8. E, BennetL 

Eng & Mln J 9S:25S Ag 9 '13 
Egyptian minerals, Sci Am 109:70 Ji 26 '13 

Coeur d'Alene mining district, P. R. Ingalibe. 

Eng ft Mln J 96:lSG-9 Jl 28 '13 

. 11 / 

I Inst 

Mln J 96:1025-6 N 29 '13 

Trip through northern Korea. H: W. Turner. 

11 map Am Tnst Min E Bui 76:561-9 Ap '13 

Fuerle district. Slnaloa. G. L, Sheldon, map 

Eng ft Mln J 95:760-1 Ap 12 '13 
I.B. Maiata mine, Jalisco. Menlco. T; C, Uy- 

674^8 8 

Uln J 9S: 

n mining. 

Conditions In the Joplln district. T. Chapman. 

Eng ft Mln J 96:393-4 Ag SO 'ix 
Developments In the Joplln d.. 

ft Mln J 96:883-4 O 11 '13 

i In the Joplln district. Ho. EnK 

587-9 8 2'. -. 
Mining Industry In Montana. P. L. Flaher. 

Eng ft Mln J 96:119-20 Ja 11 'IS 
Origin of the Butte chalcoclte. Eng ft Mln J 
96:439-40 8 8 'IS 

Kennedy mining district. P. Klopslock. Am 
Inst Mln E Ttul 7^:1041-6 Je '13 

Sng ft Hin 3 96: 

I Ja 11 -l! 
ure occurrence nt Prince Consolidated mine 
at Ploche, Nevada. E: B. Zallnskl. il Eng ft 
Min J 96:8ni9-12 Ap 19 '13 
Rochester. Nevada's newest boom camp. H. C. 
Cutler. II map Eng ft Min J 95:355-6 F IS 'IS 
Nsw Maxleo 
History of the Copper Queen mines. Eng ft 

Min J 95:525-30 Mr 8 '13 
Minerals of the Tres Hermenas district. W. 

R. Wade. Eng ft Min J 96:5S9-9» S 27 '13 
Mining in New Ueilco In 1912. Eng & Min 
J 96:124-6 Ja 11 'IS 

New South Wales 
New South Wales mineral production In 1912. 
Eng ft Mln J 96:744 Ap 12 '13 
New York 
Mining in northern New York. P. B. McDon- 
ald. II map Ehr & Mln J 95:689-92 Ap 6 '13 
North Carolina 




Conlagaa mine. Cobalt, Ontnrio. R. E. Here. 
11 map Eng & Mln J 95:981-2 My 17 'IS 

Ontario mineral output Increased. T: W. Gib- 
son. Eng ft Mln J 96:134-6 Ja II 'IS 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


Mine* and mineral ratourcea —Continued- 
Mineral production or Oregon In 191!. Eng & 
Mln J 96:772 O 26 '13 

Economic and commercial situation In Peru. 
C: M. pepper. II Iron Age 92:1097-1100 N 13 

Hlnlns In Rhodesia. H. F. Marriott. Bng A 

Hln J BB:14«-7 Ja 11 'IS 
Rhodealan mining notes. Elns & Mln J 96: 

OtS-S O 4 '13 

ICyehtlm corporation. Bng & Mln J 9S:35g Ag 

RuaXan minlns In 1911. J: P. Hutcblns. Entc 

& Hln J 9S:148-51 Ja 11 '13 
South Atriea 
Conditions In prominent Rand mjnea. E, M. 

Weston. II EnK & Mln J 96:49-60 Jl 1£ '13 
Government (told mines In South Africa. A. C. 

Key. Eng & Mln J 95:16-6 Ja 4 '13 
Rare minerals at Broken Hill. Rhodesia. O: 

D. Hubbard. Eag A Mln J SE:I29T-B Je 28 


South America 
Mining In South America In 1312. maps Bnr 

& Mln J 9B:H0-a Ja U 'IJ 
South Dakota 
Developments In the Black Hills. Eng Sc Mln 

J 9S:60fl-7 a IS '13 
Uthia deposits of the Black HItls. V: Zlegler. 

II Eng & Mln J 9e:1053-6 D 6 '13 
South Dakota mines prospered. J. Simmons. 

Eng £ Mln J 36:126-6 Ja 11 '13 

Electro- metallurgy In Scandinavia. Eng & 
Hln J 96:1203-6 Je 14 '13 

Texas Iron ore deposits. R. Linton. II map 

Eng & Mln J 96:1153-6 D 20 '13 
Topaz and stream tin In Mason county. H. C. 
Meyer. Eng & Mln J 96:511-2 Mr 8 '13 
Mining In the Transvaal In 1912. H. F. Mar- 
riott. Eng & Mln J 96:144-0 Ja 11 '13 
United Statea 
Distribution at mining development in the 
United atales. Iron Tr R 63:016 Mr 13 '13 
Geographical dislribullon of mining develop- 
ment In the United Slates. E: W. Parker. 
Am Inst Mln E Bui 75:443-61 Mr '13 
United Slatea Geological survey's table of 
ore production. Eng & Mln J 9«;7S3-4 O 
13 '13 

Mining In Utah In 1912. E: R. Zallnskl. map 
Eng & Hln J 95:121-3 Ja 11 '13 
Minimum wage 
Messages of the governors, Elec Ry J 41:74- 
B. ISO-1 Ja II, 26 '13 
Mining accidents. See Mine accidents 
Mining and metallurgical society of America 
Plans for a union of the Mining and metal- 
lurgical Soc. of Am. and the Am. Inst, of 
U. B. Eng & Min J 95:3K2-3 F 16 '13 
Proposed union of the society and the Am. 
Inst, of M. E. Eng & Mln J 96:406 8 '13 
Mining campa 
Coet of small frame buildings for a c 

M 46:001-2 Jl '13 
Mining campanlet 
Anthracite mine cave problem. Colliery 31 
264-6 D '13 

Siv alto Mining Industry and finance 

Mining congreues 

Allgemelne deutache bergmannstag. O. I 

Hahn. 11 Eng & Mln J 9S:779-S2 O 26 'I 

American mining Congress, aliteenth annu 

al session. Eng & Mln J 90:514-7 N I '1 

Mining costs 

Consolidated Mercur gold mines co. costs. 

Eng & Min J 96:23 Ja 4 '13 
Cost of coal mining. E: W. Parker. Colliery 

34:281-3 D '13 

. Eng & Mln J 96: 

iSI-8 Ag 9 -13 
Coat of e— '-' 

^ — „ , ,.,:a49 S 20 '1. 

Cost of mining as related to output. R. C. 

Jones. Colliery 34:168-01 O '13 
Cost of shaft sinking In Minnesota Iron min- 
ing. Eng & Mln J 90:739-40 O 18 '13 
Coat of srnklng Brakpan mine shafts. Eng & 

Mln J 96:980-1 N 2! '13 
ERect of centralization on costs. Eng & Mln 

J 96:217 Ag 2 '13 
Hollinger gold mines, Porcupine, Ont. report 

for 1912. Eng & Min J 96:739 O IS '13 
Liberty Bell gold mining oo. unit costs. Bng 

& Mln J 96:1076-6 D '13 
Montana-Tonopah costs. Eng & Hln J 96:711- 

2 Ap 6 '13 
Rand mining and milling coals. E. M. Weaton. 

Eng & Mln J 95:329-30, 425-0 F 8. 22 "IS 
Stesm-ahovel work. Bng & Mln J 96:1221-2 

Summary of the annual report of the West 
End consolidated mining co., Tonopah. Nev. 
Eng & Min J 96:1076 D 6 '13 

Underground costs In Minnesota Iron mining. 

Mining englneerli 

Colliery 33:661-4, 718-9 Je-Jl 'I'S 
Answers to examination questions tor (Ira 

bosses and mine foremen. West Virginia. 

1912. Colliery 33:600-3. 687-90 Ap-My '13 
=— 'T back-fllling sloping method. I! Eng & 

—1 J 96:604 S 27 '13 
Choice of mining methi „ _ 

range. Eng & Min J 96:582 S 27 '13 
Chronology of mining In 1912. Eng & Hln J 

the Hesabl 

96:87-9 Ja I. .. 
Clear Creek and Gilpin l^„..., „„,„„ ^ .j. 
Ooodale. II Eng ft Mln J 96:196-7 Ag 2 '18 

S. I* 

Demonstration oi mining plans. H. G. Hen- 
derson. II Sc! Am S 76:221 O 4 '13 

Determining strike of magnetic deposit M G 
F. Soehnleln. Eng & Mln J 96:517 Mr 8 "IS 

Diamond drill hole model, G. C Bateman 
dlag Eng & Mln J 95:471 Mr 1 '13 

Drift mining Fairbanks. Alaska, troien plac- 
ers, dlag Eng & Mln J 96:976 N 22 '13 

Bsplosivea for mining operations, C. Hall and 
S. D. Howell. Eng M 45:437-10 Je '13 

P^tors afTectlng choice ot mining method. 
E. M. Weston. Eng A Hln J 96:133-6 S 20 

Fast work In driving a mine drift. B. T. 
Lednum. plan Eng N 69:601 Mr 27 "IS 

Filling mine slopes with mill tailings. Eng & 
Mln J 95:36-7 Ja 4 'IB 

Handling telephone cables In the mine. O. 
Brown. II Eng & Mln J 96:1216-8 D 27 '13 

Installing a mining plant In Latin America. 
E: W. " " ■"— " -■-— — " ■-- 

hesabl si 
96:449-5L _ . „ 

Methods and co.sta. Mother Lode mine, B C 
E. Hibberl. dlags Eng & Min J 96:599-602 

Mining and mining methods in the aoutheaat 
Missouri diaaeminated-lead district. H. A. 
Gueas. II map Am Inat Mln E Bui 84:2749-08 

J 95:1-4 Ja 4 '13 
Mining magnelite by steam shovel in Sweden. 

A. S. Rice, II Iron Tr R 53:953-00 N 27 '13 
Mining methods on the Meaabi range. Iron 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


Safety rules — mining. 

; & Uln J 96:1232 


Ene & Mln J !<;;4(I5-I0 F 22 'U 
Openpit ml nine under difficulties. Bns & 

Mln J S6:497 S IS '13 
Outline at Mesabl topsUclnK method, plan Bng 

& Mln J 96;5T8-SI> S 27 '13 
Problem In mining- toectlier with some data 

□n liinnel-drlving, F. M. Simnnds und E. Z. 

Burns, map Am Inat Mln E Bui 7:y.36»-*as 

Mr '13; Dlscuaalon. 77:9(15-13 My 'IJ 
Sloping mettiods at the North Star minp. 

I.. O. KellOKg. 11 Eng & Mln J 9«:1011-5 

N 29 '13 
Stoplng methods. Mount Lyell. Eng & Min J 

96:401-3 Ag 30 '13 
Summary ol machine-drill data. Eng & Mln 

J 96:1221 D 27 -13 
Uhderground l>lacksmlth shops, plan Eng & 

Mln J !l6:S92-3 3 27 '13 

-4 N ■"- 

Hec alto Blasting; Boring; Coal mIneH 
and mining: Exiiloslves; Electricity In min- 
ing; Fault (mining): Hydraulic mining: Iron 
mines and mining; Mine fires; Mine man- 
agement; Mine surveying; Mine tlmberlngr; 
Mine ventilation; Mining maclilnery; Min- 
ing schools end education; Ore handllns; 
Ore sampling: Prospecting; Rock drills; 
Shaft sinking; Tunnels and tunneling 
Safaty meaiurei 

Handling explosives in mines. E. Higglns. 

Eng M 46:279-81 H '13 

Harvey safety shaft gate, dlag Eng &. Mln 

J 9S:23(I Ja 25 '11 

the Copper Queen mine, C, A. Mllke. II 

Am Inst Mln R nul 79:1169-72 Jl '13 
Moving pictures as an aid to mine accident 

prevention. Colliery 34:97-8 S '13 
New Zealand safety commission report, Eng 

& Mln J 95:S41-2 Ap 26 'n 
ITeBpn-allon of boreholes. Bng & Mln J 96; 

10;0 D 6 '13 
Prolertlon of pit ponies. II Cirfllery 34:169 

O '!3 
Rules for misfires In hkistlng. Eng N 70:1:27 

D 18 -IS 
safe handling of missed holes. Eng & Mln J 

96:1030-1 N 29 '13 
Safeguarding the u«e of electricity in mines. 

H, H. rinrk. Am Inst K B Pro 32:818-56 

Ai> '13; Discussion. 32:2214-22 D '13 
Fafely block for Inclines. 11 Eng & Mln J 

95:518 Mr 8 '13 
Safety catch and bucket release, dlag Eng 

& Mln J 95:613 Mr 22 '13 
Bafety Brat. J: Dunlop. Colliery 33:721-2 Jl 

Safety galea for shafta. II Colliery 34:162-3 

O -13 
Safely In the T^ke Superior lr<m ore mines. 

E. HIgglns. Iron Tr II 63:390-1. 408-10 Ag 

28-S 4 '13 
Safety rulSK— bellx, pulleys and shafts. Ene 

ft Min .1 9G;83I X I '13 
Safety rules — conveyances In the shaft. Eng 

A HIn J 96:20-1 Jl 5 '13 
Safety rules — electrical haulage underground 

Eng ft Mln J 96:303-4 Ag 16 '13 

Mln J 06:1071-2 I) « 'n ' ^ 

Safety rules— handling explosives, Eng & Mln 

J 96:448-9 S 6 '13 
Safety ru lea— hoisting engineers. Eng Sc Mln 

J 96:116-6 Jl 19 '13 
Safety rules— Instructions lo foremen, Eng & 

Mln J 96:120 Jl 19 'IS 
Safety rules— laddern-ays, Eng & Mln J 96: 

690 O 11 '13 

., Ens & Min 

J y6:78S II 25 '13 
Safety rules— the shaft. Eng & Min J !(6:67- 

8 Jl 12 -U 
Safety rulen— limbei-lng. Eng & Mln J 96:925 

\ 15 '13 
Safety rules— tracks, cars, trestles, etc, Bng 

& Mln J 96:1121-2 D 13 13 
Use of bucket crossheada. \V. J Hoberts, 
Eng & Min J 96:893 N 8 '13 
Mining engineers 
Promoting and engineering ethics. W: B. Mc- 
Klnlay. Eng & Mln J 96:416-6 Ag 30 '13 
Mining engineers, American Institute of. See 

Mln J 96:121-2 Jl 1 
Am. mining oongre.'^s: proceedings at 16th 

annual session, Philadelphia, Oct. 20 to 26, 

1913. Coiltery 31:290-9 D '13 
Amortizing and interest charges for coal 

mines. L. C. Jones, Colliery 33:415-8 Mr 

Chronology of mining Iq 1912. Eng & HIn J 
95:87-8 Ja 11 '13 

Company reports. Eng & Mtn J 96:357-8, 597- 
S Ag 23, S 27 '13 

Data of the world's principal mines. S. F. 
■Shan. Eng & Mln J 95:03-5 Ja 11 '13 

December mining dividenda, Eng ft Min J 
95:36 Ja 4 13 

Dividends paid by mining companies In 1912. 
Eng ft Mln J 96:90-3 Ja 11 '13 

Dome mines CO., South Porcupine, Ont,; sec- 
ond annual report. Eng & Mln J 96:217-8 Ag 

Government gold mines In South Africa, A. 

C. Key. Eng & Mln J 95:15-6 Ja 4 '13 
Insurance on mine ijroperty. W, H. Charlton. 

Mining com 

Eng A Mln J 95:1116 My 31 "13 

Ore shipments from I<ake Superior ranges. 

Iron Tr R 52:686-9 Mr 6 '13 
pnigress of mining In Colombia. S, Wright- 
Ens & Mln J 96:429-3(1 F 22 '13 
Rand mining policies. Eng & Mln J 96:399- 
400 Ag 30 '13 

foryear ended Feb. 28, 1913, Eng & Mln J 

tes, Eng & Mln J 96: 

e, Hon Tr R 62:123 F 

Western metallurgical field. Met & Chem 

Rnc 11:68-9 F 'IS 
What Is the matter with Die mining industry? 

Eng ft Mln J 96:849 N 1 '13 
Woman asks court for Injunction ognlnst 

Corrlgan, McKlnney ft Co,, of CTleveland. 

Iron Tr R 5;:»9!i My 1 '13 
Hir alfo Metal trade; Mine accounting; 

Mine tnxntlon: Mine valuation; Mineral 

lands; Mines and mlnurut resource.^; Mln- 

oriental eunifollilated mining co. 

912. to March, 1913, J. 
: llur Mines Eul 61:1-80 

,_^C. J, Fry, Eng & 

fstlona asked at 

i ot PolisvIHe, I'a,, 1913. 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 



Conservation and commerciallBm. P. S. Pea- 
body. CoUlerv 33:6M-6 Ji '13 
ExtralateraJ rfghts to quarli veins. Kns & 

Mln J 96:537-43 S 20 '13 
More potash looked for, Eng & 

Jlin .1 96:132 F 22 '13 
Our al-aurd mlnlnR law. Erg & Mln J 55: 

SBS-B Ap tn -13 
Proposed anthracite mine law. R, J. FoBler. 

Colliery 3a:SG3-5 F '13 
Publlo land conlroversy. Bng & Mln J »B: 

3.1-4 Jo i '13 
Public land withdrawala. H. J. Hohl. EnR & 

Mln .1 9B:in34-5 N 2!> "U 
SuRBCStlons for laws and reculatlons. O. P. 

Hood and A. S. Hcggem. Eng N 69:453-3 

Mr 6 'IS 
Tax on mlnlnB Income. Eng & Mln J 96:656- 

6 O 4 '13 
Wbat the ForfSt Bprvlcp offers the prosper- 

tor. I-. A, Palmer. Eng & Mln J 95;1011- 

2 My 17 'IS 
Mining life. Si.'e Mlneis 
Mining machlnary 

BrPBKl tun^l com cnltTH, M <".j|lliTy 34: 

Coal minlnj? machinery. W. A, Miller. 11 Col- 
liery 34:77-80 S '13 
CoRl-mlnhiK mHi'hInes for Iron ore. H. E. 

Martin nnd W. J. Kaiser. Eng & Mln J 96: 

;23.4 O 18 13 
CompresHed air syKtem of thp Anaconda 

fopiwr mlnlnE co„ liutte. Mont. B. V. 

Nordherc. II illags Am Inst Mln B Bui 81: 

222S-87 a '13 
Gas engine and steam turbine power planta. 

W. C. Turner. 11 Power 37:480-S Ap S *1S 
JefTrev-nrf-nm-n ndJiislaMe tun-ct ronl ciilter. 

C. E. Waibcim, 11 TolUery 34:32S-7 D '13 
LanRcrfpld coal and Blnte separator. A. 

gerfeld. II Colllpry 3S:«Sfi-S .le '•- 




.rphhnld. 11 plan Colliery 33:471-6 Ap "IS 
rhnnlrs nf mining. It. T. Rtr-— "-' 
ery 3a:448-<l. 487-9, S66-g, 6B3-fi 

It. T. Rtronm. Cc 

, 713-S: ■ 


Moving minerals In thin flat beds. II M 

loving minerals In thin 
& Mln 33:310-2 Ja -13 
New type of mine trolley, II Colliery ?3:723-4 

.,. O. Rogers. II Power 38:77-8, 45n-61 JI 
15. S 30 '13 
I'fie of mnchlncB In undiTKroiind mining, H, 
K. Mnrlin and W. J, Knlser. II Iron Tr R 
B3:.137-S S !S -IS 

fit nr«n BlectrlcUy In mining; Hoisting 
.. ...1 ^ drtlln; Stamp 

Mining patents 

A Mln J 3C:73- 
Bapolls, Ml 

Minerals separation vs. James M. Hyde. ESig 
& Mln J 96:317-8 Ag 16 '13 
Mining schools and education 

llllnnis state niinlnR school. Colliery 33:600 

Je '13 
Technical education. Met A Chero Eng 11: 
64 F '13 
Mlninp socletle* 
Mining societies and institutes. Colllorjf SS: 


Creosoted wood block pavement. E), R. Dut- 

ton. Eng N 69:27-8 Ja I '1! 

Water supply 

Tuning up the Minneapolis niter plant. W. N. 

Jones and L: I. Blrdsall. 11 plan Eng Rec 

yi-nr ending June 30. 191S. 
50 II 31 '13 
ppnMea. liy Age 65:812-3 O 

Proposed water-supply and sewace dlipoaal 
legislation In Minnesota. Eng N 89:833-4 
Mr 37 13 


«rr Railroads— Minnesota 

Hn Roads— Mlnne,Hi,ta 
Minnesota electrical association 
Minnesota convention In St. Paul. March, 
1913. Elec W 61:610-2 Mr 31 'IS 
Minnasota rate cases 
neolsiixu o( the Supreme courl as to railway 
hind vnliiaiions. Ky Age 65:89-90 Jl IS 

Qovernment valuation of railroads. Scl Am 

109:46 Jl 19 'IS 
Minni'Biita rate catie decision. Ry & Eng R 

53:S61-3 Je H '13 
Supreme court derides Minnesota rate caae. 

Ky Age 54:13<14-5. iatS-9 Je 13 '13 
Supreme court's commentH on valuation in 

the .Minnesota rate caae. Ry Age 54:1537-41 

Je SO -IS 
Minnesota steeF company of the Minnesota alpel co. at Duluth. 

11 plans Iron Tr It 53:867-76 .N 13 "IJ 
Minnesota. University 

College of engineering 
Now engim erliit: buildings at 

Iron Ti- R 53:73-6 Jl 10 '13 
Production and properties of metallic flima. 

Scl Am S 75:tE] Mr 8 -13 
Silvered mirrors and their preservation. L.; 

Hell. Elec W 61:liifil-5 My 24 '13 
Sllverhig of mirrors. E. Blassett, Jr. Metal 

Mississippi river 
Alternative propositions for control of the 

Mississippi river. W. Parker. Scl Am 108; 

267 Mr 22 '13 
Control of the Mississippi. H. R. Flint. Scl 

Am 10S:S1 Ja 11 '13 
Control of the Mississippi, R. S. Spears. Sol 

islppl (1 . . . _ 
... __. 5 75;3D9.40O Je 21 '13 

Control of the Mississippi Hoods. C, D. Town- 
send, map 11 Scl Am S 75:279-83 My B 

Control of the Mississippi river. Scl Am 103: 

1. J. H. While. Eng 

: Mr 22 '13 

C.mtrol reservoirs and the Oayton flood. 
Scl Am 10S:35o Ap 19 "13 

Conlrolllng (he Mississippi river: why tha 
levee system Is superior to all other pro- 
posed methods. C. M. Townsend. Scl Am 
S 75:6-7 Ja 1 -13 

Controlling the Mississippi with small dams. 
F. A. Day. Scl Am 108:579 Je 28^'13^ 

~ - ■''. E"s N 71 

dredging on . — _r^. ,^. 

: R. Monroe. II Eng N 70:143-5 Jl 24 '13 
Intrai'l>i)<le Ml^Kouri-MlssIsslnpl system. Scl 

Am 103:398 My 3 '13 
Measures for flood prevention and river con- 

tr.1l. Eng Rec 67:5ftri-6 My 3 '13 
MliiRlsslppI problem. J. L^Forest. Bel Am 108: 
356 Ap 10 '11 

Digitized GvCOC^lC 


MfislMlppl river — Continued. 
UlBsdaalppl problem. T. D. Long. Scl Am 108; 

5e» Je II '13 
Mississippi problem. N. J. Noble. Scl Am IDK: 

335 Ap 12 -13 
Power from the MisslBslppl river Bt Keokuk. 

U. II plans map Power S8:194-M Ak 6 '13 
Problem ol the MIsbIbbIppI river. Scl Am 103: 

150 F 15 'IS 
Protest against amateur flood-controllers. W. 

C. Taylor. Scl Am 108:397 My 3 '13 
Real problem of tlie Mlaalsalppi. R. S. Spears. 

Scl J 

8:155 F 16 ' 

Operation ol the Mohawk rivor bridge danu. 
D. A. Watt. 11 E^nK N T0:2S2-S Ag 14 '13 
Moldlns. See Foundry practice 

Arcade piston mDldlng machine. II Foundry 

41:256 Je '13 
Combination Jar -ramming molding machine. 

-■-^signed by Federal foundry supply '" 

— „ _l( 

II Foundry 41:254 Je '13 
Economical operation o( moldlne- machlnea. 

W. S. Otto, plans Foundrr il:Sl-I, 44-6 

Ja-P ■!! 
French molding machines tor shallow work. 

11 Foundry 41:287-90. Jl '13 

D '13 
MIsiouH aiioclatlon of master plumbers 

■ -■ Joplln. Feb, 1813. 

3«th . 

: 62;3Bfi 

Mr B ' 

MlHOurl alactrlc aHOclatlon 
Seventh annual convention, Kftnsaa CItr, 
1913. Elec W fil:S«»-7a Ap 20 '13 
Missouri, Kansas A Tokss railway 
Favorable showing of Missouri. Kansas & 

Texas. Ry Age 5E:l05--8 n S -13 
Report for vear rndpd June 30, 1913. Ry Age 

SS:1104-« D B 'IS 
Studies In operation, map Ry Age 64:1167-72 
My 30 '13 
MI>sourl_Pacltlc-Tron Mountain system 

ended June 30, 
nap Ry Age 65: 

Intractable Missouri-Mississippi system. 

Am 108:39e My 3 '13 
Suggest ions on reservoir control of the h 

sourl, J. C. Hopper. Scl Am 108:559 Je 

MItlenwald railway 

15, 000 -volt, single -F 

ichlne. II 

"--la . , , -.. 

Age 91: 764-S Mr 27 '13; Sam. 

dry ll:29S-300 Jl '13 
Molding large mower fram 

Foundry 41:185-0 My '13 
Molding machine for targe work, designed by 

V. S. moMIng machine oo,, Cleveland. It 

Iron Age 92:120 Jl 17 13 
Mumford electric Jolt-ramming molding ma- 
chine. 11 dlag Foundry 41:457 O '13 
New moulding machine (or flat work. 11 Met- 
al tnd n B 11:137-8 Hr 'IS 
Osborn molding machlnea. II Foundry 41:458- 

9 O 13 
Piston molding machine. 11 Foundry 41:124 

Mr '13 
Piston molding machines of International 

molding machine co.. Chicago. 11 Foundry 

41:252-3 Je '13 
To make molding machines moat effective. 

H. W. Lengfelder, Iron Age 91:255 Ja 23 

Melding sand 
Efflclent foundry sand-handling plant Install- 
ed In the Hart-Parr co.'s foundry. II Found- 
ry 41:21-8 Ja '■* 

Foundry 41:521-2 D 'l.i 
Oil nlms one molecule thick: a direct meas- 

uremrent of molecular dimensions. H. 

Deveaux. 11 Scl Am 9 75:312-3 My 17 '13 
Slse of the flnest organic atroctures. W. 

Stempell. U Scl Am S 75:ZS0 Ap 28 'IS 

b Uln J 95:79 Ja 1 

5:1042 My 24 "13 

>iiter, plan Eng & 

46 Ja ' 
Moments of Inertia 
Graphic determination 

Model towns 

Model mlnlns tow 
08:839-40 Li 6 ' 

cald. map Eng Rt-c 

I Eng N 70:1249-50 D IS '13 

Model*, Astronomical. See Astronomical mode 

Models. Mechanlcsl. See Mechanical mode 

Models, Road. See Rnml mudH.? 

Modern languages. See languages— Study ar 

Mohammedan srchltecture. See Architectur 



R. Kraut 


. Mach 19:097-8 


Nomographic method for finding center of 
gravity and moment of Inertia. M. J. 
Elchorn. dliig Ry Age 55:3SI-3 Ag 29 'IS 

Currency reform and today's business. H. A. 

Wheeler. Dom Bng 65:407 D 27 '1» 
Proposed currency leglBlatlon. F. A. Vander- 

llp. Iron Ag. 

Money trust Invettigatlon 
Report of the Pujo committee. Rr t 

53:201-2 Mr 8 '13 

Monoplane*, See Aeroplane* 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


Benefits of our patent system. J. B. Fay. 

Sd Am 8 TE:I30-1 Ap II -ll 
Tariff heartnga on Incandescent lamp*. Eil«c 
W «l;28G-« P g -It 

fir alto Government ownership; Hunlcl- 
pal ownerahip: Trusts 

Hebgen. II Am Insi Mln B _ - 

Ag '13 

Ore de posits at Butle, R. H. Sales, dlags 

Am Inst Mln FT Bui S0:1S23-162B As '13 

Southern Cross mine. CeorsPtown, P. Bill- 

IngHley. map Am Inst Mln E Bui S1:2!S9.97 

S Ig 


r 95:853 Ap"2B ■Ts' 
Moniclair, N. J. 
City that appreciates a railroad. liy At;e ES: 

Sl-5 Jl II 13 
Temilnai Improvement nn the Lackawanna. 
II plan E:ng Rec eS:19E-T N I '13 
Monteaiorl method 
What Is the Montessorl method? H. M. Cruen- 
berg. U Scl Am S J6:112-l D 27 '13 
Montreal, Canada 

Lachlne bridge ereclton across tho St. Law- 
rence river, ii Eng Rec 67:380-1 Ap C '13 

Canadian Northern Montreal terminal, fl map 
dias Ity Age 6S:eSl-4 O 10 '13 

Latest features of Montreal cars. II dlass 

Elec Ry J 4^:1132-1 N 29 '13 
Montreal tramway* mutual benefit asioclatlon 
Economic aspect of benefit association work. 

Elec Ry J «:1330-Z N 27 'IS 

Device tor detecting fUgbt of mosquitoes. L. 

E. Haskell. 11 Scl Am 109:102 Ac 3 '13 
Mosquito extermination and Us problems. E. 
Winslilp. U Enr Rec 17:490-2 My 3 'IS; 
Same cond. Enc M 45:577-9 Jl 'It 

J^ie alto Vibration 
Motion Study 
Automatic truck decreases the coat of shop 
transportation. R. T. EenL 11 Ind Bns II: 
B9-102 Mr '18 
Micro-motion study. Iron Tr R 62:419 F 13 

Mlcro-motton study: a new deveiopmant In 

efficiency engineering, tl Sci Am 108:14 Ja 

25 '13 
Hlcro-raotton study by meant of chronometer 

and moving picture machine, il Ind Bde 

13:1-4 Ja 'IB 
Mlero-motlon study In Industry. R, T. Kent 

il Iron Age 91:14.7 Ja 2 '13 
Motion study. Eng M 45:412-4 Je '11 
Motion study In the box shop. R. T. Kent 

plans Ind Eng 13:325-9 As 'IS 
Tripling the output of a mlutng machine by 

motion study, il Ind Eng 13-1S9 Ap '13 
Work of filing. Scl Am S 75:99 P 15 'IS 
Motor barges 

Inland navigation barges with producer-gas 

engines. II plana Bng N 70:1109-13 D 4 '13 
Motor barges in the Alabama coal trade. II 

plan Ity & EnR It 53:990.1 O 25 '13 
Producer-gas engines In a new field. Colliery 



ow-draft producer gas motor tjarges. 
dlags rm Marine Eng 18:457-9 N 'IS 

Motor boat racing 
Timing or motor-boat rat 
Scl Am 108:223 Mr S ' 

. W. H. Pauber. 

Development of producer gas motor boats. 11 

Int Marine Eng lS:484-e N '13 
Large commercial motor boat. Radium, II 

Int Marine Eng IS:1!1 Ur '13 
Larse mo tor -driven ferry, Brldglt. II Int 

Hoon-farmlnx. C: P. Tatman. Bd Am 108:471 
My 24 '13 
Moore, Willis Luther, 1856- 
Prlnter-sclentlst- farmer candidate for tbe 
portfolio of agriculture. C. A. Hartman. par 
Inland PIr 50:537 Ja '13 
Moors and heaths 
Moor- burning In Germany. Scl Am 108:429 
My 10 '13 
Moose Jaw, Canada 
Moose Jaw water-supply system. II plan Eng 
Rec 07:694-4 Je 21 '13 
Morgan, John Plerpont, ISBT-ISIS 
Judge Gary lauds J. P. Morgan. Iron Tr R 

52:777 Ap 8 '13 
Remarkable career of a constructive genlns. 
por iron Tr R 52:817-20 Ap 3 '13 
Morris, Charles A. F„ 1827-1906 
Remlnlecences of a pioneer engineer of the 
Great Northern Ry. Eng N S>:471-G Ap 3 
Low record death rate tor New York city. 

Bng N 69:176 Ja 2S 'IS 
Upward trend of mortality In middle life and 
old age. E. E. Rittenhouse. Scl Am S 75: 
194-G Mr 19 'IS 

Oil-mixed mortars and concretes; an abso- 
lute waterproofing material. L. W. Page. 
Bng H 44:109-13 O '12 

flee olm Cement: Concrete: Masonry 
Mortuary chapsls. See Chapels 


N '13 

diaRs Int Marine 

.. for Mexican waters. 11 Int Marine 
Eng lS:4g6-7 N '13 

ffrr niso Hydroplane boats; Motor barges; 
Motor ice boats; Motor ships 
Motor buses. See Motor omnibuses 
Motor earn ages. See Automobiles 
Motor cars (railrosd) 
Benzol -electric train .for the khedlve. F. C. 

Coleman. II Sci Am 109:376 N 15 '13 
British RHSoline-electrlc motor car. il dlags 
Ry A E5ng R .13:502-3 My 31 '13 

gaH-electric car. I,. C. Josephs. Jr. Ry Age 
5S:K!K-30 O 31 '13 
Gas-elertrlc motor car, Midland Valley rail- 

Ry & Eng R 53: 

railroad. II E3ec Ry J 4 
540-t Je 7 ■] 

Gaa-eleclric motor cars for the Chicago, Mil- 
waukee & Puget Sound railway. 11 E^ec Ry 
J 41:295 F 15 '13 

Gas-elertrlo motor cars on Chicago, Mil- 
waukee ft rugi't Sound. 11 Ry Age 54:389 
F 28 '13 motor cars on the Chicago, Mil- 
waukee ft Puget Sound Ry. II Ry ft Bng 
R 63:160 F 22 '13 

Gas-electric train for the Khedive of BgypL 

11 Elec Ry J 4S:«G« O 4 

jcy Google 


Motor can (railroad) — Conllnued. 

Gasolene cars for the Holton Intsnirbui, 

RedlandB, Cal. II Am Eng 87:270-1 My '13 
"" .... . lorage- battery cbitb. 

__. ._.- Interurban service, 

Redlands. Cal. II Ry Age 54;10OU-l My 2 'JJ 

Hydraulic transmlBslon In railway care: Hek' 

Shaw gystcm combined with internal 

combustion englnea. II EtiB M 4B:113-21 O 

Steam turbine street i 
Scl Am 103:183 SB'] 

Motor chain 
\ Motor chair butit b 
\ 109:231 S 20 '13 
I Motor cycle truck* 

I for IionE Island. 

__ _. the 

eensland railways. Australia. 11 plan Ry 

& Ens K G3:100 F 1 '13 
Motor car trniibles, their symptoms, cauaea 

and remedies. Ry Age S5:2!iS-9 Ag 15 'lit 
Motor cars for bridge Kanea. Ry Age 65:TS6-1 

O 24 13 
&Iolor cars for maintenance of way forces: 

study of service ot over 3&0O cars on sixty 

roads. Ry Age 55:101-3 Jl 1' '" 


the ' 

i Ohio (Tcntral Ry. il Eng N 69:1064-6 My 

22 '13 
Narrow-gage gasoline cars for Australia. II 

Elec Ry J 41:168-0 Ja 25 '13 
Narrow-Katie self-propelled passenger coach. 

S. Fetman. il Sci Am 108:333 Ap 12 '13 
Operallng cokIb of self-propelled ears. Elec 

Ry J 41:!i34 My 24 '13 
Provision for electrical equipment on steel 

motor cars. F. W. Butt. Am Soc M E J 

35:838-40 My '13; Same. Ry & Eng R 63: 

420 My 3 13 

Same cond. Ry Age 64:1180-2 My :!0 '11 
Self propelled railway passenger cars. Ry 

& Eng R 53:507 My 31 '13 
640-hp work-car locomotive for the Boston 

elevated railway. 11 Bleo Ry J 41:296 F 1( 

Stcrafle battery cars 

... _." American and Prussian ac- 

lulntor cars. A. BUttner. Elec Ry J 41: 
335-8 F 22 '13 
Construction of American and Prussian ac- 
cumulator cars. L. Scott. Elec Ry J 41: 
333 Mr 1 '13 
Control circuits ot storage battery cars. Blec 
Ry J 41:748 Ap 28 '13 

An 28 '13 

Ry J 11:965 My 11 ._ 
Iiong run of new Beacb-Bdison storage bat- 
tery car. Mec Ry J 41:423 Mr B 'IS 

Narrow-gage combination car for the Pacific 

coast railway. Elec Ry J 4I;8H9 My 17 

Self-propelled cars, II Elec Rv J 42:624-33 

O 4 '13 
Service and inaugural performances of Beach* 

Edison storage battery cars. El«c Ry J *l: 

787 Ap S6 "13 
Storage battery car In branch line service. 

J. H. Tracy. Ry & Eng R 63:629 Ja 7 

' progress. II Elec Ry J 


Storage batli 
41;!iJ8 My : 
Motor cars (street railroad) 

Gaa-electrlc cars for London county council 
tramwaya. I[ Elec Ry J 42:38 Jl 5 '13 

Gapnllnf-'-lPCtric equipment on tendon tmm- 
mavs. II Itv & Enc R'i63 O II ''1 

Gasoline repair cnrs on Iltlnols traction sys- 
tem. II Elec Rv J 41:90ft My 17 '13 

Gaanllne surface cnm In India, II Elec Ry 
J 41:427 Mr S '13 

SIngte-deck and double-deck prepayment cars 
for Vienna, il plana Elec Ry J 42:182-4 Ag 

L. C. Porter. : 

Genealogy of the motorcycle from the steam 

velocipede, 1848, to the standard machine 

of 1913. J. J. O'Connor. Scl Am 109: 12-13 

Jl G "IS 
mr aim Motor cycle trucks 
Motor nr« apparatus. See Fire apparatus, Mo- 
Motor Are engines. See Fire engines, Mulor 
Motor. g«n ersto rs 

Motor generators and frequency in alternat- 
ing current railway signaling. Ry & Eng 

R 53:671-3 Jl 13 '13 
Motor-generators and rectlSera. il Automo- 
bile 18:84-0 Ja I 'IS 
Motor Ice boats 
Motoring on Ice, 11 Sci Am 108:172 F 22 

Motor omnEbuaea 
Arrival or the bus -versus -tram controver- 
sy, Blec By J 41:fil4-5 Ap J '13 
Bus competition In London, Elec Hy J 41: 

920 My 24 '13 
Bus operation In London and Paris. J: A. 

McCollum. Klec Rv J 42:1093-6 N Z2 '1! 
De r>lun buses to relieve congested traffic In 

Paris. It Automobile 29:182-3 Jl SI '13 
English tramway and motor bus, Elec W 62: 

Mfi-7 N 9 '13 
Future of the motor omnibus. Eng N 70:1019- 

41 N 20 '13 
Hiintlngtnn. Indiana n.lopts aritomoblle bust's, 

J, M. Hobart. II Automobile 29:284-5 Ag 1* 

London's transportation and lighting. L: Ball. 

Elec W 82:366-7 Ag 23 '13 
Mechanical and electric traction on the Paris 

streets. J. Boyer. il Bng M 44:58-78 O '11 
Motor omnibus accidents Id London. Eng. H. 

R. Wilson. Eng N 7O;550-2 S 18 '13 
Molor-omntbuB operatli.n: reports of H. P. 

NIchniB Hnd J, A. McCollum, Eng N 70:1050- 

2. lftS7-"0 N 20-27 '13 
Six wheeled omnibus. S. Petman. il Set Am 

108:264 Mr 2! '13 
Superiority of the sleam omnibus. T: Clark- 

pnn. Automobile 2R:ll'6"-70 Je la n 
34-passenger single-deck motor omnibus, II 

Eng N 70:1 Jl 3 '18 
Three venrs' record In motor-omnibus ilevelop- 

mentln l^ndon. Kng N 70-.1I80-1 D 11 '13 
Weight and coat of London motor omnibuses. 

Eng N 70:1321-2 1> 2r. '11 
Where the motor bua beats the trolley. J. R. 

Eustls. Bel Am 108:182 F 2! '13 

[ and Its 
loblle n 


, II . 

mul'lle 2:i;in66-» D 4 '13 
Gawiltne motor plow. F, C- Perkln-, 11 Scl 

Am inn;439 D 6 '13 
Latest motor plows. K. Priietorlus. dlag Am 

Soc M E J 3S:BSJ-r, Mv '13 
Motor rollers. See Rdad rotters 
Motor ahlpa . , 

British motor cnester Isleford. II plan Int 

Marine Eng 18:202-3 Hy '13 
Cnllfornia, an ll.ono-ton motor ship. J. R. 

Wilson, n Int Marine Kng 1S:523 !> '13 
Carels-niesel engine applied to motor ship 

Eavestone. II Eng M 44:601-4 i^'U 



Motor (hlH — Continued. 
DI enel - e lee Id u- driven ship Tyn( 

WllBon. II Power 3S:6fl-3 N 4 
Eavea tone's flrst long voyage. 

Marine Eng 18:78-80 F '13 
Electric propulElon lor ships. 1 

EnK U if.itS-lt N 'II 
Fuel lunsumptlon In motor ships, 

QkB engine yachl. R. Haclntyre, 

109:ieS-G Ag 30 'IS 
Oermon-bullt motor ship Hermt 

A. Gradenwitz. II plan Int ^tkniio r^n^ 

13:338-40 Je '13 
German Diesel englned tank ship Hagen. 

11 plana Tnt Marine Eng 18:207-11 My '13 
Large-motor vMtels. lot Marine Eng 18:279 

Jl '18 
Uquld fuel and ship propulsion. Eng Rec 88: 

fts O 18 -la 
Motor -driven freight ship, Bromberg. Int 

Uarine Eng 18:144 Ap 'U SBuslness t 

Motor irimhoatB for Colombia. 11 Int Marine ^^..-^ Spencer, 

Eng 18:469 N '13 ^ Chapel on 

. Berg, plan 

1 8c1 Am 
a Krabb. 

Uotor truck ntaker** burden. Automobile IS: 
388-7 Ja 30 'IS 

Truck Industry grows 200 per cent. Automo- 
bile 28:I>U0-1 Ap 10 'IS 

Two hundred per cent increaae In the motor 
truck Industry. Scl Am 108:884 Ap 88 '13 

Motor trucks 
Advantages ot tractor transportation. I 
■- i0»:168 Ag SO 'IS 


Auto-truck for coal delivery, F. C. Perkins. 11 

Scl Am S 7G:i4-5 Ja 11 'IS 
Availability of molor trucks for mines, ling 

& .Mln J 90:731-4 O IB '13 
Beat loiHi gear ratio tor trucks as explained 

Jbile ait:o60-l S 26 


llRhHhip BUrgermelsl« 

R. Wilson. 11 plan Int Marli 
- Ap 'IS 

getters for email i 

"-Am 108:78 Ja 18 '18 

uotor truck, II Scl Am 108:382 

Motor tnwboat ' 

in. II Int Marine Eng 
water." dlags Int Ma- 

Hotor vessels lor the German navy. J. R. Wil- 
son. II Int Marine Eng 18:332 Ag '13 
Motor yacht Idealla, equipped with Diesel 

engines. 11 Int Marine Eng lS:ie3-E Ap 'IS 


Chapel — , 

Ap 19 'IS 

passed in 

^Comparative data on pert .. 

trucks nith regard to sise ot motor and 
gear rutlos. C. C. Myers. Automobile 28:340- 
7 3a SO -13 
Comparing the Incomparable. Scl Am 108:88 
'- 18 '13 

paring the incompar 
1 Am 108:183 F 22 '] 

Oll-englned coaster. Q: Thow. Int Marin* Con a I rue i 

Eng 18:6 Ja '13 _^ ^ ^, mobile 

Performance on service of tha motor- ship ''lOelivery 
Suecla. I. Knudsen. Int Marine Eng 18:346- ^.^ picture 
7 Ag '13 ^ !^.K.,5 

Single Bcrew motor ship ot I.EOg b. h. p. 
J, R. Wilson. 11 plan Int Marine Eng 18:102- 

11 EUig Rec 68:306 Ag 2 

Triple-screw motor ship Alkmaar. 3. B. WU- 
son. Int Marine Cng 18:S1 Ja 'IS 

Twin-acrew motor-ship Hagen — a new Krupp,,^ 
two-atroke type irfesel- engine lank ves- 
sel ot 2400 b. hp. J, R. WllBon. 11 Eng N 


Of t 

J self-e- „ 

. Eng Hec 67:810 My 1 

1 My 1 


Twln-acrew motor ahip Uonte Penedo. 11 Bng 

M 44:257-01 N '11 
World's two largest motor-shlpa; Slam and 
Annwn. J. R, Wllaon. 11 Int Marine Ehig 
18:391-2 Jl -IS 
Set alto Marine engines; Motor boats 
Motor sleighs 
Bcott's motor sledges. 8cl Am 108:237 Ur 8 
Motor spirit 

>Btflcleacy of motor trucks with trailers. I 
ClUey. 11 Eng Rec 67:120-4 F 1 'IS 

Electric versus gasolene motor vehicles. S. 
O. Thompaon. Eng M 46:112-4 O '13 

Emergency gasoline motor trucks tor the De- 
troit, united railway. 11 Blec Ry J 42:73 Jl 

12 ' 


C* F?e 
for 11. 

■ Ag 7 

). 11 diags J^ 


le ZV-.Blii ! 

! motor spirit. 

le 28:990 My t 

Automobile 28:840 AP 

tendency of motor truck design, L>. 

eman. Automobile 28:347-9 Ja 30 'IS 
cel-drlve constnictlou and llie Dt-ld 

Automobile 2n:B!-3 Jl 10 'IS 
trie four-wheel drive on the Hnlsch- 
owBKy & Caire system, diag Aut.imulitle 29: 
117.8 Jl 17 '13 
Gasoline truck development, diaga Automo- 
bile 28:183-7 Ja 10 '13 
-^^Sasollne truck: trucks and delivery vehicles 
classified according to load capacity; 

5 rice and body sizes. Automobile 28:199- 
13 Ja 10 '13 
>G:iBoline vs. eleclrlc trucks. Autom"'>ile 29: 
/ 27 Jl 3 'II 

Hextei gas-electric tru'-k, il Automohile 29: 

New Brillsh automobile fuel not up to par. R. 

W. A, Brewer. Automobile ;9:S(;i \' 8 '13 

New Standard oil fuel. Automobile 28:500 


Motor sweepers. See Motor trucks, Municipal 

Motor truck driving 

Educating the freight automobile driver. Au- 
tomobile 28:204-G Ja 16 '13 
Motor truck Industry 

> Horse living ven 
874 Je 28 13 



jmobile !8:lSB-9 Ja 16 '13 

Eleven French maltera win war departm 

subsidy. \V. F. Bradley. II Aut'imobile 

tni-S S 11 '13 
ForelKn markets for commercial vehic 

Automobile 29:162-3 Jl 24 'IS 

ve purchasers of trucks. 11 

■ M My 10 '13 

s horse power. Scl Am 108: 

_ . „ I roflds for molor-truck haul- 

age between Blylhe, Cal., and Blylhe Junc- 
tion. II Eng N 09:1126-7 My 29 '13 

Increased elflciency and (he motor truck, II 
Dom Eng 62:230-1 F 22 'IS 

Interchangeable parts versus standardiza- 
tion. C: Balough. Automobile 28:1276 Je 19 


? Dom Eng 02: 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 



Motor truck! — ConflRued. 
UmltlQB the Size of motor truckf. Bin 

69:12i J& le 'IS 
Loj^oF, a. JhQrsB drawn truck. 11 Scl Am 


688 "Je „ ._ 

Logging wUh a. motor truck. 11 Eng N 69: 

1065 My 22 '13 
IiOgglDK with a motor truck, tl Scl Am 108: 

ESS Je Z8 -13 
Low- Brad* fuel tor motor trocki. N. B. 

Pope. Automobire !B;2H-5 Ja 23 'IS; Same 

cond. Iron Age 91:430 F 13 '13 
Mechanical loader (or motor trucka. Scl Am 

109:78 Jl 2 


.._ ratios. Automobile 28: 

1S4-8 Ja le '13 
Motor transportation as aid to Industrial 

economy. R W; HutchlnsoD. 11 Bng M 44: 

BaS-46. ni-iO. 861-86 Ja-Mr '13 
Motor truck and the trelght tern 

Nlles. Scl Am 109:248 S 27 '13 


Inn Accelerometcr; AulomoblleB: 
: tnicks; Motor cycle trucks; Motor 
IrlvlnR; Motor truck Industry; Motor 

vallablllty of motor trucks ror mines. Bns 

& MIn J l'6:7SI-4 O JS 'U 

hlcago efficiency bureau esllmates that elec- 

._<„ ._,.„, ,.. •'\71& yearly. Auto- 



, Jr. 

1 Age 




F 27 -13 


— and complete sped flea tions. 

Automobile 2g:2O0-17 Ja IC '13 
Motor truck efficiency. 11 Munlc Une 44:408- 

11 My -13 
Motor truck eitenslon of railroads. Scl Am 

109:238 8 27 '13 
Motor truck In contracting and conatructlon ■ 

work. B. W. HutchlnsoD. Jr. 11 Bng M 4S: 

7B3-816; 46:77-84, 237-4S S-N '13 
Motor truck In manufacturtne. II. W, Slau- 

Bon. l[ Mach 19:23-7 6 '12 
Motor truck In the gaa business. Munlc Eng 

44:443-4 Mv '13 
.Motor truck queries. Scl Am 109:249 9 27 '13 
(•'Motor truck researches at tha Massachu- 

aetts Institute of technology. J: Rltahi«, 

Jr. Scl Am 108:£94 Mr S9 '13 
Motor trucks for desert haulage. II Eng Rec 

S7:sup 49-50 My 3 '13 
. Motor trucka 3 per cent, of traffic In Mas- 
sachusetts in August, IB12. J, T. Sullivan. 

Automobile 2S:49E-9 F 20 '18 
Motorlied hauling service. W. Walker. Munlc 

Eng 45:128-9 Ag '13 
Motorizing Mars Tn France. 

639-43 O 9 '13 
New hydraulic dumping bod 

trailer. II Scl Am 

mobile 29:S69 S 25 'IB 
Revised renutrements for Bul.aldlzcd German 
trucks. dla)(a Automolitle 2B:i2ii4-5 Je 12 

70 trucks compete In French army Irlala. II 

Aulomnblle 29:152-5 Jl 24 '13 
Special truck cBrrlea nltro-eU'terlne. 11 Auto. 

le 28:1274 Je 19 '13 

""is ''"" ■"" "■ 

Steel bodies for motor trucks. M. A, Hall. 11 
Scl Am 108:500 My 31 13 

Truck developmenls prominent at Brill co. 
exhibit. Elfc Ry J 42:737 () M '13 

Trucklnn to the polar circle. II Automobile 
29:592-3 O 2 '13 

Trucks do well in Washington Post commer- 
cial car run. II Automobile 28:1170 My 8 

Use I 

■ Use of motor trucks In the delivery of ce- 
ment. 11 Concrete Cem 1:81-2 D '12 

Variable speed hydraulic transmission for 
motor trucks. II Scl Am 109:208 S 13 '13 

Very heavy motor-drawn truck, 11 Eng N E9: 
93 Ja 1« 'IS 

bile 28:1007-11, 1(138-9 My 15 ''13 
What motor truck would suit me best? a 
composite price list of American motor 
trucks and dellvety wagons arranged ac- 
cording to carrying capacity. T, M. n. von 
Keier. Scl Am 108:72 /a 18 '18 

rlc and gasoline commercial vehicles, 
lee W 61:935-7 My 3 '13 
i)miKirlKon of motor trucks with horses. 11 
~^ Pom l-'ns 63:146-8 My 10 '13 
-MJost estimates of horse and motor trucks. J: 

-„, Ritchie, Jr. II Scl Am 108:70-1 Ja 18 '13 

>Coflt- keeping system for warehouse trucks. 
Automobile 28:942-3 My 1 '13 
Cost Of gasoline truck service. R. C. Reld. 

Set Am 108:182 F 22 '13 
Cost of motor truck hauling on Catsklll aque- 
dTict tunnel. New York. Munlc Eng 46:566- 
N 70 11 '13 

1 My ■ 

ting 1 

. Mun 

Cost of operating motor truoks; charts for 
conveniently determining trucking economy. 
^ L. Ruprecht. Eng M 44:118-20 O '18 

12I7.S7 .„ .. 
DlBlDterested ■uKgestlona on motor track 

coBtB, H. W. I-erry. Scl Am 108:294 Mr 29 

Economy of motor trueka In engtoeerlng and 

contracting. B. W: Hutchinson. Conereta 

Cem 2:194-5 Ap '13 

NeWHrk foundry men'.' association hears spenk- 

era on relative merits of electric, gasoline 

nnil horse-dniwii trucka Iron Age 92:85!- 

3 O IS '18 
Teams and motor trucks compared. H. W. 

Perry. Scl Am 108:66 Ja IS "IS 
Trucks save 86.6 per cent. In heavy work, 

II Automfllille 28:1172-4 Je 6 '13 
What motor trucks have saved for a brewer. 

J. E. Blaise. Scl Am 108:182 F 22 'IS 
K,F ulm Automobile engines 
Commercial section of 1913 Chicago show. 11 

Automobile 28:451-5 F 13 'IS 

fadurcra and trades, II diags Automobile 
2:i:Jl'3-7, 269-75 Ag 7-U '13 

opena, II Automobile 

New York's truck sf 
28:287-72 Ja 23 'IS 
Six new type" at Boston truck show. II Au- 
tomobile 28:7IS-7 Mr 27 '13 
Some features of the 1913 motor truck show 
In New York city. II Eng N 89:360-2 F 20 
Trucks at the Paris show. dIags Automobile 
28:230-2 Jii 16 '13 

Uti- alfti Automoliile enRincs — Fuel 
Methods of drive In commercial motor veh- 
icle. It. Htiljccick. II Sil Am 109:324-6 O 25 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 



Lima, O. P. Stein 

. II Mach ]9:3e«-B 

Increasing the emclency of truckB. H, W. 
Wevaz. AutomoblLe 29:68-70 Jl 10 '13 

Light detlvery cost. Automobile 28:8J4-6 Ap 
10 '13 

Lyon brewery. New York city — complete rec- 
ords of full truck -operating coat. Automo- 
bile 2fi:EG0-l P 2T '13 

N. Y. Rdlson co.'s truck syBtcm. Automo- 
bile 39:122-4, lfiO-1 Jl 17-24 IJ 

Service recorder. Ry Age 64:1610 Je 37 "13 

Vehicle movement recording device. II Sol 
Am ll)9:!48 S 37 '13 


French army truck tests. II Automobile 28: 
8t2-3 Ap n '13 

TestltiE a federal motor truck. II Automobile 

_39:470-1 S U '13 

trucks on the Mexican border. II 
■ ■■> ^9:34 Jl 3 'IS 

Analysis of requirements In truck wbeeli. 
Automobile 2g:tT6-g Hr 20 'IS 

Cast-steel wheels for trucks, tllaga Automo- 

leels. plana Automobile 

or motor trucks. II Iron 

bile 28:S05-G 

28:488-7 P 1! 'IS 

Age 91:491 F 20 'li 
Iron- tired (ruck wheels, dlaga Automobile 

S8;719-20 Mr 27 "13 of cast.steet wheels. O: Wal- 

Soc. A. E. standard motor ir 
tomoblle 28:363 Ja IS '13 

Tire for motor trucks. C. F. 
Am 108:228 Hr 8 'IS 

Wheels for commercial vehlcli 
Automobile 28:I30!i-II Je 26 
Motor trucks, Municipal 

JmUim. U Sci 

^a. A. ,T. Slade. 

inter works depar 

3-T Je- 


Motor t 

> library books delivered by automohlle. 

■^ Automobile 29:79 Jl 10 '11 

Motor trucks In mining 
Avallnbllltv of motor tnichs for mines. ICr 

& MIn J 915:731-4 O IS -13 
Plral aid truck 1 



U>tor trucks for mines, 

HIn J 9«:4ET 8 t 'IS 

Motor trucks for mines 

Mln J 96:1034 N 29 

29:1161 D 18 'IS 

■ -lona. C. I.. 

177-8 Je 14 

O. H. Sonne. Edk'A 

J 06:3S6-7 Ag 38 ' 
Motor trucks in postal service 

Trucks in Hrlllah postofflce. 

Automobile 28:1271 Je 19 -13 
Motor vehicles 
Motor traine In Hnssa.chUBetta. : 

Automobile 2S:5t3-^ S 25 '1.1 

Motor vessels. 8ee Motor ahlpa 
Matorcyde cars. See Cyclecnrs 
Motorcycles. See Motor cycles 

Motoring. See Automobiles 

Motormsn. See Street railroads — Employees 

Srt Aeroplane motors; Alcohol motor*; 
Automobile engines; Electric motors; En- 
gines: Gas and oil engines: Liocomotlves; 
Machinery; Steam engines; Turbines; Wa- 

Motors, Wave. See Wave motors 
Mountain railroads 

DarJeeJIng J^■|malayan ^railway. L;: ,Jt Pree- 




Eng N 70:1220-7 I> 18 '__ 
Remarkable survival ^f the Inclined plane. 

Knic N 70:1247-8 D IS '13 
Scaling mountain p^aks by elevator. II Set 

Am S 75:1G4-S Mr IB '18 
Transandean railway from Arlca. Chile, to 

l,a Pbk. Bolivia- fi- ,11- Sawyer. II m;ip Bng 

Moving a 10 0,000- gal Ion tank and Its 140-toOt 
tower of International harvester co.. West 
Pullman, 111. 11 Eng: Rec «T:607 My 81 

Movlna and talking pictures 
Exhibition of Improved talking pictures and 
movlna pictures In natural colors. Scl Am 
10a:K3?Je 14 '13 
Moving and talking pictures. II Sd Am 108: 
«4 Ja IS '13 
Moving of buildings. See Building moving 
Moving picture theaters 

Inatallalion of mollon-plcture machines. Elec 

R & W Elec'n 62:29-30 Ja 4 '13 
Rules promulgated tor tbe veittU&tlon of pic- 
ture theatres. Heat & Van 10:83-4 Ap '1> 
Theatre ventilation situation In Chicago. HenI 
& Ven 10:49 O '13 
Moving pictures 
Moving pictures as targets for marksmen. II 

plan EHec W 62:302 Ag » '13 
Moving pictures at home. Bet Am I08:G44 Je 

Non-inflammable cinemalograpb lllma. Scl 

Rapid telephotography. R Qrlmshaw. Bel Am 

109:286 O 11 VI3 
Shoollng at moving pictures. 11 Sd Am 10*; 
49 Jl 19 *1S 
Rre of«o Cinematograph a; Klnetophone 
Moving pictures. Colored 

Moving pictures. Talking- See Moving and talk- 
ing pictures 
Movlna pictures In Industry 

^ , — .... _. lerclal r-— '— -'~* 

tures. P: W. Keough. II Am lud 18:13-8 Ja 

Micro-motion aliidy. J: O. Aldrlch. II Am 
Scv M K. -I Sr.-177-Hl Mr 'IS 

Micro- mot 

M f 


. F. R. Qllbreth. 

Micro-motion stady: a new development In 
effldency engineering. II Scl Am 108:84 Ja 

2G ■» 
HIcro-motlon study by meana of abronometer 
and moving picture machine. II Ind Bng 18: 
1-4 Ja '18 

Mloro-motion study in Industry. R T. Kent. 
II Iron Age »]:34-7 Ja 2 '13 

Motion pictures from the shops. Automobile 
28:891 Ap 24 'IS 

Motion pictures In Industry. Iron Tr R 52: 
3ii3 F 6 '13 

Moving picture records of a bulldlngin con- 
struction: Machinery hall, at the Panama- 
Pacific exposition. II Set Am B 7E:E2 Jl 2« '13 

Moving pictures aa an aid to mine aceldeat 
prevention. Oollfory 34:97-8 8 'M)!)!? (* 



Moving prcture> in Induitry — rcmdnufd. 
Mo vine pictures for Indus trial purpoBei 

& Chem Ens 11:228 My 'IS 
Moving pictures In railway eiluoatlonal 

Am Ene 87:67-8 F '13 
Moving pictures In railway 

In GeorBla. D. C. Boy, At 

Boy, Am Kne KI:I7) Ap 

es. mine to molder pre- 
irk assn. Iron Tr R 52; 

sen ted before Nev 
<;8 F 13 '13 
Mowing machines , , 

MoldTny large mower framoa by machine. II 
Foundry *l:ia5-S My '13 

Internally cooled mufOer and Us effects, dlag 
Automobile 2!l:14 Jl 3 'IS 

Anlmnl haiilsRe In mines. B, S, Randolph. II 
Colliery 34:13»-4i O '13 

— ■* -' le haulage. A. E. Thompson. Col- 
e-7 O '13 

:olllerv 3 



^„ „-o— I used In manufacturing 

L..O multlgraph; devices used In the lathe, 

shaper and milling machines. D. T. HsjnJI- 

ton, II Mach 19:foS-il Ap '13 
Mtinlclpal accounting ^, ^, 

Coat system for street eleanlnx In Wiishlng- 

ton J. W. Paiton. Bng Bee 68:2B6-7 S IS '13 
Municipal cemetery accounts. D. C. Bggles- 

ton. J Account 15:1T*-S« Mr '13 
Municipal recognition of the ccrtilleil public 

accountant In Cleveland. C. H. NaJi. J 

Account 18:9*-I09 Ag '13 
Unltorm Byitom * 

class cities. J: . 

90-B F 'IS 
S'v alio Accounting; Municipal flnanoe 

cipal f 

paF * Ml 

City plannlngi Municipal centers 
loblles. See Automobiles, Munlc- 
trucks, Municipal 

Organization and functions of a city-plan- 
ning commission. W; A. Magee. E^ng N 69: 
976-7 My 8 '13; Eng Rec 67:562 My IT '13 
Municipal bonds 

Bond Issue for Los Angeles municipal dis- 
tribution system defeated. Elec W 61:867- 
8 Ap 36 '13 

Meaning of the Los Angeles bond election. 
E5ng N 69;»l7-8 My 1 '13 

Recent 117,600.000 bond election at txia An- 
geles. B. A. Helnly. Eng N 69:931-2 My 1 

Public buildings 

r>es Moines. O: R Lord. 1> 
Munli' 4f:194-8 Mr '13 
Our earliest civic center: the Independence 
hall group In Phlla. ~ " -■- " ■-->- 

„ ... _ .._. _, Brabaion. II Arch 

Bee 34 

Kte also City piannlnB- Puhllr buililin^is 
Municipal cliarters 
Cleveland's new charter. Bng Rec 68:31 J I 
12 '13 
Municipal electric plants. See Electric [iluita, 

Munlcipil employees 

Rating the efficiency of municipal employ- 
ees. Eng Rec 67:665 Je 14 '13 
Munlclp*! engineering 

Motor trucks in municipal contracting. H. 

W. Perrv. 11 Munlc Eng 44:530-3 Je '13 

Municipal need ot technically trained men. 

R. Blankenburg. Scl Am 108:341 Ap It '13 

Piece work system applied to city forces. J. 

■". Tupper, Munlc Eng 4B:IlB-8 Ag 'IS 


I- Clcv 

! N aS: 

engineers. Bng Rec (8: 

Susses tlons (or 

362 3 37 -13 
~ ■ . N. J,, public comfort station. II plan 

1 Eng 

18 '13 



., „ ,„, public 

■orks department organization. Eng N 69: 
1048-9 My 2': '13 

■Sn olno city planning; Pavements; F 
lie comfort statlona: public works; Hel 
and refuse disposal: Sanitary engineer 
Sewage disposal: Sewerage; Street els 
, ..._.__ purlflcotlon; Water supply 


Borough surve>or and master o( works tor 

tisn . „»..-i Enc N 69:1109 My 29 -13 

"Ing and municipal engl- 

... tain. H. C. Sheoton. Eng 

N 70:306-8 Jl 31 '18 
Standardising city engineers' Batarles. Eng 

Bee 67:4^8-600 My 3 'IS 
Municipal finance 
Cenlral purchase and distribution of supplies 

for New York city; plan of W: A. Pren- 

dergasl. Eng Bee 87:369-61 Mr 39 'IS 
Cincinnati's purchasing system. Munlc Eng 

45:317-23 B '13 
Classified salary and wage budget estimates 

of Chicago tor 1»13. Bng N 69:401 P 17 

Estimating the cost of garbage and refoae 
collection and haulage In Chicago. Eng N 
69:106-7 Ja 16 '18 

Fargo declares a municipal dividend. W; D. 
Sweet. Munlc Eng 44:121-3 P 'IS 

Land-tax system or benefit assessments for 

Subllc Improvements In Kansas City, Mo. 
.: Kessler. Eng K 69:1026 My IB '13 
Lending city credit to aid railway projects, 
Eng T^ P"."— = ".- . ..- 


r n '13 

My 8 ' 

and drains. Munlc i- 

Street cleaning and garbage collection etn- 
ciency studies of the Chicago civil ssirlce 
commission. Eng N 69:123 Ja 16 '18 
Street cleaning and garbage collection meth- 
ods In Chicago. Eng Rec 6T:24-G Ja 4 '13 

Sre aim Municipal accounting; Municipal 
bonds; Purchasing departments 
Municipal franchises 

Franchlsea and municipal home rul**. Munlc 

Eng 4 

' D 13 

1 N 22 ■ 

B-B N 20 -IS 


Proposed new Clevelatid charter and the en- 
gineering orgarilEatton of dtlea. Sng N 69: 

Eg3-4 Mr 20 '13 

Self- appointed and popularly -elected munic- 
ipal eiperta. N 70:368-9 Ag 21 '13 

Verband Gross-Berlin, a new form of raelro- 
polllan government. Eng N 70:S10 Ag 14 



works depart m 

1048-9 My 22 

.ife aim Gov. 

City manager plan again, 1 

14 '13 
Cllymanager plan a( Cla 

_ -Bering organization of cities, : 
683-4 Mr 20 '13 
Records In a city englneer'a ofnce. Munlc 
Eng 4B:148-9 Ag '13 

emmVnt In 191*3. Eng N 6S:3i6 > l«'*i)"| 



Municipal flovernm«nt — Connnlasloii plan—Conl. 

Tweive years of commlaBlon govornnicnt. K. 

S. Bradford. Mimic Ere li:"pO2-10 I) "11 

What Cedar Etaplds has done in live years 

Municipal Improvement 
Land-tax system or beneflt asBetsmenta for 

public Improvements jti Kansas City, Mo, 
G: KesBler. ESig N 6»:102S My 15 '13 
Municipal improvemenla for 1911 llsKil by 

A. W, MuDic Bng 1 

m; Municipal centers: Municipal gov- 

,nt; Piirka; I*avements; Playgroumis: 

Public comfort slatlons; Public health; He- 
fuae and refuse disposal; Sanitary engi- 
neering; Snioke prevention; Street cleanlns; 
Street lighting; Streets 
Municipal improvementa, American tociety of. 
See Amerfcan society of municipal improve- 

Uunlclpal responslbllltv for strike damages: 
digest of briets In case of WeUa F^ffo A 
CO; V. Jersey Clly. Elec Ry J 42:18E-T Ag 

Nen York smoke ordinance unconstitutional. 

Power 38:171 Jl » '13 
Ordinance governing billiard rooms. Munlc 

En« 46;H0.1 Ag ^13 
Ordinance regulating welghniaater. Uunic 

Ens 16:13B-9 Ag '13 

Building laws; Fire prole.'tlon; 

Pub II 
Municipal league* 

:ipai I , 
Municipal motor trucks. See Motor trucks. 

Municipal newepapera. See Newspapers, Mu- 
Municipal ordinances. See Municipal law 
Municipal ownership 
Central -station results at Holland, Ulcb. 

Blec W (1:260 P 1 'IS 
B municipal asphalt plant. H, B. Pul- 

lar. 11 Munlc 1' 
- trolt'3 

Selling water at a proHt, A. W. Seng, 11 

Munlc Eng 44:680-2 Je '13 
Successful municipal lighting plant at Craw- 

fordsvllle, Ind. II plan Munlc Bng <4:80-8 

F '13 

municipal ( 

What _ _ 

Munlc Ens 14::'i]2-3 Mr .. 
Why some municipal asphalt plants fall, H. 
B. Pullar. Munlc Bng 4G:231-« S '13 

Nir also Rlectric pinnts, Municipal; .Vews- 
papera. Municlpiil; Public service corpora- 
tions; Street nillroadB, Municipal 
Municipal records 
Why the municipal office needs modem sys- 
tem, 13, H. Oilman. Muiilc Eng 11:4}9-Ea4 
Je '13 
Municipal reeearch 
Results o( an eRIclency survey of Los Angelea. 
Munlc Eng 45;14S-S1 Ag 'IS 

Municipal statistics 
Municipal publicity, H, A. Stuart. Munlc Sng 

elation af Great Brlt- 

Id. Sept.. 1913. 


Municipal ' 

12th a 

J By J 42:689-90 t 
I painting and decoration 
3ft alto Stucco; Tapestry 

eld. See Hydrochloric t 
Museum of safety 
Museums of safety and their i 

brief history of movement for prevention 
of InduBlriai accidents, M. S. Hutton. Mach 
19:31-3 S '12 
Educational work of a great museum. H. I. 

Smith. Set Am S 1E:B6-T F 8 'IS 
New Vletma museum of teobnology and tha 
Industrial arts, Scl Am 108:60 Ja 11 'II 

Typewriter tor music. 11 Scl Am 3 T5:!45 Ap 
19 '18 
Musical instruments. Mechanical 

Set alto Piano players 
Muskogee electric traction company, Muskogee, 

carried Elec Ry j' 41:781-8' Ap' 19 ''ll" 
Detroit's municipal ownership chajler amend- 
ments. Elec Ry J 41:567 Mr ZS '18 
Failure and success In municipal ownership. 

Munlc Eng 44:299-304 Ap '13 
Oovernor Dunne favors municipal ownership. 

Elec W 61:888 F 8 '13 
Investigation of municipal asphalt plants: 

cost data collected in report recommending 

plant for Washington. D, C. Bat Bee 87: 

160-2 F 8 '13 
Municipal asphalt plant of St. Louie, Ho. 11 

Munlc Eng 46:324-8 O '13 
Municipal asphalt repair plant at SL Paul. 

Minn. Munlc Eng 46:68-4 Jl '13 
Municipal electrical enterprise In Kngland. A. 

"-"— Sler \V 6L':l:;0ri L> 13 "" 
""Ohlahomi "''""'"'"'" 
Municipal ..„.._ . 

Neb. H. J. Bremers, Jr. il Munlc Eng 46:1 

21 Ag -13 
Municipal railway line Id Seattls. map Elec 

Ry J 11:763-4 Ap 86 'It 
Municipal slaughter house at Orand Forks, N. 

D. H. O. Lyltken, Munlc Eng 46:332-3 O '13 
Pasadena municipal lighting plant. II Munlc 

Eng 44:605-11 Je '13 
Proponed sile uf Toronto utilities to the city. 

Klci- »v J il::',il-2 O 26 -13: Same. Elec W 

62:832-3 O 2S '13 
Provisions of Detroit municipal ownership 

amendment. Elec Ry J 11:908 My IT '13 

d shop. II Elec Ry J 42:1010- 

Boller-horse- power: the myrlawall, 1 

Weaver. Elec W 62:93-3 Jl 18 '13 
Myrlawatt. Power 38:381-2 S 9 '13 
Myriawalt. H. O'Neill. Pow«r 38:690-1 

Myrlawatt. H. Q. Stotl. 

Myriawatt. W, D. Weave 

'T 38 '13 

W ei-M Jl 12 

. Weaver. Elec W 61:1420-1 

Myrlawatt as a unit of power. Elec Ry J tli 

98-7 Ja 18 '13; Scl Am 108:118 F 1 18 
New unit. Ind Eng 13:120-1 Mr '13 
Standardization of the myriawott. II. G, 
Stott and H. O'Neill. Am Soc M K J 35:ri-l; 
•p: Discussion. 35:21-:iS, 123.'.-43 My, 

Ag '13: Am I 

1 E E Pro 

32:1731-7 AB ' 

My 10 '13 

S<r also Electric lerminoiogy; Machine 
tool s^Term I nol ogy 
Narrow gage railroads. Se« Railroads, Narrow 

Nashville, Tanneasee 

Water aupply 
How to repair the Naahvllle masonry r«Mr- 

volr. plan Eng N 69:278-80 F S 'IS 
Nashville reaervolr^why it failed and how It 
— '" ■-- --.paired. R, Herlng. plan Eng Rec 

7:131-6 P 1 '18 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


GnK N T0:g02-G O 23 '13 
National MMclatlon ot cement user* 

9th annual vtnvendon, Pittsburgh, 1912. Con- 
crete Cem 2:3-G Ja '13 

Program of Sth aniiuaj conrentlon. ISIS. Con- 
crete Cem 1:10 D 'II 
National aaioctatlon of corporation achool* 

National aa soda lion of corporallon schools. 
F. G. Henderachott. /^ - '-- ^ " "— '"■ 
14DG-8 Je '13 

New Industrial educatli 
Ry J 41:183 F 1 'IS 

Organization meeting, 1913, and Hat of oil 
cers. Elec By J 41:ZDG F 1 '13 

Report of organ izatl on meeting, 1913. Ei 
Rec tT:aup 41 F l '13 

Training of employees. Bng Rec 67:116 P 

E E Pro 
organization. Eilec 

National ccntractari' aiaoclatlon 

ACtivltlea. Ble« W 11:131 Ja 18 'IS 
National council for Industrial safety 

^•.'cond annual ConitresB. New York. Sept. :2- 
S5. Ifll3. Iron Age »3:itS O Z '13 
National district heating association 

""■ ' — vention, Indianapolis, May, 

pollB, Hay, 
•13; Power 

«i.i annual convention. Indianapolla, Uay, 
1913. Heat A Ven 10:29-35 Je '13 

5th annual convention. IndlajiapollB. Uay, 
1913; program. Heat & Ven :0:34.6 My 


aaaoclatlan of cotton manufacturers 

!, 1913. 'power m:552-3 6 

Sept. 30 Co Oul. 2, 19i: 
14 '13 
National association of manufacturers 

ISth annual c 

■ 21. If- 

i-13 J 


n or r 

r plur 

13th annua] conference, 1913. Elec W Sl:23 

2 P 1 '13 
National conference on city planning 

Firth conference, Chicaso. May, 1»I3. Eli 

W 61:1022 My 17 '13 
National conference on marketing and far 

Meeting, Chicago. 1013. By ft Eng R f 

141 Xp la '13 
National conservation congress 

Aclion of the 5th National cnnscrvutlon coi 

Breas. Elec W 62:10U«-S N :i9 '13 
Eth annual session, held In WashlnRton. No 

18-20. Wia. I'ower 3S:S39-4(I U '13 
Proceed! nga of 5th annual sesalon. Wash- 


a '13 

PrripecdlnB.i of 5th 

Nov.. 1013. Kng llec hsiBiiu ;i4 .^ z.: 13 
Recommends (Ions adopted. Eng Rec 68:«01.2 

Eleg \V «2:1039-<0 


N 39 ■ 
Reporl of Committee o 
JO:I10S-7 N 27 '13 

. N 


drainage congress 

I "13 

jntion. Philadelphia. June. 1913. 

Dom Eng e3:36S-8'J Je 28 '13 
National assoclstlod of master steam and hot 
water titters 

Silver anniversary of the as.^oclallon relebral- 
ed. Juno, 1913. Dom Eng fi4:a-13 Jl 6 '13 

Supplementary report of proceedings at an- 
nual convention. Nlai™.™ Fhiih 191.1 Hmi 
ft Ven 10:41-5 Ag ': 

„. ..ashlngton, 

D. C. Oct. 1913. Hy Age 0»:S6tf-71 N 7 '13 

25th annual convention, in Washington, Oc- 
tober 28-31. Ry ft Eng R 53:1012-3 N 8 '13. 

National association of stationary engineers 
N&Uonal license committee report. Power 3T: 

210 P 11 '18 
ilat annua! convention, Springfield. Mass. 
Sept, 1913. Power 38:350-2 S 23 '13 
National civic federation 
Annual meeting. Dec. 1913: Iteport on model 
public utility bill ; papers on woi'kmen's 

milroads. Elec Ity J 42:1238-40 1> 13 '13 
Annual meellng, 1913; with abstracts of pa- 
pers by E. H'Mliltn, S. Low, M. E. Marks, 
A. Belmont. Elec Ry J 41:210-5 F 1 '13 
Deparlmunl on regulation of Interstate and 
municipal utilities. Elec W «l:lSE-6 Ja £6 

electric code 

Important code change suggested. Bleo W 

61:553-4 Mr 16 "13 
National electric tamp sssoclatton 
Physical laboratory of the National electric 

lamp atsoclntlun. E: 1>. Hyde. J Pr Inst 

176:77-93 Jl '13 
National electric light aasoelatlon 
Conference of publlo policy con. 

National Elec, Light Asan. and Am. baec. 

Ry. Assn. Elec W 51:884 F 12 'IS 
Co-operaCIon with Am. Elec. By. Aasn- Bllao 

W 61:381-2 F 22 'IS 
Eastern New York section, annual meeting, 

I.ake George, N. T.. Sept.. 1913. Elec W 62: 

571-6 8 20 '{3 
Michigan section. Zd annual convention, Ot~ 

tawa neach. Mich.. Aug., 1913. Elec Vf 62: 

415-6 Ag 30 '13 
New England aectlon. 6th annual convention. 

Burlington. Vt., Sept., 1913. Elec W 62:626- 

8 S 27 '13 
Official convention program for Chicago meet- 
ing. June. 1913. Elec W 61:1020-1 My IT 

Papers and discussions at 3eth annual con- 
vention. Chicago. June. 1913. Elec Ry J 

11:1012-5. 1057-60 Je 7-11 '13 
Papers and discussions at 36th annual con- 
vention, Chicago, June, 1913. Blec W 61: 

1213-42 Je 7 'll 
Southeastern section. 1st annual convention, 

Macon, Qa.. Aug.. 1313. ESec W 62:318-9, 

427-9 Ag 23-30 'It 
36th annual convention. Chicago, June 2-8, 

1913: condensed program. Elec W El:112l 

My 31 '13 
3«lh convention. Chicago, June. 1913. Elec W 

filil-%-9 Je 7 '13: Eng N 69:1243-6 Ja 12 

'13; Power 37:917-20 Je 24 'IS 

, Chattanooga. July, 

1913. EJlec W 62:171-3 Jl 26 '13 
National electro- platers' association 
5lHl reeuliir monthly meeting. April 25, 1913. 

Mclal Ind n s 11:230 Mv '13 
4tli annual banquet. New Tork, Feb. 21, I9It. 
11 Metal Ind n a 11:141-2 Hr '11 
National firs protection association 
Changes In the National electric code. Blac 
W S1:S6S Mr 29 '18 

cunventlon. New York, May. 

Eng N 69:1091- 

1913; abstract 
3 My 22 '13 
National forests. See Forest reservM 
National founders' association 
Reports of meeting held In New York. Nov. 
19-20. 1913. Iron Age 92:1219-23. 1246-51 N 
27 '13 
nth annual convention. New York city. 
Nov. 20. Iron Tr R 63:989-97 N 27 '13 
National housing conference 
2d conference in Philadelphia, IMt. Arch 
Rec 33:186 P 'II 
National Indepondent telsphone association 
leih annual convention, Chicago, Feb., ISU. 


61:487-8 Mr i 'U 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


Annua] meetInK at ChEcago, Nov. H-H, 191S. 

Ry Age a&:9«Z-1 N 21 'IJ 
National ma china tool bullden' awoclatlon 
Annual convenllon. New York, 1913. Iron Age 

92:972-4 O SO '13 
Semiannual convention, New York. May, 1313. 

Iron Age 91:12SZ-3 My 21 '13 
I2tli annual convention. Iron Tr R ES:813-4 

O 30 -13 
National matal trade* aaaoclatlon 
161 h annual convention. New York, April, 

I9I3. Iron Age 91:944-8 Ap 17 '13 
FenBlon plan for workmen propoced br Win. 

Lodge at IStti annual convention, New 

York, ISIS. Iron Tr R e£:87D-i Ap ID '11 
Weltare of employes dlscuBBed by employera 

at lEth annual Convention, New York, I91S. 

Iron Tr R SS:B30-4 Ap 17 'IB 
National railway appllancea aMoclatlon 
Annual meeting, Chicago. 1913. Rr * BnS 

It S3:Z69-TD Mr SS '13 
National supply and machinery dealers a*ao- 

Indianapolis meeting. April, 1913. Iron Age 

91:950-1. 971-3 Ap 17 '13 
3rd annual meeting. New York, Oct, 1913. 

Iron Arc SJ:97S-fi O 30 '13 
Natural gaa. See Oaa, Natural 

Naval bolleri. see Boilers. Marine 
Navat Bunnery. Bee Gunnery 
Naval gun* 
Anti-destroyer guns. S. O, Koon. dlag Inl 

Marine Eng 18:237-8 Je '13 
Cycle in naval gun construction. Set Am 

109:374 N IB '13 
Guns for submarines. A. Grade nwitt. il Set 

Diaposillon ot natural resources. 0: O. SmItI 
Am Inst Mln K Bui 82:2403-8 O '13 

fife olio Conservation of resources; Foi 
. and forestry; Mineral lands; Mint 

latlon s 


Natural sclance. Sea Bclence 
Against the sun: spiral twists In nature. A. 
H. Kennedy. II Scl Am S TB:39(-T Je 21 '13 
Harnessing nature? Scl Am lOBiSM Ap fl 'IS 

fice I 

I aurveylng, See Hydrographlc s 


lautlc*. See Aeronautics, Naval 

_ _ a marina englneert. See 

Society of naval -—•-'■—- -■ ' — — 


, / Hudson river steamboat. II 

Arch & Bldg 4S:35E-eO S '13 
Corrugated stilps. G. 5. MacIIwalne. II Eng 

M 44:938-40 Mr 'It 
Hudson river steamer Washington Irving. II 

Int Marine Eng 18:276-8 Jl '13 
Imperator; details Of the eguipmenL II Eng 

M 44:107-9 O 'It 
Hall and passenger steamship Kyle for Nen- 

toundland. F. C. Coleman. 11 plan Int Ua- 

Hne Eng 18:292-3 Jl '13 
New Pacific coastwise steamship Confreu. II 

plans Int Marine Eng lS:283-8 Jl ^13 
Old Dominion line's freight steamer Tyler. 

II plana Int Marine Eng lS:3fi9-T4 S '13 
Old-time war vessel. Wolverine, on the Great 

Lakes. N, Wllber and U. laaacH. II plans 

Int Marine Eng 18:S24-30 n '13 (to be cont> 
Protection ot ocean liners by subdivision. It 

Scl Am 108:S6S Ap It 'It 
Single screw molaeees tank steamer Amolco. 

plans Int Marine Eng IS:378-SZ S '13 

Marine Eng 18:481-3 N 'II 
Unslnkable ship. Sol Am 109:486 n 27 '13 

Freight ships: Motor ships; 
ig: Shfps, Iron and steel: SteHm- 

her naval militia. 11 S 

V New York train i 

Doing business with the V. S. Navy. C. A. 

Harrington. Iron Age 91:1118-7 My 8 '13 
Fuel oil for the navy. Eng & Mln J 86:I105-S 

. J. E. Kuhn. i 

76:1«S-T S IS 

Chain fenders for the Panama canal: de- 
tails of the hydraullcally operated devices 
for bringing ships to rest, il plan Iron Age 
92:294-6 Ag 7 '13 

Determining position at sea by wireless. J. 
Ersklne- Murray. II Bng M 44:949-51 Mr '13 

Eipcriments on J'suclion" between passing 
ibson and J. H. Thompson- 

Iceberg indicator. II Scl Am 108:684 Je 28 'IS 
Perils of navigation on the Hudson Bay route. 
Eng N «9:222-3 Ja 30 '13 

Bre aUo Aeronautics; Buoys; Ferryboats; 
Harbors; Hydroaeroplanes; Hydrographlc 
surveying; I.aunchlng; Lifeboats; Ughl- 
houses; Motor boats: Safety at sea; Ship 
propulsion; Shipbuilding; Shipping; Steam- 
boats: Submarine boats; Yacnts 
Navigation laws. See Maritime law 
Navigation of rivers. See Rivera, Right of nav- 


Prehistoric dwelling In Nebraska: a cannibal 
chame] house unearthed. R. F. Glider. II 
Scl Am S Te:t£0 O 4 '13 
Nebraska master plumbers' association 
4lh annual lunventlon at Fremont, F"eh.. 1913. 
Dom Eng 62:254-7 Mr I '13 

Hre alto Beadwork 
Criminal proaecullon of careless railway em- 
.,1 ,_ "--in. H. R. Wilson. Bng 

I compensation 

N 70;8«S-7 O 30 '1 
Sie aim Workm 

Appearance of hetlum and neon 1- 

tubes. J. J; Thomson. Scl Am S 76:160 Mr 

the atom: haa matter been synthe- 
icl Am S 75-'" ' ■•- " ■'- 
Development of neon 

M 4S:27I-4 N '13 
Has matter been syntheslsedT J: W. N 
Sullivan. Scl Am 108;22t Mr 9 'IS 
Synthetic tannin. Scl Am S TS:14T S I 'IS 

N 22 '1 

Report for 1912. Eng & Mln J 9E:8flB My 3 

New Bedford, Massachusetts 

Post century charm of New Bedford. G. N. 
Rose. II Arch Rec 33:421-33 My '13 
Sanitary affairs 
Sewage disposal at New Bedford, Maa& W. 
N. Charles, irians Eng N T0:SIt-9 Jl 31 'IS 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


Naw Enalai 


England. H. Elliott, RJ 

. In ..-- - 

Age 65:«lE-6 O 3 ': 
N«w Enaiand rtMiet Mllway dub 

Meeting, BoHtun. May Ti. I'.'U, Elee R> J 

MoithlJ" m"eUnS. 'FeD. 26. 1913. Elec By J 
41:369 Mr 1 'IS , . , „ „ ^wirfp rail- 

Relation ol the chemist to tlie electric raii- 

wav Elec Its* J 42:lH2-3 N ZS '13 
urh '^nial meottog and banquet, Bo-ton. 
18)3. Elec Ry J ";5B{1 Mr 29 13 
Naw 'England water workt Biaoclatlon 

Philadelphia. Sep- 
; 68:289 - " " "■ 

I 18 '11 


1913. Ena N 7 
New Geneva, Pennsylvania 

Erecllne the New Geneva bridge. 11 plan Eng 
Rec 67:4B6-B0 Ap 28 '13 
New Haven and Hartford i 

Tom, Nev '■ 
New Joreey 

Aatl-lniunctlon bill In New Jersey. J. A. 

Emery. Am Ind 13:8-11 Ap '13 „,„„„ 

Sev Jersey atate Ucensa law lor englnaera. 

power 37:61S-9 Ap 29 '13 

Sanitary affair. 

68:213-4 S 6 -13 
New Jeraay and Penneylvanla traction com- 

InSJ^aae In faro ordered by New Jersey com- 
mlBSlon! Elec By J 41;li*-6 F 22 '18 

jclatlon of 

,.,.. „ _,..ventlon. " " 

nn. Dom Eng 63:3B1- 
New Orlean*, Loulilana 
Slreet aanltatlon In 
Smith. II Munic EnK 
F Rochelle, N. 

Je 21 '13 
New Orleana. 

i '13 

IV lugs bank. B. 
Jldg 45:17-24 Ja 
building. 11 Arth 

.'ew II, S- post oBlce 1> 
1 from 

E for Nev 

Proposed Hudson river bridge: present noces- 
Hlty lor highway and railway bridge at New 
York city. G, Lindenthal. Eng M 44:779.81 
F '13 


Spanish church In New York city, Our Lady 

Dock problem in New York F. K. T 
mnp Eng Rec 68:167 Ag 9 '13 
Aeolian hall. 11 plans Arch ft BIdg 4B:>S-9 

Co^u*rt'"ouse award. 11 Arch Rec 33:469-70 

My '13 

Emigrants' industrial s 

Almlrall. 11 Arch A . 
Guaranty irusi company 

Bidg 46:486-93 D '13 


fiental iirchlt 


of Adolph ji. ..= ". 

Arch Rec 33:818-32 Je '.. 
Towers of Manhattan and notes on ths Wool- 
worth building. M. Schuyler. II Arch Reo 
3S:9g.l22 F '13 

Sec also New York (city)— Grand Central 
station; Washington Irving hlRn school; 
Woolworth bulldlnK, New York 

Costly tack of co-ordination. Scl Am 10S:1S8 

Ag 30 '13 
Organization and equipment (or maintenance, 

operation. Inspection, repair — ■" "■"-"■-i "' 

E&st river bridges " " "'- 

98-101 Ja 26 '13 

I, N. Y. plans Eng Rec 67; 
Propoaed""Huda(m river bridge and tunnels 

New York and New Jersey. 

pl»ns Knu N .li;5i3i-Il ■■■ ■" - 

67:367. 381-7 Ap 5 '13 

Rac 33:14- 

ot Hope. L. R. McCabe. II 

£1 Ja '13 
Steel framework of St. Jean Baptl! 

11 plans Eng Rec 68:433-6 O IS 
Study In church decoration: the ! 

there church. C: H. EWrr, 11 An 

137-203 Mr '13 

Vanishing New York. 11 Arch Ri 

engineering employees. Eng N 69:110-1 Ja 

16 '13 

Grand Central station 
Columns in the new Grand Central termleal. 

plans Eng Rec 67:126-6 F 1 '13 . . „ 
Concourse roof. Grand Central terminal. New 

York city, plans Eng Rec 67:210-1 P 22 IS 

Eng Rec 67:7! 

) the Grand Central terminal, ptaas 


„ .^ _ „. -luildlng. 11 Arch & 

HldK 4o;H»-54 Ap '13 

rand Central lerminal, New York city. II 
Ity & FJns R 53:77-8 Ja 25 '13 
,-Bn.i Central terminal, Now York: deBcrlp- 
■■ Ry Age .'>4:279-84 

tlon of details. 
F 14 '13 
Grand Central 

.,.„ _. station. T. 

& Bldg 45:120-3^ Ap '13 

f the Grand (Central terminnla 

rk. 11 Arch & Bldg 45:137-40 


, Graham. Dom Eng 


1 My 17 '13 
K. Thomson, 

Dock problem In New York, 
map Eng Rec 68:167 Ag 9 vi 

LUrhthousea and biiovs of New York har- 
bor, J, Pattlson. 11 lilt Marine Eng 18:1- 
4 Ja '13; Same. Sol Am S 75:136-8 Mr 1 '13 

New York pier problem settled. Scl Am 103: 
150 P IB '13 

Solving New York's pier problem with the 
model basin and the moving picture. Scl 
Am 108:3^2 My 3 '11 


Electrical M|tilpment of a modern hotel: ^ 

Hotel McAlpln. 

1 plan 


& Bit 

t «: 

43-61 F ' 3 

newest hotel 

Hotel McAlpin. Di 

E. Tarn. 

II Arch Rec 


41 Mr 








"^Eng Rec 


3 My 



and e 


Ids of 


y de- 


N 20 






6 N 22 '13 
and governm 


Central purchase and dlstributlOTi of supplies 
for New York city: plan of W; A. Fren- 

dergnat Kng Rec 67:i;r.9-61 Mr 29 'IS 
Hon- the New Y'ork ]>ur>ha.'iing system was 
pslii'llVvd F. X. A. I'urcull. Munic Eng 
4S;isO-'4 N 'IS 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


New York (city) —Continued. 

Heating and ventllatlnE details of ths New 

York general post-otnce. II plans Hsat & 

Ven 10:11-20 Mr '13 
New lermlnal post oftlce In New York; elee- 

irical and mechanical equipment, wlrios 

and Illumination. L. B. Marks and J. E. 

Woodwell. II Elec W E1:S9-13, lSI-43. ISt-G 

Ja 4, 18-26 '13 

Public buildings 
New York city's power problem. A. D. Blake. 

11 plan Power iS:2Si-^« Ag 26 '13 
New York's freifthl terminal problem, map 

lly Age 54:H-U-5 Ap 11 '13 
ProbU-ni of river crosaing in New York clly 

traffic: tunnel system and railway ler- 

minala, G. P. Kunz. Scl Am S 76:370-1 D 13 

Sugsestlon for suburl>an traffic. Scl Am 109: 

26 Jl IZ '13 

hV.' iilta N>w York (city)— Grand Cenlral 

Rapid transit 

Building a (our-tracR tunnel beneath Broad- 
way, New York. Scl Am 108:164 F 16 'IS 

Buiiaing^ ""!:L*ir..'"'.^^J[ "."^."l^y tubes. II diags 

Eng I 

: 68:3''0 


forNpw York BUbwaya. Ry 

& Fne R 63:S60-S Mr 32 'IS 
CoHlly lack of co-ordination. Scl Am 109:158 

Ag 30 '13 
Estimated Increase In New York's popula- 

ticn. Elec Ry J 41:'i20-l My ?* '13 
Example of good publicity In statanient of 

N. Y. railways co. Elec Ry J 11:281 F 1G 

I.arger car designed for the new subway. II 

Scl Am 109:362 O 4 '13 
New York city brake order. J. N. Dodd. Elec 

Ry J 41:414-9 B 13 '13 
New York subway opsratlng contracts ap- 
proved. Elec Ry J 41:433-4 Mr 18 '13 
Progrpss or tlio .!ual subway system. Ry A 

Rng n 53:1(138-9 N S 'U 
Progress of the new Harlem river tunnel: 

sinking of the first sectinn of tunnel tubes. 

il Scl Am 10»:!44-5 S 27 '13 
Proposed highway bridge and highway ttin- 

nels across the Hudson at New Tork. plans 


;i-7 . 



1 100:41 

CreO30te<l wood block pavement In New York. 

11 Munic Eng 44:244>e Mr 13 
History of Fifth avenue asphalt pavement. 

„ , . _ _ . g^.^g.^ j^ , .y 

of tliB Borough 

of Richmond, New York clly. G: W. N. 

Ilallock. Eng Kec 68:643-4 D 6 '13 
Street cleaning In New York In 1912. Eng 

Rec £8:427 O 18 '13 

Failure of Orpheum theater building, plan 

Eng N 69:231 Ja SO '13 

Water supply 
Abandonment of plane 

Wilier. I—- " - ■■"■•■■ 

Ag 30 '_. 

Chlorinating plants, Croton water •upply. T. 
p, L. Coffin, plana Eng N e9:419-£z F ST 

New York dty'a water supply sraten): Ksn- 

Ki™ ri'Bervoir. 11 .s.i Am S 7-^:140 Mr 1 '13 
New York water flllralion controversy; sym- 

poiriiim. Bng N «9:li;il-7 Je S '13 
Plan to limit unbalanced bidding on olty 

contract work. Eng N e9:7n-9 Ap IT '18 
Prevention of water waste In New York. I. 

M. De Varona. Eng Rec 68:11-2 JI G '13 

Water (illr.illon hold-up In New York city. 

EnK N 6!l;1075.7 My 22 '13 
Water- waste prevention in New York city. 
W: W. Brush. 11 Eng Rec 68:289-90 S 13 '13 
Sre alto Catsklli aqueduct 
New York (etate) 
Population of New Tork state. Set Am S 
75:266 Ap 19 '13 

Standard types ana details of steel girder 
and truss spans for suburban traffic, dlaga 
Eng Rec 68:361-2 S 27 '13 

Highway department 
Long-term guarantees on stfile highway con- 
trncls in New York. Eng N 70:1196-8 D 11 


p road organization. Eng N TO: 


Railway tunnels of New York city. A. Noble. 

11 plans maps J Fr Inst 175:343-84 Ap '13 
Rapid transit development in Berlin and New 

York: subwBv and elevated lines, maps 

Elee Ry J 42:177-9 S « '13 _ 

Rapid transit progress In New Tork. SQeo 

Ry J 41:598-9 Mr 19 '18 
Rapld-tmnslt SPrvlcp on Queensboro bridge. 

plans EnH Rec 68:728-9 D 27 'IS 
Report on New Tork terminals. By & Bng 

R 53:183-4 Mr 1 'IS 
.■^h.ili we Have bridRes or limnel!'? G. F. Kuni. 

4 N 13 '13 

fliort on highway ronrganisatlon In New 
York stHte. Ene Rec «H:r>43-4 N 16 '13 

~ organisation of a highway de- 

. ESec Ry J 

Third avenue railway report, 
41:168 Ja 25 '13 

Sanitary affairs 

ArtiHclnl island proposed for New York sew- 
age disposal. Eng Rec 67:476-3 Ap S6 '13 

Low record death rate (or New Tork city. 
Eng N 69:175 Ja 23 '13 

New York city's new Barbaee disposal con- 
tract. Eng N 70:2«7-8 Ag 7 '13 

New York's municipal cleaning campaign. 

1 19:711- 

Plans for the disposal of New York's sew- 
age, il map Sci Am 108:400 My 31 '13 

Seeing New York with the sanitary engineer. 

J. X, Cohen. Eng Rec 67:76-8 Ja IS '1! 


CnnKesllon of trnflic on Fifth ave.. N. Y. 
MunIc Eng 44:433-4 My '13 

Reports i... ._. ._ _ 

partment for New York. Bng N bs.iis-au 

Ap 17 'IS 
Revelations concerning New York state 

highway work. Eng N 69:80-3 Ja 9 'IS 
Rules froveming the use of heavy vehiciea 

on highways in New Tork. Eng Rec 68: 

471-2 O 25 -13 

Labor. Department of 
Exhaust svstems for Rrinding. polishing 

hutlinc wlieels: specifi&it' - " ■- '"■ 

3 My 'II 


Criticism of New York's new hlghwsy law. 

Eng Rec ST:4G2 Ap 26 '13 
Hearing on the bill to license engineers In 

New York. Bng N 69:789-90 Ap 17 'IS 

bile 28:880-1 Mr E 'IS 

Kie aim Engineers — Licenses 
New York (battleship) 
Metal work of the New York, it Metal Ind 
n s 11:329-30 Ag '13 
New York bay 

I tor 1912. Rv Age 54:464-8 
k Central electric locomotlvest II Eng 

Digitized GV Cockle 


New Yopk Central A Hudson River H. R.— Co»t. 

New York Central lines steel coaches, II dlag 

plans Am Rng 87:H9-9B V '13; Ity Age M: 


PenDBylvanla and the New York Central- 

compariHOn of revenuea and expeiiHeB. map 

Ry Age 54:442-6 Mr 7 '13 
Reasons for and the advanlages of the New 

York Cenlra]-Lake Shore consolldallon. lly 

Age 65:41-3 Jl 11 '■■■ 

oil and traffic condition* 

problems on New York Central between 

Albany ajid New York. 11 By Age 51:50E-T 

Mr » '13 
N«w York connecting railroad 
BrldKes, viaducts and embankment work ot 

the New York connecting railroad. 11 map 

plans Eng Rec 68:79-81 Jf 19 ^IS 
New York coniervatlon cammlsilon 
New York hydroelectric development R. P, 

Bolton. Elec W 61:786-7 Ap 12 'IS 
New York hydroelectric plans. A. Wllllama. 

Klee W 61:711-2 Ap 6 ■]8 
New York alate hydroelectric scheme, maps 

Elec W 61:33-6 Ja 4 'IS 
Second N, E. L. A. analysis ot New York 

hydroelectrto plans. Eleo W 61:659-t0 Ur 

19 -11 
New York eledrle railway anoclatlan 
Quarterly meetlnE. Lue QeorBS. N. T., 

March e-T. 191S. Elec Ry J 41:42a-l Ur S 

Meeting. Feb. 17, 1913. Elec W 61:387 F 22 '13 
New York. New Haven & Hartford railroad 
Aftermath of Che New Haven wreck. Ry ft 

Eng B 53:874-5 H 13 'IS 
Apportioning the responsibility for the New 

Haven wreck. Scl Am 109:261 O 4 '13 
Competition for the New York, New Haven 

and Hartford railroad company's automatic 

stop. Scl Am 109:50 Jl 19 '13 

By & Eng II 63:426 My 10 '13 
HeajinK concerning protection of employees 
-Ti N^w Haven. Elec Ry J 42:459 S 20 'U, 

Interstate commerce commlai 

Stamford wreck. Bel Am 109:46 Jl 19 '13 
' "■ ■' " 'salon report 


Interstate __ ,.. 

the New Haven systent. Ry ft Eng R 53: 

674-6 Jl 12 '13 
Interslnte commerce commleHlon's report on 

the New Haven and the Boston & Maine. 

Latest and i 


' snlulatory. Ry Age 56: 
i flnanclerlng. Erg N 69: 

New set of rules promulgated 

By & Eng R 53:889 8 20 '13 
New York commission reduced suburban 

fares. By Age 61:295-6 F 11 '13 
North Haven collision. By Age 55:442-3. 461-7. 

Pres. Howard Etilott on the situation and 
needs of the New Haven road, Ry ft E)ng 
R 53:926-7 O 4 '13 

Reaping the whirlwind. Scl Am 109:206 S 13 

New York public servloe commlMlon* 
Engineer members tor the New York pnbllo 
service commlssioDS. Eng N 6S:S71-I F • 



I 69:1131-2 My 29 '13 
New York railroad club 
Annual electrical night, March 10, 1911. Eleo 

Ry J 41:586-8 Mr 2» '11 
New York railways ssaoclatlon 
16th annual report. 1911. Bleo Ry J 41:1C4-S 

Ja 3S IS 
New York state association of master plumbers 
Annual convenllon at Buffalo, Mar. 1913. 

Dom Eng 62:338-46 Mr 22 '13 
New York state barge canal 
Bank strengthening on the New York barge 

canal, plan Eng N 6S:1284-6 Je 19 '13 
Barge canal crossing of Oak Orchard creek, 

Medina, N, Y. N. E. Whltford. plans Bng 

N 70:193-6 Jl 31 '13 
Barge canal locks at Lockport. N. Y. E. 

Low. 11 plan l-iig Rec 67:661-3 Je 14 '13 
Completing one ot the world's greatcat en- 
gineering works. N. E. Wblttord. Scl Am 

108:377-9 Ap 26 'IS 
EfTeol on comniene. Eng Rec «S:55»-60 N 

IG -13 
Hvdraullc dredging on New York barge ca- 

nni. R t.ow, II plan Eng N 69:710-20 Ap 10 

'W • 
Operation of the Mohawk river bridge dams. 

D. A. Watt. 11 Eng N 70:282-9 Ag 14 '13 
Present stage of construction on the New 

York state barge canal. E. Low. Eng N 70: 

561 B 18 '13 
Present status of the New York stale barge 

canal. Eng N 69:181-1 Ja 33 '13 
Proposed water-power plans, Elec W 61:601- 

I Mr SS 'IS 
IVew York Times 

Up -to- the- minute pressroom. S, H. Horgan. 

II Inland Ptr 60:884 Mr 'IS 

New York. Westchester ft Boston railway 
Westchester railway electric traction, U diags 

Eng N 69:1208-17 Je 12 '13 
Weslchesler railway line and stn ' 
map E3ng N 69;U63-7 Je S '13 
Newark, New Jersey 


11 plans Elec Ry J 41:246-7 F 8 'IS 
Puhltc service publicity work In Newark. 
Elec Ry J 41:S06-8 My 3 '13 
Newbury port, Mass. 

Beconst ruction of the old chain bridge. B: C. 
Sherman. 11 plans Eng N 70:686-7 S 26 '13 
Newfoundland fisheries 

Beguiation of news stands on sidewalks. 
Munic Eng 41:61*1-2 Je '13 
News writers' unions 
Tightening the grip on the aewspapara. Am 
Ind 13:15 F '13 
Alternating- current drive of a newspaper 
plant. Jersey City, N. J. A. B. Spauldlng. II 
Elec W 62:239 Ag 1 '13 
America possesses the oldest English news- 
' H. Horsan. 11 Inland Ptr Gl:109- 

944-6 N 21 '13 

Stamford collision. By Age 64:160R Je 27 '13 
Train wrecks and hasty legislation. Ry ft Eng 

R 53:846-7 8 6 '13 
Washington comment on New Haven wreck. 

Ry ft Eng R 63:846 3 6 '13 

10 O 



30 Je' '19 

lOur. Inland Ptr 61:4J7- 
snt to press. Inland Ptr 

Digitized GV Cockle 


Newspaper and advertialng tOBts. Inland Ptr 

52: 27S-T N '13 
Newspaper ol the future. B. Donald. Scl Am 

109:171 O * '13 
Nenspaper work. O. F. Byxbee. See moilthly 

numbera ol the Inland printer 
Proofrooma ol the greater New York 

ira (flagahip) 

sine the United Statea brir , 

. Morrison and A. O. Keasler. 11 

B;1260 Je ai 'IS 

Inland Ptr £ 

Starting the JoneHVllle Jottlnga. H. PTeaafleld. 
Inland Ptr 61:677-9 Ag 'IS 

See bIho Advertising; Houae organs; 
Journalism; News writers' unions; Trade 
Newapapen, Municipal 
New municipal newapaper In Loa Antelea. 
Munic Bng U:U1 T 'IS 

'^ Detemitnatlon of nitrate* by ferroua sut. 
"^ phate. Bng A Hln J 96:Sti 3 13 '13 
Nitric add 


Report on wetr In the Niagara river, map 

Eng Rec <8:206-g Ag 23 '13 
Determination o( nickel and cobalt. R. I^ 

Hallett. Eng & Min J 95;85T-g Ap Z« 'IS 
Determination ot nickel by the use of dl- 

methylglyoxlme, P. S. Brown. Metal Ind n a 

ll:31G-« Ag '13 
Determination of nickel with dlmethylglyox- 

Ime. Eng & MIn J 9«:in6 D 20 '13 
Nli'hel developments at Sudbury. Eng & HiQ 

J 96:205-6 Ag 2 '13 

Budburv nickel-copper Induatry. R. B. Hore. 

11 Colliery 33;3SI-E P '13 
Sudbury nickel dietrlct In 1912. Bng & Hln 

J 95:64 Ja 11 "13 
Welding nickel, 11 Scl Am S 76:!56 O 18 '13 
Application of chemistry In the plating room. 

E. P. I-ater. Foundry n:84J-6 Je 'jl 
Eteelrodeposltion of nkkel. O. P. Walls. Met- 
■ ■- - - -1:261-2, 293-4, 334-6, 380-1 Jn- 

for making nitric acid from 

- la. plana Met A Cbem Eng llt43g- 

4S Ag 'IS; Some. Scl Am S 76:162-3 B 13 '13 

10S:5SO Je 28 '13 

Niagara fails 

Hj-droelectrlc developments at Niagara falls. 
A. F. <!Hni. Slevens Ind 30:79-92 Ap '13 

New York hydro- electric development and Ni- 
agara Falla. Met A Chem Bng 11:370-1 Jl 

Niagara power for the Inlernatlonal railway 
company, dlag Elec Ry J 42:420-2 S 13 '13 
Niagara river 

Control and regulation ot Niagara river. Biao 
W «I:23C F 1 '13; Same. Bag Reo B7:BUp 
42 F 1 '13 

Pollution o( Niagara river. Eng Rec EB;373-4 

Ostwald process for making nitric acid from 
ammonia and the production of ammonia 
from calcium cyanajnid. Met & Chem Bng 
11:476 8 '13 

Chemistry of the soli nitrogen. S: D. Jodldt. 
blbllog J Fr Inat 173:483-96 My '13 

Fixation of ntlrogen. Scl Am S 76:379 D 13 

Nitrogen. Its Influence In steel. Uet A Cbem 
Bng 11:111-2 Hr 'IS 

Production of synthetic ammonia: the reduc- 
tion of atmoaphertc nitrogen by catalysts. 
F. Haber and R. Le Rossignot. il Bel Am 
3 76:58-9 Jl 26 '13 

Recent Improvements In the use of the elec- 
tric furnace. II Scl Am 109:81-5 Ag 2 '13 
ee Electric lamps, 

Nitrogen. II I led lamp) 

Nodules (ore) 
Use of nod ul I zed ore In the blast furnace. 
It: H: Am Inst Mln E Bui 82:2515-22 
O '13; Discussion. 84:2864-9 D '13 
Noise and factory elHciency. Scl Am 9 76 1 
189 B 20 -13 
Non-conducteri. See Dielectrics: Insulation 
North Carolina 

induatrlea and raaourcaa 
PyrophyUlte In North CaroUna. C. Hafer. II 
Eng^ Mln J 96:823-6 O 1 'IS 
North star mine* company 
Annual report for 1912. Bng & Mln J 96: 
934 Hy 10 '13 
Norlharn Ohio traction A light company, Ak> 

Annual report, 1911. B1«0 Ry J 41:169 F S '11 

Northern Pacific rallwiy 

Liocomutlve terminals and repair facilities 

In Washington. 11 plans Ry & Eng R 63: 

619-22 Je 7 '13 

Northwest electric light and power aaaoclatlon 

. Seattle, W^h., Sept., 

North western 

7 62:523-4 3 13 '13 

5 '13 
Equipment and management ot nickel batba. 

3. W. Kowsbar. Foundry 41:16-7. 59-60, 106- 

6 Ja-Mr '13 

Filtering, agitating and heating of nickel 

plating solutions. F. W. Hobbs. dlag Metal 

Ind n a 11:344 Ag '13 
Nickel plating. H. J. Ter Doest. Metal Ind 

n s 11:213-4 My '13 
Nickel -plating dllTlcultles. Foundry 41:441-2 

O '13 
Plating and reflnlshlng rnllroad locomotive 

headlight redectors in nickel. C: H. Proctor. 

MetaJ Ind n s 11:201-2 Hy '13 
Practical nickel eolutlon for plating die eaat- 

Ings. C: H. Proctor. 1! Metal Ind n a II: 

ll-I Ja -IB 
Nickel eteel 

Testa of large structural compression mem- 
bers. Eng Reo 67:217 Mr 1 '11 
Tests of two large nickel steel columns. H: 

W. Hodge. 11 plan Bng Reo 67:134-5 Ur 1 

. por Inland Ptr EI):G4E- 

Northwestern Pacific railroad 
Extension closing the lOO-mDe gap between 
San Francisco and Eureka. 11 map Eng 
Rec 68:664-6 D 13 '13 
Notation, engineering. See Dnglneerlng notation 
Nurses and nurtlng 

Intereat in employees beyond the works. Iron 

Age 91:834-5 Ap 3 '13 
Trained nurae In welfare work. Iron Tr R 
52:316-6 Ap 17 "13 

Bui 126:9-92 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


Oakland, Call(arn.„ 
Municipal quaj; Y^',"^',^' ^'^'•''- '"*!' P'"" 

4-S P 13 '13 

; Wilson. 11 plan Power 3l:!-< 

velopment. F. V 
70;SfiZ-l Ab 21 ' 
Oakland, Antloch A Eaitarn Ry. 

nesfrlpllon of eiretrlo Interurtan railway In 
California-, il Kv & Kng R 53:995-B O ^5 '13 


«ii~ iiUn Business; Vooallonal training 
Olaeaiei and hygiene 
AiM'idenIs and dlseaees of Ironworkers. K. 

Roepke. Ind Ene 13:52-S F 'IS 
Hyelene for draftiimen. F. G. Illgbee. Am 
Mach 38:S23-1 My 16 '13 
Nf isl-n DuBl ; Factory sartllalion; Lead 

Occupation!, C hole a of 

Industrial need of technically trained men. 
A. B. Quincy. Scl Am 109:42 Jt 12 '13 

PrI nt In R- office as a vocallonal school. W. 
H, Wright. Inland Ptr 51:221-2 My *13 
Occupation*, Danflcrou* 

Accldenia and dleeasea o( ironirorkeri. F. 
Roepke. Ind Eng 13:63-3 P "IS 

Relallve vocational hazards. H, Davis. Col- 
liery 33:4gS-S Ap '13 

frr rUo Accldenis, Industrial: Mine ac- 

-' -- " --' "■ " hy- 

Age of the ocean aa determined by Its salt 

contents. F. W, Clarke. Sci Am a 75:306 

My n 'JS 
Seeing under water, it Scl Am 10g:t6»-ID My 

34 ^13 
Sen nl-o HydroKTUphlc survevliig: ice- 

IjerKs; Navigation; Ocean temperature; Sea 

walls; Tide power 
Ocean temperature 

Aucograiih of an Icehers-. L., R. Browne. 11 

Scl Am 109:190 D 27 '13 
Ocean temperatures along ttie west eoaM of 

■'— ^ America. Sci Am S 75:170-1 Mr IE 



3 Ports; Termtnala 


Tork__city, E,_W. Stern. 11 plans Eng N 70: 

i-enlllatlon of officp building::. 
Dnrn Eiig 63:2T6-!I: 64:2-4 Je 

rust bulldtng, N. T. 
1:1407-10 Je 28 '13 
ft'onl worth building 
^Office management 

Office efBcfoncy as It affects the men, L,, O. 
Fisher. J Account 16:11-21 Jl '13 

Ohio compensation law declared defective. 

Iron Age !'l:374-6 F fi 'l-l 
Proposed Ohio state building code. EnK Ree 
67:83-4 Ja 18 "13 

Sanitary affaire 
Ohio floods and the related work of Ohio 
stnle board of h»nlth. W. [f. DIttoe. Eng N 
69:B96-7 Ap S "18 

State board or health 
Ohio floods and related work of Ohio state 
board of health. W. H. DIttoe. Enc N 69: 
696-7 Ap 3 •]! 
Ohio electric light aasoclation 
19th annual meeting at Cedar Point. Ohio, 
July, 1913. Eleo W 62:117-9, 232-4 Jl 19, Ag 

Ohio electric railway 
Ettect at the flood on the Ohio atectrle 
railway. II Eleo Ry J 41:Ti4-S Ap 19 '11 
Ohio mait:r piumberi' association 

ZZA annual convention :it Toledo, Feb., lidS. 
Dom Eng 62:217-61 Mr 1 '13 
Ohio river 
Drainage area and population of the Ohio 
' pollution ' ■' "■ ' 

■. A. M. HortQ- "-- " 


Ohio rivt-r locks at ! nuisvllle, II plans Eng 
N 70:1238-14 D 18 '13 
Ohio river valley 

Drainage area and population of the Ohio 
river valley and pollution of the Ohio river. 
A. H. Horton. Eng N 69:186-7 Jft 33 '13 
Ohio society of enaineere 
27ih (inniial meplinff, Springfield, Ohio, May, 
HI13. Elec W «l;113n-l My 31 '13 
Oil. See Oils and fata; Petroleum 
Oil burners 

Burners for oil fuel. R. T. Strohm. diags Elcc 

W 62:342-3, 437-8 Aglfl. r"" "" 
Burning crude oil. R. W. Si 

er 38:239-40 Ag 12 '13 
Design of fuet-oll burner atomising oil at 

diage Pow< 

7, Jl 5 '13 
Leader-News building, Cleveland. 11 Arch Rec 

33:691-17 Je '13 
Lents enginee In Baltimore nflloe building. 

W. O. Rogers. II Power 38:556.8 O 21 '13 
Method of ciipcklne cconoiiiiciil hi'lEhl of 

office biiildlnBs, n, K. Boyd, Erg Rec 6S: 

S89 X 22 '13 
Method Of checking economical height of of- 

H«thod of Chech in g economical height of 

office buildings. G. W. -- — - — 

111 Jl 26 -13 

W. Wolcott. Eng Rec 68: 

high £. ._ 

plan Eng 
"evelopmen.. „. 

body. 11 Int Marine Eng 18:K 

4 Ja-Mr '13; Same cond. Power 37:206-8, 

24)-fi F 11-18 '13; Same cond. Eng N S9: 

1O00-: My 15 '13 
InKlallation of oil burners. R. T. Strohm, il 

Eiec \V 6:;;n;0-2 N 29 '13 
Mahr oil burner, il Ry Age (Merh ed) 87: 

fi2t-B N- -13 
Me I hods of spraying oil fuel. R. T. Strohm. 

illnBs Klec W 62:191-3 S 6 "13 

Elec W 62:I0is-9, HiBS-TO N" 16-22 "13 
Stills fuel nil MirntT. ding Eng & MIn J 96: 

;32 Jn 26 '13 
While mechanical avslem of burning fuel 

oil. diags Int Marine Eng 1S:269 Je '13 

Oil delivery cars 
Chicago railways oil house and oU delivery 
car. plans Blec Ry J 41:648-9 Mr 11 '13 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


Oir engine*. See and oil engine 
Oil fuel. See Petroleum as fuel 
Oil heatera 
Pumping and heatlUB of oil '■■ 
Strohm. dlags 7"-~ "' '"-'•^'•.i 
Oil house. See nil slorHRS 

Oil pIpinB, Care of. L. GrandmontaBue. 11 Pow- 
er 37:J37-S Ap 15 '13 
Oll-plping layout for tranaformera ualng thin 
oil. F. Buch. plana Blee "W Sl:3GI)-2 P 16 
Oil aeparatora 
Garage men protest agalnat aeparatora: res- 
ulatloiiB of Municipal exjilosivi^s commlselon. 
plan Automobile 3S:G9S Mr 20 '13 
OII-ipraylnB machine for track, dias Kns Bee 

68:316 S 20 '13 
Oil storage 

ChlcaBD rallwnys oil house and oil delivery 
car. plans Klec Hy J *l:B4K-9 Mr 22 II 
Core oil storaBe. 11 Foundry 41:212 My -13 
on house and waHte sloraKe. C. K. Coe. Ry 
Age Bl:I14i) My 21 13 , , , , 

Safety In Hie atorasf of oVa ami paints. J. 

W. Gibbons. Ity Ase 65:1181 D IS 13 
Standard oil houxe. By Age <Mech ed) ST: 

310 Jc 13 
Storase of oil fuel. R. T. Slrolini. iWugx Elec 
W '62:1377-9 D 20 '13 
Oil awltchea. See Bl«ctrlc traiwrormera 
on leatlng 

Handling, sampling and lestlnB or Irans- 
former oil. Ci: K, Armslror.K. i:li-c W 62: 

Testlne oil at home. II Automobile t8:36E-B 

Ja 30 '13 
TeBtlns oils f^ir sulphur. W: Pattern. Power 

37:1120-7 My 6 *13 
Oil wellB. See Potroleiim 
Olla and fata 
Hardening fala by oatalyala. Sol Am 109:29 

Jl 12 '13 
Hardening liquid fata by hydroeenallon: aolld 

producla from oils. Scl Am S 76:71 F 1 '13 

se of the 
'2:568-9 S 

t tlHIi 



. Iron Age 

f open hearth. S. Cornell. 
.<ieL (E viieiii citg 11:257-6(1 My '13 

Manufiicturt- of open-heorlh steel. K. Seaver. 
11 plan Iron Tr R 52;IlZ6-30, 1171-6, 1239- 
1i My I5-2S; 1298-130:i. IS55-7 J« B-12 *13 

New open hearth furnace features, plan Iron 
Age 91:203 Ja 16 '13 

Open -hearth furnaces at Midland. Pa. II map Iron Age 92:1025-33 N fl '13 

filien-henrtli Bteel lurnace progieaB. H. F. 
Miller, jr. dlags Foundry 41:511-8 I) 'IS 

Two new tilling furnaces at the open-hearth 
plant of the Lackawanna ateel company, 
lluffalo. 11 plans Iron Age 92:560-3 S 11 
•13: Iron Tr R B3:477-S0 S II '13 
H't nliro Steel metallurgy 
Optical llluilona 

Optical llluslonai tniat not your eye. 11 Scl 

Talman. 11 Scl Am 108:542 Je 1- .- 
Seeing under nater. 11 Scl Am 108:469-70 My 
24 ')3 

Kn iilno Microscope and microscopy; Re- 
tlectiiin (light); Spectrosciipe; Telescope 
Order* for work. Information with. C. H. Nor- 
ton. Am Much 3S:7SS My S '13 
Orders of architecture 
Orders according to Jullen Mauelerc. J: J. 
Klaber. 11 Arch Bee 33:4112-500 Je '13 
Ordnance. See Arllllery; Guns; Naval guns 
Ore bint 

Crib ore bins. 11 Eng & Mln J 96:451.2 S 6 

r .ilock bin. 11 Iron Tr R 

ion. 11 Iron Age 92: 


Mln J 96:305-8 Ag 16 '13 
Ore depoaitt 
Eitralateral righta to quarti veins. 


tries and reaourc 

Rxaminalioii of t 


Keconstructlon of the Olympic. II Sci Am 108: 
67 Ja IS '13 
Omaha, Nebraska 

Tornado, 1913 
Omaha and Terre Haute tornadoes. 11 BUec 

By J 41:638-9 Ap G '13 
Tornado of March 23. 11 map Eng N 69:690-2 
Ap 8 '13 
Omnibuses. Motor. See Molor omnibuses 


■. por 

1 in9:194 D 27 

stellar photog- 

Ore occurrence at Prince Consolidated mine 

at Ploche, Nevada. B: R. Zalinskl. II Eng 

& Mln J !.5:S0»-12 Ap 19 '13 
Rflatlnn of outcrops to ore at Cananea. M. 

J. KIslng. Eng & Mln J 96:357-62 F 15 '13 
Iteplaccm^nt deposits In the AJai mine, Colo. 

K, A. Collmrn, jr. plan Eng & Mln J 95: 

aley. map Am Inst Min E Uul 81: 
289-97 S '13 
Ibury. Cobalt and Porcupine geology. W. 

Architecture of open air schools. J: R. Van 
Pelt. Heat & Ven 10:41-2 S '13 
Open hearth procesa 

. Mines and mineral i 

New lahe ore docks t . . . ..„ 

91:10:i Ja 2 '13 
Rein forced -concrete ore docks. II EJng N G9: 

8-15 Ja 2 'IS 
Steel and concrete ore dock at Presquo Isle, 
Mich. 11 Iron Tr R 62:207-9 Ja IS '13 
.v'.e aUo Ore hiindling 
Ore dreiaing. See Ore treatment 

1 J 96:17 Ja 4 13 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 



houses. Eng & Hin J 95:»4T-8 My 1. ., 
Hulett Iron ore unloader. 11 I3ng & Mtn J 96: 

Sa2-3 My 1 '13 
Iron ore loadtnK plant In Norway ne«r Nar- 
vik. 11 Iron Afce 92:849 O 1« '13 
Lines ot the V. 8. steel corporation from the 

Minnesota mines to the lltlsburgh mills. 

II map Ry Age 55:48«-92 S 19 '13 
Motor '■ - ■ - ■ ■ ■- 



R«lnf arced -concrete toUIngs bin. plan Eng 

A Mill J 9S:S0E-6 Ag IS 'IS 
Rock house of (Jiilncy mining co. T. C. rie- 

Boller. plan Mines & Mm S3:I2E-T Ja 'II 
Steel nnd ooncrete or* dock a.t Presque Isl*. 

Mich. 11 Iron Tr R 62:207-9 Ja 16^13 

Notes on diamond drill sampling. M, L.. Bots- 

ford. Eng & Mln J 95:19-20 Ja 4 '13 
Notes on mine sampling. Eng A Mln J 9B: 

61J-6 Mr S '13 
Ore sampling without machinery. J. Scobey. 

II Met & Chem Eng It:S3-6 F '13 
Salted mines. G. L. Sheldon. Eng & Mln J 

9G:lI13-4 D 13 13 
School laboratory-work: sampling of an ore 

containing coarse gold. C: E. Locke, Am 

Inst Mln E Bui T5:469-?3 Mr 13 
Ore testing 
Principles and methods ot ore testing. I. F. 

Laucks. Eng A Mln J 9«:51-G Jl II '13 
Bee alto Assaying; Ore sampling 
Ore tranaportatlon 

Milling magnetite In Sweden: electrification 

of ore road. A. H. Rice, il Iron Tr R 53: 

963-60 N i^ '13 
See alto Mine haulage: Ore handling 

Argo cyanide mill, Idaho Springs. Colo. B. L. 
Ooodate '■ -~ '^— ' *'■- ■ "--"•= " '- 
30 '13 

Ooodate. II plan Eng A I 

1 J 96:385-9 Ag 

Mr f 


Battery ore feeder. Rio Plntii mill. A. R. 

Kenner. 11 Eng & Mln J 85:423 F 12 '13 
Beneflclatlon of lake Iron ores. D, E. Wood- 
bridge. Eng & Mln J 96:311-2 F 8 'IS 
Calculation oT extraction In concent ration. W: 

S. Welton. Eng A Mln J 96:TB-7 Jl 12 '13 
Canvas plant of the Federal lead company at 

Plat River, Mo. C. T. Rice, plans Eng A 

HIn J »6;487-S 5 13 '13 
Coleralne iron ore washing plant. J: IT. 

Sebeniua. 11 plan iron Age 92i462-5, 479-80 

Ae 28 "13 
Concentrating high-grade Ones by hand. A. L.. 

Flagg. Eng & Mln J 96:69-70 Jl 12 '13 
Concentre. ting launder, dlag Eng A Mln J 96: 

1294 Je 28 ^13 
Concentration of cinnabar ores, fi: V. N'orth- 

ey. II Kng A Min J 96:7>!3-4 O 2.", '13 
Concern - 

. ion of the 
,..,,... Of N. V. Hansen, F. L. Crammer; 
R. H. Richards. Am inst Mln E Bui 7T: 
887-91 My 'IS 

:a:2710-l N 

Concentration of lellurlde ores. H: E. Wood. 
Eng A Min J 95:SR.'^-6 My 3 '13 

" " ■-"m with Dorr thlckenera. 

Eng A Min J 96:627-8 

J. Simmons. 

Doc Bun system of handling concentrates. 
plan Eng A Mln J 96:231-2 Ja 26 '13 

Dry concentration and separation of min- 
erals: the plumb pneumatic Jig. 11 Met A 
Chem Eng 11:722-4 D '13 

Electrostatic separation of Barstow mine, 
Ouray, Colo, concentrate. C. R. Wlllley, 
plan Eng A Min J 96:249-60 Ag 9 '13 

Evolution of methods of tiandllng slime. H. 
N. Splcer. 11 Met & Chem Eng 11:181-3, 
239-41. 315-8. 408-12, 461-3, 481-4 Ap-8 '13 

Evolution ot (he round table for the treat- 
ment of meialliferouB allmes. T. Simons, II 
diags Am Inst Mln E Bui 79:1173-86 J) 

WlKgln. dla« Am Mln E Bui 80:1801- 

30 Ag '13 
Hall desulphurizing process. D. M. Uddell. 

Eng A Min J 96:SD Jl 12 '13 
Hall ore desulphurizing process. W: A. Hall. 

Eng ft Mln J 96:36-6 Jl 5 '13 
Hydrometallurgy and chiorinMlon: answer to 

l>r, Chauvenet. J: L. Malm. Mel A Chem 

Eng 11:669 D '13 
Igneous concenlrallon of ilnc ores, F. L. 

Clerc. dlag Eng A Mln J 96;22l>.6 Jb 26 

Launder data. Cananea consolidated copper 
CO. A, T. Tve and T. Cuunseiman. Eng & 
Min J 95:376 F 16 '13 

Metallurg)' of Sudbury copper- nick el ores. 
Met A Chem Eng 11:629-31 N '13 

Metallurgy of the Homeatalie ore. A. J. 
Clark and W. J. Simrwood. it map Eng & 
Min J 95:161-6, 216-9 Ja 18-2B '13 

Mexican method of retorting amalgam. A. 
M._ Merton. dia^ Eng A Mln J 96:263-4 Ag 

Mill physiology. S. L. Goodaie. Met A Chem 

Kng 11:666-8 O '13 
Milling In southeastern Missouri. C. T. Rice. 

11 dIagB Eng A Mln J 96:1229-32, 1283-8:96: 

7-14, 17-64 Je 21-Jl 12 '13 
Minerals separation vs. James M. Hyde. Eng 

A Mln J 96:317-8 Ag 16 '13 
Motheriode milt. Salmo. B. C. C. E. Rodg- 

ers. 11 plan Eng A Mln J 96:629-32 S 20 'IS 
No, 2 unit of the mill of the Hunker Hill ft 

Sullivan mining & concentrating Co. R. S. 

Handy. Am Inst Mln K Bui 73:66-72 Ja 

Ore bedding bv the Tennessee copper co.: 
making add from smelling- works gases. H. 
P. Wlerum. Eng A Mln J 99:43E-f ~ " "' 

nenis. H. H. Richards. 
. Inst Mln E Hul 81:3299-2303 S '13 
realmeni at Repul.lic. Wash. P. A. 
imson. Am Inst Mln R Bui 73:61-64 Ja 

S. I. Lloyd. 11 HIOM 

Phosphate o 

ft Mln SS;333-4 Ja '13 
Precipitation of cornier from the mine waters 

of the Butle district. J. C. Pebles. II Am 

Inal Mln K llul 79:1267-»3 Jl '13 
Preparing Cuban ore for blast furnace use. 

H, E. Gerlinrdt. Inm Tr R B2:364.S F 8 

Recent Cottrell electric precipitation results. 

L. Bradley. Eng A Mln J 96:247-8 Ag 9 'IS 
Rein forced -concrete launder. C. T. Rice, dlags 

Eng A MId J 96:22-4 Jl 5 ' 

" g and leaching tallli 

F: Lalst, 1) plans 

at Anaconda, 
1 Inst Mln E 
islon. 83:2709- 

Rule of certain metallic minerals In precipi- 
tating sliver and gold. C. I^lmer and E. 
S, Ifastin. Am Inst Mln E Bui 77:843-67 
My 13 

San Poll min. Republic. Wash. E; C. Morse. 
Am Inst Mln R Bui 73:79-84 Ja '13 

Single jig mlllH in Wisconsin zinc district 
H. A. Roesler. II Eng ft Mln J 96;78S-8 
Ap 19 '13 

Slater linlvtatlo 
696 S 27 '13 

SlaterUnlvlJiHon process. H. B. Slater. Eng 

L process. Eng A Mln J 96: 

& Mln J 96:1133-1 D 13 '13 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


Ore trcatmant — Continued. 

Solution meter at the Belmont mill. C. S. Mc- 
Keniie. dlags Eng & Hin J BCJCB-6 JI it '13 

SorllnK belts used In Rand breaking plants. 
Ens & Mln J 9B;21-2 Ja i 'IJ 

Types o( Rand sorting lablea. dlags Eng & 
Mln J 9B;279-8I) F 1 'IS 

Woodbury Bllme clasalller. B: T. Wrl^t 
Plan Colliery SB:B»T-g F 'U 

Zltlc-dust preclpflatlon at Cerro PHeto, Son- 
ora. Mexico. H. S. Munroe. 11 Eng & Mln 
J »5:10S5-6 My 31 -13 

8fe olJio Briquets (Iron); Cenlrtfugal 
machlneB: ClaaalflerB; Copper metallurgy: 
Cyanide proceas; Electroroetallurgy: Flota- 
tion process: Gold metallurgy; Gold mtlllng: 
Iron meullurgv: Lead metallurgy: Mag- 
netic separation of ores: Metallurgy: 
Screening: Smelting: Stamp mills: Tin 
MetallurEy; ZIne metallursy 
Oreaon electric railway 

Line with obeervatlon and sleeping carH bv- 
tween Portland and Bugene. II map Elec 
Ry J 41;105O-6 Je U '13 
Oregon electrical oontractora' aiMClatlon 

Report ol lat annual cooventlan, ISII. Blec 
W 81:32 Ja 4 'IS 
Oregon ahora line railroad 

Improvementa. II plana It7 ft Eag R 6S:U9- 
46 Hr 1G 'II 

Orea amenable to cyanldatlon. H. A. Megraw. 

Eng ft Mln J 96:629-33 O 4 '13 
Railroads change ore rates. Iron Tr R G3:3G1- 
3 Ag 21 'i3 

Mre alto Assaying: Copper ores: Geology, 

Economic: Iron ores; Metallurgy: Metals; 

Mineralogy; Mlnea and mineral resources: 

Ore deposits: Ore treatment 

Organization, Engineering. See Bnglneerlng or- 

Organization In Induatry 

Force organliatlon In the railroad repair 
ahop E. Cordeal. Eng M 4G:S3g-45 JI '13 
Organliatlon of large commercial and Indus- 
trial establishment B. R Orensteln. Eng M 
<4:ES8-»6 Ja '13 

Oriental consolidated mining co., 
Report. Eng & Mln J 96:To2&-< 



study of corona. E: Bennett. 11 
■ E Pro 32:1472-94 Je '13; Dls- 
3O0-iE II '13 

„ _ _ . bibliog por 

Am Inst Mln E llul 74:308-18 F '13 
Oatwald procAaa. See Nitric acid 
Ottawa, Ontario 

Grand Trunk terminal at Ottawa, Ont, 11 
plan Ry Age S4:435-40 Mr 7 '13 
Water aupply 
Report of British experts. Eng N 70:1013-4 
N 29 '13 
Ottawa river 
Reservoir regulation (or the Ottawa river. B. 
Low. Eng N (»:26 Ja 2 '13 
Overhead expense 

Cause of the small proHt In the plumbing 
business. E, C. Cole. Dom Eng 63:306-7 
Je 14 '13 
Overhead coat In the plumbing business. 
R. H. Pflug-Felder. Dom Eng 64:333-3 S 
20 '13 
Overhead expense dlstrlbullon; with discus- 
sion. R. R. Keoly. Am Soc M E J 35:983- 
96 Je 13: Same. Ind Eng 13:301-4 JI '13: 
Same, Iron Tr R B3:337-8 Ag 21 '13: Same 
cond. Iron Age 92; 29S-9 Ag 7 '13 
What should the selling price be? R. H. 
Vllug-Felder. II Dom Eng 66:338-40 D 13 


t gray Iron. Found rr 41:104-G 

Oxy acetylene flame 

MlBcellaneouB steel cutting at tbe Brooklyn 
navy yard. Ry ft Bng R 63:406 My 3 '13 

Miscellaneous steel culling by gas In the U. S. 
navy. Iron Age 91:1149 My 8 '13 

Oxyacctylene boiler welding. H: Cave. II 
Tower 38:940-2 D 30 '13 

Oxy-acelylene welding and cutting in Eu- 
ropean commercial and railway repair es- 
tabllBhmenta, H: W. Jacobs. II By Age 54: 
476-S Mr 14 '13 

Oxyacetyiene welding and cutting operations. 
II Rng N 69:1062-3 My 22 'IS 

Scrapping locomotive boilers with the oxy- 
acetylene torch, p. Plelss. II Ry Age (Mech 
ed) 87:602.3 N "13 

Uae of the oxy-acetylene torch in foundrlea. 
H. C. Eatap. II Foundry 41:443-50 O 'IS 

Electrolytic production of oxygen. Scl Am 

New industrial proceas for manufacturing 
oxygen. Scl Am 108:66 Ja 18 '13 

Oxygen In blast-furnace practice. Q. Tras- 
enster. Iron Age 92:669 S 11 '13: Same. Scl 
Am S 76:345 N 29 '13; Same cond. Iron Tr 
R 53:853-4 N 6 'IS 

Ox.vgen production In the United States. 
Iron Tr R 63:1010 D 4 '13 
Oxygen, Compreased 

Valve safeguarding the feed of oxygen from 
high -compression bottles, dlaga Automo- 
bile 29:506-7 S 18 '13 

Application of ozone to water puriflcatlon. 

Met A Chem Eng 11:373-4 JI '13 
Bactericidal, deodorizing and physiologic ac- 
Eng N 70:1096-8, 1319-20 N 

a rapid paint dryer. Scl Am 108:101 
an aid to good health. It Scl Am 

.1-2 D 13 '13 

illon of air and water by means of 

. J. C. Olsen. Heat & Ven 10:35-7 D 

1 disinfectant 

„. rrRlec W siri'stB ii 1. .- 

Water puridcatlona by oiona In European 

plants. R. Spauldlng. II Eng M 45:725-8 Ag 


Water sterilizing by meana of Ozone. J. P. 

Schroeter. plan Blec W 61:898-9 Ap 26 '13 

Oione machines 

machines^ and public health. Blec W 

Thompson, l^e"! W 62:1.133 I) ; 

Paclflo claim aaenta' aaaoclatlon 

6th annual "— " 

report am 
40 JI 19-2 

Paclflc coast electric railway aaaoclatlon 
Organization meeting, San Pntnclaco, 1913. 
Elec Ry J 41:641 Ap 6 '13 
Pack, Charlea Lathrop, ISET- 
PreBldent of the National Conservation con- 
gress, por Scl Am S 76:11 Ja 4 'IS 

._:1347-54. 1415-^4. 1473-6 Je .l-l. _. 
Inspection of materials and finished product. 
E. F. Roberta. Ind Eng 13:418-21 O '13; 
Same. Iron Age 92:158-60 JI 17 '13 

Digitized ov Google 


ComparlBon of piston-rod packlns. W. E. 

Sandera. Power 38:280-1 Ab 1» ^13 

" naer pai^klng (ool, II Int Marine Eng 18: 

Master painters' asaocialion on nnL-ihliig atvrl 

"~ger train cars, paint proldcllon for 

equipment and palm testa. Ky Age 

H. Wakeman. II Dom Kng G2:H-» J;i 4 ' 
PacklnB boxei. 5e« Box making 
Packing for ■hlpm< 


log for ■hlpmei 

4:33 . 
Packing houaea 
Blectrlclly In the packing tnduatry. W. D. 
Bearce. II Elec W Sl-AtS-10 Ur I 'IS 
Ste tlio Packing Industry 
Packing Induatry 
Proien meat Industry of New Zealand. A. M. 
Wright. Scl Am S 76:211 O i "IS 
See alai PBfklne houses 

^ ^'^I" 

.. It'd 

_.. J Ai; H '13 
Influence at basic pigments in protecting 

metaiB from corrosion. H: A. Gardner. Eng 

Rec C8:93-4 Jl Z« 13 
Influence o( basicity on protective value of 

paints for metals. Eng Rec 68:81 Jl "' "" 



lion for steel eiiuipmeot and paint tests. 

Ry Age S5;49B-8 S la '13 
New departure In red lead. A. H. Sabln. Hy 

Age 5^:981 N 21 '13 
Kutes on the formation and Inhibition of 

mildew In paints, H: A. Gardner. 11 J Fr 

mat lTEiS9-e4 Ja '13 
Oione aa a. rapid paint dryer. Sol Am IDS: 

IDS Ja 2G '13 
Paint ertlclency and paint purity. Q: Auchy. 

Iron Age 91:138 F 13 '13 
Paint materinis, - " ■ 

262-6 My '13 
PractlPnl lest of 

H. McPftdden. II Eng wee 6i:bob-i je n la 
Selecting and specifying protective coals for 

iron and steel. J. C. Smith. Eng M 44:334- 

9 D 'IS 

Tests of B Hrc rc.ilaling paint, 11 Ry Age 65: 

;;93.4 Ag li '13 
Tests of bridge paint. J. S. lUce: A. B. 
Phelps. Ity Age 55:1179-80 1) 13 *13 
tin aUa rorroslon and antl-corroslves; 
: Painting. Structural; Plg- 

, Jennings. Eng M 4S: 
letal-protectlve paints, U 

i lead 

Am Soc M E J : 

: My -13; 
1 11 '13; 

Age N2:3;4-B Ag . .. 
Protection of steel from corrosion. H: WIL 

Mams, II Eng M 4E:183-95 My '13 
Rapid painting of the automobile. Automobile 

■I^-.W Jl 3 '13 
Selecting and specifying protective ooats (or 

; of I 

I M 44:334- 
, Eng N e9:16S-T 

Ja 23 'IS 

Theory and practice of painting a modern 
aleel passenger car. J. W. LAWrle. Scl Am 
S 76:330-1 O 11 '13 

Kir alKo Bridge painting; Car painting; 
rnrro.siiin and anti-iorrostves; Lead paint- 
Pa I nil ng. Submarine 
Painting the wondera under the aea. C: U. 
Carroll. II Scl Am 108:170 F It 'U 
Paints. See Paint 

Paints. Protective, See Painting, Structural 

Assuy method for palladium and phitinum. 
H. U. (ireenwood. Eng & Mln J 96:1175 



Survey of the boundary between Costa Rica 

and Panama. Eng Rec 67:361 Mr 29 '13 

Panama-Calirornia exposition. See San Diego— 
PananiH-Calirornla exposition 

Ambrose channel as measured by the Pana- 
ma canal. Scl Am 108:242-3 Mr 16 '13 

Architecture on the Panama canal — a sug- 
gestion. II Scl Am 108:136 P 8 'IS 

Artistic character of I'anama canal Hruc- 
tures. EUig Rec 68:413-3 o 11 '13 

Bluwlng up of Qflmbua dike; flooding Cule- 

r fro 

. II S 

Paint brushes 

Paint shops 
Detroit united railways paint shop. II plans 

Elec Ry J 41:663-74 Ap 12 '13 
Paint shop at Sedalia. il Ry Age (M-ch rd) 

87:483-4 S '13 
Rein forced -con Crete details of a large palnl 

shop: Detroit united railways. II plan Eng 

Ry J 1 

Baked enamel painting on the ears of Hud- 
son & Manhattan railroad. U Elec Ry J 

:- Ry .\se (Mech 

92:294-6 Ag 7 ' 
Eiartl! quakes aJid the I'anama canal. D, K. 

Mninonald. 11 Scl Am 109-3l)S-5 O 18 '13 
Electric transmission equipment, Panama 

canal. Ry & Eng R 63:842-3 S 6 '13 
Estimated and actual costs of conatructloD 

at Panama. Eng Rec 67:86 Ja K 'IS 
Excavation at Panama. Ry ft Bug It U:1M- 


1 Mr 1 


t lath ml ar 

1122-5 1) 4 '13 
Goethala on the Pant 
424 D 6 '13 

Hvdraulic excavation on Panama canal slides. 

Eng .V 69:1047 My 22 '13 
Illustrated record of progress; pictures. Bog 

4;3G4-61 D '18 

lavlson. Scl Am 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


Panama canal —canf fun 

Nature completeg the 

109:2 J1 E 'IS 
OceariH meet al Panama, il Rng Rec 88:177-» 

O 25 '13 
Pajiama canal architecture. Scl Am 109:39 Jl 

13 '13 
Panama canal; some Intereatlng mechanical 

features. P. D. Jones. H nwp dlaga Maoh 

19:571.9 Ap "IS 
Pl-inning for commerce via Panama canal. C. 

M. Pepper, tl Iron Age M2:S34-7 O IS '13 
Progress on the Panama cajiul: summary of 

fOBlneerlnd features of report of G; W. 

CJocthalB, Eng Iter SR:g03-7 N 29 -13 
Recent photographs o( the Panama canal 

irorlc. Ir Eng N T0:6GS-S O 2 '13 
Recent views from the Panama canal. II Set 

Am 10t:132-3 My 10 'IS 
River gravel on Panama canal conatrucllon. 

Ry ft Eng B SS:778.7 Ag 16 13 
Sea-level canal fallacies. Scl Am 109:IZS. 234, 

259 Ak 1«, O 4 '13 
Taming the Chagres river. Scl Am 109:222 S 

20 'IS 
Timber buffers for protecting vessels en- 
tering the Panama canal locks. ■*' " — 

N 70306 - - ■"- 

1306-7 Ag !■ 

■ Pani 

. Scl i 

Truth about tha Culehra cut alldes. A. 8. 

ZInn. dla? Eng N 70:406-8 Ag 28 '13 
Teafe progress on the Panama canal, ending 

June, 191S. Eng M 44:407-12 D '11 
Lighting (he operating tunnels and machine 

rooms of the Panama canal locks, plan Eng 

N 69:977 My 8 '13 
Marine lighting equipment of (he Panama 

canal. J. Pattlson. dlags Gng N B»:10E7-9 

My 22 '13 

Adjus(mpn( of devices at hlnse, miter ends 
.ind sills of Panama canal lochs gates to 
prevent leakage, plans Eng N 70:744-5 O 

Control equipment for the Panama 
locks. II Klee W 62:1317-20 1> 27 '13 

Erection of Panama cannl lock gates assem- 
bllng «30-(on gates with overhead loco- 
motive cranes, IL dliigs Eng Rec 68:513- 
6 N 8 '13 

Ixick gates for the Panama canal. II plan 
Bngllec 67:223.31 Mr 1 '13 

Ope rating- control syctem of the Panama ca- 
nal locks. II ding Eng N 70:1323-9 D 25 '13 

. Scl Am 103: 

' ure'ment! int Marine Eng IS:511-2 h '13 
Panama canal and free tolla to domestfo 
American shipping. C: Depeaee. Scl Am 
108:113 P 1 '18 
Toll exemption for coastwise shipping. E. R: 

Johnson. Eng Rec 6T;B2-3 Ja 18 '13 
Tonnajte rules for Panama cunal tolls. Ry & 
Eng R 53:inM-100 N 29 '13 
Panama Csnal Zon* 
Vlsi(in« Panama In the rainy season. Eng Rec 
«7:sup 47 My 3 '13 

Sanitary affairs 
Panama water- supply and purl Head on sys- 
tem. A. T, Nabstedt. II plan Eng N 70:650-5 
O 2 IS 
Panama Pacific Intarnatlonal axpasltton, I91E. 
See San Francisco. Panama Pkclfic Interna, 
tional exposition, 1916 
Pan-American railway 

Honduras link of ihe Pan-Ameriran rail- 
road. E: Perry. Kng M 46:333-10 Fl '13 

Pan . 

srica , 

merioan Union and Us annex, Wash- 
ington, n. r. C: M. Price. II plans dlags 
Arch Rec 34:335-457 N '13 

her IS. Colliery 34:286-fi I> 'l.l 

Analysis of glare from paper, M. Lucklesh. 

M Scl Am S 76:170 S 13 '13 
India paper and Us uses. W, F. Smith, Scl 

Interesting u 

B of paper. Scl Am 109:2i 

Origin of paper. Inland Ptr 51:442 Je 'IS 

Pulp and paper and other products from 
waste resinous woods. F. p. VaKch and J. 
. Merrll!, V S Bur Chem Bui 169:1-28 'IJ 
" paper, type and Ink. E. M. Keat- 
B. II inland Ptr 50:683-7 F 'IS 
Bee alio Blue print paper 

r the government tea 


Paoer making and trade 

_ How trees are converted Into paper. T; J. 
Keenan. II Scl Am 109:256-8 O 4 '13 

Manufacture of Swedish fliler paper. O. 
Fornetedt. Scl Am S 76:21S O 4 '13 

New American-Bail paper-mill engine, II Ind 
Eng 13:222-4 My '13; Power 37:629-30 My 
'IS; Scl Am S 75:284-5 My 3 '13 

Octopus of the spruce forest. W: H. Kempter, 
It Scl Am S 76:£tt-7 O t '13 

Technology of the paper Industry: the In- 
fluence of soda consumption In bolting up- 
on the yield of pulp produced. C. Beadle and 
H; P. Stevens., Scl Am S 76:214-5 O 4 "13 

RItter. plnns Ilo 

nn for paper mi Us. 
I Eng 63:66-7 Ja 18 

Para, Brazil 

Port facilities. II Bng Rec «T:>0t P 12 'IS 

Aero- parachute. Irfvavasseur and Gaatam- 

520 Je 
Paraffin as fust 

Paraflln as a fuel, dlags 
My 1 '13 

Ultra- mlcroBCopfc parasites. Scl Am S 7S: 

80 F 1 'It 
Rir alto Bacteriology: Hookworm disease 
Pa real post 

C. n, D, parcel-post service. Inland Ptr 61: 

25n My '13 
Maximum parcel. J. Becker. II Scl Am 108: 

451 My 17 '13 
Maximum parcel. D, W. Taylor. II Scl Am 

109:51 JI 19 '13 
New mall carrying railway; a parcels post 

tunnel. II Scl Am 109:263 O 4 '13 
Parcel post an^ compensation for carrying 

I, D. Grain. Jr. In- 

66 Ap '13 

Printers and parcels post. _ 
land Ptr 51:541-2 Jl >13 

Reforms needed In parcel -post administra- 
tion. Eng N 70:770-1 O 16 '13 

Shipment of 240 20-lh. boxes of fresh fruit 
by parcel pOB[, Ry Age 65:420 S 5 '13 

Simple parcel post wanted. Scl Am 108:574 Je 

Dioiiized 3, Google 


What the railways are losing thraugh ROv— 
ernmeni Injtistlce. Ry & Sng n ^3;11M D 
SO '13 
pirli, France 

Pom Notre-Dame reconstruction. Paris: arch 
reclaceriient under (raffle. II plana Ene N 
70:1211-1 D 18 'IS 
Sawing e. bridge with a wire. J. Boyer. II Scl 
Am 109:228 S 80 "l! 

L-atest motors at ths Parts aaro ahow. Ii 
fid Am S 76:31-1 Ja 11 'II 

l^ectilr hotel In Paris. J. Boyer. 11 Scl Am 
iaO:34S N 1 '13 

Rapid innslt 
Bus operation in London and Paris. J: A. 

McCollum. Elec Hy J (3:1093-6 N' 2; '13 
Electric railway conHtructton In Paris. II plans 

Elec Ry J <2:64g-9 O 4 '13 
Mechanical and electric traction on the Paris 
streets. J. Boyer. 11 Bog M 44:5t-TS O '11 
Park drives and boulevards In Chicago. L. 

White. 11 Munlc Eng 44:89-96 F It 
Parker, Thomas and Rice, architects 
Work or Parker. Thomas and Rice. H. D. 
Croly: C. M. Price. II Arch Bee a4:9«-184 
Ag -13 
Chicago — a city set In a garden, C: H: Wack' 

er. Munlc Eng *4:4B-7 Ja '13 
Erfect ot parka and playgrounds on real es- 
tate valuation. Munlc Eng 44:148-4 F '13 
Kansas City park system. J. H. Lowry. 11 

Munlc Eng t4:2-T Ja 'II 
Minneapolis park ayatem. 11 Munlc Eng 44: 
38-33 Ja '13 
i8rr aUo Playgrounds 
Partitions (srchltecture) 
ERIck-ncy- of thin solid partitions. H. B. 
McMoster. 11 Concrete Cem 3:Z33-!> N '13 
Partltlona tor factories and Industrial build- 
ings. H: O. Tyrrell. II Enc M 4E:S53-Gt; 4S: 
63-(2 S-O '18 
fn alio Fire walls; Fireproof conslruc- 

Ps as dens, Csl. 

Record oF Paaadena*D municipal plant.' Power 
3S:68«-T O 28 '13 


11 r 

the Arroyo Seco. 

Dlorado street bridge over the Array< 
II plans Eng N 70:148-80 Jl 24 '13 
aaadeiiiv's beautiful liHdse. il Hcl A 

Passaic vslley se 
Plans. II map H 
Passenger cars. Se* Cars 
Paasenger traffic. See Railroads — Passenger 

'9:320-1 O 25 '13 

: Ha 11 roads — Fosses 


'9:491-2 IJ 27 '13 
v* snd lag I slat Ion 

_[ ihe proposed compulsory II- 
cense legislation. Scl Am 101:108 F 1 'II 
Cameron aeptlc lank decision. S. H. Crosby. 

Eng Rec 67:195-6 F 16 '13 
Cameron septic tank decision In Knoxvllle 

case. Eng Rec 6T:U0 F 1 '11 
Cleveland chamber of commerce and the Old- 

fleld bill. Sc\ Am 108:343 Ap 12 '13 
Collection of patent royalties from towns 
and cities. D. H. Lulen. Eng N 70:SS3-'i 

Compulsory licenses under United States pat- 
ents. Scl Am 109:87 Ag 2 '13 

Decision in the Wright aeroplane patent 
case. Scl Am 10S:S73 Mr 32 '13 

Effect of foreign co-Invention on validity 
of domestic patent. Elec W 62:66 .11 13 '13 

Inventors' guild and the CHdfield bill. Scl 
Am 109:126 Ag IS 'It 

Manufacturers and the Kahn law. Iron Age 

92:1240 N 27 '13 
Minority report of the House patent commit- 
tee. Elec W fili««0 Mr 29 '13 
Minority views on the OidAeld bill. Scl Am 

108:238 Mr IB '13 
Hls-statementH In the Oldeeld report. Scl Am 

108:82 Ja 26 '13 
Outcome of the cart>orundum patent avit be- 
tween Electric smelting ft aluminum co. 

and the Carborundum Co. Met & Chero Eng 

11:203-6 Ap '13 
Patent law rulings and the Sherman act. Iron 

Ako 91:978 Ap 17 '13 
Patenl-la.w situation discussed In Ohtcago. 

Elec W 81:1028 My 17 '13 
Patent situation. W: D. Weaver. Elec W 61 : 

4-6 Ja 4 '13 
Pirating ot commercial designs and why a 

new law Is needed to protect such designs. 

E. W. Bradford. Inland Ptr 61:903-4 S '13 
Preliminary report to the Inventors" guild: 

the guild's relation to patent practise. F. 

L. O. Wadsworth. Scl Am S 76:148-7. IBS, 

178-9 Mr 8-22 '13 
Present condillon of the patent law. E. J, 

Prindie. Am Soc M E J 35:801-17 Ap '13; 



Price maintenance and "the Supreme court 
decision, sn Am 108:608 Je 7 '1! 

Radical reforms In the conduct of patent llt- 
Igntlon. G. H. Montague. Eng H 69:968-9 

Rat meat Ion c 

of 1911 of the 

Recent aseaults upon (he patent system: 

what they mean to manufacturers. O. H. 

Montague. Scl Am 108:491 Hy 31 '13; Same. 

Am Ind 13:23 Je 13; Some. Eng M 46: 

S92-3 Jl '13 
Reform of procedure In patent suits by the 

new rules. D. Smith. Met * Chem Ens 11: 

187-90 Ap '13 
Remarbahle ofTer by the United Slates gov- 


I 70:!>: 

; N i 


and < 

Report of (he Economy and efficiency com- 
mission on the patent olDce. U H. Baeke- 
land, raec W 61:969-73 My 10 '13 

Resale price on patented arllcles. Elec W 61: 
1294-6 Je 14 '13 

Resolution of Inventors' guild on patent re- 
form. Elec W 62:270-1 Ag 9 'IS 

Shall we have compulsory ItceosesT Sol Am 
108:170 F 22 'II 

SimijIlfvinK patent leglnlatlon. Iron Age 91: 
1129-30 My 8 '13 

Supreme court of the United States on price 
— '- -.. Bel Am 108:646 Je " "* 

Waltham-Keene decision. O: C. Dean. Auto- 
mobile 38:610 Mr 6 '13 
Patent office. See United States— Patent office 

3 Ja 1 

O 11 '^' 
J. B. Fay. Scl 

Annual report ot the oommlasloner of pat- 
ents. 1911-1912. Sr' '— '■■''■•■* ' '~ • '"• 
Annual report of ' 

Benetlla ot our patent sysli 

Am S 76:230-1 Ap 12 'IS 
Biological Inventions; patenting Hfe procesa- 

es for Industrial uses. Scl Am S 76:326-7 

O 11 '13 
Certain unrecognized pntent rights. F. D. 

Wllhrow. Scl Am 108:386 Ap 19 '13 

chemical engineering 
Commenis on the report of the Investigation 
of the United States patent office. I. _H. 

. Met & Chem Eng 11:249.53 My 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


Patonti — Continued. 
ConalderEttlons on tha nature at tntellevtuaJ 

property: observation! made thirty- Bv« 

years ago. N. 8. Sbaler. 8cl Am S 7S: 

16-T Ja 18 '13 
Copper-clad steel suit P. H. W. Smith. Eleo 

"W 63;2<4 Ag i 'IS 
Criterion of patentable Invention. 3. C. 

Barnes. Scl Am S 75:413-4 Ja iS '13 
Digest of electrochemical U. S. patents. See 

monthly numbers oC UetallurElcal and 

chemical en st nee ring 


! right 


P. Jobke. Elec W ai;lEJ Ja 18 'U 
Expired patenta, Scl Am 108:457 My !7 '13 
F. P. FlBh on patents and Industrial condi- 
tions. Elec W 83:571-3 S 20 ■13 
Ooodwlll, patents, trade -mark a. copyrights 
and franchises. P. J. EJKiuerrfi. J Aecouat 


7-9 Ja '13 
inted 1 


In defense of brain property. Scl Am 10S:SZ 

T.ettera patent In relation tg moifern .In- 
dustrial conditions. F: P. Fish. Scl Am 8 

7S:Z01.3. 233-1 S 87-0 4 -13 
Minority views on the Oldtleld bill. Scl Am 

108:238 Mr IB '13 
Neture of (he patent monopoly. J. H. Rushy, 

Si'l Am 108:243 Hr IS '13 
Negative-head patent decision in case of 

meEhnnlcal flltera ai Harriahurg. Eng Rec 

Gg::S7-8 R 13 '13 
Patent expertitig — a new field fur engineers. 

D. Smith. Mach l!l:343-4 Ja '13 
Patent situation. W: D. Weaver. Elec W SI: 

4-e Ja 4 '13 
Patenta and modem Industrial conditions: 

the stimulus of patent protection. F: P. 

Fish. Sci Am 109:181 8 A '13; Same cond. 

Patents relating to concrete construction, Eng 

Rec 67:88-70 Ja 18 '13 
Peatlferoua patents. Bng & Mln J 9fi:GS9 S 20 

Plea for the patentee. W: E. Emory. Scl Am 

108:355 Ap 19 '13 
Prices and the ultimate consumer. Scl Am 

108:7 Jl G '13 
Protecting towns and cities from blackmail- 
ing patent litigation, Eng N 70:«1T S 25 

Protection of intellectual property In relation 

to chemical Industry. L.. H. Baekeland. Met 

A Chem Bng 11:31-6 Ja '13 
"Weekly record of electrical patents. See 

weekly numbers of Electrical world 
Kec alan Inventions; Trade-marks 
Artificial and genuine patina. Sol Am S 75; 

319 My IT '13 
Pattern frames 
The how of composition pattern plate making. 

II Foundry 41:247-8 Je '13 
Pattern making 
Awakening of the patternmaker. J. Glass. 

diags Foundry 41:245-$ Je '13 
Economical operation of molding machines. 

W. S. Otto, plans Foundry 41:31-2, 04-6 Ja- 

P 'IS 
The how of composition pntlern plate making. 

II Foundry 41:247-8 Je '13 
How the pattern shop costs can he reduced. 

D: Gordon, dlags Foundry 41:357-8 S 'IS 
How to select and care for pattern lumber. 

B. F. Lake. Foundry 41:434-S O '13 
Making patterns for machine -molded gears. 

J. Homer, plans Poundry 41:11-5 Ja '18 
Shellac pota tor the pattern shop. H. N. Tut- 

tle. dlags Foundry 41:318 Ag '13 
Slock squeezer (or wax fillets. O; Roger*. 

dlag Am Much 8S:S29-30 My 15 '13 
Kir oj-o Foundry prtictlce 
Pavement testing 
Chevy Chase. Md. experimental road. 11 

Munlc Eng 45i51I-4 D "IS 
Detroit machine tor testing paving, J. C. Mc- 
Cabe. Eng N 63:GSG-S Mr ID 'IS 

in Philadelphia. II