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Full text of "A practical dictionary of the English and German languages. In two parts .."


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D.c,i«.zed b ¥ Google 

5" 20,3 


?, Google 

©nglifc&en unb SCeutf^cn (Svradje. 

3n jttei Sljtileit. 

Stflet S^eit. 


Dr. »fi3E 3na«d, 

(inter SMiHotriLtng 

Dr. 3. ©. iliijjel, 

i fflntinfgttii ©toattn von Wort-Hmerita iu Btitlij. 

Drift! JIufTafli, 
j(6iit« tnrri&atftfenn: unb bnbifftrter HbfcrucT. 

31. SrotfljauB. 


Z!cj:zecb> G00gle 




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Db. J. fl. PLtJflEL, 





D. B i t .zed by Google 

Entered according to Act of Congress, in the year 1862, by 


In the Clerk's office of the District Court of the District of Columbia. 

y, Google 


5$ o 1 1 1 b e. 

Ibi demands made upon English 
Dictionaries by the readers of Eng- 
lish works are increasing from year to 
year. Scarcely a book is published in 
England or America which is not 
immediately read in Germany , and 
which makes it necessary to consalt 
the Dictionary. The mental affinity 
of these highly cultivated nations ii 
manifested by the almost simultaneous 
enjoyment of the productions of the 
imagination as well as tKeir discoveries 
in science, art and nature, and the 
constant medium of this intellectual 
exchange is the Engbsh Dictionary, 
which it is the aim of the editors 
in each succeeding edition to render 
more worthy of its predecessors. 

It cannot be disputed, and I beg 
leave to offer this as a purely sta- 
tistical fact, proved by careful compa- 
rison with other Dictionaries, that 
■y large Dictionary of the English 
language is the most copious of all 
works of the kind which have yet ap- 
peared,* still it would be presamptn- 

SDtit jrt«n 3at>rc ftttgrm fU> btcOnfot; 
baungat srr Jeftt engUftre ffidjriftm an 
baa «tgUfa)t 2B3rtti'6ud). <&8 fommi 
lit (Snolanb unb amtrira fajl mifcta 
Straus", UaB nfdjt auib in £rutf$(anb 
foolrfd) gtltftn mat unb SBetaniaffung 
gftbt, bad flSJrrtnsutb jit dtati)t ju 
jldjrn. Sie grifHgt SBerroanbtfdjaft 
bitfrr IjodjgtStlbrttn SBSlEtr oturfunbtt 
ftd) butd) b«t urttnuttttawn asttgwuiji 
ihttr $bantaj{eatsiuf, fo rot* tt)m 
SntbeAmgen tit SBiffmf djaft , Jbmfl 
unb fltatur, unb brr bcfrartbfgc 3>dI- 
mttjajtr Wefrt 'SnStaufdjrt ift oa6 
tnglifdje SB&rttt&udj, btfftn £ trans'; 
gt&tr jtbr ibr« Vusgafitn }u va«oU> 
fianbigm Sentuht finb. 

Unjtrritifl — unb bite Stat id) aU 
rrin patipif*' w* butd)- fotflfattige 
[titbung . mil anbtnt SBBritrbU; 
djtrn nwleftne Sbatfatbt aufjufafftn — 
iji bafl uon nut btrauegtgtDtnr grofet 
SBJtaeteun} bcr ntjjlij'djtn ©iwadje bn« 
ooUftanbigjit alltr bJflber erfdjiotraro 
ffirrft Mef« «rt* unb btwb n&tt rt 

" It will suffice in regard to thin itate- 
■est to refer to the third edition of the work 
itself, or to the pamphlet published by me 
entitled: — „ eit«urif<&e eorapatbwn obtr 
rabaftritltt Bod>raaa>trtt Sin Stirrae jut 
Orfdjitbtt Bex ncntrtn englifdjen eoitoflrupbie 
pch Dr. 3. O. g. sic , nebft cinera Sforaort 
nh ban $rrrn eonttbtn, *c. ^roftffor Di 
njettfritb 4>rrawun, tefvrig, 1843." 

@s fitnugt in blrfer ©cjit^mg auf bit 
btlite Xusflnbe bet 8Srtft* (Wb|t, obtr anf bit . 
fltlne uon rair btcanJflto,t»Mt 6d)rift:— „«« 
teronfdjt Stjituparbien obtr tnbu|rrieHt Bndj- 
nwdjerti. Sin Britras Mr ©efcbitbte btr 
ntitcrcn ensliftbtn ctrftoflrasbit con Dr. 
3. Q). S- ". < "(bit ratrm Kenton con bt» 
fctrro Qnntbar, it *jJreftffur Dr. «ottfrirb 
fctrnwnn, 8ti»iia, 1843," |u otnwifri. 




on* to assert that it supplies in every 
respect all the information that might 
be desired. In the short time which 
has elapsed since the 2 d edition ap- 
. peared, the literature which relates to 
commerce, manufactures, science, 
and the arts, has made such con- 
siderable progress that a third and 
thoroughly revised edition was called 
for. The revision and republican 
of so extensive and costly a work 
could not however, in the nature of 
things, 'be executed so rapidly as the 
increasing wants of the public require, 
wants which can be satisfied by the 
issue of smaller works of a purely 
practical character. Such a Practical 
Dictionary is the one, which I no 
present to the public, constructed pai 
ticularly for the use of those engaged 
in business, in which, besides the words 
and expressions in daily use, those 
terms employed in commerce , the 
trades, the arts, and the sciences 
more fully explained than in any work 
hitherto id use. As my Complete Dic- 
tionary is based ona whole library of the 
u 'est researches, in a similar manner 
in-, materials for the present work 
have been drawn from a large numbi 
of new publications procured and coi 
suited for the purpose, from whtgb, as 
well as from an extensive course of 
reading and careful observation, much 
has been added, which no work has 
hitherto contained. Much useful mat- 
ter also, which I was prevented from 
inserting in my large Dictionary, 01 
account of its size and the wish of thi 
publisher not to increase its price, has 

utijjt&fifjvlid) jii &eJjam>t(ii, bafjt tfl in 
alien SBcjiebungen jebe nmufdjbart >JIil8- 
funft gate. 3" -&iniit&t aiif fanbrl 
©enjevte, fiunfr unb SBiffcuftbaft 
ift bit Sittratur tit ber tnrjcit felt btr 
jrotittu 2lu6ga6e verfloffentii 3"1 \M a 
icbei- fo tebeuteub t> oca u3 9 ef djmteii, 
bafi ttne britte sSear&titumj beffeiteu 
tiBt&ig muvbe. ©if aBIeberteranSgatc 
(ineS fo umfanaveicijen unb fofrfuieligeit 
S&evteS faun inbejfen ber dtatuv ber 
Sa^e nan) ntdjt fo fined evfolaen, 
alB man burdr Heiiiere, ble ©oradje 
alfetn son fhver praftifebtn ©eitt bar; 
fielltitbt SBerft beat tr&Sbten SSeburf; 
ni|fe bee" Q3ublicum£t atjubelftn iui 
Sianbc ifl. m trfdjtlitt bafjer 'bier; 
mit tin you "uitr tefonbcrS fiir ben 
©cbraud) ber mit ben raaierielteit 3u= 

ereffen SBefiaftigten SeatteiitteS prat; 

ifdjeS SBiirtertud), in loelibeui, 
aufjtv. ben SBEmm unb Stuebruifen 
beg taglidjtti 33etfebrB, bit im $an= ■ 
bet unb in ben ©eiuerben, in bet 
ftunfl unb in ben aBLjfenfdjafteii a,e- 
&v5iidjlid)rn aBorttr unb JtunflnuSiriidle 
noflftonbiger aI8 m frgenb tintm bit: 
ber vorbanbtnen aBevfe ber^tfthnet unb 
ttflatt itjcrten. ffiBie mtinetn grofimt 
2Borter0u*e tint gati« 58i6lu>tijtf ber 
neuefren OueUttt gu ©runbe liegt, fo 
aud) fiir btefre 3B3rterbud> con mir 
side neue bierbergeb£renbe SBerre an; 
gefdjajft unb JU Matte gejogeu unb 
SHandieS, naS fid) nod) tiirgenbs ange; 
gebtn fatib, auS einer umfaffenben £ec= 
rfire gefaramrlt unb binjugefiigt tvorben. 
(56 ift in bitfrt SBJevf, Weldjee gfeiibfani 
organifdi ntben ntelntn grofjertn totifa; 
lifdjm unb anbtrert Mt&eitru enuadjftn 




iV>und a place in the present work, 
which has thus grown up, naturally a: 
it were, by the siite of ray larger lexi- 
cographical anil other labo 
the other hand the greatest economy 
of space has keen aimed at in order to 
nuke room for the technical terms. 
lu this work therefore, which 
above remarket), is intended to meet 
practical wants, the following classes 
of words have been omitted (though 
they are absurdly retained in smaller 
»urka that pass generally under tht 
<f<- nomination of Pocket Dictionaries 
of which — by the way — many 
are nothing but bungling ex- 
(r.icts from my large Dictionary) 
I. incorrect, antiquated words and 
mere provincialism* or such as very 
iirldom occur; orthographical and 
other peculiarities, such as Curso- 
raiy, Escocheon, Examplary, Escript, 
To Esloin, Evanid, Evestigate, To 
Resper&e, Un triumph able, Unwornt- 
ed, Ac. ; 2. A large number of 
participles, derivatives of verbs 
iiuiius , the significations of which 
du not differ from their primitives, 
and which every person, who is 
aiodei atel/ acquainted with the lan- 
guage, can form for himself: thus, 
f-r the sake of brevity, only one 
meaning is given for "Evocation," 
,,tu ^morrufuiig, " with a reference 
t" the verb Evocate (Evoke) for 
further explanation, from which the 
»tber modifications may be found 
without difficulty. The *c pa rati 
of the active and neuter significa- 
tions of verbs, which is generally 

iff, audj Did sen btm ftrautboarm (Staff, 
boi td), imt nirin grofjef ffijSrtttfiia) 
nidil jit [the onfdjiutUoi ju laffm nab 
gtgtn btS SEtrltgtrS SSmtfa) jit otr* 
thniem, borl iwglltfi, tingrfajatttt root: 
brn; bagtgtn ift son onbtrn ®tut, 
urn bitftit tnttft teajnifdjrn 2B6rtfrn bra 
ncitjigtn ijjfaa. jti wrfihafftrt, bit fiodjftt 
Utaiimrrftwrmfi rrfrrcht luovbtu. ©o 
ftnb benn in bttftm, wit fjefagt bctn 
praflifdjmSrtutfnlfff gtiolbmtttn SBrrf t 
folgenbt2B5rt(rcIajf(n httgg(Wi(6*ii (ob= 
gltldj man fie WrftfcrtrT SBtifr in fo= 
gtnamntn $afa)tn ; nub anbtrtn SS< 
ttrbuujcrn finbrt, Den btittn tine guff 
Wngabl — um Wefl btiI5ufig ju tr= 
tua^nflt — Writer nid)W, aU ungt-- 
fdjieftt 5Iu8jiigt mtitifS grofjtn 8B6r 
trr6uu)fl ftnb): I) Untldjtigt, sttalttit, 
vtin fetoulnjitUt ober nut gait} umiit; 
;dt Mvfommtnbt 9BSrttr, ortbogia; 
pfcifajt unto anbd'r SiatntbuntlEthftunt, 
rolt Cursorary, Escocheon, Exam- 
plary , Escript , To Esloin , Evanid, k 
Evestigate, To Besperse, Untriumph- 
able, Uuvvormed, 4c; 2) (Hot SMtngt 
iDartvciyffn, aSabal: obrr Nominal: 
Mbit ttiingtn , tutnrt fit fclne son Ifjrtn 
■Stammicirtmi ahtt»(d)tnbt Stbnttuiu 
grtt habtn unb fur jtbtn btr ®»raa)t 
rinigmnajjni SMfidjtifltti Itidjt jit bilbtii 
iinb; fe ift btr Jtutjt totgtii doii 
Evocation ttur bit 1 . SSebtututtg : $tr= 
uomifung, gtftfct, nwgnt btr ubrigen 
fl&fr ouf too* Stream To Evocntc 
(Evoke) wrwitftii, ba fid) bitft tin 
3tbtv o6nt SRuht analog hllbtn fann, 
bft Jrtnttutig btr activm utib 
nturraltn EBtbtutungtit iti Sfittbtu, bit 
fonft aura ftrtngflt birrtbfltf&brt Ifi, fft 




itrictly attended to, has likewise! 6t( gaitj fucjttt StrtiftlH natutHd) nuht 
,| (iitgffii^rt morbtn, ictil jn in JtUltn 
3fite6rtevii atftr ©pvatfim trite S9c 
b riming tn tntbattrn finb unb fomU 
sfflirtrefceuing bejftn tm Dleutrum, ma* 
tm atctbum fdjon P4 [ . unnBt^ig unb 
recitfdnnfifig tva«. 

SBit planiuS, ohm grnaue Unlets 
fudjuna. unb gtmiffcnloj nadjtafilg 
bit iB«fa(f« futjgtfagttt 2&8tt«s 
&fid)tt — bif frtilid) nmjl lutttti 
iiMitS finb, ale ptirttlploft a6f^«i6t= 
rtitn — Bfiftilireii , faun man btutliti; 
auS bet 3ufnmmtti(iaufunfl mrifi un- 
btjtid)nrttr utralttttr, ban>ittji(Utt, nut 
ehijeln uorf omiittnbtr SDSittr (bit ofint 
iaS (Sitat bed SifrriftfMitrS , torMjer 
:I[fidn in bev Cnuut bd 3tugeit 
btitia pragtr, flanj rctrt&toe' jlnb) 
mitten unter aUtagltdjcn aB&rttrn tr; 
?btn; 9Ulrf tji Sunt unb c-bne Stufl 
jcc^I — abgcfifirif&fn aul btm 3Ru- 
\hmtttt, bad fit sac jitb fatten 
naturlid) mit bet fHrfmutt(rIiu)fltn 
93tbanbluna.~ unb $f|'t&ntibung. btS 

d with in short articles,! 
verba in every language 
e both significations, and the 
repetition of that in the neuter, which 
it already giten in the activi 
be diffuse and unnecessary. 

From the Tact that thej heap up, 
,a the midst of those in daily use, 
a mass of words, mostly antiquated, 
provincial, or such as are of very rare 
occurrence, which an author bat 
perhaps employed in the whim of thi 
moment, but which are quite worthies: 
without quoting the passage, it wil 
easily be perceived , how destitute o 
any plan, or minute investigation, am 
how culpably careless is the course 01 
the compilers of these abridged dictio- 
naries, that are indeed, for the uiosl 
part , nothing but unprincipled pla- 
giarisms. It is an injudicious and in- 
congruous mixture of every thing 
copied out of the parent work which 
they had before them: — of 
the materials are clipped and pared In 
a most niggardly manner. 

Here it might be said, that such 
books being merely practical must ne- 
cessarily be limited, but it is just the 
practical part, which these bungling 
mechanics neglect, practising at ran- 
dom their piracies upon what has once 
been given, too indolent to make 
the slightest effort to conceal thei 
own deficiencies by the independent 
addition of a dozen or two new 
words. Thus in a small work 
Sort, which was copied from the 

JDbgleid) nun Stmanb fagot tSitntr, 
bag folrtjt SStxte turn ate rrin brat: 
)t nidjt Uritlaufig ftln tfnntm, jo 
bod) gtxabe bit braftifibt ©tite 6« 
birftn 45«wn bit am mtifltu Sanaa); 
Ififflatt, roc-bet btnn birft »lum»tn 
gabrifatttn nidjt tinmal bit gftingt 
Slufhtngung niadjtn burn) ffltniflfttne'' 
tin obrr jwti <Bufc«ib fdtftflanbtg bin: 
jugffiigtfr neurr SBBmr bit riflenr 
5>utftfgftit ju strhrrgtn. ©o febltn 
in ttnttn berartigen fltintu 9Btrft, 

3V Google 




edition of my Dictionary with slavish 
assidnty , of course all those articles 
arc omitted, which my later researches 
have enabled me to add, and which it 
their turn are destined to be pom- 
[jouaiy paraded in "carefully enlarged 
and improved editions" of such spu- 
rious reprints. After what has been 
•aid, it may easily be seen by what plan 
the author has been guided in thf 
compilation of this work, which hi 
herewith presents to the public nude; 
the conviction, that a Terr slight exa- 
mination will be sufficient to show that 
lie has not been content to follow thi 
convenient way of becoming in a man- 
ner the copyist of his own large 
work, but that be has produced some 
thing independent. Compare fo 
example the articles under: — T< 
Answer, To Arch, To Attend, ToBear 
To Beat, To Bend, Body, Bottom, Ti 
Break, To Bring, To Call, To Carry, 
To Draw, To Drop, To Edge, To 
Enter, Fag, Fagging -system, Fall, 
Fancy, Foul, To Hang, To Heave, To 
Hit, Level, To Live, To Lock, To 
Lodge, ToMake, To Pass, To Puddle, 
Puddling-, To Bun, To Shoot, Sol- 
phate, Ac. , To Take, Ac, Urim and 
Thummim, Urry, Zink, which have 
been most carefully revised and en- 
riched. Of the new articles, which have 
been added, of course but a few 
noticed here; it must be left to the 
reader to ascertain whether the work 
has kept pace with the wants of the 
time; compare for instance Abietic 
acid, Absides, Absorbability , Ac. 
AcanthopterYgioua, Aceria, Acerous, 

Aa< ftmft gar rtftfg brmfi&t flrnwfdt 
ft, bit jmeitt Mirfjagt mrfnrt SBfe 
tnbuiji frtabifd) auejujfyrftttt, nature 
lid) al(t in ruuttn &tit Ben mic nm= 
injugcfugttn QtriiW, bit bann in 
forgfaltig, „ Drrrorijrttn uitb vrArffrc: 
tm" atuflagm blrfrt £8aa)brudV jmrns 
fat trtrfcert. — (§6 Ifl nad) brat o6rn 
©(fagttn tetdjt ju rcfrfjm, Wffdjct $tan 
btm 33 crfaff cr ori fcrcStat&tltung bi«= 
ftfl SBetftS Vorgrfd)iDtet bat unb fo= 
mit ubergitot er ba0fd&c btm *PuoIi= 
aim, tt>ttd)tS id rftilgre ijltifiraa, gar 
bulb gewflhrm toirb, bug cr ntdjt tttva 
bm btqutrntn SBeg gtieS&It rjat , an 
fefnrm rigmtn grotierm SBerfe gltid)= 
font jum !Kuefd)rribre ju lutrbtn, fottbtrn 
<toa* ©flfjjrflfhtbigri grfitfrrt bat, ugL 
, rob* To Answer, To Arch, 
To Attend, To Bear, To Beat, To 
Bend, Body, Bottom, To Break, To 
Bring, To Call, To Carry, To 
Draw, To Drop, To Edge, To 
Enter, Fag, Fagging-system, To Fall, 
Fancy, Foul, To Hang, To Heave, 
To Hit, Level, To Live, To Lock, 
To Lodge, To Make, To Pass, To 
Puddle, Puddling-, To Run, To 
Shoot, Sulphate, Ac, To Take, Ac, 
Urim and Thummim, Urry, Zink, 
rnddjt auf ba« ©orgfaltigfte tinier Siiat- 
nrftung obrr ©riutittrung uuttrraorferi 
reorttn fiitb. SJon ntuaiifgntommtntn 
airtifdn foitntn rjter ttariirltd) nut roc 
trijjf angtfuhrt roirbtn unb brm Sit- 
lurfmbfR muf H fribft ubtrlafftn friii 
ju prufm, oft bad aBrrf mit bm ffie- 
burfhijTtn fctr 3*it fid) fortgtbl&ft bat; 
man Brcgltfdjt j. 8. Abietic acid, 
Absides, Absorbability, Ac Acnn- 

„ Google 


Aeetated, Acidifiable, Ac, Acinaci- 
form, Aciniform, Acinose, Ac, Aco, 
Acquisitiveness, Actinolite, Address- 
ed bill, Agency business, Agency 
office, Ac, Aluminate, Ammite, Am- 
modyte, Ammonite, Amniotic acid, 
Antiabolitionist, Antifederalist, An- 
tiro materialist, Antiinoniate, Apodal, 
Apodes, Apparitionist , To Appro- 
priate. Ac, Apter, Apteral, Arrival- 
train (likewise Departure - train, Up- 
train , 4c.) , Atmospheric Railway, 
Augite, Azotized, Backwoods, Ac, 
Barbecue (in the signification used 
at Jamaica), Batrachite, Batracian, 
Bed of the rails, Beroes^Blue books, 
Bombiate, Bombic acid, Boletate, 
Boletic acid, Bonded or Bonding- 
warehouse, Bowie-knife, Branchioste- 
gou?, Bractea, Bracteate, Bracteole, 
Ac, Break (or Brake, on railways), 
Budeligfat, Buffers, Ac, Buhl, Bum- 
pers, B ungal ow , B urden-ca rs, Bushmen, 
Bushrangers, Caloricity, Canaling, 
Ac, Calycine, Capillarity, Car- 
boniferous, Case-stake, Cattle-hur- 
dles, Chimney- stack, Cholesterine, 
Churn -drill, Circling - tools , Com- 
bativeness , Connecting-rod , Con- 
stabulary, Continuous bearings, Con- 
trate- wheel, Crossing - rails , Dahlia. 
Dash - wheels , Deviling - machine, 
Discharging acids, Dissolving views, 
Doubled twist, Driver (of a locomotive 
carriage), Drivers, Driving-carriagi 
Edge-rails, Electro- in composition, 
Fish -bellied rails, Flat -rails, Plate- 
rails, Train -rails, Ac. Ac, Epizootic, 
Equaling - file , Ethnographer, Ac, 
Faunic , Ferric , Ferricalcite 


thopterygious, Aceria, Acetous, Acrt- 
tated, Acidifiable, Ac, Acioacifons, 
Aciniform, Acinose, Ac, Aco, Acquisi- 
tiveness, Actinolite, Addressed bill, 
Agency business, Agency office, Ac, 
Aluminate, Ammite, Ammodyte, Am 
Antifederalist, Antiministerialist, An- 
timoniate, Apodal, Apodes, Appari- 
tionist, To Appropriate, Ac, Apter, 
Apteral, Arrival-train (rttiifo Depar- 
train, Up -train, Ac), Atmo- 
spheric Railway, Augite, Azotized, 
Backwoods , Ac , Barbecue (ill ntr ouf 
Jamaica ub 110) inJB(btutimg), Batrachite, 
Batracian, Bed of the rails, Beroes, 
Blue books, Bombiate, Bombic acid, 
Boletate, Boletic acid, Bonded obtc 
uncling- warehouse, Bowie-knife, 
Branchiostegous, Bractea, Bracteate, 
Bracteole, Ac, Break (ober Brake, 
fflrrmfl, fflrtmafdjiutnatl auf (Sifmbalj; 
i), Budelight, Buffers, Ac, Buhl, 
Bumpers, Bungalow, Burden-cars, 
Bushmen, Bushrangers, Caloricity, 
Canaling, Ac, Calycine, Capillarity, 
Carboniferous, Case-stake, Cattle- 
hurdles, Chimney-stack, Cholesterine, 
drill, Circling-tools, Com- 
bativeness, Connecting-rod, Con- 
stabulary, Continuous bearings, Con- 
trate - wheel, Croasing -rails, Dahlia, 
Dash - wheels , Deviling - machine. 
Discharging acids, Dissolving views, 
Doubled twist, Driver (of a locomotive 
carriage), Driven*, Driving -carriage, 
Edge -rails, Electro- mil Sufammnu 
fffcuiwen, Fish-bellied rails, Flat-rails, 
Plate -rails, Tram -rails, Ac Ac, 





Ferro -cyanate, Ferro - cyanic, Ferro- 
prussiate , Ferro - prussic , Ferro- 
silicate, Ac , Firebox, Fireboy, firmer, 
Fluoborate, Formation -level, Gas- 
holder, Gas- work, the rail way expres- 
sions: Grade, To Grade, Gradient: 
Inhabitireness, Intrutionists , Non- 
intrusiortists, Lapping-engine, Man- 
hole, Mill .-boards, Mill- puff, Mill- 
rod, Ac, Monibform, Monochromatic, 
Mono sperm oos,4c, Out -station, Pass- 
ing-places, Pemniekin, Peripteral, 
Petiolate, Ac, Petong, To Phos- 
phoresce, Ac, Piggery, Post captain. 
Pung, Hostel, Saurian, Scansorial 
of the many articles in Sea, e. g, 
Sea-Island cotton, Ac, Secretin en ess, 
Sedimentary, Serial, To Shampoo, 
Sliding -rest, Sliding- scale, Sli ding- 
valve, Stertorous, Subaudition, Sub- 
letting act , Subsill , Sub treasury- 
system. Suctorial, Suction - hose, 
SuJpho - in composition , * Super- 
electoral, Snpply- pipe, Swedish acid, 
Sycee silver , Tally - ho , Tatties, 
Terminus, Territs, Thaories, The- 
atricals, Throstle -eottonmill, Thugs, 
Thuggee, Tidal, To Toady, Tompung, 
Tonsorial, Toolups, Toomel, Trac-I 
tarian, Tractive, Trade -sales, Tuft- 
banter, Tnnneler (labourers at or in i 
t u nn e I), T un nelin g, Ac . , T u rn-o u t , Turn- 
table , Turning - platform , Turning- 
table, Unacted dramatist, UntaxalJ 
Upper-plate, Upper-vase, Upstroke, 

Ac. , Faunic, Ferric, Ferricalcite, Ac, 
Ferro - cyanate, Ferro - cyanic, Ferro- 
prossiate , Ferro - prussic , Fcrro- 
silicate, Ac, Firebox, Fireboy, Firmer, 
Fluoborate, Formation -level, Gas- 
holder, Gas-work, bit ttftntjaf/ttaVla 
Crude Grade, T> Grade, Gradient-, 
Inhabitiveness , Intntsionists , Non- 
intrusionists , Lapping-engine, Man- 
hole, Mill- boards , Mill-puff, Mill- 

id, Ac, Moniliform, Monochromatic, 
Honospermous, Ac, Ont-station, Pass- 
ing -places, Pemmekin, Peripteral, 
Petiolate, Ac, Petong, To Phos- 
phoresce, Ac, Piggery, Post - captain, 
Pung, Rostel, Saurian, Scansorial; 
untrr brit siden Qtrtifdn in Sea, rtur 
Sea-Tsland cotton, Ac, Se- 
cretiveness, Sedimentary, Serial, To 
Shampoo, Sliding- rest, Sliding- scale, 
S li di n g- valv e, Stert o r o us, S ubaud it i o n, 
Subletting act , Subsill, Sub treasury- 
system , Suctorial , Suction - hose, 
Solpho - mit 3 u fammttifrfciutgtn , * 
Super- electoral, Supply-pipe, Swedish 

id, Sycee silver, Tally-ho, Tatties, 
Terminus, Territs, Thaories, The- 
atricals, Throstle - cottonmill, Thugs, 
Thuggee, Tidal, To Toady, Tom- 
pung, Tonsorial, Toolups, Toomel, 
I Tract arian , Tractive, Trade-sales, 
Tuft-hunter, Tunneler (Suimd-Slr&ei: 
to), Tunneling, Ac, Turn-out, Turn- 
table,' Turning- platform , Turning- 
table, Unacted dramatist, Uniaxal, 

' Due regard has been paid to llie growing 
iaportmice of Chemistry nod the natnral 
■cience, la general which will be evident 
«'(s by a superficial exantartlon. 

• Snraentliib ift an* aitf bit nnum3rit R* 
iramet niebr (IttgcnittSButiliflfrit Her 6b cm it, 
fibtrbaupt bcr KatnnwfT«tf*<ift«# bic gcbub-' 
rente Stutfflfbt genommtn wcrtcn, mas [Aon 
tint obtrf!ao>li(bt Unttrfntbung I(&rtn rati*. 




Vt ticac e o us , Utilisa tio n, Ut i 1 ita rian , Ac, 
Vakeel, Van (in its fourth 3ense),Vanadic, 
4c,Ve1odpede,Vistaed('Bu/t«Tj, Vitel- 
line, 4c, Vivisection, Vocalic, Volun- 
taryism, Voltatype, Wanghee, Watch- 
(in composition, as — cap, — coat, 
— frame, — frame - gage, Ac), Water 
( — arena, — beetle, — bird, — bird- 
time, Ac. Ac), Weald-clay (Wealden, 
Wealdon), Weaveret, Webbing (or 
Webs), Weed-ashes, Week-boarders, 
Wends , Xauthin(e) , Xanthopicrine, 
Xanthoxylum, Xiphosures, Xylanthrax, 
Xylopale, Xylopbagau , Xylophage, 
Xylophagous, Xylophiians, Xylotroges, 
Xylopia, Ac, To Yacht, Yachter, 
Yoked, Zaun, Ac, Zax, To Zink, 
Zoanthiis, Zoophagous, Zoophytic, 
But notwithstanding the large mass 
of matter which has been added 
which the above list contains but a 
small portion, many a useful word has 
been necessarily omitted, owing to the 
strict limits imposed by circumstances, 
to which the inclination of the author 
has been forced to yield. He had the 
same inconvenience to complain of in 
his large work (see Preface to the 
3 d Eil. of his Compl. Diet'.), he can, 
however, safely maintain that hitherto 
not a more copious work of equal 
originality has been condensed into 
the same space,* a fact, which any 
person versed in such matters 
con6rm after a closer examination, 
and thongh many improvements 

Upper-plate, Upper -vase, Upstroke, 
Urticace ous,Utilisati on,Utilitar i&n, Ac, 
Vakeel* Van (in (turn Bierttit S8eb«t= 
tun 9), Vanadic, Ac, Velocipede, Vistaed 
(Bulver), Vitelline, Ac,, Vivisection, 
Vocalic , Voltatype , Voluntaryism, 
Wanghee, Watch- (in3ufaminntf(|un: 
gen, tolt — cap, — coat, — frame, 
frame -gage, Ac), Water- ( — avens, 
beetle, — bird, — bird-lime, Ac. Ac), 
Weald-day (Wealden,Wealdon),Wea- 
veret, Webbing (obrrWebs), Weed- 
ashes, Week -boarders, Wends, Xan- 
thine), Xanthopicrine, Xanthoxyli 
Xiphosures , Xylanthrax , Xylopale. 
Xylouhagan, Xylophage, Xylophagous. 
Xylophiians, Xylotroges, Xytopia^Ac. 
Yacht, Yachter, Yoked, Zaim, Ac. 
Zax, To Zink, Zoanthug, Zoophagous 
Zoophytic. JDafj afctr frog ber grop«t 
|3ffafft beS ntutyrtjugtrommtiKn StOflW, 
btm baS tttn mitgtf&ttftr ®«! 
jridjnijj nur tint geringe 2irobc birftt, 
fctimodj mandjrt brau*ba« 3Bcrt In 
bit ®amntluitgtit b(S Srrfaffrrt Ijat 
jurudgtirgt totrbm muflnt, ijl (Sdmlb 
bet fflcrfcoltniffr, bit c6ne 9tfidjtd)t ouf 
bit 5Biin(ilif tlntt ScrfaffrrS bonfribtii 
ffbr fdjorfr ©rtnjtit ftfcra. iDirt tfttit 
btr SSfr. nudj bti fcinrm griJfjtnt SStrfr 
Cfwbt fflorrfbf jut 3. 3Iulg. brt Compl. 
Diet'.) ju ttflagcn; n barf j(bod) rail 
oottrr @i<$trfi«t bebaupttir, bajj auf 
btmftfficn JRaumt fiiebrr frin uottftaiu 
blgmfl afciilt(6(* frffiftftiitMfirt SBret 
jufflittmcngrtvangt worbrit Ift;* ciiif 

explanation or wordi or «och articlei *» are runatn obtr roritDfrjmriatf 3u|aBtni{iiic(sn- 
branchiae off Into numerous compounds, M'EgOl nfrijt julitf, ale 6tf Honoomblr, 




necessary inK^atfa^t, »tl$t bet @adjnr:r.fl5»iia.t 
the coarse of time, yet the author rind) n&fyectt iprnfung b()tatig<n refill 
baa bo apprehension of either unb TOfiin fdjon mawljt SOnbejftruiifl 
" ores-whelming the beginner with i in Bfllifr bet Qtit fi$ alt nit&ig gtl- 
an amrieldy mass of words or oflJtMib mudjrrt »ltb, fo furdjtrt brr iStr= 
disappointing the more advanced | faff re benrtod) „tDtbet bra gtnfangtt 
scholar hi cues of a cnmpki|burrJ| bit Staffs be*" SJarge&oiHien in 
Bttarc'** iftbrfittra, nod; aud) ben Attain: in 

Whitcrigtn gatfrn ju errlafftiu"* 

i, Lynch la*. Nail, Nerlte, Orcbi», 
Pa, Plea, Preventer, Thorn, Tongue , Top, 
fee refenase U mic to the large work. 

* Thii ponipoQS pbrue it Died by Sir. F. 
W. 7Vme la the prelaw to a dictionary 
ansteej the titla: — " A A'tru Complete 

itieal Dictionary uf toe Engliih ana biubt bet (ngUffbcn unb beutfdjllt ©pradft, 

lirnaanLaaupttgeijLeiptie IttltJ. G. Mayer." 
What there b new la thia work, 1* nol 
™ily to ha gneaeed; It certainly cannot Ik 
the art of copying, thonfh thia Ingenioui 
art has frequently been practiced by more 
kVilfwl hu.it. 

WkoeTea- la area ia a alight degree 
scqeauated with the present itate of lite- 
ntmrci wfll aot iadeed be sarprised to fiad 
ia a week or 43 aheeta, aot two of theai 
perfcafss of Ia4ependent labour, at Utile 
rhea he eeea not a rtngls mention Bade 
of H>rrti or anthorlUea; bat the putting 

Lynch law, Nail, Nerite, Orchis, Pea, Plea, 
Preventer, Than, Tongue, Top, See. tft ollf 
»ai grofsre Bert oerowfm nortai. 

* 6o tnirft ftd) M. g. IS. XbUae in 
bet 8orrebe )n rintm tan Sittl nadj: 
,,ncuen ooQftanaigtn tritifdjen HWrter* 

eeipjtg, 1846 bri 9. Matter," pempbaft 
gemig arte. SffiaS eigentlid) on bleftm IBtrte 
ntn lit, roirb mo 1)1 Xietnanb nerratljen; 
bit ,ftunft UcS abfdjtcibcni Rtbctli* nfftt, 
obglcia) btffclbc fdjpii oon geftbltfteren ^dn> 
Ben gedanbbabi reorben (ft. fSer nnr 
ehttgernuftn mit bent etgrnnattlatn 3n- 
flanbe ber Sitttatnr bctannt Ift, totrt 
War niibt reeittr erftaiuit ftin, room rr fn 
cintm State- eon 43 Bogen eieDcioV nisbt 
9 Sogen fclbftfldttbige Itbr.it, ebenfonttnig, 
roron « nid>t tint GucHt aU bmiirjt angc 
acben finbeti abrr bit EarftcDunfl tints 
"long /tit dai- (olo>tn fflttfW a(« tlntf „Ulta.ft fitfnbi- 

la It extremely ten Xeburfntf f(»" bat bann bod} CflMI 
flberanfl 5cmifd>e*. Dhne bin wetter aaf 
or bit „ etrtintfilidjfeit " fcirftf SBrrtrt rinju^ 
gtbfn, bentt io> nnr 6arouf bin, ta* j. *3. 
e thst.'for instance of the Pen ana r/bctt angefiibrtnl nutiirlid) con %i= 
tb«ie iat of really aeeestary words which bem Itirtjt jit era t item brn Kctifioynift if 
■aj nnity be Increased, not one (from nif nitbigtr tffifrttr (oon Abietlc acid 
tbtetic arid la Zoophytir.) ii to be found bis Zoophytic) fcin tinjigfS in M. g. 
ia Br. F. IT. Thitmet Dictionary. It cef-Bffi. Xbltmc'S SBcrterbud) ftcljt.— Qs drift 

tainly does not appear like "meetfn^ the 
vents ofthr limt' when a man penevetingly 
upiu la a great nwasnro aseless won!* 
ud tmn of 311 year*' standing, which, 
alihnogh copied by others, hate long ago 
•ttm aaa a asal; and again on the other hand 
■■tits net 10 or 30, or 50, bat thoasands 
■A wwrda without a knowledge of which, 
■ss a raa a y aay nsadern compoaltloa from the 
'■fhtaat iiiphltt to the mo it seriona aclenti- 
lc nwrt caw be aaleratood. It ia tapos- 

nart) miincr Knfidjt mcniancTiS nidjt „tintnt 
urfntfft btr3tit abbtlfcn", mton 
3D 3abr alte, jioar and) dor Xnbtrn 
topirtt, obcr idngft aufgcbnttt dibrtitct nnb 
DEtbittttifmdfifl nnnu(c KBirtct atiocTttofTtii 
ccpirt, anf bet anbetn ©cite abtr niibt 10 
obtr 30, ebrr 50, fonbrrn Saufaibt son 
SSSTttrn ptrmiffcB lift, obnc btrm Jtnmt* 
nif Faft (tine nttttrt Cajrift, eon her Icfa> 
tcftm flrofdjnrt bfe jura ernftm «ifrtn[d>aft- 
iidjen Btrt, StrftinbUd) ift. SB*.- |. »■ 




Before closing these remarks, I feel 
it a duty to acknowledge the efficient 
aid rendered me throughout the 
entire work by my son Dr. Felix 
Ftiigel; the collection of the new 
materials, as well as the careful 
revision of a great part of the old, 
together with the disquisitions upon 
orthoepy contained in the intro- 
duction , are almost entirely his 
own work. 

In regard to the method of marking 
the different sounds of the letters for 
pronunciation, sufficient explanatioi 
will be found in the introduction ; tin 
author concludes with the wish that it 
might soon be adopted, in order to aid, 
if possible, in introducing a better 
understanding of orthoepy 

Sfie id) bitft SBtiiHvfunflcit frijlitfjt, 
(ft tt mrint *PfIi4t, ten tljfltigm SBii-- 
n»Id)tn nut mem Sobn Dr. 
gfMr glftjtl, luibrmb brr gaiijtn 
SBrarotitung itt SBuajrt gtlflftft fiat, 
atijureftniitn ; bit $erbtif$affuita, itnb 
fprgfaltigt iDurdjarbtitung tin** grofen 
XfftiUe bit "turn wit beS fdjon o«; 
banbtnen <Stojfe@, fotutt bit ortbofpi; 
fd)tn in b« ©nbttuttg tntbatttntn Uttter< 
fudjongrn [inb faft ungrtfjtilt [tin ©frf. 

SEBa* enbHo> bft 9fo8fpTad)e6q(l$= 
nung brtrijft, fo ift baS SMt^tgi in 
bft (Sinlfitung batuott tttinft mor; 
ben; b« SBrtfafer ftblitft mit btm 
3Bunfu)e, baf fie (alb Qfoignng jlmwn 
migt, um toe mSfllfd) fin 6e|fete8 
SBerftanbnip ber Drtboepie iiberbaupt 
mit (xforbern ju Ijelfen. 
I 9. 

■ible far IniUnce, thai nny peraon who 
readi the 17th chapter of Dkkem' Sketch ei 
can know a priori what a "Water-m 
In the sign ideations hitherto given 
dictionanei can have to do with 
"Hackney-coach-man!" It ii only the 
marking of inch wordu aa have either 
been Incorrectly esplaioed, or altogethf 
omitted, or otber improvement* rendered 
neceuary by time which can juntify the 
appearaaca of a "Nob" Dictionary, 

Dickens' Sketchei, Xaf. 17., [left, tflltti 
unm6gli(b a priori relffen, n>a* tin Water- 
man in bra von ten KSSrtcrbSdjcrn biifcer 
aUcin anacfuyrtcn JBcbCHftmgcn mit giacre 
Jlulfdjern ju tbnt fraben foHl Unb nnr 
turib bit Ttufjciihmmg [eUbcr SBorttr, ■ He 
enrrocter bieher unridjtig crftart ttorben 
naren obtr got onb gar ocrmtyt ianr= 
ocn, ober bur* fonfi dnc roitflidj jctt- 
grmifje Scr&cfTcrang lift (la) tas Orffcrfnm 
etneS ^neacn" SBirttrtudjcS tcdjtfcrtigtti- 

Dg :ecb>G00gle 



Whets the author first adopted 
Walker's system of pronunciation in the 
first edition of his Complete Dictionary 
(1830), he dearly perceived, as ever] 
one out, who has spent some time 
tie thorough study of the English 
language, that Walker did not enter 
iota a nice discrimination of all th< 
•owel-sonnds, bat that, on the other 
hand, an increase of the figure 
denote the pronunciation, would ■ 
fnse rather than aid the learner; the 
reasons which induced the author to 
adopt and to retain that system are 
of an earlier date and cannot 
be discussed at large. (Compare 
the author's Complete Dictionary 
J 4 Edition, p. VII 1.) 

In this position of things he naturally 
etrocerred the idea, which indeed hi 
publicly expressed some years ago 
of making use of symbolical signs to 
mirk the pronunciation , notwitb- 
*taoding that similar, though nnsa- 
tsiaclury attempts, had frequently 
Wb made. Such a system of marks 
i appears more natural because, 
j tbe first place, the usual signs for 
! long and short syllables are already 
j universally known ; in the set 
pi ice, because the influence of the 
teceat or of consonants npon pre- 
; ruling or following vowels, the dif- 
ferent pronunciation of the same con 
. c. Hants, Ac can be more easil) 
1 exhibited by means of concrete signs 
i pi tted either over the words 
j attacked to them, since they 

<5Pd)on 6ti bet trffm -Mmutirtititg M 
Walker'fdjen 31u 8 fpra*f fulfills in nteh 
item I Slit jufcfi erftbltnmtu ooUftan: 
bigm SBortetoudje roar mit Hat:, tvit 
natflrlidj 3fbem, b« fid) lingers 3<" 
griinbhcb mit bent (Sttgliftbcn 6*fo^af= 
tfgt, bfl| Walker flcti nidjt <mf bin St- 
jtidmnitg aller frinrii %3otal:<S<f}aU 
ti run yen tinlapt, aiibcrniljcilfl afar 
tint SJfrmtbniiig btr (won jljm jut 
Xautbt jciajmrag gttuab(ttn) 3 a W tlt c 6" 
oetiuirren ots fBrbernb J»irf*ti iimrbt; 
bit ©rtinbe, aufl btnttt id) jtiuS ©j; 
fteai bort anttabm unb ftfhjitlt, ge= 
66rtn finer frubevn Qtit an nub ffin; 
not bier ntdjt lutiilaufig erSrtert tctr= 
ben. ftBeraJdaV Complete Dictionary 

Shtflage, «. VIII.) 

Set bem torn fcejeiinteteti ©taitb* 
btt Singe tag bet von mir mi* [djun 
uor 3aljmt offttitlidj auSgnpnxbriif 
®ebou(e nltbt fmt, bit ttatfitliojert 9ln-- 
gafee ber Mus'fvraoje burd) fi)iitboIifd)t 
3(in)en ju toablen, junta! iljniick, oft 
frtilidj bBdjfl imgeuugenbc fBrrfudw 
gtmaa)t rootben tvattn. Qiaturlitbtr 
fajtint mir cittt foldje Sejeithiiuitg, 
nxtl (IneBtfeeiiS bit gfii<Bbtttid)fh-n 3fi= 
ajtn fur Sange unb Aiirjt aUgtrntiu 
ftetannt fmb; anbrmtljtilfl finb (Sin; 
mtrfungtn bti Accents ober btr dm- 
fonanttn auf fotgenbt obtr sorOcrgtfjenbi 
SBorate, uerfdjiebenc Shitftyutfcc bcrftl= 
6«t (Sonfonanttn, u. f. to., burcb colt' 
crtte unmittetfcar iter obtr an ben 
Sutfcftattn angebrattte 3*((hrtt uiel Mdj.- 
ter unb onfdjaniiuwt barjujitUen unb 
folgllaj fciel otffer ju nwtfen; tnblid) 

Introduction. ? 

much more impressive and more rea- 
dily retained in the memory; and (be 
additional great advantage of an 
economy of space speaks for itself. 
Here likewise it was necessary to keep 
within proper limits, and not to put 
a new sign for each and every 
ficationof sound, since in that way this 
"odd - looking rtumtter m philology 
'a pronouncing dictionary'" would 


Htgt bet Sufjtw hjffrnrtfdjt SUortyttl fart 
SRaunurfparrttf? auf faer -fcanfa. 3(ud> 
tier u>at afaer bag tetfitt Map ju gotten 
unfa niifit fur alt unfa jebe Sautmctift; 
cation aud) tin neueS 3«d)cit J" f ( E"'. fia 
taS fd)on an fid) „raunbtrUd) rrffyintnbt 
V6iloIcgff$eUngc6fuer, etito&uSftrarte; 
3BEiicv6ud) »" baburd) nut nod) lafajrin; 
tt>ifd)cr unb, road rcidjtigtt ift, uirprai; 
tifdjtr merfam nwrbt: ba^tt ift in rinf- 

become still more confused, and what gm roentgen gaUm faie SSegtidjitung 

is of greater importance, less practical. 
Hence in some few instances , (' 
designation of a vowel is, strictly taki 
true only in part, but the proper son 
becomes evident by a consideration 
the well known law of accent, that 
unaccented syllables have a strong 
inclination to drop their natural sound, 
so that the addition of a new sign 
could only take place at the expense 
of perspicuity, and was therefore in- 
expedient. To designate, for example. 
the unaccented syllable 010 in Shadow, 
Morrow, Ac I have not chosen the 
usual sign of unaccented syllables, but 
the sign of a long syllable, a, although 
the true sound lies between the two 
(Hon — sbXd'Sw — loVness). The 
same is applicable to the termination 

ied, particularly when it h: 
secondary accent. Words for instance 
like accompanied, -bodied (in com- 
positions), candied, hurried, sullied, Ac. 
would be more correctly expressed by 
-ied (-ed) than by id (-Id), which 
latter would be similar to the termi? 
Dating syllable? in candid 
solid, Ac. ; equally so the termination 
-iet for example in the words: ladies, 
parties, species, or bodies (for body- 
guards) in distinction from bodice 
(stays). An acute accentuation, such 
as the English language requires, will 
prevent an undue length" 
cented syllables, and so between two 

etnrg Socald gang frrena. gtitDminm 
mil jum £6(11 ridjtig; bet £aut after 
Dtrftanfa fid) erf SrturffK&tigung toes' 
6rf anntrn &tcentgtfe£td, bafj auf er farm 
Accent ftdjcitbe £i?I6m ftarfe OTtiflUiig 
bantu, fid) ju Dcrfludjttgcn fo gnnj boil 
ftttft, bafi ^(i-jujie^ung eineg neutrt 
3efd)ftiS auf Jtoftm bet Utbrrpd)tlid)= 
ftil uunotbig Wat; fo tft j. 58. jur 
2kjci4)imitg fact unbctoittett Sljlbe ow 
In Shadow, Morrow, Sc nidjt bad 9 
(toad fpnft in unbetonttn ©sjtten ftt$Q 
grnifiblt worbtn, fonfatrn bad 3 (ia ) m 
bet i'ange: 0, ufagleid) fate Saut tigent= 
lid) jrotfd)en bribtn (ll'on — shad'flw 
low'ness) mitten innt ftefjt; bad= 
ftlbt gilt son fate (Snfaimg -ied, ju= 
mal, tnenn bet ftatnbfirt Stcctnt faarauf 
liegt; jtbtnfaKB rid)ttger mrrfatn j. SB. 
SBErter htit accompanied, -bodied 
(In 3ufantnitnftgungtii), obrr candied, 
burned, sullied, 4c. toltrd) -led (-ed) 
audjubrWtn ftin, aid bard) - id (- Id), 
toad bra (SnbfttSm in candid, horrid, 
soljd, 4c. gleitbfamf; t&tnfb bit ffin= 
bung -ies wit j. £6. in bra SBorttm: 
horrid, ladies, parties, species, OfafT bodies 
(flatt body-guards, £tlbgarbr) jum 
Untttfdjlebe son bodice (@d)nut6nift). 
©djarft Setonung, lute fit bad <Sttg= 
Hfdjt ubttljaiqjt fortotrt, wltb uot iin- 
mSfigtr iCebming unbttonttr Siftom 
leid)t bewaljrm unfa fo ifl Jttjifsbtn fmri 
Utntln bad flefnfit unb jrcar tin ititf- 
lid) unotbeutenbed gtwablt toorhen. 

Introduction. X' 

evils the least, (and it is really very 
insignificant) has been chosen. The 
-tame view is to be taken of words 
which u, in its quality, has Walke: 
first sound of u, but in its quantity the 
third sound, as, FQilg'inous, Accusa'- 
tion, Acid'iilae; since it is not to be 
imagined that any person even slightly 
acquainted with the predominant 
llnence of the accent (which every 
learner of English will soon be) will 
fall into the error of pronouncing u in 
the above words as if it were fyu - 
accyfi-, acidyii-, equivalent to Wal- 
ker's fa-, akkii-, aaidn-, instead of 
fyu-, accyil-, atidyu (Walker: fyu, 
akkyu, asidya), which would indeed 
he unusual and difficult, I differ 
this from my predecessor and friend 
Mr. J. E. Worcester, the well known 
coadjutor of Webster in his dictionary, 
whose simple and natural system ol 
marking the pronunciation I have fol- 
lowed throughout, with some unim- 
portant exceptions. One who is not 
versed in the English language, does 
not clearly perceive in which cases i 
(Worcester putsuin all cases when it it 
unaccented, so also i,*c.) is to be distin- 
guished in quantity, and not in quality, 
from the long accentuated u (fuVl), 
without agreeing in any respect with 
Worcester's 11 in Urbane/, Surphur. I 
was obliged to adopt a similar manner 
of proceeding with the unao 
because there is a manifest difference 
in the sound of this vowel in the first 
.-ind last syllables of, for exampl< 
PrcccMence, Rebfi'kor, Redeemer. I 
the first syllable it sounds like a short 
i, hence I have expressed it by e 
(Precedence, RehO'ker, Redeemer) 
<n the hut syllable (- er) obtnse like 11 
m sulphur; for a nearer explanation 
see further on. 
After t hes e remarks I proceed at 


Untrr birfelbt anfidjt fatten Me %&tr- 
bcnrit bos u btt Oualitut uaib 
btn i. Walkcr'fifii ti-Unut, ber&uan: 
tltdt nad) btn 3. bat, Wit Fullg'jnons, 
AccQsa'tion , AcTd'oiae; ba in prazi 
feinem riniticrmapen mit btm iiberwie- 
gtnbeii (Stiiffujj befl ILicmttS SWamitm 
{wit bite bud) jeber (gnalifdjlrrntnbt 
ftbr (alb tuirb) beifomiutn faun, in 
ibiatn SBSrtttn flatt fyu- [fyu-], 
accyil- fftk'-kyu-] *c. ttnw fyuffA-], 
accyii- [ak'ku-] ju fprtdjtn, maS fdjen 

ftdj ungtwobnlid) unb fifiwirria, watt. 
pterin bin id) aud) eon atcuttm SBoi- 
ganger imb Srtunb, ^trm J. E. Wor- 
ker, bem tii^mlinjft bef anitten SRitat- 
brittr an btm gro|jtnWebstcr'fd)rn$8Br= 
terSu&e, bfffm tinfaujtm unb natiivfidjen 
SSfjftd)iiiingof»fttine id), mit grrliigfit: 
gtgtn nur bit govm betrtffetibnt 91113: 
nobnitn, burcbgangig gffolgt bin, ab= 
gtmidjtn. dS if* ndnilia) fur btn btr 
wglifdjtn @brad)t llnfuiibigrn uid)t 
btutltd), ba£ baS u (luddjto Worcester 
in alien iydlfm ft|t, too tS arctiiKofl 
ift, ebtnfo i, Ac.) in einigin gallen nur 
quantitatio, nidjt qualttatio von btm 
tangtn acctntutrtm a (ffi'el) unttrfdjic 
btn frin foil unb feine8wtg« mit btm 
btt Worcester gltidjbejtilbnrlfn u ill 
Urbane', Sulphur jufniumeiifaKt. iDic 
ftlbc ©ualtung war id) gritSibigl mit 
btm unbetontm e uor f uittbmm , ba 
bad bet Worcester g(titbbtjtid); 
"nttt trflt tmb Itfctt c in ProccMence, 
Rebfl'ker, RedeeWr, jwti oerfdjLtbent 
Saute btjtidjntt. Set fiaut, ben ti 
bin in btt trfttn ©wlbt bat, mirb 
" furjtS i ouflatfurodjtn unb ift flon 
mir burn) e auBgebrutft worbrn {Prccc*- 
. Rebil'ker, Redeemer); in btr 
(Snbfytbt (cr) btr beibrit (t&teit 9B3r= 
ttr ultid) btm bumpfett Saut beS 11 in 

Iphitr. S)ai ®fiiaui'V£ jlrbt wtitt* 


9lad) biefen fflemerfungtn gtbe ia) 


to the explanation of the signs : — the 
uwrkf--] denotes a long sound, [^] 
short one; a point [-] want of accent, 
in consequence of which the vowel th as 
marked, especially after an accent, is 
weak: — two points [«.] are placed . 
vowels affected byasucceedingrfwith 
the exception of a which sometimes 
occurs id other eases). The other signs 
do not extend to all thi 
larly ; those which are not marked are 
mute, except y, under which the dot 
could not be placed on account of its 
form, and a few other terminations 
explained farther below. 


A has seven sounds. (Compare 

1. S like Walker's A as in Shade, 
Fain, Lly'er (like the German long e 
in @ee, Stat, gefitn, btbr). 

2. a like Walker's a as in Shad, Fan, 
Lamb (lying between the a and £ 
the German words gamut, gammer). 

3. 4 like Walker's a before r em 
Shire, Fair, Bear (answering precisely 
the a in gating, Jtafer or the e 
face). This peculiar sound of a before 
r has not been distinguished by any 
orthoepist except Perry,* although 
is an acknowledged fact that the i 
finence of r followed by a mute ei 


fogleid) jur StuffttUung bet Saul :SaoeKe 
ubw: — soe 3rfo)m [-J bcuctt Singe, 
["] Jtarjt, [•] Xoitlofiafrtt uttb in 
gotat befftn, 6efonb«8 nadj bent 9tc= 
cent, Sumpf&eit attS; [■-] (kit fiber 
Don nadjfolgtubetn r affictttrn 9Jo- 
calm (anpre 6(1 a, roaS fin) oud) in 
anbtrm gatfen fmbet); bit aitberen 
3(id)ui erfirrrlm fid) itidjt fiber, nils 
Bccole gictdjmajiig ; bit ntdjt byeidjnc 
ten 2)wJjflasen fbib flumm, attjjrt y, 
tl)(>oflta)>tjlfa)et ©(bruit; 
rigleit nxam tan iPuntt [.] grfr^i 
roerben fomtte itnb etnlge befonbere" 
armefuhrtt Snbuttatn. 

I. fSocatt. 
A t)at flrtttt i)«f<&irtm( Saute, (2Jgl. 


1. a gletdj Walker's a: — Shl.de, 
Fain, Lly'er (gleldj bent beutftfceit (annen 

in Set, ffleet, aehen, bebr). 

2. X aleld) Walker's a: — Shad, Fan, 
Lamb (jntlfdjnt bent a unb a In ben 
aSBtttrn Samm, Batnmer). 

3. aflield) Walker's a»otr; —ShAre, 
Fair, Bear (mfe a in faring, JMfet obtr 
e In $«■). Sieftr afiein dm r fin) finbenbe 
8aut ift nur »on best engllfdjen Drtt)oe= 
Irfflen Perry * aU torn A betfdjteben be = 
geidjnet morben, obtvobt e$ eint effeitfun: 
btec!£E)atfad>eifi, baf b« Gfnffiifj beS r 
in ben jjalten, tuo eS in rein engltfdjtit 

factually changes the regular sound ofiober bud) ting (burg fttcn SB&tteru tiatjj a 

* It i« remarkable that mint of the Knglish 
urUiuijiiat* nave considered the discrluina 
Hon of thii sound KupErHuoim — at leaal 
theoretically. — Thus Walker asserts in hh 
Principles ($73) that a in tpade, lade, trade, 
i e. (1) founds exactly like that la (ear, 
wear, pear, lie (A) a ponttfon equally 

with tl 

Jv.inueJ In the same 

lung a In aplde, lade 
corresponded precisely tu the French 4 in 

etrir , ttte, Su-.. 

S& ijl mcrtraurbie, bnp bit mrtflen en B ' 

[ifdjen iDrtboepiften bie Srennuna bitfer Euufr 
(toetiiflftenS in bee Xhcorie) fir ilberflfiffig 
holtcn. So meint Walker (Principles, § 73), 
lade, spade, trade, ore. (a) louft gfltrtU 
aft bear, swear, pear. Sic. (a), 1Du6 anf 

tcmfelben iJrrifiiinK terobt, ale bie oort 
aufgeftcltte fSebuupntng, bap ce (tot n in 
tpade, lade, trade, fcc.) genan at it turn 
eaate bes [ranjBfifdjEii t in dtre, tete ubcr* 


the preceding a (at, ay) in pure English 
words as in stare, bare, dare, so likewise 
when the r is preceded by at' (ay), as 
in pair, air, fairy, in which it etymo- 
logieaHy belongs to the radical syllable. 
The frequent tendency in English to 
transform such words especially as 
are in daily use has transferred this 
change to other words which were 
more correctly spoken with the long 
snund of S; for instance Mary, Dairy, 
ic. unless we resort here to a middle 
sound, as we are frequently obliged 
to do. Although the letter r exerts 
this influence regularly, only where 
it stands in the same syllable with 
a (*>)}* yet an exception is formed 

X Sinlcftung. 

mit folgfitbtm fhimmtn e (rait share, 
bare, dare) obtr nod) ai (ay) (air, pair, 
fairy) fiebf unb etomdogifaj jttr. SSutjf 1= 
folbe gtbBrt, bra wa,drtd)ttn Saut M a 
(ai, ay) wirflid) BrranBfirt hot SXe im 
(frtglifrSrn fo baufigf. Slelguitg uefortbtrS 
alliagltrh grbraucblt unb baher ftitht btr 
JBrrfdjlrifung fid) blngeotnbe SBottt urn: 
jugtftaftm, hat bitfe SOtrinbmmg aua) 
attf anbtrc ubtrtragra, hit ricbtigrr btti 
gett-flbnltdjen rrflen a-Saut batten (Mary, 
Dairy, Ac), worn man nid)t bier, 
bitS fo oft nfltbfg fft, jit fin tin 
gjtitirttaut frint Sufntdjt ntbmtit will. — 
Obg(tt<& bitft @intt>irfung brS r rtgrl- 
mafjig nut bo ftottfutbtt, mo ti mit 
(ai) in turn Snlbt ftf&t,* fo bilbtn 

* Smart takes an erroneous view of tbii 
•nbject(aad 10 dots Mr. Voigtmamt, win 
inllont bun blindly and who, although hi 
■quid bin prescribe law* of pronunciatioi 
to tit English, Is 1 far from being no in 
dependent as be imagine* himself to be; 
• lien be s»y»: that this r effects the tame 
change upon all the vowels. It Is a well 
.ind long known fact that the English (as 
■ell u the Low-German) r has particularly 
in the middle and the end of words very 
much the aature of n vowel and hence in 
areleai prona Delation it takes the place 
either of one of the semi-vowela or vowels 
themselves. {Compare the child'* rhyme: 
Jrrtniak blew the fire [as If ftf-ah] In A 
Blue-coat Boy's Recollection* of Hertford 
School, by G. Wickbam; or the affected 
pronunciation of the Lord In the Pickwick 
Papers: GuacioniHeavens! I thought eveioj 
body bad seen the new mail -cart [caat, Ft.]; 
Hi the gestesst , pwettlest , giracefullct 
thing that ever [euva,^l]ujan upon wheels — 
painted wed, with a cweam piebald); or the 
Cockney inn", feller, cinder (or even sinner). 
Aianr, Idesr, polker, yer, Instead of fellow, 
■indow, drama, Idea, polka, yon; or how 
««yon(ye)[h6*-a|-yf))*Thlavowel element 
of r, which In prosody may hare even the 
force of aiyll able, pre Awes no aneh retrograde 
tlfect spun the otter long vowels, except In 
hum saands mentioned by Walker in chcer- 
*u, fearful, beard, fierce, plenw. tierce, Kc. 

' 8* ift eine falfdje »«IMtmfl her Butte, 
inn Smart (unb u)n nadjbctenb Dec but 
Sngldnbcitt Xu6fp«<be«<«.efr*t t>orfd)rei= 
nldjt fo filbftftanbis lit, n[6 er Fib) einMloet) 
mtitrt, bleft aSeranbernna bmirfe bat r bet 
Allen Sccaim. Qi iff tint lanafl btranntt 
Sadie, oaf ba* englifdjt t btfonbtrt in 3n* 
unb 'Suslaufe tint fefjr mt(d)e, faft i>ccalif$e 
Slofnr bat, babcr ee fid> in nmhlffffgcr Kue= 
f»rad)( flcrabtju in Sotale obtr oocfllortigr 
Gonronanten attflSft obcr an bit Gttllc anbtrtr 
Bocale tritt. (SSgl- ©t&uHnabtnreime nit 
Jeremiah, blow the tire [glcidjfam fi'-ah J in a 
-coat Boy's Recollections of Hertford 
School, byG. Wickham; obcr bit flffectirte 
XuSfpradje bee Lord's in ben ^irfwiSitrn : 
Guacions Heavenal I thought evewy body 
had seen the new mail cart [caat. Ft.); it's 
the neatest, puetti cat, gioacefullcit thing that 
everfeuua, Fl.] tean upon wheels — painted 
iced, with a cweam piebald; obtr bit Cock 
neyiinu feller, Hinder [obcr gar Dinner], 
dramer, idear, polker, yer ftatt fellow. 
window, drama, idea, polka, yon; obtr ho* 
are yon (ye) [how-aj-yi])! OtefeS OSCRliftbt 
element bee r, rctltbe* in ber fJrofobic fejat 
baB ©e'reitbt riner Snlbe betomnrn Eonn, bnt 
abtr anf ftlntrt ber anbtrn langcn Botalt, 
anfn betn crw^ljntm a unb ben fir[d)ctnnn> 
gm, bit Wslker bet cheerful, fearful, beard; 
fierce, pierce, tierce, ftu. traabnt (ogl. 
jtbO* heir, where, there, e'er, ne'er. Sic. mo 




by mayor and prayer, which art 
contracted in daily use into mart 
and prare; the former most fre- 
quently, the latter always. 

It is singular that Smart, who is 
otherwise so trustworthy, 
Walker Remtddied regards 
unheard -of to make a difference 
between the sonnd of a in payer, 
flayer and that in pair, fair, ihare, 
which difference is heard not only in 
New York, but everywhere where thi 
English language is spoken. 

Mr. Smart in his Principles of 
Pronunciation, p. VIII, 54. makes the 
following remark: — "It has b< 
said, there is a palpable difference 
between the vowel sound in payer, 
player, ilayer, and that in cars, fair, 
hair, thare. What difference may 
be made in New York I know not; 
but 1 know that none is made in 
London, nor can be made without 
that peculiar effect which showi 
effort to distinguish what in general 
is necessarily (indistinguishable. " 
May the author be permitted here 
to give but one instance — for the 
many proofs that might be alleged 
to the contrary on this subject 
from an excellent work: — "The 
Alphabet of Nature, or Contributions 
towards a more accurate analysis 
and symbolization of spoken sounds, 
by Alexander John Ellis, B. A,, Lon- 
don, 1845." Mr. Ellis, a gentleman 

bod) mayor unb prayer, bit fcrr affiiuj= 
lidjt (Srtraud) faft in mare unb prare 
lufosunrnjicht, ba« rrfhre frfjr baling, 
ba£ jtorite conflant QbuSnabnu. 

Sfflirftid? ftttfam ift rS, Yoata bn 
fottft fo jUDrrlafpgt Smart in fttnrm 
Walker Bemodelled a al$ unerfr&rt 
bttradbtct, einen UntrrfdjUb {Wtfdjtn b*m 

flout tn payer, slayer unb in 

pair, fair, share ju madjcit, ttxtn 

Urtltrfdjieb $% bod) nidjt btoS in 

York, fonbtrn abexail, no ®ng= 

lifd) grfbrodjrn tDtrb, Jclgt. 

$trr Smart fagt namiidj in feint n 
Principles of Pronunciation, @. VIII, 
54.: — „3Haittat9rfngt, bap fin bruts 
lia)er Urtttrfdjttb jtt>tf6>cn btnt S3dcoI- 
lautc in payer, player, slayer unb btm 
in care, fair, hair, share frf. aBrldjtr 
Untrrfd}itb in New York gfirtadjt \otx- 
btn mag, Wtlfj id) iiic^t; abtx id) rorifi, 
bafj (ciiifr in London gemadjr loirb obtr 
grmfldjt mrrbrti tbtmto, tbttt bit t igtn- 
ifjumlidjt ffiirfurtg, rvtlfy btm 33trfud>c 
folgt, tttoaS fur gftoo^nlid) fa)Ira)tbfn 
UiuwtrrftbfibonwS bfimodj gu untct; 
fdjtlben." ffifi mag btmJBtrfafftr trfaubl 
ftin, Ijicr nut tints son ben bitten 
Stifbidfn, bit birft 93cfcauptimg n?iber= 
Itgnt, auStinm trrflHo)raS8trft:—The 
Alphabet of Nature, or Contributions 
towards a more accurate analysis and 
symbolization of spoken sounds, by 
Alexander John Ellis, B. A., London, 
1845, atynfitbrtn. £trr Ellis, tin 
bfnfo frbarffiiuitgfr unb DomrtttiiS, 

(compare, bowerer, heir, where, there, e'cr,lbic XttSfprndje fllttd) * ift, obtr ous anttrtri 
■e'er,Acin which the pro nunciatlnn ti lite a, pit? tlidjt in crorternbfli (Bruntrn), riitfmii:: 
"■ lofwhicheannolbebereriiicimed). ttnbtn Sinfinf nnb IS ift $ bant a (tern bo6 

And it ll mere fine; to think nf di.tingqi.ning 
«-, fl-, to-, fa-. In the word* »c-i "" 
rimg, to -ry, th-ry front «- te. la 
final, total, fn-gltiTe, or with the fine-eared 
imitator of Smart Mr. Foigimann, to spedf* 
the vowel, in mere, are, pore, care, u being 
•foken otnerwiae thai the niual e, i, o, a. 

hi- fn *e-riont, firing. t< 
fn-rjr, eon btm le- *c. tnu-caat, final, 
to-tal, fn-gitivenntcrfibciDtn ju ncllra, obtr 
mitUrm fcinborisrll, freili* nor boa Smart 
naAtwpcnbm$crnt8oigtmiiBii, in mere, 
fire, pore, enre tin anbtK alt aenjtfbnlinj 
aasgefpeodjenee «, >, o, a btranejaftcnliircR. 




whose penetration and freedom from 
prejudice is only equalled by the 
actness of his investigation remarks 
p. -IU: — "Between a auil a is a broader 
sound of ft heard in the French words 
ckmt, ftU, pire, and, as we t 
the English words mare, diary, there, 
Ac. This sound we shall denote by i. 
Many persons consider the ; 
the English words just cited , to be ft, 
and others to be a 5110*1 diphthong" 
[the description of which may be found 
with Mr. Ellis, p. 85 ttieqq., in Smart' 
Principles, $ 54 j, "We shall content 
ourselves with drawing attention to 
the following comparisons : — player 
with the French flake; layer (one whi 
>atf*) with the Scotch sorV; 6«b 
(German) with bet (also German)." 
In accordance to this Mr. Ellis was fully 
justified in distinguishing (p. 51) the 
sound of a in pain (nfe, 33r*t) from the 
"palpably different" vowel sound in 
care, pear, there, pair (pers, errs, 
fait; fpr<id)t, brr, bet). 

4. a like the a of Walker, caUedby 
him the Italian a in the words Far, 
father, Sharp, Hark like the a in gar, 
trar, affectedly spoken with an incli- 
nation to a, bearing resemblance to the 
a in the word SDlorf as the inhabitants 
of Hamburgh pronounce it, 
elision of the r, similar to the English 
word mark, that is SWaof but somewhat 
more drawn and inclining to h (a). 

5. 3 (lying) between Walker's a (a) 
and a (a) , as in Staff, Haft, Example, 
Dance, Branch, Demand, Grant, 
Grass, Mask, Clasp, F&st, BUh. 
This sound of a (sometimes an, which 
is so frequently met with inoldEnglisu 
instead of a, compare aungel, chaunge, 
racrchaundice, balaunce, Ac. — This 

freler, ale Dorfidjtig fcrwfrnbrr fflsnn 
(agt bort @. 411 :— „3tctfdjfit ft unb a ffl 
fin treiterer Son M a, roeldjer in ben 
['vonj fif dj enJHJ Brtrni chine, fite,pht, unb 
naa) unfertr Slnfiifct, * in ben rnglififern 
fflortfti mare, chary, there, Ac gebort 
ii'irb. S)irfen Saut tterbrn icir iurdj 1; 
btjfidjnrn. SiMt btvcatttm biefeu (in 
brn eben nna/fufirim englifd)en SSortern 
borfinbfnben) fttut ali gletd) mit 
2fnbfR ali einen Oiutfi - 3>fyfet$ett: 
gen" [fcft Sim $tm\ Ellis, p. 85 u, figg. 
Smart $ 54 feiner Principles fee; 
firfcbfit rjfrb], „3Bir torrent un* 6e= 
gnugen, He SSufmrrffamffir auf folgenbe 
'-Urrglcitfiutigcn 311 lenfen: — player mit 
bem fcanj. pla&re, taytr (one who iayi) 
mit brm frficttffrfjen mir, im <Oeutf<&en 
bebr mit bet." JMt unttr fid) solt 
fommen gtefdjtn ?auie von pain, nit, 
fflert put* bahtr Jet $nxn Ellis, p. 51 
mit ffiedjt Don btn uitter fid) eomfalU 
ooUfonrmen qteidjen Sautert: — care, 
pear, there, pair (pere, tire, fait; 
fpraifit, ber, bet) getrrnnt worben. 

4. a glrid) brm Walker'fdjrn foge- 
namitm ita[ianifd)m a in Far, Father, 
Sharp, Mark role boa a in gar, 
war, mtt Itifrr 3CntJnuna won a, in 
gejlerter 9tebeh)etfe, etnm luie ber .&am= 
burger bal a in bent ilBorte: 9Snr( 
mit flibtrtem r gletd) bem englifdjflt 
SBorte mark fprtdjt, nfaditt) SWaaf 

mil itmai ntebr £>t&ming unb 
mebr .fjinneigimg junt a (S). 

5. 8 »»lfd)en bem Walker-fdjen a (ft) 
unb a (a) mitten itmeUegenb, in Staff, 
Haft , Example , Dance , Branch, 
Demand, Grant, Grass, Mask, Clftsp, 
Fast, BSth. SHefer Saut be! a Qu= 
meiltn nud) au, toai im 9IItengKfdjen fo 
fcaupg fftr a (trr)t , »gl. aungel, 
chaunge, mernhaandice, balaunce, Ac 

• Dr. Rapp (P*y»iologie 
ItLlf. 114) U of the **uc 

liasc. 2 <S. 174) ift tafeften ffiteimma. 

„ Google 

Intrwjuetiou. X 

ok being but a remnant of old ortho- 
graphy cannot be admitted to influence 
present pronunciation) this sound of 
a, I repeat, before ff, ft, mp, nc, nch, 
nd, nt, ss (s), * k (* c )> *P> st > tD » parti- 
cularly at the enrl of words is n< 
new discovery but something long 
known and confirmed by practice. 
W«- Mitford (compare Worcester's 
preface to bis tables in Webster's 
Dictionary) says in his Essay upi 
the Harmony of Languages (Londo 
1774): — "No English voice fails to 
express, no English ear to pereeive 
the difference between the sound 
of a in patting and panic*; no col 
loquial familiarity or hurry can 
substitute the one sound for the 
other." — Fulton and Knight only, 
previous to Worcester mark this 
sound as not being so short as 
in fat, as Walker and Jameson, nt 
so broad as the Italian « in fa 
as Perry, Stephen Jones,* Nan 
and others describe it Walker (Prii 
ciples of English Pronunciation, $ 79) 
disapproves of every middle sound as 
tending to render the pronunciation 
of the language obscure and inde- 
finite) but the best use decides the 
question which follows a medium be- 
tween the almost vulgar a, and the 
affected k (although this pronunciation 
is still often heard in good society, 
particularly among people of the so- 
called Old School). Smart justly 


unb suns, ale jufaUigcS ortbogritybU 
fd)fg Ufbrt&IrtifcI in abntirbtn fallen 
fur tie j>|tgt 3(uefcva<b> nidjt m 
"fltfifltb brttadjtft torrtra foHtc) 
ff, ft, mp, nc, nch, nd, nt, ss (s), 
sk (sc), sp, st, th, uuirt im 9lue= 
limit, tft (fine ntnc (srjmbnng, fonbmi 
ftiifdjirtrnt unb in btv ijkaris 
anerfonnfc Sbatfadje. WU1. Mitford 
JabtHt ir. in Webster), fagt unto: 
Qtnbern, in feintm SBfrfe, An Essay 
the Harmony of Languages 
(London, 1 774) :— "No English voice 
fails to express, no English ear to 
perceive the difference between the 
sound of a in panting and passive; 
no colloquial familiarity or hurry 
substitute the one sound for the 
ir." — Sftur Fulton unb Knight 
trjeidhnen Bor Worcester bifftn Saul ate 
nidjt fo furj trie a ttt fat, wit btfon= 
bere Walker unb Jameson, unb nidjt fo 
breit wit a in far, tt>tt Perry, Stephen 
Jones,* Nares u. 91. tbit btjttdjnrn. 
Walker trflSrt fidj (in fetnen Prin- 
ciples of English Pronunciation, $ 79) 
btfHmmt gfflEir jtbtn mitttln (taut, 
wril baburd) bit ©pradjt ibr ftfttfl 
Outage ttrelore, atlein bire tntfd)eib»t 
6« befit ©tbraud) ttt fid) j»ifdj*n 
brm gtmcin geworbmen a (obtvobl man 
cleft auefbvadjf nod) ganj bauftg in 
fltbitbfter ®cf«Hfd)aft befenberfl bit fo< 
groanntoi QUttn ©djule fiBct) unb fctm 
nffertittcn a bolt Smart fagt bitrubtr 

* Stephen loots says explicitly: — "To 
prevent, however, any misconception of my 
meaning In the nw of this toand, 1 
observed, that my fourth a (which 
ciJui with Talker's 1), though It it 
■ore open than the a In hat, stopi con- 
siderably short of the broad protracted 
pronunciation so commonly heard among 
the rustic and the vulgar, who say, fddlher, 

c4dlf,Mlf, sj-c" 

3it6tf brmerrt Stephen Jones ausbrUfr.- 
Ua)t — „Um jUFcthlnQcnijtui^mdncXtfidtiin 
fflejoa ouf ben (gcbraad) Sitfts EautoS raifecr- 
flonbrn ncrtt, fo fei bemcrft, bo$ mf in Dimes 
» (roflcbtfi mit 5 bet Walker utertinftimnit), 
Pbgltta) effmer alS bat a in hat, boo) btbea- 
tenboonberbrrften, IanagcbcfatcnXuefprai)f 
attferttt fft, wtldjc man fo biuflg mturSanb- 
Iratat anb btm gemctnrn Salt finbrt, nstU&r 

Hither, cMlf. hWlf. *c foam." 

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Introduction. X 

remarks in bis Principles of Pronun- 
ciation, which precede his Pronouncing 
Dictionary $ 1 1 : — "Walker is a bigot 
he allows of no compromise between 
the broad a, with which a vulgar 
mouth pronounces tut, and the souni 
narrower, if possible, than the a i 
at, with which an affected speaki 
minces the same word. Surely in 
case like this, there can be no harm 
in avoiding the censure of both par- 
ties by shunning the extreme that 
offends the taste of each;" Smart, 
however, though he affirms that this 
is the use of the best speakers , marks 
jil these words with 4, referring to 
| 1 1 so that this a in all cases in which 
it was previously pronounced a, re- 
quires an intermediate sound. Thi 
adoption of a distinct mark settles the 
matter at once and is justified by 
the precedents of Fulton A Knight 
and Worcester. 

The following is a list of thi 
words, which will not be unwelcome! 
to the reader. In some few cases in 
the dictionary itself, the a (a) has 
through oversight remained; henc< 
this tut is at the same time to h 
regarded as a corrective, 

A therefore appears: — 

I. Before ff, ft, or corresponding 
sounds, as in Chaff, Draff (DrSugh), 
Griff, Ingrtff, Staff (and of conrse 
all their compounds and derivatives 
as Picksttff, Packst&ff, and so 
through the whole list). On the 
thority of Mr. Worcester 1 have marked 
Hofogrfiph in the same manner, 
though it were scarcely necessary to 
mark the difference since the secondary 
accent is here so weak, especially 
as it is not employed in other words of 
the same termination (Autograph. 
&<■-)- In several instances Mr. Wor- 
cester gives this sound to words, which; 


In ortt Principles of Pronunciation, 
bit er frineni 91u&f"pr«cbr = aiSSrtt tbiidW 

anfq)i&, $ 1 1 : -"Walker is a bigot : 

allows of no compromise between 
the broad S, with which a vulgar 
itb pronounces ait, and the sound, 
, if possible, than the a in 
which an affected speaker 
e same word. Surely in a 
case like this, there can be no harm 

avoiding the censure of both par- 
ties by shunning the extreme that 
offends the taste of each ;" obglt id) abet 
Smart fobonn uerficbert, bap bire bet 
©tSraudi cm btfttn ®)>rta)rr fri, fo 
bfjeiebnet er boa) aUt jene SBurte mil 

wroeift flbrr ituf ben $ li, fo bap 
biffeS a tn alien gaum, wo tt ftfibfr 
a gefprocbeti luurbt, mit riltrnt WitttU 
taint ju fprfdjni ifl. JDu SSabl fined 
befciibcrni QtifynS iff naturttd) furjn: 
unb burd) ben &organg uuu Fulton 4 
Knight unb Worcester gertdjlftrligt. 

(56 folgt bin: em SUtrjfiojnift biefer 
aBBrttr, n>aS bent grfcr niu)t nmi'iff 
fentmtn feist with; in tintgeii fallen 
ift aiu) SStrfrbrn tin SBorttrbu** fel&ft 
9 (a) ftffitrt gebliebeii, bflbrr ifl bitftfl 
iSrrjtidjmfj jagltid) ale SBrrldjttginia 
ju fcrtracBttit. 

A trfdjeint nlfo; — 
I. £Bor ff, ft obex torrefvoiibrrtitbtn 
fcjutttt, mfe : — ChSff, Draff (Draugh), 
Graff, Ingraff, Staff (natfitlidj mid) bit 
bimnii 3 ufamtnen gefe^ten obtt Wigt- 
[eitcten, Uiie Pick'stSff, Pack'staff, Ac, 
loaS fiir baa gatijf SBrtjfidjnijj gilt); 
mit Worcester boot id) nod) Hof- 
>gr&ph angmommm, o6tuofjl, ba birr 
brr ftnmbare Accent nur frhmadj ift, 
bit abwetujenbt JBtjtu&itung taum no; 
tbig tcdre, jumal tie fonft in brr (Sn= 
bung -graph (Autograph, Ac.) nicbt 
tingtfubrt ift; tinigtmatt fd)r«6t Wor- 
cester birftn Sunt SBurtrvn ju, bit 
fonfl, wetm fit ben ^auptton ba&tn. 




when they are accented, are marked 
with a (J) as:— Horae'laugh, Moon'cSJf 
[ — 'kaf], as the broad sound of " 
seems, in general, to have a tendency 
towards the sound of ft, compareSmart, 
C 132. Add to these:— Abtift', Aft, 
After, Craft (Han'dicraft.Priesfcraft, 
Ac), Draft (Draught), Graft (Ingraft', 
Regr3ft',4c), Htft, Baft, Shaft, Waft. 

2. Before mp: — To Champ, 
Example, and the contracted forms 
Sample (Sam'pler). 

3. Before nee (ns), nch, nd, nt: — 
Advance', Chance, Chan'cel, Chan'- 
cellor, Chan'cery, -Dance, To EI8nce*, 
To Enhance', France, Glance, Lance, 
Mum'ch&nce , Perchance', Prance, 
Romance', Trance, to be added An'- 
■wer; To Blanch, Branch, To Lftnch, 
Planch, To Scranch, Unstanched' " 
To Command', To Countermand', 
To Demand', To Remind', To ~ 
prim&nd', Alessan'dria, AlexBn'dria,** 
ChSn'dler(Com'chandler,&c.), Chan'- 
dlery, ChaoMry, Flan'ders, GhWdeM, 
Slftn'der, Ant, AdvSn'ta S e (Disadvan' 
tage, 4c), To Chftnt, To Enchanf 
(To Disenchant', 4c), GallSnf, To 
Grant, To Pant,-" Slant. 

mit a (a), 6ci«<f)tift jlno, »le: — 
Horsclangb, Moon'calf [—flJi], tui* 
iiberbauUf bet crcite ii-Siiiit jin) imnirr 
mebr b(m S-Saut binjiuieigcn fefietut, 
ef. Smart, $ 122. ffetittt: — Abaft', 
Aft, After, Craft (Handicraft, Priest'- 
:raft, 4c), Draft (Draught), Graft 
(Ingraft', Regraft', 4c), Haft, Raft , 

shaft, wart. 

2. S8bt mp : — To Champ, Example 
b bit grfuqttn gormtn Sample 

(Sam'pler). # 

3. SBet nee (ns), nch, nd, nt: — 
Advance', Chance, Chan'cel, Chan- 
cellor, Chan'cery, Dance, To EUnce', 
To Enhance*, France, Glance, Lance, 
Mum/chance , Perchance', Prince, 
Romance*, Trance, fcttrjll triit An'- 
swer ; Te Blanch, Branch, To Lftnch, 

pUnch, To Scrinch, Unstanched'; * 
To Command', To Countermand', 
To Demand', To Remand', To Re- 
primand', Alessan'dria, AlexSn'dria,** 
ChSn'dler, (Coru'chandler, 4c),Chan'- 
dlery, Chan'dry, Flan'ders, Gktn'ders, 
SlSii'der, Ant, Ad via' tage (Disadvaii'- 
tage, 4c), To ChSnt, To Enchant' 
(To Disenchant', 4c), Gallant', To 
GrBnt, To Pant,*** Slant. 

a. Beforess(s), sk(sc), sp.st: — I 4. 93« ss (s), sk (sc), sp, at: — 
AUu/, To Amass', Ass, Bass (a fish) J Alas', To Amass', Ass, Biss (all 
Brass, Class, Glass, Grass (Knot'- Bgifcb), Brass, Class, Glass, Grass 
grass, 4c), I'singlass, L«ss, Mass, | (Knot 'grass , 4c), I'singlass, Lass, 

* To Lflnch, To 9tr3nr.li 
ferred to Launch, Scriancb [llmh, skrSnili, 
Walker] ; the limple of UDtfanched' baa beet 
marked Stanch, although the orthographic 
difference It of do importance ai tam already 
been remarked (p. XXI noder J); on the 
wot in To Craanch, Dtaogb, To Com 
nand, *c. compare Smart, § 122. 

' To Lanch, To Sertnch Rnb jrbod) anf 
Launch, Scrannch oer&fefen [lliuh, nkiiuth. 
Walker]; ba$ «mplel colt Uostfinched' ifi 
stanch bejrldjnet wrt both niQ bcr ortbogra- 
ptifihe Untcrfajitb, wit f^oa ob«t (B. XXI 
unttr *) anarteow, eigcHllidj nidjts befagen, 
"""" fibtr To Cranoch, Drasgh, To Con- 
' *& Smart, § 122. 

The pronunciation of thia word ii ** <Bct Ctcfcm (Boric fdjwanft Jtben) btr 
vacillating. Worcester glTei both Id different fllebranih. Worcester giebt an Vtr[d)i(brncn 
places. The aaate applie* to Tcherktak' Drfen brioc TfuSfpradjni. Ea&fclbf gilt vrrn 
'„Tch erksafj. [Tdter kantf (Tcaerklak' ). 

■" Flint according to Smart, .te § II. I *" Plant Bad) tSwitrt, fitbc £ II. 

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Massive, MaVsy, Pass (Impas'sable, 
T» Surpass 1 , To Repass', Pas'sage, 
rWover, Ac); To Ask, To Bask, 
BSsTtet, CSsk (To IncSsk', Ac), 
CAs'ket, Damas'kus, Flask, FlaVket, 
Mask (To Bemask', To Dismask', 
To Immaak', Ac), Rascal, Task; To 
Clasp CTo Inclasc/, Ac), To Engrasp' 
Tn Ei&s'perate , Gasp, Grttsp, Hasp, 
Rasp, Ras'pbprry, prrmincially Wasp 
occurs, although the influence of w 
brings it under the rule of being 
pronounced wSsp ; Aghast' (Agaat*), 
AlabaVter, Avast 1 , BaVtard, Blast, 
RoiuT>3st (To Bombast/; Ac), To 
Cast (To Forecast 1 , To Miscast', 
Mole'cBst, To Overcasf, Ac), Caste, 
CaVtle (Fore'castle, Ac). Con'trast 
(To Contrast 1 , Ac), DaVtard, Devls' 
tate,I>isaVter,Frf*leaias'tes,Ecdesias l 
tic, ElaVtic,' To EmplaVter, Fast 
(HoWfast, Ac), Ghtsl'Iy (GSst'ly), 
Lust (in all its significations and 
dentations, Las'tagc, Ac), Mist (To 
Dismast 1 , Fore'mflst , Ac), MsVtcr 
(Berg/master, Taskmaster, Ac), 
MaVthT, NaVty, Past (Pas'time, Ac), 
P»s'tor(Pa«toral,£c), PaVture, Plas'- 
ter, Repast/, SbsVter, Vast. 

5. Before th: - Bath, Lath, Path, 
marked by Smart with Walker's a. (a). 

This large number of words shows 
haw widely extended the sound is, 
and that it well deserves a special 
mark distinctive from the others. 

In such numerous transitions ol 
sound, however, especially where the 

IV Stnlettimg. 

Mass, Mas'sive, H&Vsy, Pass (Impas's- 
able , To Surpass', To Repass', 
Pas'sage, PWover, Ac); ( To Ask, 
" " Ik, BaVket, Cask (To Incask', 
Ac), Cas/ket, Damas'kus, Flask, 
Flas'ket, Mask (To Beiuask', To 
Dismask', To Immask', Ac) , Ras'cal, 
Task; To Clasp (To Inclasp', Ac), 
To Engr&sp', To Exasperate, C&sp, 
Grasp, Hasp, Rasp, RaSpberry, fcro- 
Luiijifll finbrt fi<6 aud) Wasp, obfdjen 
bin btr Stnflujj btfl w bit 3[ii8fVrad)t 
wfisp jut SttQtl gtmadjt f)at; Aghast' 
(Agasf), AlabSs'ter, Avast', Bas'tard, 
Blast, Bom'bast (To Bombast/, Ac), 
To Cist (To Forecast 1 , To Miscast', 
Mole/cast, To Overcasf, Ac) , Caste, 
CaVtle (Fore'castle, Ac), Con'trSst 
(To Contrast 1 , Ac), DSVtard, Devfts'- 
tate, Disaster, EcciesiiVtes, KcclesiSs'- 
ElSs'tic,* To Empl&s'ter, Fast 
(Hold'fast, Ac), Gh&st'ly (GSst'ly), 
Last (tn alttn SB tb tut u tig tn unb 'JJb, 
Wtimgen, LaVtage, Ac), Mast (To 
Dismast', Fore'mast, Ac), MaVter 
( Berg'niaster , Taskmaster , Ac), 
Mfts'tiff, NSs/ty, Past (Pas'time, Ac), 
Pas'tor(Pas'toral, Ac), Pas'ture, PlaV- 
ter, RepSst', Shas'ter, Vast. 

5. JOor th:— Bath, Lath, Path, 
it Smart mit Walker'* a (a) lj[grid)«rt. 
©ttftgregtOTtngt bonffiSrttrnjM'fl.t, 
wit Mrtwttrt bltftr Snut i(i, unb ia$ « 
>fil cine 6(fonbere, «on btn anbrcn 8nu= 
ttti btrfd)icbtnt S9rjfie&nunfl wrbieni. 
<$.$ fann frtilid) 6ei foldjtn utaffnu 
ft«i Ue6«gang*n cintS iautti, it: 

' Tie termination aVtlc (Emptas'tlc 
FantsVtis, See.) U not general!} clawed here 
because (hew wordi have not gained se Ann 
i routing [■ the language of tha people, that 
tkeir pronosclation hai become auimilated 
tn lkmc»orda.(CanipareCHi'tanets,ZoraiU' 
If r, Ac) The English pronunciation It mnat 
be remembered, is, in many uiei purely 

i * Db»o v l Ci« Onbfntbt Is'tlc fotift (nic 
[Emplili'tic, FinUi'tic, &c) bUnwn ausgc 
[djlcfjcn i|t , nefl bicfe SBtrttr no<b nitbt fo 
in bit fBcIfgntafle Rngcbrnngtn finb, ba^ 
tfjrc Zusfprmfcc fid) jenrn SBfirtcm «fH= 

milivt. (»JflI. CnVtanet*. Zoroaster, *c.) 

Sod) bat aud) fSiQrubr in Seftimmnng 
str tnglifditn ICneffratbc cin axefct geft.. 

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period of transition is not fully 
past (as appears from the words 
Horselaugh, Moon'c&lf, and the 
slant influence of conversational 
language), there must necessarily 
be more or less wavering, and 
while a number of words are fixed 
aml ( grounded in the new sound, 
others are, as it were, on the borders 
of the new law, not being able to 
free themselves entirely from other 

6. a like Walker's a, the so-called 
broad German a in Law, Fall. 
Warm, Wa'ter, answering nearly 01 
quite the German provincial a, 
especially in Lower Saxony as in 
the affirmative particle: ^Q, tallying 
with the nautical term: yaw. 

7. a only in unaccented syllables 
like Walker's unaccented a , 
nearly the same as e, i, o, u, y 
words like Li'ar, SoPace, Thorn 
Ri'val, Ab'bacy, Mon'arch, very 
mifar to the obscure German i 
©anger, Sfiet. 

This long list of sounds may appear 
very formidable to the beginner, but 
the frequent agreement in the signs 
with the corresponding sonnds of the 
other vowels will wear away the diffi- 
culty in a short time, especially by 
means of the explanation given 
difficult cases in parentheses. 

II. E. ). e like Walker's long e 
Me, Mfere, Me J tre, Sheep (here a an 
typographical inconvenience occu 
from necessity by marking the double 
ee), answering the long German i, 
(or if) in mir, >{«, OTtenr, Ac. 

2. 8 like Walker's short I in Hen. 
MR, Le"t; like the German short . 
in fett, SBett, Ac 

3. £ like a,occursonly in certain cases: 
— Heir, ThSre, Whgre, and answers 
the broad German t inber, tan 

LVI Sutfettung. 

fonbers" wtnti btefe $eriobt bt$ lltbtts 
gangt* nod) nidit «8Uig botubrt ift (uitb 
bftS ftbeinrn Stfjfldjnungett wit Horsc'- 
l&ugh, Moon'c&lf unb bev unaufbaltfnm 
foriniiif enbt (Sinftuji b« UmgaitgSfm-aajc 
ju btrotifcn), (6!annbffrbtialfi>®d)njaii- 
fung nidjt noil ftbltn unb mSbttitb tint 
Qtttjabl uon SBSrttrn btfttmmt urtb un= 
abfotiSItd) firB btfl noitn finuteB btinflifi; 
tint, fdbhHJJift tint anbrtc git idjfani an btl 
@ctnje btr ntutn JBtgel unb famr fid) 
animn (Einffufftn nia)t »3tfig mljirljrit. 
6. a glcitf) Walker's a, btm fogr= 
nonitten brtiftn, btutfujcn a in Law, 
Fall, Warm, Wa'ter, gltid) bf m brutfdjffl 
langtn, bn>uinjicQm ifaut btS a, wit be - 
fonbtrt in SRlrfcrefadjferi j. £B. in brr 
Sffrnnatib=SP«tiffI: 3*, bit bem nigs 
UfdW SttauSbrurf: yaw ttirf»ri4)t. 

I. a nur in un&ttoatm Sutfeni, 
Itid) btm tontoftn a btS Walker uitb 

fflft gttiifj mft e, i, 9, u, y, in 2B6rttrit 
tt>it Li'ar, Sol'ace, Thom'as, Bi'val, 
Ab'bacy, Mon'arch, jfemlid) gieid) btut 
bumpf auSgtfptoifitnnt t im bfuffnjtn: 
®anget, Stier. 

Obgltfu) bttft langt Stftt btm M11- 
fanga febr. brobtrtb audftbtu mag, fo 
roirb bod) bit bauflgs Utbtrtinftimmuiig 
bti S8t s tidjnung mit btn corrtfbonbrnn: 
btn Sauttn anbmr ffiotalt bit ©d)n>te= 
rigfdt balb mirtbrrn, juntal in ({fth'ir 
vigertn %ali.tn, bit in flhrrntbtft biti- 
jugtfugte (Srftaruttg ju ^ulff fonimt 

II. E. 1. e gltiaj Walker's langtm 
in Me, Here, Me'tre, Sheep (fjitr 

ift tin gtringtt hjaograeljifdjrv. lltfctl: 
fianb bee batobtltf ftatt btS tuifaijtn 
©trid)e), gltid) btm btutfdjtn langtn i 
(obrr it), in mir, 6jev, Mient, it. 

1. 5 gltid) Walker's fuqtm 1! in 
Hen, VKt, Let; ift glttd) btnt btutfdjtn 
fuvjtn f, in fett, Sett, 11. 

3. 4 gleid) a, (ommt nur. in tinigtn S'a' ; 
Idi nor: — Heir.Thdre, Where; tnt; 
fVridjt btm btutfdjtn 6rt ittn t in Btr,i»er ic. 




4. e ocean only before r final as in 
Her, Herd, Fern, VeVnal, PeVsonal"- 
ity, or when a consonant follows r 
in the primary or secondary accent 
(with the exception of r itself: 
CheVry, MeVry — when it does 
ii nt belong to a syllable of flexion 
as in DefeVrer). It has an obtuse 
• mind somewhat fuller than the 
unaccented German t in iSattx, 
nearly like o in ftfrtia., hence when 
not accented it becomes e, and is 
scarcely to be distinguished from '> 
or ii in analogous cases. 

5. 8 like Walker's I, only some- 5. 6 gtndi Walker'* I, obtr brm 
r btutfdjtn unbftottttn i, nur trhwS 

foinrat nuv bov r 1m WuSluutc 
ofact iBOtn auf nrintat obtr fnunbat 
bttontcS r tin Konfonant (r ftlbjl «U$= 
gtnontmen : — CheVry, MeVry — tutnn 
ti nirtit role in DeTer'rer jur (JftrlimB; 
fettt S^6t*0 frfgt, (K Her, Herd, 
VeVnal, PeVsonaTity. (Sfl 
tint ritwn bumpftn , ttluoi solftrtn 
2uut, nlfl baS uubttontt btutfcbr t in 
33«ter, fofi row 8 in fiotrfn, bnbtt 
auftt btm 'Accftit in e u6ergrt>t 
(S3 unltrfdjtibtt fid) fafl gar nidjt uon 
en fn nnologm galltn fttbtnbtii i 

what less distinct, as it is 
accented, occurs frequently at the 
end of syllables immediately before 
the accent (almost without excep- 
tion in the inseparable prefixes 
E-, Be-, De-, Be-, Se- ( as: — 
Event*, Bequest/, Detest', Redress', 
Secern', 4c), DefeVrer, Redee- 
mer, Ac See above page XVII. 

8. e like a, which it very nearly 
resembles in sound (like the short 
German t in Stater, Seder, Ac), 
occurring only in unaccented, espe- 
cially in final syllables, as DefeVrer. 
Rebulter, Redeemer, Fervers'e; it is 
less obtuse before other consonants 
than r, and varies from 8 merely 
in quantity-, compare Pen'tagon, 
Pentas/onal, SpeYtre, Specta'tor. 

III. I. I. I like Walker's long I 
(German rt in geinb), in Pine, Fine, 
Fore, Brfer, Prish, Site. 

■2. I like Walker's short I (G< 
i in giltrtt, JHiWO, in PTu, Fin, Cliff, 
Mu/ror, ShrVer. 

3. I like e in Marine 1 , Shire, 
Machine*, .Antique [antlk*], or like th< 
lung sound of the German I or if ii 
marine, ORafdjin*, £Bier, ©djiefer. 

1. i occurs only before r in the 

furjer, ba eS fttti anfer btm iKcctnt 
liegt, brfonberS uiimitttlbnr bov itm= 
[tlbm In offtnrt Selbt, b. b. iwnn ti 
bit ©ttlbt ftfelicfit (babtr fafl obnt «u«- 
nabme In btn untrtnitbtmn SBorfulbtn 
E-, Be-, De-, Re-, Se-, wit in: — 
Event*, Bequest', Detest', Redress', 
Secern', Ac), DefeVrer, Redeemer, 
ba3 often ©. XVII ©tfagtf. 
jie a, btm ti in btr f Hui- 
fpradie ffbr nabe fommt, tuft bag be utfdjt 
unbttontt t in Seder, JDttret, it., nut in 
unbttonttn , btfonbtrJ (Sub - ©ujfttn, 
role DeTer'rer, Rebalter, RcdccWr, 
Pervers'e -, nidji aanj fo buwpf ifi tt \>ot 
anbtrtn ftonfonanttn ali r, unb tiatnt= 
lidj nur quantitatis von e uerfdjiebtn; 
»al. PKn'tagon, Pentagonal, SpeVtre, 

III. I. 1. I gltid) Walker's langeni 
1 (obet btm btutfdjtn tf in geinb) : — 
Pine, Fine, Fire, BrrV, I'rish, Sire. 

Itfdj Walker's furjeni 1 (obtr 
btm btutftbtn i in ginne, Jtltiuw) : — 
Pin, Fin, CUff, Mirror, SWvVr. 

3. I gltid) e in Marine', Shire, 
Machine*, Antique [antlk'J, obtr btm 
bt litfdjHt aebtbnlm Saut bco i obtr it, in 

gjiflritK, aHofajiitt, isier, @<bief«. 

i nur mv r, in btnfdbtn gi'Ucn 

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Introduction. X? 

tame cases as e: — Fir, Sir, Bird 
SfirVer; contrary to this rule (com- 
pare e) are Squirrel, SfiVrup, Sir'up 
(also Paneg)Vjc)-, MVacle", Spirit, 
formerly pronounced Mir'acle, Sp'ir'jt. 
have conformed to the regular sound, 
Smart expresses the hope § 1 1 5 that 
the same will take place in time with 
Squirrel and Panegyric, as instead 
of Syr'np (sir'up) the pronunciation 
Sir'up with Y is acknowledged by 
good speakers. 

5. j occurs, like $ and e, only ii 
unaccented syllables, and is before r (ir) 
very much like the obtuse er, or false 
yr): — EKiV (Martyr), Vjrgln'ja; it 
most instances it differs from I ir 
quantity only: — DjgreVsive, JnteV- 
tine, JinmTjr.ibil'ity. 

IV. O. I. 5 like Walker's long 
ft (German long p in JDflf, 9tO% Ac), 
in No, Note, Tone, SOre, O'rient, 
To'ry, Tom, Warn. 

2. o like Walker's short 6 in Not, 
SoYel, TSYrent, nearly answers to 
the short German o as in 8»ttc, 40t- 
tentfltt, SprniflfT, Ac. 

3. o like Walker's A (the Ger- 
man u in @tlt$I, ©rubr, JBrUbtc) as 
in Hove, Prove, Cool, Soon, Boor, 

4.5 UkeWalker'sbroadAanswering 
a l» ; found before r, as in Nor, Sor- 
did, Or^dcr (in German a middle sound 
between o in 91orb and a in -faor)- 

5. 6 like Walker's ft as in Son, 
Dilne, SOme, BiVoiigh [bfirti], Love, 
MothVr, Ac* (Compare ii p. XXXII.) 

VIII Wtfeftutig. 

mtr e : — Fir, Sir, Bird, Stirrer ; tegeU 
mibrig (Ogi. e) fmb SquVrel, Stir'- 
mp, SiVup (rtoifo PSnegjVjc); Mft / 
acle, Spirit, h>fld)f audj fruftre MiV- 
acle, Spirit lautttnt, habtn fid) bem 
rrgcrma^tgrn Sunt }ugcn>anbt; Smart 
foridjt $ .115 lit ^pffiiuna auS, bap 
baSfdbt bti Squirrel, Panegyric mil 
b<r Qtlt rrfolgtn hitrbc, njit ntoeii bet 
OluSftnadje Syr'np (sfirtip), bit wit 
t (Sir'up) uon flutflt ©brrdjfm 6crcit3 
anrrfannt tft 

' 5. | ftc$t wie a unb c nut in mi- 
Dttonten ©Ijlbfit unb fomml tttt r (ir) 
term buinVfm er, ur ji.'uilidi glricrj 
mdt baujiger abet ift cfl nut quan = 
titatio son V wrfdjiebtn: — Djgres'- 
sive, InleVtine, Immlscibffity. 

IV." 0. 1. aieiflj Walker's lanarni 
o (cb« brm btutfdjtn langtri o In Dljr, 
9tO$, It), In NO, Note, Tone, Sore, 
O'rignt, Tfl'ry, Tfirn, Worn. 

2. oglcllfc Walked rurjfm6inNrjt, 
SoYel, TSYrent, fommt brat bmtfdjru 
Eurj abgrfloptiicn o, j. SB. n>tt in Sottr, 
£ott(ittott, Sorrtiffrr, it. jiemlid) flleidj. 

3. o glfi* Walker's bunfrln o (AA) 
(obre brm btutfdjen langrn u in: — 
Stnbl, ©rafrf, SBrttbtv), in Hove, 
Prove, Cool, Socio, Boor. 

4. 6 glri* Walker's brrltriu A , mi. 
fn«B)rnbtt(&); tt finbtt fldj »«r: — 
Nor, S6Ydid, Or'dcr ((in SHittrKaiir 
jhiifrjm d in Diovb unb a in $(tav). 

jltidj u (Walker's fi) in S&«, 
DOnc, Some, BOrtSugb [biii'o]. Love, 
MOth'er, 4c* (fflfll. tt 6. XXXII.) 

* The following if a lilt of words in which 
this Irregular aound of o Is foond. It may 
be regarded ai a completion of Nares'i 11*1 
given by Walker in hi. "Principle*" g 165 
the word* are arranged according to the 
various cases fn which the lound ocean. 
Thence it becomes clear that the reason 

* 8s folat v icr tin eeridibaif b« WSrter, 
in tentn o ottfen abmeiibcntieR taut bat. fie 
fann aU ScrtcUllttntignng ttl sen Walker 
(Principles, j 165) milgctSffllcli Narea'frhtn 
BniGid>nifTrt birncn nab ift nmt ben vrr> 
fdjicbentn goQcn gccrtnrt, to bmra rt err- 
(rmmt. Si mirb lataai btatlio), ba| bet 




6. 9 like a, ?, i, occurs only in[] 6. 9 fliljt Wit a, e, i nut In nn= 
unaccented syllables and, precisely like 1 urtotitf 11 ©ijlbrrt unb gang uit fent fit 

llicse, more obtuse than usual in final Snb = @0en, bcfonbevB uov r,^tthjaS 
•tlUMea, particularly before r (quite! bumpfre (gonj flinch iir: — Ac/tor, 

K-igntd by Smart (Print Intel, § 1 16> for thi 
partial explanation of tail irregularity (viz 
!bi » effects a change in the vowel follow 
iHE'. — son, wonder, worry, 1 
:i|i[i lies (o but a very small number. It would 
it- Burc nlional to explain this h 
htm lie influence of the folios 
mnant», particularly labiaii and similar 
Titers, a* th, before which it ii most fre 
iiimtlj found. Thia lilt, like tbe preceding 
int. corrects the dictionary in a few in- 
ternee*, which are not, however, of impur- 
lun. Ai Smart justly remarks In regard 
In Iliii sound, that "the force of the 
f-.ntral rule (which would require the 
hiinrt sound [I]) will now and tben detach 
1 straggler, nud if tbe word frequently 
■'it on, reduce it at last to regularity. 
There waa a time," he proceeds, "when 
'o'vrtig* and comrade were always pro- 
moncea. with the as abort u; bnt lince 
tbe former word haa been the name of ■ 
current coin , tbe regular aonnd of tbe bn 
beta getting into nae, and biiii fair to b 
■:wj|iletely established. Tbe word Cam 
brbap to thia class; bnt in. alow iolemn| 
■tteriace may bare the regular sound 
•." — It will be observed in looking over 
<>t liii, that the pronunciation varies 
■ scleral words, in othera tbe n haa 
been Hbatitated, aa Luff instead of Loof, 
Dungeon instead or Donjon, Mummery, 
Kuaace, *c 

Oi I. CocaineaK, according to Sheridan, 
»**«. Perry Fulton * Knight, Knowlen 
"id Gilbert'! Etymological * Pronouncing 
liiaionary (1846), bat Stephen Jones, 
Meld, Jaieeaon, Smart, Webster and 
Worcester decide in favour of the more 
usal pi oatiu elation Cochineal'. 

t Before d in Blood, Flood, To COd/dle 
('- e. To Hog). 

!. Before t (as a vulgar exception) in Soot, 
according to Sheridan, Naret, Perry, Keorick, 
*" lehiatoa, instead of the regular pronun- 
'■.iiioiiaf.lt; Wot, after ElpMnstoo, inatead 
"• ike etttMahed pronnnclation wilt. 

*. Before I In Cfil'our (its compnnnds and 
nerifathea, which equally applies to all the 

fflrttnb, ben Smart (Principles, $ llti) jitt 
tbeilwcifm grfldruno. oitftr nbrotidjcnbtn 6r. 
frtji'inurtg anfubrt (ndmlia) bap w attf ben fiU 
gotten BJoeoI dnbentb enrafrfc won, wonder, 
worry, one, *«.), nut fur tint b(d)ft gcriiige 
3Cn t abI auSrcidjtj befir tft a, btefen o-Eaut 
iu6 ban, Sinflnf foigenfcer Confonantcn in 
:rfldrrn unb namnttlub bcr Ktppm* nub £bn> 
lidjct SBu<bffa!i.ii, nic th, nor benrn cr fid) am 
bauftflften finbet. 3 ad) nad) t iff cm Scrjeut= 
nifft fino cfnige roenigt SBeifpicle im SBdrtcr= 
buibe ftlbft )u bctidjtigtn, bod) bctrifft bits 

imcftntlutt "giXti nic bm ubtrbauut 

frbr ritbtig fagt, bap bit ©croalt bet 
fcaupttegel (n>(Id>e ten ge»o&nHu>en fl-Snut 
[o] Erforbtm nurbr) bann unb mann etnen 
Kadjjiigler btr Unttatlmaf igfeit tntrcif c unb 
bet bdufigcm Sortoranim cnblia) nam rrgrl» 
nfifig madje. ,,Ss gab cine 3eit," fctbrt cr 

S j rt, „ror sovereign anb comrade ficIC mil If m 
-Enure auEgcftrodjcn rourbenj aba ftit bae 
crfttreSBortberSBint tinrrainflbartnOTunse 
Hi'toorbra, tft tic Katunaf>lgt Xnefpracbe «H« 
mJlig in Qbttraad) fletommen unb fthttnt burcb- 
aus attf bent SSrae fid) fcfijufc»en. Cony, teas 
aua) ja bicfer Ginffc gctcrt, bat bet tanafumrt 
fcirrlicbcr ^nsfpran)( ben Tegclmd^igdi caut." 
— 3nt ecrjtidjniffr felbft totrb man tSttegtn-- 
beit tibrn m bemcrtcn, baf bet mcbrcrcnSHor- 
tcrn bicft e a) roan fun g bcitfdjt, anberc and) 
binftger gcrabt|n mit u gefdjricben roevben, 
rate Laff fiat! Loof, Dangeon ftatt Donjon, 
"ammery, Rummage, tc. 

6: l.Cochlneal'.ntbdtbiefCKOonStephen 
Jones, Enfield, Jameson, Smart, Webster unb 
Worcester uerlrctcntn caut ftnbct fidj aua) 
bri Sheridan, Walker, Perry, Fulton unb 
Knight, Kuowlei, unb ncufiir^cii in Gilbert's 
Et) mo logical A Pronouncing Dictionary 
(1846): cochineal'. 

2. 8or d in Bluod, Flood, To COifdle 
(i. «. To Bng). 

3. Sot t (flrmttn unb nnr auSnabmsrocifc) 
in SDot, naa) Sheridan, Nares, Perry, 
KcnricL. W. Johnston; ftatt bco Ttgtlria)' 
tigen sat; Wot, nan) Elpbinston, ftatt bes 
allacmcin angenimmcncn wot. 

4. But I taCWow (f(tntn3ufannuettftt)un. 
n unb 2blt itungen, nas natfitlidj nam alts 




Bke qr, aainXc'tflr, D5c't9r); other-IIDSe'lgr), ulfl fottfl, luo t9 jto) nur 
wise Tarying from short 8 merely in per Ouantftat nail Bon S imterfrbr i - 
quantity: — Concoct', Contorf,|krt : — Concoct 1 , Contort*, CBm'- 
CBm'promn, Obtest 1 , OppQ'nent. flpromlt, Obtest', OppO'nent. 

following), To Decofornte, DccfirWtii 
To Dtscol'oor, ic. 

5. Before n: — a) in DBne, None, Ton 
foftcner Tim), Wfln; J) In Cftn'ey, Hfln'ev, 
Mun'ey ; On'ion, ROn'ion (compareRunnion) 
SbSne (after Perry, other wise gen erally abfir 
or shun); c) nd: — COn'duit (generally pro 
aounced kiln'dit , only Sheridan baa kon'dw[t 
and Enfield kBn'djt), LOn'don,Lon'donder l 'ry 
MBn'day, Sfin'day, Son'dry (instead of tb< 
usual orthography: Sunday, Sundry), Wflo'- 
der; J) iig, nk: — Amo'iig', Amongst*, MBng'- 
corn, MOn'ger (and compounds), MOn'grel, 
Munk, Hon'key, Spfink (usually Spnnk), 
Tongse, Yonlcer instead of the 
Younker; e) before nj (ng): — Allonge', 
To Con'jure, DOn'jon (more usual Dungeon), 
Lflnge (alio Lunge), Sponge (more fre- 
quently Sponge); /) nil, nt, nth: — CAn'- 
itable; Affront', *o, A-fronf, EtfrOn'tcry, 
Front (almost all the orthoepisti are in 
favour of this pronunciation, yet Sheridan 
and Smith prefer that of frSat, while Scott, 
Nnrei nnd Walker do not object to acknow- 
ledge It; Knowlei merely glvci front, but 
observes; — this word it vulgarly (I) cor- 
rupted into frwit, bat I prefer restoring the 
correct pronunciation), HOnl, obiolete in- 
stead of Runt the present DautU orthography, 
Wont, Unwon'ted, Month. 

6. Before r: — Borage, BbVough (cum 
pare burrow), Mflr'aj (proper name), Thflr'- 
oogb, Ac., To WOrty; when ■ consonant 
succeeds r, it submit* to the mutation men- 
tioned in e and i (4) that is 6 in changed 
Into u, yet there Is so little dihTerence be- 
tween and u that Worcester frequently 
Biei thera Indiscriminately, especially In 
unaccented syllables; compare Work (wfirk), 
Wort (wurt). Worth (wfirth), Worm (wurm), 
ic. with CouirterwGrk, Frame'work, Fret'- 
wOrk, Frost/work, Han'diwOrk, OufwOrks, 
Stone'wurk, Un'derwdrk, To Underwork' 
Wai'work, Tbo Hough wort, Bui'wdrth, Pen' 
nywOrth, Mon'ey > worth , Worthy (worthy) 
by the aids of Un worthy, Muck'worm, Whor'- 
tleberty, tc; in such rases, tbe mark of u 
has been chosen in this work, for the take 
of uniformity. 

folgcnbtn silt), To DecOforate, Docftfora*- 
lion, To DiscfllW, ic. 

5. sBor d: — it) in Done, None, Ton 
(iuuParr Tno), Won; 6) in Cfin'ey, Hftn'ey, 
Mfln'ey; On'ion, RBn'ion (sg[. Runnion); 
Shone (nad) Perry, fonft bunbgdnBtfl «l>5n 
Obtt shBn); c) sd: — Cou'duit (aUgentLin 
kin'djt gefprodjen, nur Sheridan gifbt k5o'- 
dwjt, Enfield kon'djt),Lfio'don, Lon'doBder*ry , 
MBn'day, SSn'day, Son'dry (ftatt b(* aereSfjn- 
lithfll Sunday, Sundry), WSn'der; d) ng, 
nk: — AmOng', AmoDgsf, HAng'-com, 
Mftn'ger (onb 3nfatn«mftt«ngEn), MSu'grei, 

Mink, MBn'key, SpBnk (gtraotnlirj Spunk"), 
Tflngue, YOnlier ftatt bee «8[ta)en Yonnker 

ij (ng) : — AllOnge', To CSn'jure, Don' 
ion (fcdujiCjer Dungeon), I.flnge (iiudj Lunge), 
Sponfce (battflaer Sponge); /) nst, nt, 
nth: — Con'stable; Aflronf, *c, A-frCnt'. 
EffrOn'tery, Front (ffir bicfe Kuefprnihe tr-- 
Eiatfn fid) faft aflt ErtboEoifltn, bod) roirb 
die Xusfptadjc front ooit Sberidaa nnb 
Smith eorgejognt, bolt Scott, Narea uno 
Walker rofnigftraS aittrfannt) Knowlea 
hat nnr front, mtt tern Semcrfcn: — 

>rd is vulgarly (I) corrupted into 
frunt, but I prefer restoring the correct 
pronunciation), Rftnt, BrWlttt ftatt CeS 
jtgt ublidjen Rant , Wont , UnwBn'led, 

IV Bat r: — BSHage, Bflr'ongli (dqI. 
burrow), Mor'ay (Bigennonw), Thtr'oagb, 
*c., To woHry; mran tin Ccnfcnant ocm 
r feint, itiurt c6 birr bit bet l unB I (4) 
nngrgebene ecrdnorrung; vtt a nirb nim= 
', bodj flnb o mtb B fo ttcnio, ner. 
fdjirtcn, bnf Jit Worcester, namnttlid) anfjir 
brat itavyt • Accent , bjuflg obnt Untrr= 
Web Mtl Dfll. Work c.wurk> , Wort 
(wurt). Worth (wurtb), Worm (miia), Jtc, 
mft Coon'terwork, Prame'wArk, Fret'wSrk, j 
Froat'wOrk, Han'diwdrk, Out'wOrka, Stone' - 
work, Un'derwork, To Underwork', Wax'- 
Srk, Thor'ougfawort, Boa'wfirtb, Pea'ay- 
wortb, Mon'ey'»worth, Worthy (worthy | 
nrtni Unwor'thy, Mncyworm, WbOr'tleber'- 
ry, Ac; in foldjtit Jitttn ift in biefcm t&ntt 
"~ doitfuurni ntgea tmner a gmiblt 

Introduction. XXXI Sittlettuttg. 

V. U. I. ft like Walker's long ul V. U. I. a gldd) Walker's langcmi 
('•r the German ju ui^ttdfl, Suflfiid, (oMrbfin Dfiit|"$fii ium^ittxl, 3U3"io, 
3nbr), as in TGbe, Tone, Ftfry, C0re.S3ub(),in T Qbe, Tune, Fa'ry, Cure. 

'. Before ■ (i): — «) when pronounced 
wB (like i), „, In Bo/am (the Taiga 
..nitnLudation, beside Wzom, cited by Di 
kmriclf, W. Johnston, Elphiniton and 
VJker). DO*., DoYel, Dozeling, DaYen; 

8. Before labials and th: — a) before 
m: — ftcooWpany , Become', Bomb (bum), 
rt.iiiTiard (and all derivatives), Bombaain', 
B. nrtuut. To Bombasf, BSmbazet', Bim'baj, 
3. raliji, BrSm'lcj', BrOn/ton, Col Whin (also 
i.ulumbia), CoWbat (according to Sheridan, 
Walknr, Stephen Jonea, Fulton and Knight, 
Snail; cSarW la preferred by Perry, 
IJifidd, Jameson, Webster), To Come, C8m'- 
it, CoWfort (DisclWfort. Ac.), Cflin'frey, 
i.'Wpnny, CtWpaaa, CBm'rade (liter Sheri- 
dan, Wilker, Perry, St. Jones, Fulton and 
Knijdt; eoWrade after Enfield, Jameson, 
Wetwter and Smart, compare beginning of 
tlii." uotep.XxrX), DrlWcdary, To Encom'- 
fau, In'ttae, Lfinip', MWmery (aee Mum- 
"«y). Ntafnlea (compare Nnmblea), Pftm'- 
>ee, PrJBc in coniponnda ai Ptknegran'ale, 
It, PiWmel, Pflm'pion, PoWpire, Rhomb 
trou\>, BBnrage (>ee Bnmmage), Some, 
Sunren (Iitandi), Sftm'ner, instead of Suin- 
•aner, StaaVach ; o) before b : — WhOob'nb, 
in.ltad of the nana! Hubbub; before f In 
IM, more usually Luff; e) before v: — 
Mie 7 , BelOt'ed, Covenant, and other's 
L'u/emii CSV entry. To C6Ver (and com- 
rsnnili.fleeaT'er, DiscoVer, Ac), CoVert, 
•Vet, CSVey, CoVin, DB»e, Gldve, Govern 
iHi-goVern, tot), HoVer (generally; hoV 
i« nveoared by Sheridan, Scott, Perry, 
Meld Jaareaon, Kuowlei); IrrecoVerable, 
the, fVen, PttVer, Scov'el (Smart, Wor- 
■;■!«■, beilde the pronunciation of ScoYel), 
1"" Shire, ShoVel, Sovereign, StoVer 
l^ebster, beside the more usual proiinnda- 
n"*a StO'ier); d) before th, partaking io '. 
■"rap aeaaare of the natnre of labio-dentals : 
- Anotb/er, BrOtb'er, DStU, HOth'er (Fore'- 
»«ker, ac), NStfing (vulgarly alio heard 
p">noimeeJ nnffin [!], eornpare Dickens's 
*>rti), fiaVer, To Potbrer (after Sheridan, 
Mker. Perry, St. Tones, Fulton and Knight; 
Meld, Jameson, Webster, Worcester, 
Riu»l«,, Bmart are Id favour of PBtVerJ 

7. «or ■ (i); — a) Bin (5 wrfd) (gletd) 
;> tft: BoVom (gemeine Huefprudje nebrn ber 
£aupt»«~iis|prau)r: bi/zom con Dr. Kenrlck, 
W. Johnston, Elphiniton unb Walker ungts 
ffihrt), Does, Dtz'el, Doze/ling, DoYen; 
b) DJest. 

Sot fiiBpenbitnjftebm nab th: — 

m: — AccSm'pany, Become', Bomb 

_, BWbard (unfi our Mgcleitrtni), 

Bombatin', BOm'bnat, To BCmbast', 85ra- 

basef, Boia'bBj, BOm'byi , BrSm'ley, Beoiu'- 

ton, Colftn/bia (neben Columbia), CBm'bat 

(fo Sheridan, Walker, Stephen Jones, Fulton 

" Knight, Smart; fur com'bat trtlarrn 

Perry, Enfield, Jameson, Wetnterj, To 

CSine, COm'nt , Coit/fort (Di.cOm'fuft , fte.), 

COnVfrey, COm'pany. Com'pn", Ctm'rade 

(nadj Sberidan, Walker, Perry, St. Jones, 

Fulton unb Knight; cGm'rade nod) Enfield, 

Jameson, Webster unb Smart, eg!. $tn<jang 

biefer Kote, S. XXIX), Drom'edary, To 

EncOm'pass, ln'cSme, LOmp', Mftm'merj 

(tid. Mummery), NOmliles (ogl. Numbles), 

Ptm'ace, Pome in 3ufamrncn|cemt9en nie 

PGmegran'ate, tc. , Pflm'mel , PAm'pion 

Pom'pirc, RhOiub (rum), fiSWage (vi,l. 

Rummage), S3me, SAD/ers (Iilanda), SBui'- 

, ft art Summoner, StOia'ach; !>) Dot 

■Whaot/nb, ft art bESgenjobnlidjen Hubbub; 

f (n Lflof, gwohnlioVr Luff; c) vor »: 

Abflve', Belov'ed, Cor'enant, u. Ti., 

'enooa, COv'entry, To COv'er (unb 3ll ; 

fanunrnfehunam , ReeflVer, DiscCr'er, tie.), 

COv'ert, COv'el, CDy'ey, COl'in, DBve, 

Glftve, Gov'ern (HUgev'ern, Ac), HOv'er 

(sKguuini fur boVer finb Sheridan, Scott, 

Perry, Enfield, Jameson, Knowles) ; JrrecbV- 

erabla, Lo*e, fl*'eii, PlOv'er, ScBv J el, 

(Smart, Worcester, ntben btT Xnsfprao)e 

Saor'el), To SbOve, Sbov'el, SBVerelgn, 

Stot'er (Webster, nebrn ber aUgtmemerin 

Xttefpradje sto'ver); d) cor firm btn 

norigm Iaat=pcrteanbtcn th: — Anfltb'er, 

BrOtb'er, DBth, Mftth'er (Fore/-mOther, 

*c). NAtb'ing (nut man eon gtmcincn 
Sautcn and) nuffin [!] fptrdjen bfrt, egl. 
Mckena'B 6dittfttn), dtfer, To PBtt'er 
(nnd) Sberidan, Walker, Perry, St. Jones, 

Fulton unb Knight; fur poth'er Una 
Enfield J.-imeson Webster, Woreostar, 

Introduction. X 

2. S like Walker's short ft (a sim 
lar sound does not exist in Germai 
as near as it can be described i. 
to combine the o in 39i)ttidj, Xopf and 
the B in 586ttd)«, SBtftr, but it 
decidedly inclines more to o) , in But, 
Tub, Tun, FuVrSw, Current. 

3. u like Waller's obtuse ft, parti- 
cularly after labials, (answering the 
short German u as in SBllUt, Sllfd), 
StlHrr, Ac.) , in Bill! , Pull, Pull, Bush, 
Butcher, CMi'ion [kilsh'on], 

4. & like Walker's o (answering 
the long German u in lliutlje, nuv, 
fltir, Ac), in Rule, Sure [shitr], True, 

5. ii used only before r, in the same 
cases and with the same exceptions as 
e and i with which it coincides in pro- 
nunciation, with the exception of its 
being more obtuse: — Fur, Purre, 
Church, MiViler, Fiirtier. 

6. ii strictly analogous to a, e, i, 
o: — Miirtnur, CurvEl', MultSn'gfllar, 

VI. Y. I. y like Ir — My, Dry, 
Type, Scythe [*Tth] , Cy'cle, Cj'pnis. 

•2. J like *: — Cym'bal, Cyn'ic, 

3. y like T: — Myrrh, Myrtle, 

4. y like i: — VeVy, Fa'ry, 
Cymar', Martyr. 


a glctd) Walker'! furjtm ft (rin 
int SDrutfdjrn iiittt »i>r6nnbnwi 2aut, 
rin iffiiftbtaut jiuifcbrn bcm o in Snititb, 
lOpf unb bcm B in ffloitdxr, 'ioffrr, 
bod) (ntfajirten mrijr bcm o jla)binnti: 
grnb), in But, Tub, Tun, FiVrGw, 

3. ii glrid) Walker's buntpftm furjcn 
A, bcfonbnfl nod) Sipprnhudjjiiibfn (bcm 
btutfdjtn furjm u in tSnUt, Safin, '-But; 
ter, k. fntfurfdjmb), in Bull, Full, 1'iill, 
Bush, Butcher, Ciish'ion [kiish'gn]. 

4. fl glrid) Walker's ft (gtrid) brin 
bfutfdjm gtbrbntm u in JRutfjf, nur, 
gat, it.'), in Riile, Sure [shur], True, 

5. ii, nur bov r, in benfribrn JSl. 
Irn unb mit bcnfrujm yiuSmilnmii, 

e unb i, btnrn tS in bfr Slu8; 
fprachf jitmlia) gltirt) fomtni; nur if) 
(8 tttoafl bumnfrr: — Fur, Purre, 
Church, Murtler, Furtier. 

G. ii, ifi brm a, e, i, o grnnu 
analog : — Mfirtnur, CnrvSt', Mull Sn'- 
gOlar, Multfp'artTte. 

VI. Y." I. y gltfd) T: — My, Dry, 
Type, Scythe [snh], Cj'de, Cj'pru's. 

2. f glrid) X:— Cym'bal, Cyn'ic, 

y flirty >: — Myrrh, Myrtle, 

4. y flirty \t — VeVy, Fii'ry, 
Cymar*, Martyr, 

QuOtb (niter Walker, Stephen Jooen, Smart, 
and olben heiide* quoth), Roth'er Inilead 
of the bow usual Rudder, SmOth'er. Tlii 
sound aim) very frequently occurs in syllable* 
which are nnt under the primary accent, 
particnliirl) if from any cause they are ipoken 
with a greater strew than mere weak and 
unaccented ej liable*; it occurs of cram 
most frequently in the secondary accent : — 
CarMamftW. Abingdon', Islington', Irfa- 
nfln', Lexington', Un"ii8n', Wa»li"lngtfln', 
InWiaftf, Frc.rickiiflme'. Wea"rin»me', Ac 
la unaccented syllable! n often occurs instead, 
a* : — Haml'surac, ic 

Knowles, Smart), Quoth (non> Walfci-r, 
Stephen Jonea, Smart, it. K. nrbetl quOtb), 
Roth'er ftttt btS JE»t ublidjclt Rudder, 
Smuth'er, 5fint in ©nlncn, bit ntujt ben 
$auptacccnt bahm, bifonttrS rotiin ibnm 
aut trgmb cincm @ranbe mcbr @«eiibt 
uis gan) tonloftn unb bnmpfrn juFcmnit, 
finba nrt> bicfee Si niturltdj ara boufiglicii 
im f (ciint art it Accent: j. ffl. Car"damil>i', 
Ab"ing(iSn'. WlingtAn', Leb"aii6ii', Lex" 
itigtun', U"nUon', Wnih"in e tun', Man*ihiil'. 
r'roI"kkn8ine', Wea"ri*Oine', be 3n accent 

loftn Bnlbtn ft«bt ftiwCs • baffir: — 
Hand'tome, Ac. 

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Introduction. XXXIII ttfateftung. 

A complete survey of these voweltj £)lt XobtUt bet SBocalt luurBe 
lounda a exhibited by the following plfo futj juftimmengefirfit ftib barfteKtn 
(able, as: — 

2. 5 

3. a 

2. 8 

5. j: 
3. 6. 


3. il 

3. ft 

4. A 

toit folgt: - 

— Shade, Fain, Lfiy'er. 

— Shad, Fan, Lamp. 

— Shire, Fire, Bare. 

— Sharp, Far, Fa'ther. 

— Fiat, Haft, EiaWple, Bath, Branch, Grasp. 

— Law, Fall, Wa'ter. 

— Lr*ar, PSKace, MoVorcb. 

— He, Hire, Sheep. 

— Hen, Met, Let. 

A ftlru* a: — Heir [ar], There [thar]. 

4. e: — Her, Herd, DefeVrer. 

5. e gIfU6 |: — Event*, ReSKty, DefeVrer. 

— LayV, Fa'ther, B^dC/mer. 

— Pine, Flue, Fire. 

— PJn, FJh, Mfe'r.jr. 

— Shire, Marine', Machine'. 

— Fir, Bird, Stirrer. 

— EnVir, ImmTsqbfl'ity. 

— N8, Note, SCre, To'ry, Torn. 

— N8t, SfiVel, ToVrent. 

— Move, Prove, Cool. 

— Nor, Sor^d, OVder. 

— Sou, BoVffugh [bib/rO], LQvc. 

— Ac'tor, DoYtor, ObtCst', ConcOctf. 

— Tflbe, Firry, Care. 

— TBb, Tito, Current. 

— Bull, Bush, Bilt'ciier. 

— BJU«, Sflre [■hnrj, Trfttt. 

— Fur, Church, Mur'der. 

— Mur'inur, Multlp'artlte. 

— My, Dry, Cyprus. 

— CJfsVba), CJirtc,' SJfl'van. 

— Myrrh [arirj. Myrtle, Syrtja. 

— VeVy, SyWroetry, Cymar*. 

•- y 

3. y. 
3. y 

Combinations of vowels. — Scent -3taftittbattD,en. 

»* flM* S: — Cae'sar glehh Se'zar 

i£ glti$ £: — AeVna. SynaeVgrfs sWd) Etna, sineYisfe. 

* (>y) flWft) «:,— Fain, Pain, Pilfer alchh ftn, pan, pla'er. 

« flleift i: — Air, Fiir glridj ar, far. 

"u 3(rf4 a: — Aunt, Daunt gift* ant, dant. 

*" i>) flleiifc a: — Taught, Bawl girt* tat, bal. 

:.ze BB , G00gk 




el gltidj I: — Great, Steaks glfid) grat, stfika. 
ea flltidj 4: — BeAr, Tear gltidj bar, tar. 
ea glfid) e": — Tear, Mean gltidj te"r, mCn. 
ea gltidj 8: — Bread, Tread gltidj br&d, trfd. 
ea gltidj e: — Heard, Pearl gleldj herd, perl. 
« gltidj e: — Sheep, F€« gltiuj shgp, fet. 
et gltidj 1: — Seize, Receive' gltidj slz, ristv*. 
ei gltidj $: — Heu gleldj £r gltidj ar. 
eg gltidj o : — Bludgeon glefdj blud'jon. 
ea (w) gltfdj il : — EaphoVic gltidj affin'ik. 
eft (e") gltidj 0: — Rheum, An'drew gltidj rum, an'dru. 
ey gleidj e: — BattSy, Jnrtr'ney glfid) bartS, jiirW. 
te gltidj i: — Field, Shield gltidj ftld, ihtld. 
re gltfdj I: — Dre, Lie gleidi dr, lr. 
Sa gltidj 5: — Beat, COal glefd; bet, kol. 
oa gltidj A: — Broad gltidj brad. 
6e gltidj 0: — DSe, Foe gltidj do, fd. 
oe gltidj E: — AntotfcJ, Foe'tus gltidj ante's!, ft'tus. 
5* (gltidj btm btutfdjm oi, 09, in Ijpi ! •Soit , $0))ft, lueroi man ba« o wie ein 
breiltS a auSforidjt, »gl. a 6. ©. XXVI) : — Avoid, Boll, Oil, Sou, VoYce. 
66 gltidj 6: — Fool, Tool gleidj Eft, t61. 

od (ow) glttd) Walker'fl oi (wit au in IflU, Saui): — Sound, Cow. 
ou, oii gltidj A, ii: — enough', joiir'nSy glfid) eniif, jfirW. 
oil glftd) d: — Boiitade', Loitfsa gltidj bdtaoV, iuVza. 
flu gltidj il: — Alqujfofl, Wflnnd gltidj SITtwifti, wund. 
by gltid) St: — B6J, Toy gltidj bof, tbl, 
ue gltidj u: — Cue, AVgue gltidj kQ, aVgO. 
fre gltidj u: — True, Rue gttidj trt, rO. 
ni gltidj fi: — Sfiit, Juice gltidj am, jas. 
ui glttd) D: — Fruit, Cruise gltidj frut, krus. 

In general all vowels that are Dot 
marked, are silent, with thi 
ception of y and some terminations 
specified below; peculiar deviati 
are in the dictionary always enclosed 
in brackets [ ], compare Convey, 
Deign, Height, Buy, Book, Wool, 
Wood, Blood, Door, Caoutchouc, 
Leopard, Beauty, Aisle, 4c. 

Consonants and terminations 
of words. 

C without any ma rk,bef ore a,o and u and 
all the consonants has the bard sound 
of k; it ii soft like s before e,i and y. 

3m Stllgttntinen gilt, baf altt un= 
fetjtidjntttn Siocale, aujjtr. y unb ben 
unttn litjtidjntifit (Snbungtn, fhinim 
jlrtb; etfonbtrt SlStotldjungtn finb im 
aGSrttvtudje flttS in JBammmt [ ] 
nabtr brjtfdjnet, Bgl. Convey, Deign, 
Height, Buy, Book, Wool, Wood, 
Blood, Door, Caoutchouc, Leopard, 
Beauty, Aisle, Ac. 

Sonfonantett nub SBort- 
QnbiMften. - 

C obnt SSt^tidjitung bart (roie k) vat 
a, .), u unb alien Sonfonanttn, 
lutidj (nit s) vot e, i, y. 

Introduction. XX 

C 5 hard like ki — Character, 

Chasm, Scep'lic 
C, e soft like s: — Chaise, Fluc'ciU 

like shaz, flak's iU. 
Ch without a mark sounds like Ish : — 

Charm, Chair like tsnarm, tshar. 
G without a mark, hard before a, 

a and u, and all the consonants ; 

it ii soft before e, i and y. 
C, g hard like g in ®ott: — GGt. 
' gfte. 
C, g soft like j: — Gem, gP*ant 

like j?in, jl*Btit. 
Nc, nch, nk like ngk: — Ban'cd, 

BroVcbiae, DiSn'key like bang'kfl, 

brotigltic, diSng'ki. 
Ph, like f : — Phan'tom like fan'tom. 
Q.i, likekw: — QiiTck, QuYvVr like 

kwik, kwJVer. 
5, s soft like' z: — GuTse, WTse 

like glze, wTz. 
71, n sharp as in tAmk, meWcd, 

dfitt, mfintt. 
Th, tb unmarked, soft or flat, a- 

in thTs, that, sheathe, thfthVr. 
X, $ soft like gz: — AlexKn'der. 

By am'ple like alegzSn'dcr, egzam'pl, 
Z like a »ery soft German f (in Irifif 

fflrtfr, lefen, SBtftn): — Zounds,] 

ZXptf*yr like zoundz, zefir. 
The rest of the letters are almost 
all the same as in German (i like ks, 
4c.) ; a more explicit description o 
others (for instance r and w) must bi 
sought for in the grammar or in the 
dictionary itself. 


C, c bart wit k: — Char'acler, 

Chasm, SfEp'tjc 
C, 9 licfo) Wit s: — ghaise, Flac- 
cid al(id) shaz, fluk'sid. 
Ch ofmt £9ejti$nung wit tsh; — Charm, 

Chair gleicb tsharm, tshar. 
- obne £9fjtla)ming bait out a, o, u 

uiib alien Sonfonnnttn , Weld) nor 

e, i, y. 

, g bart wit g in Sett: — Ggt, 

; , g W<id) Wit j: — Gem, gfanl 

gltid) jem, jfant. 
N.;, neb, nk alt[<$ ngk: — BaVcC, 

Bron'chiaS, DSnTsey gleidj bang'ko, 

brong/kje', dong^i. 
Ph tofr f: — Phan'tom gltid) fan'tom. 
Qn wit kw: — Qutck, Qulv'er gltJA 

kwTk, kwUv'er. 
s wtldj wit z: — Guise, Wise 

flfrit^ glze, wlz. 
TA, (A Ujtltyitt bag fdjarfr obtrljarte th, 

Wit in Wink, mftft'od, clotA, BionlA. 
Th, th St jr idjnet bnfl wti&t ober fanftc th, 

Wit in this, that, shgathe, thtth'er. 

, if n>rf$ wit gz: — Alexander, 

ExSm'ple gleidj alegzan'der,egzSm'pL 
jZ wit tin ftbt Wtiajte btiirfdjrt f (tn 

ltift,3Btift, ttftn, SGStftii):— Zounds, 

Zeph'yr $tii) zoundz, zSPjr. 
3Mt fiMgtn SBunjftatm ftnb btn 
Ibeutfdjtii faft allt gltid) (x gltid) ks, 4c), 
\abiv bit Qfiiaurrc Sttflitnnumg tin: 
Jtlntv, wit (. SB. r, w auS btr Otnnu 
matif ober int S86mdmrt)f ftfbft ju 

Terminations. — @nbungeit, 

rial,) Special, So'cial. 

siaJ, [ gltia) shal: — ControveVsial. 

tial, ) EsseVtial, Partial. 

□an, 1 ^ytAmeCcian, Physician. 

'iau,[ gbfd) shan: — Castren'sian. Persian. 

tian,' Tertian. 

ze 0B , Google 


*ient, glrflt shcnt: • 


aliens- CBn'sdence, EflYcience. 


rtalbu'tjate, Eipa'tiite. 
AMtfcitjte, Ema'riate. 

EffYcient, PrgjYcient. 


DisseVtient, Pa'tient 
cience, i 
ous gltfdj iis, us: — CBr'jcous, Pfcr'ilous, Car/nous, Wdn'drous flWdj 

k&Vikiis" peVilua, karWs, wiiu'drni. 
ceous, \ Acanft'ceoiis, Cietfi'ceoiis. 

dous, { gleub shus: — Auda'cious, Prei-.C'cions. 
tious, ) C&p'tioua, Seditious. 

Advant&'geoiis, Ooura'geou*. 

Contt'gious, Hen'gious. 

Artesian, Ephe'sion. 

O'aier, HO'aier, 


AcceVsion, PeVsiou, ConveVsion. 

NR'tion, ConteVtion. 


Adhesion, Conlu'sion. 

Heffgion, Region, Conia'giou. 


tei*"" 1 - 


j(tta> *han: — 

stcr gtrtd) zher: — 


(jletdj sbon: — 


glridl kshflii: — 


gUlifc shgn: — 


1 fllrid) jon: - 

Other singularities of pronunciation 
aa well as a portion of those which 
have been already mentioned are di 
signated in the dictionary, enclosed i 
brackets [ ], in order to prevent any 
mistake at once. In one point the sys- 
tem of marks in this work differs from 
that of Mr. Worcester: that is the 
much controverted hissing pronuncia- 
tion of the letters t, d, c, s, x and a 
before term in at ion a or vowel combina- 
tions such as -ere, -one, -ean, -eate, 
-eous,-eaI, eo-, -ian,Ac It is generally 
agreed that this corruption, especially 
in regard to the letter d, has since the 
time of Walker, fallen within much 

Stnfctrt flSrof itfctnbe gfittc, jum Xfftil 
au$ tinjrint tort uotcma^ittHt, ffnb 
im 3BSrterfiii(fir feitft in JHammrrn [ ] 
bfiulidi tcjefinrt lDorbtn, um jtbr 
3rrmig auf bet ©telle jit wrbinbmi. 
3n einem *Cunfic nodj rotHjt bit 8Sf= 
jeis>nung in bf«fnn SfBtrtt eon bar 
Worcester'fdjtn ab. 88 fft bte Biclbe-- 
fbrothnu, fjirr fttneiiBtgS an* bem 
®ninb( gu reortrmbt atjffditc Bus- 
ftsradjf bc8 t, d, c, s, x, z »or (sn- 
bunfltn obtr JBocfilsSontfiinarionm roit 
■ure, -one, -ean, -eate, -eons, -eal, eo-, 
ian, Ac. Srt«tf<ilK fft aQgroitin jii= 
gtffairbtn, bafi frit Walker blfft ftor; 
ruption, befoninvfl n>a8 d httfjft, fe&r 

Introduction. XX 

narrower limits , to reject it entirely, 
with Worcester and others in such ter- 
minations as -tare and -tune, seemed 
scarcely expedient. This question ha-, 
been most judiciously treated by Mr. 
Smart in his Principles (Walker Remo- 
delled, London, 1836) § 147: — "It is 
possible to preserve the pure sound of 
the t and d in nature and verdure ; yet 
nothing b more certain than that they 
are not preserved pure by the best 
Mid most careful speakers. — In many 
lords, it cannot be doubted that be 
(a speaker) must yield to this corrup- 
tion, if be wishes to escape the ridicu- 
lous effect of pronouncing as nobody 
else pronounces v in other instances, 
he may decidedly adopt the more 
regular sounds', bnt in the majo- 
rity of cases his best course will 
be neither to yield decidedly to 
the practice, nor very carefully to 
avoid it, this being one of the cases 
in which the extreme either way 
has a bad effect." 

It will not be improper to repeat 
here what has been several times allu- 
ded to, in the course of this intro- 
duction, that words of daily nse, which 
have become the property of the 
people, cannot be rescued from trans- 
formation; those which are more unu- 
raal and foreign are more conform <ibl( 
to rules; to which, in conclusion I beg 
leave to add the following excellent 
remark of Mr.Worceeter: — **A propt 
pronimciation is indeed a desirable 
accomplishment, and is indicative of 
correct taste and a good education; 
stiU it ought to be remembered, that 
'[leech, as in manners, he that is the 
most precise is often the least pleasing, 
wid that affectation is less pardonable 
than rusticity." 


DefdjrinR Worbtn ift; fit n6rt mit 
Worcester unb Mnbtttn in foldjm (Bit- 
bungtn Wit -ture, -tune ganj auftugr 
6on, film nfdjt fltratbtn. !DaS Srftc 
bierubrv bat rcofil Smart fit (litem trrfflh 
ker Remodelled, London,l836)a,tfagt: 
tS fctijjt bort { 147 a. «.: — „m ift 
mBgud), btit ninrtt Saut in Nature, 
Verdure }u betoa$rtn; a&tr nfchlS ift 
gtrolfftr, ate bag *«fe 28«™t' »°« 
ben btfttn unb fotgfaltfgfttit ©yrerhfrn 
nld)t rein fitmafirt totrbtit. — 3" 
oltltn 28orteit ift t« uit fl rorifflbflft, bafj 
man bitftr (f orruutton narhgtbm tmtjj, 
totnn man iiidjt bit Sarbtditfifcii auf 
fid) nrfcmtn roili, ju fvvtdjtn, wit ftfn 
9lnbtrtr, f>rid)t, in anbtrnt fjaUtn 
faun man enrfrhitbtn ben ttgrlmafjigen 
SSaut annchmm; abet to" luirb mfifiene 
ba6 ©eftt ftin, wtbtr tntfdjfrbtn btm 
ublldjen fiautt ju fotgen, nod) ibm gii 
angfilid) au« 8 utBfiibtn, inbtnt bit« tiitrt 
Son ben gatten ift, ill btntn btfbt (Srtreme 
tintn fihltn (finbnnf madjtn." 

Stud) bier rolrbtiboU firh bit h: 
fanntt (Srfajeinung, ble in bitfer (En; 
leUung an utrfdjiebtnen Stttltii it-. 
rubrt roorbtn ift, bag atttfifllltht, 
ajolfltigtnthum gtroovbtnt ffijorttr ber 
Umgtfialtung nfdjt tntwigfcar (fnb, nn; - 
gtmoljnudjftt unb frtnibe lirbtr 6« 
Mtgtl folgm; unb fo fti ti ttluubt, 
mit rintm trffflidjtn «tiflf>rud}e Wor- 
cester's $u fajlttfitn: — „@o wfiit; 
fujenlwntlj and) tint tidjtigt auSfnrad)* 
tft, unb fo frt)t ftt and) tin 3tld)rn 
einee gtxtgtlttn ©rfcjmacfte unb rfatrt 
guten 8r|itbung ift, fo barf man bod) 
nfe ttftgtfftn, bflf fat ©1>ied)tn role 
fat SetTOfjen, bafl ffltgtlrtdjttftt oft 
am nwnfgften gtfattt unb baf Sic 
rttrf luwrrjtiblidjtr (ft dl« UnfltMI* 


Explanation Sr!Utung 

of the abbreviations and marks in bet WMrjUttflen lint. 3*<l)tn in Mfftm 

this dictionary. SBottcrbu^t. 

»s- Bran aubicrt tmtmmnhc M«M MM ctacm ft* artkw.fr * ** "«*?■ 
**^ tin -» tH«IunUrt«tn HllMW*"" "f" 6 ' W«ft*WIW« MMMlMt ■«••• I l«WM 

To Baluce Mi bintn S. |tctrn*« IMtriWl »« *<*"■ ft** '• L "■"•**! term.; 

bit tni lt|Hn ttttM M »« Bm« Wtag: Jfor-*. 6. f. nwrlners- MM, 



Ac. cant, 





Arch. ttands 



; bbre»titioni. Sltgliffte Hb*urionetii. 

/or; abbnwUted; abbreiiatloa, »bflt!ur}tj OTfurjung- 

• academical tern, ufabcmifibtr. ■ftunflontfcraff. 

» academical cant term, TCn&brmr in ier etattnteiifprai^t. 

■ Acoustics, ©djallltbrt. 

■ adieetlre, *T>Jectt», fflrituott 

■ adverb; adverbially, ■JCtiOcrbium i aboerbiatifdj. 

■ 1 affectedly, fltjifrt) S. marka an affected (or pedaatical) word, 

' tin anUrtrt 5rt« pftanttfdjrt) JSort ju bqriibnni. 

■ afo rmativdy, nfflrmiitlD, bttabcnb. 

■ term Dted la Agri culture, X«M>riKf bcim gclbbcu. 

• Akhjraj'. Kldjpwit. 

> algebraical term, ZuSbtatt is brx Ttlatbra. 

■ Americas word or phrase, flrntnfa7iifrtit6 flBortOBtT amfrifwu' 

fcbt StfteaMrt 

■ »BHlo B oa>, analogously, onalogt Mrbaitmfelettb. 

• ancient, |. ffl. An. Arch., An. Geoff., olt Obrr dtttr, 1- (8. flltert 

ennfuntt, altt ©togropbit, «■ 

■ anatoinicsl terra, ICiiSbrutf fa tier ■JtrglttUningefEiift. 

■ term Died witb anglers, XuObrotl brim Xligtlu. 

■ ansticiam, engltfujtepriid)(fani&cit 

• Antiquities, Kntifliiitnttn. 

■ antiphraitlcat, ■ word Died by antlphrasli, antfpbrafrif* , tin 

mif SBcift rintr Ktiti?brafe*gebriia(btrt BSort. 
a word or arbitrary formation, bejetiinrt ein roittfu&rlidj fltbiftt- 


for-: architectonic*! term, Xaetrnct in btr ffiaufunft. 

■ Archaeology, TOttf blHnSflllrtt. 

■ arithmetical term, Xttebrntf Ut b« Krithmrti'. 

■ article, (SrfilblMbttlsort. 

a astronomical term, Xnabrntt (tt btr Sfhonc-mie. 

> astrological twin, ICuSbnirJ in btr Jtftroloait. 

■ anxilUry vert, $ulf»|titu)0rt 

■ term used by bakers, Sd dermis era if. 

■ barbarous word or term, flkrimrismn* (8«bler eegen bieWtinbeit 

otr Cpvadjjj. 

:.ze 0B , GoOgk 


far; Biblical rabjeet , TtnSbrutf in btr GtHifltn edjriffc 

Billiard, Xnebru* im Stilarbfpiel. 

tern and by bookbinder*, BtI<SbinbtTaB(oni(t. 

tern nicd by bookie licit, ffluib&iintlcnmo't'rntf. 

botanical term, XuStrntf in fcrr $fkm}mf)tnbe. 

term oaed by braalera, Xntonuf ttr Jtapferfdjmtot. 

tenaniad by breweri, JnebnitTtrr Stoucr. 

term of brlckmakera, Tfusbruif ter SiEflltr. 

British, brfttf*. 

boi letooe, rrftbrlg, tonrif*. 

term oied by bntcbera. ?jldjrfKrauStrtnf. 

a bad word, tin fdjledjtte < fdjiedjt gtbftbrtrt) Sort 

the better word, one btfeit fffiort. 

Cambridge, (cngltfdji Unictrfitit). 

Cambridge nnitenity phrase, SttotnBfltt an btr UniwrfWit 1U 

term n»ed in canaling, Inlbrutl im Jtanolbou. 

cant term, (cunt term*) cant phraac, JtunftauSfcrud 1 (Jturtftaii6< 
bride) obtt ffirttneart Dtrfiltbentr (Scmttbt: on Ctdeutt, 
JWrtt, fflrttftr, brt VB&eie, it «irf- Wet. 

tern oaed by carpenter*, SimmcrmannSaaabratr. 

card anker, JtorttJUnad)ttnMt>rud\ 

confer, (compare), tonftritf, ocrgltiibt. 

tarra relating to church enitomi, TfuSbrutf in Sttttff firdjli'tbtr 

tern wed by Gbaadlen, instruct est aidjtjirtjtr. 

chemical term, Xnebniff In bti Bd)derfnn|t. 

Cbrioraan, ojriftliib. 

1. chronological term, Knanruct In btr Gbrono legit} 2. Chro- 
nicle*, Sua) bet Gfercnlfa (in btr Sibel). 
clothier'* expreiilon, Xuebnuf OCT Xud)bnttt(t. 

coach. maker, Viebinct Btr ftSagenbantr. 

colloqaUl word or erpreulon^collaqaial word*, eipreuloa*,pbra- 
iea)X«ttrttil dfMbra tfe) inter scrtrairteii obre UntaangBforafbt. 
collectively, toHtctie, uberljaupti ulfi ©annntlmort. 
terra nied to commerce, faufntdnnifdjtr Xusbrutf. Com. Loir, 

commercial law, $nnbfMrfd)t. 
oojoaoaly, gtroSbnli*. 

cooperative, Oomparatio, bSbrw Utrflltidjtmgsfinfe- 
(la) compoumlfl, b. i. in componad ward*, Cornpofita, fn infant • 

mngefttten Bortrrn. 
Concho logy, 6om&nliofo{|it. 

term saed by confection em, Internet in bet 3u eft rbd term. 
conjunction, SSinbemort, nonfunction, 
contemptaonily, or mark* a word of contempt, Dftidjtlfdj, obtt 

btjrfdjnrt rtnen TtniSnuf btr Ktradjtnna- 
contracted, contraetedly, jafamnttngtjogm. 
Cookery, jtodjfnnft. 
cooper'i term, Aaftranobrmf. 

corrupted, corruptly, otrborbtn, Btrborbtnc Edjrtibart- 
Cornwall, <Som»anit (rnnHFdjt Ornffdjoft). 
Cryitallogmphy, JtrpftilcgropSit. 
Cumberland (tunlifibt fflraffibaft). 
tern of carrier*, Knobruct Mr Srttrtrrtittr, 
term relating to the Customs, Vnelndt im BseaVtfHL 
■ term oaed In Cutlery, ffil tff trf rt>m itbc a u Strait. 

„ Google 









1. penny, pence, enflltfajtr $fflint0, Hlflliftbt $f<nittfl(j 3. defec- 
tive, minarftVift} *- dative, verb dative, Salic, Mfori iJeitmort. 
Danish, buntfd) J Daniel, (^wptet) Sanftl. 
term used in dancing, TCnrtrntf in tcr Srtrnfunft. 
decent, anftanbia (■ word or phraee uaed in decent language in 

preference to another, rinSSolt ot>er cine BtrtmSart M(libci,6> 

unbtrn beS Xnflanbel i»c«ra oorjujiebf n i|t). 
tern uaed by dentists. 5tuStrua Ocr 3aljnir(te. 
Derbyiblre (mg.1ifd)t Otaffdjaft). 
Denleroiisni), lih 5te Su6> OHDfi*. 
Dialing, TtuSbwef in be! (WnomDtiir (e«mwn»bifnnft). 
tena wed In Diking, MuSbnuf bcim Detdjbuu. 
diminutive, fBcrrlcmerurtgSrcorti dim! natively, ttrtlrinernb. 
Dioptrics, Kioptrif . 
Diplomacy, XuftBruct in bcr Eiplomatte. 
term oeed in Distilling, XnSbEUct btt bre DtftHUrhmft. 
dramatical phraie, bramatitibe gtceenSott. 
term used in Drawing, XuStrutf &eim 3ei*nen. 
term u>ed in Dying, gflrberauscnicf , 
Ecdeaiastical, lirdflid), g.l|Kf.i!j. &c..Hiil.Ecc[eiii>»tical History, 

Jftrdjcngrfdjidjtf. Kec. Law, Ecclesiastical Law, Jftrdjcnredjt. 
elegant, elegantly, a word uied In elegant lire, elegant, eje 

WmwtooU, )i«lld), tin [itrUtbtt Knebrntf. 
Electricity, etrttrirftit. 

eillptlcmlly, tniptifa), Bit **.%• ob« JBStfttafftttifl. 
emphatically, rmpbafcfd), rnit Karbbrnrt. 
Engineering, 5fueMTirt bcim SnatnimrMtftn. 
Engliah, England , tngUfd), Snglanb. &«(. Col. English Colo- 

nlea, Snglifdje Solonitn. fingf. Unio. Eugli«li Uni feral tiei, 

(nglifibt* UM«rflt4'ts»cfrii. 
term oaed in Engraving, Jtnpftr. Ober Btablfltdjtrnuibnict. 
Eatomnlogy, entnnelogic, Jtctbtbitrtunbc, (Sejirftrltbre. 
Eases (enalifujt Sraffdjaft). 

Eetbetlei , SftbEtit, SfBiffenf*aft pom edjonnt Utlb Srbabcntn. 
Etcblag, Xebranjt 
Ethics, Moral, ©ittenlebrt. * 

euphonic, auphonlcally ; euphemism, eupfcotiifdf, mobllantcnt, mil, 

btrobj tupbemieniuf., milbmibte »ott, fd>onenb« Ittibruif. 
substantive of the feminine gender, .pauptroort nmbtttbni (?t< 

Fable, Vjabel, Ttmxutt in Btr gobcl. 
Falconry, Xnfibruf in bet galfnetd, 
familiar word or eipreaalon, (familiar term*), Xnlbnitt OtU- 

Sriitfs) irH>cr«crtraut(UDl!irUoiflang6(i)r«d)i'- 
Farriery, 1. Xusbruo? btr 4>utTd)m(etjCi 3. XuSbnin* in btr fflr 1 - 

lermnaed in Fencing, Ttttf bra* in btr rStaJtftroft. 
figuratively, (figurative expressions), Silblirb Obtr an fig cut lid) j 

(bffBlidjc SuBbratf.). 
Fishing, XunBratf in bet gtfdjtrti. 
term oaed by Freemasons, grrimom-traiietjriitf. 
fondly, in fondness, jflrtlid), Xnttntd* ber £atttid)rtit 
term need by Foresters, Sfirftftanlbrnrf, rJorftlDcfen. For. Law. 

Forest Law, rjorftatfcBe, 3«8bfltftt<. 
formerly, frfibcr, CbemaU. 
term in Fortification, ICuvbrnaT in ber tStfefttgnngefunfl. 

Ftnind. standi for 





ia'L mark* an 
iurp. partic. Hand) for 


term Med la Found sriti, Hnebruo* btt SKetallgftftr. 

French, franj3fif(t. 

term nied by farrieri (or in the fnr-tr»de), jHlfdjntrauebrnif | 

au&brurf fm fflmicbBaartnhanbtl. 
term Died In flreworki, rjcneirotiitrnBebrud!, 
guillciim, OaDirifimne, franjoflfeht Spracbciflttt&rft 
tern Died in gaming, XuBStnct im Spirit, 
term used in gardening, ISfimiercmeMlltf. 
Genealogy, HnSbrnit ill t« Sratalngit. 
generally, fibcr&anpt. 

Inns wed in Geography, Xnttnllf fn btr Qecgrafbit. 
term wed in Geology, Vnebruit in btr (Btolagir. 
l.gerinaniim.aScratinismiiS, bratfdjc Strudjdetnljfiti 2 Ger 

many, German Hiitory, Ac. Btutfdjlanb, beutfdjt 3efd)id)tc, v- 
term need by glider >, HntBruct btr Strgolbtr. 
term med by glazier •, XuSbrutf ber ffllafer. 
tern nied by gjaai-grlndera, 2asbniit ber ffilnefdjlriffr. 
glover '• term, Xnttracr ber .f><inb[d)i]binacbcr. 
term nied by gold-beaten, ffioIbfdjIagtrauSbrutf. 
term used by gold-finen, fflnlbfdjcibfr(in6bni(t. 
term ued by gold-anlthi, Xutbnttf be r ©i^bftijmiebc. 
Greek grit *lfd) ) Greek word, flritdjifdjes SBort. Gr. Ch. Greek 

Cfcnrch, grfabf fdj t Jtttdj t. 
grammatical term, gramma tiriiliFdjtt Xusbrntt, 
term wed by gun-emit ha, Xnebraif btr ffludjfenfdjrawbt. 
term In Gnnnery or in Artillery, Hasbro* in btr ®(fd)lJ( fonfi. 
term wed Id glaaa-worka, © las bitten an 6b nut. 
hardly allowable, Idun ;n Btftnttrn- 
hatter'i term, £ ut mad) trail &bnitt. 
termwedbybalr-dreaaera, ThtSbrnct bcr imarfunfUtr. 
term ued in Heraldry, Xulbnttt in btr $ttalbif. 
Hiadoo, bfnbnftamTn), blnboftatiifdj, tnbtftb. 
Hiitory, ffiefibiebtt (j. ». An Hut. ; Cfc. HUi. ; Ecc. Hitt. ; Ilc.) 
hardly legitimate, notb raant antrfamit (von ctnem ffiortt). 
term In Horology, Ubnnaiirratlebrutf. 
term Id Borticnlture , Xutbnf im fflarttnbnu cbet in bcr Sort' 

hnmarou, humorously, launtg, f4>ecj^aft. 
term ued by hunters, jdntraaebru*. 
( erm in Huabandry. XuOorn* bt( Sanb»irtbfd)<]ft uflb Ktrcrflcratfcf 

HydraDlics, #r,braulir, SBafltrfraftltbrc 
hyperbolical]}-, ubertrieben, (to wen word — , ben Sinn tints 

SScrits r-eraroftrn). 
khtbyologj, Hiisbruct in bet Scbtboulosif , 
id at, that la, bos btfft, bus bt brat t f . 

term naed by inttmment-makers, Hn6brucf bcrjn flrumtntcnmaii)(r. 
impersonally, unftcfcnlfd). 

Imperative mood, 3raptTatii>: uefefilcnbe 0pren)art. 
improperly, nnclgentlidj, unpaffenb. 
Incorrectly, (eblecrjoft 

indecent, imanfldnotg, atacn Ha Xnftoltb (<;/- dec.). 
tnelegaat word or nprewion, rrjtfibiwi tin fBert e-btr cinen 

3£ne»nrcf gcgtn Sen antra 9cfn)nut*. 
inseparable particle, unjerlrennliibe "purtirel. 
Interjection, 3nttrjectien: Bmpjinbun8e»Brt, Hnetitimfl. 

:.ze 0B , G00gk 








' ; Interrogative, f tuge nb ) interrogatively, f rogrorife. 
Irfah, lrffo>, irfinbff*. 

ironically, iron i fit : fpOtttfih, &*l)iuf<b. 

irregularly, utiTEfldmtrpig, «ael»ibrtfl. 

Italian, itolinlltfd). 

term oaed in iron-worka, Gifentjuttcnflu&brucT. 

Jame., Sfltobtie (the Eptalle of—, iit @pifhl 6t. 3atobi). 

te™uaedbyjewelera, Sufctlteriiuebrilcf. Jeio.^nf. Jewish Anti 

-pity, lubifibe Xltertbumer. Jfiic. Ret. Jewiah Religion, Sfibifcbt 

jocularly, ftbersbaft. 
ten* nied by join en, Sifojitranebtuo?. 
tike, fllriib, toit. 

pound, gsfunrj (englifdje fftftfinungeraunic). 
latiiiiim, Satin iemuS, lateinifdjt Sp raft tig cntcit. 
Law term, jtrtifrifdjer XneonHr, SBortin Btr ffieebtsgelebrjamrrtt 

Laio-ph. Law phraae, 91 tbeiiEatt in bet SRerhtSgelebrfamfeit. 
term oied by letter-foondera, XnBbmtt bet S^tifigicf rr. 
Kcentiooaly, eigtntbiimliA fmgrtjraiiftt- 
Literature, Siteratiu, (itttarifnjtr JfuMrutt. 
literally, MfWblid;, nrtrtliib, rfgentlid; (iiidjt (tgflilt*.) 
term of lockimitht, 2 1 *1 offerau Struct. 
logical term, XaSbtlKfin b« goflif. 
leu properly, minber ricjltg- 
little med, nxnifl ubliirj- 
ludleromly, fpafbaft, Srellig, la'djerfid). 
■■bitaatWe or the raaicnline gender, jjaupttwrt minnlidjeri 

middle age, QKitttlaltEr. 
Magic, XusbrucT in bet iffiagie ober jSmiliixrunft. 
Manege, VuStnitt in bet tJtcitfdjult. 

term mad In manufactories, Xujbniit im Wanufarturlt)0.(irtJlfa.d)e. 
Marin en' term, JtunftaUBbrnd 1 ill in ©wfpradjt. Mar. Law, Ma- 
rine Lav, © ttufyt. 
Maaonry, SuSbTUif in b« SKanrerFitnft. 
mathematical term, XHlbratl ia ber SJtotbtmafft. 
mechanical term, 'XuBbnitf in btt OTedjantF ober in bem ?Kofo>iiter> 

medical term, Xuebnuf; in ber HrjneimirTtnfdjaft 
meteorological term, Zuobnut in ter ffltrteoroloofe <8nfttrfd;ti> 

metaphorically, rartap&orffd), finnnilblio). 
term naed In Metallurgy, XBibru* in bet QBttallutflic, ©a)mdj> 

Metaph jaici , JitSbrutf tit bet OJicf apbtlRE- 
metonymlca] , mrtctiumifo), nomsntattfiSent. 
miliary term, XslKuct III Oft JtrifoBftinft 
term uied by mlUera and mlllwrighta, XnSttacJ bet ben SRfiHern 

imJ) tDcublenhoKcnt. 
mineralogies! or mlnera' term, Vnobtud in t(T SKinrralien. bc|- 

alfftbtnirt bet Scrgbau-JfuTibf. 
term naed with mintera, TfnsbrucE b(i ten QRetalliniinjern. 
modern word or phraae, (modern phraiei, Ac), SBcit ober Stf 

betUart (SBirter it.) ber nenern 3eit. 
Mahometan Religion, mobora(m)ebanifd)e {Religion. 
Molluk, bieSRemufc, bos aseitfit&fa. 


opp. • 


On. ■ 

Uxf Univ. cant. 

FarL JV 



■■■ term wed la Morels, Xusbruct in bee SRornI obtr Bitt ralc&te. 
more properly, riibtifler, angemeffenir. 
mutkal term, iruttratf (a ber Mufti. 
term in Mythology, ■Jfntbrutf in Err 3Hnt()oIOGie. 
■ahitanti ve of the neuter gender, {Huiptnort [rtdjll#m ©efrtjlttbt*. 
term in Natural History, Znabrutt in ber Siaturgefrfjicbte. 
nautical tern, or term in navigation, naval tactic*, TTuSbmct in 

b« ©thiff* obtr eStfcifffabrts«.ftunbt, nuntifibe Soft if. 
Wo la Bene, bemerte, psobl ]u ntcrfcit- 
New England, Ken>Sng[anb (norboftlidjer Zhtil ber Umininini 

Stouten eon SCorbOCmerifa , Hmfapt tit 6 estaotm: Maine, 

New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, 

not Engliib, ntdjt englifd). 
negatively, ocriirfnenb- 
not legitimate, (or nnanthorUed word) nldj! antrfnnnttT 3u6- 

bra* (tin nodj niijt ttaUbttqttt* 98orf). 
noodle maker ; needle mill, YulbratC b« fiabltr obcr in bra Subcl- 

northern mythology, norbt[i&c 3Nt)t&oiof|if. 
not med, ntifctSblid), tiugthTincblid), 
term in Numismatics, TfuSbrutf In bcr SMnjhtnbt. 
not very proper, nidjl gunj imasweffen. 
not yet, no* ntdjt, (|. S. n . y. £ nod; ni<bt Vtrdllct). 
not yet legitimate (scarcely naturalized), nod; fannt antrfatmt. 
onanstopy, Bnorantopele, onomatonoetifier SuSbrntf. 
opponitur (to.) , <& toirb rniataengeftQt, ftebt im ©egenfabc ju ... 
optical term, Xueorud in bet Bprif. 
term In Ornithology, Xotbroc? in bet Bmithologie. 
cant t era, used in the University of Oxford, Knttrnd in bcr ClU' 

bentmfptadje in bcr UniDtrfltat SDiforb. 
participle, 5>artirip, SSeibfelme-ri. 
participle adjective, $attiripiat<VbjectiD. 
term in painting, anebruif in bcr tOtnletef. 
parliamentary phrase, SltbtnSartim^arlamcnt. 
partidc, ^orriEel. 
partJeoIarly. fnobtfcnbtte- 
paaaive, pafftb, ¥«fll». 

term of paste-board-nwkers, InSbtu i In ^uopenntadjer. 
term used with patera, Xnttnief ber Btcinfceer. 
powder-mill, ynlbcrinfi&It. 

term In Perspective, KnlbTBJlnbcI ^nfpNtibC. 
Peralan, prvfifd). 

term used in Pe'if faction, Ttnebrttcf in bcr BtrflrintnntflsftmM. 
tern of pevterera, Sinngfcftranibntd!. 
philosophical term, 3fn6bni if in ber ^biUfochit. 
phrase, phrases, fflebenSart, (Rebeniartcn. 
term tn Pharmacy, TCnebnttf. in bcr Ifpof bcEerfnnft. 
term In Phrenology, TfUBbrutf in ber Sftdbcllcbre. 
term in Physics, TtaSbnitt in bcr $brifif. 
terrain Physiology, SuSbrtitf in bcr $hnfioIo B ie. 
term aaed by piumakers, TCnebrutf BtT Srtlcr. 
plural number, fUttrol, gRtbrjobl. 
term used by plumber*, KuSbrud! ber ffileigftMr. 
term nsed in papormilli, Jag^d btt ^npfrrraoUrT. 
" ', pleoaattically, D(tonafiifa): uberftfffin,. 

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Ittadt for: proper mime, 13 

Print. » 

pron. o., or pron. 
pron. pert, jfand* 
pro)*, poji. ■ 

i Pneumatics, Xotbntd in ber Euftmcftnnbt. 

■ term Died In Poetry, portifdjrr SneBtUtf. 

» term nsed in Politics. TIueBrutf in brr fJoIitif obfC etaatthinBE. 

» Pomology, Xntbnnf in btr ^omoloaie, Cbftfmtbt. 

n poital eipreulon, Tfuetrutt fra $pe|rwciin. 

b lerm used by potter*, TfuSbnitf in bet Sopfewi. 

» participle pmit, bae $artirip bet otrgangentn 3 tit. 

■ participle present, bat 9)arfidpbcr gcfletWurfigctt 3dt. 
» preposition, yrdjioflrion, Bormotf. 

» pr«MOt tame, $rdf<ne, gfgtnmiftLfle iJeit. 
» prd«rtt, Jprnttritant, (iingR oetflangent 3 tit. 
» printer*' panne or term, 8tebra6art nbtr Kustruct ber. JBudjBnitfa. 
» pronoun, £rc Pom ttt, gnTODtt. 
adj. standi for: pronominal adjective, yrcnominol-TCbifctio. 

for: pronoun personal, pcrfinlidftG girtuort. 
ii proaonn possessive, btfte}nnj((H(ntf6 gurwort 
r . „,.. » properly, tro ttgtlitliiJjtn eiinne, ctgRitlfdj. 

proo. (prw-i-) » proverbial expression, fpriajiuSrtliibtr XuSbrutt (fprid>n>ortIid>« 

provtne. » " • provincialism , qDropinjIal'TfnSbru.d'. 

f». »■ person, (grommalifdjt) ^erfen. 

p. ». » * participle substantive, participial. Stt&fiiratiB. 

Pug. » » tern used with pugilist*, Inibrad 1 btr gmiflMmpftr. 

mat. - « questionable, or a word of which the propriety ii rather doubtful. 

(in *Bort, btflcn Ktbrandj no* im 3redfrt fttM- 

qe. n t quod vide, which see, U(ld|t! fidje. 

fleJ. ■ ■ religion, religions subjects, Stdigton, bit (Religion Brtttffcnbe 


reip. » ■ reapectfnlly, odjtnnflSDoU, anS Zdjrung.- 

Rhtt. > » term in Rheotric, MuebtTKi to btr Otebrtnnft. 

rid. > ■ in ridicule, UdjtrKd). 

R-m. » i term used by rope-makers, luSbmcr btr Better. <9tccpf<Vogrrl. 

flom. ■ • Roman, rtmlfdj. Rnm.Cath. Roman Catholic, romffib'fatBc'iifd). 

Rom. Hist. be. Roman History, romffdjr. ©cfdjidjtE, w. 

lt~w. a ■ term need on railways @ifcnbabnaM6bru<f. 

i. * * i. substantive, fcmiprnwrt j 2. ■billing, edjinina. 

jj. ■ ■ dollar, Sbnlfi, md. IWct. untrrS.uo&r. 

Sad. ■ ■ term nsed by saddlers, TtUBbrud* ttr Battler. 

5ulp. ■ ■ term nsed in saltpeter bonsei, TfuSbnld! ber ©olpctcrfirter. 

Sc. • ■ Scottiah, ftbottffd). 

Srript. * * Seriptaral Eipreaaion, Biblifdjer tfuebruit. 

Scalp. ■ ■ term used in Sculpture, TtnWrmf b* r iBUBbauer. 

Sta, > » *aa expression, sea language, sen phrase, Xusituif obtr Bf 

btnlort in btr Ceefpraibf, aRatrcftnauebriid 1 . 

Sett). » n term need in aewing. XuabnittSd btr 9Mberei. 

Ship-b. Skip-c. » tern need with ifaip-bnildera or ship-carpenters or term In naval 

architecture , Xaabrn* in ber ©iblffbaufunft. 

Shot-m. b * shoemaker's term, Jtunftauebrutt btr &$utnM<btr. 

Sing*. » » singular number, Singular, Sinjafcl. 

Sk-dr. » « term need by ikin-dressers. XusbHlf btr teBcrbtrdttr. 

51. b b term nsed by alateri, Stbftfcrbedtraue Bru*. 

Sm. a * term nied by smiths, black-smiths, XuSbrutf ber eSdjrairte. 

Smeit. .» » term nsed by smelters, fiurtenauSbrud 1 . 

i«l. b ■ solemn, fricrlidj (Otgntfot non col.). 

i. pi. a b aobatantlveplnral, ffonptraort inbcr<TXcbriilbI. 

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/or: uportsiaao'n expreulon or term, ffiebttleart ober (Jtuil|l-) XUBbraiC 

bet Sagbliebljabcr, Kirtgaber ber Srrgnugmtgtn bee gelbeS, bet 

gifaenS, fBofltlfteneni, w. 
term naed In Btatiarlea, 2u5trurf in btr ©tutt|tif. 
•nbjQuctitB mood, ber Subjunctis, Qonjunctie^ 
Snffolk(eiiglifdje fflraffdjaft). 

term med in imgar-worku, Sllsbnitt in ber jiu(f«|itt(r(i. 
term naed In inbjecti of rnipemtitlon, 3Cu«rwl bti Qegenfltlnben 

Hi XbergloubenS. 
superlative, Cuperlarin: SS*ftc etrlgnnnaSftuff ■ 
term in Surgery, XnSbTDCt in btr SBlinbarjiiritUilR. 
rnipeiBnom word, flberflufllaeft (urmiiseS) Sort. 
Swedinb, fdjBttifd). 

tern naed in salt work t, eSflltnenauSbrntt. 
tenn oied by iword-entleri, Xaebrud 1 ber Sajrotrtfcfl/r. 
technical term (or term*) in general, Jtwnftnsort ober ttdjnifdjw 

Untuno? (Jtunfrniorttt ob. Vutbrudt) lm 200 em tin en. 
term oied by tailors, ,fhinftau»ruif btr Bnjneiber. 
tern mod by tallow-chandlers, Xnsbratf ber Xdglid) t jiefter . 
term naed with tanner*, 18 ecberun Struct, 
tautological, tantoIiKjifd). 
theatrical term, XnSbrutt bol Shelter ober Sbentemngelfgeriveitm 

theological term, 3CnBbrn<r in btr Sbeclogic. 
term naed by tin-men, InSbnufbtr StlUtntfR unb Jtlenvsntr. 
term naed m tin-nlnea, Ttnebrotf in bin 3lnRflrutien. 
terni rued by tobacconists, XnSBnttt in ben £at>arefttbrifen. 
tropical expreulon, tropifdjtr ober antigen tlttier XaJbruet. 
term In trigonometry, Xttebrof in ber XrigonCBKtrie. 
tarn Died by taruers, Sreit iMerauSbnirt. 
typographical term , XaSbrutf in ber (Bucocrucferfunfi. 
nncertain word, or which the lenae ia not clear, angewtj, ober i 

eta f8ort,beffen Stan nitbt fiar ifl. 
verb, 3 ritmort. 

verb active, t&fltiflefi 3eit»ort. 
verb defective, mongelbaftrt JSeittoort. 
tern of the Veterinary Art, Ttusbruc! in bet Kbit tut jneiEunbe. 
verb Impersonal, nnperfonltdjrS Seitrcort. 
torn tued by vintagers, SBinjeroasbrndr. 
verb irregular , nwefleIm5|iiflCe jleitioort 
verb neuter, nentraiee Srirmort. 
verb reciprocal, gegenfeitig roirlenbeS 3ettt»ort. 
verb reflective, prMrafrfntbcS 3ritnmrl. 
verb regular, tegrtmdpifltS 3tit»i)rr. 
vide, lee, flebe. 

vulgar word or expression, flfmeiiieS SBurt ober Ifusbnitf. 
term need by watch-makers, UbrtnaAtrauEbnuf. 
lennueed by wax-chandlers, SumucHer«Bad)6[ioV,ie&er. 
term of wlre-drawera, KuSbru* ber Drobt jitter. 
term of weaveri, SBtberauWrntf- 

term of wheet-wrigbte, TtuSbruct ber eitllmoiber, UBogncr. 
term in wood -engraving , Xalbrntf in ber SoIjfAneicefunlt. 
term naed in preparing or dreesing wool, Kuebrnif beim Sertirtn 

ber IBoDe un" " """ ' 

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+. mark* cm obsolete word, btjofcntt tin nttnltefts Bori- 
ng mariu a word n early obsolete, bcjcii&net (in btitiafce Dertiltetee Kelt. 

* marfci 1. a poetical word or expremon; 2. at the bend of leveral word" nigniftes that 

they come under the tame principle of pronunciation u tbe leading word, 

hrjeiebnet 1. cin j>otHfd)(S SBortj 2. our lemSlBorle jdgt cS an, taf baf- 
ftlbe in bet TCusfpraiftc benfelbeit ffltgehi, alt [tin etammnort «i(r ibnliibc 
(DoranftehenM) ifSSrter, frigr. 
NB. Set Mm Serjdibiriffe ber nnrrgdmJf foen 3(tt»i3rf ec am ©iblufje bitfeS Buibce, 
bfbtutet boe ©termben [•] reatimdfia- 
— (-) eUipiu; or marfc o/ repetition of the iwrd at the head of an article or semicolon, 
or of letters, syllables or words omitted, SHip[( ; nber HBicbcr^oiima&jcidjiri 
(Snpplir 'Obcr ergdnjungeftrid)) ftcbt anftait beS crfitn (ober oerftebenben) 
SBortce ctnti Krtifcie e-ber ScmirolciiS; obet alS GrgSnsuno. aufigelaftencr 
fflaqjftaben, ©nlbtn obcr fBotttr. 

• marks of division of tvjovx/rds or spnttnees not immediately connected, XrennungSjeidjcn 

jweiec Sorter obtr Site, tie nitbt unmittclbar lufammrngeborcn cbcrvcr> 
6 unbe n flub. 


Ceutfdje SSfflr-jungtn. 

*. fiebt ffin Xrtlfrt, article. 

a. > ■ aKe,a1t. 

Dbflct. » » abgcffitjf, abbreviated; OTfflrjtinfl, abbreviation. 

agf. n » aitflclfidiftflb , Anglo-Sason. 

drab. * • arab if 4), Arabian. 

a. 55. * i> Mibere Stile, other or next page. 
autgen. d a nuBgenbmmcn, except, excepted. 

b. ■ » btffec , btfrtc, better (|. ». ■ b. b. SB.- b«S befit re SBcrt , the better 


'■8. , iB-n. a ■ Sebciirung, BJebeutungtn, signiJicntlon, nignification*. 

bff. n ii btfonberS, particular, particularly. 

befr. ii a betreffenb, relating to. 

b. n ■ ber, bit, bos, the. 

t. a. «8. ■ ii bus dltt ffiort, the old word, 

».e.(ffi.) a . bdl (Wert (ffiott ) [- tb " better (ward). 

btf. » b bcf«rit>, lmutjjelbaft, defective. 

Mpfll. » a btpglfffttB, Hkewlae, alio. « 

bratfdj. ■ a beirtfdjer, bHttfd>(, oeutf4«, German. 

b.f. X a .i btrfoIaeabtTCrtiM, the following article. 

b. f. (b.) KB. b bus fblgenbe (beffere) (Sort, the subsequent (better) word. 

bim., birafn. a BerflcincniRgsiioTt, diminutive. 

b. I. • ■ bti [((ttre, the latter. 

b. m. t. ■ ■ Ml nfnbel ridjtig*, the leti proper. 

b. r. b bat rldjtioett («2ort), Ml rt*tfgeni (fflorttS), ber riibrtgtren («Wr. 

ter), tbe more correct (word, wordi). 

b. fi- a a bOB fiblidjtre (ifflett, word), more In u.e. 

b. a. *8. a b baS petjerocbenbe SBoIt, tbe preceding word. 

(• » » ein«(tin), tine, «n(S(ein), n. 

(. a. SB. a ■ tin altCS Sort, an old word, 

(hem. a » tbetB ale, formerly. 

tig. tigeiltl. a . tigmflid), properly. 

CDtpl. a • (Hiptfflb, ellipticaliy. 

V-n. » a QfgttlRante, proper name. 



t: trftfd), berfifd), Erie. 
(in fdjltdjtts lf*lt4! gvbilOtteej KBort, a bad or 111 formed 
tin unmJBeS SScrt, n uieless ward, 
tie fnlfltjioMl, Ultbft mciter, the folio wing, and 10 forth. 
grauennante, woman's proper name. 
fnmjjjifd), Fremch. 
gcbrauiit, used; debrduiiliib, usual. 
©(grafts, in opposition. 

gemein, goneiitCT, geractne, gemEunS, vulgar, vulgarly. 
gcnEbnlid), oronl, usually, 
grititifn), Greek. 
gmmmatitalifd), grammatically. 
btbrnifdj, Hebrew, 
in bm folgtnbtn Set tufting en, in the following .enses. 

£2Kai- *••■-— 

im ioltn ©imtt, in a bad sense. 

fnuacnSSewutungfii, in ;ill the significations. 

fnsifd), Hindoo, (East-) Indian. 

inbfomfift, Indian. 

in fiitfer ffieBeutung, in this signification. 

irlanbifdj, lri«h ; 3rtanb, Ireland. 

italimifdj, Stalmitr, Italian. 

in Wtilrrcn Sin IK, in a more extended sense. 

Snbtbnnbert, century. 

faum ju gtftiitten, hardly allowable (word or aenie), 

Icttiiu'fd), Latin. 

mit, with. 

mill. a 

a malnnifd), Malayan. 


" nrittriboiboWtfth, Middle-High Germnn. 

ffl-n, ■ 

• 3Rann*numc, man's proper name. 

mcml. o 

■ moralifdj, morally, or in a moral sense. 


> mtnbct rtdjtig , Hi minber rinjtig t (tffiort) , leu properly , the le 

proper (word). 

n nail), after. 

B.X • 

a wubXnbtrn, according to others. 

* nfdjt cnerEannt, not allowed. 

SD. ■ 

» Kwrb>iO(Utfo>l«nil, KitbtC-iOentfdXanb, North of Germany, Lower. 

Northern Germany. 

K-tngL • 

• Korb-englanb , North of England. 

k. 9- ■ 

a nofb ermtintr, more vulgar. 

Hibri. n 

» Kibrtungm Sieb, lay oftbeNibelnngs. 

sittBl. a 

* nirtcrlincifit}, Dutch. 


a Kifbtr»ead>ftn, Lower Saxony. 

S.-f. » 

o njfbtrfddjflfd), low Saxon or low German, 


» nidjt fiblid), not In use, unusual. 

E-b. . 

> Dftrt'DEUtfdjIanb, Upper Germany. 

(b. ■ 

EJtr. • 

» Befrrrift (<m Etftrtidjifibcn), (In) Austria. 

a oriental tf d), oriental. 


ii Dber^Siiitfen, Upper Saxony. 


» pbuftfd), physically. 


s porrugifflfdn $ottua.ief«, Portugueae. 


° tylflxnm, prefix. 

» tid>ttger, more correctly. 

Kflrim. . 

• regelmapig, regularly. 

znr^cb; Google 


f. 8. (let! fur: felttne fficbeuhmg, a ien»e ae lilum mod. 

[(tott.jBeb'ctt!. • juKttifd), Scottish; Sdjottlant), Scotland, 

Eldjr. ii ■ Sdjretbiirt, style, mode of writing. 

fe&r. » * fambr, write*. 

3-35. » • SSttb'DcutfdjIano, South of Germany, 

tVcngl. » 11 eflb"0na[anb, Sooth of England. 

f. fl. > ■ fogenanttt, denominated, so-railed. 

foan.jSuan. » fpanlffb, Spanish; ©paiiieii, Spain. 

fpr. b i fprift, pronounce; fpriibt, pronunnees.. 

it- ■> « (tail, unflott, instead nf. 

®ub!l. 3ing. u Sub(iciitio, im Singular, anbitantive in the lingular nniibar. 

Subft. 9>llir. » Buoftantio, imfHural, inbitantive In the plural number. 

f. 0. D). o » fOBtflmiC, the same as. 

S-n. • » Kflufhamt, christian name. 

U. • ii UnB, and. 

fl. a n l.fiolid), oied; S.uMidjer, moreinane. 

unrig. * > ftorigrnS, an for tie rent. 

unrig- unngtnti. ■ niufgenilid), improperly. 

ungef. » ■ unatfd&r, about. 

ungctt. n > ung(n)oljnlid), unosually. 

unr. » o unrfihtlg, incorrectly. 

lint. Sdjr. ■ b unridjtigt Stbreibnrt, incorrect orthography, 

nut. » » unrir, nmuns, in. 

urfpr. n s urftjrjnglid), originally. 

0. n n dor, of, Iran. 

S3. 6t. a. RettOta, ftt(t far: Btrrinigtt etaattn ion Kort.Xmtrifo , United Status oi 

(North-) America. 
eert. Serb. ftet>t fur: Dttbnnben, connected; SJerbinbung, MHutbn, 

Wtb. » » Drtbor&tn, corrupted, 

ecrft » » ottffauiem, nndantood. 

enbt. b b Dernanbt, related, 

n. no role, an, like. 

SB., SB -r. b » (Sort, word; Sorter, word*. 

JB-rngl. • b aBtlWnalunt, Wot of England. 

»-r. ft. ii = ncniger fiblfu), leu used, 

a- ft- " » nntig ublid), little nsed. 

w. ft. I i b meldjce u&Iidjtt ift, which Is more nsed. 

ifgFtt. b b jufnnimenucf^t, ia composition, in compound, (eoupoond words.), 

jfgj. ■> - jnfammengejogtn, contracted, 

iifftan- B a SufanroniFrtungrn, componndi. 

pn. b » iuntilnt, lometimei. 


Slbfutjungen bet Women Van ©(fcriftjiellerii unb SBcrten bit in bit fern 
2B5r«rbuer)e citirf finb. 
Abbreviations of writers and works cited in ikii Dictionary. 
A. 3m Sllatmeintrt. In general. 

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Suite. • b Bulwer (Edward Bnlvrer Lytton, Barf). 

fjd. B. ■ ■ Lord Byron. 

C(J.F.C) > > lame* Fenimore Cooper. 

(Itauc. ■ o Chancer. 

Cimt.i'Ld.Chest.) flrtjt (Oil Lord Chcterneld. 



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Dick. • ■ Dicketu(Boz). 

Dry. n ■ Dry den. 

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J.(*F. J.)fttl)tfur: Waihington Irving. 
1 , Dr. J., or John, fltit ffir : Dr. Samuel Johnson. 
/. (G. P. It. J.) ftebt fir j G. P. E. ]amei. 
Z. ReSjtfKr: Llnn<5. 

AT. ii » TbomaaHoore. 

Mitrr. ii o Captain Marryat. 

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brim 1844. 
Afitt, " n Hilton. 

Mori!. » ii Lad; Montague. 

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ling. i i' (Hioinfl't aRarincfflirtctbudj, Hamburg, 1794. 

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«Birt«liUd)to,(cfteT(uS3ab(1818ijn!titt 1827J. 
Thorn. » p Thomson (JBtrfaffrr bet Senioni ic). 

Wair. ii .i Sam. Warren (brtlttriftildjer eftriftfteHer). 

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eollflaittla unb numgelbaft. 

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in 30 Kuflagcn tritbt. 

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Scidjcti, bit jcoort) an afgrnttintr SSerftdnblidjfeit, foiuit borin btm 
Worcciter'fdjen eoftcm twit narbfteben, ba P (It mtM anbtnSBortrm 
fctbft anachratbt flnb, fonbetn neben bcnfelben fte&en, olfo bid 'plot, 
einncbmtn, ebnecinenvrmtrnfBoriHa uorWslker'6 iia&Ien iu baben. 
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natory Dictionary of tlit. Engliah Langaage, Boston, 1830 (iteufte 
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Struct jiifcftgung aller 6i6 bdbin bef aiinfcn ort&otfiifdien HitcUen unb 
Xnfu&rung btr ©tnd&wraonntr in abtccidbentrn gttlkrt. Seine, it 
bem gcgenredrtigtn RBtrft nngtnomtnent £8ejcid)nung Mr Xutf(tad)t 
flberttifft ale anbtren tttartigcrt Snflcme an UcbcrficbtlidjEcit, Be 
(rirnmtbdt unb JTurie. EaS gropcSBerfi — A Universal and Critical 
Dictionary of the English Language, Boston 1846, {an raic burdj bit 

©fitt bel Strfafftrt ju naajbcm has raeirtigc bercitt scllcrtbct air. 

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£lcinli$<r Gifcrfucbtclci unb ^tbanferit e)ifelnb. 

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nary of the Engliah Language, London, 1836. gr. Bio., nebft 6upplt» 
mtnt,0bnl846. Smart i|tbti neiten btr wiirtigtlt Kadjfolger unb SSer- 
btlterer Walker's* bit feinun KBorterbudje oorangt&tnbtn ®runbfo(t 
btr ettglifdjeo ausfpradj e bitten boa Btftf, mas in biff™ gtlbe in nrntrtr 
3tttgtIeiftttnorbenifc; ntit tnffentt opn bopcrgcle&rter fldMStcrft, 
anntaptnbtr Snngebrrri, unb ©erinafdjiHung bcr Walker|Atn SScrbitnftt, 
bercajtiacn ihn (tint [djarft BeobaajtangBgiibt , frin DrattifrtjcS ©cfcbiit 
unb feint ganje SteHung fn Gnglonb baju, im Kiigtmcmtn erfte Itutu. 
rirflt in Sad)rn bcr engl. Xuefprodje ju fein, alS ntltbt tt bran and) 
(often bbtr and) obnc bit gtbufarenbe Kennung feints Kamtne) inrntt 
mehr antrrannt toirbj in bitftr iiinfidjt nit btfonbere audj in HBcjug auf 
inneren (pfctloioflififien) ©cboit ftebt fein SBcrf boaj ubtrbtnt bee Knonles. 

w ■ Alexander Reid: — A Dictionarj of the English Language, Edinburgh, 

1814. Sin fcfcr guttl Sd>u[nCrtcrbnd), niclcbee febr vcrbreitet ifi unb 
in ben 4>auptfoo)(n rait ber Worceiter'fibtn Ku^rpradjtbejctdjnung 
gtnou uberrinfrirorntj bofclbt gilt (jcbon) in gcringerem ©rabe) rr>n 
G. Sorenne'i tbtnbflfclbfl cr fit i en en cm Pronouncing Dictionary of lb* 
French and English Langnagei. 






tile, fit, fire, tir, tint, fill, ft'tal- H*te, mit, there, herd, clapu', redEe/mer. Floe, fin, 

□HkiRt', bird, jnlBluL Note, not, note, nor, lore, condole'. Tfibe, tab, bill, rflle, 

chSrcb, mirWr. 

Y = I: »5, ejatnl, myrrh [-ir}. vi¥y. (rf. P. XXXIII.) 

Chair, Character, Cbaiie; Qir«, (.iiiuit. Wife. T^lnk, tb.li. Example. 

A, 1, i. (tin ewol), tat X, a. 
a-, eorft^eillK, and b<i ang tlH4(Jf(be a ffrfc 
wfilicB on (fdjon im Xgf. piotilen an) tni« 
ftutn tint bef. in tngL Xbonblen, %. 8. 
amy, aback (agf. on ieg, on boc), &a&er 
Mdjffet tat a biafig tardj on jn nft(tni 
aboard, aiiore tarn on board, on shore; oft 
im nolfMBu'n.Hdjer arte) cor fpwtlciptaU 
SnMhBtiKD: to to a-atmting. jagtn (jam 
3ag«, |Kt 3qb») gcqtni he bant ont i- 
l»eUac a brad) in <3t Idditrr nil. 

■* [feton s], art. rin, tint, tin. 

i, a, attr. Cow. 1. (attf »ed)ftln) ft. ac- 
cepted; 2.(fn\3rrf«irtniift.adr»uce; A.B., 
&«, ft, able iMnUeri ; A. C, Corns. (Ace 1 . 
Car*.) ft account current; at (acc d .) ft, 
acteptad; at., mfc ace*, ft. account; Ada 1 . 
ft. adnUral; A. M., ft ante meridiem (lot; 
before noon, *3 craftings) { Am 1 ., a™'., Cum. 
ft a-nunst; a. a. f. ft. aid to forth; a. 
«. ft and io im, nab fo meiftr. 
}*, j. »n ICnf (Tfrt plotter Hbeinfdjifft). 

las, a, bit Ebnt, Efcmr (glilffigfdtSmaf). 

Vroa [a'ron], *. Huron («-■.). 

Auritaic —eti, [•rfln'jk], adj. aarenifd). 

Afaca, Ablcca, i. in Oemrttplfang. 

Aback*, adv. Mar. jnrutf, rnftajartS; to lay 
or brace — , bit Btgtl bad brafjfa j to be 
taken — , I. (bob tra 0tgeln) eon. BSinbt 
FtttUdj riftMrtt gef*lrabtrti«rb<ni 2. col. 
ntf (jiidj betroffen nKibtn, 1b Sefttriraa ge> 
ntb/t. [tie GMnlenpIatie. 

SVieua,s. 1. AfalA. bb ffitAtSttftl | % Arch. 

AHd'dc*, «. NU h«c flerfWrer, Wfr. Jrinb. 

Abaft', Afnr. I. ailu. binten (am Cdjiffe), bin. 
lernfrtl ; II. >. bad £f nttrtbtil bef e*tffe*. 

To AbaljenBte, v. a. 1. Law. eerduBtrnt 1. 
fig. entfrtmtcn. [Stfietbunjs. 

Abiljens'tign, t. Law, bie Brrauflernng (einuS 

To AbinMon, ». «. I. oerfafftn^ aafgebenj 2. 
Com. ubantcnaireit, abtrrlcnj 3. to — tn, 
|>rtil grbtn (ttititm etujo()i gdnjltd) fiber: 
lafjeni a-cd, p. a. 1. otrlaflra, H.I Jig-*- 2. 
otrdbet) 3.wr»orf(ni abfctjruIto>4 iafterbaft. 

Abandonment, t. 1. tut Berlaff'll i 2- boS 

Serloffenfrin ( 3. fig. bo* tSt** flbtrloffeTt, 
{itngcbeBi 4. Com. & i^ic, bie 8rriidjtiri= 
ftnng, Xbutbonniniiig. [Xrepan. 

Abnptrt'tijiT, >. An. Surg, off ©tfidbelbofcrer, 
tTo Abare', v. a. l.entbidfdl -2. fig. n.U 
Uin. [Biurtljrofc. 

AbarttcBla'tion, t. Anal, bit JtWOaitafugUng, 

AbaV, a. Vom. ber Xboi (tin prrfifdjt* ¥er> 

Ienee»id>t eon 7 /e ■*««')■ 
To Abiae', i'. a. 1. nirttrlaffen, ftnftiti (bie 

glugge) ftrtidjent l.fig. n) ernitbrigen, bt- 

mutbigtni *) tntniiilfiig"", nitberfdjlafieti. 
Abaaed' [abSit], p. a. Her. gefentt. 
Abasement, ». ]. bat Kf rtcrlofTen ) fig- % 

bicStmatbigURg; 3.bie9Htttrgefd>lagettbdt. 

To Abaah', u. a. btfdjilincai pass. { ait at) fid) 

(eihtr «ad)t) fd)iimtn, orritgtn fein (ubtr). 
AbSi-.j, AbS.'.j., i. bet IbtbWfi, Vb(b)a< 

(prrf. eilbennfinie o. trngef. '/a Iblr,). 
Aba'uble, sd>. Law, toafl ungultig grnaibt 

mtrben Tain, umftofita, beftrtitbar. 
^6nt chautiw [•bit-aho've), *• Com. eine Krt 

gerfnget (frotii*rtfo)tr)«on«, Xn»f<bofi»ont. 

To Abate 


To -Abhor 

To Absic', 0. L p. ]. flbbredjtn, niebrerefftn, 
ittfrfteiii 2. jig. BKmfnttrii, [iin«i, mil' 

btmi 3. Totn-f . n) ( — of, from the price, 

com $rtffe) atlaffen, nndjtaffmi A) bout* 
ttrftfen (btn ^Jveie) j c) abjieljtn, tabattd 
itn,betortirtiu 4. Law, a) nnffnltfg raadjtn, 
amftoftn, nibtitnfenf S) to — on estate, 
tin ttut roibcmditliai an ft* itfjltnj II. V. 
l.abnefemtn, naajiafltn) P4 oerminbernj lit 
Itgnn 2. Mon. bdm Gutbtltlren (Cogens 
[pnlngt madjen) btc £inietfiiSt sugleio) aufi 
fcSm* 3. '-atu, a) ungfiltig nwrbeni &) fin) 
bre »trinircB(d)ftft tinta JBtrflorbcnen nltct> 
rei&tliib beniflihttgtn ; to — in one* fleub, 
(am Stlbt) nbnt&mcn, abfatlen, abnwgirn i 
to — in price, Cam. im $retft fatten. 

AbSt^ineM, t. I. tic Scrminberuna, ■Jt&jwb,. 
met 3. Com. a) bet TCbjug, KatWa$, Cccort, 
fflabatt) bit Otefartie; n)ber ffltanct! (XuE- 
foil) btf Sie^nunaEHi 3. Jiff- bit 3!irtergt= 
f4Iagtn6cft) 4. Law-j. a) bit Umftofnng 
tints Stfa)Iu|ft8j 6) bit »tbfrrtd>tli*je fflts 
fisnebranng ( S. tiVr- bo» (sur Ktrminbtrung 
btr fflfirbe angtbnubte) »etjd*«i. 

Abifer, (. 1. btr SSrrrmnixm, w.) 2. btf 

Abattt [nbaia'], j. (ft.) Mil. bet « re ban. [rat r. 

AbB'tor, i. Lou, fcre nsiSrereiHIiibe Bcfl(ntt- 

Ab'a tore, [ob. — UttrzJ, I. pi. Sport. t(T Xb= 

tritt, bit Bpn (be* «fib«»), bit ?7c&rte. 
Abb, J. Ween, bet flrtttl, Xufina, bit Jtettt. 
iw.,, j. (&rtc.) »ba: Safer. 
Ai/bjcv, ■. bit MttWKfirte. 
Abbfii'I, Abbito'ijn, i. uid. Abi«i. 
Abbi'u»i [sbi'.h»i], adj. abtildj, abttiHa). 
Abbly', adv. nife. meg, a&ltartl. 
Ib-b™, ,. Scitffin, Kbtin. 
A>My, g. tit ntti (baa JWofter). 
AVbnt,i.bcrXbtt~in comment/am, tin twit' 

lto>tT XttnlanXU) — «nrgeon, 6tt etlborjt. 
Aybfltrtrp, j. bfc (Qflrbt mb bat Xmt tints 

M-te* obre rintr SbtitTtn. 
Abbrenvoir [IbbnjTWir'J, i. 1, bit trdnfe, 

^Jferbefdjaxrame s 3. Arch, bit Jtif tfpaltt . 
Abbie'v|ite, v. a, abftlrjen. [furjtma*jti»tn. 
Abbre»jfi'tloo, i. LbiiXbrtrjitHfli 2.baiSb< 
AbbriMStor, j. btt MiMrjtt. 
Abbrt'Yj#tfire [Wrtt], j. 1. bal XWUtlungl. 

Ki*rn, bit SbWrjnngi 2. btr Xttijog. 
Jb'by, vid. Abbey. Abe, wd. Abece. 
AbdCTitn, adj. abbtritifa). 
Ah'dente, j. btt MA wit, flinw. ben Xbbna, 
Xb'd]ckDt, i. p. a. (mtt ofj tntrtgtnb, wtjiibf 

ttnb (anf)) II. i. btt MAa*f tnbt. 
I^dirtto, o. I. *. i. aitbirttant, anfgtben 

(tbi %m), dm S6t3«) mtftatai a. &aw, 

)abft|tn, tntftttn* 6) onftoftn, tntttbtm t 
J. n. abbanttH, tBtfeatn. 

Xbdjcs'tiijii, .«. ]. bit Kitbttltsuno, bat Xnf= 
gebtneimSKmie*; bitMAaiJnna j (Ibton> 
OMfaaUttg { '2. /-air, bit Stifto^una, 6ntcr= 
biina. nibbanfnnaii. 

Abdtc'?trve, adj. bit Kitbttltgang brtteffrab, 

Ab'djtoiy, *. in Sttfttct. 

Ab du'me n, j , ( j) /. ibdJtm'iDt[[|lf.]Db . f bde 'm eii ( ) 
1. Anat. btt Uatetitibi jurotilen bat Sandi* 
fctt j 2. Ent. btr iilntcrkib btt Snftflen. 

Abdum'jnal, I. adj. Anal, ben Unttrltib t't- 

trtffrnb; —ring, btr ttffienritig j II. n-», 
t. pi. Ich. bit ffiaudjflofTtr. 

AbdOii'inoij*, adj. Anat. jam Unrtrlrfb at* 

bAiflt bid:bl)id>fg. 

To Abduce', v. a. Anat. abjitjen, aofonbern. 
jbdD'cent, odj. Anat. abjit^enb ) — mucle, btr 

Xbile v multtr. 
AbdUc'tlpn, s- 1. gen. t-U Sbfiitrung ; 2. Anal. 

bit JbjfEtjunaf 3. Laic, bit Ontfa(tnn B ) 4. 

Surg. (BetnOBtnfy ( 5. /-Jg. bit jbbnerion. 

AbdficW, j. I. /Jiir. CetentfobttTi '2. Anat. 

btr M>}i{bmu*fcl. [bua>. 

Absce', t. bi» X4»t, Xlpbabttj bal X>bx> 
AbSeedi'riiB, *. 1. btr X>b«tlebrrt, Biul. 

mtifltri 2. X«bit<f(6ultr,/«m. K.b.c.fdi«t. 
AbCoe'darj, 1. adj. jam K.brt gtb^ttgf II- -'■ 

bit K»b«c<t«fel. 
AbM' (M-bed, ogL A-, S.l), add. col. 1. im 

(su)3friti2.bftt«flir(g* 3.in(btn)Snbcn. 
A'bfli, *. M«I (9t-n.) ) — muilt, btt Ttbelmc- 

fdiuS $ —tree, ob. AUle', bit «Stif)Mppt!, 
Abei J divlne, t. Orn. btt Stififl. [Xbtlc 

AbetdeeB-', comp. — (tab, btr EabtrbaNf — 

boae, gefttitftc ©aittttoaart ««S Xbttbttl i 

— BiiBke, bit langgtfibtrinirt ©ojuppen- 

Abir'r^.ee f— ey), t. l.tat MwtiAtn, bit It' 

»tid)nna ) 2. ^tf- bit Strang, btr Srrtbam. 
Abtrritlon, j. 1. bit M>»tfd)«ng] 2. a) AM. 

bit Xbimtng bt* Etdjtejj b) Opt. bit «rt> 

djong bet fiidjtfliatjrttii Z.fig. bet 3tT»ts, 

Strgangi Srrtbnm. 
tAbiHrjae, p. a. (ab)trrenb, ffa) otrirrrab. 
To Abff, f. a. (ffiintn ju rintm £«brta)cn} 

antttibtn, anrefjtn, anfeettn; (Sincm) Kau 

fiub tbun, btlftn, nntttfrd(ra. 
Abct'm?iit, j. kulRfKCting i bit Utitttftfitnnn, 

btr SSorl*«b, Bttftanb. [fcrtbdfev. 

AWiftor, j. btr XaftiFttt} TOWfAnlbigt, *d- 
Abey'fQce[(bi'*iM], I. /^iic, bit Smsartv 

!*qftj to He 1* — , to CMnttt iltgtn (tan 

<Bran»fHI(rai)j ludain— , eatanlt ob. (m 

renloft Saibcrfkt. 
To AbhbV, v. a. wrabflKBtm Script, en* 

«*«, Bfrftndbtnt Lota A Script. mt> 

AbWrVet.ee ( — cy) T i.Me»er<ibf4tunng; bet 
Xtftn (— of, froaa, »w)j Mr $oJ, bit 
Xbirigm* fgegtB). 

AbkoVrcat, L nrfj. I. ocnbtoatoitf 2. (t> 
M4t Awb) nnotrttnbdt wit _, pen Qtnat 
raiftrit, tenfribtn itmtttr) II. — ly, 
rait Ktydjttt. 

Ab»irV«r, j. «tnbfdnn; grist (con). 

AttiiVft (p-) '■ bit BctrtWfldiiM ; *« 
W»}n. [Itnbtt. 

A'bib. ». k*r XWb (lflt Roaat) fa ]Gb. Ao* 

T.. Abas', v. irr. I. n.Mribtn: I. wnwtftnt 
R-obtwi i 9. fig. ■) wrtorrtit, <nt«frfrrra (— 
by, in)] 6)fiitjt>iittcn(ati),frfiten(oiiO> *»— 
with * pttMM, bet Ztmaat Weibm; II. a. «j 
iMrt«)iri*«, eiltftti (tint* Btrtoft) ; tf 
tragn, aWbaltttn »-lng,I. p. a. (—It, ado.) 
Icrf»*$rtnb, (oa*)*«»raH II. i. l.Mi »ltt. 
Ik*, ic 4 2. .%. bie (JortOEantr, Mr 8t= 
flirt j it-ipij-place, ItT tBoljnoTt. 

Abieitjae, adj. tannin, von SoittenScIj. 

Able*, (lit) *. Bot. (Battnng ant trt $m 

_fofnMnmt (Xannc, gidjrt, ».). 

AbjiiTs ie/jd, ». diem. Mt Sattntnt>arjfCiiwt. lougmmg. 

AWgH, i. ]. meatt (Mbl, g-n.)) 2. en*, a) 
•it JUnraurjiragfrt, Soft ; 6) baCbcfe flStib. 

JMTjty, *. Mi fcibtgftlti I. bus etrmegtaj 
tic Jtrafl, (BtfctjtttUcjrttt} 2. IK (ffle((lrt=) 
■Srift-Wigc j 3, (— to pay), bit Mlang*. 
H tfflrat! — of eatatc, baS ■Stmo'gen, Mc 
,tts(St(Jt, (fcnnrrfttri. 

AbiaUe'tale, aoj. Lam, ot)M Sfframtllt. 

Ab'jert, t **j. <— ly, ode.) nitbtig, elenb, 
Nridjfllo), nWbtrtra'd)fig, eerworfen ; ui> 
aietttt-rtagiicb otrlertn ) II-'.^MrfitrnK' 
JcK.WHkt! I1L — new, AbjeVtedn«.. Ab- 
jirtlot, »■ 1. «* Wfbtrtriajtlgttit, *tnwt= 
fraWtf 1 bit (BtiSffajenrltbriaung, Ct> 
Builbiging (nor tScrt). 

±T. Abj*«|a«e, v. o. ■btrtaltto. 

ibjtrt'tl^M, i. Law, bit Xb faro* ran g j (feltr^ 
:iif) hlfcgug f Mfa of — , &gi. ifirt. 
(it Ibttwirnng (bei ^rdttabtBttn). 

To \bjfcV, aofdjtsoten, utrfdjwSrtn, tnffaani. 

To AbBefite, v. a. flort abfiugnt, t>id. To 
Craft (by t a p tweh ), 

Abi,««tie», a. flort. Mt Hbfdagang, (vfd. 

.Grrttaj *c). [bt, ?Wrttnftlbt. 

AblKfu [aVUc], #. Com. ftinc ptTfifcfrt <M< 

Abiiiprii'tigo, ». ifart. btt *tftattre Mrffrbt 
wMtBnntlitbrnainu! Kint.Wt|»«*e- 

AMi'iioo, j. ]. bttStgnaftint, balB(0Be»nra, 
[(rtSufB-ACnoin.)) a.Mwi.tirtii«(tntitg) 
1 iriift, «a« qebjitstn. 

1 Atom 

XbVive, I. orfj. tttgntbmtnbj II.i. Gram-t 
(— cue), btr S'blettB i — abiotnto, ber ttb< 
Folntt (nnalibaufjiflt) Xblotio. [Stamtatn. 

AblS-ie', adv. fam, brenntnb, lobernb, ia 

A'Me, orfj, Htig: fn CStanbt; tSd>tig, go 
fajtft, rrfairtm otrtniattib, rriajj braoi to 
be — , fm Btanbt ftin (Snntll} — to pay, 
Com. jo&luitgifa'ifjj, foletnt) — bodied, 
adj. ftorf, frdftig, tsftftjt — bodied oea- 
men. Mar. bimftfltige (gefibicttt) ettlentt. 

Iblcn, Xblet, : proin'ne. btr SSrippfd). 

A'bleneio, I, lit. k fig. bit S4*,ia(«t, JtWfc 
ic, rid. AbUity. 

Ab'lepiy. ». ((. m.) Ul. ft to. bit Bfl nbfjrit. 

#ToAb'ttg«te,D.a.abM(tn,abMtiMn,Io8Mn I 

^Xbljes'tloo, f. Me OTUfang. [btn. 

tTo Ab'li^ite, ». a. (otl)pqa)tm. 

Ab'lBent, I. ad;', rtinfgtnbj Afed. abfubrtnbi 
II. a-i, XMn« n 'ti», L— 'ahft], *. pi. Af(d. 
(bmtrtinfgtnbt) Xbffi&nntaamiftti. 

AhiiTiion, i. 1. bit 3fb»«fa)img (ffittnigung 
bar* BSafa)tn)i 2. don. ba£ Snfiionftbcm 
Kbftiftn; 3. Rom. Cath. bit Ablution (Mt 

XbnvgA'tlqo, i . bit (tlblidjO XbMugnane, 8er< 

Ab'nSgJitnr, t. bet YMtlugiltt, ffiCTlQUgntr. 

+ To A tf bo d s t e , o .a-(Saumfiitirttn) abf app tn. 

+ AbitodJ'iion. i. US Strbauen, Xbfappen. 

AbDnroy, r. od». Mar. on Sorb, in (ja etxr 
o«T btnt) Cdjtfft ; to go — , fid) tfnfi)i(ffn( 
to full — of(fjrwtth) a iblp, tnlt ctntra (an> 
tern) SJjfffe iirfomDicnflof tn s to tarn — 
of a ihip, tin Sittiff onftgtln j IT. inf. an 
IBorb! (cf. Boord). 

Ahudt/, I. pre.', ft p. p. ton to Abide; II. f. 

1. boi Ctltibtn, CetTOtilert, btt Xnfcntbaltf 

2. bet Taftntb«H*<Jrt, bit Kobnungs to 
moke — , 1. nobin litten) 2. n)ot)ntn. 

4= To Abode 1 , o. a. oorbtbtnttn, oid. To Bode. " 

AlHTde'meiit, a. bit fiorbtbtutting. 

To Abni'i»h, p. a. obfebofftn, aufbtbtnt tn 

SB eg faff brtngtnj cerroerfen j ttmitbttn. 
Ahflfith»hie, adj. abjufdjafftn it,, vcTntd)tbar. 
AbSfjibet, i. btr Xbfdjafftr, etTnfdjttr. 
AbCI'jibment, t. bit ^bf*ofTutifl, Xufbebnng. 
Xt»7«Tt1i)n, t. Lmo, bit Xbfdjaffang, Ttuffco 

bnagi bit ©troftridffunft; fflriltgung. 
Iboli'eionrtn, i. (btf. Am.) bet Ybolftfonll' 

tan*, Uruabfat btr etlactncSntantipatfoa. 
iboR*tlon>at, t. btt ffir bit Kaft)tbnng tintr 

Ciatbt *(btf. Am. ber KtBtrsSWaptrfi) i(t, 

Abfaa, j. Zooi. bit Olitftnfdjlongt. [gen. 

Ib^mS'igm, AbQnK'oifo, t. Zoal. In ttalMi 
jbBar^aable, I. adj. II. —ly, ado. nbfdjenlirf), 

ftmfUHi Seripi.u 

mafi$, an. untcbmm III. -ne™, <. Die "Sb 
Ti, AbWjnSie, en. eerabfrtjeutu. [faculicaftit. 
AiiirainS'tidD, a (mit of & to), bit Ber«b* 

laituungt t>erXbf*tu (tor)j btr OrdueU bit 

WiraiiftMti Sr/jit. bit Bfftt<hrog,e«. 

unif.niauna ; to have (ob. bold) in — , »er» 


AbOrd 1 (on board), aiiu. I'id. Aboard. 
Aboric'jnnl, nrfj. urfprunglidj, lanieSttgoi. 
AborfB , |nal|, Aborf*W«, - p . bit Urrinnjotf 

net rints Eanbee, Utrolitr, etamnrcSlttr. 

AWtinn. i. (ft. * fa. bag iKiJgtbdretn bit 
fctblatburt, gru&gtburt. 

Abur'i]te. orfj. )u Mb geboren, unjeitia }.%■ 
tnipiungtn, wrunglutftt to prove — , fsb> 
fdjlagcn, pcrungltirf t rt 5 an — flower, Sol. tint 
fflU'ifhi', bit frinc Srudjt bringt) 

bt*. [btffrndjt). 

Aburtivei, j. pi. ubrrribtnbe SJHttti (fir Set. 

(bdVtjielv, arfn. |nr Unjrit, unjtitig, nnrttf. 

Abur'rivenemi, ». bus QRife*faSren ? .fi^. but 
Wiflfnont, gsblfdjlugcii (rinte«orbabni6). 

To Abound', v. n. flttrfliiififl (rei«U4) ftiiii 
im flbtiftufft Gibes, flberfluj baben(— in, 
with, mt Etnas, noil (tin con). 

Aoodt 1 , arte, & prrp, am, unt ... Strum, unc 
hers ungtfd&r, rtnxt, fltgen, circa; in Hunting, 
Dtstn, fiber 4 (nabt) bti, an, son, nad), in, auf j 
■II — , abtrall) roond — , runb berum,rino,»' 
umj — the bontcirficnbnjoimimiifwB round 

— way, rinUmnjtflitendiilei— , lOHXtiltn 
tallnifangr; — 
ber j ba unb bortj to be — ■ thing, (gfteae 
port ab en, w omit nmatfttnitobe — 10 ....in 
Skflrilf frin, jn...f to bring -.tn&aBerf ftti, 
Inii to come — , tun Fein; onbere atrbmt to 
drinii — , fctrtmi trinfen} to go — , benun 

- gtStitj mitetmai umgtbtn, Stroaj norneb' 
mtn i to tie — , bitr unb ba jtrftreut ob. ura> 
btr litgtnf Mint $. to pot a nbtp — , eir 
6*iffBtnbnn ready — ! Jtlnrinteit jn »en> 
ben! - »hl|i! ffleel to tbe right -1 ml. 
«d)»um tchrt cad) ! 
About', fiif. auflbaran! ant SBerfl 
(lM\c', I, «ifit. obtnt bariibtri from — , eon 
oben ) « .von ffiott j the power* — , bit blmnt' 
lifdjen ■Dtaihttj m -, mit oben tncdbntt the 

— letter, bet obige (uorftehenbt ) 8rtefj »inci 
writing tbe -,**., fObtatt gefibritbeo, 1C- 
over and — , obmbnin, barubcr i II. prrp. 
fibrri v oberaIstnitbralE,intbr,baruberj - 
all. ror XQtm, nor alien Wnntn, vorndmild) ' 

— tbat. flbtrtocfeti t..be<ob. get) -, flber- 
tttfeni — board, flbtr Sorb ( fa, flcRibm, 

-ij), »nlg . flber- 1 at&orgmi rebliib, offen, ftti, unbcrftecrt, sine 

JtunRgriffti — ground, ottfttrben, noo> a 
Sebtnj — ftaire, oben, inber Cbrrflubfi — 
mentioned, — named, — cited, adj. cbnt an* 
gtfBbct, oben ob. borenod^nt; the — men 

tinned, the — Owned, 1, btr (bit, baS)DbeO» 

enodtnte, Hi Cbtngefagtt. [itrarabrn. 

To ^brlde', ti.a. abfiba&tn.abTeibeni^fl.nn' 

i'brshSn, j. Sbtabttin (!W-n.)f — '•-baJin, 
btr Jtturdjbaum f Yitex. agnvt cestiu). 

i'brani, s. contr. v. Abraham; to aham — , 
wig. fld) tranf fteUen. 

Abrasion [-ihgn], >. bafl Xbfo>abtn, Yt» 
reiben, {Rabtitni ba* Ttbgtriebtne, Sd»abft(i 
M'd. He SBeafdjatfung bet edjIeimtS burib 
fdjarft aXtttcl, 

Xbrdum'[Sb-iAm'], i.hierDthcBammertcjboE 
tttgl.tRotb (iumSdrbtnbrt 9Rab«8»ni)bo f je* .). 

Abr*a»t'[a-breat^ , adv. neben tinonbtr, Beitr 
■ftfefttti Mil. in Srontj Afnr-j. gtgenflber; 
a Beet formed -, tint glottt in Srontiinit. 

To AbrrdKc'.na.iibfiiricnfauA 41^. )ifa.nev= 
tixvtt, verminbem, einfdjronfcni (3rmantcn 
infammntiiebtn, turjer faffen. 

Abrf<rg«r,*. be rKb[iirjcr,6i)nipf noienWrriber. 

Abrfdg'ment, ».bftXbWrjung).fc.»erntinbt» 
rang, 9infd)rdnhing,6djmdirrangt btrVuS' 
jug (au» etnen Sndje, einer Sajrift). 

Abroach', adv. (von ?fdflern in «r Sag')/ (dm 
Itnjapfenj to be — , angejapft (angrpoihtn) 
Teini to iet — , najapftn, anft«ben. 

Abroid', ario. bron|rn, aufen, aufrodrfsj an> 
Bet bem ^ttuftt in btr grenibt, aa^cr Sanbtt^ 
from — , non aufen 1 to go — , antgtbtn ; an* 
fer tanbtt gt^en, eerreifeni to walk — , fpa- 
jierni ge^en) to aeod — fa traveler for or- 
der*), 1 'om, rciftn lalfen (eintn Gommis, nm 
Xuftrdgt|n erhalttn)) to let — , aulgebtn, 
btfflimt mad)tn) to take — (with), mititrfc' 
mm (Ointn ob. Gfroas). 

Abrtfah, t. tint Xrt ftiner bengnlifiber ttwHn. 

To Afrogate, t>. a. abfajaffen, aufbebtn, 

AbrngS'tion, 1. bit Bbfibaffung, Xufbebimg. 

Abrohaat, 1. viii. Abroab. 

Abrfipt', nrli.Ui. kfa abgtbrod>(n(au<t) Hot.); 
un;uFammrnbdngtntf plS(Iid>, unernnrtet, 
baftifl, rofdj, tibercilt) — pinnate, Bot. ob- 
gtbrod)rn gtfiebertj an — atvle, eine turjc 
(abgtbrocbtnE) Stbrrtbart. 

Abrnp'tioo, 1. bit Ttlbrtdjuiig, pU |8a)t Xren< 
nnng, SerfruaVIung, btr Sru*. 

fbrBprly, orfti cbnt Sorb rrrimng, pUblither 
XBeift, plijHth, 

Abripr'ntu, *. bft9tanbeIt<ein(»JtinKt»)) 
estrilhtit, Sahej figs, bit flberttlnng, 90- 



f(rtJthttiitt|filJfleJwftiB»B(,«aB*b«t(*»jjih'»9lBtely. adv. anumf*vdnfti r^Ma, gam, 
»., »* . .. .- ,. >.:. ■.-.„> ,in..._ gjuji^ or j Q( HusnabnWi nabcbingt 4 nnbf 

jiffilidj, an tub fair fid), abfolutf bertinrat, 

fftltdjtCTbingt, bur*autf — yoori, gnnl btr 
Ab'«*iotent»», ». bit Unnmf*rilnffbtit, Unab- 

bongigftit] SoUfttoigftir t fflafttpoUfom' 
_nenbrit) 3nstngbtrrf*aft, btr Btepotiimul. 
Abeoio'tioa, f. Lou, bit grti fared) ana. j bit 

eicafencilai) ITieof. bit Jbfoluticn. [irbre. 

4b'i9lfiH ( m, I. ZTteo/, bit KottjIMnbigrriM" 
AbaSKutpry, adj. Ere. dSfflutCriffl) ) Latr.frct" 
fprt*tnb) — lealenct, but 8p*fprt*nng»* 
nrcbrfl, lfbfolntoriura. 

AbaftrVaiory, adj. Old Abiolatorj'. 

To ibfOWe', d. a Loio, frtifprtim, Io(fprt» 

djtll (— of, from, con tier 6AUI6 1Mb Strafe )j 

£ec- abfclsiwn j (tinn 9fti6)t> tntbinbtn. 
AbattrVer, «. (finer, btl iMfpridjt, bet &>»• 


Af»i)u«ot. ad;, in tsiberfproa) (- to, nit), 
_otnuinft»fbrig, ungrrrint, abgtfdjmactt. 
Ab'innoot, arij. wtbrifl Uingeab, mifftitnnlg, 

To Ahiorf, » a. la fid] jftben, tlnfanaen, tin- 

frblurfen, abforbirtn (nit tin ©djnximm, btr 

Eanb, btrBdjntt ic. bus ftBaffcr ic.H (p«*». 

flo>i aufloftn, Bttjebtnit Jtc. (ben ffltiHI in 

arifprnn) nebmens to — one'* urate, ftin 

8tnn$a«i bnr*bringen, Dtrftifnenbtnt a-ed 

in thought, .Ag. in ©ebanfm ctrtitft. 
Abiiorbabil'jty, t. bit eigsnfftoft, tingtfaugt 

roctben ju tenntn, bit Ebforptionarraft 
Ab»oi J biib!e, arfj. einfaugbar, a fcf orbit bar. 
Abtartent, adj. tinfangenb, abforbittnb. 
jbaortt ntn, i. pi Anal abforbirenbt Wcfdfr, 

8nmr.bR tfafit ) Afed. abforbirenbe ( ralrartige) 

Abrirp'tioa, i. bat Bin fau a en, Oinf*iueSrn, 

SStrfltetnj T. bit Xbforption ; Chun, bal 

Utrfttgen tints QJafte j Afsd. bit bobtrt Jtraft 

btr Sttbaunna. ftione-fdbig. 

^hpor|i'i}ve, adj. tinfaugen finntnb, abfoqi- 
To Ab»t*in', u. n. abftcfttn (- from. Pen ), fid) 

( einer Softe) enttalttn, (Utoat) mtiben, ft* 

Abnte'injoni. I. adj. II. — ly, ode. fiirsaltfam, 

nlfHgt in. -b«m. j. bit Ontbaltifamftit, 

Abite'iDlDUn, the -, jr. pi. bit SMI igtn iibtib.( 

ffitinmtibtr j bit btr Bitbt enrfagen. 
Ab«t*n'tion, i bit entbaltfamrciti Qntbal* 

lung; btr Ginbalt, bai Srrbot, b-f. /.aw, bit 

To Abnterge', v. a abroiftbtn, abtrr-dTntn. rtim> 

etn, btf. Surg. (SBunbtnj antnaFaXn. 

9ftriatne)i — of ttyle. bit Mtjfi CSbgt- 
bredjrnbttt) btr t3*rdbart. 
AbriptV, >. pi. wfjige e5tegrtiftin(dllt, Xb- 

AbWu, a, Jtffrf. bat tjtfdgnar, bit <Sfttr> 
btnlt) — kneet, Surg, bit Santtrtt iur &ff> 
uug con (Stfd|»nrtn. 

AV.riM, AbKb't*, i. AfalA. btr Kb[d>nitt, bit 
Xbfiifft, btr tlntrftnai. 

AbKU'iion [»b -riib'-yn], «. Sur H . bafi ICb, 

f4nribtn (tints ffllttbte); Rhet. bit l~bbtt> 
bit Ttttfbtbnna, ttnanTtiemarbung i bof that- 

ToAb«t!OndV,D.l.a.(;t.*j^ otrbergtn) II. n 
34 wrbtrgtn i ft* (um btr g tf((Ii* tn Stra r< 
in trrtgtben) otrfltrftn, tntroei*™, anttrtttn. 

AbMAa'aer. t. btr, rptlajtr, nn ft* btr gtff ». 
Ii*tn etraft p tntjitb/n, ft* otrbirgt 

Ab'afncc*. ft. bit Xbntftnttiti (— of mind), 
j^'.bitffirffrtMtitttftnbcit.^erfirtnunfli Ijiw, 
•at (ftr«fbart)TtnSb((ibra, «i*ttrf*tintn ; 
leiieof — , btrllrloubj iron, bit plrjftlt*i 
Onttaffiina tintt Stanttteni an le»ve of — 

aV*t«t, adj. abntftnbf Um fig. tttftrenti 
Mi', k Civ. — with leave, mil Uiiaub, btnr* 
laablj — witaoat leave, obntUrlaubibtftttlrt. 

To Ah^fnt'. "'a. to - ooe'siRlf. fi* entftr- 

ntnt (eSdjnlben tatbtr, it.) anitrtttn, ff* 

fttAtig ma*tn. [btfttbrab, abntftnb. 

AkeaU'aeoaa, adj. fi* aaf bit Xbmtftnbtit 
Anneal*-**, i era ol>»tftnbtr(panftintmVmtt, 

u.)t btr abotfenbt yfrunbntr, btnriaubtt 

AbaeVtcr. * ber (Don ftintn Soften) Xb»t> 

fsibt i — of partiaaieat, bo* mibrtnb btr 

Btsnng abmtftnM Spar lomratfi • Mitfllieb. 
AbOar/HeU, I. bit Sbwtfenbtit 
Ab'«de», t.pl ^jt.bitI6ftan65Banrtt,2fbfHiCTt. 
Abaia/iAlan, adj. ratrmnrbartig. 
M»"n'(h|it*d, p a. nit «5tnnjit6 gtf*niiin- 

gtrti fin wrtlttert. 
Akala'C ftm. i. vid. Worm-wood. 

To Abarar/, v. n. abfttben, ablafftn (— fron, 

_wn)ifl* tnrftnttn. 

S- .eADia,co!Ifldnbfa, eoDfonnun t nnbcbinnt, 
■■abanbtrli* * nnbtjiebli*, abfolnti in ft* 
[eibft gtgrfiabtn — Mceptaace, Com. mbe 
biautt Knnabnt, purtf Xatpt) an — entMe. 
Ijit, tin URenfreltf (Bun an — knave, eilt 
5rit*nrtt i an — prince, tin fonverlntr giitfti 
M - ptomUe, etnBnbebingtt*8trfprt*tn) 
-<ji*ce, /fij. ber unbtjifbU** fltonn. 

Abat i 

ibtUt'itat, o*. »b»ij4«b, reinigrab t Jfoti 
abfu&renb. [ffieiitignngtiaittcl. 

£b*uV|>ntf., t. pi. Med. Xbfu&rungemifteU 

AbittViloB,*. t«J 3Cb»if<b«, B*i«fB»»| Af«d- 
bit Xbfubrttug. _ I 

At»teY't|ve, adj. abwifdititc, abtroifnenb, rei» 
nigcnbt Med. abfilbrtnb. 

IbtttValMtj . ». pi- ntd. AbMef gulm. 

Ab'ntim-nce(-ej), i. bit<int!)aItf«»fi;it,3Rd= 
((afrit jQntbaltunai Etc. Ml gafttit; dny 
of-,Wt8«W«g. [niPs. 

AVitjBeot, I. a*. II. —If, ado (ntbaltfarn, 

To ibitrict'. o.a. abjitbtn, abfonbern (—Iran, 
son)) jiff, inffitbanftn abfo«ern, abftra&t 
ren (ffiegriffe, it.) 5 auSjictjtn, in einen XuS 
tug brtngtn (tin SBu*, tint Bleujnnng)i 
Qtem. neftiaiien- 

Ab'»trfcot, orfj obgefonbfrt, abgcjoai-n (.bcf. 
»egrift"tn, aid) mil from); f*. abftrart, titf* 
fUnie (eon Unterfuciunaen, u.)j - autbe- 
natici. tit nine fflUttemafif j an — nana- 
lit)-, cine abgaiogoie Qroit* — wordi, ab' 
ftractt ffflocttr. 

a b'l tr act , s. lli. ba l % b fttattum , ber a bat j a gene 
Scgriff) auSjug, fummarifibe 3nStgriff * in 
(the)—, an unb fur fid), obgeftben oon...i 
- ntmben, Atith. abftrsetr (tutbnuiuttt) 
3«bl«n i — •tatecaent, or — of (an) account 
oarrant, Com. ber He (baaing SnuSjug, tic 

JhitrSc'tfld, I. p.a.Pfc. abgtfonb(rt,abflfji;S,tn, 

•bftcablit,«bftcactii)crfcinctt,acUvtcrt4 get- 
ftifl i lunfci, fdjnter ja wtfleben j |erftreu t, un» 
oiifmctffam i — tpiritaal love, bit gtldnrtrtt, 
gfitfigtSftbti II.— ij, ado aogefoubett, an 
unb fur fid) betMcbttt, abftract j — from ..., 
obne fflatffidit anf ...,abgtftben »tn...i Hi. 
— dcii, i. tat Xbftractt, bit «b|crocte 9c 
fdjaffuibeit (etntr fiSadtt, etaeS Stnwtfet, u.). 

AUtraVtfT, *. Qiiitr, btr tinen XuSjug mad)r, 

Ab.tric'tion, t. Ph. tit lfbflrittiou4 bat Xb< 
jitbtmgoMEiriogc n ) boo Ibftracte i bit Seiftei- 
abmcftnbeit, flerftrtunng i Kbjltbnno, be* 9c 
nnttbf >an irbifibtn Bingea; Chtn. bit Be 

AbdrWtjve, I. adj. Fh. obiU^enb, (in ©eban> 
(tn) abfe-nbtrnb, abftrabirenbj II- — Jj. aWu- 

Ab» tf Acfly , adc. auf tint abflr artt lit, an unb 
fur fid), abgtfonbtrt, abftwet 

*bitriot'n»M, «. w. bit obftrottt Bef/oMen- 
freit btr 3t>ecn, bag Xbftraett. 

Ab'.tiicu, t.pl.Mui. bit Sonf)iint,XonfUb[ 
(in btr Jfflinblabe (intr Brael), Xbftratltn. 

Abitrfc'ttd, p. a. anfgtbuabtR, auffldSftt. 


£. IL -1;, aa>. lief wrbotfn, 
Mrfb(El{ >g- btiftl, unxtftlnlltttl ni. 

-.icii, t. bit BuirMbrif, iUoaflinNubrett. 
Ab*!jil'.)[y, t. owl. Abntrueneu. 
Absurd', I, adj. II. —if, adv. ffliber[iiinig, un- 

flfftimt, olbttn, obgtfd)mactt, tborublj QI. 

— neii, J. tnd. b. 4. Absurdity. 

AbauYdit;, t. bit Ungtrtinubtit,Ybgtiit}nu(Ii' 

bcit, Xibtrnbtit, Zborbtit, btr Unftnn. 
#ban'a>Dcc, t. bcrUbcrfutfl, HeWexst,^Utx i 

In — , or - of, im flbtrflif, >sllaaf. 
Abin'dfnt, I. adj. ub(rflGffift,m<ilid)j to be 

— with, — In, rtubli* ctrftbtn ftin nut ..., 

Qbtrfluf babtn an ..., rtidj ftin tn ... t II. — 1> , 

ado. im Ubtrfliti, reid)Ii(b j iur Stnujt, v£l> 

lig * tttitliaftg. 
To ^bfifti', v. a. uttfbrnusjtn) btntttntbtn, 

tiufibtoi OEtfubren j mtb>anbeIn,bcf4iBi>fta, 

[d>HbIbtn j Stnem &ift$ nartjftgm j falfnj an- 

mtnbtn (tin IKort). 
Abbe/, i. brT<Sci>braua)j ublt atbtaucbi Sc> 

trug, bit Xauftbunfli SKif tMtlnvL tBtfd)lm> 

pfung, Sibtndljuiig i btr unflertfbtt label) bit 

Ctrfutntngj falfnjt Xrustabcuia, tSianecr^ 

brebiwg (tines SIBortes). 
AbG'ftr, i. ber, rocIAcr impbtnudjt i btrGiflc 

Qb[cnF41nbtti Strfubrtr i Stttruger. 
Ab6'<jve, I. adj. roipl)rau#etU>; fcbmdbtnt, 

fdjimpfmlii btrtugUoji — Inncunee, guuinc 

(anjugiitlO Scbtn, @d)impf>i>rtt* — wri- 

Unp,p/.ed)mabf4riftrai H-^fi otic, barn) 

!Rif brtutb, oif b routblidj i fd>»dt|Ua>,fa>imj!f - 

lidji ftbmdfcfnbj III. — t«M, i. biteitbnUib- 

fudjt. [an, gtgtn). 

To Abut', f ■ n. angrt njln, anfiof tn (— naoa. 

bie Otcnjf, aRarfj Arch.m SiBicerlaatr tinti 

fflriiilci (iiiil. Butnent). 

LbutV*. *■ p(- Lam, bit Srtnjen ob. 5Warhn 

tine* Sanbtigentbnni. 
Abf m'> (* Wtaa 1 ), i. btr Xbgtnnt, e *ianh i 

hyp. tine grnnbfofc Xwfe> Bib!, tie SpfiOt; 

Her. tat {icri bee Scbilbes. [nitn. 

Aby»rn'i», t. Geog. (Ba6 Jtiniartid)) Xbnffi- 
Abyuln'jan, I. adj. abofRnifd) i II. t. btr Xbnf< 

futier, bit UsfftnitriUL 
AcWalot, i. Orn.bermeitcnnifd)tKinotrratt. 
jci'd* [v-tti'-ibB-f], t. bit Xcttif, ber Kta« 

(ienbaumi Afed. ber Xtatitnfafti German 

— , btr Bcblegborn, SajwarjUom. 
Acf de'rajtl, adj. arabcnuTib j — Ugara, Paint. 

Vlttbemitn, 6tubitn (jwn Kacbjtia>nen). 
^cade'mjan, i. ber Xtabemttcr; bae SSitglicb 

tintr Vfebtmft j btr Sebultr anf tiner Xfabo 

mie ob. llnioerfitdt. 
Acid£oi'|Ci I. adj. arabcaifd); bit ItaBtmie 


(plataiftc Vbitsfopbit) bdrdfraS; utif tint 
bcuitm ysiLi.'fortic SJqua, bobtnbj II. ..-. 
ber Ifawraircr (ixbtaatr Mr platontfo>cn 
^ftilcfcpbir). [(cirf. Academic). 

AcidiW}cfl, l.orfj- II. — ly. ad-a. afiiBtinifib ; 

\cSJ5Mrtfl?j>[*-kid-e^Kiih'-f9], j.bcr3ffa» 
Mmirtr. [tafepdfe. 

AaiFpnfaai, >. titfcbrt Mr ofabunifibai ?)b> 

Aclifeariat. >. iwrf. Academic. 

AadV»y. «.bftlrabail(:ed}n[cbcT^IIo^ 

anrtalt j btr Srldjrttitemiii i bic fltittcrf* itk j 
ffritftitic* (--figare), j\nnf. doc OToBctt. 

icahf, #. (3<««. btr Offig. [stiifjimng. 

Aa'jdfl. *. btr KicrntbaBMj — Mb, Oaf «t< 

nunc, Ultpbafltcmlanfe. 
\caiat, *. ni'rf. AcncsM. 
4c««icA. «- (Ira. bcr>J>Uttf*naM. [lig. 
Acani'cettoa f_— «au«], *<#■ Hot. bornig, finds e= 
AciV(**,*-8of-tcT£)!>ni, Cttwbdf Zcoi.btr 

St«*cl (in ber gifdjilofTOi ^n*"- ber Eoni< 

(orifto. [t»gc, ber Xtantbabelag. 

AcM(Ai(bty\», i. Surg, bit Strdtjangc, Sreicf- 
icutU'cMH [-«hm]. ■<*"■ Al( - locnig, 

fUvcUg, biRdartig. 
*c«ath w t«-y ,, 4i(iB.. .lift". Zooi. fhifctlfloflte. 
Adafiku*, «. 0a(. bit MrcnHau; ^re/i. tit 

raBbwrsicrnng an Sapitol ciaer *3anlt. 
Aciia'tjeOae, i. Min. Sec ^iflacit, tjpibot. 
AdilaleVtje, «. Gran. bCT collftanbiat, »dH« 

iofcligc (fqlficnrribte nb. »eHtaetio.e) Bert. 

Aeirfja, AentrMom, udj. flot. ftaagdle*, (TO- 


Tu Accede' [ak-.flif] , i>. ». to - to - , Xtjil 


trtgr), btiftimmen, rimotaigeit ((it). 
Acc«'ilesea[ak'i«'-(l«iii], j. bit JBr*>fnigong. 
To AecfKerite . r. a. befojicoirlgenj i-d 

iiraa-boat, mod. net (lilbampfcoc-t. 
Accelffi'tioo, i. Die BtfAIcanigiing i (and; 

ra>f.)j — of Ike moor. Ait. bit befartnnigte 

Rcmgnng He tRonbcl. 
^cci!r>r* five, adj. befit lettnifltnb. 
AecilerkV. >• ■**«(■ brr Xreibmuafel. 
» cceYeralorj-, adj. *cf*(«n( grub, [birftit. 
^cecaJibtt'jty, t. ann. ifhij. bie enrjuib. 
AweVdTbte. odj. diem. Jt Pluj. rntjunSbar. 
AceemUoa, t. Own. * Pity, btc Xnjunbung. 
.Wcert, ». (brf. Grant, t Mut.) ber Xcctnt; 

bi c Setonnng i bae Xoitjci *cn j btc Xu ( fp ro 4> t, 

btr TtiWbnirf } a desponding — , ber fltin- 

rafitbige Xon, Altinlnnt. 
Tofcciif, D.ft. acccntaircn, bctoncii; rait Xt= 

(cntjti*cintrft6«5 •«n»(irtd)tn,daftm. 
icc^rtfr, «. 3fu«. btr crflc iDietant. 
ic'ecib, r. pi.- UltStrtt, Sonc, tBnrlti 


©aroibt; (viii. Accent); the nuujrai — o( 

bird*, bcr nclobifttie ®cf«ng ber JPigd. 
AcoEn'tsii [-ULA-], adj. in Kctut bf 
trcfftnO, rbntbrnifd). [acttittlifai. 

To AcuSn'tDlte [-bat-], v. a. t ' 
AcdtatuR'tJon [-tihfl-], j. bit 3Cw 
To Accqit', ii-o. (oBtltM. mltof) • 
to — of condltioiu, a^bingungoninjttoi ; 
Cunt-: to — (bill of eicbusc cbm 8Bt4> 
fcl MtqKirat; aerl bitu, «BqjtirttB9td)fd. 
Accfptabfl'lty, f. ved. b. u. Aoetptableneu. 
Aece|i't»ble. I. oJj. II. —iy, ado. txntbntwr, 
annrtjmiidj, ungrncbm, lieb, ninrMnteat be 
litbti m. ■■■uMi, i. bieluittbmUojttitCtiaES 
Borfdjiagrt, ic.)- 

AccSp'twioe, «. tat XnatQmen, bit XnnaBaei 

1 (gutc) Xufmibrac) ffinwinigung it ™j do 

ncbaigimg, b(r ffieifoEi /^u, wXttdK) 

Cam -j. bit Vwtabmt, JBtnbnrag, Otr e*u[ 


(or want uf — , COtait^tl (an) Xntwbmej — 

for part (conditional, urqaitlified — ), bit if 

bingtcTCnnaSmf 5 — door honour, upom pro- 

toit, BerJiUccueatioiiSprPlHli ...beiagoat 

for—, ixOaTUaptatfaMi (nneoiered) ft-*, 

| Ictept. i>[. Xtcfptalionlgefitdftt. 


©unfl, btrScifod) bit (ttngtiiemmtit) <k> 

1 beurung(trEeinn)finciSBortrti Com. bit 

! acceptatiorn tiBoorbtrm of—, bit l-»j(i£. 

lAcrfp'tor(Aceeptor), ».ber5fmwbmfr) Com. 

Kccnptant. [ber SrbulbcrlaflBiigefibrin. 

AcclptflS'tloo, t. Law, bit e*dnquttt«ng, 

Acclu', j. ber 3ug*ng, dntritt (v. ^rrfotten 

E.es«AmMBo> 7yno)ibirKnn)0ttf«aft(b« 

tbtliibe Qngtng $ btr Sutoodje, bit Sunabati 

Med. v!d. Acceuion; of ea«y — , leirbt p. 

: gJnglitb. L*«=- 

it/o^Harlly, Ac'cfMarfHfM, md. Aoceworily. 

ic'ce««»ry, Odj, A i. vid. Accessory. 



AoeaVfbn, i. ber Bntritt (jn riiwm etrtrogO i 
bit tStldnomia )u ... f Ztronbdttionng ( Btr- 
■tbranfl, btr 3nawa>li i«w, W« Itttcflloaj 
ianmer'1 - , bit an nib (rung bd ««■« | 
— of bodily diatempen, Med. Jtrattf SritSJU- 

^cceVdeMl, adj. biniugcffigt, biitpgtfett. 

AcceValont, pi. Setmrlirungrn (burd) binjti- 

! gtfoaim(neX^i[r)i3nfii(t<3adntre«rifl). 

{le'cfuarlly, odi>.aUKtbtaf<ld)t,bdMll|(g,iC 

Ac'ctainry, I. oi/;. binjutf mmtnb i bdgefugtt 
rbtilwbmotb, Witfitttblgf— n«Tea(»oeta. 

I aorlea) Jnat. ^rillfiltrMIU — part*, Paint. 




KtiaaHi — proof, btr Stiba&tmttii to be 
— to ... , bettragen ju ... , mitfeclfrn, mi tfdjul- 
Big fein; II.*. Lato-s. ber Xijeilncljmcr, 9Kit> 
fiijuiuigcj btrTtnI)ang,blc3ugabe ; bftKtbtn- 
(edit, ber $cbcnu»ftanbj fund and iu — , 
Sapittti unb 3nttrcfjen. 

■VqdaHei i. (book uf — ), ber Bonat, bit 
([elite lattinifac Bpraftlcbrc (fut Infnitgcr). 

AVeiUtnt, j. btr (lutttutttycti, bcf. uaglii<t' 
HAOitufaDi Unfam bne jafdnigtertignij; 
Jfi. Sal Sufaliige, Xufcriocfoitlitbf i »«'«(. 
Ml 3ufdnigt (rait juffinig tin full cub (5 Sidjt, 
3icbtnlid)t) i Cram, bit (jiifdaigt) fiiflen= 
fdjaft cince SBortte) Aled. btr 3u fall, Well; 
h«. bus Stiititbtm by—, jufdnia, jufiai. 
ger Sffieifc, von intgrfdtjrj — maJcen, 3t«i' 
bcniltnmadjtr, 9Kalcfiibid)tn (Srbiibter wa 
DKorfcatfdjiefetcn, ©auner|tmd>en, it. ffir bit 
cngllfdica Sournale). 

jf,cu|den't*l, l. adj. jufdBig; naatftntU*, ale 
KtbtBfea)ti — colour*, Fliyriot. jufdOigc 
(pbnllologifdX) garbcaj —point, I'er. btr 
octibcntcllt $unft j II. *. bas 3ufdUigc, Super = 
wrfcntlidjc, bit 'Jitbenfadjcj III. — ly, adv. 
juJiUiflcr iBeife, bob aagtfdtjr ] unrecfcntlid). 

Acclp'jent, i. btrSntpfdngerf Com. btr Xc< 

tcptantj vid. Accepter. 

AccVjteri, i. (pt.) Diefflaubuofld. 
Acctpltrfae, adj. roubrao, ju ben {Hanbo ogcln 

gtborigf —order of fowl*, bie Ruuboo'gel. 
AtelSim'. j. • btr Iante ffleifell, 3utuf, MS 

Acd?mS'tioD, i. ber frcblotfenbe 3uruf, toute 


gefajrei, ber Tfitfruf (bti offtntlidjra SBaiftn, 
Acclim'atory, adj. junifcnb, jujaudjjtnb. [ic). 
Accll'ni»tfd, p. a. aeclimatifitt. 
Acdrt'fty, j. bit fltileXn&obc, ■Juffabrt (time 


SBelicS. [fteiaenb, (flic, fteil. 

AccIO fad', p. a. Far. (p. $>fcrbcn) Btntagelt 
AccolftuV, j.titTt((olobc,Ur(iannuttg(&(ibein 

6ttftcT[d)IagOi «'«■ bicJ£laramcr(iut8«. 

bittbnng nieb.r«tr Siuicnfnfrcint); 'out. bit 

Jtlammrr our S>crbinbung mtfertnr fto|t«ii 

nit ifcrra Sktragc). 

ic'colle, art;', /frr. ongcfdjloflttt. 

To Acc6mV>d«te, u. a. i inridjten, brqnemen 
(— to,^ndj)jpricbtcn,(at(ommobi^e^),auf■ 
frnfrcniapprcrire^(autIidHi^^u , te)&eiiegtn, 
fd)lt*ttn i to - wilt ... for ... , fid) pcrgletdjen 
mit ... ffir ...j eerfctjen, perforata, (Sineui) 
ou«bclf:n (-with, mit etwee), Stwa» lei- 
tritj well ad, beaatm nobntnb. [mdp. 

pacOn'modnte, nrfj. paffritb, angcmcfTen, g(- 

AecWmodfltjng, p.fl.owtrdgUdji nodtgitbig, 
gefdaig, nrltg j on — terow, Com. tmttr on- 
ncQmborea SSebingungea. 

AccOiiiiBijda'Uon, j. lit Knp«)fiiafl ) (Stmdp^ 
fecit* Stfeirf [idjteit j Stilignng, btr (gutlip>c) 
(mit fftwci), luefeiilffi to come to an — , 
tin KbFanmcn tttfftn ( —bid. Com. ber Jtcl> 
Itrntdifcl, Saftorbwcdjftl, ^Jrc-formawedjM, 
gonniDtdjfd: —ladder, Mar. bit gro^t gall ■ 

Acc5mmoda'tion«, i. pi. bit Stqutmliajtcitta ( 
OTtfeeilungea unbJtamra(nt auf (inem Sdjiffc. 

Accijin'modStor, t. D(t Ttnorbner (tiner €Sao>0, 
faittr, Sfibrer; »cnnitrler. [geftUfdyapti. 

.Jceflii/p»aled,p.a.btg[titrt(— by.ooa), Ctr- 

AccWpanj^r, I. btr Stgltittr, ®cfellfa>a(t£r i 
Mus. vid. Accompaniit. [Xccompagnetnent. 

Aecoa'panlmeDt, i. bit Stgititungi Mai. baS 

AccOm'p?uijineiiU, i.p(. 1'aint.Kbwttttl IJ'-r. 

aaaptnptcjitrungtn. [p ogn if). 

AccBm'p?oi«t, *. Afm. btr Scgltittr, Xaoni' 
To A tc.Wp.ny, v. I. a. ©tftHfdjaft Itiftca, be 
glciten i Muj. begltiten, ac:onipaatiirta j 6'eo, 
gclttten i II- "■ ■**«*■ begleitra, attonpasxi* 
reni <— witb), fid) acftlnfji)! tmwobatH 
(eintr granraoptrfon). 

AtcOm'ptoyinE'l 1 - ' '-'i"". — ttiepre)cpt(i.r. 

letter), beigcfeenti, beiacfugt. 
AccWpljce, i. ber (bit) WitfcfeuTbigt, btr 

Xbeilbabtr (or tintm Strbrtdjta). 
To AcccWplJuh. v. a. auifu^na, ccllfubrtn* 

(tin Strfprtibta, eiata «Bun|'*) erfiitteni 

btgaben, per ft t em ouejietea, autbifbcK, 

frfemictcn (Jtdrp<r ob. Stiff). 

AccCm'pliihfble, adj. ouifufetbor) btt S«> 

toHrommnung (Xuebiltung) fafeig. 

Accom'pljibed, p.a. ouegtbilttt, DtDromDuni 
jicrlidji tltgant j an — gentiemio, tin OTaitn 
von DodtnbeUr Silbuag. 

AccWpii.ber, i. btr Solitnbtr, SoUfufertr. 

AccSin'pljihtn^nt, j. bit SoKeabuagj 3fitGfu(j- 
rung; GifuCuag; Ttuebiidung (t. Jdrpcr ob. 
Seift); bit etrfaydnerung, ber Ottij ; bit 
eigtnfiaft, gtrtioreit, btrBoriufl, bneSa: 
Imt} (vid.pl.). 

AccCm'pljdiinenti, i. pi. Xaltale, Jttntttuiffo. 

\ccflrd'. i. bit Gintradjt, Oiiigrtit i flbereir.- 
ftinunuagi (and; I'aint. o. iirtjt U. Sdjattcn; i 
Afu». berQintloagj Ttctorbj Law, btr S5tt ■ 
gltid), KftorbJ with one — , fin|Kmmig, tin. 
mutfeigi *ith (oOone^own — , «a» tiatnerii 
Xnrritbt, Don fclbfl, freiwiHigi Com-i. to be 
of — , atrorb (ubtreinftinineab)^n]ii thai 
wblchiiof — . in Crtnang ffltbrebes. 

To Accord', v. 1. a. iibercurftimmia. Biodjea, 

rttnuMn, {-to, nan))' it ainflang briagca, 
crtglci*)tn / ccTeinigra,i)cri8tincit s an«flld*«i j 
in- difhcaliie*, edjtoicrigfciicn b>cnj II. 
■bcrriafti>aa« (— with, ail), pafTcn <)n>. 

Acu^df nee, *. bit fibminfriinmang* in - 
<rita„.,RBcr*3aa>cgnn<if, iafttgti in - 
to _, it QbtrdafHrnarang nit ... j <au«Sj 
cfcnc *prdp.>- 

AecorManl, 1. <k#j". II. — ly, odu. fibtrcinftini' 
acnb, gkio)f5rmig, gcmof j im Hinfliing. 

AccoVdfBg, prep, (rigcntl. b. port, t. To 
corj; — to), no*, in rjolgc, gcnta>, Itat) in 
JirftfjHtgJ — todrenrnita»er*nfla)fflefd)af= 
fnibrif bcr UmfMnbe) — to "»•"■ tedjttmaf lg, 
$rfcBm.a*ig j, — to resuon, Scr *3cmunft ge 
mil j — to jow ordcn, tUtm. 3bjcn Inf= 
rragngcma'tj — nafconj.), fo tote, je nad)» 
ten., info ft n. 

fdcirMjngly. adj. tfoi (bcr ob. bcnra) gtroi*, 
tainae) s folglid), btntad), raitbin, aire. 

Ta AcclM', P.O. ODTtbCn. 

Accou'teble, oiy. jngdnglid), nrngiitgliri), gc> 
fdtig, grtprddjig, frcunblltS. 

AeeoatecU p.«. Jfer. bcglcitct, ocfdltt. [ftr. 

Accoacaear [ak-kcSniuiir'] , i. bcr Scburtt^cU 

AceoaetmentfSk-koih'-nient], & bit Meter' 
funff, Csfbfctbtitg. 

Accoaaf, jt. (i:/. ji(.j, bi"c Helming, Jtotc ; bcr. 
Com. taBCoaro i bf [ *m 4 nun g ; b ai JB c r j d<£ * 
rnng,Do(f5dmn9,PJrfldran3; btrecridjtfbir 
KurbritbUbcrXiiffdjIupi tic OTcinungi X4>* 
rnng4>oa)f fWtnng j baft in fc 6 en j t ct ffic Kinn, 
Serttjrii) Sttrubti bit Urfadjt, tcr fflnrabj 
Old or New — , (Tiron.beraitC ot.ncuc©ti)I j 
to call lo — , jirr Stcthrnfdjaft jfebcit i to give 
lan) — , fHcrjminn. (fflcujcafnioft) aHegcni 
beridjtnii erftdrenj of—, micbtig, pt>nSc= 
bctirang j of no — . geringfiigig, nidjtt b(bra> 
tttib, nidjt* gdtenb) to nuke — , bafui bat 
Ira, glonbcn: b cab fit*, tig en; barauf rttSncn- 

lo make —of. $en)fn>dl)cnj to make Do — of, 
gtTingftbdbatf to take an — of, tmttrfudjen j 
a* — of, ant Urfadjc, wegen, am ... aiKcn; 
oi fopoo) no — , anf Wnen gall, tnrdjtnt 
nidjtf upon all a-i , auf [cbcii gan, injebcr 
#Qrffi*£; in[rbcr 2rt) btl jebtrfflcltgen&tfti 
irrit or action of — , /.r™, bk Jtlagc wegen 
rcrawigtrtrrXcrcdinrjngj Com-t. to balance 
(in) — , Conto faiblrrni to bring In one*!—, 
— , 81. ffipnti, Conto baltm ; to open an — , 
Conto nifncni to panto — , inOt.bringcn; 
to place to ne» — , onf ncuc St. brfigen; to 
tnra (or to render) to — , (Scntinn brfngen, 
<jttt)M. grtra, rrabittn i fid) ctrintertfliicni 


for — of..., nblt son...) for— nod riil, 

(Bret, wrtffltfubrj for kalf —, St. |Br*«ftt, 
Conto nmetn; forone'iown— , fut tigmt 
St.i on — , auf St., nnf Xbfdj[ag,abfd)log[l(h, 
iOontoi to pay on— , anticiponio bcjo^len j 
anjflblc]i,abfdjlugliib jar)knjeinfri|uP Icifltm 
a payment on — , M( Xnttcipautiosaijlung, 
A Conto • 3fl^lung i brc einfd)nf j an open (an- 
titled) — , cine offtne (mtt)t;ti{)Itt)9t.) (pro 

forma or) simulnted — , bit (fngtbilbttc St. 

(Conto «glnto)( — of eharg«,bit Untofrm" 
(Ob.6pcfcn09t.( — of charge* (of) aer- 

chandiu, bat ^onblnnBl'Untoften'Conto} 

— of >liibgr»enienM, bit Kutlagt' <ob. Ku*» 
lagcn*) Stotm — of exchange, bat SBcdjfrt* 
ob. CatnbicGontOj — of I om ranee, bit 5(f- 
f ccaranj ■ ffl.j — of moveable*, bat QRofeUirn' 
Conto) — of reelohange, tic 8ilid , ncd)fcl> 
(fflicantbio>)R.j -(of)iaie*, ticB«rauf« 
rtd)nung) — of lettlement, bit 6a)lufr(d)> 
nnng) —book, bal 3t-6»Bud>, 6ontobud)i 

— current, bit lnufrntc St., Conto >Cotrrat, 
bet St-B«T[n*iugi — enrrent book, bat 
ContO'Corttnt'Sna). . 

fo Acoodnt', o.I.a.inWfBJntragbringttujSg-. 
to — to..., cftivcnan...; (uid. b. &. To Ai- 
■lgn)i 11. n. tchnen, jifclcni jufammenRdj' 
ntn, abrcajnen; to — with one, mit eintin ju- 
fammenvedj nm, da> bcrtnjnen mit ... i fid) ret> 
fHnbigcni to— for, flfccbenfibaft (furOtwat) 
gcbin; ccrantintirtlid) (tin (fic^en) fur ...) 
tut Qtnnb angtbra uon ... . 

Aceonntabll'ity, i. tit fJtrantfflortlithtrit. 

Acconn'tsble, I. adj. (jar £Rcd)tnfd}aft) ocr- 
pflirtjttts (— to, Qintm) verantnortlid) (— 
for, ffit etmaS) ( — far, inel. (rtUrbaT) 
U. — ne*«, j. bit Seranfcuorilidjtti t. 

AccSan'tfnt, i.ttrtRe<b.nnngtfabrc[,SnR)bai> 
tcri Comstoirift; *•*, fjttfontn, mttbenca 
man in fRcrtjnnng (i(6H —general, bcrSaf. 
fittt ob. obrrftt Otedjmmatfutittt fmXan)Icii> 
gcrithn^ef} — general office, bat obtcfte 

^iccounU', *. (pi. B. Accoant, qv. ) fom-». 
merchant*' — , bit rauftndnnifcbt Smbbd- 
tungi book of — current, Sai ScontrotnirS j 

— agreed upon, bcr R(*nnngeab(4lu« i 
glvingnpof — , bUXMegungt>Dn3tta)ann< 
gens toiettle — , Eftedjnungcnabfdjlicitui — 
are kept In ... , man tc*net nod) ... . 

To ^ccou'tre,o.a.Afii.*iMar.ouSnifrtuiauf. 
pnttn, aoofdjmueftn, ouofrattcn, anlflafflTen. 

AccoO'tremeot, r. AW. bit ©oltatenraftunfl, 
ba* 3cngi btr KniHg, ¥"*/ Bfaat) ooi. alt- 
mobiftbe ob. nnflt»obnIi*t Itaajt. 



A ocfl iHi-eafoti , i.pi.Hnttijttt, B trj (e nrngen. 

To A*crfd'ft, n. a. JW. btglanbigei, btcoH. 
mi* tigen (tinea fflUnifter) j a>/>u*fere»i tiren. 

AccreVeant, p. a. tef. Bat. anwadjfenb, juneb' 
mntb. [ution. 

Actreu, AcerMtbatat, *. Afvi. ntd. Aug»en- 

Accra"tloi, t.Bot. k Fhy. btr «Baa>6tbura, bit 
'Jfnbiufang , bat 3nne^m(it (tints XAtsett, 
H.) i right of—, Lain, bat 3utt<nbfung0 ted>t. 

AeweVtjve, odj- #o!.ft ftf. juitebmtrtb, dm4- 
ftnbf — notion, bit jnne ferae n be GJemeguiifj. 

Accrfii[ni'lion, i. uid. Crimination 

To AccjOhco'. v.a. fid) niibtcrrtfl)!lie; bemddi< 
tigeii, intigntn, an fid) bringen, an (tib ttif en. 

To A cerfte", r . n. ant Sweat entfleften, entiub' 
f;n i itnoaihfen, (injufommm, jufaEen. 

A.xWaeacy.i.betiuatnbt (leb.ntnbe)3ttftniib. 

AccWbent, ■$■ balb liegtnb, fbjenb, Itbaenb. 

To Accf mnllta, v. 1. a. &aufen, anbinfen, iflf* 
bfuftiit II.h. fid) &dnftn, junebincn, Bad)|rii j 
_tfg. jnackram (im dtttu ob. BSftn)} *-d 
trcuon. Low, tin oat MtWirtoitn Bertre- 
o)ea jafomiMn eraadjfrntr fcedjotrratb. 

Jccn'mQlate.adj. jufanmengebJnft, angeo&iR- 

AtctaW'tion. a. bit Ainfung, Xn&aufungj 
bet Aanft} Lme-t. bit XnfjiBftrag ntbrtrtt 
'iraleriridatt^erjcni bat jJiifaiuraeiitrefttn 
Dtrfantstntr lUnfUnbe ju antra 8en>eife. 

Aoot , Mbj»H»e, I. adj. anbaafeibj angcbinft; 
n. — ly, ado. fcanfenioeifei tnbfafcnb. 

ADon'nulator, i. bet Xibinfenbe, BtenubcrT, 

Wcoracy, ,. bit Oenonigfeie, grtaftliibrevt. 

Ae'curate, I. adj. U. — ly, nrfp. gtnou, tiifcrtg, 

punttlld), fotgfiWgt genan beffimrat; ebnc 
Sebtal noit — \j, ouf* ©tnanefttt 111. 

— neu, *. oid. Accuracy. [fajnlbbflftbai 

AccuVaed, p. a. + ft * »er»unfd)t, wrmolebtit. 
Act5'e#bi«, odj. onflagbar, ftrafbat (of, iseaen) 
Aoca'tnnt, : Lute, ber Xnflagrr, JUtgrr. 
iccOii'tian, j. bit XnKage, erfajnlbfgrma j 

Jtlogc (dot ffleridjfl. 
Acct'ftUif e (- *•«), ». Sram. btrXcwfatio. 
Accii'eotively, ado. tram, alt XctnfnttDj ben 

Xtenfario betcrffenb. 
AceOVtary, ad;, tint Xlaat entbalttab ob. otr- 

To AccGfc', o. a. anflagen, befajulbigen (~ of 

■ tiling, atom tuur «ndjc>j tabeln, arifnil< 

ligcn. [X>tnniuiant,bicl(nlU0nun,H. 

AcoB'^r. '• btr Xntlagcr, Jtligcr, btf. /^m-. 
To Accui'tom, o. a. genointn (-to, an). 

li*, gtbt«la>(ia>3 • obop well — , Com. til 

(son Jtnnbni) ftarf btfadjttr 8ottn. 
Ace , i. HtXf, (Scant bit CftU (anf Kucftli 


nm tin A*m, MMft; not m -, ntajt Md 
aRinbtftci ~*oi»t, btc K#pnaft (bit Sritt 
M Bfit(tl», wortuf ««» Xf fbtvt)' 

Ao#f f#toa«, adj. f opfloB, banntloC. 

Acerb', adj. bellw <b> ffiffajmarf), bitter, 

ftrengE, fdjarf (Jig.roub, ftrengt, b.art f (*«rf 
To Acef'bsie.D.o. becbtTnadjenuSg.wrbiHtni. 
Ar.eVbjty, j. btr b,erbe Oefimatf, tie Seriiifl' 

Eritt ^g-. )» idrtt, etttngt, Oiaubbeit (btr 

fflcmfitbsart «b. bee Bitten). 
Acer'le, odj". jam Xb. om gtb^rig i crat Xtjui u t 

— odd. Cheat, bit X^Hnfiurt, 
Ac'eroni, Acoroie'. adj. Bot-i. Jpreuattig, 

naBelfinnig j — leave., Mabttn. 

SeerrS'lion .. Die XufblaftMg. 

Aoe»'e»ocy, : bit eduerlidifeit (Keignng |uf 

edure)t Boure, Gdjirfe. 
Acii'cf nt, adj. fanee tectbtnb, f dneritb. 
Auei'cenb, «. pi. Eingc, Die If lei t fauer coteben. 
AcetSb'nInm, 3. Anal. ott^faiUCi BoU cine 

Xrt bet ffltAjerffbmtmmci (Ft*!**); Zaot- 

vid. Cotjlsdon*. 

A'cftttte, s. Own. bas effigfance ea(),Xcetiat. 
A'cc«tod, adj. (Jum. effig ■ gefiiuert, fiuetli*. 
Ace J t}fB[Xk-e'->hj-«ni],j.L<iio,bied<DMifRag 

bet *3ibabtntrfat{lagt as bit Qamn'o-KoMb. 
AcltTc udj.aiem. (Sffig entiollenb, nCMifd) ; 
Aceiite,#.trid.A«Ute, [ - acid, gf Bgftlate. 
ii.-otois', adj. eanre entbaitetb, (dueciicb, 

fowrj ffljarf. 
AtitbVj ty, j. bit eMwrlinjIei t, CMirt. 
^ee'toM, adj. ( tfflg *> faner, fnnerli*. 
ieg'tam, i. CJiew. bet ffietneffig. 
To A(bi[lk], o. n. fdjmttjrtt vid. To Ake. 
Ache (nttf. Aeb),«. bet 6d)SM|J w'd. AJcc; 

Bot. bit ¥eterfUie] — bone, ^naf.bao&nff > 


Afb'eTOn. >. M v '.'i- ber Xdjeron (Staurafln^j t 
* ba£ Bdjotf enrefd), bie UnteroeK, AiiBe. 

Acbiev'tible, adj. anl^btbae, ibnnlid), mogJid). 

To Achieve", v. a. •n>^>ttn, ooBbringcn, jn 
etanbe bringnt ; (mubfan) trmttbnt, oefom- 
mat, eriangti j bansntcagen (ben ©leg), gc 

AcbJeve'men t, $. bit XaSfubning, CoOnbttng ; 
ielbentfrat J aroftbattJig.baKgro|1(>aBert, 
efcTjrngntPi Her, bat (bnrd) titmli«)e Xba< 
tea etnorbene) SBapeii. [fltatr. 

AcUavV, x. berCoIlbnagetiQtnierbtct Ce> 

AcbTI'lea, t. Xd)Ule*(9)t-it.)) — tendo, Jnaf . 

Aeli'lji, /. Med. bit Xage nwrbnnhlnng. 
A.' r .bor, i. Jtfed. bee aBiloVfajPTf, Xnf»tmg- 
Achruinif ie, adj. Opt. f*rb tnl**, aajronwtif t) i 

— giMiei,od}»niiilif*jtfflHftr(btiepiefltU 




Arictlir, Art. * Mm. 1. act* MbUfnOBig, 
fpi|ff[«ftBfe; II. «th>. ail SUirtn. 

AVfd, Omm. L mO'. fwcr, btrb'> >'• *• »t« 
©durtj **. ■*. ©iurtn. [ttnb. 

Acidlforoas, Ckem. adj. fastr, CSttrt entbal. 

id W«Ue„ adj. fiitrbar. 

^adjltWtiMi, «. tJinx. bit edatrung. 

Hi# iffer, *. tlem. bet eiurrtb fiber. 

1 o Adfttfjiy , n. a. fauew, falter BMoVr j (.'/.*'». 
ii dm Citcrt ceroanbeln. 

AejdtWiter, «. Chem. btr 6*UttBtB(|T(I. 

Ae'tdU. #- btr Scibift (*sbdnger btr <bamfit>= 
mtbitini^o etbre mi btn CWonn). 

jirid'itj, Ac'jdn*". *. bit edutt, Yahitnt. 

Add^ta*. a p(. btr GSaatrbrunnt*. [fautrii. 

To Acid'&UUe, b. a. Oiem. fautrlid) madxn, 

icf d'ulou*, adj. Oiem . fan(rlid). 

ulni'teon» f— ■bijn], adj. rid. Acinotc, it. 

ktimtftfarm, adj. But. (dbtlforntia. 

UiVift™, adj. dual, rrtubenfflrmia i — lu 
nic, bit Xrtinbenbaut 6(6 lugee. 
dktee', Ac'ibow, adj. Jlfin. fornig. 

Win**, *. Bo(, Mt tiajtlnt Scm tat infra* 
I KtntaftiiU, j. ». btr Stent* 

To AtfcaWodfe, «. a. (fir giiitifl) atafcl- 

an, tawfnrtn, ntoanofdratt befennen, tin- 
arftt^aiffirtitjoa* erf tnntiid) ftin, ertmnen • 
to — Ik* r*c*lpt(ofa letter), ben amnfuia 
i tints fJritftt) anjtigti. 

Adca&*fti£tdiy, «*>. ant rtannnttrttuitta. 

Ktk*6*ri4ii*f,p. «. CaU.erttnntlid), basfbat. 

*dm«*l'pdK»^nt, «, bit XRtTftnnUMg, Lair. 

•^tiM^fllmffttfan ibtJ Bef eitntni* (dots 
Srtler»)j tit tSntfibulbianngi btr «mflfnn B ^ 
fajtist Law, 9teco«nttion6f*eitn bit »w* 
p fm «i « i f igti (■-•), bit &rhnntiitfifcit 
\c'«**.*W.bir«i»fti,Wd}fte$unftj Af«d. 
bit ***#» JtrifU timet Jtmtbtit 

icW. j. M«d. Mt Slitfe tin ffltfidjL 

*'co,*.fo*.bit«arbrtt. [iMfiirner, (Kefntt. 

At^'^tifct, Arfoirto. t. £cc. b« molnlb, *(• 

At/ftfte, f. Bat Mt Sclfsnati, but Sifenbii t> 
lei« j » tin t*bili*t* 9ifc [natter. 

IcWtU. [,-fcon'-*k|-M]. ,. Zool. bit fPfrfU 

A'ctn. .. Mt «t*el ; Jtfar. Mr Slfigtirnrcf. 

A'coned, adj. Siibtln tragmbi Ww. (tint 
ttidw) Pit «i*tfo wrft bra. 

i'tftw '-fl»l- btrJUtaui Hat. bit bloue 
Jhmti Met/, btr groft OalganL 

Acofatjc, adj. afnftififH — dnct, ^nn!. btr 
■Mftrt <B*bt5raanai — initrument, bn6 
eotrtrofcr, tiSrrobr. 

jcorttjCT, «.jW. Ay. bit Wnfril, e«ilQri}rt, 
■4MMM * Mtd. atWcotsneitn. 

ToAtauiiK', ti. o. f- one, Sinen) bthnif 

mo4«i (— withttaU), beMdjiiibfigen (—of, 
con). [btr (bit) Sttaiuttt 

Aoaailn'taaec, t. bit fi rtwiatf itmft i Jtenn tuff > 

^cqtiiii'lfd, p. e. (tfolWt (— with, Bit) i un> 

tttriibiet (— of, oen). 

Acquiiit', j.bo* etworbtntOit j bit erebtruna. 
To Acqnjfx^ (.ik-kwj-*!'] , o. R. (- in) , fi« 
btrnbigta (bti) j tufntbtn /tin (mit) ; tiiunil- 
ligtn, ficb fiflen (in). 

AcqaiCi'ccBOt, *. bieStaniOigiiBB, 3uftim. 
onnsi ergebuag, Sugxiig £— in, in). 
Acqulcn'tflnt, odj. aitdjgttbig 
Acquir J »Ue, adj. trtNtsbar, eclongbar. 
Imra, trlirneii. . 
Acquire'mtnt, f. bit Srwerbimg, Srlanaungi 
bit bind) gfeij tmorbrnt gabiflFevt ob. 3tr> 
.joq»i , r^r, j. btr Qrntrbtr. [tigrtit. 

\cqnj(i*tioB, *. MI 6rwerben, Snotrbiiif ; 
bit «rrtt«rt«ng} Qrltninngi bae ernorbtBt 
9uti btr Xnfauft bit StRtaabnu, Qrobf 
rtutgi — of glory, erworbtnt fibre, 
icqnif'jtive, I. adj. erioorben, erlangti U. 
— ly, aite. Gram, onjeigenb, tmf tin ^titwort 
to cb. far nad) fid) bat. 

Lctnit'iKvenaH, i. JViren. btr Qrntrbefinn. 
To A.ctmt', c.a. btfrtitn, frufprt4tn,loifprt< 
(ben; trlafftn, qaittinni to — on«'* islf of a 
thing. fii> eintr Bao)t tnllcbigtni to — an 
obiig»tioi, eine»ErbinbIid|ftiterfuIltni tint 
SBobKbat erf flints.? t« — (om'i adf of) a 
debt, tint 64«lb abttagtm to — one of a 
debt, eintm tint 6d)Ulb erloffenj paid and 
«-ed, btiablt unb quittirt. 
Uquii',*.(franj.) Com.bieD.uiHanaiper — , 
(attf bejafclttn SStCbftla u. 9ito>nungtn) bf 
jaWt, trbtlttn. [fprcdjung. 

Acquit' n.i, •■ Loir, bit grtiFprttbuno , Etfi- 
Atqwtt'taiice, s, bit Stfrtinng (Don ttner §3er« 
bisblisrfrit)! Com-: bit Hbjnblnngi Unit. 
runat in of—, bat Xb/inbungiquiintum, 
bit XbfubungefutnBM! — in full of all ac- 
count*, bit (Stntralquittung. 
A'cre, a. btr ffltorgen, Ktftr Sanbt* (4840 
auabrat-8)or»*)i an — of ropeei, tin iat 
(100,000) fflnpienj — ibot. -tax.bicfflnttttw 
fttutr (nod) bos Xtttt). [otrmogtnb. 

L'cred, p. a. col. (S run t tig en 1 1) urn btdttnb, 
AcrCnie', i, jebn Worgtn canbee. 
it-'rjd, I. adj. fd)4rf,lti*tiib,itrbtill.-n™, 
... bit eqSfrfr, eitltrtdt, *erbigfeit. 
icrjmB'ijonj, I. adj. II. — ly, odu. berbc, 
bitttri fig. (rrrtg, ndfttsbi in. -»e«, .. 
oid. b. f. w. 
Ac'rlnoBj, i. bit tStbfrft (tiner Bobfionj)) 
fie. bit ettttrttit, etrtagt, *efti g ItU. 

bit 6**rft, fccrbigfeit be* St. flAetjngrrrtc, adj. ftto&Ifteinatttg. 

ic'tion, j. bit janblnna, SB«tf A*. »ic 

icrgajnKtflc (— eal), adj. Ph. gthtiin, rinae- I ffflirfnng; ftei. bit $au»tbanbtana, (etnel 

- J '" r — "*- 9tbidj«)j #**r. bat tJebtrttnfpltl (firim 

meibt, gt uublidj griebrt, tfottrif*. [terbo&e. 
Jcro'mjon, i, Jjiat. baft ■XFremion, bit 8d)u[= 
AcrOn'jc AtrOn'jcil (Acvonycsl), adj. ijti 

ofronifd) (tigeiitl. arwnonjirdj). 

AcrOn'j cally, ode. Art. iut afronifdjro 3«t 

Ac'rgjpire.j. eoi.bcrJtttmfbef.eineSSamtn' 
tornes ou#er ber erbt), bo* (SlattO Won* 

Ac'rc-.pirerf, p. p. * a, I eiraeub. [flint. 

AcrW, I. adr. fmtjrseift) with arm* — , mil 
II. prep, qneruber, qu« ob. mitten burih. 

AcrflVtlc ftet. I. j- bag OTroftidjon (Slanwn. 
gebfijit)) n. adj. vid. b. f. IB. 

AcroVlkat, I. odj. arroftifdjs H. — if, adv. 
aleidj data Iffrcftiibon. [vid. t. f. SB. 

A erg te'r | *, t.pt.Anat. bie CSttr e m itittn j -drdi. 

A cetera, J. p.'. Arch, flrliie nfebrige $nfge< 
fleTTc am Ewnjgtebcl j brtgl. bit baranf fteben- 
ben (BilbfdBtea. 

To Act, n. I. n. honbeln, }u SBerfe atom, wit. 
ten) to — upon certain principle!, and) gt« 
wiffen (Srunbfdrjen gnnbtls} to — up ton 
order, t intra ©tftble grntij basbtlni It. a. 
is *t»e gung ft fen, (tie X ¥ itigftit) beftinv 
nuns trribm, trftoii aafftbren (ein XSeater' 
ftfi S > t foi elen, barftcStn, (a pari, tint ctc-net 
gtbtn,fpiel(n,ogireni to — out of character, 
ait! feiner 8t olle fallen. 

let, i. (cf.pl.) bat {umbels} blc^asblung, 
X&an ber Sdirftt, bai ©ethanes ber etrrid) j 
bit «8irfli(bhiti set Xuftng OCet tinrtXht*. 
terftutrrt)} £flu,bUB(r6iinMim8,T£rte( ftirf. 
ber fflefdjlnfl, bai Btcret , bte 3fctt <ba* <9e- 
Tet) -ic. MeBiaputotioniber 3frtu*(6ffentl. 
feiftHfte^onWnna)} l.ne, (at 3nftruinent, 
Eucumcntj in — , mlrtlid)) lm»3earHfi in the 
very — . anf frffebrr Xtflt) to put Into — , in 
TfuSffibnina. bringtn, cerroirtlifljen; —-of a 
etndent In divinity, Ac. Me tbrelogtfite 3n* 
auguralbitpntatiun | —of faith, /Cee. bag 
Kntobaftj »-■ of penance, fflnftlbungeni 

Com. & tale, — of abandonment, bit €*[' 
ftonlatte; — of carnation, tat Soffationt. 
SrttetH — of honour. We 3sttmntion*.| 
arte) «otiiibre(fn — of grace, vid. [uaoN 
vency fact of—); —of navigation, bit Ko< 
bigatiosiatttj — of oblivion, bfe XmnefKtf 
— of settlement, bie X^wsfolgearte. 
Ac , tjng,p.».*o. bfl*{Mnbeln, SBtcftn ) Spit. 
r, ber omtfibrenbe (rtgiirenbe) esrge- 

Sctfrag), bit Xctfonj Paint, k Sculp, bie 
{xtltimp,, ©ttHung (tiner gignr), berXcti 
Pliytiot.vid.pl. i Linc-».bteJHoacfBd>e, (gt. 
ridjtliAe) Jtlagtt bat Jtlanerta)t] Mil. has 
Xreffen, Qeftdjti Com.vid.pt.; to be in — , 
roirten, in ffienegnng fein j flt for — , ja (Sc> 
fiftafttn geWlnti full of-, gefdja'ftte.tbdtig; 
gefhralirenbi Lan-i. tobring (enter or lay. 
an — against one, Semosb geridjtlidj belon- 
ged to hold i-i, prcceffiren) (cf.pl.); an 

— upou appeal, bit TCppc nation it i age) — for 
debt, bit 6d)ulb(Iagc i - on policy, ber Kf< 
fecuwaiprocej j an — for treapaw, rise petit- 
tia)t Jtlnge. 

Artionable, I. adj. II. — !y, ado. eint geridjt- 
liibtjllagt jnlaff'nb, flagbar, belangbor, pro^ 
CffPKlH fttofbor. 

Ac'tiooary, A'ctionht, : (front.), Com - ber 
Kctintbtflter, Kttionfr) XctitttydnbltT, €f< 
ftrttnbdnbltrj aociety of actionarles, bit 

Ictioa*. i. pi. Physiol, bie XctiBnenfaStrriaV 
tungra) ber lebenbtn Jforper; <fran|.) firm. 
Xctien, ^ntbeilfdjeine; to hold ~, X. befihen. 

To Activate, v. a. inXbdtinttit fe(en, in CSang 
(Stemtgnng) bringes, roirflom maa>en. 

votive, odj. t&dttg, »ertt»Btig, bttrirtfomj 
mirrfam, mlrttnb) lcbbaft,atfibdftigj btbtnb, 
genanbtl prartifdji '.ran. actifi lim-J.- 
capital, — property, bal etgene aSennfigen 
((tntUtaufmannes) an bartm Oeibt, (Srunts 
ftutfen, SSaaren, SBtdjfcln, ic.t Xctiba) — 
commerce, ber Zctinbanbel, Xnlfubrhanbel j 

— deb u. If c tit fit u lb en, (oatfttbenbt) 6djul- 
benj — property of a bankrupt, bit OTaffc 
rincSgaUittni —verb, '.ram. baSXcrfcum. 

Av'tjvely, adv. tbafig, mtrffanii gtfd>dfttg{ in 
btrXbatf Gram, a!* Xttioiim, tbatig. 

Ac'tivenen, J. wtd. b. U. Activity. 

ictrv'jty, i. bie XUtJgfttt, ettriebfoinfrit, 
8ef4oftf afrit, ffiiisrfastrettf in fall-, in De u 
ltm®ana.() featmof- , Jtanfrftafctt aphere 
_ f-. MtBittugHrdi. 
Kuwait (imCtotlpwttfft), [Cdjoufptelerinn. 
ii. J tre«e, i. bit banbrinbe tttiblidje flrrfon j 
ioU, i. pi. Biht. (— of the apontlea), bit 
apcflelgefd)io>tf( Laws, bit Keren, 8ttd)»' 
fdjrifteai - of parliament, bie ^arlomentS- 
acttn (etatntenbetJt6ntnrrid>>>) — of God 

mrffttn -partner, fiim.btr»irHid>eXffbci*.j nndthe King'i(Qoeen'i) enemiea, (in Cocu- 
Ac'tlnonte, t. Mln. bet etnhlftcin. | mentenj bohert QXadjt 



Acfafl [Hc-iabfl-el] , I. adj. thitigi »irfiid>i|ToAdapr , ,«,a. iinpiffrat>raiid)fa, anpafftn, an- 

Bcgowdrtig, jtjig }— uuteriw,Surg. ciflunr= 
li*t Btmnmittcl i — debt, uirflidjc C4ul. 
bcaj— Krtlcc bcf. Af'i.tnujirfli^tEicBil- 

— »uae uf natter*, bic 3titainftanbt, Qon= 
jimwrcm II.— ly. ado. in btrltbai, mirt- 
li*i gro.ntniartia.j «upplj - on bud, On. 
(cr »ir Hid) c Sfcrra t fc. 

Acmifity i.-ul.a-). i. bit »irfli*fci£. 
Wintry . >. bet Kciuarius, $>ro tocoHift, £Scgi> 

(trntci, ((B«ti*tS«)eS4rrib«i chief— ofa 

fifin. /i*M. Bcr trffc Ocf*dft6fubrcr. 
To Annate, u. a. in fflimcgung ob. Sbdtigttit 

fcari, in 9*ng briiiflui, murtibca, trribtnj 

a-il by «., angttricben coa .... 
uma'tiua. r. bic Birfung, oirttnbf Jtraft 

Uu'leate, .Wlealed. adj. * p. a. £•(. fbtcftc 

l:j,fpifigi iW. mit cincmetadjcipcrfebcn. 
U-alei, i. pi. jJu(. A ZooJ. «Urt)dn. 
.ics'ine". '■ )>i( fd)arft Spiff lAf. bit S4acf» 


To jtu'u>jBate,ii. [. a. iufpijtn, [(bdrftn (and) 
AMI II. »- fid) fcatlfSroiifl crbebcii. 

WuJBite, Atu'nijnated, adj. * p- a. fd)arf 

iagctpiat, fpiBiflj Jfe. f*aif. 

.HuiajBa'tion, i. Mi dufpitftt 5 tit fd&arfc 

espi^i At- bit ©n)«rfiiimi9rrit. 

ttii'niBou. nrij. fpi(ig. 

Mis', l.orfj. II. -ly, ado. fp iji^fdntfj flot. 
frifffli **«* (4«fi 6tBi At- friarfftania, 
fcinj —accent, Oram, btr Xcutuaf — an- 
gular, fpiinintlig) — dkeaie, Med. tint 
fcififlf Jtroatbcitj III. —new, 
ki t i *3*drfc jJSff. bcr edjarffinn, bit eidrfe, 
rjtinecit,$cftigtat,Jtri|U (tiatr Jtrantttit)i 

— of discover},, tint ftarh UnttrfibcibungS- 
tioftf — oftheeye,biteo)dtftbtSfflcPd)t8; 

— of wand*, bit Co>drft per £4bcj — oi 
wit, sit C^arffiibiigfti!. 

Ail [id], Lat. prep. RaS) — iioitum, nait 

Srlitbtoj — TinJurrm, no it bem fSScrt&i 
\ ii'age, j. boi Spridjroor t, bic Marint c. 
A Js'gis, Af « j. 1. 1. bat Xbagfo f It ado. abagio, 

toagfam nub fnnft. 
**• n, >. Xbam (3S-B.) ; -Vapple, Hot. k 

Amu bcr X-oapftlj -'■ earth, bit "&■' 

rrtt, JDamuSctncr Orbtj — '■ needle, bit 

?f-cnabd, "Jucta. 

Ad' juiiot, i. Btr JDtamant, Eimant [artta. 
AiliBfBte'aB, adj. tart mit SXaroant, btmaitt- 

unaaflotiidn — »par, Afin.bcrWMnantfpatb;. 
\<f am js-ew(A', *. Ceel.cor. bit obotnifdft Stbt, 
,8totbtitTbt, taglifajc Urbt. 
Aaaaaa'Bfa, t. Bot. bci Banbabbaam, Xfftn> 


i, mif)i to become a-ed to, 
rtmanl mtrbtn mit... , fidj gtaointn an ... . 
Adiptabil'jty, t. bit Xnntnbbarftit, fiaflify-- 
AdSp'table, adj. anntnbbat. [hit. 

Xdapta'tion, >. bit Tnpaffung, Xantnbnngt 
boi Inpaffcn. 

Adaption, s t«J. b. 6. j'.dapUtion. [Pallia, 

Ad'^tje, j- Cant, tint Ktt ftintr oftinbifa>tr 

Adit* |'. adv. bow ~, btat )u Zaat, jt(t. 

(— to, )u>) beifd)[ic|ta{ natbitogfnj (bae 
8tblcabOttadnita,Bod)ja6itB}(to— to)otr' 
metrcn; (to — ap) abtireni to — the In- 
terest to the capital, Biaftn jum Capital 
rajlaatnj U. n. tininrommtn, Vtrnutnat ihi« 
a-* to my grief, b«e ocnatbct mtintnJtuai' 
net} — to thin, bierju fcmoit aod), baju 
fomrnti a-edto, atbft 

Ad'd*ble, adj. Dttretbrbncj vid. Addible. 

Aifditii, Ad'datlee, i. vid. Adatla. [jtbnttn. 


Addenda [addeVd*], pi. LiL Sadjttdgt. 

Addendum [sddjn'difn] , i. Lit. bcciJufal, 
Kabanfl, Kadjtrag (tints xScrftft)t fltn.pl. 

Atfder, t. Zoai. bit SatttT) -bolt, -fly, &if. 
bieiibtllt, Brcitjaaafttj — atonf, ton tinti 
Kittttgtjladjtnj rlot-i.— 'i-grau, balJtaa* 
btnUraati -'o-toBgae, Sit Satttrjungt ; — "e- 
wort, bit Siattmburs. 

Addjbri'jty, t. bit eenntbrbacttit. 

Ad'd|ble, adj. Dtnacbtbw, )a[uflbar. 

Ad'djce, i. fid. b. u. Adz. 

To Addfcf, v. a. isibmtn, Dtfbnti to — one's 
aelf, fidj crgtbta, fiib ubttlafitn (— to rke, 
* c. btm £aflet , it.). 
' AddiVtiaii,* ba«aBibtacn,bietSibmuagiei< 
gtbang, Ktignna, btr |>ana (- to, in). 

AdMjng, p.p. (a. To Add); — ohargei or ej- 
pense*, Com. mit 3nbtgriff btr eSpcfen. 

Addl'tion. i. bal fiiniutbun) bitfitifugaagi 
LtLbtt^ufotuatinnnSStirOi oiciRant-- 
gloflt) btr3ua>ad)B, bit £trm(bruafli vu% 
tin bort*tUha(t«3«[«i, Sitratbt AriUi.bit 
Xbbitibit] Mus. bet 3>antt (atbtn ber Kott 
alt £trtdnacraagtitirt)tn)i Lata, btr Stbtn- 
tittt (Sti r at jumSoc a.3unamtn)( Iter. 
bae »ciiein)tnj DM. btt iufmt Cam. btr 
SJad)f*«p, 3tifd)Bitt. 

Addi*ti()B»i, adj. bfa{ugtfttt,Dcnntbrt,(rbobt, 
aaAttdgiiibj - bappineu, tin 3anao)s aa 
mb&i Com. k Law, — charge*, bit Ktbtn* 
(odea, ftebeafptfeat - (and condttloul) 
clanee, btt 3afa,artiW, Bit 3afa*artan6c j 
- credit, btr Buppltnvtatatcttbtt i — duty 

14 Arlja 

i, ber «Wti Sou, bit Stadjflrutti -(|XdM»n«'<!7,».()lpCB.>*«retiit^«ttct(fn(f«fr 
" " '! itfllilde, ». Hbtibeib (B-h.). HBtWhi). 

freight, lit grn^tlttlogti — payment, fen 

ttidjffljnf. [bangearift. 1 

Additionally, ndtr. alt 3nfo(, «I* 3llgabe, an- 
il d'dj£ r > e, adj. binfnft(b«r, tinjufugenb. 
AdMjtnry, adj'. ttnntbrtnb, «ergre>ernb. 
Id'dle (Addled), adj. Ittr,unfrun)lb«r,fMillB, 
ntrtorttnj — egg. b«e fflinbttj coJ-r. - 
brained, -boded, —puled, [ttrttsflg, t«T, 
ftirnlrt, wtabig, nnbtfinntm - bralna, - 
pate, btr bmnme, rinfiltigt TOenf a), QHnfnltt- 
cinftll — pint, btr ©pitlotrbtrbtr. 
g tgm tf nanbtr) grtt&rt. 
ToAdortW, D.s.<-oM*.telfto), (p*«n3i 
manb) wrabtn, (tfrreaS an i*n> rf djtra i (ana) 
im fHnblfdjrn einnt) fine Tfbrtffe, eintSefnn) 
cragtbtn, eintn Xnrrag fttuens prignti?, «n- 
renta i to — gooda (to, Sinnn) aBaartn f«i« 
btn (cmrffgnittn)) to - a letter, einra eritf 
nbreffirtn f to — paper*, ■Japirrt fibtrfftrrf- 
btn; to - the king (the Senate), fid) fnjrfff. 
lid) on bra JHnfg (an bra Oenat) roeitben 1 to 
-a lady, finer iDonw btn^of nw<bm) a-ed 
bill, Com. B tr Donridl • fBtdjftt 
AddrW, f. UteanrftCj 5in fl olie,fflf(tfd>rift: 
Danrfdjrfft, ©anfabrefft) Pari, tie TLaTmnf 
ten, ntttbt brat ©uuwwin auf bit Xfcrmtrtbt 
fdjrift l Snffarift (tint! Britfrt, je.), Xbwflt. s 
bit (Btmanfetbtit, (SefdjifHidrftit, Jtunfls btr 
Xnftanb, bieftaltnug, balfdnttbmra, feitffltiu 
nier, Stbraiert} Sitbe ebtnttrbung (gtm. pi.) s 
to pay one'* a-ea to, fto) 6f tuerbtn nm, (— 
a lady, eintr ©nmt) bra $of madjen i to make 
one'a — to one, 9inm nnttbtn, fla> (aboat 
■ thing, megtn Srroas) on Bintn nrabra j 
" Corns, to forward to one'a — , mi 3en»nbet 
fob. nad)) Kbrrffe btflcBen lafltni 
01 need, Knrtfft auf Mn KotbfaD. 
ber aSittfWJrri btr, uetdjtr tint Xirrtbt bdlt. 
To Adde.ce', v. a. beftringra («5t»tlft burn) 
3tngtn, k.)i ffltfn&ren (CdiriftJitHfB, x.\ 
inffttntn (tint Kottritnt, ic). 

Adds/cent, adj. Anat. anjitbenb, (nfammen. ToAdipueVlte.o.a.inSttfnwajn ntrtoanbtln. 

jitbtnbj - moicJe, ber Jnjiebmnefd. 
Addii'gible, adj. nnfubrbar) mrjitftbar. 
Addltc'tion. t. Anat. bit Tfnjifbungt Lit. tie 

Inffibrnng (tintr edjrefrftaflt, k.). [grab. 
jddflc J tjTe, adj. temnletiolmP, berunttrbrin> 
Addlc'tor, 1. Anat. bet Ttn|ieinta»M ( ln}It- 

6tr, XbbtttMr. 
IdVCb, t. Com. tin ag wtifftrt Smidjt oon 21 (» 

one* in 9 rotofo*, nngt f. 1 Crodjmen rarm= 

gtr, alt tin enafifftc* *pfnnb. 

AMFrne, *. XMint (S-n.). 

^denjp'tion, s. Law, lit (Btgnatme, Btrtn' 

btmg, 9nrjiebnng (etne* aSorrtdjtrt). 
Adenue/rfpby, i.Ajiof.biEftrirfenbffibTetbtntu . 
Ad'ftiBtd, adj. brnfrafornig, fcrffetrertig, brn = 
idinoKoej, $. Anat. bit Drffranrbrt. fltg. 

\d'«n8a, 1. Com. tine Ttrt Sannunent tm& 

XIrrpo (ant) marine cotton gtntmnf). 
X den One 1 , j.d'enooa, adj. Old. Adenoid. 
Adeno t'omy, ». Angl. bit BrtfrajfTBlifbfnrag. 
Adepr*, i.». btr jrtntftetrfHnbige ; «mg«wifit() 

(nberrrtjra T>m)AichMr&ttoma)tr,'Xt>tpt , 

II. adj. rnnfraeTfHBbf g, trfajttn, gMfCt 
Ad/eqa|te, I. off, 11. — lj, aaV. angentrftn 

(bauftgtnttto)^iB[lnguo),biMIftdnblgj 111. 

— mm, *. bit «trac>Se:t, Xagnufftn^tit, 

Widjtigfdt (ber Oarfhirnng bt* BerWtfnif. 
AdRt'ied, p. a. Ala. jufamnnngf \i%t. [f(» >. 
ToAdnllate, Adflliadon, «fd. To Affiliate, Ac 
To AaherV, n. n. utbangm, onfleben (— to, 

onifjis;. to—to..., ffo)&ulttnan...(t»— to- 

getb«r, jnfamni til t angtn ; *e (ball — to yonr 

order, Cum. mir ntrbtn 36rtr SoTfn)rift 

AdbE'rence, (— cy), *. b«* Injangen, Xnftf 

btn} fig. bit Unbdngtttbffft, ergrtoibtit. 
Adbe'rent, I. adj. art^dirgtnb, onfltbtirb j an> 

banglgi n. 1. berXnidnger j ill.— iy, adv. an> 
Adhe'rer, i.BerXnbanger. [bangtnb,Rntinglid;. 
Adhe'ilon, j. Fhy. lat Xnbangm ({. 9. ttt 

tSiftnl an btn Wtagnet), bit Xnflcbnng. 
Adt'e'iive. I- adj. II. -fy, ado. '■(- * fit an- 

ftangrab, anRtbrab) — phnter, ban ^eft« 

pflafttr j HI. — new, j. bai Vnb>ngtnbt, grfb 

tltbtnbt; bit JtEtbrigttit. 
Adhiir'tatorj, adj. rmabntnb. 
Adjapb'anona, adj. nnbtrtt&fldjtig. 
idfaph'grom, adj. gltidjgiilrigi Chm. ntn< 

ttal) -*a«, bteKratrnlfiilj (tin Wtfeiralj). 
idflpVary, 1. bit ©ItidjgflltigfeiCi bat SKtttl- 

Mng! Chm. Mt Xrntralttat. 
Adieu', I. ado. Sort litfotjlen, tttt (Itbtn 6ie ) 

tsobi, Wraj II. t. (tindjpl.) bile ftbmebl. 

Adlpiic|fK'tlod, j. bit Bcmnnblnng in Sett' 

Ad'jpoclre, m. baf gt ttwad)*. [loodjS. 

Ad'lpr.ie, Arf^pona, adj. Anat. felt; — mem- 
brane, Mt fjrtrftattt i - dodo, bit jeHjtlfcit. 

Ad'}r, *. Min.tMll. btr 3ngang, etoutni 
wage rcdjf e (Sang jnr Helfitnng Me tBafftrs. 

Adja'ceide*. #. pi. angmtjrabt hrttr rt. tdn< 
btr, bit nmlicgtnbt Stgtnb, Unrgegrab. 

Ad>*/eeney, 1. ba»Kab.errtgm, bir Kngrtnjung, 
bae Kngrenjtnbc, ICnftepenbt. 




li&tmt, adj-angTtRjrab, «ifli-fti*,«Ut*grRb 
<-to, *a)J — plkdM, t»U Adjaeencle*. 

To Adject', c. o. tynjnUin, 6>jiift(rii. 

i4*cHVtM,««> bhrjagtrbm, binntgrfttt. 

iifjeccfto. Sr*a>. L * Mt HfKtlej n. -ly, 
«<fc. til fflriwort, 4»{lCri»lfa>. 

To Adjsr*', e. L s. brfftgrn, ttnMfagn, «R. 
fiigct ; il.a . aobt Utg«,aagrtti)m/rt^f*ri (on 
Si**i)i *dj»i«ing won, bat ftcbtujimmer. 

To Adjtira', flrrf. * Low, o. I. o. otvtugetij 
VftHitiMiOoffcWttwi II. H. fit) MrtOgnt 

a dj oufrtfit, #. Arl. A Luv>, Mt Btrtagung i 
Xtffttugt BtrfnjttbuRg, btr 3fnff*iib. 

Mj«wata/-ote4, «. Chi. brr hngoJifdjc Knits 

TiAi j aa gY , D.n. Law, ju trrrnn tn, Pfcrt *tn ; 
-(rjrtbfUen, coRMmnirra (— to, jh). 

AljUfaMt, j. Low, Wt gnecftanwg (rinrr 
Strtftfc *tt Brtb^ilj bic BtrRrtbtUo.Bg. 

To Adjtfijcite, Ltf»,v. I.«. jMrrtnittRt U.K. 
9nid>014 trrnaen (— •pan, fiber). 

Mi.uditi'tion, «. Lata, bit 3u«f tnnnnfl, 3b- 
i>rn*« g 4 Mt Urtbtil, btr ffinbteferud). 

T« itrjsgttt, o. a. anjotitn, iRfajrauajtaVn. 

id'jsKt, I. ». btr 3>f*t (ttawt ffltigeffigttf , 
-ta,|i)| Metapk. bit Sfgtnfdjnft J Gran. 
* '-ofl »•* a^jtndun? Btr Xbjusct, 2mts> 
(tijiifi j n. ■•>. vtrbubcn (- to, mil); bti. 
srfriBj-Jkidei, JHVih.*U**If*aott«n»n 
- prufnior, A:, tin angr rorWiitiia>tr $ro- 
M«. [btr 3ufat. 

'■ ■mumUm, j. ait SnfigMig j Bat £iirjiifugtii j 

'.ujiiuc'^e, I.j. btrffltifugrnbti batBtigc- 
fagtti B. adj. III. -ly, ado. btifugtnb, MP 

tdjuctrf, ode- folg(ia>4 bamit otrbiMeti. 

idjuri'tioB, t. bat BefdjaoMii, bic Srfcbmj* 
rang, bringofbfte Bttttj OfbtSfonntli 3fuf> 
nltgrag a. Borfajrtibuiig Mt tJtttt. 

To Artj*™ 1 , o.o.*rl«gtBbft HtttR, «nnrftn, 6 c 
ifoirti (-by, &ri)j (Ointm) btR «b naf. 
rrltgrao*. Mtldjrtibtnj bra «flb pfdjitbni. 

UjirV, j. btr BtfaVajimj Btr o.uf tfoto flKB 

To Adjtat', «. «. ( b Crt rag bringra, orbneri 
^itrinfh'mnwib nadjta (mil to, jam. autb 
■i*)4Hlfrnb modjm, anwfftrn beridjHgtm 
:%i) )Hffir«n (fflrai*t) aidjtnt «&■ 
»s4n F ibtb>n, gfitH* btiltgrn, fn>li<bttir 
Cim-i, t Lorn, to — U account, fiat fltt a> 
King M*glct<btn j Mn ealba )(tbnt, falbirtn i 
to - Om average, Mt $af rttiio Ren oiifwfi*« , 
t'*m, bUf (4fMM to ■ - 1 biulasu, tin Qk> 
*if wm4)ca{ JHecW. a-ad weight, a&. 
9Mgmrt(«bgMf4trt)at»i4t; a-ligKalc, 
l1 '* (Xb>)3<ifHr'0b.XogItia>ai>gt-XBag'i 

a-lof MNtij *?(tnfiraBbtm »-iog toeli, 
TCtglttdjJtangtn j a-ing velgbt, bif $)robt» 
VlMtc. [jnftirtr) Tfiibet, Wtbmtifttr. 

Anjfafor, j. Wr etrio)rfgtr) emniHItrs Ib= 
Adjuit'ro?nt, ». WeBtriajtiaungj XnorbltUlgi 
einriAfiiag (mfr Mof«int, «.)} ba« *bJM. 
brr (eutl(*t) Ktrgkidjj — of the average, 
Lou, bit TfbDuifbuag ttl erfrnttne (bti 
eajifftit). [Mt gtfdjiirtt Incrbnung 

Ad'jqHnty, /. Bit atjuianrur, M ffltfUHHBti 

Ad'ju.tSiit, i. btrXrJntaHtf gvn. (Sc^'ftJ - 
gticnl, Jtf.'i. brr Stntraltbittntt *-» ge- 
■jcnM, pi. Bee. bit StatralabfMranttn Btr3c= 

AdOatory, adj. bflfcnB, bttjnlfli*. [fuiien. 

AdSaTaDt,I.adi t>«t)£lflid>, fcTAerllct, ntt«[i(l> ; 
U. t- brr <Sebu[fc4 bae ^fllFanirrtl. 

T« Id'javate, ». a. nn(trltfi((p, ^tlftti, bti< 
fttlrrn hforbtrn. 

To AdaiWfVO [■dHDfaV-ar) , *. o. (t*->mrr- 
ftit, aidjtM, bltirnt 5 Law, |utbti[tH f pnttfftii. 

Adawiu'urpnieot, ». Lato-J. bitOTrBtfirag, bOS 

3Cbmf f|en 5 tit gnidjtl. Sntntfnng a. 3unrf> 
fttngj jJut^eilangi bat !R«> (c. ttrflfni rt- 
0tbi!ftn){ oftk* — of..., vDn...ZeiRnt' 
gtbalt, ...gto); bill of-, brr 9Kt»btfrf nbtt 
bit eaftigtrit rinti 6d>iff«. 

Adniea'iiurcr, ». ter 'Jbrafffcr, HMmrffrr j flw 
mcfftt, «citVriltr. 

AdninaOri'tion, r. vid. AdacaHretaeot. 

A dataie'ol.r, adj. ifflfttid), betjfiifH*. 

To AdniWj. ter, "■ I. a- omsaltm (6ef. iffrntl. 
Xr g cltgntbdttn), rerfttt rn 1 rin Xnt btrf 1 % crt , 
fg ngirni 1 ttbmitiifrrirm 1 aus t ffti itn,bo mitbm 
{bit eamuintt ) XrjRtitn, x.) i to — a* trtft, 
rtnrn Sib fdjnwt n iafftn 4 to — jcilomy.Ciftr- 
fudjt (ratrftnj U.n.btitragra, btbu(fli4fti(i 
(— to, in)) Btrwalttn (— opon, ericas ), nt< 
taiRftrrirra. [gtbirtRb, nbwiaifrrritU. 


Adimrn'jitreb4e, adj. VtmaitboT. 

To Ad mi ni» Irate, rid. b, b. To Adralaliter. 

AdiainlBlrS'tion, t. bfr (Dtf. Sffttltl.) BtDBOl' 

tang) (etiiattOflttgitning) BrrtMltnngt' 
br^Srbt) bat QRinifirriami bfr BcriMlttmg 
btrSatrr riiiceBcrftcrttntni (public— ), bit 
Oitgirj KtUtbrilong fbw€5atram«itt)l —of 

ja.tice, Mt (Xtlvttpfttgt ) - of toe pubtle re- 

vtmet, bi(C!tMttofim(Mnlt,8titatt|lnaRttn. 

AdWa^itratlve, adj. ctrnaltrnb) burrtiibrab, 
rrtbriienB! btbulfRd), forbrtlidj. 

AdmJn|«trl'tor , t. btr tBtrmolttr, Imttucr. 
ntfrr, Xbmintfrrcran Sinrr, btr Mt Suttr 
tints Uitttftdtu* abminiprirti btrKatrpnbtr 
Cotr*5tnrt«ttt(0} s c . Lav, btr ajnawnrb, 




Xdn]ililrS't9nbfp, i. bat Xmt tint* *b«iii«] 

ft rat ore, if. 
AJmiujjiirfi'irtv , j. bic fieroiaittrinn , Bor» 

ftclicrinn, Xbniniftratcrinnf cincgrau, weldw 
_bic Outer cine* SntcftantS abraintftrirt. 

AdiiLJral.N'jiy, j. old. Ailmirableaeii. 

Ad'iujrflile, I. ar(j. bcttunbcrnlniirblg, tor. 
trailidjj — pear, tit 3wirbclbicn i 11- — ty, 
aitc. jur Sentunbcmna., tfcrtrefflid), fibtraa* ij 
111. — dcm, i. btc Scroti nOtrntreurbigreit, 

Ail'inirat, i. Afar, tcr Xbmiral j (Son. tit *T>« 
mirolfrtmccfe (bcr X>j £>>(. bcrKnmncroC'gel 
(K.)i l.oril High — , bcr ©rofabmiral (sc-tt 
Snolonb) i renr — , Wtf. Rear ; the — '■ ibip, 
H6 'XbmiraifdjifT; jcbtt grope eb. donptfdjiff 
(1. 8. tincr $anbeI»)lorte). 

Artnjratty, t. bit Xbmirolitit, bcr eecmtb 

— cuurt, bit X-Sgmdjti will. Court of — 
— iiicmcngen, fl-Sbi>tcn, X-tcouricrc. 
Adujrft'tloa, i. bic Senjunbcninas taken op 
with-, mit ». rrfSfftj note of-, baa Xtt*> 

rnr«ng«cl(bcB [!]. 

To Admire', ii. I. a. bcibUnbCTBl /ant. fcjr lit" 

ben, anbeten i Il> »■ fi<b aonbtrn (—at. fiber). 
AiliiiuV. *• bet sJriounbcren /<"*. *5ercbrer, 

Sicbbabcr, Xnbctcr) a fooliili — , cot. tin 

QKaaJaffc, Sber, Sarr. 
Admiringly, eric, bavunbetnb; mit 9Jen>iinbe' 

rang! rait JBcr number una. 
A JmiMibil'it) , * He M&mm. [Ild)} gultig. 


Ai!ii!t»'»ion. ». bic 3ulnffung (— to, (it)t <Se> 

INttunaj Tfufnabmc (— into, in)) Ecc. bcr 

(Sniff Mid bcr BBeibe ; bcr <Sin!ofr,3uin tt j Pliy. 

bcriugnngi /jJk'.bicSiiiraumuna; — money. 

to* Oinlaigclb. 
To ^timri', i>. a. julnfTcn ( bcn3urritt -crftattcn 

(—hi. lata, in)i jn cincmXmtc laffcTn (inn. 

nit of. Ktraoo) julaffcn, cinrdnnen, geftatten, 

nnnebmrni to— Iota an account. Com. in tine 

Otcdjnung aafnebnen. 
Ad.nTl'Ul.le, adj. jUldfftg. 
Ailuiii'tanee,».btc3ulolfnn8, Knfnobmcj Bin- 

ffibrung (nod) in cin Xmt)j bcr 3ntrirt. 
AJmii'ivr. *. Mr Xnfncbnwnbc, Oinffibrrr (ju 

etnem Kmtc ob. in cine GlcfcUfdyafr). 
Adaiis'tioo, t. Mc fflcinifdjnng, bcr 3ur<u). 
idmis'turefudmlW-tabyr] , j. bat fficmifeVcc, 

bic TKifdjung; bat uXtfdjcn. 
To jdMdn'jih. o. a. rrmabnen, crinncrn (- of, 

an); narnen(-aealn.t, t-orStantli Ecc. 

emcitSScrrotUgrbini — of, againit, fur, fiber). 
AdndVlauf r, ,.bcr flrmnbncr, <Srinaerer,»ae 
Adm*n'|fhm<jnt, i. viil. b. f. SB. [ner. 

Admoni'tio n, i. bit {fruwbnnag, fltrinnemng, 
aSarnnngj bcr Bcractt fibtrb.i Ecc. bic jta> 
rcibtwcifanB, IBnpDennabnnng 

idmonftioner, i. bee (SitttnprcbigcT. [ntrnb. 

Adraun'ltiK, adv. ermabnenb, marnenb, (rin> 
idinOn'j Ii?r, ». vid. Aduioiiieher. [nent. 

JdmBn'j tory, adj. eemobnenb, crinBccnb, n>flf= 
fidaaVcant, adj. on cttulKnbtrnt mart)! mb i ■■ 

— plant, tine edjntarooerpflanjc. [a_m«i>\tn. 
Ad'nite, adj. Bot. am Bttugcl oadjfenb/ an- 
Ado', f, bat Sban, Xrrlben, BStfcn, lufbeben, 

bit 8trnjfrnm@, bcr Eirm, basacriufdjs bit 
QKfibe, eajratcrigftit, Sddjraerbtt Bach - 
about nothing, nicl Sarin umKidjtti after 
much — , nid) ficler SRfibf, tnblia). 
Ado!*i'cence, (— cy), I. bal 3ungIiBg*o[(er, 

bit 3«gcnC. 
idoltVcant, l-adj. in 3iingiinglaltee ftebenb 

niaibfenb, jngntblidj f II. i. bcr Sung'tag. 
Addfpbai, t. Kbnlpb (QX-n.). 
Adonic, Act. 1. arfj. abonifdji U. t. (ob. - 

rerie), bcr nbonifibc Sere. 

Ado'nr*, 4. Myt)i.K,t>mt (bttfll. 9-H.) f fe- 

cin fibiacrSunaliiig j bcr (BcUtbtc elate 3Xdb> 

djcnlj — Hower, bat VbonlirDtdjetL 
Told'onlw, v. a.fam, fdjin berfluSDB6en. 
Adoorf ', ado. cm iff. an ob. nor bcr Xbfir. 
To Adopt', u. a. rtboctitrn, anrinben i jig. an- 

nebmen, bef^flitbtta, biHigtni Rd) jnetgnen, 

nnma^enj an a-ed child, (in Sboptiofinb ; 

a ed captain, Afar, bcr QctfibifftT. 
AdSpr/fdly, adv. bard} adoption tutgenommen, 

burn) Xnnabnc, [Jtinbel), Vnfinbtr 

Adopter, *■ bcr Vboptirtnbt, ^Xnnebnn (eincS 
Ad6|i'tion, s. bit Xtjcpttoti, bat Xnftabcnj .Ag. 

bicYnnabmet tb« — of Tke, bat »efrtnnbca 

nit btn Saflrr. 
Adsp'tjve, arfj. abpptint aboptirt} fig. frtrob 

(ninjt eingtbnrcn) i — fniher.btrlfbopriDentfri 

— children, aboprietc (ob.Xboptiu>)Jrinbtr. 
Ado'rabte, I. adj. II — !y, ado. aitbetnnaBTOi'ir-- 

big) III. — aea», t> bit Tfnbetungtnjfirbigfcit 
Ad^n'tion, s. bit Vnbttung (fflotttt) i «creb- 

rnngi Ecc. bit NDerebruBa, (Iboratinn) btt 

nengenablten ^apftct bur* bit Jtarbinnlc. 

To Adore, v.a. anbeten) tercbrtn) /am. leiben- 

fa>aftlidj iicbtn) /tg. anbeten, • urgolben. 
AdD^er, ». bcr Xnbctcr ((Sotttt) t «erebrer (~ 

oftrnth, AcberaSabrbtit, lt.){ fam. btr (ei- 

benfdjaftlidj 8iebtt K,fi s . Mnbtter. 
To idem', b. a. fd>nfi<(», jieren ("Jerfoant n. 

Singe) i nerfibonem (eine fflebe) t.fiff.iit't eiebt 

ft (Hen, berbcrrlidjcn. 
Ador'ner, ». btr ddjufitter, Bcrjitrtr. 
JLOoro'ioent, *. tit.tfm. btr0riimne(,3ierat6 J 

bic Bcrjicrung, BcrfdjoiMrung, 31trbe. 




i'dfa, t Oiem. tiled, baft fcqttMolftr, «of*' 9< 
mofTer. [fCj Card. baS •pfmpfcn. 

AtiuKobVtioi, i. Bot. ("C^cJMeStfiuibtungj 

Ailoued, p. a. Her. oid. Addoned. 

Adu**', I. prrp- * Uttttn, tyitab i II. ado. nit> 
ttmlttt, nirtrr, binnb. 

tdngnitb, j. Did. Tragaranth. 

A'dnao, Aifrfcn, /. TCbrtan , $abrian (B-n.). 


■Siiiari (tint Xrt Iroantffdjra Jtrappe). 
Adriifje, Lmij. fl*rittti[4t 1I.». (or -*«*), 

baS «fcti«tif<bt *H«T. 
.(drill 1 , arfo. * «dj. t>abin (oaf btm «o(Ttr) 

idwiwwnb, trtibcnb, bra ftBttlra pttUge 

jfbtBj A'- oaf 60S amrtbenwbli to break 

-fros the mooring, Mar. tit Ynftr Iid)ttn, 

Arimrt', I.a4). n — ly, ado. gcfdjitft, fltwanbt, 

btbtlbt, pfifpg, ocrfdjlagcc j in. — ueii, i. tit 

'3tfd)ifflto)fcvt, atwanbtb^BcrtajIagtnbtit. 
Adrj', aaj. ( Baa ) Mm Subfi.) burjtig, trodVn. 
\ d*qti*Uaw, adj. crborgt, brnjugctbiui. 
Aiiii!A'ti« B , *. bat edjratidjf in, bit Bibmcidjf 

int /am. bit 8«dj8f«n>finifrtL 
kivei tor, t. btr 64)n>tid)Icr 
Ad-sWoty, adj. fd)mtta}tlb<tft, fc&msidjlcrlfd). 
AdHUbM, *. bit 64nd4!nfnn. 
Adult 1 , Lfldj". rrmaitftiH II. i. bit eneaajfrm 

$trjira (/>ra, o. 14 bii 253nbmt). 
AduKt W tit,j.bcrOb.tbrtd)cr,bU«bebrtd)trinn) 

btt Bcrfalfdjcr ) bat 8trfHfa)tnb*. 

T„ AdaCtfrite, v. L n. Bbtbrttd) btflt6tm ./iff. 
ttflnfrm II. a. Bcrfdlfajtnj Mrtcrbtn} »-d 
w«fi f»If*« Otlb, folfdjt iDHtojt. 

Sduftente. I. pi o.n.— ly, ado. (bcbrcfStrifdn 
mfdlfdjlj UI. -neu, *. bit 8ttfalfdjtbtit, 
«cvfBlfd)uog. [fdjnng* u'rf. Adultery. 

AiUteri'tioo, r. baS Betfalfiben, bit *trfd!= 

Adfir'terer, *. btT Sftsbttdjcr) Script, btt 
»o|abitnerj btt win oabrnt ffllaubtn Xb« 
trainotj b«r Srbtfibgtflrarte. 

Uurtere-o*, *. bit abtbredjfrinn. 

Adaft*rt«e, i. adj. im Sbtbnidjt (tyuatj ...- 
I il|*t, ww<$t, untcvgefiobcn ) II. *. line, bag 
imCh)«OTnB>eritnateAinb. [borbtn. 

Adfi) f ter«»,odj.tbrtrtd)tTi(ii)4j!ff.an(dii,otr» 

m$ttit *om wabrtn Slaabtn. [liter. 

Aduit'ocM, t . bat Srnadjftnftln, mwo>ftnt 

(<iunT, T! ot, adj. «bfd)ttttnb, im Utarift. 

To AdUbrlt«, v. a. befrbatfcm >g. abfdjat' 

.In, fdj«ttire», fKjjirtn. 

tilt nattntfarbigt Wait. 

»ttn'«|ty, *. Wc JCrsnww, fcnhnformigfctt. 

J!g. Htia ; briidjia i Afcrf. fcitig, entifinbet. 

^dBi'tjble, adj.btrbminlid). [Oie gntjiinbunfl. 


To Advance', v. I. a. soTOdrtobiingtll, Put" 
rttftnj befirbtrn, trftebtni tt66ba,wrrttlB, 
MrtmOAni} floriitictti biffbleunisertioor' 
btrfagtn, Ditauifdjiifen; soTbdnatn.ilufnii) 
aaffttfftBi ootoaebqablen, Dorf*icS«n <ti»t 
eiunmt OtIb)j ((Btlb) auClegcn, utrltgtn; 
to-tbe price, Com. benAJms eriii&cru II. 
n. no trod rts ge bm, eatruttta, onrtcteni Sort- 
|d»rittt nad>tn, jantlfinra (- in, in, an <St< 
roflB>j Cim-j. to — in price, im $mfc ftti' 
fl(tti to — on the Intt bidder, (beiTfUCtioneil) 

btn ac(ftn flberbimn. 

Advance', i. bflB i6on»art6aebm , Xnnitfens 
gortriiiteni btr fhif«n)tiftgortf*ritli Sort- 
etfirbtranaj bneOntfltfltnrommtn,btrIn. 
tto a , ( g cn> . p l ■ qv- ) 5 Co m - j.bc t® e H)inn,Xco n «; 
baeSttiaen (btr^nlfc) j bttXu6ldflt,btr Btr« 
Iafl / tSrib.)eorfn>nf(r/.p[.);b«6fflatbiibeni 
gtbot (betlCnctiontn)} «n-lnaub, «p~ol 
mon ey , tint b a rt@n tf dj It) Eg ang ob.Strafitnngj 
in—, imfBotauB, prdnumtranboj to be Id or 
npon (the)-, im £orfd)u| ftin, in Vvantt ftt> 
b tn ( to be oa the-, imAprtife (Watn f -SoaroV 
Kit. bit Troantga tbt, BeBBortrab i Berpofhnj 
-money, btt (SelB')JBovf *u* i bcS.&anbgelb i 
f)i 6ttt ©tbot (in Ttnrtiontn) J bit ^rfmit. 

AdTKnced', p.p. (n.ToAdT»noe), — inyesn. 
tn 3abctn oorgtrtlrKt -price.. Com. bctt 
ajttifti --work, Fori. baa Botroert. 

Adf flncVment, i. bus «omi if tn, Sortrftfrai 
' (ImtS»)a(f8ntnina)bttSortfd)ritt(i« 
...i a8tftenfd)«fttn «.)i baS SEBocbstbum. 

Advlnc'er, J. Mr »(f6rbtttri BSnntti » », 
p4. Sport, bit Wofcrofftn, OiJforifftl. 
l dvin'c??, (J.)pi. (V. Advance, gv.) ) b tf . Com. 
TCnllafltn, «otfd)C|Tf } iDraaffitlb) iiantfltib , 
foryonr-,gtgtn36i (?utbabeni to make ~) 
ften Sd>rittt tbna, fflintm) tntgtfltarcmmtn. 

AdvSii'h^e, i. bit flbtrlcgtnbuit, tec Sofjtifl 
(mit of* oier); eottbtil, ©eroinn, Katjcni 
bit gunpigt ffieltgtnbtit} tobste the - oi 
one, Imeortbtil ftin (in«tsafl onf 3"nnn6); 
3tmanb tamen, con btm man nidjt trtannt 
niibf tothebeit-,aufbateortbcilbafttftrj 
Com*, to ibII to -, uortbtitbaft utrfanftnt 
to torn to -, Qtninn abretrftn, eorrbeil ge 
nibtnt, rtntirtn) penonnl ■-*, HrpttHd>t 
b3otiUflt; -gmond, Mil. bac »ortS(il&nftt 




To *ditn'U|>, v. a. Mrtb.tit»aft (Haiti*) 
rrin,cint>ringcn,'(3cmanbei»)u».tttH Binbar 
iaa*L'n, bcferbtrt, [isgt. 

AdtAn'ugod, (j. a. porjfigli* begabtt tcvwr* 

£<ltaiUi['ga<i«i, [. adj. eoitljdlbflft, BUtii4, 
fliiniiig initio); U.-]y,arfn. swthtOhaft, 
mit *?ui«j in. —■)«•, i. bit Kuibarfeit, 

laiitti'tioM*, adj. ritigcfuhrt, aullitotifib.. 

Ad\e'nj ¥ nt, adj. binjufommenO, Jufdllifl. 

&d'i«nt, ■■ /fee. mi Xbpcnt, bit ■JCbscntjdt. 
Adi«atAio«. 1. adj. binjngcfumineti, pfdttig, 
unrocftntiid), frcmbi 11.— lj, adv. jufdllig. 

^cii6nfu»l L— Ubfl — ],a<fl.|UlllU>S[llt fl($i: 

rig, t>cii2. berrcffcnl). 

Advem'ur«[— Mburl.i.baWfrnrttuerfffiiigf 
fbiitt lit GUutttftfl, 3ufoHj fta* juHfligt 8r>j 
eianift ran. bic gcataate { bef. fiberfeeifdje) 
$anbtifunlcrafhmung, fccwirU untcrnom> 
mrnc eDtcuIation, XMnrari Mar. bit Bri> 
laft, b«* grcigcpid bcrBttltnttj— tatiaii 
Af.«. bcr Jliir J bill of-, vid. Bill; fcrou 
oid. Grow; by—, mm angeftyci at all a-*, 
auf (ScroiljcioobL 

Cpicl fc^co 1 21. it. flit) ertuSntn, e» magta. 

AU-Snt'tirer, i. bcr Ytuatturcr, ffllutfiritttr, 
!(Baflcbul»Ucr»»a(nCcUnt[tncbnirti Com. 
< in ereb * n t — j , o cr U ntt ni cbmt r a u f r u t IS liitf , 
bcr ccrfuitemcifc i bcf. wbcrfccifdjej ©peculii' 
tiencn matt) bcr 6*l«*biabl«. 

A<h ent'arMunte, I. ui/;'. ring, vid Advcnta- 
ran*; II — n*u, *.»i(JKljnbctt Beraeacii- 
bctt t ffiag liibftiL 

Ad\ tnt'urou*, L ndj. II. — ly, adv. MS*, w 
ncgtui obcnlcucrlid) , woglidji III. -«en, 
t. bit Jtuhnbrit, Bcrmcflcnbeit, Ktignns jur 

w Tfbcnt(iitrIiibtcitj gBaglidjtcit. 

Ad'ierh, j. f,iHni.b«eScbciiin(irl,MD»(rbium. 

AdterTiJaU Cram. 1. adj. ntbtmiirtlia), nMK' 

bialifdji II. -lj, adv. alt KsbciwDrt, «Wtr- 

Ad'i«r»»r),l.j.b(r»i'gncr r BibtrfndjtrjBiM. 

S8fberfa*« J StufsHil.««().ciKacgi:ii,ftiiiWid). 
Ad i frtf Hv ciu/>. c ram -ciicn ifegcaf a& bcf rtdj- 

Hcnbj abs crfatin. [Qinbci«£rtcr, Xbvcrfativa. 

Jdt«r'a4m* 4 , ». pi. ftrom. cntacgcnacfciie 
ir\«n« t i. ailj. juwibcr, wibrig, entgrgcn j 

- furtum. CM uXifgtfdjid'j - Mt, bit 
Otflcncartei, bcrfflcgwvj -wild*, mibrige, . 
ttinbct II.— lj. ndr. junibtr, ic.i guiwl 
btraj in. -ocu, .. bai SBibtrfwajcnM, 
UntgcgtnfL'iin o« S&ibrrforu* i QXaigtl in 
Orfi'lg Dtcr 0Sc»cib«i, 

A.li*.'.j()...i)[taB ; 6(rn)irtia(dt,6a6UB|jliU, 
btr Unfad; bit JrutfaJ, ««o, m* aitU, 

To idtirf, t.U (-to) oaf (taMi ntrtMi, 

aufmcttfoM fcin (auf ), K nnHjrnrbmem Wn- 
WtiftK(tufftU.o.to— <tk«n)n4)to n .,<ftia 

fflemutb) feiM Xufmtrffomfcii nuf Otno* 
ridjtta. [tat, 5tiJ)tf«w(rit, 

Adier'tauce, AdvEKteHr, (, bit XufSUtffaiB' 
Adver'tcnt, arfj.oufiBtrffiim,od)tfuaj»adif!aii. 
■roiii'verH,«,Ad* ) rtiio',o.a.bnitd)rid>tii|ta, 
btri*)«n( vfitntiid) noitiacn, betnMtaadjfn. 

Adver'tjfeui^t, i.dvsrH f «'n f at, ». Ml BtDad)- 

ridjligung, KmbruM, mrStridjti bitQra- 
ncmng, SSarmmfli bic(6|taiflid)t; Ibujrigt; 
btr "JUf d>i«BS(rtttl. 

id'tertlftr, IdTcrOf'er, r. btr £aua)tf4ti- 
fltr; Tnjcigtr; btr ufftntlidjc Knjttgcr, boe 
3nttQigenjbio tt. 

Advice 1 , i. btr (gate) ffiatb, X nfdjlag ; Mi 9r . 
nigung ; CtratbftUgnno, ; «*d)ri<f)t, btr **• 
rid)t,Com.XDU; Com-* MiW- , taatlCxf- 
gate, lant SeH4t; far nut of — , atgai 
SKangtl bet etridjW; with -, uottr Xnf> 
gabe; witbout further — , oljnt mtittrtii^f 
ridjt; loiter of -, trt Xwibritf ; -bo.i. 
Mar. bic 3fe(6j(i*t, bo* 3toi*f*lff, yoftf4iff. 

jldTii'able, I. adj. rat6fa«,|otrdglid), afltlid) ; 
fur (gHttn) ffiatt) nupfligiid) ; O. -«t», «. 
btegtattfomltit; OmpfangUtbttit fir («vJn) 

To a d vife', t>.La.natf) 9tbrt,r«tbtn,obcaft)tn ; 
btr«tlxn (Utntn) ; btnii4ri<t)tfgeii, btri*Kn, 
melbcn, anjefgm to-oo..., «dtb trttjet' 
Icnfibtr...; to— to (athloc). rarbta (Warm 
cine [ofi. p finer] Bodjc); to — aad auiit 
one , 3emanbtm mit 9UU) «b Xb«t u bit 
fMnbgettn ; Wm-t. to — a bill, ctata tBtd>.- 
ftl iiDifiren ; ■dvielng dm (w, Ac), unrer 
Injclfle; II. n. {- with one, mil Warn) r&tff 
fdjiaora; ubtrlegnii to — with mc'i adf, 
mit fi* in fflubt fit&tn. 

Adviied', p. a. keMAttM, btbafttig, wnfldj- 
tis;btbaa)t,Docft»iMi ill-, imbeb**tfaon 
well -, loobibtbid) hg ; Im - ( by m») , M 
blr ratbtn, fei i»rfitbttg; u -, Cbm. last 

AdviVtdly, adv. mit Vebao)t, nit flbtrlcgvng. 

AdviyedaeM, i.bie et(a*rf«aftit, »tbidjtig. 

AdvtVer, i. btr ffiatbgebtr, tteratbtr. [Mt 

Advlf'jng, part. v. T« AdvbM. qv. 

AdtVo, ,. bet matb, bat Xoifs. 

Xd'vocacy, i. tie eermtnig ttntt Xsbttn f Stf. 
tor atrtftt^iteerrhtibfguiig i Utbaafbrrft i 
tit Xtwutar; Xb*M3ten>9acaIttti la - 
•/.... |nr etrthribignng dm 

Ad/tocvtc i- bw Xbeout, 6ad)»«iMr; «er» 
ttjeibiger, etrfttbttr; * * BiU. btr Bfcfrw 
djtr, tVctrtttc. 

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U la* noiu, t.Lo. atrtfariaigti, MtfHWtn ; 
|Uttm,alMdnt i ll- n.»«t rehr few ; to 

fcr, (ffior«)bat«Bort nben. (eortHtueg. 
idVataahb a-airifbeocatar, BirtbetbiguHg; 
idvjci'ito, i. bit Untocatnr, ^u&runq duct 

XtfeKfc*; Bertreruag, SrerbeiciajHta. 
uh aia'iioa, i. M $in)afl!egea. 
AttaitfiiBa, «. hot |ji»juniiljeu. 
\toHUf , i. fee. btr Jtird>«ipalio» ; e$ir»- 

ecflti - taraauMat, ber jjaiiptftrajqwalrcn 


Adroo.Advowry ; vid. At«Y, Aq. 
Mrffiei, /. Law, boa $atrDaattctt ; appen- 
dut -, bat bwgJidje ^etnuMili - u 

etou, bat pttfinlidje $ tt»uatrtwt. 
idi, (ita), ». Carp, it Oap, bit iw&IbtiH 

eotuwulftl; Jcnwabow, JtntMivt, MS 

It, £ [ij, lit. Eewttont, tiff tlljl. epw*[ 

ii*! liatattfalia). ©Grttr, b{i Mtr aitbt 

ftya, nd. «nttc E. 
S'tSliaa, 4. Mud. bat 3itfle»augt, trfttulon 

(•Blagf); ax. bo» $«rciwat. 
* H*. >. kit Xgfte (ber 6S4iIb bar 9Kintroa) : 

■t>)T«'t«wi, «. M*d, kit Igwttfib* «»lbt. 
£s1Jai, odj. teel(f4i - b*rp. bteXwlS&arft, 

ftinnfrtrft. [Oittlnfrrwwal. 

*Stf»fcp, i. Ifct. »wd. W Xfotefbofl (tin 
Wrl,* Owm. bit Xfftt «d. Krs. 
Ae'riii, (4. jot 8nft gebXg, ob. ant S. ftt= 

Wnb,taftig: •Mtaf^ninuti in bet?. 

Ni^;bM&bw>$amb;foa>; -Jtbirif*; 

- mM, Ok*, bu toftEtet; - traveling, 

>« WBrtjit] - *ayt«a, bit Sufttttjt, 

Ae'rjt, A'crie.^HtKtKttlltSfllnntBoadS), 

An>fia'tiois«.H)|.tif Stttjjitaiiii ob-JfiaunB 

Aliform, i'eriforaa, adj. J*y, luftwtig, flflS 

»'* [ob. tnfflVtn. 

Tg A'triff, .. «. Jla,. pit «uft BttbiHbtB •, 
-M^faiartaa, a. rt» bit taftftuftte&ri.. 
Wi*-* f. /** bk tnffttf4«tf>une. 
* ir,6te, ». jfti. ber XtraltH, WeatMfW*. 
*tw«*fM «*. -HiB.«itfoaff*. 
«*'#-, *, »t> in SaftfMbtge. 
«***» *. «** bit teftlffo, Euftfuobt. 

» wm*^, ft aw, bit Wurtifiimi 

*-'«'fi#»er. ,. to* tar Eaftmtffor, baa TCre». 
tiMta'ttry, «. Ay. bit ttftMpmfi, [nitUt. 

trnnuttftt - «r>e4i*>ar., Me taftfafcrt. 
» rjWMt. «. Mw. Mt auWdjtu. [w. 

Aerea'ce-py, ». fly. b.it ««*a4hjilfl btf S»B. 
A'8ro>Ul, *. btr aiiftbflB, bat tnftftiff. 
Air»*«Cjc, adj. f* s . MTBftattM. 
AlroitaYje*, *. p(. Pn j.bftKtteBatiribit tap. 

9»ai4titf!M,Safti»Q'*e&nif*; auftfd)n>tbfunft, 

A«ro.tt'Ur.n, 5. Bit Suftf«*iffhtnft ; 8amajfff> 

fairt ; i»y. *nftaenji*t[ebrt (v/d. b. b. Acro- 
ktottyt*, t. Tttfoo (9-110. ' tttii m>. 

AwtbtUn, laaUetufJ, *«. oM. in E, 
*e'rAii?(HMniii'¥ral l (. Med. Dtt SKintralBloSc. 
AStt'tti, *. Win. bti IMerftein. 
AaVoi, t. \n (fnttrfptiabe Oat) Xttna. 
AKr, adv. (trn, writ; oon ftra; - off, welt 

tarfttnti from-, mi fern, nut brr Sent. 
if «, *. Cam. rtaOloIbiWMii auf Oniita fiw« 

flefSfir tint Uax). fltaflinsliibtrtt. 

Iff#bii'ity, «. kit SntftUgrtit, SrouwiioXtit, 
iFfaWe, I. atij. ItofftUg, ftranblid), umgdng- 

lifl);n|il»t(BftonBtcn«ncc, imSufttn); II. 

— neii, j. Kit Affability. 
Affably, adv- Uatfciig, ftrunblid). 
Iff»broa«,adj.MHSIia), hinftrti*, mtifttr^lft. 
iBHfcwU'iiw, » ■ bit 3Horal imtr jfabri. 
Affilr", i. bat atf4f fl,bit7EnatIee«tbeit,eoo>(, 

fi tr $oab!l ; !itbe6« anbel ; bit e*t mfadj t ; bat 

Okfritt, Stiff to ; Duell ; at tb« bead of a-a, 

an bet egitt btr ffltaietntia. 
To Affect*, v. a. auf ©trauE rijutitfffi, fSnbtnel 

maa)en, tS anBTrifea; trefftn, btritgrtn; tdiy 

ten, (bat Onrttp) btmtstn ; tradjitn, ftttbtat 

(na*); ftbnfta) begebrtn. liebei; affettiren, 

MtVffti, trfinfielH, fi# ittrin ; btafttla ; fid) 

fbOtti. [bu atirerd. 

IfTedi'iion, i. bat fltjitunflene SBcftn,ffiejiert, 
Afftct'td, I. p. a- atntigt (-to ... , |n Qtaat) ; 

atftant; afftttirt; beisegi; fi(6aftit (with..., 

- look. , evrfinfteltt Slidt; II. -!y, aiv. 

gat B*rin; nuf gejiouBBtDt, flqltrttntift; 

abfiAtlia), mitgldS; ID. -ne tt , i. Balge 

StDuagcnt ftBtftn, bit ilttrerti. 
Airarfjng, I.p.a. rfl(rtib,angrtifwb;n.— ly, 

adv. atf finerilbrtnbe SBeife; fE^nfnetttvcCr. 
Afffiction, t. tit fflerafltfjebtweanitg ; bnXf' 

f«t; bit iittt, Sunfi, auaefpne; $itrjU*' 

Ititi bit Sfligung, etimmnng; aftOtttfltta' 

tuftaab i Sift r ; bat Ot(i» ; bit <B tflMiing ; 

eifltnfebaft ; Med. bit Jtranftril, bat Stiben: 

-oftLecbeit,fid8»ruftititni; (coj. OaffBc- 
talion) BitSitrtrti; a-a of quantity. Mat. 
bit eigcnfdjiiftsn btr Otfift. 
AffBiytioaate, I. adj. II. — ly, ado, ttebccull, 
|«t6to>, btrjli* ; (1b 8Itbt) paitbaa ; gfitig, 
*wbt»*K»ll IH. -a««. i. bit auntfflaag, 
tirte, HirtliaWti*, **nK*f «t. 




AinVtloaed, adj. gtnttgf, gtnogen, (in Eicbe)|[ eejabung; touiwcr in the-, i (job hi 6 ant. 

jugetban, crgebcn, jdrtfiib. 
AHeVtfve, l.arfj. aagreffcnb; ri&tcab; beftig 

fAmeribflft; II. - ly, adc riaScncttwIL 
AfficV, i. ber fcinpffaMcr, 3iero, Radjdfftr 

(etncr fffiobc). 
To AlrSeV, AnW, u. a. law, tin* im OefeA 

nnbeftfante fficlbfirafe auf tine twfttantt 

Cumme fcftfctcn ; btMfrfgnt, bcfidtigen. 
AITeiVmf nt, «. Lav, bie Jeftfeeung finer Oelb* 

fttafc (e/. To Afleer) 
AlrterV*. i.pl. Levi, b(c<Scfd>» omen, re clitic 

rint unbcftimmte Seibftrafe fcftfctm (c/. To 

A fleer). 
Atle'cds'to (adj. ttal. (ortrt Spiel bebeutenb, 

jwifib tn Xbagio a. Ttnbnnfe), (in OnoL) ad>. 

nibrmb, nit IBannt oorgctragen. 

AITahaniiitan, Ac rid. AfgJuuiliUn, *c. 

Affl'tmie, i. ba* Scrtrauen (bcf. auf ffiott). 

To'Allt'jdce, it. a. rtrlobcn; smranen, fein 
Scrrroucn ftttn (— In, aof Sties*). 

Altrtaccr, t. ber SSerlob cube, Crffttt einetObo 
tcrtrngfl. [ ttgcBcrrcag, oi. Oft tec Xrene. 


AiTidi'i |t, *. Law, bie bcfibntorntlfatfagt, ba* 
tiblidje Setenntni*.; bic ciblidje (out Orriajt, 
tintnXpiac, aonfnI,ic.iibacgcbcnt)Scfa)ci> 
n(auaa.(btf.inAn.); to make— , ciblid) be 
trdftiflcn ob. erbdrtcn. 

To Afttfjste, v. a. an eobne* (Jtinbt*) etoti 
oanebnen, aboptf rcn ; in cincn Del eo, cine (Be ■ 
[cnfdmft au fact) men, afftlilccn. 

Affn]i'tion, t. bic Xnnebnung an eSo&ne* ( Jtim 
be*) 6ta(t, fiat Xnttnbcn ; bic Tfafnaime in 
tinen Erten, cine Oefcnf*aft, bic Ttfftltaticn. 

AfliBtge, '• Afetai.bat XbfrcibcnbcriJJtetalle, 
bic Sdntcrang, aelnfanng, ba* Btaffiniten. 

Afffo'ity, ,, i\t 8crf Amdgcning , Serrcanbt- 
fdjaft, (and) dim.) tinlinjrctf. 

To Affirm', o. I. a. beiaben, bebaapttn ; gut« 
bciicn; Lav, (cinllrtbeil) befHrigen, brtrdf- 
ttgen; II. n. Qtmat frferiia) ob. tiMttb erf id- 
rcn, beftdtiflea; untcrjei^iicn (nit to). 

Affinn'able, I. adj. II. -ly, ado. bcjiitjlt*, be 
[abb at. 

AfTiWt Ht, i. btrectabcnbc,»cbanptenbe,3tu*. 
fagenbe; Late, bee cine GrMdmng an GibcS 
Stottabfllcbt (niebiennolcr), berOepontttt. 

Afllrnis'tion, t. bic ajcjabmiB, »ct.anprung; 
•jcMftigung, Scftdtigung; ba* ftJefnUtate, 
©eglanbigte; Lain, bit Babrbcit*berrdftt> 
gang bet Gu deer an Sibc* 6tatt. 

AiTW»trv«, l. adj. bejabenb, bebaupttnb: 
.Law, btftdfigenb; —property, afflrnatioc* 
»tmdgcn (B. , ba« nan rotrHiib befist) ; 
■puntiUa, Hatft. ponttMarobtn; 11. i 

raoiTen; in.— ly, adu. brja^ent, bcjabnng*< 

metfe, nit 3a. 
AffinV. '• bnr fitjabenbt, ffiebanptenbe. 
To AffrY, v. a. (- to) , anbeften, anf4!agen, 

affigfrtn; anfetcn, anbingen, serbinbeni U 

— ■ ud to, tin Oiegel bdfugra. 
If*i]i. i. Gram. baiZfftcun; bet Inf*Ufatt« 

tel; ajfaio k rffixio. Law, Xnbcftnng unb 

Ibwennng. [gtbaut, niet« u. Bagelfift ift 
"Tltf, t. yi. TtUtt, mat in cinem i)anfc riu« 
AAWlo-n, #. (u.H) bic Kabeftting, ba* Xnbtf< 

ten ; Xngebertctfein ; bit Xn&dnatmg. 
Afli'tiaa, *.batXnbIafea,3nbUfen, Xnueftcn, 

To Afacct', «. a. betrflben, tc&nttn ; qnilcn, pei> 

nfgen, marteni ; ingftigen; nnterbrttfen, en(» 

AfBTc'ttd, i.p.«.betriibt; geplagt; -with, 
ftanfai H.th«— ,*.pJ.bieSetcubtni; ni. 
-ly, ado. peinlin). (n>ntr)Iia>, bttrnbt; IV. 
-new,*. bic»etrjlbmf,t)ctjrnmmet,<3cam; 
bit $Iage, btr Dru*. [fenbe, ber ELnaler. 

A«I«?t«r, t. bet ( bit, ba*) Betrfbenbe, Jtedn. 

AfltiVtine, I. p.a. peinlidj, fd)mec]Iiib,tr£ncenb, 
btttnbcnb;H.— ly, adv. qullenb, fdjmeqenb 

Afnrc'tlon, *. bie Derrtbnif, BrNmmeTnif, 
Srubfnl, bat ficlben, (- of heart) ba* £tt> 
tdcib, bie So tb ; ba* aftlgtfibiif, llnglutt. 

Afflfc'ij ve, I. a* bttrubtnb, qndlenb, Wnfenb, 
fdjmerjlirt) ; II. — ly, ado. ptinlid), britfibt, 
frJnftnb, (ibmerjli* (Otmat enpflnbcn). 

ACiiOepce, m. bet ?uftut, 3ufannen[lnf (Juiu. 

j-*?)ifis- Cberfini, Keiibtbinn, SBo&iftanB. 

AfltBeai, ]. adj. jaRitf rali ; dbtrflnrfia, nid> , 
II. the -, t. pi. bit flttitftn i III. — ly, adv. 
|ufiie*enb, ubteflnffig, iciqlld); IV.— ■*»», 
i. ber ilufta' ; flberfluf , ffieidttbrnn. 

iCnux.AfHQx'ion, i. bee dnflai^nfantratnflu^ ; 
3ulauf, bat flnftrSmen (nvftfig.). 

To Aflurd', o.a, geben,Ucfern,bcrnotbrinflnii 
cjcrgeben, bingtben, flbctlaffcn, batreieben, tt> 
tbrilen, bemMigcn, gerad^ren; leifien: tnt< 
ftbdbigtn; (*a(ftn, Bfrfdjaffeni onfbringen, 
trfdjiEingen, btftrtiten; to— moana, (5Ki!. 
tel) an bie $anb gib en. 

To AffBr'eit, v. a. lain, Saab, getber (u tin tm 
gorftf nadjen, einfarfbtn. [be*, Qinforfrtmg. 

AITbreiti'tion, t. Lav, bie Snlage tine* Sale 

To AfTk-Sa'cblie, v. a. freigeben, fteimadjtir, be 
fiden. [taffnng. 

a h"riti'ch!(enieB t, *. (». u.) bit BefrttuaH. £o*> 

AITriy', i. Low, bit 6ffentli«c 8d>Idgeref, bo* 
$anbgmeng<;bn2uf[anf,Xant![t; cuqbI 
-, bet jnfdDiflc Sobtfiblag bei ber 0tlbft> 




T. AffirigM O-frSf], o. «. Qwt. (rfn 

liwrtts e*iff) brfra*ten. 

Aareigattr [af-lra'-ter], j. Com. btt etfro*. 

ter (tints gebanerten *3d)iffe*). 
Affreightment [aj-frif-neat], ». Com. bit So 

f ranting (tint* Bdjtffef} coin !Hietber). 
To Afifight', o. a. (». A.) erfajrtifcn (-at, 

Affeisiii'. #. (n>. £.) str e*rtrf£H, eat «nt< 

ftjw ; bn JibrecHitSe a"nblitt, balSajrettbilb. 
jnttskf^dly, ado. (is. a.) trftbrtett, In ed}ret> 

AffrSghtfiU, odj. (rn.fi. j fArctflid), fur*terli*. 
AflVieM'aient , /. (n. fi.) bat (ber) efcretftn, 

has enJft(en; bie erf^rorfrnfetit. 
To Affront/, o. o. Stfibimpftn, grob btlcibigcn; 

anartifen , Xro* bitten; a-ed at, bdtibigt 

fibre, buroj. 
AflrSuf, «. Mi (grobt) sBtleibigung, eefdjim. 

pfnrta, btt«d)trapf ; Jam. Xro|. 
AffrontM', 1. 1. bet Sldtibigte, Befdjtmpftt ; n. 

adj. Her. (o. 26i t rtn , mit b tra ffitfiibtt) go 

gen t iuaaber ob. eiaroartsgerebrt. 
Affrfinfar, ». btt (Beletfiiger, {BtfdjimpfenlJe, 

TaJforbmr; Xrotbietenbe. 
^CTrifif iu K , p. a. beleibigenb, anjugUdj, feinobt. 
jffrtpffTe, adj. btltttifltnb, befdjfmpftub; 

fdjinipfLid) ; rro»ig. Unfgitftn. 

To Affa»t/, o. a. (btf. Clem.) ba|n giepen, 
AflW^ion, i. (erf. C*ea«,) bit Xnfgitf nnfl, btr 

Afly, com. by hi* (or their) -, per $»««. 
X/ghfBJ.tia', ft * adj. Gag. Kfgbaniftan, af< 

Afghan', L odj. afflbanif* ; D. ,. ber Xfabane. 
Afghany, Afghaney, '■ Pi- We afgbantn. 
Afield 1 , adc.auf Bern gelbtob.aanbe, aufbaS 

5e(S ob. £anb. 

Afioume [ef-fW], >. (Afort.) rid, Ffome. 

Afire', ado. in $eacr, btenncnb, in fflranb. 
Aflif , ado. fluid, plait, ban Soben aleidj. 
Afloat', aiiv.&odj. flott, fdnounmtnb; fig. 

frif4, rfiftig;im©ana.(,ini3ttae; Ottbrtittt 

(o. ftnent Oeruajt) ; to iei or get a <biu — , 

eia e*iff flott mad>tu. 
Afontf [a-fi], ado. }n Jfnfe ; Jig. im flange ; 

in ©ereegana (o. einem $tere). 
AfiW, L prep, sot: eber; fiber; (mil. b. i. 

Before); IL adv. Afar. Darn im6a)(ffe; — 

the nut aailora, grafibttl. Watwfen, bit nnf 

beta ^anpfotef. bffnWrfat fuib. 
Atore'gojog, p. a. DorbetgebenB; (rid. b. n. 

Foregoing), [oid, b. A, Before-head. 

Aforc'Mna, adv. borons, pin uoranS, t orber ; 
(AreWationed [— nrfn'-ahuud] , adj. for. 

erraJlnt, botfeatlbtr, obgebadjt (in Been. 
neattn). [Donuneaten). 

AlWoinwd, adj. ooratnannt, obbmannt (is 

AfOreWd [—«id], adj. md. Aforemeutioned. 

Afore'aaie, ado. eorataU, ebemaif , ebebem. 

Afrliil', p. a. ffirdjttnb, befoigt, bangc (—of, 
oct atttaG) ; ttfifiriKten, fardjifam. 

Afreah', ado. ten Ktntni, abcrmal, nitbet. 

lfr|cf, *. Geog. "tftita. 

if rjcaa, L adj. aftfrantf* ; D. *. bee Xftirt. 
iter; But. bit eommtblanit. 

Alruaf, adv. in btt gronte, Im ffle jtnjt, aerabe 
entgtatn, ob. gegenfiber; ion corn, in'i <3>e> 


Afitagvr*, t. pi. Com. eine 7M 3nfpector«i 
bei AfftntL ettfltigeningeii ju XntfttTbani. 

Aft, j. adj. ft adv. Mar. bat $intertbttt am 
6ajffFt; ffinira; agttr, aateilio); binttnam 
ob. im Sdjiffe; fore and—, corn ttnb iinttn ; 
right — , unmitielbar bon binten; to bring 
the Kind—, cot ban RBinbt abtaaftn; to 
banl — tba ihaeta, bit Btgel beiboien. 

After, I. adj. Afar, ugter; (cigcniL ft more 
aft, |. ffl. — capitaa, — <aili , rid. crimp.) ; 
/am. (pater, nadjbttig; n. prep.nitd), iia> 
ter; fig. nocb, ingolgt, %mi. r ; to go-, 
foIgtn ; day— day, tintn Sag iindj bent onbeta ; 
son tintmXagt inmonbetn; one— anotber, 
Qinei nad) bem Xnbern, nao> eiiwnbtt; ■ 
date, oid. Dale; —that, nadjbtr, bieronf; 
m.conj. nadjbtm; iV.odr. binttrber; nadj' 
bet, nadjbnn, baranf; -all, nad) oltm, btf 
ant bun, enbiidj, am Qnbt. 

Altar-, comp. — acceptation. Con. bit 
(potftt Acceptation;— aceoanl, bit Kao>> 
red)nung,Ko(bfMberung; — agei, j.pi.Bie 
3utnn(t, golgf (fommtnbe) 3eit, Sia*nielt; 

— birth,— burden, bit Kadjgtbnrt, 5Cfi«* 
gtbnrt; — capstan. Mar. baft bintete ob. 
rltine OanaftW: -•«*». btr ftatot 
(etetbte.) Infpni*; bit Kaojfotbttnna; - 
clap, fig. bat Xadjfpicl, btt Qnerirridj, col. 
bag ijfnttrbtete; -comer, ter Wadjfblaet; 
-co-t, bit KoAfoften; fig- 3lad)»eben; - 
course, bet fpdtttt, |nrfin^igt ©ing, ftanf j 

- crop, bit 9iad) trnte ; — dayi, f . pi. bit jinx 
Innft, %tlamti, »a*r«lt; -dinner, bie 
liodjmittafl&ftunbt; — nlnner"! aleey , bie 
Hnibmittagerabej-wq.r.'rT. bie berlpittte 
Unterfudjuiifl ; - event, bie fpatcrt Begtbtro 
beit; -game, einneutriBtrfndjjbtiinCpiti, 
urn ba« BtrJortne raieber ju geminnen; fig. 
inn, bit Sadjlefe; -graaa, vid. After-math; 
—growth, bet 9tad)p)ndje; — parti, Afar. 


btr in ^Inrerttrtle bet eftfffct bienftt&uettbe 
aRattofc— hatchway, Afar, bit #interiufe; 
-help, bit Saftbfilfe; -hold, Mar. ber£tn. 
ttrrattm; — hope, bit ipSterr, j u fun frig e£ofl' 
nung;— boof»,*.p^bKnna)folgenbtne>run' 
tot, golgejeri, -life, bat fibrige (ftsitrrt) 
Sebcn; jufunftineeebrn; —liver, btr9tnd> 
hmmr, Snfef ; —living. Bit jkfunfl; — love, 
bit incite ob. Ipattrt Slrtt; —malice, bit 
5 interb ntt mm elite JBoftSctf , Bet fflruH; — 
math , bat 9tad)beu , SpJtbeu , Xfttrben, 
fflrummw; — mllklngt, t. pi. lit 3fn*mi(n) ; 

— noon, Scr Stadjmittiig; — noon'» lontheon. 
or — nooning, cui.baSScSperbrob; — p*Sh», 
t. pi. tie Siadjmtbcii (bet ber Otburt); — 

— pari, ber nadjfo Ignite SlbtU; Mar. bet 
fcintertbtH bee erbfffct; -payment, Cum. 
eerKa4fd)Ufl;— iileee,Dram.bat3cad)(ra(e: 
Sod. bat ijintere Stiff eititl enttttt ; - 
proceeding*, i. pL Laic, bit notbberigt (go 
ridjtlidjc) Serfabren;— proof, bet Kntbbe- 
recis;bit jrocite^robt; naftfolgnibt 8rfnb» 
rung, ob. bltburdj fpdtcrtgrfaSrungfntbttt- 
renefgcnftaften; Ap-bfeffiesiflim;— e«ck- 
unioE, bat Xaftberedjnen; bit noibfolgtnbt 
rate ; — rep»rt, btr ftafebtrf o)t ; —•all*, *. pi. 
Afar. bf« $interftgcl;— «t*te, bet Nnftigt 
Snfrcmb; — «tlng, bcr9?a*fdjmer): -storm, 
ber untrtrartftc ( fpfitete ) Sturm, Ufa $ farm : 

— ■upper, tic fleit |»if4ca SJndjrtlftn Bflb 
6a>lafeng(ben ; — wana*. *. pi. bit Sad). 
fdjiudrrae (btr Sienen) ; — taite, btr Kaebgc 
fctmntf; — thonghti, pi, ttndjgebanrei, ffle- 
banfen, bit ju [pit fommei ; bit |n fpatt 0fn> 
fttbt, ob. flberltgung;- time, bit .Jnftmft; 
-time*, i. pi. bie Hrtftigen 3eitra, StfSf 
{tit, Kodjreelt; — Inning. bat Saflbruufen, 
SBeBenftblagen ber etc nid) ein cm Stunne ; 
—wine, ndj. ju frit (eingtftbtn) ting ob. 
mrift; -wit, bit Jtlugbtit aad>ber*bat, bin. 
tertrtin, |n fpntt StafMbr, K-f. ett Iter, 
tier; — wrath, ber fp(tte(ra(btrfgll(bt)9ri)ll; 
—writer, ber fpittrt eSoMfrfreBtr. 

If'term&n, AlVmOit, Afar. [. adj. binter, bin. 
tcrft) n. t. btr bintrre Ibtll bt« etbifftj 
3. ber unterftt tStnftl tine* brefeif igen «e- 


Afternoon, Ac, oirf. nnter After-. 

Af'terward(i), adu.nadjBtT,barnao>,Bao>nta[i. 

S'». [«-■ K J., Ja., Sm„ i'n, A, if*.], 
J. bn Xga (rurfifibt ffleft&fS&aber). 

ApUii. [rfin', S., IT., /, £., F., 1Tb., An., 
O'liu, Avid; •g«B J , /a.], adv. ttttbtr, |D> 
rfirt; ttitberam, normal*, nbtrmoll, nodi 
tinmal; nbtrblt|,fnmtr} lagtgen,bfngegtn* 

(btafb, tbtnfaltt unt b«t< to and — , bla 
unMoirbet) unitt— , (Mctaaal ft of d| 

— and — , jn niebtrbolttn QRalra, einmal 
fiber bos anbtrt, nt^rmalt j bin nnb ber. 

tgafiut', {ifiCart', &, H 1 ., X, £., P., £»., 
Sim Oaiff, «rfd; igfta.t', 7a.], prep, reii 
btr, gegenj gtgtniibtrf ^k. btf, gegre, an, 
bie i — llie itreato, gegen btn CStrootj — 
the grain, mibec (gegtn) bra ©trib)( jig. 
w^ff. »lbtr BBHTtB, ungern ; »tbt — , gtstrc 
dbtrs — which, Com. alt «egwfnt f*T ..., 
per flontra. 

Ag'aiSiy, i. Mtd. ber Wnnael an Stildj. 

A K sri^h V m (AVtiieeb), 4. bat XbKbol), Yb> 
It tboi), ¥«rable»boI(. 

Ag/apt, AV*P*<> «. Theal. bat Utbttnabl 
bet erfreu Sbriften anil btr aommmloa, 

Agipe', ado. /am. gafftnb, ml t offnem Otubt, 
(intlg. QSouIt) ; to stand — , gaffe tt, Wig. bos 
mtanl nnflperren. 

ia/apet , *. tin Ste*b>6« bt* f*J»tn «t- 
fo>(e*t6 ; btt eergafigungsfiidjtige. 

AVarTe, f. btr BWtterfdjnMmiui female—, 
ber8tr4ttrft)»OBMlf — conlliie, bit*3pij< 
{tnfonllt;— mlianl, bie eSergntlltb, Webl- 

Agtit', tiirf. b. 4. ober m. r. Aghaat [tTtibe. 

AVate, *. Ma, Mr X*at, Xgati ff-*-. btr 
$cUr|rtin;— arbore»cent,btriBanniaSat. 

AVatht, 3f gattt (bit ante, «-n.). 

ig*atiMi, adj. KieXdMtge}tie)ntt;— weed, 
ob>aftrtrrt6 Vi> 

AgVy, adj. ndjatertig ; an— flint, tinfjeoer- 
frein oo» Vd>nt. 

■5 b*'*'* *■ * ot - bit amertfonifibe e*«mii!w. 

Age, j. bnt liter; OrtiftnaUtr; QKenfehcn- 
alter; Bcltotter, Dit&tu btt 3»br**nbert ; 
bit OJtnabigfeit; btt fnubtbtrt XIrtr (bei 
bnt grant! ) ; (comp, uid. in Conctut, Foil, 
Great, Green, Ac.); of-, mtabig (mniw 
mi); to coma to— , minbig merten; un- 
der— , nnnninM*; a, «fd. Under-, u. Non-. 

i'gaw, I. adj. lit, btttbrt; D. the -, pi. bit 

tlttn «tutt, bit mtn, btjobrte ptrfonnt ; III. 
-ry, ado. ttie altt Sente, tw4 Vrt oiler 

A'gancv *. bat «2frfei, *tn»el«, bit lotion j 
etrtnittlung, berfiinfl; Coin, bie Tiatwf. 
[djaft, Xgntnt — bwlneai, bat Ootraniif> 
Pontgtfibdrt, btrC-b«bti, gtrtortibaitbti ; 

- office, bnt w-ttntpreir. 
AgAVda, Om.*. bttOtntttnljbittSdjrtib. 

raftl; Mot. 8tben*pPd>rtn (|Btt Unttrf*iebc 
e. Credendni ; See. bit (Jtittbtn» Xmrabt. 
A'g?nt , «, btr {Mitbtlnbt ; /Vry, tntt nir< 
fenbt fStfta ; rtrtem* , mirfftnw ffleittd; 
Xntnt; ftp- btr «tr*aftttttftt , «rstQ< 


, XgtaJ; Iff. Mar. * MiL 

«H*;fM».i.»«I(«it 1 «*f(!>4fte' 
fibm, Soawiiilftoaor , espi&lttur , §Saa. 
rowcrfnrter , Sttvoaeat ; befttflte emfal 
(SBoOiW- ob.<kttaB4fltr); /ji«, ■SfSgna. 
ter; — Tlcta»tor, bn Jitowantrntifter. 
To 4sg»»'»rite, uLi aufnurfeln, jif4m. 
oarrofcn, itfunKabaUn, tnasclai II. r. 
fin) ragtta, Kantpern, pifap n i t BlMtfin, a" 

fiqllTH'tlni *, M tof»t«Wn, Jtniutln 

gitmwariwtfei (d. JMrprai;; SSerbinben 

ju Jtbiwpojtu. 

AggWHaant, od). Af«d. wrbinbenb. 
Aegtt'tjaanw. *. pi. Afct StiumitM, jiljt 

To dstli'tja.He, a. a. t&UMtmtnkimt*; Med. 

ktntKi, anbrfltn;j%. Btrrintgta. 
AggtHtiai'tioa, •. bi«3nfajaat«lrfsuiag; Afrd. 

ImbtUaag, «ii»uafli >g, tit Xnrigaanj 

(imtitr Jtarpn). 
AggM'tjaaiiTo, «#'. Itinuai, binbenb; Aftrf. 

isgtf u «l-hijBil, *. Oim. bit btftt &ca«alifd)t 

To l^fc^»tSie, (— te), i,U BtrarSfletn, 

w winn , trb*ben, trbtbtn; IL n. Rd) ntf 

arifrtra, ntatbfen, ]aM«iaat. 
AVgraoaliement, (-aaawat), *. bit Brrjtrp. 

fcrutg, OraKftnant; ttrbebanc. , SSirtjerrli- 

dnok, [rori£crcr;#sr&errlid)ir. 

Ae/graaatar. (—••*>■■. b«»ergrofern, fir- 
.VgrmnWe, orfj. atrgrfitnib ; miinit, 

To Ajt'»T»tite, D. B../Y. fd)RKT« ma*nl, tt- 

famtm: wrftirhn, nenatbrtn^ergrSfern; 
MTWimnctt ; (U in Carfttnaaa.) ubertrei- 

igcr«T*'tioi , i. Bie (rrfajnteruna ; «tr. 
fbfrttrag : Utrfilinuatrana ; oof Uagebcarc 
(rinee JBcrbrdStnfl) ; bit ftbcrtrribnag (in 

To AVaragate, v. a. Can' ob. jufamratu ) (in- 
fro, |B (UevWtflt oertuiiate. ; iitfat 9t> 
frtWi ft MfMljMB, aggrtaircn. 

iVp*«* te, 1. adj. Oum. * ««c. angtiinft; 
JUtm, Mgngbtl — corporation, /.™, tine 
**rp«r*aft, bit bm TCbatug >»ii Wfifliif 
ban ftm turd) not btnurtrettabr trfcbt; - 
tmwtr*. Bat. an> ob. in|fl]rinxngeS»oftt ffllfi' 
ffcca ; D. «, bn $aufen ; Snotgriff (ttebrtm 
Dtngt); boblggreaot: II 1 — Jj, adv. b*IC 
faatttlt, inOaqti ob-iafamrntn gcnomnun. 

ifS^ifrton. ... »k {to. ) Wnf mm, StrtiRi' 
gnng, SoTmnliuig: btr finuftn, Bit QRiRflt ; 
<**,. Mafia*, fthWartifn JWrptr; Xa(< 

toft. iVgrksStj.., •*. (nifcftmt, »tatt» a* 
nonuatn (fflegenfab eon DiajanctUa). 

.ig , e r 'S»»f-*.btr6Sammitr(D.QBaterwiUn). 
To Aggrii.'. o. a. ( juer ft ) angctifdi, anftfen, 

au«F4i«e("i nrit Qinan anbinWa. 
4tBrWiioB, (Agfirwi), a, btt trfte Xngrifl, 

Ynfog; flbnaiiff. [ftnb, offnHe. 

jggrii'tiTe, adj. GStrtit btgimitnO , lu^cd- 
*ggr s>'»or, *, bn angnifnibt Xtcil. 

Aggrlf/ifBce, t. aid. Gri«i«fiee. 

To #ggrie*e / , u. ■. Did. To (jrleTO. [jpirtn. 

To Aggnvop', v. a. T. lafanmcnftcua, grap* 

AghW [f-gtitO. adj. crMroiftB, rrftaant, 
btttuqt ; idd>rablal (cot 6*r«tt. 

Ag-jlB, I. a*, btbcnbt, burtig, ici4t, fUnf ; II. 
— now, i. sit Agilit). v». 

\£ff\tj, t. bid8tb«ibighit,4)artii{«t,«(. 
r^mlabighit, Btifitigftit 

Agilloobuiu, i. uia 1 . Af*liocha>. 

ie'jo, i. (itol.), Com. baltofielb, b»tor> 
roeitfel, bo* Xgio ; — acoaaat. bab laiocosto. 

To A^fif, u. a. /jiid. tinfebmra ob. in bit 
3K*ft ncbjatn, neibra laffen (frtmbM JBieb 
flit (Brio); briber Jxrbe f«Iafni lafftn. 
igfiement,/. t^ne-.. a) bi* autfcbmuna, Jttf- 
nabnw |nr Bftkt anb SStftiwa ; ft ) ba»aSaft» 
gtibjlriftflelb : c) bit tofbanainng, baaCain- 
men a. bit Gttnn, bitfes ju btnirhn i brt btn 
fiJcBotnttn bet eScifuftt ob. fumpHgtr Cfc 

Ajb'tt'w. fAgiatator), i. lam, btt (S«6injaei. 
fler, SforftnuffebCT, SRaftnufftttr. 

.WlUblt. adj. bfreegll* ; &e . ptobltawtif*. 

To AtViUts. o. a. f*ntu bin unb ktr bcmcgra 
ob. Bttfen, fibuttrin, tntteln; £%•*■ <tfd»fit. 
ttra; fit frigt OcnutWbtiotgitngta) trrtgtB, 
( bit OJemutb i tntarabigtit : to - » qnaotioo, 
fiber tint Stage ftrdtta, bebaitiren, bitflbe 

AftjUi'tloo . t. tit bfftige p»ofif*« eemgang, 
Orfdjuttcntng ; f». beftiflt OeBtatbatidBt' 
gang, Kollunfl, Unratc; flrirteruaa, ( tiaer 
frrtitigea Suite); bit ( politifibt x.) ad I), 
rung. Xgiration ; iStratbfdilagtiaa 

Aglta'tive, adj. btmegcab, erfdjuttenib. 

Ailta'to, adv. Mut. Semtgt, agitato. 

iVJUtor, i. eintr, bet etne CSad>« befttttt; 
Mt 'Jfufnibrftffter, (Suits. ttofiDiegler. 

Afi'jtD, j. Com. tin flttitrf (Bmiatt in ¥'8". 

Ag'lft, i. bob (rfinftiiib gearbeitttei Centel. 
bled), btr emftLftirtt B"(. Cq8 Jtolbo)en an 
btn etaabfibtn btr » lumen. 

iV«»'l. .badKaatlfltfAnait bn Kietnuatl, 

_«M. WUtlow. 

as Bato. I. a/fr tnnanbt (a. slberlid) tr*3dt»)i 
U. a. btr Kfinat < "id. b. f. S».j. 

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Agw 5 

Agns'ti, #. pi. Ttgpwtm, Benmnbte wn titer- 
Inter eeto. 

Agnatic adj. bit 8tr»«ibtr*4fl son olterlt 

Agns'tion, /. bit btrertt a&ftammung non no". 
«rii*« CStltc, eintifreimbfajaft tjnm Un- 
ttrfdjitoe Don Cognation, go.) ; fig. bit Her- 
mnnttfebaft bet ©pre* en. 

Ae'ne*. *. »aiwf(, Xgaet <rj-«0- 

Agnr'tion, i. (id. u.) tic Xnerfnmung. 

AgWiien, », (Int.) Oct iJnnnmr, ecinarae. 

AgnOrojnft'tlon, i. ber »Bc-tnamc, ^uname; bit 
Xnfpicfang cincS gBoricS aaf cin anbertt, 
ntegen Sbnlicbrtit bet Jtlangc*. 

Vny». '• Rom. Cath. bat Silb bet (fflottceo 
ganunct; -e*»lni,Bc<.ber.fl:enfo>batrm;- 
cMtm lead, Jttnfdjbaiimlamcn, 6a)afmuIIcn ; 
— dei , Rom, Cath. bat Xgnut Ed, dn gt» 
reelb ter «2o*Bfudjen mil bem ffiiibc bet &wn« 
meS ; bos X SX, tin Sbril btr fflttfli. 

Ago', add. Borilier, rorbcf, eertjer, tor, $ 
ioig— , langrber : not long-, unldnflft, 
Jturjcm; a while—, oor cinlgtr 3eit; 
year — , per einem 3o&re. 

AgbVi ado. l£|lem, begterlg, fc$nfud)tig ; to 
be—, (lib (nn6> Stoat) febnen; to ■ 
Infttrn, bcglerlg mafljen, anreijen(— < 
for, nad) ob. |n Stoat). 

ego'jng, adD - ((ianrti. b. part. ». ToGo, mil 
btr Botfelbc a) im (Sange ; in Sang, in ffif 
retflung; im Stflrifft. 

To AgVize, o.l. n. mit bem Xobe rtngen, 
in ben Itftttn 3iigen Uegtn ; Jig. $cin Itibcn ; 
n. a. alt graven Ba)merjtn ftt&aftcn, qunlcn, 

Xg'onNng, I. p. a. ptfnlid), famcrjlidj ; II. 
— I j, ode. anf bit peirtBoBfte 3trt, ptinfidjft. 

AgW. x. btr Xobettdmsf ; figs, tic B«ltn« 
angft, batBteltntttbtnj btt btftige Jtampf. 

Agrilm'inatj'st, t, btT Ungtle&rtt. 

To Agree' , o, n. (p. yerfontn n. Saeben) 
fiberciafrlmmen ; ilbcrttntommen ; cinfgfein 
ot. BttbcnC— on, upon, fiber) ; getnaf, ongc< 
meffen fein, unlfcn, ftcbrn (— to, Sincm), be 
rbnunrn, jutra'glleb fein (—with, Sintm); 
tinfUmmcn (—in, in, fiber), tfnftimmtg ob. 
tincrlti QJteinung fein; cinrciHiaen f— on, 
open, in), Stoasjageben, rinrdumen, betcii. 
Hgtn; minfabrcn; Stoat gemeinfo)afiTlo) be> 
Wiiefen, Dtrabrtbtn; tinig Itben, fid) hi- 
tragen; Rd}tcrfobncn; fiibt)ngIcfajtn(-on, 
opon, fiber etroaS) ; fflebingungen (—to a 
thing, eine©od)c) eliigeben; to — together, 
ftdj mit einanter ptrtragtn, tlntt Sinnei 
fein; to —Id one tone, Mm. jnfammtn- 
ftimmen , barmtmittn ; Com-i. Out npon 

4 A goe 

which we-, in&rb&nng Otbenbtt; to— 
for (npon) the price, meant bet ¥rti(et 
(fiber ben Ipttit) einig merben; btttngra; 
(btfgt. of » thing), Stoat befttaa; ntrbia- 
gen (tint Krbflt); to— with... for..., eio* 
mtrben mit... urn..., bebingtn. 
Aftct'eble , I. adj. ubeninfttmmtnb, pafftnb, 
gtmdf; angtmtfftn, anfUnblg; aagentbm, 
onmntbig (v. ^crfonen n. CSodjen) ; to make 
— , tmsfebltn; rcoilaabringtn; n.— Ij, ad*. 
paflenb; angenebm; anf angenebme Xrt; 

— to... ,in{ot. jujgolge, gentAf,nao); 111. 

— new, m. bit flbtrttnftimmung, Xngtmeffcu> 
belt, ©leiibfirmtarett; S6niirtjMt Onnfaen 
ytrfontn n. JDingtn) ; Xnntbmrfebteit, "Xn- 
matb, btr Stef 5. 

Agreed 7 , I. p. a. flbtninpjfmmenb ; einig, Btr* 
glfa)n, befgeltgti 6efdjlo(ftn, autgemanjt; 
m — upon, mit ctrabrtbtt; 11. adv. tow'. 
rld)ttglmeinetatgtnl gut, etbleibt babel 1 

Agre'jnE, I. s. cat flbertinftinunen w. vid. 
To Agree; II. p. a, fibtreinftimmig , fl!eio>- 
fomig,abrJt4, parent, gemot; tlnig: not— , 
mitbeafg, nneinig; miftlingtnb. 

Agree'meat, f. tic Qbercinftimmnng, ^bnlia>> 
feit (inifcben jmei Bingen) ; btr SinSang, 
ble ^annontt ; Sinigteit, ©intradjt ; bicSti- 
legang; Suftinmiung, btr Qonfenl; Her- 
flleidj, eertrag, Contract, Xccotb r Cttttf; 
berBnnb,tatBuntni>; — in tone, tie $tau 
moitit (ttr Sont); article* of—, Strgtef- 
djnngtpnnfte; —maker, tit QXitttUptrfon , 
btr eermitfltr, edjiebtridjttr, Uaterbinbler. 

AgreVijc, Agrii'ticaJ, adj. lanbmafig, Unt~ 
iid) . fig. bautrifd), grobi — life, bat&nb- 
Itben ; - nobilitj', ttr tanbabel. 

Igrjcoli'tion, j. btr Seltbuu, tnnbban. 

XgrjcBrtor, j, ter Sanbbauer, eanbnirtb. 

Xgrjcul'tBral [-tabor— ], adj. lonbrntrtb* 

ie'rlcBleare [-Uhur], 1. bie 8anb»irtbf4aft, 
ter ganbbau, Vteerbau, geltban (im miff en > 
fcbaftlidjen 6inne), bit fofonomft. 

Agrjcul'tarl»t, 1. btr(n)Intnf4aftUtb gtbtibde 1 
eanbmirtb, SSonom. [Kctte. 

AVflmony, a, Bel. btr Cbtrmrantg, bit fabtr' 

Ayr |8t, ». bit fonre JHrfd) t, SBddjfel C«Jttrf*e>. 

jgroiind', arfo. Mar. auf ten ©runb; anftcm 
®-bt,geftranbtt; to ran-, anben<9.raarn, 
auflauftn, ftranttn; to ran a *hlp— , tin 
Scbiff ftrnnben mo*en , in btn 9. ftaeln, in 
bfnS.bobren, anf Mn ®. fe(tn; to be ■-, 
fig. in IBtrltgenhef t fein ; in fflnmbe gtrid) trl 

I'goe, j. bat (raItt)rJiebtT, «e$Fetffeb« ; 
btr rjlebtrfrofi; Sroft,b«t Sittem wr JKIte; 


ibmhi-, tin &i»ta«* JJitittr; -on, 

Ittd. tar £ittofwbti; -fit, b«r gtcto- 

td>aUT; —powder, but gitSerjaloer ; - 

proof, pebtrtrft; — »p*U, bo* gitbtrjaubet. 

nrillcl; — ttiatk, sem g. befallen; -tree, 

Bot Mr <5oflafra*bauaL 
i'gBcd, adj. baa Slebtr tabenb; litbtrbaft: 

A'girib, I. adj. (tebtr&aft, Rtberifo) ; fig. fro- 

fttg; D. -new, a tit Sitto^ftigttit, to 

(?itbtr<) e*autr. 
Ah, fntabl fro! ad>l ah»je] adjtlmmen oft 

jtlafc that! od) ba* I 
.ihS', i«t.a^!6a!Jc! 
A±i£»d', ado. Afar, njrfttt UT; WtU&XH, 

rot-ant, uoron; — uf at, oormifl; tone — 

of one"* reckoning, mit btm#3efttif ivtii 

fan; to go-, Ra) beeilra. 
AbeW, int. (ml (fSeitidjHima btt £mfhnt). 
AbSf, inf. Mar. (jolla 1 all nandi-l IfleS 

HftScrbctrl ftbrrani fl&tmaKc/.eoij-). 
Abfilf, ado. Mar. out Sep nnb S«M, 

AirjQ, ». zooi. bn ic, mi (uwrtt.) $«* 


To Aid, v. «. bdftn, btiftebtn, mUerftfiten. 

iid,». l.biej>filfr,btr»eiftanb; abtrfflcbiilfe, 
b[tffl(bfiifian;3.CTii(r.ft. -de- ramp; 4. Me 
i)nb«te,«ntoorbent!IaVe5 truer; Cu/. royal—, 
bit ban .(Wnigt baniBiaten 38tt« , ©trotrn, 
Ibgabentf.; — coniignee, Cum. bcrfioimntf- 
fionav; 3fa-j. --de-camp [id-df-kingO, btr 
aTifatairt riateOmrtalS ; -mmjor, berffiea> 

Ai'der, i. btr iieifer, Strife ; XnbdnatT. 

Aidleta, adj. tjnlllot, tolaffen. 

Aid,. *. pi. (from.) 3oHftta«n ; conrtof— , 
bat Ttattamt; eSttutrcoKtflliim ; Man. bit 
Imlfen; Com. (In B-b.) Sanbeltgebalfen. 

Ai'gr**. Aigrette, *. Mb Egret, on. 

Afgie-MarW, «, bcr Xqnamorin ; flJtnjB. 

li'gOIft, ». b(T emfri. Did. Aglet. 

AikWw, *. Sot. bit aBflritnpedjtt. 

Tn lil, c. 1. a. eSdjmtrjti! tonrfaajen ; TI. n. 
Siftaerjen tabm,fdjm(rj(n,unpaSfiin; "bat 
«-* jour ejet ml ftabtn &ie am Xuget 
what a-» job to beat met Bantm fd)Iagen 

Aifjag, p. n. urtpdplta), fronftlnb ; "be leaver 
— . f br ft&tt iranur Stout. 

AJI'nran'. «. bit nrtp«flid)te(t, Jtrontliihfett, 
bat eritrtt ; bit nnni&t, ber Jtumnrr. 

iila. x. pi. tie Cdrtt ara SBrijta. 

To Aim, o.I. n. (—at) nod) ob. anf Stoat 
jitfra; /fg. feint Kbfidjt oaf Stoat riAttn, 
Sinbtntnt (anf) ; to— at, rrodjtcn nad) ; mutt)* 
■efm; tkepoiDtat»hkbheii ., tatSitt 


fetattetrtbtni; Iwaaa-edat, eSaaltmfr; 
O. a. lit. t fig. ridjitn (tin Otfdjof, tin* 

Lim, i. bit Widjttma (tine! fflefftjofte, m.) ; 
bat 3mI; Jtom (an edjitpae»(bren), bat 
TTbftien, bit¥«rle (an btr Xrmbrii|t) ; fig. 
bo* 31(1, ber3n>tif, $unff, bit aTtfla)t, bob 
Borbobtn; to take-, jielen, our* Jtnri 
ntbrntn; togiTt-, auteigtn, wriftn, (titti!, 
to mix (of) on e'» -, fefnnt 3»t(t Btrftbltn , 
— ilgbt, bal Jtorn (an ed)ltfgtn)ebrtn>. 
Aiui'er, *.btr3tt(fr; Jtg. btr auf etoa» $in< 
btntet; btt ginatnela. 
Aim'lew, adj. pbnt 3id. 
Kit, t. 1. bit 8nfr, ba»Mftd)tn;btrSlunfl, 
Duft ; gentle a-a, fonfteSfiftt; to take the-, 
an bit Soft gtljtii, aatronunta; to take—, 
fig. betannt, etrratbtn tanbtn; to give- 
to-., Stoat au'rrn; 3.bitXiit; OTtlrtte; 
ber<8tfaaa,bat8iebiaofta-«, *fonftt3Snt} 
8. bit atbtrbungtnttift, {Ritnt, bal Xn> 
ftbfn; a noble—, tin tblet Xnfc&ra, ber Xn> 
ftanb, bit 4>ottana, aaftrt tBtirbe; -and 
■l«a, ffleflait ant Oefirtjttbilbuna ; to tak 
(ur paten) a-i, Beratbm tbun) 4, Man. 
btr Oann tints jugeriltentn >3ftrbtt. 
Air, comp, — bag , Bat. to grudjtbola, bi( 
SalgfapftI; -balloon, btr Saftbanon; - 
bailoooitt, btr Suftfa^rtr; -bladder, bit 
Siiftblofe; Ich. edjmimmblaft (Ctrgifdjt); 
— born, * luftaenorta, p^tmtafrif* ; — bra- 
Ting, fturairrotjrab; —built, in bit Snft gt> 
bant, Iiftio, tinatbiCbtr; -b. caatlea, 8nft> 
fdjlofftr; —graai, vid, Hair-grjui; — gan 
bitEBfnbbud)ft; —bolder, JTtj. ber aaffte. 
Sdlttr; -hole, tat 8uftlo<&; -bola in > 
faraaee, bit SaorAbrtn an tinrm edjmtli' 
oftn; —jacket, bit BiJiDunmjatfe; —lamp, 
bit Qhttlamne ; — level, AfecA. bie Kioellir* 
nsogt ; —Ilgbt (BeaJe'j patent—), mud, bos 
Tjatent-enftltajt (tint Xrt ©at, bat atrnib. 
lot, belt nnb Rar brant) ; — pipe, Mar. tine 
flttyrt, am bit Snft In CSd)ifftraniRr rtin jn 
trbaUtn; — polie, Paeu. bltinftoaat; — 
prunp, i^eii. bit Snff|iuni))e; — Mci, pi. Orn. 
anftgefa^t In otrfdjitbenen X^tilen btt Jtfr< 
ptrS berXIdgel; — abaft, Mia. btr •Betttr- 
frt)od)t, £uftfa)ad)t; — ipeaker, mod. tin 
tr<tsbamXDn*Xtlearapt;'— itirring, * tuft* 
btneatnb; —atone, tint Mrt Betfttin (out 
ber (BraffdSoft Air) ; —thread., j. pi. Cent- 
mtrfdben, ©onunenoebtn , vulg. btr alien 
R8tibtr6ommtr; —tight, luftbidjt; — front, 
tint 8prrid)ttng jur guftrelnigungniitaKen. 
f*ea erfuaierErte; - tnbe, ber6n(lnto(ei- 
Btr aroanbf fd)en Santpt) i -veiael, 2W.blt 


teftrfiw; b«* 8ufrge«» (btr$pnajta)[ Wt 

ttcctpitM (an 8encrfori(CB, a.). 
T« Mr, u. a. tabic freie *uft bringea, bcr 

frti"4»at 8ufr an.feBtn, Euftcn, cuimitfcni ; 

(—a room, tin dimmer) aaehlffcn; etc 

fdjlagcn Inffm, (Ottrdnt) dbfnblen; irorf. 

ntn; wiruim; to-ooe'eeelf, frifie tuft 

f*6pfen: to— iihoric, cin$f<rbausrtirtn; 

to — b«ta, ffittten fonncti; to— hide*, Tan. 

$diitc ( gam Xroifnco) aiiobratcn ; to— linen, 

SBdftbe (beta Sescr | rrottnen (wdnncn). 
Airer, t. bcr (Hit J <Sr»aS Lfiftct, troctiut. 
Al'rjly, adv. miintcr, Icbbaft, Uifrig. 
Air'jntH, *. bic 8aftiaftit;.%.bie8rf4tta.reir, 

b« gcidjtfuw; lit 8cbbafrtgrett, aXnnrcrWt, 

Air'jgg. ».*. ta* EQftcn U. (vid. To Air); bit 

Orbolung in frcicr 8uft, Buajkrfabrt, bet 

Spa',ferdfl, euOiicL'flang ; to take mi—, 

frfFd)c«uftfdjopfm;lo B lYean-(to..., ffl. 

not) ausfii&ren, fpajiercitfiibrtn , (—to ■ 

hone), autreffen. 
AirV<. adj. luftlot, bumpffg. 
Alf'ijng, j. bet Slfidjtluig, Bitbfang. 
Aii'y, adj. iufrig; bod); A{. leidjt, burnt {feie 

bic Euftl, flndjiig; ninbig, citel; letter, flat" 

tenth: letdjrRmtig, [dopifdj ; mnntcr, itbfrnfl, 

Inftig, frob; an— nothing, cinlnftigrtKi4K; 

— gboata, (—demean), euftgeifter ; — caitien, 

— notiaai, — Kheinei, Euftf^[S(fer; — re- 

gluo.. sic 8uftf#i<bt. 
Ai'ry.*. eld. Aerie. 

Aiie. j. Hot. bat giadjefraai, gtlitrBut. 
Ai.lc[il). *. bcr glugclcineij (Shore*, Stti 

gang, bic (SaQcric. [Berber. 

Ait, «. bo* Unfelfctn (in cincm glaffc), bcr 
*ix-ls-Cli»j.eile[«i'.|#-.h»-p«'], *.Gtog. 

fble etabt) Xwbtn. 
Aiiddn' [ *-*un'), j. fiat. to* SaueergroiL 
Ajar*, n <(/. Qalb often, Haft cub ( van tincr Xfriir). 
Aj'ntege. «. Mr Xifdi »«f bra Stobrtn bcr 

Bprinabninncn utib *Ba"crruaftt. 
To Ake, b. ii, lit. kfig. fdjmerjen, @inrm mrbt 

t bun ; my head ■-•■ mir that bcr Jtonf ttefe ; 

mj •mil {heart) n-«, et fdjmerjt mid) in bet 

CSeele, frnnft mid) ftbr. 
Ake, i. bcr ertjmcri, bat JBcSc, tit $ein. 

Ak'er. vid. b. DU r. Acre; — (talT, bCT $|Itlg> 
A-kimbo, vid. Ktmbo. (rtitel 

Akin'. a<tf. rcroonbUaudjA:.), befrtwtbet. 

iking, 1- p. : ha* Chhmtrjcn, btr aalaltrabe 
eS4racrj;.rtg. bat Bcb; 11. p. a. [djmtrjrob, 
fdmcrjbaftt .Sg. fdjmcrjcrfaHt, fumtnrreoU; 
to have an— tenth, 3aljnfd;mtrjcn hat en. 

Akorn. aid. A com. 

Al, "Jraf. Com-*. - mam, aid) ben <Se»idit 

I Alb* 

(hi QJtfinjen); -earn, nad) beat iciigri 
fioatfe oh. nad> dcam»irti«m fBcrthc; — 
pari. It aleid>em (EBcttbC fuhenb. 

il'nbtater, I. j. ber VlabaiUr ; II. adj. aieba- 
ftcra; -gbu«, sal Songlit*, 9RUd}g{at. 

Alick 1 , int. ad)t 1Kb; — e-day, eoi. o Rch ! 

AlaVrjt r , s. Bie'JSanterfeit^ebbafriafeit^ct- 

„tc rhtt, grphUchttit, bcr grobfwn, 

Ai'anilr*, *. Mut. bit unterftc (ttcflfc) fiotc 
autfc einrr in (Sntbo Krttino'* Sonittttr. 

At*Bode', I. adv. vuig, Rati) bcrttobc, no 
bifd); II. t.Coin. einm'mncr,fd>marj«SofftL 

Il'an, j.l.]f[anu8(2K-i); 2.eint'Jfrt ffiitib- 
foid, fSinbhnb. 

Aland', ado. an'* Sanb ; am (ah. }tt) btnbc. 

At'erfek, t. XIrid), Strf* (ffli- n). 

Alirm', s. 1. baS edcmgefcSret, See HJaffcmiit, 
DCBlufacbot; S. bcr Xnmntt, Htn;Fmc. 
bcr JpptO;^B". bfeUnntbc, aStno(rrnna,»o 
fturjungi beredjrect; Hort. Bntcr (dner 
Ubr); —of fire, btr gcncrUtm; to eoaad 
(an)-, Um biafeij to give -, Una ma* 
djen; UnniSc crrtgen; to take (the)—, an* 
nthig merhen, in Xngftfltnttbcn; luapread 
— , Sdrm scrbrritcn, bcnttrabfgta; comp. — 
ball, bic eturmalMfe; —drum, bit Hua> 
frommel; — poit, btrSdrmo[a|, (Btminct 
{tint ; — mttlei, bit Sirmrnarrni ; — *Ueh, 
hie fiScthbr. 

To Alarm', ti. a. I. Hm blaftn ob. fdjlagcn, u. 
babvrdj ju bra SBafftn rafta; a. Urn madjeit, 
trfibrciren, beunrnbigen, in fflemeging brin- 
geii,rem)irrcn; a-adat..., bcunrubigt uber... 

Alarm'iug, 1. p. a. crf'djrectcib, btunmbigcnb, 
ftbttenid) ; II. p.i. bal Sdnnen, it. ; btr 8drm; 
111. — ly. adv. oaf cine 6d)rcifCn crrtgrabt, 
bcimmhiaenbe XBdfc. 

Aiirm'jitt. t. bcr I olfentL) Eimmadjcr, Urm> 
biafcr, Unnibftiftci. 

Ala'r^m, i. vid. Alarm. 

Alii', int. ad)t Itibttl o web! —for dame, 
pfs-t! -n (ob. the) day! adjl msflittBidm 

Aiited, adj. Bot. gffluaclt. 

\\b, ,. l. M<m. tine d3rfif*c fflilnjt; vid, 
Aaper; 3. bicnTp; md. Alp. 

.Alb, Am, i. Rom. Cath. bit Xtfct, bttl ffltcf- 
lemb, Bborbemb; — eek, bic Dfternwdje. 

AlVn. i-. Xlbunl (*Et-n). 

Aih«'o[a, i. csog-. ailwiritn. 
Alba'niaa, I. a^, alhanifd); B.f. brr Xlbty 
nitr, Vlbantft. 

AftVlfew, pi, bic Xlbanifl. ftend. 

Xl'batrou. t. Dm. in Xlbotnf , Jtrieotfdjlf e* 
AlhtMrl', t, fine, tit fRarnurpflrfrbt. 

Alkc *7 Alep 

JrMfe, «. B,l Mt *ttwfbr»e, SftiWtt'lW'BtW, *- Chm. 1. Mi W#ft rtttiflarfc 
iKaartok, j. TOerf* (W-n>. ifl*t.l fBtfagrift, Wfoljol; S.Mtfnbttlfrr|Dnl»rr; 

tlbeVaeo. AibeVqua, «. Cam, (tat Ttrt l(Mn< -hap, t fr «Sptti»MH«tpe. 
iifdtet auKloL UicaaarK adj. feirttMOttia, aBoSoUrtifl. 

AVbart. a Ittrtdji, Wbert («-«). J ileoWH|n'tion , «. Omm. Me XttrtbUflrnng, 

AibeVee**. «dj. nnf bxrMib, ««f|ii4, 9t «ttfi fining; bat fttratnbtln fit Ml fub. 

iJUjIM'ti".'. Cfcrnt. bo6Wd#BW*RL titflK "Jolntr. 

Afkin , *. Mr Ittfi (fin itoHtbortfge* Sine To Al'<ob«n*«, t>. a. alfofjoUflrw, rreliftcircn ; 
Aflrfaon,. ■ - ~ " - " 

$!•«,*• rf>**4 Alb-week. 

AlbtgiartsM, adj. Bern Si*e(f* flbnii*, *it 

Siiorif; neiflid), reeifl; Ml BBtife (ben aw 

6Hr*ft*t*8tJi gW> tut ICngt bctrtffertf 

-kiBW, AmaU Mt wnfftriai Qnibttgrrit 

bet XngeS. ' 

tUWn*, j, tat Bet#e in «1; bit Sttft (eta 

nnMtrdjflcbtij regit*) in *nge, bat Bntfoma, 

ber nwifit Ctar. 
Atf>v«. c. Ml 0tutntba4f Wfjentfabltji) 

Is bat fibrilA* SJnlotr strt»anMfn. 
Alcoran, t. rtid. Alkorui. 
Alee** [ W. M, ; IF-kO», WS.], ». 1 . btr ». 

loon; 2. bietanbt, flwtti; 8. btrHttfd)( 

(UeintrBtbliotber)! -bed, (/, P. R. J.), 

bat Sett in tintai Xlfown. 
Afcron, ». On. bet Sidjogd; vid. Halcyon, 
il'cyonlte, j. A'at. Mr fcfiilt ettftrf. 
Al'der, «, (-tree). We <Svte, Win, Sir Stltif 

banm; — bed («-«-ploe>, btt flrlrnnwlb. 
AlMermSn, i. fcer Qtatbftfjert, ttntcunaiat, Si. 

ttftt; —of award, btrbu<iTtietmtifttr,ltite< 

ttleineifttr ; — '■ rob*, tic glfijetatntrl. 

ft-rntanbiidH (-ocoU), baSiHSrr#tinT(ttec. Al'derininlike, adj. vid. t. f. tB. 
Albfatn, a. bat Stiff im (R, OHKMffL lAl'dtminly, •*;'. ft adv. ju tint* 0tatW« 

aiWvjmm, adj. bcttSiXKil bitrtffenbi ei4 b:rrn o,e46rlg; roit tin Xlbermonob. Katb,(. 

■Mtflinrffn), dntffwttg; f*««rf. fdjleinugj fjtcr; fig- ftoli- 

ribe. [CtnifnUAl'dfrt,, adj. sen <Wtnl>ol), ntta, tQeri. 

Attorn, *.!•/■*. ber fBtifftfa} J S.SM.bcr Ald'gflte, i. Com. c«nt. > drangbt on tt. 

AlbaVapn, *. BcL btt «(»U»t. [*4nK)- 

AKbiU, *. tf.m. Mr tBtiff fmttg (fl. ettbet- 

AlabMt, Akakwtl*, end. in Alit..,. 

Alc*?jc ftet. I. iMJ-^IMifdj (eon rtwt Strl ■ 
anbctXIeinl); U.«.btx«[Mtfo>eetrt. 

Afctid 7 . ..WtJlcalbe, ttUjtre, euitrifcH 
(in epanfra) ; grit bensrf#tfr (in bat frfiijo 
n ftwn. anwuet); Mr C6tcbt(t>U^ititr 
(in Mr Suttra). 

Atcali, Alcaflac To ilcaliiatt, vid. in Alk ... 

tldbfmn, t. Btt. Me morjenHnbifiM IHanna, 
BHbewt*rtt emfbnfit d^er*-, bit ftrbtnbt 
Cdffnpaac; - km, K-bldtter ; - .il, btt 
X-«,«nnloi; -rwl. lit tepiitoerte, Fir. 
bnMlSnritlbtrXHuUM. [3lfel?-n)- 

Al«, a oMr. <ftr A«m) Xbria, OUdtcn, 

Ake-do, /, Om. ber JttniatSWer, WtCDgti. 

■kkeatiaa!, Akkiaitkl, *e- uirf. Aie*)--... 

Alcaoru, Ac. «. Hid, Aikaru. 

ACchyBW, «, bei XId>tndftl «oftBia*tr. 
AlfhTidVllcai (AlckjBVtj*). adj. tUjscxl- 

ftif4. [taBt) eenMNbeln. 

T. AftaTMlM, o.«. Kldjgnit tteibtn, (5Dt(= 
U' E hjB7, a Mt »ldjb«M, Mt e*etbeftwfS, 

4*nnu4trfiutft [lilirkfa. 

.4 icbn', *. Sot, ber ^iinitrbanM, btt iBfdnf*. 
Ai'co, c ZmL Mi VOo, mtjifanifte ^anb. 

tin fnijdKt, o 
angt'aomineiKT SSJtdjfti. 

Ale 1. 1. basil, nneerjMpfttSitr, «lti)tnbirr, 
fnfcDitr; aedhaMd-, bu Jtttarnbitr; 
II- amp. -b*»oi, Me BierbMf I -berry, 
bat tSarmbiet, Stabler; -brewer, ber Si. 
firauer, Sierbranet; — conoar, btrtjterouf' 
feljtr, tlitrprobTr(raeonbon); -oatt, i.- 
coMt), BoU btr ESoiiifarn; —draper, joe. 
ber (Bi erfdjenf , SUnMrti) ; -fad, birrflcnoart; 
— boor. Bet. btr flrbeobcu; — ioum, Btt 
■Sitrbtot, Mt 0d)rtft, vtdg.B-tanpt; - 
hoaaa inpoit, bat 3apfEn8(!6; (md. -iil- 
tbt) ; — tame keeper, btr Bdjtatwirtf), Bier- 
nirtl;— intfir«d, bltrbegti|leit; — pott, Mr 
3fUientmrm; bat fflierjeitbtn; — aUver, bit 
Xraaffrtntr; — aaat, bit ©ierjtdjc; — irake, 
Mr »ierpf«b.I (tU Bcbitb Meneitb), tat tHet> 
tefegen; — tuter, btr eitrprobtr; — im, ber 
<WbrtDtti|,S)ranborrl4; -wife, l.Me«ier» 
ivirtbinn; %. (eitcnrX.) i'loAf, tin nmeriE- 
gifdj ant bent ftnrinslgtftbltiktt (ctupea 

AH*', adc.Abvt.nnttrMuffiaiM, fnStii 
hard—] beira Biabt gtbattcnl 

Al'cgar, i. Mr tltffln, Bfereffa. [totbn. 

Alen'bjc, i. Chem. btr fflrennfoibea, BtfHUtc 

AlepldSte, I. adj. /ok. fa)up|ienlet ; II. : ber 
' ■ WW- 

„ Google 

Aler 3 

Alert", I. adj. D.— 1ft ado. utadjfam, anf feinerj 

$ttt(tsf. Mi(„ npno Ike—); muntft, lebbafU 

(tint; luiifa s — looking, munter, ic uuifebtnt. 
Alirfueu, i. bit SBadjfamfeit; QKunfcrttit, 

gcbiaftighit, baSftmfcaSefcii; bfeSUiftfgreit. 
A'let, t. On. ber etrt&u&nerfair. 
Alaxan'der, i. Microliter (M-n); -'• foot,! 

Bui. btr ©trrrim, bag epcidjslfraut. 
iiexnu'dt r( , t, Bat. bat Smgrnenfraui, tic 

XlexflVdrja-wood [— wild], ». dot Krt ftt> 

net, jur AuafttifdilcTci gcbraudjtes -imti. 
Alcxlta'drjne, JW. 1. 1. btr attranbrinifd)t 

BtrS; II. adj. atttintrinlfd). 
AlixjpUr'mlcl. adj. M fflegenoift bienrab ; 

u. *. bat ffltatngift. 

AleXlphaViiijcal, adj. nit Aleiipbnrmic, qo. 

AitVippba, j. mud. cine 3Xafd}iRt jnmXnf- 

ridjttn acft&ntcr $ferbt. 
AieiitMc I- adj. Biftabtrefbenb; Hi Jitter 

»ertrribenb; n. *. bat Gdfrtutttfl, tef. 

gegen lift, Ocgengif t. 
Alf»nitt'jj* , a Cu*. tin ^Jctt" mtb iioll&aas in 

Siflaeon; cine ^oliatgntc ecu au3> tub tia> 
_8tb. enbot SSitaren. 

Al'ea, «■ BoL Hi Sttgntf, bit eeentjlcl. 
Xl'es rot, Al'gnrotA , j. Med.balXIgn to (b pu lc er . 
il'B*7*l, i. Zool. bit OajeUc. [rtdjtnrtiitft 
Il'gibr*, i. Math, bic Ttlgt&ra, SBudjftateii. 
Algebraic, Ali*brS'ic*l, adj. Math, alflt. 

brnifdji —corn, bit algebraize frnmme 

Sintt (im ffltgtnfaS ber trunSfttnttnten). 
Altj£brf1it> *• ber Slgtbraift 
Alge^*, j. eee s . »B«ien. 
Algi'rine, I- *. btr StBobnrr Don Xlgitri 

11. aftf. algicrifd) 

Algierine, i. A ado. vfrf. Algerine. 

Al|lBiy, *. Geog. algitrj Xlgeiitn. 

Ai'ger. j. Med. tie t rfriflt jtilte, Set fdjarfe 

JML _ u [Sablen. 

AKgorTf iu, Al'gorlfAm, #. bit fiBiffeu^oft ber 

Ai'gou., adj. jn ben Xlgen gebSrig } voQ it. 

gttu atgenortig. [(in 0pimltn). 

Al'guazll, i. bee Xiguajfl, iidfojcr, Sd)crg! 
Allialoo tide, «. car. uid. AH-ballo w-tirie in All . 
Alberinn, *. itii/. Alcanna. 
Alb|di'da, Alidade 1 , t. Math. Hi Diopter- 

Siiicai an QRrpiiilrrumentfn. 
Alhollantlde, i. vid. AU -ha! low-tide, in All-. 
A'ljti, Lain, I. arfu. fonft, aiitersj Stnten, 

alias Smith, ©imfon, fonft Bmltt (genannt) ; 

Al'jhi, ». Law, UoSSIttij to prove one'i— , 

fcin X nadjmtiftu. | 

Il'jblc, adj. nibrenb, ttobr&aft) nibctar. 
Ulcinde, a Alicende, Aforl. vid. Allconde.i 

Xlldtet', i. Gtog. OTcante} ber XOeatetta. 

Arlce, «. Xleria, XUr{ iSIJt, 31ft (OUR, 
«ifO CS-n). [Krttiosien. 

ii'jcOnde, *. btr Xlitonbt.Sanm in Siiebn- 

Al'ien, I. adj. frtmb, oueliatifdji tincmXidjt' 
tfirgtr gtbirigi iaioi6er,unaiigemefraj IT. 
i. ber gremttj Low, Xuiinbet, btr aidjt 
EBSiflet ifli -act, -bill, bo« XntUnbcr> 
brcrtt (ben Xufmrhalt ttr gremben in Sng* 
lanb betreffenb) i - '• duty, ein ttrtrajoa niif 
bit von XnelJnbtrn efngefubrtcn SSaarent 
beogi. bon bent Xonnenae^alt brr CSd)if{t anfr' 
Idnbifdjtr fflfceterj -office, bal SranbtB' 

ToAlie^ ToAllene, vid. To Alienate. 
AllvnabiVjty, i. bit SerdnSerlidjf tit. 
Alfanoble, adj. eeriuftrEIib. 
Afieoaee, *. bie gremtbeit, XntUnbufdjiift. 
To iflenite, o.u.serdnftrm fig- a&ttrnbig 

moiben, entfrtaben, abjiejen. 
Al'fenHte, L adj. Dtranftrt) fig. abgentigt, 

entfrembetC- from, mh)i H. i. btegtembe, 


(cid. Alienage) ; 3j!g-.IJntdn;tTnnfl)Xogc 

neigtbelt} — ofm[nd,bielB«freSaf>»efeiibctt, 

btcftBabnfinni — office, efnSurean.beibcra 

ant Bnanf cntnatabgabta beridj tigt totrbtn. 
Aijem'tor, t. btr Kcrdtrf ertr. 
AljaaeE', /. Ottiei, btm 9t»at strlitfett »trb, 

Alieniun, t. vid. Alienage, 
il'jrdrm, adj. .Anat. puBtlfirmifl ) — proceu, 

btr (IngelfSrnriflt rjsrtfaj. 
ToADgbt', V.M. |id> BlebtrlafTnif abfrrigra, 

auSfrrigen(— from, son, anf)j terabfaGen, 

nirttrfaatni} to — on,..,berfiIlenabtr.... 
Alike', adj. k adv. gttfd), ibnlid), tben \o alt ; 

— minded, glritbgeflnnt, glttdjbtnintb. 
ACiment, i. 1. bit WoSrang, btt» K-Smittel, 

bieBpeire, baegntttrj ber llnttrball (vid. 

Alimony); 2. ber 3nnber. 
AlJinentVl, I. adj. nlbrmb, natrhaft i IL - 1), 

niiv. anf ndbrenbe Beife- 
AljmiSiitVlne", J- btt Ka6r6«fHflfetL 
Altnlaf try, L adj. 1. jnr fiabrang gebirifi j 

a. nJbrenb, natrbafU S. jur©prife bieatut, 

tpbar) Anat. —canal, ber Eonnfanoli 

—duct, ber epeifegangt n. «, l. bitf3tr> 

pfleannotanffallti 2. btr TflimeatariiiS (tvia) 

Alimeiiia'tiini, «. 1. bit Jtabrbaftiflrtlt, Kfbr^ 

traftj 2. (Srnitrtma, StTpfltgung, btr 
I tliiterbalt. [Ron. 

l.Alfnln't{Ten«H, «. JTiren. ber QrniitrimflS- 
Al'jmony, i, Imb, bie TtlimratttioiL 

Alip 29 All 

Ii'jpM, »rfj. 7.eol. (tatfttffifig , mit tinetjt jaritoft) roBnmbeberraibteti at— .fiber* 
_?lBgfcnt rerfebeu. [in&iife, ic). au", bureaus; tnblid) bo* n°#; rtroai benn 

to* ) aot it — ganj iinft gar niajt, nidjts 
Beiriaer all j tii - one, (S ijl Xne* tine, 
einerlef, glritbsitlj and — thnt, unli berglei' 
cbt'nj —the better, beftobefTert be hat lent 
-, cr $at XneS oerlorenf wl>«n — comet 
■, aena eB urn nnb umfbmntt, enbltn)j 
Afar.— hand* bony! MIe £anbe bod) J Xfre 
aufseaBerfl uberull! - hand*, to quarters 
boa j ! jum Xngriff bereit (Xufctf an bit etc 
leutt, aiiifcrc $>cftcn ju aebtn)} — '• well! 
1. ante JBadjel (XuSruf ber edjtlbmaeben 
aurjtritgsfibifftn oK( tolbe etunlxn wdbrmi 
ber 9ra*rn>ad>rn)i 3. Untwcrt bcr Bduir- 
TOaeben anf wbo't there?; etenfaUB Husnif 
bcr 3ia<btniddjttr. 

AEI, adu. ganj, flanjlitf, fammtlid), rflniaj tin. 
lig, ontirij gtrabtj -along, ore Wage naib) 
bit ganjeiJtir fiber, imnwrfott ( aEcntbalbra i 
in — , infnmmr.ii; in — the month or Mhj 
1 next I pronto to pa;, Ac, 1m (gauft stf) 

... I rfiaftfgen 9»d oerfcretbe id) ju bt|a&ltn 

MliM, Saugeiifalj; Bet. ber ©(asfa)mel}J (gleicbcicl "ti reeldjemXagt)) -in the wind, 
■jWStiifraat; — lolatile, pfitbtiges !au= Afor. tie ©tgel Men (iwrben fiblajf)) ihe 
a c »Wi- [rincm Klfali rcerben.f «■■ — eyet, fit mfldjre grope Sugenj —at 

ToArtalJfJ, 0.1. a. aifulifirerii II. n, inn °o«, -ofaradden, jjloftlid), iinf eitunal i 
^ii.flig'eDoui, adj. alfalifiroib. II —over, flatij unb gar, bnrro nab bard)) 

JlkalfWter,*. CAem. ttt YlhHmctcr. D uoimO. 

Mldliae [Wore. *c; g|'-ka-lfti, W. &t.],HAll-, tump. (Die rerlften mft nil- otrbunbe. 
adj. Una. alfolif*, alEaitnifitu -earthii ncn, rofflMriin) gt bilbtlen SSirttr fiiibSbjec* 
nlFoJiatHtSTbtxi — aatti, Wfalifolic, 8aa*i rloa, empfcarifdj ober paetifd) gebrantbtj all 
gcnfalH- ■ wrfMrtt ben Blnn fn (intra bflljeren Srabe 

AiLiijittiM, j. th mfalifinrag. [firtn. I all matt tmb tiitfpridjl bem beut|chtn Sl(6, 

To Ai'fciJiit*, c. a. rait Xltali fdttigen, alfali. SH', all*, ailgerarin, fiberauS, bureaus, 

AKiirfdf. ,. pi. Zooi. glarterfuficr (gtcbti 

Al7 1 atat[irorcfte.i if-I-kwOnt, HV|,odj. 
Arftt. cJiquantt 3 U ao— part oflO, 3 a,t\i 
_5hjt ia 10 auf. 

Ar^nU, sdj. -AritA. alianotj 3 it an— part 
«'9, 3gebtin9aufi -part, berSbeiler. 

Al iiiuiferj, /. oid. Aleuaderi. 

i'ij*«. adj. nit Vcr, bit rartig. 

.ii )>«!, i. Qlifabttbdjen, aiiajra (g-n). 

iiin 1 . a#. Icbnih, Itbcnbig, an bbeat fig. 
fjiiia; icbboft, munttrj tfcf fiibltnb, (np 
flBSJami oil-, ganjXugtunbEljr) fit' 
Knb, tBpl&ibtnb (im wtttefttn einnt)i 
fttlinEl)-ror(tQ), fclft tmpfinfllin> fttr. 

tit. «m. btt Tat, ^opagcitainjtt. 

irlabW. #. (Aent. bat Xirafttft 

Al'taacalje, orfj. Chtm. aupiftnb, JfHbciitnb. 

AltaHb/ept, arfj. [ibrcaib olhlifa), altaliR' 
rra», Iutgcafitl{ig. 

****£**•**■! ai'-ka-IS, W.fccl j. Ocm, 

'■'Vf, *. bic&aufcnblafei oirf. Ulngla 

Ai'fciatt, «. via 1 . Alcanna ; bwtant - 
(rt Wrrftcinfanim. 

Alkuaa, Alkcnna, *. m'tf. Alcanna. 

AiLekia'si, i. Hot- bit 3utsnrirf<fjt. 

Mkcr'aw^, j. Fharm. We eaOBtrae eon *er« 
n:Sbt(rta, btr JterrneSbcccfaftj -oak, Ba t. 
tit Xtmcsridjc, ed>arlad)ti<i)t. [btrbaum. 

V'krr'va, a. Act. Die Cbrtftpalmc, bcr SButi= 

Al'k^rSn, s. Theol. btt Jtoran. Bit Crimta- 

.liRot [er. gtio. ai-Vo-rfln'. 

AlkorUh «* *«» JUran brtttfftnb. 

ah, l. pron. orfj. alter, auf , tHeej ganji 
II. j. bat rsanjf, YQ (c/. Attn, ptj ; lor - 
He world, tartjjalt*, aerate j — dlnner-tjn«, 
■dtrcitb bee ganjft SJtUtaeeftnl { by - 
neana, ts fafle »«> to noDe, bnrd)ane, 
f4!ta)ttrbinsB] ontefor— , tin fur aDcmali 
for good and—, aanjnnbgar) anfiinratr) 
fat— we kuov, bos nHffen »tr m'^it, baft form 
mi nia>t aifTraj after-, am Onbe, roobl 

gaaj, bfQlg, eoOfommen, bjdjflf —blaze, bet 
£BaTmbeb^lttr(jnm<3fren airmen)) — bonn- 
leom, — bountlfnl, aDndtfg) — conadou. 
1. aUnffTenbi a. feft Hberjeugt{ —divine, 
6B*ft DoUtomnteni -divining, XUtt eor< 
auifebtnb) -flaming, fiber unb fiber dt en. 
nenbt -bora -day, lud. Xtternarrentaa, ber 
(Tftt Kpril ) — foort, I. s. pi. aEttBirrt (Karat 
fines ana. Jtarttnfpitie) j II. ode. on — f., 
anf alien Kiecraj —good, I. adj. allgrtttfli 
ll.j.l.(the-g.)btr2fngnhgt! S. Rot.bae 
mignf, bcr gutt^einri^gelbfpmaH -g-s- 
cioni, aUgiifig j — hail, I. int.* (ewe ®ru^ 
formel) fei mir gegtfifti *cil! II, *. ^cil, 
eegtn, ©efunbttttj To — bail, v. a. frier- 
ltd) begrulen] —hallow, — hallowa, Rom. 
Cath. XUecheillaen (geff am trfttn KoDem> 
btr)) — hallow -tide, (— hallown, — bal- 
l«™»») bit 3rft um OTerbtiligenj —happy. 
ooDrommen glucclioj, feiigi —heal, Botbit 
jtraftmtir}tt; the ciown'i- -heal, Sot, bat 

Alia at 

•Hrtfrmtt) -Jut, uonrommen gmt&t, «t- 
gtrtdjt! —kind, ttHgiltie , frSftft Hrtrci*) 

— knowing, arfotffenb, auntiftj — leving. 
nll!itbent>; — mereirol, odj. aBSamterjtgj 
the— nieii;ifol T j.l)(rXnbarm6ersifl«j— nlRht- 
boR Sadjtlidjt (tint SZamb'&t ob. (Relit 
rait (intra Boutin btr 9J?ttte)j -perfect, 
bdcbft oeMommtns — powerful, aHmScbttg, 
aQgeieattigi the — righteous, t. &cr<Sfred)!e 
(©Oft); -saints, i. pi. Rom.Catli. CrtSfttft 
(- tain t. - day, btr Safl) SUtrfeeiligttH 

— Mlan-wort , Bof, bag 3o6armi&*T*nt i 

— seed, Bet. 1. In tltint IpUbt Still, bat 
Htinfte XnfnMmtj *. btt3Jtcrbe, bm. Or- 
rach; — seeing, aHfrtjfnb} — ieer, btr. XII' 
fe^tnbc (fflott)j — tools, *. pi. Rom. Carh. 
biS rj(fl (— «onl»-day, btr Stta) XBtrfcrlm 
(am 2. Koetnttin)] — ipfce, Hot. btr %A- 
meat, SfeKtnpfefltr, engllfd) Otvfir), /«m, 
unit S8fir}ej — iplee-tree, Bc(. btr *?(■ 
raenrtonra, bit "3tmHttenl)rt&t | Carolinian 
— spi te-tree. Hot bit r«o!iirlfd)t Jttln)blumt, 
btr at»urjflnud)i — lafBcieDcy, bit XB» 
fieient, lady aUgenngfam ) II. Hie — «., i 
.in IBgtnngfame («»«)) -wise, L adj 

alireeift, &ie wolfram menffrt S3 ti 66 til beflt/rib ■ 

II. tie— w.,(.btrXB»ffft| - wltted, isajft 

ni|ia, bardjtrltbtn, it. 
iil-a-mort', adj. wig. nentltrt, anjtr 

fung, nitbtrgtbonncrtj ertrflM. 
Jl'ianlte, i. bet ZU unit, Strtrit, balprilnta<> 

tif <b 1 8 trtrtrj. 
ill«ata'ida»,illaiit8r»',i. Zo t.ba*Urinfltfdf, 

bit A am bant 
All*nW>le, orfj- prtitreSttig, lobtn*m«r&. 
To AH*Y, v. a. 1. (-metals, Wrtnlle) bt> 

f*itfrn (vid. b. 13. Alloy); 2. _fi g . fdjraoajtn, 

Dtrrainbttni Unbent, bflmpfeii, frtlrtii to 

— wins with water, ftSttn rait *BafTel Otr= 
mifdjen (betbnnnea). 

Allay. .. l.ber3ufa»,Gi^nrafl»etaII(,md. 
b.fi. Alloy); ».fig. Kit Bdjloilojung, 8in> 
be rung i — of colours, bit SRitbenmg banfltc 

Enrlxn burn) bat XiifJ t lien 1 without — , cine 
ufo(, rniatnutdjt; to give-, mifigcrt, 
linbern) oeul— , bit Xbrn$lung; Jtalffdjale. 
AUty , «M,bR,bit / bag9tofisntb(,2inbtm!)t; 

— of acrimony, bas, 1Mb bit 6a)fl'rft bampft. 
ToAlledge, Alledgenble Jtc, rirf. Allege, Ac. 
IltigS'Hon . t. 1. bit Stnfu&ntrtgj 8rt)<ra> 

tuna) angtffibrtt ettOt) bit bebaaprttt 
Bodjt, btt £et; 9. bit Tfitsfage, Xngnbt, 
Xnlrtbt, CmtflwMMBg. btr Kotroanb. 
To Allege', B . a . (Ctmeift, it.) btibtingtn, an- 
fntrro; anifegen, btbairptcit, bqattn. 


AWgV»kle, «* »nf«Srb«, (itt tin Strati* 
obtr tint Sntfdjnlbigung) Btijibringm. 

*lie'4«M. Ailt'AfM, * tin ofHnbifdjrf Bnifl 
bra eanmraaHt ab. )(a4<^nIio)tn eteffra- 

AlWg'er, i.bKXnffi^tr,»^flHpt«. 
AUE'glance, j. bit Untm&oncnufiLdjt, 8t|M^ 

pflidjt} local or temporary — , bit ttfltrr> 

tiantnpflidjt rJntt rjrtrabtn gtgm Me Oftrig « 

hitftint6 3CufeMb.«lhfl; osth of-, btrfytU 

bigungftib) to do — , julbigtn. 
Aliening, p. a. snttt btni Corratnbt. 
lUtgoViaai (illBtflr'Jc) , I. adj. aQtflarif*, 

(Innbiibiio), WrtwraH II. — ly, a>fc.aQrgr>^ 

rifa), (neilbtnit III. -neu, /.>a»1CIltg«< 

rtfa>t, bit aDtgotifajt eiatnfa)afL 

il'isgoriTit, ACKgoriTer, «. btr eianbffbntr, 

To Al'leeorlze, v. I. a. bilbH* oortTogcit, att«> 

btlifni alltgorlfi* trfUtcm H- «- al* (in* 

VStgotit ot^mbtln. 
Iflegory, j. bit TfHtgcrie, feilblfdjc Sttbt. 
AJligramiin'U, od«. Af«j. IJartig, munttt. 
Xllegret/to, Mat. 1. 1. baS Tta tgrttfo f n. adtv 

Ureal mnntcT ot. Itbjaft 
illegrr«'«Jm6, ado. Mm. \ttft Strttlg. 
AllCgro, Mm. I. «, baS XKtaTOj II. orfr. 

aQtgro, raaattr, inftig. ftajot^. 

Allelajab [KUe-lO'-ya], *. (>o(, «n) f«Bf 
AilemSnde', i. Dona, bit ntmanbe. 
Allfin5n'n|e, adj. aQtnlDttBifd). 
Allefld', J. vU. Allodium. [bnn. 

To *IICT|«e, u. o. ttitidjtttii, milbtra, Hii< 
AlllTia'tion, i. bit Qtrri^terung, Sirttning ) 

ba» OTltidjttningeMttttl. 
Ai'lay, i. 1. bit VOttj % tat WdfAfii, on 

Eur*g«ng; 3.6ft BtoiMtft (in Snnbsn)) 

Hturn-njrBlB(orflBliad)— , btr6a* (tine 
_®n(fE Dtne Xusgang). 

Alljd'ceons, arfj". ftlDCraudtarffj. 

Alir'ance, «. 1. bit ICDiani, ba( Mnbitip, btt 
Bnn6; 2. bit fBnfdjma'gfning, Straanbt* 
fd>aft) S. bit IBtnbaRbtn) ) to raake aa--, 
(Idj wrtiaMn, wrnakbu Ai-r. the 
holy—, bitttiligt OTimDJ treaty of— , Hi 

To Allfsace, v. a. vid. To Ally. 

Allted', p. a. nffifrt, eetbimbtn, ctr»o«Bt. 

iWey, p/. p. AHy, lie Tfffiirttn. 

To AKIlgite, n. n. DcrbiRbtn, wrftiupfra, rt> 

AlligS'tion, *. bielSttbinbnii^ietttrrSpfiag; 
JriiA.(ruleof— ), bit OTigotionertgel, *k- 
Witengl' ab. ■ftrraifo>tns*ngt1} CKem. 
bit Staining. 

Al%itnr, s. Zotl. btt XWgRfer, Jtsiman \ 
pear, Bo(. biffjrwtt bt* Irogateoonra**. 

(iVUguuM) KJiuiouao, ajcwuiiyaug \ana 

3&tiW»iM) tintr Sttfttnragj <Bffttrnft«t> 

illfcitfr. «. lav. Ml »ef*ri nig ting , baf 

tint rarirtt tRtdjnnna, in Brtnnng fef . 
iilwtftioo, *.buHnrrt(. 
AlioMiaJ, adj. l-av. trttigtn, It(jn*frti, alfo. 

Dial) — landa, eigenflufer, ailobfalgutir. 
AU3djq«x'tim, j. Low, oicJBtrraanblBngDCT 

bbngflttri ta SRgragnttr, Berattobang. 
iiio'djan, *. in*, btl TQoMiun, fret* Srfigut, 

10i It Aim* 

irtlntw [-UMf], a. Mi e«Rb, OcbiM tai ftaleir, JTafetlb, Safimgttb, u.| bit 
feiegagt. | 3(i)t(cfhn,Siton{"0(ton:))bcri)u($nH»ic 

A>ljo, *. «^ btr OTf*mafo b« XHrrfti. | OUtwu a.btrttrlif; bitS«*fl*t) 4. bit 
AjjtyM[-^],>.baiXiMra,5BftnuiM4 eicbertrflntrug (Mr Unfoftnt), Stare*. 
ftoftn, btr Xnnrnrf. [SnifeftabtBrttin. nungrmtrBuJEaM, «ntf*d»igiitg, btrOelbj 

illitera'tiao, #. ftt(. bit SHittratiM, »trl trfat) Qjm. b(T ITbjug, tie Ktfattitj boA 
Alirferailre, adj. alliterirtnt, in lew •«• Qutgtroiejri a bankrupt! — , bit Comprtenj 
toanbt II tines gjanifm (ant ba SRafft)) a»e-rt — , 

lUqdrtk*, *. iaw-s, bit $(l|atb>tuig (tiiuH Mar. bicSettltppnng; to make or give — 
Irttfd* ju«ntrfflt*nnng)t Xnawifung j«r of (ometaiig, StwaB fibtrft&en, «nf^tfu 
Stjabtaog (in btr tngl. B*ajfamnict;n ffitcl gtnau bamit ntboun. 
riejtsgnng j SiBignna, JSneiStgnng (tine* To Allowance, n. a. Afar, BtrtnaBprn. 

~ ■ ~" ' """ " _ "« A1I5*V. t. Ointr, btr Umi binigi, rttjt- 

ftrflgt, BtlUiigt [Itgiwn. 

To Alley, d. a. (-mUU, flJtttaue) btftltftn, 
'kllof, *. btr flafe* (ta rintm SKrtotH), bit 
Stgirung, btr (Strait (bat Jtorn, btr IBSerti.) 
bib Ooltta ob.BUbrrA; _fe. Sit Berntif Aung, 
BerfdjltiitniBgj Btr Tfbjugt of. . . — , ... 
Hrfcig, . . . tstlaUtnb. 
Alia, i. pJ. wilg. bit rimmflifljt jpabt. 
Aifaplca, *■ Did. ill-, comp- 
Xliabc^caney, a. bit «8tBifihi(, 3uftitbtn&tit. 
To lliide'. u. n. anfpititn (- to, auf)- 
AJloacV, r. J-tnc. btr Xoaftol "im gedjttiu Allu'djag, p. «. M Inftrttltn, bit Ynfpiclnna. 
Afinia, i. Bid. Ainu. [mi, auSmaltn. 

To AiW'mJDate, To A]Hfa>|na, v. a. lOmM' 
Allfmioer , Alltf»]aor, i. btr 3Huminlw, 

AIIB'minon*, AllBmy, ndu. Aloaiinoni, Ac. 

I To Alifire', v. a. anloiftn, anttijtit, rtijtn. 
AlWrn'iwnt, t. btr ttti), bit Jfnrtipng, 
Settling, Xnlodnng, aSrr^ibrtmg. 
AUir'er,(.bna'alMltr r Ctrfiibmi bit»-rfnn. 
. ... , _„, D , Allftr'i»«, L p. i. tat 0tri|ts, btr ffltiji bit 

bat Boofi, btr Xitbril) bit TOtbtilung (Ini Settling; II. p. :; HI. -If, ado. lotftnb, 

tiatn fflortra, it.)) —of good*. Com. bltD rcfjenb, Dtrfubrtrif*. [Sttbt). 

SBaueaHKk, Qtetling. Aileron [- ih?u], «. bit Xnf^tlong (in bit 

Alie'trj*, i. pi. 1, Htbnbingt, fctmb«rtige|Aira'sjrc,l. ndj. rnifcitttnti U.-tj, ado.au| 

■Stfajdftignngnij 9. ffitirettlt. I tint anfpitlmbt, otrlttftt Vrt, bun* Xn- 

To Alio**, o. a. jugtbtn, tinronnttni «nn*-l fpidung. [gtntb. 

acta, twrttnatni jnertmnni, (ugtfttfctrn Alli'«orj', adj. rnifeitlmb ; Borbringtnb; fol- 

juiaffta, nUDbcni billfgtn, gtnt^aiigtn All6'vi»,i.pi.b«ro>btnerrom«ufgtfd!i»tmmit 

(ii». nuiofl; bmilfgtn, gtboii vergfltrotl tlriw 3nftte. 

mi6ft$cn (tint Gommt)) »d(itn, mibmtni Alir/vj^l, adj. aiigtfibmtmml, angtfoflll. 

(tdjlftrtigtavvtrtltibigrn) gtatffldjtoafOt- AMlC^Ign. Alltrtivat, i. bft InWnxmmnng ; 

»«• itimtn, attgtbta i nbrig lament tU«| bu Xngtfpiitt, angtfftncmmtt &inb, btr 

rtdnitn, ibrtojittn, nbjititn. I Knntutf (eon Saab). 

Allatr-fWe, I. adj.; II. -ly, arfw. ait jn}B- Ulia'vjou., vid. t. & AlloTial. 

gtbtn, timnrfunitn (ft) jalSffig, ttfMttflTo Allj 1 , «, a. xrMnbtn ; nerUxbni, etrrini* 

rtd>tadliBf in. -seat, i. bit 3nU|Hg(eU|| gtn (-wttb, to, mitj ; allied by WooAblit*- 

StMktnitigrrit. R ottwnnbt. I'wanBtt, Brtnnb 

AlloaJaacB, m. l.bit«inr(t««j»g,3»liifrnnflJA!ly', *. btr XBirtt, Sinbrtgrtef ; mtr. 

•tUl&nilJ BtrgSnUigung, grtittiU Uk.|Xlo>axaa't«r, >. Art. Wf **|)«tret»j -'■ 

gibniatnitifi aSoBnuditi a. bi*%a*gcf«4tcJ tt>ff, «"""■ tta4>ibtmffbr. 

M«fr»|KWltt eraw, Mr Wtoanrt^^jAy™**.. I^i^te Al'-adj,*. l.d« •(=»«». 

AyifOda, & JJaf. btr imftnf Ite, fmftnampftt 

Alieaiy, t. Am, btr XMfiof i 

Man. bit tragt, bc( Baafbanb. 
*H0o / , fM. mda-. banoftl v,d. Halloo. 
To AJloo', «. a. * a. twig. Did. Halloo. 
AllSpVAT, *■ Wed. bit TCnopat&Il. 
illopiUflc, adj. M-d. alloiJntBifd). 
AIISp'tiftKa. Med. btr XUejalb. 




Jtn&B eon fiaumrinbtj 2. eta langeS ffioctlXKnage, i. ba&Rnnimt^iHtffenmitberaifn 

(btf. ju Calcutta) In Dftfnbien. I tie Swbmainifactur-Btener. 

Alini'gra, *. JMVn. fcflS fpan. fflrnuarotb. |Ai'd»g*r, Al'nagv, Al'neger, t. Qtnc T, btr 

jlmiiia', t. 1. t« Slemait, XQemann, Ctut>U nod) tet fine mi^t j berfltfibrconieSucbnifffkT, 

fu)e; I'i'J. German; 2. bit Xltemoilbe, oid.lt eilraftfnrplet. 

Allewnnde. | Alnlebf , t. trid. All night, mittr All-. 

Al'minic, Armanick, t. btr Xlmanaa), JTo>:Il'nnt, j. uid. Alder-tree. 

ItnbtTJ — maker, btr Jt-madjtr. BAVoe, j. Sot. bit XI* H —wood, MrRH«Bb= 

Il'mimUne, i. Min. ber Xtataabta'Kuoin. I banm, tat Xbltr&olj, Xlot(N>lj. 
Al roan-furnace, uid. Almond- furnace. Al'u**, i. pi. Afcd. bit Slot, btr ttagtbittte 

Alma'rjf, i. p(. bat Xrd)lo (rtner Jttrd)f, it.) 
Alme'na (Almene) , «. Com. tin ojtinbtfdjtS 
Eafjtanfltaifbt Don 3 ^Jfunb. 

AIibki [ami], J. pL Did. Ainu. 
AlmTgVtfnen, ». bit XKmarbt. 
Almlgli'ty, I. adj. oUrodifig; II. the 
btr Xllraudi rifle (fflott). 
Almjz&'djr, j. Cfcem. btr ©ninfpan. 

Almner [Sm'-Der], j. uid. Almoner. 

Almucantar, s.vid. Almacantar. 

Al'raond [aW-nndj col. Sm' na], f. 6ft gRanbtl ; 
Com. eta »orfnfl.ttflfd}t*£>tIm»# von 4 '/, 9oI> 
loncn (26 n-> mad)tn tint Stat)) n-e, f. pi 
bit flffdjHittfnen JtrnfUnftuSt ju Jtronlindv 

tmi) --ofthe tliroat (ortomlli, uar. —of 
the ear), Anat. bit {wUsnuuibcIn] —milk, bit 
ax-nildj) —oil, bo* fflt-SIj — parte, btr 
9R-ttigj —powder, bit ffl-tleie; -ionp, 
fcieffit-frifc; — atone*, manbelfonniet Bttl' 
at, as-flclnt) —tree, Sot. btr SR-banmj 
—tumbler, cor. ft ermine t. go.; — willo? 
Sot. bit 3R-»tibe, nuiibtlblattrrtge ffittbt. 

Sl'mgnd-famijce [am-], t. Metal, btr Xbtftf' 

btoftn, Bdjrfbeoftn, Bdjntfijofta. 
Almoner, t. bet TOmoftawr, Xlmofenpflf ger. 

Xlotfaft, XfoMitract. 

AloeVjc (AloeV|c*l), ado. vonXIot, mttXIoe 
wrfrtt. [arien von Hot. 

Aloefyc*, Aofdnrlea, j. pi. fflKtW Dbtt Xrj- 

Al8ft', I. ado. bod), trbabtn, tabic 4>fbt{ in 
bit£%, bodjanfl Afar. obencmBdjiffO, 
auf btra SStrbetft, in It at Xnnnxrrt i from—, 
vcmobnu II. prep. • Sbtr. 

AlOne', adj. ftadiF. nQtini to leave—, oer. 
loffenj let me— , [flfftnCitiniib grb«i,laffta 
Bit mio) in SRubt , ob. in gritten. 

Along/, adv. lings, btr Sdngi nod) i fort,teti, 
ttr fort) all — , burdjaue) atltnthalotn, 
uetraHi Die gonje 3«t ilbfr, tmmtr, allcjeit i 
»» I (we, yon) go— , unttrwcgSj Afar-* to 
lie—, Don btm ffBinfct anf bit Beta gciegt 
fetnj to aail — the coaat, btr JKftt entUmg 
ftgeln; —tide of, tiibt nebtn, on btr Seile 
bin, Bette an ©tiit} Afar. Sorb an SSorbi 
— with, nril, In (Stfeltfibaft mit, jagltid) nit , 
— abore, Afar. Mngt btr JKftcj —shore boy*, 
i.pl Sea, biegluWdjifftr, JWpenfobrtr} bit 
auf btm £tfUanbe SBobntnbtn (opp. iea- 
men); -ibore owner, Coin, btr Jtflfltnfdjiff; 

Xr'monenUp, t. bal Xlmofenamt, bit Xrnttn> AlOnpf. ado. Did. t. u. Along. 

Al'monrj, (car. Ilm'rv), ». bal XimoftllbaBl ; 

bit XBo^nttng rintfi Xlm of enter*. 
Al'mutt, adv. faft, ttinnftJ even— , or e'en— 

col. MM&t, liemlid), faft. 

AlmB««ril5r' g D (Alrooi), >. (in bnt e$ total. 

fpitn^amertt. ^(ftn) SerXuSfnbrjoir, btr fir 
bit anf frtmbtn Bajifftn berlabtntn Btitr* 

llmifam], t. pi. bits Xlmofen, bit mitbe 
©obtj — baaket, btr Xrmtnrorti —box, 

- chut, bitXnntnbudjfe, btrXImoftntafttni 

— deed, tit milbt ffldie, SSohltbatj —fee, 
btr^ttfttgrofditn) -nonie,balX-baut,Xr- 
mtnjatie) -n«n, I. btr X-man, X-tntpfiit. 

. ger, *au*armtj a. btr X-gtberj- men, --peo- 
ple, tit Strfoigrtn In tiatm Xrra«&>u[e. 
Alma-nee, t, via". Ambf-ace. 
Ahnncutar, j. vid. AJbaacmntar. [banm 

irnni-trtl, >. Bet (£ng(. Bibi.) btr Sibta- 

jioaF, adv. fern, eon fen, neit nb, eon ati- 

tcm,iitbtrgtim(i btatbtr; akmirtt) Afar. 

Inea'rtt) to keep — from * rock, von eintr 

Jtlivpt ob. SanC 06 batten. 
Aloof, i. vid. Ale-wife, 2. 
Alopfcja, AtOp'ecy, i. Med. MS XitGfaaen bci 

j>aar[, bit gnd)»ranbt, btr $ndjfgrinb. 
Aloplen', $. Com. tint Xrt ff&moltr Som- 

ba;ttn (Womfrafln). 
Aide, Altfat, *. Jcli. bit Xloft, Xlft, Ulfe. 
AlBfohl, t. ba» Xlcndji-iiari (fpr. n(nfn>i<>, 

$arj see roei|tn 3immtbanmt*. 
Alnfldy, adi'. hut, oentebmlubj larmtnb, 
AlOw*, adv. vulg. onftn, BiebtrwSrt*. 
Alp, t, 1. bit Tip, btr (bobe) Oratbtig, bit 

j)oa)nitibtf oid. Alpi; 2. tin Strggtiftj 3. btr 

Xlv (Btflemtmina irn Bdjlafe) j 4. Ora. ber 

Simpt[,£ompfaffi— bon, baEXtp(tn)bom. 
Alpa'ci, AlpVni.i. Zroi-bafXlpacaob./n.-. 

Vaca, bit Xtpagnaiitgt, gt». ana) bal pt> 




ra««(#«e54af (tt(T«Wn«BontiUBetf(6.Bll'l(r fgo. *. (in epMien u. Ktaptl) Ko[[. 

CKofta nni $>fii«i flebr. »trt). D madjt, in atfcrt Soften obnt mcitcrc XpptUa- 

Al'aha, #, So* XIpffi, "Ki -cockle, Cbncn.U (ion enifftttben ju buifcn. 

bic Jtlp^raufiijf I, ^trfpertiDmufdjcl. Ml'torer, i. Gincr, bet dtrcitt dnbert. 

Alphabet, a.babllpba&tt. Me, r-b-c} bie|JAlte-rn', adj. abwcdjfelnb, mcdjfcienicirti-M. 

$ibelj Tjp. »3ud}flribenja&! Pon 23 grtrutf- flea, Did. Alternate inglei. 

tta »oflni( b«» olp&a&fflfo>[ 3fe$aIW»«<U£iteVn«te, I. adj. ab»<*Wnb, ttcrbfelfrfrig, 

|ri*Bff. J gegtnfcitiflj flo '- rcerbfeiemeift gefteliti -an- 

To Al'ph»b«t, o. a. als&abetifo) (no* bnn Trt.1 gle«, Geom. SBcdjftlrctnfeU II. i. Bit Jb. 

rtabrt) tinrinjttn, orbntn. I rocftfelima, ber SBcatftlf lit. -ly, adv. 

Alpb+Hti'nan, i.berTCBCHtbuler. |1 »ea)feU»rift, tins nm« anbere, bnib (&, balb 

Aiphabtt'jcaJ, AlphtbeVjc, I. adj.; IL-JyJ foj baiioifajjns IV, -ne.i, j. baoXbrnca). 

odn. nlpbnbttffo). I (tin, bic nt ihrcisncife ob. rcedjfclftitigc Joint, 

Alpbrt'edgn, (, Swrg. ber Srinbrad) (mitf SRci&c. 

ginjltftci Xno4nt}cr|pIitKnma). JTo Alternate [ Wb. *c; Si'-ter-nite, Wb. *c]. 

AipWnji, Alpboe'nii. f. Btr njcifft (an rintm 
4><tfca ginnnbtne) ® crflmjuder. 

Upiei', «. Gam. bat SepMron (in garofpicl). 

SCptM [If. Ac; aT-p-Ine, ffi. *cj, ]. adj. 
elpinifi, bod)* II. f. ber IIptnbemoQntr, 
Xelfltrj camp. -crow, Orn bie Bcrgbo&It, 
Zlprntrabct —bare. Zooi. ber peronbcrlio)! 
tuft, Btigbaft S — ajeadoire, incor. ft. — pas- 
ture*, rid. Alp*. *. 

Alp*, j. pi. I. Bit XIptn, baiXIptngebtrge; 
2. $»4jn>riben, Qratgtblrgt. 

A!'.|Bift*[-kwl-], J. AfeW. btt «((iaIUIi. 

AlreWy, ado. bmftt, fdjon. 

AC»e*, AM'ti»[-ih|-»], *. fitog. baft Qlfaf. 

Afsebuo, i. Chan. baS SKfalj. 

AJflnt', f. oid. Aldne. 

Xi'«o, ado. ana), ebtnfaDS, iugleia), bap, nod). 

jit, «. Aft", btt Kit. 

Al'tar, *. l. bctintati a. altarformige Bcrs * 
— cloth, bit Iltnrbnht —piece, basaitar; 
ft**, Wtargeniilbei — wise, odu. wit tin 
Tfitar, altarfiraia- [flrige. SJMtfdje. 

il'tviVIa, *■ *'»*■ bit jDopptlgtige, ttrm> 

To After, t>. I. a. inbtrn, strfnbcm j II. n. 
ltd) cnbttn) to — for the worae, ft* per- 
rdflinmtnt) to — one'i condition, fig. fla) 
ptrdnbtra, fidj Derbrfrarben. [iiififrit. 

<Iter«hrrtty, *. bit TMMttiMfltit, tStrdnbtc- 

Al't«rable, I. nrfj'.; II. — ly, adv. aHnbttltd), 

Btrfnbtrlidj i IIL— nea, j. bftBtranbcrIidj= 

hit, SBanbclbarfcit. 

A I'tei-ant, adj. Inbtmb. 
Al'ter-aat*, t. pi. aid. b. fi. Alterative. 

Al'tei A'tion, t. tie Xenbttnng, Stranbttung ; 

Jig. Kottrang. 

Al'teratfve, adj. otrAnbtTnb ; Med. tlttrircnb. 
ifterftivei, i.pJ. Med. btt alttrirentdi It J= 

To AVfercIU, d. n. jonttn, ftriittn. 
iHerrf'tion, *. btr^onf etrdt, «ert»t*fel. 

iBc^fcmiDEifc rcrridjtenj ». ccriin> 
bem; II. n. abncibfdn, abretdjfeln* fotgtn. 
iit«rnS'tio n>I .l>[fTrb»td)FtIunB,SEBe*fclfti!at, 
ba» Xbntnjftlnj Kcc. bic fflefpens (brim 
fflottt*blra(t); Ariih. btt ^CTOWnttm btr 


Alter'nstive, I. adj. nbntibfelnb) allcrnntiiM 
— propo«ition, Log. btr tBcd)fc(fa(} n.i. 
btt «B(*ftIfaa, bit Xitcrnacirti baS 8nt»f. 
btfSbtr) fig. bic Ungcrcipfecit, Sccitgcn- 
hciti III. — ly, ade. »td>ftlSn)dfC, cinenm* 
anberc; jam XBd^Ieni IV. —nc>a, *. bic 
Vbracibf clang, abneftrcinbe Bcrdjibctung. 

*ltei J nfty, *.bft0)c4fc[*n)tlfc$otat, Xbmca). 
felnnfl. [Kltbtc. 

Ai/fte's, i. Bat. btr StbifA, bit nilbc <Ka!vt, 

A IthDagb', conj. cbglcirtj, obropbl, reenn gltia), 

Altn'nquence, t. bit bofttrabenbt, fibwuldigc 
SRcbc, btr Sombaft. [mtfTtr. 

.iltrm'eter, i, Geom. btr TCItimcict, jiibcn" 

Altim'etry, t. (!tom. bit ^obcnncf tunic, 4)0*' 

il'I|n, i. is'um-t. 1. btrltlran, Ifirf. <3r.lt. 
munie v. 2'/, Xblr.] 2. btr Xliin, frubcre 
ruff, ©tlbcnnunjt n. BngcfibrlUr.) Ccog. 
tin Etc nnb Qcrg in Cibiricn. 

Altin'car, t.Ch'in. tflcXrt MnfllidjcB Ball 
(jura {Rttnig(n) bcr aHctaHe. 

Altli'onant , Atth'piiaai . adj. bafttuncnt, 
fiSwutllig (liiigcnb, boajtrabtnt. 

Al'tiit, j. Mm. bcr Ilrifl. 

Al't(;.'i, i. fiat, bal etiiiFafautrtout. 

Al'tjtfide, «. (iOt.) bit $AVi ^e> QrbabtB' 
btit) btr bo$c (bid)flt) fflrab, Oipfcij -or 
the eye, Pit. bic Iugciit)56ci Geom. the 
urn's — of the meridian, bit DJtiftagStjSftC btt 
eonnt; to lake the sun's — , bit Sonnentfbf 
ineffen, bit Sonne ffticfen. 

Altfv'glant, adj. * bed) flicflcnb. 

Xl'tB, I. i. tiid. Alt; II. ad}, k ade. (ital.) 
Kui. f)odn -key, btr a"ltf*luffclj -»■ 




llevo, uirf. Relievo 

SDttatff biben — viola, m'rf. Alta -viola. 

tlingSi b'*r, adv. jufammcn, ocrcint, ganj unb 
gar, gdnjlid), roHig ) jnaLdd) mit ; for -, fur 
tmrocr, beftanbig. [munjc). 

ii'tom, j. A'nm. bcrttltfin, TOun (tart. Ooft« 

Al'flilJSl, (■ fJiem. baft eubllmiratfaf. 

ii'um, *. ber Xtanj —earth, bit X-erte; 
-nnlt, baft etdnfalj ; - slate, bcr X-f*iefer j 
— ■tone, Siirg.bcrTf-flrin.acbronntcXlium 
—water, baft lt-reafTtr: —work, baft 3C-n>trt, 
bit X-ffcbtrri, I-bfim. 

To AHgm, ». a. afanncn, in tint KlamunfU' 
fang tautbcni to — illka, eciicnjcugc bceifcn 
laflcn; to — hides, Tan. $&utt alauncn) 
«-«d calvei, olanngart Jtalb fcOt. 

Wmjnflte, ». f.V.tm. baft alitinbalttfle Satj, 

AfOmTne, Aln'mfRi, Al'ttBifnlte, s. Milt, bit 

fttrocfctfaurt Ibencrbe, bcr Xinminif. 
AID'iajnoiu, adj. alaunartig, alannfaattig. 

Atn'minum, >. Wum.bafiXIumilnOuai, Xluun' 


Al'nmfsb, Al'umy, adj. uirf. Alaminanii. 

AiiiiA'iiun, i. bat Ocrbat (bet etbcrft), bie 

Qnbtnt [ ■! ••at. blc (5cb6r(iSble. 

Al'i^iry, ,*. baft fflienenbouft, to fflitnntflorfj 
A!'vloltr.Xl'.gijf ! rj, n rfj./ln a i.bie3ab.tlfdibci 

betreffab ob. rccldje habab. 
Xl'v*)i«w, arff. fl u (. nit Aetna gadjtm ow. 

feben, jcaenfonnig. 
Ar*vM| , ». pf. Xlvtolen : 1. ^DniajcHen, 

IBoits.,., «iacn.).i a. £>6&jni In bra S^ 

Icmnilcn > 3. ecrfteincrtc QJcufrtjiln mit tegel> 

faemfgcn3vllcnj 4. Anal. 3a6nfdd)er, 3abn. 

bobien. [Tfltcolit (em goffit). 

Xl'veolite, j. AM, »rr»apffldn, SrtufFelftrin, 
Ai'ieus, j. Ana*, bcr Jtanal fces G&plue. 
ACvfM[Sn.; Sf-vlne, Wore], arfj. Die Oin. 

gewribe cb. ben ttiucrlrfb betreffenb. 
AlwilrVim, ... (—plover), (*m. ber fflolbre 

genpfcifer, 4>atbcnpfcifcr. 
.»>»*)», adv. trainer, ftot, btftanbig. 
Am, bin, »crbc(cr1tc $crf. be* ^raf. Jnbtt. ». 

toBe,[efn). I-towrllealrtter, id)fo([(nui«, 

bin grofitbigt) dnen artef (,n) fibtribcn. 
A'm*. s. 1. Ch. dn Ocfif jum XbenbmabU 

SBcin ; 3. dn rjluffiafcitftma* ; uirf. b. u. Aam. 
Amabrfity, * bit SiebentmfirbiflMt, 
Amedirto, Im'adot, ». bit Xnwbottrabim, 


An'aduu, AVndow, f.breSunberfojioamm. 
Amain', j. orto. mit oBtr (wrtinttr) Jtraft, 

befrifli pEo|lfa>, inancrSil, fiber £a«u«b 

octavo, Mm. dntf laufenl (ano>3nrnfandnfetnbIia)ti CS4}[ff, 
fid) ju trejeben). 

Amil'gfiu, AmSI'e»m#, i. CViem. baft Xmal- 
gama, ber jQaittotd, bit aRttanmlfdjong f 
Dij. bltmifgeru^rteJlupti ^g.bitaRifdjung, 
baft Stmifeb. 

To AmSI'gsniite, u. I. a. Client, anwlgamirm, 
iH-rquiCten; fig- mifojeu, cenniftben; II. n. 

. . . mif*en. 

AmXIgam.t'tlon. i. Chem. bit Ttraalgamation, 

SStrauicrang j fig. bit etrmtfdjung. 
To AmSl'gamBe, vid. (b.uOToAmalgamate. 
Am'an, », Com. dn blauer, ieoanfifftjer, bnum* 

woUtncr 3 rug. 
AmSn'dglf, i. .Win. *tr fflanbtlfhitt, 
AmSiifl5n'«]«, i. ber Scbrdbtr, Sterttar, £a> 
Ara'araai/i, s. 1. Dot. btrTtmarantft, baft %an> 

fcnbfdjonj 2. bie X-farbe, eaSS-retbi 3.* 

dne unbtrndAicbe ffliumt (etnnbiib ber Un- 
_ft«b[id)fdlj. [furbig; * unwrodflidj. 
AmaraVCAfne , arfj. araarantbent amarantb- 
To Am4n', «. a. bflufen, aufbdufen j fammtln. 
Amass', *. bcr |j«uf( , Jtlunipen, Qtof. 
Aaitu'nifni, * bic Knbiufuug, btr iiaitftii. 
Amat«nr [Sm-n-tir 1 , W.], ,. ber Jtanftltebda- 

ber, Jtunftfrtunb, iDilttraat 
Ainatu'rial, 1. adj. i II. - 1y, adv. Dtllfeftt, bit 

Sitbe betrefftnb. 

Anmls'rjoUB, adj. vid. Amatorlal. 
Aiu'atnry, arfj. bic fiiebe betreffenbj bajn rti* 
jtnbi — muicle, AnaL ber cerlicbicCffiuftftU 

— poiion, btr Siebrttranf. 

Amiltiro'»|i!, f, Med. bit lagenrKrbnnftlunft, 

bcr frbioarjt 0toar. 
To Amaze', o. a. trfibreftnj in Staunnt ob. 

Strounbernng fejens btftttrjttn, etrOncn. 
Amaze, Ama'zedneKi, i. ber Sdjrtct) baftSlT' 

ftauneni DieBcfMirjungj in amaze, btfttt|t> 
Amn'zediy. adv. nit (ilim) Srflaunen, mit 

(lur) Stftfirttutg. 
AraBze'ment, 1. 1, ber ScbrtoTen, ba*<Satft(eni 

Srltauntn, bit IBcramiterung j bie groprt 

Sefruriiinfl , KUbergefd)!agttu)ttt ) II. int. 


Amaz'iDe, I. p. a. trftaunltd)] II. p. ». bat 
w Qrftaunent in. — [y, ado. erfiaunliibyftltfam. 
.Am'tzen, t. bie Xmajont; bat tritgerifdjc, 

raiinnliibeSBrioi fig. bic JBittitt Ceug. bn 

3C-nflu6, TOaranbon (In 6ubaniedta)i —a' 

bunting, Orn. bit If., K-ammf t. 
Ainaio'nfan, adj. omaionenbaft; fritgerifdj) 

— habit, Mt Saajencnfleib, ffleitbabit btr 
Enmcn. [Jtrununung, SBinbung. 

Jtopf) U. int. Afar, gnrrifl (imfflort)! letlAmba'«», *.pl. berUmfajnieiftintttbau bie 

go-! «trlke-l Uft bit Ctgel ntebtr ! Iaft|Ambi'i)oai, adj. writfdjroeifta, roettfdjiajtia. 

Amba 8 

\m\4r, i. (rmff.) tin ftinfmannffdjrt »aaren- 

AuMABdor (Ambaiiadonr), t. in fflefanbte, 
md. Eabsuador ; to play the — , Sea, tj4n< 
filni Bid. Docking. 

An:hKV»adr«»«, s. uid. EmbaMadreu. 

AmVr. I. j. nerlmbers yello*— , bergelbe 
X,i8ernfWtn4 liquid— , bcr fluffigeXmbraj 
sit of—, bos Smbraflj II- adj- auB Xmber 

brftrl)t&b , DftnfMQm J co/np. ■ — bendi, 
SBtTHfttinrorallen j — oyrter , Conch, bit 
®mifrrauriufd)el; —seed, bit Bifamforner, 
Xabrafugeidjeni —tree, Bat. 1. b« ■JCmbra* 
barton 2. bit Jmbraftartbe. [ren. 

To AWber, c. a. mil Xmbra rdtubern, ambri* 
Aaitiergru, (cor. Ambergreaje, — greese), i, 

ber atone Xmberi black— , »Ergiid)8ambcrj 
white — , on Sogelombtr. 

Arabta-ace [ami — 1 i. vid . Arnbi-ace. 

Amtj*. ». betlmbio, tin bitter inbiftfjer SiHr. 

ABbfdix'ter, 1. 1. Uiner, bet (dine bit) rtdjts 
nnb linK jngltid) iftf !ud. bcr 3d) ft ledgers 
Lam, tin Stftbrsortntr ob. Xbboeat, bcr fid) 
■on btiben $>ortrien beftedjrn tdftj Com. 
ein€5pitltr, bet bri btibtn ^arteitn Xntbri I 
bat] II- ad), jig. in oHtn Edtttln gcrtfyt. 

Imbja>xteVjty, i. bit glridjt Oefd)icfU*fcit 
briber |>dnbe ; fig. bit Xajfelrrffltrei, galfd)= 

Aiubidii'trun*. I. odj. rtdjte uttb Ifnfi ju< 
gleldj jfe. arbftitrdgerifri, jmeibentia, falfdj ; 

II. —■«•*, *. c/d. Ambidexterity. [ftciS. 
AnTjjeBt, a*j. inngtbtuoj --air, an XJunft- 
AWbfsfl, *. tint QRabijrit, »o Jtnltes it. Bar. 
mes it, ingltia} anfgtfcjt reirbj fig. bat fflc- 
mtasfel, nrlg. bti 3Kifd)mafa>. [flnn. 

AmbiEfi'ity, i. tie 3roribcutfafeft, btr Bopprt= 

finbyUoo*, I. adj.; II. — ly, ado. imtibnitiflj 

jBtiftiboft, bunftl, boppdRnnig, jMtiflnnia, j 
r. uid. Ambiguity. [tiafelt 

5 Amel 

AuAie, i. Man. bet $af, $*HW, Xnfrttfc 

Dreifdilag, Selt. 

An/blcr, r. Afan.btryafoangct,aeItcr. 
Am'bljng, Jlfan. I. p. n. ten $af gt&enb j —nag, 

btr^a^gdngcr, Scttn j— pace, bcr^afging; 

II.— ly, offB. im ¥affe, mit «n $afgdngcr. 
Am'bljgftn, AraTiljgun, s. Groin, tai fiUBlpfi 

lointiigc Brefetf. [mintclie 

Amblf gonsl, Ambll'eijnal, adj. Ceom. ftumpfs 
Am'biygpy, s. Med. bfc ocrminberte CScbfraft 

abne ftmilidj mnbrrieijnibQtcri Jeblctbcr Xii' 

gen, Xmbiappie. 
Ambrose', l. 1. TCmbroflue (!K-n)} 2. Put. 

bafi 3f:n b re R entrant, vid. Ambratii. 
imbrD'il* [- xh]*], j. 1. JlfyOi. bic TCrabrofia, 

Octttrfpeife) S. Jot. baS a m!>rsfi entrant, 

S Stttrtraat, Sraubenf raui. ;'fuf buftcirt . 
Anbro' t i8L[-ihi ? l], adj. ambrofifd), tdfHi*, 
Ambru'titn [— zbjan], nrij. I. ambrsflfd) i trfrf. 

Ambro«ia1; 2. ambreflaniffl) i the — ritual, 

btr ambrcflonifdje job g( fang. 
Am'bry, i. 1. cor. oiii. Almonry ; 2. btr Bpci> 

fcfdirant, Jtur&enfdjrant, ?licgcnfcbroat, bic 

Bptitefammer, <St[a)irrfaninicr. 

AUDf-ice [Imz-lr', W. 4c. ;Rbi'-S», Wb. Ac], 

;. Gum. 3raei Sins ob. allcX^i ber»paffl)(im 
SBfirftifpleie), SBurfctpa f* im $ unf (t einft. 
Am'bulant, adj. bcrumiranbtlnC i — broken, 
nnbeeibigte 93tatlcr ob. 

SrBtibfrlaatntenju'ttrafterbam, STBinMnidflrr, 
SBinbafen. [epaifcrmgerfen. 

Xmbil&'Uon,5.balj>erumgcVn, Sufiwanbeln, 
Am'bfilative, adj. bcrumgctcnb, fpajicrenb. 
Xm'bnlStcjr, s. att Spa jicr ganger. 
Am'bfilatijry, adj. (trunigerjtnb, ttmbcrnan* 
belnb, btnealirb. 
im'bory, *. Far. bte ftbroammiibtt ffilutmarj'- 
Ambuicfide', Ambu«cfl'dO, t. Mil. bcr Winter- 
bait, bat eerfietf. 

, „..„. B ~.. ! . L ., a Amfbuah, *. Mil. 1. btr^tnrertjaltj 4. bet 

kmVtfogf, *. bit jnjtfbtnrioe fflebt, 3n>eibevl Uebtrfdlt an* bemfelben} 3. cuLltct. bic im 
AnblrViaoai, adj. jwrfbrutig im XuBbruttt. fifnterbaitc litgenben Xruppcn. 

AnbiVoqay, ». btr ffitbraud) smtibtirtiBtr TCnS^ 

brfift, bit 3»tibrarigreit. 
Anrttt, *. bet llmfang, Umfrtii. 
AmWtioo, j. betC^rgei}, bitSbrfucbti <9c 

gfetbt, (i. e. 6.), eferliebr, bcr ffitttcifer. 
AmbPtloni, 1. adj.; D. — ly, adv. (brbegierig, 

e&rfnn)tig, efergeijigi r>oK Otjrflrfabli *tgie- 

rig (—of, liQtfig. entoorftrtBenbi III. 

-new, j. bit ebrbtaierbt, ebrfnebt, Wubm> 


AalftBde, >. bet llmfang, Hmrreit. 

ToAin'baab, M>(. C. I. a. 1. 1 

ttrljait Itgens 2. im ft. anftaucrrH 3. aul 
einem $. ubttfaDtn) 11. n. im j). liegcn. 
Xm'butt, ndj. Med. ncrbramtt, utrbruftt. 
Imbun'tion, i.Med. 1. bos Serbrtnntn, Sir. 
briibern 2. bcr Sranbfdjabcn, fflranbflrrtcn. 
Lme, i, bit Cbm (iBrinraa", meiftcn* von 
2 eimera). 

Xra'el, J. Jt V. vid. Enamel ; -corn. Bet btr 

JDinttl, Einfclrerijcn, ba' (Imratrtbrn, bet 

ToiWble, v.n. Mtn.MfUf, *«tritt,sb.lAnBVl|«, .*. TTmalfa (8-*). [beffern. 

64rW gebVn, nmbltren f longfam trabend'roAme'lforste, v. I. a . ecrbfftnif II. n. (id) 
injni (aft cfn !>((»). I Ajrillors'tJoa, *. bit Bt r beffi crung. 


imeV, I. adv. TtmtK ! Ii. s. lit Xmrts. 
■Jrnu'nsblt, adj. 1. m rantmortlto) j 3. »(II> 

fS^^lfl <— to...,ein«n,M.),9eIt5ri8,6itflf«n. 
To AneW, v. ha. (oet)btfftnu beriirtgen 

(tint esdjrift) t II. n. bffTet merbem geneftn. 

# mend', ImSnde', f, (fvanj.) inw, bit ©lib. 
flmftt -Aonora6£e,bte(ifftn([fibe)3n!b'itrr, 
ebrencrflarung j Jttrdjenbuft. [befferlifb. 

AmeWsble, adj. ftrafbar, ftraffdHfg; DtT> 

Aroen'datory, adj. (oer)bt[ftrnb, fitb bcffernb. 

AmeVder, t. bet SStrbeffertr. 

AmeWdl, adj. doD SefTerung. 

Amfnd'ment, t. Sic SBcrbeffcrunnj Lou, Vb> 
dnberuna (tint* Scfeteorf [Slugs, W-). 

Amenoy, J- p'- ber (SdjabtnO&rfct, bit <Snt> 
fcbabignng, Htnugtbuungj to make — (h 
etmas) erfr(ea, trftatttn, efrgfiten. 

tneVjty, i. bie Xrniebmiidjteit, Xnmutb. 

A'mcof, ». pi. Cam. tin titter BOQtner ©toff 

_au6 SerTfbirt. 

Ain'eot, t. hot. baS JHttben (an fflemadifen). 

JVmfOti'ctooi [— nbysj, adj. Bui. H(d)(ntTa- 

fltnb, Mtdjrnartig. 
Amen'ty, i. Ml aBabnflnn. 
To Amerce/, v. a. ©tlbfttflft aiiftrlrgni. 
imerce'able, adj. ftrafbar, ftraffdtUfl. 
jmerce'meiit, i. l.bit © elb ftt a fe, Straff ummti 

vid. b. i. Fine; S.on* "flrftraftn. 
Amer'cer, t. dintr, bet cine (Bclbftrafe auf> 

legt, bet Scftrafer. 
iueVjca, i. a teg. Kmtrira. [TfmtiiTiintr. 
AmeVican , I. adj. anterifantfdj i II. i. etc 
^meVjcanltm, >. btr XmcritanUmnB. 
To A meVjeauIze, u. a. emcrifaniffun. 
im«(-lc«', «. rid. Ambi-ace. 
ini'lju, «. bid. Amice. 
la/ithftt, i. Min. ber Ttmetbnfl. 
Xmff^M'jne, adj. amrt&qftfarbig. 
To Aineo'ble, K. d. (frnnj.) Wort, bit Srbc 

umftcdjen, Infer macScn. 
Im'iB, '. ich. ber OTebcrfifrf). 
AjujaWr'ity, I. vid. Amabillty. 
i'midble, 1. aitf. Iitbcntmurotg, febr angt. 

ncbuij liebrdd)) II. — ly, adc. nit Yitmutb, 

ouf ItcbrridjeSBttfei III. —new, s. bit Sic 

■bcnSiDurtiafrit, Xrnnutb. 

AVjanfn . AiniMn'lligi , t. Min. btr Orbftaa)!, 

eianfiadjS, K«bcft. 
imjiin'r/iiftirra, adj. aBbcftartig, baarfjrmig. 
AmUn'rlijnlte, i. Mix. btrThniniitbiiiit (Wart 

bet Strablftcuici). 
Imi:;.i'(/-ii,-d , Mix. I. j. btr etra&Iftcta, »of- 

folirtj ll.arij. asbtftMtia., baarfirmin. 

Aio'jcjble, An'jcsl, I. adj.; II. — ly, ado. 

frcunMidj, gutiidj, freurtbfibaFtiitb,, »oblreol« 
ltab) — ■etllement, btr gurliibe Btrgleidj }j 

i Amor 

m.-eieu(Xm|cmba'|ty) 1 ,. bit gKIMatt*' 
Hit, Sreubfdjafliiibrtit, Bas aBoblraoUcn. 

Wire, iin'jct, j. Ecc. iet Vdrftitlrfb eint* 
ratgoUrdjtn ^rieftert (brim 2Heffrlcfcn). 

juafcia [— ulija], t. Man. bit QRoiKbJ'QapuiC 

AmTd', Aaldir , prep, mitten in, mi ft cit untCT i 
(hi pi, Afar, mitfcblfft. 

Ami.i', adv. t adj. fibtl , unrcd)ti "ctrfebrt, 
fe_bler6aft, fulf*, unfdjicfiidj, unpaffmb) un= 
piifttcb, unwo^lj to do—, unreibt ftanbcln, 
ftbleti} to take — , flbel ntgnttn, fibel anSit- 

_gcn, ctrbeiiEen. 

Aui'jt, ». vid. Amice, Amict. [men. 

Amity, *. bit grtnnbf*oft, fca& gute Ktriitb^ 
Am'ma, i. 1. bit Xtbtiffinn j 2. .Surg-, fcas 
fflrutbbanb. [(amen. 

ira'm69»-iE€ii, irn'raj-aced, 1. ber ICHUIIRJ' 

trn'mite, j. grot- btr erbftnftrin. 

Am'mijchrjse, Amoiijcbrj'siu, t. tieoi. iat 

_Jta(eiigsIt. [Sanbtiottet. 

Aia'inodjte, *. A'oi. 1. bcrCunbaali 9. bit 
AmmO'sja, *. Ckem. but Ttmmonium, jludjttgt 

Hi. tbterifiie Xllali ; rid. b. f. SB. 
Ammfi'nlac, Chem. I. i. ber ttmnn'iuats II. 

adj. ammoHinfalifdji ■«!— . bu&Tt-falj, bcr 

Salmi if. 
Anmonl'acal, adj. ammoniolaiifd). 
im'mgnlte, i. Grot. baA (oerftrinertr) Tim- 

monSbora, bjr Xmmonit. 

AitimD'nJnm, Am'mony, f. rid. Ammonia. 

tmmunttion,*. bKJtrttaAeorratbj —bread. 

bas Sammf^brDbi —box, ber SXwiific-nS" 
hfleni — carriaee, —waggon, —cart, ber 
QK-ewaatn, SR-Sforrtnj — ihoe*, — sblrU, 
— ttocking, Ac,, 6oiiimiffd)iibt, it 

Aro'iier, i. Did. Almoner. 

Am'nesty. ». bit KmHtfrie. 

Am'nioo , i. 1. Anal, bat Sdjafbiittajen f 
2. Bat. btr JtctarM- 

Ain'nio., i. vid. Amnion. 

Amnjot/ic, —acid. Own. tie Xmnipnfourf, 
nmntfdjc Biurc. 

Amu'inqra, >. Hot. bttKmgmc, jtarbatRomc. 

AmfinE'. AmOngst', prep. tUttCT, Jioiflbfll i 
{adi: ) from — , tt>«, auE, out ... bcraus. 
AmorA'dO, Aio'oret. .W^n'it, t. btr Sitbcntc, 

eicbbabtrinrif 2. Hot. ba« HiebtSgroS, SAU 

rtrflro*, Ttmpurctltngra*. 
Amo^uingi. adv. wig. iti EReracnl. 
Worout, I. adj.; II. — ly, mir. t-rr(Itbt 

(-of, in.,.), jirtHfti III. -oe«, -. bus 

otrlicbtt SStfen, bie IB trtii'btbcit. twiina. 
Joir'i'bi , a. Bvt. btr Saftarbinbfgo au« Qa< 
I Amor'phoui, adj. grfUltiot, unrtacima^ia. 





AMbVpby. ■»■ bifSXiSflcfWtuna, gnnntofigrfit 

(tiiti tnflamf*en Jt6rprr6). 
Amort', ado- 1. 6bt, ftillj 3. trauria, tirtnibr, 

Amort^s'lion, Araortiia'lion, i. La*, 1. hdS 

Xmortiiat tons reft t, bit Xmortifotioii) 2. bus 

JtaufrtAt einn Qratinbt) 3. kit $etmftcD 

bung tiati ?(l)n*. 
To*n6i'tiM(-fe)[l»'.Ae.;»-m5 r 'H!£. Wore. 

ic], e.o. /jiuj. 1. omottictn, amortifireiM 

7. (tin Sc&ra) jinSfrei irm<f)cn. 
AmnVliiMtnt, J. rid. AmorLisatii 

^Wtioo, *. 1. Me Gufjir&ung (tinea KmieS, 
ir-)i 2 . bie Gnrrocnbung (untcr an^cnScc- 

To Amoouf, n.n.bttragtn, (i* bclanfen (— to, 
anf...); _fe- auf eiwae iinauSIaufeit. 

,im«ilQt', i. btr Ketrag, bieSumroe; b«Qr> 
rrag, bos garitj bt[ Stflanb i.fe. btrjwupt- 
inlfolt, bee SBcfentliajfle, Stcfulfat; G>m-j, 
to the — of .... |nm JBclouf (ini 8)etroat) 
ton..., _.6rtraflenbj to p*y the whole -, 
per rcQ. bcjoblra; — of balance, btr Sallo; 

Ameti 7 . * . ber ?icbt£banbel, bit eiebfiaft. 

jmiu'(^, *• pi. Jew. ffllfae S&slflnnc. 

Amphibian, i. btf. pi. iVtw. bit llmptibit. 

JmpbilijoJutfical. adj.Nat. BUtpftibioIoetfft), 

Aoiiihibjoi'og), s. tmt. iff Tmpbfbintfunbe. 

AmphibVu • ^ n '- '• «*"■ untpbtbif* j fig. 
con wrmifehMr Krts —animal, bit ympbi" 
tUi II. — new. i. baS XinpSiiucnartiac, bit 
3Cnu>6ibicnn«tnt. [Xrapbibfi 

AiDphib'jvia, t. (Ut pi- Aapbltfja) Wat.hu Amoving, I. p. *. bag Unlcrfcalf en, iC. j II. p. 

<?rfle, llnrinacfdjra'nft&ctt, Xuttcfyuma) 

To Am'pt|fic«te, 0. a. Bid. To Amplify. 

Ampljfjca'ilon, i. bit 6m>cittrung, kScrgrif o 
tuna.. Ifig. iobrtbntr. 

Am'pljrifr, *, her (fnotitcrtr, S3crar**ercn 

To Am'pljfy, o. I, a. crwrttcrn, ocrarofcra, 
aiiMcbncni II. n. fid) wcitldufig OuSbriitfcn j 
gldnjcitb, pradjtia barfteQtn, auSmalcn, ntt> 

J*6ncrn (bduffe mit on). 

Am'pUtfide, j. bcr Umfong , (Bcjirr, bit SBifft, 
GSrBflf) fig. btr (Blanj, Die fradjt, SBurbej 
S^iBfeitj Suae, bcr flbcrfiufj Ant . (btf 

eomp.) bitSBdtej — of the range. Gun. 

bieftorijontaIe©D>u^ob.fiB«rfn>citc(— eon- 

p»<, btr ^tilconpaf . 
To Am'potste, v . a. Surg. aMffcn, ainputi' 

rttii Ilort. ab&aitm, ft ufcen (fflfliimc). 
Amp fits'! ion, i. Surg, baft Xblpfcn, bit Xm< 


Ami-ice', f, old- Ambi-ace. 
Am'ttordun, i. Geog. Tfmflerbam. 
Am'Blei, j. hat X mulct, itoubtrtnitttl. 
Amorce 1 , *. bit fclbeftn, bcr fc[6obenfi(. 
.AB,urcf,«'jty, j. Ut fodbejige, ber Oifa{ (b« 
SB tint 6). 
To A mii ■e', n.a. nnttrbolttn, ttltlfriflO!, bit 

3cit ntrtTciben) (mit Strip no) tingtn) b(a< 

boltcn, onfbultcn. [trtib. 

Aina>e'meni, j. tie Unter^altuitg, her 3tirttr* 
imBf'er, t. fom. Cincr, btr Gilbert (ange> 

ncbm> untcHilfj Qincr, btr ITnacrt (nit 

S!trfi)rc4iinacit) binbdlf. 

ado. untcrboltcnb, ic.i crgetliA. 

mili'ive; — ly. adj.kailn. V'd. Amutlng.tC 

[w'f. it. Xnwti, XmarU (g-n). 

imjc/ilalale. 1. arfj. ton TOlllhtln, DBS SRaif 

bcln bcrcitct j 11. 1. hie QRaabclrnilA. 

ljg'ili.-nnc IForc], 

m'lihibule, 1. AI'ii. bit Scrablcnbt. 
Araphibsi'ic o'/j. boritblcnbcnarttfl. 

Amplijbi>lfle'Ieal. 1. a./j.j II. — ly, adu. jrecf- ) 
tcatig, oopptifiiuug. [pclfitw. ,' 

Auiphibai'oB), f. bit 3iDrittntighit, bcr Qbp'B . 

Ain'[ih.'ilw»G h . AmnhjbrSsh'jf , t. Poet, bet Vmie'ilaiine [ W, • 

TfmphitJiai&oS. [Mig.J ari;. manbclartig. 

Ampbfbe^hed'rtl , o<'j". Oyit. boppdwur.E *i»iVU»ISW, J. JW*. her OTantclfrrin. 
Anpttft'oe). '. Hi''- Ampbibnlogy. I jra)Vdalurdal, adj. Min. manbelltcinartig. 

Aapbtm'actr, j. Poet btr Kntpdimactr. limli'veoM [— «hv»]. orfj". ftdrrcnarrifl. 

AmpbUbaSoa. Amphh'ben, *. Zoot. K« Km<fl.W)IIne, 1. f.'/ion. h« CtarhflUmmf. 

poi*hane, W«$tlW<UMc. HWilgm, J.hoi Bohmcftl, JtrtfOnttl. 

Aapbin'cjl [— *h')I]. Ampbr»'c|ana[-ibV»o4|An [ira 3«rommcn6angt an], 1. art. tin. tint 

1. pi. bi« j»af*artia«i 86Ifer. y tin (oor tBntaln n. [a«*atn. D, en] (lummeB 

AD>pMiW*u»l. adj. arap6i«ic«rraIifB>. D h); It. *=lf, cjo. [(W4rit!,tiW.A.«. 

^Dphiihe'atre, j.btteXmpWtbeowr. BA'nn. ado. Med. (ouf gtcccgtm) uon \ttm 

AnphiCieifrjcal, adj. aavpiitfteottalifdj. KnahKp'tj.m, *. &«. ber TtnabaptiSmnS. 

iW t le, 1. adj. n. -ly, ado. mit, Btrfnmia i|Anabiip't]»t, #. Bcc. her Ttnaboprtfi, «8ftbcr- 

hrriH flrof i uaeinatfdjrantt, rciftlire, e6Ilig,| c«ufcr. 

ibtrflnfilfl) eroiebig) fe. priajtlg, a!nni*n Bb *P"' i ' , l c ' - *'* ■*'■ "» anobwtiftil*. 

(«hi retitHafifl, ouefuljclidj, amftonbliib iBAnaba'tfi. «. Mtd. boliSa4fcn,ble3ww6»t 

pirt arofaffenbj Ul. -dcm, a bit iBtittJ btr JtranHtit. 

Xud»'pt!e(-c»J), adj. Opt jndAotrftnb l 

AcoatU inrflfff4atloi6. 
Xnfcimp'cfci, i. pi. 0p<. bit Jtatoptrit 
in»€»tt»rtle, Med. I. adj. bat (Sr&rtdjen 

btfSrbcrnbj n. 4. bit anfroarts ttfrttnbt 


AnKsh'or*", 1. bit GHnRrtltrinn. 
Atiljb/orett Anlc-b'oriSte, AuSch'prtte, t. btr 

£fiebler. LfiUktmttfta. 

choriifjc(— cai), aifj. rfnfitbltrifdj, tin' 
^nlcVraniam, 1. bev 2nad)ronttmti*. 
iaSuhronU'tic adj. anadjroniftifoj. 
inacl&Vtjc, adj. Opt. jutdcdccrfeitb, lurfi* 

flrabltnb i — glmaei, j. pf . SSerlrgldftr, JtnaH* 

flHftt, Bpringglafer. 
AaaclSVtjc., *. pi. Opt. bit Dispirit 
lifcSn'dt, f. Zoal. bit Tfnafonba, Ibgottt" 

fdjtangt, ffiitftnfdjlangt. 

blainttr BiebtrMnbifdji 
AnScrefln'tjc, I. adj. anafrtonrifip ; II. i. ter 
anarrtontifcbc SStri. 

An^dipID'njn , 5. IWief. tit (SSitb(T') 8tr. 

boppelung. [pflitbirngSlciigitit. 

Ia>dt'ie' t it[%ii-|i-f>e'-zbjt],j.JirE({.b(ien< 
Sn'flgl fph, a. Sculp, bit gnnj ab. balbtrbattne 

InigiyYtjc. adj. Sculp, anagloptif*. 

analogifajt atti bar* Vmlogfcj in. -n— », 

1. bit onalegt etfrtjaffencrit. 
ADSl'p^fm, ». Log. btr Muoloaitmut, Sbn* 
TltfttUfojlnf. [Wftfra. 

To iniilVgfte, 0. a. nnclogifoj trtldrcn, ober 
AnaVogan*. '■ adj. ; II. — Iy, adn. analofltfd), 

ifctilitb, gltinjartig, ffltjabnlid), fprarijafcnliifc. 
Anirogy, i. bit Xnalogft) (Gramm. Spradj.) 
To In?]y»e, viO. Analyze. [tbnlifljMt. 

,Anai'j-»ji, 1. Tt. bft Xaaloft : anftJfung, 3tr- 
II ft^una^trltaiwaj^tirglUbcniBBiberlC&rif. 
AVilyit, *. r. pti XMlsttttr. 
AntIyV|e*J, Analytic, I. adj. anatotifdi, auf. 

Wfeirt, (ergliebernb j II. — ly, ado. anaIoti|"4, 

«., buri Xnalaft . 
JUflf tf in, 1. pi. Log. bit XaoIntEt 
To AValyza, v. a. aaalflRrtn, anflojen, jtr< 

W(lys«T> »■ T. 1. btr Xnalifttlnj 2. Dal 
'—'■" Xnaluflrtnbt, luflafnttgBinftttt. 

AnamaeVtic adj. Med. atbadjlniffldrEntb. 
Aiiamijrphtfijf [fT, Won. to.; in-a-morTj 
««, HT>., Sm. Ac] , «. At. 1. bit Utnbil- 
bnng, Sanunblimg btr 8tfUIt( 2. bit 
aptifaje Inamnrpboft. 
Aa9'n(i, f. Bot. bit Ttnanat, bar JKnigSopftl. 
AnVp&t, a. Poet, btr Snapdfl. 
InapeVtjc, JW.1. adj. anopafHfd)* ILi.btr 
Inagllg'e, AnigBg'y, f. Mid. btr TCiitmurf anapifrffdjt StTlfkJ. 

con Slot, ic bur* fcnftai n. Hr&redjoi; 
Theoi. bit (Orifi.) Orvtbnaa (3a fflott)) 
OFftafct Biet. bitXantnbuna con atttgori* 
fdjen estelbn bet altta £t ft. auf bat reue. 

iii«3gW, Biil.& ZTisoJ. Ladj.; II. -Iy, 
arfK. flcSeimjinaia, (g«ft«) er^tbenb j a^rim< 
ntfooa, trijakn. [trad)tURaai. 

In»eBffi». '■ pi- WW. aeitinmifwllt »e» 

An^grSia, «■ A>ei. bat Inogramra. 

in»gr(iniinlf Jcsl (— 1c), I. adj.; n. — ly, adv. 

Xn^grKra'ni?ii(ni, 1. Poet bit Jtttnft Vnagram* 
mt )u bUBtn, K-ittflbung. 

A.n»griiiii'iu»ti>t, s. tier Kiiaflmmmatift. 

To AiL*gram'mBtize,u.n. Mnaeratnmtn maajtii. 

i"n»i, adj. btn ^fttr bttrtfrabj —fin, bit 

infltdt^, AnVlici., a. pi. bit XnalrRtn. 

ln»l«m'nni, 1. Veums. 1. bit BorftcIIung bet 1 bie SBafftrfadjt. 

^oiph'ort, i. Rhet. bit Xnapfttrj Wed. btr 

eintaulnurf, tttttrauinurf. 
AnSp'l?«ti, t, 5ure. bit einrtajtana, {Sitbtr* 

infanutunfagung tints flfbrodjsnai (Slitbrt. 
Snapltrof jc, Surg. I. adj. enaplcti)ii[a), bat 

Slttfi (in IBuaDEa) modjfeninadjtnbi ILt, 

bat fltiitbtrjtugtnbt SXttttt, 
Aa'prlid, a. Qbrtnfritb, ebrnutid) (SfR-n). 
Aa'trtb, r. btr Vnaraj, fldWttnt. 
AnSr'stjc, Aai^blcf I, Anii-jhwl, adj. onoc- 

diifdj, gtft(Iat, lufltileS, serwirrt. 
AnVialfia. *■ Pol- bit Znardjif, IStft(Io{ta> 

Ttit, eErroirmna. [ftjliipni Crbniing. 

An^rjhrii, i. Btr Knacdjifl, ©JSrcr btr go 
InVthy. «. 1, hit Xnatigit, ffitftblofigftit, 

8trairruiig, btr rtgtntloft&tftanbi 2. bn 

etaat oljnt DBtrbaapi, obnc Dbrifihlt. 
iilrtrtsii* Afed.lit|)aat»ttfftrfnd)ti Bot. 

adj. Med. ait bar ^anmalTtc 

liimmtB auf btr gtMbeRSUUt* brtaRtri.l, . . ,._. 

biant j % btr iWajtittrdgtr btiSonntnuftrtn. fudjt bt&afttt, (iaut*) ntRerfflittig. 
AnalV'i*! ' Med . SieSBtrttr&trfbinunatinat ' ' ~ " 

abgtftbrttn JtJcptrtj Surg, bat Sragen 

tintl itrbrodjtnta Slitbtt in btr Sinbt. 
Xaflip'tic adj. ntrotnfiarttub. 

AnoUSp'tla, «.pl. Afcd.fUrftRbalCq«itii. J Bot. -fift otrifitla (cf. Anajlono»i«). 
iDpiftg^cal, L od> anologi 0. - ly, ad*, auf IntitoBo'iji, IgiatEn'oiy, ilnoC. bit trtaN 

AnaitQDiit^e, odj, Afed. bit Oefift ob, Oingr 
oitiwnb, trotfntnbi btn Blutumlauf btHr. 

To AnaVtonhe, r. n. ^na(. a 



bafte BerMnbnng pieier Oefdfc ot rfd>febe« 
nnUrfpninaSi Snedunwe feet CSefdfSff- 
angtnt Bot tit Srcdftetitne Mr Spiral- 
g*f«£t bti 9>flanjcn. 

An*sta»Sr'jc, adj. wit Aaaitomatie. 

Anil/tropha, Anla'trophj, J. Abel, bfe IBorl- 
wrftbintg, 'Xnaftropbe. 

Allfa, Aiiate, f. Bid Anotta. [taebrtt 

Ai/ataae, *. Jfin. btrXnarafl, Difairit, £* 

Awtynfia, AnS.'Ji'ema, /. JEcc. bflS Xut^OB, 

etc BannHud), Jtitcfeenbanii. 
AnatkpnSt'ical, £ee. I. adj. bra ffiann bttref« 

fmS, ba,u gt ^ (rig ; n. -if, ado. nadj Ttrf bee 

Aoiih'f uijti^o, *. rid. Antthem, Anathema. 
AwUA«Mitfzi'cion, t. Eec. bit Berffiutnng, 

tec Sknnftra&l. [bonn tbnn, cerfludjtn. 
To AaliA'eaatlze, c. a. £cc in bra Jtird;ra< 
AnifVe raatlzer, j. ber ben Jtird)enbannflu(b 
JUattfanw , orfj. enten berunrbrfngrat 

-■hell, Coneh. bit Bnitnmnftbei. 

inatSraVal. I. adj ; II. — lj, ado. an«f OBtiflS j 

Jig. tbgrfonbtrt 

Anii/gm&t, ». bti Knotomffer, 3trfllitb«er. 

To Anaf gndie, e. a. cmaromtrtB, jerglkbern 

(aiidj^.). [hrafU 3trgli(beraag. 

Anlfw, x. bit Xitatomie, 3erfl[ifbramg&< 
Aoatre'pV. adj. btRtfitnb, obfltgfBb. 
An'atrSn, i. J.bitSobai 2.baS3Haaerffl[},ber 

Balprttr} 3. btc Slaefdjanm, bit SlafgaSt. 
In'hary, i. trid. Aiubary. 
An/cector, i. bee atator, Tfta, ©tamniMttr. 
An'ceatora, s. pi. bit Socelctcn, Xbnta. 

Aneeattfrjal, adj. rid. Anceifral. 

Aa'caitral, adj. alto iter If 4) ; angeftamortj 
-eatate, bojerbgnt) — right, taslSrbredjt. 

AVceatry, «. bit Xinen, fSorel tern i bit (8bre 
ber) Xbftantnurng, (Seburt, btc Slaram. 

AVc.bor. j. 1. btr (Sdjiffi-) Xnrtrj 2. btr 
$>oten tiotc edjnalle i 3. jig. & //er. btr 
^offrmngeanrcrj 4. btr Vnttc, bat 7C-fa> 
irs(ein^uffigfeittmaf)i comp. ihaak or 
bean of the — , bit X-rut^e j bow — , btr ffio> 
btltiifrn>heet— ,btr$auptanttr;— gronnd, 
bet (gnte) K-gmnbi —bold, berX-granbj 
_6g. Me eitbethttti - itodn, i. pi. bit X 
ftottt.l-bfilitrj —watch, bie X-roatbt. 

ToAsfher, o.L». aartmi borXnterliegenj 
fig. (—on) bti ei»ofl (lebtn blefben, fid) 
btfira (itaDi n - <>. anient, X. werferi, bar 

iVcborable, adj. XtttergrURb blfifllb. 

AVcborage, f, 1. btr X-granb, X-pIa» j 9. baf 
Xnttrnj 8. We ffaunilldjen V. tint* ©djif- 
f«i 4.(dnty of-), ba* X-geD), fcafengelb. 

An'chored,]i.a. l.ror Infer Itegenb,geanrtrti 
B.arierfonntgi 3.anttrartig (oonBcbUngm). 

An'eboreaa, s. vid. Anacboreii. 

An'fbi?r6t, AVsborlte, *■ vid. Anacborete. 

Xn'ch?r]qg, j.l.baeKBhrnj 2.(cb.— pound 
— place,) btrSnrtrpimi 3. basX-gcl6(md. 

AnchaTe 1 , (. Bid. b. f. S. 

AnchO'Ty[R'., Wore, lea Sn'-Uho-vS, ffi,, 
C], j. ic/i. tie Kttfojc-Bt, tuiflemotbtt ob. eiit" 
gelegfe®arttlKi —pear, bit Xndjoitbirn. 

Jncbd(e', j. ofd. Alcanna. [Otlraft. 

ioEbylo'iii, *. Afed. tit UnbetttgfidjWt bee 

Ao'ciency [— ih^ncy], I, vid. Ancient y. 
An'dfiit [— thent, gen., tigtntl. aa'ahenc, 

fT6. *«.], I. adj. alti torig, VDnmtlig, the 

maligj n. s. bie groje Tjflaggt- 
AVcientlj [— iBjnt— ], adv. »or VJtert, 

e^ebem. [t^un. 

in'dfntneM [- ihent— ], *. DOJ Xtttr, Ttlttfr 

An'cleotry [— abeat— ], *. taS KIttr, TOer« 
ttura bt* etatnmeB, bti ®tfo>tc(hU, tie ^tc< 
timft, Xbfuufl, btrTBmmlidjt, aire ffiiirbe. 

Ac/denU [-■beati], i.pl. bie mttn (3Rta* 
fdjra, bit in btn alrtm 3eiten gelebt babtn, 
btf. Qlafftrer tec (Sritcbtn mi OWnter). 

An'efllary, adj. 1. Law, bita|tbar,(a[(fnaab) 
biratnb, unttrgeorbntt] 9. einer aXagt ge> 
bJrig, |tt betrefftnb. [fibneittg. 

Mictp'jtal, adj. 1. jrecibeutigi 2. Bot.jcoet- 

iocle, l> vid. Ankle. 

lo'con, i. Anal, bee Olbogtn. 

An'cone, i. Arch. tftScre, borfpringtnbtXflt' 
bitgnngieinerSRantr, cinelSalcnne)) SnS- 
0. Qinbiegnng. [autgtfihntiebttt eiftnftab. 

Xn'couy, i. /-u. btr on ben 8ntrn nod) nid)t 

And, I. con;, nnbj bread — butler. Butter trot j 
acoacb — ill. tint Jtutfdje mil ftd)ftn to 
go — tee, Ba4febtn) two — two, paarneiftj 
eontr. ft and if it, Ac. — please God, fo 
®otf rciTJ) wnat'i that — pleane you? ntit 
(Sbrtr) Srioubnif, tons ift ta»! n. a. with. 
out ifa or andt, cbnt SSenn u. lltr, oftae 
SBiberrttt, fogleidj. 

Jndalflfja [cai. — aha], i. Grog. Xnbalufien. 

Xn'daJOaite, j. Jffin. berlnbaltfitb, ^artfpatb. 

AndSn'H, Mug. I. adv. antantef TJ. e. tOS 

^Xntante. [meat. 

Ao'darac, t. btr Cantarad), bat rotbe Sper> 

Xn'dtan, adj. Grog. ]B ben Xnben ge^rtg. 

An'dee, i. pi. Grog, bit Knbeit. 

Andlront, i. pi. 1. bie tifenttn (nt. mefflngnt a) 
ofeBerbotfe, f8ranbbin*e (auf bemiitrbe, «.)} 
2. ScatooA. 

JUdrfslr'oBqr , t. Anat. bit jtergtitbrnma 




Andrt'oIHe, j. JHin brr "Jtubrtotif^, Jtrtuj|ttin. 
la'dre*. j. '2(ntrea6 (!K-n)i St.-'icrou, 

Boi. bttS Tf-frout, Sarrfceil. 
AndrSg'ynsl, Lad;,; 11. — ly, ailu. jn)itt<T= 

^aft, jwltterarttg » Bot. anbrogtjntfib. 
Andr&'gjne, AodrOg'ynlU, i. ba6 TOannmctb, 

btr 3 witter. 
A.ndrug'yny, j. bit 3">ifff ttulbuna i Bot. lit 

Znbrognnit, fflnnonbrit. 

AndiOg'ynaui, adj. vid. Aiidrogyunl. 
An'dritd, Andr6?de>, s. btr(rlcine) mcnfdjtidjf 
Xutomut; bit iKarioueUt, Draft tpuppe. 
Andropl]'?gLi, s. t>erQ)(en[Lt«ifrt-[fa-,«u)ir!iba(. 

Androt'^iay, f, Did. Andranatuiu). 
ToAnsal', iri d. To Anneal. 
iu'f cdDtc, *. bit a"ntfbott, tL tStlajidjtr. 
Aneedfifjcal, adj. antfbottnartig, g(fd)ia> 

tenartig. [Bdjmtlsftiitrn. 

Aue'mjfi*. s. Ctem. tin Binboftn ju fincQcn 
AnemflgWiihy, s. Air. tic gBinftbefdjreibung. 
AiitiuiOI'ogy. i. Aer. bit Sebre an. Ib^anbluno 

con ben KBiiibtH. 

Wmom'eter, j. Aer. btr SBinbmclTer. 
Anurn'or^, Ancin'nny, «. flo(. tit Incmeue, 

jftacpfrrofe. [BSfntfabne. 

Anern'oiconc, ». JHecA. btr S8inb;eiger, bit 

An«nd', An< End', (eigtntL on end), adv. Mar. 

fenfredjti the main top-ma*( is -, tit ajroft 

ettagc ifl ouffttftftt. 
Aue(, ». p(. ©mnncn, it. uid. A«n». 

In'efiri(in, ». JWYd. bit ^Ul&abtrgtfdjtOUlft, 

Btr spuUubrrtropf. 

Aneuri^ma!, adj. Med. anturuSmatifcb, tint 
^uieobtrgrfd)ioul|t btrrtfftnb. 

Anew', adu con ffieuEiii, aaf'6 3Teue, mitbtr, 
aitbtrum, ubtrmalj auf tint neut ICrt. 

A ufractu o > e,adj". Anfrnctu m i ty, * . of it. b. f . 8B -r. 

AufraVtooae [— Unu— ], I. adj. roll Jtrum> 
mungcn, frumm, gtrounbtn, UinMigj II.— 
Ma, i. bit Jrrumimmg, sasjtrammc, 8Btn< 
feliflL*. [bung. 

Anfrao'ture [— tshur], i. bit Jttumme, SSitb 

Aogelogra[ihy, &c. Did. Angiography, ic. 

An'gsl, 1. s. l.btr S»Btl(«Ui A.'-)} tne •*"— : ■ 
eb. the — uf dart nesi, ber gngtl Itr Sintltt- 
it| i a. /eft. btr Jtlippfrfdj j n. adj. btn Sngtln 
gleid) , cnglifd) 4 comp. — bed, bat offtne 
Sett, Sttt cbnt ^fojitrtj —flak, ML btr 
OTttrtngelj —like, tngflglcid), tngliffti 
— ibot, bit JtetttnEugelj —winged, * mit 
Bngtiefittigtn ; -wonhip, bit Kngtf olatrit, 
8crt$roag (Xnbttung) btr tSngri. 

AngSi'ic adj. btn Sngdn gltid), tnglifih. 

AngeVjct. j. l.XngcIifii(®-a)i 2. Bot. bit 
5t., Gngtlmurj) —tree (Virginian— ), btr 
ttadjtiidjlt XnaeUrDuum. 

AngeYjoa!, L adj. ; II. — ly, adu. tngelgltid), 
epgeibaft, englififi (audj^g.)) m. — uu, *. 
bit tnglifcbtStfdjiifftnbtit} bit f)Sa)fb «or- 

To AneeTjfy, u. a. Sngtln gleio) ma6)tn. 

Ingell'na, *. Xngtlina, Knfltla (g-n). 

Angciai'afy. i- bit Xngeiolatrit, fitrtb.niii9 

_(3£nbtrung) btr Sngtl. 

AngelOL'ogy, s. bit €ngtKt(rt. 

An'gclot, i. l.bitKagtttfa Qfrtgnute); 2. Btr 
TCngtiot (Xrt JMft nu6 btr Kormnnbit). 

An'geliia, i. «om. Catfc, bus 3fntmariaionrtn. 

Lo'i^r, i. tci 3orn, llnmillt ; £rgrr, Strbrnf. 
~o An'ger, o. a. jcrnig moo>ta, crjurnen, anf' 

^bringen, Argtm, Mf: mucjeti. 

An'gered, p. a. uM. Angred. 

An'gerly, adv. jornig, vid. b. fl. Angrily. 

An'gerncai, i. bat 3ornigrtin. 

JngVn?, ». Med. bit (*atS«) ffirdunc. 

Angi&Vrapby, s. Anat. bit fflefi&rit&img btr 
Jfiiut' unb anbtrtn Strife us tbitrifo>tn 

a iiejsl'obj , s. Anat. bit Stbrt ton btn »tntr 
unb anbercn (Dtfaftn be* tb.itrifd)tn JHnptre. 

Angipmbnoiper'moiii, adj. Bot nur tin tin}!' 
gtft Samtnrom ttagtitb. 

A (i '£ i(«p e rm , j. Bo I.b i t an 310 [pt nni f d) t^) (T a n 5 e. 

XngioepeVmoni, adj. Bot. flngiofptrnttfa). 

JngiOt'piay, *. Surg, bit anotomifibt S«gHo 

In'gte, /. l.btrffiinttt) 2. btr Xngelborea ; 
bit Vngtlt — ol timber, or atone, bit fdjarft 
JranM b(* fflaubolits, btrStefnt; — of ele- 
vation. Gun. btr eitdttiantniinCtE, 9lia> 
tungSMinftl btr Gltfd)n(tt Opts, —of \n- 
tidencOrr (tinfoIIS ntinttt, Sttignngere (nttl } 
—rod, bit IngelmtbtJ —tie piece. Carp. 
tin longer Xuftyftbling, btr eon btr Eaa> 
ftublflult bis sum ffiftbtirpitft gebt. 

To An'gie, v. I. n. ungcln i fig, nad) 0twa* 
oiigeln, firibra) D. a. anEoden, anjitbtn. 
in'gled, v. a. comp. Geoni. fflinMig. 

-tn'gter, r. btrSngltr. 

Xn'gle*, t. pi. bit Xngtln (bfittfdjtr CoIFfi' 


An'gljc, An'gtjcan, adj. imgliFauifuj, tnglifd); 
the— church, btianglironifiSt (tngl.'bifdjSfU- 
d)e) Jtirtbt. 

Xn'glicau, s. btr KngiiFanfr. 

Xn'glieiim, «• btr KnglidemuS. 

To An'glicize, u. n. angliftrcn, engtifd) maa)tn. 

An'gijng, p. t. bus Xngtlnj —line, bit Xngtl' 
ftbnurf -rod, bit Xngtlrutfet. 

An'glo-, camp. — denitb, adj. nngttbdnifd} f 
— norman, I. adj. ongclnonudnnifdj i II- j. 
btrXnatlnormann) -won, I. adj. auatU 

Ango 41 At 

M4Stts n. t. 1. btr TCnflrifo4[ti a. Die U\u*foirfv,*.ltx%ti&«&t»x<»\« i ma>tgt. 

ii/giber, i. Sot. bit £oIjbfrn. 
AngO'lf , nd. Angora. [9. bit Hrf dltutig. 

AVgor, Aa^onr, s, l.btr Sibmn^bic'jMii; 
Angara-, I. com;), —goal, bit AamttijitOf i 

— go«ft k»ir, angoriftbei Jtomectjiegen^aar ; 

— rabbit, bet (tngl.) Stibtnbafti —yurn, 
bat Jtunerigarn. 

Aa'gred. p. a. (tjirnt, anfa.tbiaa)t, tiff. 

.in'gr):j, oJu. 1. jpnrig,im3oniej 2, (ro.fi. j 
f*in(fj)itft, (ntjanbtr, bSfc- 

An'gry, adj. 1 . jornig, bfiftj 2.(i». u.)fd)mcri« 
tuft, entjfiHbm »q — com, tin &6fe5(roE&t5) 
ijubueraagti to be — with (at) one, oaf 

_@iura Sift [tin. 

An'gnfllef, *. pi. Zeal. gobtntuiirmcr. 

JogaiTljforin, odj. Nat. aaifotmig. 

An'gahJi, j. bit 2fngft, Haul, ber Sibnttrj 

— ofmind, MtBttknnnglt 

To Aa'gujib, o. a. nritXngfl ttgrtiftn, qudlcn, 

mif btftfann E5*mtrj dngfiifltn. 
Airgntabed, adj. gedngftigtlj gequulf. 
An'gSJar, I. art;'.; II.— ly, ado. rciltff iig, tctig 

the— paint, btt f)nnH, wo 6t»at tinti 

aBtnttInwd)t; III. — new, ». nritb. f. SB. 
AngiiAVJty, >. bas fflinftliSE, CcRflt. 
An'gfttited, adj. trfig geformt, rointtlig. 
AdeOI6V|Ij. s. n>it Angularity. 
An'gMloo*, adj. ecfig, roinftlig 
Angfiti'tUn, i. bit Kttengang. 
Angnaifty, An'gqitnf an , *. 1. bit 6nge; 

2 eingtfdjrdnftbtit, Xnnutb. 
AHEiutO'ra-bSik [- bkt— ]> * *« Xngofti 

rinbr btf. ant Xrinibab. 

Aiibell'tion, i. bat JtcidjfB, 

inb^druni, adj. ("ft™. Baflttlot, on&abrifdj. 

AnTgbf.AnlghU'i;— nIt,-niti],a<ro. betSaaJt, 

in ber Rnd)t, jnr ifianjrjtit. 
Arr'ii, i. Bat. btr Xail, bit Snbigopflanjt. 
Anlle'ncn, Anil'ity, t. bit) bebt rorib!. Tflttrj 

rant, bat Tnanttbtrma'tigt. [ffi^Eg. 

WjataMe, adj. f ibig btltbt p n>trbtn, Itbtnt' 

Aniaadienal, adj. vid. Animailvcrslm. 

Anim«di£r'iioa, ». l. (». 1} bit SBabmtb* 

snma, JBcntrrang, a'nmtrfirag* 2. bieffie-- 
kbnrogj btr Strrotli, Xabtlj 3. bit 3tn- 

_bnng, Be ftrafunfl (mit on, apon). 

lojau)dver'*jve, I. adj. (it. fi.) mit Keroaf t= 
fern begabt, Baftmebmtnb , bcurtbcilunge> 
fabifli — fatally, ob. II. — neai, j. bus 
rtt Utbtrttgungfl- onb BtuttbciHingsf «f t. 

To inimadvert'. u. a. 1. niaGrntfimtn, met; 
far, trnpfenben j 2. tjeratdfen, obnben, Infirm 
fra (mit ait, apon). 

lu'tmil, 1. 4. batXbitt; fig. front.) tin bunt* 
met u. grobtr QKtnfdj) l[ - alt i- unimdifrf), 
t&ftrifd)j Unalinji— body, btt tbftrifdjt JKt- 
fix ; —economy, btr a-t ©toff, bat a-t 6n= 
fttms —flower, Nat. bit Cttantmont) — 
food, gltffdjna&rnnfli — fanction*, bit tbic* 
rif4rn£5trriibtangtn; —kingdom, — lyatem, 
baG^bitrrcia)} —ipirita, bit Stbtnegciftcr, 


AnjinSI'cfile, j. bat Sbittfljcn. 

injmai'jtj, AD/lmalneu, I. bit X^ittbtit, tbif 

rifdjt eigcnfdfaft. [tbitning. 

ii]|maljifl'tion, I. 1. bit Bcltbimflj 2. S3tt- 

To An'imaHz«, ». H . Iwtriwni vtrbaotn, a[H> 
miliren. [mnntetn, anfeucm. 

To An'jii'Stc, a. a. bfltbtn, btttcltnj A', ouf- 

Xn'jra«te, adj. An'jnilteil, p. a. btltbt, Icbcit" 

big, bcfttltj fig. Itbbnft i * fttltnncll. 
An'jnateneH, t, btt 3aftanC bcS SelcfctfciiiS, 

bat Ecbtn. 
AnjDiii'Uan, j. bit {Bcttbimg, CBtfttlnng, 3)t> 

tocgung, Stb&oftigftit, Scbi'ttbigtdt; bat!B(> 

(tbtnbtj —in trade, bat Ecbtn im j>anbtf. 
AVjmstfve, adj. btltbtnb, beftclcnt. 
Aii'jm-itor. *■ in, bat fflEtettnbc i bat Sebcn 

ob. Bcrocgung trjeagttibt friitcip- 
Aiiirauie', I. adj. Ubbaft, i>i?ig, Itibtnfdjaft- 

lidjj n. -nei», i. bit ^[friijMt, Jilftt- 
Anfmoi'lty, t. bit fctftiflfett, Stibcnfri}aft!idv 

frit) STbittmina, btt Unioilfe, OtoU, 3otn. 
AnimD'ao, adj. Mat. bebcrjt, multig, tegfara, 

IM&ft, Icibtnfdjaftlid). 
Anin'go, s. But. bit 1tnina.amutjtl (ouf ben 

KntiUcn, iUDt dudVrraffiniren). [fame. 

Ai/jne, Atfia (-teed), j. But. bet WiU, KltiB- 
A.nli'er, I. bat Xnttrfdf d)(n i vid. Anchor. 
An'kie, .. bcr Jttifibcl am gafc. 
Xnn, Anne, t. "Sana, |>anna (R-n). 
AnnabS«'>ei,j. pi Com. tint irtgrobrrmoHnct 

3tnat in gmnfttid), fur btn Qaintabanbcl. 

in'nairit. i. btt Innalift, XnnaltRfajrcibcr, 

Qbronittnfajrttbtt. [Gbrtnit. 

Xn'nnlt, s pi. bit 'JCimaftn, Sabrbiiiin't, bit 
Aa'naM, AD'natea, «. p(. Rom. Calh. jdb,t(id)t 


■VmiSt'ti), j. vid. Anotla. 

fo Anneal', a. a. Afrdi. (»ui(f. neai, neniing) 
1.4u6glufccn((31iit, eifrn, it,)j 2. gartcn 
mif ratas tinbrtnntn, anfCSfat maltnt 3.bat 
gcbiaftnt (Biat (in btn Jtu&Ioftn bringtn), 
abfiiblcaj 4. btennen (Jlitgtt, it.); 5- mit 
Eifartt trdnlra, oltn. 

gcn(bci(iSli(|tn(tinen!Bricf,M.>i2.(— to..J 
cttbinbtn (mit), utrrinigen (mit). 



Annci', j- Bofi Sdgeffigtt, ;)abt&ov, btrSn. 

tjMj bit C?tgenfd)aff . 
Aem*Ve>ry, i. baa Srt&dngfet, toie £tnjufflgitng, 
Annexs'tion, «. i. bieHeifflgnng, Xntdngurtgij 

2. Siereinignag, Strbintmta (— to, mit). 
Annexed', p. a. Com. belgefiigt, angebogen, 

AnneVment, i. I. bfe SitrMnbung, *a»Set* 

fugtn; 2. M Strbunlwiu, Seiatfiigte, ber] 
' Kabmtfl. 

AonrbjtaMc, adj. utrnidjtbar, jerftorbar. 
To AnaftjUte, v. a. 1. Mrnfajttn, jerfWren ; 

2. fig. anfbcbtn, nmftcjlen, annttllircn, amoT> 

tircn, amertiflttii, jnortiprften ; to— orders, 

Com. gegtbent Xuftrage ipfoerrufra , ab< 


Annl'hilaie, adj. OtrattKt. 

AnnftflS'tion, #. 1. til Htnrfrbtunfl, 3erfto< 
rung; 2. Xnwrttfartoit , SXorrifltation; 3. 
Kidjrigfeit, ber itferfte JBecfoll. 

Sn'nja, i. uid. Anlae. [lid). 

AmijveiWjly, adv. (alt) jibrtinj, jabretfef«> 

innlTer'ury, I. a 1, bet SafKHag ! 2. Ut 
3«brt6feft, bit 3«*rrtfritr, ba6 Sabrtegang. 
nip; anniveraariw, 3. pi. Rom. Cath. Tta-- 
nitcrfatim , ©((faimrfftn , tie tdglidj bus 
gonje 3nl)c binbutdj gttolfcrt rcerben ;foHen)i 
U. adj. (uijrlia) ; -f«ut, bat Sa&rttfeft 

Sn'nD (lot) comp. ttirf. in A, oiir. 

AVnolIa, s. Zoo/, bit Xflolft, (ta( anwrffa- 
nffdje ©ibedjfe, bit ajtopSeibedHe. 

AnnSm|nS'tion, I. ur'd. Agnomination. 

To An'noLite, «. o. Ttnratrrungen ;n (but 
64 rift mo d)en, anratrten; cmffcbreibeii, auf* 
jtidjnen. [Sort. 

Annota'tion, t. Welainertittig jit einer Sdjrift, 

AnnolS'lionul, j. ciri. b. f. SB. 

Annota'tor [IT. Wore; fin'-no-ti-tor, Vfb. 

Ac.]. *. ber Xnmtrter, Kotenmadjer, Xa»it< 

ger (einer ESajrift). 

Armot/ta, Anflt'tij, t. Did. Anotta. 

To Announce 1 , u. it. anfunbigen, onjrigtn, if 
funntmadjen, amnelbtn. 

Annotate eWnt, s. bit Xn}ef^r, Xnfilnbio,iinfl, 
BitunntmadjuBB. [retttbrtager d». Bote. 


To An no?', o.a. bronrablaen, ptagni, befdjiM. 
ren, ftfrtn, beldftigen, fdjnben. 

Annoy 7 , 5. bieffltlaftigung, ^lagt, etonmn. 

Anno J'ajice, *• ba* edafHgtn, $Iagen, ©to- 
wn; bfe^Iagt, ELiwI, btr iSrrbruf, tic SBt-- 
fdjircrte, Untu&t; Lata, bit !B efdj ft i flung 
(ber Stra^tn. ffirutftn, «.) ; -jurj. (in (Sc 
fajBorritnaertBJt jot llnttrftdjnng SfftntUdjtr 
XnfHf igfsitcn u. Btorangen. 

tnosfer, i. bet Budler, ^(agegrtft, Batn- 
ni^iger, bit $lag(. 

An'nU»l, I. niF)' v idbrii«) ; Bo(.dnjiirtg } Com ■ *. 
— accouat, bit 3o^trtrtojnung ; —balance, 
bit ©tblufbiloni, etbln^tnjnang ; —plant, 
Jiot. tine tinji^rige ^fialtjt ; IL t. 1. Bui. tit 
tintibrigt $fiun,t, bus Somniregtttojfcft ; a. 
bitSabrttfdjrift* IQ.-Iy, ode. oOe 3«S«, 
.. fur tin obcr baS 34c, jtbjftd). 

Jn'nDfrj, fid. Annual. 

Annu'|t»nt, t. ber (3a6tts.)8t(ntntr, »ratm' 
b.fl&tr, SonHotnbtfUir, Qupitalift 

Annfl'jtr, *. bitlnnaiHt, )i>rlin>e &ii rente, 
jjeitrtntt; baS 3abrgelb. 

To Annfil', v. a. annaBiwn, angultig mao>tn, 
moitffietrm ; ufbtben, obf^affnt; Dtnridj* 
ten; Com-*, to - order*, atfltbeneXnftrige: 
wibetrufrn, abfdjreibm; «ala annulled, a of- 
gt^bratr JBtrfauf. 

Aa'Dnlar, AVnBlary, adj. ringfSrraig. 

Au'nOlet, ». bet tltint SKing, ba8 tflingelfl>tn; 
Arch, tint Refnt ttltrectigt ©efinunSofrjie- 
mng in bee bori fiben Saultiiorbnung. 

^noBl'mtnt, t. lit Kufbtbang, XaniKlnng, 
Imortifntion, !Korti|tearii)B. 

An'noISa plicatu'rlya, s. (tot.) * Rcc. ber gi- 
fdjtmtig, bnspdpftl. 3nfkgelj Sab Antntlo 
Piicateris, untn Bern pdpftlicbcn SiefleL 

Sn'nuni, (lot.) ... per— , adv. ... fir tin Ob. 
bag 3otjr, jSpiHd). [e)in}UTto>ntR. 

To Annfi'nifrSte, n. a. binjujdbltn, brfjd^ltu, 
Annumerl'tion, I. bit^injUTedjnung, fflrfreoV 

anng, en}abliutg. 
AnnflncU'Mqn, a. LbieeertttjiblgiragsB. fiec. 

(-day). 3Snrid SSeiFunbtgiutg. 

lonnnqa'lor, ». ber Inrfinblgtr. 

tn'odyne, o4j. bef. Med. fitmeriftUIeBb, lb> 

bernb ; ao — necklace, e(n niagnedfift'ienii- 

fib 1 8 ^alSbonb {at 6t leidjterang b t B .lobnenS 

bei Jtinbtm. 
An'pd) uej, s. pi. Mod. fifemerjfUHenbe SOHttcI. 
Xn'gdynon*. adj. old. Anodjiie. 
ToAnotnf, u. a. 1, folbtn; Jig. einmtiSen; 

2. fdjmUTnt; the Lard'i a-ed, ber ffltfalbtt 

beB$eirni >-Id B -oU. tai Bdbil. 

I noinfer, $. ber Balbenbt. f ©rinttrfdn. 

iDSTnfment, j. ba£ dalben, bit Calbang, bat 
IndWaltr, ad;, vid. Anomalom. 
AnSm'alT|m, t. vid. Anomaly. 
inOraalfrtlc Anfimalii'ljcnl, adj. T. onomnl, 

unregeimdpig, (eon bcrStcgel) abmef^enb; 

— year. Ait. b«S onoinitliftifipe 3n»t. 
Anom'siloDi, I. odj.; II. — ly, adv. 7*. otonuo 

lifd>, unregelndfia ; III. -nen, *. bfc Q» 

An6inVy. i. Gram.li Ait. bie Snomolie; Tft. 



mfctng wn bet Kegel , ffitgt Infbrtgrtft 

nrW-tiMfoIfijele-nltittrob. 3nttrDaUe; i 

utnal — , cOmS H<trnt»JbTige». 
lao* 1 , adv. l. gleid), roglri*, *«£»; 2. tor 

3<ft}u3ttt, inrotiltn; 8. nag gitbftf nit 

GcrfbVtneitbaii ever mod—, inuwrfort, 

bri jrtrc 3tl*grabcit. 
4*oVjm*J, adv. uid. AaanynoD*. 

L adj. ; 11-— I), atic. aitMiem(ifd)), 
obne Kimrn, nngcnannt; — lodety. Coin. 
We tUBBBK (nanirnloft) ffiefcUfdjiift ; III. 
- nets, *. bit 3fiujnijmi tit, UngennnitibeLt, 
Ktnitnsirfajiijfig ting, [rerle. 

ki/vHt, s. Med- bit TfprtiaoBflWt, Itno. 

Aaotb/er, ndj. tin anbtrtr, cine <mbm, tin 
anbertfi; folgenb, n£d)ft; ncdj (incc, tine, 
tinrf; Dtifdjitbtn; one- rinanbtr, gtgttf 
[ntig; one after—, nnd? einonbrr; from— , 
eon tinaibtr; ape anoDf — , untrr einaRbctj 
out with -, aft cfaubtt, Bribe, XEe, p. 
[anuMii, Oisl ta'l Xnbtrt gertd>nrt, 

Siiflt'ta, J- bet SDrlMUQdUmCBtla ortilanu 

l_)i bann ktr Shkan, Xnnotto. 

Vauugb, Anow, uid. Enough, Enow, 

An'uted, odj. geb>nrclr, mit |>anbbabtn. 

AaipblaV, * (franj.) Slit, btr iStfrettt beim 

To AVewer [Sn'-aer], a. I. a. I. anrroctten, 
(OtmK) btnntnwtien ; 3. ffltnuge, golge 
Itifttn, genag tftan, abbtlfert, trfuDen, befrie= 
bigen, btju&Un; 3.((iaerettdje)entfprca>tn, 
genu r friu; i.rrnilrttni; aieber&olenj 5. bfi« 
ftni Com-*, ta -a bill, tinea SBcdfjelbetfen, 
tlnloftrt, bejoiltm to — m claim, tine fioc 
eenrag gnt DWdjtn, rine6<bult) enrritbtenj 
to — a debt, 1. tine eojttfb bcjablen; ». fur 
eiM*3a>utb Surge rertbmj to - exlgenciea 
IKaSXangdietftmangeOenlgegra temmen 
it a-a ao parpoee, (5 bilft ju niiblfl ; II. n 
I. antnottrn; a. jid) MtaittwerttBi ffiebe 
tub Intwort gebea, Btedjenfujaft gtben, ftt> 
tons wruitasrtcm 9. bfirgca, gut ftin, rfn< 
febra (-far, fir...)} 4. fid) (eot ffler(d)t) 
ftcQeaj Qtim wrtieinn b. Baffin, tangen 

!t.( 6. gtKngtB, Mfdjlttgnii to — "gain, «■ 

mirttrn, tntgegnra, otrfe»tn. 
i«'iwfr[4o'-*er], j. 1. bklntraort; bo* Int. 
wortfdjreibeni 9. bie fftedjtnf^afti 3. bcr 
Cunonrf, MtlSibcrlegung, ©egenitfjrlfr, CTe- 
trafloi; Xntttriiflj Lam, bitffleplfr, XnU 
sort a>f efattJtUge] Jm. tic Inftoort bes 
Senate ob. be* $auftf bet Sttprifrntanten 
oaf bit (Srtlffmmgsrebt teS ?pra[ibtnt(n btr 
V. et et. be* Oenbcratuie tint* btr Staa* 
ten (»** im aul. ^arlomcnte bit Xbttfle 

ifl); Afar, btr Scgrngntf (nit J 

Id'iwo r*ble [So'-ier-able], I. odj.; II. -If, 
adv. 1 . bcanttssrtlid) $ ecrantnortlitft ; 2. ntt- 
fprtd)cnb, fltmif, fibtrrinftimmmb, ecrb,ilt> 
nitmWgi angemtfftn, (djicflidji glcii, dbn< 
lidn 111. -oeu, *. i. bitJBiantiocirtliajreitj 
eeranroortlicbfeit ; S. Kngcmtftnbeit, Sljit- 


Ao/avarer [In/^fr-er], 1. 1 . ber IntteortniM, 

ffltattttturter j 2. fflcgntc, fteyllfflnt. 
An't, A'n't, 1, cunir. vulg. fit: am lot, are 

aot, ii oot; - it! nidjtraa&rS a. (ft. Mil 

if it), unb menn, nenn, vid. in And. 
Xot, *. Ent. bie Imcifc; —bear, —eater, btr 

3T-itMr,X-iifrtfrer; -eggi, I-ncicri -bill 
r (-hillock), bet H-nboufenj -Hon, ber K-n. 

iataVjd, oid. Antiacid. 
^DtaVoalan, ». bet IkWfttrRlcU. ffiibcrftanb, 

bat (Segtnflrtlien, bit fficgenmirfung. 
Antayonlat, 1. 1. 1. bci ©egntr, ISiberfafrr) 

2. bat ©cgent^Eil, QKgmftuiIj Anal, btt 

Otgenniuttel ; II. adj. vid. b. f W&. 
JntigFjoii'tjc, adj. wibiTRrcittnb. 
To AntSg'rjBiie, v. n. mfbtrflrcitcrt, niMf 
' fttrcben, (Sinem) rntgtgen ftitt. 
Xnt»nacls'ija, j. Jthet. bit In(anaHafie. 
Antgpbrodrt'lc, adj. Mtd. anriucncrijd). 
Antaptppif c't)c adj. antapaplcttifdj, toitffaa 

gegen ten Sdjlugfiof. 

Vntiirc'tio, adj. Gcog. ban Korbcn entgegtn- 

gefe(t, ant esfibpole, fublld), ontarttifib; the 

— pole, or the — , btt ©ubpol. 
Antart/iril'lo, adj. aidjtttilttlb. 
Anta»thniiflc[--Bit— ], adj. gat miber bte 

In'te, (lat.) jiartic. camp. SJot«. 
Wtelct, i. baiectgangene, bit frub(tt|>anb> 

lung ob. 2fcut; a-«. pi. rergangene Cingc. 
AnfjceJ.Vn^out. adj. borftctgebtnb. 
ToAntecide',t>.n.(ber3ritnaa))t> orbc tg cb c n . 
intecS'dence, Anttci'dt ncy, j. bat 8otb^r> 

.geften, frii6.tr BotSanbtnf tin. 

.nttcB'dent, I. adj.; II. — I), ml*. Vcrbn- 

g(b.enb, vorgAngig, corlau^g, ror; —to. 

cber, ale ... * IlL«.basSotbctgtbcnbc; Oram. 

bat IntetcbenS, brfgl. Log. u. Math, trr 

Sorbrrfat, bal Sorbcrglieb. 
JnteceVior, j. btrSorgfingtr (in eincm Vmlt, 
_w.), «3erf(itrimfflerie4 ^g-.berlfnfubrtt. 

An'tScbSmber, t. ba8 Sotjimnilr. 
An'teeliSptl, ■>■ bit Siurtopcllc, Sorballt. 
Ante{hrti'tj»D, adj. t>ordjriftlid). 
(LDte'nlani [— ebjoz], I, pi. Grog, bit fflt- 
gtanob.ncr (vid. Anteecl), 

Ante A 

Anttcui'mjr, i. Uc Borliofet. 

To An'Udlte, v. a. fn'iber 6b. jurfiilbatiren} 

* Dorfdjmectrn, oertrapftiiicn, Porgtniefenj 

Mi a-d old age, (in frufceg TCItcr. 
In'tedate, *. Has friiljtrt Sotnm ; #ber»or= 

fdjnwf. [tljig, aniebtluoianifd). 

Antldjla'vjal, AniadjlB'vjan, adj. potfunBflu< 
Anted i in' vi»n», a. pi . bit Inttbf luoianer. 
An'telope, «. vid. Anlllope. 
Anteio'csn. adj. wot DDt £agtS Tfnbrud) ift- 

AntSmertd'jan, adj. Dormittflgig (uirf. A M. 
ia 1 after.) 

£ni£nitr'|c> adj. guC loiber baS etbrcdjtn. 
ADtemJf ju (\4ii/«ne!icaj, i. pi. Afed. ante 

mettfdje. Qfrbrtnjen ftitltnbt SRitfcl. 
intSraun'dane, adj. Oct ejrfajaffung ber SSelt 

Dct^anbtn gewtfen. 

Antcn'naS, I. pi. Enl. bit $fifc[f)5rner. 
Antenttm'be r, t. bit borbtrt 3«tjl. 
Xntenup'tia.1 [— ihol], adj. porbodjjdtfia). 
AntepSi'cbal, adj. oor Bftetn. 
An'tepsit, i. bit Heint ob. geringt8onnii$I" 

|dt) fig. bcr Borgnnf , Berfdjraaif. 
An 'tap 8 null, Cram. I. adj. bet, Bit, BaS Britt- 

Tcfltc ; II. j. oid. B. f. m. 
XntepenBI't|in«, J. '.'ram. bit Dfntcptnitltfma. 
intepenul'timate, adj. Cram, itirltnrepcnnl' 

tima Qtljorig. 
Antlpil«p't|c{-ca1), adj. Mid. an(iepi(tp= 

ti[d), gut raiser bit goIIfu*t. [Mittet 

AntSpii*p't]c*, i. pi. Med. antiepileptifdjt 
in'tspDrt, i. bat doftre Xbor. 
Xnttprifi'iion, s. Gram, bit Siorfe^ung tines 

SSortt*. [ment. 

Antipredlc'amfnt , i. Log. bn& iBotptoBica= 
AntS'rjor, AnteVjour,o<fr{— to)t>or&trgc&tnb 

(bee 3dt nab Bern Kmimt nod)), nc 

titer, alter. 
Joeerliir'jty, *. 1. bat Sfcerfein, grii&erfein 

(btr3tit a. bem Erte na*); 2. berfior;ng, 

Scn-cng, bie 66bcre SteUes S.baS iibi 


in'terdom, j. BaS Sorjinimcr. 
AnteitOm'Rcb, ». -4nat ber Sonnaaenj (bd 

bem geberc-iet) *cr Jtropf. 
Antbe'lj<Hif— t-b— ]. j. PAy*. bf( ©egenfonne. 
Xnlnetmin'tlc, adj. ant&eimintiftt), flotroiBct 

bit SGurmer. 
in''/ifni,.".btt«Bt(tif(In)or,Storflcfang, $on> 

gefang, (jdliat ob. gfiftliibe ®efana, bit Wto= 

tettemitErgcIbcgleitung; — wise, adj. roca> 

ftlmi\t d)or|ingcnb. 
An'thSmj*, i. Bui. bit rimiftbc Jtamitlc. 
Xn'(n«r, i. B»t bit Xntoere, berStaubbcntel. 
Xn(/(i>l6g'jca], adj. ant&ologifnj. 
AntAfllVBy, I. bfeXntVIogit: l. lit. tic YE* 

l Anti 

SanMuna fiber (Stamen; 2. fig. Lit. c-ietBfa- 

maUefd 3. Gr. Cfc. tint ©amtniung pen 

Xntli'ony[-tony],».aBti>nine, Vaton <« «) ; 

St.— '•-fire. Mid. bag Xntonittfrgcoct, tie 

Stofe, bcr Diottlouf. 
Xo'tAoi,*. l.flat.ffiluatcn,8lut&cn; 2.0to£> 

marin ; 3. >«di. btc Elutntcffcnj, bae ®olb= 

tliiiti 4. bte f)cr(cf cnj. 
WUirfdl*,*. Min. ffilani[D&tt,Jtotlcn6Icnbc. 
An^iracOin'cter, J. CViem. (Cr inttraFomCtCr, 

JtotltiifiuicmefTct. [fnnfd. 

Xn'tfirax, t. Mtd.k Vet. bit ^cftbcule, JTar« 
AntAropflg'nij^y, j. Wi. bit 3Rcnfd)cn£cnntnip, 
_3Kcnfcbcnrnnbt. (gmigsicbrc. 

AnUiropug/ony , *. i*. bit !RcnfitinicriCU« 
iothrapQe'rapliy, Ant/u'opSI'ogj/, I. /ft. bit 

ataturletrt Bee menfdjen. 
ABthrSp9m5r'phjfak ». £cc bcr Intftrcpei. 

AnWirupomar'pklle , i. Ece. ttt XntftroDo 

morptit. [popattie. 

lathtofip'fthy, i. Ph. A Theoi. bie Sutbro^ 
AnWiropopb'agr , » p(. bit SBntfibenfrefrcr, 

Amhrgpapb'fgoai, adj. mcnfdjrafrclTcnb. 
AnrJirppuph'agf, «. bol SRcnfdttnfrclfcn, iii 
^MenfajenfrcfTetci. [ybnfipgnoniit. 

Anlftropii'copy. #. P/i. bit Wcnfdjcnfdtau, 
Anl'iropiJo'irpb;, i. Ph. bit Jtntljropofppbie- 

Vra, AnthyiUr'ic cor. (t A^tlbypnotic, Ac 

Xn'tj (gricd).) partic. comp. wibcr, gegen. 
AniiSb^ii'iiunT.t, *. 1. bcr Tlnrlabolirienift, 

©cgncr ber eclavenflbfdjaffung j 2. Qdnb 
_bcr ftttterunflcn. 
AntjaViu, M» rf. 1. nrfj. bcr Bdnrt Bibcrftctotb, 

Bie 6aure bdmpfcnbj ILn-i, i. pi. SXitKi 
^gegen tic Sdurt. 
Anti»mer'jt?n, ndj. aatiamcrtlantfn). 

AntiSpoplie'tjta, t, pi. Mtd. WtMcl aegtn 

ben ®d)[agftnf. 
Antj*rl/>rrt'|c . Afrd. I. adj. antart&ririftb ; 

1L »-«, j. pi. gjd}tUnbcntbc DXitKI. 
AntiMtrft'ion. i. Mech. rincedjmicrc, um bie 

Stcibung bd Mafdjinen, it. |a vcrmiMbcnt. 
An'tjc. 1. ndj.; II. —if. adv. 1. ult, nitrate 

rifd), altmobifn) (oi'd. Antiqoe); 2. fcttfom, 

grotefit; 3. I£djtrlia>, abcntcucrlid)) III. i. 

l.btr^ofrcnreifcr, f)nntnnrttj a.BicSiauc, 

Saufcicij 3. kit (Sefpenft, 6d)cnfali 4. bie 

Snrifr (u id. Antique). 
To An'tjc, d. a. [urn Storrcn mad)en; tld)cr< 

lidimanjEni Mrc/i. antif ortdtcin cinffludj 

ouf bem Cajnittt nit gignren (itren- 




Iitwfk&'^c adj. Med. Hiititadjcrrifrtj. 
in'ljdbobtr, i. rid. Antechamber. 
iVtjcbrrat £ Wore], *. bcr Snttcirift. 
Antfeariafi*]i, I. adj. witerflfriittid) j II. 
stt *!itbtd?n|T, (Sbri|tenfctnb. 

A.iliitri*t'i?ni^m, Antjclirijtjitn'jty, j.b«Xn= 


Au'lichrootsm, 1. ttr 3ottd)ri>ni*BtU*. 
To AntVipSte, v. a. 1. Wt t« 3ttt 

Mtfetr (mtg) nebmat, oorgtfifau a. noraui 
%tau$m, uotcraofiiibEii i 3. ntcbtohneffinmb 
abaa? DOMoefejtnj 4. juuert ommen, esc 
t«(B, binDtrn ; to— payment, Com, antitipi' 
rta, wrttr3(it3e&Inngtriltenj a-d appeal, 
Law, bit anticisirtt UpseKatioii i a-d old 
age. rin frfibjcitigcS liter. 
Anticipation, f, I. bafl )6orau6 nebm tn, bit 
ec-noegna&rae, tog Sorgmftnj a. btc»oc= 
fBUppiiBnnOjbtrBoifimarfi baeSergcffihli 
taftfiboniniffirifttSebnn 3. beroorgefaf U 
StgriftbaeSornrtbtil; 4.tieern)arruugi 
5. fta*3uwrMnmeni Cm-* tieXnrfripan< 
loiflblunn, a Cto-jablung i by—, auf X6- 
(djUg, ■ Sonto; auf Sieftrimg ; a-«, pi. Ttn= 

Antit'ipitor.i. l.Sinre,btroorber»cgmmmt, 
eorgrrift, iraortonunti 2. Com. ttr S5or= 
Hufrr. [niefent, oorgreiftnb. 

AnuVip?t?rj, udj". ootlieg nebmenb, Dorgt» 
XniicG'm?!, f. RAW. bie utngefcbrtt ©trige 
rung, Stgtnftrigertrag. 

ADtiogmCftS'lioo?!, Pol. adj. aittiCODfUtutiO' 

n(K, wrfaffragtBitrig. 
intjitfn.titu'tionair.t, s. Pol. bnr Xnticonfti* 

tntionelfe, Btrfafltragegtgntr. 
iatjcpnvfil'iiTe, orfj. ifrd. antieonbulflcifd), 

gut wfexr »(rju«nngcn. [fdjt 3Ritttl. 

AnljcSnvflf*)ve«. «. pi. AW- antiicmottlfiol' 
Aa'tjcur, ». Fwv bit 0ntfr)e|4»vlft. 
AntlcoaneVjc, adj. Mtd. ttr Sdjinbcit IMib: 

ibrilig, untitoBmrtlfa). |Wit!cr. 

4otiojMi«tlci , ». pi. Med. aitrtrof-metifdjc 
An'ticOortlert-Uhnr], i. b«r (Signer Dl.gcinb 

6t$ £cftS, edjronjtnfdtvb. [©4 6pfet6. 
Antjcrttftor, J. Mr Qcgncr ob. gtint bes 
in'tfa, j. pi. «rotferenfr/. Antic & Antique). 
An'tidlt*. «. * V. COT. Bid. Antedate. 
Satjd*a W T«'t<!. -<*<■ «#. **'■ «ntib(«i 

fwlif*. btr «ulr*6errfd)aft frinblitb. 
Antidilrrvjan, adj.ks. cor. vid. Antediluvian 
&Vtfdul*l, AntidQ'[?ry, nil}. Med. miftboia= 

rifd): 1. ali ffltgritgift bitnenb; 2. bur ben 
Gkgrngiftcn Uonbtlnb. (Qcgcnmtttel. 

Li'tjdute, .<- 1. Afed-baiflttgcngift J 2..j%.boB 
To IVtidnte, w. a. 1. Med. ffltgengift tinge 
hut 9. fie- »nr* •egaarftttl crbalten. 

A ntjdj>e.nte'r'je, odj. M f d. antiboff nrmfrb. 
Antjeiflfit'jcB(-l™). *■ pi. nfd. Anteinetica. 
Anttent, Antlentry, Jlc old. Ancient, Ac. 
An'ijfsce, i, Ht Segcngcfitbi, tit entgegenge 

fette Stite. [mer. 

Antjfan.lt'lc, *. bet Jrinb bcr ©laitboiSfiijrodr. 
Xnt]Rb'rik, adj. Med. [itberbeircnb, fwbtr- 

AntifSb'rjIi, ». pi. Med. gicbtrmitrcl. 
intjRd'erairit, i. Am. Pol. bcrXntiffbcralift. 
Antjgue'l«r,».Afec;i. tin getrummtcr, mctaflo 

ner (Sififfigreitft.) fttbtr. Ltcrflctcitt. 

Antjlij pnot'ic adj. Mtd. btl Sdjiaffudjt mi- 
Ant.j]iynnut'jcs , *■ pi. Med. antdqpnDtifdjc 
3Xitt(I. [finpt/ibonbru'. 

intjhj'ppckbn'drlf c, adj. Med. gut lotbtr tic 
intjbyVpcbuVdrjac*, t. pi. Med. anribnp^ 
d>oiitrifd>( SXitttl. [<3cgcnbc»ti»|ttllt. 

AnijbypBph'qra, i. Mtet. bit Xnfiibrung tincr 
Antjbyiter'jc, adj. Med. <tntibt)rtcrifdj> 
An i i hyus^jci, i. pi. Med. uJtitrci gcgen bit 

.ntjlegom'enf, >. Bibt. tic Tfntfltgomcna. 

intjlOgVKhm, i. Math, bcr Xntilpgncittmc. 
Ant'il'oKy, j. Lii. bttKntiIogie,tcraBittrfrrcLt 

bcr (Sruntt fur nnb nibcr cintn ©an. 
AntiiDnn 1 , i. Com. tin Stamc b:S fttnen brcitcn 

e^alonS. [jicgt (in Xfitn unbXfrifo). 

A n't j I Ope, j. Zool.ticlntifopc,®fljcllc,§irfd); 
Xntimin|iteVfal, adj. Pol. ttm OTiiiificriura, 
crStcgicrung frinblicb. [rieac. 

..itjtntni«te'r]»ir«t, j. Pot. bcr Iniitniniflc 
Antjinflnarsb'joai (AntjmflnSrth'fc), Poh 1. adj. 
nnrimonardjifdj ) II. —new, #, bcrTCntimt' 
nard>iemue, f>af gegen bit 5Honard)it. 
AntlmSn'arjbht, t. Pot. bcr XntiiticnCitrbift. 
AntiinO'njal , adj. C/irm. antimonifd) , JUm 

gpttpglap: gebirig, baraus btrcitct. [fttij. 
Xntjmo'niste, s. Cliem. Jas©pic(giani(Ht)b)= 
Xnt|mo 7 ajlted, adj. Cltcm. fpicpglaSbaltig. 
An tjra Anions adj. Cltna, anttntontfo>(— acid. 
1 6pitpglanift!urt. 

'tjmnny, n ba6 Zntimonium, Soicpglas. 
....ijiiior'slht, j. bcr Jtinb Bcr Siniitbrcit. 
Antimn'iiicBi, adj. niftt mufifalifd); ebnemu' 

flralifdjcS C2cbBr. 
Antjospbrft'lc adj. Med. untincp^rttifdj. 
Antinn'raian, I. adj. fctnblid) gcgvn bat- fficfes ; 

ju ttr ©ccte bcrXntinomiflcn gcbfrigt H. i. 

Did. Antinomist. 
AntjnC'nijHnf. i. p(. See. bit antinomicr. 
Antjnii'mianffin, j. ficc. bcr XittinomiSmu*. 
Xn't|nomI»t, s. bcr Xntinomifr, ffltfetfturmcr. 
in't|nomy, s. bit Kntinomlt. [ViK\i>. 

AutipS'pal, Xnl]papWtiB (~e»l), adj. ADttpa- 




XntipKr^Ift^c (• c»l), adj. Med. ontiparall)* 

Antip»WSflc»l (It tJp»tM«c), I. o* ; n.-ly, 
adv. von Wafltr jureiber, roitrig, roibcrftre- 
t>tnb, uncntciglisj ) Di.— new, (.baiVw 
tipatbttifdje, natitctidje 3u»ittrfetn. 

Anti'ii'al/ioni, adj. viit. Antipathetical. 

AntTp*? thy, t. tie 3n tipatfiie, bit (Katun) T6- 

ntigung, btr $a% Ebfajtu. 
AntjpSIrjafjc adj. unparriotifa). pCtttrflt. 
XntjpeVdigm, i. Oi. bus SJortymaMitd) Don 
Antlperis'ttrt*, t. F%j. bit Kittipcrlftafe. 
Antip«itjl«u'ti»l, adj. Alerf. antipcfrilentia. 

Ufa), pe fit client. 
Antiphloeh'tlc I. adj. antip&IogtfHfib, tntjnn- 

btmgeroiSrig, $i$t bJmpfcnb) If- » . Med. 
. l.bicXntipbloaiftifi a.berSnrip&Iogifttttt) 

a.*, j. pi. Afrtf. QXtttcI grgen ©nfjiinburtg. 
An'tiphBn, j. Mus. bet SBtdjftldjor, Otnen' 

flcfano (oid. Anlben). 
Antiph'pDBJ, I. i. loic Antipbonnry, qo., II. 

adj.; m.—ly, adv. imraedjftlnjorfingtnb: 

in ebiwajfttnbm 6&iSrtn. 
Antfph'onary (Antlpb'ontr). t. Rom. Cath. 

bat Itntipfionorium, (%rbud). 
LnttpVoai, Antfpb'ooy, *. vid. Antipbon. 
IntlphOn'lc (— en!), adj. antipfanifd). 
^ntTpfrvfi, An'tjptirSie, i. Gram, bit TLrtti- 

pbrafe, ttrlStgenfiim. [ado. antipfcraftifd). 

Anrjpbra«'tjcal (AnrJpbraVtjc), I. adj. II. — ly, 

.AntTp'f dnl, Ast. I. adj. antipobifd), tntgegtns 

the - meridian, ber WtittaflSfWifl ber ®C= 

gentler ; n. »-i, i. pi. ffiegcnfiijler. 
^mfp'odea, *. pi- Ait. bit Xntipoben, (Begin- 

_fuftlcrj joe. (Biberfaihet. 

An'tipOtfon, j. but Segengfft. 

An'tjpupe, i. bsr Stgtnpapft. 

An'l|port, *. eid. Anteport. [Jtirajt ftfnb. 

Antrprel»t1c(-e»l>, aaj. ber Mft4ff<4fli 

An'ijprleit, *. btr^rfefltrfeinb. 

Antjprtert'craft, t. baS ttitrpfaffntifji 

Antjprin'cjple, t. boS ©cgenprlnclp. 

intjprOpb'et, '■ ber ^ropbettnftinb. 

An[jpto'»i«, i. Gram, bit Oofn»otr»ta)felung 

_(in btt Gonftroerion). 

AntjpO'rjtsn, *. berfltgner ber^Jnrftaner. 

Anti'qa?, Germ. Tyji. allt latrinifihe 9ud)< 

Auiliuft'risn, I. adj. bit WttrtbumrT bttrtf> 

fmb, Ql(ertbaniHa)4 li- *• »It Aorlqaary, (v. 
Anl|<|Di'ri»nt(n, j. bit Sebbrierei ffir Tfnti« 

auititcnt Elttrttnmrtrf. 
Sn'ifflDiry, i. 1, ber Tfitff guar, JtnuttT tub 

Sitbbaber btr Xrttrt&njher, mttrttjnmSfor. 

[djttj 2. Xntff«n)t'iiMcn a. euoStrtribler 


To Au't)<|uuic, u.a. otralttn ob. abvommca 

Itfitn, abfibaffen, onftebtn. 
An'tjqoStfd, I. p. a. ubgefommen, oeralttf; 

II. — nem (Aotiqnnteneu), ■■ l.balStral' 

trtt j a. Straltfffetn. 
Intjqul'tloB, i. 1. bit Xbfibaffungi 2. but 

Strnltctfein, HKtrtbom. 
Anflqne' [-0V], I. adj. 1. aft, anlif j 2. tit. 

mobifd), altolttrifji (.fttifom/flWttWfeW. 

Antic);— oil, ttnDI far baSfiaari — work*. 

pi. nltt Aunfttvtrttt II.*. i. bit Intifc, »«* 

](It(rtbHmefra((,b[(aIttJhiBftarbritj S. M 

XliertSum; 3. btr^offraretftr, j»nenurfl 

(rid. Antic). 
Antlqae'n«» [-tik'-], i, bafi ZttertbHmltojf, 

baB alttrtfjumliaje Inftben (tintr ©otbt, brf. 

tints Jtunrtgtgtnfbtnbtl)- 
Anifqajt;-, i. 1. tat Htfctjuw, tit i'oi-jtit; 

collect, bit jnttn ; 2. btt "Jfntitfoitat, bao 

altt Jcanftiotrf, altt 6tfi(ti utii]aiti«, pi. 

Tfltcrtbfimtv, Ititiquitiltn. tnutg. 

Antji-evpia'tion, f. JbL mod. btt <8tgtn«np6> 
Anljf Sv^lu'lionarj', adj. Pol. btr eitoa«nm> 

iDtlljung, ttr 9mpjntng ftintlid); mod. tint 
^(Stgenumroatjimg btjmeeTtnb. 
AntjrivijIfl'tioniiC t.Pol. 1. btr Stgntr *k 

BtflatSumwiljnng, btr8mpSmng} 2. mod. 

btr ffltfirbtrtr let (SegtnumicuiljBiig. 
Anii-Sbh»ts'ri»n, t. Ecc. ter SoHotbSfruib. 
A DtfiXcerdD'tfl, adj beta Vrftftrrt^nnte ftfnb. 

Anti«'c]ani,Antlii'cit[— »h'i«nt. -fih'jl], *.pl. 

Ait. bit of ben berfajiebtnen Stittn be* taia* 
tore »ob,ntnben esifer, Segenfibottigt. 

intjatijrbfl'tlc (-»l),adj. Me& flirttfCOrbn«fd>. 
Ao'tiscprba'tja, j. pi, Afed. anttfcorbntif*t 
aXtrttL [Uugnen ttr btiligen 64rifi 

AntjicrTp'tar^m [-Uhor-], *. Ece. bit lb- 
"intlacrip'tarjit [— tabsr— J, i. Ecc. btr K6« 

Ifngntr btr b. tiligen 6d)rift [frtbenb 

Aoti«ep'tic, adj. Med. btr ?p!nlni( ibibtr. 
AntjuVM, «■ pi- Afe rf. Qiitifepttfdjt tRittel. 
Ant lavdal [— idhI] , adj. l. ungtfeHig, bti 

menfd)Ua)en Qefrnfajaft fajdbiidji 2. r t Her- 

Antli'poari, *. Mtd. bit »Irftung btr Saftc 

naeb einem anbtm Xb/flt b« JKrptr«. 
AiitjupiiiBiBd'jc, adj. Med. rrampfftillenb. 
Antjipafmfid'iu, i. pi. Med. frampffriilenbf 

AnrJtpiU't|c, adj. Med. ■tltitenb, antifpaftifd). 
Antjiplin'etfc, adj. Med. tit (Salle abfflbrrnbi 

mtlifadjttjtiltnb. [Dberprtblger} Xbt. 

intti'tii, i. ber Sorfte^er) Eberpriefttrs 

intfn'trgp-lie, Anth'trpphy, i.Fort. bit Otg(iT 
ftropte; Gram, bit Intifttopbt. [ftropljt. 
Antri'tr^pbCn, i. Rbtt. bie Btttorflon, Xnrt> 




Inijibtait'ie, a*". Med. iropfoectreifanb, 
ItropWn&tilttlb. [Jtropf. 

IntjitrilBaVjc*, *. pi. Jlfed. SBiHel gegen ben 
ittith'im, t. I, Met. bis Xntitbefe, Set ©e« 
jnfm, tie gntgegtnffSungj a.^g. tie Wei. 

Antjf.'ieii'rji'n. *. Law, lie duv&tfdiitbmg 

tes Baba^eni son CSeften fete Kngetlngttn 

uf ben JtUatr. 
AHjlMSfie, IntjfAaVjcal, 0( y. JUiet nnttt&t' 

M6, 3tgtnfJtU4, eorgeflengtfteu't. 
Jo tiiJi'StfB, ». Gran. Dei (Segenfaf, Xtttttge 
_t«i OegentbeOI. 
iiijtnijti'rjtii, Ecc. I. j. feer JDrrieiiiigteite: 

tjsgitt) D. adj. an lilrini tariff. 

Wijiypt, v. Her Ttbbniifi bit "Mbbiltung : 

T'ltoi. Sas Oeaenbilb, @egem-orbi!b. 
intjtyyjt*), adj. gtgentolMtdj. 

AntiveneWal, adj. anriBenerifd). 

intiitrift [<u4 Sntjz&ri'gt]. j.btreiftrfeinb. 

tidtr, i. Spurt. DflS imtcrfte, erfte ffinbr am 
Vi:%tiwiJ( unn fftebbottSgebcnte; brow- 
lutkri, bit Xngrafprop'tn, nattrn @nb«nj 
inr-Brbev-utleri, Me obcrnGntenj bet—, 

_tiS ten in fern tSrtit Sidrfrftt. 

in'tler**, erfj. gehornr, geiMibtragnib. 

Aa'clfMlce', i. tafi 3da*o)en. 

Anlocow, i. Fw. cor. vid. Anticor. 

Artortj, i. pj. Ait. bit <Begen»o&ner. 

in'tntta*, — sfeJoYa, ». bic 9Kntterfltnnirj« 

jmii'nja. i. Sntonw (S-n). 

intniKjBi'^^bjaj, AntonomVy, », Met. 

\'t Xntnuinafle, Kamenwedjfelima.. 

;n tony, i. vid. Anthony . 

iitrrap, a n'lorf, j. 6tog. Intwerpen. 
*'■»*, i. Anat. Her Xfter, b«6 iuptrftt bet 

ii'ijl, ». bcrXmfcof; riiing— , btr jtwtfpitf. 
H Smbot, f>oniainbol, bnl Sjerrfcorn. 
Wiped, p. a. auf bem SmboS gefAjmitbet 
t«Vtty,*. l.Mt (^tri«i5*>lfueft, fflangig. 
frit,8t(o[gtiijl,gur(bti 2.SitSJedita.lrignna' 
,4. Wf i tit Brfttnwunia. 
Amine*, I. odj, II. — ly, adv. 1. dngfUifl), 
binge, unrnbig, ftefirmniert i 2. forgfdltia 
(bffKgi)j fejnlldji eifiigj m. — neat, t. 
i. Bit tng|Uiibtett, »Mgigfeit) 2. b(e ©t< 

l*j iWrt], [. pron. adj\ 1. irgtnt ein(et), 
itjenbeint, itgtnb ein*j trrooe; etnnenig, 
nar notfr ... j 2. tinigt) 3. dim, fine, dirt, 
Semonbf have yon — ibarea! baben. ©ic 
Ittun! in-place, an icbem Brtt, intttlj 
»*•-, itt^wn eie, not 3ejnen belitbtj 

—body, —one, irgenb einer, jfber, Srtt rmann, 
not— , Jttintr, Wraanbf ntdjtsj not-one, 
nid)t 8tner, Kiemonbt — tbing, irgtnb OC> 
waei Stteae, rin SBenig (roa6 a aadj fti)i 
li. adv. itgenb...j —bat..., lanter.-.t 
— farther (farther;, tin SSenig bjeiter, »ei« 
tet) —how, nuIg.anfirgtnbeinelCrt,eSfti 
roie efl topHe, a giU gkidj rieU ibaiigfbnil 
bod)t —longer, no4 (tin StBenig) iingei; 
— more, efnSStnigmcfcn meBr, nero etoaSi 
wirt erj without— more ado, ob>e in titereUm> 
fldntef not — more, flat nidjtt mcbt( nidjt 
mttjcj (in) - way, - wi»e( eo i.-wayi), auf 
irgenb rine SBeife, (rgenbwlei — wbere, if 
gntbno) flbetuQj — wbither, irgenb »ob.in. 

Ad'njgn, adj. asnif*, 66otifnjj — >onp, aonf- 

fd)« (griedjifdje fttnfra') ©efongf. 
A'grrit. i. Gram, bet MoriflBe. 
Aor'ts [Wore, W.; fl-or'-ta Sm.], s. Anal. 

bit ftrof c Bd)Iag= ob. ^uloabet. 

iBu'tt, «. Boi. bet i J)apiermaitIl'eErbiiBin. • 
Apace', adu. flefnjwinb, fdjriea, Surfig, ettig. 

jufebenbt, ftarf, ^(ftigi it r»in»— , rtregtte: 

ftarf , [apagogifdjt «t»e( 6. 

Ap'tfOge; Ap'»gttgy, j. Log. tie Xpagogc, ber 
•*P n e°KV»l, adj. Log. intirett, nitttlbai, 

opogbgifib. [fdjenfdjeu. 

Ap»a WirO'pia, ApaVtAropy, J. Med. bit 3Ren . 

Ap&rW, i. But. bae Jtltbhiiut. 

Apgrf.'/i'meiji, t. Rktt. bit Xnfjdblttng. 
Apart 1 , adv. 1. btifctte, 6(i Ecitei 2. nbgc 

fonbett, befonbert j —from, abgefebtn con ... . 

Apart'nient, t. tab 3i«i»«. 

Apatliet'jc adj. nnempfitiblidj, Cg()fiblio6. 

Vfthht, i. l.ber$ut;lIo!(f 2. «eibtnfd)aft< 
loft) <XItfibniiin)igt. [ntdtbig. 

Ipafftrs'tio»l,adj. flleiAfliitig) fuBiioBj altid)- 

Af'tthy, t. 1. tie giiblloftgfcit, Unempflnl» 
Iid>Ttitt 2. Setbenfajafteioligfnti greibeti 
con ScmfitbGbercegiingenj @[eid>mfitbigftit) 
3. bit Xbgtfpanntbtit, Unt(atigFtit. 

a piBme 1 , i. J It. bit auSaefiretfte flad>e $temb. 

Lpe, t. 1. Zool. Mr Wt (vid. Monkey ij 

2. jig. btt Kattiffer, ntbtrne Stopfi —lea- 
der*, (— beareri, — currier*), beruanltbentie 
^ctTtnfpieler (mit Iff en t beater , u.)) an. 

Apeak' (ApeSk'j, ado.lomEuribbobrtn btt tit 
(Or.J.); Mar. [«frtd)t, ob gerabt nbtT ob. 
tinfer bemSnferj to ride — , mit getajeten 
(i. v. fenfredjt gefteHten) Staaen dot Infer 
iitgen; to run -, mit bem edjiffe flbtr ben 

.Xnftr }n ft e fc ra fonuntn. 

Ap'ennfne, niij. Gtog. apenninifdj i the— bill*, 
or the Apennines, f. pi, bit Xpennintn. 

Aper A 

I'p*r, ». eo«t ber Kaojobmer, Kudjaffetj 
Zooi. Mr After, [iffnttib, abfu&tenb. 

Ape'riont, ArieVitffe, adj. Med. (bcnSeib) 

ipS'rifnt. (AperfeVtJa t-J**]>. *• P<- W*''- 

Apertioo, j, (m. u.) bit fcffnung, baft fcffiim i 
biefifiete; tec Diirdjgang. [TfugeniiebeS. 

ApeVtor, 5. Anal, ber Xufttbtr bee obern 

Ap'ertaire[— tohiirl, J. 1. bit OffBnUgj 2. 
(re.u.)Sitdutertng, ecflicuiigi 3. Opt. bit 
Xptrtnr tints gerntobrs °b. BergrSf crangi- 
gtafe6) 4. Gee™, bit Sitienfrirotitc. 

Apft'aloiii, Sat. I. adj. obne BMumenblatter, 
bliSticrioS) II. -lien, i. blc SMtterlofigreit. 

A'pex, j. I. fcie3pt(r, Btrfflipfeli Gram. tin. 
BcfcuiingSaccent [•]' '*«'■ bie Kntbtr, ba$ 
etaubflefa|} Zoul. bet £eberbufa>, bicgt 
ber&aube Mrfcbtebener Brigel. 

AphSr'erfi, #. (.ram. Bit apbdrefiS) Surg. , 

Med. bit SStgnobnie, Sntftrnung (o. Srnae 

Aphelion, ». yivi. bit eottntnfcrne. 
Apbe'ta, i. AjfruJ. btr ©eburesflern. 
Aphcfjal, adj. Astral, ben ©eburtsftrrn be= 
_treptnb. pie&ei bit Mcnfa>enf*eu. 

Apbilnn't/iropj, J. bet UKangtl an WtafattP 

A'phf*. $. Ent. bit BlatilouS. 

Apblogti'ljc . nfK flanuntnloii —lamp, bie 

arblogifHf^f fcimrx, bnP (Slut; lamp cben. 
Apho'nja, Aph'^nj , j. Med. bit Bpraifilofig- 
Jtit, epradjldimung, ©flmraloflgfcit. 
Aph'^rifiD, t. Rlttt. rer iEboriSmuS, 8tbr* 

fptud). [auF opbotiflifiBe Irt fiSreibt. 

Xpb'orr*m?r, Aph'ijrfit, t. fihet. flitter, bei 
Aptoiwiictl (Aphorize), I. aoj. II. -ly, 

ado. np^Dtifltfi, in KebrfprGdjen, in tiirjen 

ApbrgdfVltc Aphrod^tca), adj. l.benOe- 
frbledjtttrifbrtijenbj 2.bie8u(rfeud)c oetref- 

ft nb, }ar wncrtfit en Jtranf&eit geljdrig. 
Apbrijdi'jtjua, t. p'. Med. ben Segattungfc 

trieb anreornbe 3J!iltti. 
Xphrirfi'te, s. 1. Myth. BenuSj 3. Zooi. 
_[Ipfc'rodjt], bie eetroffipe, ber (Solbwurm. 
Apbronltre', t. ©alpeterfdiaum, Salpetctblu. 
_men, aRauerfoIpctet, Jtalrfalptter. 
Apti th*e,s. pi. Med.bieeSdj » dmm e ( E (b » dtntn= 

a)en) im SRunbe ber Jt inter; bieffletmbfintt. 
Iph'ylau, adj. Bat MartloS. [fcauS. 

A'pl'rj. *■ Bet. btr Sitntnflanb, bas JBienen* 
ApfatL p(. p. Apex, oo. [«nf 3'**». 

Apiece' (» piece), arfu.fflrbttSetiJtti flirob. 
A'pi., *. 1. M-,th. V 9 U (jgppttfebt <Bottbtit)i 

2. (Int.) bie -Blent. 
i'pjih, [. adj. II. — Ijr, adv. offenmiiftg : 

1. pDflltrlitb, Uppffib, augtUfTm, gejitrt) 

I Apal 

2.nadj3ffrnbi UL-neu,«. ba6 Xffcutofir, 
Idppifcbe Iffiefcn. Cfjctjnopfea), tiff, tact. 

ApifpXt, adv. (b. pit u. pat) (Otf. 0. faneUcm 

ApianSt'ic adj. Opt. {tint Xbraticbung (btr 
Si^tftnibUn) batenb, apUnatifAt — focus, 
bet a-c Stcanpanrti — tele»eope, baS a-c 

Apiic'alftue, *. Bibt. 1. bttlpotolrjprtf Cfftn- 
boning 3o6mmi6i 2. buntk Siettn. 

A|jScalJp'ije, 1. adj. I. apotal^ptiftb, ofenba* 
rtnb{ 2. gtbeimnipcoDj bunWi. fajtodrmo 
rifebj U. j. berSetfaflei eineripofattfpft;, rin 
opofalqptifdjet EibriftfieGcr. 

Apuc»IJp'tical, adj. ; — ly, adv. nit b. O. OS. 

ApOi/flpS, Apiti/gpy, j. Gram, bie XpsfOpc. 

Apotrun'tjc , «(j. Med. apotntftifd), ittrfioT" 
trei&enb. [neicn. 

Apucrun'tici, s. jtl. Med. jurfidttfibcntc 2Crv 

ApBi:'rj-piia, i. pi. Tluol. bie aporropbif^icti 
SiiebetberSibtli Lit. Sdjrifteii unbcfami-- 

ApSc'rypbal, I. adj.; II. — ly, ade.ctpoPrrt- 
pbifdj, unBlaubrourbig, oerbidjtig, |tecif>i> 
iafti von ungtnifTer Sutoriidt; unterge- 
fitebcn; III- — nest, i. bae XpD{rt>pbifibe, 
UagenifTe, bit ^cceifelboftiflteiU bat Scf 

bda)tigt, [rrypbal. 

Ajiuc'ryphary, Ap?crjpb r jcal, adj. vid. Apo- 
lp'ad>l,adj.l.A , at.fufIol,tni)ftfbj; »./<■*. 

fablbiadjig. [rait febr tutjtii Sufcn. 

Apode', i. Nat. b»6 fufbft Xbitrj btr Sogc! 
Apadef 1 , (. p(. /eft. Jtiibibdudje- 
ipodTc'tical (ApgUic'lJc), L adj.; U. —I,, 

ado. apobiftifa), unniberfpredjlid), nnioug- 

Btr, gen if. 
Appdfs'p», ».Jlhet.berun»ibttItglicbtetnj«(. 

ApCd'fiti, I. Gram. * HAet. bet KubfOty 

$interfo(. _ 
Apo^ne'on, Apgge'qD, Ap^e'ijB, j.md.b.f.ffli. 
Ap'ggee, i. Aat. bit Srbfenc 

ApBgiatO'ra, i. Afu*. rid. AppogUtin. 

Xp'^gfin, *. /c7l. btr tiiritigsMitlfl. 
Xp'ogrSpb, t. bit 6opit, Jbfdjrift. 
Apfig'rapba], adj. eopirt, abgefebrfebett. 
ApSl'lg, ». tfyth. ItpoIIo, ber fflctt ber BRnfif, 

©t<btfitnft, it. 
Apffl'lj&n, *. BiftJ. ber Serbetber. 

Apul'9(t«r, J. Bid. Apologint 

ApOic-geVic, I. adj. opologetifoj, f trtbeibf genb ) 
II. «, bit ©ebusrebe, edjutfibrifL [tifd). 

Ap61oe*fic>l, I. adj.; C. -ly, ado. OpOfeae 

Ap8fggi»t, >. btr ecbuttebntr, Kertbeibigtr. 

To Ap5f«Bb«, o.n. 1. (-for) Oinem t«. tintt 
Saiie tint Bdjujrtbe balttn, ibn ob. fit Dtr< 
tbtibigtn, vertrtttn] 2. (— to ... for ...) fid) 
entftbulbigen (bet ... ntgtn _>. 


ipSrtohtr, #. Set 8cttbtQ>(aer 

ip>vU{M, «. Me (tte&r>) Saber, awraliftc 

V'*. <■ 1. bit Xpolagit, e a)u»«t(, e<bu(. 
i*rift) 1. Bcrtfjctbianng, Bntf*u 16 (311119. 
\l*mlctmttuy. «. Ceom. tie gtrnraefhinbe. 
'.|i--.-«arB'ii», Xp^ueB/rony. *. yuwtt. We ICpo- 

tpopVui, *. /ttet. bit Xpopftaft. 
ip«»U$iWfc(— *»0> «dj.M<d.bene*Ieini 
.ittibM*. [5Kitt«l. 

;^pU*gVti«, «. pi. Med. fiblrimabfu&rtnbt 
ApDiHesWBfm, *. Afed. tit Suleimans. 

AwhifgmitTimt, ». Med. tin 3RitreI Dai 
wn Sejlrini (bard) bit 3f afe) ab fflftrt. 
IpopUAcgai [V-9-iMm"!, j. JtftcE. bo) XpO> 
litttgnu, btr 5>tnffpnid>. [pbtbegmatifrb. 
ii-)f*ttwdrteC-<*i). [«w<*-]. oaj-apo- 

^pVfre, Apoph^^y, 1. Arch. Mr Xb> Hub 

Inlaitt tines e5dalenfd)afteS: apper— , btr 
XMaafi lower-, bftKnlanf. 
Apopk'yito, jipSph'jiy, 1. Anat. btr Jtnorrtn, 
loin*)! obtt gtortfat an Jrnaa)ca) bit 

ipnplWlir. (-«■!), I. adj. ipopleftif*, bin 

34isgfiiif tafrtffenb) u - fit, da Snfatt 
ri'm@*>[oati 11- 1. tin com Btblagt Of 

^trotfewt. [rfl^rt , attaint. 

A^Qpifce* [— ibt], adj. bum Bitlaat 3^ 

A[>V|tlfty, t. btrS^Iaafiuf) ©<b!<iaj tofcll 
into u — , vent Bdjlage gtrfbrt iwrttm an 
-ofdrankeiineu,jS;. eiaSaiimtl btrSnw 
fcobrit, bob teQ rub doQ ftin. 

(pi/ria, ApVy, *. bit Iportet 1. Bftat.. 
2. Med. bit fitbetbaftt Vngft ob. » tHrmmutig. 

IpSiipprtji, ApTl.iOp'ft.j, I. fthet. bitSpo- 

ScKte, ab&reajana. btr «ebe. 
Apii»Vj (— t). '.bitXpoflaflt: 1. Hal. * 

tU. TOrtrinmafcit, btr JbfaBj Mtd-t. a. 

bit Hbftoftmg tints Xbrittl , |. S. tint* 

trnnbffltn Jtnoa)tn*| 3. bcr Xbfrf". 
ijiWiaie, I.». berZpoftat, Ibtrunniaej 1"6- 

jcfaHtut) n. adj. opuftatif* , abtdnnig.} 


To ApSVtite, u. n. rid. To Apostatize, 
* p9*tfttflc«l, ad?- apofia Jifcb, abtrumiig. 
To AptVtttixe, b. B.^toftntn (btf. Bon ftlntr 

yidigfon), abttinnig icerbtn. 
To jpftVteodte, p. ». Med. fftmann, tittrn. 
ApWtei/tion, 1. Med. bal (bit Tfntage jum) 
_Bd)»artn, Siren. 

ip<i» tea's ton*, ad;'- Mid. apojtematot, 
Ar/ortfatt,*. Med.oatOtf4»fir,btrCS4nii' 

rtn, Mt aittr^<f*n)ulft. 
ipWtu ftpai 1 .!], «, km. ber Ypoftrl. 


ApbVtltthlp [-pbV.l-], ApoVtglitt, t. Ece. 

1. bal Tfpofloiat, Xpofttlamt) 2. (eternal*) 

bicBifdjefSioiirbej 8. aeiftUo)t Otriajtlbat* 
_ftiti 4. papftliibeaftgitrung. 
ApQitSI'jc, adj. Ecc. apoftolifAj — others, 
ylt Jtir^tnc titer ) — See, btr pdpfUi4e e tubL 
A[io«tfll'ical, I. arfj. ; II. — ly, odu. apOfUUMl 

m. —new, j. bat Xpoftolifdw, apnftolifit 

Ip9»t0l'ic«, *. pi. Ece. bit KpoftDltrtr. 

Apoa'tropbe, Apflo'tropliy.f. 1. «'»?t. bitXpO> 

ftropb.t, Xnrtbt} 8. Gram, btr Kpoftropft. 
To Apai'tr^pb?, v.a. Gran, apoftropbirtn. 
ApvttrSph'jc, adj. 1. Uront. apoflropljifdli X 

Bhet. anf tint Spoftropfec Stjug bnbent. 

To ApoVirophbe, v. a. 1. giiten turj anrtbtD, 
b.art anfabrtn; Grams. % (tin Sort) ab> 
furjtn ob. jufammtnjitf)(n ) 3. mil tintm 

_Xpc>frrepfj btjeiiftncii, apoftrop&ircn. 

Aj/gitBme, cor. vid. Apoeteme, k To Apo- 

ApB(/i',cary, m. brrXpoipcftti -'ibtll, bit 

S-r?d)nunB! iron, tine ubtrtritbtnt 9tea)* 
nungi — ■' ball, bal a.tratinfa)aftii<bt QlabD* 
ratorinm btrX. tttsabnj — '» ahap. Me 

JCpotbttt. [tbegw. 

Sp'vtaCgn [-th«m]. Ap'oth*in, i.n'i Apoph- 

Apoi7ie(jmSt'ic (-cal), od;. apDpbrbtBmatif*. 

ipo(A*g , B9'T»l , *■ btr Sammler, Serfafer 
usn BenrfpniAtn. 

To IpoC/ifr/matlze, v. n. Ctnffprfiibe fngen. 

Apoifte'prii, j. bit IfpoiSfofe, BErgStternng. 

ApatVeal), /. Surg, bit XpDt(efU. 
pOt'pnie, ApSt'QDj, J. Math. W Unttrfibieb 
jwifajen jwei intommenfurabtlii OrApen. 

kp'vzim, t. Med. btr Jtrinttrtranr, Jtrinttr- 
abfub, bal Cetact 

SpoiJSm'ical, adj. Med bttOCtartfg. 

To AppftH , To App*u' , v. I. a. trblticVea 
maiptn (eor CArccfen), erftbrttftn, tntrnii' 
tfjtatn, noterbrndtn) 11. n. * oerbltiibtn. 

App*l'ment, 1. bal (trbloffen for Btbctcten, 
btr pl£tti4t ecbrechn. 

Ap'p«Dfie, *. bfeSpanagei bal 8ri&aebinae) 
fip. ber Intbtil, Xnbana. ju Qtnal) laS3n> 

ippara'ta*. t. T. l.itrTfpparat (SBertjenge 
jur prafrifd>tn Setreibnng tiner ffBifTenfdjaft 
ob. *anft i j. 0. 4cm., tbirutfl., Iiterari[d>tr 
V.)i 2. bet Borratb, bal 3nbtb6rj Xm> 
mcublrmtnr (tint! ^auftl)) Jtrieglstritt) 
^ertfli bit Qquipagej bie3arfiftuno» 3 - btr 
$ut, bal Stprdngt. 

JppaVel, t. l.bit Jtltibuna,3:ra4t,bali»e« 

I nanb, btrea)mad4 2. bal ©djiffeatrSt^* 

I 3. Surg. ber«frbaab(aaftiM8BanbtJ. 



Toippty, u.a.Rribtn,6tflrib(n / f[Snti([tn.|| 3nlaaf sun (riiw mtngi) ffltmfitnj Lme-t. 
Appir'e.-it, J. ad).; IL-ly, ode. I. aiigen- *~ " --—--'•■- — -■ .■-'—"-* 

fd)tinl(d), Riit, offcnbar; fidjtbar, Mtlia)) 

2. fdjtiubar i 3. brtannt, genii, unftmrigi 

- diameter of tie mn, bet fnttin.bc.rt Urn- 
fang btr &cnat. [nnftrritige Orbe. 

tppaVent, t. rilipt. ft heir— , bcT flflKffe, 
(ipt r ftion, 1. 1.(». ii.) bit 9rfdjtinong,©Ldjt' 
iatteit; a. naS fflefitbt, SefpcnfJ, btr fflrift, 
bfe@tfibfi»nngj 8. tieldujdjnng; 4. Art. 
bit afdjtperiobt (brt ffilonbe*, tc). 
Apparrtioniit, *• ber Stifttrftber. ■ .. . 

^PpArftpr, i. Low, btr <Btrtd)tSb(entr, 9o|To Appeaae', b. a. 1. berubfgen, Definfrfatn, 
ridjtsbote, ytbtIL fl btfriebigen, ftillen, bdmpftm 2. nnifobntn, 

^ppiirl'me-nt, J. cor. fid. Apartment, uerfibnen; appealing remedial, Med. ©t« 

To Appeal', Lou, v.I.r. l.efne Jttcgt wr fanftigimnSraitrtl, ^attfarioe. 
etnen nnbtnt ttidjrer jiebent 2. (— to), «*>• Uppeaje'meui, j. bit Bernbignngi Btfrfebi- 
ptBirm, fbb OufStmanb) btrnftnj to be | gang; fftiibe. fBrrfSbner. 

— edto by..., nufgcfMbert »tt*mont .-.) |App*a'»er, *■ btr fRnbeftifter, Sefinftigrr, 

day of— , ber®eria)t&rtrratnt default of — 
bat Niajttrfnjeinen , ftrofbnre XttebUtBru 
to enter Into bond for -, ftdj fitrtftlin) wr* 
pfliibttn, our (Seridjt )u nHeinra. 
AppeVrant, s. Lots, btr oor ©trifbt Srfdjti* 
nmbt, Sompartnt- [6rtf*tinun«. 

Appfca'rer, t. bet, bit, bOt <Srftt}tintl!bt, bit 
fppea'iabte, I. ad;, mas (!tfd}t) btrabigt, 
befanftifltnwrtflifanit,MrflJbnIi4j iL-neu, 
t. btr Bnftunb, (14 (U(a)t) btfanfrigrn fa 
lifftn, bit »trf6bnlid)fat 

anttagrn, angtben. 

Appeal'..t. l.MtapptllatiiMi, aStrnfUnoanf..., 
ZnrafHtta (eintr ■Jerfon als3tugt)i 2. bic 
jSnftndjtt Law-i, 3. bit TCnftngej 4. Xuf» 
foroerung auf eineJtlngt $u antnorttn, 8or< 
Icbnngi 5. but Kpptflalionfiredjt ; notion 
npon— . bit I-Sttngef conrt of »-«, btr X-*> 
bof, bafl I -egcridjt. 

Appeal'able, orfj. 1. anflagocr, jur Berant- 
reortungiu jirfctn (—for, njtgen)j 8. finer 
TCppc nation untmeorftn. 

Apj.eaV. '■ b« Spptllanl. 

To Appear', e. ii. 1. jura Borfcbtine foninten) 
crftbtintnt 2. fla; jtigtn, oaftrrttin (ucrlSf 
rlftt) erfa>einen, fid)frtBenj 3. rrbeBen, fid} 
ergebraj 4. [djttntn (bat Xnftben babmu 
to — dry. Rotten gtltgt ntrbtn, |um 0ot< 
fdjein tomnttn (j, 8. com Sanbt bwnb bit 
Qbbt)i to — ifaining, Af.iai. blitftns to 
mike — , bewtiftn, fialtbuni to — *g»in«t 

one. nlbcr tttitcn (oli yanri ifftntlid)) auf> 
tretciH to — for one, 1. ffirSintn auftrrtnt, 
fld> oftcntiid) fur iqn ertldrtn^ 2. ffir Qintn 
(cor Strtdjti trfdjeinenj to — on the «[«ge, 
(anf btr fflubnt) auftrtttn ( to — in print, 
fm Orutf erfftfincn; It ihall — In yoar cre- 
dit. f*m.»roa30nraantfltfd)rftbeniMrbtn, 
(ppea'ranec, t. \. tit Urf (Stinting i 2. ba» 
Ttuftrtttn, btr 8intritt4 3. bit ffltflrantort) 
4. D«r(ilHftrc>6(btin, 'Jfnfdjtins bn«0o>ti> 
ntnj bit SSitbrfdttitilidjtciti btr 8or»anb) 
6, ba* taftxti ittftrt XnFt^tn, Xntftbtn, 
bitStftalti 6.baS tStfptnft(bit9rf*riming): 
•tnnt— , btin trfttnXnblitrtf good — o 
tui article. Com. bag lugt (gutt Snftrt> 
t inrr Oaan ; creat — at conrt, groft Oola 

A ppeVni ve, ailj. milbtrnb, linbtntb. 

AppeYlancy, i. 1. bit Strafung oaf btn bob«tn 
ffltdjttri 2. bit apptUattDnSfi&fgrtit. 

Appil'lant, 1. 1. 1. Late, btr ZsptQant, Jfld- 
gtr) 2.Ynfforbtrtr,{>craueforbtreri S.Ecc. 
btr VpptQant ((Stgntr btr ®nllt Unigmi- 
;».>)) n. adj. 1. appenirtnbt 2.bieXppd* 
Unmg ob. ben Xpptlianlm bttrtJFtnb. 

AppCi'lite, I. *, btr Vpptllat) M (b- SO 
Appellee; II. adj. [appirlate], bit MpjjeBi. 
rung bttrefftnb. [2. bit Qtoftt. 

Appelli'tion, i. 1. bit ffltlltttniins, bet Some; 

AppfKlatlve, I. adj. 1. apptQatiti, berganin 
(Sattang intDmmtnbt 2. genflbniUbf 0t> 
brdad)Iid)(btntnntnb)j II. a. Gram. 1. bat 
XupeHatiBum, aOgtrattnt Ketinioort) Sat- 
tnngsnort, ber Qiafftnnamt j 2. bit (bei- 
njorti-) SBentnnung, Situlirungj HI. — ly, 
ado. appeunttt), alB, rait tin XppfHatvonni. 

Appillatory. adj. tintKpptllarion ratbttlfnibi 
- libel, bit X-lf4rift. 

Appellee', t. 1. Late, btr XpptHUt, «3tHoatt i 

2. ^crmiSgtforbtrtt. 

Jppel'hr [appellor 1 , opp. SppellHl. J. I. Lcia, 

btr XpptDant, Aiagm 2. f>traufi>rttrtri 

3. fitrrdtbtr fttntr QRitfitalbigtn. 

To Append', v.a. (—to) 1. an Stwos ?Ingta, 

anbdngtn) 2.beifngtn. 
Appin'da^e, i l. btr Xnbang, Bit golgti 

2.baSlfnban9ftI,TI«tfroriiim, BnbrbSr, ytr< 

t ppen'dtnt, I, adj. 1. antangnb, Ptrbnnbra) 

2. /.aw. mtt btn Stfie tines QmnbftniH 

vtrbunben; n. ». btrXnbang, but Oetalge, 

Apptn'dletf, pi. ^ttFobt, u.,«U. Appendix. 

tti ^f ft) n great -of people, tin groftr *pp*n'd|de, j. bo* Knbdngfti 




AppWdji, >. Lit. 1. Bet Xibjag, bet Xb> 
Wngfd, Mi 3uf«, Me ©rilnge, ba» SnbebJr j 

„«. tcr UsftcaB, fl». pi. bit Umfturtbt . 

AVpfBaftc a. oirf. Appanage. 

ip/peuoiac, Ac vid. Apeaniae. 

Ap'peraEi/Eloa, r. Hi. bit QRerrbarfeir, Bet. 
Btbmrag ftet ttttrftanliu>en) , Borftrtttng 
mt Jtaoaf rfrfn, bcl etlbflbtronfffcin- 

To Appertain', o. n. (—to), juatb&ren, jn. 
fbbjn, ongf^oi' 

App^ttin^Bt, «. bet 3ubt&5r, ber (in <tt< 
wot geftongO Soring, bit 03er eiytfome. 

Apptt tenaace, *. baa a«fleWt, M- (ni'rf- Ap- 

p«rt«m») ; uofi iaab, taS fflrtrrft 

#jnff ytarniff ■ 
To Apperttnance, o.a. vid. To Appur 
Ap p e rtjn tat, ad>. Bid. AppnrtcnanL 
ApWlKM(— ty), #. 1. bit •Jegttrbt, bat 
fbmUa>e erelong tn, bit efnnnUnft; SLboS 
Sfrebtnj taSBnnfd), bit ©t&nfnu>r) 3. tcr 
Sr»a>nrng*urffcHct } 3nfrintt) 4. bit 0m' 
pfangiifihir, iSrrtgbarfeirj Fhy. bitXn|it> 
bang, attraction. 
ApVetfot, adj. (ftftO tegieria, InftetB. 
AppSrJbifjtj, r. Dae Sirjiebenbe, einncntaft 
arrtgtnbt, ber fttefj. 
Jp'p^Ijble, L adj. asjltVob, bat ftjraH$< »tr- 
Inngen ttKgtnb, rrijtntu n. — am, t.vid. 


Ap'PflBie, t. l.fcieBegttWe, batSerlangaii 

2. btrXppctit, BttOfluft, 6rr£anger$ 8. bci 

Imttsiigrr (craving urbalinia), rineJtrant' 

titit M fpftrben, »W. Foal fender ; to be 
jpirm to — , gtfrifig ob. fitnoelgcrifd) feirt. 
Appetftioa , «. (b>. d.) bat Strlongtn, 

Appftftlou, adj. awabenb, fdjmatf$iifM jam 

Oenof efnlabenb; atrlangangtwrrtt} ango 

k e$m, rdfenb. 
Ap'pcfiUve, adj. btgtljrrnbt —power or fucol 

tj, bat etgtbrnrigioeraoflf a- [mfitjtn- 
To AVpfO)»> «- «■ B« *pptrtt reujtn ; .fig. 
ip'petber, j-btSBmlpprtiOttijenBe. 
To Applaad', v. i. applaabiren, laurtn BeffoH 

nebm, (ttiRtm) SeifaEC jnfiaffibtn, vtflat' 

lira} g"i- lobtn, biQiotn. 
AppUBoY, /. m'd. Appfaone. 
AppMs'dfr, *. fctr Ifpplaiifcirtnbe, Sinrr, ber I 

QdM iBlUtfrtt) Sobprtffer, Beipfiirbter. 
ApplniW, x. btr XpplauE, bal (Sltffaa*) 3u-- 

BatMcni Mr (lanrt) etifam bat8eb. 
ipplin'i|.t, ad) applaBbirtnb, teftatfrbenb ; 

aa — .on j, tin Sobgifang . 

ipVlt, i. btr TCpftl ) -of love, btr 81 tb ttspftl, 

aSctbajfrif — oftaeey*, jtg. ber Xngapfd; 

baiter, WX-m*$i -aut,perX-larrn!; 

-ur«, b«l .fnntant, btr (SCpfcr.) ©ritbl 
(<SrooS)J -corer, *CT T£-ftt*trj -graft, 
ba* yfropfwis con riamX-fmninc; — bar- 
Tot, bit X-itft, X-tntti -John, bcr3o> 
banniMpftl) -John*, pi. arnufltittcr (tin 
VtblOt — loft, bftX-rammer, C6Wammeu 
-■oBger, btrDbftb,dnbl« / Cbftb«t-i -f'»- 
ring, bitSpfelfibalej -ple,bi(ipfelpaftrt(4 
— noince, bitX-qnfttti — roMttr, ba* XpfcU 
bltd) (»M»nf man 3pfc( 6rotct)( — ro*e, 
btr 6ttd>opfth —tree, btr lfpfcibaumj 

— «-»nmn, bit SpfelfrM, DbfrfMO ; —yard, 
btrSpfelaarttni Dbftanrtcn (vid. Orchard). 

To Ap'pLe, v. n. apfelformig bilBcn. 

Appli'able, adj. oarecntbur. 

AppW^nce, i. bft Ynnmbniia; bat (angti 
nanbtt WtomtMj bit aiaHibtuna. 

Applicabn'jty, i. bit XnnenbtNttfrlt. 

Ip'pljcable, I. adj.; II. — ly, adv. nrtmtnbi 
bat (— to, auf i III. — Man, i. bit Vnntnb' 
btrf tit 
iAp'piicaiit, i. l. btr tKnnbn, Hitttltatr, 
Applicant s 2. Am. tin flAHtta etubtnt 

Ap'pi|c*te, i. Trig, bit Tfpplitatc, Crbinatc- 

Appljci'tion, a. 1. bit Vnflcgitnn, Xnfcgung, 
■Berrifituna, btr Scrbanb (j. (8. be* Xrjtt*, 
<Bttnbarjtt*,ic-)t 2.biE(3rus0^nrocnbnoa, 
btr atbraurb) S. bat angnvanbtt QXtttcI, 
$filffmirttli 4. bit flmerbung, ba8 tScfuib, 
Betritbfamttitj Otfftctanfrrcngnng. [tifdj. 

Ap'pijc?tiTe, adj. anntnbtnb, att*iibtnb, prah 

Ip'pljcattrr , L adj. anwtnbcnb, autubenb, 
tbdrigi II. i. bit annrabtnbe Jtroft) bat 
Xnn>tnbtart. [ubenbt SBrifr. 

Appn*ediy, ado. anf antnntnbtnbt, ausju. 

Appfi'er. *- l.brr*3enitrttr, Tfpplicantj S. bcr 
Ynmmbettbt, Otbratubnaipcnbtf 3. etner, 
ber M anf Qtna* (XBiffenfdjaflcn, it.) legt. 

To Apple', d i. j. l.auftegen, anlrgcn, aotauf 
ton ob. bringtn) anbringent X.anncnben, 
acbraudjeni 8. anf Qtntl Kenben, rid>tcn, 
Ijefttnf otiwenbtn) to — colour* ob clotbi. 
lhj. gotten aufetufft auftragrrt; to— one'* 
■elffnr help tu .... fid) um^illfe ncnbcnni 
... , 3nflad>t fBd)fn bri .« j to — one'i »etf t« 
(lorac tiling, fld) einet €Sa<6e roibmen, fid) btr> 
felbcn ttfldfigcn) to — a thing to (mi), 
fid) einer eadje bebtenen |n — i II. n. I. do) 
fdjirftn, paffen, fibntinftimmtn, angentrn"ni 
feint >■ (— to) tinct Satbetcfommcn, Oi» 
6all rbunj S.lo-to one, Rtb an^ntatb 
vrnben, aafadjen, niitbfiidjtn (— fbr.um). 

AppOgi«tn'f a, *. Mat. btr lange SotfAlaji 


Appo 5 

To Appoint, «.U1. bcfhnmra, anfefcen, 
ftftffttm ouSftbtn (tint Snrame)) 2. bt> 
fajetbcn, btfhltau 3. Dtroortbtnf 4.tnttn> 
nra, tinfe*tn (jam ffltnonraiojtiflttn, ic)i 
5. ntrortmcn, »orfdjrttbtn ; 6. einritbten, in 
Stunt fe»tn, mit Stone oerfeijen, anlrAftni} 
to — ■ day, tinea Xag anbtraamtnj 2. n. 
tincn SSefdjIu* faffen, befdjliefien. 

Appoint 1 , i. Ornw. 1. ber Kpnotnt, XtfdjTif (t, 
tit Detffc («tdjfel)j 2. Ka«f*uS, 3af4tr» 
(®elb, tat man,ogiebt, am tint Summe ooH 

lit mad)rn)j payment per — , tie 0albD> 
jSablungt ^ Ara* per—, 4 point ob.opunfo 
(ptr Salto) traFRna (t a. bit cone ©tnn 
feiner gorfcerung tntncbmra). 

Appofnt'able, adj. beflimmbnr, tinjufe(en. 

Appointee', «, btr (fit tin Smt) eingtfeatt. 

Appoln'ter, *. bet SBeftimrnenbe, Xnortner, 

Appointment, i. 1. bit ffltftimmang, ffefl< 
Rsiing, Xnorbaung) 2. bieHScftelliutgi ffir« 
warning) 3. tic Berabrttnng, Xbrtbe, ber 
Bergldd)) 4. bltBcrurtnUiig, Scrfdjrift, btr 
ScfiEjl) 6.tieetiirtd)ttii(|,3Cu6rf(lttiifli TCm 
ftalli 6. Mr (rritbt ftxirtc) ©ebalt, tit 9c 
folbung} 7. Law, bit Winter CafT«iF4 oft an 
diie (Stmrinbe, ic, fir milbe 3rot<te. 

To Apportion, u. a. serbiltntfimWg tbdlra, 
jutbeilen, jum 3fnt&eil gebtn. 

Apportion ate nets, i, BaS ridjtiae SScrbnlrntf. 

jppilr'doner, j. ttr 3WbttItr. 

Apportionment, i. bit gltitbm SfHflC 3ntt)d» 

lung, verbaltnifmafta,* Sttrtbtilang. 

A|i'pi>flte, I. adj.; II. — ly, adv. fiJtifUtt, pa(< 
ftnt(— to. |tt), angemefftn, btqutnt) m. — 
new, ... tit edjicfiidjhit, gfigltibfeil, Inge 

Apportion, i. bit ^injafttgung, Xnbunfmifl, 
berSBtifao, Sufabt Gram, bit Xppofttion. 

AppO-'lttve, adj. JU^Hd). 

To ApprSifc/, u.a. fdjJsen., anfd)t«geo, tarf- 

rtn, nirbigtn; a-d value, ttr tarlrtt»Btrt&. 
Apprftifc'inent, 1. 1. bit ©idling, Earttrton, 

Burbfgnngj 2. btr lanttrtf). [tor. 

ApprSI'(pr(^pprni'fpr>. j.berSiaV/SiXO- 
Appreciation, ». t« tnbrflnftigt JBanfd), bit 

bring tube 8i(t*. 
Ap'pre^atory, a(fj\Sfgenerbitten»,rounfd)enb. 

Appri'ejable [— 'ahe — ], adj. WiiBbat , ttt 

SBflriignng ob. Vdjrang Ubifl. 
To4ppf«' E |it«[-'»h«-5e.I.a. b.0*fd)i»W, 
wurbtgen, prriftnt II. H. Am. itn Recife, ' 

Eertbe (Mgtn. 
Apprec|K'tlon[-abe-], r. I. bf t Bartigung, 
SBtrtbfiWtung j 2. bcr SBertt) 3. An. boi 
B ttigen im 9>rtift, to fB tribe. 


To Apprehend 7 , v. <t. 1. greiftn, trgtrlfcn, 
ongreifen, otrjafttn, gefongtn nrbmtn, tin* 
iit^tnj 8.f(!ftn,bcgrcifen,rinfebtn)S. glan= 
btn,nwinei>j 4. furibtt n, fceffirdittn, btforgra. 

ApprebinMer, t. 1. Qincr, btr tint ytrfen 
crgrrift, ftft bttr, ttrtjafitt; 2. btr e«i- 
r<l|tntt, Dtnltrj 3. ber gfirdjttnbt, ttr fflt- 
firgnifft btgt. 

Appreliiii'njbk, adj. btardpUd), faflid). 

Apprehension, i, 1. bttf 6rgrtifen, bitStr- 
bflfnttbrnnng, ttr gong, (Sriff; 2. fctflrfff, 
bit 8orfitIIuna! 5Sdnung; galjHngSrnifti 
3. tit JBeforgitip) b(rSnbad>t] to be under 
great a-«, in flrofer gurdjt fa)»ebtn, orcfc 
fetforanlfft ftgra. 

ipprf h«n'«i ve, I. adj. ; II. —I;, adv. 1. Ititbt 
btgrtiftnb, fibigt 2. furtbtfam, firdjtmb. 
beforgt; to be — of, 1. tttnw* btfArd)ttnj 
2. <5ttD0.» nnpflnbtn, tntrltnj in. — bbm, ». 
1. bit rjJbigfnt |Q bsgreffen, tie <fd)ttltt) 
guffungstraft, btr 6djitrffittnj 2. Eft gurd)t= 
fmnftit)9tfDrgnipi bebraiTid>t3agb>frigfeit. 

Appr*n'tjce, », l.btr Settling, Stgrbarfdx, 
col. etftrjungt) 2. £ngf. Col. tint blcl> 
«8ortvcrint(ntng ft. Sine, [bingen iaffen- 

To Appr*n't]ce, o. a. in bit Kr&re tbnn, nnf> 

Apprf n'ticeaifp. 1. 1. btr Scljrlingiftanb, tit 
atbtjdt, 8ebrt) 2. Engl. Cot. tint Weft 
ffiorrttrfttbeningfl. Slavery; bnierre(oiit) 
one'i — , feint £tbrtabtt autfiebtn, col- bit 
3abrt fitben. 

To Appretinte, Appretittlon, •fd.Apprec... 

To Apprize/, v. a. 1. beno4rin)lfgen, nnter= 
ridjttn (—of, dor), beiebfttij fl. fd)l«tn 
(wid. To Appralie). [Apprnker. 

Apprlze'ment, Appr^zer, vid. Appralacmrnt, 

To Approach', v. I. a. (fid)) nobtn, iidbcr 
fommtinO, ». 1. netym, nifeer brfngtn, 
ndbtlftMn; 2. Aorl. ablafrimt, abfnugtn. 

Approach', s. 1. tie Xnnabtntngi Ifnfnnflt 
2.btr3ntritti 3tUoar, *nffltl) s.jtg. erfh 
»trfn4; 4. Affi.boCJtnrne(tn(brtgeinbt6H 
lines of—, or a-ei, bit Xpprwbcn, £auF' 

ApprDacb'able, adj. jngilngCitb, trrtidjbar. 

ApprSa'cber, f. btr Kubtnbe. 

Appi'oacb'lem, adj. ntqttgfaglla). 

jpprOflch'ment, i. (nt. n.) bit Xnadttmng. 

To Xp'pr oblte, u. a. Am. biQigtR, BtifaH 
fitenftn ob. tjtbti. 

IpprjtiS'tinn, i, 1. bie ffilKigung, Wentbnti' 
gang, btr JBrffaKf 2. btr (StftQtn (an Oc> 
mas); S. (tban-) bit tDrn<r>Qr[onbnifU 

.Vpr^batjre [ W/>. Ac. ; ap-prC-bn-Hv, /«.], 
ad;, bfnigtnb. 

Ayprobitor, #.btc ©inigenbt. 



ApprVpnaMe, adj. Ht* jugeeignet (auf eineit 

' b«f. Otgeoftattb rfngrftbrdnrt) ntrbtn (mm. 

To A.ppro'pi jite , o. a. 1. (—to) onnafjtn, 
ssttatn, brftiminttH 3. Mrntabtn (—to, 
ia)t s. fltb (dncesao>e)ituigtinii 4.(Bc 
ftiifle) ctcotnbtns Loin-*. 5. tint ^Jfriinbe 
a Mr tobtejtanb otnnatbrat S. mod. ei= 
propriirat (fits Rigrnt&nms &erau6tnj vid 
AppriipriatJou, &.). 

Appropriate, 1. adj. 1. gtroibmet, (igcni 
'Abeaunn, bitntta), tncbtigj 3. —to, angc 
nitifraj II. t. bie Biara&eft, eiatnt^mIlo)< 
rtiti in. — ij, arfc. auf angemeffene 'Jtrtj 
IV.— D«i, ». bit Xnaetnefen^tit. 

Appropriation, *■ 1- bie 3neignang, Xn»e&> 
Mag; 2 Bettrrabung; 3. atflriffsbtjriat= 
nums(tineiSortrt)t Low-*. 4. bit fiber- 
rragnng finer 9>fr4nbe an bit roMt$irab} 
5. mukL bit Smroprlotion (Bntelgnnng brS 
SMfijrt, ob. OnKrbirag bee fur offentL 
$mt<tt, all Siftnbnt.nen, JTanile, ic trfbt' 
btriidjen Srunb mtbffiobenS)) 6. »-», pi. 
pie gonbeanweifung, Berre enb u ng 6 er® (aa t$» 

Appr&yjator[ Wb., Were. fie. ; ap-pru-prj-5'- 

tar, IT.3>>.l.beTBtrn(nbet,iiUBtnbti,u.j 

3. btr ShfUct riner fibertraaenen ¥ ftunbe. 

ippio'prjetary, i. bit (tteltlidje) SJeftJtt finer 
g tiftliiten ¥ (tflnbe. 

Appro't^ble, adj. brifdnsnturblg. 

To Apprise', o. I.o. l. biaigen, gentbmiatn, 
murttBitRH 2. b(»ibrtn,(tptDbetn3.(p).a.) 
bnottfen, bertiitn! 4. Law, MtbcfTera, in 
k-rflen ©(Mb |rt>en (tin fflrunbftu<l)j to 
—one's ielf to one, (in) 3(manbcS ffieifatl 
tnorrbot) Q. (mit of) n. biuigen, gutbeif en. 

Approre'Kfnt, *. 1. bitfiiQlgung, to ffieifaEj 
/.dw-r. a. bit Bmoutblung clues etficfcs 
ffltmeinbtlonbt* in Mtrtanbj 3. bod frei< 
utltgr St rraatm* rind BerbtecbcrS cor btt 
g trio) Hid) tit Unttrfmbnna, nnb Xngabt bcr 
28itfa>nfbigen. tun fitb babntdj Onabt nnE> 

AppiA'Tor, /. 1. bcr CiHigtr; JBeipfttdjter : 
Low-i. 2. bcr geftonbfgr Serbrtdjer n. Xn> 
gtbtr frfntr 9Mrfa)ttlbfgttt! 3. btr Berbcffc; 
rtrj the king* a-i, (tbeat.) .Strom) debtee, 
«Birti.fn)«fttr anf bra HnlgL SJomainen. 

^pproVimate, adj'.ntUJf, uid.b.U. Proximate. 

To Approximate, o.I>n. fid) ndbtrai U. a. 
nap* oringtn, ni&rrn. 

4pproaia* T Uon, t. 1. bit (Him) KlStrnng 
% Afa(a.KdbcnmgprXBnntlbntd>erdd>e 
B. JHad. Me Unftnrnng bar* fflerubrung. 
sppri:r/}m*tiie , adj. atutAbtrnbi apprwi- 

ippftW[OT.4t.; lypaba, IT., Wore. *e-5, 

*. 1. btt Xnfto}, bie JBtriujnmei 2. bit Xn- 
htnft, Sanbnns; 3. Ait. bit Conjunction 
tint! yianttra mit tinnnSixflcmt. 

Appal'iion, t. Hi Xnftoftn, bit Strfi&ning. 

jppai'ijTe, adj. nnftoftnb, berfl^rrab. 

AppurtfPflBce, s. Laa, tat 3ngc{)£i, bie He* 
btnfafl)t) 3nIog(j Mi pi. $crtiittniitn,3>rr* 

To jpper'ttnaacc, v. a. Law, aU tin du St< 
mat atbdrigd) 0tta)t btfttra. 

ApparVant, adj. jugt^Srig, geljSrie, juftin- 
big) common—, Lain, tStnuinbtliinb. 

A'prjcOt, c, Hot. btt Xptifoft) —tree, btr 

A'prjl, ». btt (5KcMt) VpriC. 

A'pron [— porn], i. l.bltCd>flrjt] baSSfljutj" 
ftHj 2. Sad. bat CSo>oofItbet (an Cabriolets 
it.) j ^. SMp-b. btreinnraDorfhbtn; 4. bit 
'pianfsii'Settung ntbt ben gitit&t&iiren einei 
SoaV{ —of agno. Gun. bet ^funnenberftl 
(Cccttl anf bnn 3nnbUd)t finer Jtanone), bal 
^lattlotb. i —of a gooie, bie fette ©aurjfcaut 
etner <3ane>t —man, bet $anbn>etifr, fianb* 
rotrrenuinn) — itrlng, bat ediurjenbonbi 
— itringhoid, bos Jtuntttlebn, fBtibttltbn. 
L'p'onad [— pgrod], adj. mit elntr ©djurjt, 
(inem CdjutiftHt Sttftb>i< 

Aprflpo«'[— pol, adv. 1. jur flfltgenen 3eit, 
eben tea)tj a. (aU ftbttgangeietcbtn) no* 
la) lagtn roollte, (Ben fdDt mit ein, U. 

Ip'iji, s. 1. Ast. (pi. Apaides at. Apsen), 
bfeVpftbt; 2. Arch, bas gero«bt« Da*, bit 
SBDlbunei S. PTA-io.bctJtroiijefneeiKabee. 
ipt, adj. 1. gefdjitft, tonglld), paffenb, bo 
quern) fa&igi S. geneigti 3. Icbbaft, ftrtig, 
fdjntUf to be—, 1. gratis! feinj 2. gent 
tban, pptgtn) —to break, jerbreajlicb i —to 
take fire, Kid}! feuetfangenb, btCRRbat) aa 
-wit, (fn fdjnener «8ib. 

faftig, empfdnglid) maajen, borbtrdtra. 

Ip'ter, t. Ent. bat ungefiagdte 3nftet 

Ip'tfrfl, adj. Ent. ungsfHigelt. 

a.bit^apiifljfritj SWflfrttj 3. bie Sttignng, 

jan |iang. 

Aptly, ado. 1. flefdjfrft, v. (»(t Apt, adj.), 
2. fufliicb , mit Otftbt, tiajtigj 3. ftrtig, 

Apt'neu, I, (Wit Aptitude, fc.) ; —(to learn) 

bit ®elebrigftiti — of iron to rust, bit Oi« 
aratbumlld)ftit (Reigung) btS fiifenS p 

-Vtatt, t. Gram, bal inbttlinabir Ktnnnort. 

i'qoa, i. Chtm. baS tBnfltt [t b. (nig. amp. 

nta) w - W-wj]; -forlia, C/tem. Ml 

KibeloTDafleri —marina, bet Xqmmtarfn : 
1. Mil ber BttflU (ebclftcin)j 2. Pain!, 
bat r<bon|te JBIau tcrDJIalcri Clifm-i. — mi- 
raLilii,ba9fBun6m»ilff«i -reglnor-re- 
gmlU, (fru^cr) hit JtoniganJaffer, vi'd. Nltro- 
oiuriaticadd; — lecunda, ECtbunMeS Enjei> 
oenwlfetj — tiitn, Bngr, bit Xquatintaj 
— vitne, ber TCquiieit, <3 crofirj-S ran n free ia- 
A qua'rjiji, i. At(. btr JBaficrmamt- 
A'luat'jc, AiiuSt'jcai, adj. {in nBafier IcScnb 
ob. iBDifcti*. [reoijfe. 

tjnat'ic*, *. pi. fBeflertyltrej SBnfTctgc 
■j'uittlc, ad;, (a. fl.) oid. Aquatic. 

A-i'n idUc t, i. bit «B»f tririhing. 
A<|US'jty, j. uid. AqaeonaneH. 
A'queoui, ]. adj. ndfferig) II. — nesi, 

SBiffcrigt, tic SBiffMatf it. 

Xq'uilfne [Wore. Ac; IV-wi-Ifo, W. Ac.], 
adj. I. tfnnt TCbltr bclrcfftnb, Kbler ...| 
tfnem V. gijnlidj j 2. gefriimmt (rote cfn 3(b« 
icrfdmabtlji -noi«, efae XMeroaft, $a= 

A quote', adj. ntifTcrig. 

AqaCi'jty, i. tic SSaflcrigFcit. 

A. J »ti, I. >. btr Xtabcr j il. adj. vid. Arabian, 

Arabella, 5. Ku>btat (S-n). 

Xr^beVkj, adj. anbcStcnatfig.. 

AVabe.c.ue [-ak], jliv/i, Scidp. A Pain/. 
I. j. tit Jfrabctft ; II. adj. (or arabeiqued), 
arabcSfcnartig ) — foliage , — ornament, 
(arabesques) arabifdjet lojttant, nrab. 
3icrratbcn, Krabctfcn. 

JrB'bis, t, Geog. XrdMcn. 

Ar3'b|in,l. adj. atllbifl$J— figures, p(. l.ata- 
bifa)c3abknj 2. Xrabcercn; — character*, 
pJ. arobifdjc ©ajrifti ll.». btr»raber. 

Arit'bjaa, t. pi. COnt. gcgirtcrtt Stfnert. 

ArVbfc, [. i, baf Tfrttbif(fic,bK arabifijf Gpro- 
tpc) II. adj. aiabifd)) — troches, bntarabf' 
fa)c fflummi. 

AraVjca.!, I. adj. uid. Arabic ; II. — ly, ado. 

' anf arablfajt Xrt . [Irabitrant. 

Xr'abrini, $. bit ambifdje Bpraojcigcn^cit, bet 

X r'abt ■ t, s, bet Jtenner bet Xrabifujen. 

Ar>bie, adj. artbar iflua&M, urban Iraobor. 

Ar'aby, *. Grog. ft -abla. 

XVacb, '. Bat. bit DAtlbt) trirf. Orracfa. 

ArSjVnSid (i h »), ^ naI . adj. * r. 

— tnnicJ.bUBpinnetpcbenbautbctfflebtntM 
St. bit ®la6buut bet o~ugct. 

Arajh'nuid, r. Pet. btr SpiniKtlfkin. 
AVack, J. b(T Utttt, tifd. Arrac. [Ac 

AraeSl'jc, adj. ArsiBt'jw. j. pf. vid. Areotic, 
ir'u an, «. Geoff. Xtflgoiiicr!. 
♦rtlgsH' [f-rl-ne^, i, Art. bat aefammtt 


CeatremintnfijftMi unter n. Mr bem »l«tt* 

ttnn Seflxna- 
Artnf«l'o|7, ». bit Bplnnetfaabt (*anfl ais 

btr aeebaajfung bet Cpinntn bat tttttn tat 

ArS'neom, adj. einctn Spins engcnKbe Jbnlidj, 

fpiimwebennrtig j — fingers, ©plnrtrafinger, 

(pinbelbunne ginger. 

Ar'ti. i. ZooJ. btr inbifdje fflabt, ntbt Ira. 
ArS'tion, t. bat Me! etn, ! pfliigen. 
Ar^tory, adj. *« Xtttrtan btrrefftib ) — is- 

■trument*, bat XrftrgerJii. 
ir'ature [- uhflr], i. vid. Aratioa 

,rSy', t. vid. Array. 

.Kbalet Xrliairit, f. md Arccbaliit. 
Xr'bairitfr, s. ber Xtmbraftf *)(!(. 
AVbitor, t, 1. ber ©ibiebtrlitteti S. ber Oc 

nallfeaber, D6«rberr. 
Arbitrable, I. adj. viBttbrlift) entWribbut) 

II. — ly, ado. eid. Arbitrarily. 
Arbitrage, f, vid. Arbitration. 

Arbif raniBtit, t. ber ftefe fiSille, bit tStOHbt, 
freit tBa% [niitrrafibrdntt, bttpctifd) 

Xr'bitrarjty, adv. BiKNbrHdj, na* aSiDrubr, 

AVbjlrarineM, I, bit »BiUfu6rIirt>fdf, Unntn- 
fdjrdnftbeit, betpcrifAe fflemalfj SSiDMbr. 

Xr'bitrary, adj. nfuTn^cli*) (fit o. ^nfontn 
u..ftg-. t». Snien), daeniuiHia, ctaramiojiig, 
tcerrtifib, noifj UBiufdbr niberrnflid). 

To AVbilrtle, o. I. a. 1. (fdjitMriajterlto) ob. 
naa>Qntbnntrn)nitfd>eiben} 8. (fajfttlrid>> 
ttrli*) (djlinjlen j 11- n. 1. uttbrilro (nbec 
Qtteat), wrfajelbtn , abfpmben) St Com 
erbitriren, vid. Arbitration. 

Xrbjtrft'tlon, t. Lau>, 1. bat f*ieMti*f«'lirtjt 
eerfebren; ber edjiebtfpm*, bit entfd)et« 
bung) S. ber 8ergicitl , but fomprcmifl; 

- of exchange*, Com. bit IBcdjfelarbitraae, 

— bond, Lata, bie 8 omptomi P u etc. 
Xrb]trlV> '• 1. i"». »« ed)itMrid)ttt, 

SdjitbSraona) 2. etntlbalrtr, ■>rifibtnti 
3. unumfdjtinKt $err, ffleiDaltbafiet) —of 
■Teragea, ber 6ttanbrid>ter, Citpa^tnr. 

Xrli]trltrjl, *. vid Arbitrcia. 

Arbrfranianl, t. Laxe, 1. bet eajitbefptuoj, 
a. bit aBtrmitielnna. berBcrgletib, bat 6om= 

ArTjjtTeis, j. Die ©(biebtriajrerinn. 

Ait^r, X'rbonr, i. 1. Bot btr aBatmi ) 9. bit 
eommertaibtj batfiotqvett eonp. — ge- 
nealogiea, fig .ia Sranraibaumj —fine, 
Bot. bfeSinbc, Baobminbti — vitne. Bat. 
bit ametirmiif'djt reef P e 3tbtr, ob. bcrSebent. 
httl a. Jtfedu Wt CptllWI, SBiffll Ydjft, 




Mi Sct^onm, »w«B«i (In Anu Shaft, 
fc): -iluili, EHSftiftftujUj t« to torn 

acrcw poiata, eftraitmtpfdltr ) balance 
»■•, Uitnhbrth|tiftt| WtM icrew im« «-«, 

AVb-jrary. Ar be?r«0B*, adj. ;« btn fBiumen _ 
bfirlg, tuaPMttig, bauinihnlid), Don Situntn, 
ot. ftaamitttigtiti nf Mures nMttfob. 

irbpri'tpr, i. oid. Arboriat- 
AYboreVcfoce, 1. 1. M» bit bonmarttge Stop 

flaaii«tion > 2. fiat, bat Saunisetben. 
irbtjreVeeat, adj. 1. jut Batunt »erbenb, 

aafraitffBb, baumdbntiaj joadjfenbi 2. bcl. 

jig taerrtnbj — atnr-fiAh, Mi Oai QJtebU' 

Ar'boret, i. bat Sdumdjea, ber ©traudj. 
AiW)c»l, adj. Siamt bttrrlfenb. 
irbfrjctftarc [— Ubur), ». lit gJountCBltlir. 
AVboriat,*. 1. DerStauaigirtnfrj 2. ffimun- 

iilH.rpi'tioB, j. bit Shuun* ob. pflanstaarrige 

jJaAmmg in QRintralien. 
To AYboriie, o. ■. in ORinfcaUcu banmnrtigt 

Stiajnungtn bitten, 

ArTigraaa, oaS- vid. Arbantry, Arbor eos 
Ai'bOfr, J- oitf. Arbor. 

Ar'btud«r— boWf], *• bet fltint Btrautb, bt* 
Sranbe, ba* iBdmnJbm. 

Arb*Vc8iar. AVbaMine. a*. frrattltortig, 

Arbia'tite, adj. bnfdjtg, btmalbtt. 

ArbeVtDB, *. bat Otbufd), bit ffiufa). 

AVbote, #. Sot 1. Ber Orbbttrbium} SL btr 
£agapfdbanmj — berry, bit Bdrtnrraubt, 

ArnVteaa, adj. jum erbbttrbattm ge&irig. 

Ire, j. Geom. * J.!, ttr $albjirfrt, tBogiii 
Xbfdmirr, bat Stameni (tines jrretfesjj 
(wot. Arch). 

ArcMV, *. 1. Arch. ttr Segtngattg, bitTCr. 
tabti 3. Dawc. bit SoftRfWUftf. 

Arctdja, >. Geog. As * Xrtabira. 

Arca'djaa, Arci'djc, adj. orfabifitl Uabttd). 

AYc»-dy, J. Old. Arcadia. 

Arta'mjm, a. (pi. arcana) ba» fflt&tfmair. 

AVcfBoJ, i. Did. AraenaL 

bo* Otns-olbti 2. £u*rat!&aetoSlbej trian- 
phtl — , btr XtUmpSboaen, bit Sbr raoforte i 
— roof, bit amitbtt Dttfn — Hob*, btr 
ea>lrrffl!ia,ftLlf6imfa(ffltn)iJibfltia} -way, 
bar fltogfBgane , Jtrenjgang. 

ToXrcb, u. I. a. reSlbtn, tibtrioSlbeJU II. n. 
Raj wifbOL, (eii.cn) Bagen rnadjen, bitten, 
MtafjOH ker Una «-ed into a •mile, tbrc 
Slpptn eer jofltn fltb |u riatm Satbtin. 

Arch, adj. l. org, loft, trieStftrrig, mui&nsiBlf, 
r«lam *. coup- bat arfte, atittc in (tintr 
Kit, gtof (im gnttn u. natbttciligts Cuute), 
Orj'i — apoatle, ttcobcrficHpoftcl (bcr g(il. 
¥clru9)i -arcbiieit,oer erBabtnc Sauaieiftcr 
bctSBtit, Bdttn, fflott) -bcncsa.bieffiao 
ttnif^t-blab'op, btr erjbifajof j -biitVop 
itamper, Condi, let Ql(bifd)D[) — blih'aprlc, 
baiQtjbtSlBami — batter, term. BtrOTf 

fOjrali — ttaam bar-lain, Cerm. btr Sritdmme* 

ret) Dbtrfanuntrbert) — ebancellor, Ccmt. 

betQtjhmjItri -cbaotar, bn Cbct<Cnnror, 
Borfdnger, ^oitpifanatrt — caut', bcrQt]> 
gtaf; -criUcber^onptrdtifctj -dap'lfer, 
Germ, btt 6r}(rn4fii } — deacon, — Jean, 
btrltfl)ibiaconai, Btif}bif*of | — detenrj, 

I. bas XrtbibiacoMt) 2. btr Tt-tsfprengti j 
3. btt Si( tin« 1Crd)ibiaconu» ) — rteacon- 
■bip, bat Xrdjibiaconat (%mt tinrt Icdji- 
biatonuOj —divine', tin I'orjuglicbcr <3>ct- 
tttaelebtrtr j — du'eal, adj. tribcrjogiioii 
— dncbeaa, bieflrcibttjoginnf Sroffutftinri j 
—duchy, batStibetiogtfjnnii —duke', btr 
erjijerjogi ffltpjfiirfti cunt, tin ©rjf<iclrnj 
— duke'doia, 6aS erjbcqogijuni) — eneay, 
bttSrifeinb, Satan* —felon, btr erjrtr* 
rftljeri^— tend', —foe. btrflrjfcinb, Satan, 
Xtnftl)— fonnder, btt ^auptgrunbcrj — g°" 
ternor, btt obttfbt etattdalleti — bereiy, 
bit enttterri) -heretic, i. u btrOrt'ttcrt 

II. adj. tr}ttttrifd)) —hypocrite, btr Orj> 
beiubler) — late, oio'.ArchilDte; — marabal, 
Gtrm. bet Qtjmarfdjo&j — ■iaiiter , btr 
¥temier*QXini|teri — ixutor, bet $aaptftti> 
forgerj —pillar, bcr 4»«tpfofeilcrj — pbilo- 
aopber, btr ■SjauptpiilofoeS j — polltklan, 
bet Qrjjoiiriftr ; auSgcjciibnttt Staatl* 
mannt —pontiff, btr Cbcrpricfcr, sjiapfti 
—prelate, btr Ebttptdlat i — prenbyter, tin 
^>rdlat, btr in gcifilidjcnScrriiijningtn btt 
Oif*ofe Stclte tertrirU — prwbjtery, bit 
mi((fuljr(id)e unb aUgnntint fttrrftbaft bet 
^Iricfrettbnmt) — prieit, bcr Qnipritftcc, 
Ebtrpriffttrj — nrUatkood, baB init unb 
btr fflejlrt elnet tfrjpritfrrrt) — primate, ber 
Orjprunab (trftegeiill.»3uebt)f -rebel, bet 
QrirtbtD,t>aiiprempiret] — mgoe, bcr tjij- 
fdjelrai — tempter, wit — Bend; —treasu- 
rer, Gtrm. ber erjfajttrjmcifhrj — Irerwi- 
rerahlp. Germ, bat tSrjfthaBmciflcramt ) 
— villain, btr ersfaclm, Qrtr<tnrrt{ -»!!• 
lainy, MeOrjfitrarfcrrii - »ag. cin (Srjffbait. 

ArtbS'iu adj. ardjdiltif*, reralttt. 
SrchSjoL'oei';. ArcbainlDf^cfl, adj. artVirlc 
aifd>, alttrtbnmtrnnbig. [fnntt. 

irslifioi'oe)', 4.>iclro}Jo(ogie, Xlttttbunu. 




irch'afo>>> i. itt TfrdjaUmuS, Mraltttt TCnt- 

Br it tt, ntraitttt 0prai)geliroua}. 
XicnSn'gsl, 3. 1. btr (Srjmge^ a. Grog. Hx- 

djangelj 3. fiat, white-, etc raubt JitffeU 

balm-leaved -> bit OTtlitlt. 

Irsb we«i'|c af' 1 -'- in Ocn @rj(ngdii gelfCrta. 
AVchfd, adj. gmiolbi; — legi, oorbingrabt 

Jtnft (tin tbtl btr fprbt)* -ihot, btr 

fJogtnfd>Kf. [gartftitrec. 

Arch'er, i. 1. Btr 93 eg enfant fibcr&. 2. Afrt. 
Irtb'er*". i. bit Sogfnhtnbigt. 
irchVrjM-baSfficaeiif^iffnii «3ua.e[fd)icfl«t : 

edyibcnfAtttptn(mitBtmiBi>gtn)i bitJtunfi 

mtt btm Sogtn ;u fdjitprit; —room, bus 

Xrch'ef, pt. o. Arch, SBcgtns —court (court 

of-), bat flttfHidje Sbtrgtridjt, £jberccn= 

flftorfura ( btt erjbifojofi eon Santtrburn). 
ArcbeK'pil, adj. urbilblich, act^ittjpifrfj. 
AVcbetype, t. bat Utbiib, Dtiginalftiirf, 5mu= 

(ta( bftUrfdjrifn Mint, bos Sufrirgtmidjt. 
(.rche'us. '■ -4(eft. Btr Urfloff, ScbtnSgciji/ bit 

allbtlrbtnbt Jtraft. 
ircb'ibild, i. Xnbibolb (fflt-n). 
sVetijca!, adj. dttrft, trft, Jpimot». 
irch|dTilc'fln»l, adj. Qnbibiatonifd). 
Xrcbiepli'cgpal, adj. trjbifdjojHa). 
XrcbjepiVcopacy, j. bit trjbifcbofli^t HSiirbt, 

boa erjbitt&um. 
fcYebll, i. bit ErfciUt, gflrbtrftedjtt nnb bit 

baraul btnitttt votbe garbt Sacrmus. 
Irt hjniln'dr j te, *. (ruff.) btr XrojimanBrit. 
l>cb|me'dj*.n «cre4, j. AfecA. bit ardjimtbi- 

fdjt (fBQ(T(r=)@tbro"6f (ntntrlta) auf bit 

Damp ffdjifffttbrt onfl mtnbrt) Co/. Propeller), 
irdi'jng, t p. >■ bat SBEIbta, fflogtnntadjtn, 

«Jofltnfojldatni n. p. o. bografdrmifl. 
AVcbjpci, ArcbipeTagB, *. Gtog. btr Xrtbi- 

AVchjttct, .(. btr Baurarifltr, ISauKnftlerj 

fig. Urhtbtr) -Hke, 1. glcld) (intra £Ba«= 

mrifttr) a. mit Jbmft, mil Sommttric. 
ircbi teVtjve, adj. }d etatmSau cb. pr dtnnfl 

gtbSrig* — material, Bauraaitrialitn. 
lrch|tecUn'[c (-«»], adj.-cally, ai/u.), or. 

ajftrftonifib. [tanft. 

Ircb|tect9n'ie», s. pi. bit Scbrt con b« Sou- 
AYsblttSctroM, i. bit gSnumtifttrinn, 
Irjb(Mc , Hir»[ [-tih^tr— ], adj. bic Soufunft 

btrrtfftnb, ard)itcftonifd>. 
aJcbjticWe [— tihur], ». bit fflaufnitft. 
iVfb|irsv*, i. Arch, bit Xrdjfrrer-, grofi 

CHwrtalttn, SinbtbaRtn i Krdjf (rau an XBiir 

irabrjMbn btr Jtamfnflme. 
it'jbjtsl, adj. aribtDifd), oriblcatifdj. 

*VufajvtDlt, i. Jrcfc. bit SeotnrinfnflnBa, 
ftVchive,, i. pi. bat XMbtci bit DrtnBbta. 
IKcbirfit, *. btr XrfttMT. 

Xrthtikf, ado. groJlbti obn bogtnibnlid). 
Xrch'ne*i, j. bit Stiibtftrrigfrit, SdjeTmcm, 
Srcb'tTpe, j. tnd. Archetype, [btr QRnihwiH,-. 
Xrch'wlje, odw. bognilBtift. [Archibald ijp. 
AVtliy, I. adj. bnaeafSniiigi II. t. nhhr. v. 
Ircti'tlon, *. l, bat Sufnunnrnprtfltn (rine« 

Mtfttt) i 3. M«i/. bit SftrflopfuBfl bur* 

Si ngtre tib ttntjiinbung . 
Srrtjc, adj. Ast. iiirblid), arrtifdj i — circle, 

btr |)oIarrTei*; — pol e > btr Sorbpot. 

irc'tjtiide, I. rid. ArcUtion. 
To AVcSSte, v. a. fritmmea, Mtgen. [grn. 
Arttfite, Ar'cDarJle, adj. bogtnfSrroifl, gtbcn 
L-cfia'tiou, i. l. bit Jtrdmmung, bat JtrCnn 

ntn; 2. Hort. bat Btnftu, Ibft n(tiu 
Jr'cSbnlTit, i. bit Xrmbruft; BttiufiblniBiT. 
JLrcSbalii'ter, t. btr Xrmbnti"tfd)u(E. 
Xr'dai .Tlk. or Xr'dfHef ,i. 0>m. petfifdx Xut< 

tturf'Stibti iiidwslne' illk, fjerlftibe. 
iKdency, «. (if. */ig. bit fti|t, 3nbrunft. 
Ardent. I. adj.; D. — ly, odu. IK, A^jr. fctif, 

ftttrig, brtnntnbj beftig, tffrig, IrlScDfawt. 

ltd). [btr Sradjarfrr. 

Xr'derf, AVdoi^rf , J, pi. ylgr. btt ftradjtanb, 
AVdour, Moot, i. lit. * j?ff. btt ^ftt, {itF= 

tigfeit, btr eiftr, bit Snbmnft. 

AVdOov*. I. adj.; D. — ly, ad,. 1. ftcil, fcr-A ; 
2. jig- fdjiocr, fijnifrrig, mfibfdini lit- — iw, 
*. 1. bit (fttHe) *iJ6t) 2. bit €Sgj»icrigftit. 

Irs [ir], (f>[. d. ^rdf. ttt *trb. To Be) pnb, 
K.i u yoo — ! MtV. rio>t*t fiuit! 

To Are [ir], v. a. pf[flgtn, aittru. 

A-rc 1 , s. Mm. ofd. Alaiulre. 

S'rta, f. 1. brf. G*om. bfegliidje, ®mnbfU*t ; 
btr glndjeuinbalt i — of a hnlldlBg, drele. 
tMangle, Ac, btr Sonn fm Efdjttn, innrrc 
glidjrnrQum tine* Stbiubtt, dntl Jtrrifrt, 
it.} 9.Cbtrb.berrrtftS]!ati 3. tin btfonbtrl 
bit titflnittn ^aufrr £onbBul umgtbtibtr, 
ttaa6gaSbrttttr,H(ftr, aulgtmiuitrr«,niii 
©ittern (—railing*) urajoqerttr ©rnhtn cb. 
■i>*friium, dber bra ein iSrd<fo>tn nad) brt 
^imttfiir ffitrt unb in ben bit $nftcr btt 
Jttntrgefd>offtt, bit Aritbtn tmbsStbinrttnflD' 
bto binauegtbtn) — *tep», tint fltintlrtprt 
ia bieftn {>ofraan, abgtin)Iofcn bard) tint 
Sbflrt (—gate); 4. Med. bat XnlfaCen btt 
(aarti Bit Jlablbtit, $[arKi 5. Afin. bat 
Stlb (bd trrjarbtitrt*) ) — neak, cone, btr 
jportanmt btfd)Ieid)tnbt Oitb. 

4rMk' t ado. wig. ranirab, bampftnb, fiti(. 

AreRc'rJon, i. 1. bat XTothun, Dfrrrai 3. 

To .Vuj, b. a. (rotfiitn, anltrettntn, WSncn,!] bait i 5. .lii. bet Yrgaucnll to bold u — , 
atthfrra. I biOputiren. 

irgBraint'fl , adj, brorifrnb, ftcadsftdftlfl, 
feblitf tub, grflnblid), fdjlurmifig. 

ir*ni'«ou«[-.hy.],«((/. I. fanbifl) 2. M, '»- irgBiaentii'tlon, a. )M BelrjeiftO, edjlifttn, 

tcrntg; brottrlig. 

Ai enif Ian. i. M<d. Bo6 Bailbat. 
AremOftf, aVsiiom, adj. coder 6anb, fnnbig. 
AreVulona, adj. bUI flcinrn Sand entbalttnb, 

fonbig, fiefig. 
Arc'fli, AVeple, ». Jnat. tit ringfSrmig $t= 

rctbrtt JMtwtftcSc , ber $of (urn Slattern, 

iscfdjmure, am bit Sm|ln)arj(). 
UtWcter, «. Pft B . ber DidjtigfcitSmefler, bie 

EnKtamge. [bernb, fajioerp rrtibtnb. 

treiit^c, adj. Afed. tetbunnenb, fd)wef*bff5r- 
iietfje*, i.p(. Med. irrbfinncnbt (fibmeifbts 

ferbtObc) TOttd. [Tartar). 

Ar'gfl, AYgille, ». btr «BclnfWn* Cofrf. 
ir'janil-liiup, r. bit arganbifrfje Sampe, Cn» 
AVgent, adj. 1. flibcrraeifc, filbcrfarbtm 2. * 

Rlb*ri,Sldi|nib(»te©tIb«)) 3. Her. rcrif. 
AreeVtsI, arfj. l.filbern* 2.fllb<rbalrig; mit 

Siibet wrbnnben. 

iVgentite, *. (Sfm. baft 6L[b«0rn.bfllIj. 
irztatA'tloa, i. bie Bcrfilbe rung. 
Argeutiferoaj, arfj. ftlber^nTtig. 
AVejeBHoe, I. adj. 1, flttCTfwbCIH 2. (Wt«. 

gen, rcintSncnb (role Silbtr)i II. j. l.Min. 
en eWblcferfpatb ; 2. Hot. ba6 Stlberfraut. 
AV S |I. *. 1. Mr *rjcn, bit Srjpferrebe} 2. On. 

Hi Sitfenfranfd), XraiK. 
Arfijlis'cHjoi, adj. tb,oma i tbonartig, tbonitbt ; 


ArgiinrV<"», orfj". Gecl. ftonig, fS.onbflltig. 

At'e-IIite. i. Mtn. brx XtORfa)|(ftr. 

Arsiilit'K. acrj. Min. t&enfAifFerartig. 

Aigfl'loni, adj. t&onfg, k&tnfg ; t^oncrn. 

IrM *. ttid. Argal. 

Ai'fo-y (AVgnajt), i. tie jtarnrfr, Jtarate 
(fptnifdjcS ob. portag. Jtauffabrteifdjiff >. 

To aVbuc r. Ui. ].ed)i<Hremaa)cn ; fa)lte»i . 
Sriinbt onfubrrn ; 2. ftreitcn, bieputfren (mit 
■itta nnb ■gaiut); II. a. 1. burib. ffirfabt 
ubcrrrtra, bestgeiii 2. nit Orinben (due 
Sadjn brftrrittn, barubct frreittn, bUpntt' 
mi 3. tnorffen, jtigem 4. (tine 0aa)(, 
grage) frirtem, unttrfudjcn i to — •Bgacity, 
©dfarffinn orrrarben. 

BYsflcr, j. ber €5ltti tcr, Seftr titer, $oItnirtr, 
euntrcvrrtifl ) SendtfnbreT. 

Xr'eimfat, j. 1. bet Strati earn lib, Semrft, 
Wriinb, eo>(alj 2. ber etreit, bafi &ft< 
putirenj 3. bit dtreirftagt, QXattrie, ber 
6t»ff # Oegenftanbj 4. Brr 3rt^<i!f, ^>anptttfj 

bit SnoeUfQ^raag. 

irgOm*ntVive,I.ur/j.(jn» 1 nitt(if);n.-Jj' ! 
udu. l.bnotifenb, bunblgi 2. fireitffiibtia 

ir , B»"->-l. AfjW.itga*; 2.>y.btrf(6I«oe, 
fftnrfeSteobaibttri comp. — butterfly, Ent. 
bet Stea>ginfltrfdlt(r, groff Xrgufi — fea- 
thers, bie rjebern be* flfaufafiinsj -afcell, 
Conch. b« SUaitie verfibiebeneT Bttgenartig 
gejtidj utter e<baltbicrc (ynTitUanfantita*,. 

Ar'gjie, s. elnt Jtaffft' ob. Xb,t(fiutnt con 
iB(t<b nitt Coppelbobtn. 
M* *■ Otol.> Mux. bie Xrte, baB Cingftact. 

A'rjao, Ecc. I. *. ber Xrloner) FT. adj. aria- 

A'rjtBffm, i. £ec. btr XricmSnmS. [nifib. 

A^jd, I. adj. bflrre, InxTettj jig.rrod'eK, t«») 

n.-BW, s. cpVF. Aridity. 
iHidaa, '• Cunt. (— of herbi) ber ®m6taffel. 
^rr*|ty, 1. 1. bit ©fine, StotftqieU} 2. M«f. 

bas Sfrborren, Sibrafnbtm 8. The«t. tit 

ArteH, Artere', s. rid. Arricre. 
A'ri*>, ». 4>t. ber SBtbttr. 
Xri*ft»,j. WM*.bieatrfrtte. 
Aright' (fam. Artgfau') , adtr. aufredjt, gt> 

rflbe i fig. r(a>t, ridjrfg, jurtajt. 
.Vjl. Ar^llaa, s. Bat. bit BamtJibtcfc. 
ArtilSted, Ar'jllc d, adj. But. mit tfim Bo. 

menbeft BtrfeSen. 
XrtD'ao, (ftal.) >- ftj. bet Xriofo, ter rung' 

ban Sat,. 
To Arils', ». ir. «. 1. aufgeftwt, anffrrigtn, anf» 

fleien, auffommenj 2. aiferflfijnu 3. ntt» 

[■prinflw, bertommen) fldj erb^ben (—from. 

... nus, con) i 4. fid) auflcbntn, anftrfn 

(— against, ... raiberj. 
Atif'ea, port. o. To Ariac. 
Arfa'ti, J- Bot. bit (Sronnc. 
jr^jatiriby, *. Pol. bit 4>errf*aft auegtieieS* 

tteter Sltinner finer Station. 

fdjuft. ( IfbtlAfrpiinb. 

irjitijcrSt' , irjstocrSte' , s. ber Wfioftrtt, 
irlitocrXtnctl Ciriatocrit'ic), l.nrfj.;Il.-]y, 

adv. ariftorratffd;, abt^errTdjaftlto), abel- 
fttrrifdji HI. — dm*, i. bal Ttrirtoftattfibe, 
bie Ifn^nglidjtdt an ben (altcn) Xbel. 

XrjitBI'oebj, a. Boi. bie j)o(Imnrj/ Efterlujei. 

Arjatfltc'ljan, I. t. ber Xri|t ot (liter j [I. ndj. 
ariftotellfB). WWbftpb* 

iriatgtel|a,BJf ( m, a. til orifiotelifojt 8e6« Bb. 
■ Ar|it v tel'jc, adj. Did. Ariitotellan. 

Arit t 

Arttfc'iaetfr, f. M( Xrit&metif, (Rte)ubuQ. 

Irjtfim«rjc»], I. adj.; II.— ly, «rfv. nritbmf 
iff* j — precUlon,.fig. bit 6*i)frs ® taanigtrit. 

ArlfAmttrcian (-Hah'-an], j. ber JCritfrmrtitcr. 

irk, i. 1. bit labej SL Weird)*, ber Jtaften 
(Moat)) — Df caTenut, bie 9)anbetlabe} 
9. Cwicft.(ol>.-«li«U)tl«Irfl)t,K-itmnr4di 
4. bat Bed*fd)lif rait (Jadjera Soben* 5. .4m. 
tin groftt glup&cot, SXarrrf jiff. [gelt. 

Arle* [arli], j. (-peon;) bag aRtetbgelb, Xn> 

\Vlet, ».Bo(- ber ofKnbifdieJtamin(*uiitinei). 

Arm, i. i.btrlrmj JBetrtSamu Hrm tines 
gluffrt, btr ©eiftrcm; Banrnaft; annfff 
mta.e(8egettftanbj2.bkfBa|ft) (vid. Ainu ;) 
3. Muff, bet J6orberf4tnfd cintl ^JftrbcS) 
A.jfg.bieSRadjt, Oewalti — of an oar, btr 
armeineBifiiibcrS) be l» 017 right-, fig. 
er fftmeuit redjt(4>anbj comp.- ■ chair, bet 
Kebafep, Xnnfrufclj — to], tin Xrra Dolt) 
-bole, 1. boi Xrulodj, trmttbajj 2, bcf- 
ftri -pit, Jnat. bit Mftlgrnbe. 

To Arm, c. I. a. lit. AjSg. I. nwffntn, be* 
maffnen, autrfifttn 1 2. mit Stroat (jur So 
ftfrigung) ocrfeitn, einfoflen. befrtjlagen j II. 
n. R4 re-nffaen, bentaffnen, ruften. 

ArmS'da, j. bit fpan. JtriegSllortt i XrmaBil. 

Xnnadn'lg, j.Zoo(.Ba(Xraiabin,*anjert6i«, 


irmamtnt, ». 1. bie JtrfegSruftungj 3. ba6 
.SfrfegSaerflrtH 8. tie jTrita*raao)t , 6te« 
ma4(, Jtriegsflotte} 4. ftbrorret fflefaJiSA. 

AYman, AVmaad, »■ P«t. b« eroeld)enbt Xrj« 
neitranf ob. bie Satwerge. 

AVnatare [— Uhflr], f. 1. bie BWftang, I. p. 
BSaffenj 9. Sport, tie CSpatntn an ben 
JtampftlSnenj 8.fiot.&ornen,etad)e[n,ic 

Arm'cd. adj. UL kfig. beoafftltt, btBtfett) 
— choir, vid. arm-chair; u — load-atone, 
(in armirttr 5Raa.net) *n — ahfp, tin {Bin 
Jtriegt auSgerfftetes Jtauffaflrttlffblff. 

ArmtVn[a, t. Geog Xrmtnierc 

Arcie'nj?D, I. r. berlrrntnfanerf II. adj. at- 
menifd)) Min-t. — bale, ber arcientfdje So' 
Inst — itane, ter armtnifdjt etrin. bas 
Serbian. [Bit* eefOrtg. 

ArmeVtat, A'nfntlae, atfj. jll einet $(Tlt 

IraentW, adj. btrbtnreldj. 

ArmirVon*, Armlg'erons, adj. SBaffen tra- 
fltnb, 6en> thrt, btreafftrt. 

AVmige r, 1. ber SBoffentrdejer, tin Eiqaire. 

AVnfittry, «*■ r. rinfltliibtj in mingeuj 
einem Tfrmbanbe giticbtnbi Ast. — iphere, 
tie IrmiHat-eptdic, fflingrnatlj — trigo- 
uometer, tin asi filnf $aVo jirfeln befrefren- 
be* 3nftrnaent ]ur fajntlKii XnftSjana triao. 
Hoojerrffiber y»blenie. 


Sr'mlUitfd, octf- nttt Innbinbern cb. Kbya 

AVm|Qg(, 1, pi. Afar. vid. T^it-clatba. 

Armfn'ian, I- >. ter Xtminlaner j n. adj. at* 
Lrmla , l*al«i», 4. Eec. btr X rainiontSnruS. 

AnnlAtCncc, f.« bie3Kaa)ttn Jfriia(,aita4t 
bet SBaffen, aBaffeamad)t 

Armrp'oteDt, Jj" . * mldjriflimJtriest. [fetnb. 
u'ododi, adj. * ntaffennitTtnb, niafftnrafU 
ijstioc, j. ber SBaffenftiDftanb. [maffntt 

Srmlcu, adj'. 1. armloSj 2. nmlfenloS, nnbf 

Arm'Let, *. 1. ber ftrinc tvn (btr Cite, u.)j 
2. bet Xtmbatnifiij, bie Ktafa>ienci 3. bat 

ArmO'altc, «. 1, wig. bie Iptttoft (did- Apri- 
cot) ; 2. cor. ft Ammoniac, qv. 

irrofin'jc, adj. tritf. Armeniaa. 

Armci'njca, t. Kid. Harmonica. 

A^mgr, IVmoar, *. bit Ttrniatnr, Stfiftma, 
ter ^aniifcbj —bearer, ter Kafftntrifltr, 
edjUfifnoppi top—, Afar, tit ©a>an}tlei- 
ttr ber gRarffen (ffitafrHrte). 

Xr'morer, AVmoarer, 1. 1. btr ©affenfdjmto, 
ed)»ertfcger, ffliiAftnfdjmitbi 2. tn fRflp- 
fnaupi 3- ber JBaffenauffeber. 

ArmD'riaJ, 1. adj. ju ben ttBaptn (btf. in tinnn 
rjani[Iienn>ajpen)ecbBrisi 1« taSHBaaen< 
bud)) — bearlagi,— euigni,— ini!gnia(or 
armoriau,pi.).baStSapcn,tie8B apenf djtTbe. 

ArmSr'lc I. adj. dtnicrifa), brerani r d)j II. t. 
bit annarff4e ob. btrtontfdie Cpcaajt. 

Armftr'jcan, I. adj. annorifd), bretonifdj j II 
i. btr Xratorirer, Brttont, ffiretagncv. 

ii'moifit, j. btr j>era[bircr, fSapenhuibiar 

Ai'mgry, AVmoqry, *. 1. bie Xrraatnrfaininer, 
SKifttantnttr , Otnebrfamntr] bai Zatat 
(ant) 3. bit ffiulbmaj 3. baS SBapen, KBa> 
pcnfdjilbi 4.bitf>tTa[bif,SBaotntnnbei book 
of—, bat SBapenbno), Kapenreeifltr. 

Irnuj, t. pi. 1. bit Xrmaturfrutft, ftBafffnj 
8. * btr Jtritg; S. Her bat BJapen { 4. IFA-w. 
bitbeittnenbentinrrSBagenad)fej 5. Sport. 
bitrjAfetfnellRaabvogeUi t. RotSorntn, 
©taajtin, jc.j small ■-, CStbieftgratbre, flrint 
edjuftmaffen) (.ataad of — , ber fficwebv 
(tanbi eintcarapIetrtCaloattnrnftangt eu 
■arloaof— , btraSaffcnftfaitanb] coat of— . 
bat ffBapen t — of an anchor , Me gttael 
etatt Infer j, bie Knferanntj to— I Mil. >b 
ttnSBafltnl in'S ffieroetjr I 

AVmy, i. tit Vnnec, bat (Jtriegt*) i>ter} a 
flj-ing --, tin fliegeiiBeS Kagen ■• agent, b*f 

ArafiftS, Arnat^l, *. vid. Anottt. 

■ ze C B , Google 

Ar*o ! 

trio* Vmfi, *. flat bit SWwmf. 
lHa«ta, * Hot. bcr »icffnf*nii(jtL 
(rift*, /. Bot. bo* Iroma, Mr (ftfne) &t- 
raHMf *rr $panjtn, batOtnrit], 

Aromatic ArowirW, 0((j. tltomatif*, »4r« 

I bat fibtrtiafommtB, tit *u*flUi*«mfl (*M. 


lea, «.p(. 1. Bof. an>matif*jt 3>fUn> 

jra* 2.an»fci,Burji;n,epcjcrri(n,)fflo6!.!ii'nn 1 

'4(r, i. btr Drbntr, Xnortntr. 
irVant, adi- ftbr oia, burrbrritbtn, trj-, » 
cif4f an — cowaxd, tint @Tirttmme) ai 
foal, (in autgematbttr JEart. 
AVraotly, ad*, arg, fajonblltbtr SBtifr. 

gtrirtK. [rourjtn, ba5 Sfnni 

Ar ? mat|xl'iloB, *. etc »ttmif#unn mit (St. 
To XrWHie, r. ■. 1. raarjtn, mit <3J«Murj 

otrfcbtn 2. mit <Smmriva)(ra, worrier 

4raB maijcri, biirdibfifttr:. 
ArWamer, «■ bat, am ©croarj glcftt ( amis 

atn«n*ape aigcaf*aft rat&all. 
Ariaa'ttaaa, nrfj. orematiffb, gc»firib,aft. 
Art"- >. Bat- bcrXran, bfe3r6rn>titj, gttbtr* 
ArVpk, .i. btr Caffran. [wot). 

AraaV, prrt. a. To Ariaa. (f*c 6! ibbdr nd)cn. 
' caia [»V-roJ(an], *. Zooi. but olrainu 
', I. ode. fm Jtrrifr, rttnb (ring*) bcr- 

nail n.prrp. nat ... bmra], urn... btr, unij 

Did. Roond. 
To &lUfa*> »■ *- l.mfmedVni 2..%.trwtr. 

l«,rmurn,an|rtgrn; (-front ....snMon:). 
AroV, adr. (in ■ raw) it nwr 9)d6e, Id eintr 

Cine, fi SWbtn, imo) btr Btrfbt. 
♦rpVii". (ital.)*- ««*.»«» 4-oretflalo, $«> 

pcajfra, bit Strglicbtnrag btrpttcorbt . 
Ar'peot, «. tint $afe tanbrt 

AronSivSde'[-k*-oi- — kwS-], a. I.Mr 

9tsra> ob. CuoMtiifibtiS j 9. (- water). 
Mat Wr IronebufaBt , bos 6*aS»nfer, 
fSubnafrtT. [Mc Xrque-bnft, $aftntjud)ft. 

Ar'oaebnie, ArV*br™[-ke-or-kwe-"]> *■ 
Anjo»«»Iei'H'e-oT-kw8-], j. ber Xr> 

twbiflr, «*ftnf*u»(. 
iV<|u)foD. *■ ot'd. Alqoifoo. 
iVra; h, AVradc, t. old. Orracb. 
ArrSek' [ Wo.. W., Ac; aV-tfk, 5a., Ac.], 

* bcr Krai, confr. flut. 
aVrogoo. ». Geog. Xrragonitn. 
To ArriHpr* [- raa], c, a. 1. orbnen, fhUtn, 

rtnfWaM «. btridjtigtn, rtbigfrtm ta«-i. 

3. anfladcn, btfdniibigcni i. eorfi'ibrm, COT 

Ocriibt ftcUrn (— for ... , rotgtn). 

Arraign*, i. rid. Arnlguce A Arraignment. 

An-lljB'o^Qt, i. 1. ba* Erbnot, bit Sed4tt> 

f.Aru; 2 - 

- buginp, 

bit gttBirftt Xtpttt, laptjtrri, btr Uppift. 
ir.Sy', i. 1. bieffiti^t, StcHung* Bletb* u. 
Olitb) Siblodjlortnungj 2. * bit (prnnN 
baftt) JtlcfOung, btc 2£ttjug, $a|) 3. Law. 
bit arntuniiig bcrOcftnaniRi mb bafiStr* 
jtt^nif berftloen. 

To A it*)-', v. a. 1. orbatx, in Crbnuna brin- 
gtn ot». flcatB) 2. • (pmnlbaft) tlnbtti, bt> 
fltibtn, ein^iUta (— with, in, in)) 3. to — a 
panne!. Lam, bit ©cf4n>ornenliRc mtrotrfen. 

Arrtu', «• 1. btr Staging, Kaojtrab (bit Jr- 
ift-fgarJr, vid. Arrlere); 2. btrStuffftanb, 
id. b. i. Arrear*. 

. rear'ti*, i. vid. b. it. Arreair. 

Arrear./, *.p!.rutfft4«bt8teumni(ii ob. 64«I" 
ben, SlntrfHnbti col. Rtftanttn) to ba 
(remain) ia— , tn Reft HtiStn, rtfMrtn } one 
iu — , btr nlttftinbigt 6{hnlbntr, ffltftant. 

To Afreet 1 , u. a. anfbela, auftidjttn. 

Arrec'taryi. Carp, bet oufrcdjiftebtribt fflal> 

fnt sb. ^ifoft'i- 

Arrtnti'tion, s. Laa, M» Binbagangertftt. 
Arraptftiona, adj. 1. tofrilftri, (gnvaltfata) 

enijogtBi 2.tfngtfa)Ii<ttn(>>enCitMudira). 
To Arrlif, b. a. 1. nmfiitn, ttrbafttni 2. 

mit Xrrtft btltgtn, Stfojlag Icgtn uof . .., »«■ 

fnmmtrn) 8. jurudtbaHcn , anfbaltcn, tin- 

Ibaiten, dtnbtni; Jig. (tfrfalttn- 
Arrlal', a. Laio, 1. (— of pertoa) bit Btrbaft- 
ntbmnng, btr Xrrtftj a. bit Stfiblaouabnie, 
aScrfalitrtWrung j 3. ber Binbalt; bit.fitm= 
mimg, etorfungj 1. bat Urtbtil, btr rid>^ 
ttrlidje Xntfprnd} (vid. Arret); -of the 
ghcia, Fort, btr JConni btS btbetttenSBegtS. 
UreatV, *. p[. far. bit SRanft on Ben ^fntrt' 
fujttit btr ipfttit. 

Arref , a. Lota, bttlnor»niD> (tines fflrriibt*), 
Das Urtbe(i)l, Snburtbtilj Sbitt eint* Kan- 
bttberrn. [longt, lerttagt. 

Arri't'ted, adj. Lav, Dor Otrio>t titirt, lit-- 

giSjit 2. biteitnnng r>or (Bcridjt, in tat Arrlere 1 , i. (--gwd) Aftt. btrSad}tcab, bit 

Scrtori s - bitKnflogr, StfAuIbigung- H XrritrgarM (cf. Arrear A Bear); —ban, 
raArraa&e', tr. a. «Sn tit, in Drbming bvin- bcr 4>etrtanitl btrtanbfbtm; Una, — fee, 

gca, daTidtcai Com. to — one'a aatf wttkl - -Hef, bat Xftftlebenj — iuul, btrTtfttr- 

.... M aaitinnnbtrftttn mit...) to— anl Itbratraarm. 

■mhiI, tine Bttdjattng abmadjtn. lArrfafon, t. bat Xnlaajtn, 3uladjtln. 

AiTia^ateat. j. i.bitXnDrbnuita) Drtnnnfl, | Am'ial, t. 1. bit 'Jfnfunft) KnlanBung) &<.-, 

ettbng, 9i«rio)rang; 2. bit ubttrlnhinft,| bit $rr<wtfd)iffutig utt SKtcrtngtn, k.i 2 


Com. Snfubr, fltju. pi. 3ufa§trc, 3nflu$ oon 
SBaomn 3.^g.bIeSrreio>ungtviterTCbfldjti 
— train, fl-io. Ocr anroirditenbe SBflgenjug. 

To Jn-ive', v, n. 1. aitfonmen, nnlnngsn, an* 
lanbtn, tintrefftnj 3. to — at, Sirens 
djcn, |u Steal gclangcnj 3. to — to 
fallen, la Stril joetbenj fid) jirtwgcm be 

To ArrOJc', v. a. benagen. [gegnen. 

AVrog»nce, i. We Knmaf ung, •Benneffenbeit, 
b et Dfinlci, itbt traiitl). 

Ar'i-vgftit, I. adj.; II. - ly, ado. amnaftnb, 
DermtfTea, ubcrmiiibis!, ftelj. 

To Ar'rogste, o. a. l. »ibtrrenjtlidj anfott" 
(beiii 2. fia> (auteioli) atimcftn, bnau6= 

Arnjgs'tiun, », bit tttUttf una,- [nebmtn. 

Ii'rogaiive, oij. nnmnfienb. 

ArnV(ion, j. bat Scnagen, tie HJtnogung. 

iVrDw, «, ber ¥>fti[J * S8urffi)iefji romp. 
— gnus, Bat. bat $)-grae)l —head, 1. We 
¥-fptb/i 2. flot. bat $-(rautj -headed 
character!, Lit. bit JteilfdjrifH —root, Bot. 
l. Ber mefrinWfibt Batep, We y-nnirjelf a. 
Med. bat $-m-mt&f, 3Ctto»me&Ij 
A'. 9>-fttfnt, Selemniten. 

firmifli fpijtg. 

ine, s. btr £intere, Bttrflj —foot, Om. ber 
etriffuf, bleXaud)(tr)tntej — gut, AnaU 
berSRafttaniH -«iaart,Bot. batgl66.fru!it. 

AVienal, i. bat XrfciwI, jkugoaiiS. 

Ane/ni«c-i'cjd, Did. Anenical-aeid. 

Arso'njatc, i. Chem. botXricniat, arfentffanre 
Bain — of lesd < arftnitfaureS Slel, fBIei< 
6Iutbo — ofpota»h,'atffni(faureg Jtali. 

irseVIc, j. Mn. berMrfeitWf ilnky-, ber glfe. 
gertftrln, bat fltertenflifti native (yellow) 
ber ecWeantt Xrfmif , bat Vuriplgmenti 
crystalline (white)-, ber ^urtenrnuib, bat 

AneVjca], adj. Xrftnit tntbaltenb, arfenifa' 
Ufa)) -acid, CJiem. We Krfeniffaiite. 

To Anieo'jcate, o. a. raft Stfoiff oerbinbtn. 

Jne'ojouf, adj. arfemfflltfe? j —acid, Oiem. 
bit arfenigt State. [©«!}- 

aVaenlte, ». Cftem. bat Krfenit, arfcaigfanre 

aY«|>, *• Mm». 1. bfe $ebnna bet Sonet (ber 
etimme) j 2. ber Xaffdjtaa im Xaete (mit 
btr $anb). 

li J »mirt, i. Bid. ane-unart nnt. Aree. 

AYaon, t. Law, bat oorfislinbe geueronlegen, 
btr aJterbbrtnnerei 

Xr'»ure[— ihttrj, i. Laic, to* ^Jwbtren 

, (Wunjen im gcutr. 

AV«y veY»y, AVaevcYae, ndc.™ (p. bat Bbtrfb 
!■ unterfl, cerf ebrt, ©ins burii bat 'Knbcre. 

Art, bfe st* gjerf. bet $rif. 3nb(c o. To Be. 


In, t. 1. WeJtuRftj ffltfa)i<ffinjrettj «. bit 
gtinbeiK «erfa)[agenbeitj the liberal, po- 
lite* or elegant a~i, bfe fteien Mnfhi the 
mechanic or naefala-e, bie banb»ecftma^i« 
gtn tfunfte, sffiedjanifi n muter of a-., tin 
gXaglfter bet freien JMnfle (gtw. aftfrr JI.A.) ; 
— nnion, nmrf. bet Jfunfiscrein. 

Ar'tocbOke, j. vid. Artichoke. 

ArteVritl, adj. ^nat. attetieQ] —blood, bal 
¥u»ab(rblnt. [abtrit. 

Arteriul'og;, i, jlnat Me8tb« bun ben^Fl&' 

.Arterjiif gray, *. Surg, bat SdjIngeE Ob, CfT> 

nta btr ^nltabtm, Xberla|Ttn. 
Arte'rjoni, odj. seller fJnltabern. 
iiVy. * bit Vrterit, ^ultaber, 6«Ugaber. 

Arte'ijan, adj. (irteflfi* aut bet ^JtSDlnj Xf 

tcis, baber:— welli, mod. attefvfcjeSntnnen 

Art'fi,!, l.odj.; li.-ly, adu. 1 . (aiajt Mt4r- 
lid)), KmfHid) j funftreidj, gefUjift, arrtfafdj j 
gem. %fie. Irftlg, fdjlau, tetfajnribt, ftiiti 
III. -net., *. 1. bit JWnfiliojMt, SefdrftfU*. 
feiti 2. Jig. bit Sift, ed>lau6eit. 

Art/itfl'ic, Arthrtt'ical, adj. Med. 1. ulbrt> 
rife), flidjttrd) j 9. tn ben (Seienren gebdrig. 

Ar(/irif j«, i. Mtd. bit ©liebetrtaiirbeit, ffiidjt. 

Ar'Uiuc J.XrrbntCK-n). 

iVrjchoke, 5. Bal. bit Xrflfajt*, erbf*>«te} 
Jernaalem — , bit Strafaltm't V., tine Xrt 
eonntnblKme, beren JtnoOtn bit erbiittten 
flnbi wild-, bie flJtarititbtftel. 

XHtjc, adj. cor. ft. Arctic 

Article, «. l. btr Xrtirrl, Ibeil, ytmH, ba* 
Cturf) tit. t fig. bet einjelne <Btgen|ianbt 
a bit eebingungi 3. Bo(. bat Slitbj 4. 
Gram, ber Xrtife! , bat (SerdjiedjttODtt ; 
((im-j. 5. bet SBantenottittl; 6.btr$ofttn 
(imfBudjbalten)} fJttdjsnnfltiirrlrtl. 

Tair'tlcle, v. I. a. 1. arrileltweifeabfafreni 
(inSttirel, ^untte) tinrbtiltrti a. (funrt 
filr fisalt) Corlegen, ootrtagtn (Xbjttfacbtn) i 
fcSriftlidj uerflagen) 3. unttr conrractlfihen 
Stbtngungtn bfnben (—to, as...)) n. n. 
(uatrartlt(b) uberefnrommen, btbingen, St> 
btngangen macStn, JBerflleidjunatipanrtt anf> 

krtTc/nlar, I. «Jj. Anal, bit (Sliebtr tinb Se> 
Itnh brtreffenb , fflHebeo i n. - ly , adr. 
Gram, artlfulirt, fi)Itenmil|ig auSgefprorbtn. 

Artfc/ulate, I. orfj,; IL-ly, ado. 1. trtitlK 
Ifrt, beutliib, terneiimltd) I 2. attiMnietfe 
auSjiebruett ; abgetbeiitj 3. Anal, (ftliebet 
ob. Qtelenft berttfTenb, aeglftbett; *. Hot. 
geglftbert, tnottgj ill. — ne«, t, bit Btr* 
nebmbatreU, S)tutlld)reit 

To ArSc/ailte, o. I. a. 1. aof tfne Dtruttalffte 
Vrt aatfprttt>en, artifolirtm %. Anat. |tc 


(onaflgm, artftnti rot j n. ». bentl!*, etr> 

ne^ali* fprtdjtu. 
Artknli'tJoD, a. I. ^nai. bit OWetifnerbii!" 

bug, *ao4tnfugm»fl j 2. Sot. btrJtnottn, 

beS Setatt, Slfcbi Gram j. 3. Bit (btnt» 

11*0 *ttSfyra*t, Tfrtfflatatioiu 4-. btr>TCtt= 

lattttr, Simfonant. 
Art)**, >. l. oit9tf*fcJUdjhft, Jfonfti a. oft 

XrgKft, jfbtmiH, ber Jfcmftgriff.' 
Artificer, *. 1. btr JHnfUti, £anbmcrfer, 

Rntnriftnt 2. Ma. btrgflifmstrftr; 8.jig. 

bre&TflnBer, etifitrj (ffidnft.) Simttber. 

Artjfi'cial [- Hah -], I. adj.; U. — Ijr, adn. 

1. gin. Mnftlidjj 3 Btmoait, naibgtmaeat) 
jig. baiblmf*, trtiinfrtlri S. tunftrtid), 
linnrri*! 4. iiftig, txrfbiagen) S. ongebaut, 
nio)t tinbrimtfd) (t. 9in>dd)fen)j com?. 
-d«j, Ait.ta KnfUi&tSag Cocn2iGt.) i 
Geam. * Math. —Haw, Hnfllicbf (Sen' 
ftntctien&O tialtn ; — n amber*, Sogcirlt^ra«n; 

— peraoiu, ira, mfiftifdjt $)erfoneru III. 

— Dtu, i. rid. b. f. SB. 

Jtunftfertiflrtit) a. bit afft,8eTfrblagen&ttt. 
Artjtrdiu, «. pi. Jtunftprobneic. 
ArtjtTe'ioaa, orfj. MnfHta), no^a^nKntt. 
To Artjffze, e. a. OtmaS ben TCnfdjetri btr 

Jrnnft aebtit. 
trtirle-ry. *. flit Xrtillerir s bat OefdjutioeTtn, 

Ocftdtj coi. (ti.-iei) bie Xrtfaerijtra, 

bo* a"rfiiltri tecrpS. 
AYrknui, #. btrJWnfHcVj $anb»trfw. [bfge. 
Irim<> 1-bnJtflnfHttf a btr JfcmftotrfhJn> 

Art" 1«M, L orfj. ; It. —If, adv. 1. ftinfHoS, 1H« 

gtMaftelt, naririidji 3- tunftioibrig , ge> 

fdjinatEIot f fd)!eo)t, plattl III. -nan, ». 1. 

Mc JtaaftlsfoMf) a. bit (narflriitbe) JCuf. 

rinjtigfrft [airHmer. 

AVondel 511, *. bag jbl btr moluffifien $>ur= 
Ariadjai'ceooj, adj. con flto$r, ffi3$f; rt>br> 
_ob. ftflfftbnlut. 

Anjndlir'eoiu, adj. mit fflo&r Ob. €Sd)ilf bf 

_»a<bftn, "olitr 0U&r eb. ®*llf, ffbilfta. 
AViel. *. Jfan. tin 9>ftrb, bag anfbtra nttttn 
ttinterfaft tinra weiftn gled* bat. 

If, ctnj.kadv. 1. Oil, Wft} fo, fo Brft, fbtn 

foj ft ftntj —par, Com. lanti g. ©.— per 

bill of lading, lanf gratbtbritf) — y«t,nod); 
bi»ittt, fibcm -thtedar, Qtnttj —what, 
■an, »4* ! —big again, nod) efnmal fo grof) ; 
-well— ,fo gut, i»t fowofll, altari*) -aoft 

, fo twin) «rft . . . j -for-, bit) (-) rich 

-■ate, r(id)»tt tri|t, fortt* tt an* ift; 
'for, —to, mrtbetrifft, in Being atifi 

narf) >.<tt r H 

aU ob (mitXnefofTung eon if)l *aca-, (mit 
fbktnbcmgtabunt ab. auib mit fittglajfang 
btffelbtn), btr »tla)er, btt lotlibe, fold)t 
»ie tt-i mm Stifpitii —regard*, nil li(- 
trifftj — yonworel Mil. (bef btnyrro|knl 
CSriff juriltf! (bei ben Jbfierrci4tni> berfttui 
mi? 1 — I hope, fo ma^r ia> fceifej wb«o- 
he knew, Ac, ba er bun) mu81t, it.) — it 
were, glctdjfWH fO |U fagtn. 

Aj, j. bat Xe (rdm. Stmidjt n. OTunjt). 
Xijfod'jds, AHfit'lda, «. J'/wrm. btr ftfn-- 

lenbt Kfonb, bit TCfafitiba, wig. btr Xtu< 


Janrabac/cn, t. Bot. bit ^aftlttUTj. 

A(bei't}ne, adj. atbtftarttg, uambrennlidj. 

ffbti'tjolte, i. Miit. in TL&Uftimt, uibeft. 
arttac Sirablfltin. 

AobeVto*, Aibei'tu.. Afbi*^, t. Min. In St- 
6 (ft, Sttaflad)*, ettinfktb.5, bag grtenutifi- 

ItcalB'nlt, (cof. AkAHjod), *. Bot. B*nitt= 
lauibi uid. Scallioa. 

AaciVjdee, j. pi. Zaoi. Xetallbtn. 

itcinuce', Aicaant 1 , adv. vid. Aiknace, Ac 

To AaceW, v. 1. n, 1. anfwirtffMgen, (iin--J 
oofftjigtn, gtb,en, sb. fasten i 2. fig. —to, it- 
rtidjtn) biiuiufrti4en,geptnbil...i d.Ait.k 
Bat. aufflrfatn) i. Mui. fttigtni It o. bin- 
anfHtttttn,erfltigtn,btfttifltni Att-t.»— iog 
node, btr auflttigenbt Jtnottnj «— IngaJgn, 
bat auffbrigtnbe 3tid)tn) a-ing plane, MoeA. 
bit anffttigtnbtn StfJfJe. 

^ic^nd'nble, adj. (rfletgbnr, erjttlglftb. 

Aiceud'ant, I. #. 1, bit ubetltgtngtit, (Btwait, 
btrffinflufli 3. Astral, btr Xgctnbtnt (bet 
in btr (Beburttfranbt aafsipenbe tyuntt btt 
e!Iipttl)j H.arfj. j.nbtrltara,ubtrRiiegtnb: 
2. Astral, anfftoatnb, fiber btm fior^ontt 
bejlnblid). [Sinie. 

Aaeia'dtnu, j. pi. SSermanbte in anffteigenber 

^■oln'dfDCf.j.bieflberltgtngtit, CbtrgtaaR, 
bag flberflenjitbt, ber Hinflnf (— over, fibtr). 

Aic«n'ii n, s. 1. batXaffMetn, bit Kuffibrl; 
batTCuffteignib« a.Ait.bagMnfptigtti titiet 
QtfKrng, bit Xfctttflon; Rel-i. the — of 
Chriit, bit *immt[f»brt«bri(tij -day, ber 

Aiceo'aional, adj. 1. auffttiatnbj S. Arts, in 
ber Vfctnflon? -difference, btr Qnttrf4itb 
in bn atrabtn unb f*ie ftn XuffManng. 

Ajrfot', s. l.bat ($in-)](Hffttfflen, Knfgtttn ; 
bi(3fuffabrt4 2. tie Srgopnnaj 8. bit Kn< 

To A 

u. a. 1. oatmitteln, gtmifS ma* 

ep, fobtmtgt,baf»moaiBrfneri tjtn , feftfefetn, btftfmmetij in {Ridjttgftit 
i,»(t,»dhrtnbi Mmi Mail bringen* 2. utrgtrolffttn, fibenniaetu a. be- 




hapten, btfrflftfatnt bartbaa; to-* ba- 
lance, Com. tiani ©afbo Dtrglritben. 

Ajcertiin'able, o<y. beftintmb or. 

SuvrtsKner, i. ter $cfrftb«be, etftfatmeabc, 

itcertlia'aant, t. ] . Me gtftftiung, Seftim* 
numg ; 2. bit flberjeugung, ecrgeraifTr-ntngj 
3. bit ftfte ffictjcl, ffliittfdjniir, 9?orm. 

Aiccnaocy, Aaceuant, m'rf, Aceiiency, Ac 
Aariflc I. adj. afcrtifdj, bef4«iili*j -book*, 

(aiceiici), pi. I'nbadjtgbn'aitr, QrbaitnugS' 

ftbriftaij II. j. bet afcetttcr, Sinfttbttr. 
AVcfani [aaaM-aaa], AVe]i, *. pi. ^rf. bit un- 

febuttigtn ob. f*»tttnlof« SoBer, 
Aicl'tea, s. Med. bit S aa 4 to afferfw 4 1. 
.Jscit'lc Atcit'rcal, adj. boua>K>o|ttrfud)tfg. 
Xicfll'iloud, adj. 1. binjngct&iai j 2.juf«ltig; 

an — name, tin ungenommtner Kame. 
Aierrtable, od;. jufajrnb&nr, jajafcbrdSen. 
To AierTbe', n. o. (-to) [nfdjrribcn, brtleorn, 

bdmeffen (Gincm (Sheas). [Btiltgnng. 

Antrtji'tiDn, j. bae 3nf4rrfbea, (Bcimeffnt, bit 
Xta iiitr'tioLi. adj. pgtfdjriebtii. 
A«b, i.i. i. flot.bicafcbti a.ba«afd)tiiboii 

(Bit Mil bicfem $oI| r-crfertfgtt SSanre rnirt 
im$anbd Tunbridge ware gcaannOs 3.b« 
<3cbaftj coaip-s dowring — , Bic 81nmtn» 
Mti mountain— bit Ssgtlberrti prickly—, 
bet Sctniecbbaum n. adj. tfebent bietjfcbj 
betreffenbj 111. romp. — balla, *. pi. 'Jtfiben- 
fugcln ( jBtaSBafajrabts 8rinenjeuge*)j —co- 
lour, bas Stdjgron, bit Tffajfatbti —co- 
loured, aptgroil, nffbforbig) —drawer, 
Afin. btr Tffebetuicber, Xurmttiri * —fire, 
a™, bni gcbiimofte Setter, bat Xf4n> ob. 
Bnabbabj -hole, bat Yfajmloa); -key*, 
». jii. bit Qfd)baunfat<tnt i — pun , ba£ 
XFajenfol, bit tffcrne Baiasfpfniine) -pit, 
baa Xfdjcnlodj, bit Hfebcngntbt} —tree, btr 
6F4cnbanm, bit Sfa>cj — Wednesday, bit 
Xfebmttirrnodjc i —weed, Ait. btr ®ri r - 
fttf, Q)ft». 

Aialnied', ad), fid) fnjatuitb, btfd)dmt] to 
be— (oO, ft* fff>omtn(@lnc8 ob. rfntreai&e). 

Aihft'meiUy, nrfn, fifinntboft, Dtrfebumt. [it, 

J ib HP, nift). Mnr. auftincrSanbbanr,Jt[ipnt, 
■h'en, adj. tfcbtn, »cn CSfrtjen&olj. 

Aib'ery. J. T.Wt Stoilafibrafabrlf. 

Live., ». n(. 1. lit. bit Xfajt j to barn to -, 
in rfncitXfdjcnbaofen wrnirabtitt, tindfcbtnn 
laid In -, cfngtafdjtrti 9, fig. bit Ttfebt, *« 
©tnnb, bit fterblicbcn flbe rrtftt. 

AiMer. '• (ft 1 - A, C, Sm.) btr fflntajfldn. 

AibV. *.(Sm.) Mn4.btreotttl(Kbfa( tintr 

_9Rautr mil CltiabcTftrintn). 

AiMeiTng, |. p. t. Mat. bos Otanttwro btr 

60<WfWati n. t. Corp. bit (Bratta btrt 
8erfo)olung (unttr ban D«a>t>. 

Aibare', ado. on'* Uftr, mi '6 tanbf anllftr, 
amSanou to get—, («n)lonbtm aa'otab 
bringtni to go — , na'» ftanb ftrfgtnf to ru 
aiblp— , dnSibiff uif btn etntRb frfd, 
Ittcotbta) a ablp-, tin gtftraabtttc 6e>tff. 

iib/y, udj. l. afitg* 2. ottiortm, oftbgr"! 
—pale, flftitnblttd), (Itid}tn) blof . 

Aala [a'-ihj-t, col. ('-aha], i. Grog. Tftf ai 
— ruin or, jtleliwfita. 

* A'.lan [i'lhlan], adj. aflatifn). 

Aiiatic[I-.hl-*t'-|k], I. adj. BfUrirOi H- «- 
btr Wat*. 

Aiiatlciia[l -•bj.(t'-i-»rim], '.Mtttadjabmna. 

oflatifd>tr Bittn. 

latde 1 , I. ado. 1. ftitmartH ablaJrtti 2. bet 
edrt, ttttf tie 6rtte, btfonbtrf, farfian to 
lay (let) -, lit. kfig. brl edtt Itgnt, ftbet ( 
oiif s cbtn] Lam, annaDircn* H. *. TneaL 
an—, rinBriftitt, rws tin €Sn>onfp:dtT ffa 
ft* fpriajt. nirig< a.j%. rfribaft 

Aa'lnary, AVfnlne, ad;. 1. ;u rintm ttfti go 

Aifne'go, >. 1. btr (ftdnt)8Wi S. cut. Jig. 
ber eftltnibm 3. fig. btrXropf, Onnrat- 
!opf, KatT. 

i«k, *. I. flot. btr (rfdttnbauni, vid. Ash; 
9. Zoo!, bft SSafertittfift, vid. Aaker. 
I'o .ink, n. I, a. 1. frcgetn 2. bitten) 8. for- 
btra, btgtbcen, wrUngtn) 4. trforbcrsi 3. 
finlabtni to — leave, Mifnrtjra, aaOrltiik' 
niS bitten} to — ona'i pardon, 3emcntb ant 
Btrjribang bitten; to - apriet of ..., data 
%>mi boa ... forbtroj to — (back) again, 
luructDtrlanaea) to-ln, btitinrufen, bet* 
einnotbigenj IE. n. 1. bitten (gt». iritfor)) 
2. fragea (gew. after); to — far (alter) 
a thing, nadj Srnat fragtn, fht bantaa) 

Itkanoe/, Aikinr*, ado. btrGnert, qltr,f«>frl 
abttintrdj, feitraarts, son btr Bdtt. 

Aikinnce 1 , Aikiunt', trid. b. it Atkaaea, Ac 

.Wer, ,. 1. bet gtagtnbt, «.( 2. Zool.tk 
B8afrtrriben>fe. [(ana) co«.) 

Aikew 1 , adv. Don btr ©rite, ftUaartl, ftblrf 

Aili'nl, i. Num. Km* btr at(OtrIdnMfa)n 
Sontatbaler in btr firouttt. 

Ailant 1 , ado. fdjftf, qutr, Don btr tSkitt. 

AtlUp', odn. fdjlufenb, im edjutft) fig- rabtt 
tobe(Iie)-,fd)loftnj to tali-, etafctlafrai 
■T foot li — , btr gup ift rair rtngefajlufiea. 

Adopc/, ado. fajftf, im T£bt>anat, abf^afftg, 

AnD'matoai, adj. nnforperlid). 

.tip, 1. 1. 5ot (-tree), bltOfpe, Did. Aipen ; 
2. Zool. bil ftatter, vid. Aipk. 

AapiFaint., ., Dot. 1. bit Seridjoroft («C 


ratnHme); S. btr itbeblfttborn, b«t«o- 
SraWi, »ltf*«n6clj . [Bpargrtftrff. 

AapSr'aifn, *. C*n*. MS Tftporagin, btr 
AnpSrVgiU, <. btrCpflTgilj - - long™, 

nVoect, *- *■ bet Xnblitt, Bat Snfebtn; a. bit 
(StflojtSjnge, bat ®tfla)f, Mr Slid] 3. tic 
Kidjdmg, Ttnfl»t, Stitti 4. tie Btjirbnng., 
M5 8crbiltni*j 5. 4i* bttXfiptcrtn j north- 
oi- , bar SCorbfdjciru doable — , Paint. 
bit Cosytbuifitbt rincr gignr, bit Mrfa)ftbenc 
_<Scgraftinbt barfbtlt. 

.Wpeo, I. *. (—tree) btcSfpt, btr8fptnbaam, 
bic3ittcrpappc[,?Brftpar.pf[; II. adj. tfpen, 
r*n SfpcnbelB — hMn tifpentanb. 

AsVer, ». I.JVmm. btttffper (tiirt. ©fibm 
niunjt ». matf . 2 »3f.) } 2. Gram, ber dpi* 

To AiV* te, c. a. rant (unebra) moiboi. 

Aip^rK'tlH, $. bat Staub> ob. Untbaunaibtn. 

A»|.«rir6^|ite, AspfrltVljoai, adj. Bat, ranfi' 


A^ir'jlj. ». 1. bit fflau&igrdt, Waubbttt) 
(fctpgl. bcretfmmt), |)rifctfcit) a. jig. bat 
waJje Btfra, bit atofebtit, $ntttj 3. bit 
0<Wrfc, bet fanrt, frrcngt (Stfdjmarf. 

A » p anHtloo, r. bit 6 1 n to n f tin ng, Sera 6) ru ng . 

Ai/perBM, arfj. tnnj, nnc ben. 

To Aape'rM', v. s. (bra gnttn ffinf) btflttfrti, 
btfa»mi(ca, wrlcnmbcn. 

Aip£H«er, «. btr Berlrombtr. 

Aaper'aiaa, f, l.tufflcfprcngnngOff. Rom. 
<.ath. nit OdfrMflcm *..&. MtStrCram- 
bong, Scbmdbnng, ( 8b«n») Stflttfana. 

Aiphalt, *. rid. Aupballoi, Anphaltuat. 
A^bSftJc Anphil'Sle, adj. afpbalttfo), trt- 
nnbig, trtbariig. 

A*pb5rto», A.pbiftuni, J. Attn, btt TtfpSall, 

b« fdjlacftgt Orbpc4, naturlidjt ttrbbarj, 

Snbca- ob. Sttgjpta). 
.Wpbodfl, * Hot. bit fflofbwan, IffobiDt; 

-lily. bU Ilfobia.«iIit. 
AapWrtlillei, t. pL Min. $ attmttalb. 
J*phyVy. (A»pb*¥]a.). ». Afed. btt bod)ftt 

9tab btr Ebnmacbt, djrintob. 
iVp|e.».l. Zooi. bte jtattrr, Otatttrfiblangn 

s. G»n. tint Jtaaont(13$rfinbtT)i 3. Sol. 

bitepitatarbti 4.(oHof-)baseawnbrioI. 

It'pjn, *. A arfj. rirf. Aipen. 

Aip?ra«t, i. btt Tfipiranl, Sciutrbtr (an tin 
Xnrt,it)f fibttb.bttitaa)atnaeSrad)trabc. 

To A«Virlte. Gram. v. I. a. afofririrtni II. 
n. atpirirt frin, ben $and) babtn. 

aVpfrata. Gram. 1. aa>'. afpfrttt ) n. 1. 1. btt 
Bpirita* afptt [*j| 9. bit TCfptroK, btr 

iipin'tion, c I. Gram, bit Kfttratiea j. 1. 

bas etrtbtn, btftigt Btrlangoi (fref. no* 

btm $4btttn). 
To Aipiro 1 , n. n. l. lit. anblaftn, anbambnit 

2. jSg-. ftrcben , btfrig lxrlangen , tracbttn 

(— to, at, after, M4VnMt)j empcrfhtbtn 
Aipi'rer, ». btt (Smpor*! ® tre btnbc, w. 
Aspi'ijne. I- p. a. I. anfftrtbenb, eraporfht" 

btnb, Urtbfnmi 9. (}nn>. imuntbtlaCSinnt) 

b>4fabrtnfi,a,ToptbntTif(b4 — pamp, Hydroi. 

bit Saagnampt) n. t. btr Q^rgtij, bat tbc= 
_gefj[gt etrtbtn (to ... , tucb ...). 
Aiporti'tion, *. Law, OaS SBtgtragtn (ge> 

flcjtntr Saibtn)) fScotreibtn (otftobtaw 


AiquIoH, odu, fd)((f,fit«Ii to look-, fcbitln. 
am, i. 1. btr ffftli 2. .^((. bw iDummtopf j 
•ho— , McOftlinni — driver, bttH-trtibtt 

-lock., epoimWifTn fir SftL 
AuCi', (Ital.) arfti. Miu. ftbr. 
To A«iil', o. a. onfaKtn, angrtlftn, btfWr= 

nun, btrt Mint) .£?. btbrdngtn, «. 
AwfiKable, adj. angnifbor. 
A"ni'i»nt, adj. infaQtnb, angrrffrab. 
AMii'lint, AHii'lor, t, btr Sngrtiftr, crtflrri- 

ftnbe SbtiL 
AHtpla'jc, i. (inbUirlf*) Zool. baKontrri. 

foniflje) jlitgtnbt HiaJbSradjtn. 

AiaMabac, s. vid. Araribaoca. 

Aiiirt', t. Low, 1. bit unttlanbrt Saerotttrag 

bttSanntt, btvgorftfrrotlj l. tin tnr»nr> 

jtlttr Banntf 3. bat Otobtlonb. 
To Att&rl', u. n. Law, bit Sdttmt im tBaTtt 

obnt Qrlttubnif autrotten, nnttobtn. 
Auir'iiii, i. btr QXtuditlnerbcr. 
To Aub'alulte, v. a. mraajtlmBrbttiJa) trn> 

bringen, mtnd)lingt mnorbtn. 

AuaMJnS'tion, t. btt QXtUlttlntDrb. 

AuaVrioltor, s. btr 5Httidjt[m6rBtr. 

AHflolf, 1. 1. bnXngrilf, KnfoCH bit Btftnr* 
raung, btr6rarmi 2. Lav, bit Btltibignng 
bur4 Znbrobung tbiiliajtr *Dti|bonblrmg> 

To Audiill'.i-.a. angreiftn, anfallf^btftilnntn- 
AisAult'able, adj. ongrtifbar. 

AiiAnl'tar, *■ btr Sngrt ifer, Stltibifltt. 

Auiiy', 4. 1. btt«trfUo>, bie^robti 2. bit 
(fdjmtrt) ^rffunai 3. Law, bit Untttfu- 
ftung, ipriifnng (btt iff entl. SXaftt nnb ® c 
n>i*ttt)) 4. Metal-*.* Mint-., bit SRttalt. 
probt} —by coppciiog, bit $)robt onf btra 
^Jroliicofeni mark of—, but $robcttid)tn 
(nnf eilbnwaartn)) —balance or -icale, 
bit¥ r »bir»ogt(-m«»ter,btr3JiBn|nMirbtin. 

To Aniiy, o. a. 1. Cttfna>tm i.fig.kCKem. 
pruftn, pio&irtni 3. Mint. A (Arm. btn 
Btttbbn9»inKnbtflvmnwn, worWron to 


-silver, Cttbtr probf rtlW to — by eoupel- 

ing, abrrtiben (Sort, eilbtr). 

AmSjV> *.t(T J prtbir(r, SKunjmortciii. 

AuSylng, p. i. 1. bClScrftlb j 2. Metal. ba5 

Unotrmi art of—, bit SJvoblrfunfti 8. 
Mm. tat 8or(pfd. [Mfc Jtrlttbertl. 

A«>«cti'tioB, j. tie XufBartung, Bienjt»iniB= 

Auecfl'tioD, j. bit grlangung. 

Aucturi, t, vid. Aslani. 

AaiWhlage, ». 1. tie eammlimg, bfr$aU> 
feitj 2. bag gStrfammtln, bit SJtttiniguna. 

Tn AueWMe, v. I. a. fmnatcln, etcftmmelit) 
jufainmcnlitruftJii jufammrnjiebetH II. n. 
fidj etrfararathi, jiifamntrtifcmirtfit. 

Aiiem'bler, j, btr SBtrfitmmltr. 

AmJm'bly, t. 1. grn. bitjSevfommiungi «Se= 
frflfdjaftj 2. ,4m. (boDMof-)ber6ongrep, 
bit ffiepr4f(nranten<Jtantmer, ©laatft'Scr, 
fammlung) 3. boe 6d4ftsgeift[tdjt<Kcrid)t in 
Sdjottlaiflu 4. Mil. bat Sromraelflgnal jum 
Ttbfcrtebeii beS Soger j , bit fSetgatttrung > 
riotau* — , bit ^ufammcnrottung, bit tumuU 
tuarifftc Ttaflmifj —room, btr 8trfamm> 
lungefaali bat Seftilfdiafttjimmer. 

AmSni', 5. bit Einwicigung, <Bentbmigung, 

ToA»i*nt',ii.ii.btfcp(li(bttn,bti(limnitn,C— to, 
in Stoat) eintttDigm, gerttbnugtn. 

AmentS'tion, s. bit ffleiftimmunj au6 GS#ratt» 
thrift ob. SSetfreDung, bas 9tEdjrge&tn. 

A»eVter, i. bet Sciftinuntitbc, it. 

A«B?n't j n gl y, adv. btiftimmtnb, t iniDiHigtnb. 

To Am erf, i>. o. I. gen. btbaapttiH 2. (tor 
Striibt) ausfdgen, bertafrfgtiu bejahent 8. 
(tin EReibt) anfpre*™. ' 

AMeVrion, j. 1, gen. bit eebaiipriiiig j 2, bit 
Seja&ungi 3, bit Ifuf fage ber jteugrn dot 
ffieridjtt 4. bit behanprete QRtinnng, bat 

Jwcr'ijve, I. adj. luoerftdjtlfd) , btfrimmt, 
ptrtntBtbtifa), bogmatifib f II. — \y, ade. 


AMtr'tor, j. b« ffirfaupttr, iBfrftdjrtr. [of). 
To As*eW,u. a . l.ftftffocnjbtJtunnitrH 2.bt. 

fdjaften, befteutrn; fdjdhtn, tarirts. 
Awfi'»«ble, aaj. fdjajbur, frentrbar. 
£■■*»'« Ifnery, adj. beiflhenb. 
AMi«s'mpnt, j, i. bit »efteutnmgj 2. bit 

ettnetj 3. bieKbfnjituiia, Sd)d jung j bo* 

gtftfefcen (tintr entfajnbiflunfl). 
A«rf*V. *. 1. btr etiRj.tr, XfFiffcri 2. btr 

Artit.. j. pi. l. taip, btrKadjIafl (tint«e«- 

ftorbrnm bialnnglirt) jut Etttang bir ®{bu[< 

b«i)i a Com, btrfflflier ob. berBernjoanuv 

btftiirt tint* JaHitcn , Me ERaftj TfctiM 
(tnd- Active property) ; — nod debts, TUti&> 
nab ^offloedjulbtn. 

To A«*«v'er, To AueVfrlte, v. a. feitrii* 
btrfio>tm, (ttblid)) trbarten. 

A«»cveri'tion, s. til feierlicbt Btrfitberunfl, 
JBetbcuetang, (eiblidie) firbartung. 

A«.|d6'itj', j.bicSmfigfeit,itm>trbrD[rraclM- 
iigrcit, btr (anbaltenbt) gieip j uiidaitio, 
pi. btbarelidje TCufmecffBrnttit (gegen $»* 
fciicnji (imu. S.) uiiablifugc dubringltd>> 
frit, Siaibfleilungen. 

Auid'goui, I. adj.; II. — ly, adtl. tmps, iflj* 
cetbrolTtn, unabldffig, anbolttnb ob. out« 
boutntbfltrpig) Hi.— *«m>*. btr anb.oIttnbt 
Sitipi bit Unbtrbrofftnbtir. 

To Aulin' [•Mln 1 ], u. a. 1. bt ftunmra, ftfl" 
[cfcEitj 2.tmtnntn,btfiel[enj 3.aageben(— ■ 
roioB, (tatn©ntnb)i taic-i. 4 a(fignfrm, 
ubtrtrogen, {bonis) (etiiea) 5. naimetftB, 
bart^uit. [Suratortitj aid. Auignee. 

Awign'. s. bttffiepcllmiirtjtigtei gtra. pi- »-», 

Aulgn'tble [>i-iln'-ob'0 , ado. Otftinimbar; 

jutpratiftn, £btrtriigbcr. 

Ai'algniit, s. mod. iai Xfllgnut, 9opicrgt[b> 
(mebt im v'- ublid)) XfRgnatER. 

AHtens'tion, t. pi. 1. bit StfhKung (an rintn 
SJrt), bac SttUbirtjdn; 2. tie aSrfiunraune, 
Vngabtj 3. tie "JCffignatipn, Xnnjtifung. 

iiijenie' [nguj-ne'], s. /,aio. btr eecoDmio> 

rigtt, Xnnalt, %%mt, Curator (curator 

massat); Cefttonat j a-i of I bunknipt, bit 

Suratoren btr SRafie (tints galliten), cvra- 

#MlgBVI-»Bi-].(A»teiiBr'[-iiB~], opp. 
■olenee), .«. ]. btrlnibtifer, Kbtretertiwr 
Sdjuit, it. i 2. Laio, btr Qebent 

AMlgo'ment [— rtn— ], s. I. bie SefHnimiiBfli 
2. /.aicbielCfngnaribn) llbertrogung; Qtf' 
ftonj Ctlcgationj fibriftltdjt Xmorifung j 6rf. 
fiDiiB'Urfnnbt) 3. Turn. bcrtrafftrteSBftbfel, 
bit Xratte, Xbgabtt buyer of the — , btr 

A»rm'ilable, adj. fidj offlmilirra (ibnlid) Ma' 
djen) lafTtnb, affirailirfcor. 

To An&rjlitc, v. 1. a. affunilirtn: ].gltid>> 
maititn, *trabsltd)ta) 2. iergleid)en | (—to, 
....mif)j 3. /Vi¥i)ol.benKiibrtu!flt.ftoirMt' 
arbtittni II. 't. l.fia) afftmiliren, gleid) atr< 
btn, fid) rcrciiiigtn j 2. I^tlol. (Id) nuS 
Bpeife ia SiaSrunnefaft rtmanbeln, nfiirtn. 

nnim'jlftteiif ii, j. bit 1tf)Ilil&)ttit. 
Aui'mjlit'tion. s. 1 , baAScrl^nlidjttDtrbcn i bit 

Seribnlidjuag, QSteidjaaiibttna i 2. ftytiol. 
bit Xffiaiilation (Katiannna btr Kabmnfl*- 




j.uflW!l»HYe, adj. onfignrabj afftailitttt. 

Ami it Airiiw, *. vid. A»lzs, Awlier. 

To An&f, c. I. a. beiftefcea, Selftn (Wntta) j 
II. «.*eff«u bri»o6ntn, babti fein (mit nt). 

Aufi'ttnce. «. 1. btr Sriftanb, bit $filfci 
2. bit Btiioe&ming. 

A.rfi'int, L j. 1, ber Iffifteat, Oe&filfe, «rf. 
ilanbi feneMratJ ganmla»j 2. btr Oeglei' 
ttr, Itmoefenbtj 3. bet TCmttgenofM n. odj. 
beftQlfli*, bftfttbeabj comp. i>nlfs<, (»le 
— aHMtf, — inrgMD, Ac); — ■Iderinan, 

ber Beifijer. 

i«F^ftr, *. brr ©e&aiftj Mfrr. 
jMiitTc". odj. bfi(flo», briffatnbtlot. 
}«««', AwVifK, *. mg.ipl. Me'jrrnfi(n); 

1 . bit Sffflon, olTenrIi*e ffit rfdjisfit ung, bat 
®eri*t, Sa&bgtritbt; 2. bat Orfdjioorntngo 
ridjti 3. ber (SerUbUtig) Canbtag) 4. bit 
SJtrorbnnngj Sarcrbiinng,Xore) reota of—, 
nnwraitbertitbe fflenten ber grrifafpro nab 
( ilttrn) 8tbatbtAter. 

To i.iize', m $rril,3JtaF B.Gewkbt obrig- 
ftitlid} befrimnten, tarirtn, abjoftfrra. 

A.rfier. i. brr ■narftmeifler, fflfarttougt. 

Aurxor, ». Sc £«w, brr fflejajawntt. 

Wiik*. mtf. gMib rlnem Oft!, tfcliaft. 

Aaiu'cfeble [-»■)—], uJj. 1. otrcinbar j go 
fetligf 3, Jl&rf. (mpfatlgtid), (mpftnblfe). 

To Auiu'efite, ». I. a. I . jugrfeBm, rxcbtttbtn j 

2. beglrilra, <B(ftEf*oft Irifteii} 3. frruntx 
[ibttftlioj anfntbmem II. n. fid) Qintnt ob. 
finer 6«d>i jagtfeOen, otrbinben. 

AHj/cfvie, I. *. l.berfflefabrK, 9rfeHf4ii(ttr, 
XbtUJDtbmer, Oebulfe, antttgenofl, Smut' 
goiofi {HtnbeUgaiDf) 3. ber !KItfibuIctgt j 
royal »-«, f6ntglia)( Stiprobialtn j II. otfj. 
jugcftHt, wrbanbrn, nerbtiasetf — power*, 
tit vrrbuabttot Macbte. 

UMfcHrtLo*. *- 1. bieScrbinbnae, Btrtiiti. 
gang,! 2. bit XbrflBtbmnngf 3. bit Oraof' 
icnf<bart,(.S)iwM«.)tSrftl]f<b<irti 4. /4m. ttt 
^>rrt>igrrBtrcinj 5. ber Bri[aB (o. Btsftea); 
-of idea», Ph. lie 3bMB»erbin6ung. 

it'ioaaace, i. AAet. * iW. tie XHbannj. 

Waonfnt, adj. Slut. A Pof !. affonirmb. 

To Aa'ngnlle, v.n. ftbaucn, tinea (mie tint 
aiorfr). [aflbrtirnt. 

To Andrt', v. a. aaSfndjra, jnfammta orbaea, 

Atlort'nent, t, bat Cortina) —of goodt, 
Com. bo* (Qflara>) Gurtimmt. 

To am*&^, e. I. a. milbera, liabtrn j btfSnf- 
ti$en, ftilten) n. n. naAlafien, fid) mi rib mi, 
abnebmrn. [iBtfJaffiflung; 'Jtbna&me, it. 

.inui4c'»*ot, i. bie aSiftttung, Einbrrang; 

Amffter, >. ber tiabtrnbt, Befaaftlgrr. 

AMufij ?«, a^tj.mUbtrabjIinberaB, brf anjtigtnb. 

AManrVbie, my. aaaebatbar, aniaaebaica. 

To AjiiBme', u.I.n. 1. oanefimdi, ubemcijmini 
2. wravtfttea; 3. R)ibcrred)tlt4 anaebmea, 
fid) anaufeaj 4. fid) aanebmtn, anf ffdj an> 
DMnbeni il- ». 1. grofilbunj flolj, anmafenb 
frin i 2. /.am, fid) DerbinbUa) modjen. 

AjuO'inent, *. ber 3uf«t (tiatr Sdjrifi). 

^uD'mer, *, Ber Znmaflenbt, Qtagebilbttt. 

iuiim'pi|t [jj-*W-»jt], j. Lmo, bie freiminig 
(iagegaageae eerblablidjfeit (eiarm Knoern 
etmoSjujablraot. jultiteii)) actio n of— , 
tin aufi foidjtat «erfprfd)en nitflcbeaber 

Auump'tioD [smtiin'-ibon]. t. 1, UtXaMt* 

nt i 2, bit VantBfnag j 8. bie Korautfeiung f 
Log-*- 4. bob 9>ofhiiatvnti fi. ber SRinor, 
Unterfatf - of (hi Holy Virgio, Ece <Ra< 

rid liimielfa^rt. [ooraabgefebt 

Auura'ptiie [fi-nanr'-rlv], adj. tngtnommen, 
A«i'r»nce[a-»h(l'— , fobiebaccnahgcleitcica], 
j. 1. bit ^uvtrftAt) gtmiffe Qmartung 
flberj eu flung i 2. biegrftigfeil, etanbbftftig/ 
feit) bat etlbfreertraata i bit Jtubaftttt, 
greimutbigftitj 3. bit Berfidjernng, Surg* 
fdjafti Com.Xffttmani(vid. luunnce); -of 
landi, Law, bit contractltdje flbcrgobe ooa 
4*id'rtaoM pi- Saflibtrungea. [Sinbrreicn. 
To A«Bre', v. a. 1. strfidftnt] 2. Sidferbitt 
MfitiH 3. ddjera, fiibK mad)(it ( 4.{nfid)ern, 
t»rfprta)(a (— of); to— one'.iel/, BKfio>ert, 
uberjtngt fein. 
AMlreeT, L p. a.; D. Auft'r t diy, otfv. 1. 
oerfiierti 2. gnsif, ubtrjeagu 3. fidjer, 
unfrreilig) 4. iabc(a>eibta, brcifl, fulja) 1U. 
A«*d'redncu, >. tit ffletsiSbcii, it. 
Vnin'r(r,».ber8trfid)rrer,iBucgef MfTrtarBat} 

(otd. Ininrer ft Ondentriier). 
tuur J g«ot, adj. Bat. boaenfirmfg ouffltioeab. 
To AmiKge, Ac, oid. To Amnige, Ac 

A»«?r|T, »■ (reog. Tflftrieii. 

A..S'r j«n, I. ». btr Xlfaritr 1 IL adj. afTprif* f 

-plan, Ait. bfe fd)war(e eruftbecre. 
Xi'taclle, Ai'KcolIto, t. Pet. btr Iflofolitb, 

AVUTin, *. Rhet. bie oerfleette, fciiKjronit. 
As'ter. j. flo/.Birttfttr,&ttrnfcili]mcj ZooLber 

Seeflera} Aftn.ber8ctttn(ein(XrtSbi>nerbe). 
■Ute'rjSted, adj. ftfrnfSnnig, 
A»te'r|itlta, j. ft(. btr ixrftefntrte Betfttm. 
At'torftk, t. Typ. bat Bttrneitn [*]) (<./. 

Reference, morkt of—). 
Arteritm, 4. 1. ^;. bat ©itrnbiio, (ScfHrni 

2. bat eterndjen (iv'd. t. 6. Arterlik). 
Aa'terlle, i. Min. ber Brer nfteln. 
Ai tern', ado. Mar. 1 . im^intcrtfjcile bet ©6(f' 

frt,6tatenimeitiff() a. frfartx btm edbiffe. 

Aate ( 

aVterotdif . i. pi. mod. AH. tie Xflttoibta. 
A.tHhi'|ca<j;.ftrerf.afHeBif*,P((»o« / fc9ftI')*. 
AttMnSI'ogy, a m«j. bit get rt eon Mi Ifte 

afa, 0o)naaytItbrt, 
litttnCbt'-], r.Jfcd. 6ie fttflbtfi(ti(i((i(, 

btr t4ncn Xtim, Bai Ttftbma. 
Ajthauttfje, ■J.rtnraiit'ical , adj. Jferf. «ag*I*. 

AjthnUfjc, j. btr (bit) SuBbrffHae. 

To iiWu'i«ii, v. a. in Srfteim tn ft(f n, crfdjrtf* 
ftn, btftorgt raadjtn. 

AatoVjiMng, I. ad>'.j II. -i 
ntnbt crftannlio); in — neu.f.btcSrftiutf 
l!A)fcit, bas KBanbtrbarc. [itug. 

AjtBn'lihnent, *, bae Brfrauntn, bit StiHrr. 

To Antoand', v. I. a. uid. To Antoairt; II. n, 

Betanbang tunrrfaitra, bttdnbra. 

iitraclir', ». Aad;'. Seog. XftWBtMU flfbildja' 
nifd)j Com.— fur, — Umb-ekim, fflaranftn, 
' s-e fiammfelit, gen, Xfttetantt amount. 

fitrlddle', arfD.fettrtetn(8,Ttltitb, rlttliiiflf. 
rtrngJI, J. l.jircfc. btr ffldf, King, (fflunb-) 

eStabj ». Gim.6«9tfa9,«(ifan®(iiliuteni 

3. Anat. bat 0»rnngbtin ( 4. Bet. btr 

Bottstont. [crtfg, gtfrlttit) 0tnm>. 

irtral, adj. }u ornettrara fltbirifl} fc^ 1 
Artrij', ado. com rtdjttn ffiegt nb, triti to 

lead — , lit. * fig. trn fntrta. 
Aitrfc'tion, i. Med. * Surg-. 1. bit tSttfanmen* 

jitftmifl, etrftopfnng (btr ffltbarmt, u.) : 

a. Ml DlntftUUn bard) jnferamnijitbtiib' 

Witttl) 3. ba» ffirtfrtiBbni. 
A«trr</«Te, Artrfc'tpry, adj. Mtd. jnfammtn. 

iicSrabj blnrfHSenb. 
AitrfdV, adti. fptrtbrfnig, rtttttegl. 
To Aetrfnge', v.«. abflrtaflf 

jlebtn | jnfanunreprttrra. 
AitriVit ncy, #. bit |Hfantmtnjitbtnbt Jtnrfl 

(opp. relaxation). 
A«trto/i?Et, adj. Med. abfrrfnairtnb, lufinu 

mrnjitbrab, bcrbtj — aediciuu, Ob. a-n, pi. 

infammtttjltfitiibt Srjn rfmiftt L 
*««t Bn/si o«y, (litrofBD'i |t), i. Art. bit (trn- 

bflbtrranbt, etrrntauttnip". [tWrrnftrabt, 
Aitr8|W»y, j. Art. bit Bttrn6*fdjr«btn!fl, 
AVtroIt, Ii'trMte, t. I. Zooi. cintXrt TOa. 

breport, bit ©ttmrotattt * a. MI». btr Xftt. 

rtt, 6f trnfttin. 
AVtrolibe, *. I. S«*, Kt tBlnMratfTtt) 

a. A/t.biiSIfitolabiuinf tManffpbannm. 
Antrolocby, Aitrotoge, ufrf. Arlitolocby. 
AMrBi'oger, btr Titrrtog, ettrnbtnttr. 
IitrolBg'jenJ, (iitrgio^c), I. adj. ; H. -ly, 

ado. aftoletffa). [beuttn.l 

ToAitrol'oilie, c.ii.3fflroloBietr[ibni,©ttntt 
tttroTofo '■ Mt Xftnloglt, ettaOKXttrti. | 

litrtVomor, *. bit KflroniHn, ettrsflMMffC. 
I«tronWjo»l(AiIr(infiiii'jc), Lad)'.; IE- — ly. 

«<fe. aftoonomifs), fttrnfunbig j — ysar, bn» 
flfrreno»if*t 3»^r, eennca.Sttbr. 

Aitrtji/ony, * bit Ifrronomic, Stcrnrnnbt. 

AVtrowDpt, i.^jt. bollflrofropj btr€ltcni< 

(itrtVcapy, ». ^*t. bit Tflroffopic. [t^d. 

Aattots', adj. anttt tfnem nnfllidtidjm OtfHn 



'tro-tAUKojy, *. bit Xftrotbtologit. 

Aitrtif , adv. flroinib ; rafdjmelicnb, in'd. Stnt. 

Aitft'cjoni, adj. binttrlfflfg, DcifA/laara- 

Ta Aituo', u. a. brtinbw, oiri. To Stan. 

ii'tltte, adj. lififB, fdjlam iff. fdjarfflajtig. 

A«BQ'd«r, adv. 1. befonber*, abgtfonBcn j 2. 
anltinonbtr, tntjmti. 

Arflfa. W «. (Pi- mJ'I»), 1. ballfol, 
bit Sgrtiftdttt, *tr3np«ij|«crti a. bos ©pit- 
ttl (btf. (imp.). 

Aijm'mftiy, ». 1. bat TO^criilfnif ( S, 
iWalh. bit Unmtfbarf cit. 

Ii^rtote[-i|m-], *. Malt bit IThmptOtt. 

AiynptO'tjCtl [-»|ib— ], ad). OfRKptOtifa}. 

iayn'Mton, *. Cram, bal Xftnbtten. 
it, prep, an, in, bti, «f, in, urn, sad), mil, 
nlitt, gcg tn, fttr, tot, pen, aid, it. ; —bane. 
)u$4nfn — *«■, anfbcT0tt| —hand, bti 
bcrf»nb) — Urge, rocitliufig, ausfiibilidji 
int^trltn, ingrcifctiti —anlDole, onfbie 
(jnefne[)3Rinutn — length, cablid) ( — InsM, 
jultflt, rabliib) —all, gan| unb gar, gar; 
bnrdtanij aDrirgtnbtisttStife; not- all, 
ttuttimtgl) — a word, rait ttntm tBorrc ; 
tbe fnvQun I received — yonr band*, bit mit 
o»n35nen tritiattntBebltbatcni — lecond 
band, ant btr jwrittn fyati — lemi, |um 
RBrntgfrtn,b»d)8t»i*,Dbnc3n>tirtlj —odds, 
nntinl i to be — liberty (lelinre), frti (raiif ig ) 
(dm lam— Ore charge of It, 14 nnf bit 
Jbfttn (baton) tragntf — unke, anf btm 
fjuitl) — yonr n4eaanre, mit tlSbntn bo 
Hrtti to be — law, pmtfBrrn) to play — 
eardj, — cbeaa, — billiards, Ac, Jtartc, 
6d)od>, SiQiaib, It. foitlcni hate— you! 
nmfoIIftiDn'lfritgnt! tcartt! — kihHIinf, 
a ponnd, bal ¥fnn* ffir cintn Cb^ingi 
—half, furbitftdlftt) —a umall expenne. 
tun tin (Stringtl i (a gale of) wind — S. ¥.. 
(South East), cibsftrciiiBi men-al-armi. 
btnaffnttt fantt) aergeant-at-arnia . btr 
CtnbtrilgtTt Sergeant — law, btr 9ttd)tlgt' 
Itbrtt) Sicratiat) Barriiter-la«, cinXt- 
noeat, Xnmalt (btf. in tinrn untertn ©f 
rid)te)i Doctor— law, rinfiortorbrrBlrdjtt, 

It'tbtl, a bit Jttffeltrommtl (bcr OTourrn)! 




if *»>*». * tut lonflftSol* (bti bmXdrhn). 
Aidant*), *. the iiland of-, e<fc[aiaffeu: 

lot* -[(BtmiitfcSriilje. 

AViritaj, Atarii'ja, i. /?-. tic ettlenrabt, 
ie^ij. ». Med. bit Unrtgtlm«figfclr, XbmeU 

6ung (Im SJtrtonf oo n Jcrantc-ctKn it. ). 

Me, pre Hon To Eat. 

A-teWpd, adn. Afu*. ju gkiiStt (rrd)t(t) 3tit, 

groan nao) tent Xactti -account, Com. 

Cento a tempo, [nrfj, atianaftanifcb. 

Ar<i*n§'»j»B, J Kcc I. i. btr IKibanafiantr) II. 
AfA'(aer,«,C7ian. btriDigtrir'Efcn, djetniftbt 

Siob-Bfrn, oujg. bcr fault £tinj. [nung. 
.v'(Ah|». >. t«r XtttUunt, bit ®omt.(4.ug= 
i'fAHrt, I. *. dct Xt^eirt, OSortcSIfiugtieti 11. 

adj. ofWftifa) (vid. 6. f. SB.). 
illefrtienJ, iiflSj'tjc L adj.; 11. -ly, adv. 

at&tiftija), gottMj nL-ne**, 1. bit 7ttb«» 

Herri. [nienftr, bit S-tiiin. 

*f. , i*'aj»a,I.aoj.oH«ltafff(6i Il.i.berXtbe* 
iiA'fBs, >. Guog. Itbtn. [feint. 

^/•iol*'gjn« v i. »« Xfttrtbeologt, Sbeologt* 

KMrlfktf, KA'aj-Dme, t. Med. tit 8reigf> 

A(ii*rSa , «too», adj. br«tg cf<ftTB til portig . 
a chinif, «d». Durftig j jig. —fur ... , btgierig 
na* . . - [(and) jig.) Sorer. 

Ai/il«e / , * Jut. ber Htbltt, SBttrfarnpftn 
Ai'ilc-flc, adj. ntblciifdH fig. (tart, frifiig; 

- ernes, pi. Jtanipffptele, fflingfpidf . 
At/iwirf, I, prep, qnauotT, ubtrj turn); 

Afar* bnrnre, (rttbt ben bit esettt jtt), 

- ha™, quer cor ben Jtlfifen, btn Jt. ge a. t it= 
uteri — ■"!?•. awrftbtt tmCtbiff, con eintm 
'jtcrbjuraanbtnn II. ado. qntr, nberjntrib 
i m. u.)i At- ungtltgtn, wrftbtr, fdjief, ufcri 
r.'d. Tuwirt. 

At ibir, *. bcr ©olbftaub an btr afrifantfitci 

Ajiftit, Stf. [in ufrir. Jt6aigrtid)t Sago. 
star, ado. 1, consorts gcbtngt (nit tin g«b 

ttrjj rait rfngtltgttr Saitjt j 9. abraartt ge< 

ndgt, FEppcnb (nit tin %«,). 
A tip'-ine, ado. anf ben jJt&en, twig. ;ebfelnt>, 

.%. anfs 4)Jd>(tt gefsannt, febr neuglerig 

(rid. nnttr Tip). 
• tlintjc, I. adj. aflanrifd) i II. i. or the - 

ocean, bat sitantif$t SDItcr. 
«tlHB't]dif,j.pi. I lir.bitXt[antiten,$Itiaben. 
*t'l»«,». I.Geo;. ber'i'ila6,0a6'2tla6gec>irge; 

^. tie Sanbtorfenfammlung, otrTTtlus^ 9.bat 

Afine-goTWat, groj Julio j 4.ba»eribtnptt. 

tint ft. b«r Vtlal (Cribtnitug}) 8. Ami. 

Ctt Kiel, Srfger. fmrtrr. 

J'ui.Wetar, t, Fhy. btr Xtttibomtttr, Stmo< 
a t nn.pbtr e, j. bMf rmofpbart, btr OunfBreiS- 
ilnvqMrfcal, Atmo.pb*V|t, adj. nrmofpba- 

rift* n-ie rail-wiy, mod. bit (b.CI«n 

Jn Sngtanb erf.) 4ufttroct<aif(n&(ibB. 

At'om, «, Aat. btr 2rom, bat untbei 
(UrftoffOIEbeihten i ©onnenrtiubdjen. 

AlSm'jcaJ, ^tbWle, adj. Nat. atomiftifdj, oon 
Ktamea, XtcmebetreffEnbj urt ZroWR. 

At'omi»m, j. Nat. bit Xromtnlcbrr- 

kt'vmitt, a. btr Xtonu'ltif er, Xtomf ft 

To ^tone', d. I. n. tin Orfaft (tauioaltnt) Mr 
etroaS frinj IT. a. oiifen, gtnngttnn, if 
fritbigtri) fiibnettj to — for, SMoae abbifen, 
bnffir Itiben, tB trftttn, ntrgiittn. [ritiML 

Atone', ado. (o. at u. one) mit tinanbtl, anf 

.Atooe'ment, J. 1. bit 3Cbbli Jung } 2. bfe Of 
nugt^unng,btrerfa«t 9. Script. 6a* ©libit' 

Ato-ner,/. berffrfoigtbtri Jtbbfiftnbe it. 

Aton'jc 1. adj. Med. abgefpannt, fdjlaf) II. 
•, Gram. Hi SIcnon. 

At'ony, t. Med. bttKbgefpanntieit, Ironic 

Mop', adu. oben, su eberft, obtn anf. 

Atrabjii'rian, adj. gaQfuajtig, Ditliinnjolifaj. 

'trabjIa'rjoDi, I. aaj. fdjmarigaQig, melan> 
tiolifcss 0- -»«•», s. bit ffiaUfiii*rigftit 

Atrabn'jom, adj. Bit Atrnbilarion*. 

AtrsjnSn'tal, Jlroni^n'tom, adj. tinlig, tilt- 

ttTtfdjroari. Ltfmadjtu taugli*. 

Atr»meatS'r]oni, adj. ttnteitfijjmarj, }um Xin- 
Al'red, adj. gtfd)niariL 
Atrip'. A-tf'p'. a4». Mar. auf 8 ebi#t, gtliajtti. 
Atrt/cion* [— cbtji] , I. adj.; II. —If, adt>, 

abfifttitliaj, griif liib, graufaini ID. — new, t, 
bie ©raf li«ftii, etrracjtfieit. 

Atruc'jtr, i. bit XbfiptuiidjttU, Sr^liibteit. 

Al'repiiy, j. Afed. bit Dorrfuibt, Xbpbrung. 

To Attach', b. a. 1. Lata, fa JBerbaft ncbmtn 
(^erfontn), in Sefajlag riebmtn (Canifn), 
otrTummtmi 2. jig. an fttb jieben, etnneb- 
ntn, ftffein ; S. b tftfHgtn, anjeff tn, anrt ibrtt i 
jfg.surtd)ntn f btfmtfrrnj a-edta, l.trgebtn} 
9. beigeffigt, angtbSrig. 

AttSch'able, adj. iua.S mit Stfa)Iag bfltgl 
Btr ben farm. 

Attach 'me nt, i. Law, 1. bit nltrbaftntbDIung, 
btr Yrrtft) bit 9tfd)iagnat}mt j 8. fig. bit 
Xnbdnalitbftft, Srgfbtabtit j 9. bit 'Jtdjrnna, 
Xufmtrtfanitelf, bat 3utrautnt court of- , 
Law, bat SBeQgtridjt, gorftgtriajt. 

To itUck', v. a. lit. *.%. (fefnbli*) engiel. 
fen, anfalltR. ntnfali 

Atutck 1 , i. (ft. kfig. ter (feinblidje) Ungrift, 

Attacks', i. pi. Fort, bit ffitrfe, Saufgrdbm. 

AttSck'er, i. btr Kngreif cr, angreffenbe Xbtil 

To Atiiiu', v. I. a. (an oi. juCrtBai) fommm, 
gtlangro, (Stmat) tmia)tn. trboitenj fig. 


(0tntm)gltf4tomm«i; n.n. 1. itobin gelan« 
gm(mtt «t u. to) ; in tintn jtaltanb gtratften i . 
3. bcgrcifra (SBribeo nit to). 
itmia'?ble,.%. I. an)', etrfirtjbar; n. -ne»»,| 
t. bit artei4barrtir. 
Attiia'dar, «. l.tft. berSSorwitrf, e4anB|ieerf 
/-om-8. 2. bit lib re fill) rung, BentrtbriiBng 
(wegen eineS i)auBtoetbte4tn*)j 3. bet anf 
tintm jjtrifttlia) (ibtnoiefenen ^anplcertcc 
4er baftenbt Sdjanbftaf . 
^tUia'meat, s. 1. tit Srlangmigi 2,HtQo 
iBDtbtne, (eriangte) Sun bet ©enjinn) 3, 
BasXaltnt, bttSotjug, bef. pi-a-», Ott> 
To Attaint', w. a. trtio, 1. nberfiibrra (tints 
£ttbtcd)»*)t 3. bit ®ef$iuurnen ttncf fat* 
ftbtn UttbrflS flbtrmtffent 3. befit cten, wr« 
untbren, entabela. 

attaint', 1. 1. 1. ber QJtafel, ea)ttnbflcit, bit 
<8r|a>impfunaj 2. Vet. Ber£ritt,edjlag, li- 
bit SBerlrtjuag (an ben $inter|fifcn be 
$ferbe){ 3. /.mo, gtri4tli4cr Seftbl jut 
fiilfftcu InsfprnA getbam H. p. 
nicfen. [pfung. 

Attitlnt'owt, t. bit flbenotifnng, ©efibira. 
i tt fitn'turc [— Uhgr], s. 1 . Bie B t jidjtiaiing, be: 
Born) uef, bit 64a nBtt 2, MnL baS oetBot= 
bene Obit. [bie erientalif4e SRoftneffenj. 
it/bit, t. die (orientalise) Slfeni) —of roiet, 
To ^tttWptr, v. a. 1. burd) 3Jeimif4ung 
frtjrc-icben, milbern < 2. fig, n4fiig.cn, bint' 
pfen; 3. gebfrig oerraifajen, tinriibttn, an> 
AtteWper*,te, adj. angtpaft, grradf gemaibt. 
To ^iMntpt' [— Unf}, v. I.a. 1. serfurbtn, 
nagem 2. angreifen, fid) uergreifm (an) 
n. n. (rait npao) I* — upon a man'i life 
Oinem no* beat Eeben traftten. 
AiHmpt', 1. 1. btr Btrfudj, but Unterntbmen, 
fflageftfieU 2. ber (frewibafte) angrijf, in. 

4tiim P t l »ble[-t(nif-], ««*;. 1. % a netfneben) 
2.8erfutbcn, Xngriffta nusgefetr, infflcfuBr. 
#t«mp'tfr[-tiai'-tir], 1. 1. Btt Berfuibtr, 
w.i a. «« Xngrtiftt. 
To Attend', t-. I. 0. l.beglcitra, folgtni anf 
warren, btbienen j 2. bef roobnen, gtgenwii trig 
feinbei ..., b(fn*tin 3. eroattenj 4. ab> 
marten, oerridjtenj II. n. (gem. mil to oB. 
oponj 1, MtfOtMi nwrfen, adjttns 2. 6i- 
nent aufmacten, itg S. einet 6as)f beimob. 
ntn, n.i fit pflegtn, brforgen; 4. marten, 
eerjlebcnj n-ed by .... ob. with..., beglti« 
tetoon... ) uetfnuBft mtt ... . 
AtteVdince, j. l.bitlcittnfcXBfiiierffetmtrit 

[ Att! 

(MffframS); 2. UeBBarrtmg,^flege) Vafh 
njartungj BeBiennng) bet DUnft} 3. bit 
Beginning, baS Oefolgt; 4. Bit Vmwfen* 
beit, ©rgentoartj to be in — , renrteni to 
jive— , l.aufreorttn, btbienen; '*■ feint 'Jfof- 
to aching madden. 

^tiia'ilBDt, I. adj 1. begleittnb, folgenbj 
(jnn.ntiton.npan); unteratorbneH 2. on- 
raefenb} 3. haw, abtjingtg (»on...)i II.*. 
l.bet 'Xufmdrter, (bieH-rinn), berSebientti 

J 2.berSegIeitet; SMenftsflitbtige? s.betVic 
vtfenbt, jttlfet) »-*, *. pi- bal Qefolge 

^ttHlf, adj. Did. Attentive. [(and) Jig- )■ 

#ttin'tiit««, t. pi. Law, bit Servant [nngen 
ttneS QleritiKbofes doer tine Sacbt, naajbtm 
fiber bicfelbe tin£>emntnngsnrtbtt( gtfpto4en 
worten ifr {ttitt II. i*t. ML Xtbtong I 

Attea'tion, I. i.tWXupttttfmtttii Xditfam- 

Attln'tJTe, I. adj. ; II. - ly, adv. aufmerffam, 
a4tfami (to .... anf...), bt&utfami ill. 
— ROM, 1. bie ^fiifmrtf fnmteit (<inf GrwaS). 

Att^n'ujnt, adj. nerbiinnenb. 

Atiin'ai)att.i. pi. Med. certunnenbtZrjntien. 

To Atifn'usie, v. o. otrbfinntni fis- vtnin- 
gtm. Derfleinetti. 

Atten'Oite, adj. tertfinnt) fig. DttringtTt 

Atlfn'uSted, p. a. Oerbunnt, Jt.) Sot. fpiBig 


AttSnna'tion, j. 1. iU Bcrtfhnwng, bal Btr< 

tingtrni 2.bie3etfleintrung, Strmitttrung 

After, 5. ber gittr, BaS gtronnene 9IW. 
To Ai'ierrste, v. n. l. lcsfd)R>tntmtn f abft>fl> 

lent 2. nnfdjtoemnien, in trcttntm, feftera 

Canbt reerben. 
Atterra'tion, t. bie Xb< it. Xnfrtjwrorainng btS 

SoBtns, btr QCnnacbS bet Uferl Bura) Vn> 

To Atteit', v.a. 1. bifdjeiiiigtn, 6ej(ugtn, bar» 

tbutij 2. jura 3eugen ntijmtn ob. anrufett. 

itte>ta'tlon, i. 1. Bie SBcjeugungt 2. bit Be 

glaubigimg, baS 3eugni£, bie ScfOjeinigung. 
jtWiV, ♦S*Vttr. ^ bet 3euge. 
Aft|c I. atfj. attif4, a(btnienfif4! /g. fHc 

(com ©efibmnct, ic), retnj clafHtb! II- *• 

berVtbentenferi Gram. Ktliferj Arch-* I. 

(—order), bit attifdje ©aulenotbnung ) 8. 

(ob. — »tory, (am. gltici, pi.), bieSa4ftnbe, 

ber flbtrFat, BaS ^aIbgef4of, Ctntrefol i —of 

a roof, bit Xttifa, betubtrban wn pilafiem. 
irtlctl. adj. eld. Attic. 
' 't|ir«m, s. tcr5(rticiSnm6i bie attire gtiif 

To i t'tjclze, d. I. a. Bern atrifdjen Dffltttt at* 

ma? madjenj n. n. XttitUtntn gtbrau4tn ; 
fit- fla) fein (jierliit) auSbricftt. 



To JtiW, v. a. anfleibto, put en, )fmn. 
f.tnie', j. 1. bie Jutting, tHXR}ag,64niatt, 

Jtoffpiqi 2.(o6. attire*, pi.) Her. k Sport. 

bad Gttern, CBraeil), ©cftJiigf. 
AJared*. p. a. 1. gtfamiicft, «.; 2. Ber. £ 

Sport, mit <3e»<it>fn oerftjra. 

Atti'rer, ». bCT fijrfltibtnbt, ]t. 
Aiu'i jng(, 1. pi. ber Jtopfput. 
Aftrtsde, «• ill. *j?g. tit eteHtmg, $>altirag. 
Attfta'djasl, adj. bit ettUnng, ^altiing bctr. 
#ttaflent>'-a4J.aufrfaten&j II.*. 06. -arti- 
cle, Anat. ber (wtlBttflW, Xnfttber. 
Alton*, Attonemeot,v.,adu. * j.uid. Atone, Jec 
To ,Attom' [-turn'], Low, u. I. a. tat Btfl»' 

tbum ob. ben Eicnf! tint* Bafoaen anf (inn 
onbera St&nSfjemi ubertrogenj n. it. tinen 
amen Sig aitt}bam anerf ennen, unb Ee&en unb 
§)aujt son ibm ne&men, i&m bnlhlgcn. 

Ailnt'nSy [— torn' -}, 1. /.mo-*. (- »t law), 

Dtr Xntoatt, Sofaroalter, Xbuocati Jtramer- 
eanfttlnt, fcanbtl&.a'nrofltts gideals agent, 
SraeBmdittigtt } procurator, QHtmbatar* 
XflUjnatai) — general, b«r (SmcralfiScal, CSe* 
neraU^roarator, Jrrotanntolr} —at large, 
einaboocat, ber in allm (Serf ajtd&e' fen 3n- 
ttitt V»t; — ipedal, btfgL, btr nnr fur tinen 
rt. bni onbtra fflcriibtsfcof beftitmnt iftf 
letter (power ob. warrant) of—, Ht fa rift 5 
lio)c eonmadjt 
4ttor , oey«Mp [— tnro-], *. bit 5fnn>attfd)atf/ 
^roturorars baS giStalat. 

Jttorm'ment , AUouru'm«nt [—tarn—], t. 

Lam, bit antrttnntuiB dne* neutn 8ejni 6 rrra 
u. ubtrtTogung btr BtbnflpfUdjt anf btnfeibtn 
dob ©eitnt bt* Safallcn- 

ToAttrict', v. a. lit. kfig. aTIjlr^tni an fid), 

anf fid) fitment ttijen; lodVtt. 
Attr»cr»bil'jty, 1. lit 'jnijir bung Shaft. 
»ttraVtabte. adj. anjietjimgSfibfg. 
Aitric'tile, adj. Xnjit&ungSfraft befibnib. 
ArtraVtiog, L p. j. bal XirjicTjen; II. p. a. 

III. —\f, adv. anjteQenb. 
ittr*Vtioo , t. bit on jitbnttgirraft) fig. bci 

S*eij,bie!«.ciinng,So(fungj elective— ^(Aorn. 

(mod.) bit BSabiMnosnbtfnjaft. 
Attric'tlTe, I. adj.; II. -ly, adv. anjtebenb, 

rtrjfiib' —power, J7iy. bit Injttbttng*fraft 

(opp. Rrpuliive power); III. $. fig. bet 

Btrin TV. -»(«, j. bft anjittjtnbt fligrn* 

faaft, baS Kit-Motor, ffl eistnot. 

AtlrSl'tor, (AttraVter), J. ber anjf (btnbe JUT' 

pa, bal Unjiebenbei fig. ffiri'enBe, 

Artrabfot, L adj. attji'bttlbj U.S. bal *n« 

jitbmbt, btr rtijtnbe ffiegtnftanb. 
it'trabenta, *. pi. Med. pfiimmeniiebtribc. 

(Bhfra |it*)rabt) asttttL 

nttreotltioB, 1. bal (oftttt) &$&*, »(■ 


AttrtVotabk, ndj. jojufartfbtn, brijultgtn. 
To Aitrih'nti!, u. a. |afo)rtlbtB, bnlegm, brf. 

At'tribBte,i.b«»Tfttribut) 3tfatn,5Kerfa(ilj 

Tbjridjtn, einubilbj (Point. A 5cuip. btf. 

Ittrjba'tion, j. bit =lneignunfl, ertitilang, btl> 

gtlegtr efgtnfaaftj bieSmpftbinng,bae£ob. 
Atuib'titj.?, I. adj. iutbtilmb, btiltgnibj o. 

j. ba» Srigtltgtej Gram. «SciItge»orL 
Attrlte 7 , I. sdj. 1. abgennjt) 3. Thtol. jtf 

hiirfdjt, SttrubH II.-n e «, 1. bit Xbgtrif 

bfnfeeit, T(bamu[tfceit. 
Attrrtion, 1. 1. baB Ofcibeu (an einanbtr), bit 

Xbtrntung (finer 6ad)t bnrdj 6)tibtn)j bit 

Strrtibnng) 2. ba*fltrritbtnftin* 8. Theel. 

bit Sfabrnbcceunng (ano gnrit dot btr 

Strafe), Serrnirfanng bri fjerjenl. 
To AttDne 1 , v. a. ftimmen, tintnb mad)en' * 

mobidingenb, barmonifa'tfutab madjtn. 
AVjrr, Ac vid. Attar. 
JobioV, *. b«S QXorginftdnMfteB. 
AuTijn, *. Afon. berfurfdtledjtgtbalttntOang 

rineB $ftrbtt Jiuifaen $)a p unb ©aiopp. 
An'br* y, j. bet 0ptifefa>ranf, ic Did- Ambrjr. 
Au'bijrn, adj. bunftlbraun, fafranienbraiti, 

ml brann, fanmrjbraun. 
AWtiod, *. bit Unction, !ifo'H.8rr|Wgrnmg, 

Serganriing)— law.baSiSantrcittj — office, 

—room, bat ©antftnu*, in fflantlabtn. 
To Aar/uaa, v. a. Detantticnirtn, oerftrigtrn 
iac'fifloary, adj. JUr Xncttotl gtbfTig. 

lactloaiir', A.octloaler', 1. btr Xuctionatc: 
Sffentlid)! £erfteigerer. 

To A.acrloaeer', v. a. t traurticnirtn, 6fftntlf4 
urrfteigem, oerganten. 

Aodi'doDt, I. adj.; II. — ly, adv. Dtttuegm, 
brtift, freaj, anDErfdjdmts (and) fm g. 6.) 
rubti/frti, offen; III. — aeis, /. tie Jtiibnbett, 
Beroxgtnbeit, gredjent, UnDtrfd)imtl>eit. 

_t udS^jty, 1. bit JKfenbtit, u. (and) jam. in 
g.B.)) Wefjn*beit, w. 

A o'djbie, L adj. ; 11. — ly, adv. borbar, lant, 
Dtraebmlid}} III. ae«, *. bit ^(rtartttt, 

In'djtnue. s. 1. Poi. bie Tfnbienj, XnSSning' 
2. bit ase&flrgebung, batOt^) 8,bUdn> 
%bxa, bob Inbitoriuntf --court, Lav, bat 

An'djt, i. Loib, 1. bie fRtAnnngSnnttrfnatnng 
unb TCblcgimg 5 2. bit 0d)lnibrci)niuta (nod) 
gffd)tbener»P r ufiin9)> a.bieXBfDO(nKeine< 
Btugtnorrboi* ob. eintr Xntfagt Aberbaaptt 
— hoaie, btr fiirfaal, Xttrbirfaal- 

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To AVdit, u. I. a. tou, fflc^nunflci! abbSrtn,!' AMIQ (aas Sridjcn); 8Bnbifagtrcij % b«6 
ffl. pr ltnrfrfua)ungabii(bmttn n. ». )Ib(«i, I Tfugurium, bit fJorttbtafiiTig, baa Xnjf iibcn. 
jufamratnttincti- ■! AVguM. .<-. btr(!Wonat) Kugufi, fimtfmcnaf. 

AVdjtfTe, adj. bSrcni. [tBrotfor/Confrontiir. I AogBrt', adj. grof, trbtbtn, bt&r, htrrlid). 

AoMitor, *. btr Suborn) Lau>, ffltajnunflt.! 1 AugftVt* , j. I. ITuflMfta (5-n)j S. Cwg. 

Au'iljt-jnhtp, /. bae QontroHrcritmt. 1 TCugSburg. 

Wd|tory, I. adj. US ffltbcrbrtreffenb) b> iog&i.'ta.n.ntfj.].imgufltffa)i cl«[flfdi<in£ln= 
rtnbj -nenei, Jna(. bit Oe^ratrcnt; | R*tonfettcrotar)j2. Ultgeburglfa))-tonfe». 
-organ, basfflejirorBani n.*. l.colltctJ •lon.Germ. £cc. bitaBgebarajfdffQonfcflfoit. 
bic 3a^6reci % baB XHbiroriunt, «t ^Br.l!-*nea«'tp». *■ TCogufHuus, Xuguftin (W-nJj 
faati 3.btrflti4terffeibl. | Bcc. Anguatina: 1. - fri»r», XagnftiatT- 

An'djtrfM , *, bit 3nbfr 

lof, s.btrSropf, ©an*/ 3Iattj (cf.Oii)- - 

ln'g*r,#.l.Corp.lwtflri)#f!Bi>6rtr,e(anflen» i 
bobrtr, Bdffiipbobrtr, ftampenboQrer (btr 
BftiffsjiamtrltutOi Srbbcbrtr; a. Mil. bit 
3uiH>trtemnirmafd)iiuj abankoftbe — , bag 
eifw (bit etangt) btfi edjfilpbdbrcre ) 
throngb of the — , btr $anbgriff tti Stbdlp- 
bbbrntj icrew, or twisted — , bt 
ttnbobnr) — bit, bftScMSittpti 

Ao'get, *. Mil. bit Stitrinnt beim SRfntnbau. 

iugtf! b&agh'! [ftw'-bawOint.cont.dbbab! 
pub! ton fori! 

Aught, pron. Htmti, irgrab etwes; for 
I care, col. mtinetntgta } for — I know, fo 
»itl id) Wtlf. 

AVgtte, ». Affn. b« Tfoait, bit ©Itota&lEitbt. 

To Augment', v. I. a. Dcrmebrsn j otrgrSfltrrtj 
n. n. fid) Denntbrtn, junctmen. 

Ang/meat, i. bltStrmtbrttltg (vid. Aagmen- 
tation); Gram. 6aS Ttngmtnf . 

Angme'nfable, adj. amnebrbar. 

Aagmenta'tloii, t. 1. bit Brrmebrnng, 3unafc= 
nu; 2. bit ©trfgfnmg; 9. btr 3afii(} 4. 
Com. bat ettigen (of the prlee, btr yrt(fe) } 
5. Mat. bit Xagmrntarien, "Jtrgrfflenrog. 

Aacmlnfattve, adj. ctratbrtnb, atrflrojtrnb. 

Annea'tar, t. btr ob. bat Btrmtbrrnbt. 

S n'gr* ■ '• "W> Aag«r. 

Aogybargb, i. Grog. Tug Bburfl,l'(d. Airgusta. 

To iu'pjr , «. I. n. au5 OTerftnalt n btrmutben ) 
" i. Bfiflagnt, raat&mifltrt, abntn. 

AirgQral, adj. bit Tfuguren ob. Ingurirn bf 

trtfftnb} -itaff, btr Xngnrffaib. 
To AVgnrfte, v. I. a. ana Corbtbeutangen 

oerbtrragtn, nbn^j n. a. totiffngen, pro- 

Aogori'tloii, j. 1. bis Vugurirtn, Babrfaara 

(an*3tidjcn)i 2. bit SScifTagung, ^rooft. 
jeing] 8. bit *3orbrttntung, toe Knjtidjtn. 
JiigB'rjai, adj. aagnrifa), leabrfagtrffd). 
Au'gOrom, adj. augurireitt i corbtbmttnb, 

AngBry, i. 1. bai Ungurictnf bitlSa^rfk* 

mtntji; 2.— him, Xaguftfntnuntarn. 

.ioga>i'n¥n, i. bit $obrit, erbalicabclt. 

igfln'tiji , i. Xngaftufl, Xagnft (OT-n). 

Aak, i. Orn. brt TLB, ¥ap"Sciti«irt)cr. 

iuls'rjan, 1 adj. )u tincm ScHcgium (Had i 

gtbSrigj II. t. QRttfltleb tin« (JrHcgiams 

(Hall) aaf rfntrbcr togt. UaittrRMttn (opp 

. .,.._, Collegian, 6oIl(glatj Efiulfr cinrc (ebtn 

btr Ca)ntf» Bdjult). [Gn-m. btr $ofVatb. 

Atrtjc, adj. (ndntmftaftgcbirigi — conatil. 

Aoln [an], t. 1. bit (fran|.) flat, btr Btcb i 

2. c/d. Au me. 

Um, .i. 1. floi. Bit rime; %vid. 4»c 

Aamltry, t. tit'd. Almonry * Anbrj . 

fume, (inn), i. bit Dim, 3tbm (©(inmoS, 

mtifttnfi Don jmci Qimtrn). 
Annt'eMt, ». btr Sitrrnd)tn. 
Xnnt [ant], t. bit Xontt, Safe, ■Rubntc 
Aou'ty, t. dint. Icntd)! a. 
Au/ra, *. 2". btr ©anfi, ©nft- 
Ap'rite, 1. 1. Am. bit Jtomgabira, aolabln j 

2. Otem. baa 'Jfarnt, (Solbfal;. 
Au'rSted, adj. golbibnli*. 
Aiire'lj*, j. l. Vurttfa (?-n)i a. Nat. bit 

f>D«pt, Kqnvb'f ^rofaiis. 
tnre'ola, i. iWnt. bcr ^eiligtnfdjcin. 
.Wrlcoif.— acid, baa OelbOIflb. [fitnobr. 
.Wr|cl«, s. Anal. 1. ba8 aiiptrt Eifcrj l.b«J 
Auri*coi* , f. Bot, baa ffidrtnstribtn , bit 


AurfcBlsr. adj. 1. bttt Dbr ob. $>6rcn I'tttcf. 

ftab, 6Srtarj/ig.(-ly, adv.) a. i« - s Ebr 
gffogt i 3. minbiid) fibtrtragtn, Ft>rfgfpfTaajtj 

■confeuion, Ecc. bit Ebrtnbtftbtt J —tube, 

tin ^Srrobr. 
A'nrFcBtate, adj. Bot. gc6b«. 
A orirVoni, adj. * Oolb fiibrcnb, golamd). 
Anrfga'tlon, a. baS Su^notfm, ffltwcrtt tfnrt 

AnrlplgmjlB'tqni, i. aid. Orplamit. 
An'riacXIp, w. btr CbrlSffei. 
Au'rjn, j. b« Dbnnflrjt. 
A*nrtrYf, i. 1. Kurorn (g-a)j B.»bitOtor* 

gtnrbtbt, btr tRoratn ; 8. Kai. btr Jtrtfe- 

tari^ltogi - boraalli. Affi. btr Korbfdjtau 


Aiu*r»l, o*". etc 3Jtargtiir8tb« rt. Dal Jtorb. 
ttttMaHtab, ibnta a>n(ia). 

An 1 !**, *. Oiem. (Bolt) - htaijMM , bai 
Jhwlgoftj — auuiiiim, or — ma»lcuu, baS 
QJhfitgolb, mofaifdjt (Bulk. 

Aiuajiu'tion, *. 1. Dai 3nbprtii, $ordjen 
a. Mtd. bit XaMnitation. 

To Ao'ipfcUe, o. a. 1, eunfrig ttBfcn, btgun> 
frigtni 2. Mrtrttatoij 3.(cin«ef«4ft) bv 
S^nen, anfanatn. 

An'tpi<e. *- 1. lit Cogtlfdjau, eogriaa^rfa^ 
gtrn't 1 bidSorbtttatungi Jig. (gtw-p;.) 
bif Xttfpirin: bre edjtna (tint* tSStna), 
bit&ttung, ©onntrfdjaftj (fluttjWgtr) «in= 
fiof, »tguafrignifl. 

* upfdfJ, adj. eorbtbtBttnb. 

Auaprdou, I. adj. 1. am* wtiffifit nb ,• 2. 
el&dHid) (»■ |)«[on(n) j 3. gfinftiB/ fjtiwiat 
(o. $«fbna a. Bad)™)} II. — ly, 
unKigfinfUgttBcrtieirutnnfl, glu<flifb- 
-■««, *, ber s^n^isc Xnfojttn, eWiiliibt 
3«rfh»*b, bat ffllurf. 

A asters', I. adj.; II. — ly, ado. ftrtnge, nutft, 

nnframblitj btrbt) ni. -wu, j. bit $flrtc, 
UnfccaiAliifcft) btr fterbe OtfStmat. 

A™te¥jty, *. b(c Btrniflf, Xaftcteafl btS 8*t. 
brtj &artt3uibt, SranfaaMt 

Wstjn, t. (contr. t, Anguitln), laguftiauS, 
XnanfBa (fflt-n) j Ecc. -friars, Xttgui(Un«- 
biobo)*) —mm, TCagnfrfacnionntn. 

Wtrat,adj'.|iM*l -A«1a,(coH[r.AuslrH- 

Li»), #. 6rog. 2aftvalftn, ©ub»3nbt(m 

io(fti'rj»t, adj. btn Bcrfaflfer eb bieXWor- 
f*«ft Srtrtffrab, f^riftfl<Kerif4. 

iB'iAor,j.i.btrUrbtb«,bitU-rijmj etifttr, 
6t-riaa; a. berXutor, Bcvfafler, 6a)rift> 
fleUcrj (final*-), blfB-rinn, esnjrfftftel. 
Urinm S, bit Urfanjt. [b. a. Author. 

AVttortM, ». l.bit Urbtbtrinn, «.} 8. oi'rf. 

Anl/iiir'mtr.c, I. adj.; II. - ly, adv. 1. Mb« 
toritat babrab, ttooOnnidjiiflf t ) 3. grijltle 
rifdj, abfprtdjrab} HI.— mtm, ». l.balSf 
ooDmnibriatftin) a. ba( (niajtigt) Xnftb.ca.4 
8. bag gcbitieriftbe 88cfcn. 

Auihfir'jty, t. 1. bit gtfttauH iflC tWadjt unD 
©eraalt, aSnajt^olifummmbctU 2, bal Xa> 
ft&tB, btr btfhmmcnbt Sinflup, bit 8Bid>r!o.> 
f tit j S. bit £oHntaa)t j 4. Li(. bat jJeugnif , 
bit (9d ta*) D-utHtj 5. bit SlaubiB&rbig' 
hit; 6. bit Srlaubnifl, (iDtutt=) grti&eitj 
T. bit Xutoritai, ©fw<t&r,- 8, .dm. a) (in 
Con.) bal (Bcrid)!, tit (ffitridj«0 ecborbc, 
btr ffliugijlraii 6) bit fJroftfFbrta all Jtor- 

ptrfdjafti Com. on tho — of the uiaplu, 
na4^)rcDe, na^OTtifler) on, or oadcr tke- 
of..., bcrtd)tistbnr4...j Im Xuftragt von 
...j from good—, anl ftdjcrcr Xlntlk, ail 
Rib ttcr $anb. 

.tn«.flr'|tles, s.pl. Law, l.bUVatfdjttblMBfil 
bt(6Sberra®eria>ll^fcj a. bit Ifrttn, worin 
bicfe Sntfaj. tutbalKn ilnbj s. (public -, 
loci -) otfcntlidje (ob. Cctt«) «e66rim. 

AitAorfzx'Uon, 1. 1, bit Xutonfalion, Scooll. 
mJititaunai a.!Bcflrttignnfl,©uifigma*ni!8. 

<contr. An«tr«li«a), adj. mifrrallfdj jP'o io't/^rlze, u. a. 1. autoriPtta, ksollmd*- 

—land, [ubli^t* &u>b j — oigni, A>t. bit fuD: 

lirfftn f>iwMl«)tid)eiL 
! tutri'lff, lutri'lltn, c/. Autral. 
To .tmitifirn, o.n. ftd) nadj Bubffl'nunbot 
.{■'(tar)*, «. Ceog. foftrridj. [ob. ntiatn. 

Ac'rirfM, I- ■*■ iftrtidjif*} -row, bit roit 

m. gette tfefe* -neeie-wort, bit^opitr. 

blame, 3nuwtfctrti n.j. btr fcRrtiijtr. 

iim'trjiie, adj. fiblifl>i oid. Austral. 

\usror / cu», «. Orn. btr Xaubtnfal!. [fttrr. 
Aa'tveh, i. btr CftSJclbftgeniignibt, eelbfU 
Ai'tfreay, *. bit BtlbfratnuflfaBWi , ba* 


(nfJien'tfc; -ly; -n*«; Did. b. f. tt-r. 
\i)»Wu'iJc*i, I. adj.; II. -ly, adv. aBtb>. 

lift, «(tl btwdftrt (van Saajnt n. ?)trfi>- 

ntn)i III. -Bess, i. ti'r/. C.fl. Anthentlcity. 

tu(A«»ft|eItt, ».a. autbcBtlflrtn, re*Uauttia 

ma*«, bcacrunbni, btaloubtetH' 
(aiAfti(frt'tloii, 4. bit Stslaubianna, 2tgaU< 

,ftn«fr . 

i«Aeir/c)ry, i. bitltirfbtntin«(, QHu»nnr>U f*rift, bal Drifltnal. 

M|MtV d*t64t lAatai'ogy, i. bal etibftatfor**). 

tigen, bercdjfigeni 2. gatbtiftn, far xca)t- 
mfftg erflarea, redjtferfigtni 8. btftdtiatn, 
eSltifl nMd)ta. [unaJanbroiirbCa. 

.Aa'l/iorlsss, adj. obw Urbtber ob. Btrfttfftrt 


AutoblogrSph'ical, ad;. autobioacapbiFO). 

ADtobiiig'ripby, ». bit Iatobicarapbi(. 

loioVrtiy- 4. Pol. bit Xntorrarit, BcJbfl. 
terrfd>aft [fijtr. 

ia'tocrtt, i. iU. btr Xnlbhat, Celbflberr. 

.tpt9erit'jc(--c»l>, ad}. «Bfofr»tifd), untU»' 

fdjrinft [Dcrrfajcriun- 

.tatoVritrlx, AattoVitrics, t. Pol. Die Sclbft. 
Aato-da-fe [aw-to-fl»fs'J, t. Rom. Cath. bal 


.(ntogVDiil, adj. ftlbfltrjtuat, ftlbpgtfajaffni. 
Au'tijgrSph, 1. j. bit tifltnt $aiib[d>rift, Uutcr. 

fdjrift, Urfdjrift, Urtnnbti II. adj. cigen. 

banbtg gefdiritbtn. [[a)ri(btii), urennbiidj. 
.tntoerilpb'lc (- c»l>, adj. ciaenbdnbig ((0> 
AntoeT*pliy . t, bit dgtnt i>anbfnjriff, Bf- 

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AntBm'tta), adj. vid. Am nmntic, fee. 
AVtoraftiA, i, bet Selbflgelf ?rte, Itutobibart. 
X ntgioSfjc (— e»i), adj. antoraatif*, maj'dji- 

AutWntoD, j. bat Xntomat, lit ft* fribft be 

Btgtnit SKafdjint, bat etlbfrjttritbt; Jig. 

btt Dummling. 
AntW?toui, orfj. atifcmatiftt), fid) (alt fflfcf 

fdjint) ftlbft berctgenb. 
Au'topiy, i. DoB Stlbflfebtn, bit ©cibflbe* 

fdjauuna, btr ttugenfdjt in. 
Antup'tji:(— cal, oifj. ;— ca ily.udu.), rait etgntn 

Ttugcn fe&eni, bfobadjtet) — examination, 

Merf. bit 6tlbfhintttfnd)ung (am Jtranrtn- 
Ittiftfttbt, i. b<r UtttWft, [bettt). 

Ao'tonin I— turn]. 1< btr .{jerbft 
Antnm'n»l, adj. btrbflliii ; comp. t>crbft>. 
Aniiiiu'nali, *. pi. flof. im £tt&ft blu&Enbf 
iu'xgifmi. Jiiirt.bitGrtotitrrang. ["Jftanjtn. 

Anifl'jar, Aaill'jary, I. adj. btlftnb, b«ftf 

benb, bulfcciaji 4>ulfi.( II. s. btr, tie, baS 

fjulftltifttnbej auxiliaries, pi. Bit $u!fS. 

Ani|!|*'tion, *. bit fciilft, btt ffieiftnnb. 

Auijlji'tijry, adj. Ibit AnxilUr, Ac 

IniWlttr, j. Fee. btr «trgroptningtmt Iftr. 

To Aiftll', «. I. a. 1. nilBra, btiftn; 8. begftn- 
ftigtn, befitbtttij to — one'i »elf of, be 
nuecn,ftcbbtbirnnif n.n.nfi(lln)ftin,&tlfett. 

f riV, i. btr Stuwn, SortbtH) a-a, pi. 
(A', £.), btr Qrafnn, Srtrag. 

AvSi'Jable, I. adj.; U. -ly, ado. nUBHd), ... 
tbtitbaftj /j™?, gii* tig, ftatt^o ft i III. -new, 
i. btt KatUftfcit, Kutbatttitj Lav, bit 
ffifiltigrtit, Jtroft. [e^nttftarj. 

AvalSnclie', Av«lan$e', t. We fianjint, btt 

Avftnt', 1. #. «{d. V*n; II. int. Did, Aviinnt ; 

111. comp. btf. Mil. - conrier, ber«orbottJ 

(cid. Van); — goard, Wf 3fo»ntgnrti( ) (oid. 

Van); -main, Man. btt eorbirftlf. (bti 

¥ftrbca)j -more, Fort, bit eonniiutr 

— peacb, Pom. bit griibpfirfln}. 
i v'arfce, i. b« ffleij, bit Jmbfoibt. 
ivarfcioo*, I. adj.; It -ly, ado. fltijja, 

rargj in. -new, *. btr fflrt|, bit Jtarg^eit, 

AvBif, i«t. 3for. gtnagl bait! bait an I 
A vaunt', int. fort I ntgla! binanil patftCiftl 
l'v«-M« J ry, *. fiec. bat lot Slarfl. 
Iveni'ciou, adj. baftrartig. 
Av'tn»e«, *. btt $aferjint, bit ^afcrgaitt. 
To At Cage', v.a.l. raiben (-one'i iclf of... , 

ft* — an ...)) S. abnben, ft™ fen. [fimg. 
Avtnge'itent, *. 1. bieffladje; 3. bit ficftra' 
Arta'gor, #. 1. btrffla*tt| 2. btr etftwfer. 

AV«m, (iv'ent), t. Bat. biiSBraetiictenhattt. 

Arfn'ture [— tahnr], i. Law, btr unglurflidjc 
3ufoll, btr tints DKtnfdjtn Sob }uv goig t bat- 

Av'?BBe, i. l. btr (gtrauntige, frtiej ^nguna 
(in tintn SBalb), (Saum*) Qlang, bitZHeti 
2. bit 31nfabrti bruits (mit SBiamcn brft(K) 
©train 3. Af.'l. btr $af, 3uaang, SBeg. 

To Arer', v. a. alt TUabr b(»tiftn, beljaupten, 

iv'frige, *. l. Com-s. bit .Jiaferti, $twarif» 
Ungelbtr, ^ringtlb (gtn. in $rad}tbrieftn : 
with primage and — accoitomed; vid. Pri- 
mage)! ™»" or petty — , bit gtmtiuob. 
flttnt{>aferti{ general— .bit groftfi') free 
from—, Stbarb, frrf earn Kerbtrbtni ad- 
justment of ■-», bit DiSsodje, 6ttftbabtnbt> 
rtdjnnngt — aoconnt, bit |iaftrtirtd)nnng» 
2. bafi raitllere (3«6hn.) Btrialtnij, btr 
£mr*fd)nitt j comp. (ffilttelburdjfitnitt*. i 
— amount, berDnra)fi)nitt6'Srtriigj Corns. 
—date, tin mittkrt SabltmgMtroun, bit at- 
memf4aftlid)tettfall)titj -t»re,bit£iutu>. 
fdjnittt'Xara) 3, — of com Beldi, bit nad> 
Itt Qrntt lieg en gcb lichen en |>ulmt, bat (St- 

To Ar'erfge, v. a. 1. tfien Gnrdjfdjnittprti* 
mtufietii inglelfljeSbtiictbetltn; 'J.imEnrcb» 
fdjnitt (er)gtbtn, buta)fitnittUd) antaiadjfn, 

Aver'nent, i. Lav, 1. btt (3tugcn03)c»tij f 
bltStfriftignngj 3. bit £Befiati M nng, 93cja< 
bung j 3. bat Xntrbittn bte ©tflogttn, tint 
ejesption in btneifen, unb btr flttotit btrftl- 
ben felbft. [Sraubenfortt auS ebWtnna. 

Aver/nat, A*T*Vn*t, i. Pom. btrCUontr, tint 

To AurrBn'cnte, u. a. ansirnritln, nuSrctten. 

Averrunci'tion, i. bitXntrottung. 
Vverae', I. adj. abgcneigt, unginftig, tntgtgtn, 
juttjibtt, mibrigi (mit to); II. — ly, adv. 
mit fiBibtraiatn, ungtm; HI.— nen, >. bit 
Ibgtntigtbtit, btr SSibtrtoiat, I6f4eu. 

Averilon.j. l.bit^lbnetgungjbtrXbfdjtitflSi' 
btrrefatj 2. btrStgenflanbbeSSbfibeurtjM. 

To Averf, n. I. a. i. megiwnbat, abjitben; 
2. Xbntigung crmtd'en; 8, abmtnbtn, ab> 
menbfgmadjnii It it. fid) abmenben. 

Anr'ter, s. btribmtnbtr, 6oelfbn>tnbnibt,it. 

\Tlrti, (ATtrf), ». Man. bit ffijulgtrecbft 
Stntgnng tints ^ftrbet. 

A'vjary, i. bafiSogtlbautj bie SBogelbtite. 

Avrd'jty, t. 1. pie (Bier, ®cfr5»igfritj 9.bti 
f)abfnd)t. [banm. 

ArncS'dO, (Avjg*'to), t. Bol. btt loogatc 

To Av'ocile, o. a. abrnftn, abbalha. 
ATpcS'tion, i. 1. bit Xbrufungi a. bteTIb= 
bnitung (bnrd) tin Otfinaft). 
A»o«ato'r|B, ». ft. Lav, bit Xbmpmgt&ritft. 


A.TS'eaojcj, itdj. ofiruftnb, obtartfttb} —let- 
ter, Mt ttnrfnnatbrftf. 

To 4T6iiP, v. a. 1. nribtn, Mrwrtben; tnt> 
gtbta, mttonunm ; 2. etrlaflta, rniimtn; 

5. ifnbtra, Mrrittln i 4. Inw, fintwnbtii ; 

6. «fhtb«i, on.gu.If ig marf)tn. 
ATrWable, adj. 1. smntiblin) j 3. Mifjubt* 

bra, »fttmifUo>. 

AvofdV", ... l.Mcemnri&iing* S8egfd)af= 
fug } a. Bit Tbltitung, Knfbebung, btr ffli' 
bcirnf ; 3. bit etltbigunfl, Sacanj. 

A*«*V, «. btr, (bit. *aS) Wtibtubt, ffieg. 

ATdId>g, I. p. i. *o»3HriH<ii,M.j -of blood, 
b« •Mtttotrluft, Blnffinf; II. p. a. emnti> 

VoTdtesa, adj. unernntibtia). [btnb, ic. 

Af'ofr-dS-paif' [I'tot — ], j.buBgtintint®t= 
raid)t, {tanbtUgnviO)t, Jtramcrgrroidjt con 


To At&deh', p-a. l. btbmtpttn, wMn) 2. 

(jam »tbnf cr>. Stftnt cine* 1'nttnil raffia 

rtn; 3. rto>tftrtigtn, gutbtifen, bcrrfftigeii. 
Aioflrb'er, (, btr Btbauplentic, JBtMftfgf nbt. 
AToAeh'mcDt^ i. bit ttrtldntng, 9)tfc)nupftmg, 

To &vW, v. a. hftnnni, antrfcnntn, otrf bri' 

bfgt«, btbattpttn; Lav, Blftntlid) nftdrta, 

nMffavftn rtnb rtisfftTtigtn. 
jToVihld-flrfj.; II.— ly, adw. antrftnnbar, 

in itajlftitigra, ju srrt&ribigtn. 
ito*>(, #. bal ffitftimtniS, bit (IJfftnflid)t) 

arflanmg, Xuifagt. 
*>{*'« nt, «. Lav, bcr&tHagtt, »tIo)trtt«( 

((Shlttr*) SBtgnabrnt cingrfit^t, abtr rt4t> 

ftrtigt. [effen, ofent SKutfbolt. 

fiS^ediy, •do. frti, flffraflid) (btftmitnb), 
Avowee*, >. btr JtirthmpatrDn, aid. Advowee. 
j™«V. jr.tetffltremiec, Stbaupttt, Utrtbri. 

btgtr, Kntntibigev. 
ArtwVy, *. Lav, bit Bett&titigung etna <Bu< 

ttrmtgnabnit, edfutfajrift btt Stflagttn (In 

riitfT action of replevin). 
ATiMfpi, *. bus Wtrtnntnif . 
evGbed', p. a. abgcrtffm, mtggtritfen. 
jtii'iion, *. bltXbreipitng; KBtgrtffnag. 
ToAwiit?,t>. a. njiirttn, (marten; a— ing your 

reply. Ac, SbrcrTOitroortrafgcgDnff^oiVt. 
To Awjke', v. reg. ft ir. I. a. (er)»echn, «nf> 

a«ha; II. n. traaibf n, aufroadjrn (ntiib/i(,0. 
Awik«*, <idj.iM4,naa>tnb, manttri faiafios. 

To A wa.'kea, flirf. To Awake. 

fwikc'n«r,i.bcT(ar>)BSea?(ti bflUeBtettnbe, 
btt (Brftr mt tintr Dfr. 

Awilienjag, (Aw*'k]ng). p. /. bo! Smtcha, 
QtjmoViij AH. bat gtifiigt Bnnmhtn, «c< 
benbiawftbtn brt relfgiSftit einiw). 


ToAwiroV, Laic, iD.L o. geriijjtliib jafpeeifn, 
jnerftnntnC8inem(nn>a6)i II. n. bat Xu«* 
(piud) tbun, urtbtUrn. 

.wifrf, *.iam, b«»UrtbriI,btr(fa>irtSri*' 
ttr(ia>e)Xnefpmib} bttfitfajtib. 

To AvinF, it. a. au&pariren, oiA To Ward off. 

Awir'de r, i. bti (SibitbS.) Wittlttt. 

Aware 1 , I. ode. gctoofer, auf ftfim jnit, ad)l> 
fami eon etnae wifftnb, untettiibtctj to 
be — of* thing. Qtmai gewa^r lotibtn ) fub 
tinttBaiibeBtrftficni um Stwae nifTcnj li 
tnt.Vd)ttntg! mrgcfcben ! 

Awaj', I.nrfiMscg, abwcftnb,fi)rti 10 Dike— , 

1. bnrd>bringen, nerfdjmenbent 8. (to make 
— with one's telfj, < R^) baS (Saroiitt mmben, 
unibvingoi j >he cannot — with bin, jit fann 
niriji mit ibm auSfommcn) tann ibn nid}( 
wrtragtB] to make «■«'■ »elf— , Rd) n>cg 
(™i. auS btmSStaubc) madjat j II. int. fort! 
rcegl binneg! —for ihame! pfui! (fftamc 
SHtb! fdjdmt Qua)!) laugh — ! nuc ju gc 
ladjt! fire — ! fdjttf ju! 

Awe, ». 1. bit g6rfaT4t j tbrtrbfttigt gut*t, 
edjeni 2. btr Sdjaatr. 

To Awe, u. a. 1. ebTfnrajt dnflifrni 2. in 
Surdjt baitnij R. (iniogtni 8, (djtu maacn 

Awea'ry, aijj. mube, cmiiitttt. [tiafd)ud)ttm. 

Awla'ther, adv. Mar. luBtodrtt. [Ijipt. 

A weigh', A-weigh' [s-wa'], adj. Afar, aafgc 

\-wS)l'-oMlj J , inf. gutiger^fmrndl Dmcljl 

.Wfil, I. arfj. ; II. — ly, adv. 1. ebrfutibtgC' 
b<(trab,(brfntdjtctteg(nbj 3. fuvdjtcrngcnf, 
furdjtbavi 3. tirfurB)t(w>n ; III.-bcu, t 
\. bit ebnofirbigrrit ; 8. bit e6rfurt>t. 

Awhile 1 [-baiK], ode. (ineSfit long, cEneSScilc. 

Awhrf [«-bwi't'], adv. (in negatictn Sdtcn) 
not a — nidjt int Oeringfttn} vid. Whit. 

Awk'ward, I. adj.; 11. — ly, adv. 1. nngc 
fdjitft, liBttfd), t61pif4, plump; 2. unnw- 
nitrlid), gtob; abgtFOmatft, olbtm; 3. »i< 
brig, fdjlimm ; mibcrfpanflia i 111.— mm, «, 
bit UngtfibidtScit, $!uapbcit; Xmrarobcil, 
IfbfltfdjraacHbcit, Klbtrnbtit. 

.twl, ». bit Xftlt, ^Mtntt, btr Cbrt; peg- 
ging — , bit $fl0a>3$Ic fur Bdjubniodjcri 
joiner* — . btr So^brcr fur Xifa>ltr; 
brad—, bcr Spi(bobrci fur ^immcrltuKi 
Bot-t. — Bhaped, pfricmtufirmiflj —wort. 
bob SBafferpfrictnrnf ronf. 

Aw'leei, adj. uncbrerbittig, (brfurajtBIo*. 

Awme, (Awn), *. vid. Aume. 

Awn;, Awiici, j. pi. bit Oranntn (an ben 
Sbrtu), IdjtliL 

Aw'njng, p.j.bag6annrnitIt,[tlnencSibinB' 
ba* (fiber tincm ed>ift, m.) i b-f rjoifitr- 
jtlt, bit QXirqitift. 



AWleas. naj. c-tyte Oramtcn, urtgeflrannt. 
.Way, adj'. SOUR Straiten, aeorannL 
Awoke/, pre(. Don To Awake. 
AwOrk', Averting, drfu. ft p. a. cot. in fcci 

Krone, (an) fibre bcr Stbeit, orbeitenbi to 
eat — , juibungeben. 

AwrJ'fvrf], adj.& odu. f *tcf , UH f b« P,U agl f ii^t 

ftilttartei fchitlenbj j%oenebrt,tm8retrmt. 

Ak, Ate, i. bit Tttt,Ut gwftSeilj bie$nut, 
jtachj broad—, sic 3immt rail, baSBrtit 
bttlj bntcher>— , ba»^eifd)erbeH) ctosb- 
bieeticbajtf felling— , bitffiattMtJ jnnt- 
ba*JtetbbtU(jum£as:paibreXauOf p° le 
(baardiog-, battle-), tie Btrdtort, baS 
Gnterbeilj —formed, fiot. bo&elforraig j 
— head , ber Xirtbtlm , ffifittra cincr Ifrt) 
-stone, Afin.btr8ttlft(in; -vetch, -wort, 
Sot. baG ffltilf rant, tie ffldltsrontllc. 

AVjform, a<t;. ntbftnforoiig. 

AVtLAiffifc «.i.,<»nr.biela)fdgrubej 3. 
Bot. bet Tffb. ob. eiattttinhl. 

ix'lllsr, AV|llary, ad;, iinac. jut Xebfelgrubt 
ort»8rifli m-y. Sot. in *> ob. SlattoinM 
ftdjenb, arbftlfUnbig) a-y artery, Anat. tie 

iVjniie, j. Min. bet Xbumerftein, 'Jfrinit. 

ii'jon, i. ill. bat Xriom, bre ffimnbfat- 

ii|niaat'|c(-cai), adj. axtomotifd) , geroii, 
(burn) Rd) fefbfl) rewfeftn, anrefnnnt 

Uli, «. T. (ttf. Main. * Boi.) bit XojftJ 
iut bet: incite «n(ftnn>irbelj Zoo*, ber 
Trie, (Bangettjrfa). 

Arte, AVie-trei, ,. Mt Xdjfe am ffiabtj - -t-l 
arm, bit t34iotltfldfttragei — -t. arms, bltfi 
TfibfetfibtnMi — t. bed, boeTtdjfrafuttreifl 
— -t. box, bit libfenbiajfe j — -t. hoop, brel 
Sab«nriit« f baeKabcnbanb; --tut, bit II 

XatfaftMuttj - (- 1) nit, bre I . . 
bieeun[EamSiabci -tree*, Mmr. bteXtfafen 

tints Stnpertfii —-tree washers, bie CSfop- 

fdftiben (cf. Washers). 
Ay [af|, adD.cuig. ja, ja bod}) frtilidj, geaoip, 

befUnmt] --airl Sea, ja meinJieiT! ijersSbni. 

SntBortbttSDfartoftn anf bafCemnianbo); 

— and no, launbntta; ayea and noea, pi. 

e ttramtn buffit nnb bamiber . 
Ay, I. int. at) I adb I ntbl —ma! roeberatr! 

II. Ay, or Aye, udu. * (auf) inimre, renin,! 
Ay'-greeo, t. Bot. bre Jpaoeltmnj. 
AyVy, s. bft 6«ft M-, "id. Aerie. 
AVfrOle, j. Am. bit Sjotolt, QRispdbinu- 
AVjmKtA, L f, A.t. btr liiautt, Bertifnljir. 

Ml U. adj. ajiwutbcil) — compaaa, Want. 

tcrljinmfbtiiiirftl! -dial, bit Xjlnmtbal' 

Azote', (AzW, G ). *. Cftem. btr Btictftoff, bat 

etitffjaS, Jtovlcnftoffaat,, bie ©tieBoft. 
AiBtfjc, adj. aunt, etidflotf tntbaltrab. 

Az'oHsed, p. a. —food, fHtfftofftaXtiftt Sidb. 


Ai'rjtite, i. Cftem. bat falprtetfaute Gait. 
A'zare [s'-zbgr], adj. tjfmmeQiIau, boajblau, 

* optrii — atona, Min. bre Safurflein. 
A'zvre [t'-ihor], 1. 1. Cliem. let buntcttlaiie 

JtobaltsHbieemaUet 2. btt (Snfl^fm-, 

ratlj 8. Her. boteiaa (blauegtlb)} -of 

copper, Min. bit Jta^frelafnT. 
To A'njre [S'-ihur], v. a etnai bimnulbiau 

flrbn. [(bimtnellbIan,IafuTffltbig. 

i'zijred [S'-ihardJ, adj. bimmeCbUn fltfoxbt, 
i'njrtte [— ibnr — J, #. oid. Anre-atan«. 
Az'ymii, i. p(. Jnt. Rel. but gfrfi bre tuae* 

(dutrtu f3»be. 
Az'ymont, adj. Job. Ret. imotfdwrt. 


B [b*], i. (tin SSltlatt ter), bot ft, b i Miu. bre 
ficb(nttSonberXonItittr(6)j Bnat,(BP) J 
Mui. b moHj B'a of the boweprit, Ship-b. 
bie Bblinen (fflntfen) bet ffliigfpriets. 

B, obOr. ft. baaa, bet Sdf j B. A., p. bachelor 
of arta , fflatcnlauttuB bre freicn Jtunflf * 
B. C, ft. before Cbriit, Bot tSbrtfti Stbnrt i 
B. D., ft bachelor of (In) divinity, JBiicca> 
[aureus ttrX&eologiet bd. ft. bound, (con 
BtliSern) gtbanbtnj bdi. fi. in boards, in 
$api}(, brofiburtl B. L., ft bachelor of 
iawa,t3analaur(asbre3ndbvtuben){ B.H., 
ft. bachelor of ■edecine, SoctaUnrins bet 
StMdai Bot, ft. bought, ftinftt (in faofm. 

0U4nBHgen)g Bar., bart., Bt., ft. baron, 

baronet, SJaron, «3aton«; Bp., ft. bishop 


Bis, s. bas SISfen, Oeblif (boo Bdjaftti). 
To Bia, v. n. Wttta, vutg. bden. 
Baarge, i. tint Can. 
Biat, j. 1. tine fiameRfdjt (oierettiot) eiibn ■ 

munjti 2. tin djincfifies Ocnfitjt ton tincr 

batten Unit. 
To Babble , o. I. n. 1. pa»(ln, ftammeln (»ie 

(leint Jtinbcr)) plapoern, plaubtm i S. Sport. 

(s-fwiben, btf. }utniitc4teajltit)attfoj[a* 

attt) II. a. (bnmmtt it rag) f*n>o»tn- 
Babble, «.bUCStfttwe^,<StsitBbet,(»t»«f* 

B&lb ■', 

BsbMeataat, ». bai fHoubern, unuti*t ©e» 
jcbtti*. [e^roa tecum, if., JCIu tfac. 

Bib'hlftr, *. btr ©d)»ff$«, :c. ! »he — , bit 

BIMlfrf, pi. Sport. Dortanfi fjanbe. 

BOAliag,].p.«. i.bal$taubcrn, unnfiJtOf 
fd)»a§;2. Sport. bat vi'rlautc XnfibloflL'ii be: 
■prabr, nadjbem (it tic Epur bti SBfibei &a= 
ten; n.p. a. fdjioatSflfi, plaubernbj the— 

eche, bat geFa)rofl*iflcG(h(>J the — iii'cani, 

tft riefelnbe (mnnnelnbe) Bad). 
Bine, «. 1. baft Heine Jtinb, Jtinbeben, bev 

©Angling) a. bus ¥npp*e«- 
Bs'bel. «- 1- Ga>g. SeUl, Sainton ; 2. Jig. 

bit StrnHrrung, Unorbnung. [Jtinbcrci. 
BiVj. »• btrJtinberrroni, bai SSpieljeug, bit 
BiTtjah, BlTtjabiy, rfrf. Babytab, te. 
Baboon', i. Zoot. b(t ^arlati. 
BibM/abea, i. pi. Babodjen, BSntufiJen. 
Bs'bjr, j. l. ba* Eleinc Jtinbj 2. bfc 9>upptj 

-tbingt, baft yttppmrwf, Jtinberfpiclfacbtn. 
To Baity, v. a. wit tin Jtinb bejattbeln | tin* 
BiTtjbood [- hildj. j. bit Jtinbbfit. [fa)«i. 
Bi'bYlWi, 1. adj. ; n.— If, adv. finbifd). 
Bab'jl?n, ». Geog. Babt)(on, Babel. 
Bibjls'aiaa, I- adj. 1, tnibBlP»if*i «. fie. 

txnsintj II. t, btr Babqlonitr. 
BXbyMirfc BlbyloVjcn], Babvlo'njih, adj. 1. 

babntonifil) i 3. Jig. serwlnt, fHrnttfd). 
BSc, *. 1. (in fJrdim, Sdjrbooti 2. Brew. 

bai Jrihlfdjiff, bet Jtublbottieb j S. Dim 


BaVct, & BoU bit Bern. 
BicraJSn'relte, i. Lit. taS Baccaiaurcat. 
Biceb/ao*), I. adj. fdjiMlaeriftb, frbmarmtnt ) 
it. i. brr ©djfcriger, 3rajbruttt. 

BicshanS'ljan, i. * adj. tt)ie Bacchanal. 

Blc$h'aaal*, j. pi. 1. Ant. bit Bacdjonalitn; 
%fig. bit 6a)»dfltrri, bag 3cd)gelag. 

B»cEMVt**,jr.p(. i.<4«t-Soci(jimti:n,©tti:ib(in= 
lfMtnj S.jtg. tranftnr Edjrodrmtr, Eftrcel' 

Blc/charfi, *. Bai. bie Burrrour j. [gtr. 

Bic r $bjc,BIc';bjcal,a(if.batibif4) tteintrnn= 
Ink mtintoB. 

BlVehfr*, j. Aet b(C B0C4)tll. 
Bat'chnji, A JHyth. BlCdjlti. 

Bac^ftfoui, adj. Bot. Beeren tragtnb. 
BatpVorooi, adj. Wol. Bcertn frcffenb. 
BXcVelor, *. 1. btr3unggefenej 2. bcr &age 

ftot|» 9. Je. btrBactaiaurtiiij — > bnttons, 

Bot. 1, bit IBalbliidjn!*, bai OTaricnrJSnjfn; 

2. bit Jtornblumt. [Ac. bai Batcakureat. 
Bacb/oiyribrp, 1. 1. b<r3uns3tftHenftdnb; 2. 
BSck, *. MM. cotnp. bit Jtufc, )■ S. b«r — , 

Mt efcrrnft) brewing -, bas MblWiffj 

Bit*, «, I . b« mtta j % bW ■ JWtUI (fines 

$ Back 

5pferbce, u.)] s. boe Jiinltrt>£il (an rtnem 
Jtldbc, «.), bit Sutrfrth, brr ffififcij (bcr 
$anb, (inc'Sndjes, Btu&W, M5crfjcnac3, 
^SatU, ic)j 4.b(r Jtamnt mil dnerfflriht 
3dbne(p(.tm|>(™btl_flc».ba<:k«(jeitaitnt)i 5. 
S/iijt-f). btr Sid (ten cincS e t lirt JTrummhol jes 
(upp. Belly); Mars. — of the item poit, 
btr Butenfteutm — oftberadder, (itgiil- 
(erung ob. fStrbopptlung an 6ttacr; —of 
a coin, btr fJttbtrt (bit Jtthrftitt) tincr 
QRcinjcj a — aadbrnut, tin £amifn>, JM« 
rafs — and collar, tin fiabitrnrt BraangS< 
Icibdjcn (jut etrbctftruncj btr fdjiefen bob 
tung) i contp. —band, busSragbanb (bri bcr 
engl. <3abeI6tid)[eI)i — b. hoDki, bit JpaFcn an 
bcr Oabtl jum Sinhafcn bcr Jtcttcn <bcs 
Xragbanbtfi)f — barket, bcrSrugrorbj bai 
fflcfFi bitfflattt} — blow, l.btr GSiblagauf 
bcnSUcten; 2. Bet Bdjkg rait umgcnMinbt 
ftv fianb ) — board. Afar, bai Scbnbret tin- 
ten anbcrCitbanf cincsSucteS) —bone, 
l.bcrRticfeuj Sc.bateitJ(tfniriicC)-bones 
s. pt. Sie rieinfle Bcrte btr SSaBfifajbarbCTi ; 

— cloati, i. pi. bit SBinbeln; — door, 1. bit 
*intertbflri 2./ig. biciuiflticStj - freight, 
bit (Rtidtracbt; — friend, tin DtrffcKti'r 
fjrtnnb, tcimlieber Jeinb* — gammoa, Gam. 
baft Srittraf, ^uftTP't' Otrt Brttfoiei) i - 
ground. Mil. btr IBtrftcit, ffntCTgrnnb, 
btffll. Paint. bltStrtitfaitg (In etnem (Bo 
milbt, it.)i — handed, ntit umoraoriMev 
i»anbj— heave, btr ffltgtnfcblagj— hea\«, 
tint QKafdjitte sunt ©ibmingen btft Jtt>tnfii 

— bonne, bai jj)iuter!)aii£, ^intergebdubci 

— light, bat jpinttrgiai in tincr Jtutfdjtj 

— painting, cine Ttrt ffilaftmalerri (aufber 
{RucrTttte btft Slafei tnit Bclfarbt tllttmiitirtc 
Jfujferfttche)) — p"'t. b« i>intmhti(j — 
piece, bai (Ttuctiffllruct (tintr fRfiftarte, ic.)4 

— room, bcr btntcre Otanmf bit Winter- 
(tube) — shop, baft Jjinrtrgcatlbti — >ldc, 
1. bai £tnttr(c.et[, bit {RuitfHtt) 9. btr Jjcf 
obcr IRaum bintrr bent #aufe ; 8, btr $interc 
(rintt Sbitrtft) ; — »t»rr, Want, bcr >3onncR> 
boljenmffTeri — ttairt, i- pi. 1, bic Winter- 
trtppcj beititiidje Xrepee; 2. fig. bie Xtti- 
flttd)ti — «tny*, Mars, bit $)arbnnnt (ftarfc 
Sane )Ut JSe iefrignng bee Wafltn)) after — 
ttayt, ^arbunen an ben Scilen btft eebiffci 
hinttrbtn9Safttni brwwt— »uy», 0cftcn' 
porbttnen; *tnndiBg— itaye, frebtnbe far- 
buneni traveling — itayn, Sorgpartanen 
btret»gcni — itep. Mil. bcr ffiurffdjritt, 
bei ntiiitdrlfa)cn JBcraeaungen obnc Scranbo 
rung ber grontei - «titeb, Sew. btr etq>p« 
fridj) — itrap, bie ©truppc an Jtntfdjgo 




f4itt( -iwayed. Vet, @d)mc . 

fnbra9ymnIt£btnb(ODn$f«bnOJ— iweep 
oftbe waves, _Mar. hit BSiberfttj — aword, 
1. itr dieter, #au6cgcn, fiafl rinfdjntibigc 
e^mtTbtt 2. tin ©too! mit einra Jtorbgf 
fif jura Septal) — sword nan, bcr Se4= 
ttrattfben#fcb( — tooia, SooJt-o. gilettn, 
etrirt) • obtr gairafrrawtl pim 8er jiert n 
ffiutberrfcttnj —water, fli*. etauroclftr j 
To — water, u. a. Mar. t&tm&tU nibEWj 
— woods.Jm.bitoonbtaTfnegfytnn'fflrtirgtn 
&efU. licgenbta Urajalber (jeft li. the West 
ob. tba /or Wait); — 'woods' men, bit »ti' 
pen Broobnrr bieftrSBaibtr, iHnterwilMer : 
— worn (vid. Filandara); — yard, bet {>ia* 

Bfick, adii. juruifj binttTOirtti — or— agaii 
mitbtr, roirbtrnm) a few years—, oor t 
nigra jabren. 

To Bade, o. I. a. 1. (tin $fert, w.) btftrfgni, 
binttn aufittcin 2. (tin $>ftrC) obrUbten, 
jurtitcn; 3. fig. (OinraOltnfflutftn baltea, 
(ifta) unttrftutcn, Bcrt&etbignH 4. ,aniit 
bdtcti , junjiflrcttn lalfca (¥fttbt, Bdjffli 
it.), (mil nitmgubrrotrflliiriirfbafraj 
a letter, tiaca (Brief fibtrftdreibtaj to 
warrant, Law, tintra in tint r nnUtrn ffl . 
Waft anSflefimitn 8trbafttb(fcbi bnrdj bit 
llatcrffbrift tinea bortigtn gricbensriajters 
(Bulrigfeit at&em to— in, radmirts bintin- 
foljftn, geben, tc., jururfbafni, (vid. ob«i)j 
Mar-*, to — an Anchor, tittrn Knftl Cnfat> 
ttn» to — a-ttern.to — tbeoars, bit Wie Tata 
frrcitben, rUtfrcirtl rnberni — all a-atern, 
ftvddjt inSgefaroml) lo — (he ■alls, bicStgd 
bacf (jurttf) Icgrnj n. n. jurfiuTtrt ten, rid- 

BSck'bji. pret. ft p. p. n. To Backbite. 

To Bicktil le, o. ir. a. uftmtbtn, oerltumbtn. 

BScfc'hltar, t. ber Btrleumber. 

Back'biiingly, ode. wrleombcrifo). 
- Back'bftten, p.p. D. To Backbite. 

Mcktif,adj.tinmfHMtBl)abtTtti broadly—, 
mil breitcmffifiifrat broken—, rrtujlnbin. 

Backgjtm'mnn, i. vid. tint. Back. 

Backs, j. pi. Com. 1. baa ©obUrter (in bol* 
bra .fcauten)) 2. vid. Back 4. 

B*ck'»*t. p. a. im SRflrfra angefatten j Bcrfolgt. 

To Biick'sllde, u. n.fig. 1. |uru(f B eb(n, inriitf. 
Btiiioii auantLfbra, Xuifflidjle fuujtnj 2. 
abtrunnig nrcbtn, com (Stanbra abfaDcn. 

BSckult'der, 1. 1 . Bluer, ber juruet nuiibt, Sue* 
fluA(tfud)H a.brrTCbtrfinnigt. 

Bick'ward, I. adj.; n.— ly, ado. fig. 1. ab« 
gratiot, wiberotnigt 2. Inngfora, otrtrofTrn, 
jaabfrnbi vtrtthrt) S. blow j 4. (pit, ott- 

fodttt(»ongrW(ra,ic., anAA'-^ni.— aew, 
i.l.bitXbgentig^cttfbttsSitcrmiaci s.Btt 
2aagfainE(it,Stiab(iti 3.bal3arfidfruiix. 

Back/ward, BIcfw|rdi, urfu. rucfioirH, !■• 
rutfjritfaiSiiaifliOerlebrti —and forward*, 
(jfn nnb btr. [inn 2. vcrlnunbnt. 

To BSck/widnd, v. a. 1. mcuAIingt tcnaun> 

Bi'con, t. ttrSpctf ( a flioch of— , citicBpcit' 
ftitt) aeanunon of—, (abam). cin Bdjin' 
Itnj — hog, i>ae ferts Ktbrocin, aHofirdjrorin. 

BScBlttm'etry, $. Math, bit Stabtncffung, 
Ktenntffung mit antgefttdtcn Stdbcn. 

B5d, I. ndj.i II. -ly, adv. fitjldbl, fftlimm 
blft, ubelj 2. fdjdblifb, nngcfnnbj 3. (routj 

— debt., faVcdjte (3roeifclbaftcj 64nlttnf 

— growth, b«3Rtpi»(lo>»j — pews, ungun- 
fHge Slmbridjttni — papers, Com. JJapifrt, 
bitinf4Lto>tmi<Ertbitrtcb(n{ —pay natter. 
itrfililt4tt3ab.Itrj —work, Print. brrWfc 

em hi. - ne«, «. i. bit edjicdttbcitj 

2. bit edjtabtigftit, BoSfrctf 

Bfide, prtr. o. To Bid. 

BSdge, i. 1. bus 3rt<bcn, Jtcnns»4cn, 5Strf- 
mal) 2. her. bat -Drben6j:id)tn. ; tmTci- 
Sibilbi 3. Ship-b. tint fol[djt BeilcngaHmr 
auf Jtauffabrttn. 

To Badge, u. a. jddjnm, bejtfdjntnj (in bit 
i)on6) branbmatfra. 

Bid'gar, *. 1. ZooI.btcCubt) 2. ioa. tir 
ptiniltgirtc ^tnun,itbtnbt Jtont' a. Bittat- 
IfntjJMltr) — legged , badjsbrfttip, j gin, 
bit EadjBfaUt, bas Da*Stifcn. 

Bi'djan, Bi'djane, i. Bui. btr Btcrnoitis. 

Qtfprdd), bit edjittrtf, bcr Spap. 

Mdlj', Bldoau, oid. nnt. Bad. 

BlAVtaa, BiVtas, /. p(. Cam. ffiaffcfaS, flaf> 
tal, rinofhnbifdjecfflanmuipnmiaig (while, 
gebicidjtj brawn, nngtblcidjt). 

To Baffle, v. I. o. 1. binicracben, faufdjfrii 
2. fturien,una>itfTammaiJjcn, Dctciiclnj wf 
airren, btfdjamen} n. n. mitcincnScrnigt 
nmgebtn, bttrugen. 

BsrHe. i. l. MeBttdtrfnng) a.brr»rttitg, 
bit Xlnfdjnng. 

BSfner, S. btraStrtifttnbe, linfajtr, it. 

Bag, j. l.bcteotfj 9)ratcl{ tSallcni 2. btr 
{>aarbrattlj S. Fur. ba* ^frjncifartiicn ium 
Kpprtit-Srtegen bti •Jftrbcnf 4. boeQaMi 
a-ofwool, einfBaUtn(240^funb)EBi!(lct 
cloke— , baegeH'ifen, bCtDKontdfait j bank- 
ing—, bit 3«flbt<if4e, b tt fRcifcfatt) —and 
baggage, Battimb^atfl —fax. Sport, btt 
prSagb ticgefangene fJaatSi .crew-hnrrd 
—lock, bag 64>t«nbtnfd)i(f i paizle— lock, 
fia* BrarfibLOr ) - net, bat Saltan f - r-lpe. 

forinm, bie Xragbinbe. 

To Hig, p. 1. a. 1. in (font Soi tfeun, t(n< 
Airfroj 2. bt(mfen,bclatcn( Jl. n. auffdjmcl' 
Lea j oufbaufdjcn. [brtei. 

Bagatelle', *. Die Jtlcinigrcit, SappaHt, XJn< 

Ka^io*', »- Sag-v. tat jtnnablcne iJuiteirctr 
(in fetn VnttStn)- 

BSg'et, j. Bot. bleBogette, &o<bfKeiifl( Snipe. 

Bag/gage, i. 1. bit Sagage, tme Otpd'cl, ©e= 
edib (finer Ttvmtt); 2. bat ^paffagiergiit 
(md. Bat in bitfer Bebentung in Snglanb 
i. Lngg»ge); — wareboaie, C"J. tfefhttt* 
Painmir (roo baS $affngteraut niefeergelegt n. 
untafudjt roirb). 

aSg'Ejng, i. bit (gro&e) eaa*(tfn»anb, fiitd 1 * 
[finmanb, Cas Carftud). 

Bign'iv |>in'yp], «. 1. bat SabebauS * Me 
Sabcrtabct 2. hrtOortrtl) 3. (inbtrSflt- 
hi) tin Xufbeniabningtort fur C^trijtcnfclrt* 
otnj —keeper, l.berBaber, fflabenuifterj 
2. oe — pander, bet BorbeHnilrtb. 

To BigVlpe, (the mlxen) rid. in Bag. 

Baguette', Bagoet', j. 1. JkTiM. bit <S(tf(, 
epirpTTitbf j ber Sabeftocc; {Racfttraftab; 
2. Arch. bo* 9tnnbflab4tn (Httntr alt tin 

Artrag*!, qu.). 

To Bill, d. I. o. 1. Law-s. a) Burgfdjaft Iti< 
ftcnj Rd) (ffir Binm) nnburgen, eintn IoS- 
bfiTgtni gegenffltrcgfo}aft frrfgrttt) (—one, 

Eintn f&r 3t«nanb) alt Burgen annebmrnj 
rincn Surgtn fUHenj Cam. aualiren (fur 
Btdjftlfcbulb bfirgtn)) o)beponiren j 2. ant- 
;'a)epfen (bo* SBo(fcr mif Simem, k.) i to — 
(out) a boat. Afar, tin Soot aufiobfen; 
II. ». impr. ft To Bale, qo. 
Bill, 1. 1. Law, a) bie ffiurgfrfwfi, ©eroo'br> 
Irifrung, Oantienj Com. Xrrnl (3Be d)ft [burg. 
l'Jjaft)! &)btTBurge,®croaV6mannt Com. 
BcdjfcI'BurgtjSB-Gaotnt) to stand— , aen* 
iircnj 2. ber £cnfcl, ©riff fail tinera Jtcffcl, 
k.)j 3-bi(Srni5(ineinraiS8nItti 4. impr. 
ft Bale, qv. 1. -bond. bi< BurgfaaftWDb- 
ligation, berBurg(fd}aftt>Bd}cini —piece, 
tar »urgf*aftt*3ettd. 
Bii'iabk, adj. bfirgfdjafttfibfo, vnbuiglld). 
Biilee', t. Lav, ber Cepofttar, Sicrroa&rer. 
Ui'ler, t. Line, ber iD re on mi, fcinrerleger. 
Biftjir, Bsi'ljf, i. 1. btrXmtmann, Scnbuegi) 
i.bct6o>[o#Dogt) B.oerSogt, edjitlbbeif, 
StridjKbiaKr] 4. berBenoalter, Cdjaffner, 
| 8(nt«"Oinnt6incr (oaf $iatirunoaiaIguttni)j 


Kb—, ber fioetamraiann, k-4 —of a port, 
x $nf«uio)tcr. [c in ct Bailiff, bitJBegttt. 
iljwtek, i, b« XnC*> obtc GtcridjKbtjire 
I'uient,.!. Laic, 1. ba> Deponfrenj 2. bit 
uerga&t einct DepofitnnH B. bafiCcpoft> 
turn, anocrtraute @ut. 

Bailor 1 , (opp. Bailee), t, Lam, bet iDcponcni. 

Bai'iy, i. ber Gdfcrge, Quttcl. 

Blila, t.pt. bitBogen cine9 JBootcS, morauf 
bat eonntnbttf Eicgf. 

Bai'ram, i. Moh. Rd. bat fBairitro-Seft. 

Bait,».l.btrJtobcr, Negi>(tfp:iFe,(au(ty;tf.)i 
2. bit erfrir«ung auf btr 9ici(c. 

To B«it, v. I. a. 1, fobtm, anfornnti 2. un- 
terracgf cinftftrtn, anfealrcn, fldj crfrifdjtnj 
(anfbcrSlrifOfutttrni 3. anfaUcnibcf.ron 
tKaubpogtln, to — at..., flcficn iuf...)j 
(^unbOanljc(ent beijen (ton ©tof pegdnH 
A'- plaacn, ouilcn) II. n. 1. mitbcnSlu< 
gtln fdflagcn, flatttrn (con Otmibupgeln, 
beimXnbiidbcrficutc)} 2. (mifbtrOltifc) 
einfebren, as b alien. 

Bli'ting, (p.) j. bn»JWbtrn, 1C. rid. To Ball; 
— place, 1. felt HBirtbebaus, btc$crbcrgc; 
2. ber ^ttplat, tic £nbj bull-, feat Co)' 
fenbtttti, 6ticrgefca>t. 

Biiie, j. Com. berffii»)(mcOtncr deug). 

To Bike, v. reg. * ir. 1. a. 1. barftn i 2. tor. 
ttn, brenntn(3itgel)j II. n. l.gtbattcnnei' 
ten, badYn; 2. bfirren, turrc mcrben. 

Hike-, comp. —house, feaS Saa>lUt, bit 
Slderti; Batftttbti — meata, j. pi. go 
batftnc epeffen. 

BXlied, Btfken, prei. c. To Bake. 

BS'ksr, j. tier fflaifcr) — '■ foreman, Bali, ber 
Serrmeiftrr (in ciner SBorftrci). 

Bakery, 9. bfe ffldrftrci (^anbacrf unfe Coral 
tines SacterS). 

Backlog, (p.) j. l.iaeBatrcni 2.ba)Sren- 
nent 3.baf0cl)f(t) 4.(-trade)baeSdtter' 
banbmert) one— , tin Efcti cell, cin ©ibotf j 
a— of ulity-pipea, tin Branfe itjcnmie ^fti- 
fmt — diib, bie fflnrffajuficl j — pan, bit 
fflacfpfaiine, Xortenpfonne. 

Bal'ance, s. btt SBage, Blgfllalt] 2. Mtch. 
bae<Sltfd)gcn)id)ti 8. ba6 Ucbcrgtioid)t ) ber 
Utberfdjnf, (c/.Com-i.), -/ig-i. 4. bfcBer. 
gieidjung, Snodgnngt 5. bas eajrounfeni 
6. bie UnparreiiidjNitj 7. (-of power). baS 
ffilcidjflCTOLfljt (ber QHa*t)i ©cgcitgewiditi 
8. Ail. tie BBogc i 0. Dane, ber ©a)n>rbe> 
ftbritt i 10. Hoi: bit Unrnbe (in riner uorjj 
11. Com-i. bieB£lanj,btrUcberfd)uf,arft«!rt> 
ber Stat, »erojigensftanb) UtocrRftt bet 
Oinneimm-TfuSgabcj ber Wed) nung* false, 
W-peft, 3abtongKt|H - of (an) awonnt 




carried forward, bet Borrrng finer 9k6f 
■amgi amount of-, bn ealtobttragi — of 
ar-eonnti, B« fflfdjnungtabfdjiuP j — Of in- 
tatit, Brr 3fufenaa*tjL[id), -5 fotooj — al 
trade, bit $anbtI6bilans; to hiio a— in 
one'* favour, gut fcabtn* — in <mr (your, 
my) favour, 6olbo in ultfern fflunften, fommt 
unt...{ Batbo 3&nrn cber mix; — totheli 
debit, esalbo jii ijren &>fhn j to lean a— 
io ona'i debit, in Steft bieiben, nfttren i to 
striken— , bra GSalbo jitljnt,faib(rtni comp. 
— ■ccoont.bif fflfiifftflnbBtedjnung) bntSiv 
luijcontc, Cunts folboj — bill, bn Balbo> 
Btdjfel, Xppoinlj — hook, bos ffiilaiijIiiKS , 
—■beet, bnBilonjbojjtti — arbour*, w'd. 
in Arbor; — Sib, left, bn $ammn6at)j 

— fly, £n(.biE8ibdit,€BnfT'(riimgffri -mi- 
ker, btrftBagtnmadjtrt I'-i. (bt|. Ifate/i.) 

— poller, rinttBatantiraiafajinei —tool, tin 
Be«tbt*WuD,I; — veba,lUliu)fttI»)— wheel, 
bat emfltrab) - wheel engine, tin ©ttfgf 
rne-edjii [ibejena. 

To Balance, v. I, a. 1. tuigen, abrndgenj JSy. 
erwdatnj a. boloncirtn, in't fflltia)a«»id)t 
bringen, im ffl-e trbnittn; 3. bat airin> 
ob. Qta,tngflota)t balten; ,/ig. aufwiegeni 
i. Afar, einntantra, etnbinbtn (tin ffitrf), 
bergen (bit Btgrl); 5. Com-r. bilanjirm, b «• 
glridjen, ben Btatnt nuinjcit; to — an ac- 
count, cine ffitd)nuna falbfrtn, fdjliefen, nus* 
gltidjra) feontriren, bra Solbo )it(«n, b. 6. 
btjailnt) to- account! with..., 3C6rto> 
mmg Salten, fidj brrti)ntn rait. ..* to — the 
ledger, ba£ ^ttitptbudj fdjiitftnt b-d in ac- 
count, bur*) tBtgenitdjnnnd felbirtj 0. n. 
1. im fflltid)gta>fn)t ftfnj %.fig. unfibluffia 
ftin, fdwonfen. 

Bal'ancer, .'. berSBdgtnbes Bajtratifttr. 

Bilander', >, Much. 1. gen. btr Salancitr ; 
S. Mint, bat Dmttwert in eintr fflMujftdrte. 

BSl'enuji, s. vid. Ben-nut. 

Bal'am-raby, BSl'i.-ruby, I. Jew. btl Bolflf ' 

rub in, SfubtnbaloJ , 
RUlnzif.f', Baltzsec', >-pt- Caw- Wtift baunf 

moaene 3tugt auS Burata. 
To BaM'cjnSte, To flnlbfl'tjete, u. 

mtln, ftottrra. 
Blfchtr, ». Ich. lei jtutgt feii&t. 
BkYeoay, /. 1. .4r<A. bet Bolton, ©dUtr) *■ 

Bflld,a(y.tt^,Biibtb.aart f na(ttj ,%.fd>utB* 

lot, giatt) gtrtng,(d)itd)ti gnabtjuj comp. 

— bunard,0rn.bnStinbr(d)(C,6tMbIttj — 

eagle. On. bn Qciltopf, Sifdjabtnj -*««. 

On. btr fJnfaar, QMuftfai!, bit fBtifcfi 

-(win, 1. UrJtaWopf* *■ On. bit«<i|> 

Hpflgt Snubtj - pared, (-pate), fnt> 
Mpflg f — Hb, bit ebwciixGrippt. 

To Bald, ii.o. raftl madjra, abtragtn, ab- 

BIFdacbin, BSi'diquIn, i. Arch, bes ffintta- 
d)in, $rari)tyium<[, X&innbiinintL 

Bsl'deriUUli, » . 1. bat gcbaltloft Otfajnin, 
6ttfflaaiinat6ias(C.); 2. baSffitmifd), fam. 
bn !Rtfd)aiiifa>i 3. gtfilfa)ttt »tin. 

To Bil'Uerduh, u.a, Dtrmiftijcn, onfdlliben 
(bef. ©tin). 

Billd'ly, adu. [abi, anbt^aait, naatj fig. 
fdjledjti fijleajttttaj gnaM to, 

Bilo/mony, ». Bot. btt Snjiaa, tii'if. Gentian. 

Bald'neM, .t. Me JTabibtit; QHtlt] jiff.ptottt, 
fd)ltd)tt edjrtinnn. [Btaengrb^nf. 

BaCdrlck, >. bn (Steel, bat fiStjjrat^iiiac, 

Bale, j. 1. bcr (Sutft-) fflodtn, bat ipatftti 
2.btr$tnW, Jt., vid. Bail 2; 3, Ceog. Sa- 
id, DiUBnaie; —good*. Cum. 1. ©tor in 
(Baden, btf. oftfnnfftvc (inn Untc^d>iebc Don 
Picce-good>); 2. cant. BaQenniaart (in 
Sranfrtid) u.glanCetn), ortindre furtt KBaa= 
ten (Wort). 

To Bile, v. I. n- nabaltirra, einbalen, tin* 
Batten, (ob. to - ip goods, ffiaartn) on- 

patttnj II. a. impr. fi. Ball, qv. 

BSIeSrtc, adj. Ceog. MrOTifd). 

Blle'ftl,!. adj. 11. -I;, adv. l.tlab.Sdg' 
lid}, tnmrig, fecttnibtj 2. Dtrttvbiid), en* 
nuftenb, nerboft. 

BalWter, i. pic Knnornft. 

Ballzey, i. Mar. bit effrcSJoh. 

Biik[bik], *. l. bneainn, a. Hu,b. ha 
SUin 0»'fi5"> *"» Snrdjra)} ^g-f. S. bit 
ft^erbiifttiruelalfnng, ber«(tflo^, gefltT, 
Huerftrid); Sdjimpf, bit 6d>anbe> bafiUn« 
rtdjt, bit Stitibignng, onBdjabt, KQdjtfertl | 
—book, bitSRuperfartt, bat$ro6enbnd) bn 

fd)id)ttn, aufbiuftiij 3. itrtleiltn, tdn[[beni 
nffenj befdjdinen) fibabeni i. nerbti (ejen, 
fibergttiat, mtglafTra) Dtrfdjnjtigtn, ottjtb' 
Ira) 5.Berrodfltrn,auSfd)lngenjto nsbap, 
rinem JnantbiMit bit Jtnaben nbGpdafog 
mad) en. 
B*'lker» [b*/ken], *. fi.*, fcinBaJbotm, 
ipdringtlpibtr, and) condera nnb hnere go 

tall,/. l.btrfBaH,bie Jtngtl] 2. (rter rtutbt 
ob. rnnblid)t JUrpet) bnXpftl Otogapfti, 
Stia)tapftl)t 3. bnOctnabtr StibenranBtj 
4. baX>aIlra(an#dibra ob.Su|ra)) 5. T^p. 
(than. b-», pi.) Me eaBtni S. An-, bit 


fci*J»am?eabdi T. Span- bit g^rle ttnefi 
3ia)fr*l - of tke knee, bit Jtaitfajtibt; 
a awed— , auk- , tinBitforaraupfi Mils. 
bit ftaubrragti) Met btr gainrbuni - or 
aou-jara, Mar. tin Jtloon BitftmflnnR' 
gttnij «ifcC«iBp)-,bifetiftnhifl([i b-e,pf. 
fr«. nit auft bra ytttbdofra roauntnben Gi> 
fraflimipen obtr eappraj cricket b-», pi. 
Stblagbillt fur enuaAftae) ball uii wicket 
joist, tin Jtugtiriarnicr,Jtag(t jtupftn i camp. 

- eabbage lettuce , 6« QUrfalat) AM-j. 

— cartridge, M< JtugeLpatront ) —proof, fv 
fldfeft) -nock, Typ.(e$tm.) btr fflriff 
DnitftTbaltn) — vein, tin nifrfnfr>rmigtr 

Bin, *. bet B>tl (tint Sunjo/f'Ufrbaft). 

To BUI, *. n. ft* baHrn. 

BiDa*, *. birBaQabu — mooter, einB-n> 
wtHnftr Bb. Sdngtr j — linger, btc B-fr 
langtr, MnltlffagtTj bit ffldnrtlfiaaerian. 

To Bantd, c. h. SaHabtn madjen ok- ftngtn. 

Barta-Atr, j. btr BaHabntbiujtnr 06. eangtr. 

BUla*. BirV-tsbj. nid. BnUu-ruby. 

BiftUt,«-l.M«r.btr»iin(lfti2.jI B .6«5,mos 
•OM»imOlti^3aoumiIii pea- 
Ml Jtttffaflb} abinglo ob. atont -, «. r-o'n 
grebot Jtitftt (•Sttfnni) 1 to goon (toiaii 
!■) — . (inr) mil 3. btlabta jttitj — lighter, 
1. ba*B-T«)if, bit *-f4uttj 2. btr TCnfMer 
btim Hwftbitjkn b» BaEufttfj -port, bit 

To Blriaat, o. a. 1. bdHaftot, mil BaHafl bt= 
labeoj S.j(g. fat (aitifbgerefajt boltctt. 

BWet, *. 1. frrt BoUrt; ttt Bibjfntaai; 
a. Her. btr BoOra, bit Jtaa.fi. 

BsKttV,.. rirf. Ballet, 1. 

BBtpater, >. old. Bahuter. 

BaOaW, [- 4oV], a. md. Balloon, 6. 

Balloon', (BKflon), t. 1. btr grope Ban, eta. 
fntbag) bt#gl. baa Barifpitl (wit bftftm " 
and) balloon bill a.en.)i 8. (wlndoraii 
btr fBtnioaU, (&it>) Battoa } 3. Cftem. bet 
gro^Rtcipttnt, Nation) 4. JrtA btrJtnopf 
(tnf «n« Sbnrinftritt, w.)} ft, f-w. bit 
ettra^taertnetl (bti tart- obtr BBnffrr- 
gtatnotrka)) 6. rintXitffnbci'StTieanriat 

BUMBbf, a. btrSafrfanfftr. [ju eiara. 

BVM. '. 1. bit ffinblhiflrt, Bafatirraacl! 
S. >««B«tIitttfl, ettiwBjttttii S. t>a£ BoU 
Iptbta) —box, btr Qtfiamtafitti, bit Babl» 
amt. [Sfcalljrttt I abftfauatn. 

To Billot, o. n. tw&otir tn, burn) Jtugeln obtr 

BaTloade, BIKotiaV, 1. Man. bit BMotfabt. 

Bilm rua], *. 1. btrBalfaia) 8. jtbt hf> To Bta, 
t*n,a^irtdb«bt*B4l6t( B.^r. bftt3.,it. " 

beifdjmtrifttQtnbeOTittdi -of Gllend.bct- 

SXrffobalfam) —apple, Bet. btr ffialfam> 

HSftl) — crlfJiet, Knt. bit Cicobt, 3)aiun« 

erfflfi - gentle, - mint, fior. bit WtliffCi 

— tree, aid. Balaam- tree. 
To Bilm [biro], v. a. balfomiircn} Jig. lin= 

btrn, flintn. 

BKl'maiite, j. Boi. bit Srurncnf reffc. 
To Bi'unjfJ [biB— ], b. a. ;u JSaifom mofttn. 
BS'imj [bWy], «d> baifamtftaj Jig. Im> 

btntb, fanft. 
BSI'neal, adj. eid. Balaeatory. 
Bal'neary, t. bit Sabtftubt. 
Bilneft'tion, *. bat Sabtn 
Bifaettorj, adj. jam Sabtn, Sale gc^irie- 
BlfDeym, t. Chem. bat (Vbbunfluage<) 3jat. 
Bafaaiu, x. 1. btr fiairam («/. Balm); S. B ( ./. 

bicSalfcmintfVirf.B&lanniinc; Hungarian-, 

Jtnmm^oiidli Wo(-t. ->lirub, bit £9ol[am= 

fbutatj -tree, l.bit Sinfit i 3.btrfiopaira-- 

tauraj 8. btr ItrBtnriabaam. 
To Bal'aam, v. a. Did. To Balm. 
BflaaWjc (— cfl), adj. balfamifd}, cfd.Bslmj 
Bal'aamTne, a. £0/. bit Salfomilic 
BaKaaiaint, 1. Bat. bit TOcliffc. 
BU'taair, s. But. M S4Bftnbf*5n. 
Bitftrnaar, J. ffiattoafat (?DMi.). 
liiU'tjc, I. 1. bat baltifibe QXttr, bit Cfl- 

fetj It. adj. baltifrf), u u n btr Dftftt, fwbc= 

Bil'tjmDre, s. Geog. (bit Ctabtj Saltimsrci 

-bird. On. bit SJalrimflM, bcrgfutrcejic!. 
BSl'aster, j. ^rc/i- l.bitfflddnbd'faulci 2. tit 

etolie obtr Soft an rintcEcbnc, Irtppin. 

lebflfi s. Bat. btr Oranalcnbaum. 
To Bil'Diter, u. a. Utngifttm, it., Wd. s. 
BaKoatrlde, i. *du bit fflaHnftrabt, bas 

brtrdjbroaitne etidnber, Sitttrntrf. 

ikm, 3. wig. in Setrag, bit Suet, baj 

eienbntrt, btrfJfiff, Jtniff. 
To BKm, v. a. vutg. binitracto, t£ufa)tli, 

preilen, )nm Stftra iabtn. 
Bamboo', 1. Bat. ttr Sambue, bae Sambu£> 

rebr) — bablt, eta etanimatflcib an* 9)aai' 


To Banbda'zle, v. a. tiulg. betriigen, bintcr- 
gtbta, prtBtit, jurn Stftcn babta. 
Bambdo'iltr, *. utttg. btr Bttrager, €S(balf, 
Ban, a. 1. bit 6fttntUa>f Xnfntfuna, Sctannt^ 
taactangj 2- bas Xufgtbot btr Strlobttnj 
B. btr Oana, bit Xd)t i btr Siudj, bit fctr- 
roanf*ttng) Ba*3nttfbirtj to proclaln tbe 
b-a, anfbirttn; 4. Com. tincXrr ftiatr oft' 
vnbifd)tr SKualini -dog, btr Jtrtttnbimb. 
' ~" ' »tr»aaf4ta, wrMwn i 


Bana'na, t. BoL bleft>ananafftigt$ —bird, 

Om. tier ^ifangosflf I, bie ^-broffd. 

BSVcG[bang'-kr,],i. baeffiantn, Btmcc-Oelbi 
— mark, ttuMJtna] — Rcgia, — Regiai 
vid. Kijin/i-Beacb n. Que en'*. Bench. 

Bind, I. j. ring, l. bat fflnnb, Me SBinbt, 
Sdjnnna. berHting) bitJtatte 3. (head-) 
BW. batBanb (Capfrdlcben) fines Budjtt) 
4. btr Xnf> e>b. Uebtrfdjlaa, Jtragra; $rie= 
fhrt rage n J 5. bit SSanbe, Kctte, Qompagnit ; 
fflraldtf); r. ,4ren. bit $ilntt, $Iatttj 
8. jig. tU SefTtr, Sanbe ; -of a nil, Mar. 
batfflanb ob.bitiSerbcpptlunflquer fiber rin 
©egd ( II- •>-*, * P'- l- Mai*, bit Itbernen 
eajuurr beim {Reepfdjldner} 2. Bti-j. bit 
$tftfa)nfirtj unotrjitrtt fctbtrbiabt, j. IB. 
(books) in «bet]i-b-ii,inSii)(ifIeiecflebmitieiij 
8. b-i of a aaddle. Sod. bit &acf dftraen 
BHnBer nnter tec Jtrfimniung ber Battel* 
boetn, nnt [it in ihrtr 8agt ju erbalten; 
HI. comp. — box, bit $>utfd}aa)td, tint; 
fd)od> td ( fiir Somen) ) — dog, vid. ban-dog, 
nnt. Ban; -roll, bit <tofterroI[e,8ifb;j ~ 
■trlng, toe Jtronenbanb. 

To Hind, v. I. a. 1. blnben, Btttiflbrt j 2. (in 
fiJairtm) wrtiniflfit, iufammenrotttru II. n. 
fid) rerdnigen. ISttrg. 

Bltn'dagc, .-. bit Binbe ; ber Berfmnt, brf. 

BtndSrr'a, (BandSn'noef), b-a handkerchiefs, 
x. pi. Sonbannot, ftibtne (SdjnucfO Z&t>tr 
an s Cftinbien. 

BXn'dslet, BXndlcli 1. Arch. Cat- iBwbdjen, 

Sanbcbcn, 0)ierod)tn, bit fldne Stifle. 

BKn'd an, j. vid. Badian. 

BanMJt. BaodTt'tO (pJ. bSn'dfte, hsndlt'tj) J. 

btrffianbit, ©trafenniubrr. 
BandnlieY, i. Mil. bat JBanbelicr, 6cbnlttr> 

SBebrgebdnge » ber ?)atrontafd)tnrftratn j 

Srommelrfemenj Jtarabinitrriemtn] (nad) 

Wore,, W., ic), bit $atrontafa)e. 
Ban'dOre, «, Afu/. bit gjanbort. 
BaVdrol, ». l.biefflanberone,Me(btr)©d)ifft' 

ntmpel, bo! Jflprjebem 2. bit Stompe- 

Ban'dy, I, ». bat Otatftt (|tnn fflanft>irt)j 1L 

adj. comp. fninrni, (auSttdrt&O gtbogtnj 

—legged, (nimmbrinifl. 
To BSn'dy, v. I. a. 1. bin unb §er fdjlagen (ben 

BaQ)l 3. fig, bin u. ber Itrri ten, fibertea.cn -, 

II. n. frrdten, tttttrifern j [id) oerbinben, Dtr> 

einigeni to — a basinem about, Stioat in 

Umfrage bringen. 
Bane, j. l.batOlfU a. Jig. baBBerbetben) 

8ot-t. — berry, bit J&renfrJrntigt ©d)»arj. 

nvcii -woit, bttSoHHrfd)t. 


ToBSna, v. a. betgffttn. 

Bine'ful, I. adj. j II. - ly, ado. 1, glftlgj 
2. fig. oerbtrbUdj, tobtiiaji 01. -nt«, j. 
l.bitSiftiflEeii; 2. fig. lie Kerbcibtidjrrit 

To Bang, v. a. tulg. 1. Itbloflen, fd)meiftn, 
burd)b(dutn) 2-fig- unfanft bdjanbeln, mif' 
banbtlm t° — toadoor,einrStut jufdjlnfltn. 

Bang. j. 1. tiulg. BcrSdjIog, ScbmiS j 2. cftiu- 
bi[i)eSenennunab(8i)anfeS(eig(ntl. bbuns). 

BSn'gle, adj. comp. b e rabbling en b j —eared, 
mil bingenben Cfrren. 

Ban'jan, BSn'njan, *. Bo(. (-tree), btr ^0- 
flobtnbaum, gebefliategeiejtnbannn — d»yi, 
Mar. bit fcjungeriage, Zaat, an btntn es f etn 
Jlrifdj gtebl(!»Dn[aa,QKittn)adj n. greiiaa) 

Ban'|ans. Baii'jf ni, s. pf. vid. Banotana, 

To BanVh, ti. a. ccrbanneit, StEtCttbtB) j%. 

LtSn'jibabk, adj. ju wrbanncn, p certreiben. 

Bin'jiher, ». btrStrbanner, Ccrtreiber. 

Ban'jshm^nt, j. 1. tie KSeibannuno, SanbcS- 
Derroeffungi 2.batfttiliuni 3. fig. boS Bev> 

Baalc,«. l. bus lifer, ©eftobfj 2.ber$.figcli 
Dumra, SBeQj 3, bat Btdnligec in rintm 
Bruite, bie9anf (iamOiten, ic)j 4. Mar. 
bitfRubcrbantj 5. Com. bit XBdbfelbanr, 
basflSanrierbaat) bit f8antgefell[djafn bat 
Santa (vid. Banco) ; 6. Print, bat «auf- 
bret an efntrCudjbructerprefej ofBeeri of 
a—, Santo |Ttrtanien; — ofoan. Afar, bit 
S)oft» ob. ffiuberbantj —for loans bit 8db= 
banfjbatSdbBautj— for aavingi, bitGS par< 
eaffe (aid. n. Saving) ; —for icnlptora, btr 
Colfiritub.!; - of circulation, aft (Biro- 
Sanfj — ofdiicoont anddepoiit, bit iDit> 
tonto- n. EtpofilO'Sanfi — of itaoe, tine 
bnnf ; (anbert Com. camp., cf. Banking); 

— account, bat S-tcntoj —agio, tab 35- 
agio} —bill, 1. b(t id-actit, S-anrocifung, 
SB-note, ber 3)-}erteI; 2. Lna, bit EB-bifl 
($arlament6acte, bat ffi-rotfen bttreffrab)) 

— bills, ffi-noten, ^opiergelbj —brokerage, 
bit gBtdjfflcoitrtaflti — cratet, t. pt. Bot. 
ber4tberia)j— martin, w'd.— «waIlow;— mo- 
ney, bat Santogelb (m'rf. Banco); bie SB-na- 
Into} -note (bat befTtre 8Bo« fur -bill ].): 
bie ffianEnote, berffl-jettel (jablbar [bem3n< 
babcr]beieid>t)j -po<t-bl!l,Sanfnare,(ber 
ffl. ton Onfllanb, lablbar TSage nanjeSidjt; 
cf. poit-note, nnt. Po»t); —pout-paper, 
ein fttjr bunnet Voftpapien — stock, (bat 
Gigcntbum in) aaiiMCctietu — imdlo*. 
Orn. bie aferfajnalbt) — token, vid. ranter 
Token; — traoiactiona, vid. irafer Bankiuf . 



I w^7'™i'MS°fti"t*S2! S'HT>i.* "™- •"••"■WW - ~* 

5rT T I? J" <°n*«l«of»i<Ic.)| S.ATor. 

£2Zm?« n) ' ~' c ° n ™'"loo,bft»on 
iii-rr^ *• — w'or. btrtBcdjftltife). 

SS 6, fw '• >• M - ••• Maao, 
J>« «gt*f.K,» M/ »»(,„„„ a . „, 
*«a«8 »on»«tou n.™, 1 ;. _,„,." 

J5,™*t*~»l*! eo««,rS.«(. 

Stthrotnttt, aatlmglUftKgtJ to torn 

^iT^Jf" * "-• """to. »l« Con- 
™T™n" 3'«»p--coB U iii.ri D,Wt0n. 

»«. to emit,,,, „ Sall ?eSrr,Ji«, 

BinkVaptcjw. btrSflnrfrott,ba»8ani»t E nt 

"j^djforum); dwUrUIojiCorwOoK 
»w «M»fEiDttfrtTdrnna (»M tStridit) 
tato of-, bo* SonfcrettfroHuibai. 
*""«;■ *>■ ■••»«»»ta,»o.ii 1 i,bic*.bn., 

Weired, p . , a)anner ffifittmi. 
MajBenji, ». oii B»Bdroi. 

BUVjlJI., *• U. conip, oiUBmIsd. 

Mrtrtnf, *. p(. 1. M(*anianen (Sanbel* 
hfitfn3 tt W«) f 2. mm $anbelU fle „. 
ta Cos Sinft b« MnyAf-ia Jtat.fIn.to. 

B***f«ttr. cw, o. BdWtor, Bnla.trade, «,. 

B"W. i. bat »« n fctt, ( 9 to P e) Oaftawftl. 

To Bfa'qoet, „. I. a . ftfmrt ben>irt$en, trattf. 

reaj n-n.6iittfi«ir«B,fiIjra(iaf«ii. 

, £?*2 '" *• *' r e4«auftrj 2. bcrOrt* 



BWatlckle. .. Ich. bet 6t.4r.na. 

To B5nV, v. a. Fpottcn, fdjtaiibnt, uMcfeft, 

B3iVt.r, ,. ber e*«j, Spott, ba< Sefpfft. 

Biottioe, ». unig. bo* Heine Jtinb, b« ealm 
«.»t. bet 8<]Jl«b, bas t.nt6(!i*e Jtlnb. 
Bta'jvu, vid. Banoiana. 
H*- J - Bo( - MtTflfenbrobbaiiB. 
B*ptlfot£ aaj. jatSmife ac^rtg} - T0 ., 

rairtettfttfrtj 3. RJapl-fN (ffl-n.). 
BVt|-lory,/. berSanfUcim Xanfort. 

SEk ,e ' """fr'to 1 - "*• W(Xouf< btfrtf. 
JJW; [Pcrbunncn (ffictriin(c). 

B»ptiV,*. btrSttufenbe. 
%Mn m£ *• J* •*«■«« <wn*oJjrtct 
TOrtalQ, Barrel 2. bcrfflitgel, ba»Rie 8 ri. 
J * e««*oIl (urn fflobtn rine« RalTe*, k.)j 
ber fflugct) 3. berBalfen, eaum: eajlaa- 
bonnu etanbanm. etantbaunt) iirtebaumt 
4. bit Carte, ettnbbartr ob. Eftctlje gdfen i-or 
rinem^afens bie filljAc] s. bie eftranfen, 
frneea>enrtifdic an bJDrtb(frelbcn)?T lie 
Bajtanrtn in etotr ffierid)t B (liibe} ber (So 
rlojttfao.) 8. baa ffittidjtj coWk(. We Xb- 
eoeaten, SKirglkbcr OcS TCbr-o.atenfliinbeHf 
r--w- *«**'-"»<»ifj 10. bet Qnerflria), 
befgi. r.jp. Cr9aniung*ftrid>( 11. ctam.Ue 
»otte, ©fange (?)rcU. ob. »cTtbbcfriin. 
muna im aptfanifdjen $anbct)i 12. I'riht. 
ia^rtfUaitti IS.Hct-. bctedjraflbalftn, 

14. mt. Bet Sort, lattftrtdi (otrf. p,.)i 

15. Sfcoe. ber ScfUitj 18. Spid. bit Slu. 
mennalj[(anepiBtn)} Vt. Law, We perem. 
j>torifd)e Sinrebe, neldje bie Jrflcn brt Jt(d. 
gets oonig ftemmti maniallD-, Am. bafi 
ORustitO'KeB (acgen benSIi* ber!Wu6titp*)j 
-fte, laS eiSjeft, {Mftaclbf -irun, ba* 
e taBgautTcn i - keeper, ber JttUncr, CdjcnN 
mirtSi -m«ld, (-keeper.) bal B«mfmSb. 
d>tn,b(eJ(ennBrfnn, -man. Da KufMrttT, 
W. (rote — keeper) ; —master, Mia. (Verb.) 
ber (StjmefTer ; —pump, (/tng.) Mar. bit 
Jtodj»pnmpe^!aiibpninpe,bcti)tb(n— roo», 
bite<t)raFfrabe,ba»(Sttbenjj(ninitrj — .Imt, 

BW«mSdV"uii , h« «.-»JPV* , B We « , *n<ff>nl«,»a«fir«benjj(imiKrj -.b«t, 

W ** * rS2S£fc ia etanaenrngelni -^M.iwgtniriKetat.i 

<«. tueahttc, berll -»•>■•, gittcrmeirt, it Gutrlinftn j -wood, 

Bliirr«dn.lSnth6oII .Plnnhflhririi 11.11=^ 

—"■»«. flitienoei|t, tn Eunumen * —wood, 
tot 4rttton.8.i)tljS9lj, Kanbelftom U. Biff, 

*.pt £ama (— of«wH,*c, »ottbarren,w.)) 
Hut-t. bttXatrJrriBjej —of rat, ^nufenj 

— of the capstan. Afar, bie $imbjptid>en Bee 
OauflfpiUi; —of* horn, Man. bie 9«ben, 

I'o Bar, o. a. 1. VOTitgtllt, juritatia, (»«> 

fptrrnt, otrgittern, mil SSdjtanfen umgeben j 
2. mitetcrifen (oerfdjitb.rjarbfn) NMHI 
a.ftriiftn, fnStrtifen tb«ilea; .fe-j. 4.6eni' 
nun, binbttn, abbdttnj 5. auSfdjlief en, aufi. 
nebratn (rait from); 6. uattrfaaen, Sui>oit 
tbuiis T. Loio, tint ftiniotiibang uiddjtn, 
fcemmenj S. (in tinigen epiefcn) ftrofetii 
ta-aveta, Fat. Member tints $ftrbe* 
iroct Drten untrtbinben it. flffaeo. 

LlSr'at, flaV»tor, cid. Barratry, Barrator. 

Barb, 1. 1. ling. I. («antr. ».Harbarj) 1. tier 

Sorter, etrberj a. bo* Serterrof j s./ig. 
ber Bart, nit bet gifdjen, tc, taker: bit 
Bdrbe, ber JBartfifa) j 4. ber BJibcrbaftn (on 
eiaeni $ftil, Xngtibafen, ic.)t 5. Boi.btr 
ffiortj 6. Orn. bit nunitbifibe Xanbe; II. 
Birbs, * p(. 1. btryftcbtbantifd), bos$ fer= 
bejrufl,3efd)trr(be8aItcn3Siritiir»)i2. Vet. 
bit fiunflerjlbtn ; 3. bie SBaEfifcbbartcn 

To Barb, v. a. 1. ein 9)|trb onfftbimn, rflften, 
otrtappenj 2. mit StBlbcrbaren errftbt n$ 

— a iabiier, tinea Jtreb* ;erlcgen. 
Bar'aacaa, a Ports. 1. bit Xnfeaiotrr, bit 

eSibonjti tec Brdtfttfopf t a. btr SSaibt- 

rbnrra, bit "Sarte; 8. bit ©<$ief fib arte; 

*. Cfcaaa.) bat fflitraloaj (in rinet ORauet 

}um XMaufeu bei {Suffers). 
Birtacle, Did. Barbecue. 
B»rhi'doej,i.Geog.fflarbabo*i Bot-s.— nine. 

bit 8tter»Xtoei— cherry, bie n>efhnb.Jtirffl)e; 

— tlowor-foBCe, (—pride), ber $f<HU»> 
f*W««H -leg, MnL btr Sitpbanteofa*, 
baa Jtnonbein, bfttttepbantiafU) -nui, 

, wtfHnb. ynrgirtnrpf — tar, berStrgtber. 

HrWi . ». fl! arbara, ffiarbil (g-n). 

Barbi'rjab, I. adj. 1. d-off. barbartfi), btt> 
beriftbj % fig. barborifdj, m((b, rob, ok> 
meafdtffdH Q. #. 1. Geog. berSBar&ar, 9er< 
ben SL^r- berflorbar, Uamraf*. 

BirU'rian*, t.pt. 9rog. bit BartareSrtn. 

BaTbaVjc adj. btTfrarrfd), rob, milt. 

BaVbiriim, 1,1. Lit. bet fetTDCfitlBUl a. bit 

grobe Unmlffrn&eft, «., uid. b. i. f. SB. 
BarbSVjty, ». 1. SfcSterbom, SBilbbeit, fflob= 

beiti a. bit Unrnenfdjlfdjfrit, fubiiofr tStaa* 

famttitj 8. itt. (n.a.) btr Barb oriamnl. 
To BiiTsariK, o, L a. in bat jtefhmb btr 

Mebbrtt, UnadturDfrft(en( "• " ~ 


BSVbaiona, I. adj.i II. — ly. adn. 1. barba- 
rifo), »ilb, rob, ungebilbet i uitwiffcDb i S. un> 
menfatlto), graufamj 3» fproftwibrifl ) III. 
— new, 1. 1. bit JCSilbbtit in ben EStttens btr 
anflefrttrte9ufhuibi 2. bfeUnmtnfdjUajftitj 
3. bo* Btrjrofen wiber bit Steinbrit ber 

BSrTiary, j. 1. Geog. bit Barbani, SSerberti * 
2. (or— bane), 6a» SSertitrnj") -falcon, 
Orn. ber Sarborfalr. 

BSrltlte, BaVbated, (port.) adj. nit ffitbrT' 

Bafcn, birtig, btpgL Bet. — flowert, »o)ra> 

forniat ob. Sip penb lumen. 

larbe, i. vid. Barba, nnter Barb; to Are 

in—, .Wit ilbcr bit Sntfrwtbr, anflattbnta> 

bit etbiepfrtjarten fAieftn. 
To Bar'becte, o. a. 1. ein Sebntin (eintn 

Ddjftn, it. g«ij) bnttra (in tStftinbien unb 

SRorbamcrita) i 2. (auf^amaifa) J(affee(ouf 

tiner $Iattfonn) trotrntn- 
Bir'bedie, s. I. tin QtbrateitcS (gonjeS) Spaa< 

fcrfel, ( Da)S, it.), babtr a. tin Unblid)ee, 

fefrIid)(S3XabI(bef.inSmerifa)i S.anf(3o> 

maifa) eiac Xrt fHattfona iiun Xrotbitn 

(Bonncn) be* JtoffetS. [tig (aud) fior.). 
Bnr'bed, p. a; mit SBfberbaten eerfeben, b£r> 
Bii'bel, i. 1. Ich. bie fflorbt, vid. Barb; 3. 

(Obtr Barbell) Vet. vid. Barb* unt.Barb. 
BaVb?r, i. ber Sarbier) — '* cbafcr, bit 

Bdrmflofa)e,a-1Iaf[bti -'» pole, — * tign. 

b«6 ®a)iU tint* Barbfertj — eUrarsMa. 

or — inrgeoa, ber ©arbicr, btr {Ugltid) 

iSntibarit ift; — ■' viae*, Biibnjaufltn, f-fl- 

tnjt. B<b(u|TtI, tnaL fyattn. 

larnjorry, a. Bot-j. 1. bit atrbtrl(t, Serbifi^ 

bterej 2. (-tree), btr fflerbiJbeertnftroud) j 

vid. Pipperidge (-buib). 
Bar'bet, *. Mt«it6ttte: 1. Orn. bcrSSarr-- 

VDocIj 8. Zooi. btrOnrtbunb, jottfgt, Inna- 

tbdae Bafierbunb, $ubti. 
BarbLci, I. pi. Vet. old. Barb. nnt. Barb. 
Bfir'botinc, i. btr fBnrmfamt. 
BSrd, 1. 1. btr Sarbt (Weifttrfinatr ber 6ei= 

ten,u.)i a.«t berCid)ter r ednattj 8. bo.5 

banngcfAmttene Btuit Sped! inm epitfen. 
To BSrd, o. a. jnpfto, ttufmivid. To Beard. 
Bar'djc, Bar'dfah, adj. bartjifii, *9arbtn>. 

Bit'djam, *. baft fflarbtatbnm, bit 9Stifterfon, 

Bartoun, adi. ttnHItig; fdjmeifiCiq, ttigc. 

BSrtoijlpb, ,. Sarbotpb, SartboiF (5«-n). 
BanF-wool [-wot),* attsmBtODirttaSpBt (ber 

eble S&eil sain glirpc, i. e. Dbnt Jtopf- nnb 

Bare, I.adj. jll. — ly, adu. l.Bacrt(oatv.,'ie.H 

nnbebeiftt Mef, hbl, cbne i>aart, cjittt) 


«. tuHMfti Iter (ana) fig- o*ik «ti«it), 
Utrftig; 3. ungtftbmfictt, eiirfad), Wm««oS 
f a«Ms.)i 4. offen, ratbeA j 5. abaerragen, 
fabtufdjtmig, |rtjioMfl <u»* tarea*-); IU. 

«o«p. — fimtturfj". turfi). feoifiiSi —footed, 
jj. a. iaifuf 4 — gronnd, btr pUttte SobHtj 

-beaded, p. a. mit eirtbWftem $*uptt, mit 
Wopta- -ffnpft, unbebtdt) — legged, p. a. 
mit bbftu Bfiatn, barbeinigi aihipnnder 
- polo. *»■■ (in «*iff mit befdjlaaenra 
©tgtln} ~ pimp, (C.) Did. Bar-primp; 
-ribbed, fcagtr, bfar) IV. -ion, j. 1. bit 
Satft&dt, BWft j a. >it Kajtrfritj 3. tic 
EKtftigft it, Xrant*. 

Hire, *. Mr onbt grafete $ (at, bit Btbbt, btftc . 

To Bare, t>. a. gait, fab! nwdjtn, ratbUptn j 

Mrefleed, I. p. a.; U. - !j, ode. 1. mit bd» 
ft* OtfUbte, wtetriarott fig-*-; 2. «n« 
ocrp4Ht, offen, feci, tyftntlitbj 3. urtbtr. 
fttet; HL-dou, i.bftS)rrifrfgMt,gt(D): 
Sett, Uaoerfdjianitbeit. 

Bii^o [bir'-ito], *. Com. 1. btr $anbel, 
Sanf, JtMtRwMI, J*aHftertraoj (MM§e) 
Qfathnii X.bftfltttmfttob.BR(npte«(bt) 
3. iti fSarfan, "proffii (tfo) a-f tappl 
cSftiJ » losing , tin fcanoel (tine eo*«), 
MM mm irrttrrtj iitothc— , inbtaJtaat) 
oba Brrinj to stake (bny, or strike) a—, 
tinen Jtattf obtr$aabet fa)ICtftni to tell one 
■ good — , ffiintm 8t»o* n»$lfei( serf auf hi 
to adl one a -,fig. (Sincm tincn ^offen obr 
Sfrrid) fpitbn, iftn bttrnfltm to get (or to 
bore) a dud — , urn dure epotrpreis be> 
foramen; by—, »it ecrabrtbtr, eentraermd. 
pifl, tontrortiid)} — and sale, Laic, efn»er= 
fanfBcon tract, meldjtr lit ftbtraabt bti 8et> 
(aoftet nod) nidjt nit eiRfd)Iie»t) - maker, 
cot. btr SXaflrr, CmfaU 

ToBir'gajn, c-n. bonbtln (— ror,aratttnae), 
bebojiBtlBi titwt i>onbtl rtblitfra obtr mo> 
ajea, frilfibenj asb — ed for, rate oerabreBct. 

BirgijBH', i. btr JMnfer, bit Jtf vfcrfnn. 

flar , 6»loer, ». (opp. bargnJiiiS', bargainer'), 

bcrBerf anfenBe, Kerf dnfer, Bit Btrfditfertnn. 

Barge,!. «. l.bitBnrfc, MS Soot, iJlftbooti 
2. pat 8ei*tfd>iff, ber Slfbter j 8. bal enbber. ) 
lot) n. eomp. Areh-s. I. —couplet, btr (In I 
antn aitbcri Batten jurBerftdrfnng eingetaf- 
few) Smrtafftti 8.— coma, bltftberbft 
Otitbeibalrtn bjOMmflntbe ©aibjitadrtitej 
-bu, 1. btr Boattfiuibf, et)ifftri S. Btr 
•fjett»l«aStT tiKtr tBttfti -muter (or bor- 
ger),b«rG#lfftr) fi«pttiit(rt.eioetit6i5mtr) 

"-Tr"-**-*!*: " :J *~C — '" [eintrBtrfc. 

BiVfgi, * Com. rfwWoftttbifdjer Btftt. 

8 Bttro 

Darffla, *, 8ot-j. 1, Ba»eirfsrrMt ; X. bit fpfi. 
ni|D)t Cfebaj aveet-, bit (rfnflt Ylicont* 
Cuba. [rJniiiuao. 

BS^itone, Aft,j, I. adj. baritonifo>s II. j. rfrf. 
BOjtom&f,*. mi. berBnrittnift 

BSrjto'nO, f. Mu*. Btr 55 union, bebe Bap. 

Bark,*. 1. bicBorft,fflinbtj 2. bit Bartf* 
btr Stadjntj BitB*nfc( 3. btr Baft (tin 
eftfnbirdjtr 3rag etui GSribt u. Jtanttltaarnt 
gtfevtifit)! armed—, Mar. btr BrattT] 
Perailan— , orloMtlt— , bieObinnrinBcj In- 
dian — , inoenne — , bit ffitibraud>rinBt) 
-bared, -»tripped,aba,ctInbet,ab8cMiarn 
-bound, bidlrinBiflj —galled, an btrRintt 

To Bark, o. I. n. btltra, tUftl (mtt nt) t fie. 
i>cr[*rtitrt, fdjmibtn, Idftciiij li. a. (bit 
Otinbc) abfa)dlen, abrinbrn. 

BirTifr, t. I, btr Stlltr; 2. btr yelttrrr, 
edjrtitr, eojnajtn 3. brr Tbfcbditr (Btr 
BouBtrinBc). [ftcbtab. 

BitOcr> «$■ borfig, rinBig, tal Stinbt bt> 

BSr'lg)', i. Bat. Bfeffltrfttj pearl— , $trlts> 
grnuptni French — , (Sraupeti) winter- 
(aqnare or bear, bti ffinigtn autb big-) -, 
■d icTje i (igeSEB intrrg trft e ; spring-, ricrjriligt 
©oinmtigerflcj iprat— , injeijciligt ecm- 
mtrgtrfbi battlo-door — , fulhnm — . pnt- 
ney— (eon dinigro g!tid)fllU iprnt— gc« 
sotnt), ffleilgErfK, Bartgcrftr) siberinn-, 
RBtrifdje oBtr jiorijdligt natftt Oeritti — 
brake, btrCnrtrtanii —broth, bcrffl-nfaftf 
O-traal) — corn, bwV-Bhrn) BaS flcinftt 
tnaLeinaranioK'/jSctDi — mow,bicffl-i> 
ma(b) —water, btr ffl-nfrent, ffl-nffticim. 
Iana,«. Bit $tftn, Bdrmt (furffiitr u. Btcb). 

BaVmy, adj. $itfCTi tnttjalttnb, beflfl. 

lira, I. <. l. Mt 6d)tttnr, e^rutri 9. btr arpft 
Jtaqifrai II. com?.— floor, bit (04ntB>) 
Xtntttt Orn-s. —owl, tic 6d)Ititrta!e( 
— swallow, BieKandjfibioalbc. 

Bar'nacle.t. Conch. bit6ntmmtlfd)C(t —bird, 
■ goose, Orn. bit (fibrttifdjt) Banmganl. 

BSr'uBcles, t.pt. Par. Bi(»ranfc,¥rrmfc,Pcr 
KaftntntbtL [glat. 

Barbm'eter, s. Fliy. bo) Barometer, IBrtttr- 

Bargmlt'rle (— eal, adj. — cally, arfn.), a-lj. 

BaVoa,*. btr Baron, Srtiberri I-aw-i. —of 
the exchequer, tin Stid)ter fm Bo>a(fam- 
mergeciibt) lord chief—, btr &berria)tcr, 
$>rfflbtat Borini cariHor — , Mr antttftt 
Beifiber bitfefi (Serkbts, ber bit Boabeantf 
tm,eb t rf1P/''- Mrthd b i a t J — andfetMne, 
OTann n. 'grau (boo Obcpaar aU tine tnwaff' 
f#t¥erfon bttr(i*ttt)J a - of baef. Bate*. 




Bie |»d nngetb>ttten SentrafUtctc (*!rloim)l 

tiaet Exbfen. 
BaVonoge, i. 1. bit Barone n. 9>air* (alt 

■SWr»tr)j 3. UttBaxoainititi 3. toft 3)a= 

tonic, $rtitcrrf4aftj 4. Bie?(rei&errnfteiifr. 
B&rVeu, «. bie 35 a ron eft, greifrau. 
BtVone t, t. btr fBatonct- 
BSi J fln f t»i;e, BirVetcy, I. 1. Me SBiirbe (t> 

n» SatontUf 2 bet nlebere Xbel, bit 6tit> 
rerf*aft. [beiiii*. 

Baro'ni&l, adj- tintnfflaren w. berreffenB, f«i» 

BSrVy,*. biejjrefberrfdjafti Saronoreiirbe. 

Baroque* [-Ok], adj. k ode. 1. fitfef, f djief = 
tnnb (con ^trkii)} 2. jig. Itcbetlia), auf< 
foUcnbi fonBerbar j S, Mu. unrtgehnlU 
pig, barot. 

BiPgicOpc, Phy- ft CTum. bol SlaroScop 

Birr. *. & v. vid. Bar. 

BaVracau, *. Com. berfiJerfan, fflarfan, S)a» 
rafanj —maker, bet SJertanmeber. 
. BSr'rack, t, Wii-j. 1. bieffinrrare, grtb^uttei 
2. bit Oafcrne (and) p!- barracka), Crbonanj' 
Sdufctj — hoiL BaSgelBbettei —matter, ber 
<J a feinenfnf perron — matter gt 
ffrat raiauartiermrifrf t. 

BaVrtge, j Com. bit Starrest. 

BtVru, ». 1, a™, roijee gitttenbarj, 
beffen beflere ©orte Galipot genannr wire, 
go.; 2, Me ^Jacflcinroaitb. 

BXrYator, *, 1. bet 3<brer, |>jnbe[mad>et, 
iftcdjtsoerbre^er (ttt Tfnbere jure $tticef' 
ftrenreijiH 2. f?om. Laic, bet Capitdn, ic 
Dec Slarattrft btgebt. 

BSr'r^trom , I. adj. bet Saratrit fdjalbifji 
II. — iy, orfv. aaaJXttBetlBatarrie. 

brebungj Qbfconej Lau>, bag tmrtBliajt (bt> 
ftubfcbe, ic) Serfabrtn in 9)roct>facben j 
2. Com. Lavs, Bit ffiaratric, Saratttrit, Set* 
antreuung, btr Uirterfdjleif (Bon ©eiten bee 
Buffets [Capiton*] oB. beS esdjiffsbolres). 

BSr'ricuei, a. pi. Mir. tltilu SBan"ertoanen. 

Bir'rei, *. 1. bat Saf i bit Sonne (ana) tin Wa p 
u. <St»id)t non btifa>. <Srilt)( T-t. % b 
getergetjJuff ob. bie Srommcl einer Xaftbi 
nbn 3. bet JTufttn einer Ztommtlj 4. t 
tanf dnet rjlinte, ic, Gun. bie Stele; 5. bit 
$oiit, bef. itfecA. bet OnlinBet,61eS8aIit,bti 
Kliefdi -uf« jack, 'Me etritfwelje an tinea 
Staten roenbtt j — o the ear, Anal. MeB&r> 
trommel) Mars. — of the capeUn, MeS8eHe 
Mt ffianafpiUS i - of the wheel, bie 3BtUej 
ejrtStenerrabe*} -chain, Hbr.bieJtettciit 
bet Ubrt - maker, bet gapbinber, JWfer, 
JKfnttj —organ, etae Dre&DrfleL 

BaVrala, #. pi. Com. Btoffagt, gaffer (furl 

rrothae SBnarttfl} MU-i. flee -, genttfa'f. 
fet ; thundering — , Donnerfifftr, Sraab' 
f*ff(T(anf »tanbent)( -of earth, OAflfltl 
(all Stitftraebr bienenb). 
To RSr'rel (- up), v. a. in einSaf ffiHen, ein. 
[eg en, eintunnen. 

Barren, L adj. II. — Ij, adv. 1. gtlt (MB 
SMeren); 2. gen. unfrndjtbati 3. biivre, 
trorfein 4. ami, burfrig j 5. abgefajmacft, al> 
berni 111. Barren, #. bit Aaitie | IT. contp. 
—money, e:n toattt Eopilalj — prliet, Bet. 
bi(4ou6Burn -»pirited,geiflloe( —wort. 
Hot, bie»ifdjo(*mfit)e} V.-dsm, t. 1. bie 
Unftacbtbatteit (btrXI)[ne)i 2. bie»fitre 
(bteQobcnOi a.betSKangelaitSebentirjtg, 
an ©i-fintunaefrafti 3KangeI an SRattrie* 
bit (Seifresleere. 

BfcTJdUie', Birr|cB'dO, i. 1 . bit 8(rfptmina, 
Berrainmunfl,»trfn>iin}una; 2. betBajlag- 
bauuij 3. Afar, bie SSibanjrerflcibung) 
4. Jig. bat ^inbetnip i barricade of tree*, 
bet aSttban. 

To Birrlclde', To BSrrjcsMo, v. a. 1. fter- 
rommen, Dfffpettcn, strfdjanjttti 2. fig. 
Oeinmen, abijaltcnj to — a ibip, Afar, bie 
jinfenettcn nnb eiianjrttibet urn bal Sftiff 

Barrier [barEr', Pope], t. ttf. Fort. 1. bie 

Ke rfdtonjung , ffleftfrijungj bsi fflarteri 
bie «anb»ebr, eormanerj (— town) bie 
Orenjfcflung i 2. bet 6cgtagbaum, Otenj' 
fttinj fig-i. 3.bitQren)tj 4. betOintjalt, 
baS ^tnbevni,. 

B"ii J rjer(, i. pi. bit Sdjrdnren, Saiifjdjranhn j 
<Bttn|tn, etateten, edjanjpfdhle. 

Bnr'rjag, p. pr. bon To Bar; — miabke*, 
3rrtbiimer attogtnommen. 

BaHrjiter, ». Bee 9triajt6=abtMai, Snionli- 

BSr'rijw, 1. 1. (hand— >, bieXragt, (3Ulfl>) 

flcfdjnitttntSdjroeini £ngl.auo>BaSBn>rotin 
(Gbetb.)i Am. (anefdjL) bos gtf4aitttnt 
Sdjvueini — greue , bag Cdjmttatfett, 
Sajmtetj — hog, beraefd)nitteneSber,VoIf. 

BftVrOw;, s. pi. Salt-it. lueterbutFirmigt »*i- 
bentdrbe jura Xroctnen bee BoljeS. 

B£rie,i. kh. in Surfdj, vid. Perch. 

Bart, nMr. fur : Baronet, vid. B. abbr. 

To Barter, v. t. n. Xauf*6anbtl trelbra, ba- 
rattircn, trofircn; n. a. vertanf^en, oet- 
necbfeln (JVarten imSplelt)) to — amy, 
fig- betgenben (feint 3eit, it.). 

B5i't«r. *■ 1. bet Xanfo)banbtI, (Sfltatbanbel, 

Umfat, SBnnrenoertrieb) S. inm. bit ter> 

tftufnjtt Bncbe. [8ertan[a>er. 

'BirVer. «. 1. Btr XatrfjtbdWtr i % bet 


Birth,!. H*s. Bet 
fit juagts Ste$- 

Bar'tpa, i, 1. bit ^trrrngilrer, carcbe rtfen ei- 
Mffetenss a. tool $errtnSau*j Wtbtnge* 
binM; 3. (jun.) btr SBiribjtbaftebef, ^u&= 

Mttb,Of. [iBUTJ. 

Kir'uvu, j. Ooi. btr US t rtrom, bit Spciebet. 
BirViyf, flirty, cid. bar-ways, unt Bar. 
BaVvjg, f. bit »t rrficft j oid. Periwig. 

Baif t», Barjte', Barj'tei, *. .Win. bit BdjnW 

tru, 3ranblagt bt» €S4»trfpiitb>. 

BSr'ytOue, 4. 1. Gram, baS Bern tenon j 3. 
Muj. rid. b. t. Baritone. 

BS'mJ. a*'. Chem. baRfd). 

Bualt'. '■ Seal 1. berSlafalti uid. 
2. (— Wedgwood), tin fdjioarjrt, benesiurtn 
wiberftr^enbeS raglifdjt* ©ttingnt. 

Binftet, *. Gtol. btr Sofalt, eaulenfttin. 

Bajtfl'tjc. adj. bafaltifib, one (bud) SSafalf. 

BuSf tjfonn, adj. bafallf6rmig, fdnlcnfflrmtfi. 

Baiil'tjae, »■ 1- Geoi. btr Safattin 4 2. bit 

Bif'anlte, Bari'noi, j. Mn . btr yroMrftcfn. 

Bine, adj. 1, nitBrlg (jSf;.), fdjinMidj, gemtin, 
rUiaUn),Btrad)tlid)i 3. gtring, gtringbaltig, 
fdjlrdjt, until; falfd) (DDnERunjt)) unebel 
(sen SKrtanen) j 3. imt&tHci j 4. (vomXont) 
tit fi —born, 1. une&elid), illeoitiraj 2. me. 
brig gebcren, ttnaBelig} 3. fd)ltdji, gemtin 
(ton Btngtn} ( —broom, vid. Dye r'l- broom; 
- Mart, 1. btrBiebicfj 2. basUntergeridjt; 
— ettate, 1. Lav:. baS gcmrine, nttbrtgt j>tr> 
fnmrnen; 2. baS 93antrguti — koot-graai, 
Bat. ber XBtgtttitt, Jtnoratgj the-part, 
Mui. btr 5Sa$i riii.Bui; —ring and ogee. 
Gun. bus $inttrfrite an eintr Jtanont) 
-rocket, Bot. bit nilbt gtlbf Befcba 
mre, Da*5Janer[e&tn{tt)fe— eMate)} —tree, 
Bot. btr CfiriSflet, Sntiftte. 

Bbe,*. 1. Ut.tfig. bit !8i»fii, ber Srnnb- 
a. iwrBobraj 3. ber Sit*, bae %uf gtfttfl, 
^eftanrnt) btr ©auIenftuWj (--of a bed}, 
ber rjnf froaj (tint* Bttttl)) 4. Gun. Bat 
ffitfdjfit nom Itidjttfttn Jtnlibtr; 5. Chem. 
bit Safe; 6. Afuf.btrSaf) (-string), bit 
Safcfaitt; T. /en. btrSarfd)) 8. btr Oct (bit 
Sam), eon mo aut bat SBertlaufen f Sanjni' 
bmfeen, ;t) begfnnt. [grfinbtn, baftrtit. 

To BIsc, v. a. 1. n>. fi. ffir Embaie ; 2. mod. 

Blaeleei, adj. HI. kfie- gtnnBloe. 

Biielj, adv. 1. nitbrtg,ttitStrtrad)t(0,fd)dnb« 

Udji 2. fdjleibt, uncdjti gtringtjaltig 0>on 
■DtctnBra) j falf* (».!Mnjtn)i 3. (■ " 


Bue'nent, *. ^rch. dot forttilllFtnbe Sen's, 

Drt Dbtr aStrfdjlagljBi'aen (Bi'aaa), ». bal aefarbtt edjaffcHi 
braimc edjaflebtr (pit Smboinbrr, ic), 
«/. Buil. 

Bbe'Deaa, ». 1. bit Kiebrigtrit brt ©tenbtt, 
btr<Stbnrti un^tlirtjtSeburti 2. bttttio 
btmddjtigftit, edjUdftbtit, u.1 3. bit <&t» 
ring^alrigftit (con SRctaOta, ic.)> 4. bit 
Zftft (bte Xoats). 

BSie'nel, t. vid. Bauinet. 

Btaht*'. ttn., W., *«.] *■ 1. ber «affa 
(r.Vard)a)] 2.>g. btr Soreim. 

Ba»h'fdl, I. adj. ; U. -\j, adv. 1. fsjant^oft, 
oerfdjimt* 2. bUbt, fdjiidjtmn 3. ©4am 
crregenb) 111. —new, t, 1. bit Gd)amb I (tFrig> 

fef t j 2. bit Sliblgfrit, Stbfidjmnbtit, Str> 

Bi,'il, 1. 1. G«og. ffidftt, (vid. Baate); 2. »a> 
tilius (!K-n.)i 3. bos gtgtrbtt ed>afTtH, 
f>U b. b. Buen)* 4. T. (Join. Ac) bte 

Ctbragt, CMjrt, (Seining) bae Bdjraflinaf ( 

ber (Weft) (Binfcl (tint* mttiftU, fyobth 

rifene, M.)f Bot-*. 5. bal Bafilftiirraut, 

ffiaplfrani (and) ■west— ); American field—, 

bit fDtDnnrbt* atone — , btr X&jamiani 

-weed, bet ffiirttlbofttn. 
ToBIfll.v.a. 7*.(ed}neibemerr|enge)fd)rdgt, 

fd)itfn>fnrclig jufajlciftn, obfdjrdgtn. 
BBfUW i. Mat. bit Safilica, mittiert Vber, 

jiattptabtr ttt Vrml. 
Uii'jirc, Bajll'jcal, «<&'. Aflat, bafllifd), pr 

Safilica gtiorig. 
BaiWicoD, «. JVmrm. bit Jt onigefatbt. 
BVilfak, I. #. 1. (aud) Cockatrice), btr (tt- 

bid>tttt) Safilicf, Jtoniglbratbt) 2, Zool. 

bit (oflinb.) Jtiniaetibti&ft j 3. nad) b. Cyc. 

tin neutrte 48p[unbi8t* ©cfd>ii$j n. adj. 

bafiiurenartigi --glance, Jig. btrSafilU' 


Ba'i|n, j. 1. bot ffletftn, bet CBalftrbtbdlttr, 
bitSdjate) 2.bitSBagfdja[ej s.bieSdjleif. 
f*«l£ (berStaefdjIeiftDi 4. hat. bus 6tri-- 
fcrbltdj, gtljblcdj ; 5. bit (Bnlbe, Jtalfarubt 4 
6. ber Aflfel (ba* iBttttn) tineeepringbrmn 
nenSi btr Urine Sti*) T. bit fBudjr (vid. 
unienli /tfar-«. — of a dock, bitAnmnt bti 
tintriDorft) —of a port, btr SJtnntn&afeni 
bie (SBaffer.) Cotft, D. ebnt glutbf^rtn, 
bd« Saffinj —of the kidnej, Jnat baSStit-- 
rtnbed*en) aalebytbe— , Com. bic offertt- 
lidje Auction jn Ifntfttrbam (nebci ber 3n> 
fdjlag anf cincm Srcttn gtfdXtWi — »Und, 
betaBafd>ftanb, «Bafdjtffa), bie 8Bafd)«m- 

Ba'njned, adj. wit intlnSecrcn gefaft. [ntabc. 

Ba'*jt, i. bie Balls, Ontnblage, berOrnnb) 
efinlrafrnt)!, baa gufgtfttltt bft ®ntnb> 

tttfnjboben, bleUnftrlagti bae fiSonrttro.t«.U fnait, bolgunbamentj (wid.Baietna.B-n.) 

o, Google 


. ToM'tjn, v.a. »i»rf. grflnben, bnf»rcn. 
To BSak, ti. L a. fbnnctt, f ommmt f 11. n. (aurt) 
fig.) fla) foimcn, firf) mannen. 
BaVket, '■ 1. ««"■ btr Jtorb j a. bcr ■SorbDoB, 
cut (nnbsftfnrmteo) 3Jta| (M- bei gruajten) i 
Afii.6cc®*aiti(crbi 4.(-blltj, b«(eSa. 
bcl«) Jtorb, ubtrffoajtent ©riff ob. Bugel 
Bdbcl, IC.i back—, nid. in Back; — I 
Zool. ba5 ffietnifta&aupt ; — maker, 
Jtorbmmbcr; —maker'* looie work, buro> 
brodjenc Jt-maibttTwarei — toan, btr Kofl= 
trdgtri - ult, bat Xaftlfal} (ftfnfte unb 
nwifefre ntalifibt Calj)) - woman, 1, bit 
jt-rnadjrriniH 8. bit fikftttdgcrtm- 

To Basic t, v. a. in (LntP Jtort tbnn. [bai. 

U*Yk[oc-*gftrk, i. Jch. bcr ffiitfenbri, $fercc 

HS'.le, Bale, j. Seog. (bit ©tab!) Qafct, 

listen, «. rn'd. b. b. Baain. 

BKaqnc [blak], i. la Stilt, Bibbtyev- 

iiu'qajih [- -kjih], a*", besftf*, biofaai,*. 

Uu-rfUef, «. uW. Baai-relief unt Bui. 

Haw, I. I. 1. M. bcr aRMTWDlfi (Cumb.), til 
glitSbnt'Si (Hamp.), eia&cbatii Am. (in 
bffi itortl. etaaten) bet fleaugte SBarfi j 2. 
BoCbitMnbt; 8. berBoftt (-mat), bio 
Saftmiitte, ettob. obcreinfenbterti 4. Wui. 
bcr £afj —of an organ, bat eitiarnmi 
(bitfflnjfltnwKn) einer Crael ; n. adj. Afu«. 
tJcf j HI. cornp. —relief, 5cuip. bat Betec-- 
Iicf,fcalbbccbbilB; bit balbafcabmc ^bd(; 
-rope, bosBaftfdlj -viol, bie £Ba£g.tiat, 
Xltgeige, Brotftjts -wood, bie Hnbe (nid, 
often H bnt Sinbenbela. 

To Bau, u. I. a. tkf (fm B«f) tenen laffen 
D. n. rief (liTtgen, brummen. 

BtVii, j. bcr Baffdj aid. Ba.naw. 

BaVeet, t. Gam. bnl fflaffrt (*fpitl). 

Tn BS»'»(!t, b.d. Min. anfttifltn (con Jtobltn- 
ftf(en). [Sifit. 

BtuineY, i. tin leiijttr 4>elnt, gem. obite 

BbVaock, t. bit (Baft.) !K«ttc (wit Bau>). 

BnVlo-reHVTD, I. vid. Ban-relief iml. Bi 

BtaaOOn', BkVapo, *. Mot. btr Baffin, ta6 

Btuos'niit, *. Mm. bcr SefiWifr [Sagof . 
Bait, i, 1. bcr Bafti a. bat BafrftU. 
Bfa'ti, I. *. Gam. (from. Jtnrte): ^HaiiC' 

Dame, (beutfojeJiarte): «run«Ebtr (and) 

Baito); bitSaftti II. inf. Mus. genua, t bait! 
Hla'tard. I. j. I. terBaftaro, bee unebdinjt 
Jttabi i.fig. Cfi&crt). Jebt untcbrt ob. nnter* 
gefojobtne eo*t btjt [a) ncnb)j 8. Afnr-j. n ; 
tine SaUert eon gcnibnl. ®tift n. nit brti> 
ttnt^fntertbtilt) 6) bal grojie Segel eiaer 
Oolctn, btfen Gtcbrttaft nnr nntig ffiinb 
rrfotbtrt; H. adj.; lll.-Iy, adv. l.tm- 
ebdi*j a. uiitajt, fttlfdj, wrfatfo)^ 8. Gun. 

( Bat* 

con unaev£bnU«)eni Jtaltbtrj IV. eomp. - 
ciiild.btrBoflacb; But-i.-aiiUny,Mmi&t 
Ciptamj— beiiBbcre,bicna<tfS!itnt)(itc-nrji 

— onta, btr tattbc {>affr, SBilb- Ob. SSinbba^ 
ftri — paraley, bcr JtlettenTtrbelj — riba, 
Anat. bicrarjenob. fatfcStnfflippcn} Bat-*. 

— taflron, btr Safflor i — lenna, bcr Itffilfdjc 

SeneSbaum, Biafenbaan, wdlfdjc Sinfcn^ 

— stu ceo, Aim. JtalEmorCel mil f rfnem Ganbc 
oerfetH -title, Typ. btc Bajmaititrl. 

I'o Baa'tard, o. o. btr uncbtUd)tn fficbnrt 
ubcrfubrtnj jum Baftarb madjen i *". neanai. 

DSi'taj-dfiin, j. btr Suflanb, bit Sage tincB »u- 

To BSa'tardlie, n. a. 1. bcr uncbetid)tB <9e* 
burt, SntarrungubcrMbrtni 2. ciaen Bo> 
ftarbienacn] S. Jig. perfSIfdjen, oerbcrben. 

itlt'tardy, s. bic itncbdicbc ©court- 

Baa'taa, t. pi. vid. llaffetai. 

To Biate, o. reg. £ fr. I. a. 1. pruaeln, ouS. 
prugeln ; 3. <Einen Strattn mi t %i 1 1, «.) Jt« 
gfclcn; II. n. Tnii. oerlorcn geFttn, onfdjio. 
gen, ju flptbai fdjlagcn. 

Blate, *. Mr Baft, vid.BUL 

Bl'aten, I. adj. fiafttnj II. baiten, or baited, 
To Baate. 

Bl'itor, 4. bafltlbt, ait Baatlng-ladle. 

BSa'timent, Baatjmcn'tu, 1. Fort, btr BJaB, 

cBaQgang, bie BrufrWtbr. 
DJCatinfde^ BSit| n S'dD, i. J. bie Baftonabc; 

2. ubcrb. boi prugeln, bic ^rfigrt, etott* 

ToBaatiaide', To Biatf Bft'dD , v.a. 1. lit 

Baftonabt gtben; 2. prugtln, abprigtln, 


Bii'atidg, p. o. To Bute) -ladle, berBra* 
Unlfiffet, bit 6o)6pffc[[c. [fflottwerr. 

Sii'tioo f-tihgn], t. Fort, biefflaftri, baS 
BSVtO, t. Gam. 1. bill Srtlf'Xt i« ber Una- 
brinti 2. vid. BaaU. 

Baa'ton,Baatoon', ». 1. btr Jhtfittcl, ^Irfigel, 
vid. Batoon ; 3. Arch. vid. Batoon. 

liat,«. i. 7*o!.bitgUbtrmau(j a.A'tim. on 
Baotnt 3.bcr$ragtl, bftJttnltj 4. Com. 
bat fflattetj 5. Min. bcr btominift e*itfer- 
ttjon j 6. (a6br. o. Bartholomew) Bartt)cl 
(3R-n)j cwnj). brick-, tin etud Don ttntm 
Sitgelfrcine, - fowling. Sport lit goftel. 
|agbj -lonae, Eu(. bie gtmeinegltbeonant. 
fflege* - bone., etiirpftrbe, artiutric 
pftrbtj —men, Bt&tttudftt i — winfli., 
■d«o(. bit brtiren 3Jtetterbonbtr. 

Bi'table, adj. fireirig. 

BaU'ta., /. Hot. bit Borate, \iU Jtirfofttl. 

BaU'loe, I. vid. PoUtoe. 

B«a'»lf, 1. 1. Gtog. Batncioj ». Com, «o> 



uoia, (toAO fetbtstt An moBna 0eug 
(wd BataDia oaf Stfwi). [tflwr. 

BvtfclM, I. **". bacat-ifdjj II. i. bet 0a* 

Mirb, j-bosfflebdcfs btre4nt«lrab,u.)i 
•/tie ««■*■-, jig. wn btjnfeibcB Siblagc. 

Bite, i. 1. A'um. btr SeSen (ni'd. Bab) 
«. bat Sottfe bt» *elie#, bie ^cljfafern 
a Bake— , tin Ktt^vicgkr, Unnioftiflcr. 

To Bile, (tnrf.t. li. To Abate) v. I. a. 1. ab 
btedKH, wrofnbtirnj nadilaffen; a. atoned 
ntee, abfeineebeni II. n. I, abnebnun, fid) 
wrarinbtnii 2. anfewas ftofen (btf. Don 
Sonboiseln), btijnti 8. einfebrcn, tc, nut. 
To Bait, n. 

BiiVfal, adj. fdnfifd). 

riaWleu, adj. uituntmotrflift, unbtjirinabiir. 

Bate'men', *. bcr Xbbrnd), bit 8er mince rung 
On $anbn>trrtrn , j. f». bet Xifdjftrn Ur 
'■ttfcbnitt, ic, fibr. aid. b. fi. Abatement). 

Bit A, i. (pi. bSihi), 1. Oaifflabi (ait* Cftem.) 
a. btr Drt in btrBabtftufct, ao man fdjroitf ; 
3. Geog. Bath (Stabr inftjtglanB'H knight 
of the-, etitttr bet ffi<ttb>£rben6 ■; dry- 
(in twrtat* Bab) hot—, bit Sibling 
foot-, dne fcbubFGrraigt Babtraonne) - 
bark. Bat ber breiblutbiflt ebinabcum; 

— brnuem, eaajCifdjt Jtontn, ©pieeni 
costing, akt Xtt tBoj. fcuffe!) — fly , 
foanipftt glttgti — metal, bet Xonrtwct, 6a6 

To Batae, u. I. a. 1. Babtn) (to 
■elf, Rd)) btbntj S. bdtyn; 8. mafrtjtn, 
au«Bafo>rai n. «. fra BJaffer. sis in rinttn 
Sabt ftinj tin Bab aebtandjta.) to — in 
tean , Jig. in Kb tdnen fdjmimmcn. 
Iis'ther, i. BtrBabtnBe; Bobegoft 
HfthlBg.p.j.Aa. camp, bob MhAtif Babe; 

— lodge, ba*B-b>«U — place, Ber 8-plafcj 
(-room), MeB-ftBBt) -aenaoa, bit B-jtit, 

— tub, MtB-reannt. 
Ba'tnHi, >. 1. Pott, bit Sltft j S. Lit. 

b«$ JTitbriat in btt esdjmbart, opp, P« 
Bating, I. p. j. bit Cenninbcningj 

To Bat«; n. prep, anostnonuntn, abac 


BS'ti*. «. Bof. btr 'JJlMrfenfttl. [uailb. 

BaMif , BatTite', i. ber Batift, bit E&otrfUein. 
Bif let, f. btr »Iduel, ftMdjbldntL 
Batfean, *■ Cam. cfit ©cmiibt in btr Stbontt 

hsi'iwu. Bit/on, i. l. ber Commanboftab, 

OTarftballftab ) S. Btr Jtttutltl, ^rQgclj 3. 

Hn-.bnCtab) 4. -4refc.btr»>fttSl fftetn. 
Bifrtcblte, f. Min. bcr Battadjft, Jtrutnt: 
B(trS'c)en, adj. Zool. JB bra SatriKbieTn, 

ttngrofftgrfdjltrfjit gcbSttg. 

Balfi'cjiaf, «.pi. ^oj. bu»air44itr,8rofo). 
BSt't», >. (inl .) Afii. 6e(fi btr tnaiifdjra Xbb> 
jpeain&ibiatj dry-, Oclb p.tcrfflttii>n( 
extra-, gtlbjuloflc} bill -, btr 3ufd>u| btr 
ofonb. Qompapic an itjrj: Sreppcn ; balf— , 
WtWbfoIbj wet-, btreoft iBfioturi. 
B.tts'ij., i. Mil. ]. bie ea)liia>tor»awai 
3. bat {uupttrtfltn (iKitttltrrfftn) cia'et 

BattlKioo, t. MIL to* Sataiaon. [ JCrinct. 

BattSl'jQncd, adj. in Batnilietirn fbrmirt. 

To Bif ten, v. I. a. mdftnij tiingcn, <tanb) 
b(ftna)ten) II. n. 1. fid) maflcn, wtcbct crfcc- 
i«4 a. fi* Bdlien (nit tin *>*iutin 1st 
Jtotie)) 3./i«.iinabtrfiuftItbtn. 

BSi'ten, i. Carp. b«f ai*tf*cii, groft Sinea! 
bifttj Wears, bic Eabt (an jScbftublc)) 
—door, bit cciftcatbur (app. tnocl-doar)) 
— end*, tanntnc Satfcn bi£ rait 8 guf Sajiae. 

Blftenf, r. pi. Mar. bit etcfffljalen btt 
Staatn u. Sffiaften) -of the Wchea. bir 

ToBSt'ttr, d. I. a. 1. fd)[aacn, (Umpfai 
a. soli (Beultn madjen (tin metaflca^ Of 
fi( } S. ttrWagtn, itrtrummern, jcrfdMnct. 
Km; 4. ftarf bc[*itfim, btfiumcBj II. n. 
Mas. tibcrbaagen, Dorfpringo. 

Bat'ter, f. 1. {Cook.) btr gtftblagcnt Xd« 
(Don -SSebl, Sitrn anb<9ti[d) in Jtioflcn, m.)j 
ber Crinfiblag, bat SUtftrci) & Print, bcr Be- 
fed (=B«d)(tabe)i S. Medi. uid. BnlUai- 

Jtiif tered, p. a. gtfd>ujgeR, ic.j bcfd>ibigrl Jig. 
abgertutt, muebe, nusgtbicat, ouagemcrgtlt. 

BJinertr, ». ber €!d|!dger, Settrfimmtccr. 

iSSt'tfrjng, p.*. mrf. Tu Batter; — nrtlUory, 
— piecei, bof B(lagcrnttg£gerd)Ub} —train, 
ber Btuefjug i — ram, bcr StutmboB*. 

BKflery, i. 1. baS Scblagcnj bie 6d)[agcrtii 
JWi'l-r. 11. baS Befdjicjtn, fitfrurmeni B. baS 
SelagtmngegcfdjubJ 4. bicSBattenc, 6turf= 
btttungt fi. Jig. b(cBatttrit) 6. JTiy.bie 
clectrifd)e Batteries 7. Law. bic tbdllidjc 
mfifitanblunfl ; 8. Hat. bit Btolffammcr, 
aBal!fld«ej 9. Rm. ba« (gcfdjlagcnc) QXcf- 
ftng> obcr Aasftrgcfdjirr. 

BSKtj>b, adj. flcbermausartig. 

KSt'tjng. i. l.bas ScbiagbauTpfcIcn i a.taeBf 
fdgldge) —machine, Mich. Bie GAjlag- t/b 
Jtlopfmafdjinc (turn Vuflaetcrn u. Ciubttn 
bcrSaumnoirOj -utalT, bcr SBafdjbldue!. 

BSi'tle, t. Mil. l.bic0d)lad)t,taeXrefftni 
S. bie ^ccrtSnbtbeiluna i — nrray (ct. order 
of—), bit CAlQibtortniingi — nxe, tit 
et«iw«, ^tDtbarbei —door (—dot*). 


1. bat Btadfrt i % bit etftutfefi 3. Me e*ft*. Biwd-kjo, f. bet Giotb* eb. ettberbrocat ) reft 

fd)tibe ( 4.bie»3ttIerttjbatBarbenbretj6.bit 
I-b-otafet) — d. barley, vid. nnt Barley: 

— d.-ebaped, Hot, fpattlfoTOliai —holders, 
bit Becunbonten bei rintat ^anptfaufttampfe ■; 

— royal, 1. Fug. tint flroflt (aflgemetnt) 
Bijldgcrel* 2. .Sport, tin Jtampf anter 
mtbrtren $ibneR. 

To Battle, v. n. 1. dne S^Iodjt ob. tin *ref. 

ftn Utfern, 14 fdjragen J 2. fig- WHfl Ptri- 

ten (—for, um). [matter. 

BHt'tted.p.a.nefeftlBtj -wall, tit gtfrnngt' 
Blrtltment, j. Af,i. bit OTouer mil Sinnen 

Battlemented, p. a. mit 3innen otrft&tn. 
Birtljag. ». bat $anogemeng, Xrefftn, Sti 

ToBattOI'oglze.o.a. (». 0.) nnnfi(tr SBeiff 

boflelot mieberbolen. 
Battol'ogy, *. Cram. (a. u.) bit unnflje Wit- 

btrbolung, bat Iter* ®tfi)»a(, bit tffiod= 

Blfton, filftoon, «. turf. Batoon. 

BlttrJI, *. vid. Ballet. [glebermattS.. 

Barry, adj. |it tfner gltbennanf ge^rigi 

Bltz, t. Num. bet SJofctu. 

BAnW, i. tnd. Bawble. 

Bii/bul. ». gam—, baft ©BBimifiUtr. 

Bind. ». vid. Bawd. 

Bindt/k]n, Baod'k|n, i. old. Bawdkia. 

Btuge, *. Com. Set Saltan, tine Zvt ©rcgnet 

(grober KBoSrajtag in iBurgnnb). 
To Baulk [bik], vid. To Balk. 
Baulk, [baka], j.pl. Mar. Splerta ob.84nmt 

in tHaaen, Bfengen, \t. 
Baalm [bam], Baum, t, oid. Balm. 
To Banlter, w. n. traaftln, friflrtn. 

BAo'ajn, i. t>rd. Baw.m. 

BavU'rf*, t. Geog. anient, [bit Saitrinn. 

BavfiVjan, I. adj. Imierifflj ,- II. j. ber SBoitr 
Bt'voa, j. bat <2tiftrla't4tn, ffiiffdjen. 
BSV[n, i. batflteit, Btflct ffirlf&oljj ffltit- 

bunbj b-o, pi. i. Mil. gafdjinenj 2. Afar. 

bit ertnnbfin&tl tint! Srnnbtte. 
B*w-, romp. — bones, — men, vid. Bat- 

borses, *rc 
BaVble, ,. tat epidntrt, bit JHeittiahlr, 

Bapptrti, bit nldjttmfitbfat Saibe ob. $tr- 

fonj a Cool'*—, bit Katren^appe. 
BAwd, *. i. btr Jhippitt, (a.mif)nlto)n) bit 

JTopplmnnf 2,s P ort. ein3Cniraf,n>tnHber 

*«(* aufTpringt 

To BAwd, o. «. fnppeln, bra Jtuppler motbtn. 
BaVdfljr, fl rfu. nnflateia, Unrfitttg. 

mit ©olb u. Bilber bartbiMbte Beibtnftoff. 
BawMrjek. 1. trtd. Baldrict; 2. bit ftienn 
(am ©loftenf 16pfel). 

Hiw'dry, i. 1. bit JtuppeWj 2. bie llnjttdjt, 
Unftatb.ietcit, 3«tentetfetef f 3oten. 
BiVdy, I. ad;', nnflotbia, anifiibtia. fajamlM, 
ftmugtaj ii. .f. bit 3ottn. 
BAwk, j. Ang. tin Jtaoten fn btr TtngtL 
To Bawl, t\ I. n. fdjctltn, rteifd)ta (vot 
ed>mtr;ob.$trabe)i p[antn(mitJtisbet)) 
II. a. fiffentltd) auernfea. 
Bawtjng, p. i. 1. bat @d)rcitn, Otfibrctl 
2. Sport, bat StUtn btt ^uobt, tbt Re We 
Spur finbf n. 

BiVrjl, i. On. bet gafanb>bfa)L 
BaVajo,*. l.ber©ad)tj 2. tri.d. b. f. ». 
BAw'ioa, t. tin bicttr nnbtbulflidjet (and) ein 
litminbet) SKtufdj. 
toy, t. 1. bit Sap, »uijt, bet Heine £Ketr< 
bnfenj 2. ber edjut an einem TOlbHeidjt, 
bitedjItnft.beraMbltnbammi btr(®djnt>) 
Danun, bat Sdju^atfcn 3. Afar, toe StSnf. 
ftttacf^iebaitj 4. bit Sanfe (tintr Sdjeu. 
nOi &■ bie Suitt obnJblfnnna In einerSRauet 
jii cinet Sbit ob. einem gen|ier f btiffianm 
bit 6*iff ftbarte j 6. tinker'*—, let Eatt 
etnet JtelfellHetert j T. btt 8orbett, eorbttt« 
boumi 8.btt8orbteifran),uiii.pJ.,' 9.bat 
(rafmnitn)6rauntyftrb (oid. adj.); 10. fig. 
(ef.Sport-i.) bie BtbrinaniJ i bet Kotbftanb, 
mennman, usnQbelnnmgtbtn, bentnman 
nidjt tnttommen fonn, i^ntn H4 K^n reibtr- 
feflf, bieDIot^niebri Sport-j. to stand at - 
(btf.oomi>od)n)ilb) Rdj n)ibetfrten,bit0pite 
bitten ifix. in &rrgrSft(n«ol& (in Bfrleflen- 
beit Fein, ft* ntdjt ju tjtlfcn mifTnti to keep 
at-, in. b. 3oabb;iinben) einen Jiirfaj, 66et, 
ic, nu4bem er jum ettben attract, fo lanat 
aufbaUtn, bit er lorn 3ager trltat mir&i 
berriea, bit Soriieertn) — coloared. brann= 
forblgi -ferer, bat »anfltbtr (ber ft* 
ftranf pelttnben etrdfltnge, nm bit iDtporta* 
tionna4Botany-B*yinoenneib(n)i —ice. 
lunges (frifd)grtiHie«6) fiitj -leaf, bat 
eorbctrMatti -oil, bat corbetrfl, total; 
—piece gooda, SrurToBtfc ant Stngalenf 
-"alt, baefflanfalj, geefalji -State, Am. 
ber Btoat Mansachu.etti ; -tree, Bot. ber 
torBetrtaumj -wax. bat grant SBadjs* 
-window, bat geoolbte genfltt (vid.Ho*-- 
window)] -yarn, bat molltnt ©arn. 
B*y, adj. brann, bnutntottj, laftanirabrannt 


— hone, bat (foftanifn')t>raBnr >pftrt , ber 

To Bay, t>. I. n. 1. 6tQ(ii, Sport, anfdjiagen 
Mfftnj 2. tingB nntfltbtn frin i n.o.l.mi 
$inbcn bt(fn, jagtn , btnenb orrfolgcsi j 

2. tuifd|lit#rn, tintngen, nmgt&en. 
BiyVd, #. i. bat (taftanint') braunt *Jftrb, 

trrBroantj 2. btr SRaulafft, nnbefcbeibent 

RayVrdly, ado. Utnb, blSbe, buntm. 
BSyea, *. m'rf. Baize. 
Biyt, x. rid. B*il. 

Baj-'tjuft, i. Has Sajortttt, btr giintenbcld). 
To Bay'oo«t, o. a. rait ben Seojeiwttt ford 

rrtiben, obn nitbtrffof en. 
BayorV. x. Am. btr fTtint $lu£ (in b tn flit). 

tocftL etaattn von Korb'Iintrlra). 
Bay*. '■ p'- 1. Fbet. btr Sorbertfran}, bit 

fertetwnj X baft Barrtfpid, vid. Base 

3. auA Bayie, ber 8MJ, old. Baize. 
Blfaf, Bi'zot, ». nid. Bazot. 

BaziV, Bi/ir'i, Bazaar 1 , *. bet fBaji 

(fRarftvUt rait JtaafTnannegtraoibtn btr 
CTientalifdjUl SSirer) ! <:/. Fancy-baiar. 

Ba'zot, i Com. tin lgnptff4tr SnnmrpoITeii' 
jtug. [rien>enbfS Sdjleimtjars). 

BdJlPjjga, [del-]. J- boS fflbtHiom (tin ttoijl. 

ToM. I. ».fr. n.frim»trbtni (Qonjantrio) 
fti; to — found, juffubtni be li to— e* 
cuied, trfftjuentfifiulbignis it is. not to - 
imagined, man (unit flnj'6 nidjt borflclltn 
to— lor something, tSittjn.8 mfiirfaVn, tjaben 
woEftn, Dfdj Stoat trad)ten J ftdj ffirerffla? 
rrtldrciti to — olT, lostamment M bacon 
nad)en; to — ant with one, untint alt 3e> 
surnb ftini to — ap, obtnbronf (gtborgen) 
ftin; ira eplrte geronnntn boben; anfgt- 
brodjt (beCeibigt) ftini four aant that it 
to — . 3$rt inHaftiat Xante j the candidate 
to— , btr Qanbibat intpe; whnt would she 
— atf wMHU fit benn? »ae bat fU cot! »a6 
mill fie bamit fagtn? let (it) -, rfi^r* ei 
nidjtan, II. comp. all*, be-all, basllltg: 
-ill ud end-all, «tn un* 'JfneS, bit ganji 
£abe. [fficftabc. 

B*acb, i. Hi ftadje Hfttj btr Srranb, baS 

BSa'chy, adj. rait flatten Ufern. 

Bea'con, *. Jfor. t Mil. 1 . bit BpitT=!8afe ob. 
»aafr, SSabrtormc, ©trtonnts 2.bitlnltr' 
boqt,btrKnftrtDJd)ttTi 8. btr Btunjttburra, 
biegeiitrroartci i. baS Sdrmfcuer, Signal- 
freer, SSadjftntr} 5. * ber Scirftern. 

To iteVcoD, it. ... I. €5pirrbaten nria)teti! 
2. Safrn legem 3. t drmftner, it. madjen 
am mttrbalttn. 

BeYcoaage, t. bat Sarengelb , SHSftngtlb, 

OCbgabt btr efntoufcnben6e4iffc|nrlttrttT" 
boltung btr 8tnd)ttEjurmt.) 

'tila' coned, adj. 1. mil cinem etudjltburm, IC( 
2. * Iradjtcitb, funnbtftrntlf . 

Bead, 1. 1. ling. 1. bat JKgddjtn, Jtn6>fd>tn 1 
2. fcir ^>erte (bef. am Stofcnfranjcji S. btr 
Xropfen; — eoffc, ffltanfdjtrHn mit ^<t\i>n 
Bi. Jtnitdjtnfticttrcij —proof, Dirt. i.*.»ie 
^erknptoljei 2. adj. profcebaltig, ftarf ccn 
$trltn Db. SlaftQi - roll, 1. Ecc. bao »er- 
ltid)nifi btr ^erfantn, fur mrtdjc Scdcnrn tflVn 
inlefenfinbi 2.ubtr6.: bae Strjridjnif, bit 
Sifttt — tree, Bot.ber^orernofkrbauraj 11. 
Beadj, i, pi. 1. $trltn, 6trta>crlcn, eiiit- 
ptrltnj 9.^rcA.Jtugt[(ben(am2eiflenncrt>i 
8. /Hit. edjniimbldedjtn, ^perlcn (anf epi» 
riruoftn)) 4. (popish— >, Str SRufcntranj; 
to tell (to be at, or to lay over) one'n h->. 
rropfen; b-i-man, l.btr Seter; 2.Bcrffltt. 
brnber (flir Xnbtrt)j 3. fig. btr ^ptafftttn 
4, btr Sttttlcoigti —woman, 1. bitStt> 
fdjitefltrj 2. bit ^oepitalitinn. 

Uea'ded, ad~j. rait ciner ytrltnfdjnur verfebtn. 

Ben'delry, t. vid. Bedelry. 

Bea'ding, s. Arch, bas StifrfltlVtrf. 

BeVdle, «. Law t Ac. btr (8eriifjt6biener, 
OeridjHbott, ^ebtd; Sutttli tinnitbertr 
ffltamteter in ben ^furrrien, »cU)cr geringe 
Strbredjen btfrraftj — ddp, «. bit ®eridjt5* 
bientrfttnt, w. [jur f>aftnjagb). 

Rtn'gie, ». btr tjtdubtr, Sttjbtr (<^unb, btf. 

USak,*. l.btred)nabtl(t. 8oflete)j 2. in;) 
fdjnabelfSratigt Snbt eintfi Singte, j. fB. 
bit Stdbrt tints Stfriatrtolbcncj timet, bic 
£5djna«ie an ffltfii jen ; ubtr^anpt : bic 
3pi(t) 3. Far. bat Uebcrciftn, bit Jtappe, 
btr Ttufjugi 4. Carp. W corfpringtnbt QcFt 
am obtrn Snbe (Jtcpfc) bte guWcljce an 
finer ©djntibebanfj 5. (—head). Ship-'-. 
btr edjiff«f*nab([ (baettorbertbcil, bic Kafc 
bet estbiffee), ba» Sanium - iron, vi.l. 
Bickern. {Her. A Bat. gcfdjndbti: . 

Beaded [ob.bekt], p. a. fdjnabclfirmig, fpitigi 

Bea'ker, i. beriBfdjeri baS ! potpourri. 

Beaming, p. i. Sp&rl. bai ^tfibalttn mif bem 
ed)nabtl, Xnf&naMn (bcim ipat) ngtftdjtt). 
seal, j. I.iitffl£u[e,ba6®cfd)»uri bit giant, 
eiatKr,batSUta>cni 2. 8tal (3R-n.). 

To BCttl, v. n. fdjmdrcn, cittrn. 
lean, 1. 1. Corp. btr $anpibfltfcn j uberb.: 
Salttn, Unterbaifen, bit 6<bmclic* btr 
Saum, fitbebaumj bal Salttnicerlj 2. bet 
aBagctalfcni fig. bit ttBagtj 3. ll'cm-. 
btr 3tugbaum, XBebcrbattmi 4. tcr ^Jflug- 
baton j 5- bit Dtidjfel j 6. Sport . bit Btange 


(am£frfd)flraety)} T.cic9tutSe(am , Hnrcr)j 
8. Met. tier Strabl, fitdjtftrablj geotrfttti. 
ftn, bit Beucrfiiuit (am ftirarad) ; gtre. pi. 
comp-i. b-tuftheian, eonnaifiri^Ieni b-« 
of » comet, brrBart, esdjwrif einee Jtome» 
teas draw(or wind) bean, bctSBtnbelbanm 
(6Wa6 bamit orajutreben)) —of a bell, bcr 
ftBeHbanra am Slotfcnftubif ) Mor-*. b-«, pi. 
BftSltelbaffeni right oh the beam, red)* coll 
bcr Srite, vulg. bnart ab (i. e. nad) btr {Ri4> 
tungbe6mittelften8a!reu8)i the ship is on 
ber — enda, bne Sdjiff licfjt (ganj) dufber 
Sfiltj — board, 6i( boijmw STBaaffbrile i 

— ctimpauci.tcrSfoHgeasirfelj — feathera, 
(sb. b-i), Spurt, lit Sdjronngfebem bet 
ffloaboJert (bcf. bcr galfen) i (white) -tree ; 
Dot. btrSReblbcerbatun, wBetfborn. 

To Beam, d. I. n. ftrablnt; ll. a. estrablei 

Bea'mjngf, pi. jig. Xbnanant, Ms a&nS^< 

Iiae(geifHge)@rtenntn(ciner8arbt)j (ana) 


Beam'tei*, acij. 1. fbablenloS; 2. Jig. matt. 

Bea'my, adj. 1. ftrabtcnb ; a. j%. baumfdjmtr .; 
(j. 8. cine baumfn)»rrtaan|t)i S. Sport. 
rait QXnttytn ocrfebm, gebSrnt. 

Bean, j. But. lie Sejnfi comp. — cape 
S-rtoperj -cod, 1. bitffl-nbBlfei 2. tin 
gifdjer>ob. Set&fenbDOt in^crtugali —flat, 
oa»»-nfer&i — gooie, Ortu btc B-ngm, 
SaatganSj — now, Zr.ol. bit graft gtft- 
mau6, SBalbmaus) — ahot, 8-ngramtIitn, 
(gefd)moIi*ne») Jupftr, baS fid) in bciptin 
wBaffer gtanulitt, ju '-Hrfjiiigbrabt benujt- 
--■tack, bcr S-nfdjcbtr, SS-nfebrn; Bot-s 

— tree, btt 8-nbaunt, bit aSaumbcbne; 

— trefoil, ber tigtntHnjt S-nb«um, SnrifuC j 
— treoael, Sae B-nfraat, bit Baturei. 

To Bear, o. ir. I. n. 1 . ttagen, untcrftUBcn, bal^ 
tan 2. ffibrtni 8. bringm, ubtrttingeni 
*. auShalten, Iciben, (er)buiben, erfragrai 
t.fig. trltbtn (j. 8. tit. tint Xufloge) ! 
6. ^mrbrinar.niC|cb5ren5frbreanger(trafl> 
tig) fein mit ... > T. (anfid))§oben(ffleiraIr, 
Xfjnlidjfdt, :c.), tragtn, fubrcn (tin Saturn, 
it.)i 8. 6tatn (fflroD, 8icbc, ic), nnrtrbal' 
tenj to — oneixeif, fta) befragtn, fid) be* 
ne&men, ncrbalicn ', to — onc'iielfapon..., 
Brabltn mit . . 4 to — a body. Paint. Jfatbt, 
(Srunb batten (OOU garben) ; paper that b-i 
ink. gjnpicr, ba* niajt iurftfdjla'gt i to — a 
price, geitm, lofttni renbiren} to — an of- 
fice, tin Xmtvctmalttnj to — in mind, (14 
(«n<t6aa)t) sotifornmcrt bctr-uft fein $ be 
benftn, fin) crimtcnt j to — (one) company, 
((Sinem) ©efcllfchaft Itiften ; to- tealluonjr, 

t Bear 

to - witnea*, {tcugaf f nbltaen, itug tn, 3nMje 
feinj to — (upon; one hard, @incn ej«t be 
bnntwin, ftrtngt mit ibm Dtrfabttn ; to — all 
before one, fldj ubct TLUti binnegfthtn i 
to — km, Bccbaltinj — nbaml. Mar. frifrtj 
in! fcifdjauf! tubctQnd)l battel 'll.it. 
1. traigtn, bulbcn, ;a a. litgtn, gtlcgts [tin i 
3. ftfltln, treiben, it.i to brim to— , gc= 
iingen mad>ra, auefubitn, ju Ctunbc brin= 
gtnj the ihip b -«, bat ©djiff gebt m ticfi 
to — away, (n.) babDQ gtbtl), tic gluftt W 
grttftnt bacon fegcin; to— back, (n.)|iirut1> 
tttibtni to— down, (a.) I. nicbcrlafTtn, 
nitbtrftnhni S. niebctbrutfen (sad) jig.). 
nitbtrrti^en, nicbtrfWrjcn i ("■ ) i . jia) fenttn, 
nicberfinfeni 3. ticftcagtn (von Sdjic^gc- 
»tbrcn)i 3. BTcfftn (in ben 8cburt$rocbcn)j 
to — forward, uonndrt* tretben (|.8. cine 
jierbc)j Mnr-i. to — in with the harbour, 
gernbe auf ben f»oft> ju(eaeln, ctnlanftni 
to — on*,(a.)l.nwafiibrc»,cntfttbrcni 3-iU' 
rMbttlttO, ab»cnbtn,au»panrcni («.) win 
fSinbc abfcgcln, ram Sanbc abfahtcn, a> 
ftofen, in Sec ficd)cn j to — on, (a.) nntvtn 
btn) to — on, or apon, (n.) ouf Strcas lie 
gen, fid) auf Stnai |Wben, Icbncn, rubrnt 
to — out, (o.) nnttiftuben, Vcttrttai, rtt' 
tbeibigen; (n.) Arch, btroortafltn, rot forte 
gcrti l)erauefab,rat) —up the heiml Mir. 
Ia|t ba« Sd)if mebr mit bent Sintt gtbn 1 
to — op, (a.) tragett, baltcn, nntnfribci} 
(n.) 1. anBb'ulben, ant Jarra i 8. fin) nnper. 
btben, empor tommenj to — up agataat, 
|i* Dibttfcnen, roiterftrebeiti to — ap to 
one another, fidj cinanbCI nd&tm; Afnr-j. 
to — up before Ibe wind, not bem Binbc 
binftgclnj to — up to a *aip, auf cin6*tfi 
abbalten, itfcgtlni to - upon, trribtn, 
brurTcnauf...! [ltltg anf .... 
Bear, 1. 1. otrfflarj »he-, bitSiriin] S, 
Mar. tint 3Rnfd)int junt fflcinigcu btt Btt. 
becU; 3. Asi. the greater and the leaner—, 
bet grope n. bcr fleinc Six (and) urta major 

and u. minor; 4. Cum. cant, (on bcrCtO(T = 

(Sorfe ju Konbcn, int Ocgenf. v. Boll), bcr 
inRnnbS auf basgallai fpetulirt (intern er 
aue naajtbtiligtn Oeruditen ben 6c-«rs ter 
Xcticn ju erniebrigen fua)t) f ofnc jcbtd) fcic 
9Ri(hl ju befibtn, bic $a|>irrr, auf bcrtii 
8ou« tr fpeeulirt, [icfcmtuMnncni baser: 
to iell a — , Xttint, k. an bcr Sorfc rerfau= 
fen, bic man ntdjt bati comp. foot b-a (or 
rope)b-a, 3otttim«ttcn ( Jaulmotlm, Brtd- 
mottenj — baittnj, bit Varcnbcac; Hol-t 
- barley, ok rirljciligc JBinwrjtrjlc * - 




Wry, a. bit *t£&rf|t <bu(. flar-berry) 

a. ** «-»(*«&*; -hin^, ticS-nisbet 

— cloth, uid. Bearing-t. ; — 'i-breech, Bat. 
bit S-oHaiij — '• *ab, (In iunger SBdrj 
-dog, ber»uBenbtt r 'tr; 8>M.— Vftr, 
Cat R-tnobrlttn, bie ICnrifiLj — )■ aaraaoicle, 
b« Birfwildj -fly, Ent. bit SJ-imTiege; 
/tor-*. — Wool, 1. tie 8-emHeB, (uid.Bear'i 
breech); JL bie pinttnbt SJwJmurjj — '» 
garlic ber »3-ealw<fc> -herd, ber ffl-en> 
martcr, S-rabntei; — ikin, tut btrcitlen 
Scotmninstn bee fflalnuKrS) — »kim>, Com. 
(ftyMtH) S-tnfellcj —wind, ait — herd; 

— whelp, boi 3unge rinrt SMren i — worms, 
PM. 9Anm»ta (btiaartt esdjmctterUngt' 
raupeii); — '■ wort, Hot 1. bit Sirnjurj ; 

3. bet {Marfttaqg. [}u errrogen. 
Beo'rable, adj. 1. iiaaban 2./ig. trtrdglid), 
i>.'i'r»o«*. '■ JbfeeA. bet etiwtaW- 
u™«d, 1. 1. Dtr93attj 2. ZJnt. btr ««t, bit 

Buun (aoKSttreibe), bit lurjen .Juan 
ameinratnfelib, bb. tarS-Ironr; bie ©aft' 
iJMnoDiiit&tcrfi3ti64tlrni btt3<ifern{an 
*?-jijtln, :c.)j 3. 'laoL, ber Hart O^toeif ) 
Mi 'Enfttn nnb mehjeter anbent 3Rufd)eIn ■ 
bit Battpcn (urn 4RaiIt oerfib. gifdje) 

4. iu SSibtrltafsn (an einem jlfeil, «:.)■ 

5. bar BAweif (tint* Jtomettn), tcj to 
<*«•-, /em. in'* ©tfidjt, jum Xrot) -of 
a bone, Van, b<i Salt, bat Untamanl 
itints Wet***)* -of » letter, T<,p. ber 
Riut am esdjrfftftgel; Bot-t. the old 
■>■■'■ — , bit bitiumbt fSalbnbt) Jopi 
ler'i — , btr 3upittrliart j — gage, Typ. bag 
3B|toriMn — gam, Bot. bat SSartgrat; 

— —etc a. On. .ber fpitbirttge Suitgfdjroarij 
Uio* 2rt aJtrift). 

Is Beard, o. a. 1. btHitm JBartt jitofen, ralt= 
km 2. (djtwni 3. Carp, (fflait&olj) buniwr 
haatsj 4. 7-4. to — olotu, Sudj fiberen ob. 

bdrttUt | to — wool, bit JtOVF* ». JMllRvEt 
tsm gtitjt ObfottbtriU to — offroetnl*, 5Ke= 
UOc btt*r*ttni A. to — one, fig. ffiintm 
Srotj hitfen, Sinai btlriblgtn, rfjjtn. 

K-arMed, arfj. MEtig; ftadj/ligj n — arrow. 
cia JJfefl mit JBJtttr jolem — away, Carp. 
bhntT gtbautnj — «rajn, ©eirtioe (fflog> 
flcn,ffltrftt)»HtOiairoeni —loach, Wi. tie 
etfuatrltj —wheat. Sot. ber DiuEelroeijen, 
Spttt, Bpets- 

Bearttlitu, I. adj. l.unbirrig,batfiot j 2. Jig. 
i«se»b!fa>S TJ. -aew, *. 1. bit 8«tt to Hg- 
Ml) ajfe.bie3tta,tnb[id)ftit. 

BeVdhn, fl-pr. t. ToBeard; —piece of tie 
rodder, Ship-b. bet £Ftuttrpfofi«i- 

Bei'rfr.j. l.her Si^gtr fibcr^, j Stidjctttri!' 

flti'i 2. 4rcA. btr Ztngtr (tint $foflt, Oilnlt 
ob. !KaitcT jur Ctiitung tint* Sa[(cnt)f 

3. ?Vp- *« fiotutnnnttrfgtr , Xrdgtt am 
Siibmdjta, bus ffiotifdjdjen, bit Unttrlagt) 

4. J/tr. beredjtib^Ittr} b.Hort.mtcaf 
bare»b. (ruibtbutcBanmj 6. (—of a letter, 
*«.> btt Ueberbringer (tint* SBritftJ, it) J 
-of a bill (of Bicbange), Com. otr ffiEdjfdiii' 
fjabf t, ?) t4f tntaitt, Soijtfgtr (inB -B tutf qL ), 
bei (f meter i p(. b-a of a tree, bit Sragjmcigt 
(frudjtttagenben 30 na tintm Sautnt. 

Bca'rjng, p.t.ka. I, baS Kragtn, k.j tra> 
jjciib, :c. (n'd. ToBcar); 2,MeEagti Sttl> 
lung, ber Bang, bit gaining, QRitnt j3. Her. 
bat SBaptnbiib, jjcuptfigiiv tines SBapcnti 
4. Arch, ber fftaum jwififten ben groei 3t£ j» 
punften cinet Salient; — at length, »cno 
firt) bie ertfpUiJie an btibtn @nben 6tfii> 
ben> tbe — oot, btr bereorfptingenbt S^eil 
(an tintm Stbaubt) { 5. Ttaut-s. -of the 
land, bit Sage (£>%) btt Sanbtt, in Xn> 
febung bet ecbifFts ob. einet aabtm (Begcn> 
ftanbtti to take the b-a, bit ©Cgtnb anf* 
fmfetn, bitVntmcfTtutgnetimtni 6. b->, pi. 
Mech. bat 3apfeniagerj Com->. —date.,., 
deDatoj -(the) weight, Dclln>id>tfgftitnbj 
— intereat, 3nrtref|en tragtnb j camp. — bnd», 
/fort. Xragrtiotptn, Sragaagenj — claw*, 
Sport, bit Sorbttjtben tintt Jtampfbaba 
atii —cloth, Ere. btr Saufmantd, belt 

Bei'rjab, adj. bdrendtjnliifj, bdrcntaft, plump. 

Bea'ael, .>. uid. Bezil. 

Bea'aom, ». btr Stftn, vid.'Betnm. 

Beast, j. l. bat Xbitr, Sitbj 2. fig. ber 
sitbtigt, robt SDctnfd)j — of harden, bat 
Safttbitrj 3. Sport-/, beaati of chaae, jagb> 
6art Sbiert} — of the farent (or — of ve- 
nerjf), SBalbtbitrt) — and fowla of tha 
warren, f)tgtt4itrt{ Gam-i. 4. bat Sabtt 
(JtortenB)itl)j 5. bit»ttt (ber UtnM btt 

To Beatt, v. n. Gam. tebtt obtr Utt ucrben. 

Beas^tial [— 'tahaTt, adj. »ie6ifcb, nnpernunfrig. 

Bcii»'tjne», s. vid. Bientloga. [rob. 

Biai'ilab, Beair/tTke, adj. Ihitrifa), Ciebifrb, 
itait'lineai, t. bat Dief)ifd>e KBtfcn, wrecr. 
ninftigt Sttragen. 

BcBst'ly, adj. k adv. 1. tbitriFibj i>ic!jifrt:-i 

2. fig. unflJtfstg, rcb, brutal. 
(Solb, bie Srommel, ben Seinb, SacC, w-)i 
3. ftoPen, ftampftn, padjeni jerftofen, Jtr- 
aa^uflobern; 4. brefebenf 5. befiegen) Obit- 
trtfftn i fl. Miii. btgltitt n (mil bet etinuwX 




MU~: to - (an) alarm , Wtm frblag'n; toil to- »pon *w»lk, (n.) pi hrr, tittta } to- 

- a charge, lurXttartblafen} jumeturra. upon the hud, (a.) tuft btmAopft (*■£!■ 

lauftn fd)lttgtn, to -the troop, urgnbnti len (rerrfen). 

fcblaeen; to - a parley, hUXnhtnft tints JBe.it, j. I. ring. I.ber64lag) Muj-*. ± bet 

^arlorawttri (Uiir* Srempett oh. Strom- . ! Xartfdjtagj 8. btr Eorfalogt 4. Win. bit 

met) figniiifiten s ©djimtabc fdjlageu} to— J ffiitnbf, $« twit btr Kan) twddjtert 5. Sport, 

the way, bin «B(g Sabnen, nitbtrtrf'i saflJHopfjagHH «. *fon. btr onrtfldmnfiflt 

- the wing, jjotterni to — the (Sang ber ^ferbe; U. pi. b-., JY.iri. bit 

fteld, to - abroad, (n.) fig- bo* Mb 
burnjfrrriBJtn (be], brim 3agcn)> ouf ben 
ICnfhinb gecjen ; to — the dint, Man. went a, 
eoSmnebntCTj to-tbeboof,juguf fl efctn t 
to — tbe air, Rdj Dtrgebliib bemfi^cni II. J«. 
1. ftplaatn (pom $erjtn, w.)i 2. fluroun, 
~. antlopfeiij 4. b(n>tgt fein; fdjmanfen 

5. nidjt reffftn, raobfn man fid) iDenboi foil ! BeV 

edtataganaefdjla'a.t (tvnrrUbr)j — mri 
tame, Mm. SRotbtntm ttnb Dcppc-lftbicflf. 

Kent, pre!, t p. p. *, To Beat. 

BeVleo, P- P- »■ To Beat A a. gcfdjiagi'ii j 
A'- nbgrtrofdjtm n — road, rfn brttttcnei 
(acbubnter) SBtilj anold — aoldier.Jig. rin 
alter oerfuijttr Solbat) — corn, com Stage' 
nlebcrgefajlagcncs ©etreibe. 

it avFfttjagtnn «BtIbt)i 6- Sport, 
fibttitit (wic tin 4?«fe jat Jfirunftjcit)* (or 
tap), rrommetai T. Mar. Upirem 8. 7VP- 
anftrnatn (btt garie)j Afi(-.'. tbe dram 
beat*, bitSronmtcI grtjti the general beats, 
b(t (Sentralmnrfo) ntirb gerdjlagtns to — to 
nrnn, ju ten SBafftn fdjlagen ("id. General); 
to — Bborit, (o.) ].6erurani(>rein S.timhtr- 
rreiben) (n.) 1. Afar, umbtrfreujen, t»t> 
tnt] 2. jig. fidj&cMbdt, forfdjtti; (—for, 
anffudjen) j to — one's head about (with) a 
thing, (o.)fla)fi6er(lnft)8f!Une btn Jtopf|er< 
brefttlt i to — back, (a.) jarfirffdjlagm, a&> 
fdjlagcn, surOtftrcibeni to — down, (a.) 1, 
nfcbtrfiJTaflen,ii(tfcrrrdfr-n; 2.niebft&i'ia,c(n j 

3. jiff. cnihdftm,fibradiicn,miitt)li>smad)Eni 

4. Con. (btn^reie) tjfwbfrttn eber vermin' 
betn, obbanbeln, rocnigtr birttnj nUberbruf- 
ffn (btn ^rriG)J to — down, or op and 
down, (n.) sport, balb bit eint, balb bit an^ 
berc Win) lung im Sanf tinfd)(«B*iU to — in, 
(a. ft n.) (into) bintinftblagen, trribra, ob. 
ftofrn, etnfdjfage n } to — Into, (a.) rinblaW j 
to — off, (a.) I. jurtafdjlafltn, abfdjlaatni 
3. Typ. abrlopftn, nbttntfibettj to -on (a 
■abject), (n.) grfitetn, briitra ubtr (rincn 
©cgenftanb)} to-ont, (a.) 1. aaSfdjIaam, 
auSbie[d}aij 3. breil nnb tflnn fdjlagsni 
8. Brai. ansfitfenj betauStofbtn j 4. fig. 
abbringen, oil . . . bringen ) to — one nui 
of countenance, einen on5 b«gaflnnfl brto^ 
gtn,Dtrbl%ni to-ont, (n.) Mar. lutnb. 
nirtt atben (fcgtln), lactinij to- over, (n.; 
bintjflpftni bingaloppitoi, bntfljflitgm, ^in= 
fibintbfni to -up, (a.) 1, qniiltn} Mils. 
3. (jufnmmen)trommelni 3. angrrifen, if 
fiuitntRj ("■) to — up for recrnlu, ntcrbnt, 
anffficibungftin] to— upon, (n.)aufet. 

1. 1. 

t edjUg") Spurt-t. 2. btr 

Ireibcr} 8. (Kiwt.bet (lagenb) bard) gen 
li. 880.16 (bir(d}t)ftrcifll (a-np), bcr nut 
bie 3rctb)ngb gebt j T-j. 4, btr eibligd, 
©t!fd, bit etarapfn 5. btt t>anbrantmt, 
Jnngfct (btr ewinftbtt)j 8. btt JtrittV 
(iumUmrubrenbtiJt(t!K)i T. bic QRfrftr. 
rtttlfj 8. btr fflnibbrncrtrbnBnu 9. boi it" 
lirbolj )um Sl&ttut btt itinntl (brf ben St- 
atlboaern)) 10. btt rjoUcnfd)Uo.« i 11. bti 
It en tref e r, Sri; mtrcf c r( iii^icg 1 1 b rat n crtirn | . 

Be*tif jcal, Beatfrjc, I. arfj. ; II. -iy, adr. 

ftlie nwrbtnb, ftliai -Tiaion, hit fiimmlifrb^ 

BSatificS'tfon, *. Ecc. 1. btt BtHefprr*tuig i 

2. bit Wnfilidte fimiorbrinanng tin« ^>ri= 

ToBei'tlfT, v. a. l,ftti% mad)tn) I. Ecc. 

friig fprto)tn (opp. briiig fprt4rn). 

Hca'tjng, i. l.ba5Sn)t(l(!m,JtIi)pjtaU M.btl 

9rcn)cn bttglittbfcl a.jxinfcti 8. JWot. 
baelufrragcn (bcr Cdjtnirjt)) 4, Sport. 
batSefdjni btr|»aftn anbJtanlnihrolabtr 
Srun^tft) baa Srcmmelnj —bone, bol 
©rflen (becBod 1 ) jnnt HuWopftn bcr Jthi> 
btr; —mill, Mech. lit ©tiimpftnlnnpri 
(bcun fainnaab blrttra). [eeligmtdjncg. 
Bsat'itade, t. i.bit(ts[ud'.)et''gwtf a- bit 

Be'atrlca, (- ft), «. 48 ta tit* (g-n.). 

"iaao[bu],,«. (franj.pl. beam cb.beBUi, git.) 
1. btr etn$et, galaatt ftcrri 2. otrOotirr 
mci4(t j comp. — Ideal , bol Urbilb bt« 
CihEntni — ntonde (bo-mDiid'), tit ftint 

mint) zBttt. rttfdj. 

Beau'fet [bo'-fet], j. btt6d)ntFttf4, Qrtbtn]> 
Beaa'iih [bC-Iah], adj. ftutjtrmdflig. 
Bean'teoni [bfi'tlaa, 3m. *c; blftthlua, W.\ 
I. adj.; n.— ly.ado. fdjfln} 111. -n«*a,( 

bit edjfnbrit. 

Ml loefturiMi 1 (o.) fig. nn[a>drftnj Man-i. Benn'gfior [bt/-J, *. Kt aStrftMnfftT, 

Be»u'ti«l[b«'- ■], I.a</j.; D. -ly, flifo. fd)6ll 

m. — mm, i. tu &£}iai)tiL 

To Beauty [bo/-], i!. I. a. otrfiponern, ut«> 

fdjnuidVni II. n. ildj wfajonern. 
Beas/tjleu [btt'— ], ad;, imfdjtiabar, &df lid). 
Bcwafty[>l'-lj] > f. lMtG$hI)titj 2.bie(Id;o'ne 

meibL ^erfon) ©fbcnc j — ipat, tan ed)£n> 

pRifrrrdjen, ©ibmintpfldftercben j — water, 

tat eebSnteittmafTer, Cdnninrns after. 
Book fboi], (fraaj.) pf. d. Bod, ot>. 
Better, j. 1. ttr93it>tr,Qa|rorj 2.(-bat), 

Mr OafLrbnt; 3. ber ehwrabut} bat Bifir 

(an .J>eJrae)i4.ba**3e*ptTbrob)i>i'd.BeYer; 

I'om-t- — costing, gjibrt ju flberrirfm; 

-i coda, 9-atUtUi —eaters, BicIfro^felK, 

Sofomahnf — •Jam, JB-felftj —tree, Su(. 

btrJB-bamn. [*. {iflnc, gc^etat. 

BcVv«red, adj. 1. mite. QaftaTbutci 2. mit 
B&n« rteea', t. Com. tin baumraoKcnrr Stuff, 

tnirodjcftf rartig ambtittt. 
BeVf |i, i. (fR-il), abbr, o. Belloveioi. 
Bia/Tj, *. turf. BflTy. 
To BeVzol. v.n. vid. To Beak. 
Ben'zjl, i. vid- Bezel. 
To BeblHd', To Beblood', To Beblood/j 

I— Ml*.} o. a. mit Slut befit cEcn. 
Beca.bSiig'a, t. Bot. bit Sfldjbnnge. 
BScoffco, i. Ont. btr grfawfteiTrr. 
ToBteilVC-cinO, o.B. fHHta, befdnftlgttl, 

bmMjtgeni to — a ship, Mar. tin Srtjiff be- 

rolmtnj Sea, tobeb-ed, eon rtner£Bmb= 

fhOeflbrrfaltrantrbRI} the wind lui b-ed, 

ore «inb ift nan (0. i. ftUT). 
Becalm/jog, p. t. bag etiltn, Stfdnftiflen ; 

■Sea, bit 88uto[M( . 
Became/, pret V. To Become, [urn ... mill tit. 
Beeaate', I. con;', tocilj It. — of, prep, iwgm, 
Beecaffco, Becctrfgo, (. vtrf.Becafico. 
ToBfchiW, v.a. (bnrd) Btrijt) tinnebmen, 

ftffiin. [(tnrf. b. u. Peetorali). 

Bfchje*, i pi- Af«J. ailittet gtgtn etn$nftnn 
Beck, i. 1. btr Bint, bat dtopfmefens 3. 

oid. Becky. 
To Btck, To B?ck' n, v. I. a. (mit btm Jropf* 

ob. ba $anb) minftn, aidfcit (mit to) ; U. a. 

bsrd> Jtopfnitfen, if. rufen, toden. 
Bectf* t, i. tie grffel (an btn Stintn bet Jta* 

BKric.tt.); — of « block-. Mar. ber $unt> 

for ($unS*fut) tint! SBlocti. 
Bcclc'eti, <. pi. Afar. £aftB u. fflanbe, um 

lanftnbttSantteTr, Stubet, Spnrren, ic. anf' 

jnbangm (onftHrnebein). 
Bectfoa, *. * v. vid. Beck. 
Becty, t. Cg n.) aMr. v. Rebecca. 
To Betlodd', v. a. lit. fe_fc. umibolrtn, nm< 

pifrrm, BeWttth , otrbuoltto. 

3 Bed 

To Become', o.tr. I. a. mttbtBJ IX m. 1. fid) 

(einer Badje jemaf) bettngeni 2. atjicmra, 

anftehenj (lcb<n, tletben. 
JJecOnie', p. p. Bon To Become. 
Becom'jng, I. p. j. bae SSBerMiii bat XBobI' 

aniiefetn, ©ejitmtn j II. p. «.; Ill, — ly, adv. 

anftdnoig, gejitmtnb} lucdlanfleben*; IV.' 

— oeu, i. ber InfianB, bit GdjicftiiWtiL 

3. bat Sect) 4. bat Soger, bie fage, Sdjidjl 
tbef. f,eot.)i 6. But. tit piblcin Ett^QIft, 
nonnbateiamenFoniliegtj 6. bieSettungj 
r. 5port. bat Saget eintS Stebrti B. Jig. bit 
SdjIafftJttt , gBobnung., $>ttbetgt} Gljei 
7"-j. B. ber Bobenfttin (utd.Bcdderj; lO.bii 
Saffettcnmanb i ftaflbant tintr Jtanonej 
Mar-t. —of the bowiprit, bit SWIK S(5 
ffliigfbrfrtt, no (idj ber grif tc Eiirdjmtffer 
befeibcnbeflnbet} bet Jtopf bet Borfttoent, 
motanf bat fflugjpriet ru_f)t j — of ■ mortar, 
Gun. tie ikpftn lager eintr QKorftrlaffctte j 
-of stone, bie esteinbetftmfli —of the rail*. 
S-u.bat6djitnenbert} -ofitate.tatya- 
rabebttt) —of bonoor*. bat 35. tcrOljve, 
ed)(adjtfelbi -of de»tb, bat ettrbebett* 

— of ea>e, ba9 fflubebett, gaulbcttj —of 
■nekee, tin SCeft junger Sd)Iangen{ to lay 
herring*, £c. in b-», ^iiirirtge, k. fdjiajten; 
-and bedding, ffleltficUe u. (geber>)£ett; 

— and board, Stfib u. Siett (n-rf. Separation): 
to take to—, betlliflcrig raeibcn, fid)legtn{ 
fig. to bring to— , einc grau entbtnbeni of 

the iPCond — , jmttterSbtj t-omp. bride— ; 
canopy- ; flock-, Jtc. oid. in B„ C, F-, *c; 
-bng,fi«t.bitffiBanjei -c««tor»,ffl-rollnii 

— chair, Ber S3-(rubl fur Jtranttf— chamber, 
bat 6d)laf)iinmet, S-gcmacb, bie S-Pammer j 

— clothei, pi. bat S-Jtug (i.e. SXcttn B. 
Xudjer, fur bit ettreren aua) -linen) ; —0>) 
feet, bat gnf tnbe bet 93ttttt j - fellow, 
(—mate), berCdjlafcamtrab, ffl-nenojj fig. 
i>erjentfrennbj -hanglog»,i«r3euain»3-' 
borbdngen ( — court&in* ) ; bie Sorbange 
felbft} -('•) bead, bat Jtopftnoc bet ffltt- 
tttj —hooks, llbcbnren, jum Xafbdngtn btr 
Ubc anbte<3arbinen{ —maker, bit B-aw< 
djerinn, ffl-fron (aufWntngl.Unioerfttitfn)) 

— mate, vid. — fellow; moulding. Arch. 

batJtarnit*) —pan, bie JB-»annfIaf4ti 

— plates, pi. bat Standi;; — poit, bit I3-- 
fiult, »-pfoftt, berJB-ftonnn — preuer. bet 
Ecttiflfdjlafer, ganienjer) —rid, or— ridden, 
tertfagerigi — roll, uid. Bead-roll ( —room. 
bat ©ajlafjimmerj — acrew core™ (or — 
cap.), JtappenjnrSIebeching ber fB~r<)ran> 
ban —elde, btr B-gangi at the — tide 

Be* 1 

amBette; — «tafr, ticBrttldfle, baSBcffcn' 
fM«i -atead, We »-fteOtj our Ladra-| 
•traw, BoJ. irafrer Hioni graurn ffl-ftrobt' 
— ituds, ffl-ndgt!} — swerver, btr Sirra*' 
ginger, e&ebrrdjer, lit e&ebrciberfnn i - 
.table, ber B-rffdj ffir Jtranrej -tiek, bii 
ffl-jttdjtj —work, jig. bieleidjre Xrbeit; - 
wrench, etn Bibluffcl )u btn 8-fcbratibcn- 

To BSd, e. 1. a. 1. (mit efner9)erfon) jiiJBettt' 
gtbtRj ju Sette bringcn, in bat Sett legen i 
2. jured)! It gen, betten (befgl. bom £ftott>= 
roils); 3. (^ffcwpn, ic) inbiedrbt legcitj 
cinfdett, pjtanjert j DtrftMrcn, nerbergtn (j.S- 1 
wit gifdje, in finer Uferbanf, im Saab, it.)* 
4. fdgidjtmcife legen, fdjfibieni 5. itiebtrfd>(a-' 
gen (reie fiBtab ob. $age I bat (S e treibe) ; 6. 
/Vp- M( frij'tbgcbnictteii fflogtn Befdjreercn ■ 
II. ii. (aft with) rinet |3(t(oa beiioobntn, fit 
btfalnfen. [fdjmuscn. 

To BUIb/Me, o, a. bene ten, befpritcn, bf; 

To BSdaib/, d. a. befprittn, beneftcn. 

To Bedaatf, To Bedaub*, v. a. befobefo, be 

To BtdlVrie, «. o. blettbra. [fdjmfercn. 

Itfd'der, BedStV. *. Mill, ber IBobcnftcin 
(nntcre SMblenftein). 

ilcd'djng, p. a. 1. vid. To Bed; a. bat HSett' 
jcug, ffltbrtt, WcScttem 3. tie Streu ffii 
tat Rtebj — moulding, rid. Bed-moulding. 

bite, t. fflrtti, Seta (iffl-n). 

To BedeW, n. a. betiuben, tntfrfftnt. 

To Btd&k', v. a. fftimiScn, jicrtn 

UeMel, *. bef. Ert&ogr. n. Beadle, pi. 

Be'delry.j.bateiertel, bat (ber Jtreit, ben) 
etn beadle ju beforgen (at. 

BMeVter, ». Mm. vid. Bedder. [ten, btnejcn. 


BtdewV, [- do'—], *. bat ffietbonenbe. 

To Bedfra', v. a. tertunfcln, oerflnftern. 

Bealnm, I. s. (cor. s. Betbtehem) ]. Oeblani 
(bat Srtenbans in tonton) i fig-t. 2, bat 
SoDbaut, einDrtbttlfultiiortt 3.berIon» 
bdutler j IT. adj. ;u einem XoObanft gebirtg, 
beffen rcnrfcig ; mabnftnmg. 

Bedlamite, /. ber "Jtblamtt, SBabnRnnige, 
Wnfenbe. Senbcutler. 

Bgdouin,', Bfdowetn*' [bidwlnz', biddtnz', 
lildijlni'j, t. pi. bit SSebninen. 

To Bedriach', o. a. buninfiffern, tranhti, be- 
fcuajten, dnfeuebttn. [fftifig madjcn, 

ToBSdrV. v.a.l. bettanfelni « bcflecfen, 

To Bcdung', v. a. i. mit SDtntg btbetten, bun- 
gen; V.fig. befdbmirjen, bifabeln. 

To BedBtf , u. a. 1 . ftaubfg madjen, nit etaib 
btbeifcn, befWabenj *.fig. wig. anspnigeln. 

Dfd'wfrd, ado. Srttwdrtt, nod) brat Sctte, jn 
Qrttti mm Bettert. Ctbldfeu geneifit. 


T»Bed»irp, p. «. flbrfc kfig, {vrrgdrrfg, 
ober flein madjsa, em SSadjttbimK brabcrn. 

HM,l.i.j/«ff. i.firt(.bie£9Lcnti2>'fe'.cfntlc> 
figer9Ktnfd)4 3.^m.bie9cfcBf*aFtfrei«!nfg 
frclfcnbcr 9taa)bane bet bent Sane cinct Jan- 
fes, bcim Jioljfaltcit, 1(. ) IL com;), bone]-, 
bie Amttgwot) —bread, bat ffl-nbrrt, 3nu 
menbrobf — enter, 0™. ber»-nfpc*r, S n« 
loolfj —flower. Bo*. lieS-nblume —garden, 
ber SB-ngortcnj — e |ae < bat etrprnaibt 
(and) hive-drow); — hive, ber B-nftcrf, 
St-nrcrbi — homt, bciB-nflanb, bat S-n< 
nagajinj — Urfc-ipnr, iJni. ber grefblibcnSe 
(Bittctfpornj — maeter, ber »-m»arter, 
!»-nb(iltcr, SB-nvatctj —tiger, Rnt. ber 
Sobtenlbpfj HI. Beeo, *. pL — of tbe 
bowiprit, Skip-b. tie Stoltacn ober Socf en 
belSugfrrlettj -waK,bat8Bad}t. 

BtScb, *, (—tree) tit Snibe, ber Ondjen. 
bauiin —coal, bie ®ud)en ruble} — mait,tie 
ffiudjmofti — iiuti, tit Budjcrfertij —oil, 
baeffluib*!, 8ud)nn r 5(. 

Bee'chen, adj. bndjen, biicbcn. 

Bee'dy, *. 1. provinc. vid. Biddy; X. -'« 
«yei, pt. Bot. bie Crciflltigfeitfblnmr, bat 

Beef, I. j. bat 9ttnbftcifib t {vid. Beevex, pi.); 
II. adj. son fflinbfttifib, ans ffl, befttbenbi 
— eater, Ora. ber iOiVfcnbotfer i —fork, bit 
Jjleifdigabeli— gravy, bleffl-brutej— knife, 
but groftJtucbtnracfTtri — nienki, bfegtrpftt' 
renfXtnbfleifdjrdjnittcob. 6djcfbeni —wood, 
bat fflinbfleiftbWj (aut Cftinbicn). 

Beele, *, eine Bpitartber Serglcnttj — met. 
pt. bie Bpittaucr. [ftufci. 

Beei'rfbBb, .. Bibl. btr SlicgenfSrft, »ber» 

Beeme'-wood [wtd], j. tat Muwfif* t (ob. Si< 
maet>) BecpaRboIj. gem. Simatbclj genannt 
(eint flefnere, bfwatre Cortc bet oRinb. 
fflDtbboIjeS). [guitar ecnfibn 1. 3nftnimrnt. 

Been [bin], I. p. p. p. To Be; II. i. ein pftrnb. 

Beer, i. l. tat Sicr (aut WaH v. f>bpfnO i 
X bit Sabre, vid. Bier; camp. MMll— , 
■pruce— , table—, Jfec vid. inS. *T.; — 
back, bftB-rnfef —barley, vtrft). €5o)r. r. 
bear—, vid. tmt. Barley; —barrel, bat 
B-faf, bie fi-toniKt —cock, bcrS-batjn, 
ffl-frabrn — money, but B-gdb, Srinfgttb. 

Betre, t. pi. Com. cot. bit Sfergla'fet. 

Bte'iom, t. vid. Betom. 

Beeet, tub. D. To Be, fefn. 

Bee»'tjnei. t. vid. B i«tl* e *. 

Beet, j. Bot. bit Seete, ber SWangnlbj red- . 
— raduh, —rave, bit rotb* OMbt, ffluntet- 
riKrc)-- (root) m k»t, Ber fflunfelrubensniTf r. 

Bee'tel, BtP/tle, t. ber Betel, «M. Bell*. 


Msue,.. 1. Ti. berSlaud, RaftMiitlj 
tSftminatftocf:, bie Sdjminge i.beim $anf= 
brtd)en)j ber ©tcfcr, tie -panQramine, 
3tr»8f*T(berfi5ttinfe6er)i i>cr SUmmblocfj 
edjldgdi a Ent. ber(5Mi|tOJtlfer} camp. 
—brow, b^rabbdngtnoe Xngcnbymcn ; fig. 
bie ftaftrrt lrfrrtfd>e>Hienej — browed, Met- 
tangent! Sag enbnmen &abenbjjSg. murrifflj, 
rerbrirJKn), ftafterj —bead, ber fiitfrbnf, 
lEnmmlnpfi — beaded, fdjtoerf (pfig, bamnt i 
—•took, ber etitl in »idad, Sdjligel, ic. 

r« Bec'tle, p. n. abcv&angra,&errorreigen,];L;r> 

Reet'ljag-mtll,*. wid.Bestiog-rnill. [fpringen. 

Beetfrire, *. vid. ant. Beet. 

Bcire., a. pi. (o. Beef) bef, in Am. 8ttab= 

To Befall*, To Befitr", o. if. n. (jnmeilen a.) 
tc fallen, bcgegnen, juftoflen, reicerfn^ren (con 
gnt«tmibi6fenBin.a,en; and) fjeoocb fetten] 
Bit to Dor Mr 3) erf on)* ficb errigiwn, fiib 
jatragnit fair — yon, (SottfcflneSidj. 

Befallen', BtfaTn', p. p. 0. To Befall. 

Befell', BelW, pret. o. To Befall. 

To Befit 1 , v. a. fin) falcfcn, fid) gejtcmtn. 

To Bitot*, u. a. befb6rni( brtrfigciij Sim 
Karcen t)abrn, trid. To Fool. 

Before',!', prep, tor} — one'a bee, Qincnt 
in'S©cffn)t; —the fire, fiber ooer an bfln 
Sena; — now, fd>*n, bftetti j ...is now — m, 
Coin, ... prrBtniitinerruitoDorunS} ' lovc 
job — me, id) Hebe fiSie m($r, aU mi)- 
U. ado. I. own 5 2. (ncor, Border, normal* j 
3. e&tr («U» fig. Ifebcr; 4. bttbert bc= 
rttttt to get—, iBoorromnKn, fiSerlcgen 
inn j DT. conj. brow, cbe. 

BeidrV-hlnd, adv. 1. oorau*, juoor, Dorter ) 
Z. sortdafig j 8, anfdnglfe&. [btgegntn. 

To Befor'tune [_— ahmi], v. a. Biberfabren, 

To Befool', o. a. brfubeln, bef*mnjen. 

To Befriend/ [-Mntf], v. a. (@inem) 8rcunb= 
fdjoft, ©rfanigfrit erjeigen, fidj befreitnben 
mit .... (ibm) betftcben, begunfttgen. 

To Befringe 1 , ». a. ocfranfen, mit gntnfen 

ToBEf, 0.1.0. I. (-for, am ©tons) bitten, 
crbitttn; 2. brtrefnj H. n, bctteln get)eni 
com ffletrdn lebm. 

Begin 7 , pret. volt To Begin, [vid. To Gem. 

To Begin', u. a. col. mit (toelfrriiwn befe^cn. 

To Beget', ». ir. a. 1. Jfltgcn (nwnajmal mit 
on, npo«. Cor ber TOurfcr, i. r. mit)) 9. 
fig. ergengra, ^ercerbringrn. 

Brft«f ter, i. ber Bricnger, Batcr. 

B«g'gt*,*.i.*w»rttl«ti 2.btrbrafitblgob. 
Bnc«fdj4srt fljittettbe j 3. b — ofprinelplea, 
Ber, »rid)Er«t»08 Uner»icf«:es tU crnjlefeu 

I Doiaulfrttf corap. — tboib, (— 'aim), bit 
1 S-berberge; — 'i lace, bfe flroben Bmirn* 
fptienj -"« lyre. We erierj -Vvelvet, 

! berS.fammet,*rSftb. 

To BeVgsr, v. a. an ben flScttclftab bringen, 
fie- tntbtfpcn, bcranbenj crfitfpfeni Ac- 
tcriptlon wo old but— , (n.) et uberftrtgt ailc 
SSefdjrdbung, feine SIcFtbrcibung rouroe (» 
anebrfitfen Hmta. l©nrftigfcit. 

Bee/gmrlinew, ». bie BtttdbarKsRtt, 3trmutb, 

Beg'garlj', adj. Ic adv. bcttdbaft, arm, arm* 
fclig, dnnlid), birftis, lampig; — cioiho.. 
Samuenj - doing*, pi. Kitbcrrradjiighitcn. 

BSg'gary, t. bit ettttlarmutb, uBftrftelr. 
mutt, Eiirffigfeit. 

Bagged', pret. It p.p. non To Beg. 

B*eW> i. vid. b. m. r. Beggar. 

B«g*6ing, I. p. *. bas fflittcnj ffieittlnj to 
go a— ,berWBgebcnj>g.vH4'-nio>tflead)iet 
nberbeamtetmtrbcni nnnfiBftin; ll.p.a. 
biltcnb, bcttelnbj -friar, bcrffidttlmonn). 

i^s'singiy, ado. brthlnb, bittmeife. 

Begilt', p. o, mit ®o!b btfebt. 

To Begin 1 , v. ir. 1. *. onfanflcn, begin- 
nenj to ~ the world, fig. tin Tfnfanger 
Fein, in bie IScIt trtten, fidj etablircn, fio; 
icruorjutban anfangtnt Vom-i. to — a 
newtetofbooka, bie {MDtCUMia)n aBfma> 
Ajtn; to — anew, to — the world again, uikS 
?aUimenHtnrfajlagcnfein, mieber ju ftanbdn 
anfangenj Il.n. anfangent tntftcben,ierrbi.'R. 

BegTn'ner, t. bcr Xnfdnger } Urbcber. 

Iiegfn'n|ng, i. 1. baaVnfangcn; 2. bcrVn- 
fang, Urfpntnaj 3. bcrXntritt. 

legfa'ainga, pi. btc Xnfana*9' r a''bc. 

I'o Begird', v. ir.krtc. a. I. bcgurtcn,nmflBr" 
tcni 2. fig. Bmgcbcn, rinfdjiicjent blurfircn. 

tegirt', pret, * p. p. t. To Begird. 

To BegloOm', v. a. oerounfdii, umbaflcrn. 

To Begnaw' [bens'], e. a. be nootn, jernagen. 

To BegSif, v. a. Otrgottcrn, rcrgottliibCR. 

B^gSne', int. megi forts poctcDifl)! 

Begured', p. a. mit »IM bcflbmicrt. 

He-gilt', pret. ft p.p. con To Beget. 

Begortea, p. p. con To Beget; the flrit-, 
bcr erftgebonte. [fdjinicrett. 

To BSgreaie', v. a. (mit gelt Ob. Eel) bC> 
To Begrime', u. a. mit {Rut oc. Jtotb bcbectCR, 

berBfcB, fdjroor3cn, befnbeln. [SefnMtr. 
Begrfmer, t. «inrr, ber Sttoae Befdjmait, ber 
legncr, t. Vet. bie Jtcnnung, SBotne, btr Jtcm 

(an ben 3i6nen ber $fcrbc). 
To Begnilft', d. a. 1. b:ntcvac6m, bttrfigen, 

tnnfien, oerffibreni 2. leer abFpciftui 3-ent« 

nrir^en, ratgeScTii to - one'a time, fit) ma 

Seit otrfarjctt. 


Beguiled', p. a. liftig Btrlxttt, vid.ToBeguili 

B8guTle'ni?ni, i. Bat ffierrfigeti, in Sftcttg, 
bit Jiinttrgebimg- 
Bcgui'le r, & ber JSettuflcr, SJcrfubrtv. 

Began', pre(. & p.p. 0. To Begin. 

Behair [JiifJ, *. to fflebuf, KnjHi, IBot^tU, 
bo.3 Sejtei in — of..., urn, fur, ... milten, <mz 

2lii(fild)t ffir ...j to appear in -of..., Lair, 

0I8 Stellotrtrtttr erfdjtinm fur ... ■ 

To Behave', v.I.n. M betraflai, fid)cerbaL= 
ten) U. o. (-one'* self), (fid)) ottragra i 
ill b-d r eon [cbledjttn Sitttnj veil b-d, mobl 

Beha'vjoui', BSbi'ijor, ». bat Bettagen (in 
g. 11.13.), baS (fUtlfftO Bit^Ittn, bie 
tMufffifjritiifl i bet ICnftanb j (graceful — ), 
bieXirmntb im infirm Bttragenj bit <8t> 
btrbej to be bound Id (or to he [pot] upon) 
one'i good—, /jaw, oerbunbtii feiii, {Redjti 
fdjaft nigra feints SStrbattenS ju gtben. 

To Behead', ». a. eittbaupftn, Wpf«l, gttitti 

Beoead'iiig, $. bie fintbauptuttg. [tinirtn. 

Beheld', pre t. * p. p. d. To Heboid. 

Be'bemoiA,«.(ii»t>.)tfnnngtbeurtt, btf. 
fufigc* Sbier, Wieffntbierj nad) Bochart 
u. X. bat SlufpftTt, HilpftrB. 

Bi'hen, *. /ful-r. l.(— tree), berSJt&tnooiun 
2. bie SBurjti bet BalBrianti red-, to 
rothe ffietoii white—, ber ntift ffltbtn, 
Xaubenrropf, Bat Sdjnd) (front. 

BebeV, i. * bat ©e&cff , ber ffltftbl. 

Behind', [. prep, binter i to be — one's time, 
fl a) oerfpfitra, uberbitSrit auibKiben; II. 
adv. bintra, jurud", binternid'rtfl ) to be — 
»itb...,.ftj. noibffliirfiliinbcjnbcjablEntabEii. 

Bebind'-bSnd, ado. 1. binten, jurad", rM< 
mdrttj 2, ;u fpit; 3. to be-, .%. im 
flMirftanbt fein. 

To Behold', v. ir. a.tn. ftben, fdjautn, tr» 
blittoij anbliefen, anftben, berradjten. 

Behold', int. Rebel bier! flebe (febtt) *«! 

BehaKden, I. p. p. p. To Behold; II. p. a. 
oerpftidjtet, oerbiuiBra, gebalten. [nibter. 

Bebul'der, j. ber Jfnfdjauer, 3«f*ouer, SStob* 

BehOI'djog, p. s. vid. To Behold. 

To Blbfin'ey, v. a. mit jwnig verffifen j mil 
$onig beftrrfdjen. 

Behoof, -t. bcrffltbnf,eortbefl, batgrommen. 

To Behuttvc', v. imp. gtbfi&ren, fin) gebfibren, 
(14 gtjicmen, fid) ffbitttn. s 

To BSliJve', v. imp. R)ie Behoove, go. 

BtieV-ierge, j. Com. bnnte Sajafftrge, na> 
ruxLidje Serge (tin ipoHtnerStug, gtmSSntid) 
oen g rauer, browner oto febnarjer garbe). 

Be'ing, I. p.pr. pouToBe, (eienfcj my Lord 
Mayor for the time-, ber jur fltit (btr $nt) 

i Bel 

regitrrabe ffiurgtrndften ■tthittime— , fn 
bttfemlugtnblitt; ILconj.— thtt, b», nxttj 
ID. j. l.bos 6tf n, Dafrin, bit Srfftenj } 2. bat 
JBIcibtn, btr Xuftnibnlti 3. bai ©lug, VBc 
fem a* God u in — l fo »obr ffiortleMl 

Be'juo ftutt be it io. [prigcln, burijgerboi. 

To Bcla'bojr, v. a. vulg. DurdjDrbeiten, one- 

To Belice', ti.o.l.Wor. (-arope,rinX4a)»e« 

To Belate', v. o. flber bie 3tit, bi» in bit fpite 
Siadjt oufbalten, (fldj) otrfpatot. 

BSIi'ted, I. p. a. ptrfpattt, von bee 3! ad) ( fiber- 
till] II. -ae... i. bus fficrfpfltrtfcin. 

To Beisy', «. a. 1. in ben ffieg treten, 
ben CBta etrltgen , otrtteteni nuflnuerni 
3. Alar-j. to — a rope, etn Xau Ptltgen, 
btfeftigra) fplitjen {vid. To Splice); 
to — the end of a tubing or Mixing, tin 
ffiinbftlbtfctra) b-ingpim, 3apfen, anit-- 
ntn bat lauftnbt Xnunert bcfeftlgt roirb, 

To Belch, i'. I. n. 1. aufflofm, wig. rftpitai 
%fie- nit ttneu ffletdfe brrcprfpmmen (gleicb 
btr Sranbang btS Wletttt, it-) * U. a. ous- 
fpttra, aueftopen. 

Belcb, i. bio TtufHofen, wig. Stulpfra. 

Bei'cUer, ». 1. Siiter, bet Xufftoftn bat j 2. ein 

Bel'cbing, p. *. 1, bal ~X\X^vftS, vutg. 9tiip> 
fen (vid. bat eblere breaking of wind up- 
ward); 2.to Xu&n)nrfetttrsJtratcre,ic. 
leTdam, Bel' dame. *. colt, bat alft ffitib, 
ntte iKiitterdjen, bit Qxofmttttli alttSet' 
tii» fig. He £rre- 

To Belea'gner, v. a, Selagernj fig. nmgtben. 

BSiea'guerer, *. btr JSelagcrer. 

Bel^rn'mte, Belemni'tea, s. Geol. ber SBelem- 


B«l'B(i*er, BWfoflnder, ,. vid. ant. Bell. 
BeTfrey, Bel'fry , t. 1. Arch, to Olatttn- 

ibunni Q)-ftnbI, bat <S-gtrtftj 2. Mar. 

ber btbedte ffl-galgen (auf einent esdjiffe); 

3. Ant. Bet SBatttburnt) bat Slotthaut, 

bit Surgptftt, (Surg.) KBarre. 
Bei'gjBn, I. *. btr Seigier ) II. adj. beleifa). 
BH'Bic, ad)', belgifdit -rote. A", bit bet' 
Btl'gjam, i. Geog. JBtlgftn. [gifdjt Stofe. 
Belgrade', a. Grog. Selgrab, ffliiedjifdV 

To Belie', v. n. 1. brifigeni 2. Hfigea ftrafen, 

nibrrfprecben/iuRifberbanbelnj 3. ptrlranf 

bent 4. naa)if^n, nacbmacben. 
Belief, i. l.(btf. rAeoi.) btr ffllanbtj % bat 

(Slanbentbtrtnnrnifi Crtbai (oW. b. fi- 

Creed); S. bit Stdtgian, ((3[aubcnt.)!CRti« 




BSlWiaMe, adj. glnublid), glaiib&aft 
To BSaW, v.a.&n. (nut in, jam. mlt od)| 
Lgloaben; 3. Theol. Btn (Blanbtn baben, 
dob btn S8abrbtittn bcrffidiaicn nnb ifcratl 
Btrbeifungtn Ubenbig fibecjeugt friit. 
B«lie\-?r, ». 1. btr ©luubcnbr j 2. 2*neof. ber 
Slinbigt} trae— .btrCttifctgla'nDige. 
BeJie'ijae. I. »■ bat Skuoen, ber (Staufee; 
II. p. a. glaubenbi —men, ffilincigcj 111. 
— Ijr, adv. gMubig, la (Slaubtn, 
neiike', Belikr/ly. ado. /am. etrmiitiliib, Bill- 
ladjt, wabrfiheinlidj } iron, ib ja bod) ! 
Bell. I. #. ring. 1. abtir. [fct Arabella & Isa- 
bella; 3. bit Slotfe) BdjcHcj Jttingtfj 
3. (— of a Bower) ber Blumtnrtld), bit 
ftnofpt} 4- Arch, bit ®lo<tc an tinnSS&ulti 
5. T-s. gfothnforraige JtBrptr : bit Briirje, 
Ctc etflrj'nring, edjalltricbter rintt Srom- 
1>;K, ^Dfrnint, Clarintftc, it.( — of a clock, 
/for. bitOIotft in cintr lifer; to bear (to 
carry away) the—, fig. ber Xnfiibrcr ftin, 
tocon 9(6tn, aBt SKitbercciber fibcrtreffen, 
ben $rtiB bason trageni II. B-i, *. *pt. 
1. But. bit Samcndpfel, Sterol (ber Jtar> 
toffei, m » 2. Mar. bit t)aibe etanbemvadje 
onf Jtricgl[d|fffeni ring (ringing, or chime) 
of b-i, las (<SIf><fcltOfflcIauii a chime of bn, 
tin ©todenfpid ; h»wkib-«, Sport. McSdjcI' 
!cn (an btn gfiftn) tines galfen j III. comp. 
bell-bit, Man. bat ©-ngebif; —clapper 
ber (S-nflopptlj —cranks, 9-nj(ffemfr6eI : 
SBiBftttiftn, Jtnie ob. ffletptrbt fur btn ®-n= 
brafctf —end, bat trid>rcr«cbcrg-nfinnigc 
(fnbej — fashioned, g-nfSrmig; — H 
Bot. bit O-tMaWJ — founder, Ber 
aicjjtn — glass, bit ffitajglctft (furffilunten, 
Aaft, it.)j —leaver, btr RBnnbgloiIenjiebcr j 
-letters, vid. Bdle.-l. ; -nan, btr <S I6if ncr . 
SoemftTi -metal, bit 8-nfpeift, Bat @-n= 
mttallj tS-ngnt; — month, ber 8ibaH[ria> 
ftr (tine* SprmfcrobrS, k.)j — mule, cor. 

ft. Abelmosk, qv.; —pear, bit S-ntflTIj 
— pepper, Bot. btr ffi-npfefftrj —ringer, 
auf btn tnaL mtioerfttdtEn, it. berS-nmann, 
(Sliifner) —scale, tin 3)(«f lutfflefrimmnng 
btr Orflt, Elite, bee ©troinjts, «. finer 
©locte; —shaped, g-nfBnnig} —spring, 
ber® nbngeli —string, bit JHingtlfdjnur j 
—teal, MU. mod. bat engl. 3ett, bat 19 
tftaim fnttj — weights , g-nfinnigt fflc- 
nidjtt}— wether, l.btrSeit|amnt(l) 9./ig. 
btr Infubrn, Mdbtlifu&reri -wort, Bet. 
bat 3apftnrranL 

To Belt, t>- n, I. Bot. glodVnfSnntgi SIfl. 
tbrafoofptn befommra,[ncfpcu; 2. Sport. 
Wrta, rffctw (p.$irfa>t n n btr Srnnfrjtit). 

BeYla-daa'na , t. Bot-s. bit Brtlabounaj 
SBolfBfirfdjtj -Illy, bit BtHnbonnlilit. 

Belle, s. bit BibSite. 

Belles-lettres' [b«-l*tr' f Sm. Ac; bel'-Klr, 

BCIlstrtit', i. mod. Lit. btr *3d>cagcirt, ber 
fdjontn aBfffrnftrjaftcn acflifcnt, WeHctrift. 

Belletrfs'tjc (-cnl), adj. mod. bclKtrifiifd), 

Bei'iicd, adj. bandjla, bauifafg, bid*, gtFd>iccl- 
Itn, aubgebefentj aufgebtafen (aud) Bot. k 
Zoot.)j (inn. csmp.)i " - glass, cine 
Slaebldft, tnctprte. 

BelirTeroni, adj. * Jtritg bringenb. 

To Bellig'trSfc, r. n. Jtricg fiibrcn. 

BellleVerent, Bellig'erons, adj. (». fi.) fritg- 
ffibrtnb, * fricgerifdji b-t powers, bit frfeg> 
fuftrenbtn 9M#tt. 

Bei'ijng. p. i. i. Bot. baf Jhtofpenfrtibcn, 
i«(ifcn, btf. bcS ^opfen*) 2. Sport, bai 
mt>rra, edjrticn (bts ^(rftbee in btr 

liel'l-) D , i. 3T«cf. bit aitifolif. [Sranriicit). 

Bfliove'sBs, i. iBtDoitfne, WcUcnjcs (3K-n.). 

To Bil'lOw, p. h. 1. bliftn, bruOen, (». SJit. 
rtnj cent. ton!Dtcnfd>m)i 2. Jin-, broufen 
(o. TOttrt tc). 

Beilttw, Bel'lowing. s. 1. bafi ffi«rcn, fflcbtft, 
SruDen, fflcbruQ (bcrXbicrc j toil. v. Wen' 
fdjtn)) 2. jig. bit fflrauftn (bcr8te)j bat 
ei(6cal (bee fflinbtt, «.). [Zutrufcr. 

JeCIOwer, >. con(. ber ©djreier) 6(fcntlia>e 
IcTluwi, *. pt. (a pair of-), ber aiafrtnlgj 
Hewlan-, Afln. 6tf|ifd)tiBliifcb4Igf, nmSuft 
infflrubtniufibaffen, bafbiefBcrglcuttarbci- 
rtnHnnenj— blower, btr93iSl8tntrttcrj-n»h, 
«iii.Trnmpet-nih ; —mender, b. ffll.-flitfcr. 

BUrly, *. 1. ber»andj) «dbj Otutttrlribi 
2. Ship-b. bit boblteritt bet Jtrunnnboljcs 
(o/ip, back); 3. 2"-». (bet Somntrficngcn, 
It.) ber Jtaflcn j the— (or eoncnTe) of « 
harp, btrSouo) (bit imttrt 4>66Iang) tiner 
Sarfe; the— of a bottle, bcrSdUd) citter 
fjlafdjc] the — ofniall, bcrfflnud) (aufgc 
btaftne Ibcil) tinci Bcgclti the lower—, 
btr ©djmerbiiudj, Untcrlcib} comp. — ache, 
uu(g, bat fflaudjacb, bie Stibfdjmcrjen, 
Jtolifi dry — a., bit fflltifnlifj — a. bush or 
— a. weed, Bot. einc Tfrt btr ^urgimnf in 
Kfrifa miner but SSandjmtb. j btr iBan*mc6- 
baumf — bsnd, 1. btr9auo>> ob. Sattd= 
gnrt, Band)rinncn i 2. Surg, bie Baurtjceni- 
preffet — bonnd, otrftopft, tarllribigi — 
fretting, Man. 1. bat JBnnbrtfbtn bam 
Saud)gurtei 2. Vr t. bos fflaudjadnraicn, bit 
fStabfoliN —friend, ber edjmaroncr} — 
god, b« Xlaudjbitner, edjlcramtn -cats. 

Bell 1 

tin flenfttt nut gebranntcm duder a. 'fflan= 
beta etb. ^iftnjien fc treitrt (franj. ;Vougn[) ; 

— plea. Lam, 8crt()fi6igung ob. Xueflucbt 
roegen Bdjroangerfcbaft, urn cincn Xuffdjub 
on Strafe ;u crfcnltcin -roll, SicSSdi= 
tonne, SSnljf, Bene (bef. beim gelboau). 

— worm, z«oI. bcr JJormiuurm, SSputrcunn 
TuBei'ly, e. I. It, bana^ig fein ob. rocrtcn. 

II. n. ouffdjraellen, anfajtoellcn, anfiitlcn j thi 
wall bellies. Mm. tie ffltauet (jfingt flbtr, in 
bnutbfg. [fcn>— sails, fi^MfQeubc Segel. 

Bel'lyjn^.p.a. Bot.iZeoi. baud){fl,aufflcbla' 

Bet'man, Bel'mital, 4c. vid. Bell-man, Ac. 

BSIcSne', s. /ch. bcr langfrtmabcligc ftornbt d)t. 

To Belong', u. ». I. ge&orcn, jugcijSrcn, ange- 
bSrcii) 2. angcben, betrcffen. 

Belftved' [«!. be-IO»'-edJ, ad]. gelitbt, (-by, 
...Don), tbcuer, recrtb. 

Bel&V, lit. ft jig. I. prep, antrr ; II. odu. nn> 
ten) au f Srbcit,* bienie oen f untre bcnXobtcni 
Law, in cincm Unttrgtrfa)t j the courm — , 
vid. in Conrt; Com. ha (quoted) — , roic ua> 
tin bemtttt, ttie unttnfrebenb) —par, unite 
^arij — atairs, unicti, par feirt. 

Belt, L j. ting. 1. ber fflurttl, but ©egengo 
3. Fet. btr SSurjeliourm, Stcrjwurm (cine 
SiboffranEbeii)( 4. Arc/i. bcr Aran;, bat 
■Strang gefims i —maker, btr (Mrtlcr; II. 
Belti, j. pi. 1. Ait. bie Burtel (Ctniftn) 
bet 3npiterB j a. Geoff, the two—, bie br> 
ben Selte ; (tbe Great Be It, the Leuer Belt, 
ber grape u. bcr Heine Sett). 

To Belt, v. a. lit. & fig. begurtrn, umgurten. 

BeTveder, Bel'tjdeTe, 1. 1. IL Arch. fcaeSel- 
cebercs bit taftiMTtii 2.B0U berbefen- 
nrtige Qdnfefv.,, «Btfenffa4». 

Bii'vether, r. oirf. Bell-wether nnt. Bell. 

To Bel f, u. o. vid. To Belle. 

To Bemire', v. a. fet big mcuben, befajmujen. 

To BSmoan', v. a. beflagen, broeintn, bt» 
trantrni to — one'a self, nebflagcn. 

Bemoa'ner, i. bet SKcIjrlagcnbc. 

To Bemnte', v. ii. fi* man-fen (oon Bigeln u. 
Jtrtbftn). j 

Bin, i. 1. abbr. fort Benjamin, Scnjamin 
(9»-n.)) 2. Bof. bet Bebcnbaum, it, eW. 
Behea; —not, bit Bebennul, Salbnupi 
oil of—, (Bebcnil. 

Bench, j. 1, bic «anf j 2. bcr BtrfaufSftanB, 
Jtrimcrftanb } 3. Lam, bit ®cria)t6banF; 
fig. bie ffiidjtcr, bas fficriit; the Queen '• 
(or Kings)-, uid. unt.Qn«a; -of Hip 
pocratea Surg, bit bippofratif&e einricbtC: 
ob. 3itb.bontj — coal, (in -Staff.) bie oberfti 
•Stbiebt btc Gtcintoblenlager. 


To Bench, v. I. a. I. raltttanrcn vcrfcbcni 

2, anf cine Sknf fefen i 11. it. juQtrio)! fitjrn. 
Bgit'cher. i. l.bcr [filter; 2. tcrESanfaltcftCi 

alttfte fflcifijer. 
To Bend, u. reg. Ic ir. I. a. 1, biegen, bnigen, 
triinuntnj 2. riajren, icnfcn (ben Bdnitt 
roc-bin, bcntSeifl auflStteafi, ic); 3. to- 
one'a self (one's mind, &c.) to, or upon, 
otcr intpais. to be bent on (to), gnirigt, rnt= 

fcbloffcn ftinju..., trpidjt fcin anf...j 4.«ue< 
bebnen, fpannen (tbe bow, ben Soont, te-)i 
5. bejroingen, R4 untcrtc-crfcn ((Stw(is)j 0. 
Mar. befefrigen, binbenj to — two calile*. 
i»eiKn(ertaacaufc[nanbcr|tcojen(ta— back, 
jurucCbttgeni to— a net, tin 3ic* ftcUcns 
to — itpilie, tinc^ife fallen, fenfen, einicgtnj 
to — tbe fist, bic gauftballtn; to— planks, 
¥lnn(en frumm brtnncn j to — tbe brow, bie 
Stirn ntnjclni to — one's spite against... 
tintn Srcll faffen gtgtn...! b-^il lever. 
Meek, ber aginf tlbcbci j 11. ii. 1. fid) bitgen, 
grbegen ob. Frumm fein j 2. fin) neigen (j.S- 
forwards, fitb buttcn) ) aunj^g. rooju gencigt 
fein; 3. nbcrbangent 4. fi$ banbigen, bcu- 
gen, nn termer fen; to — against..., (cbcnfe 
int pass, to be bent agalnat), fin) roibcrfefen, 
Xre( btettn. 

Bind, I. r. nitff. 1. bie Sicgung, Jtruntmnng, 
Jthimine $ SScrfa)(tngutig i 2. Mar-t. tin 
Stid) obcr Jtnoten, SpIicSFnctCTH a — or 
moulds, tin Stcll Mallntj rommon— , or 
sheet—, rin ©djotenfrid)) 3. Her. bcr Sa)rae- 
baltcni 4. brrgmfat) an cincr groticnmu(Ci 
II. Bends, t, pi. 1. 5ftip.fr. bie JtnimmbP^ 
jer, JBand)rturf c j 2. Mar. bic iScrg|)6iicn 

3. eobUtber In estutten (au* ben bcftcn 
Sbeiien bet ^aut gefebnitttn) ; 4. (obtr 
—hides), )n bm eruabnitn 5fu*fd)nittc» 
befrimmte 4>outc. 

Bcn'dable, adj. biegfam, geidjmefbig. 

Bla'der, t, 1. bie^)erfoit ob.®aa)e, nclt^t bit- 
get, frummct, bcr Spannct; 2. Anal, bcr 

Bgn'ding, I. p. i. 1. ba»9icgcn, Spanntnt 
2. bit aSitaung, ber ffiug, Sogcn) tlb- 
bang] the — of » ynalt, Arch, btt tcibung 
(iBogenrunbung) cine* StroSlbcsj n. p. a. 
flbbdngig i »— cliff, tine ubcrbangenb.- 
Jtlipptj — moactea. ^not. Bicpuftbcinmn* 
fein. [ ©djrdgbalfea 

Beiwl'let, j. Her. bit tltint SinbC, btr f [fine 
BinA'wjth, t. Hot. bic ffialtrcbc. 
Uen'dy, adv. Her. fijrSg gefrrcift. 
B«n'e, i. Bat. btr Stfont, bB6 Ccfamrronl. 
Ueneaped', adj. Mar. benrpen, fan btm 
Banbe, it.) ftfVftteno, nitbf floft. 

Bene ( 

Bi?ne»tfi', I. prep. miter j □. ado. oaten, tic* 
rriebtn. [<5-"0* 

Ben'enfri, j. Benebirt (9X-«-)t SeneticM 

BeneoTc'tjne , I. s. In KcnebictinoTOond), 
bit SJ-Koimej n. adj. jiunDrbtnierBenc* 
blctiaci get, brig. 

Beoedic'Hoii,*. l.ttr Stgei, bielSinfegnuttfl; 
J&a. 2. Die einfe&ung fines Sbtrt turd> <" 
Jcgnnng; 3.b«Banf') bie Biwlfagiing. 

BencHc/tlol, J. 1. ba£ SBotjltbUlU 2. (it 

BenelaVtor, i. ber SB crater. fJBo&Itbat. 

BenelaVtreM, I. tit nSottttftetiltll. 

Ben'efTce, j. 1. Neftfrunoti 2. tat Bomrtr, 
lie greibrit. 

Beneficed [- flit], adj. btpfruntet. 
Rrnel'icrncp, l. lie £8crjIt&atigtELt , 06ut= 

Beoefjcent, I. adj. ; 1L — ly, ado. reo&ltiitig,= 
miibfjjdrtg,. gutiftatifl. (gtfinni), gut&etjig. 

Beneficial, I. adj.; II. — ly, ado. l.TOrtJat 

taft,naBli*; 2. ticnli*, tstiifam, ujobltbd= 
tig; in — ne»,j. 1. tic Xut[id)fcit; 2. bie 
fceilfamfcit, aBabltbatigreit. 

u<: nef i'cwtj, I. adj. 1. burn) (3 tin ft beftiarti, 
nntctjrtra, ab^angig; 2. bepfninbet; 11. j. 
1. &(r$fruniQtri 2. BerJClwofencmpfdngtr. 

B^nefi'eivncy, >. bic IMte, 9Renfdjcnfreuiit= 
lidjfrif, ffio&ttfcafiflt'rit 

BtneCcifiit, adj. roo&lt&atia,, milbt^dtia. 

Ben'efft, #. 1. bit ffiegltbat, ©Httbtt, (Seffit* 
Kgfeitj 2. btr Siufccn, Bortbcil, ©r»iiui} 
3. bie SSelebninig*' (fflencfi;<) SSorfteUung 
ciittSCSdwufpiele rtt,it., baS Scnefijt 4. Law, 
las ^Jrioiltgiutn, Sgornibt. 

To Ben/flit, c. La. l.nujenj £aten brinam j 
brilfam ftinj 2. btflanfhgcrtj II. n. to — by, 
S»(ra DcnetieaS inben, gtrainncni n b-ed 
ticket (la a lottery), tin aJuiMiajci £oos, 
tin Xreffer (in ber Sotterie). 

Ben'et, «. vtd. Bennet. 

KrneVnlence, A 1.1a* «Bobl»olren, tit Su^ 

ligfriti 2. tie fBobtt&flrigfett ; 3. tic ©lift, 

@nt$«t, Swift i due -, tie 6$eftanbSpfIia> 

ten eineo TOanntS gegcit feint Jrau. 
BeneVolent, I. adj .; II. — ly, ado. HO^IWpb 

lent, gfitig, gittt&a'tig, freunblid), liebrtia); 

— fund, tet anterftu6un9*fotit } III- —new, 

i. rid. Benevolence. 
Bengal',!. 1. Geag. ffitngalcnj 2. Com. tin 

t>cngnlifdjtr (ans $a« u. Kcibe gefertigter) 

Stoffj ~c«ne, tn6 [Bonifdje Otobr. 
BengalW, * A a. (Ibe- language), ben* 

nalifdj, bit brngolifdjt Sprang- 
Bennilefe', j. <*tng. A pi.) let Bengali i lit 

S-iini bit Scngalen. 
To Benight', r. a. 1. fig. eerffoftem, net* 

) itera 

butitcln, be* Siifitcs, bes eerfunbe* be. 
raubens *ttntniu>(tn) 2. im pass.: dob bet 
3iodjt abetrafrtjt ntcrben, fid} eccfpdttn. 
Benign', I. adj. ; II. — ly, ado. 1 . gntig, milt, 
liebecoU, boitfeligi 2. tootiltbatig, tciifum, 
gutartig (j. ». i>on e. JtwnHrit, ic)j gfin- 

ftiflj HI. -ne.«, s. vid. Benignity. 

Benfg'nint, Benlg'Bintly, nie Benign, kc 

Benfg'Bjty, t. l.bie®ut(,ffl«Ibej 2.bicBob;(- 
t&atigtettj 3- bit ^>ci[fMn(ttt, bcr »o5ltb«= 
tigt (Sinfluf (bet Sitft, u-). 

Ben'j smin , *. 1. Senjomin (3X-n.) i 2. ict 
Scnjoc,bie3ungfeTnnuId>; 3. (—tree), Rot. 
bcr fBcniocbaunt. 

Uen'net< »■ 1. Sencbttt (9R-n).; Sencbicta 
(gn).,(a6fir. t. Benedict, no.); 2. (berb-). 
Hut. bie Melfenwnrj, baJStnetfcttnftant. 

BEBt, pref. ii )i, p. uen To Bead, 70. 

B«nt, 1. 1. tieJtranimc,iBicgutig; 2. bit SHicfj- 
tung; 'Ktigung, bcr$<mg, 3ug; 3. .(is., tie 
iaune, Stimmung; bcr 6nif«>lupi 4. bit 
'JtnftnngEng, Jtraftau^crung i 5. (— grui), 
£al. bat etraufaraf, fflinfengra*. 

Bent, aobr. fur : be not, fci (feib) nirbt. 

flen'tjng. p. a. 1. btnftnbaft j 2. jig. dtmlid), 
Mnuntrltd) j —tine, bie^unflctjeii bcr Xatf 
ben cor bcr Strife tcr $ulFcnfru6)tc$ fig. 
fibkibtc 3cit. 

To Bflnflm', (COT. To Beniimb'), o. 0. 1. 

Cvcr Jtoltc) erfiorrcn nutfbenj 2. tc* ffle= 

fu^lo berattbcBj fig. betaaben. 

lenurn'mednew, 1. 1, bic erflorrnngf 2. jtg. 

bic Sktdubung. 
Benvcnfic 1 , j. AiiW. baSSnfcoitum, bcrftSiu. 

ramnten (tai fflctt, mcltbct bcr nett Vngo 

lontmcnc [jam KcrtrinPen] crlcgcii mu^). 
B^n'z^Xte, s. ('Arm. bus benjotfaurt Cal). 

leiwS'jc. adj.C/tem. — ncid, bic fflcnjeefinrt. 

tenzuin', t. tcr (bic) SBcnjuc, n>orjlrica)tntt 

Vfttnti —tree, vid. Bepjamin, 3. 

leot'jc< adj. (turn p f ft n n ig , gcfublla*. 
To Be|>;iiiit', 0. a (to. 5.) bemalen, fdnttiuten. 
To Be|>mcli', v. a. fntipen, buraj Jtntipen 


To Bepiume/, «. a. tnit gcbemT*mficten. 
To Bepott'der, v. a. beputern, mil $nttr 

beftrcucn. [tben. 

To Bcprni(t', v. a. lobctl, vtdg. fccraufiftrti- 
To BepSr'ple, v. a. mit'fjnrpur, (purpurrsit/) 

fartett. [tcclaffcn, Icgiren. 

To Beqaiatb/, i). a. rcftamcittlirj »cnnad)cn, 
Bequea'tber, 1. tcrScftafur, ecgatariue, Qrb> 

Snffcr. [Ktflflt (vid. t. fi. f. ffi.> 

Bequenih'ment,i. l.bic@rbcinfc(ang) S.ba* 
BSquiat', s. baft Benndnjrnif, Kcgat- 
To Berate', o. a. ftbcltcn, aUSfdjtttCn- 




To BerUtle', «. a. tints Htm (wortber) ma. 
4tn, (Ware) aiwtttabtn, «Wnt. 

Be r'b?niiiiB, *. bet giibtsosfd (oon btn aia> 
bi|a>en irjttn fa genomic). 

BeVbeny, «. oirf. Barberry. . 

Bercean [ber-iB'J, *. 1. Jreh. bat Xt>nnei> 
gcwilbts 9. tat £ufd)0t»olbt, ber Saubtn- 
fl<m«, eogengang (in JtunfraarmOi bieBo* 
gtnlaubt. [bra, fnttotnbtn (flta- nit of), 

To Bereave', v. reg. ft ir. a. bttanbtn, ran- 

Beienve'taent, j. bit Qffttfaug | JmlStTan- 

BerSn.', prat. 4 p.p. ». To Bereave, [ben. 

BeVgajnO, », Com. Strgamoe, Bergnmcs, 
grote gentebte Xaptttn (fonft in bit Ror. 
manbie u. a. D- gefertiflt) out oerfdi. 3Xa' 
ttrlaten, all: Bribe, ffioUt, ffiautnreone, 
■&anf, Sitfltnbaar, k. 

BeVgauiflt, 1. 1. bit ffletgantoftt, Btrgantott' 
binn 2. (— iimmi), ba.fi BtTgantottSIi 
3. btr mit bitfen ©tie »obJried)<nb gtmaebti 
6d)nuuftaba(i 4. Did. Bergamo. 

Ber'gibder, I. vid. Birgander. 

Berg'fnlUter , Bergh'mtatar , [wig. bar'- 

■aitcr], a. JHrn. (in Dert.) btt Bergmtifttr 

(Borgeft|ttbtreergleiite), Srinuffer. 
Berg'mSte, Bergo'iaDle, t. Mm. (in Deri-) 

boi Btrggtrid)t. [btrefnu n. 

To BerhjW, v. a. iron, in 9tr imra beflngen, 
BMf', ». tint Trt Sltittngtt (etift) jum 

Xnsnwdjtn btr gleett in 3tugtn- 
BSi'ljn, .i. Jtodj. Geog. (bitCitabt) Berlin; 

bulini[*i —bine, taS Btrlinerblan (0. 

Berlin', BeruW, [ber-lln', W„ Ac; beV-ljn, 

Wb., it] «, bitStTlint(btqntntDf(rftttgc 

Beta*', ». Art bit Bemtt, ber SBaQgang. 
BenaB'da*. , t. Gtog. bit betmubifdjtn (6om< 

nucXtnftU') 3of*In, Sermubtn. 

BeVn»cle, i. n. comp. vid. Barnacie. 
BeVaard, i. Btm^art (5R-n.) ( —the hermit, 
Eat- ber B-SfrebS, ed)maroscrrrcb6, gin= 
Rtbln. [barbintrn gebSrtg. 

BeVntrdine, BcVnardln, adj. )u btn Stnt> 
BiVnardinea , BeVna/drBj , #. pi. £cc. til 
Stttb«buui> ob. Cifltmenftt-OTittAe unb 
ftcnntn- filbert), bat jiaup rotrbreeben. 

BeViiet, t. Late, bit firanbfhftung i jun>- 
iiern'-6*l, I. vid. Barn -owl, in Baro. 

BJtttt, i. Zoot. bit ffifspraqnaHt. 
BeVrjad, p. a. Hot. betrtntragt nb I bte> 

WrVy, *. bit Bern) Bobjtt (o. Jtafftc, ic)i 

- bearing. BttTtn trogenb ( - galls, rn)n>am> 

mint QtuaApftL 
To BeVry, u. I. n. SttTtn tragen, ob. betorm 

Intent II. a. l. fdjlagtn, brcfaXn) 3. etrgM* 
btn, u., vid. To Bury. 
BeVstati, i. vid. Buiilaa. 

Berth, i. k v. Mar. vid. Birth. 

BfVtfia,*. Btrtba(?f-n.)- 

BeHton, i. vid. Barton. [Bertram. 

Bcr'u-am, i. 1. Strlrum (OK-n) j 2. Bat. bet 

Ber'tyjne, p. i. cor. (C.) vid. Birthing. 

Ber'jt, i. M>n.bnSett)H,XquantiiTin. [grun. 

B«r'jline, adj. Min. betij liar tig, gtuniirb, ttU' 

Be'(»nt, Bt'(?ntlde, vid. Bjzant, *c. 

BeY-intler, t. rid. Bei-antler. 

To BeacrAwK, v. a. befrijcln, btfibntitrtn. 

To BeicreeV, v. a. bcfibinntn, btbecttn, Mr> 

To BSucriVblc, v. a. bef*tEibni, befrijdti. 

To Beaeccb/, v. ir. k reg. a. btingenb bitten, 
erfudjert, aitfleSen. 

Beeee'cher, s. ber (bring enb) fflttttnbe, B(tt> 
(leller, XnfudjenBt, Jlebenbt. 

Betee'chjng, p. «. bde Bitten, Qrfudjen 

ToBeaSSm 1 , «.n. 1. f[<h> gejiemen, Ho)fo)fftni 
2. anfieben <efnem), Fltibtn. 

Besei'iujog, I. i. btc Xnftanb, bir arfigfeiii 
li.p.a. Btjtemeab,fdjiifli4^>a(renb,anfteinBi3. 

Beieem'ir, adj. artig, anlldnblg, fdfictlitb. 

ToBeiif, v. Jr. a. 1. befffttnj &{fa>[ngen; 
2. tinfa5liff en, umgEben, umringen, umlagtrn, 
btlagernj 3. in bit Sngc (Aitmntt), in Btr= 
legtnbtit briiiaeu. 

BStel', pr<t. k p. p. t- To Beaet. 

To BenlirpB-', v. a. otmflnfdten, nerfiudjtnj — 
.1 osrbainmt [eil jr.! o, cerwiinfdjt! 
your heartl feof Birb ber Stuftl! 

Benide', Bealdei', I. prep. 1. neben, bet, bidjt 
btif 2. nnfer, auferbdb; 3. nid)t qaaif, 
fibtrj. —that, aafn bieftmi — tho pnrpoac 
unjinettmifiB j 'tia — ay preaent atope, ei 
bitnt nid)t ju mtnttm Borbabtn) thiaga — 
nature, 06erjialiir!iii)E Cingc* jig-*- ' ODe 
— ones idf, — one's senses, auf er [t4, oan 
6inntn feini tit. rafen, nia>t bet Btrfttnbt 
ftini n. odo. (Benidc('), auflerbcm, fiber- 
bitj, ot)ntbitft nodfbajtti all hia troopibe- 
aidca, atCe feine Cbrigen Xruppen. 

To Beiiege', v. a. 6elagem; the b-d, pi. bit 
Belaattten. [Bdagtttr. 

Beale'lec t. bttBeiageret; the b-a, pi. bit 

Beaie'gjBg, p. i. £ a. Ms fflelngern, bit St' 
Ugtrung} — nrmy. bal Bciagerungtbttr. 

Be»i«'tan, i. ber Seflftan, (btbcettt) Bajar (in 
Crient). [btf<hnui}en, befnbtln. 

."u BSumear', v. a. befdjmieren, befrteicbeui 

Beimen'rer, i. ber Scfnjmitrtt, Befttbltr. 

To BeaaDlce', v. a. in), fl.) btrlndftm, tin- 
rjnajtrni Taudjem. 


To B*o»ui'. v. a. btmjktt, befajmujen. 

To Ben.6»', v. a. l.befibncferi, iib erf* licit iij 

a. jig. mit »ri$ra SlBtjnt, ic. bcbetren. 
To BesnfifT, u. o. mlt edjnwfUbaf be. 
Be'f qb, j. bcr Sefen. [fajmujen. 

To BCeon, v. o. fe&ren, fegen. 
B^'.utc, *. «iJ. Beioiir. [nnftinbig ftin- 
To Jt^ori', o. a. fid) fdjfcEmj paflrn, anftcben, 
T* BiMiif, o. a. bautn maebnt (bef. bnrdj ben 

Xrunf ), btt&arnu 
Beiotf bedij, arte. rb6ri*fer, iiamffccr SBtife, 
Bwoflpfaeu, j. bleSborbtit, Scfbarung, 
Besought^— rfI],pi*t.Ap. p. F. To Beseech. 
HcspSke', pret. £ £ sot. t. To Beipenk. 

To Beipia'gie, o. b. nit guttem ob. onbern 

gidnjenbcn 3itra.tbtn befc[en. 
To Bespatfter, u. •. 1 . (mit Jtotb, Suffer, tc-) 

befpritnt, frfietftn; a.jfg. terltumbcn. 
To Bespdul', o. a. befpeien, befontfen. 
To Bespeak 1 , r. iV. a. l.beftcllen (-of.btU), 

btfpi-tdjrn, binanij 2. bnrdj RBortt ctnnct^ 

men, in ganinittn fuebmi bitten, anbalttn ; 

3. • aafpreebeii, anreben; 4. rerbcr cerfSn' 

Staen, corfttrfoacn ! 5. ftmb atbtn, anjdatn, 

M-.tHnblgen, rerciirbnn let me — jour nt- 

Icarion, id) bittt ura 3&ieHiifnirrrriimieit. 
Beapea'ker, ». bR ScflcfltT. 
To BespeWie, n. a. fjettt", fptntftln. - 
To Scapes', ■"• °- (burn) 8rbren>er0 brfpclm. 
To Besplte 1 , D. a. mfitjtlt. 
To Bfapirt, ». o. befprmgta, befcriitn, fiber- 

ct-er nuiberfprifcen. 
To Bespit, v. ir. a. befpeien, btfputtcn, 6f 

fpritni) pret. be»pii, or beipltted) p.p. 

beipit, b««pltt(d, or beapitten- 
BetpOkV, prrf. t p. p. eon To Beapeak. 
IWpf/koii, p. p. s. To Beipeak. 
To Beseof , c.3. 1. mit gIMfra jriajnen, fleeten, 

iprenWm a. btflttfen, btfubefo (»-r fi-). 
To BesprCntf, ». ir. a. beftreurn, bebetfen 

pret. Il p-p- bespread. 

To Ueapnn'Ue, t>. a. (mlt Suffer, 1C.) b»> 

fprengen, be[pri»rn( (mit Ctaub, ic) be> , 

beitett- [btr fflefprtnger j Befta'u&tr.B (lantern, 

asiprinkV, *. Oiner, ber Ottoa* befprI*t,|To Be>uY, 

To BfepOe', u. a. vld. To Bcipi 
To Bfapurl', o. a. vid. To Bnpirt 
To Bfap&fter, v. a. btjputtflt, btfetim, be 
fprittn, btfubeln. 
Btu. ». abbr. oid. Beit). 
Beit, (rap. 0. Good) I. adj. tcr, tie, tdl 

bcflci tbe — part, 1. bet groftt Xbcil) 
bal ttMltel 3- bu S(ffmi to pattbe- 

tooitrnction apon a thing, etnai ailf bdt 
Stfb Bruttni wbat'i tbe — newa* not 
gttK d gates Seurt ! «n« bad the - of it, 

fit buttt beneortbcil) tonuicthe-ofa 
thing, l.nufbaSfflcjrc nf 1 8t»«* nmacbai, 
(E aufs eeftc btnutcai S. M (o flut Bku 
tann, ane tincr (fd)[immcit;;c.)©aa>e b<rau*' 
Ditteln (j.S.of ill fortune, of a bnd bnrgnln. 
*c); todo one's-, fcinBcftrt Ob.fflloaiiBJ. 
fltfl ttjan) to my— (or to the — of my) re- 
membrance, (o gut (fo rid) id) mi* criimiin 
tonnitotbe— or my power, foflut, Hi* cimir 
msglid) ifti lo tbe - of our obnertotlon, 
nod) unftrcr gcRnucftcn Scoboibtnng t i« 
wake tbe - of one', way, fo fct>r Cllen M 
moalitbtft; ben tiirjcftm C8ca nebntra; nt 
(the)-, l.in ©mnbo »on btt dbenften 
(beftw) e«iw bctraibtctf 2. BKnigftinsi 
3. anf6^6ibft(i at tbe-baod, nut bet crftrn 
4»an» i nicblfeil j to hav« tbe — , 0it«cr fcin f 
ll.ai/...am»(tttn,auf'*fflrftti bithomght- 
to, kc, tr biclt tt fir bus » tftv p, k.) what 
bad I— dot orwhatconrmhadl — (to) take? 
nit tbnt id) am Scfttn ? ntlrben Scg foil idj 
cinfitjlagc n i -of all, tx|to btffcr; am titb. 
ften 1 1 like this - of all, mir ift bfli am Ucb< 
[bntj III. contp. — bcloYetl , oni mrlfttn 
(»trf«) grticbt j - bidder, btr Wtiftbictrnbc, 
gtriflcrcr, tititontj Mar-i. tbo— bower 
anebor, ber tfglidjc Knftrt the — bower 
cable, baS tialirbt Xntrrtau) — natured, 
. —tempered, Btr (bit, Ha*) gutrnfitbiafrr, 
gntartiaftt, tt. 

To Beitain', v. a. btfUtttn, bcFo)mn)rn- 

TnBeitifagY, D.t'r.a,l.nn(tn,Ku(rnbringnii 
a. be»Irtboi,nntrr6a[ttm (uW.To Befriend). 

BeateaoV, or BeiteM', pret. k p. p. p. V. IB. 

Bla'tjal, I. ad). ; 11. -ly, adn. citbifa, tbie- 
rifdj, im bon)fttn Urate flnnlid). 

Be.tjSl'jty, 1.1. Me Bicbif'bcSefdMtnbfiCf 
baseiebifdjefStftai bietlnrcrnnnftt «■ ber 
Srutalismnb, bit grito>ifn)c Siebe. 

To Bei'tjalite, To B«>'t|ltte, v. : bem *3ieb; 
glcidj ob. dbnlidj mndjcn. 

To B*»tfck', d. ir. n. beftafen, r-ollfttifeii. 
. To Btatlik', v. jr. a. mit ©cftaret erfaUen, be 

i. regeni to — one'* aelf, rtfl. 

anfleengen, fld) bttifcrn, bcftrebcni cilert. 

To Be.tow', v. a. 1. (to - upon) fttbdltn, 
gtbtn, f4tnfen, strltiben, errccifen, gentdb' 
ten, bttrbringen i a. annmben, rermenben, 
nttfrnrnben, (®clt| baran Itgtnj 3. Itgen. 
ficHen,fcten,oufbcTOabreni to — a daughter, 

■ cint Sodjttr vcr^cirotben, auSftatteni to - 
one't self, fid) 6ef(bdftifl«t. 

Be>tSw'al, j. (w . ti.) l . bie Xnotbnung, iBetan- 
Jbaltung, ecrffianng} a.bicttmibningdi' 


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Best I' 

BeatoVer, *■ »tr @rtytiler, ®eb«t, Et6po= 

Bealow'iiient, i. 1. tic Grt&eLlimg, fflotc; 2. 
bleHnroenbnng; 3- to.6 ©ebcn, sSerreenben. 

To Bistrid'dle, v. a. vid. To bestride k To 

To Beilrew', To BeetroV, \btntr&, W6. W., 

lie; bestrfl', Sm-, fa.], e. feg. £ ir. a. 

beftreuen, befetengen, bebetfen. 

Best rid', pre!. k p. p. Bestrid'den , p.p. 

v. To Bestride. 
To Bestride', it. t'r. a. (fiber etmoS) 1. fdjrei- 

ten, fiberfdjreitea, btfojreiten j 2. reiten. 
BestrOwn', p. p. ton To Bestrew. 
Beslfick', prel. k p. p. t. To Bestick. 
ToBestad', «.«. 1. befdjlugen, befe v en(mit 

Jtno»fdj(n,i[.)i S.JIg.itfotn. 

B«Bt6nk',pre(.*p.p. 0. To Best ink. 

To Beewrrf, v. a. befdjlttmigen- 
BSt.s. l.bieWSettt; 2. nfrir. e.Betty.viU 
Betty. [feSM, fetert. 

To Bit, ». o. raetten, (jit dntc SEBttte) ein- 

To BetSke', v.ir. r-fi. to- one's self to..., 

1. fiiti )u tttieas roenbtn, feme jtaftuifit ju 
etwflS ne$raen, ju fifroas greiftn, rrgrrifen 
(dud)Jig. bit gltnt)t, if-)i ©tmo.6anfo.ngen, 
(irtj dufStnae legem 2. fid) btgeben, fid) 

Betft'keii, p.p. 0, To Betake, [oerfigen. 

Bc'tel. f. tote Betle. 

BeteTljes, i. vid. Betilles. 

To Beltfok', o. ir. a. (A ry7. to - one's self, 
fid)) btbenten, (fid)) beRnnen, fid) eritmefn 
(—of, einer Sndje). 

BfWIehe'in, i. 1. Geog. 99etb(e|)«n) 2. ba& 
"Eorrtn&ouB, (uid. Bedlam). 

Betfi'lebemite, Betn'lemlte, (. 1. tin ffli. 
roobner ben SBftblebenM 9. Ecc. tin ffletfc 
tebemiter<3R6nd)3 8. ter gjtoubfflebtige, It., 
ttld. Bedlamite. [Bethink. 

Bethought' [-IMtfJ, prer. kp.p. son To 

Betfd', Betl'ded, prel. k Betid', p.p. b. f. Sffi. 

To Bande 1 , t>. ir. & rcg. 1. o. begrgnen, JU' 
ftottn, befallen, k.j woe — thee! ne&eDir! 
ber Renter Bolt Bitb! (b. o. jure, mit to); 
II. n. fid) jittrngcn, ereigtten, gefibeSen. 

Betillef', ». Com. (Bttbillef., Betiffoo, ein tof= 
ferer, baumreotterter, meiftenS mei^geftreifter 
ob. rcripgegitterterl8numrocII*nfroffBoittter= 
fdjirtunen Ziten nnb eerfdjiebenen Scaenben 
Dftinbiene. [tig, frfibe. 

BetTme', lietime.', adt\ briSetttn; bolb } jei= 

Be'tle, *. Bot. berJBetrtj -nut, bieffletel-- 
nuf, Xtefann>. 

To Betrteu, v. a. 1. bcjeidjntn, onbeuten; 

2. bebeuttn, eorbebeuten, ccrbertfinbigen, 


Bif any, t. BoU bit Setonie. 

Betook' [- Mf}, pret. D. To Betake. 

To Betrny', v. a. 1. betTdtben) 2. (MtlcitCRj 

Dtrfiibrcn; 3. jetgen, entbetttn. 
BetrSj'er, '. bet SSetcofb.tr. [aufpufftn. 

To Bctr.m', v. a. fdfmufftn, Jtettit, paten, 
TO Betrfi//!', o. a. 1. (fid)) bttlaben, (jur et>C) 

otiTprnbtni 2. ju ctneni 3»i6tbume ernennen. 
BetrOWi'ment, s. 1. basebeberfctedjen, bie SBec= 

labtm$i 2. tie (Smennung ju etatmSSiStbume- 

Betsey, Bet'sy, J. uiii. Betty. 

Bettel'leei, Bettel'ljei, «. uid. Betilic*. 

Bet'ter, (comp. v. Good), I. arfj. beffer, mefet 
roertft, fibetlegen (an ®eift, Stdrfe, Xopfer* 
Beit ;c.,U.)j to have the-, bie Bberfcait* 
babeni tofetthe— of, benSScrtbtil ^aben 
fiber . . ., ubertoinben, ^terr netrben fiber — i 
to give one the — of it, etnem ben kBorguci 
gebtn, noebfttfetTH forthe— , (eiiter 6o4e> 
sum Beftenf n. orfo. 1. beffer} 2. mebt, 
Barfbetj to love (like) — , lieber bnbcai 
yon (hid) — . Sc, ©it t^iten beffer, M. i ten 
foot high end— , Jtbnguf tjoti) lUtt) Snrubcr ; 
it it — than half (tast eleven o'clock, tfi ift 
fiber ftoib jnjdlf (Ub,t); mi much the — , befto 
beffer} Hove him the — for It, itblicbe itjn 
befmegen nut befto ttitfti I tiougbt — of it, 
id) tjo.be mid) beffer bebatbtj for— for war**, 
auf Oiifitl unb Unnluif , auf oQe raigl. ?aUt, 
auf ffleratberoc^i III. t. 1. bcr SSetjuit, 
»ortt)eil, bie Eberbanb) (oetgl. pli-s. 
bei Better, I.); 2. bet Srfferc, 8orneb- 
niere, Sbtrt (gen. fm ft.); 3. (is But. 
Hud.) ber$binteur beun€piel (opp. aitter, 
SBatifbaltet) ; onrb-a, pi. 1. unfere Ebern, 
Kortjefetten) 2. SSorntbmcre dlt mirj 3. bie 
beffrre eigenfibafiet!, tt. bnbcn alt mir. 

To Blfter, u. a. 1. betbeffem, oereollromm^ 
n«j 2. fiberttefleni 3. beffirbern, unter- 
ftfl Y en,begfinftigenj to-one'»»eif, ffd)(bci 
ttnentJtaufe / it.)cetbefrnnt. [tectionftboas. 

Bef t»rrng-hoil«e, $. bai fBcfftrungltjanS, Qor* 

BefSrbeningt b-», *. pi. Am. (cot. ft. 
improvements), Jnlttfltti, fecrbeiTeningen 
ntttcr 2flnbtreien bur* Ucbarraa^nng bttj 
Sanbes, VnVfbutpsgcB, k. 

BSftjng, s. bus ffittten, bie SBttte. 

Bef tor, j. btr SBettenbe, Setter. 

BSt'ry, 1. 1. cant, bat Sredjeifen i ber Dittrtd) j 
2. abbr. (fix: Elisabeth) «ic8d)rni Sett' 
*ert (g-n.). fjerfiterrert. 

Betdm'bied, p. a. unorbentlid), btmorren, 

Between', I. pr«j>. jreifiben, unt«i — thii 
■ad to morrow, inifd)en btuf nnb margrni 
-whiles, bondett {■ Sett, juioriltn, buu 

103 P 

*" s ™S!»»'«- 

fheiftc rttr Bctlwn 
•mmmsi * !».t»«l Sit). »"'*550>r 

"t'ti *■ * c -,' 

b,wb>M, *•"'„ SUM; >'i «n. B™.jJK»« **!,„«,«<'■ . '« te » 

«««*■ * Bi>'i«- > »• ■"' "Wl I I"*"' '■ V, 9tmi'«S «l «xi "iMDhi, 

iSporl.Wty»"l ' rf nwJ2!B64biKtJ «- Wl* b< „ n «t Z" '. *U « ° w - tic 

•^ISR** «■ Mh. 9 .«w«ii. IsSw ■■ ( s " bt J "J '"""■ »*. 

■'"•"■'• • iWiisMtt .„ K^i5*,V..("(at-)«twtfo. *• 

' >SU."5. m "5SfbK l i°'s.«s».*»«B>c..r,,,, 

_iit btB4tlt«Q4«-v?U!.^,M.- HsWnOUiUd, BBUfalMi. H rfi 

sirt.'iM..»' i !Csc 

To Bftw*^' ", 
, of. retiPi 

VB^ MB"*" 

liSnt, MbW "•»»■( £££,£., WUBBM. BH.WI.... .<j. 

Bias 1 

bowl, bet {tang (bit Bfeigung, Stdrte) eiuet 
Jtttgelj 2. Com. itt Xuefdjlng (bna ffia. 
fltn); obi* A'- tai UfccrgefoLajf, bit (HoiSt; 
3. j£g. ble fflidjtung, bet Xrieb; $>ang, 3ug, 
tie Kcignng; t*« Sirtbtni bit 2l>fiibtj 
4. bcr Sinn, bie JBcbtutungi to put one 
out of hit — , 3emonbcn auS btra Coneepte 
bringen, tin betlegen mortal II. adv. ftbfcf, 
fettling*, Bon bcrStitej to cat — , Cer CueiE 
[djneiten j Jig. ecrfebrf nuslcgcn; to go a— 


To Bi'an, i>.a. 1. auf Bit cine Scite ncigen : 
2..fig. neigett, lEtten, ridjtcni einne&men) au 
ftfne Seite jicljen, (flat) jugrtiiin madjcn. 

Bih, J. l.ba* e«uaflif4n)(ni 2. (-apron) 

bus ©etfertndj, (©eifcrO Su5*en. 

Bibi'cioot [ Wore, B7j., If.; bjbs'ibu-, 5m.] 

adj. bem Xtnnfe etgeben. 
Blb'ber, Bfb'neler, .. betKfppet,3ed)er, 3«*= 
btubet, ©iuf-r. 

Bfb'hjng, t. bat 9iipDcn, SSedjerrt. 
To Hfb'hle, o. n. uirf. To Bubble. 
Bfb'uk-bab'blc,j.u U f S -®e»af4,SBLrdjiioafd)i. 
Bibb* , i. p(. Ship-h. bit bttDotfttbeaBenXbeilt 
bet Batten eitttf SKoflcS. 
Bi'ble,j.l.bie»ibel,beiligeed)nftj 3. Mar. 
Megrofi Yrt bet£od)beoteraonn*j. —oath, 
bet 8A)wn«if bie Bibel. 
BiVler, i. via. Bibber. 
' (TlffSltpV Iilijl '!■ liil'iifJL 
BibliOg'noiy, t- l.i'- 1- bie"Wi*&tetIenntnif, 
©uitrhuiMS 2. bieXnleitungMpV 
Biblioe'r.pber, *. Lit. 1. Mr eibliogl 
- reXW*ntterj 3. »« BftriftfleUft. 


To BIckV, u. n. I. fid) jittetnb obtt wc-geue 
bin u. bet btmegnt, (b. $Iaauntn on. glfiffenj 
fid) fdjlingelni fTatfem, lobetnj 2. fitciten, 
tanfen, babtrn. 

Itck'erer, j. ber Strater, SdnrW. 
tick'ern (BEcV-Irou), ». 1. Meeh. ba£ fpi(igt 
Siren, ffiicteifen; 2. Sm. bet j»tt|pi*iat (cb- 
£orno TfntfcoS, bat ©perrbom, Oopptlbeni, 
bee ©pert&afen. 

li'corn, Bi'cfirne, Blcor'nont, adj. 1. mit (Be: 
£6rnetn, gebSrntf 2. Bn/. jroribinrig. 
li'corn, *. fiu!- bie Spflanie mit jactbdrnigen 
BIcar'paral, adj. jnieifeibig. L TCnt6eten. 

To Bid, n. ir. a. 1. beificn, befeblen, grbitten , 

2. birten (rfuen fait, tefgl. in IGirtlnncn); 

3. entblcten, dnbirtent i. onfbieten, abfun* 
tlgeu j anMnBtgtn, oafrnftni 5. bitten. tin> 
lobtnj to-ona the time (eo rap lineal) of 
the day, 3tmanb graven (gattn aSergtn, Zag 
Xbrnb birten); to~oue farewell, OlDeiri 
Kcbtuobl fagen) to- fairfn.), fid) gut antof. 
fen, jo flDtfnungtn beteebtlgtn; to -a boon, 
nm cine ffiobt (<Snobe) bitttnt to --the 
btadi, ben SRofonfranj betcn.} to — up, (in 
Xurtionen, it.) fibcrbictenj (bie yrtife) in 
bit £6bc teeibtn. 

BW, I. pret. b. p.p. (o. 6. B.)! U. ,. 
bal Olebot (in TCnetionen). 
IM'ilen, p.p. d. To Bid. 

Bfd'der, i. l.btt, bit (Bcfcblmbti 2.btt Q\n- 
labtc) 3. bet ettigereT, Eitftant (in tiner 
Xnetion)} the beat or bitjueat— , ler SKeift^ 
bietenbej ibeloweit-, ter aXinttflbittcntf. 
"'djna;, I. p. s. I. bdi (SEijtif, Oebot, bet 

BrbltogrSpb'ic (-cal). ooj'. biblfograptjiffi). |Sj Scfe^ M« Ot»erj 2, bag Sieten, Sebot (in 

Brblibg'raphr, '• Lit. bit SBibilogtopbit. L7!!'JS£ttOWn)i n.p.n. bfffltnb, ic-i otd.ToBid. 

BWliolIte, >■ Fet. bet fflibliDlitb.^ '" ' ^ -...-.. 

BtbljomS'nla, *. Lit. I 

I. bie fiibUontanlc, 
"»fii7r»ttV(i, »ft*«tfU4t. 
Btblioi»«'ni«c, *• Lit. md.VK MMMB» 
Bibliontnl'acf 1, adj. til. bibltomontfd). [let. 
Blb , liDpole,Biblia P '9lt»t,i./.i-i.berS)ad)b,anb^ 

Wire. *«.], a* «t. la emet MHbM 
oebprig. [»ibtiotberar. 

BiblioOteea'rian, BlbUMMclrr. »• Lit W 

BWljat. a. bet fflibclgliubigei Sibefftnnet. 

BIb'tiloua, adj. fdjmammldjti -paper, 8u[d)' 

Blcap'aular, «tf. flat- iwtitapfelig. [papier. 

Bltartonite. ( him. I. »- S»* ff 
II. adj. ubetfobltnfouer. 

Bice, i. Paint, bo* UIErainarin) blue-, uberb. 
bit bkutSotbe, bef. baifBIaftblaaj gr.en- 
bitgrimt8«tbe( bai»Io»srt»; . 

BI«V|tal, Btctp/itom, ndj. l»tih5pPg. 

g^.. l.abhr. f&Tl Bridget, Bript; 2. dim. 


To Bide, •:-\ , i „ ujbl i rrcn (gtfcnttiaj 

obttatten II. h ^ To ^ ide / 
Bl'deu, Bi'dent, j *■ 
Btdin'tal, odj. ■ 
l|dCf, [IP*-. 

(Itine ^fttb, ber Jtltpll 

tat iflritbtdtn (jum SBftlU^^ 
Bl'djng. p. *. I . boi SB'Jtnr*™^ , 

ber Bofinplaj, ^f^'TMDtt 
B ^.,Mar.rin^«fn 9 !|;»- 0Rn 

W. Water-hemp. [jt<"g. 
fdfcnfa, imeiiinfigj 2. 
" ". .Sm.], s. 1. bat 
i 2. bit flteitbant, 

- pUcej 

!. Bot. )Kti< 


Bfferoai, adj. BoL {jibrlidj) jrorfmol twgcnb. 
Biffin, i. eine Xrt getrocTnefer, plattgeprepter 
*j>fet [mfe 6. f. SB. 

Bi7fa[rTore.,iK,Sm.;brfn4 **■.*"■]. "dj. 

Bifidiled, Bifirtijte, p. a. ]. in j»(i Styilc 

qrtbrilt, gefpalttn; 2. Bot. jreeifpaliig. 
«: foil, *. Sol. tag 3reefblatt. [jturiblumig. 
Bi'fuW, adj. jweffdltig, steitfaa), boppelt. 
Hi'Rrm, Bl'fiirmed, odj. pjciformig, eon bop> 

pdttr Scrni ; jroeileiblg. 
BlfBrmjtj, t. bie boppelte ©ffraltwifl, Eop= 

pdform, jmeifadje ©eftolt. 

Btfgrom, adj. mlt boppelttn XturCII. 
BifrSn'tf d, p. n. 1. jnwi Borberfeiten fjabcnti 
2. (iMifHrnfg. 
Bifor'ajic, BlfSrValed [Won., W., Sm.: 

Wfureit, Ac IV*.], p. a. 1. jmeijatfig, jn>ei> 
jiirf i g) 8. Bol. go belfirmi g,s»tfi!ftig, gcfi) al ten . 
mfurcs'iion, i. bit Bpaltung fin jwci Xbeili), 
gabtlfSrotige Sbeilung (its SBegcS, it.). 

BifoVcom, adj. vid. Bifurcate. 

Ut*, adj. l.bi*,8rof,iM)I(i2.fnjioan3fr)triib= 
ttg 3. fe- crfuHt, veil (j.S. Don .Rummer, 
enswrtmijj, SJergniigen, mit with ,..)J 4- 
it olj, aufgeblaf en, trotig, 6°*, sref i 3. grop" > 
i.'fijtg, rrtabtn, mut^eollj —with cbild, 
fdjmangerj -with young, trndjtig; fig- 
to go— with a project, mit einem Knftblogt 
fdjmangtr ge&ert) to took— , ftolj, trotig, ic. 
ouSftbm; to lalk— , aroptbun, auffdmcibeTH 
— bellied, ticfSdncjig i vulg. fdjrwnger) 
—bodied, tidMbifli —boned, flart, Iraft- 
rou^ pferf4rritig) —corned, —grained, 
grofffrnig; — Mimed, l.bcrubmtj 2. bom* 
(■ajtifdj batinnt, tclImauEtgj —napped, grob> 
fatigj — nddered, mit obDtti 5uf era. 

Big, Big'-bear, Btg'-bere, vid. uittct Barley. 

To Big, r. a. & rt. proainc. (K-aigl.) bauen. 

BigVmoutt, #. Btr Slgamtft. 

Brg'.n.y, j. I. tie ffliflamit, Doppe!>9bet 2. 
(in fanoniftbm ffl(djtt) tic $eit« elnrr 
jmeften gmu, it. 

Bignrocn', *. ft™. Me grofe tteiSe$<rj[irfn)e. 

Blgemlnate, adj. Br,(. Boppelt jBcliiblfg. 

B'VEel. #- Zoo'- bat Knlaao. 

Bi'stit. i- 1. Me Sfgbine, Kenittnbaube (ber 
SeguinnOi 2. tag tfmberbdubujen, 3RC0- 
iben) (Shaksp.) bie (Ktntt.)1ttube. 

Bigbt, *. 1. Afar, btr Sag, bit Sitgt (bet Urn- 
fang rinc* pfammengtroSttn ©ibifftmies) j 
2. bie Sudjt, ein (telnet $afen, Ed>rupfi}a= 
fen; 3. bet bndjtdbnlidje Sinfajnttt in ein 
eisfdb i 4. Man. btr Bug am SdjtnErl (bet: 

Bltfteu. *. bit S5i*, <8rff *, bet Umfcng. 

flignO'ni», i. Bo!, tie Xrnmpetaiblume. 
Bfg'^t, l. j. 1. bet Xnbidjtler, grommltr, 

©ajrinbelligti 9. ber blinoe Vnbanger (mit 

to); II. adj. fibdn^etlig, bigott. 
BTf'oted, I. adj.; II. — ly, adv. 1. bigottf 

fromnulnb i 8. bltnb cigeben, jugclijan, — ta 

..., ringenommen ffir . . ■ ■ [Bigotry. 

BigVi'iin, j. bct{)angiurKnbf(btc[ci) «hf. 
Bigotry, 5. 1. bte Cigotteric, Xnbddjtelci, 

grcmmEiEi, BcbctnbfiligEcii! 2. bie blinbt 


bat Jtitinot, t<t SuidcI, toftbari etbrntHt. 
fljJ , outrj[bizli'dtrJl, s. fflijeufcrit (.SBaarcn). 
Bijn'guui, adj. Bot. jncipaarig gc^cbert. 
Bila'bi»te, adj. Bot. jmeiiippig. [b(ftcl)(nb. 
BlUCin'tUate [»%.]> "«J- *•'■ «Ul Jll)Cii>latt(tl 
BjISV.i. Com. ba6«erfoaicit<ffliid),3a^ung5 ; 

Sua), fin ?rnn!rcinj) ein Sudj, renin Jtauf> 

leutc unb tBedjeier i^rc Tfctit. unb f uffii^ 

Sdjuibni eintragen. 
Bil'ander, j. Mnr. 1. bcrfflinncnlonbcrj B.b« 

BjISt'er^l, adj. jrocifeittg, bopptlfdtig. 
Wlkw, s. vid. By-law. 

BtlVrry, s. Bot. bit $eibelbetr(. [£Rappitr. 
BTI'bu, Hilbc/a, j. (fpan.) bte ftcgentlingc, bas 
BiKbCef (BTrbriirf), $. pi. Mar. bte teujetl, 

gttf&nnbe, ber 6to* (ffit Btrtredfcr auf 

edjiffctt). [auf, bal etcbauf'WdnnAen. 
Btrboqaet [— kot], ». ber Jlugelfimgi fiStcb* 
3il«, i. l. ttefflatttj 3. bog Otfa)ront, «., 

Bid. 6. b. Boil ; — duct, /inni. beilSallengang, 

Siliargangi —"tone, MmJ. ber ffioncnflein. 
Bilge, i. l.berSaud) ctncegatTci j 9. Afar, tai 

°jlen), bte ISeite ober IBreite id ®a)tfft)c" 

benej —pump, bie Bob en pump c, @a)(ag< 

pnmpej — water, baS JfimmwafTer, e*lag< 

To Bilge, ti. n. Afar, lettmcrbcnj a b-d ahip, 

ein tm$[a.d) Icrfcfi (rin gefdjtitetics, bcfdjd< 

Bil'|ary, adj. jut ®atle gtberig; —duct, 

An at. bee SaDengang, Siliargana. 
BTIin'6uar[-gir«r], adj. jmetfpraniia. 
Ulirn'goouit— gwui], adj. I.l»ci3ungta, bop- 

peljiingig) 9. jreci Spmibnt fpredjenb. 
Bil'joui [— yui], adj. 1. gaQig) 2. gallirbt 

gaQcnarrig i — fever, bae (SaHenflcber, 
Blltferal, adj. tmcibudjrtabig. 
To Bilk, u. a. fd)ntnen, prcllen, betrfgen, im 

©tidje laffin (bef. feine ©Hubiget). 
Jill, ». 1. al.hr. (fur: William) SBilbcirn, 

aBiCmdjen) 2. ber ©ajanbel (uid. Benk); 

— lull, ein ©d)naf>el imjH j —beaded, fdjiifl' 

6 elf 5 vmig 1 S. bte Sun t fpioc j 4. bit dpi (c pel 

JtnifSoIj(e,eint*3ithIS, ICj — of an anchor, 
bit Xnferfpifc j -fish, Did. Garfish; 5. cine 
Vcl @(6ul)it(igel j -brad*, citlt Xtt Stagel 
rait geraben Sdjnltem ob. JWpfen Cjitm Sin; 
fenfen)j 6. Gaid. tint Xrf t?ta)e(, bie$tppe, 
boi fSartenmeffrr, SthHittmtffer, (aucb — 
hack, bepgl.): *■ Afii. bag gafiftinennjcfl'cr ; 
hand— .tine furjf^ipP'i hedge (hedging)—, 
tint iange $ippei —man, ber S)amnfd)itti> 
tec i 8. bit Jtrammailj Strt'ttail; ^>cllc= 
bnrbtj — man,-ber$elleburbitr. 
BiU,*. 6ef. Com. ALato, I. bct3tl(tl, bo.8 
ffliutti 2- bit Sifte, tag §3erteid)niBj 3. tie 
9ted>nung, bee 2i:S;ug, bit Wortj 4. bet 
Sdjeiit, bit SBcfdjiiiiigungi 5. ber aBeibfel. 
Appoint (viit. Appoint); 6. bit Sajrift, 
SAulbDetftbreibuitfl, Urtunbe j T. bteJtlago 
fdjrifti 6.(«-«top), bttlnfdjloasetttli 
toe KDettiffemeitti 9. bastrteteptj 10. bii 
Sill (ber Siitiourf [JBorfcbiufll ju tiara Oe> 
fae Db.iurinti$at[omtntecetotbnung)i Kit 
Xtte (ber etrbinblicbe 'par laments [chluf., Cos 
(Sefct)j —under one'i band, cine $flnb« 
fajrtft; taker ofa—, ber Xraffaitr, Cnlneb« 
Itietj — for (of) debt, (due—, or band— ), 
tin|iaitb{f4u[b)fd)etn^)EUtbned)reIialong— , 
tin langiiiijtiger SBe^jelj a short— , cinturs= 
fidjriger SBedjfelj n »ingl« (wtei or only)-, 
bcr Solumettftl (eigtne ob. troirene{8Jea)feI.)j 
Bill*, pi. l.ffeB. Com, SBedffcl, yapierc, Be= 
Oifen fSBuhfel auf tintn SBeajfclptat; , ber 
dntnGoutobat)j 2. Xttitn, ic.) 3. Sritft 
(aafbe»awirtt>l«to)i 4- Mint, <8olb.os. 
Silbi'rrtumpen , Bid. Billot; bs at three 
months' date, brei SHonat Ropier j b- 

usante, Ufotoedjfd j b-e iu sets, SBedjffil 

in DnpUeaten, flopiemeujfeL; b-> on London, 
aSerbfel auf Konbon, vulg. Sonbonerj b-i 
payable book, oaS XcteptntionSbud), Xrat= 
tenbud) i b-« receivable b., bae Sttcmefjenbudj, 
$(at> Ob. eStabtmcthftlbufl). Bill of admea- 
surement, btr QHt^briefs — of adventure, 
btr TCotntnrbrief j — of amortisation, bet 
iffiortificatitmsfdjein, Silgurtgsfebtim — of 
bottomry, btr fflobmereibrief, ©d)iffi5pfanb> 
britfj —of carriage, ber grad) [brief j —in 
chancery, bit SJajabenerfat-Kage nor ben 
Jtanjltigerid)t t —of complaint, biejtlagt* 
fajrift, Srled)«tlagei -of coat, Die Jtoften= 
rtdinuna j SinFaufireitnung i —of the course 
of exchange, baf. OourJfc-latt, ter 6t-UtiJtt= 
ttl; -of credit, tee offcntSBethfetj Am. ber 
Eintfaninierfibtin i —of debt, ber Sd>u(b= 
fnjein,bie©aiuIloetfd)reibun[i) — ofdellvery, 
btr (3CuSs) *itftrunger<bein j — of divorce, 
btr Sibtibtbrief"; —of emotion, bcr Jtanf' 

►6 Bill 

brief, JTaufcontrutti —of emblement (or 
indictment), bie Bntlageacte; —of entry, 
bit 3oHbcclaration (bus @in= ob. auSgangs. 
jonoerjetn>nifi) i ~ in equity, bie Jtlage* ob. 
Sittfcbtift in 6a4nt ber Silligreiti -of 
exchange, ber Sfficcjfeibrief, SBecbftli -of 
exchequer, ber Sd)fl(fommerfd)etr( j —of 
(the) fair, ber Stanbfdjein, Stanbjettet (auf 
jReffen n, ffltfclten) i -offnre, berOTarrl- 
jettel, JWejtnjettel j 0ptifejrtteli -of fount. 
Print bet estbriftjertef, ©iefqettclj —of 
freight, ber gradjt&rief; —of health, ber 
@efunbbeitepaf, ba6 Ctefunb^tttfatlrftat; — 
of indemnity, vid. (bond of) Indemnity; 

— of lading, ber (®d)iff>>) Serlobungif *rin, 
(0et>)Srad)tbrief, boB QonnofTomenti —of 
mortality, tie Srtrbtltftt, Sobtenlifre) -of 
parcel), bit (fpedficirte) ItSaarenrecbnung, 
Snetutai — oftheplay, btr Jtomobien>ettc(i 

— of prescription!, (doctor's—), bat Sttcept 
(einesar;te5)i -of rights, bie (unter Wil- 
liam u, Mary firm engL Solfr geaebene) Ser- 
fafungSurtunbti — of sale, bee Jtaufbrttf, 
■ffaufcoBtraetiSlfanbtonrtorti Am. bcr nidjt 
unttrfitgelte J6trfau ft con tract einee tSniBt' 

ftaStS i great or grand — of tale, btr SJeiI= 

brief (obrigteftlidjee 3cugnif fiber tensor* 
fajrifrmfi^'fl"! S au " ttti Bujiffrt)* —of 
aigbt, ber Sotlerlflubnififdiein, (Sutcr ob.at 
gattur auSjulabent — of specie, ttrSorteni 
jetteli —of atore (stores), btr ^rocfant* 
frbtin, 6r(«u6ntfircvein pr joHfrtitn Btrpro' 
oiintining fur bit Strife einei ^anbeiefthif- 
fe»» —of sufferance, ter GrlaubniMdjtin, 
greijtrrel, |)afrirjetreIjuiioDfreien1fu*[ubr 
Don £Baartn cein cintm britifdjen £afen jum 
anbemi —of tonnage, ter 9R eft ritf( nut-go 
fteQtto ;kugni6 com Xio)mrifter fiber bit Za- 
fhghit eincS ©d)iffe6) j —of view, vi<l. —of 
tight; — ofweight,bie©t»tdJ»ltOtt} — ac- 
count, Sas Sffiedtfelconto ; —book, baiXScdj: 
feifeonttO) — bovs,t>i(i. Btlboea; —broker, 
berSBrebfelmorler; -brokerage, bieffird)' 
felcourtagej — buiineu, 8anfgffa)dft( j — 
copy-book, bus 88ea)fe(copierbudj ) —doer, 
btrSBtdjftireiteri «8ua)ererj -bolder, ter 
8Btd)felinbabtr, ^Jrdfentanti -jobhing, bit 
SBeebfelrtttertii —money, tit VBttbfeltour' 
tUflti —poster, —sticker, ter Bttteianfcblf- 
gtr, 3-ant(totri —stamp, btr SJecbfelftcnis 
pel; —wallet, but Xafd)ea6ud) jitm btque- 
men Xragen btr Sanfnoten n. SBeibftl. 

To Bill, o. t. a. cant, (bltnb ZufAIagittteE of- 
ftntl.) nnjtifltiu II. n. fid) fdjndueln; fig. 

Bil'lard, i. ber fflaftarb; Jtopaun. [liebeln. 

BJl'lardi.r.pl. bieiunge»rut t. Jtoblenflfrbe*. 

Bill 1 

Billtsrry, '- vid. Bilberry. 

BiTi«t,i. l. 606 aiHct, bcr3cttcl, bicSEete 
9. Mil. ber £laartter§ette[ j 3. lltr. bie 
©■hinbelj toft-, (bYl'let-ddax [bllle-do], pi, 

bttttU-i&m [-dfa]j, bM«iebe*brief4en. 
4.ba6 8thtitj 5. ber 9r>ia=, it. Jtlmnpcnj 

vid. Billot; —wood, Bttnajolj, e*jtitbc!j 
(3«Efit.4 3oai«nfi). 
To Bil'lit, o. a. Mil. (gSoIbattn) tinquiirtiren. 

BiU'iard [—yard], adj. camp. Gam. SSiBflrt'! 
-ball, bit aS-f»fl(I, Btr S-bttBi -hole*, 

— pocketa (gtn>. hazardi g(ii-), £B-I6d)er, 
S-btntcl; — marker, ber ffl-marauturj 

— ■tick, btr ffi-ftiMT, bo* £llI(lK) —table, 
bit JB-iafd, bad S. 

Bill'iard., i. pJ. Com. bag ffliUarb, 93-fpieI j 
to play at—, 9. foittal. 

Bnrfan, ■. /iriUi. tie SBiflioti. fSudjfce. 

Billjtmg, Bn'l|ttrn B , *. Sport, bit Soofunfl itt 
Billon, i. Com. 1. ftljr <|erina.balrigc& ©el* 
■.BtJberi 3. Bit fltringbaltige (jn ftarf mit 
JTupfer Dtrftttt) QMnjtj -of lilver, $a= 
flam rat 
Bii'iDt, i. 1. tas edjeil, trfd. Billet; 9. b-i 

of Fjoldornilrer, Mint- Glolb. Ob. 6itb«> 

tdnnpen, imgrmunjteS ©olb ob. ESilbcr. 
BiTlow,.i. bie grefc SBelfc, SBofltj -beaten, 

* wjogengtpeirfujt. 
To Bil'low, o. n. (nttnenfonnifl) auffdjajeUcn, 

(id) auftftiitmtn; *aafi»ogtn, 
Bifiowy, adj. roogig, mogtnb. 
BIrly, *. 1. JWecA. btr fflrebfhtbl, tie 8or> 

fpinnmafojinci 2. abbr. D.William, micBi" 
Bila'bate, Baobed', adj. Bot. jtueifopuig. 
BTIoc'elar, adj. Bot. jweifdajt rig. 
Bima'nooi, adj. jntib,dnfiig. 
BFma wood [-wad], J. oirf. Beeme-wood. 
Biras'rjan, BTmiVjcaJ, adj. j»ti OTeerc (Been) 

bctrtfftnb. [flSimebiallinic. 

Biiae'dial. adj. Main, bimebial) -line, bt( 
mm*d'«al. odj- aGe s»:i SRunate gtfdjeStnb, 

In, ». bitZabt, Jtifte, ber Jtaftcn, ?C- 1 eomp. 

nit: oata-, ber £aftrfafienj bread—, ber 

Bta'acle, j . .War. bas Ettnpnf bduSifctn, "Jiadjc 

fcanSi — lampi, Kat&tfcauelampen. 

Biiut'rjont, adj. Did. Binary. 

BVnary, L adj. ,iri!fi. bin«rifnj, »u5 jmeiStto 
britoi btftcbenb, bonpelt (jmeijabiig, gc^ 
jBCtt)) H.i. bit 3uei&ttt, 3abl con iiiimen ; 
III. eomp. — arithmetic, bit blnartfajt Xritb- 
mrtif, Bnabif"; — measure, Af us. bet at- 

BT oate, adj. Bot. jnwi jib.Iig. [rube Sort. 

ToBind, v. <r. I. a. l.binbcn) etnbinben? 
etrbiabtn (tint tBwttt w aud) mit up); 

Jig-j. a. binica, otrpfUnjttn, wrtinbent S. 
feft, gcrcip nwdjen, ab(a)(ieftn (etacn £un- 
bcl, i(.)i 4. (to — in), bennun, biitbcnti 
5. Aftd. eerftopftnj 6. Mm. bitiben (ooru 
JtoK); to — with g»ioon. mitSrtflen obn 
Sorten b(fe(eitj to — an apprentice, einen 
ec&rling oufbiiigtn fofl'cn, @tnra in bit Sebtc 
gcbenj to — a eervant, eincn SDicacr bur* 
SRittbgeib Dbcr ecnicutt bintcn ; to — o«er. 
tirirtn(Dor[abt[|)loffenj II. >u 1. bidjt, Rctf 
ob« bart merben (c. njcidjra it. A6rpcrn)i 
glue bindi, Scitn binbrti 2. ccrflopfenbt 
SBirfnna b«ben; 3. fig. <wr) binbenbt 
Jtraft taben (on, fur). 

tind, 1. 1. Sot. bit $upfcnrantc, bcr $opfcn> 
grey and white — , bic beiben beflen Eorttn 
tree; ». Own, a - of eeli, 250 Srittt 
Kale; -weed, Bot. bic SSinbc. 

Bin'der, j. 1 . gen. bcr Sinber i (Sarbenbinbcr ) 
Sn4binberi 2. bit Sinbcj 3. Afed. mis 
binbenbt QXitttI, JBcrftopfunatniittel. 

BWder y, s. mod. bit Sadjbinbertecrtfliirt. 

Bin'djng. 1. 1. 1. bae SSinben, Scrbinbtn, K.) 
2. bcr einbanb ( dries iSuajeS, !C.)j S.btr «3«r> 
banbi w.bftBhtbCf 5.bieetnfaffang,»oitc 
(aud) b-n'j; 5./'"n(c. bieermiibEn, erreinjm 
ber Scute j 6. Ftne. basSiabea bttr Jtliagc; 
the iron — of a dead eye. Mar. ber Sefdjlag 
tiner Jonafer} II. p.a. binbertbj -joUt, 
Arch, bcr oerMnbcirte SLucrbalFen ; —land, 
binbtnbetSlobtn) —notes, Mm, ed>(eifita' 

Blnet, i. pi- $opftnranfcn (vid. Bind), 
tine, s. Al-v. tin ber Sufi au^gefebter 

Binn, cid. Bin. Binnacle, vid. Binacle. 
lin'oclc, *. Per. bat Boppdfernrabri bic 

BlnuVBlar, adj. 1. jwctdugigi 2. Per. fur 
bttbe Vngtn bitnenb (1. e. mit 2 etbrBbrcn); 
— teie*cope, baevDopptlftrnrobr. 

Blnu'mjijl, Alg.\.adj. 6inomif<bi Il.s. bicbino. 
n'lneua, adj. jiwinnmig. [utifdje ©rof r. 
:'ohqus, adj. jraciftimmia, ! is tit S nig. 

Bilig'rapber, ». Lit. ber Siograp^. 

Biogrlph'fc, BIoerKph'jcal, adj. biograpbifa). 

Bloe'rapby, t. Lit. bit fflioornpbit. 

Bip'arom, adj. J»(i 3uitgc (aufeinmnl) gfr 
barenb. Irene. 

Bjpar'tient [- ah{-], adj. tytfb tbcilntb, balbi- 

Bip'artHc, adj. 1. in jnti Xbeile getbeilt, 
ineitbeilig (ana) Bot.); 2. bc-ppclt, in jniri 
Jtbfitriftea (oon Ccnrratttn, «.). 

BIparti'lion, t. tie Xtjciluitg In |»ei Xbdlt- 

Bl'ped, i. b>« imcifufige 5-bitr. 

Bip'idal, l. adj. ituetguf long; 2. jiocigilft 
hafinib, jweifufig. [a. Bot. boppeltgefieoert. 

Blpea'nate, BlpeVuqted, adj. 1, jJDciflugelig j 

Bipen'nji, ». Afar, cine boppelfineibige 2Crt 
)um Jtapptn bet ftinblitben Saureerft t>eim 
Gntern. [mratrontn). 

BipEt'tioDi. adj. Bot. imeiblatttrig OonBlu< 

Bloui'drate, Blqu^drSfjc, t. Ate- bie Biqila* 

bratjab.1, oftrte 5)ottn| (einet Srife). 

BirjujdrSt'ic, arfj. ,4%. biquabrafifcS. 

Blra'djate, Blra'djlted, ndj. Je*. |»eiftrablig. 

Birch, I. t. 1, Bot. bit Bit*, (-tree), bet 
Birfenbaunu 2. bit birfene Stutbt, boBB-a- 
tefSi II. adj. birrenj — broom, bet ffl-n- 
beftn) —oil, ber S-otbtrj —wine, SBtin 
aut B-nfaft. 

To Birch, v. a. mit (birtrnen) ffiutbtn ptitf*en. 

Ulr'iJien, adj. btrfeii) —broom, btrBirten* 
befeni —rod, bit Birttnrntbe. 

Bird, 1. t. 1. ber Sogel; 2. bat (trim <9ef!d> 
fltl} 3. Sport. —of game, ber(jnr3agb)ab; 
geritbttie galre) b-iofgame, BogelntUb' 
pretj b-aof paaaage, 3ug« ob. ©trid)p6'ge[; 
II. comp. —boll, 1. btrBogelboTjtn) 2. Icli. 
ble (Zfll») Cuappc, Tfiilraitpe; — cage, ber 
B-baner) -call, bit gotrpfrife, beriS-riifj 

— catcher, bet»-fdngir,e-(l(ll(tj —catch- 
ing, bus B-ftellen, .bet B-fartgj - (§-) 
cherry, Bot. bit B-firfehe, StattbtnritfAei 

— ieye, i. uid.unttn b-»eye; —eye, — '1 
eye, (—•■-eye), adj. in B-9>etfi;ectto( ftt' 
recent — »'-eye view, He B-^DetftttttMi 

— eyed, p-augigtfcbarffibenb; —like, »-ai 
tig j —line. berK-leim.} —lined, mit SB- 
Itirabeftridjtn* -nan, ber B-Fdnger} B- 
bonbler) — '« nest, 1. tit. balU-nefl; 2. 
bEJSgl. tiii Carrol; 3. tag (oftinbifdje) (f> 
bote 8-neft, Sunrinneftj —netting, bat 
8-nefttr cutnehmm (ftSren); —pepper, Bot. 
bet B-pfefftr, fpem. ^JffSfer; — seller, ber 
e-butiblerf -akewer, (-»pit), ber B-fpeilet 
(SpieWi b-t-cye, Bat. bat Xbanitrifdjm 

To bird. u. n. Bfgd fangert obcr ftcHtn. 
Binder, t. bet BogelfteHer, Bogelfangtr. 
BIHding, j. Sport. bat SSogelfttUtn, btr 8- 
fang) —net, Bat B-nte; -piece, bieB- 
flint** -pouch, bitS-raftbei ~«bot, B- 
Dird'llng, j. dim. ba6 8igclrt>en. [bwtft 

Bi^g* nder, 1. Ont.bitgao>tgant,Branbfntf. 
BIried, adj. mit fltintn Bucfein obei Jtnipf= 
then gejitrr, beftbt. [belig, 

BitO«'tr»te, BiroVtrSted, adj. Bof. jneifdina: 
Sirt, t. Ich. bie ©teinbuttt, rid. Turbo L 
BirfA, 1. 1. ble ffltburt) 2. bit |>et( tin ft, Xb= 
ftararaungj bet Urfprung; 3. bat^ungt, 
Jtint) i.fig- bit %m<5/t, bat grjtugnip : 

new-. Thiol, bie 2Biebergeburtt -day, 
betO-ttaai batO-tfeftj — d.ode,t.ie<S-*« 
tagtbttmnei-night.l.bicffi-tnacbtj 2. bie 
Xbenbgala am ©-Stage btt Jtfinigt, bet Sti* 
niglnn, ic.j —place, ber<8-6ort, bit $«• 
tnattji -right, bat (9-ttecbt,Bttd)tbei(Stfl> 
gebutt, 6tbaitted>ti — «n, bit fitbfiinbti 
—•ong, bat ffi-tliebj — strangled, in bet 
ffictmvt etfHcttj —wort, Bot. bit Cftttlaiti). 

Birth, t.Mar. Lbeteuielmum (iumUmfdjiotn' 
fen tfnet etblfftt t iila( itoiftben ben ed)if> 
fen) i 2. btqntmrt Xnfetplat > 3. bat €5<biff$- 
bctt, bit Sagtrfttue, Jton; 4. bit Bod*, ber 
{Rcmm, Berfdjlag fur bte Ctftciett, ic. auf 
tent ©djiffe, it. 

To BirfA, v. n. (rell.) Mar. to - one. lelf. 
rid) (mit tinrm S*i(fe, in tine Bu4t) feft 
legtn j to be b-ed in the cabin, feint ttSob> 
nung in ber AnjUte baben. 
(Ii'Wijng, *. ifar. 1. bai Xufbujert (1. r. bie 
Unltgung c*. Xuffe(ung bet$Iantcn)j 2. 
XSln, mat ben ®a>ifTtborb ertoiji. 
ll'». ado. Com. k Mat. jiodmal. 
l|fSnf, Br«an'tm«, Did. Bjzanl, In, 

Bin'cay, 1. Stag. Bittana ([pan. $tOVUtt). 

Bii'cotla, ». tine Xrt 3ncCettita)cn. 

Br^cujt, t. 1. ber 3reicS«tf, (-bread), bat 
(batte) edjiffbtcb; 2. batSfttnit, ranbp 
etttngut (tint Urt ^oricllaii at)M 9lafur). 

Bisc, s. vid. Bice. [fdjnetbtn , t)'Ibina. 

BI.*cf , b. a. Math, in jwri Xbeile tbcilen, 

BlaSc'tion, 1. Math, bit Sbeilung tintr fflriSSt 

litiefi'ment, s. JlfalA. bet tint Xfjcil tintr in 
gleidje ^alftcn gttbttlttn Sinit. [renb. 

li*^x'oui, adj. btlben ©efajltrtjterti angt^£> 
linti'op. '- l- £cc< ber Bifdjef (bobe geiftiidjr 
Siirbe)j 2.cant. berfflifd)of,tinrSttrclafoat 
SStin, Ctnngcnu.3utfcri 3. Gam.brr£iu* 
fcr (im Sdjad)). 

ToBtib'op, 0.0.1. Ecc. ium Blfojof etB> 
iwiften, einfegnen, firmelni 2. Man. etntm 
alien yferbc bie iMhne brenntn, am e* in 

Brsh'oplike, Bi'th'qpiy, adj. bifd>5fii<6, fidj fur 
eincn Bifdjef fcbicCenb, jfemenb. 

Biih'oprrc, (- ick), ». bat Bittbuin. 

■tf»k, Btsijue, /. l,,Coofc. bie Jtraftbtibe, 
Jtraftfupfiej 2. dam. im Sullfpitle tin ge> 
mlfftr Bortbeil, btr 15 gilt s to give -, eor> 
geben, eintdumen- 

Bii'ket, s. vid. Blicult. 

BiVnufh, 1. Metal, btr tBipmuth. 

Bif'matAfl, adj. 1. nipmutbhaltig} 2. aue 
SBifimutb beftebens. [S3, gebfrig. 

ur«'mut/i jc, adj. out SSifmuib. gtngnncn, jum 



Bi'aon. Iffarc, Wb.; b&.zon, Sm. *c.],l 
t. Zool. BerBifon, Kuctelcttje, amerit. Xutr= 
0*6. [(-day) be r ©djalttag. 

BjnertUe, adj. ft 1. (-year) *«* ©ibaltja&r j 

BiWIjog-inJIk, Hin'ljngt, Did. Bieitingi. 
BiVtard, t. oid. Bnttard. 

Rfs'ifr, Bla'tre, >. ber Bitfhr, 6aS €Rup broun, 
Wrtflrt, j. Bot. bit Kattfrwun- [mcfftr. 
BiVtoory, j. Siirj. bnS Siftcuri, @tnfd)iutt= 
Birifcom, adj. wit grfpatttnttl Jtbtuttt. 
Bit, j. 1. btr ffliffsit, baB ©turf j 3. bat Eltiiit 
©rutfibtn, Bipdjtn; S. baS CJebi* (ant 
3«Dinf>i 4. Afecn. ba6 ffloircifen, !' 
SWji'ilpt rfiKSSo&ms; bit Bobrfpijt U 
Bent :Srflubtnbo&rtrt5.ranf. gen. ffielbjbaS 
RttntetfilfSrtD, J.S. afivy penny— , [™(. 
fipp«nn[-Ml'], bat 6 pence ©turf, '/,» tints 
fpan. Dollars (in JBeftinbitn a. Sorts Xme= 
rifa)j —ot » key, btr Burt tines ©*}luf= 
felS; Afar-*.— ofacannon, bteSttaumnabeli 
* weather — of the cable, (ill boppelter £H5= 

tingfdjtaa; Bits, pi. bit Sa'tiiia.S&oIjer; 
Adam't bit, Anat. vid. Adam'i apple; to 
(raw-, abjaUBienj to bite on the—, 
1 afan.attfbU©tanaebri*nt, bit ©t. fan* 
gm i *-ftg. a) feintn Unwillcn Dtrbrifltn, bcti 
jjorninfutifreflMt} '>) rummer Ita) ItUn, in 
grower Kotb. fcin; —bridle, ber ©tangtn= 
jnnm, bftfianbart. 

Bit, pre*, ft p. p. son To Bile. 

To BR, v a. 1. Man. bat (Sebif gtben, auf< 
jinintiU 2, to — stable. Mar. baS Jtabe!' 
»b. Ttnttttau urn bit Bfltingtftoljer ntinbtn. 

Biteh, 1. 1. bit {rtnbtnn, ?pt\t (alter jnm 
^mtbtgtftbltDjtt gcbirtatnXbitrt)j 2. wig. 
bit QXttt. 

To Bite. o. if. a. 1. beifen (rigentl.)) 2. fl« 
*tn, ffbnrfbcn, briftn, brtnnrn (uneigtntL 
Mmgroftt,"Jfffftt,ic.)i 3. fttmeiben, tin* 
'rtjneibtn (in bat papier, brim Druef) j i.fig. 
frontal, beiptn (Don finer ©atsrt, tc.)( *>. 

owig. bttrfigOH 6. thf nnrhor b-=, (v.n.) 

Mar. btr Inter fafti to — off, abbrif tni to 
— the null, an brn Side fin fauett- 

Bite, i. 1. berSifi 9. bat Tfnbrifen (btr 
gtfftt)! 3 - b« JMbtti fig. vale. *. bei 
Btrntg, Jtniffj 5. ber Betrugen —of thi 
w»eei<, Jt-v>. baeOtngttiftnbetfflibtr nuf 
ben ©djitntnt -teeth, Man. bic $unbt- 
jdbne, fcartn. 

BFtfTt »■ I- btr 9ttftn 2. btt anbtifenbt 
$if*; 3jfe. ber BctT^er, -Sniffmaajtr. 

Bl't|«f, !. adj.; II. —ly, adv. 1. beipenb, 
Tdjorfi 3. fafnrifajj — cold, fdjneibmbtJKl' 
tf) HI.-, j. 1. batBrifen, k.j S.jfg.ftw 
Betrnfl; bit ©inch, ^Joffe. 

||Bft't*ele,». l-id.b.fi. Binacle. 
JBtrten,i). p. d. To Bite. 

Btfler, I. adj. 1. bitter; 2. fig. a) ftrtnge, 
b.art, granfam, btftij, fdjnribntb, brijtnb, 
rou^, outfttnb, crbittcrt, boil (font UBinbc, 
ber Jtaitt, bim BBtftrr, Btrcitt, con Qigtn: 
[djafttn, «.)j !•) fojmtrsbaft, hinftnb, bit. 
ttri c) trourig, bttrubtj d) nadjtbrilfgi 
e) brifenb, frittifd), fntbrifd)) U.i.iing, 
Mar. btr ffliltingfdjlag t 111. Bitter*, s. pi. 
1. btr bitten tBranntncinj Sitter tropfttij 
3. fig. Sitttrlcitcn, SBibeno Arris hit en, «■ 
(opp.eweeti)i IV. comp. — npple, (— en- 
cumber, — gonrd), Rot. bit Oolojuintej 
— end, War. bat nm bit 9Mting6 gtlcgli; 5fn= 
rrrtani — salt, basfflifttrfofj; — tjinr. Aim. 
ber»ititrfpat6i -««ect, Bof. balfflirtsr- 
fif j —wood, but Sitterbol} out Jmiinifj 
(con Jtunfttifiblern gebrauo>()j -wort, flof. 
btr rotbt tSnjian. 

To Bfl'ter, v. a. Mar. vid. To Bit. 

BTt'terjne«, *. pi. Sib. Btr ©obtnftcin in ©alj> 
ttfftln. [Sitterlinj»(it. 

BIrterjab, I. adj. 6ittcrlid)i H. -n e «». t. bit 

BiVtc-rly. adv. 1. bitttn 2. bittcrlidji 3. 
riiub, bart, teftig* — nfflicted, fdjmcrjlia) 
brtriibt. [terfolcj 2. Orn. bfeffiobrbommri. 

BIftfrn, s. 1. 5-io. bit bittcre ©olt ob. OTut= 

Brrternei», >. l.MeBitttrWt} 2. fig. o)bfe 
ber bitters ^q? ; c) ber Jtummer, (Brum, bie 
©orgt, bal frintenbt Otfu^I. 

Blftonr, Biftijr, i. vid. Bittern, 2. 

Bitto, : pi. Mar. vid. Bin lint. Bit. 

BjtnW, 1. vid Bitamen. 

BjtSmed', Bit li'm jn Ate, p. a. mil grbped) q;-- 
flttigetj mil peib beftridjen, gepidjt. 

BjUfmva [Wore, W., 5m., Ac,], 1. Bni Srb> 
pen), Srbbari, Bcrgpen). 

To Bjto'rainate, u. a. bittuninoS naibcn. 

Bitn'mlnoot, adj'. erbpedjig, erbftarjig. 

BI'v*lve, I. j. 1. Conch, bie jnmffljaliflc 3Hu. 
fdjdi 2. Bot. bit i»tiftappigc grudjt ; IT. 
odj. tote b. f. JB. 

Bivai'nilar, odj". 1. Conch, jmrifrbalifl, mit 
jreei Sdjalcn; 3. Bot. jmciflappfg. 

livAul'ted, odj". Arch, boppelt gen)6Ibt. 

Blvlo'lrsl, adj. Anal, jroeibaudjig. 
ilv'fem [Wb-i bi'TJup, Wore, ftc], adj. 
)rett SBegt babenb, auf jroci SB-ii fulfrtnb. 

Biv'onje (Biv'ouacIO [St. J.; blv'wnk, Jo.; 
bT»uafc, Sm.], j. (franj.) Mii.bae Sifouaf, 
bitBtfteadjt) ba> %tIbnad)Hagtr{ bit au> 
perortentlidje Kaa}t»ad>c] to raiic tbe — , 
bos Bioouat aafbtbtn. [tiren 

To BlVouic (Blv'oaack), v. n. Mil. blcona- 

D-gvzecB, GoOQIc 


BiV(t, J. Did. Anotta. 

Bi'z'int, Bli'antinp, ». vid. Byzsnt, Ac. 

BiVarrs , adj. bijaTT , [dtfom , lOUIlbe r lid) 
(ufrf. Odd). 

B jziVro, i. Mat. lit fflijcrrio, Bijjarla. 

To Blab, u. I. n. ftgronten, plappernj II- 
to — out, ausplaubtw. 

BlSb'ber, Bliib, r. ber Sfcroitor, -^loubcrer, 
Xngeber, tie e*»i(trinn, ic. 

BlaVber- lipped, ci'sf. Blobber-lipped. 

To Blib/ber, d. it. Man. einem»3ferbe pfeifen, 
mcnn c6 flatten foU- 

BlSck, I. adj. 1. fdjruar;; 9. Ta>»fiT|I!<ti, 
fchroarjbraun, lobfarben, broungelb, bunfel; 
3.urtpolirr (v. SXeraHarbtiten, opp. bright); 
i.fig. a) finfler, murrifdj, faueri 6) gehtini' 
nifCDllj c) traurig, nnfllfiit ltd) ; d) boS^aft, 
lofrer&aft, fdjraorj, ocrruebt, abfibeuliaji 
II. ailr. fdjwor;, It. i III- *. 1. bae ©djroar;, 
fcit f*»(irje ■garbf, ©ihtoarje, berStup; 2. 
jig. tor SlHfnt} 3- ber edjmarje, Keger; 
4. bit Xraatr, Xraiicrfldbung (and) b-i); 
t>. the — (or tight) of the eye, tor. Stem 
(baS edjionrst) tm Inge, btr Xugapfrij 
6. b g, pi. SfBilbbicbe; a— innn, a— woman, 
l. tinKeger, eineKegerirnii 2. tine ftbroarj- 
Ucbe |)erfon (SBrfinette)) to make one-, 

— act, Law, tin Irxenflee- ©tfeft gegen bie 
SBilbbirbcreii -alder-tree, Wot. torgaul* 
bourn; — amber, Min. tor QagaM — amoar, 
vid. Blackamoor; —ball, 1. He fdjmnxji 

SBablfugel, gHanorirtugelj 2. bie edjroarj= 

fngcl, bOI SSajnbttiathoi To — ball, v. a. 1, 

burdj tint fiibioarit Jtiigcl (beim Xbfrtmmen) 
nenotrfot) burdjfaurnlaffmj^g. otrfropHtj 
9. auftprfigeln, burdjrca.lt en, It.) — beer 
Sraunbtcr, banjiger ©oppelbierj Bot-s. 

— berry, bie SSrombeerej — berry-biisb, bil 
!D re mb eerftitu.be j — berried - heath , bet 
grouenfladjt-i — birch, Bot. bie fibtnarje oirgi- 
nifdjeSBirftf-bird, Orn. bie Hmfelj -blend. 
JKin bie ^Jedj&Ienbtj —boil, mil 8tbeito> 
naffer (ofgttffrt* Jtupfer jam Sdubern bet 
SRetoBfncpfe s -book, 1. Mag. ba63auber= 
bud),fBtfa)iD8rangebnd})2. JVfif.baefAicarie 
ffltgifler,SrrdflinaSbuo)) -browed, 1. mil 
fdjiDarjra I ng entrant n; 2. fig, nnJrrifd), 
flnfrcci brobenbf —brown, [<brr>orjbraun! 
—cap, Orn-j. 1, her SdjiDarjfopf, fHatti 
fOtoncfcj 2. bie fcbroarjEiipftgr rffleee, each: 
nttt-es 3. Cook, tin fdjroarj gebrotener Tfpfclj 

— cat, Zoot. bie fdjntorje Jtato, (Scnottc, ' 
iRi«ri?amfibc3i)beIj —cattle, Engl. colli 
fcaS ffiinbeieb, $ornoie6i —chalk, febmarje 
Jlreitoj -cherry, Bot. btr mllbe Jtirfd)* 


battm* — choler, fig. bie ©djwerrantb, fflto 
laiKbolit) — dorter, bie bnrgunber SBein- 
tmubej —cock, vid. — game, 2.; —currant, 
Bot. bie f<&»arj(3oh4nniebttrt, <3id>tbe«t; 
-cottle, dW. — tab; -day. ber Unglfitf-*- 
tag; —eagle, Orn. tor ftbrcarst Xbler; 
—car*, Zooi, btr Jtnralali —earth, bt( 
Batnmerbej — eye,bieKnrb(atibtr»obntj 

— eyed, fiftroarpugig j — faced, fd>loarj= 
braun(uomffitfia>0, brthtettj —feet, or — 
foot Indiam, bie Sdjrooijftipttr (ein notii = 
tantil. 3nbiaiittflamm , aud) ^figaninbia' 
Mr)) — Bah, (or— cnttle), Zooi. ber Z intra = 
(ifd), Jtuttelftfd), biegepiai — forert, r;erm. 
Err Sajwarjcoalb j —friar, btr iDominHoaci 
(•W6no»; — friar*, tin ©tabtoiertet in con- 
Cimi —game, 1. blS 6d>RMr))BtIb (ofip. 
0tctlji»ilb)i 2.(ond>— groiite>,in(l.Grouae; 

— guard, [hlVgard], 1. tor XroSbube; ge> 
mtint, fftmujigc JVrr!, glegclj 9. cine Tin 
irlanbiltber Srgnupftabat) — halted, mit 
fd>»»rjtm<9rijfj —hole, boS finftere Sod), 
(fdflecbte) ©tfangiiij, 6ef. beta ffltilitir, 
cant, ^unbelottli — Indies , hie reidjen 
ntntaflln; Cteintoblengmben j —jack, I. 
Archaeol. ber ©djtantb, bie SdjteifCanne, ber 
fa>»av}[«(ftrte aJicrftng 5 2. Mia. bie9Mmbe, 
BaSfltfthoeftlte^intijrnbj— latten, ©tbwatj. 
tneffingi -lead, Attn, bat tKeipbki, ¥«"* 
lo-ib; — I. croclble, ber fflltierjtitgeli —I. 
pencil, btr SleifKftj — I. powder, Cifen< 
fdjroirjti — I- ip«r, bunfler Bleifpattj, 
©cbioarjb leierj, SBleifiijnjJrjCj — leg«, pi. 

1. fint.berffiortentaferj 2. fr(.(in Line.) 
cine Sdjaf< u. ^alberEraiiFtjeit Mil ja ftua>^ 
tern gutter j 3. Torn. cont. berSwifdjenbanb- 
ler (onbrrlonbc-nerBfirfe); —letter, Low. 
btr, fdjrourjer BrucE; 2. gotbifdje Sdjrift ; 

— lettennan, fig. berSfldjenourmi — mail, 
(ebem.) 1. ber ytaubtrfolb, bag 0a>akgelbi 

2. StotUMljinfen (in ®etreibe, fji(ifd), M.) i 

— martin, Orn. bit aRancrfa)malb( } — mas- 
terwort, Bot. bit 5Dfeifr.erir.urj j —match, 
berduntorfilbnammj — meat, ba6 fSdjioarj' 
fltifd) (beriiaftn, Sdjntpfen, rc)j -mettle, 
ber fajtoarit Srbiefer j - inonday, btr Siren 
montiig; Ungliicratagj Strnftog, {>inritb> 
tnnaBtag; —monk, vid. —friar; —moor, 
tor!Mo£r (Wet. Blackamoor); -mouthed, 

l.^manntduligi 2.jSg. ein lofee SWanI ba< 
benbf Corns. — mom, Gfblrirrfapt-tn con 
ftbntarjem tSIaniiafft} —oak bark, bieSXntr* 
citron'tHinbe) —oakum, Afar, ffierg son 
getberten Sancn j —peopled, mit [cbtoarieo 
■KtsfeVn bttoTfKtj — pini, {Mtarnabtlni 
—platen, Sd)»ar5bied> ; — points, (djroiirjr 

Iliac 1 

(SlniFomaen (bef. fur Itn |>anbel nadj ber 
afrifari'tbtn Jrufte)* —padding, bit £Slut< 
nrarft; -rents, p(. bit 3inf«n In Jtafura= 
lira (rid. -mail, 2.); mber of the - rod, 
ber 6crtmcnienmeifter com DrBtn tea $>o-- 
ImbnnBre , S&urjttter mil bent fcbroarjen 
3nnrarn — Se*,Geog. baS fepmnrje 2Rtcr 
— *ickae*s, tint Jtrantbrft Ber mannliebn 
Xtrftern nacb bcr Segattnngi —smith, ber 
Sn>bfd>mitb,|>uFFd)nii(b} — stone, btrfflerg; 
ferf, Bie£Bergped)trbfi — syrop, (in ©fib > 
ameritd)einbem I j)u.nfdjed , bnli<1jC6 ©rtriitf ; 
—tall, /eft. BerJtauloarftbj -tea, bcrSbte^ 
bnb; —thorn, Boc. btr ©$roarjborn,S5<bleb= 
born j — tlo, Afin.bo* gepoebte u- geroafebenc 
n. jura ©cbmeljen jubtreitrte 3innerj; 
varnish, ber ©Kintoblttttber j — vi«a_ 
mit fd)»ar}tm®tficbti —vomit, boS frlioarjc 
Srbrttbtn (brim gelben gicber)} — t 
Mia. baeSffiob, fdjroarjt TOonganerji — 
ter-rat, Zoo;, bit fd)n>arjt SBafTerrotte 
wood, fe&marjeB Bbeatjol; nut Sttabaguecar; 
— work, Bit fflrobfdjmfebt-arbeit; — wort* 
(whortleberries), ^tibtlbttrtn. [Blacken. 

To BISck, v. a. fdjwarj mniijen; trid," To 

Btacfc'fjBMr. BISck'-a-moor, s. ber Ktfltr, 
OTcSri ih«-,bie9cegtrinn, OTo'jrimti -« 
teeth. Com. cant. Jturil, OXllfiSelgdB. 

To Blackball, vid. nut. Stack. 

ToBllck'«n, o.l. a. fdjioarj madjen, fd)njtr< 
i<ni _/"g- anftbwirjen; II. n. fdiwarj roerBtn. 

Biack'eaer, i. einer, beretroae prrBunrelt, ic. 

HISck'guard, i. Did. Ultt. Black. 
Itlaofc'gnardijm [blKg'-gar-drzm] , s. Bd6 Of-- 

m tine, fthmn jig t SBtfen, Bit rjlcgelei. 
HiSck'jng, 1. 1. ba6 Bcbroirjen ; 2. bieBdjitV 

fdjrcdrin berEAroorid;— ball. rid. black-b. 
unt. Black; — brnah, 1. bit SaidjS&Utftei 

2. bit BtSroarjplnfrt. [braim. 

Black'jih, adj. firaarjlidj ; —brown, (throarj; 
BlicMy, orfo. 1. ftbmarji 2. fig. nbfcbenUa), 
nrJfHd). [Ounrtlbtiti 3. bieTCbfafnlidrrfit, 
Biack'of «, a. 1. bie Sibwdrjc ; .%-.!. 2. bit 
Bi5ck / *¥ii-fi1c'tprp, i. pi. Com. •Jommiffiona're 
Ber Smbmnnufactnren auf btm Eanbe, fur 

Blid'bV, *. 1. bie ($ant-> »ln(t) 2. bit 
Slatfertbeni —not, Bot. bie ¥ilnprmut■ 
H]ade,.^.1.baS«fa'ttflcn/^rae.4en,£>a , Irocim 
b-s (of Indian corn), pi. 4m. 3Jiatfbla"t. 
trr j ■ — of gritu (straw), tin fflrthV<Btro» 
■fcalnti 2. bat Blair, bit Jttinge (ber ©age, 
M9Xf|ftr*, M-)J S.jSg. bet Jterl, anrftjie, 
hM War-j. -of an oar, ba»9Iattril(eKi(' 

11 Blan 

men(fflubetS)i —of an anchor, boS JuStrfte 
©tfitf be$ Brace tints Infers, «uf rcclibee 
btrglQgelgcfihnviftiftj — of tbe abonlder. 
boS ©djulterblatt j a pair of b-i, tint Earn* 
roinbe; —bone, baBS^ultcrbldtt; —mill, bie 
©djlfifmfi^lti — amith, btr ©d)n>trtftfl(r. 
To Blade, r. I. a. mit finer -Slinge crrfebm j 

I- II. n. to— it, 1, ben SRtttomiflen mndjtn, 
pmbltm 2. fdjolfen, anffdjiejen. 

Bis'ded, adj. 1, bchnlmr, bctldtterti 2. Mia. 
attl Inngtn nnbbfinnenyiortdien befiebtnbi 
—corn, Setrcibe auf Oemiialmt, @.,rec(<brt 
gefdjeft bat. 

lisin, i.l.ber(ffllat.)©djiDaren, bft(eiter-) 
£Seu!tj 2. far. eineSBeult an btr 3ungtn' 
murjei perfdjitbentr Sbiere. 
llfi'mable (Blfin Ia '«ble), I. adj.; II. - ly, 
adv. tobdbaft, tobdnSmiirbig, ftrafbnr; III. 
— nesi,».bieSii6eln6niucbigreit,©triifbarftit. 

ToBISme, o. a. tabelni fdjfltfnj bcfdjulbifltp 
(for a thing, tiiter Sarin' ; ;un>. aud) nit of). 
tlimc, I. s. I. btrSabcl, bitffluge; 2. bat 
■Btrgtben, bie Sa>itlb, ba£ Serbcecbcn. 

Blame'fdl, odj. tabelnSWertfi, ftrnfbor. 

BlSmeV, I- a* (mit oO i II. -ly, adv. ta. 
belief, untabelbaft, unfdnilbigi III. — new, 
J. bit Untabdbaftigfeit, Unfibulb. 
(li'tner, j. 1. berSnbltr; 2. ber ©(litter* 
ridjter, Jtrittler. [wfirbigfeit. 

Blame'worth|n?»a [— wur— ], $. bie SitbclnS^ 

Blnme'worthy [— wir— ], adj. tabelnSmurbia. 

'llaVcardf., ». pi. Com. BlanfarBS (frun;i'f. 
Seinmatib, bef. urn Btouen gtmtbt). 

To Bllncb, v. I- a. 1. meif nwdjen, neifieni 
2. (-linen cloth, SeinroanB) Blriebcnj 3. 
(—coin, "Btfinien) reri? ftebtn} (■eiiinneni 
4. to — almonds, *c. Cook. DRoiibdn, It. ob= 
Sulftn, I'Ailem rcHln; 5. to — endiie or 
lettuce, Wort. Gnbirie ub. Sattiib blcitbcn 
(rotifl ob. gelb rotrbtn Infftn); 6- to — the 
plancheti, Aftnt. Bit ©thrftlingt (®OlB' ob. 
Silberploflen) matt madjenj 7. fig. ein< 
rleiben (tint SRtbe, Intwort, ic.), btmdntcln, 
btFchintgen, mei^brenneni II. n. KuSfludjte 
faeben ob. borbringen, auBrotidVn. 

BtSnch, (Blanche), i. Slanto, rBianra ($-n.); 
— farm. Law, tin @Uf, IBODon bcr ^adjtjinS 
auSfeblit^i* In (Stlb tatricbtrt roirB. 

BlSn'cber, t. ilfcefc. 1. btrfflltiihtri 2. 71m, 
bcr®erbtr beS ©dfrnalleBetS ; 3. Mint, bee 

ilSn'chjng, i. T. 1. ba6 3Sciptn, *B[eidjen, lt.j 
rid. To Blanch; 2. bnSKerjinncn} 3. Mini. 

BaS SBeifi; unb (Klon;rnbrnaiben btr ntng*« 
prifgten Bi[btr=5Diunien. 

Blanc-man'ger [blnmOnzh', Wb.: bUaiBnj', 

Man 11 

Wort.], i. Cook, bie ronfc Qtadtrtt, bafi 

SBeifi'lTtB, dicrmcif. 

Bland, ad)', milt, fonfi, giitig, bolb, 

BlSndi'Uon, *. bie Bdjmciebelei. 

Blaadil'dqufnce, Blandtl'oquy, J. [lift SBcrtc, 

To Blan'djili, «. a. fdjmeidjrtti, ttebftftn. 

Blan'djsber, j. brr Sd)mc!d}lcr. 

Blnn'diihment, j. 1. bag Scbmtidxln (mil 
SBorten)j 2. bie Siebfofung, gretmblidireit. 

Blinirneu, J. tie 5Kilbe, Sanftmutl), fflute- 

Bl.lnk, I. adj. 1. retif, unbefebrieben, leer (con 
cinem flapiert, SBurtje, «.)j 3 n>ci&] blaS, 
bltidjj 3. befrtjiimf, mutbjos, i>crrounbtrt, 
oerroirrt, befturjti 4. rcfmloSj 5. vollfldn* 
big, gonj, man gelt c-B} Il.eomp. —bar. Law. 
bee Siuroanb gcgra tie SBtfdjuIbigung beS 
Siiittti — bond, (—charter), baa umtuSflC 
futttc gormular tine* Botum tnte, Slnnquet 
ju tintr SDblig«tion> — cartridgea. Mil. 
"JJuIoerpatronen obne Jtiigeln; —cover, tus 
leere tSouoert; (im-j, —credit, Ber offene 
Qrtbit, 3Cieeptatrone>, fflknw ob. 5f£td>[tl< 
Ertbitj — endorsement, bag (Siiircn cber 
©iro inffitonto; —tetter of attorney, ba6 
Slunquet iurSBoHmttdjH — license, (in bib' 
fer (letrtr, unausgefii titer) SraufAettij — 

— manner, (—mange), uid.Blaiii-ui. 

Pott, rtimlofe 3aniben. 

Blink, i. 1. bet recipe (leere) $iag auf bem 
^Japiere ob. in eincm SJudjej 2. baBunbc- 
febriebene papier} 8. papier rait ouegdoftb* 
ter ©djriftj 4. bn£ Blanquer, unuuegefuflte 
gennufarj 5. bat blinbe gcrtfter cber lie 
blinbeSbfiri 6. bie Stiere (in bcr Sottcrie) j 
ber leere SSurfimaBurfeMj tic meife (bilb< 
MO Jtartt} T. ba6 aScipc in berSdjeibe; 
Mints. 8. btr edjrJtiina (bie ungeprngtt 
3Xunip(attt; b-i, pi. ffllinbraunjt) i 9. be: 
SBrippfennia (nlie Sibeibemunjc); Conw. 
in—, JBInntb} to accept in — , in S3, aetepti' 
ren) to draw in—, (n 0. traffiren; to en- 
dorse in — , in SB. inbofiirtn, ob. giriren; to 
leave in -, in Bianco (afftn (nidjt auSffillen, 
Sullen, Stamen, «.). 

To Blink, u. a. 1. ouSIofdjen, fccrnicSten, 
nufbcbciH 2. mutblo*, beflurjt madjen, be. 
fa) amen. 

Blin'ket, *. I. ting. 1. bi( roeipe, rocllcnc Sett, 
beett, Cede (broad— , bte ftine, U. narrow — , 
ifegrobc)j 2.bie$raMtr-3BinteIs3. .S«s-w. 
bnfi ® eibctuib jam @inlegen in ben Surd)- 
JUfiSrbT&j 4. Print, bte (gtl|. ob. Xutb>) 
llnferlage; 11. b-i, pi. Mil. 3iinbpupier, 
gjrennmattrlalien fur fflranber. 

To Blin'ket, o. a, (mit einer Oetft) jubetftn, 

2 Blaz 

MeftH to-one, I. tit. SutcD prtilcn} & 
A"- ceifpotten, aufgic^cn. 

BlSn'ketjng. *. 1. Ui $>reHcn) 2, baf 3cug 

,u Scttbcchn. i.4. fig. befdjumt. 

Blink'lv, rjrfu. 1. roeipj 2. lea} 3. bin?* 

To Blare, v. ft. 1. (». u.) blfiten, brullcn j 2. 
fdjnelen, negfcbmdien (mic (in Siebt). 

Blase, t. ffilafiae (5W-n.). 

Bti'fon, i. k u. vid. Blazon. 

To Blaipbeme 1 , i>. 1. a. (Sotl) liftern, flu. 
d)eni (Qinen)(jftent) ll. n. Qottcdiafio 
rung auefiopen- 

Blainbi'nier, i. ber ®cttc6I«riercr, edfterer. 

Blai'phemooa, I. adj.; II. — ly, aJj'. gcili'S. 
Idfterfitb, U]tcrlid). 

BlS»'pbemy, j. bie®orteeWflerung,toftming. 

Blaai, j. I. u'ng. JVo/. 1. bie Snfiftrimung, 
ber fflinbftof j 2. bit Suftcrfdjuttcrung (bur Jj 
cincn Aanonenfcbap, it)! 3. Afi«. bit dr< 
pIofton{.bcSSprcngpuluert,cinc6 tp[cn Sffii'f- 
ters, ic. j 4. /-m. bte Our Ocbmrljung cincr 
muffc, !nft[an(ej 5, ber SdjaK, Son (tines 
SlaeinfrrnmcnteO i 6. btr fiijfatidje Suft= 
frrom, bie gjcftliiftj ber ORebiebou, Sranb 
(auf¥flaiiien, «■)> 1- ' tr JBcttcrfdjnbtn i 
fflii(, bte Gntjunbung fomffllijcj -furnace. 
I-w. ber ^oboftn) —ointment. Bit »rant= 
[albei 11. b-., p(. Afin. bit bofen Ketftr. 

To Biait, v.a. l.ucrfcngen, rerbrenncn, fcb(a> 
gen, ttelren modjen (burn) £agcf, QXc^ttbau, 
lt.)i Jig-'- 2. plngtn, wrnidjitn, tereiteln, 
Detrefinfiben, it.} befrbimpfen, befdjmtscnj 
3.(to— abroad) nifotbar motben, ou»pefau= 
nen} 4. (mit ?)u[ser) fprcngen. 

BlS»'ter, $. ber 3er|t6rcr, Bcrberber. 

Bl!i«'tjnpj, 1. 1> . i. bafi ffirrfengen, :t.; II. p. «. 
perfengenb, it. s vid. Blant, j- & v. 

BliVty, adj. (turmirrt)} vid. To Blait. 

Blaatol'gey, *■ Vint- bie&brt torn JBtft*nri« 
ben ber aSetnftdcEt. 

BISy, i. hh. ber fBtf^ftb, ih'J. Bleak (-Bab). 

Blaze, i. 1. bit (beDc ob. lobernbc) glomme, 
gactel; auefrrfimenbe Stui} bas Sebcrn rb. 
£eud)ttn ber gtammcj 2. bit Strbreitung 
eineS ffierfidjW, bie Sage] 3. bcrSami, Su- 
matt , 4. bit aiaffe (an btr erirn t. $fcrbef.l. 

To Blize, b. 1. n. I. flammcn, fuctctn, auf' 
lobent, Icudjicn i Cnlftcrni fig s. 2. glinjen, 
fdjimmttni 3. in bie Kugcn fpringen} II. a 
l.(to — abroad), rud)tbar mad)(n, bcrb reitcn j 
roeip jeidincn, anfdjiagen. 

Bli'zer, j.btr«5erbrciter ton Kenigtcittn, it. 

Bli'zjng, p. s. it p. p. bat glamincn, ic. ui'tf To 
•tar, Ait. ber 4>aarfrene, lomet. 

Blac 1 

To BlS'ign, v. a. 1. Her. MtfOStrtn 3 2. fig. 

raMramtn, jut Sa>mi auSItgrnj 3. jitren, 

»erfiboiiern; 4. btfannt maim, rniBpofou- 

atai preiftn, fcicni. 
Bla'zoa, 1. 1. ifo-. bit ffikpentunie, fSapcR' 

ranft j 2. (ftanj.) tat SBapen ; 3. /Eg. BaS 

(laatt) ^Jrtiftn, Ttuepofanncn- 
Hta'zoner, i. l.Her. berffll<ifomft;fl)SBaptn: 

fnntiflfi 6) irB-berelBi 2. tcr 2 u6po fanner 
Bli'zgary, t. Her. bit JBaptnfitnbt, 8Iofo= 

mei. j. i.btrepIfrtKtm^efiOi 2. Bot.Me 
writ* fcaftlfloubti 3. vi-i. Bleak (-Oih) 
— berry, bit Sftfbfrrt, $tibtlbetrt. 

To Bleach, v. I. a. ilcidjen; )0rf r madjen 
II. n. bltidjtn, rociS rocrBen. 

Blea'cher, r. btr Sftidjit, tic JBItiijeritin. 

Bribery, i. Me fBltidje, Cet fBIciiploC- 

BleVcbjng, p. ». bal Sletdjtnj — ground, 
(and) ble»eh-yard), Me »l(id)t, Btr ffl!«<b= 
pla(i -liquid, BaeSlcidjitmffcr. 

Bleak, I. off;. 1. blaf, 61eidj; 2. hit, froftio,) 
3. Itaarifl, frrubtBloe} n. ». 1. t>id. Bleu; 

2. (-fi»b), Ich. btr Btipftfojj bit Blih) 
b- TC. Side. 

BleaTdA, adj. rtmaft foil, frffHi*. 
Blrakly, ado. Blfia'ky, adj. rid. Bleak. 
Bleak'ne", ». 1. tie blricbe garbc, aiiflis 

Bl*»r, orfj. tribe, bnnftlf nmjsgen, nnmt-belt ; 

— tjrm, Sriefaitfltnj —eyed, trftfSuBifli 
_fe- ifnfallifl. [madjen. 

ToBltar, o. o.(bit3uatt0tru6en, triefiugfg 
Blea/rcdneaa, i. bit Sriefdngfgftit. 
To Bleat, v. a. blottn (nit tin edjdf)- 
Bi«.i,BI«»'t|n S ,*.baSffliSI(n(tintse4aft«). 
ttieb, *. bit 8taft, baft SBafferbllScbni. 
BleVby, adj. BOH Stiff n, blaRg. 
lilcd, pref. * p.p. b. To Bleed. 
To Bleed, n. ir. I. n. 1. 1.7. ft fig. BfutEH i 2. 

tropftii, rtSpftln) aullanfnii (sum Baft 

btrSaumt, it., f>ef. Set &Btfarebt) blntnt; 

3. tines flenaltfainca Some fttrbem tbe 
»orkb-i, Bkb. boBBuijift cerfdjmrten, an= 
gtfdjniHcn (btf brat 9tfd)nribtn)} II. a. 1. 
jttr Kotr lafnil 2. Ben ©aft hub tiiwm 
Snume japfen. 

BleCder, *. btr Xbtrfafftr (Brnibarjr, U.), 
BltS'djng, 1. p. a. bltttrnb, fig. gefdbrlf*, ic.i 

ll.p.j.l.baeeinlern 2. ber ■Jfctrlnfl j 3-ttr 

Bltitpuli 4. B«S Biiftnbjapftit c. Bdnmfrt. 
Ta HleVjah, v. a. 1. Dsrunftolttn, entfteflin; 

i^g. btfibfrapfen, ffljinbtns 8. Sport, Bom 

edjmtif abgebra, 
BleW|»a, ». 1. Btr Sthltr, bai ScBrtcbtrjj 

1. %m(Ctbanb.)?Pitf,3RartI; edjbnpf, 

3 Blig 

bit 6$anBei 3. Sport. btrStaa): a) bet 
a&Btbr/co>tnt 3»rig jnr fflcjiiiiiiinfl btr 
SBilBbabn ob. (.For.) Bee 4)oljr4IaaeS, bit 
aBarft, Spur; ft) bue ■Jfbo.cbtn btr3aab« 
6unBt ionBerepurj4. T'.Bcr jlcct (Brudj), 
bit ungntijc B telle (auf DRttalk'Bcrflinjcn). 

Bl«m'i»)>l*M, adj. inafclloS, fcbltrfrci, oon 

To Blench, t». n. juriletfthrtitcn, Wtffttn. 

Bleach, i. I. fig. bit XbtDddjung, Scrtrntnai 
2. Law, to hold land is-, tin etiiit ?onB 
uuf (Srlxot. ©runBjinebefifeni — holding, 
boS !tbn Btflta faiftunfl tinet ffltlbfummt 

(cj. Blanch-farm). 

Blen'ch^r, s. ijoC ScBnrf bilB, iieKcgflfibeudjc. 
To Blond, o. I. a. 1, mifd>Ot, DtnBifitm 2. 

eerrairreni II. n. fid) sermifdjni. 
3l«nd, (Bl*nde), ,. Min. Bit Slcnbt (tin $iut- 

trj)j — metal-iron, (in Staff.) rin arobcS 

eiftnttj) — mter, Vet. tine StberftBnfbdt 
Blfn'der, s. in »ermifdjer. [btS {Rinbuttbri. 
BlCn'doai, ad], Wcnbcnartifl. 
Blin'ny, t. ich. btr 66)ieitrifirdj, bit Hnlntutt tr. 
To Ble», v. a. 1. ftgnttn cinfegntni 2. bt- 

fllfitfen; gcbtibtn lafftn; 3. ftltg mmhcni 

4. (giiimidj) preifen, lebpreifen, nibmcnj 

5. to — one'i lelfat..., jirt) imt btflagrn 
fib tr . . ., /am. fttb frtniigtn u- ftgnta bti . . . ) 
—met int. gtrtdjrtr $lmmcl! baS n&rtl 
Vlt! ipjcemogtta)! 

Bli!>'ied, I. (p.) adj. 1, gtfcgntt, btglfiitt, 
aluitlidj, arurTfelfg; 2. fclfg; 3. gtlobt, gc< 
priefert; — thlitie, Bol. btr Bart obeneMdtnj 
II. the - (the - iplrid), i. pi. bit Ccligtn. 

Blji'iedly, adv. fltfegnei, feligj gtitflicb. 

|)til, btr 6egtnj 2. bit gittlidjt ^ulb, 
Snabti eeligfeit. 

BleVter, 5.mr »tgia*cr} ffltftHgcr, k. 

BlSs'ijiig, j. 1. bit etgming } 2. btrClegni, 
baefieil) bitgEttIiitit$uIbi3.biepropbcrifd)t 
BErbtifnng Wnfffger ffllittftligldt) 4. jig. 
bit Stgnnng, Jffiobftbot, bcr Sortbcil) S. 
too. Set. bal Otftbtnf, bit Sabt) 6. wig- 
bit (Ktiitt) iJugnbe Mr Jftdnitr, ^iter, tc. 

Blli'ijngf , pi. l.SBoljltbntern 2. col. Oifitfj 
Bdjift- [BI«m. 

Wilt, fret, t p. p. contr. ft. Bleucd, p. To 

BleS, pret. p. To Blow. 

Bleyne [bleu], *. Far. bit etrfngaBt. 

Blight [bin], t. I. ting. l. btr <DttbIrhmt, 
SranBj 2. boe edjntibtnbt, grffTtrtbc, bit 
8d>drfc) 3. * btr ffiiftbounji II. b->, pf. 
Am. tin $nut<tit5fu)lag. 

To Bright, d.o. 1. (bura> gjttbliftau, it.) Ptrbtr- 
b«ua.jt(f. am Otbcfbtn bint* rn i pcrnitbtat. 

Bllg 11 

BHgh'ry, adj. soQet SKtbltian. 

Blind, adj. i. MfaD, bL5bfid)tig (-of, tun. 
in one eye, auf tintra Xugt); _fc--t. 2.blint> 
(mit to, grgsn); unbetannt (rait), K>] 3. 
buitfel (fdjnw r ju ftnben ob« ;u tintfrfu}tibsn, 
con «.«B(flt, it.); ac^riin, twrbteft (»« t. 
Xreppe, f. fflanae); &linb (eon t, Sbor, 
(. 'fflancr, e. Stitfttr, ic.)t 4. obfeur, rofttig 
bEfannt (con r. Sdjtitft, it.); 5. unfibfrlcgt; 
unwilftnO; 6. falfrb, unjurttdjtirb, albtrn 
(non c Sntftbuibfgtmg, it.); 7. ocrlofdjtn, 
unKfecii* (eonbtreScbrift,]!,)) 9. Script. 
moralifa; tettxrtt, t&flricbt) — parti, pi. 
3m»eatj imiD'j- aide, 3tn<inbtt fd)mad)t 
Bet te i comp. mo»n — , pur — , aand — , vti. 
in U., P., ».; a - alley, bat <Safd)(H 
obnt 'Xusgang, btr Bncf, EaS Jtebraitbtrj 

— beetle, £nl. bccSRafNftTt — coal, Snub- 
(obit, Slnitjrotjle j — eupping-glnjuj, Surg, bit 
*Jeirtufc, btr blinbe E5d>r5pfropf ; — fir», 
utrborgent ?fratrj —gut, 2naf. MrSIinb. 
barm} —lane, vid. —alley; —man, btl 
JKlinbt; — nui'i ball, —Harry, But. b(r 
Oooifi) -man'i baff. baft eilnbtSubfpieli 

— nettle. Bat. bit Oraunninr); — tooled, 
IM. blinb (obnt BErgolbiratp abgttnicft, 
mit bent bfoftn Sortfiltt btrjftrt i —turn*, 

3Bl0ttR(*orttibtTi — TBfMlt, C/lfm. (St* 

fBJt, nxldje mtr mtf ciner Settt cfnc fcffniroa. 
iabeii; a -wall, bit fpanffdjt SBanb, btr 
Btbfrmt ■ — T. trfd. — alley; —worm, 
Zoo J .bit gt mtf ntSJ liitbf 4 1 ei a) c, 3 tu 6 f a) I a tig e . 

Bind, f.LiMf. l, lit. tfig. n*Qt<tt,fmti 

2. fig. bde Sorgtbtn, btrBonoanb, btr Ttai* 
(Inditi 8. bn* blinbr grower ) fflitttrfenfrtr) 
4. bit* Steiilteu 4 We WUbti 5. Fori. W 
S(fltb<« 6. Min. bit fBItnbt, Hid. Blend: 
T. Surg, tin Bdjlag (OtefO ot)ne Rdjttxtn 
ettlttnng; II. b-a.pl. 1. Fort, (nit tins;.) 
bit fflttnbe, Slrnbnnaf 2. Man. Bcbtultbtr j 
rolling ba, OtonjalonRni (Don POSH Vene- 
tian b-«, 3«Io«fi« (&ol}fm(3aIoBficfrnftcr). 

To Blind, ri.tr. Mil. bltnbtitf 2. DcrbunMn, 
oEtrftnfttrnj S. fig. otrblntbtn (pa**, mit 
by . . ., at . . .); 4. serHlltrtta, trflbtn (ffll bus 
griftiflcKnaOj* 5. Fort, bltnbtn. 

BITnde, *. JVfin. vid. Blend, Blende. 

Bllpd'fold, adj. k adv. 1, mit Btrbunbi 
Xugtn) 2. blinblingS, unbtfonntn. 

To Blind/Bid, u.n. bf t Ttsgtn Mtbtaben. 

Blln'd|»g, p. t. be*8Itnbtii, 5c., mn.Tc.Mnd. 

Btlad'ly, adu. 1. blinb; S. bUnblinai, w. 

Blind'nea., i. l. We simcteit j 9. ji f . bit 

ToBlhk,o.«. Lbliirttn, blinj«, Mfnjdm 

4 Bloa 

dje* Stdjt etxbniten, blaf brtnntn, tC4 3. 
Sport, (com 3«flbbnnbt) »orbrmeoacl, u. 
botb(flitaft>t f obnt ibn auftufpurtn,ubEi-flc[ini. 
Ilink, j. 1. ter plifilid) wrabergebenbt fi!d)tm< 
rarr, bo* Slinfen ; 2. bat aiinjaiigc j Ktbi;S = 
blintraj 3. Sport. btrSniib (abaebTodjcnt 
3neio, bit SRartt, GSpnr, grm. im p(., cf. 
Bleniah); Sea, —of the ice, btr <3i6* 
bUnf, Bieblit! (in btn $oIannrtirrn>; — of 
the land, (in btn ^Jotaratgenbtn) btr nti r t 
ober aclbiinje, butdj gropt Sdjnccflod>Eii 
oerurfodjtc (SBitber*) Sdjcfn am $or()e>ttj 

— beer, Sagcrbttr, mildjr* nln)t angtjapft 
nirb, bit e* tint b>bc Sttift etrfidjt but; 

— eyed, bliltjdugfo. 

Birn'knrd, Blfn'ker, t. 1. b(t BIinj(I)tr, K. 

a. ba» etirrltnbt. 

Blln'k?r(, *. pi. Man. vid. b. rtltvr lillnda. 
BBp'kjM, I. p.t. baeSUnjtlt, «.) —of beer, 
Brew, baj ffldbjMt brr mtOlittti II. p. o- 

blinfEnb, K.i a — idiot, jSg. tin armtr (gut' 
rndtbigtr) £ropf f OinfalUpfaftl. 
BKsi, ... bte ©ificrfrtigfcit (btf. ber©tlignt). 

Bllai'lou, adj. ttngefegntt, anglficfiioji. 

To BKa'aoni, u. a. btfpringm, botttn. 

lita'ter, s. ].bit8iaft4 C4>i4-> aiatter, b« 
BldBdjEn, bet efbnidrntj 2. bit ffltafr (oi 
"Iflanjtn); 3. bit blafenformigE ©rbSbung, 
5tabt (an Sbonarbritrn, 5RrtungfifTf.it, it., 
gtreobnl. im pl.)4 4. (— plnater), bo* Sla> 
ftnpfto(rtr, 3ngpfl«fhr( —fly, lint, bit fp«» 
nifdjt jflttgr) -ateel, vid. Bliatered ateel. 

To BITa'tar, e. I. n. Blafcn btfommtn; 11- a. 

1 . KlafEnpfToiltr, it. aufltgtn, Slafcit (itbtn ; 

2, /-to. 6e( btr Ctablberritnng ffiioftn auf 
bein eifsn betsorbringen. 

Blta'tered, adj. BoDtr Sluftn ob. ffllatttnts 

iteel, btr JBIeftnftabl. 
(mit Sttrbla tbtn); — pluter, m'd. Blister, 4. 
Bin, Biru, i. vid. Blite, ftc [betrfpinat. 

Bllte, Blitcs, j. Rot. bit Seeratibe, btr Qrb> 

Ulftii, I. «. uirf.Bicatinga; n. orfj.«W. Blithe 

Btlt/ie, I. adj.; n. — ly, ado. frob, munter, 

(uftfg, aufgrraumt; in. — neu, *. bit %titi= 
iiibreit, 3Ronttrftft. 

BliiWffll, arfj. »i(Blithc, qv. [Blnheneu.au. 
BMhe'lonie, I. adj.; II. —neu, 5. rait Blithe, 
BUach, ... bit Blnff, (Blnittr. 
To Bloat, ti. I. a. J. lit. tfig. auffffcretUeu, 

anfbUbnt(grra.raitap)i S. oitlToBloie; 

II. n. aafiAWatn, axtflwftn. 

m ,Glogk 


BloVted, L adj. 1 . aafgebuafen (— wiib, von); 
8. fig. anfge6Ia[eni — berrfag (G), nU 
irat. ToBlote; U.-neu,j. boi ed)l»t[Ira, 
Bie 'Jfnfgibttnfenteit, ®cft6»ul|l. 

Blnb/ber, J. prouine. inet. bit Slaft) —lip, 
(and) blob-lip), lit biefe fiippes —lipped, 
btctlippig, gro(mn'llHg. 

Block, 1. 1, ber (robe) *lo* (»»n $»& ©t«n, 
K.)) 2. r.»et(BtBib«itE«)9)10[f: ») fit' 
ber JHo(,et(fii) 6)berJtlot jum fcoljlajnci 
ten; e).ffot. btrSlotf, $nrfto(fj <f> H-A 
KT^trriicfetifknf; ObaBSloEboIl )/)**<<' 
bic3angftrf MrJrio6m,bi((»lo[tO©*tit | [, 
Slotfrofle} g) Fait, bit etangt(anf bcr bei 
gmte pty)f A)berfflitt)t6lotts /En--*. 3. bet 
.s:o( (plnrapc, bnmmc 3Rtnfdj)j 4. baft §in> 
bcrniji romp, —books, Print, ffifiibermit 
j>oi|taftIn Bcbmrft, ralograpSffdjt Cructc; 

-carriage. Mil. tn SloAvagtOj —bend, 

bcr BumratopF, Jt!o$; —headed, bummj 

— headly, burtrmWpftg) — houae, BaSSIoft* 
6au5(btf. jiir etrtbtttrigunfl elnee$aftiiS)j 

- like, bumm, rmfattig; — maker, tin »lo* 
brebtn —mitt. Mar. tin Saleerm* ob. 
Sii)(bcJcn;5Jtafl, mit Ditrttfintm Sopp unb 
©djrifc-en} —printer, bet filottbrnder ; — 
printing, bcr Drurf mit ganjen £olstafcIn, 
ber ^oljbnittt - tin, baB Slutfjirou 
•heaves, Afar.JBIecFfaVibtit; -atonca, t 
etrtimuffcn) — strop, vid. Strop; —wood, 
nttg. boB gampetbebots. 

To Block, r. <i. 1 . bemnmi, fperrtn, nt rftopfen ; 
2. (to— np), iUxKren, oerrammeln; to— out, 
1. Sculp, bilbbaueaj 2, Wood, auebeben, 
(ouS bun Srfibften) aaSfdjneiben, aasftertjen. 

BlOckSoV, '■ bie Slocfabe, Bcrntnung. 

To Blockade', u. n. ble-trirrn, tetennen. 

is luck' jog, —up, i. bit fflfcttaBe. 

I;ij".k'i»h, 1. adj.; II. — ly, ndtt. burarn, plump, 
lelptfd); HI- — ncs*. j. bie ©nmntbeir, bog 
tSlpifije 58efen. 

Isi.Vmarj, »< I-w. baB Srifrtifeuer. 

Bldnde, BIEad, i. (franj.) comp. —lace, bie 
Silonbtni —maker, bcr ©-floppier, bit 
-B-floppIerittn; — ailk, bit SSpiaenfeibe. 

Bli)nd[k.'Sdj, *. l<UiWM,&thl&U 2.* ber 
fSronbenO ©aft (btf. b. rotbcsi Sr-), bat 
SlBtj 3. jSff. bit Xbftaamnna, ^erttraft, 
*erwanbtfd)aft,»InrSfrninbfd)aftt Ifrti 4. 
a) bae t6niBl.,i[.»Int,SebIuti 6) bie tb 
rcQtTlbfiiimmung, biebcbe^srfanfii 5. 
*lnt, ctbnij 6. baB (ceroDfTtne) Slut, bcr 
SRorb, Sobtfcblag) t. bit SIuttaaHung, 
fci(f,aribtn{tt)ap, ber3orn (an* ill-, Ct- 
bittentng, w.)( B. "■■ (wn tinem (ffienfdjra, 
btf.) a took— baB jungc (rafn)c) Bint) 


old-, njferot mit btn langilcn € 
raenj new -, fyfnbc, »«(d)c nid>t eon 
bra trften in Snglanb cing t fub t ten arabif<b«i 
fceugfte (Godolphln) abflammen; half—, 
vid. Hslf-I). ; to let one - , (Sinein jiir 5fbrr 
laffenj to be let- siir'Jber leffdii -crim- 
■oned, * mit )8. geffirbtj b-r»tbi —frozen, 
erflatrtes®. (abenbj — gailtinesi, bie S- 
fibulbj -hone, ein tbicB, fnirfgtB ^>ftrb 
(pun cbiem [arabifeben] fflcblu()j -hot. 
b-marm, lau» — hoond, bet Sdjiucipbunb i 
fig. ®-t>irob ; To -let. b. o. jurlfbtt laffi'n i 
-letter, 1. tcr Ttt-t rioffcr (cirf. Bleeder): 
3. ber 'Xber'agDtrtbcibigtr ; — letting, bcr 
TCbetla^/ w.f —pudding, bieB-reurftj btr 
S-pubbiagi — running itch. Far. cine 3frt 
¥ferbeaU6fa6i ~«hed, (or-abeddlag), 1. 
bet B-Uttnfti 2. baB a-tergicltns ber 
3)torb,Sobrfiblag) — ihcdder, ber SHorbcv, 
cont.*B-bunbj -shot, (-aho(ten), l.nttS- 
untetlanfcnsS.voOblurigi— ipiTtn, fnr.ber 
S-fpatftj -atained, 1. lit, blntbcfiefftj 
2. b-fojulbigj -«tick. Far. bfcfflofianjertei 
—atone, Min. 1. ber S-fttinj 2. btrSafpiB 
auBiKiibagaScari— sucker, l.bcrS-egcli 2, 
BKirberi — mcking, b-faugciib, b-jicbenbi 
— thlnter, ber b-burftige, rndjIcftOHenfaVi 
-tbiraty, 6-bfirftifli -yentlm, !8-gtfife» 
-warm, I. adj. b-rearra, lau} II. *. bie B- 
reinnei —wit, — witc, Archacol. baS *-■ 
grtb, XBebrgclb, bie SS-Hrafej - wood, baB 
S-boli, 9tiearagnabe>[j. 

To Blood, v. a. l.blutigmoAen; 2. Sport, 
(eincn Sagb^unb) an Stat gemibntn; brcf> 
firenj 6e[en; 3. fam. jur 3(ber laffen (@i= 
nent). uid. To Blood-let. 

HIBod'jly, adr. 1. blutig; 2. (- principleil), 

blntgferig, grnufams 3. vutg. fiimmerlio), 
abFcbeuIidj. [btr ISIntbnrft, bie Slntgier. 

n!ood'ines», 1. 1. baBSIntigc, SlntigrciKi 2. 

Biood'ing, s. bieiBhitieurfli ber ffllufpubbing. 

Blood'lesi, adj. 1. blutloB, lebloBi 2. obne 
ftlntntrgitfen, unblutig. 

Jlflouyy, adj. i.blatfgi a. Wittflttrij, blut- 
bfirftig j 3. blutig (mit DielemffllufoergicStn 
oerbunbEn); 4. (aurb adv.) <-ant. crjs, pcr> 
bammr, feftr ftart, w. i — eyed, mit blurigen, 
graufamen Tfugen (S(icttn); —flux, Med. 
bit rotfitfflnbri — fluxed, mftbetnSBIutgang 
bebttftetj —jemmy, Conk, tin gebaefner 
esdjafsfopfi —minded, biutgtetig, morbFud)- 
«gj -red,brutrotb;i -rnd.Wrf. -Iwifi 
-tweat, 1 . ber btatigr ©ibnmji, ffllutfdjracif j 
2.wd.Swe«tin6-aicknesa; -twig. Bot.bn 


To BlBodj, v. a. bintig mad)tn, raft tBIni 

BiMn, >. 1. Weeiutbe, eiumet 2. collect, bit 
fflHHV (b«9 iSIfl^ett), bfrglet) S.batfSlaue 
Cber Clcff) auf 9?fi«umen, ic.j 4. jig. tit 
(3natnb«) Slut&e, m.) s. btr brfftBiab- 
ftofi 6. /-w. btrDcil, Etui, fouling} — 

raliini, ^ottTDfinra. 

To Bloom, «.n. lit * j%. blfibtn. 

B!oo / ni»r j, i. cid. Blonmrj. 

BloiVming, I. p. i. bat ffllfi&en; II. p. 
-ly, ado. lit. kfig. blfi&tnb, Mutter. . 

Btoo'iny, adj. lit. tfig. tn»Iurbf,b!uTntnrcia;. 

BlOx'iom, 1. 1, lit bit »Intyti 3. bit $fitfi4< 
fdrbe (e. $)ferbet)} — coloor, bit blubenbe 
Strict —paper, rSr&lidjtt (8(fa>.) 9>apitr. 

To BIoViqb, u. n. Sffitben treibtn, Uibea. 

BlSVioiny, adj. blitbtnwU, MubtUb. 

To BlSt, v. 1. a. I. att Sintt befletftn, be- 
flettfeni bcne(tn) 2.,%. btfttbtln, Ptrnn- 
tbrenj S.jJg.Dttbunttlnj 4. fmtiflmil out) 
bentt ob. fflebmcttes) j 5. fig. »tr»tfa)en, 
Dtrtiigta (au* bra SebAdjinif, w.)j ll. ». 
burAfdjiagen, fttifen (som ^apitr, m.). 

BIBt, j. l.bevglerfcn, Jttnte Xfnfenffetfj 2. 
bat Xntgiftritfiette, Xueetwffojtti H.fig.btt 
JIttftn, ®*onb|Tt(ti 4. i;am. oteffllo'ft, bei 
ttngrtetftc ©rein (im fflrerfpitle). 

Blfitcb, t. bit ginne, .^Matter. 

To Blotch, o. o. ftigfrjtn, btfttiftn. 

BlSfcby, adj. flnnig. 

To BlDie, v. a. (turd) Sana)) frotfnen, rfiii. 
4)rni( b-d herring, BtrSiltfting. 

Blow, Blo'tei!, BIO'l«dn«H, uid. Blast, Ac. 

BISftfd, p.o. befletfts — chin > wire, ungleiib 
aemaice* ^orjellan, am bit fAabbaften ©tel< 
ten jb btbttctn J — linesmen ti, %. grobt 3tige. 

BlSfter. f. Dim. ba* Kottjbud), QRemotial. 

BlOt'tjug, t, bat SMeit, It., oi<t To Blot j 
-paper, tat 8eT*papiw, SflfrfpapfrT. 

BlOw, *. 1. ber e*I«a, ©treia), ©tc.fc SBurfj 
«.jSg.bn (©n>i<r[alt.)6a)lag, Unfair, «o» 
bftftof j B. btr iianbftreld), bat pIS»ltd)t fflt: 
fdjeben) 4. bat edjmet£en (aeieaieei) bti 
3nf«fTOJ 5- btf. Am. bit (rtnjtlne) ©lutbej 
bat »Inben (im XUgem.), bitffllnfbej " 
An. Afar, bit fttift JWblftj a — op, 
tint (Siploflnn, tin XutbrndH 2. >g. tint 
Bntttdhtng, bit baburd) oenirfaire Benoif 
rang, ^roftittition ; to hit the -, btn redjtcn 
glttftreffnn -ball,Bo(.bit(tro(knt)fflIu* 
nttnfrone beseSrecnjabnet j —hole, toe £aft= 
lod)) — o*er, 6-to. efnranter ob.oealge* 
Hnfentr JHrprr, icorous bn © la efdjn titer 
|M( Ctbdltn oerorbrtWj -pipe, 1. Z. bus 

S BInb 

£o(brob,r; 3. G-m. btvKubuB jumXafbl** 
fen, btfnl. 3. Jnoi. bti: Xubuii, u. fur bit 
eingtiptibtj —plpea.pl. bit SHaftcofcrt. 
To Blow, i). ir. I. n. 1. ntbtn, blafa (cont 
SBinbtj it.) bdujia, imp.); a. ftjnaufcn, 
hua)en{ (ftorE) atbmtn} 3. fdjaatn (von 
ffilaetnftrumtnttn); 4. bluben, uid. ToBlonui 
t ToBloMom; II. a. 1. gtn. blaftn <&t> 
»a«)j 2. anblaFen, anfaajtn ($tutr, :c; audj 
milnp); 3. on ban (btn (bit$ingtr, it.j; 4. 
blnftn (tint Xroapctt, it.; aud) n. mit witb); 
s, jig. (Qtaae) ctcbrtittn, auSpofauncn i 
(mit btm ace. btr 3)(r|bn) oerratbtni 6. 
(and) mit op) aufblaftn (tine iBiafe, u.)t 

Hutch. (Jtdb-, ed)M'61tlf0), 1C.) OUf- 

bldbtnj T. f;-«j. (©laSJblofen; 8. Smrit. 
(3itut) fimcljcn; 9. hefimrifm (pen fjUa 
gtn); to— th«(ob. onei) uose, fidb fdjnduj- 
jen j to — at, tmbfoftn(3ranne)( to — away, 
to — off, l. mtflnw&m, wtgbfaftn, obblofeni 

2. Alec/i. (ntttto — offiteam), Bampf DUi^ 

IafT«t) 3. j!g. wrfteibtn, Ptrjagoi » to — 
down, umntb,en, nmblaftnt to — in, (n.) 
btnein Ibtbcnj to — oot, axablaftn, ante 
nttb«n, Qii61o|"(btnj to — over, I. a. err' 
ntbtn, Ptrtrribeni n. n. (nonCtiinntn, ic.j 
Ro> jctftmien, obm SBirtung pcruber ge ¥ en i 
to — op, I. a. 1. aufblaftn, Wit To—, a. 6.; 

2. jig. aufblaftn, ffoij, aufgtbiafta madjent 

3. anbiafra, oid.To— n.2.i 4. Jfig. trttgtn, 
anfdjurtn (©tint, Xnmult, ic.)j &. (in bit 
8uft) fprtngtn, fpringtn [affcti 6. fin. ctr^ 
nidjttn ($i£ne, it.)i (Gintn) ;u @runbt 
tidjteni H. n. in bit ?nft (litgtn, auptgen 
(burdj Srp[oflon)j to — opon, 1. barauf 
blafent a. fig. ptradjttn; abnubtni —it! 
Cock. ph. (ft, tans ft). W* ber ^tnfer. 

Blbw' f r,*.l.btra«ftr,3ublifett2.b«©Duf- 
fleuri 3. btr aufbrauffnbe 2Renfd); 4 btr 
3innfd>mel)tr, ©imeljerj 5. bae SlaErcf t -, 
6. baSBa)icbbttd)ine£ntmCfenob.Jtamini 

T. Mech. vid. Blowing machine. 

BlDw'jng. I. p. t. bat SBIibtn, »., cid. To 
Blow; D. p.a.»uib(B,fturmifa) (Seo. *oU= 
fconbift) ) III. camp. — apparatus, Mtch. 
btr ©a)mtl(apparat} —bole, bus ffitunblrib 
(tintrglfit, k.)) -born, tin Xu (born, Xl> 
ctnbornf — HMcbine, MecK bit $iifraa= 
fd)ine, ^uftmiiblt, gtgtmublf. 

Blown, p.p. P. To Blow, qv. ; Jig. aufutbui' 
fen (pom ©brgri), it.)l —upon, ontnofannt. 

BlOwtfi, 5. l.bit (rinjelnt) SBlitbti 3. bat 
Slub;en (bie 3tit bet Slibent). 

Biowzed, p. a. aufgtbunfen, cjocbrot^. 

Bl5*'zy, adj. bautblcfig; (odjroth. 

BISb'ber, s. 1. vulg. tie fBtafei 2. btr Kail- 

Hf+ftedi (*B«Hftfa)OI*rnn( 3. Zoot 6m] 
WebufHiboapt ; — tbeeka, bitft, ".tifafige 
Bacttn; —knife, bnB ©pttfmtfftrj — lip, 
bit bi*t &ppe4 —lipped, bttftipplg, grajb 
mnnlig; —liver, bit Jtabllaulrbtr. 

To illub'ber, o. 1. n. (—with weeping), ftd) 
bttft Satftn rorintn, btnitn, fdjtadjjen f II. a. 
bnnfe ffiStinen (bit Siadtn) fdjrotllen raadjf n. 

Blud'geon, «. fin futjtr, unttn btfcblafltnti 
cb. mit ffllti auBgtgofftntr etott. 

Blfle, I. adj. ; II- ado. 1. bfanj 2. jig. td)ti 
maiiiue— ), uufrid)tla; S. SIkft, reus in 
■Jolitit, Setigion, fcileratir, u. fibertmbt; 
4. .jig-, ttaurig, ftbltitt, lrub<, vtnsirrt; 
fdj«l) the light barns — , baB Ki^bt hrtnnt 
fdjlrdjtj III- conyi. — mibe», bit bldllt Kfn)t 

(jumgarbra), Jtupftrafdjr, baB Jtupferblau, 
Sergblan i —bell, boi. bit blaue Slocfmbhn 
ntl — bice, aid. Bice; —black, We Eft rif to bit, 
(btf. auB jungtn S8dnranten)i —books, 
Slat Diaritu btf SolonioIomrfB in Downing 
Street (London) flbtr bit Mrfibicbtnfifn (fin- 
viitrtungta n. UtrbJIrnifli fdnuntl. Qolbntcn 
fflr^&rttannitn* i —bottle, Bot-i. 1. M( 
Aontburac (and) —bonnet); a. tint 3frt 
Mann £oarintb>; 9. £n(. bit blaut ej&mEff = 
flitgtj —boy, btr SBalftntnabt} — buckle, 
bit (fiu&Itnw) blati angtlanftnt ©djnalltj 
— cap", 1- iron- Spottnamt btr Sdjots 
tcns a. ft>t btr XcufdBabbifi -d>Ur, 
«fil. bit bint QRaafUttbt; —eyed, blatf 
augtgi —flora (or iquare fine — Indigo), 
btr ftinftt biane (bengalifdjt) 3nbfg« — 
fiiasi, atem. bit Sc&nwltt, Blaufartes — 
Peter, Mar. M( SignalflBflgt |BB fiSegtlns 

— •lockingi, (ml. blue*), pi. Lit. fiHalf 

flnjmpfr, fiprifrfttEtrnbt IDamtn, racist alB 
<3tteb,rtt in glinjtn fud)tni —done, Afin. 
tin Saint, bra man auf Parry'i Moautain in 
Aogleiea ban ©aluwt) btiltgti —throat. 
On. baeSIaaftbHou -Tit.ft/. bit»:au= 
fupti —veined, blanabeiig. 

Bine, *. I. an;:. l.baSSBlam 2. bit blaul(d>t 
&fenfurtt,fBofftrfc.rbt) 3. bieffiluttci 11- 
Oxford b-«, jii. bit tngl- eeibgarbe ju jlftrbc. 

To Blfie, ii. a. 1. Man mafbtn cb. fart en, 
blau« j a. T. (btf- fiold-m. OcetaHO blau 
nnUnftn laffraj 3. fig. btfajdmt, twtnlnt 
madjtn, Ptrblnfftn. 

Blued, adj. Jffe. Btrwtrrt, wtrbnit, oertlQfft. 

Blnetv, adv. blau, ]C, vitl. Bine, adj. 

BbWoeaa, /. 1. bit Mflur garlsf, Qldnc; 3. 
Surg. t»r BSunbvnnb. 

Biift", I. adj. 1. Sitf, olnmp, nngtfdjittt, aafgt> 
fdjjwffou %fig. ftolj, aufgcblaftii, trotig, 
Bbtrnrfitb,fa} Mar-*. 3. (tumpf, ibgtftamcft, 

brettj 4.fWi,bMb, fdjroff, ic. } a-baw, 
tin Boder obtt brrlttt »ugi a — headed 
■bip, tin Sdiiff, btfi'eu Sbrbtrfttvtn mtnig 
Scrfo>nf b^tJ li- '- Sea, (btf. ^m.) bat 
6o6t (faft ftnhedjlt) Uftr, gelfntnfer. 

To Blfiff, o. a. bit Xugtn otrbmbtn (Sincnt). 

UlfiiFDeu, t. 1, bit $(nu»btii* 3. bit (Utah- 
belt, earfdjbtit. 

810'iih, I. adj. W4uli(fij n. -aeii, >. bit 
bUalid)t (biafblaae) garbs, baB fflUulidjc. 

To Blftn'dor, v. I. n. 1. fid) grJblid) inttl i fam. 
pnbtln (upon..., in...)) a. (id) Cbcrtilra, 
faftln, blinb jntippen, lufabren (aun) mit 
eboat)j S. ftolptrnj II. a. grfblid) utr. 
Mtngtn, k.) lo — out, T tran*plattn (mit 

BlBo/der, i. bat gwbe Berftbsn, btr geblBriff, 

•Kffgrilf, KfrftoP, edjnittn -head, m'd. 

Blin'derboat,!. bct!»tt»ttDnl ainiteied-, 

bit iDonntrbudjff, bit raft tint DttbbofTt gn 

brtbt ntrbnt iann. 
BbWdereM. btr ©ttmiKr, Xolptl, DnnuB- 

fopf, gaftlbaoB, (tnbtfointnt) p auberer, k. 
Blan'der[nKJr, adf. auf tint grobt, faftlnbe, 

ftsittb^ftt art. 

Blonka, «. Com. (in 6djottIanb) I. »raitlein» 
nanbt 3.banm»bIltntXllo>ti;attli3IaBgbM. 

Blunt, I. adj. i. lit. frnnpfi fig- 2 - plnnp, 
nnbtbolftn, gecabtju, gtob) 3. angcisbrig, 
nnstfibUfftn, bautrifa) j II. t.bnl CRappttii 
III. comp. — needlei (ge». blnnti), tintXrt 
bidtt Kabcln |nm Sudjndbtn, vulg. edntii 
btrnabtlnj — witted, bumra, plump. 

To Blunt, o. a. 1. lit. ftumpfmatbtn) fig. 8. 
abftompftn, fd>n)dd)tn, ftiCen, railbcrn, anttf 
bru*ra(»tgttrbtn,«.)) juciittflottn} to- 
the angle* of a battalion, Mit. tin Qnatct 
in ttnltdjtttfetnDanbtlnj ab(himpf;n. 

Bifin'tjib, adj. 1. tin ntnig ftumpfi 2. fig. 
tirans plnmp, it. 

I( lu n t'l y, adv. obnt Umftdnbt, r/. Blnnt, adj 

Biuneuc.1, j. I. tit, bit etampfteft; a.Ji«- 
bityinmpbrft. ««ubbtitBtreittra. [flttf. 
llar.j. l.breS[«r,JHeiftia-J%.b«edjiinb« 
To Blnr, t>. o. 1. bEfltrfeni 3. ctmifdjtn, 
anBIofd)tni S.jtg. bejlttttn, btfnbtln. 

To Blurt, n. a. (nttift mit oil), nnbtfonntn 
btrmBfagtn, bnatteplatni mit ... . 

To Bla«b, u. 1. n. 1. mrotbra (mit at u. for); 
2. (rotft) blubtn ; a. a. jt(t nut im p- p. 
b-ed with a reddiih or (inooa colour, fn'ft. 
fftotftlidje fautnbj white lightly b-ed with 
red, in'* «Iafir<4e fpftlmb, blaprolbli*. 

BhW, i. 1. bit ©djarm-ot&c; 2. bit fflStbe, 
TatbjSflrlci S. bn trftt, jlud)tigt Vablid; 

Blui 1 

Me inerroartcte ot>. plotliihe erfdjcinung 
4. provine, bit (itift) (MtojtSdl)nIid)feit. 

BliWful, adj. * mit SifeamrStftc btbettt. 

BIQih'jng, p.*. baS6rr6tbfn, M( @Jd)amrotbe. 

Biu>h'ifH, adj. nirecrftbumt, fit*. 

BlmlirtSo', t. Com. tin in Norwich gciuebtcr 
3(U3,&^ib«Bofl( ii.bo.lt>® cite, bemGlo«»nrei 

Blush'y.adj.fanftgtrt-tbct, rotblid). [iibnlicb. 

To BliiVter, v. I. )i. 1. tcbcu, routfcen, poU 

tern (at . . ., fibtr - . .,W.)i pcaMens 2. brau* 

feni II. a. to — down, umroeben. 
Blii»V, j. l.ia5gjr«ufm,l)ctStiirmj2.ba6 

Ungtftum,«Biitbeui ^Jrablen, 9)ulte r »j 3, 

bo6®ct6ft, ©eraufrbi berSarm, Xutnult. 
Blis'terer,*. 1. ber loiterer i col. btrfflraui> 

■oinb; 2. bet CV r o pf p r cdj e c, Sprtt&HjanS. 

Bius'terjng, I. p.n. 1. brau|fubi 2. tfftig, ;c- 

3. (ibreiilflifl (com Stnl, n.)i 11, j. la* 
SSrauftn, if. [ungfftum. 

Bliii'terou*, adj'. a,erdufa)i)oll,ldrmcitb,to&enb, 

B-ini [be'- me], #, Afu s. vid. Alamire. 

BO, int. vulg. bntl l(. 

Bo'9,j.l.ZooJ.bitiRi!fen[fl)ianflei 2.Com.bie 
Son, (Xtf fdjlangeiiformigi't gjeBerine! eii 
SJomnifdjmutf) i 3. AfaZ. bit iBoa. 

Boar, 1. 1. Zcof. ber fiber j 2. MtSpringflUtb 
wild—, bat rottbe ©fljratm, ber jailer 
young wild—, btr ®nfd)lingt —cat, ber 
Jtorerj — pig.btr jtingtGbi'n — spear.lcr 
SaufpieS, bie ©1bnKin.5f1.-bcr, ba& gangeifen. 

To Boar, x>. a. Man. ben jfopf ju t>ou) ttagtn, 

Board, i. I. bOS SBret, tit ©tele j 2. bcrSifa), 
MeSafcIj 3. fig. ber Sifd), bit Soft St* 
rS|ttgung, ter Unttrtolli i. bieSofel in t. 
©eridjte, ir.; 5. bus Clcriibt fribfr, boSSmt, 
l3i«IbS=)eoncgium, Sireou, Me Beftorbc, 
Sommifflon, terKuSfifiup-, ic.j Mart. 6. ber 
Stbiffeberbi 7. bet Bdjlag (cincS SdjiffeS 
beim £acircn)j 8. Cam. bo.fi Epidbrct 
(©tbadjbwt, m.)1 9. Bkb. ber $>uypcnbert;ei, 
boKSortoil) acheu—, drawing— , Ac. oi'd. 
inC.D., ic; bed ofb-*, bit 3>rftfdje; i 
book in b-s, tin in $oppt gebunbenrt aiudj i 
the council— ,ber Hnigl.fle6eime£8atb}^g-». 
above—, jirfjer, geborgenj to deal above— , 
frci, unoertcctttjanbelrti Mar-*, in—, bin= 
itenborbfii —and — , 95orb an fflorb) a 
good—, tin ©djlagbug, Elrtdlbugj a ibort 
— , tin lurjer Sang (bcint ZoBtren)} to make 
a— , (aoirenj to make a good— , etnen ©d)Iag= 
bug Ob.Stretfbug madjen j to make astern- , 
ubtreteuer('-e.rii(tn)irw)gcbenj to shoot 
aihip's mails by the-, cillcm 6<biffc Mc 
9Rii[ten uf>fn)i(ficn } Com-*, to put on — , an 
Serb briiifltn j to ■ell (free) on—, an Sort- 

* Boat 

(iu Sdjiff) ptrfatifen (von no ab ber Jt Infer 
tit canbung&fisefen u. iirj*rr>. bie Xrantport-- 
rofttn trdflt)) prices (quoted) on — (or free 
on-), (^reife) fret am Sorb (on Sort nc 
tirt, pom Btrfnuftt frti on SDorb ju liefern i j 
comp. —of admiralty, tot IbHttiUtotSfll . 
ridjti — of eommi»"ioneri, bie tSonuniffn-H, 
bErXuSfdjuf j —of custom*, ba*@te»(r(uiif, 
3otIamIj —of director*, ha& ©irectoclum j 

— of green cloth, »i<l- unt. Green; —of 
health, 1. bae (Hcfnnbbetteamt, bit tS-ton^ 
mtfitonj 2. oil 3Rebicino('gollegiuni j —of 
officer*, fca* EfftcitrcorpS} —of revenue, 
baS ginaniburtou i —of trade, tttf^anbcis* 
geritbt, Ji-toHcgium, 4j-burean, ^-nttnffti* 
riumi — land*, Sofelguttrj — luad, 3ubu^ 
ber |)id)tcr jtt Safclgutcrnj —officer, tin 
'.'IWidju^mttfllitSi —service, XnftHcbrn u. 
^adftgelb bafiir; — wages, bag Jtoftgclb. 

'o Buard, v. 1. a. 1. Helen, idf.Iu; 2. o) in 
bie^oft nebmen, betoftifltn; !•) in bie R?ft 
gtbeni 3. Mar. cntcrn, borbeni 11. m. 1. 
a) Jtoflgangec tjattcn $ b) in brtJtoft fcin 

(—at or in a houte, with a person); 2. Mar. 

to — it up, (ben rjlup) oufmdrtsiaMrtn. 
Btiar'dable, adj. Mar. jugdnglin), tnttrbar. 
ilun^der, i. I. ber jtcfiga'ngcr; 2. Mar.(gcio. 

pi.) b-*, bit jumentcrn bqiintmttnSRatrcfcn, 

Bua^djiig, p.s. b(l*BieIen,M.,»t((. To Board; 
b-«, ]•'■ Mar. aidjterfdjiffej comp. — cap, 
bit Sturmbaubtj —pike, bit finttrpiftj 

— house, —place, baeSo|tbaas,SpeifcbtiuSi 

— school, bit Jtuftfdjule, ^JtHfioneanfialt. 
B6a'ri*b, adj. fdjiotinifd), »itbif*» graufam. 
Buart, s, jtto. e\a finniger ©iamant. 
To Boast, u. I. a. ritbnten, erbeben; II. n. fi* 


Bout, .<. 1 . ba» iRiibmcn, @roMprea>cn,ffirop- 
(bun, Me fflupmrebifltttt, ^JraljictcU 2.>y. 
ber Siubm, 2>tolj (cincs Sanbe«, k.). 

Boaa'ter, t. ber ^rabltr, ©ro K fpri'd)er. 

BOastVill, adj. rubntrebig, prablbaft- 

Buas'tjng, I. j. ba$94iu>mcn, Me^ra^Iertti 
II. «dj. j III. ~ly, ode. prabltriftb. 

Biiast'ltss, adj. anfprtia>£li<£, beffbdben. 

t>t<i.— ibdl; -cloak, Metepunti'(Ubcrrotf 
jurSet ju tragtn)} — 'screw, tic SJoetS' 
mannfibaft; — sguy, bit Jtuntipiibtcr bes 
JBooteSj -"■ load, (-ful), tii'Stbiff^labungi 
—('*-) fflin, bcrffioortmannj — 's painter, 

— rope, baB Kdjalupptntauj — '•■coop, bie 
Sffialjcrfdjauftli — nbaped, Bat. bec-tformig i 

— shell, touch. Mr Xrdjej — *t»ff, (— bookj, 
ber JBootsbufenj — iwnin [but'awan, Sta, 

Goo 8 lc 



M'anJ.Ml^MAbooUniaim] — »waiii'« call, bit 

QorjuuateBftiFt bt»$o4bootemaimtGj — '■ 
n»w, 1. b«UM(t6out<maBnja.(in boadnb. 
Scfelftn) *** ©dbttmann. 
To Boat, o. a. Am. ait SSooirn (taaSportirtii . 
BaataWe, arfj. Am. fill Scott faiffbar. 

iWtjng, j. 4m. ba« JKfttnfaljrtn (raitj Btr= 
ftnbri, ■Btrfubrai (von Storm, w.) El rfatm 
*ooir, bit Sabotage. 

Hub, #. 1. o64r. (fir: Robert ; "2. jtbsS ban. 
mtlnbtlMnfl: a) 6a6 OSt^dnge, Bhrgtbditat ■ 
M War. bit Sinft tint* ftrqnilJtnbeUj c > bie 
^rntpttrnrff, btr ©tut i (0 im'g. bit Vat 
gitafit, Volftfftj 3. bit 6n6jeile, btr Sot- 
i'trt r {Rtftain ; 4. btr Srblag, ©toflj 5. bit 
Stiajtid, bcrjwfc, ©pott i bat ©tiricinMrt s 
-ttay, Mai-. M t fflusfprietcftag, JBafftr Rag. j 
— uu, i.btr©tatfcbn)anji a.*u$fti[f(t$<- 
.fig. S. bttjMirt j ici gunuib, Saftratj 4. bei 
jurbriafte ^Sbel} -tailed, fratfdjroflnjfg j 
-•ig,bit©&iipemiift, btt6(u». 

To sab, e. l.o. l. fta(tn, fnt| fibntibttu 2. 
abbrabtn (tu atfprdib) • 3- boljntii, ncChn; 
|[. n. l. banuln, bfaacnj 8. vuig. (mil btr 
laljUS**) uifldlt. 

Uub'bin.t. 1. bit ©pB.lt, btr ©piltnBopptlj 
2. MS Sub, ffliinbel (glatbft son to. 100 
ffB.X flat-, bU¥IaHfd>mrrj round-, bit 
ManbftauT) thread— ,3»tnifpiltni —net, 
brt epibtagmnbj plain — net, aluttcrSpfj. 
icngntnbj —net sprigged (gc»8tynl. ahbr. 
iprigd, or ■prigged — net), grmnfttrtsr 
BpittngrBUbj —tool*, BpHtntlSwtU — 
work, gen. bit ntllSpptltt 'Stint, get loppeltc 
©pinm, Socten, eifra, Sdjaiirc, «. 

Bobbing, I. p. i. bat ©(blaflni, ic, bH. To 
Bob ; n. p. a. fi tint Jftrfw motbtnb. 

ll..l/by, *. aoir. (dim.) fur; Robert. 

BoVca, t. G-io. bat ©ibutlodj (dm ©lateftn). 

Hui/Hiine, BoVauIa, BftL J cauine, j. Com, bit 

feint Btttflrinmtnb. 
Bsce, *. Ick. bttSttrrbriifltn. 
To Bode, v. I. a. atxfanlta, wtfjtr aiijtfgm, 

Mrbratrti; n. n. DonBorbtbtutainaftin. 
Bf.ifice, a. bo* 8tib<btn, bit ©rbniirbruft. 
K.'.d'itd,arfj.9!ftaltct,(™mp.)<ltibigj big—, 

bittlcibta) roll — wiue, ftart gebttftcr tBtin. 
li.-i J'ie f , f. pi. 1. cfibcv, ic, vid. Body; ». bit 

rental, giifgarbt, 6ribgarbtj a pair of- 

tint GMtiarbruft, vid. Bodice. 
Bi.<l'ikiii(, Bod'Hkint, inf. vuig. bit mttntr 

Stdj*! berXtufel! bat win 1 
Butl'ilen, adj. firptrlot, unf Jrotrlid). 
Bod'jljoeu, t. Has [Srpertitbc ©tin ob. SBtftn. 

Bfid'ilj-, ad)", ft ado. 1, forrjf did), IribUtb i 
2. fsirtlirS j 3. fig. trajUfo)} to drive-npon 

a coait, Afar, nit btm ©djifft autr tu) 
bit Mftt frciben- [btbtuinnf. 

Bo'djns, j. (binpB im pi-) oit V&nung,, tBot> 
BSd'kio, f. r. l. bit Xble, Vftfnu (o«f4j. 
^QnoBjfi(et) ; 2. bit ©a)nurnabtlj 3. bic 
©pichubelt 4. bit grtfirmibel, bag Jttauftt- 
tiftit j nitfiaamtibdf ciotiiof— ,b«»t:otat, 
bag ®ilUtatfti<t, vid. BHtrdkia. 
Budy.j. l.btr«(ib,JtevD(rj (dead-), W4> 
nami 2. terfflumpf, SJtibi 3. bie ^pcrfon, 
btr $Rm\<b, SXann, Stmanb, man (oiit »ome. 

eiery, any, no jlgf&t., Bid. Ultt. S., E., *c); 

i. Gfom. & lliy. ber Jtdrptr; 5. bae SBt* 
fen, iStftntliibt, tit iBiirtlidjfeiti G. bit 
QRtnat, (jnfamratn&inaenbt) 3Rafft, bcrbtux 
bmt ©cfammtteit, baetSanjci T. bag ©a< 
Pan, tit ©ammluag ((Sefe$e, jc); a. >n 
8crrirt, JTorperi bit JMrperfcbaft, @tftU= 
fdjaft, jJuitft, Jnntina, (Semeiiic; bit spartci, 
Stcbinbung, ic.} 9. bit Xrappcnmiifft, bab 
Gorpej 10. btr {lauptbtfliinbtbtil, $aupt> 
tbtil, bit $<mptmiiffi' (cintr Jttmtt: bos 
4)aupt«, OTitttltreffem fy. cinteKanbtfii Bal 
3natrt(i.SlurT'8, t.geftuna, imffltgtnf.btr 
Xn^tnroerto bat JCiribettfcbiffj ber ®d)iffs= 
rumpf i SaumDatnmi Jrutfd)tnFafien; JOauij 
tincrSautt,ic.)i ll./ia. btr ©toff, 3abalt 
(tints fflriefte, ic.)i 12. btr JMrptr, JTtrri, 
bit Eidjciflfeit, Stdrtt, SefHgrtit, Jtraft, 
(Si'itt (bt6iBitinc6, ^ap«re*,ic.)4 IS. Paint. 
btrJtfirptr, e/. To Bear a — ; 14. fig. in 
Seib, bit fiiuilidjtti Btjtertenj —for—, tin 
Stbte tin|tln stnommtn, Sines nodj btm 
Vnbtm j a writ to apprehend the—, tin *3tr< 
baftebeffbli -or an altar, btr Xltarfttta) 

— of a cannon. Gun. bat Sobwiftuct tintr 
JCanpntj —of ■ letter, L-f. btr ©djrift. 
(egtl i the — ofenil laws, bOt Cbrpwjuriti 
the politic— , or— politic, Btr ©taatsHrperi 

— do tli(», pi. bit ^iftrb tbtdt, ©ibabraitt i 

-ganrde, pi. bit fitiblBadjC; — Ionic, Knt. 
bitSiljIdaJj -plane, Sliiji-b. BtrSpOUirif 

tintC ©djifftt. 

To BOd'y, u. a. formtn, btlbtn, gtflaltta. 
Bflg, 5. btr©innpf,Snid), bttQKoori -bean, 

Hot. btrgibrefltti -land, has eKarfihlanbi 

— lander, 1. btr ©ampfbtrDcbntri aSnfcb* 
ffloortitbt)— ore, Afin. btrfflaftntifenfttini 

—reed, bflt 0d)t[ftobr j — ipnin. Far. bit 

©ibalt i — italker, or— trottar, nit— lander. 
To Bog, v. a. 1. im Jtuth berurnrodljm i im 

©fblamm ctrftnftat 9. vuig. auf btm Drtrf 

lit en laflen. 
To Bog'elc, v I. n- 1. fhHtn, jnruiffab"" 
iber, »or)i 2.unf#lfiffig,i»fiftlbaft 


(tin, nnftc&raj 3. tjeutbeln, ltd; btrfttltnij 

ausrectcbcn i II. a. -4m. uuig. (bimb Bdjnjif 

rtgfciien) in Bcrlegcnbett fef en. 
i!flg'gl«t, i. brr Unfdjlufflflc, iSaubciEr. 
BOg'gj, adj. fumpflg, moraftie, btradjig. 
Bo'gle(B6ygle),*.coi.-bo,or-bo*, cor. 

Bugaboo, ber$cpiinj,ba8(jeinbEr«)i3e|penft. 
Bab, int.bucjl »M-Bo. 
BDb«»', «. StrSbfEfiuS, gemeinc ftbnwrjclbte. 

Brjlie'inja, J. Geog. SSGbnicn. 

Bohfmjan, I. *. 1. b<r sBftyllM 3. tCI Siflttl' 
ncri II. adj. bibmtfri); — pearl*, Com. b6b= 
mifijc$crlen) — qnarb, Afin. Gitcin obev 
bicjimfcbcrXC'pac.j —warbler, Orn. btrSei* 

Bfifir, ». ntd. Bojar. [bRif^manj. 

Bail, J. laS ©Efd)»flr, btr (Bint*)® insured. 

ToUoii, o. I. n. l. to<&en, lu'ben; a. mallnt, 
braitftn (»on ben !BeI[cn,ie.)j to — away, ein> 
foiben; to— over, 1. iiberEoften, fibECluuftn' 
2,jfg.(lra3orne)iii!fbrauftnf ll.a.(St»af) 
fitbcn, todiEn, fodjtn lafltn; to — to piecei, 
itrtocyEB, retrod) en. 

BSHtiy, BoPlery, j. S-to. bit SiCbEtti, BiEbC* 

bfllte, Saljtolie, bat Saljroerf. 
BSfler, j. i.berSieberi 2. ter JtodjftFd, 

CDampfvMtefTd; 8. Mint. btre*r5tiins«8l"= 
B6lVf> ». pi. bieJtodjerbfin. [ber,ctu*glfi&cr. 
Bam "g. I- P- ■>• bat JCofboi/ it. ) II. p. a. fo< 

d)enb,ic.j— pea*, cid. Bailer*; — pot, Print. 

bicgarbcbhfei —well, Btr Bpringbninnen. 

Boifc'terou*, I. adj. ; II-— ly, aide, ungeffaim, 
fturmifd), tjeftig, fimufmb, tobenb, linncnb, 
wfrubrerifeb, mtbdnbfaj III. —mm, ■, bet 

Btfjv, J- btr SBcjar fgrsifcerr, ][.). 

B<yi»ry, adj. Ma. boIuSarttg, tbonarrtg. 

Sold, adj. 1. fu&n, nntcfcb rotten, unotrjagt, 
nwt&ig; 2. Jtufenbeit crforbtrttb (son e. Un> 
(crncbmen)j 3. brei|t,nnr'trfcbdrai,frtCy,fTtti 
*.fig. Wbn (oon e. ecraltidje, ic.)i 6. fbil, 
jdbi tomidce— , fld) erfu&nenf Jtfar-i. a— 
bow, cid.Blo.fr; a— tbore, cine fteile (nob 

bnSjer Rdjer ju bcfa v rent) JWfbtj -bee, 
1. betUntierFdjdmt^SrtdJEi 2. WeUnwr< 
fdjdmicjeict - faced, ttilMtfcbdnit, frtd). 
To Boi'don, c. I. a. riifjn nwibeni £w»«fi*t 
ttaftffen j II. n. brtift nwrbra, fid) erfQ&nen. 

BDI'der-rtOne, *c. cid. Bowlder, [terfdjdmt. 
Boldly, adv. l.Hbn, uncrfdjrorfen, K-j 2. nn> 
Bbld'neu, *. 1. bit «lb.nbeit, UncrfdjroiJtn. 

frcit, ecrraegntbeit, btr2Xutt.i S. bit Orel. 

Wateit, «ttracf(cit&eitj 3. bie greintuibifl. 

rritj 4. bie grtcbgeit, Unoerffl)dmtt.eitj 6. 

US inDHficbtlidjt Bertrimen (auf Soft)} 

«. Lit. bicMtjiibtii (btr BptedjOj befal. 

ill Paint., SciUp. k Arch. 


Bflle, j. 1. betSttbccj baf Sntng cic$«^ 
IniS i 2. bcr yfeifenfopl; 8. (Mori.) bat 
TOnf con ecnaL GSajtfftlu (boibeli); i. Min. 

Bo'latste, i. Cfiem. baS fdjiDonimfcutc €Snlj. 

Bolift'Jc adj.— acid, Uiem.bited)ffl«mw[4nrc- 

BS^|ag, i. Mar. vid. Bow-Hoe. [Dtacbc. 

BCIji, i. Met. bit fturigc Jtuatl, btr flitacnbc 

BAII, >. 1, Bat. bit Santrafapfcl ( 2. nirf. 
Bole, 3; 8. i- ofttlt, (&)2»nfttl 6u(,. 

To BOH, u. n. eamenfapfeln flnfeftn. 

BOl'ljmiiDg, Bail'mCng, (Bol'ljnbny.C}, Bill', 
liuiung, BBl'][mOnd, .. bag ffltifdjtont. 

BOl'Lard, j. I. ring. 1. ciri ouftCdHftrfttUbtC 

Vftdjlob. fint^foftej 2.ber S'Kpfttnaum; 

—timbers, Shift, bU bidjt on brm8otft«>tn 

beflnbliajtn Sug> obtr Jtlulboljcrj II. b-*. 

pi. Mar. Cuttbdtbtll, JHfltn (an belt 6tit(n 

elner Sotft). 

Bai'ijDgf,t.pi.atMpftcSdnmt. [ferbanbtbea. 
Bologns LbOlDn')?]. —dog, i. b'oi Sclognc 
Bologueu [bulflncz'], t. (pi.) A a. btl (ti(> 

ffiolopfr, bitttJ-inni bplogntfifdj. 

Bolognlau [bOIO'njan], —stone, i. Min. bit 
Soiogntftt epatft, eiro^ibarot. 

B&J'»ter, 1. 1, (ing. l.baS^oIfter, Siffem bcr 
^fabli 2. Surg, bit Oomprtljt J 3. Sm. 
btc Vaftramboft II. bi, pi. l. Sad. bit 
Jifnterpaufdjeii, btr Xeftcr (be* CalKl*)) 
Mars. 2. bit Jtalbtn ob. Jtldmpnt eon rod- 
4cm $oI;c an Sopp bet Waft :a j 3. bit SSc 
fltibunaefilftn bet etaac. 

To Bolster, u. a. I. voE)1crn, Jtifftn nntrr. 
Icatn j 2. Surg-. Bompvcffi'ti anflcfltn. 

BOKatared, p. a. aufgtbldt)t. 

BDl'«ter»r, t, btr EicueSgcbulft, jicbltr. 

BOI'tlerifng. t. (—op) bit ^(Sltrti. 

BDlt,i. l.b«»oijcn,?)fc!lj 2. r.bcrBcl. 
jen (oon Gifcn u.a. MetaUH Stitgcl (en 
XrfiTtn), id 3. A/ft. bcr Donnerfdl ; 4. 
Miii. bat Seuttlfitb) 5. bcrgltttcn (i«'rf. 
Blot); 6. /Eg. bcr¥fti',bas«Biero«t, w.; 
7. (a -of can.ai), (28 6Htn) bat etutt 
(IBunb, eunbel) Btgcftudj j 8. b-i, p(. bit 
Sanbe, gefj'clni comp. —boat. Mar. cin 
flartstbanteeSoot) — drawer, bcr Soljcn-- 
au*6ebcri —driver, bcr Soljcnrrdbcr i 
— bead. Dirt, bcr (SorIcg>}Jtolbtni —rope, 
Mar. bafc BciF, bcr Scgclfaumi — iprlt.ntd. 
b.U.Bowiprit; — nprigbt, pftilgcrabf, fcr- 

To Belt, t>. I. a. 1. iuviegcln, bcmtgeln; (mtt 
Etnem ffioljcn) befeftifltn, ballcnj ftfclni 2. 
Mill, bcakln, ficbtcit, iieben; 3. Jig- ccgruB- 
ben, prCfcit, ficyitnj (audj mitoiit, [Crrwtt] 
aaBforfdjen^c)) 0. btfprcdjcnj wrbenbttai 

Bolt 1! 

6. Sport. (JCutiMi^Ht) mtf|teni>«i!, Mtfingtn s 
to — s iklp, SUp-k. tin ©4)iff wrboljrnj 
II. 10. (attt oat) 1. brtautfUrint, (pltylto)) 
t)t rautfabrtn, bei-aiiSfil)ie£en t 2.^g. mit et= 
iMt^rrmKplajtnj to-- in, or into, pl*(lidj 
nntrttra, Streinfliiqcti, btrtinpl«ttn. 

Belter. *. 1. *«'«- btr SKrtffinttrt, !Dtufcfe 
fctiittl, tjoe»eate[(t£hi a. tint ttrtltcfr 

Bul'tjag, I. port. B. To Bolt, iju. j II. ecmp. 
-»ie«, 3fec\. fd)I(tMnSt Idjfcm MrH-s.- 
bue.,STr9Jce6iotutel; -doth, bat Sfureltucbj 

— home, bntB-$anS, bitSttbtrti j —butch, 
ber 9-fafrtH, bit ffi-fammtr j —mill, bit 5S-« 
ntafdjrnt, bo* S-nwrf ) —rob, tin Stfifl, am 
2Rrf>! bintin ;a Rebttn. 

Br.'lni, i. Med. ber 8ifftn, »o(nt j tie $iQt. 

Br>mb [bom], *. 1. bit Sombe ; 2. ber<SIocren= 
Fdjlagi Bni bnmpft (Bttoft, btr bumpfe JtnaE, 
fBaaii -thct, bit 8-nfiftt) -ketch, - 
* cueL, bit Bombarbtrgaliste, bit S-nfa)iff j 

— proof, &-nfeft. [ftp, tSnen. 
Tu BOwb [bum'], u.n. fflrtife r.erur[u#en, fan- 
To Bombard', c. a. bombarbirtn. 
Bombardier', BOmbardier', t, 1. MI. ber 

SBomborbiren S. f:»t. ber Som&arbirfjftr. 
Boiubird'»ent , f. bat Sombarbement, tic 

sSoinbarbirung. [SBomborbon. 

Rcimtardcan', i. Mm. bet grope SBombarb, 

BSabaalo', Bombasine', r. Coins. I . Kr «0BI» 
baftn (tin leid)!er motl-fttbentr ;Uttg)t 2. tint 
Mrl fflarcbent, uii Bombast. 

B/Sm'bast, I. ». 1. Com. btr fflmnboft, 
Bum bunt 2; 2. Lit. hr ©ibrculft, ffiombafii 
II. adj. Bid. Bombutle. 

To Bombs.!', v. a, l.fig. aufMafcn, anffeSieel. 
intj 2. irt. (raft SBoftc, it.) auSttopfen, m-- 
polftenu fdjlofltn. [ben*- 

B-uibsWtje (— eal), adj. fibroiiifrtg, betbtr* 
BWbsJlry, j. Lit. ber Sdjibuift, Sombaft. 
BombfzeV f-iettc f ). ft Com. btr Sombnfett, 

nnapprrtirte SamiE. 
Bflrabqzine', t, vid. Bombaiin- 
BWbjgt, t. Chem. bat ranpenfaare Salj. 
BWbic adj. -arid, a™, tit JHcupenf am 

inbibt. [farbig, ge!b!id> u. bunbtajtinent:. 
BoabjcVoas, adj. l.feibtn} 3. feibtnrau»tn= 
Rimbf c'jngin, i. Com. bit Qfnrifibt SSetbt. 
Bimbjf joj, J. fiflf. otU BombJc-bee. 
Bunrtpt, J. trt'd. Silk-wonn. [bit 3 MO rifling. 
Bon [or bfing], ,. (frtni.) Com. btr <Bnt*3rtttI, 
Btfat, eontp. -jSd», flat) anS rtblitbtt Wri= 

mwflj anfSrtntmibSIaubtni Com-/. — f. 

bill*, «B«Sftl dbet .i-mpfirasrae SBiattitj 

— f. capital, bus ant JBaaren ob. anbem vtx-- 

HsfL ead)tn befitbtnbt Capital. 

11 Bom 

Bontn't, a. Bot. bit SananaSftfflt. 
Bona'jyj, BfaKVm >, i. Zool. in SonaJuJ. 
Bsn* reVtar* [— Uhur], j. — ml«cn, 3far. (itf 

arof tn Scbiftn) tin jrotiter fStfannuft 
Bonbon [bongbOn^], t. (ftonj.) bo* Sorbon, 

3utfH«Idta>tll i —cracker (cracker—), bit 


Bpn-cbre'tjon, t. Pom. bit 6^ti)U>irn. 

BSud, I. s. l. tat Cinbtnbe, Sanb, Stfl, btt 
etriili 2. (btf. P'-), bit »iwbe, Jttttt, 
fctffclj A.bitffltfonflntfibaftj 3. MtCtt. 
binbuno; btrJtirt, it.) 4. ./ig. bat Sanb, 
bit Surbinbung j 5. bit ©ftulbrtrltbttlbunq, 
Cbliaationf e. bit KtibinbliaXtit, bae Ua> 
terpfanbi T. bit fitqjflia)fungi under— , 
Lair, unttr Caution, ob. atatn 6antiontIti< 
flltna4 Com. Law, epecial— , ttr etcro' 
BurgfdjQftsfftetrti — of «tchsBge,6tr®tdj' 
ftltonttatt) — of obligntian, btr Ccbulb- 
fcbcin, bit 3n)u[b»trfd)rtibuna i goods ii— , 
88aattnuntcrffitaitPtrfd)Iup, ta btr Wniol. 
Kitbtrlogt) II. adj. gebunbtn, bitnfipflia)> 
rig, leibeigen} HI. ramp. f'om-J. — creditor, 
btr DMigationSglSitbitjrr ; — debtor, btr 
D-fdjulbncr( — debt>, B-fd>ulbtiti —maid, 
bit 8tibeigtnn —man, — nervaot, WrSrib- 
tfgtntt -lervice, bit 8tibtigtn[djaftj - 
»l«e f btr(bft)?tibti8tnti — (>->nan, 1. btr 
ftibtigmt) 2. Mr ©first j -(s-) W0B ' ,n . 
tit Eeibtigcnt. 

To Bond, c. a. Com. Lou, tine Bcrfdjrri bung 
autfttntnfibtr-.j to-good>, fflfittc (Baa* 
rtn) in tat ffnigl. Stagaiin nitbtrlcgen; 
b^d-WHTO-bome, uid. Bondlng-wtreboaie. 

Bon'dage,f. l.titffltfungtnffbttft, puff; btr 
3niangj2.bitBitn ftbarttitrffnt dj tfd) a ft,® tin ■ 
t-trti; 3. bit ■Strpfiitbtnng, Ktrbinbiiibftit. 

Boo'djng, p. *. 1. bitlBtrbintttngf % Com. 
bat Stitbtrlcgtn von Saartn in baS Hnigl. 
ajtagajinf -ware-hou«e, bit Kitbtrlagt, tat 
&tpot tfntr ffltgitrang an etaptl' ob. ^acc> 
hoftplifnir btr 3onfprid)tr. 

Bone, I. t. ting, bat Stin, bcr Jtncfben ; bit 
(Srittj 2. tit btfntmt Spinbtl, 8»uit; — 

uf (.[intention,^', ber 3att'asfdjII.b-i..'.;ii. 

l.SBurrtlja. (tn6d)trnt)JtI6ppeI)utn@pii' 
jcn!I5ppein! 3.7Vat.£rtibinrt8(ber£d>iiti« 
fpieitr: elfenbcinerne$latt^en>i IH. camp. 
foul b-«, uid. — »pavia; Injy b-; ber gan» 
Icnier; — »ce. Gam. tint Krt Jtarttnfpid i 

- ache, tat 9tt(f en in ten ffitinen, tic ®id)t, 
bat^Dbagraj —binder, Kin. tat SStinbcii, 
StinraeK} — black, basgtbranntteiftnbtinf 

— breaker, Om. btt JBem&rfdjtr, 3SeerabIttj 
— cboppor. Bi'ir7i.finJtnod)EnbtiIi —dower, 
Bot.tif ©flnfeblumti —knot, Anat. btr &p 

Bone 1 

terbuatll —lace, gerloppelie ©pibtnt — 
aipperi, bieitnocbeninngej To— 'set, v. a. 
(perreitrte Slieber) roieucr einricbten, einreit> 
feni *ioo)enbrucbt[)eileni — int.*. Bol.bti 
irjtj -spavin, i-'«r. tor $uffpatt;,8eift. 

To Bone, v.a: 1. auSbeitten, bit Jtnoiheii au6> 
tubmen) 2. gifrbbeiii (ta tint edmfirbrnft) 
(inft(ta. [.ffno«cn. 

Boned, p. a. grof, part, (strong—), flart con 

Uonee'tB, Bonet't?, i. vid. Bonito. 

Hune/less, adj. beinloSy [nodjenloe. 

liSne'ly, adv. nit Bon nil y, vid, Bonny. 

Boii'fire, *. ba6 greubrafeuer. 

Hon'jfSce, j. SontfnciuS (QK-ti.). [frtlt. 

Boni'to, ». /eft, bie gepreifte SBonitc, fibine!Ka= 

/fun-mot [bSngmu'], s. (fran;.) ba5 SSoirniot, 
Ber finnrei^c GinfoII. 

Uoa'net, i. 1. bteaJt%,^aabt, Jtappt, bag 
Sarettj 2. berSamntbutj 3. Afar.bieiBon* 
ncttc, fcaS Bleff; b-», pi. SScifegcI (angera. 
SBenennttng tor gtagtegel, Jtiuper tt. «ec= 
fegci)) fbrt-j.4.bfeJSappe, Soimrtirung, 
bus Sonnet) 5.-4 preiiK (eigentl. « 
pi-Are) t bit ^faffenmfiBej shade-, ber 
ScbirmljBt i — boardi, ^Jappenbetfel (ju2)a< 
men&uttn)} -cane, glcibtrobr, (ju bergl.). 

rSOn'ujIy, a<fu. uid. Bonny, adj. 

Bon'njness, *. (a. fi.) 1- bit uXuntetfdt, Xuf. 

geraunUGtit j 2. bit SBob i be l«ibt^«it $ febone 


Bfln'ny, I. adj. (bef. fttctt.) 1. fcubtft, ortig [ 
2. ntunrer, aufgtiwsft, luftigi 3. aoblbeleibt, 
fttts II. *. Mia. bo.6 (ninbe) Erjloger j — 
clabber, a) (bef. irldnb.) bie faure fflutltf 

Urniu'njan itonc,!. Afin.&erSBolDgnEferSpatft. 

Pun-ton [bang-t6ng'],*.gutcrSiJr,fcine©ittt. 

Bu'nudi-mSg'nnm, j. I'am, btE JWnigSpflaumC. 

Bi/nu«, s. Cum. bit $)rdmie, Dioibenbti — 
fund, terBtoitonbenfonb. 

Bu'ny, arU. 1. bcincrn, Enoitornj 2. feljr (no- 
cbtfli ftarttrtotblgi 3. Floppcrbfirrt. 

Bon'ze, [WA., IKorc; bunz, 5/n.] 5. be: 
fflcmjE (inbifie ^tiefler). [JunEer. 

Bii6'by, j. ber Sf [pel, gfnfaltspinfeli &mb> 

Book [buk], I. i. 1. Has $ud)i 2. ba6 Suit 
iltbtbcilung t.iBerfS)) 3. bas £anbiung3= 
buib; without—, 1. auSbemJtopfe, auSrocn: 
big*2. DbneXutoritdti to be in (run into) 
one's — (books), Scmanbcm fdjulbig fcin (bei 
ibm in©ibulben geratl)c n)i to get into one's—, 
3Emanbc$ Swift crlangcnj a — in folio, tin 
guliant} n — in sheet-, or in nuires, tin 
robefi ob.un(ein)a,ebuntonf&9JuuJ; U.comp. 
bef. Conw.— of accounts, M btedjnunge' 

2 Book 

fflucb, ContP'Suo) { —of (account* current 
or) merchandise , bos SBoottn • 6wnttt- 
(9)uu))j — of adventures, (ittBudjioct Mr* 
fmbeistift untemommtne speculationcrt ; — 
of calculations, bat SBoartU' GalculutionS' 
iOiidj; -ofcargo, tai gmd)£ > '-Bud? (mit 
fpetificirttr Sobung etn» Bujilf*)) -uf 
charges, bcS Unroitcn«%uo> 1 — of coin mil - 
lions, ba£ SBaaittt^efteaungsneua)} -of 
invoices, baSgactureii'lBunjt —of posta- 
ges, bae qjorto'ffluibi —of purchases, 
baS aBaoteti'6mfaiifS<SIotij*)®'«vi -° f 
rates, bo« 3oa=!Bua) (Bortn bie Pcrfd). 3cli= 
T(nfSStDerieidjttet|tnb)i —of reccipU and 
expenditures (or disbursements), boS Silt' 
nob,me* n. Xu6gobe'!8uo> i — ofinles, bas 
aBBortnHBcrtaufi''»iiib ; -account, bus 
Bonto^neinem^anblung^Stiaje)) —bind- 
er, ber SB-binber; —bindery, mod. bie S-> 
binetrniertflaft} —binding, 1. bat S-bin- 
bctti 2. baSS-binbcrbonbmertj — cme, 1. 
0er!B5d)erfii!ranP,ba6SBiid)bctdltniiii 2. bie 
9Xappcj 3. balS-futtcrolj —creditor, bit 
6bicograpb.ar, d)-ifn)C®loabigcr} -debts, 
S-tdjulbciti -fa»hion. ingorm cineS ffi-e6i 
-keeper, ber 8-(|aIter, iHcrtjnungflfuftreri 
-keeping, bie aj-fcaltctri, ffl-taitung} - 
learned, 1. fojuigelebrt, belefens 2.ftubtngc 
lebrt, pebontifd)} —learning, 1. bicttchfflf 
Beiij 2.bieS-K©tubenOfflel^tfomltit,bet 
©ilmlwiti —linen, Com. but JS-Icitten, bie 
(fddjfifcbe) IB-letnroanb} —maker, ber fBu- 
djermoajer, iB-fdjr(iber« - makins, bie 
Sitriftftcneteij -mate, ber ©djultomcrab, 
<Utitfa>uleri —muslin. Com. birCrganbin. 

— oath, vid. Bible-oath; —seller, ber (Scr= 
timtntSO ffl-Wnbleri - <ellw'« (aua) pro- 

- selling) shop, tor a-Idbtlti - sellers' 
Talne.or-s' currency, (lint, ben bcutfdjcn 
»-bonblern), bie B-bdnbi(r-3o»IuB8, »-• 
SCidbruitij i —selling (business), b-s' tr«dc, 
ber »utt)banbclj —shop, (—store. Am.), 
btr fflmfj [flbtn ; — stall, ber Sudjerftanb (ber 
antifluare)) —stand, bos )8ita>crbrctj - 
■tone, Vid. Bibliolite; -Uught, beiefen, b-» 
gtlt^rt; —tripe, Zool. ber fBIdttcmtiigcn 
tor aSietortauer, ^failer* - wheat, nM. 
Buckwheat ; -worm, 1. Bit tor 3ltet«gail j 
2. d%. ber SButbenounii. 

To Book [Uuk], u.a. 1. (ineinSud)) cin« 
fn)tcibctijauftor¥i>ft,ie. ctnfibrcibenlofrini 
2. Com. (^Dften in bie Siirbtc) cintvagcii, 
bndieni to —down, cinfitociben, notirtnj 
to — in conformity, gltiiijforinig bud)(ft,Poe« 
ttogenj b-ing office, ba6einfd)rcibC'afireno. 
Book'jsli, 1. adj. ; U.-ly, adv. ben ffiudjtrK 




(JU|r6r)tcgebenj FtttbcnMutk; 1II.-d«h,|[To BOdt'-hllle, v. a. tc. utVf. unt. Boot, 2. 

j. Wtn6mrit&ratBn^frltcbfOa*iurifTigc|Bdo't|iig, i. ba*6tMfen mit bra fpanifdjen 

Stubiren. igeftbrt. ettefd. [3»ed. 

Book'l»M[Wlt'-],ndj.l.ojBteiJ4(ti2.on- Boa^Mly, adi>. imnii(, bergtblinj) ebnr 
Bodm, j. Afar. 1. btrffiaum, bit langtStQnge, IBuflli, i. fig. fam. Set Xuffufftrj JtlcittT' 

BsrfWge,£lutrftiingf,®cgel|taJigi,etengiJ pu(«) !o&nbt:6ienttj bcr jurtgpe (Bfftticr) 
{ettftatioepitnj 2. bat etcjeubrn, bit eincr Iff4gcfcllf*aft , brr itnttratorbncte 
epitt'Satc (am gingangc fines ^infM ob- Ditnftt tbun muf, ;. JB. bas Ki*f pufen, 
£a("cn6ji3. —of a harbour, btr £>afenbnitni, | Elingcln, it. 

bit £af<n=®pmtj 4. Am. tin £Ht*cn jum Bcfl'ty, ». bit Bcutc; her ffiaubj to piny — , 
■Kaffangen brt glo^oljtSi -iron., Marl mit glcitj ccrliercn, unrc*tli* [picltn) fid) 
bit Bfigel ju bra SetfegelfpUTtn. (j. S. bcim ^frrotrennen) befteificit lnfftn. 

To Boon, r. n. 1. ftbrritn nit tineWofirlom-- Bi>'peep,J. ba6ffiu*fpicl(Scr(ltiffp!cI>i to—, 
met; a. Jiff. (im3ornt) forrfturmen, fort' v. n. ouf bcr Saner Itegra. 
brmtfmj 3. Afar. (— out), ollcStgd auS; [j BonVjc, <uy". CAem. —add, bit Boron four e. 
ft(tn, mit aim Bb. tolttn Begtln fobrtn; ! Bt/r»cite, ». Attn. Btr Borocir, IBurfrtftcin. 
4. (ocmffiellcn) fid) (burnt en. | l J*.u'r»cItfd,ai/j.Cftem.miteDtonfilurt ctrbun' 

Boou, I. *. 1. bit ffiabc, bas ©ef*rar, bit 
Snnft, tScbitbat, fflnnbti 2. bit Bitttj 
U. adj. 1. miinter, Mtfgtmtcft, iuftig ; 2. an- 
grarba, gefciflig. 

Boor, j. 1. ber fflaiterj 2. jig. btr Mmmtl. 
BooVjtk, I. adj.; II. -ly, adv. lit.tfig. 
baotrifaji iiL-oem, j. M bnutrffdje »e» 
fen, titfflrcbbtit 
Bdot, i 1. col. ttrKusjen, fflminn, Bortyeil j 
fibtrfdjuf, bit 3ugabe, 3ulage (btim *Haf» n. 
OeroidjOi to—, obenbrein, ubtrbiep, m>* 
baju, in bra Jtanft to »o — , obnc Sn (en, 
nmfonft, sttgtbtnEt 2. bit SSeute, vid. 
Booty; To — hale, o. a. auf Btutt aii6- 
gifctn, plflnbtmi — haler, bergjnrtrigingtr, 
■Jlunbtrtrj — haling. bas tBi'utcma^tn, 
^lunbtms 3. a) btt esricfel* o) fpaitifdji 
Stieftl CXrtXortur)} c)-of acoacb, 1. 
b tx Jtaftra imttr beat Jtirtfdjenbc-ctt j 2. impr. 
(protjinc) bat e*eop'IeBeri d) — for bot 
tl|ni; wine, ber BoutL'tlltnfttefd; —borsr, bci 
Soi sum Xtrftangtn btt est. j — hoie, 1. bit 
St-(tritmpftja.bft(S(unoi"i6eni —bone top- 
ping. Afar, baHJtritria.cn bee- S*iffcS con 
Unratb, (6ft)Irim, ffltnfibelii, ic.) i tinebalfic 
.ititluttgi —jack, btr 6tfnt*tj —leg, hec 
et-f4aft}~p«)b,bit6t-ontitbcri — "trap*, 
bieet-ftarpptai -»tT*itb*ri, et-btbntr, 
MttUDljET; -topping, nid. -hoie t.; - 
topa, et-ftulvnii — tree, btt Bt-bioi, 6« 
et-ftolj) *i»ew — tree, btret-fibraubrfllorfi 

— Tiaipa, an SJorfAublebtt auegefdinitttne 

S25l4n> jit ESfiefriti j — webbi»E,bqseit-banb. 
To Boot, c. a. J. etitfebt anjicben, f ft* bt> ) 

ftieftta) b-ed, gtfticf([£i a. nu^cn, frommen, 
BOotfe , ,Mb<Mm.)btr$a[bfhcfcl. [btlfrn. 
BoO'te>, (. Ast. bet ffiarenbutcr. 
Bdfltn,'*. 1. bit (Mdrtt. ob. 3Rrf-)»i">c, btt 

" f 9. bit fBatlbnbt. 

UOr J »ge,j. Bot.bttiBorrttfd) ( a3otagtn. [ben- 

JBo'rlte, j. ckem. bafi boronfau ft SSal j, Bin 

iBaVax, j. Cftem. bet Soror. Lraifalj, 

BorTjprJgm, i. Med. btr Sorbetogmoe. 

Bord, rump. Law, — halfpenny, (oaf iBtcfftn, 
lc)>a*StanbgoIb, aRarttgtlbj -land, baS 
Xafclgnt, bitComdiu'. 

Bortf ge, 3. bcr Btftf eincr SJoraane. 

Borditf.j. (lim.fflDrbot(Dritnt«[if*et»amn. 

BSi J del,Bordcl'lo, ». bdSBorbtfl. [iBoBtttjcugj, 

BoHdeiet, it. btr »crbtHn)irtft. 

Boeder, s. 1. btr fflnnb fibetj. (ou* an 3Kfm> 
jen, ic.)i 2. bit QSrenjt t 8. Card, bit 9t *. 
bottc, baa Btfiinaibetti btr fflainj 4. bas 
Otftabet 5. btr Baam, bitSortt, Sorbt- 
rung) 6. Typ. bitSuo>bnKftriei(tei 7. h-», 
ob. — drawing!, pi. (Honb|ci*nunflcn j paper 
b-i for rooms, Xapttcnborttit. 

To Bor'der, v. I. a. 1. boWircn, befrjcit, tin* 
fafftn,befflnmctti 2. (uTtuajen) ranbein, ran- 
bircitj S.fig. begrtttjen, otigrcnjcii (an...)j 
II. ». 1. grtttitn, tuiftoS en; 2. fis- |i<b ah 


ll, an). 


B5t'derer, t. btr Xnnio§niT, (3reni6clt 
Otcnina*bart ( jura, mit an). 

BordJftj, j. eM. liordat. 

llor'dure [— ddifr], t. l.betfltanb, Baumj 
2. bit Stotbirang, ginfofutigj 3. Htr. brr 

To BOre, v. I. a. 1. bofcrcn (tin So*, tint 
Jtani>nt, it-), aatbobrcni 2. burajbofcrcn, 
bur*[tt*ra (eon Ssurrocrn, it.), (««;-) 
bobicni 8. Jig. burajbrtngm, (fi*) bin' 
Otirdjbrdngcni II. n. 1. fid) bobrctt duf' 
fen)i boftrenj 2.jlg, porbringen} 3. Man. 
btn Jcopfticfttagen. 

Bore, 1. prct. von To Bear; II. *, 1. bass 
Sojtr(c-d) (j.93. cinct$umpc>) 2. bie^ob' 
tangbtriBIaoinftriimtnttj 3. Gun. (-of a 


gun, cannon), ber Qnliber, bit ©celt (einer 
Jtanont), *■ terffloljrerj 5. fig. da 884, 
tineffiunet. 6. /am. bit Ungcrciratbeit, (r« 
gcnbStmoe, ba» [angraritt; tine imtrtto'g* 
licbe, ePeUjafte, lubriiiglicie, :c. ^erfen; 7. 
uid. Boar, B. 

BtrVCfJ, BO'rSan, ad;, (fitf. *) nirMi*. 

Bo'raili, i. * Ecr Sortafi, Fiorbwlnb. 

Boree', J- Done, bit fflourte'e. 

BeVer, t. l-er»DCjrec (qxrfon u. Snftnnnent). 

BO'rjng, i. Fee. cine Operation, urn oerrettftc 
©tbultern bet $fctbe einsuricbten ; —mill, 
Mech. bit Sobrmublr. 

Born, p. p. o. To Bear, gebotenj base—, 
new— , «c. uiJ. uuttr B;ise, fcc, ; my — days. 

mein Sebtog*. 

Borne, I. i. 1. bit ®r«ljt j 2. aid. b. Ul. t. 
Bourn; II. p.p. Don To Bear, getrogeni 
all charge*— , Com. ittwb Xbjug allct Jtoflcn 

Bo'ron, s. (.'/inn. bc6 Sorcn, SBorociumj Sit" 

BSH&ugb [—5], *. bie incorporirte Sanbflabt, 
bee (9Bnf)U) gletfen, »utgfle<ten, 3Rattt* 
fleeter); English, Lain, tneiieinredjt bee 
Sflngetn} —elder, —head, —holder, bet 
SrtSbeputUtt, BcttoorffonB, <Bnntittbefpre< 
d)er» — master, bet fflurgnncifbrr, vid. Bur- 
gomaster, [crborgln, entlcbneii. 

To Bor'rOw, v. a. ouf GrtBit neftntttt, borgtn, 

BoVrower, s. Ber Qrbotgtr, Borgtr; —on 
bottomry. Com. Lam, bet SSrblRtmnccjmcC. 

Bonllla, i. G-u. bie ffilasfojett. 

Bors'-hiilder [burs'—], s. vid. Borough-bolder. 

BfiVcage, j, j. m fflcbfifrt), gebfifdjige Snnb; 
2. bos Sufrntilbibenj 3. Paint, bit SBalb- 

BSn'ket, j. Card, bol Bo6fer, guftmfilblbtn. 

BOs'ky, adj. gebflfdjig, buMlg, roalbig j — 
acrea, butdj fcttttn abaci grille Srfrr. 

Boa'om, j. l.btrSHfEti,bttSrafli 2. bttB)u> 
fen(BtSJtIttbt*i ter ©djlfj vorit aiu$embe, 
w.)i fig-*- 3. bet ©too?, »afen, bal $trji 
4. toft 3nnece, bet Umfnng, Sejirl, bie Xiefe 
(bee aSteree, ic.); -enemy, bet befinlfdie 
geinb, (alfdjegttunbi —friend, 1. ber3>u= 
fenfreunb, bie SufenlreunBimi; 2. tine HSa> 
fciiflrtbiing fur Somen ; — intereat, bie8itb= 
Ung6obfld)t i — pocket, bie ©eitentafdjc ; 
—secret, bal wfdjtfge Otbeimni^ —sin, 
MtedwoffSnbtj -thief, Ber$auBDieb. 

TuBoj'om, o. a. 1. ittbo»$erjf(biitfJeni 2. 
cerbergen. oerftecfenj gebeim battra. 

Bn'jijn (Bo'sen), t. cor. son Boatswain, qv. 

BBVqoet [— ket], t. vid. Bosket. 

BOaa, «. I, bit fflniel, ber etbabeae fflefcilag, 
*nopt JtMtrfj Sefijimtagels 2. Ber Sucfel, 

I Bott 

(Jtnomn on Kima, w.)} ». Mat. a) bit 

awolbft Sdflfufei o) bit Jtaifmulbe, bn 

To Boss, v. a. 1. wit Oefrbinndgi'ln, jc. b(= 
fdjlogeiu 2. mtt tcbabentt Xr&eit (Bucteln) 
befcejnt, vet;icren. 

BBs'sage, s. Arch, l.bcr torfpriiigtnbt (ju 
Bilbbanernrbeit ju Dtratbtitenbt) Strin in 
einttSRoveii 2- SQuffoatn, bonerifdicft ftBerf. 

BSased, BOs'iy, adj. vid. To Boas. 

Bos'sj* e, adj. Itftferig, frumnt, l' era ad) fen. 

Bflt, J. cirf. Dots. 

Bpttle', «. Anat. btt boIaQif4e (Sang. 

Botinfc (-caJ), I. ad>.; II. -ally, odo. bo- 

BptSn'jca, j. pi. tiid. Botany. [tonlftb. 

BafanTit (BotHn'fc), j. bet Sotanitrr. 

To BBt'anlze, o. n. bblanlflttn. 

BOtanHI'ogy, j. bte^flanjtnlebtt. 

BoV»ny,*.MtSotaaSj — Bay wood, einnno 
ft! gt|IecKe6 4»i!l(fHr«unflcifd)leraH»B.B«y. 

BotaVgS, 3. (itol.) bee Sotorga, Sotargo. 

Botch, j. l.bfeBenle, btt ©djmnttn ) 2. bet 
glecf, Sapptni s. fig. bus SiittottI} ba» 
Slt«»wt, it. 

To B6t«b, v. a. 1. (mit op, jufamnitnOflicttn, 
ftutteni 2. ccibunjrnj 3. mit ffienleo be* 
sei*nen. [[*er. 

Bot'dier. s. 1. ber ?Ucrfd)nei6rr j 2- bet $fu> 

BSt'cherly, adj. ft adv.. Bflt'chlngly, ado. 
plump, (Hlmpertaft. 

Bfit'chary, i. baeSUcfwert. [fKiitqitrbdft. 

Bflt'cby, adj. 1. ooHtr Stnlenj 2. gtfiitlt, 

BDte'leu, adj. vid. Bootlua. 

"iuWi, I. pron. adj. t i. beibe, Stfbts; II. 
coii}. both . . . and . . ., fonobj . . . ttU . . . . 

BBth'er, Bbtheri'tion, vutg. vid. Pother, It 

BSt'i'nja, i. Geoff. 9Sott)ntcn. 

Bfle/i'njan, BOfh'njc, adj. botgntfd). [benftein- 

Botri'tia, BStryTtes, t. Pet. btr Sotrbt, Srau^ 

Bofryoid (— dal), adj. b> (intra lib en formtg. 

lBt«, s. pi. Bit. (Sngerltaflt, Sarotn ber 

BStt.f. L-»., bat JtWppeltifl"en. 

BOt'tk, i. 1. Bit glnfdjc, ffiunteilTej 2. lot 
iluart (9Raf) ; 3. bae Sfinttl, 9unb, (fttn, 
K.); -ale, b-daie, ba( glafttenbieri 
—bottom, btr Unterfcjeti —brush, bieg-n^ 
bflrfle j —carrier, bet g-nttiget (ffit fttbtnbe 
S-n)j -case, bos g-nfuttet, berg-Mttj 
— castor, tintSHatmenagtffirg-nf —com- 
panion, —friend, Bet iltdjbnibeti — cc-n- 
jnrer.berXafdjenfpieler, joe. £e«tmietfter i 
-eooler.btrS-nMbler} -flower, Bo t. bit 
Jtornblumt) —glass, vid. Hollow-ware; 
—head, btt^oftlbpf, JDumnttopf f —headed, 
botjlfopftg, bumm(op(Ig ; —jack, btr ftafc 



K^ttBrattnmciibK; -label*, %te\i>tnatTt\' 
JitayOaraffta-Jtraaenj — u*cfc,baS j-ngeftell; 
- aose, 1. oulg. bie Sranntwctaftnafti 2. 
Or*. btr noreiftbt yapagettaacber, bie SaU 
telnafej 3. Zooi. Oct «3etIo»ei — noaed, 
rbtbnafi<i, bicfnofiflj —rack, ein g-atepoR* 
toriamj — icrew, ber jfotfiftberj — itaad, 
ber g-nftinber, g-ateutn -awagger, bet 
S-abtlb, ^rableri —tray, ^tr g-atr4ger (fur 
liearobe g-n.). 

ToBBftle, u. a. 1. auf glafdien fiiUtn, ab= 
jieben Quro- mit off) ; 2. in ffiuabel btnbeu. 

Bot't led, arfj. 1. auf glnfdjen gejogea ; a. bitf* 

asftler, j, ber JteHermeifter. [baud)tg. 

Dut'tom, «. 1. ber uattrfte Sbeil einer ®nd)e 
(j. 3). tines Braantaft, goffefr, btr gut einer 
Xrtppe, eineS #agel;; Mar-t. a) btrffiaud) 
ob. baft Stag) t. BaWefti 6) ber Boben, 
8Uun, ber unrerSffialftr gelji; c) baft Bcbiff, 
gabijeitg ftlbfl j ber Jtifc, Scbtn eb. Stub! 
einer Xrtifdjcttei ber £iuttre, «.)> 2 - ber 
atnab(bte9XetTrt,uOi 3. bit ®nmblage, 
b«©ruHb(»en<Beb4uben,ic.)j 4.bitSicfe, 
betftShal, btr Xfcalgnmb, (cf ,4 m. -land*) ; 
a. ber tiefjte (unterftt) Xbeit, baft Sntt einer 
eodje, (cintr Strafe, w.)s au * J%- DoB 3 n ' 
new, bie Sfeft, j. 8. to be at the - of . . ., 
grnnbUcb eerfttt)tn, innebnben (GtnmS)i 6. 
figs, a) bit ffiw«i|e, la* gnbe i 6) ber (8c 
n>eg=)(3runb, bieXriebfcberj c)ber@ruab, 
Orvabfcn}, u.s T. bie .jjtfen, ber (ffiobtnO 
Sa( (tit* 8iertft, ic.)j »■ Sport, bie Jtraft, 
etdrh (tint* X&iereft, tefgl. ciaeft oier> 
Ffbritiftn, ianbfeftttt Jteitt, i<-), cf. Bot- 
tomed; —of a lilk worm, ber Gocon, ba3 
ertbengeb4ufe)a-of thread, ftc.,ein*nauel 
3 mini, it- j at the—, ara9nbt, enbfitbj in* 
iittlidji — lands, ^m.UftrHnbcr, inijtZaxp 
bmicn in bra Sbalern grof er glufft % —line 
JYint. bie 341npjtilt auf eintr Seitej — 
piece*, Coop, bit SobfitftStfe btr Self 
pit, bit uattrfte Xiefe, btrXbgruab- 
Afar. JHel oben. 

To Bof torn, o. I. a. 1. (amaeatl. Jig-) grfiabta I 
2. oafwicttln, roiabnn 3- mit t. JBeben oer< 
fte)«(tto8*ifcetnSI«[miteiten],«.)i n '"- 
fid) gruubea, rob.tn (—on, n P on . «*f)- 
B6ftomad,p.<i. comp. mit tinem 8 obe 
j.B. ii Hat-boat, tin $rabm; a-l 
Sport, eittinr^wforteiagb laugliajee ^fsrtj 
cf. Bottom, 8. (fig- unergrihWid). 

Boftpmleaa. adj. 1. bobtnioS, gninClo6 ; 3. 
BOt'toutry, 1. Com. Lav:, bit £)ubmcr<U - 

Utter (-ton*), ber »-6rief, eajiffipfaab- 
fttttf, «#fl»tujt e4iff6»e4(eL 
Boffcbet, f. ft 7i. tit jjutterbirn. 

Eat. ber Jtornnurm, SBiebeL 
To Binge [boj], v.n. (luffibifltKcn, fil|tD(iren. 
Biugc [bojl 1. 1. bi(@efd)ieulft} 2. ber Sand) 

eineegaffeS) 8. Com. btr Jtanri. 
Bongli [Mil i. btr Zfi, 3raetg. 

(ought [Mwt], pret. ft p.p. o. To Bay; - 

book, Com. bat (Siitfouftbuib. 
Bought [bawl], i, ber Bug, tie Sicgung; bal 

(Stlenr, QSliebj btr Jtnoten, bit gicdjft, 

BoAgte' [buzbeel, t. 1. Surg, bit iBouglt, 

Jterjti 2. Com. eine ffloUc SBaftSficif. 

io'dlton ['billyiln'], i. 1. bit C#[tiftfj<) 
fSriitje i 2. Far. baft gteifajgnodcbft am 
0(rable beft ^ftrbefufeft. 

BOnl'der, *. trfd. Bowlder. 

Boulet 1 , Bofllette', i. Man. eta ^Jferb mit feb< 
Ierb;aftem gufgelenf. [fitber. 

liU'iimy. i. Vtt. btr $eift anger, baft gref' 

Buul'tjn, i. Arch, btr iBicrtelftab, bie SBuIft. 

To BallDce, v. n. 1. rradjen, tnalteiij Urmtn, 
tcbeni 2. beftig fdjlagcn, (anOtlopftnj 3. 
prallen, plaftrrii 4. fprengen j 5. fptingen, falj= 
ren (mit in, dui, *c.)j «. fig.fam. a) prab= 
lea, grof fprtdjeai DtrmefTea feinj i)tapfer, 
fiibn f eta- 

Bounce, 1. 1, ber Jtradj, JtnaH) baft ©etBfej 

2. jig. vulg. bie 'prabltrti; Erobung j 3. 
leh. ber $unbftbai. 

Bofln'cer, i. fam. 1. ber ■Jta.&ler, Slriueri 
8ugncr> 2. einegrofeSugtj 3. tine plumpt, 
fettt fwrfen. 

loun'tingly, adv. mit Sarin, praBItrifip. 
louud, !. prel. ft p. p. Don To Bind; hide-, 
ice-, wind-, iwU in H„ I„ W. ; -bailifT. 
Lam, tin Oeridjtsbleuer, ber Xrreftationcn 
uab nbnlidje gertdxiidje finnbluagen aueiibtf 
— masonry, eerbunbenefl SKauennert lH. adj. 
Mar, aaa) tiaem Crte beftimmtj auf eintn 
Drt gefradjtet babenbj whither are yon— T 
aoroont36rbinJ nioaetjtbieariftSin) - 
outandin, binu. berbtftimrotj III. ,t. sing. 
(0lfid')9Jratti 8.bitffl«ii|f,b«ffllurt|teini 

— getter, viil. Bonuder; — atone, vid. 
Bonnding-atone; IV. Bounds, *. pi, lit. ft 
fig. bie Orenjtn, Bcbranfeaj within—, mit 
Waft, mlfig, inbtBt24ranrtnbtrSitafig< 
ftit (ffliHigfeit). 
To Bodnd, v. I. a. 1. fprengtu, fpringen 
lajfttij 2. grenjen, (to — op on), angrtiutni 

3. begrenjeu, einfajrinfem jig. inSebrmfen 
Jalttni n.n. 1, jpringeni2.juru<rfpringen, 
(auf> ob. lurutfOprnKea. 

Bofln'd>ry, *. tie ©renje j ttr fflrtn}fifin. 
Buun'den, p. p. DPR To Bind, 

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BoWder, j. 1. btr ®rtiGjnaff(t)tti a. bet 

!Martf4e[beri getbratfltr. 
BSunMjng-iMne, f. J . ber ©rrnsfltin, 'Start' 

fleiiti 2. ta6 edjnEnfugelrben, btr ©diuflcr. 
Boiinil'lfM, I. adj. 1. grtnjenloS, (ioifl5 unbe< 
gtenst, unumftftcintt) 2. (tint ©renjtn rrn« 
ntnb(in...)iil.— oeM,j.bit<3reni(nIofigfei"t. 

Boan'teoaa [Wnrc. Ac; boQn'teliign , IF.J, 

1. adj- ; II. — ly, adv. gutig, tnilbE, frci^ebig, 
guttbatig } HI. - ae«, ». Die Ofiflghit, 
aHilbt, greisrtigtrit. 

Boi'm'tjfill, I. adj.; II. — If, adv. milSt, gfittg 
frcige&ig, 9att&atig,grofwutbig,retd)lii(i (in 
®tben)i m. -ne»>, j 6i( SXilbe, greigtbig 
Ecit, SBobl^dtigEelt, ©rofumirb. 

Biitln'ty, j. 1. BieTOlbt, grtigebigttit, Sure 
2.6ieKabe,ffiuttbntj B.tjjm.bityramitbc 
BEntJingangejolluberftEigti —money, l.gtn. 

Bouquet fijil'kSl, j. ein (!B lumen)© tranfL 

BooVgeSU [— joh], ». r w p. bic ®t>rgDi6 
(©drift jmifJjtn $etit u. Corpus). 

To BouVgeon [— jo/n], o. n. 1. fnc-fpen, fpcof' 
fen, bliiben ; 3. grit fein, 

HJurn [or bOr n], i. bit fflrenjt. 

To BJuije, c. I. n. Jtdjcn, bccuern; II. a. Dtr= 

fa)lueftn j 6(]tunterf4lii(teii, bintetfdjlingtn. 
Bout, j. 1. bit fflcibe, aacibfelfolge, taS <Kal ; 

2. kretrtirt),BErfurtH 3. bo6 ®(fed)t, bcr 
Jtampf, KusfiiEj JSotfoii, Bftldgi 4. bic 
Sufibacfeit; (drinking-), bas (3(4=)©«= 
lag, ber©d)man6. [©tegreift. 

Bouisde', i. cine ®riH( j tin ©infall one bem 

Bi'iS'tant, adj. Arch. jut ©tu&e bitncnb. 

Bouli rimei [bflrjma'], s. pi. (fraiq.) Poet. 
tit 'JtciraiuurtE ; bos enbrrimgcbtitt. 

Br.'vey- coal, ». bit biruaifnufe SBraunroblt atie 
(Setter, SBeocnf oljle. 

Bu'vioe, adj. 1. jum Bfbftngefibltebt geb> 
rig » 2. * od>[Etiaugig. 

To B6», d. I. a. 1. biegcn, beugcnj 2. bfitfcn, 
neigens junicren; S.fig. beugcn, unterbruf- 
(til, uernidjten; K- n. 1. fidj bit-gen ; 2. fid) 
bfitfcn, ftintigcni to — down, fid) nicber= 
budenj mtbtrfinftn. [bet Sui<f ling. 

Bo*, s. bit Berbtugung, JScrnetgung, fain. 

Bow, j. l. gen, scrSBogeni fflugi 2. Afar, 
ber Stag einee ©ajiffrt [in bicfec S9btng. bo * 
boo]; 8. T-t. a) ber »ogen tines Dri n boh= 
rrrs an ber 55 teb>nnf ) o) Hat. bcr gad> 
bogeni e)biefi)itgef btrSBugtlj d) ber 
nerlcrcne JEnoten, bit ©djltiftj «) baS^od) 
(btr3Kgcid>fen)f />btt©robbc.gtiij g)vid. 

— length; —of a key, BtT e>d)[fi fit [rings 
--of anddle, BEr Battelbufli — of * ipur, 


bit edmeifang an cintra CApotOtt —of a 
Tiolin, btrSJiolinbugcn; cron— , rafn— , Ac. 
0iAiBCT*C4 Ship-b. A Mnr. a bold Ct«»n; 

— ofaibip, einbreitcr ob. rnjHet (ftbmaler 
nb. fdjorfct) Sug tine* Sd>iffc5 j the b-« of 
a ihip. die -Bocten dncS ©djiffcf i on the—, 
frobntaltsrc-cifc; II. amp. (btf- Afar.) — 
anchor, 6DrSBuganfer,ffiob([(in[tc)— bearer, 
berS«tftI«ufer,Jioliitogtj — beot,gefrfimint, 
tingcliogcn, frummi — cha»ei, stugftuctt, 
Saabftiitfe (Kit — pieces); —dye, einf>er« 
;uglin>Ee) edjarlofljrcti (m Bow be: London 
g(Fdrbt)J —grace, tintSBanb(tinSlt6,ang(? 
am SSug ten alttn Saumcrt (SBnrfttn u. SCBic* 
ten) jum @d)u(e gtgen bnft Sit; —band, bit 
litift (btn Stpgtn tialtenbc)f>anbj —knot. 
btr Ptrlorcne Jhtottn, bit Cd)l(tft) — leg. 
6a6(rummcfflEinj —legged, fniminbrinigj 

— length, tin Hngcnmafi urn ten XbftanD 
efnee Sogcnfdju^cn vm £)itl ju bcftinimen; 

— line, bit SSuIien j — line bridles, bus Su- 
licnfpritli —line knot, bcr ffiulttnftidn — 
maker, b« SogenmaibtT, Svgntn —nan. 
ber ffiDgtnfdjufi —man ofaboat, btr erfic 
fflubcrtr in tintra ffiootej — oet, bit gttufi, 
gifd>rtuft i - piece* , engfrfidTr (lti*tc 
©d)iffSfanonen)j - pin, bue ©njIagGoli ; 
—pot, 6tr (iufiere) (Blumtntcpf (an tincm 
Scitftcr) } -«aw, rintfflogtnfdgc mit Sacttn; 
-»hoi, 1. berSB-fajup's 2.bieSt-fa)ufin)tite; 
— iprit, bat augfpricti (in Hrinen ©ttitffen) 
bcrXnMtgeri — «prit top-«ail hnliardi, bcr 
KuSbiltr btr©d)itbb[inbt; —siring, bitSc 
ginFcbnt) a hatter'i — >tring. tat'Sogen: 
Itbtr am $aa)bogtn bet^utmadjer j —wheel, 
bitgifdjreuftj —window, taSgtrt-elbrt Jen' 
fttr, SBogfnftnfEer, Jjoblftnficr, SeSaufcnfltr. 

ToBSw'el, v.a. l. ausntibtn, auentbrntn; 
2. fig. bit in bnSJnntre bringtn, tinbringrn. 

BOw'elleM, adj-^E- gef&bllos. 

B8*'el», *. pt 1. bae Singemtibe ( fig- 2. ba6 
JnnEtEj 3. Script, ber ®i(be5 Wtkjfccne, 
Sortgcfiible } bat ORiHciben, ®efubl i bowel- 
complaint, bit Keitjfdjmtrjcn, Salit. 

Bow'er, ». 1. 6rt pb> Keigenbti a.btrScgtn, 
bieSBelbungi 3. bic lauba btr fd)attigt 
$Iag i bit lanblidje ^littc; btr tanbftsi 
4. AnaL btr Wctigcmusfti , SBtngcr ) &■ 
Afar-».a)btrfflca|rtorb, "Ware) o)WrS)ng' 
ancer(ft.b»w-anchor); the heat- , btr taglid)t 
Xnttr] theimali— , btr Zaa- tb. Xenanrtr. 

To Boft'er, v. a. einfd)ltcfjtn, nmgeben. 

BBw^try, adj. uoller 8aubcn. 

BG»'b«b, B64'«t, j. bcrXtftling, fnnge(iabia>t. 

To Bowge, v. I. a. bnrd>bo6rcn, bnrdjfcbitftnt 
Id. To Bosge. 

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B&Vje-kufftt [—aid . '■ Am. tat Tttt grof<5 
3an*iKffer »** tfwmft ntiiatr ttfUt. 

BoVing, i. JUu^. bit JHeficnf ub tung. 

Bo*1ngly, adv. fid) biegenb, ot cbenacnb if. 

BowifWA., JC, Ac; Mill or bet, Wore. Ac. J, 
». I. bicJtiatls 2. [bolj btrSfapf, bit edjilf: 
id, 6*olr, bat Stdtni 3. bcr boblt Zbctl 
rinrt Cinflts, bit £6Muna (tints SifftiS, 
finer ¥Wft: b« fJfriftntopf) i 4. bic 6i= 
ftcrne} 5. btc Stfttrt fi. btr SatmfhtltM i 
7. btr SJcafKorn j 8. bat !WnG oon« ScStf^ 
ftln, uirf. Bole, 3j —weft, (unttr btn ga= 
brifatbritem, bcf. SBcbmt) bit Bnntiflii 
nng Don ©nrn, 6eibe, ic. 

To Bowl lor bodl], u. I. n. 1. Jhael fditebtn, 
r<gelas 2. fid) tugtint IE, a. rollcn, fugtrt. 

Bowfd?r[H'/,.; boaTder, Wore], *- eorop. 
(" — itoic), Coo(. bag tjtfdjiebe, ®er6lf, btr 
ac-flftttn, JKefelftttn ; — ■tone», (bowlder*), 
pi. 1. SHromftdne, Ubttfitfeli 2. Cleint 
9>fliifterfrdnef — win bit -ffteltlfteinmoutr, 
btt Strinbojnm, 

Br.wtjna; [or bodMIng], i. bag Jtcgtlfpidi 
—■lie]', tint btbtdte Jtegelba&tti —green, 
bcr Sofdj>tn(, (in tutigebulicntr ffiafenpla* 
1. wit -green: 2.btrJtegdpIfl(,bieot-babn. 

To Bii*» e , v. I. a. Afar, ;ir bin, anfcjoltn, taljcit, 
anftaljcm — nwayl — ho! (ftott sicken) TCae 
atcfrintol! otteSXcmn bei bcrSaijtl 1!. n. 
Itdjra, vid. To Bonae, [Sogettfdnitc 

BsVjar, i. (».«.) 1. MtSognerj 2. btt 

BOx, *. 1, flof.berSBBdjebamn (Mub-tree); 
— doit, eagefpdm B. endjobaum) —thorn, 
flo(. btiSudjibomj — wood, *8u<b6baum= 
bolj; 2. btr edjlag mit btr $Mib (gauft)i 

-on the ear, bit Ebrfrigt, TOuilIfdjCllc; S. 

«) bit Su<bft, edbiutiel, »cfe; btr tfafhn, 
baS Jtiftdjenj o) beriteften an cincr Sirbt= 
pufttj c) bab guttttal) d) bit £oge (tm 
Xbeattr, ic>i btr SBtrfdjlaa. (j. S. in btn 
cnal- CBirtbSbiufem, fir bit ©fifie>j e) btr 
Jturfnyrfiti Jturfibtnbod) /) col.tstgiaa* 
d}tn] k) Afar, bae ejnupafl&dnErtitn 4 '0 
?Vp- bai god) im etbriftfafrtn ] Gam. 
berSe4«(snmiBurfe[ji,iC)) *) Card, bit 
eintaffmig ruutStettSt -of a acre*, bit 
©thranbenmarteri —of awheel, bteKa&nt- 
bftcbft, fBagplbndjfti — and needle, btr Ctb 
CSonqKtff ballot— , doat—,*coid. InB.D, 
Ac; To — 'kanl, v. a. JVaut. boiftn, (sot 
ttm SBtnbc) nnrtegen, amnrnbmi —iron, 

M( Sfigdttfflt} —keeper, Thrat. Mr %6= 

genfd) liefer, Soaqroarter; — money, Irmou 
8db, Tlmoftuj enrMajftngtlb j — «Uyt, 
©*« bJngtB fOr Jtaftw, ^ultt, u. 

7 Brae 

To Box, v. I. a. 1. in cine »ud>rc, in tin Jlaft. 
4>tn, it. t6un, einfd)lit*cnj to — up, rcrfpcr< 
wnj 2. (Sdmnt, roic 3itttcra§orn, k.) an- 
japfra, ouejapftn (SB mi in fa ft) j 3. Aavt-a- 
to — the compau, bit GompaSpunftc rait 
brn^immtlSgegtnbiiircrgkiibcni to — (oft") 
• >hip, bit St or fear i bad itgen, unt bus Scbiff 
vitbtr in btn SBeg to bringen, mtnn ts tint 
(gait gefungtn l)ati i. Ebrftiflcn gcbtn) rail 
btrrjauftftbiaarnj ll.». fidj bwen, btrcti. 

BQi'en, adj. 1, eon fiad)Sbiiuni, hi(bsbou = 
i 2. tern andjsbanrn a^niiib- 

BBx'er, ». btr Saufrtampfcr, Scrcr, it. 

ICx'jng.i. l.'.'arp. ft Juin. a)bneXburfu((cr, 
bic iBcEltibung ber Xburftffnung ; f,, bos Xn> 
fajlafltn btr SBefltibune j 2. An'it. tint ^ri'- 
jeetion on ben Jtlnfcn. 

f5J, ». 1. bcrflnabc, Wnbc, 3ungt) 3n"9 : 
ling, jungt QRenfdjt boyi, (in Jnbien) allc 
mdnnUo>E JBctimtcnj 2. vid. IJaine. 

To B6J, r>. 1. n. Jtinbtrei treiben, finbifrt) (tin j 
" :. wit tintn Jtnabtn bt^anbtln. 

BoJ'ar, i. Kid. Bojnr. [grdbtn. 

Roj'an [— 'o], », furt. btr ®4Iag tcr Zauf' 
B6j"er. *• J. bcriSSoticr, «ujcr (feoudnb. &M> 
Iupp:]i 2. tin FIcinco gubrjcog, pm ffiofi:n= 
legen gtbraud>t. ;.fti:i;i)(it. 

Buj'hond [— hildj, $. baS Jtnabcnaltcr, bic 
Boj>h, I. odj. ; U. — ly, ado. fna&cnmdSia, 
(fnbifd>, Idopifdji —daya, bic Jtinbcrjabrcj 
III. — neu, j. taE fiirtifdjc iBctmgcn, bit 
*tnbtrei. [bcnaltcr. 

Bo)'i«m, j. 1, k)Ie Boytahneaa; 2. oaS Jfno = 
Brabiinf, 1. Grog. bdB ^trjeatbam SBrabant. 
Br*ban'te;,«.p{. Com. brabantifcbcScmmanK 
Braban'tjnc, adj. brabanlifdj. 
Brab'blc, i. ber 3an(, Ctrcit. 
To Brifble, v. n. ftrritcn, jonfen, tcifen- 
liraVbler, t, bcr Sdnfcr, {Jtctbtbabcr. 
BrSee, 1. 1, ting. 1. ba6 JBnnb, bit fflinbe, btr 
Kftrara) *aUj 2. yv^.bitJtianrmcr([ 1)j 
B. Afu*. bic Sccolnbt ) 4. ^rc7i-J. a) bcr 1fn= 
tsr, ^ofcnj o) bo 6 Xrogbanb, bcr etubbal= 
Ftn; bitSrrcbe; 5. bic gaining, Sinbungi 
eeannnngi 6. bit etfiftamg, ber*arnifa>i 
bitVrmfibiencf T.bae^""* t>— ofjiiitol*. 
Sport, bucks, foxea, barea, 4c, tin 'paar 
^iftulctt, tin ¥- ob. tint JtopptI Sicbbottc, 
gfidjft, ^loftn, K.J — ofadoiser, bic .oant = 
babeeintrSutiti— nndbila. fincSBobrtrucc, 
Simbnine mit bajn naff«btn Sobrtrii i cine 
btrgt- and collar, netm bit Cruvc tin £>al6> 
fiiitt ftat< — springi, pi. 4>dngtricmfcbcrn 
(an Jtntfdjcn)) II. h-r, pi. 1. (a pair of — ), 
wig. tin ^)aar Jiofentrigtr i Afnr-j. 2. 
bit!8tafrcn(6eflclfeilE)j S. bic Singtrlinat 

Brae V. 

(am 6teuemib(t)i 4. —of n coach, bit 
64<nangriem<n riatr Jtutjibej 5. — of a 
drum, tie Storanwllefae. 

To urficc, v. a. l. binben, on- (eia-) binben, 
an= (itifamnun*) ^eften, befeftigen, («n=) 
fit nnlicn, ftnt( anjictra, tinm 4 cln, (e. Srom= 
met) fprniiMB, fdjnurem einfdjliefin; jufam= 
mcnfoppeln i 9. (tie Item en, u.) fpanntn, 
flatten; 3 Mar. braffen. [4 bfalmfihw. 

BrSce'lft [toi. braV-lfi], i. 1. Bat Jftmbanb j 

Bri'cer, s. 1 . bet ©urt, ® firtel, S t (gr iemtn, 
K.J iofenlrn'a.en Bit Since; a. bat TCrm= 
ftutt (jumKaCfpiel); 3. Med. bit jufammen. 
jttbenbe Xtjneu 

Brich, i. Sport. 1. ber Bra* (Irt epfitb>nb); 
2. bit ftunbinn b(S3ogt^un;rS, bie$efe. 

BrScb'jjl, adj. jam Xrmt ge Mrig, ftrm=. 

Brli^h'jflc, adj. Bot. armffrmig. [me(n. 

Br.-wh'jit t d, adj. l, mitXtmenj 2. rait Sr^ 

Br»fb'mi)a, BrSeh'mjn, J. vid. Bramln. 

BracbygYapber, i. btt 9rad)na,rep&. 

Brash yVraptay, a. bfe HraAngtapbie. 

Brnchy'l'agy, *. Wni- bit »raitl)loaic- 

BrSck, j. I. bet (3Rau«' ob. 8Bab»8!rudH 

Bie Srefajti 2 baeSBrudjftiitf, etudj 3..fe. 

bet OTangel, gebferj 4. bas fflratfe, (SRmO 

©atjige, ©aljt 5. Com. lie auefdjitSroaare, 

To Brfak, u. a. J, faljtni 2. Com. ffiaarcn 

uuBrongirfn, auSftbicftii, bmrftn- "lofen- 
BrKck'age, *. Com. ber Bracf: (ob. JBrairtrO 
BrSck'er, ». Com. bet oefdjisocene (Sflterlit- 

fdjaucr, Eratter. 
BrSck'st, ». I. nng. 1. Carp, bie Stifle, tinier* 

lose, bo( Eluetbclj (jum Sriijen), btt Zti- 

get) 2. 7Vp. bit Jtlaratner ([]); 3. bet 

BpielleuiStetj II. b-», pi. 1. bit 8*fftrten« 

minbt, eeitntflatte bet fflfirFerlafretttiu 2. 

Mar. bit 6tteptr bet tSaHtone-iRiiidingen. 
BrSck'jib, I. adj. bra*, tin rotnig faljig (»om 

Scraafferji H. ~ne»». j. bat JBtacfe, Sai-- 

lifle, bet fdjfge ffiefdjmact. 

BrfiVtea, BrftVle, vid. Floral leaven. 

BrSc'taste, BraVtad, adj. Bot. ait SectMfe 
ttra oetftbra. [feb/en. 

BrSc'teotSte, adj. Bol. rait Bttfblattdjtll Ott» 
Brac'teijle, J. Bot. bat EctrbUitaVn. 

Brid, j. 1. btt (JfafO fflobemtagel, Spit- 

rentage!) 2. btt Sapttennogdi -awl, btt 
Bradn UD \ i. ble (tBurfctOStenfe, boj SBo!f> 
fltblff hora — , tine balbe Jfnebeifrenfe; 
loop—, befgL mitiBiiiai nnafde— , cine ge< 
n>dbniio>e JvDtbtlfttnfti — chahu, — iini« 
Efertetten, XBffajjfigelfetten ) - rnnnem. 
©brrbQen) — iwirali, DitbfigtL 

!8 Brak 

To Brie, «•"■ profjlen, aufT^nttbtn) S. M 
tubmen (—of, einet6o(b(), (tolj ftin anf. . .. 

Brie, j. 1. bieVtafeletetj 2. bet Stela 3- 
Cam. tin Jtartenfpitl, in wilajem bit Suben 
UBbKennen^ouprttttten finbj —wort, tine 
Xtt can |'ib»a(btra iKclb ob- $Ditig»affcr. 

BrlfjfdS'cia [— ahjaj, j. pi. (Afarryai) ^3ta&: 

Itteien, COtilnAtaufiaben. 

BraggadO'cio (- cbjoj [- »hj-o], i. bet Stof « 
fpred)et, f>n(In, col. $ta$tbaiis. 

BraVgardTim, t. bie ^to^letrf, Ttnffajntibetei. 

Braggart, BraVfi*', I- *• bet fflropfpredjet, 
^toffia, Kuffajneiber} II. odj. ptajletifdj. 

Brag-get, (BrSg-gat), a. 1. (na* C. Med.) tin 
atwijfcfi !iib.lenbeS ffle trill ( au6SBoffet,a)(n!i, 
Ijonifl u ©craiirj t a. bet 9R 1 1 6, bie Jtalrfdjaie. 

U ria/ei ngly, ndu. an fftbneib enb,M-,u id. ToBrag. 

Urih'ma, *■ (inb.) Rtl. (bet Qott) Ctama. 

BrahmaD'jc, adj. (inb.) bra mini fa). 

Br&h'min, t, vid. Bramin. 

Brah'nifnfiai, j. (inb.) Rel. ber )8rabmai5mii 5, 
baa Srominentbum. 

To Braid, o. a. 1. flea>tenj 2. ittfantmen- 
nebeai 3. borbttenj a b-ed coat, tint $if cfrtji. 
Sraid, i. 1. bleSUa>te) faarfiedjlcj 2. bet 
Jtnoteni bat ffleaebti 3. bie Bortei Heine 
Spijc jnm SStfcfcen, ber Bcrftc^ 4. bit Btu 
Ittte, baa yU)i rtbanb. 

Brlil, i, 1. Mar. bie 8e[/iblagtcine, bis 8ei. 
tauj Sport. (Fate.) 2. einBtiemrajnmgefhi 
binben bet Sittiat fines galfenj 3. befgki. 
4en bet 3Kagni a. bie ffingeneibe, bet0lei>, 
etet; einet Jalf en. 

To Brail, v. a. (—op), 1. Mar. anfgeien; 
2. Sport. (Fait.) bie Sittiae eines Sogtie 
(Salten) binben. 

Braia, i. (gt». Briine, pi.) J. bo6 (Sefcinn 
2.jtg. btt Serftanb, Jtopf, baS StbJdjtniSi 
— ftter, bieaibftnentjunbunoj —pan, Bie 
$itnfibatc] — tick, adj.; —*ick\j,ado. 1. 
TOa&nfiuitia., birnfiibrigi 2. inibc^nntn, obtic 
eerftanbi -■ickaeu, J.ber ffiabnfinm SL 
btt llneerftanb, bit Unbtfonntn^tit. 

To Brain, u. a. 1. boe ©cbirn anaftblagen, 
btnJtopfietfd)mettetni 2. ibok, enftinien. 

Brflucii, adj. romp, cock—, ic, Lid. in C, tc. 

Brli'n]>l>, adj. toutupfla, 61513, ungefrun. 

BrainifM, adj. tirnloS, nnbefsnnen. 

BrBit, j. Jew, btt tab/ CtUttDIt 

Brake, 1. 1. boS garnfraut, garngcbuf&j 2 
bat iSatnaebufib, 8tombeergebiirn» 3. bie 
(Jtanf'bb. fjlaibs') Ktettej 4. bet $umpen> 
fipnengel, (Settftoctj 5. bet &ebebaam (bei 
<9ef4uten)i 6. bie &anbb>bt, bet (Sttf, 
Sobtblottj T. ber Bacfrtog 1 B. bat fdjatfe 
Otbttj 9. far. a) bieBrtmfei Mbit ?EotbftaO( 


lo.btrflUbf$it^$Kmmf<bub,j K-m. Stems, 
yrtmtjSrmlfindnatli 11. tinc3ttfdjn)e> 
KtSggt) -men, /(-to. »rem*Irute. 

To Brake, v. a. (£<inf ott. glodjs) bredjen. 

Bral.tr, j. bos tlacnqeUjl), vid. Brake, 2. 

Hi a'ky , adj. bornig, flacbflig. 

Bra'ma,, a. tnil- Brahma. 

BrSm'blc, j, I. ring. 1. ber i8rombrer[lraii(§ ! 
2. ber ©orabafeb, bat ffiefit ilpp i 3. (—finch), 
Sir Brambling; comp. ~- bo<h, Sot. bet 
Srombeerbufdji —net, b«l ginrenne(j — 
•cytbe, bie fcetftnfidjrlj 11. b-., pi. bit 

BrimTiiiiig, a. Ont. bet iBtnterftnf:, Sergftnl 

BroWbled, Briarnly, udj. mit Srombeer. 
ftt«ud)tn u&traadjitn. 

Bra'mjn, Bra'rojue [Ware. Sm. Ac; braro'Jn, 

W>-, *c], t. (1st.) Kei. btt nnmine. 

Bra'mjneu, Bramjne*', a. btt grau cineB 8t«* 

Bramln'lcal, adj. branrinifcb. [nttotn. 

Hrii'injnifin, 1. of if. Brahuinlun. 

Brio, j. DieJtleiej —new, coi. (ganj) lira, 
vulg. funtelnagelneii, fimnneu. 

Branch, *. I. aing. l.btf 3meifl, Ift, ©ajefi 
2. btrYra (tint 6 gluffte, einee 8(u*ter6, 
ic.)i '■ Die tinic (In ©efdjIedjrSregifrrnt) ; 
4. Afin. tineGrjabet; 5. Am. Me SeflaHung 
riot* Sotbftn s fig~*:~e. bcrXbdl, bU Hater- 
abfbe ilang, ber (Qef4iftS.,SriuErte09weiS, 
tc.t batman); T.btrVbHmmUnai &- 
b-ci, pi. ber Xrmleucbttrj » two light 
einj»eiarmi8erBtBeb.ttt) nine— , tinfRtb* 
fdjoi) H. be* pi. 1. bat Xftoerti 2. bit 
gublffteit, Sublet; 8. Arch, bit Kfppra 
OJogen) ber goffc. Stluo'Ibe) 4. Sport, bit 
Unbcn am^irfibgeBitibt) &.b-e. of a bridle, 
bit Ctungen am Sebtfftj ill. camp. Conw. 
— bank, bie giliatbanF, fiebtiibimr ; — e»tab- 
liilunent, tot ntbtabanblnagsbaat, bieGota- 
manbittj -Iutm, Bui. bit XftblAtttr; - 
line, — road, bit SEebraftrafi e j 3»ttg(rf- 
f(a)ba6ni — pen". Steii« ob. B tn Serb fen j 
— pilot, Am. tin mit einer obrfaftitt. 8 tftal« 
ling oerfeijttter Bofbfe) — «tand, Fate, baS 
glieaen be* galftu eon Sawn jn Stainn, bis 
bei franb btt ffltobfibnet auftngf. 

To Branch, o. I. ft, (—off; —oat into..., Ac), 
1. 3n>(ige trttbert, fid) inSibtige ausbreirta, 
{ettbtflraj runten; 9. fig. fid) twbieiten, 
anilaffen, »e[tfa)D)eifIg reben} II. a. 1. tn 
3n>rige obex Sbeile t&eiltni 2. gtonten ma- 
d>ta, blimeiu 3. mit Smeigen ab. Ktnira 
oerfeitnj b-edcandleitick, bttVrmItud)ttt. 

Brlo'coer, 1. 1. nat fld> in3»etgt aolbrtttrtj 
%.fig. btt etcamnoattrj S. Sport, berjft- 
ling t 4. ber Jtanatlanogtl im erftra 3abre. 

Bran'chery, *. baS Xftioert, fBefafn. 

BrSn'ch jneas, t. 6aS ^Brigige, a fhae, bit Xtt' 
ireitun9(fier3weiae; aui)fig.). 

BrancbjoVtegou*, adj. Ich. mit JtitmcnbtcMi 
Detftbtn; — nambrue, bit Jtttmenbaut. 

BrSnch'lBM, adj. 1. jiueigloS, Ealjlj 2. fig. 

BrSacb'tet, I. dim. baS £ftd)fn. [nuctt, blaf . 

BrSn'chy, adj. jMeigfg, ifrig. 

Brand, 1. 1, btt Branb, genetbranbi Jtieni 
2. * a) bus 6t>»trt} b)bei£>Dnntrfti() 3. 
baeStanbmal] 4. Com. Ble ^anblungjmar- 
te, bat £-6dgner, ^i-Sjddjtn (aof *Baarm)j 
5. .%■ bet ©djanbfletttn j —fox, Zooi. bet 
Sranbfad)! , {RDtftfutb* 5 — gooie, Orn 
bie SHot^flonS, fflaumganS; —iron, 1. bat 
!STenneifen)2.(iind>[— ]treietj,betSreifnfi 
8. bet Seuetbotfi —new, vid. Bran-ne*; 

— nimday, btt ttfte gaflenfonniag. 

To Brand, 0. a. lit. k fig. branbroiirteni 
btanbmaltn; b-ing-lron, tat ffirenneifen, 
Btanbeiftn. [beta. 

ToBrfin'djib, u.a.ftbnjingenJrtJWeiiEenJdjItm 

BrSn'djsIi, 1. bat ©ajioingen, ber Sdjouiig, 
$ttb (brim gtdjttn). 

To BrSn'dle, «. n. macCtln, nanttti. 

Bran'dl]ni, 1. bie $fu[!Mbe (jiim Xngeln). 

Bran'dy,i. 6er fflranntolin i — dlitiller, .bet 
Sl-bttanet] — trait, in S. etngemaajte 
gtfldjttj brandie*, pi. col. (fi.-glaa.ei), 
»raitntroeittgldfer, ©^nappsgldfer. 

To Bran'gle, v. n. jnnten, frreiten. 

Brin'gle, I. bet 3uif, Streit, bit SilnEerei. 

BraVgler,*. bet3anret,Stttittt. [adrenflau. 

Brink, a. Bvt-s. betfflafl)wel}en i - araio, bit 

BrSn'ny, adj. HeienarHg, tleiig, IItiia)t. 

Brant, adj. peil, (dbtj bod)> comp. — fox; 

— gooie, vid. Utlt. Brand. 

To Bria e, v. a. vid. To Braze [ffcetlt. 

Braaed, adj. Her. nie tin Xnbrtagfteu} gf 

BrS'ffn, adj. t v. Did. Brazen. 

Brl'fifr [— 'alter], a. 1. bet Jtnpferfdjmitbf 
b-«' roda, Btnnbfiftn ju»tfn)Hfltn futJtnnfn> 
feffel, ^)fannen, «- 

BrS'aiery [— aherj], t. ffittffingnjaaren. 

Braa'jl, Braajlefto, Ac. vid. Brai'jl, Ac. 

Braia, 3. I. ring. 1. (yellow—), bat SRtffingt 

1 (red-), bat Jtnpfttt bft&tonje; batOt}, 
QXeUIIj 2.jEg. bie Uneerrodmtbettt II. adj. 
1. ebeni, metalltn, rupfetnj 2. j£g. naBtt- 
fdjamti III. camp, —battery, LJCefftlmtf* 
flng, 9XefftngbIed)i 2. bie QRefftJignxtarc 
( Jttfrd, ^Jmnnen, it.) ( -box beater, ein nwf. 
RngentS edjilttetfnn -colour, bttavonje. 
fatbt, Orjfnibe,- - dnit, SRetaff^firpantl 
-lamp., pi. Afin. bit tnnbtn gtnerftritit, 




btr 6A»tftBtclf --money, bat Jtupftrgtib, 
folfitt Sett) —ore, Uin. btr ffialmtij, <5o> 
bniittfkin; -ahrutT, olttt tRcfjlftfc Stun). 
iufflng4 IV. b-Mi pi. 1. aRef(ln8fl«f*in 
($fannm, JCefftl, ic.); 2. Mflr - nwtanne 
Kuftfen in ffilorfffbtibrrii 3. tit fcljftn, in 
ttntn tie SpinM tints Kpiuniratic^ic.Iauft; 
4. ( i no n omenta I — ), Her. in <Dtarmor, K. 
tingcfiigte eqplatttn, »ela)c aSapen unb 3n» 
f4 rift von Strftorbenen ent&alttn ; 5. Tup. 
©tutflinitn i 6. Mia. bi'u. -lump*. 

BrnV»s.rd*, Bras'ict*, j. pi. ICrmfdjitnen, bit 
Irani flung. 

Bra*'*|DBH, i. bat SRtifmgartige, Brjartiat. 

BriU'iy, adj. 1. trjirtig, thtTOf 2. jig. Uu» 

octfdjinttj — pyritei, erjartiatcJtitS. 
BrSi, i. cunt. batJtiflb, berSJalgi SbfdmnUina- 
Brauhj, Brawl*, i. Com. fuBifdjt Staffs mit 

blautn unb mtiftn Cttcifen. 
Bravi'do, 1. 1. btt ^rabierei, bat Xrobbitttn 

3. btr grafter, fflro^fprtdjtr. 
Brave, I. orfj. ; II. — If. ado. 1. brae, tapftr, 

rutn,untrfd)roetenj 2. ren)tfd)aff«ii fl.gtofc, 
trboBcn, btrrli*. ptdAtifl j in.*. i.bnBa> 
acljiiis, eifenfrtffrr, yrafeler J a. ber S»t, 
tit $«<uttforbtniiiB, ^rubitrei. 
To Brive, e. a. \.Xxts% tutttn, jjofen fprtdjtn, 
btfiSinrpftn, btraulforbtriH ttumpfnH 3. 
nit Qlnat'prabltn, ft jut Scbau owiegen 

Br*'v«ry,j. l.bit*0(ftr!tit,llnfi:fdjro(ttn^it, 
btT4>tlBfnmutbj 2.bcr<5b t Imn I b,l i c © r o 6m ntb . 

Bri'vo, j. (ttal.) btr aXtudjelraorbtr, S)anbif- 

Brsvll'rn, t. Mas. 1. bit 9tOO0tit'Krit j 3. ' ' 
SBraoour (brim Sinatn). 

To Brawl, v. I.n.l.fa>rrifn,iinnen| 2. (taut) 
janftni 3. murmtui (mit tin ©a*, ic)j II. 
a. 1. buvdj Hvnta ntrtaami 3. jig. nitbtr* 
febmttttnt. [(Iautt) Bfflrf. 

BrAwi, ». l. bat ffltfdjwi, btrMrmt 2. ber 

BrAwV, «. btr Barrier, Mtttn. 

BrAwit, >. 1. bot Qbtrft(tfd), Jj)JfeI(fd)l9(int)= 

flrifdH 3. berlibtr} 3. bat btrbtgltifd) j 

4. btr firffd)lo,t, mutf tlig t Sbtil btt Mrptn i 
-fallen, abgejebrt, &ugtr. 

BrAwued, p. a. ftarf, oierfdjc jfia. [6d)»ttn. 
BraVaer, ». bat far bit SKaftl bcfUmmtt milbt 
BraVnfne**. 1. 1. bit glriWightt i 3. bit %f 

ftigtrftbttgltiftbrt} Mg. bit etirtt, tin. 

BriVny, ndj. ptifitig, mutfuMt, ftarf. 
Bray, t. 1. bat 6fc!gtfd)m ( 3. bre B*tti, 

mibrigt 8ant. 
To Br*}-, u. I. a. ftopfn, ftampfen, |trftop tn, 

flrinrttbtni ILm.i. »tt tinSftl, jpirfoj, it. 

(Hrri«) 8. mibrig tflna brifenm, fd>iwa«tt. 

BriyV.'- 1. MfWtfcrtnb, Chmpfci 2. 
bcr Sutbcnrtibtri 8. Print, tic fflti^rtmlt, 
btr Sarbtnlduftr j 4. btr mibrtflt Bibrcicr. 
Iriyl, i. Bid. Brail. [nuig. edjrdtols. 

To Braze, u. a. 1. I6tbtnj *. (-over), mit 
Orjob.Jtupftr ubtrjicbrn, bron(ireu( 3. jig. 
bit jiic linccrf*dmtteit abbirtttt, ftiblta. 
Bri'ien, adj. 1. e&ern, mrtaCtn, mtffingtn; 
2. (— ly, odu.) jSg-. miotrfibtet} — «li*n. 
Min. bo6 SufKrntaf btr Srfgc, nut btnen 
Qrie semeffen toerbnii — fnce, — ftont, brr 
(bit) Llnrerfdjimtt j —faced (—browed' 
fAanloB, imtcrfdjJmti — sea, /™. ^wi. bol 
cljctnt QKen (int CSaIomonifd>tn Xrnptl). 
To Bri'xeB, v. I. n. n.iteerfd)dmt ftinj »■ «. 
to — out, unstrfo)imt, feet bt^anptta, obti 
otrtsribigtni to — one down, SOMBttl 
ubtrfibrtira. [UnDtrfdjSmt&ci:. 

tr*'ienaeu, s. 1. vid. Bfaulneui 2. Jig. bil 
irg'iier [— ilier], r, utd. Bnuier. 
IrnVjl {T.; br*zH', If., Irorc, S». *cl. i. 
1. Gtog. CrafUitnt 3. (-wood), Ui »- 
gol},btrg?Tnambai; — lnk,bitrct4tXiM(, 
— not*, ^tiburinmuffc. 
urizjiirto, i. (—wood), bat SamaUafecij. 
Br«zil'ftB, i. tn. btr flSrafUiantn btafilW" 
nifd)} —root, Med. bit (brattnt) Snttmno 
it I, 3p«acuan&a- 

breach, j, 1. ba( Srtdjtn, 3tibred}tnt btt 
fflradji 2.btriBaIlbru4,btt»ttfo>ti 8. bit 
Suttt, fcffnung,btr£Ri P ,bat8od>j 4. Sport. 
bit iBiif 6t bee %u<S)UH fie-'- 5. bit flbcrtre. 
rung, ScrtcQung (btr ®efc(t, >(■), bit SB«t- 
brad)igttit, u.) 6. bitUntinigPtit,!l]Ii^btliig> 
trit, btr 3»i"tj Laui-i. —of close, jtbtt 
nnbcfugtc Sttrtttn fttmbtn fflrnnbttj —of 
covenant, btr »rui tintt BrrrragH —of 
pound, gcruaitfomc Sffnung bt5 Sifbiltrrt, 
aaft btm btr Signer ftin gtpfdnbtttt Sfcb be 
ftcttj —of prlion, bit gemaitfame Srbrtc 
Aung btt (Mifr.gaiff«t (am fid) ft lift ob. 3e 
naab Xnbtrn ju befrtitn). 
To Breach, u. a. Mil. tine Srtfnjt roaifetn; 
(burdj tint fflnfdjt) trfturmm. 
Bread, t. ).bat%rob< 2. .Ag. bae Kmt, bn 
£tbtntunttrbaltj — nod butter, ffluthr(«.j 
Srobj comp.— cbippsr. Bar. btr ffl-rofpf- 
Itrj -corn, bttaVbcti -fruit, bitgradjt 
bti ©bantnttj -net wood, bat fSIut-j 
$oI{ oom 3-mipbaunn —mob, btr 9)- 
rauai, bit S-tannur oaf riatm edjiffti - 

stitcb, Bfrf. Broad-stitch; — staff, ^m. tit 
e-mafTt, btr ©-tf id) j - toa*ter, btt e-rofl i 
— (froit-)tree, But. btr S-frtubtbrnim. 
To Bread, o. a. l. (fflrob) tinfibntibtn, tin, 
brotrrn ( 2. viii. To Braid, 1 

BrUaW adj. broblo*. 

BreadUi,j.l.6ie*mtt / aB(ittJ S.O*M.(WD 

3«n«eO *« Slatt, bit »atn. 

Bre»d(Vie»i, ndj- O&nt JBtfftfc 

To BraCk, t.L«.l. ««"• (3i»a6) breijen 
3. jerrtiftnt [ipringea, berfltn raniben; n< 
brtt&en { 3. o) jtribeiid (roie bit Sonne 
bit SBoIfta)) ft) Mil. (bit feinblidje Sinit) 
battbbreibcaj 4. lit. jerbrtdjtn, lertruremeni 
(tint 3XontT, ic.)j seifdjiagni , otrrenfen, 
biedjenj ribernj 5. Sport, (to — np, tin 
9teb,ic.) (CTttgen, an6ntfrrat).fi;w- 6. fdned. 
*«, nttfrtften, mttroraben, ;rrfb5ren, (bit 
Orfnbbttt, edjonbeitjf T. sanbiflcn, ;db- 
nen(Xbicte)) Alan, (nmten (audj to— in); 
8. bdnbigen, jie&en (tin Jtinb* to -it of 
i(» trick*, U)m frint Uiiarttn) abgcnobnen; 
Cdmpfra, unltrbrniten (Seibenfdjafteii) ) be 
mat&igKi (3tmanM6 ©to!|)j (to — one'< 
Mlf of...), a&iegtn (fiblt ®en)obn&fften), 
ratftora (btin Btroniigen, ic)) 9. bre$en, 
jfrtrummmi (tint Jfrmet, UKadjt, ic)i 10. 
nitttufdjiagen, strfttirfc&tn, jtrtiitttc, brtdjtn 
(bo*$wr),oatffiflft, «.)) n. bunfttott «q. 
(bra, fpttngtn (tint toaxi, ic.)t 12. perafc 
fipi*b(n,abbairtti-,tit£laffni) IB. tit. a* fib up. 
pen (Bit $nmt)i dffnen (tin acfdj&fir) i 
jig-*. 14. a) (Safin) breibtn, anfungen; h) 
(Stand) in eorfdjiflgftnfiXapeObrinami 
i eint Keuiflftit) eroffntii, mitt&eiitu, binttr' 
Uringrai (ftfjtf>tr|)aii»|4dtttn, effenbaren; 
e) (nneuSpaf) aao)ai, (ftBiS) rtifjen (upon 
ooe, fiber ttlaen)) IS. a) nmftoien, iuf< 
beben (eta ffitf*}, ttat#eiT«t$); ftjiibertrc 
i«, bredjeu, Derlettn) 16, trntttbre^tn, ftS= 
tra (3«M. 6*I«f, "as BHUfiSiwifittt, it)) 
anftaUtai IT. ;« nfdjre nudjen, nndteln 
($!ilnt,ic)) 18. bredjen, raffungen (ti«tn 
naa,tc.)i 19.MtfUfra, obbtedjm (Sfreunb. 
fdjaft, U.)( 2«. o) Sport-*, to - co»er, (P. 
SBifte) bad Soger oerloffra, in'* grtit gebtn- 
to — herd, bad Stubei, bit £tr8t cetiofTtr 
(Don t. 4>irfibe, w-)( 6) in — eontpuy, fid) 
mcajibleiipen (and c. ffltftHf*aft)i II. n. 1. 
pfn. brtdjra, in Stflttt gebtnt a, {trrcitca, 
piatraj S. btrttn*, lolbtedjen (non t. 6tsi> 
me) 5 4. a) Rd> brtdjen (Don SBtDen), bran- 
ttni ft) fig. Rdjdnbccn (own Better)) 6. 
bciften, nuffprinatn, anfjeben (nun t. ©e- 
fd}tomrt f tt.)tjig-j.6.rabrt4tn(DiMn3>egc)i 
7. otrotSro, abnebrctn, altnurben) «rbtfi« 
0«nt 8. fnflh'en, Sanhrort madjenf 9. fid; 
o etKbtra, oerg tjen, bna)m (com {>tr{tn,itO) 
io.brtd)tn(mitt.gmmbc,tc,)j 11. Faint. 
fid} •b&rinWa, ab(djnw«i is. fid) bndxn, 
(UBf4I«9C* <M0 tttil, m.); fid) (axibtn 

(oomnrin,Jt.)( to — balk, (a.) Mar. 1. bft 

Sabung brtdjtn, angttf fen, tin €S*iff ja leftbea 
nnrotgeai 3. bit t. btrttblraj to — don, 
(a.) nitbtrnifen, abbrttbtnt Print, (ritt 
9refft)abfib[<igtn; to — forth, tn.) 6emor> 
brnbtn, btrborqatllnt;^. ansbrabem to— 
Iron... (n. obtr to— ona's «elf fr*m..., 
reft.), ftB> attninbtn, fid) lotrtibnii to- 
groond, 1. Agr. pfliigcnf 8. R-v. ben Ban 
(dncreiftnbabn) tnjfngritf nebraenj 3. Mil. 
bit eaufgrdben iffnrai 4. Afar, bit Voter 
Hdjttn, an* einem ^>aftn abftatlit, onsionfenj 

6. fig. bieglndjt trgreiftni to — bemp or 
flax, $nnf ob. %(ad)S bndrts; to— la, («.) 
ttnbrt4«, einbrinaenj ubtTtafajta) to— in 
npon, 1. berein pla«n, tinbringnu 9. lber> 
lanftn) 3. Oingriff tbtw in..-, MtUbrat 
4. ftfirtn, untirbrtdjin i to — Into..., (n.) 
l. etnbredjra, rinbtfnaoi fn . . . j i-fig. ■&•• 
brfibtn in(Xbrfntn, it-)i to — looie, (n.) 
lolbredjin, fid) ta«rtifi«M fid) ftti mai)H 

(—from, ton)) to — meunrc, Fene. Oil 

ban Soger (nnrmen i to — off, (a. Htmas) 1. 
Qbbred)en, ubrti|tn$ 2. nntcrbrta>en s («.) 
1. abbrrdjntf 2. Mi!. abbrt*tn, fd)»cnrmi 
to — off from..., (n.) 1. Rd) looretfen, lolttri* 
ben con...) a.abfttbtnean...) to— open, 
aufbrtiben, trbttibtm to— out, (n.) 1. oaft. 
beedftn (aud Bern ©tfiingnifft, st.) ) a. attt* 
bre(6(it{oon t.gtutt,«.)j 3. (piojiidj) btf 
potbredjtn (con t. Waibe, it.) f 4. ou»fabwn, 
ausfiblQgen (am ttibti a. b. f. binfifl 
mitiato); ft. fig. aubndjm (in Xbrfnen, 
-.t.)i to — sheer, Afar. |u ntit brnnf4mtt> 
gen (son tintm parXnfer litgtnbni Biitifft 
ntld)et bobnrdj in Qcfabt fommt, kaf btt 
Ttnftt trifrig mitb)j to — through, 1. buriS- 
brtdjenj 2. Obfrtre(tn) to— up, I. a. i.anf< 
bndjen (Stwa5)( 2. abbrcdjen) in etattc 
btcAtn i 3. mifldfflt, (t. Xrmee, e. «Erfamm< 
lung)) attfgeben (feint fMiuialtnng, itOi 

4. Agr. ninbctajraf 5. (J^iiiion) jeriegen, 
ttandjiwn, anf«, nn-, potfajneiben, «irf. To 
Break, 6; II. n. 1. audttnanbtrgebtn, fid) anf> 
!8fen(Don«. $tKt,x.)i aafbTtibtn) 9- St> 
riot bctommen, fcitm ) 9. fid) jertbetieir(oora 
«cbel)) fU)iinfbeilcn(c.aB(tt(T)) to-wi; 
au£meio)tn) to— windopirard, vutg. riip» 
(«tj to-wool, T. SBoUe fdjf tftn, fortimi. 

Jreak, j. 1. bCT fflniibi a. bat So*, bit 
jbffnnng, berdtPirdjtnnmmj bi(Ctngautftd)t, 
SIud)t (int.SBaibc)) a. Jrcn. bic(lBanb>) 
Strtitfang, 3Kfdje< 4. Agr. btr Seubrad)) 

5. bet BBtntnbrudj, bitSmnbnng) 6. Afcefc. 
bet Xbrfibtipagen anmOTridjtfnbtryftrt*)) 

7. bet *enunfd>nbj R-w. Breou, ?imi 


(rett Brake); 8. bit Unterbrtdjtma., Vonftj 
9- 2Vp-»- bat Sparium (im Drutfen), btr 
abfaB (a iiuw) ; bcrefrid), Jluetftri*, ©e 
banrenfrrloj i (ftgdnjungtftrtcK-lJ Btrtin< 
bnngtftritS [-}; -ofeletter, £-/. bereft- 
brad) (tun64riftfcgc[)i by — of day, bci 
XogM Intra* t — joint, ^reh bitotrtnm 
btnt QRaurtrarbtiU —neck, l.bat i>alt= 
brea)eiii jig-*, a. bcr j£$c Drt ! B. bcr Unter- 
gang, bat SScrberben j 4. Mar. ber ju tngt Bon* 
bnnaSortf— off, G-jm. bieea>iDanjfit)rQubM 
— itooe. Bot. berGteinbrni ) — water, l.bei 
VnttmAftttT, WtXnftrtonet a. btrffiBaffer. 
brtrbtr: a)bat ntrfenrteSBrati, umSranbun- 
gni jn br(4cn j A) b(t ftafenbamm jti biefem 

Brei'kiible, adj. jf cbred)Iic&. ywedc. 

Brea'ka^e, ■■ 1. gen. bit 8ttd)tUl S. bOS 
Burdjflctern, Stoutm 8. Com. a) bet fflrua) 
t».ierbred)Iia)en£Beartn)J 6) bit Wefartie. 

Breaker, «. 1. berSBrteber, fflrtajenbe; 3. bcr 
jJerfUrtrt 3. Man. bet Sereittr, at., c/. To 
Break; 4, (iff, in pf.) bie blutbe Jtlipot; 
ber Ttnlauf, Ctrnbel, bleSranbttnAj 5. bcr 
9ttbrCa)tC) 8* Wech. fid. Breaking-card. 

BreWftet, : bat grubfrfict, TOorgenbtob. 

To Break'feet, o. I. ». frfibftuiren i n. a. c 
BrtUifWtf geben- 

BreS'kjag;, part. V. To Break, on.; fort, bat 
Qroffatn btr eaafgrdben j -card, ATtck. bie 
8orfra|e, Srobfarbe, fltefifTtmpcl. 

Brian, ». Jfck. bcr eraffen, bit Sltit. 

To Brian, v. a. Mar. tin ©djiff tea Xufttt 
rein brtnntn, abbrenntn. 

Srfait, 1. 1. bit »rttft, ba6 Bntflblari ) figs 

2. baf Jierj, aemfttb, Semfflin, bieffimRi 

3. bitgeonte (efne[*4flclS,!C)f Afar-*. 4. 
-of«vfjiel,bie6titeef«»Ca)tffcSi S. - 
of* block, betfietb rUftaSlotfcet — back- 
itaya, bie eSfitenparbnnnH —board, /(-». 
boa Qnnbol; einci 6o>littent, Borfn bie el- 
ferwn Bteber |l»«u —bone, bcr (B-rnocben, 

botS-btillj — bDckle, — broncb, 1. bieiBn- 

fenfpanget 2. bie Safenitabtlj — bottom, 
Keftfitrnipftj — cMkete,Mar. b((£Soobin. 
bet}— cloth, bRttntftfat] — d«ei. S-blntt' 
tinge i -fait, Mar. bat iiugtan (tine Unt- 
fcftang an ber ©die bee ©ebiffet)i —shut, 
(_ fountain, —pipe), bn QRirdjjic&er, bie 
QKUthpuiapei -height, bieS-lebjttt -book, 
Sun. bet B-barnij edjttppbatnu — hooka, 
pI,Mar.bieBngbanben,9>ug|tu , <et} — kn 
bie »-fa)leifej -pin, bie Sufennabeli 
-plate. Mil. 1. bnJCuraf, S-barnifd)] 
bat jtopptlfdjilb, aXebaiQon; 3. Man. bat 
e-fdjift, bttB-guttj 4. Meeh. bit 9J-platte, 
8o^mlattei -plcagh, Agr. btr lovf|t«teli 

2 Bree 

— rope*, pi. Mar. bie&tndfatttf — nunner, 
aid. Breat-aanuB«r ; — wheat, Mill, bat 
Jttopftab} —work, 1, Fort, bit »-BC|iii 

To Brian, v. a. grrabt tntgcgtn, ob. ouf6t" 

naeloegtbeni bit CStfm bitten, trc hen. 
Br*H»'f^(i, adj. camp, broad— , great—, mif 

ftarttr iBruft, tt. 
BrifatA,*. l.berXtiem, Xtbcmjugi *Ebtnn 

3. fig. btr ?iondj i bo* 8flpa)tn } a. baitcbtn i 

4. bit fflube, Qtbolung, bcr Xnfftbnb) bit 
9wifc?cnicit,$anft5ft. bcr 5fu3Ciiblictj under 
onc'i-, Icifc. 

Brcn'th*ble, adj. ot^embati -air, SebtnSlnft. 
ToBreathe, v. I. n. 1. atbmtni fig-t.2. Icbtn ; 

5. frifdjen TCrfcem fdjopfcii, ouirubent 4. bun= 
a)tn (miton, upon, anfart)cn,it.)i to — after, 
naii . . . frrtbcii, tradjtcni II. a. 1. otftmen, 
einattmen; a. auSotbmcn, ouiUjaucbtni (©c 
rurb perbnittn (can eiumtn, ic.)i Jf{r-t- 3. 
Irife ob. Bcimliib fagen, au£trn, tbun, ic; )u> 
IrtfbJtn, binboutinu 4. a) [fifteni o)offncn 
(t. Xbct, u.)i b. atbaen (errtngt, m.H 
fdjnaubtti (ffiadjc, ic.)i 6, (it. iriXtbnn ftftn, 
jagen, trtibenj to — into, tinbana)tn, rin« 
blafcnt to — out, 1. on 6 bau dim (ben (Be; ft, 
w.)i 2. anSbunftcn; S.fig. ausfiopen. 

Bria'ther, a. l.bccXt6mtnbe,£fbtnbti B-Qi' 
ncr, ber Stnoe dufcrt, eingitbt, »., c/. To 
Breathe. [collcr KBoplgcnid). 

BrialA'fal, adj. 1. boll Suft cb. Ttfbcm ) 2. 

Bria'tbjng, 1. i. 1. bat Xtbmtn, It., »«'- To 
Breathe; JJjf-J- 3. btr Crufttr) gcbrirar 
SBnnfdj, bas ftiirc ©ebet ] 3. bit TfuRfpraibc j 
II. oaj. Itbentrrcn, fpreibmbibiiliib j ill. 
camp. — hole, bat Safttaeb; —place, l.bcr 
Btnbtpiati 2. bn Vbfdjnitt (in eincr $(> 
riobe)) —apace, vid. —while; tong — time. 
Com. lanarrttefpiro* —while, 1. iJcit gum 
Hftbemfibfpfen i 2. tin Vugenbliit. 

Br«aih'le«, I. adj. 1. atbemtoej 8. tobt( II. 
, bit Ktbcmlofigrtir, gdnjlidjt Sr> 

Brid, pref. k p.p. can To Breed. [fd)6pfung. 

Briich, i. 1. bet $fntere, Bteifi 3. «M. 
Breeching, S ; Gun-i. B. btr etol (cintr 
Jtanonc)> «■ (ob. — pin), bicSdjmanifdjran- 
be; S. Ship-b. bit^attt ob.bct dufmgBin< 
!d einetJlnictDljefl (opp. throal)) — mould- 
ing!, pi. Ciin. bie ffleifen (am OScfdji*), Sc 

To Breicb, v. a. 1. ftofen art)icb.enj S. ben 
^intern ptitfn)cn, pld(tn) 3. G-sm. mittu 
ncr Sdjtoanjfdjraube cerfeben (e. $Hntt)* 
4. Gun. barm (t. Jtanone). 

Breechet [col. btfcb'tz], i. pi. or • pair of—, 
bit |>oftn, bef. etberfrofen (Ate ift muU- 




dwtbw); — bowrer*, -i>ll«gj, pi. wtiig. 
ftnlrffltti -piece*, bit eStrumpf&Dfta. 

Bree'tbfng, /. I. nng. 1. bat $in!crtbrils Ber 
$intttfj S-Bit^rtigeli Ber^laVn 3. btc 
Snojftn ob. bat $tattrgtfdjirr tints Jtntft' 
pftrttt, btr Jtorbi 4. Gun. ter Stcof 
(an Jtanontn)) — bolti, tit flttng&Qljtn, 
bnrd> bit btt Scoot fiftrt; II. b-s, pi. bit 

To Breed, v. ir. L a. 1. jragtn, grSdrcn j 8- 
trjtngenj bilttn (3ityne, it.); 3. ^b- btr-- 
eoririagni, trjeugtn, Dcrurfadjtii, trrtflntj 
4. anefbtntn, erbenteni 5. erffebtn, unttt> 
rubttn, brcanbittnt(jtt...)i pou-ftubirtni 
8. onftiibtn, groftlrfjeniiJttBbtr.ic.i e. ffiacr 
[eon Sbitrtn] jtEJta, ic.)i U- »■ l.fltWttB, 
fibiiKiiifler ftin(r>oa3J(tiifd>ta)i tri4iifl ftini 
2. fii> bilBen, tntjitbtttj fld> trjeugen, tct 
3 %• M bifttn, naib nnb una) cntjtt^tn, 
ottitifenj 4. ffrt) Mrnwbwn. 

Breed,*. 1. (»on Xbiertn.) BieBrut) 3. bit 
3u*t, Tit, SottttJig! Srtlit) Ibartj 8. 
tont. (o.¥ et lonen)Btt6d)[(i8j4.tint»rn!, 
tin ©ft)tA [<■/. To Breed. 

Breeder, *- berflrjeoBtr, bit ttrjtugfrinn, «., 

Hree'djcg, j. I.b0t3tugtn,ic uid. ToBreed; 

2. bit (ftint) SKbnng, 8rt(n*«t) —pond, 
Fith. btr erridjtrid), gaid)itid). 

Breexe, j. 1. £n(. (alia) Breuc), bit (Bi*» 
Srtmfti 9. (iea-), ttcr tublr SBfnb (jut 
6tt)j Afar, tint Jtttltt} (land-), Bet 

Sanbnrfnb, trt |rf fd)t Sift* t n ) 3. bat Jt ai)> 
Irngtftubr., bit Eofrf)(, btr SutStrj -vonbi, 
oid. BriM-veata, vat. Briie. 
To Braize, v. ». btf. Mar. n>tben. [ntbig. 
Breeie/lfH, adj. abut SBinB, toinbftf at, ftili, 
Brte'iy, odj. luftig, ten tiutm frifdjen SBinbt 
BieT>9a,».(irL)Laio,tiii0lid>ter. [befrrfd)tq 
Brent, <jdj. »U Brant, qv. 
Br&t,*. J 4reA.bttf)fntI,fflunbfta6i -Mimmer 

Carp, bit Unttrlagt, Wfppt, bag fflabmftuo;. 

Brit,*. /cA. Bit Bttinbnttt) uii Burt. 
Brelag»ej [bretin'jei], j. Com. Sreiagnrt. 
Bretl/reo, #. pi. »oi. ft btt fltB). Brothen. 
Breve, i. 1. JTuf. bit ffirtot, jtDtitartigt 

Kott} 3. Ael. bit profoBifdje Jtirjc [u]; 

7-aio, 3. vid. Brier; 4. bat fflrtoe, p5t>|l* 

lidjt 8ttftript 
BreVet, «. 1, (Ir Jjranf reid)) btr offtnt <Xna> 

bmbriitfi 8. Sea, juto- tin Srodjtfcrirf; 

3. Afii. a) bn StftaunnaBbrirf } ft) bat $a* 
ttnt tints 6o6olttTn.Efflclerfl, bat i&rn rineti 
bebav (Rang (oinr Colbert 6bnng) ertfidlt; 
Babtr: — oMceri, SitlildtofPeitrt} — ruik, 
bft Ittttlartang. [oirf. b. f. IB. 

BrVifrj, *. 1. Jtem. CatA. BdHBrtoirri 3. 

Brt*n»t (-*"). »■ «'■ btr Snljng, b« 0)»- 

BiS't| itare [-tabor], i. tit. bit ICbfurjnng. 

Brerter', «. TVp- bit«r «ier, KtbttSm<fa>rift. 

BrMp*d, bef. On. I. adj. rurjffifig) II. i. 
btr turifaf igt KogeL 

BrlT^ty. ». Itt. *^. Bit jHtit. 

To Bret, tt. I. a. 1. mifdjea (burdj Sraura)) 
2. lit. bianflt (Sin) s i-fig. jnbeceittn, tin, 
mtngtiti fibmitbrn, nn|rittln{ H- r. l. (td> 
Ire*, i. bal Sraurnj ffltbrdubt i —bouse, 
boe Srauiaoe. 

BreA'iga, j. bal Stbraabt, Setrduf. 

Brefar, t. onSietbroBtr, Brtntr. 

Brewery, i. btt Biantrti, bas Sraab^iu*. 

Bre*']ng, #, I. Balfttrautni 3. bai (ganji) 
Stbrittbti 3. Afar, bft •SrtttrgaKt. 

Brt V. * "'<*■ Brier. 

Brt'bit.l?, adj. (iuflicb, befttebbar- 

Bribe, Bribing, s. 1. bat ©efdjtnf f^tmanbti 
)u btfltibtn),bteStfrtd)nita i 3. basStfttajra. 

To Bribe, v. a. l.btjbnbtn) i./tnn. (i.g. Z.i 
Burdj StrfpRtbangen ja 6l»a() nbtrrtbtn. 

BrT/ber, (. Btt Stfttdjtr. 

Bribery, *. bit Stfttibnng. 

Brfclc, 1. 1. btr Scant rfttin, Safffttin) 9. bat 
barffttinfonnigtSribrbtni oapinc or coping 
b-«, Stitfrrint, jar Ctdhing tiiur SRautr) 
compiu b-s, JtlfTtlfftbttf draining b-e, TT6- 
jugBjicgeli Dnlch, or Flemiih b-., Stall' 
Mlnttrt; feather-edged b-i, JtriI|WnEj fire 
b-», kiln b-i, ftuerfrftt&tgtlfttinti plluter, 
or boitreu b-i , SintqiegtU uunel, or 
eandel b-i, Siridffttfnc, fd>Itdjt aatgebranntt 
iiitael j b-< in bond, DectfrtinE (Stcinf, Bit 
Re fm San gtlegt ntrbtn, baf tintrbtn an* 
Mm (jatt be(tt)j -h»t, bat etu* OJtantr. 
fleinj — ci«y, — e»rtb, (it JMtgdttWj — 
dn»t, bat 3itgtlBtl)I} —feeing, Mat. bit 
Strbltnbang (tintr Wautr) util OtantTflti' 
ntn; -kiln, {-kill, cor. naa) btr Itntftr.) 
bit 3itaetbatie, 3-ftbennt, 3-6rtnnt«ti - 
Inyer, — m«»on,btt!Kaartri — laytf* bore, 
tinC2runbbabrtrj ~ laying, bat Xnfmaurrn 
(mit9X-tn)i -aaker, btt 3ftflltr, 3itgtl> 
Jtrridjttj —trowel, bit 3JtaurerMt f —work, 
bit 5Raarcrarbtii. 

To Brick, v. a. 1. wit MaMtrftfinen mantra, 
ab.mit3trge[fttintnbtltgtn}3. (tint!RaatT) 
iiegtifarbig anftrtldjtn. [ttcSan 

Brlck'jng, i. tin ant ffltantrfttintn aufgtfitr. 

BrTek'ol, BrWole, Brtc\>l!e. t. Gam. btr Otic!- 
ptaQ btt BaDtt (im SanfpitO) btr Jtugel 
(im BiBarbfpieOf lo bold by—, brialirtn. 

To BrtckV, To Rrlc'ole, To Bric'olle, v. : 




*n.pra*ptallennia4(n, burd) SBlbtrfajIanl Brt'ery, l «*'. bomig, (taAMia, «■*« n.«. 

trtfftn} btieolitta. bat DoratngtftriBa), bit arom&tcrtctft. 

Bri'd*l, I. *. tie $Dd)jf it, 60S *o*jci(ft ft i II J Brig, >. Mar- j. 1. bit *8ri B , Sflrigg j a. tic fci. 

ad]. i^d)}tttUd}, brOHtiia), j>Od)|eit', fflcatit=.i ganrint.md. Brigantlnc; — cutter, bctSJrig- 
Bride, t. I. abbr. con Bridget, qv. ; 2. bie BrlgSd*', », JBif. bietlrigabt. {JtutKT. 

ffltnut j jt|t gnojbni. tie Stmcrml&lK * 
Broom, bet fflriutigamj jt(t genso^nl. 
KtUBenndijitti -(rt.-'i-J maid, bit B 
jurtgfet; — (ob. — '*) man, btl S-bien 
»-fubrerj ~(ob, — '•-)«'•**• bk $oa)|tit' 
flange (um ratify getan}t wirB). 
To Bride, i>. a. jnr Stout madjcni 
Brlrte'wefl, j. gen. bat 3u$t&a«6 (.bob brat 
lonbontr 3ud) tbauje Brideirell). 
Bridge, (. 1. bit fflrucfti 3. bet 6teg (nu( 
©oiteninftrumentfti) j 3. Cut. bus ©liis 
4>olj anf ben jmei mittdftvn fflitgtiii ' 
2affette, nwrauf btt fflithtfeii rutjli < 
JDttttt tines toppelten AanuaeS, bit arfcte j 
ft. bos Bdjaniitt (bic Sruth) am ©djnoriefo 
bigtl; 6, Ji-iK. bieSrowgej — offcast*, bit 
Bdjtpriiife, ber Ronton j — of the aose, 
^noJ.bttSafHiritten.Safrafatleli -bead, 
Arcii. ft Fiirt. Btt senirftnEopfj -rail., ii-u>. 
C-nfdjienttH —toll, ber B-njott- 
To Bridge, tt. a. tint Snirte ftbtogen, Obtt 
bancn) to — over, uberbrfiifen. 
Bi-id'gtt, e. Srigitte <g-n). 
Brfdle, c, 1. lit. k fig. ber ikum, 3ug<l 
Jtnppjaum j 2. Ora. bet 3ugel ( 8. Gun. b: 
(bet)etnbeI(anS!uittBf4)Iafi>i 4.^iiat-i 
to6 Saabs —(or ligament) of the furetkii . 
batgotniillim; Mar-i. b-aof the bowline, bat 
Bulirafprietj b-softhonooringi, bieXant 
Bet $aftnanten Man-s. bridle-bit, btt Bttifr 
fiangtj —bond, bit linie $aub} —path, 
— road, btt BttitBtg) —piece. Locks, bit 
(bet) etabeL 
To Bri'dle, v. I. a. 1. ioufcen, aufjiiimen s 2. 
jig. (-in), imdaumt ealttn, einfirtnlem 
II. n, to — It, cut. fid> bruften, floljrtun; 
to— up, (id) in Bit »tu|t merfm, [bigee. 
Bn'dl*r,». l.bttJtuftiBowr) a./wj-bcrSan. 
Brief, 1. e. 1, gen. tint (rutje) 6o)tift j 2. bat 
(pdpfUiajtjJBrtte ; Laa-i. 3. Bie^lagefajrift 
Opecitifaeli bet Jtlagt)) Ml VfU&ftMi 
bat »orIiib>ingSfnjriiberi cot tintn lenifll.ffit= 
ridjtihof j 5. bet ©taattbrief, bat uffiticUc 
3d)mben,£iEiom; 6.b(tgicen},d>tfii,off(ne 
Brief (jut Sriauanif tint ffltiiteutt ttnju. 
fammeln)) 7. gen. Berautingi 8. Mm. 
tad. b. n. Breve; n, odj. ; HI. -}j, ade. 
futi(acfaSt) i fltbtingt,Banbigj IV.-neu, 
j.bitJCurje (bef. btt Kutbrueft), SilDbigftit. 
Bri'sr, i. btt 6trauib, B«njtt«uo>. 

To Brfgide', o. o. ARJ. fi cintSrigaVc fsnnt= 
nn,}uf<u»meniic&(n. [<Btncr<tIciit(t!Brigatt. 

Brigttdier', r. Mil. (-general), btreriBObitr, 

Brig'vid, i. bet etrafitnrdiibtT. 
BriVendage,*, bit l»aunerei,|)lunbet(l, epi(- 
i bubttei, Srtjurfenfttcidjc [tine. 

Brig'^ndTre, Brig'antrnc, I. Mar. bieStigan- 

Bright [brtt], adj. l. bcQ, glinjenb, ftinfelnb, 
fdjimmttnBj 2. Hat, liajt, fdjrincnti fis-t- 
S. btutlid), augenfajciBlid), fur} 4.gldnjejiB, 
teijenbi 5. /am. attfgtMtt, Stu (r. »cr- 
ftanb),fleiftiion,(inntti*i 8. gldnjcnb (sen 
t. ^titperiBbt, can XuSfidjtm,! t.)i gletrcidj i 

| T.flbttreifi it I.-, tt (ft Sag, reirb &rlfci 
— bay, bet ed)tt)ti«[\id)ti —haired, glanj. 
haarfgt Wonb. 

To Brlgh'ten [brr-tonj, o. I. o. 1. tit. trbcllen, 
aufjtaen, ttlettojten j 2. bea,glfinjcr.b nwibcn, 
poItrtit,giattttt(mitun); S.fi e . o> durtla> 
ten, ttliaUati b) anffctifctnj r) auftcrecctt, 
nitfgmiiibtni if)eer$(ttlid>cnj U.n.l.btli 
ratiben, fid) aafbelltn, fidj aitftiarau 2.^7«. 
glinjcnb n>tibtn,aldnien, fid) onf6cittni(oon 
btt 3ufii!tft, ic-). 

Bngb'tj.h, adj. vale- alan(tnb, fdjimmtmb. 

Urigbfiy, adv. fcfil, gldnjcnb, tint. 

Brtghfneu, ». l.bet©I«p|, bit^cac, Jllar. 
tritl Iwitttreit (brt ^immclt, k.)j S. bie 
¥olitur, CMitte* beHtgarbcj ytaibt) 3. jig. 
bie edtirfe, Jtufgtndttbtit (Brt SerftanBtt). 



irnt'lmt Hytnt], I. *. 1. ./eu.btteriWant; 
2. Man. tin leb&afttl, mutiigtt yftrt veu 
flattlinjcm OSUebetbanj II. adj.; III. — 1>, 
adu. tit. k fig. grinintb, fnnttlnb, fo>im> 
mernb)btrt)erfted>cnb)ptad>rig( IV.-ne», 
». «i( Brilliancy. [bet^ferte. 

Brtlla, i. pi, Man. bit|»art flnbcnKogmliBtm 

Brfm, !. ». 1. gm. bet (Hanb ) 2. ber flt. tinrt 
flgWti 4.bntUfet(eiaeTCntne, k.)) -o( 
a hat, bie ($irt*)Jrratn»ei ft. Sport, bit 
Stnnft, ffirnnft (tinet eon). 

To Brfm, ». I. a. 1. bit an ben fRanb DDK git. 
Pen, gun; cec fiiiiMH B-mfttintntatanbeecf 
fehtn,rinbtrn) n.t..l.atfrria)en(bitaKb(n 
Otanb) ooh feint B.S P ort.brobncn,btnincB) 
To — fil, v. a. bit an ben ffianb fuDen, ctm 
fo)enftn. £KanB) etfuBt. 

Brlia'fal, 1. adj. lit. * fig. «Xt bit til ItM 


. . adj. ttneingefotr, obne HUnt. 
BrtWmfi, j.bo* geftrtd)en wDtSIaS, btr Drift 

OfWiiooe, t. btr(rott ob. genuine) Sdjroeftl ■ 
-bn Iter fly, ent-btrfSttrontntogel) — match 01, 

0-f»ine, 3iinb&6Ij<f)en ; — tmprnstoni, — 
medult, S-obtrfl(t(j — wort, Bot. ber$noi> 

Brim'iHny, adj. fdjattfejig. [ftrong- 

Brfn'dad, Brin'dled, adj. fd)c ffio, gtflf [ft, ge< 

fprtnMi, geftretft- [one. Storm prrinfm. 

BnVdjce,j.riiig.Sa*3lttrin(em to drink n — to 

Brfn'dle, s. bnl fflefltcrte, ©(becfig c, bit SdjerJ e . 
Brine, j. 1. to* eat|m«lT«, »ie Sate; (Sol}*) 

Botes 2. *«)bfe6tt f Ml9tRr) A)XM- 
ittnj S-w. — pan, i.bie©«Ijpfaime;2. (ot. 
— pit), bit SaIjorti6e (bat parquet) in ben 
©atsteid)en; —pond, ber ©oljtcid), jwritt 

Suntpfi — prorer, tit ©olroaae, eSoIfpifc 
•eft — ipriogf.— pit), tie ©atjqitfu't. 
ToBrtne, c.o. fa(}en, tinfnl$(n, einpoftlni bri 
ning of grain, *c.,baB8allgenbeS©rtrribce,ic. 
(urn el geoen Srnnb n. 3nferten jn fd)fi$en). 

To Bring, v.ir.a. 1. gen. bringen j 2. mil 

fia) fiMen j Sber&rfnam, bribringen, (6cr- 
bei)fn)afl« obtr ffiimt, tragtn, «.i fig-*. 3. 
rfnbrinara, etatragen fSin,«.)i 4. ocrae 
fddjtnKto— to, juQtreoe) bringen, oennigen, 
betoegen; to — abont, to— to pan, (orto — 
to benr), l.anbrfngmj 2- nrnfubrtn) 3.6c 
iwrtfteEigen, ausftibren, |U Stanbe bring m ; 
to— acqn»inted, brtonnt moojtni to — by 
the lee, Afar «ne ttifc fdrtgen 1 to — down, 
i.iin«nt« cb- beronttr brfngtni Jig-*- 2. 
4. (ben^Jrrfs) brnmrtr bringen, mtltbrlgen ; 
to — forth, l. btruor (ajrt«id)t) bringtnt 
borfttllm, ouffirlKni a. nebSren, jengen, 4er- 
eorbrfngen? to— forward, oorworte bringen; 
rreibeni befcrbrnt; Com. rranlport(ren,vid. 
to — over; to — la, l.gen. Ijinein bringen; 
eintrrifien; n>o6in ltitra,M.j 2. in bit (St. 
■obn&eit bringen, (JEBanren)ffnfiibren; figs 
3. (CJinenJbtfSrbtrn, (ifini)jnatrooS Bethel 
fat, M.i 4. intficfffthctn onf---, erflirtu 
fax..,, M.f Lite-*, to — in guilt}-, ntrnrtbei- 
Irne to-i» notgnilty, ftEifprecjen ) 5. jum 
Stberfom bringen; 8. (mid) obnt In: ®c« 
shut) eintrngen, tinbringtn ; 7. onbringen, 
Berbriagen (Ornate, it.)j to — in a horse, 
Afrtit (tfnMttb) btrbribrinonn to — low, 
1. niebtrbringen, nleberaerfen) 2. bemutbi= 
tfa, f«)»*d)tn, mttrdfttni to — off, l.fnrt- 
bringen, forrfd)affeni.fi?-r. a. jnrflcrnebmrn 
<Feinffi»rtM 3.&rfctftn, berausjiebrn (burn) 
bit Jlndjt) rttttn, banon &tlfen ; 4. abbringm 
(wn...), tbrtfljtni to-on, 1. anfteHen 

(tlMjHajt, [(.)( a. berbrifiSten, ntRralaf* 
fen) 3.ttortraa.tn,ttornebnuR) 4. fnSStrti 
fdmfeit fe(en, rair fen liffi t us anfAbren,i»[tttHt, 
geltamtltd) beroorbringen) to— oat, l.bcr* 
ntUbringen, bringen on*, -ifie -'■ a.an'*8in)t 
bringtnt 3. nulbringen, erjdbitni 4,barfte(> 
[en,jEigen; to— over, 1. ieruberbringenj 2. 
Com. tr anScortir en,iibcrtt(igen, cf. Bronght ; 

3. jig. berebtn, m tinft (anbtrn) |)arf ei btin> 
fltnj btftbTMj to — round, Borfabrtm la- 
ta, miftgen, (abmen, bdnsigen, jam tSebor> 
font bringen) to — to account, Com. tnSttd)' 
nung bringen, auemerfenj to — to a ■hip, 
A'aui. 1. tin ®fl>;ff btibreben, btiltgen, (nuf> 
bal ten); 2. (imStgeln) rinbolenj to — noder, 
ubcrwiiltigen ( to — np, 1. berauf, binauf 
bringen, bringen anf — s a. Com. uberrra. 
gen, franSporttren , nod)boltn, nadjtcagen 
(Innfm. ffl4dj«,K.)) S.aufjteben) njubai 
biibtni nufbrtngtn, in bie QXobc bringen i 

4. fubren, nnfiibren, tenunanbtrtn (the rear, 
bie Vrriereg arte) nnrfiifrn (affen; (ttnStnd)' 
jug) bilbtn, bectent 5. (Sdjiciml auenet' 
fen, auefpeteni Mars. 6. (tin ©ibiff) nuf< 
bringen, ncgntbjnen, embentj 7. (nan 
flnuffabrem nnb Jtoblenfifiilftn ) ben Xnler 
antnierfen, nor Inter Icgen. 

Brfng'er, a. ber Srfngtr, ]{. (c/. To Bring). 

Brl'njib, adj. fnljig (»ie Safe). 

'ijthneM, j. DieSaUiglcit [ftabe. 

Brink, t. lit. kfig. ber fflanb, »0rb, tnl Of 

Brl'ny, adj. faijig. 

Bri'pny, *. old. Bryony. 

Brl«e, j.l.Diii, Breeeel.A2.t 2. bieBradje, 
baS fflrodjftlli —vent*, Sort, bie ©dju(- 
matte, etrobmntte (auf btn Sect en) . 

Brfi'gOw, i. Grog, ber (UflS) SrtiSgau. 

"IrTik, adj. 1. frifd), (lint, fdjneQ, lebbaft} 
munter; 2. froblia)) 3, ftart, geiftrtid) (oon 
geifL9ctranten)j 4. fctrig, mnthig, topftr, 
Hfffg,n)ocftr,meiblio)j 5. frifd), ftnrt (com , 
8Binbe)i 6. * glflnjenb, Itbbaft (btrjlarbt 
n«(b); > — call (demaod) for.... Com. tfiv 
figeSfodjfrnge, tin lebbafteWBerlongen nod)... . 

To Brt.it, (mit np) v. I. a. l. onfenern j rejf. 
fid) anfmnntemi a. anftburen (tae genet); 
n. n. 1, frifd), Icbydft, ntutyig nnrutfen, bn- 
bei fommen; 2. fid) ht, tubn oufriibten. 

Britlcet, t. bie fflrufl (tinee Zbirrtl), bat 
ernfrfrntt) firuflbein; —plate, bit ©rirn> 
platte befi danmgefdjirrtt. 

Brftk'ly, ado. frifd), ic. vid. Brlit, adj. 

Brfik'ueM, j. 1. bis eebyofrlofcft, SRunterMn 
bafigeuer; 2. bitgriblt*(eit; S.btrfrlfajt 
■Dtntb; -of trads, Com. ber®efd)dft6fa)innng. 

Brii'tie[bnV«l]/r. i. tie Borfrt, 6o)i»rtn»- 


tocft(fl.Bot.Mc0erftt{Ct>m-*.drMMdb-i,l Bttitbeil,bie3tmratrait) -bottomed, i»l"' 

fortirtt B-n j nndreaied b-i. irafbrtfrtc 8- 

To BrtVtle, t>. I. a. 1. (roie Borften) ftr iu&en j I 
UStosm. (ben $ed>bra&t) mit einfr ffiorfte 
wrfeben; II. «, j%. fi* fhrinbrn, Rd) bo 
ften, ju Berge fttt}ti (cot C5nff(s:n)i to-t 
to oos, Stmanben (erf, troftig antrefen. 

Bristly [briV.lj], adj. &Mftig, borflenartifl. 

Brfetol,*. ^g\ftitetoM)8riftoli-t]o» 
(— nonsuch), Bot. bit EqrbniSt —milk, col. 
btr 3E«rt»dn, ecrtj -atone, btt unedjte 

Brit, *. vid. Bart, [©iinwnt. 

Britain, I. adj. Did. British A Britannic ; n. 
#. 1. Britanuien, flngleurtij 3- berCrite* 
Great-Britain, (Srcf britniuiten. 

BrftSn'nie, s. I. ting. * Brit annieiij —metal, 

tine n(i|e SJcetancomsolitioni n. b-i, pi. tenfrictereit 
Com.BritannidHeineXrtbentfiSerfainnianb). 1 J •— 


BrltVy. Brittany, J. Grog, bit Bretagne- 

Brttch, Brft/chjng, uid. Breech, Breeching. 

To Brite, v. n. ibcrreif fttn ob. merbta (com 

Brlt'|«b, adj. 1. britifdj, tritamiifdj ; 2. (in 
Beiiebung auf bit Bpraebe) noDiflfo). 

Brit'on, 1. 1. l.ber Brite, S3rit<mtuer; a. ber 
(BaBifen II. adj. britanntfeh. 

BrrWka, BriU'aka, #, eine 3£rt ffleifcdjatft. 

Brittle, I. adj. ; II. -]y (or Brlftly), adv. 1. 
\Un feinfiUifli 3. tnaenif } in. -new, a. 

BrlM, BrW-ienU, ». mieBrue..., qv. 

Broach, j. 1. bet fflratfpiefl ; 2. T. a) ber 
Srifti ft)M«Bttibnile; c) bit ©pinbeis 3. 
rid. Brooch, 9{ 4. Sport, bit ©proffe, btr 
CSpief (innger|iirfibe>j 5.bieDrEborge!,2eter. 

To Broach, v. a. I. nnMnBraffpie$ fteefenj 
«n|p(t|tnj 2.(EingoS) ui|tce)tn, anbcbrea, 
attjapftn; fliefenlaffeni s.jlg. berauSIaffen j 
diifcrn, verbreiten; enfiringen, borbringen, 
erfluben i to — to. Afar, tine Sule fangm. 

BrOa'char, i. 1. ber Brarfpieg j B.^%. b(tth> 
(Inbet, Urbtbtr. 

Broad [brad], I. adj. * adv. 1. bteit (opp. 
fdjma! ob. long)) Met) 3. roeitauSgebebnt, 
menbliebj fig-*- 3 - roettldufig, (eicl>nn> 
faflenbi *. ftorf, grofl, bielj (tit taut (Don 
OStlddjttt, m.) i 5. often, fieri, Iid)t{wmS«' 
gttlttbtf 6. poDig, gdnjUcb (munter, ubtr« 
jeugt, w.)i T. bretft, ungefdjeut, feet, part, 
unner|4dn:t(uomBIi[f)) 8. unrenfrb, fdjluflf- 
rla (o. Xnsbrnee')} 9. wub, platt, grub (son 
b.lB*fi)Ma)t)i D.*.iini.bit«3teitt,»BtiMi 
the — ofaaoar, tfcttubtrplattti lH.contp. 
-ax, 1. (eieawtt) Mt ©treltarti 2. stt 

aebont (eon t. 6aji(ft)j — eaat, Agr. bat 
SuSfrreueii be* Bamen* nut btri>anb (arnb 
ale odn. flcbr.)i -doth, (brritcR) feints 
Xvd)j-eyed,l.erofauafa) a.Beit |cbcnb! 
Tea (estlbenjtnge, «.)) — lUted cloth, tint 
bef. a~rt bee — cloth, nit flanj brei ten Etiftrn 
(6 % viettd yrd. c^ne Stifitu brtit){ —piece, 
ber 3«cobuS (olte tnol. ©olbmiinje); — leal, 
bafl grofe(fonig[.)eiegeii — ilde. Mar. 1. 
bit Sattcncftite (t. Bd)ip) )!.(«- aide), 
tint nolle Baflti 3. Typ. brt grof c Sogci, 
axanbatbogen , bus Cuicrfbrnat j yiacnti 
— it«p, b«r nrtite Tfbfot) (eintt Steppe) j — 
stitch, Sev. 1. btr ?Iattfttd)i 9. bit £or< 

, btr Iluoberftein ( - 

■word, betfjonbtgen, ¥aOaF4, Satra^i — 
weaver, btredfitnTOEberj —viae, ado. nub 
bet SSteitej — vorm. Zoo/, ber Banbttturm. 
BroA'djib, I. adj. ; 11. — ly, adv. col. 1. nad> 

btr (in bit) fflwitt s %-fie. frri, ftliipftig. 

Bratdly, adu. son Broad, qv. 

Broad , neia,j.l.bieSrtite,fBtite) 2.fig. bit 
6*I(ip(rtgItitt f)Utt&tiI,ffltnituibttt,ffltob. 

Brocade', Broa'ds, t. Com. bcr Browt. [beit 

Brgci'ded, p. a. 1. nit Srotat genebt, brten- 
ten) 2. fn fflrocat getldbrt. 

Bro'cage, s. vid. Brokerage. 

Broe/ateJ, BrScatel'lii, t. 1. Com. btr fitMt- 
teHU 2. Min. bet ©rocotmarmot. 

BroVcoll, t. BoU btr Broccoli, ©pargtlfobl. 
u. vid. Broach. 
1. tttEaoj* { B. nocbC. glei4Brocl.pl. 
Sport. Bet epiefet, eptt*bir(d). 

Brod'ekia (-qnTn), ». Mr $(ilbfticf{l- 

BrSgne [brOg], t. 1. btr 4)ol|fd>ubi a. bet 
(tbledjtt (irtdnbifebt) Xcttnt, bit etrbortxnt 

To Br6i*der, v. a.fticten. [Zulfpradjt. 

BrfiPderor, *, bet Stiarr, bte Btitferinn. 

Brui'dery, i. bit BtidVrci. [Btttil. 

Broil, i. btrSdnn, ifufmbr, Znmnltt Bant, 

To Broil, u. I. a. (aaf Bern fltofte) beaten j 11. 
n. btr $Ht auigefest (tin, brottn. 

BriT'ler, t, 1. Mr Btoft ; S. Qtntr, Mr onf Bern 
fflofh,w. btotttj B.fig. bet 3eirfftift(r. 

Broke, I. prei. ; 11. cor. p. p. ». To Break. 

To Broke, t>. n. 1. mdfdn, Mn Unterl^anbler 
madjtnj fnpptinj 9. vid. To Brook. 
Iru'kcn, p. p. con To Break, ov. 1. gtfetC" 
4en, it.; 2. Com. tablungsunfdbig, bonff 
rotbrr, faditj figs. 3. ecrbbtben, inralib, 
alt) 4.g(bn>d)tn(uonberffle6e,jc.),gerabf 
brcdjtj ft. lit oerbotben (com Bier, 6ittfo> f 
w.)i fibrigatbiiebenj Afar, —backed, ge« 
Mminti to become— backad, dntn *•**»> 


tWtn uttfiteojen; —bellied, tinea (Sunn') 
Srudj frnbenbi —down, (e. einera ^ferfit) 
bintmb, htm- ofitr buglabjni —letter, - 
■miter, Typ. bit Wtfojobeiltgornlj —wind, 
^'ar.berEampfj — winded, rur;at6eniig, tei; 

Broken ly, ado. armb rod? cn,^ (trot! ft. [ibcilb. 

Br(/keBB?M, i. Mt 3<rbT0d}tnbat, Ungkid)= 
6rfti -of keart,yig,Sie$encnsjerrnirfd)uufl. 

BrVktr, i. 1. bet (fffitdjftl., ffieib. ofi. *Boa= 
rra-> Matter, aknWgcnt, Stnfali llnter= 
tonfltri a. btrSrtbttr} 3. btr Jtuppler j 

— a memoraiLdnm, — 'i nolc, bet Str/fuf Jtt > 

tel bet aXoflerl. 
Brfrli*™^*, *. 1. btrSffMHtrlotjn, baS3X-gen>, 
bit gR-gtbfibr, Senfarie, eDUrtaae, ¥rcei= 
Rem 9.ba»m-fltfd)dfr,bieaJtafIere() S.ber 
Xrtbtl* Xrfbettanbtij 4. brr SBudjtr. 

BrOnie (BrU'mloe),!. ftiem. mod. baSSrom; 

brome-gTMi, Bof. bit XreSpe. 
BrSm'Jc, adj. Chan, —add, bit Bromfduri 
Brflo'chjae, t. pi. Anal. bf( SnftrSSrendfie. 
Brin'cbjal, Br fln'ehjc, adj. Anat. Jnr Buftrdbve 

gefcorigj — gland*, bit 8)roild>i(llb^u^(^. 
Brttn'c>o^!e]e, i. 1. Mud. bee Jtropf, bit Jteb> 

gtrdjOTtlft} 8. .Surg, bet auftrobrenbrua). 
BroncboVomy, i. Surg, bet ei!frco>r(nf*nitt. 
Bron'chnt, *. Anat. btr 8nftr%enfcpf, Jtebb 
Brontfll'ogy, t. Fhy. bie SBronto logic, [fepf. 
Bronze, BrOui, j. 1. bit J8rDu)t, toe ©locten- 

trut, Srtitfgut, Srj ; 3. bit eftcntt Signtj 3. 

bit Bentraurnt (Don Bronjt). 
To Bronze, v. a, 1. 6rcnjircn; bit Srjfarbe 

Bttraj a.(nrfrai|)bHtteii4 3..%. fib errand) en. 
Bron'xlte, i. Mn. ttt *3ronjlt 
BrMcb {S.. P., F.} broteb, Wb., W., Ac], 

*. 1. jren. bat Stfd)mtibe, beredjmnd') a. 

ba* 0o>Iof (am Ourttl, k.), SKtbaitton, bie 

Mqittte ©inaHe, 6panat, Srofit, Safeti- 

■■btl, IndjnafiCli 3. rid. Broach, 1.) 4. 

Point, bat Oaiiiaitugemulbe ) 8. fig. bie 
tfitrbt, (perlc, Jtroat . 

To Brofld, v. I. «. 1. trttni (oonBogeta)) 2. 
.Sg. (fiber Bt»o*) brfiftn, (narSbenfiidj) uer« 
[uttfro ftin i n. «, l.(biejrud)ttvn) mft btnglu= 
gelnbtbetttn, Barmen) a. jf g. pflrgea, r)cfl en. 

Brood, *. 1. bltBnrt^Nfc i tf r glug ( 2. rani. 
a)ta(9t)ragaif i 6)bie«ad>rommenfd>flft»-- 
comb, Btr, bie Btntfibtifte) — hen, bieSIutfe . 

Brook [brtk],*.btt8«.a)] — hawking, Spurt. 
bitOnteniflgbmitialren) £o!-». -lime, to 
Suih&nnatnj —mint, bie aSaflrrmfiirje 

To Brook, v. I. a. trrragen, bnlbtn, bfbtn, 
orrfifimtrjeB i n. n. jttfriefitn fern. 

BrookV [brtk'— ], i. din. bit !ltfoe8«d>. 

BrooTiy [brtk'n, adj. eon 83dn)ttl bltd)fd)nit' 
Kf> xafrttrti*, brodfTttt. 

17 Brow 

Brddm, i. Bot. 1- brr (Sinfttr, but 5>frlnne». 
rtnui; a. boa fftbodftrbolji B. bnSefen' 

— dote, — lud, bie fSinftttbeibt ; — lime, 
Bo(.b(tabt«ptd*i— dub,— meker, bttffle> 
ftnbtnbtt) S-bdnbItt{ — rake, b«®rinb, 
JTopfgrinb) — UabT, —stick, btr BeftnRiel f 
—women, bit fflefenMnbttiiim S-banDletinn. 

To Broflm, vid. To Bream. 
BrOo'iny, adj. DoQ Sinftet. 

BrStt, 5. 1. bie Sleifdjbtube, Jtraftbtiibej S. 
ytm. frbaamige* (edjn«=)J8afrec. 

Br5th'«l, j. (-booiie), toe iBotbeU. [renjigtr. 

BrStb'eler, i. btt liebetliibe ORcnfib, uulg. |i«. 

BrStb'elry, i. boS ^ureiiiucicrt , bie Unjudjf. 

Brotb'er.J.l.bttfflriiberj 3. fig. btr 8tu- 
betj!I)citmtn[d); ©efdbrte (flberb. oon 8ng* 
eerbnnbenen, btr Safem, StibenebtnbcT, 
It.) j — in-[a», berCttjmafltn — geriusn, 
bet letfitidje »tnber (oon 8ater. nub fflnt* 
tetfclte)) — Jonathan, fig. ba8 anurifomfibt 
Bolt (>- e. bfe Bfreintg ten Staatra eonRotb= 
Imerifa)} — hood, file Srtbetfdjaft) —less, 
braberloe. [SBritber, btttiait, (dttlidj. 

BrO th'er I y, adj. * adv. brfbttltd) i gleiit) (in Ml 

Brought [brat], prtl. £ p. p. von To Bring; 
Hmoont — over, or forward, Com. (Gumma) 
Sran*»Drt(oon)TjoHol. trid. nnt. To Carrr. 

To Broaae, v. a. t n. aid. To Browze. 

Bro*, j. 1. file Xugcnfcranej 2. bie ettms 
3. us ©rfldjt) Infebro, bie QXlentf 4..%. 
bie A^clbeb^irameuJ^c.), Spite, berOiefcl 
(rinrt Ctrjrt, ic.)j bttSBalbtanbi 5.j!ff. 
bieJlet(fielt r JMbii6tiHlliii!etfifidmt6eit,Urei. 
ftigrein — aatlen, ■Sport, bie BtitrHSnbtn 
amfflratibe, etftta eisfetifftl } To-beat, 
v. tr. I. a. 1. mfirrifd), jailer, ftolj at. tcr» 
itbtlii ttiifehen; a. butdj (inftctc rSlicFe bb- 
beibmutbigel Setragtn einfdjudjKrn i If. n. 
troiig ttlfebfJij bftCttta ninjftai —leu, 
nnocrfdjiaiti — pott. Carp. tinCtucrballen- 

To Brow, v. a. 1. umgrenjtE, eingtenjen, tin' 
fdjlftftn) 2, an btr *3pi(t, am fltanbe (eine» 
fflcrgee, H.)fein; browed, p. a. mttVugen* 
brauta fitrfebttti beetle—; vid. in Beetle, 

BroAa, adj. braun ] valg. o, yferBen fi. Bay, 
on. ; comp. —beetle, Ent. ber OTaitdfcti 

— bread, ©djroatjbtcb * —crop*, .puljrit" 
fc&fttti — hollsndi, Com. btonne joliarb. 
ettif-ofi. fflfttnjItitimcnbjCBioIfiej —lead 
ipar,bae9}rannbleierji —owl, (J™, bit gem., 
fltofKpfigt 8nlt) —paper, baS ^orjpatttr ; 
-papen, Com. (tbebtin) tint Irt fd)ItfffD>f 
Etinwnnb t — piak, btHbrann (febt tranepa> 
rtnttrjarbe)} -quadruples, rine%brtite, 
robe, fifilefiffte Seinnanb, in etuAn ben SB 
aUen,ml!4Streif(ii Iid)tbI«ttnyiipitT( om- 


banbnn — quarti, Min. bet euwdjtopttBs 
—rat, bit Kanberrnje j — >par, IB*, btr 
(CtiffTiO SrannfpBtb, ffinmnfaiCj — nioni, 
bae farte (bonpeltt) ^orterbier i — itndy, 
biebu|1mi©ebtmfen, berSirfRnn < — ngar. 
btr gorinjucfcr ; -wort, Bo(. 1. bit tBruun* 
wurji 2. bie >pninrllt, StrnneUc. 

Brd4'ni>h, ait;, brdunltn). 

iirsa n'uf ii, i. bit brnnnegarbt, Brdunt. 

To Bra*(e, «. I. a. (bit ©profit, It-) at" 
frcfftn, abrotiben} Sport, tbbcaffcn, abdfenj 
II. n. neibcn fmit an); brawling beaiti, 
gen. bat Sftotbnilbpret 

BrSwae, Bronze, *. lie Sproffe, ber Spri^IIng, 
ba.6 jangt 8aub i —wood, baS Stranujfjoij. 

joi Son bfimtea 3»rigen. [( fiber jflntififn. 

To Bro*ze, n. a. I. Bid. To Browne, I. ; 2. 
Brfj'cjn, Brfl'jjae, 1. Chem. tuS ©rutin. 
BrO'jn, j. met. ber Bin on, »raon,3)tt. 
To Bruise [brtz], o. a. (ier)q«ttfn)tn, ittflo- 

fi(n,JKnMimen,iHTCibtnji«f4Iagenj bronn 

u nb bin a fib luge n. 
KrOi.e. j, bit Huttfujung, Seiife, SBunbcj 

fflefd)«bigung) -wort, Bof. bits eefftnfratit. 
Brti'.ar, j. J. Gl-gr. bie6d)leiffd)ulcj 2, (bei 

ben emaiQturfi, it.) (in fd)leb>ter Xrbeiter; 

3. vulg. tin Bo«r, ic [tw). 
Brum, i. (int.) flirts branntmein (auf ©tuna- 
Brt'mal, oifu. roinierlid), SBinrer.. 
BrflnStte', BrtneV. ». Bit »runtttt. 
Brttn'geon, Brnn'&n, *. ber ©d)rei&aIM bat 
Bt Bd'jijd, *. Com. bit SBrunrHe. [rjintelfinb. 
Brtn^wfcl, i. Grog. (bie©tabt)»t6unrdjn!eifl. 
Brant, j. 1. b«(t)tftiflO Stop", Xnfao, Zngriff 

(audi .%.) ." W*i>i»((brtJtampfe8)j 2. fig. 
ber ©treid), Bdjlag (bai Unglfict). 
Brash,*, l.bitffifirfltf 2. b« groM9>mfel, 
©orjitnpfttfti, Ottafti 3. ber edjraanj (bee 
JuAfeB, ic.) i Sport, bit ©tanbarte, tnttU ; 

4. basffiunbtlffltitbolli 5. b66 Dicfifbt; 6. 
vulg. btt (beftige) Kngriff, Jtatnpf, ©traiif j 
T. Eiec. btt Sidjffegtl, (leftrifibe €Stratj[en> 
biiftbelj —bit, btt SurfUnbobren —bend, 
bet ©tutfopf, ©rnibeltopfi — maker, ber 
Sfirftrabinbcti — ore, Min. baeBurflencrji 

- wood, b« fflnftSboIj, «t i*bo!(. 

To Bru.,b, b. I, a. l. bfirfhn, ausbilrfreni 2. 
roifdjen, rebrenj 3.(etro«S) leidjt bnujrfit, 
(Irttfeiti 4. (grot) an (Ire id) en, anpinrelni 

5. foWTjni) 8. ffttoingett) to -away, to 

- olT, 1. abburftenj 2. wegfiibren} II. n. 1. 
ftdj fdjneH fortbrrctgen) (to -by, Oorbci) 
frrrifen, frreiri)(n,w.i 2, (p. ^ftrbtn) au6fd)la= 
go, fdjmtif tn t to - away, to - off, fid) ba- 
tc-smadjen, roegtoifdjtn. 

BriWbV, j. 1. btr Ibburjfcri % vulg. bat 

wife ® i««- 

BHSih'iifce, BrBJh'y, aoj. bflrfttnartig, borflta, 
Briitk, BtiiqM(VUc], adj. onjj fiia), barfa), 

rob- r° r painti. Com, briiffrler epijen. 

Brfl«'s?l|,j. firas-(bie©labt)»ruifdi-lsfe. 
To Brui'Le [brta'il], e. n. rwfdjcn, rrttttetn i 

to — optoone, anf(Sinen (rafa>> IcSgtben, 

ibm bit Spi(t bitttn. 

2.yip. cf t bj Faj,nnmentib I i a),gratif «m,»Ub ( r ob ■ 
Brutil'Jty.j. l.btteeteijifdjegBtfi'n; 2..%. He 

UnmenfibUdjfett, Blob bat- 
To Brd'tslize, o. 1. a. pitbifd), tmmtnfdjlip), 

mitb madjenj n. n. lumSiebe ntiben, net' 

BrAle, 1. adj.; II. -ly, adv. 1. tbiertfd), 

sicbifa) j fig- 2. ttnutniunftig, nilb, raub, 

ungefiittt, nnblnbig, grob] 3. flnnloS. 
BrAle, 1. 1. bos (unoernuafti(j[) Sbict, JBietjj 

2. /ist. btt trjbumme ob. ttnaeftbladjte 3Roiffl), 

Otcbian. [Srnjidji. 

Brnte-weight [-wit], i. Com. ba&Snttto. 
ToBrB'ijfy, ii. 3. jniniSiEbtmaqjrn, bcslSer- 

flanbte bewttbtit. 
Brfl'tiib, I. adj. ; II. -!y, adv. 1. tblmfd), 

sitbif*) ..%■ *■ ftnnltaj, f)cifa)lid)j B. nilb, 


annilfenb ) III. — ne««, *. bn« Pieftifdjc «Bf 

fen bie tbierifdje BButb, SSilbbttt. 

Iri'tifm, $. bit Xbicr^cit j fig. baicitbif4t 

obcr t6i(rir*e Btftl. 

Brj'nny, j. Bat. bit ^atmrfibt. 

bienidjteiBtrtbtSadjc} *• ber iteteedjetn, 
bit Sdufdjnng, ©tfrfigtrei ) 5, Com. bitoio)> 
tine, nuf gruttMofen &tria)tm bttubenbe 
Soti'en'Sprtulaticti, tat Itert $co)tct, bie 
(»(3rftn«)Mfl( i «. ber Sttrogene, Siatt. 
To Uiib'ble, v. 1. n. 1. (to — op) Slafen wer. 
fen,an.fn)aHen,fpntbe(nj 2. mtmneut, ritfdn 
(poaSjo>en,U-)i II. a, vulg. tjiaftrgebet, 
iub'bl«r,*.berfflerriiger,¥rtDer. [betrigen. 

IQ'bD,«, Merl.inSOabei baboca, pi. Anal. 

tie SJamgcgtnb. [fttRbrna). 

BO'bonocele [ Ifo., T„ 5m.], *. Med. ber Stf- 
Bae/cal, adj. Anat. ja ben Sarten gebfirig. 
BficfiOfaW, Buctanrer', i, bet fflutwitr. 

To BQ«(c)?nler', v. a. Seerdubcrd treibrn. 

BurcinS'tpr, F. Anat. btt SrcrapttetKUfftl. 

BHc'cinlte, t. Ptt. Ul Suctintt. 

Bttck, i. 1. a) btt !Baaa)t, Sauge (jut 
aBdf*t)j fc) (-of clothe*). Me (fl(b4na>< 
rt) *Bd.|a)e} -aibei, bie &iugenafa>ti - 
bMket, ber >ffiif(b tort j - cloth, rid. Back- 

ing-doth ant TaBKk; 2. bttffioef, bo5 
5Rinn*en (6« $aftn, Jtaaind)t.x: Sport. 
«ct ffltmmler; and) bt* ffle^eu, ic.)> 3. 
oarf. bet etntcr. 3R0tnaiTi Suiting; 

Silbfdngi a — of the flnt head, cin!Webi>0[f 
tmStcnSafcttt «mj>. — bean, Bot. btrgi 

btrflttj —boron, {rfcfdjaeadbe ; B«n. 
horn ereuea, bus &jffdfrauti —'■ horn Ire 
*tr pirnjnifibt ©naiad) t -mart, bit »nt 
BOH) — that, Sport. flitbpoflmj — ■tin. 
{lofntiragj 3. iron. tcrjungeSedj U. adj. 
botfltbtrai — otoll, Spm-f. 1. tin arcfes 
Stf* jum$ttlgra bf» SRot^raitbeCi 2. bag 
Swibttamt &« 0ti>tiis(Il>=3«B*»H -thorn, 
Jfor.bfrJtreuibontj — thorn berry, BfcJfttUJ" 
b«r(j —tooth, btr glttfdjinbn, {Boffta&in 
—wheat, Bot. in ffiuajmdjen, ba6 #tibcrorn. 

To Back, b. I. a. fiBifiDe rfmwiibrn, bfluujtnj 
•affbntj Mnj cloth, ba*8ttng«fDb.HfB)HI. 
tad}) b-lugitool, btr SBafdjbluifj b-ln| 
Mb, bit »iiu*butt(, ttrgBflfibiubetj U. n. 
(aid) a.) 1. bodVn, ffrfKBj 9. fin) belaufen, 
frefpringro C»un .fcaftn, it.). 

B*.ck-*-*oi)', t. oid. flogle(-bo), Ac 

Hek'ft.f.l.ttTtttflcrtimtxi Sea, bitftntfe, 
fttfcej 2. btr gtutrtimtr. 

Bietfjih, l.aifi. burl. ftit|trif(b, :c. md.Back, 
1.8. j II.— mm, *. turi. bit etuierbaf= 
tiafrit, w. 

Sickle, «. 1. tit ©tbnautt 2. bit Socte, inor= 
loiftj 3. * ■■ - of beef, toot, tin 6tu(( 9iinb= 
ffcifd) (cddi fanbruftf*). 

To BncJr'Je, nLo. 1. fdjntiKtn, an- Ob. (IK 
fqjnnJEtttj anttgtn) 2. fig. rirft. fid) rafteri, 
Mtbtititenj fta) Itgen traf... j 3. (bit$aart) 
lotftnj II. ii l.fidj rruwratn, fid) bieatnj 
9. jig. (ant to) fid} ftbmicgrn, ttntbgibtn; 
3. (— fa with. .), hanbgtmtin ntrbtn(mlt). 

Book V, >■ 1. etr B4ilb ) 2. fig. tin »tfd)ir» 
But) 3. tti'd- Buckle, 3.) 4. Mar. b-t, pi. 
hit JtlUeJflpftni —thorn. Bid. Back- thorn, 

Bilck'ram, L «, Cam. bit ettifltinmaab, *tr 
ea)tttti) n.adj./<£-ftrif. 

Bick'raaif, i. Bet. bet ffiartnlaitd). 

BBek'co ■ (— '»oraa), Ac. vid. Buxon, Ac. 

BDcoKic itaet. I. t. 1. bofl $irttna,Ebidj!j 2. 
bnSbqDnbutttri n.(-enJ),arij.bnblifd). 

Bid, *. 1. bit Jtnoopt, btl -Jhige) 2._ftg. wr 
Jttint) 3. bat Jtalb eon tintm 3ajte, btr 

To Bad, v. I. n. 1. fnoestn, auefdjlagto, (ti= 
wta,fpro(Ttni 3-fig. im SBadtfcn (Sialjrn) 
frini II. a. onUrcn, pfropftn) budding- 
kutf*, Card. Ba« Etaurmtfftr. 

Btfdf , *. Gang. Cftn (©tab t in Ultotia). 

BnnMba, i (int.) fld. Sabbba. 
Bdd'dhjim, *. (int.) ««(. Bcr Subbhaiemnl. 
BudUhiiu, *. pi. (int.) Aef. bit Suibbaifltn. 
Bud'dic, i. jUin. btr SrgufljtrsB , bic KSaF4< 

rdjtibcbanli b-i, pi. erjindfib.-r. 
To Buifdle, n. a. Affat, obfloucn, isafdjtnt 

bnddllng dish, bit SSafihoiibnt. 
BSde'-IIght, j. mod. toe £ubtlid}t (o.Guruey 

trftrabtnt 0t(tad)lunsBarttura>ettinfbblcn' 

9a5, bat fflft ant a toiofpfcarifiher Suft fltFd)ic< 

btntm ©ourrRoffgos gcmifiht ifl). 
Badge, t. ba( (ocgctbtt) iammfcUi —barrel, 

Afar, bat bltd)tirnt ^}uli>cr> ob. Qlranatcnn 

fdfidjto, [pe( Bl 

To Budge, v. n. vuig. fid} rtflttt i an. fid) rip< 
BBd'gel, *. 1. bU (Itbtrnt) lafdjt, bcr ffltutrt, 

Sutfj bit eafttllafnjt > basSSrief.-gclirirtni 

3. >(,'. btr Sorrntb, boi 6apitnlj 3. I'ol. 

bo* eubgtt. 

luff, >. l.bcreufftl (vid. Buffalo); 2. (- 
leather, -Bkin) cifltntl. baS SuffcUcttr, Bd. 
mifdjltStr (con Ddjftn, eicnn, tc)i 3. bid!. 
—coat, ftc; 4.bit&bttf«bt,ba68tbttgt!b, 
CbainoiSj 6. Med, bit eptrfbaut* —coat, 
— jerkin, baeltbcrwJtolIfr,6on(t,ob.SBi>me. 
Buffalo, j. Zool. btt efifftli JBuffclerttj - 
inake, Zooj. bit Xbaottefdjtaaac, Enitftn^ 

Buffel, J. Did. Buflle. [fdjlangc. 


flafHfdjtetoStifrtnj -headi, ©(oJcrKpft. 
BuFf^t, ». 1. (franj.) btr ©ilbtrfthroaf } firt. 

benjfifi), Sibcnfti/ifii 2. btt puff, gaiift' 

fnjks, bit QHanIfd) tUc. 
To Buffet, r. I. a, 1. pufftn, mit bet gaufl 

ftofrn ob. fd>lagcn, 9S«ulfdjclicu fltbtnj 2. 

bttdmpftn, anCdrnpftn atgen...; il. n. flo> 

balacn, boxtn. 
BBffi ng-Sppara't gi. i. R-w- btt Stof oppornt. 
Baffle, s. Zmj/. bcr aSuffd (nrf. Buffalo); - 

head, utiig. btr BiiffclSfopf, Gammfcpf > — 

beaded, I. arcpfdpfig, bftttopfigt a. fig. 

bamin, filpifftji -headed duck, (BurTol or 

Buflel'f head dock, Wb.), On: bcr Ditffcpf. 
To Baffle, o. n. otrtiufft, befiurjt, rtrlcgtn 

ftin. [iSauflcr, "SCorr. 

Buffoon', j. btr ^DfTtnrtJfifT, Suftigmaibtr, 
To Bifffiian', v. a. Idn)criiib madjen. 
BalToo'n ? ry, Buffoo'nltni , i. bit (Katrtn-) 

¥ofTcn ( Voflcinfftnt. {fi|. 

BulTdu'n|ib, Buffudn'like. orfj. hanennrfrma' 
To BSffoontze [—fa-], ^oiTtn ob. ©trtin)< 
Ba'fo, t, Zoui. bit Jtritt. imnbtn. 

BaVonlte, a, Attn, btt Jtritrnfhin. 
Bug, j. 1. (bed-). Km. bit ©anjt) X. Em. 

btrSIattfaugtr, bit aftcrbiatt Ions ; 3. Cpig* 


Itber 8nglanberin3rtanbi —bane, (— ■ B6'J jmy, f. VtU aid. Bontimy. 

wort), Hot. 6oS«BaTijcnfrauli (—bear), ber 
$)opanj, SXamrael; To — bear, v. a. febr* 
fen, bange mmbeii. 

To Bugfeer, v. n. Jftmbenfcbanberei trtiben. 

Bug/gerer, j. ber Jfttabeofaionber, ©obomit. 

BHg'gery, t. bie Jtnabenfd>4n6trei. 

BBe , ei»« u > *■ ba6 SBimrasln con (tBet;flfttrfdn 
rait) SBanjen. 

Baa/gy, adj. mnnjig, boner KBniijen. 

Bo'giB, i. 1. ubem.) bn »flbe£)d>ei a.bfe 
fa)»ar|e ©laetoraOr j 3. nit —bom; 4. (brim 
tngI.ffiiIttfa)b(r$ormft,B}albborn6Ia , ferj 

BBlk.i. 1. bit 5KafTf, ber JHnttpen, -ftorptr* 
2. bet Umfang, bit O)ro|t, SRtngtj S. bet 

gr6tttt$aufrn,^auptt&(i[,/om.fflummdi bat 
®anjt4 bit ($au)>t>) Bumme j 4. ^ren. Bet 
DorfpringrnbeStjeil (rinee fflebiubee)) 6. ber 
■Jtlapptifdj, Bertanf>etanb ; 6. jtfar. a) btr 
ganj* tnnert OparfOSloura tint* ©djiffrtf 
A> Cie gauje (Bt^iffi-) Sabung j good* laden 
la— , bie Stitrj'fiabniig, Btirj»(8utcri by 
tie-, im©aiijcn,imBnr$fibnittj inSoufd] 
U. Began to break—, vid. in ToBrcak; 
beads, pi. Sea, JScrfdjIage, fiutTOenbt 

bos 3agtr$orn, 4>ufibbnij 2.B (auf 6*ifftn), Oracling tn. 
M^.b a *B«Ilbor n ,e_ignaIb 1 )rii,»lnB(I6oni.| ToBn | kou t i „.„. eincn ©an* mgajca, Mf 
ragen, vorfpringen. 

Bo'elgu, i. Bot. bit Bdjfenjimgt. 

Bubl, s. Mtch. matte* ®olb, 3Se(fuig, $trl< 
mutter, iciumSinlegeni -■work.tinatltnre 

Bibr'iUlne, i, vid. Baritone. [Ktbeit. 

To BoJldrMldj', o. ir. I. a. l.bauen,trtnuen$ 
2.jig. baimt(ttoftfd>Idffer,w.)i ta-np,l. 
anfbfliienj a. ^g. trbaueni In - a chapel, 
Afar. tint Suit fangen,i It. n. baiten; to — 
upon, jfg. baucn, ficb berlaffen auf . . . . 

Bnil'der,j I. ber Banenbn Banbnrj a. Jig-. 
bn Baumeifter; ©ihopfer. 

Bnll'djng, «. bag ©ebdufit ; —in pise, ber f)t- 
ftbaUy&tbmbau; a — of rooks (n rookery). 
Sport, bas eaatfra'&engenifrtj -contract, 
1. btr Bautontrart nberb.j 3. Ship-b. ber 
SRibftritfi —dock*, vid. not. dock*; - 
yard, ber Banbof, Bounlaej. 

Built.I.prei.ip.p. toil To Build; frigate-, 
frtgutttnformJo, (gebaut) j II. *. bieSauart, 
©trurrar. [utd. Bull-flncb. 

B6I, j. JeA. bieiStitte, berginnbect -finch. 

Bulb, BaJbe, j. 1. gm. bat ffitmbe (btr Kug. 
apfti, it.); a. Bot. btr JtncQrn, bat Suit* 
belgewiidje, bit 3n)ft6rli 3. Wecft.bftJrogeI 
am £lj tonometer. 

Bulbed, adj. f*(f. Bot.) imitbtlfornitg. 

BalbtPeront, aifj. Bot. JtnoHen ob. jtaiebeln 
tragtnb. [srotebciortig, runb. 

Buronns, Bulba'ceo**, Bul'blne, adj. htoOig, 

lliii'cos, i. pi. (v. port, boisa} Jtic. Hrinc9cu> 

ttl, in bmen bit oftinbitoen Eiamonten con 

SXabraS nod; 8onbon fonuncn. 
Bul'chjD, i. bas enlltntalb. 
Bwlgs'ria, ». Ceog. fflnlgaritn, bit fflnlgarri. 
Bilge, *. 1. vid. Bilge, J. ; 8. Mar. berEtctj 

3. b-i, (-ways), pi. bit ^tlbtttj etttungtn, 

iboranf bag ©u)iff abiiuft. 
To Baige, v. n. 1. Mar. anflroftn, fdjtirtrm 

fmrcn j 2. vid. To Bilge ; 8. rinra Bau* 

modjtn, oorragen. 

Bui'kineis, t. bit Oroftc (ber fflcflalt ob. bet 
Urn fangee), QH enge, 9Raft, Bclcib tbcit. 

Bul'ky, adj- gcof, bid, ftart, (taminig. 

Bull, I. j. l.bcrBudt, BuIiDuji, eticrj a. 
Ail. ber Btier j S. Bar*, btr (ladjcncrrtgni' 
be) SBiberfpnia) , bie SBitcrrmnigfnl , ber 
(bn>Higeepradj>)StbIerj i. Ecc. bie(pipft= 
lidjt) Bitnej S. Script, tin Sriftinb, btr 
bruQcnbt ecrocj 6. Cam. cant, btr Xttieic 
fp itltr, B to* Srtl ttr, vuig . gudjft r, vi rf-Be»r ; 
7. John Bull, jfg. bal (pcrfonifirirrt) tngiifdje 
JSolf; II. tomp. — bait, -baiting, bitSDibi 
feabat, ©rtcrbetti — bee. Ent. bicBvcraf.-; 
-cnif, i. tosSB-nrnHM a.jlg. berainfolts- 
pinfel} —dog, btr B-nktjict j —'a eye. 
Mar. i.tin(boliernejtintfo>j S.bitlBetttr> 
goUti 3. Ast. btr TCtbcIiarttnj ~* eyes, 
Glaz. Bniberhtcbcn (ficint runbe Jaifier- 
fdfriocn)) Mar. lie QtaQglaferj -eyed, 
flter«,(gro|.)aufligi-'s«jeglaas,CJ a M-ir. 
baa Qaiigtae*! — hce, ba* grobt, fredje St= 
|ld>tj—fara, Con. cine btr viticnBcncnRanaea 
BesGalniHcfSi -feast, -flgbt, -figbting, 
bae etiergefedjt) —finch, Urn. btr Bene 
pfaff, caimptlj -flst, Bot, bcr»bfl)lt -By. 
Ent. 1. bit Brtufti 9, ber fiamFnirctcr, 
^irfifjtofetj -frag, ZooL btr EJcbfenfrpfd), 
BruBfrof*! -head, l.tii. ber ESdjfenropfs 
a./ig. ber Cmntntopf i 3. Jen. a) (river — 
head), btr Jtanirofif j o) (armed — head): 
ber ©teiitpitfer, bie gepanjerre ffiroppcj c) 
vi± Tnd-polej — 'a uizile, BtrDibfcajlcmeti 
— ring, brcflling ined)lad>t6£ufcrn(ji'n' S** 
feftigtn be* ffltaboiebca) i -rash, mV.Bui- 
raab; — troot, Ieh. bit grofc (ladjurtigc) 
goteHe. [born. 

Bni'lace, s. BaU bit6d)!ct)ri ber Su)Icb(tB)- 

Boi'iary.i. Ecc. bit (p4pftl.)BnUrofanimll»a. 

JJui'llte, adj, Bot. blaflj. 

Bul'!eii,j.btr.fcanffttnge!; — nail*, groftopfige 

BSYifngor, ». tint Xrt Heincr Sdjiffc. [ic. 
Bullet, j. bit Jhigel, glintenfugd; —bore, 

G-rm. ber Jtugdhopf j — divider*, bethel' 

beajirttli —iron, fdjwebifdjeS ©iungtiiiifeii. 
BArietln, i- btf. Poi. tat ffiuttrtin j bet Sc- 

febljettel tintr etablobrigteit, it. 
BuFliua,*. Mint. 1. He fflol*. eb. ©tl&trtlum: 

pen, ba8 nngcmunjte ffiolb ob. Biibtrj 2. 

inn. Com. unganabares (frtmbet) ®elb. 
Bill'ljih, adj. Barn, febier&aft, fpradjrcibnfin- 
Boi'ljit, t. ber (pdpftl.) Suntnfirribcr. [nig. 
BflllPtion, t. vid. Ebullition. 
Barlock, s. l.berjtmgcDfba, garre; 3. Am. 

ber auSgetoatbJene Dd)6 j — '• eye, 4rcA. baft 

BuHiy, I. j. bet eifenfreffer, Stenomraift, 9ra. 

marbati II. camp. —fly. vid. Bull-Hy ; - 

graetter, ber Seutelfi&ntiben —rock, — 

rook, bcr (Sifrafrtffcr, it. 
To Bally, V, I. a. 1. ubertiuben, in'6 Sod** 

bornjogcni 3. phIIhij H.n.bramarbnjirtn, 
Brtl'ru«b, s. bit glatte ffiioft. [poltern. 

BuVrtaby, adj. binf c rt d ^nt i d) , boD SJinfen. 
BittV,, i. trio 1 , fluke*. 
Bil'wark, t. 1. fort. batflSoIIIPtrr, bie»afttii 

gen. BieflJefefHgHngi 2. Ship-b. bit dupcr: 

(fJIanhnO Sefteibnngi 3. .tfg. bit estusii, 

bet ffloawtrt. 
To Bul'wirk, d. a. Seftftigen, pcrfibaitjen. 
Ban, j. wig. p(r$intere, ©teifl; — bnllifT, 

Di>fg.btttButt(I,6d)etge{ — boat, vuig.bag 

iKnttlbool, ^ntciantboot. 
BonTiitt, j. l.Ccrbura>nd&tt3cug, bieeti= 

djdarbfiti a. Cool btrSnnibafi (KrtSoi- 

dinfB 3. bit ffiaumroclle i 4. vid. Bombnit,2. 
UaWble-be*. i. F.nt. bit ^nramd, Erobne. 

Binp, t. i.bftBeulet a. BrrJJnff, ©ujlag; 

3.ba S(bump f e) ® ef S> ret ( b ecOi o brt o mm el,ic. ) , 
To Bump, ». t. o. [djlagEn, ftofen j II. n. 

(bumpf) f*rri(n, tin bmnpfta Setoff maeben 

(vid. To Boom, l.)j ta — up, fdjreeUni. 

Bttm'per, I. j. ring-. btr$nrapnt, Bae^loflglaS, 
poQ« ffllae; II. b-i, i. pi. A-v. tit etof > 
polfttr. [bebelte) *flnbj nrtr, X6 [pel. 

BSaplcin, *. l.mri. Pompiou; 2. ber (ange» 

BBmp'k|iiiy, ad». Mnrifd), tilpifd), plump, 
Ban, #. oid. Bono. [grub. 

Baucb, j. l.bicBtulM 2.bttJtaorcettj $M> 
Hi, Snefel, Stf.pl. b-e*, (b(i§>ferbtn), Jtno- 
ten, SBarjen, Ubtrbeine, k. j 8. baS JSfinbeT, 
Snnbi 4. ber»uf* (fcaare, gtbern, «.), 
enfebe'i 5-bie»rappe (Sonne, it.) t -of 
grape*, BieSBeinirosbei —backed, buddtg. 


To Bfinob, v. I. a. in Bfinbel jufammenbinben* 
II. n. ta — oat, b.crauettctcn, btr^orflrbcn, 
auffibro (lien. [ntigc, it. 

Ban'cbjne**, j. bat Jtnctrigtj Xtanbenf6e> 

Ban'ehy, adj. in Bufibcln ipodjfi'nb, bufdjcligj 
traubEnfcimigi feStftrig, buttelig) Fnorrtg, 
dftig. [€tbUej -vnol, 3)unbtln>oUe. 

Bfin'dle. j. 1. ui Sunb, Sunbel, HpattU 3. bit 

To BBn'dle, v. a. (to - up), in cinSitnbcI (yd-- 
fantmen)binben! infammenpadtn, cinpottcn. 

Bung, 1. 1. btt Spunb, SSpunbjapfcn^ 3. (— 

To Bung, v. a. fpunben, jufpnnbcn,Pcrfotinbcn. 

luo'galoir, t. (in Bftinbicn) tin mit Strcb ge- 
bttttce $au6 j public—. etneKtlSSirtb^baut. 

To Biin'gle, o. I. n. fiumpcm, pfufn)enj ". a. 
(to — up), oerpfnfdjcn, ecrbunjen. 

BOa'gle,*. i. bit etiimptrei, yfufibtreij 2. 
grobt gcfjler, Sajnt^er. 

Baa'gler, i. ta Stumper, ^fufibtr. 

BBo'kjD, j. BoL blepirginifAeSnjlangenraursel 

Buna, t. bet (ungefducrte) glabra, Span. 

Bant, i. 1. Hot. i«99oftfti 2. btr ©oufd) } 3. 
Afar.berSaua)tfnesecgele{ — lioe*, Afar 
bie Saudjgatbingen. [vid. To Bait. 

To Bunt, n. a. 1. (ta - oat), oufftbwellm j 2 
Biin'ter, j. bte8umptnfammlcrtnn$ com. bus 
gemeint 5Rtnfdj. 

BBn'tingf-'teii.-'tjii.-'tinc). j.l.ba*-gliig« 

gentuibj S. Orn. bie 3tmintrj — iroB. G-m. 
baB Blufetro^T. [Soqlcint. 

Buoif,*. MoT,bie(lCnfet>)«Bi>jt} -rope, bie 
To BflOJ', v. L a. 1. (-up), fifciBteimcnb, flott 
crialttni Mat. 3. aufbontn; 3. (obnc up), 
Saten legenj i. fie., aufrcdjt rtbaltcn, tt> 
bebent II. n. febtbimmtn, fid) beben. 

Buii j'?ncy. i. l.biteitiltimmfdlftj to.fig.bit 

( ffl etftti) Btf) enbigfeit. 

laojf'tnt, adj. 1. fdjrainuncnb, aogtnb, Itiibt ( 

2. fin. fluiitigj ffa) (leid)t) ctbebenb. 

Bunj'itw, adj. gnmblae. 

"lit, 1. 1. Bot.bU Jtlrttej 2. L-f. bet »art («m 
edjtiftftgelM B.u>d.Barr,2.j 4.vid.Ba»cri 
—•tone, eineTCrt Hilar, (bef. jn OTublfirtnen 
gebt.), bab.tr: bet unbebauene QRubEflctn- 

Birtiijt. r. Ich. tie Xalraapt, tluappe. 

HSKilen, ». l.bitlaft, 8a»ung, Sutbe; 2. bie 
Baftf gfeii ob. &iff (lonncng cljnlf ) cincK e<btf< 
frtj 8.jig. betSJrud (ber Xbgaben, it.)j 
4. Mus. Bet edjtntcerft, ffleftainj S. Jam. 
fis- bit oft uttbat,oIte ffltbt, an. bat aite 
Biebj —can, R-tc. bit ffiiilerwagcn, Sranf- 

To Bur'doB, v. a. lit. kfig. bclatflt, bclaftnt. 
luVdener, », 1. Xt SeURxnbCi *. fie- bn 



BBc'dMutiM (BirMeaooi), I. adj. 1. Icrfrifl, 
trfcftnbt a. oltUaftig (tone. StbifCn "■ 
-bw, s. bit Mfttfifcit, Sef4»tr!ifortit 

BiVdock, *. flot. Die Jttttlf- 

BB'reni [-M], ». l. btr etbrtibtifdj , M 
64rifbopnIt (mlt gdftrtH); 3. [bUrty], ba* 
Otf(b.iIf»iiiniB«, birStbrribftubtj 3. <:<>m. 
bit Surau, bit Snrt (tin BoBtnjtug). 

Bur , K?mG(, a. uid. Bergnjno t. 
BuKganet j. bit £clmtappt, ©rarmtjaubt 
Biir'ge(it»[b4i'zbwA], I. 7yp. t id. Bourgeois, 
To Bar'geon, oirf. To Bourgeon. 
B ur'6«r-ni**t?r, 1. 1. Om. ber ffinrgtrmtifter, 
BU grcnrueftgt OTroti 2. u/rf. Bnrgomuter. 

B5^«»i, .v. LbfTMrcgtr(dmt[Siit)('lS I rti 

fen*), Ocmrfnbf burger) 2. ber CW»*eptt> 
tttttl 8. pi. b-er, b(« »fitgeird»rn -ibip, 
bit Burbe tint* Drrtbtpurirttn, w. 

Bfirgb, Burg, .t. 1. oi'd. Borongh; 2. Sport. &i 
viri. Burr; — muter, 1. aid. Birgommter 
9. Afin. vid. B»r-mmter. 

Burgher, t. bet ©rmttnbffflfitgtt) — ■bir, 

lot (<Brmtrobr«) Snrgtrrtdjr. fbicb. 

Bur'glnr, Bfi r'glnr^r, j. btr(ftnbrto} mbt (K a At' 
BurgiS'rlooi, I. adj.; II. — ly, tt " "" 

niujtlitben #au6dnbnitb btjlebt. 
flBVglnrT, #. Lav, btr (ndqjtllqjt Sitftflobl 

mitj Stub rod). 
BGr'gij miiter , *. l. btr BHratnnrifttr (in 

Eturfcblanb,it.)) 2.0™.m'd.Barger-nisiter. 
Bir'gri v«, J. ber Snragrof . [gmbrc. 

Bijrgfin'djsn. adj. k t. burgwtbffd) ) bet fjur= 
Bir'gundy, i. 1. Grog. fbWtymbi 2.(— wine), 

ffiurgitr!o(r(.H»tiji). [grabM. 

Bur'jjble [beVr|nbl], adj. p btgrabai, ,n o fdj 
BnKp«l [gen. b*VrJ«J], *. 1. ba* eegribnif 

bit Sfecbfgntta) 2. gen. bit (Singrabung. 
Bartod fbeVrid], pert. A p. p. wit To Bnyr. 
Bu'r|n, BO/rjne, i. £ngr. btr <3rabfHa>t[. 
To Bflrl, ti. a. Oath. 1. (nadj Or. J„ C., ftc.) 

maltm; SLttDBjptni b-lng-iron, bneSoppeifen. 
Bur'lup", (.pi. Cum. robe Oefrpfidlifdje, f. g.) 

Of nabrutftr Bttntn (Oiaabnrgi), bef. ftt bert 

nmrrfr. ffltarfr. [OnMttTcUr. 

BnVlar, j, 1. Ontft. btr Kopptrj 9.jSg. brr 
Burle.n.oe', Bnrll.k', [(on. »or b. Subfi.: 

bnVletfc], E*lh. J. adj. burlrtf, pc-fTftrlid)) 

II j. l.bae^offltTlidjt.bitpofM.&ijrfib. 

orti 2. Muj. bit Snrleflte, boe ^offtnfpifl- 
To Barltaqne' [— Wf\, v. a. Eith. Idcbirlirb 

nwcbra, poffitrlidj rfnrlttbtn, tranrfriren. 
BnrieVqiior[-ktr],*. Kith, b« Xraeeftirtr. 
Borltt'tf, i. (itol.) Mm. mod. bit Snritere. 
BiirtlDew, t. 1. btr Umfung, tic ffltfje, T)i(t< 

Inbiartit» S.b«J9ct«|t, bttWrm. 

Bflr'iy, adj. I. bid, ftart Don JHrptii eifflt- 
blafeni 9. tsftnb, Uraunb. 

BSr'mi, Boymah, *. Geog. Slnna. 

Bqmefe', «• * m/j. btr Sirmanti bitntanifd). 

To Barn, «. fr. * reg. I. a. 1. (bdttf. mtt ou), 
brntntn, ntrbrnintni 9.anbnnnra{ ncrfnt' 
gtH4 9- etrbtmntn, mtt %taec Dtmnnbtit 
4. tinbrtnnen (tin jlritbtn, «.)( and) Affrf. 
bctnnenj 5. ausbremim (£■ ed>om(ltin,ic.)) 
6. bctnntn (3itgt!(bint, ic.)j T. ba(, a 1 "' 
brnb madjra (SBein, m.>( 8. &g. brrnntn 
fig. 1. brtnncn (nor Et ibenf djcf f , m.)s a. Irad>> 
ttn,fnnteliti to— an, a. An. l-vtrbmuttR) 
lira, l.f. l.btTlSranb, Srantfd>Rbra, 60S 
JBronbmiili 2. bnfl8tcnncn(bcc3»fltl, ic.> 

II. camp, —cow, Ent. btr %lT<ld}tti\tTI — 
weed, Sot. btr 6icd>acfel. 
Bai'aiMt, adj. (a. fi.) Bmtnbar, ncrbrnuibii. 

To Burn'-bUt, u. a. Agr. (XBdOWI Ob. Srftr) 

Bar'nor, 1. 1. btrStrbrtnner) Mrch-t. a. btr 
aSmtntianfcimpni) 3. bit OoiUdjtrtba. 

Bur'nlBg, I. j. I. bus aSrttmtn, u.. nid. To 
Barn ; 2. bit rjtuertbnmfl j fig. 3. bit Sufb 
feudjt) 4. bit ffleilljtit) II. adj. 1. bcnwtnb, 
Wfi fie- »• *tftig( b«u» ». WW (wn 
btr Spur) j in. romp. — glu*, toy. at 
9tttateUt, btr ertratfpltgtl) — tboray- 
plant, BaU bit enpbor&tot —mm, Ctog 
oid, Torrid-ione. 

To BfiHnl-h, 0. 1, a. I. poliren, brnnirem 9. 
Sport, (ben Soft eont nratn GkbSrnt) ob- 
frblagtrtf it- n- 1. gUnjtab, glatt nerbtnf 
2. (iitj aaSbtbneit, nwdjftnf Sport. «tfft(nn 
Afask-j. h-ing itick, btr Srunir-, ^)oiir« 
etabii h-lngttoDe,btrSruiiir' / CiIo«.t3ttia. 

Bnr'nlin.i.l.brrViani; 2.bafXu*br(itni,«. 

iiir'niiber. 1. 1. btr politer; 9. Mtch. Mi 

^olirfrilt, btr fflrauirftabl t ©Idltjobn. 

Burnt, prtt.tp.p. v. To Burn, qe.; camp. — 
offering^— **tri Be e), ScriptbiurtSranbopfrt. 
ISrr (c/.Bnr), *. 1 . basDbrtippdjtii { 9. Sport. 
ber Jrolbtnanrab, tit Stuff* 3. T. tin trd* 
etfigce ettmmtiftn 1 4. tin elfrmft Ring to 
btcJtanrnt; 6. tt r Jtopf tints Solent., u.f 
9. btr tjoljtna Jtnopf an ttntrBrbiffspnmp*? 
—pimp, Afar, bit Sibluapumpt; — itone, old. 

Bnrri[{b'nf,f.(ittb.)iifrI.Csoutcboac. fBor-it 

BaVru-pIpe, t. Surg, lit ^nlKrbudjfe. 

BSr'ret, *. (-ifc«t), bit tfartdtfiptj -fljf. 
Eat. bit artraft. 

Biir'rock, t. Fith. bat Ktint (rfif4er.)SBcfir. 

Blr'raw, 1. 1, Sport, bit I Jtanind>tn->ti*6ie, 
btt(A-)9aa) 2. vid, Borongn. 

To BaVrs w, v. Sport. (6e|. o. Jtenin*«n) I. 
Sio'gltn grabm (in tit 8rbt)j II. n. in b 
Sou fdjlujiftH, [1* in SrtWtlw etnflriibr 

BbViar, BhVser, t. 1. ber Surjiiriiit, 6dia$- 
mtifttr, (ffltnt')8trma[ttrj 3. btr etipttu 
Mat; —thip, bat eJibogmtifteranit, ic. 

BaViarj,*. l.btr©d>Q( (f. gotta ©dju't, it.); 
S. 5c ft 4m. bat ©tiptitbinn. 

Bfirie, ». (in Sranrrarb, tc) bit (JmnbriS') 
Sotft i cf. bat fur Gngl«nb,;c. ubl. Exchange. 

To Burst, n. tr. I. n. 1. btrfttn (OBD> Jig.), 
p[a(m, (wfforingra j 2. (—from), fid) con .. . 
lotrttftnj 3. (— Dpoo), ploglid) fin jtigtn, 
mffra (bat Bhr, tc); 4. btroorbrtdjtn (uon 
t. HutUr, m.)j 5. (—into], mi&bredien (in 
Xbrdncn, (Selddjter, «.)) & bertinbrtcbtn, 
hertinfbirmtn (to — in upon, ouf ^cmanb 
lot)) to-fortb, Lantbrngcn; 2. urn jiit 

Bant, 1. 1. 1. baS Serften, ^lagen; 3. Jiff. bae 
^MWerbredjtB, Xukbrcitcn; 3. bat Jtraajtn, 
bet Jtra*) 4. btr Sip, Stud), bit Spoilt! 
5.&-rg. brt(Barm«)Brud)i iLprci. o. To 
Bant; III. p. p. nieBurttenj IV. comp. — 
bellied. Did. Duriten; —wort. Hot. ba£ 

JSrud)£:»ut- [SSnid) gabtnb. 

BurWa.p.p.D.ToBunt.qi!.; cinfn (Burm-) 

BuVnter, * Bintr, btr @ tie a 6 §trbrt*f, sc. 

Burt, t. Ich. bit Efeinbuttt, Dorabntte. 

BGr'then, i. oid. B. b. Burden. [ttntaljtn. 

Bux'toa.Atfar.bitXaljc; - tackle., bit ©ei- 

Bat'j [gat. heVrj], i. bit $fl&It, eid. Borrow ; 
— pear, bit iBiitttrbim. 

To Bury [beVrft o. u. 1. btgrabta, (jurffirtt) 
btftittttnt 2. ttngrabtni fig-*. 3. (Tub) «c= 
grabcn; 4. (btr Btra,tfftn§rit) fibtrgtbtn. 

Bath, t. 1. btr Safd), StrandM 2. trrfBu> 
fdjci, Bufd) (£aatt, ic.) j 3. btr Jtntn) (ols 
Btirw ob.ffiijrjeidjrn); 4. Sport. birffiutbt 
(brt^nAfte)} S. Mar. bit "Httattbudjft (an 
gmbiidjie ) —men, U t fflufdjmdniitr (am fiof 
yrbirgtber gnttn.jniffnnno); — ranger*, [in 
eanbftmtnS!a]ib)2BtgIJu(cr:— ranging, bo5 
fflinbtnwftn bltfrr .fjorbtn. 

To Bdib, u. I. n . tnfdjis Wtrbtjt 1 II. a. Afar. 
(Slotffdjtibtn) nit t. ffltttaubuibft Dtrftbtn. 

n«i»h'e'. *• I- Mt (enflliffbej ©*effe(4 i.vuig. 
btr^nuftn; S.oid.b.u. Buib,4.; —Iron, 

Bdih'cl^e, t. Out. btr 3cll nadj btm SufbtL 

Bdit'jaeu,t.bt««nfd)igt] Sufibfdfte. 

Bdah'y, adj. a,tbfifd>ig, bufcbigj bufdjifit. 

Barfed [bfrfd], p.a- btfdjdfrigr, cid. To Bot>. 

Bd«M«m [biV-i, adj. nnbtttdftiet, tnu^ift. 

Burfty [hi* 1 -], ado. bonBnijr, ?V. 


Bn.'intu [HAH. 1. 1. bat ©efdjJft, tit «tf 
rid] tangs 2. bat (Jianbtlt.) fflefdjaft, <B*> 
rotrbt, btrSttritb, $anbel) 9. bitSorgt, 
ber ©egtitfiaiib btr iBt fdjiftiflnng j 4. bit 
$flid)t, bafi atrufsgtffbdfti 5. bit Saibcj 
Sgrtnfadjt j Tfngtlegcnbtil, it) my— it done, 
urn raid) ift ts gtfa)tl)tn) to do the — fora 
man, 3tmant> tobttn, ju Qlrunbt ridjttn. 

ifink, s. bas iBlanrfdftit. 

> u >'kfn, t. l.btr^dbfiitfd, edinurfiieftlj 2. 
btrJtotganij 3,>e- bae Sraucrfpiel. 
Bus'kjoed, odj. 1. in&albftieftln) 2. fig. in 
JTotburn, bodjtrabtnb. i'sBuS't. 

ium. *. 1. /am. btrJruf j 2. bit (Motrin at') 

To Bum, d. a. 1. /am. rufitnj 2. * btritbrtn. 

\t, i. Sculp, bat Sruftbilb, bit SBiifie. 

BuVtard, j. Orit. btrXtoppt, 

To But'tle [bfit'il], v. rr. gtfdjiftig, unrubto, 
fein, fid) fgcrdufdjDcll) rtgtn, rubrtn- 
iu>'tk [bfit'il], I. *, btr Edrra, but ®txim, 
(SetiU, ffiereuftli n. im. burtig! tnnnitrl 

BBs-'tier, t. btr unrubigt Jtopf, bit titfibiSftiflt 

But'y [HA|], adj. l.btf*afligti 2. stfd)if> 
tig, Rcifig, tmfig, tbdtig> 3. unrubig, an> 
fdjligig, uitnufc gefdjdfrig; 4. Idfhg, jubring« 
lin), ungeftfimj 5. gefdjdftteoD. 

To BuVy [bin'zj], o. o. btf*aftigtn. 

But, I. conj. i, abtr, dHtin? 2. fonbtrnj — 
also, fonbtnt audi ; n.ado. l.autgtnomnttn, 
auftr: (he Inst — one, btr (bit, bat) cor- 
Itgttl (bdnjig —that). »enn nid)t, moftrn 
nidgti anbertulti ti ftt btnn, baf ..., vor> 
autgtrrgt,bii|...j bcr (bit, bat) nid)t, bap 
niibti obnubtj baf4 alt) not - that, nidit 
baf, nicbt, alt ob..-i —for, main tl tiidjt 
urn--, gtntftn mart, rodrt tt nidjt, tofi . . . i 
'i. nur/blofi, tfctn, erft. 

16 1, t. I. bat f flat re) ffinbc i bit fflcenjc j 2. btt 
$)lanI<ntopf j btfgL —end, —shaft, vid. 
Butt ; 3. Ich. bit Suttt, btr glnnb tr ; 4. Fish, 
btr8ad)trarbj 5.bitSinnaibung) bat a"btr. 

To But, v. I. n. nit To Abut, on. ; H. a. Sin' 
mtnbang macbtn. 

Bdt'cber, i. 1. btr Wftgtr, SOIdnjter, Jlcf. 
fitrj 2. jig-, btr blutgierigt ajttnfdj, 5)t r- 
btrj -bird,(-«brlke), f)cB. Btr SJtuntob. 
fers — ■tcleaver.bat 3)ltggtrbeili — '» row 
(shambles), bie S!tifd)bdnft, btr g-(d)arrtn. 

ToBdt'cher.o .a.l.fd)[aa)ttrt) 2.ratte[n,morbtn. 

Buf cbtrllaeM. «. bit Slatgitr, tSraufarafeit. 

Hut'diurly, adj. 1. blutgittig, %mv.f»m 2. 
grub tinb ungffdjittt. 

Bdt'chery. .v. 1 . bib gleifdifrtanbroerf ; 2. bit 
ed)Iad)tbant4 bat Stblaifetbaut i 3. btf 
OlBtbab, Wtffltegtlti. 


Blfta r, t. in Jttlltnnrifter ; XiBm i OTtmt ■ 
ftbentj Safdbetfen — '• pilera, tit Jtort' 

jonfle; — ihtp, cue Jtenermeifter. ic. 3fmt. 

Buflerage, *, tie SBttnfrtuer. 

Bufmeni, 5. 1. Arch, ber Itifbrutc, falter 
(einee ©trcS IbeS) ; bai 88iierlflgtr (ciner 
©rflcfe, ic>) 3. Corp. bit Jterbe. 

Butt, 1. 1. tit Suite, bus groje gaf, etfitffaf 
(9Beitt,!C.)j 2. ba6 tittt Gnbe (c/. -end); 
3. UteSrenjn 4. t>« 3tei, bie 3leIfo>tibe) 
bcrSdjeibcnflanb) 5.^g. (audi itanding— ), 
tit Sitlfcbeibc (be* espsttei), baS BtWjMatt ; 
6- bet Jtopfftop j ©tof (ton einem gebcjrnttn 
Sbierc)) 7. Fene. terCtc-i-i —end, MS 
(tide) @nbes t« Jtolbtrt, ffiriff (cpp. top- 
end); Ship-h. bet $Iant(nfopfj — bipgu, 
Jt a jitb e n "1 1) Qtan g e In. 

la Bint, o. a. mil bem Jtopfe (ten $6rnetu) 
ftopen; to — at, gegen, oter nadj...fiofen. 

Batted, adj. bearenit, umfdjrdnr t. 

Barteo,*. Sport. btr£c.Ibenanfat,t>ia , .Burr,2. 

Bafter. i, t. tie Buttttj 2. Chen, miners 
lifdjc 8 i —of antimony, tic epteiglani- 
buttixi — bnnip, On. bie ffio&rboniTnel; 
cburn tin 8-fo| (jutn ffltttttnt)( — croi 
btrsB-t&pfi -flower, Bot. bie8-bltrm« -fly. 
K"t. ber Sdjmc iter ling; —monger, bet SB-; 
bofe; —pear, bit 8-birn, 0d)malj6itn ; — 

print, —stamp, bieffi-formj — lalver, tic 

£8. fcud)[c; — tooth, ter brcif t Borbtr|ii$tt. 

To Bat'ter, n. a. 1. mit gutter btftrtfdjen (|Q' 
rid)ten>) 2. Gam. ben Cut ((mepiefej »et* 

BBf terh, *. far. bal SBirt ctfen. [bopptln. 

Bnftory, I. adj. butttridjt, butt tw ttigi II. ■, 
tie eSpeifefnmmtr. [Barley. 

Boftledor-bHr'ley. r. rid. Battle-door-b. tint. 

BBftgck, j. bos (ter) fclnterrheilf -of beef, 
baB8tnbenftutf(vomDft)fca)} b-»,pi.l.bie 
tinttrbaeten, ter SSttip j bae Jtrtuj (cinel 
Vftettl)) 2- Ship-b. bie Siflert (ffinnbung) 
tin el edjitTte. 

BBf tgo, j. 1, ter Jtnopf (itn mtitcften efnne)i 
2. tit JtnoBpe, baHtngej 3. tec kbctneffling 
an einem Jtteujjflgeli 4. bie bolitrne Xhfit- 
flintet 6. bcr Jtomin (in ©tigeri, it.)) 6. 
Bot bie Karbe tcS StiffclSj b-», T. pi. 
Sport, bie Bobfnng be( $afcni B. Chen, 
rebnrfrte TOttoaflumpibcn am ffioben bee 
0clmeIjHefleIe) —paper, tit Jt-poppej - 
■tone, Jlfin. ber poq-it; —tree, —wood 
1- tic nmetiran. $latane; 2. ber Jt-bamn 
—ware, Jt-madjenuaiirt. 

Tu Bflfton, v. a. jnliicpfcni antnopfeni to- 

t By 

(ffienilbt- )S(S»tj 2. Fort, tie Bptte elnet 
ed)ans<i 9-vid.Bntterit; i.fig. bie 6ru(e. 

To BBrtrett, «. o. A-cA. frfi^eit, un(crRii(cn. 

B6tt», t. p(. {c/. Butt), 1. eoblietct in gatticn 
4>diiteni 2. bet Sdjeibcnftant, flugdfatig. 

Bafwtnk, i. Orn. ter Jtit>((, vid. Lapwing. 

Butj-rk'ceuin, Bilt'yroui, adj. bnttetartia. 

Bix'm, 1. adj.; U.~\y,adv. 1. flinf, nun< 
ter) 2. loft, fo>eImif(tj, lufKgj B. lUHttn, 
flppig, oetlitb t j III. — net*, s. 1. tie -glint* 
ttit, iffinntevfeitj 9. bcr<Stutbn)iOet a. tit 
Suffembeit, etrlitbtbcit. 

To Bn, [M], n. ir. I. a. 1. toufen f fig. 2. Ct< 

laufen (Semantte <8mft, u.) ; 3. (--off), be 
ptibcn,erfaufen - to— in, (betKuctiontn) niic< 
bet erftebtn, jurflcffatifcn j to — one oat, 
snifaufea (3emanbee(Sera)aft, it.); to — 
np, auffaufen; n. n. fianbeln. 

Bny , er.j.ber*clufet,ein«uf(ti-orabiit,Com. 

Buz, int. pabilari fori! [betffitcbftlnctmer 

ToBBzx, v. i. n. 1. fummenj 2. mnrmeln, 
brummenj II. a. pfiftcrn, juRiiftcnii to — 
■boat, auSplaubern- [fflcflnfltr, ©cplauber. 

Biln.i. 1. baseummenj 2. tat Ulcmannel, 

Buzzard, 1. 1. 1. Orn. tttlBnpaar, SDMufefalf j 
2. fig. ber iDummfepf, fitiafatttpinfrl \ II. 
adj. RitnlcS, tutjRdjtig, bumtn. 

Bfiizardi't', i. Orn. ber meif lidje Qalre. 

Bttz'zer, i. tet 3«flu(lertrj C bun b I if"". 

BJ, I. prep. i. bei/nebrajanjS.BorubtrjWf 
btij 3.btrc<b,oon,mit,BcraJ8e,n«4 ( tmteTj 
Com. per (j. 8. by procoration, per ^tm 
cttra)j 4. nm, nad> (einattter): — catcbe* 
(tnrn«,Ac), nttbftUnciret day — day. lag 
fur Sagj S. (ton ter Sett) utn; blnnen, 
wobteab' feit i acatn, tun .. . ternm} 6. nad), 
jufolge, flctnilf, ant, <uf , . . bin i T- in (auf 
temESeae pan), ubtr, tIA; B.in,um,ffirj 
Com. per('n)cift)) —detail, ira Jtlcinett, tin' 
(tin; —the pound, pet $>funbi —degree*, 
nadj Gtrnbti — one tenth, am '/,, (longer, 
K..)j —heart, antnenbigi — one'aaetf, fir 
ftdj, altritH 60feet-2O,BOS«f [angn.20 
breiti 6 |f.)-2, 6?j. long u.2bao>] Eait- 
North.DftiuSIortj — weat, tteftmirtti — 
all mean., auf jcbtn fiHH, tntdjaae; —no 
lneani, rtinttnegl} II. adv. 1. tabei, ta> 
nebenj 2. befontere, beifeittj 3.bo,iugcgtnj 
4. parbei, toruber) S. (uon ber 3ett) nadu 
—and—, ntlcifteni, bolt, fugleicb. 

B,-, comp. (mit ton Begriff be* Sebengeltge- 
nen, Untcrgeorbneten, ic.); —bag, rust, toe 
Sleb tnfelietf em — biow.birffl ICeW fall} — coach, 
J^rt.beriBtin'ageni -toffee-homo, tinSBin- 

p. fie- fropftn, perfd)Iiefien. 
Btkftoner, t. ber Jtnopfiieber. D fetlaffecbouti eineSB-fcbenre;— corner.l.ber 

BSrtre.«, ». 1. Arch, bet etrebtp feller, bieil Cdjlupfroinitit 2. taeSebeillimmer, ttrtflfp; 

b«m -design, Bit Kebenabfidrtj — dJnh, bat 
■fleiefftn, 3»ifrbenaerid>tf —fair, bit Keren- 
weft; ~i° b - *ie Xebtnarbeit, bas Kebtnmerfc 
-taw, l.bO«S(ebenatfe»j 2. taGffleglemctit, 
Ocfea einer 3naft, icj -mune, ber Bci= 
name, epitnamtj — place, 1. btrSdjlupf. 
rcinfdj 2. bte Nebtnfdjoititi —play, ball 
d»if4cnfpiti, SntcnatHo j —tack, terSBat= 
fact, nuetfarfi —speech, TfuS- OCb-)f<bnsei = 
ftUaglnberBtebe} — way, ber eritenrocg, 9ie 
btiwt8*U«"» t fl/^»*f— word, bus 6pri(b» 

Bye, it ben^brafen: good-, Itbt wobH 
adieu/ by the— , iiu8orb(igejen gffaaf, w. 
ByVampaota, i. Com. tint S'rt Jfaftun ouB 
BJYant, Bji'intlne, j. cfd. Bytant, fee, 
ByValna, adj. biffeifd), (CoJer) fttben. 
ByVaolIte, >. Afin. bcr Errablftrin, »uffijlitb 
B;V»Bt,i. 1. rtum.br: fflDjantlner {fflelbwun' 
i«)i 2 - #«"■ ber QSoIbpftrtnta im Bar-en. 

Bji.in'Ii»n [— ibjan], adj. bOjantinifd). 
ByVantlne, I. ». nucByzant; U. adj. [b|- 
'tjnj, bajan timid). 

C [•«], *. 1 . (tin Witlauter) bol <J, cj a. 
Mr erflt Xoa btr Xonltittr (c) j 3. C ipring, 
bit iepriaa»)gebtv in goim rinct C. 

C, oAftr. c centum, bunbertj ft- cent; ft. 
copper; C. B. ft Companion of the Bath, 
Hitter brt gtnrbnrbenBj C. C. C. ft Corpna 
Cnritti College; C. E. (Civ. Eng.) ft. 
eifii engineer ; C. (P.) S.ft «lto#(priwttj 
life'iwi. ber CitfltU (ffltbrimfltfjtl.) Sc&"6= 
KT$ Capt. ft- captain; Ch. ft Charlei, 
capter, church; Cit ft. city, citizen, ci- 
tadel; CI. ft. clerk, clergyman, Clement, 
cloth; Co. ft company, county, country; 
Col. ft colonel, Coloaiiane; com., comr. ft 
communion, commiiiioner; Con. ft. cooioli, 
(contr. B. conaoli dated itocki); Cr. ft. cre- 
ditor; crinh con. ft criminal converaatlon; 
Crt., Ccy. ft. current, currency; C. S. vid. 
C. (P.) S. ; a. ft- Count; curt, rot ft. eu - 
itoi Totttlorum, luffebet ber Irvine, Urfiin- 
beubetoabi-ei in ber trial. Jtanjtlleii Cwt ft. 
hundred weight. 

Cab, *. (abbr.n. Cabriolet) bit Drofdjlt j btT 
gitftrt —man, bet jjtafrrrutfdjrr. 

Cablf, l.t.TTteol. bieJtabbnUij2.bieea.baIf, 

To CnblK, o. n. Qabalen madjert, £Mnre [*mir . 

CU/ain, i. Theol. vid. Cabal. [ben. 

CaVallrm, t. Theoi. ber flabbdieran*. 
CIb'ali«t, 1. 1, ZTieol. berJtabbaliftt 2. Com. 
(in 'granfreitb) ber Kfltnt, garter. 

CSbnlfi'tjc (-cal), I. adj.; II, -tally, adv. 

Theat. fa&baliflifd). 
Cabii'ler, .. ber Gabatatmaijer, ffinnfefdimteb. 
CtValllne, adj. ju^Jfrrben ijeborigj — nloei, 

Mtd. Bit ato r aloej — oil, bat Jtammfett 
Can/ark, ,. Sol. bte Ipufrlreurj- 
CnVbag.,,, 1. StrJc&bl, ,fc>pfft>bij a.5port. 

We Mbft, vid. Burr, 2. ; J)o(.-j. -hind, ber 

Jtoblfojif}— lettnee, berJtopffiUIatj— plant, 
bit Jtojlpflonje; — palm, —tree, bit Jtob.l> 
pnlint) —wens, Eat. bJeJtoblrsnpe. 

To CaVbtge, o. n. Jtopft ft*tn, fid) frblfcftn 
(e. Jtrnntarten). 

Ciil/jn, .. 1. bus (Jublnetj 2. bf e JtajiMe f bit 
edjlafflene, *>(,, Jtojej 3. bic fltine ftfltb, 
Sab!) ba(3elti —hoy, ber Sdjipiunge. 

CSb'jnet, *. l.baSfldne^immer, Cabinrtj 2. 
baeSammlunaSiimineTi 3. ber 64tanl mil 
council). At. berOabittefJratb, ba« Cabinet; 
comp. — maker, ber JtunfUifd)[ei] —organ, 
Afuj. bal ^ofttiej -vim, Jtunfttifrbler. 
orbeitj — wood, feinee 4>o'l ffir ■*-WItr. 

Ci1.le, j. Mar. bit Db. bal Xabe[,Xabeitnu,Xn> 
fertaui — '• length, blfJtabetldna,c (I20gabtn 

Ca'bled, adj. 1. Afar, mit einemlau befeftlgt) 
2. Arch, ntrftabt, ntab enippt. Lfrrfm. 

CS'blet,*.Afar.(intf>f(rbe(inie,*af (ItijieSn« 

Ca'bl]da, i. Ich. ber Jtabeljaa, Jtablian. 

CCbtfag, r. Arch, bie SSerftabnita. 

To CabSb', v. a. (btf. efbipfen.)8I«f"6 Cd»f 
afiori[*e lit) bei fdjneQtm rjtuer braten. 

Cabcifhed', CabOshed', adj. Her. (con Ztitiv 
ESpftn) abgefdjnitten. [btt JtuibenDerfdjlag,. 

C^booae', $. Mar. bit JCcmbufe, eibiffetiiijn 

CB/otngn,*, l.bieJtuftenfnjifffabrt,6abotaa't 
2. Xaut. bit Jtnnft bee Jtufttnfabrcn*. 

To CSb'otB.ge, u. n. JMften befnbren i Jtufttn. 
btvM treiben, (abottrtn- 

CKh'riolet, s. bas Babrielet. 

Cnburnt', i. Mar. Jtabtlgarn, Seilfdbtn. 

CacS'o, i. But. ber Gaeao; —not, bie <Saca»> 
beb.nt) cf. Cocoa. 

CucheVtfc (—cal), adj. Afed. cadjertifib. 

Cafyet [or caahi', Wore.], t. (fMn).) ber »• 
nigl. Otbtim-- ob. Berbafttbrief. 

Cajh'exy. *. Mtd. Me 6a*erfe- 
ToClckle.u.B. 1. godf In, gattera, fiftnattonu 
a. Jig. fiujern. [ta9 (Beplapper. 

Ctcka*,*. l.sa*(»iittrin,fflef*iwtttt) 9- jig. 
CleWejr,*.l,TOJg.ba*8acWHBt4iabB,ic.) 9. 
CacO'i, f. rid. Cacao, [/ig. bereajnattertr. 
Cic^hjm'ic (— Ctl), ori). Med. Dou" ferCor- 

bener Biftt. [ffllutee, b er Bdfte. 

CaVgsbymy, i. Med, bit ecrborbenljeit bes 
CXcvi'tA**, f. Med. bat mtbeiibnre Oefdjmur. 
Caelipb'onjr, ». JeAet. A Jlfrd. bit Jtaroptc-nie. 
To Caen'mlntte, t>. a. jnfoittn. 
ClaVcr, i. atrial, ber Sriajnam. 
C»dSi'eroui, ad). leicbtnfcaft; oaflg. 
Canute, i. Enf. ber Stro&ronra, bit JtSdjer. 

inngfertarot. [eon Bribe a. SBoEr. 

CadMai (CM'd)i), j. Com. geHptrte* Banl 
Cid'dair. *. Om. Me Do&rt. 

CU'di«, i. Com. 1. boa Jtabilirag; a. gt«. 
ptrtrtffloQmbflnbi 3. uid. Cadbate. 

CldUy, Cld'dK, t. bat X&et. (3n<rtr« ic.) 
JtafKbtltl — ah.aH. — abovel, — ipoon, boi 
S4eef*dufe[a>en, 3utf«I6ff(td)f n. 

cide, I. «. tin gip4tE, Xonndjcn (con mo 
$4riafltnob.IOOO©j)rotten)i II. adj. iujm, 
tint, fanft) — lamb, baS £mi8Iantnn —oil, 
fctta «8fld)bott«o'I( -worn, rid. Cadbate. 

To CM*, v. a. ($aa*rMae) jabm aufjieim. 

Ci'dance, Cl'dancf, t. I. ber Untrrgangj 2. 
MiuMDanctUOaltni^rrZaas S.Mii.tn 
aifid)r*r(tt s *. Man. bit fdjul aerate £S(- 
nieanag tinea $>ferbeU 5- Her. bie llnttn 
fdjetbuag bet gamiUen. 

To Cl'donca, u. a. Sact ntbeu, cabtncirm. 

Ctdeue^*. Com.tfabene(Xeppia>tb.St8iintc). 

Ct'deat, adj. f&Qenb, (erabfaffenb. [flaber. 

Cade* , *. l.oer tflngtw, (uaaftt fflmber } 2. btr 

Cfde«y, t. vid. Cadbate. 

Merger, *- ber j>Bttr, (iSfrtualien.)£dnMer. 

c*'dj, i. Foi. ber finbf dm Crient). 

Ctfdix, i.Ceog. Oabii (etobt in Spamtn). 

CSifmja, *. Mis. nitf. Calamine. 

C*<fmjya, «. »«m. * Min. bas Aabniam. 

CadD'efty, ». (». a.) lit. & jiff . bit $utfdnlflftit. 

CadtfeaM, adj. flof. binfaHig. 

CsieVjty, Catt'jbate, Ac, rid. Ce. . .. 

cliffs, j. Com. tin ofttnMrajtr grmalttr bannt< 

CMYdn,i.CAan.b<tlJtoffctii. [woUtHtr Seng. 

CSFfjla, ». Me 6affila ( ffiriftgeft "Waft lm 

C^Rrl'rl*, j. Geog. bie Jtafferri. [Orient). 

Caffrts', C*f fre, j. ber Jtcfftr. 

CXftan, i . ber Caftan. 

Ok, i. Ml 3 Jf aV n, rid. b. u. Keg, 

CSge,». l.b(RBogtlbaiitT r lWfIa ; S.bieUm)dtl' 
iWi btMtMflel a.boiOeransni*i 4.Can>. 
•erWutfel} -work. Me artro«tae trtett. 

To CR^e, d. a. (ia tinea Jtafig) tinfetrrett. 
Cl'iaka[ei'y»-].CIir,C»lqo« , [--4k'],l.Mai-. 

bec Jtaif, ©oktrfnboot) 2. MeSai!c (Urine 

Barteber Jlofaten). 

Ctl'man, s. Zvol. vid. Cayman. 

Calm [earn], *, 1. cine [eatlfirmig jufammtR' 

gctluftt SidnmofTtj 2. tin (SrabmaL 

;*i'«oo, CsiuOon', s. Mil. I. ber anterirbifaje 

SSoinocnfaricn; 8. bcr OTuniliooiroagcn j 3. 

Mar. ber Vontrafttnt *■ *< ch. M( Jfvippt. 
Cii'!if(Cii'tl(Tj, 1. 1. bereienbt,£urapenbuitli r 

SdjDtfei Il.odj'.; ID.-ly, adu. ffturtiffl), 

nttbertrafttfa., [2. befitniab'"- 

To CsjOle'.ii. a. vulg. I. fdjnttlittln, Rot fire tn 
Cajoler, «. ouJff. ber Sdjintiiljlfr, gudjS- 

CajO'l?ry, f, bit Sdjineiajriei, (uf t BBcrtt. 
cake, j. 1. ber Jtadjtn; 2. Med. ttat ctrbdr* 

tetc ©ffdjuulfti 3. baS Jt-forotfgt (iufom. 

roenaertntcrte Sttmcoblen, tint SisftoBe, 

it.)i —hoop, tin Jt-retr, Jt-banb. 
ToCike, v. I. a. iuforamtnbatftn (@ln>aG)j 

n.ii.iufamaenbecCenj caking coal, bie flaaV 
CM, ». a«m. atlber Irftntl. [tobU. 

Cifabar, t. Zool. ba* Rbirtfdje SiflHSrndjtni 

— iklm, SrauDtrt ten biefem Xbiertgen. 
CS!' tt bi.b, I . l.bergkfd)tnffirM^2.bttJtfa. 

MSflnfttjEi — tree, Bor. ber QnlabafTenbanx. 
Cala^rja, s Geog. (bat Saitb) Oalobritn. 
Callde 1 , i. Man. bet Xbbang (in ». meirfejnie). 

Cal'aja, 1. Geog. ("bit Stflbt) Galnifi. 

Cil'amar, CJU'omiry, *. Zooi. be r Jtalmar. 
Cll'smbic, s. bat (Salambaeb^I). 
Cllamrfe/ron*, adj. ftenoelfSnnia, ftenaelartig. 
Cal'amlne, Cil'amTii, j. Min. ber QolKtf. 
cii'imint, i. Boi. bit Jta*nmun|t. 
CIKamTt, I. Min. ttr Jtelarair. 
Cal'amlle, ». B rt (. oid. Holy. 
Calam'ltoiu, I. odj'.; IL — ly, adv. eltaft, [am- 
mtrooll) 111. — neu, j. cid. Calamity. 

CalWjty, t. bat Glenb, Unglild 1 , bit Iruefal, 
SBibtrnjdrt(aFc;t, 9f 016, ber^amintr. 
;»1'ibiui,*. I.baSffloSrj 2. Bn/.btrJtalutut. 

CtiKib', t. l.bie Jtaltfdjt) 2. einrTranenbat 
(mil einem Jtmstn), unt gtgen bit ©nant 
ja febuaen. [bcr Sporn. 

Cil'car, *. 1. Chem. berCalcinirofenj 2. Boi. 

ca'carate.adj. BoMniltiaemSSpornnerfebtn 

Calci'reoaa(— 'r[oo»),ndj'. (aBartiBJ— eartb, 
bie Jtalrtrbe} —grit, Jritfelnterentatt. 

Cal'ceit«d, adj. befnjnlJEt, ia Scjutco. 

Circodon, i. Jew. tine falfd)c TLbtx in rinem 

CaloadtVaivft, CKI'cMony, ftc, vtcT. Cb . . _ 

Caleff erau. adj. falr>«ltift. 

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CtfctabU, adj. Chrm. caliinlvber. 
To CifefoSte, vld. To Caldne. [bation 

CXIcjoa'tion, « Ch*m. bie Calcination, CtO' 
Ca Icftr* t?ry, i Cftem. bet Q alrinf rtiegeT. 
To Caldne', o L o. l. Cfiem. ealciniten, m> 

bireni 3. A- »er§einrn, otrbvennem n. n. 

fid) otttaHrit- 
CKI'cjum, j. Cftem. bat Ealctam, JdrtftabiM. 
CSKc&ltbte, adj. idbl' 06. bmdfenbar. 

CSl'dHary, I. f. collect. ©ttfiK In Jttmfrt*. 

ttnj 11. adj. Mtd. ben ettin betttffenb. 
To csfefliite, v. I. 0. braajarn (aud) Jig.). 

autredjtttm II. n. rtnjnen. 
Ciiliiiia'tion, 1. 1. b« 8te(bn*infti 2. binSf 

rei&nung (and) jig.) ; S. Com. bie (Sulcata. 

tion, ber Oatenl. 

cti'cfllttrce, arfj. be. ob. Iberredjnrab. [ret. 
Cil'cnlftlnr, #. bet erredjnerj 9le4)mmgtfu&. 
Cil'ctlttory, aitf. bat fflnjntn betreffenb. 
CKTcUmu, CflrtieW, odj. I. (Wnortte, eric. 

flflj 2. Afed. mit b«n etriitt bebnftct. 
CtrcMf*, ». 1. Afed. bR(eiafen')ereb; 2. 

bi(6Hnuntngdt 3. Afatn, Me 4ted)nnng. 
CHI'dron, j. ber jftflW, Jtotbhffel. 
CUB,vld.Col«*K>IL Calfdie'.uid.Csliiiih. 
OOUD'olt, 1. * Jtalebonirn, erttottlanb. 
CWMtrtifai, adj. k 1. falcbonifi* j bet Aalc 

boiler. [nrdratfeia. 

cawBi/Hon, 1. l.Meamdrmanaj 2.bat(Sf< 
CUefsVtjre, CUaflc/tary, odj. (minnenb, 

trSitrab. [bibi 

TV. CtfefJ, e. I. a. tmimni II. n. ft* 1 
CU'endir, 1. 1. Chrm. btr Jtnlcnbrr 5 2, tat 

8tr]da)ilf. [(tfnen$elligcn). 

To CiHfadV, n. a. 1m Jtalenbtr aufntbmtn 
ToCrfender, v. a. Meck.Zutin (.$tugt)V>am 

preffen, ratten, mangelm (SBafrtje) pi often. 
CH'end«r, 1. 1. Mteh. berQalnnber, bitXud)' 

ob. 3tttgprefl>, 3tngrotlt ob. SRnngtfj 2.vid. 

Calendrer; 3. tint fHWfliim J Enr. 4. bet 

Jtoriwnnn, BBibetj 5. btrOlanbtt, BpedV 

tiffrj -«tone, Jtfrrfi.bfrffildttfhin, ©nit* 

beiprfn. [niter. 

C2r>adrer, ». Afrch. bet Seneprtflrr, lnibbt» 
CJU'cndf, 1. pi. Cfcron. We Cnlenben. 
CSl'enture [-tohlr], j. AM. but 6i«(g( StlU 

mofUbtr bet Seelrate- 

Calf [t*f], «. fr/. Oaken, pf.> 1. BatJtalbj 2. 
Sport, bat $ftfo)faIbj 8. ein junqer SBaE- 
|if*f * fig- ber gtnfalttptnfel, SSlpd; S. 
tt) eitfWif* -'» foot, flat, bet WW) -i 
plack, bat Jtalbtgefrdft ) — '» akin, bat Xalb< 
lebet) — ■ inout; oirf. in CsItw, pi. 

Calflifc [ei'fl.b], od,". nit tin Jtalb. 

Cll'|b«r,i, Gi!N.bnealibrr{ bat Jtugtlnaf ; 

— c™psMw,ffec*.btTSafrtrjltM,CdEb«r> 

tifftli — rtle. Gun. bet 6altb(tflab. 
C»rfb«[or«gflli«r], x. mod. bie Srfaflffcn. 

fecit, Kit, bec ettmpel, Cbaratttr. 
CSI'|ce, *. Aef. brr TCbmSDm^sMd). [felcbt. 
CSIicea, i. pi. Anal. bicSietenbedlcr, Kietcn= 
Cil'ico (Cli'ieoe), *. bet 3(*/ JTamini - 

printer, ber Jtattanbnin\t. 
csi'jd, I. adj. Sti*, btmnrabf II. -new, C» 

CJPldact,j.M , ech.bcttBanneIcitcr,Bic«Bdt«i 

CKli«e'ta, s. Hot. bet SBaibbDlbcrFdjnamni. 

cs'lif, j. btr *a(ifi ~>bl[>, Ctlt'jf?te, batXa> 
lifat- [ficbtt, bet *ornbantfic(t. 

CXl|gft'tion, >. Med. bielStebunfcluna b« <**• 

CaBi'lnonfc I. arij. bunfel, bufier, fiffterj II. 
— Dm, i. bit Dnnfelbrit, JDfifhtbeft. 

Cairgfrapbjr, i. bet AaHistapft. 

Ciligrlpb'fc, orf;. f aBtflrapbifd). 

CalTg'rapb)', j, bie Jtailiflrapljit. 

CS'ljn, i. bat Qaiin (djin tf. Wrta ami fauna). 

caijpSjib',j. Coi'V. 6atgitifa>, nine amfRntttn' 
[djilbe bet 6d)iibftoteR(tiCllipee'(or fowl), 
bat Slrifdj, not am fflan*f*ilb« flbt. 

CaVlperi, j. pi. Afr-cft. iiirf.CallbEr-cooipaaKa. 

Cl'ljpb, Ac, vi'rf. Cnllf, Ac. 

Cll'fver, j. bit »a[tnKidjfe. [m'd. Culyr. 

Mill [orCSI'fx], j, 1. eW. Cllte; 2. 8o(. 

To CM [cftk], v, a. 1. Afar, htlfnttrn* 2. 
^m. ($>fcrbt, «.) mit Cit-bnfeifen befeblagen. 

CAIIt'er [cilter], *. Afar, ter Jtaifottrtr. 

clCkfag, 1. 1 . Pah, t. btt MtaJtrem 2. [«rt|»g ]. 
AfaT.metra (btriianf) jam Jtalfattnu 
—Iron, bet StopfmeifW, bat Jtalfateifen. 

CIrltinf, CSIks [or cn'kjnz, coin], J. pi. bit 
Oit^uftffen (bcr $ferbc obtr Cd)frn). 

Tu call, c. I. a. 1 . ntnnen, beifen, benenntn t 
*. ntfen, (— together) |uFammtnrwfcn, for- 
btrn,bernfent Loir, oorforbtrn i ». Script. 
einlabenf 4-fig- |nfamnicnntb.men, fdmmtlii 
(feineClnne)) 5. nnSruftn; aiifagcn i 6. rr» 
ntnnen|bernfeni7. anrnfeni 11. n. I.fpro. 
mit on), rufetn 9. Sport. Ictfnt! 3. Hi-nl. 
nnfdjlagen) 4. (mlt at. on, opon. In, M 
Smb., in e. (Bfrtbs&auft) einfpncbfn, vor> 
fpneben, e.fatjen©cfui modjem to — one 
name.-, jemanbem ©tbimpfnumm gebtnt to— 
at a port, (n.) Mar. elnen (KotbO^nfen an« 
ftgeliM to — for, nod) (IStreot) fragen, Pet> 
lanaen, befteQenf c-ed for, r.'om. begt^tt, 
B«fn*>ti to — fortb.jfg. anfbiettni to — In, 
1. betcinrnfen; einlaben, tt.} 2. (Sibulbcn, 
m.) einjie^en, cinfotbcni i 3. ntiberrnfen, jm« 
ritfntbmen (e. Qcfefc, ic.)( to — In (Into) 
qoeitlon, in 3weifei jfcbenj to — off, rt> 
ntfen, ab|ltbtnj to - on (upon), 1. anfrn- 


fan 1. onrafra, unfpre^tn, Mttaii 3- w* 
sntibntn, rrfnnenu to— over, (rfneStfte, it) 
wriefenj to — to mind, Jig. 1. jurnifrufcni 

2. fid) trinntrB, bcbcnftiM lo— up, l.btranf. 
rufeti i a. aufraftn, etmtdfni errtgent 8. (Ori* 
ftcr)b(f*B>6rcn,ritiren) to — npoa (to) one, 
I-n. Rd>(iuf3mtj. bcruf(aiU-u-(3tnl'.)iiiif- 1 
forbern (mcift im pats.: to be culled upon). 

Cill.t. ].btrStaf,edjrrtj 2. bit ffierufung, 
erncnnimg, ber ffluf i 3. fig. ber Btrnfj 4. 
ba« Zmt, (!Beruf6»)®ef<bflft > &- btr JBe fcfcl, 
Xntricb, bit Xttfforbening j e. btrrurnffle 
fudji T. tie «ctleftmgj P«r(. (-or the 
tome), a) bit 3ufaranieiiberHfinig (bet $)ar- 
KitntnrS) 6)bcrnam<ntttd)t1tnrniF(]ur7b° 
frimmung, ic)i 8. Com. a) bte Biadifrogf, 
ber Raarcnbcfltjr ) 6) bic (tHiiten=)fiinjol>' 
lung, ber Sinfib jj (bel ZctirBnnitmt&nwn) ; 
8. Sport a) cfn iontflgtuil ffir bit $nnbe j 
6) ber JSegcIraf, bie Soctofcife f 10. Mil. bet 
TtpptU) 11. Mar. bit Bommanbopfeift (btl 
fcoebboottraanM)) is. Din, berSuagftetnj 
— bird, Sport btr SotfOogel. 

Cdlftr. *• 1- bet Bufcrj SL ber fflffudjer, it. 

CJl'lid, ]. adj. rtrfibmf(t, febkm U. -new 
(C»lird'|t>), ,. bieSerfibmifctbeit, ecbluubrit. 

Ci'liing. (i>.)r. I. ba* ffiufen, k. j 2. ber»e. 
rof, etanb) 3. Script. bUeerufnng bur* 
Sort; roll-, btr KppeB. 

Cailjpftub', Cil'lfper,, fee,, vid. Call pub, Ac. 

Cttio.'ji j . i. bit e«n(([(, iwtrtt ber $«ut. 

Cftrlou, I. adj.; 11. -Iy.ado.1. .Surg.fdjroft. 

Hg,rcrb<inet,rBMrig; a..%. uatmpflirtiitg j 

III. — m, t. I. Surg. blefcaurorrbi'riuBgj 

Cll'low, adj. l. imgcfirtrrt, tablj a.jSg. jung, 

unrcIFf -deetor.btraBiirfffJbtdcr. 
CWlua, #. (lat) 1. Med. ber Jtaorpel) 2. 

Surg, bit Snjniielt, «crbjrtung- 
CSIm [can], I. adj.; It. -ly, adv. 1. (KB, 

rnbig (r-on berCte, it.)) a.jig. ru6ig, lefbtn. 

fdjaftsto*) HI. s. l.bitesrille, SBinbflinc- 

3. fig. bit Stnbe (bet Ocmurb*, «.). [gen. 
ToCSInfrfn], e. a. it*. *&jtfBtaj btrn&f. 
CwWff [cfi'ner], i. btr etnibfgtn boo «(• 

rubfgungemifttl. [Stuftf. 

Ci.ln'neaafdui'-], «. Itt.*.fo. bit CriHt, 
Clfomel. *. a™. Hi Jtalomtl. 
Calorie. /*y. I. *. ber ffiarmrftc-ff J II. adj. 

ben B. bttrrlfrnb. [(ber aJtineroUeafrtr). 
CKIjrte'jty, *. Fhy. mod. bit fptciftfdif (Sarnie 
CSiorrfjc, adj. $ijtnb, trtjfbnib. 

Cfilortn'eler, t. Mech. bCT Bannemeffer- 

CarVjnotor, [ Wh.], i. Galv. ber Caiortmotor. 
CtlMtc', CfiBIe', 1. 1 . Me ipiortmfrbt ) battle. 
(ttr-Wtfipp^an 1 Arch, bai Jtappajra. 

18 Came 

cai'orjpe, I. Pliy. mod, bill JTalottip. 
Celo fer, s. Ecc. ber (griedjildje) gRcocb. 
Cal'trop, Ciflhrop, 1. 1. Bet. uW-Tnter-c.; SL 
Mil. tie rjupungti) 3. Sport. b»S SBolftiftn. 
ToC»l4i»'niSte, u. a. &n. falfrt) anfla^nj »cr> 
Ciluninil'iion.j.bteStrlrnt&bnng. [Irumttw. 
C»]Bm'nii(or, t, ber iGed cumber. 
Cfwm'ajitory, adj. Derltumberifit. 
Cflfim'llloui, 1. adj.; II. — ly, adv. wrfemjt. 

bcrijaji ill. -new, j. bat Strlenmbcrtfdjt. 
Cal'orany, *. bit iSttlemnbung. 
CWvvt, *. Script, btr Caluaritnterg. 
To Calve [sir], e. n. 1. rolbtn, ein Stale totu 

faij a.^g. cont. (treorbringeit, t rjeugei:. 
Cilief [cavfl j. pi. con Calf, 1. AcUbtrj 3. 

JtdbftDt} -moutC-moutli), Bof. tie 88« 

menmaul)— rnnnet,— velre, bae(JtJfe)&6. 
CXrVjofim, >. £ec. btr (SalDiniemut. 
CSl'Tjcuit, 4. Sec btr (Baiuintft, iHefomtirtt. 
caivjnri'tic(-c»i), adj. calcinifrifd). 
CaJ'viih [ca'viah], adj. wit CalS«b, qv. 
Cffl'vity, *. bit JtflbHrit, eia»«. 
fill, i. C/iem. ber Jtollj b«* Brt)*. 
C»l>Vin.l, CSI'jxlne, adj. Bot 1. tinnt Jttld) 

Ddbcnb ) a. turn JtcI4t gebfirig j 3. oaf btm 

Jteldje ftttnb, 
cai'ydci. fl-.t.btrfrtineffilumenffidj. [Mibt. 
CSKjtled, Caljc'flltte (- Sted), adj. Bot. gf. 
CtVfrttr, i. Bot. Ue SM(e (ber flJlcoft). 
Ci V. *• A>'- ber Jteltb, SSIumeiiWib. 
CamBI'eB, CamS/eB, t. 1, Atin. btt CSomtt, 

ffiilbtrfteinj2. /'nin?. Da6Bnmdeii'(SmS(0c. 

CWber, i. ].(— beam), btf. Sfcrp-o.boi Bo- 

geitfomig uitge^ancne Stfirf S8anbj)I}t 2. 

Mar. ber JtafenriiSenj c-ed deck, batiDetf 

mi t einem Jtnjenriitf en- 
CaWofriiDg, p. a. Mar. jjeMmntl, gebofltn. 
CWbfrt, .t. (itaf. i 19. i.) btr SBtdjSKr. 
CaWbr*!, .. Bu ich. bot^angeboli. [(Sombribfit. 
cam'brjm.j. &«rfj. l.aaeQainbroDj 3- not 
csm'brjc, «. Com. btr Comtrirf ; -milli, 

gutter (neifer) fflfnolin, Sarifl (=QXu6Iin) ; 

—paper, be* eetbtnpapter. [Qambribge. 
CWbridge, s. Geog. (bit Uniotrlitdtiftobf) 
Cine, I. pre t. con To Cone ; II. J. (flat . bat 

CftWe I, j. 1. Zoo!, baft Xante! j 3. Mich, bos 

Jtanttl (jure {ie^en ber dbifTe fiber Untie 

ftn)i 8. BibL ein bictes ©til. 
iCin'ellne, adj. Vain flamed. 
Cane'lioD, j. nid. Chaneleon. 
CIn'e1opird[tVD.,Sn.,&c]t. Zcw(.tttJta> 
| meelparbci, Jtamtloparb, bit Simfft. 

CSm'elot, t. oid. Camlet. 
Came'n [ffbrc], #. nid. Canalen. 
IcteeruVtlc adj. fanerolifrif*. 

Came 1' 

dBfrtifrtiu, t. pi. ntXtmt nbttfltafimin. 

To Cam'erlte, »■ a- toBIben. 
Cimcri'tion, j. bit SBolbtmg, bus OtwSlbt- 
Clmtrdoa'rt. Com. tin n>o[hntt3(og(fte Ben 
eftinb. ffltartt). 
C»m|iSde', Camji S'do, ». Mil. lit Cantifabt 
Camlet, ». C*m. bet Gamtlct. 
CSmletiey, j. Cum. gtmufttrtt ISamtlotJtuajt. 
CSmletfne', i. Com. cineUrt geringerQamclDt, 
CSnrmgc (CSm'ock), i. Dot. tie patt^cftel. 
Canrqck, J. Ship-b. (ill Stiict .ftniebolj. 
Carn'oalle, ». Alt. bit romifajt JtaitlfUC. 

Camp, i. 1. boe&tgcr (einte $((«*), getb- 
I«gtt> 2. Sit Tinner. 

To Camp, Bid. «. n. To Encamp. 
Campaign', Campiia', |, 1. bit Spent j 2. 

btr ?iibiug. 
To Campaign', v. u. eiitfn gelbjug nitnuMbtit. 
Campaigner, i. btr aire cetfunjtt gSelbnt. 
Campa'na, t. Bot. bitJKibttifibcIlt. 
Camp Kn'j lorn, adj. Bot. glotftufSrmig. 
cruupanul'fgr, ». Lit. bit Goinponologie. 

Cnmpan'BIn, (. Bat. bit ®lb(f mblumt. 
Cajqpin'ul»te, adj. Bot. gIoiftnf6miia,. 
Campta'cny , Campt'che', Camptch', J. (— 

wood), Bot. bat Qamptrbtbolt, ".rafllftibclj. 

CuapeVtrnl, adj. im gelbt matbftnb, roilb. 
Camp*i'l[j»D, adj. ouf boS gelt btjugliij. 
CaWpnor, >. btr .(tampber. [»ti r d)tn. 

To CSra'pbijr, b, a. nut Jtampfier fattigen, 
CSni'pWate I. i. Chem. ban fuinpStrjaiiri' 

Ghtl, j H. (or CaWpborated),adj. mlt Jtora- 

pfecr ana. e ma*t, gefampbert 
CamphoVjc, arfj. riinipbcrbalrig j Jtamp&i 
CaWpIng, (p.) t. Gam. tat fflttuotlfpitl. 
C.Wpjflo, i. Sot. bat $imrneUroBd>i 

Cam'-wood [-'wad], 

nifdjt fflot&bolj. 
Cfin, i. bit (fjoljernt) Jtanntj —buoys, p(. 
War. JHap'Vot)«H — book*, bit ©ierhartn, 


Can, o. d. ir. n. ISiratn, otntiUgm. 

Cann'dlan, adj. t ». caimbtfib ; btr GuniiBftr. 

Can'akin, i. dim. tat JTdnnd>en. 

Can*!', * Htjdrol. l.BtrJtanali 2,rine*Baf' 
fttl titling im Jtlrinen, bit Ottnne , Stores 
3. Annt. bat rSfcrenfoWge ©tfa*, btr Jta= 
aali 4. Surg. biteSajiene, JBttnlabt) 6. fig. 
btt«9eg,bae OTitttl] -coal, rid. Gunnel -coal. 

CXnarTcVilated, CSnalic'fllate, adj. 1. au&gt-- 
bobltlnifr tintSH5ljrf)i2. Boi.rinnenfSrraio,. 

C(nalj*a'iion, C.WtlFng, j. btt Jtanalbau. 

TaOiVitTn.B.a. tinen Jtaiwl( *-andr.e)bflutn. 
Cnna'ry, ». btr Jtanarienferti —bird, 1, Orn. 

•etJt-DogeU a. fig. berCdjfllf i -gra.*, Bot. 

*** Jt-{.glanj.>griis, bacon : - teed, btr Jta- 

t9 Cane 

aaritnfanti Ibe — lilasd*, (or aoCuariaa), 
Gtog. bit Jt-inftlMj —weed, Bot. bit JtWm* 


To Can'cel, u. a. 1. ungitttra, mft 0d)rui' 
fen nmgcbtn } 8. Frtujrusifc burn)ftrtid>tn i 3. 
Lav, aufbtben, immiHimM 4. Com. (gt> 
gcbtnt VuftrAgt) nibtrrnftn, abfdjrtibtni 
(rinen Btdulbpeiitn) ousttttm 5. Typ. Cor« 

Can'cel, t. 2 Vp- btr Carton, [tons brudtn. 

Cia'celittd, ad;. Ptrgittttf, «. g 1 . To Cancel. 

Ciacois'tion. «. 1. bit Bnro>(rretd>uBg i a. bit 

Van Hiring. 

Cancel I i'rj ate, adj. btn Jtailjltr bttrcfftnb. 
Cin'cer, t. Eat., Ait. k Med- Mr Jtrtbs- 
To Cln'cerite, b. n. 3fed- frtbMrrfg wtrten. 
CincerS'tion, «.JIf«i. bitOflttfiebUng b.Jtrcbftl. 
Cln'ceront, I. adj. frrbftortigi II. — nem, i. 
bic JtrtbSortiBWt. LAttbS gtfttttrt- 

CSn'crifoni., adj. 1. rrtbSlirttg j 2. wit (tl 
CnVcrfne, adj. l.rrtbMrtigl 3. fla) r£(t> n. 

eomjlrts btmtgtnb. [ Mrmltudjttr. 

Cinuel'ilbre , CSndfllaTirdm , t. till fttbtnbtr 

CKn'dfnt, adj. Chem. (tKil) gl£btnb. 

Can'djcant, adj. Chem. »tfi rotrbtnb. 

CaWdjd, I. adj.; U.-ly.odu. rtblia), iBfrioV 
tlg/OffoH UI.-nen,5.biteitblid)rW,ltiif^ 

CaVdidato, t . at. A jig. btr danbibat 

To cSn'dify, b. a. Ktif madjen, rotiftn. 

Cindlia'tlon, i. Ckem. bit (Sanbimng. 

CSn'dle, ». 1. bn6 £itt)t, bttAtritj 2. « boj 
4>imai!lSlid)t} comp. — bomb«. Jtnollgliftr; 
—box, tint S-Iobt; —nroach, tip S-feicfi 
— coai,uid.Cannel'Coal; —jack, btr SSdd)t 
ftodltudjttr i —light, nas (Jtcqen*) eidjl 

I(opp.Xagtelid)t)) — monld frame, tinS-i 
ri[d>) — <afe,bi(8-manfd)tttti btrS-fpartr, 
S'tlttdjtj — •naffer*, pt. bit 8-pll(Ei —flick, 
btr Baubttr) btinched (or armed) — itlck, 
ttr Xrntlendjrtr; -ttaFT, btr («id>t>)Xa(g, 
U- i — wMter, btriNanbtr am Eta)rt) —wood, 
ban Citron tnbelj. 

Cnn'dlema.. j. (-day), bit Sitbtawflt. 

Ciln'dQck, i. Bot. Ui jluSgral. [(tit. 

CXn'dgr (- oar), *. bit Eft tb [jdjfeit, 5(ufrii)% 

To Can'dy, v. I. o. tnnbittnj in 3u*tr thu 
madjen j II. n. rri|tai[ifiicn. 

CSa'dy, I. j. bo6 9ingemiid)t(, 3i«ftcn)trtl 
(sugar—), bfrS»Hbi*<«3ntftt)t ll. adj. cart' 
birtj — tnft, Bot. bet SBaiitrnfenf. 
;sne, 1. 1. bnSffiobrj2. ber fftobrfroifj «?po' 
iitrltoitj 3. bit !mi)t, btr ^}ftii au»0toprj 
4. Com.bie6anwt(itA[.iiat)f comp.— bill, 
bnS fflobnntfTtr, XappnuflVri —blind*, pi. 
nfKnbifdjt €iobr'3aIonritnj — bottom-chair, 
btr CiotrftabI* -brake, baS Ulcrdbtid)| 

• Com 

-head, btr Stoiffnopf) —halo, tie Beetle 
fttsg, in»(14tbtt*3nc[«To(r gtrflanitroirbj 
man, berStoetfrinbttrj— pencil. bit9to$t' 
SSltiftbtti — jpirit, 3uctcrrobr«epiriruS; - 
— im*, tie flberbleibfel btS nuSgtprt P tti 

To Cine, v. a. Btorfprugel gtbtn, prfigtln. 

Anat baSffiutgelbtinj — coal, uid.Cannel-c 

C*n*Vc«ut, adj'. fioi. nxiftgrau, totijiiidj. 

Canfc'DI*, CaVjcSle, 1. Ait. ttr $>unb&fttrnj 
Jfg. bit imnbltagt- 

Ca.nic'ular dayi, pi. Me £imbStafle. 

Canine', adj. tjunbifn) j Mtd. —appetite, btr 

4>nub*tuilger) — mndneM. bit JpunbSowith J 

— teeth, Anat. bit gnnbljabnt. 
CMiter, ». bit XbEtbndjft, bkcjttnt IBfrfaft J 

—■hot. Gun, Jtartotfdjen. 

Cin'ker, ». 1. iJof. a) >K Jfttbl) ffitOBb, 

Jtaurett *}«id. -tom; 2. CAem. bttffiufij 
3. gen. btf. Afed Sites gceffinbt nub *er. 
je&tenbe i 4. Vet. bal Jtrt blBtf(b»ur (btr 
f&ferbe, inber.lttbit btrBSgcl); btrD&rtn* 
fttbl btr $n«M} 5. E:,t. o) (-fly), bit 
Sdrtnraujptj i) (— norm), btr &i)titta 
camp. Bot-i. —root, bet genuine &autc 
tmpfcTi — roee, MefHinHioffj — worm, 1. 

To CbAfT, b.L a. l.anfnffm.jtrfrtffra, «t> 
fttrfeni a.jig. Dtrgiftcn, etrgallenj 11. n. 1. 
Dttbtrben, m.) 2. v often. 

CaVkered, I. adj.; II. — ly, ad«. mtirrifd; ; 
unbiflidn monIif4 wrft&rt. 

Cink'erlike, CtWkeroon, adj. rrtbiarrlg. 

Cinltery, adj. roftig. Canu, vtd. Can. 

CXn'niblne, adj. fcdnfen. 

CannSI', s. otd. Canal £ CaneL 

Can'n«l-cOal, I. Min. tit fflcbrfttfnfo&lt. 

CaVoequjn [-kjn], i. Com. tin ofraibifdjti 

can'njiiai, I. #. Oct Cannibals SKtnfrStnfref" 

f«( II. adj.; Ill — ly, adv. Cannibalifdj. 
CSn'u ibalif m, t, bci GaanibalutnUll. 
Cln'ojperf, j. irid. Caliper*. 
Can'nlstar, i. Jfech. tin (StfifBgfri».)*efi«r. 
CaVnon, «. l.bitJranontj 6un. bat ©ifirfi 

a. collect. bnSStfftsai 3. 7Vp. tu'd. Canon ; 
eontp.— ball (— bolleO.bitJt-nrugtl; —hole, 
bit CrutfpfbrttJ —proof, f-nftftj — royal, bie 
Jtartbnnntj —-hot, 1. ber Jt-nfibtif j 2. bit 
Jt-nftgufrnttiej 3. bit Jt-nfugtl. 

To Cannonade*, To Caonouler', v. I. a. ail 

Jtanontn btfojirfrat n. n. fauonirtn. 
CaanonauV, j. bit Jtancnnbe. 
CinDQater', Cannoneer 1 , i. btr Jtanonier. 
CaVnBlnr, <■<&■ rifcrtntormig, iSbrtiuirtig. | 


CanoV, t. btr ffiounttaftn) fiitn). bus Htlitt 
ffloot, btr 9f artjen. 

CaVon, ». 1. gen. bit {Rtgtl, bal fflefcoi »■ 
£ce. Laie, btrJtanon, boe JtinbtngtftBi Cr> 
btnSgeft(i 3. Script. bit tanonifdjenffludjLTj 
4. Cn. a) bal autorifirtt fietligmi>erjci(bnif j 
A) betfflttf fanon j 5. £cc. bet JtananicuE, 
©tifttbectj 6. Muj. bcr Jtanon} 7. Cccai. 
k Alg. btr Jtanon, bit gunnel j 8. Sure- bit 
Jpefttioftcl i 9. liiarm. Bicgonncii 10. I'd. 
tnd. — bonee; II. 2*yp. BicJtoiion (great-, 
biegrobcJt. ; lean— , bit [Itint Jt.)j camp, 
-bit, Man. tat boblt *Kunb(tuct am ^fErbt- 
gebip) — bone^ Ctt. bit Bprunflbcint ) - 
lav, bal tanonifJje Red>t. [ friiukin. 

Jnn'pn«u,j. £cc. tie Jtanonifftnn j bas ©lifts- 

Canon'ical, I. ailj. ; II. — ly, odo. Eec. ttW 
nifd), tirdjcngefejlidj ; firdjlidjj III. — naw, 
*■ HI Jtanonifdjc, bic Jtitd)cngcri'(m(tf tgfei!. 

Candn'icabi, s. jit. Ch. bit Jtunonitaiicn, bcr 
Booi&m-nfdjniHct. [ttrmfitOt. 

Canfln'lcHte, f. Ecc. ba6 Jtancntfal, bit Cool' 
'ijuiit, t. Ecc. btr Jtanonift- 

Canonia'tjc, adj. tanonifrifd). 

Ciaqnjifi'tion, i. Ecc. bit Jtanonifation- 

To CaVoniie, v. a. Ecc f ononifircn. 

Cio'oary, CSn'ijn.hip, j. Ecc. bit Stiffs- 
pfrinbtj bat Jtutonitaf. 

cSn'opy, j. 1. Arch, bar Salbadjtn, Siagftn' 
antli 2. *bas t-immelSgtnjolbc) — bed, 6 a* 
jpimmtlbttti —coach, bal Knhcbttt. 

Ta Can'opy.c. a. mit tintm fflalbmSin, JJradjt' 
bimmcl btbtdnt. 

Ctn^rona, I. odj. Hanflma), Mdeblfdj] II.— 
neu, i. btr gBoblflang. 

CSo'e, abbr. viUg. fur cannot, tann nfdjt. 

Cant, I. i. 1. Gram, bit (befonbern Oloffen 
rfgtntbfiml.) Jtnnfifpran)! (com $urlametirt 
bernb bis jut Saunerbanbe:ba6yii!t6»difd>, 
tc)) bit ajffttirtt Bpradje, bal (Staafa)} 
(fdttin^tiligt) fflcioinftti —word, bttcigra> 
t^utolid>tXaSbrucc i untblt %., 6pr>a>fcqlcr> 
2. Com. bUXuttioRj 3. Arch, cine Kifrbt, 
ffllcnbtj 4. bit Jtautt, btr fflimbj &. btr 
$tud)ttr,X4ft[tTagtri e.Afar.balJtratrmi 

11. adj. Mar. fdjief, firigtj Ship-h. — ple- 

cei, pi. brdctfiat SfbiffSlarttn cb. ijoljci 

— timberi, pi, fthrftgt ©rjonncn. 
To CSnt, c. I. n. 1. toubenodlfdjeni 3. in 

JtunftmBrttm rtbeni 8- aftairr rtbra, fal> 

babtra) 4. minfeln, ^fudjieriffS rebnt) 11- a. 
j l. etrfttiatni! 2. jam. k Mar. um(hirjen, 

umiegnij (anttn, ttnttrn. 
Cln'ttlfvfre, i. pi. oid. Caotilivern. [tafupt. 
Cin'talupe (CaVteleBp, HT..), i. Bet. bit Cut- 
CanlS'ta, 1. M«s. tit Quitttt- 

Dg :ecb> GoOgle 




bcnZob,p(inU<fe 3-.%.6auptfai6Ua),£acpt*, 
vonttbinfl) — l«e>, (hrfe yottafBjenlange; 
—Utter, ber Xnfanaibar&ftabtj — 'trip, cin 
ffinicafdjiif; —•took, Baa Btamragelb, ur= 
iJprOngUttt Capital, btr gonts. 
Cip'i^ 1 . »■ 1- >« £auptfl(ibt; 2. bcrXnfangS^ CSp'Uintj, «, bie $aaptraannfAaft. 
bud>fiab( (p(. TVP- bit grartnrfebrfft)* 3.!;Cap'tafnry, i.B(r(.toei604>aupmaiinfe)aft. 
Jreft. bag Capital; 4. Com. ba5 Btamraca-'jCap'taintUp, ». 1. bit $attprmanneftcl[e; 9. 

BAtff Icapl t dn, btr tin ©4»ff r-e>n *> eb. ratbr 
Jtanontn cwnmanbitt; — of hor»e, brrStitt* 
uriftrr; — dreuer, Afin. (in Com.) btr 

$0a)|iCigCr! —general. .Her BbMlu'fefcU&n* 
btt) — lieutenant, bet ©tabetap [tin. 


Clp'iifJwt, i. btr ecpitalift. 
Clp'ltate, adj. Bot, topffSnntg. 
Capjta'tion, i. 1. bit aibtong nad) JtSpfei 
9. <— ui), bat JTopfgtlb, bit Jtopfftcutr. 
Capital, s. 1, baS Capitol, CapitoUitm; 2. 

Arch. vid. Capital, 3. 
Capri'ular (CaplVfilary), I. $. Sec. 1. btr Gil. 

pittlbtf*lufi 2. btr Capitular) II. adj.; 

m.-ly, adv. anf c. Brift ob.Sapittl btjfiglid). 
To Caprfoiste, t>. n. Mil. topirulirrn. [Won- 
Capnoli'tion, i. BerStrflWd), hit 8«pttula> 
Cspit'nlfttor.J.BetSapftuIirenBe. [Cbaum. 
CaplN |, i. ber Copaioabnlfom ( —tree. Bot. btr 
CapoV, ». Com. bit 3ttbra(bftum)niullt. 
CvpOch', *. bit 3JZond)6tappt, Jhttte. 
Ci'pnD, t. Ber Jtapann. 
To CS'poii. v. a. fapaanen j orrfdjnelben. 
Cappaatwe', *. fort, btt Caponiew. 
Capir/, *. Gam. ber Capot, aSatfd) (im^itintt). 
To Capot', v. a. Gam. tapet inadjeii, tnatfajen. 
CapWon', «. did. Capueclo. 
Cap'per. », hit TDcu) tmrMtr, 3JruVnba"iiUer. 
Ca'prSollte [ IF6., At.J arfj. Sot. raaftitb- 
Caprice', i. b«aiatn(lnn, Metottnt, btrSinfall. 

OaprPtlone, I. adj. ; II. —If, adv. dgtnfill> 

stg, ImrnifA) autbmiBig t HI. — ne», i. Bic 

»unb«Iio>f,tigtnfInntBt8anitt, ffienrfitbSarf. 
Cip'r|corn, t. Att. btt etrinboo*. [gdflfO- 
CKprjfjca'tJon, «. Zt&f. bit Sapri ft cation (btr 
CVnfole, i. Sot. btr 3clanaerjfli(btr. 
CSp'rjform, adj. ait tint iSicat gtftalttt. 
CA'prtne, adj. girt* tiner 3ftgti 3ftfltn«. 
CVrJole,*. 1. bcrguftferungt 2. Man. bit 

CipTfpM, CSp'r|p*de, adj. jftfltnbocBfiipig. 
Cap'ijcvra, i. Bot. btr fpanifcBe $>f<ffer. 
ToCaprtie'.v. I. a. Sea-nh. nmlegen, umtwr» 

fun II.n.«u(ff.utnfanfn. [Oanafpill, Spine. 
CSp/.tan, CV^ern, ». Mar. btr JCabcfbait, bit 
Cip'tUlar, Cap'»Olary, adj. rapfelfiniiig 

ligament. Anal. Iti Jtapfeltanl. | 

To c*p'tBiRtt, v. a. in tine Jtapftl tinfftlicptn. 
CIp'iai«te, adj. in rin« Jtapfcl tingtWlofTcn. 
Cap'iOle, i. 1. Bot. bit enmtnrapfel j 2. T. 

btr ^rabirtitgtl. 
Cip'tajn, i. 1. btr .^auprraann, Qapftfti) 2. 

(«a— ), ber edjiffetapitatu 3. gen. bfr»t. 

ftlitftattr, gelbfttrr, ]fnfiJ6rrrj poit-, tin 

bit (JtrtUO ^auptmann[d>tif! i 3. bit Xn< 
fuBrung; 4. bit Jtricfl8crfaljrcn6cit. 

Capts'tion, s. bit ((BunfVXSrfijIcitbung. 

Cap/tioD, t. I. bit errtafrung; 2. btr ««. 
6afii6cfcbli 3. fig, baegangen (cincr $«> 
Ton) burd> ctrfanelidjt {Rtbtn. 

CIp'tioaa, I. arfj. ; II.— ly, adv. 1. rcrfdng: 
lid); 2. tabtlfu*% jinKWi III. -ne><. f, 
l.bitSerflngUdjrrtti 2. bit J&ibclfudjt. 

To CSp'tjTftte, v. a. 1. gefangen neimciij 2. 
(Rdj) unterrottfEn (au*}is.) ; S.jlg. fcfftln. 

C«pt]vn'tion, i. 1. bit Wtfangcnnrtjiniing, Un> 
trriprrfitngi 2.J%. bit gtfftlang. 

C«pt}ve, (it.*jig. 1. i. btr (St fangmn II. 
adj. fritgBgtfangtn, gtfangra. 

Captivity, *. lit. tfig. 1 . bit CStfungtnlebafu 
2. bit JtnnWfeaft- 

Cjytor, >. l. e e». btrgtogrrj 2. ecr Kiif. 
oringtr tintt ©tfjiffts, {Raubfibifftr, Sapcr. 

CSp'ture [— tihvr], i. l.baSgangen; 2. bit 
Kfrbaftunfli 3. bieScutr, $rifr. [taptnt. 

ToCiSp'rare, o.a.fanfltnjcrbcutcrijaufbrmgrn, 

Capdc'eji) [-fltjib'— ], Cajiiieh', j. bit JTapujc. 

To Cipuch', v.a. mil rincr jtapu}t btbccTen. 

CapdcUi', i. I.berQirpucintri 2. ber OavtV 
d>on, gtaueinnantcl mif ttnera Gapuioni 
8. bit Jtappentaubcj i. Bat. bicJBalfenriiKi 
— mon li e j (Cap u ti n e) , Zo o/.btrQapiicin eraff t 
:Sr, i. I. bet Jtorrenj I.* ber Xriunq>l}nis> 
gtni 3. Ait. ber groft airj 4. R-r. btr 
transport', S^Ieppraagtnj —man, bet 
XJnncrt —taker, ber CBagmmtifKr. 

Cai J abine,j.l.btrSarabineri2.bcrCaraiiaitr. 

Carabjoiir', Citrabjntcr', », bcrOarablnicr. 

Car'at, CXrVkt >■ bit flararfc, Jtarate. 

CXr'acDIe (-cot), t. 1. Man. blc balbe SBen.- 

To Ca^cOle (-col), v. n. taracolirnt. 

Car'at, f, 1. /etc. ber Jtarat (^erlcngcmidit ) t 

! 2. baft Jtarat, ber (Sc^ait'iSrab (antb.fig.)- 

CSraian', s. Bie Saroranej brrdug. 

Cnravta/iary (— ara), (.bieCaravanftrci. 

Clr'arfl, *. Afar, bic Oaratellc. 

ClViwiy, i. Bot. ber Jtiimmel. 

Carbine', CHrbjnetr', s. vid. Carabine, X:a> 

Cirbijleln', i. Client, mod. Ht Oarbplein. 

Cariop,«.l.b(t4>DliMIt] 2.i.7ieM.b(rJteb. 
| CarbQBi'c* o o., ad), hblciiftoffbolrig. [Icnftoff. 


To Cirbonide' (-5'dfl), v.a.1. {look, onf be 
Mcfttbcotiai 2.jig. ifrfeaaen,jtcl)oucn. 

Cart) wile, I. Chem. bat fobKnfaure Balj. 

CarbBu'jc adj. bbttnfaiMtj —acid, C/iei 
Sit flobknflurr. 

Carbgniferona, adj. Aft'n. to^lenftoltigi — 

groapi, bat (©tein*)Jto&lenluger. 
Cirbonjzs'tion, j. bit SJerfoblmtg. 
ToCirlionize, it. a. OfCfo&Itn. [f*ofl>attifl. 
Carbc-nc-nJ'droui, adj. Wiem. toblenBaffer-- 
CaVboy'a, i. pj. grofle JtorfcflofcbeTi ju «(= 

tricM, it. [bet JCarbnnlel. 

Car'biiode.i.l.JeuJ.berJtarfuntelj 2. Med. 
To Cur'bnnde, v. a. mil Jtarfunfeln befejen. 
Cnrtuacled, adj. Med. mil Jtatbunleln he- 

bnftet. [tig, farbunfdiirtig. 

Ctrbun'cDIar, adj. Jeu>. k Med. farfttllfefors 
CsrbSntula'liun, », Hurt, btv iBronb. 
Car'bure'ted, adj. Cfcem. foblenftoffbaltig f - 

hydrogen gm, but JtoblcnwalT'erflcfTgaa. 
CaVetaet, i. jircftaeoi. bat $a!6gefd)rae£be. 
CaVcsis, C&r'caae, 1. 1. Dae ©felett) 2. a) bat 

©trippc, o)bitStnmm«(c.ed)ifft,K.)i 3. 

bcrSridjnantj batTtaSj 4.Afii. CicJBtanbfujt:. 
Car'certl, adj. jti rintm ©tfangnifft gebflrig- 
CardnO'ina, J. Mt d. bcr JUtbS, bat Jtttf>Sg(= 
CSrdndWatoni, adj. Afcd.rtebiartig. [fdjmur. 
Card, i. 1. bit (epic!*) J?artc$ 2. bie(eift= 

t«.)*artn 3. WtCertartti 4. Want bit 

Compafrnfe, Qompapfdjcibe * 5. tie Jtarbe, 

JtrdrapeljberSBoOranim} — board, bat Jtrdm* 

pclbret, bie Jtr-baat; — aheeta, bit Jtatbi 

Ubtcj — wire, bet Jttabbwbt. 
To Card, o. I. n,(gtnt) .flatten fpielen ; II. 


2. fdmmtni 3. jig. butdjeinanber mengen; 

wrfi(fd)tnj o-edwDol,Streid)ia8ollti dog 

frame. MB Aatbcn'Jhcuj^oIji c-ing wool, 

farji, ftint (XndjOBoIlt. 
CaVdtJnfini, Cardaoio'ruuin, *, ber Jt arbamom 

(Santa V. ^ftanjt). [bet Aartttlfpleltt, 
CiVder, a 1. Mr (SBoH')JtrampItr j 2. /am. 

CiHoJac, I. adj. (C»rdi'ac»l)1.4)(ri'j 2. Med. 

itrifHrfrabi II. *. JWed. bie ;ptts|Utftmg. 
CaVdjaal, I. f, Err.. 1. bcr AaCbinal i 2. Or«. 

brrJtarblnalflnfj H.adj. 6aitptfda)[ioVj?aupt=, 
JtartfaaUi -CO dower, Bot. bit Jt-i' 
blunt; Naut-t. the four — point*, bit Jt- 
panfttj thafoar — windj, bit biet £anpt< 
loinbt- [naltreiirbe. 

CaVdJnnWte, Cai-'dfnalihlp, t. Ecc. bit Jtarbi, 
CiVdioTd, «. Alg. bit SorSioiBf . [tent. 

Cardoon',,. Bo(. bie fpairifibtTCrtifdjOtrc, Jfar= 
Care, 1. 1. bit Sorge, bnJtummtrj bic SBe» 
, forgnifi2.bfeeotgfaiti¥ , flefle,J0tmaSnngi 

J Cwm 

3. bi( SSorfidjt, Sd)t) 4. bet QSegtnftinb bet 
Barge, Hebe } to take— , Serge trngeni to 
take -do), fid) in X4t ntbmen, fid) but raj 
to the— , Ac, (ouf Sriefen) an bit Kbrtfft, 
it.) -of Mr. N., per XbtefTt bet $rrtn St. 

ToCare, o. n. 1. (-of, or for, fur. . .) fotgtn j 
2. fid) (bt)fummcra; 3. dngftlld), oetlegen 
frin} to — for, or to, juStnjaft Sufi babtn. 

To Careen', War. v. I. a. (fin SaW) fie 16,0 1 en j 
II. n. untliegen, fibicf ftgtln. [Jtidbolung- 

Careeo', s. Mat. 1. btr (etbifft>)Ait[{ 2. bit 

Career', 5. 1. bit tfteimbabn, Souf- ob. ©tub' 
babnj pf. bit 0dpran!rtij 'J. Fate, str Slug 
tines galtem 3. A'bit(8<iufOfflabni 4. bet 
(Mile) goof, rftlttUftc fflnlopp. 

To Career 1 , u. n. tetinen, ftbuetl louftni tiftn. 

Cire'fal, I. adj.; II. — ly, adv. 1. fOigttlbOO, 

btfummcrt j 2. beforgt, forgtid) ( 3. oorfid)' 
tig, btbiitfam ; III- -aeu, *. 1. tit IBtforg- 
nip} 2. bit Vibtfdrafeit, eorgfaltj 3. bit 
»ebutr«mhit, eorfid)!. 

CtWle**, I. adj.; n.-ly, adu. I. forglot, 
fcrgtnftti,6titerj 2. unBefummirt, gfcidjgul' 
tigj 3. unmbtfant, unocrfta>tigj III. -ness, 
j. 1. bie Sorglorigftitj 2. bit Nadjldffigfeit, 
Unadttfamttiti 3. bit imeorftdjtigftit. 

TaCarea^, v. a. lt<btDfen,ftreid}eln,rd)mfitbt[n. 

Car*i>', i. tiegttbfofungj pi. £Sflid)ftilen. 

cs'ret, t. bat @i n ftb n!tungtici4 en [A]. 

Cirtai, i. fig. bet Jtttujibefl, bie BittTfltffe. 

Car'gadijr, jr. Com. vid. Supercargo. 
CaHgjiion, CaVgvP n (— *pn), fid. Cargo. 
Car'go, f. Com. bit ©cbiffelabiing, Jtadjt. 
Cirfbe'sji, CiSr|b(bjee', adj. Seog. tataibifd). 
cSrfcatnre' [-uiiBr'], i. bit Oarricatur, bat 
3tttbtlb. [barfteDen, Idiberlid) ntad)en. 

To CSrjcatnrV [-Uhflr^, u. a. Ira 3«rbilbe 
C*ricBtn'r(«t [— tibB'— ], j. bet Qarricttttttfl. 
Ciriconi, a^j. Surg, frigenotttg. 
CS'rici, t. Med. bet fflrinfritf . [Ollotteilfpiel. 
CKHjIlon, i. 1. bat (StMibenj 2. Mas. bat 
Cnr^nlte, Cir^Dltted, adj. Bot. tabnfonnig. 
To Carine', titd. To Careen. [tbtll. 

Carm'Wi)*, t. G »{;■ (bat fjetingtbuRlj Muf 
C sVj g n ,i.of d.Cn rr ion . Ci rj l> •' j ty , i. vid .Can e« . 
Ca'rjoua, adj. Med. tattBt- 
CiVlinc, i. 1. vid. Caroline; 2. cemp. — 

lea, SAiji-4. SBfnftlhlttn) -tbUtla. Bot. 

abttttHtj. [2. graue erbfen. 

CaHljagf, t. pi. 1. Ship-b. bie Aitlftbninnen i 
Cai'lock.jt.otd.Isinglau. [btr'jiBifliigitfniolli'. 
Car'iiiiilln^-wool [— wiJIl. i. bie (tntttt &0XU 
CaHmellte, 1. 1. Ecc. ber (SarmtUttrj 2. Pom. 


C»noe'nj«-wool [-will], i. bie fifioatifrtje (taf 
menifa>t)KB«Efifim 1 batperfifibt3itfltr(bair. 

Cana 1 

Cannm'stive, i. adj. Med. mtnbtnibtnb { II- 

c-i", s. pi. Med Surnunatico, 
c:ii J min c [ Wore, be.], i. tier (Sannin. 
CaVaadlne, ». bie gleifcbfnrbt. [SBiltredjt. 
Cfir'nage, a. 1. bag ffitraebri} 2. 5por(. bat 
Cur'nal, I. ail}, ; 11. — ly, adu. fteifajlid), ffon> 

lid), WODfifligj HI. — neii, j. Bid. Carnality. 
Ciir'nairit, Car'nallte, t. btr Btlllid} geflnntE 

BXenfdjj SBcUuRIinfl. 
Carnil'jty, s. bit glcifdjeSluft, Si tin I i dj fe it. 
To Car'nnJfte, u. a. burd) Unjust btflctttn. 
C?rn*'tion. t. 1. bie glei[d)farbt} 2- J'ainf. 

biegleifdibaltnngi 3. But. bieSartenntlfe. 
CnrnS'tifned, adj. fitifiSfaibtn gefarbt. 
CnVnel-work, j. Ship-b. tie gciODbnlidjt Xnle> 

gung tier yianlen (oj>p. Clinch- work). 
Caine'!]an, ( — 'IjonJ, Cir'negl, i. Mb. btr 
Cr'neodi, adj. fleifdjig, fctl. [Garneol. 

Ciir'pay, j. far. btr grofdj (ORuntiitOBtbeit 


CSrn|fjca'tion, ». Svrg. Hi «erReif*(n. 
To Car , n|f? l u. n. Sunt, gietfd) anfeatn. 
Cimio'ii, *. Gtog. (baaJpetjogthum) Jtrain. 
Car'njitl (Car'navat), *. bag Sarnaoat. 
Carn| v aridity, i. biegUifdjgier, bt r£ ti&h u ng tr 
CarnlvVoni, adj. fbifdjfreffVnb. [nadj gleifd). 
Carnfi.'ity, j. Surg. Set gleifiiausnuicfcs. 
Cir'nooi, adj. ftctfibig. 
Cn'rgb, *. 1. Gold-st*. bit Qatobti 2. (—bean, 

or —bread), bae 3oljanni$brob. 
CarOchtf, I, bit Qaroflc- 
Ciir'ol, •. baOtibcMrtj bee 8obgefa»a.. [fen. 
To cfiVol, v. 1. n. fingm, jufcrtn { 11. a- lobpr et< 
Caroline, (. l.Jtarolinc (g-n.)j S.ffnm. 

btrSaroIin. [£atepnIS« ot.^anprTcblagitbi 
Carovid (-dal), adj. Anai. -arteriea, 
Cardu'ial, x. l.baSSarroiifeH; 3.ind.Carou 
To Caiuu^e', v. n. 1. jedjen; 2. Am. [drawn 

(ait 3tdjbrubet). [2. pi. nolle Bt djer. 

(Jaroiiie', j. 1. bti6 (Idrmtnle 3(0)0 <£clag ; 
C*rfifl'((r, f. ber 3cd>er, Stdjbruber. 
Cirp, *. Ich. btr 4tarpftn. [belli, befritttln. 
To Carp, o. n. (mlt at), fpotten, ftidjeln, to* 
CSr'peiitar, j. btr 3immtrmann. 
Car'pentiy, f. bat Simtnaljaribiueit'. 
CaVpor, j. btr Sabler, Jtrittltr. 
Liir'pet, t. btrKeppid), bit gupbecte; —bag. 

bifflieifteafdjej -walk, -way, bet fflafenmeg. 

To CiiHpflt, ii. a. mil S-tpoidjcrt uberlegtn, be 
(Sr'petins, j. Com. baS Stppicbjtug. [betfen. 
L'iir'poJlte, s. Kin. btr Garpolitij. 
CiiW, t. Anat. bit £anbn>u[jtl. 
Ciir'py, t. 5q(. tit .j)agebud)t. 

Cirr, Cfrtck, Ac, ui'rf. Car 

CaVriagt, j. 1. baS gGbren j gabttn, Srogen, 
gortbiina^berSraiiSporti a./is-biegort* 

l Can- 

ptianjnng (brt edjuHa, ic)( 3. bo* gnftn 
tstrf,btrZSagcn,Jtarrrnj 4. toSfficficii (tii 
ntr Jtutfdje, ic)j btr ^Srofciuagra; bie Sof- 
ftttei boeffiapcrti bit (M6rftr«)8ttriitig f 
5. bit gradjt, bal gubrlDbn j a. bit gaining 
(e- $ftrbc6, it.) i 7. jig. baS iScntbmcn, So 
tragtn; bitSXanitrj 8. Print. booSanfbrtt) 
bcui or-, batcafttbier j (hip of-, bat Eiift« 
fibiffj bill of—, Com. btr graajtbricfi — 
lifter, mod. bit SBagtnrcfnbn —linker, bit 
^(mmttfte) —■topper, bcrfBrtm*, ))rcm*. 

Cirtjck-, I. camp. Mars. — bead, brr plartt 

Jtnopfi — bit*, btc SSttctnba tinge bee epiUC. 

Car'ried, prtt. t p. p. Von To Carry. 

CaHrjer, 1. 1. btr Ubcrbringcr, gu^rtr, Ante, 

Sraaer) 2. btr gttbtmann, Jlarrner) B. (— 

—pigeon), bie Cricftaube. 
CaVrlon, I. «. 1. tut XMj 2. fig. coiit. bfll 

9iabenaa6) II. adj. laflgi III. comp. Om-«. 

— crow, bit Xaetrdbt) — vnlture, a)btrX-> 

geitrt 6) «id. —crow. 

Csr'rijnSde, ,'. Citn. bit ClirrouabC. 

Carrdbn', », 1. bte Knmmer an pricilegirttn 
guhrwertcn in Bonbons 2. ber ^3*d)t, ben 
biefe gu^r »crf e jablen miiffcn. 

Car'rot, s. 1. bie OTobtc, gelbc fltu.be } ».^g. 
rwfg. ber fflctbfcpf j 3. bte Xabdreurortt. 

cVrij tjn?s«, i. bit rotbt garbc btr $aarc. 

Car'rotty, adj. l.ntobrenfarbigi 2.ref&boarig. 

To Cir'ry, v. I. a. 1. tragtn, fubrcn, faftrtn, 
bringenj a. fig. fubren, bringen, rcrfcaem 
8. fortfilbrfn(biaouerurftit,j.sJ. eintQKaucr, 
ic.)i i.fig. writer fubren, fortfegenj befrir- 
bern, trttbent 6. (—away, off, Ac), bunt- 
fiiftten; brocrtflcQigcn, bnrdjftften (pais. 
burdjgeten) ; bacontragen, erlanflcn, gen>in> 
nen,trobem / (— it, bitCbcr^anb btfommen); 
tntbalttni T. dufent, irigtn, ocrratbtni 6. 
lit. tragtn, (unter)fhiaen, leittn (j.S. fiopfcn 
an€Stangtn)i fl. tragtn, eriengen(grfidjte)( 
10. tragtn (ben JMrper)j/Ig. (fi4)btrragtn, 
btnrbmtn (and) to — it); H. n. 1. tragtn 
(con Sdjicfigenif&ttn, ic.y, 2. tint Stidjtang 
^aben (rort e. 0Sult,!C.)i 3. Man, bcnJtcpf 
tragtn, balttn; 4. sport. Srbc, Eibnct, k. 
tragtn (sen btn$a(en) j to — loto the book, 
in'S iBun) tintragcni to — away, 1. Afar, 
tbbrtdjcnf r-erlieren ((. aRaftbaum, ic-jf 3. 
ine madjen, Dericitrai 3. (audj mit before, 
out), ^tnrtVprc, bejaubernj to- forth, or 
oat, 1. jut Bdjau tragen) 2. aufcrn, roe- 
bringenj to — oh", 1, njcgSoIcn, entfuftrtn, 
K-i 2. nitgrafftn, (fobrcn)i to — on, 1, an' 
fnbtent 2. antreiben, btfcrbernj 3. betrci* 
ben, ccrfolgtn. fubren, fortfubrenj to —ant. 

Dg :ecb> GoOgle 


tobein--,briCSaffe{l>ei®c(tt)|citn balance 
oforln-.bttGaffitbeftanbi to pay in-, per 
Gafla btjabltm payment in-, bit fflatjafj. 
lungt proceeds in— .betCalTenerrtflgj when 
in—, nad) @tngangj to keep the—, bit Gaffe 
ffi^rtnj -account, bat Gaffa.<Gcnto) - 
book, 1. bat Gaflabnoj j 9. ba« Sofangsbnd), 
box,bUGaflt} -bu>ine«s,&>ntnn:fltfLpa , ftej 

— keeper, otrGanittr; — note, bic TbintU 
fungi — no t*», 0s5 SaffubraitUon. 

To CKsb, v. a. Com. einm tibfrin, ju ffictbe me 
tben,Teaitfirtnjto— abill, eintnSBtrbfel, eini 

Casbew'-nnt, s. l.bif Xtafounup) 2- uid. C«- 

Cashier 1 , j. bet Gaffiret. [shoo. 

To Cashier' (-■litre'), v. a. 1. caffictn, tnt= 
lafftnj 2. auf&tben) 3. unaultig matben. 

Cathie'rer, *. bar @nffet,er, Umfturjtr, M. 

Cash'do, j. Worm. boB Jtatedju. 

CaVjmSre (—mire), f. Cum. bet Go ftrait i 
einbowed— , fl(Brt#tgEftreiftet S-J —nan- 
keen, bet Jt6:pct=3t anting. 

Cs'sfng, p. ». I. *in(>. I. bet flb trjug, bit Gin= 
foffimgi a. ^rc/i. bie eertleibungj -with 
stone, Dyk. bat Splactroerf i —paper, bai 
patfpipttr; II. c-», pi. Jfush. bet getrctfnefe 
■ffubmtfi jut gtuerung. 

Cart, j. l.batgafc bie Sonne; 2.*ber$tlm 

— bridge, Jrcn. bit Sonnsnbrucfe. 

To Caik, v.a. (in tlnga?) tin' ob. anffutttn. 
Cartel, ». 1. bus (©(bmatfO-ffifWcn i 2. c-a, 

pi. via". Ga.keU. 
To Cfiv'ket, ti. a. in tiajtfijtdjm »erfd)Iit6ei 
Cftas, *. Gam. the great—, tar grojie Gcfinoj 

tbe little — , bet Heine fiafinn. [nioraurjel. 
CWada, CftWavl, t.&ot. bit Gaffdoa, SDta- 
Caun'tion, s. bit Qaffation, Gaffirungi court 

of—, Lav. bat G-Sgetidjt, bet G-fbof. 
CXf'tja [ciihla], j. bieGoffiaj -berrj, bet 

Bubfee«cb.3Daraa,ua!)t!}eei —bark, — Hgnea. 

bie Gafficntiiite j — bods, — blooms, 3imnut< 

blurnen, jSimntelMiitbeni — aticki, or— in 

tbe cane, gtodrcoffia. [bet GafTiboniet. 

CaVi|dony,*.l.B H r.ba6ffluGtftautJ 2.Min. 
CiU F sjni£re, Cas'tjroer, j. vid. Casimere. 
Canine', j. Bot-s. 1. bit Gafftnet bet $ata< 

guantttei 2. bit tarolinifaje Stedjpalme. 
CaujneV, j. Com. mod. btr GefBitrt. 
C?ssi'nD, i. mad. Gam. bae Gaftnofpiel. 
CSsWk, 1. 1. (ebein.) btt Saputto* ; 2. (fe»f) 

brrte ibterf, baSUMtrfltib (bctSeiftif d>en,jc). 
CaVaoplde, t. Cam. bit CSaffonabe, bet $)ubrc< 

jnctcr. [ber Aafaar. 

Ci»'«[?w«rj, CaVaowary, CiWiuary, *. On. 


To Cast, «.ir. L«.l. gw. tgcrfrnf *. «*» 
nttrftn, ftreuenj 8. abmrrfen (Jtleibcr, tc) j 
4. »eg=, tot*, gfnnxtfcn} antttcrfen (ben 
TCnfcr); fallen laffen, Betf(iiit»ili 5. obntii 
fen, uetlitten (biejiauti bit gebttn: *on fid) 
maufetnben6fgeln,».)} 6.(ffl[dben) jicfccii, 
(BaDimc,3(.)avif»[(fcni T. ftoScn, fibicben, 
(lutjtit i B.fig. Dtrfcatn (in t. 3uflanb, ic.)j 
9. auSBetfen, ccrbreitcn (©tra&kn, Sicbel, 
jc, audj.%.>, ntrfen (©riattenj fig. Sitbt, 
tinen Slid anf CtroaS, i(-)j ten fid) geben 
(ffltrudj, £!((, it.)j 10. W. *^ e . (ntebcr) 
roerfen j befiegtn, ubcrtteffens 11. ubctnit* 
djct)DttuttbciIcn,Gtrn)ctfen; 13. auetedjncn, 
beici6nraiQnr(blngei[,ct»agtni 14. (iflollcn) 
bnlbetitn; 15. cnt»ctfen,abra^cn,ieid>ncni 
16. (ouajyig. geftalten), formitcn, mebclni 
giffm (OTetall;, (8id)te) jieficnj II. n. 1. 
(oft mitnbout), aufStmae fianen, narbbeti' 
ftnj 2. fief) gitptii, formen lafftn j 3. (i<b »«■■ 
fen, trumtn metbtn (oom|»oljc, u.)i 4 - Mar - 
abfoQen (beim 1(nPctIia>t:n)i to — Iota, lofcn 
(—upon, itm)i to — agaimt,yig. torwetftni 
to — away, I. fie- ptrbunntn (©utgra, ic.)j 
2. to — one'i self away, fid) in'a Setectben 
ftut)tn{ pats, ju (Stunbe act)ta, ©djiffbnid) 
leiben; to — behind, (binft r ftdj) juturt laf= 
fen, junortomnMH to — in, {Stncift, w.) 
beibtinfltnj to — oft", l, in, bfis- abmerfen, 
ablrgcn, ic.j 2. pttnetfen) 8. abbanttn; 
uttftoficnt nbneifeni reiloffcn; 4. uberbo> 
Itni 6. Sport, (bit 3agbbunst) losiaffnif 
to — out, 1. ULiifig. auSftoptni 2. Com. 
SBaartn aufrbtcfen; to — up, 1. aufnerfen 
(Stbe, M.) j 2. (bur $ Stbt cdj en) pen fid) 
Bcbctt; 3. cu6»jrfcn(Octun)c, it.); 4. uirf. 
To Cost, 13 j to — upon . . .. fd}i<brn auf . . .; 
tn - one's self upon one. fid) aa^cmanb ntn* 
btn, fid) auf Stmanb pnlaffcn. 

Cfiit, pre(. A p. p. D. To Cast. 

Cast, s. 1. gen. btt Iffiurf, baa SBctfcns Xut> 
roetfeni bit SSutfretitc) 2. lit. tfig. btr 
(SBurfcDBButfi tie^Jrobei 3.bttOup(ct. 
net gigat, ie.)j i. bie (9u»5om) 5. 
found, bit Singufttibtcj 6. boi gcgoffene 
»tib} T.jSg. tote Oeftalti tar »au (tat 
*erfc,it.)i 8.*(riuSereltnfibcin,Ttn(lrin)i 
9. bit angebotnt Krt, €Xanicr, QKicnti 10. 
ber (and): ber fd)icfe) Siitfi H.tar Jtniff, 
?fiff, etrcioji 12. bit Xtt, ber ed)iag) bat 
gua)i 13. bit jcafre (In Cfttnbitnti 14. 
Sport, btr glng (tin $>aar) ?falren. 

Cast-, comp.— auray, t. fig. 1. bcrHnttenrf 
tej 2. bitnbfcb^oigeXuriootti Xbntifniuji 




-iro», «u#eifraj -aleel, bet Snfftabl, 
raffia trie Cta&L 
CaVtanfta, t. pi. ATuj. Saftagntttrn. 
Ciite,«.»it JtafttJ fid. Cut, 13. 
CaVtelWn (— *d), t. ber QifttOon. 
Ci»'tellmy, i. bit eoflcUanri, fflurgboglei- 
To CSVtfllate, o. a. umbaurn, dnfnffcH (j. S. 
eintn Sninnen). 

CaVtallited, adj. briburmt, btjinnt. 

CiUttlis'tioD, *. bai Befeftigen tint! fcaufrt. 

Cli'tcr, f. ]. bet SBerfer; 3. btr ffiedjner, ic. 
cf. To Cut; 3. bat (urfflnacac) SMU>m 
(an brogufen ber etufclt, it.)) 4. bie <Sa* 
raffine) 5. (— frame, or ■ aet of c-*), bie 
JUntnunage. [mul$ig«. 

To (HVtigite, o. a. l. idfttigcnj 2._ng. Be= 

Clitjgi'tioo, j. 1. Ik 3ii4tipnfl, JBeftrafung j 

CaVtjgltor, t. set 3u4tiget. [2. bie Sufc. 

CaVt|g(tory, adj. jnm^uajtigut bitnenb, judj> 

UMUIe'. CmUTj*, #. Geog. Gaftiiien. [rigenb. 

Caitfr'lan, a<6'.*» . caftiUaaifd} j bet Gaftilia ntr. 

CaVtjng, I. p. i. ba» SBrrfcn, U. (m'd. To 
Cut); II..t.l I b«t®ufftu<f,tet®iif) 2. bet 
TtibtniJj3. .SpoM.biegalfeHptlle; — off (of a 
rani), Afar. baG llmlegen (cine* e5d)lffefl) j 
at camp. — home, bie fflieftret, 6<6meli< 
&utltj bet Cimeljcifen ; —net. Fish, sac 
SBnrfgaroyffinrfntB i - plate, C-w. bit fflie,. 

CaVtjng), *. pi. (Suiironcrtn. [plat ft. 

Cte'tle [dl.'il], j. 1. has etb>f, .ffafteu", bie 
Surg; 2. Mar. bieSeifj 3.Gafn.bftffioa)e 
(im e*ai*)j —keeper, ber ©eblofbogtj 
— top, Mr Jtrriftt) —ward, bie Sutgoogtei. 

To Ctatle [ciV«n, u. n. Gam. rodjtn, rodjittn. 

CiVtl e( i[t*Wi[d],aaj , .mited)IofTeni,get6iirmt. 

Cutlery [cmValrj], i. bit Surges gtti. 

OVttet [r,s«'il«t], f. bos &&)\tfa)m. 

dit'ljog, *. sit nnjeitigt Stibeefrudjf ) — 
•Mm (caatllngi), pi. gene eon ungebbtt' 

Ob/tor, *. 1. Zoof.bttfflibtr, Caput) 3. cant. 

tin 4>"t! 3. cid. Caitoreum; —and Pollux, 
l.Met-ufd.CorpoMDl; 2. Ait.vid. Gemini; 

■■■beam, £mrglrt6rntti —nut, file $utgtr= 

nafi — oil (Caitorj-), baeStirinttsol. 
CSatoreW, s. Com. tin ftiaet,fd)ttttttXufel. 
Caat&Vinjn (- rean). *. batBibtrgtil. [meln- 
To Cu'Hte, r. a. 1. tafrriren ) 2..%. ptrfrdm. 
Caatrttlon, ■. J. bfeBtrfdjneibnngj Ctntmari' 

wmgt iLBol.bieQafirationj 3. fig. bieBer. 
Caitri'to^.bttfiafttatcesinflttJ. [ftummelung,. 
OaVtrd, >. Ora. ber ffBannennte&er. 
Cutrin'i)au i ad;'- Mit. in einem Soger grtirtg. 
OS T oal[ciab'aal], I. adj.; II. — ty, ado. Jll< 

fdffig) -wart, Cram, bat Somen* M.- 

Caydaltr [cfab.'-], f. 1. bU3ufBll!grtitj 3, 
btt 3ufoH) 3. bet Kobetfair, UngliitfefaB. 
CVdiat [cSib.'-]- '• «•■ ber Cafuift 
To Cat'uiit , v.o. btnSafnifha fpielcn. [fuiflifd). 

Ca>4r«'tje, -oal, I. ad;.; 1). -tally, adu. CO- 

CSa'iistry, j. At. bie Qafuiftit. 

C5t,i. f.l,McJtat«, betjtateti s.Afaw. 
a) bat Jtatfdjiff; fc)bie Jtat, betXntetbottn) 
a. tin bopptltcr X>rcifvp mit [eo>S guftett ; 

— in pan, proi'. Btt flberia«fet, XuBteifetj 
II. comp. — of Dine talla, 1. Sea it Mit. bit 

Stntrpritfdje, ytitfdje mit niun Sttaa- 

gtTlJ H-mount, — a- mountain, wild—. 

Z-joi. bit nulte JCa(C) —block. Afar, btr 
Jtatbioctj -caU.-cal, (-pipe,), 1. bie eotf. 
Ipftifti 3. btt Sotfoogtl) —fall, Afar, btt 
Jtatiauferj — fiah, Ich. bet gefigttte paii 

— gat, 1. bit Sarmfaitt) 3. Com. ber-BXarli j 
MaT-i. —harplngi, Bit SojiDigtingcn bet 
SBanB (oB. btt ynttingeii>j -head. Bet 
Jtta^nbflleeit} —'ahead, Pom. btt Jl-nropf, 
4>aftn(opf, eine Xtt Spfelj —heads, Afin. 
JC-nfteine(tiftnhaUigeJtROitn inQXinetdltcn^i 

Afar-«. — holea, Bit JtatUajttJ —book, Bel 
Jtntbalen, Kntcchateil}— mint, —nip, Bat. 
bie Jt-nntflnjt) — '■ pav, Mars. 1. elnt 
fanfte ober leidjtc Jtuijlte, bie ffltitfej 2- ber 
^ollaiibtr (tine "Sit aSiftlinge in einem Sau); 

— rope, ber Jtotlaufen — ialt, Afin. tin fein- 
ts migeS GSalj (auS SlitterFoIt, sum fflettitcn 
btr ^artenScife)} — rilver, Afin. bet (Slimmer, 
baBJt-nfiiberj Bot-j. -tail, 1. bat Jtdiajen 
an ©et&dcSfen, gtn>. p(>, ■eitl. Catkin.; 2. 
bitSetoXoibt} — tyme, bat Jt-nlraut. 

To Cat the anchor, Afar, ben Infer ouffatren 
Ciiabip'tjit, i. Ecc. ber Jtatabaptift. 

Citfcaue'tic, Math. I. adj. latafauftifd)! II. 

c-«, i. pi. bit Srennlinirn Bata) inruttgetDot< 
fine etrafclen- 

CStachrWtjc (-calj, 1. adj.; U. -tally, nrft'. 

lihet. gejnnngtn. [itbifd)t StaDfhitttn). 
Cat , *can>b|[-cowE],f.pI.JCatarsmben(untet' 
CatacouVtjcc «.pl. Math, bie JtataFuftif. 
C3tadj6p'trjc, Opt. I. adj. (-cal>, fatabtop" 

ttifdj { n. c-a, a. pi. bie Jtatabioptrif. 
Catagtnit'jc Afrd. I. adj. Sriiftc beilenbj II. 

c-a, a. pi. erfidje btilenbe SKitttl. 
CSfagrSph, j. Paint, bie eftjjt, btt Umrif . 
CatalcVtlc, adj. Poet, tatalertifd). 
Catalfp'ti l ,Cat'aiepi.y,j.Mpd. bie Jtatclepfft. 
CStaleVtjc, adj. Med. fololeprifdj. 
CafalbgHe [-log], i. bet JTfltfllOfl. 
To Cit'slOgue, To Cftt'alggTze, v. a. in tinctt 

Jtatalon bringen. 
CatSI'pa, s. (-tree), Bot . be rZtomjKtenb flum. 




tint BernlAtnogimafdjtae OCrt Torpado) |u 
Qgploflonttt btr ftinbliifjtn ©Sjifffi 8. (in 
Ktnfunblonb) tint grobe Irt e<6titten. 

CitfapUufm, i. Surg, ber Srtinmfdjlag. 

ClffriSct, i. 1. btr (groft) ©(tffErfon ; 2, 
md. Portcullis; 3. Med. bergraue Etaor. 

Catarrh', •. AW. bet JTatarrb. 

C*.cii-rb>l,C»ti.ib , oo.,nrij.fQUcc6alifd). [p6t- 

C « l.li'tr o p be (— p b j) , j . Pott. bfig. bit Jta ta (ho > 

To Cfitcb, v. reg. * (r. 1. a. 1. lit. &.%- f«n< 
gen, crgreifeni tr»ifd)en, erUppenj 2. faf. 
fens (ouf')faitgen (Qttoal)] 3. tit. k fig. 
fonflfn (gtuer, M.)i *. aufftngen, ftd) |u- 
lichen (e. Jtrant$rft, it ); fig-t. 5. tinned 
men, feffetaj 6. auffimgen (tinenXon, ic)- 
7. auffaffen (ben Sinn tintr Sadjc, icjf 11. 
n. 1. unftrefen, anfted'enb fein-j 3. fa (fen (eon 
(e.£att n,ic)i to -(a) cold, fid) crfdlteit ] to - 
■ fall, tinrnjan tftanj to — hold of..., fid) 
an... tjaltfit, GtroaS ergreifen < to 
Sport, mitttrn* to — at, I. (and) Olmoe) 
flecifen, fdjnopceii, buf^en) 2. jig. tradjtcn 
3. jn fungen fudjen , nadjfieEcit ; to — op 
auffonflcn, luegrcifien, rttttn. 

Citcb.I. it. 1. ber gang, fflriffi 2. bet ffiaub, 
DitScnte; S. bie SajiwEigfeil, ber 3ug; 4. 
ber Heine X&ril, tie Stfitfibeni 5. Afui 
fRurtUgefang, Sic guge, btr JtanoEi 6. btr 
s"b(a6,bie$ioufej 7. bie tuaers 8. lit. kfig. 
berMnflug, leidjte Sfnbruef, Die gcringe Xn. 
(tcctung; 9. bit Btroiurbung, berVrsmobng 
10. toec\-t. a) bet $nFcni ©djnipperi 
edjllcfbatni} btt (Sbur=)JflinFc, ic.j 6) 
Hr (griff, Ungriff j c) ber Bptrrftgtl " * 
rctr Bilbonuet, qv.; 12. rirf. Ketch; 13. ber 
ginger, Stottbeogel] 14. sport. o)b»sgc= 
btrfptei (be! Balrtn;j ») ber Serial] bj 
c-ei, «bgefe(t, medjfeUineifei II. com p. —fly 
But. Hie ^edjntlh) -line, Typ. bicSajlafV 
jeilei —penny, wig. bie fflelbfajncibertt 
fiberb.; bit fdjledjte (Brofdjfice, «.; —weed, 
Sol. balJtlebtrauM — "ord, TVp- ber QuftoE. 

Ciitfcher, ». 1. sergdngtr] 2. ber {tdftcrt 3. 
bitSiblingei btr gifdjbamen. 

CSfchap, j. rook, tine pifante au5 ocrfdj. Be 
u.SflijibereitettSantt (gtnt. nad) b.$aiptbt' 
fhlnMbeil gen., role: maihroom— , oyitcr— , 

CKte, 1. 1 . vi d. Catechu ; 2. vid. CMei. [*<:.). 

Ci«ihft'|e (-e»l), I. adj.; D.-cally, otto, 
lattebetffd). [gen fiber.... 

To CSt'ecblfe, n. o. 1. telcdjifireii j 2. befm= 

Cafcchtyr, *, btr Jtattd)iftrenbt. 

CSt'echr f t*. j. btr JtottdjUmnE. 

Cartehltt, M.EcaUT JtOttcbet . 

CXUehft'tle, Ac, aft C.tetkwie, Ac 
ClfogbB, s. Pliarm. M* JtattdjU. [djutatn. 
Cat8;hD'm«n (-nenfiit), j. £cc btr Jtatt- 
CSteebBmln'jcifl, adj. fatcdjamtnlfd). |gfri[o>. 
CitcgSiV?). 1- adj.; il.-l>, odn. Log. fate 
CKfegary, j. £o£> bit Jtttcgoru, Glaffc. 
Cjfteni'rjtn, Cfit'gnijry, ai/j. Fcttcnortlg. 
ToCifenste, o.a. rttfen, fcfftln j rcrftttcn. 
CHtens'tion, j. bit ScrFettung, 
To Cs'ter, v. a. &bcnemittcl anfiboffrn. 
CS'i^r, j. Gam. Bit SSicr (ouf Jtnrtcn,ic.)i - 

cousin, fig. ber Sajmuro^cv, (Sunfiltng. 
Caterer, t. ber Eicfcrant, yroriantmcifter. 
cs'tere-M, s. bie QlnFduferlnn, Knegcbcrinn. 
CSt'erpilltr, i. But. bit ERuapc ( liirmca. 

T<i cftt'erwiul, e. it. I. mtoucuf 2. fdjrdcn, 
CSferwin!, i. 1. ban JtaBcngtfdjrri i 2. bit 

Jtmenraufif i 3. 6a6 ©cfrtjrei, (Sttofc. 
CS'tery, t. bit Scrrattj- (ct.BprifcO lammer 
Cfiiet, t. pi. bitMcneniricI, btf. ecrTtrbiffra. 
CStfi'a rTit, t. Ecc. tin $)urltaticr. [nigenb. 
Cathar'tic (-cal), adj. Med. obfuftrenb, rti- 
CBtnartjcf, *. ji(. JHcrf. Xbfu^ningimittcl. 
Cathe'dral, 1. t. bit Jtrt t t>c b ra I c, Ei'mfiiibc) 

II. adj. 1. cine Jt. bctreffcnB, ftiftSmdfiigi 2. 
fig. alt, ebneurbig. 

CSfA'edrited. p. a. ben !c6rftufil Setreffrab. 
CatlLedrKt'jc, i. bie »ifcf)of*fttUCr. 
cstli'erino, i. Jtatfjarina (g-n.). [fonbt. 
CiWeter, j. Surg, ber Jtatbeter, bit ffllaftn. 
CaOic'ienpm, j. Surg, btr Jtalteferiemu*. 
CUtVnlfc (-cal), I. adj.; II. -ly, adx. h- 

tfrolifib; rcdjtgldabigt lll.t. ber Jtatbclif | 

IV. -nen-, i. bie TCUgemeini)cit,l!nirerfoli!at. 
OfihSrlcffBi, CiiAollc'Jtj, i. l.bcrJtatbcli. 

cUmufi; 2. bie Knbanglidjteft on btnfcibtn. 
CafABI'jcoii, i. Med. & Lit. baft Jtaft)olifoit. 
Cit'kjnj, j. pi. Bet. 1. bie JMse&fitf 2. baa 

OKoeS an Soancn. 
Cat'like, adj. fa(jenartig, fa(tnf]aft. 

CiU'ljng, 1. 1. Rot. Vid. Catkino. 2; 2. Surg, 

tat Jtnerpclmtffer, 3etgliebcruRg«mtjftr. 
C?tO|.'ttr(- iron), j. Opt. basSpirgclfcnirti^r. 
CatOi/tric, - cat, adj. Phy. latoptrtfdj. 
c»tOp'tr|ci, t. pi. Phy. lie Jtatoptrit. 

Cit'iip, s. vid. Catchup. 

Caftle, ,. bae (3ug-)»icf), latrncSieb (bef. 
ffllnbcieb.)i —hurdle*, R-\c. Sicofarren. 
Ciia'datc (-dated), adj. gefd)n>dntt. 
CAo'dle, >. bie Jtraft[n?pc (fur Jtranfe, ic>. 
To Can'dle, v. a. cine Jtraftfuprx madjoi. 
CAof, /. Fith. ber gifdjFaften. 
Ciught [cat], prel. t p. p. pen To Catch. 
Cauk, j. Min. btt ©djractfpntb, fa>ntfclFaure 
Ciu'ky, adj. fdjKKrfpatbartig. LBarW- 

CUI, t. I, M Kt»j 2. Ml fwatitf- ber 

SmotUrauri ^nat-*. 8. bie KeHauti 4.1 Bake; II. it. in tinti $il)lt »o6n«1 to-lo, 

twt &b*fbaafcbra. -■-.*..... 

CinHferon*, adj. Bot. fbngtltreibcnB. 
Caal'|flo*er [col'-], * B"£. btT Sluitlcnfc&I. 
Cao'lffBrm [cfll 1 -], a*. Sot fhaqtiftmiQ. 
To Can*. To CAulk, Ac, rid. To C>lk, Ac. 
Cio'iable, adj. btwirfbar, aosfufcrbur. 
Cao'aaf, I. adj. ; II. -If, adv. ntfJ*li* j HI. 

x. <;ram. bit Gan[al«$artifel. 
Caa«*l'jty, (, Sic Urfidj [j*! tit, Qaufalitdt. 
C*D(i'Uoii, *. BicBtrorfadjona.. [lid), eaufatiP- 
CAVaatrre, I. adj.; II.— ly.adu.Grnm.utfacb' 
CAnei'eor, j. btr Berurfaojer, Ur&tbet. 
Ciafe,f.l.M(Urra4e f bn<I>rttnbi 2.bee$rc< 

tcf, Stedjtsfallt 3. biteSa4e,Xngt((gtnb(tL 
ToCAn.e, v. a. 1. oerarlotfjen, ntranlafftn; 

Cattae/lea*, I. tuff.; IL— ly, adv. gtnnbloS) 

obntUrfaijei HI.— ne«i,*.bie<»ranbli)f(g!(lt. 
CAVaer, i. 1. berllt'brbtrj 2. bit pjirfenbe 

Hrfa4)e. [flmfi 

CAoieVsy, CAa>ay, *. bit aSanflee, Jtunfc 
G^oifdlcil, «dj. anf etntnKbDOcattn btsugliij. 
Cini'tic (-eal), adj. Cfcem. A Med. tax- 

fHfd), tfenb) — cam, Gram, bit *3inra> 

Itniti —iloae, Surg. b«r JiWKufWB. 
CWeje, * Cfcem. * Afed. baS Stmfttel) 

lunar—, Surg, bft $5Henftein. 
C*a.hVity, t. Chan, bit S(ft«ft. 
Cio'ier, (. Surg, bat ffirnumfen j Sbmittrl. 
CAii'texTim, Cdoterjia'tion, *. Surg. UoSHrni' 

ma, t(M (do" SBunbe). 
To Canteen*, o. a. Surg. Stcnntn, roigbtlj' 

jenj e-iiag Iran, Surg., Dent, Vet. bus 

Snntteifen- [Canter. 

Cillery, i. i. bat Sterna, ttraj a. oW, 
CaVtioa, >. 1. bit Sorffdjtj 2. bit Caution, 

Butajdjaftj S. biegBatnunaj 4. bief3ia}er> 

6rittina(rtgd. [mat). 

To Caattoa, v. a. ujorntn (— agaiait, cot dt> 
CaVtionary, adj. 1. bfirgenb, ais *}fdnb bit' 

ntnb; 2. Banienb. 
CaVtioai[ca'ibvi], I. adj.; II.— ly, otto, "ot> 

liditia, bttmfflau IO.-neu,f.bitSi)rft<bt. 
CiTalcide*, j. bit Oapalcabe. 
CS-raller', I. «. 1. berfRtlten 2. btrtRirttt, 

QoMlietj 8. Man. bet runftatrcdtteReftirj 

4. Part, bet ISapalier, bit Jtajtj n. adj.; 

m. — ly, adv. l. rifterlid) s 2. mnntftj S. 

ttel, braoj 4. anmuptitb, ftolH trofltfl. 

CaValry, «. bit ffltittrci, HapaBtrie. 

To Ci'vSte, «. a. anSbSblen. 
Cml'tinn, Cfft/zion [— zhoa], i. Arc h. bit 
IfuBartbiuiflKrStinBiimentt eincl fflebifobtt. 
CtTe,t.l.Mt^«|lt) 2. wU Cellar. 
ToCt™, *. 1. a. J. txiWlai 2. oid. To 

Ca'vsat, j. 1. bie Qrtanrcuita, Banning} 2. 

Law, bet grriditlidji Oiafprud}, Seftblag. 
To Ci'ii&t, it. b. ainfpiudj tban, SBtfajlaa 
Civ'tra, .. bit ^oble. [Itgo. 

Civ'erned, adj'. 1. ooHtr $iSb(tn! 2. m j>Ab> 
CSvVnom, adj. cell ^o^Kn. [Itn nobnenb. 
CS'ver(, i. pi. Afin. (firj.jBicbe. 
Clt'euoa, Clv'fion, i. Afan. b(r JfilOBJOBm. 
To Civil, o. n. 1. fpitRnbiae ffiinTOitfe ma- 

d)tn } ftiitdn i 3. (mit at) fpitfinbig tc 

beln, befrittrtn. 
CSv'}l, t. bie epiijlnbigltit, 0otf ifttrri- 
C5ijl('Hon, r .BiiSfpLbRnbineIabi[ii,etreittll. 
Cftvller, *. bet Scpbifi, ffiortttiinber. 
CSVjlon., I. adj.; II. -ly, ado. feftjblUfr 

cerfdnalidji III- -n™, s. bat fpttfiabigt, 

it. SSefen, bit etrtitfudjt. 
csv'jn. j. Mil. ber 4>oblnite ob. Sribtn. 
CiYity, m. bit *ob(ang, fiable, Aloft. 
To Ca>, o, n. frdftjeti (toil Blabcti). 
Cav , dle,Ciwk,Ac^tiid.CRudle,£c. [Ot|ma"e. 
Chi'oI, t. Mia. bit (inm eajmeljtn ftrtige) 
Cayeoae'(Ca'jTO), J. (—pepper), btfOo^nint" 

^fefferj —eat, Zoof.bie anetfl. Xiflrt(ii(e. 
CSy'iaaD, t. Zool. berJtalmortj vid. Alligator. 
Oasis', Catlqna' [-ilk], t. btr Jtajife. 
To CSaie, tj. I. n. 1. oufbSnn) 2. oblaffen, 

satblafTea; II. a. tin fie a en, tub intn. 
Cewe'len, I. adj.; II. — ly, arfn. nnanfboTHa>. 
Caccbla [ Worf.), t. aid. Zectiin. 
cei/|le, ctc^ly, t. OecQlt (S-n.). 
C*i/|ty, i. bit fflltnbbrit. 
Cecn'tiency [-'-bjeo -], i. bit ®IBbfid>rifl!eit. 
cs'aar.j. Me3eb«j -like, jrtersleid). 

Ca'darn, adj. vid. Cedrlne. 

To Cede, o.I. a. Law, ttbittn, IbtteftA, fibtf 

UfTenj II. ». naitatbm, nxidjrn. 

:e'd»r,j. tm«,betIbtrettr,XniBeif(t, Scbent. 

;idn%, >. bit QtblUe. E.A.1 o*. jebetn. 

Ce'drjne [P., If 6^ JTn, Sm.; afdrlis S., »f, 
Ce'dry, arfj. JtbtrattJa. 
ced'Oou*. adj. foSbar, rd)Iaobat. 
To Cell, v. a. Arch. Hftln. 
Cei'ljng, t . l.Arch. balXifelBf Sdftlnttr, 

bit getifelte t>t£ts 2. Afar, bit SBegetn. 
CeTatnre [-tibflr], i. Mech. l.bit Jtnnft)U 

(jraotrtn, X., fflilbf*neiber(i ; 2. bit fltftc 


To Celebrate, v. a. 1. preifett, erSe&tn, Btt" 
bcrtliibtn; 2. feitnt, feierlidj begejen. 

Cilebrii'tloB, *. 1. bitQeiet, ft ierl. fflcertungj 
2. bit etttfrrlubotigi bal ^wifen, geiern. 

CUfbri'tor, i. btt eobttbtttr. 

OeleVrjooj, I. adj.; n. -Ij, adv. bcrfibntt)' 1 Aenftrafei S. Laid, Bat Urttmh 4. lit 
in. -ne«, ». Me Scruljmtbtit. I bieGeafar. Lartbeilen. 

CeleVrjty, i. 1. btr ffiu&m, Bit eerflbmrljeitj "To CeVinre, o.a. 1. tabrfn, rfatn} S. Wf 

2. vid. b. d. Celebration, j CcVsgrer, j. ber £ablcr. [2.bieeui»obit(rtlff£. 

CeleVIty. t. bie ©tfibtpinbfghfr, ecbneuigMt 

CeTery, j. Hot. berCeHerit. 

CeleVtia I [- tibtl], I. adj. ; II. - ly, ode. lit 

ft fig. bimmlif# i #intniets-i III. j. * bti 

JjiramtlsMtflcr, ©elige. 
CeYeiBn (-roe), i. Mi*, ber esieftin. 
CeTe itiDf, t.pi. Ecc. bi( CSIefttaerOSttSitdje). 
Ci'l|*c, adj. Med. jum Unrerieibt gebflrtg- 
CeL'jbacy, CeTjt.»te, *. bit GSbelofigtrit, baft 

Cell, 1. j. ring. 1. bleSeltcj 2. 6i(*tocj 3. 

baft (fl(rtn-)8o*i *• **«*. bie «nfeit.ffltn. 

faflung; II. c-s, t. pi. 1. jlnefc, A'ot., Hot. 

ftc, 3eH(ni£obIungeitj gadjer (imSbftt), 

bit JttrnPammeriii 9. Typ. bit gddjrr in 

CeYi«r, a. bcrJtribti — rent, ber JMerjint. 
Cellartge. f. 1. baft Jte(Itrgeia>SI ) 2. tic Jtel- 

lerrij 3. Com. a) bie Qaoagt) o) ber Jttl- 

letiint. [JMcrnwifter. 

aKlar«r,C*Vlarfct,Ce'lW. ». »« JtellKr, 
Cel'laret,*. efit8tafa)enfeu«. 
CeYlfilar, adj'. jcnig, jtEItnfSraigi 3tQen>. 
Cefime, i. tint Heine 3el», Z>Mi. 
Cel'tjtEde, s. tie $cbrit, Qr&aben&eit. 
Celt, #. ber Etlte, Jteltt. [Spra&e. 

Cel'tfe, I. udj. Wltifdj i IT. r. bU Ctltifaf 

CiWent, j. 1. bcrGcmentj 2. Cktm. bus Gc 
mratpnlBer? 3- jiff- bat Saab (ber greunb- 
fajaft, k.). 

To Cement', v. I. a. 1. fitttni 2. Ould-im. 

Card) (Senentirtn retnigta t 3. jfg. oerbinben, 
beftfHgen* n. n. fid) oerbinbm, (fefi) iufam« 
mtnbangeiL [BSerbintiuia. 

CenenM'tion, a. 1. baS JritttU, W. 4 8- Jig. bie 

CemeVler, j. l.ber MtttX/ia 2. fig. batBanb. 
CeWetery, a. ber Jtirdjbof, Sortttntttr. 
CSn'otiph. j. bat tSbrengrabmal. 
Cinie', a. Curt, bie ©teser, Sdjabung. 
ToCenie, «. a. l. Cu<(. fityujCR, befa>«(tns 
CeVier, t. bnfStauibfc*. [2.t>i'rf.ToIn€enie. 

ridjrerj Xablerj -like, tabelfiidjtig, ftrengr- 
Ceo«6'ri»I(— rjan),odj\l.ftnfortfd»2.tabelab. 
CeMtfrjon., I. oaj".; II. -ly, ado. tabelfa*. 

tig.ftrengt] jn.-ne«,*.bftS«ee[fn<bt. 
CeVaorrirp, a, Li'l. bos Oraforamt. 
Cen'iqralile [- ibijr -], I. adj.; 0. -ly, ade. 

tabtlnt»ertb, ftrafbar. 

Cen'mnl [— ■bar--], adj'. Cutt. — roll, or- 

bouk, bal etraerbadj, Siatregifter. 

C£n'u|i,a. I. bit oaitlidje Sintoo&Mr»3iSblaag j 
CEnt, a. 1. bal $trabettf 2. Am. bee Cent 

(Jtupfennfinie ='^oii EoBat)) per—, Com. 

pro Cent- [certain per— ,efn Merer fflewinn. 
Cen't»ge, i. ber 3in6 (c. {junbert), jiinlfaf i * 
Cen'tior, J. 1. Afytft. ber Qcntaur j 2. M 

ber eeb^te tat Xt)ierrrriftj -like, tcataa* 

renmdfHg. {ba« ZaufcnbgiilbenFrant. 

Cen'titiry, i. Bdf^.bitglCcTcnMuBtCi !e«Mr ■, 
Cln'tenfry, I. *. bal fHCBbcrt j II. adj. &tra- 
bert tntbalrentii buabcrtjabrig. 
C(nt*u'n|»l, adj. bnntertjdbrig. 

C#n'ter, I. m'd. Centre. 

CenteVfmal, Arith. I. a. tin |>nnbertcl, f)Kif 

bertrri II. adj. cmtcfimal, bunbertft. 
Cia't\gtSit.adJ. Arith. bunberttbcilifcin ban- 

bert fflrabe gttbrilt. 
CeVtinel, a. vid. Sentinel. [lopcnbcr. 

Cen'ijpede (-p«d), a. Eat. B[r«iclfn», ecu* 
C«nf uer, a. JHeioJ. 1. etn $>robir8C»i*t toi 

100 ^JfanbJ *• (bt* ben ^rebircnt) tin 

£t»(nt(bta. [baft glitfwcrt. 

Cen'tD (— (on), j. 1. Port. bcrCcntDi % gen. 

Cia'tral, L odj'. ; il. — iy, arte, central. 

Oentril'jty. a. bit Qtlttralilcit. 

CSntnajis'tlon, a. bit Ccntralffariett. 

— of an arch. Arch, baft SBiitmngftflcriift, 
ber ScbrliocjciH Mech-t. —of gravity, trr 
CSd}iverpnrirt{ — ofmution, bcrJBcmcgungft- 
pnnfti —bit, bet OentniOTbubttr ; —lathe. 
Hot. tie QentrtrmaftbiBt. 

To Cfn'tre [-t«r], v. I. a. l.iabeaOTittelpunrT 
bringeai 2. coactntrirta, peranigem II. n. 
1. in gXittripanW fefaj 2. (n tintB %vmtI 
Rdjcettintgen) 3. (— on, oaf...) bermbm. 

«n'tr|c (-c«l), I. adj.; II. -cilly, ado. In 
Stirtelpunltebcfinbiid); lll.-calnew.a.eM. 

Centne'jty, j.bitSnat {mSXittelpunFtC. [D.f.fS. 

Centrlfflgat, wlj. lliy. cenfrifugai. 

Centrln'etal, adj. Pliy. (cnfripetal. [genift. 

Cen'try.a. -*re/i.berfflcibDlDboacB,ba(ffl(i8eit' 

Centa'ple, adj. buntcrtfacS. [fa4cn. 

To Centa'ple (-'pljcste), v. a. ucrbunbert. 

To Centn'rjlte, v. a. in ^nnberte cintbeiiot. 

Cfn'tBry, a. 1. bie Sentnrie, bat ^unbettf S. 
CTron. bal ^abrbiinbcrt. [fibiner^. 

ClpValaliy, a. Afed. tcr d)rgnifd)t Xotf. 

Cepblrlc adj. Med. etpbalifd), f>aupt>. 

ce'rMe, j.Med. bieSBadjffaibe. [uberjfeben. 

To Cf rite, To Cere, v. a.Btlbfnt, mit Bflibft 

CJi/iorer-ebttr], t.H. berlabd) «. bieJUr. Cere, i. bieiBodHiont (btrfRanbeogiDf - 




.* ISadjt » obcr 

ragliid* 3>fl*fler. 

Ce'resl, adj. (nifpruitgltd) bit (Sett in GeveS 

but.) Oletrcitc ctev Jtcrn betieffe nb , ~ 
gruu*. (Sftrevtearflftr. [blrn. 

C*Veb«l. CeiebeTlnm, I. Anal. Boi Heine GSf 
Cert-bral, adj. 4«ai. A Cfum, cerebral. 
<;*r«bnVjty, *. Afsif. bit ^irureu t&. 
CereWnjal. I. ai/j. 1. ceremonial; 2.u<d.b.ti 

Cerenonlaai ; II. t. I. tat GeremonieHj 'J. 

jEcc. bat Gcremonfalbnd). 

CeYeWflioua, 1. adj.; II. — ty. adv. frier 1(4, 

errcmoaidt, tunftdntilib) III. — nui, t. bit 
SrtcriUb'ritj Umjldnoiiibtcit. 
CeVengny, i. bie Gtremonie, Scterltdjreiti 
cercBoniw, pi bit Umfianbf, Gomplimtntt. 

Ce'reoija, arfj. joddjfetn. CvrMa 1 , du. Seroon. 

Certua, f. Hat. bit 3etTtid)C. 

Certain, I. adj.; II. — ty, ado. 1. fid)«, |Oi 

ntrldfiiflj 2. btRimmf, rcgelmijig} 3. aeteif 
(nnbefiirawt); --price, Com. btr btftinbtge 
Berth. [Sltgelaiaigieit. 

Certainty, *. Me Omifbtit, ^uoerlaffTghft, 
Certificate, i. bieae[d)emfo,oao,,ber(Seg[aii. 
biflnBg*.)GS*«ni *«t Gtrttflcar, Klteftati 

— OT health, HCT S efllltt t) citfipufr. 


(4irimiii*064tin auSftcIIen- [bigung.l 

CfrtificA'iiou, i. bie Seftbriniguag, Beglan 
Tu Certify, v. a. 1. o erg era iff em, braadjrldV 

tigeit, perfid>tTO; 2. atttfriren, bc(ajeliugen, 
C ertjo r s'n [— ib j g — ], j. Law. berCe f 1 b If brie f 

elntthDhcrnOfridjteane.niittte* |urGtafen* 
Certitude, i. blefflctoi^eit. [bungler Xcten. 
Cero/lean, Cerflleoa*, od;. Watt, bimmclblati. 
CerBLifje, adj. blan madjtnb, blduenb. 
Ceru'nen, i. bal Dbrenf$ma[j. 
Ce'ruie,*. f;Aeni. bai Sleimeit j »ei)li 

ft) — of antimony, ©pletglnnjiset*. 
Ce'rQied, adj. neif gefdjminft. [ten*. 

Cervical, adj. Anal. jBmKatfenfleboria,Scnh 
Cct'vjne, CeViiue, adj. j&m -jjirfibjjefibltibt 
C*>ar, j. Gofer. [gtbdrig, -&>rf*». 

Ce*sVe>*C*eS'rian,adj.faffcrIiibj-- lection. 

Sum. btr Ailftrftnltt [moa)t, raftrarrig. 

CeipitFtioui, Cee'pltoga, orfj. ODI Men ae> 
Ccua'tlpa. i. l.toiXuftflrsn, DieSlnflcUungi 

2. btr Btiaftanb j — of arm«, btr «BnJTen» 

ftiflftoab. [yfinbtmgtbefebl. 

CfwiVil.i. /.dip, bit drmang slung *Hagn btr 
CeValMe, a*'. 1. rta*flieliifl j 2. atitrrtbar. 
Cei , Man,i.l.bltXaa)atbungf Lau>,2.($ica>t»*) 

Xltmnna, (StfSenj 3- bit (Huterabrrtruna,. 
CeVaioatry, I. adj. nbtrttenbj II. i. 1. (- 

bankrupt), btr btmU cehirenbe. Oemeinfdjrtlb* 

■erf a. berTtnnebmcr, Gefftonor. 

'neat, t. vid, Aueaeneac. 

Cb/wat, t. Law, 1. btrbtrgeh«*pfIi*tWfrui. 
Qnuigtlabtj 2. vid. AnWaaor. 

CtWra, Cf.ijro [-thgr], i. bie Cdfur. 

Ce'adra.1, ad}, bie Gdftir berrtfltnb. 

CeU'ecou C-ahui], adj. rontlfifdjartlg. 

Ce'tic, adj. ju bra XBafl]If<4at gefioria. 

Chace, : vid. Chue. fjtcpft fd>RtDtn. 

To Cbiek, «, ti. Man. htim =ldumen mit Mm 

Chid, /. vid. 8h«d. 

To Chsfe, v. i. a. i. Barm rtiben, tt^isenj 
s.^.ertnrneni Il.w.l.tebeii,»ut^nii2 jltb 
reibeiij3. Rdj raunb rriltn. [ajig.uieStitb. 

Chafe,/, l.bit (buribtArihung erjcugte) ^i^e ) 

Chs'fer, .«. J. bcr Srbi(enbe, ic.t 3. ettJtob. 
lenpfannt, gtuerpfannf) 3. £nt. ber Jtaftr. 

CWfory, i, i-w. bie Oluteffe, 6a)miebe auf 
tinem Girenbammer. [SSatbc. 

Cbiff, ,. 1. bie epreu; 2. fig. bit axrtbloFe 

ToCbaffer, v. ». feanbtLrt, coat, fdjaibcrii 
.) [Jtnitftr. 

Cbafferer, : btr Jtduftr, cant. 0a>aa)crrr, 

CliSffindi, j. On. btr SSudjfiur. 

Cbiff lata, adj. obne SSprtn. [0pm. 

Cb.iffy, adj. 1. (ana) A,'.) fprtuartig) S. DPB 

Chs'ting-diib, i. ba( Jttj)Ienbectfu. 

Cli«grln', i. 1. btr aSerbra^, Srger) 2. bat 

To Ctiigrlu', v. a. bttrubtn, dracrn. 

Chain, i. I. ti«g. 1. UL k Jig. bit Jtttttf 
Stetbe) 2, Geam. bie Wtfhttti 3. ttVoo. 
bie Jtettt) 4. (—lace), bal ed}nucn)tn jum 
Stfetent b.vid. pi. l.j ll.c-a.pt. i. « bie 
Seffeln, (8efanoenfn)art)i 2. bit JCctren. obet 
Betteiaoae) S. Mar. bit $nttingcnt 111. 
comfi. — bolt, Afar, btr 5>urtingbDijfTt j — 
—ballet*, — >bot, Jtcttenrugcln) —loop, btr 
Jtetttnring} —pump, 1. Mir. bit Jttttcn« 
puraptj S. Mtdi. bat Sdjauftlntrf i — 
wnies, Mar. biefflfiftem —work, bieJtrtten* 
arbtit, bat Jtettromerf. [2. tig. pcreinigtn. 

To Chain, u. a. 1. tit kfig. anfttten, ftffclni 

ciiktr, 1. 1. >,-ng. i. btretubi, etficif e<bf 

2.fig-i. a) btr febrftubl j l>) Das prdiitiumf 
3. vid. Sednn-chair; I. vid. t'ljing-thair; 
1L «, jit R-v>. bit edjicnenftnbl'i >U. 
comp. 6rubl', — biu, p. bie etubiraadjtr- 
bobrtri — bortoi»er,lwrOt-fUd)t(r,et-nm» 
ajerj -cover, bit Ct -fappej — man, 1. btr 
ednfttntrdgrrj 2.btrSorfiB(nbt,firdftbrnt 

Cbaive, j. bit Ct-aife, Jtolefajt. 

thSl'tedijny, «. Min. let CCaltetson. 

ChalcogVupber, i. £ngr. ber Wetoriftedjtr. 

CbalcSe'rf pby, J. £ngr. bit QKetttD fled) etfuajl. 

gbaldi'lc Chir'nee, i. adj. *oJodif*i II. j. 


CfclVda r, CbiCdron, A bae Jtotltnmafl con 36 
buibou (3O00f)f.). [Xtatert 3. vM. Calyx. 

Cbal'jce, ». 1. btr S6tnbnw$liftl«>i 3. bet 


Chalk [cbit], f. bft Jtrtfbt; -cutter, Set 
Jt-agrabtr j —paper, first) onpapterj — ■ 
bat etfltf 4m Jtrribt. 

To Chalk [cMk], i.. a. 1. (mtt Jtrtibe) poll, 
ten, (—down, an«)f4rttbtn, jeidjneni 9. tat> 
(item 3. rait Jtrribt bungeiu 4. (mtt ait), lit. 
*jig, a) btjrld)nnn A) tntttttfen. 


CMIk'j.odj- rrribtgt - day, Mi n, btrmtttgtL 

To ChSKIenge, u.a. I . itrausforbenu 9-auf' 
fbtbem; 3. otrlangenj 1. fid) ittttafa (tin 
WedjtJi 5. btfdjulbigen ; 6.Zau, alt Barttfifa) 
oerwerfctt, Btrbomfcfrtn ) T. anrnfen (nit 
bit ed>Ub»ad)nt) i 8. Sport, marfiren. 

Challenge, t. 1. bit $ traueforb trait g j 9. bit 
XufTorbtrangs 3. berXnfprud); 4. tarn, bit 
(Siit» tnbnna, JBtrtotrfttng (roegtn *pti uS&ij • 
htt)i 5. btr Btttftrtit (atif e4alta) i G. 
Apart, bat QJtarRrtn. 

Challengeable, adj. oermrnertlid), 

Chil'lenger, i. bet $tronSforb(ttt, ic (cf. To 

fhlFat i. rid. Sbnlot [Challenge). 

QUaljjb'ean, Ct IJ b'emte, adj. fta&Ibaltia, 
etabl«} -water, Metal, but WfnjRMfftr, 

ghaif ytate, i. bm tiftnSaUfgt CBaflct. 

CbSm, J. Did. b. B. Khan. 

Chamlde', i. Mil. bit Sdjamabt. 

OkaWba r, I. *. 1. bit Jtommer, Ctubt, but Ot> 
mad), jtinntT) 9. bit JMmratrrij a. tat 
Jtttmmtrgnidjt, bit Jtaramcn 4. Gun. o) bat 
Jtanuntrftutfi &)ilt .Rammer (rfnerJttra one); 
5. Min.tit Jtammerj II. eomp. —council, bit 
Btrtraitt fierat^nngj — eoanael, — cono- 
•clor.bitWtajltconfnltat) -fellow, btcSta' 
bcitgtitolf — hangiugs, bit SBknbbtflribung, 
Zapttti- -iu«ld,bitJtimiit(rlungfrc,Jt-fraaj 
-oil, JBallratbolt -organ, bat jjoflttoi 
—pot, bet Jtad)tUpf. 

To Chanter, u. I. n. 1. wobntit, Sanfcttj 3. 
(in aulfipBieifenbtt Men ffibrent II. a. 1. 
{int.Jtamratr) ttnfSlieJem a. Gun. & Min. 
mtt etacr JUmmtr Dtrftptn. 

ChJm'berer, t. 1. btt Bfiftltng j 2.btt3ntrt> 
gOltntl 3. vid. Chamberlain. 

Cblo'berU|n, *. 1. ott Jtammtrbfcntri a. btr 
3tmuitrauf[c6tr) 3. bet Jtammtrberr, Jtanv 
sterlings 4. btr JtteMttt) Lord — of (he 
aoiichold.bttOberfamintromrt Lord high— , 
btt tort aroftommerbtrt) -ibtp, 1. btt 
JCanratrb. (ttnlttat ; a. bat JHmmtrtrantt. 


CMai'hral, «. Vet. vid. Gambrei. 
QbaLie'leon, I, Zaal. bat QbomdEett. 

To (Jhemi'lSonlie, v. a. bit gntbttt dttbtrn. 
To Chiai'fer, Cham'fret, v. a. 1. Arch, farntf 

Ittni) a. gen, au6hol)lett! 3.JKedi.tegtIf3r- 

mtgmif&o&rtn; ch-ingbrnBch,bf.t8ttibabIti 

ch-ing drill, btt Stnrbc$rtr. 
Chlm'ter, Cham'fret, ». Jic/i. 1. Me ^ablrttmt i 

a. bit ed)tigtantt. 

Cha«'rron,«.ba»etirnbanb ttnttStttitroffte. 
Qhamtet, Qhxm'blot, t. vid. Camlet 
ChamfiWHnot*],/. LBitOStntS) S.[«oam'f].boE 
QbWoMla, i, vid. Camomile, [©dmrfdjftber. 
To Chimp, v. a. & n. taunt, Fatten. 
Champagne? (—pine', — pRign'), t. 1. Gwg. 

bit CSbompaoiKi 3. btt tSftampagittrnjEin. 

ChampSign', Cbani'piln, I. adj. (bta, po4i 
IL *. (— country), bit 8btntJ —ground, 
vid. Campaign. 

ChWper, s. btt Jtanenbt, Sreffcr. 

Cham'pertor, *. Lam, bft ¥rOCt^Wn4tttr. 

Chlm'perty, Cbam'party, s. Law, btr ioud>er' 
Uaje Borfdjaf in einna ^Jrocrffe. 

ChSm'pian, v id. Champaign. [ptgnoti. 

Qbamp^'non [— pln'yan], s. But. bctSb,am« 

ctKm'pion, j. 1. lit. tfig. btr Aampt, SSttei- 
ttt i 8ttfed)ttr( 3. vid. Campion. [bttn. 

To Cham'pjpB, v. a. jam Jtompft bttaaifor- 

Ch£m'pjune»«, I. bit ^tlbittn. 

Chaace, i. L ring. 1 . bet 3 ufoH i 3. bat (glfia*- 
lidjt) Ungefabr, Olfltf i 8. bit (gute) (Stltgea^ 
fttiti $offnuttg, ■JtuSftajti 4. btr (mSaliajt 
ob. Bajrfdjeinli4t)Saa, batSdjitrfali 5. bet 
Xut8ang,erfolBi 6. (ill-),btrUafmi, an- 
gUtfllibe 3nfall, baSUnglfitt; bj— , Donun> 
gefubrj — game, bae!Bag>(f»l)<ltb>)Spie[i 
Il.cb-i, pi. JUaft,bitJf3abrfa)t(nli4rritat(d)' 
nmtg i m. adj. * adv. jufaHig, son nagcfl^r. 

To Cbince, d. n. 1. fin) ((BfaDlg) trtigncn, ft a) 
}Btragea, ftdjbtgtbeni 9. jufiCig gefdjeben, 
rammtn, t^nn,ic.{ (upon, aDf...)ftaf)tB, too- 
bin gtratbtn. [9. bab Obor (ttntr Jttrtbt). 

Chli/tel, i. 1. btt Xttarplaa, bit Vltatftattt i 

Chaa'cfllor,f.btrJCan|[ttj Dbertidjttr, $ti« 
Rbtnt) Lord high -of England, betfflrep- 
Fnnjltt ontt Bnglanb i — ofaotcclalartical 
eottrt, btr Official) — aUp, btt JtanjItntBr* 

Chan'cory, i. bit Jtdn|(ti ( court of-, bat *-« 
gtttdjt, btt Jt-(atTta)tt)tt>f; maaten of-, 
bft (12) attftttitttn btt JI-striAtlj -man, 
btrVDRtaltfnJt-gtrtiff — office, batj(-aml. 

Cban'cre, i. Med. let ea)att!er. 

Qhan'croaa, adj. Med. f ibanfrrartig. 
;bIndtUer', ». 1. btrltnnlRUbttr; 3. Art 
btr SbaabtQn, bft &tfd)Umblf abBif , 


ChanMWr.t. 1. btr S*rjftb«l SttttfnHtrj 
•2. Otr,ftrta«i -'» ware (Chandlery), gttt- 

Chan/dry, i. bat SutthMltnif, K. [»«aitn. 

To change, n . I. a . l. intern, wtrdnCern) 3. 
taufc&cn, auttaufdjtn, Dtttaufd>ttn 3. »«$• 
(tin, umfetfli i IL n. 1. fit* (ncOdnBenn 2. 
nmjd)lagfn('KmS)eui,u.)} niibr fcalttn, :c. 
(ponbtrgerbOi to— hHodi »!..., Com. (Don 
aBuamt) otrfanfen um . . ., ic- 

I'lijQge, *. L ling. 1. bit tnbtrimg, 8erinbe= 
rsing; 2. bit Xbrotd) felting ; 3. Dane. bat 
SBcdjfeln (btrgiifit); 4. btr SSonbtttcbftl; 
5. Mar. £c, bat ffieferoegut (an £aucn,tc.)i 
beraSorraty) Co™-*. B.btr8Btd)ftl,:&aufd)) 
T.bitCS^tibnnfinjfj S.bittXgioi 9. 'change 
(fur exchange), bit Bdrft j SBeibfelbanf } 10. 
Tfieol. bit fficfferutlg, Stftbrungt —alley, 
bsr Borftngangj — *titch, Seio. btr Jttttw 
ffiaii U.eb-t,pt.l.AfatA.bitStmt0>f(Inn> 
gen; 2. Afiu. Cariaif ontn. 

rbaogeabtVjty, j. Did. ChangeableneM 

Chio'se»ble,I. i-dj".; D.-ly,arf 1. .ddn> 
Berliib, unbeftdnbig f 2. fdjinenit (d. ifatbtn); 
in. — aeu,i. l. McSnwAtdf4tnt) 3- bit 
Un&tftAnbfeMt, btr ffianttlnnt^. 

chsnge'fil, ai/j. Dtrflnberlidji manttlmfitbia. 

ChangVle**, adj. befljitbig, unutrdnberlirt). 

ChSagVljmj, i. 1. ber «Be*>Ibalaj 9. baS 
ajitgrtaufijtt Ding; 3. btr Enmmfcpfs 4, 
btr SBanf elmiitbjgt. 

Chancer, i. 1. Btr Brranbtnibt, it.) 2. btr 

Cbaa'nel, ». 1. btrJtannl; Bat gtefbett; 2. 
ba*8ohroiafrer,eMgats 3.bitffloffe; fflinne* 
4. bit Slthrt, ^ircfi. bit $o&Irinnc; 5. pi. 

(ch-«), Mar. Bid. Chain-walcs; 6. fig. btr 

Jtanol, ©tfli — aft harts, bit itangenb£btc 

(bti ¥ferbea). 
To Cbsn / o$l, o. a. rid. To Chamfer, 1. u. 2. 
To Chant, d. I. a. 1. Rngnti 2. kfingern II. 

n. 1. flngeni a. CJi. but $od)aint feiern. 
Chant, t. 1. btrStfangi 2. bit 3Jctlobie : 

btr Jtttdjtugtfang. 
ChSnV. * 1- otr Singer j 2. berKorfingtr, 

Cantor* 8. Mum. bitXtnorpftift bet ©ubci- 
Chao/llcietf,*. meLjoc. btr £nbn. [facfrt. 
Chin'tUte, j. ^reh. bir *Xaffa>itb[iitfl, Srnuf. 
Chji/trcu, ». bit edngcrinn. [balttn. 

<;biu'try, ». l. bfe Oantoreit 2. bit Hrint 6a> 
Clia'o., |. lit. * jig. bag Gbaol. [pcQe. 

CbiWjc adj. 1. (baotifa) j 2.%. oeraorren. 
To Chap [chop], b.L a.fpnlttn, {Riflt,eprunge 

DCTurfotbtn} H.n.anffprino 1 tn,6tiflt bctvmmm 
Chap [cS.jp A chip], I. j. l. bitepaltt, btr ffiifc 

bit JtflftJ 2. vid. Chant, pi. ; 3. vulg. btr 

3 Char 

Jttrl,ffittrf(bt j D.cDinp. -book*, ffiuojtr ob. 
glugfariftcn, bit trobein getragtn rocrbeni 
— fallen, 1. mit biugtntitm Wattle; 2.j7g. 
fajtoeigfam, niebcrgcfa)[agttt j —nan, (— 
womiin), bcr(bit)Jtunbt, Jtiiuftr, (JT-rinn). 

CbSpe, j. 1. btr$attn; edjnaQ&attn, €Sd)na[« 
Icnbfigclj falter * 2, bat iDrtbanb (an ct- 
ner Ecgenfdjribe)> '- Sport, bat Gd)nan|< 
tnbt bte Sua)fc*. [icrjcgsijut. 

C/iapeirarjib»pO f l,».l.b«*lItj 2. Wer. btr 

Cbip'el, 1. 1. bit QaptDet 2. iVint. bit Sua> 
brutftratrtftitttj — ofea*e, bit filial Hra>t. 

To Chap's), c a. 1. in tincr CopcUt bdfcstn ; 

2. Mar. tint (Salt fangtn. 

ChXpe'leu, ad). obntf>atcn,icj aahaltbar. 
Chap'eleU, i. pi. Man. Bit Btcig(bugtIJritmtii 

Chip/tllany, j. 1. bit SODtlTancls 2. (ChSp'el 
ry), btr QaprGbcjirt, SSprtngcl. 

cblp'erfD, t, 1. bit (CSd)n)t[f>)JCapptt bat 
SBarrtt (btr fflitttr bte ^ofcnbnnc crocus u 
2.btrQitilbtD. [benzol' roadjeo, fie btglcitcn- 

To Qbap'frpn, o. n. tintr Camt (ffftntiiaj) 

Cblp/la|D, j. l. btr QaptQan) 2. bcrgdft> 
(Sd)iff».)9>rcbiatr( -#bip, 1 . (Cba^lajocy), 
bit QopcnnnfEcIlii 2. bicSintiinftc t.Goptllt. 

Ch;i|)'les» [chGp— ], adj. ftcifojltl, bc^imaagig. 

ChSj/let,*. 1. btr (Slumtn>)Jlran)t 2. Kar, 

k Arch. baB ^attrnofttr; btr Otefcnlrani j 

3. bit $aubt, btr gcbtrtuf.* (bet |)Faut«>i 4. 
bit fleincGipeHc ) 6. pi. Man. m"rf.Cba|>elcti. 

Cbnppy [cbOp'IJ, adj. grfp Mm, rifRg, offtn. 

Chapi [ubfipt], i. pi. 1. btr Ainnbadtn, bat 
Waul, btr SRad)tn (ttncf Stitrts, conL dps 
DKenfdjcti) ; 2. bit Sactcn Btr Jragtlfotm, tU 
nee StO wubftotts, it. [bos ®cnt[tbtcii>ci!. 

Cbnp'ter, s. 1. Lit. * Eec. bat Qapitcl) 2. 

To CbapV, D. a. fdjtlttn, an. abtanjtln. 

CbSp'lfldy. I. adj. ; 11. ado. MpiKUarifC i 6>* 

Chip'trelf, a. pi. Arch. vid. Inpor'i. [cilcl>. 

Char, 1. 1. 1. [char], bit gmtigc Xrbtft, Za%- 
arbtit) 2. [chSrj, Ich. bcr ^djar, fflcuicif 
S.btrAarrtn, Dirf.Cnr; II. com p. — mnn.tCT 
Xagtlfbntr) —woman, tic Sagciotntrina ) 
—work, bat Sagcntrt. 


ChirVter, *. 1. bat (tingegrabtnt, k.) Jtcnn- 
jdajen, 3cifl)tni 2. r>at. gen. pi. eh-n, (®c 
fd)lcd>tl>)<rJlErfma!c4 3. ubcrfe. 3ti4n igi< 
ftabtf bitQbifTtr) feontfdjrift j 4.ba6ba< 
rarttr>5.btrfflang,Sitcl,Siarac, bic(dufcrc) 
SBdrbt) 6. bit ^pcrfon » T. bit Stoat (in 
©»aufpH«.)j 8. btr (gntc) fflaf j 9. bti 
dnhjaif, bit (6bara!ttr.)«4ilbtruBfi. 


To Ctfr'acter, o. a. 1. tingrabtn, dnprdg« j 
9- Jig. djaratttriRrcn. 

SbirWerlfm. 1. 1. baS untcrtdjribenbe QRtrf. 
malj a. tit ObarBtttrifHr. 

Qharaetorli'tlc L «. 1. Me Bbararttrtftif j btr 
JC(mijug(gc».pl.)i 3. ff mm. btr t5barafttr> 
ffliicbftabc i S. Math, btr Gjponent ((. So- 
garitbmttt)( II. (-e*l; — c»lly,<idu.),a<(j.d)fl* 
raEtmflifcbi HI. — calneu, t, ba6 Sbaraftc= 
riftifdjt. [b(j«e)ittn. 

To ChaVicterbe, u. o. 1. djataftcrifiren j 2. 

Charadr', «. bit Cbarabt. [Itnmtiltr. 

Caar'-ctial, j. 6ir£o[jfo&lej —pile, Btr Jteb- 

Chird, j. Hart, bit- BlattripBeR BOH Xrtiffboh 

Chare, * cum (j. viil. Char, Ac. [f tn,Garb onS,;<- 

To Charge, v. I. a. (biuflg ntit with), 1. laben 
(c. fflirocbr, it.) aud) H>c) ; 2. brtaben, be 
fftntrtiij 3. _%■ aufburbtnj 4. aiiftragtn, 
bcnuftragfii; anprrtruutttj o.aufforbtnt) bf 
ftbUtt) tinf^arfeii i 6. (mil with), aofiagrn, 
Dtfdjulbifltitt jurtdjntnj J. f'ont. a)aitrtd)> 
nen, enfuciu b) CJmb.) btlalhn, bebitircn; 
lo — (to) one'i account, QintS fflr<bnung bc- 
lafteni 8. AW, angmftaj 11. n- angrrifen. 

Charge, i. I. ting. 1. gen. bitSaft : a) bit £a< 
bung,5ra*tj A)bitStfd)merbet 2. MeSfl' 
buna(einEr.°;ononr,;c.jaiid) W«.)i 3. Mi 1 . 
a) bit Sunt jum Xngriff j *) bat Signal jam 
X] c) ber Znariif f 4. btr TCaftragj ffltfeJH 
5. bit Xufficbt j SteUt, batKmf} 6. a) bat 
jDepoftfum, $fanb) ft) btr yptaebcf o&lent, 
SKuubtl; 7.bie1fbgabt,TCufIagti a.vid.pt.; 
8. bit Srfdjulbiguiig, Jtlagc, IV. £cc. k Lam, 
biedrmabnungmbt} II. Vti. btr $onig-, 
*c. Urafdjlagj IS. Paint., kc, bit ftoertrei. 
bung,Carri£aturj 13. Her. tatlBauenbilDi 
a ibrp of—, tin tiff gtlabtnrt 6a)iffj H. 
Chi, pi. rom-i. Ittegabrn, Sptfcn, Ao> 
ftcn, Unfeftttij —to be deducted, abaaUtt- 
fofttni to be ni the—, bit Bocfcn tragtnt 
bttAofhn btftrttltnj — (of} meruhandiie, 
bit i)anblnagtfptfta, $-tanfofitn. 

Cb«VtaMe,l'«&i H.-iy.aWt>.l. ju bt« 
Itan (mitettutr, ».); 2. ju erbebtn {con 
(.3°fl); 3. M*»«[i*i 4 FcfifpWig, ief> 
bar) 5. jut 8a|t ;u Itgtn, bcijirniciftnj 6. un- 
ttroorftn (tinttScfdjuIbtgana); 111. —nen, 
t. bit Jtoftfpit (igftit. 

Cbirge'lesi, adj. md)t fofif* itlig, rcoblftil. 

Charter, *. I. bit gropt 6d)uffc(, ©djale j S. 
bat CAladjtruf, etrtitro* j 3. Gun. bit 8a- 

CbiVjot, *. l.ge«. batSubrrcerfi 3. (tbemO 

CUiiotUr 1 , «. btr Ssagralcnrtr. 


CWr-jtoble, L odj.; II. - Ly. arf». 1. nilbt, 
fltlHSatfs, BObltbdagj 2. gfilig, Hcbrttl), 
nadjfidjtfluolli Hi. -oe«, 1. 1. McOTilMDd- 
tigrcitj 2. ba£ licbrddje KBcftit. 

ChSr'jty, ». J. Bie(djriftlia>e)2i(bEi Xla>(tin-- 
litbti 2. bitafiiiflfcii, ^julbj 3. bit rfflilb- 
tbitigfeit ■, 4. bit milbr ©ate, baoSicbctmtrf, 
Ztaofen j 5. bit milbe S tiftung ( SBe^i tbdtig« 
Uitt; M.J 'Mnllal! ; S.QbariiaS (J-n.)i la-, 
umfDnJlt— TCbooL,bic3Cnncnffl)ulc,5rtifa)Ulc. 

yiiarlatan, *. btr QRnrttfdjrcicr, CtuacFfalbn. 

Vliirlatan'ical, arfj. mai-ft(djrcicrifdj. 

VUir'latanry, *. bit SSitrftfajrcicrri. 

Chirloi (d;m. ChaKIS)), ^. Jtorl (8H-ti.). 

(:iiar'lf>,:k, s.liat. l.tcrXttcrrctridji 2.bcrXfftr< 

Cbir , lot,Qhar J Iotte,A.6()arIottt(S-B.). [ftrtf. 

"hara, t. l.ba* jtaubcrmitttl) bit Juabtrtii 
2.^g. btr 3anbtr, fflcij. 

To Charm, v. I. a. 1. besaubtntj 2, rcijcti, 
trfrtatti) II- n. b«rmonif4 toacn, Citngcn. 
IbirHttr, s. I. tit. k Jig. ber dnttberf, bit 
jj-rinni 3. bal jlaubcnnittcL 

Chirm 'fill, udj. rti)aib, monnccoll. 

Cbar'nijoe. L adj. ; II. — ly, adv. rcijCIlb. 

Channel, adj. Scidjcn ob. fflebcine cnrhaltrnbi 
- boate, bat StinOauE. 

Cbir'ry, adj. foblig, (6olj)to^Icitar«g. 

Chart ( Wt,. * c , ; tibart or eirt, W., S„ *c], 
i. 1. bit Sttfartt, ($famcis>, ®rb-) Jtarct, 
:/. Card ; 2. c£d. Charter. 

Cbir'tfr, *. Lav, 1. btc [StgcntbtrmSOUr- 
funbtj Jrtej 2. btr Gnabcnbriif j Snitricf, 
bos ■Jricilcgtuni 3. Mnr. Lam, bicScr- 
ftaibtungj 4. fig. Ui Scrrcdjtf coaititu- 
tlonal-, Pol. bit ScrfoffungSortnnbc) - 
home, Eec. bit Jt(trtl)aufc, bad Jtart^iaftr> 
Hofter j — land, baeSrcigiilj —party, Afar. 
Law, bit (Jcttapnrtic, 

ToChar'ier, n.a. l.b«srrcdjftn,pririicgtrcnj 
2. (tin Bdjiff) a)Tcrfrad>ttn, rcrbfucm, rcr. 
bingrni b) btfraaXrn, botttrn, 

Chir'terf r, t. bcr Scrbducrtr, Bcrfradjttr 

chi'iry. adj. forgfrtltig, brbutfam, fparfam. 

CbiVable, Clii'ieable, adj. jogbbar. 

To Chnte, ti. o, 1. jagen, bee™ (ISilb, U.)| 

2. nadjfeten, crrfolgcn, 3agb waibtn anf..., 
{in. kfig.); s. of«f. b. b. To Kaebjue. 

Cliiie,t. l.bie'Jogbj 2. fig. bicecrfolguag j 

3. baf gcjagfcSSiibj gqagtc Edjiif, ic.j 4. 
Law, bit geic^raibrigi ffficg tr cibung fan Sick 
S. bat (Sagb.) fflcritrj fflcbdgc; 6. Cam. 
bit ®*afff (im SaUfpiric); T. t-td. Chaf- 
finch; 8. bit fltinnt (t. Irrabruft)* 9. Gun. 
bit Sdngt btr Crclc (lantrc aStitt rtner Jta> 
uoat)i 10. Print, btr JttllrabmEiH -bar, 
bat Kajmriftnf to jive-, 3aabma$m(B0B 


CWffngu.)) -girdle, btr (San einrr Jtf 
nontt — pa, Mar. bat 3nabfruef, Sugftud 1 . 
Chat**-, «. l. Bcrjdgtri 3.hat3agb madjenbe 

e*iff, ](., t/. I'o Chwe ; 3. Did. b. b. En- 
chmcr. [a.nrab (aadj^g.)- 

CM»». t, bit aficftj Jtlnft, btr Sifilnnb, 1(6' 

CbaVielaa, j. Vint, ber Sutcbcl. 
ChSi'iy, .i. bet ffiabmtn, bit Stnfaffung. 

Cha»te, I. adj. ; H. - Ij, orfo. 1. eeufd), }lltt> 

tig i 2. Cram, ebcl, ran (van ber epradj el, 

ananFtofliflj —tree, /tot. bet Jrcufdjbaunu 

111. -mm, i. wit Chiutity, no. 
To Cbiit'en [chaVan], v. n. 1. judjtigen, ftra. 

ftlli 3. bCfliVn. [e/. To Chattel!. 

ChAat'cner [cbSVaner], I, bet 3ud)tiger, 1C, 
Ch **«'(« bte. Cba»H'»euble, adj. ftrafbOI. 
To Cfctatlae' (— He*}, e. a. 1. jfidjtigen, ftra< 

fciw jnrcitrnjtifm ) 1 bdnbigtn, iibmtn ; 3. 

(ton Scbltra) rcimgen. [fang. 

Chls'ljaeMOflt, ». bit 3nrbtiaung, 3urett)ta)ti' 
Cb«iti'(cr, j. btr 3fi4rigtr. 
CbSi'oty, j. l.bic Jtenfa>bdt; 2. Gram, bie 

fltrinbrit (btra5pradje,betetnis,ic.). [fdjen. 
To Chut, o. ». fdjroa^en, planbtrn, vnlg. toa. 
Cliflt, 1. 1. bat Oofd)rad$, Oeplanbeti Sat. 3. 

m* Wri*,ift«>cnj 3. basJtdscbcn an9)Jumcn, 
Oafeau [nfcSt'lO], J. 1. bat Sftlof i 2. bet 

.-biff lit, *, bat Heine edjlof, Sort. [fcintft 5 . 

Ibftuj"int, 1. adj. fdjiDCtUb) II. *, -Win. btr 

Cbsrtei. 1. 1, Lau\ bo* (Btmtgltdje nnb irabt* 

DcglidjejJBermogen, b(c£abt)2.tiid. Cattle. 
To drifter, ii. n. 1. plunbcm, fdj»a$en, »Iap- 

ptin(i>an!l]tntfajcnDb-KfTtn)i a.fdjuatttm, 

)nirT4tnt, trdrtjien (Don 8$ grin)) S. (mil btn 

Charter, i. bat fflcplauber, ffirfd) natter, it. 
ChSt'terer, J. 1. brr SdjUJ^tt, «. ) 8.0™. 

btr eribcnrdjrjans. 
Ch.lrty. adj. planbtriaft, gtf4n>d(ig. 
Chiiv'ender, *. ej«. Chub. 
To Chaw, d. a. vlg. fdntn, vid. To Cbew. 
Chaw. ». mig. btr eiffm, fflhinbr-oH. 
ObiW'dron. i. bat Qfna,c»tfbt (cincSSbieree). 
Cheap, I. adj.; II. — Ij, arte. l.ron&lfcil,iiiebrig 

(in5>rrlt>;3..'if- r .gcrlngt / gai(in) HI.— 

>. kit Beblfcilbeit. 
To ChtVpcn, r. o. 1. banbeln, fdlfdjen am . .. ; 

2. woblfcilcr (in $rcifc fatten) madjenj 3. 

f'j. bcrabfettn. 
<>li*s'pener, t. btr JtnidYr, Jtflfdjtr. 
Cb&ir, CheVrer, Ac, ofrf. Cheer, *C. 

To CMat, p. a. 1. betrugen (—of, out of, nm 
• ..)( s. to — Into..., eol. biiwin f<bn>a(m, 


CM*t, j. l.btr»ttmg, bit BtmbMUli t. 

To Chick, v. I. a. 1. lit. * jig. Wnpalt tbnn, 
rfnbaltm, brmntta* anfbaittni bdnbtgoi, 
einfibrdnleni oernKifra, fAtltnu »■ Otflto 
rtdjnang fib"n, «ntroHlrtm 3. (6a)r(fttn, 
it.) toaarlonirtd, ntcMlbfat. nnttrfua>tiu 4. 
Afar, (tin Sod) •Oabfibtfrftnj 6) (bepprau 
H. n. fradtn, anfto^tn. 

Check, j. Liing. 1. (?TIW$li«btntbO,btt Btif 
bait, bit ^rmmnttg i ber 3f n(tc|, baS SrgetBf f | 
btrUnfatt} SerrarU, biejMajtiaungi S.brr 
tarrefponbitenbe Kancntiug, bat ©cgenjei" 
4ra(a«rSanrnottn, it.)j 3. btr Xbfa)nltt> 
fd)fini bit Sanrannxifung J 4. ber Gontra- 
itttel, 3nterfmS}(tttl! b. Fate. ba5«erla(fen 
bet tRanbet s. ©treifen nad) anberti fJS geln t 
clerk of the— , btr CbtrcontroBntr: a) btr 
niet>evn.j)ofWenerfd)QfU A)btranfUnHnfgI. 
Bdjilfen angefltttttn'Derfoncnj II. c-»,p(.OiB. 
fSonten j III. cump. —account, bit QonrroDt, 
(Stflrartdjnunfl j — bracet, bit dhtpnagrif 
men etnet Jtntfiht] Cam. — mate, l.». bat 
B^aajraatt; a. adj. fd)ad>mattj To— mate, 
v. a. 1. ftadjmntt matbtn) 3. bcntbigtit) — 
Hujt, l.btt€5tofringe(anoer!tabe)j 2.bl/ 
Xrtnftnringti —roll, bit ftofbtbitatenlifret 

- Uker, ber Sbtatercafflrer. 

To Check'er. f - o. 1, bunt, fdjeafg madjen, »ur* 
fe[n,bnntfarbigauGIcflra;Sj*ff. anttraergeri. 

Check'er, '. I- *<nS- > • btr SobltT, M. 1 2. bat 

iffiurfeliac i 3. vid. Excheijoer ; 4. (—board), 

bat Sd)adYbrett —wise, tofirfligj —work, 
bae Xajclrocrtj n. c-t, pi. Gam. batCdjadj- 
fpielj SJamtnfpiel, «. 

Cbeck'le«, adj. onaufbaltfam, beftfg. [f4ad>t. 

CbicVy, adj. I. ntiirflig, frtjecfifl) 3. Her. gf 

Chlc'ijuer, v. t ». vi'l. Checker. 

Cheek, i. I. sing. 1. bit Catfe, Sange, btr 
SJaeftni 1. eif.pl.; -graftiBg,bal¥fr<iP' 
fen in ben Jterbj — poaches, QatCentafibeit 

- tooth, btr Satftniabn i — varaiih , bit 
edbrainft j II. c-., pi. Mech,, *c. bit (en^ 
fpted|tnben)0tittn) bit Sajert, bttJtlobtt 
(tlntrfflafle)j bit 9>fD(ltn (t. Sbfir) ( bit 
Bacfen, Stitenfdjalen (amSRafte)} bit brrl< 
ten 6tittn (einttSIottt)) (^atfetcn-, it.) 
HBdnbe) — of a crane, bie |>afpelbdamt ( — 
of a pomp, bit fJannttnmtrf . 

Cheeked, adj. camp, mil Batten, -Bangig. 

To Cbeep, v. n. vulg. fieptn, fdjltpen. 

To Cheer, v. I. a. (— ap), I. friblidi raadjtn, 

aafbtirtnt) trifteni 3. aufrnnnrtm, anref- 

jenj 3.m(t^nrrabgefd)rtibegru»tm II. n. 

(-op), 1. fid) anfbeittrn, Siutb fafrai «. 

frifeba. mnnttrftin} -up! lu/ligl fttfdjl 

Chee 166 Chid 

ChHr, i. 1. Bit Bpeife, «troirt&ungt 2.tie|i Ubtrabj 2-Faint.tHer. (-'■ head), bet g« 

ffrtnbe, grjblicbrrit, btr gtobftanj 8- Mr 
Subti, batJefifaHtgtfujrtij (gtj». pi. $ur« 
rabgefibrei ber ©ulbaten u. eSttltute) f 1. tic 
{Rime, Oebtrbt, to) ©efidjti of good 
guttt (ffiuifrcs. 
Chet/rer, a. berSrbrirerrcj bit Orgtbung. 

SlieeVfdl, I. adj.; 11. -If, atfo. 1. fatter, 

frob, frfilid), muntcr ; 9. fcennblid) (von <Se> 
fi*t)! ni.-neH,j.blc$eitcrrrit,9Xtmtcr> 

teit, grfbliajfeit, ber grofjfinn- 

Cbie/rjly, CheeVly, ado. ft adj. nit Cheery. 
Chee'rjoeiB, Chee'r|«hnoM, s. vid: Cheerfol- 

Ben. [morfclot. 

Cheer^m, I. adj. ; a. -ly, ade. frrabtnlot, 

Choo'ry, ojK'. frob, Infttg, raunter. 

CbSSie, j. ter JCdfej camp, —col 
Drltetffarbe} - curd., Btrfinarf ) -bow], 
— fst, vid,— vat; —frame, —mould, bit 
Jt-formj —Up, bat *-Iab) —monger. Bet 
Jl-iinbler, Jt-rrdmer j —rennet, (— rant), 
1-baf Jt-tab) 2. (aitdj -renning), Sot- bat 
tabfraat; — ranaing, bitScelfra} — tauter, 
btr Jt-fteitr, Jt-bobrtrj — tr»j. (—waggon), 
bat (reagenfirotige) Jt-ftn>itt} -Tat, bit 
Jt-Npt; baeJt-fafi --wort, vid. —rennet. 

ChcB-.y, adj. Mfig, tdftdjt. 

Cbelo'njtn, adj. fdjfftfrtteaartig. 
' ChaonrtSf, ». ftr. btr OibmaibfiifMn. 

Qbe'ly, i. bit Baj trt btr Jrrtbff . [mife). 

CbeVfe,-eaJ, L adj.; n.-cally, adv. d)f 

CbemW, f, 1. iiioiJ. bat grauenbembi a. Port, 
bit Rnrtrrmaner tints 8BaHtf) fire—, baft 

QMarV, *. btr Cbtalrtr. [8ranbbwnb. 

C>mii'tjc«J, «c, vid. Cheatlc, Chemical, ftc 

CWfm'jrtry, j. bit Cbemit, e*ttberunft. 

Cheque; Cheqn'er [- ker), vid. Check, Itc. 

Cbtqatn' [—He/], i. vid. Zechln. 

ToCheV|ib,e. a. 1 . pffMHt, tmrtrfrutre, ( 
batten, ttnobrtn) 2. Utb n. njtrtb batten, 
jdrtliilicbenj (tettofenj 3. traannen. 

CheVjiher, j. ttr (Jtrpffrgtr, tSoblrMttr, jc, 
ef. To Cherith. 

CberfloV, t. pi. flange) ofriflMfckt Slgarrcn. 

CheVry, I. «. 1. bit Jtirfajt j 2. btrJtirFoV 
briurtntin) S. (-tree), But. berJttrf*. 
baumj II. adj. (rirfay)roib, I-rotbfarten j 
01. camp. Jtlrfd)-; — bounce, (—brandy), 
Mr Jt-brann tree ins —cool, Min. bie Jt-foblr j 
-laurel, (- -bay), Bot. ber JMcrbetrj -pit 
1. bat OrfbdjMfpitlf 2. bat Oriibcben im 
•ftiim; — etone, btr Jt-fcn. 

QheVeontae, t. btr Cbtrfwirt, bit £albfnfel. 

Chert, J. Min. btr £ornfbin. 

cheVty, adj. bornfttinnrrig. 

flu ge Ire Ongeltfopf. 

ctiera'blc -cat, adj. tnglifd), (btrubinifdj. 

CheVubJra, bebr. pi. v. Cherob, bit SbtrnWm. 

To CbiVup, cor. ft. To Chirp, qo. 

CheVvel, f. Zool. btr SKnffon, but Irgflli. 

CMr'vil.t.flol. l.bcrJtalbcrtcnii 2.BcrJtfrteI. 

To Cber'ir|t, u. n. fd)rtica (rote ctn Sttbbubn). 

CheVljp, t. Ent. ber JtcIIenourm. 

Cii*«, s. 1. Gam. bat ©d)Uib, ©djonjfpicli 
2. Aar. btrStnf, flugbranb, Stanbbraob j 
comp. — bonrit.ba* Sdjatbbtet) — uiaii.tit 
edjodjfiaiiri — treei, Mar. bit Sdjcrbalren- 

Chlii, i. i.bieJtifte,btr J?aftcn, bieSafei 2. 
bit SSrufti —of dr.men, bit Soinnsbt; 
Far-j. — foundered, ^CT)fd>ldd)t[gf —foun- 
dering, bit 4nr)fd)Ii4tigtttt, let Eontpfi 
—trap, blc {RaaenfaOt, bat Bering ciftn. 

To Ch««!, u. a. (in tint Eabc, it.) ocmjnbu n, 
cinfdjlicfeni cinbalfanirrit. 

Cbett'nat [chSj'nyt^. 1. i. 1. bit -JtofUnir ; 
2.(— tree), btr Jt-nbaum} II. adj. taftanitn- 
braanj —grove, —plot, bcr Jt-nnoib- 

Cbe.Si'-glSu, ,. btr SrcbXXoilctrtnOfpicgcl. 

Chiraller', t. Her. in (gcbamifo)tt) Stittcr. 

Clieoaux-de- Frbc [■hevu'-de-4rii^, *■ pi. 
Fort, eft fponifeben Sttittt. 

Chir'rQD, *. Her. btr Sparccn. [febtn. 

ChlT'roned.adj. Her. mit rintmfSparrtn ecr« 

ChEr'rqoel, t. Her. btr bolbt Obtr ptrturitt 

ToChe*. v. a. * n. 1. fauttt. Him, btrftn; 
S.ytg.ubtrlegtn, finncn(— npoD,ouf8tiM*)i 
to — the cud, mieberfdurn. [(Xabat). 

CheB*. vutg. BtrQSunbuclli bat ^ricmdjra 

Che«>. t. pi. etrincoblra in (1. SlucWtn. 

Ch|cinc', j. bit Qbicant, SHtdj ttocrbrcbong. 

To Chicaner, v. it. djitonircn, ffittbttrniffc 

Cbfci'ner, i. btr Qbicancttr. [bnnd)m. 

Cbjci'nerj, t. bit fRttbttvcrbrtbtrti. 

Chick, t. (dim. von Chicken), hit JK(b- 
(rfa, $ttbn<bctH Bot~*. — pea* (chicle*), bit 
3n(rgtrbren,Jtfd)ertrbftn] — mot, ocr^or- 
tulafj —weed, btr |)«bntrbnrm. 

Chtck'en, t. bot^ubn, |>u6na)tn » — brawled, 
piottbrSftigi — henncd, fcigc, jogbofl; - 
hammed, oasrodrlt gcbogtne Cdjenfri M- 
btnb, fnbbeinigi —fox, bit JeBinHblnfttrn, 

Chfck'l|ne, s. dim. bat Jfiirblrin, ^fitndjcnj 
— retch, Bol. Bit ?) lotrerbfc, Seibn>ic?t. 

Chid, I. jJiT(.;II.Chrd,CbId'utn r p.n.r.t.f.!B. 

To Chide, c.tr. I. a. fdje i ten, rerwei fen j 11. ». 
i,fjbmdltii,jiiiitettj 2. cinOtrdufdKcdmDtna- 

CMde, *. bat <5rmnnncI,fanftt<Berdnfdj. [d)cn- 

aeVab, j. (ragl. pi. Cherobi), l.Bifti. berlctj'der, j. btr edjtltcnbc, 3a"nftr. 


ChM, I. «■)'.; H.(-lj).«de.bttBbnflfciiv4- 

uebmfte, bdbfre, trfb, 4>*u»t>} oocjaa"*, 
6au»tfdd>K* ; - comman J, bee BiccbefeiH 
lord - iiutice, ber (&)rb.)©b"trri*ttr. 

thief, f. 1. Ml (Eb(t»)-t>aupt, Mr Xnfubrsr, 
Bbcf} 2. ber Jmupttbetl* 3. Her. bal eSdjilbj 
haunt; commander la—, lex obEcftcfflsftftlfl' 

Ctilefloin, #. bet #duptling, Tfnpibrer. [baber. 

Cbig'uei, Cbieg'sin, i. pi £nt. ©antfiSbc. 

Chn'blnin, *, bie groftbeule. 

Child, *. lit. ftjtg- bal Jtitibi from •-, ton 
Jftnbbeit anf; with-, fdwannerj -bed, bal 
.StinibtKi — bed-baakot, berSBUaeutorb. 

<.]ii!'j ? rinM-dSy, >. £cc. bal Se|l ber onfibal- 
bigtn Jtinbtr (ber 38. Etc.). 

ChiWhood [—bad], *. 1. bie Jtltbbeit, Ml 
JtnabraflUttt 3. Die flinbli*teit. 

ChiKdjih, L adj.; H — ly. ado. Knbifd) i nit ein 
Jtinb) ra.-neei,j.bairiabi|a)t*Btfrajbtt 

Cbild'ieia, adj. finbtrlol, unbetrbt. [Unfdjulb. 

Cluld'iike, adj. 1. efnem Jtiitbe aqirmenb, 

Chiid'iy.adj.rutMrbaft [hnWid>s a-Hiibifd). 

Cb flil'ten, i. pi. eon Child. 

QbI<e,QbH|(aVt|Te,Ao., rid. Chyle.lc. [nifd). 

CliiTj, Gcpg. 1. 1. QbUU U. ad;. djlllfd), djile- 

C ii n'lfd, i. Arith. t Ovo*. bie ObUiabe. 

giiiTjiit, /. Ecc. bet C&iliaft 

Chill, J. ad;. 1. fait) (son Mitt) erftarrt, 
froftifli fcMnrifli 3. jig. murblol, eerjaati 
(alt, froftifl) U.t.ltt.kfig.tiitXiUi, Mr 
(SftbtwJJtcft) etanrr. 

To Chill, u. I. a. I.(bnrdj)HUen) 3. flefrieren 
nuidjtnj 3. A'- nietierf4loflen, ntnrfclrt ma* 
djttt) 4. /-u. vid. To Cue-harden; 11. n. 
(oar Mitt) fdjaaMrn, fiietra. 

ChirljDtn, Cliil'neie, t. betgtoft, ©djauetj 

bie Jtdltt, Srfturmng- 
thil'ly. arfi. A adv. talt, MltUd), friftelnb. 
Chime,!. 1. Coop. (Chimb), uid. China; 3. 

en einflana, bie fcarmonie (tec Sone) j 3. 

y&. bie flbereiaftlmiauna.) —of belli. Ml 

ffllobTenotldut) a-of belli, tin Olocttaf^iel) 

—dock, bie epftiubr. 
To Chime, i). L a. anfiblaaen (an bie CSIodV) j 

(Lit. 1- (faraoirffih) Fihiget!, rinen; 3. jSg. 

(limmeii, einlUmmtn, pfainmen pafTtn. 
i.'hi'mer, «. bet (Bloifntr- 
g h| meV», ». Uvea. *jly. bif Qhtntdrc. 

C/bjaieV|c*l, I. adj.; II. -I; adn. djimdeifd). 

ghini'jcaU CMm'jit, Ac, aid. Chemical, *c. 

CMmM*/, #. J. bie Sentttffe, bet ed>omftatn, 
StjnAfongi a. ber Jtomin ($ert)j 3. bet 
(Sampen<)C!t)linbni —board, bal Jtamln- 
btct, bet Jt- fiat; -feoder.balgenerairteri 
-hooks, l-Jtaminbattm 2.Sopfbaf(n,Jttf' 
fdhftni -piece, MlJUmtnftuitj berJt- 

7 Chir 

(but — pota.pl. eM.— topes — ataefc, lf*eh, 

Uc BompfrbVe (tfaet Dampfnmfibine) ! - 
awMver, (col.— nrec]i),bere5d)otn)l(infeattj 

— top*, pi. bit Jt-tappra, etbTafteinrafttn. 
Chin, i. balJtinnj -dotb, MiJtianbanb, 

•3aoTentnd>) -coagh,bet Jtticbbafbn. 
CU'na, i. l.eeos.Cbfna; a. bic<St>tnct('Otftt> 
6e)( 8.[/am.tshs'ni].baS})orieaiinj co/np. 
— ink, bfe Xafd)tl -man, 6tt ^OtjeHan- 
bdnbKtj — ormigc, Mr XpfelfitK i —root, 
Sot. 1. bit Obinannqelj 3. vii. China, X ; 

— roie, But. Meeinarcfej —ware, bal ¥«" 
ItEan} — warehouse, bie ^JorieBannieber- 
luge] — wool, edjminftacHe. 

Chinch, «. £nt. tit Sffionje. 

Chine, j. I. ber Btudawt, MlJtrruii S. Ml 

StnrfWjetabtnfWtf (eiae«>6itrel)j 3. Coop. 

bie Jtimme, ga^3arae. 
To Chine, t>. a. 1. ben tXnctarat, bal Jtreni |er» 

bred)tn; a. In Seabenftucte }tttbeilen- 
Chlaed, adj. jum {Rutfgrat gebfria. 
Chlniie/, adj. Jt j. djintfifdj ; ber Qbintfci 

diipi. bit dj ineflf a)t Sprndjc. 
Cbln'gle, j. Mr Oriel, grbbe Sanb- 
UWok, i. l.tiefltite, btr fflib,Sflalt) 3. Mr 

Jclang. (bttatibel). 
To Chlnlc, v. I. ft, 1. fid) fpalten, forinaen j 9. 

flimnern (mit bemSelbe); II. a. 1. aufri^en, 

anfreiftn j 3.(bnrd>Sa)urttln)tlinacn nwdjw. 
Chln'ky, adj. [paltig, f lifrig, ri(ig. 
Chinned, adj. camp, mit einem jrinae. 
To ChlniB.u. a. Mur. bieffiiBeamitSfBera »er< 

ftopftn. [tifarlig aebructter ttaftair. 

Chtnti, CUnts, t. Com. ber Si)) — cufmere, 
Chrp, *. L ting, mi etuAbtn, edraittajen, 

©iftnitel, ber Span j -ax,b« 6*Ii4tbeili 

— boi, bit 6d>!icgl(lj —hat, ber fflaflbni) 
U. c-a, pi. eodnc, 0raitd)tn, gen. XbfdQt. 

To Chip, v. I. a. fibni(en, frtjniselnj bebauen i 

btrafptln, abrafptln} abfdjleifen; II. n. 1. 

abfpringen, abbred)in (oon irbtntn Oefd|tn)> 

3. (bie eierfibale) burd)bttd)tn (oam ^uftn- 

djen), anltrieiben. 

Chfp'per, a. Mr Sdjnitrabe, Sebauenbe. 
Chvp'ping, p.t. Ml Srurfdjeni pi. Spite ) 

—knife. Ml {NKtmcfTer. 
ghiri'gra, *. Afed. bal Cbiritgra. 
Chjriig'rjcfl, adj. Med. am Qbiragra leibenb. 
gbirSg'rapber, QlilrOgVapbret, t, 1. ber (3t> 

rfdjte<)ed>rtibtr; 3. Law, btt tbiraflraBb** 

rird}t Sldnbiger. 
Qhirvgrapb'ie, adj. d)lrDgrapbJFdj. 
Qbirog'raphy, t. bie ISbirograpbit. [fpracM. 
Qhiroi'DKj,*. Mech. ble^inbefpradje, 8'"a«> 
CWomlncer, f, Mr Sbiromant 


CMr'pmKncy, j 

CVromia'tfc, adj. (biromnntifd). 

To Chirp, u. I. n. jirpen., inftfojtrn, ofcifeni 

II. a. Jubtln, frobiio) maiben, erfreutn. [fro. 
Chipper,*. l.BcrSioitf ojcrn.be, Jt.j 2. t>ergro> 
CJiTr'iijng, aJj. erfrcutnb; iuftig, [rob. [Iid)e. 
To Chirr, To Cblrre, u. n. jirptn, g(r«n. 
Chlriir'g^n, Qbiriu J gfry,Ac.oid.Surgeou,*c. 
CMfV, >. Carp., Scuipt., Ac. Btr fflitifeli 

Brabftidjcl; Afar, btr SStttlj —work, gen. 

Gifdirarbtit, Jtupftrftttbtntrbrlt. 
ToCbr*el, r.a. mriftta, auemeifeliu cifeliten. 
CUe'eele, i. pi, <Evd6» nb. ©dfrormcfil- 
Chft, j.l.berJteiin,lie6pro|Tes S.bie6oni> 

merfprDfTt (atm. pi.): S. /am. tcont baS 

Jtinb,rleineBinm 4. (inBftmbien)ttn93rltfi 

— chat, /am. ber 6d)ni(tf*nait, bat Oeplap- 
To ChTt, v. n. frtmen, fprolfen. [per. 

Cbtfterffnef , ». pi. bit fl albaunen, Jtutteln. 
Chrtty, adj. l.finbifdj i 2. DonSoraratrfprofftn. 
CbrvBJeriir 1 ac',Ch;vSl'(f)r[ c ,ChTTVItou, adj. 

djtpaltrtst, rlrttrlidj. 
CMvVry. s. l.MDRtttn^nmj 2. bit Witter. 

nturbt i 3. MtWitterfdjafti 4. Law, la&mt- 

rtrltbtn, fltiittrgut. 
Cfclrei, t. pi. But. 1. Staubfdbtni 3. btr 

Sibnittlauibi 8- tlmtt 3mfebriit. 
ChlVcm, ». pi. £of. bit SBaiitlfafera. 
CbrVel, i. £ b. Did. Cbliel. 
CblO'rate. t. Ciiem. bat (blorfoutt ealj. 
QhlB'rjc adj. —add, Clwm. bit fl&Iorfaurt- 
QkWtMe), «. (Jwm. bag 6 bio rib s - 

chrome, bal Gblora)rom(inm) ; —of lime, btr 
C>lortd/Jc, adj. Otem. djloribifdj. [Qblorfatf. 
C>lo'r|o(o), ». CTem. bul Sblor, bit O&lorfae. 
QblO'rje, i. Orn. Btr fflrunflitf. 
QhloVjie, «. Jtfin. btr Gblorit. 
(hlnrD'di, j. ATed. bit SltiAfuiftt. 
ChlorBflc adj. Med. Sltiibfiidjtig. 
CbOak, ChBa'k^r, *c, vid. Choke, Ac. 
ChDck, i, 1. vid. Shock; 3. wd. Chock; 3. 

Mar. bag ©toubolj, gc». pi. S4lit^bilj«, 
Ciblitptn; (JBootsOJHampen. 

Cbo<!'fll»te, i. l. bftedjoblobt} 2. btrB-H' 
tiffin — dropn, 6-nplifta)tit; — mill, — itick, 
btr6-nquttl) — nof, bic GaMobotnc. 

ChdTce, 1. 1. 1. bit (frtit)18aglj 2. sit 0org. 
fait (im fEdgltn) j 3. bit (forgfdltigc] Knl> 
nabl, btr Sexm 4. tier Borratb, CaB Ccrti- 
menti II. adj.; III.— ly.odu. l. anettltftn, 
fparfamj— lotkm bieSHirtdfortt b-fpan-BoEt. 


ChSlVneM. f. ]. bit auetrltftnbtfti 2. bit 
ecrgfaltCinBtTlfliabljj S. biegtinbrit. 

8 Chor 

Choir [qafc; Mir; kOr],j. 1. btr (6 fog H>) 

Q&or* 2. Ch. bol SgV, bit emporHrdjtj 

— man, btr Cbnrfdnger, Oftorijl j — tec vice, 
btr Gbotbimft . 

To Choke, v. l.a.i. erfHtf en j 3. ftopft n, Ptr= 
ftopfem fig-i. 3. binbent) 4. untnbtuittn i 
D.Dtltibiatn) 6. F-u.(tint9tatttt)»ni3tn] 
II. ti.l.fiipniorgtnj 2. %. beltibiai ntrben. 

Choke, j. vale- btr fiart an Btr ttrtifdjofc s 
comp. — cherry, bit SBuTOfilfa)t> —damp, 
Min. btr 8d)D)abcni —full, gtbrfittt bdCj 
—dut, bit SBiirabirn; fig. bit KUtatfOt j 

— Teteh, — weed, Bol. bit SrUf»ur(. 
ChuTcer, ». 1. Mr Crfhtf it, ic.j 2.fig. Sintr, 

btr (etiua* ba«) jam Sdjiuciacn brinal. 
CbOl(]ug, j. 7Vji. bat Oefdtmitr, tie Sub tic i. 
Cb</ky, adj. 1. trftitftnb, Iburatnb j % ftrbt ; 

— pear, oid. Choke-pear, _rtg. [ffltfttel. 
ghnrfleofdej, |. p(. Med. bit (Bant abfubrtnte 
QboK^r, *. 1. bit Oono 2. fig. b« 3orni 3. 

/•"ar. Bit ethdrft be) UitnS. 
QhSfera, i. Med. bit Cboltra. 
gbul'erjc, I. adj. 1. (bolerifdji 3. jabjornig; 

II. — aeu, i. bae ojcIniFcbt Xtmptramtnt. 
gholti'tvrlDCe), i. Chem. Bat Cijolefitrin, Sol. 

To Chudfe, b. tr. L a. 1. ptdfrlen, ouiBiiileiu 

3. eorjlebnn n.n. bit SBabl baben; to - out, 
Com. (SSanren) anlfebitfen, brattea. 

Chflo'ier, ». Btr HBdblnibe, ftBdbJer . 
Ts Chop, d.Lu-1. I'mit alT, at}r)f)a.um, baf' 
ten; 2. ttrfcauen, jtrborftni 3. eerfifilinatiu 

4. vid. To Chap ; II. n. 1. (about) ftd) pI0> 

lid) brtbtn, anbtrtii 2. (ib)btttinpla4tni 3. 
(opou) ftofert uuf . . ., ulitrfoHtn. 
Chop, «. 1. ting. 1. baS (abgtbautnt) Cturf, 
(Bid. Chip); Btr ©ifftn, bit edjnitttl bal 
fflippdjtn, (cf. pi.) j 3. btr ERt^, bit Spalte i 
3. Com. (djinefif*) Sortt, &nalitdt| 4. cf. 
Chap;— boati,4>anBtI*bittj— hooae btefflar» 
Hdjt j II. c-i, pi. 1. oid. Chap* ; 2. Far. tint 

fflamnentranf grit btr $ftrb( von in raubtm 

gntttrj -of a river, bit gMnbuna dnrtglof. 
CbCp'jn, t. btr BtBopptii, Bag Sfi^eL [fe». 
ChOp'per, #. btr |>aittr r Bat $acFineffer. 
CliOp'ping. p.p. VOIlToChop: —block, bti 

$aifbioctt —board, bag $atfbrtt* —knife, 
Chop'py, adj. riffig, fpaltia. [be! ^o#mt|T«. 
CJu/r»l, I. orij.; IL— ly, adv. jum Bbcr gc» 

gSrifl! ajorortifli Qbor<. 
Qhord, ». 1. bit Saitf j 2. Afui. btrXttbrB{ 

3. Geom. bit Btbiit, Cborbt. 
To Cliord, v. a, nit Saittn btjit^tn, befaiter. 
Qhordef, *. Med. bit fiborba. 
QLo'rJoo. i. ^nai. bal JbtrBdutdjra. 
ghl/rjit, (ko'riater, i. 1. btr (5borfdnarr) 


3. t« (OaacfrfOSdngtri S. Am. Cfc. btr 

CftoroWSorfdngtr, C^oralip. 
5bijnV(|fl, adj. ufd. Choral. 
C>;rog'rapber, t. Geag. btr C^orogracl). 
<jbiJrograpli']c»l, I. adj. ; D. — ly, aid'. d)0TO' 

0>nrag/r»phy , s, Geog. tie C&arcgrapbie. 
(..Wry., *. Mm. 1. bus (bcr) Obor (>Kufif=, 

eangcrdjor) i 2. bcr Cljor (5Hufif|tilrf). 
To thu'ru.*. u. a. In fibor (Ingea. 
C 5«e, 1. pref. ». ToCbooie; II. [nuOn], j.Laio. 
Chosen, p. p. n. ToChooie. [bas ERfijWobiecI. 
Chough, [tahofj. j. Ori. tie Debit. 
Choille, s. bcr Jtropf (tine* BogtlS). 

To Chduie (Cho*»e), o. a. valg. bCtrflgM. 

To ChoS'tf r, 0. n. mnrrra, brummeit. 
Q'hrfi, t. abbr. (0. Chriitian) (Stjriftel (<3-n.). 
ghrffa, j. £ec. tat &e\W, Itt Sbrifam. 
CbnVunl, adj. £cc btn Obrifant betrcffenb. 
CbnVmatijry, t. Ecu. baS Obritmariiim. 
CunVijin, j. £cc. 1. Sa6 (gcflorbcnO SKonatfi* 

tinb ) 2. (— doth), bat SBcftcrbt mb. [born. 
thrtrt,».Cbrifhi*t -» thorn, 8uf. btrCbrift- 
ghrWttDdoH [krtaVn -], j. bit ffibrifltnbeit. 
gbrli'ttbfDE [krli'.n-], I. *■ tit (Jtinb')XaU' 

fei It adj tirXaaftbcrrcfftnb. 
ghrtirtftn[-'j(ii], 1. 1. l.berObriflj 2. ebri- 

ftian (SR-a.)) II. adj.; III. -ly, atfj.*adi>. 

a>riftlt*j -not, btr Saufnamt, Bontame. 
C%riit!tar*ia, 1. 1. baS Qbrifttntbam; 2. bit 

gbri»tj5ii'jty, 1. tat Cbrifttnfbtnii. [ftbn 
TogtarTi'tjsnlze, ». a. jam GbrlfttB maim, bt» 
CbriWrnai [kriVinaj] , ». SBcibwidjtcn , ba6 

Gbriftftftj -bos, bat EBcibnatbtSgcfdjenfj 

—carol, bat SBttbnubttlitbi —day, btr 

Obrifttflfli —dower,— rote, Bat. bit fdjroarje 
QhnVt9ijber,i.Cbri(lcpb(m-n.). [Kittmurj. 
QhiO'io.lte, j. dnn. bat djromfaurt Saljj 

— of pouih. djromfaurcS Jtali- 
ghroMit^c I. adj.; II. -ly, adv. 1, Opt 

garbtn &rtrtfftnb» 2. Mas. djromotifiS 1 — 

bugle, bat JHappenbcrn ; —trumpet, bit 

Gbromatlc j. 1. Opt. bit SSromarlf ) 2, Mas. 

in balbcn Xonm fbrtlattfcnbt OKufif. 
Cbroaiif jc t. pt. Opt. bit garbtnlebre. 
Chr5me, t. Min. tat Kbrom, QbrommttaD. 
^■hrO'raje, adj. djromfantr, BbronH '"hems.— 

aei d .bicO bro mfJu re4 — y t II w, b atSb ro m gtlb . 
Chrfln'jc»l. Chran'je. adj. iWrrf. fbronifd). 
gkrenlcle, j. 1. BicCbroniFi 2. gen. ritttfflt. 

fdjiAtCi S. ch-*, pi. Script, tie ffiiidjfr bee 

Tc cfcj-srlcle, o. a. djronoioflifa) anfici*ntn. 


Chronicler, 1. 1. btr Sbronirtnffbwfbtr) !■ 
gen. btr Qtfdjtd)tfd)rr(btr. 
Chroo'osrin, #. bat Bbrouoaram. [ttfa>. 
Qhronogramnil^c — c«l, adj. ajrofloatamnitt' 
^brontg'rapker, ». Btr Qbtottoarapb. 
CbrjaBI'ogar, ghroDSKoETit, 1. ber<StjrbnoI«fl. 
gbrunoiSg'jc, -cal, I. oaj'.j II.— tally, edo. 

(broBol'osy.t.bitStTonologic. (djronolcgifd). 
QhrgaBia'eifr, t. Hot, ber QbrDnoncttT. 
Qhrf ■>»«• (ghrjVelld), *, £«(. tit ^utpt. 
ghryVolfte, ,. Min. in BftnjfoWb. 
£hrjVopr£i, — prSae, *, Afin. berQSnjfoprot. 

-cheeked, —faced, adj. vnlg. bantblcfig. 

Cbflb'bed, Chbt/by, adj. bantodctig. 

To Chock, v. L n. l.aluiftn (ton $ubn«n) | 
a. vid. b. 4. To Chuckle; II. a. l.Iotten 
(t>oa$ubnfrn,i(.)j 3. fonft(untttbatJKnn) 
ftblagtnj 3. vulg. ftafn, fdjnpptit. 

CbSck, 1. 1. bat QHadVn (tintt {>ennt)| 2. 
£ubn<h.ni(ttcbfofuiiatBcrOj 3. dn (plojli- 
djf6) fltlinttt (ScrdnFch j 4. tin fanflcr eajla, 
uattr baBAinnt ft. T»m. bit^atrent; a. 
Did. Beard of a hone, unt. Beard. 

Chack'fred, adj. Sport, aurfibenb. 

To Cback'le, t). I. n. aut ooHem fialft ladjen, 
tWttttu II. a. 1. glurfsn, lottttt (njie tint 
i>«ttne, ic.)i 3.fe. licbfoftn. 

Chaff, a. btr (Strobian, 8dmmtl. 

Cbfif fjty, ado. nnrrifn), ocrtritfliA. [r«. 

ChhffjDeM.f.bieanbbtit) batnturrifdjeet' 

Chflffy, adj 1 . grob, tfilpifrtu rourtifd). 

Chom, j. .Ac btr 0rabrabntfa)t. 

Chump, i, btt ($oli>)Jtfofe, It. 

Chtfaam, 1. (In Eftinbfcn) aBnfdjtrfalrmorttl. 

Chunk'-itu»e, 1. mod. btr Stutofcn. 

Church, 1. 1. bit Jtirdjt} 3. bit Jtirdjatgo 
mtinttf B. (— dr>m), bit rirtbliftt Ocnjoltj 
— ale, tat Jtinbtstibftfl, bit JlivdjmtS i —law, 
bat canoiiifdjt fKed)t) —like, tincm CStipii- 
d)tngt}itmtnbi — man, 1. ttrffitiflliftti 2. 
Orn-s. —martin, bit Jtirftf Jjroalbe, QKtilicr- 
Tihipalbt) —owl, bit Jtirdjtult, Jtaujtalc* 
-porch, bit SorbaDt ttatt Jttrdjt} —pre- 
ferment, bit ■Jfrinbt) — reew, —warden, 
btr* n4Ittfh, Jl-nBorfttbtr, Jtirdjoattr) — 
warden*bip, tat Zatt tintl Jt-nourfttitvt i 
—yard, btr Qottctattcr. 

ToCharch.D.A. l.(c.«Sda)ntr(nn)|at:Jtird)t 
fubrcn i 3. (fir fit) baa btr Jtnnjtl banNn. 

Churl, s.fig. l.btrfflouer, 2-limmtU 3. btr 
Jtnitfcr, jilj. 

Chur'tfih, ChOr'ly, I. adj.; IT. -ly, adv. 1. 
bdurifd), rob, slump) 2. filjia, furgj 3. (ton 
Xringcn) unbitgTara, b^art, fpiobt, fAwtrjo 


karbciten (ton QRetailen, it.); 4. Jiff, be- 
held) racrl id), Idftigi III- — net*, t. 1. b«S 
bduerifaje KBcfcn; bit Ungcfdjliffeabcii ; 2. 
bieipa>te,Ungnnft(be*ed)iitfaI8,H.)) S.bie 
giljigreit, JfititJerei. • 

Chfrrn, j. boSffluttcrfofij — barrll, baSflanbe: 
rifnje SButterfafl j — owl, Orn, btrSltgiuMb 
tej -drill, JhTecfe. cin 4-8 guf (anger (an 
beibcn Snbtn mit cincra SRci^el nerfebcner) 
Scfcrcrj -staff, Btr ©ntterfbofel. tteln. 
To Churn, v. a. I. buttcrn, rerncn j 2. fcfjut- 
Cbfiri J -wSr«M, £» i.Bie 8Btrrt,n>ie Fan-cricket. 
Chjlfl'ceont, adj. Physiol, btn Senilis brtrrf* 
CnJIe. j. i'ftjiiol. her G&niua. [ftnb. 

gbjllfSVljve, ghflifnc'tnry, aitf. Phyiiot. in 
^LldjfafintrroniltcInBj -organs, ber ««.-■ 

CHifliiVoBa, ait;. Physiol. Gf)nln6 entbaltcnb. 
Cby'lona, adj. anS aHildjroft bcflc^cnt i ibijlui. 
Objme, «. JKyiiaJ, ber Bbornue. [artifl. 

Qb yWicnJ. QfayWjit, *e. rid. Cbem. [roanbeln. 
To fjnjWjfy, v. a. Physiol, in Sprifcbrei per- 
Cjba'rions, adj. BieSpcifen bttrcfrenB. 
Cfctyrtie, Clc/strlx, ». S»rg. bit Siarfct. 
Cfc'»iricl», *. flo(. Mt Siarbe im ©amen. 

CI cf t rt'i ; n t« , - 'z a n tt , i. p L Su i ■« JB mi arbun ga ■ 

crcftrl'-jve, adj. Surg, ntrnarbrnB. [mittel- 

CIcatrjz.Vtion, ». baS Xorbcn, Scrnurbcn. 

ToC!c'«inze,n. 1. a. benarbraj iub«lcni n. 

cieero'ne, j. bet Bietrone. [n. Mrnarben. 

Citb, Ofchllnc, Ac. «,'<(. Chick, Ac 

Clchora'ccou* [Ubik — ], adj. eidjoricnartig. 

CT(bVj [tibrk— ],i.Bie<5ia)orU!,™f.Soew>ry, 

LViiy,i.e«t«t(S-n}, u.'d.Cedly. [maojea. 

cicjuiie'jiiBi, s. 1. bat Cfrfsbtat ) 3. baj (Sour. 

Cfejube'i), 1. 1. btrSiciebco; 2. jiff, ber Colic 
modjcr, ©alan, begiiiifHgfc eicbbaber. 

C)cD't», s. Bof. b«r JBaffcrfAiertina,. 

Od, i. ber Gib) * .Rampfbrtb. 

Ci'der, ». bcrlJiber, ipfclrocin} mall—, oirf. 
Clderkin; —eager, BibDrcfftgf —man, W- 
Jfrtut, 1.ccrG-mad)tri2.fccrfi-i>eTfanfen — 
rojai, ber 6-branntroctn. [gefcrtigte) Giber. 

tl'derkin, *. mttg. ber scringe (con berXrotte 

To Ciel. 4c. pin*. Ceil. 

CI«r(-e. j. Ktr. bit Jttrje (bei wjroteffionen}. 

QlgkV, i. bit Sigorre ; — ™«,bn» B-enfOtiii. 

(Jfl'fry, *. ,lrch. bae Saubrocrt an Bdulen. 

Ctl'jsrj, orfj. /inat. bie Xugcnlieber betrtffenb. 

Cn'jSled, adj. Pot. beroimptrt. 

Cfialirtc 1. adj. cimbrifdji II. >. bit c-t Spradje. 

CiWiter(— ar), i. ber Irntmmc tur(.) Babel; 
— shaped, Hot, (ibclformig. 

Cjntat'ritn, a<tf. Hmmeeifcb. 

Cinc'tvre[-t«hur],j. l.bctOliitMi S.brrUm. 
fena) 3. Anh, ber daxt, Bourn (e. Biult). 


Ctn'der,i. l.bwnoJ)gllSbenb(Jto5U,ic-! 9.M, 
pi . aMgeglubtt Aobtaij iiBlth'»c-*,b«eofd|. 
rob>n, ©djmieberoWtnj —»onan, —wench, 
i.bit^-nfaramlermni B.jifj.berXftbenbrfibel. 

Cfn'deroua, Cin'dro ni, adj. Eofjlcnartig. 

Ciaera'tlon, i. bef. Chem. bUBerbrranunfl ,u 

Cjne'rcous, adj. (— gray), afdjgntlt. [^i'i)(. 

CiDerftions, adj. ofnjidjt, afd)^aft. 

CineVnlent, adj. afajifl- 

Ciu'cpbar, i. ber Sinnober. 

Cfn'n»jnon(— mom),*. l.bR^inunet, SlMtl) 
2.(— tree), BoU ber5-baam( — ilone, Min. 

bet etfeuifi —water, ber 3-brnnntniein. 
Cinque [link], *, t adj. Gam. Mcgiijif i funfi 
— fall, fiat. baS Sunfftngerfrant) —porta, 

£du. bit funf f>afen Snglanb't an btr fiii. 

Jtuftc gegra granrreidji — qantrt, San. 

Diet tmb funf auf btn SS&rfeln. 

,Ton, ». Hort. 1, ber Center, b«S SnioSrrtS i 

2. baS ^fropfretsj 3. Jig. ber Spieling- 
Ci'per(, Ci'pres, *. vid. Cyprm, 2, 
ci'pher, j. 1. e>«. >4WtA. bie differ, bat 3ab!' 

jeidjen; S.bieiinllj 3.bf(.(um.bicQbifffti 

ber bnrit 9£umroern brjeid)nrtt Soaarenprtie. 
ToCi'pber, n.l.N.reipntnj lLa.mitgebcinun 
Ci'pherer, t. ber {KcAntr. fSeidjen febrtibrn. 
Cjrcao'sia, 1. 1. Seujj.lSfiterttfiitn, BtrcaffUii 

2. Com, BireafRa, Gireafiitnne. 
CTr'cinaJ, adj. flo(, fdjnetfenformig aifgewlIL 
ToCiVdnSte, o, \. a. rimbeni objirtefnj U. 

unb bernm gebrn. 

CiKde, m, 1. Gnm. kfig. Btr ^irtel, JtrrUi 
UmfreiS, Umfanat 2. bie Unifdjtribnngj 3. 
Log. btr 3irtci. 

To CSHcle, o. I. a. 1. nmfrrtftni 3. mnatbnn 
n. n. 1. Prcifmj 2..%. (Kb otntgen (in Ber 
parnebmen SBelt, u.j. 

CS^cled, ndj. tTeieformig. [SWnaenjirrtl- 

Cir'cllng, p. a. }icftlf6rmlflj -looli, Mteh. 

Clr'tiet, x. 1. diai. ber ftrint 3irfcu S. Ber 
SdjiujTtlringj 3. ba« Btrnbrtilerigen. 

CiiJcly, ailj. (reisfoirmig. 

CTr'cuit, i. 1, bit JtrciEbereegnng, ber Jtrri*. 
[auf; 2, bieSirtclflMbci 3. ber filing, «eff( 
4. t« Umtreie, Umfang* 5. /.««■, «j **r©e= 
ri<bKbe)irt} h) bie {Runbretfc btr fflidjtrri 
6. jig. ber Umfdjretifi — conrtu, ©ejirftfle- 
ridjfebefti — jadgei, ©(jirfSrinlftr. 

ToCir'cui!, v. I. n. runb btrum geben, fia) im 
Jtreife birocgen j n. a. umberrcifen in . . . . 

CirtujteSr', J. 1. Bae, mat fid) Im Jtreife bf 
reegt) 2. ber im Jtrtife berum reifet. 

ClrcBrtion, j. 1 .btrJtrciSIaufi 2. bittDunbrttfej 

3. Log- ber3ir(ei} 4. Rhet. bet Umfcbivtif . 
CircO'|toni,I.anj'.; H<— ly, adv 1. dnenUm- 

»(g / Uinfn)nieifnMia>enbi 2. »titfd)rtift|. 


Ci realty, i. l.bieJtreiSbeaegnnfl, Bcetjuna,; To diaiaterfbtf. 


Cir'cMir, i- "rf;-; Q- -lj. ad"- l- fttUfir. 
nrigj S. nmlnofrati ) 1m Jtrtift ttiebetreb' 
Ttnbi »■ Jig. fldntini HI. comp. — blowing- 
nmdilae,M^.taSKml)ratfitbHf[) -letter, 
MlJtiriff4nfbat,Um!<uiftf$rctbt!tj —letter 
of credit, Con. btr Qiicvtarcrtbitbritf j «— 
»tair-caie, efoe JBenbiltttp)):! -style, ^rcA, 
btr flcnabbogntflBl. 

CAVctlar. '. »it Cirenlnr-letter. 

CircaUrfty, ». bie Sirftlfona. 

CSVcllary, adj. rrrtlftrmig. 

ToCb'caiUe, o. I. n. 1, int Umlnnf [tin, drat- 
Iirtnj a. bef. Can. tourfira, ronliwm ll. 
«. (n Untfanf bringen, cfrcultmt lafftm to— 
bills, &m. fBntfcl flirirctij circulating 
Hbrarj, bit erifrbibliot^rf. 

drellitloo, *, I. Bie Jtrtilbtotgung, ore 
Jfttillaof, UnUanf i Com-/. 2. bet (Selb.) 
UaUauf, bte Circulation} bank of—, bit ®f> 
ro&onfi -of bill., ber SScdiftlcnfebr: ' 
(Mat. tit Ctrntlation. 

CTr'coJttory, I. *. Chtm. oft (SirtolirfoHitn i 
II. adj. tunlanftib, circultrcnb. 

To dr'cgmelfe, v. a. befnjneiben. I 

CircfBd'fion, t. bit ffief(?ntibnnu. 

CtrcWferen.ee, i. 1. Afoth. ber Umheii, bit 
^fripbrrftj 2.6trJtreiS, rreiSnmbtJMrper. 

CJrconfer eVttal, adj. btn UinfrtiS bttreffenb. 

Cira»nifer«D't(ir, *, ti>om. bal Xftrolabium. 

To Cir'efalest, (To Cli'cnmfle'i), c. a. Cram. 

ar'cvnflii.j.betOirtumjiec. [cirttini".ferirtn. 

CSrciWEltienee, t. bal tlnflofeiifrla, bit Urn- 

CsrcoWfiQeat, fSreBii'llBou*, adj. umflirjtnb. 

CSrcaarforfi'nefn, — 'negni, adj. fttnraqtfVnb, 
bauflrtnb. [fats %fig. umbtt Dfrbreltett. 

To arcoimffiie', o. a. 1. btrnm giff en, umgfc 

Cfrcamft'i|le, adj. wagitfbar. [SStrbrtitnng. 

Clreuufo'iloB, 1. 1. bieUmfliefung j 9. jig. bit 

OrwfingyrS'tion, s. boa UmBcefitns bal IBil> 

Cireo.inlHion,r.baS#fninigtbtn- [btlu^Jtreifen. 

Circjjinji'eeBt, adj. umtiegenb. fjBinbe. 

drcvmijgs'tiou, i. i. bal Umbinbtuj 8. bit 

GSrcfUloVtion, *. BieUmfdjreibnngj btrUm- 

CSrcojnlBe'ltQry, adj. ttmfdjtcibenb. [febiwif. 

CircajBaored', udj. nmmanttf. 

CTretjnt-Dli'jitahle, adj. nmfdjtffbar. 

To CSreojBnii'lglte, ". a. umfdjlffeil, mmfcQcIn. 

Cireamu*YJgl'tion, i. bit Unftbifftng. 

fircnnoS* igS'tor. *• btT Urafdjiff er. 

CtreoBptyitr, adj. Ait. am ben $oI bcflnbiiaj. 

OrtomrotS'tion, i. 1. bal lln&tttjflU 3. ber 

Unif*»nng. [toirbelnb. 


befdjittteni SLjig. btfdjranftn) fa)malrra. 
Circojuorlp'tioii, i. 1. bie Urafdjrtibiina.} 2. 

bieUmgttnjnngi 3. bittrtllf irmigeSnfajriff. 
CSrcifmjcrip'tibfc, adj. begrtnjbar. 
CSraf mtcn|/tjie, I. adj. ; II. — If, adv. nut* 

febreibeab, nmflrenjent. 
nr'cQmipEct, I. adj.; II. — ly, ado. bebutfam, 

rnbtfam, iun|i(j|tig j III. — Ben, CirconHjrfi;' 

tio n, i. bit BcvRibt, Stbntfamhit, Unifies t. 

Circvmipgc'tjve, tc. n)UCIrcnmipect,fte., qv. 
CSr'cDiutlDce, i. 1. bttUlBfianb, 3«f u) 2. 

c», p(. bit Bti'bitalfit, (*Sirmogsn6«)Um. 

fMttbtf 3.jig.Umfnjn)tifef 4. bef. Om.^ei!. 

mnfUnbc. [ftttn- 

To ar'ajmitaiice, v. a. in bef. Uinfldnbe oer> 
(Srcomtilo'tisl, I. adj.; II. — ly, adv. 1. Htii* 

fMablUb) 2. jnfiUij) innefcntliibi 3. Lain, 

anl ben Umftinben grftSpft, ic- 
Clrc«aitlat|i>lfty, j. 1. Der bnta) Umftanbt 

beftimmtt iluftanB raur Ewbtj 2. bit Um- 

CircamTalll'tioB, ■, Fort, bit Umfdjonjung. 
To Circamrlnt', u. a. fiberliften, brosrtbtiltn. 
CTrcamTen'tioH, i. btrffittrng, bit flberiiflang. 
Circflciv*n't|ie, adj. bttrugtrifcb, bintcrliftig. 
To drcnini'Bit', a. a. rings btrnm bebect en. 
|cirrurav[.)iii'tlou, >. 1. bit Umbrt Jung j 2. btr 

fi<b nmniJIirnbc ffiegraftanb) 3. Arch, bit 

SBnlfi btr edjntcft an btr ionifajtn ednlt. 
Cir'ef*, t. L btr Circus ( 2. Surg, bit 3i tht" 
Clrriferoiu, adj. Ait. ronfenfrngenb. [binbe. 
Cii'mui, adj. 5o(. ranfig. 
Clitfplu, adj. ttlali)inifd>. 
CffVfi (ifV(> tff't n 1> vid. Bciuort. 
Cfi'tofd, i. Gfom. bit Biffoibe. 
a.t, CiVted, Ac. oid. Cyit, Jte. 
t^teVciaa, «. £cc. brt 6ifl[rcien[er(^fflindj). 
ai'tern, 1. 1. bit (Siftmitj 2. bet JtublcintT. 

. bti Bpiefburgt r. 
crf»d«, >, AfiJ. bit QitabtQe. 
Cf'tfJ, ats'tion, j. 1. taio, bitSIItation} a. 

bi(3(nfib.nma(au»e*rlfrflentni)i balQ{< 

tatj bie 8r»d6mmg. 

Cl'tfltqry, adj. loa, OOttabtnb- 

To Cite, n. o. 1. titircn, catlabenj 2. auffor* 
Seta 4 8. anffiljrttt (CibriftfltDtn). 

ci'ter, 1. 1. btrSorlabtr, Kunrin!) 2. berQi> 
ratw (oon BajriftfUIltn). [balSBurgtrwajt. 
rn'\v;n, btc Surgtrt OinniDbnttj — iUp, 

CTtfzeDlze, w. a. bal ffiurgerteibl ertbeilen. 

Cti'rfite, i. (Mm. bal tirrontnfauTt Sal}. 

Cffrje, adj. Oifm. —acid, bie (Sitrontnfdutt. 

Citrinft'tion, t, bal <SeIbietrbtn. [Girrin. 

afrtDe,l.adj.(itrontnfatb{g) U.t.Min.M 

at/rot), i .btf8ittonti-w»ter, 8-nbrannt»tin. 




C^i.bi«(9Wlt)Si«tti -court, bat Stabf- 
gertdjt; —freedom, batSBurgtrrtdft, 8taM= 
rt*tj -ball, Bat Stnbtbaus. [3ibetfa(e. 

avV, ■'. i.brrflibetj 2. (-c»t), Ztwt. bit 

CMc(— c«i), aitj, bfirgerlid) j SBurger=. 

Civ'jl. I. adj.; II.— ly. adv. 1. burgerlidji 
Surges; 2. Laio.&utgerlict, Qibil-j 3. tin= 
tjtimifa), inntriifo 4. rioiltllrt, gefitttt, flt< 
bilbet, b/dflia), feim —engineer, tee 6ioi(= 
tngeniturj — It", Lav, bat biirgcrliibe (r5= 
m!fd)t)ffle*ti -IW, /K tit ewillifte; - 
year, Jjf. bat burgeificbc 3abt. 

Civii'jan [cjvlryM], t. btrGioiiift, ffitdiftgt' 
ftbrtt) c-», j. pl./am. Girifs'-Bcamtctc. 

qvll'jiy, j. 1, Ber geflttete burgi'rlirfje^uflaiib, 
bit Guitar i Si. bit ^Sfiifijfcir, Xtfigteit. 

ttvjljil'tloo, i. tit Sioi illation. 

To crv'jlizc, ». o. gefittet mndjen, serfefntrn. 

Cfv'piizer, *. ber Bitten set fcinertr. 

CXv'jim, t. btt Burgtrfuin. 

Click, i. 1. bat Jtlapptrn, ERaffelni 2. bos 
^Jlftpperm 3. <o(. t-afl ^piappi.-rmaul j 4. tie 
flapper) 5. Mill, ber £Ru$ci"tocf. 

ToClSck, u. I. n. l.fiappern, rafftliij 2.plop= 
pent) n. a. to — wool. Die ScbofSmarfe aut 
btriBone auifdmdbtit. p.Mt'H ber Blub rftoct. 

CIKuk'er. ,<. 1. bet Jtlapptren 2. SieJtlapptr j 

Clid, orfj. 1. btfleibtt, ongrt&anj %M- * 
(Bcf. comp.) beberft, brfrinjfc [btrn. 

To cisim, o. a. beanfprudjen, retlantiren, for- 

Claim, s. 1. btr Tfnfprud), Biegorberungi 2. 
grefj Me {Reclamation) 4. bas JBeanfpnttbte. 

cisi'mmble, adj. anfrrudjig. [3urfidforberer. 

ClSl'msnt, Clii'm^r, s. ber Tfnfpnidimadier j 

To Chun, v. I. a. Itimen, anflebern II. n. nafi, 

ToCISm'ber.r.n. tlettern,rlimmtn. [ftocbtftin. 

Cfim'm|ne>t, i. bit Jtltbrigftit, 3dbigfeit. 

ClSm'ray, adj. jdbt, flcbctg, itimfg. [laroienb. 

Clain'oroui, I. adj. ; II. — ly, ado. [ajctitnb, 

CUWour, ClSiu'or, i. bat (Mfbrti, Setoff. 

To ClSm'oijr, v. n. fdjreien, liirmen. 

rlitin'ourer, *. btr ©cbreier, gamer. 

Cliliup, *. [.tin?. 1. Cnrp, ber ffiafftn, *i( 
«Bnngt,ba6S5[balfliJtf j 2. fl.-ict-m. Ber Bob, 
fcaufen OBartftrine (urn Brronm)! -ncrew, 
bie SSalrtodgcti 2. md. Csp-iquiire«, 1,; 
3. <iun. tai ilnpfinlagen 4. t'oneft. tie 

To Climp. n. n. Torn. btrfd>alen,Ptrjat'fcn, mit 
«eiftcn, it. rinfaifVn. [2. co*r. bat Stirrer. 

ClSn, ... l.(fri>ott.)ocrBtannii,bnt<M4lt<bt; 

ClandtVrine, 1. nrfj.; IT. — ly, ado. Scimlib}, 
wrfteftltm -trade, btr Scbltidjbanbtl} 1U. 
- neu, *. bit j)eimlio)r(U. 

To ClBng, v. I. n. ftbaHen, geara, taffeta t II. 
a. fdjallen laffcn. 
Citing, t btt BtVall, gellenoe Son, bolffietfifc 
Cliin'eoroui, adj. fdjorf Oder gcUcnb tBntnb. 
Uiin'gogr, Clgn'gor, j. ber ©ttJflC (IcrXtOII' 

pete, tt.), bt* (BdUB, 

ain'gnn», odj. febaUenb, erttnenb. 

Clink, i. bit (Seraffel, (SefUrr, Jtlirrnt. 

To ClSnk, e. n. raffeln, (litren. 

To Clap, v. I. a. 1 . Mapptn, E[otfd)en,fd]Iiigen, 
f lopfcn ; 2. (to— to), juldilagen, juretrfetn 
3. (pl5(Iid)) auflegen, anfiblagep, aufuruden | 
anlegen, anfdjiitpem 4. (mit in, into, np, Ac.) 
fterfen, Iegen, luerfenj 5. beflarfdjm; 6. an- 
ftetfen (mit pcnrrifcbem (Sifte)i to — on nil 
the sail*, flttc Beget beifejen; to — op, in 
uUereile ju®tJnbebringen,ab(ttiien5 U.n. 
l.flappen; Flopfen; 2. fktfdjcn. 

CIBp, «. 1. ber Jtlapp, ©djlig) Jtnd), JtuSl 
2. bat JTIatfcbeni 3.ber^lo$, bit Qllei 4. 
bie (Dtntrifie) Infterftinflj —board, l (in 
A». gen.) Bit (grope, tange) Sfbinbtlj 2. 
{Bait.. C.)Biegafbaubt) -brc»d, cintTCrl 
|)«ftrbrob j —net, Spurt, bat Ketdjennej. 

CfcipVer, '■ I. btt(fflcifan=)JtlatfiSenbei 2. bit 
JElapperj ber Jlloppel (tiPKOIotfe); Jtlopftr 
(an bet Z|)(tr)i 3. bie $unvprnflappes 4. 
Mm. btr Stfibrftocf) Sport. 5. bet Jtanin> 
ebenbau] 6- ber Jtamncbenberg. 

CWre-ijbsture', *. Paint, bat jicObunlel. 

Ciftr'?t, ». (- wine), btr Olartt, bieidjtotbt 
franj. SBein. [ntt glfifftgrtit). 

IlSrffjti'tion,!. bielb((irnnn,8antcninfj(ei> 

Ciar'ifior, s. 1. Bat eiuttrnbe) 2. s«(t-w. bet 
^idrftfTeL [Harm, aWlirm. 

'o Clitr'tR, v. La. abftimtl II. "■ fl* atif- 

ClitHioet, ClHVjonet, j. Mm. bit Qlarintttc. 

Cliir'jon, s. \lus. Bat Qlariti- 

ClA'ry, >. Bot. Bat SibarladjFrauti — wmttr, 
Btr Sdjarieibranntivefn. 

To CliSib, v. I n. !. taffete, proflttai 9.fig. 
tin SBiBerfptuib febtn, miberflreitcn) II. a. 
mit Otrdtjffh an tinanber frozen ob. fdjligta. 

Ctfxh,i.1.Ber£>toi,@djmiFf 2.ba6Strduf* / 
(SerafTeIi8.j!fe'. BerS6iBtrftreit,aBiBctfpra«. 

Cmsp, j. 1. bee |>nfen, »afntni bie Jtlammtr i 
2. Bot. biefflante, bat ®abtla>tnj -koife, 
bat SinlegemefTeri —(beaded) nail, Btr $0- 
franogel; Bd)inbtlnagt(. 

To Cls»p. c. a. 1, anbafen, juftdfeln, juffbnal- 
leiii 2.tId)ant(ammrrnan...,erorciftni 3. 
Boi.ranrtni4.umfangrn,anbrud > en,nmarmcn. 

ClSVper, t. 1. Ber ft rt> Xnbatenbt, k.) 3. btf. 
Bof.ba»^Sfd)tn,bit!Banfe(3. bie .Ulanantr. 

Cliu, t. bit Qlaflt (o-^trfonen u. ©acbeti). 


To CUu, o. a. rlflfftfirirtn. 

Cllf'ijc -cfl, L adj.; II. -cally. adv. ElafRfdj. 

ciaVi|c*. i. pi. Lit. bit Qlafftftr. 

ClaiiiFjc adj. eiafftn bilbtnb. 

Cliuifjca'tlan, t. Bit Glafftjuation. 

To CLaVijIy, t>. a. claififidrcn- 

Tq Clafter. u, I. r. 1. rafftln, Hopptrn) 2._fe 

flarfdjtn, |djnsa B tn j S. uiiig. ftp) (anfta j II. 

a. Wajjptrn, Hirrra laflen. 
Clii'ter. * ba6 fflerafftl, ecraorrtiit ffltrdufd). 
cist'tfrfr, «. Ber SArmtn ^lapptrer. 
Claaie, 1. 1. bit Elaufel i 2. eram. bae <3af 
Uliui'trnl, oaj'. tldfttrlldl. [gltct. 

Ciiu'<M»r, adj. peraaufultrt, turd) eiaufcln 
betingt. [lenformig. 

Climated, nrfj. 1-rnorrig, fnotigj 2.flo(.ftu> 
CISve, «. Mar. bcr fflcibrblocf. 
ciuVeliHed, ori;. eon gebranntera SSBeinfiein j 

— n«bei,bit$ott«f*e. 
ClSv'Jary, *. Mm. bal 2inienfnfreni. 
ClaVjcle, ». -*n«t- bo.8 e<bliiffclbctn. 

Claw, 3. l.bit Jtiant, JtraOtf $[olt} (JtaM*) 
Sdjttt* 2. con!, tiefcaub) 3. Af>c/i. n) tic 
3 an ge (am jammer, :c-)i 6) BitJtlauc oter 
Qabcl, morin tit (RaUt (caiter, <ju.) fpicii 

— ba L L, Bit giid)&fd)n)dnjer j — hammer, te 

ToCUw.».a. l.Fr«*m, itrtrnten, jerreijen 
(unf.)ri(cn, fdjriunmen j 2. Croucn, fiscln 
to — off, Afar. fid) rointradeifi con ttr Aufte 

CWwed, p. a. Jtloucn babtnb. [fatten. 

Ctty.s.l.b«SboH,8«tt»,te&m,Jtlrij 2.* 
Brbt, etnb n. *fd>*( -marl, bee Sbon= 
mrrgrl, strife Xbom —mill, Bnck tn. bit 
aXSrlcIaiiblCj Jfi«-i. -ilale, bet Kbonfajte* 
ftrj — niouc, ber Sbenilein. 

ToClsy, ».a. l.mitSDon bebttteaob-bungnu 
2. (ben 3"rf") Kicif.'n; Coins, e-ed luyar, 
Btr ^uterjutferj pi.fom. $>nbeni- 

ClSjea, #, pi. brf. /■'on. bit *uitc. 

ClSi'ej, aifj. ibonig, kbmifl, flciig, 

Claj'jib, iirfj. tl;omd>t, Ubmubt. 

Clean, i. adj. ,- II.— ly.ado-l. rein, rcinlid), 
[oubct (anib^i;. t ircn.J; *■ fl'utt, blant, 
btHtj 3. fnotenfrrt, nidjt fuorrig (com fflait* 
fioljj) 4. rcinfdjmrifenb (ron Jtaffcc, «.» 
e.gefdjiJij ■ — proof, T^p. tin frifrbtr 3Cb= 
jugj -hemp, ber Oteinbanfj M.a</o. gdn}> 
Iid),ff[ligi to kill-, tfnnt.rcm tobtfd)ic$ert. 

Tn Clean, o, a. I, reinigen, faubcrn, pu&enj 
(®olb)r»afd)cni polimtj 2. «ar. flusbnoactn. 

CleWljnoaa, i. eit €lcinlid>[(it, Saubtittit. 

tlean'lj, I. ,dj,; II. dlao'lily, adu. 1. rtinlid), 
fanbtn 2. ftbnibleS, tela, unbeflcrftj 3. jitr. 
Iid){ gtfdjiitt. [(tit, eaubcrftii. 

CWaa'aoBs *> tit. «.%. tic fflcin(|(it, fUteiai 


aian'dble, adj. maf gereinigt »«b(ti rani. 

To Cleanfs, v. a. 1. rtiitigtn, fdubtcn) rt&rcn, 
auiffgen j fd>tutm, put on 2. fa. tciniacn 
(con eintmetrba4tt,K.). 

Clian'fer, m. 1. tcr ffltiniger, :c.j 2. Jlfcd. bol 
ibfubttnbc SRittcL 

Cleao'ijngi, i. pi. bol IfnsfCflftl. 

Cliar.l. adj.; II. — ly, ar/o. 1. b.t U, Ran ft*U 
ten rein; 2. Har, tura>rt<btifl } 3. btutsitbj 
M- jmtifcllDej nnbtftrcitbarj 4, fdjacf(ld)> 
tig, aufactidrti 5. frui, unbefongep, unpar* 
tetifibi 6. It«j r. fcbnlblos, unbcflicfti 8. 
fdjulbenfcci) 8.o6neIbju9,ttin,ann.nettDS 
10. fldnjlirf), o6Uig) 11. Mar. a) fiar, lofrj 
b) fa I) rbor, gefofar^Sj (o get—, IDS Utrbeit i 
to keep — of, from, unterlalTtn, mtibtn, ta» 
sen blcib tn j Corns, —alter dabU paid, nad> 
Hbpg bCT SJjultenj -amount, tcr 9ittt0' 
bctrag, Gaffabcftant ] To — itartb, v. n. 
(SaSafcbc) ftarfen, ftctf mddXnt -*tnruber, 
tcr (bit) 9tmas (tattti Mars, -water, tas 
e:efrcie, efftne SSaffctf — weather, figtia 

Cleiir.t. l.biE$>entj2.Afec/i.btt:initere[fIoum 
tincS (ScbdabtSj in the— , unSiibtcn. 

To Clear, v. I. a. 1. (jell mad; en, e^cllcni fld> 
rem 2, (— up) oufEldrcn, aufVtllen, aufbei" 
tcrni 3. rtinigtn, obraafdjtni 4. lUbtco, atw 
boijin, auSboijeuj urbacinartienj a. be frdca, 
iAftnt 0. aufrduara, abraumtrtj auelab.ii) 
7. tedjtftrttgcn) gtltcnb motbtnj Laio, It-w 
fprctbciu 8- ceriaffeiij 9. Com-* a) (Stab* 
nungtn, it.) in's 9ttint bringen, ausglcicbtn, 
btridjtigen, faitircnj b) (36Ue, tc-> ei.tridj" 
ten i c) (tin Sdjiff turd) Sntridjtung tes 3d(* 
Its) frei mttdjMn d) quittirtnj O rein gt» 
icinncn, rcinbabtm /)(— out)auScci'fuufi'n} 
to — aihop, tat! ganje Eager (alle HBanrtn) 
pertaufen, aufrdumcnj Mars, to — a port, 
auSlaufcn, bus eincm {jafen obfcaelo; to — 
of the ice, (tin Sd)iff, it ) auscifens to — the 
land, bit offent See geitinnraj — jourself, 
patf Bid) 1 

Jlia'rance, *. Cast. 1. tie SStrjoniiug, $oU$t' 
bilbt (c. Sd)iffcn,:c.)i 2. be: Elarirung*britf # 
3cllfd)eirn — charge*, bit Qlarimi!gofpt(tB. 

Cleared, p.p. Con To Clear; Com-*, —out 
(outwards) at the cartoni-honie, an 3cK< 
baufe clarirJ (feci gemadjl); to be— , tiiicf 
gallimtntS tntfdjlagtn fein. [Clear. 

Clea'rer, *. bw (bo«) OrbeHtltbt, It rf. To 

Clea'rjne., *. l.fet* Srbellen,ie. («.'</. To Clear); 
2. Am. tin urbor gentadjtcfi etucf Sanb ; — 
hoop (rod), Pith, bit (9to* t> >7np cl ru t^ e | 
— bjoD*e, bat gemeinfamt ©efibdfislacol te( 
Ic-ntcnetSBanritrt, ico fie ibrt [auftnten tdgt^ 




*wffltfl(nfrit(gnt)!foAmiBflra burn) 9«f tm 
nammgen fUHrtB rmb (per8atbo)qtiitrfrra. 

Clearty, adc. Did. Clear. 

ClEar'new, I, 1. tit $>rflt, -SCIar&rft f 2. bit 

Drutliibteft) 3. Biefcetterfeit; 4. bieSein- 

&etH S.A'-M(BBbef*oIteii&rit. 
Ci?*t», i. pi. Afar, fllompen jum fflelegen btt 

[anfenben Xairtterrrt. [fonbenmq- 

ToCIShtr, p. I. n. 1. Teg. fTeBtn, anrlrttn, 

R4 HAfoflM J 2.ir. H4fpatttn,btifltn,fluf' 

fptingraj fij&fpaltenlaffrai n. ir. o. fpal= 

ten, fpeCrn i jtcfpaltat. 
Cis»'»#r, 1. 1. brrSpalttri wood—, brrf)Dl|« 

batter; a.b«* feaffratfltrj 3. bfe^oljirt. 
Clidge.j. Mi'n. bit obtrftteS4i*t btr gauffer. 
ci*t, i. wmj. btr ©4ifi(Tci- rmit. 

Cl*ft. I. prrt. ft p. p. ». To CImtk ; n. ». bit 
Spaltt, Jttuft, fflf(t, b«9tt|i To — 'graft. 
Hurt, in bra Spoil pfrcpfen. BJftrtt&nft. 

ClSfU, i. ;j, r . Fur. eSpaitrn im Sog uber btnt 

Cleg, ». (-By), Enf. bit eBrtmfe, "jferbtfHegt. 

CleWency, *. 1. bit $nlb, ffltflbt, <Otenfa)Iia>' 
Ml) 2.bi(mtrbtft««nft>. 

CJtWent,l..i. Gianni (3R-n.)f n. adj.; m. 
— ly. ode. $ufbrti4, milbt, 6ann$tr|i8' 

CleWenHne. *. (SltTOOttiM (rj-fl.). 

To Clinch, CleYcber, vid. b. T. Clinch, *c. 

CleVity, fc bit jtlrrffei, ©tiftliAPrft. 
Clergyable, odj. Law, bi(Wtdj«roti6Ittilt btr 

iSdftHdjMt graftitnb. 
Clergyman, Citric, t. btr ffltlftlliSe. 
CleV|e, - -cml, arfj. 1. a,ffftlia)s 2. mod. rfnenj 

Stbrtfbtr Brtrdftab, S*rrfbrr>. 

Clerk [vulg. dirk], ». 1. b«fflrtftU*tf 3. Si 

®:Ic&rtt ) 8. Str Stcrttdr, S*retfrer, 0TP! 
bitntj 4. Bcc. btr Suit, bet bit Stefponfcit in 
btr JHntt Heft, JHfttrs 5. Com. btr 6nmp» 
totriit, ^onblnngSbinwti — of tfce Market, 
btr SRarfWogf . [gmwnbt 

Clerkly, adj. k ado. 1. qtlfbrt; 2. grf*t<tt, 

cifrk'.hrp, i. l. ttr gtiftliftt etanb) 2. btr 
gtlebrtc Stonb ) 3. bit SttrttlrfttUr. 


CltVer. I. odj. ; II. — ly, ads. 1. gt»anbt, gt» 
f«iifn 2. rfldjtia,, tattgtfa)) 3. artig, moft[gt> 
bilbrtl m. -new, *. 1. bit (Sereanbtbrlf, 
ffltfifiicHfiibfcfts 2. bit Jrrigrtfr. 

ClflTBf.s. Gcog. (Jitriofltoum a. Btubt) 6Ir»f. 

a**, *. 1. btr Jtnanl, *ndntlt 2. jljr. btr 
Sdtfabnij Mars. 3. b*l edjoot&orn i — 
garnet*, bit C?tifant btr mrttrnStgtli — 
line*, bff Otitont btr Stori* a. fflramfeat!. 

To Cle*. r. o, 1. Mot. (bitCegel) einbinben, 
tinrtftn, brfdjlngnt, f4orwn, ftftbattnt i 2. 
fig. fftbrrn, Intra. 

Click, j. i.btrettloo ftinteajtrprabffltU)) 3. 
Afeefc. btr Bptrrbarni) —wire, tfor.t5iMrr« 
To Cffek, o.n. ftbloorn, riffraaVn. [reeetbrt$r. 
Cliek'ei, *. bit JIUpprti bet (Ibir--)JHopfrr'. 
To CITck'tt, o. n. Sport. frrd««t. 
CITent, i.btrCIitnt; 041(11110. 
CTrVottd, p. a. Olintrtn tabrab- 
CtfeataUp, i. bit OIIratf4oft. 

cinr, (ctrr), «. 1. mi jibtZD^oBa; s. Mt 

Jdippt} 3. Did. Clef. [2. IRfTfifM. 

Clfffy, CffFt«d, Clrfty, adj. 1. ftlfig, f4ro|f « 

Ctliaic'tfr, CBniacttr'ic. j. ba»ettlftnfaSr. 

CnB)acteV|c — eal, I. adj.; Tl. — cally, adv. 

Clfmite, i. bae JUitno. [rlimarttr(|4. 

ClfmSrlc Cilmitr'lcal, arfj. flfraotiffl). 

To CITmb [cttm], o. reg. A ir. I. n. tlimmtn, 
flrtttnu n. a. trftrffltni climbing plant, oid. 

C1Tmb'»ble, adj. ttfltigbor. [Climber, 2. 

ciimbV, f. l. ber Jtimtrtrj Bot-t. % bit 
fIrtrtrnbe a Jflan!t,e(bIin3Pflai'j« 3.bf tSBotB- 

Clime, i. * baSJtlinifl,btr^innn(ISfrrfiJ. [nte. 

ToCTneh, v. a. 1. fbit ganR) naflnti 2. jm*. 
rtn,nmfaffiii 3.ni«tn,Dtrirftttn,beftfMgtr.i 
4..%. ftintn ffltmriB, ic.) strfMrfnt to — a 
cable, Mar. rhtXon an ben Mnftrrtng fb4m. 

crrntb, 1. 1. £n(. bit Jtlommeri 3. bit 3r»ri< 
bfntiflfdt, ba» JBortftitI) Mar-t. -of a 
cable, btr Infrrftiajj —bolt, tfn Jtlinttoljoii 
— built, —work, rid. Ctfneher-bnllt, *t 
ICRa'cher, «, 1. bft Jtrampt! btr &aretii 9. 
fia.tittmitlrci Ship-h. -bnllt, flinftmeift 
fltbantt — work, ba* Jtliithnotrt. 

ToClfnf, d. ir.I. n. 1. flrtcn, ■rtKff>Rii ftd> 
anflamntnt, ftftbaltnti 2. fig. bangen fan 
ffinrai)) n. a. auSborrtn, rtrtt&rtn. 

Cltng/y, adj. (ail>rlt6rab, Tltbriq. 

Cirn'ltsl.-icl.orfj"., II. — ly, adv. l.ottb 

' » ». ftdrif4» ni. i. btr tSttfliatriet. 
To Clink, v. I. n. flirren, raffcf n ; n a. Hm« 

am lofen. [Set Jttingftdn. 

Clfok, j. bao9fffiD.gr, Oeflirri — clone, Afia. 
Clin'keM, t. pi. Man. tint Vrt SnHdnb. (\ait 

gtbrannttr, glaflrrer) OTauerfteitie. 
crtnSm'etf r, *. Min. btr JtlfnometeT. 

roClTp,e. a. 1. btf4n*ibttl,fipptm 2.(6*lfO 

fibrrrat 3. fbttfiBortt>etrf4InAB{ i.fig. 

ftintn, btf4ntiben. 

Tffp, (. 1. bit Sftoffifjtrr f 3. bit Umarmmg. 
Cll'p'per, *. 1. btr(©elb0"3ef4nttbtr) 3.joc 

btr Sorbin) — bnllt, Af-rr. fOarfgebairt. 

CVplnga, *. Vl. nCb.)6n>Kl(eI, XbfUt. 

Clip., ». pi. etfdfldgt. 

Ciriak.s. l.btr TCantel ; i.fip,. btr Ettfrnan. 
I) —bag. btr gRonhlfarfj bus genrffei) 
pla, bit aanbf4ranbf f btr Jtlrltwrbttrn. 
Ctaak, e. a. l. (riant !RuttI> anbta> 




art,fcrttftns 2 -.^!.'- bertergrn, tOMfaMR) 
doatiog-ihiffii, Wonreljenge. 
Ct Sek , j . t . bi e (SB nnb» )U tit, B 4 Iaguhr,3bnrm < 
nbrj 2. Ent. bfe Sebhitn^r, ber ftoljfafer; 
S. ber BieitftI (im etrumoft)} what i> it o 1 -? 
wit oicIH&rifl e*? comp. //or-/,— casting, 

1. tat *Serf tint! (grotm) Wrj 2. ttjrfnr. 
■ftsrtnj -dial, (-bee), bo6 3ifferMfltt; 

— frame gage, ber Xnitjmrifttr, ( cin 3trfel)i 
— hud, ber Bttrabntjeiger ) —maker, bei 
tQnMd)R) —making, lie U&rmaiherrtmft; 

— pnllj, ber JKobtn} — poale, bieeerfraftr ■ 
— w*rk, tal Uhrmtrf, Stftenotrr. 

To CIBek, Bid. To Clock. 

CWd, s. 1. ber («rtOJRo*j 2. btr Sorfi 3. 
tal (&Int>)AIfiinJp4ra) fig-t. 4. btr Sobtn, 
ejninb; s.vtmtnrfliifpjfCctrgSiiglitbejJISr' 
ptri— aead,— pate,— noil, btr Smtmnropf, 
Xltfdi --paled, bamra, plnmp. 

To Clod, i-. I. n. fid) rtamptnt, acrinnen; n. 
& 1. mil GrtFHfen merfrn; 2. A>r. eggen. 

astir, adj. 1-nWgj fltrmpfgi 2../^. irbtfdj. 

Clon", j. 1. w'd. Cleft; 2. Com. ba*(3utgen)id)t. 

ToCtBg, v.l.a.lit.kfig. 1. ftotctrt nwdjtn, 
bo *aiif tnwMB) 2. btfrtjmewn, otlafttrn 
ILn. l.flompiflfrfn, fid; antjangen) 2. go 
rinnni, fbxten- 

Cii%, *. 1, bit Soft, Sfirte j 2. bit SBefiwerbe, 
bag litebanif i S.btrJtiot) Stngtt, $ttnbe» 
flSppel} 4. ore (joljfdjni) Qberfibub. 

CUt/girte**, '■ 1- Me 8efd)nj(rnifj 2. Bit 

Acfltiunts- fbttiEdj- 

Clog'gy, "<lj- l-rtnmpigs 2, beTfimtrenb, $in- 
CtM/ter, j. l.ba*Jtlofttn 2.^rc/i.btrJrrtn)< 
gang barbtiteredttlaifjangj bieHmfMang. 
To Clofs'tf r, u. a. (— np), 1 . (in tin Atofttr) 
efnfeerrern 2. jirc/i.mttBfalm mnntben. 
CIBti'let»l,(«ij.l.riJ(!crIi(iis 3.%. abgcfnttt- 
CtBke,j.ftti. md. Cloak. rben(eonbcrSBeIt). 
CUM) [clSm], pref. eon To Climb. 
To CIBie, v. I. a. 1. f$Iit$en, jttftticf en, )n» 
oiadjttt) 2. (—up), bttfd)lirfitn) jnfcrilcn 
(PPnibtn)) S. brfdjlttficn, nbfdjliefcn, enbt* 
gat) 4. Mar. (tin Sou) mfantmeiibre&en ) 
to — m account, dm. eine fltedjmma (o&>) 
f*litptn,falbiwn * IT. n. 1 . fid) fd>lic*en, fia) ju- 
tbmi 2, fldj cnbigtnt 3. ubtreinrommen j 
(— with), onnebmen (c. Corfdjlag, tc.)i 4. 
([In] with), jufammrngtrotbtn. 
ClBoe, s. 1. btr fiSdjIif i 8tf4(nf, tat Snbt 5 

2. bie^auftj jSg^r. 3. ba*$anbgemengej 4. 
btr Oinbmdj fbtr Kadjt). 

cltocLx. i.bRringtfajlofTcntStanmi 2.bn* 
(StWgt, bft8inftitblgnug) 8. bo* eSatfgdt* 
d)tn t n. ud;\ A ar/n, ; ID. — Ij, o(ft>. 1. Mr. 
Wlofftn dsgtfnlofTrn ingrmaAti 9 bieUoon 

berfttft), fibnnl) 8. Wd)t, ftfl, nufltei 4. 
ftrnff, rnupp, tngt) 5. bort, nabt an, obtr an 
tinanbm engej 6. ftarf, b"l (ocm (Seftdjti 
jSg.6fftfg) bd»tnb,ODmffii6,i[.)i 7. tngc 
vmMbrt (non (Befangmtn)} _fe-^ »■ ctr- 
borjtn, gtftrimj 9. jurudboitenb, btrfd)mft< 
gnif 10. rrtn, innig, btrtront} 11. gtnan, 
rorgfatrig; 12. fldfigi 13. gtbrdngt, banc 
bigyfurji 14. Tijp. raggebdittn, compref; 
IS. fparfam, hrg, jdbti 16. Her. |t((n.6 tmb 
mit angefdjlcfftnrn glagcln) I1T. contp. — 
bait, Cam. bcr tcnirtt ffloff (im Sinarb) i 
—election, tine SBnbl, bei b« bit ©timmm= 
)ablbtr@a()lc<inbibattnfaflg[eid>tft; Mars. 
— hanled, bidjtbeimSBfnbegebraSti — i"ar- 
tera, flarrt Sdjotten (im gall be* Sntemt 
btn gxntrefcn |ur Bcrtftcibignng bfcncnb); 

— atool, Btr Kad)tfrubl J— vote, irfrf. election. 
Cl0ae'ne« I 1. 1. bit eingefdjlofrenbtlti 2. fig. 

bi(i»cim(fd>Ieft, 3iriitfbaltunaj S.bieXbgc 
fdjiebenbtit, einfomrrit 5 4. bit 8ngt (cine* 
JttcibtS, m.)i 5. bit ScfHgtrft, Eittfteit (ef. 
BtS 6loffe»)j 6. bie mt)a T. bie «er< 
fnupfang, btr dnfammenbang) 8. bie St« 
nanigteit (tintr flbtrfctung); 9, bit (3aar> 
famfcit, JtorgSelt. [Arch, btr ©d)lnfiflein, 

Cio'^r, 1. 1. beriSBEfitlieftr, Stcnbigcrj 2. 

Clos'et. 1. 1. bos (Bebcimjtntmtr, Cabinet ) 2. 
berWfonen) 8. btr Ouriofititenfdjron!} 4. 
Her. ber talbe Bporrcn im SBoptnfdjilbe. 

ToClDa'et, v. a. 1. (in ein ISabtart) einfd)ICc 
Sett, crrnobrent 2. in'* ffitbtim nerbanbeln. 

abab,i. Fet.bie91e6e,©teifbelt. 

Closure, t. 1. ba* Kcrfibiirpcn; 2. batSin* 
r*Re*enbe ( ber @!nfd)iuf, ffififrt. 

CISt, 1. btr Jtlump, bd* Jtlumpdjen (0(nt,u.» 
—bnr, Bot. bie grofie Jtlette. 

ToCISt, 0. n. I. (tampifl ftin ob.mtrten) 2. 

QRtnQl clotted wool, tifrf. Clotting!. 

CIS1/', t. l.berBcua, baeXudj) 2. bftteiiu 
reanbi 3. bo* Xifisrudjj bie Cnftj 4. bit 
JHrfbnngt'RontungeiflliftcZraAt} romp. 
-ba6,bcr9teircrac(i -beflm.Wfnu.berBSt- 
btrbaanii —bat, bcr robe irnt (obne ©teife)) 

— mercbant, ber Sndjfjdnblcrj — m«h, bet 
SmSmfdjj —weaver, btr Sud)mad)trj Eeiif 
mebetj —worker, bcr Sod) urb titer. 

To ClOlbe, v. teg, M ir. I. a. 1. fleiben, (aud)) 

beHeiben; 9, nniformircn ; 3. fig. einfleibeij 

II. n. fldj flribcn. 
Clotheo [ctoz], 1. pi. bie JTfciber, Jtteibttng, 

S8d(d)ti — pege, pi. SBifiiflatnniErn. 
ciu'thjet, s. 1. btr Xnd)tnnd)er} 2. bcrXndi' 

bdnbltr* 8. Am. b er Sucbmalter^ndjbercirtr. 
ciuthx. pi- ». cloth, 3tng> ob. Xttfarttn. 
To Clot'tor, a. h. fid) fliintpcni.fltrlitBW, 




darting, f. p t. ( . D f wool), JttareriDone. 

Clof t j, adj. 1. f ifimccria, geronncn i a. tlof to, 

ciuiid, j. 1. bltJEBoltej 2. Com. btrSMoIji 
(genBfTerte ©toffj* 3' j?g. bit X>unft[t)citj 
4. 0a£(Srts:dn9e, Dtt(9JtenHira.)3KaJe; 5. 
fig. bie florb, btr llitfttrn; 6. c-i, pi. bantlt 
'git (ten oft. Kbcro (in ©teinsn, M.). 

To Clood, o. I u. 1. lit. tfig. ioDttttn, WW 
molrtnj a.4bern,fictftn,ftontmen($c.Ij,$>ii> 
pier, it.) t aaffcrn, moirtrea(3«i.ge)) It n. 
(it. ft _£g. Biol fig, tru'te tnerben, fid) uiitjiebjn. 

CtOilMjIy, adp. BDI) Cloudy, no. [adj. 

GSd'diueiu, i. bat SBo(rige,Xrube,i:/. Cloudy, 
Clodd'lea*, urfj. unbtrailfr, rtoKcnlo*. 
Cldd'dy, (iff;. l.itolEig, trftbe, bunfel, bufterj 

2. At. traurigj 3. anrtrftd'nblidH 4. ttolfig, 

feuerloS (con Eianumten, «.). 
ClMgb,i. 1- (t'«n '*>»■ «'rf.Cloff,2.i 2.[cloll], 

bit ffltrgfdjlQijt, 2b<i[[d}lud}t 
Cloflt, 1. 1, berpabtr, Eappen j a. bieSBinbelj 

3. Mr gleet, glicfeni 4. vidg. berSdjlagx 

a. r-», pi. bit Sdjsfdjeibea (an ber JEBagen- 
odjfe)} -le»ther, aawfdjaWent* eoilen- 
lebet) -nails, SdjujnagcL 

To Cludt, o o. l. lit kfig. ftWmj s. (mit «!• 
fernt.1 gSaViben [mie bte SB«acned)fen] ) be 
fcbingciti 3. (Stbalje) mff 'Jiugtln vtrftb^lj 

4. D«;g. fdjlugcn. 

Clove, j. I- ber Jtloben, bie 3c§e(JTnobluad>); 

9, bit ©emfiriiKltt j tomp. Com-*, m — of 
cbeete, tat Bicrtcl tines JtufeS (Byfunb)} 

« — ofwool. 7^fD. SBcHt; -bark, (-cin- 
namon), ber SiagelrinjinimeU — gllly-flower 
(— pink). But. bic ©nrtfmielfe. 
Clo'ven, p. p. son To Cleave; —looted, (• 
foot,— hoofed), mil aefpnlttnen Jtlaum. 
CIG'ver, *. (-genu). Hot. Sec Jtlffc 
Clu'vered, adj. mit Jtltt bcrocifjfrn. 
Clodn, t. 1. ber ffiaucn SSlptlj 2. £ btr 
.pimsrautft. [feettren. 

To Clu*n,tj. n, tin bdnerifdif* Btnebnien of* 
ClGt'nhw, I. udj.; H. — ly, ado. l.atttt Oanrnt 
ttfttbtnbi 2. bincrtftb, plump, ungrfittct , 
in.— ne>i,j.baibiueti(djeBcfen,bitfflrob. 

b. eif, $ lump fit. 
ToCloj. u.a.l.Ht. *^g;.n&erfatffgtti}uberi 

lobenj 2. Far. t Gun. ptmagcln. 

ClfijfleM, udj. nidjt firtigenb, mager. 

Club, a. l.bieJtealt, ber Jtuuttell 2. Com. 
Sreffle, QiAcla t>bn Jtrra, (in bee Jtm-le); 
,ur^cd)cj cvmp. -tout, ber Jtlumpfa.fi - 
footed, flnmpfiilfa | — hnnd,bieJf[nmp6>nb; 
— bended, btttttpflg) — taw, bat rjanftrtn)t : 
Slabgrfet; — mon. Sot. ber Catlaps. 

To Club, ». I. t4. 1. (jn (inet grmeinftbafH. 
Xntgntt) etftrogem 2. (in (■ dutch) mit> 
rcirten, fid) e(Tcinignt) 11- a. lufatnmrafdife. 
fta, britrngen} —your firelock I AM. ore* 
!tbrt fdjulttrfs <Scroet>rl [fonnfn. 

Clubbed, jj. a. 1. frtjmcc, plump j 2. tiultn- 

ciiibtiint, i. btr ISIubtft 

To Cluck, o. I. n. Ono. ginefnt (»i> eint ^en« 
ne)i II. a. totten (nic eint fietae, auo> A'-)- 

Clui\ s. kv. uid. Cifiw. 

Clump, *. l.beiJtlump, Jtbf, JtIo(t 2. bn 

btaVf>auftn{ ■— oftreen, tin; JSauDigruppc 
ClWpered, urfj. {lefig, flumperig. 
Clum'f jly, adu. Don Clnmiy, qv. 
Clum'sjiiest, *. l.bieyinmpbeiti 2-bitlInge. 

fd)it(i6rit,Eamni()tit. [behalf lid), nngtf 4 ittt 
Clum'ty, adj.l.hltju. bitt,plnmpj 3L/g. no- 
Clung, prel. & p. p. con To Cling. 
Cldi'ter, t. 1. bit Xraube; bti Sufdjtt) 2. 

b« (KOtftn, bie TOcngej blnck— , or — 

grape, bit bucgnnbifd)f Sraube. 
ToClua'ter, v.I.n. 1. fraubennstife BMd)feu) 

2, fid) baOai (mie ed)net)i 8. Rd) cerfain> 
mtlnj U. a. perfammeln, jufammenbdufen. 

Clut'lcrly, I. oiij. 1. taUtt Staubtnt 2. In 
4>anfen) II. adv. traubenartig. 
Clus'tfry, adj. in Xiauben, SEitfdjeln n}on)frab. 
To Clutch, o- a. 1. iafdjliefen (bit .ponb) j 

3. potten, rrgrcifcRj 3. mnfaffen (mil btr 
panb), umfpannen. [Jtlaittn, JtrnHen- 

Cliittli, i. 1. «njr- bcrfflriffj IL c-ei, pi. bit 

Clilt'tfr, i. vh\. b. r. Clatter. 

ToClufter, v. I. n. oiilg. tobflt, UtlBCnl U. 
ititorbartlitt) nnfuQcn. [fpritt. 

Cljt'ter, ». tat itloftieri —pipe, bit Jt— 

To CI Jt'terlM, o. a. tin Jtlnflter gcbtn. 

CGach, #. 1. bie Jtutfcbe, ber etnatiioagtm 
JWor-j. 2. bie 4>utte <im pinterf*i(ftn 8. 
eineetnbeimettnt greyer (Rriegil')t2!d)ifft} 
eomp. — bit, bit Sabjfronat) —boat, bat 
SKurfrfitiffj —boot, ber «on7afttni —box, 
ber jrntfdjerfij, (Jtntfdj.)(8tn() -br«ce», 
pi. bte pnnntriemen (tintr X-)i —fellow, 
einet Don tincnt Ocfpano Jhttfipferbe ) — 
hire, —fare, bit QXtttbe, bat Ocfb Far rtnt 
gogntntfibej — boute, ber (Bagen-jBdjop' 
ptn) —jointi, pi. bit etarmfraugta; - 
maker, b erS8agtJtDW0>rr,SB-bfln en — man ,b I r 
Jtarfd>erj — n»oiblp,bft JTunftbet 8Bagtn> 
Itntenti — muter, — owner.berJubnjrrr^Jtr- 
fonenfubnnann] — Mud, berErt, mo 3Hietb« 
Fntfd)en ijalteu) -top, berJCuff«enlji»mtL 

To Coach , (,«.*ii. fnffdjtn j /am. rnrfdjirtri 

Cuac/ted, p. a. gcjtcangen, 

Coiic'tign, t. ber 3nsang. 

Coac'tite, I. ad). ■ U -ly, adu. j 

Coad 1 

CBadjirment, x. bit TO: tbutfe, btr ffltfflanb. 
Coidjtl'ttat, adj. mitbrlfcift, imrioirfcnb. 
co«djaV, 1. 1 . Mr Strife, eciftaab t a. Ecc. 
conija'trjn, *. bit 0(|)uiti«ii. [bcr Goabjutor. 
cotdjo'^ncj, j. bit OTitbulfe, ffltitmirfiufl. 
cosrfnnste, adj. But. [eid)t wrniadjftn, 
Co-ft'g>nt, >. brr Oebiiift, Mitbelftr. 
coSgiHfbfl'jty. i. bit ©tcmnbartrfr. 
Cuae/siaMe, adj. gerinnbar. [n. gtriitntn. 
TttCuig'fiiittt, v. I. a. gcrinnen madjcai II. 
COagBJa'tloa, *. 1. bat Ocrinncni 2. (Ml Of' 
CuAg'oi^irve, adj. coagulirrnb. [ronntnt. 
COSg'Otitpr, i. baS ronplimibt 'ffiiml. 
Co oki, i.pl, uirf. Coke*. 
I uaU J. tit Jtoble; camp, —of hartshorn, 

gtbrtnntet ^irfifjljcrn 1 —Bib, /■ h.cerJTdjl- 
fiffc, Jtcblctj — g««, tnS JT-iiflaS, (obtcnfuure 
Gfati — htjitr. bcr fl-nlriger bri ben Jt-n< 
fitiffraj —house, licJt-nnitberlagti —man, 

1. bcr Jt-nbrennerj 2. btr Jt-nbinblert — 
■eter, bit (©trin-Htoblenmrfftri — mine, 
fcal Jt-nbtrgntrfj —miner, brr Steinfob- 
Icngribtn — moon, On, bit JtobLmtift j 
—palter, bit Jt-ngabel, bat Stburcifcm 
porter, brr Jt-nrrigcri —raker, btr St 
rtojrn (fir gr oft ib fen in gubrift n) j — neat: 
btr Jt-nfibiirtcr j -ilnte, t« Bratibfrtjitftn 
— "tone, rintXrtiCaiinei- coal) barter Brcin> 
fobitnt -t»r, Steinroblratbten -work, 
reit —mine. [fid) strMnbta. 

To C0sU«ce', c. it, 1. jafnmmEiiiDaAfm j 2. 
CQilin'cfBce, i. 1. but 3ufnmmenflicftii, bit 

ecrrinigunfl) 3. fig. bit llbcrdndimmung. 
G.eldiun, 1. 1. bit»rrcinigunfl (in tint DXaflt 

rtrr tintn JtiqxrJ) 2.j%. sit Strbinstutg, 

Coa'ly, adj. Jfoblcn tntbaltcnb, WH Jtobltn. 
CO-Ulp, #. btr SQtirwrbunbtlt. [Sofcn). 

CWminge, i. pt. Mar. bit 6d)rrftutte (btr 
Coipti'tlon, >. bof Inpaffcn, (red)tt iltnfugtn. 
To COirtt*. To CGirc'tlte, o. a. 1. tintngtnj 

2. fij. tinftrantcn. [Stfrbriarana 
CoirctVtioo, *. l.DieQHnmgHnfli 2. fig. bit 
Ciisrte, L aaj-s n.— ly,M<- 1- gwb (own 

esunbe,:c.)j rob, unoollenbetj 2..fe. grob, 

rob, gtrartaf - boiler? , fturft (grobt) 

Crnimpfnittartnt — itnff, Ma*, btr £aar. 

mSrtel; III. — new, *. Lit. & fig. bit Src^ 

brii, fRobbtit, 3>Inmp$rfr. 
a-tnit'iqr, i. bcr <KiMBrifl$rr. 
To Co-«nOine', e. a. mit eintm Tfnbtra (jn-l 

girt*) annr&mrn. [ftabt. j 

Com,*. sitiStt-WMftt, bM<eet<)Hftr, fflt. 
ToCouL u. I. n. on btr Jtuftt binfabrcti, lonb- 

»drt* ftjttaj II. a. (dnra Jtfi|ttn|"triu)} be« 


Coni'itr, i. 1. Bcr JtiiflenfiibrEn bas JKfhn- 
fdjiffi 2.bcr Jtulttnbcaobnrr. 

COa/tiag. p. pr. camp. — bark, bft SotbfSE" 
borfc, baS Sstljfcnbool ; — nmlgation, bit 
Jtufltnfajifffiibrti— piloi,ttr(Jtufltn>)ti'ibfc, 
8otb*monm — trade, btr Jtulttnbanbrl, bit 

CDut'wiae, aitj. bnrdj btn JtQfhnbanbfL 

CDat, 1. 1, wit. Cot; 2. btr Stcif t lange {Rett) 
8. ta6 Jtinterrotfrbcn, bit Jtapptj 4. Bit 
etanbctfleibQRg; tabrr _fly. bcrQtonbt 5. 
bas'Sell, bcr $([;, bic^auKbcrSBiereM 6. 
bit 91inbt, ed>a!t, Gtbuppt Icon SttDddrfrn, 
K.» 1.bttflbdn(UBl«nSorbe f Sirni(,tLH 
8. Mar. bat Sbcercnj bit Xtjeirungj 9. 
/irdi. btr Qbtrfa>ntt (tints ©enolbtbogtnijt 
10. fonnd. btr jormmanitif —of mm. 1. 
bcr JBafTrnrixtj 2. (bas) HBapcnfAiim — 
armuur.bflCSSaptni — uru. bit buittt Jtarrt, 
gigur, bas Bilbj — laap, bit Battel frarapt. 
I'oCuhi, ii. a. (i"(. iifiti. brtlcilm ; libcrsicbcn. 

COn'tjng, I. p.t. bkCctfe, fflcbeifiingi 11. 1. 
lorn, bcr $a[brdlmuct, Sttfcl. 

COuia.j. p(. 1. ^n..(. btc{Xugcn")f)4iitt) 2, 
Afar, bcr Xbtcrbaaf> bas Xbccrisergi 3. 
Hf.r. btrSSaptnftbiib, baSfSapcni i.fig- 
brr Ctanb. 

To Cobs, i). a. vulf. ftbmcidjcln, litbtofttt. 

Cost, j. btr Iroof, Setrognt. [jtr, 

COa'xer, (.cu'g.bcred)niciu>Ier,SDu)lfd)mdn' 

CCb.t. l.baSipftl, baSCbcrfitj2.einrugel> ' 
formigrtScbiUntf juBeorlfntttu 3'Jrr.bit 
ecrmroo i. btrjitngflf 5, M«di.bit Spultj 
—colli, grott (runbt) Stnitt ettinroblci 
— IroDi, Sranbtiftn, ntStntrbetfti — lo«f, 
tin groM, fruftiges Brob) — out, bit grcft 
3tncrnaf ) — itona, Oevt. Stromflcine, 
Ubfrfitfelj — iwan, bcr 8 orb erf cbn>a n. 

CC'bflt, i. Ml a. btr Jtobalt) —blue, baS Jt-> 
blnu, bft SAmaltrf —bloom, Min. 6iiJt-« 
blfilbt) — crni>t,BtrJ(-btf*l<lg. 

CobiCtjc, adj. robaitartig, robalrbaltig. 

ToCob'blc. n.o.M.(bcf.e*ube) Jtyi-'.ftiiin. 

bufe t — tUM*. Gtot. ©trcm(icinc,i!bctfic|":l. 

:ob'blcr, t. 1. btr Jjltetcr, eajubflicfctj 2. 
fig. btr etumprr, »W<b ,r - 

Cob'e«4..t. pi Sanbalcn btr oftinb. grantn. 

CSbhb'op.i, fd-c. btr Coabiutan SBeibbifjjuf. 

Cob/lence, Cob'lentz, §. (ieog. (bit Ctabt) 

Cobduu', f, Did. Cubooe. [Jteblin}. 

Cab'wib, 1. ». I.basepinncngtntbtj S.fig. 
baS9icb,tiie6ibi;nqc( II. dkj. jart, tiinar, 
loiter; —Iswo.edjlritmidj. [>ogcn. 

CftVwfbbed, p. a. nit epinntngracbe nbtr> 

I CocciCeroui, adj. bttrtBttagcnb. 




CtteAfrtaK, j. Eat. Bie GoQtaiUt- 
C6 s h'\itr i ;Cr, i h'\Uttd,CS^Aifte,adj.^nn-- 

benformlg, fdjneffenfonafg. 
Cikk.i. l.tEcJtabii; 2. (-bird) bat £dbn. 
*en, QHJnndjen (eincS Kegels) i a.fig. Hi 
iiauft, ber Knfiibrcr, CBoctfA^rcr j 4. bcr 
•feeubaufeii, rlcinc#rufo>obcrj 5. tie Gtfc ei= 
nei brciccfigen fmttsi 6. birSungt on Btr 
Oagtf 7. ber 3eigtr on ber eonnemibr ; 8. 
Bie ©ttfe btr Dnni&t eintr Ubr j 9. ber $abn 
(jure 5f bjicicn bee ©rtranfee. i br^gl. am ®e» 
»tfcr)j io. bit Jfcrtt (on tincnt ¥feile): 

11. w'(7. —boat; comp. — eff the wood, Orn, 
berMucrbatjn; — ale, ftarfcS SiCTj —bill, 
the anchor It ■ — b„ Afar, bet Xnf er ma*!, 
Iff junvSalltn flan -boat, bat eeifay ~ 
Boot nut golbtm Berber!) —chafer, 
bcr 9Koi!nftri — seomb, 1. ber$-enf 
B. bit Sdji'dcnfoppe ; S. ber $rnisisurft (rid. 
Coxcomb); — eyea, bit Garabinerbaren air 
SJferBtgefebirej -feather, bit SeBer am 
$feilci — feeder, rote Cocker, or.; —head. 
Mill, lie Spitt (Ber-Jtopf) bet Ireibert; 
-a head, Bot. bitesparfettet -home, 1. *. 
bat ©Ji'tfcupfcrS j II. adj. 1. (n^fcrbet 2. 
fleflptangcnb, Roll, rrohifl) -loft, bieSJaaV 
(anuncr,jSg. col. ber $-e(n)ba[ren ) -muter, 
die Cocker, qv. ; —pit, 1. fitr $-enp!anj 
2. Afnr. (anf JW(g8fdji(f(Ti)bnJti:anrctii>et< 
Fdjing, fiat Srilatbrot rbnnb t 8. fore — pit, 
Ber ¥'<"»( ber J" ben OTcferoeramnterii bes 
ffloottraannt, Qonftablerl unb bee 3fm> 
mrrmnnn* ftbrti — ronch (roaches), Enf. 
1. bie JMerafftlj 2. beramerif. -Raferlah 
— aaw, Atech. biejaubfeigej — »hut(— ahoot), 
bit 3rit bee iribneraiifflugc*, OtbtithOSajU' 
nutting) — apur pepper, Bo(. ber gemeine 
aitenj 2. Bponicn filr Jtampfoahne ; -alone, 
ber4>-en(tein} -awnin (cockaon), ber?}u> 
rerbct»eifd)iffct, ber©d>oiuppej -throp- 
pled, Vtt. birfebbdlllfl (ooneinem^ftrbOj 
-throwin K , Gnm.bat$)-cnn>erfen, ber^-en* 
(4)Iag ) — 'a-tread, — 'a-trcadle, bcr£-entritt ; 
-*atw, Min. Buffer in fflergtwrren. 

To Cflck, u, 1. o. l. btn $abn Cam ©emehrel 
fpanntnj 2. (— up), Inbieiioberiibtcn, nuf< 
ricbttnt (bie Siafe) boibtragtn) 3. oufftBen, 
(J>to) aafrd>Dbcrnj 4. (era Dreictt) anfflop. 
pen, ftuben (einen^ur); II. n.fig, trohin, ftol* 
jieen, fid) briiften j to - the eare, bit Cftren 
fpitcni to — the Batch, Qua. emfbanen(mil 

Cockade 1 , i. bit (Setatbe. [btrjunh)- 

Cockft'ded. adj. tine Goearbt tragenb. 

CfeftUt, *. Orn. ber Jtnfobu. 

To CScfor, v. o. 1. liebtofen j 8. otrjdrfelB, 

CSck'er, *. (finer, btr .tompfbdb;nt anfliebt 

COck'erel, t. dim. taefiibndjett. [a. abrlajtet- 

CSck'et, 1- 1- Com. l.ber3oB|tempel,fiai3i!U< 
(itgelj a. ber 3oirfajrin, 3Kai»bfi6einj II. 
adj. 1. mntbninig, lefe* S.munter. [fanen.) 

COck'etioga, s. pi. Sport, baf Zsttm (oon £a* 

CSck'jng, s. Corp. Bie JBerfimmungi — cloih. 
Sport. ba« Jafanennefi —lever, Ou*. fitr 
Spannbtbel (am SiintcnfdXof). 

Cttck'jah, adj. oerbnbit, bublerifcb. 

CSck'le, *. Aflffl. btr ©djSrli - .hell, bit OSu. 
rlfdjalei -atain, bie SBenfieltreppo - 
nea, ©trompttne, flbcrriefel) Bot. (- 
ed), 1. bit Jtornrabtj 2. ber told). 

ToCflckle, v.l. a. l.mnjeln, faltertj 2.fd>ratf 
benffitmigmadjen, (cine6BjroubObred>feInj 
II. n. l. foltig Rerbtt] 2. fig. (ton btr Serj 
fid) crdufeln. [firmig. 

Cdck'led, adj. 1. muftbtlartig i 2. fdjraubtn' 

CBck'nSy, t. iron. 1. bae Ionbner ©t«tWnb; 
bee lonfiner OJtauiajfe, 3ierbengeli a. bos 
3Knrtcrf6bnd)tn, ber SBticblingj —dialect, 
bie (gemcine) Ionbner QJtunbartj — like, adj. 
eerie cid)iid)t, mnnlaffenm^ig. 

CCcua iCO'eo, CO'caii), *. 1. Bot. He Ooeo6= 
^olntt i -nut, bie CoccRttiip'i -not oll-aoap, 
Oocosnujol-ecifei 2. cor. ft. Cacno, qa. 

Cocudn', s. bcr Seiben(rourm)toton. 

Cocod'nerj'.j- berSeifitnbau, bteaseibenjuebt. 

Cuc'tjlc, adj. gebacten, gebcannt. 

Cik'tion, i- 1, baS Jtoc&en, fflotlen ; 2. Afed. 
bit SJerfiawmg. 

~M.s. 1. bie 4>tilfe, Scbotej 2. berQoconj 
3. bie £obe; 4. Btr getroefnete Jrabdjau, 
©torffifd} (gem. -flab); frch-, ber Jtabcl. 
janj dry— , dried eb. cored— .getcoefntrfrJi., 
etoeffifdj,' »a)t-, ber 8abeibant comp. - 
of a bay, bae Snnere einer 93a»i — fijher, 
ber Jtoicljeufdnger ; — '» head, Jig. ber 
—pepper, ber ^liment} -'■ pnr.e, ba» Bero. 
tuntj — wnrui, Ent. Bcr Strobrenrm. [fen. 

To cad, v. o. in einc £ii[fc ob- ©djoie einfdjlit. 

Cod'ded, adj. in rintr *iiift befinBIidj, f»filfcn 
babenb) -Erain«,4iulfeiifrud)te. 
»d'der, *. Ber ainfommler oon^filfenfrucbttn. 

CBd'dy, adj. hulftg, fialig. 

Code, ». btr Sober, baS Ktfctburt). 

cadebt'or [-tKt'or], a. Ber (Wiffdjurbner. 

CodefSn'dant, i. Lav,, bcr gSitbeflagte. 

COdetai'oer, a. Lavs, ber Mitoorenibolttr. 

Cbd'ger, ». cont. btr Geijbale. 

ced'jen, i. bat Cobieill. 

COdnie/, #. Gam. bat Uobine. 

To COdte, v. a. flelinbe fodjen, bampfen. [[nu. 

CSd'l jug, 1. 1 .btr Jtoebac fel j 2 btr jiing E.ff nk-i. 


caa»n»e',*. i^, ber (ob.btt)TOt&tFa)enfte, 


Cie, $. Min. bie Statu, $titt (im Bergbane- 
Cvittjcicj, co^ltfci^ncy, j. We mttntirfnng. 

CO¥lTi*ci*Bt, I. adj.; II. -ly, atlv. miflDitttllb. 

CSeflTcitat, j. xig. bet Coefficient. 
CviVder, i. ber SBttitteffe. [Lientery. 

CotfJK, «dj. Med. totiarifd)) — pmuion, Bid. 

Coftop'tion, j. btr Tfuffauf, Stlttauf. 

To COenjoy', v. a. mitgeme*en. 

coe'qati, '• «dj ; il- -ty. ado. (mttefntnt 

anbern Singe) fllci* j til. *. bet (an ffiang, 

ic.) ffltria>e. 
COeqnal'ity, «. bit ffltEiftbcit. [fralttn. 

To coerce', p. o. einf a) tauten, in eo>ranhn 
CSeVcjble, adj. cinjufdjtanren. 
COeVclon, j. bit ginfnjrilnfring, tec 3raang 

(bur* Bttnftn, ic.)i —MB, bit itoangtbiD.. 
CueVc-jve, I. adj. ; H. — ly, odu. rfnfit ranEenb, 

iitingtnbi 3n>ang*». 

C..e«eVti»l, I. adj.; II. -ly, adv. gleilfeet 

SBefen babcnb, gleicbra JBefen*. 
Cu^McntiSi'jty, *. bie Sleidj&ttt bee- SBeftn*. 
CufiUt/l|>bmtnt, t. tic ffltitfrridjtiing ; bag 
<:.-, f .lite',i.6et5Hilflnnb. [6omoagnicgcfdjjft. 
Coati'n&iM, I. odj.; n -ly.adu. gleicSjeitig. 
Cuetertifl, I. adj.; II. —ly, adv. glrid) croig, 

Cue'vfl, L adj. glttd) alt ; II. *, berSettgenof. 
To Co? 4trf , b. 11. mit c liftir en, pgirtdj ba [ein. 
Cufxfr'teDce, ». bie (Socrifteni. 
coeifi'tent, adj. cotrifrirenb. 
To caestfcid', o. a. glcicbroeii atlSbttnen- 
CSexteV.ion, i. bit gltitbe Intbebnnng. 
CuexteVatve, I. adj.; II.— ly, ado. non glei' 

diem Umfange. 
coffee, i. MrJtajfte; — bwry, bteJt-boinel 

— biggin, bie gilhirtantid — boa»e, bat 

Jt-ftauSf — kitchen, tie Jt-maiiljUK j -man 

berJt-n>irtb,,RafFetitt} -mill, bit Jt-mu tie 
—pot, brr Jt-tc-pf, sieJf-fanne; — rumter 
bet Jt-fdjutttn bie Jt-trommelj —room 
— »hop, bie Jt-ftabt, bet Jt-fdjant. 

Coffer, 1. l . bet Selbfoften, bie (eifmie) Sett- 
caffc; S. berjteffet, uid. Trunk; 3.(c-i,pl.) 
bet Bcbab, bie enjattamntfr) 4. Arch. Ber 
Staum, bie Btttiefnng {nifcben btn eparten* 
Kjpftn am btintiifajcn CSrfimfet 6. Fort. 
bet Btttftftt nub bebetfte (Sang j —dun, Dik. 
bie Jfxippe. [2. .fig;, coi. jufaramenf (barren- 

To coffer, o. a. 1 . in JTafttn legen, einfdjUef en j 

cofferer. /. bev e^atrndfttr. 

Cflffjn, i. l.bereatg) 2. Mefcfltei 3. bie 
btr janjt^uf tint* ¥ftr4t*j 6. Print, bet 

i Cot» 

Aantni 8.bit.ffap|>l(i.$orrella«iirenura)} 

— bone, b'o*$nfb(tn. 
To Cdfijn, v. a. 1. in btn 6atg fcgen, einfar, 

gen} 9. behnfteni 3. tin fd) ran ten. 
Cofoun'der, ». bet SXitgriiuber. 
"Bg, 1,1, rid. Cock-boat; S. bet Jtamnt obtr 

3atn antfflabe} 3. tie tfige, btrffletrufl, 

*nifti — wheel, itfeeft.bai Jt«nmtBb,€!iim- 

tab, Sa^ntab. 
To cog, v. I. a. 1. (tin Stab) mit 3ob(icn m= 

febm j 2- buta) Cd)inei*elei geninncn, be 

ffbmatent to— tbedke, bittBfirfi'lfntipenj 

cogged .lice, falfftje SButfe!) 11. ... lugeni 

fcbmcidjeln, fnd>Sfrtin>iinjcn. 
CO'gent, I. adj. ; [I. — ly, adu. frfffig, bttn. 

gtnb, nnn)iberftc$[id), Gbet|engntb. 
CVger, s. bet edjnttitbler, Sudjefajmanjtr. 
CCg'eer), s. bie (Sonnetei, ertrngeref. 
Cog/ele-»tOne,, pi. Geo*. 6ttomfteine, flbtr, 
Cflg'iW.ie, adj. benftttt. [Me(el 

CSgits'tioD, $. 1. bae Oenfen | a. bet Sebanfe. 
Cog'jti^ve.adj.bmrtnbi tieffinnifl. 
cflg/nHte, adj. (it. kfig. oenwnbt. [ttrftite. 
Cogai'tion, *. 1. tit. kfig. tie ecroanbffd)«ft( 

a. Law, bisiB. bet mount, u. roribi. Vbtomm' 

tinge tinet Stnie. 
Cognise [co'nllk], i. btt iSognfoc. [ic. 

CB^njiible, OSf/slf »nce, Ac utd. Cognlt..., 

Cognftion, i. bie JttnntnIS, (genij^) Jtunbt. 

Coe/n]zabie, adj. Laic, geti4tlio)em Berfafi' 
ren ttntttnatfen. 

COg'njiance, t. 1. bie Stfenntnf^ Jtennrnlf t 
haw-t. 3. bae (gtricbtltdje) ^rfentitniSf S. 
bae Singeftfnbntf { 4. bie Qteritbtibarhiti 
b.fi-A- bie Srfunbiaungj 9<aibrfd)tj 6. bal 
Xbjriiben, Jelmjciiben (an bet iix>rit). 

C&Vnizant, adj. wiffenb (— of, nm . . .). 

CbgD|zee',i.Lau>, l.bet,btmbae8tcd)ti]Bfein 
fStunbftiitt jnerranntrootbenifti 2. bttjlii 
get, be (Ten JCtagc bet Sctlagte einrdnmt. 

COg'D]zor,(Cognjzor', l ipp.Ci)gnfzeeO.J.La<D, 
1. btr Xbtreter tints OrunbftiidcS j 2. bee 
Seflagte, bet bie Jtlage tintiSnmt! 3. btr, 
neldjet tine Oclbbnfie auflegt. 

Cogoc'iien, i. btt 3unamt; fficinarae. 

Cogaum'jnal, adj. ben 3unaratn betreffenb. 

To Coguom'jnate, v. a. tiam 3uaamtn gtbtn. 

cugngmina'iion, j. betitunamcj Srtname. 
Cognoecjbifl'ity, ». bit fSrtcnnbarhit. 
CognBi'citive, odj. ttfennenbj — facally. bat 

SrttnntniSoetm ta en- 
CDguiir'd jan , *. btt DRitt ormunb, U- 
To CBbSb'jt, u. n. 1. beifammen motjnenj %. 

(tinet «rau) btinobaen. 





caUblti'iisD, j. 1. tat««Famairarao5ntiii ran.*. 
2. bit (tbcli<$t) *tii»o6nnna. [trbinn. 

ToCSMre', tj. n. 1. lit. kfig. Jofommcnbiti' 

gtni 2. fibirrinfrinunen. [Qobartni. 

COIie'f ««c, (CobVrtacy). f. Pity. « P.'. bit 

Cohe'retit, 1. art}.; II. - ly, adv. lit. t Jig. 

CGh^fiou. j-bicCoWflua. Oafamnnnbanfienb. 

CoMnibiTJiy, *. Ay bit Cobdiiontrnft. 

CobC ilble, Brtj. cobaffon.fafcig. 

C0h*'t|™, I. adj. ; [I. -I), ado. CoMrirtn*) 

To Co'babite, c. a. (Ami. toboblrra. 

Cobobi'tloi, i. CJiem. bit Qobobarion. 

Cf'burt, >. bit Sobottt ) Jtrttgtftbar. 

>"iff. i. bit JtapptJ btr Doctor&uti the de- 
gree ants-, bit GUffr frtr flttdjtSgtltbrttn, 

Coifed, adj. tint JtODpt, m. tragtnb. 

Coiffure, t. btr Jtosfpue, bat Jtopfteua. 

Colgne [oSinj, >. eid. Coin. [auffaitf m. 

To Coil, v. a. auf»LJ(Io) Afor, (tin Xau) 

Cefl..f. l.Mar.bn(OufflEtd;o[ftn[6t.loiui)crfi 
2. bit tnrammtngtbcebttBtone Standjtabaf. 

Cain, *. ArcA. 1. bit 8 A (tintr SRaurr) j 2. 
Kl OtrfWii S. Ptat., Ac. mt .(Ml) 4. 


ffltaitr) . „ . 

G«». bttWtttttti T. btt(geprdgte>aSiiiijc. 

ToCfitn, t>. a. 1. (Otlb) fatafltn, prig tit, 
bAkkbi 2-jSg. maa)ta, trflnbtn, fftmltbcn. 

CSP>»je, k, 1. tat QXumtn, bit 'JJtutijfunfii 
a.t>it3Kunjt,bc*QttI0i 3. *as ©epragti ' 
Nt Kilnjtofttn, btr ed}[agrd)«$; 6. 
KuajBcfflK ff. bus Sitraptlti gtaoffeitrr 
«iitft (in 3(aabitttnH 7. _fe. bttOrfbf 
bang, Orbiifetnna. [Cbtrrinftimmtn. 

ToCD|ndde , ,o.n.l.|ttfaantarctff«l} 2. fin. 

CBIn'cjdence (COfi'e|d 9 ncj ), t. 1. bat 3u< 
(unrntntreflrat 2.jfg. bit flbntiafammoBfl. 

Cola'ii|deot, nrfj. 1 . |nfanun.t«trtffni& i 3.nj>tr> 

.btr Briber, Dnr*|i!tafl. 

cai'«rto, *. Arc/1, btr grit*, fcdi. 

ColberiW, i. tilt 5Crt Spitm. 

(v.l'eoWiir, i. Chen bn Qeltotiar. 

COId, I. arfj.; D. -ly, ado. 1. fait) fig-*. % 
faltflnnifl} 3, froftig, platt, fabt) wmp. — 
blooded, rdltblutigl — ebliel, Mtch. btr 
fcartreciftlt — cre»m, »tijlt(»ei(9f)8ipp«i« 
pomaWi -Iron, T, bad SBitftlrifen (A.); 
To — preim, u. a. (Xurt), ic.) fait prcffei! j — 
ekort, raltbruSjia (Don Sifta, It.). 

Cold, 1. 1 , bltflaitt, btr $reft i a. bitOrHlruna, 

COI'dj.b, adj. riltlid), frifd). [btr Sttjnupfeii. 

CSId'ueu. s- l.MtJMIttt jig-». 2. btr Jtalt> 
bitCprSoigtcil; 3. bic (BlridjaOltigftit. 

COle, j. Oft JtobU -Bib; - mouse, I'M. Ullt 
Cualj — flower, vid. Csali Hover; — rape, 

Bo(. bet Jtcbimbi ; — »eed,l.brr8lubfamtitj 
2. btrJtoblfnmnij —wort, Bat. I. btr grunt 
JtabI j 2- btr (gtmrinc) »ti(e JtoljI. 
CoTefiptor, a £nt. btr Jtdfcr. [artig. 

CeieSp^ertl, Coleop'teroua, adj. But. Hfcf 
Cole'rUa, f . (-.blrt in K ), Com. ftint irlinbi(d)t 
ColiHif, i. btr CMiipnujicr. ferinrounb. 
CM'jc I- *■ Mrd. bit Jtolif, S)arragid>tj u. 
\dj. (or coi'icao. bit etbdrmc bttrrfftnb, 

COjbd'dfr, i. btr ob. MS flbtrrinfttmmrafct, 
CDtadrat'tloa, f. Mud. bat flnfammtntrtffra 
(mcbrrrtv SRcrfnitlt). 

Cofuer, t. 1. brr Effiunstr, flrdgcr) 2. btr 
8alfn}mfinjtr} S.fig. btr Srfinbrr. 

Ciih'tr j 1, 1. 1. F 'ale. ttt ouiflt arwt galft ) 2. 
btrf*nn)ttmca)tenfd>,JCenliiiBi 3.btr$tigt, 

Cart. Colte, j. A t>. vid. Qooit. [bit SRtauu. 

CoPtloo, «, Mt ( fltif*lid)( ) «frmifa>Bng. 

CbjB'rer, t. Law, btr UiBMbtlftr. 

Ctke, t. sbflrfdjnxftiK Stcinfoftlt, Qott) — 

Co CoilHpie', n. n. I. lit. kfig. jufaramtiifiil. 
Ira, Rib fdjlitfcni 2. ccrfaDca (run tintm 
Vtfibtban). [UinfaUtn, eidjfdjlicf m. 

Coliy.iun, Collip.e', s. bus 3ufanvmrafoQcn, 

COflfr, 1. 1. MftllbdRt J 2. &ps$>a«riftn) 
3. bob Jtnmmcti bitjialfttr) 4. btr Jtrogrnj 
6. bit Erbcntftrttj 6. Cuok. bab tRslijlcifd) ) 
— ofmUj, Afor. btrGiagtragtti t — bewus, 
Arcti. Cutrbalfenj SHaem(n6iiljtn —bone, 
4nni,ba6€Sd)luflclbrii!i — brace, btrGStui' 
ritrara nnttr btro Jtntfdfhiftra { — brace rin(, 
bit etofibft * — d*|. btr (Salatog (btr 0tit> 
ttr com f>Dfra6anbDrbtn). 

To Col'iir, v a. 1 . brim Jtragra ntbratn, po!- 
rtn{ 2. i.uo*. {gleif(b);iifoninitnreUcni c-ed 
beef,{Riab»rouliibnij c-edael.brrSiiftiaal. 

ToCollftte', v. I. ■>, 1. (—one to .... Sincm tin 
grifil. Xnt) vttltibtn, trtbtiltnt 2. (©a>nf- 
tnOioBatfcnfrta* ll.n.tiatflfruabt brfrjen. 

Coliiferai, I. adj.; II. -ly, art,'. 1. aufbtt 

©ritt, 6citrn-i a. oeii ber Stitt (€S(ittn= 
Unit)) S- ponnth 4. mitwirftnb | — ac- 
ceptance, Com. Mt Q^rtnacceptttiBni ID. 
— new, ». Mt etittneemanbtfebiift. 

Cglllt'frtlf, i. pt. Srittiioenoanbit. 

Colli'tlon, 1. 1. bit etrltibung hstr^frunbt j 
&Mt6oII<irtMi(r<.e<trifteH)j 3. bit tltint 
3»ifn)fnnuib[(riti —of ie*l>, 6a* ffltdtjeln 




Can* tftttM, adj. (nfam«enstf*o(rtn ft. 
Sent, v.). [Mr (©djriften) fluKatienirenbc. 
C>II*V.*- !• MrOTlMilcr lintr yfiitabc J 2. 
Cwl'league [— leg], ». MI OcOtgr f - «liip, bte 

Ttrntegenoflcnftbaft. LM»- 

To Unlleague', o. a. MigeftDtiafKn, MtbtW 

Cfillf ct, i. Bcc. bit Sollrttt. 

To CiIIpcC. d. 1. a. 1. fammtln) S. fulgcm, 
fjjiic&rni 3. clnjiebeti, ntifcrtrrn (©djulbcn, 
it-H il. m. ftd) Pinni'In, anhduftn. imcir- 


Ciji irc/M™*"- '• ba* fi4 Bammdn, tic S«f' 
fwng feet flkifttS. [jujictjen, Uquit. 

ColJeVijol*, «-.j. 1. H* ftlgmHiiffcnb i 2. (in. 

C9ll*c , ibn,*.l.»a*©ararat[ni 2.bie©aiani' 
Inngj 'Waffo ». bic QeHcttf. [am. 

CoU*cii*ii.>u>, adj. grfanunclt, jufommrngetra- 

Cn««Vl|*e, I. adj.; Il.-ly.odo. 1. ocrfam* 
melt, Mrriut, gffommtj SL foigcrnbi 3. 
CraM. roiicctin. 

C9ili(/tjr, j. 1. gen. MrSammldi X. tec 
Compiiaton 3- Mi (3oa-)GiaiK)mtri 4. 
Ett: bit ©angfpist, hr Elector. 

Colleg'jtar), *. ine. bti SRiticgatar. 

Cul'ltec j. 1 . bat Collegium (bet XmWMrcin 
■nbMrBcrfarainiirngtorrjf 2. tot Gorans 
Run, bit bob( SAule; 3. (anf btn Gonti- 
wnie) bit «(o«niif4e JBorlefnng, batQeik- 
glum) — ofi>h)iicimn. bit tnebiciiufcbc gg. 
nltdt) e-a, pi. I.Stridjrsfcnfc; 2. 3nca!t> 
fero&aiifen —tutor, Mr GlajfrnLcbrer. 

Cuflegf. Colla'glvn. i. btr Solliflinti $0*- 

C')lle , Ri|l, nd;. [ullcgtdffd). [fdjulrr, ©tiioent. 
Cftte'itjfle. t. adj. c o Ilea, i Cuba ft, afabcmlfd) ; 

— cburcb, Er.c. bit Ool(cgiat6fird)t, ©tifti- 

Kr4t) II. J. wW. Colleger. 
Cfifiet. t. 1 . Jew. btr Jtafbnt (duct fflfngei) i 

S. »;■«. Mr {Milting rn. 
C'!ll*t'ie. I arf;. Irinunifl, ttebmbi II. c-», 

(,(■(. AW. Jtlcbcmfttcl. [fAlaaen. 

To C-iHTile 1 , e. ". lufanmenftaffn, snfaramen. 
Curlier. '. I, Mi ©mtifotjiengrober f 2. Mr 

JfcbltnWabltn 8, bat Jtobienfebilf. 
COfljarj. 1. 1, tie Jtoblcngrubtj 2. bat Jtob- 

Itulagttt 3. bet JtbbknganMU 
CSI'llikMeT. I. vid. CanH.lnirer. [gn. 

To crii'ii B ste. c. a jnfommnibiiibra, »RrbU 
Cfiiiigi'tioB, s. bat 3ufammcnbinDen. 

CeHiDiJE'ltiia, CohjMa'lion, I. 1. btt 31(1(11. 

Calll'.|>tMe, ndj. fetmefjoarj (crfebbar. 
C;Ui*ia*Diif nt, a. 1 . bat fflcfnjDioljenc i S. Ml 

jlni (naa>atmao>tcOt(lflctn)i 3. bi(©4ma[. 

1({ 4. ft'ipivi. bci(erfte Jtcim Set) ambroc 
ccniiifat. «dj, fdjmeljcnb, auflSfcnb. [[(fen. 
T«> GWlfcoWe, c. o, * ». fqjmtlicn, (fi*) anf- 

«* C«ll)qiil'tloB.*.I.Mte4«d|t«( / XifB(lH|t 
2. Mu/. MtQelUqiMtlaii. [Affd. »tUa»«(». 
Colli*no»tVvf,orfj. l.f«jm(lKBb,flifl*f«*l JL 
L'allHuaili/tlaB, ». nit Colliqanllaa. on. 
c.>nr.ion. t. in. kfig. bat 3nf«mmra|to»t«. 

To Cul'lpctte, s. a. ft(UtU ) orbltl. 

CdKlactle, adj. gtfttllt, gcotbnet, ledrt. 

collnrii'tlon, i. bit Ewimna, OiattniUng in 
Qlaflcn, bxation. 

cail^cO'lioi, t. bit Unfembung. [4raM. 
^HocVtor, m. Mr (iffl Eiolsg S*it>)*5pit« 
;5I'| 7P , 1 . 1. bit SItifd)>64iirtt) S. joe. bat 
Jtiab. [fpraiixbttrrffnibj Umgaiigt*. 

CollD'najf],I.«>>.; II. — ly. odn. bl(Unflaiigl> 

CijIlo'iiMjtilfBi. i. bd TfatOmct ant MrUa> 

t;oi'i9<iuy, i. b« UnKiboitunfl. [faagtfiKwh. 

CSCIDv. i. * d.. rid. Colly. 

ColUr/tHcy, *. bat IBibtTftrtbn. 

Collucti'tlaa, i, Mr emit, SBiMifttab. 

To CallBda'. v. n. tin gebtlmrt OiaPtlttinblft 
babtn ( txf.ju uii(rIautiicn3iP(Cf tn),(00vtir(E> 

CollO'uer, j. b(T CcHubent, WanftmaAd. 

CollB'.inn, i. ibd. Ijxw) bat MinIi(M <t$M> 
vrrfidubnlt, bf( HoDaftott. 

Colln'»ive, l.adj'.i II.— ly.fldp. b(imli4 MI* 

abrcbet) III.— ten,), bat betriflrrifn|tl*i»" 
Col la'njry. ail}. ccDufotifA. [Mrftanbntl. 

coi'ly, t. btr «a* f batRnffeti batJtobl- 

fd>nar). [BtrfinJKrn, nmnadjten. 

To Coi'ly. e. a. 1 . fccnffil i b(f4naini j 3. fig. 
CoiljVjuui. t. Med. bat TCng«in)ii(f(r. 
CBl'inar. m. Pom. bi( QHonaatiiro. 
Coi'orfnf/i, m. dot. bit Boloaninh. 
Cologne' [w!On'], l.«. Geo«.(bi( ©tab!) CSIb I 

II. -ilj. (6lai[dj. [9rimmbarm. 

Ctflnn. 1 ftrnm. batGolDBj 2. /l-of. bd 
Colonel [car'ael], t. bar CMrftt, Dbriftj — 

■hip. Colonelcy, bit EbrrftrnlhlK. 
CoWnial, adj. cine Celenie brtttfftttb 4 — •*■ 

flee, Sfcrt, bneOclonlalomt (c/. Blue-booV.H 

Com- 1.— p roil u ee, Cplca inlwaa rot,!JJt* f mal» 

natRD) — (nil*. b«c Cbl oirialntaoirnftiiiiMI. 
COl'ijnfrt. Cofoah«r, *. t(T <SoIwtifl,Tti»flrtltt. 
COIon (iK't i n , 1. ta S60 1 era iflr( n,bi(Kn H«M I u ng. 
Tn Col'ijniie (— Dl»e), d. a. Sottairn anlegen 

in . . ., (cloniRroi, aabatttn, berSltrrn. 
CBIanalde', #. bkOolonnabe, BdBialfngang. 
coi'guy.i. l.bie<SL>loni((®efenr4oftn.?Sfloaj< 

oit)i 2. bieORcngtj btr3iig »on tbiernn 

— hive*, Brr. OTnfjojinrorbe. 
Coi'ophijny, (. baa dolppboBitm. 
CoPoqu!aUC«lonuWt|da,i.fi0t. bfrSbloqibtfl 
Cftl'or, Ac. Did. Colour, it.. 
Colprt'doi. 1. 1. bit (JNnflbn) f«rMitgt< 

baag, bi( girbia ) ».bie?r*tbf. 




CWfWitare (-tabor), i. Mus. bie Golornrar. 

CaigriCIc adj. garbt gebcnb. fdrbtno. 

colarlaa'tion, *. bit Btrdnbertmg Mr JJarbt 
(bur* Snft, it.). 

ColoVial, C6loa»s'an, ColfiVi|c, adj. Moffat. 

Cfll'our, I. 1. bit garbtj Jiff. 2. btr Xnftridj, 
©ditto, SSoroxmbj 3. bit let, (Sittung, btr 
Bdjlag (Don!Sttnfd)(tl)i "pair ofca,(tbe 
e-i). pi. bit Slofige, rja&ntj -»»n, 1. btr 
gurbtrooami&onMer j 3. (in Jtattanbraett' 
rtinObtrgarbrnnitiftcrj —printing, Zyp. 
oct Sarbcnoruit. 

To Cfll'our, b. L a. 1. fdcbenj colorirnij 
& fig. btmunttlti, eiiien Xtiftrid) gcben; 
fd)rinbiir randjem 3. /.air, (frcmbtSBaarcn) 
tinldjmirjinn 11. n. I fld> firbtn i S. «t(» 
tlftn; fid) tntfiirbctu c-inj drogn, gatbtflofft- 

COKour^bie, adj. Com. Riut^ntafjlid); prcforma, 
futflirt) — account, bat Contoiginto ( — 
paperi, flmulirtt $apitrt. 

coi'oyred.adj.l.bunt i 2 Jig. fftcinbar; —men, 
ffarbiatj — impreuion, Typ. bunttrDrutf. 

Col'ourer, I, btr, bit, baS SBefdjcrngenbe, ic. 

Cftl'ourut, i. l.btrgarbentnnbiflti 2. DcrGt)- 

CfUWIt**. a dj. farbtnlo*. portft. 

C81'»tSIT, i. tit 3u6crfionfle, btr fMbebMim. 

cr.it, s. J . tci ^rngfifuritn, giilltti j %fig.hti 
jungt lippifdjt D)tenfo>i 3. Mar. bit Stage, 
Sag} — '*fDOt,B<i!.Mr#uflartid)5 —locks, 
epatmfdjiolTrr fur giiUtn; — 'i-toalh, btr 

Col'ter, i. tat Jtolttr, 0cdj, fSfUigmtlftr. 

CoKtjih, I. adj. ; II. —If. adv. aiiSatlaffnt. 

cei'abrtne. adj. 1. fiblangctiartig j fdjlaagctt' 
fSrmifl) 2,j(g. rtrfoVagtn, orrfnjnilBt. 

Cbl'anibary, i. ba8 SaubenbouS- 

Coium'bate, j. rjttm, baS tantalfnnrt Sal}. 

CulfimTil*, t. * XmtriFa. 

Columbian, adj. * omerittmif*. 

ColWbje, adj. Chtnt. au« Xantal gewoniidi ; 
— acid, bit Santalfdurt. 

Cil'umbler, t. tint Xr 1 3tia)tnpapier. 

CfiKunblne, I. orfj. 1. tauinrtartigj 2. tauten' 
(balOfarbtftj 0.#. 1. bit Saubtn&aKfartt, 
bae fd)iKttnbt8ioltttj 3. floi. bitXdrlti) 
3. Thud. Qotombfnt. 

Col'ynUte, *. Afin. btr Qalumbit, Xtmtalit 

tWiimel, i. Bot. bat esarnenfduldjtn. 

C&>,,Bn[rtl'i t m],,.\.Arcli.kPhyMte&v.Ui 
i.Mit. bttCelonntj 3. Typ. bit Celutnnc, 

ColSm'nar, Column »'r|»n, adj. fdaltnformfg. 

Colore,', ,. pt. Ait. bit tSelutm 

Co'ua, i. I.Med, bit Sdjlafflldjf j 2. Hot. b« 

eftopf) 3. Ait. bti (gurd'bnlioV Jtometra= 
OTmMe, *. btr 3HtgtHJj P i , etmtrab. [Bdjiwif. 

. CB'raile, adj. btfrurt, &aorig. 

COmatoic', CbWatoiu, adj. fdjinfFud)Iig. 

COmb i'cOm], i. 1. gen. tec Jtamnu 3. vid, 
Hoaef-comb; 8. oi'd. b.t.CaaDib; — brnab, 
bit Jtammburfttj —out, lae Jtanunfuttrr ) 
—tray, bit Ainmlabt. 

Ta COmb [com], u. I. a. 1. ranuntii; fftitgtlni 
2. (SBoDt) Nuprin, (gladjB, K.) 6cd)tlai 
II. n. Mar. fid) libecfturjen, bTtd)tn (son ei- 
ntrfffitllt)! combing clotb,oer$iiBcn)ianttl; 
combing wool, (lange) JtamnDDdOe |u B latten 
3 tu 9 e n < roirfKt riuo 9 )u .Ctri & q a ragtbraa6)t. 

To Cem'bnt, v. It. tfig. I. n. Mmpftn, fttri- 
Km 11. a. btftrcittn, bttattpftn. 

coottat, ». btr JTampf, bal Ocftajt. 

Cbn^bttant, 1. j, btr Strtittr, Jtampftrf II. 
ftdjtmti t.Hrr. gEgcnubentttcnb. 

r*m'b * ti v e n cu, I . I'h ren.B.S! rf dmp f un B *rrieb. 

CDmb'er [cS'n«r], i. btr (BttHimMT, Jtr*Dip« 

Cflmbi'iinble, adj. Dtrtfnbar. [IcT. 

ccmbjDS'tion.f. t.bitStrrinianng) balCoSf 
plctt i 2. ATath. t^g. bit 8ombinatien. 

To Combine', e. L a. 1. Ctrbinbtn, iMcttnigtn, 
jufflmm(nfu3"i) 2. fig. comlinirtni II. n. 
fid) Qtrbinbtn, fid) Dtrtiaiatn. 

COmb'Ifu, adj. objte Jtamm. 

Combaatlbn'ity, Combea'tlbleneu, a, bit Scr> 
brtnnllajftit, erranbarfeif. 

Cpmbila'tjble, I. adj. brtnnbor, tnrjunbbar) 
II. c-t, (, pi. bcennbavE QRattdalien. 

Cpmbfis'tion, i. 1. Mc Btrbrtnitung J 2. Mr 
firinbi 3. fig. btrXafmbr, Xumult. 
To Cane, c.ir. n. 1 . gen. (cmmtn j ()n 1t»»0 
griangtn i antommtn j btrfonnntn) 2. btroor. 
tommtii, entfttbtni 3. mcrbnii ta — abont, 
1. )t* nntbni) 2. pn> jutra B m, atfijtbciij 
to — flinnder, in Btl<ft geben, aafrrinanbtr< 
gefttn; to — by, ja - . . (ommtn i trlangtn, 
crrottbtn) to — in, 1. bertinfommtn, tt.t 2. 
ildjfinfltHeni 3. anffomntn, TOobnotrbaii 
4. in tin Imt tommtii, gtBubltratrbtni anf 
benlirongtlangtni 6. ttad)gtbtn; (mttlo) 
tinnUHacni to — in for, l. (nil (JUnabigtr, 
i(-)Xnfpnin) mad)tn uuf. . .f 2.birttn am. ..; 
to — off, l. ba»on roramtn, icj 2. rubra, 
feint StoOt fplticm 3. nbgtbtn, autgtbn, 
uuifaHtni 4. abmfidjtiii aMommtm to- 
on, 1. btranfommtni anrudVa, pprrlden 
(eon Xrnpptn, jc); 3. fbrtrcmrani, nadXtn, 
B [bei»tni how do yon— on? n>it gt$t£lr'l! 
rcitatbtnMcScfdjuflc? to— out, I. ( r mtl> 
fommtn; 2. trfdjeinen, Rdjtbar mtrbaij 3. 
an*fd>Iofltn, freibtn} to — over, 1. fibre 
flebtnCja t intr^)artri)j 2. fibtrianftn (b.gtiif- 
flgttiten)! 3.»itbtr^o(tnj to — rond, fi* 
Brtjtn, fia) nmtbtn) to — abort of, 1. vte 


fctftn) «. ji farj lemmtnj a. autfttbta, 
ni4l gIfi<Sfc.mmen j tu-to, l. tuustaigtnj 
S. brtragrn, MtmAmf to — to good, go 
briben,i»c&(gcriit§cn, gluctmj to — lokand. 
1. atigclanflcrt i 2. jnftojcn, fid) trtigntnj to 
— to pa**, fldj|tttrflgtn / Kri9ntnj gefdjcowj 
to — up, I. auftommtn (SDtobe (ocrbcn) s 2. 
uufgciji'n, fctnunj to — op to, 1. bit jw ob. 
on Streai fommrnf 2.fi#. fid) nibrni) to — 
up with, 1. (rrridjtn, cin&otrn; 2.(3mDm.) 
gleifbf ommtn ) to — npan, 1. auf6tioa6 fom= 
men ; 2. fig. fid? balltn an- . . i 3. uberrafdjen. 

dime. I. p. p. D. To Come; II. adu. (gr lu— ), 
ellipl. fiinffig, add>frj — wedneid»y. funf» 
Hgt MitrMOdJKJ ibw day -fortnight, brutt 

liber 1* Sage j III. — uff. j. btr Serreatib. 
C(ime'di?n. j. 1. t*r SSdjonfpieler, JtcraSbianf ; 

9. btr SuftTpf elbidjttr. 
COm'edj , t. bat tuUfpirf, Mr flomobit. 
CbWlJneM, i, LbtrXaftaiib) 2. bit Xwnirtt, 

TErrigf ctt. [mutbifl, artig. 

coWiy, adj. t adv. l. anftinbigj 2. an> 
Cfim't r, j. btr, bit, ban Jtcmnunbt. 
C&me»S'!i on, #. bus Simtuftn, <9i[d)mattf(. 
Caiu«'ijblc, *. 1. bit jtafoft; 3. cine ©huh. 
c*Wct, j. l. bcr Jtomtt j a. Gam. bat Jtouc' 

tenfpid iJtarttnfpitl). ifdjine. 

Cuiti'cttij, CoraetH'rjum, i. bie AeraeKnma- 
cWermry, ComeVje, ndj. fonttifa>, Jtomttcn--. 
CoDjetogVapby, i. ittt Jtumetrnbcfiireibang, 
Cum'fjt. Caiu'fit-, I. 1. gen. bill Conftrt) 3. 

brt draget; fiomfit-miiker, bcr jStitfcrbdtfn:. 
ToCom'f|l, o. a. 1, (mit 3t"frr) tinmaijfni 

8, ibtnairtrn. [2. vid. Comfit. 

CtWfltQrc [- t»iflr], i. 1. bat IStngeraadjttj 
To Comfort, u. a. l.ftdrftn, crqaidVn, labtnj 

*-(— op). (btnffltift) crlridjttrn, trfreum 

(ben SKntb, mitbtr) btlebtn, trifttn. 
Con'fqrt, ». 1. tic UntErflusung, btrlBelfranb 

3. btr Srofi, baa 2abfal, bit Srlciajttnmg, 

Xnn(b«tid>rtit$ 3. iai (gtifHgt unbKrptr. 

li*e) BBcblbcfinbtn, bit ffitbaglicbftit, 8t. 

qntmltd)rcit, ffltmad)lid)rt<t. 
CWfortable, I.arfj.; H.-ly, adv. l.ttrfft* 

ficii trfrtnliiSi rrqufcfiid) ; angtntbtn; 2. 

bfqntm, gcmdcblid), bebdgtifJH III. —neat, ». 

1. sicSviiilidjrrit i 2. blclffioblbebafllidjrfit, 

Wtflucraliujfriti Orfrralidjfcit. 
Caa'fortablet, /.pi. tintXrt woBtntr Urafdjla" 

gclfirStr, blc oirfd. f. a, $)ftrbtbt den. 
Cim'fprter, #. 1. betXr6)Ur} 8. Thtot. btr 

Ijtiligt Okift, Xrofrcr. [% uabtba 9 tiA- 

&WrortlfM, adj. 1. troft!o6; nntrfreuliit i 

Coafortrem, j. bit ZlofttTilin ) ^ulftbrin* 
CoWJh! (CMc), I. «*,; D. -1 j, adv. I. |nm 

) C«WB 

SnftfpitU flt^orig, haifajt 3- »o(fUtii4, 
luftigi IU.-neii, s. Bai JtoMtfdje. 

Conrty, adj. k*. vid. Comdy, Ac 

COrn'ma., i. Gram, t Mm. sat Jtonuu. 

To CoBrntBdy, v. 1. a, 1. lit. k fig. gtbif 
ten, btfegltii) 8, (tin jitn, it.) bEfebligcn, 
cummiinoirRii.ng.9 btitrrfdjtn, fibirftbtnt 
4. b t fir eidj t n t 5, Cow-j, to — end*, Bm> 
rtnbtflellungtii nadjtaj — mjierricsi, str< 
fiigmBiciibcrmidjj iag«r c-i ■ ready ule, 
3urfLT ifl prompt abjuff(,mj II. n. lit.ttfig. 
ben ffiefe&l fiibrtn, bcrrfo>en. 

Cpiumiiid', j. 1. bit 4>trrfd)aft, ffieroaltj 9. 
bae fflommanbo ) 3. ba& ffleboi, btr Ctfcbli 
4. (btf. Fort.) bat »3tftrtid)ro, etbtrrfdjtn ; 
6. Com. bti'Tfuftraj, bitCrbtr, OsmmirflaBi 
under—, .Spur!, abgtridjtft. [utnb. 

Conatin'dable, adj. brftbiigt, U. ttttbta Ha> 

Cumni»n diut', t. btr Comma at ant. 

Commftn'dvtorj, adj. gtbitttrtfd). 

Conuata'der.j. 1. btr QcbiMer, «efe6lflbabtc i 
2 btr Qcnutuborti Qoraauabanti 8. btr 
Qomtbun 4. Mech. bit #anbnnuat, Swtfi* 
ftrj 6. Surg. bitStinlabt. 

CprnmSn'dtry, CoBnSa'dry, Mil. k Ecc. bit 

Qomtbarci, DrbcnSpfrunbe. 
Cammaod'Daiit, t. 1. bit (b!d>ftt) ffltmaltj >. 

btr ©Efebl i bat Stbot, Ocftt. [ttrisit. 

C<jminin'drfl.«, j. bit Stftbie&abtrtnn, (Stblt. 
CoMirk', ». bit »r tine (ttnet 8anOf *). [btnb. 

Conunate'rjal. adj. tut glttd>tm StCfft btfif 
COmmfWrjal'itj, I. bit <Slti4b,tit b(6 etOfftS. 
cnm'niatliai, i. bit Otbrangtbtit (ttt est*!*). 
(]nmm*a»Val)le, Did. b. fl- CommeBiarable. 

Cuiamein'orsble, adj. btntnnrbig, merrmurbig. 
To CaiDmini'qrite, O, a, 1. im Xnoenhu bt< 

b^lten, (bat X.) fticrni 2, crnjobntn. 
Conmimorl'tloR, i. 1. bit <Xtbiia>rnifftittj 

2. bit (ftitmbt) Srwibning. [trinntrnb. 
Connln'oratlve, adj. alt Xnbenttn bttntnb, 
ConmCrn'oTatgrf, adj. bat Xnbtnftn btroab' 

rent. [faagtn, btginnta, fitmal nttrbtB. 
To CommSnc*', v. L a. anf»ngen j IL n. aa< 
Commjnce'meitt, * 1. btr Infangi a. yic bit 

yromotioD. [riibattn. 

To Command', c. a. 1. mafttfitUi 2. lobra, 
CommJ!n'dab]e, I. adj.; II. — ly, adv. (mpfeS- 

[nnflirofirbifl, Wfft>] m.— new, *. bitflm- 

p f c t [ u ng5 rnurbf g teit. 
CooiiiEn'dam, t. Late, 1. bit Qommtnbt, trlt> 

btgtt|)frunbt} 2. bitStrmalrnngbtrftlbtit' 
ComaiSn'dntary, «, Lou, btr ComnttnbOtar. 
CJtmmendii'tion.j. l.bitCtmpf c blung; 2 .t fl 68cb . 

?omm«a'd»tory, I. adj. 1. tmpft^tnb, 9m> 

pftbhtngtij 2. Lav, tint yfrfiu&f in cam- 

mcndamDtmalttnbf II. s. lit Sobrebr. 




Cammta'trr. t. 1. btr ampfciltntej ft. ber. 

Hcbcnbc, £currtncr. i 

Cnuiiu*[in"i'»hTI')[). Com w*n'« Arable new, ». 

Math, bit Gcinmcnfnrnbilitdt. 
CnuiiiieVptfiriihle. tdj. Math, tamwcnf urate].] 
To Lnminiii'iorntt, ti. a. ausmeffea. 
CqaiMiBVaific. I. ui/j. ; II. — iy.ado. 1. n>> 

mrfbart a..tfj(. ungcmcficn. [boltnip. 

Com m«n«ltiii 'lion, >. M* <glt!cbntiiige):Bcr< 


1. 1. ... 

fibtru II. a. nfldm. 

Comuiint'. i. I. bit Xuilcgung, Crrtlarang, 
bcr QDnmtntarj 2. bit Knmerfung. 
Dnu'iufDif rj. k. bcr Qnnuncntor. 

Tn Cow'iiientnle. i>. N. iii'J. To Comment. 
Cfn:imf nti'lor. Coiiiroin'ter, ». tier laelegtr, 


Ciiiniutiiii'iiuu*. orfj. trbtitet, erfonnro. 

Coai'merce, i. I. tier bantcl, (bmlcit-^cc. 
tttjt; Sji-n.2. (crilJbcciWHuslnufc&i 3. bil 
OcmcinffScift, btr llmgangt 4. Co*, bat 
CcramcrccUin JtartcnfpiclH — at large, btr 
{MntclGrtrMtr, aBeitftonbcl. 

To LYim'untrce. v. it. I. -tanCti treibea, ban- 
bcliii 2,.%. nmgctcit, ccrtt&mt. 

Cfiuiner'citl, 1. adj. ; II. —I), ado. 1. fflUf. 
mdnnilfb, ccmmerctcll, mcrenntilif* j 3. $. 

tTtltCttSf {MBlrtt't — ndienturer, eetSpc- 

ruionii — n.iiite", $-6btrid>tc ; -M'ods- 
tlua, ber £srerbLint, bit .p-flrcrbintijngi 
— cuurt, bo* {t-agcrtibt, aJanfflL-rtdjti — <ll- 
rr.i-iu ), boe 4)-«abrttbn4i) — tfliteb, on. 
IdnfliictSnctlcrii — e»tBblinbment.tit$anb. 
lung, bat £»bausi — gmette, bit $-tjci> 
fungi — barnnur. tie gnetorei, $-lgcftIl> 
fdxtft (In eincin ©ecbafen); —home. bae 
4>-«lma(i — Intercourae , ber ^-Srcrrcfir, 
jwnleh — 1»*. ti«£-ere6>t, Bic $-egeTeti 

— IciMr. tcr$-tbrlefi —One, bat $-tfa4 

— men. — nation, — people, baa i>-6roIF, bic 
oicrtontilifdjc BJcIti — navigation, bic$-»> 
fdjifffobrti — Mm), bit £i-6marinn 
»uirn, $-tbetrieKfamfcit)f — who 
4)-6f4ulci -tariff, bcr ^-lattfi -t 
plate, bet $-*pla«l -trannctloiu. $-»p.C 
fdjiftcf— traveler, bcr ^'Iniftnc I— tretl). 

bcr$-$t>trrtagi —Union of Germany, bcr 

bcurfAr 3eHvcrtin, ifcuverbanB. 
Comm ijjrn'i ioa. i. bit (grucinfifeafrlifte) Yum 

CSinin|ni'tion, i. tit Skbrotmig, Trebling. 
Co ram In '(tor j . adj. tTOttat, btbrobtia). 
To Uominrng'lc, n, ].n. geraUfttlJ H. "■ A* 

Gtnnifdjen, vetti nigra 

Comiuin'lljble. adj. jrrrcibli*. I>em. 

To Com'mjnute, v. a. icmiben, jerfl»*tl1, pal* 

iCoanelnn'tion. «. 1. bit 3tmfbaai ft. Ml 

gcrbunnuiig, 3ertt)eilutig. 

To ComuiI('erite, o. ". bcmitleibtlt. 
Coumlwra'tJon, s. basTOitldb, Utbarmes, 
Commff'eratfte, I. arfj. ; It. — Ijr, orfn. mit' 
COMiBiVeritor, j. btt SttddfbtT. [leiWoo-H. 
Comu|*i>ii'rJBl, adj. CDmmi)fari[d)S — itore*. 

Mil Jtricgsrorratbe. 

CumiiiiwS'rjit,— ate, ..Mii-baBODnnnifTatiat 

(joiu'rajMary, f. i . tet Ybfleorbnete, geftedo) 
Stanfrragtej Mil. k Mar. 3. bei ,!Cricg6- 
(omntiffat) S. (— o[tb« itorei), bet pre 
rianrai tiller. 

COin'uijwary-hrp, t. lit Qomntiffilrfbtne. 

C9unniVnion.11. 1. bit 8ommi[rion, &erXii(< 
tragj 3.lieBo[[mBD>ti 3. Com. <i)b»9Dr' 
bcr, SefttQuRgt h) bit iScfibaftebcforgung i 
c) tie ^rofirutn, fi-Sgcbutr; 4. tie S., Bet 
TtusfAapf 5. tie Ctcilt, baa Ttmtj 6. bae 
potent, Bit fflcftaDungi T. BegcljUttg (rinrt 
Sunbc, ic.)j Utm-t. —fin a aUtutc) of 
b*Bkrantcjr, tie Gcp[ur66et)5rbt, btr 'on- 
CNtttV Of rfitoram ; to be in the—, eilt 1ml 
rcrmaltcn, fungirrtu anbiu in-, ciimufben 
Jtrtcgafufcingtriditttttfftg e l f crtig c i ) © eg iff ; 

'jm-.. good< in (or on)— , Q-sgutCT, CS-*. 
naartn) account of c-«, Bafl Q »»ttartlt> 
tcntoj book of— T bnSQ-6(>iBiiarcii>)®on)) 
■BanrcnbcftcIInitglbanji letter of— , btrG-t- 
brief) — bu«lnea-, btr Sommifflon*' (gattt- 
rci- l-^ontci, taft CommiffionegeftbiFu — 
merchant, bcr Gommifflcnnri — ofBcer, Mil. 
k Mar. ber Ef fitter com Bfcutnant anftoartl- 

ToCrimintm'.ion, t.\ a. 1. 'Sllftrag gcbtn, be 

aufrragttti tDnttnltrittni 2. abcrbntn, bo 
PCiDmddtrigtnt a c-ed officer, tin in Stljalt 
flcbtatcT Cffiticr. 

Cqmnlt'iiloner. *. 1 . bcr Gomraif Rbttar ; % btt 
Gommiffart S. ttr (gtfrtUct) Seattfrragtt- 

ConiBJi'Kqre, 1. I. gc<<. Mtch. tie gugti 9. 
Arch. tieSreinfngtiS.^not bit GommifTur. 

To Cumiiiif, u.a. 1. ubtrfltntn, onwttwiKU 
2. rom. Vufrtdgt gebtn, befttHcn, committi> 
rcn i 3. err bo ft en, fefen laflra j 4. auaabea, 
n tgrben (t. jtbltr, It-)i 6. blbf fttllen, torn. 
promittircn ( to — to (paper) writing, jn 
$apicv bringen, fibriftlii aufftteti. 

Coinmft'mtnt, Cnmmrt'tal, 1. 1, bit Btr&af- 
tnng) 2. ber«3crb.afttbcfcf)[f 8. tteflbef 
getting cfntt Gcmnmnicuti, te. an einenKal' 
fcbil) 4 bnSDcponircn) &. bit tSeacbung 
(cincr Cnnbe, it.) j 6. tit HJiopftcCung, »{. 
eintracbtignng. [Com in it. 

Cqmmft'table, adj. onjattrrrarttn, it., c/.Ti 

Comit'tes, *. btr (tit, to!) Gomitf, bet 
Kuifdjnp) -of nuupBent, ber scfa)ift< 


Itftnibe Ttnof4Bfi — of merchant*, btt $«> 

bel»att*f4uS i -man, bat JfuifdjufcmitglkS. 
C*iam|tle*', i. Law, btrGnrator cine5SBabn= 

finnigtm — tbip, bic Soraltl, 8onnunbf*afI. 
Coai»ft'ter, j. 1. Bintr, btr gtffl. (B6fe6) Se. 

fltht( 2.a>m.bcrXuftiLiggeber,GcnimLrrcnl. 
To commix 1 . ». I. a. mifdjen, Dcnnff4mj II. 

n. R4 r-tTctnigen. [Bcrmif4ung. 

CORtmli'lon, Camntfi'tlon [— tiagu], j. bit 

Commi'rt»Te [— Ubur], #, t.btreerraifibungj 

3. bit IRifibniia (Ml Ormif rb re). 
Commode', t, mod. We Qommobt. 
ConnniJ'dioiu, I. adj. ; II. -ly, adv. 1. be 

anem, Pglid)) 8 nujKcb, cortbeitbaftj III. 

— im,*, l. bit StflunnHdjfrit, Gcmaajlid). 

fcitt 2.btrfiu»en, 8c-rfbeil. 
Conmtffld'jty, .*. 1 bit fflequemlioifetf, bequerac 

Btlegenbritt 2. (bcf. pi.) tic Roan. 
Coram') do re', /. Afar. 1. bet (Sommobore j 2. 

baft (Jonreifibiff eincr Jtiuffnbrltiflom. 
COrn'min, 1. adj.; 11. — ly, orfo. 1. aUgemein, 

offttttlfd)] a. grmeinf4°ftl(4 (aud) flo/.); 
3. atroobntid)) 4. unatciigi 6. Cram, gt- 
ntrit "mmunii ; 6. gemein, tiicbrig i III. j. 
1ms, 1. bat (Bcmcinbcgut, bit Oemcimscibt , 
btr © cm rlnbepl a (, :e. lauh) pi.); 2. tie S(> 
meinf4aft( 3. (right of-), baSStmcinrcftti 
IV. eomp. -council, 1. btr etaittatb, ®C 
meinbcratS} 2. bit gefammtc JBuraerfajaft; 
— c man, but Otottfglicb ) — Egyptian, (Jom 
bitdabVt.tRatD>ob.3umc[baitiiii>Dnc} —bull 
I. balWtmeiibt&iinej 2- btelStrfammlnng; 
— Uw, bat genuine ffledjtj — loom, Medi.btr 
((Mbmcbfrntli —Plena, vid. Cnurt of— P.; — 

prayer. Bit eugcnommcnc gitutflte Cer bif*6f« 
liibcu Jtirdjc, bo* Jtirdjcngebei ( — pmyer 
book. boi eitnroitbud) (bcr Mf46fi. Jtinbt)* 
-»en»e, bcr gefnnbt (iwfarlidje) Betftanb) 

-Mirer (nbora), btr, bit OloafJ 

Jtfo/. btr strove (f4Ird> te) Sort. 

To CWranu, v. n. 1. in (Ecmciufilmff &u6en 

(cfneriit ?anb,ie.)i 2. gcmtinf4aftli4 leben, 
Cbm'monable, adj. 1. acmtiiiftbaftliii i 2. Loir, 

nf bit aemcinntiben juMfjlg. 
CWmantci, '■ Client of-), Ijne, bat <Se* 

mrinbtttdjt) 4>Htnng*rr4t, bit pat. 
CWnwnnlty, >. 1. baS genuine Boltj 2. bat 

gefammtc menfdjlidjt (9ef4Ie4t. 
Curn'mpner, j. 1. bcr gtmeint SXann) 2. bcr 

Sfirgcrlidjei 3. fart. baft OKitglfeb bomUn. 

ttr tairft ) 4. /jnu, bcr Wi tittbabtc j 5. Ar. («uf 

cngl.Unrr-ttfltdteniestiibmt jreeittn Eftange*. 
Cbormo olog, p. *. bit Scrfaamtung eincr <Sic 
C.1 io 'a^o new, >. btcQcncbiiH4ftit. [mcine. 
COm'iionplSce, I. ». berQcmcinpIatt II. adj. 

iHlagik*, coB»enrtontBj /am. abgrtrofdjen* 


m. To -, », a. mrttr aOgemeine Xttel ftrrn 
geaj eomp. — book, but CuOcttasecnr-tt* 

COm'monf, r. pi. 1. bic Qrmciitn, bcr brifre 
0tanb) 2. bcr Stmtinbobra, :c « id. Com- 
mon, HI.; 3. bie XtttngSfeft. 
lOmWnwealfJi, ». l.bicbfirgerllfttBrrfaf. 
fung, bcr Sraati 2. bie Otepubltlj 3. bat 
5)ubLicum, sememe SScftn. 

CorantO'tion, 1. 1. llt.*fig. bit ffltmcgnnfl, 
erfdjuttfruna ( 2.bcrT(ui.'u5r,bieCiDip6ning. 

Coniuo'ntl, adj. communal. 

To CoAmBae', d. h. fid) nntcrreben, beratftn- 

Comm(ln|c(bn'|cy, s. tit <KitlbeiIbarrcit. 

(Jonnno'njtoble, adj. mittbeilbar. 

Commll'iijeaai, *. ber Cwnmunieant. 

To CgnnuG'njcitt, v. I. n. 1 . mittbeilcB, bt> 
fannt mafttn, 9ead)ri4t gebnti 2. tbcifnt 
(mitGinnnii II. ". 1. KtL coramnnicirem 2. 
in Kerb ins Mig flcbcn (and) fin-), an einanber 
fiofen (eon (Scbanbcn, :c). 

COmmon] c&'tion, 1. 1. bic QRirftcifnng, Qrofl- 
nung; Untrrccbungi S.btrWcrtcbri 3,fit- 
kfig. bit Serbinbung, bcr dnfaramenbang. 

CammB'nlctrfTC, 1. adj.; II. — ly. ado. H4 

(leiibtiminuetlenb) HI. — new, j. sit Urn- 
ganglidtEcit, ffltfotda>ig!eit. 

JommB'iitLftory, adj. mittbeiltflb. 
CommD'njaa, j. 1. bic Qcmcinf4aft} SL bit 

aiaabtn£gcmcinej3.Aff.bieQemmunien{ — 

tloth.bicTtltarlccfei— cup, tcrOTcnsmablgf 

Mi) { - table, btr Trbcubmabistifdj, II tar. 
Commft'nlty, 1. 1. bic (Serie>l<Stmeinf4aft) 

2. bat aUncmcfne tEBcftn, bic ( bfirgcriidj t ) (2t< 

feHf4aft, bcr Stoat. 
Commntibnlty, t. 1. Sic 8crt<mf4l>ar!e!t ) 1. 

bit Sccdntcrli4rcit. [lcrlidi< 

Commu'Etblc, adj. 1. nertimfdjtiar; 2. veran* 
COmmeu'tlon, 1. 1. bftVcranbtrungi Kcc- 

nanblnngj 2. bit Kuewcdjf clung, bcr Saul*. 
Commn'tf tl»e, I. adj. ; II. — ly. -"'o. 1. tur