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^arbaift flToUrgc Itbraro 

h^Vhu hi, &-iinf<Ji~- 


Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

@ng[ii°^aiff$(S nob ^(iitf$'@itglif$(@ 

€i)nl I. 

9tft Bcad^nnng bcr «iiSf))ra4e na^ Urn wu 


anfficflcRen faf(ii)ni e^9mt, foiDtt gtnaittT Vnflabe bcr tfnaclnoi WbtDei^mifini tn bcr 
9[tt6f)>ra(ie ita4 btn brftcn ortiotpifttn tmelTcn 


Dr. ^. «. /Iftoei, 

Conful ber 9errinigttn etaatnt »en 9iorb«9lmerira 

{Btxla^9xt^t flff^ert.) 

Swtiut "^m 


3o^attn STugufl SReipner, 


Digitized by ^ 









J. E. WORGESTEA, esq. 




Dr. J. G. ELtJGEL, 






4 854. 

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Digitized by LjOOQ IC 



Ths demands made vpon Engfisli 

Dictionaries by the readers of Eng- benrnflen ber Sefer ettflfif^er C^tiftm ttn 

lish works are increasing from year to 
year. Scarcely a book is pnblished in 
England or America wbich is not 
immediately read in Ckrmany, and 
which makes it necessary to consnh 
the Dictionary. The mental affinity 
of these highly cahiTated nations is 
manifested by the almost simottaneons 
enjoyment of the productions of the 
imagination as well as their Ascoreries 
in science, art and nature, and the 
constant medUom of this intellectual 
exchange is the Engfish Dictionary, 
which it is the aim of the editors 
in each sncceeding edition to render 
more worthy of its predecessors, 

It cannot be disputed, and I beg 
leave to offer this as a purely sta- 
tistical fact, proTedby careful compa- 
rison with other Dictionaries, that 
my large Dictionary of the English 

3Kit iebem Sal^re ftrigmt ftdji bie Snfbr^ 

bad eng(if((e SBtttetiu^. 69 fonnnt 
in (Snglanb unb Stnerila fo^ nk^td 
^nau9, kvaS ni^t au$ in Snitf^Ianb 
foQlA^ gelefcn to>irb unb aSeranlaffuns 
gieit, ba9 aBettttiiK^ px Statue |ii 
}tel^en. S)it gei^ge aSettoanbtfi^aft 
biefer ^o^geSHbeten aSiSer Bniibmbrt 
bncd^ ben itntnittdBoten 99tttQ(itu$ 
f^rrt $^antttf!e9eMIbe, fo toit iffxn 
QEntbedCungen in SBiffenfi^ap, Stmft 
unb Watur, unb ber BefMnbige a>oI-- 
ntftf^er biefed 3(udtaufd^f0 tjl bad 
en0ttf((e S&tvtttivt!^, beffen ^ttau^^ 
geBft iebe i^rer aulgaSm ju »ett)Otts 
ftfittbtgctt Bemfi^t Pnb. 

Un^eitig — nnb bird hittf {$ M 
rein jiatlfliffljf unb burtj foirgfJltlgc 
aSergld^ung nttt anbem SBdrterBfi^ 
0em ertoifffnc Zffcit\a^t oufjufaffen — 
i^ bad S9on mir ^eraudgegeBene grcBe 

language is the most copions of all|aBBrtftBud^ bet mglif^en epta^t bad 
works of the kind which hare yet ap-boK^finbtgfte aVer Bidder crf^ietienm 
peared,* still it would be presumpta-lsetfe biffer 9(tt* tmb bo§ toSxt ed 

* It will sufnce ia regard to this state-H * QTft genfigt in biefer S3c}ic(ttng anf bie 
aent to refer to the third edition of tiie woric ^Mt TCttlgabe beS «Berf eS feibfl, sbet 6uf bie 

itMlf , or to tiie i»aiq^lilet pablidked by ae 

eaatied: — ,, SiteranMe 6pmpot^iai ober 
tnbaflrielle Sv4^nuid>ereL Gin Seitrag }nr 
<9eMi4te ber ncuercn englifd^ teiifogrop^ie 
ooa Dr. 3. <9, S- ^^/ i^ebjl etacm Sonoort 

ndae Ma mir teraasgcgebene e^rift :— „%i' 
terarifi^e G^mpat^ien ober inbnftrieOe Sbud^* 
ma^crci. Mt Seitrag sur (Scfiftiittc ber 
nencrctt ciigtif4ett Sodfoscoptie boa Pr. 
3. O. 8. It., ncbft ciacm 8or»ort bon bcv 

©on bem ^crm Comt^ar^ Ac. f)rofeffor Dr. perm Comtf^ur, :c. f)rofeiroc Dr. ©oftfrirt 
(Jottfrifb 4)ermonn, ^cipjig, 1843.'' O^ennann, tmi^, 1843/' {tt ©crweifca. 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 




oofl to assert that it sapplies in erery ungeU^ini^ ju fee^auvten, baf H in 

respect all the information that might 
be desired. In the short time which 
has elapsed since the S' edition ap 
peared, the literature which relates to 
commerce, manufactures, science, 
and the arts, has m^uie such con- 
siderable progress that a third and 
thoroughly revised edition was called 
for. The revision and repuWcu^tion 
of so extensive and costly a work 

could not however, in the nature oi i^i^t n4(j^ t^t fp fH^ncU e^ol^tn, 

things , be executed so rapidly as the 
increasing wants of the public re<}uire, 
wants which can be satisfied by the 
issue <^ sio^^r works of a , purely 
practical character. Such a Practical 
Dictionary is the one, which I now 
present to the public, constructed par 
ticularly for the use of those engaged 
in business, in which, besides the words 
and expressfions in daily use, those 
terms employed in commerce, the 
trades, the arts, and the sciences are 
more fully eiiplained than in any work 
hitherto in ase. As my Complete Dic- 
tionary is based on a whole library of the 
latest researches, in a similar manner 
the materials for the present, work 
have been drawn from a large number 
of new publications procured and con- 
sulted for the purpose, from which, as 
well as from an extensive course of 
reading and careful observation, much 
has been added, which no work has 
hitherto contained. Much useful mat- 
ter also, which I was prevented from 
inserting in my large Dictionary, on 
account of its size and the vrish of the 

affen tBtjCe^ungen jiebe tofinf^bore 9(ud- 
fimfl gSBe. 3n ^in{i<^t auf <&anbf( 
unb (Semerbe^ Stwn^ tmb SEBiffcnf^ft 
tft ble eitetatur in ber tuxya \tit bet 
jtoeiten ^9gaSe ))erjIo{fenm QtH f((on 
kDteber fp brbeui^ ^maniiti^Tdtttn, 
baf fin^ bcitte SrarBritung b^ffelben 
nitffi^ mui;b«* S>u MitUif^txavL&Q^bt 
ibM fo wmfwxffcti^tn ynb foflt^ieUgen 
SBrtbd Um inbrff'ett ber 9la^ brr 

(M man. buxA fkmnt, bie S^^xa^t 
aUtm toon i^rer )prifttf^m @eUe bar;; 
^ettcnbt aBrrff^9^ien Sebucf^ 
vJL^t b<d .^i^Iiqimd la^fvl^dfe^n im 
<^nbr i% M .^<^^ ^4ec .^ier^ 
mtt .tbt.»f>n mix befpnbnpd , fui;! b^n 
iS^vgM^ bcc mtt bm motertetie^.^^s 
terrffm a9ef<^a^i^tm bearbeitete^ V;t a f ;; 
tifd^r,^' ;aBdrterBu(j^, i^t njeU^eui, 
au^ belt SBSttent unb^:9(^dbri)(!ett 
bed tagli^en ffierfe^td, bie im Jbam 
bel unb in bm ©eiverben, in bet 
Jtun^ tmb \n ben ^tlfenft^aften ge? 
Br(Ui(^U(^en fSiixUx unb itun^audbrftcf e 
^oKjlanbiger aid in irgenb eineai bid= 
^ec tooti^anbenm SBetfe toerjeic^net unb 
etQatt ttitxten, , i^ie meinem gr$$ern 
SB5rtrrbud^e eine gdnje SBibliot^ef ber 
neue^en £iuetten {u ®nmbe liegt, fo 
{tub au(^ fitr btefed ilBSrterBu^ ^on mir 
toiele tuut l^ter^erge^Srenbe SBerfe an- 
gefd^afft unb }u diatf)t gegogen unb 
aRand^ed, toad f{$ no4 nivgenbd ange- 
geben fanb, aud etntr umfuffenben Sees 
t&te gefammelt unb ^injugefiigt morben. 
(id ifi in biefed SBerf, kvelc^ed gletc^fam 
organifd^ mien meinen gtSferen Incifa^ 

publisher not to increase its price, has Iif(^en unb anbeten (Xrbeiten ertva^fen 


Digitized by.^ 




foimd m j^iHeifn tike yesatet woi 

H wefeyby t|i6^deofiiiylM«erle»-:j 
eogriiplfiecd ^tfd «tiMr labom; On 
the' o€ier haiiidr th« g>Mat«it<ee#ifOffly 
of space hail becHI aimed at 4a«oider lo 
make room for the^'tedufical termi* 
In this woiIl thetefa^e. which, as 
Skbove remail^edy is intended to meet 
practical wants, the following classes 

«i# M ^n Urn Bf aa^ltorni $to£ 
iU|l lit fi^r imfiliiietteit ^u UfM: twli 

^ .bagtgen ilft. Mtt oiibfcap ®eiif« 
biefen Qici# tdlni^en SBiilem bm 
nM^igfn$(a| ga Dir^{fcit> bic ^^^e 
gtaametf^MUtttif nffeeit kootbcit. @o 
benn in Uefm, ivie gefa^t brm 

of words have been omitted (thovt^htMifS^fMitt^^ 
they are absurdly retained in sma]kr|fb(9tnl^l£BMectlaffmi9<ggtblifBfit(ol:: 
works that pass generally ihnder thelgkid^ v^m ^f )>eif fleeter SBeife tit fos 
denomination of Podiet Diationartes gencmnten Saf#fflB imb oltbcuii ffiftr- 

tecSJt^ent fiitbct; )km btatn title siUr 
%n}a1^ — twt bi^ Betlitifid in, «« 

f^icfte Stt^jftse atdiM4 grofqi SMrc 
tetiu^ finb): 1) Untii^tige, )^altdt^ 
tfin ^tobingieac ober mnt ^| Mtrin:: 
jett )wi^mm(nb€ SEBfrtcr, oit^pgras 
))]^<^ tinb aitbae (Sigcnt^itmli^feitcii, 
tvic Cmnsorary, fiscocheon. Exam- 
plary^ Escript, To Esloin, Evanid, 
Erestigate, To Resperse, Untriumph- 
able, Uawonned, 4tc; 3) (Rnt aXengc 
$arti€i4)im, SftSal:: obcr 9loiaiitaU 
at^Mtungen, tomn fie ffinc t»on t^eti 
<Stammtt>}ttecit ahmeid^rnbe IBebralims 
gen ffaitn imb fur itbett bet ^pcai^ 
eintgetma^en 9RS<^ttgen lei^ ju bUbm 
finb; fo i^ ber Jtittje ivegeit inn 
Evocation nut bie I. S^entung : ^tt: 
)90ttttfuitg, flcfett/ ^t%tn bet iiii^ii 
aiet «itf ba« SBttium To Evocate 
(Evoke) )»mi>itfhi ^ ba fl4 biefe cm 
3ebhr o^tte !!Ru^ analog (ilbm fatiti. 
Stn^ bte Xtemnmg' brt acti^^rn nnb 
neattolen IBAnttungcn M Hiabm, bie 
fonft auf « fheng^e bur^gefii^rt ift, ijl 

of "wMch -^ by Ihe way *— many 
are nothing but bungfing ex- 
tracts fronif ' my ' large^ Dictionary) 
I. incorrect/ antiqnatedf words and 
mere prorintiSilisms or inch fa veiy 
seidoiod occur; orthographical' and 
other peculiarities, such as Carso-^ 
rary, Escocheon, Exompiaty, fiscript, 
To Esloin, Evanid, Evestigate, To 
Resperse, Untriomphable, Un worm- 
ed, Ae.; 9. A large number of 
participles, derivatives of verbs or 
nouns, the significations of which 
do not differ from their primitives, 
and which everf person, who iis 
moderately acquainted with tiie Ian 
guage, can form for himself: thus, 
for the sake of brevity, only one 
meainlng is given for'** Evocation," 
,>te ^ttiotrt^g/' with a reference 
to the veib Evocate (Et^e) ftw 
(btther explanation, from which the 
other' modification's may be found 
without diificMilty; 'The' separation 
of the active and neuter significa 
tions of verbs, which is generally 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 



most strietlj attended to, has likewif eBM 
been dispensed witli in short articles, 
beeanse many rerbs in every language 
compiise both significations , and the 
repetition of that in the neater, which 
b already given in the active, woold 
be diflfose and unnecessary. 

From the fact that they heap up, 
in the midst of those in daily use, 
a mass of words, mostly antiquated, 
provindal, or such as are of yeiy rare 
occurrence, which an author had 
perhaps employed in the whim of the 
moment, but which are quite worthless 
without quoting the passage, it will 
easily be p«ceiTed , how destitute of 
any plan, or minute iuTestigation, and 
how culpably careless is the course of 
the compilers of these abridged dictio- 
naries, that are indeed, for the most 
part, nothing but unprincipled pla- 
giarisms. It is an injudicious and yi* 
congruoi^s mixture of eyery thing, — 
copied out of the parent work which 
they had before them : — of course 
the materials are dipped and pared in 
a most niggardly manner. 

Here it might be said, that such 
books being merely practical must ne 
cessarily be limited, but it is just the 
practical part, which these bungling 
mechanics neglect, practising at ran- 
dom their piraciei^ upon what has once 
been given, too indolent to make 
the slightest effort to conceal thehr 
own deficiencies by the independent 
addition of a dozen or two new 
words. Thus in a smaU work of this 
sort, which was copied from the secondllin 

giun bn80i SctiEcfR wnticdUb aid^t 
nttge^tt iDOcbni, imU jift te Mm 
Scitiotttcnt aSlit eptd^ai beibc Se^ 
beittungm eiti^aUat ^ imb fomit 
aQteber^oIimfl bcffen im Stestaua, toa< 
im^Xctbuia fd^on pel^t, tnmit^ig mb 
toeiifdMifid kojre. 

SQie pUtiU>9, o^nt genoue Uittets 
fu(^img imb getpiffenlod nad^Iaffig^ 
bte ajerfaffer furwefafter SBittec^ 
i&^tt — bie frrili^ atci^ koeiter 

xAtn — Decfu^^rm^ fann man beutUc^ 
ava bcc 3ttfammen]^aufuitg nuiji m^ 
Sejel^ncter ttecoltetec, ))roi»in2ieaer, nut 
einjeln Dottbmmenber SB5rter (bie ol^ne 
ba0 Sitot bed ^^xiftfUUtti, jkoel^ec 
fie )>ieKeu^ in ber 2amte bed Stusen- 
UiA pihK flon) toect^Iod finb) 
mitten unter aUi&gfx^tn fEiitUm tts 
fe^en; Stded t^ Bunt unb ol^ne 3(ud' 
toaSfl — oSgefc^rieBen axa bem SRu- 
tleciDerle, bod fie bor il(^ ffoJtttn: 
notwAiS^ mtt ber ^lefmutterltc^flen 
Se^anblung unb Sef^neibung bed 

Db^UvS^ mm Senumb fogeit Umtte, 
baf foU^e SBerfe eBen old rein ^aU 
ttfd^e m(|t koeitliufig fein linxtttn, fo 
tfi bo(^: gerabe bie ^xa1ti\6^t ®ette Bet 
biefen ^axm bie am meiflett bentac^^ 
(affigte, tooBei bemt blefe ))Ium))en 
SoBrilanten ni^t etnmol bie getinge 
Xn^engmtg mat^en but^ koenig^nd 
eln ober jmei 5Dutenb feIBft|Uiiibig l^in^^ 
iuaepigtec neuer SBtrtec bie cigene 
3)]t]rfUgIeit gu )»etBecgett. @o fe^Ien 
einem berocttgen tleiiien SBecIc^ 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 




cAioii of myDictiMMiy irilii rievkhliDal fsufl «ft fi^ tM«^ flUNfcii 

isndirity, of coune aB tbofo nxMm 
are omitted, wkidi fliy later rtseaicheB 
liaye enabled me to add, and wbiek in 
their torn are deatined to be pom- 
pondy paraded in <<eareftillj enlarged 
and improyed editiona'' of racb apn- 
rions reprints. After wbat has been 
said, it may easily be seen by what plan 

i#, bk itofilt «ti|la0e ttibte* Wp 
tfiMM fOii^ aUfoftlmthm, natfit^ 
ttd^ oSc in noimt d<it Mn «k nciM 
^iojitgepigtm SbMU, bie bom in 
forflfSttifl ,,iMcmc^clm mb bccbcftf^ 
tm" aitftogai bbjiec SMIbntcb ynai» 
fen kvetben. — (tt i^ noi^ bm oben 
Sefagten lei^t |tt ccfd^cn, tad^a iOkii 

the author has been guided m the bem ffierfaffct hd bft flBforbcilttns bfe? 
compilation of this work, whkh helfc^ SSetfel SMCgcfi^kvdt 1^ uab fiM 

mit ikbargtAi tt bolfdbe bim $ilitt> 
cum, tod<^ bei dnigcc Vcftfong gflr 
bob flciM^tm imtb, baf cr ni#t HM 
bm be<(uemen HBefl gmSfftt 1^, on 
febtem riflcnen gtlftxtn Iffierle gM#s 
fam |tnnau4f#ctibcc |tt loecbcn^ fbnbfot 
et»a< tMftfOMia gdiefnt ^, a«L 
thing independent Compare for 9xlStA, Vtk To Answer, To Aich, 
example the articles nnder: — To To Attend, To Bear, To Beat, To 
Answer, To Arch, To Attend, To Bear, Bend, Body, Bottom, To Break, To 
ToBeat, To Bend, Body, Bottom, TogBring, To Call, To Carry, To 

herennth presents to the public under 
the connction, that a Tery slight exa- 
mination wiH be sufficient to show that 
he has not been content to follow the 
convenient way of becoming in a man 
ner the copyist of his own large 
woik, but that he has produced 

Break, To Bring, To Call, To Carry, 
To Draw, To Drop, To Edge, To 
Enter, Fag, Fagging -system. Fall, 
Fancy, Foul, To Hang, To Heare, To 
Hit, Leyel, To Live, To Lock, To 
Lodge, To Make, To Pass, To Puddle, 
Puddling-, To Run, To Shoot, Sul- 
phate, &c.. To Take, &c., Urim and 
Thnmnum, Urry, Zink, which have 
been most carefully revised and en- 
riched. Of the new articles, which have 
been added, of course but a few can be 
noticed here; it must be left to the 
reader to ascertain whether tiie worit 
has kept pace with the wants of the 
time; compare for instance Abiotic 
acid, Absides, Absorbability, Ac, 
Acanthopterygious, Aceria, Aceroua, 

Draw, To Drop, To Edge, To 
Enter, Fag, Fagging-syatem, To Fall, 
Wocy, Foul, To Hang, To Heave, 
To Hit, Level, To Uve^ To Lock, 
To Lodge, To Make, To Pass, To 
Puddle, Puddling-, To Run, To 
Shoot,. Sulphate, Ac, To, Take, Ac^ 
Urim and Thummim, Urry, Zink, 
totl^t auf ba0 @orgf&Uiofle nenir Sear^ 
6eituttg ober Qnoettttung tttttcrtoarfta 
mocbm finb. SBtn nmaufgaionuiwnni 
fttiitdtt Omtftt ^iic natfirUd^ nvt lot' 
nige ongeffi^ toecbm totb bcm Sc^ 
mtt^enbcn notf e^ fett^ fibctlafm fUn 
}tt pA^m, ob bol fflfct mit bm IBe? 
bittfiiiffen bcr Qtik f^ fbttgebObct ffot; 
vim orrgfri^e g. S. Abietic add, 
Absides, Absorbability, Ac Acai^ 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 



AotMed, Aeidiflfibley Ac, iuantci- 
form^ Aciiitform^ Adiiose, Ac^Aco, 
AcqtilBiti««ien, Aetiiiollte, Address^ 
ed bin^" Agtncy bmnaess. Agency 
ofBoe, Ac.y Altmmi&te, Anuute, Am- 
modyte, AnUQoiiite^ Amniotic acid, 
Antkbolitionirt, Aatifederalist, An- 
timiniiteriaUst, Antimoniate, Apodal, 
Apodes, Apparitionist, To Appro- 
priate, Ac, Apter, Apteral, Arriyai- 
train (likewise Departore- train. Up- 
train ^ Ac), Atmospberic Railway, 
AUgite, A&otised, Backwoods, Ac, 
Biurbeeae (in die rignification used 
at Jamaica), Batrachite, Batracianj 
Bed of the rails, Beroes, Bine, books, 
Bombiate, Bombic add, Boletate, 
Beletic acid. Bonded or Bonding- 

thopHsrjilSi^aa^ Ao^9Ac^rpuA, Ace* 
tated, AdkUiidiley Ac, AciivicifonB^ 
Adttifonii^ Acitfo^e^ Ac, Aop, Acquisi- 
tnreness, ActjuqUt^, Addressed biU| 
Agency bnsinessi Agency office, Ac, 
Akuninate, Animit«,.A|nniodyte, Am 
monite^Amniotie acid,Antiabolitionist, 
Antifederalist^ Antiministerialist, An- 
timoniate. Apodal » Apodes, Appari- 
tionist. To Appropriate, Ac^ Apter, 
Apteral, Arrival- train (eBf^o Depar* 
ture- train, Up -train, Ac), Atmo- 
spheric Railway! Augite, A^tized, 
Backwoods, Ac^ Barbecue (in ber onf 
BatraciaO) 1^ of the rails, Beroes, 
Blue: books, Bombiate, Bombic acid, 
Bpletate, Boletic acid, Bonded obec 

vMirdionAe, Bowie-knife, Brancjbioste- Bonding- warehouse , Bojne - knife, 
gouSy Bractea, Bracteate, Bracteole,|Bcanchiostegous,Bractea, Bracteate, 
Ac, Break (or Brake, on railways),|Bracteole , Ac, Break (obrr Brake, 

Bndelight, Buffers, Ac, Buhl, Bum- 
Bushrangers, Caloricity, Canaling, 
Ac, Calycine, Capillarity, Car- 
boniferons, Case -stake. Cattle -hur- 
dles. Chimney-stack, Cholesterine, 
Chum -drill. Circling -toob. Com 
bativeness, Connecting-rod, Con- 
stabulary, Continuous bearings, Con< 
trate- wheel. Crossing -rails. Dahlia, 
Dash - wheels , Deviliug - machine, 
Discharging adds. Dissolving views. 
Doubled twist, Driver (of a locomotive 
carriage). Drivers, Driving -carriage. 
Edge -rails. Electro- in composition, 
Fish^bellicd rails. Flat -rails, Plate- 
railn , Tram- rails, dc Ac^ Episootlc, 
Equaling -file. Ethnographer, Ac, 

Stemd^ ffiremdfd^koengel auf (Sifcnba^? 
nen)^ Buddight, Buffers, Ac^ Buhl, 
Bumpers, Bungalow, Burden -cars, 
Bushmen, Bushrangers , Caloridty, 
Canaling, Ac, Calycine, Capillarity, 
Carboniferous, Case -stake, Cattle- 
hurdles, Chimney-stack, Cholesterine, 
Chum - drill , Cirding - tools , Com- 
bativeness , Connecting - rod , Con- 
stabulary, Continuous bearings. Con* 
trate -wheel. Crossing -rails, Dahlia, 
Dash - wheels , Deviling - machine. 
Discharging adds. Dissolving views. 
Doubled twisty Driver (of a locomotive 
carriage). Drivers, Driving -carriage, 
Edge- rails, Electro- mit ^vil[ammtns 
ftlungen, Fish -bellied rails, Flat-rails, 
Plajte- rails, Tram-raib, Ac Ac, 

Faunic, Ferric, Ferricaldte, Ac,||Epiabootic,Equaling-file,Ethnographcr, 

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pnsttete > Berro - firatsw , F^i»o*|Forro-fj9ii«te, Fenm^cjaiii^ Fc^rro* 
8iliQ9te,4t«» Firebox, FMNigr^FmerJpnwfiate, Fao-pruaaic^ Fwnh- 

FI«oborale, Fomatioa- level, €ra#- 
boldei^ €fBB ' work, the raihr^y cq^cta-* 

sUioale, |to., Fireboi^ Fir)||^o j^ Firmer^ 
Flupbonite;, Fonnation^-leyel^ Grasr 
i: Grade, To GMde, 6ra4ieBt*J holder » Gaf-wprk, huVRitvibdifnataf 
InbahifiTtaeSB, IntriuioobU, Noa- bdUCe:. ^ra^e, To Grade, Gradiiwt', 
intrmonuU^ Lapping-* eiigiii0, Man- Inhabiiiveiiew Intrusmista , Nonr 

hole, ICU'boanb, Bfitt-piiff^ Mill- 
rod, 4G.,.lfoiiilifonn, MonocbroflMtic, 
MoaospermoaSiAc*, OotiBtatijMi,Pa80- 

intiafionMtf, (jippiag-fngine, Man* 
hole, flfiU-boarda, MiU-pnff, |^ 
rod, &c^ MoniliforjB, Mono<;l|roQ^a^ 

iag-placet, Femmekiai Peripteral, MoAo^ersBOQB,4c.,pnt-«t9tion,^a8Pf 

Petiolate, Ac, Petoag^ To Phoft- 
phorescOyAc^ Pinety, PoBt-captala, 
Pong, Bostd, Sauriao, Scaaioriai; 
of the, jpaay.aftides in Sea, «». g. 
Sea rilled totton, ^kc, Secvetif entta; 
Sedinentaiy, Serial, To Skampocu 
SUding-rreii, Siliding^calev SKdiog^ 
yahre, Stertoffoiw^ Sahaftditioo, SuK 
letting aa» Svbsill, Subtreaaarj- 
sjf tern , Sactorial , Saction - hose, 
Solpho- in composition,* Soper- 
eleGtoraI,S«pply-pipe, Swedish add, 
Sycee silver, Tally-ho, Tatties, 
Terminvs, Territs, Thaories, The- 
atricals, Throstie-cottonmill, Thags, 
Thuggee, Tidal, To Toady, Tompang, 
Tonsorial, Toolnps, Toomd, Trac 
tarian, Traetire, Trade-sales^ Tuft- 
hunter, Tuimeler (labourers at or in a 
table, Tqming-platform, Turning- 
table, Unacted dramatbt, Uaiaxal, 

tag- places, Pemmekin, .Pejripti^cal^ 
Petiolate, Ac, Petoagy To Phoy 
phoreace, 4tc^ Piggery, Post-captaii|| 
Pung, Ro^^^, jSaunan, ^caoi^oria^ 
untn;: bm ^oiO/tK ^xtitan,.in\Se%^ fipf 
J. IB, ;Sic;^-I«l«Mi cotton, *fi-,, §0^ 
crativenesf, Sadinii^ntmr,. Si^f ^j, ,Ta 
Shampom: l^tidiagTiif M, :Slid^,fl^[:^ 
SlkiHigHralTe,StertDcous, Subaudition 
Subletting act, Snhsill, Subtreas«iryr 
systeni , Suctorial , Suctlop - hose, 
Sulpho - mit 3vfammmfe((uaden , * 
Super-electoral, Sapply-pip% Swedish 
add, Sycee silrer. Tally-ho, Tatties, 
Terminias, Territs, Thaories, The- 
atticals. Throstle- cottonmill, Thugn, 
Thuggee, Tidal, To Toady, Tom- 
pung, Tonsorial, Toolups^ Toomcl, 
Tractarian, Tractive, Trade -sales, 
Tuft-hunter, Tunnder (^urmiU^xUU 
in), Tunneling, ^^ Turn-out, TurjOi* 
table. Turning- platform. Turnings* 

Upper-plate, Upper-tase, Up8troke,l|table, Unacted dramat^t^ UniaxaJ, 

* Doe regard hai been paid to the growinsH * 9{oment(i4 ift dVii 6«f tie ttfttcrcrdcit M 
importance of Chciaiatry and the natural yimmer meftr ftetgcrnteSBi^tigfctt bcrQ^cmic, 
Mienees In g«aerai which viU be evidentnfibec(caDt ber iKatunotfilmf4aftc9, bie ^hit^ 
evea by a sap«rfi«lal ezanination. reabf ffOidMt acaommcn norboi, m» fd^oa 

lidae Qhuti&d^ii^t UnUxMrm tt^^ea »icb. 

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Vakeel,VBn(in its fourth 8eiife)yyaiia^c, 
line, StCf Viiisectioii, Yocalic, Volan- 
Uryvsmy Voltatype, Wanghee, Watch- 
(in compontion, as — cap, —coat, 
— frame, — frame - gage, Ac), Water- 
( — avens, — beetle, — bird, — bird 
Kme, Ac. Ac.), Weald* day (Wealden, 
Wealdon), WeaTeret, Webbing (or 
Web«), Weed-ashes, Week -boarders. 
Wends, Xanthin(e), Xanthopicrine, 
Xanthoxylum, ]Gphosures, Xylanthrax, 
Xylopale, Xylophagan, Xylophage, 
Xylophagons, Xylophilans, Xylotroges, 
Xylopia, Ac, To Yacht, Tachter, 
Yoked, Zmm, Ac, Zax, To Zink, 
ZoanthnSy Zoophagons, Zoophytic 
Bat notwithstanding the large mass 

which the above list contains bnt a 
small portion, many a vseful word has 
been necessarily omitted, owing to tiie 
strict limits imposed by circumstances, 
to which the inclination of the author 
has been forced to yield. He had the 
same inconvenience to complain of in 
his large work (see Prefoce to tiie 
3' Ed. of his CompL Dict^.), he can, 
however, safely maintain that hitherto 
not a more copious work of equal 
originality has been condensed into 
the same space ^* a fact, which any 
person versed in such matters will 
confirm after a closer examination, 
and thongh many improvements will 

Upper-plate, Upper-vaM^ D^istrAe; 
Vakeel, Van <bt fcbier »ifcttit Bi^s 
timg), Yanadic, Ac,yeiocipede, Yistaed 
(Biitwer), Vitelline, Ac, Viviseetion, 
Vocalic, Yoltatype, Voluntafyism, 
Wanghee, Watch- (in3ttfint»teiifttini^ 
gen, tele — cap, — coat, — frame^ 
— frame-gage, Ac), Water- (-^avens, 
— beetle, — bird, — bird-lime, Ac Ac), 
Weald-day (Wea]den,WealdoB), Wea- 
veret. Webbing (obecWebs), Weed- 
ashes, Week-boarders, Wends, Xan- 
thin(e), Xanthopicrine, Xanthoxylnm, 
Xiphosures, Xylanthrax, Xylopale^ 
Xylophagan, Xylophage, Xylophagons^ 
Xylophilans, Xylotroges, Xylopia, Ac, 
To Yacht, Yachter, Yoked, Zaim, Ac^ 
Zajc, To Zink, Zoanthns, Zoophagous, 

of matter which has been added, of Zoophytic S)«f| aUt tt9| bet gcoflctt 

aXof e M ttftt^ittjitgelontmciten @tofft§, 
^on bem ba0 Am mitge^eUte SSm 
jel^nif nut tint gettnge 9roBe (iftel, 
bennod^ numbed Btau<I^Bare Iffiort fai 
bte eommbntgen b<^ flSrrfafffrd 1^ 
jttriidgelegt tocrbm mliffen, ijjt @(^tttb 
bet aSerl^otttttffe, bie o^ne Stildjid^t osf 
bie SMnf^e etne9 IBetfafferd bemfenen 
fel^r fil^atfe (Srenjett fe|en. S)ie0 l^otte 
bet SSfK. aud^ bei feinem gtd^emflOecfe 
(fiel^e S3ombe gut 3. 9(udg. bed CompL 
Dict^) )tt beflagett; er barf jiebod^ mit 
))ollet @t<l^etl^eit it^arn^ttn, bof osf 
bemfeCben fltaume bidl^et (efai tooUfiatt:: 
bigeted i^nli^t^ felb^nbtged aSett 
}ufammengebr5ngt toorben i^;* etne 

*WberetkeipaoedldiiotiidiiiltofadetaUed|| * »o bec {Roam ttcitUa^gcre ^SrltiU 
«xplaiiiitioii of words or toch article* m are Intnden ob(c »eiti»cr}ii>c^tc 3ttfsmaunrc|vn* 
brutchina offinto Bomeroas compouadf, «i:|.9en nu^t ittUcf, loic bd Honourably 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 




WTcidaUy become aeceaMiy iiil$:^tfA#e, M€U^ bcr €fcfl»»fifBilWfle 
the ceone ef tkne, jet the author no^ iti^mr ^^fifimg it^itigm tofa^ 
hes BO appreheaiion of eiOer vaA toim fd^tt maaSft S^tAfffmmg 
'^ovenrhehniiig the begianer wtth ist ftntfe ber3eit fi(^ M nif^tg gd- 
an uawiddj mau of words or of tdib QMUlen koirb^ fp fir<|tct bfcfflccs 
ditappoiDtiDg the. more adnmeedlffiffcr bctoied^ ,,Mbcr ^ Saffogcc 
Bchoiar ia cases of a con^exUbw^ ^ S^Aff^ ^<^ S)at«c|ot9tttl jtt. 
natare."* ertrfideii/ tio^ am^ bfti itamcr in 

llff^kpierigen SaUett }tt ^efbffem''* 

Hoaoarabte, Lyack law^ Nail, Nerite, Orehii, 
Pm* Plea, Prereater, Tbora, Toasue, Top, 
a«. refereace it made to the large work. 

* This pmnpoQt pbraie ia aied by Mr. F, 
W, J%i«me ia the y refiwe to a dletioaary 
bearias the title:— ''A Ntm Coaiplete 
Critical Dictionary of the English and 
German LaagnageiyLeiptie 1 840. G,May9r, 
What there la fMW ia thia work, ia oot 
easily to be gaessed; it certainly canaot be 
the art of copying, though this ingenious 
art has freqneatly beea practiaed by more 
skilfai hands. 

WhoeTer is erea in a slight degree 
acqaainted with the present state of lite- 
rature will not indeed be surprised to find 
ia a work of 43 sheets, not two of them 
perliape of independent labour, as little 
when he sees not a nngle mention made 
of soarces or anthorities; bnt the putting 
fordi sach a work as a "tovtg felt defi- 
deratum'* has soiMthing in it extremely 

Without dwelliag upon the *<merito** of 
the work, I wiU only call attention to 


aboTe list of really aecesaary words which 
may easily be iacreased, not one (from 
Abietic acid to Zoophytic) is to be found 
in Mr. F. W. TViieme's Dictionary. It 
tainty does not appear like **muiing the 
loonto of tht time** whea a man perseTeriogly 
copies in a great measure useless words 
and errors of 30 years* staadiag, which, 
although copied by othera, have long ago 
been exposed; and again on the other hand 
omito not 10 or 20, or 50, bnt thousands 
of words without a kaowiedge of which, 
scarcely aay modem composition from the 
lightest pamphlet to the most aerioaa scienti- 
flc work can be understood M is ' 

Lynch law. Nail, Nerite, Orchis, Pea, PIcav 
Preveater, Thorn, Tong«e, Top, ftc Ift avf 

bog dr5f ere flBer! oermiefen loorben. 

eo t)ril(tt R4 H. 9. «B. Z^ieme fir 
ber ISonebc itt dsicm ben Sittl m4c 
ncttcst DoO^dsbiaen fritiftnt Gdrtcr*. 
bn^e ber engUr^cn unb bentf^en tSpra^e, 
eeipitg, 1846 bci ®. SXo^er/' pomp^off 
gcmid W3A. f&cA eigentUA aa bitfem tteiH 
neu ift; i9trb »o(|l Kienumb 9crrat^enf 
bie Jtunfl bes TTbf^reibcn^ fi4crlt4 tti^t; 
obgIci4^ biefclbe f<(ott boa geMiittcrea {>da« 
ben* ge(anb(abt morbcn ift. iSer nitr 
einigermafen mxi bem gegenwdrtigen 3v« 
flanbe ber Siteratnr befannt ift, »irb 
}n)or ni^t loeiter erftamtt fein, »eim er in 
eimm fiEBeife Don 43 fl^ogen biellei<lftt aU|^t 
3 Sogen feibflftdnbige TCrbeit, ebenfomenig^ 
loentt er ai^t eine CLueOe al^ bena^t angf 
geben flsbet^ ober bie SDorfleDimg cine$ 
roI4^ea flBerfee oU eiaed //Uogft geffi^N 
ten 9ebArfttiffe9'' %Qt bona bo4 ct»ai 
iiberavs Jtoaitf4cS. £)(ne \fin weitec oaf 
bie,/ecrb{enftli4(dt'' biefcs fitofeS eiaia* 
ge^ea, beate O^ aar boroaf (in, baf ). 9. 

that, for instanco of the boa bem obea aagefS^rtea aat^rU4 boa 3t' 
bem lei^t )a erweitembrn SerseiAaifTe gc« 
mCp tt6t(fger fB6rter (bon Abietic acid 
bis Zoophytic) feia einiigeS in M. 9. 
ffi. X^temc'S ffidrterbtt4 fteftt.— 01 (eift 
na4^ meiner TCnfic^t menigftcns ni^t ,,einem 
IBebiSrfnfffeberdeitab^elfen'^ toenn 
man 30 3a(r olte^ }»ar an4 bon QCnbern 
copirte, ober Idngft aafgebeifte 64ai^er aab 
oer^dltnif mdf ig nnnfi^e iS5rter anDerbrofTea 
copirt; anf ber onbem 6eite aber nic^t 10 
ober 30/ ober 50, fontern Xaufenbe bon 
9B6rtem DrrmifTen (dft/ o^ne beren JCennt- 
nif faft feine neaere 6irlft, bon ber lei^- 
te^en ftrof^Are bift sam eraflen »ifenf<^ft« 
It4en mvA, berfidabUc^ ifl. »(r |. O. 

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Before doaing these remarks^ I feel 
it a duty to admowledge the efficient 
daA rendered' ttke throughovt the 
entire woHl by' my ^on Dr. FtUx 
Fta^ely the eoltection of the new 
nittlelrikds, as WeU as the cafefiit 
tefvAw 'bt a great part of the old, 
tefgeflto' with the' disquisitioas upon 
orthoepy contained in the intro- 
dnctiony &re almost entirely his 
own work. 

In regard to the method of iliazking 
the different sounds of the letters for 
profrandation, sufficient explanation 
will be found in the introduction ; the 
author concludes with the wish that it 
might soon be adopted, in order to aid, 
if possible, in introducing a better 
vadentaading of orthoepy in general. 


QOft f^ Mefe »em<tftm«en f^trfe; 
tfl e9 mehie W¥, bent^Msfit 9Ms 
fioiib, tDA^tn mix attttt ®e^ Dr. 
gfelix 9Ifi9el', h)%enb bn ganjnt 
fBtatbtlimiq bet iBud^e geh^ i^m, 
angtfetfmiten; Mr ^tAtifS^affwui ttP^ 
EftiSe ahtr^AtbeitttttS eined tro^M 
S^eiled M ntutn tcit M fd^oit iDOt^ 
^onbenen Stofrt, fokoie bie ort^oepls 
fi|m in bcrdialeltttiid ent^attenenUiitecs 
fiM^gen fiab fafl irnget^ fan SBcff. 

SHaB citbttd^ bte 9ftt9f)pt<id|eBe)ei<9r 
ttmtfl Betrip, fo ift baa StSt^tge in 
bee (iiiileituitg batnier bcmecft tvot? 
bmj bee SBerfajfer f<|Keft mlt beni 
SBunfd^e, baf fie Balb (Singaitg ftnben 
m5ge, tent too mSglh^ etn htf(ttt9 
aSerflanbntS bet Drt^oet)te uier^aupt 
mt (efltbem }u ^elfem 


■(Me for Initance, that any person wbo 
readi the I7tb chapter of Dickens' Sketches 
can know a priori what a '* Water -man 
in the significations hitherto siven in 
dictionaries can have to do with 
••Hackney - coach - man ! * It is only the 
marking of snch words as have either 
b^en Incorrectly explained, or altogether 
omitted, or other hnproTenients rendered 
neoessary hy tfm^ which ^ca* jastify the 
appearance of a-'*'.Vcw>" Dictionary. 

Dickens' Sketches, Jtop. 17., litfl, fonil 
uninfigUt a priori nifftn, toai ritt Water- 
man in ben i>on ben 9B6rterbitd^cm Mt^cc 
aVefn ondeffif^rten a^cbetttunscn mtt Siaerci^ 
Jhtff^em ffVL t^un ^!»en foil! Vm nur 
bvn( bte Ynfief^nunfi fetter f&ovtcv, bic 
entmeber bt^^er unric^ttg crflfirt mcrbcn 
»aren ober gan} rnib ^av ^etmift ivnr* 
beft/ ober bttr^ fonfl cine nirHt<^ idv 
gcmdpe 9erbepntng Idft {t((^ baserfi^eitten 
cines „neiicn"iB^crbtt*el tc<Wert<geii 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 



Whsit the author first adopted 
W^ker*! $jf teni of pronanciatioA in the 
first edition of his.Com^lete Dictionary 
(1B30), he dearly perceived, as ever^ 
one mnsty who has spent some time in 
the thorough study of the fiaglish 
language, that Walker did not enter 
into a nice discrimination of ail the 

Towel-soiiads, but that, on the other tirungm tin\i$t, onbrrnt^efld abn 

hand, an increase of the figures to 
denote the pronunciation, would con 
fuse rather than aid the learner; the 
reasons which induced the author to 
adopt and to retain that system are 
of an earlier date and cannot here 
be discussed at large. (Compare 
the aathor's Complete Dictionary 
3"^ Edition, p. Yin.) 

In this position of things he naturally 
conceived the. idea, which indeed he 
publicly expressed some yesMrn ^o, 
of making use of Sfmbcdical j^gQS.tD 
mark the pronunciation,, notwith- 
standing jthat similar, though iinsd- 
tisfoctoiy attempts, .had fire^uently 
beennMde. Sndi a system of marks 
appears more natural beeaisse, in 

Walker'f(^%ii»f))¥a^VftcM4 in.mth 
Item 1830 gucrfl crft^neiten ^^fiin^ 
\>i%tn S&Mniyriift loar. Htk Vmv, toit 
naturli# Sithm, to ft(^ (angfce.d»k 
gritnbtb^ mit bem- Gnglif^m Wfi^af? 
tigt, ba$ Walker ftd( nii^t auf bielBt^- 
jetd^niing aUn feinm Si9taU&i^u 

eine SBitnUtfomQ brr ()>on . i^m pxc 
2autB«}ei<^mm9 %mSf)lttn) 3A9Ieit e^ 
toenvtcrcit. al9 f&rbemb tinden mitrbc; 
bte (Stfiitbe, oud benm iiS) ietted ^s 
firm bort amta^ unb fefi^trlt, ^s 
ffbxm fitter fru^rm Qtit an niib f}it> 
nett l^ier ni^t tutitlauflg rrittrtr tvor? 
ben. (Ocrglek^e Complete Dictionary 
3.a«fIo3e, «. VIIL) 

S9ei bem Am be}ei(^itetett Staitbc 
bet 3>in0f lag bet ))on mir au# fc^ett 
))or 3Af^tn Iffetttlii^ auagefvrsd^ne 
(BfSMat nU^t fent, ble ncttudU^e tta< 
gdbe bar 9[u4)lit«<^e bitM^ f^i^b^Wit^ 

^reili^.il^Sf^^H (iinge«Mi^)3|e. 'Serftttf^ 
gemtd^i ivdrben ftiMti. aiatuHlc|st 
f^Utt mir eitif fi»l^e SBtiM^nun^ 

the first place, the uiaal.signil.ibr tt>etl eintli^eilS bit jgctoi^M^f^rH 3^- 

long and short syUa^bledase already 
ungyersaUy known ; in the sec<md 
place, because the influence of the 
accent or of consonants upon pre* 
ceding or following rowels, the ditf- 
fereot pronunciation of the same con- 
sonants, Ac. can be more easily 
exUbfted by means of concrete signs 
placed either orer the words or 
attadied to them, since they are 

§m fuf £«iide tmb Alii^f' oUatmeitf 
ffffennt finb; onbctnt^eitt ftnb ttiif 
tDttfuitgen bed 9<cetit9 obec ber Cdu? 
fononten ouf folgcnbe ober ttst^gf^tnbe 
aSoeole, t)rrf(!^tebene 9(ji<|>fa^e berff(s 
6en ttonfonanten, u. f. to., buri^ con^ 
ctele imatittilbaf ubtv ober an bett 

ter mtb aJif^auU^er bavfitfleUea na^ 
foieU(^ k)(el ieffer ju vmUn,) caUk^ 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 




much more impressiTe and more rea- 
dily retained in the memory; and the 
additional great advantage of an 
economy of space speaks for itself. 
Here likewise it was necessary to keep 

Ucgt bet £uf ere loefeitffi^ tBcT^tU ber 
9bittmecfi>ami$ auf ber 4^nb. 9tt(^« 
^iet koar aBet bad re^te Vta^ {u f)dttm 
imb ni<l^t fur ail imb jiebe Soiitmoblfl:: 
cation au<l^ efat nened 3e{d^eit ju fe|en, b« 

within proper limits , and not to pntHbad f((on an {{(( ,^tottnbedi(( etf<l^ebtenbe 
a new sign for each and every modi- ^l^iloIo^ifd^eUnge^etter, eincSti^fiirai^' 

fication of sound, since in that way this 

mM - kMfig numder in philology t^if<l^et unb, load to>i<^tiger ift, wi^af- 

^a pronouncing dictionafj'" would 
become still more conAised , and what 
is of greater importance, less practical 
Hence in some few instances, the 
designation of a vowel is, strictly taken, 
true only in part, but the proper sound 
becomes evident by a consideration of 
the well known law of accent, that 
unaccented syllables have a strong 
inclination to drop their natural sound, 
so that the addition of a new sign 
could only take place at the expense 
of perspicuity, and was therefore in- 
expedient. To designate, for example, 
the unaccented syllable ow in Shadow, 
Morrow, 4c. I have not chosen tiie 
usual sign of unaccented syllables, but 
the sign of a long syllable, 0, although 
die true sound lies between the two 
(Vgn— sh&d'Qw — ISw'ness). The 
same is applicable to the termination 
'M, particnlariy when it has the 
secondary accent. Words for instance 
like accompanied, -bodied (in com- 
positions), candied, hurried, sullied, Ac 
would be more correctly expressed by 
-ted (-id) than by -id(-ld), which 
latter would be similar to the termi- 
nating syllables in candid, horrid, 
solid, ftc.; equally so the termination 
- ie$ for example in the words : ladies, 
parties, species, or bodies (for body- 
guards) in distinction from bodice 
(stays). An acute accentuation, such 
as tiie English language requires, wiH 
preventan undue lengtiiening of nnac- 
cented i^bles^ and so between two 

S5rter6ud^»''babutd^ nur no^ laB^^tin^ 

ttft^ei toetbcn h)ftrbe: bolder Vjt in eini- 
gen toemgen %Sflfn bie fBejeld^mmg 
eined Socold gou} flreng gcnommen 
nut ium S^eil tid^ttg; bet Saut aBec 
)»er{l(Dtb fU^ id Sedtdfi^tignng be6 
Sefannten 9lccentgefe|ed, ba$ au^erbem 
atccent fle^enbe ©t^IBen flotfe {Retgimg 
^aben, {id^ }u t)erf{u<l^tigett fo gait) Don 
fefbfl, baf 4^et}iiiie^ung eine9 itetien 
Sei^end auf Stofttn ber Ueberfi(^tli(^r 
fett umtlil^ig toar^ fo i^ }. SB. jut 
SSejcid^nmig ber unbetonten (Bi/lbt ow 
in Shadow, Morrow, Ac nid^t ba6 o 
(tt)ad fon^ in unBetoitten ^iftten ittfft) 
getoS^It tooiben^ fonbem ba0 3^^^^ 
ber £&tge: 6, obgIei(^ bet iaxA eigent^ 
U(^ j»tf(^ett beiben (Ifon — sh&d'Qw 
loVn^ss) mitten inne fUlft} bad:? 
felbe gilt t>en bet (fobung -ied, fa^ 
moi, totnxi bet fecunbire Sccent barauf 
tiegt; iebenfaW r^tiget toetben ). S. 
ffiSrtet koie accompanied, -bodied 
(in 3ttfammenfe|uitgett), obet candied, 
hurried, sullied, &c. bltn^ -ted (-id) 
ait^nbritdett fein, ali bur<$ -id (-.Id), 
mad ben Qnbf^Iben in candjd, horrid, 
solid, Ac gbU^bne; eBettfo bie On- 
bmtg *ies toie j. 9. in ben SBfetem: 
ladies, parties, species, obec bodties 
(flott body-guards, Seibgotbe) }ttm 
Unterf^iebe Don bodice (®d^rbrtt^). 
&S^axft Setomtng, toie fie bad dngs 
lif^e fiberl^au^st fotbett, toitb Dor ilbet^ 
mSf iget S)el^nttng nsAetonter etfibtn 
Ubf^t beloal^ren nnb fo ifi gmif^m gtoet 
Uebeln bad fleln^ mtb jtoat ein ttoMi 
Iid| unbebetrtenbed geioS^fr tnotben. 



. Qinlcituitg. 

^▼ib the leasts (and it if really very 
iosigBificant) has been diosen. The 
same view is to be taken of words in 
whieh u, in its quality, has Walker's 
first sound of u, but in its quaQ(tity the 
thirdsonnd^asy SoK^'inona^ AceOfi'- 
tion, ^cYd^OiaS; since it is not to be 
imagined, that any person eTen;ilightly 
acquainted with the predominant in- 
fluenoe . of the accent (which every 
learner, of Engbh will soon be) will 
fall into the error of pronouncing u iii 
the above words as if it were fyOl-9 
accyjl-, acidyjl^y equivalent to Wal 
ker's fji-, akk&-, asidji-, instead ofl 
fyA-, accyii-, addyii (Walker: fyA, 
akkyAy asidy&), which would indeed 
be unusual and difficult I differ in 
this from my predecessor and friend 
Mr. J. E. Worcester, the well known 
coadjutor of Webster in his dictionary, 
whose simple and natural system of 
marking the pronunciation I have fol- 
lowed throughout, with some unim- 
portant exceptions. One who is not 
versed in the English language, does 
not clearly perceive in which cases u 
(Worcesterputs u in ail cases when it b 
unaccented, so also i,Ac*) is to bedistin 
guished in quantity, and notin quality, 
from the long accentuated 8 (ftl'el), 
without agreeing in any respect with 
Worcester's u in UrbSne', SiiKphnr. 1 
was obliged to adopt a similar manner 
of proceeding with the unaccented e, 
because there is a manifest difference 
in the sound of this vowel in the first 
and last syllables of, for example, 
Pr^c€'dfnce,Reb(i'ker,Red^mer. In 
the first syllable it sounds like a short 
i, hence I have expressed it by e 
(Prec^Mence, Kebu'k^r, Red€^mer); 
in the last syllable (- er) obtuse like 11 
in sulphur; for a nearer explanation 
see further on. 
After these remarks I proceedat once 

Untec Meffffie att|U^t fattctt M« SBk- 
ter, in bcnen bod u bee Oualitat n§4^ 
ben 1. Walker'f^en n-£aut, bet Ouan^ 
tMt mif ben a. f^at, \nlt FuHglnous, 
AccQf&'tion, <i^cYd'ala€; ba tn yraxi 
febiem etnigecnia^rn niU bem ubtaxAt^ 
genben (Einfbif bed aCecented Sefannten 
(loie bted Mf jebec (biglifd^lernenbe 
fe^r tetb kuirb) JftetfoninKtt fann, tit 
ohtgen S&irUtn {tatt fyd- [fyfl-], 
IkcejA^ [4k'-kyA-] &c etkpa fyfi[fA-], 
Bocya> [&kU-} gtt fpre(^n, »>ad f(^Mi 
on fi^ wft^mif^tHUi mtb ft^tviecig toixt. 
pterin. i\n i^ au4 ^n meincm Shts 
ganger itnb Sveunb, <&etat J. £. Wor- 
cester, bem rul^mtt^fl Befannten SRitar- 
6eiter an bem etofenWebster'f^enSBot- 
ittbuSft, beffen emfad^em unb natttrU(^en 
Sejeit^ngdfi^linite i^, mtt geringfu^ 
gigen nuc bie iSfovm Betrejfenben 9Lu^^ 
na^mett, bttt(^gangig gefblgt (In, ab- 
geiDi^n. <B» ifl namlid^ fur ben ber 
englifi^en @^to(^e Xtnbmbigen ni<^t 
beutltd^, ba$ bad n Qmtl^t^ Worcester 
in aUen ^aUtn fe|t, wo t9 accentlod 
i% e6enfo i, 4bc.) tn etnigen ^aUtn nur 
quatttttatio, iit^t qualitotie von bem 
(angen accentutrten n (i^'el) unterfc^ies 
ben feitt fpU itnb iFeuieSbegd mit bent 
6ei Worcester gleid^fiejett^neten u in 
yrbane', S&rphur jufantmenfdtft. bte^ 
fetBe ®)KiUung n>at i^ genM^tgt mit 
bem unbetonten e ))orjuite^men, ba 
J. ffl. bad Bet Worcester gleic^Bejeid^ 
nete erfh unb Ie|te e in Precedence, 
Rebu'ker, R^de^'mer, jivei Derfc^iebene 
l^aute bejet^net 5DeT Saut, ben ed 
^tet in bet er^en ©^Ibe f^ai, h?irb 
tote furjed i audgef^ro^en unb t^ ^on 
mic bttrd^ e audgebrit^t tvorben (Prccc'- 
d^nce, RebulLer, Redeo'mcr); in ber 
(Enbf\9tbe (^r) ber Beiben leiten SEiixs 
tn gtei(^ bem bum)>fen )Baut bed u in 
sulphur. S>a9 ®enauere {ie^e raciter 

9la^ btefen Semeifungen ge('e i^ 




to the expltnation of the signs : — the 
mark [-] denotes a long sound, [w] a 
short one; a point [•] want of accent, 
in consequence of which the vowel thus 
marked, especially after an accent, is 
weak : — two pointi [ •• ] are placed over 
-vowels affected by a Mcceediag t (mth 
the exception of a which sometimes 
occurs in other cases). The other signs 
do not extend to all the vowels Bim\r 
lariy ; those which are not marked are 
mute, except y, under which the dot 
could not be placed on account of its 
form, and a few other terminations 
explained fiirther below. 


A has seven sounds. (Compare 

1., ft like Walker's i as in Sh&de, 
Fain, LSy'^r (like the Grerman long e 
in &tt, ffleet, fle^en, ^el^r). 

3. 1 like Walker's li as in Sh&d, F&n, 
L&mb (lying between the a and a in 
the German words £amm, Sammer). 

3. i like Walker's i before r as in 
Shire, Fiir, Bear (answering precbely 
the a in ^^arittg, Mftx or the e in 
ffit)i This peculiar sound of a before 
r has not been distinguished by any 
orthoepist except Peny, * although it 
is an acknowledged fact that the in- 
fluence of r followed by e mute ef- 
fectually changes the regular sound of 

fogIei<( JUT SCuffletCung bet i^ixtiXaMh 
uBec: — ba9 d^^m [-] MA Singe 
[w] Jtftrjf, [•] XtvAofiqMt uttb tn 
QFolge beffen, Befonbcri tta<l^ bcm 9c- 
ceiit, S)um)>f^eit att9; [••] fxi/t ibn 
bm ttoit itad^rfgmbem r affkirtm Soe? 
calm (ott^ct id h, tt9a0 ^(| au# in 
onbcren 9iUttt flnbet); bir anberen 
Stid^tn etfheden fi(^ niS^t iUt atte 
SBotalt glft(^mif(g; bic nid^t ittM^ntc 
ttn IBud^flaBm finb ffmmn, au^tt y, 
tmtft tod<S^t9 t)^^odtu^lf<^ct &itcit^ 
rigleit loegen ftin ^unCt [•] gefe^t 
wetben Connte mrb einige U^onUti 
angefkfitii (Snbttngm. 

I. Socale. 


1. & gleU^ Walker'd k: — Shide, 
Fnin, Lfty'er (gle((^ bem betttfc^m kngai 
e \n &tt; Sbttt, ge^en, i}tffx). 

3. & gbi^ Walker'a 4 : — Shad, F&n, 
Umb (gmi^^n bem a unb 5 tn bm 
SSttem £amm, Hmmrc). 

3. igtefa^ Walker'a &t)ocr: —Shire, 
F&ir, Be&r (koie i in ^ixin^, Jtaftt obet 
e in l^er). 5Dtefei aOein bor r fid^ fUtbcnbe 
Saut i^ nuc s^on bem engKf^en fOtSfots 
^ifieit Perry* ol^ )9om k t)etf(^ltbm hes 
jtb^et toorben, otoo^I e4 eine ofenlmi? 
bige SS^atfad^e ift, baf bft Qinflirp bed r 
m ben SaUen, mo ed in rein engHf(|en 
obec bs<^ eingeBurgetten SQitttax naif a 

* It is ronarlaiU^ that aoi t of the Sng^ish 
orthoepiflta hare coMidered the dUciimina- 
tion of this loiind laperfloooi — at least 
theoreticaHy. ~ Thus Walker aMertt fn Mi 
Priiiclplei(§73) that a ia spade, lade, trade, 
Sec. (i) toQBda ezaetly like that ia bear, 
swear, pear, Stc. (A) a podtlon eqnally 
aotenable with that adraneed In the tame 
place, Tiz. that this long a in spide, liide,8sc. 
corresponded precisely to the French 4 in 
itre^ the. Sec. 

*.0ft ift mcrtmiitrUs,' bof bie miiflen utg* 
Ufc^en Srt^ocptfien bieSreranmg bieffr^ittc 
(»eQig|len» in ber Zl^tcrit) f£r Abnrfliirfld 
balten. Go metntWalker (Principles, § 73), 
lade, spade, trade » &c. (i) hmtt gtltatt 
»ic boar, swear, pear, ftc. (A), »o$ attf 
bmfelben ^nrt^tmu bettt^t, alft ble boct 
aufgeflente fbt^awotmq, Uf a (ba$ i in 
sp&de, Iftde, trade, &c.) genan mit bem 
2ante bed ftatt)5fif4ett « in «tre, t«te iiber* 

Digitized by CjOOQIC 




the preeediBg a(m, mf) in pure EngKBli 
words as in tkare, harey dare, so likewiae 
whoi the r is preceded by ai(ay)y as 
in potr, mir, fmry, in i4iich it etymo- 
logically belongs to the radical syllable. 
The freqaest tendency in English to 
transform such words especially as 
are in daily use has transferred this 
change to otiier words which were 
more cotreetly spoken with the long 
sound of S; for instance Mary, Pairy, 
Ac unless we resort here to a middle 
sound y as we are frequent^' obliged 
to do. Although the letter r exerts 
this influence regularly , only where 
it stands in the same syllable with 
a (oi),* yet an ejcception is formed 

niU fWgmbflR fhnmiieR e (n>Cf share^ 
bare, dare) obec n^Li^ ai (ay) (air, pair, 
fairy) ^ uitb rt^mologifc^ )ttc HBurjd- 
f^Ke ge^Stt, bm rfgeltet^ten SontM a 
(ai, ay) tDttffti^ l>franbert ^ot. S)tf iu 
(feoUf^fK fo ^uflgf fltftgung tcfanbev^ 
aatafllt(9 Sf6rau(^tf ttnb bal^ leid^tber 
Sctf^Mfung fic^^grienbeSBinteum^ 
jugf^olten, f^t bUf^ IBerfinberung au^ 
auf ftnbmitbmtagett, bie tii^tgrt bm 
^tuAitnVL^ er^ a-2airt patten (Mary, 
Dairy, Ac), n>emt man ni(^ ^icr, 
ivie bird fo ofl nit^ig ffl, ju einrat 
fRittcOaut ffiitc SafTud^t ne^men tviK.— 
Oigtefi^ biffe Sntticfung bed r tegef:: 
m&^g niir ba ^aitflnbet, uh> f9 mit 
a (ai) in einrr &^Vbt ^^,* ^ Wbeti 

* Saart tdces in erroaeoni Tiew of this 
subject (and lo does Mr. VoigUnanny who 
follows Mm blindly and who, although he 
woQld (ain prescribe laws of prononciation 
to the English , is fat from being so in< 
decadent at he Inaglaei himself to be) 
when he says: that this r effects the tame 
change upon all the vowels. It is a 'well 
and long known fact that the English (a^ 
well as the Low- German) i* has particularly 
in the middle and the end of words Ter> 
aach the nature of a Towel and hence in 
careless pronanciation- it takes the piaee 
either of one of the semi -Towels or Towelfi 
themselves. (Compare the child's rhyme: 
Jeremiah 6/010 the fire [as If ff-^h] In A 
Bine* coat Boy's Recollections of Hertford 
Schoai, by G. Wtckhaa; or the affected 
pronanciation of the Xord in the Pickwlclc 
Papers: Gioaclons Heavens! I thonght eveto) 
body had seen th»new mail-cart [caat^ Fl.'] ; 
it's the neatest, "pwettiest, gioacefnllest 
thing that ever [evM, Ft] toan upon wheels — 
painted toed, with a cioeam piebald); or the 
Cockneyisms, feller, vinder (or even vinner), 
dramer, idear, polk«r, yer. Instead of fellow, 
window, drama, idea, polka, yon; or bow 
areyon (ye)[hd<^ -aj - yf|)? This vowel element 
of r, which la prosody may have eiven the 
force of a syllable, prodnces no sack retrograde 
effect npon the other long vowels^ except in 
tome sonnds meirtioned by Wklker fn cbeer- 
fbl, fearfoly beards fierce, pierce, tieree, tec. 

* a» if! ehtt m^ tDarfteDimg bcr 6si^, 
n»nin Smart (uab i(m tto^bctcnb bcr ten 
Sngldnbern 7(n$fpra4c«(Scfc(e oorf4rci« 
benbe^crr « ig tmann, bcr abcr Idber fclbft 
nm fo fclbftftanbig ift, tttt cr fi4 rinbflDet) 
meint/ birfe Seriabmind bm<rfe b(ift r bri 
aOen Secstat. (I» ift cine Uagll bihuiMie 
^nJiit, bap ba« cngUf^c r bcfoabcre im Sn^ 
unb Q(u6latttc cine fc^r wei^c, faft oocalift^ 
'Jtatur (at, ba^cr es M in na^Mfffger 7tt»« 
f^vQi^e gcrabein fn Socalc obcr oocnlartigc 
(Ssnfoaanteii aitfl^ft4>ber aab<e€Mc(Hibmr 
SocoU tritt (Sgl ec^tttfnabcarciiK mk 
Jeremiah, blow the fire [glei(6fam tf-fh] in A 
Bine -coat Boy's Recollections of Hertford 
School, by G. Wickham; obcr bic offcctim 
Knlfpra^e bc§ Lord'^ in ben §)iif»ltfiern: 
Gioadons Heavens! I thought eveisy body 
had seen the new mail cart [oiat, A]; ifte 
the neatest, pioetticst, gioacefnllest thing that 
ever [e?wa, Fl.'\ toan npon wheels — painted 
loed, with a cioeam piebald; obcr bie Cock- 
neyisms feller, vinder [obCT gsc vinner], 
dmaer, idear^ polker, yer flstt fellow, 
window, drama, idea, polka, yon? 0bcf how 
are yon (yc) [hd^-fif-yf])? a>i(fcf oocattf^c 
(SUment be$ r, »eI4c9 in bcr ^rofobie fogar 
bos Q^emi^t citicr Gi^lbc be^mmcn Hm, ^ 
aber attf feiaen ber attbem Ungen €e€s(c^ 
anf er bem cnoJ^nten k nnb ben Orf^cittttn* 
^tn, bic WaUtcr bei cfaeerfnt, fcarAil, beard, 
fierce, pierce, tierce, ho, erwd^llt (i^g(. 
icbO<t beir, where, there, e'er, ne'er, Sm. ios 




by mayor aii4 prayer, which we 
contracted ia daily use into mire 
and pr4re; the former most fire* 
quendj, the latter always. 

It is singular that Smart, who is 
•otherwise so trustworthy, in his 
WaUcar Rem/odelUd regards it as 
unheard* of to make a difference 
between tJie sound of a in foyw, 
9layeT and that in fair, fair, share, 
which difference is heard not only in 
New York, but everywhere where the 
Englbh language is spoken. 

Mr. Smart in his Principles of] 
Pronunciation, p. VIII, 54. makes the 
following remark: — *'It has been 
said, there is a palpable difference 
between the vowel sound in payer, 
player, slayer, and that in care, fair, 
hair, share. What difference may 
be made in New Yofk I know not; 
but I know that none is made in 
London, nor can be made without 
that peculiar effect which shows an 
effort to distinguish what in general 
is necessarily undistinguishable. ** 
May the author be permitted here 
to give but one instance p- for the 
many proofs that might be alleged 
to the contrary on this subject — 
from an excellent work: — "The 
Alphabet of Nature, or Contributions 
towards a more accurate analysis 
and symbolization of spoken sounds,' 
by Alexander John Ellis, B. A., Lon-j 
don, 1845." Mr. Ellis, a gentlemani 

ibod| may^r unb prayer, bti^ra(U&g? 
li^t (Seteau^ fa^ in mare vasSb prire 
jufammaijlel^t^ bod ccfiere fcl^r ^aufi^, 
bod gmelte confiant (Ku^a^me. 

SQixRii) ffltfam i^ cd, toenn bet 
fon^ fo }ttbeilifitge Smart in feiuem 
Walker Remodelled ed M mtii^htt 
iitcadfift, einmUitkrfil^eb^koifi^abcm 
a-£aitt in payer, slayer unb in 
pair, fair, share }u maS^, hatn 
Untecf(^t€b fi^ bo^ nidft iBbd in 
New York, fonbent HbniU, wo (Sngs 
ttf(^ flef^rad^m koirb, geigt 

^ttt Smart fagt nomU^ in ftlnm 
Principles of Pronunciation, @. VHI, 
54. : — „^an l^ai defogt, ba| ein beut- 
Uc^ec Unterf^ieb }mif(^en hem aSocaU 
lautf in payer, player, slayer unb bem 
in care, fair, hair, share fet. S&elc^et 
Utttcrf(^ieb in New York ^tmaift ten: 
ben mag, toeif t$ nit^t; abrr i<^ xt>n^, 
baf feiner in London gema^t n)irb obet 
gema^t koetben {Bnntr^ effnt bie cigen- 
^fimU(^e SBirlung^ meld^e bemaSerfuc^e 
folgt, etkoad fiir getvd^nlic^ ^^U^tf^in 
Ununterf^eibbared bmno^ ju untrr^ 
f(^eiben.'' SdmagbemaSerfafet eriaubt 
fein, ^ier nut eined bon ben btelen 
Seif|)lelfn, bie biefe iBe^an^itung koiber;: 
tf gctr, and elnem ttepd^en 9Becfe : —The 
Alphabet of Natnre, or Contributions 
towards a more accurate analysis and 
symbolization of spoken sounds, by 
Alexander John Ellis, B. A., London, 
1845, an}ufu^ten. ^ttc Ellis, ein 
ebenfo fi^arfjtnniger unb )}orurC^ei(d= 

(compare, however, beir« where, there, e*er, 
ae'er,4fec in which the pronanciatioD ii like A, 
the reaaon of which canoot be herediscnMed). 
And It Is mere fancy to think of diitingnithing 
•e-, £-, to-, fti-, in the wordi se-rions, fi- 
ring, to-ry, fn-ry from te* Ac in se-cant, 
fi-nal, to-tai, fn-gitfcte, or with the fine-eared 
Imitator of Smart itfr. Voigimannf to apedfy 
tht Towela In mere, fire, pore, core, as being 
spoken otherwise than the oiual e, i, o, n. 

bie 7(u&rpra4e gUt4 ^ ifi, abcr (ua nnbcrea 
^ter ni^t &u erortemben (Srfinben)/ riitfroir' 
fenbcn 6tn|IuP unb a ifk ^^ontaflerei b«< 
so-, fi-, to-, fu- in se-rioQs, fl-ring, to-ry, 
fa-ry, oon bem se- Sec. in se-cant, fi-nal, 
to-tai, fn-gitive utttetf^eibett |a noQcn^ obcr 
mit bem febi^firtgen, fretU4 nur bem Smart 
na4tappenbett{)erm Soigtmonn, in mere, 
fire, pore, cnre ein onberS aU ge»5(ttU(^ 
(m«gefpro4(ne$ e, i, o, n ^erattftinfpecaltren. 




whose penetration and freedom from 
prejudice is only equaUed by the ex- 
actness of his inrestigation remarks 
p. 49 : — ^'Between i and a is a broader 
sound of & heard inihe French words 
ch4ne, fite, pin, and, as we think,*' in 
the English words more, chary, thsre, 
Stc, This sound we shall denote by i. 
Many persons consider the sound, in 
the EngHsh words just cited , to be ft, 
and others to be a quasi diphthong'' 
[the description of which may be found 
with Mr. Elib, p. 85 9tteqq., in Smart's 
Principles, $ 54]. <^We shall content 
ourselves with drawing attention to 
the following comparisons : — player 
with the French pUdn; tayer (one who 
#ayt) with the Scotch tair; ^tffx 
(German) with ^er (also German)/' 
In accordance to this Mr. Ellis was fully 
justified in distinguishing (p. 51^ the 
sound of a in pain (n^e, S3f et) from the 
^^ palpably different" vowel sound in 
care, pear, there, pair (ph'$, ttrty 
fait; fVta^c, bcr, l^er). 

4. a like the & of Walker, called by 
him the Ttalian a in the words Far, 
Father, Sharp, Mark like the a in gar, 
war, affectedly spoken with an incli- 
nation to &, bearing resemblance to the 
a in the word QRorf as the inhabitants 
of Hamburgh pronounce it, with an 
elision of the r, similar to the English 
word mark, that is SRaof but somewhat 
more drawn and inclining to a (a). 

5. a (lying) between Walkei's & (SL) 
and 4 (a) , as in St^ff , H&ft, Exftmple, 
Dince, Branch , Dem^d^ Grftnt, 
Grass, Mask» Clasp, F^st, BUth. 
This sound of a (sometimes ok, which 
is so frequently met with in old English 
mstead of a, compare aungel, chaunge, 
merchaundice, balaunce, &c. — Thb 

frekt, aU !90Cfi($i{B |>tiiffnbflr SRann 
fagt ^ort «. 49 :— „3toJp^» » tmlb ii !^ 
einttfitftet Son M a, toAfyx in bm 
fraiti>f{f(|«taBfot(m cMm, fUe,pitB, wA 
na^ nnfeter 9infU^t* in bnt englifAm 
aSottm more, dbary, tha«, Ac. ge^Btt 
tofeb. S>itftn tvhit h>erbea tok btir^ a 
htitUfntu. Stvle Uttaiftm WefVit (hi 
ben eben angrf&^rtm mgUfd^en IBirtent 
fid^ S)Otfinbeftben) Mii iM gle^ mil 
a, afobcre aU finttt &uaftsS)i))l^t6on:? 
gen'' [bet i»on J^tttn MUy p. 85 u. ftgg. 
t)im Smart $ 54 (finer l^rindples be^ 
f(!^eben Micb]. ,,9Bit toerben tm8 Be; 
gniigen, bie 12(nfmerffamfeit oiif fplgeiAe 
a^ergleiil^unsfR )u letifen: — pfajjermtt 
bem fran}. pfanv, sayer (one who sayt) 
mit bem f^ettif^etl trnV, box 3>eittf(^fit 
^cl^r mit ^er/' S>it mdtt ^6^ r>ctt:i' 
fommen gfeic^en taatt \>on pain, nie, 
fSttt finb bo^er Bet «&errn Ellis, p. 51 
mit 3M^ i»on ben untee fl^ eBettfdUd 
boKfommen gleid^ Soaten: ^ care, 
pear, there, pair (pire, Stn, fait; 
fpti^t, ber, l^er) fletremit tootben: - 

4. a gleid^ bem WaEker'f^ foge- 
nannten italUnifc^en & in Far^ F&ther, ' 
Sharp, Mark Yoit ba9 a in gar^ 
toax, mit leifet Snt^mmg Mtti, in 
gejierter Webe»e!fe, etwa toie brr ^<imi 
Burger bad a in bem Iffiovte: Start 
mit ellbiitem r qlti^ bem engl^eit 
HBorte mark \pti^t, nfimlic^ aRa at 
nur mit etmad m^r S)el^ming rnib 
me^ 4lnneigmtg jum a (a). 

5. & gtDif^en bem Walker'ft^en k (S) 
unb 4 (a) mitten tnneliegenb, inStafi; 
Haft, Example, Dance, Branch, 
Demand, Grant, Grass, Mask, Clasp, 
Fast, Bath. S)iefe( Sout bed a (jiU . 
metten ou^ an , toad im (Kltengltft^ fn 
^auflg fitr a ^ef^t, tog(. aungel^ 
chaunge, merchaundice, balaunce, &.c. 

* Dr. Bapp (Phyiiologie der Sprache,|I * Dr. Otapp (^^Qflologle brr Gpra^O 
voL 3. p. 174) is of the same opioioo. USD. 3. @. 174) ifl DcrrelBcn Vttimm^. 




mn being but « reomaat of old oriko 
grapiiy cannot be admitted to influence 
present pronunciation) this sound of 
«i I repeat, before f^ ft, mp, nC| neb, 
nd, nt, u Cs)» 9k (sc)^ sp, st, th, parti 
cnlarly at the end of words is no 
new discoyeiy but something long 
known and confirmed by practice, 
W"' Mitford (cpmpare Worcester's 
preface to his tables in Webster's 
Dictionaiy) says in his Essay upon 
the Harmony of Languages (London, 
1774); •— ''No EnglUh roice faUs to 
express, no English ear to percei;re 
the difference, between the sound 
of a in patting and ptunvi ^^ ^•' 
loquial familiarity, or huny can 
substitute the . one sound €or the 
other." — Fulton and Knight only, 
previous to Worcester mark this 
sound as not being so short as 
in fat, as Walker and Jameson, nor 
so broad as the Italian a in far, 
aa Perry, Stephen Jones,* Nares 
and others describe it Walker (Prin- 
ciples of English Pronunciation, $ 79) 
disapproves of erery middle sound as 
tending to render the pronunciation 
of the kinguage obscure and inde- 
finite, but the best use decidea the 
question which follows a medium be- 
tween the almost Tulgar 4, and the 
affected k (although this pronunciation 
is still often heard in good society, 
particularly among people of the ao- 
called Old School). Smart justly 

[^t9 UrteMeiifcI in o^nUt^en gatten 
ffic Uc UiiQt (KuAf^^tad^ niS^l aU 
nta^geBmb ittca<iut ^c^ta foQte) 
boc ff, ft, mp, ne, nch, nd, nt,. $$ (s), 
5k (sc), sp, St, th, nui^ im dbtl^ 
laute, ip frlne note (Br^nbung, fonbem 
fine nttfi^ebenc unb in bet $TaxU 
ottfcfanntc X^atfad^e. Will. Mitford 
(^gl bit Worcester'fc^e SdoxxAt gu fetncr 
XaiOit }(. in Webster), fo^ nntcc 
%nbem^ in feiaem SBiidt, An Essay 
upon the Hannony of Languages 
(London^ 1774) :>^<^o English Toice 
fails to express, no English ear. to 
perceive the difference between the 
sound of a in patting and pattwt; 
no ooUoquial familiarity or huny 
can substitute the one sound for the 
other." — 9ter Fulton unb Knight 
Be^d^nen vor Worcester :bief<n 2ant aU 
ni^t fo futg toie a in fat, nttc itfom 
ber9 Walker unb Jameson, unb nit^t fo 
6cett toil a in far, tote Perry, Stephen 
Jones,* Nares u. SL i^u (rjei^nen. 
Walker erflort pc^ (in feinen Prin- 
ciples of English Pronunciation, $ 79) 
befUmntt gcgen jeben nttttrln ,iaut, 
mrtl babur(^ bte @pta^e ilfx fe^ 
®e)>tage berlire, aUrln ^tcr entf^eibet 
bet iejte (SAtaui^ bet ftd| 2to)tf((ctt 
bem gemein geioorbenen & (otoo^I man 
btefe 9(tt0{]t)cad^e wSf ganj ^ou^ in 
QtiibtUc @e(ettf<l^aft fofonber^ b^ fo« 
itnamtttn 3(Urn @^ule ^irt) unb bem 
affectirten k ^SiL Smart fogt l^ieritiet 

* Stepliea Jboei layi explicitly: — ^'Toll * Jltbcf l^emerft Stephen Jones auSDrfitf^ 

prerent, however , any miiconeeption of ny 
meaning In the me of thit ionnd» be it 
obnened, that my fourth a (which ooin- 
ddet with Walker's k), tbongh it ii 
more open than the a in hatf itopi con- 
tiderably ahort of the broad protracted 
pronondation ao commonly heard among 
the roitic and the irQlgar» who iay» fddther, 
cddlfihddif, Ac.** i 

114: — //Urn |ui»cr^iiibem^baf mctacXbfii^tiR 
Sem anf bm (Scbroacb btefcji ^ttoi nUfocr- 
ftanben n>cm, fo fci haacxtt, Haf mctn oicrteS 
a (n>eI4e& mit k bei Walker fibercinflimmt), 
obfitel^ offener ate baft a in hat, bo4 bcben- 
tenb Don bet breiten, langgcbcl^tcnYiiSfpra^c 
entfemt i% mU^e man fo ^duftg tmtcr £anb« 
Icntm unb bem gemeincii fBotf finhct, mcUbe 
ftilther» cddir, hAm kc fagen/' 

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remarifl ia hu Priadples of Prpiiiui'||tn bell Principles of ProniunciatioOy 
xiation, which precede lib ProaoimQiogHbie rr fctneni ^Qfpvai^t^fSiiTtttbui^ 
Dictionary $11:— ''Walker is a bigot : boi:anf(^i(f t, $11:-- ''Walker is a bigot : 

he allows of no compromise between 
the broad &, with which a. vulgar 
month pronounces osf, and the sound, 
Darrower, if possible, than the a in 
at, with which an aiSected speaker 
minces the same word. Surely in a 
case like this, there can be n,o harm 
in avoiding the censure of both par- 
ties by shunning the extreme that 
offends the taste of each;" Smart, 
however, though he affirms that this 
18 the use of the best speakers , marks 
'Ui these words with k , referring to 
S 1 1 so that this ii in all cases ia which 
it was previously pronounced i, re- 
quires an intermediate sound. The 
adoption of a distinct mark settles the 
matter at once ,and is justified by 
the precedents of Fulton 4t Knight 
and Worcester. 

The following is a list of these 
words, which will not be unwelcome 
to the reader. In some few cases in 
the dictionary itself, the a (k) has 
through oversight remained; hence 
this list is at the same time tp: be 
regarded as a corrective. 

A therefore appears: - 

1. Before, ff, ft, or corresponding 
sounds, asin Cpiaff, Draff (Drai^h), 
Graff, IngTdff, Staff (and of course 

|he allows of no compromise between 
the broad 1, with which a vulgar 
mouth pronounces om, and the sound, 
narrower, if possible, than the a in 
«^, with which an affected speaker 
minces the same word. Surdy in a 
case like this, there can be no harm 
in avoiding the censure of both par- 
ties by shunning the extreme that 
offends the taste of each ;" oSglf t(| aSfV 
Smart ^o^ann t)tx\i^txt, ba^ bled bnr 
(Bttraud^ bee befien @))re((er fri, fo 
bejeic^net er bo(^ aUe jene SSoxtt nut 
k, )>erti>eip ain auf ben $ IJ, fo baf 
biefrd k ia aUtn ^alltn, )»o t^ frii^fc 
& gef))ro(^en tvucbr, mit rincm SRtttcU 
(aute ju \pu^tn i% 5Die SBat;! cinrd 
bffonbeten Qt'iiien^, i{l mtmii^ lurgcr 
unb bin:(^ bm SioYgang s»ou Fulton It 
Knight unb Worcester gerc^tfcrttgt. 

6d folgt l^ier m SSetjei^nip bicffv 
SHixtn, toad bem £efer ni^t unmH^ 
{ommen fein h)trb; in eintgm ^aUtn 
ifl auA Sittjitf)m im aSixUxin^^t fd6ji 
a (&) fU^tn ^Mititn, ba^ec t^ birfel 
aSerjet^ntp juglet^ aM SSmd^li^i^ 
ju bettac^ten. 

A trfi^ftnt alfo: — 

1. SSox fi; ft ober cj)n:(|>DUbtrenbm 
iMttttfpit : — Chaff, Drtiff (Draugh), 
Graff, Ingraff, Staff (natiirlid^ au^ bie 

all their compounds and derivatives ^iermtt Sufammengrffj^ten ober QCb^f' 

as Pickstaff, Packstaff, and so on 
through the whole list). On the au- 

Hofogr&ph in the same manner, 
though it were scarcely necessary to 
mark the difference since the secondary 
accent is here so weak, especially 

as it is not employed in other words of bund -graph (Autograph, See) nU^t 

the same termination (Autograph, 
&c.). In several instances Mr. Wor- 
cester gives this sound to words, which, 

Ictteten, kvte Pick'staff, Pack'staff, Ac, 
mad f&r bad ganje Sitxiti^n\$ gill); 

thorityofMr.Worcesterlhavemarked mit Worcester f^ait t^ no^ MoY^ 

ogr&ph angenommm^ obtvoi^l, ba f^itt 
ber fecunbfire atcccnt mir \^\vaSf i% 
bie abmet^enbe SBe^etc^nung faum n5- 
t^ig mare^ )umal fie fonfl in bee (in: 

tittitfaSfXt ifl; etnigemare fd^reibt Wor- 
cester btefen i^aut SSSrtern jit, bie 
fonfl, toenn |b ben 4au))tton (aben^ 

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m/htn they are accented, are marked 
ifitlia(&) as:— Horse'l&ughyMooD'cilf 
[ — liftf), as the broad sound of a 
seems, in general, to have a tendency 
towards the sound of ft, compareSmart, 
^139. Add to these:— AbSft^, Aft, 
After, Craft (Han'dicrftft, Priesfcraft, 
Ac), Draft (Draught), Graft (Ingraft', 

Regraft',&c.), Haft, Raft, Shaft, waft. 

2. Before mp: — To Chimp, 
Example, and the contracted forms 
sample (Sam'pler). 

3. Before nee (ns), nch, nd, nt: — 
Advance', Chance, Chan'cel, Chdn'- 
cellor, Chaiif'cery, Dance, To Eiance', 
To Enhance', France, Glance, Lance, 
Mum'chance , Perchance', Prance, 
Romance', Trance, to be added An'- 
swer; To Blanch, Branch, To Lanch, 
Planch, To Scranch, Unstandied';* 
To Command', To Countermand', 
To Demand', To Remand', To Re- 
primand', Alessan'dria, Alexan'dria,** 
Chan'dler(Corn'chandIer,Ac.), Chan'- 
dlery, Chan'dry, Flln'ders, Gian'ders, 
Sian'der, Ant, Advaa'tage (DisadTftn' 
tage, Ac), To Chant, To Enchanf 
(To Disenchant^, Ac), Gallanf, To 
Grant, To Pant,*** Slant. 

4. Before ss (s),^sk (sc), sp, st: — 
Alas', To Amass', Ass, Bass (a fish), 
Brass, Class, Glass, Grass (Knot' 
grass, Ac), I'singiass, Lass, Hiss, 

fnit i (4), BesfU|ttft pi\>, Wtc: — 
Horselangh, Moon'cdlf [— 'kaQ, tiyit 
3Bei^ait|)t bet treite&-£aiit ft^ immrr 
me^r Urn a-Saut l^injunetgnt f<(fUit, 
c/. Smart, % IM. Jfemet: — Abftft', 
Aft, After, Craft (Han'dicraft, Priest'- 
craft, Ac), Draft (Di«nght), Graft 
(Ingraft', Regraft', Ac), Haft, Raft, 

Shaft, waft. 

9. SSoi mp : — To Champ, Example 
uitb btf gt(fit}tett Sf^tnifn S&nple 

3. 93or nee (ns), nch, nd, nt: — 
Advance', Chance, Chan'cel, Chdn'- 
ceHor, Chan'cery, Dance, To Eiance', 
To Enhance', FrfUice, Glance, Lance, 
itfum'chance , Perchancef, Prance^ 
Romance', Trance, l^ifr}U Mtt An'- 
swer; To Blanch, Branch, To Lanch, 
Planch, To Scranch, Unstanched';* 
To Command', To CountermandK, 
To Demand', To Remand', To Re- 
primand', Alessan'dria, Aletan'dria,** 
Chan'dler, (Com'chandler, Ac), Chan'- 
dlery, Chan'dry, Fian'ders, Gian'ders, 
Sian'der, Ant, Advan'tage (Disadvan'- 
tage, Ac), To Chant, To Enchant' 
(To Disenchanf, Ac), Galttnf, To 
Grant, To Pant,*** Slant 

4. aSor ss (s), sk ^sc), sp, st:*- 
Alas', To AmftBs', Ass, Bass (oU 
S'lfd^), Bran, Class, Glass, Grass 
(Knof grass, Ac), I'singiass, L^ss, 

* To Linch, To Scrftoch are lioweTer re- 
ferred to Lionck, Scrfiandi [Iftnth, tkrinsh, 
Walker] ; the iiaple of Uoitandied' has been 
narked Stanch, althovgh the orthographic 
difference i« of no importance ai hat aJready 
been remarked (p. XXI auder 1); on thc| 
wordi To Crannch, Draogh, To Com- 
mand, Ac. compare Smart, f 122. 

** The prononciatioD of thii word ill 
vadUatiog. Worcester givea both in different 
placet. The same appliei to Tcherkatk'l 

*** PUnt according to Smart, see § 11 

* To Ltnch, To Scranch flnb Jebo^ «ttf 
LSoncb, Scrannch oemicfen [llnsh, ikiinfh, 
iVtdktr]; boS simples 9on Unttaached( ift 
Stanch be|ci4nct nnb bo4 n>ia ber ort^ogrcN 
p^if4e Untrrf^ieb, tote f<^ott obcn (e. XXI 
unter a) angebcutet, cigentU^ ni4^t& befasen, 
ogl. tUx To Crannch , Draogh , To Com- 
mand, ac Smart, § 123. 

** ibd bicfcig fiBorte f^moitft icbs^ ber 
(Scbratt4. Worcester gkbt 08 mfd^ittttm 
lOrten Uihe TCudfpca^en. Safifeibe gilt eon 
Tcherkask' (Tcherkisk'). 

*** Plant na« 6mart, ftr^e § 11. 

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To Surpass', To Repte', Plstage,|ftUe, To Sarpistf', To Reptei^, 
PtssWer, Ac); To Ask, To BisyPts^sage, PftsS'oYcir, Ac*); .To Ask, 
BdAct, C»ik (To IncSsk', Ac) J To BMe, Biilel, Cftik<to httMfy 
CSsliet, Dteidi^as, FHsk, FttAcdAc), CIsliet, DnrfislKts, VtM^ 
Mttik (To Bemfisk', To Dfenfak'^gPlls'ket, Iflsk (T^ Bemftsk^ T^i 

To Imnilisk^ Ac), BSb^aI, TMl; To 
CIdsp (To iDdasf/, Ac), To Engi^p', 
To Exds'perate, 6&p, Gt-asp, Hdsp, 
BSsp, lUs^berrf, ptotindalij Wisp 
ocean, dthoagh the iaflaeoco of w 
briogs it under the rule of boing 
pronounced wtep; AgUtot' (Agist^t 
Alabds'tcr, Av&f, BAsWd, Bitot, 
Bon/hM (To Bombdst; Ac.)> To 
Cdtt (To Foredsf, To MiKtst', 
MoWcM, To Ovefctotf, Ac), Ctste, 
CSs'tte (Porc^dUtle, Ac), Contrast 
(To Contrast', Ac), Das'tard, 0evas'- 
tate, Disis'tcr, Ecclesias'tes,£cclesias' 
tic, ElasUc,* To EmpiasHer, Fast 
(Hold'fast, Ac), Ghastly (Gastly), 
Last (in aU its significations and 
denvations, lAs'tage, Ac), Mast (To 
Dismast', Fori/iBast, Ac), Mas'tcr 
( Berg'master , Task'master , Ac), 
Bftts'tiflE; mAy, past (Pastime, Ac), 
Pas'tor(Pairtorad, Ac), Pas'tnre, ¥M- 
ter, RepaM', Shaster, Yast 

5. Before th: — Bfttk, lAtk, Path, 
barked by Smart with Walker's A (a). 

This kurge number of words diows 
how widely extended the sound is, 
and that it well deserres a special 
murk distinctiYe from the othen. 

In snch numerous transitions of a 
sonnd, howerer, espedaliy where the 

DmmML^ To bnmask', -Ac), lUs'cal, 
Task; To Clasp (To Ibdasp', Ac), 
To Engvasp', To Sxas'perate, Gasp, 
Grasp, Hasp, Rasp, Rat'pberry, ))r9s 
!9te|(ea fbibft fl# otul wasp, s^on 
^iet beriBinfluf M w bte 4hiif^#e 
wikf far ategd gemdi^t^at) Agkast' 
(Agas<S' AUbas'ter , A?ast^y Bai^taMl, 
Blast, Bomf'liast (To Bombast'^ Ac), 
To cast (To Forecast^ To Misi«iat<, 
Hole'cast, To Orercast', Ac), Ciite, 
Cas'tle (Fore'bastfe, Ac), Cod'tilM 
(To Contrast', Ac), Dastard, DoHis^ 
tate, Disfti'ter, Ecdesitetes, Ecdesias'- 
tic^ Eias'tk,* To Empia/ter, Fast 
(Holdfftst, Ac), Ghastly (GM^)^ 
Last (ia aUm Stbitttimjien an^ 9N 
Idtmgtn, Lastage, Ac), Mast (To 
Dismast', Fore^mast, Ac), Mas'ter 
(Berg'naster, Task'master, Ac>, 
Mas'tiff, Nasty, past (Pasftime^ Ac), 
Pte'tor (Pas'toral, Ac), PaMwe, Ftts'-- 
ter. Repast', Shas'ter, Vast. 

5. Sof thi— Bath, Lath, Path, 
von Smart mit Walker'a A (ft) intUfntt. 

^eft 8Tofe9tnifle nan fSihtnn ftlgt, 
»tet>etireitftWefetSmtt ^t, anb baf ft 
h)o^l fine (e^nbrre^ k»9n bmaabntt Saiu 
ten »cff(|iibeii« fBtit^nm^ t^erbiettt. 

OEa lamt fxMUf M fol^cn maffrtu 
^ofbnt UrBirgiaafn tfaiei taaM, Bfs 

* The Urmioation a/tic (EmplSi'tic 
FaatSiftic, Ste.) is not generally chmied here 
because these words have not gained so firm 
a footing la the tongnage of the people; that 
their pronnnciatioa has become assinilated 
to those words. (Compare CKs'tanetSyZoroSs' 
ter, Ac.) The English pronnnciation it must 
be remembered, Is, in many cases purely 

* SDBioo^l bie (Snbf^Ibe as'tic fonfi (nic 
EmplXs'tic, Fbntli'tic, Ae.) t^itnon ttttftgch 
fi^lofnt ifl, mil Mcf^ IB6rtet aot^ -ni4t fs 
in bic Bo9l8Mt|fe ctagebnmgm Rab, bif 
i^re %uBfpxci^t fi4 ieaca l^^rtcca a{P» 
milirt. (Sfil. Cas'tanets, Zoro^'ter, Ac.) 
^o4 (at att4 SSiOlfi^r in iS^eflimtnung 
bet englif(bett Ytt»fpra4c ein grsfed Sclt. 

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^«ioa •£ taaulloa if Mt MSyl 
pM4 (as tppctfs hma tke wMdsj 
JHwse'iaoght Mctw'cftU; and th« coa 
itaot influence of canTaRMtian|J| 
jMgvage), there ii«tt necessaoLy 
.be more or i«M jpareriog, and 
whUe a 9Qflibjet oC wordft are lixed| 
aad grounded In iha new soinidj 
others are^ at it were; <m the borders 
of the new Jaw» not being able to 
ftee thevMives entirely from oUier 

6. k likeWeH(er*s l^ the so-called 
broad Gi^nnan a in L&w, F&ll, 
Wton, W4'ter» answering nearly or 
.qoite the German proTindal a, 
.especially in Lower Savony ai in 
the affirmatiTe particle: 3a/ tallying 
with the nnkitiiSBd term: y&w. 

7. 9 only in naactented syllables 
iike Walker's unaccented k, and 
nearly the saoke as. ^y i, 9, 1^, y^. in 
words like liftr^ SoK«ce» ThomV> 
Bi^T^l, Ab'b^oy, MonVch» Tery si- 
milar, to the obscure German e in 
einqtt, £eUr« 

This.long list of sounds may appear 
^ery formMable to the beginner, but 
the frequent agreement in the signs 
,with the corresponding sounds of the 
other Towels will wear away the diffi 
enlty in .a short time» especially by 
means Dif .the . explanation given in 
difiScttlt.c»Bies in parentheses.., . 

U. K. I. € like Walker's long h in 
MHy M€re> M^'tre^ ShS€p (here a small 
typographical inconvenieoco occurs 
from necessity by marking the double 
€e)y answering the long German I, 
(or ie) in mlr, l^ier, SKiene, Ac. 

3. « like Walker's short « inH^n, 
MSt, LSt; like the German short t 
in fttt, »ett, Ac 

3, ^ like &,occurs only in certain cases: 
— Htir, Th^re, Wh^e^ and answers 
the broad German e in^er^ n>er^ Ac 

teom bi<e fkrhhe M Vitgc^ 
l^angd no^ ni^ y SOig )>pnttf r ift (urib 
Ibiei ^run Sf)ct#tttiitd<tt vm Hoive!'- 
Bogh, Mootf'c^f unb Ut wuLnif^aUiam 
foitiiriiten^ 8bif(up l^uXhnqfm^^H^a^t 
IliiiclDtifirnX H f ran ^iocbet olfo SJ^MMii- 
tetg ni^r wffi ft^en imb ta)%«b cine 
9(ii)«^( ttonHBiktcm iefUmiitt anb m^ 
oBtteilUi^ fld^ be4 ttruni Sauted frjmuid^^ 
tigt^ f^anlt ctne anbece glri^fam an Ut 
(Btcnje bee ncuen Sttftel unb (onn ji^ 
oflbcten (Stii|[it{fen nid^t bj^Uig en^tr^ca. 

6. k glfi(( WaUcer'd &, bm fogc:^ 
nontiten bYcitcu, brutfitten a in Uw» 
Flkll» W4rm, Wa'ter, ftlci^ bem bentf^tn 
(angen> ^robinjifOen £out bed a, kvie 6e- 
fonberd in dUcbei^fa^frn ). JB. in bet 
91fficmatl))?$ai:ttfel: ^ bir bettteng:? 
Uf<^tt ©eeau^bntd:. y&w eat|>rid^. 

7. ^ nwc in ua^etaatm Sqlhen, 
gleii^ bem toidofea k M Walker .imb 
foft 9(ci<^ mit ^ y 9, ij,^, in fiBictrnt 
tote I4V> Sol'^ce, Thom'9«, Ri'y^l, 
Ab^^cy, Mon'arch^ jiemUd^ o(et(6 bem 
bumi|^ auddef))rp^enen e tat >cttl|<|en: 
@mQtt; &ier. 

JD^glciii^ biefe lange £iflt bem 9(it' 
fSnser fi^r bto^enb awSfel^en nmg, fo 
tvitb bod^ bie i^auft^ Uebetcmpimmiiiig 
bee 99ejet<l^nu«g mit ben coecef|)€»tbtren:: 
benSontm anberer SJocale bie Stymies: 
rlgfrit bolb mtnbetn, jumal in fi(^it>ie- 
rigeven gatten, bie in.$aTeitt^efe ^tn^ 
iuaefiigte. (SrHacuno }u 4ulfe fommt 

JL E. 1. S glet(^ Walker'l loitgem 
i itt Me, Mere, Mg'tre^ Sheep 0)in 
ifl eiit geringer t^poqxap(fi\<^x \lAeU 
fianb bet hopptltt ftatt bed einfad^en 
(Sttii^^'), gletd^ brm beutfc^en kngen i 
(ober le), in mit, ^ler, SRiene, jc. 

2. £ gleid^ Walker'0 furjem i in 
H«n,MSt,Ut; ijt ^Ui^ bem beutf(^en 
(tttjen t, in fett, fflett, k. 

3. i glel((i, fommtnur in einigenSf^I:: 
letttopr: — Hcir,Th^re, Where; ent^ 
|>ri<^t bem beutfd^en Sreiten e in (er,l»er ic 

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4, a^ ocoiM Miy befbie r final 8(8 in 
Her, H^-d, Fern, Vcrtial, F^sonaT- 
ytjy «r when a consonant MIows 
in tho pdmaiy or teeond^ accent 
(trith the exception of r ftNelfc — 
CMh^ry, MMy — when it does 
not belong to a syflaUe of fleidon 
aa in Diler'rer). It has an orbtuse 
sound aomewhat fatier than the 
nnaccented Genmin e In iBatft, 
nearijr like t in flftrig, hence when 
not accented it becomes e, aaid is 

4. 9 'fenMt mtr vot r tflr fbiflnnii 
sbcr mna auf 4»rftii<t 0b«r-frdml»fc 
Monte^ r fht OenfimttRt (r f rKft mit; 
gf nommm r — ChStVjr, ll^r'ry — ^^mnin 
e9 nfc|t wi« tn D^ftt^r^r jut Vf^t^vni* 
fVtte se^Btt,) fofgt, in Her, H&rd, 
FSm, Veronal, P^sonafity. Oto 
^t ciit^ bttnt))fftt, ftivttd i9oQ(Tctt 
^ut, aB bal imMonte bfutf(((fe e tn 
IBoter, fff^ \oit h in ftdrtiy, ^a^ 
ed anfer bent Accent in ^ AfifetgH^t. 
(Sd unlrrfi^etbft fi(^ f<HI 9at ni<^t i^Ht 
scarcely to be distin^ished from ilbm in anafogrn 9iUen fte^enben i 

or u in analogoas cases. 

5. 8 Kke Walket^s 1, only some 
^hat less distinct, as it is never 
accented, occurs freqnentfy at the 
end of syllables inunediatefjr before 
the accent (ahnost Without ezeep- 
tioB in the inseparable prefixes 
E-, Be-, De-^ Re-, Se-, as: 
ET^nt', BSqaJSst', D§t^st^ BSdr&s', 
8eccm', Ac), DeferVer, B€d€S'- 
mer, Ac, See above page XVil. 

6. c like 9, which it rety nearly 
resembles in sound (like the liAiort 
German t m fBtittt, S>tAtx, Ac), 
oecniring only in nnactented, espe 
cially in final sytlfl^les, as Defter, 
Beba'ker, R6d€€'nier, Pcrvere'e; it is 
less obtuse before other consonants 
than r, and -varies from ^ merely 
in <}uantity; compare P^n'tagon, 
Pentttg'onal, Sp^'tre, SpectftW. 

m. L 1. T like Walker's long 1 
(German fl in Sftinb), in Plkie, Fine, 
Fire, Brfer, Frish, Sfre. 

3. Y like Walker's short 1 (German 
i in girnie, MlSf^pOy in Plh, Fin, CM, 
lOQr^rvr, SUV V- 

3. i like e in Maiine', Shtre, 
Bl99hlne', ^ttque [^ntik^, or like the 
long sound of the German I or le in 
Wactne, aXaf^ine, fSitt, ®d^iefet. 

4. I occurs only before r in the 

itttb u. 

5. S ^ei(| Walkeei I, obit bm 
bfOtft^en untekintm i, nnr ftnMrt 
f&rset, ba tt fttB av^tt brm (Xrcmt 
litQt, (ffonber^ nnmittelftat tot bents 
felben in ofenrr @K/lbt, b. If. tittnn H 
bie e^Ibe fd^fie ft (bo^e r fafl ^ne^ud^ 
ttsl^me in ben uhtreltiffciten ajorf^ien 
E-, Be-> De-, Re-,* Se-, wlr irt:-^ 
EvSnf, Bequ^st^, DSt^, Red^&S^, 
Secern', Ac), Dcfci'r^r, RSdce'mcr, 
Ac Sgl. bad oben ®. XVW (Sefagte. 

6. e, Ybit a, bent tB bt bft Qinds 
fpxa^t fe^r naf)t fommt; xii^ bad be atfi^ 
unbaonte e in f&tdtt, ©rtfft, jc; nnr in 
nnbtttfi^n, befonbrrd (inb:.0)^fbnt, 
loie Deiei^rer, Rebal^, Badse^er, 
Pervcrs'e ; ni^t ganj fo bum^f ijl c« »or 
anberm Confonantm aid r, nub dgrnt' 
lid|l nut quantitafi9'«on )$ imft^tifbiw; 
))gl P^n'tagon, Pentftg^on^l, Sp^^tt^ 

in. I. 1. T Qtei^ Walker'd langrm 
I (ober bem bfitff<ljm ti In gfctnb): — 
Pine, Fine, Fire, Brt'cr, Prish, Sfre. 

3. t fllcl^ Walker'd furjem I (obft 
bm beutfi^en i in gfinnr, *Ii^^)f): — 
Pill, Fill, ClXff, Mfr'rQr, Sh¥f'^^ 

Z. t s(el<^ e in Mi^rtne', Shire,. 
M99htne', jinttque [anttk*], ober beat 
beutf^en gebr^nten Saut bed i ober ie, in 
3Kactne, aXaf^tne, Siec, Sdl^efn*. 

4. ] nut «ot r, in benfrlbrn gfiifrn 

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^VIvHV vl^N^^^* 

Slo^r^; coptrary 4o this rule (eom-l 
pure e) arte; S^vuDr'rfl, Stu/r^p^ Sir'up 
(abo PMgi^ic); M&'acle, Spb/it, 
forsBieriypreaoimoeditfjiff'acLe, S^Si^it, 
haTf^«oRfqcii^dtothe regular tound, 
^Smart csxprfnt^ the>op« §115 that 
the Mine wiU take plpiqe in tiBie with 
,3quiErel and Paoegyric, as instead 
«f SyVap (siir'up) the pronnneiation 
Slr^up with.Jf is admowledged by 
good speakers. < 

5. I occurs, like j|t and ^y <9nly in 
unaccented syllables, and is before r(]r) 
ifevy mnjh like the: obtuse ^» ^r (also 
>):,— Eni'ir (Martyr), Vir^Ww 5 in 
most instances it differs from It in 
<)«antity only: — I>igr$s^siTe> lutes' 
t}ne| }innibcibil'ity* 

iV. O, K o' like Walker's lofig 
^ (German long o in t^f)x, ^tl^, Ac), 
in No, Note, TOne, Sore, O'ri&it, 
To'ry, Tom, WOm. 

2« 6 like Walker's, short & inN5t, 
Sdr'^l, TOi^r^nt, nearly answers, to 
the short Genoan o as in iotti, 4iot 
iiot^tt, Z^xsiij^tt, Ac* 
. 3. 6 like Walker's i (the Ger 
man n in ®tttH ^9^, ScftUt) as 
in Move, Prdve, CMl, Sddn, B66t. 

4. o lijke Walker's broad ^answering 
i (&) ; found before i^ as in Nor, Sor'- 
did, Oi^d^r (in German a middle sound 
between o in 9l0tb and a in ^at) 

5* 6 like Walker's ii as in. SOn, 
D6ne, SOme, BOr'angh [biir^O], Ldve, 
Bf6thV> Ac* (Compare jH p. XXXII.) 

Mt e: -* Fk^ flnv nbd,filirV^r; ngeU 
Aihrie ())8L e).fiab Sqw^r^l, Sllr'- 
njp> Sk'iip (AiUfo P&negyyjc); MYi^- 
^e, Splfiit, kofl^e oui^ jtS^tx Bfir^- 
aclci Spw'jt lautften, l^en ft(^ bem 
regelm&gtgen £aut gugMMtlbt; Smart 
f^t S 115 kU ^Difmtiis Ai*, ^af 
bo^^e tti Squirrel, Ptoegyric mtt 
ber dcit trfi^Bm n>cCb«, )9k nehm ^cr 
9u^a(l^ SyVop (siii'up), bif mU 
I (SKi'^p) i»oti gutm Stire^an kseiti 
onrdftnnt i^ 

5. i ^t ivie % uitb ^.nur in utu 
(etonten St^am unb fonnit tooic r (ir) 
bm bum)>fen er, ur iitnUi^ glri^ 
(c(e«fo yr)2 E ITxVXMar'tyr), Vjr^lii'ii^; 
n>eit i^aufigev a6fc ift ed nut quao^ 
titati)) )>on Y ixvfE^bett: — DigHSs^ 
s|ve, |nt&i'line, ImmXscjbKPity^ 

IV. O. I. g(ei<( Walker'9 (angm 
6 (obn* bem beutfc^en (atiQeit o in C^r, 
9lat^, ic), in No, Note, Tone, SOrc, 
O'ri&it, To'ry, TOrn, WOm. 

3. gleb^ Walker'd fuqem 6 inNOt, 
SOi'el, TOr'rent, fommt bem bcutp^m 
{ui-} oSgefb^enen o, ). 93. koie in ipttt, 
^pttentott, XomtfieC; ». jtemlic^ glctc^. 

. 3. 6 glei^ Walkeei bunfrln ^ (^A) 
(pbec bem brutfc^m langrn u in: — < 
@tit^t, @xtibt, 99ntber), in M6ve, 
Prdve, C6dl, S66n, Bd^n 

4. o glet^Walker'dirfltemA, ent:^ 
fpre(^nb 4 (i); ed flubft M »or r; — 
Nor, Sor'did, Or'der (eln {KittcUaat 
jtvifi^en p in 9torb unb a in «&oat). 

5. gleld^ ii (Walker'd ^) in S6n, 
DOne, some, BOi/Ough [b&r'ol, Lotc, 
MOth'er, Ac* (SSgL ii ®. XXXU,) 

* The follffwiog k a Hit of words in wMchI 
this trreiftiiar lound of o it fouod. It may 
be regarded aa a completion of Narea'a liBt 
given by "Walker in his ^'Principlea'* § 165 
the wonb are arranged according to the 
varioaa cases in which the sound occurs. 
Thesoe it beciMaes clear that the reaaon 

* (H fo(9t tier citt IBenei^ittf ber iBJttcr, 
in bcnen o liifcn abmeu^enbcn Saat ^ot. @$ 
fann al6 ficrt^oUfldnbigung beft w>n Walker 
(Principles, § 165) mitfictjciltcn Nares^fijctt 
»erjei*ni(fefi bicitcn unb ifl nci^ ben m* 
f^iebnmi ^HUtn grorbset/ in bntra cs oor^ 
Fommt. 6d ibirb batani bcutU4/ baf ber 

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tttnteitMnip - 

6. 9 like 9, e, i^ occurs oidy iol 6. q ^^t kvie a» e, i nur bt itit« 
unaccented syllables and, precisdj likehctoitteit ®i^n unb ganj tole iritc in 
these, more obtuse than usnal in finalDSnb^Sl^CBfn, (efonbftd ))or r,^et)oa$ 
syllables, particularly before r (qnitelbunt^frc (gang glei(| ^r: — Atfii^T, 

asilaiied iiy Snart (Priociples, § 116) for thMCtotab^ bm Smart (Principle, { 116) j^sr 

partial explanation of thU irregalarity (viz. 
tliat w efTectf a change io the vowel follow- 
iDg: --* won, wonder, worry, one, Ac), 
applici to bot a Tery anall nmaber. It would 
be more rational to ezplfin thia aoand of o 
from the infloeace ol the following oon- 
aonantt, particularly labials aod fiaiilar 
letten, as th, before which it is most fre- 
quently foond. This list, like'the preceding 
one, corrects the dictionary ia a lew in- 
alances, which are not, however, of impor- 

t^eilmdren GhrfUIrung biefcr obnci^cnbcn (Sr« 
f^rtnung oafu^rt (ninli^ iaf w oaf Un foU 
genbctt Socal dnb^b einwirle: won, wonder, 
worry, one, ac.)^ avr ffir etae (^^ gertnge 
Va^^I aa$r(i4ti>4{€r ifi u, ^Ufk Q-Uut 
ottft r>m Ginpuf folgcabet Qoafoaantcn la 
crflir^n unb nomentli^ bcr Eippcn* unb d^n« 
lic^er IBn^flabcn, mU tb, oor bcncn et fl^ am 
^dttftgflen fiabct. :Kn4 nad^ bicfen fl^etjcid^ 
nifTc ^b etntge mcaigc SeifpieU im SBortcr* 
btt^e felbfi luberitttigm^ bo^betrifft bia 

taace. As Smart jastly remarks in regard nur unmefcatli^e S^Uc j nit bcntt fiber^dupt 
to ibis soond, that **the force of the fflore||Smart fe^r ri^tig fogt/ bof bie ®(»alt bcc 
eeaeral rale (which woald require the osoal poaptregcl (»cl4( bcn geiod^nli^ea S-Saut 
short soojvl o [&]) will now and thea detachw&j erforbem mfirbe) bona uab loonn ctncni 
n atraggler, and if the word fraqaently Slo^i^dlrr bcr UnrcgcUn&f ig!(it eatrci^€ nnb 
occurs, reduce it at last to regularity, bci ^duftgem Sortoaunea cnbli4 g<UI| r€g(U 
There was a time," he proceeds, "when mdf tg ma^c ,,9^ ^ch tint itit/* fdbrt er 

Movereign and comrade were always pro- 
Bounced with the o as ^ort «; but since 
the former word has been the name of 
current coin, the regular sound of the o has 
beea getting into use, and bids fair to be 
completely established. The word Cony 

yrt, /,»osoYereiga uab comrade fktU mttbem 
Saute attd9e|pro4en lourbeni abcr fett bo^ 
crftetcSgortber^Same cfner gonsbarenSRitnie 
geiporben, ifi bte regdmdpige Xu^fpra^K ^^ 
mdtig in(3ebrau48c!omaKn uab Meint burd^ 
att$ auf bcai fiBege M fefUufe^cn. Cony, »a» 

belongs to this class; but in slow solemn att4 ^u biefcr (Slap gci^5rL ftat bci langfomct 

if f ' — -- - - — _ .- 

utterance may have the regular sound ol 
o/ --» It will be observed in looking over 
the list, that the pronunciation varies 
in several words, in others the u has 
beea substituted, as LuflT instead of Loof, 
Dungeon instead of Donjon, Mummery, 
Rummage, Ac 

6t 1. CdchineaK, according to Sheridan, 
Walker, Perry, Fulton a Knight, Knowles 

fcicrlt^cr TCuSR^roite bea rcgclmdf igen ^ut/' 
— 3m ecr|cx4ni|fe fclbft »icb man (Selc^en* 
ijtit ^aben }u bemcrf en, bap bei mcirercnS^5r* 
tern bicfe @4»an!ung ^rf^t, anbctc aa4 
^dufiger gcrabctu mit u gcf4ricbm »crbcn, 
»ie Luff flatt Loof, Pungeon flatt Dpi\ioa,. 
Mummery, Bommage, ac. 

0: 1. Cttchineal',ncbcnbicfrm von Stephen 
Jones, Enfield, Jameson, Smart, Webster unb 

and Gilbert's Etymological k PronoimciagUWorcester \>ertrctcacn Saut finbet M &n4 
Dictionary (1846), but Stephen Jonesjbci Sheridan, Walker, Perry, Fulton unb 
Enfield, Jameson, Smart, Webster andRKnight, Knowles, unb ncuflcr deit in Gilbert'^ 
Worcester decide in favour of the more lEtvmological i Pronoancing Dictionary 
usual pronunciation Cfichineal'. 0(1846): cOchineaF. 

3. Before d in Bldtod, Fldod, To C«d'dlel 3. Box d in BKod, Fldod, To Cftd'dla 
(i.e. To Hug). (t. e.ToHup). 

3. Before t (as a vulgar exception) in S6ot, 
according to Sheridan, Nares, Perry, Keorick, 
W. Johnston, instead of the regular proaun- 

ciation of sdt; W6t,afterEIphioston, instead 
of the established pronunciation wtt. 
4. Before I in Cdl'our (its compounds and 

3. Sor t (gemein unb nar attsna^m^mctfc) 
in Sdot, aa4 Sheridan, Nares, Perry, 
Kenrick, W. Johnston; flatt ht$ rcgclri^n 
ti^tn sAt; WM, 8d4 Elphinston, fUtt bcg 
aOgemein angenommcnen w5t. 

4. iBer i in CdFour (fcincndnfamnunrctun* 

derivatives, which equaHy applies to all thcsgcn unb Kblcitungen/ »a« natiirli^ oon aUea 

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Bkerir, aslnXf/t9r,D5c't<?r); othcr-ll>8</t<?T), all fonfl, tot fd jl^ kuc 
wise'varyitig from short 6 merely in ber &uantft£t na6) ten 5 mUerfi^ei^ 
quantity: — CpncScl', Contort', |bft': — C9nc5ctf, C9nt6rt', C5nf/- 
C«m'pr9mtt, Qbt^st', OppC'nent. |pf9°»tt> Obtest', Oppo'tient. 

fkiltoving). To BetOlVinite, T>'tMtinfH\onJfol^men gilt), To D€e*K«nil«, 
To DiBcdKoor, kc Ition, To Ditcftl'bir, ftc 

5. Before fi: — a) in Bdae, Ndne, T6dI 5. Box a: — ff) Ctt Wnt, Ndae, Tte 
(oftcner Tun), If On; 5) in Cdn'ey, Hftn'ey, ((<liflgcr Tun), W»n; b) in Cfto'ey, Hda^ey* 

BKn'eyt On'ion, ROn'ion (toiiipMreRunBlon); 
Shdne (after Perr)\ oHienrige generally th8n 
or sbOn); t) nd: -^ COa'dnit (generally pro- 
Boonced k&n'dit, only Skeridan bai kSn'dwit 
and Enfield k8n'dit),L0n'doB,L«n'donder^ry 
MOn'day, Sftn'day, Sdn'dry (instead of tbe 
oraat orthography; Sanday, Snndry), Win'- 
der; d) ng, nk:— Abang', Amdngtt', Mdng'- 
com, MOn'ger (and conponndt), Man'grel, 
MOnk, Mdn'key, Spink (nsnally Spnnk), 
TOngue, Ydn'ker instead of the mnal 
Yonnker; e) before nj (ng): — Alldnge', 
To Cdn'jnre, DAn^on (more nsnal Dnngeon), 
LOnge (also Lnn^), Spin^e (more fre- 
quently Spnnge); /) nst, nt, nth: — Oin'- 
stable; AflVanf, Ac, A-frinf, Effrdn'tery, 
Frdot (almost all the orthoepists are in 
fa?onr of this pronnneiatlon, yet Sheridan 
and Smith prefer that of fH(nt, while Scott, 
Nares and Walker do not object to acknow^ 
ledge it; Knovles merdy gives (Hint, bnt 
observes: — this word \b vulgarly (I) cor 

Man'ey; (Wion, Edn'ion (i^gf. ttnaalon); 
Shine (tta4 Perry, foilft bttr^d^ttgtg tkte 
obcr sh»n); c) ads ^ caaMoH (aOgeaKfit 
kUn'dlt gef^ro^, aurSherldaa giebt kttn'- 
dwjt, Enfield k«n'dit),LanMon,Lan'donder«ry, 
Min'dayi Sin'day, Sin'dry (^atf be9 gem6^n# 
li^m Sunday, Sundry), W^n'der; d) ag, 
nk: -^ Aning', Aaangstf, Milig'-eoni, 
Min'ger (unb dnfoaimenlctatidni). Man'grei, 
Mink, HOnlcey, Spink (%m6inlulf Spnnk> 
Tingiie, Yin'ker flQtt beS flbli^ett Yonnker 
e) t}or nj (ng):-^ Ailing, To Cin^nre, Din*- 
jon (^dttfigcr Dungeon), Lin^ (ani^ Longe)» 
Spinge (^dttfigtr Spnuie); /) Bst» nt, 
nth: — Cin'stabin; Affrinf, Ac, A-frint'* 
Effirin'teiry, Frint (fflr biefe X«ifpto*« tt» 
ndren fi^ fo^ aUt S)rt(ocpif^m, bo4 mirb 
bie TfttBH^ra^e frint 90n Sheridan uilb 
Smith 9orge}«deii, 9on Scott, Nares nttb 
Walker netttgftaii onerfaniiti Knowlen 
^at ttttt li-int, mit bem Scmarfeti: — 
this word is vulgitrly (!) corrupted into 

correct pronunciation), Rint, obsolete in 
stead of Rnnt the present usual orthography, 
want, Unwin'ted, Minth. 

1^. Before r: — Bir'age, Bir'ough (com- 
pare burrow), Mir'ay (proper name), Tbir'- 
ough, Ac, To Wii^ry*; when a consonant 
succeeds r,'it submits to the mutation men 

into 3, yet there is so little difference be- 
tween i and u that Worcester frequently 
uses them indiscriminately, especially in 
unaccented syllables; compare Work (wurk), 
Wort (wurt), Worth (wurth), Worm (wfirm), 
Ac. wifli Coun'terwirk, Frame'#irk, Fret'- 
wirk, Frost'wirk, Han'diwirk, Oot'wirks, 
Stone'wirk, Un'derwirk, To Underwirk', 
Wax'wirk, Thor'ougfawirt, Bos'wirth, Pen'- 
nywfirth, Mon'ey'swirth, Wor'thy (wfirthy) 

rupted into /runt, bat T prefer restoring the /runt, bnt I prefer restoring the correct 

pronunciation), Rint, »erttUct |tatt be» 
je^t mi^^tn Runt, Wint, Unwin'ted, 

6. Sor r: -~ Bir'age, Bir'oagh (vgl. 
burrow), Mii'ay (tligettnanie), Thir'ough, 
Ac, To Wir'ry; »enn cin Gfonfonant bem 

fel^t, Idbet e$ (irr b!e bef € anb f (4) 

tioned in S and T (4) that is « is changed angegebene Scrdnbenrngl aai t mirb ndne 

U4^ fi, bO(!ft finb i aitb n fo laeitig arr« 
f4tcbeit/b(kf fie Worcester, nttmentKt^ atlfer 
bem ^aupt « Accent , ^duflg o^ne Qttfer« 
Wfeb fetti »gl. Work (wttrk), Wort 
(wurt), Worth (wirth). Worm (wuna), Ac, 
mtt Counlterwirk, ^ame'wirk, Frct'wirk, 
Frost^wirfc, Han'diwirk, Out'wirks, Stene'- 
wirk, Un'derwirk, To UnderwiiV, Wax'- 
wirk, Tbor'ooghwirt, Bos'iKlrth, Pen'ny* 
wirth, Hon'ey'swirth, Wo/thy (wor'thy) 

by tlie side of Unwir^tby.Mock'wirm, WhiW- nebcil Unwir'thy, Mnck^wirm, WhirHleber^- 
tleber'ry, Ac; in such cases, the marlt of uj ry, Ac; fit foUett ^ffen ifl tn blefe» ffierfe 
has been chosen in this work, for the sake ber €o«feq«ett| wegen immer « gemJ^It 
of uniformity. Iwetbeit. 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 



V. U. 1. fi like Walker's long Jil V. U. 1. fl glet^^ Walked lanflfm A 
(or the German Ju in 3u6el, SUflenb Jrobet bfm betttfd^ett Iuiji3tt6ri, SUflcnb, 
Sllbe), as in Tube, Tune, Fu'ry, Cure,||3ttbO,irt Tube, Tune, Fu'ry, Car*. 

T. Before s (s): -^ a) when pronoHBDed 

soft (like z)» ms In Bftf'om (the mlgar z) ift: Btt^oa (gcMeiae VMfinra^ tubcs btf 

1 (Boti (z>:— tt)ri»eim e» tteMf (gid* 

pranincwti^B, beside M^m, «ited b; Dr. 
Kearick, W. JokiutoOy £lphiostoB and 
WaJker), D6ef , D6z'el, Ddze'Iiog, DOz'eii; 
6) Vtittt. 

8. ' Before labfafi and tb: -^ d) before 
m : — kttSbn^pMy, Beefiaie^, Bteib' (bfta). 
96Bifb«rd (i^id airderivatt?ei)> Bdnbatin', 
B^tan'bast^ To Bdmbast', Btmbazet', BdWbay, 
Bdm'bjrk,Br$iii'iey,Brdm'toD, Col6m'bia (also 
Columbia), Ctda'bat (according to Sheridan, 
Walker, Stephen Jonei, Foiton and Knlght> 
Smart; ettia^b«t ii preferred by Perry, 
£Bfield, Jameion, Webiter), To Cdne^ Cdrnf- 
Rt^ Cdn/foTt (Diffcdni'fort, &o.)» COn'frey, 
Ci^m'pany, Cdm'pan, Cdm'irade (after iSberi- 
dan. Walker, Perry, St. Jones, Fnlton and 
Knight; offn'rade after EofieM, lanesoo, 
"Webster and Smart, conpii^ beginbiag of 
fJbU«ote p. XXIX.), DcWedary, To Encdm' 
pass, lo'cdme, L^mp', MOm'iocry (see Mam- 
mery), Ndm^bles (compare Nambles) , Pdui'- 
ace, Pdme in compounds as P(ymegran'ate, 
ftc, Pdm^mel, Ptn^Viott, Pdm'pire, RfaSmb 
(rftm), ROm^age (see Rmmmge), S«»e, 
Sdm'ers (Islands), Stm'ner, instead of Snm- 
moner, Stdm'ach ; 6) before b : — Wh^ob^ob, 
instead of the osnal Hubbub; before f in 
XAiof, more usually Lttff; c) before y: — 
Abdve', Belftv'ed, COr'enant, and plbers, 
Cdv'eiious, Cdv'^Btry, T* Cdf'er (ajid oom 
pounds, RecdVer, DiscftVer, Ac), Cfif'ert, 
C^Jy'et, COf'ey, Cdv'in, Ddve, Glfive, Gdv'ern 
(IfisgOv'ern, Ac.), HdVer (generally; hVt'er 
is fi^irecired by Sheridan, Scott, Perry, 
Enileld, Jameson, Knowles); Irrecdv'erable, 
L6ve, Ov'ea, PW?'er, Scftv'el (Smart, Wor- 
cester^ beside the prooondatioa of ScSvVl), 
To Shdve,^ ShOt'ei, .Sdv'creigQ, Stfiv'er 
(Webster, beside the more usual pronuncia- 
tion Stoker); d) before th, partaking in 
some measure of the nature of labio-dentals: 
— An^th'er, BrMh'er, Ddth, ftWth'er (Fore'- 
ml^ther, Ad.), Ndih'ing (vulgarly also heard 
pronounced nuffin [!], compare Dickens's 
works), Oth'er, To Pdth'er (after Sheridan, 
Walker, Perry, SL Jones, Fulton and Knight; 
Eofleld, Jameson, Webster, Worcester, 
Knowles, Smart are in favour of PSth'erX 

^awfUTin^fptpiit bdl^m oqn Dr. flenHck, 
W.Johnston, Elphinston uitb Walker av^u 
mvt), Ddef,' Ddz'el, Ddzeling, Ddz'ea; 

8. Sot 'iiB^^enhnHifkahin uvl ih: *-• 
a) oor m: -r- AhtMpsmfi BedOmV, Bta* 
(bA»), BAni^nrd (nit ^Oe Xb^tkitttftt), 
B&mbasin', BWbast, To Bdmbast', M^r 
bazet', Bdm'bay, Bom'byx, BrOm'ley, Br6m'- 
ton, Coldm'bia (itebcn Colombia), C6m%at 
(fo Sheridan, Walker, Stephen Jones, iYritoli 
wib'Knigbt*: tearft; flit c^n/bat irniren 
M Ferry, Enfield^ Jao^esoui Webster), To 
Cdme, C6m'fit, CWfort (DiscWfort, Ac), 
COfflYrey, CSm'pany, C6m'paM, C6m'rade 
(na^ Sheridan, Walker, Perry, St. Jones; 
Fatten imb Knight; etai%»de mi^ EnfteM, 
Jameson, WeM^ umb Smart, sgl. diiifloilft 
biefer 9tote, 0. XXIX)^ Drdm'edarj, To 
Encdm'pass, Wc(me, Ldmp', MWmery 
(dm(. Mummery), Ndm'bles (ogl. Nombles), 
PWace, Pdme in ^n^ummtn^t^tm^tH nit 
POmegran'nte, ftc, Pdm'mel* .WmVioB 
PWpire, Bhdmb (rim), RAm'age (vidl 
Rummage), S(me, SOm'er^ (Islands), Sds/* 
ner, ^att Summoner, StOm'ach; A)')»OC 
b: — WhdoVob, flatt \>U ge»d(nU<bctt Iltabbub ;' 
oor f in Ldof, gem6^itii4cr IMt c) oot t: 
Abdre', Beldv'ed, COv'enant, ». Y^ 
Cftv'enons, COv'entry, To Cdv'er (nnb it* 
fammoifetttngen, Recdv'er, Discdv'cr, AcJ» 
Cdf'ert, CdWet, Cdr'ey, COf'in, D«te, 
Gl«ve, G^T'em (Misgftv'erD, Ae.), Btv'er 
(Ollgmeis; fir hWer flnb Sheridan, ScotV 
Perry, Enfield, Jameson, Knowles) ; Irrecd?'- 
erable. Live, (Jv'cn, PWv'er, Scdv'et 
(Smart, Worcester, nebcn bet lCu^fpra4c 
Scfiv'el), To Shdve, Shdv'el, Sdv'ereign, 
stftv'er (Webster, ncben bet oHflenuuKten 
^uefpto<je Stb'ver); d) »pt bcm ben 
Dodgc? Iaut«t>eni>anbten th: r- AnStli'er, 
Brdth'er, Ddth, M6th'er. (Fore'-mOther,. 
Ac.), NdtVing (maft man pon fiemcinen 
^utcn au(b nuffin [!] fpre^en ' b^^t^ H^ 
Dickens*^ e^riften), Oth'er, To PdtVer 
(na4 Sheridan, Walker, Perry | St Jones^ 
Fulton unb Knight; fiir PStb'er" fttib 
Enfield, Jameson, Webster, Worcester, 

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9. K like Walker's short A (a simi 
lar sound does not exist in German, 
as near as it can be described is, 
to combine the o in f&Oiti^, 3!o^f and 
the i in fdiU^tt, Xdpftx, but it 
decidedly inclines more to o) , in Btit, 
Tlib, Tttn, FWrdw, Ctti'rent 

3. d like Walker's obtuse fl, parti- 
cularly after labials, (answering the 
short German u as in fBuUt, fBXi% 
mtUt, abc.) , in BdU, FiUl, Pilll, Bikh, 
B^cher, CiishlQn [kilsVon]' 

4. a like Walker's i (answering 
the long German u in Stut^e^ nur, 
qXI/t, iftc), in JCUUe, Sdre [shdr]^ Trde, 

5. u used only before r, in the same 
cases and with the same exceptions as 
e and I with which it coincides in pro- 
nanciatton , with the exception of its 
being more obtuse: — Fiir, Piirre, 
Chiirch, Mur'der, Fiit'rjcr. 

6. u strictly analogous to a, e, i, 
9 : — Miir'miir,, CurvSt', Mult&n'gGl^, 

VI. Y. I. y like T:— My, Dry, 

Type; Scy-the[stth], Cy'clc, Cy'pms. 

2. y like Y: — Cym'b^l, Cyn'ic, 

syn^bie. syriabie. 

.3.' y like i: — Myrrh, Mjr'tle, 3. y gWc^ 
Syi^tis. SyVtis 

4. y like i: ~ V^r'y, Fu'ry, 4. y glet(^ i 
Cymiir', Martyr. liCymar', Mar'tyr. 

9. fi gtei^ Walker's btqcm A Cefn 
im 3)eutf^(n ntc^t )>or]§anbetter iaut, 
tin SRlfc^laut jtolfd^en bem o in fBottt^, 
S:o))f unb bem i in fObtt^tt, Xipftv, 
boid^ entf<^ifben mel^r bem o ft(( ^innei^ 
genb), in Biit, TUb, Tiin, Fik'rOw, 

3. il gtei<| Walker's bumHmtnqen 
A, £efonberd na^ 2t)}^entu^^aBen (bem 
beutfc^en fur^ett u in fBuUt, S3ttf4 '^Uts 
ter, }c. entf^te((enb), in Biill, FiUl, Pdll, 
Bibfa, Bdtcher, Cilbh'ipn [kilsh'Qn]. 

4. ft gteti^ Walker's 6 (gletd^ bem 
beutfd^en gebel^nten u in Stut^e, ttttr, 
gut, 2C.), inBule, Silre[shfir], Trfte, 

5. ii, mtr ))mr r, in benfeUen 9al:r 
ten tmb mit benfeKen ^uSnal^men^ 
roie e unb *i', brnen eS in bet SuS- 
{^ra^e jiemlic^ glet^ fommt^ nut ip 
eS ttiOHiB buni))fer: — Fiir, Piirrey 
Chiirch, Mtir^dcr, Fiii'rier. 

0. u, ifl bem a, e, i, 9 genau 
analog : — Miir'mur, Curvit^, Mult&n'- 
gular, Multlfp'^rtTte. 

VI. Y. 1. y gleh^T: — My,Dry, 
Type, Scythe [sllh], Cy'dc, Cy'prus. 

9. y gtel(^ T: — Cym'b^l, Cyn'jc, 

— Myrrh, MjVtle^ 
! -- VSr'y, Fa'ry, 

QoOth (iifter Walker, Stephen Jon ex, Smart, 
and others besides qouth), Rdth'er instead 
of the now nsnal Rudder, Sudth'er. This 
sbnndalso very frequently occars in syllables 
Mrhfch are not nnder the primary accent, 
particularly if from any canse they are spoken 
With a greater stress than mere weak and 
unaccented syllables; it occurs of course 
most frequeUtly iA the secondary accent: — 
Car*dam«m', Ab'^ngddn'; Is^lingtOn', Leb^a 
ndn', Lex'^iflgton', Un"ls«n', Wash*lngt«n', 
Man^ihbt; ■Frol"icksame', Wea''ris6mc', Ac 
In unaccented syllables 9 often occurs instead, 
as : — Hand's^rae, &c. 

Kntjwles, Smart), Quftth {mdf Walker, 
Stephen Jones, Smart, u, X nebcn quoth), 
ROth'er flatt bed (e^t flbli^en Rudder, 
SmdtVer. ^u4 In 6i)Iben, bie ni^t ben 
^anptoccent ^aben, befonbcrd wcnn i^ncn 
and irgenb einem ®ninbe mc^r (S^noii^t 
aU gan^ tonloren ttnb bumpfen ^ufommt, 
finbet M bicfeS $j nat^Ii^ am (dnfigften 
im fecnnbdren 'Xcccnti }. 9^. Car"dan6m', 
Ab*ingd6n', Is"lingt»n', Leb^auM Lex*, 
ingtftn', U*nis«n', Wash"ingt«n', Man*ih«f, 
Frol'icksdme', Wea'Visdme', &c. 3n (UCrnt' 
lofen ®t)lben fle^t ddnftg 9 tafitr: — 
'Hand's^me, Ac. 

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birodaetioD. XXXSa Sinldtung. 

A complete saney of diese vowdD SHe XoteQe bit IBocile iiritt^ 
counds is exhibited bj the foUowinglalfo bn} jnfoniiiimgefaft fl^ kav^Ibn 
table, as : -r- Utoie folgt: — 

A. I. ft: — Shftde, Fsin, Ls/er. 

3. A: — Share, Fare, Bare. 
^ 4, a: — Sharp, Far, Fa'thcr. 

5. ft: — Fftst, HSfl, E^ftm^le, Bftth, Btftnch, Grftsp. 

6. ft: — Lftw, F&U, WAV- 

7. a: — Ll'ar, PlU'^ce, MSnVs^ 
£. 1. €: — Me, M&e, SheSp. 

3. «: — Hgn, M^t, Ut 

3. « gleii^ A: — H^ir [dr], Th^re [tfaAr]. 

4. c: — Her, Herd, Defer'rfr. 

5. e fllet^ i: — Ergnt^, ReSl'ity, Defcr'rcr.- 

6. e: — Lfty'fr, Farther, Bedec^mer. 
1. I. T: — PiDC, Fliie, Fire. 

3. r: — Pfa, Fin, Mli'r^r. 

3. t: — Shtre, Marine', Ma^hbei'. 

4. i: — Fir, Bird, Stjr'rer." 

5. i: — El&'ir, Jmm&cib^lty. 

O. !• 0: — No, Ncte, Sore, To'ry, T(5ni. 

2. 5: — N5t, S^r'^l, T&'rent. 

3. 6: — M6ve, Pr6ve, C66L 

4. 6: — Nor, Sor^did, Or'der. 

5. «: — sen, Bdi^dngh [biir'rO], L6ve. 

6. 9: — A</t9r, D5</t9r, Obtest', CqncXcif. 
U. I. II: — Tube, Fu'iy, Ciire. 

2. tt: — TiSb, Tun, Ciir'rent 

3. lA: — BtUl, Bush, Bdfcher. 

4. ft: — Bftle, Sure [shftr], Trfttt. 

5. u: — - Fur, Church, Mur'dfr. 

6. u: — Mur'mnr, MultifpV^c* 
Y. 1. y: — My, Dry, Cy'prus. 

2. >: — CVbal, CKlc, SyiVan. 

3. y: — Myrrh [mir], Myr'tle, Syr'tis. 

4. y: — Viir'y, Sj^'metry, Cymar'. 

Oombinafions of ?ovel8« — Soml-Setiittbitttgeit. 

aft gfai^ ft: — Caft's^r gbfa^ Sft'zar. 

aft glei4 ^: — Aftt'n^, Syna^r'ftsYs fidi^ Etn^, siDer'tslb. 

fti (ay) gleU^ a: — Fain, Pain, Pla/cr fjid^ ftn, pftn, pls'^. 

ii stet<$ i: ~ Air, Fiir glei^ Ar, fir. 

an gTei(| a: — lunt, Dannt ftlefc^ ant, dant 

An (Aw) glei^ ft: — Tftnght, Bftwl glei# tftt, btt. ^ t 





eft gbi^ i: — GreSt, Steftks glefi^ grftt, stftks. 
eiqMH: — Beir, Te4r gleic^ b4r, t&r. 
ea glcic^ €: — Tear, M€an glfl^ t€r, m€n. 
«a 9(ei(^ «: — Br^ad, Tr^ad gW* brgd, tr«d. 
ca 0lei4 e: — Heard, Pearl glci^ herd, peri. 
€€ glci(| €: — She€p, F€et glelc^ sh€p, fet. 
ei glei(( 1: — Seize, Receive' fllfldj stz, rietv'. 
^ 8(ct(^ i: — H4ir glei(^ ^ glei(^ &r. 
e9 gleid^ 9: — Blud^gepn glet^ bliid^on. 
eu (eW) glei(^ d: — Euphonic, glei^ GfSnIk. 
eii (e^) glei^ d: — Rhedm, An'dre^ glcidj rilm, linMrQ. 
ey glfi(^ e: — Barley, Jour'ney glci^ bar'Je, jur'ne. 
le gleic^ t: — Field, Shield glei^ fUd, shlld. 
le g(ei(^ T: — Die, Lie gtei^ dr, iL 
5a gleid^ 5: — B6af, CGal gletd^ bot, kol. ' 
ok gl(i4 k: — Bro^d gteit^ briid. 
Ge gleic^ 6: — D5e, FCe glei(^ d5, i6. 
oe glet4 «• — 4^to€'cr, Fog'tus glelc^ ante's!, WU^s. 
oi (gleid^ bent beutfc^en oi, 09, in ^oi! ^oie, hotter, toennmanbaf toif ein 
IxtiM k aulftJtl^t, i)gl. k 6. ®. XXVi) : — jjLvotd, Bofl, Ott, SoM, VoYcc 
66 gleit^ 6: — F661, T661 gleid^ £61, t61. 

oA (ow) glet(| Walker'* id (tute an in laU, ftlllt): — Soiind; Cow. 
ou, ou glfi(^ ti, ii: — §nough', jour'u8y glrf(^ fnuf, jfir^n8. 
oil gleic^ ii: — BoiltSde', Loilji'sa glei(^ bdtad', Ml'za. 
6u glei^ ii: — AlquifoQ, W6aiid gUi^ U'kwifli, wtbid. 
oj^ glei(| oY: — Boy, To^ glei(^ b5y, toY. 
lie gleic^ il: — Cue, Ar'gile gtet<| kii, ai'gil. 
lie gleU^ il: — Trde, Rdc gWdJ trd, rd. 
iii gletc^ H: — Suit, Jfiice glei(^ sut, jus. 
iii glcu^ d: — Frdit, Crdise glei^ Mt, krds. 

In general all rowels that are not 
marked, are silent, with the ex- 
ception of y tod some terminatioos 
specified bdow; peculiar deviations 
are in the dictionary always enclosed 
in brackets [ ], compare Convey, 
Deign, Height, Buy, Book, Wool, 
Wood, Blood, Door, Caoutchouc, 
Leopard, Beauty, Aisle, Ac 

CoBsonants and terminations 
of words. 

C without any mark,before a,o and u and 
all the consonants has the hard sound 
of k; it u soft like s before e,iaady 

3m SUgemeinen gilt, bag aUt un- 
Bfjei^tieten SBocdlt, av$et y ua'b brn 
utiUn tf}ei(^neten (Snbungen, ffatmm 
ftnb; Bffonbrre StVDeid^ungen {ittb tm 
aSdrterBu^e flft* in sacmmtm [ ] 
na^er Bcjel^net, Dgl Convey, Deign, 
Height, Buy, Book, Wool, Wood, 
Blood, Door, Caoutchouc, Leopard, 
Beauty, Aisle, Ac. 

Confraatitett wnb flBott- 

C ol^ne Sbtj^nuni ^^^ (P>^ ^) ^^ 
a, o, a nnb aUtn Sonfonontci^ 
weid^ (toit s) )oox e, i, y. 

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g, $ hard like k: — QhXa^n/dUaeAQ f $ ffwA toit k: — QhSr'^ct^, 
gh&fm, S^ep'tic C^ksm, S^Sp'tic. 

q, 9 soft like s: — i^hftif e, Fm^^qd <;, 9 ta>ei$ toie s: — ^h&ise, Fl^- 
like shfti, msfaid. 9td 8let(| shfiz, ittk'sid 

Ck withoat a maik soiuid« like tab : — Ch o^ne aSegei^mtng toit tsh: — Chann, 

Chann, Chair like tBharm, tshAr. 
G without a mark, hard before a, 

o and n, and all the consonanta; 

it is soft before e, i and y. 
6, g hard like g in (Bott: — Q^ty 
* give. 
9, g soft like j: — (J&n, gfant 

like j^, jf ant 
N{y ngh, nk like ngk: — BWcO, 

BrSn'chiae, DSnley like b^glo, 

br5ng^i^ dSng'ki. 
Ph, like f :'— Ph&i'tQm like f^i'tgin. 
Qu, likekw: — QiiTck, QnT/^r like 

kwlk^ kwYr'er* 
^y 8 soft like z: — GolBe, Wise 

like gTze, wIk. 
71, th sharp as in iMtok, mStA'^d, 

Mih, mdnth. 
Th, th unmarked, soft or flat, as 

in thl^, thILt, shfotbe, mh'^. 
^y J soft like gz: — Al^^^aM^r, 

E^am'ple like SUegz&n'd^r, egzSm'pL 
Z like a Tery Boft German f (in le^e, 

SBetfe, lefen, SBtfta):— Zodnds, 

ZSpl/yr like z5ilndz, z^r. 

The rest of the letters are almost 

all the same as in German (x like ks, 
dc); a more explicit description of 
others (for instance r and w) must be 

Ch&ir gleid^ tsharm, tshAr. 
G o^ne a3rgti(^nung l^ott !»or a, o, q 

nnb aUen (tonfonantett, loeU^ mc 

e, i, y. 
G, i ^ort toie g in 9ott: — Qif 

(7, g tx>eid^ toit j: — <^&n, ^I'ant 

glei(^ j^, jfani 
Nf, n^h, nk glei(( ngk: -^ B&i'cd, 

BrSn'shiae, D5nlL8y glrfa^ bknglo, 

brSn^C, d5ngl4« 
Ph loie f : -^ Ph^'tQm glei$ fUHpra. 
Qn tole kw: — Qitfck, QuTv'^ g(cUI 

kwKk, kwYvV. 
$, 8 loei^ koie z; — Gube, Wise 

glfi^ ^ze, wTz. 
n, tA Sejeic^nei bad fd^orfe ober^orttthi 

loie bi UXoky mm'ody cUM, mfini*. 
Th,tk Bqeii^net badiDci^e obcrfanftt tk, 

toU in thb, th&t, sheathe, JhKthV- 
^y J tpei4 koie gz: — Ale^lb'der, 

E:|:dm'ple glet^^egz&n'der^egzim'pL 
Z inie ein fe^r koeid^ed beutf(^ed f (ot 

kife,aBeiff, Irfen, SBefnt):— ZSikidf» 

ZSph'yr glei(j^ zodndz, z^fir. 

S)it uBrigm ffliK^Paben flnb ben 

beutf^eit fafl aKe glei^ (x gtei$ ks,(l:c.X 
ober bie genatiere 99ffliinmung ein^ 
gclrter, tofe j. ». r, w ait9 ber ®t(mt^ 

sought for in the grammar or in theBmatif obrr im SSihtttbw^t feibfl }u 
^ctionary itse]£ . letfe^m. 

ciRl,\ Sp^'ci^l, fiO'ci^l. 

si9]> [ gbfal sk^: — CSntr^yei^si^I. 

ti^l,) Ess&i'ti^l, Pai^ti^L 

^y \ J^thm^dpiy Vhjaa^ 

^^7 1 gbb( shan: «— C^strihlW^^ PMi^n. 

tiv^) TSf^Ci^n. 




tjfttc,! ^ ^ 


cient, \ 

8ienty| gicU^ sh^t: — 


^pprC'eifite, j^itS'ciite. 
Balbfl'tikte, Expft'ti&te. 

J^BBCfa^ttj Emft'ciate. 

EfiYci^t, Pr9fVci^nt. 
DissSn'tient, Pft'ti^nt 


cicnce,) ^^ ^^ _ C5n'»ciencc, EffTcienoe. 

tienceyj ^ P&'ti^ce. 

0U8 glei$ us 9 us: — C&r^cous, PSr'iloas, Cai/nouSy Wdn'drous gUd^ 

karlkiisy pli/jliis, kar'nus^ wiin'dras. 
ceous, \ Acanft'ceousy Creta'ceous. 

cious, [ glei^ slius: — Auda'cious, PrecC'cioas. 

tious, ) 

ai^n g(e{(^ zhan: — 
si^r glei^ zher: — 
don, J 


xion gletd^ kshQn: — 

sion gleU^ zhgn: — 


C&p'tious, Sedfdous. 
Advanta'geouSj Coura'^eoos. 
Conta'gious, RefiCgious. 

^rte'sii^n, Ephf'sian. 

O'sier, Ho'sier. 


Acc^sion, P^n'sion, C^nvei/sioii. 

Na'tion, Cgnt&i'tion. 


.^idhS'sioii, Ggnfu'sion. 

BelirgioD, Be'gion, Contt'^on. 

Other singularities of pronunciation 
as well as a portion of those which 
hare been already mentioned are de 
signated in the dictionary, enclosed in 
brackets [ j, in order to prevent any 
mistake at once. In one point the sys- 
tem of marks in this work differs from 
that of Mr. Worcester: that is the 
much controverted hissing pronuncia- 
tion of the letters t, d, c, s, x and z 
before terminations or yowel combina** |< 
tions such as -ere, -une, -ean, -eateJl 
-eous,-ealy eo-, -ian,&c It isgeneraUyfl 
agreed that this corruption, especially 
in regard to the letter d, has since the|| 
time of Walker, fallen within muchlli 

ani^ elngclne bcr toorertoil^ntfn, jlttb 
Im aBSrtcrbudJe felBfl in jaammem [ ] 
beutli^ (ejeid^net ttforben, um jete 
Strung auf bet SteUe gu s>er^inbeni. 
3n ftnem $un{te ttoS^ toti^t ble Se^ 
}ei4nung in biefem SBerfe bon bet 
Worcester'fi^ett ai. (S9 ift bie loitlbts 
f^TiM^cne^ ^iec {etne^wegd au9 bem 
®runbe }u erSrtembe gqifc^te 9bt9= 
f\)ra(l^e bed t, d, c, s, x, z bot On? 
|biingen ober SocalsQbmiinationen toit 
-are,-une,-ean,-eate,>eous, -eal, eo-, 
<ian, Ac. SebenfoKf i^ aUgemein iu^ 
ge^onben, bo^ feit Walker blefe (Sot? 
xunpi&on, SffoQber9 \oa9 d ictiifft, fe^r 




narrower KoiitSy to reject it entirely Jiefl^infi tootbctt ift; fic ahn mit 
with Worcester and others in such ter- Worcester unb SCnberen in fold^ett Qtas 

minations as -tore and -tone, seemed 
scarcely expedient This question has 
been most judiciously treated by Mr. 
Smart in his Principles (Walher Remo- 
deU^ London, 1 836) {147: --<Mt is 

bungrn tote -tare, -tune ganj aufga^t- 
itn, f(|ien nid^t gerat^en. ha9 fStftt 
^ieruBer ^ot tool^l Smart in eincm trrjfli^ 
d^m$ara9rat)^en feinfcPrinapies(Wal- 
ker Remodelled, London, 1 836) grfagt ; 

possible to preserve the pure sound of tB ^eift bort $ 1 47 it. 91. : — „ (Sd ifl 
the t and d in notert and nerdars; yet 
nothing is more certain than that they 
are not preserved pure by the best 
and most careful speakers. — In many 
words, it cannot be doubted that he 
(a speaker) mast yield to this corrup- 
tion, if he wishes to escape the ridicu 
Ions effect of pronouncing as nobody 
else pronounces; in other instances, 
he may decidedly adopt the more 
regular sounds; but in the majo- 
rity of cases his best course wii 

be neither to yield decidedly tolbad Sefle fein/ tofber rntf((irbfR beit 
the practice, nor very carefully to &i(id^en Saute ju folgen, no^ i^m ju 
avoid it, this being one of the cases! angfUid^ auljuioeic^en^ inbem bief einrr 
in whidi the extreme either waypon ben SaUenifl, in bencnBeibe (Extreme 
has a bad effect" Kfinen iblm Qinbrud mac^en." 

It will not be improper to repeatn 9u(^ ^ict toieberl^oU fUf bie U^ 
here what has been seTeral times allu-nfamtte SrfAelnung, bie in btrfer (fin- 
ded to, in the oourse of thb intro-HIettung an verfd^lebenen CteUen (e- 
duction, that words of daily use, which tit^ct toocben ifl , baf aUtagU<^e^ 

ben reinen Saut in Nature, 
Verdure }u bekoa^ren; a6er nt((t9 ifl 
gemiffer, a(9 bag btefe SBorte ^m 
ben ieflen unb forgfalttgflen ®pte((ent 
ni^t rein (ekuo^rt toerbeit — 3n 
»ielen HBorten ijl e9 angmeife^aft, bag 
man biefec Somiption nad^geien vxu$, 
toenn man nb^t bie 2S<^er(i((feit auf 
f{(^ ne^uun toOl, ju ft'red^en, ivie fein 
Slnberet \pxi^t, in anberen gfatien 
fann man entfc^ieben ben regelmanigen 
tout ann^men; after ed toicb aui^en^ 

hare become the property of the 
people, cannot be rescued from trans- 
formation; those which are more unu 
sual and foreign are more conformable 
to rules ; to which, in conclusion I beg 
leaye to add the following excellent 
remark of Mr.Worcester: — **A proper 
pronunciation ii indeed a desirable 
accomplishment, and is indicative of a 

SolMeigent^um gekootbene HBStter Ut 
Umge^altung nl((t entreifftar finb, ttm 
getoS^nltc^ere unb frembe liefier tec 
Stegel folgen^ unb fo fei el ertauSt, 
mit efaiem ttep^ea ^udf^nu^e Wor- 
cester's JU fd^iefen: — „&o nAns 
fdgendirert^ au^ tint ri^tige ^n$\ptatft 
i^, unb fo fc^r fie au^ ein 3ei(^en 
einee getfgdten (Sef^madel unb einrr 

correct taste and a good education; gitten (Btjic^itng i^, fo barf man bo^ 

still it ought to be remembered, that in 

speech, as in manners, he that is the 

most precise is often the least pleasing, 

and that affectation is less pardonable 

than rusticity." 

nie wrgeffen, ba^ im S^red^ loie 
im 53etragen, ba« {Regelre(^te^e oft 
am njentgfien gefaUt unb ba^ Qiti 
cerei un))eriei6tt(^er ifl aid Ungedt- 

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Explanation Stf Utung 

of the abbreviations and marks in bet SM&tgtttlgcn wA dcif^m in biefcnt 

this dictionary. SB^tttthU^ 

^Sgm Snn mOitm ^intminanbct Mcnbc Xtttfd cincn ^^ cn^^Bttn, fe iH bet X»tac»&nft 
**^ (In -«. aW1?Iural|ei*en ongeMngtunb Mefelbe biefcnXttthln MfttagclleBtiwrtnij folhtbW 

To Balance bff ^ntrt 5. fIcMbm XB«brftf« hU Xttimm Com^. b. L ommctdal toms; 

>ic btd Xtftm Jfirtttrt M bcai ««» Wtogs iTar-t. b. {. »Mta«»* Iwm. 


English abbreTlations. «lt^lif4t 1Cbefic|nilgca. 

abbr. Hands for: abbretiated; abbreTiatton, al^MnU XMxHttn^. 

Ac, » » academteal term, dfaDemir^tc jtimflaulbntit 

Ac. cant • > acadoalcal cant term , ICaftbnttf in Ux etiibcntcilAMMe. 

^GotMt. » » Aoouticm etaOIe^re. 

act;'. » » ad|ectife, ^itctto, Seimort 

odiy. ■ » adverb; adverbially, ^QCrbittm} abt>etb{alif(b* 

uffecU ' » » 1. affectedly, flejiert J % marica an affected (or pedantlcfti) word, 

eiit d^erteft (ober pibanttMcl) ttort tn beKC^nct. 
i^rm » » affirmatively, affirmatit}, beia^enb. 

4^. B » term wed in Agricoltore^ KadbmA bda SelbbOtt. 

AUh » » iiehymy, in^Qmie. 

Alg. » ■ algebraical term, KttSbrS(f in bCt TTgebra. 

ilm. » » American word or phrase, omenhnifc^eft ttottObfV aiicrililli* 

f4e MuttAavt 
on. » n MalogoQs, analogously, (malog: ocr^iltnifdldt- 

ilfk » » ancient, |. S. iln. Jrc/u. i4n. Geog., alt ob€r filter, ). S. diterc 

eaufunft, alte Qeogroptie, u. 
AnaU • * anatomical term, TCuebtudC in ber derglieberttttaShtnft. 

Ang. » » term used with anglers, TCuebrutf bdm Xttgeln. 

Angl. » » angllcism, endttftKCSpra^eideQ^ett 

ilBt » » Antiquities, lCttti(|sititea. 

taUiph, • » antiphrastical, a word used by antiphrasis^ attt{;^b^afitf<b/ nn 

auf IS^eife einer ^ntip^rafe gebrautbteft flBort. 
orb. marks a word of arbitrary formation, begei^nrt ds milM^rliib gebUbe* 

M flSort • 
Arch. stands fot : nrchitectonical term , ^ttftbnttf in bee fioshmft 






mix. V. 



Archaeology, TCrtert^nmetunbc 
arithmetical term, ^ufibnuf in ber Yrit^metif . 
article, <Sef4le4t6lOort. 

astronomical term, Kttftbtnd in bet Vflrottomic. 
astrological term, ^ulbmct itt bcr XflrolOdie. 
anxiliary verb, t>iilfftseitmott 
term nsed by bakers, J8itferanftbnt(f . 

barbarous word or tern, fBorbari^muft (geblet gcgCS btf ffUioSi^ 
ber C$9ra(be). 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 


Ml. $ttmd$ 

RU. » 
BU^. » 

Bks. * 

Bot, » 

Bra*. • 

Brew, • 

Bridt-m, » 

hurl, » 

BiUeh. n 

6. to. » 

the 6. w. M 

Cam6. » 
Gmii. Unto. i%. 

Om. » 

cant (cant -f.)( 
COKt ph. \ 

Carp, ft 

Cd.*m. » 

€f, » 

CAand. • 

Cfcem. • 

Chr. »^ 

Cloth. » 

C-nu » 
eo/. (col-«.) » 

coUeet • 

Com, » 












far: BibHciU nbj«ct , )CttMtt«^n ^ (eittgni e4fn|U 
Biitttfd, TMfmA im ftUUrbf^U 
tera oied ^ b««kMiid«r«, IBiM^a^erftUftbnt^ 
ton iMd by bookMllen^ eu^tftobleraiiftbrutf. 
boteaical tern, ICnlbntftui berf)9«i|eiihiiit<. 
term med by brarivt, TCa^bnitf bcr Jtnpfeif^tttfetc. 
temafled bybreiren, 7Ci»bntct ber Srottcr. 
teni of brkfcBakan,:KltflbtMtbev3u8ta:. 
bvrlcsqae, sl^briQ f omif(^. 
tern ued by botchcn, SlcifdlfecttinbnRe. 
a bad word, eili fM«tc6 <f4k4t gebilbetce) »ort 
tbe better vord» bad bdfcre flB«ft. 
Cambridge, (englirdi^e tttti]»trrttAt)i 
Cambridge miitenity pfaraae^ flUbCKdart an ber Uiliocrlitdt |u 

term aied in caaaliDg, ICttdbrutf im Jtonalbav. 
caat tefm»(caBt termi) eaat pbraM, itanflaudbnttf (Jtim|latta» 

brfiife) ebcT 0tebca*att »erfd»iebener Okntrbe: btr Cecleute^ 

OiAe, StttUr, bc« $6bci», u.tnd. Diet. 
term oaed by carpentera, diaimcniianilMlllbnut 
card maker, itartenmad^craiiSbndt 
cenfer, (compare), confrrtrc^ Mcglci^e. 
term relatiag to cbercb coetomt^ QCltfbnut in Sctrtff hxW^n 

term naed by Cbaadlen, XttMrmf ber ei4t}ic(er. 
cbemkal term, XK»brK<e itt bcr CMI^eibcfitnfi. 
Cbriitfoii, ^Mflti«. 
1. cbroBological term, Xttftbtid ift ber Q^roiwlodiei 2. Cbro- 

aidea, iBitd^ btr G^omfii (in bcr ISibel). 
elotbier'a eiprearioa, Xo&teuct bcr Xs^^berciter. 
coaeb^maker, 1Cttftbr«ebcr Oaienbaicr. 
coUoqoial word or ezpregaioa, (coUofOlal word«, expreHioot, phra^ 

Ma)Xi«bnitf (7C]tfbriUe()uibcr9aKtrotttca oberUmgaaggrprad^e. 
coUeetifely, coEcctio, <tbfr|ati)>t$ ttt eommelmort 
term oied in commerce, htsfiiiteaiMer TCuftbmtf. Com. Law, 

oommerdai law, 4»«nbeUrc4t 
oommoDiy, ge»5tiiiu^« 

comparatif e, QosBDorotib, ^cce e<r0lei4sna6fittfc. 
(ta) compoanda, b. i. in compoaad words, Gompoflta, in }ufam« 

tiCBdcfc^m Oirtcttt* 
CoBckology, tai^pKobgic* 

imed by confectioners, TColbntf in bcr dtt(f erbddtCTCi. 
oKtioB, euibcmort, fionisnction. 
iptoana^, or marks a word of- contempt, oerdi^tti^, ObCt 

bcid4nct cinen TCuSbntA bcr ficcul^tund. 
oonmictod^ eantmcitedly, lafaaMMndCiOflett. 
cooper's term, Mf^Tttlldbrtttf. 
corrupted, corruptly, ocrborbcn, nctborbene e^reibart. 
Cornwall, QiofmooQU (engttf4c Oraff^aft). 
Clystallograpby, Jbn^ftaSogtap^ic* 
Camberiand (eagttf^c <Slraffi|aft). 
temofenniers,Xi$bnt(t ber ^bcrbcreiter. 
term relating to tbe Cnstoms, Kalbratf im SoOiocfcii. 
tecBoaed in Cutlery, SXcfTcrMnRCbeattebnicr. 

Digitized by 
























foHL (fam^s.) 


fig. (figs.) 



fvr : 1. ptny, pMoe, cQgliflcc fKonli/ (tgUMt 9l*nd%ti 8. d«fc». 
tWet man9t((aft{ 8. dativ«» verb dative, 2)atio, totioe* idtmvU 
» Daniik, Mnif* ) Duiei, (9 »9tct) SKmieU 
» tem vsed ia danetag* Xs^bntit ift bcr XaR)hmfl« 
» deceat, attfldilbig (a word or phnao iwd ia deoeat laagoage ia 

prefereaee to aaotker, da Gott 0^ dne 0UbaiSart idilt (»> 

atibent bee TCnftonbc* toegeii oociviU^eii ift). 
» term aied by deatiits, ICitftbnut bet dd^aAr^te. 
» Derbyshire (englift^e (icafM<tftX 
N Deateronomy, baft 5te 0tt4 9Xoru. 
» Diallag, Xttftbnuf in ber Onomosif (e^onnnra^rfimfl). 
» term BMd in Dikiag, XnftbntA beim S)ci<bi»a>- 
> dimiaatiTe, eecHdacnmgftlooct) diadautively, ocrfldncnib. 
» Dioptrict, S)ioptr9. 
» Diplomacy, Xoftbrntf is bcr ;Dtplomati^ 
» term Q«ed ia DistilUng, Xsftbnuf bet bcr CefUSirfuitfl. 
M dramatical phrase, broinatiMK ftebenftart 
» term vied ia Drawiag, 3(tlftbnt(t bctm dct^ttOl. 
» tena ased ia Dyiag, S^rbctttttftbnut 
» Ecclesiattical, ftnblUb^ geiflliib- Fee, HisU EccletUttical Hiatory, 

JHr4ett({ef<bi^. Eec Lato, Eccleaiastical Law, itir4enre4rt 
» elegaat, elegaatly, a word aaed ia elegaat life, elegant, ge* 

ftoaifoon, tietlt4, eia |ierli4er XiUbnttf. 
» Electrtdty, Qtteftricitit 
» elliptically, eOiptiM, mit Xtt§« obcr ttcglafTang. 
» emphatically, em^^atif^/ mitKa^bnut. 
• Eagiaeeriag, Xsftbntcf beitt Sngmiatmefeii. 
» Eagliih, Eogland, engttf^/ (Sttglanb. Engl. M. Eogliih Colo* 

Bie«, (SngUr4c Goloniem Ei^l. Univ. Eaglidi Uai?erMtica» 

engl^^eft Uni«e(fltdti»efciL 
» term aaed ia Eagraviag^ JtopfcT' obcr €$ta(lfh4cranftbnt(f . 
» Eatomoiogy, totonologie, iterbttterhmbe, OejieferU^re. 
» Eaiez (engHf<b« Otaffd^aft). 

» Ertheticf , t^ttit, flBtfenftdft bom Bi^tnm imb Qr^baten. 
» Etchiag, TCetfnitft 
« Ethicg, axoral, emnkf^ 
» eophoaie, enphoaieally ; eophemiam, ettp(onif4/ MO^IIaiitettb, miU 

bcmb) 9vpbcnnftittttft# milbenibeft &oxt, f^oneaber TCuftbrmt. 
» mbttaatlTe of the femioiae geader, 4»attpt»ort »eibU<(eil (Se* 

» Fable, S<^bel, Xaftbnttf in bcr gabel. 
» Faicoary, "XjOttud in ber Sottnerei. 
n familiar word or expreiitioa* (fiuailiar terms), Vsftbnut OCnft* 

brftd^) in bcr oertranten qber tagongftfyraibc. 
n Farriery, 1. ICitfbnuf bcr {»uff4niiebc) 2. XrOlttud in ber 0lof* 

s term aied in Feadag, 3Cnftbm< in ber %tdttbmfL 
» iigoratlvely, (figurati^a ezpreisioaaX bilbli^ ober nnciaentUAl 

(bilblubc Kttftbrfitfe). 
» Fishiag, ICvftbnuf in ber eifd^erei. 
» term used by Freemaaoos, Stetnanrerattftbrnd. 
» fondly, ia foadacM, |drtli4, XrMnd bcr ddrtli^bfeit. 
» term used by Foreiteri, S^rficranftbnttf, gor|h»cfcn. For. Urn, 

ForeitLaw, gorflgcfe^e, 3«gbgefc|e. 
» formerly, frt^cr, e^cmolft. 
* term ia Fortiflcatioa, Yttlbnttf itt ber eef^gnngftfunfL 


















k. a. 














imd. mmkt 

eUmdi fir 

tfttep. partic. tttmds for\ 
xnU 9 » 

!■ FoMfaiai, %UMU He atcteOeUPci:. 
Fr«Bck, fraiis6flM« 
lam oied by ftrrien (or In tb« ftir-tnide), itftrf4lierait»bnUt^ 

1Ciil^nt<e im 9UB4»tareii(aabeL 
tern ued in fireworks, geucnDfltoftlSbnut 
gaUdaa, doKidliiraft, froti|«fif*e ei^ro^dgo^dt 
ton» BMd in saateg, 1CirtbVtt(t i» Cpiek. 
turn used in gardening, OdrtacrMflnKt 
Geaealogy* X««bni<t U bee Ottfilogte. 
gonenUly, ftbcr^anpt. 

tern osed in Geognpky , InSbniilin bet Oeo({nq)(ie. 
termmedinGeoioKy, Xulbnul ia bet Ocologk. 
l.genMnittn,OenaanUnm$^ bfStf^K €$))ra4d9ctttett| 9 Ger- 

uny, Gemn Htotory, Ac S>c«tMla]ib, bcntMe QtftUttCf ^ 
term nied by gUdera» Itt^bnuCbcrfiergoIba:. 
term uiedbyglnziort, 7(»lbrtttf ber Oiafcr. 
term need by gUm-grinderi, 7CHSbni(f ber Oldlf^Ceifer. 
gioTet't terai, ^libmit ber $)aAbf<^iibatad^. 
tem n«ed by goid-beaten, (StolbMUgerasftbnuf . 
term need by goliMlaere, <Stolbf#eibcCtt]llbntit. 
term ised by goldrmitha, Vu^bmtf ber Oolbf^miebe. 
Greek gtie^ifd^j Greek word, 0riei|if4^e§ flBort. Gr. Ck* Groek 

Cbnrtb, gne^f^e M^e* 
grammatical term, gnmuMtifoUMei: Kndbnttf . 
term a«ed by gnii-emitbe» TCnlbnuf ber Md^fenflnii^e. 
term in Gnnaery or in Artillery, XoSbnut tn bet Off(|fittattft. 
term need in giaM-worfca, Cllal(toeDaa$bnilf. 
hardly allowable, fosm Jtt gcftetten. 
hatter's term , 4>8tlia4<niuftbrtt<t. 
term asedby hair-dressers, Vttlbndt ber j)a(trfinftter. 
term need in Heraldry, Vuftbnut ill ber ^eralbif • 
Hindoo, ^tabttfltiiin, (tiboftanifih/ inbifilft. 
HUtory, akf4Mte (}. fb. Aa HUL ; Ck. Hist. ; Ecc. Hist. ; U.) 
hardly legitimate, no^ HwDx anectamit (bott eiiiem flBotte). 
term in Horology, ll^aihttanftbnut 
term in Hortiodtnre , TCitlbrntf tm Oartenbau obertnberMr^ 

homoroos , bnmoroosly, lanttig/ Mcts^aft. 
term need by banters, S^eratt^bm^ 
term in Hasbandry, Xnibrstf bie Soiibmir^f^aft «nb Mergerftlte 

Hydranllcs, ^Dbranlif, CBafTerfraftle^re. 
hyperbottcaliy, iibertriebe\^, (tonsea word — , benC^inn etiicg 

flBorteft oer0r6f em). 
Ichthyology, Xnftbnut in ber 3<M9oIogie. 
idert, that is, baft N4t, bo» bebentet. 
terainsedbyiaitrnment-makerB, XttftbnutberSnftntmentenma^er. 
Impersonally, «q>erfi5»lul|^. 
Imperative mood, 3iii^ati» I befe^Ienbe C^pre^art 
Improperly, ttitetgentUd^, iiiq^fesb. 
Incorrectly, Mlertdft 

Indeeent, onanfUiibig, gegen ben TCnflnnb (cf. dec.). 
Inelegant word or expression, b^eid^net tin CBort obcr eUun 

Xnftbmtf gegeit ben guten ®rf4ma(f . 
Inaepnrabie particle, UttSertreiinU^e ^artihl. 
fatejectlon, 3ttteriecttoa: (Snpliiibimgftmort^lCaftnifiisg. 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 




































' » 


























I. p. 




































































Moh. Rel. 






: interrogittlfe, ftapsrib^ ImiiOwot^Mniy, fntgwlfe. 
Iriib, inM; irlftnMM. 
iranioilly, ironif4rt f)^tttf(i^, (6(mfd^ 
irregoUrly, unn^elflUfig, regefttiftrig. 
ItslUn, itttlididW. 

term used Id iron-worki, (Sifoi^iittntaitftbntdf. 
Jamet, SafobttS (theEpMle of—-, bie Qtpiftti Zt S^Mi). 
term used by jewelers, SomeltcrasSbtttd. Jew. AnU Jewiih Aiitl- 

qvtty, imfd^ Xtttttf^mtx. Jew. Bei. JewUh Religioo, ifiMf^ 

JocQlariy, f4er|(aft. 
term aied by Joinen, Xif($ler«l§bnttf. 
like, gleU^, lete. . 

poand, yftmb (engllMe 0t(4siug6niiinie). 
latiniim, £atintSiiitt», (at^uiifi^e 6viro4eidtn(eit. 
Law term, {itTtfltfti^er YiUbrntf, JQertiit ber ffitMh^tUitfmHiX 

Jxfw^h. Law phraae, 9leben«art in ber CHe^tftd^lctrfamf rit 
term used by letter-fennden, Ksftbnid ber 6<l^nftgief er. 
Kcentioof ly, ei0eiit(fimli(l^ ftti %9btan6ft. 
Literature, ^iteratnr, (iteracif^Kr KuSbnttf. 
literally, bu^jUbUti^, »artli«, eidcntlitb (ni4t {f^firli^.) 
term of lockimitbi, 6<bloferattftbrtt^ 
logical term,Ktt»bni(tm ber£ogi{L 
leM properly, ndiber rii^tig. 
little med, mtniq itbli4- 
Indicrowly, fpaMoft, broBid, Idti^crliib* 
■abetantlTe of the matcalioe gender, f>aitpt190rt sndnttlkboi 

middle age, fDKtttlatter. 
Magic, Yndbrud in ber ^tgie ober dcmberftttifi 
Manege, Kuftbntdf in ber dUttf^nie. 

term used in manu&ctoriea, TCtt^btntf tm SXanufoctstmaarenfa^c 
Marinen' term, Jtnttfian0bru(f in b<r Geefpra^e. Mar. Law, Ma- 
rine Law, 6eere<bt. 
Maioory, tKttftbtntf in ber iSRanrerfnnfl. 
matbematical term, YttSbnttf in ber ^Xatbematif. 
me'cbanical term, lCtt6bctt(f in bec SRetbanif ober in bem !IXaf4{ne»» 

medical term, Vn^btntf in ber KritteivifTenr^aft. 
meteorological term, Ytt^bmd in ber SRcteorologie (SnfterMei" 

metapborically, ttetop^orir^, flnnbilbS^. 
term Hied ^n Metallorgy, ICnftbnttf in ber ^etaanrgie, 64mei|« 

Metapbyaici, Xuftbract in ber QXetopb^R^- 
metonymicai, ntetont)mtr<^, nametttauffbenb. 
miUtary term, 7Cn6bnt<f in ber .Striegihtn^. 
term naed by miileri and miilwrigbts, 7(n6bm(t bei ben ^SMSUOL 

ttttb ^^itnhmmL. 
miaemiogical or minen' term, TCnftbntd in ber SRineralien* bef« 

gleiiben in ber SergboU'Jtnnbe. 
term naed with mintera, ICndbmtf bei ben fIRetaSmftttSem. 
modem word or phraae, (modem phnuea, Ac), flBott ober 9tt» 

ben^ort (fB6rter ».) ber nenern 3eit. 
Mahometan Religion, 'moboni(m)eba«ir<be9teliaion. 
MoUusk, bie 9Xonndh, bad ttii^^bccr. 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 



JR. p. » 

MUS. n 

Miyth. » 

n. » 

Nat. • 
Naut. ; Nov. » 

NB. » 

n. £. 
n. ^ 

North. Myth. 

(n. 11.) 


n. V. p. 

n. f . 






Ox/ c;mo. 


p. d. 




















stands far: ttmn^ in Usnh, TbOkimiiBHt^SRMmX 9^ 
» » nort froperly, rii^tiger, ongcmefmcr. 
» » MMical toroi , ICxift^nict in Ux aXitfif . 
» » term in Mythology, KaS^ntd in tec ^D^^Ioflic. 
» II rabitaBtive of the neuter geoder, {^au^tttort fd^IMen Oef^U^tl* 

» » term in Natmsl Hktory, Yttftbntdt ill ber StaturgeMi^^te. 

naotlca] term» or term in navigntlon, nnvnl tnctica, ^uftbrutf in 

bcr e^iff* ober €MHfffatrtft*ittttt^^ naattr4c Sohif • 
iPTotaBene, bemerfe, mo^lssinecltt. 
New EBgland, Stm^aagUuib (noMfttt^ec S(dl ber eereinsgtcn 
etatten 9on StoTt'lCnenla, nnfdft bit 6 Ctoatcn: Maine^ 
New HampeUre, Vermont, MaHachitetti , Rhode leUmdt 
not EngUih, ni4t mgliM- 
negatively, ocmeinenb. 
net legitimate, (or uumthoriied word) tti4^t ancchmUcr Xui* 

bnttf (fin tto<| nt^t ctngcbfirgectrt ffioct). 
needlemaker ; needle milC ^ttibniA bcr Koblec ober in ben 9iab<U 

northern mythology, notbif^e !Dh)t^loflie. 
not need, ni4t flbli^/ nngebtdn^Ii^. 
term in Namionatice, TMtind in htt 9Mtt}fttnbe. 
not very proper, ni#t gan| oni^emeffinu 
not yet, npib ni^t, (j^ 9. n. f • t noib vHt eeratttt). 
not yet legitimate (tcareely natnraUaed), no4 (aim anecfUmt 
oBomatepy, £)nomtto|)5ie, ononoto^oettrter ICslbrwf . 
oppcnitur (Ut), H »irb entgegengfTett, fU(t im (Segenfabe in ..« 
optical term, KnSbnitf in ber ^tft 
term in Ornithology, Vttbbmtf in bfc Cmit^ologie. 
cantterm, need la the Uai venlty of Oiford, XttftbntdE itt ber 6tll» 

bentenf)^ra4e in ber Univerfitdt S)]Cfiorb. 
participle, f>artid9, flBe4rreI»ort. 
participle adjective, f)articlpiaUXbtectio. 
term In painting, ICttdbmtf in ber SXaleret. 
parUamenUry phraie, dtebentert im f>Qrlanient 
particle, ^arttfef. 
particnlarly, inSbefonbete. 
pamive, pafflo, f)aflii>. 

term of paate-board-makera, KnSbrstf ber f)ap9emtta(bcr. 
term n^d with paven, Kn^bmd ber Gteinfeber. 
powder-mill, |)uli}ennd(le. 
term in Penpecdve, Vnftbnuf itt ber f)erfpectioe. 
Periian, ptt^f4^, 

term need in Petri&etioa, Ynftbmd in ber Serfleinerttngftfanbe. 
term of pewterere, dinngicf erantbntd . 
pbiloMphical term, QCnftbmtf itt ber $^iIofop(ie. 
phnue, phraeea, Otebeniort, fltebenterten. 
term in Pharmacy, ICttftbradf in ber ^potbeferfnnfi. 
term in Phrenology, Ynftbmtf in ber e<b2belle(re. 
» term in Phyilce, ICnftbtnit in ber f>69fif. 
» term in Physiology, Yttibrncf itt bet f)(9fIoIogte. 
n term naed by pinmakers, Yttftbrutf ber 92abler. 
» ploral number, f)(nral^ VfttixydSjIL 
ft term oMd by plomben, Vn9bni(f bee 01etgief er. 
» term oied in paparmillt, Q(s$bnutbcrf)apiermflaer. 
n ^eonaatical , pleonastically, p(eottafitf4 i fiberflfifllg. 

.,_.., Joogle 



P,N. tUmd* f9r: pro^ Mae, Of gcimttte. 

Pneum. » » tern in Pneoniitici, ICttftbrud ift bcf teftmeffunbe. 

iViet. » » term QMd In Poetry, poctiftHt^Cm^ntlf. 

iV>L » » term oied in Politiei, XvAMd in bet f)o(iti! obet etaatftfu^. 

jRnn. i» i» Pomology , ^Citlbnuf in tcr 9>omoli)aie, JDbfifimbe* 

J\>st, n » poetalexpresaioDy^ltfbnutittyoftoefeii. 

At. » i> term Died by potters, YsSbnttfut bee X6pferct 

p. p. )» » pniUdple put, beft ^ortidp bet oergangennt dett* 

p. pr. N » participle preient , ba» ^artidp ber segaiiodrtidai dctt. 

prep. T> » preposition, 9)rlpofltioQ/ Socmort 

pref. 9t » preeent tense, f)cifeitS, eegeniDlrttge 3eit. 

pret, >• » preterit, f)rdteritiun, ifingft oergasQene 3eit 

iVint. » » printers* plirase or term, I^AeaftortoberYnlbnttf ber Dtt^bnufcc. 

pron. j» » pronoQn,f>roikonien, S&nport 

pron. a., or pron. adj. standi for: pronominal ndjectlYe, f>rosommal*Kbiectio. 

pron,per$. stands for: prononn penonal, ipetf6i^^%tLtmtL 

pron. pof«. » » pronoon posseasive, bffi^Qllietgenbee S^riDort 

prop.. » » properly, imetgentlid^en €$tiine;eiQeBtli4. 

prov. (prov'*0 » proverbial expression, fpri4»6(tli4er TCttSbtttd (rpri^W^rtli^c 


prootnc. » » provincialism, yrotin)ial>7(ttSbnt(f. 

ps. » » person, (grammatif^e) f)erfoiL 

p.«. » » participle. sqbstantive,f)artut9ial*0tl^ftaftt{o. 

Pug. » » term nsed witli pogilists, ^ttftbnid ber SattftMmpfer. 

qussU > » qvestionable, or a word of whi<^ the propriety is rather dqabtfnJ, 

eitt flBort; beffen Qkbtw^ iio4r im doeifel fte(t. 

qv. » » ficod vide, wUeb see, I9di^9 fie^e. 

Rel, A n religion, religious snbjects, iHUUgioit, bie0teUgiott betreffenbe 


resp. » n respeetfeUy, a<|tUtigftb^S^ onft^ttung. 

Jthet. » u term in Bheetric, ^ttfibtstf Ut bet Otebefonfi. 

rid. n » in ridicale, ld«erli4. 

It-m. » » term used by rope^akers, Xtt6btii(t bet Geilec (9teepf4I<ger). 

J2om. • » Roman, rdniiM. Rom. Cath. Homan Catholic, rdmif4«fat^Uf4. 

JKom. IHst, ke. Boman Htstoiry, r^mif^e ®eMt4te> K. 

R-10. » » term used on railways ®fenba(nattMni(f. 

s. » » l.sabstantiTe,^a]i9tiDort$ a. shilltng, 6<l^illing* 

jT. » » dollar, X(aler^ »td. DicL ttnter S. ai6r. 

5ad. » » term nsed by saddlers, Tfttfibnict ber 6attler. 

Salp. » » term used in saltpeter houses, Yudbotdf ber €$oIpeterfieber. 

Sc. n » Scottish, f^otttfc^. 

Script. N 9 Scriptaral expression, btblif^er TCtt^bntd. 

Sculp. » » term used in Sculpture, ^Qftbruct bet IBUb^ttcr. 

Sea* ■ » sea expression, sea language, sea phrase, Yttftbrutf ober aie« 

' benftart in ber Geefprat^e^ QRatrofenauftbrud. 

Sew. » » term used in sewing, TCttftbmd M ber Sid^erei. 

SMp>&. S^tp-^ » term used with ship-builders or ship-carpenters or term in naval 

architectore, 7(nftbrQ(f in ber 6<^tffbOtthinft. 

S/ioe-m. » » shoemaker's term, itunftattftbnitf ber Gt^ttftma^er. 

Sing, » » singular number, eingvlar, @itt|atL 

5fc-dr. » » terra used by skin-dressers, Tfttlbrudf ber ^berbereiter. 

Si. » » term used by slaters, e^itftrbederauibntd. 

Sm. • » term used by smiths, btack-smiths, TCtt^bnttf ber 64ntiebe. 

Smslt. « » term used by smelters, 4>dttenatt4bnttf. 

sol. » » solemn, feierli^ (Oegenfo^ bon col»). • » substaattve plural, ^uuptoort in ber SRe(r}a(l. 

.,_.., Joogle 


Sport Hand* for 




























V. a. 



«. imp. 


V. ir. 

V. n. 

V. rtap. 

V. rffl. 













iportf m«i*s w^rmAom or ten, ft^bciiMt obft (Jbttft') VttMrtttf 
het 3a0btteb(a^er^ Sicbiaber M Serga^nsgoi M Sclbc$, brft 

term used iD Statiitict, Yi»bnt4 ta bcc etotifUf . 

■ubjoiictif e mood, bet 6Qbiattcti9, (Soiiiaactii». 

8nirolk(cii9ttf«e OraTOoft). 

term osed in sngar-worki, TM^tuHt ill ber dt^ft^erei. 

term sfcd in lobjecta of fiiperititioDy Yuftbmit bti Oegen^ben 

bei Zberdlaubetti. 
ftoperlatlve, 6ttperlatii}: (5(b|le GSfetgcnrad^fhtfe. 
term in Sorgery, 7(u6bni(f in btr ffBttnbar}nrifttn|t 
snperflooai word, fiberjliilflges (itnnii(e») ffBort 
Swedieh, [(bmetiftb. 

term used in ealt-worki, e$almenan8bnilf. 
term need by iword-cntlen, Vn^brutf ber B^wtrt^^tt. 
technical term (or termi) in general, ittinfhoort ober tr^Rif^ct 

ITttftbratf (itQnfl»6rter ob. 'XuSDrfidfe) im ^a^emeineii. 
tenn nied by Uilori, itiittflait9bnt(f ber 04tteiber. 
term nted by taUow-chaDdlen, Vn«bnt(f ber Xalgli^tSieber. 
term nied with teimeri, (Serberottlbnttf. 
tantologica], tontologiM. 
theatrical term, TCuftbrud ba> Sweater ober Z(eater<mgere8ett(eiten 

theological term, ICitSbntif ia ber X^ttlogfe. 
term nsed by tin-men, Xttibmd bee disngief er nnb itlcnpner. 
term oied in tinnninea, ICnSbmtf ill bea dinngntben. 
term nied by tobacconists, ICxiftbnitf in ben ^ba!»fabtihn. 
tropical ezprcsdon, tro^if4<c obetuneigentliiber TfiUbnuf. 
term in trigonometry, Yvdbmd in ber Srigottometrie. 
term nsed by tamers, S>ce4§kratt§bni(t 
typographical term , Xuftbnttf in ber Sn^brofferhinfl. 
nnoertain word, of which the sense Is not clear, ungemif, Pber: 

eitt CBprt^beflfen eimi ni^t (lar ifl. 
▼erb, deitnort. 

verb active, t^dtiged deitmort. 
verb defectiYe, mangel(afle$ deitioort. 
term of the Veterinary Art, ICttfibrutf in berS(ierar}Beifttiibe. 
verb impersonal, un9erf6nli4ei 3eit»ort. 
term nsed by vintagers, XBinicraudbnitf. 
Terii irregular, miregclmdf igd 3<itn>ort 
verb nenter, ftentrnleS dcitlDort. 
verb reciprocal, gegenfeitig nirfenbed 3ettioort. 
verb reflective, isriitoirfenbeft 3ettmort 
verii regnlar, tegelmdf tge9 dettwort 
Vide, see, fie^e. 

vnl^ word or eipression, gemeined flBort ober 1Cn8bnut. 
term need by watch-mal^ere, U^ntta<berov$bru(f . 
term nsed by wax-chandlers, Yn&brntf ber flBa<|Mi4t}iel^. 
term nf wire4rawers, Ynftbrnct ber S)rabtiicber. 
tens of wenvors, SB Aerosibnttf . 
term of wheel-wrlghts, Yaftbnift ber eteSma^er, iSogner. 
term in wood-engraving , Tfttftbrud in ber 4)0(ifineibe{unft 
term nsed in preparing or dressing wool, Yndbrnct beim Bottiren 

ber flBoOe unb ber flBoBberdtvng. 
term in Zoology, TCttftbrttd itt Ux Stierfuttbe. 
term In Zootomy, VUbnUt ill ber Sbieriergttebemng. t 

^ .:_.., ^oogle 


^ markg on chtoUU wrrd^ besef^net dn Deraltetd flBort. 

fit marks a wrrd iiMirfy obiolete, U^^ntt efii betno^c oeralttteS flBort. 

» /narJw 1. a poetical vsord or expression; S. at the head of several wordi elsnifiet thai 
they eome nader the tame principle of pronaodation ai the leading word, 
beiei^ttet 1. tin poetised ®ort) S. i»or hem flBorte ^eigt el an, haf haf« 
felbe tn bcr TTttftfpca^e benfelben 9it^da, all fdn etonuamott ober dbnlMK 
(ooranfte^enbe) flB6rter, folgt. 
NB. 9ei bem SerseiAnifTe ber unregelrndf fgen 3cit»6rter am e^htffe biefeft (Btt^el, 
bebeutet bal Gteriuben [*] r e g e I m 2l f i g. 

— (-) Mpsisi or mark of repetition of the word at the head of an article or semicolon^ 
or ofletterst syllables or viords omitted, SQipfe i ober flBieber(oIttttglgci(!bCR 
(6uppUr «ober Grfldtt^unfllflnib) flebt anfiatt bel erften (ober vorftebenbcn) 
XBortel etael XrtUell ober 6emicolonl5 ober all Grgdnsung aulgelafTcner 
Siubfiaben, eSt^Iben ober fiBorter. 

- marks of division of two words or sentences not xmmediatHy connected, Xreimandliei^eit 
i»eter flBorter ober ^d^e, ble nUt anmittelbar jufammcnge^Sreii ober ca« 


t>tut^^t 9bfur}ungen. German Abbreriationa. 

TT. flebt fflir: ITrtiM, article. 

a. » • allc^all. 

abgef. » » ab8efurit,abbreTiated; 7(bHit|im9; abbreTiatton. 

agf. » » angelfditifib/ Aoglo-Saion. 

orab. » » orabif^/ Arabian. 

a. 6. » » attberc iititt, other or next page, 
aulgen. » » atilgettommen, except, excepted. 

b. » » befer , beffere; better (|. ®. : b. b. SB.- bal beffere Sort , the bettei 

9.,l^tL » » OebeitunS; (B^etttnngcR/ aignification, ligniftcationa. 
bef. » » befonbeil, partienlar, particularly. 

betr. » » betreffenb, relating to. 

h. » » ber, bie, bal, the. 

b. a. SB. » » bal alte flBort, tha old word. 

5:;:;S:5 : : $:!:&»!.'»«-'''-<-«•)• 

bef. » » befectio, mangelbaft, defective. 

befgl. » » befgleitben, likewise, alio. 

bentfcb* » » beutffber, betttf(be, beutfS^^el, German. 

b.f. X » » ber folgenbe Vrtitel, the following article. 

b. f. (b.) flB. » bdl folgenbe (befTere) Iffiort, the snbseqncnt (better) word. 

bim., btmitt. » eerfleinenrnglmort, diminatiye. 

b. L » » bal lebtere, the latter. 

b. m. r. » » bal miitber n4tige, the less proper. 

b. r. » » bal ri^tigere (flBort), bel riibttdent (Iffiortel), ber riibtigerett (flB6r» 

ter), the more correct (word, words), 

b.fl. » » bal Abli^ere (flBort, word), more in ose. 

b. 0. flB. n . » bal oor^erge^esbe flBort, the preceding word. 

e. V '» einer(eiii),eine,eiiiel(eta),a. 

e. a. flB. » » ein altcl flBort, an old word. 

c(em. « » cbimall, formerly. 

eig. eigentl. » » eigentlitb/ properly. 

eUipt. » " eniptifib/eUipticaUy. 

0-n. » » tSfgemtame, proper Mme. ^ . 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 




e. Q. fB. » 

ffl. » 

jf-n. » 


gebr. » 

(Segesf. n 

dcm. » 

gew. » 

gr. B 

^ebr. » 
i. ^. f. ©-JL » 

ic.6. • 

im g. e. » 

imii.e. » 

in a. IB-n. » 

in^. » 

in^lait. » 

in ^. ©. » 

iri.j3tl. » 
ttaL; StoL » 

i. ». 6. » 

3*w. » 

l.j.9. » 

lat » 

m. » 

mat » 

m^b. » 

3R-IL » 

moraU » 
m. t. (b. m. r.) 

n. » 

It. a. » 

«-©. » 

It. g. » 

9^ibel. » 

nieberU » 

9l-f. » 

n^f. » 

n.& » 

£)-b. » 

Ob. • 

JDcjlr. » 

orient. » 

©-f. » 

I>*l5f. » 

?)rdf. D 

r. » 

rcgclm. » 

flett tat: erRf«,)erflf|,]i:iie. 

» » dn PlUcbte^ (f4l€«t gebUbeteO 9&ott, a tMid or ill fomed 

» » etn unnfi^eS SSort, a oieleMword. 

» » bte folgenben, unb fo loeiter, the foUowioc, and to fortk. 

» j» ^xauttmom, woman's proper name. 

B B franiojtffb, French. 

» » gebrau<bt, nted; 9ebrdit4^U<b, aiial. 

B » Gegcnfa^, in oppoiition. 

» » gemetn, gmeiner, gemeine^ dondneft^ vnlear, volgarly. 

» » ge)o6bnIt4/ asoal, nsaally. 

B » grie^ifti^, Greek. 

B » gromnat^lif^^ gnuDmaticaUy. 

B B btbrdiftb, Hebrew, 

in ben folgenbm Sebentiutgen; in the following fentet. 



im fiblen 6inne, Id a bad sense. 

in aOcnScDeutungen/ in all the significations. 

inbif4, Hindoo, (East-) Indian. 

inbianifcb/ Indian. 

in biefer fSebentnng, in this signification. 

irrtobifdb, Irish; Sclanb, Ireland. 

italieniftb, Staliener; Italian. 

im tociteren Ziant, in a more extended a 

3a(r(unbert, centary. 

hum )tt geftatten^ hardly allowable (word on 

lateinifib/ Latin. 


malaQif4, Malayan. 

mttteIbo4beutr(b/ Middle-High German. 

!2RannSname, man*8 proper name. 

moraIif(b/ morally, or in a moral sense. 

mtnber riibtig, btf ninber ri^ge (SBort), leu properly, the less 

proper (word), 
na^, after. 

na^Tfttbent, according to otben. 
ni(bt onerfonnt, not allowed. 
Korb*S>eutf4)Ianb, 32ieber«^eutr4Ianb, North of Germany, Lower or 

Northern Germany. 
92orb'@nglanb, North of England. ^^ 

no4 gemetner, more valgar. 
9tibelnttgen ^ieb; lay oftheNibelnogs. 
nieberldnbif4, Dotcb. 
9^ie^er«6a4fen; Lower Saxony. 
Itieberfdil^lircb/ low Saxon w low German. 
ni4t fib(i4); not in use, onnsnal. 
S)ber«S>etttf4Ianb, Upper Germany. 
Dber, or. 

S)efiret(b (tm JDefireicbtfibctt), (in) Austria. 
OTieatal^ibf oriental. 
SDbe(>6Q(bfen^ Upper Saxony. 
portugte^f(b$ portugiefe/ Portngnese. 
f>r&f[xum, prefix, 
ri^tiger, more correctly, 
rcgelmdf ig, regularly. ^ j 

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f. «. Wt 


: feltetteSebattung, ••eDiefeldomaied. 



f4ottif4; Scottish; e<bottIanb, Sootland. 



e^reibart, style, mode of writing. 



f4retbt, writes. 



6ftb»5)etttf(blonb, Sooth of Gemuuiy. 

e-cngl. » 


eftb«(Snglanb; Sooth of England. 



fogenannt, denominated, so-called. 



fpanif(b, Spanish; eSpanieil; Spain. 

fpr. » 


fpri^/ pronoonce; fpn<bt^ pronoonees. 



ftott, anftatt, instead of. 

eubft. 6in9. 


6ttb|lantio, im lingular, sobstantive in the singolar nomber. 

eubjl. |)Ittr. 


eubjlotttip, imf)lttrttl, sobstantive in the ploral nomber. 

f. 0. ». » 


fo Diel toU, the same as. ' 

X-n. » 


Saufhame, christian name. 

«. ■ 


unb, and. 



l.ftblicb, used; 2.fiblHer, morelnose. 



flbrigenS, as for the rest. 

nnetg. undgentL 


uneigentliib/ improperly. 

ttngef. » 


nngefd^r, aboot. 

ungew. » 


ungewdbnlt(b/ onosoaUy. 

unr. » 


unriibtig, incorrectly. 

unr. 64r. » 


unricbtigc ©(breibort, Incorrect orthography. 

lint » 


unter, among, in. 

urfpr. » 


urfprftngU*, originally. 

». » 


Don, of, from. 

«. 6t. D. Korl>.«m.ileJt ffttt Kerclmgtc etaaten »ott Siotb-ltoierifa, United States o 

(North.) America. 

oerb. Serb, fh^t ffir 

t perbnnben, connected; Serbinbung, connexion. 

»erb. » 


Dcrborbrn, con-opted. 

lottfi' » 


©erflanben, onderstood. 

»»bt. » 


Denoanbt, related. 

». «> 


nit, as, like. 

«B.;«B-r. » 


«Bort,word; ®6rter, words. 

©-engl. » 


9Befi«&iglQnb; West of England. 

»-r. ft. » 


mentgerftbliib/ less osed. 

n. ft. » 


»atigftbU(b; little osed. 

». ft. i. » 


»el<beft ftbli<ber ifl, which is morensed. 



SUfammengefebt, in composition, in compoands (compoond words) 



iufammengejogen; contracted. 

smgii. •• » 


dttfammenfetungen; compoonds. 

2n». » 


jttWcilcn, sometimes. 


Sbtutitttifien bet Slomen t>on Sc^riftfieaetn unb SBerfeti bie in btefem 

SBorterbu^e cttirt {Tnb. 

Abbreviations of writers and woriu cited in this Dictionary. 

A. 3m ftUgemeinen. In general 

Buck. ftt^t fSr ; W. M. Bochanan's Technological Dictionary, London, 1840. 

Bulw. » » Bolwer (Edward Bolwer Lytton, Barty 

ZA, B. » » Lord Byron. 

CC/.jF^C) » » James Fenimore Cooper. 
Chaue* n » Chancer. 

ChetU (Ld.CheiU) fle^t fitr: Lord Chesterfield. ^ ^ i 

Digitized by LrtOOQ IC 


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/. ( IT. /.) fh^ fttr: Wathlagton Irvlag. 
J., Dr. /., or John, fte^ fftr: Dr. SaMael lokaMB. 
/. (G. P. R. /.) HeW ftt : G. P. B. Jaaiea. 
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glotteii'tattoii ber 9totiirgcf4t4rte oon bemfdben, ^oiRbnrg, 1T98 
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2V»m. >» » ThomMQ (BerMfh bet Seaaoot Ae.), 

IKarr. • » Sam. Warrea (bcnetriftif4er etbriftftelUr). 

r. » > Dr. Sd«ardTong(Nigbt.thoaghU). 

B. Ort^oe^i^en. Orthoipiatt. 

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Mditn, bie iebo(b an allgemeinec £crttdnbU<b^eit, fo»ie borin bom 
Worcester'f^en 6t)ficm wett ntd)fiebtR/ bAf iU nidftt on ben fiBortcra 
felbfl ongebra^t fitf), fonbern iieben benrelbcn fteben, alfo tUI ^la^ 
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Knfubrung ber (Bemdbrdmdnner in abmet^bcnbcn {fallen. 6ctn(, in 
bem gegnn^^rtigen SBrrte angenommene SSc^eUbnnng bcr ITufifpracbt 
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bee englif^^ea 7Cuftfpra<be bicten bod Sejle, ma6 in bterem ^clbc in nenecer 
Sett geleiftet m^rbrn ifl) iMit cntfernt wn bt)P«rgeIebrter ^ebonterie, 
anmapenber Xongeberei, nnb ®eringf(bdbang ber Walker*f<ben 6crbten|h , 
bercibttgen ibn feine f<barfe Ideobaibtnngdgabe/ fein pra!t{f<bed ®er<bi(f 
unb fctne ganje €JtetIung in (Snglanb baju, im TCOgcmetncii erfte Tfnto- 
titat in Sa^en bcr cngl. :2Cu£fpra<be |u fein, ais »el<bc er benn aucb 
(offen ober audb obne bie gebu^renbe 9£cnnung feincd 9Camcn6) tmmer 
mebr anerfannt mirb^ in biefcr {)infi(bt n>ic bcfonbers an^b in Scjug anf 
inncrcn (p()iloIogif(!bcn) ® c^alt flebt fein SKcr! bo* fiber bcm beft Kno wlcs. 

Rf»id » n Alexander Held : — A Dictionary of the English Language, Edinbnrgh, 

1844. (Sin fcbr guteft ©(bnln)6rterbu<i, n>cl*e$ febr terbreitet ifl unb 
in ben ^auptfa^en mit ber Worceiter'fibcn TCufifpra^ebfjeiibnnng 
genan fibercinfUmmtj bafelbe gilt (^ebo4l en geringcrcm ®rabe) con 
6. Sureane*s ebenbtfelbft erftienenen Pronouncing Dictionary of the 
French and English Languages. 






i, 9U f . (etft e^bfiavt), baS Tt, a. 

^ , f , art. ()»or ctnem !IRitIaiiter unb bem gebe^n* 
ten «, €0 itftb ew), ein, tint, irgenb dn, trgcnb 

A., m., a6dr. Cbni-t. (atf iBe^feln) ft ac- 
cepted, accqptirt) (iiif>ret»Uflen)ftadYaiice, 
Ki^ancc $ A. B., SJmi, ft able bodied, }imi Ztc* 
Motile tattgat} A. C, Own-*. (Ace'. Cor*.) 
ft. aecooDt correat, Qonto Qotttnii ac. (ace**.) 
ft accepted, acuptitti ac. a/c, ace*, ft ac- 
count, iSdvtOi Adm'. ft admiral, TCbmiraU 
A. M. ft. (ante meridiem) in the forenoon. 
Mar. Sormittilddl Am*., a*"*.. Com, ft. a 
mount, Setrag 4 betragenb $ a. •• f. ft. and to 
forth ; a. ft. o. fl. and so on , unb fo wetter 

Aak, s. ber Haf (Kxt plotter €t(dnf4{ffe). 

Aam, s. bie ^ni; S)(iite (Sliitfldhit^maf ). 

Aa'rvn [a'-fQu], #. ICroil (SR-n.). 

^bSc'ca, «. Xbafm, ber (Skteebepifong (Kbart 
be^TCffenpifangS^bieS^trerit bttbon bitben ben 

^kbnck', adv. Mar. }tirit(f, ril<fwdrt9$ (bon 
cinem Ge^el) ba<ttiegeitb, gegen ben 4)Rofl, 
mafi»drts ^ laid ~, bad gebrofft 

Ab'iicuft, #. iiath. ber dte^enttfd^ i bie {Ited^en* 
taitli ilrcA.b{e0dttIettpIatte$ — major, Min. 
Ur flBa^trpg {pan Gaffes ber Grte). 

Ab^dd9n, BiH. Vbobbott; ber Benofifter, (Svi* 
fetab. Xetifirt 

^ban'. Afar. I. adv. (intea am €5*lffe, iintet^ 
»Art0, agterli^l n. «. baft j>inter4eil bed 
€MktffeS. [oerdnfent) fig. entfremben. 

To ^bftl^^ite [^b-ftF-y^n-it], v. a. Law, 

^bftlT^nft'tion [^b-Sl-y^ n-i'-ihyn] , «. Lav, bie 
derdnpening (eiaeft eeft^t^timeft). 

To .AbSa'd9a,v.a.QerIafren (Semattb) j aufgeben 
(eineGa^O) Cbm.abanbonnire»;abtretenj 
to — to, 9rett geben ((Sinem (St»a«)4 gdns* 
It4 £ber(affeni to — all, zua ba^ingeben. 

^biB'd9aed [f-bXn'-dvnd], p. a. i»er(afren{ anf* 
iiegebeit, 9>ret0 gegeben^ ^. t>er6bet$ lafter^ 
^ft, itcber!i«, oermorfcn} abfiitmH*^ - 

depravity, Dffenbare CHttenloflgfeit) ao 

— wretch, tin temoorfiftter SXenfdft) — to 
sorrow, bem (Srame oerfaQen. 

/^bSn'd9n«r, *. ber«ertaffer. 

^bSn'dpnmfnt, s. baft ©erlaffen 5 Ceriafenf eitt i 
fig' baft 0id^«QberIafen, ^ingeben^ Com.k 
Law, bie Serii^tleifhtng; KbGnbonnintng; ber 
Wanbon J — of the vessel, bieSJerlafTnngbeft 
€$4iffeft. [pan. 

AbSptrs'tpn, *. Surg, bet e*4belboJrer,Xre« 

To ^bdre^, v, a. entbWfenj Jfig, entberfen. 

Ib^rtTcfil&'tion, s, Anat bie itno^enffigung, 
jDiart^rofe. ' [gemi^t t)on Vs J(arat). 

AbXs', #. Com. ber ICbaft (ein perflf^eS ^erlen* 

To ^bUse', n. a. ttiebcrlajfen j >%. emiebriden^ 
bemfittigen^ entmut^igen, nieberf^lagenj to 

— the flag, Afor. bie JIagge ftrei^enj to — 
the eyes, bie t&Qgen ttleberf^Iagen. 

^bSsed' bbSUtO, adj. Her. gefenft 

^bftse'm^nt, s. baft S^ieberlafTen ) flg. bie ^« 
niebrigung/ S>emilt^tgnng) 9^iebergef4lagett* 
^tit, !Dhit((oflghtt 

To ^bXsh', V. a. bef^Wmen^ pan. M (einet 
€a4e) Mdmen, tedegen frin (— at, jnn). oi; 
iiber Q^tioaft). 

^bSs'si* AbWsfs, *. ber lfb(b)af|l, rh{f>)<a 
(perf. eiibenniinie 9. nngef. % X^lr.). 

^bfitVble, adj. Law, »aft ungftltig gentadftt ober 
beftritten werben (ann, beftrettbar. 

iibat chauvee [f bitt-shiy've] , s. Com. tint ^rt 
geringer (fran}6flf4er) ttoSe, Kuftf^nf n>oae. 

ToAbftte V. La. abbre^en^ nieberreif ett,}erfW« 
vtnifig. berminbent; fttDen; miibem^ Qmi-«, 
(— of. from the price, t)om 9)reife) ablafTen, 
na4(afen)(erunterfe(en(ben¥reift)} ab}ie* 
(en/ rabattireU/ becortiren^ Law, nngfilttg 
madden 1 to — an estate, ein <9nt »iberre4t« 
It4 an M xtiftm to ~ a writ, eine 64rift 
fur ungfiltig erfennen, nmftof en^ »tberrnfen i 
IT. 71. obne^men, nadftlafen) fid^ perminbem^ 
Law, nngfilttg merben ^ fl4 ber 0erIafrenf(baft 
eineft Serfbrbenen toiberre^tlii^ bem24ti« 
gen 5 itfan. beim CSurbctttren (Sogenfpriinge 



to price, €om.im9mft fdHw) tkt writ a^ J irmtUtn taS OaHd^lItt; JSnt bet {^intrrleib 
Aaw, tcr?)roaf ifl»crlorenM*»ewinda-»,l bcrSnfecten. [-riDg,iifiat.l>er«dfte«ing. 
Ut fBiKb Ccgt Ml to — in one*f flesli, (am ■fbddiii'|B«i,a(^'.iifiat.benU]tterleibbetretfe]ib^ 
teiU) abnctmen, tbl^Beiv abmadcn. ^bddn'f a«lf , t. pi. icA. bie 9(atSificfftt. 

^bate'iBfiit, s. bic Serminbcrund, Xbna^ne^ ihd6m'\nonB,adj.Anat,ivaanxdcxlt}Jb^tiM^ 
fSom. ber Vb)tt0 (von einer dte^nnitft ic), bitfbdnil^td. 

Xaiblaf, S)ccort, dlabott) bicdtefactie^ ber To ^bdQce', v a. ilnat. absie^eii; abfonbern) 
aXanco (Ktt«faa) bci !Rc4ftimecn$i%. bir no4 9tiM» ^inbreteS; nedmenbeit. 
9iicbcr9Cf(bIO0cnictt|.£tfiD^. bie Umflofung Abdfi'c9nt,a4;.i4nat.abjiebenbj~moide,ber 
cincft 9cfd^IttfiH4 »tberrc4tli4e Scft^itc^'n Kb}ic^mtt6feL 
mund) her. b«« (jur ftcrminbenuig beijl^bdllc'tiop, #. gwi bie Itbfftinina, ffBegtoen- 

SBurbe in cinem fiBapen andebra^tc) Set* 
^bat'^* s. U$ SDdnpfttitgimittel. [ici^en. 
il6atM [Xb-f.t«0, #. M»i. ber 16cr(an. 
Ab&tV* <• ^l^'Oio, ber miberre^tlt^e 9cfi^nc(* 

mcr. [bie epnr bcft SBilbed, bie S^ftrte. 
AbVtorea [-tahdrz], #.pi. Sport, ber Ybtritt, 
Abb, s. Weav. ber dcttei; Tiufin^, bie J(ette, 

bofi SBerft, ber ®ninb (einci Oemebeft)) 

wool, bie ttoUe ^nr Jtette. 
Ib'bf, #. ((ebr.) Xbba: Sater. 
ibltfcy, s. bie flBiirbe, Sefltungen mib mox» 

re^te einei )Cbted ober einer 1&tifftan» bie 

fBenoQltung einer Tibtci. 
Abbatl, Abbauia, s. vid, Abaul 
4bbi'ti»! [«b-bft'-di«l], a«. &btU4, obteilit. 

Jbbiy' [%b-bant adv. vulg. meg, abiodrtt. 
blifM, «. bie ibtifllttn, TCbtinn. 
Xbn>f y, «. bie Ybtei (ba Jtiofirr). 

C(4erSttttiar*Xbt$ — sargeon, ber Seibarft 
Ab'b^uhfp, s. bie ®firbe unb baft Xmt eise» 

Ybteft ober finer Sbtifjlnn. 
Abbreovotr [Xb-bry-vwor^ , s. bie %xMt, 

yferbefi^ioenuBe^ Arch, bie Jtittfpalte. 
To ^bbre'vjste, v. a. ahHt^ta, abbreoirett $ itt« 

fammcnsie^en. [inn0ftsci<^^n,^ie7Cbbret>iatur. 
^bbrtvii'tion, #. bie Xbfftrsnndi bas Xbfw> 
ijLbbr«'viit9r, «. bcr Kbftlr}er. 
^bbrc'vj%tnre [— Uhdr] , j. bie :ifbKirja«0, Xb» 

bre«iatur{ baft TCbhirinnd^ei^en) ber Ynft* 
Abbut, Abbottala, vid. Abut, Ac [jua. 

Abby, vidf Abb«y. Abe, vid. Abece* 
Ib'dicSat, 1. p a. (mit of) entfadcttb, oergi^* 

tenb$ lI.«.ber1Cbbattfenbe. 
Abd[ca'ri», «. Log. ber ocmeincttbe 6a^. 
To Ab'djcite, o. I. a. nieberUgctt, anfgeben 

(einTfmt) j Law, abfe^en, entfetea^ oerftofen 

(einen eot^, i^n) enterbeni II. tk abbantot; 

(elnem 8fle*te) entfagen. 
Abdicft'tion, s. btc Siieberlcgnad, baft Ynfgeben 

eineft Tfmtcft) bie 7Cbbanhittd$ (S^ron«) (SnU 

fagnna^ Law, bie IBcrftolung, Qnterbung 

(eineft 6So(ncft). [foftbarer €$a4ea). 

Ib'djt9ry, s. ber SerM (IDrt i«n IBerberflcn 

bnng (flBenbung na4 einer anbern 6eite)i 

Law, bie Ctotfd^ntng i An0L bie ^lie^ng j 

5urg.berfl^ittbrtt4,<9«toi{bnt4$ X^g.bie 

TCbbttction. iXbiie^amftfel. 

^bdfic'tQr, «. Law, ber Gntfu^rer^ AnaU ber 

Ibece', «. baft IC-b-c, >Clpt^abet^ baft X'h*t^hu4i, 

bie SibeU -•cbolar, bet ^b'e>(«iUfri 

— teacher, coNt. ber C^^ubneifler. 

ibioedi'rjiA, «. ber 7(«b«o>ktrer,e^Mmcifler} 

7C«b*c44iiler^/«n.K-b'C*f4fi«. [IC^b-c-tafeL 

Ab€ce'd^ry, I. oc/i. yum V'b>f gjetdvig 4 D* «• bie 

^bi^ (a-bed, a bed» ft ia bed), ado. wdg. im 

(^) 9ette I bettliflerig4 ixi (ben) ®od^ 

iV. s. QCbel (!R-n.) j - Huak, bcr^ICbelmo' 

ib^rda'Tine, s. Om. ber deifig. [f<i^ttft. 

Ab^rdeoi-', comp. --ftilit ber ^berbani 

— bote, geftricfte 6at}ettmaare auft Tiber* 

beenj— ualce, bie (angdefi4»dn|tee4uppc» 

Xh'ltqU sMxXbU--incammimdamftiamlU Mlottge. [<3nm0f^^3nt^nnL 

^bSr'r»nce(— ey), ^.boftXbwei^en^bieXbmei^ 

ibf rra'tioo, s. bie TCbmeii^ttttg (|>anbUttt9 beft 
Vb»ei«ettft)} AtL bie Vbixvm^ beft «i4teft| 
Opt. bie IBre^nng ber ^44lca(Ien$ >^*bet 
Srmeg, Snrgang} 3n:t(ttm. 

^b&^riag, p. a. abirtenb^ trrenb^ M Devirrenb. 

To $hitf, V. 0. ((iinett )s einem Berbn^) on* 
trciben, anrei)cn, anbe^eu) Cinem Sorfi^sb 
tivm, iivx (elfett; iftn wxtnW^m (Qtnaft) an* 
fliften. [trrft&^nng, bcr fiorf^^b^ Seiftanb. 

^b^t'mf nt, #. bte YnftiftnndilCn^e^ngi bieUn* 

^bSt'tpr, s. ber Knfttfter, Tfn^e^er) mtf^rO^ 

^bey'^ce [%-ba'-^ai], «. Law, bie KntoattMttft 
anf ...4 to lie in —, im&treite liegen (oon 
QntnbfHitf en) $ landa ia — , Mtontc (^rren* 
lofe) Sdnbereiea. 

To ^bhdr', v.a. Mrabf^cnctt) S^ptoero^ta, 
)»erf4m^ea4 Law & Script oenaerfm. 

^bhftr'rfnce (*-cy), s, bieSerabr4^ettimgi btr 
Xbf^en (— of, from, 9or)i ber ^f, bie TOy* 
neigvng (gegen). 

^bhdr'r^t, I. adj. toftabfi^cxbi — to (mr. 
from) nnbereinbacmit ..., i»on Cttmtft cntfmtt, 
bemfelbcn lomiber ) D.«4y, adv. mitKbMn. 




4M6ff^« #. bctBtnAftenat to -« •! — , di|Ife^Mi^«4f»iM9Mt«ai^i^Or«»^ ^ «•••> 

Sei]t»ob.Oefia«tooii.^. tetXblativi — al»Qliite»M«bfi>intc(inMlb' 

> Abbor'rjBg, fp.>«.bieecnibr4amttg$berlCb«U ^Aiime) Ybltti». [acsb* 

f4reu4 ein(l(egeii|iaa0bcrScrabf^k»tt»9f (ittl^^ti^^ adv« /am. bramatb, Xobmib, ftan* 

Orduel, e^rafol. lA'bie, ««. ftt^i^i tii^tig, ^^4tt, crMm^ 

A^ib,«.mVbil»(lfieaRoMt)imi&if4m«fta'H i»0tt]Ac$MnRa9aib,ceM^$bt«o4tob«-, 

loiber (bo6 ditere (Sort fAr Nimii qro.)* I in CStai^ fcUi, Hnn^ I -« to p«y» Cam. ^n^m 
To ^Lbide'yv. if. I. ». bldben^ocnDCilen 4 n>oH htng^fd^id^ foment i «i ^ workwu, (is 

sen I Af. hltiJbtu, otr^trreii, auHotren (— GerhxrfUM^er. 

bj.ijOiM (altett«a^ftii^eftattf$to — witha|Al>le-bddle4>a(tf.fM,Mftf8,ri(ftt9j - 

penon, bci Stmonb bleiben) U. a. emtrtett} 

Ieiben,er(eibeii (— a Iom, tinaxBalufO^ er* 

traacn, au^fteb^/ auS^alten. 
4bi<r|Bg, p. J. ba» fileiben, (Bemeaen (an ei* 

ttem Srte)^ flBebnen^ Vu^fie^, ertrogen^ 

/g. bie (Sort*) IDoner, ber IBcflanb | — ploee, 

ber flBo^rt 

tbidlogly, odtf. fbrtttdbrcab, anlbaaemb. 
bi^o'tine, adj. tannm, 9on XoniUQio^. 
A'b|Ss, 9. bie Geetoime. 
Abiotic S«^|d. «. CAeiii. bu Samcit^rsfSitrf . 
Jlj/lgiiU s. XH^aU (bihimtx 8-il)« >oc. bie 

Jtommerfroit/ Jtommezjlsngfer, on. 3of(i 

buH. tin Ufa fiSdb. 
AbUiment, «. oid. Habiliment 
^bn'jtkf, #. pi, lit geiftigm Inlagca^ S^^id' 

Idtes, OeiftesMfte. 
^LbO'jty, «. ba» eenR^aen) bie <3kf4i((It(bfctt, 

^d^tgfeiti bit »oraIif(beitraft^ (Sleiftefthaft 

(ge».p^);(-- topay),bie3«<>Iu»g*fiMfi*eit, 

6ol»abiUtit$ — of etute, ba6 ScnRdgen; 

bie (Sinhmfte, Oelbmtttd. 
ibint&^t^te, adj. Lav, o(ne Xefiament 
AbO«ct, a4i niebri9,»erd4tU<b/ itiebertrd<btig, 

oerworfen, elenb) luuDiebcrbringU^ terloren. 
Ib^^et, 9. ber Servprfene, QUnbe. 
^bjWtioii» JLb)?6tB«M, s. bie 9{iebertrd4ttg< 

}eit,ein9orfea(eit3 eelbfbemiebrigimg, &e» 

nfltbigimg (oor ®ott). 
Abjectly, od», auf eine niebrige^ oenoorfcne 

Hxt (banbcin, benf en, ic). 
Abj^s'tioB, 9. ZHeno,bteKbr4»dnrag4 (feier' 

li<be) (Sntfagimgi oatbof — , bie YbMiodnmg 

CbU f)rdtenbeiiteii). 
To .^bjAre', v. a. abMmdrciiy oetf4»6rcii (cine 

6a4e, ibr) eatfogeiL 

To^blSc'ate, v.o. HorL obfditgcill vid. To 
^Graft (by approach). [Grafting, Ac). 

Abl«€ti'tion, #. Ifort bie Ybfdttgmigl (vid. 
Ib^aqoe [ib'-lSk], 9. Com. fetne perftfibe 6eibe; 

^b!iqo8a'tion, «. HorU bad Xufbad en ber (Srbe 

ma bie iBsryln ber Sdune i Vint, bie j^acte. 
^bla'tion, 9. bie IIBegnabme; bad flBcgn^men 

(aa4 ^rg. A f3iem«); Jled. bie TCuiUentng«Xbiteben. 

^^ , Mar. bia#fdbtge(9ef«ite)ec(Ie«tK. 

ky\^ 1WM» i^ icfc. ber «BetMff4. 

A'bicBffa, #• bie(Mrpcrli4eiiiibgetfhgeX9l0 
bigfeit, Jtraft; baftSerndgenibte Oef^^U»4« 

Ibl^piy, 9. bi< (pb9flfii|e, gei|Ugc mb mertli' 
f<be) Slittbboit 

To Ib'ligtte, V. a. abl6fea, abbiabai, lolbinbeiu 

ibiigi'tion, #. bie )CbIdfimg, bo» toibiabeii. 

^Lbijgflri'tion, 9. bie Sergettbung (beneermd* 

^gend; bef. bnr^ in grofen Yufloattb ber Zafd). 

Ab/ia^nt, at^ rdsigcttb) JIfed. abfiibrenb. 

Ab'l&«ati» AblB^a'tia [-thj^], 9.pU AM. 
bbttreiaigmbe YbfftbntagMdtteV e(ntreini« 

^bia'iioD, #. bie 1Cb»tf4nttg, (dteWgnng barib 
flBaf^en)) Ckem. bag Zafttoaf^ea) Ybfflfca) 
Mom. CatA.bieXblntioa, (ber epiM^,Mi^, 
ber bea £aiea obne flBeibe gegcbea itirb). 

A'bly, adv. aaf eine geMito txt, gef*iit| 

Jvid. Able). [Idagnaagn 

AbDdga'tion, «.bie (aibIi4be)?Cbldagming;Scr«« 

Ab'ndgatQr, 9. berXbldagner, Seridagaer. 

Abopda'tion, 9. Hbrt. boftSerbauea, Xbftppea 
(ber i^t aab Jtaorrea aa Odanna). 

^board^, I. ado. Mar. aa Borb, im (jga obcr oaf 
bem)e4iffe)togo— ,fi4eta^i|ffa4tofiUl — 
of (or with) asbip, nit cineai(aabtra>CI#tffe 
lafammenftofea^toru — ofaakip^eiaeAiff 
aafegela) n. int. aa Botb I (vid. Board). 

^ibade', I. pret. A p.p. ooa to Abide; U. *. 
bas eieibea, Senoeilea (aa eiaem (Drte)^ bet 
Zafeatbatt) ber YafeatboUSort; bie CBobsaagi 
to make — , fi^ aafbaltea^ loobnen. 

^bode'mfnt, 9. bie Sorbebeataag $ ICtanag. 

To ^LbSl'jsh, V. a. abfibaffea^aanebea^ iaVSNg* 
fafl briagea) i»er»erfta) oeraiibtca. 

.^bdi'iftb^ble, adj. oerai^tbar. 

Abdl'lih^r, 9. ber Sertilger^ Semi^ter. 

4ibfil'|ihm«nt, 9. bie Xbf^affaag, TCafbebaag. 

ibQUCtion, 9. Law, btc Xbfd^ffaag; TCnftebaag 
(eiacft ® efebed u.) i bie etraferiafTaag ; eei« 

^legaag (eiaer 6a#e). 

Ab^lPtionf St, 9.mod. ber ^mtttt^ Am. berXb** 
litionifi (Bertbeibiger ber eclaoeabcftetaag). 

^bW{a«ble» 1. adj. U. -\y, adv. obMeaM^^ 



mifid/ an. wniAtwm UL — imm, m, hit Xb*\ 

Ta|li>din'jaXte,o.a.oeral»f4»cn. [f4e«U4f(it. 

^Mmjat^on, «. (wit of ft to). Me fBtt^'l 
^^emm^i ber 7(bf4^ni (oor)^ ber <S^r4ueh bu 
Yftf<l^(t4Mti -Script. bte®efletfttnd;8er* 
immmgttiid i to have (ob. kold) in — , orr* 

^bOrd' (on board), adv* vid. Aboard. 

ib^rig'iBaU adj. vxfprSaxfiiS^, lanbcfteigcn. 

ibprii^Dalf , Ibpri^jndf, #. pi. bte UreiUDO^ 
ner etneft 2mib($,Ur95lfer; 0t(nttm)»6l!er 

^ibor'tion, «. iit. kfig- h(amf%tUtvxi bie 
^e^lgebttrt, gfriiftdebnrt. 

^Lbdr'tjve, adj. |Q fru( geborcn, Kttseitigj^ig. 
wipUiitgen, tmiiidldcfti to prove — , fe^U 
r4(agen,DeruttdIficten9«D — flower, BoU eine 
IBtiit(c, bic feme %tuM Mn^i — velloiD, 
f>ergament oixl ber j>aut eined ttii}eitigen itaU 
bes. [beftftu^t). 

Abdr'^TCf^ abtreibenbeORittel (fiiirSet< 

jlbor'tlTely, a<lv. itir ttnidt, ttii)eitig, unreif. 

^baWtlTea^ss^ s, bad ^i%9Hxtn^ fig, bad 
{iRifUttgen, S«(lf4Uigen (eines eor^obeitft). 

To^bdAnd', v,n. Aberflfiffig (reul^li^) feiii) 
im flberfinfe (aben, uberf[nf 4abeit(— in, 
with, an (Stnal, ooU fein bon). 

iflboAt', (ufo. ft pr«p. ttni; urn ... ^enim; itm« 
bet) mtgeffi^r, etna, gegen, circa; in Knfe^uitg, 
wegen, Aberi (tta4e)bet,an/Oon; nai^,iQ; auf; 
all —, AberalU rooad — , ntnb ^enim^ringd' 
nm — tbe hoaae» irgeobioo toi {)aafe$ a round 

— way, etit Qmioeg) teomitet — , lOQReilen 
imUnfoiigei — and — , ttmnnbnm^^inimb 
(er) ba unb borti to be — athiac, <St»a6 
vor^aben, vomit mnge^f to be — to ..., im 
Segriff fein, itt...$ to bring — ,ind®erf flel'{ 
leii) to come — , nm fein; anbers nerben; to 
driak — , (entm triiifen4 to go — , ^entm 
ge^$ mttONsooA umge^en, (Stioaft )>ome^< 
men i to lie ^, (irr unb ba ^erfhreut ob. nm* 
^r Ucgen) Naut-s. to put a ship — , ein 
€MMf menben^ ready — ! Jtlarigfett ya ioen< 
benl - ibipl 9teel to the right ~! Aft/, 

AbdAt', int. auf 1 baranl anA flBerf J 
AbdTe', I. ado. oben) barAber^ from ~, oon 
obcn|>Sg.oott®ott$thepowera — ,bte^imms 
lifc^en fOti^tr; m — . mie oben ermd^nt) the 

— letter, ber obige (oorftejenbc) ©rief $ since 
writing the — , ftc, JDbtgeA gef*riebett, ic; 
over and — , obenbrein, barfibcr^ n. prep, 
fibers (d^er olA$ me^r alA, me^r^barAber^ — 
all, oor Ttaem, oor aHen S)tngen, oornAmlul^ h 
-- that, Aber biefed h to be (ob. get) - , Aber> 
ftfeffenj — board, Aber ©orb 4 fie. ge|i*ert, 

gebotgcs) Tebtt4^ iMfni/ frcf, vnocrfMt, o^iie 
^^tunflgriffej — ground, auf Qtrbcn, noi^ am 
Sebeni — stain, oben, in ber SDberflabei — 
neattoaed, — named, — dted^ adj, ob€n An« 
gefil(rt, obes ob. oorenod^nt) the — men- 
tioned, the — named, «. ber (bte, boA) S)beit« 
ermd^nte, baA S)bengefagte. [tergrabcn. 

To ^brAde', v. a. abMabeiLabreibett^J^. un* 

I'brahAm, «. Kbra^om (SRhl)! --'•-bahn, 
ber Jtettf^bomn ( VUex agnus casta*). 

i'bram, s. cotUr. 9. Abraham; to sham — , 
wig, ft<ft fronl fteSctt. 

Abrfi'fiott [— zhvn], 9. boA TCbfd^ben, Ttb* 
xHbtn, (Rabtren^ baA QCbgeriebene, e<|abrel4 
Med, bie flBegfii^affung beA €4(eimeA bsrd^ 
fitarfe SRittel. 

IbrAam' [ab-rAm'] , s. bie rot^eJDammetbej baA 
engL0tot( (inmSdrben beA aXa^gonb^oIseA). 

^br^ast^ [a-br&t^ , adv, neben etnanber, 6eite 
an Getter MUAn%xoKti Mars. gegenAber* 
a fleet formed ^, eine ^lotte in grontUnie. 

To ^brSd^e'fO.a.abfArien (ou4ii/g.)4^«ber« 
Hrien, oenmnbem, einf^rdnfen^ (S^wuibett 
einerea^e) beraubenj (einlBtt*,ei«e0l^eu.) 
jufammeniie^en, fAi^er fafen. 

^brld'g^,*. ber7fbffir8er,(5ompenbiettf*reiber. 

Abrid^m^nt, s. bie Ybfdrsttttg ^fig. eerminbc 
rung, (Stnf4rdnfung,6^dlenmg$ berQCuS* 
}ttg (auA einem ©u^e, etner esdftrift). 

^broach', adv. (oon gdflTem in herbage), )um 
Xttjapfcni tobe -, ange^opft (angeftod^en) 
fein 9 to set — , an^pfen, anfle^en. 

^broAd', adv. branf en, anf en, auAmdrtA ) an* 
fer bem ^aufe^ in ber Srembe, anf er SanbeA $ 
from — , oon onfen$ to go — , anAgeten^ on* 
fer SonbeA ge^en, oerretfen^ to walk — , fpa* 
§ieren ge^en) to send — U traveler for or- 
ders), Com. reifen lajfea (einen (SommiA, um 
7(nftrdge)ner^oUen)4 to set — , anAgeben, 
belannt ma^en^ to take — (with), mitne^* 

^men ((Sinen ob. (StmaA). 

Abrw'ah, *. eineKrt feiner bengaUf*er aJhiAlin. 

To Ab'rogftte, v. a. abMaffen, anfi^eben. 

AbrogA'tion, s. bie Xbr^affitng, Ynftebung. 

Abrohant, m. vid. Abroah. 

^Lbrapt', adj.Ut. kfig. abgebro4en(au4 Bot.) ; 
uniufammen^dngenb^ pIA^U^, nnenoortet, 
(a^g, rar<|, flberettt$ — pinnate, Bot ab« 
gebro^en geflebert^ an — style, eine ftirie 
(abgebrodftene) CS^reibart. 

^brAp'tion, s. bie Xbbre^ung, plA^li^e Sren« 
nnng, derftActelung, ber f^vni^, 

^brApt'ly, ado. o^ne ©orberettnog; pl5Ali<^er 

AbrApt'nfss, s. biefltan^t (eineA AArperA)) 
€$tttl^eit, SA^ei fig-s. bie flbereawifl, W« 



fertigfdt|iiit}atifle^eflififett,9taitt^t(beft|lb'i9lAtely» adv. unomfd^rdttft^ D^Qig; ganj. 

«etro8en6)4 — of ityle, bu JWrjc (Iftge* 
bro^en^eit) ber e^teibort. 

Ibrfipti^, s. pi. mi^i^t 6tegretfdttf4ne, Xb« 

Ab'aceM, «. Jllni. bol Oef^miir, bit C^tef 
bntle) — UuBcet, Surg, bie £an}ette sttr fcff* 
mmg Don ®ef((io&ren. 

Ab'sciM, ^dts's^, «. .1fa<^. ber Xh\initt, bie 
Vbfcifrr, ber CLuerfUmS. 

j^bicrs'sion [fb-aYzh'-yn] , j. Surg, baft Kb* 
f^neiben (eineft OUebeft)) Rhet, bie Kbbre* 
4ttng $ bad Ybftneiben (einer e^Ibe, tc) ^>Ser. 
bie Kttf^ebiuta, llngiiltiamaibttiigj bad TCbge* 

To ^bicSod', V. I. a. lit kfig. berbergen i n. n 
fub berbetgens fi4 (um ber defe^(i<beii 6trafe 
|u entaeben) berfletfen, entwei^en, audtreten. 

^bscttn'd^r, «. ber, »>e%r; tun M ber gefeb* 

Jt^en etrafe }tt ent|te^en, M berbirgt. 

AVsf nee, #. <f t. bie Xbmefeabeit ) (— of mind), 
>^.bie(9dfMab»efe]i(eit,3er^eirattg^ Law, 
bad (ftrafbare) Qfndbleibett, 9Ci<bterf4ei]ien$ 
leave of —, berUrlattb) iron, bie pUb^i^e 
^ttaffttng eined iBeamtetesi on leave of—, 

jLy§^tkU adj, obmefenb) fers) fig» scrftrent) 
MU. k av. — with leave, mit Urlatib, beur* 
Umbtj — withootleave,o^neUrlaub4befertirt 

To ^bt^nt', V. a. to — one's «elf, fl<b eotfer* 
nes) (6<bvlben (alber, ic) audtreten, M 
flil^tig ma^eit. [be}ie^nb, abmefenb. 

Xbtf nta'neoiu, adg. M dtif bie QCblbefen^it 

Ibsf nts€^ M. eia Kbioefenber (ton feinem Tfmte, 
u.)4 ber «bmefettbe f)fdlsbner, beuriaubte 

i^bflSn'tf r, s. ber (bon feinem f)0|len) Ifbioe' 
fenbej — of parliament, bad »d|renb ber 
eibttttg abibefenbe y arlamentd • SXitglieb. 

^bi^nfnif Qt, 4. bie QCbioefen^eit 

Ib'iid^f, s.pLAst bieOCbflanbdpimfte^Kbfibtn. 

^biifn'tAf^a, adj, ibennttt(artig. 

^bifn't/tist^d, p. a. mit fEBermut^ gef4n»in» 
gert J fig' berbittert 

j^bitn'tftjiiffl, s, vid, Worm-vood. 

To J^UUiff V. n. abpeien, ablaffen (— from, 

ib's^Qte, adj. immnr4rdRft,iittab(dngig, frei^ 
>^.b6aig,bonflAnbig, boSf ommen 4 vnbebingt; 
tinabdttberliib) Qnbesie(li4, abfoUti in M 
felbfi gegrilnbet) — accepUnce, Com. unbe* 
bingte TCnnatme, purer Tfccept i an — estate, 
Jmw, ein laftenfteied ©ut^ an — knave, ein 
(Sr|f4nrfe i an — prince, ein fottberdner Sitrfli 
an — promise, ein unbebingted IBerfpreiben) 
—•pace, i^y. ber nnbejiei^U^eiKattm. 

gdnjli^/ ot^ne Ttndnabme^ unbebingti nnbe* 

iiebliib/ an unb ffir M, abfolnt) befKmmt, 

r^i^fbterbingd, burcbaudi — yoart, gan} ber 


Ab'sflQten? M, s. bie Unttmf4rdn(t(eit, Unab> 

(dngigf eit 4 SoKfldnbigf eit$ !Dta4t9on!om« 

^menbeitj 3»ingberrf(bafe, ber S)edpotidmttd. 
Abt9Hl'tion, 1. Law, bie greifpre^ungi ber 

etrafeneriaf) 3*i^^. bie ^foitttion. [le^re. 
Ib'splfitiffm, s. Thed. bie 9?ot4»enbtgfeitd« 
^bsSffitQry, adf.Ecc. abfolntorif^^ Lav, ftti* 

fpre^enbj —sentence, bad iodfipre(bungd» 

nrtbeil, Xbfoltttorinm. 
^bsdl'v%t9ry, adj, vid. Absolntory. 
To ^ibfSIve', V. a. Law, freifpre^en, lodfl^re- 

4en (~ of, from, bon ber 64u(b nnb Gtrafe) 1 

JEec. abfolbiren$ (einer Pfliibt) entbinben. 
^bfQFv^r, s. (liner ; ber Ipdfpri^t, ber Sod* 

Ib's^n^nt, adj. im flBiberflpruA (—to, mit), 

bemunftibibrig, mtgereimt, abger^madPt. 
Ab'spnons, adj. ibibrig flingeib, miffttmmig, 

To Absorb', v. a. ia M M^i^ eittfangen, xin* 

WttOta, abforbiren (pit ein e^nmm, ber 

0attb,ber0ibnee2e.badflBafrerxc)4 (pass. 

B*) anfWfen, berje^rcn j fig. (ben ®eifl) in 

tKnfpmt ne(meni to — one's estate, fein 

eerm5gen burtbbringen, berf(b»enben} a-ed 

in tbonght,^g. in Gebonfen bertieft 
^bsdrb^blVj^, s. bie digenrcbaft, eingefaugt 

merben |u fdnnen, bieTCbforptiondfraft. 
^bs5r'b^Ie, a^. einfangbar, abforbirbar. 
^Lbsdr^nt, adj. einfangenb, abforbirenb. 
AbsorOy^nts, Anat abforbtrenbe ®efdfe, 

St)mp^gefdf e i Med. abforbirenbe (!al9artige) 

^bsdrp'tion, s. bad Ginfangen, GinfcbtndEen, 

Serllegeni T. bie Itbforption) Chem. bad 

Serfiegen eined(9afed| Med. biel^5bere ^aft 

ber BerbaKimg. [tiondfd(ig. 

Abs5rp't}ve, adS. einraugen fdnnenb, abforp* 
To ^Lbstain', v. n. ab^(en (— from, bon), ii<b 

(einer Gaibe) ent(alten, (^tmad) meiben, M 

^stS'mjons, 1. adj. H. -ly, ado. entjaltfam, 

mdfig} m. -ness, s. bie (Snt^altromfeit, 

4Lbste'ra}ons,the— , bie !IRdfigen itber(.$ 

flBeinmeiber^ bie ber titU entfagen. 
^bst^tt'tion, s. bie (Sntbaltfamfeit) Obit^U 

tnng $ ber <Sin(alt, bad JBerbot, bcf. Law, bte 

To ^bsterge^, v. a. abmir^ben, abtrodtnen, reini* 

gen, bef. Surg, (flBunben) audmaf<ben. 




t^UV^^i^ni, <utf. aB»if4eiib, nbitdent i Med. 
,abf(t(renb. [dteinigmiflSmittel. 

^biter^ifoti, 1. p2. JITed. ^fKitrungSmittel, 
^bster'sioD, s, U$ Xbwii^tn, {Reisiden i Med. 

^bster'sive, o^'. aB»{f4ent, oBtnxfnaib, rtt« 
nigeiib} Med, obf&trenb. 

{bitSr'sivef, «.p<. vuL Abitergeiti* 
b'ftt|ncDce(-€y), «. bfe<|]it(altramhtt/!fllti« 

of — , ber gaftto^. [mfipig. 

Ib'stjnfDt, I. a^'. n. — ly, adv ent^altfam^ 
To ^bitrXctf, o.a. abiie(eii; abfonbem (—from, 
ooa)4 fig, in (9ebanfeQ abfonbem, ab^o^i* 
rot (Seariffe^u.)} auSiie^en, in dnen Kq5« 
itid bringen (ein S^u4, eitu 0te4n«nd)$ 
Oi«m. bejtilltreii. 

Xb'ttrXct, adi abaefoobert^abdeiogen (bef. oon 
Segriffeii; au^ mit from)) i%. obflract, tief« 
finnig (oon Unterfiuitinden^ic.)} — mathe- 
maUcs, bie relite !9{Qt(ematif ) an — quan- 
tity, eine abgesogene (Sr^fei — wordt, ab* 
ftracte IBdrter. 

ib'itrSct, 4. Ph. bad Tbftcactam, ber obgesogene 
Segrif) XuSiVg; fummarif^e Sn^'d^ff > in 
(the)-, an uttb t&x M, abgefe^en von...) 
- numbert, Aiitk. abftrocte (unbenannte) 
Ba(kn) — itatement, or — of (an) account 
cnrrent, Com. bet dte4nttttg6an&iQg, bit 

^LbitrSc'tfd, l.p.(Lfh. abgefonbert,abgtsogett, 
abflratirt, abflract ) oerfetnert, geldutert 9 get« 
ftig) bunM,r4ioer in oerfteten) }erflrettt; sn< 
Ottftacrffam J — iplritnal love, bie geWnterte, 
geiflige tithzi n. — ly, adv abgefonbert; an 
nnb ffir fi^ betraifetet, abflract) — from ..., 
o^ne 9t&(f^d»t anf ..., abgtfeften loon ... 9 HI. 
—new, t, baft. Kbftracte, bit abflractt Se* 
f4atfen(e{t (einer 6a4e, etneft fBeneifeft^ k.). 

|Lb«trSc't9r, j. ^tr, bcr dntn Xussng ma^t, 

^LbstrSc'tion, s. Fh. bie^ftraction) boftYb' 
}ic(nng6t)erm6gen i baS Kbfhracte ) bit ® eifles< 
abtoefen^eit/ 3erftrennng$ l(b)ie(nng beft®e« 
mdt^ft 9on iibir^enlDingtttS CTiem. bie JDe* 

^bitr&c'tjve, I. adj. 7%. ab}ie$enb^ (in ®ebax* 
fen) tbfotbetttb, abftra^irenb; n. — ly, adv. 
ind. b. f. ®* 

<ibiti*cfly, oifo. anf eine abflracteXrt, on nnb 
f&t M, abgefonbert/ abfhract 

^strXct'n^M, i. Hi. bit abftractc 4)ef4a|fen« 
beft ber Jbeen, baft Xbflracte. 

Ab'gtrictf, s.pL Mus, bie Xonfpdne^Sonflibe 
(in ber flBinblabe einer SDrgeI>, Ybflracten. 

^bstrfc'tf d, p. a. anfgebttnbett; anfgel6fet. 

^bttHlae', I. adj. VL. -Af, aio. ticf t^erbotgea, 
verftecft} fig. bnnfel, nnverfMnbli^) HI. 
— neaa, s. bie IDnnfel^eit, UnoerlMnbli^Mc 

^bstrik'ajty, #. vid. AbatnneneM. 

Absurd', L adj. II. — ly, adv. wiberfburfg, ttn« 
gereimt, albem, abgef^matft^ t(5ri(^t) m. 
—nets, s. vid. b. & Absurdity. 

^btttr'djty, 1. bie Ungereimt(eit;irbgef4aia(tt' 
(eit, nbrm^, Xftor^eit, ber Qn^m. 

^bun'd^nce, s. berflberfluf; bie^enge^fiUei 
in —, or — of, im flberflnl, ^ollanf. 

^b&n'd^nt, I. adj. fiberftfiff^g, rei<bH4 5 to be 
— with, — in, Ttidfliif verfe^^en fein mit .../ 
tlberflnf ^en an ^., rei^fetn an ... i n.--ly, 
adv. im flberflnf, uiiflidmux Q^enftge, t6U 
lig) »eitl£ttfig. 

To ^HBfe', V. a. ntifbran^en) ^Inttr^tf^tn, 
tiuf^en ) verfu^ren i mtf^anbeln; bef^mpf en, 
ffemi^en) (Sinem 96feft na^fAgen) fatf^ an^ 
wenben (ein ®ort). 

^bnse', s. ber^pbntnd^) iibte ®ebratt4} 9^ 
tmg, bie S^dnf^nng; !I]>Kf^attbIttng, 9ef<l^tm« 
pfnng,0<^mftbttng i ber nngere^teXabel) bte 
^erf^mng) fdlfd^e Kmoenbung, 6intt)»er« 
bre^nng (etned fiBorteft). 

^bs'f^r, s. ber, welder mtfbran^t) betSdftei' 
rer. (S^renf^inber^ SerfS^rer^ 9etrfiger. 

^ibvsjve, I. adj. mifbratt^enb) fc^^enb, 
f^mpfenb) betrigli^) — language, gemeine 
(anjiigK^e) aieben, ©dWrnpfwortej — wrf- 
tinge, p/.@4m j^fd^riften ) n. — ly, adv. bnrdft 
!Dttf bran4^, mifb rdu4U4 i nmllifili^,WMp\» 
64) f^md^enb) in.— nesi, s, bfe6<^md(h 
ftt*t [an, gegen). 

To Ablif, t>. n. angrenjett/ anfbfen (— npon, 

^Lbiit'mfnt,; . bieTCngreniung ) baft <9reni}ei4en, 
bie Orenje, 5Rarf 5 i4rcfc.baft ® iberlager einer 
Qrfltfe) (vtd. Bntment). 

Abttf t^, 1. pi. Law, bie ®rensen ob. SRarfea 
eineft &mbeigent(nnift. 

th^ut, g. lit. kfig. ber Xbgrnnb, €M^tnnb4 
hyp. €ine gnmbCofe Xiefe) Bihl. bie ^ftHe^ 
Her. baft ^erj beft e^ilbeft. [nien. 

Xbyuin'if , s. Geog. (baft JWnigreidjj) Vyx^ffi* 

Ibyurn'i^n, f. adj. ab^fflnift) II. j.berTCbQf^ 

finier, bie QCbt)f1{merinn. 

AcSc'^lpt, s. Om. ber niericanif4e9timnterfatt 

^c&'ci» [».k«'.ah^-^], *. bieTCcacie^berlfca* 

Cienbanm) Med. ber ICcoeienrafti German 

— , ber ®4le^bom, €J<|imarsbom. 
Ac^di'mj^l, adj. afabemif^i — flgnrea,Fsiftt« 

^Itfabemien, Ctnbien (wm 9?a4jei4>nen). 
Ac?td8'mf^in, s. ber Wabemihr: baft aXilglieb 

einer Wabemie) ber e*iUer anf einer »ibe» 

wCe Ob. Unioerfltdt. 
Acfdte'ie, I. adj. dtobemin: bie ICMbcmic 



(9ltt»ai»e Dtitoftttic) (cMMl t«f itef 

9#ilofop^). [<m<f* Ac»deBk). 

Ac«d«m'ic«l, L «<;. 11. -ty, «<fo. atobnnif4i 

bcmifcr. [lofoptie. 

^cSdVny, <• bit Xfabtmic: €$4«Ie bcr 9(Uo« 
ottftalt )tocr <B(lc^rtcnMrcin5 btc 9lttterf4iile \ 
etcttf(^iac$ (— Agiire),P«iiil. dneaXo^IU 

^c&'jAA* «• bcr 9iitrnibaiimi — mU, Qaiou' 
nuflfc, (Slcp^antaiUinre. 

Acalot* s, vid. Acacalot. 

^cvnOLc'O, «. Onu Ux qXattfdiittbeL [Ug. 

^c9B&'ce«M ["*di«t] , ttdj, B«e.bomi0, ftttil^o 

^d^th^ s. BoL UxTdoxn, eta^) ZooLhn 
Bta^ti (in bcr Sif<^f^ofO$ ^Mt bir SDoni' 
fortfa^. baadc, ber TCfontiobotiiS. 

Acf n<A21/9l9«» «- ^''^« bte (Brit^ftoge, 3n>i(f' 

^ficubclig, biflclartig. 

Acf BtAfpt^rj'^ioot, aij* Zoof. fhu^elflofllg 

^cXo'i/ivi, «. Bot. bic Mrcnnott) ilfc^ hit 

&rabi»cr{i(rung am GapitoC einer Midr. 
^cao'tjcone, «. Afin. bcr ^ifladt, Qptbot 
^cSt^c'tfc X. Gram. Ut ii>eUMnhiqt, »eIU 

i&ftUdc (f^Ibcsre^te ob. ooat«ctigt) Serf. 
^c&qIjd, ^cdn'lont, adj. BoU ftingellod, «»• 

To Accede' [^k-Uf], n. n. to — to ... , %lit\l 

ne^mctt an ... , bcttretcn (a treaty, tiacm9€t* 

trogc), bclfluiiaim, etmoUIiacn (Hi), 
^cce'df nee [fk-eif^f ni] , x. bic 9ci»iffl§ltng. 
To AedSI'^Ste, v. a. bef^Cotttigcn) a-d 

•team-boat, mod. baft CKIbampfboot. 
^cc^fri'tioo, x. bU ^ef^lcsmgimg I (att4 

Fhy>)i —of the moon, AsUtiit bef^Ieimigte 

Bcwcgvttg bcS fRonbeft. 
^ocCJ'^r^tive, wlj. bcf^Iatnigcttb. 
^cclSf ra'tQr, x. ilJMt. ber SreibmiftfeL 
^ccaV^tpry, ac(7. bef^Icitiiiflcnb. [barMt 
^ccSndjbil'jty, s. Chem.tFhy.'titiSri^SmU 
^ccSs'iqbte, a<0'* Cbon. A i%y. ent^finbbar. 
Aco««'«ion, 1. (Xaiu t Fhf. bit )CiQiutbimg. 
Ac'efnt, X. (b€f. Gmm. A Mus.) ber Yccent 

bic ectonsng 9 bol SoiqcU^ ) bte %u^iptaHt, 

bcr Kolbntif f a desponding — , ber fUitt' 

nAt^ee Xott/ Jtlemloitt 
To ^coint', V. a. accetttttircn/ betonen ) mit Vc* 

centici^cn urfc(cn) •attftn>re4cn, dnfenu 
AcG^n'tfr, X. Afti x. ber crfle OUcant 
Ac'cfdts, X. pl.^ bieftCbe, Mm, «Borte$ 

0^n4c| (vCd. AooonO; the matloftl -r of 
birdi, ber mclobir^ Oeftag bcr S^cL 

^cc^m^^t C-tihil-]» adj. ben ycccnl bc»' 
trcffcnb/ r^!^t(iiif4f. [aeccilKCccu. 

To ^oewtolte [-tM— ], «. o. betonen^ 

^cdSntQi'tion [— ttlitt-], x. bIc YccCtttllotion. 

To4lte«pf,o.a. (o^tte tt. mit of ) attnc(mctt{ 
to -- of conditioni, eebingungctt ciiigc^en{ 
Omu-x. to — aMn of exchange, eitien CBe4' 
fcl (Mccptiren) a-ed bilU, acceptirteffBed^fcl. 

Aoc^tf bn'jty, X. «td. b. fi. AoceptableneiA. 

iJLcc^p't^ble, L adj* II. --ly, ndn. Ottne^mbtr, 
amie^mtt^, angcne^m, fieb; miafommctt) be 
UMi ni.-neM, X. bicTCnne^H^^t (chief 
eorf^Iageft, }c). 

^coSp't^nee, x. baft Vmi^ai, bic Ymia^c) 
(gttte)l(nfna^e4 QKnmlBtgnng in...) d^t* 
netmignne/berecifaO) Laio,bie1CQtta(me$ 
Cbm-x. bic TCnna^mC; eere^rung; ber CM|ru^ 
(cineft CBe^lft), ber Accept, bie Xcceptotioii ) 
tor want of — , Mangel (an) Vmiaf^me) — 
for part(eoBditional, or qnalifled — ) » bic bc« 
bingteVona^me) -^ opon honour, npon pro- 
test, ber Snteroentionftprotefii ••• being cat 
for—, }ttm Accept gefanbt) (mwofered) a-o» 

^Kccept' Ob. Xcceptationftgef^dftc. 

Accfpti'tion,x.bte7Cntta(me4 gntcQCnfha^me) 
<3nn|l; ber SeifaSj bte (angenommene) Oc« 
beutvng (ber 9inn) cineft XBortcft) Com. bic 
Vcceptationi timeorterm of — , Me V-ftscit 

^co^p'tff (Acceptor), x. ber Knne(mer) Cbm. 
ICcceptant. [ber 6<^nlberlafnngftf4ein. 

^Gc^ptfli'tion, X. JLoiD, bie €$4feinqmttimg, 

^cc^m', X. ber 3ttgang, Satritt (». S^trfonen 
n.€$a4en) an^ L-aw^i bie Kmoortf^ctfti ber 
d^eli^e Umgang) ber dv»a4ft/ bie ^nna^c$ 
Afed. vid. Accession; of easy — , Ici^t }«« 
gdngU*. [Ac 

Ac'c^ssfrfly, Ac'cfssfrin^s, vfct. Accessorily. 

Ac'c^ssf ry, ad?* A x. vid. Accessory. 


^«c«s's{ble,adi.( — to), )ng&ng(i4f (0.$ erfonen 

^ecSs'sion, x. berSeitritt (stt eincmSertrage)) 
bie ®elangnng sn ... 9 Xf^ronbefteignng i Btx* 
me(mng,ber3n»a4ft) L(no^ bicKccefRon^ 
simmer's.—, bic Vnnd^cntng beft €$ommerft) 
— of bodily distempers, Jled.itran^deitft}!!' 

Acc^s'sioniil, adi> (iaivgefagt; ^vgefett. 

^cc^sionf , p<. Sermetntngen (bnr^ ^itt)ii« 
gefommcttcS^cile)) 3ttfd)e (in einer 64rifO. 

Acfcf ss^rHy* adv. alft Kcbrafo^e, bcildnfig/ ac« 


Ac'cfss^ry, I. a^. ^nSttfommenb) beigefngt^ 
tjeilnejmenb, mitfiulbigj —nerves (acces- 
sories) .dttot. ^fii(bttcn>cn| -^ parts, Faint 

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IMnetHi — proof, hn Keds^nocifti to bo 
— to ... , ftdtragcn }« ••. ^ mit^lfcn, mitMuU 
tid f<^) II* '• ^^«* tcr Xtcilttc^mer, 9Xit' 

^ Mu(bifle)berKn(an0,bie3ttdabejbie9tcbtit* 
fa4c, bcr Kebcnuaii^b j fuad and iti — , 
(Sapttal nnb SntercffciL 

Ic'cidf nee, j. (book of — ), ber SDoMt, bie 
flcine latcinifibe ^pro^lebre (f&r^fftttdcr). 

Ac'cjd^nt, $. Dcr (nnoermutbctc, bef. unglfitf' 
U4e)3afan$ UnfaO) boftiufdnigeifeeigsifl 
Fk, bat 3ttfftUide, Ynf enoefentliibe^ Paint. 
b«ft dttffiQifle (»te sufdaig einfaUenbe^ St^t/ 
9{ebenli(bt)) <?ram« bie (}ttfdai0e) Qi%tn* 
Maft etttcS XBortci) Med.^tt^ufaU, QCnfaS) 
iy«r. bad Oet^eicbenj by—, lufillid, sufSnu 
gist ®dfe, i9on ungefibr) — makers, TCcci* 
bcnsicnma<ber, 9Xole|Iibi4ter (Srbt^ter bon 
SRorbgcf4t<btcn, OauaerjimibcS/ 2C f&r ^it 

Accjdin'tfl, I. adj. iufdaig) nii»crentlt<b/ als 
9icbcttfa^cj — coloort, FkysioU jaf&aige 
(pbofioIOdiMc) Sarben} — point. Per. ber 
iDcfcntU^bC/ bie 9{cbenf(ubej III. — ly, adv, 
SUfdUigcr SBeifC; Don uttgcfd^r^ umocfentltib. 

^cciplfDt, «. ber (Smpfdttger j Cdm. ber Vc 
ceptant} vid. Accepter. 

^Gcip'itf rf, «. (p/.^ bie {Rattbv>6deL 

^ccip'jirrDe, adj. ranbcQb, {ti benfRanbodgeln 
geboria) — order of fowU, bie Otaubb^gel. 

^ccliim'. #. * ber laute IBeifoQ, 3unif, baS 


AecUmii'tioo, s. ber frobIo(fenbe 3uruf; laute 
§dtifaU, Sreubcnruf, bod 3ttiau(b}ett;9rcttbe]t« 
gef^rei; ber Yu^nif (bet 5|feiitli4en fiBaf^len, 

^ccl W^t^ry, adj. iunifenb, ittian^iettb. [».). 

^Lccli'ra^tfd, p. a. accUmati|!rt. 

^cclTv'ity, s. bie fleilc7(nf)5^e, ^uffabrt (eiaeft 
SergeO } ^o«^* bie TCttffa^rt (S6f4uiig) eines 
«ttne«. [Ilcigcnb, idje, (leil. 

^ocli'voQtt a4;. bergan (aufodrtS) gebenb/ auf< 

tcclofed', p.du Far. (b.^fcrben) oenugclt 
ccQiade', «. bie ^ccolabe, Umarmung {hd bem 
0titterf4lage)) Mus. bie Jtlommer (inrSer^ 
biitbtmg mebrerer ^tnienf^fleme)) Com. bie 
Jtlanuner (sar ^erbinbung mebrcrer 9)ofien 

Ac'c^lia, adj. Her. angefiblofTen. 

To ^ccSDi'n9date, i>. a. einri^tett; beouewen 
( — to, tta4) ) iuriibten; (aecommobiren), auf* 
Men h appretiren j gfitUib (in ®i^U) bcilegcn, 
f(bK4ten4 to — with ... for ... , fi(b bergleiien 
mit ... ffir ...J berfeben, berforgen^ (Cinem) 
anSbelfen (-with, mit<St»a6), (Stmaft lei. 
ben 5 well a-d, bequem wobnenb. [mdf. 

4cc5n'ai9dfte, adj. paffenb, ongcmefTen, ge* 

4«eWa9tttfB«, p. a. (MTtrdgK^I iM#tlA«^ 
gefdUig; ortig) on — terms, Om. utter on* 
nebmbaren Oebingungea. 

^ecdmmpdft'tioa, s. bie TCnpafPtsg) <&tmi$» 
beit) ^itRi^feit^ Seilegnng, ber (gfitlu^e) 
fierglei^ $ bieSe(|ttem(i<bteitibieScrforgiui9 
(niit6t»aS)/^udbAlfe| to come to an — , 
ein ^fommen treffen) —bill. Com. bet Std^ 
len9e<bfe(/ 9afiarbn>e4fel^ ^rofonnawe^fel, 
Sfonmoe^feli —ladder, Mar. biegrofe9«n^ 

4^ec6mm9d&'t{oni, t. pi. bie Sequemli^'eiteni 
ITbtbeilnngen unb^ammem auf einem Gibiffe. 

^ccdm'm^datQr, #. ber ICttorbner (einer 6a<be), 
eeiter. S^rer) Sermittler. [gefeSfibaftet 

Accdra'p^nied, p. a. begleitet (— by, i&on), wr* 

ilccOm'pani^r, $. ber Segleiter, ®efear<baftet) 
Mus. vid* Aocompanist. pfccottpagttcmeiit 

^ccdm'p^jmfnt, s. bie IBeglcitttng) AfiM* boi 

^cctm'p^imfnta, 9*pl. Paint Oeinerfe i Her, 
ffiopenbersierungen. [PAgitift 

^ccWpfafst, «. Afuj. ber Segleiter^ TCcconu 

To ^ccWp»ny, v. I. a. CS^efeflf^aft leiftot, be« 

. g(eitenri^«'*begleiten/accompagttiren4 Sea, 
gelcitcn; n. n. Mvs. begleitni, aceompagni* 
ren j (— with), fl4 gefeOen (|u)| beiioobnen 
(einer Sranenftperfon). . 

^ccdm'p9Dyjng,p. a. Com. — the present (i.e. 
letter), beigebcttb, beigefUgt 

^ccdm'pljce, s. ber (bie) fRitMnlbige; ber 
Xbcilbaber (an einem fierbreiben). 

To ^ccSm'pljih, V. a. mifiHttti, boflfitbrett} 
(ein Serfprecben, einen ISunftb) erfiUlett} 
begaben, berfeben^ ouftsteren, auftbilben, 
fibmitdten (Jt5rper ob. ®eifl). 

^ccdm'pljsh^e, adj. attfifjlbrbar^ ber Ser« 
boUlommnung (YnSbilbung) fdbig. 

^cc&m'plished, p. a. auftgebilbet^ ooDFontmrn^ 
2ierli4i eleganti an — gentleman, ein aitonn 
bon boUenbeter Sitbnng. 

^ccfim'pllsh^, s. ber SoUenber, eoDf&bret. 

^ccdm'pljshmf nt, s. bie SoOenbungi ^u^fftb* 
rung j GrfuHnng) XuSbiEbung (b. Jtdrper ob. 
®eifi)i bie eerf(b6nerung, ber 9tetH bie 
(5igenf<baft, Sertigfett, berSorjug, baSXa> 
lent J ( 

^cG(im'plishm«Bto, s. pi. Salente, JtenntnifTe. 

4Lcc5rd', s. bie Gintratbt/ Sinig!eit4 flbereius 
fUmmung) (att(b/V»>it.b.£i4tu.04atten)$ 
Mus. ber ^nflang/ TCccorbi Law^ ber fier« 
glci*/ ^ccorb J with one — , einftinuntg; ein* 
mfitbigi with (of) one's own — , mh eigencm 
Kntriebe, oon felbfl; freiwiHig^ Corns, to be 
of — , ttCforb (fibereinftinnnenb) fein* that 
which is of — , in JDrbnung ©ebenbeS. 

To Record', V. I. a. iibereittftinunig ma^en, 

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fKttmeii, (— to, m4)i in ClidlMid trtngenJ for — of..., fSt 0t. ooh ...f for - aBd rifk, 
9er3ld4ai,i»rrciiii8cn,t)a:f6^ttett)aii6d(d4Nett)l filrfll.s]ibOefa(r) forUf — ,|||.|ttr4>dlfte, 
lo—dmculUtB^e^xoicti^HitenfftUuill.rul Qtonto itmeta; forone'iown— , fftt eigeite 

fibcrtinftimiiicii (— with, mt), paffen (}it). 

^ccor'dfnce, s. DtC flberetttfUihiintQd) in — 

witb ..., etncr 6a4r gemdf, |i Solse} in — 

to ..., in dbercinfliminimfl nit ...) (au^ 

^cGor'dfiic I. adj» 11. — ly, ado. iibercisfUou 
mcnb/ g(ctil^f5niiig, gcmif ^ im Oinnan^. 

(Lcdir'dlne, prep, (dgeirtl. \>, part. «. To Ac- 
cord; — to), na4, iu SoIgC; gcmif, laut ^ in 
Znfctnng} — to circoBitances, ttai^l3ef4afs 
fcnftcit tcr Umfl4nbc) — to law, TC^^tMndfig, 
^tft^mStfi^i — to reaion, b€r Semnnft gc« 
mdf I — to your ordere. Com. 3§Tett l(nf« 
trdgen %cm&fi — aafconj.), fo »ie, {c na4« 
t^cm, infofcm. 

^ccAHdinsly, adj. bott (bcr 0^. bcttctt) fiemdf, 
tamail^ j fclgU4/ bcmntt^/ nitdin, alfo< 

To ^cciiat', onrtbCtt. 

^cods'tfble, adj. 2ugdnglt4, nrnddnflUilft, ge* 
ftOifl/ d^prdidt0, ftennbitd^. 

^ccui't^, p. a. Her. htqiizittt, Befcitet [fcr. 

AccoQcbcor [fik-kd-tbai^ , #. bcr OebnrtS^cU 

Acoooehmeat [Xk-kddi'-m^nt], «• bie ff^tt* 
funft, entbinbing. 

^LecOdnf, «. (, UcffttHvw^, %otc$ bef.$(Sonto) bit 9crc(bnvng $ bad Scr|d4« 
nil )>!g.bie0lc^cnf4aft j ersd^tung; 6<bttbe* 
rttag,S)arftfnnnd/(Srfrdnind$ bcr9eri4t5b{e 
fiaitid^U bcr 7(ufr4(uf ) bic aXdnnng) 7(4< 
tun<)4>o4M&(nnd 4 bod QCnfc^cn '9 bet <Sc»tnn, 
6er tbdl 4 detract ^ bteUrfa^C/ bcr(Sninb) 
Old or New — , C^roit. bcr altc ob. ncue €$ti)( i 
to call to — , )ur (Rc4cnf4dft iic^en) to give 
(an) — , (Rcd^nung ((Rc^cnfcbaft) ablcgen 
ben<btcn4 crddrcn^ of—, roid^tiq, DoniSSc* 
bcututt^} of no •-, gcdnsfiidig, niibtd bcben* 
tenb, nicbtd ddtenb^ to make—, baffir ^I« 
ten, g(anbm$ beobfi4tigcn$ barauf rc^ncn^ 
to make — of, §o<br<bd^ $ to make no — of, 
genngf^d^n^ to take an — of, nntcrfu^en ^ 
on — of, and,Urfa4c, »cgcn, nm ... miDen ^ 
on (apon) no — , anf (dncn %aU, bnrtbaud 
ni^U upon all a-i, anf jebcn Sail, injeber 
m^^U injcbcr Xrt) bd icber (Selcgcnbdt$ 
writ or action of — , Law, bit Jttegc wcgcn 
9cr»dgcrtcr1fbrc4nnnd$ Cbm-^.to balance 
(an) — , (Sottto falbircn^ to bring in one's — , 
fcinc 9tc4nnng cinrd^cn, 0t. able gen i to keep 
— , (It f&brcn, (Sottto ^Iten^ to open an — , 
Gonto cr61fncn4 to paw to — , in (H-bdngeni 
to place to new ~, anf ncne 0t. bdngen; to 
tarn {or to render) to — , (Bcminn bringcn, 
igiKU) 91. gcbcn, rcnbtr en i M Dcnntcrefiircn i 

9(.i on — , anf 0L, anf Xbr<blag,abf41dgli4# 
A(Sonto$ to pay on — , atttictpanbo bcsableni 
oi^^^a^fcbldgli* ga^IcttiQKttfdbnf Idfimi 
a payment on — , bie Kttticipanbosablmtg, 
d Qonto « 3a(Inng i bcr iStofi^uf i an open (nn- 
lettled) — , dne offene (nttbcia^lte)0t.) (pro 
forma or) limnlated — , bie cittgcbilbete 9t 
(QontO'Sinto)4 — of ckargei, bie Unfofien' 
(ob. 6pefen«) fit) — of cbargeH (of) mer- 
chandise, bod |>anb(nng9«Unfoflen'(5onto) 
— of ditbortementi, bie Vndlage* (ob. 1Cnl« 
lagen*) 9tota$ — of exchange, baS ffBe^feU 
ob. (Sambto « (Sonto i — of Iniarance, bie TCf* 
fetnranis0t.) — of moveables, bat ^obiUen* 
Qonto $ — of reexchange, bie 9tiiAoe4feI" 
(OticambiO') fft.i — (of) sales, bireerftinf* 
re^nnng) — of settlement, bie 64(itfre<|« 
nnngi --^ook, bad fft'B*9u4f, 6ontobn4) 
*• current, bie lanfenbe ffL , (Sonto • Qorrent, 
ber 0t-d« Tending 4 — current book, bad 
(Sonto • (Sorrent « On4. 

To ^cc5t&nt', 0.1. 0. infRe^sung bringen^^. 
era^ten^dnen/bofdr (alten ()tt». mit npon) ; 
to — to...,cebirenan...4 (vicf. b. iL To As- 
sign); II. n. te4nen,sd^len$ infarnme^e^* 
nen/ abreibnen) to— with one, mit CKnem |tt« 
fannnenre^nen, fi^bere4nen mit...$ M vet' 
ftdttbigen i to~for, dttilbenrtafe (fidr Wood) 
geben$ oerant»ortli4 fdn (fte^en) fir ...i 
ben Omnb angebcn oon ... . 

AccdAntabn'fty, «. bie Serantwottli^fdt 

^ccodn'table, I. adj. (gnt Oie^cttfibaft) oeT« 
pflubtet) (—to, (Sinem) Dcrantioortli^ (— 
for, f&r 9tmad).4 — for, inH. erfldrbar) 
II — ness, s. bie Serantwottli^Idt 

Acc5dn't9nt, s. bet (Red^nnngdffi(rer, Sn^^aU 
tet) (5omptoid|l) a-«, ^erfonen, mitbenen 
man in 8tc(bnnng ftebt4 — general, ber (Safi 
firer ob. oberfle Ote^nungdf&^rer im Jtanglei' 
gcri^td^of ) — general ofllce, bad oberfte 

^ccoAnts', #. (pi. 0. Account, qv.) Com-s^ 
merchants* — , bie fanftednnif^e 9tt4b<il« 
tnng9 book of — current, bad 6controbn4l 
•> agreed npon, ber 3te<bnttngdabf4Iuf $ 
giving np of — , bie Kbicgnng )9on Oteftnttn* 
gen) to settle — , 0te4nnngen abf^ttefen) — 
are kept in ... , man ncbnet na<!b ••• • 

To Accdd'tre, o.a.MU. k Mar. andrfiftat) anf* 
pn^en, araid^m&tttn, andftotten, andflaffiren. 

^kccdfi'trem^nt, s. MU. bie Bolbatenrtiflnttg, 
bad 3eng) ber Xn3ng, ^^, etaat) col. a(t« 
mobtf(be ob. nngcwd^nii^c 2;ra<bt 

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j^eodt'trem^nte, «.p<«dicr4Kttai,Ber|(eniiigm. 

To ^i>/oor«d'|t» V. a* iVi. btjiUvbiget, bevpO* 

iii44ti{eit(euieiiaxiidfk()i CoJiMicae^itiren. 

anco^. [tatioa 

A«creM, AjoereMteenC, #• Jkfv#. vid. Angnea 

Accr€'tioB» #.Bot* A P^. ber {EBa4^&t(iun, btc 
^nl^funa, baft 3tttte|men (eincS Jt6q»er6, 
tc)4 right of—, £ato,baft3n»a4fttttdftre4t 

Accri'tiTe, <M|. Bot.Ai?ty. lunetnenb, »«4« 
fenb) ---motion, bie iitne^menbe Semcgnng. 

Accrimfai'tion, s, trid» CriioinatioB 

To Aecroa€h', o.a. M lotberrre^tlt^ bemdit* 
tiden, iueignen, onfUl bringeii/ oiiM retfen. 

To j^oerHef, v, n. asft StioaS entfle^cn, mi>a4« 
foi j guioa4fKB^ {^in^ttfommm/ juf aQen. 

Acciim'bfiicy,«.ber Ucgeabe (Uii|Qenbe)3uflanb. 

Acdbii'b^Bt, mdj. (alb ti^genb; fi|aib, le^nenb. 

To Accf^nOUte, v. I. a. (4afen, on^dufen, aufe 
^aafen) II. n. M ^ufeR/iuae^men^ioati^feii, 
^. ^ntfjimtn (im Q^vten ob. flMfen)$ a-<i 
troMon, innc, eta auft ^erfidftiebenen IBerbre> 
^11 infaameH er»»a4fener |>o4berratt. 

AccH'mOlftcadi. iufammc nge^Attft, aRgel^aft. 

Acoomfiift'tioD, t. bit j^dttfung, ^Xft^ufitngi 
berjKuifts Ltnos. bie Vn^dufvng me^rerer 
inter in einer f>erfon j baft 3nfanune«treffen 
»erf4i^ener Umfidttbe }it einem IDooet fe. 

Accfi'mfilftrve, I. adj. an^dufenb j angefi&vfi} 
H. -ly, ado. (att^i»eife) ant^dufettb. 

Acc8'Btltt9r, #. (Smer;beran6duft,bcreer« 
me^ter. [naue ^i^tidf eit, f)iiRf titciihit 

ic'c&r^cy, s. bie (Seiauisleit/ ^oYgftlt) ge* 

Ac'c&r^te, L adi- U. — ly, adt?. genau, rid^tig; 
p£ii!ttt4^ forgfditigs genan beftimmti o^ne 
Seller ^ Bott-^ly, attfft ®enattefle| m. 
—neM, f, vid. Accuracy. . [»egen). 

AccQ'f^ble, adj. anllogbar^ ftrafbar (— of, 

Aoc6'f«iit, «. Iam, ber Kitfldger, ^dger. 

Xccufa'tioii, #. bie TCi^Iage, iOef^nlbignngj 

Accfi'f^ve (— case), #• ^am. bcrOCccufatio. 

Aocil'f^tively, adv» Gram, alft TCcatfatio^ ben 
TCccufatiD betreffcnb. 

Acci'fftQry, adj. eine Jtlage ent^Itenb pb. i»er« 
arfa^enb i — IibeI,bieJtiagf4rift;9te4^tftfloge. 

To Acciife', V. a. anflagen, bef^ulbtgen (—of 
athiog, »egei einer Bait)i tabeln, mifbiU 
ligen. [IDenuBdant; bie Xnf Idgerinn; k. 

Acctl'9^, 9* ber Ynfldger, Jtldger^ bef. Low, 

To AccWtQm, ^o. gew6^sett (— to, an). 

Aec&a't<>Bed, p. a. getoo^nt, gem6(nt ) geoS^R' 
tt4,gebrda4U(]^$ a shop irell — , Com. ein 
(oon itunbes) fiarl befu^ter ^ben. 

i'oe, s. baft Yfr. ®rdji) bie «inft (auffiBitrfelR 
ob.Jtanen)i>!g.bieAleinigtett$withtnaD — , 

ttmeftt^Mr,MM|f4 mc an -, ni^t UB 

eXinbefle( —point, ber ^fpoiift (bie ecite 

beft flBtlrftlft, looraitf baft Xt Mt). 
^c^b'^lote, adtj. f opfloft, (aoptloft. 
Acerb', adj. berbe (i» Q^efimaiJt)/ bitter, 

ftrenge, f4^arf ^y^.raiit, ftreng^ (art, f^orf. 
To Acer'bate,o.a. (erbe maiden lAg^.MrbitteriL 
AceWbjty, «. ber (erbe Q^cfd^mad, >ie ^erlHg« 

leit) ^. bie |)drte, etrenge, aait((ett (bet 

Q^emitt^ftart ob. ber Zittc^' 
AoeWic adj. iumXi^xn ge(6rig$ bon Tt^emi 
^— add, CTiem. bit X^omfdure. 
Ac'froBB, Acfroae', adj. Bot-<. fpretiartig, 

nabelfSrmigi — l«avet, 92abeiiu 
iLc^rva'tioD «. bie Inf^dufitng. 
Ao£fl'c«acy, J. bie C$dtterli41toit (S^eigung yn 

0dure}f esdure, e^drfe. 
^c^s'cfDt, adj. fauer nerbenb, fditemb. 
Ac^i'centi, s. pMHuge, bie lei^t falter mermen. 
^cStiib'lUviii, s.AntLL bie^foaoe^ Bot. tint 

Ttxt beft 93e4erf((»ftmmeft (JPadza) ; ZooU 

t»d« CotyledoBi. 

ic'etfite, s. Chem. baft efflgfattre e^TMat 
Ac'etXt^d, adj. (Mm. effig i*gefdiiert, fdserlu|». 
Ac«'l|fm[&k-V-shi-9]a], «.A.«i0,biedumeiftmg 

ber 6<(abeiterra(l(age an bie QoeeaVBoBGli. 
^cCt'ic, adj. Chem. iffig ent^oltenb, acrtifd^i 
Acetite, 9. vid. Acetate. [ — acid, ^gfdure. 
AcCtuse', adj. 6dttre ent^oUenb, fSnerltit, 

fatter) f((arf. 
AcStOt'jty, #. bie 6dtierli4feit, Cditre. 
Aes'toas, adj. (efllg') fatter, fdnerli^. 
Aee'tvjB, s. Chem. bcr ISeinefftg. 
To l^he [&k], V. n. fi^merien) «»d. To Ake. 
l(be (tmpr. Acb), s. ber B^mtCii md. Ake; 

BoU bie f>et^fUie$ - boae, ^nat.ba64)fi|ti> 
Ach'SrdB, s. Myth, ber TCt^eron (Zxanrnfufyi 

* baft 64attenrei4, bie Untermelt, ^dOe. 
AcMev'^ble, adj. auftfil^rbar, t(unli4^, »6g(i4. 
To Achieve', v. a. auftf(t(ren, looHbringen, }tt 

6tanbe brisgen^ (mii(fam) emerben^beronu 

men, erlangen^ baoontragen (ben ®ieg), go 

Achieve'm^nt, s. bie TCuftfl^mng, SoIIeabttng i 

^elbent^at, f^xofti^aUfig. baft (grof e) SBert, 

^seugnip) Her. baft (bsrit rfttmUAe :>;(«* 

ten ermorbene) SSapen. [fitger. 

^chlev'^, s. ber e&nbringeri ^neerber^ Se* 
A^hn'Ua, s. ^i(iaeft(aR-n.)| -teado,i4nat. 

Ach'ljs, 9. Med. bie TCugenbecbimhlung. 
A'(hor, », Med. ber SRiU^fcborf, Of nfpruag. 
ishrpm&t'lo, ai^. Opt. farbenloft, a^romotif^ I 

— giaMea,a4romatif<)e(^Idfer(bet6|piegeU 


Digitized by VjOOQ IC 




^f^t^ivlasfenb) IL adv. vte ^tabete. 
Ac'id, Chem. I. adj. foiut, ^ethti II. #. bie 
endure 4 a-«, p<. 6£irai. [tenb. 

Actdif ?roiM, fjTiem. oiff. fnier^ 6toe eat(al« 

iLcidifl'^Ue, adj. Jiutvhax. 

^eid}f|di'ti»n, «. Chem* bie 0duenrag. 

^cid'iflfr, #. Chem. ber Cdumtbilber. 

To ^cfd'ffy, o.a. fduern, faser ma^eni Chan. 

^fii cine endure i^ernhiitbelH. 

let dim'stf r, *. Ckem. bcr etoenmefer. 

ic'f dist, s. ber ICcibtfl (TCn^inger b^r 4tmtM« 
mebi^imfJ^cQ Se^re oon ben ednrm). 

f cfd'rty, A</idn?M, «. bte eiun, Tcibttfit. 

JLcid'Glae, #. p^ ber easerbntRnen. [ffinem. 

To A<nd'Gmte« V, a. Chem. fduerli^ nia<beii, 

^cTd'aiona, adi. Chem. fftnerliit. 

Acina'ceous [— thi^s] , adj. vid. AciBOte, ice 

4c|na^ifonn, adj. Bot f&belfSrmiQ. 

f ctn'lfofn, adj. Anai. trotibenfgmig J •- ta- 
nnic, bie Xrauben^aut bed Xoged. 

AcfnOse', Ac'lnoai, ad;. Mtn. fotntg. 

Ac'invs, *. Bof. bfe einielne ©eere ber jnfom» 
mengefe^teit S^erenprfi^, j. 9. berSrom* 

To ^eknowi'^e, v. a. (fftr gfiltifi) «nerf en* 
nen, agnofciren^ recognofctreni befennen^ ein* 
gefleten $ fftr etwas erfenntti* fein^ erfenttenj 
to — tiie receipt (of a letter) , ben Qhttpfong 
(etneS OriefeS) cm)efgm. 

f ekaSwK^fdly, adv. anerfiamtntermftf en. 

/LekB«wK^iDg,p.a. <Tai/.er!entttlt4^, bonlbar. 

^ckntfwl'f d^iB^nt, #. bie Ifnerfenttttng, Law, 
ICgnftion^ fltecognftion^bad ^efenntntf (eines 
^^lers)) bie ^ntf^nlbignng) ber ^pfang* 
f<!^in) Low, 0tecognittonSf4nn$ bte (Sm^ 
pfangdanjeigej <a-§), bie ^Fenntli^feit. 

Xc^me, s.fig. ber ©ipfel, i6*fte ^nnft j ifcd. 
bie (di(fle «^'fi6 einer ^^onf^eit. 

Ai/b*, 1. Afed. bie ©Ifit^e i« ©eff^t 

l'c«, #. /cfc. bie earbeSe. [tarbiener, (Refner. 

tdSKptMit, ic'^tj^e, #. Bcc. ber ^olntj, » 
c^pBite, s. Bot. bie «Bolfb»ttr|, bod ©fenftftt* 

lein ) * ein t6btU4t9 (SKfL [natter, 

^cfo'tiai [♦-k5n'-ihj-^], *. ZooJ. bie ^feil* 
A'cpra, 1. bie CK4e(4 Mar. ber glfigelfnopf. 
I'cQroed, adj. Gfi^eltt trttgenbj Her. (eine 
.Qfi^e) mit Qi^eln oerfe^en. 
A'corui, #. Bot. ber JtQhnn§j JVat. bie blane 

JtoraHej Afed. ber groje ©algant. 
^eod'ttic adj. nHW^i — <*act, ^inat. ber 

dnfere ®e(6rgan9$ — ifistnunent, baS 

©prtt^rojr, |>6rro^r. 
^cod'rtjca, Phy. bie tbtf&, e^ioWi^xe, 

(SeWrfunbej Afed. OeWrarjneien. 
To ^cquiUntf, v. a. (— one, QKnen) befannt 

ma^ (-- wifh^mif), bena^^tigea (— oft 

oon). [ber (bie) I9)efttnnte 

^cquftiB'tfBoe, •.biel9)e!anntf4«ft) Jtcnntnif i 

^cquiia't^ p.a. fxtottftt (— with, nit)) mu 

terti<Stet(— oftwn). 

^cqaeitf, #.b«S erworbcneOlttt^bte^ebening. 
To Acqoi^c«' [ik-kwH^ » o. ». (-- la) , fl^ 
ben^igen (bei)^ iufticben fein (mit)$ einwtU 

Acquia'c^nee, «. bie 0ittlbflttgnig , 3«|H«« 
muttgi Grgebnng, ffftgnng (-- ia, in). 
Icqulif'efBt, adj. tttt^giebig. 
^eqaiH^bK adj. enoerbbar, crUngbar. 
Toj^cqoTre'yV.a. enoerben^erlangenjcrrei^cn) 
UtntTLf criemen. 

^cquire'm^Bt, x. bie Gnoerbvng; Srlaiignttg) 

bie bnr4 S^eif enoorbene gi^feit ob. %t> 

Acqoi'fYr, $. ber Gnotrber. [tigfdt 

AeqaffPtion, #. baft Qhrweibett; droerbnif | 

bie Gnoerbnng^ Memimg) bas enoorbene 

QMi bcr ^nfaufi bie IBtfi^nalime, Utoht* 

rung J — of glory, enoorbcne •Jre. 

^Lcqut^'itihre, I. adj. cr»orben; er(«ngt| 11. 

— ly, adv. Gram, anseigenb, baf tin Siitmoxt 

to Ob. for na4 PA ^t. 

i|Lcqnif'}trven^, s. FkrM. ber Chr»erb§{lmL 
Tt ^cqaif , «. a. befreicn^ f reifpre^n; loSfprc* 
^cn^ crlafTen; qnittiren) to — oae't lalf of a 
thiBg, M tincr Ba^ cntlcbigcn^ to — an 
obligation, eine eerbittblt4l|^iterfftnea) cine 
©o^ltjat erfcnncnj lo — (oBe't aelf of) a 
debt, eine G^nlb abtragen^ to — one of a 
debt, OHnem eine e^nlb erltffen^ pidd and 
a-«d, beiablt vaA quittirt 

4Lcqiiif,*.(frans.) Com. bie Ctnittnngj p«r—, 
(anf bejabltcn CBc^feln u. 0te4anngen) be 
Sa^lt; er^altcn. [fpre^uag. 

i^cqvrftfl, i. LaWf bic ^teifpre^ttng ^ Sof* 

/Lcqaft't^nce, 9. bie 0efreittng (von einerSer* 
binblt4feit)| Comrs. bieKbju^lnng; £Lnit' 
tuttg) ram of ->, bǤ QCbfinbttBg^uantum, 
bie Xbjinbnngftfnmmej — In foil of all ae- 
coQB^, bie (Seneralqnittnng. 

A'crc, s. ber 5Rorgen, TCder Jattbrt (4840 
Ctnabrttt-garbO? an — ofmpeei, einSod 
(100,000) Otupien i — shot, —tax, bie ®ntnb« 
^ner (na4 bem Hdtx). [bemi6gcnb. 

A'cred, p. a. col. ommbeigcnt^vm befi^b, 

AcrSiae', 9. {c^n SJtorgen ^nbeft. 

ic^rjd, I. od;. f^arf^beif enb.terbc) n.— nect, 
i. bie Gk>4tfe, ©itfcrfeit, perbigfeit 

lcr}ml^n{oBs, I. adj. II. — iy, adv. ^erbe^ 
bitter) fig. ftreng, beifenbi m. —nest, ». 
vid. b. f. flS. 

ie'rjmpny, 9. bie G^firft (eincr Gubflans)} 
fig. bie ©ittecfeit, etrenge, ^eftigf eit 




Icr^^mXt'ic (— cal), adj. Ph. ^tf^dm, tinge* 
loeiH/ griiiibtt^ gele^rt, cfoterif4. [Ux^6^. 
^cro'miSn, s. Anat. bofi 7(fromion, bie 64ttl« 
^crte'fc, 4^er9B'ic«l (Acronycal), ae(7. .1ft. 
ahoniM (eigentL aihroit^^ifi). 
^er5D'jG^ly» odv. iljt. }nr a^omr^en 3ett 
Ac'rospTre, s. BoU bet Jtetm (f»cf. eincft Gamens 
forned aufer ber Grbe), baS (Olatt*) Seber* 
Ic/rpsplred, p. p. k a. fdmenb. [4ett. 

^gtQm', I. adv. !reit}»cife) with «rnu — , mit 
oerf4rin!teii TCrmcn ifig. loibrid, undlfitflict 4 
0. prep, queriibcr^ qner ob. mitten bur4. 
^crSi'tic /\»et. I. «. bad THhrofli^on (Slameo' 
gebi<(t)s n. acO'* vid. b. f. SB. 
Acrtfi'^c^, I. adi' aftofd^i ^' -^y* <><2v. 
^8let4 einem ^nhrofti^on. [vtd. b. f. ffB. 

AcrQte'ri^ «.pi.ilfiat. bif drtremitdten) Arch. 
Ac'rpt^ri, «. pi. Arch. Heine niebrige 9^^ ge* 
fleDe am S)a4diebe(9 beSgl. bie barauf fte^en* 
ben i93tlbfdulen. 

To Act, V. I. n. (anbeln, )tt &ttU ge^en, mir 
fen ) to — upon certain principles, nai^ ge* 
nifTen (Bninbfd^en (anbeln^ to — ap to an 
order, einem IBefe^U qtmHf ^anbeln^ U.a, 
in 9)e»egung fej^en, (bie S^itigfeit) befiim» 
men$ freiben, leiten) aufffi^ren (ein X^eater* 
ftfi(t)$ fpielen; barfteSen/ (a part, eine OtoQe) 
geben, fpielen, agiren^ to — oat of character, 
anft feiner OtoUe foQeiL 

Act, «• ( baaf>anbeln) bie |>anblnng, 
ZXfcti ber 64ritt; baS<9et^anei ber6trei4 j 
bie lIBtrnidlifett^ ber )Cnftug OUt eine6S(^ea* 
terftfidCes)} 2:.aio,bie flSer^anblung^Yete^ Pari. 
ber Sefd^ittf , ba9 SDecret, bie Ycte (baS ®e* 
fe^) A£. bie S)iSputation) ber Hctah (6|fentl. 
feierli<l^e f>anblsng)$ Law, baft Snflniment/ 
S)ocumettt4 in — , nixtlidfi imlBegrijf$ in the 
▼ery — , auf fcif^er Zf^i to pot into —, in 
YuSf&^ning bringeU/ oeriDir!Ii4en; — of aj 
student in diyinity, Ac. bie t^eologif^e 3n> 
auguralbigputation) —of faith, Ecc. baft 
Yutobaf^l a-e of penance, Sufiibangett^ 
Com. k Law, — of abandonment, bte (Sef* 
llonftacte) — of casaation, baft (Saf[attonft« 
urt^eil) — of honour, bie 3ntertcntionft« 
actej SZot^abrefie^ — of grace, vid. Inaol- 
▼ency (act of—); — of navigation, bie 92a* 
«igationftactej — of oblivion, bie TCmnefiie) 
— of letdement, bie X^ronfolgeacte. 
Ac'tjnf.p.j.&a. baftf)anbeln, flBirhn) e^pie* 
len (eineft @4avfpielerft) j ^nbelnb i — burgo- 
master, ber amtfit^renbe (rcgierenbe) 9)nrge« 
meifler$ —partner, a>m.ber wirfliieTCIToci^. 
Ic'tjn^Iite, s. Min, ber Gtra^lflein. 

Ictfa^fftn^c, adj. ftra^lftdnartig. 

Ic'tion, >. bie f)anbliuig, %t^tj Phtf. bie 
ffiirhngi PiDeU bie f)aupt(anblung (einet 
®ebi4tft)j Rhet. baft O^eberbenfpiel (beim 
Sortrag), bie TCction) PainL k Sculp, bie 
{)altung, eteQnng (einer ^igur), berTCctj 
Phytiol. vid. pi. ; Lavh-s. bie jtlagefa^e^ (ge^ 
ri^tli^e) itlage^ baft Jtlagere4t4 Mil. baft 
Xreffen, Gefe^t^ Com. vid. pU ; to be in — , 
»ir!en, in Semegung feini iit for — , ^u (Be* 
Mdften gef4i(ft j fuU of-, gef^dftig^t^dtig $ 
gefUcnUrenb) Laws, to bring (enter or lay) 
an — against one, ^emanb geri^tUi^ belon* 
gen) to hold a-s, proceffiren) (; an 

— upon appeal, bieXppeDationftflagej — for 
debt, bie Sdl^nlbnage; — on policy, ber ICf* 
fecuransprocep j an — for trespass, eine petn* 

^ti^e Jtlage. 

Ac'tion^le, I. adj. U. — ly, adv. eine gerii^t* 
li^e^ge snlaffenb; Kagbar, belangbar^pro* 

Ac'tion^ry, A'ctionist, «. (fran).)/ Com. ber 
QCctienbefi^er, tction&ci Kctien^dnbler, Gf^ 
fecten^dnbler ) society of actionaries, bie 


Ac'tionf, #. pL Physiol, bie lCctipnen(eern4« 
tungen) ber lebenben^jrper^ (ftan^.) Com. 
H^tn, TCnt^eilf^eine^ to hold -, Xbeftbcn. 

To Ac'tjvate, v. a. in X(|dtig!eit fetfen, in ® ang 
(Semegnng) bringen, mtrffam ma^en. 

Ac'tlve, adj. t^dtig, werft^dtig. betrtebfam^ 
»ir(fam, noii^enb) ieb(aft,ger4aftig) hti^t, 
gewanbt$ praftif44 Gram, actit) Com-s.-^ 
capital, — property, baft eigene Serm5gen 
(eineft Jtaufinanneft) an barem(3elbe,®ntnb* 
|aL*en,«Baaren, «Be*feIn, xa tJCctiMj - 
commerce, ber Yctio^anbel, YuftfuJ^r^anbd) 

— debts, Vctii^ftulben/ (anftfte^cnbe) ©*nl» 
ben i — property of a banluupt, bie SXaflc 
eineft gaEiten J —verb, Gram. baftXctitum. 

Ac'tjvely, ad». t^tig/ Wirffam^ gcf^fiftig} in 
^ber X^at) Gram, alft ^ctiDum, t^dtig. 
Ac'tjven^s, s. vid. b. A. Activity, 
^ctiv'lty, *. bie S^tigteit^ SBetriebfanrfeit, 
(S^efd^aftigfeit^ffBirfTamfeit) in full-, in ooU 
lemCSangcj featiof-, JtnnflfHide} sphere 
f- berffiirfungftheift. 
^ 2Cn»al t (im CiDilproceffe). [©♦anfpielerinn. 
Ac'tr^ss. s. bie l^anbelnbe rotihUM 9)erfott $ 
Acts, s. pi. Bibl. (— of the apostles), bie 
^poftelgef^i^te^ Law-s. bie TTcten, Ote^tft* 
firiftcn^ — of parliament, bie ^arlamentft* 
acten (6tatnten beftJt6nigrei4ft)j - of God 
and the King's (Queen's) enemies, (in IDOCU* 
mcnten) (5^ere 3Xa4t. > t 

.,,,,_., ^oogle 




gc9ciiw4r%ic^id)— caoteriM,Siifigr. cigent* 
li(^c SrennmittcU —debt, mtrffi^t 04nl*. 
^cni — ■crvlce, bcf. Jfii.Krn»trflt<!^eS>iaifl) 

— state of natten, bie dcitumfMabe, 6on* 
innctiircn) ll.-ly, a<te. ia bcrX^it, »W« 
U^$ gcgcniodrtigi tapply— on hand. Com, 

IctiOU'jty [-ttha-]> *' ^tc flBirfUi^ecit 
Ac'tufry, #. ber ^ctvartH^/ ^rotocoOifi, 0tegi« 

ftrator, (®eri4ttf«) C*reiber$ chief— of a 

firm, Cvm. bcr erfke Ocfi^fUfiL^rcr. 
To Ac'tDftte, 0.0. iiiQfioedttng ob.X^ttdfdt 

fc^cn, in Oaitg bringen, ontrctbcn, trciben) 

a-d by ..., angetricbcn bon ... . 
Actoa/tioB, s. bic ffBirfung/ loirfcnbe Jtroft 
^cu'l^fte, .'Lcfi'leStf d, at^. k p. a. Bot. fta^C' 

%/ fpifid) ZooZ. mit einmeta^cl bcrfe^en. 
{LcQ'l^, <.p<« Bo^ ft Zoof. eta^cln. 
4kci&'in«D, X. bie f(^arfe Zv^t^fis. bie e4arf> 

To ^cQ'nf nite, v. I. a. )ttft>{^cn, f^irfctt (os^ 

>Ser-)$ H* n* R4 ^dclf5ntttg er^eben. 
^cO'nlnf te, Acfi'minAted, adj, k p. a. f^orf 

ActtnjD&'tion, «. boft dufpi^eu) bU f^arft 
CSpibc) >^- ^t( e^arffiimtglitit. 

^cQ'ininoas, a<j;. fpi^g. 

^cute',^'. II.— ly, adv. f|>{^idJ4arf4 Bot. 
fpi^jfl* Mus. rtttrf, ^cn4 >fe. f*arfllniitfl, 
frinj —accent, 6Yam. bcr QCcutn^} — an- 
gular, fpibmnnig} — disease, Afed. eine 
^tbigc itran^ett^ HI. -ness, «. bie 0pi^id« 
f eit 9 e^rfc j>ig. bcr C^rf^nn, bie 64&rfe, 
Scitt(^cit, j>cfti9fctt;itnfU (eincr Jtran^eit)4 

— of discovery, cine fiartc Unterf^eibttngft* 
fTaft$ - of theeye, bieei^rfe bedOefi^tft) 

— of sounds, bie e^drfe ber Sonc^ — of ^ddic'tion.x. baftXBibmcn^bicffiibmvngsiSr' 

wit, bic 64arfiii^tigfeit 
Ad [ad], LaUprep, nac^4 — libitum, na4 

4)clicbeni — valorem, na4 bcm IBcrttie. 
Ad'fge, «. boi Cprid^mort/ bie SXoxime. 
^da'g jo, Afux. I. «. bas Xbagio 1 11. (mIv. obogio, 
^Uttgfam nnb fanft 
Ad'vm, #• Vbam (9R-n.)$ — s-apple, Sot A 

ilaat. ber K-^opfeU — '« earth, bie 7(-«' 

crbc, OomoScencr QttUi — s needle, bie 
^X-6nabc(, 9ucca. 

Ad'f mJUit, s* ber ^iamant, SDemant. [artig. 
Adymynti'^, adj. (art nieSMonuint/ bemont* 
Ad«BStt't{ne, adj. bcmantcn i fi%. nnserflMor; 
^nnattfIodU4$— spar, Jiliii.ber!Kamantfpct(. 
Ad'^c-eartAf, «. GeiA.eiiiT, bie abamif^e Qtrbe, 

ftot^leibe, engliMe Orbt 

To Adipi', o. a. onpifienb ma^en, onpcfen/ on^ 
n>enben (— to, auf )$ to become a-ed to, 
tertrant nerben mit..., fi4 ge»6(nen an ... . 

^daptvblKjty, «. bie Ynnenbbarteit, yafli4« 

AdSp'tfUe, a4y. onwcnbbor. [feit. 

id^ptt'tion, X. bie irnpafpnig, ^Cmoenbung) 
ba« ICnpaf en. 

^Ldip'tion, «. vid, b. b. Adaptation. [3Xu6Un« . 

^\d'^tis, f. Cbm. eine TCrt feiner o^nbifclKt 

Adiji', ado. now — , ^t ^It Sage, \s\X. 

to Add, o. I. a. (in)ut^nn, ^ininfagen, beiffigen 
(— to, }n)) betf^Iiefen) na^tragen^ (baft 
^lenbe) erg5n)en, na^iaftlen $ (to — to) oer» 
me^ren^ (to — np) abbiren^ to — the In- 
terest to the capital, dinfen ittm Capital 
r^iagen s n. n. (ingnf^mmen, beme^ren $ this 
a-s to my grief, baS benne(rtmeinenihim« 
men — to this, (ier)tt fommt no4, ba|tt 
fommt) a-ed to, nebft 

Id'd^ble, adi, verme^rbar) v»d. Addible. 

Ad'dftis, Id'd^tles, x. vid, Adatls. [|e(ntett. 

To Add^c'imite , o.a. Law, bende^nten ne^mm, 

Addenda [fdd^nM^], pi. X4t. SSa^trige. 

Addendum [«dd«nMvm], x. lit. bcr^ttfa^, 
Kn^ang, 9{a4trag (eine» ffBerM)) gem. pi. 

id'dfr, «. Zool. bieKatteri -bolt, -fly, £»t. 
bie Sibelle, Sreitjangfet) -stung, bon einer 
Matter geflot^n) Bot-#.— s-grass, ba« Jtna* 
btnfrant* -s-tangne, bieftatterinngej — s- 
wort, bie 9{attenbnr}. 

Addjbn'lty, s. bie eerme^rbarfeit. 

Ad'djble, adj. berme^rbar, snfilgbar. 

Ad'djce, s, otd. b. ii. Adz. 

To Addfct', o. a. wibmcn, mei^tt^ to — one's 
self, M ergeben, M iiberlaflctt (— to viee, 
Ac bem tafUt, u.). 

gebuttg, Sleignng, ber ^ang (- to, in). 

Ad'djng, p. p. (©. To Add) ; — charges or ex- 
penses, Com, mit Snbegriff ber Gpefen. 

Addiction, s, ba§ 4nn)nt(nn$ bieOeifftgung^ 
Ut ber 3ttfa^ (in einem <Berft)4 ^ic 0tanb« 
gloffe^ ber3niDa4§/ bieSerme^mng^ ouig. 
ein bort6eiI4afeer3ufa^, 3terat§$ i4rith.bie 
Xbbition^ Mus. ber $nnft (neben ber Kote 
aUeerlAngemng$}ct4en)^ Loto, ber 9tebett' 
titel (Aeifab iumSor' n.3unamen)$ Htr. 
bas Oei|ei4en$ Diit. ber S^Mi Com. ber 

^ddt'd^n^i, adj. (in|ngcfebt;berme^,er(((t, 
na4tr&gli44 — happiness, ein Suwad^ ^ 
QUiidi Com. k Law, — charges, bit fteben* 
tofbn, fJebenflpefenj — (^d conditional) 

Ad^sft'olf , s. Dot. ber Saobabbonm, Wen* danse, ber 3ufabartife(, bie 3iifab«tfnnbe'9 
brebbanm. - credit, bcr enpplementarcrcbit) - dnty 

.,„,_., Joogle 




«rt«i» bar itm^iM, Ut Ka^fkuai -a tiMfaf i^d»t. (lNtu)ber gtHt^dter Cfai cfaw 

freight, bU S»t*n»lade) - paymeBt, berlid'Sliide, «. 7Cbe(|etb (S-a.). [f>com]«). 

9{a4f(b«f . [^Mi)»i»ctfe. IddlfD*, «. Xbeline (S-iu). 

^ddi'ti^a^ly, wlo. all 3ttfa(, aU 3ttd<iK <Ui«U^4top'tioB, «. Law, bic iSesM^, 9exta« 
Id'djtrve, adj. f^imfttfHX, (u|nfligeiib. bmg, fts^ie^naa (cmeS Sorre^ted). 

Id'dift^ry, actj. ocntt((renb, oergrif crnb. Ildtedg'r^pky, s,AnaUtit IDr&fenbef^retbviig. 
id'dle (Addled), adj. Ieer,ttnfru4tbar,fauIiQ/ Ad'dnord* udj* br^eKfkmid, brAfenartid, bt^ 

i^ecborbeni — egg, bal SBlabdi coi-«. — Ad€a61'9gy, #. ^not. bu S)riifeiiic(r(. [fig. 

Imined, —headed, —pated, lecrtjpfig, Icer^ 
(imlol, »iibid, ttnbefoiincn} — braiot, — 
pate, ber buwne, einfdltlgt^enfib/<3ufaU»« 
Irfnfel) — pUt, ber e^ieloerberber. 

iddon'fd, p.a.lfer. attdiodm (mit bem flttden 
^ega einottber) gefebrt 

To^LddrW, v. a. (-one*! self to), (fi(bait3e« 
naiib)ioaiben; (Otmad an l^n) riibten* (an^ 
Ur fUUtbif^en eume) em Xtnttfft, ets ®eftt<b 
eitgebcii, oboi Kntrag fleScn^ ^leignen, an* 
xtUm to — good! (to,®iim) aSaareit fen« 
bai <coii|lgttlnii)4 to — a letter, etnen ©rief 

obrefllren) to--paperi, yapiere fiberf<brei> 
bea$ to — the king (the Senate), M f<bnft* 
U4 an ben ^nig (an ben Ceaat) menbcn) to 
-^ a lady, eiaer ^ame bcn^of ma<beB$ a-ed 
biU, Com. ber JDomtciNffBeibfeL 

iddrJ^M', j; bie Xnrebe$ (Stngabe; SittMnft^ 
f)a]^4rift, S)anfabreffe) Fori, bic ^at»or» 
ten, »eI4e bem eonoerain anf bie S^ronrebe 
iibergebenioetbett; bie3ttf4rift$3veignttngi: 
bie ©emonbtbeit/ (Sefftidni^Mt/ Jtunfli ber 
Ynfianb^ bie{>attttng| bal9enebmen, bte^Dta« 
sier^ Sebenlarti SiebeSben>erbnng(ge». pl.)i 
to pay one'i a-et to, M bewerben um, (• 
a lady, einerS>ame) ben^of »a<ben4 tomake 
one's — to one, (Knen anreben^ M (about 
a thing, negen (St»ad) an (Sinen loenben i 
Com^» to forward to one'i ->, an S^nonbee 
(ob. na4) ^reffe beflcBen laflen) — in cue 
ei need, 7Cbre||e anf ben SiotbfaO. 

ber SittfteQer ) btr, wtHtx eine TCnrebe (dit 

To i^ddiice', v. a. beibringen (Seneife bnr4 
dengen, 7L)i anffi^ren (e^riftfteOen/ lu), 
miffitlUn. (eine Vntoritdt, :c). 

^ddfi'c^Bt, adj, AnaL aniie^cnb, }vfaminea» 
ite(enb| — maide, ber XniiebmuSfeL 

4^ddtt'c)ble, adj, anfi£i(rbar j an^te^bar. 

^ddfic'tion, «. AnaK bt< TCn^iebUttg) lit. bie 
^nfajrung (einer ecbriflfleae, ic). [genb. 

^ddjic'tjYe,(Mi(7. Jemnterbolenb, b«nuiterbrin« 

^ddilc'tor, s. AnaL ber Ynitebnml(e(, Xa^te' 
hn, Xbbttctor. 

Ad'gnte, «. Com, cine QCrt SaumiooIU 

^TCIeppo (auib marine ootton genannt). 

Ad&kOie', Id'f noni, a<i^. vid. Adenoid. 

id€odf 9my, s. AMt. bie S)rvfensergUebenng. 

Ad^pt', Ur. ber JhmfberfMnbige j eiagei»eibtt{ 
(fibntragen ooB)yKc/i.ber®o(bma(ber,Kbept$ 
n. adj, funftoerftdnbig, erfo^ren, gele^rt 

Id'Sqn^te, I. o«b'. Q* — ly* adv. tngeaKAeB 
((difig mit to) i ^nldngUA/ i^oKftdnbtg ^ UL 
— 4ieM, «. bie <9emdMeit, Xngemefrnbttt, 
Stiditigittit (ber S>arftelbtng bel Ser^dltml^ 

^d<«cM« p. a. Aig. Sttfammengefe^L [fei). 

To Adfiliate, Adfiliatioo, tnd. To AfOUate, Ac. 

To Adbire', v. n. onbangen, anflebcn (— to, 
an))/— to..., M^ten an ...5 to ^to- 
gether, lufommenbangen} we shall— to your 
order, Com. »ir merben 3(rer Sorf^fl 

^dh^Vfnoe, (-qr), j. bos ^ongen, TMtt 
htni fig. bie TCn^AngUibfttt^ Grgebenteit. 

AdhcVfnt, I. adj. anbangenb, anflebenb; on* 
§ingig ) n. s. ber 7(n(dnger 4 m. — ly, odo. as* 

Adhe'r^,s.berKnbdnger. [^angenb^an^dnglub. 

Adhe'fion, s. Phy, baS QCn^angen (}. A. beS 
Oifeni an ben SXagnet), bie Yntlebnng. 

AdhS'siTe, I. adj. 11. — ly, ado. lit. kfig cot^ 
(angenb, anK^enb$ — plaster, bad ^eft« 
pflafier } m. -ness, s. bal TCn^ngeabe, ^efU 
ftcbenbei bie Jtlebrigfeit 

AdhoHtftpry, oc^'. ermotnenb. 

XdiXph'^oQs, aij. nnbnr^Mtig. 

Idi&pk'Qroas, adj* gleifbg^Uigi Chem. nra« 
tral) -salt, bal9ientralfal| (ein^ttelfalj). 

ld|Spfa'9ry,«.bie®Iei4gdttigfeit| balSXitteU 
bingi Ghcm. bie 9Centralitdt 

AdleQ', I. adv. (Bott befb^Ieu, lebe (leben etc) 
mobl, Xbtcn$ n. s. (aui pi.) bal Scbcmo^L 

ToAd{pOc'ir&te,v.ii.inSett»a^l oermanbebu 

AdjpDclri'tion, #. bic Ccrmanblnng in ^ttt' 

Ad'ipQcire, s. bal %tttmad)^. [wa^l. 

IdlpOse, Id'ipons, adj. Anat. fttti — mea- 

^brnne, bie gettjanti — doets, bie gettjeDen, 

Ad'jt, *. Min. k MU. ber 3ngang, etoOeni 
magcrnbtc @ang )nr ICblcitnna bd SBaffers. 

44ia'c^nctes, «. pi. angrcnicttbc Jbrtcr ob. Um 

id'eb, g. Gm. eitt dgt)pttf<bei (SmiM t>on 810 ber, bie nmliegenbe Oegenb, Umgcgenb. 
okes }n Srotolos, nngcf.2S>ra4mett»cni« U4jft'c«ncy,<.baS9?abelicgen,btc7Cnfire0inuL 
gcr,al«eittaiglif<be»yfunb. || baft Kngrensenbe, Ynfbf enbc. 




(— to, aa)$ — places wieA^aceMieft. | Tbdlei^fhtngen} a-ing weight, bee f>robc 

A%eti'tioai, a((j. (msQ^et^an/ ^tR)tig(fe(t. 

Ad^fctfve, ^am. L f. taS ^ectio$ II. -4y, 
«ufo. aU 93Kioort, objectiDifd^. 

To A^dYn', «. I. a. beifftgen^ (ii^iiflidni/ an« 
ffigeni n.i».n&(^e Kegen^angniQeR/AikftDf en (on 
6timis)9 adjoioiog room, bol Stebensiimner. 

To ^<l|oani'. Part, k Law, v. I. a, 9ertageR$ 
oerfi^beniauff^lebeni IL n. M toertagen. 

^djoarD^^t, «. iVL A Law^ bte Sertagnng j 
TCu^fetung; mtxfi^Uhnnq, bet :Viiffi4^ub. 

i^djowaSn'-ieed, f.Gom. bCT bcngolifd^e Tnie^ 
f .^Immi eopftotm). 

To HjM^f^f v.a. Lav, j^erfeimen; Snfprt^m ; 
DerurtftcUen, conbemntren (— to, gti). 

^djftd^m^at, s, Loio, bic intthmxmQ (einer 
etrafe), bciS Urt^eU; bie Itonrt^eihrng. 

To ^dja'djcite, Law,v. I. a. iverNnnen^ II. n. 
geri^ttt^ crfennen (— apoo, thtf). 

4Ldjfid)ca'tioii, #. Law, bit 3»erfemitutd/ dtt« 
f9re(titii04 bo^ 1Irt(eiI, ber dte^sflpnt^. 

To ld$9gite» n. a. onioi^ett, }iifa]ii3Beitio4ai. 

Ad^finct^ L «. ber 3nfa^ (etmad IBetgefllgtcS, 
— to, )s)^ AfetapA. bic Gigenfc^oft) Gram. 
A Log. bad Xbiitnctum^ ber Xbjmict, Xnts* 
ge(filfc$ n. atfj. Der^binbeit (— to, mit)^ bci* 
gefeat4 -deitiea, Jtfyt/k bie ^fllfftgatter^* an 
^profeisor, Ac eiit asperorbeutli^^er 9ro« 
feflbr, |>er3Bfat. 

^djfinc^on, s. bieSetfSgttsg^boS^iit^nfligeR) 

^dj&Dc'tive, I. s. ber Seiffigenbe^ bad eeige« 
fugte$ IL adj. m. -ly, adv. beifSgenb, oer« 
binbenb) oeretnt. 

Mi^Bc'tly, adn. fblQliil^4 bomit berbsitben. 

idj^ri'tion, «. bad Sef4»6ren/ bte 9ef(t»5* 
nmg, brtRgenbfte Oitte^ (Sibedformel j QCuf« 
erlegmtg u. Sorf^reibung bed Gibed. 

To ^di'fire', V. a. brtngenbft bitten, anrvfcn^bes 
f4»drcn (— by, bei)$ ((Sinem) ben OHb anf« 
eriegen ob. i»orf4veiben) ben <3ib juf^neben. 

^djb'fr, «. ber 0ef4»drer ) ber onf einen Gib 

To^djttsi', CO. inSDibmittg brtngen, otbnen^ 
^erein^imnenb ma^ev (mit to, }n». an^ 
with)) yafenb nuuben, onpafTni) beri^tigen j 
OIR&tien) ittfliren) (Oleioid^t) aid^en) ab^ 
ina^en, abti^nn^ gibli^ beikgen; f4Itd^en4 
Com-^. A Law, to ~ an accoont, eine dtecb" 
ntmg otdglei^en^ ben 6aIbo gie^en^ falbiren$ 
to — the average, bie f)afereifofien an^iben, 
becfen^ bidpa<btren) to — a baiiaeat, ein (lto« 
f4dft abma^eni Meeh-M. a-ed weight, ab^ 
gc}ogened(abgeai(bted)(S(eiot4t) a-fag scale, 
bie (^e)3ufiir«ob.KbgIei<ftnngd«flBage) 

^djisf^r, *. ber ©eri^tigerj «ennitt!er} Kb« 
^djiifffm^at, s. bie^erx^tigungj Xmjrbnmigj 
einri<btnng (einet SRaftbine, tc.)} bad Xbjtt» 
fliren 5 TRtben ^ bie IWregiing (elncd ©treited)^ 
ber (giitli^^f) Cerglet^ j — of the average. 
Low, bie ^Cbma^nng bed 04abend (bei 
^Citiffen). ' [bie gef(bf<fte Ifnorbmnig. 

Ad'j^tSncy, s. bie IbiutantttT; bad !DteIbomt$ 

Ad'jytant, #. ber Tfbjutontj gen. dbtf^tlfti — 
general, Mil. ber ®eneroIabittfttttt J a-» ge- 
neral, pf. Ecc. bie (Seneralabjiitinrtcn ber3«» 
id'jvtpry, adj. Jelfenb; be W**. [fWten, 

iddvviat, La* be^filfIi*/farberH*,nfitU4j 
II. «. ber (Se^iilfe) bad {>filfdiBittet. 

To Ad'jipvate, v. a. nnterftfl^en, (elfm, bei* 
fte^en^ befdrbem. 

To i^ssMfffte [fd-mfeh'-vr] , v. a, (itb*)mt\» 
fen, oi^en, 9ifiren) Law, jnt^eilen, snmefen. 

^dni^af'vrerafDt, s, Law-s. bteKbmtffnng, bad 
XbmefTett) bie geriibtL ICndmeffmtg n.dumef« 
fnng) iniiviim^i }>a^ ^af (v. (Sefftfcn cb. 
€$4iffen)$ of the — of..., oon ... Xonnen> 
gejalt, ...grof } bill of-, ber SJTef brief ftber 

^dmSa'tyrf r, s, ber XbmefeT; lodsieirer) iT> 
m^^/ Sertf eiler. 

^dm^nsOrS'tion, $. tfid, Admeararement. 

Admfnie^^r, adj, (iilftei^, be^filfli^. 

To Admrn'fstfr, v. I. a. loenoalten (bef. dffentT. 
ICngelegen^eiten); i^orfle^en i ein Xmt Derfe(en, 
fnngiren i obminiftriren $ andt^eilen^barrei^en 
(bie © orramente 5 Kr$tteien, ?c.) 4 to — an oath, 
einen Gib f4»6ren taflen 5 to —jet^oiuytiSi^tf 
fuddt ern>e(fen$ ILn.beitragen, be(£lf[t4 fein 
(— to, |u)5 terwatten (— opon, iStmah), ab« 
minifWren. [gejfirenb, abminifteieO. 

Admlnfiti'ri^l, adj.FbL inr0taatd9ertoaltung 

^dmin'ittr^ble, a^. tenoaltbar. 

To Adminiatrate, vid. b. !»• To Administer. 

Admjojstra'tion, s. bie (bef. dffentl.) IBerwaT* 
tungs (Gtaatd «)0tegierung4 eenoaltungd* 
be^dxbe^ bad 9){inifterium$ bie l^enoaltnng 
ber®ilter einedCerflorbenenj (poblic— ),bie 
fllegiei Xndt^eilnng (ber ©acrttmettte)^ — of 
Jnstice, bie Ote^btdpflegej — of the poblic re- 
venoes, bie ©taotddbnontie, 6taatd|inan}en. 

i^dnfn^strative, adj. venoaltenb) botrei^enb, 
ert(ei[enb5 be^iilfli^, f6rberli4. 

idmjnistriV. s. ber iBenoalter, Timt^HV^ 
wefer, Kbminiflrator) Giner, ber Me filter 
einedSnteflotnd abminiflrirt) berlfndfpenber 
(ber ©acramente)) Se. Law, ber ©ormunb, 

Digitized by CjOOQIC 




Admjnjitrfi'trix, #. bic eenoaltcrintt, (Bor« 

fie^crintt,^mintflratorinQ{ cuic8ratt,i»cl4c 

bic Outer cincd SntcfiatiK obminifiTirt 
Xdiuir«bil'jt)% «. vid, AdmirabieneM. 
Ad'niir^hle, 1. adj, bciDimbcrttdmiirblg, Dor* 

trcffli*5 — pear, bie Stoicbclbimj U. -4y, 

ac/u.iurecmttQbcrttto0, vortrcff(i4/ sbcrau^} 

111. -neM, «. btc 0c»uitberndiDttrbidf(it, 

Ad'iairyU s. Mar, bet KbmiraU Own, bie 7Cb' 

niralf^Qcitc (bcr QC.) i EnL bcr 9tmniiicn>odc( 

(X)j Lord High — , bcr (S(rof«bmiral (bon 

Qtndlanb)^ rear — » vid. Rear; the — '• ship, 

bad ^miralf^iff ) fcbcS ftrofc ob. ^nptf^tf 

(}. 9. cincr f)aiibcU|Iotte). 
Ad'mir^lty, s, bie Kbmiralitdt, bcr ZtctatSii 

—court, ba0 K-&gcri4t) vid. Court of — | 

-RieMengert, QC-dbotCB, 7C-4conricrc. 
AtliujraVion, s, bie IdciDttnberttngi taken ap 

with —, mit «• erffittt j note of-, baft Xu^ 

rufund^ict^cn [!}. 
To ^diuirc', V. I. a. bdounbenti /am. fc^r lie* 

ben, anbctctt) H* n. M wunbcrn (—at, iibcr). 
^Ldmfr'^r, s. bcT 9ciDttnbercr) fam. eere^rer, 

£icb(^abcr, ^itbetcrj a fooKih — , col, etn 

SRaitlaffC/ X^r, Hiaxt. 
^dmir'jngiy, ado. bcnunbcrnb^ mit Senmbe* 

xun%i mit Scnounberund. 
AdiDrwAJbil'lty, s. bie duMffigfCit. [lict^ d&ltig. 
jfUloiit'iijble, 1. adj. IL — ly, ado, ittliflid, S^IAf ? 
^dimii'sion, s. bic dttlaffusd (— to, gu)) @c« 

Hattnn^i Xufna^me (—into, ttt)^ £cc bcr 

(Smpfand bcr fBci^c i bcr (3itt(ap;3utritt) Phy. 

bcr dugang i Log- ^ic iSinrdufliund 9 —money, 

baft 6tn(a|lde(b. 
To Admtt', It. a. jttlafrctt^bcttSutritt oerftattcn 

(-to, into, tn)3 iu cincmTCmtc lafTcnj (}i»o. 

mit of, Gt»a$) guIafTcn, cinrdumen, gcjlattcn, 

onnc^mcn9 to— into an account, €dm. in eine 

0lc4inuid aufnc^mcn. 
^dmit't^ble, aejii jnldffig. 
^dmlt't^nce, s. bicdulaffund/ Yufna^mei €^n« 

fuf^rung (au4 in cin Xmt)$ bcr 3utritt. 
^dmit'tf r, s. bcr QCufnc^mcnbC; (Sinfu^rer ()« 

ctncm Tfmtc ob. in cine ®cfeaf4aft). 
To ^dmTx', V, a. bcimif4cn. 
AdmYx'tlon, «. bie Seimif^uttg, bct3nfQ|. 
^Ldmtx'ture [»d-myk»'-t«hvr] , #. bad Ocmirtte, 

bie aXif^uns) ^^ SRiff^cn. 
To Adafinlth, v,a. crma^ncn, criimcnt (—of, 

an)$ manten (— against, boriStmaS)) Ecc. 

cincn ScrmciS gcben (—of, against, f&t, Sber). 
^dmdn'jsh^, «.ber Qtvmaf^ntv, @riQQerer/ffBar« 
^duion'jsbmfnt, $. vid, b. f. SB. [acr. 

idm^f tlon* #. bie Ccmttimnig Mmicnnis, 

fiBantnig4 ber Senbeid fiberb.) Ecc bie 3«« 

re^twcifnag, eifbcrmabmtng 
Idm^ni'tionf r, 1. ber 6ittenprebi0et. [nerab. 
^dm5n'itifve, adv, ermabneob/ mtnaib, tna« 
idmdn'jtpr, 1. vid. Adnoniaher. [neab. 

^dmSn'it^ry, adj. ermabaenb, erinnerab, max* 
^IdnWc^nt, adj. an etwad TCnbcAn na^foib |an 

—plant, cine 04marov^fhinie. [^ewt^fo- 
Id'nftte, adj. Bot am etengel maifenb, ai> 
$.dif, s. bad Sbntt/ Sreiben, ffBefen, Xnflb^^ 

bie Senbimmg, ber Sftrm, bod (Serdufflb) bie 

^Kitbe, 64»ieriflfeit; Sef4n>erbe5 m«ch - 

about nothing, biel Sdrm urn 9ii4td| after 

much — , na4 bieler ^Mf^t, enbUib* 
Id^I^s'c^ce, (-cy), «. bad SAnfllbiil^aUrr, 

bie Sngenb. 
IdffMc^U I. a<(/- im Sfindlingdalter fM^M 

matbrenb^ ittgenbli^^ U. «. ber Sinigliag. 
^ddi'phils, s. Xbolpb (9R*n.). 
^do'iHfc, /\iet I. adj. abomf4) H. #. (ob. — 

▼erse), ber abonifcbc Strd. 
^ido'nys, «. ATytA. Xbonid (bedflL d-K.)) Ar- 

eitt r46ner3iiBdiin8ibera(eliebte eined!Rdb» 

(bend 4 —flower, bad Xbonidrdd^ttt. 
To id'^nbe, v. a. /hm. f^dtt b^taudpn^. 
^dOorV* adv. tmig. an ob. oor ber 2^iir. 
To Adftpt', v.a. aboptiren/ anfinben^ jig. an« 

ne^mcn; beipffiibten, biOiden^ M incignen^ 

anmafetti an a-ed child, ein Xboptiofinbs 

a>ed captain. Mar. ber ecbf^liffcr. 
AdSpt'fdiy, adv. bir^ Xboptiott angenommen/ 

bttr<b Ynnabme. [Jtinbed), TCafinber. 

Addpt'f r, s. ber Vboptirenbe, TCnnebmer (eined 
j|^dfip'tion, s. bie Kboption, bad Xnhnben) fig. 

bie Idmabttc) the — of Tice, bod 9)efreuttbeit 

mit bcm Rafter. 
AdVM^«> ^' aboptib) aboptirt$ fig. fremb 

(ni(bteingeboren)$— father,berXboptibbatcr; 

—children, aboptirte (ob.XboptiO')Jtiiiber. 
.fdl/r^ble, I, adj. II.— ly,a(lv. anbetttttgdwdr* 

big 4 HI. -ness, «. bie TCnbetnngdioiirbigfeit 
Id9ri'tion, 9. bie QCnbetttttg (®otted) i fiereb* 

rang} Ecc bie eerebntng (Xboration) bed 

nengemdblten ^apfied bnr4 bie itarbindle. 
To Adore, v.a.attbetett} berebren^/mn. leiben* 

f^aftliib Uebeni fig. anbeten, « oergolben. 
^dsr'^r, s. ber Ifttbeter (dotted) 4 Cerebrer (- 

of truth, Ac., ber ® abrbeit, ic.) 4 fam. ber lei* 

benMaftlii ^eberbe,^. Ynbeter. 
To Adorn', v. a. f(bmfiden, |ieren (|>erfonett n. 

Dinge) ) oerf 44nem (eine dtebe)'d ^d^t 

fbtfUn, oerberrli^en. 
4id6r'n«r, #. ber 6<bmii(fcr^ «cr|ferer. 
4Ld3rn'm«nt, s. i»t.A>Sg.ber64mit<f,3i(rat(^ 

bie ISeriierung^ 9erf45ttenmg, 3itrbe. 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 




waRer. [.(C.J Gwrd. XioA 9)fropfeii.D M- ^^fttg; bdt^ig^ ihfed. (i^tg, en^ftnbrt. 

^doftc&m'tion, s. Bot. (Cyc) bie Sefi u^tung > 
Adoised, p. a. Ifer. vid. Addoraed. 
^Ldov^n', I. prep. « unten, ^tnab$ n. ado* nie* 

bemdrU, xtUtn, f^imh. 
Adragantb, s. vid. Tragaoiath. 
A'dri^n , Ad'rj^in, #. TCbrlas , ^ahxiwx (S-n.)* 
Adri9n</ple-red, s. Cbm. tod tfirfif4e0totb,ber 

Xltjari (dnc TCrt Uoantif^en Jtro^pd). 
Adrjat'jc, I. a(^'. abmtif^ 5 II. i. (or —sea), 
' tai atriatif^c ^SRecr. 
AdrTft', adv. k adj. H^in (aof bem ftBajfer) 

f4»wimmenb, treibcnb, ben SBeOcn prd^ge' 

gebcn^^g* auf bad ®erat^mo|^U to break 

~ from the mooringi, Mar, bie ^nfer Ud^ten, 

^druit', Ladj, II.— ly, ado. fiCf^^icft, dcnxuibt, 

bebcnbe, pflffidr ^erffblasen $ III. — ness, t. tie 

® cf^icfti^^nt, ® cioanbtbcit, Serf cblagenbeit. 
Adr^^ adj. (ttoib bm Gttbft) bttrftig^ trotfen. 
Adscjtif'tioat, adj* crborgt, binsugctban. 
Adula'tion, /. bad 0(bmei4^cltt/ bie €$^meid^e' 

let i fam. bie S»<bdf4n>in2ereL 
AdQia'tpr, 5. ber €$4iiiiei<bicr 
Ad'ul9t9ry, acfj. [(bmci^elbaft, f4mei4Ierir<b< 
Aduln'trfM, tf. bie 64niet(blerinn. 
.\dult', 1. adj. ema^^fen) II. s. bie enoa^fme 

^erfon (Low, D. 14 bid a53abren). 
4Ldul't$r«nt,«.bcrSbcbrc(ber;bie Sb^bre^erittn i 

ber JBerfdiMer) bad 6erfdlf(benbe. 
To AduFt^rate, v. I.n. 6bebnt(b begebeu^ fig. 

bepedtcQj II. a. oerfdif^en^ iDerberbeit) a-d 

money* falf^bed ®elb/ falf^e 3Xutt}e. 
^duFt^fte, I. p. a. II. — ly, adv, ebebrc(berif<b h 

rcrfalfd^tj m.-neii, *. bie «erf4If4tbett, 

SSerfdlftbailfl. [f4ung) tnd. Adnltery. 

^dultera'tion, s. bad «erftttf*eii, bie «erfdl» 
^dul't?r?r, *. ber ©b^breiber* Script, ber 

Ooienbiencr) ber 9om toabren O^lauben Kb' 

trunnidc) ber Srbifd^definttte. 
Adul^tf ff IS, «• bie ebebrecberi&n. 
^tdul't^rifae, L adj. m ©bcbni^e erjeugt^ wr« 

fdlf4»t, «ne(bt/ttnterdefcbobett3 n.«. Lato,bad 

im ^bebmib erjeiigte Jtinb. [borben. 

^dal't^oQs, a(0'.ebcbre4enr(b {^.unecbt, oer* 
4LdiiKt«ry, «. ber^b^bru^ ^y^.bidBerf olf (bung 5 

5cripe.bicUttfcttf(bbeit5 Kbg4tterei}Kbtr4tt*| 

^diis'tjble, adi.oerbrennU<b. [bie iSntsinbung. 

Ad&s'tion, ^.bieSerbrennuttd/ berSranb i Med. 

To ^dvUnee', v. I. a. torwdrtdbrinften, »or* 
rdcten^ befdcbem, erbeben$ er^dben,oerebe(n, 
9er$errli<ben5 vorsiebenj beMIeunigen; »or« 
betfagen/ ooraudflbtcten ^ Dorbringen^dufeni) 
aufftdlen) oorattdbesabl^n, torfcbiefeit (eine 
6ttmme ®elb)) (<9elb) attdlegett/ t»eclegcn) 
to — the price, Com. ben f)reid erb^beil) U. 
n. oormdrtdgeben, i»orriid(en/ aan&tfen^ {fort* 
f^britte macbeti; iunebmen (— in, in, ait dU 
mad) j 139111-*. to — in price, im ^reife fki* 
genj to— on the last bidder, (beiKuctionen) 
ben ^tta, itberbieten. 

4^dvance\ s. bad IBonodrtdgebett , Itnrdcfen^ 
Sortriiden) ber ftufenmeifeSortfibritt j Sort' 
gang 1 bie^erbefferung { ^erebelung i (Kmtd«) 
iBefdrberung j bad (Sntgegenfommen, ber 7Cn« 
badGteigen (ber^reife) i bie Xud(age,ber Ser< 
lag, (®elb«)eorf4nf (</.p^.); badCi^ntbaben) 
(— on the last bidder), bod^dbergebot;!IRebr« 
gebot (bei TCvctionen) $ an — iu cash , an — of 
Bioney,eine bare<Sntrd^dbidnng ob.6ergdtung3 
in—, imSoraud, prdnnmeranbo^ to be in or 
upon (the)—, im Sorfibttp fein, in YiMtaee fie* 
ben h to be on the—, im$reife fleigen i — gnard, 
MU. bie Koantgarbe, berX^ortrab $ Corpoften ) 
—money, ber (Q^elb«)Sorf(buf h bad^anbgelb \ 
b6bere (9ebot (in Xnctionen)) bie yrdmie. 

^dTltnced', p.p. (9. To Advance), —in years, 
in Sabren corgeriidfti —prices, Csm. bobc 
^reife^ — work, Fort, bad Sormcrf. 

i^dTllnce'm^nt, s. bad Sorriicfen, ^ortrdtfeni 
bie (QCmtd«) »efdrberans5 ber Sortf(britt(ii 
ben SBiflenftaften k.)5 bad ^aibdtbum. 

/Ldvtne'^r, a. ber 9efoTberer$ ®5nner4 a s, 
pi. Sport* bie (Sidfproffen, (SidfprifeL 

Adviln'c^, (jr.)p2. (b. Adyance, ^v.) jbef.Om. 
Kttdlagen, JBorf^bitfle? ^raufgelb^ f>anbgelb , 
foryour— ,gegen3b»®titbaben$ to make -^ 
eorf^buffe ma^en^ ^ilffnungen mo^en^bie er« 
ften ecbntte tbnn, (Sinem) entgegenlommen. 

^dv&n'tfge, s. bie ftberlegenbeit, berSorsng 
(mitof&oyer); Sortbeii, ®e»inn, 9{ttbcn$ 
bie gdnfHge ®e(egenbeit4 to hate the — ot 

nigeritDommabrenCBlanben. [Klter.|j one,'imJBortbeiIfeitt(inSe}ugattf3emanb); 

^diut'n^ss, s. bad (Snoacbfenfein, er»a(bfene| 3emanb fennen, bon bem man niibt erfannt 

Adiim'br^nt, adj. abfcbattenb; im Umri|fe. 

mirb i to the best—, anf bad ISortbeilbaftefle^ 

To ^dum'brate, v. a. bef^atteni fig. abf<bat* Corns, to sell to — , bortbeilbaft berfaufoij 

^ten, f^attircn, fK^ircn. to tnrn to — , (S^eminn abwerfen, Sortb<iI ge» 

Ad»mbrft'Uon, j.bieKbf(battung;6fi»e4/fer. mdbren, rentirenj personal a-s, Mrperli^e 

bie f<battcnfarbige gignr. Soridge ; -ground , MU. bod^ »ortbeiIb«f*« 

^dan'cjty, s. bie Jtrnmme, f)a!enf$nnigfeit Senom) fig* ber SortbeiL 




To Adiilii'ii4«» ti.a. vor4cif(afr (nft^lu^)|ITo ^4v€rf , o. I. n. (-to) attf St»a6 merfcs, 
rdii,c{nbringctt,(3cmanban)nfi^en{ nu^barl aufmerffamfcfn(aiif), eSioa^rnefimen} ^in< 
mttieit; bef5rbcm. [Sttdtl »eifen(attOjn.«.to-(thcnilnd)to...,(frin 

^dvftn't^^ed, p. a. torstigUt bcgtibtj bet>ors| ®cmut(|) feinc KnfteetfTamhit aitf Qttoa^ 

^flnfHg (mit to); 11. -ly, ffrfw. wrtfteiC^aft 
mit 9^tttcn{ HI. -nesi, $. btc 9(u(barfcit; 
Advlcti'tiow, or/;. dn0Cffi^rt; au6MnMf((. 

^Ldver'tf nee, ^Ldver'ttncy, *. bfe Vixfmcrffaii' 
Ad ver^t^nt, at/i.ovtteerffam; a^tfam i matron. 
To Ad'vf rtlte,ldvf rtl^e', o.a. bena<)ri4tigen, 
bcrf^ten) ofltntlid^ cinseiaen, bchantmaf^en. 
^dver'tifeiiifnt, Idv^rtffcrm^t, s. bie99ena^ 

Xd'vfnt, s. Rec. bcr Kbvcnt, bie Ibimttjeit. | ri^tiditng, 9ia4n4t, ber Seri^t) Me Chin' 
Xdv«Btl^io««, hadj. binmcfommtn, {ufSnig, nentng, fiBBamung^ bie ((ffentlt^e) Vnittge; 
unwcfctttK*, frmbi H. -ly, arfv. jufdttls. ber 1fnf«lagJ|ettel. 

Advlnt'iifl [— Uhd— ] , a«&'.|nm7(boent ge^6« 

^d vent'ure [— uhyr], i. baSTbcnteuer j IBage'' 
fH(f ^ bcr airfi(t»fall, 3itfaff) b(rt iufamgeer* 
etgr.if) Com. bie gemogte (bef.ifiberfeetr<l^e) 
{HtnbdSitnterttcbmttttg; fctwirtS itttteniom« 
mene 0pcctt(ation, TCtMittur^ Mar, hit Seu 
(aft, baS 9rdgcpi(f ber 6eeleute5 ~ in a mine, 
Min. bcr StUXi bill of—, vid. Bill; groM — , 
wU Groii; by—, Doii ttngefS^r | at ail a-i, 

To.f dv^ot'ore, v. I.a.WQgeit/in (9cfa(r ob.aufS 
epic! fe^n) 11. N. fi<b crffi^ncn, cs wagen. 

4^dv«nt'nr?r, s. bct ICbcHteurer, ®Ifi«$dttcr, 
seBage^lS5bernMgcnbeUntemc(meri Com. 
dnerchant — ), bcr Untcmc^mcr otif gitt (Bldd, 
bcr rcrfte^^liocifc (bef. fibcrfeeifcbc) Gpecula* 
ttonen ma^t^ ber 64(ct<^^ttbler< 

Adv^ntWetdrae, 1. ndj* vulg. vid. Adventn- 
roas; U.-^nem, «. bieM^ll^t f^ertDegeil* 

.fldvCnt'aroiM, I. ndj* II. ->ly, adv. H%n, l»er< 
mcgcn$ abentcuerU^; wogliib) in. — neia, 
X. bie M^nieit; «en»egeii^t, Keigsag sur 

^Kbefttetter(i«!elt$ ffBagli^feit 

Ad'vfrb, «. Gnmu bal9{ebcn»ort,Tbi»erbi«m. 

Adver'bi^l, Grum. 1. aij. iieben»drt(i4, abuser* 
HdHMl n. — ly, adv. aid S^ebeimort, aboer* 

Ad'v«rB9ry,L#.ber(i^egner,fBtberfa4(r^ BthL 
ttiberfa^er^XeKfeli il^tfi*cntgegen;fetnbli4< 

ttenb,abwrf«tip. [«ittbe»6rtcr,T(bwrfatiM. 

AdvCr's^tlvef, #. pi. Grnm. cntgcgcttgefe^te 

Ad'v?ri€, 1. adj. juwibcr, wlbrig, entgtgeni 
— fortone, baft !Btifger<bi<t| — party, bie 
OegcttiMrtti, berOlcgiieri - wlndu, mibrigc 
«liibe< II. — ly, ad». jawiber, ie.j gani an* 
bersi III. -^DeM, i. bad flBiberfprc^cnbc, 
entgcgcnfcia^ ber ttibecA>ntdb$ SRangci m 

Adv«i^a|ty. s. bie«ibertf irtigftit,ba»ttagIM, 
ber Unfaff i bie Xrfibfal, Kotb, bad QHcnb. 

Id'vfrtlfff, idvtrtlf'f r, s. ber 9eita4ti4ti' 
ger; 7Cn)eiger; ber dfcntli^e Vnieiger, ba& 

Advice', *. ber (gute) «at^ Ksf4(ttg ; Me fir* 
lodgung ; Skrat^f4Iagimg ; 9lai^xid^t, ber Se» 
xidft, Com.%^i$; Corns, ai per—, lantlfiif* 
gabe, laitt ikri^t; for want of — , megen 
aXangel bed «eri*tt5 with -, miter W* 
gabe; without further —, o^ne wefteren Sc- 
ript; letter of — , ber Xi^idbrief; —boat. 
Mar. bie 7ix>i$Mt, bad Yoidf^iir, f>oftf4iff. 

AdvifVble, I. adj. rat§fain,|utr5gU<b, nS(Kd^; 
filr Cguten) fllat^ empfdrtglt<b; 11. — ncM, s. 
biefllatWamWt; empfdngK^feit fftr (gutea) 

To Advif e', t>.I.a.«RatJ geben^ratjen^abrat^ ; 
bcrat^en (Ginen) ; bena^ri^tigen, beriibteo, 
mclben, anseigen; to -on..., 0tat( ert^* 
letiber... ; to-to (athlng), ratten («incm 
eine [ob. }tt etner] Sa^e); to --and aMi«t 
one, 3emaabem mit 9tat( nab S^t an bie 
^anbgc^ea; Comr^. to — a bill, eiaea fBe^* 
fel aoifirea; advising ae (ns, Ac), antrr 
Xageige; II. n. (-with one, mtt«taem)rati« 
f^lagca; fiberlegeai Co — with one's self, 
mit M Stt ftat^e ge^ea. 

Advifed') p. a. bebadbtfam, bebd^tig, 9orft4« 
tig: beba^t; oorfe^i^; ill-, tmbeba4tfa«9 
well-, loo^bebd^tig; be - (by me), laf 
bir rat^ea; fct i»orfi4tig; as — , Com. last 

Advff'^dly, adv. ttitScba^t, mit ftberiegaag. 

Advif'fdntss, «.bieSeba4tfamMt,9ebd(btig« 

AdYf^«r, *. ber «at(^geber, «erat§er. (Teit 

Advlf |ng, port. V. To Advise, qv. 

AdTif '0, X. ber mn, bad Titifo. 

Xd'v^c^ey, x. bieSertretVRg eiaed ICabera (brt 
«>or Qkrid^t)/bieeert^iguRg; e4tttf4rift; 
bie XbDocatar; Xbtocotea'Sacaltdt; in - 
of..., iar 8ert(e{big«Bg t»oa .... 

Ad'vTCfte, X. berXbW)C«t,6a*»alter; »er« 
t^eibiger, eerfc<(ter ; * k Bibl. ber Sfirfpre- 

**^'**^?^!._, Joogle 




yloibiren, otoodrcii ; U. n JBcrtreter fein ; to- 

for, (®ne») boi flBort men. [ecrtretniid. 
iffv^c^teiUrp, #»bieVbeocater,ISert^bidiui0; 
idv9cft'Uoo, #. bk ^Decatur, S^^runs einer 

0ledktftfa4e; eertretuiid/ eert^bigan^. 
idv^l&'tion, «• bo^ |>fai}]tfltege8. 
IdYpn'tioa, #• baft |>iii|iti«i(i(B. 
idvo#2e', #. £ci:. ber itiriftenpatron; QM^irsi" 

i»09tj — pamaomt, bcr<t»aitptfir4eii|Mitrott 

(ber Mni^ bit Jttoigtnn). 
Advowy Advowry ; o/d. Avow, Ac. 
ifldvo^f9n,<. Z.ai0,baS9atroaatre4t; appen- 
dant — , baft biagU4^c yatronotrectt; — In 

groM, baft prf^nliite 9)atronatrri|t. 
Adz, (Adae), s. Carp, k Gpop. bUi^o^Ibeifel, 

f>o^lbeUkfe(; Jtmaimlatte, Jtmnmoort/ baft 

Ae» i£ [(]» ein £>op9i3ltnt, becm^L €$pra4c 

nii^t cigeittttaa^. IB^cter, bie ^er tti^t 

^'^fU(p«» «• Af«d. ba93iedetaiidi, (Skrftoifom 

ComVnge); Bof. baft ^afatgraft. 
i£'^ia, «. bu £dibe (ber e4»iib bcr OXuienM) ; 

bit e4v|»e|r. 

ifigypti'^evm, s. Mtd. bie dgi^ptif^e ealbe. 
MQf^nu, adj. aeoUft ; — harp* bie Veolft^arre/ 

tBinb^orfe. [fBinbinflniaiait. 

A%^qphgn, «« Afiu. mod* baft Xcotop^on (ein 
At'fiU «• Cftroii. bie Xera ; vid. Era. 
Aft'rifl, <K&. )tir &tft de(6dg, ob. anft & be« 

fle^^ Iiiftig; boa bee & eqeugt; in bcr & 

befinblulb ; bte & bemol^nenb ; ^o4 ; « ^(erifd; 

- acid, Chmn. bie SnftfAltre; -trareiing, 

baft ^nftceifeii ; — ▼oyage» bie Stiftreife. 
A'€ri«, AS'rfe, t. boft 9ttft (eineft dtasbboftclft)^ 
.bie ^oYft ; bie emt/ baft Qebrftt (9Uttbb6gfl). 
Adrjfic&'tion^,Ph9.bieeerbinbnnd ob.^itKung 

nit &ift; bie Serfl&ttignttg, eeibaxiDfinig. 
A'Srjform, A'er|fi>nn, ocCj.i^y. luftttrtig, gaft« 

ortig. [ob. anfiOen. 

To A^i9, «. a. Jfcy. mit Zaft berbiaben ♦, 
Aerpdf nia'tca, 4. /%y. bie ^ftfta^Ie^re. 
A^rSg'r^phy, #. JPky. bie Saftbef^reibuttg* 
A'^rite, «. Afot. ber qCcrolit^; Olteteorfiein. 
k^nMUle^, adj. i%y.aexoIogif4. 
&«r«l'o«Yit, «. i%y. ber Snftfitnbige. 
A«r5l'Qiy, #. ilfiy, bit «iiftte^re, inftftittbe. 
A'^9BiIncy, «. Din. bie £nft»a^rfagR:ei. 
A^A'aSi^r, 1. Phy. btr Ettftmeffer, baft Xero** 
iSrte'gtiy, s. Pky. bie inftmef ftinfl. [meter. 
A'dr^nAat, s. ber SnW^iffer; Suftfa^rer. 
Ur^nin'tie, ABr^nin'tie^l, «<<t. UtftTdftiffo^, 

oeronastifiil ; — expedition, bie £ttfitfairt 
Aftr9nio^M«» t. pi. bie SttftfdjKffhttfi/ Xcronaus 
Aftr9phoa»j«, s. Med. bU Suftf^e*. [til. 

Afii^cQpy, «. i%y. bie Seoba^tttttg ber tuft. 

A'&-9tUt, s. ber ^ftbaa, baft SuW^ff. 

iftr^ital^ic, Mdi. Pky. oeroflatifib. 

ierpst&t^co, s. pi. Pky. bie QCeroflatif : bie 8uft. 
geibi«tIe(re,Safts»igefuttf|; tum^htrnft, 

Aer^tti'tion, s. bieSnftfi^iffhinfl; £ttftf4iff' 
fa(rt; /^. SnpgeiQi<|flei|^re (vid. b. b. Aero- 

AftfO'pfa* «. Xefop (fi-n.). [olatici). 

AMtbetie, Aeothetical. Ac vid. in £. 

Ae'rAigpo-mTn'^r^, *. Mtd. bCT SRinerolmo Jr. 

AftG'tef , «• Aftn. ber ^(erflein. 

A£f nA, f . bcr (feverfpeienbe «erg) Xttat, 

^lar, adv. fem, loeit; i90tt fern; —off, weit 
entfemt; from -, oon fem, anft ber geme. 

If fii, s. Omu ein (^olbgeni^t oaf O^uinea (an* 
gefdjr eine Unje). [UiagdagU^reit. 

Affiubn'ity, s. bie SeatfeUgfeit, 8renab(t4!eit, 

if f^ble, I. a4y. Uatfelig/ fireaabU^/ aaigtfag' 
tt4 ; adibe (of coontonaoce, im tafera) ; H. 
— neia, #. ink Affability. 

If^ly, adv. leutfeltg, freaabU4. 

If ffbroQf,a47.ninfiIi4; hmftrei4^ meifier^ft. 

^fiibvla'tion, s. bie £Roral eiaer %ibtl 

^AiW, #. baft (Bef4»Ap,bie7Cngelegen(eit;ea«e; 
ber f>anbel ; Eiebeftjaabel ; bie ajreafa^e ; baft 
Oe^4t/ Xreffea;Oaen; at the liend of a-i, 
an ber 6pibe ber filegierang. 

To ^(BM!, V. a. aaf 0t»aft eintbiifen, ^bra<f 
mo^ea/ eft aagreifea; treffea, bedi^ren ; rft|» 
rea, (baft ©eaiAtt) ^(«Hgea; tra^tea^^eben 
'(na4); fejnli^ begejren^ Hebea; afectirca, 
aa^dffea^ eriftafUli^ M i^rea ; (ea4bela ; fi^ 
fteEea. [bieSiererrf. 

Afff cta'tion, s. baft giftif aageae VBefen^C^eiiere, 

J^df^df I. p. a. geneigt (—to ... , ja (Ktiaaft) ; 
geflaat ; affeetirt ; beioegt ; bejaftet (with... , 
mit..); -friendildp, berfteDteSreaabf^^aft; 
— looka, erYibtflette 0li4fe; II. ^, adv. 
inat 64eia; aaf g^»aageae^ gesiertetBeife; 
ahMUUi, ndt ^f ; m. -noM, «. baft ge* 
iwnagene ffBefea, biedierereL 

^JTed/ing, l.p.a. rijreab; aagreifeab ; n.-4y, 
adv. aaf eiae riijreabe ffBeife; feJafa^tftDoO. 

^ff?rc'tion, «. bie ®emfit§ftbe»egnag ; berTCf* 
feet; bie ^^9, ®aafl> daaeigaag; fmriU^K 
Hit; bie 9{eignag/ etimaiaag; ber®emAt(ft* 
^aftanb; ^fer; baft Otefdjl; bie Gefinanng ; 
Qigeafcftaft ; Afed. bie Jhraafjeit, baft Seibea; 
»of theehost, baftSrafUeiben ; (cov. fL affec- 
tation) bie3iererei; a-i of qoaatity, Mat. 
bie 6igeaf<l^aftea ber (Br(f e. 

4i|gc'tion«te, I. adj. II. -4y, adv. liebewO, 
iSMH, i^ttifHi (ia ii^U) jagetjaa ; gitig/ 
»otb»oaenb; m. -hiom, #. bie daaeigaag, 
«iebe/ MxmMt, 4>erilt4ffit. 




^(Rc'tioned, adj. Qtuti^t, q,mo^tn, (in Sitbe) 

lu^ttf^n, crgcbcn, )irt(t4. 
^flec^tjve, I. ad!;, angreifm^; di^rrab ; (eftid ; 

Mmcrg^aft; II. ~ly, adv, tm'^xu^wtL 
^(nfc't9r, «. Dcr Gmpftttblcr, 3icrer, 9{a4dffcr 

(dncr Wobc). 
To .fk(r«€r', Afl^re', v. a. laio» eine im GJtefe^ 

nntcfiimmtc (9e(bflrafe auf cine befUmmte 

eummc ftftfc^cn; bcrrdftigen, beflMgen. 
^Ifger'nif nt, «. Aaio^bicScftfe^Qng finer ®e(b« 

flriift (c/. To Affc«r) 

tint unbefHmmtc Qrlbftrafc fcflfc^cn (c/. To 

^(fetd9's9 (<!<&• ital. lartcft 6picl bcbcutoib, 

3raif<bcn TCbagto tt. Ynbante)/ (im<SngI.) ad«. 

rfi^renb, nit SBdrme oorgctragcn. 
AfTghaniitan, &c vid* Afghaniatnii, Ac. 
^(Ti'fncc, *. bo0 Ccrtrauctt (bcf. anf ®ott). 
To /Lfft'iince, v. a. »erlobcn; wrtrttueu; frtn 

I6crtraucn fc^cn (— in, auf 6tm<id). 
^^fTi'vncf r, s. itx Serlobcnbe, 6tifter einc«Ql(e' 

Krtragft. [tigc Scrtrag, ob. Gib bcr Xrrae. 

Anri(la'tioii,Aflidii'ture[-ubvr],«.ber gegenfei' kftXeft^r, s, ber (bie, b«ft) Octdibenbe; itrin* 

AITida'vit, «. Law, hit bcfftwomeTTuftfode^ bad 
eibK(be IBcfcnntntp; bie ctbli^e (i>or ®cn(bt; 
cinem ticiax, Sonful; tc. abgcgcb(ne) fdtfdfti* 
nigung (bcf. in Am.); to make ^, dbUdl^ bc« 
frfiftigcn Ob. cr^firtcn. 

To .^ini'liitc, r.a. on eo{[nc* (Jtinbrt)©ttttt 
onne^moi; aboptlren ; in cinch IDrbcn, cine ®(« 
fercf^aft anfhc^mcn; afflKiVcn. 

^fTiija'tion, s. btc Ynnc^mnng on Gobned (Jtin* 
bcft)etatt, boSQCnfinbcn; bic^ufnobme in 
(incn IDrben; cine OefeDfi^oft, bie 7Cf|!Uation. 

ArriD^e, «. Meto^bod :{(btreibenbcr<SXetoUe, 
bie tiutening, fReinigung, boS Otofftnircn. 

^fltD'{ty» #. bie l$erf<bmAgcntng; Senoanbt' 
f<boft, (oucb aiem.) t(nli<beeit 

To AlTTrni', v. I. a. bcidbcn^ bc^oupten; gut« 
bci^; Law, (einUrtbeil) bcftdtigcn, bcfrif* 
tigcn; n. n. (Stioai fcterli<b ob. eibUcb erdd' 
ren, bcfiatCgen; nntcrjciincn (mit to>. 

^ffrrmVbk, I. adj. 11. — ly, ado. bcjo(U4; be« 

^LfTirm'ant, f . bcr ecia^nbC/Sc^auptenbc^Tn^' 
fogcnbc; Uw, bcr cine (Srfrfirvng an Sibeft 

^etott obgicbt (mic bieCtnfifcr); bcr IDeponent 

AflTinna'tion, *. bie ©eiojung; SJcbouptung; 
fSefraftigung, ©cfWtigung; bod «cftdtigtc, 
Segloubigtc; Law, bie «Bobr^eittbefr£fti« 
gung ber CLudfer an OKbcd €$tatt. 

^fftriu'^trve, I. adj. bcja^cnb, bebauptenb; 
Law, bcflfitigcnb; —property, of^rmatioeS 
iBemdgcn {fS. , bad man mirflicb befl(t) ; - 
qnantitieR, Math. pof{tit>e(S(rdfen; ll.«.bie 

eeio^uttg; to answer la the—, beiobcttbant* 

worten ; III. — ly, adv. beiabenb, bvjobung^^ 


^ffirB V> <• bcr BtMmU, Oebanptenbe. 
To ^fdx', V. a. (— to), an^cften; anf<blagen; 

offlgiren; onfeben, anbAngen, oerbinben; to 

— a seal to, ein ®iegcl betfflgen. 
^flTjx', s. Gram, bad Hffifvm ; ber Ynfd^kgset^ 

tel; affixio A r^fixio. Law, TCnbeftung nnb 

Xbnebmuttg. [gebavt, niet « u. nogelfcfi ifi. 
Affixff, s. pi. 7L1UB, mod in eincm ^aufe ein« 
i^ifTxIon, s. (m.ti.) bie Va^eftttng, bod :Kfi(e^ 

ten; Xnge^eftetfein; bie Knbdngung. 
/Lfttft'tion, s. bad TCnblofen, dublafen, Ynmcbcn, 

To J^met!, V. a. betdtbcn; frinfen ; qtidlen, pei> 

aigen, mortem, dngftigcn; mtterbrfiden, eit> 

^mcfi^d, 1. p.a. betdlbt; geplogt; —with, 

fran( on n. the—, $. pi. bie SetrAbten ; ill. 

-ly, adv. peittU4/ f<bmer)(iib/betrfibe; IV. 

— ness,«. bieSetrabnif/berihtmmer^Glram; 

bie fMage, bcr ^Dmtf . [fcnbe, ber nndicr. 

^fflfc'tiDg, I. p.a. peinU4/ ffbmerilidji^^&nfcnb, 
betdibenb; n.— ly, adv. qudlenb, f^miricnb. 

^fflfc'tioD, s. bie iQ^ctr&bnif/ i^Mtmmemif, 
Xriibfal, bad ^eibcn, (- of heart) bod ^cr« 
}e(eib; bie 9tot^ ; bod QXif gefibitf/ UngiAtf. 

AfUrc't jTe, I. adj. bctrfibcnb, Qudienb, frdnfenb, 
f<bmers(iib; U. — ly, adv. peinli^, betriibt, 
Mnfenb; f4mer|lid^ (6t»ad empfinben). 

i^flQ^Bce, s. ber dnfluf; dufommenflnf (sn». 
.~cy) ; fig. flber^u^; meiibtbnm; ffBo^lftonb. 

Xfflfi^nt, 1. adj. jttflief enb ; fiberftfifilg, rei<b« 
11. the-, s. pi. bie{Rei^; m. -ly, adv. 
Suflicfenb/ uberfldffig, rei4K4; IV.— oess, 

J. ber 3ttfluf ; flberftuf; 0lei<btbttm. 

Af Hqx, Afliu'ion, «. ber duflttf ^nfammenflvf ; 
3ulauf, bod 3ufir5men (aii^yWo- 

To ^Lfftiril', v.a. gebcn,(iefern,^en>orbringen; 
^crgeben, (ingebcn^ilberlofren^barrri^eii, er« 
t^eiUn, bewiOigen, gemd^ren; Uifhn: cnt' 
fibdbigen; fcbaffen; i»erf(bafen; aufbringeii/ 
erfd^ioingen, beflreiten ; to — means, (^t« 
tel) on bie ^anb gcben. 

To ^(Tbr'^st, V. a. Law, ian\>, ^ber stt einem 
Sorfte moien, einfbrflen. [bed; (Sinforfhing. 

^imr^til'tion, s. Law, bie Ynlage eined ffBaU 

To Aflfrln'chife, v. a. freigebcn, ^eima^en, be* 
fieien. Ll^iffiing. 

^flV&n'chif em^nt, s. (». (I.) bie 93efrciung, &>d» 

ifLffiriy', s. Law, bic 61fcntli4e 6<bUgerei, bad 
^anbgemenge;berYttflanf;Sumttlt; casual 
— , ber gttfdOige tSobtfcblog hti ber Qklbfl* 




To Afllreiglit [^-frRfT) , v. a. Com* (eift ((«> 

diverted 64i1f) befrac^tcn. 
Affreighter [%f-frii'-tfr], s. Cum, bcr 9efta4' 

ter (eineft ge^duerten Gd^tfeO* 
AfTreightment [^f-frsf-nfot], «. Ge»m. bi( 9(« 

frai^tung (eineS e^^iffe^ oom SRiet^er). 
To ^ffrtght', v.a. (m. A.) erfc^recfea (—at, 

AflTrTgfat', f. (to. ft.) ber S^retfeii/ ba& (SnU 

fr^en ; ber f^recfli^eTCiibUcf, ba6 ®4re<fbtlb< 
^ffrfght'^y, adv* (». &.) crf4re(ft, in 04re!* 

fen; in ^nxM gefe^t. 
AfTrighf'fr, «. (lo. d.) bet ^rf^redter. 
^iffrfghtfiilkl, a4i. ( fd^reifiiij^; fiir4terU4 
jjiffiight'infnt, «. (m. fiO^^t^Ct^cO^M^i^eitcn; 

b46 (Sntft^; bie <Srf4rc<fett(|eit. 
To 4Lffr<)Df , V. ff. befi^impfen, grob beleibigen ; 

angreifen, Zxe% Meten; a-ed at, beUibtgt 

iiber, bnrdii. 
AfTrdnt', s. bie (grobe) Seleibiguna^ i8ef4im> 

pfnng/ ber 64inpf; /am. Xro(. 
A ffrdntee', I. $. ber Seletbtgte; £B(f<btmpfle ; n. 

a4i. Her, (p. S^ieren, mit bem (Seftcbte) ge* 

gen einonber ob. etn»drt$defetrt. 
AffrdDt'^r, «. ber Seleibiger, fl9ef<)inu)fenbe^ 

TTuiforberer; Xro^bietenbe. 
^ITrftfif fng, p. a. beleibigenb, anidgUdb, fibnobe. 
^LlTrdnt^Te, o^;'. beUibigcnb, bef^impfenb ; 

r<bi<n4>fli<b ; trottg. [aufgief en. 

To A<n'f«'f V* «. (bef. C7i«m.) bc^u giefen, 
^flTii'f ion, s. (bef. Chem.) bie ^fgiefnng, ber 

AflfJ', Com. by hit (or their) — , per ^rocura 

Afghf njitao^ J. A a^;* ^eog. TCfg^oniftan/ af* 


Afgbjin', I. adj. af^iouin ; U. «. ber TCfg^ane. 

Afgb&of', ifghAvAJp, s. pi. bte Kfs^anen. 

infield', ado. 4mf bem Selbe ob. Sanbe, auf bad 

Selb Ob. Sonb. 
Afionme [9f-f[im']» «. (Afor^) vkf. Fiame. 
j^firc', ado. in getter, brennenb^ in ©ranb. 
^flat', adv. {Ia4/ platt; bem iBoben glet<b. 
i^flsat', ado, k adj. ^tt, fibnimmenb; ./Sg. 

ftif^, rfiftig ; im <San0e; im 3ude ; )>erbreitet 

(^. einem ®edi<bt) ; to set or get a ihip— , 

Afoott/ {«-fd], adv. )u gttpe ; ^g. im <Sange ; 

in 9e«>egirag (o. einem ^eere). 
A'ure', I. iH-ep. oor; e^r; iiber; (vid. b. it. 

Before); 11. adv. Mar. uorn im6(biffc; — 

the matt aailori, geno^ttl.flRatrorcn, bie auf 

bem jHttxptbeii bef^dftigt finb. 
^mre'gAliig, p. a.i&or(ergel^nb; (vid.\i. u, 

Foregoing). [vid. b. u. Before-hand. 

AR>re'h%Dd, ado. ooranS/ ittmooravd, loer^er ; 
^fore'm^ntioDed [—mte'-thvnd], adj. ^ox^ 

en»d(nt^ oorbemelbet, obgebadftt (in IDooi* 
menten). [S)ocumenten). 

^(ure'Damed, adj. oorgenannt^ obbenannt (in 

^fOre'iaid [—ied], adj. vid. Aforementioned. 

^Lfare'Ome, adv. oormaU, e^emaid, e^ebem. 

Afraid', p. a. fur<btenb, beforgt, bange (-of, 
Dor dttoafi) ; erfrbroden, furiitfam. 

^frSsh', adv. oen dieuem; abermaly »ieber. 

if rjcf, 1. Geog. TCfcifa. 

If rjc^, L adj. afrttanif4 ; U- *- ber KfriSa* 
ner ; Boi. bie ^ammtblnme. 

i^frftnt^, adv. in ber Si^cnte, im ®t[iM, gerabe 
entgegen, ob. gegenubcr; oon oorn, in'e Qu 

Ifslag^rf, *. pi. Com. dm TCxt Sttfrettoren 
bei dffentl. Serfleigecungen ju Ymflerbam. 

Aft, s. adj. k adv. Mar. bad ^intert^eil am 
e^iffe; ^inten; agter, agterlid^; l^inten om 
Ob. im 04iffe ; fore and—, oorn nnb ^inten ; 
right —, unmittelbar ton ^inten; to bring 
the wind—, ©or bem flBinbc ablaufen; to 
hani — the sheets, bie 6egel bei^olen. 

Aft^r, I. adj. Mar. agter; (eigentL fl. more 
ail, }. 93. —capstan, —sails, vid. comp,); 
Jam. fpdter, naib^erig ; II. prep. na(b / ^in« 
ter; fig. na4/ iuSo^ge, gemdp; to go—, 
folgen ; day— day, einen Sag ao^i^ bem anbern ; 
ton einem Xoge sum anbern; one-auother, 
(Siner na4 bem Anbern; na^ einanber; — 
date, vid. Date; —that, na^l^er, ^ierauf; 
in. conj. nadj^bem; ly.adv. I^tnter^er; natb^ 
(er; na^bem, barauf; — ail* na^aUem, bci 

^alle bem, enbUib/ am C^nbe. 

Af tfr- , comp. — acceptation , Com. bie 
fpdtere ^aeptation;— account, bie ^Jaft* 
re^nung; SRcuiforbernng; — ages, *. pi. bie 
3uhtnp, Sold^' (lommenbe) 3eit, ^ia^melt; 

— birth,— burden, bie 3ia<bgeburt, ifter* 
geburt; —capstan, Mar. bnd ^intere ob. 
ftcine OJangfpill; —claim, ber fpdfere 
(SRi^H^) 3fnfpru<b; bie 9?a(bforbcrung ; — 
clap, fig. bad 92a4fpieJ; ber £luerfiri(b, col. 
bad 4)intcrbrein ; -comer, ber^^ttcbfolger; 

— cost, bie SRaAfojicn; fig. ^a6)m\)tn\ - 
course, ber fpdtere, ^tilnftige ©ang, 2auf ; 
— crop, bie 3ia(bernte ; — days, s. pi. bie 3u* 
fnnft, golgegeit, 3ta(b»elt; -dinner, bie 
^^mittagdftanbe ; —dinner's sleep, bie 
9ta4mittagdrnf)e; — enquiry, bie terfpdtete 
Uaterfu(bung ; — event, bie fpdtcrr ®egcbcn* 
^cit; —game, einncuerlBerfmb, beim ^picl, 
urn bad jBerlorene mieber (u gen>inuen;>ig. 
|)iiIfdmittel,SRot^mitteI; to play an-garae, cd 
noii^ einmal wagen, wicbcr anfebcn ; — gather- 
ing, bie 3ia(blcfe;— grass, vid. After-math; 
-growth, ber ^^va^nju^d; -guard, Mar. 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 




bet im ^ittttrt^ile M 64iffe» btenfUtaeiibe 
Qtatrofc ; — hatchway. Mar, bie ^iiitcrltt^e ; 
— help, bte 9{d4 We ; — hold, Mar. ber $(tt« 
terrttum; -hope, biefpdtere, inMnpige^ioff* 
mtng ; — hoora, #. p/. bie na^^lgeabctt 0ttttt« 
ben, golgejelt; -Hfc, bad fibrige (fp4tere) 
^ben; infttnftigeSeben; —liver, UtfKa^* 
fomm, Wtil ; —living, bie 3ttfttnft ; - love, 
bie incite ob. fp&tere fitU; —malice, bie 
(inter^erfoimiieiibe Ooebeit, ber Oroli; — 
math , baft fftadf^iVi , Gpdt^eu , Tifttx^vx, 
Ontmmct; — milkings, s. pi. bie 9lad|imil4 ; 

— noon, ber 9{a4niittag; —noon's luncheon 
QT — nooning, col. baft Seftperbrob ; — palm, 
«. pu bie 9ta4»c(en (bei ber dcburt) ; — 
— pnrt, ber na4^l9(ttbe X(eil; Mar. bet 
j)ittterticil beft ©♦iffeft; —payment, Com. 
ber 92a4f4ttf ; — piece, Dram, baft 9{a4flfl(f ; 
Sod. baft (itttere etutf eineft eatteU; - 
proceedingi, «. pi. JLaio, baft nait^erige (ge> 
ri^tUdbc) Berfa^ren;- proof, ber 9ta4be« 
»cift; bie jmcite f)robe; nadbfolgenbe Qfrfa^* 
rung, Ob. bie bur^ fpfiterctSrfa^rung entbetf* 
ten «i0Cttf*aften ; 2Vp. bie 0te»iflott ; - reck- 
oning, baft S^aitt^ered^ncn; bie naitfotgenbt 
{Re4nang,9{a4ie4e ; —repentance, bie 9Sa4' 
reve ; — repert, ber f?a4bcri4t ; —tail*, s. pi 
Mar. bie j>interfe0el;— state, ber fftnftige 
dttflanb ; — sting, ber 9ta4f4meri ; —storm, 
ber unenoartete (fpdtere) 0turm, Ka^fhirm ; 
—sapper, bie idt imif^en S^a^tefTeti tmb 
G^Iafenge^eit; -swarms, s. pL bie 9la4« 
fd^»drme (ber Sienen) ; —taste, ber 9?a4ge< 
fibmatf; -thoughts, p{. 9ia4deban9en; <9e« 
banfen, bie jn ft>dt (ommett ; bie )tt fpdte <Sin« 
Mt, Ob. flberlegung;- time, bic3ufitnft; 

— times, 1. pi. bie fdnftigen SeiteU/ Solge* 
ieit, 9^a4ioe(t;— tossing, baft 9ta4brattfen; 
fiBeOenMIagen ber 6ee na^ einem eturme ; 
—wise, adS. lu fpdt (eingefe^en) Wug ob. 
meife; —wit, bieitlug^eit na<bberX^at, Mn* 
terbrein, iu fp&U (SinMt, n-l baft ICber* 
e(cr : -wrath, ber fp&U (na^trdgli^e) OroQ ; 
—writer, ber fpdtere €J<biftflener. 

Aftermost, Xft'mOst, I. aiij. Mar. (inter, (in* 
terft; iLs. ber'bintere Otanm (X(eil) einel 
jeben 04iffeft ; 0t. iwiWen ber erflen 9tuber« 
banf unb bem ^intert^etfe eineriSaleere; ber 
ttnterfle KBinfel am breietttgen Gegel. 

Aft^nddn, Aftcrnooning , vid. in After-, 


Afterward, Xft^rwardf [— wi^rd, — wyrdx], 
adv. na(t^er, (ema4, bama4, na^malft, in 
ber Solfie. [f^e eefe^Ift^aber). 

A'W t ^ore. ; I'-g5, 5m.], *. ber Ifga (tiirK* 

Again [«-g2n'], adv. wieber, inriltf; wieber'l 

ttin, tto^malft, abermali, no4 ctnmtf; ilber« 
bief, feroer ; bagegen^^ingegen; ebenfo, eben> 
faOft; ttttbbann; to and—, (in imb mieber; 
as much—, ao4 einmal fo oiel; —and—, }ii 
wieber^olten ^alen, einmal ftber baft onbere, 

Against [vginst^, prep, wiber, gegen ; geges* 
ilber ; fig. bei, gegen, an, bift ; — the stream, 
gegen ben €$trom; —the grain, wiber Cge* 
gen) ben etri4; fig. wig. loiber fBiHen, 
nngern; over-, gegenftber; — wkich, Cbm. 
alft ® egenfat fftr . . ., per Contra. 

V^lXxy, «. Afed. ber !IRangeI an 0l(iI4. 

^Lg&l'l^shvm (Ag'^l«sli), 9. baft OTioe^oli, Yb* 
Ier(ol|, f)arabieft(ol|. 

Ag'^pi, Ag'fpae, «. Theol. baft Siebeftmo^l 
ber er^tt G^rifben na4 ber (Sommimion. 

fLgape', adn. fam. gaffenb, mit offhem SRmibe, 
(ffulg. HXauIe) ; to stand—, gaffen, milg. baft 
^Otaul aufTperren. 

Ag'fpf t , 9. tin eieb^aber beft fftftncn (Se* 
f4Ie4tft ; ber Sergniigungftfll^tige. 

Ag'^G, 9. ber Oldtterf^namm; female—, 
berSer(benr4mamm; —coralline, bieOSpts* 
icnforaOe ; —mineral, bie Oergmil^, Ste^I* 

^glst^, vid. b. it. aber m. r. Aghast [freibe. 

Xg'^te , 9. Afin. ber Ttd^at, Vgat ; W-dr. ber 
|)oUrflein; —arborescent, bcrffianma^at. 

Ig'&thi, legatee (bie ®nU, ff-n.). 

ig'ftlzed, adj. mit TC^at gegeid^net ; — wood, 

^a^otifUteft ^ol^. 

Ag'^ty, adj. ad^atartig ; an— flint, ein 9eiter« 
fkein oon If 4at 

^gi'vS, 9. Bet. bie amerilottif^e Oavmaloe. 

lie, 9. baft inter; ®reifenalter; SRenf^eu' 
alter; 3eltalter,b{e3eit; baftSabr^nnbert; 
bie QXttnbigfeit; baft fhtib^are Q((ter (bei 
ben Sranen) ; (oomp. vid. in Constant, Full, 
Great, Green, Ac); of—, miinbig (majo« 
renn); to come to—, milttbig merben; un- 
der — , unmfinbig ; «., vtU Under-, n. Non-. 

A'^fd, I. adj. alt, beja^rt; n. the—, pi, bie 
alten tote, bieXlten, be{atrte))erfpnen; Ul. 
— ly, adv. mit alte ttxttt, na# Xvt after 

Afi^ncy 9. baft SBirfen, ^anbeln, bie Vction $ 
Sermittluttg, berS)iettfi; Cbm-«. bie Xgent* 
r4oft, Qfgentttr; —business, baft Qommtf* 
fiottftgefibdft, berQ-^anbef, ^actorei^anbd; 
—office, baft 6-comptoir. 

^^n'd^. Com. 9. baft Oentbtt^^ bie CNftreibs 
tafel ; Mor. Sebenftpffi^ten (^um lUtterfibiebc 
V. Credenda) ; Ece. bie (itircben*) Ygenbe. 

A'i^nt , 9. ber f>anbelnbe ; J^y. baft toiu 

fenbe Oefea; mirfenbe, lotrffame fDKttel; 

1Cgettft;/>rp. ber OeMdftfttrdger , etwU^ 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 




mU^atti, Vgcnt; bef. Mar. kMU. eicfe* 
nmgdbcamtcU; Com-^MxH^ent, Ocf4&ft»« 
f&^rer, <Sommifiii>n4r, epebiteur, SBoa* 
rei»»erfrab(r , DUponcnt; brfleUte eenfal 
(CBaoreii' ob. Ocrbm^ncr) ; Law^ 1Cffigtta« 
tar ; — Tictoaler, ber f)romantmeifler. 

To ^jiOl^ow^tTMUt V, h a. auftoicfelQ, }ttfam' 
mcnroaes, jBfanmwbaQen, hidoeUt; II.r 
M tvi^tia, numpern, infammtnlaufeK/ 0e« 

4cslSn«ri'tioii, #• baft Yuf»tdeln, Jtndtteln; 
dttfammenlanfczi (o. JtSrperu); SerbiRben 
|tt «ftIflni|>4ciL 

^88l^tjB«Bt» adj. Med. Mrbinbotb. 

^gglfi'tio^nti, «. p<. Med. ^eimmittcl, i^tc 

To ^Lscilrtinite, v. a. ittfamnunlctmen; Med, 
hinUVL, an^etUn; jig. oereinigea. 

^gglitini'tion, j.bieSufammaildnutBfl; Afed. 
Xn^eilunfl , ffiinbttiid ; fig. hit Ynciflimttd 
(}ttcicr Jtorpcr). 

^Lfysm'tjngiive, ocOMdmcnb, btnbotb; ATed 

^SS^M-bvnd, #. Cbm. bic beflc boigalif^e 

To ig'gr^dlze, (— se), v. L a. ocrgrj^eni; 

emeitem, (r(6(ctt, er^cbca; 11. k. M ut' 

gr6f crtt, n>a4fen/ }nne^mett. 
Ag'grfndizenifDt, (— loment), «, bUScrgt^ 

fenitts, (Srweitenma; (Sr^ebung, eer(crrli« 
^4«tt9. [neiteret ; 6erberrli(ber« 

Ag'cr^ndizvr, (- ler), *. ber Serar6ferer, Cr» 
A^sr»v»Me, adj. i»rrgr5fcnib ; enpSrmb. 
To Ig'grtTite, v. c/jr. fi^wcrer mo^cn, tt» 

fAwereii; oerfUlrlen, omnebrcn^beror^feni; 

oerfd^Umniimi ; (ix ber jDarfieBi&g) wtitttU 


Aggr^vi'tioo , «. bie ^fibioentiid ; (Btt^ 
ftdrfnig; SerfibHimncniid; baft Unge^ttrc 
(eined Scrbn^enft); b{e flbertrdbung (in 

To Ac'pSgate, v. a. (ati' Ob. sttfommen) bto' 
fen, }n eiBerSXafTc oeretniden; ineineOe' 

^feUf<boft onfhcbnuR/ ogdregiren. 

Law, aggregtrt; —corporation, Lavi^ eine 
Mrperf^aft/ bic ben QCbgang bon !Rit8Ue» 
bem.flett bnrib nen (iniutretenbe erfe^t; — 
iowers, BoU an« Ob. iufamnungeb^ufte ®Ifl« 
tben; n.«.ber j>anfen; SttbegnffCnubrerer 
Cinfle); baft^gdregat; HI. — ly, adv. bfiu« 
fenioetfe, im (Banjeii ob. sufammen genommen 
A^srSgi'tioo, «. bie (Kb*) {>dttfuttg, Serctni> 
gung; eammtung; berf>QUfen, bie!Renge; 
Oem. Gobafton gletibArtigerit^rpcr; Kuf« 
ttobiKc (ineine(9efe0f4^Qft). 

Vsrifitlvo, a((7'. tB^gefammt, coOectio ge» 
nommen ((Segenfa^ oon DisJoDcUve). 

Vgr^g&tpr.e. ber eaaunlcr (t». aRaterioUen). 

To ^6gr«M', w. a. (jnerfl) angreifen, anfaUen, 
anftf4lagen; mit 6incm onbinben. 

^gr&'sioa, (AggroM), «. bererfie TCngriff, 
QCnfttO; flbergriff. [fenb, offcnfio. 

Aggr£s's]ve, o<^*. 6treit beginnenb , angrei* 

^ggr«t's9r, $. ber angreifenbe Xfteil. 

AggHe'f ^co, «. Did. Grievance. 

To Aggrieve', v. a. vtd. To Grieve, [piren. 

To i^ggr6dp', V. a. 71 }ttrammenfic0en, grup* 

^gbiar [^-gaitQ, (u^'. erfibtocfen, erftaunt, 
beflurit; lei<benblap (oor 6(bre(f). 

Ig'ile, I. adi. beftenbe, (urtig, Ui^i, flinf; 11. 
— ncM, «. »ie Agility, i/v. 

A^iVfty, «. bie IBe^enbtgfeit, j)urttgr(tt, (Se« 
f4»tnbigfeit, ^^tigfeit. 

AgiUocbnm, «. vid, Agallocham. 

ig'|5, #.(it«l.), Com. baftTCttfgelb, berTCuf* 
ncibfel, baft Ygio; —account, ba5 Xgioconto. 

To .^f, V. a. X.aio, etnfe^men ob. in "^it 
SXafl Be^men, meiben loffeB (frembeft Sieb 
f&r <9elb) ; bei ber f)erbe f^lafen laflen. 

^at'jBfnt,^. JLoio-j. a) bie&(nfe^mung,QCuf' 
na^me snr SBeibe unb ^Kaftung ; h) ba6 SKaff* 
gelb/l^riftgelb ; c) bie TCufbimmung, boftiDfim- 
meB tt. bie 6teuer, biefei iubenirfen (bei ben 
9e»o(nem ber eeefufle ob. fnmpftger ®C' 

AgYaf or, (Agistator) , 9. l^yo, ber S^Nm<^t' 
fler; ^^^uf{t%tt, !Kaflauffe^cr. 

Ig'itfble, odj. be»eglicb;>ig. problemotif^. 

To li'itite , 0. a. fibncQ (in nnb (er beioegen 
ob. loerfen, f<bfitteln, rfitteln; Jfe-*.erfc^ut* 
tutai (beftigeiSeffiiitb^beioegungen) erregen, 
(bos (Semittb) bennru(igen; to-a tiuestion, 
fiber eine Srogeflreiten, bebattircn, biefelbe 

l^jtJi'tioD, s. bie (eftige p^Qfiffbe Seibegung^ 
(Sifibiittemng ; fig* t'ftige ©cmiittdben^ 
gnng, SBaOung, Unm^e; 6r5rterung (ciner 
^eitigen 0aAe); bie (poIitif(be ic.) ®db' 

^mng. Agitation ; i8eratbf<blagung. 

iUlta'tlve, adj. bewegenb, erf<bfltternb. 

Agita'tO, adv. Mvs. Uxot^t, agitato. 

l^'jutpr, s. (Sfner, ber eine Ba^e bcfrcibt; 

. ber ICufrttbrftifter, («olf«*)^u|toiegIer. 

Ig^ito, 9. Com. tin fteineft (^m'lM in $cgu. 

Ig'lft, s. bad (ffinfllifb gcarbeitete) BtnftU 
b(e4/ ber 6enfcl{tift{ ^ot. baft Jt5(b4en an 
ben €$tQubfdben ber Slumen. 

lg'Bjiil,f.ba6KageIgef«b»tir; ber fRittna^tl, 
vid. Whitlow. 

Agnite, I. adj. Mrwanbt (o. tdterlifter® cite); 
n. jr. ber QTgnat (vid. b. f. ®.). 

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Igns't!, 1. pL TCgnaten, IBcnoanbte t>cn ^^Ux* 
U4er Gcttc. 

^gnjit'jc, a(fi. bic Scnoanbtf^Qft ooit 95terU< 
d^cr ©cite betrcffcnb. 

^Lgns'tioii , s. btc birecte ^flammung t>on )^^» 
terrier ®ette, S^tutSfreunbfd^aft (sum Un< 
tcrfcbicbc ton Cognation, qv,) ; fig* bie Ccr> 
loanbtf^aft bcr Gpra^en. 

Ag'n^s, J. Xgnefc, ICgncft (g-n.). 

^gni'tion, J. (». fi.) bic incrtcnnung. 

^gnG'mfn, s. ((at.) bcr ^unomC; Sdciname. 

^gnOmjna'tion, s. bcr fl3ciname, 3unamc ; bie 
TfnrpictuRg cinc$ fiBortcS auf cin anbcreS; 
locgcn 1i[(nU((fcit bee itIangcS. 

^g^Vi, s. Rom. Cath. baft »ilb M (©ottcd*) 
CammcS ; — castos, Bot, bcr Jtcufd^boum ; — 
castas seed, ^cur^baumfamen, ©d^afmidacn ; 
— dei, Rom, Cath. HI ^gnu* Ibci, cin gc* 
locitter SBa^ehid^en mit bcm f8i(bc bceSoms 
mce ; bad X ^., cin X^cil bcr ^{cffc. 

^go', ado. toriibcr; borbci, border, t>or, ^cr ; 
long—, langc ^er; not long—, unldngfl, ©or 
Jturicm; a while—, tor einigcr 3cit; a 
year — , »or cincm Z^f^ve. 

^gog', arfo. Wflcrn, bcflierig; fc^ntfi(i^ti9 ; to 
be—, |i(^ (nadj Stroa8) fc^ncn; to set—, 
Ififtcrn/ bcgicrig ma^cn, anrcijcn (— on ob. 
for, na(6 ob. su (Stroai). 

^go'jng, adv. (cigcntl. b. part. ». To Go, mit 
bcr SSorft)Ibc a) im (Sangc; in (San^, in 9t» 
rocaung; imflScgriffe. 

To Ag'9nize , v. I. n. mit bcm UJobc ringen, 
in ben Icotcn dilgen ttcgen ; fie» ^nn leiben; 
n. a. mit grofcn€54mcrscn bc^aftcn^ qudlcn^ 

ig'Qnlzjng, I. p. a. ^cinXidf, Wmcrjlicit; II. 
— ly, adv. auf bic peimooHflc ^rt, peinliciMl. 

Ag'ony, *. bcr Xobcftfampf ; figs, bie ®eelen« 
angfl, ba9 0celenleibcn5 ber ^cftige Jtampf. 

^grSm'mfLtrst, s. bcr Ungclc(rte. 

To Agr€6', V. n. (b. ^crfoncn n. ®a4cn) 
fibcreinflimmcn; (ibercinfommcn ; cinigfein 
ob.mcrbctt(— on, opon, iiber); gcmdf; ange 
meffen fcin^ paffcn; ftc^cn (—to, (Sincra), be* 
fommcR, 2ntrdgli4 fein (—with, @incm); 
fittfUmmcn (—in, in, fiber), cinftimmig ob. 
eincrici 9){cinung fein; cintoiUigcn (~on, 
upon, in), Stwaejugcben, cinrfiumen, bc»il» 
ligcn; wiUfa^rcn; (Stwae gemeinf^aftlif^ be» 
f*ttepcn, bcraBrcben; cinig Icben, M bcr* 
tragcn ; il* bcrfS^^ncn ; ft* t>crglei*cn (- on, 
upon, itber Qtxoa^); SBcbingungcn (—to a 
thing, eine®a4e)cingc^en; to— together, 
M mit einanbcr bcrtragen, cincS 6innc9 
fein; to —In one tone, Mus. jufammctt* 
fiimmcR, (armoniren; Corns, that upon 

whkli we—, (n&rbming (Sc^enbeS; to^ 
for (upon) the price , ncgen bed f>reifc6 
(fiber ben $rei§) cinig wcrben; bebingen; 
(befgl. ofa thing), etmadbcftcacn; berbin* 
gen (cine TCrbcit); to— with... for..., eiitd 
rocrbcnmit... um...,bcbingen. 

^grse'^bie , I. adj. fibcrcinfdmmenb, paffcnb, 
gcmdf; angemefTcn, anftinbig; angcne^m, 
onmnt^ig (o. ^erfonen u. €$a*ett) ; to make 
— , empfeilen; rooilanbringcn; II. — ly,«<ir. 
paffenb; angenc^m; auf angenc^me Zxt; 
—to ... , in (ob. ju) Solge, gemfif, na*; lU- 
— ness, s. bie flbereinftimmung, TCngemeffeit' 
(cit, ®Iei4f5rmigfcit; It^nti^fcit (pif4^m 
^etfonen u. ^ingen) ; YRne(mIi4feit, Q(it> 
mut(, bcr 0teij. 

^grssd', I. p.. a. fibereinflimmenb ; einig, tcr« 
gli^cn, beigelegt; bef^loflen, audgema^t; 
as— upon, n>ic bcrabrcbet; II. adv. topp! 
rid^tig ! mcinctwegcnl gut, a bicibt babei ! 

^gre'jng, I. s. oad flbercinfHmmen k. vid. 
To Agree; II. p. a. fibereinfhmmig , ^Uid^ 
fSrmig, d^nli*, pafTcnb, gcmdf ; einig ; not—, 
mif^eaig, uneinig; miptingenb. 

Agree'm^nt, s, bie Qbcreinftimmung, S^nli** 
^it ()ioif*ett imi S)ittgen) ; ber (Sinfiang, 
bie harmonic; €inighit, @intra*t; bieSei* 
legung; BufKmmung, ber Gtonfend; Set* 
glet*. IBcrtrag, Contract, TCccorb, ^tecef ; 
ber'SButtb, bad ©finbnif ; —in tune, bie ^ar* 
monie (ber 3:5ne) ; articles of—, IBergiei* 
^ungdpunftc; —maker, bie (Dttttettperfon, 
ber Scrmittlcr, 64iebdri*ter, Unter^dnblcr. 

^gres'tjc, ^grts'tic^l, adj. lanbmdfig, Idnb* 
ti4) .^.bduerif*, grob; —life, bad^Rb> 
leben ; —nobility, ber SanbabeL 

igrjc^l&'tion, s. ber S^I^bau, &)nbbau. 

igrfcui'tpr, s. ber Sanbbauer, SaubwirtJ. 

Agrjcul'tur^l [— tshyr— ] , adj. lanbJblrt^ 

Ag'rjcuiture [—tshyr], *. bie 8anbn)irtW4ftft/ 
ber 2anbbau, t2f({erbau, Selbbau (im miffen* 
f^aftU^en Ginne), bie &7onomie. 

Agrjc&l'tnrrst s. ber (tbifTenfAaftli* gebitbctc) 

^ianbwirti, bfonom. [flette. 

Ag'rjniQny, *. Bot. ber Cbcrmcnnig, bie fteber* 

Ag'rfdt, s. bie faure Jttrf*e, «Bei4fel (*Jtirf*e). 

Agrofind', adv. Mar. aufben®runb;attfbem 
®-be, gcftranbet; to run—, an ben ©.raafen, 
auflaufen, ftranben; to run a ship—, eiii 
e^iff ftranben ma^en , in ben ®. fegein, in 
ben (^. bo^ren , auT ben ®. fe^en ; to be—, 

fig. in flSerlcgen^cit fein; in (Srunbc gen^tet 
fein. < 

A'gue, s. bad (falte)8{eber, flBe^feifleber ; 
bcr gicberfrofi ; grofl, ba$ 3ittem »cr Jtdlte ; 

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abarnins-, em Wftt* ?[irtet; -cake, 
Med, feer gteberttt^en; -At, bet gieber- 
Wattcr; —powder, bad gieberyutoer ; - 
proof, fteberftfl; — ipcll, bad ^berjouber* 
milttl; — itruck, »om $. befaOen; —tree, 
Bot. ber esafafrasbaum. 

i'gOed, aefi. bai^ Stcbrr ^abntb; fleber^aft; 

I'gfifth, I. arfi. ficber^ft, fiebcrif* ; fig- ff O' 
fttg; n. —Beat, *. bie S^bcr^apighit, ber 
(gicber*) ®d(>aucr. 

jih, int. a^l ^a! a4^! ab me! a4 ^unmel! o( 

Aha', int. a^ai (a! (a! 

^hSad', ado. Mar. meiter oor; bor»dr<»^ 
corouft/ Doran; —of m, borunS; to rnc — 
of one's reekoniDg, mit bem Seftetf |urit({ 
fei«;togo-, Mberilen. 

^hein', int. ^m! (Scifi^nung beft {)vflend) 

Abo$', int. Mar. ^oUal all band*—! QfKeS 
onfftSetbetfl tlberoU! ilberaai(cf.Hoaj) 

^hiilt', adv. Mot. Dor Sop «nb Saf eL 

Ai[i], «. Zoo/, ber TG, bad (amerif.) Sattl« 

To Aid, V. e. (elfen^ beiftei^en, rniterfifiten. 

Aid, «. 1 . bit ^iilfe^ber Setflanb ; 2.ber® e^ulfC; 
bie <9e(fit{inn : 3. contr, % — de- camp ; 4. bit 
dttbttf e^auferorbentUdfteeteuer; CW.rojal- 
bie bem Jt5mge bewiQigten 36lle , €$teiteni^ 
QCbgabenic; — coNsignee, Com. ber<5oittmif« 
ftonAr; Mils, —de-camp [Sd-d^-kAng'], ber 
Tfbjutant eineS Generate ; —major, ber (Regis 

Ad'er, r. ber^elfer, ®ei«Ife; QCnJdttger. 

Aid'lf ss, adj. (^^flod; verlafTen. 

Aidf, *. pi. (^an$.) 3onfleuem ; conrtof— , 
bad TCcddomt; C^teuercoHegium; Man. bie 

_4)ulfeii; Com. (in €5-b.) 4)anbeld8e5iilfen. 

Ai'gr^t, Aigrette, *. »ie Egret, gr. 

Ai'gue-m»r!ne' , 9. ber ^quamarin; Oer^Q. 

Ai'gal^t,^*. ber eenfel; vid. Aglet. 

Aik'riw, s. Bot. bie ® ttrjenfle(bte. 

To Ail, V. T. a. €$4mersen i$entrfa4ett ; n. n, 
e^mer^en i^ahtn, f^mer^en, unpaf fein ; wbat 
a-t yonr eye? »ad ^aben 6ie am Knge! 
wbat a-8 joa to beat me? nantm f^Iagen 


AilfBg, p. a. ump&fiidf, Mnfelnb ; sbe it ever 
— ,'i5r fe^lt immer ©twad. 

Ail'm^nt, s. bie UnpapltAMt; Jtrdnni^feit; 
bad Seiben ; bie Unnt^e, ber itnmmer. 

Ailf , 1. pi. bie Sdrte om ffBeijen. 

To Aim, r. I. n. (—at) na4 Ob. auf(5t»ad 
Sielen: fig. feine¥bfi(bt auf (^toad rtebten, 
^inbeuten (auf); to-at, tracitennaij ; mutfy 
mapen; tbepointat wbicbbea-s, bad3iel 

fetoedetrebend; Iwasa-edat, edgaltmir; 
n. a. lit. A fig. riibten (ein ®eWo^ ein« 


Aim, s. bie9ti4tung (eined Gtef^ojfed; k.) ; 
bad 3iel; Jtorn (an e<biefge»eiren), bad 
Xbfti^tn, bie §)erle (an ber Xrmbmfl) ; fig. 
bad3iel, ber3»etf, ^rxnft, bie TCbfid^t, bod 
eorbaben; to take-, jiclen^ attfd Jtorn 
ne^men; to gire-, anjdgen, weifen, tciten, 
to miu (of) one'i-, feinen 3»etf tcrfcjlen, 

_— aigbt, bod Jtom (an 64ief gcwe^ren). ' 

AbaVr, *. ber 3ieler ; fig. ber auf (gtwad Jin- 

_bcutet; ber gingerjeig. 

AimM^M, adj. o^ue 3i(l. 

Air, *. 1. bie £ttft, badMft<bea;ber©iinfc 
JDvft;genUea-8, fanfte Siifte ; to take the-, 
an bie iuft gejen, andFommen; to take-, 
fig. befannt, ber ratten merbcn; to give-^ 
to..., etwaddujern; 2. bie We; gR^tobfiT; 
ber (Sefang, bad Sieb ; soft a-«, * fimfttZ^H 
3. bie ®eberbungdn>eife, flRiene^^adJW*' 
fejcn; anoble-, einebledOfnfeben, b'^erXtt* 
ftonb, bie ^attvtn^, dvfere ffBdrbe; -and 
mien, OSefialt unb ® ef!<btdbilbung ; to take 
(or pntoo) a-i, bomeim tjun^ 4. Man. 
ber ®ang eined iugerittenen ^ferbed. 

Air, cotnp. — bag , Bol. ber gmd^tbalg, bie 
©algfapfet; -balloon, ber CnftbaOon; - 
balloonist, ber Suftfa^rer; —bladder, bie 
Suftblafe; /cA. e<bmimmMafe (bergifite); 
— born, * luftgeboren, p^fantafliW; —bra- 
Ting, flurmtro^enb; — bnilt, in bie ^nft ge« 
baut, Inftig, eingebilbet; — b. castles, &ift« 
fdbWffer; —grass, vid. Hair-grass ; —gun 
bie«Binbbfi(bfe; —bolder, J^y.tnlufthu 
bdlter; —bole, bad £nftIo(b; —boles in a 
famace, bie 3ttgr6(ren an einem €$4nicli« 
ofcn; —Jacket, bie€$4»immiade; —lamp, 
bie®adlampe; —level, Afec/i. bie WiT>ettir* 
loage ; —light (Beale's patent—), mod. bod 
9aten<^j(uftli(bt (eineQ(rt®ad, bad gent4» 
lod, JeE nnb War brennt) ; — pipe. Afar, eine 
mf^u, urn bie Suft im e^iffdraume rein sn 
er^alten; —poise, Fneu. bieXnftroage; — 
pomp, jRncM. bicfcuftpum^e; — sacs, pi. Om. 
Suftgefdf e in berfcbiebenen X^etlen bed Mx* 
perd berCdgel; —shaft, A^n. ber tBetter« 
f(ba4t/ ^uftf^a^t; —speaker, mod. ein 
tragbarer Son»SeIegrai?J;— stirring, » luft* 
bewegenb; -stone, eine Krt «BetPeln (dud 
ber ®raff<baft Air) ; —threads, *. pL ©om* 
merfdben; Gonunermeben , wUjg. ber alien 
SBeiber Gommer ; —tight, lttftbi<bt; —trunk, 
eineSorrid)tttng sur ^uftreinignngmitaRen* 
f*cn erfuUter SDrte; - tobe, berCnlinberrci* 
ner arganbif(bcn iampc) ; — vessel, T-s. bit 

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^ftr^tre; bad ^tftgefif (bcr^ffonacn); Uv 
(Recipient (an Scuerfpri^en, ic). 

To Air, v.a. an tie freic £uft bringeft, bcr 
frtf4cn Sttft au^rc^cn/ luften, attfttoitterii) 
(—a room, cin dimmer) auMfiften; T>er« 
f^tadctt laffcn, (Q^etrdn!) ab^ftlen; tro(f« 
nen; rndrmcn; to— one*iielf, frif^e Suft 
Mopfen; to >- a horse, (iK§)ferb att^reiten; 
to— beds, JScttenfonnen; to— hide*. Tan, 
j>dute (ium 2^ro(fncn) au^brciten; to— Haen, 
ffBdf(be (bcim Seucr) trocfnen (»&rmen). 

Airer, s, tcr (bic) (Stn>Q6 lilftet, trocfnet 

AiVily, aJv. muntcr; Ieb(aft, IttfHg. 

Air'jn^u, «. bic 2ufttgfeit;}£6:.btc2(i4tidfcit, 
bcr ^ci^trmn; bie ^eb^ftigfeit, SXunterfeit, 

Air^jDg, p. J. ba6£itftcn k. (md. To Air); bie 
(Sr(o(un0 in freter £uft, ^pasierfa^rt^ ber 
6pasierritt, Gpoitergang; to talce aa— , 
[xiid^i Suft r<b5pfcn ; to give aa— (to..., (&U 

. nen) auSffi^rcn, fpoitcrenffibtcn^ (—to a 

^ horse), auSreiten. 

Air'Ifst, adj. luftloS, bumpfig. 

Air'ljng, s. ber Sli^^btltng, ^Biibfand* 

Air'y, adi.Iuftid; ^o4;^. Ui4t/bAnn(ioie 
btc Suft), ^fifbtia; minbig, eitel; letter, fiat« 
tcrnb; Ici<btflnnig, Idpptf4 ; munter, leb^aft, 
(uflig, frob; aa-nothing, einluftige69£i(bt6; 
—ghosts, (— demoDs), Ettftgcifler; —castles, 
— notioBs, —schemes, iuftf<bW|rer; —re 


Ai'ry, «. vid. Aerie. 

Aif e» s. BoU bad ^la^dfraut^ Sili^raut. 

Aisle [il], s. bcr gliigcl cincdCborcd^ ber<5^ore 

.gang^ bic OaHcrte. [flSerber. 

Ait, s. bod 3nfe(4en (in einem S^uffO/ ber 

Aix-Ia-Chapelle [iU'-l^-sh^-pelQ, «. Gtog. 
(bie etabt) TCa^en. 

AizdOa' [»-zda'], *. BoU bad Smmergrfttt. 

^iir', adj. balb offen, ttaffcnb (Don ciner Xbfir). 

A/ut^ge, s. ber Zuffab auf ben (R^b^^n ber 
epringbrnnncn unb SBafferfunflc. 

To Alie, v.n. liu kfig, f^merjen, Gfinemmebe 
t()un; my head a-s, mir tt^Vit bcr Jtopf n>eb ; 
my soul (heart) a-s, ed fdl^merit mi(b in ber 
GeelC/ Mnft mi(b fcbr. 

Ake, «. ber 64meri, bod %Bcbe, bie ^ein. 

j^k'^r, vid. b. m. r. Acre; —staff, ber $flttgs 

A-l(imbo, vicf. Kimbo. [reitel. 

^kin', ad;. Mr»anbt(au4j%.), bcfreunbet 

Ik'jng, I. p. s, bad ^^mersen, ber anbaltenbe 
ed^m^mfig. bad SBeb; II. p. a. Mmer^enb; 
(Amcrsbaft; fig. [(bmcrserfuUt, fumntcroott; 
to have aa- tooth, 3a^nfAmcrjen ^aben. 

Akorn, vid. Acorn. 

Xir yrdf. Com-f. — marcop na4 bem (9en>i(bt 

(bei SMttsen); --eorso, na4 be« ic^iflca 
(Sonrfe ob. na4 gegenioirtigcm fiBertbe; - 
pari, in gleiibem lEBertbe ftebenb. 

Il'f bister, I. s. bcr :>riabafler; IL adj. aloba* 
ftern; -glass, bad SeingUtd, ^iH^M. 

i^lick', int. a4 ! o meb; — ft^lay, ooi. »eb I 

^lic'rlty, s. bieOXunterlPeit, J(ebba^g{eit,{>ei' 

^terfeit, Sr6bU4feit, ber Srobfum. 

Al'^imird, s. Mus. bie nntcrfic (ticfjle) Stote 
auf er einer in (Buibo Qfretino'd Xonleiter. 

lifmode', 1. adv. vulg. tta4 ber SXobe, mo* 
bif(b; n. «. Com, cin bitttterJ4mar)crX<iffet 

llV> f.l.^(anud(^-n); 8.eineYrt«Binb« 
fpiel, ffBinbbnnb. 

Aliind', adv. an*d ftanb ; am (ob. |tt) ««nbe. 

Al'arick, 9. Xlri4, (8Iri<b (SK-n). 

^larm', «. 1. badSdrmgef4rei, ber SBaffenntf, 
badYttfgebot; a.bcrXumalt^ ^vmiFenc. 
ber^ppcQ;^. bieUnrube, eern)irntng,Se« 
ftursimg} ber e^retf; Hori. ftBeto (ctner 
Ubr); —of fire, ber S<tt<^Ulnn; to soaad 
(an)-, idrm blafen;togive -, Sdrmma' 
4en; Unrube erregen; to take (the)— , un* 
rubig mvUn, in Yngfl geratten; to spread 
— , Wrm ocrbreiten, bennrubigen; comp,- 
bell, bie 6tttrmglo({c; -drum, bie Urn^ 
trommel; —post, berSdrmplab, &ammel« 
plat; -- rattles, bie 2drmhiarren; —watch, 
bie XBe<tu(r. 

To ^Jarra', v. a. 1. ^rm blafen ob. fibingen, n. 
babnrcb iu ben SBaffen rnfen ; 2. Uvm maO^tn, 
erf(bre(fen, bennrubigen; in !Ben)egung brin* 
gen,t>er»irren; a-edau., bennrubigt uber... 

^larm'jng, I. p. a. erftbrecfenb, bennrubigenb, 
f4re(fli(b ; U. p.s. bad Sdrmen, u. ; ber iim; 
III. — iy, ado, auf cine ®4re(fen erregenbe, 
bcnnmbigenbe SBeife. 

^larm'jst, s. ber (6ffentl.) ^rmmafber, ^nn« 
blafer, UnmbfUfter. 

^la'rpD, s. vid. Alarm. 

^lis', int. a(bl leiber! omebl —for shame, 
pfnil -a (ob. the) day! a^i Uttglfirfa<ber 

ilaf^d, adj. Bot. geflugclt. 

Alb, s. 1. Num. cine tiirfif(be9Xfln}e; vid. 
Asper; 2. bicXlp; vid. Alp. 

lib, Al'ba, s. Horn. Cath, bie Qflba, badaXef> 
bemb; (§(or(emb; — week, bie ^fienoo<b^ 

ll'b^n, /. Xlbanud i^n). 

Aiba'njf, s. Geog. ^tbaniett. 

^Iba'Djan, I. adj. albantfA; U.s. ber TCfba* 
nitx, Klbanefe. 

Aibji'ni9.Ds, pi, bie Tflbanier. [oogcl. 

il'batross, s. Om.bcr tlflbatrof, JCriegdfcbiffd* 

Albemarl', s. Bot bie SRarmcrpfirftc^e, 

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iKb^rick, $. Iftterl* (SR-n). [Mc 

ilber'iift?, llber'ays, #. Com. eine Yrt Ut)an« 
ttf^er Gamelot. 

iKb^rt, «. 7Clbre«t, Wert (!K-n). 

Alb<^s'c«nt, adi. wtif mer^enb, toetfli^. 

Albifica'tion, s. Chan, baft fieBeifma^cn. 

APbin , «. bar ^Obin (ein ieoUt^artige^ 9Xinc« 

Aibt'n^ J. p/. netfe Sieger, TTlbinoS. [raO< 

iKbj^n, #. * TCIbion, Gnglaitb; —metal, 9Ut 


Alb^, 1. 1>{. vid. Alb-week. 

Aibfigin'^oas, adj. bem CK»etf e Atttltdb; wie 
@i»ctf ; mxfM^f roetf ; baS lEBeife (ben ttn 
bur^Mtigen $Ie(f) tm Kuge betreffenb) 
~ humour, AnaU bte lodfTenge Sen^tigfeit 
bed Xuge$. 

^IbG'go, 1. bad fiBetfe im ^; bad OBeife (ein 
unburifl^tiger ^e(f) im Xu%t, bad tofoma, 
ber »eif c 6tar. 

ACbvm, «. bad 6tttnnnbn4^ (eigen^Snbtge) 
Srembenbu^ 9 (-^culi), bad SBei]^e im Ynge. 

^Llbu'm^n, J. bad SEBei^ im @i, ^»e{^ 

4Llbii'm|noat, adj. badOKmelf betreffenb; ei^^ 
v^f^vXiii, eimeifartig; FhysioL f^Ieimig, 
|«(e. [epiint. 

AFbyrn, s, 1. Jc/i* ber CBeiffir^; fi« l^f- ber 

Alb&r'nvm, $, Bot. ber Splint. [mftn)e). 

iybuBf #. iV^um. ber fiBeifpfennig (fL SiTbers 

Alcabest, Alcabeitic, vid. in Alk...« 

^Ica'ic, JF\>et. I. adj, alfdif^ (bon einer Serd ' 
art bed ^cdnd) ; n. s. ber alMif^e Serd. 

Alc»d', ^.berlClcalbe, dti^ter^ 6tabtri4ter 
(in espanien); 9nebendri4ter (in ben fd,^t» 
ren fpan. Goionten); ber S)berbefe]^Id(aber 
(in ber ©arbarei). 

Alcali, Alcaline, To Alcalizate, vid. in Alk 

^IcXii'd?, s. Bi}t. bie morgenldnbifd^e XHanna, 
nnbeme^rte ^awfonia; dyer's—, bie fdrbenbe 
fO^fenjungc; —leaves, K-Wfitter; —oil, bad 
H'H, C^pruddl; —root, bie gepiloerte, fdr* 
benbe ©nrjel ber Iftfanna. [2lfe (S-n). 

ilce, *. abbr. (ffir Alice) Ifleyia, ©Id^en, 

Alce'dQ, *. Om. ber JtdnigdpWer^ Sidbogcl. 

Alchemical, Alchtmical, Ac. vid, Alchym... 

Alchorao, Ac. jr. vid. Alkorao. 

4J^fm'lc»l (Aljhfm^ic), I. adj. 11. -ly, adv. 
ol^9nrifHr4, al^^mifd^. 

ll'shymTst, s. ber Tfidj^t^mifl; (Soibnta^er. 

lll^hymTs'tlG^ (ilsbymis'tlc) , adj. aX^t^mU 
fHW. [toKe) terwanbeln. 

To il'^hymize, ».a. Hl^Xjmit tteihtn, (9Re« 

iFchymy, «. bie ^Ic^Qmie, (fo^e 6(^eibefnn^^ 
<SoIbma4erfunft [d^rlein. 

Alclne', jt. Bot. ber ^fiincrbarm, bad 9X4ttfe* 

ii'c9, *. Zooi. ber ItlfO; mcrifaniWe ^unb. " 

ll'c9li«l, *. Ckem. 1. ber (d«fl rectifWrte 
©eingeift, OTo^ol; «.badfttbtilfle?5ulbcr; 
—lamp, bie Gpiritndlompe. 

ilo9h61'ie, adj. fpiritudartig; al!b(olcl\rtig. 

Alc9h51izi'tioB, s. Chem. bie Q(lfo(oIifirttng; 
Otectijicirung; bad Senoanbeln in bad fub* 
tilfte yuber. 

To AI'c^boBze, v. a. alfoJoHflren, rectifldren; 
in bad f^btilfie $ulber bermanbeln. 

Alcoran, s. vid, Alkoran. 

^Icore' [>r. Ac; ffl'-kO?, Wb.^ s. 1. ber Ifl* 
foDen; 2.b{e2anbe; ®ro tte; 3. bieS^ief^e 
(in einer ©ibKotftef); -bed, (/. P. R. J.), 
bad fdett in einem Tdfooen. 

ifcy^n, s> Om. ber (SidbOgel; vid* Halcyon. 

Al'cy^nlte, *. NaU ber fofllle @eeiforf. 

Al'd^r, *. (—tree), bie Qhfle, ©Her, ber Srien* 
^baum;— bed (a-s-plpt), ber Srlenwalb. 

AlM^rmao, s. ber fftat^f^cxx, CHat^mann, it 
tefle ; — of a ward, ber ELuartienneifler, Bier* 
teldmeijler ; — 's robe, ber gifigelmantel. 

AFd^rmlUiIike, adj. vid. b. f. ^. 

ll'd^rmlnly, adj. k adv. ya einem dlat(d« 
(errn ge^drig; »ie ein KIberman ob. dlat^d' 

,^trr; fig- fl»il- 

Al'd^ra, adj. oon (Srlen^ol}, erien, eUern. 

Ald'gSte, s. Com. cant, a draaght on the 
pomp at—, ein falf^er, bom Oe^ogenen ni4t 
angenommener fiSBe^fel. 

lie, I. s. bad it, unge^opfteSier, CBeijenbier, 
fiftfeSier; medicated—, bad ^duterbier; 
ll.comp. —bench, bieCierbanf; -berry, 
bad ffiarmbier, ©ierbier; —brewer, ber tU 
braner, ©ierbraner; — conner, ber flJieranf* 
fe^er, SJierprober (in bonbon); —cost, y— 
coast), Bot. ber Slainfam; —draper, joe. 
ber ©ierf^enf, ©ienoirtj ; -fed, biergend^rft 
—hoof, Bot. ber 6ibep^eu; —boose, bad 
®ier(a»d; bie 64en!e, vulg. O-hieipe; — 
house impost, bad dttpfengclb; (md. -sil- 
Ter) ; —house keeper, ber 65d^ettf»irtJ, 88ier» 
wirt^;— inspired, bierbegetfiert;- post, ber 
QKaienbaum; badCierjci^en; —silver, bie 
Xran?|leuer; —shot, bieffiierje^ej —stake, 
ber ©ierpfa^l (aid ©*ilb bienenb), bad IBier* 
jeiften; —taster, ber ©ierprober ; — ^at, ber 
®d^rbottig, Sranbotti* ; -wife, 1. bie ©icr* 
mirtiinn; 2. (eigent!.) Alddf, ein ameri!. 
Sif4 and bem ^dringdgeftftle^te iavpea 

^Ie«', adv. Naut nnterbemffiinbe, im iei; 
hard—! betm ®inbe geJaftwS 

il'egar, s. ber Sleffig, ©iereffig. [lolben. 

^l^m'bjc, s. Chem. ber9rettn!oIben, JDefliBir« 

^iVidote, I. adj. Ich. f^uppettlod; II. *. ber 
Wuppenlofe JiW. 

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4^1crl/, L adj. II. -ly, adv. ma^fam, anf feinerfllUcInt', s. Geog. Wcantci ^cr Xlicontwdiu 
4)ut(bcf.Afa.,npoathe-);munter,lcb^oft, il'lce, *. Xlcjrfa, TiUxi «lfe, 3If« (ClUfe, 
" ■ ' Clifa) (g-n). [TCetiioDieii. 

Al'jcdnde, s, bcr KUconbe « ®aum in 9iteber« 

AKj^D, I. adi* fremb, au^Uiittif4$ etnem9iic^t« 
birgetge^dridj iumiber.ttRange]n(ffeii$ n. 
s. ber Si^^mbci Low, Xuftldnber, ber iti<bt 
f^firger iffc^ —act, —bill, ba& 7CttM£nber« 
becret (ben TCufent^alt ber Stemben in iSnq^ 
loab betreffenb)^ — '■ duty, dn Q^xtrason anf 
bie oon YttSldnbent eingefii^rten SBaareni 
bcftdl- ^on bcm SoRaengebalt ber @4ift oud- 
Unbif(bec Ot^^eber) —office, ba( Srcmben- 

Tu Alieo, To Aliene, vid. To Alienmte. 

Alj^n^bil'jty, «. bie Seriuf erli^feit. 

Ai'i^D^ble, 0(0*. t>erduf erli4. 

Ai'jf n^e, i. bie 9remb(eit, ^tt6Uinberf<baft. 

To Al'j^oSte, v.a. Derdttfem j >!g. abmenbig 
ma^tn, etttfremben, abjic^en. 

Ai'i^nftte, I. adj, uxUvifttti fig> abgeneidt, 
cntfrembet (—from, »on)j n. «. ber^embe, 

Alj^nft'tion, «.l. bie IBerduf eruttg5 ^.^rembbeit 
(vid. Alienage) ; 3,^. dntiuf erung $ Xb%u 
neigtbett ^ — of miod, bie (Seiftedabtoefenbeit, 
berSBabttfittni — office, einMreau^bei bent 
aHe Serduf erttitg^abgaben beri^tigt roerben. 

Alj^na't^r, s, ber Serduf erer. 

JAlj^neS', #. Qiner, bent 6tma( Derduf ert mirb, 
ber Adttfer. 

Alieiiiam, «. vid» Alienage. 

ll'jiorm, adj. Anat. flugelfdrmig i — procesa, 
ber {Kidelfdrmiee gortfa^. 

To^fight', v.n. fl(b nieberlaflenf abfteigen, 
QU&fleigen (— from, Don, ou9)i ficxob\aVitu, 
nieberf auern j to — on ... , berfotten iber ... . 

^Iike\ adj. k adv. glcub/ dbnlicb/ ^^^^ fo mie$ 

^— minded, gleid^gcRnnt, gleiibbenl^enb. 

Al'im^nt, jr. 1. bie 9tabning, bad 9£-$mitteI, 
bie@)>eife; baft Sutter j ber Unter^alt (vid. 
Alimony); 2. ber^unber. 

Aljment'^l, I. adj. ndbrenb, nabrbaft) II. — ly» 
adv. auf ndbrenbe XBeife. 

AljmentViBfM. s. bie B^abrbaftigfeit 

Aljm^nt'^ry, I. adj. 1. jur 9£abrttttg geb^rtg i 
2. ndbrenb, nabrbaft j 3. gnrGpeife bieneitb, 
efbar3 Anat. —canal, ber S>arm(QnaI$ 
—duct, ber e$)>eifegang^ n. «. 1. bie JBer^ 
pflegungSanflQlti 2. ber TTIimentarinft (burcb 

Aljm^nta'tion, s. 1. bie 9tabr(aftigfeit, 9{dbr« 
fraft) 2. Ofrndbrung, )Berpflegung/ ber 

^Untcrbalt. [finn. 

Aljmen'tiven^si, s, Thren. ber €rndbrung6» 

AKjrovn) , s. Imw, bie TnimentatioR. 

^in!; lufHg; ~looking,munter,tc.au6febenb. 
Alerfn^is, s. bie 8Ba(br(imMt; 9Runterfeit, 

Sebbaftigfeit, baft flintc SSefen ; bie Suftigfeit. 
A'l^t, s. Orn. ber IRcbbfibnerfal^. 
Alfxan'd^r, s. 7((e;Qnbcr (d)^-n); — '■ foot, 
^Bot. ber ®ertr«m, bad ®pei(belfrattt. 
Al^xKu'd^rf, s. But. baS ©m^meafrattt, bie 
Alfxi&n'dri^-wood [— wdd], *. eine Xii fci* 

ncft, iur .^unfltifd^Ierci gebrau^teft $oI^. 
il^xanMrjne, Poet. I. s. ber aUjcanbrinifcbe 

6erft; n. adj. alexanbrinifcb 
Al^Sxjphar'micI. adj. alft ©cgcngift bienenb ; 

II. s. baft ®cgengift. 
Alexlphiir'mic^l, adj. mie Alexipbarmic, qv. 
Alex'fppda, s. mod. tint aT^af^ine surnXuf^ 

rifbten gefluriter $ferbe. 
AlSxjtSr'ic, I. adj. giftabtreibenb ; baft ^ithtv 

Dertreibenb ; 11. s. baft @(bubniittel , bef. 

gegen ®ift, (Segengift. 
ilf^ndi'gt, s. Cus. ein ^adt* unb 3oIlbttuft in 

^iffabon; eine SoOabgabe oon auft* unb ciw 
^gebenben ffBaaren. 

Ai'g9» «. Bot. baft Geegraft, bie eSeeneffeU 
ii'g»z«i, f . Zooi. bie ©ajene. [re^enfunfl. 
Al'gebr^ #. Math, bie Qflgebra, ©ucbftaben' 
Al^gbrft'le, Algdbra'M> adj. Math. alge< 

braif(bj — cnrve, bie algebraize frumme 

Sinie (im (Segenfob ber tranftfcenbenten) 
AlgdbrA'iitf «• ber ^Igebraift 
Alge'rjg, s, Geog, ^Igerien. 
Aige'fine, I. j. ber ®e»o^tter oon Tflgier^ 

II. adj, algterifdb. 
Algierine, s. k adv. vid. Algeriae. 
^Igierf', s. Geog. Hi^itxi Xlgerien. 
Ai'gor, *. Med. bie beftige JCdlte, ber fcbarfe 
Jroft [3ablen. 

AKgorifm, Al'gvriftAm, *. bie ffiilfenWaft ber 
Ai'gous, adj. iu ben^gengebdrig) boDtXU 

gen$ algenartig. [(inSpanien) 

Al'guqizii, s. ber 2((guafil, {>dr4er, emerge 
Albalootid^, s. cor.vid. Ail-hallow-tide in All-. 
Alhenna, s. vid. Alcanna. 
Albjda-d^, Aljdade', s. Mat3i. baft iDiopter^ 

Sineal an ^cpinflrumentcn. 
Alhollantide, s. vid. All-hallow-tide, in All-. 
A'ljai, LaWfh adv. fottfl, anbcrftj Simaon, 

alias Smith, eimfon, fonjl ©mitb (genannt)^ 
^11. f.— capia8,ein wicberbolter JBerbaftftbcfebl. 
Al'jbl, s. Law, baft Ttiibi 9 to prove one'n- , 
Jcin X. natbtoetft^n. 

Al'ible, adj. ndbrenb, nabrbaft^ ndbrbar. 
AHcande, C. AUccnde, Afort. vid. Alicondcl 

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iKjtied, adj. Z«0{. {lafterffifig^ mit cincr 

S'lttg^aut rcrfe^cn. [mdufe, «.)• 

AKi|»«<lf, f. pi. Zool. %tattcxWcx CBU\>et^ 

Al'iquaiit [ JKorc. Ac; «l'-j-kw5nt. W.^adj, 

Arith. aliquant I 3 is an — part of 10, 3 ge^t 

Al'iqo($t» ttdj, Arith. atinuotj 3 is ao — part 
of 9, 3g(^ttn9auf$ —part, bcrS^ieilcr. 

Alitanden, i. vid. Alexanders. 

I'lfsh, ad;, mte Htl, Merarttd. 

Alison, J. eiifabettn^en, au^cn (^-n). 

4li\V, adfj. (cbent, lebcnbig, am Scben^ ^< 
tWtiflj Icbjaft, munter^ ticf fu^tenb^ m- 
pttitbfam^ all—, gan3^U8ettnbS)|ri ffi^* 
lent, cmpflttbenb (tm iDttteflen Ginne); 
feelingly— for (to), fc^r empfdngUft fflr. 

Alk, Orn. Ut Hlf, ^apagcitau^cr. 

Allcfb&t, s. Oiem. bad lt»a^efl. 

Al'lcth^stfc, adj. Ghent, auflofcnb; S(rt^tiUnb. 

Alkatl^c^nt, adj. f<bma4 alfatif^^/ alfalifi* 
renb, laugcnfal^fg. 

.5lkSld', s. vid. Alcaid. 

Xi^flT [ M^. Ac. ; JH'-kvld* H". Ac], s. Chem 
bad ^Cirali, Saugenfals ; ^ot. ber (9(odf<bme(i, 

^bad 6a(i(rottt; — Yolatile, ftfi^tigeS 2au« 

"dtnfai). [cittern Xlfalt merben. 

ToAl'k^lffy, V. 1. a. alMRrcni 11. n. in 

Alk»irg'€noa8, adj. alfaltftrcnb. 

Alktlfmetf r, s. Chem. ber Tflfalimeter. 

Al'k^JIne IWorc. Ac; Xt'-kHrn, fT. Ac], 
adj. Chem. al(alif4/ aIMmf4$ —earths, 
airalitttf4e@rben) —salts, TCCfaiiralie, Saa< 


Alkfljza'tion, «. bie Tdfaliftrung. [fircn. 

To Al'k»li2e, w. a. mit TCIWi fdtfigen, alfali* 

AKkfh^r, «. bie 4)aitfenb(afe^ vid. Isinglass. 

Al'k^iif t, 9. vid. Alcanna ; bastard — , Bot 
ber Xtferftcinfamcn. 

Alkanna, Alkenna, s. vid. Alcanna. 

Atkek<^n'gi, s. BoU bic 3ttbeRfirf(be. 

^Iker'mef, s. Pfiarm. bie Satwcrge ^on Sttt* 
me§beercn,berAcrmedbeerfaft$ —oak, Bot. 
bie Acrmedeiibe/ €$4Qr(a4n<b(* [berbaum. 

Alk^^r'v^ s. Bot. bic Q^riflpalme, ber fiBun* 

Al'k9rj&tt, s. Theol. ber itoran. 5>ie Crieirto^ 
(iflen fpr. geto. iU-k9-rAa'. 

Alk^ran'ie, a^. ben itoran betreffenb. 

All, I. pron. at^. oEer, aHe, aEed^ gan)) 
II. s. bad (Saaie, Xa (c/.Aiis, pO; '^r- 
the world, bttr<|attd; gerabej —dinner-time, 
wi^renb bed gan^ec !Dtittageirend i bj - 
means, ed fof^e mad ed moUe, bnribaud, 
f<bIe<btetbiR9d 3 once for — , etn f&r aOemal i 
for good and—, gan^ttsbgar) anfimmer^ 
for— we know, bad miffcn mir ni(bt, bad fann 
maa nid^t miffen) after-, am dnbe, mobi 

gar tto^b) imiSntnbebetraibtet} at — , fi^er* 
aa,bur(baud3 enblt4bo(bno45 etmaj benn 
bo(b$ not at -, gan} ttnb gar nid^t, nid^n 
mcniger aid 5 'Us - one, ed ift ^ttcd elnd^ 
cinerlei, glei^t^ieU and — that, nnb berglei* 
<ben3 —the better, bcftobeffer^ he has loot 
bis — , er bot YQed oerloren^ when — comet 
to—, menn ed urn unburn fommt^ enbli^) 
Mar. —hands hoay ! Xffe |)4ttbe bo(b I Med 
aufd Serbect! itberaU! — hands to quarters 
hoay! jumOfngriff bereit(1fuftuf an bie©ee« 
leute, auibrc^ofien gu gejen)5 -'s well! 
1. gttte ffiad^e! (TCudmf ber e^ilbma^en 
aufilnegdffbtffett aOe balbe®tunbenmdbrcab 
ber !Ra4tma(bett)3 2. Kntmott ber 64ilb« 
TOtt*ett auf who's there?; ebenfaUd TCttdmf 
ber 9^a(btmd4ter. 

All, adi7.gan}/ qdnfiidf, fdmmtlid^^ o5lIig) efn« 
liig, aDein) gerabei -along, ber Sdnge na^} 
bie gauge 3ett fiber, immerfort}* adentbalbeu i 
in — , gufammen^ in — the month of May 
next I promise to pay, Ac, tm (^aufe bed) 
Knftigen ^at t>erfpre(be t<b in begablen 
(gletcboiel an melibem Sage) j — in the wind. 
Afar, bie Gegel !illen (merben fcbiaff)) «^ 
was — eyes, fle ma(bte grofc TCugenj — at 
once, —of a sodden, plo(lt(b/ aufetnmol) 

— over, gang unb gar, bur^ unb burftl 

All-, comp. (tblt meiflen mit all- terbunbe* 
nen, miOMrlitb gebilbcten Barter ftnb 7(blec« 
ti)>a, empbatif(b oberpoetif(bgebrau4t) all 
berfldrft ben Ginn in einem $5^cren ®rabe 
aid most unb entfpri^t bem beutftben TiUti, 
TiU^, aO[«, aagemein, itberaud, burcbaud, 
gang; t>5Dtg, t>oKfommen, (5(bfl: —blaze, ber 
ffiarmbe^dlter (gum ^ffen mdrmen) j — boun- 
teoQs, — boantiful, allgfitig^ — consciona* 

I. aHmifTenb^ 2. fefl itbergeugt^ -divine, 
b64ft toQPommeni —divining, TCVed Dor« 
audfeffenbj —flaming, dber unb dberbrett* 
nenb J -fool's- day, lud. OTemarrentag, ber 
erfle ^prit i — fonrs, I. s. pi. aOe Siere (9tame 
eined gem. Jtarfenfpieldjf n. adv. on- f., 
auf aUen «icrenj —good, I. adj. aUgfttigj 

II. s. 1. (tbe-g.) ber ^llgiitige i 2. BoU bad 
TfUgut, ber gute|)einri(b/ gelbfplnat^ —gra- 
cious, allgfltig i — hail, I. int. * (eine®ruf« 
formel) fei mir gegrfift^ 4>cin ^J« *• -^^ii/ 
©egen, ©efunbjeitj To — hail, v. a. feicr* 
li<b begriif en 4 — hallow, — hallows, Rom. 
Cat/i. ttCUerbetltgen CSijt am erften 9tobem« 
ber) 5 — hallow -tide, (— hallown, — hal- 
lo wmas) bie 3eitum7flrerjeiligenj —happy, 
©oDfommen glfitfli^, felig^ —heal, Bot. bie 
itraftmurgelj the clown's — heal, Bot. bad 

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^OUebfroitt; — Joit, DoOfommtit dcrc^t, an* 
gere^ti -kiad, a^M%, (^54$ Mxd^i 
-knowing, anwifTenb, allweifej —loving, 
aUlitUntii —merciful, adj» oObarm^er^igj 
the -merciful, *.l>cr TCObarmj^erji ge i —night, 
Da$ 92a4tIiAt (eine JEBadbdr^eibe ob. CftoUc 
mit einem ©o^tla ber !Rtttc)| —perfect, 
(54fl oollfomnunj —powerful, oHmd^tid/ 
aOgeioalttg j the — righteoua, «. Der ©create 
(®ott)) -saintt,«.p^.»9efl 
(- sainU - day , ber Sag) IXKer^dltgen | 

— sainU-wort, BoU baft ^o^anni^frattt) 

— teed, ^ot. ]. bcr fleine n>tlb< Sein, baft 
f(einfleXaurenbforn$ SLbie^KelbC/ vid. Or- 
rach; -seeing, ttHWenbj — aeer, betOT» 
fe(enb((®ott)j — lonli, i. pi. Rom. Caih. 
bad gefl (— ioula-day, ber Sag) ^CtterfecUtt 
(am 2.^oumUv)i — apice, Dot. ber 9)1 
mtnt, 9CeIfenpft|fcr, englifd^ ®e»iir}, /«m 
neue XBArjei — tpice-tree, Bo^ ber pi* 
metttbaunt; bie 9imentmt)rtbe ) Carolinian 
—•pice-tree, Bot bie faroUtiif(>e Jtclcbblumej 
ber (Btxo^Xffixaudfi —sufficiency, bie 7Ca< 
genugramfeit; gr5fteSoafommen§eit$ — «uf- 
ficlent, I. adj. allgenugfam^ ILthe— s., «. 
ber XKgenngrame (®ott){ —wise, I. adj. 
aQmeife, bieooOfommenfleSBeilbettbefl^enb) aSegro^ munter, lufiig. 
11. the- w., s. ber Ifttweifej - witted, (dtbfl *"-'-•"'' •"*' '* '*' -*^ 
lof^ig, bur^trieben, w. 

Au-^-mort', oftf. vulg. oenoinrt, aufer guf* 

fung^ ttiebergebonnert) betrubt. 
li'l^nite, s. ber THlardt, QttttU, bad pridma^ 

ill«Ato'jdef,llI»ntoif',«. Zoot-badUrtagef^f, 

bie f>arnbaut 

^Llliiu'd^le, adj. preidiooiirbig, lobeodioertb. 
To 411*^. V. a. 1. (— metaU, SRetaUe) be* 

f(bi(!en (vief. b. fl. Alloy); 2. j^. f(bn)fi(ben, 

Denninbemi HtiberR, bdmpfen^ ftiaenj to 

— wine with water, lEBetn mit SSafler oer^ 
mtf4en (loetbflnnen). 

J^My', jr. 1. berSufatCsuetnemaXetafle^ vid, 

b.d. Alloy) ; 2.^. bie ®<bn>A4nng/ Sin^ 

berung 9 — of colours, bie QRtlbenmg bunfler 

Sarben bur4 bad :2(ufbeIIen 5 without — , o^ne 

3ufa^, uxigemtf(bt^ to give -, mdpigen, 

linbern* cool— , bie TfbWung; Jtaltftbale. 
^Uiiy'^r, s. ber, bie, bod awfipigenbe, ^inberabe i 

—of acrimony, bad, mad bie ©(b^rfe bdmpft. 
To Alledge, Alledgeable Htc vid. AJlege, Ac. 
illdgS'tion, f. 1. bie Ynfil(rttng$ ^^Be^aup^ 

tungi angeffi^rte eteUe^ bie bebauptete 

®a4e, ber ©a^j 2. bte 2(udfage, TCngabe, 

tKudrebe, entfrbulbigttitg, berlBormanb. 
To i^lW^e', V. a. (IBemeife, w.) beibringen, an* 

^llie'fble, adj. anffibrboT, (aid elnee»ei$ 
ober eine ^tfibulbtgung) bei^ubringen. 

AWi%^ 4H«'si«% s. etn ofHnbiMer 3nid 
)>on SaummoKe ob. ftatbddbnlt^en Gtoffen. 

All^^^, «.ber7Cnfilbrer/99ebaupter. 

4Llie'^i^9e, s. bie Untertbanenpfliibt, &bi^^ 
pjli(bt| local or temporary — , bie Unter<^ 
tbanenpfliibt etnedSremben gegen bie SDbrig' 
f ett fetned Qfufentbalted $ oath of — , ber j>ttl* 
bigungdeib 5 to do — , (ulbigen. 

/^ll«g'ing, p. a. unter bem l^ormonbe. 

illegSr^c^ (lUgg&r'jc) , L adj. aflegonf4, 
finnbilblulb/ berblfimti n. — iy, adv. aOego^ 
rif4/ in SUbemi HI. — ness, s. bod ICQeijos 
rif^e, bie aaegorif(be (S^genfftoft 

il'Iegprist, ll'lSgoriz^r, 9. ber 0ittnbilbner, 

To ll'lSg^rTze, v. I. a. btlbli(b bortrtgea, ott$* 
brdcfeni aUegorif^ er!Idrcn$ II. x. aid eine 

^KKegorie bebonbeln. 

Al'legpry, #. bie OTcgorie, bilbU(be Olebe. 

AUegr^mSn'ts, adv. Mus. bnrtig, nutnter. 

All§gr£tH Mus. h s. badTCOegretlo) H. adv. 
etmad munter ob. leb^aft. 

lllSgrifs'sjmO, adv. Mu4. fe^r burtig. 

^lle'gro, Mvs^ I. s. bad TCUegroi II. adv. 

Allelojah [iU-18-ia'-y»], s. (bad, eitt) «>ane- 
lu^mande', «• Dane bie XDemanbe. 
IllfmSn'njc, adj. aHemontttfib* 
^LlleQd', s. tkd. Allodium. [bem. 

To ^Llle'vjite, v. a. erleiibtem, mtlbeni, lin* 
^lievja'tion, s. bie (Srleicbtentng, £inbentag$ 

bod @rlei(bterungdmittel. 
ll'l^y, 1. l.bie TCaeei 2. bad (StdMen, bet 

S)ur(bgang^ 3. bte GtodPbdrfe (in &>ttbatt)) 

a turn -again (or a blind) — > ber 6arf (eint 

©ttlTe obne TCudgang). 
AUja'ceous, adj. hiobIatt4artig. 

f&breni audfagen, bebauptcn, bejaben. 

^Ui'^nce, s. 1. bie TCaian), bad Sfinbnif, bet 
IBunbi 2. bie Serf<bmdgerttng, Senoanbt* 
ftbaft^ 3. bieJBermanbten) to make an—, 
P4 Derbinben, oerrndbleni iVi<-«. thf 
holy -> bie betltge XHioan treaty of—, bet 

To i^lU'^nce, v. a. vid. To Ally, 

^itTed', p. a. aUiixt, oerbunben, oenoanbt. 

^ITef', pi. V. Ally, bie Tfaitrten. 

To Al'ljgate, v. a. oerbinben, oerfniipfen, oer* 


Alligii'tion, s. bie Serbinbung; fierfnfipfitng 4 
Arith. (rule of—), bie TfUigationdregel, ©e» 
fibichtngd* ob. Sermifibungdregeli Chem. 

Il'ligatQr, s. Zool. ber XOigator, JCatman 9 

I -pear, Z^o/. bie S^u<bt bed 1Crogatob<iWB«d. 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 




il'Ifs, s. emu Uc mf^^n, ^^ netld. 
(LlUfflon[— di9i]> #. M Ytflofen^ 3itfimmien^ 
ftof en, bet Vmourf. [tdud^fMtnteim, 

{Lim^rft'tioB, «. iber. bie Xnitcratioii, ber 
^fift'frf five, a<(r. Otttertreiib, in %ont ttt* 

All^cS'tioi, «b Law^ bie^(a}itt(tntng (eined 
IMM 911 etiier 0lc4m«nd)) Vtwdftrag sur 
eoa^Iuns (in ber t9%U^idfatfawmtx)i Oe» 
ri^tigmifli etOigmifi, Omiaisung (etned 
XrtOtUta) etner0t(4ttnttg5 SBicbmrflat' 

All^^i^, #. JLai0» bie Acf^dnignng/ ^<4 
cine toyirte flte^nung in Drbnmig fd* 

Ali^tion, #. bte VttTcbe. 

iAlli/d|^ ac&*. Law, fxM^tn, le|ttlftet, oHo* 
bial4 — l«ad«, OHgengiltcr, mobialgAter. 

^li5dif|ci'tioB, «. Ixno, bie Semonblttng ban 
^^ndfltcrn in ^geng^ter, eerttOobnng. 

AUo'dittm, «. Lam, bi» YQobiiim, fteie Orbgnt, 

AFl^Rdy, /.Bof.ber^rittffce, ^afenonq^fer. 

^llftnie', s. Fmc ber IMfbf im ^e^tett) 
Man. bie ^nge, baS ^vfbanb. 

Alld^', M. mrig. ^Ko( I Wif. ffalloo. 

To ^ilM', V. ». ik «• Wflg. vid. Halloo. 

^iWp'ftty, #. AM. bie TOoy«t|ie. 

AUVvMrt, «* iMM. bet no)>at(. 

To 4JIIC', «.a. tetfoofmC— goodfl, ffBaaren)) 
anftn^ieletti svt^len, nMtfeileni snnfen* 
QOi) crimen, betDilIigett(mitto). 

MWt'iMttt, s. bie Sert^iluttg, eerfoafttng) 
ba» ^oo», ber Ynt^eU) bie Xbtteibtng (itt{ 
cittcmCNrten, 2C)| —of goodi. Com. bie 
flBaatettH>^^ Qabefing. 

boiCkklair, Aoflgelb, X«f^getb, )e.| bie 
3e(rfofien,fiidtett('®e{ber)^ ber3nf4^ttf ^ bie 
station 9 8.ber(SrIaf; bie Sta^ftd^t) 4. bie 
ffBiebererfhittung (ber Unfoflen), (finreft^ 
mtng einer eumme, GntMibignng, ber aielb« 
erftt^j Com. ber Wjug, bie flUefactiej baft 
Ontgewi^t^ abankrnpfi— , bie (Scmpeteng 
eineft ^aOiten (auft ber ^a|re)$ short -, 
Afar. bieSerfnapi^ung; to make or give - 
of loBotbiBK, <H»a8 ilberfe^en, eftni^tfo 
genan bimit nej^men. 

To ^lid^taoe, v. a. Mar. betfn(H?pen. 

^lldV^r, s. (Bitter, ber Ofttool biSigt, re4t« 
fertigt, befUtigt. [legiren. 

To ^nsf , V. a. (-netals, Wetaffe) beWitfen, 

^Itof , s. ber dttfat (i« Hnem QXetaOe), bie 
^gintng, ber Oe^alt (baft Jtom, ber tBert^) 
beftOlblbeftob.eilberft; fig. bieSermir^nng/ 
IBerf4Ie4tentng, ber ICbiugi of . . . •, ... 
Iftt^ig, . . . ent^Itenb. 

Allf, «. pi. wig. bie fdnuntlid^e ^be. 

AJKspIee, s. vid. All-, eomp. 

Allib«i'c^cy, s. bie ffiiQigfeit, dttftieben^eit. 

To 4inde'» V. n. anfpielen (—to, anf)- 

4H&M{og, p. s. baft Ynrpteten, bie Iforpielnng. 

Mki^m, s. vid. Alvm. [ren, anftmalen. 

To i^inKfliinftte, To i^HKmjne, v. a. iEnmini* 

^ItH'min^r, ^US'mlnvr, s, ber 3Virai(Rtf^/ 

^HfniDOM, lyiflny, adv. Alonlnoot, Ac. 

To 4imre', V. a. anlotten, anreiten, reisen. 

AllfireWnt, s. ber fRei}, bie Ifnrelimig; 
^ixfttng, )CttIotfttttg, eerffi^nmg. 

AllAr'«r,«.berKnlotfer,eerfil(rer3 bieS-rinn. 

^liir^ins, I.f>.«. baft 9tei)cn, ber fRei}) bie 
Soihing; n. p. a.; TO. — ly, adv. Io(fenb, 
reijenb, ©erfajrerif*. [«ebe). 

^in'fioDf— zkvn], s. bie TfnfpieUtng (in bet 

Alla'trft, «. pU 1. Btebcttbinge, fire«bartigel4^m'•iYe,I.a(t^anf^ieIenb) IT. -ly, ado. au| 
Sef^ftignngeni 9.9eiioet9e. I eine anfpieknbe, i>erbetfte Krt, bnr4 Yn« 

To And*', v.a.sigebea, eiirteneni anne^| fpielnng. [gemb. 

'--i^ tncrtanen^ snerfMnen, ingeftetenJAllff^ry, a($. anf^ielenb; borbringenb; fbl> 

ivIalTen, erfanben) bCMgea, gene^nrigen 
(imo.mitoO; bewiaigen,geben) bergilteni 
anftfe^en (eine 0nmme)) wei^en, loibmen^ 
re^tfirrtigen^tert^eibigen) Mitfl^t anf C^« 
HMftne^men, M^tUm fibrig Uifeni ein> 
re^nen, abre^nen, dbf/Ui^. 
J^m¥4Ut, I. ad).; H. -ly, adv. »aft m^' 
geben, ein}nrdttnien ifki itiIWg/ erfonbti 
re^tmdfig) in. -^noM, #. bie dnlAffigVeit^ 

^#^ce, 9. 1. bk QNnrlnmmg, 3ula|pingJ 
Ohrlaibnif « SerginfUgnng, ^ttiifiti Un< 

pi'vfv,*. pi. bnrd^ ben etrom anfgef^memmte 

fitbut SttfeUi. 

AUfi'v)^» adj. angef^memnit, angeft>ii(t. 
Aflfl'v{^B, ^Jlft'vivm, s. bie Xnf4»emmnng ; 

baft Vngen>iilte, angefd^nemnite Sanb, ber 

Aim'Tloni, vi<i. b. ft AltnTial. 
To pf, V. a. berbflttbcn; ©erbinben, tereini* 

gen (—with, to, mit) ; allied by blood, blutft* 

benoattbt. [manbte, ^reunb 

i,||Allf , *• ber OTiirte, ©mibeftgenof; »cr« 
syXim^dUi't^, s. Ast. ber {>ft(enfrfift9 — *« 

gebSBben^it) (BpSma^t) % baftlCnftgefe^teJ atalT, eeom. ein |)6benmefrer. 
biefrtaefMteeim»e/berbefii»Mteak(attJll'Bilde, iKm^dje. AKnmdy, s. 1. ein afrifan. 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 




Jto^ii 9on eaumrinibci % dn landed {Boot 
(bef. }U Golctttta) tu SDftinbten. 

^lus'grf, s. Min, baft fpan. fl^raunrot^. 

^imiUn', «. 1. ber pieman, Xntmmn, S)ait« 
f4^e; vid. German; 2. bic YUmanbe, vtd. 

li'm^Dllc, ll'mfnXck, s. bcr TCImana^/ ita* 
Icttber i —maker, ber Jt-ma^cr. 

ll'm^dine, s. Min. ber 7CtmaRbiit«9tubm. 

Alnan-fiinuice, vtd. Almood-famace. 

^m&'rjf, s. pU baft Qtrd^io (einer Jtxc^i, ic.) 

ijllmS'Df (Almene), j. Com, tin ofUttbtf^eft 
eaffrangemi^t oon a ^funb. 

Almes [amz], jr. pL vid. Almi. 

Ahnlgb'tja^u, «. bte 7CIbna4t 

Almlgh'ty, I. adi. aOmi^tig; n. the—, s. 

ItroiziiMir, s. Oiem. ber Qrilnfpan. 

Almoer [am'-n^ r], s* vid. Almoner. 

Almocaotar, s. vtd. Almacantar. 

iKm^nd [W-^ndj col. am'^n], s. bteSRanbeli 
Com, ein portitgieflf(6eft£)eImaP bon 4 y, QaU 
loncn (26 a-t madden eine $tpc)) a-i, s, pi, 
bie gefd^nittenen Jtr^flaaflidte ju ^onleuib* 
tern^ - -of the throat (vrtonBilgyUnr. —of 
the ear), AnaU bie {>alftmanbeln9 —milk, bie 
^-mU49 —oil, baftSR-olj -paste, ber 
9R-teifl4 —powder, bie 5R-Heie; — loap, 
bieSK-feife; — itoneg, manbelformige ©tei* 
ne, SR-fteinej —tree, jBoe. ber SR-baumi 
—tumbler, con ft ermine-t qv. ; —willow, 
BoU bie a)2-we{be, manbelblitterige JEBeibe. 

Xfrn^nd-fSra^ce [am-], s. Metal, ber ^trei« 

^ beofen/ G^eibeofen, Gibmeljofen. 

Xl'm9n9r, s, ber TClmofemer, Qdmofenpfleger. 

Xl'm^n^rihrp, «. baft YUnofetiamt, bie ^rrnen^ 

ikl'mynry, (cor. llm'ry), s, baft ^mofenbattft; 
bie flBo^nung eineft ilmofetiierft. 

Al'mOtt, adv, fajl, beina^e j even—, or e'en—, 
col, beinabe^ limli^, fafl. 

i^lmOz^jiar'go (Almox), *, (in ben ebemal 
fpon.'amerif. f>dfen) bex TCuftfu^rjoU, ber fSf 
bie auf fremben SS^iff^n Derlabenen &tiex. 
bdttte gegeben tourbe. 

ilm^[amz], s, pi, baft TCImofen, bie mitbe 
0abei -basket, ber TCrmentorbj -box, 

- che«t, bic^rmtnbfi^fe, berXlmofenfaftenj 

— deed, bie milbe ®abe, SEBo()ltbat{ — fee, 
ber 9eterftdrof(ben i - house, baft X-bauft, ^r« 
menbauftj -man, 1. ber X-mann, X-empfdn» 
ger, |>auftarme 9 a. ber 7£-geber$ -men, —peo- 
ple, bie Serfordten in einem TCrmenbaufe. 

Alms-ace, i, vid. Ambs-ace. 

Alraucantar, s, vid. Ahaacantar. [baum. 

Al'myg-trse, s. BvU iEngl. B'bl.) ber €nbett« 

Afnfge, «. b«ft tSHenmaf ; tRfffett »it ber We $ 
lit Xn4nianufactnr«€$teuer. 

Al'nfl^r, ifnygfr, AFn«g^, #. Hintx, ber 
na4 ber iSUt mift i ber geMwonte Zn^imtfftr, 

Alnfght', s. vid. All night, nnter All-. 

Afnys, s. vid. Alder-tree. 

ii'Oe, «. Bot. bie IQoei —wood, ber18Unb« 
banni; baft Wti^^li, VloeboI|. 

Al'uef , «. pL Med. btc Kloe, ber eing^itfte 

^Xloefttft* Xloeejrtract 

Al9iff jc (AlQ^t'ic^), o^. oott Xiot, not Yloe 
wrfe^t. [neien Don VIoc. 

Al^g'tjcs, Al9^d«rfef , «. p{. mttti ObCT Xrj^ 

^Idftf, I. ado. b9<^/ ^(<^<i/ inber^6b<$ in 
bie f>6be, bi>4 auf) ^of*- oben (tm 64^ife), 
auf bem Serbedf e, in bem Xouwerfe 1 from—, 
bon oben; li. prep. ♦ fiber. 

^lone', o47. A ^dv. aSein i to leave—, 9er» 
laffeni let me—, laffcneSte mi<b geben, InfTcn 
®ie mi4 in Stuf^t, ob. in ^i^bcn. 

^idng', adv, Idttgft, ber ^nge na^ i fbrt^ »tt« 
ter fort 5 all — , bnr4auft| aOentbalbcn, 
itberaa j bie gon^e itit fiber, inuner, aac^eit, 
as I (we, yon) go— , nntenoegft; Afar-> 
lie-, oon bem iCBinbe auf bie &^t gelegt 
fein; to sail -the coast, ber Mfte entlong 
fegetn; *- side of, bi^btneben, an ber 6dte 
bin, ^titt an Ztitti Mar, Sorb an 9orb i 
— with, mit; in ® efeOfubaft mit, ftuglciib mit ) 
—shore. Afar. Idngft ber Jtfiftei —shore boys, 
s. pi Sea, bie Shtf Miffer, itfiftenfibrer; bie 
auf bem SefHanbe Iffiobnenben (opp. sea- 
men) ; -shore owner, Com. ber Jtfiftenf#tff« 

^15ngst', (idv. vid. b. fi. Along. 

^160f, adv. fern, oon fern, »ett ab, oon »ei« 
tern, in ber gerne ; ^iadhtt; abwdrtft $ Mar, 
Iui>»drtft| to keep — from a rook, oott eincr 
itlippe Ob. 9an( obbatten. 

A'lOOf, 4. vid. Ale-wife, 8. 

Alops'cj^, ^lfip'§cy,«. Afed. baftOfuftfallen ber 

^{)aare, bie Sn^ftraube, ber Svib^grinb. 

Al9p«en', g. Com. tint Hxt f^maler Soin> 
baleen (9)ombafin). 

^lo'se, ^lo'sti, s, Jch. bie ^ofe, :iCIfe, 6Ife. 

41ofi'ch}, s. baft Xlou(bi«$ar} (fpr. aluf4t«), 
4>ar} beft »eif en 3immtbanmeft. 

^lodd', adv. lant,oerttebmIi(b5 l^rmenb. 

Alow', adv. vuig. unten, niebermirtft. 

ilp, *, 1. bie Xlp, ber (bobe) Oraftberg, bie 
^oAmeibe; vid, Alps; 2. einSerggeifi} 3. ber 
TOp (Senemmnng im Ckblafe); 4. On. ber 
(9impeI,tDompfaffi —horn, baft:iap(ett)born. 

Alpa'ca, i^lpiVna, s. Zoo/, baft KIpaca ob./am. 
^aea, bie :xipagna)iege, geio. auib baft pt* 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 




rnonif^c e4«f Oefnt feiite fB^Ut gu ttr^, 

etolfen unb i^ttn gebr. loirb). 
Al'ph^, i. baft )CI;p^a, X9 — cockle, Qmch, 

bie Y(i>^mitf4el, f)erfi)eettb]iraf4€l. 
Al'pb^bSt, «. baft 3(Iptabct, Ybc, Y«b«ci bte 

Sibel } TVp. S9it(bfhiben}a(l eon 83 gebruct^ 

ten 1990001$ baft alp^abrttf^^e 3n^itftoer 

To Al'pb^blft, V. a. alp^abetifib (na(b ban T[U 
p^abet) efmiitten, ocbnen. 

Aiph^bftf 'rju* '• ber nea^n^ltt* 

Alphtbifjcfil, llphfb^t'ic, I. a4}>; Ih-lj, 
ado, alpbdbetif4^. 

^iphit'edQD, «. Sutler* ber iBeinbru^ (mtt 
gii^lid^er ihto4caierfpGttentng). 

^Iphe'nix, ^phoi'iilx, s. bcrioeift (an eittcm 
4^af en geionnbene) (Serflenancfer. 

Alpicft', «. Gam. baft Septi«va (tm ^rofpieO« 

Xl'pioe [W.kc; U'-pIne, Wb, Ac], I. acTj. 
alpintfd^, io^i n. #. bet lOpenbeibobner, 
TiibpUxi cofiip.— crow, Om bieScrgbo^U/ 
TClpenM^ei —hare, ZooL bet btrdnberltibe 
4>afe, BtX^f^fti — meadowi, incor. ft — pai- 
tores, vid, Alps, 2. 

Alpt» «• pi. 1* bie Xlpen, baft Xtpengebirge^ 
2. ^o4»riben/ Oroftgebirge. 

Alfqajfda [— kwi— }, ^. AfeCo/. bcr Oletglatt}. 

Alr£ad'y, adv. beteitft/ f^on. 

Ai'Mce, ^Ua'tia[-Hihi-»], s. Geog. baft Qlfa^ 

ll't2b9o, s. Chem. baft eeefal). 

^liffne', «. tnd. Aldoe. 

jti'm), adv.avaf, cbenfaOft^ iH^itH, bajn, tto4* 

Alt, s.Mus.^ttZlt 

Aft^r, /. 1. ber TCItar $ 2. altarf6imide Serft^ 
-. cloth, bie OrUarbeife) —piece, baft Tiltcu 
^d, Xltargcmilbd —wise, ado. wit etn 
intar^ altarf5rmifi. [geige, ©ratf*c. 

Al't^-vfi/l*, «• JVfv#. bieSDoppelgetge, Krm« 

To iK't^r, V.I. a. inbcm^ bcrdnbern^ 11. n. 
fkb inbcm) to — for the worse, Ti^b ber« 
ftlimmeni) to — one's coDdition, fig. fi<b 
ver&nbent; M berieiratben. [li4Ynt 

Alt^rfbiKity, «* bie Ybinbtrlidbfeit, Serinbet' 

ll't^r^le,!. adj.; II.— ly, adv. abdnberltd), 
berdnbtrliib 9 m* — ness, s. bieSertoberUib' 
hit, SBanbelbatfeit 

Ai't^r^ge, s.(b, 10.) baft Xsftie^en dnc ft Jtinbeft, 

AKtfrtnt, a#. Anbemb. 

AFt^rfBts, «. pi. Old. b. & Alteratives. 

AiVii'tion, «.bie^oibcrttng/8erAabening$ 
jSg. S^ctterung. 

AFt^r^tifYe, adj, berinbetttb ; Med. alterirenb. 

Aft^rftlTCf, 9. pi. Med. bicalteritcsben^r^ 

To iFt^cftte, V. 11. iottfen, flrcitni. 

AJtffci'tioB^ s. bit danf, etrdt, Oortioe^fel. 

ift^r «%B, *. (in eponien n. Itcapet) »ott- 
matbt/ in alien 6a(bcn obnc »citere IfppeOa* 
tiott entr^etben iu btrfcn. 

Al't?r?r, s. Sincr, ber <$tmaft dnbcrt. 

4tt€ni', adj. abmecbr^Inb, »e4fclft»cife4 -an- 
gles, vid. Alternate angles. 

^Iter'n^te, I. ad;, abmeibfclnb, loe^felfeitig ; 
gegenfettig$ Bot me^feiftmcife gefleat^ -an- 
gles, Geom.ieBe4fc(»tnfel) U. s. bie Xb- 
mc^felnng, ber XBe^fcI) lU. — ty, ado. 
me^felftmctfe, einft unft anbcre, ba(b fo, balb 
fo$ bai»tf(ben$ IV. — ness, «. baftTCbwe^* 
feln, bie ioe4fc(ftnetfe ob. »c4feIfcttige9oIge, 

To Alter'nite [ Wb. ice; XF-t«r-nllte, Wb. Ae.], 
V. La. »c4felft»eifc wrri#t«n$ ». ipcr4n» 
bern) !!• n. abwc^jfetn, abmc^fetnb folgen. 

Iltfrnft'tion, «.bieYbn>c4fchtng,9Be4feIfolge^ 
baft Kbme^feln} Ecc. bie (ftcfponft (bcim 
(Sotteftbienfl); AriUu bie ^ennutation ber 

^Iter'nttTfe, I. adj. abme^felnb^ altematit?; 
— proposition. Log. ber fiBcdbfcIfa^j 11. #. 
berffBe4feIfiin/bieXIternafite$ baftCntibe* 
ber«&ber) fig. bie Ungemifb^t; Sericgen* 
beit$ m. — ly, ado. »c<breld»cife/ einft nmft 
anberei sunt fRif^ieni IV. —ness, «. bie 
Xbweibfelttttg/ abmcd^felnbe ^erdnbcrnng. 

^iter'nity, s. bie weibfclftwcife Solge, Q(bme4« 
felung. [Kitbce. 

^Uht'^, s. Bot. ber Sibif4/ bie milbe SXafi^e, 

Although', conj. obgteicb, obibobi/ locnnglcicb. 

Altfl'vqiif nee, s. bie botbtrabenbc^ fibwtilflige 
0lrtC; ber ©omboft. [racffcr. 

^Itrm'€tfr, s. Geom. ber Kltimetcr^ ^ftb^H' 

jlltim'etry, s. Geom. bie{)6(^enmcffunbe^^o4# 


Ai'tjn, $. Nvm-^. 1. berlf(tiln, turf. ®otb« 
nrfinse ^.U^/^Z^Xt.i 2. ber Xltin, friibere 
rufT. @ilbennunie b. ungefdbr 1 (9r. i Geog. 
dn Gee nnb ©erg in eibiricn. 

^ItifD'c^r, s. Ckem. tixtcTltt !fittf»i(beft eal| 
(}itm Oteinigen) ber QXctaHe. 

^ItWon^nt, Alti^s'oRoos , odj. bo^t^UCnb, 
f^miitflig flingenb, bo<btrabcnb. 

Al'tist,«. Af««.berltltift. 

AKt}t/t, s. Bot. baft etittfafantfrant 

Ai'tjtQde, #. (J«t) bicf>5(e) j^. Qfrbaben* 
beiti ber bo^e ((f5<bflc) (Shrab, ®ipfel) -of 
the eye, F^. bie Kugenb^be) Geom. the 
snn*s — of the meridian, bie^Ulittagftb^be ber 
Bomti to talce the san*s — , bie Sonnett^^be 
mefftn, bie eonnc f(bief en. 

Mtfv'^l^nt, adj. 9|s^o(b fliegcnb. 

XftO, I. s. vid. Alt; II. adj. k ado. (ital.) 
Mu9. (04 f -key, ber Xltf<bIfiffeU -rt- 




llflEVO» vUL lUUttVo ; — eotaTo, Mb*.- dilC 

pctate ^im —viola, vM. Alta-Ttoto. 
ilt^gjfth'^, adv. lufammin, ttnivt, 901^ wx\> 

gar, diiiitt^^ i^5Btd) mlei<l^ mit ; for -, fftr 

immcr, bcftAa^tg* [nfinic). 

il't9in, s. Num. UtXltHoifXltmitM.&oUi* 
IHM, s. Chem. baft eubUmirgefaf . 
ii'^m, «. bcr XIaun$ —earth, bie TL-tttti 

-salt, bad etdtifa(»$ -slate, berTf-fd^Ufer^ 

—stone, Siin7.bcrY>flcin,d^ramite7CUittn9 

—water, baft ^f-ioafTcr ; —work, baft TL-mtf, 

biej-ftc^erct^ 7C-(utte. 
To At^^, V. a. atouncn, it cine K(aiinaii{l6« 

fund taud^tn i to - silks, ecibcnieuge bedfcn 

lafcnj to — hides. Tan. ^itttc olaimeii) 

a-ed calves, alatuigarc AoI^feHe. 
ll&'miaite, «. Oem. baft atottn^oltifle eolj, 

Al'Qmrne, ^Hfniiof, Xl'&iiilnlte, «. Mbu bie 

Mmefelfaure X^onerbe, bet ^lumintt. 
AlQ'mjnoQs, adj. oUunartig, alaun^altig. 
^rn'minvm, t. Ckem.U»KUmiini)VM,X\am' 

Al'Omish, ll'Gmy, adj. vid. Alamhiotts. 
AlQtu'tion, «. baft Oerben (beft Seberft)^ bie 

Okrbcrci. [Anat. bie Qe^r^d^le. 

AfvHryy «• baft Sicnen^ft; berSienenliotf) 
AI'vd9l9r» Al'vft^l^ry, ai).AnaU bteda^nfl^er 

betreffenb ob. mel^e ^benb. 
Al'v€9tite, adj. BoU mit fldnen %lli^ttn uu 

fe^ }C8e9f$mt9. 
Ai'vftpl}, s. pL Tfloiolett: 1. ^niqu^tUn, 

CBa^'}., dtenen'}.} 2. ^d^len ia ben 9e« 

Icnmitett) 8. oerflcincrte !Dtuf<l^eln mit fegel* 

f6rsiidcn3eaen$ 4. iinat. 3a(ttfA4er, 3a^n' 
Jfi^lctt. [Mbcalit (cin SoffW)- 

Ai'vgQittc, $. Nat. berKapfllein, ©♦Affelftein, 
Afvftfis, «. Anat. bcr Jtattal beft <Sti)ittft. 
Al'v|«e[S«.; Xl'-vlac, fTorc], adi. bie Sin- 

gewcibe ob. ben ttnterleib betreffienb. 
^Liwiir'griin, #.(— plover), Orn. bcr(ibCbre* 

aenpfcifer, {>aibenpfeifer. 
Al'wHyf, adv. immtt, fhrtft, befldnbig. 
Am, bin, werbc (erflc ^crf. beft^rfif. 3nWc x>, 

toBc,fcin). 1-to writealetter, i*fott(mnf J 
_bin 9cn5tii0t) einen «rief (jn) f*reiben. 
A'nif, s. 1. Oi, ein ®ef2f )um ^enbmabU 
^IBein4 2. cinSiaffidfeitftmaf ) vtU b. fi. Aam. 
Amabri'ity, *. bie «icbcnft»ftrbt§Wt 
An^dSftQ, AmVtft, *. bie Xmabottenbim, 

Am'fddu, Am'^dow, #. ber 3nttbecf(bibamm« 
^maln', I. adv, mit aUer (bereinter) Stcaft, 

beftigj piJ^Hib/ inaKer(5il, iLbcr^alftunb 

fotftn! (att4 dmf an dn fdttbtiM €Mbfffi 

fi<b itt ergeben). 
4LBSI'e9», An&I'SfBf* *• Chem. baft 'KfuA' 

gama, bet SlttiArd, bie ^DtettSarinvitgi 

Dy. bieaufgedi^rte^ftft^pe) ^ig.bieSXtf^ung, 

baft <9emif<tu 
To ^M's^nOUe, o. I. a. Chem. amalgamtrcn, 

bcrquidten; j!g. mif^en, oermif<ben{ n. k. 

fl4 amolgamtren , Qctmiften. 
AmXigfunil'tion, «. Ohem. bie TCmatgomation, 

Ber(nii<fttttgi fig- bteScrmifilbnng. 
To Amjil'g^nlze, vid. <b.ii.)To AHalgaaate. 
AmV» '• Ciom. dn blauer, tebontifiber, bovm* 
•riooaener 3eng. 

^mSa'dpl^, «. Afiii. bcr fKonbdfldtt. 
AmXnft^n'sis, s. ber e4rrdber, Gecretir, %a» 

Ao/trXatA, «. 1. Bot. berlCmorantb, baftXan^ 

fenbfd)6n) 2. bie )C-farbe, baftTC-rotb) 3.« 

cine nnoerwdfliibe dlume (€$ittnbi(b ber ttn^ 

flerblid^Nit). [forbig; * mbermcOIUb. 
Aja«riln'tAtn«» adj. amorontben) omarantb' 
To AmSss', V. a. t^vifm, attfbittfen^ faouneln. 
^mnss', s, ber f>aufe, Mxaapm, €$tof • 
^mlUstef ot, s, bie Xnbfofnng, ber f>anfen. 
Amateor [Sm-«-tif^, H^.], s. ber JtsttfUiebba' 

ber, Jtnnflftennb, S)ilettant 
AmftO'ri>l, I. adj.i U. — !y, adv. bcrliebt, bie 

^UU betrejfenb. 
Am^to'rioos, adj. vid. Amalorial» 
AiiiVt9ry> a47. bie ^ebe betrejfenb) boiv rd* 

}ettb) — masde, Anat ber berttebte!0tttft^li 

— potion, ber Siebefttranf. 
AmAnro'sis, s. Med. bie TCngenverbtmfdimg^ 

ber f4»ar)e €$toar. 
To ^laSze', v. a. erf^retfen) in Gtounen ob. 

Semnnbentng ft(en$ beflfti^ten, oerbit^en. 
^m9ze, ^i'z^^ss, s. ber e^xtdi baft (St* 

ftannen) bieffiefifii^ttg) in amaze, beftfirit 
^mfi'z^ly, adv. mit (sum) Qtrftanncn, mit 

(iur) SefUlrsvng. 
^mSze'mtnt, I. s. ber 6<btetfen, baft ^tfle^en $ 

iSrfiaunen, bie Senonnbentng^ bie grdfte 

S^r^ung, Siicbergef^agenbdt) II. tat. 

AmUz'jng, I. p. a. erfhntnUib) U* p-s. baft 

Chrftaunen^ m. — ly, adv. erfiannliib/feltfam. 
Ara'^zSn, s. bie ^ma|one$ baft friegertfibe, 

mianlid^ VBtibi fig. bie IBiene^ ^ogr. ber 

V-ttfK»f, ^aranbon(in6fibamenftt)) — s* 

hunting, Om. bie 7f., K>ammer. 
Amazo'oi^n, adj. ama)<menbaft; fdegerifibf 

—habit, baft Kmaionenfidb, IRdtbabit ber 

iDamen. [JMmmnng, tBinbnng. 

SUpfi lUift. Mar. bnrtig (anfflorb)l letlArnhft'^^^, #.pi.berUmf*»eifim^{Reben) bie 
go-! strike*! laftbicecgdnieber! (aftl^ndiX'ifoiis, a^. »dtr^d|lg, »f«f4i<btig« 




^nibiU'ft9d9r (AmbuMdoor), #. bet (BefdaHei Wu^r, #. Afoii. tn yafgdHiicr, dcltcr. 
vt(f. EmbasMdor ; to play tbe — » <Sfla» ^«| Am'blijig, Mm, I. p. a. bcn^f ge^mb) - 
fcln J vid. DockiBg. I ber ^| gittgcr, 3rlter ^ -iwee, bcr |)af dang ; 

Amb&sVdrSss, #. wU £rabaMadr«M. | U. — ly, «fo. im f>af(^ loic dn 9>a^giR8er. 

Am'bfr, I. «. ber Zmber^ yeUow— , bet gclbc|liiia>lyg«a, Inililigttii, «• aeom. ba» flunipf* 
ICv IBernftftn) liqDid~,berf^tni9e3Cmbraj| winHtge S)reM. [»tofe% 

■^ "^ ' ^aU)i5'g9B«l,4mblV'g9Ml,c<V*G«oM.flmtt|^f> 

An'blyQpy, s. Med. bie »f naitbcrtt Ck^trtft 
o(ne fiitnti^ wa^rnc^barcR getter bcr V«« 
gcH; 2Cnib(Qopie. 

^mbrdfc', $. 1. KabrolUift (91^)1 ft Jtof. 
baft 7CmbrD|i(iifra«t/ v«i. Aabroiia. 
^mbro'fi* [-zbi»]» «• 1. IfytA, bie Kmbrcfla, 
®6tterfpeifci a. Mot. baft Kmbroliaifrtitt, 
®dtter!ratit, Sranbcntratt [ffif bnftcnb. 
AmbrO^fivlC-ihj^l], adhomUcm^tW^, 
^Labro'fifa [— zh{M]» adj* 1. ombroftM^ «<'• 
Ambrosial; fi. ambroftanifib ) the — ritMl, 
ber ambreRanifd^e ^bgefong. 
in^bry, #• 1. cqt^ vid. AlBoary ; fi. ber Spct* 
fefibronf, itu4cnf<branf, gUcdcaMroiif, bie 
epetfefommcr, (BcMirrfQimner. 
Ambf -ice [taz-ftii', IT. fte. ; iUu'.Ss, If A. Ae.]. 
(?ffm.d»ei ttittft ob. oOe Yf ^ ber^f4b(UR 

oil of—, baft Tbabroflj II. adj* a«ft ^mber 
befte^cnb/ bemfleineiti C9mp. — beads, 
SemftemloraOett ) —oyster. Conch, bie 
IBernfleinmttfAeli —seed, bie ®ifaittf5nier, 
TUahtM^tl^tni —tree, Bot. 1. ber Qfmbro' 
baumi 2. bie Kmbraftaube. [res. 

To Aiii'b«r, V. 0. mit Ymbra rdtt^ent/ambriy 

Am'bf rgiis, (cor. Ambergrease, — greese), s. 
ber graue Xmberi black — , ber 9n4^<unber $ 
white — , ber eogelamber. 

Ambes-ace [amz — ], s. vid. Ambs-aoe. 

Ami)!?, #. berTCmbia, eitt bidter inbifiber ^iNr. 

▲mb)d^zV> I- «• Gtiner, ber (Qline bie) red|»tft 
unb UmU }sglei4 ifti lud. ber :K4feltrdser5 
Law^ tin (9ef4»oreiter ob. Kbbocat^ ber M 
i>on beiben f)arteieK befte^cit Ufti Gam. 
ein6pte(e'r, ber bei beibes f)arteiett Yntbeil 
bat) II. adj. fig, in aOen Gdtteln 9ere<bt« 

Ambjd^xter'ity, s. bie fi^t Ckf^iiniibNit 
betber ^dabej fig. bie 'S^ftUxA^ttd, %im» 

AmbidSz'troiu, L adj. re<btft Uttb Usfft }U> 
glUHifig^ a^feltrdgerif^/ gibeibevtig, folf^i 
il. — ness, #• md. Ambidexterity. [freiftc 

SWbi^nt, adj. ttmgebenb^ -ur, berS)iinft' 

Am^igil, #• tint SXablieit, wo Jtalteft u. &au 
meft It. ingleiib attf^efe^t mirb? fig» baft (Se» 
menafel, vulg. ber ^f<bmaf<b. [fiim. 

Ifflbjgii'ity, s. bie 3»eibeutigfei^ ber IDoppel* 

^mbynoas, I. adj. ; n. — ly, adv* ^meibettttg, 
}»eif^Ibaft^ buttfel, boppelfUmtg; ^loeijliuiig) 
ni. — ness, s. vid. Ambigaity. [tigfeit 

^bn'^^, «. bie imeibestige iRebe, 3»etbeif 

i^mbfl'pqaoas, a<6'. iibeibeutig im ^XuftbnuCe. 

Ambil'9qay, s. ber(Bebratt(b}metbetttiger1(itft« 

^briltfe, bie ^ibeibeutigf eit. 

Am1>it, s. ber Umfang^ Umfreift. 

^mbt'tion, s. berO^brgei}, bied^rfu^t* Oe* 
gierbe, (i. e. Z.), e^rliebe, ber fBetteifer. 

^mbi'tioiis, I. adj.; U. — ly, adv. ebrbegierig, 
ebrfitcbtig/ e^rgei^ig) totliSl^v^tf&iU begie* 
rig (—of, auf)5^g. enpor^rebenb) HI. 
— oess, «. bie C^^rbegierbe, i^Wnit, fHv^m 


Am^itfidc, s. ber ttmfang, Umfreift. 

To Am'ble, v. n. Man. bea f)af, Qfntritt, ob. 

«Bfir(^lfpiele); «B&rf^lpaf« im f^irafte 9iai; 
im'bfki^t, adj. ^mmmailbelnbf -brokers, 

or ambnlaats, mibeeibigte SRdffer cb. 

fBeibfelageitten )u Ymfterbam, CBintelmdflcr, 

eda^afeiL [epc^iccotge^cii. 

Ambfil&'tlon, «.baftf>ensmgebenr &i(l»anbeta, 
.Wbaiftive, adj. bemmgcbeRb, ftMsierenb. 
Am'bttlfitor, s. ber epa^icrgdngcr. 
Am'bGletory, a4i. (entmge^b^ um^ermaa* 

belnb, bemegliib. 

im'bary, s. Far. bie Mmammi^tf IBftttVMTil. 
Ambdscade', Imbftsa'dO, i. i^. ber ^ixUf 

Im'bdsh, $. Mil. 1. ber f)inter4alt| 8. ber 

Ueberfaa auft bemfelbcii4 S. coOect. bie im 

^inter^alte Uegenbeit Xruppes. 
To Iffl^dsh, Mil. V. 1. a. 1. in cisen ^in» 

ter(alt legend 2. im ^. euflaucnii S. anft 

etnem j>. fiberfaOcn^ II. n. im 4>. liegcn. 
Im'buit, adj. Med. i^erbrattttt, oerbrubt 
^mbils'tlon, s. Med. 1. baft Serbrirnncn, 9cr« 

brit(en5 a. ber SBranbf^abcn^ Oronb^etfen. 
Ame, s. bie S)tm (ffBcinmaf , meifhnft )»on 

a dimem). 
Xm'fl, s. k V. vid. Enamel; — eom. Set ber 

fi^intel^ j^infelmeiien, baft Ommerfom/ her 

Ame'ljf , s. TimaUa (g-n). IbefTeni. 

e$4ritt ge^en, amblireni longfam traben^lToi^m^i'j^rftte, «. La. verbefTem^ 11. n.M 
taaien (»te etn 9ferb). || ^^mellprft'tloo, #. bie eerbeffenng. 




!«!■', L«dv.Vmni! IL #• btl Ynca. 

4LiDt*'D^ble, adj. 1. oeraBtworfliA I 2. io{0« 
fi^rig (-to ...» QHitem^ ic), 9^1(6% Megfom. 

To^^od', O.I. a. (»cr)b(feni$ bm^^tigen 
(eUte 04nft) i II. n. befcr loerbeni genefeiL 

^mlod', i^tode', #. (fCOB).) Law, bie ®elb« 
ftraf(4 — 'ia»or«bie,bte(6|fentIi4K)^Mtte, 
6(^retier!Ulrttngi Jtir^enbufe. [befferlt^. 

^mind'^ble, ii4/« flrofbar, ftraffSUig; ber« 

^In'd«t9r7» a<^'. (oer)befrernb, M ^cflcmb. 

^men'd^, «• bet BttUfftWC. 

^mSod'f&l, a<0'. boO ScfTerung. 

i^nd'mfnt, «. btcSerbcffenmd$ Zmp* TCb* 

. dnbentng (etntft (Sefe^borMlagft, u.)- 

j^^nd^, s, pL ber (®4oben>)<Srfab/ bie ^t» 
M^btgung, Oenugt^itimg; to make —(for, 
dtima) erfe^en, rrftattm, bergfitot 

.^D^a'ity, «• bt( Q(K]ie^mIt(ifdt, Ynmut^. 

A'mSny, #. p<. Grai. eitt bi<fcr iboKeiur Gtoff 

ioy^nt, «. Bof. bad JtAb^en (an Oeioi^fcn). 
Anfiitl'ceoas[— thys], o^}. ^e. Mb4aitra' 

genb. M^^martig. 
^wty, s. ber SBa^iiflttn. 
To Amerce', v. a. <9elbflrafie anferlegen. 
^jtiree'fbte, cub** flrafbar, ftroffiOig. 
imirctfm^tj ». X. bie<3telbflrafe,etraf|timnie$ 

out. b. ^ Fiae; 2.bal9eftrafien. 
^aer'c^r, «. QHaer^ ber eine Oelbftrafe attf« 


^Ir'jcfi, «. ^oog. Vmedht. [Xmerihner. 
^mJSr'icfn, I. adj, amerifonfr^^^ II. #. ber 
Am^Hjoynifiii, 9. ber TCmerifantftmud. 
To ^m^r'ic^ize, v. a. amerifttmfireti. 
Inof-llce', «. md. Ambi-ace. 
Am'^M, tf. vtd. Amice. 
lalhtlvjtt, #. Mui. ber Kmet^^fl. 
imit/ijfst/iae, odj. amettt)flforbig. ' 
To ^10691)10, ». a. (fran}.) Hort bie ©rbe 

itmfle^eit/ Io(fcr inad^eti. 
Am'i9» 5. /eft. ber !SXoberfif4. 
Ami^bTI'jty, s, vid. Amabilit)-. 
A'mi^ble, I. adj. KebMwitrbig, fe^r ange« 

M(m3 Uebrri4$ II.— ly, atfv.mitTCnmut^; 

QufiiebretAeSScifej III. — neM, s, bicSic» 
^bcnftwfirbigfeft, XrnnutJ. 
AWj^t/t, AmiKo't/ivs, «. jtfin. bcr (Srbfla^S; 

infan'tAjform, adj. adbeftartig, ^arfSrmig. 
Am|an'«i|nlte, *. Min. ber7Cmiorit^mtt(Xbttrt 

bed 0tra(lfleine«). 
AnjSn't/idrd, Min. I. #. ber etrablftcin, IDnf* 

fo(it^5 II. odi. adbeflortig, ^aorfdrmig. 
IWicfble, lm'|c^l» I. acf;'.; II. — ly, adv. 

freunbUcb/ giitli(b; freunbfibaftli^b/ mo^ln>ol« 

Unbj - fettlement, ber gM^e Serglei^ $ 

III.-DeM(£B|c«bll1ty), #.bie9reiniMi4' 

feit, Stevbfdl^aftli^hit, bol CBo^lmoOcn. 
Am'jce, iui^ct, s. Ece. baft Ifd^fetfictb etncft 

tatboliMen ^pritfttn (bcim fRefTcIefni). 
Amfcia [— sli|^], «. ifon. bie !IR6nibft«<5apnse. 
inid', Aiil^dflt', prep. mittcR in, mitten unter 5 

-ahipo, Afor.mitfibiffft. 
^mW, adv. k adj. thtl, nnrcd^t^ «erfc(rt, 

febler(aft,fair4^;ttnf(bitf(i4/ tinpaflenb; im- 

pifliit/ unwobl) to do-, unrest (anbebi, 

feblen) to take—, fibelne^men, itbcIauMe* 
^gen, berbenfen. 

Amlt, s. vid. Amice, Anict [men. 

Am'i^, s. bie Srennbfdbaft, bal gute Bemef^ 
im'mi, 9. 1. bie Ifebtifjtttn^ 8. Surg, baft 
^9m4battb. [fonten. 

AWn^-oeid, Irn'mi-tC^d, s. bcr )Cmmet}« 
Am'mlte, s, Geol. ber OrbfenfMn. 
Am'mocbrjfie, Inmochrf'sTt, s. Geol. baft 

Jta^engolb. [€$anbnatter. 

Am'modh«» '< ^at* !• ber€kittbaa(j 8. bie 
^mmD'oJiu 9. Chem. baft Ymmotttnm, ^iiilfttige 
•Ob. t^iedfibe XieaUi vid. b. f. OB. 
^mmO'ttiXc, Chenu I. #. bet Vmmcntaf $ 11. 

ad;. ammoniafaUf4) m-, buftX-faii, ber 


Immonl'tcvly adj. anuttoniafaUfdb. 
Am'monlte, 9. Geol, baft (berfleinerte) ICm* 

monftboni/ ber Kmmontt 
AmmC/njvm, Im'mony, 9. tnd. Ammonia, 
immtoi^tion, 9. ber^egftoorratb) —bread, 

baft 0ommifbrob4 --box, ber !Dhimttonft* 

fafleni —carriage, —waggon, —cart, ber 

QR-ftmagen, 9R-fthirren$ — sboei, —shirts, 

— stocking, Ac, Qommiffibub^/ )< 
Xm'n^r, #. vid. Almoner. 
Im'n^sty, 9. bie Xmneflie. 
im'njdn, 9. I. Anat. baft 6<bttfbiut4ett| 
^2. Bot.berJWmfatf. 
Am'njfis, 9. vid. Amnion. 
Imnfdt'Ic —acid, Chem. bie ^mnionrdttr^ 

ammf(be ®iure. 

Aroo'mvm, 9. Bot \>it "Kmomt, Jtarbamomc. 
^mdng', ^Lmdogst', prep, unttv, }mf(bcn) 
Jiadv. ) from — , VOH; auft, attft ... berattft. 
Am9rii'd9, Am'or^t, Am'oriit> 9. Ut iicbcnbe, 

(Seltcbte. Scrlicbtc, tlicbbaber, Sdnf^U. 
ImvrSttes ^mdurltte', 9. 1. cine Ocliebte, 

Sicbbabertntt5 2. Bot. baft Ciebeftgraft, dit« 

tergraft, Tfmdurcttengraft. 
Amor'ningf , ado. wig. bcft SRorgcnft. 
AmVous, I. adj.; II. — ly, adi». ^frttcbt 

(—of, in...), iirtli<b$ III. — ness, f. baft 

i^cdiebte ffBefen^ bie ^erliebtbeit. [roUna. 
^mor'ph^, 9. Bot bcr SSaflarbtnbigo auft 6a« 
^mor'phons, adj. gefUUtioft, ttsregclmif (g. 




^mort', adv. 1. tU, ftiU j 2. traurig, betdlbtJTo Am'pljflcSte, v. a. vid. To Amplify, 
mifnitttbid* pLmpliric£'ttoD, «. tic Gnoettcrung, SergrSf e« 

^mortifa'tion, 4m5rtfzI'tioo, j. Xoio,»D rung. Q%. ^obrebner. 

:Kmottifatioii£re(bt/ bte TCmortifatioQ^ 2. ba$ 

Jtaufre4t einer (BtTfLtinUi 3. bit {)cimfhr« 

bung eine$ Se^nl. 
To j^mortizcC— fc) [Tf. &c.; ^-wJir'lSz, Wore. 

Ac], V. a. Law, 1. amorttreii, amortiPren 

2. (dn ^cben) }insfrei ma^en. 
^or't}zmf at, s, vid. Amortitatfon. 
^inD'tioii, 4, 1. bU (Sntstebung Cetne§ tKmteft; 

}c)f 2.bie(Snnpenbung (unter nabeniBer* 

To AmoAni', v.n. betragoi/ fI4 bclanfnt (-to, 

auf ...)) j!g- ouf @t»a0 bin<iu^t<tufni. 
^moAnt', s. bet S3etTag, bie @umine$ bcr Or* 

trttg, baft gttdtj b<r ©eftanbi^. beri)aiu)t» 

inbalt; baft SBefentUtbfit; OtefuUat^ Gom-«. 

to the — of ..., )um S3elauf (tm IBetrage) 

©on..., ... brtrogcnbj to pay the whole -, 

per ooQ bejablenj — of balance, ber 6albo« 

^Oor', #. b(r Siebeftbanbel, bie etebf^aft. 
Amoft'fff , 1. pi. Jew. falfibe @belftdne. 
^phib'jQllte, J. Afin. ber ^mpbibiolitb. 
^phibJQld^ic^l, a(^'. Xat ampbtbiologtf^ 
ImphjblSI'Qgy, «. ATat. bie ^mpbibicn!ttnbc< 
^pUfb'ions, Nat I. a4}. ampbfbif^j fig, 

XmVljn^r, s, ber Srwdtcrer; Ccrgrofcreri 

To Am'plj^, V. 1. a. cnoeitcm, »ergrif em, 
auftbebneu) II. n. f!<b todtliufig auftbricteni 
gldn^cnb, pr&cbtig barfleUen, auftmalcn, oer^ 
[(boncrn ((&uf[g mit on). 

im'pljtsde, *. bcr Umfang, SciW, blc V^dtt, 
(Srope^ %.bcr(9Iani, Me^ra^t, SBfirbcj 
Sabtgfdt4 pae; bcr fibcrfiu^i ^£.(bef 
comp.) bieCBcite^ —of the range. Gun 
bie (odsontale 64nP' ob. lEBurfindtc 5 —con 
piM, ber ^cilcompaf . 

To Im'putHte, v. a, Surg. abWfcn, amptttU 
ren) i/ort. abbauen, fht^n (Sdume). 

Xmp&tll'tion, s. Surg, baft 7(bI5fcn, bie ^m* 

Amf -ace', «. vid, Aaba-ace. 

Am'stf rdam, *. Geog, TCmflerbam. 

Am'aiet, s. baft TCmxAtt, 3aubermittcl. 

^marce', *. bic fclbcfett, bcr fclbobcnfa^. 

ADivrcSfl'jtj* s. baft £)dbef{0c, bcr JDlfat (bd 

To ^mQte', o. a. untcrbattcn, belnfligcn, bie 
^t Dcrtreibcn^ <mit eerfpre^ungen) ^in* 
balten, aufboUen. [trctb. 

^mfi^e'mf nt, s. bic Uttterbaltung; ber deitter* 

oon)»ermif(bter7frtj —animal, bie 7(mp(t«|4BBfV> «• fom. 6iner, bcr TCnbere (ange* 

bie$ n.— ness, s. baft TCmpbibienartigc, bie 

Amphrb'ivm, s. Nat bie TCmpbibtt^ 
Im'phibule, s,.Min. bie ^ontblenbc. 
AmphjbOl'ic, adj. bornblcnbenartig. 
^ Amphjbplttg'ic^lf 1- adj.i 11. —ly, adv. }»et» 

beutig, boppelpttttig. [pdfinn. 

Araphjbdl'Q^y, s. bie 3n>dbcntigMt, ber S>cp« 
Im'phjbrash, AmphjbrS£h'yf , s. Poet bcr 

Xnpbibra^^ft. [fclig. 

ImphihaSx^edV^l , adj. Cryst boppdn>ilr« 
^mphil'Q^, s. vidm Amphibology, 
^phrm'ficf r, s. Poet bcr tKmpbimaccr. 
imphi«baeo9, ^phis'b^n, 9* loot bie QCm« 

pbiftbinc; {Ringclfd^Iange. 
^mphif'cji [— ih'ii], ^phts'cf^f [— ah'j-^Dz], 

«. p2. bie iwdfd^attigen IS6I!er. 
ImphitAe'^tr^i, adj. ampbitbeatralifib. 
imphifA^'^tre, s. baft ^(mpbitbeater. 
Imphjth^&t'ric^, adj. ampbitbeatralif^. 
Wple,!. adj. n.— ly, ado. »et^ geroumig) 

br dt 3 grof 4 nndngef^rfinft, rd^Uib^ D5aig; 

fiberflfifflg^ ergicbigj fig. prditig, gldn» 

Senb4 »citidnf!g, auftf&^rUib/ um^dnbU^ 

»iel nmfaffcnb^ in. -nesa^ t. bie m^tt, 

nebm) untet^dlf; CHner, ber Xnbere Qadt 

S!$erfpre4ungen) ^in^lt, 
^mOf'f ng, I. p. s* baft Unterbalten, )C | IL p. a. 

ni. — ly, odu. unterbaltcnb, :c 4 erge^Iiib* 
^mas'jvc ; — ly» adj. k adv. vid» Amnsing^c. 
im'y> S' 'XmatA, ^Cmattft (S-n). 
^m^fg'd^l^te, I. atS. DOB ^Ranbdn, auft SO^an* 

bcin bercitot j II. s, bic fmanbclmi((b. 
^mfg'd^line [W. ; ^-mjfg'd^-llnc, IForc], 

adj. manbelaFtig. 

Amyg'dfiisrd, s. Aftn. ber ^anbelfldn. 
Am^g'd^lord^U adj. Min. manbelftcinartig. 
Xmyla'ceouf [— shv*]* adj. fidrfcnariig. 
.Wyllne, s. Oiem. ber 0tdr!cgttmmi. 
im'ylvm« s. baft 6atmebl, ihraftmebt 
An [im ^nfammenbttnge «n], L art jda, eine 

tin (pox cinem [htr^en] SoM vnb eincm 

fiummen h). [gleid^ nid; vid. A. fi. 

i'n9« adv* Med. (auf 9lecepten) 9on )ebem 
An^bV^f m, «. £cc. ber Tfnaboptiftmuft. 
An^bSp'tjst, 4. Eec ber Xnabaptl|^ $?icber^ 


Aniib^ptifs'tjc, — c«!, adj. Ecc, anaboptiflifdj^ 
An^bs'sjs, g. Med. baft SSa(b((n, bie 3nna(mf 

ber Jtranf Jdt 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 




Kii«db/ptf c (- cf l)> «(tf • OpU )«rft(fi»cr fcAb i 

Admit ittditffiiaaciib. 
iDfcSfflp'tici, s. pL Opt. bie itatcptrif. 
ku^e^thJkr't^t, Med. L adj. baft Qhrbretfttn 

befSrbernb) n. s. bu auftodrtft loirfenbe 


^nX^hV^tt, s. bte ttttftcblertntt. 
AnX^h'^r^t, 4iXsh'9r€te» ^LnXsh'^rlte, «.ber 
fiii^rtlcr. [fieblcrmd^ig. 

analogtMeVrt^ bur4 Xnologic) m. 
«. bte analoge Sef4af enl^ett. 
AnXFQ^fm, «. Log. ber YQalofiiftliniA, t^n* 

To iM>^9^Tze> «• ff. ttnalogff* erftdren, cbcr 
.fnal'Qgons, J. adj.; II. — ly, ado. anologifcb/ 

d(nli4/ 9lef4artig, facbd^nti^, fpra^ft^nUtb. 
Anal'^gy, 4. Log. bieOfnalogiej Gram. Gpra^s 


In^shprSt'lc (-cfl) , adj. einffeblcrif^, rm»| AnSl'ysjs, s. Ts. bte 'KnalQfe : YufliSrnng, 3er' 

fe^ung, 3erlcguii8,3crgUcbenxnfl} berltbrif. 

in'^lf Bt, #. r. ber Xr.a!Qtifer. 

in^l^t'jcal, An^liffjc, I. ac^'. analQtifcb, anf* 
Wfenb, jergliebenibj II. — ly, ado. onafQtiftb/ 
;c., burcb ^nalpfe. 

An»Ktqct, *. pi. Log. bie ICnttlDtif. 

To Au'^lfie, v.a. anal^ftreit; aufl6fen; ser* 

in'^iTz^r, J. r. 1. bet 1Cnalt|Hfer$ a. ba« 
TCnalQftrenbe; TCufUfungSmittel. 

in^mnes'tic adj. Med. gebd^tnfffldrfenb. 

in^mprpho'sifl [ W., Wore. Sec ; Xn-^-morTo- 
»r«, fVb., Sm. Ac], s.Figr. l.bie UmbiU 
bung^ Sermanblimg ber ($tfiaUi 2. bie 
opttfte TCnamorp^ofe. 

^nfi'n?i8, *. J5of. bie TfitanaS, ber itfinigftopfcl. 

AnVp^st, s. Poet, ber TCnopdlt 

In^pSs'tjc^ PbeUl. adj. anapdftif^? n.«. ber 

AnXgb'rQnifiB, s. ber Qfna^ronidmitft, 
AnX^f'hrpnrs'tic, adj. anatbrcniftif^lL 
in^clas'lfc, adj. Opt. pdi(f»erfenb; intd^ 

ftro^lenb i — glaues, 4. pi. eexirgldfer, JtnaO* 

gldfer, CJprfaiggldfer. 
An^claE'tici, ». pi. Opt bie S>ioptrif. 
In^c5n'dj|, s. Zonl. hit ^nafonba, 7(bgDttft> 

ftbiange, 9tiefenf4lange. 
liifcfiste' (Anatcote; » «. Cbm. eine Yrt gt 

bliimter nieberldnbifiber CBoEengeug. 
4LnXcri6ii'tic I. adj. anafreontifcb 4 n. «. ber 

onafreontiMe fStxh. 
In^djpio'sifl , s. Met. bie (SBieberO Ser« 

boppelung. [pjtnbungelo^gteit. 

InaestAe'f j«[Xii-{fl.tfce'-zhi«], s. Med. bie@m< 
In'^lyph, 1. Sadp. bie gaii) ob. ^alber^abene 

Xnfglfp'tic. adj. Sctt/p. anagl^ptif^. 

in^gdi'g, An^gSi'y, *. Jtfed. ber :ifttft»urf anopdflifie ©erdfup. 
oon Stttt, u. bitr4 {>iifteii u. (Srbre^en^ ^aXphV»> s. Rhet. bieOfnop^et) Med. ber 
TAco/. bie (®eift») ^ebung (ju ®otf)5 ©lutauftwurf, (Siterouftwurf. 
0fftafe$ Bi6^. bieVnioenbttng oon anegori« ^nXp'lfLsfs, #. Surg. b{e ^inri^tung, SBtebers 
Men eticUtn beft olten Ztft auf baft neue. sttrttmmenMgung eineft gebro^cnen ®liebeft. 

An««»i'jc»l, Bi^/. k Theol. I. adj.; II. -ly, in^plgrOt'fc, Surg. I. a((/. anaplerotif*, ba& 
ado. gebetmRnnig^ (geiftO er(ebenb i ge^eim^ Sleif^ (in SBunben) loa^fen ma^enb 1 II. s. 
nlftoir, eriaben. [tra<bt«ngcii.l baft (leiWerjeugenbe TOttcL 

in»«»ric«, s. pi. Bibl. geijeinmiftone «e*Bin'»rAud, s. Sbrenfrieb, Sbrenrei* (^-u\ 

An'^grXm, s-f^et- baft "Xnagramm. I AnVfib, *. ber TCnar*, muJefWrer. 

' ^nar'^bic, ADar'$hjc«l, ifLn^rj^hj^I, adj. anar-. 

ln|«rfmmXfM(-.ic), I. a<tf.; 11. -ly, ado. 

lavgrXni'iiMttiEfa, <• ib«e. bieitanft TCnagram* 

mc itt HIben/ TC-nbilbsng. 
inurXn'iiiftTst, s. ber TfnagrammatifL 
To ABfgrXa'm^ttze^v.ii. Ynagrammenma^en.! 

*iW/ gefe^loft, jiigelloft, »er»irrt. 
AnVrchifm, s. Pol. hit Xnarcftie, (Sefc^lofig* 

feit, Cerwirrung. [fe^Uicn S)rbming. 

AnVsbwt, *. ber TCnar^ift, ©tfircr ber ge« 
An^rghy, *. 1. bie Xnar^ie, ©efebloflgfeit, 

A*D»I, adj. bes W«t betreffenbj -fln, bie| «er»irrung, ber regentlofe3uflanb4 2. ber 
Ifftirfloire. 1 ©taat ojne Dberjaupt, ojne £)brigf eit. 

lii«l«c't«, An'filXcU, s. pi. bie Itnaleftett* ' In^ar'c^, s. Med. hit {)aut»a|ferfu4t$ Bot. 

An^lXn'mt, *. Geom-s. 1. bie«orfkelInng beft 
{>inimelft auf ber geraben gldibc beft ^ttU 
bla»» 5 a. ber 3ei*eiitrdger bei ©onnenuiren. 

Ab»I«p's{a, * Afed bief&ieberierftellttng eineft 
abgcie^rten Jt5rperfti Surg, baft a:ragen 
eineft |erbro4enen (SUebeft in ber Sinbe. 

Aii9llpi|c» adj' nervenfldrfenb. 

jfn^^'^cf , s. pi. Med. ftdrfenbe ICrsneien. 

^bte SEBafTerfu^t. 

Ao^saHcons, adj. Med. mit ber ^attt»a|fer* 

fu*t be^aftrt; (Jaat*) walTerfiHtig. 
An^stQmSt'ic, adj, Med. hit (Scfdf e ob. Odnge 

ftffhenb^ er6ffnenb j ben 9ttttnm(anf befftr* 

To ^nXa'tQmOfle, r. n. Anat. anaflomoffren 5 

Bot^ M berdftelfl (qf. Anaatomoaifl). 

iBfMi^,c9l» L adj. analog 5 H. -ly, adv. auf||ln»Bt9nO'sik, in^tdmVyi Anat. hit franf- 

.,„,_., Google 



)«fte «itMbtti« iioder Okfife Mf»iiM*|ls'^in4,p.«. l.)Mt VifcrIie9(Bl,#Miilirt4 

»cnttfr9nni§f» ftaMitmtag let OkfiMf' 

AiiMtgi^ic* f»^' ^ AiMtoMtIc* 
An&i'tr9pli€, ^is'lrppky, s. Shtt. hit ttort^ 

occfc^niii, Xtttflmpte. 
Anaf 9, Anate, #. md. Aaotta. [taihxit 

ln'»ts«e, <.Afi». berOCnoteS, SHfcM, SDI* 

bcr Sotting; .ftir^cnbami. 

lit9tMiir}c»I, jEcc I. adj' ben 9ami betrcf^ 
fenb, baitt^el^ridi U. -Ijr, ado. n^Xtt bfft 

^nXtV^n^tTfiii, #. oid AMthea, Anatkana. 

^nSthfmlitjzi'tioi, «. Eee. bit 0ertin4im0/ 
berSamffia^L [bam t^im, oerfbi^ni. 

To ^nith'^m^tSie* v.a.Ece ia bCK Jtirdbra* 

^iiStV«ii9fii«r» «- bcr ben Jtitdbenbannftedb 


Ao^titf^rona, adj. (Sitea b<r90vbrittgettb3 
— ihell. Conch, bie (SntenmnfibeL 

la^tSv^icfi, L otfi. ; IL -iy, ado. oiMtMntM i 
Jig. obgeroobert 

AiJKf pnrtt, J. ber TbUitcadht, decftlteberer. 

To ^n2f 9nize, v. a. oantondrea, {ec^Uebern 
(0114^.). [ennfli dergltebennfl. 

An&f Qny, «. bie Xutoadt, dfrgU^ecmsi' 

lii»ir«i/4c, adj. befUgenb, ebflegcnb. 

iQ'«tr«D,«. l.bie60b0|«tittfnl^ber 
ealiMter) 9. ber OlaKNnmi, bie «(a«fialle. 

An'bvry, s, omL Aaboiy. 

lii'e««t«r, «. bee Sorfalr, 70^ etttmrnooler, 

In'o^t^fih '* P^- bie 0oreitern, ^Cfmea. 

locfsti/rl^ idj. fud* AneeilnU. 

in'e^ttr^l* o^r* oIMtrrK^} tngefknMit^ 

^-e.ute,baefirbgttt} - right, ba»etbn«t. 

An'o^atry. «. bie ^C^nen, Socettern^ bte (tt^e 
bet) ICbfkammmifl, Okbnrt, ber etenun. 

An'fh^r, *. 1. ber (€kkiff*») 1(nferi SL ber 
^alen einer e^naSe i 9.fiig. k Otr, ber 
^otfiittnd»«nhr$ 4. ber Ynfer, ba» K-fftf« 
4(n (ein ^(itfllgMttmap); comp. shank or 
bean of the — , bie 1C-ntt^e { bow — , ber (Ski» 
belanfer4 sheet — ,berf>aitptattftr ) —srouid, 
ber (gute) X-gnmb^ -hold, berlC-umnbi 
M' bie eiiberteiti —stocks, «.p/. bie X 
Wtfe, ir-t5Ijer} -watch, bie 7C-»o*e. 

To In-'ch^, V. L n. anfem^ Writer liegen^ 
fig. (-00) brt et»>a» flelen bleiben, fl* 
(eften (osf)$ Q- «• anfern^ X. loerfen, »or 

An'{h9r^Ie, adj. Yttfergmnb (abenb. 

In'shoi^e, 9, 1. ber TC-granb, Y-pUt 9 3. ba» 
lIMem) Z. bie ftomtttibett X eineft e^if* 
fe** 4. (duty of-), ba« OC-fielb, ^fcagelb. 


An'chpr^ss, «. oid. Aanchoreis. ^ 

ini'^^r^ In'gh^rlte, 9. vid. Andrarale. 

JLn'sh^rjBg, «. l.btf Xttlemi SL(ob.-srMHMl 
-place,) berXnfccyint)»X-gelb(i»d. 

^nchOTe', #. ML b. f. ». 

AnchO'vy[FK., fTorcAc; laf-tshn-Tg, Wh., 
C], «. ich. bte ICnfi^ne, eingemi^te ob. ei«> 
gelegte eorbelEe) -pear, bie ICaAoiebim. 

Anchtf e', «. vid. Alcanna. [iMenfe. 

Inthyts'sis, t. Med. bie Unbemegli^bM b«c 

An'dfncy [— shfney], «. old. Ancie^. 

An'cifnt [— shfnt, gen., eigentL In^sh^nt, 
^6. Ac], I. adj. nlt4 nerig, nonnaiig, ebo 
malign n. ^.biegrofeSlngge. 

ln'ci«ntly [-sh^nt-], adv. uor Xtteri, 
e^ebeai. [t^nw. 

An'oi^ntn^ss [-sh^nt-], s. boS ICIter, Ylter» 

An^cifntpyC-sh^nt-], #. boS Xlftr, Ytter- 
tbum be0 etttmmel, beft (SeMIe^^ bte ^' 
funft, Xbhnft, berMmnli^e, otte ttitbc 

An'eifnta [-shunts], bU Xlten (fDten- 
Men, bie in ben ditem 3etten gekbt bnben, 
be(. (SfUiffifer ber Orie^en nnb fK4in<r). 

la'cjlifry, ti^ L £010, bienftbor, (aU QRogb) 
bienenb/ nntergcorbnet} 9. einer !)Ragb ge* 
(6rig; ^e betreffenb. [f^neibto. 

AnoTplt^l, adi. 1. i»etbentig$ SL Bof. |»eb 

Incle, #•• vid. Ankle. 

In'c^n, f . AnaU ber Glbogen. 

In'cOne, «. ArA. bie<l<lfo, iMrfyringenbeKad* 
biegttng(einer!Rntt<r,cine#enIcon>)i Kn*« 
1. 0inbiegsng. [anSgef^anebete Cifenftak ' 

Xa'cony, «• /-10. ber nn ben Cuba noib nid^t 

lod, L ooni. nnbi bread — batter, Bitterbrob) 
a oMch — sii. eiae Jtatf^ mit fedbfeni to 
^o — see, nodbfeba^ two -^ two, panr»etfir$ 
bofntr* fL and if it, Ac — please God, |e 
(Stett will) whats that — please yon? nit 
Otter) Mottbnif , »a» i# ba»l II. t. wHb- 
ont its or aads, o(Re ffBan n. ICber, otnc 
Oiberrebe, fogleUb. 

ind^ltfif [c9L — shf], «. GMg. Ynbalttfien. 

in'dfMsgte, 9. Min. ber Vnbn(n|itb,4>artfptt«. 

^ndan'td, JCats. L adv. anbnntei n. «. baft 
linbnnte. [weirt. 

An'dfr&c, #• ber €kttbar«4/ baft rotbe Dyer* 

.Wd^D, adi* Gtog. in ben )Cnben geb^rig. 

In'dSf, «. f><. Geog. bie XaUvu 

indlrqnf , «. f>{. 1. bie eifemen (ob. mefRngnen) 
Senerbftcb, HSraubbdctt («nf bent j^erbe, ic)4 
2. 9ratb5de. 

Lidrtnaf^ny, 9. AnaU bie derglicberwg 
ein'eft mixoA. Seiibnonift. 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 




^Adr«'viXte»t.Jlf{iibcr7Ciibteotit(,ihtitsfld]i.||W^M* had}.; n.-ly, crfo. engeCtfkiift, 
In'dret, «. Kiibm»(!0t-n)) St-'tcroM, engel^aft, tn%U\^ (au^ fig.) i m.-iieM,#. 

Bot. bad Y-fraut; Oart^eil. | bie endUf^c Seftboffen^dt $ bte (d(f^^9toc« 

Aadr^^yn^, I. adj.; n.-ly» adv. }»itter«| i^dlubfeit 

t^, stoittewrttg » Bot. dnbrogtjnif*. To Ane«lW» «•«• CngeUi gletcf^ matboi. 

^■dro'^e, ^ndrd^yniif, «. bad aT^annweibJ Ang^H^o^, s. tKngeltiut, Yngela (S-n). 

^ndr5^yiiy, s. bie^»itterbi(biuidi Bot.bie 

Vnbroa^me, ®t)Bonbrfe. 
^dtS^TiioiiB, adj. vid. Audrogynal. 
^■'drdTd, Androrddf, s. ber (fUine) menWUdfte 

Vtttomat) bie SRarioiiette; ^ra^tpiq)|>e. 
^drdph'^gfti, «. ber9Renr4enfrcfrcr,<5aitnibaI, 
^ndrdt'pmy, s. vid. Andraaatomy. 
To^neal', n'd. To Aooeal. 
In'fcdote, s. bie Ifnefbott; H. Qef^i^te. 
In^cddfjc^l, odj;. anefbotenartig, 9ef(bi4' 

tenartifi. [e*melifeuern. 

tB«'mi&t, «. C%em. ein SEBtnbofen ^it fiineOen 
nSmfig'r^phy, s. Aer, bie ffiinbbefibreibund. 
AnemOI'^iy, j. Jer. bie ^e^re ob. ^^anblnng 

9on ben ®mben. 

intottm'dtf r» s. Aer. ber SBiRbmefTer. 
^n^m'Qni, An<m'9ny, f. Sot. bie Ifnemoiie/ 

^a^perrofe. [8Binbfabne, 

^n^m'^cOpe, t. AfecA. ber flBinb^eiger; bie 
^nSnd', 4&-4$nd', (eigentL on end), adv. Mar. 

fenlre^t) tke main top-mast ia ~, biegrofe 

^Stenge ift aufgefett 
Anef , 4. pi. <S^r<nmett/ U. vid. Awnt. 
An'eQrifm, /. Med. bie ^uldabergef^mttlfl, 

ber ^uteaberfropf. 
iBeQiif'ni^, adj. Med. Qttenn)dmatif(b/ eine 

f>ttUaberger4»nIfl betreffenb. 

AngSldiVtry, s. bte TCngetoUtrie, Sere^nmg 

^(Xnbetung) ber @itgel. 

Ang8idl'9gy» s. bie engeQe^re. 

An'^eipt, s. l.btelVngeltftt (:(rt)!attte)| S.bcr 

^Kngelot (^rt StUft and ber 9^ormanbie). 

An'iiins, J. Rom. Cath. ba» TfoemtnaUUitciL 

Aa'gfr, «. ber3om/ Unwilled Srger. Serbntf. 

To lu'g^r, o. a. jornig macf^en, triivntn, anf' 
brittgen; irgent^ b^fe mcUben. 

.Wl^red, p. a. vid. Angred. 

.Wlf riy, adv. ^omig, vid. b. fi. Angrily. 

An'g^rn^u, 5. bad 3orttigreitt. 

^ngl'ii9» i. Med. bie (4)a{ft*} Srdune. 

Angjfig'r^phy, *. Anat. bie IBef(breibttttg ber 
£Blttt' unb onberen ®efdfe bed tbierif^en 


Ang|61'^» t.u4nat bie Se^re ooii ben 9)lttt' 

;^unb anberen ©efdfen bee tbierifiben JtdrperS. 

ADgj^mSnpsper'moiu, adj. BoU ttur ein einst« 
geft Gamenforn tragenb. 

An'^perm, s, BoUtivt angiofperm{f(be$fran)e. 

Angioaper'moiia, adj. Bot. angiofpermifd^. 

Angjdt'Qmy, s, Surg, bie anotomifibe Sergltf 
bentttg ber Slntgefdf e bed tbierifcben Jt6rper9. 

In'gle, s. l.berffBinM) 2. ber TCngelbafen $ 
bie ^ngelj — oi timber, or atone, bie f(barfc 
^ante be§ San(o(}ed, ber@teine; —of ele- 
vation, Gun. ber (Sleotttiondwinfel, 9ti<^« 

Ane«', ado. nottS^eneni; auf^ 9ttut, mitUt, tungdminfel ber (Sefcb^^e^ Opt^. — of in- 
loiebentni/ obermaU auf eine neue ^rt _ | ddence, ber ®nfiaasn>infeI,9{eigungdmittM| 

Anfractaose,a<^'. AnfnictBosity, b.f.®-r. 

^nfrXc'taoaaC— t«hft— ], I. adj. wU ^Mvt' 
nntttgen, (nimnL ge»ttnben,»inMig$ n.— 
neii, M, bie itrununnng; bad itrunune, 4Bitt> 
felige. [bung. 

4^nfrfte'tnre[^tah9r], *. bie Jtrilmme; ffiin- 

Angeiograpby, Ic. vid. Angiography, See. 

In'i^l, I.*, l.ber 6ttgcl(att*J%f.)4 the evil— , 
ob. the — of darkness, ber <SngeI ber^nfter^ 
nif $ a. /cft.ber JtlippflW) n. <i<6-ben Sngein 
glei4/ engUf(b$ comp. —bed, bad offene 
fMt, Sdttt o(ne yfofienj -fish, Jeh. ber 
fReerengel^ -nice, engelglei*, englif*^ 
—shot, bie Jtettenfugelj —winged, » mit 
Sttgeldfittigen; —worship, bie :Kngelolatrie, 
l^ere^ntng (TCnbetung) ber Sngef. 

^n^^fjc, adj. ben (Sngeln cfti^, englif^. 

^ni^Kjc^, s. l.^ngeIi(a(S'n)4 2^ Bot. bie 
%,, Qfngelwttrs) —tree (Virginian—), ber 
|tadi^e(t(bte Yngettfbanm. 

rod, bie ICngeinit^f —tie piece, Carp. 

ein langer TiXLf^df^hlinQ, ber non bertDadb* 

fbtbifinie bid }um ©iebelfpief e ge^t. 
TuAn'gle, anqtltii fif^. mdf @tmad 

angeto; fhreben^ n. a. aniocfen, anjieben. 
An'gled, V. a. comp. Geom. »in!elig. 
An'gl^r, s, ber !lCngIer. 

An'glef , *. pi. bie Xftgeln (beutfcber Coffd« 
An'gljc, An'gljc^n^ adj, nnglifanif^; englifib i 

the— charch,birattglitan{f(ibe(engl.*bif(b6fU- 
jSit) Jtiribe. 

An'glje^tt, J. ber XngKFaner. 
An'djcff m, $. ber QCnglicidmud. 
To An'gljcTze, v. a, angltfiren; englif4 ma^en. 
An'gljng, p. *. bad TCngeln j —line, bie Xngcl* 

f*nur4 -rod, bie TCngelrntie. 
An'glO-, comp. — danish, adj. angelb^nif^y 

— norman, L adj. angclnormfinniW 5 n. j. 

berTCngelnormanni -saxon, l.adj. angel* 

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fd^UMi n. s. 1. bet ICngdfa^fe) % bit Ift|mAdTerf9r,«.berXabIet/Bfflrofer,at4ter, 

An'gub^r, s. Bot. lit ^oVbiVtt. 
^ QgO'lfi, vid. Angora. [2. tie Qhrf dltsng. 

An'gpr, An'eoVf «• 1- ^tt &^mtt%, bit 9dn$ 
^Dgo'r^-, «. comp. —goat. Me Aaineel}iede$ 

— goat'i hair, aagorifd^el Jtameelsiegea^aar^ 

— rabbit, ber (engL) eelbcn^ei —yarn, 
bad Jtameefgam. 

in'gred. P* a- ersftntt, aufgebra^t, B^fe. 
An'srl*X> ot'v. 1. iontig, tm3orne) 2. (». (i.) 

fd^meri^a^, entjiinbet/ b6fe. 
An'gry, adj, 1. iorntg, b6fe3 2. (w. A.) Mmer)* 

tttfc entjfinbet} an— corn, ein b(red(»e(ed) 

4)«^nemttge J to be — with (at) oae, ottf 
^einen b6fe fein. 

Ao'gof lief, «• p/. Zoo^ Sabeniofinner. 
AngDiiniform, a4). Nat. aalf5rmig. 
An'gajsb, s, bie Tfngft, £tual, ber eHimtm 

— of mind, bie SeeUnangft. 
To An'gujsh, v. a. mitKngfl ergreifen, qMn, 
jait ^eftidem @(i&mer} dngfltgcn. 
Aii'gnjslied, a4j» gedngfliget) gequilt. 
An'gfii^r, I. adj,; 11.— ly, adv. mnHli%, e^g) 

the — point, ber ^unH, loo Ctoaft einett 

ffiBinfel ma4t4 ni. — ncM, s. nit b. f. £B. 
Ang&l&r'jty, s. bad lEBinrenge, (SdKge. 
Xn'gfiiit^d, adj. e(ftg gefbrmt, totnfeUg. 
ing&lj^s'jty, s. roit Angularity. 
An'gSlons, adj. tdiQ, minfeUg- 
Angvitil'tion,* J. bie flSerengung. 
i^ng&st'jty, An'gvBtn^H, s. 1. bie Grngej 

2. (Singefirfnftbeit, XraiutJ. 
logvftfi'r^-bark [— tiM- ], s. bie ICttgojlurtt* 

rinbe bef. auS Srinibab. 
lnh«l&'tion, s. bod itei^eiu 
Anhy'dronf, a^j. Oiem. waflerlod, an^Obtif^. 
^nlght',ABigbU/[-nlt,-niU],<wto. bei^a*t, 
JnlttfRaiit, ^itr Sta^tjeit. 
An'j], «• Bot. ber Ynil, bie 3nbigopf[an)e. 
AnIle'nfM, ^niffty, s.H^^o^tnnhUXlttti 

cont bad Kltweibenndf ige. [f&^ig- 

in'jmf bie, adj. fd^ig belebt su verben, leben^ 
AnimadTersal, adj^ vid. Animadveruve. 
Animadfer'sion, «. 1. (m. it.) bie tSa^rne^ 
\ mung^ IBemerfung; Tfnmerfung) 2.bieiSe« 

le^rung^ ber Serweift, Sabet) 9. bie ^^n« 

bung, S3eflrafung (mit on, upon). 
Inim^dver'sive, I. adj. (m. (i.) mitSetOttft'l 

In'fraalr I. «. baftX^ier^ Jig. {ront) ein bum' 
mer u. grober fSKenfi^) U. adj, animalifd^, 
tJicriW j finnli^j -body, ber tjierifd^e Sttx» 
per J —economy, ber tt-e ©toff, baft a-e ®i)- 
flein^ —flower, Nat bie Geeanemone^ — 
food,^tf4nQ^rung4 — fnnctions, bie tiit^ 
rtf^enlSerritttungen^ —kingdom, -system, 
baeS^ierreic^) —spirits, bie £ebenSgeifler, 


Anfmai'ciile, s. baft S^ier^en. 

Injmal'ity, An'iinfJnfBS, «. bie X^icr^eit, Hit* 
riMe <Sigcnf4»aft. [t^iemng. 

Inlmiillzft'tion, s. 1. bie iSelebnng i 2. fier* 

ToAn'jm^Iiz^ v.^ berbanen, a(fi» 
miliren. [muntem, an^uent. 

To In'jmSte, v, a, belcben, befeelen^ fig. aaf* 

in'imate, adj. in'jmlt^d, p. a. belebt, leben* 
big, befeelt^ fig. leb^aft) * feelenooU. 

An'jmaten^s, s. ber 3nfionb beft fBelcbtfeinft, 

^baft 8eben. 

Anfma'tion, s. bie S3elcbung, fBefeelung, Oe# 
»egung, Seb^aftigfeit, Sebenbigfeit^ baft9e« 
lebenbe) —in trade, baft Eeben im 4)anbil* 

Xn'imfttive, adj. belebcnb, befeelenb. 

in'jmatQr, s. ber, baft S9elebenbe5 baft ^eben 
Ob. IBewegung erjeugenbe $rintip. 

Animose', I. adj. Ith^aft, f^i^ig, leibenf^Aft' 

Jid^i II. — nesf, J. bie^eftigMt,$ite. 

Anfmds'jty, s. bie ^eftigfeit, ScibcnfAaftli^* 

Jtiti erbitterung, ber Unn)ittc,.®roa, 3om. 

Anjmo'sp, adj. Mus, Ut^txit, mut^ig, regfam, 
leb^aft, Ieibenf(»aft(t(^. 

Anin'ga, s. Bot. bie TCningaiottrscI (auf ben 
^ntiOcn, )ttm 3u(fcrrafflniren). [fame. 

in'Ise, An'js (-seed), s. Bot. ber TClrfft, Ifnift* 

Ank'^r, t. baft TCnferffip^enj vid. Anchor. 

An'kle^ s. ber Jtnoi^el am ^uf c. 

Xnn, Anne, 4. TCniul, ^anna (3-n). 

inn«ibSs's^,«.pi. Com. eineOfrt grober AoQuer 
3ettge in ^ranfrei^, ffir ben (Suinea^anbel. 

in'nalfst, 5. ber QCnnalift, 7(nnalenfd(»reiber, 
O^^rottifenf^reiber. [(S^roniF. 

Xn'n^lf, s. pL bie TCmtalen, 3a(trbit4er, bie 

An'naU, An'n^tes, s. pi. Rom, Cath. jfi^rHd^e 
^effen(f(tr oerftorbene ob. lebenbeyerfonen). 

^nnSt'tQ, s, Xfid. Anotta. 

To Anneal', v. a. Mech. (wig. neal, nealing) 
1. auftglit^en ((Slaft, ®fen, it.)i 2.9arben 

frln begabt/ ma^me^menb, beurt(ei(ungft»| auf ®laft einbrennen, anf Q^iaft malen$ 8. baft 

f^^ig» — faculty, Ob. U. — ness, «. baft 
' ffBa(me(mttngft*((5mpf{nbttngftOi^cnn^en, 

bie Ueberlegungft« unb 9enrttfei(nngfthaft. 
To laima<lv€rt', v. <n 1. ma^me^men, mer* 

fen, empfinbeu) 2. ©enorifen, af^nben, bcflra* 

ten (mit on, upon). 

gcblafenc ®Iaft (in ben Jtfi^Iofen bringen), 
abWftlcn^ 4. brcnncn (3iegel, :c.)j 5. mit 
£)Ifarbe tr&nfen, 6len. 

ToAnnjSx', v. a. 1. att^ingen, beifitgca,Mttinffi« 
gcnj bcif^Hcfen (einenSrief,tc)i 2. (—to...) 
ipcrbinben (mit), ipereintgen (mit). 

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^niif^ry, s» baft Kn^fodfel, bit ^iniufildirag, 

Aniifza'tion, «. l.bieSeifiidimd; TCn^ingnng^ 

a. {Bereinigung, (Berbinbung (—to, mit). 
^n£zed', p. a. Com. bdgefilgt, angebogcii; 

^BBex'mfiit, J. 1. ble6erbinbimg, boft^ei* 

f&gen; 2. baft IBerbnnbene, Oeigefllgte, bcr 


^nlOifUibie, adj. uxxfUtbat, |erft5rbar. 
To AuiiliiUte, V. a. 1. oentiUbten^ ierftiJrtn; 

2. jigr. anfl^cben, smfto^en; anmnireii; amor* 

4MnhftTf t. ber £Ui4Ur, Vbgfgdft, fkn^ 

^ru^igcr, bi( f)(age. 

An'nQ^, I. adj. id^rlUft ; BotdniS^rf g ; Corns. 
— aocout, bie3a(^re4n«Rg; —balance, 
bie 6<biuf Mian), e^dftlsf ce^mtng ; —plaat, 
Bot cine eini/i^rige pfiaa^ ; IL «. 1. Bot bte 
eittid^iigeyftan^, bafteoninurge»&^; s. 
bie Sa^rHfcf^tift) m. — ly, adv. aOe 3a^rt, 
.. fiir ein ober baft 3a(r, i^rlt^. 

in'nfifry, md. Annaal. 

^BDQ'it^Dt, s. Uvi3afjita»)ffttntnft, Wttntof 
laber, Xontinenbeflter, Qapitatift 

Mntt'ity. «. bieXnnniMt, id^tftdbc ee^rentt, 
dtitrente; baft 3<t6tgelb. 

tiren^omottiflren^mortificiren; to— orders, To^LnntU', «. a. annulKrtn, nngftttig ma^tn, 

Com, gegebcttc QCvftrdge loiberntfen, ab< 

^anilijliite, adj. ^tmUittt 

^LnoIhjl&'tioD, s. 1. biclSertti^tttng, 3erpj' 
rung; 2. TCmortifation, {Dtortitlcatiott; 8. 
9ti(btig!eit, ber inferfteSerfall. 

la'afs, #. vitf. Anise. [li(b. 

AnnjTSr'sfurMy, adv. (aO) ii(rU4/ {a(reftfeier« 

inB|ver'siu7, I. s. 1. ber Sa^i^^tag ; 2. baft 
Sajreftfeft, bte 3^^^ eftfeier, baft 3«4r^e8*ng- 
nif; anniversaries, Rom. Cath. Vn* 
moerTarien , Geelenmefen ; bie t2gU<b baft 
gott^ Z^ix (inbnr4 geialtenmerben (follen)) 
II. <uO'.i&(rU4; -feast, baft 3aMfeft 

An'nO (lat) comp. vid. in A, ahbr. 

JU'nplis, s. ZooL bie ICnoIift, eine amerif a* 
nif^e Gibe^fe, bie SRopfteibetfe. 

^nnOmjnii'tion, s. vid. Agnonination 

To ia'n^tite, o. a. ICttmerfnngen .}tt etnet 
€$(briftma4en,attnerfeR; anfTiii^iben, avf« 
lei^nem \JRott. 

innotii'tion, «• bieKniserfttng|ieitter64rift, 

Ann^ta'tiontst, s. vkL b. f. «B. 

inn^taV [IT. Wore; Sn'-n^^i-t^r, Wh. 
Ac], #. ber ICnmerfer, Stotenma^er, ifuftlc 
gcr (einer e^rift). 

Anndt't^, AnVf t9, s. vid. Anotta, 

To ^nMnce', v. a. anffinbigen, anjeigen, be* 
fanntma^en, anmelben. 

^nnSAnce'mf at, f. bie TCnjeige, VnHnbignttg; 
9eft«ntma4img. [feitftbringer ob. Sote. 


To Ana^f 'f v-o* bennru^igen, plagen, Unrot* 
m, ftf ren, bcMfligen, f4laben. 

Aaoof , *. bieCeWffigung, f)(age^ et^mng. 

An^Sf fBce, *. baft ©eMfHgen, ?)logen, et6« 
ren; bie^lage, dual, ber IBerbruf , bie Se- 
M»erbe, Unru^e; Law, bie OeT^&bigung 
<ber etrafen, l^vMta, u.) ; -jury, ein ®e« 
f^momcitgeri^t {or Qnterfb^nng ftffvntU^er 
7(Rft^>tgMtea tt. 0t6ningen. 

morti|lciren ; attfl^eben, abf^en; i&enti4> 

fen ; Ot>iii-*. to — orders, gegebeneTfnfbrdge 

mibermfen, abMreiben; sale anniiUed, atrf* 

In'nni^, An'nQI^ry, adj. ringfSrmxg. 
In'niilft, «.berfleine9ting, baftOtingeld^cn; 

Arch, eine fleine viere^ge QefUnmftveriie* 

rung in ber borif^en 6 dulenorbnttng. 
^LnnSfafnt, #. bie Ifuf^ebnng, YnnnSinnig, 

Kmortifation, !Rortification. 
in'naios pYscf tO'riys, s. (lat) * Ecc. ber %U 

f4emng/ baft pApflL Sttft^gel? Sub Anntilo 

PisctOoris, nnter bem pdpfHt(ben SiegeL 
Xn'nvm, (lat.) ... per — , adv. ... fSreinob. 

baft Z^lfX, i&^rli4. [(ininre^nes. 

To ^Lnnn'JDf r&te, v. a. (inittsi^lhi, bei^d^Ieit, 
^nnflBfri'tion, s, bie^in^nre^ttttng, Setreilb* 

nnng, ®et}i(lttng. 
^LnnttnciS'tioa, s. l.bieBerffinbigUttg; 2. Sec. 

X— day), {KaridiBerffittbigung. 
^nn9ncii't9r, s. ber ^nffiabiger. 
An'^dfne, adj. bef. Med. f^mersfhTIenb, linr 

bemb ; an — necklace, ein magnetiM«4emi> 

r^eft ^alftbanb prOhrleiAtening beft^a^nenft 

bei Jtinbenu 

inVfoef, ATtd. f^mer^fHITettbc 9)tittel. 
An'^dfnons, adj. vid. Anodyne. 
To^nsratf, v. a. 1. falben; fig' ein»et(en; 

2. f(bmieren; tke Lord*s a-ed, ber ^falbte 

beft4><tm3 a-ing-ofl. baft€$a(b6L 
^noint^^r, s, bcr €$afbenbe. [C^^efBlbtfein. 
Andint'inf nt, s. baft 6alb^, bie 6albitttg, baft 
AnOm'^Itr, adj. vid. Anomalovs. 
^nSm'^ITfiB, «. vid. Anomaly. 
Andn^is'tfc ^nSn^rs'tfc^l, adj. T. onomal, 

nnregelmdfig, (son ber 9tegel) ab»(iibettb; 

-year, Ast. boft attomaIifKf4^e 3d(r. 
Anom'^lons, I. adj.; II. — ly, adv, T. anosid' 

Itfii^, ttttregebnifig; HI.— ness, s. bie Un< 

AnWfly, «. eram. kAtt, bte Yttomalte ; Yb« 

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mdd^Jttd von bet dtesel^ €lt(geIiotbrighit; 

Mus. etiic falffte Xonlctto: ob. Snten^aHe ; a 

natural —^ et»aS S^atunoibngeS. 

IkoOn', adv. 1. glei^, fogletil^, ^atb; S. t»on 

dcitittdeit^ inioalen; 3.ioq6 giebfft? nit 

i»erfle^en@iebad? ever and—, immerfort, 

bei ieber (Selegen^dt. 

^nfiD'ym^l, acfv. vid. Anonymont. 

AD90 jria'jtjr, s, mii iBonymousneii. 

ABSn'ynoiu, I. adj. ; U.—lj, adv. anoni}m(if4), 

o^nr 9^onun, ungenannt; —society. Com. 

bie aiioni)me (namenlofe) (BefeQMaft; III. 

— nttM, «. bie Xnom^mttdt, Ungenannt^ett, 

9(amettoerf4^ioetgttn9. [rexic. 

An'^rJSxy, *. Afcd. bie TCpetitCoRgfeit, Xno* 

AoOtkVf a<7. einonberer, cine onbere, etn 

anbered; folgeitb, nd^fl; no<^ einer, cine, 

etneft; loerfilftieben; one—, einanber, gegen* 

feitig; one after—, na^einanber; from—, 

oon einanber ; one among—, unter einaaberj 

one with-, miteinonbcr; Seibe, Xtlt, }it* 

fommcn; (Sixth in'd Ynbere gerc^net 

^nSt'tf, s.^tvlOtkwxr^wmCBixaorOlana— 

L.); baoon ber S)rleatt, TCnnotto. 
Anough, Anow, vid. Enoogh, Enow. 
An'ijitf d, adj. ge^enhtt, mit ^anb^oben. 
ABtpisSde', 9. (fran).) Mil. ber (Sefreite bcim 

ToAn'swfr[fiB'-Bfr], v.L a. 1. antttorten^ 
(Gtmaft) Beantworten ; 2. (Beitfige , golge 
leifieit, genug t^un, abielfen, crfunen, bcfrie* 
btgett,bqa(Iett; 3.(einer6a4e)entA>re4en, 
gemdf fein; 4.enpiebeni; mieberbolen^ 5. bfi^ 
ftm Com-j. to— a bill, einenfi2e4felbe(fen, 
einKfen, bcja^ien) to— a claim, eine Sor« 
bcntiig gut ma^en, eine ^^utt entri^tcn 
to — a debt, 1. eine 64u(b be^a^Ien) 8. ffir 
eine G4vlb Surge nerben ) to — exigencies, 
bem Wattgel(®elbniange() entgegen fommen ; 
it a-s no purpose, ed ^tlft SU nid^tS ; II. n. 
1. antnorten; 2. fi^ oerantwortenj 9tebe 
vnblCntnortgeben, 9te4enMaft geben, (St« 
»aS Derantmorteni 8. bitrgen, gut fetn; ein* 
fk^ (—for, fnr ... ) j 4. fld^ (uor ©ericbt) 
fteOeni Gtnen ^ertreten^ 5. pafTen, tangen 
tc.) 6. gelingen, anf4lagen$ to — again, er« 
miebern, entgegnen, oer^en. 

SB'swfr[tn'-s«r], 1. 1. bieTCnttport; badlCnt* 
»ortf4reibenj 9. bie ffttd^ta^d^afti 3. ber 
Qinwurf, biefBiberlegnng, (Segenf^rtft, 0te* 
cenfion; Yntifritif^ l-owy biedtepUf, UnU 
9ort anf eincJtlage^ Am. bie Knt»ort bed 
Genatd ob. bed ^nfed ber 9teprdfentanten 
anf bie iSr6ffhnngmbe beft ^rdflbenten ber 
9. et Ob. bed ®eni»eniettr0 eined ber €$taa> 
Un (wad im engt. ^arUmcnte bie Kbrefe 

ifl); Afar, ber Oegengnif (mit itanonen* 

In'swtrable [An'-s^-f bie], ha^.; II. -Ij, 

adv. 1 . beantiocrt(i4 i Mrantwortlidb ; 2. cnt* 

fproi^enb; gemdf, iibercinflimmcttb, rer^d(t< 

nifmd^g) angemefcnj(bifni4l glcicb^d^n* 

li<b j 111. — ness, *. 1. bie ©eantwortuifcitj 

iBerontwortU^f eit; 2. tKngemefTenbcit, tbn« 
An'swfT^r [fta'-sfr-tr], *. 1. ber KntnortenbC/ 

Oeoittioorteri 2. Ocgner, 0iepIiFant. 
ln*t, AVt, 1. contr. vulg. fdr: am not, are 

not, is not; — it? ttiilfttipa(rl 2. (ft. and 

if it), nnb menn, mcnn, vid. in And. 
int, *. Ent. bie ^mcifc; —bear, —eater, ber 

X-nbdr^X-nfreffcr; — eggs,7(.ncicrj -hill 

(— Mllock), ber 1C-n(aufen$ — lion, ber X-n* 


iUtiic'id, vid. Antiacid. 
^ntSg'9nffm, «. bcr fBiberftrdt, «iberflttnb, 

bad (Segcnftreben, bie Q^egcnwirfnng. 
^n^f^nXvt, I. s. 1. ber ®cgner, SBibcrfa^trj 

2. bad <Skgettt(ciI, (Scgenfhiif) Anat. bet 

®egenmttdfel; II. adj. vid. b. f. fB. 
Antag9ais'tic, adj. Miberflreitcttb. 
To ^ntXg'^nTie, v. n. wiberflrcitcn, »ibcr» 
* ftrcben, ((Sinem) entgegen fein. 
Antvn^cla'sjs, t. JtheU lit ^VntttnafloRd. 
Antf phrpdYt'je, adj. Med. antii^encrifd^. 
Int9p9pl^c'tjc adj. antopop(eft(f4, wirffom 

gegen ben e^Iag^uf . 
^ntarc'tfc, adj. Geoe. bem florbcn cntgegcn< 

gefe)t,ame$itbpo(e, fMiHf, antarftifib; the 

— pole, or the — , ber Silbpol. 
Ant^rtAritfjc adj. gi^t^eilenb. 
AntasthmXt'ic[— Mt— ]» adj. gnt wiber bte 


in'te, (lat.) partie* comp. Bou. 
In'tSaot, s. badiBergangenc, bie fr€(erc^anb' 
^tvng Ob. Zf^t; a-s, pi. tergangenc SDinge. 
Anticedi'nfons, adj. i»or(ergcf)aib. 
To intdcide', v.n. (bet 3cit nadft) tor^crgcbcn. 
lntec«M«nce, Ant«e«'dfncy, s. badBor(er< 

ge^n, fti(ereor(<nbenftitt« 
Ant^ce'dtnt, I. at^.; II. —ly, adv. terser* 

ge^enb, wrgdngig, wridufig, tor; -to, 

eter,ald...4 m*'* badSor^ergc^cnbe ; (rram. 

bad ^ntecebcnd, bcfgl. Xog. n. Ifatli. ber. 
^Sorberfat/ bad Sorberglieb. 
Antdcjfs'spr, 9. berlBorgdttger (in eincm Kmte, 

u.), eorfa^r int Scftt 3 fig. ber Knfn^rer. 
An'tdchiimbfr, 9. bad 6oriimmer. 
in'techXpfl, 9. bie f^orcapcOe, Sor^aQe. 
Ante^hrts'tj^n, adj. t>or4^rift(i4. 
^ntS'ciauf [— shanz], t. p^ Geog. bie (Sle« 

gemoo^ner fyid. Antoeci). 

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iat^car'ifr, «. berSorUttfct. 

To in'tSdate, v. a. fdi^er ob. iwc&d botiren) 

* oorfd^metten; oornnpflnben/ oorgaiufen) 

an a-d old age, cin frfi^eft 1(lt(r. 
An'tedste, «. ba» frfi^cre IDatttm; « bet Sot' 

f4ma(t. [t^ig, antcbiluoianif^^. 

lntedil&'v|^ IntSdiia'vj^n, adj. oorf&nbfhtp 
lotgdjlfi'vj^ns, s. pi. tie VntebilttDianer. 
Xo'telOpe, «. vid. Antilope. 
InUlfi'c^n, adj. loaft oor SageS Ynbrud^ ift 
Antem^rTd'i^D, a47. oormittdgid (vicf. A. M. 

ink abbr.) 

Actemet'jc adj' flttt »tber t>a& @rbre4en. 
Antemet'ici (Antemetica), s* pi. Med. aittCs 

metif^e; Srbredften fhatnbe^ittel. 
IntemiiaMaoe, adj. oor drf^affiing ber SBelt 

9or(anbcn demefen. 
Anten'nae, «. pi. Ent hit Stl^l(6rner. 
intSnaiii1>fr, «. btc Dorbcte da^L 
AnUnop'tial [— «h^jl], odj. ©orjocftjcitli*. 
Xntepas'ch^, adj. oot Sfieni. 
in't^piit, «. bie fleine ob. ficrttige Sl^orma^U 
jeit) yi^. ber Sorgenttf, fBorf^mad 
An'tepdnalt, ^roiru I. «(/;. ber, bie, ba& britt» 

lette; n. #. vuf. b. f. lEB. 
Xntepenm'tfm^, s. Gram, bie ^tepenultima. 
Intgpanfil'tjm^te, acf;'. Gram. }ur XntepennU 

tima dtt^ng. 
intepllip'tjc (— cal) , adj. Med. ailtiepilep* 

tif4/ 9ut miber bie Sanfu^t [!0{itte(. 

Xnt^piiSp'tjcs , «. pi. Affd. antiepileptif^e 
An'taport, «. ba* fiuf ere X()or. 
XntSpOfi'tion, s. Gram. bieCorfctttttg eineft 

©orteft. [ment. 

IntSprfdic'finfnt, j. Xog. baft Sorprdbtco^ 
^Dte'rior, ^nti'rjovr, adj. (— to) \)or^erge^enb 

(ber 3eit uab bem fftaumt na4), oorber, 

t6^er, Alter. 
ILnterior'ity, t. 1. ba» ejerfeiii, grfi^erfein 

(ber3eitu.bem&rte na^); 2. berSorjug^ 

JBorrang^bie (6^ere6teae$ d.baS b6bere 


In'terddm, s. baft Soriimmer. 
XntestOm'asb, s. Anat ber Sormagenj (bti 

bem gebcnoie^) ber Jtropf. 
AiitheMion[— t-h— ], *. Phys. bie (Segenfoiine. 
AntA«lm]fn'tic, adi. ant^elmintifdj^, guttoiber 
^bie SBfirmer. 
An'f /i^in, *. ber ® e^feld^or, (SJorfiefang; ^o*s 

^t^AHf (^Uge ob. gei^lid^e Gefong, bie 9Ro« 

tette mitDrdelbegleitung^ -wise, adj. m^» 

felmeife ^orfingenb. 
Xn't/iemis, s. Bot bie r5mtf(^e JtamiQe. 
An't^r, s. /fot. bie ^nt^ere, ber Gtaubbctttet. 
hkth(f\(i^\c%U adj. ant^olodtfi)^. 
^nmVf}iy. s. bUQfnt^oIogie: 1. iit. bie 7(b« 

(oiiblmig IlierSUtmctt; %M» ^^ bieSfiF 

menlefei 3. Gr. Ch. cise CSammlung c^on 

Xatk'9ay[--t9ny],#.7(llti>lt{ttft, Xntott (9X s); 

St— 't- Are, Med. baS Xntottind*Sctter, bir 

0tofe, ber 9totf)lauf. 
in't/i^, J. 1. BoU fdivmtn, Qlut^cn ; % 9toi« 

marin; Z.Aich. bie CLuintcffcai/ baft®oIb« 
^elijrtr 4 4. bie ^erleffcnj. 
An'tArfiGit«, s. Min. Glonsfo^Ic, Jto^Iaiblaibc. 
Ant/trMm'et^r, *. Qiem. ber Xnt^rafomctcr, 

Jto^lenfduremclfer. [funfd. 

An't/ir^, *. Afed.ft Fef. bie^cfibeitle, Stcv 
Ant^iropSg'npBy, *. Fh. bie SRenfdftenfcmitiiif, 

SRenf*enfunbe. [gungftle^re. 

Ant/irvpSg'ony , s.^Ph. bie 9Xenf<!^encr}Ctt' 
Aathrppdg'r^phy, AatAr9pol'9gy, «. JPfi. hit 

§liatur(e^re bcft SOtenf^en. 
^n(/ir0p9moWphifni, «. £cc ber TCnt^ropo" 

Ant/irup9mdr'phTte , «. Ecc. bcr ^Qt^ropo* 

morpiit. [popat^ie. 

Ant/ir9pfip'9t/iy, s. Ph. k Theol, bie Knt^ro« 
Ant/irppSph'^i, s pL bic aRenffteiifrefrcr, 

Anf/ir9p6ph'?goai, adj. mcnWenfrcffcttb. 
Ant/ir9p6pb'?igy, *. H^ SKcnttcnfrcffcn, bie 
^anenWenfrclTerci. [^i^fiognomte. 

Aot/irppds'cQpy, s» Ph. bie ^enf^cnMau, 
An//iropO»'9ph7, s. Ph. bie Xnt^ropofop^ie. 
AnthypnOtjc, AntbypQchdn'driac, Anthypoph'- 

9r9« AntbystSr'iCy cor. ft Antibypnotie, i^c 

vid. Ant! ... . 

in'tj (grie^.) partic. comp. »ibcr, gcgcn* 
Antjabpli'tionist, s. 1. bcr TCntiabolitionifl, 

Oegner ber 6c(aiocaabr4affung 3 2. gcinb 

ber ^teucningcn. 
Intjac'id, Afed. I. adj. ber 6iure»ibcrfle^enb, 

bie Gdure b&mpfenb; lta-«, ^ittii 

gegen bie 6durc. 

Antj^Sr'jc^n, adj. antiamcrifaniFA* 
Antiap9pl£c'tjc9, s. pi. Med. SKittel gcgeil 

ben e^laaflup. 
intj^rt^irf^ic , Med. I. adj. antart^ritiMl 

U. a-s, s. pi. gi^tlinbcmbe SXittct 
Intj^ttrit'ioii, s. Mech, eincS^micrc, um bie 

{Reibung beiSRaf^inen, ic. lu i^crminbcm. 
in'tjc, \.adj.\ It— 1y, adv. 1. olt/ oIttdte< 

xi\Si, altmobifA (vid. Antique); 2. fcttfam, 

grotee!; 3. Ud^crlidt, abcntettcrUtJ^^ HI* s. 

1 . ber ^ofTcnreif er, ^anftvurfl; 2. bic S^a^c, 

(Sanfclcij 3. baft (S^cfpenfl, @4cufal> 4. bic 

Toin'tjc, 0. a. sum Siarrctt mo^^en ; Idd^cr* 

li^ma^eni Afec/t. anti(arbcitcn$ c^nSuil^ 

auf bem G^nitte mit Siguren (ieres. 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 




Aati€«sli«c't|c cKfi. Med. <iiitifa4cfti». 

An'tjchamb^r, «. vid. Antechamber. 

An'ti^UrUt [ Jforc], *. bcr Untid^tift. 

Antj^hrut^l^n, I. adj. wiUTd^rifti,^ i II. s. 
ber 9{i4t(^n|t, (Strifienfcmb. 

intishriiifltaifin, Antj^hrbtjSn'ity^ sMxTin* 

In'tlchr^nff n, t. ber ^ZCnti^rcitiftintt^. 

To ^BtiVipite, o. a. 1. Oct ber 3eit t^nn, 
Dor^ (meg) ne^meii/ 9orgreifen^ 2. i^oroud 
genie^en, oorempftnben$ 8. m^totneGrunb 
o^ncQ) ooraulfeien) 4. iuoorfommen; i»or« 
(onoi/tinbeni; to— payment»Ctim.antidpu 
ren, oorberdettda^lungltiflen) a-d appeal, 
Zrfiw, bie onticqpirte HpiptUatwn^ a-d old 
age, eixt fdi^idtige^ Yltcr. 

^kntfcipa'tion, «. 1. ba> eorait$ne(men, bie 
Sonoegna^me, badiBorgreifen^ a. bie8or« 
empftnbung, ber eorfd^mact 4 baft evrgefu^f ^ 
bas f4^on imOeifte Ge^es) S. ber oorgefafte 
9t^xifS, baft (Borurt^l i 4. bie Ohnoartung) 
5. baft ^moxfovmeni Comrs. bie Ynticipan* 
boja^ltnig/ ik Cto-}a^lnng ) by—, anf Xb^ 
f <^Uig^ k dontoi anf ^efenms ) a-«, pi, Yn« 

Aatr^{pStQr»t. l.QHiier^beroorterivegttimmt, 
loorgreift, sworfommti 2. Com. bcr «or« 
Mttfer. [nicf enb, i&orgreifenb. 

Anti^^lPft^ry, adj. MHoeg ne^mcnb, oorgC' 

Antjcli'BiMf *• Rh9t. bie umgefe^rte 6tdge« 
mng/ (Segenftetgimsg. 

Antjoboatitfi'tioB^, Fol.adj. tttticonfUtUtio« 
nea^ ocrfafTungftmibng. 

Aiitic5nstjtu'tion«iitt, s. J\)L ber XnticonfH« 
ttttioneac; Serfaffttngftgegner. 

Antjopfiv&l'sjre, adj. Med. anttC0Qt>nIfit>ir4^ 
gnt »tber Seriucfttngcn. [f^e ^ittel. 

iiitfcdnval'sjvef, s. pi. Afed. attticonoulftoi* 

An'tjcor, g. Far. bie Snifigef^ioulft. 

AntjcQsa^t'ic adj. Med. ber @(^5it(eit nacf^s 

^t^Ug, antifoftmetif^. [!Ritte(. 

ADt}c9ui£t^cs, s. pi. Med. antifoftmetif^e 

An'ticOortier [^tth^r], s. ber ®egner ob. Seinb 
beft ^ofeft, 64ran}enfeinb. [@4dpferft. 

inticrH't^r, «. ber Oegnet ob. Setnb beft 

Xn'^ci, t. pi. Groteftfen (cf. Antic k Antique). 

2n'tjdftte, #. k V. cor. vid. Antedate. 

AntidJhBQcrSt'ic — c^l, adj. Pol. antibemo' 

^IrotiM. ber Solfft^errf^aft feinbti^. 

AntjdilirvffB. adj. ks. cor. vid. Antediluvian. 

In'tjdot^l, Aatjdo't^ry, adj. Med. antibota« 
rif4: 1. alft Oegengift bienenb; 2. ton ben 
(^egengiften (anbelnb. ((SicgenmitteL 

An'tjdcte, s. 1. Med. baft (^egengiftf 2.>Sg.baft 

To la'tidote, v. a. 1. Med. <Begengi|i cingep 
beni %fig. bnnlft Oegemiitttel er^alten. 

intfdjf avnt^e, act;. JHW. antib^feittrrlfi^. - 
ABt|fmXt'ic« (~ics)» s. pi. vid. Antcmetict. 
Antieni, Antientry, Ac vid. Ancient, Ac. 
ia'tlf&ce, s. baft OcgengcMt, bie eatgcgcngc* 
Jcete Ceite. [mcr. 

Antjf^n&t'ic, t. ber ^cittb bcr ®laitbcnftf(b»ir* 
Antjfifbjrjle, adj. Med. fjcbcr^enb, pcbcr* 


Antjfeb'rlit, s. pi. Med. SicbcrmittcL 
AntiM'^r^lIit, s. Am. Fbt. bcrTCntifobcralifl. 
Antjgug^^r.^. Af«c/i. cin gcMmmtcr, mctaUc* 

ner (glfifRgfcitft*) ^cbcr. [bcrftc^cnb. 

AntjhypnOt^c, adj. Med. bcr SiJ^Iaffui^t »(• 
intjhypndt'jccy t. pi. Med. ant(Dpnotif4( 

^SRitUL [^9po4ciibne. 

Antih^P9cliGnMrj^C adj. Med. gut wibcr bie 
Antjhfppchdn'dri^ca, t.pL Med. anti^i>po« 
^4onbrif4»e (DtitteL [Ocgcnbcvciftfleae. 

Antjbypdph'^r^, s. Rhet. bie Ynffi^ntng cincr 
Antjhytt^r'ic adj. Med. anti(iDflcrif4* 
AntjhyttSr'jcs, s. pi. Med. mttcl gcgcn bie 

Antji«gdm'«nf , s. Bibl, bie TCntilcgomciia. 
AntflVf^<^> '• ^A^^- bcr:2rntilogaritftmc. 
^ntifl'vgy, s. Lit. bicTfntilogie, ber SBibcrfircit 

ber ®riitbe fiir vnb mibcr cincn 0at* 
Xntjloon', s. Omu ein9?amc beft fcincn breitcn 
^e^alonft. [itcge (in ^Tfien nnb Kfrifa). 

An'tjlGpe, $. Zool. bic YtttiiopC; ®aseac,^irf4^* 
Antii'pquftt, M. lAt, bcr fBibcrfprcif^cr, (Bcgncr. 
Antjmrnjsti'rj^l, adj. Pt>l. bcm 9Xiniflcrinm, 

ber ategierung feinbli^. fricnc. 

Antimrni»t€Vi^ir«t, 9. Pol. bcr Yntiminiflc 
intim^narcb'icf 1 (Antjni9niir{b'}c),/^/. I. adj. 

antimonor(^if(i$ H. —nets, «. bcr^ntimo* 

narci^iftmuft/ 4)ap gcgcn bie Wonar4)ic. 
AntjmOn'frchist, s. POL ber KnHmottar^ift. 
XntjniG'ni^, adj. Chem. antimoniM, snm 

^pic^giafe gc^6rig, barauft bcrcitct. [fal). 
intjml/niate, s. Cyiem.baft0picfgIani(on}b)* 
Antimu'niiEttd, adj. Chem. fptcf gloft^altig. 
Antjmo'njoQs, adj. Chem. antimonif^^ ) — acid, 

bie Gpie^glanifdure. 

An'tjmpny, j. baft ^(ntiniottittm, Gpicf glaft. 
AntimSr'^irit, s. bcr ^cinb ber eittlitf^fcit. 
AntjiBfi'^jc^l, adj. ni^t mufifalir^ > c^nc mn* 

nfalif4cft ®c(6r. 
Antjnvphrrt'jc, adj. Med. antittcp^ritif^. 
Intjno'ml^n, I. adj. fcinb(i((» gcgcn baft ®efct ; 

|tt ber e$ecte bcrlCntinomiflcn gc^ftrig) II. s. 

vid. Antinomitt. 

intino'mj^nf , s. pi. Ecc lit ^(ntinaniicr. 
Aat{n<i'Bil«nrfni, s. Ecc ber Ifntinomiftmnft. 
Xn'tjn^nfet, «. ber Kntittomift; Gcfc^fHtrmcr. 
An'tf npny, s. bie Xntinomie. { pifHfi^. 

AntipS'p«l, intiptpri'tic (-c«l), adj. antipa- 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 




iatipifviy^ (-c^X aH. Med. Mtiymlp' 

ado. ooii ISatnr )tti»tber, mibrig, wiberflre* 
benb, itnt»ertridliilft4 HI.— nest,^Vit' 
tipat^etiMe, luitfirU^e 3HWibcrfciiL 

^BftTp'ttfcou, acO'. vid. Antipathetical. 

Antfp'»%, t. Ue Yntipat^ic, bie (^tsr«)^' 
neiditng, ber {Mf , ICbMeu. 

XntipfttriM'lc, M^'. unpatriotif^. (latftren. 

iatipfo'divii, s. Cfc. bas Sor^dStttilft 9or 

Aatjptrii'tMirir «. i%y'« bic ICntipcriftafc. 

Antf p«rt|l«nti^ , adj. Med. oiltipeflilentia' 

Antfpki^ib'tic, l*a(0'.aRttp(Iodtfttf4, ent)ftR« 

bttn§»»tbrid, 4>i(e b/lmpfinib) n.«. Afed. 

1. blc Xnttp^logifU!4 2.berYntip^U>diftifcr9 
^a-t, s. pi. Med. SXittcl gegcn (Sn^finbnag. 
An'tjpkfo* «. Mu*. bcr ffBe4^feI(bor, d^cgcn* 

gefana {vid. Aatliem). 
^LBtiprpB^v L <• n>te Antiphonary, qv., 11 

a4;. ; m. — ly, ado, im XBe4fel4or ftngenb^ 

in abi9c4fclnbai 6^6reiL 
4lBtrpli'9ii9ry (^tfpliVn«r), «. Aom. CSot^ 

bal ^ntipbonarium, (S^otbu^. 
^Dtiph'9BS, Antfph'pny, «. vid. Aotiphon. 
Antipb&a'ic (— cal), adj. Biitip^ontf^. 
^iBtfph'rftiii, in'tipbrS^e, t. Gram, bie ICn^'^ 

plrttfc, ber (Segenfintt. [ado. aatip^raftif^. 
intf phriU'ticfl (AntfphriU'^G), I. adj. II. ^y, 
^atitp'Qd^l, Ast. I. adj. aiitipobif^/ entgegen^ 

the - meridian, ber aXittogsereit ber Oe* 

genfufler) II. a-t, ®egenffifler. 
^ntrp'^dSf , «. pi. Art. bie ^ntipoben, Oegen* 

fttffeti joe. fBiberfadber. 
In'tjpolfvii, t. btS Gegengifl. 
An'tjpOpe, 1. ber Oegcnpop^. 
In'tipOrt, s. vid. Anteport. [Jtird^e feiabc 
Aatiprfliit'ic (-cfl), adj. ber bifcbftflii^en 
in'tjprieit, t. ber $ riefhrfeinb. 
Antlprieat'crftft, s. bad KntipfAffnit(tim. 
Intiprln'cjple* «. bad Okgenprittdp. 
intiprdpVft, f. ber 9)ropbetenfeinb. 
Antipto'sfa, s. Gram, bie (Safttdbenoe^felitttg 
^(in ber Gonftntctton). 
Antip&'rft^n, s. ber Oegner ber ^uritaner. 
4LntI'qa«, Germ. Typ. aQe lateini^e 9tt4* 

Xat)quft'ii«n, I. adj. bie ^tert^fimer betref» 

fcnb, altertbumii^) n. a. »ie Antiquary, qv. 
Antjqaii'ritnifm, «. bic ^ieb^aberei fdr Knti' 

quititeii) latertbftmelei. 
Xn'tiqn^ry, t. 1. ber ICnfiquar^ Jteimer tmb 

£iebbaber ber Yltcrtbitmer, ^(tertbmiidfbr« 

fibers SL Xnti!enb4nbleri 8. Mibertrdbler 

To Aa'tiqaftte, v*a. oeratten ob. abfinmiiei 

Jafftn, abfidkaffen, avfbeben. 

An'tjqnitfd, I. p. a. abgefommen/ Mtaltcty 

II. — QeM (AntlqnateaeM), t. 1. bad fBttoJ^ 

tttti 2. (Beraltetfein. 
Antfqnft'Hon, s. 1. bie Vbf^Mfvng) ^ bad 

Seraltetfein, Vltertbum. 
^nttqae' [-Itk0> I- odj* !• att, antif 3 8. att» 

mobif^/ altvdterifA j 8.feltfam,grotedf(ou/. 

Aatic); —oil, citt Ol fAr bad JHUir^ -^orki, 

pi. alte itanfbocrfei n.s. l. bie TCttttfe, bod 

Xltertbumdfifttf, bie atte Jtnnfterbcit; 8. bad 

Kltert^nmi 3.beryofre«reifer, ^Md^vrfi 

(vid. Antic). 
^ntiqne'n^M [-tik'-], s. bad Wertbfimliibe, 

bad altertbtlmti^e KtKTebeii (eiiier eoi^t, bef* 

eined Jtiraflgegenfiaiibed). 
^ntiCqafty, «. 1. bad Qatert^ttm, bieSorseit} 

coUeet. bie Xlteii) 9. bie Tfntiqiittat, bad 

alteitnnfhoerf, alteCStiMf antlqaltiea, pi. 
^Xttertbilmer, KntiqnitUeii. [nmg. 

Ant}r2v9]a'tion, s. BoL mod. bie Oegenempc- 
Antir^Tplik'tion^ry, adj^J!H>l. ber CStaatdnai* 

wiliimg; ber dmpdntiig feinbUibl "mkL etne 

®egenitm»dlsttng bejipecfenb. 
latlrSv^lt'tionlirt, $. FU. 1. ber Oegner ber 

8taatdnm»dl}ttRg; ber tap6mng4 2. mod. 

ber 9efdrberer ber (Segenummdlsung. 
intjs&bbftil'rj^, e. Ece. ber eabbatbdfHnb. 
Antjac^rdo'tfl, ad; bem 4)rieflertbttme feiab. 
^ntis'cj^nft, ^ntitf'cilC-rth'lMif, -Ith'iT], / .p/. 

Art. bie ap ben oerf(biebenen Geiten bed itqita> 

tord wobnenben fidlfer. Oegenfibattige. 
Antiicprbfi'tfc (-%l),a(0. Med. antifcorbittifib. 
An'tiscQrbn'tjcs, s. pi. Med. antifcorbntiffbe 
^QRitteL [Uttgnen ber beifigen CNbnfL 

AntiMtfp'tarjflm [— Uhfr— ], i.Ecc. bodYb* 
Intfaerfp'tarftt [— tahyr— ]» s. Ecc, ber 1Cb« 

laugner ber beiligen ecbtift [fiebenb. 

AntMp'MCf odj. Med. ber Sdnlnif loiber^ 
XntiR^p'tics, s. pi. Med. antifeptiMe aXittef. 
Ant|so'cial[-fth4d], adj. 1. vngefeOig; bet 

menr(bli<bett OefeSfibaft fdb4b(i<b) 2. t>5[fer» 


Antrs'p^rs, s. Med. bie Ybleitttttg ber edfte 
^na4 einem anbem XK^HU bed ^drperd. 
AntjspffmOd'lc, adj. Med. frampffttOenb. 
Antjsp^mSd'jct, s.pL Med. frampfftiQenbe 


AntfipiU'tic, adj. Med. abkitenb, antifpafUM* 
AntfiplSn'ftjc, adj. Med. bie(SiaSe abf&btenb^ 

miiifn^tbeilenb. [9Dberprebiger4 ^t 

^ntiTt'tdt , « . ber JBorfteber4 Dberpriefter^ 
Antfi'tr9ph6, ^ntfi'trpphy, s. FOet bie Oegeu' 

ftropbe^ Gram, bie Xntifhropb^. [fhrepbe. 
Antfi'trophtfn, s. Rhet. bie (Retorfion^ Vnti' 

Digitized by VjjOC^ ^ ^ 




XntfttrimXtffc, adj. Med, fro^ertrdbenb, 

fcrop^elnteOettb. [Jbropf. 

Intjstrttmlit'ics, t. p2. Mtd. HKittel degen ben 
AntrtA'HIt, #. 1. /?A^t.b{e7(nttt^efe,berQk« 

^enfat/ Mc entgegenfetimfi j 2.^^. Me fWei* 

Antif/iitil'ntt'* '• ^'<n<'> bie ^ViV^^^\^wa0\ 

^eft 0erhre((en» 9on 0eitfn bed Ifngenadteitl 

Ant}tft«t^€, lBtitft«t'{c«n adj. Rhet anttt^e- 

tif^/ degenffitU^^ etttdedengefleDt. 
AntitA^^Mn, «. Gram, ber Oegenfa^, Kssef^c 

bed Qegcttt^eiU. 
lntjlrirBftfi'r|«D, Eec. I. «. ber J&reieini0!eitS« 

tlngnet) U. «47. aiititriiiftttriM. 
AB^it^e, t. ber 7(bbnt(!4 bie KBMIbttttg> 

ThtoL bad (Segenbitb, QegentorMIb. 
AntjtjyM, ocb*. degenbilbU4^. 
Antivtae'rifl, adj. antivettetif^. 
ADtiz«a'i9t[<itt4 &Btiz^aiV]» f.bertifrrfiriitb, 
Antflf r, 9, Sport, bad unterfh, erfte Qnbe am 

4>irf4^e»ei|e imb Ote^bod^e^jme^ brow- 

antlen, bie Vudetifprofen, mttern dn^em 

Mir -or bear-aBtleri, bie obern fSnUUi bes— , 

bad bem imtent Chtbe Md^le. 
Xn'dfred, atfj. ge^drnt; gemet^tragenb. 
An'tlft-ltoe', f . bad 3A(!4en. 
AntoGOWy t. Far. cor. vtd. Anticor. 
Anto«'cT» «. p<. ilft. bie (Sesmmo^ner. 
An'tfiief, — ofeloTM, «. ^U^MtUt%mAt^ 

^ntu'oi^, «. irntonia (^-n). 

Jbif ICatoitomafie, 9iamtwnt^Ulvm^. 
In'tpoy, s, vid. AsthoBy. 
(Bl^r<rp» Aa'tArf, «. GM»g. ittt»eq>es. 
4'Bvt, «. ^naf. berKfter, bad itiperfie bed 
iB'vfl, «. bet Vmbof j ririof — , ber %mifpiii^ 
^ge Tfmbof, ^omambof , bad 0perr^om. 
in'vjiei, p. a. avf bem QCmbop gefil^icbet. 
ABxi'fty, *. 1. bie (^erjend-) Xn^fk, IBangig* 
fett,Seforgitif;9ur4t) 2.biefl^dngfHdttti9{ 
3. bie Jtlemme, 64ioierig!eit,8enoorrm^ett$ 
^4. Aff d. bie SeflemmitRg. 
AbxIods, I. adj. n.— ly, ad». 1. 4ngfUi4/ 
bange; unm^ig; beffimmert) 2. forgfdltig 
(beforgt)^ fe^nli^) eifrig^ in. -Bets, t. 
1. bfeSngftU^Veit, Oangigmt^ S.bie®e« 

ABjrL*»'a«]» !• prow, adj, l.irgenbein(er), 
irgenbeine, irgenb eindf etwad; etnioenig, 
mir iu>4 ...9 2. eiiiige) >). einer, eine, eind, 
S^Ottb) ha?e yoB — ibftres? fKkben Bit 
Kctien? iB-- place, aniebem£>rte,ilberair6 
uke - , ne^mw Bit, tM tS^iMt btUiH) 

— bo^, — one, irgfnb cincr, i<bcr, S^tmomi^ 
Bot— , Jtetner^Kiemanb) ttt^td^ sot— oae, 
iii4t0iner, 9»emanb^ — tbiBg» irgenb at» 
madj etmad, eis fBeaig (ttod ed an(b ret)^ 
II. adv. irgenb... $ —bat..., lantfr...^ 
— ikrtber (farther), dn CBeiiig Mdter, toei* 
terj —h©w, twig, auf irgenb eine ICrf, ed fei 
ivie ed noUt, ed gilt gleiib ^itU »enigfltnd 
bo4) •* longer, nodb (cin Oentg) linger^ 
^■ore, einSBentg me^ j me^r^ mi^ etttad) 
Wieberi wltboat— more ado, o^BeioeitmtUn« 
fldnbej not— more, gar nHi» me^r^ ni4^t 
mc(t$ (lB)~ way, - w«i»(<»r-WByi), <nf 
irgenb eine CBeife, irgcnbmie^ — wbere, ir* 
genbmo) flberaS) — wUtber, irgenb mo^in. 

lo^BjaB, adj. aottif^/ bdotiftl — mbss, aoni' 
f4e<grie4if^ fRnfen*) ®efange. 

A'^rist, t. Gram, ber Iforiflnd. 

^Sr't* [ITorc., W.; il^r'.tf 5m.]* *. ilnal. 

.bie orofe €M(Iag« ob. |)vldaber. 

ioA'tf , s. BoU ber yapiermaulbcerbattm. 

^pici/, adv. gef^mtnb, Mnrtl, (urtig/ eilig, 
iufe^enbd, ffairf, ^ftig 4 it rains -, ed regnet 
flarf. [apagogtftbtSemeid. 

Ap'»«»i«, Vfgfiiy, t. log. bie 7f pagoge, ber 

Apvgsl^icfl, a4;. Log. inbirect, mittelbar, 

^opagogif*. [Wenr#ev. 

Ap^t^n'pff, ApXn'tikropy, t. Afed. bietDten^ 

Ap^riBe', s, Bot bad Jtle^hmut. 

lp«iflVm8srs, t. J?Jbet bie Vnftfi^tung. 

4Lpirf, ado. 1. beifeitd, beieeitf) 2.abge« 
fonbert; befbnberd) —from, abgefe^ent»on.... 

Ap&rf m^Qt, «. bad dimmer. 

Xpf t/i<f |c, a<^'. nnempflnblicb; (ge)fftyiod. 

Ip'^t/iltt, t. l.berSiil^IIofe) 2. «eibenf«aft* 
lofe) ®IeidMlt(ide. (mftt^ig. 

Ip^fs'tf€«i,a4;.glet(bgit(tigj f&^Uod)glei4> 

ip'^^y, «. 1. bie S^Uofigfeit; Unempfinb* 
li^feit^ 2. ^bettf4(aftd(ofigFett4 9rei(eit 
Don ®emilt^be»egnttgen4 (S^Iei^mfit^igfeita 
3. bie ngefpannt^eit, Unt^iltigfeit. 

^pAome', 4. Her. bie audgeflrecfte fadft 4>attb. 

Ape, s. 1. Zoo/, ber TCffe (v>d. Monkey)! 
2.>Sg. ber9?a<bAffer; albeme ttropf 4 —lea- 
ders,(—bearen,— carriers), (enimgie^ettbe 
yoffenfpieler (mit TCtfent^eater ^ k.)$ an, 

To Ape, 0. a. tta^^ffni. 

^pgak' (^p€«kO, adt).)ttmtE>ttr4^bo(rett bereft 
(/)r. 7.) ; Afar, fettfic^t, Ob. gerabe ilber ob. 
nnter bem Knf er j to ride — , mit gefotetcn 
(1. e. fenfre^t gefteQten) 0taaen 9or liRler 
Uegen^ to ran — , mit bem €$4iffe fiber ben 
TCnfer )u fie^en fommen. 

Ip'f nnfne, adj. Gtog. apenninif^) tbe— bills, 
or the ApannineB, «. pi. bie Kpettttinm. 




I'p^, «. eonu bcr 9Sa4a(mer, 9t«4ftirer$ 

Zoo<.bcr(Sber. [iffnenb; abf&^nnb. 

Ape'r'mU Ap^r'itifve, a47. Med. (benSeib) 

4Pj6'ii«Bto (^p«rK«'t|» [-Hih|-»]), #. pi. Af«d 

f per'tion, «. (». il.) bte fi)ffttttng, ba» bifhen ) 

bie£fidfe{ ber tDurc^and* [^ugenUebeS. 
^per't^r, s. Anat ber IVnfl^bgr bcl obern 
ipVturet— tihdr], «. 1. bie £)ffilttng | 2, 

( ^Ifiutenins,C{rtldruttd) 3. Opt. bte 

Xpertttt eiiii^ Sernro^rS ob. IBergrfferttttg^* 

%la\t»i 4. (^eom. bi( @<(enfcln)cite. 
^plt'^lou, BoL !• ad>'. of)ne Slumenbldtter, 

mtUtlo^i U. -neas, j. bte IBldttcrlortd^it, 
A'pfx, f. L bte &pl^e, ber G(tpfel$ <rram. ein 

SDc^nungSacccntCO; Bot. bie Ynt^er, bag 

etaubgefapi Zoo^ ber S^berbttfib/ bieS^: 

ber^Qubc oerf^icbeser Sogel. 
^pMW^sis, «. Gram, bie ^p^drefUl Svrg. & 

Med. bie ffBegna^me, Gntfenrang (t). <Stn>Q& 


^phe'ii^n, «. ^«t bie 0onnenferne. 
Aphe'tfk, s. AstroU bet ©ebumfhrn. 
^phit'iG^l, cu^'. X«(ro/. ben ©eburtdflem be^ 

trefenb. [Uebe^ bie SXenfd^enfcbeu. 

Apbjlin'tAropy, /. bet Mangel tin 9Xenf(ben« 
^'phii. «. Enu bie IBlattlaud. 
^pbl^iU'tic, ad(7. flammcniod) —lamp, bie 

op^IodifHMe Som^c, bad Q^l^ldmpd^tn. 
4^ph9'oj«, ApV^ny, x. Med. hit 6^ro(b(opd> 

feit/ ^pra^Id^mung, e^Immlofigfeit. 
Iph'Qrifm, #. J^iet. ^er ^|>bondnitt(, Sebr* 
Jpni(i. ^ [ttuf apjoripifie Xrt frbrelbt. 
ApbVi'f in«r, Aph'^ritt, j. JRhet QintT, ber 
Apb<>rift'tic«l (Ipb^rfs'tjc), I. adj, II. -ly, 

ado. apboriflif^/ in ^ebrfprfi^en; infurjen 

iphrQdif'ifc, Xphr^djfl'^c^l, adj, 1. ben ®e« 

C(bte(bt6tricb ret^enb? a.bie^uftfencbc betref^ 

fenb, 2ur oencrifcben Aran^bett gebdrig. 
AphrQdf'^i^cs, s. pf. Med. ben l©egttttung«« 
^trieb anregenbe (Stittel. 
AphrQdi't§, s. 1. Myth. §BtnUi 2. Zooi 

[ftph'r^dit], bte Geeroupe; ber (Bolbionrm. 
iphr^nitre', s. Galpeterjfibaum; 0a(peterblus 

men, SKanerfalpeter, Jtaltfolpeter. 

ien) im SRunbe bcr Jtinberj bic3RunbfduIe. 
Aph'yloui, adj. Bot. blattlod. [bau0. 

A'pi^ry, #. Beey ber ^ienenftanb, bad S9ienen« 
Ap'ic8f , pi. ». Apex, <[v. [ouf 3eben. 

Apiece' (a piece), adv. fur bOS ©tfitf i fdr ob. 
A'pjt, *. 1. Myth. XipU (Mptifibe ®ottbeit)5 

2, (lat.) bie ©ienc. 
A'pfth, I. adj. II. — ly» adv. affenmdpig: 

l.pofiierlit, ldppif4/ au^OafTett, geiiertj 

2. na^iffenb) m.— neu,«. baft Kf entaftc, 
Mpptf(be XBefen. C^eriHopfen), ti(f, tad, 

^pit'pitt, ado. (o. pit u. pat) (bef. 9. fibneOem 

Apl^aaf jc, adj. Opt. feinc ^mei^ung (ber 
^id^tflrabien) (abenb, aplanattfib? — focu, 
ber Q-e iBrennpunft^ —telescope, bad a-e 

^pdc'^ljfpse, s. Bibl. I. bie^Vpofali^fe, &ffdu 
bornng 3obanni$f 2. bnntle (Reben. 

.fpOc9ljfp't}c, I. adj, I. apofalQptifib/ otfenba* 
renb) 2. ge^eimnifooU) bunMi fib»drme* 
rif4>} n. *. berCerfafler einerXpoftO^fe^eitt 
opofalQptifcber @(briftfleaer. 

^pdcf lyp'ticfl, adj. ; — ly, odw. »ie b. 9. fB. 

Apfic'Qpe, ^ptc'^py, s. Gram, bie ^ofope. 

ApQcriit'tic , adj. Med. apofntftif(b/ |ttrfife» 

^treibenb. [neies. 

ApQcrds'tics, s. pi. Med. }nrfi(!treibettbe lCr|* 

Ap^c'rypb^, s. pi. Theol. bie apoIt])p(if(ben 
fdHtx ber £BibeI) Ut. &^xi^ta nnbefans' 

^pOc'ryphfl, I. adj.; U. — ly, adv.apohD« 
Pbifib^ unglanbioitrbtg, oerbddfttig, }»eife[« 
baft^ 9on ungemifTer ^Kutorttdt* unterge* 
ffboben; III. — neas, s. baft Ypofn^pbif^C/ 
Ungetoiffc, bie 3n>eifelbaftig¥eit 4 ba& Sef 
bd^tige. {crypkal. 

^pdc'ryphfry, Ippcrjfpli'icfl, adj.wd^Apo- 

Ap'Qd^l, a47. 1. Aat. fUf loft; htr)fiif ig 3 2. Ich. 
Fablbdttibig- [ntit febr furjen 9ilf en. 

Apode', «. Aat. btft fuf lofe Sbier^ berSogel 

ApDde^', s, pi. Ich. Jtabibdnibe. 

Ap^dfc'tic^l (IpQdfc'ttc) , i. odj,i U. — >ly, 
adv. apobi^M; unn>iberfpre4It<b/ imUug« 
bar; gewif . 

Xpodrx'ji, s, Rhet. ber nnmiberlegli^e Sewetft. 

^pOd'^sSi, s. Gram, k RheU ber 9{a4fao^ 

^i)interfat. ^ 

Apogaft'pii, Ap9^«'9D, Apoi^'fin, «.ind.b.f.fB. 

Ap'p^ee, *. Asu bie (Srbfeme. 

Apdgj^tQ'r^, s. Mus. vid. Appogiatnra. 

Ap'QgSn, *. Ich. ber 4>dringftf 6nig. 

Ap'ogrftph, «. bie (Sopie; ^[(brift. 

Apdg'r^ph^, a<y. copirt; abgeWrieben. 

Apfil'ip, J. Jtfyi/i. TCpottO; ber ®ott ber SKuflf; 
&i4^nfl; K. 

Apti'iypn, #. jBt&{.bereerberber. 

^pdl'Q^^r, s. vid. Apelogiit 

i^ptlpi^t'ic, I. adj. apologetir(ib;t>crt(eibigenb$ 
II. s. bie etbuerebe; ecbuef^rift. [tifcb- 

^p0l9g£t'|G%I, I. adj.; 11. — ly, adv. apologe* 

^pSl'^gfiit, s. ber 0<bttbtebner; Sertbeibiger. 

To Apoi'^iize. V. n. 1. (—for) @inem ob. einer 
€$a4»e etne ®4u(rebe (alten; i^n ob. fie t>er> 
tbeibigen; oertreten^ 2. (~ to ... for ...) f!4 
entfcbttlbigen (pti ... n>egett •-)• 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 




t^W<^, s. I, lit Tipolo^U, e^n^uU, Wtn^ 
. Sd^xifti 2. Sert^etbigttiio, entfd^ulbigimg. 
Ap9iii«c6ai'8tiT^ s. Ceom. (u Scrnmef fttttbe. 


ip9phl<s'm^tircs, t. 2>2. Jll«<i. f^Ulmabfiij^renbe 
XpQpUj^S'aftiffiiy «• Afed. )>ie €S<b^<ra^ 
t Uerung. 

ApppU^gmSt^zfot, #. Jlf<?d. (in Wiitttl bol 

ben @4(eim (bnr^ bie 9lafe) abffi^rt 
ApopbtfiegmC&p'-^-^A&Dl, «. Rhtt* ba& Xpo« 

p^tbegma, bet ^enffpni^. [pbtb(on<itif(b- 
i[pQpht^m&t^ic(--c^), [Xp9t/^— ]• adj. opo* 
^poph'gyd, ^pftpb'yiy, «. ilrcA. bet Xb» vnb 

TCnlauf eincfiGiuIenf^afteS: apper— , ber 

TCbUttfj lower—, berXnUnf. 
4Lpdph'yftift, ^pdph'ysy, j. Xnat. bet Stuettia, 

QCudiott^d ober S<>^<>b ^a Mo^ttii hit 

ApQpl{</tic (-*c9l), I. adj, opoplettif^, ben 

0(bIagfluf betr(ffenb4 «a — at, ein ^CnfaH 

wm &d)UL^ti n. s* tia oom G^toae ®e« 

trof encr. [ritbr^ geMbaU. 

ip^QpUfxedC—Ost], adj. oom 6<bIa0C gc^ 
Ip^Qpl^]^, #. ber e^Uie^f I e^Ioii) to fUl 

loto an -*, oom G^Io^e gcrflbi^ ncrbcn) an 

— of drnnkeanoM^jig. eittXaitwel berSlntl^ 

Itnbett, baft toS nnb ooO fcin. 
Api/ii»> ipW* '• bU ICporie: 1. Rhet.; 

8. MedL bie ftcberbafte Xng^ ob. iSenemmnns. 
Ip9»i9p^«i«» lp9sidp'«9y» J. i2M. bie Xpo* 

jlopefe, ^bre^nng ber (Rebe. 
^p<^t9sy(— cy), «. bieXpoftortei I. Rd, k 

Fol, TCbtrfinntgleit, ber ^foO^ 3fed-i. 2, 

bie Xbftofttttg eineft Xteileft ^ s. 9. eineft 

branbigen Jtno4enft$ 8. ber TCbfcef • 
^pSi'tftte, L s. ber Ypoftat, 3Cbtriinttige$ ^b« 

gefoOenei n. oidj. apoflattf4^, abtrtoig^ 

To ^ptt^tite, v.n^ vid. To Apostatiie. 
XpQstXt'M, adj. opofiatiM/ obtritnnig. 
To i^pSs't^Gze, o.n. abfaOen (bef. oon feiner 

{Religion)/ obtritnnig loerben. 
To ApSs'temftte, v. n. Med. f^ndten/ ettem. 
Aptfotdni'tion, s. Med. ba» Wt TCaioge ioni) 

^€$<b»irea, eitenu 

Ap9^in'«(oat, o^;'. Jfeti. apojbmatdft. 

ip^Qitsme, s. Med. baft ® ef^wiir, ber W^wi^ 

ren, bie Sitergef<bioulfL 

Apdt'tie [^pdViI], s. BUd. ber TCpofUL 

ApMlMiarp [•p<{«'«]~], 4pte't9iftl«t «• Aw. 
l.baftVpoftolat, XpofHIant^ % (ebenMlft) 
bteSiAoflwilrbe) 8^ gci|Uid^ aieri^b«t» 

^feit) 4.pipftttd^0tegten»g. 

Ap^ittti'ic, adj. Ecc. opofioiiMf — fUhcrt* 
bieitird^ettodtcr) —See, berplpfUid^etebL 

Ap9itfii'jc»l, L adj. ; 11. — ly, ado. apofb>Uf^| 
10. — net»» s. baft XpoftoliMe, apoftottMc 


kpifaUilf\c^f 9. pi. Eec. bie Kpoflolffer. 

Apds'tr9pb«, ipWtr9pby,«. 1. Rket. bieXpo* 
^ropbe, Ynrcbe^ 8. €fram, ber ICpofltopb. 

To ApSe'trtpli^, v. a. eram. opoftropbircft, 

ApQstrdph'jc <rdi. 1. Gram. opoflropbiMl 8. 
iSM. auf tbu Xpofttbpbe De^ttg bobeiib. 

To Apdo'trvpbbe, o. a. 1. QKncn fur) anreben^ 
bart anfdbrctti iGram^i. S. (ein ttort) ab» 
Hxyttt Ob. infaanBO^ebni^ 8. mit einem 

^Xpo^pb btftci^^ncn, opoftropbiren. 

Ap'oitlUie, cor. vid. ApMtame, k To Apo 

^tft/i'fGfry, 9. UtXpot^Otti -*«MI1, bie 
Y-red^nnng) tron. etne itbertriebeae flU^ 
ming4 -•' luill» baft gesKinf^afffidbe Cllabo 
ratodvm berX inSonbon^ —'a ibop, bie 

^OCpotbeet. ^ [tkes^ 

Ip'Qtftlgm [-tiila], Ip'otUn, «.«<<i. Apo^ 

hf^ihwMlc (-.cfl), a«. apop^egOMtif*. 

Ipptik^Mftlst, 9. ber eonmOer, IMftfer 

To ip9tft«g'n«aie, V. n. &enfn^ri<be fdgtn* 

ipotiki'pira, #.bie1Cpotbeofe, Sergftttenmg. 

ApStVftilt, 8. Surg^ bie ICpotbeftt* 
p«t'9»ft. ^v^pmf* «• J^<B<^ ber tlsierf4iA 
lioiMen g»ei incommenfarabeln (8r6fca« 

V9>i^B> '• ^e^ ber JMutertronf, Jrantei^ 
abfub; baft SDecoct 

Ap9z<oi'icfi, act;. Med. becoetartig. 

To AppiC, To AppAU', V. La. erblei^ 
ma^en (oor e^uitn), nfd^ttdm, entmu* 
tbigctt^ nnterbriitfhi) II. n. « oerblei^ea. 

i^ppftFmont, 9. baft drblafen Pot G^retfM, 
ber plftb^i^t €$(bce<fen. 

Ip'ptni^e, 9. bte^^agc: baft Mbgebtngei 
fig' ber Kstbeil, :Kttbang }« Moafti baft d«' 


Appvri'tvf , «• r. 1. ber Ypparat (Oerf^ge 
sur praftif^ctt Setreibung einer ffdiffenrcbaft 
Ob. Stvmfii 1. 9. (bent., Aimrg., literorifiber 
7i.)i 9. ber fiorrotb , baft dubeb^n Ym* 
menblement (eineft ^aufeft)) itriegftgeritb) 
3eug) bie Qtqnipage^ biedttrikflaag) 8. ber 
9)nb, baft (S^eprdnge. 

AppiiWel, t. 1. bie JtI(ibvng;Sra4t; baft Ck* 
»anb, ber ecbmutf^ >. baft edbiffftgerAtbl 
8. awrg. ber l^banb (anf eiae «8nM>. 




To fpMHf^ p« •> HdbcH; bdWcftffl^ Ww iim . dvla«fooii(eite9(ai^)9Rimf^) Lai»-«. 

^l^pAr^fBt, I. a4)*; ll.-ly» ado* 1. Mden* 

^.f^einbat) 3. behrant; 0i»if, imflrdtt04 

— 4iaaiet€rof tbe son, b<r f^cinbarc Uni' 
Ing ber eoiiiu. [vnitcM^t <M<. 

pp«ri^oat<- l.(«imwd;ei4t» 
trarfeiti»®ert4t/ Oefpenfl, bet9dfl^ 
^e erf^eis«ii05 3. buXInfibinid; 4. il^. 
VU Si^tpetiobe (beft^tonbes, ic). 

Ippfrftioiiibt, s. ber (Setflcrf^. 

i^PiiXr'itvr, #• I<aie» ber (Beriibttbtoier; <9e« 

i^ppfirt^Bi^t, «. cor. vid. Apartatat. 

To^pp€aK» LatBf 1. eine ^a^e )oor 
einen anbem md^Ut |ie^) a. (—to), a;^ 
pttdun, M (ditfSnsttnb) berufen^ to be 

— ed to by ... , aufgefotbert loerbes 90tt . 
n. 41. annAgen, angeben. 

^pp€«l'»«. l.MeKppeaatioii; S3erttfitiig«itf ..., 
Ifomfnid (etiter^erfott aU3eude)4 9. bie 
dii1ln<bt{ Lavh-t^ 3. bie Knttdge^ 4.7Cttf' 
fbibenttid iitf etiieMi0e)u QtitniMrten/ Sort« 
(obmidi &• bQ» 7(|^i>eaatio»^n4t $ acdon 
upon*-, bie TC-iifla^ti court of a-i, htx 7C-$* 
^, btt« 3(*l9eti«t 

^ppfoK^le, 04$. 1. anfhtgbttr, giir Qemnt* 
leorlmtg m (ifbeii (—for, »edea)i a. einer 
KppeOatiott untenoorfcn. 

iAppiftVf <• ber Xppenost. 

To 4pp^ar'> V. n* 1. lum^fiorf^eine fentmen) 
erftbeinen) a.M2eige8^o«ftreten$ (oor®e» 
ti4i)etf4etiien, MftelUni 3.erbeOett; M 
ergebeni 4. fcbeinen (ba( TCnfcbea b<ibeit)j 
to — dry, tro^ten %At%t nerben, lum Sor* 
Meiii fommen (|. ®. t>om Sonbe (vrib bie 
<Sbbc)} to - thlnlng, Metal. hlUUm to 
make-^, beweifen, bart^ttn) to — against 
one, i9iber Qinen (qU ^ortei dffentliib) ouf* 
treten^ to - for one, 1. fftr<linen auftreteii, 
M A1fetttU<b fSr ibn erRdren* 2. fftr Sinea 
(t>or ®eri(bt) erftbeinea^ to — on tbe stage, 
(dvf ber Mbne) anftitten) to — ia print, 
im S>rBd erfibeineni It sball — ia yoar ere* 
dit. Com. eftfottSbnengiitgefdbriebeiiwerbett. 

^ppia'rtiBce, «. 1. bie Qhrf4feiimn93 2. bal 
ICttftreten, ber Sintrittj 3. bie mtqttmMi 
4. ber (duf ere) e<bein, Ifttf^eitt) baS e^ei' 
nenj bie fiBabrfcbeinlirbfeit; ber Sormaubj 
6. baft ittferej infere Tlnfe^n, TCuJfe^eii; 
bie (Beflatti 6.baS OefpenfKbie^rfdbeiirang)^ 
atilnt— , beim erflen XnbU<ei good — of 
an article, Com. baft Xuge (gate Sufere) 
einer eSatnre; great — at court, grofeOlala 
bei^fei a great - af people, eitt grofer 

day of -^ ber9fri4ftltfniiitt4 defankof— ^ 
baft 9£i4terf(beiiteii , flrafbare Kttftbleibeai 
to eater iato bead for — , fi^ f4^rifCli4 oeit> 
pfUibten, bor Qkri^tsn erfibeiiieiL 

^ppCa'rimt, #. /..tfw, ber bor<9eri4t^4etP 
nettbe. ttomparent [Orf^einimg. 

^ppia'r^r, s. ber, bie, baft Qrf^etnenbe, bie 

4Lpp€a'^«ble, I. adj. »aft (lei^t) benibigt, 
befdttfHgt»erbeii!aiui,berf6bRU4{ IL— oeii, 
s. ber Buflanb, M (I^4t) befdaftigeii }« 

ToApptafe', o.a. 1. berttbtgen,beflnftigeii, 
be^iebigeti/ fHUtn, bdmpfenj 2. aiiftf6(iieB, 
9erfft(nen4 appeasing remedies, Med. fte* 
f/inftigungftmittel; ^aOiatibe. 

^ppCafe'n^t, «. bie Oeni^igung) Oefriebi* 

^pp»a'^«r, s. ber {Rttjeftifter, »eflttftiger, 

^ppCa'sjve, adj. milbenib, Gnbemb. 

^ppSl'lfncy, s. I. bie Sentftttig auf ben l^^ren 
fftidfUti 2. bie XppeQattoiiftfdiigfeit 

^pp^t'lfBt, I. *. 1. Law, ber Xppettant, Stih 
ger^ 2.1Ctt(forberer,^eranftfbrberer9 3.£cc. 
ber Ifppeaant (®egner ber SsQe Unigeni- 
tus)i U. adj. l.appeQirenb} 2. bieYppet* 
Kntng Ob. ben XppeHanten betreffenb. 

^pp^l'lite, I. 9. ber VppeHoti vid. (b. ft.) 
Appellee; II. adj. [^pp^l'l^te], bieKppeUfp 
rung betreffenb. [2. bie (Slafe. 

^ppetm'tioB, Ji. 1. bie 9enemittng> ber 9tatte; 

^ppSFl^tTve, I. a<t7. I.appeiratie^bergansen 
(Stttnng ivfommenb ) 2. gewft^nHib / ge« 
brdu(bU(b(benennenb)| VI. s. Gram. 1. baft 
Xppeaattt)um; aagemetne 9{enn»ort$ ®at* 
tnngftwort, ber Qialfenname) 2. bie (bei« 
wftrtl.) Senennttttg, Sit«linmg5 HI* — ly» 
adv. appeaatio, alft/ mie einXppeOatiBum. 

i^ppO'i^tpry. adj. eine YppeSati(m entbaltenbi 
—libel, bie 7C-ftf<|rift. 

App^lfii', M. 1. Law, ber TtppdEfot, Seflagtei 
2. ^erauftgefbtberte. 

^pp^I'l^r [Xpp^lldr', opp. Xppf HiC]* '• ^ • ^^» 
ber YppeOant, Jtldgeri 2. |>erauftf»rberer» 
8. Serritber feiner aXitf^nlbigen. 

To Append', V. a. (—to) 1. an <tt»aft ^dngen, 
an^dngeni 2.beifftgen. 

i^pp^n'dfle, e. 1. ber Vtt^ang/ bie 9o(ge$ 
2. baft Xn^ngfel, Ycceforinni; Bnbe^r, f>ei> 

I^PpCa'dfat, I. adj. 1. an(attgenb, berbttttbeni 
2. Laio, mit bem ®efit etneft Olnmbftfiifft 
berbnnben; n.«. berKnfKing/ boftOefolge, 

^ppSaMjcif , pi. dnfd^e, Uy vid. Appendix. 

^pp«n'dfcle, 9. baft ICtt^ngreL 




4pHM|x, $. Ut 1. Ut KMKM0/ M 1Ciu|| -MM, Mitmt«lil.b<r OC^IH') QIHetl 

^2. bet Umfkaab, gem. p/. bte Uaifitobc. 
Ap'pf nugget #. vut Appanage. 
Xp'pf naine, Ac mil. Apenniiie. 
Ap'p^rc^p'tioot #• i%. btc SRerfbarfdt, Scr* 

mtt fdmuftftin, ba» €(elbflbe»nf tfdn. 
To Ipp^rtiUn', o. n. (— to)» )ngcb5ren, )tt« 

Appfrtain'uf at, s. bat dnbe^dr, bet du 9U 

looft Seb^rige) Sortug, bie Ortciltfamt 
^ppfti t«n«nce, #. bad dvgeb6r, ic. (oi<2- Ap- 

porteaance); a-« of a laoiby bad <^eMfe 

eined Cammed. 
To Apper't^naace, v.a. m'd. To Appurtaaance. 
App^Wtfa^Bty a47. vid. Apportcnaat. 
Ap'pftfnceC^cy), *. 1. bie S)egietbe, bad 

Rnnliibe Sertangen, bie eiimeiilnfl; 2. bad 

embcn^ berfBuiif4/blee$ebnf«^t$ 3.bcr 

ent&^ningdinfiuict^ SnfKnct; 4. bie (Sm« 

pffingUibteit/ Orregbarfett j i%y. bie ^n|ie» 

bung/ Vttractton* 
Ip'pftf at, a4;. (fe^r) begiedg, ttftern. 
^Lpp^tibn^ity, «. bad Xajiebeisbe; eUmealult 

ip'pfMble* L adj. ansit^nb^ badffamti(beeer« 

langen erregenb, teijenb^ II.— aaoi, «.oC</» 

ip'p^tste, #. 1. bie Oegierbe, bodiSerlaxgen) 

2. berTCppetit, hitiSfiaft, ber{>iittg<r4 S.ber 

4)et^b«»der (craviagor baUaia), eitf itrai^^ 

beit bei ^f^lben^ «i</« FduI feeder; to be 
^glf en to — > gefrftfig ob^ M»elgerif(b (Hn. 
Appf tS'tion , «. (». IK.) bad iBerlaagen, bie 

ipp^ti^oat, cufi. mnnbenb, f^atf^ft) yom 

Cbemif einiabenb; aertangungdmect^) ange« 

nebni; tei|enb'. 
Ip'pf tjtive, adj. bege^renb) *^ower or faeal- 

ty, bad Sege^Kgdvenndgeii. [mix^, 
To Ip'p^tlze, V. a. beti TCppetit rd^en; ^, 
Vp^z«r, «. bad ben Xppetit ateisenbe. 
To 4LppUad', V. a. appIanbtreH; Uxta MfaO 

geben, (etnem) ®dfaa ^aflotfcbeii, bdUrt' 

f<beii4 gen. lobett, biOigeit. 
Appldad', J. aid. Applaoite. 
Applda'd^, «. berKppIaitbinRbe, CHner, ber 

«eifall ivflatr^t) eobpreifer, eeipfti^ter. 
AppUo^e', s. ber TCpplaud, bad (9eifaO«) du* 

flatfiben^ bec(Iattte)fBeifaII^ bad Sob. 
^^pplda'afve, adj applanbirenb, beifatf^b} 

an — long, ein ^bgefang . 
ip'ple, «.berKpfeI$ —of love, berSiebedopfel, 

O^oIbapfeU —of the eye, .%. ber Ttiigapfel; 

-* batter, badQ(*nui|4 — eart, bcrlC-larrea; 

(©r6bd)j -corer, ber Ti-fM^cti -graft 
badyftopfteid aoa efaenK-bamne; -bar- 
vest, bielf-lefe, X-nntu -jobn, ber Jo* 
batmidapf^I^ -jobat, pt. amemitter (ela 
Oebd*)4 -ioft, bielf-fammer^ {Dbflfammer) 
— moBger,berlDbft(/inbler,S)bflb6!e) -fla- 
ring, bie Sp|(elf<balei -pie, bietpftlpaflctei 
— qolace, bie TC-quitte) —roaster, bad ICpfd* 
bleib (moraaf man Spfet bratet)| — roae, 
bie raabe 9tofe^rof e ^agebttttearvTri -Mwee, 
ber eteibopfel^ -tree, ber HpfctbaWKH 
— woaiaa, bie Spfelfratt, SDbflpratt ; —yard, 
berjfpfelgarteai £>bftgarten(vid.Orcbard). 
To Ap'ple, V. n. apfelfdrmig bilbea. 

tppti'abie, a</i. anidenbbar. 
ppl|c«brKity, «. bie TCtttoenbbarfeit. 

Ap'pljcable, I. adj.; H,— ly, adn. attiaeHb» 
bar (—to, aiif)* "!• — neet, #. bie ICnweib* 


Ap'plfcfat, s. l.ber Sewerbet, OtttfteKer,Vp< 

^plicant; a. Am. ein fldfiger etubeat. 

Ap'plicfte, s, 2Vjg. bie^pplteate; IDrbinatci 
— ordioate , eine bvr4 bie K(bfe gebenbe 

Appljcft'tioa, s. l.bie Kiiflegnng, Ynlcgung, 
iBerri^timg, ber iBcrbanb (§. e. bed :Krited, 
SBunbar2ted/2C.)4 2.bie(9CuH^A>denbang, 
ber Qebravib^ 9- bad angcibanbte !Kittel, 
{)ulfdmitte(^<«e»erbttttg, bodecfaib/ 
bieAitts^ 5.bfeKnfiner!fanfeit;ber8Ieift^bie 
•®etrieb|amfdt4 Gcfftedanfirengnng. [tiM* 

Ap^pljcatifYe, adj. anwenbenb, andfibenb, prof* 

lp^pl}oat5ry , I. adj. anwenbenb^ andAbenb, 
^itig4 U. 1. bie anidettbcnbe itraft) bad 
Xnmenbbare. [icbcnbe fiBdfe. 

Appli^fdiy, adt. attf aa^ttwcabettbey aad|tt« 

^ti V> «. 1 • ber Oewerber; Applicant i 2« ber 
}(n»ettbenbe, Oebroit^maibettbe) 8. ftiaer, 
ber fl<b anf Ctood (OlfrenMoftcn, ic) legt. 

To Apply, V L <• l.anflegen; anlegen^ Mdrauf 
legen ob. bringeni anbrtogeni 9. aniaeiMt, 
gebrau^tn) 8. anf <St»ad vmben, ri^ten, 
beften; oenoenben^ to — eoloonoa efotbt, 
2>y. Sarben anf Q$toffe anftrageni to— oa#c 
self for help to ... , M vm ^iUft mttben an 
... , dufln^t Men bei ... $ to — ona*t BtH to 
flometbing, M (iner 0a4e nibmen, |Ub bcr« 
fetbenbe^eifigen) to — a thing to (a one), 
f[<b einerea^^bebienenin...) U. n. i.M 
Sdfidm, paflen, iibereinftimmen; angemcffctt 
feinj 2. (— to) eincr 6a4e befommett; tfin« 
^alt tbunf 8. to — to one, fttb anS^iMttb 
wenben, anMtH/ na^Men (— for,um>. 

ApP^l^ra. J. Mas. bet Unge Sorf«la| 




fcftff|(iii a«»fe|ett (cine 0aun»e)i S. be* 

aii0reifeii^ ocrM^/ d(fu>0<n ne^mrn, rin» 

Meiben, htftOtm 8. Dcrabrc^eni 4.cnicii«| sie^em|rcii,be8retfdi,eiife(a4 3.0tett« 
«ai, einfe|eii ()nmfBe9oIImMti9tftt^ K.)f. be]t,metncn$4«fjinbteii,beffli:^tni,befordau 
6. oerorbnen, oorf^teibei^ 6. cinriAten, in lippr^b^n'd^, «. !• mntt, ber cine ^erfon 
6toabfe|en/mttQtnMi9ocrfeben,ait»rfiflm} tt^xtlft, feft ^U, oerbaftet) 2. ber CKii« 
to — a day, eineit Sag anbnattmeii) Sin. febimbe, S>ciifnr$ 8. ber gfir^tenbe, bcrSc* 

ciiiai 0ef4Utf ftfien, beftbtte^en. 
^ppmof » 1. C9IIW. 1. ber Yp)>omt, 7(bf4nitt, 
bU Devtfe («Be4ftl)i 2. 92afbf4tt», dnf«uf 
(<aklb, bol mati)ti^ebt, wm ciAc eumme ooa 
IS ma^ben).! payment per — , bie 9cUbo* 
jklblungl to draw per—, itpmnt ob«apuiito 
(per Galbo) trofflren (» f . bie oo8e Giimme 
feiAer fforbentng enmebmcn). 

tppoiora Ue, adi, beftimmbar, einiufeieii. 
ppoTotCi', s, ber (in ein Xmt) CKngefebte. 
^ppd)fn't«r, #. ber iBefttmmenbe, Yiorbner, 

ippoint'ni«nt, «. 1. bte 9cflim»imd, 8efl> 

fe^ung, TCnorbttung^ 2. bie SefhUung) iSx* 

lemntngi 8. bie Serabrebung, Qtbrebe, ber 

(Berglei<b) 4* bicfierotbnnng, Sorfibrift, ber 

Sefebi) &.bie<Sinriibtnttg,7(nftriiflung) 7(n« 

fMi 6. ber (ni^tfQrirte)<Scba(t, bie Se« 

folbung^ T. Z^ow, bie ^tnterlalfettfibtft an 

eine (Bemeisbe^ tl, f&c milbe 3»etfe. 
To App(>r'tion, v. a. oer(Altiiifmdfig t^eu/ 

Stttbeiiett/ inm Ynt^eil gebea. 
^ppOr^tion«Un«M, s. baft ri^tigeeerbdltnif. 
^ppor'tfoo^r, 1. ber 3iit^ifer. 
^ippOi^Uoaa^nt, s. bie glei^ttlfige ditt^eii 

Uing, oerbdltnifmdfisefkrtbeibtttg. 
Vp^te, La<(|.; II. — ly, adv. WOiH, paf* 

feilb (—to, in), ongemeflen, beqven^ IIL — 

aoM, s. bie W^iAWtit, edgtiibfeit, Xnge» 

ipp9fi^tioa, «. bie ^insnfftgttttg, X9iiafn»%, 

berSeifal^dvfobJ Gram* bie YppofltioB. 
Te^ppriife',^€U, dnf^lagftt^ tttri« 

ren, wfirbigen; a-d ralae, ber toxirteSertb. 
^Lppriife'iiif at, «. 1. bie ^db^buttg/ Sd^TOtion, 

ttdrbignngi 2. ber Sojnoertb. [tor. 

Apprii'f9r(^pprfti'f9r)« j.ber®A^er, sigca« 
ippr2ei'tioD, #. ber inbrAnflige fiBnnf(b/ bie 

bringeabe eitte. 

Ip'pracfkQry, adj. eegen erbittenb^iSnftbenb. 
^pprC'clable [-'•ha-l adj. ftb^b^or, ber 

flBftrbignng ob. X(btnng fd^ig. 
To Apprs'ciateHsbe-], v.ha. bo<b Wdbett/ 

nirbigen, preifen} U. n.Am.tia 9reife, im 

Oertbc fieigen. 
4ppr€c|i'tioD[-ih«-], *. 1. bie«Bdrbigttttg, 

(Bert^ndbttSd) 2. ber CBertbi S.Am.^^ 

6teiaeB i» ^reife« im flBertbc 

^frrgniffe (egt 

lppr<ih«n'ii|ble, adj. begreiflt<b, ftflidk. 

Apprc^h^a'aioa, s. 1. baS Qhrgreifeit, bie Ber* 
bapnebmung, ber %m%, Oriff $ 2. Segriff, 
bie eorfteaung) SXeimtng.^ Saflttng^lraft) 
8. bieSeforgnif I berfierbQ<bt4 tobeandcr 
great a-i, in grof er guribt r4»eben, grofe 
BeforgnifTc (egen. 

ippr^hXa'olve, L adj. ; U. — ly, ado. 1. lei^t 
begreifenb, fd^ig} 2. fnnbtfam, fAr^tenb, 
beforgt} to be — of, 1. Qtma^ befuribten; 
2. (Stmoft empfUibett, mcrfeni m.— ness, #. 

1. bie Sdbid^t in begreifen, bie (MneSe) 
gafTttngftfraft, ber Gibarfflnn^ 2. bie ^nr^bt* 
famfeit$l8erorgnif j bebenttiibedagbaftigMt. 

^pprCn'tfce, t. 1. ber Sebrling, Sebrbnrfdbe, 

col. ee^rfungc) 2. EngL Col. eine blofe 

flBortperdnbentng ft Slave, [bingen laflen. 

To ^pprSa'tice, v. a. in bie ^re tbnn, anf* 

^pprXn'tfceihip, «. 1. ber SebrlingSftanb. bie 

ee^rieit, €e(rei 2. EngU CM. eine blofe 

fiBortverdnbernng ft. Slavery ; to lerre (opt) 

one's -> feine Se^rio^rt an9fte(en^ col. bie 

Sabre fieben. 

To Appretiate, AppretiatloB, «iil.*Apprec... • 

To Apprtie', o. a. 1. bena^ri^tigen, nnter* 

ri^ten (—of, pon), bele^reni 2. fdbdben 

(viil. To Appraise). [Appraiaec 

/kppilze'oi^Bt, ^Lppri'z^, vi<f. Appraifiement, 

To Approach', v. I. a. (M) naben, ndbcr 

fonunenj n. n. 1. nd^em, ndber bringen, 

ndfferfeben; 2.frort. ablaftiren, abfdngen. 

Approach', 9. I. bie Ynndbemngi TCnhinft) 

2. ber 3tttritt j dnianf, Ynfon) 9. fig. txftt 
SerTncbl 4.AI».baSYnrdtfen(be6Seinbee)$ 
lines of — , or a-es, bie Xppro^en^ tatf« 

Approach'able, adj. ingdngli^, erreiipbar. 
^pprOa'chf r, s. ber Siabcnbe. 
^pprOacb'l^gs» adj. ttn|ngdngli4« 
4LpprOach'm«nt, #« (». il) bie Xnndbemng. 
To Ip'probite, o. a. Am. biOigen, SeifaO 

f(bentett ob. geben. 
Ipprpbii'Uon, s. l.bteOiOigttng, ®ene(mir 

gang, ber SeifaOi 2. ber (BefaOen (an 9u 

mi); 8. (e^em.) bie S)m(Mrlattbnif . 
Ap'prQbfttive[Fr6.Ac.; pp-prG'-bf -tiv, Ja.]» 

adj. biOigenb. 
ip'prpbit^r, M. ber ®iOigcnbe. 

.,_.., Joogle 




(ippr9'priY^l«» o^'> n»aS}nded9net(aufeinen 
bef. (Segeitfhinb eingef^rdnft) nerben fonn. 

To ApprO'prlHtc , v. a, 1. (—to) Qtipoffett, 
loibmen, befHmmeii) S. oemenben (-to, 
|u)5 3. M (eine€$o40sveignen) 4. (Oc 
griffc) cert tubal i Law-s. 5. eUie yftflnbe 
an r>it tobte^anb 9(rma<ben$ 6. mod. ejc 
propriiren (bed (Sigent^umd beranben) md. 
Approprmtioii, 5.). 

^ppro'prffte, I. ad;. 1. $ei9{bmet/ etgen^ 
SLbequem^ bienli^/ tft^ttg^ 9.— to, ange* 
mefTeni U. i. bie Gtgtn^e it, GigentbilinUfb' 
leitj nL — ly, adv. anf oitgemelTeiie Xrf j 
IV.— DeM, f.bie7(ngemeffen(ett. 

^pproprji'tion, f. 1. bie ^ntig;tmnQ, Hwnn^ 
bnng9 2 Semenbvitgi 3. S9egdffsbeftim« 
mung (tinrt «ort««)5 Laws. 4. ble wber* 
tragung einer |)fdinte an bie iobtef)(mb$ 
5. mod. bie Xln>ropriattim (Gnteignnng bed 
©eft^eft^ Ob. iSrwerbung bel ffir dffentl. 
3»e<fe^ ttU (Sifenba^nen, Jtflndle, w. erfor* 
bcrli^en ^rnnb unb Sobend)) 6. •-«, pU 
bie gcnbdanweifung^ Sernenbung ber€$ta«td« 

4lpprO'pr|Jt9r[ >fb., TTorr. Ac. ; fltp-prt-prf-il'- 
t^r, IK], jr. 1. ber JBerwenber^ lfn»enber,tc. i 
2. ber ©ePt<r efner fibertrogenen yfrfinbe. 

^ppro'pn^tary, s. ber (»eCtfi<if) ©eflber efner 
geifliltben ^frfinbe. 

^pprd'vfble, adj. beifaHftmiirbig. 

4Lppaiie'[iri.&c.; H^p^U^W,, Wore kef 
9. l.berVnflof^ bfeSerA^ntng) S.bielCR« 
fnnft^ Eonbungs 3. Ast. bie Goniunction 
eined fXaneten icAt einem ^xfleme. 

AppAl'glon, 9. bal ICnftof en, bie Oerfi^Tintfl. 

^ppiil'ifve, adj, anftofeiib, beriibrenb. 

^ppor'ttn^nce, #. £ato» baft 3vgeb^r^ bie 9le* 
benfa^e) 3nlage5 «Ht, pi. ytrtinen)iett,f>cr> 

To ^ppar^t^Dfnce, v. o. Low, aU eCtt (|tt •^ 
»aft ge(6rige0) CHecbt befi^en. 

Appfir'tf D«nt, adj. }ttge(6ng, gt((r{g; snfMll* 
big^ eomaon— , Low, (Skmeinbelanb. 

A'pi1ctft,#. Bot. bie Kprifofe) —tree, ber 

i'prjl, 9. ber (SWonat) TfpriL 

A'pr^nC— Wra]»* l.bieC^rfirjej bol€kbtt|« 
feU) 2. 5ad. bad e^ocfleber (an Gabrfoletl 
ic.)j 3* ahip-h, ber©innenwrfle»enj 4.bte 
9lan!en*SettKng na(e ben Slvtbt^fircn finer 
£)o<fe^ —of agon, Onn. ber ^fannenbeM 
(^ediel avf beni3iinb(o<bc einee Jtanone); bal 
^lattlot^l — of a goote, bie fetteOan^(<ttt 
einer (Sand) —man, ber {)anb»erfer, ^vlU 
»er!dmann) —string, bad G4firienbanb$ 
— stringbold, bad JtnnfeHe^n; ffBeiberle^n. 

A'prvned [— pyrnd], adj. mit einer ^dfix^, 

^einem04Qr)feHe oerfe^en. 

Aprppof'C— p</], adv. 1. snr gelegenen 3eit, 
eben re^t) 2. (aid flbergangdjei^en) i»ad 

To ApprdTe', v. I. a. 1. biOigen, gene(migen^ itb fagen noDte, eben fdHt mtr eiH; k 

anerhnnen ) 2. be»d(ren/ erproben ) 3.(m.ii.> 
beroetfen, bart^nn^ 4. Law, wrbeffem, in 
beffem Gtanb fe^en (ein (SmnbfHtf)) to 
— onc'« self to one, fl(b 3entanbed SeifaU 
erwcrbenj U. (mit of) n. biUigen, gutfteifen. 
j^pprdre'intnt, 9. 1. bie©inigung, ber SBeifaUj 
Lato-s. 2. bie Sermanblung eined Gtiidted 
<Semetnbetanbed in 7((ferlanb5 3. bad frei» 
toifiige Sefenntmf eined Serbre^erd vor ber 

Xp'tit, s, 1. AH. <p<. Aptidei ob- Aptee), 
bie Tfpfibe) 2. Arch, bad ge»6lbte £»a4^ bie 

^«B6lbttng} 3. FTA-io. ber Jtrans eined (Rabed. 

Apt, adj. 1. gef4iA^ tangli^/ pafenb, bf« 
((ttem) fj(ig$ 2. geneigt) 3. (eb^^, ferflg, 
f4neH5 ton>e— , 1. geneigt fein) 2. gern 
t(un,p|Iegen) — tobreak, )erbre(b(i44 -4o 
take fire, Ifiibt feierfangenb^ brennbar^ an 

gerijt(i(ben Unterfn^nng, unb Kngabe ber ToApt,v.a.2ttGftmadgef4itft/tii<btigma^5 
!B{itfibttlbigen* nm ^di babur^ ®nabe andsR fi^ig, empfSngKib macben, oorbereitcn. 
inioirfen. | Ap't^, #. EnU bad nngefliigelte Snfect 

^pprd'Ter, /. 1. ber 9iHiger) Oeifffi^rter^ ip't^inl, adj. £nt. nngeflfigelt. 
Law-9. 2. ber geftdnbige Serbre^f r u. Yn> Ip'tjtnde, 9,\. bie^effbiini^teit^XA^tigfefti 

geber feiner5Wtf(b«lbigeni S.berCerbcfle* 
rer^ the king's a-i, (e^em.) Jtronpd^ter^ 
ffBirtM<l<tfter onf ben fdntgl. ^omainen. 

^pproz'jin^te, adj, na(e, vid. b. ii. Proxfmate. 

To ^ppr5x1ra«te, v. I. n. M n^emi II. a, 
nabebringen, nd^em. 

^ppr0x{ffli'tion, #. 1. bie (Ytt«) 9td(emng $ 
2. ilffffA.9ed^emnggnrXBnrieIbnr(b9ril4(9 
8. Mtd, bie Ynfle^ng bttt<b Sedtimng. 

^ppr6xf|mft!Ve , adj. onn^ernb) opproxi* 

2.bie9afIi<bYeitjedbigfe{t^ S.bieSteigttng^ 

Der *ang. 
Apt'ly, adv. 1. gef^itft, M. (n>f e Apt, ac^'.) , 

2. fftgli4, mit ^t^t, ri^tfgi «. fertig, 

ipt'ntM, 9. (leie Afrtitnae, fv«) ; —(to leara) 

bie <8cle(rig!eit) — of Iron to rntt, bie CK« 

Sent(toli4fei( (9{dgnng) bed lifted |v 


Ai/tbte, #. eram.^^ inbedittobU Kfttttioort 
V*I19% 9. Ckem. bad fBMXrc [t. b. fblg. cvmp. 





tta0 M^ •^k'.w*]; — fortU, Chem, DOl 
64»ei^eioaircr$ — nariBt, Ut Vquamarin: 
I. Min. bcr mem ((Sbclftctn)^ 2. Paint 
baft f(^dnfl( filau bcr Waters atem-<. —mi 
rnbiiU, boftfiBunbcnoofTcrj — regU or — r«- 
gniu, (fruftcr) baft Jt^rndftmafTer, vid. Nitro- 
mariatlc acid ; — secunda, i»(rbttnsitcft ®4ei« 
bnoatTct) --tinta, Engr. hit Kquatinta) 
— vitae, bcrYquat>{t, (9cmuri«S5raimt»cin< 

4quft'r}tft, M, AsU bcr CBaffcriiMiu. 

^quat'jc .f qufti'iGfi, adj. ivk flBaffer Ubenb 
Ob. »a4»f^nb. [loi^f^ 

AquSt'tct, «. pi. IBaffcrttficrci flBaifcrae' 

Xq'uf tne, ar/|. (»^ fi.) vid. Aquatic 

Aq'uddilct, s. btc fiBafrcrUitttag. 

AquS'fty, f. viV/. Aqoeouineu. 

JL'q««oiim L <k/> mdfTctigi II. — 
SifTerisc, bie CBdffcrigMt 

Aq'iiilia« [Ifbrc. Ac; Sic'-wi-Ufo, If. Ac], 
adj. 1. cintn ICblct bctrcffcnb^ XbUt 
cinem 7(. d^nli^^ 2. gctrummt (»lc ein lCb« 
lerf4nabc()i —note, cine ICbUcnafc, j>a« 

^qttOse', adh loftfTcrig. 

AqnSi/ity, «. bie SB&fcrighit 

Ai-'«b, I. J. bcr Xrobcr) ll. adj. vid. Arabian. 


Ar^bSs'ky, adj. arabcfttcnartig. 

AH^bJ^ftqveL— tk], Arch,, Sculp, k Paint, 
I. s. bU Xrabcftfc ; II. adj. (or arabetqoed), 
arabcfttcnartig ^ — foliage , ~ ornament, 
(arabesquet) arabtMcft Saubibcrf , arab. 
dtcnatftcn, Xrabcftfcn. 

^rft'bf9, a. Geog. Xrablcn. 

^r.Vbi«n, 1. adj. arabiMj — figurei, pi. 1. ara« 
biMe3at(cn$ 2. Xrabcftfcn^ —characters, 
p(. arabif<^c e^rift^ lI.j.bctYrabcr. 

Ara^bi^** *. P<« Cam. gcgittcrtc ^incn. 

.V^ibfc I. s, baft 7rrabif4lc, btc arabiMcepra* 
4ci II. adj, arabiff^} — troche^ baft arabi* 

ArSb'jcfl, Arabic; 11. —ly, adv. 
^auf arabiMc Krt. [Krabiftmuft. 

Vflibrf m, s. bic arabfMc Bpra^cigcn^cit^ bcr 
Vtbht, *. bcr Jtcnncr bcft IfrobiWcn. 
Ar'fble, adj, artbar^pflugbar^ttrbar^ tragbar. 
Ar'fby, «. Geog. ft Arabia. 
Ar'fcb, jr. Bat. bk a)(clbc j vid. Orracb. 
^rK(h'ii&rd(Xr«fbnordeO. Anat. adj, k s, 

-tnnid. bic Gprnnctocbcnffautbcft (S^cbirnft i 

% bic (9laft(attt bcft Yitgcft. 
ArS^'nold, «• Pet. bcr Gpiiincnflcttt. 
Ar^fck, «. bcr Xratf/ vid. Arrac. [kc 

Ara€5f JG, adj. iraiot'jcs, s. pi, vid. Areotic, 
Ai^ff 9*>> ^* C^- YragoQlon, 
frUgnM' [f-r« tt«'], s.FarU baft gcfommtc 

(So]itremiiiai|i}ftemtatcr «. oot boROItdi 

^rin^di'Q^y, s, btc ©piimcitfttQbc (Jtunfi cn$ 
bcr 9coba4»tun9 bcr ^pinnca baft SBctter ftn 

Ara'n^ont, adj, cincm @piiittcngciocbc d^ali^, 
fpinn»cbcaartig$ -fiogera, epinnca^ngcT, 

^fpinbclbjinne %ixL%tx. 

AHMf *. 2.00I. bcr inbiMc (Rabc^ rot^c Xra. 

ArX'tion, «. baft TMtxn, $fiugien. 

Ar'^tpry, adj. bctt Ydcrbaitbctrcfcttb) ^ia- 
stramenta, baft YdPcrgcrit^. 

Ar'fture [— tebdr], «. vid. Aration 

Ara>^, #. vid. Array. 

ArWft, ir^itt, s. vid. ArcabaUat. 

Xr'bf lif t^, #. bcr Xrmbntflf4ii|« 

Xr'b)t«r, #. 1. bcre<fttcbftri4tcr4 2.bcrOc« 
mltbobcr, Cbcr^crr. 

Xr'bitrfble, L adj, mMfixlHi cutf^cibbar) 
II. — ly» adv. vid. Arbitrarily. 

Ar^itnige, i» vid. Arbitration. 

^rbif r^^nt, «. bcr ftcic SBiOc, bit SBiOMbr, 
frctc CBabU [unumf^rdtth, bcftpottfcb. 

Xr^ltrfLrjIy, adv. miMf^xlii^, natb ffBtOKbr, 

Ar^itr%r|n«M, s. btc miUHl^vUd^Uit, Untmi* 
fibrftnft^it, beftpotifcbe (Btwtiti iBiaM(r. 

JLr'bitrf ry, adj, loiltttibrli^ Ot<. b. f>crfciieft 
It. jig. b. 6a(bcit), ctgcaiptatg,cigcnmd4tig, 
bcftpotir^/ ita4 (ffitOKt^r mibcrrufliA. 

To Ara>itr]lte, v. I. a. 1. (f^icbftriAterlii^ ob. 
naib<9tttb^n!cn)<ntf<i^cibcn} 2. (fibicbftri<lb' 
tcrlt(b)f4»U4tcit5 11. n. 1. vrt^dlcn (fiber 
(Stiooft)/ cittf(bcibca, abrprc<bcn$ 2. Com 
arbttnren, vid. Arbitration. 

irbjtra'tion, s. Law, 1. baft f4)icbftri<btcrlt<be 
ecrfabrcn^ bcr €(4iebftfpni4/ bic 6ntf4ci» 
bung) 2. bcr ^crgUidb/ baft Qompromif^ 
—of exchanges. Com. btc flBccbfcIarbttragc, 
fiBc(bfcIflaRbocrglci4ung^ Yrbttragcrc4wui9» 
— bond, LaWj btc Gompromif acte. 

XrbitriV* *. 1. iMw, bcr e4iebftri4tcr, 
64i(bftmattn5 2. etattbaltcr, ^rdflbcst) 
8. uRumf(brdnfte ^crr, (S^cioaltbabcri —of 
averages, bcr 6traabri<^tcr/ iDiftpa^cur. 

Xr'bjtriltrjx, a. vid Arbitress. 

Ilrbifr^m^nt, «. Law, 1. bcr Gibicbftfpnt^/ 
btc 6ntfibcibttng; (f4tcbftri(btcrlub0 (^cioalt i 
2. btc ecrmittcitug. ber SergUi^, baft Qonu 

Ir'bjtr^ss, «. bic G^iebftridtfterlnn. 

ira>9r, X'rboyr, s, 1. JBotbCT Sanm$ 2.btC 
6oinmerIaubei baftOoftquct^ comp. — ge- 
nealogica, ;%.bcr (Uammbavm^ -vine, 
BoU bicSBinbc, eaubwiabci — Tttae, Bot, 
bic amen!aRir4e »etfc 3cbcr, ob. bcr iebeitft« 
battm) S. Afech, bic Gpinbcl; flEBetlCy X4fC/ 




Ut 0cc^la«iB, S^f|fttft5 (ia Am. Shall, 

ijv.y. — tUiids, S)re(flift^^Ui a-ttoUrn 
scr«w potato, e^xanhmp^tx i balance 

«-a» Unn^bte^fHftf I braaa aerew note a-f, 

lrn»9r%ry, ^bo'rteaa, acfr. )i bev Mnmen ge* 

tdti^, banmartig/ bonmd(nU4^ oonSfemen, 

Ob. ewoKimi^tni aitfMttmeii nKKMimb. 
JLrb9ra't9r, /• vid, Arborist. 
lrb9r&'c9oce, «. 1. JMtn hit bamnartigeitn)« 

ftaHifattim) 2. Jtot. baS Saumoeiten. 
ixbpr^a'cfnt, a^;. 1. %xm 9attme metbeab, 

attfAicfrttb, battmi^nlid^wad^feiib) 2.(01' 

gig »(rb(Rb5 ^siar-fish, Jeh. bad !Rcbn« 


Ir^^ «. bal MttindbeR, bet etrav^. 
Arbtfr^lcal, adj, Siume betrrffenb. 
irbfrldkftnre [- tohfr], #. bie 9aiailC«ttttC. 
If^riat, 9. 1. ber eavrngftttneri 9. 0oim» 

Irbprizi'tioo, «. bk OomR' eb. 9|Uiii«l«r<ige 

dei^mmg is gtiaetanett. 
To Irtprfze, v. a. ill Wnttalitn bauaartige 

3(<4imttgcn biibot 

Ir'b^rof a, adj. vid. Arborary, Arboreota. 

if'bovr, «• iii<l. Ariior. 

ir^vada [- bfaa'!]* #. bet flciKl 0tran4/ bie 
CStasbe, ba« Mum^m* 

Arbia'eUfr, li'bfat&ie, a#. flrai^attfg^ 

^MU'tlTo, a47.bitf4ig,b«i»atbct 

Arbila^twa, «. bos GcbiiM/ bet Ssf4i. 

Ir'btite, «. BoU 1. bet Scbbecrbamii} 2. ber 
jMigai^felbaitm) —berry, bie Mrentrdtbe, 

^ffbfte«n, adh Stm <ltbbccrbairai ge^Mg. 

JLre, #.€?eo}ii.4kilit.ber^(bsirfel, f)dgitt| 
Ybfd^iitt, bQ» eegment (eiM 3MfH)i 
(md. Areb> 

^rcidfl^, «. 1. ilreh. ber iBogcsgang,bfeKr« 
fabei 2. i)aiic bie Oogenfhanng* 

^rci'di*, s. Geog. it ^ XtfttbteiL 

Arct'diaa, Arei'dfc adj. arfttbif*) MtbU^. 

ir'cady, «• vid. Arca4ia. 

^cS'avm, «. (pi. areaaa) bad (SM^daOiif. 

It'tft^ ». xid. Araeaal. 

Ireb, «• 1. bef. ^e^ ber Sogen, e^MibbogeU; 
bol fimUXbti 2. iHmVK^mhVki trlam- 
plMl — , ber Srinmi^tbogeK; bie tt(rett;^rorte i 
— roof, bie gendbte SDetfei — atona, ber 
e4Uiffleiii,feUflrmige<»e»(lbfleiii5 -way, 
ber^ogengang, Jlrensgang. 

To Ireh, «. L a. ttdlbei, Abenbilbcjif IL n 
M i»iIbcR/ (emeu) ISogen luuten^ Mfben, 
Wlagett) her Ilpa ii-ed iato a anile, i(re 
Q^pctt btv}o|eM M |tt eiaom WNte. 

Arch, «4j. 1, arg^ U/ft, ld^ftr% nMl|mlltg, 
f^Iasi 2. eomp. bal ttrfke, Orifte in feiner 
Vrt, 0rof (in dvtex «. na^t^eiligen eime), 
«rj»j -apoatle, ber oberfte^pofbl (ber ^L 
berfiBelt, ttetten, <8ott4 — beacoB,biefiBar« 
tcn^^e^ -biah'op, ber er}bif4of$ -biak'op 
atanper, Ci>ncK. ber (Sr}bif4of ) —bish'oprlc. 
baftdr}bttt(umi -butler, ^erai. ber^ 
fAenT) — cbamberlaia, Oerm. ber Qhr}M[lll«l^ 
rer^ Cberfammer^err) — chaacellor, Gtmu 
ber (hifan)Ier i -chanter, ber &ber«<SaRtor, 
Sorfdager^jMuptfdnger) -cooat', berOri* 
graf; -critic, ber ^auptfritiferi -dap'ifer. 
Germ, ber Qtrstruc^fcf j — deaeoo, — deao, 
ber1Cr<^biaeotttt0,ttei(bif4of j — daacoory, 

I. bas Xr4ibiacoiiat{ 2. ber V-ffprengcli 
8.ber6i^ elned ICr^ibiaconal) — daacoa- 
■hlp, ba« Xrt^biaeonat (2Cmt eincsVr4^i^ 
biacottid)) — diviae', ein ecrgitgli^er (9ol» 
tflgile^cter ^ -da'cal, Qdj. crg(enogli^) 
-daGheM,bic(lr)(er)ojina$ (Sropfiirflimf< 
— dochy, bod Orritcrsogt^sm j — dokc', ber 
^Atxy^h Oroffiir^} cant. einaigMeim^ 
— doke'doai,ba«Qhii(Kriogt^{ —enemy, 
ber Q^rifetRb, Catanj — feloa, ber Qxintx* 
rit^er 4 — AeadT, — foe, ber drsfciRb, e«ta»i 
XeufU) — foaader, ber j>aaptfriiaberi -^-fo- 
teraor, ber oberfie etatt^aiteri — hereay, 
bieQqfeierei) — heretic, i. #. ber (Srsfeteri 

II. ttdj. enfetedfftj —hypocrite, berOt}* 
(en^Ur) —late, vid. Arcbiiate; — aarahal, 
Germ, bet CriOMrfd^aS^ — mlniater, ber 
fh:emier«9ltisi|teri — paator, ber ^avfitfeel* 
forgery — pUlar, ber {>atM>t;pfdIcr| — phib- 
aopher, ber j>a«^ii(oro9(^ — poNtldan, 
ber Ch^oUtiler) aulgeiei^iete etaad* 
mann^ -^poatin; ber S^bcrpriifler, yopfli 
—prelate, ber SDberprdlatl — presbyter, ein 
^xiUi, ber in getftlid^en ScrdAtimgen bei 
Sif^ofieteae i>ertrilt| -preihi^ry, bk 
wiSffitrUdfte uttb oKgemdae |>crrf4«ft bef 
yric^rt^iund} — prleat, ber (Srsprie|ler, 
JDberprie^i ^prieathood, bad Vmt mib 
ber Segirf eined Srgpn'efterdi -priaate, ber 
eriprimtd (erfh geiftl. «Burbe)$ - rebel, ber 
erjrebel; ^aupCemporer^ — rogae, ber <lri« 
MebBj — tenqiter, »te —(lend; — treaaa- 
rer, G^rm. ber Qr^abmeifter^ — treaia- 
rerahip, Genn. bad (Bnt^abmeiflerainf } 
-Tillain, ber Qh^M^Im^ QriM«tte$ -vil- 
lainy, bieClr}f4ttrferei| —wag, ein^hriMolt- 

4^rfhrjc (M;'. ar(»di|iir4, oeraltet. 
ii^hliftCf^ lr{h«i9Mi1<9l> «# ar«doI(v« 
gif4; altert^umdnmblg. [funbe. 

]Lr(hfi«l'<^, «.bie Yrdi^oIdgUf ir(tert(fimil« 

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bnttf; oeralttte eprai^gcbroit^. 
irshftB'g^l, *. 1. bcr (5rseiieri4 3. Oeog. Xr» 

4faRdel4 8»Bot. white—, Die taube^efTeU 

balm-leaved -, Die ^elitte. 
Irch^ngeKjc, adv. $u ben (Srsengeln ^c^drig. 
ir'chfd, ad;, fictodlbtj ~legs» oor^ttsettDe 

Jtttie (ein ftbel bcr yferbc)j -ihot, bcr 

Oogenf^uf. [{^artf^ierer. 

irch'f r, J. 1. bcr Sogettf^u^c fiber^. 2. Aft/. 
irvh'cr«M» s. bie fBogcnfuRbige. 
irch'^, «. bad fdo^tnf^it^xii eogclf^iepeU) 

64KibenMiefen (mit bem Sogen) $ bie Jtunft 
. mit bcm iBogttt |u fd^iefenj -room, baS 

ircfa't^, pi. 0. Arch, SSogen4 — ooart (covt 

of ^), ba6 getftUibe £)bergeri(bt/ S)bercott« 

fiftorium ( bed Qtrgbifdt^ofd 9on QantcrbnrQ). 
Irshetf pfi, ad[7. urbilbUdb/ ord^it^iftb- 
iW^hSt^pe, s, bad Urbilb, SDrigmaljtufe, ^Stn> 

fter$ bieUrf<bnft4 ACnC bad 3u(tirgen>i<bt 
^ghe'vs, s. Aick. ber UrfiofF^ Sebendgeifl, bie 

oQbelebenbe ^aft. 
Arch'jbfld, «. 7Cr<bibalb (QX-it). 
Ir^^bjc^I, a((;. oberft^ erft, pavc^U* 
irshjdii(c'9D«J, od;. aribibiaconif^. 
Ir^hfvpri'cQp^l, adj. er)bif(b5fli4^. 
Ir^bif pi«'c9P«cy, i. bie eribiMoflitbe fiB&cbc, 

bad ^bidtbum. 
Ir'^hj), «. bie S)rfeiae^ S^rberfleibte unb bie 

baraud bereitete rotbe garbe ^adtnud. 
Ir'obiiate, .t. (itQLaTcitiuto)Mus.\>vcXI^OVht, 
irshimSa'drite, g. (ruf.) ber ^Xr^imanbrit 
Ir^hime'cifin screi^, <• JlecA. bie ar<btmebi« 

fibe (SQ)affer«) &6^vauht (neuerlitb auf bie 

S)ampff4ifrabrt aagen>enbet) Cc/. Propeller). 
Ircb'iiig, I. p. «. bad tB5lbeit, fdo^ttmad^tn, 

Sogenfiblagen) n. p. a. bogenfirmig. 
Ir'shipSl, lrshipet'««o, t, Geog. ber 7Cr(bi< 

Ir'shjtSct, «. ber IBanmeifler, Oaufuttfller) 

Jig. Ur^eber? —like, 1. gleitb cinem S^au- 

meifier^ 2. mit Sbinfi, mit G^mmetrie. 
irchitec'tive, ad}. %n eiitemlBau ob.sur Stun^ 

ge^^rig^ — materiaU, IBaumaterialiett. 
Irskjt^cton'jc (— c^l, adj. — c»lly, adt>.)» ar* 

AiteYtonif^. [hinfl. 

Irshitfct&a'icit, s. pi. bie Se^re bon ber idaw 
Ir'shjtjfctrfM, s. bie iBaitmeifienntL 
irjhit«c'tar»l [-tshyr-], adj, bie ©aufunfl 

betreffexb, ar^iteftosif^. 
IrckfUk/tiire [-Uhv], *. bie Saufttnfi. 
If'^bitrlre, *. Arch, ber ICr^itraD, grofe 

Cltierbaaeit, Sinbebolf en ) Xr<bttrat on S^ftr 

ttttbSenfier) ber Jtomtnfimd. 
if'fibj vf I, «/0'* «r4iotf4# ftnbioarif4. 

JSx^bivilttlt, t. Arch. hUXx^iiMt, I 

Ar'shive^ s. pi. bad Tilsit i bic Urfttttbcn. 

ir'shivitt, 9. ber Yrfbi«>ar. 

irch'Iike, adv. gc»$(bc« ob. bogcndbnli^. 

Arch'ly, adv. arg^lofc, (eidj^tfcrtig, mutbmiflig, 
fcbian. [bcr aj^utbmifle. 

Xrch'n^M, s. bie Sci^tfcrtigfcit, 0(bcUiicrct, 

Xrch'type, s. vid. Archetype. 

Arch'wue, adv. bogcnmcifc 

ilr'cby,. I. adj' bogenformigs II. s. abbr* r. 
Archibald, qv. 

^rcta'tion, #. 1. bad 3ufammcn))rcfrcn (cincd 
^arycrd)) 2. Med. bie Scrflopfang bur<^ 

Arc'tiC a((j. il«t.]lorbU4/tr!tif4i —circle, 
ber^olartrcidj —pole, bcr ^rbpoL 

Arc'tjtade, «. vid. Arctation. 

Arc'tgmy*, #• vid. Prairie-dog. 

To Ir'caiite, v. a. frummcR, bicgen. [gen. 

Af'cO^te, ir'cu^le, adj, bogcnformtg/ gcbo« 

Arcua'tion, s. 1. bie Jtrummvng, baditrfi»« 
men) 2. HqtU bad ^cnfcn, Xbfcnfcn. 

Xr'cafturcC— tsbfir], bic ftiogcnfrummc, bcr 
HBug. [(bcrTCltm). 

XWc&b^iitt, t. bic Xrmbntfl) @tcinf(l|^(caber 

Arcubal'jstfr, «. bcr Ynnbruflf(bu(e. 

AWd^s ink, or XHd^Mff * <• Conu pcrfird^ 
3(udtDurf'6cibCj ardibaine' tilk, |>crlfcibC/ 
feine 0cibc aud ^crficn. 

Xr^d^acy, s. liU kfig. btC |>t^C, Snbnuft 

Ar'df nt, I. od;. ; IF. -ly, ado. lit kfig. bctf, 
fcurig;brettttenb) %^\ix%, cifrig, Icibcnf^aft* 
lidb. [bcr 93ra(ba<fcr. 

Ir'dfrs, ArMoi^rs, 9. pi. Agr. bad $ra<blanb, 

ir^dovr, Ar'dpr, s. lit. kfig. bic ^i^c, ^(ftig* 
feit/ bcr iSifcr^ bie 3nbrunft 

Xr'dGoiu, L adj,; il. — ly, adv. 1. flcil^ ^c<b j 
2, fig. fdbmer, f(b»icrig^ mii^fam ; III. — ocm, 
s. l.bie CfleiIe)^$bC9 2 bic 6(bioicrigtc(t. 

Arc [ir], (^t. j>. ^rfif. bed «crb. To Be) Tinb, 
feib, merbcn, loerbetj Com.... finb, bctrdgt 
... $ an yon — ! Mil. xidfft (Stt^ I 

To Arc [j\r], v. a. pflugCtt, atfcm. 

A-rc', s. Mus, vid. Alamire. 

A're9, f.l€S(d(bC;aimttbfl&4e, 
bcr Std4cninbalt$ —of a building, circle, 
triangle, kc. bcr (Raum im £i(btctt, inncre 
Sld^enraum cincd ©cbdubcd/ cincd Jtrcifed, 
Xriangeld, :c. ; 2 ubcrb* bcr frcic |)Ia(i 
3. Afed. bad TfudfaEen bcr |>aarc) bic itab(« 
f^fit, yiattcj 4. bad 9e(b (ber cincm TCrbcitrr 
ange»iefene Sesirf iiim (Srjgeminncn). 

Are€k', adv. vui^. roncbcnb, bampfcttb, b^f. 

Argfac'tioo , ». 1. bad Srodncn , S)6rreii5 
2. Xroteenmcrben. 

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^re'nf, m. 1. ^nt. Ut Xxtfxa, bcc itampfpUt) 

a. Min, bcr Ganb j 3. iHM. ber 4>omgrie6. 
Aren&'c«ovt[— thvsjya^;. 1. faitbtg^ 2. Afiii. 
^{5rnidi br6<telig. 
▲reai'tioo, s. Med, H^ eanbbab. 
ArenOf e', Ir'enoiu, adj, DoOer 0imb/ faabtg. 
^r^o'iiJoas, adj> ml tUueii @anb tntf^alUiUb, 

fanbig, ftcRg. 
^rSVlf* Ar'd9le, s» AnaU bie ringfiScmig ge* 

r6t^ete ^^VLtfUUt, ber $>of (ttm Siottein, 
^®ef(^i96n,ttmbte9rufln>aqe). . 
AreSa'et^r, «• Phy. ber jDMtigf dtdmefet; bie 
^iDrtt(fn>age. [bernb, Mroei^treibenb. 

irSit'jc a((;. Af«2. verbfitmenb, f4»ei9bef6rs 
Ardut'ia, «. ]i£. Afed. verbfinttcttbc (f4»eif be' 

firbembe) SKltteL . [TarUr). 

iHg^l , Xr^gaile , «. bct fiBeiafteini (oid. 
AWg^nd- ISnp, #, bie arganbif^e Sompe; (S9« 

Xr'i^nU adj. 1. fUbenoeif, filberfarbeaj 2. :ic 

filbem, gldnjenb (loie 6ilber) i 3. Her. »etf . 
^rgin^t^l, adj. I. fitbtmi 2. fiU»ec(a(ttg) mit 

eilber i>erbiubeit. 
Ir'gfntite, s. Ckem. bad eilberojc^bfalj. 
Ar^^Dta'tion, #. bie eerfilbentng. 
Kii^ntiff ^roiu, a<0'. fflber^tig. 
Ir^g^Btiae, 1. a4;. 1. fllberfttrben^ 2. firber* 

(cO, reint5ncttb (»ie6ilber) ^ IL «. 1. Aftn. 

bere^iefecfpatti 2. Bot ba» eilberfraat 
Ir'gil, s. 1. ber Xl^os, bie Zdpfererbe^ 2. Om. 

ber Sliefenfraniii, YrgiO. 
Argjlla'ceoiw, ad;, t^ontg) tl^oMC^tf^otdi^ti 

JkiiiUif«roDt, adj. Geol. t^nig, t^n(altig. 
Xr'ejllite, s. Min. ber Stottf4iefer. 
Ir^illf |c, adi. Afiji. t^afd^ieferartig. 

trgilloaa, adj. Qottig, le^mig $ t^aem. 
r'gi}U '. wd. Argal. 

ii^89«7 (Ar'g^ife), #. bie Staxadt, Jtarafe 
(fpaaiM«ft ob. i^rtag. ^aaffatrteif^^iff). 

To Ar'gfte,v.I.R. l.€$4tiiffema<l^ea,fc^(iepcn, 
Orfiabe aaf&^rca ; 2. flreitea, bidpatirea (mit 
with aab against); II. a. 1. bar^ Ohuibe 
iberrcbea, benegea^ 2. mitOriiabea (eiae 
€kufte) bcfireitca^ barfiber ftrettea^ bispati* 
rea4 3. enoeifea, seigea^ 4. (eiae Codbe, 
9rage)cr6rtcra,aaterru4ea$ to— lagadty, 
e^rarfftaa bcrntttea. 

Ar'gUff '. ber CStreiter^ eefireiter,f)olemtfer, 
Qoatrotertifl) 9e»ei»fft(rer. 

Xr'gaaf at, s. 1. ber Seweilgmab^ fdtmti$, 
Onab, e^laf) 2. ber Ctreit, ba» S>ift« 
patirea^ 3. bie etreitfrage, !Roterie, ber 
etoff, Qlega^faaibi 4. ber 3a^t, ^aptia* 

^ati 6. Agt. bos Vfgvnieati to hold aa-v 


lrg6iB«at'9i, adj. beweifeab, be»ei»friftig, 
f<^Ue^ab, grilabUdb, Wufmifi^. 

irgfiiBf ntii'tion» s. baft 9e»eirea/ 64(iefea, 
bie Se»eiftfu^raag. 

irgOmgnt'^ttve, L adj. (jato. mit of) ; II — ly, 
ado. 1. be»eifeab, bliabtg4 2. ftreitf&4t^. 

Ar^gys, 1. 1. MytA.Xrgafti 2.^.berf(l^laae, 
f4arfeSeoba4ter$ comp. -batterfly^/Snt 
ber 6te<|^giafkerfalter, gro^ Yrgaft) -te- 
thers, bie Sebera beft 9)faafafaaft| -sheiU 
Conch, ber 9Iame oerf4)iebeaer oageaartig 

. ge^i^aeter 64alt(iere (|>er)eSaaf4aetfea>. 

ir^syle* '• eiae ltaffee« ob. 3k(K(taaae ooa 

i'ri^ <.(ital.) Mus. bieTCrie, baft eiagftihf. 

k'r\^, Ece. l.s. berOCriaaer^ IL adj* aria* 

A'ri^DYf m, *. Ece. ber TCriaaiftmaft. [aiM. 

Ir'jd, I. adj. b&rre^ trotfeai >^.tro<fea^ falti 
II. — ness, s. vid. Aridity. 

ir^jd^, a. Com. (~ of h^rhi) ber ®rafttaffet. 

^rid'tty, s. l.bicS>«rre, Xx^dmkdU 8. Mad. 
baft Serborrea; 04»iabea$ 3. Theol. bie 
Jtalte,Uaemp1iabli4(eit, tore(beft <9aait^). 

^rier'y ^riere', a. vid* Anrlcre* 

a!t'^, #. Ast. ber flBibber. 

h\^et^ s. Mu$. bie HxittU. 

^ght' (fam. Anekte')> a^- wftc^t, gc* 
rabej, fig. xtd^t, ri^tig; sared^t 

ir^jl, Ar'jllva, s. BoU bie BmxtM^. 

MUfttfd* IWilled, a«. £ot. mit eiacret" 
meabetfe oerfe^ea. 

lr|G't9» (itaL) #. Aft<#. baft VriofO/ ber fmg* 

To ^rif e', o. ir.Ti. 1. aafge(ea/ aaf|ieigea,aaf> 
fte^, aa^mmea^ 2. aaferftet>^) 3. eat* 
fpriagea/ ^erf^mmea^ ftc^er^bea (—from. 
... aaft^ oea) j 4. fi^ aafte^aea, aaffte^ea 
(— agaiait, ... miber). 

^rif 'fo, part. p. To Arise. 

^Lris'tf, a. Bot. bie (Sraaae. 

ir^istar^hy, «. A>i. bie ^errf^afl aaftge|eU(< 
aeter !Rdaaer ef aer 9f^atiea. 

Aristflc'i^cy, a. I\)L bie^riflofratie, lCbel(err» 
f^aft ^ pcbelftfifeaab. 

Arfst^crAt', ArjstvcrXte' , a. ber ^rifiofrot, 

Arist9cr&t'fc«i (Irist^cr&ffe), I. adj.; H.-ly, 
adv. ariflofrotiftt, abel(errr<taftli4, abeU 
(erriM) HI. — aess, a. baft Kriflofrattf4e, 
bie ata^dagU^feit aa bea (altea) XbeL 

Aritt«l'9$hy, #. Bot. bie |>o^at|, S)fierla^ 

irist^M'kiVi, L a. ber Xriftoteliieri n. adj. 
ariflotettM. [fWloMic 

Irjat^Mlffidlfm, a. bie ariftotelif^e ^c^re ob 

Ar|st9t«F)c adj. vid. AristoleHaik 

.,_.., Joogle 




ArYtVnftfc, $. Me TfiW^mtOl, fte^tiiVititft 

Irjt/im^t'fcfLl, I. adj.; 11. — ly, ado. arit^mc' 
tif4 ) -precision, >Sgr. Me (d^flt Oenaui^t. 

^rrt/un^ai'daB [-tXiiii''«Q], s, bcr :Xrit(mettfer . 

liir, s. l.bieSabc) 2. bieOCr^e, bet Jtafhn 
(Sloat)^ —of covenant, Me Sttttbeftlabe^ 
8. Conch. (Ob. — fbell) bie Xr^e, X-nmuf^tl ) 
4. baft S>e(fr4iff mit tlAd^em Soben) 5. Am. 
ein grof eft S^f boot, SRorf tfd^iff. [getb. 

Irlef [arts], s» (—penny) bttS 9Xtet|^elb, Vtt* 

ArO^t, s. Bot. beroftinbif^eJtvmin(JtfimmeI). 

Arm, s. 1. ber 7(nn4 9)(eereftam) Vrm eineft 
SlttflH, ber ®e(|lrom$ Saumafl; ormfSt* 
mifie(^enf%anb^2.bieflBoffe$ (vrUArmi;) 
8. Afan. ber Sorberf^enfel eineft yfetbeftj 
4.>ig. bie ^Q4t, (9e»alt$ — of an oar, ber 
XmdatifftuUt^i lie ia ny riglit— , fig. 
er ifl meine re^te |>anb4 comp. — chair, ber 
^l^nfefTel; ICrmfltt^U — Ail» eii Vrm ooQ) 
— bole, l.boftYnnlo^, txmUc^i 2. bef« 
fer: —pit, .4nat. bie TC^felgntbe. 

To Inn, v. I. a. lit. it fig. 1. loaffnen, be« 
loaifiien, tnMften^ 8.»it(St»od (surOe* 
fefUdvnd) oerfe^n, einfafTen. bef^Iogeii^ n. 
A* ff4 toaffiteit; beioofftteii/ niften. 

Armft'd^, s, bte f)>an. Jtriegftflotte} Yrmaba, 

Arm«dn'l9» s. Zoo^baftTfrmabiS^yangerttier, 

Xi^mfment, s. 1. bie JtriegSrfiflimsj a. baft 
itriegftgerdt^ ) 8. bie itriegftma^t , 6er 
ma<tt, itriegftpottei 4. f4»ereft (SeMii^- 

Ir'n^n, Ir'nf nd, «. Tet. ber en9et4feiibe Vr)* 
neitraitf ob. bie Satsoerge. 

IHn^re [— tahftr], s. 1. bie Mfiniig/ I. p. 
fSaffeii) 2. Sport bie Gpomen an ben 
Jtampnd^nen i 8. BoU S>onten; 6ta4e(n, u. 

irm'ed, adj. UL kfig. bewolfttet, beioe^rt$ 
-chair, vid. arm-chair; an — load-atone, 
ein armirter !0tagnet$ an — ihip, ein lum 
itriege auftgerfifleteft Jtonffa^rteif^iff. 

ArmS'ni^ <• Geog, Xrmenien. 

^rme'nj^, Lf.berVnneniatteri II. «fi, ar^ 
meitifib^ JMi»-#« —bole, ber armenif^e fio< 
Ittft^ — itone, ber armemf4»e etda, baft 
dergtian. [eie^ ge^5rig. 

Am^n'tfl, Ir'menfXne, adj. (u einer j^et^e 

ArmentDie', adj. (erbeitrei^. 

^rnrfferoan, ^mTi'frona, adj. fiEBoffea tra« 
genb. be»e(rt, bema(fhet. 

iPmil^r, s. ber fiBaffentrdger, ein Kaiiaire. 

Xr'mlll^ry, adj. T. ringeli*t| in Owigenj 
einem Krmbanbe gleidtfenbf Ast - ipfaere, 
bie 7rminar*epffto, 0tingfugei| — trigo- 
nometer, ein anft fiinf ^albsirfein befte^cn' 
«el Sttfkntment pit f^neOen Ynflftfitttg trigo« 
ttometdf^er )>tob(eme. 

Ir'nfilitf d, a^i* wAt Vmblnbem ob. fltingcm 

ir'oiingf, #. pi. Afar. vid. Waiat-doths. 

^rffiTn'i^n, I. s. ber Krminiaaer j n. adj. ar» 

^rmro'l^nff n, «. Ecc. ber Yrminioniftmnft. 

Annrp'QtSnce, s. * bie !tta4t im itriege, !Ra<^e 
ber ®affni/ flSaffenna^t. 

i^nup'^tent, adj, * md^tigim Jtriege. [febtb. 

^nuLs'Qnoos, adj, ♦ toaffennirreab, nafenraf* 

Xr^afatfce, s. ber fiBolfenfliafliittb. [wtffiiet 

JLnn'lfat, adj. Isarmloft) 8. »affenIoft, ttttbc* 

irm'i^t, 8. 1. bet fleine Yrm(ber 6ee,)e.)» 
2. ber ICrm^amiM, bie Ymf^ene) 8. baft 

Armo'nifc, #. 1. twig, bie Yprifofe (M. Apri- 
cot) ; 2. car. ft Aamoniac, qp» 

^rB0n'}c, adj. vid. Armenian. 

^rmO'niea, s. vid. Hannonica. 

JLi'm^r, ii'movr* *' bielrmatnt/ Mfhing, 
ber ^arniM) —bearer, ber ttaffcstrdger, 
e^ilbYnappi top—, Afar, bie CN^asftllei* 
ber ber ^^t^tti (SXaflNrbc). 

Ar'morer, Ar'movrer, 1. 1. ber ffBaffenf^mteb, 
Gibmertfeger; M^fenfibmieb; 2. ber Mfb 
fnapp) 8. ber flBaffmanffe^r. 

^rmoVjfJ, I. adj. ju benflEBopen (bef. in einem 
SQni{Uenioapen)ge(0rig4 2.#. baftflBoyen* 
bu4 i — bearings, —ensigns, ^insignia (or 
armorials, pi.), baft fBUptn, bie fBopenf^ilbe. 

^rmflr'fc I. adj. armorif4, bretonif^i II. j. 
bie ormorif^e ob. bretonif^c Cipro^. 

^rmMc^n, I. ad;. amtodf4/ bretottif4) n. 
s. ber ICrmoriler, il^retone, Sretagncr. 

Xr'm^rist, s, ber {>eralbtfer, flBopentenbige. 

Xr'mQry, Ir^mo^ry, s. 1. bie Ymatnrlanutter, 
0titft!omnier , Cftewe^ifonnner) baft dcug» 
(anft) 2. bie CRufhtng^ 8. baft fiEftapen, SBo^ 
penWIb) 4.bie^era[btf,ffBapenfnnbe{ book 
of—, baft flBapenbn^/ tBopenregifter. 

Irmf, s. p/. 1. bie Vrmaturftildte, Oafftn* 
Law, tebelCngriffft'Ob.eert^eibignagftsaffej 
2.*beritrieg) 3. Her^ baftSEBapenf ^Wh-At. 
bie beiben Qttdbta einer SEBagena4fe$ 6. Sport. 
bie 9if e eineft etanbbogelft i «. Bot fiomcn, 
etAdfda, TCi small—, e^iefgene^, Heine 
e^nfmaffen) a stand of — , ber <3c»e|r« 
fianb) eineconiplette6o(batenrtftttng4 ces- 
sation of—, ber fiBaffenfUOfianbi coat of—. 
baft flBapen) —of an anchor, bie 9&^^^ 
eineft Yttferft, bie YttVeramei to-! Mil.ftn 
ben fBaffen ! in'ft Oetoe^r I 

ILr'my, i. bie TCrmee, baft(«ffricgft*)^r) a 
flying—, einfliegenbefttager) —agent. ber 

^ratf t^tO, ^raMft, s. vUU Anotte. 

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Xi'R^t, Zr'fivt, s. But. Me 9ft>nuf . 
ir'nyCt, s. Bot. ^cr fiBicfenfi^mindeL 
4Lr9'm^, s. Bot bad Yroma^ bcr (feine) (9e< 

niWotfbcrf>flttnscn, bo*®e»urj. 
A^omSt'jc* Ar9in%t'ic%l, adj. uromotifd^, wtv* 

|ig, « wdricburtcnb. 
ArQDiat'jcs, <.p/. 1. Bot Qromatffd^f 9>flan« 

icn j 2. Ociour}, tBAi^cii, 6)i>cicrdcnJQo(I« 

gcriii^^c. [wfirjen, bo« wfirjcn, 

Ar^raStizii'tion, #. btc Scnnifdj^ung mitOc* 
To Ar'om^tTze, iv. <r. l.wiirscR, nitQ9cto(tr| 

9erfcoen) 9. mtt ®cidui^ r^ui^cni; wetjixiu 

0enb ma^cR; bnr^bfiftcn. 
^rom'ftizfr, «. bad, mad ®mir) gtel^ti wad 

gmfirs^ape Qtdenf4aft cnt^ilt. 

Jrdn'ftotu^ fl<(7* aroRMtirit/ gcibiri^^afit. 
r<>n. s. Bot bcrOCron^biedc^rwnrsrS^c^c^' 
Ar'fph, s. ber 6affran. [vurs. 

4ira«e', pret. «. To Arlte. [f^cQf^^^dm^Ctt. 
Arongbcain [XH-rp-kf n], «. Zooi. bad ipirgtm* 
^rdAnU', 1. a((tf. Im Jtrcifc, runb (rin§d) titx* 

ttiii) II. prep. WB ... (cnim, am ... fyct, urn; 

viJ. Round. 
To ^^rdAfo't 0' a* l.OttfwedlRti St/sr. cnocf* 

len^crrcgni^attftcdeni (-(l'oa...,attd,bOtt), 
^^row', adv. (in a row) in ctntr SUci^, in dner 

Cinie, fit {itdtoi, na^ bcr dtd^e. 
^rp^ii^}) <itar.)«* Miff, bad f>arp6^^o,^a^ 

pesgiren, hit dcrglkbentng bcr ICuorbe. 
X^p^Qt, s. due j>tt^ Sonbed 
Arquibvsade'C-U- or -kve-.], s. 1. bir 

9[iitten« Ob. Sfif^fenf^ttf I 3. (*- water), 

Afe((. bie Yr<|itebufab€ , bad S^ufmofTer; 

flBvnbidafrer. [bie Yrquebnfe; |>afettbtd^fe. 
Af'qttdbtse, Ar'qu8hibv[-kd-or-kw«-], s. 
irqadbytler^C-'-kd-or— kwd-], #. bet Hx* 

qvebttjir/ Sii^fenf^^fiH* 
ir'qiiffod, M» vid, Alf|Bifoa. 
iHrt^k, Ar'rfck, «• vtd. Orraek. 
^rrXek'tlTd., H% Ac; ftrf-r^k, 5^., Ac] 

«. bet Yraif, eonlr. DIatf . 
Ar'rigttn, j» Ceog. QCttagoiien. 
ToArrftiffM'C— rtn], o. a. 1. orbnen^ fteOea, 

eiiitt^teni a. beri^tigcn, t^igiteni Lttny^. 

3. annagcn, bcMttlbigen) 4. t^otfu^rcs, bor 

Okd^t fleOen (— for ... , megen). 
^rrfiiga', «. vid. Aralgnee A Arralgnmeat 
^rrftiga'a^nt, #• 1. bad £>tbneii/ bie Sen4tt> 

gttog^ 2. bie eteauttg tot Q^txiM, in bod 

8et46t4 8.bie7(aflage, Idefi^ulbigmig 
To Arrange', v. o. otbnea, ift SDibntag btiS'f 

gen, einti<btens Com, to — one*! aeif with 

•.., M auddnanbetfeben mit..*) to— ami 

aceoant, dne fte^nKttg o^ma^n 

badftberdnbmmen, bie Vsdgtddkmig (9iA 

▲rrin'^, s. bet SDtbRet; Ynorbnet. 

AHr^t, adj. fe^tatg, butAtriebcR, er;*, noto* 
ttf44 an — Goward» eineOnmeiiune} an — 
fool, dn attdgema^tet Kott. 

Ar'r^ntly, adw. arg, MAibli^et ®dfe. 

Ar'tMy '• 1> vid. Aras; 2. — , or — baDgingt, 
biegewitYteZopete, Xape}etd, betXeppUl^. 

^rrfty', s. 1. bieOtet^e; eteOungi 0teq^ v. 
Otiebj 64(a4totbitttng) 2. ♦ bie (pniKl» 
(afte) Jtleibung, betYnjiig, f>nb{ 9- ^^^w- 
bie Qitnennttng betO^ef^ootnen sab bad Set* 
}et((nif betfelben. 

To Arriy't V* «• 1* otbvet, in SDtbaaag btin* 
gen ob. flelEeR) 2. * (ptiml^aft) Hdbea, be« 
f Iciben, eta^ftOea (-- with, in, in) ) 8. to - a 
panneU Law, bie®ef<^a>otnettUfleentmetfdi. 

Arreaf', #. 1. bet 9iai>m, S^a^ttob (bie Ar- 
ri^egardey vid. Arriere) ; 2. bet €lft(fflanb, 
vid. b. & Arrearg. 

^rrCaHf^e, #. vid. b. t, Arrean. 

^rrCaff', «. pi. ttitfftilttbige Gnrnmen ob. 64n(' 
ben, 9tfict(ldttbc4 col. 0teflantea$ to be 
(reiialD)ia--,in0teftbIeiben,tefliteR| oim 
in — , ber tfttfftinbige G^nlbaet, SHefiont 

To i^rrMf vu a. anneber, anfti^ten. 

^rr^i/t^ry, #. Corp. bet ottftc^tfte^cKbe Sal- 
fen ob. Vfoftra. 

Arr^nti'tioB, «• Law, bod tltt^dgnttgdted^t. 

Arr«ptrtioas» adj. 1. enttifen, CgemaUfim) 
ealiogen ) 2. eingtMUd^ea (bon (Scbrdud^ea). 

To^Lrr&tf, v. a. 1. attetiren, tet^aften) 2. 
mit TCttefl bdegen, SeMlag legea anf ..., ux» 
hinimetn) 3. itttii<t^lteR, anftalten, ein^ 
(alten, ^nbetn; fig- feWttUen. 

^rrnt', <• Low, 1. (-of pertoa) bie Ser(aft» 
ne^muag, bet TCrteft^ 2. bie SeMUgaa^me/ 
SerfaQetfldtttRg) 3. betlSia^t^ bie j)eni« 
mnag, etotfang) 4. badOtt^dl, bet tii^« 
tetli^e 3(ndfptv4 (vid. Arret); -of tho 
gladi, Fort betitamm bed bebetftentteged. 

4lrT&u', 9. pi. Far. bie ^aaf e an ben Winter* 

^^t', «. Law, bet Yttdfpta4 (dned (^txid^U), 
bad Utt||e(i)l, dabatt^dl i Qbict daed tai« 
bed^ctta. [loRdt, betflagt 

^rr^tft^d, adj. Law, botOetiftt dtitt, be* 

Arriere', s. (-goard) Mil. bet 9ta4ttab, bie 
Vniergatbe (</• Arrear A Rear); —ban, 
bet^eerbaani bet^abftutm^ /,— fee, 
—fief, bodTC^etle^ea) — vaMal, betXftet* 

Arriffion, s. bad Xala4ea, dnU^eta. 

Anrta^m9nt,«.l.bte:yaotbanngiS)tbattag, Arri'v«J,i. l.bie^afaaft) Xalaabaagi Sea, 
eteOniigr tittd^tang) 2. bti ttbetdnfttttft,! bk ^etaudf^iifaag aud SReetengea, ici 2 

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Conu 3KMt/ %t». pi. d«fn(ren, 3nflttf von 
flBaareii) 8.}Eg. hieiSneiim^tintxn^d^U 
—train, R-w. bet anfomm^n^e fiBagensud. 

To ^Lrrlve', v. n. 1. anfommen, anlangeit; an» 
lanbftt, eintreffnu 2. to -»t, (Stmod errel» 
*en, |tt ®t»oft gelangen^ 3. to — to, ju* 
faaen^ iu Xffeit loerben^ ft4 iotraeen) U* 

To^rrDde', v. a. bcttaeen. [gegnctt. 

Ir'rpg^ce, s. bie Xamapttng/Secm^feiiHit, 

Ir'rpgfnt, I. adj.; II. — ly, adv. ttttmof enb, 
oernKfTni/ ^httw&tf^i^f fM%. 

To Ar'rpgate, v. a. 1. »ibcrr(<l^tG4 anfpre' 

^4(n) 2. f!(( (ausetol}) onmaf en, (ecoud' 

AiTQgii'tion, #. bte TCttomfung. [netmen. 

Ir'rpgf tifTo, adi. anmafenb. 

trro'f ion, i. baS SBeitagtn, bie Senapng. 
Hrow, *. bcr yfeUi * ftBarffpief 4 tomp. 

— graift, JBo<, baS ^-grofti —head, 1. bie 

f)-fptte$ a. Bot. ba» ^'frottti -headed 

cbaracters, Lit. bie iteilf^rift) —root. Sot. 

1. ber »efKnbifil^e ZaUp, bie f>-n>itr}el^ 2. 

Med. bttd ^-m-meliil, 7(rromme^l$ —stones, 

Pet. ^'ftdat, ®elemniten. 
ir'ro wy, adj. 1. and ^ ftilen befte^tnb i 2. pfcil= 

f6rmig 5 fpi^ig. 
Xrsc, *. ber 4>intere, ©teif* —foot, Om, ber 

€Jteiffttf, bie3;tttt4(er)ente4 —gut, ilnat. 
^ bcraXaftborm J -smart, Sot. btt6^6Jfrattt. 
IHsen^l, s. baS Xrfenal/ deug^ud. 
^rsC'nifc-S'cfd, vid. Arsenical-acid, 
^rse'nf^te, jr. Chem. badlCrfenidt; arfeniffaure 

ea^i —of lead, arfeniffaure! ®W, ©lei* 

blAt^ej — of potasli, arfeniffavreft Aali. 
Irsln'ic, #. Min. ber Ifrfenif 5 flaky—, bcr Jflie^ 

genftein, ba80tattengift4 native (yellow)—, 

ber gebiegene ITrfenif, baS Yaripigment4 

crystalline (wliite) — , ber $iittenra«*, baS 

^rsl^n'tc^i, adj. ^rfcnif ent^altenb, arfenifa« 

Iff*,- -acid, Chem, bie ^rfeniffdure. 
To ^rs^n'jcfite, v. a. mit Xrfenif ©erbinben. 
^rsS'nious, adj. arfenifaltft^ i —acid, C^iem, 

bie arfentge edure. {eai%. 

ir'sSnite, s. Chem. bad Tfrfenit, arfenigfaare 
ir'sfs, s. Mvs, 1, bie ^ebung bed XoneS (ber 

etimtne)) 2. ber tKuffdilag im Sacte (mit 

ber ^anb). 

ir'smart, s. vid, arse^sniart tint. Arse, 
ir'son, *. Law, bad »orf«^ri4e gcueranlegen, 

bie SRorbbrennerei. 
Ar'sarc[— sh«r], s. /^tc, bad f)robiren neuer 

!Kfin}en im Seuer. 
Ar'syver'sy, ir'sSver'sg, advMulg. bod ©berfte 

|u ttnterfl, berfeftrt, iSixa bur* bad Tfnbere. 
Art, b(^ 2te q>erf. bed f>r«f. Snbic. ». To Be. 

Irt, «. 1. bieitnnfl* aie»ic0i«ecit| abte 
Seinffeit^ Serfi^lagen^eit^ tlie liberal, po- 
lite* or elegant a-s, bie freienMnflej tke 
mechanic or useful a-s, bie (aib»eiMmdfi' 
geBMnfle; 9Xe4aaif) a master of a-s, eiii 
9Xagifler ber freien Jtiinfte (ge». abhrM.k,) ; 
—onion, mod. ber Jtutiftoerein. 

Ar'tdchOke, s. vid* Artichoke. 

Arte'rifJ, adj. AnaU arteries ) —blood, bod 
f)ttldabei^l»t. [abcnu 

ArteriM'piy, s. Anal bie^^re oon beayuld^ 

ArtCridt'^my, s. Surg, bad C^^Iagen ob. S)ff* 
nen ber ^uldabem, ICberlafTen. 

Art«'rjoos, adj. roller 9>ttldabem. 

Xr't^ry, s. bie Xrterie, f)aldaber, e^Ugabcr. 

^rtsVfan, adj. artsfif*/ aud ber 9>rox>in| Xu 
toid, ba^er t —wells, mod. arteftfi^eSruniieii. 

Art'fjl, I. adj. ; H. -ly, adv. 1. (iti^t nat&x* 
H(b)^ fSinfmi hmftc^^, ^tf¥ttt, artiftifi^^ 
ge». 2.^. liftig^ f4Iaii, «>erftiimf(t, feisj 
III. -ness, s. l.bie JUtnfllt4!eit; <3lef4idlt4^' 
ftiti 2. fig. bje a^ e^lauieit. 

ArtArit'lc Art'int'jc*!, adj. Med. 1. art^ri* 
tif4, gi^ttfd^l 2. in ben ®c(eiifen ge^drig. 

ArtArf f is, s. Med. bie (S^Ueberfrone^t, iS^i^t 

Ar't/i^r, #.:KrtJur(SK-n). 

ir'tjchuke, s. Bot bie Xrtifitorfe, ©rbf^orfe^ 
Jerusalem — , bie Serufalem'd TC., tint TLvt 
eonntnblvme; bercn StntUtn bie drbbtmen 
f!nb5 wild -, bie aXaricnbiftel. 

Xr'tjc, adj. cor, ft Arctic. 

ir'tide, #. 1. ber Xrtifel, JEJeil, 9nnh, bad 
&t&di lit. k fig. ber einselne ^egenftanb^ 
2 bte ®ebingung4 3. Bot. bad O^iteb^ 4. 
Gram, ber ^rtifei , bad (Sef4Ie<btdn>ort 9 
Corns. 5. ber flBaarenartiPel ^ 6. ber 9of^<i 
(im ©u^^alten)^ deil^iiungdartifet. 

Tolr'tjcle, v. I. a. 1. artiMdmeife abfafen^ 
(inXrtifel, yunPte) eint^cilen^ 2. (f)unft 
ffir $unft) barlegen, 9ortragen(S;(atfa^en)$ 
f4riftlt4 oerflagen) 3. unter contractlii^en 
©ebingnngen binben (—to, an...) 4 n. m 
(cotttrartli*) ilbereinfommen, bebingen, ©e» 
bittgungen madden, iBerglei^ungdpunfte aiif> 

Artrc'ul^r, I. adj. Anat. bie ©lieber ttnb ©e* 
lenfe betretfenb , ®Iieber» j II. — ly , adv. 
Gram. artifuUrt; ft)Ibenmfiftg andgeft»ro4en. 

^rttc^fll^te, hadj.; H. — ly, odo. 1. arti!tt« 
Mvt, beutli*/ t>eme(ml{(b5 2. artifelweife 
audgebriift^ abget^etlt^ 8. Anat. ®liebn 
Db. ©elenfe betreffenb, gegKebert; 4. Bot, 
gegUebert, fnotig^ in.— ness, s. bidSer* 

To Artite'liiiite, v, I. a, 1. auf eine i>eme(m«*e 
Utt audfpre^en, artifnliren^ 2. Anat. |tt« 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 




fominaifidett, artifnlfmi) IT. n. benflf^/ oer* 

^rticQia'tioo, #. 1. Anat W CBelrnhcrbtn* 
bung, Jtnodl^enffigUBgi 2. Bot. ber Jtnotcn, 
ba§ iSefenf/ ClUeb^ Gram-s, S. Me (beut« 
li^e) Tinifpxctl^, Tittifnlationi 4. ber fD^iN 
laixter^ Goitfondnt 

Xr'tlflrce, #. l.bie®eW«It^rdt^ Jhtnftj 2.bu 
irrgHfit/ j>uiterUft, ber Jtunftgriff. 

Ardffjc^r, J. 1. ber Jtfinftler^ ^onbwcrter, 
flBerhnetfler $ 2. MU. ber^ettemerfer^ 8.^. 
ber (Srftnber, ©tifterj (fiUdnhO ®(^mieber. 

irtjfTcifl [— fifflh ~], 1.(1(0*.; If. ~ljr, a(fo. 
1. g«n. f&nfKtd^^ 2 gemacbt, nat^emafl^t^ 
^. Je«*ledf4^ erffinfltftj 8. hinfhret^, 
finnrei^j 4. Kftig, berf^Iagen^ 5. angebont^ 
ni<^t etii(elmif(^ (b. ®emd((fe]i)^ comp 
^day, AtU ber Mnfilii^eXaa (bon 24et.)$ 
G«om. 4k Math, — lioes , WnflUr^e (6on« 

— persont, Low, m^ftif^c f>erfonen5 HI. 

— ne»»,*.v«.b. f.ffi. 
artfffciaKftyC-frib-H, *. l.bieiMttfHWWt, 

^Rftfertidfeit) 2.bie Sift, «erf4lagen(eit 

Xrt)fl^si«J■, «. p/. Jhtnftprobttcte. 

Arti^i/ioag, adtj. ffinflU^^ na^gemcul^t. 

To Ir'tflize, v, a. GttooS ben ^Xnf^eiii ber 
Jhtnf( geben. 

^rtifi^ry, «. bie TCrtfVeriei baKBe^iiewefeit^ 
(Sef^fie^ CO/. (Ob. -Ben) bfe OCrtUrerf jien J 

If'tff^B, «. berMttfUen ^anbioerfer. {hi^t.\ 

lif{«t, 1. l.berJWttfHer^ 2. ber Jhmfteerfrtni 

Irt'lf M, I. o((;. ; IL — ly, ado, 1. fitnftl09, «»> 
gefunftelt; natArKd^) 2. funfimibrig, ge« 
f^natflofts f4Ie<it, p(dtt4 m.—ncM, «. 1. 
Me Jtnnfllofigreif 9 2. bie (natilrU^e) Xnf* 
ri*«gMt [girfamer. 

Ar'^odSI MI, *. boft fc! ber molofKWen ^nr* 

Arttfidjoft'oeoat, a4}. bOlt 0to(r. {Utobr^j robr« 

^ob. f4UWnK4. 

AnpndTn'aoni, ad), mit 9to(r ob. 04tlf Be^ 
»ad^fen, »oSer 0to(r eb. eiiif, iWH- 

ir'zfi, #. Jlfan. eitt^ferb, ba* auf bem re^ten 
l>raterfiif e einen »eff en gtetf ^t. 

if, conj. A adv, 1. oIS, wtej fo, fo »<e, eben 
foj foferni —per. Com. lantt $. ©. — per 
bill of lading, laut ^ro^tBrtef ^ —yet, nod^ j 
bf^ie^t, Won 4 — thitday, ^entej —what, 
nan, »o»l —big ag.iiD, nodb einmal fo grof 5 
— w«H-,fogttt,tttej fo»oil,ttl8att*| -•oft 
— . . .. fo miif toU...i —far—, bit) (— ) rich 

— he ii, reid^ nit er {ft, fo rei* er au4 ift; 
•for, —to, loaft betrifft, in ©ejng auf 5 •© 

moved — to weep, fobdvegt, baf man »einen 
wmfi %M, b«, loie; lod^renb) wennf meilj 

M ob (mit VttSIflfimg oon 10 4 tocfc— > («tt 
fblgenbemSerbtim ob. ontt vxit ffdegfofTitng 
belfelben), ber »c(4er, bie mel^e, foUlM 
»ie 7t,i sum eetfi^ict^ — regarda, »a9 bc« 
trifft^ — yottwere! Mil, (bei ben )>reii|en) 
Oriffiurilff! (beibenf)fterrei4)em)fterfleIU 
en^l — I hope, fo loa(r i4^ (offe) when — 
he icnew, Ac, ba er bo4 »nftc, u.) —it 
were, glet^^fam^ fo }tt fagen. 

la, s, baft %$ (r(in. Oeioi j^t u. SXibi^e). 

ia«fo«t^d«, if^t'id*, «. Fharm. ber fUn« 
fenbe 1Cfanb| bie QCfafStibtt, vulg, ber Zm* 


AsfT^bXc'cf, «. Bot, bie iMfeboiit}. 

^f b^s'tjne, adj. osbefbirtig, ttnoerbrennli^. 

^fb^t'tiaite, s. Jtftn. ber K^eflinit; a4befl» 
ortige etra^flein. 

;^f h«i/tps, A«b«i'tvt, ^hM, s. Min. ber 1CS« 
beft, 9)ergfla4^», eteinflaft^/ ba» Stbcnoetf . 

IftCfljyDjf, (co(. AscXI'lion), #.Bo<.e4nitt' 
Ian4^ vt^I- ScallioD. 

Aacirldea, «. p^ Zoo/. Vdfariben. 

^■caoBcr , ^aeavBt', adv. vid, Aakance, kc 

To Aac^ad', r. I, n, 1. attfmdrtSfkigcn/ (tin*) 
ottffieigett; ge^en, ob. fa^ren i 2. fig, -to, er« 
rei^en^ ttnan|^ei4en,ge(fenbis...^ 9,Agt.k 
Bot anfftetgen) 4. Mvs, fleigen^ n. a. ^« 
aufflettem, erfhigen/ befleigen ^ J#t-«. a-iag 
aode, ber anffleigenbe itnoten^ a-iagsign, 
ba»attffteigettbe3ei4en) a-lag plaoe, Afoeft. 
einc auffteigenbe Qlbenei a-iag voHolt* Aaat 
bie anffteigenbes <9efafe. 

^•€«ad^^le, adj, erfMabar, erftdgU^^ 

Ase^ad'^t, I. s. 1. bieftberCegen^eit, Oeiiiiit, 
ber<5inflnf j 2. Aitrol, ber QCftcenbent (ber 
in ber ®ebitrt0finnbe anfge^enbe f>ttnft ber 
Ofli^f)! n,adi, l.fiberiegen/iibenoiegenbi 
2. AstroU anffleigenb, ilber bem ^or^onte 
befinbli^. [Stnie. 

^«n'd«ata, fienoottbte in ttnffteigenber 

^e^o'd^ncy, s. bieflberlegen^eit, SDbergemoIt 
ba« flbergemi^t, ber ©nfluf (— o^er, fiber). 

^•c^a'sion, s. 1. ba^TCnffteigen, bie ICnffa^rt^ 
boB Xuffhigenbej 2. AsL bad Ifnffirigett eiseB 
®eflim«, bie Xfcenflon; ilrf-*. the — of 
Christ, bie ^mmelfa^rt G^rifti} — day, ber 

^■ci^n'fli^n^, adj. 1. auffleigenbi 2. Agt'S. in 
ber Tffcenjloni —difference, ber Unterf^teb 
in ber geraben nnb f^iefen TCuffleigung. 

Ascent', s. l.bad ({)ln«)!2Cttffleigen, Ifnfgc^i 
bie lfQffa(rt^ 2. bie er^Stung) 8. bie Yn« 
66be, ber f)figeL 

To Afc^rtain', v. a. 1. onlmittebt, ge»if nui« 
^en, feflfe^en, befUmmen) in atid^tigfeit 
bringen^ 2.oergemifrem,fiberK«^9 '-^^ 



luce* Com. etiteii Golbo Kr^Ui^eiu 
JUc«rtjiiD'«ble» ac^*. bcftiimttbor. 
Isovrtiii'Afr, «. bcr %cf^tknU, SefUmmcnbe^ 

AM«rtiiin'm«ntt «. 1. bit Scftfc^vsg, Ocflim* 

mung) 2.bieflbcr}citgttn0;ecrde»ifrening${ 

8. bic fcfle {Regd; 9tid>tfifynwc, ^ovau 
AsccMancy, Aftcesiant, vid. AceMency, Ac 
^■G^tlc !.«<(;. afc(ttf4, befi^anUdb j —books,! 

(aMctici), p(. YRbQd^t6bfi(^, (Srbattim09« 
jy^riftCQi H. «. bcr Xfcctifcr, Sinficbler. 

Ayc|«ins[ash'-i-9nft], As'cjT, ». pi. Att. hit ttn* 
Mottigctt Ob. f^ottcnlorcR fStlUx. 

^■ti'tdf , 8. Med. bic 9att4»a|Tcrfu4t. 

Aidt'jc, AscVi'ic^l, arfi. bau4i»afrcrffi4tid. 

A0c{t)f'ttoua, adi. 1. ^tnittgct^an^ 2.sttfdaie$ 
an — oame, cin angcnommcner dlomc. 

/Lscn'li^ie, <!<(;. i«f4rctbbar^ }ttSuMrcibeii. 

To Atcrlbe', v. a. (—to) {ufc^rcibcn, bcilcgen; 
bcimcffcn (Qtincm (Stn>a$). [Ocilcgund. 

AscriTp'tion, s. bad 3ttf<l^rcibcn^ Scimcflcii; bie 

As€r)pti'tiout, adj. sugcfAricbcn. 

Aih, L*. 1. Dot.bte<Sf(^c$ 2.baS<Sf<^cn6oU 
(bit rott bicficm j>oIi tcrfcrtigtc IBaart »trb 
ha {>attb(l Tanbridge ware gatannt) ) 8. bcr 
€S4aft^ comp-«. tlowAring — , bicffilsmcn* 
tf<bt;niooDtain- bit fBogcIbtertl prickly— , 
bcrdQ^nwc^baum)^tm bit6f4^c 
bctrcffmb) ill. comp.— balii, «. p/. QCfd^tn* 
higcln (sum ISafd^cn bed SciBcnieugtl) i — co- 
ioar, bad ^ff^grau, bit Yfitfarbt^ ^co- 
loored, aMgrott/ aMfarbigl -^drawer, 
JMin. btr Qff4cn}ie(ct^ ZwnaMni —fire, 
CAm. bod gcbdmpftc getter^ bad Vf^tn* ob. 
6attbbab) —bole, bodVMtitloc^} —keys, 

9. pU bic (Sf^baumM^c^CR 4 --paa, bod 
Vfc^ettfaf; bic cifcrnt S>amp^foimt) — pit, 
bad 7(f(^cn(o^, bic7ff<^cngrubc$ —tree, bcr 
^^cnbaum, bit <Sf4t) — wedneiday, bic 
Yfd^crmittioo^t i — weed , BoU btr Qbtif* 
fuf, (Bierd. 

Atbflmed', adj. M jd^imtnh, bcf^dmt^ to 

be— (oO. tid^MdmcnCiSittcdob. cincr 6$adt»c). 
^•bll'm^dly, ado, fd^om^ft, btrf^dnit. [u. 
iiheif, adv. Mar. auf titttr 6anbbanf , SHVi^vt, 
Ash'«n, adj. tf^Clt, bon <Sf4tlt^oI|. 
.jUhVy. *. r.bityottQf*cttfttbriK 
AKVif, «. p/. 1. itt. bic Xr4c4 to barn to -, 

in cincnKf^tntonfttt i>tr»aRbtbt; tinir^em; 

laid la-, cingcdficrt} 8. Jiff. bicTCWc^bet 

etttttb; bic |ltrbli*cn flbcrrcflt. 
Aih'lfu-, s. (Dr. y., C, 5m.) btr ®ni4|hitt. 
A»hV. *. (Sm.) Afo*. btr ©o(tcl (Tfbfo^ cintt 

Vtotttr mit Cluabtrftcincn). 
Aib^rfng, 1. p. r. Mas. bad ^inmaatm btr 

€h>ddflciiit{ II. a. Carp, bit (€tei|ai bcr) 

ecrfd^alttttg (antcr btm S)a<tt). 

/ithore', adft. an'd UftT/ aa'd Uuhi aai Ufcc, 
am^nbtj to get—, (an>laBbtxii on'^&uib 
bringcRj to go — , an'd Sanb fid^i to m 
a ship — , tin €k(iff anf btn 0traab feKB# 
flranbtR) a tliip— » tin gtflranbtttd €^tfF. 

iMy; adj. 1. af4ig4 2. af<ftfarbcn, ar4^gtaii| 
—pale, af^tnblti^ W^fu) blaf. 

Alia [a'-zhK. col. ft'-zkf ], *. Geog. Vfieai 
— minor, Jtitinafltn. 

Asiaa [&'-zh|^u, col. &'-zb«in], adj. aflotiM. 

Aiiatic[, I. adj. tfiatifit^; U.#. 
btr Yftatt. 

o{iatif4cr Bitten. 

Aside', 1. adv. 1. fcit»drtd| obmirtdj 2. M 
ecitt^ aufbttecitc, btfonbtrd, ffirfuli to 
lay (set) -, lit. kfig. hti 6citt Itgtn, fe|OH 
aufgtbcRj Loio, annnHirttt) II. s, THeat. 
an -, tin Stiftitc, »ad cin 64avfpicUr ffir 

/I* fpri4it, [i6ria 5 a. J?g, tftl^aft. 

As'jn^ry, Ai'jatne, adj. 1. gn tintm Gftl ge* 

Asjae'gG, s. 1. btr (fltittt) dftd 2. cor.^. 
bcr Qfeltrcibcri 8. fig, bcr Xropf^ JDnrnm^ 
tcpf^ Siarr. 

Ask, «. ]. Bo(. bcr ^<(tnbanm/ vtd. Ash; 
2. Zool. bie l£Baffcrtibc<|^fc, vtVf. Asker. 

To Ask, V. I. a. 1. fragcn^ 2. tnttaii 8. ^x» 
bcm, bcgc^ren/ otrlangcni 4. crferbcm j 5. 
einlaben^ to — leave, anfu^cn^ urn ClrUkub'' 
nip bitten) to — one's pardoa, Semanb am 
jBcrici^^nng hitttn 3 to — a price of ... , tinttt 
$rcid bon ... forbcm^ to — (back) agilia, 
surii(fbcrlanstn$ to -in, (trcinmfen^ t^ 
cinn^tt^igtn) II. n, 1. bitttn (gt«>. mit for)j 
2. fragtn (gtm. after) ; to — for (after) 
a thing, na4 dtmad pragtn, M bama4 

Askance', ^skant', adv. btr£t»trt, qntr, f4^ 
aUxyattit, ftitn>ftrtd; bon btr BtiU. 

Askaonce', Askaaat', vid. b. L Askance, Ac 

AskV> s. 1. btrSragtnbt, k.| 2. 2>o^.bit 
fiBafftrtibt^ft. [(au4 coat.) 

Aike«', adv. bon bcr €$citc, fcit»&rtd, f^icf 

A»la'nT, s. Num. ^iam bcr nicbcrldnbiMcn 
^5ment(alcr in bcr ^coantt. 

Asliint', adv. fd^itf, qutr, oon bcr 6titt. 

Asissp', adv. Waftnh, im Bilafti fig* tobt) 
to be (lie)-, Mlaftni to fall-, tinf^tofctt) 
my foot is — , bcr gup Ifi mir cingcfd^Iaftn. 

Aslope', adv. f^icf, im TCbftangc, abf^ftflig. 

Aso'mf tons, adj. unMrpcrii^. 

£sp, 9. 1. Bot, (—tree), bit^pt, vid. Aspen; 
2. Zool. bit Scatter, vid. Aspic 

AspSi'^thtts, s. Dot. 1. bit 3ni«ororc («M 

Digitized by VjjOC^ ^ ^ 


mrtir Rom); % bet fllti^mn, M fll9< 

^sp:V96us, «. bcr CSpargd i — toB^iiiet, s. pt. 

^bic epargcliangt. 

AK^p^ct, s. 1. bcr Qfiiblic!, bod Xnfe^cn^ 9. bU 
(S^cft^tdiiige, bod ®cMt, ber SUtfi 8. bie 
Otif^tnng, UnMt, ecttci 4, btc i^csic^ung, 
baftJBer^Itnif^ 5. >lJ^btc^fpcctcn4 north- 

era—, bcr 9{orbfd^cm^ doable — » Paint. (o4fa(reiib,groft6Qerif(t{ — ponp, /fydrol. 

bfcSDoppclanfiibt cincr^igur^ bit oerf^iebctte 

Ocgcnfidnbc barflcQt. 
Ai^Pf 0. 1. s. (—tree) btc(Sf|>e, bcr (Sfpettbanm/ 

bu3tttcrpappc(,flBciypappeU IL (u(;. efpen^ 

»oii Gfpcn^oU) —leaves, (Sfpcnionb. 
Ai'pfr, *. 1. Num. bcr Xfper (turf. 0i(ber« 

mfinse o. ungcf. 2 $f.)^ 2. Gram, ber Bi^U 

To Ai'p^rate, o. a. rau( (ttncbcn) madden. 
Aeptrs'tion, «. baft !Rott^« ob. Uncbeiuna^en. 
Aft|»^rifu'tiate, itp^rlfO^ljoiu, ac(;. Bot rott^* 

^sp^r'jty, «. 1. bic Stauii^hit, {Rott(^cit) 

(befgL bcr etimme)/ {>cifcrfdt$ 2. fig. baft 

rau^c flBcfcn/ bie Oto^^cit, f>drte$ 3. bie 
^C^^drfc, bcr Tanrc, fircngc (9cf4ma<f. 
Asp^raft'iion, s, bte^iittanfcftung, Sera^timg. 
Aifp^oas, adj. ratt^^ nncbcn. 
To^iapene', d. ^ (ben gttten OUttf) htfU^tta, 

bcMmi^en, Dcrlcunben. 
Asper'c^, «• ber Scrlcumbcr, 
^•lyer'tion, f. 1. bic OcfptcngUttg (bef. /2oivi. 

Cat/umitfiBeibwafTcr)} 2.^. bieSertemn* 

bang; 0<bmd^ttng, (e^rcif) IBcfiecfKng. 
Aephait, «• vitf. Aiiphaltoe, Aiiphaltaiii. 
AiiphSFiic A«i>liSl'tite, aij. afpbattiM/ erb« 

pcfbtg/ crbffarsig. 
AaphiiPtoa, ^ftphal'tgm, f. Min, ber Iffp^tt/ 

baft f(b(atfigc Orbpcdb, natfirll^e (Krb^ar}, 

3nben« ob. Sergpecb. 
At'pli^djil, #. Bot. bie (Solbmvr}, Vfobile) 

-lily, bic WobilUWIie. 
A«pbu'r€latea, «. pi, Min, ^albmetalle. 
Asphjfx'y* (Iktpk^x'if), s. Med. bcr b^fle 

Orab ber &bnma(bt, etbetntob. 
Aa'pie, s. 1. Zooi. bie flatter, S^atterftlaage^ 

5L Gun, cine itanone (I2|)fi[t]iber) i 8, Bo<. 

bie epifCKarbe 4 4. (oil of — ) baft ^bcnbeUI. 
Aa'pjn, #. ^ adj, nid. Aspen. 
AaplWnt, «. ber tKftpirant, 9en»erber (urn ein 

Tim, )c)4 iiberb. bcr na4^ MoaftlSra^tettbe, 
To As'pjrilte, Gram. v. I. «. afptririreni II. 

R. afpirirt fein, ben |>aii4 (oben. 
Aj/pfr^te, CrrojR. I. ac(;. afpirirt^ IT. s. 1. ber 

epiritttft afper ['j^ 9. bie Yfpirate, ber 


iipiri^tloB, <• 1. €^«m, bie ItH^iraliimi 2. 

baft etreben, (eftige Serlangen (bef. lukb 

bent ^b^en). 
To inspire', v. n. 1. lit. anblafen, anbaiUbeai 

2. fie* flrcbcn , b^ftig bcrfasgen, traibten 

(— to, at, after, aa(b6t»aft)4 emporfireben. 
Aspi'r^, 8. bcr ((Smpor*) @trebenbe, u. 
A«pi'ring, I. p. a, 1. aufflrebeab/ emporflce- 

jbenb, ^ebfam^ 2. ((un). imttnebeln 0imif) 

bie €^ngpumpe$ II. s. ber (Sbi^geii; baft ebr« 
geiiige Gtreben (to ... , nacb •-)- 
Isporta'tion, s. Law, baft flBegttagcn (ge« 
flo^lner 6a<ben)4 {EBegtreibcn (geftoblften 

aaint^ ii<fv.f(bief,r4ccl$ to look—, fibielen. 
s. 1. ber QtfeU 2. .%. ber S)ummfopf i 
she — , bie(SfcUntt4 —driver, ber (S-treiber 
—locks, Cponnfiliffer ffit <5fel. 

Aufti', (ttaL) adv. Mus. febr. 

To ^Lssftii', V. 0. anfaUcn, angreifen, befUr* 
men, berennen^ fig. bcbrdngen, ac. 

^ailVble, adj. angrcifbar. 

^Lisai'lfot, adj. anfaOenb, angreifcnb. 

4Lisfii'l9nt, AMai'ifr, s. ber 3(ngretfer, angrei* 
fcnbc Xbcil. 

Issfp Wic s. (inbiatttM) 2ooi. baft (omeri* 
tanif(be) piegenbe Glibb^m^ett. 

Assarabac» s^ vid. Asarabacca. 

^sart', #• LaWf 1. bic unerlattbfe QCuftrottiiiig 
bcr Sdumt/ ber Sorftfrcoeli 2. em eftt«»iir« 
lelter ibaumi 3. baft (Robelanb. 

To AMart^ V. a. Law, bie Sdumc im flBalbe 
obne Grloubttif anftrottcn, auftroben. 

Ass^'sjD, s, ber 9}{eu4^elmirber. 

to AsAas'sjnftte, v. a. meu4cUn6rberif(b m* 
brittgen, meu(bUngft ermorben. 

Aisassjna'tion, s, ber ^Ctttbclmorb. 

AMas'sjoator, «. bcr ^eufbelmftrber. 

^ssAalt', s. 1. ber 3(ttgri|f; Onfall) bic l8efUtr^ 
ming; ber eturmj 2. Law, bie Seleibigitng 
burdb ^ttbrobung tbdtUcber ^if bAoblung. 

To ^ssftali^, v.a, angreifctt; anfaOen^beflfimien. 

4«sikQlf ^le, a4i' angreifbor. 

^ssAnl't^r, «. ber ICngreif^, Seleibigec 

^Miiy', s. 1. berSerfttcb/ bief)robe) 2. bie 
(f(b»erc) f)riifttng) 8. Law, bie Unterfiu 
ibnng, yritfung (beft ftffentl. SKaf eft unb Oe- 
»i4tcft){ 4. M«ta£-#. ft Aftnt-^. bie ^etalU 
probe I —by coppeling, bie $robe auf bem 
9)robirofcn$ mark of—, baft yrobe}ei<bcn 
(auf Gilbemaaren)) —balance or— scale, 
bie |)robinoage i —master, bcr ^SXitti»arbein. 

To AM«iy'f »• o* 1* bcrftt^eni 2.>^.ftCiheiff. 
prufen, probiren^ 3. Mint ft CVm. ben 
Gertbber9Mn|enbeflimmea, vaitiroi) to 

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60bec ^ro^irtni to — by oopfid 
ins, abtreiben (®olb, eilber). 

^Miy'^r, s. bcr ^robtrer, !SRiini»aitdtt. 

^fty^fnSf P« «• 1. ber JBerfttd^^ 2. JIfetaf. b«» 
9robiren| art of—, bie |)robirfuRft) 8, 
Mus. bo^eorfpiel. [frit, Jtried^erri. 

im^ctJi'tioa, «. hit YnftoartttQg, Dioiflioiaig* 

Aii^ttoD, «. bic QrUngnng. 

Astduii, X. Old. Atlani. 

i^M^n'bltte, s. 1. hit eammlttng, ber f>att» 
fen) 2. ba« eerfammein, bie eerdttigung. 

To ^LM^nlkle, v. I. a. fommelii/ terfammetn^ 
infammenberufeni iufammen}ieben4 11. n. 
M oerfammeltt, }ufammeiifonimen. 

^■s^m'bl^r, s» ber eerfommler. 

^M^a'bly, #. l.gffi. biefierfammlttttg) (9e« 
feDfibaft) 2. Am. (houe of—) ber (Songref, 
bie 9teprdfentanteR>itammer; 6taatd«Ser« 
fammluRgj 3. baS b^^fte geifUi^e <3(en4t in 
6<bottlanb) 4. Mil, baft XrommelftgRoI sum 
Vbbreiben beft ^agcrft, bic S^ergattening) 
riotoDK — , bie dttfammenrottttttg, ber tumuU 
tuariftbe Yuflaufi —room, ber eerfamms 
luttgdfaal j baft CSefeOf^baftftiiminer. 

^Mlnt^, «. bie Qlimoiaignng/ (Seneffmigung, 

To ^M^ot', V. n. Beip|U<btcii; BrifHrnmen, (—to, 
in <St»aft) eiiiitiOigen, gette^migen. 

iu^Dt&'tioD, s, bic Seiflimmiing ouft Bdfmd* 
^M eb. eerfteausg, baft (Reibtgebeii. 

Au^a't^r, «. ber SrifKmmenbe, u. 

^•tXa'tingly, ado. brifUmniiib^ eittmiSigeiib. 

To^Mirl', 0.0.^iipten) 2.(oor 
Oeriibt) anftfogea^ befriftiges; beia^en^ a. 
(ein 9te<bt) anfpre<bcti. 

^Mer'tioo, s, 1. gen, hit OeBanptung) 2. bie 
Seiabuttgi 8. bictKttftfoge ber dengen t>or 
Oetiibt) 4. bie bebaoptete aXeinnng, baft 

^Me/tjTe, I. adj. iuoerfl^^fli^ , befKmmt, 
peremptorif^, bogmotifib) II. -ly, adv. 

AMir'tfr, s. berSeBattptet; Berfc^ter. [of). 

Ai's^tpry, adj. BeioBettb^Bebauptcnb (iuio. mit 

To ^mSm', 0. o. 1. ^Kt^tn, befUmmen i 2. bc« 
fibaben; befteueni) fib^ben, toxireti. 

^•■Is'i^ble, adj. fibabbar, flctterBar. 

^ss£t'»iQn»i7, adj. brffibeab. 

^LM^M'mfBt, *. 1. Bie ©efteuemng) 2. bie 
eteiterj 8. bie Kbftbibttttg/ eM^^i baft 
geftfeben (einer (5ittf(b4bigttng). 

^■t^s'spr, s. 1. ber SeiPber, Mtffovi 2. ber 

It'slu, M. pi. 1, Law, berl^a^laf (rineft8er« 
ftorbenen bialingUdb i«r IDeitung ber B^uU 
beii)i % Cm. blc(96tec ob« berSermftgctift* 

Bcfloiil tiM IfMUa, hit !)Raff($ VdiM 
(v^ Active property); — aad debti, 7(ctiV' 
tmb f)affi9«04ttlbcn. 

To 4LM^v'«r> To ifLM^v'^rftte, v. a. fneri(4 
9erfi(bera, (eibU(b) crbirten. 

^LM^Tcri'tioB, s. bie frier(i(be eerftibening^ 
Setbeaerung, (ribli<be) C^rbdrtung. 

iikfdfi'jty, j.bie€^mPgfeit,uai>etbrofreseXb^ 
tigfrit, ber (anbaltenbe)S(eip} asuduitict, 
pi. Bebarrlicbe 7(ufteerffamfeit (gegcn f>er> 
foncit)$ (im£.G.) unabldffige 3ubriRgIi<b« 
Mt, 9£a(bfteaungen. 

^rd'voQs, I. adj.; II. — iy, ado. emjtg, na^ 
oerbrofTeit, unablifflg, .anBaltenb ob. auft* 
bauernb flripigt IIL— bcm, t, ber aabalteabe 
^rif4 bie UnverbrofTeRbrit 

To AMiga' [M-sion' ^-'^ 1* Beftiaimen, fefi« 
febca) 2.emennen,Bcfle1lea3 3.angeBea(— a 
reaioD»eta(n(9nmb)$ JLaw-^. 4. afRgniren, 
ilbertragea, (bonis) ccbirea^ 5. nad^iorifea, 
bdrtbon. [Cfttratoren^ vid. Aitignee. 

^gsign', s. ber S9et>oamd(btigte3 gen), pi. a-t, 

^LMigo'fible [M-ftiB'-9b'I] , adv. bcfliauaBar $ 
ian}u»eifeR, iibertragbar. 

Ai'signat, tf. mod. baft ^ffignat, f)apiergelbi 
(mebr im pi, UhliU) XffignatcR. 

IwjgBa'tioB, s. pi. 1. bie ScfteOttng (oa riaea 
S)rt), baft 6tcabi<bein) 2. bie eeftiaunaag, 
KagoBc) 8. bie Xf^gaatioa, TCan^eifaag. 

AMjgB€«'[Ss-fti-Be'], s. Law, berSeooOmd^' 
tigte, TCamalt, Tfgeat, Garator (curator 
mauae); (5effionar$ a-sofabaakrapt, Bie 
Garatoren ber QXafTc (eiaeft S^^Qitea), ocra- 
torci honorwn. 

^MigB V [-rfa-J (iBsigoor' [- sjB -], opp. 
avigaet), #. l.berXan>eifer,7(btreterciaer 
Gtbutb/ K.$ 2. Law, ber (Sebeat 

^LMlgaWat [— ■!&—], s. l.bieSefHauaaagi 
2. Lmt, bie Xfligaation) flbertragung^ Qcf' 
fion) Delegations r<briftitibeXa»eifttag9 6ef* 
fioaft'ttrfnnbc) 3. Com. ber trafiirtefiBc(bfeI, 
bie Xratte, Ybgabe^ boyer of the — , Ber 

^MiBi'ilfibie, adj. M aflimlttrea (dbaliib ma« 
(ben) lafenb/ afRmilirbar. 

To ^snja'ilftte, v. I. a. affimilirea: 1. gUi4* 
ma<ben; Dcrd^nliiben) 2. verglricbea^ (— tu, 
.... aiit)$ 8. Physiol. bcnSiabraagftfloff )»er« 
arbeitens II. u. 1. flcb affimiliren/ glei(b »er» 
ben, ft(b t>errittigeR4 2. Pkfsiol. M ouft 
epeife in 9{abrungftfaft verwanbeln, nd^rcn. 

^Mlrn'MfiteBf w, s. hit iif^nUdiitit 

^saimjia'tion, t. l.bafteerdbaU<bt»erbeaj bie 
eerdBnIi(bung^ ®(ei4ma4uag) 2. PhysioU 
hit YflUailatioa (^Kneigaung ber 9CaBraagift- 

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^MTv'llMXVe, adj. «iiet0tteii^4 «ffinitlirettb* 
Assise, AMiser, «. vitL Attize, Assizer. 
To 4Lssisf, V. La. bei|i€^en, (elfen ((Sinem) $ 
n. n. (e(fea j beuoo^nni/ HM fetn (mit at). 
^ssis't^Dce, «• 1. Uv SStiftanh, bie {^illfei 

^ns't^nt, I. s. 1. bet Wf^t, ©e^itlfe, Oei* 
flcmbi @n)ebient; gomuluSi 2. ber iSSegUi' 
ter, TCnmefenbe^ 3. ber ^(mtdgenof 4 II. a<(7. 
1>e^filfli<b/ beifie^ettb) comp. ^ulf^, (n>u 
--eogineer, — sargeoD, Ac); — slderm&n, 
bet 2Bcifi(er« 

^ssfsV* '• ber (BtWfti f)elfer. 

AMist^lfH, adi. ivlflo^, beifibmbfttoe. 

^ssiii'^ble, «tf. ctiiiie(aibar, animi^eii. 

To ^ssQne', v. I. a. 1. aimtbmen, fibernebm^ni 
2. 9orauftfeteni 8. mibtm^tUd^ aimebmra, 
fi4 anmofett) 4. fi4 anne^men, auf M ctn* 
»enben$ II. n. 1. groftbnn) ftol}. aQmafenb 
fdii) 2. Lawj M Dcrbinbri^ maitn. 

^u&'mf It, #. ber 3itfab (einer GibtifO. 

Aisii'iii^r, «. ber Yitmaf enbe; (Ktt$eb{Ibfte. 

AsMWpi|t[M-ittm'-sjt], f. Low, bie frdwORd 
eittgcganflene iBerbinbUtbfelt (risem Ynbem 
6t»a» IQ 2a(flen ob. |U ltlfM)i action of—, 
em atts foUftem eerft>rr4ni cittfle(enbet 

\8siijDp'tion [M-ittm'-shvn], #. 1. bic Yim«(» 

^Ls^ize', ^ssi'z«s, s, sing, k pi. bie Xfiife(n) : mti% bie Ynmafund ^ 8. bie eoraQlfettmg i 

1. bie 6ef{tott, 6ffen^((be ®en4tdfl(uit9, baS Logs. 4. baS ^ofhtlatttm) 5. ber ^Stian, 

9eri4t, Sanbgerkbt) 2. baft (Sef(b»onienge» Unterfa^ ) — of the Holy Virgin, Ece. 9]?a* 

riilbt^ 8. ber ®eri(bt»tag^ ^nbtog^ 4. bie rid {>immeIfo(rt [Doraulgefett 

fierorbnnRd^Xajrorbnund^Xaxe? rents of— , 
«ni>er&ttberU4e fRentea ber Sreifaflen unb 
(dltem) %tl^rahtfi^n. 

To ^MUef, V. a. ^ttU, ^afu. ®e»i<(t obrig* 
ftitUdi beftinunen^ tojiren^ abjufiircit 

Assi'zfr, s. ber DKammetfler, aXorf toogt 

Assi'zQr, 1. Sc. Law^ ber (9ef<bn)ome. 

Ass'lilce, adi. glei4 einem (Sftl, cfe^aft 

^D'ci^ble [-Hihi— ], ad/. 1. pereinbari ge* 
fefligj 2. Afsd. empfdnglit^ em|)|!nblt4 

To ^sso'ciite^ V. L a. l.sttgefeSen, oerbinben^ 
9.beglettett, OefeHftba^ Utfien) 8. freunb* 
fibaftli^aufitc^men^ II. n. M CKnem ob. 
einer eadtfeiugefeOeit, oerbinbea. 

AMO'^te, I. J. l.ber Oefd^rte, Oefeafcbafter, 
Sbeilneimer; (Se^iilfe, ^mtSgenof, ®itRbeft« 
genofj {>onbeUgeiU)f$ 2. ber g]litf<bttlbige) 
roynl a-s, fdnigU^e Gttpenbiaten) lLa4j, 
Ittgefellt, Qerbunben, t^erbfinbeti —powers, 
bie verbfinbetea ^M^tt. 

^nocia'tioo, s. 1. bieSerbiabong, fiereiai' 
gaag j 2. bic ICb^Iaebmang) 8. bie Oeaof* 
renMaft,(4>aabeU«)(9erenr(baft) 4.ilm.ber 
^rcbideroereia^ 5. ber 9etfab Qo- 6toffea)$ 
-of ideas, i%.bic3beeaoerbiabaag. 

is's^nfnee, s. RheU k JbtU bic YfToaaai. 

ii^son«nt, adj. Met. k Pbet affoaircab. 

To Ai^spnlts, v.n. ftaOca, tdaea (»ie eiae 
(8(9(fe). [aflTortirea. 

To ^Srt', V. a. aaftf)t4ca^ )ufam»ea orbaea, 

i^asSrl^oifnt, «. hai 0ortirea) —of goods. 
Cm. bo* (flBaarea*) Gortimeat. 

To ^Moi^e', o. L 0. milbera, liabera) bef3af« 
tigcn, ftiHeai n. n. aa^Iaflea, M aitabera, 
ibactaieiL [Scfdaftigaagi Vbaatau,}C. 

Amiie'nifnt, #. bie Wlberaag/ Siabentag) 

AMnft'^, 1. ber ^berabe, ®cfdaftigcr. 


Asi&m'ptive [M->iini'-tiT], adj. aageaoauaea, 

\ssdV^ce[vibtt'— , fobiebttooaTCbgeleiteteai 
s, 1. bie SwtxMti fiewijTe Ohnoartaag) 
flbcricagaag^ 2. bie Seftigf eit^ etaabiaftig* 
feit} baS Gelbfh>ertraaea) bie itd(abefi; 
Sreimdtbidfeit) 8. bie ecrfi4eraag, Sdrg* 
f(baft4 Cbm. Q(frecarnaKvid.In8Qmnce); —of 
lands. Law, bie coatractliibe flbergabe 9oa 

AssA'r^nc^ pi. dafiiberaagea. [Sdabeniea. 

To Auftre', v. a. 1. oeril(bera4 2. 6i<berbett 
leifleai 8.Mera;f[<bcraiaibcai 4«)afi4era, 
9erfpre4fca (—of); to— one'sself, oerfl^ert, 
fiber}cagt feia. 

^ssftred^, I. p. a.; IT. ^ssft'rfdly, ado. 1. 
oerflibcrt^ 2. ge»tf, ilberjcagt) 8. fliber, 
aaftreitig) 4.aaber<beibea,bre{fl,fftbai VL 
^sstt'rfdness, «. bie OcmiKcit, u. 

^sB(l'r9r,i.bereerfi<berer,Mrge^ YfTecncanti 
(vid. Insarer ft Underwriter). 

^uni'i^nt, adj. BoU bogeaf^naig oaffleigeab. 

To Asswage, ftc, vid. To AHtage, ftc. 

^isf rj«i, s. Geog. ICfl^rica. 

^ssjf'rjfn, I. s, ber Vfli^tier | n. oitf. aff^rfMi 
-plum, Bot. bie f(b»ar|e Oraftbeere. 

If^t^eite, hft^afitt, «. At« ber YftabUt(, 

As'tiff m, 1. RheL bie ocrttctftc, frfaeSroaie. 

.Wter,i.fio(. bie lifter/ eterablanci Zootbet 
eccflerm Mn.bcrSettca(ciac:(rt2;toBerbe). 

^sts'riitfd, adj. fleraf5rmig. 

Asts'rffmo, «. iVt. ber berjleiaerte Geeflenu 

As't^rfsk, 1. tVp* ba$ 6tenubea[«}j (c/. 
Reference, nuirks of—). 

.Wtfriffm, <• 1. il«e. bal eterabilb. Qkeflimi 
2. ba etcra^ea (vid. b. b. Asterisk). 

i(s't«ilte, «. Aon. ber eterafMa. 

Asters', ad». Mar. 1. (mfrfsterttcile be! Ckbifk 
fe4, (in^ea im e4ife) % Vnttt Urn e^iffi 




I^tfrfirdf, 9, pi. mod. Ast. bie Yftcroiben. HttM^mfir, 9. bcr ICfHrottoni/ €(ttrnfiiM0e. 

sie, 64»i4(tetre. 
iith'malV-]' '•^«<^* Meeitdbrfifltdfeit, 

ber Mmere :Xt(»em^ ba$ Ymma. 
^thnOU^ic, A«thiiiSt'ic9l» adj. Med. ettflbrilc 

^ijithaSf ic, «. ber (bic) (Sn^^difligt 

To ^tttD'|»h, V. a. in Grflaunen fetcn, erf*re!* 

tot, befifir}t ma^en. 
AftSnltUng, I. ad/.; II. -ly, adv. crftQU^ 

settbj erftonnUt^) ni.—neti,« 

JUtdt, ba< flBimberbare. [xan%. 

^tjSn'ithjB^nt, s, ba (Srflauneig ble Seftftr* 
To ^tSAnd', V. I. a. vid. To ABtoniik; II. n. 

9etditbu)i0 bcrurfa^en, betduben. 
lurfican', s. k adj. Geog. Hftcadiani afhrai^a* 

sift 3 Com.— far, — Umb-dtins, IBaranfen, 
' a*e ^mmfclle, ge». Kfiralaner genannt 
Astraddle', adv.fptnUixA^XtittnHi, rittlinaft. 
Aft'trfgia, s. 1. i4rc^. ber Sftelf, 9tina, (9tunb*) 

6tttb) 9.Gttfi.ber9lm0,fReifajt(5eMfitcn9 

3. AnaL baft 6|>nmabei»} 4. Bot. ber 

eotfftbom. [artig; defttmt) etrm*. 

lafinl, adj. }v ben etemen de(5r{g4 Pem« 
^kfttrijr', a<io. 00m re^ten SBege ab, lrre$ to 

lead -, iit. kfig. irre fft^ren. 
^•tritc'tion, 1. Med. k Surg, 1. ble3nfammen* 
*iie(ttttg; Berftopfung (ber (Seb&rme, K.)i 

a. baft SlntfHQen bitr4 iufammesiic^enbe 

WtUli 8. baft Unterbtnben. 
^LttHTc'tiTe, ^fttrifc't^ry, adj. Med, ^Ufanunen* 

iie^enb} btutftlirenb. 
Aetride', adv. fpenbelnig, rittlingft. 
To ^btrlnie', v. a. obfl^rlngiren^ jttfammen« 

|U(cn} lufammenprefTen. 
^atMi^ncjf s. bie sufammeniie^enbe Jtraft 

(ppp. relaxation). 
^•tri^gfnt, adj. Med. obfirindirenb, sufam* 

men}tc^eab/ (erbe^ — medicioes, ob. «-■, pi, 

|Bfamn»niU^cnbc TCrgnefmitteL 
^strfig'DQSx, (Attrogno'f i^), s. Aet. lit Bttxn» 

bilbtrlitnbe, etenifenntnif . [Qtemfonbe, 
Aatrdg'r^pby, s. Att bie etembefttreibund, 
Zi^trdrt, It'trSrte, s. 1. Zool. eine7(rt!Ra' 

brepore, bie etcmforaSei 9. Min. ber 7fle« 

,til9 etemficitt. 
Af^tTQlabe, s. 1. Georn, ber tdinf elmefer ) 

a Alt. baft ICftrolabinn^ $Ian{fp{i4rinnu 
Astrolocby, Aitrologe, vUL Arlitolochy. 
Aitrtti'oi^r, berXflroloa. ©tembenter. 
ArtrviarMU (litr^e), I. adj. ; n. -ly, 
. adi9. ofbrolbeiM. [benten. 

To4katr51'9^, o.w.7fflroloijietreibett,©teme 
♦■tr»l'9iy, #. tie TfflrologCe, ©tembenterei. 

iitr9B«Bi')e«l (Aitr^nto^), L ad}. ; II. -ly, 
n<to. aflronomtf^, ftemfnnbig) —year, baft 
afhrottomifill^e tjat^x, ©onnen'So^^ 

AstrSn'^ny, '• bie Yflronomie, ©trmfnnbc. 

Ai^trfecOpe, s. Ast. baft XflrefPop ) ber 6trrt« 

4L«trWc9py, *. Ast. bie Tflroffopie. [ftgd. 

^troae', adj. nnter einem vai%l^d!li^ QkfHni 
geboren, nngtiiifiii^. 

ia^9-eftedP9gy, s. bic Yflrot(e0(odie. 

i^itrttt', adv. flro^b i anMweVenb; vid. Strat. 

Asttt'cioof , adj. ^intcrlifUg/ berMtogen. 

To 4Litiio', V. a. betittbcn, vid. To Stan. 

Ii'tnte, adj. (ifHg; Wavi lit. MarfMtig. 

^sSn'dfr, adv. 1. btfonberft; abgcfonberti 9. 
anftcinanbcr^ entjibei • 

*tyVi, M»«'. *. (P^. Mf>»). 1. baftlffW, 
bic9reifbStte,ber3ttfltt4tftcrt| S.baftepit^ 
tel (bef. Comp,), 

^e^mtrtf <• 1- t«tft fKifmHCtnif ) 9. 
AfatA. bie Unmef barTeit 

if^ymptote [— •jm— ], *. Math, bie Yf^mptotr. 

iiympto'tic^ [-■i«-7. <!<<?. af^nptetif*. 

Asjf n^dStpn, s. Gram, baft Tf^bctott. 

At, prep, an, |V; bei; atf, in, nm^no^^ mit, 
Hhtx, gegen, f&r, bor, von, anft, u.} — iKime, 
|n|>anfe^ —tea, aufber6tc{ —band, bci 
ber^anb^ —large, wcitUuflg, anftfu^lt^i 
imSreien, inS^ei^cit^ — aminvte, avfbie 
(Stteiner)^nvtc$ — kagtb, cnMi^l —last, 
inle^t, cnbR*5 -»>l» ganj nnb gar, garj 
bur^auft) avfirgCttbetneOeifc) not- all, 
Mneftioegft) — a word, mit einem Sorter 
the faToiini I received— yoarbaiida, bie mir 
bOttS^nni crieigtenffBe^UV^tcn) — leeond 
hand, auft ber i»ettcn^anb) —least, pxm 
flBenigflen,bo<igc»if,o§ne3kodfcIi —odds, 
nneinft Mo be — liberty(leisare), ftei (mufig) 
feinj I am — the charge of it, idf muf bie 
Jtoftcn (babon) trageni — stike, ottf bem 
©pielj — yoorpleasare, oie eft^tnen bc» 
iH^ti to be — law, proccffiren ) to play — 
cards, -chess, —billiards, 4tek, itartt, 
©4a4, SiOtarb, k. fipielen) have- you! 
nnnfoaflSDn'ftfriegen! n>arte! — ashintiig, 
a ponnd, baft f)fnttb f&r cinen ©(iSingj 
—half, f&rbie|>dlftei —a small expense, 
nm ein (Seringefti (a gale oO wind — S. B. 
(Sonth East), ©iiboftminb) men-at-arms, 
bcmaffnetc totei sergeant-at^arms , bcr 
©tabtriger; Sergeant — lav, ber^e^tftge* 
le^rtci ^ccitiat) Barrtstsr — law, eittKb« 
bocat, Ynrnoit (bef. in einem nntercn 9- 
ri*te)| Doctor— law, cinlDocinrbcrfltcAtc 

Af^bfl, s. bie JtefTeftrommel (bfr4Dtavrcft)f 
•pottbtronunel. ><-^ t 




ItvUa'ttf , «. tke UImA of-, «|ly tffw 

if frXzy, iftfrilx^ #. A. lit CMennt^, 

if 9xy, #. Jf«ii. bie HiingeMflffNit^ ^(h^cft- 

4«ft0 (in 9er(oiif i^oii ^ai^cttai ac> 

JLte, prtt. oott To Eat 

grmu Mil bm Ztdei — aocowit, Qm. 

Conte a tempo. [a4f- 0t(aMfU«if4* Moaft fdii) n. a. bifcii, songtluii, bi» 

AtM^fi^o, £ec. I. t^btr ^t^iiUDwr^ II. f^bi0fni f&tnai to-for, Ctooi obbiipciv 

^te «i0l«ib erf.) UftlM4t>9ifnb4in. 
Atf^m, t. /^at. ber 7it»m, bM nitteiHrarl 

^t5ni'i€fl> ^tftm'ic 047. i^at ttomifiiM, bOP 
TOmai, Xtom bdreffmb $ oub Ytono. 
l«'9iii|i^ t. Mt. bie XtDMoHe^e. 
At^9iii^ J^ ^ XtomiJltiht, Vtanift 
To ^ttM', «. L n. eia «rM (tqniMlcnO f«r 

JU^fiiSr, t. Chm. ber f)^ctir4DK 4pentf#e 

ffBlnb^es^vii/g.berfralf^diii. [mns. 

lIMfB, #. ber Vt^tanib, bie (3totf<lllag« 

l'CMbt» L t. bcrYt(dft,«ottc«Uhi0Kri a 

flerei. [nienfcr, bie V-riaa. 

^M'niu, L a«. atteninRf^^ H. #.ber K«t^ 
It^VBs, t. 9€og. ^eQ. [fdnb. 

ItliSplo'iifii. #. ber Xftat^u^, Z^odeai* 
IcAM^af, l<fc'Mme, #. iM. bie «tei^ 

llh€rda'«toiu, a«. Bteigeftmriftettid. 
^eUnlf» adv. bvr^g) >Br- -for .. ., begierig 
no*.... [(au^AOe^rer. 

^thlH^, $. Ant. ber Vt^let, flBcttMn^^fer} 

— fUMo, pi. JUiRi^fMcIe, WMflpiele. 
^efcwirt^, L prep, qnerilber, flberi bttr^j 

Moisc. b»«n, (reiftt boK ber eeiie t«)i 

— hawM, qner bor ben <fttftf en, bea Jt. gegea* 

Atol -flhipo» qner ftbet iaiCWff^ boa ciaern 

eorbiamoaberai ll.adv. quer, ilber)»er4 

(»• iU)$ A:, aag^ea^ aerfe^rt, Wef, ^fXh 

vid. Thwart 
it'jb&r, #. ber (Solbftaub an ber afrifanifii^en 

iti&fte^ bef. im afrft. JUnigrei^e ®ago. 
^tOXt ad9. 1. borwirtd gebeagt (»ie eia Set* 

ter)$ ntiteittgelegterSanse) a. al^»irtbge« 

neigt, fippeab (»ie ein gof ). 
^.ajp-toe, ado. anf ben 3e^en, mdg. se^lelnb 5 

Jig. aaf^ ^4fie gefpannt, fe^r ntugierig 

(vid, aater Tip). 
AtUia'^C I. udj. ofloatiMi Q. #. or tke- 

oeeu» ba» otloaiifi^ 9Xeer. :anbAiigiubtett, (srgeoenpett) 9. bte ^stptang, 

^tiSa't^.^.p^.^tbieQCtlantrben^yieiaben. YufmerfTarnhft, ba6 3«tranen} court of-, 
AtfWa, J. 1. Gwg. ^HtUa, boftTTtUftge^rge^ 

^bie^oBbfartenfanuBUmg^berlftlaftj 3. baft 

V/Ia^Sonaat^grofSorioi 4.baft®eibettpa> 

9ier$ 6. ber Vtlab (Ceibeaieng) j 6. Anot. 

baf&r leibeatr e» erfc^ea, oergfttea. [eiaauO. 
^oae', ado. (o. at a. oao) mit eiaaaber, anf 
^toae'a^at, #. 1. bieKbbtifnngi % bie(8e» 

ttagttaaag^ ber«rfab» 8. 'ScHpt babe^n* 


^ta'aor, t. ber Chrfabge(er$ ICbbflfeabe ic 
^tSa'ic I. adj. Mtd. abgefponal, f^Iaf 4 It 

J. G^am. bag Vtoaoa. 
Itfpny, $. M9d. btelCbgefi^aaat^ett^ QCtonie. 
^tSp', adn. oben, {n oberp> oben anf. 
Atr^bilafrlf n» ac(^ goaffi^tig^ meUin^oIif^. 
Itr^bna^rjoBi, L adi, ffbrnarigaOig, mebuu 

(bottf4i n. -noM, J. bie OoUfiubtigfett, 

JLtr^lono, odi. »ie Atrabllariona. 
Atr^a'tfU Itrfaln Wi, adj. titttig, tin^ 

tenMttor). [temoiben tangli^* 

itrfBtati'r|oao» adi. tintenf^war)^ |nm Xin^ 
At'red, adi. gefi^4rit 
^trV, ^-trTp', ad». Mar. anfge^if t^ geliittet 
^trl/cioait [— flh^i], I. adj.; IL — ly, adn. 

abf4ettli4/ grdfli^, granfom ^ m. —nets, #. 

bie (Srdf U(bf eit, eerrnibtteit 
AtrW)ty» f . bie ICbfcbenli^Mt ®rdf U^feit. 
At^r9pby, #. Afed. bie Idaxvfum^ ^ie(mng. 
To it&cW, 0. a. 1. Law, in Ser^aft netmea 

i^txfoxun), in 9tf4Iag ne^men (6a^^en^ 

oerffimmem) 2. fig. an M Mtn, einne^^ 

men^feReUi} d.befefUgen^anieften^anrei^eni 
jig.}ttre4&en,beimetren9 a-ed to, Lergebeni 

2. beigeffigt^ ange^5ng. 
^ttSchVble, adj. moft mit Sef(blag beUgt 

merben fami. 
^LttSch'm^t, s. Law, 1. bie ISerbafbiebmnng, 

ber ^rreft^ bie S9ef(blagnatme j 2. fig. bie 

7(nbdngli(bMt, Srgebenbett) 3. bieQCtbtnng, 

berYHab^Xriger. [meter. 

ktmimfH^, 9, fhiy. ber Xtaiibometer, Ktmo* 
AfB9H»bere, s. bieKtmofipbdre^ ber JDttttfifreift. 

law, baft fl^albgeriibt, ^tft^tttSft. 
To Attack', V. a. lit. kfig. (fdnbit*) angref. 

fea^ OttfaOen. nCnfUL 

^ttXck', #. lU. kfig. ber (feinbH*e) 3Cngrlff, 
^ttScki', t. pi. jFbft. bie Qerfe, tonfgrdbea. 
4ttXckV> '• berKngreifer^ ongreffenbeXbeff. 
To ^ttaia', V. t. a. (an ob. {a Moab) fomatea, 

Itm^pMt'^ itm9«pMr'icy adi. atmof^bd* gelaagea, (Mbol) errei^ea. er^Iteai fig. 




(9Uiem)fltetifttoinmni4 n«fi.l.iootiiifltla» 

genCmtt at u. to); in eittenduftanbgrrat^tt) 

S. beoreffen (9eibe« mit to). 
iLttSiD'iible,^. I o^i* ertet^bar} n. -nems 

#. bit Qrrei^bftif cit. 
^ttain'd^r, #. IJtf. berSonoutf, e^anbfUif { 

£<ni>-s. a. bie flberfa^rttttg, Sentftbeilttng 

(loegen eineft f>aupt9erbrc(bniS)i 3. bet auf 

cfttem 9en4tli(b fibenotefeRm ^auptoerbte* 

4et baftenbe 64dttbfled 
^ttilD'fflfnt, #. 1. bie C(rlan0tm0{ 2. bad Gr* 

Aorbene, (eriangte) (9ut) ber ®e»inn4 3. 

bodSatent, berlBorsud^ bef. pi.a-it ®ei* 

To ^ttftint', V. a. Law, 1. i^berf&trett (eineft 

(aiifMM*)}>«bieO«rt«a§,f)p<gci Xtfi 
wartuttg) Scblenung4 ber SDienflj 3. bie 
Seglcitutti^ boS (Befolgej 4. bie Q(a»efeR<* 
(tit, <l^edcn»Qrtj to be io^, loarteni to 
giYe~»l.attfi9arten/bebieReni 2.fmtTiu\» 
martung maiben* 

^tU^D'd^nt, I. adj 1. bcgle^teRb^ . folgenbi 
(iim.mitoa, upon); unterfleorbneti 2. or' 
»efeRbf 3. Law, obb&Rgtd (oor ..*) $ U.#. 
l.ber QCttfmdrtcr^ (bieTC-nna), berldebienti) 
S.berlBegIetter4 SDienflpffiibtigei 3.ber7(R« 
wefeRbe^ {)elfer{ a-t, #. p^ ba$ ®efo(g< 
^U^nif, adj. vtd. AttentiYo. [(ottib ^0* 
^ttXn'tfttei, #. p/. iioio» bit fl^er^anblungeR 
eiReS ®eri<btdtofe6 6ber eiRe &A^t, RocbbeiR 

Serbre^enO) 2. bie (9ef4n>onieR eiRed faU itberbie[elbeetR£>emmttRg»urtbei(gefpro^en 

ISben Urt^eils ftbemetfeRi 3. befletfeR^ oer« 
une^reR; entabeln. 
^ttfiinf, 1. 1. 1. ber^afel, Gibanbfletf, bie 
iBeftbimpfuRg) 2. Fet.berXritt/G(blag/tc. 
bie SerletuRg (aR beR {>tRterfu^eR ber 

Sferbe) i 8. Law, gericbtlitber »efe^l pit 
iterfu(bttng,ob baS ®ef(b»onieRgeriit etnen 

fa(f(ben Q(Rdfprv4 get^aR) II. p. a. fibers 

wiefeR. [pfuHg. 

Ittiint'nifnt, s. bie 11benoet|tog, Oef(bims 
^tt]Un'tarc{— tshvr], s. 1. bie SBegi^tigRRg/ ber 

tBomurf/ bie @4Qnbe$ 2. Med. ba6 t)erbor« 

beRe SInt. [bie orieRtalifibe CftofeneffeR}. 
ilftar, «. bie(orieRtanf(be) Qfftnn — of roiei, 
To ^ttSm'pfr* V. a. 1. bur(b ®etmif(bRng 

ftii^d^eR^ milbent i 2. ./ig. nfif igeR, bdm« 

9feR$ 3. get6rig loermifteR/ etRrttbteR, or- 


^tC£m'p«r»te, adj. aRgepaft^ gentfifgemaftt 
To ^ttSmptf [— tSint'], t>. I. o. 1. ©erfurbeR^ 

nageR) 2. aRgreifeR; fl4 oergreifeR (an) i 

n. n. (mit npoo) to — opon a man's life, 

diRem Ra4 bem EebeR Ua^ttn. 
4LttSmpf , 1. 1. ber fiSerfucb/ bod URtemeimeR; 

fEBageftildj 2. ber (frebeltafte) 7(Rgriff^ Q(r* 

^tt8mpt'^ble[— tSmt'— ], fl<p. 1. JucerfR^eRj 

2.Serru(beR, KRgriffeR au&gef(!^t, iR®efa(r. 
^tt€inp't?r[-tein'-t^r], #. 1. ber «f rfu*er, 

K.$ 2. ber TCRgreifer. 
To ittSnd', V. 1. 0. 1. begletteR, foIgeR^ aufs 

»arteR, bebieReR $ 2. beimo^ReR; gegeRmdrtig 

fiinbci .,., befu(beR5 3. ermarteR^ 4. ab« 
oerrirbteRS a 

»orben ift. [feit « II. int. MiL QCtbtURg ! 
4Ltt«D'tion»I.f.bte:yu^er(famfeit$ 7((btfam« 
^ttl$n't|Te» I. adj. ; U. — ly, adv. aRfmerfjfam, 

ft4tfam$ (to ..., auf...), be(^utfami III. 

— neas, s. bie ^ufmerffamfett (aRf StiMb). 
^tt^nlAaDt* adj. )»erbtiRRenb. 
AttSn'Sf Dta, s. pi. Med. t>erbuRReRbr TCr^neien. 
To ^ttJSn'Qilte, v. a. oerbitRReRj^g* MrriR* 

gent. oerNeiRern. 

^tti^n'date, adj. verbfiRRt) fig. oerriRgert. 
^tt^D'aatfd, p. a. oerbfiRRt, }c.{ £ot. f^ibig 

itttaRfeRb. . . 

^tt^oQft'tion, s. l.bieJBerbflRRRRg^ babSer* 

riRgemi 2. bie dertteiRerttRg, ISeriDittecuRg 

At'ter, s. ber @iter, bab geroRReRe Slat 
To Aftf rrite, v.n. 1. Io&r<bn>emmcR, abrpfi* 

leR^ 2. 0RMn>emmeR, }tt trocfRem, fiefiem 
^tttRbe werbeR. 
Att^rrii'tioD, s. bie lib* u. KRf4>oentmuRg beft 

SobeRft, ber 7(RmQ(bd bed Uferb bnr<b 1Cr« 

To Att«it', V. a. l.betteijiigeR; bejeugcn, bor- 

t^RR) 2. }um 3eugeR Re^men ob. ORrufcR. 
Itt^ti'tion, s. l.bielBeseugURg^ 2.biel8e- 

glaubiguRg; bad 3eugRif , bie S^eMeiRigung. 
Att^f't^r, ^tt^g'tpr, *. ber 3eR9e. 
AftJc I. adj. attif*, atbeRieRpfcbJ ^r- fein 

(oom (9ef(bma(f/ u.)/ reiRj claf|l4rU. «. 

berXtJeRieRferj Gram. Tfttifer j Archs.l. 

(—order), bie ottif(be ©dttleRorbRRRg J 2. 

(ob. — itory, juR). attics, pi.), bie©a(b|lttb<^ 
berflberfaft,ba*4>ttlbgef4ot,eRtrefolj —of 
a roof, bie TCttifa, ber Uberbau ooR^ilaflmt 

warteR, wrriiteRj n.n. (ge». mit to ob , 

opoo; 1. ottfCitwabmerfeR, aibteRj 2. 6i«llt'ti€»l, 047. m'd. Attic, 
nem aRftoarteR/ ac.) 3. eiRerea4ebei»oVpt'tfcrfm,f.berXtti(ibmRd} bie attifcbe Qeiii' 
acn^ Id fie pflegeR, beTorgeR) 4. marteRj beit im 0tebeR. 

9criie(eni a-ed by . . . , ob. vitb ...» beg(et«UTo if tjcTze, v. I. a. bem atttf^eR SHalect gc» 
tetooR...| oerfRilpftmit^.. I mfifmacbeRi n.n. TCttiddmeR gebrav^ea 

Attln'dynce, j. l.bieK<btttRg/7(nfmer!ramfeit| fig. M ftta Oierliib) aRftbritfcit. 




To ^tarci', V, «• aidldbcii, p^nL, f/iittm, 

JtD^fpui) S. Cob. ftttiret, pi.) Her. k Sport 
bad Oe(6ni, <Be»ct(/ OcfUtide. 

Atttred', p. a. 1. ger^N^tft^ tc$. 9. Ar. A 
5port. mit (Sle»ei(en i^erfe^en. . 

^tcKrvr, #• bee (Bendbenbe, }C 

Atti'rtngf , #. p^. bcr Jtopf^S^. 

At^'tede, #. /tt. kfig- bie eteOttSd, {Mttm^. 

IttjtaMln^, adj. bit6teSimg, {)a(tung betr. 

^ItfiFlent^ I. adj. aufri^tenb ^ U. #• ob. — mu- 
f 2e, AnaU bcr {)cbemttSf el^ TTnneber. 

Aitone» Attoiieneot,o.,arf9. k «.vi(/. AtooctAe. 

To Attorn' [— tOrn'], Low, o. I. a. baft IScfi|« 
t^itm Ob. ben 2)ieiifl eUteft eafoOexi anf eincn 
anbem Se^nS^erm fibertrageni n. n. einen 
iintea Cttgent^Amet anctfetmen, nub Se^en itnb 
|)Q4t oon i^m ne^men, i^m (itlbigeit. 

Attor'n«y [- tura' -], *. Iam-4. (- at law), 
berltmoalt; Qkuboalter, TCboocot^ Jtramer« 
^onfttlent, |>attbeU«7Cinoatti %vU^i ^gcnt^ 
AeooHmi^tigter ^yr^esrator^ (IRanbat«r4 
TCfftgnatarj — geoeniUberQ(eiieralfUcaI;<2(' 
iieror«f)roainitDr^ itrmianmalt) — at.large, 
ein ICboocat^ bcr Ui atten (8ert<l^6^ dv 
tritt (at; --opecial, befgL, ber wax fur .etnen 
Ob. ben anbem Gterubtft^of befiumnt ifl) 

IttifotMoii, «. I«l (^|tm)ecfA(bii, (Bo^ 

^ttiib'atfblo, adj. iQittMreiben, bei|ttlcgen. 
To Attrfb'ftte, V. a. tKMrciben, betUgeo^ beU 

lftribute,«.baftQ(ttribut) det4en,(ttertaMt| 

ICbieUken, eUmbilbi (Paint. A 5cWp. bc(. 
ittribtt'tioD» #.biedaeignung,<Srt(eU]mg, bci^ 

gelegte QHgenfiba^i bie (Smpfe^Uuig, baft SoK 
Attrib'6tjTe» 1. ac(;. }utbeiUnb, beilegenb) VL 

s. baft Seigelegtei Gram. Seilegewort 
^ttnte', L odj. 1. abgcnueti a. theoU Hi» 

fntrMt; bethibtj II. -bom, j. bie^gedo^ 

ben^eit, Xbgenu^t^eit. 
Attriftion, «. 1. baft {Reiben (an einanber), bit 

^bnu^nng (einer 6a(be burib 0teiben){ bit 

derretbuAg^ a.baft3etnebtnfeini 8. r/i«ot. 

bie GilnbettbereauRg (auft Suri^t »or bet 

etrafe)^ derhiirf<bung beft ^ernnft. 
To^ttQne', v. «« ftinimtn, tftnenb ma^ttti • 

»o(lflingenb, (^annonifib«t6ttenb motca. 
it'yr, Ae. vid. Attar. 
AiibjUU', i. baft (SXorgcnfllab^ett. 
Au'bjD, s. Man. berfSr f4(efbtgebaUtiie9aB| 

eintft yferbeft %i»ifi€n ^f nnb Gaiopp. 
Ao'brfty, «, ber Gpeifefi^ranf, at, vid. Aabryv 

letter (power ob. warrant) of— » bit r^nftslAo'byro, adj. bnnfelbrann, !afiattienbraii% 
ti^eBoIIma^t I nitf braun, Moarjbraun. 

^ttor'n^ythrp [-tarn-], #. bie l(tt»aItf4aftJ Anc'tion^ #. bie:irtt€tioa,ftffcntI.eerfkeigenmg, 

f)rocnraturi baft ^iftcalat 
^ttom'aif Bt , AttoQrn'ment [— torn — ] , s. 

Law, bie QCnerfennnng eineft neuen Se^nft^erm 

iL tlbertragung ber Se^nftpfliilftt onf benfelben 

oon Geiten beft eafaHen. 
To^ttrXct', v.a.Utkfig. on^ie^) ittM/ 

anf M iie^en; retsen$ lodtn. 
^ttriet^bn'jty, #. bie 7(tt2ie(nngftfraft. 
^ttrlic'tfble, ad). att)ie(ungftfi$ig. 
Attrac'tfle, adj. ^njie^nngftfraftliefl^enb. 
^ttrXf/ffng, I. p. g. baft 7(n}ie(en$ II. p. a. 

nL — ly, adv. an}ie(enb. 
AttrSc'tion, s. bit Q(n}ie(ungftfraft4 >Sg. bet 

0teQ,bie0tel}ung, Soctnng i electiTo-,aMm. 

(mod.) bie flBa(U>er»anbtf(baft 
.^ttrXc'tlve, I. adj.; II.— ly, ado. ongieienb, 

reiienbj —power, i^y. bie Knsic(nngftfraft 

Copp. Bepnlaive power); III. t. fig. ber 

ateii) IV. -neia, g. bie onite^enbe Gigen* 

f^aft. baft Tfnsie^enbe^ Oteifenbe. 
Attra(/tor, (^LttrXc'tfr), #. ber aniie^ettbc Jtftr« 
^per, baft 7(niie(enbej fig. dteigenbe. 
At'tr^hfot, I.adi. angie^bj II. s. baftKn* 

iie(enbe, ber rciicnbe Q^egen^anb, 
At'triibonta, «. pL Med. )urammeniie(cnbe 


fiergantung i *-law, baft Oantretbt i — olftoob 
—room, baft Qant^anft, ber QantUbea. 

To Anc'tion, o. a. oerauctioniren^ oerfteigenu 

Anc'tionf ry, adj. |nr QCnction ge^ftrig. 

Anetipne^r', inctionter', #. ber ^CvctiottOtor, 
ftffentUtbe Berfleigerer. 

To Ancti9n€ii^, v. a. oerauctiottirett, ftffentUA 
Derfieigem^ oerganten. 

Andft'ciona, I. adj.; U. -* ly, ado. oermcgcn, 
breift^ frc4, ttnoerf<|imt) (awb in d« <(•) 
hi^n^frei^offen; IIL— neM,f.bieitubnH% 
ecr»egen(ett, ^^etb^eit^ Unoerf^tat^eit 

Andac'ity, t. bie M(n(^eit^ lu (au^ ftiuo* in 
^g.©.)J biegrei^eit, w. 

lu'dibie» I. adj. ; U. — ly, adv. (ftrbar, lout, 
Deme(mli(bi HI- — acM, #. bie {>ftrbarfeit^ 

An'djfoee, s. I. Fol. bit ICabieni/ Kn^rungi 
2. bie (9e(5rgcbnng, baftOe^ftr) 8.bie3«« 
(ftrer, baft TCnbitoriums -court, Xaw, baft 

Aa'djt, #. Law, 1. bit (Re^nnngftnnterfn^ung 
nnbTCblegnng) 2.bie64Iufbere4nttn4(na4 
gef<|e(ener$ritfimg)4 3. bie 7(nfiia(me eineft 
3engenoer(6rft ob. einer TCnftfage iiber^opt^ 
— hooMy ber ^ftrfoal, 6rr(ftrfaaU 

.,„,_., Joogle 




To An'dit, V. I. a. Uw, gu^nttngei «b^rniJ suns (ou dcUoi)! Satrf^crei) f . b«» 

0t. sur Unttrfu^imd abne^cn) U. n. i^ICK; 


li'djtiff e, wtf. Hra^. [Anifot/Contreireitr. 
la'djtQr, #. bcr dn^rn:| Low, (Re^imiidf* 
Au'dit^riUfp, #• bof GotttroHeuramt 
ti^dit^ry, I. adj, boS (Se^r betreffmb $ ^* 

rra!b) — nervet, Anat hit (8e(6rtten»eii) 

— organ* boKBc^rorgoii) II.#. l.oflUet, 

bie Mfittti i. ba» TCubitoritim, ber 4>(r« 

faal) 8. ber 0ti4t<rflttbL 
AJi'ditr^M , #. bie 3tt(!6redni. 
Itrf, #. ber Xre|»t/ <l^ft«4 / ^<>rr i (cf. 0*0* 
Iv'g^r, #. 1. Qarp. ber grof e Sobrer^ eton^eit' 

bobrer^ e^fllpbobrer/ yum^eiibobrer (ber 

CMbiffH^nmerlettte)) (Itbbobrer} a. Jtftt. bie 

Sftttbertempirmaf^inei ihankofthe— , bod 

tifen (bie etange) beS e^iUpbcbrerft 4 

throvgh of the — , ber ^onbgriff beS e^tlp* 

bobrer* i screw, or twitted — , ber €J<bnef« 

fenbobreri — bit,bieeobrfdbill|)e$ —bore, 

(— hole), bod 9obrlo4* 
kvffSfU *• Ma. bie ^triime beim fOtinenban. 
Au^I bftaghM [AW-bA<]<}it. cone, abbftb! 

^bl lorCfiiri! 
la^t, profi. MbmS, irgenb HtlM^ for — 

I care, eoi. nuisetSKgett) for — Ikaow, fo 


In'ilte, J. Min. ber TTitgit, bie Dlibinbleiibe. 
To Aagnfetf, v. La. «ermebren{ bergr6feni$ 

fl. n, M bermebreii^ lunebnien. 
lag'm^t, «• bie ISermebnmg (wd. Aagaen- 

tation); C^fom. bad Xttgment. 
Avgm^ntf^ble, adj. berm^tbar. 
AigncBti'tion, #. 1. biefiermebntng, dttiiab« 

me $ 9. bie eteigentng) 8. ber d«fab$ 4. 

Com. baft eteigen (of tke pHoe, ber »reife) i 

5. Mus. bic QCugmentatiott/ eergr^fmmg. 
AagnCa^ftrve, adj. i»crmebrenb, oergri^f emb. 
AngmXn't^, s. ber ob. baft (Bermebrenbe. 
to'gre, #. vid. Anger. 

Ini^firgh, f. Gtog. Ifugftbttrg, vid. Aognata. 
To An'gvr, «. I. n. anft (Kerfmalen oenmtt^ i 

n. a. weiflogen, mutbrnafett, abnen. ^ « ,-« , , „_^,._,^, .,, 

An'giirfil, adj. bie TCitgvren ob. TTngurien Uf ^ — coafeMion, &;c.bie£)brenbeUbte| — tnie, 

treffenbj — itaff, ber Kngurftab. ein |>5rrp6c. 

To An'g&rfite, v. I. n. auft ISorbebeutnttgen Ao i^i^c" i? te, «(;. Bot gcfibrt. 

vorberfagen, abnenj n. a. weiffogen, |>ro« Aanf^roi]*, a4;.»(Jolbffibre«b^gorbrei*. 

Pb<l^cn. N Aarigi'tion, #. baft tfabnoefen, Oewerbe etoci 

Angfkri'tion, s. 1. baft TTttgttriren, ttabrfageng Submumnft. * 

(attft 3eiAett)$ 2. bie fiBeiffagung, |)n>;^be' AnripigmCn'tvni, s. vid, Orptaent 

Ingarivm^ bie SottebcitMag^ baft YnfteidboL 

An'gval, f. ber (fDtottot) Yugu^ Cntcmosot. 

Angftttf, adj. grof , erbabes, bcbr, b^nli^. 

Angii^, M. U lCn0tt(la (S-n)l 2. ^nnp. 

Angai'ttn, adj, l«attgsfMM$ dttfRW (ii^te* 
Mt anf 2iterat«r)$S. atgftbtrgif4^ -oonfaa- 
iion,6<rm. Mee. bieangftburgiMeOoafeffloi. 

Angtts^in, s. lC»g«|U]iiift, ICvgttfliii (911-1)} 
Ece. Angnotlni: 1« — friara, Yugt^iicri 
m5n4e4 >.— nnna, Xsgnftisersommu 

Angttitfnfii, *. bie |Mb^, Orbabenbett 

Agft«V f «• ICugttfteft, Xngttfl (9t-ii). 

Ank, 4. Om. ba W, f)apageitatt^. 

Anli'rfM* I. «<• |tt duett Qonegism (BalQ 
geb^rig} n. 4. fRitglicb eiieft Cogegimiift 
(Hall) anf eiier ber eiuiL IbdMrilt&tea (opp 
Collegian, (BoSegiati €Mbfiler einer bc^ 
CNbvIe). [Garni, ber 4>ofMb. 

An'iic adj. stt einett ^efe geb^rig $ -conncil, 

Anln[an], t. 1. bie (frosi.) to^ beretob) 
8. vid. Awne. 

Anm, #. 1. Bot bie ttteei S.«{d. Anne. 

Anm'bry, #• «<({• Almonry k Ambry. 

Annie, (Ann), #. bie Dbou Vb« (ffBeittaaf, 
meiftoft om swei Cittern). 

neiftenft o( 
Inm'elCt, s, 

Anni'tict, «. ber ttierfadben. 

Annt [&nt], g. bie Xante, 9afe, Ohi^ie. 

Ann'tjr, «. dim. Xont^ea. 

An'rf, 4. T. ber IDimfl, S>«ft 

An'rite, #. 1. i\>m. bie Mnigftbin^ OoMiTK | 

S. Cfcem. baft Vnrat, (Bolbfol}. 
An'ritfd, adj. golbibn^* 
Aar«'li», «. 1. TCnreUa (9-n)$ a. Nai. bk 

%)ttW>e, S^npbe, Cbntfalift. 
AQr€'9i», #. Paint ber ^dligenMeuL 
Aa'rjc, adj. —add, baft Q^oIbojCQb. [{^erjobr. 
Ao'ricle, s. AnaL 1. baft Ittfere S>br4 i. baft 
AnriCdUf , s. BqU baft Mren^br^en , bic 

AoriCcfil^r, adj. 1. baft IDftr ob. ^iren betref« 

fenb, ^6xhtiXifig'(''lyf ^dv.) SLi]i'ft£)br 

gefagt^ 8.ttitnbli4^^ertragett,fbrtgq^flan2t$ 

leimigi S.bieeorbebentitttg, baft TCttseUben, 
Angtt'rffI, adj. augnriW, wobrfagerif*. 
An'giironay adj, angnrirenbf borbebentenb, 

^«'ciry, t. 1. baft YugnrireK) bieiBabrfo* 

An'rlteilp, «. ber DbrUffel. 

An'riat, s. ber Dbrenarst. 

Anri/rf, s. 1. Y«rora(9-tt)| i.4ib{e9lor* 
genrfttbe, berfDTorgen^ 8. Ait. ber Jtref« 
»et(iling) -borealia. Met. ber 9(crbf4ein. 

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mt brtrdfenb, i^nen ^nU4. 
ln'rvBy '* €%em. 9oIb| — fahilMiiit, bol 
itnaOgoIbi ^moiirvm, or —moMiciia, bal 

AMcvltft'tion, «. 1« M dn(6rf]|^ ^ix^eii) 

a. Afed.bteQ(]i»hi(tation. 
T« Ai'ipjeftte, v. a. 1. gfinfUe lesfen, besiiii' 

fUsen^ 2. oorbebentes) 3. (em (^cfi^ft) be« 

flisnen, anfaiidea. 
Av'tfiee, «. l.btelBodelfi^, SogeUoalrra^ 

flnrci) 2.biceorb(beut«t04>iflr. (ano.p^) 

btncnfytden: ber e^irm (efael 4>e^creii), 

bie^tima, CD^imerf^aft} (giinfiigcr) QKii« 

flsf / Scgdnfli^imd* 
JHupl'ci^, ac(7. borbebeutenb. 
iMpfdoos, L a<^'. 1. (&l^i MeifTogenb) 9. 

(Ul(fii4 (b. ycrfoaen)) a.glafllft, genetgt 

(0. 9)erfottai m ea^oi)} n. — ly, adv. 

vnterd&tfHgereorbtbentsiis, gtitAUbi ni. 

— ii«M» t. bcr sfinftigc V]if<bcin^ dUifli^e 

ImtCrc^, J. a4f.; n. -ly, cMfo. fhrage, rauj, 

imfrouibtt^l i^o^ej HL-^en, f.bte^drte, 

nafctunhUihiU ber (erbe C5efd^ma<. 
liut^r^jty, J. bie etrotge^ Jtafhiitiia bc« Set 

bed I ^rtedtt^ Q^rattfoaifeit 
io'stin, #. (contr. ». Aas;iMtiR), XttfiufH«u«, 

lCagttftoi(!a-n)} iEcc. -friari, 7(BfittfH«er» 

]|i5m(e| — noM, XugitfUQemontteii. 
Aiif'trvl, actf. fiblUb I — AiU, (cofitr. Aaitni- 

lia), «• G^og. ICttfhraliett; 6itb'3nbtetti - 

Ailu, (coit<r. A«itralian)» adj. aupalini 

-land, fOblid^et S«nb4 -tisni, AmI. bie fftb< 

li^^eit ^inmeUiei^^oi. 
liutrilif, AMM'li«D, (/. Autraf. 
To lu'trfBze, «. n. M no4 B^tn »ettben 
Ao'itrj^ J. c«og. fcftrei*. [ob. netgen. 

Aii'stri«a,I.a4;-6flref4(F44 — roM, bierot^ 

tt. gelbe 9teUi — ineese-wort bie 4>a|^ier« 

bbnar^SttttorteKe} n.#. ber ibflrei^cr. 
AWtrjoe, ai(7. ffib(iiift$ vid, Anttral. 
Autfir'cvs , #. Om. bcr Saubenfaif . [^^ 
Av't^sh, «. ber eitfelbftgeniigeiibe, etlh^ 
Av'fcfircby, f. bie eelbftgenAgfamhit ^ boS 

Aatft&'^c; — ly; — dcm; rid. b. f. «B-n 
An/A^n'ticf], I. adj.; U. — ly» adv. aut(en« 

tif4/ <4t) beioA^rt (voneo^eit u. yerfi)< 

meit)| m. — nen, «. vid. b. il Anthenticity. 
AitMn'ticite, v.a. aut^enttflren^ retttgfiltig 

no^ca, btnvfuibett, beglmtbigen. 
ABtA^ntjci'tioB, «. bie 9eglattbigtt»g^ ^gali* 
lat^i^Dtfeity, s. bieVttt^eiiticitdt, ®Iattb»fir' 

bigfd^Mt^. I 

io(A«'ri«l, a47. ben ScrfftfTer ob bif Vntor* 
f«dft bctreffenb, f4riftMerif«. 

Aii'tfc^r**- l.berUr^eber^bieU-rinni Ctiftcr, 
©t-rimi} 2. bcrXtttor, CerfaflTer, e*rift» 
^Oeri (famale-), bie«-rintt, 6*rift|ta» 
lerinn^ 3. bie Urfd^e. [b. iL Author. 

An'thQT^M, s. 1. bieUrJeberiwi^icj %vid. 

lofMr'itttfTe, I. adi.; 11. -Iy» ado. 1. Knt 
toritdt ^abenb, beooOmd^tigeti 2. gcbictc 
riM/ abfpre^eab) UI. -nesi, #. 1. tad Se* 
ooHmd^tigtfein^ 2. ba» (mittigc) TCnfc^m 
8. bas gebteterifcbe SBefen. 

intMHity, «. 1. bie gcfe|md>ige !Ra4t unb 
(Se»alt, ^a^tt>oUfovmtnieiU 2. ba6 7(»« 
fe^ii/ ber beflimmenbe fSinfinf, bie SBttbtig* 
fnti S.bieSoIIma^ti 4. Lt<. bad dcugnif, 
bie (SelegO CtneSei 5. bie QlaubtDurbigi 
feit; 6. bie (Srlaubaif ^ (S>ru(e*) Srcibciti 
7. bie Ytttoritit, ®eiDdbr$ B. ilm. a) (in 
Con.) ba6 Oeritbt/ lit ((9eri(btt«) 9cb6rbr, 
ber !IXagiflrat| 6) bie ^rofefioren aU Stox\ 
perf^aft) Com. on the — of Aie aamplca, 
Aa4^robe,na49R»|ler} on, or nnder the— 
of..., beretbtigt bttr4 ... ) im TCuftrage »oo 
...) from good--, and Merer CtucUc, ftu9 
Merer f>anb. 

Antiidr'jttei, Law, l.bie^tf^ctbungen 
ber bd^eren ®eriibtd(5fc $ 2. bie^Kctcn, »oriii- 
biefe Gntf^. cnt^alten ftnb; 3. (poblic -*, 
local — ) 5fetttli4e (ob. JDrtd*) IBc^orben. 

IntftQrlza'tion, s. 1. bic QCtttorifation, SeooQ' 
md^tigung i 2. Se|l4tigttttg, Q^ultigmaii^nag. 

To In'tAorize, v. a. 1. autoriftren, bc»oama4« 
tigen, bere(btigen$ 2. gutbeifen^ ftir red^t» 
mdpig ttfliten, re^tfertigenj 3. befldtigen, 
giiltig ma^en. [unglattbnurbig. 

kufih^rl^M, adj. o^neUr^eber ob. ecrfafTeri 

kn'th^rthip,^. bieTCutorf^aft, 64rift|leaerei. 

IAat^bi^grSph'jc^, adj. autobiograp(tf(b« 
Aotpbidg'rfphy, f. bie TCutobiogroptie. 
AotSc'r^ay. #. iY>i. bie 2Cuto(ratie, 6clbfl« 

berrf4aft. [f(bcr. 

Au'tQcriit, s. JM. ber ICutofrat^ €$elb^^err» 
Aat9cr&t'ic(— c^l), act?. atttotratif(b/ unuin* 

f^rdnft. [(cnftcrinn. 

Antdc'r^trYx, Aotoc^r^trYce, s, Pbi. bic€^elbfl» 
Anto-da-fe [kw-t9-df •ft'], s. Rom. Caih. bad 


Ant9ge'ni<il, a*', fel^ffetjeugt^ fclbflgef^affen. 
An'togrXph, I. *. bieeigene4)attbf4rift, Uatcr* 

f^rift, Urf4rift, Urfunbei II. adj. eigex< 

bdnbig geMrieben. [ftriebeB), urfnnbU^. 
Ant9gr«ph'jc (— cfJ), adj. eigeit^nbig (gc« 
AntOg'r^pby^ #. bie eigenc {>anbf4ri^, Ur- 

ftbrift, bos S)nginat. 
A«t^'98y« ^- ba» 0e(bflg(fpri^. 

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Atitifn'fitfl, adj. vii, Aotomatic, Ae. 
Aa't9m&t^ s. Ux Gelbftgde^rte^ 7(utobtbaft. 
lQt9iiiXf|e(— c^l), adj. avitt>mati\^, maf^i' 

AntSni'^tpn, «. boft ICtttomat; bie fi^ felBft be* 
negcnbe 9Raf(i^tne, bad eelbftgetriebe^ ^. 
bfr SyMnling. 

Aotdn'^toai, acO*. autonuitin, M (A^ ^Ra* 

Aut5nVmoQi,a<0'. felbfl(errfi)nib/imab(&nd{$. 

Iu't9piy, «• bad Gelbftfe^en, bie eelbftbe* 
Mauung, ber Itagenf^ein. 

lat0p'tjc(-e%l» adj. ; — c^Iy»a(2o.)> ntlt eignen 
ICn^^tt fe^enb^ beoba^tet) — examinfttion, 
AM. bie GelbftttnterTu^ung (am itranfen< 

AfMth'atuU 9' ber Kutot^eift [bette) 

An't^mn [— tvm], #. ber f>erbft 

Aotfiin'o^, adj. l^erbfUiAi comp, 4)erbfl». 

Antlim'afl^ s. pi. Bot im f>erbfi blfi^enbe 

An'iHXM, f . Rhet, bie (Snoeiterung. [^flaniett. 

Aaxn'i^r, Aaiil'i<iry» L flrfj.^elfenb; beifle* 
tenb, t^Ifrei(^$ {>itlfd«} II. «. ber, bie, bad 
^iilfeleiflenbej aQxiliariet, pi. bie {)aifd« 
. Aoijijii'tion, ^. bie f>il!fe, ber Seiflanb. 

Aoxilia't9f7» adj. »ie Auxiliar, Ac. 

Anitfm'it^r, i. Per. ber 8ergr5f entngSmelfer. 

To 4LTSil', V. I. a. 1. nil^en, (elfen^ 2. begitn' 
fligen, bef$rbem^ to — one's self of, be* 
Hitmen, M bebienen} n. n. nfi^U^ fetn, (elfen. 

^Tail'» «.ber92uten, Sort^eil^ »-■> pi. Am. 
(N. E.), ber ®minn, ©rtrag. 

4LTiil9ble, I. adj.; II. — ly, adv. Jt&^lidf, bor* 
Heiljaftj /Aiw,9f»'ti0,flatt^aftj Ul.-nctt, 
9. bie «iitK*Wr, SiJuebarfeitj Law, bie 
OtittigMt, ^raft [©ftneeflttrs. 

AT^lInche', Av^Sn^e', #. bie Sanine, ber 

A^iinf, I. «. vid. Van; n. int. vid. Arannt; 
ni. comp, bef. Mil. — coarier, ber Sorbote} 
(vid. Van); —goard, bieTCbantgatbej (vid. 
Van); —main, Man. ber «orberfuf (bci 
9feth€a)i —more, Fort, bie «ormauerj 
— peach, Pom. bie grfiJpflrfH. 

A Arfc«. *. ber OfJeii, bie i>abrtt4t 

iT^rfciouf, L adj.; U. — ly, adu. gei^ig, 
fargj ni.-^nesa, *.ber®ei|, bie Jtorgjeit, 

Avttt', int. Mar. genng! ^Itl (alt an! 

AvAont', tne. fort I meg ba ! (tnanft ! patfe IDidft ! 

i'v8-MA'ry, #. ^c. bad 7(i>e SRaria. 

ATfoX'cionR, adj. (aferartig. 

Av'on^ie. *. ber |>aferjinft, bie ^afergfitte. 

To J^i^n^tf, 0. a. 1. rd^en (—one's self of ... , 
M - an ...) i % abnben, flrafcn. [fttng. 

^vCn^e'mfnt, f. LbieCfta^e^ 2. bie IBeftra' 

4LY«n't9r, #. LberM^eri & ber Seftrafer. 

ay'^is, (.Iv'^nt), s. Bot balScncfeiclcKhttt. 

^t^n'tnre [— tshyr] , s. LaWj ber ungtilcftid^c 
3ttfaII, ber eiited 9Reiif(^eit Zob jar golge (at. 

Av'fBiio, #. l.ber(gerdnmige, fretc; 3ngaiig 
(in einen ffBatb), (9attm«) (Song, bieXQeei 
2. bie 7(nfa>rt$ breite (mtt Mnmen befe^te) 
etrafe^ 3. Af ;^ ber 9af , 3ugang,ffBeg. 

To ATor', V. a. all »a(r ben>etfen, be^oupten, 

iv'er^ge, #. 1. Corns, bie {>aferei, j>at>ariei 
Ungelber, f)rimgelb (ge». inSra^tbriefen: 
with primage and — accustomed; vid. Pri- 
mage); small or petty — , bie gemeineob. 
Reittef>afierei$ general— , bie grofe{).$ freo 
from—, Sebarb, frei oom l^etberben) ad- 
justment of a-s, bielDidpa^e, 6eef(bobeBbe* 
re^nuttg) —account, bie ^afereireibnnng) 
2. bal mittlere (3a(Ien«) eer^dltmf / ber 
S>ur(bf4nitt) comp. !DWeIbnr<bfibnitti « $ 
-amount, ber S>nr(bFAnittd'Setrag 3 Com -s. 
—date, bermittttre3a(luftgltenmn, biegc« 
meinWaftli4e»erfanieit5 — Ure, bie!Dttr<^» 
f^nittd'Xara; 8. — of com fields, bie nacb 
ber dtntt liegengebliebenen ^alme, bad ®e« 

To Av'^r^e, v. I. a. einett ©nrif^nittdpreid 
-ma^en^ in gleiibe 2;(eile t^ilenf 11. n. im 
SDttr4f4^Qitt geben,bttr<bf4nittli4 andma^en. 

^veWm^nt, s.Lato, 1. ber (3ettgcn«)Oe»eid, 
bielBefrdftigttttg^ 2. bie ^eftdti^nng/ Seja* 
(ung i 3. bad TCnerbieten bed Seflagten, eine 
(Sxception }n beweifen, unb ber Oe»eid berfet 
ben felbfl. [Sraubenforte and Q^aoenna. 

^AveHn^t, luver'n^t, i.J^m. berOldbner, eine 

To Av^rrun'cite, v. a. audmnrseln, audrotten. 

A^frr^ncft'tion, s. bie Tfudrottung. 

Averse', I. adj. abgeneigt, ttngdnffig, entgegen, 
IttWiber, wibrigi (mit to); II. — ly, adv. 
mtt ISibenoiDen, nngem^ III.— ness, «. bie 
^geneigt^eit; ber SEBiberwiae, ^f(beu. 

berioine) 2. ber®egen^anb bed7(bf(ietted,ic. 

To^vert', v. I. a. 1. n>eg»enben, abiie^eni 
2. Kbneignng er»e<fen$ 3. abmenben, ah* 
menbig maiben^ n. n. fI4 abmenben. 

^ver'tfr, s. ber^menber, bad Vbnenbenbe^u. 

^Aver'tf, (ATerf), s. Man. bie fd^tttgered^te 
Semegung eined ^ferbed. 

i'v)%ry, s* bad ISoge^aud) bie Sogel^ede. 

ATld'jty, s. 1. bie (Bier, Qefirdfigfeit) 2.bU 
{>abftt4t. [banm. 

Av9c&'do, (Ivfgi'to), s. BoU berlCoogato- 

To Iv'oate, V. a. abrufen, ab^lten. 

ATOci'tioo, #. 1. bte TCbrufnng) 2. bie lCb« 
baltURg (bnnb ein Olef^dft). 

i?9C9to'rj<i, s. pi. Law, bie TCbrttfungdbrtefe. 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 




tcr, ber :iCbrttfixtt98brief. 
To ^ToTd', V. «« 1. metben^ terndbni} ent« 

ge^n, entfommen) 2. oerlafes, rittmai) 

8. ^tnbern^ tereitebii 4. Z^mo, einweoben^ 

5. avnebeii/ nn^ttltfg ma^en. 
^v5¥d'»bie, lufj. 1. i»<nnetb(td^j 2. asf^it^e^ 

ben^ wibemtflt^* 
^vdrd'^Dce* jr. l.btelBerme(bting4 ff^egf^af^ 

fling ; 2. bte ^lettung/ V«f (cbttRg, ber fiBts 

bemif f 3. bie QhrleMgang; eacaiQ. 
^ybidf^T, s.Ux, (bie, ba»){)Kcibe»be/ fBeg> 

f4affenbe^ k. 
^voYd'jne, L p.s. bad9Rdben,u.4 -of blood. 

ber9lTtn)er(ufl;®ItttfIufi IL p. a. oermet^ 
^v5id'!ffi, arfi. uTreermeib({4. [benb^ ic. 
AT'oir-dfi-p5rf ' [8'v^r —], s. baS gcmeiite OJe* 

n>i(6t/ |>aQb(tege»i4t, Jtromer^i^t 9on 

16 Unien. 
To ^vSdcV, v.a.l. be^oupteii; berR^tn^ 2. 

(|um Sc^uf Ob. ®efhn tinH %n\>ttn} anfii|» 

ten i 3. rwJtfcrttgeH, gut Jeiftn; bcfrilftigeii. 
ATodch'fr, f . brr Se^auptcnbe^ 9(fr4ftige&be. 
^Yddch'o^nt, f . bie QtfTdmitg, Sf^ttttptung/ 

To Avo*', V. 0. befemiw, anerfenneii; oert^eU 

btgeit; be(ait;i>ten$ Loto, ofTentUd^ txtlAttn, 

einge^e^en unb re^tfertigtn. • 
^LvdV^ble, I. adj, ; H. — ly, adv. aneifettttbat, 

jtt re^tfertigtit; ju bert^eibigen. 
^vo<^'»i. #. baS ©eftnntmp, bie (ilffnitlidje) 

iWWnittg, Ifuftfttge. 
^voV^t, s. Law, bet SeWttgte, welder dnt 

(©iters) SBegaa^me eingefle^t, aber vt^U 

fertigt. [offen, o^ne 9tfitf6olt. 

Avo^Vdly, adu. frei, fiffentK* (beeennenb), 
Avoitee', #. ber Jttrc^rn^patron, vtd. Advowee. 
^Lroi^V) #.beT©efeniier, ©e^aupter, Certjci* 

biger^ eerhtnbigev. 
i^Toi^ry, «. Loio, bie Sert^eibtgung einer (Su^ 

temegna^me, 64u|f4^rtft bed SSeflagten (in 

einer action of replevin), 
^To^^f 9l> «• bas Sefenntnif . 
^ivSIsed', p. a. abgeriffen, iDeggeriffen. 
^vnl'iion, 1. bie TCbreif ung 5 SSegreifung. 
To ^waif» V. a. toaxttn, erworten^ a— ing yoor 

reply, Ac, 3^rerKnt»ortentgegenfe^ettb,:c. 
To ^wike', v, reg, k ir. I. a. (tx)mdm, anf» 

ntitm n. n. tmai^tn, auf^ad^en (atLd^figy 
i4wske',,wadfin^,mwattti MUifloS, 
To Awft'kfn, vid. To Awake, 
^wske'n^r, *. ber («r«) ffiedt er $ ba$ SEBe tfenbe, 

ber fBecftr an einer U^r. 
Awi'keolng, (^LwUlclng), p. *. bad 6r»etfett, 

(Snoa^en j JRe/. bad geifUge drna^en, 2e« 

bcRbigioerben bed religidfen Gitmed. 

To ^wMf, Law, o. L a. gntiMQ^ )ll(^ttA<it# 
itter!ennen((Sincm(lt»ad)) lUn. ben Y»d« 
fpnt4» ttun^ nrt^eUen. 

AwArdV «. Lew, bad Urt^I, ber ( Aicbdri*- 
terli^) Vndrpnt^i ber Scfc^cib. 

To ilwArd', V. a, audpariren^ vtd. To Ward off. 

i^wi^'d«^ «. btr (e^icbdO CHidi^tcr. 

ifLwlre', I. adv. gcma^r^ auf fcincr ^ttt, a((t« 
fom; bOR (Stibad iDiffenb, nntcrrii^tcti to 
be — of a thiog, i&ttoat gc»a(^r nerben { M 
einereaiftcDerfe^cn^ urndtnad tttfTen) 11 
t'Rt. X^tang! borgcfc^en! 

i^wiy', L ado, meg^ abmefenb^ fort) to ■ako<-, 
1. bsr^bringen^ berfc^ncnbcn) 2. (to make 
— with one's eelf;, (fid^) bad (Slaraudma^Ktt, 
nmbringens tke cannot — with him, tie fann 
ttid^t odt i^m audtommcB) Unn i^n ni^t 
tertragcn) to make one's lelf— , M Ibca 
icoL and bemStonbe) ma^m H. int. fort! 
U>eg! ^Bibcg! -for ahane! pfHAl ([(Mmc 
JDi^l fcftdmt. <Su^!) laagh — I nnr (i gc* 
U4tJ fire-! ff^iefiui 

iwe, J. l.bielS^rfurt^tf c^rcrbietige ^ur^t/ 
GAen^ 2« ber €M^ucr. 

To Awe, V. a. 1. @^rfur<(t einfldM) 2. in 
Sur^t fatten, ^.tinjagen) 3. fd^eu mat^ea^ 

AwSa'ry, adj. ndibe, crmattet [einMfi^teni. 

AwSa'thfr, ado. Mar. Inbibdrtd. [^ft. 

Aweigh', A-weIgh' t»-wa'], adj. Afan auftc* 

A-w^F-v'diy', tnt. giltiger l^immel! o»e|^! 

Aw'fAl,!. ad;.; 11. — ly, adv. 1. e^rfur^^c* 
bietenb, e^rfiir^terrcgenb i 2. furd^tcrregcnb, 
fur(^tbar4 3. e^rfurd^tdboQ) III. — neia, $, 
1. bie @4r«>iirbtgfeit) 2. bie e^rfurd^t. 

Awhile' [-hwiK], adv* eine3eit lang^eineffBcile. 

^whrt^ [»-hwitQ, adv. (in ncgattben 6d^en) 
not ft— nt^t im ®eringflen4 vid, Whit. 

Awk'wfrd, I. adj,; II. — ly, adv, 1. ungc* 
f4i<!t, UnfifA/ t6(pif4, pinmps 2. unma* 
nierlti^^ Vob} abgef4ma(ft,albem} 8.»i« 
brig/f4(imm) »ibcrfpdn{tig5 IH*— nesa, «. 
bie Ungef4i(ft^cit, ^(nmptcit) fiumm^eit^ 
:Kbgef4ma(ftl^eit^ Tnbcrn^eit. 

Awl, 1. bie Tif^Uf $fncme; ber ID^rti peg- 
ging — , bie 9flocN2ft(e f&r 64n(ma^er$ 

joiner's — , ber 0pibBo(rcr fur ZiWitt i 
brad—, ber 6pi^bo^rcr fur 3immcrleutei 
Bot-^, —shaped, pfricmettfdrmigi —wort, 
bad flBaferpfriemenfrant 

Jtw'l^s, adj, nne^rerbietig, e(rfitr4tdIod. 

Awme, (Jtwn), g, vid* Aame. 

Iwnf, Awnef, s. pi, bie Gronnen (an ben 
S^ren), 7(*eln. 

.twining, p.#. bad 6onttenseU,Ieiaene 64^irm* 

ba<lb (<lber einem e^iffe^u.)) bodSenfter' 
lelt, bie SXaranife. 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 



^wOkc/, ]»ri0f. oott To Awike. 
4i«Mf, AwftHkfiig, 4ufo. Ap.«. C9l. is bet 
Vr^ (M) Ato^ VtMt; «iM(fiib$ to 

Awry' [»0, «4r.ik Mfo. W^;n0mLimi^ftm 

ftttwiftl I f^ iflcwt 4 Jig. Dccft^tt^ mtgcrctet. 

ix, ixe, t. Me Xit/ M grofcCMli W^wt, 

a Hi broad-, ^iimxmvt, baSStctt' 

lC*M*r«*ci -(-t.)pia. lerTttmH 
bU tftiife ometobei -trow, Jr«r. buY#fn 
dieSflUpcrttl — -tree wmaen, bit 6to|> 
i4^tSbu (jqf. Wuhen). 

iy [iT], adn.tmlg. it, }« bo4l frelU*, fleiDtf, 
befiiiiimt) - -lir ! Sm, ia mem^ 1 (ga»6(Bl. 
KtttMort ber fDUrtrefen asf bm 6awB«ibo)i 
— Midno, {a nob new; ajtm «ad iom, pC 
ettemcB b«|liir mb baioiber. 

If, h tot. 0(1 «d»l 9ki\ -Mel m^mir! 

_ , n^Ay, cr Aye, a<fD. ♦ (e«f ) Unmgr, mig! 

bfeetWyt) feUiog-, biettalb<rt$ Jnnk-, ly'-grHi, «. Jtot bar ^osllov^. 

U$JMMi(jsm M$pptnUx7^nt)4 pole— 
(bwirdlog-^ biUtle-), lUeMtwt, bed 
CMccMIi -foRMd, Jlot. ktibt\!(6m\%i 
^heed, bcr 1Cxt^«, ftWen dacr V]ct4 
*-itone,M{ii.bcrMlfldii| -Tetdb, -vert, 
Bel. bift MXttwt, bie MlcotottiOe. 

Ai'fani, udi. a^fmfSrmig. 

iiUAxfll*, t.l.JfMt.btcX#rd«nibc) i. 
M. berlCfbi Ob. MittelaM. 

MOfr, Ax'flltry, mtf. ^at. |ir X^fclgntbe 
g((6ridi ft-y, JBot. In Vfl» eb. Slattioittfel 
fk^, O^fclfUsbig) ft-y ertery, JjmL bie 

ix^mte, #. Afifi. ber S^usBerflds, Vjtiait 

ix'loei, «. 1^ be$ Vjciom, ber Q^ntitbfab. 

A^9B&t^c(-cfi), adj. ttimadn, ^tmif, 
anr^ M ftlhfk) emiefen, ancrfonst 

iifk #. T. (bef. ATet^ A Bot.) bit V*fe4 
jMttU ber imeite mfttoieirbeli Zool. ber 

2x^ ii'le^^i, #. Me V«fe am dtebe$ - -t. 
ami, lUe^»m^aiUn%ti — -tame, bie 
lUlfmMentelj — tbed, ba6ir«feiifktter$ 
- -t. box, bie V^fenbii^fe^ — -t hoop, ber 
teabenrbig, be$ Stabenbanb) --tnet, bie 

ij/ry, *. bie ^orft^ ic^ vid. Aerie. 
Ax'frole, «. JF^m. bie V)«rele^ !Ri5|^Ibirse. 
ii'Wiifc, L t. ^Iit. ber V)im«t(, eertifaliir* 

fet) n. a((;. Oitamttal) — coaipaee, NmiU 

berlCtim«tMi(9el4 -dial, bie ^ioutttel' 

^ote', (Az5f , C.)» #. Cheiiu ber eti^ff, be» 

eiitgol, Jto(Ieiifto1he«, bU etiAttft 
AsSlfle, a4f. Chen. etiAMT cilt(dteilb. 
jiyvtlfed, p. a. — fM>d, ftidEfiolKalttge 9ia^ 


Ai/vato, «• Chem. bol fdpeterfaitre €ktl|. 
I'xvre [i'-ibvr], adj. (immelblatt, ^o^Ua, 

♦ et«ni| — ttoae, Afin. ber ^fvrlleiiL 
i'x«re [ft'-ib^r], s. L CSiem. baft bunfelblaQC 

Jtobaltgtaft, bie emattei a. ber (2B^)^im« 

ttel4 9. Her. baftSIatt (b(aiteSelb)l —of 

copper, Alin. bie JhMDferlafter. 
To A'lvre [i'-ibyr], v. a. Otmal (tmmelbUttt 

Mrben. [((immeDbbm^ lafttrferbifl. 

i'lvred [i^-ibvr4« «<(;. iiaimelblait gefdrbt, 
A'svrt te [— ibvr — ], #. md. Azore-otoae. 
la'ymlf , #. p^ /no. ild. bad geft ber vol^u 

f4uerteii Srobe. 
.Wyaooi, adj. /eto. Ae(. usgefiitert. 


B [b«], f . (eitt aXitlottter)^ baft 9, bi Mm. ber 
fUbenteXon ber XonUiter Ck)i B flat, (B b), 
AfHA. b moB4 B*i of Ike bowsprit, Skip-b. 
bie (Biolinett (ISadteii) beft Sn9ft>rietft. 

B, aMr. ft baia, ber Saf 5 B. A., ft. bachelor 
of arti, (Baccalavrenft ber freien St&aftti 
B. C, ft. before Chriit, tor Q^rifli Oeburt i 
B.D., ft bachelor of (ia) diWalty, Aaccas 
lattrettftberS^eoIogie^ bd. ft boaod, (oon 
M4ent) gebsnbeB^ bds. ft in boards, in 
f>ap|»e, brof^firt} B. L., ft bachelor of 
Iawa,9accttlaitrcitftber3ttrift|)ntben)$ B.K 
(t bachelor of nedeciae, Qaccalattreitft ber| 
flUbiciii^ Bot, ft boaght, lOttfte (in fait|ln. 

Ote^Bttngen) I Bar., bart., Bt, ft. baroa, 

baronet, Oaron, Oaronet; Bp., ft bishop, 


Baa, f. baft SIdfen/ OebI6f (pen 04afeii). 
To Baa, o. n. bl^fen^ vulg. bdes. 
Baar^e, f. eine Gatt. 
Blat, «• 1. eine fiameflMe (oieredKge) ZiXbtt* 

mdniei S. ein ^ineflMeft Qbwidft ton einer 

(alben Unje. 
To Bftblile, V. 1. 91. 1. pa^H^tt^ fUmmeltt (n>te 

Heine itinber)^ p(appem,9laabem$ B, Sport. 

(0. ^nnben, bef. }ur unre^ten idt) anftlo^ 

geni n. 0. (bvmmeft 3(itd) f4»«|n* 


SXI»^lfr» «. ber e4»d^^ )C| the-, bie| 
BXb^lf rf, pi. 9p9rt. i>orIftitte j^nabe. 
MMl^Bc, Lp.f. l.badyiattban, wxa&^tQ^t^ 

Mi»4|4 8. Sport ba< oorlontrKitf^^Iigeiibcr 

^ttnfee, naibbem fie Me ^i^ur M ttUM (a«| 

ben) II. p. a.fitieaMoft^pUtiibcnib| the— { 

echo* bo^ i)tM»i^i^Q^) the — •trem, 

bet rieTeltibe (nutrmelabe) Qa4« 
Bftbe» #. 1. ba» neine Stiah, MxMita, ber{ 

eAn^littg) 9. boe^p^en. 
Bi^l, «. 1. Geog.§Mtl, Oabi^toii; 2. A. 

bic (Bemitnutd, Unotbmms. [iliaberei. 
Bifbfry, #• becJKnbcifeam/ bo^Cpieftetto, bie 
U'bf ah, MlHiUy* «<(<• Babyltk, kc 
BfbMn', #. Zoot. bet f)a»i«L 
Bfbw'ih^ «. pt. eabo#tt, «ahtfJM. 
Bi'by, «. l.baft fleineitUKb) 9.bie9)tippe) 

— ihiBft, baft |)itppeii»erf , J^nberfpielfUteiu 
To Bft'bx, o. a. leie eia Jtfnb be^bds) tfo« 
Bil>ybood [- bfldl «. Me Mtbleit [f«cii. 
Bl^byfib, L ««•; H. -ly, «to. Hnbif^. 
JMfyipm, #. ^eag. Sab^loi^ flobeL 
BSbylO'Blfii, L ck(f. 1. fHL^ttxdf^i S. A. 

oenoirrti n. s. ber Sabi)Ionier. 
Bibylbole, BXbyUnlcfJ, BSbylO'niflh, a^f. 1. 

bttb^lonffibl S.^. oenoirr^^firmifib. 
Bic, «. Leinfyr^m, 9f4(rboot| 9. Drew. 

baft JWfVff, bet JU^otti4l S. XKff: 

Biic'c*, «. Bou bie 9)eete. 
BSlec^v'rftiite, «. lAt, baft fll^accalanteat. 
Bkosh'^n^l, I. adj. Mwetgerifib, f4»drmenb ^ 

n. J. bet €$4»elget, 3e(bbntt)et. 
BSc^h^&'lj^o, J. k adj, nit Bftcehaoal. 
BSe{b'«ii»lf, «. p{. 1. Ant. bie Sacd^alienj 

%fig. bie e4»eldetei, baft ded^gelag. 
Bfcshin'tef , «*p<. LilntOac^aiiten/eac^aii: 

ttnneni a^.tnmfene64»Aimet, e^mel* 
BX</sb9rrf, «. Bot bie tDfitnonti. [get. 
BXc'cb{cBic'sbicfl,a4;.bae4if4l »eintnta« 

fen^ toeintoS. 

BSc'shivi, «. /bet bet Oac^isft. 
BSc'£li9«, «. Myth, (Bac^nft. 
B^c^f roag, ac^. Bot Seeten ttagenb. 
B^G^v'^roiii, adj. Nat 9eeten fteflenb. 
BXch'9l9r, #. 1. betSunggefene} 9. bet ^ge« 

flol^$ 8. Ac betfl^accalatttesfti — *• bnttoni, 

Bot. 1. bielBalbl^tbttift, baft!Btatientftft4eii) 

a bie Jtotitblmiie. [Ac, baft Saccolattteat 
Bich'^l^nUTp, s. 1. betSunsgefelleiiflaiib} 9. 
BIck, #. de». eomp. bie Jtufe, ). ». beer — , 

bie flietfiife) brewing -, baft JtftW4iff) 

Biek, #. 1. betMieii) 9. baft Jtteni (eineft 

Wtm, M.)i 8. baft«i8M|itt (Miiiem 
itfcibc. It), Me ftMldte, bet Mifdi (bet 
jMttb, eineftOn^cft^ etu^Ieft, {Bctt^eiifteft, 
l^ftflclft, )C.)| 4. bet Jtamm mit einet 0tdtc 
3d^e(^aSbet9ei9.becki9e8amrt)i 6. 
SMp-&. bct0lil«c]ieineft«tii(XJtnnuRt9lKft 
(•pp. Belly); Abr-^. — of the otem poet, 
bet ttatettlteMni — efthemMer, Me git- 
tenuis Ob. eetboppebtig am C^tevet) ~ of 
a eoin> bet Bteoetft (Me itef^tfeile) wutt 
^Bt&a^ti a — and break, ein^nriM/ M* 
tof I — asd collar t eis fMllemeft Sshu^ 
leibilM (Hit eetbeffemns bet f^icfta 4m1' 
tang) I coflap. -baad* boftXtogbaib (bei bet 
ettgL 9abelbei4fel» — b. hookf , Me|Mieit an 
bet <8abel }sm Qin^ahn bet ^tttn (beft 
Stagbanbeft)! — baiket,bctXtaglbtb| baft 
ffteffi bie Oiittei - blow, 1. bet e4flag onf 
ben Mita i 9. bet e^iag iiit mRgetDOi^' 
tet j>attb )- board, Jlfar. baft ^(iibtet (i8« 
tea attbet6i|baa> eiseftSoatefti —base, 
l.bet8tita) 9.baftat£tfeRflfi(ti— boMi, 
J. pi. Me neiafle eotte bet flBaBflMbafbeai 

— doati, t. pi. bie tBittbebi} — door, L Ml 
^intttti^xi 9.ji8r.MeViift|ln4t$- freight, 
bie illiitffta^t} — friend, ein MtdfOtet 
gtennb/ (eun^ttgeinbi — gammon, Gam. 
baft Ztifttof, 9>itffrptel (Ktt fltctf^ieOl - 
ground, MU. bet Setfletf, ^intetgtinb, 
befgL i\itat bieSettiefnttg (in einem OM* 
m41be, u.)) — handed, mit mngemanbtct 
JHmb3— heave, bet (SegenWing)— hearer, 
eine !IXafibiae }itm CM^mingen beft Jtotnfti 
--honie, baft 4>iRtet^a«ft, 4>intetgebtobc) 

— light, baft ^tetglaft in ctnet Jtutf^j 

— painting, eine Vtt ®laftma(ef ei (auf bet 
MtfTeite beft Olafeft mitS)eIfatbe iilttmtnittc 
Jhtpfdrftt^e)) — part, bet ^tntett^eil) * 
piece, baft M^ttxtfAd (einet {Riifhing, )t)| 

— room, bet (tntete dUum^ Me ^intetk 
ftubei — ohop, baft {>ittterge»6ibci — tide* 
1. baft f>intett(ei(, bie (Riiifrette i 9. bet j>of 
obet Btanm Mnter bem j>aufe; 8. bet^intete 
(eineft X^ieteft){ — ttafT, Naiit bet Gonnen^ 
^d^enmefleti — atairt, s. pi. 1. bie ^intet* 
tteppe) ^eimliibe Steppe^ 9. Jig. bie Knft* 
f{u4 1 i " ttayi. Mars, bie ^arbnnen (flarf e 
Sane ^ut fl^efefUgimg bet aXoflen)i after- 
stays, yatbmten an ben 0eitcn beft €$4tffeft 
(intetben9Xaflett| breast— stays, 0eiteR< 
patbnnen; standing— stays, ftetenbe yaf 
bsneni traveling — stays, ISotgpafbnnen 
betetengeni -step, MU. hnMdf^xitt, 
bei militdtif4ett ^emegungen otne 8et<abe« 
ntng bet ^nte i — stitch. Sew. bet 0tcpp« 
flt4^ —strap, bie etmppe am Antf^ftc* 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 




fKrr ) - fwtyvd. Vet e^mers «. CN(»<«el| Wm (»»ii9iA4trn,tCv ch4^.)< 1H. 

in benStieren (etbenb(i»ott9)fitrbcn» —sweep 
of the waves, Jtfor. bie ttiberfee) — tword, 
1. ber ^i^it, ^wU^tn, bM dnf^neibtge 
e4»etbt) 9. ein Gtocf mit dnem Jtorbge« 
fif smtt S^^tcn j — iword man, ber 9(^« 
teraafben^rfcb} —tools, Boafc-6. gUrten; 
6tri4 ' ober gabenflcmpel sum fStv^itnu ber 
9il4errfi(fciij — water, Dik. Gtanioaffer ^ 
To — water, v. a. Afar, rfttfm&rtft ntbem 
— woods, i4m.bieDonbett7rne9^ant)«(Sebirgen 
a»efH. Uegenben ttrwdlber (le^t i- tbeWcst 
eK tbe /fff West); —'woods' meo, bie »<i- 
fete ftetoo^ttcr biefer 8Bd(ber, 4>iRter»&tbter4 
— worm (wd. Filanders); — yard, ber ^ln« 

BXck, ddo. inrfi* 4 JiHterwdrtfj — w —again, 
wiebcT; wieberumj a few years—, tor ei* 
tttsett 3<4^sn- 

To BXck, V. I. a. 1. (ein ^ferb; tc.) befteiQen, 
tinteit auffl^en) 2. (ein ^ferb) abridj^ten, 
inrdten) B.fig. (einem)^cn0ttt(fen^alten, 
n(n) nnterflfit^/ bcrt^ibigen) 4. ,viiii(f 

ioften, fvrficftreten lafftn i^fttht, S>^fes maU 2. /fer. bft« SDrbenigci^enj tadtii 

tc); (mil etiem9u^r»erf))ttru(t(afen4 
a letter, einen©rief fiberfibreiben^ to — a 
warraat, Law, einem in einer anbern <9rof« 
f(|ttft QtM^eftenten «er(aftlbefe(l buril bic 
Unterfibrift eined bortigen griebenftritbtere 
(Sfiltigteit ^eben ^ to — in, rittf mdrts (inein« 
fa^ren^ge^n, u^ iurdtf^afen, (vid, oben)4 
Jtfar<^. td— an anchor, einen TCnfer »crifttt» 
ten Mo — a-stern, to — the oars, bie Ctiemen 
llrfHen, rfltfwdrte rubem^ — all a-stern, 
fhrei^t inft$efammt4 to — the sails, bieGegel 
btttfOurfid) legend II. n. jurfidttreten, rfirf* 

BXefc'bft, p. r>. To Backbite. 

To Biick'bTte, v, ir. a. ofterreben, ocrlenmben. 

Bitck'blt^r, s. ber Serleumbcr. 

BXek'bTtingly, adv. oerleumben'fi^ft. 

BXck'brtten, p.p. b. To Backbite. 

BXcked', adj. einen fRiicfcn (abcnb) broadly—, 
mit breitem SlfidPeni broken — , freuilttjm. 

BXckgWmvn, «. vid. nnt. Back. 

BXckf, s. pU Com. 1. ba0 0o^(leber (in i^aU 
ben 4>&ttten)$ 2. vid. Back 4. 

Biick's^t, p. a. im Slfirfen angefoHen^ terfblgt. 

ToBSck'sBFde, v.n.fig. 1. jurfirfgef^cn, |uriirfs 
weicbenj an*»ei*en, 7faftf!u*te fu^cnj 2. 
abtritunig merben, Dom ®Iauben abfaHen. 

BacksR'df r, s. 1. ©ner, ber inriltf mii^t, 5Ctt** 
P*tefu*tj 2. ber^btrfinnige. U 

v.Jig. 1. ttbs 

J. l.bieQCbgenetgt^it, berttibenviacs 2. bic 

Sangfomfcit, Xrdg^eit i 9. ba* dttrfitffda } ic 
BXck'w^rd, B&ek'wf rdf , adv. dttfUMrt*, )«- 

riiiti riittgdngig i berfe^rt^ —and forward*. 

(^innnb^cr. [ben) 2. vcrlcnmbcii. 

ToB&ck'wdftad, v. cr. 1. mcn^^Iingi teriDim* 
Bi'cpn, #• httQptdi aHinch of—, cittc6pe(f» 

feitc) agaamoa of—, (a ham), ctn GMbin* 

(ens —hog, baft fettc®^octn/9Xo|lfibn»cin. 
BSc(H5B'etry, s. Math, bie Gtabmcfittng, 

Sermeffung mit«ttftgeftc(ftcn€$tibai. 
BU,l.adj.i 11. — ly, adv. Wcdft, fd^liflia 

b6fe,£bel$ 2. ffbdbfi^^ungcfunb) 3. tranf) 

- debu, f^Ied^te (s»cifcib«fte) .CS^nlbcni 

— growth, ber QRip»a<bft9 — ^^^ nagiuu 
{Hge 9ta4ri4ten) — papers. Cow. 9)apicre, 
bie in Wt^tm, (Scebit fteftcs} — paynnuiter, 
ber Wle^te Sadler) —work. Print, ber bcfc 
Ba^i III. — ness, s. 1. bic Giblc^t^citi 
2. bie e4le4tig!eit, dofttcit- 

Bade, pret. 9. To Bid. 

Biid^e, s. 1. bod 3ei4en, Jtcnniei^en, ^nb 

6<btlb| 8. 8fUp-b. eine falf(b£ GeitcngoacrU 
ouf Jtttuffoirem. 

To BXdge, V. a. %^dfxttn, betci^ttett) (in bic 
^anb) broibmorfen. 

fiXd'ger. s, ]. Zool.Ut^adfhi 2. Law, Ut 
privtlegtrte ^erttmsie^enbe 3tom» tt. IBictnA* 
lien^dnbler) — legged, baclftftbcinigj — gfn, 
bie IDa^ftfaUe, ba$ X)a4ftcifen. 

BS'dj^n, BilMj^ne, #. Bot. ber eternanift. 

BSd'in^e, B^din'erje, s. baft Icitbtc, fcbcrg^afte 
©efprdit; biee^dferei, bcre)^af. 

Badly, Badness, vid. unt Bad. 

BiUTe'taf , Biift^^, s. pi. Com. IBaffctOft, I8df* 
taif einofltttbif4er!8Qummeacn2Cttg (white, 
gebieiibt) brown, ungeblcitbt). 

To Baffle, V. f. a. 1. ^intergebcn, td]tf<ben) 
2. ftur}en;ttn»ir!fammia4en,t'crcitcln) Kr« 
tointn, bef^dmen) IT. n. mit einem iS^etrugc 
umge^en, betrfigcn. 

BSffle, s. 1. bieSereitelung) 2.ber9etrug, 
bie Xduf^ung. 

Baffler, s. ber Sereitetnbe, X&nncr, K. 

BSg, f. l.bereatf) fSeutcI) IdaUcm 2. ber 
j>aarbentel) 3. iPnr. bad irrincifdcTibcn iom 
Xppetit«erregen hti ^fcrbcn) 4. baSCJtttcri 
a- of wool, ein ®aQcn (2409ftanb) SBollc^ 
cloke^, baS^eSeifen, bcrSXantcIfatf j hawk- 
ing—, bie Sagbtaftbe, ber Olcifcfarfi -and 
baggage, 6orfttnb|)arf) — fox, 5por(. bCT 
Bfck'w^d, I. adj.; n. -ly, adv.Jig. 1. ab* JurSagb eingcfangcnega^ftj screw-barrel 
geneigt^wiberwiaig) 2. (ongfam, eerbrof en J -lock, baft G^raubcnf^Iop^ punk— lock, 
ftanbrmbi verfebrt; 8. biftbe) 4. fpdt, t>er-il baftii$erirf41cf)-net,baft€$atfnc09-l*lpc> 

Digitized by V^jOC ^^ . ^ 




bteetWWfr/ ^r©«Wfadj To-pipethe 
Bizen, ATor. taft IScfanfegel bact Ugcn^ 
— pHddiDg* becyobtittg, esgUMe (ob. eer* 
QUtten*) Jtlof 9 — reef, Mar. ta6 9urte unb 
imtere (Recfj — traw, ^urg. ba6 ett*|>ea» 
fortum, bie Xradbtttbr. 

To BXg, V. I. a. 1. in dncR €$Q(f tbun, ein^ 
fiitfenj 2. befatfen^belabenf U. n. Quff4»cl 
Ur5 oiifbanfcbeii. [belei 

Bis^telle', «. blejneinig!eit, 8<MppQlie, £dn> 

B^kiaff «• 5i/g-io. baft )enna(lenc3act(tro^r 

BSs'ct, «. Bo^ bieSagette, ^c^fHeligeSuIpe. 

BXi'g^^e, #. 1. ble fSagage^ baft Q(«pict; Oe* 
rdtb (einer TCnRec)^ 2. baft yaffagiergiu 
(vid. baft in btefer Sebentttng in (Snglanb 
i. Luggage); — w«reh»08e» Cus. bief>a(f« 
famnter (»o baft ^affagierditt niebergeledt u. 
unterftt<bt nntb). 

Bag'giag, s. bie (grobe) &a<f(cin»anb, ^att 
Idnmanb, baft Gaittu^- 

BSgn'iv [blln'yo]* «• 1- baft Idabe^auft) bie 
6ab(fiabe^ 2. baftlBorbeS; 3. (inber£iir< 
!ci) ein QCufbcioa^rvngftort fiir (Sbn(ienfcia« 
oen) — keeper, I* bet 93aber, Sabemciper $ 
2.0b —pander, ber IBorbea»trt(. 

To BXg'pTpe, (tbe mizen) vid. ia Bag. 

B«ga2tte', Bqigu^t', #. 1. Mil-*, bit (Sertc^ 
epiefntt(e4 ber 8abe|lo(t$ CHactetenflab^ 
2. iircA. baft 9tttttbfldb4en (tUiner aid ein 
Astragal, qv,). 

To Bail, V. I. o. 1. Lato-x. a) iBfirgfibaft Iet« 
flen $ ft<b (fiir 6inen) oerbfirden, (Sinen ioft* 
bfirgen) gegcnMrgfibaft freigeben$ (—one, 
einen furjtntanb) alft Sfirgen anne^men^ 
etnen Siirgen fleden^ Com. aoaliren (ffir 
fige(bfeir4nlb bitrg<n)5 &)beponireni 2. auft« 
f46pfen Qba^ SBafet mtt Oimern^ u.) $ to—, 
(ont) a boat, Mar, ein IBoot aaft6(fen 
II. R. tmpr. ft. To Bale, qv, 

B3U1, J. 1. Law, a) bie 93itrgf(baft^ (3en)dbr» 
Uiftung^ Gantion i Com. QCoal (IEBe4f(lbfirge 
f4aft)) 6)bcrSirge;(9e»a(vftmann) Com. 
ffBe(bfeI*IBftrg^ SB«Qai»ent$ to staod— , ai^a* 
ttreni 2. bet ^enN(^ (Stiff (an einem iteRel; 
)C.) 3 3. bie (Srenjein tiaem ffialbe 1 4. 1'mpr. 
ft Bale, 9v. 1. —bond, bie IBfirgf<baftft«£)b« 
ligation, berS9urg(f(baftft)«®(bein j —piece, 

B&i'lfble, adj. biirgf(baftftfdbig, Derbitrglt(b. 

Biiilet',.'- Law, ber IDepofttar, Benoabrer. 

Bii'l^r, #. Law, Ux ^tpontnt/^inUvk^. 

Bii'iiff; Bii1{r, «. 1. berTCmtmann, Sanboogt^ 
2.bere(btofT>ogt$ 3.beTSogt, 64ulb(eif; 
Q(rr{<btftbiefier4 4. ber6emalter; eiba^er, 
fRentensdinne^mer (anf f)atrimoniaIgiiittm){ 

Ugk-, brr Oberamtmann/ K.i — ofaport, 

ber f>afenri(bter. [cineft BailiflT, bie Scgtct. 

Bal'ljwick, #. ber TCmtft' ober (Scri^tftbciirf 

Baii'mfnt, f . Law, 1. baft iDeponircn i 2. bie 
0lii(fgabe eincft ^cporitnmi 3. baftlDcpcfl^ 
tuni; anoertrautc ®ut. 

Biildr', {opp. Bailee), s. Law, ber IDcponent. 

B&ily, #. ber e<b(rge, IBiittcI. 

Bailf , s. pi, bie flSogen eineft S3ootcd^ morauf 
baft @onnenbc(jt Uegt. 

Bai'r^m, #. Moh. Rtl, baft Qairam«S^fl« 

Bait, s, 1. ber ^ftbcr, bie EotfrpafC; (att4 A'*)> 
2. bie 6rfrif(bung auf ber (Reifc. 

To Biit, V. I. «« 1. fobcm; anfornenj 2. un* 
terioegft einfcbren, anbaUcn/ fifb crfriMcnj 
(auf ber (Reife) futtern^ 3. anfaUcn (bef. i>on 
{Raubt6geln , to — at ... , flcfcn auf. • .) 5 
({)ttnbc) anbc^cni bci^cn (I'onS^topvogcin)) 
fig. plagcn, qn&ien^ U. n. 1- mitbenSIU' 
gein fibiagen, flattcrn (oon Olauboogeln, 
beim Tinhlid ber iScute)i 2.' (auf ber OHeife) 
einfe^ren, an^altcn. 

Bfii'ting, (p.) s. baft^obcrn^.U. md. To Bnit; 
—place, 1. baft SEBirfbftbauft, bie {)crbcrge9 
2. ber {)ebplab/ bie 4>abj ball-> baft £4« 
fen^e^en, Sticrgefecbt. 

Bfiize, s. Com. ber S3oi) (moQencr 3cug). 

To Bike, v. reg. k ir, I. o. 1. ba(fen5 2. ^r* 
ten, brennen(dicgel)3 H* n. l.gebatfen loec 
ben, batfcni 2. barren, burre mcrben. 

Bllke-, comp. —house, baft IBa(f|)auft, bie 
Si(terei;. IBadflubej — meatt, $. pi. ge* 
batfene 6pcifen. 

Ba'k«d,Bft'k«n, pr€t. 0. To Bake. 

Bft'kf r, #. ber Sdad^Xi — • foreman, Bail:. bvT 
lEBerfineiflcr (in einer fdddtvei). 

Ba'k^ry, s. bie IBdcterei ({>anbn)ci-r unb tofal 
eineft I6dtferft). 

Bftlcjog, (p.) s. 1. baft fdadtm .2. baft SSren' 
nen$ 3.baft(Bebd(f 5 4. (-trade) baft S)d(fer< 
l^anbnerf 5 one—, cin^fen toU, ein ®cbd(f i 
a— ofclay-pipea, ein S3ranb t^onerne ^fei« 
fen^ — dish, bie 93a(tf(bufTc( $ — pan, bie 
IBactpfanne, Sortenpfannc. 

Biil'^ace, #. bie ^agc,%Bagf(balc 5 2. Mech. 
baft (Bleiibgcni^tj d.baftUcbcrgcmiibt) ber 
Uebcrf(buf, (c/. Corns.); fis-i. 4. bic «cr» 
glei(bung, CIrwdgungi 5. baft 6<bn}anfeni 
6. bie Unparteili^fcit) 7. (— of poucr), baft 
®lcidbgen)i(bt (ber ^ad^t)i (SegcngemiAti 
8. AmU bie fiBage i 9. Dane, ber €$(bmebe» 
f4ritt» 10. Hor. bie Unrube (in ciner Ubr)5 
11. Com-^. biefBiIan},berUcberf(bu|,S)irf!anbi 
ber (Stat, Senndgenftfianbi Ueberfi^t ber 
<Sinna^mea.Yttftgabe9 ber (Re^^nungftfalbc 
d-refl^ da^Iungftreftl - of (at) atcount 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 



carried fonrtrd, bet SartnHl etect 0U4» 
amtdi anaiot of-, ber 6o1bobetrag) — of 
aeeomitir terdte^nnigMMltif $ — of la 
terett, ^er SittfenanlglcUt, d-fal^oi — of 
trade, He jmabettUlailsi to koTe a— in 
oBo*i iaYoar, gttt (oftftti — la oar (year, 
■y)faYoBr, ealbo is ssfemOunflcit, fMrait 
««(•.. I eolfto 3(ii(n ober niiri —to their 
debit, eolbo |tt i^ren &tftai| to leave a— 
la oae'i debit, in ffttfk Meibni, rtflira) to 
■trike a—, ben 6albe M^i f^^^ittui comp. 
— aeeoaat, bie Mffftalbfrnlmtttg ^ boi 9U 
Un^eMo, Soatofalbo} — bill, ber ^albo* 
we<bfel, Vypoint) -- book, bad SiUiiQbnAi 
— fbeet, berSiloaibegcni — arboara, vid. 
in Arbor; — fiib, icK bee 4»eaiimr(ai)i| 
-iy, Aitbieeibene,fBa||eriimg^« - 

Mpm$ -rib,bice4»eiftlrippe. 
ToBdid, 9.0. h^ mulen^ abtraaea, ab« 

BXKdfcUa, B&Fd^qidra, t. Arch. Ux Oalbn- 

^itt, yro^t^immel, S^rontinmeL 
Bdl'derdXih, #• 1. bad getoltioft a(ef4»d«, 

berOkUOnattiaS (C); i.baftOkmir*,/m. 

ber !Dtifd^maf4 ) 8. gefdlf^ter WMxu 
To Bdl'derdlBb, v. a. Htuof^ta, perfUMcs 

Bdldfty, ado. ta^l, nnbe^tart/ tta^5 fig' 

f^Ie^ti f(ftle4t»eg, aerobe Hu 
Bild'iavay, #. Bot. ber Snilan, vid. Geatlaa. 
|BdkKa9M,#. bieiTa^iti OKIo^e} >Sflr.pUittc, 

We^tc CM^reibart [Degcnge^eai 

BftI'drldc, #• ber <BdrteI, bod (Se$rge^ge, 

ker, ber flBagenma^} t-sl (bef. ¥ra«cfc.)BBile, <. 1. ber ((Bdter*) fitoflcn, bad |>adet{ 

— poiaer, eineSatoncinMf^ittei —tool, e<n{ 
tDodbre^fht^ll — vebi, lUnni^feiletti —wheel, 
bod eteigerob i — wheel eagiae, ein 0ttiges 

To BXK^ce, v. L a. 1. lodgen, ob»dgett) fig' 
enodgett) a. boloncirea^ in'ft (Meiidbgevi^t 
bringett; tm <9-e er^olten; 9. bad (SkU* 
ob. C5egenge»i4t batten $ fig. onfMegen^ 
4. Afar, etftnebwen^ einbinben (etn 9leef)/ 

* bergen (bit eegel); 5. Cbm-f . bilottiiren^ oer* 
glei^en, ben €ltotnd ma^eni to— aaac- 
eoaat, einefHe^imng fttbiren, iijUkfia, and* 
gUi^en) ficontriren, ben ^olbo sie^n^ b. e. 
be)o(len| to — accooata with . . ., Xbre4« 
nnng gotten/ M bereiftnen mit . . • $ to — the 
ledger, bad ^Ottptbtt^ f<bttefett| b-d in ac- 
ooant, bnrt Oegenre^nng folbfrt) H. n. 
1. im (9Iei<bge»{4t fein) 9.>g. nnf^ldfflg 
feitt/ f^iponfen. 

BM'fDcer, «. berftBdgenbei fBogemeifHr. 

BiU^nder', #• Arec^L 1. gen. berOaloncier^ 
9. Afint bad S>m(r»er9 in einer QRfinilldtte. 

BiKidnviy '. tfid, Bea-nat. 

BXl'eaa-rtby, BXl^-rdby, #• Jew. ber Salof « 
ruMn; Otttbinbolof . 

BiUe2€Cf', BaiezOef', Com. meife bonau 
noOene 3euge and ®srota. 

To BflbG'ciafite, To B^bU'tHlte, v. n. fhtm' 
neln^ flottem. 

BU'ch^r, t, Ich. ber ittttge Sa^d. 

BSFo^ay, #. 1. Arch, ber 9aIcon, 66irer{ 9. 
ATor.bie^intergaaerie) -box, Me!DtitieIU>ge. 

Bdld, ad|;.fa(l^nnbe(aart,nadft| fig.fifam^ 
M,^tti gedng^nie^t^ gerabe|n$ camp. 
— baxnrd, 0m.ber9etnbreier,eeeabler| — 
eagle, Om. berfiSei^opf,9if4abIer $ -kite. 
On. ber Snfoor, !IRdnfirfaaL bie flBM^i 
-fata, 1. ber Jta^Sopf} % Om. bieiacif* 

i. ber 4»en!el, ic^ vid. Bail B; S. Geog. So* 
fel^ oid. Bade; — goodi, Omi. 1. Odter in 
SaOen, bef. ofHnbif^e (pm Qnterftiebe oon 
Pieee-goodi); S. cont AoBcttldoare (tl 
Sranftei4 a.8Uttbem), oito&re faiieflBaa* 
ren (^Mort.'). 

To Bile, V. I. n. embaDiren, eiabollett, ein* 
paitn, (ob. to — ap goodi!, Saarcn) i»cr« 
pato^ IL «. impr. ft Bail, qv. 

Bdltfr'lc, aij. Geog. balearif^- 

Biie'flM,L adj. n.-ly, ode. l.eIenb,Kdg« 
tt4/ traurig, betrfibt) 9. berberbli^, oer» 
lofiftenb/ oer^aft 

B^ii'tvr, s* bie Vrmbrnft 

Wtuf, #. Afar, bie 6pier'9ale. 

BdlkOAk], s. 1. berSaOetti % Husb. bet 
0toin (i»if4ett ben gnr^en)) >Sg-^. 3. bie 
fetter^afte Vudioflnng, berlBerjbf, Se^Ur^ 
Gtner^ri4l 64^f/ bie e^onbe* bodUn* 
rc4t, bie Seleibignng, ber Bd^^t, 9{a4t(etl i 
—book, bieQXu^arte, bad^robenbu^ ber 

To Bdlk [bdk], V. a. 1. Hush, hjdm Vflugoi 
0Uitte g»tf4en ben gnr^en tafTenj 2. tmf* 
fifti^ten, ann&nfens 3. irreleiten,tduf<ben} 
iffttt) beMdmenj f^obenj 4. oorbeige^en, 
dberge^en, meglajfen} perf4n»etgen^ aer^e^- 
len^ 6.«er»eigerii^andMiagett)to— aihop, 
einem Jtromlaben bie Jtnnben abfpinfiig 

Bilk^rf [bi'k^rz], s. FuK ^driagdbotCQ, 
^ringdfipd(er, an^ conden nnb haen ge« 

Bill, s. 1. ber idaU, bie itngel i 9. i^er nmbe 
Ob. nmbli^e Mrper) berXpfel GCsgopfel, 
^lei^dapfieOf 3. ber (Socon ber 6eibenranpe i 
4^ ber«ftBcn(os{>dnbett ob.9dfett)i 6. TVp. 
(etcii. bH^ pi.) bie eoOeni 6. Hot. bie 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 



tinH m |)eiib€l4 7. Sport, bfe %tixU eiiiee 
%nifft^i - of the knee, Me Jtnief^Hbes 
asweet— , miuk— , efnfll^irrainfitopfj AAi-j. 
(fire-) biel8ran(fit0e( j (Sranatej (ot.Hght-) 

!RenabaCf«ni4 -- apple, Bet %« Odfo»« 
opfeti -cricket, At. bto (Sco^, fkum- 
griSei - gentle, - BbH, Boe. Ue aicli|ic» 

bit SettAthtdtl) Met. ber Sntetban^ —of —tree, vid.] 

' ^ ^" ToBitai[baal «. o. b«Ifatthrctt$ J*. Itf 

bern, fliSni. 

BiFmy^e, #. Bat bie 0nmncKlref e. 
To Bi'Miy [bank-], «. a. {it §Mfm IM4n. 
Bi^7 [Wn'y], m» btiraoiiWi J%. to 
btrnb, fdnff . 

^an-yarn, Mar, dn ^loon €$<l^(in(iitild' 
flam) w«Bb(ioap)-,bie0etflE]i9ngeI| b-t,i>i< 
Xr- V. bit and ben |)nbbef6fen fommeiibeit 9i» 
fettflampen ober Sny^pen^ cricket b-o, p/. 
e^lagbAlIe f&r Gmo^fenei ball and socket 
joiBt»einititfteIf4amier^de^a^l comp. 

— cabbage lettoce, bet ttterfaUt) Mti-f. B<Kb«^ ac^. vitf. Balaeatory. 

— cartridge, bieJtttgelijXrtTOiiei — proof, hb'BXKBifryyX. bie Stbcftabc 
gelfefli -stock, 7Vp. (e(em.) ber Qriff cm Bihitt'tioB, «. bne 9abcii. 
S>rntoballe]t} — Tela, ein iiiereitf9nn%er BSKn^t^ry, a<tf. sum fttbcn, flabe ^^xi^ 


BAD, s. ber DqS (einc SaaMcf<tnf4af()- 

To BAIl, w. n. M bollen. 

BXFI^d, #• bie SaOabe) — monger, efn 9 tt» 
ncifdttfcr Ob. €$dnder) — singer, ber 9-n 
fdftger^Mtthlfftnder) bieedsfelfdnderinn. 

To Bil>d, o. n. S^oXtoben ma^en ob. fiu^tu, 

Bil'lfdf r, s. ber SoOabenbi^ter ob. edn^er. 

BS11m» BSK)M^b>, vtUBalass-mby. 

BXIlMtf «• 1. Mar. ber ftattaft) S.>^. bad, mat 
€KibaS UR9Iei(i0e»t4t (dlt$ pea—, SoOaf! 
oonJtfeHAttbi shingle ob. stone— , 9. oon 
flrobcB itlefel («eteinen)$ to go on (to sail 
In)—, (mtr) nit 95. beloben fetn) — lighter,»e-f4iff, bie9-f«ttte) SLbetVufreter 
bdmXnSf^iefen bed 9altafle6$ -port, bie 

To Bil'l^t, o. a. 1. boHafleR, mit 9aIIaft b^ 
Iaben$ %fig. Un ®Iet(td^i4t (olten. 

Bii'lft, J. 1. baft (BaOet) ber Sfidnentang^ 
9. ITer. ber SaQen, bie .ftugel. 

B9lUftte',#. ou2.BaUet, 1. 

BSKllst^r, s. vid. Balnster. 

B^IMen', [-OdnO, «. ««d. Balloon, 6. 

Bfilddn', (BSI'lon), $. 1. bet grof e fdaU, SIa« 
ftaboO) bef flL baft Sallfpiel (mit biefem 96., 
Ol4^ balloon-ball gen.)) 2. (wind or air-, 
ber GinbbaO, (^tft*) 9anon i 8. Chem. ber 
grofe0tecipieiit,Sa1lott$ ^.Arch berJCnopf 
(oaf einer IS^urmfpi^e, uJ)i 5. JP-ie. bie 
6teni«StnerhtgeI iM taft' ober fBafer» 
%vumti^ta)i 6.etneQ(rt9hiber«9rigaiitine 

BUlftftnist^, «. berSttftf^ifTer. Ou eiam. 

BXIIpt, #. 1. bie ffBa^Ihtgel, SaQotirfugeli 
% bcrfBa^Iiettel, 6ttmmsettel» 8. baftSal* 
lotireni —box, ber etimmlaftat/ bie tta^l' 
ttme. [t&alliettel abfUBunen. 

To BiKlot, «.n. baSotiren, bicr4 Jtugeln ober 

BSl^tfde, BIF^tSde, s. Man. bie ffaOottabe. 

Bala [bun], s. 1. ber eatfam) i. ]ebe fofi- 
bare^moyirie^eiibeealbei 8.Air.ber9.,ie» 

BXKnSvm, «. Oiem, bM (Ybbinftaagft*) Sob. 
BftFsfm, «. 1. ber Salf^m (<^*BaUn); 9. Bof. 

bie«airamiQe,vM3nlUHnlne; HnognrlaB*-. 

itnimm^oHftl) Bo«-«.-sbrab, bieetlfMi- 

ftottbe) — tren^ Lbildnflf ) 8.bar4opti»«> 

bmim$ 8.berScrpentiKb«itm. 
To Bdl'sfin, «. 9. md. To Balm. 
B«lsini^C (-cflX ttdi. Mftnm, vM^Bnimy. 
BftysfnTnA, #. Bof . bie Oalftaiitte 
Bdfsfmint, f. Bot. bieatettfe. 
BSKt^sir, t. Bot. baft XaufenbMJtt. 
BIHtAfar, «. eaIttarar(9R.n.). 
BdKtfc, I. «. baft baltif^e 9)leer, bie CH- 

fee$ IL a#. boltifA, bvAberO^ee, flebe» 


Bdl^fBOre, s. Gwg. (bie etilt) «attimorei 
I -bird, Om. bie. (Baltimore, ber gteertpgel. 
BU'vit«r,#. JrcA. l.bieOeUinberfoiile) 9. bie 
I etoOe ober IDotfe an eiaer <e^e, Xreppen- 

letne j 8. Bot ber Oranatenbmtm. 
To BaKfrtff, v. a. mngittem, u*, M* #• 
BSfvstrftde, #. Arek. bie ISalluflrabe, boft 

btnr^bro^ene Oefdnber, Oittermcrf. 
BXm, «. mOgr* ber Setmg, bie ^e, baft 

eienbmerf, UtHfififf, 3tniif. 
To BXm, V. a. wig. (ittterge|eii, tduf^en, 

preOen, inrn 9eflen (aben. 
B^mbftft', $. Bci, ber 6ambttft, baft 9ambttft« 

ro(r) —habit, ein 64mimmncib anft t^orn* 

To Bfmbftft'zle, v. ai wig. betriigea, (inter' 

ge^en, preaen,}nm6eflea(aben. 
B^bftft^ztfr, s. wig. ber«etdlger,€MMf. 
BXn, s. 1. bie 6ffctttIU|e Yttftnfvig, «etant)> 

mad^nng) 9. baft Kttfgebot ber ScrUtoi) 

8. ber 9attn, Me V^t^ ber 9M/ bielkr» 

minfiftnng )• baft Sntetbieti to proelnim tho 

b-s, anfbieteni 4. Com. eini VrC fdaft oft* 

ittbififterflMIitt) -dog, UcMttM^mik. 
To Bin, V. I. 0. nermftapict, ta1tUm$ 

II. II. fM^nu 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 




B«B&^ s. Bot. bidStnotiaftldecj —bird/ 
Orn. ber |)iftndDOdel, hit f>-brofff I. { 

Mn'cO [bXoe'-ko], «. ba« Sonco, Sanco*® elb 9 
— iMrk,9RQrf*95ailCO$ — Regis,— ReginaJ 
vid. Ring's-Beacli xu Qaeen't-Bencb. 

BXod, I. «. Hng, 1. boi i99att)), tie fdinU,\ 
e^nviTi a. ber€tind5 bie Jtttte^ 3. (head—) 
Bic6. bQ0 Saab (a«9itdl4eii) eme$iBu(fteft^ 
4. betOCuf* Ob. tteberf^lQg, Jtraden^ yrie« 
flerf ragen ) 5. bit Sanbe, 9totte^ GompodnCe 5 
6. etnOolbgcroid^t aufOuinea (2 linden Xro9* 
Oc»i4t); T. ilrcA. bfe ^Itnte, ^latte^' 
8. ;!g. bie Seflfel, IBanbe^ — of a tail, Mar.l 
baS®anb ob. bte8wbo)>peIna9 qucr fiber tin, 
CScget) II. b-«,, 1. Mdr. bie Ubernenj 
e^nfite beim {ReepfcftUger) a. BM-#. bie 
^ftf^ndre; imberiierte ^eberbdnbe, (. 18 
(b«oki) in ibeep-bHi, ta€$4afleber gebunben? 
8. b-i of a laddle, Sod. bie |»ei eifernen 
®dnbet uitter bet JMmmtuig ber ®atteU 
bogen^ urn lie in i^rer Sage )u er^alten; 
III. comp, — box, bie ^u%f^a^Ul, {)ut« 
Md^tel (f&r iDamcn) ) —dog, vid. ban-dog» 
ttitt Ban; —roll, bie SKuflerron^ Sijlej — 
•tring, bad Jtragenbanb. 

To BXod, V. I. a. 1. biitbeii, berbinben) 2. (in 
Sanben) oereintgeR^ ivfammenrottenj II. n 
M oereimeett. iSurg. 

BiSn'd^ge, «. bie IBiiibe) ber JBerbanb, bcf. 

BfodanVf (Bfodan'ouef), b-a handkerchief, 
«. p/. Qanbasnoe^ feibene (@4nupf«) ZvL^^tv 
and £)fltnbien. 

BJin'd^ft, B&nd'l^t, s. Arch, bad Sinbiben^ 
Sinbfben, fftim^tn, bie (ieine Seifle. 

Ban'd'fn, s, vid, Bad^an. 

Biio'dit, Bf ndit'fc9 ipl- blln'diU, b^Adit'tj) s. 
ber asanbit, etrofenrdaber. 

Biind9lUrV, s. MiU bad Jdanbelier. &^vXUt' 
ffiebrgebdnde) ber ^atrontaf^enriemen 4 
3^ommeIriemen) Jtarabinierriemeni (naib 
Wore, W., Ac), bie |)atrontar(be. 

Ban'dOre, s, Mus, bie f^anbore. 

BSnMrol, #. 1. bie S^anberoSe; bie(ber)@(biffds 
ibimpel, bad S^(yn<ben$ 2. bie Xrompc^ 

BJ&aMj, K, #. badmadetanm®aafpiel)j II. 
adj, comp. hxmm, (audmdrtdO gebogen? 
—legged, frnmmbeinig. 

To BXnMy, o.L a. I, bin unb b^r f4Iagen (ben 
fiaO)) 2.>g. (in n. ber flreiten, itberlegena 
ILn, fkttittn, »etteifem$ il<b )»erbinben, ber' 
einigenj to — a bosioeM aboat, (5tn»ad in 
lUn^age bringen* 

Bane, #. 1. bad O^ift) 2. jSg. bad Serberben) 
Bot-s* — berry, bie dbwnffnnige e(b»ar|» 
»ttr}} -wort, bie SoOfirfibe. 

ToBftae, v. a. bergiftau 

Bane'fdl, I. adj.i 11. — ly, adv, 1. giftig) 
2. fig. berberbU(b/ t5btli(|i III. — ness, ^i. 
I.bie®iftig(eit3 2. Jig. bie Serberblt^Mt 

To BKng, V. a. vulg, 1. f(blagen/ f^meif en^ 
bur(bbldaen j 2. fig. unfonft be^anbeln, ottfM 
banbeln j to — to a door, eineS^dr inf^Iagen. 

B&og, s. l.vulg, ber@(blAg/6(bm{f $ 2. oftin^ 
bifcbeSenennung bedf>anfed(eigentL bhang). 

B&n'gle, adj. comp. berabf^dngenb $ —eared, 
mit bdngenben SDbren. 

BSn'j^n, Ban'nj^n, s. Bot (—tree), ber ^a* 
gobenbaum, ge^eiligte Setgenbaum i — days. 
Mar. bie ^ungertage, Xage, an benen ed fein 
$(^ir<b giebt(aKontag,fS){itmo4 u.Sreitag). 

Ban'i^nii, Ban'j^ni, s. pi. vid, Bannians. 

ToB&n'jsh, w. a. bcrbannen^ oertreiben j fig. 

Ban'jsh^Me, adj. )u berbannen, su bertreiben. 

Iian1«h«r, #. ber ©erbannct, «ertreiber. 

Ban'jshment, s. 1. bie Serbannung, Sanbed* 
berxoeifung i 2. bad ^xiiium i 3. fig. bad Btv 

Bank, 1. 1. bad Ufer, (Seflabei 2.ber^figclj 
^amni, SBaOj 3. bad Bteinlager in einem 
SBru(be, bieSanf (ium®i$en,K.)j 4. Mar. 
bie gtubcrbanf j 6. Com. bie SBe(bfeIbanf^ 
badSSanKer^aud^ bie SSanFgefeafibaftj bad 
Sanco (tnd. Banco) ; 6. Print bad ^anf« 
bret an einer !Btt(bbru(terprcffe3 officen of 
a—, Sanfofpciontcnj —of oars, Mar, bie 
)Duft» ob. (Ruberbanf i —for loans, bie Zti%» 
banf/ bad ^ib^audi — for lavings, bie 6par« 
caffe (utd. u. Saving) ; —for scnlptors, ber 
SoffirftuJIj — of circulation, bie ®iro» 
Qanii — ofdisconut anddepoiit, bie SDid^ 
conto* u. iDepoflto»®anfj —of issue, eine 
©., bie3?oten emiftirt, bieSJotenbanr;3etter* 
banN (anbere Com. comp., </. Banking); 
—account, bad SB-contOj —agio, bad ©-• 
agio5 -bill, 1. bie sa-actie, IB-aniocifung, 
©-notC; ber ©-letfcli 2. Law, bieSJ-biU 
(^arlamentdacte; badlB-wefen betreffenb)* 
— bills, IB-noten, ^apiergelb 1 —brokerage, 
bie ®e(bfelcourtagej — cresses, *. pi. Bot. 
ber j>eberi43 — martin, vtd.— swallow; —mo- 
ney, badlBancogelb (vfd. Banco); bie28-ba« 
luta4 -note (bad bcflcreffiort fixx -bill 1.): 
bie Sanf note/ beriiB-settel Qablbar [bemSn* 
(abcr] bei©i(bt) } -post-bill, ©anfnotc, (ber 
99. oon (Snglanb/ sablbar T linage nacb Bidft; 
cf. post-note, unt Post); — post-paper^ 
ein febr bdnned yoflpapier) — stock, (btd 
(Sigent^nm in) ®anf*liCctien9 — swallow, 
Om. bie Uferf^toalbei — token, vid. nnter 
Token; —transactions, vid. nttter Banking 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 




ToBInky 0.0. l.binniicii, attfbtonen, citt» 
bdmmen^ uvmiOUn (vad. To £mbank); 
8. (». it) in bf c Sanf leden. 

BXnk'er* <• !• ber 9«]ifier; OMb') WM^ltti 
8.ber®onl(atter(bd[|)a}arbfpieUn)) 8.Msr. 
bcr Terreneuf- (Ncwfoondltnd-, 9(eilfiUlt« 
Ianb«) Sfol^rer, S3aMiattfif4er (64tff nnb 
96^t befelbett)! --'t coBmiision, bie6as« 
fierprooiflott5 — 'snote^bieSanfiiinmelfitngj 
—table, —counter, ber fBeilfettifA* 

Mnh/«r|, pj. JHk. ^nolarbeitec. 

Bfiok^ing, I. (p.) #. 1. Diit. ba^ S)j]miun; 
Vnfbdmmeit (bed V^M bet €See, K.)i C^m-j • 
2. ber tte^feitonbel, ®db(«itbel5 8* btc 
SeitnngbOttOottlett) n.eojiip. —account, 
ba$ ®anfconto4 — bnaineM, — traniaetioiift, 
ffBedftfelgef^&fte^ — boue, bie fBe^fcIbottf, 
bodflBedj^fdcomytotr) 9an!tc¥^tt0. 

B&ik^rvpt,l. adj. btnftrott, la^lun^dimfS^fd^ 
n. J. 1. berSanferott) SL t€t9w!HxottiX€c, 
Soafexottirte, 3<4btiidduafftt{dei to tor 
(become) a — , banfirott ma^en, foOires 
the genera] maas of a— a eatate, bie Gon* 
otttnuffei III.comp.— GOBiniaBion,biei5tt< 
ntoren ber SRaffe eined %aiUn CCuratores 
bonorum); —luw^loB^tittitin^ift^i — of- 
fice » ber O^cri^td^f in Sanferottraflftett^ 
— ayaten, fSmmtL i^tft^ nnb eteil^tsmittel; 
bie M anf 9-e be^te^en. 

To Biink'rvpt, v. I. a. bonlerott mo^ett^ |n 
Onmbc ri4ten$ U. n. banimtt werben. 

BSak^niiptey,«. ber Sonferott^ baft Saflimeat, 
bie 3a(inng(nnWg!eit j coort of — , bae 
9oIIitengeri4t, bie(5onan«be^6rbe (Concur 
gits ereditorum) ; declaration (or, act) of—, 
Me Danferottetfldrvng (bor ®eri4t)) ita 
tote of—, ba$ Sanferpttirmanbat. 

Bin'n^, #. 1. bad pannier, Oonner, bie gd^nc; 
etttnbartei 2. baft %^tid^tn (an einer 
tai)e, u.)$ 3. Bot. baft ffd^en einer 

BWnf red, p. a. 6attner (iil^enb. 

BXn'nfrpl, «. vicLBandrol. 

BXtt'nIf n, #. n. comp, m'd. Banian. 

BSn'nifttf, <.pj. 1. bieSonianen (^onb^ 
IttfleinSnbien)) 9. inbif^e ^nbeIft'Xgen> 
ten (t» SDienft ber curopdifi^ett Jtanflente). 

BSn'njat^r, oor. o. Balnater, Bainstrade, qv. 

B^'qof t, f . baft Oanfett, (grofe) C5afima(l. 

To Bin^qn^t, v. I. a. feflU4 bewirt^ett, tracti» 
ren) &• n. banlettiren J^numfen. 

Bin'qQft^r, #• 1. ber€^maufer$ 2. ber(9a|i' 
(ma(l)deber. [Semtile. 

Biin'qn«t}ns-hAIl, «. ber eanfettTaoI, bie 

B«Bqa«tte'[4cJStO, s. Fort. bieSonMe, ber 

BSn'tfiB^ t. Om. baft ttaatomin^i — work, 
Join, JhmfttiMierarbctt mit Oolb ober aXe» 

BXn'fltickle. s. Ich. ber etubUns. 

To B&i'tf r« V. 0. fpottcn^ f^rauben, anftietcn, 

BWt«r, J. ber etberi, Zpett, baft &cfpin. 

B&n't^f r, #. ber €$|>6tter, 69af beget 

BJintling, #. mOg. baft fleine itinb, ber «algi 
conu ber Safiarb, baft nnefteliAc Jtinb. 

Ban'yini, oiei. Bannlani. 

Bi'Qblib, «. Bot ber TCffrnbrobbanm. 

BSp'tJim, #. bieXaufe. 

B^piifWlf a^;. snrXaafe ge^5rig4 —vow, 

BIp'tiat, «. 1. ber Sdufer i Xaafgefinnte i S. ber 
€Btebertdnftr| 3. (Baptifta (!Dt-n.). 

BV^ist^ry*'. berXonfliein^ Xonfort. 

B^ptifi'tjc B^ptiui^tjc*!, adS> bie Sanfr befref* 
fenb, [berbtoien ((Betrlnh). 

ToB^pffse', v.a. ianfm Mitt. berfllMctt, 

B9pU'i^,#. bcrSanfenbe. 

B«r, I. s. Hng. 1. bie etange (bon ^ol} ebcr 
aXetalO/ Oarre) 9. ber 0UegeV ^^ IKiegel* 
kok, £lner^ (am Soben eineft gaffeft, u.)l 
ber Sitgeli 8. ber9)al!en, 9anm: 0<bl<ig' 
barnn j etaHbonm^ etanbbanni) j>ebebattm$ 
4. bie Sarre, eanbbon! ob. 0tei(eSeifen »or 
eittemf>afen^ bie fR^tUi 6. biee^ronta, 
baft fitter ^ 6. ber mit e^ronfen eingeMIof« 
fene 64(n^f4 (nnb £)rt befreibcn)^ T. bie 
e^rottfen in einer (Seri<btftfittbei ber Q^» 
ri^tftfaali 8. baft Oeri^t^ colUd. bielCb* 
i»ocaten^ SXitglieber beft Xbbocatenflanbeftf 
9. fig. baftfyinbemi^; 10* ber Clnerflri^, 
befgL 2Vp. Chrgdnittttgftflri45 !!• Com* bie 
9arre, etonge (9)rcift« ob. ttert(befiim' 
mnng im afritenif^cn^Ninbel)) 12. Print 
berf>refbengel$ l3.Htfr.bcre4rdgbaIfea$ 

14. Mus. ber Xact, Xactflriib ivid. pl^i 

15. Shoe. ber9efU4$ 16. Sew, bieSIU' 
menna^t (an epi^ttOi 17. Law, bieperem« 
ptorifibe (Sinrebe/ »eI4e bie Ifction beft M* 
gerft tftnig (emmti moaqoito— ^ Am. baft 
gXttftfito-ieet (gcgen beneti^ ber^KnftKtoft)! 
-fee, baft eibft^Ib, t»aftgelb) —iron, baft 
etangeneifen$ —keeper, ber ^eOner^e^enti 
»irt($ -maid, (—keeper,) baft e^enfmdb* 
itM, bie JteOnerimi j -man, ber Kufmdrter/ 
IC (»ie — keeper) ; — maiter,'Min. (Derb.y 
ber (Srimefrer; —pomp, (Hng.) Mar. bie 
Stod^ipvtmpt^tmtpxmpt, ber ^eberi —room, 
bieCMbn^Hbaft^Gt^cnillnuwri -obot, 
etottgenfttgeln^ — tteel, ber gcmeine etobl » 
—ways, gittcnoeife, in CLnerfinienj -wood, 
baft afrifan.0ltot(4o(S; 6anbelbo4$ H. Blr|, 

-'^—-y B- (^-- 



Bare 4$armi(— ofgold,Ac.,9olbbarreR,K.>$ 
JlfM«-#. ^Xotlfxi^ti -of reat, ^u|hi{ 
-ofthecapttao. Mar, Mc |>ailbf)pd^ M 
Oangfipiltt) -of a hone, Man. Me&kNn, 

To Bar, v. a. 1. ocrrtegeitt, iMviegcUi, (9er)« 
fycTteK. tcrgittfrtt, atil CM^tathn vmgcbeii $ 
8. mlt«lrdfm (i»crWc^.S<trl9ii>9frft|«n4 
8. flreifm^ ia etrt ifcn t^ifen ; ^-«. 4. (jcm* 

n^mtn (mttfrom); 6. ««ttrfageii^ 9in^tt 

ftemmeni 8. (in einidm C^i^felct) ftr«fen) 
to-aToSo, V€L McYbet •(»(» ^friM m 
}ted Drten unterbinben n. 6ffiiai. 

BXr'^t, Mf'^UfT, vid. Barratry, Baimtor. 

Barb, I. #. ttng. 1. (cvntr. ».Barbary) 1. bcr| 
Sarbar, eethm ^.b^Oerbercofi 8.>Sg:. 
btr Satt; ific bd 9iMctt/ ic, b«b^$ bie 
9arb(, bet 9aft|IM4 4. bcrflBiber(a!ni («n 
dMm )>fdl; Yndtlbafen, k.>) 6. Bot. ber 
Sartl 6. Orn. bic ttitmtbtf^ X«lbe| n. 
Birbf, s. pL 1. bcr^etbcbantif^, ba»9fer* 
be)eiS/t8ef0ftr (bel oItfit!0Kttt<r»)| 8. Vet 
bd 4^ii«derii|eii ^ 8. bte flMRflflbirtf n 

To Birb, V. a. 1. dn f)fRb MfFJHtrctt; rflflen, 
iMtf 0^;^ I 9. mil mbet(<^ i»itfc^ii ^ to 

— a lobiter, dii(t itreb^ Hrlegta. 
BlHb^c^a, «. Fort^. 1. bod Itttpmioetf^ bic 

0<baiQt| bit flUdkfenlbyf I 8. ber «B«4t« 
t^vrm, bie «B«rte; 8. bie e^iiff^artcj 
4. (ftat|.) bill etitmlo* ({» einer Sttaer 
)«ni VbUntfen be» ffBAfTetl). 

B&f^f cie, 9UL Barbecno. 

BfrM'4^€f,i.Oeog*.««rbabo»| Bot-*. -aloe, 
blettbet'Yloei -eborry, bie mtfivibMtf^ii 

- flovor-fuico, (— prido), ber f)fllieil* 
MttMiiii) -t«g» iliML bet Olep^titenftaf, 
baftJIHoabdil; bie(i(q)^«tiaglf —not, bie 
ivefUnb. 9ttt8ini«f I -tar, bet fidtt^tt, 

BSr^f rf , «• Oatbata, Mtbel (9-n). 

Bqirbi'rfMt I. «<&. 1. e4og. batbatif*, b€t« 
bettf44 8. fig- b«tbat{f#; »ilb, to^, v«« 
mmf^Ii^l n. «. 1. Cfeog. bet9<itb«t, «er 
bet I 8.j%. berttarbot, ttiUMRJ*. 

Bfrbi'rivttf. #.p/. Cfof. bit SatbaMlm. 

B^rMb^o, «|f. batbotifil, to^ «i». 

BirlifrlfBi, #. 1. JUt bcr «ca:bct{Min»4 8. bie 
dtobe U«»i|reiibdt, xc, trid. b. 4, f. tt. 

i^rbXr^ty, «. 1. bielterbaid, ttilb^dt, €lo^ 
bdt^ a. bieUnmeiif((»ll4fdt, nitaofk«tatt» 
fawhiU 8. lit. (». 1) He »aKbati»anil. 

ToBli^bfifM, V. L «. ill ben dufltab bet 
f)lo(f(dt;llttCttItitt9etft|eii$ n. n. Bprad^* 
fe^let ma^ni. 

Bir'bfroaff L mdj.^ U. — ly, «<i0. K btrbo* 
tif4^; »ilb; tob^ aagebifbet ) amviffeRb ) 8. m* 
menf(bit4^, dtaiif«m$ 8. f^tAdj^tpibtigi m. 
-BOM, 1. 1. ^ie SBObbeit in beneittcai bet 
nngefittttediifbuib) 8. bie BanKnT^Udl^tetty 
8. ba Sctflof en nibet bie 9teinbdt bet 

Biff^fry, «. 1. Goo^. bie 9ixb«tci^ Sctbcrdj 
8. (or— horac), baSetbettOfi — fikoii, 
Orn* bet Satbatfolf. 

BarOiite, Bai'bit^ (port.) ««. nit «bef • 
(ofen, b^ttid^ befci* Bot — flowcra, tiUben* 
fStmige Ob. Siin^ettblttiett. 

B&rbo, #. viiLBarba^ mUx Barb; to fire 
la—, MU fibetbieStttfbac^, oaftottbttrA 
bie eMbieff<battett Miefen. 

To Bir^^e, o. a. 1. ein €M^toein (eiaen 
S)<bren/ u. 90ns) btatta (infE8ejliidien vnb 
Kotbonetite}^ 8. (attf3ontti£Q> itaffet (aaf 
etnet fJlattfotm) trodnen. 

B&i^f«8o» «. 1. dn gebtateneft (9aii9e«.)e9oa« 
ferfd, (SM^.u.)/ babet 8. dn UMUIk^, 
fe|llt«e«a)labi(ber inVntdfa)^ 8.dif(3o' 
maiftt) eine Hxt ^lattf^tm sum ascMtaen 
(eonnen) bc0 itaffecl. [tig (att« Aae.). 

Bfir^^ p. 0. nitiBibet^tt oetfrben, bit* 

B&'bfl, <. 1. leh. bie etrbe, vid. Barb ; 8. 
(obet Barbela) Vet. «td. Burba ttat Barii. 

Bar^^r, #. bet 4$atbiet| — *• ebafer, bie 
KUxmfafik€,9-fAnfi — ■ polo» — ■ aign, 
ba^C$4ilb einel SorbietS} — ehimrfooii, 
or — a«f«ooA » bet Sotbier ^ bet tu^ictA 
fBottbotitidf — a* Tiacs» 3at«|an6ett, f:^. 
enal. ^dit&ffd, engL ^len. 

BaHbfcry, $. Bbt^. 1. bie Setbenbe, fietbif * 
beete) 8. (— tree), be? fdahiiheiiofxat4 i 

Bii^t, «. bie«Atbettc: 1. On. betftatt* 
oogdi 8. Zoo<.betttattbttab,iotti9e,Uag' 
ottige flBaffetbimb, ftabeU 

Bar1>lef, $. pi. Vet. vid. Barba unt Bai^ 

Bar1>9tifD«, «. bet ttntitfune. 

Bard, #. 1. bet S^aibe (atdftetflngct bet QtU 
ten^ ic)i 8. * bet t^Ut, 6dnget| 8. bol 
bftnagejfd^nittette et&4t epedt inm CSpiifca. 

To Bird, o. «. snpfen, toa^) oid. To Beard. 

Biff'dle, Bif'd^ Qdi. botbiA, fkrbea'. 

B&f'dffai, «. bal «aibt«t^, bie fSdHetfltt' 

Bir'doiii, ad}. etnfSttigi fdmt9f9Mi%,, ttdge. 

B&Hdvlpb, a. 8«^l9(, ««ttboV(9K-n). 

Bftrd'-w«dl [-wAi],#. octonnaobittefBoae (bet 
ebleXtdl 00m Sfiiefe, t. e. o^Jtopf* anb 

BAre, La4i.^lL — ly, ado. 1. tt<uft(aaib A?*)) 
ttnbebe^$ bicf ; M^\, o(ne f>aat^ giatti 


comik — foot, o^ ft ado. Uitfitf | ->fMted, 
p. a. barfitf $ —ground, ta pitttr A 
•-hesded, p. «. mil entl^Uff tcm ^uyte^ ttit 
blofctt it)D9>ff^ mbc^cditi -* Ic^ed^ p» cr. 
»tt Mofcn Mncii^ borbdnig) a lUp nder 
- polei, Mmr. ei« 04«fF mlt (cfdWitfcaen 
e^icto^ - pn^, (C) nUL B«-pMp; 
-ribbed, ^gcr.Mbnrf IV. -Rn* «. l^hit 
Kd<fttdt, »tfff4 9.Meaia0(Cfdt$ a. bie 

Mn, «. Ut »ib<8nfetef)Iat/ Me Se^^ |Ktle. 

To Bdrc, «. «• Muft, ftift m^^a, cstbI6fen » 

Bdrcteeod, I. p»ii.; 11. -* iy, adv. 1. Hit Mo' 
fern OeMte, wociUMi Ji9-<.; S. loi' 
9crbftlt, ofN, frei, (fftnflii^^ s. i 
f*tot9 la -*MH, «. bicfirfifflgMt, %t9^* 
beit, Uiii»erf4dmt(dt 

MHgafAlW.iffl}, #. Com. 1. bcr^dilbcf, 
itttttf, irmtfMM, J tof b f t ir tfl.^ (btlifle) 
MAmfi a. Me gdattfte ob.Mliitfti«Ht#c4 
a berOetMim, ytofiti (tk) a--! toyp! 
cs fei I a loiing-, ein ^anbel (eine €M(), 
i»<beiiMti9erUect4 iototte-ylsbntiUitf, 
Oboibtcln) to Make (b«y, oratrlkc) a-» 
cfaKt JNttf ober JMSbtl Wiefeni to gall one 
afood^ Mwm MM wo^Ifett oertafm) 
tof«Hoaaa->^. Micni eittca f)tfrii ober 
CStreu) fpielen, i^n betrfigeni to got (or to 
haro) a dead—, nm etsett gpot t ycc to be^ 
f^nnea^ by-^ mU »erobrdet; controctKd' 
fie, ottMCtiid^l —and lale, LmOy tit Ser> 
rottfkoatract, iveld^ bie ftbergobe bel Ser^ 
fmrftn ao« «i#t nritrisf^iieft) <*»aker, 
co<. bet 9ftUUt, eenfftl. 

ToBSr'gaiB, fi.ii. (anbein (--for^iimMMl); 
bi(«ibeltt$ einen ^anbdt fdfiJtitat ober nu^ 
4ai, frilAeni as b— «d for, mit berobrebet. 

Blrga|aC«', f . bcr Mvfn, W Jtdvfetins. 

Hdf^ga jy, /. ( ly. Mfga|nH^, birpMQ , 
bcrSetfttKfnibe/dbtftefkr, bieffetfisfttinn. 

Bir^e, I. «. l.bie 0tTfl, bM Doot, Ss^oot^ 
S. btf tei#tfibiff/ bertt^^f 9. b<ib&ibbet^ 
lotf n. eom]». ulfvb-^. I. ^eonplet, ber (in 
ffnen Mbtm Solini smlBitfUtfiins ein^eUtfi 
fme) Ctnfrbattnti 9. ^comne, bie dbct btc 
QHtfbeCboffeii (erootrtgenbe Si^^iegelni^l 
-man, 1. ber mwtgtw^ Chliffer) 9. ber 
0efe(llt«bet eiaer 4NrfM -HM^ter (or bar- 
garXberCMIiffn:) «a9itdti(ob.tigeii^taer) 

B&r|^MUt9r,vui.Bergmuter. [einetikntlt. 

Kfa^, «. Cm. eine Yrt ofUabif«er Mb«. 

BffiMv,#. Bi*»e<iVmt)9Lbfc»f 

nif^be eoba) iweet-, bie feia|k IMmu 

eobt. [BmitaM. 

BSr'Kmifli JAet. I. m<r. bcrttonIM) II. «• Wrf. 

B«r|t9nii«', «. Mus. ber Stritnttilt 

BXrito'Bd,«.llt(«. ber«aritoi, (obe«a#. 

B&rk,«. 1. bieSorfe^Ainbei t. bie »mtei 

berKi«ett} btee*ste$ 8.ber<M(elii 

ofliiMf<ber 5e«g os^ ecibe «. Jtnmcef(i«mi 

geferti0t)j armed-, ifor. bcr fknnberi 

Peitnriaa-, or Joeait-, bie Qtteariabei la- 

dlaa --, inceaae — , bie fSei^uAriabe} 

-bared, -itripped, ob^rittbtt^abgefMItl 

-boaad,biMnbi0i - gaHe4 ta bcr 9tiabe 


To Bark, v. I. n. bellen, fldfTcn (mie at) i fg. 

berMreiea, Vkw^ia, Uflenii U. a. (bie 

9tinbe) obfd^dien, abriabca. . 

B&rlc«r, #. 1. bcr 9eBer^ a bcr yeltcrer, 

e^reier^e^md^n $. berlCbMdler (bcr 

eomariabe). IMeab. 

Bai^, mdi. heOi^ tiM^, tai (Riabe be* 

Birliy^jbBot bieOlerfle} P«arl-, f)efla« 

graapcai Freack — , Ottmpcsi viatar- 

(■qaare or bear, bei ttdget aa# bif*) -• 

9ieI)e<HfleSintergerflri epriag^ »iei^p 

eemaurgerftei tprat-^ smdscilige CoaM 

mergerflei battle-door --, falkam-, pat- 

aey— (9on dinigcn glei^foSb ^rnt'^ ge« 

aaaat),9Ui»gcr(le,Sartgcrffo| Slberlaa-N 

fiberif^e ober smdieittge aatfte Oerflci — 

brake,ber0mtetttB|5 —broth, ber <S-aM(| 

(B'ttanii — oora,baA<S-nfbrai ba^nciaHe 

engLtlngemaof (%3oa)} -mow,bicCI-» 

ma^b) —water, ber <B-atraaf , 0-nf4^1cim. 

Birm, #. bie ^efro^ Mrme (far Sier a. 9rob > 

Bic'my, adj. ^tfta eat^alteab, t€flg* 

Bam, I. •• 1. bieedbevae, CN^caeri 9. ber gref e 

Jtarpfeai il. comp.— floor, bie (04iaa>) 

Zeaaei Ora-t. — onl , bie QM|ieiereafei 

— iwaUow, bie flUn4r4»d(bc 

Bar'afda,*. Cbaefc. bteOntcamuMel) -bird, 

-gooM, Om* bie(f<bottV4e>0aam§<ab. 

Bii'aaclef, #.p<.Fdr. bieOremfc,f)rcaife,bcr 

KofeataebdL ttfdb. 

BfrOm'ttfT, «. Phy. UB Bwcmttct, Oetter* 

fiXrpai^rie (-cpl, at^. -cfHy, ado.), mti. 


Bfa'pa, #. ber Saron, Srci^crri Law-s. —of 
tke escke^er, cia {Rioter imG^bOb^om' 
mergerid^l ford ekief-, bfr S)bern4lar, 
yrARbent borlai careitor -, bet aaterUe 
SeiMer biefei <»eri4t^ ber bie doflbeamie' 
tea, eteriifb, k. tert(cibi^$ - and fmaae, 
gUna If. 9nm (ba Wepoor M eine morali* 
r«eyerfoa betra4tet}i a * oibeef, BnuA, 



M( iioci tmttktmm ecttbaifMe (•iriotai) 

W^^n^t, *. 1. bU Sarone u. f)air» («U 
it6rper)$ 3. bic SaronSioftrbc^ 8. bie ea> 
tonic, gm^errfd^afti 4. bie Srei^emifletter. 
BXr'9n9M, «. bie Sarottef e, {fretftoit. 
BXr'9n(t» t. bet Daronct. 
BXH^BftvIe, BXH^n^tey, i. 1. btettflibe ei« 
: ae» eatonetfti 3. ber niebere ^el, bie {Rit« 
tetf^aft. [(etrti«. 

B^ro'iiM, aiij, eincn Sharon u. betreffenb,firei« 
BSr'pay, •• bieffrei^ettf^aft) Sarondiofttbe. 
ByrSqse' [-^k], adj. k adv. 1. Wef, Mtef» 
nt«b (ooiif)erlen)) a. jig. lAi^ttU^, auf*[ 
(Ulettbi foQberbari 9. Mus. iintege(md« 
fig/ Batol 

Blfar^tcOpe, Fhff. k Cktm, ba§ Stto^cop. 
Birr, #. ft v. vid. Bar. 

Bir'tfcfByt. Cbm. bet Setfttn/ Sarftii/ Sa» 
foYait) — maker, ber Serfanioeber. 
Bir'r^ck, #. MU-«. 1. bieSarrafe, 9elb(iltte$ 
% bie Gofeme (an4 pi. barracks), !Drbott«tti« 
(&tfct$ ~bed,bal9^Ibbette{ — Baater,bet 
Qafetnesliif^ectori — natter general^ ber 
BXf'r^e.t Cbm. bie etrtege. 
Bilr'rai* «. 1. G^em. ro]^e$ Si^ten^ors, 
befllm (efere 8<yrte Galipot genamtt witb, 
«v.) 2. bief)adNeitiwanb. 
BM^, «. 1. ber ^ixihx, 4>dnbelma4^er, 
Bte^tlberbtetet (ber Vnbere lum f)rocef' 
(Ires rei}t)i 9. Com. lam. ber (SapitdR, k. 

BIKr^trow, I. a<(;* ber Oaratrie f^ulbigj 
n. — ly, ado. iia4 ^tt ber Suratne. 
bte^ungi (SIteanei JLoio, ba» iiiir«bli4^e (be* 
fte^tt^e, K.) eerfa^ren in f)roceffa<beii$ 
9. Cbm. Lav, bieS^arattie, Saratterie, IBer< 
imtretnrag/ bet Unterfi^Ieif (oon 0eiteii be& 
€$4iffer6 [(Soyititift] ob. bese<biff«DoIPe6). 
MKrteSef , #. pi. ilfar. Heine ftBafjertonnen* 
BXr'rf I, #. 1. b<il 9^^ ^ bi< Sonne (au4 ein 9Xaf 
It. (Semi^tbott oerM. (9r5fe)j T-m. %, bal 
9eberge^dttfe ob. bie Xrommel einer Saf^^en^ 
ii|r{ 8. ber itaften einer XrommeU 4. ber 
€anf einer Slittte, tc, €?u9i. bieeseele^ 5. bie 
^6|U, bef. Afec*. ber .(59linber.bie©«lge, ber 
etief^U -of a}aek,'bieetriAoaIieatteinem 
Srotenwettberi -e the ear, AsMt. bieOtfr* 
trommel i Mr-t. —of tke capstan, bie (BeOe 
bee <lkngft>iir»| - of the wheel, bie flBeUe 
be$etenerrabeS| -chain, JFfor. bie itette in 
ber UJri - maker, ber ?f«fbinber, itftferJ 
Jtflfiieri —organ, eineOre^orgeL 
MeVflf, #. pj. Com* etoffttge, saflet (fftrl 

tnimt (B««reft)i MU-^. are-, Setterfif* 
feri thnndering -, S)OBtterfdfer/ thrrab' 
fdfcr (tttf Srottbetn)! -of earth, (Stbfifcr 
(all Sntfboe^t bienenb). 

To Bir'rfl (— np), tK a. in ettt^nf f&Oett, etn> 
legen, eintonnen. 

BXi'rfn* I. adj. II. — ly, ain, 1. gdtCbon 
X(ierett)$ 9. gen. nnfcn^tberi 8. bfirte, 
trotfen i 4. arm, bflrftig $ 5. abgef4^nuutt, el* 
bemi lU. Barren, $. bie i>a{be$ IT.eomp. 
—money, ein iobteO Qoyital} -privet, Bot. 
bie JMUftmnt}} — epiritedtgdfUoO) —wort, 
Bot. bie eifdj^oflmilbe) V — neie, «. l.bie 
Unfrn^tbarhit (ber3Wcie)i % bieOine 
(be$l8obenft)$ B^berfBUngelonSebeatiuig, 
on Grfinbnngdfrafti SXongel on ^Rabtdti 
bie ®eifieftleere. 

BSrrfcide', Birrfci'dO, s. 1. bie Serfpemtng, 
eerrammmg, eerf4onsnng$ 9. ber e^Uig* 
bonmi 8. Afar, bie 64ansocrfleibing$ 
4.JEg. bog^inbemif) barricade of tree*, 

To BXrricide', To Barr}ci'dO, v. a. !• oet» 
rommen, oerf^etren, »etfd^an)ett$ 9. /g. 
(emmen, ab(oiteni to — a ship. Mar* bie 
gin f en etten nnb e^onsHeibet nm boO G^iff 

BXr'ri^r [bfrir', i\»pe], s. bef. Fort. 1. bie 
«erMon)«ng, ttefefttgmig) b«0 Ottter$ 
bie tenbioe^r, Sormaneri (— town) bie 
<Bren|fefbmg) 8. ber 64^Iagbonm, <Bcei^< 
ftein^ M-^ 8.bie®rett)e) 4^ berttin^t, 
bo» ^inbemif . 

BiiHrl^rf , «. pi* bie 64tonfen, ^nfMronf en $ 
<Bren)en, Gtofeten, 64^an|pfiA(le. 

Bar'ring, p. pr. oon To Bar; — mietakea, 
Sttt^toet on^genommen. 

B&'rjitfr, #. bet <Seri4tS"lCbbO€at, Vnmalt 

B&r'rpw, #. 1. (hand—), bie XtOge, (Snig«) 
9a(re4 9. (wheel—), bere$4ttb!arren ; 8. bao 
gef^nittenee^roein) J&igUtt4^aoe4»<in 
(ilber^)l Am. (anSWI.) boO geMnittcne 
64roein4 — grease , bo^ e^meinefiett; 
e^meer) -^hog, bergef4nttteneCber,9off. 

BXr'rOwf, 9. pi. SalUw. )ttder(tttf5rmige tM* 
beuHrbe stm XroiVnen beft 0alirt. 

Barse,«. Ich. ber Datfd^, vid. Perch. 

Bart, afr6r. f&r: Baronet, trid. B. abbr. 

To B&f'tor, V. I. fi. Xonr^lftnilbel treiben, ba« 
rottiren, trofiren) n. a. ocrtanften, »er« 
me^feln (itarten im BpitU)i to — away, 

fig. oetgenben (feine 3eit, le.). 

Bar^t^r, g. 1. bet XottM^anbel, entot^bel, 
Umfab/ (Baatenoetttieb) 8. inm. bie »er« 
toafd^te 6d4e. [eett«ttf4^er. 

Bai'ttror, t. 1. ber Xottf^^dnbleri 9. bet 




B&rt^ «. Bus. itt name Ort obct fiarAIos 

BiHt^By «. 1. He f>aTe»9<tfr, Sdit^erdes ci^ 

Hvbe) S.0ii».)^«itt(r4af»^f, f^V' 
Hereof. [teir) 

Mr'trfm, #. Jdt berflkrtraitt; tiee^^eidbel* 

B&i'wiyf , BirVy, vW. bar-wayt, Uttt Bar. 

B«f'wfg,#.We«errfitfei vid. Periwig. 

B^ft^ B<Lr;te^ Bfrf i8f , «. Min. bie e4»er« 
et^f; entn^Iagc M 64i9erf)pa4>. 

Bir'TtOM, «. 1. <?ram. baft Oar^tOtton i 9. 
Jlfo«. vid* b. t. BaritoDA. 

B&'f9l, oc^'. CKem. bafifft- 

BmAI^> '• ^mL 1' berSktfatt) vidJBaaaftes; 
9. (—Wedgwood), (in fd^watjeS, bene4ttren 
wiberfleHiibcft (OdUf^eft eteingut 

B9dU't«f , f . Geo/ . ber ««f4lt, edaUnfttiii. 

BfOl'tfc, adj. boftttir*/ ottft (vox) ^afolt 

BfOfiffSni, a4^ bafiatfimig, r^vIeiifSniiid. 

Bf«il't|iM,#. 1. 9eol. berSafdrtiB; 9. bie 

'B^^ite, BmI'bvsi <• Mm- be? f)robirfiet]i. 

Bfiie, a47. 1. nicbdfl C/SgO/ f^bHtb^gemein, 
Hfuittt/ 9tH4ftUii 9. gering, gering^Itig; 
f<ble4t, tmed^ti falft (oonfDhiiiie)^ unebel 
(vonSXetoHett)! 8. nwitlUl^i 4. (oomSone) 
tief) —born, I.iittr(elt4/illegitim4 9.nte« 
brig gebocctt, vauMi^i 8. fiUd^t, gemein 
(90ll^gCtt)$ -4>rooai, vid.I>yerVbrooin) 
-oovt,l.bcr«ietH$ 9.baftnttterged4^t9 
— eoUte, 1. Law, baft gememe, Qtebnge|(er» 
fommctti 9. baft Saitergttti — kDot-gnm, 
BaU bcr ttcgetritt, iltt6terig) die— part, 
Afiit. bcr Saf 4 «><<• Basi ; — ring md ogee, 
&MI. baft ^terfricft an etner Jtanone^ 
— rocket, Bdt.bie'»tIbegeIbe0tef(ba) —te- 
nnre, baftlBanerlc^cil (»te — «ttate)5 —tree, 

BSse, 1. 1. lit. kfig. bU eaflft, bet ®nmb4 
9. becSobciij 3. ber^Qf^ baft ^nf gefteV, 
yoftamenti ber 04ttlettfitt^l$ (—of a bed), 
bet^vfrroa) (eineft«etteft)4-4. Gun. baft 
(BeMAi wm lei^teflen Jtotiberf 6.' Chem. 
bie 0af(r$ 6. ibftn. ber IBaPi (— ntrlng), bie 
Saffditei 7. /cik. ber earf4^{ 8. berOrt (bte 
Sane), i»<m »o anft baft «BettIattf^n ( tojeif 
bre^en^ic) begisnt [griinben, bafiren. 

To BUc, V. a. 1. to. ft. fftrEnbiM; 9. mod. 

BSm^«m» a(^\ ii<. kfig. gnmbloft. 

Biiely, adv. 1. nicbrig^tiebertrA^tig^fdbdnb' 
lid^^ 9. f^Ie^t, imeAti gerisgbaltig (oon 
!RetaIIeii)) falf4 (b.!9tti]Qett)) 3. (--boro). 

Bise'm^t, «. ilrc^. eine ^rtUttfenbe flkiflft, 
ber %u!fb9Uu, bie WtktU^t, baft 9»nbame«t. 

i'nn (B&'tfn), s. baft gcfSrbte eUtaffeSf 
brattne ^d^flcber (fftr Stt^btttber. u.y, 
qf. Buil. 

iie'nfM, #. I.b{e9{febrtgfeitbeftetattbeft, 
beriBebttrti tme^Ii^e d^eburt) 9. r>it9tiu 
bertriilttgfeit, e^Ie^tfteit, k.$ 8. bte<Be« 
ring^ltigMt (Don fDtetanen, k.)) 4. bie 
a^efe (beft tSoneft). 

BSae'nft, #. ind.BaMinet. 

Bvabftw', [ffi.. If., Ac] #. 1. ber ftafTa 
(r. ¥af4a)$ 2. fig. ber St)raim« 

Bvsh'fUl, I. adj. ; n. — ly, ado. 1. f((aml^fi, 
«erf4dmt| 9. biftbe, nHttxni 3. e^am 
erregenb} m. —nets, #. 1. biee^amtNt^g* 
leU$ 9. bie «Ub{gYeit, e^Htern^eit, Bet' 

h^%s. 1. Geog. Safel, (pid. Basle); 9.ea« 
ftUttft (fDt-it)) 8. baft gegerbte edj^affeO, 
(vtd. b.b. Basen)! 4. T. (/otn. Ac.) bie 
e^rige, (Be^re, Oe^nmgi baft®4rdgmaf 1 
ber (f^iefe) ffBinfel (eineft QXeifelft, ^obel* 
eifenft, ic)i Boe*#. 5. baft ftajlHenrrattt/ 
ttafilicum (att^ sweet—); American field—, 
bie !DKottarbei stone — , ber Sl^miaxi 
—weed, ber ttirbelbofhtt. 

To Biyn, V. a. r. (e^neibemerf Huge) f^rdge, 
f^iefniittfelig juMleifen, abf^^rdgex. 

B^irjcf, #. ulnat. bie OafUica, ndttUrelfber, 
4>anptaber beft Vnnft* 

BJif'tRTo, BMH'ic^, a«w iinot. bafilif«, |ur 
0afllka gebdrig. 

Ba^l'fc^n, s. JPharm. bie itftnigftfalbe. 

BSf'iirslc, I. #. 1. (aucb Coduitrice), ber (er« 
mutt) «lkifilift9, Jtftnigftbraibef a Zool. 
bie (ofiinb.) Jtftnigfteibed^fe^ 8. xa^ b. G^c 
eiii neuereft 48pfanbigeft (Sef4^ii|i n. o^y*. 
bafiUftYeiiartig; - glance , fig. ber OafUift* 

Bs'sin, s. 1. baft Setfen, btr AafTerbeiftlter, 
bie e«ate^ 9. biefiBagf4a(e$ 8. bie ecbleif- 
f4ale (ber (BIaftf4Ieifer)5 4. Hat. baft etet« 
ferble^Sili^Ieib^ 5. bie (Snibe> Jtaffgntbcft 
6. ber Jteffel (baft ®e<Ieo) eineft eyringbmn* 
nenfti berrieineXei^l 7. bie «n4t (vid. 
nnten)) Mar-i. — of a dock, bie Jtumrn bei 
einerCo<fe4 —of a port, ber Sinnen^afen) 
bie (fiBafler*) iDodPe, ID. o(ne fflttt^t^ren; 
baft IBafflni — of the kidney, Anat baft 9He« 
renbeifen} tale by the—, Com. bie ftfent* 
a<beKttction jn TCmftetbam (»obei ber 3v« 
fd^Iag anfeinemSeto gefii^e(t)) — sUnd, 
berffBafd^flanb, ffBafd^tin/ bieaSaftcom^ 

Bi'sfned, a#. »ie in eittSeif en geftft [mobe. 

Bi'iis, s. bieS^afift, (Sntnblage, berOnwb^ 
efolenfht^I, baft SofgefteS^ bie Oranb* 
fdttU, baftSvnbamcttt^ (ptd3aMiBa.S-nO« 
.,„,_., ^oogle 




To Bft%K «• «* "^* dtftn^en, Mlxcn. 

ToBM» «. 1.0* fonntn J6m»rmi O. »• (aud^ 

>^.) M fotmcn^ M toSrmcn. 

B«i1c«t, «. I. gen. Hx 3^xh i 9. ber itorbooS, 

dn (nnbefttmiiiteft) ^SRaf (bef. beiSnl4ten)$ 

illii.t«re4»aiiie0(b) 4.(-liilt)» bcr(e^ 

bcU) Jtorb, ftberflo4tenc (SIriff ob. Silfld am 

edbcI,)C) back-, vi<<. inBsck; -fidi, 

ZooL baft ^ebttfcft^ttpti — maker, bcr 

itorbma^n; —maker's leosework* bttr4' 

bro^ene Jt-ma^enoearej —maa, bcr Safb* 

tr40ec$ - salt, bal Xafelfali (fMn(i« utb 

»eife(ie engliffbc €5ttli)i -* womaa, 1. bic 

Jt-iia<becimi) 8. bie ^fltrddermiu 

To BXiMt «• «• in cinen Stotb tbim. [b<ii. 

BXs'kiag-ahark, f. Ich. betdttefenbo^ f)f^be> 

Ba^e* Bale. #• Geoff. (bU etebt) OafeU 

Bft'e^y «• vf (<• b. b. Bamn. 

BSeqaeLbM], s. Ulf6Mt,tdUH^. 

Blt'qai*b [-kfik], adj. boftf if«, bUftl»if4- 

BXs-rfUef, «. vitf. Bast-relief nat* Bass. 

BSes, I* $. 1. /cA. bcr ^tttmolU (Cwmb.), cin 

Slttfbarfti (Hasp.), ntt€$e(barfti Am.iixi 

ben ftdrbL etaaten) bcr geougte IBatS^ SL 

Bot. blcSinbe^ a. ber ©afU (-mat), bit 

eaflmatte,Q$trob» ober9(nrettbi<fe) 4. Biw. 

ber 93af4 - of ao organ, bod 94riMmoerf 

(bteldaffHmmen) dneriDrdel} n. a4i. Mu*. 

tief $ m. comp. -relief. Scuip. bad Oaftre* 

Uef;{>aIbbo4bttb; ble balber^abenc Titbit 

-rope, baftSaflfdU —viol, bie IBaf seiflC, 

Xltgeldc, (6ratflb<l -wood, bie Sinbe (otd. 

obcn)i baft Sinbai^I§. 

To BXss, V. I. a. tief (im Oaf) taiieii laffeaj 

n* II. tief {linden, bntrnmctt. 

BSs'sa, s. ber Oaffa) vid. Bashaw« 

BSs'sft, #. €?aiii. baft SafTet («fpUl)4 

ToB&s'sft, v.a. MiA. anfteigtn (oott AobUo* 

^ben). [Siflr. 

BXssfn^t'y '• cin leister ^elm, ftc». obne 

BSs'svck, s, bie (®aflO QXatte (mie Bass). 

BWsQ-r^iie'viV, #. vid. Bass-relief ttttt Baas. 

BMtOOa', BSs'spn, «. Mf j. ber eaffbit, baft 

B«ssoo'Bist,#.Mif#.berSa0otift ISi 

B&t, f . 1. ber idafii a. baft SaftfeiL 

BXs'ta, L #. Gum. (fraiii.\ftarte): Viqueo 

jDame, (betttf^eitarte): CBrfiit'lDber (aitib 

Basto); bieS9afle$ II. int. Mus, pm^l Wti 

Bfti'tfrd, I. *. 1. ber idaftarb, baft unebeli^e 

itittbi Xfig. (ilberb. iebe unc^te ob. iinter* 

flef4obeiieea<bebe|et4^iieab)4 9.Afar-^. o) 

eine Oaleere »ott gem6bnl.®r6fe s. mit brei* 

tem^intettbette^ h) baft grftfte eegel eiaer 

QhUttt, bcffea ®ebrau4 nur menig ®iiib 

erforbcrti U. adj.; m.— ly, ado.« 

ebeli<b} 2. nncibt; falftb/ i^erfdlfibt) Z.Gun, 

pea oagewft^iilkHnilattbcr) IV. cot^p,- 

child, ber Safiarbi Bot-#.-4ittaay,ber»Ube 
Ciptami -rlKUeboret bie uoiiteGteiibebMUii 
-oats, ber tttttbe ^oftt, Gtlb* ob* ttinbba* 
f«rj -parsley, bcr Jtlettenlerbeli -ribe, 
Anat bie furjen ob. fair^endttppen} Bats. 
-saffiron, ber eafflof i -seua, ber wdlMe 
ecaeftbattm, filarenbatin, lodlMe tol^i 
— stocco,, Ma*, itolfmdr tel mit fdoem Ctoabc 
oerfetti -title, 7Vp« ba e^^antititel. 

To BftsV^ «• «• ber ttne^U^en (Bcbitrt 
fiberfftbcenj HtmOaftorb ma^enj IR^ttoiBca. 

Bis't^dif m, s. ber duftonb, bie Seal eineftSa* 

To Bfts'tirdize, o. a. 1. ber lUe^ti^M <Sk» 
bnrt, <liitartuiigiibcrfitbce&4 9. eiaeiiea^ 
ftarb ieugctti 8. fig. i»erfttf<ba^ oetbcrbou 

Bfts'tffdy, s. bie «ae(c(i<be Ckbnrt. 

BSs'tff , «. 2>t. vid. Baifclas. 

To Bfiate, v. reg. k <n L a. 1. ptfigdig t«ft# 
priiaelni 8. (eisen Sratctt mtt Sett^ ac.) be 
gte^en ; n. ti. Tail, oerloren (eflei^ oii^te- 
ge«^ l«8Abcftf(bla8eiu 

Bftste, $. ber eaft, oid. Bast 

Bft'st^, L a4;. bafleni U. baateii, or tested, 
p. p. oon To Baste. 

B&'stfr, 9, baffelbe, »ie Bastiae-4adie. 

BSs'^m^nt, BSst|m«a'tO, #. Fort berflBoB, 
SBaUgang, bieerufboe^. 

BSstlaide', BJUtia&'dO, f. l.biceofleubc) 
2.ilber(. boftfyrflgeln, bie^rdael, eto«- 

ToBistfn&de', ToBRstjail'dO, tt.a. 1. bic 
Safionabe 9^beii; 9. prdgcbi, abprfieebi, 

Ba'st|B& p. 0. ToBeatei —ladle, berCrtt* 
tciilftffel, biee^ftpfMe. [SoOmcrf. 

BXs^tion [-tsb^B], #. Fort bicSafIci, baft 

BSs'td, 8. Gam, 1. baft StefT'Vft in bar SXua^ 
ttiSUi 9.«td«Basta. 

BWt9B,BMt«0n',#. 1. ber AnAtttl, 9ti%H, 
vid. Batooa; 2. Ardi. viU Bateoa. 

B&t, 1. 1. Zoot. bicVebcnnanft) 2. Num. bcr 
99abeiirB.bcrf)rtidcI/bicJtettlc) 4. Gam. 
baft maMi 6. ARb. bcr bitnmin6fe0d^icferto 
tbcni 6. (ahbr. p. Bartholomew) IBartbel 
{^'VlM oomp. bride—, cin6t6dtPaiteiitCBi 
diegelflctttci -fowling, Sport, bic 9a<fll» 
iagbf —louse, Alt bic dcmdneSlebcmiaitft* 
ftiege^ - horses, etftdtpfcrbe, Vrtaietic> 
pferbci -men, eti^lttc^tC) — wlags, 
AnaU bie brettea fDtottcrbdiibcr. 

Bi't«Me,a«. firdti0. 

B9t£V> 9. Bot. bie »atate, fuf e itortoftcl- 

B^ta'tpe, s. vid. PeUtoe^ 

Batft'fif, 9. 1. Geog, mtatUii 2. Com. 9a' 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 




of Um 99m%^, Jig. wa imfObai €W«de. 
Bite, #• 1. /Vvm. bCT ea|ea <«M. Bata); 

aaake—, cm TCttfMcgler, Unttt^flnr. 
To Bfita, (oiVf. b. fi« To Abote) o. I. a, 1. ab« 
brcd^, oermtH^nii ta^ofcR) a. mesne V 
bkh, abfdMieC^) II. n. 1. a^^ea, fl<t 
vennuibenii 9. attfetivfti fbfeii (bef.i^on 
Btanh^^tlxO, hti^i 9^ etRfe^teii, tc, vid, 
To Bait> n. 

B&te'l«M»a47. nniEttterwerfli^, unbesiouid^r, 

Bate'm^t,^. htttb^voi^, btc ISerminbentng 

(bei ^nb»etfertt; |.4}. M ItiWcni ber 

aCbf^ttltt, K., ftbr. vid. b. & Abafteaitiit)< 

BitA, «. (pi. b^z), l.boSiBab) (oit* Chem.) 

8. ber SDtt is btr Sabeftabe; n>o man Mml^t i 

9. ^eog. Bath (6tabtin#ng(tinb)5 kaisht 
of the— , {Hitter bed Sat^SDrbenft) 4rf-, 
tin treifened ftab) hot--, bk M^nngi 
foot—, cine ftv^fSrmtoe Oabetoanne) — 
bark, itot ber breibrnt^ge Q^inabottnij 
— bniMeli, ettdnftc itonten^ ^pi^ttii — 
coating, eint TM enatajfiffdj —fly, bk 
fpnnff^ Stitfiti — metal, ber li;ombtt<f, btt& 

To B&the, V. L 0. 1. baben ) (to — one's 
•elf, M) babeni 2. bd^en) S. toof^en, 
ond«»af4>ttt$ n. n. {m flBaffer nlS in einem 
I9abe fefn} tin 9M gebran^en.) to — in 
team , fig. in X^rinen f4»tnntten. 

Bn'th«r, #. ber Sabenbe j iBabegaft . 

Ba'thjng, p. «. ft a. eomp. bad iOabett i 9att*i 
-lodge, boiS-^anft) —place, ber ©-plot J 
(—room), bie ©*flnbe} -teason, bic fb-ldt, 
— tnb^ bieS-toanne. 

Bi'thJii, #.1. i\»et. bie ISiefe) 2. Ut. iron. 
bo^lCtebrige in ber 64retbart, opp. Pathos. 

Biting, I. p. f . bie IBermiitbemnd) vid. 
To Bate; 11. prep. anftgenonAnctt, nbgc* 

Bt'tit, #. Bot. ber !Dtcerfai4eI. [wanb. 

B^fifst', Bfit&te', s. ber®Qtift, bic Satift(ein« 

fiif i^t, #. ber SldncT, »af4blduc(. 

Bat'mM* '. Cbm. ein (9cn>i<bt in ber ^ooante 
(nngef. 16 Vs ^funb engL) 

Bat'Mn, Bif^n, s. 1. bcr Cfommonboflab, 
!Dlarf4oaftob$ 2. bcritniittcl, ^dtgclj 3. 
/fer.ber'etabj i. Arch.\itxyfW. [flcin. 

Batfrv^hlte, #. Min. ber ©utracbit, .Jtr^tcm 

B9trS'G|9B, adj. ZooU 2tt bcn ©atta^icm, 
bcm Srof40cf4Ici(tc dct6ri8. 

BOM )B«trlVjanf» «jil. 

•■••8 ■•"'^^ ^•▼^T' •"i^* 

. _ ZM<.bi(enlr«4ler,0lreM« 

Btt^, ^(iab.) MO. eoib bcr cngllMen %m* 
pentiSn^icttl *7-> Oklb^ bcr action 5 
«xtra-->9elbiitl<i9ei A>U-^ bcrfinf^llber 
ofHnb.6oaqMm»icnni(rca>m9Pcn) half-, 
bcr^olbfolbi wet-, bcreoib inKatnrn. 

BfttsHif, 9. Ma. 1. bt4; CMlUiHorbnttnai 
2. lU 4>attpttrcffptt (Witteltrcffcn) cincr 

B«ttjn'»9n, #. MO. bn» SWitdlon. [Yrmcc. 

B^ltitt^^ned, adj. in SataiOoncn fMrmirt. 

ToBXt^n, 0.1. a. ttiflcnj bingcn, (E«nb) 
beflm^tenj H.*, i. ^i^ mificn, wtebcr crfre* 
Ictti a. M ^Im (»k cin e«n>c{n im 
Aoltc)! 8.^. im flbcrflnf (cbcn. 

8lt'0»a, s. Carp. b<K Bii^^tf^dt, srofle ttncal 
ber3immerlcutc, w.} bicbunnc ^ttc, (Clncro 
^flc) MTeov. bic tobe (om fiBcb|ht((c)j 
—door. He Cciflcnt^r (opp. Panel-door)) 
— ends, tonnene ^ttcn bie mit B^np Canse. 

BXt't^n^, #. pi. Mar, bie ©tpff*ttlcn bcr 
Otanen «. ftnftali —of the batches, bic 

ToBat't^r, o. I. o. 1, Wttgctt; ftampfcni 
9. bo8 9cttlcn ma^ctt (cin mctaScnc^ <9c« 
Wi d* Krfi^(<kdcn; icrtrnmmem, scrfibmct' 
tern; 4. finrf bef^iefcn, bcfhtrmcn) II. n. 
Mas. iLbcr^angen, torT^ringen. 

Bat't^r, i. 1. (Cook.) bcr gcMInscnc Xcis 
(bon aKc^I, C^iem unb ^ild^ gu JMoflcn, k.) ^ 
bcr Gmf^Iog^ ba&Stnl^rcii 2. Pnn^ bcrS)e' 
feet («9tt4^Qbe)$ 3. Mech. vid. Batting, 

Bat'tfred, p. a. gef^lAdCn^K.j bcf^dbigt) j7g. 
nbgcnnbt, murbe^ ansgcbicnt, auegcmcrgctt. 

Bat/t^r^r, «. bcr ^fbldgcr. 3crmimmcrcr. 

Baf taring, p.«. vid. To Batter; — artiller)-, 
—pieces, badScIodcmngSdcf^fib) -train, 
ber etudiviQ 5 — r»n> ^cr Gturmbccf. 

Bit't^ry, #. l.baS 64(^0015 bic e^Idgcrcii 
Jlfti-«. 2. ba& ©cf^icfcn, Scftiirmcns 3. Hi 
iadcla0crttnd&dcf4iib$ 4. bicSottctic, 6tii(f« 
bcttungj 6. fig. bic»tttttriC5 6. i%. bie 
clectriftc Sottcrici 7. Law, bic t(|dtU<bc 
!IXif^onbInns$ B. Hat. btc flBoIffammcr, 
«Bal!^dttC5 9. Bra. Hi (dcr<bl<id<^0 9Hc^ 
fing' ober .^fergcf^irr. 

BXt'tish, adj. flcbcrmauSartig. 

B&t^tjng, s. l.bQ^ etlodbaarpictcn i 2.baS 9c« 
r^l^dC) —machine, Afec/t. bic CJd^logs (^ 
it(opftaaf4tnc ()um Kufiotfcrn u. 6du1)irn 
bcr©(nim»ollc)$ -stafT, bcrSSnf^btduil. 

Bit'tle, #. MU. l.bice^la^t, baSStcffcni 
2. bic 4>ccrc5abticilttn85 -array (ob. order 
of-), bic 6*Itt*toiDmm{j$ -axe bic 
©trcitttyt; JcDcbarTJCj -door (-dorc). 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 




f^eibe) 4.b{ef)aletteibalSarbcn&ret| 5. Me 
X'b'Ctefeli — d. barley, f9id> imt Barley; 
— d.-fluiped, Bot. fpatdLfStmi^} — kolden, 
—royal, 1. Pug. eine grofe (aOdenKiiie) 
64l%rei) 2. SporU ein Jtampf wtter 
me^teren ^iintn. 

To BSLt'tie, V. n. 1. eiite e<bla4t ob. dn Xrcf> 
fenUefern, Mf^lagen^ a.^« 6<f^dfirei> 
ten (—for, urn). [maner. 

BSftled, p. a. befeftigti — walU bieSefhin^l* 

Bat'tlem«Bt, «. Afa. bie !Slauer mit ^ixma 
Ob. e^^ief Marten 4 b-a, pi. biefe 3innen felbfi 

Bilt'tlemcSntf d, p. o. mit 3umen oerfe^en. 

BSfti|Dg, s. ba< j^anbgemeng^ Xreffen, ber 

Bf ttdl'oiyit, «. €^0111. (».iS.) ber SBortfrdmer. 
ToB«tt81'9iize,i}.a. (m. ft.) unRAt^ffBetfe 

boffelbe nieber^olen. 
B9tt5i'9iy> «• ^ram. (n>. A.) bie unnd^e fiSte* 

ber^olung/ baft Uere ®efib»d|/ bie £EBort« 

BXt't^n, BatftOOn, s. vid. Batoon. 
BXt'irp, $. vid. Batiet. [Sf(cbermauft> 

Bat'ty, adj. in einer $Iebermanft get^rie^ 
BKtz, s. Num. ber IBa^ftt. 
Bin'ble, f. vid. Bawble. 

BAu'bvi, J. gum-, baft (Summigutt. 

B&ad, J. vid. Bawd* 

Bftude'kin, Bdad'kfii, «. vtd. Bawdkin. 

BAu^e, #. Com. ber SSauga, etne 2Crt IDroguet 

(grober SBoaen^eng in IBurgunb). 
To BftQlk [bik], vid. To Balk. 
B^oIkK [bftks],«.p/. Mar. 6pieren ob.S9dume 

Bftalm [hkm], Bkvtm, s, vid. Balm. 
To Bftolt^r, V. n. frdufctn, fciHren. 
Bdo'sin, s. vid. Bawsin. 
Bfivi'ri^ *. Geog. fflaieni. [bie ^aierinn. 
BfTa'rj^o, I. adj. baierif(b^ It. «. bet Saier, 
B&'yfD, *. baft ®eiferld(d!iett/ 193 jff^en. 
BMd, #. boftdtetft, 6tii(t0tetft(ol^5 iReift^ 

bunb) b-i, pi. 1. AftV. gafdjitneni 2. Mar. 

bie IBrennbdnbel eineft Sronberft. 
BAw-, comp. — hortea, — men, vid. Bat- 

bonea, Ac. 
BAVble, *. baft epielwerf, bie Stltiniglttit, 

Sopperei, bie nidfttftniirbige 6(ube ob. ¥er« 

fonj a fool's-, bie SJarrenfappe. 
BAwd, *. 1. ber Jtuppler, (ge»ft^ntt(ber) bie 

Jtupplerintti 2, Sport ein^uftruf, wenn ber 

|)are anflpringt. 

To BAwd, V. n. fuppeln, ben Jtuppler mn^en. 
Bftw'djly, adv. unfldtbig/ unjfitbtig. 
B4w'd|nf»«, s. bleUnfldt^igfeit, Uttjfi^tigFeit 

BAvd^, s. ber 9oIb* ob.eMIba:^rocat$ ctt4 
mit ®olb tt. 6irber burtbrnebte Geibenflotf. 

BiVdrick, 1. vid. Baldrick; 2. bie dicmcn 

BAw^dry* #. 1. bie^ppelei{ 2. bitUaftiKbt/ 
Unfldtbigtett. dotenteif erei, dotcn. 

BAw'dy, I. adj. imfldtiig, ttn|6(btig/ fibamloS, 
f^mu^gj n.«.bie3otett. 

BAwk, «. Ang. ein ^oten in ber XngeL 

To BAwl, o. L fi. fcbrcien; !reir<bcii (»>r 
e4mer|ob..Sreube)$ pUrren(iot<Jtinber)) 
II. a. 6ffentU^ asftrnfett. 

BAw^^, #. ber CHreier. 

BAwHing, p. s. 1. baft 64reien, Oef^rcii 
2. Sport baft 9enen ber 4>unbe/ e^ fU blc 
6pur flnben« 

BAw^r^l, «. Om. ber Safan(abt4t 

BAw'ain, s. 1. ber S)a4ft$ 2. vid. b. f. fEB. 

BAw'soB, «. ein bider unbe^itlfU^er (a«4 cin 
Idrmenber) ^enf^. 

My,s. I.bie93at), tttt^t/ ber Heine 3Xeer« 
bufen) 2. ber ®4u^ an einem Wiffittid^^, 
bie @4Ieure, ber SRil(tenbamm$ ber (6(bnt'> 
S)amm, baft ^(btt^gatteri 3. Afar, bie 8Baf« 
ferba(t,$iftbatf 5 4. bie fBanfe (einer 6<ben' 
ne)) 5. bieSiicfe ober Jbffnung in einer ^auer 
iu einer X^ilr ob. einem genfter; berSHaum 
i»if(bett }tt)ei (^auptquerO^alfen, baft Sa4 5 
bie 64ief [(barter 6. tinker's-^ ber ZcA 
eineft Jtcffeljiirferft 5 T. ber ^orbeer, Eorbeer* 
bauma 8. ber^orbeerfronj^vtd.pL; 9. baft 
(!aflanien)brattne?)fcrb (vid, adj.); 10. fig, 
(cf.SpoH-^.) bie ©ebrdngnif 5 ber 3Jo Wanb^ 
koennmany Ponflbelnumgeben, benen man 
ni(bt entfommcn fann^ ii^nen M ^§n n>iber< 
fe^t, bie S^ot^me^r 9 Sports, to stand at — , 
(bef.Pom|>o4»iib) ftdii wibcrfe^en^bie^pi^ 
bieten i fig. in ber gr5f ten ETtotb (in Serlegen* 
itit fdn, M Rt4t in ^elfen miflen^ to keep 
at-, (t). b. Sagb^nnben) einen 4>irf(b/ 6ber, 
K., na(bbem er jum @te(en gebra(|^t, ^ lange 
auf^alten, hi& er Pom S^ger'erlegit n>irbi 
fig. binbaltcn i eingef^rdnf t ^altcn i comp. — 
berries, bie ^orbeeren J —coloured, braun* 
farbigj — fcYcr, baft Sa^ffcber (ber fi<b 
ttanf fteSfenben Gtrlflinge, nm bie iDeporto* 
tion na4 Botaoy-Bay ju pcnneiben) 5 — »ce, 
jungeft (frifrbgcbilbeteS) (Sift 5 —leaf, baft 
&>rbeerblattj —oil, baft Sorbeer5I^ £or5lj 
-piece goods, ©tutfgfitcr auft ®engalen> 
— salt,baft©at)fals, ©ecfalsj —State, Am. 
ber €$taat Massacbasetts ; —tree, Bot ber 
^orbeerbaum) —wax, baft griine SBa^ft; 
— window, baft gewolbfc genfter (vid. Bow- 
window) j —yarn, baft woUene ®arn. 

BSy, a((7. braun, braunrot^z faflanicnbraunj 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 



— kone^ M (fttftaifiip)lrftiiieWM/ ber 

To Biy, «• I. n. !• bdUn^ ^porf. aiif4Ia(|Cit) 
btfta^ SL ruigs umgeben feini n. «. 1. nit 

2. einf^liefcii, cmengai, nmgdmu 
Bfty'frd, «. 1. ba$ (Hftfhmictt') bnimie yfcrb, 
bcr^ronnci a. ber aRailaffr, mibcfiticibcnc 

Bij'frdly, ado. bliab, bI5b^ bMllil. 

Biy«f, #. v/d. Balie. 

Bftyl,«. otUBalL 

Bij'9i«t> <• bift eaionttt, bcr Slintcubolib* 

To BSy^^n^t, v. a. Slit bem Soioiiette foct* 
trcibea, ober aicberftof en. 

B^ydf, «. Awu httfUint%lvf (in bcii 
»f|U. Zttattn »oii 9{orb'3(merifa). 

Biy«, #. pi* I. Fo€t. ber Socbeerfra&i, bie 
Sorbceroi^ S- b«» iBacrtfpiel, vid, BMe ; 
8. «t4 B«ym« ber IBo^, vui* Baize. 

Bl'xf, Bft'zf tp #• vui. Bmot. 

B^z&r', BfOr'j, B^at', «. ber 49tt|ar 
C£Rarfi»(ab mit ^aufnam^ew^Iben bcr 
orie]|t«ftf<bettiBflfer}4 c/. Fancy-Kasar. 

Bi'z^t* A Cdm. eta i^^^tifd^tt fdammoVizti' 
ICT19. [rie^en^eft 96fltM^n). 

Bd«KliviB» [del-], J. baft ebeOtum (eis mol^U 

To B£, I. o. »r. n. fein$ iDeiben) (Goniaiutio) 
fei) to — found, )ii finbeni he U to — ex- 
cnaed, cr ifl }i etttr^ulbigen i it ii not to — 
Imagined, nuittfttkn M*^ ntibt »orficIUi9 
to— foraonetliing, (St»a§ io&ttf4en/ tiaben 
molUu, n«b QtmoA traibten^ fi<b f&x&x^^ 
erKdreaf to — off, lofttommeii) M baoon 
ma^CA} to — out with one, vn/tirtj^ mix Z^* 
mottb fein) to ~ np, obenbrouf (geborden) 

I fcini im 6piele eenwniieii t^Uni tafae* 
bro^t (beleibtgt) feini yonr aunt that is 
to— ,3&l^eitthinfti0eXante5 the candidate 
to — , ber (Sanbibat in spt; what would she 
— «tr teoftioiafiebenn? »aft (at fieoor? »ag 
»ilK fie bomit fogenl let (it) ~, rfl^r* a 
ni^t an i II. camp. aU #• be-all, baft ^Oeft i 
— nU and end-all, (tinuabXaeft, bie gan^e 
^obe. [<Sle|bibe. 

BCach, «. baft fla^e Ufer4 ber 6tranb, baft 

B^a'chy, adj. mit Mvn Ufem. 

OCb^ole ber fWiiifinibciiCMMN|ttttM«r» 
lattma ber ta^tl^ilmie.) 

BCa'coned, adj. t, nit eincmeea4t4«nR, im 
a. * icttd^tenb, fbaabe^a^It. 

9. bie|)erle (bef. am fRofenfranie)} '• bcr 
%x9pfui -cnlTa, 9RaaM<ttea nit |>erl4ca 
ob.ita6t4a|ttAnrcii -proof, JHiL l.«.bic 
I yerlcaprobei 9. ««(j. probekoitis, ftarftoa 
f>erlett ob. Olafen) — roU, 1. See. baft Ser* 
iei4»ntf berf)erfoaea, flriocl^6cclenneffai 
jnlefenfinb) 9.fiber(.: baft Scrseidl^mf, bie 
^ifUi — tree, ilpt. ber yatemoftcrbaam} II. 
Beads, $. pi. I. ^ttUtt, 6tri(lip«rlca, ZM' 
Deriea i 2. Arch. Mgel^en (am ((ifteawerf >« 

3. DUi. e^aambldft^ca, ^ertca (anf e^i* 
ritBofen)4 4. (popish—), ber0tofeafraaii 
to tell (to be at, or to say over) one's b-s, 
bea dtofeafraas beten 1 b-s of sweat, Bd^mdp 
tropfeni h-s-man, I. ber Seterj 9. bcr9et» 
bmber(f&rlCnbere)5 8.>Sff.ber$Iappcrer4 

4. ber Oettelooigt) —woman, 1. bie Set* 
f4»efier) 9. bie ^oftpitaGtinn. 

U€a'd^ adj, mit ciaer ^erleafibnar tcrfe^ca* 

BteMelry* 9. vi<t.Bedelry. 

BSa'ding, #. Arch, baft ^fieamcrf. 

Bia'dle, s. Law k Ac. ber ®eri4tftbteaer/ 
(Beii^tftbote, |)ebe&} Mttelj einaiebcrcr 
99eamteter ia ben |)famiea, locl^er geriage 
»erbre<bea beflrapi —ship, #. bie Geri^tft* 
bienerfleDe; ic bur j)afenja0b). 

Bea'gle, f . ber ®tduber; 0t5ber (•j)nnb, bef. 

Beak, s. 1. ber 6(bnabel (e. SSofleU)) 9. baft 
fcbnabelfftrmtge Otnbe eineft SDiageft, |. ft. 
bie {Rftbrc nneft SDeftiaii^olbea^Imeft, bie 
e^iaai^e aa ®efifeai uber^aapt: bie 
@pi|e4 3. i^Vir. baftUebereifea^bieJtappe, 
ber Xnftttg) 4. Carp, bie oorfpriagenbc ddt 
am obera (Snbe (itopfe) beft 9ttf6i>I|c^ <» 
ciner ©d^neibebanf J 5. (—head), SMp-h. 
ber e^tffftf(bnabel (baftftorbert^eil, bie ^lafe 
beft &(btffeft)^ baft (BaUioni — iron, vid. 
Bickern. [Her. k Bot. gef^ndbelt. 

Bea'kf d [pb.bSkt], p.a. f^aabelfftrmifl, fpt^ig | 

BeaOcer, s. ber SBe^er } baft ^otpoard. 

Bea'kjne, p. s. Spwrt baft S^fl^dltea mit bem 
®4^nabel, TCnfibndbela (beim {>a(adefc4^te). 

Mafcgmys. Mar. k MU. l/bieepterHBa!e ob. Beal, #. LbieSeale, baftOer^mJtri bieSiaac, 
9m^, fito^rtoaae, eeetoaaei 9. bie Ynfer* ftlatter^ baft ftldfttbea^ 9. ftcal (SR-a.). 

bo9e,berKn{er»d<bter) 3. ber 2eu4^tt6urm, 
bie Seaermartei 4. baft Sdrmfeaer, 6igaal« 
fetter, ffBa4feaer$ 5. » ber ^eitflera. 

To Boa'cpn, v. a. 1. 

6pierba!ea erri^tea 
^rmfetter,u. macbea 

8. ftafea legeai 
tan unter^ltea. 
BCn'cgnf^e, #. baft Safeagelb, ftiiifcaBelb, 

To BSal, v.n. f^mdrea, eitera. 

Beam, «. 1. Carp, ber ^aaptbalfca) iiber).s 
ftalfea , Unterbalfea , bie €$4»eae $ ber 
ftanm, j)ebebanmi baft ®alfca»erf 1 9. ber 
SBagebalfea) fie> bie fEBade^ 3. Weav. 
ber Beagbaum; ®cberbaum4 4. ber Wufl' 
baum) 6.biviDcid^fcI$ 6. sport. bie etaage 



8. Met bcr etMVC, tU|t|lMt1) ^txfxtir 
fm, bic VeKrfMe (om^bRmcl)f ^m. p(. 
comp-^. b-i of thttiiB, 0oii8Ciiftc«^ien| 1^ 
•fft «oaittt) Mr 9<rt/ e#i9df ewci itomc 
(ftt<) draw<of wlftd)b«Mn,bcrflBeillM]i»attm 
(MeaS bamit «mMttre(eii)i ^of • bell, ber 
flBeK^attm nmC^toitniflii^) Mm^-^ b^ p{. 
bietDe<tb«lfM| ri||M on tb« bMia, rt^t^on 
ber eeite, vm^. bwtfrf ab (t. e. na^ bet 9H4^« 
tuR^ bed nHttelflai Salffetii) i tiM skip ft od 
ber — endih b«l e<^iff ttegt (gatt}) ditfbcr 
6eite) — board» bie (Stjenie tBagfAale^ 
--eonpaww,ber€(taii§eiisirleC$ — fettben, 
(Ob. b-i), Sport, bic €^<|»)radfeberR bcr 
0l«ttbb69el (bff.b«t?foIfeii)i (white) --tMc, 
Bot terSRttlbeerbaitnt, flBetfbom. 

To Beam, v. I. fi. firft^Iett5 11. a. ettiffitn 

B«a'ni}iig9, pi. fig. TUnm^tn, baft aUmi^ 

ttS^(B^f^d^)^tfenRai(eUicr6«4c)5 (dn4 
im n*fgi). 

BeamVs, adj. 1. flr«(IenIol) ^•fig.matt. 

BSa'ffly, adfi. 1. ftra^Ienb i 2. fig. baumf^wcr $ 
(}. 93. eine baumf^were ^n^e)) a. Sport. 
mtt (Semct^tt berfe^n; d^t^nit. 

BCan, i. Bot. bit Oo^iKj tomp. -^tBptr, bie 
9)-t^per$ — cod» l.biel5-iil^<ilfe) % ein 
9if4er« Ob. Sot^fenboot in ^ortu^al^ -flat, 
boftS-nf^lb$ --goose, Om. W Id-n^an^, 
eafttgiittS^ —mouse, Zool. bie ^rof e S^Ib' 
mtiia, IBolbmattftj —shot, S-ndranalten, 
(der^mdieaeft) ito^fer; baft ft<i in ^ftvx 
CBaffer aroRttlirt; )q ^efitnsbra^t benu^t} 
^-steck, ber S-nf^obcT; ©-nfe^mj Bot-s. 
-* tree, ber «-iibatim; bie SBanmbo^nej 
- trefoil, ber e'ftentCid^e ©-nbaum, (St^tifttft i 
— tressel, boft fJ-tthttttt, bie Gatnrei. 

To Be*r, «. «r. I. a. 1. tragtn, ttnterftfi^eit; l^al* 
tettj 2. Wren; 3. bringcn, flberbringen^ 
4. ottftjaltett, leiben, (et)bulbeR^ ertrafienj 
b.fie. erleben (8.«. Lit. eiwTCttflade)} 
a.^erborbrinden) gebdren^ f4»an$er(trd4^ 
tig) fcitt mtt ... i 7. (an W) ^abcn (<»«»alt; 
i^^nliWt, K.), tragen, ffi^rcn (ein ©atnm, 
ic.)} S.^egen (®roC; ^iebe^ic.)/ witer^al^ 
ten 4 to — one's self, fi4 betrogett, fl* be» 
ne^mctt, ter^alteni to — onc*s self upon..., 
praM« mit . . .$ to - a body, Paint, garbe, 
Q(rttnb(aIten(bonSatben)i paper that b-s 
inic, 9<pier, baft tti4t bvrd^Wddt) to -a 
price, gelten, loften j TcnWrenj to — an of- 
fice, ein ^Xmti^crwalten) to — in mind, M 
(einerea^e) bonfommen bemnftfein) be« 
benfCH/ M erinnem^ to — (one) company, 
C^iitcm) Q^ercnr^oft leiftenj to - testimony, 

to -vilMM, deitgntf tUcgcn, ftcaget, doif^ 
fcitti to — (npoQj one hard, Qincji ^ bc« 
(attbcln,(lrcRgcmiti(mba:Mtttt$ to -all 
before one, fOf iber XM (im€g(ie^5 
to - sta, ecc ^Iteni -a baad. Mar. frM 
}u! frif*i«f( rfitrtat«4! ^rtif! lUn. 
1. trogen, bulbei, tc{ a. liegen, gc(c«c« fcitj 
8. fegcin, tretbcn, u.) to bring to — , §C' 
lingen ma^en; auftfu^rcn, in etntbc bttn« 
gem the ibfp b-s» baft e^tff ge*t ya tiefi 
to — away, (n.) baoongc^, bicSdid^tct^ 
greifitn$ baoon fcgc(n) to— back, (a.>iiR«^ 
twibenj to -down, (0.) K iiicbcrlafcn, 
ttiebcrfenleii) 9. ni^erbdi^n (a«4 fig.}, 
ttiebcrreif en, nieberfHlrscn i (a.) 1 .M fmta, 
ttieberfin^en) 9. ticf tragta <bcn e^iefg^ 
me(ren)) 8. prcfTcn (in bca OdnrHiDc^) $ 
to -forward, bonodrtft tteiben ({.C ctic 
^eibe)4 Mm^. to-in with tht bartM>«r, 
gerabe anf ben {>arat snfegdn^ einlan^$ 
to-off,(fl.)l.»egfliiren,cntfdircn) ».fti» 
rfl(f^altett;abm(nbcn;anftpartrcn) (a.)tpem 
OBittbe abfcgeln, bom Sanbe abMrcn, ab^ 
flofen, in e$ee fte^cni to — on, (a.) antrci* 
beni to — on, or upon, (n.) avf Qt8»aft Uc» 
gen, M d«f Qtmaft fi%n,(t(ncn, m^i 
to — out, («.) nnterfifibctt, bertrctcn, tcr* 
t^blgen^ (n.) iirc^. Sertorrogeii, i>orft>ttn» 
gcn5 ^rauftfa^^ —up tbo bdm! Mmr. 
laft baft €4iff me^r mit ban tBinbe gc^n! 
to - np, (a.) tragcn, (alten, ttattrfttbc> i 
(n.) L. auftbttlben^aufttarrcnj 9. ^^ caipor» 
^bctt/ empor femmcni to — up againat, 
M miberfc^; miberfhtbeni to — up to 
one another, M cinanber im^em; Mar-^. 
to — up before tbo wind, tor bem CBillbc 
(in fegeln) to - np to a sblp, anf c(n ecbiff 
ab^alten, iufegeln^ to — upon, treibcit, 
briitf en anf... i sielen auf .... 
BeAr,«. 1. berSdr^ she—, bieMrinn^ 8. 
Mar. eine !StaMinc snn Hcinigen beft )Bcr< 
bc(fft } 3. AMt. the greater and the lossor — « 
ber grof e n. bcr Heine Mr (on4 kvm m^jor 
and v. minor; 4. (Jom. rani, (an bcr 0toit» 
Mtft su &>nbon, im (Scgenf. b. Bull), bcr 
Yctienfpieler^etotfftrcitcr, tnf(g.Bfv4fcr, bcr 
in Sonbft auf baft ^Qen fpcculirt (inbon cr 
auft nai^^igctt ®er64ten ben 6onrft bcr 
Tfctten }tt emiebrigen fu4^t)/ o^nc JcbMl bie 
QXittel iu befibcn, bie ^icrc, auf bcrcn 
iSonrft cr fpcculirt; (icfcmittf6nnen) bobcr: 
to sell a — , Xcticn, w. an bcr flJorfe terfan* 
fdi/biemanni4ittH(it9 comp. foot b-s (or 
rope) b-s, 3i>ttclNMttcn, Sanlttatten, 1bn€* 
rnatten^ —baiting, bie ^dren^^c; DM-f. 
-barley, bie wdjcilige «Bitttcrgcr|lc j — 




ft. lie e-Mtnm^l *Uid, Mefi-i»i«^) 
^ cloth, vid.B«ftriiig-€.; — Vhrtfwli, JM. 
He 9-cttilini ^n cris tin itnger Mri 

Ut SftifMMti -iy, Alt hie S-cafUcgc) 

breMh>; S. Me fMttS^t ^UShnXkt -'« 
garUfi, bcr e^aUm^i — ker4, bec«r-e«' 
»^tr^ S-«4itcr ; -tUa, cite ter vidtii 
tkaemumscQ MMmndSi — ikiiu> Gmn. 
(f4»ai^) e-e«fB8e| — mrd, vie -herd; 
— whelp, la Stage (itelMccM I — womi, 
KkL g <nt t» et (tclatrte e^metteritegft* 
fttyen)! — '• wort, Bpt. 1. tie Mctmr|4 
S. to 4>ueflrmi0. bv crtraget. 

Bd^rfMa, octf. 1. tragUr) 9.iiff. ettrdeit^^ 

BeA'rface, «. Mwh. bee etft^^^inlt 

B€ard,#.l.her9ttt) 2.^(«.berftatt, Me 
Otottnet <Qmi9e(rcihe), Me hn|e» ^<ire 
«» mJxmMiSi, Ob. ber D-ftote^ bie ttafl' 
fSbca ta aie^eereaaMltrtca^ biedofent (cm 
Vfyx^, u.)$ 3. ZoU. ber Strt (€N^»etO 
bcr1Ct|tm tab au(rcm aabettfXtf^elti 
bie 94rt(lbea (iia fStotle berf4* ffif^O) 

• 4. bie ttibertofet (at eiteai |>fril, k05 
5. bee e^ibcif (eiael JtoaKtet), )C.4 to 
•aeii--,/Da. Ui'tOefi^tt^ Sam Xcd|$ — oI 
a hone, Man. ber Sart, bad Uttentottl 
(eiad 9|eiM)9 -of a l«ttar, 3VP. ^ 
Bart tm eMMfOegell ^t-^* the old 
aula's — , bie bceanoibe ffBalbrebet Japi 
tef^a — , ber SayitecHrt) -*8h:«> ^- ^^ 
attftorttaii — vaM, Boi. ba§ eartgraft^ 
^anuica, Om. ber fi^i^drtige SaagMvMtt) 

T«Biard, o. a. 1. (ei bem iknte wfm, rat* 
fmi 8. f4^(reti a. Carp. (fSatlolk) bteter 
Hteti 4. 7-^. to — doth, Stt4 f4(tctt eb. 
bdrteitti ta - wool, bie itap^ t. ^oUvolle 
INNtVfi<4<^f»tt^Cl^{ to — off metals, 9)tt 
tale bef^ratea^ 4. to-oae,^. «iaem 
Sro| Metea, Qfaet beCcibiflCt, rei^oi. 

BCar'd^ o4J. Mrttd; flad^etigi a --arrow, 
eitt 9fea arit fiBiberMtt) - away, Qirp. 
btoner getotcti — gndai Octrefbe (ftog^ 
get, 9erft() nit®^^ttatet4 —loach, JdL bie 
e#aKtIe| -whoat» fiot ber^iafdwciset, 
e^elt, 6peli. 

BterdfMs, I.a«. l.tttMrtig,bartloS| S.^, 
ptgeabU^) IL -aoBs, a. 1. bie Sartlo|ig« 
Mt) t.>iir. Me StgetbUAIcit. 

BCaiMiag, p. pr. a. To Board ; — piece of the 
radder, Ship-h. ber {Rtberpfoftal. 

BcA'r^, «. 1. ber Xrdger iiber^. h Sei^^atrd^ 

geri t.iMb.berXtlger(eitcWiD«e^6ltfe 
eb. 9tatec |tr MMm citei ea0ai$)i 
B. X>p. ber ^bnttettrdgcr, a;rftger am 
«< H ai» « ^ balMtfiMet, bie Itatertisef 
4.ilhr.berCMMIbttItcri «. ifert. ber tr<«« 
1i^n Ob. frt#tbacefkMii # B. (-- of a letUr, 
dpo.) ber U^erbritder (etaei9rie|ei,)c)i 

ber^ctori pi. bni of a tree^ bie SrasiRoeife 
(frtibttragettbea 30 m etnem Oatme. 

B«ii^C, p.«.4a. LbabSntgea^tci tn^ 
grab, ta (m'd. ToBear) ; 9. bie Sagei Q^tel* 
bng/ber (Sotg, Me^^ttag, aXieaei ^ Her. 
bae ttapetbilb, ^atptfigtr eitel ttapeai) 
4. Arth* ber BUitm |«»if^n bet ^loei etfi|« 
ytirittet einel fMfeaS; —at leaeth, loemi 
MMe0til^9«ttite at beiben Gabet beflt« 
bet) the — oat, ber leroorf^ritgeabe Xffiil 
(ateitemOkbdabe)) ft. Ntnt-t. — of ^o 
iaad, bie Sage ({»d(e) bes teibee, iaVa* 
febtag bed e^iffed ob. etaed aabert Okgef 
(hnbed^ to take the b-s. Me Okgeab atf' 
ftibet, MeTCttdaiefTtag te^tieai 6. b-s» p<. 
MogA. bad dopfealager} Gom^.— date.*., 
delDtttoi - (the) weight, boIttoUltig feieab ) 
-4aterest,3ttterefrett tragenbi comp.— bads, 
ifoit* SraglRod|»et/ Sragatgeai — elaws, 
Sport. Me fietberse^en eiaed itempf]^^ 
aedi --doth, £ce. ber Soafmaatel, tad 

Bcd'rjsh, mtf. bdretd^aii^, bdrea^oft, pltaip. 

Bte'fok* «• vid. Betil. 

B«d'fvai> «• ber fiefbt, vtif. Besom. 

Beast, s. 1. bad Sbier, eiedi B. fig* ber 
atebrige, ro^ SReaf^} — of bardea, bad 
Saflt(ieri 8.5por(->e.beasUofchaBe, jagb' 
bare Xt^xtxti —of the forest (or — of le- 
aery), SBalbt^iere^ — aod fowls &t the 
warrea, ^et^iere^ Gam-f. 4.badSabet 
(Jtartetfi^Ol A. MedDete (berdiafabbeg 

To Bdast, «. a. «om. labet ober bete verbeft. 

B^asttai Htshal], ad5. tW\^, ttoerndtftig. 

Beas^tjagf, #. airf. Biestiags. [ro|. 

BSas'ttsh, BgasVlIke, adj. t(l«rif(b, bie|if«^ 

Boastija9ss» #. bad Me^tMe dBefet, ttocr' 
tfitftige dSetraget. 

Bgast'ly, oOj. A ado. 1. t^ierif^^ bie^if*^ 
^fig. ttfldttig, ro(, bnttttL 

To Bdat, V. I. a. 1. gvn.f^get, (bona at^r 
<BoIb, Me Xromatel, bea Seiab, Xact, u.)f 
B.ftofea, fi«ni|>fet, ^eni lerftofet, }cr« 
bre^B) 3.(aaf bteMfibe)M(agett;ttmCBilb 
atQaftdberai 4. bref^cni & beflegeat iiber« 
treffa i t. Mum. begleitea (aitt ber etiauae); 




M»>«.to-(M)ri«ni, Mm W^ttLi to 
- a charge, 3«t Yttth bfofeii) sum etatm* 
Uutfm Mladcii, to-tk«traop, |irta|fte 
Mlases^ to - a pariey, UtTCi^ttft daci 
|>«rlamniti[ts Ois# Xtonpcte ob% Zron* 
licO flpattHrciii MMMte f^tadtft^ to- 
the way, Uu iBtfi ^ft^nen, itictertrc* 
ten J to — tha wlag, (Uttern^ to — the 
fidd, to - abroad, (it.) fig. tal Qelb 
biir#flrcf4eii (bcf. beini 3«den)4 auf ben 
Yttfbmb ge^en j to - Ae duft, Man. mentg 
eobeane^wcn) to-the.hoor,|iSnfde^n9 
to — thealr,fi4i»ergebU4^bemfl^n{ U. n. 
1. fd^lagen («om{>ericn; u.){ 8. ftfimen, 

8. anflopfttt^ 4. bewegt fein^ f^ipanfen) 
5. ttt^t niffOL, motin man M »enben foil 
(bef. wn aufftelagtem «BUbe)j 6. Sport, 
fi^tcien (»ie cin {>afe |nr ftntnftseft)! (or 
tap), tcommebi) T. Afar. laviren) 8. T\p- 
an^agctt (bic 9^rbc)4 MU-s. ttie dran 
beate, bieXroBUnel ge^t) the general beats, 
bet (S^erolmnrf 4^ wirb gef^Iddtni to — to 
arna, |n beniBdffen Mlagen (vid. General); 
to — abont, (o.) 1. (emmdl^Ten) 2. nm^r^ 
trtibeni (n.) l. Mar, ittn(erfren|en, IwU 
ten) 9.jEg. MbemA^tt, t^rf^en^ (—for, 
avfpt^ett)} to — one*ahead about (with) a 
thing, (o.) M ^er (mit)(St»a» ben Jlopf }er« 
bre^cn i to — back, (a.) |nriitff4tedcn, ab« 
f^Ingen, luxitdtttihini to — down, (d.) 1. 
ntcberMlagen, nieberreif cn$ 3. nieberbugela $ 
8.^. entfri^en, f4»i4en, mnt(Io« madden) I Udenf^einel. 
4. Com. (bettf)re{|) (ernbfe^en ober nermin* To hUftlff, «. 
bern, nb^onbefn, menf ger bieten ) nieberbdtf « 
fen (ben f>reto)| to — down, or np and 
down, (n.) ^>orf . balb bie eine, bolb bie an- 
bere{Rf4^tmig im Savf einMIagcai to -in, 
( (into) (ineittMIagen; treiben, ob. 
^fen, einfil^togen) to— iDto,(a.)einbMnen9 
to — off, (&) 1. sttrA<ff4lagen, abfdj^lagen^ 

9. T\fp. abHopfen. abY(atf4en j to — on (a 
anbjeet), (n.) grsbeln, brflten iiber (einen 
Qkgenflattb)} to — ont, (a.) 1. auSfd^lagen, 
tttlbref^en) a. breit nnb bfinn f^lagen^ 
8. Bra«. anfttiefdi) (erauStreiben } 4.^. 
abbcingen, and . . . btingen $. to — one oat 
of countenance, Qtinen anS ber^ffung brhu 
gen; verbttflttt) to - ont, (n.) Mar. mmb* 
mdm ge^en (fegela), laoiren) to - over, (n.) 
(itt^dpfrai tingaIoppiren,bttr«fIiegen, (in^ 
Mveben) to -op, (a.) i.^nltleaj MUs. 
a.anfin»nett)tronuneIn$ 8.attgrcifim, be* 
ftdcneni (n.)to-npforreeralti, nerben, 
anfCBerbttngfeitt) to — npon,(n.)anf6t« 
tM Io»flnraicn ^ ia.)fig. einf^Arfen^ Mans. 

to-«p*aawidk,(R.)|ttfnc|trcfcni to- 
■poa the hand, («0 arft bfWitoMc MbcU 
lea (merfm). 

Biat, #. I. ting. 1 . bar e^log l Mlw^. 8. htt 
Xtftftlag) a. ber «orf*Uig{ 4. Wia. bie 
tRanbe, f)atroU bet 9la4^t»ddker 5 6. Sp^rt, 
ba^itiopfiageai 6. JMjm. beraaccigdaidM^ 
Oaag ber yfccbe^ IL pf. b-a, /Tort, bie 
€kt»ittgaag(f4Ulge (eincr U^r)) —aid 
tami, Jliia. Wotbcntca anb IDoppelfWge. 

B£at, pret. ft p. p. ». To Beat 

Bte'tfn, p. p. n. To Beat ft a. geMIagcaj 
fig, abgebroAen^ a -road, da bctretcarr 
(geba(nter) Oeg $ aa oM - eoldf er,>g. da 
alter «er(it4^ter Golbat i — com, aom ^§e( 
aiebetgeMUigcaeS Oetreibe. 

BCa't^, J. 1. ber 04^tdgcr| 5port-^ 8. ber 
Xrdber) 8. CHaet^ber (i«0^) bar* Bfdb 
n.flBaIb(birf4t)flrdft$ (a -ap), ber oaf 
bie Srdbiagb ge(t$ 7-«. 4. bere<»llgel, 
6t4fd, bie etampfe) 5. bic ^oabroauae, 
Saagfer (ber etdnfe^)! <L Me JTrfttfc 
(inmUmrfitrenbeSJtal(a)i 7* bie a)l6tfct< 
hale i 8. ber 49a4^bntiferbaSen ) 9. ba4 f>o« 
9r^I| ^am QIIAtten bed 3inne4 (bd bca Dr* 
getbaaern)^ lO.ber^olicaMUiger) 11. bee 

BHtrrjc^l, BdMtf ic I. adj. ; II. - iy, ado, 
feKgma^enb^feligi -▼iiion,.bie6iiiiiBKMc 

Btiltjficrtion, #. Eec 1. bie edigf^rc«aag ) 
a. bie ffinftlid^e j)en>orbdttgnBg eiae* ^« 

a. 1. fdig ma^eai 8. £ce. 
feitg fpre^ea (opp. ^cilig flpre^ea). 

Bia'tjng, «. 1. ba«C{4lagea, JHopfeai 8. bog 
Idre^en be^Sladbfed n.{>anfeg) 8. JMnt. 
balXaftragea (ber e^mUxiOi 4. ^lorf. 
bai Gefd^rd ber jMifea aab Jtaaiadj^ea in ber 
eranflidti ba» Sronime(n4 -horee, bag 
(8eften (berOotf) iamXa^flopfcaberitld- 
ber4 — mill , Moeh, bie etonpffalaaber 
(beim Seinmanb bleUlen). [Gdigmai^ang. 

BSXtfitfide^f. l.b{e(<BUicN)eeItgtdt{ 8. bie 

B«'ftrfce, (-&), ». mtoMx (»•«.). 

Bean [bD], j« (ftaa|. pi. beaut ob. beanx^ 91;.) 
1. ber etatfer, golaate ^em % ber 6oar« 
»a4er$ comp. — ideal , ba Urbilb beg 
64inen4 - Hoade (bo-ndndf), bie ftinc 
(r45ne)«elt. [tiM. 

Beaafet [bo'-fft], #. bere^caftif*, <Er(ben}< 

Bean'ieh[b</Hshl,adi. fta^enadfig. 

Beaa'teonB[ba^i«i,SNt.fte.; bil'tihjipa, fK], 
I. adj. ; II. — 17, ado. f4^5tt ) III. -aeif, «. 
bic eMtt(dt. 

Bean'tiflor [ba'-], s. ber Serf^^aerer. 

Digitized by V^- ^ ^^^ ^ ^ 




1left«'l}ttl [bft'-], 1. 9df. ; D. -^y, adv. f^^n i 

m. — BeM, #. bie 94^611^ 
To Beaii'tif; [bik'— ], «. 1. a. i»erf<|6nem, tt««« 

BeAQ'tfif •• on'-]* a47- nnfiitinUt, WUit 

Beini'ty[bll'-tj],«. lMt&^6nktiti 9.bte(f46iie 

wcibl. perron) 64^iK I -spot, bo6e^dtt« 

9f[ftfi(v4(iL €$4ittittfpf[dfl(t4€n4 — water, 

Beaux [b3z], (ftdiig«) pi. b. Bean, 90. 

B^a'vfr, #. 1. b<r fdihtt, Cttflor^ a. (—hat), 
bet 6afh>r^t) 8. ber €$titn»(nt| bod IBtfir 
(«ni {^elme) ^ 4. boi fiedperbrob } vtd. Bever ; 
Com^. — coating, «iber }tt fiberrMen^ 
— ••codi^«-fleiIen^ — eaters, eieCftoffette, 
^toromafen) — skini, e-ftQCK— tree, Bot. 
ber^-baitm. [<.^(Iiiie, ge^elmt. 

Bia'f^red, adj. 1. mitcGa^r^ste^ 9.mft 

BJSavf rtiSn', #. Own. eitt baunUbonener 6toff, 
moiMlcfterartid deorbeittt. 

B^Tfiy «. CSt-ilX oMr. b. BelloTesai. 

BCa^Ty, #. vid. Beiry. 

To Bl^a'z^, v.n. vtd. To Bezzle. 

B€a^z|f,#.vtd. Bezel. 

ToBebliCd', To B«>l«od', To B«bl«od'y 
[— blSd'-], V. 0. mit idtat befftien. 

BJScfbttAg^f '• Bot, hit iBad^bitide. 

B^ffco, #. Or». bar S^genftefTcr. 

To BSdUm' [-€£111^, t>. a. (WHett, beflnfttgeii; 
bernbigot) to —a ship. Mar. tin 9MH1f be« 
iQimett} Sea, tobeb-ed, bon eittcr^Biiib' 
fKOeftberfsDen verbal $ the wind hasb-ed, 
bcr flBBinb ift mu (b. i. fftO). 

BtcUm'iag, p. #. bts etinen, flUcrdnftigen; 

BScime', pret 9. To Become, [iim ... »iSen. 

B6ctefe', I. eonj, ivett) H. —of, prep, m^tn, 

B^cf fl'ci^ Bi^fl'gO, f. mUBecafioo. 

ToB8charm', v. a. (bmrd^ 6td}c) eiimebmen, 
feftla. [(ntd. b. A. Pectorals). 

Bc'cbjcs, #. pi. Med. mtttl gegex ben ^nflen i 

B«ck, «. 1. bet mnf, bos Jtopfnid^n^ a. 

vtd. Bedrf . 
To B^ck, To Bgck'pn, v. I. ». (mit bem JTopfe 

Ob. ber ^b) loinfeii^ nidPen (mtt to) ; li. a. 

bsnb ^pfnitfen, sc rufen, locten. 
B^ck'^fc, I. bie SefTel (an ben 9eiaen ber Sta*^ —of a block, illar. ber $«nb« 

fot (^nnblfot) eiael CBlotf ft. 
BISck'fts, «. pi. Mar, f>Qfen tt. ttonbe, vm 

tonfenbe$2kiQi9er!; SUttber^eporreR/ic anf» 

inbdngen (anf^nhiebeltt). 
M^^m 8, k V. md. Beck. 
Btfek'y, #. (^-tt.) a66r. b. Rebecca. 
ToBiddAd', 17. a. lit k fig. ttmib6Ifen/ vm* 

biiUcTn, unmebcUi, berbnnfeln. 

ToB8etec^,«.fr.I.«i.|»eft(n^ IL «.1*M 
(enier QU^c gcmAf) betrageni B. giiiemen, 
Qttfl^en) fM^U/ fleibcn. 
BSctae', p. p. boa To Become. 
Bdcttm'fQg, I. p. «. baft SBerbetti baft ttobl" 
onfieben, <9k}ianetti II. p. a.; III. ^ly, adv. 
anfUttbiS/ geiiemenbi loobM^b^l IV. 
— Bcss, «. ber TCnfhittb, bie e$4{dli(bleit 
B8d,«.i.baftSett4 SLbaft9tttfbett,etrombett$ 
3. baft Seet^ 4. baft Soger, bie &ige, e<bi4t 
(bef. Geol.) $ 6. BoU bie ^6bte in ber ^^i\t, 
»orinbaft6anei^mliegt{ 6.bieOettttngi 
7. ^port. baft Sager eineft (Rebrfty B. fig. bie 
e^laffUtte, ®obnnag, ^erbergei Gbei 
7-j; 9.ber«obettfietn (m'd.Bedder); 10. bie 
%afetten»aab $ {lUftbaiA einer itanone4 
Mof^-f. -fof the bowsprit, bie GttOe beft 
Sugfprietft, too M ber grftfte iDur4me||<n: 
befTelben bejinbet^ ber Aopf beft Sorftebeaft, 
moraaf baft 9ngfpriet rabti — of a mortar, 
Gun. bie 3apfettlager eiaerfDtftrferlaffette) 
—of stone, bie Gtetabettnag) — of the rails, 
J2-10. baft 6<bicaenbett) —of state, baft f)a' 
rabebett4 —of hoaonrs, baft 9. ber Gb^e, 
eibMtfelbi -of death, baft eterbebett^ 
—of ease, baft Btabebett, Saulbett) —of 
snakes, ein 9£eft {anger B^\an%tVih to lay 
herrings, Ac In b-s, |>dringe, U. Micbten^ 
-and bedding, SettfhOe u.($thn*)^ML\ 
— and board, Xifib a. fbtttipid. Separation); 
to take to—, bettldgerig werbea, fUblegea} 
fig, to bring to—, eine S^tt eatblabea^ of 
the second—^ Smeiter^Sbe) comp. bride— ; 
canopy— ; flock-r, Ac. vtd. in B., C, F., Ac; 
— bag, Ent bie flBaan » — castors, ^-roOea i 
— chair, ber ®-flabl ffir Jtraafe j — chamber, 
baft 0(bl<i1}tauBer, €$-gema<b, bie 0>fanuaeri 
—clothes, pi. baft 6-}eag (l.c S>e(fea »• 
Sfi(btr/ fttr bie Sebteren an^ - liaen) ; -CO 
feet, baft gufenbe beft I9etteftj —fellow, 
(—mate), ber Gd^iafcamerab, 99-genof $ Jig. 
|>er}eaftftenab) —hangings, ber 3eagiaO-« 
boriidngen ( — coortains ) ; bie Sorb^age 
felbfli -CO head, baft Jtopfenbe beft Set* 
teft4 —books, Ufirbafea; turn TCaf^dngea ber 
Ubr anbie<Bai^iaen) —maker, bie O-ma* 
4erinn; IB^fran (aaf bea engl. Uaiberfttdten)4 
—mate, vtd. — fellow; -moulding, Ar<^ 
baftJtaraief} — pan, bie ®-»drmflaf4e^ 
—plates, pi. baft €$tauboI|4 —post, bie fi-« 
fdale, iB-pfofte, berO-fbOea^ -pressor, ber 
SangfibUfer; 9aaIenKt4 —rid, or— ridden, 
bet^gerigi —roll, vtd. Bead-rolU —room, 
baft Sd^Iaginuaer; —screw corers {ct — 
caps), Jtappea^nrldebecfnag ber l$-Mran« 
bea} — lade, ber O-gong) at the -side, 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 




(tfttfl -oiiead, bie 9-fMti om LMy's - 
straw, Bot. nnfxtt iUbtn SrMen 9'flrp^9 
^itoda, 9-n40C(» — sweiTer» ^c dj^trO' 
^fmgtt, e^ibrd^er^ bte d^cbre^criiitt i — 
tebU, bcr »-tif4 fir Sttniti -tickpbic 
»-Sie4ci ~w«rk,;(9. bielciibteTCrbcit) - 
wrench, eit G^^UtfTel 3^ bet S-f4r«ttbcA. 

To Md, V. L a. 1. (mit cuttrf>cifNO m^tttt 
§c^a4 sv Settc btisscn^ in bol Srtt tcgeai 
S. s«rc#t lesen, betten (bcf 9L oon fSloH^ 
mV:^)^ 9. (#f[ait|c&, ic) iEbteSibelctair 
einf Acn, ^^fbrngeit $ oerfbden^ »erb<t^ (^ 9. 
VNC Sif4^, in etner ttfcrbonl^ int €Swb, k.) i : 
4. W(bt»etfe redoi^ WMeni ft. fticbcrMfo* 
den (»ie f!»«b ob. ^09*^ ^^ Olctrcibc)) «. 
2Vp. bte frifibsebnuften flSogen b€f(b»crai)| 
n. n. (mit with) tintt §»crf(m htinof^xttn, fie' 
beMlafai. LMmu^tit-' 

To BM&b'ble, v. a. bncbCQ, bcfpriben, b(« 

To B^dXih', V. a. bef4>rib(nf bcncO^iu 

ToBSdAoV, ToBSdAwb', o.a. bcflbttn^be* 

To BidXz'zle, v. a. blatben. [((bmurctt. 

B«d'dfr, B«d«ftn» «. MUl. bcr i^^iftctiftcin 
(ttnScri !Dhl(IenfleiQ). 

BId'djDg. p. #. 1. viU To Bed; 2. UA Sett* 
icttd; ®ebett, bit Scttmi 8. bit etrtit ^r 
bo» fiieH — mooldiiig, vid. BedHMoldiAg* 

B«de, «. »eb<v iidrto (aR-«). 

To BMMK, V. a. bctlnbnt, tutMfttn. 

To B«d«ckV 9. a. f^mftddl^ )ifreii. 

Md^y f» bef. £)rt(odr. t>. Beadle, tp^ 

B€'d^, «. ba» SBittta, ba0 (ber i(rd»^ ben) 
da bendlo stt befordni ^t. 

BM^t'lf r, 3. MOl. viU Bedder. [tm, beneben. 

ToBMe^^-daO^v.a.betliKlllCtt^delittbc bcfeu4^* 

BM«^«r, [r dil'-], «« b<i» Set|ottenbe. 

To BMrn', v.a. oetbuiifets, i^erfbiflern. 

B^d'lfn^ I. #. (cor. 0. BetUehom) L fO^Um 
CM Strctt^vb in ^nbon))^-«^ 9L baft 
ZoIE^itft^(taS)rtbc»Yiiftvl^ni 3.berXoS' 
b4tt^feri IL 9dj. in cittern XoStlasfe dc^drig, 
befFmmftrbisi ma^n^ig. 

B^d'l^ite, #. bet eebUuitit, flBa^nfittttiee, 
atofettbe, SoIQdttbler. 

BHowSin^, B«d9w«SnV [b^dwlnz', b^dOlDz', 
Mld^ns'], #. pi. bie ©ebuineiu 

To BSdrinch', v. a. bur^iodfrent^ trdnfett; be* 

ToMdwirf, o. «* Art. 4^;%, i«Mlittli«, 

ober flein mo^eiif ini »«b«t(itne ftiabcm. 

B«e,I.«.Mfi^. I.£n<.btei8ic]ieia/g.diipct« 
fifleraXcnMj a.ilJii.bie<S€fcaf#QftfrcMliie 
belfeaber ^CtSihoxn, bci bcm 6«ae ciaea ^mk* 
feb, bcim ^o^fdOei^ ».} U. comp. hoaey-> 
bie {>ottt§bieiiei - broad, bob9-abrcb, 3oi- 
meabrobi —eater, Orji. ber9-ttf|>c4t, iB-sp 
molf i -flower, Bot. bieS-ttbimne -sardcii, 
bet S^-sgatteii) -slue, boi etopfoNUbi 
(««4^ hive-droM); — Uvo, bet e-aflcir, 
e-ii(otb$ — hooM, bet«^Hi|littb,b<ifl^»> 
mafloiini - lark-tpiir, Bot. bet gtof biabcsbc 
aittttfponn -aaster, bct ©-nwdttet, 
S-n^ltet, 9-iibatct} — tigor, Mnt. ber 
Sobtcnfopf^ UU Beet, 4. pi, ^of the 
bowsprit, Ship-h* bteSioIincn obcrSotfeii 
beb Sufifprictb) -wax, bob SS(ubb. 

BCbch, s, (—tree) bie fdu/d^c, bet IBo^ett* 
baum$ —coal, bie Su<ben(obie) — uaat^bie 
Stttbmafl) — Mts, bie Sii^etoa^ —oik 
bQbSu(b5i/ SSu(bnup6(. 

B€6'ch?n, adj. bii4en, bu^en. 

B€SMy, s, 1. province vuf. Biddy; 5L — *• 
e>ei, pi. Bot bic ^cifalttafeitbbbMK^ bob 

BSef, 1. #. bob iRinbfleiM 1 (oar/. Boovos, p<.)s 
II. adj. ton (Riabfleifib/ aubft. befte|eiibf 
-eater, Orn. bet IDibMMcr^ —fork, bie 
S(eif<bdabel| —gravy, bieat>btiiVl -Juilo, 
bob atofeJtfi^tnnieflet) -oteaks, biegct5f}e« 
tettfRinbfleif4f(bttittepb. e^eibeni —wood, 
bob 9iinbf[etf(bboI| (anb SDflinbtcBX 

Bbeio, s. eine 6|>iba]Pt bet Setaleates —boa, 
pi. bie 0pib^ttet. [tcttfel. 

B^^ibbfib^i. BibL bet Siiegenfutfl, SDbct- 

Beteo'-wood [wOd], s. bob btmoftfibc (ob.l^i« 
maeb«) eopantol}; gem* ftimobiols geaomit 
(ehie Heinete^ buRtietc 0ottc beb ofb'nb. 
(Rot^^oliefi). [gititatrcRd(tt(. Snfintment. 

Been [bin], L p. p. 0. To Be ; 11. #. eitt cftittb. 

BbSr, s, 1. bob IBiet (ftttb 9X<U| tt. ^vM I 
9. bie Oa^te, vid. Bier; oomp. amaU— , 
•proce— , taMe— , Ac. vid, in S. ft T.; — 
back, bie®-fltfe| —barley, oetRb- 64t. t. 
bear—, vid. nnU Barley; —barrel, bob 
9-f«f, bie bl^toimei —cock, bet9d-b«H 
S-fta^ftl —money, babS-geib, Stiafgcib. 

Bbbrf, s. pi. Com. col. bie flHetgldfct. 

fevd^teO; onfeu^tett. [fletfig ma^en. 

ToB^dry, v.a.l. bettdafeln^ 2 befl«f en, Bie'^om, #• t>id. Besom 
To BSdfiag', V. a. 1. mit Cnng bebeto, biin^l BSSst, mb. «. To Be, fein. 

geitj 2.;%. befidNittSett/ befabeln. 
ToBbdbsf, v.a. Lftmbig m«4et, mitetoub 

bebeifen, befMsbeiif 2.>^«tm^. a«bbt£gdtt. 
B^d'wf rd, aiv, UttnixH, tia^ bem eau, ytx 

Idttti i )«m Sette ob. B^tu geneist. 

Bbbs'tjngf , 0. Old. Blestings. 

Bbst, #. Bot bie eeete, bet 9){(uigo(b i red *^ 
-radish, —rave, bie tot(e9fibe^ {RaahU 
tiibc ) -(root) sogar, bet dtuif eltitbeniitifet. 

BbS'tfl, Beb'tle, «. bet Idetti, VMi* BeUo, 

Digitized by VjjOC^ ^ ^ 




e#»iiifiefhJ*, ^e «*»<nge (beim ^wf* 
bnd^en)) ber BH/ftt, He {Hmbt<tniiiie, 
Snuffer (bcretttafeier)^ bet WommMorfj 
e^lfigclj 9. comp. 
—brow, ^ertb^ttgcnbe TfnfienbntBenj J%. 
bie pnflere nrilrritttW!ene j — brow«d, ftber» 
bangmbeTfttgwbnwwtt Jabenbj j??. mfirriW, 
i&erbriefK*, (fnflerj —head, ber 3Dt*N<>f, 
^D«mmfoi>fj — headed, f#»erf5pfl8,bttimn 5 
—stock, ber etiel am SIftnel, €$4Uh3^V )(• 

To BSe'tle, v. n. ilber^dngeH; ^en>omflen, oor* 

B€et'ling-iiifil, Beating-mitt, [^riltgen. 

BCSt'rXTe, *. vid. itttt. Beet. 

B^^Tef , s. pi. (c. Bftef ) bef. in Am. IRhib» 
i^iebj dtmber(itt(5nalttnb Black-cattle gen.). 

To B9flUK, To B^K, l^ tV. n. (^ttwetieir a.) 
befaHen, be^egnen, snftofen^ wiberfa^teti Cben 
gixttnnnbb6fett1Dingeu$ q«4 [hbo(b feften] 
ndt to oorberyerTon)! M erei^tren, M 
}ittragen} fWr - you, ®ott fegne tW*. 

B^ftllen', BSfXhi', p. p. r>. To Befall. 

B^fSIf, B^fifK, pref. t. To Beftilf. 

To BaflfiK, V. a. fhb f4t(^/ 1^4 dt^imcn- 

To B^fddF, V. a. bet(6ren$ betrfi^ni pun 
9{arren baben^ vid. To Fool. 

B€fM>e', I. pr«p. ijorj — one'* fcce, CKneitt 
fif8 9efl4t$ —the Are, itber ober mtt beoi 
getterj— now, f^att, bereft*^ ...iaaow— at, 
tijm. ... |iir Settntwortttng »or nntf I lore 
yon — me, i^ Uebe Bit m<^x, all m{4$ 
n. adv. 1. t^orit) 9. |ntQr,9or^,i»0Tmal8^ 
3. e(er (aU)) ^. Ifeber) 4. bUbtr^ be« 
reftdi to get—, |tti>orrDmniett, fiberlegen 
fcitt) m. etrnj. bevcr, e(e. 

BdiDre'-lJUid, adv. 1. 9orait9/ {in^or^ vexffcti 
9.oorMnfCg) B. anfdnaUidft. [begegnen. 

ToB^fSKtane [— tib^n], v. a. »iberf«bcen, 

To B2f5AK, V. a. befUbeltt, beftbrnitsett. 

ToBefrifod' [— fr^nd^, v. a. (etam) JPrettttb» 
fdjiaft, GeriOigVeit er^efgeii; fiib be|Veimben 
ndt ..., (i6m) betfle^n, begttnfKgen. 

To Wfrifnie', t?. a. befranfeii/ mft franfen 

To B2g, «. I. a. 1. (-for, mn tti»tt») bttten, 
erbttteni SLbetteItt) n. n. UtMti ^t^ati 
90m Settein leben. 

B^gSn', pret. oon To Begin, [vid. To Gem. 

To B^&i', 0. 0. co(. mita^elfleinett befe^en. 

To B€g£t', t7. if. a. 1. scttgen (mas^mal mit 
on, opon, 90X berfOtutter, {. e. mit) 5 2. 
fig. etieitgen, (etvDTbtitigeiL 

B^^ftcr, s. ber Srjengcr, ©ater. 

BVgv**-!. berfl5cttterj 2. bcrbemitWd ob. 
nti9erf4Amt9tttenbe) a. a — of principles, 
ber; n»eI(berStt9a$Unem»tefeiies aU ermlef^n 

i»9raslfe(t| eomp. -'« b«k, (-*• Im), Hi 
S-(erberge$ -*• lace, ble grokii jMn* 
fi^i|enj -'s lyre, bie 8e«er4 — "t-velvti, 


To BSg'gfkr, V. «. anbenScttflMbrittgai, 
^. eittllipcv; baroabeni erHM^i de- 
scription wonld bat--, (n.) e» «berfleidt oOc 
SeMfcibmtg, fdiie 9eMrdb«iig mfirbt r» 
avftbriicreiildiiieii. [XNirftighit. 

B^g'gtrlfAfss, s. bk ecttel^ftigretf, Ynrntb/ 

B^g^ly, a4f^ k adv. beftelboff/ arm, an»i 
feKg, IrmHA; birftig, Iimi^ig^ -oMftea, 
lumpen J - doings, pi. fJicbertrdWgftiteit 

BCg'gvry, «. bie eetteTormtt^, dvfeillcVr* 
mitt), Mrftigfeie. 

Bagged', pf ee. k p.p. 9011 Ti^ Beg. 

B^g'g^, s. vid. b. m. r. Beggar. 

B^ging,L p.«. bal Sitten) 0ettelni to 
go a->bette(«ge(ttt j^. w^«iikbt geaibtrt 
oberbeo^etmeibeni aniiii) feim II. p. a. 
bttte«b,beftefRbj -friar, ber «e(tefmeii4». 

B^g'gfugiy, adv. bettebib, bittiodFe. 

Bigjnf , p. 9. mit ^Ib befe^t 

To B8^', V. #r. I. a. anfaiigett, begin* 
nen^ to — the world, fie^ eitt Ynfdnger 
fetn, in btelBelt tretcn, Metabllren, M 
beroorsHtbvn anfingen) ebm-s. to — a 
newaet of books, bit ^oiibettbi^er anfm** 
4e»f to--anew, to— the worid again, etecb 
^oOimentl entf^lagcn firfn, ibieber gn bM^i^ 
anfangeni n.ii. anfongen^ eiilfk^eii^metbeH. 

B€ghi'n^, #. ber YnfSngerf Ur^ebcr. 

B^n'ajng, s. 1. boi Tnfangcn) t. ber Tin* 
fdng, flrfpntttgi B. ber Vntritt* 

BSgTn^lngf, p/. bie Vttfoiigfgrfiikbe. 

To BSg^rd^, V. t>. ft reg. o. >. begirtm, umgAr* 
ten ^^ fig. umgeben, einT^Uifen^ bCctfiren. 

BSgpIrt', pret. ft p.p. V. To Begird. 

To BS^Mm', V. a. betbmiftlfi, nmbiifleni. 

To BSgniiw' \UniJ], v. a. betngen, )emagni. 

To B^Sd*, V. a. berg6ttcm, bergettli#en. 

Bdg9ne',tiie.meg! ^rt: pocfeBiib! 

B^g&red', p. a. mit Stet beMmicrt. 

B8g«t', pret. ft p. p. von To Beget. 

BggSt^t^n, p. p. bon To Beget; the first—, 
ber trjlgebome. [F^fmier ciu 

To BSgriafe', v. a. (mit ^ttt ob* SDcl) be« 

To BCgrlme', v. a. mit DIvf ob. Jtotb bebecfen, 
hetnftn, f^todrsen, befttbeln. [iBefkibier. 

B€grrm«r, s. QHtter, ber 6t»aS befibmnsf/ ber 

BSg&e', s. Vet. bfe itemnmg, Belint, ber ilem 
(an ben dd^nen ber ^fetbe). 

To B«gii0e', t^. a. 1. (interge^en, bttf^en, 
tdnf^en, berfSfren) 9. leer abf^eiTen i a. cnf« 
»if*en; ortgejeni to — one's tinie> fk) bie 
3eit iperffir|en« 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 




Bi8«IM'»P-a- Kftt6«eiMt,«Ml.ToB0K«»«. 
Bdgiale'M^t, s. U$ fMdk^n, ber fdtttu^, 

BSsnilf r, «• bet Bttxi%€t, Serfit^rer. . 
B€cKb'> prst. A p.p. P. To Besift. 

ba6Scfie5 in — of..., nm, f&c, ... v^iJBitn, <iU 
ft&iW^^t fftr ... ) to tppear fai — of ..., Law, 
all BUWotttttUx erfd^cmen fijit... . 

ToBdkire', o.Ln. fi^bcttagen, Moer^U 
toil U. a. (— otte*ss«IO» (M)^etradeQ$ 
iU b-d, wn r^Udbten eitteii} weU b^, loo^l 

B«h&'Tfovr, Bdb&'vjor, #. bal fi^ttaden (im 
g.tLii.6.), baft (future) Ser^tten, bie 
Vttff&(rttii0| bet Xnflanb^ (gracefal— }» 
bieXnmttt^ im dnfercnSctrageni bie (3e> 
berbe) to be bound to (or to be [pat] opon) 
oae'tgood-, £a%D, oerbitnben fein^ 0te<te]i« 
fd^aft wegeii feines fier^altenft in geben. 

ToBdb^d'» V. a. ent^aupten^ Hp^tn, gutlKo« 

BdhStd'fngy «. bie Chtt^attptang. [tmiren. 

Beheld', pret. ft p« p. 9. To Bebold. 

Bi'henSCA, s. (orab.) ein tmge^eurel, bef. oier* 
ffifigel Si^ier, Dtiefeiit^ier j nadb ^ocfcort 
tu IC. bad SIttfPferb, Shipfecb. 

Beli^n, #. Bot-#. l.(--tree), berSel^nbaitm? 
9. bie ttttrsel bel 0albrian$$ red—, ber 
rot^e IBelN$ white-, ber loeife 9e(eK; 
Xaubenfropf, bal e^a^tihrattt. 

B€h«ftf , «. * bal (Setieip, ber 9)efe(l. 

Bdhind', I. prep, (inter 5 to be— one'i time, 
il4 oerfpfiten, fiber bie 3ett aufbleibeiti II. 
adv, (inten, lurfidf, (iiiter»2rtt) tobe — 
witti... Jig. nodft {Hfidtfldnbe }u bega^Ien (aben. 

BMod'-hSiid, adv. 1. (inten^ lurficf, rudS 
loirtl} 9. p fpAt$ 3. to be-, j^. im 
filiidNtattbe feiiu 

To BSbold', V. <r. a. A n. fe^en, fatten, er« 
bUdem anblttfen, anfe^eii; betra^ten. 

B«hoid', inU Re^e t |ierl |!e(e (fe^et) bal 

B^Oi'dfO, L p. p. 9. To Behold; K. p. a. 
oerpfii^tet^ oerbnaben, ge^alten. [a^ter. 

BBhoi'df r, s. ber VnMauer, dttMauer, Seob* 

BShoF^ng, p.«. vid. To Behold. 

To B^hftn'ey, v. a. mit ^onig berfiifeil} mit 
^onig beflrei^eii. 

B9h6df,#. berSetnf^Sort^eil; balSrommem 

To B8h6dTe', v. imp, gebfi^ren, fU) gebft^^ren, 
M geiiemen, fi4 Wdau 

To BShdve', v^ imp. mte Behoove, ^. 

BSiie^-ser^e, #. Cbm. bunte G^afTerge; nao 
tirlid^e 6erge ddn »oIIener3ettg, ge»6^nli<b 
MS grmier^ bcattner ober f^toorier Sarbe). 

BS'ing, I. i»ott To Be, feienb4 my Lord 
Mayor for the time-, ber |ttr 3eit (ber 3cit) 

regieroibe 9ttrgemeifter$ at fliU time — , in 
biefem VugenbUtfi U. conj. —that, ba, meil$ 
in. s. 1. bal €$eiii,SDafeiii/ bie (Sj^fteni 1 9. bal 
01eibe»/ber Vttfeat^aU} 3. balS)iiig, 9Be» 
feni aiGodifift— I foma^rG^ottlebtl 

BS'M flatt be it to. [prfigeln, buri^gerben. 

To Bela'bovr, v. a. v¥ig. bnrdj^arbeiteii, oal* 

To B^Iee', v.a. LAfor. (—a rope, ei]iXait)be* 
fefUgen(vui.ToBelay); 9.vM^.bitr4prflgeIs. 

To Bglite', V. a. iiber bie 3eit, bil in bie fpdte 
9{a4t aufl^lteo, (M) ^erfpdten. 

Bll&'tfd, I. p. a. pcrfpdtet^oonber l^a^t fl6er« 
eitt) n. — neie, s. bal fierfpdtetfeitt. 

To Belay', v. a. 1. in ben ffBeg treten, 
benflfteg oerYegen, oertreteni auflauem$ 
9. Mar-s. to — a rope, etn San belegen, 
befefiigen} fpU^tn (vid. To Splice); 
to — the end of a ladling or aeixing, etn 
ttittbrel befe^eni b-ingpins, 3apfen, anbe« 
nen bal laufenbe l^inmer! befefUgt mtrb, 

To B^ch, V. I. n. 1. aufftofen, vulg, rulpfen} 
9.^. mit etnem (S^etlfe (eroorfommen (glei4 
ber Sranbung bel SXeerei, lu) i n. «. anl* 
fpeien, aulftofen. 

B^ich, s. bal Tinfftoftn, vulg. fftfilpfen. 

B^chfr, s. 1. (Siner, ber Xnffbf en Mi 2. etn 
gelbbntttelfeibenelt>allttt4 (gemeinerSeate). 

B^l'chfng, p. s. 1. bal Vnffbf en, vulg. St&ip* 
fen (vid. bal eblere breaking of wind up- 
ward); 9. ber ^ulmurf einel SttaUx^, u. 

BSI'dfjn, B^l'dftme, s. cont, bal alte ffBeib, 
alte9]tfitter4en, bie ®rof mutter ^ alteJBet' 
tell fig.^k^m. 

To Bliea'gu^r, v. a. belagemi fig. nmgeben. 

Bll«a'gu«r^r, s. ber Selagerer. 

BllSm'nlte, Bll^mnl'tdf , s, Geol. ber ®elem« 
nit, Sttdblfiein, f)feilfletn. 

B»'fl5^er, B^l'todnd^r, s. vid. unt. Bell. 

B^Hfrly, B^ry, s. 1. Arch, ber (3lodfen« 
t^^nrmi ®-fiu(l, bal ®-geriifli 3. Afar, 
ber bebetfte ®-gaIgen (auf einem &(bi1fe)$ 
3. Ant ber SBartt^nrmi bal ®lodt(aul, 
bie ftnrgoefte, (®urg«) SBarte. 

B^l'ii^, I. s. ber Selgier 1 IL adj. bcIgiM. 

B^Fiic, adj. belgif4l -rose, JBot. biebeU 

B^'iivm, #. ^«og. Selgien. [gifd^e {Rofe. 

Bflgride', #. Geog. IBelgrab, ®ned^if4' 

ToB8lie',v. 0. 1. belugeni 2.£iigenflrafett, 
miberfpre^en, }U»iber(^anbeln) 3. oerlenm* 
ben) 4. na^dffen/ na^ma^en. 

Belief, s. 1. (ht(, Theol.) ber OSlanbei 9. bal 
(Slaabenlbefenntnifi (Sreboi (vid. b. t. 
Creed); 3. bieOteligion, ((^laubcnlO S^^tt* 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 




To BoBeve', v. a. ic n. (nut Id, vm, mit on) 

I. glaubeni a. Theol. i>en d^lanben ^beu, 
ten ten SBa^r^eiten bcr (ReUgton unb i(rcn 
iBer^eif ungen Ubenbig icbecieugt fetn. 

B€Iie'T«r»j. 1. becCSIoabettbej 2. T/teo/. bcr 

<9ldubige$ trae— , bcr dtefbtgldubtge. 
Belie'vjog, I. «. bad ®(aubeii> brr ©laubc? 

II. p. a. glaabenb? —men, ^IduMgCi 111. 
—ly, a(2v. gMttbtg; tm ®!aaben. 

Belike', BeKke'ly, adv, fam. termttt(li(b/ )^c( 
kU^t, n>a$rf(b«nU(b i irtm. iJ) j[a bo4 ! 

9^11, 1, s. sing. 1. abbr* f&r: Arabella & Isa 
bella^ 2. bie (Slocfe) 64ieae$ Jtltngcl? 
3. (-- of a flower) ber S3IumenfeI4/ bic 
^iiofpe j 4. iirdi. bie®locfe an eincrGdulcj 
6. T-*. gloffcnffirmige Jt5rvcr: bic ©tfirjc, 
ber @t£r§enrind, 0(b<iOitri(]t)tec ciner Xroni= 
^tU, ^ofottttc^ (Slttrinettc, ic. j — of a clock 
Hot. bie ©lorfc in einer UJr^ to bear (to 
carry away) th«-r,^. berXnfflirtr fein, 
iDoron gebcn; affe aj^itbemerber itbertrcffen, 
ben yret$ baoon trogen^ H- B-t, s. 'pi 
1. J?o^ bie ©amcnd^jfel, fieeren (ber Jtar^ 
toffel, ;c > j 2. Afar, bie (albe ©tunbcnma^c 
auf ^tCd$f4iffen5 nDg(rioging, or chime) 

-of b-i, bad ((Bloden*)®cHi\lU a chime of b-6, 

', eitt<9l0(£enrptelj hawks b-a,5por^ bie 84(1' 
len (an ben $uf en) eined S(il^9 UI. comp. 
bell-bit, Alan. baS ©-ngebif ) —clapper, 
ber d^nfWppcI j -cranki, ©-nsic^wirbel, 
«Bistfeleifen/ Jtnie ob. <9e»erbe ffir ben (B-n» 
bra^tj —end, ba6 tri<bter* ober g-nffirmigc 
(Snbej — fashioned, g-nf6rmigi —flower, 
BoU bie ®-nblttme$ —founder, ber ®-n 
gieperj — gla«»,bie®laS8lo<fe(p5r»Iumen, 
Jtdfe^ic.)? —leaver, ber ffianbfilorfcnjic^er 5 
—letters, vid. Belles-1. ; —man, ber ®l5(f ncr i 
^nftruferj -metal, bie ©-nfpcife, bad @-n- 
metaUj (S-ngut^ — month, ber ®(baQtri(b« 
ter (eineS @pra(bro^rd; }c)5 —mask, cor. 
fl, Abelmusk, qv,; —pear, bie ®-nbirni 
— pepper, BoU ber O-npfcffer^ —ringer, 
anf ben engl. UniDerfUdten; 2c. bcr^-nmann, 
©Wcfner^ -scale, einSKafjurlBeflinimung 
ber (Srdfe, ^idt, M (^miM^, k. eincr 
®IO(fe9 — shaped, g-nfdrmig^ —spring, 
ber ©'nb&gel j -string, bie JTlingelfd^nar) 
-tent. Mil. mod. baS engL 3clt, bad 12 
5Rann faftj — weighu, g-nfdrmige ®c^ 
wiibte}— wether, 1. ber teitlammeU 2. jig. 
berXnffi^rcr; fildbeteffi^reri —wort, Bot. 
bad dapfenfraut 

To B^U, V. n. I. Bot. glodCenfdrmige IBlu» 
tbenfnofpen be(ommen,fnofpen^ 2. Sport. 
Mreien^ r^^ren («.{)irf<ben in ber^runf^eit). 

B^flf-dAn'Bf , #. Boi-s. bie ©eBabcnna^ 
«Bo{fdftrr4ef - lily, bie IScaabonnlilie. 

B^ile, #. bie 6(bdne. 

Belles-lettres' [b^l-l«tr', Sm. kc; b«l'-l«tr, 
Wb. Ac], Ut. bie WdncnJBiflcnfibaftcn. 

B^ll^trifst', «. mod. Lit. ber 6(bdngcift, ber 
f(b5ncn ffBi|fettf(baftcn {Bepiflene, SdcUctrifl. 

Bell^tris'tjc (-c^l), adj. rnod. bcHctriHifib/ 

Bifl'lied, adj. banibig, bdu^ig, bicf, gcf4moI« 
Icn^ andgebe^nt, aufgcblafcn (aud^ Bot. k 
Zool.)i (pm. comp.}i a — glass, cine 
®(adblafc/ (Retorte. 

Bflllf^rons, adj. * Jtricg bringcnb. 

To B^lir^^rate, v. n. Jtricg fii^rcn. 

B^llTg'^r^nt, B? Ilig'frons, adj. (». fi.) frtcg» 
fu^renb/ « fricgcrif(b$ b-t powers, bic tricg* 
fu^renbcn ^Si^tt. 

B^i'ijng, p. s. 1. Bot. bad Jtnofpcntrciben, 
9tn\m, bef. bed f>opfcndj 2. Sport, bad 
Biof^un, e$(brcicn (bed {>trfd^cd in ber 

Bel'l9n, s. Med. bic ©Icifolif. [©rtinftjcit). 

Bell9vc's9s, *. fBcIIoiPcftid, ScOotped (SK-n.). 

To Bgl'low, V. n. 1. blofen, brfiacn, (i>.X^ie« 
rcn^ cont. ton?Kcnf(bcn)j 2, fig. braufcn 
(». 3Kccrc w.). 

Bel'low, BelMowjng, s. 1. bad SBIo^cn, ®cbI6f, 
S&xixUcn, ®cbr^a(bcrX]^icrc9 cont. p. 9Kctt* 
fd)cn)^ 2.>Sg. badlBraufcn (ber 6(e) $ bad 
@e^eul (bed miKtia, u.). L^udrufcr. 

BeFlowfr, s. cont. ber ©(brcicrj 6ffcntli(be 

Bel'lOw^, s. pi. (a pair of—), ber ©lafebolg i 
HcRsian-, Min. icfBfti&cffllafcbalgc, um^ttft 
in ®niben 2U ftbaffen, bap bic ibcrglcute arbci* 
ten tonncnj— blower, bcrS^dlgcntrctcrj —fish, 
vtW.Trnmpet-lisb ; —mender, b. Sl.-jlicfer. 

Bel'Jy, s. 1. bcrfi3au(b) ^cibj SOtuttcrleibi 
2. Ship-b. bie ^o^Ie @citc bed itrumm^olscd 
(opp. back) ; 8. T-s. (bci XonTOcrfgeugcn, 
2C.) ber Jtafteni the— (or concave) of a 
harp, bcrl93att4 (bic tnncre ^o^Iung) ciner 
i>oxUi the— of a bottle, bcrC3au(b ciner 
%lcfMi the — of a sail, bcrlBau(b (aufgc* 
blafenc XJciO cined ©cgcldj the lower—, 
ber 0(bnterbau(b/ Untcrlcib^ coffip.— ache, 
vulg. bad fdau^mf^, bie ^eibf(bmcricn, 
itoUfi dry— a., bie Sleifolif j — a. bush or 
— a. weed, Bot. cine tKrt ber 9)urgimup in 
^frifa mibcr bad fBaurb>bc^j ber SSauibrecfts 
banmj —band, i. ber©ou(b» ob. ©attcU 
gurt/ IBattdbriemen^ 2. Surg, bic dSaucbcom* 
preffej —bound, ocrflopft, b<^rtleibigj — 
fretting, Man. 1. bad SBunbreiben torn 
S3au(bgurte$ 2. Vet. bad i93au(bgnmmcn, bic 
ffiinbfolifi -friend, ber ©^mare^cr^ — 
god, bcrS5au(ibicncr, ©cblcmmcrj -gnis. 




ciK Confect aa9 fle^ratttttm S^in •. IDtan* 

beta oD. yffteiien bereitet (fr«as* tfougat) ; 
-plea* Laio, Scrtftcibiguitd Ob. KKftflu^t 
loegen e^toangerr^afl, vm cineii Vit|f4iib 
ber etrofc (u erbaltenj -roll, biefBalj- 
tonne, «atje, «ene (bef. beim 8elbba«)5 
-worm, Zool. htt^xmwutm, epnlwnrm. 

ToB^Kly, o. I. n. baucbts fein ob. loerben) 
II. If. anfftbmeHen, anf(b»eaen, anf&Oen) the 
wall belUea, Mas. bie ^autt b^ngt fiber, ift 
battibigb [fen ) — aaiU, f^meKenbc ^egel. 

BA'lyins, p. 0. JBot. ft Zoo/, ban^id/ anfgebla' 

BSl'm^n, B^l'm^tfl, Ac. vid, BeH-nao, Ac. 

BSlone', s, Ich. ber langf^nabelige {)ombe4t 

To BSlttDg', V. n. 1, ^z^6vtn, lugeb^ren, ange* 
bSreu) 9.attge(en, betreffen. 

BSIOred' [iol. bMOv'-^J, a4;« aeliebt, (-by, 
...bon)/ tbener, mertt. 

BUow', h'f. ft^. I. prep, nnter) n. ado, iitt' 
tens Qttf<lrben,*bten{ebens unterbenXobtens 
law, in eittemUnter9eri<bt) the oourto— , 
rid. in Coort; Ck>m^ ai (quoted) — , »ie un* 
tenbemerft, nieuntenfletenb) -*par» unter 
^ris — italri, unten, par terre. 

BXIt, I. s. sing. !• ber Mvttl, ba9 S^egengc* 
ben!, bie tDegenfnppel i 2. Surg, bte Sanbage 5 
9. Vet. ber Sfirseltonrm, ^terjiounn (cine 
6(baffrattfbeit)s 4. Arch, beritran}, baft 
<ftran2gefimft$ —maker, ber Qiirtier) II. 
BelU, l.Ast. bie(BiirteI (etreifen) 
beftjupiterft^ a. Geog. the two—, bie bei« 
ben Selte ) (the Great Belt, the Leaser Belt, 
ber grof c v. ber fteine fBelt). 

To B^lt, V. a. lit. kfig, begiirten, umgurtcn. 

Bfl'vM^r, B^l'vjdSre, «. 1. It Arch. ba«2BeU 
bebere) bie ^nfhoartes S. Bot. ber befen« 
ftrtige (BAnfef^p, IBefenfla^^* 

Bm'wCthfr, s. vid. Bell-wether unt. Bell. 

To Bdl^, V. a. vid. To Belie. 

To BdmTre', v. a. fotbig ma<ben, bef<bmu2cn. 

To BlfflOaa', v. a. beHagoi; beioeinctt, bc« 
tranemi to — one's self, wetftagen. 

BlmOa'D^r, s. ber fiSe^flQgenbe. 

To Bimite', «. n. fi<b manfen (bon fidgeln u 

B^n, s. 1. ahbr. f&ti Benjamin, eenjamin 
(9R-n.)i a.Bof. ber©cbcnbaum, k., vid. 
Behen; -not, bie ©ejennuf , ©olbnnf j 
oil of-, eeben5I. 

Bloeh, *. 1. bie 9anf | 2. ber «erfauftfhmb, 
^Amerftonbs 8. Law, bie (BcriibManN 
/gv bie mister, bao Olertibt) the Qoeen^s 
(orKlng*s)— , vid. ttnt.Q«e«a*, -of Hip- 
pocrates, Surg, bie bippofratif^ <linri<btc« 
ob. 3iebbftnh -coal, (in Staff.) bie oberfle 
e#(4t bee etcinfo^Unlager, 

To Blach, V. I. a. 1. iiitMnKn l^(rfcbal» 
2. anfcineBanf febeni«Qleri4t R^ei. 

Alteflc 8cifl|er. 

To B«nd, V. reg. A if. I. a. 1. bicgen, bcigc^, 
frummen^ 9. ri^ten, Icnta (ben e^ritt 
»oftin, benOkift aufdtnal, ic)i 8. to- 
one's self (one's mind, Ac.) to, or npon. 
ober imposf. to be beat on (to), gencigt,ettt« 
[(biofTen fein %u .*., erpi^t fcin anf ... 1 4.nQ0« 
be(nen, fpanncn (the bow, ben Qogcn, k.)} 
5. bcsmingen, fi4 untcnoerfni (Chmal)i 6. 
Mar. bcfffHgen, btnbcn) to — two cablcOft 
imeiVnhrtane anf einanber fte^eni to-badc, 
|nru(fbiegen) to— a net, cin 9teb HcOcii 
to — a pike, cinef)t(t fdOen, fenfen, etnlegen i 
to — the fist, bie 8<lttfl boKen) to— planks, 
fXanfen frumm brenneni to — the brow, bie 
6tim runscln 5 to — one's spite against . . • 
eincn (BroU faffen gegen...) b-«d lever, 
Afecft. ber ffBinNl(ebci) II. n. 1. Rib blegen, 
gebogen ob. fmmm fein 1 2. fi^ ndgen (|.8. 
forwards, M biitfcn)) anfb.fe. ibO)tt geneigt 
fetns 8. iiberbangcn) 4. Mbdnbigen, bcu* 
gen, nntemerfen i to — against . . ., (ebenfo 
im pass, to be bent against), fi<b mtbiifeben, 
Srob bietcn. 

Bifnd, I. #. Wng. l.bieQiegvng, JMmmnng, 
Jtr&nme ) 6erf4Iingnng i 2. Jlfar-#. ein 
®ti4 ober Jtnoten, ^plicffnoteni n — of 
monlds, ein Gtell WaUcni comaMin— , or 
sheet—, ein 04ctcnfti45 8.Her. ber64r4g« 
balfen) 4. ber (Sinfdp an eincr 9rattenmfibe4 
n. Bends, t. pi. 1. Ship^, bie Jtnittm^il- 
icr, Qan^fMitfe) 2. Mar. bie Sergb^Iicr) 
8. eo^IIeber in Bt&dtn (au« ben beften 
Xbtiien ber 4>ant geMnitten); 4. (obtr 
-hides), |tt ben erwA^nten Vnbf^nittcn 
befttmmte f^dnte. 

B^n'd^ble, ads* biegfnm, gef4me(big. 

B^n'd^r, #. 1. bief)erfon ob.6a4e, mcldbc Mo* 
get, Mmmet, ber Gponncrs 2. ilnat. bet 

BXn'djng, I. p. s. 1. balWegen, eponncti 
2. bie Oiegnng, ber 9ng, iBogeni TSh* 
bang) the — of aTanIt, Arth. bicMbng 
(Oogenmnbttng) ctneb <Bcai6lbcl) II, p.«. 
abb^ngig ) a — nllfT, tine ilbecbangcnbe 
itlippes — mnadas, il]ict.bie^ftbeittntt4« 
rein. [e«rdgbalfiii. 

B^nd^ft, t. Her. bie Heine Sinbe, ber fleine 

B^od'wfffc, s. Hot. bie ffBatbrcbe. 

B^n'dy, adv. /fer. f^rdg geftreift. 

Mn%s. BoU ber Sefam, ba« ecfamfraut. 

BCniaped', adi» Mar, bencpcn, (anf Um 
6anb<,sc.) f^ienb, ni^tflott 




Bialat^M. prep. ttiiter> 11. adv. ttnten, tU'|| bunfclit, M ZHftU, bc$ Serflttiibel bc» 
nteben. [(9-n«> rottben} *iuima^tcni 2. impasse 19011 bcc 

B«ii'8dlct» «. Senebict (9){<n.)l Scncbicto 9ia4t fiberraMt mt^m, M t)erfp4tcn. 

B^DS^c'tine, L «• bet ScncMctiarr'SJt^n^/ Biaigii', I. a((;. ; U*— iy>adr. l.^titig^milb, 
bielB-Sioime)^'.ia]»£)rbeA.bere(aC' Uebcooa, (olbfclig^ 2. »o6Ittd% (dlfoai 

bictiiur de(5rig. 
BifD«drc'tioD»«. 1. ber eegen, bteCKnfegiutiidi 

£cc. 9. Me (Sinfetund einei TCbteS bur^ din- 

fegnsnaj 8.ber^aiif$ bie ^onffadttiifl. 
B«ii«m</tioo, s, 1. baS 8Bo(It(ttn| 2. bie 
BeneiSc't^r, t. bcr ffBoftit^iter. [flBpftlttot. 
B^nlfic'trfsf, «. bU fiBoftltftitertim. 
B«a'2fice,jr.l.bieyfritnbei 2. bol Correct/ 

bit Sni^eit. 
BISa'dficed [—flit], adj, bc^fdinbet. 
Bdnl^f^cfiice, «. bic «Bo(f(ttdti0teit , Ottt* 

BdaSf jcfot, I. adj. ; 11. — ly, odv, mo^Itdtig^ 

milbt^&tig/ fltttt^tifl' (9<Rnttt), gnt^ciiis. 
BeaeflCcif 1, 1, adj. ; II. — ly, adv. 1. i&ort^eil« 

(aft;iiiL(U4$ 2. btenliib, ^iram. »o((4d* 

tigi m. -new, «. 1. bte M^\ii>HiU 2. bic 

f>eiiramfett, fiBo(It(<ti8!eit 
B^nifi^cjfry, I. o^?. 1* bur^ Onnfi bef^enb^ 

luttergebeiLab^dngfdi 2. bcpfdlnbet) ii.«. 

1. beryftanbnerj 2. ber^mofenesipfdadcr. 
BSoSfl'ci^Dcyy «. bie OfitC; !ReBf4eiifreitttb» 

B^nSfTd^Bt* a4;« Wo^lt^Atig, milbt^dttg. 
^nfidUs. 1. bieSEBobU^at, Outt^at, <9efai« 

tigfeit$ 2. bee ^u^tn, Boxtf^H, Qminm 

8. bie 9eIo(im]id9« (QenefttO SorfteOung 

dM 64aafpieIer»,}C-, baS Scneft) 4. Law, 

bas yrtoilegisni, 6orrc4t. 
To BiafaSU V, L a. 1. ttilt (> ^ 9^11^ brisgen i 

lettfom rein) 2. begilnfligens II. n. to — by. 

gtttartig (). e. ton e. Jtranf(eit, tt»)i ga» 
flig4 m.^neia,f.«i{f.BeoisBity. 

BSaYs'Q^Bt, B8or^n»iitly» »ie Bontga, Ac 

BSBfg'nity, «. 1. bie Outc, QXUbe 1 2. bie Wiot^ 
ttitigfeiti 8. bie 4)cUfamYei^ ber »o(It(^ 
tige ainflttf (bet tnft, ic). 

BSn'j^mio, f. 1. ecniamin (Vft-rL)i 2. be? 
Seii}oe,bie3iingferB»il4} 8. (—tree), Boe 
ber Sensocbaum. 

B^o'Rft* s. LOeRebict (9X-n).} Oenebicta 
(S-n)./(a6&r. 0. Benedict, 911.}; 2. (herb-), 
BoU littfttlhmnn, baUBcnebicteiifraitt 

Bfot, pret. k p. p. Don To Bend, qv. 

BSot, «• 1. bieJtriUiime,fiicgURgi 2.bie9ii<b' 
timg4 9Ieigimg,ber{>attg, dug; 8.;Sff^bic 
taunt, eUamangi bcr UntWnfi 4. bie 
Xttftrengsng, Jtrttftdttfenmg) 5. (— sraai), 
BoU bat etrauf grol/ IBisfcngra^ 

B^n't, ahhr, fflr : be not, fci (feib) ni^t 

BI$D'tincp.a.l.biafett(faft$ 2./g. drmU4 
fiimmerUfbi — tiae, btc^vngcncitber Xoiii 
ben 9er ber (Reife ber f>iilfcnfrii4tei fig. 

To B^Bftni', (cor. To Bteuaib'), «. a. 1. 
(Dor Mite) erftarrea maibeni 2. beft Qk« 
f&V^ berottben^ fig- betdttben. 

BSD Wmfda^M, «. 1. bie arftamtBgi 2. JSg 
bie 8etdnbttng. 

B^Bvtete', «. Print. bolSitreititm^ bcrffBiS* 
UwamfM (JM iSMb, mli^ ber neu Knge* 
fommeac [sum eertrinten] erf cgcn mitf ). 

Stores Don <5t»Ql (abm, geiotimett^ b b-ed BSa'sgite, t. Cfc«iii. bof bemoefanre eal). 

ticket (in a lottery), ein gliitfliibel t»U, 
eitt Sreffer (in ber Sotterie). 

B^a'ft, «. viii. Beaaet. 

B^a^v'^if B€e, «. 1. baS 8BobI»oOen, bie (3it« 
tigleit) 2.bieC8o6Itidtigldti 8. bieOfite, 
(Bittt^at, Onnfl) d«« -> bie <S(e|lanbdp|ii<b' 
ten eiaes !Raime« gcgen feioe Srau. 

B€a^Y'9i$at, L adj.x IL— ly, a(fv.ioo(IiBOl« 
Imb/ gdtig, gtttt^dtig, freiuibli<b/ iiebrei43 
^fiiBd,berURterfltt(uttgdfonb$ HI. —nest, 
s, vid. BeaeToleoce. 

B^agAf, s, 1. Gtog. 9ettgaIeR4 2. Com. eitt 
bettgaliTtiber (0U ^aar u. 6cibe gcfertigter) 
etof) — eaaeybaSfi^anirAedtobr. 

BtefAI€«', $. k a. (the- laagaage), bet« 
goSM/ bie btttgalif^e Bpta^. 

B^agftlife', «. (nnf. & pi.) ber eettgole j bie 
Q'tns) bteScngaIca, 

To B^nTgbt', p. a. ^. fig. vtrfttfieni^ »er« 

Bfaal/ic, adi. Chem. -add, bte Ocnsocf&ire. 
B9ax5Ia',«. ber (bit) ee«)oe, »o(Iric4feabe 

QCfanbj —tree, vid. Bciyanila, 8. 
BSdt^ adh ftmnpfflmiig, gef&bUo9. 
To B^ilat', V. a. (». iO beiMlcii^fdbmiiifm. 
To B€prach', o. a. fncipcn, bnrcb itneipai 


To B«p»me', v. a. nit gcbem fd^fitfca. 
To Bdpdi'd^r, «• a. bcpiAern, mit |)Hbet 

beftreuea. [4ea* 

To Bdprftlfo', o. a. Icba^ 1w(|^ (orav^flreip 
To BdparVk v. a. mit i>iirpar, (pvrpvrrotb) 

fdrbea. [vcrlojfea, legtren. 

ToB€i«€atb', «.«. teftemctttliib 9ema4a|# 
B«qB«a'th«r, t. bcrl^ihitor^ ^otariiii, arb« 

^ITtt* [^801 (vM. b. ft. f* «.)• 

B«<|Biatli'afirt,«.l.bietfrbeinfe|inig} 2. bag 
BgqaSftf, «. bog «ermd4tnif , Cigtt. 
To BMta', V. 0. fiftdten, avif^belt^n. 




To BMttle') t>. a. titien Um (worfiber) ma 

• ♦«, (^ttCtt) fibertdttbcii; onfo^prcn. 
Ber^n^ne» s. Ux ^iebe^apfel (ton ^en ata 

Mf^en trsten fo genannt). 

Ber'b^rry, *. vid. Barberry. 

Bercean [b^r-sO']; # 1. Arch, baft Sonnen^ 
geiodbe) 2. baft Suf^d^iofflbt; ber^auben^ 
fiong; ©ogengans (in JTunftfidrten) j bie©o«= 

• gcnlaubc [ben, entweniben (gcw. mit of). 
To Birtatc*, «. reg. & tr. <f. bcrouben, rou* 
Bdreave'm^Dt, «. bieSeraubung^ bQ$S3erau<= 
B§r^ft', pr«t. ft p. p. t. To Bereave. [ben. 
Ber'g^mO, «. Com. SBergamo&y fBergamed, 

grobe 9en>ebt( S;apeten (fonfl in ber fRox> 

' mattbie u. a. SD. fiefertigt) ou« tocrW- 5Wq* 
terialen; aU: ®eibe, SBoUC; SaummoUe, 
^anf/ diegen^ttar, K. 

Ber'g^mst, s, 1. bie Setgamotte; JBergomotts 
bim^ 2. (— easencc), bo« ©ergomottfiU 
3. ber mit biefem £)ele »o(lne(benb gematbtc 
Gcbnupftabaf 9 4. ved. Bergamo. 

B^r'gSad^r, a, vid, Birgander. 

Berg'miatfr , Bergh'mSfit^ r , [ vtilg. bar'- 
mftst^r], s. Min. (in Derb.) ber ©ergmcifter 
(©orgefette ber ©ergleute), (Srxmeffer. 

Berg'mOte, Bergh'inDte, s. Min. (in Derb,) 

• baft ©erggeriibt. [bereimen. 
To BSrh^me', v. a. iron, in fHeimen beftngen, 
B^r'jt^, *. etne Xvt Sledffugel (SJeife) gum 
' Vuftmadben ber ^eif e in Beugen. 
Ber'ljD, s. k adj. Geog. (bie 0tabt) ©ertin^ 

berltttif4j —bine, baft ©erlinerblan (ii. 

B^Un', B^rUne', [b^r-tin', W.^ ke, ; ber'-ljn, 
' Wb„ &c.] ff. bie ©erline (bcqueme tierflf ige 


Berme', t. Fart bie Serme, ber aSBaffgang. 
Bf rmO'd^, *. Geog, bie bermubiWen (©om« 

mer»Xeufelft«)3nfeln; ©ermuben. 

Ber'Dfcle, 9. it* comp, vid. Barnacle. 

Ber'n^d, s. S3erntarb(^-n.)$ —the hermit, 

. • Ent. ber ffl-ftfrebft, ©Amaro^crfrebft; (Sin- 

fleblcr. [^arbinern ge^ftrig. 

Ber'u^dine, Ber'o^rdin, adj. gu ben ©em- 
BSr'n^rdinef , BSr'n^rdYnf , #. pi. Ecc, bie 

Qern^arbiner* ob. (Siftercienfer'^Dt^nibe unb 

9{cnnen. Tiiber^. baft {>attptberbre(ben. 
Ber'n^, #." Law, bie ©ranbfiiftnng i |u». 
B€rn'-4^l, s. vid. Barn-owl, in BAm. 
B«r'0€f, #. (pi.) Zool. StippenquoIIen. 
B«r'r|«d, p. a. Bot. beerentragenb f bee* 

B«r'ry, s. bie«eertf ®o?>ne (©. JCaifee, u.)5 

—bearing, ©eeren tragenb^ —galls, Mmam^ 

tti<te Oailtf^fel. 
To B«r'ry, 1. 1, w. ©eeren tragen, ob. befom* 

men^ II. a. 1. Mlagen; brefibeui 2. inrgra* 

ben, K.^ uW. To Bury. 
Ber^tt^n, jr. vid, BesUtan. 
Bert A, s. k v. Mar. vid. Birth. 
Ber't/Mi,f. ©ert^a (g-n.). 
Ber'tpn, #. vid. Barton. [©iTtram. 

Ber'tr^m, s. 1. ©ertram ((D{-n)4 2. Bot. bet 
BeHtyjog, p. s. cor. (r.) vid. Birthing. 
BeWyl, t. Min. ber ©er^O; ^quamarin. [grfin. 
BSr'yIine, adj. Min. ben)aartig, gdinli(b/ ^cll« 
Be'f^nty Be'f^ntlne, vid. Byzant, kt. 
Bgf'-Sntl«r, s, vid, Bez-antlcr. 
To BSscrAwK, v. a. befri^eln, bef<bmieren. 
To BSacreen', v, a. U\6)ixmtn, beberfcn^ rcr^ 


To Beacrib'ble, v. a. bcf^reiben, befri^eln. 
To Be8€€cb', v. ir, k reg. a. bringenb bitten, 

erfuib^n, anfle^en. 
B«s88'ch?r, J. ber (bringenb) ©ittcnbe, ©itt» 

flellcr, TCnfuibenbe, gle^enbe. 
Be«ee'chjng, p. a. baft ©itten, (Srfufbcn. 
To Beseem', v.n.l, f!^ gejiemen, M F^^icfen 4 

2. anfle^cn (6inem), Heiben. 
BdsSS'mjng, I. «. berTCnflanb, bie Tfrtigfett j 

II. p. a. geiiemenb,fibictIi(b/P<tfrenb, anftdnbig. 
BdftiSm'ly, adj. artig, anfidnbig, f<bi(tli<b. 
ToBSa^t', V. ir. a. 1. befe^en^ befcblagen? 

2. einftbliepen^umgeben, umringen^umlagem, 

belagem) 3. in bie 6nge (.Rlemme), in ©er« 

legen^eit bringcu. 
B8«et', pret kp» p. ». To Beset. 
To BSshrew', v. a. ©enofinMen, »erf[u(ben j — 

ic. I oerbammt feit ».! o, oerrounf^^t! 

— your heart ! ffoV tDi(b ^cr Scufel ! 
Bdalde\ BSatdef', I. prep, 1. neben, bei, bi^^t 

Uii 2. aufer, au^er^bj 8. nid^t gemdf, 
iiberf —that, aufer biefem) —the purpose, 
unimectmdfig $ 'tis — my present scope, eft 
bient nicbt iu metnem ©or^ben^ things — 
nature, flbematfirlit^e ©ingcj fig-^. to be 

— one's self, — one's senses, auper M, Von 
Ginnen \mi lit. rofen, ni4t bei ©er^anbe 
fein^ n. adv. (B^sidef'), auferbem, Aber* 
bief, o^nebief; nocb bagui all his troops be- 
sides, aSe feine fibrigen Sruppen. 

To Besiege', V. a. belagem^ theb-d, p/. bie 
©clagertcn. [©eUigerer. 

Besle'l^c «. ber ©elagcrer $ the b-s, pi. bie 

Bisie'ling, p. s. k a, baft ©etagern, bie ©f« 
lagerung^ —army, baft ©elagernngft^eer. 

BSsfs't^n, s, ber ©eflftan, (bebecfte) ©agar (tm 
Orient). [bef(bmu}en, befubeln. 

To Besmear', v. a. bef^mieren, beflrctttn; 

Bton«a'r«r, s, ber ©ef(bmtcrer, ©efubler. 

ToBesmoke', v. a, (m. ii.) berdu(bcrn, eitt- 




To BStnilt', 17. a. bcmfeii, b<f^iim|Cli. 

To B&t.ow', o. a. l.beMneieit; fiberf^ttticn^ 

2, fig. mit meifcn Si&^cit; tc< bebecten. 
To B^snuff, V. tf. mit ef^ttu^ftabaf be^ 
Be'f 9Bi> «. bet I93efen. [f^musen. 
To bc'r^di, v. a. te^rai^ fcgen.* 

Be'^ure, «. vid, Bezoar. [Aftftinbig fctn- 

To his&n!, V, a. M W^ttni i^alftn, anftc^en^ 
To BMf, V. a. biimm ma^Kn (bef. burib ben 

Srttnf)^ bet^6rett. 
BiAdt't^dly, arfv. t^dri^ter^ ndrrtfifter ® ctfe. 
BeadtMnfM,«. bie S^orffeit, SetbSntng. 
B€ioiigiit'[— sAt], pret k p. p. 0. To Beieecb. 
Bdspike', pret, :^ & joj. o. To Bapeak. 
To BSBpan'gle, v, a. mt ^iittivn Ob. anbern 

ftUttienben 3ierat^cn befef en. 
To Bespilt'tf r, v. a. 1. (mit Jtot^, fiBafRt^ ic) 

btf9)ri^en, befietfen 5 2. jig. i^erleumben. 
To B€spAwl', V. a. befpeien; befpvdten. 
To Bespeak', a. l.bejlctten (— of,bei...), 

befpredl^en, bingen^ 2. bnrd^fiBcrte einne^s 

men, }u geminnen fu(ben^ bitten, on^alten 5 

3. *anfpre4ni,anreben; 4. t>orber )>erhin« 
bigen, oor^rfagcn^ 5. funb geben, anseigen, 
aidttnbigen, ^errAt^en? l«t me — your at- 
tontioD, iib hittt nm 3^teXnfmerffamfcit. 

Bespia'k^, #. ber fBefUOer. 

To Bdtpjfck'le, v. a, fltdtn, fprenfcln. 

To Biipew^ i*. a. (bur4 6rbre4en) brfpeicn. 

To BispToe', v* a. mfirien. 

To B§apirt, v. a. befprengen, befpri^en, fiber* 

To BeM^Xtf, V. XT, a. befpeien, befpudfcn, bc» 
fpri^en^ pret bespit, or beapitted^ p.p. 
beapit, beipitted, or bespitten. 

BSap9ke', pret. k p. p. 9on To Beapeak. 

Beapo'k^n, p. p. 9. To Beapeak. 

To B^pdt', v.a. 1. mttSIe(fen}ci(bnen; flecfen, 
fprenfeln) a. beflecten, befnbeln (m-r u.). 

ToBSaprSad', v. ir. a. befkrencn, btbeden^ 
pret. ft p. p. beapread. 

To B€aprrn'kle, v.a. (mit ^afer, u.) be« 
fpcengen, befph^en^ (mit etnub, k.) be* 
becteit. [berlBcrptengetf S3efiAnber. 

Bdsprfafc'l^r, s^ (Sinn, ber <St»a» befpri^t, 

To Bdipfie', V. a. vid. To Bespew. 

To BSsport', 0. a. vid. To Betpirt 

To Bdsput't^r, v.a. befpudPett, befpeien, be< 
fpri^en, befttbeln. 

B&a» «. a66r. vid. Betty. 

BM» (ittp. D. Good) I. adj. ber, bie, bod 
befle) the — part, 1. ber grofte iieil^ 
bad aXetfte) 2. bie SSeflen^ to put the — 
conatnictioB apon a thing, <Sta)Qft auf bd$ 
®efte benten; what'a the — news* »ad 
^tbt eft guteft fieueft? she bad the - of it, 

Ik ititU ben eert^cii ^ to make the -- of a 
thiag* 1. auf baft IBcflc mit (Stipaft nrngcbcn, 
eft aafft «efle bcnutcn j a. fi(b fo gat man 
fann, aufteincr(r4limmen,ic.)6a4e (cranft* 
mitfcin (S.9. of ill forttmei of a had bargain, 
ftc); to do one's—, fciniSBcflcft ob.9)?cgli4>» 
jhft t^un^ to my— (or to the— of my) rc^ 
membraDce, fo gut (fo piei) i<b midf crinncrn 
fann 5 to the— of ray power, fo gut, alft eft mir 
m6gli(b ifi5 to the — of our observation, 
mi unferer gcnaucflen 99eoba4tung i t» 
make the — of one's way, fo fc^r eilcn alft 
m6gli(b ifty ben ffirsefien XBeg jieftmen; at 
(the)-, ©runbci pon ber f(^6nf!cn 
(beHen) 6titc betra<btct r 2. wenigflcnftj 
3.attr«4>Wfte} at the-haad,auft ber crften 
4)anb i wo^lfeil^ to have the -, eicgcr fcin i 
U. adv. amlBeflcn, aufftS^efh i he thoagbt - 
to, ftc, cr btelt eft ffir baft SBeflc ju, te.5 what 
had 1— do? or what course had 1— (to) take? 
me t^ne i<b am fi9efien? »el<ben SBcg foil {<b 
einf(blagcn? —of all, befto beffer j am «ieb» 
ftcn j 1 like this - of all, mir ifl baft am licb» 
flcn^ HI. comp. — beloved , am meifien 
(»iel*) gelicbti —bidder, Ux WeifU)ietenbe, 
eteigerer, ^tcttant^ Mar-9. the— bower 
anchor, ber tdgli^C Qfntcrj the — howcr 
cable, baft tdgli<be Tfntertau^ — natured. 
—tempered, ber (bie, baft) jutmutf^igflc, 
gutartigfte, 2c. 

To BftsUin', v. a. befietfen, bef^^musen. 

To BestJIad', V. fr. a. 1. nu^en, 9{u(en bringen > 
2. ben)irt(en,unterbalten4 (viV/.To Befriend). 

B&tj^d', or Bdst^d', pret. ft p. p. l>. 9. ffB. 

B^s'tj^I, I. adj.; II. -ly, adv. titl^n, t^e* 
rifdb, im (ftibften 9rabe finniitb* 

B^stiftl'ity, «. 1. bie oiebifibc 9)ef4a(fenbett^ 
baft Piebif4e ®efen$ bie Un)>emunft) 2. ber 
IBnttaliftmuft, bie grie4tf4c ^iebe. 

To BSs'ti^lIze, To B^s'tjAte, v. a. bem Sie^e 
glei(b Ob. dbQU4 matben. 

To BSstiTck', V. ir, a. beflccfen, voHflecfen. 

To BtetiTak', v. ir. a. mit Ocfianf crffiUen, be« 
ft&nfem, einflinfem. 

To Bestir', V. a. regent to — one's self, rtfl. 
fi(b anflrenght, fi<b bccifcm, bcflrcbcni eilen: 

To BSstow', V, a. 1. (to — upon) ertbeiten, 
gcbcn, f^^enfen, perleibcn, enbeifcn, gemd^* 
ren, barbringen^ 2. anmenben, )>eriocnben, 
anfmenbcn, (®elb) baran legcn^ 3. legen, 
flcaen,feten,attfbcn)abren^ to— a daughter. 
etneXocbter wrbciratbcn, auftflattcnj to— ^ 
one's self, p^ bef^Sftigen. 

B€stoVal, s. (». fi.) 1 . bie If norbnnng, Reran' 
flaltuttg, Rerffigung^ 2. bic®c»4bfwi»9 (f*'« 
ncr »ittc). 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 





tielbtmeiibwidi I. MOkben, ecmenben. 
T« BtetrU'dlc, «. a. m4. To B«rtride * To 

To Bestrew', To BCt^oV, [MrtrO'» ir». If., 

Ac; Mrtri', 5m., Ac], v. rflg. * tr. a. 

beflratett/ bcnprcnflea, bel»(tf»i. 
B«stridf, prtft. * p. p. B€ttrid'd«A, p.p 

9. To Bottride. 
To Biitrldo', ». in a. (fiber Stool) 1. MrcU 

ten, fibcrMtdtm, bcHreitcii^ 2. nttau 
BiitrOwB', p. p. 9on To Bestrew. 
Bistftck', pret. * p. p. 9. To Bertlek. 
To B&itftd^, V. «. 1. befiblaflen, bcfefai (mit 

Jtn6pf«ngu.)i 2.;^.befdciL 
Bdst&Bk', prct. * p. p. 9. To Bestiak. 
To BiMwXnf^ V. 0. bcMICttVifiCB- 
B£fc, «. 1. ^ic flBette j S. a66r. 9. Betty, vid. 

Betty. LM^/Mnu 

To B^t, o. ff. wettcii/ (itt eiaer ffBettt) da* 
To B^tike', o. tr. rfjl> to — oiio*i self to..., 

1. M i« <H»Ql wesbeii^ feme 3tt|ln4t |w 
dtnol nebmea, iu QtMt$ ^reifen, ergceifen 
(au4 jSgr* bie Sluibt, )(.){ M»al aafaiifleii, 
M asfMHil legeii) 2. fUbbegebeK/ M 

B^tilcfD, p. p. 9. To Betake. [9ertlSgC]L 

B«'tfl.«. mieBetle. 

B^t^l'ijef , J. vtUBetillet. 

To B^^ok', V. if. 0. (ft r</r. to — OAe*g eelf, 
fl4) bebei^n, (Rib) bcfUtttcn, M ecintiern 
(— of,eitter6a4e). 

BXtA'ISMiB, 9. 1. (raoff. BttfM^i ^ ba6 
ftarrenbavl, (vid. BedUun). 

B«t/i1«i«iiilte, B^tfc'Mnito, «. 1. eiit Oe* 
»obn^ 90]tfiet6le|em) 2. Kce. eiaSetb' 
kbemiter « !IMii<b j 8. ber QRoabfM^ge, ic, 
vtd. Bedluilte. [Bethiok. 

BMftougkt' L-(MtO, pret. ft p. p. 9on To 

Bitifd', Bfitl'd^ pre(. ft B«tid', p.p. 9. f. SB. 

To Billde', V. ir. ft r€g. I. a. begegneS/ }tt« 
fbUn, befallen^ }C ^ woe — tkee I I9ebe S)ir 1 
ber f)ett9er (ole S)i4! (b. a. |«». mit to); 
11. n. M iatrogen/ erelgnen, gef^e^en. 

BftiUef', «. Cbm. Setbiael, Oetmal, dn lo^ 
Hrer^ banmrnoHeiicr, metfteiid wdfgeflrdftfr 
Ob. i9eifgcgittertnr8aumi»oSnifb>fr itoR 9et^ 
f^icbeneii zrten uab berfcbtcbenen (Begenben 
Ofiiiibienl. [tig, ^(e. 

B«tlM',B«tlmoe'*«<^*^ti3dtcai bolb) itU 

Bi'Uo, s. Boi, ber Betel) -aot, bicSeteU 
inif, QCrefttnv^. 

To BdtD^fB, 17. «. 1. htytid^wn, onbcutctti 

2. UhvUtn, borbebeuten, bor^erMnbigen, 

B«t'9iiy. *' Bot* bie IMobU. 

Bgtook' [-^<AkO» pnt. 9. To Betake. 

To B^triy'y «. «• 1. 9cmtbeiti 2. 9er(dtca» 
bcrfftbreni 8. leigng entbetfcn. 

BMri/^r, «. ber Serrdtber. [4ttfip«|CK. 

To B^trTia', o. a. f^wltfni, |Urci|, ^^a^ca, 

TO B«trdtfc'» V. a. 1. (M) bcrloben, ({or ^) 
bcrfl^re^ctti 2.|ttciaemQUttiimeenicmica. 

lobmig) 2.bie<lnieiumngiiiciacmfiUttiiiae. 

BCt'iSy, B«f ey, s. vid. Betty. 

B^^MCf , B«tt«iaie«, «. vid. BetiUee. 

BiSt'tvr, (comp. 9. Good), L aif. beffer, mcbt 
mertb, flberUgen (on (Bdft, Gtdrf e, Xapfer* 
fdt :c,u.)) to haTo tke-, bie£)bcrbimb 
baben i to get the — of, bca Sortbdl boben 
iiber . . ., ftbenoiabcii/ ^emberben iiber . . .) 
tofiiYeooethe— ofit, gKnem ben Soriag 
gebe]i,ii<ib<lebea) fortke— , (eiaereo^t) 
ittia OefUii) n. ado. 1. befler) B.mcbr, 
bordber) to Ioyo (like) — , licber bobcns 
yoa(kad)->ft€.,eietbdtnbefrer,ic| tea 
foot high and— .{ebaSuf bo4 mtb bardbeti 
it ia — thaa half past eleren o'clock, H ifk 
fiber b<llb i»01f (Utr)4 lo nneh the --, beffa) 
beffcri I loTe him the — for it, i4 liebe itflt 
beftoegen nur befto meb^l ^ thoaght— of it, 
i(b b<^be mi4 befltr beba^t) for ^ for worac, 
attf (Blfiif ttttbUnglfiif, ottf aOe rndgLglOc/ 
ttttf (Beratbeibo^U III. s. 1. ber 9or}ag, 
Bort^dl, bie SDberbanbi (bergl. pk-«. 
bd Better, I.)} 2. ber Seflere, Sonteb* 
mere, Obere (ge». im pi.); 8. (in But 
Hud.) ber f>oiiiteiir beim 6|>id (opp. attier, 
Saafbalter)4 oar b-o, pi. 1. vnfcre SDbeni, 
6orgcfetteni 2. eontebmere all mir} 8. bie 
befTere etgeuf^aften, ».• baben aU nir. 

To BCt'ter, V. a. 1. berbeffem, 9er9olttomm' 
neit) 2. fibcctreffeu) 8. bef6rber&, ttnter* 
ftfiben, begfitfttgen i to — oae'a lelf, M (bd 
einem Jtaufe, ic.) berbeffem. [rectii>al|««l. 

B^t^t^rfog-hSiae, #. balQefTemttglbaitl/ <5or» 

B«t^t«rB«Bt, t. bit fierbeffenittg i Serebehmg i 
Seflrbervttgi b-i, t. pi. Anu (eoi. |t 
improvemeata), Vnlagca, CerbefTenmgea 
aeaer Sdabereien bar4 ttrbarmafiuig bH 
Saabei, Xa^fbrnittagen, u. 

B«ft{ag, «. bolOettea; biefiBettc. 

B^ftpr, jr. berffBettenbe, flBetter. 

B^t'ty,^. I.c4mt.bal®reibeifea4 berJDietn^^ 
2. abbr. (fir: EUaabath) Cielibea) fditt^ 
4(11 (9-a.)« [^erfalttert. 

Bttim'bled, p. a. anorbeatli^/ bermorrea, 
l€t«Ma', I. prep, imifi^en, aater) — thti 
aa4 to morrow, |»{f4ea beaf aab mocgcai 
-whiiea, 9aa3dt |a ^t, lameilea, baaa 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 



ther« b Botking is the-, H fliebt hineSm* 
tdftrofe) -decki. Mar. d»if4eiibed». 

BCtwlxf , prep. »ie Between. 

Blv'f 1, 1. «. 1. Afec^ COirp., Afoi., Locib-«m., 
Ac) bic 64miegr^ CMftwd^ bet ® utfed^af (CT; 

bffgL i/er. (in SBopett) j 8. ^ f^tiec ob. 
Mi^ 0tt4tiui0l vid. BefeUog; II. a4J. 
f4Wfg, fdnef, (in itnie; cine iMnunc btlbcsb, 
Fntnm^ --uigletberWcfeCButelj -«eer, 
Jtc vid* ttttt. To Bevel. 

To BCv'fl, V. I. a. Mtdge Mttetbcn, fd(tef d4* 
ten I dh/p-6.ctttetfitf^oI|aa4ciiicr9Roa 
bc^aven, iitri^tcii) U. «. cute Mr4gc, Micfc 
obo: hitnme flti^ting ^oboi) itfacfc* b-ed 
gear, bodfoaif^eiBe^be) a b-ed wheel, 
eitt diagonal' ob. Jtegdrob, fonifibc^ 9Utb 

BSVelibg, I. actf. Mrdg, fibief, frmniai 11. «. 
Sfup-b. 1. baft8e(attcii be^ 4^o4^ >m4 nser 
SXaOi bieiBicgittiflbcd^oIicSi 3.eioffBUi* 
fel gr£f er (etaiiiliag— ) ob. fleuter (ander— ) 
oU fin renter. 

lUVelflieot, s,Mm. bteXbfhuiip^g^lCbfto' 
dftimg bet ttto cincS ^fteltt. 

Bf 'v^r, <. vtd. Beaver. 

INfv'erfgc*'* l.baS(Betriii!,ber2raii!i 
<lr^f4ttng, Suaoiiflbe) ber mit ttafler eer> 
MinnteiS^bfr) 8.b{efleine9Kabl|eit(ttr(lr« 
fnMuig/ CfoOatiotti 4. ber VntrittdfimauS, 
OilOoiiiiiie&i 6. bee Qtiitftattb, baft din^ 

BXv'il, «. * a47., BSVile, j^ Her. vid. Bevel 

B<v^,#. 1. MiW. eittC(SDamenO<Bcfeaf4aft5 
& ^^MH^. ber |>aafdi^ bte Wtaax, ^erbf , ».^ 
bet Slug (lB6gcI)) a— of pwtridge% ein 
000 (eiaeiUtte, ob.ititte) 9Ub(fi(tteri a- 
•f qaaSb, eitt g^ig flBa4teln| a— of roes, 

* ein ftubel (Sprung) 0tc(c } a - of roebadu, 
eta ftitbel (Xntpy) ffitijlHtt^i — greate, 
boft 4^41^* [mtfflU^ttt, traucrn. 

To Biwtii', V. 1. 0. befUtgen, bemeineaj n. n. 

BSwiilfUe, a((7. benageiift»e.rt(. 

B«wfti'ier, *. ber ffie^ftegeiibcl 

Biwtiaiag, s. baft Qeflogen. bte fiBe^Hage. 

To B^wAre, v, n. ft^ t^iun, M oorfe^ 
(— of^ wr). 

ToBMQ'der.v.a. lirtef&^ns^b.reftenSSege 
abbrfngen} Sl.^. benoirrt, befiiirit ma^en. 

B^wrKd^rmf Dt, s. col. bte 6er»irrung. 

ToBtwTteh', v. a.^ejrett) a. jig. bejau' 
bcfi^ beflrttfeit. 

B^vrtcl/ff, s. ber 9e|attbercr, {)exenmetfler. 

1} -ewMriveft (-*7i« mA ■i),|BMIih'fr]r, Btwlleh^H«t, #. l.bte 
wter Mift (eetbcii), witet Bier Vttgcn J benmg,daaberfra|t; bcrdtitber) 8.Arrber 
n. Mill, the qMMe-» bcr fRiiiK bift»iMen, itiii»tber^(i(be Clet). 

Mirirtch'fiU, adi. teiscnb, bcsattberab, 

BftwYteh'iif, hp.s, bieSesanbentngi U.p.a. 
m. --ly, adv. besattbemb, rcisenb. 

B^'wits, t. pi. FaU. bie ecber«0tiemen, momit 
bie ed^nen an ben 3fif en eineft |a(mcn SaU 
hnbefefliatmerben. (betfen. 

To BiwrXp', V. a. umwitfeln, bertuSen^ be* 

Bey [bit], *. bcr ©CQ (tfir!. etattbalter). 

B«ydad', I. prep. 1. jenfcit, jenfcitft (attfber 
anbera eette)i 8. fiber, fibcr^in, bimtaft, 
aaferi d. i)or(boriitgn4eraIft ...){ — whnt 
is sQfflcieot, me(r alftgenugi toeat — di» 
gestion. M im SfTcn fibcdaben i to go ^ .... 
1. fiber ... (inauft ae^cn, meitn: gebcn, 
fiberf(bretten$ 2. j^.libertreffcn} 8. bintcr* 
geftcn, bcbortbeilett) to go - one*s depth, 
l.bift fiber ben itopf in'ft AalTer, n. gebeni 
^fie- M niibtmc^r )B bclfen ttifTcai -belief. 
ungIanbU<bi — expreasioe, unbef^reiblUkl 
— measore, fiber bie SRafcn^ — iBenory» 
fiber 9Xcnf<bengcbcn!en} — recovery, oaf 
immer terloren^ II. adv. fiber ... binoai, 
barfiber binonft te. 

B8zln', B^'»Bf, 9. Com. Ocfane, meife, ge* 
flreifte ober bcrMiebenfarbige beagaltMe 
baumnoDene Zfid^er. 

BiziUit', (C.) s. vid. Byzant. 

B^i'-Katler, s. Sport, bie Giftf^rofTc, bet (lift* 
fpriffel, yrfifel am ^irfibgc»eibe. 

BftzSa'ty, s. vid. Byzaety. 

BSz'f I, Btz'il Iffb., kt.; bS'sl, »fbrc.,ftc], 
s. ber itaften (bcft fittngeft, norin ber 0teia 
net), baft {Ringfutter. 

BS'zOar, s. (-stone) berOcioar, Oc|o«r|leiai 
German-* bie (Scmftfttgelj ox-, bcrftinbft* 
gaaenftcin (ein gelbliiber Gtein in ber (BaSea« 
blafe ber £)4fen)j — antllope. Zoo/, bie 
(SlaicUe; —goat, Zool. bie ee|oar}iegei 
-mineral, Chem. mineraliMcr ©ejoar (eia 

BdzQar'dic adj. beioar^altig. [tigeVr^neiea- 

Bdifar'dics, s. pi. Med. flScioarbica, bqoartaf « 

B^o'le, t. Jch, bie ficinc Marine. 

BhOwAneS', #. (inb.) Myth, bie Qftottinn ber 
derftdmng (bei ben Thugs, qv,). 

Bhfing s. (inb.) vid. Bang, 2. 

Bi'e, s. ber fkmeflf<(c Stame fur: itoari, 
64tte(fenfopf, (loeifc) aXuf^el (olftMb be« 
tra<btct)} (in £)fiinbien aOgemcin Co wr>-,7ii.). 

BUn'gQlftte, Blaa'giilatfd, Bian'gnlous, adj. 
)»ei»infeUg> (meietfig. 

Bi'^, I. St l.bicf^iefeecite ob. Ai^tvng, 
bieClnerc) berilbcrbang) Xbbang) -of a 

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bo«l, Ut ^aRfi (bie Stei^mtg, etdrfe) eHter 
3tmU 2* Ciom. ber Xu$f(i^(Qd (brim ®d« 
gen) 5 att4^. baS flbergeioicbt/ bie ^a^t 
3.>^. bie 9t{4»tan9^ berSrirb) {>Qnd/3ud/ 
bie Steigung^ ba& Gtrebeit^ bte %hMti 
4. ber €$inR; bte Sebeutungj to pnt one 
out of his — » 3emanben oud bem 6oncepte 
bringeR, i(n oerUgen macbeR) II. ado. f(btef; 
feitlings, bon ber ©eite^ to cot — , bcr Huerc 
f^^neibeit) ^g. ber(e(rtauMegen$ to go a—. 

To Bi'fi», w. a. 1. auf bie einc &du neigen j 

2.^. neigen; leiten^ ricbten $ einne^men $ auf 

feine ^Jeite iieben, (fl(b) iuget^an macben. 
Bfb, s, 1. ba$ €$aug^df(b<bsni 2. (—apron), 

bas (9eifertU(b; ((Seifer*) ^db^en. 
Blba'cioaaC fForc.) f^., FT.; bibS'shqis, 5in.], 

adj. bem Srunfe ergelen. 
Blb'b^r, Bifb'bel^r, s, ber Shipper, 3e4ber, de^' 

bniber, ©fiafer. 

Bib'bjng, «. ba6 f^ippen^ SBeibern. 
To Bn>'ble, V. n. vid. To Bubble. 
Bib'ble-bilb'ble, s. vulg. ®ttoif^,^if6^im.W> 
Bfbbf , s, pi, SlUp'b, bie ^erborfte^enbenX^eile 

bet Sacfen eines 3)tafie9. 
Bl^le, j.l.bieS9ibeI; (eiUge@<brift^ 2. Mar, 

btegrofeYjrt be6{)0(bboDtmannSj ~oatb, 

bet ©(b»ur auf bie S3ibeU 
Bib'l^r, f. vid. Bibber. 
Bib'lic9Ll» a^. bibUf(b. 
BfbljSg'nQsy, s. Lit. 1. bie IBfi^erfenntnif ; 

9fi<ber!unbe j 2. bie ICnlettung baju. 
BYbljOg'r^ph^r, s. Ut 1. bet IBibliograp^) 

2. ber 7(bf4reiber$ B. ber ©(briftfteHer. 
BfbljQgriiph'lc (— c^I), adj. bibliogrop^iW. 
Bibl}3g'r?Lphy, *. Ut. bie ©ibtiograp^ie. 
BW/liQlite, *. Ftu ber«ibUoati. 
BibI|Qm&'QJ9, s. Ut. mod. bie iSBibliomanie, 

IBii<bemut(, SBii4erf^(bt. 
B)(blj9mfi'ni9c, s. Ut. mod. ber IBiblioman. 
Bibljpm^nt'fic^l, adj. Ut bibliomanifcb* [ler. 
Bib'lippOle.Brbljdp'Qirst, s. Ut. ber(Su(b^nb> 
BtbljoC/iS'cf, Btb'lJQt/ieke, s. vid. Library. 
Brbljtttfi'dc^l [Wb., W., Sm.; brblj^t/i^'c^l, 

fVorc, Ac], adj. Ut jtt einer ©ibliotbef 

gc^6rig. [SBibUotJefar. 

Brblipt/iSca'rf^n. BrbljSfVScSry, e. Ut bcr 
BTb'ijst, $, ber IBibelgWubige j ©ibelfenner. 
Blb'uloufl, a(^'. f(btoammi<bt9 —paper, £6r<b^ 
BicXp'sul^r, adj. Bat jroeifapfelig. [popier. 
BTcar'b^nate. Cfiem. I. s. bad 93i(arbottat3 

II. adj. fiberfo^lenfauer. 
Bice, /. Paint bad Ultramarine blae— , ilber^. 

bie biaue^arbe; bef. bad Slapblan^ green—, 

biegdlneSarbe^ bad Slafgritn.* 
BTcrp'jt^l, BlcVitoofl, adj» }n»et!dpfig. 

To BM^^p V* n. 1. M itttemb ober iM^enb 

(in n. (cr bemegfU; (o.^ftomnien 0b.9WW<3) 

M f^UngcItt) fiadun, lobem^ 2. fMJm, 

}attfen; ^bern. 

Bick'f r^r, s. ber Gtreiter, 34n9er. 
Bick'fm (Brck'-Ir9n), «. 1. Mech. bad fpi^ige 

(Sifett; IBidPeifen) 2. .Sm. ber §»eifipibtge (ob. 

^ornO^mbod, bad ©perr^om, ^oppelbom, 

ber ©perr^af en. 
Bl'odrn, B!'cdme,BTcor'nooji, adj. I. mt |S»ei 

Sptrtittn, ge^totj 2. Bot jweib^mig. 
Bi'corn, «. Bot bie ^fCanje mit smcibSmigen 
BicSr'pprfLl, adj. smeileibig. t'^ntberen. 

To Bill, V. ir. a. 1. (eifen, befeblen^ gebietenj 

2. bieten (einen ^reid^ bifgL in Kuctionen)) 

3. entbieten, anbietens 4. aufbieten, abtfin* 
bigen5 anhinbigen; audntfen} 5. bitten, etn« 
laben$ to — one the time (compUaent) of 
the day, Jemanb grft^n(gnten9Xorgen;^g, 
QCbenb bieten) i to — one farewell, OKnem 
Sebcwo^l fagen^ to— fair(n.)» ft* gutanlaf* 
fen, jtt^of^ngen Bere^tigenj to — a boon, 
um eine i^abe (®nabe) bitten $ to — the 
beads, ben Btofenfrang beten? to — np, (in 
ICuctionen, 2C.) fiberbieten$ (bie^reifc) in 
bie f)5(e treiben. 

Blfd, I. pret. k p.p. (9. t). 8B.)j II. 9. 

bad ®ebot (in ^uctionen). 
Bid'dfn, p. p. 0. To Bid. 
Bld'd^r, ». 1. ber; bte Sefe^lenbe^ 2. ber Sin* 

laber^ S. bee Gteigerer; Sicitant (in einer 

Auction) I the bett or highest -, ber ^eift> 

Bld'diog, I. p. J. 1. bad OScbeip; (Sebot, ber 

fBefe^I; bie SDrber i 2. bad IBieteU; ®ebot (in 

Kncttonen)) n.p.a.(eifenb;)M vid-ToBld. 
Bfd'dy, $. 1. dbhr. ffir: Bridget, Brigit; 

2. dim. bad |)it(n4en (aid :iCnlotfe>ffBort: 

^nt! ^utl 

Bi'dfBSy Bl'd^nt, s. vrd. Water-hemp. [^iti%. 
BidSn't^I, a(^'. 1. }mei}5(nig; ^meiittthg) 2. 
B|d«t' [Wh., Wore; bids', 5m.], s. 1. bad" 

fleine ^ferb; ber Jtlepper^ 2. bie 0leitbaidf, 

bad0teitbe<ten(}ttmlEBaf(ben)$ travettiig— , 

ein bergl. in Sorm einer Jlifle. 
BiMjng, p. s. l.badffBo^nen) 2. {or —place) 

ber iEBo$npIab; Tfnfentbattdort 
Bid'^n, s. Mar. einff^fligfeitdmaf bon ungef. 

5 engl. Ctnart [(au4 ^t). 

BiSn'nj^t, I. adj.i II. -ly, adn. in>ei)d(rig 
Bier, $. bie Sa^re; £obtettba(r«$ --balk, ber 

irtr(b$oft9eg }tt a^egrftbttiflen. 
Bies'tingf , s. pt bie Sieftmil<b* 
BTfft'riont, I. adj.; II. —ly, adv. 1. }»ci« 

fa4;i»»eibeutig;boppeIflnnig^ 2. Bot |mei< 


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(VrS^te) tm^enb. [adj. lote b. f. SEB. Bl^^, I. «. 1. ber XQb4<itIer, Stcmmlrr^ 

Wfld [ITofc., IT., Sm.; Mffld, If 6., Ac] 

Bfffdfttfd, Biffdfite, p. a. 1. tit stoei S^cUe 
get^dlt, ^t^poXttni 2. Bof. jioeifpaltig. 

Biflc/roiM [ iV^onr., Sm.i b^ngis, )f6.], atfj. 
Bot. 3»db(tnni9. 

Brf on, «. fiot. bdft 3»etblatt. 

Bi'fold, a<;. sweifSlttg^ iwiffa^/ bo|)pett 

Bl'fom, Bl'fiirmed, a<^'. sioeifonnig; ooit bop* 
petterSomt) jmeileibia. 

Bifor'ntfty, s* bie boppeite Ckftoltung; iDop* 
pelform, )»etfO(]^e (Seftalt. 

BTf proas, aeO'. mit boppctten S^firen. 

BlfrSn'tfd, p. a. 1. jipci SSorbcrfeiten l^abcnb 
2. {weifHrnig. 

Blfor'c^te, Blfir'c^M [Were, W., Sm.; 
bi'fBrcit, ftc Wb.'], p. a. 1. imi^adi^, %mi' 

Blforcil'tion, « . bir Gpaltung (in yntiZi^ili), 
gabdfSnnide S^ilung (be^ Wit^t^, k.). 

BIfiir'coas, adj. «t(i. Biftircate. 

Bf^, ad/. iMd^qtoff^oUi 2.fij^»an8er) tr24' 
tig S.^. erfiliat, »oa (j.©. doO Jhtmmrr, 
Gnoartund, fStT^nHi^m, mit with . . .)3 4. 
ffolj, aufteblofen, tro^ig,^©*, fltof 5 6.grop» 
(ei^id/ erjabcn, tnut^^Mll} — with child, 
Wwanger^ —with young, trdiitig; figs. 
to go — with a project, mit einem Hn^^la^t 
f^mangerge^n^ toioolc— , ^oI)^tro^tg,K. 
QVdfe^en^ to tailc— , groft^un^ aufrAaeiben? 
— bellied, btctbfin^ig5 w<er- f4»anger5 
—bodied, btdletbtg^ —boned, florf, fraft* 
©on^ »ierf<br6tig5 —corned, —grained, 
grofffrmg} —named, 1. berft^mt) 2. bom» 
bnfHfiib bata]tnt;Y>onmanIig) —napped, grob^ 
fSbigj — uddcred, mit noOen (Sutent. 

Big, Bfg'-be^, Bfg'«b«re, vid. itttt. Barley.. 

Bfg'^inist, s. ber ©igamtjl. 

Bfg'^y,^. 1. biefBigomie, )DoppeU@^e; 2. 
(tm faRontf<ben 9ttiu) bie f^eirotf^ einer 
iwdten ^au; ic. 

Big^rodn', s, Fom. bie gtof e loeipe j>eqfirfibe. 

Bigte'lD^te, adj, Bot. boppelt j»ei$^iig. 

BYg'gfl, s. Zool. bas S^plgau. 

Bfg'g^r, amp. n. Big. 

Br^gfn, «. 1. bie Seg^ine, f^onnen^ube (ber 
eegmnen)5 2l bae itinber(dub4en^ aRt&$^n. 
BTght, #. 1. ilfar. bet ©ng, bie»«gt (ber Um» 
fang eined svfammengcroKtcn 0<bifftattel)) 
2. bieSncbt, ein fleiner^afen,e<biupf^afen j 
3.ber^nf^mtt/ioieeine©tt(bt,tn eittQrtSfelb5 

4. Man. ber ©ug am 6<bettf el (ber ^ferbe). 
BYg'ly, adf?. l.bidf, grofj 2. noU5 B.^- 

f^h ttttfgeWafen, tro^ig. 
BTg'n^. s. bie l>t(fe, <»v6ft, Ut Umfang. 

e^cin^eiUgej 2. ber blinbe Vn^dnger (mit 
to); II. adj. fibeitt^eilig, btgott. « 

BYg'ptfd, I. adj.; II. — ly, adv. 1. bigctt) 
fr5mme(nbi 2. blinb ergcben, suget^^ — 1« 
• . ., eittgenommen fur ... . , [Bigotry. 

Big'ptifni, ». ber$Qttg}ttrYnbd4tclct) vid. 

Big'Qtry, s. 1. bie ©igotteric, 7(nbft4tc(ei, 
Sr6mmelei, 04cin6ci(igfc(t3 2. bie blinbe 

Bijou [hfzhdd', ITorc^ bi'zhvo, 5m .],«.( fron}.) 

bad .ileinob/ ber 3un»cl, toflbarc e^mntf. 

Btf'ontryfbrzh'dtrjl, s, fflijouteric (-©aarcn). 

Bijli'gous, adj. BoU imeipaarig gc^cbrrt. 

Bilfi'bjf te, adj. BoU }mctltppig. [bcflcbcnb. 

BilW^ll^te [ m.], adj. Bot. auSswet^JMamn 

BjiXn', «. Com. ba»©crfaa2cit'©tt(b, 3ablttng6* 

©u4/ (in 8tan(rei4) cin ©u(b/ morin Jtauf< 

leute unb fiBed^Sier ibrc Xctt\>' unb ^affit' 

6?4vl^en eintragen. 

BilVndtr,^. Mar, 1. bcr©inncttlanbcr^ 2. ber 
©iianber (ettt sweimafl.f(b»eb. u.engl.@<biff). 
Bjlaf^rvil, adj> imeifeitig, boppclfeitig. 
Bi'lAw, s. vid. By-law. 

Bri'bf rry, 9. Bot bie ^etbelbccre. [fl^appier. 

Bn'bo, Bilbo'*, s. (fpan.) bie X)cgenfUnge; ba^^ 

Bil'bDef, (Bil'bOw^), s* pi. Afar, bie ©ujen, 

Supbanbe^ ber 0toit (f&r I3erbrc(bcr auf 

®(biffcn). [auf, ba6 ®tc^auf«^auR(ben. 

Bil'bpqa^t [— kf t], s. bcr Jtugelfang 5 @teb« 

BTic, s. 1. bie (SaUc5 2. bas ®ef(bmur, a., 

vid. b. b. Boil ; —duct, Anat. bcr Gallengang, 

©iliargangi —stone, Med. ber ©aUcnflctn. 

Bilge, f.l.ber©aat^» 

Sla<b, bie SEBcite ober ©reite be$ 6(biffbo' 

Jben6^ —pump, bie ©obehpumpe; Bd^lo^* 

pumper —water, bad ^immmaffcr; 0(b(ag« 


To Bilge, V. n. Afar. led loerben? a b-d ship, 
ein im Sid4 Icdcd (ein geftbciterte^/ bcf(bd« 
bigte«; rampomrte*)@ibiffi md.To Bulge,!. 
Ml'i^ry, adj. }ur ©aHe geborigj —duct, 
Anat ber ®aflengang; ©Uiargang. 
BlfiTn'gtt^ [— g^'^r], adj. jwcifpracbig- 
Bilin'gnoDs[— gw98], adj. l.gwdsungig^bop' 
peliuttgig) 2. smci @pro4cn fpre^enb. 
^Fjoui [— yvi], adj. 1. gal(ig3 2. goUiibt/ 
gaQenartigi — fever, ba$ (Saacnftcbcr. 
Bilit'^rfil, adj. grocibufbfiabig. 
To BiHc, 0. a. ((bneUen/ prrQen^ betrugeo/ im 
eti^e IdfTen (bef. fcinc ©Idubiger). 
BnU s. 1. abhr. (fur: WilKam) jQil^eim, ' 
ftl$t(m^en$ 2. ber ^cbnabcl (vid. Beak); 
— full, ein ©(bnabcl iH>H i —headed, f(b»a« 
belfdrmig^ 3. bi£ eaubfpi^e i 4. bie epi^^ bcft 



McYltf^i^l--ibk,«i<f.Oar.Aih: 6. due 
Vrt 64n(md<Il -kra^ dne Xrt Msel 
mtt gtrabcn e^nltmi ob. Jt6pfe» (turn QKii' 

M QlartoimflRr, e^nittmefer^ (av4 — 
kookybtfdl.): ')'• iVi^- basgaf^incmiiefrer) 
lMii4~,eiQehir)e4)ippe} hedge (lMdgiag)', 
cittc loitgc 4^ip9e} — m«ii, ber S(umif4ttci« 
btr) 8. bie JtrnmnuiYt) etrettojrti ^eOe* 
barbe) — man, ber4)«nebarbi(r. 
BUI,«. b(f. C^m.ft£ai0, 1.bet3ettel, ba« 
4NQtt) S. bie 2i|h, bad 9ersei4ttif } 8. bie 
0te4nim9, bet Xuds^d/ bU Stote) 4. bcr 
64^11, bte 8ef4eiitt8imdi 6. bcr ttc4feU 
Ypi>o{iit (vir/. Appoiot)) 6. bie 04rift, 
eAutbbcrf^Tfibttiid/Urfnttbe) 7.h\t3tUi%t» 
14fcifti 8. (a — set op), ber Vnf4Iafl|ctte() 
bft» KveitifTement} 9. bQl0tecept| 10. bie 
iBitt (bcr Qntiottrf [fiorfflad] lu einem (Be* 
fe(eob.|ttetner|)ar(Qmeiitl9erorbnimd)) bie 
QCcte (bcr bcrbinbU^ ^arlamcnttMlttf^ bas 
(Scfe^)) —voder one*i baod, eittC ^attb« 
f^rifti ukerofa— , berXroffant^ Qntnc(* 
werj — for (©0 debt, (due—, or hand—), 
C{tt^aiib(f4ttlb)f4ein4>attbme4rcl} a long-, 
ein UngMtificr fBc4feI) a abort —» cittforic 
fl^tider iBe4feI| n lingle (aole, or only)-, 
bcr eolame^fet (cigene ob. tro^eSBe4feI)> 
Billa, pi. 1 . gen. Com. ®c4fel, |)«ptere, JDe* 
9ifen (fBe^fcI auf efnen tte^fetpla^, ber 
cincn(5ottr$9<it)j 2. Kctien, k.) 8. ®ricfe 
(a«fbem(SourSbIotte)) 4. Mint. Qlotb«ob. 
SUbcrHitnipen^ vid. Billot; b-« at three 
■onths* date, brei CRonot f)apier$ b-« at 
uiance, Ufowe^fcl) b-a in gets, flfte^fel 
in ^apUcaten, (5opie»e4fel) b-t on London, 
8Bc<bfeI Qttf Sottbott^ vuig, ^nboncri b-s 
payable book, bad 7(cceptatibnSbu4/ Zrat« 
tenbtt4 $ b«i reeeivable b., Hi {Remeffenbnib/ 
yiat' ob. etabtme^felbvtt. Bill of admea- 
aiirement, ber CRef brief) —of adTontore, 
ber YttCttturbrief 5 — of amortisation, berl 
SRortifUatioitifi^citt^ ZilgttngSf4ein$ — of 
bottomry, bcr 9obmcreibrtef, 6<biffBpfanb< 
brief I —of carriage, ber Sra^tbrief} —In 
chancery, bie €k|^abcnerfatnage bor bem 
itoMSlcigcriAti —of complaint, bieitlage^ 
f<brift, 0te4tiflage5 —of cost, bie Jtoften« 
re^nung i ^tif anfdre^nniig i —of the course 
ofeichange, bod (SotirSblatt/ ber Qour^sct* 
UU - of credit, ber 0|fettcflBe4ffeU ilni.ber 
e4tt(fammerf4ciii) —of debt, berG^iiIb' 
f<bein^ b{e04n(bi>erfi(reibnng ) —of delivery, 
bcr (Kttl«)^iefemng^4ein) —of diforce, 
bcr €$4^bebricf} —of emption, Ut 

%tUlf, St m f Mt tm t i -of widltMMl (•r 
iBdlctaeat), bic YnRagMCtri — cf estry. 
bie 3eHbcd«ratioii (ba Ml* •%• lMi«ngi« 
ioObcr|ci4Rit)l —in equity* bic JH«|e>0l. 
«ittf4rift in CkUftcft ber MKghiti -of 
ezchiuiget bCT tBc^fcIbncf, tBc^rdl — #' 
ezcheqaer, bcr B<iatfmiMXf4^ i —of 
(the) fair, bcretftttbf«cin, etaiib|cttcl (taf 
^OtetTcii tt. ^Kdrften) i — of Csre, ber fRttft' 
icttcI,iC)i«cii|CttcI| epdfcKttcU -orfoiitf. 
Print ber e^riftiettel, Qlicficttcl} - of 
freight, ber ^a^tbricfj -of health, bcr 
®efniib(citepaf ; bat Ocfirab^tftatteftoti - 
of indemnity, vid. (bond of) Indemnity; 
-of lading, ber(e4i1f»')BcrlabttilgftMcta, 
(0ee«)SM4tbrtcf, baKSonttoffoaiait) —of 
mortality, bic etcrbcUfh, Sobtcsliflc) -#f 
parcels, bic (h>ecifldrtc) ^aorenrc^nnigf 
^actnro i — of the play, bcr JtonJbicBsettd i 
—of prescriptions, (doctor's—), ba§ ftcccyt 
(dneft:Xr|ta)| -of rights, bic (vntcr Wil- 
liam u. Mary bem cngL Soffe gcgebeiic) (Bcr* 
fafl\mg«ttifttttbei — of sale, bcritavfbrtct 
itanfcontract) f)fanb€ontract) Am. bcr ai^t 
unterfiegdtc Serf aufbcontract cind Omiib* 
ftfi(f eS I great or grand — of sale, bcr 9dl« 
brief (obrigf dtli^ct dcngnif fiber bCB99c« 
f^riffmdfiden flSau dnc» e^iffcl)! —of 
sight, bcr doOcrlattbitiffiiein, (Bfitcr o^ 
Sactur attlinlaben; —of specie, bcr0ortnu 
%ttttU —of store (stores), bcr ^rooiost* 
Mdn^ Qhrlanbtiif r4dn ivr soSfrcicii Ccrpro* 
oiantinrng f&r bic 9Uifc dneft fmsbcttf^if' 
fHi —of soflTerance, ber QriaiibttifMdn, 
Srei§cttel, yafRrsettd sur loOftdcn Xtafn^t 
9011 ®aarctt von dncm britifAcR |>afeii |«m 
anbeni) —of tannage, bcr 9Xcfibricf(anlge« 
fteHtet dengttif oom Yi^mdficr fiber bic ^ 
fligfdtdneS04iffe9)) — of?iew,»w.— of 
sight; -ofweight,bie(Be»i4t$il0tC| — ne- 
count, bal8Sc4ifelcoiit04 — book,bal8Bc^ 
felfcontro4 — bows,otii.Bilbo«s; —broker, 
bcrtte4felmdf(er; —brokerage, bkfBc^- 
felcourtagc) —business, Son^cfiMftci — 
copy-book, baft Qe4fdcopicrbtt4) — 4oer, 
berfBc^felrcitcr) Av^crcr^ —holder, bcr 
CBcfbfdittiaber, ^rdfcntanti -jobbing, bic 
flBe4fdrdtrrd} —money, bic flBctbfcIcovr* 
ta%ti —poster, -sticker, bcr dcttclasf^UU 
ger, d-onflcbcr) —stamp, bcr SBcAfdflcn* 
pd) —wallet, bat Zaffbenbit4 »nm bcqac- 
men Xragen bcr eonfnotcn v. ®c4fcL 

To BfU, «• L a. cant (bltr4 Yfif4I<i9iCtte{ 6f» 
fdttl.) a»idgcit) n. ft. M f^nibdii) fig, 

BKll^d, «. ber Oaflarb'itapaan. [ttebda. 
Jtattf^ BVPlfrdf, f . pL bic imtge 9ntt b. ^o(lcnfif4c«. 



BllifbfRjr, «. M* BUb«n7< 

9. Mil. ber SXnartUncttfd 3. Htr. bie 

e4ittbeli loft-* (bimt^tax [bXlM-ild], pi 

bm«te-dAu [-dAi]), baft2Ubf»bricf«cn)»€$4dt| 6» ber Qlolb'^ac itluiiM^ciii 

viUBittot; --wvod, 8rciui^I|, e^cit^Il 

(3 9sf]i.4doaiatt6). 

To BiKlfC 9.0. Jfil.(6oIboten) eiaquortircii. 

BiOKlfrd [— y^d], odd*, eomp. Gam. fBiOacb*; 

—bill, bte ©-fttgel^ bcr ©-bollj — halei, 

—pockets (gctb* banrds %ttu), O-U^fT, 

e-bmtcli -^marker* ber Q-marq«ciir^ 

'Stick, bcr td-fM, ba« £liie«e$ —table, 

bte S-tafel, bad IB. 

Bni'j9rdf, 0am. ba» OUlatb, Id'fpitU 

to play at— y S. fpielen. 

Bni'ipo, «. iintft. bie eiUon. [S«4fe«' 

Bnajdiic Bniftt&ig, «. 3port.biceoM«»6 M 

Bni^n, <• Com. 1. fe^r %ttin%^M^H Oolb 

iL euberi 2. bie seruid^Uiae (in ftaxf nit 

itnpfer verfette) SXiiniej — of sUyer, f)a> 


Ap-«.a.btebci^ biqrtlitiga, i^crNvNtti a. 
f^ dobif na^e^, abMUefen (cinei^aii^ 
bel, ic)$ 4. (to-io), immtn, tinftcmi 
5b Jlled. bcrflopfen) 6. Ma$. biaben (9o« 
itoff)! to - with saloon, nit Sreflen obcr 
«ortca befeteai to - aa appreatieo, ciiiai 
Se^rliafl aufbiHCii laf ca, Oiaca ia bie fe|cf 
gebcai to — asenraat, dnealDicaer bar4 
!RiettNgeIb obcr Qoatract btabea i to — over, 
citirea (borlabea) laffcai II. n. 1. biiftt^ ftdf 
obcr tart »crbca (o. »ei^ :c it5cpcnt)i 
glue biads, ^n biabct) 9. bcrflopftabe 
»irfaafl tabca; B. As» (m)biabeabc 
Jtraft tabca. 

Bfad, «• 1. BoU bie ^opfearoafit, bcr {>op^ai 
grey aad white — , bic bcibea beflea &ortai 

»ber ^opfcapflaate j a. Mia. o^cr^altigc^oQ* 
crbti 8. Com. a - of eeb, 850 etM 
:iCaIe| — weed, Bot, bie SBtabf. 
Bi8'd«r,f. bcrlBinberi (Barbeabittberi 
«ad(biabcr4 B. bie Otabei 8. Med. Ui 
biabeabeSRittcI, Scrflopftoaginittcl. 
Bin'd^ry, t . mod, bie eufbiaberncrfflott. 

Bnast, #. 1. baft ei^eit, vid, BiUet; % b-s Bio'djag, 1. 1. 1. baft IBiabca, 9erbiabea, k.i 

of gold^rsilrer. Mint. (8oIb« ob. ^itbCT' 
ftanpea/ aageaifiastcft ®oIb ob. 6ilbcr, 
BIKiOw, s. bie grofe flBelle, flBoge^ — beataa, 

To BVlow, V. n. (nencafftraiig) aaff^mOea, 

Maaft^toaeai 4iaaf(D09eB. 
M^awy, adj. iMgig, mogcab. 
Billy, #. l.Jfsc^ ber <8robfiu((, bie Sor* 

^inamaf^taei 2. abhr. 9. Williaou loieBill. 
Blla^to, Bllobed', adj. Bot |»cilappig. 
BllWalfr, adj* BoU ilbcifd^crig. 
Blni'Boas, odj. |»ei^dabig. 
BI'iB^-wood [— wdd], s. vltf. Beene-wood. 

S. bcr Qiabanb (eiaeft 9a4eft^ ic){ 8.ber<kr' 
baabi 4.bicSiabe) 5.bie(l)nfairaag,9o(te 
(aa4 b-s) ; 5. FtUc. baft Chmitbea, arrei^cK 
ber Qcatc) 6. Feac. baftOiabea bcritliagc) 
the iroB — of a dead eye. Afar, ber Oef4>Ug 
etaer 3ttagfer| IL p. a. btabcabi —Joist, 
.drcfc. berDcrbiabeabe Unerballeai — laad, 
biabeaberlBobeni — aotes, JifMs. ed^let|ko* 
tea I -strakes, Mar. bice4erfl(<fe beft Oecteft 

BTaef , t. pi. 4>opfcaraatca (vid. Biad). 

Brag, #. iU-w. ein bcr (aft oaftgcfcbtci 

Blaa, ouL Bia. Bfaaade, wd. Blaade. 

BIM'r|»B,BlBSr'j€%l,a(O^iioet9Rcere(0eeB) BiB'9de, «• Far. baft fioppdfierarotri bie 

Bfme'difl, o^;. Math. binCbialj -line, bie 
Bmln'sfl, adj. allc |»et SXonolc gef4e(eab, 

HrB,«.bieSabe,Jti|h,berJUftea,i€.} eomp. 
alft: oats-, ber ^aferfaflca) bread -> ber 

Brn'f de, s. Mar. baft 6onpaHdaft4ea, fia^U 
iavAi — lanps, Xa^t^aftlanpca. 

BBil'rjoas, adj. vid. Biaary. 

Bi'nary, I. adi* Ariih. biaadf4/aaft iodttia' 
^en UMaCb, boppdt (|»ei)a(% ge* 
|iodt)i II.t.bie3iftei^/3a(Iaoa3»eiea^ 
in. cowp. -arithBMtio, bie biaarifd^e TMO^ 
autif; O^abill — Measure, Mum. ber ge> 

Bt'Bfte, a«. Bot poe^d^Iig. [robe Sact 

To Bind, V. ir. I. a. 1. biabcai daMabea) 
•crbiabea (dae IBaabe u aa4 nit ap); 

[OinCbialtiaicI ^ppcOorgactte. 

Binde'aiar, adj. 1. |»ddagig| 9. Ar. fix 
bdbc ICagea bieacab a. e. nit 2 ee|rltf «> 
— tdeseope, baft lDoppdferaro(r. 
BiBO'nM Mg.Ladi. biaonif^i Ihs. biebiaa* 
BiBjWiaoos, adi. indaanig. [niMcOrftfft. 
BMf 9Boas, adj. |»dflinnig, indtftaig. 
BllSg'rf ph«r> s. Ut. bcr QiograpV 
Blvgrkpyic BlosrXpWietU adj. biograp^** 
BUSg'rtpby, f. Lit. bie SiogropMc. 
BIp'froas, adj. ftrndjaagc (aaf daaial) ge» 
bdreab. [reib» 

Bip&r'ti^at C-sh}-], a«. (albt(eileab, talbi<r 
Bfp'frtite, adj. 1. ia )»ei Z^ciU gct^dlt^ 
iwdt^eilig (aa« Bot.y, S. boppdt, ia iiH* 
^f^rifiai (aoa (Soatractcai }c>. 


If partiCtioa, «. bie Sfteilaag ia snci S|dle. 
W^, 9, baft indfftfigc X(icr. 

.,__, ^oogle 




(obenb; imeifff tg. [a. Bo(. boppe It gefiebert. 
BTp^n'n^te, BTp^a'nft^d, adj. 1. i»eif!fi9((idi 
BI(^n'ii|t» *. Afar, eine boppelWncibige Hxt 
|vm Jtappen bed feinbltd^en Xauiorrfe Urn 
entem. [mcnhonen) 

BTp^t'9loDa, adj. Bet. iXotibUitttn^ (^en^lu- 
BiqnA'drSte, BTquadrSffc, s. Alg. bie i^iqUQs 

brotja^l, ©ierte ^otetij (ciner ®r5f e). 

BTqu^drlit'ic, adj. Alg. biquttbratif*. 

mrft'd!9te,Blr%MiSt^d, arfj. Teh* jweifhra^lig. 

Bircb, I. *. 1. Bot bie ©We, (—tree), ber 
Sirfenbaum^ a. biebtrhne9tttt^;baS^-n' 
rci«3 II. adj, hixUm —broom, bcr ®-n« 
bcfett4 —oil, ber IB-nt^erj —wine, ©ein 
au« ©-nfaft. 

To Birch, V, a. mit (birtenen) Stut^en pcttfd^n. 

HfHchfR, adi. birfenj —broom, b<ra5ir!tn 
bcfen$ —rod, blc Sirfcnnit^e. 

Bird, I. ^. l.berfiSosflj 2. bad fldne®eflJl> 
gel i 3. Sport, —of game, ber (jur 3«8b) ttb 
geri(^ete %9lUi b-t of game, eogeCmtlbs 
pret) b-B of pasMge, 3ttgs ob. €$trii]|^D6gel4 
II. comp. —bolt, 1. berCogefboljenj 2. Ich, 
bie (2folO Ctuttppc, ^olrdupci —cage, ber 
«-bouerf —call, bie Jiorfpfeife, ber «-ruf5 
-catcher, ber»-fdlnger, «-ftelier^ —catch 
ing, bas C-ftettcn, ber SB-fang ^ - (•-) 
therry, Bot. b(e «-firf(^e, SwubenttrfAe, 
— 'icye, #. v{d.unten b-«eyc; —eye, - 
eye, (-^a'-eye), adj. in C-^erfpectiDC ge« 
feijen^ —a*- eye flew, bie «-^rfpectiioe} 
— oyed, b-dugig,* Worffejenb? —like, !>-ar» 
tig J —lime, ber«-leim5 —limed, mit«-« 
Ietmbeftri(^en$ —man, ber IB-fdnger4 fS-^ 
^tobler^ -'a neat, 1. lit. ba§e-neft4 2. 
be#gl. wU Carrot ; 8. baft (oj«ttbif4>c) ej» 
bare fi-nefl, Xun^innefl; — neating, baft 
fiS-nefler auSne^men (jl6ren)^ —pepper, Bot 
ber «-pfeffct, [pan. ^fefferj — aeller, ber 
IB-Wn'Mer^— akewer, (— apit), bet«-fpciUr 
(@plef)^ -b-a-eye, Bot baft tKboniftr6ftd>en 

To Bird, vi fi.<e5gel fangen ob<r ftetten. 

B!r'der, s. ber {BogelfteSer^ JBogelffinger. 

Bir'djBf, s. Sport, baft SBogelfhlTen; bcr«-* 
fang 5 —net, baft »-ne^i —piece, bie©-« 
flintef —pouch, bie«-taf*ej — ahot, «-« 

BTrd'ijng, s. dim. baft flS6gel((en. [bunft. 

Bir'gfindfr,^. Om. b{egu<l^ftganft,®ranbente. 

Birled, adj. mit fiiintn IBucteln obe» Jtndpf^ 
4en gesiert; befe^t. t^elig. 

Blrda'tr^te, Blroa'trStfd, adj. Bot. }l9eif4na« 

BIrt, s. Ich. bie Bttinhntttf vld. Tarbot 

BirtA, /. 1. bie ®eburt) 2. bte^erfunft/ Q(b» 
flammitngj ber Urfprung^ 3. baft^ung^/ 
^inb) ^.fig. bie %xviM, baft 6r|eugmf4 

new-, 7Aeol. bte flMebergebvttf -day, 
berO-fttttgj baft ®-ftWt $ —d,od«> bie ©-«• 
tagft^^mne) -Bight, 1. b(e®-fttta4t$ 2. bie 
Kbettbgala am (S^fttage beft JMitigft, ber M* 
niginn, ic.^ — plaof, ber<9*ftort; tie 4>ei« 
mat() —right, boft(9-ftrf4t/9te<^tber6rfl« 
geburt, Qrbanre^t^ — tin* bie Gh:bfimbe$ 
— aong, baft (9-ftUeb$ — atrangled, in ber 
®eburt erflitft4 —wort, Bot. bie IDfierbtse^. 

Birtft, J. Afar. l.ber€(pielranm (|ttinUmf4»ett' 
fen eineft ®4i1feft5 ^la| jmif^en ben Wtif* 
fen) 4 2. be(|ttemer Xnferpla^ i 8. baft ^^i^iffft* 
Utt, bie Sagerflelie, Stot^; 4. bieSatf, ber 
Otanm, Serf^lag f&x bie ^ciere, u. auf 
bem S^iffe, ic. 

To BirtA, V. n. (r^.) Mar. to — ooe*a aelf, 
ft<l^ (mit einem Bd^xfft, in eine Su^t) feft 
legen) to beb-ed in the cabin, feine SBo^ 
nung in ber 3tai&tt (aben. 

Bir't/iing, f . Afar. 1. baft^ufbuien (»• e. bie 
TCnlegung ob. Kuffe^ung ber ^lanfen) ^ 2. 
tZCUeft, waft ben Gd^iff^borb er(((t 

Bia, adv. Com. k Mu». |i9eimaL 

B|f &nt', Bif ^n'tihe, vld. Byzant, Ac 

Bta'ciiy, s. Geog. SBiftca^a (fpott. ^rooinft). 

Bia'cQtifn, «. eine Xrt 3ucferfit4»en. 

BTa'cuit, s. I. ber S^mtha&, (—bread), baft 
(^arte) e^iffbrob) 2. baftSiftotit, tan^e 
eteingut (eine Tixi f)orgeItan c^ne ®lafur). 

BTae, s. vid. Biee. [fd^ntiUn, (albiren. 

To Bfa^cf , V. a. Math, in s»ei X^le f^eilcn, 

BTsSc'tion, s. Math, bie X^eilvng einer Orftf e 
in }mei gleii^e !S^etIe. 

Bia^g'mf nt, #. Math, ber eine 2^1 einer in 
glei^e |>&(ften get^eilten Einie. [renb. 

Bla^x'oas, adj. beiben ®ef4(edbtem ange|6« 

Btah'^p, *' 1. Ece. ber {Bifc^of (^o^e geiftli4»e 
ffiBftrbe); 2. cant. berfSifif^of^cinOetrdnf auft 
©ein, SDrangen n.^udtti 8. (rom. ber Edu* 
fer (im Gd^a^). 

ToBYah'Qp, v. a. 1. Ecc. gum ®if4of eitt* 
»ei(cn, einfegneu; ftrmeln? 2. Afon. einem 
alten 4>fttbe bie34^ne brennen, urn eft |« 

Brah'optike, Biah'9ply, adj. btf^fli^, M fSx 
einen 2Bif4of Wiitenb; jiemenb. 

Biah'ppric (-rck), s. baft OiSt^um. 

Brak, Braqne, #. 1. Cook, bie Jtcoftbrii^e, 
.ftrtkftfttppef 2. Gam. tm Soltfpiefe dii ge* 
miffer Sort^eil, ber 15 gilt 4 to girt — , )»or« 
geben, einrdumen. 

Bu'kft, «• oid. Bltenit. 

B^rnvt/i, s. Metal. berflBtfmutO. 

Brf'mytM* adj. 1. ibifmtttl^^Itig^ 2. auft 
SBipmnt^ belte^eno. ' [®.ge^dg. 

BYf'mqitftf c, a4;. anft ®if mut| gen>ottien, ^na 




«. Zoof. bet IBtfon;iBdu<teIo4^S^Qmenf.lCuer« 
o4S. [(-<l«y) bcr ©♦alttog. 

0}M«x't}te, acf;. k #. (-year) tad e^altja^^r^ 

Bfit'ling-milk, Bittlfngs, vtd. Bieitings. 

BlTs't^rd, s. vid. Bustard. • 

Bts't^r, Bffl^tre, s, Ut9U^t, ba»9ltt^taun. 

BYa't^rt, s, Bot bie S^ottemur). [mefFer. 

B&^to^ry, #. ^i/rg. baft SMfbttd^ Qta^d^nitU 

BTsfifcou, adfi. mit gefpoltenen Stlavttn. 

Bn, «. 1. bet Sllfeii; baft etficf ^ 2. boft Heine 
et&d^m, SBifdben^ 3. baft C^ebtp (am 
davme)) 4. Afec^ baft ®o(retfen, bie 
e^iilpc rineftSdo^rerft^ bie IBo^rf^^e an ei« 
Item Sraubenbo^rer 5 &. cmt gen. ®elb i baft 
Heine ©tfitf ®elb; j. ©. a five penny—, [cd. 
frpp^nttl-bn'], baft 5 pence Bt&d, Vie eineft 
fi^an. 2)onarft (in SBefiinbicn n. ^orb^Kme* 
rifa)j —of a key, bet ©art eineft ©^luf* 
felft i Mars, --of a cannon, bie dtanmnabeU 
a weather — of the cable, etn boppelter fdi* 
tindf^Iad) Bits, pt. bie fBdtittgft^fti^r^ 
Adam's bit, Anat vid, Adam*s apple; to 
drair^, ab^nmen^ to bite on the—, 
1. Man. anf bie ^tonge htifen, bie &t fan^ 
^en5 ^-fig' a) feinen UnwiDen verbeifen/ ben 
3omtnf!4 freffenj 6) fgmmcrlid^ leben^ in 
grofer 9ieti feini —bridle, ber ©tangen^ 
sanm^ bie(Sanbare. 

Bft, pretScp.p, oonToBite. 

To Bft, t>. a. 1. Man, baft ®cbif ^thm, attf» 
}2nmen4 a. to — a cable, Mar, baft ^abel« 
Ob. ^nhrtau van bie SBdtingft^ftlser minben. 

Bitch, s: 1. bie |>ilnbinn, ^e^e (aaer gum 
^nnbeger^le^te ge^SngenS^iere)) 2. mlg. 
bie SRe^e. 

To Bite, V. ir. a. 1. Uiftn (eigentL) j 2. fic:: 
4ett/ f^neiben; beif en, brennen (uneigentl. 
npm Srofle, ^feffer, :c.)5 3- ttneiben, ein« 
f^neiben (inbaft^apier, beimS)ru(t)^ 4.^. 
Mnhn, beipen (boneinerGofpre, u.)) 5. 
mrig. bftrfigen^ 6: the anchor fors, (v. n.) 
Mar, ber ^n^ faft5 to -~ ofi; abbetfen^ to 
— tile nails, an ben 9idgeltt fauen. 

Bite, s, 1. berlBif) 2. baft QCnbei^en (ber 
9tf4e)i 3. ber Jt6ber4 fig. vulg. 4. ber 
Setntg, StnxfSi 5. ber Setriiger; -of the 
wheels, R-vo. baft eittgreifen ber Oftdber anf 
ben e^fienen; —teeth, Man. bie |>nnbft« 
id^ne, j>a!en. 

Bi't^r, f. 1. ber ©eiferj 2. ber anbeifenbe 
Sif* ; 3. Ar. ber ©etriigcr^ ilniffma^er. 

Bf'tjng, I. adj.; IL -ly, adv. 1. beipenb, 
Warfi 2.fati)rif#i -cold,fdS>neibenbcJtdU 
Ui lU. -,*.!. boftaSeifen, w.j 2. fig. ber 
9etntg5 bte e^nafe, $offe. 

Bit't^cle, s. vid. b. d. Binacie. 

Bff t^n, p. p. o. To Bite. 

Bft^t^r, I. adj. 1. bitter i 2. jSg. o) (lrc^ge; 
^art, graufam, ^eftig, fd^neibenb, bcifcnb, 
ran(, mdt^fenb, erbittert, bdft (torn SBtnbC/ 
ber Jtdlte; beifi fiBetter, @trcite^ 9on (Sigctt* 
Waften,w05 6) f*mcrj^aft, frfinfenb, bit- 
ter $ c) traurig, betrubtf d) nadl^t^ciligi 
beipcnb, fp6ttif(J>, fatpriWi II. *.«ng. 
Mar, ber Sdtingf4»lag5 lU. Bitters, s. pi. 

1. ber bittcrc ©ronntwcinj ©ittcrtropfcnj 

2. fig. aittcrfeiten, ©ibcrwdrtigfcitcn, ic. 
(opp. sweets) 5 IV. comp. —apple, (—cu- 
cumber, — gonrd), Bot. bie (Soloquintej 
— end. Mar. baft um bie ©dtingft gclegtc 3f n* 
fertaui -»alt, baft©itterfalj5 -spar, Mii\, 
ber©itter{pat^9 -sweet, JBof. baft^itter' 
t&fi —wood, baft ©ittcr^olj auft Samaifa 
(9on ^unfttifd^Iern gebrau^t)$ —wort, Bol 
ber rot^e (Sn^ian. 

To Bit't^r, t), o. Mar. vid. To Bit. 
Bit't?r|Bgf, Sv>. ber ©cbcnflcin in ©atj* 

JefTcln. [©ittcrli*fcit. 

Bit't«rj8b,I.a((7. bitterli^^ ll.-ness. s. bie 
BitMy, adv, I, hitttti 2. bittcrli(t5 3. 

raui, ^art, ^eftigj -afflicted, [(bmcrjli* 

bctrfibt [terfolc i 2. Om. bie (Ro^ibomracl. 
Bit't^ra, s. 1. S-w. bie bittcrc Bolt ob. flRut* 
Bit't^rn^ss, #. 1. bie ©itterfciti 2,fii^. a) bie 

f>drte;(^rauram(cit;j)eftigfctt9 b) biclBoft^cit> 

ber bittere ^afi c) ber itummcr, ®ram, bie 

Gorge, baft !rdnfenbe ©efu^l. 
BYt'tovr, Bft'tor, s. vid. Bittern, 2. 
Bitts, «. pU Mar. vid. Bits unt. Bit. 
BitOme', s. vid. Bitumen. 
BjtQmed', Bjtu'mloilte, p. a, mit (Srbpc^ gC' 

fdttiget) mtt¥e4bc(lri(i^en, gepi^t. 
Bjtu'm^n [Wore, W., Sm., Ac], s. baft (2rb« 

pe4; 6rb6ari, ©crgper!!^. 
To Bjttt'minate, o. a. bitumin5ft madjfcn. 
Bjtu'minons, adj. erbpci^ig, crb^argig. 
Bi'vaive, I. s. 1. Conck. bie iwcifd^aligc ^n^ 

f4el$ 2. JBot. bie'imcifioppige gru^tj II. 

adj, wic b. f. SB. 
Blv&l'vui^Lr, adj. 1. Conc/i. pcifi^alig, mit 

}n)ei@4alen) 2. l^ot. itoeiflopptg. 
Biv^ul't^d, adj, Ardi, boppcit ge»)6lbt. 
Bf vSn'tr^I, adj. Anat. imeibdtt^id* 
Biv'jons [Wb,; bi'vjvs, fKorc, Ac], adj- 

2»ei ^egc (abenb, auf sn>ci SB-n fu^rcnb. 
Biv'pn^c (Biv'on^ck) [5/. J.; biv'w»k, Ja*; 

bi'vdak, SmJ], s. (franj.) Mil, baft ®ii?ouaf, 

biej93ein»a4e$ baft gclbna^tiagcr? bie au^ 

^erbrbentlid^e 9{a4tn>a4e$ to raise the-, 

boft IBibouaf aufl^eben. [Fircn 

To Bh'9U90 (BivVn^ck), v. n. Mit, bil'Otta« 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 



9bfff$. vicLAiottA. 

IMi^&rre, adj. hiiatt , fdtfom, »ttii^erli<^ 
(w'rf. Odd). 

ToBttb», f4»ai|ai; |>U^^^m3 U. a. 
to — avt, atiSpIottbem. 
BUI/bf r, BlXb, #. bet e^m^^tt, ytavbercr, 

Blll/bf r-Hpped, vid. Blobber-lipped. 

To Bllb'bfr, v. n. itfon. etnem^fctte pfdfeit; 
loom el ftaDen foO. 

Bllck, I. adj, 1. r4»ari) 9. f4»Ar|Ii4/ 
f4war|bratttt, lo^farben, brovn^elb, bvnfel) 
8.uit|>oIirt (o.!RetaIUirbetten, opp. biigbt); 
4. j^. a) |ln|ler, iRflmf4# fauer^ 6) gt(etni> 
nff^oE) c)tcavxi%,uxL^mdfidn d)boft(oft^ 
tefter(<ft, f4»ar}/ oemtt^t/ abf^evU^^ 
n. ado. f4»ars, ic i III. #. 1. bad B^waxi, 
bie fd^marte Sarbe, e4»»&r}e; berflfhtf) a. 
fig. ber 9le(tett} 8. ber B^xocxit, fteger) 

4. bie Xraner, Xratterfltibnnd (aii4 ^-»); 

5. the— (or tight) of the eye, bcr^tern 
(bol 04n>arse) im Kuge, ber Vudopfel) 

6. b f, p(. Ailbbicbej a— man, a— woman, 
1. eittSteger; eine9ledenmi) 8. eCnef4m4rse 
li*e ^erfon (©rilnette)j to malce one—, 
bitten anf4n)dr}en/MntngUmpfett{ rf.comp. 
—act, Law, tin ftrengel ®efe^ gesen bit 
IBitbbieberei) —alder-tree, Bot berSAttl* 
bauitt} — amber, 3ft n. ber Oagat) — amoor, 
vid. Bladcamoor; —ball, 1. Me f^marje 
Wi^lhx^tl, eaUeiSxfa^tli 9. bie 64i»dri« 
ftt0el, bof B^jxt^wadfii To — ball, V. a. 1. 
bitr4 eute Mwarje Jtugel (beim ICbftimmen) 
eemerfni $ bttrffaaen laffeR i fig* terfiof en $ 
9. aitft9di0eUt; bttr^walfen, tc) — beer, 
9rftimbier, bait|ifier IDoppelbieri Bots. 
—berry, bie Orombeere) — berry-buih, bie 
(Bronbeerfhittbe ) — berried - heath , ber 
9tattett|Ia4l i -blrch,Boe. bie f^arie birgi* 
BlMeSirfe)-bird, Om. bie Kmfelj-bleftd, 
llSn. bie f)e4Menbei -boil, ntit CNMibe* 
wafer attfgeljftel itupfrr s«m Mubern ber 
!0tettt]IVtt6pfr) —book, 1. Mag. baldanber* 
bv4/9er4m6ntndlbtt4i 2. MU. bal f^warje 
fltegifter; etrdflindlbuA) -browed, 1. mtt 
|4»arsett Kttdenbranen^ 2. fig. mArrif^, 
ftafler} brojenb} —brown, Ww^rsbrauin 
-cap, Orn-t. 1. ber 0(imar|h>pf, ^Uttt* 
9t6tt4$ 2. bie f4i9ar)f6pfide 9Xeoe, ^((' 
mcoei a. Offoib. eitt f4»(ir) gebrateserXpfel^ 
-cat, Zooi. bie f4war)e Jta^e, (Benotte, ber 
amerifonir^eSobelf —cattle, Engl. collect. 
bol dtinboie^, 4>orttbie() — challc, f^marse 
itreibei -cherry, Bot ber wflbe Xirfl^ 

bftsm I - chohr, fig. bie •4»cc«it(^ We* 
los^oUe) — doater, bit btr^mbcr Aeiiu 
ttanbei —cock, vid. —game, 2.; — carraatt 
Hot bie f4»ac|e3o(otttti»beere, (Bi^tfteecci 
—cattle, irfd.- ftih; —day, ber Uoglftdl* 
togj -eagle, Orw. ber f4»ar|e XbUrj 
— eara, ZooJ. ber itarofali —earth, bie 
JDommerbei — eycbie^^arbcanberSo^nei 
- eyed, f4»mar)dtt0i0 } — fkced, f4mar|« 
bratttt()»pmOefi4t)/ briinetti — feet, or — 
foot Indiaoa, bie e4»ar}f6f ler (eia ttotb* 
omertf. ^nhioserfiamm^ <ut4 ydganiabift' 
ner)i -lUh, (or-c«ttle), Zool. berar4ateii« 
ftn, ihitteifif4/ bieaepia} -forest* Germ. 
becei^»arimalb{ -friar, ber ^ominihncr 
(•Wendb)! -friara, ein etabtbiertel in fon- 
bom -*game, 1. bal e<ii»at}n)ilb (opp. 
9l0^»iib) ) 2. (an^ — growe)> vid. GrovM; 
-gaard, [MXg'gfd], 1. ber:(ropbBbe{ ge- 
meine, f^ntttiide .fterf, glegeU 2. eine ICrt 
irldnbiWer e^nupftabalfi — hafted, mit 
f4»ar)em<Br{ff$ —hole, bo« finflereSo^^ 
(Mle^te) (BefSngttif , bef. beim SlttUtdr, 
cont. $mibelo4) — Indiet, bie reidften 
newcafUer eteinfo^lengntben) -jack, l. 
Archaeol. ber G^Iau^/ bie G^ietflonne, ber 
f4»orsla(eirteSterfntg) 2. Afm. bieStenbe, 
bas gef(t»efeltedin!op)b i -iatten, 64ioars» 
mefjing) -lead, Jiftn. bag eieifblei, ^ott» 
loHi — Kcmclble, ber IBIeierjtiegelj -U 
pencil, ber 4Nei|lifti — I. powder, (Sifen* 
fdrniv^i — 1. apar, buuHer IBIeifpatt, 
e^ibat^bteiers/ Sleif4»dr|e) -lege, pi. 

1. EnU ber O^artentdfcr) 2. Fet. (in Unc) 
eine 04af« n. itdtberfranf^eitbonittfen*' 
tern Stttter i 8. Com. cant, berdmif^entdnb* 
Ux (an ber lonboner Sdrfe) i —letter, i . gro« 
ber, f^marjer tDmtfj 2. got(ifi^ee4rift4 
— letterman, jig. berM^emnntts —mall, 
(e^em.) 1. ber {RdttberToIb, bad e^n^detb^ 

2. jRatnraltittfcn (in (Betreibe, gleif^, k.) 
— martia, Onu bieSUverfil^malbei — maa- 
terwort, Hot bie WeiHemni^} -match, 
ber dunberf^wantmf —meat, bad e4mar)« 
fteif4 (ber j)afen, e^nepfen, u.)i —mettle, 
ber ftwarje ®4iefer $ - monday, ber Dfler* 
montage Ungliiitttagi etraftog, ^xxid^ 
tungdtagi —monk, vid. —friar; —moor, 
ber!Ro{ir (md. Bladcamoor); — moathed, 
1. f^marirndttlig) 2. fig. ein (ofed !0tattl (a* 
benb) Corns, —moat, e^leierfappen oon 
f^margcmCManitnffti —oak bark, bie£ltter» 
citron«8linbe^ — oakom. Afar. fiSerg »on 
gettertenSaneni —peopled, nit f^ioacsen 
!0tettf4ctt beo6I!ert4 —pint, ^atnabeini 
-platet, 04»ar|b(e4j — poiatt, fc^mar|e 




MkMmlcM CM- ^x bm^M ««« Hr 
ofdtoiMeii Mfle)} -poddlBg, Me «tii^ 
»iirfli — reoti, p{. Me dinfen in Kotura* 
ttea (oid. —nail, 2.); uher of tlM - rod, 
Ux Qeremoitieiuiteifler 9om Otben beS j>o* 
fcsbanM , X^firfle^er nit bent Mmaricn 
€(tttbe oor bemSberpartomente s. bent Hnigl. 
^iatmer) St^Gwg, badf4ioar)e!0teer^ 
— sickneM, eine itron!(eit ber mimtK^en 
Ksflertt na4 ber Oegattunfii -tinith, ber 
QlrobMmteb,$nff4mieb) — stone, berOerg* 
tort bieCergpeierbe* — syrop, (inOTb* 
nmerifa) ein bent f)ttnf4e d^nK^^^ (S^etrinf ^ 
— tail» /cA. beritaulbarfi^) —tea, berS(ee« 
N(^ —thorn, Bot. ber @4»<Ktsbom,64Ie^ 
bom ^ — tin, Min. bof gepoibte n. flemofd^ene 
m* iwnt e^meljen inbereitete dimterii — 
▼arnitli, ber eteinfo(lettt(er { -Tinged, 
mit f4toar|eni<BeMt) — Tomit, bad Mmrie 
^rbre^en (befm gelbenjjieber)^ — wad, 
llin. bod flBab, f4mar)e Sxansftneii) —wa- 
ter-rat, Zoof. bte f4ioar)e fiBnfemitte) — 
wood, f^maiieseben^oliatrsstabagascori 
— worlc, bie Qlrobf4ntiebdarbeit| — worti 
(wbortleberrlei), ^eibelbeeren. [Bla6l[< 

To BlXdc, n. a. f^wat) nta4ieni vid. To 

BlXel/^6dr, BlSck'-^-addr, t. ber Keger; 
!9to(r$ the— ,bie9teger{nn, !i)ito(rittn| — • 
teeth, Com. cant StauxU, uXvftelgelb. 

To Blick'bnil, vid. nnt. Black. 

To BlXck'ont v. I. a. f(bioat) ma^en, Mwdr* 
|ett$ >ig.anfibndrien) ll.n. f^mar} weiben 

BiXdc'fn^, «. (Siner, ber StmaS nerbunfelt, u. 

BlXck'gnf rd, «. vid. nat Black. 

Bttck'gofrdyfm [bllc'-g^-dTzm], s. bad ge^ 
meine J4mtt}ide fBefen, bieglegelei. 

BISck'jng, s. 1. baftG^wdrsen) B. bie64tt^« 
f4indr)e $ ber e^w&rsel i -ball, vt<f . black-b. 
Vttt. Black; — brnsh, 1. Me &i^i>Hxfki 
2. ber e^waripinfel. [brann 

BIXck'iah,a4?. f4ioir}U4l —brown, f4n>ar}« 

BlSck^y, adv* 1. f4ioar)5 B. >ig. abf(6ettU^; 
0rdflt4. CS>unleI(eU$ 8.bieKbr4eQUdbfeit. 

Bttck'nffi, s. 1. bie 04iodr|e) figs. B. bie 

Blick'wfU'ac't9n, Com, (Somntifflottire 
ber Zn^tMuafutaxtn anf bent toxUbt, fdr 
bca lottboner fOtnrft 

Blld'd^, s. 1. Me (^amO Slnfei S. bie 
04iointntblore) 8.badeU94enattfber{)ant, 
9Idtter4ett) -nnt, Bot, Mef)impenrof. 

Blide, #. 1. bos SMft4ett,(Bri94en;^ Alnt^en i 
b-a (of Indian com), pi. Am. Stailbldt* 
tcri a— of graaa(ttmw), etn OrnSK^^troH 
^nbni B. bodSUttt, MeitUnae (berfNlde, 
bd^OTefTcr*, K.)| Z.fig. ber Stitl,i6wciit, 
U4 Mmr-s. - of an oar, baft (Blatt eineft Stie* 

Bm(lt«bnf)i -ofuaMher,ballnf€fflt 
6td< beft Xvmi einel ITaferl, anf »eU>el 
btrSIMt(f*«Mtfti|l$ -oftheahonlder» 
baS 04nlterblatt) a pair of hns eine (Bam* 
loittbei -hone, baie4nlterblatt^ -nOU, Me 
e<bIcifM(l«) -•■ith,bere4»ertfegfr. 

To Biide, «. I. «. mit einer itiingc perfe(csi 
n. n. to-it, 1. ben fResomt^ niaten^ 
l^ra^Iett) B. f4»frett, anff^iefen. 

Bli'd^ adj. 1. be^lmt, beblilttcrti B. Mn. 
anft lanaen niA binnen f)Utt^ befle(cnb$ 
-com, <Betreibe anf beni4>aUtte, 0.,»eUbet 
gef^oft (at 

BUin, s. 1. ber (Atet*) e^mArcn, bie (CHter*) 
(Benlei 8. /Vn-. eine iBenle an ber SwK^m^ 
Wffitl nerfd^iebener X^iere. 

Bli'm«hle (Blinie'«hle), I. mdf.; U. -|y, 
a<io.tabeI(aft,tab«IttlindrM0, flrafbari IIL 

ToBiftnie,iKa.tabeIn) f^bdlen^ bef^tolMga 
(for a thing, einer CkUft^l !»»• an^ ntit of). 

Bixme,!. t. l.berXabel, MelMgei 2. baft 
6erge(en, bic€$(bttlb, baft (Berbre^en. 

BlXaie'fdl, ««. tobeUtftloertt, flrafbar. 

Bliinelfaa, I. adj. (mit of) ; n. — ly, ndo. t»> 
belloft, nntnbeltalt^ nnf^nlbig) III.— neaa, 
s. Me Utttabel(aftl0feit, Un»tt(b. 

Bli'mfr, f. 1. berJCableri B. ber e^Ktter* 
rioter, Jtrittler. [miirbigMt. 

BlXaie'woraaBtM C-wfir-], «. MeBktbelnft* 

Blime'worthy [- wfir-], adj. tabelnftiofirbia. 

BlXn'cfrdf, t. pi. Com. IBtantarbft (frantftf. 
Setnioanb, bef. nm Utonen getHbt). 

ToBttnch, V. La. 1. loeif ma<ben, meifeni 
2. (-linen eloth, Mnwanb) blei^i 8. 
(-coin, QMnsen) loeif fleben) neHfnnen} 
4. to — afanonda, Ac Cook. dRanbeln, u* ab« 
^Ifen^ f44Iett} roOen; 5. to — endive or 
iettnce, Hort. Qfobinie ob. ^tti4 blel^ 
(rotif Ob. ftelb loerben lafen)^ 6. to — the 
planeheti. Mint. Me BMtlin^t (<BoIb« Ob. 
9ilberplatten) matt mafen; T. fig. ein* 
fleibett (eine Btebe, Vntwort/ u.), bentdnteln, 
benftnigen, meifbrenneni n. ». Knft|tt4tf 
ftt^en Ob. norbringen, anftmeiten. 

Bltnch, (Bllnche), s. 9(anca, Sianca (9-n.)f 
— ihrm, UnOf ein (Bnt^ monon ber f)ad(t)inft 
ottftf^Uef 114 in (Belb entrt^tet mirb. 

BIJin'chtr, #. Mtdt. 1. ber Slei^er} 2. Tan. 
ber (Berber beft 6<bmaIIeberft4 3. Mint, ber 
ffBeff Reber ) 4. SporL ber Sreiber,3agbtnnb. 

BIftn'ching, #. T. 1. baftCBetfen, SIei«en, K4 
vfd. To Blanch; B. baft6er|inncni Z.BiKnt. 
baft Qeif • unb (BldnieKbina^en ber nenge* 
prdgten 6ilber'9ltdtt|en. 

BISne-Bftn'^fr [Ufuftnih', Wb.i hlSm^\ 

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iTvrc:], s. Cook, bU »eifc (SMUrte, ^oft 

&tiMtn, (Sienodf . 
Bland, a47. mi(b, fonft, gitttg, ^olb. 
BlaodS'tion, «. Ut &6^me^tUL 
Blandil'^qu^iicey Bl^ndil'^quy, f. fidf e fiBorte, 

To Blan^ithf v. a. f^md^elR, Hcb(of(n. 

Bian'djBhf r, «. bet ^(^met^lcr, 

Biaa'diBbm^at, #. 1. Hi ©^mei^cln (mit 
ftBorten)) a. tie Sicbtpfung; Srcunblu^Mt. 

BlftDd'a^ss, s. bte ^ilU, @Qnftmut&; ®iite. 

Blank, I. adj, 1. »eip, unl)ef(^neben, leer (oon 
einem ^apiere, ®ud^e/:c.)$ 2. meif) Map, 
b2et4[9 3. ^ef^omt, mut^Ipft; ocmunbert/ 
wcmint, bept^rjti 4, reim(o6$ 5* ooUfldn^ 
^id/d<tR2/in<tngeUoi^$ II. comp. —bar, Lmo, 
htv Qirmant gegcn bic IBeRlfttilbigttnd bed 
Jtldgerdi —bond, (—charter), bad unaulgc^ 
f&ate go^ti'ut^^^ <uied ^Dcnmcntg/ Slanquct 
Stt euiec SDbltgatioii) — cartridges, Mil, 
|)uloerpatconen of^ttc ^ugeln j —cover, bad 
leere 6ptt»ert5 Cont-s. —credit, ber offcnc 
Qxetiit, ^cceptatton»<^ ®Ianco« ob. SBe^fel^ 
(Srcbit4 —endorsement, baS.tBirircn cbcr 
^iro in f&ianto ) — letter of attorney, bad 
eianquetjur^SoIImaif^tj -license, cin blo» 
fer (imtx, uaaudgcfuater) 3;raufc^cin5 - 
—manger, (—mange), vt(2.Blanc-m.; — rerge, 
PoeU rcimlofc SanibcR. 

Blank, s. 1. ber »eipe (Icere) ^la^ auf bem 
yopiere ob. in einem 99u<^ej 2. badunbc« 
f4^riebcne papier ^ 3. papier mit audgelof^ 
ter @4rift9 4. bad iBlanauet, unaudgefillltc 
gormular^ 5. bad blinbe S<^nfler ober bic 
blinbe Xiflr , 6. bic 3Wete (in ber Sottcric) , 
ber Icere SS>urf im SBitrfelni bie rot\fc (bilb« 
lofc) .^arte$ T. badSBcipe in ber®(^cibc5 
Afe/it-jr. 8. bcr @(br6tUng (bic ungcpragtc 
QRiln)platte$ b-s, pi. 33littbmfinse)$ 9. ber 
ftBeif pfennig (alte @(teibem&nse)$ Com'-9. 
in—, fiSlancof to accept in — , in 9). autpti^ 
rcttrtodraw in—, in S3, trafftren; to en- 
dorse in — , in f8. inboffiren^ ob. giriren 5 to 
leave in — , in S3{anco lafTen (ni^t audfuUen, 
3a^len, 92amen/ 2c.). 

To Blank, v, a, 1. audlof^cn, wmi^ten/ 
auf^ebcn^ 2. mut^Iod, bcfi&rit ma^en/ be< 

Blan'k^t, *. I. sing, 1. bie wcipC; rbollcttc ©ett« 
berfc, ©ede (broad—, bie feine, u. narrow—, 
bie grobe)3 2.bicSlanca>^inbel5 3. Sug-to. 
bad @eitctu4 |um 6inlcgen in ben ;Dnr4« 
iiigdforbj 4. Print bie (gilj* ob. 3:u*») 
Unterlage i II. b-s, pi: Aft/. 3finbpapier, 
Srcnnmaterialien fur iS^ranber. 

To Bl&n'fc«t, V, a., (mit einer Idtdt) subctfeni 

Uttimi to -one, l.Zi^ Sincnprcflea* 2. 
fig. oerfpottcn^ aufgic^cm 

Blan'kftjng, s. l.bad§)reacnj 2. badBcug 
}u SSettbecho. [4. j7g. bcf<(dmt. 

Blaok'ly, adv. 1. toti^i 2. kcij 3. hlafi 

To BUre, v. n. 1. (ro. ii.) blcfcn, bruUcnj 2. 
^(bmUn, wegfi^mclicn (roie (in ZiH^t). 

Blase, s, Sdlafivii (2K-n.). 

Bla'f 90, s. k v. \iid. Blazon. 

To B!?»pbemc', «. I. a. (®ott) tSftcrn, flu* 
4cn5 (eincn)Idflcrn5 II. n. ®ottcdIdru« 
rung audftopcn. 

Blwhe'm?r, s. bcr ©ottcdldflcrcr, Xdflcrcr. 

Blas'phemous, I. «((/.; U. — ly, a(/i% gottcd* 
Idfterli^, Idficrlid^. 

Blas'pheiny, s. bic^ottcdldficrung.^dflcrung. 

Blast, *. I. sing. Nat 1. bie Suftftromung, 
berSBinbfbp j 2.bieSuftcrf*uttcrung (bur* 
cincn Jtanonenfcbup, u.)? 3. Min, bic (^x- 
plorton (bed ^prcngpultcrd, cincd bofcn SBBct- 
tcrd; :c4 4. 1-w, bic (gur ©^mcljung cincr 
bcflimmtcnCluantitdters crforbcrli^c) ^uft^^ 
maffcj^uftfdulej 6. bcr ©t^aU, Son (cincd 
fflladinflrumentd) i 6. bcr fcbdbli^c ?uft* 
firom, bic ^cflluftj bcr SKcbltr;au, ©ranb 
(auf^flanjeu; :c.)5 T. bcr SBcttcrff^abcn 5 
93li^/ biciSntjunbung oom^Ii^c^ -furnncc, 
I'W. bcr 4>o^ofcnj —ointment, bicSranb* 
falbcj 11. h'BfpLMin, bic bofcn SBcttcr. 

To Blast, w. a. l.ccrfcngcn, j>crbrcnncn, f^ta^ 
gen, mclfen ma^cn (burcb f>agcr, 0}^'l^lt^au, 
icOJ fis-^' 2.plagcn, rcrni^tcn, ccrcitcln, 
oerrounfd^cn, la bcfd&impfcn, bcfdj^mi^cnj • 
3. (to— abroad) ru^tbar madden, audpofau* 
ncn4 4. (mit ^ult^er) fprcngcn. 

BlJs't^r, *. bcr 3cr/l6rcr, SScrbcrbcr. 

Bi&s'ting, I. p. s. bad Scrfcngcn, }C. i U. p. a. 
Dcrfcngcnb, ic. i vid. Blast, s. k 0. 

Blis'ty, arfj. ftiirmifft 5 wW. To Blast. ^ 

Bl^stol'ogy, s, Vint bic ^cjrc i>om a5cf4nci« 
ben ber ^cinftocPe. 

Blay, s. Ich. bcr SBcipflf^, vid. Bleak (-fish). 

Blaze, s. I. bic (^cllc ob. lobcrnbc) S^^^n^ntc, 
garfetj audptromcnbc®Iutj bad^obcrn ob. 
^cu^tcn bcr $(ammc} 2. bic )Q$crbrcitung 
eined ®cril(6td; bic @agc $ 3. bcr Sdrm, %vl* 
muIt5 4.bieS5Idfre (anbcr6tirn c.9)fcrbcd). 

To Blaze, v. I. n. 1. flammcn, facfcln, aufs 
lobern^leucbtcnj fniflcrn^ /g *. 2. gtdnjcn, 
f^immernj 3. in bic ^ugcn fpringcn 5 II. a. 
l.(to — abroad), ru(itbar ma^cn, tjcrbrcifcn i 
meip sei^Rcn, anf^Iagcn. 

Bla'z^r, J. ber Ccrbrcitcr ton tficnigfcitcn, ic. 

Bla'zjng, p. p, bad Siammcn, :c. vid. To 
Blaze; —star, Ast bcr 4)aarftcrn/ Hornet. 

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To BU'i^n, V. tu 1. Her, Blafofttroi} S.X?.< 

aiaftamtu, iurG^^oK att^Irgcii} 3. licxcn^l 

^tcf^intoki 4. befannt majen/ (ui$|>ofatt= 

nen $ preifcn, feiem. 
fila'z^p, #. 1. i/er. tie SSBapcntanbi, iBopcn 

funfl^ 2. (franiO b«« flBai>«t$ 3» ^. ba$ 

(iQttte) yueiftn, ^u^pofaitnett* 
BU'z9ii9r,#. l./fer. DcrSlafonifl: a)JBapen« 

funbtgei 6)tB-^etolb$ 2.bec^udpofauiier. 
Bli'z9nry, #. /fer. tie (Bopenfunbe, 93(afo 

Blea, #. 1. ber Splint (im j>o^e) ^ 2. £of. bic 

»etfe j)afelflaub€| 8. v»(^. Bleak (-fifh)^ 

—berry, hit ©ictbecrc, ^cibclbeere. 
To Bleach, V. I. a. hiti^tni t»iif ma4ien) 

n. n. bidden; loetf merben. 
BlSa'chf r, s. ber fdUi^n, bie §dUiiitvim. 
Bleafcb^ry, «. bie ®Iei(be/ ber S9Ui(J^|>IaV 
Blea'ching, p. «. baft ISIeicbeQ) — groand, 

(au4 bleach-yard), bie ^Itid^t, ber i93Iei4<= 

4>la(5 —liquid, bad IBIet^wafier. 
Bleak, I. adi: 1. blaf, hUi^i 2. fait, fh>fli9 

3. tcauxi^, freubenloftj 11. #' 1. vid. Blea; 

2. (-fisb), /cA. ber mtifmi bie Slife^ 

n.X ©reie. 

Bleafkjsh, a(&'. et»aft fait, froflUcb. 
Bleak'ly, adv. BlSa'ky, at/;, vid. Bleak, 
Bieak'o^, #. 1. bie blei^e Sarbe, maffa 

2. bie Jtfilte, groftigfeit. 
Blear, Qdj, MU, buntel j vmiogcn/Umiiebelt j 

—eye*, Sriefaugenj —eyed, triefdiigifij 
fig. einfditig, [ma(^en. 

ToBl«aryV.a.(bie)(uden)tr&ben, triefdugig 

Biea'r^dn^ss, «. bie Sriefdugigf eit. 

To Bleat, v. a. blofen (n>ic ein ©4af)- 

Bleat, Blea'tjog,^. badSlotcn (eined e^afcft). 

Bl^, 4. bie Slafe; baft ^afTerbldftdl^cR. 

Bl^'by, adj. looQ 93Iareh, blaflfi. 

Bledy pret. & p.p. D. To Bleed. 

To Bleed, v. tr. I. j»« 1. /if. kfig. blttten^ 2. 
tropfett, tr^pfelnj ouftlaufenj (oom @aft 
beri99dume, k., bef. ber SSeinrebe) bluten> 

3. eineft eemaltfomen Sobeft flerbcn^ the 
work b-», Bkb. baft »u^ ifl ocrf^nittcn, an* 
def^nitten (bei bent IBef^netben)) H* a. 1. 
Snr ^er lafen^ 2. ben Gaft auft einem 
!Banme ^apfen. 

Blee'd^r, *. ber ^CberUffer (Sffiunbarif, :c.). 
Biee'ding, I. p. a. blutenb, fig. gefd^rlt^b/ ».) 

II.p.«.l.baftl8luten$ 2.ber2CberIap4 3.4)cr 

filntflttf I 4. baft eaftabgapfen o. Sdumen. 
ToBlWjsh, V.II. 1. oerunftalten/ entfleUeni 

2.>b.befcbimpfen/f4dnben5 3. iSport. oom 

64»eif abseben. 
ElWjsh, s. 1. ber %tf^Ux, baft ®ebre4^en3 

2..%.ber(e^b»)Sl«t,9){alel9 etbiinpfi 


bie e^anUi 3. Spvrt berSBnt^: «)bcr 
obgebro^enc ^eig jnr ©cacicbnund ber 
SBUbbabn ob. {For.) beft j>o(iMiadcft, bie 
aRarfe, 6pur-; () baft Kbgcbcn berSogb* 
bunbe oonbcr epnr j 4. T. berSlnt (l»ru4>, 
bie ungasfte eteOe (anf ^etalloberfldibcn). 

Blem'jfhlfM, adj. mahUoft/ fcf^tcrfrei^ tor* 

To Blanch, V. n. iurfi(ff4rctfcn/ ttci^cn* 

Blench, s. hfig. bie ^b»ei<bttag, Serirrnng) 
2. Law, to hold land in — , ctn Stnct ^nb 
anf Qrrb' ob. (Srunbginft bcft^cn i —holding, 
baft ^ebtt gcgen eeifhing ciner (I^elbrnmme 
(c/. Blanch-farm). 

Bien'ch^r, s. baft Zd^xdhitb, bie8ogcIf(bcu4e. 

To Bl^nd, t). I. a. 1. mifiben, vcrmiMcni 2. 
oenoirrett) II. n. ft(b i^ermif<ben. 

!}|£nd, (Blende), s, Min. bie IBlcnbe (ein 3inf • 
erj)4 —metal-iron, (in Staffs ein grobeft 
(Sifcnerj^ —water, Kct. einc ^cbcrfranf Wt 

Bl«n'd^r, *. bcr «crmif*cr. [beft (RinbDie^cft. 

Bl^n'dont, adj. bicnbenartig. 

Bl^n'ny,*. Ich. bcr ©(bicimftW/bie^almiittcr. 

ToBlesf, V. a. l.fcgncn) cinfcgncni 2. be* 
g(u(tcn; gcbci^cn loffen^ 3. fclig maibcnj 

4. (glii<!ti<b) prcifen, lobpreifcn, rii(men$ 

5. to — one's self at..., fi<b ioutbcftagen 
iibcr . . ., fam. M f r cujigen u. fcgncn bei ... $ 
—me! int. gcrccbtcr j>immcl! baft mdre! 
»ic! ifleftmftglitbl 

Bl«»'»«d, I. (p.) adj, 1. gcfcgttct, bcglucff, 
glii(fU4/ dlit((fclig5 2. fcUg} 3. gclobt, gc* 
pricfcnj — thUtle, Bot. beriSarbobencbictenj 
H. the — (the — Apirits), *. pi. bie ©cUgCH. 

Bles'tfdly, adv. gcfegnct, fclig » gliidf (i<b. 

B1^8'ftfdn«u,.v. l.bicGiactfcligecit, baftGIucf, 
i>til, bcr @cgcn5 2. bie gottliibc 4>ulb 
®nabe$ @eligfcit. 

BlesVr, s. bcr ScgliLcfcri ©cfcHgcr; k. 

BiSs'sjng, «. 1. bic®cgnung9 2. bcrScgcn, 
baft{)ci( i bie gottlicbc^ulb 9 3- btc prop^iftbc 
JBerbcipung (unf tiger ®lu(ffcligfcit> 4. Jig, 
bie @cgnung/ JBo^It^at, bcr SSortbcU^ 5. 
Jeio. Hel. baft (Scr^cnf, bie ®Qbc4 6. vu/g. 
bie (ttcinc) 3ugabc bcr Jtrdmcr, 4>6fcr, u. 

Bies'KJng^, pL 1. SBo^Itbatcn^ 2. col. (9Iii(f| 
ecbd^c. [BIcM. 

Blest, pret. & p. p. contr, fl. Blessed, (. To 

Blew, pret. 9. To Blow. 

Bleyme [blem], «. jPar. bie ^teingaOe. 

Blight [bin], s. I. 9ing. 1. bcr SKc^It^n, 
Sranb; 2. baft @(bncibenbc, Srcffenbe, b» 
@4drfe$ 3.« ber (Sift^au^) H. b-s, pi. 
i4m. ein4>autauftf4^Iag. 

To Blight, o.a. 1. (bur4 9Rebltban,3c) »erber» 
ben i 2. jig. am Ocbci^cn ftinbern i vcmiibtcn. 



BllgVty, «4?. ooler Wt^Hw. 

In 0B« «ye, anf etiKili YttgO^ >^-'* *• ^^inb! 
(mit to, degeR)) unbefanttt (mit)/ to 3.1 
bimM (f^wer in flnttii ober sniiiitrrf^eibenJ 
von cflSege, tc.)> ge^m, oerMt (i»oii e. 
Vxtppt, f. (Bange)? bltnb (von e. S^or, 
e. SRaner, <. gofter, k.)^ 4. obfcnr, wnrlg 
UHmt (0011 e. e^cnle, u.)) 5. vnilberltat) 
nntoiffenb) 6. falf^, HttstireUbenb; albem 
(t>on e. QhttMrnbignng, tc.)) 7. oerloMen, 
ttttlfferii* (DO«bereiHfe,tc.)J 8. Script. 
moraHf* t>ertetbt, i^xiMi — pathi, pi. 
Smoege^ a man's— tide, 3^onbrtf4)OQ4e 
€Mte5 eomp, moon — , j^nr ~, sand ~>, t?f d. 
in M., P.» S.; a — alley, ba& ®df4cn 
o^ne ICttdgdRS, ber eatf, bot Jte^rtoieber) 
— be«M€,£nt. ber^Qifdfer^ — coal, Saiib* 
foW^®l<ltt$W«^ — cupplng-glaas, Airg-. bie 
IBeRtofe, btr bUnbe 64t6pffopf{ -fires, 
oerboroeneS^er) —got, i4M«e. berftllnb* 
bormi —lane, vid. —alley; —man, bcr 
9TtRbe) —man's ball, —Harry, Bot ber 
Sobffl) —man's bnff, ba« 9Unbcfo(ft>iel5 
—nettle, Bot Ut Qrauiimill^) —tooled, 
Bkh. bUnb (obne Sergolbitng) abgebnttft/ 
mit bent blo^en fdextfiltt berjiert) —turns, 
3alottffe««orreiber4 — Tesacls, Ckem. Ok* 
fif €; wel^e nur auf einer €kite cine £)f[i»nig 
^aben) a — wall, bie fpanffibe flStnb/ ber 
64ii^m) a — way, tnU— alley; — wonn, 
Zoof.bie gemeinc9Uabr4(ef <be,9ntd^f((Iattge. 

Blind, J. I. Jing. 1. lit, kfig, bielDedPe^ j>aOe$ 
1i.>!g. bad 6otgebett, ber Soribanb/ bie KsB* 
flttibt$ 8. bad bUnbe Senfler^ ®itterfhifter$ 
4.ba6 0totiIeau$ bie Slenbes 5. Fort, bie 
9{enbe$ 6. Aftn. bie Slenbe, m'd. Blend; 
7. Surg, ein G^lag (9tof) o^ne fi^Aare 
Serletuiig) n.b-s,pi. l. Fort, (loieWng.) 
bie Slenbe, 9lenbttttg) 3. Man. ed^enleber) 
roIKng b-s, OteVjalcttfien (bon 3etig)^ Vene- 
tian b-s,3alo«flen OoI}eme3aIouRefintfter). 

To Blind, V. a. 1. ii'e. blenben) 9. DerbitttfelR; 
«erflnftem$ 3. jSg. wrblenben (p<M#. mit 
by . . ., at . . .); 4. oeibunfeln, triiben (ffir bad 
getftige Knge) $ 5. Fort, blenben. 

BRnde, s. Min, vid. Blend, Blende. 

BRnd'fbld, adj, k adv. I. mit berbunbenett 
TCttgen) a. blinblingd; unbefonnen. 

To Btind'fbid, v. a. bicTCugen oerbiiibett. 

B(f n'ding, p. s, bad 9lenben, it», vid. ToBlind. 

Blindly, ado. 1. bliitb) 9. bUnb!tngd;K. 

Btfnd'n^ss, s. 1. bie «(inb(eit| 9. Jig. bie 

To Bffnk, V. fi. 1. Minfeii; bttnsen, bUnseln) 
9oU fig. (a.) ilberfei^eni 9. blinfen) etn f<bt9a« 

dM ti#t vcrbreiten, Haf brennea, icj 3. 
4M»rt.<w«3tgbbttiibe) borbeai«egel, tc 
borbeffoufni^otiie i|tt au|^ttf)p4rett;ibergebe&. 

Bffnk, #. l.bcrp(5tIi4borfibergebeiibe€M^' 
mer, bod e&Mftn i 9. b«d 9(iRi«ttge i Ciebed* 
hUvStui 8. 9p9rt. bet9rti4 (tbg^bco^ene 
3»eig, bie Stttfe, Bpwc, gem. in pf .^ tf. 
Blemia)! 5ea, -of the fee, ber Oid* 
bttttf^ Oidblttf (in bes yeltrmeereR)^ —of 
the land, (in ben 9>oIargegeKbett) ber lodfe 
ober ge(bU4>e/ bnr<b grofe 6<bnee|M<btn 
!>entrfa^ (IBieberO€MMtt am ^oriiont) 
-beer, ttgerbier, loeUfted si<bt ange}opft 
mirb, bid ed eite bo^ 0teife errei^t ^at$ 
-eyed, bliliidttgig. 

Bffn'k^rd, BIYnV» #. 1. ber B(iii)(I)er, k. 
9. bid SttHfettbe. 

Blifn'k^rf , s. pi, Man. vtd. b. Iblere Blinds. 

Bffn'kjng, I. p. #. bad ettn^en, ta — of beer, 
Brew, bod M^reii ber Siermarie) IL p. a. 
blinfeitb, k.) a — idiot,>Sg. ein armer (gut* 
mfit^iger) Xropf, Wnfattdpinrel. 

Bifss, #. bie<BliidreUgfdt (bef. bereeligen), 
gen. ttoRlie* 

Birss'mi,I.a«.; n.-]y,, 
motmepoSl HL — nesa, s. bie (BlutfTelig^eit^ 

BlWlffli, adi. imgefegnet, unglfidRiib* 

To Blfa^s9m, v. a. befprittgen, bo<fen. 

BlIsV* #. l.bieeiafef (ii^*)mantt, bad 
Slddibett, ber Bd^wUma 9. bie Slafe (an 
|>(latt)ett)$ 8. bie blafenfdrmige thr^bttng, 
9{a(t (on S^narbeiten, !DtetaHg&frett, tc, 
geiod^nl. im pl.)i 4. (—plaster), bodSIa' 
fenpflafler, dugpffofteri —fly. But. biefpo* 
nif^e %Ut%ti — ateel, md. Bllatered steel. 

To Bffs't^r, o. I. n. Slafen befommen j n. a. 
1. iS^lafenpflafler^K. anflegen^ Stofen liebeni 
9. /-IP. bei ber eta^tbereitung Slafen anf 
bem CKfen (erporbrtngen. 

Blls't^red, adj. DoITer Sbifen ob. Olottemi 
—steel, berSUifenflatl. 

Bffs'tfring, p. #.(fta. —heat), bie Gn^ilttbnttg 
(mit aierblattem)4 -plaster, vid. Blister, 4. 

Bfft, Btru, s. vid. Blite, Ac. [beerfpinat. 

BIfte, Bntes, #. BoU bie Seermelbe^ ber drb* 

Bllt^ I. s. vid. Biestlngs ; U. «(&'. vid. Blithe. 

Bnefce, I. actf. ; 11. —ly, adv. ftoi, mnnter, 
InfUg, attfgerinmti in. — nesa, $. bie ^^5^* 
Ii4hit; sRnnteiteit 

BRtTtefttl, adj. mie Blithe, qv. [Biitheness, qv. 

BITtWsfme, I. adj.; n. — ness, s. loie BKthe, 

Bloach, «. bie Slafe, Sfatter. 

ToBloat, V. I. a. I. lit. St fig. anfT^weVcn, 
anfbld^(gem.mitttp)) 9. v/d.ToBlote; 
n. n. onffibweiren, anflaaftn. 




a. jfe. Ottfteblofeiij -herrkig (C), w'i< 
imt To Blote ; IL ^ mm, s. bol eM^VMOeii/ 

B18l/b^, #. provfoe. inaL bU eUfo —Up, 
iwi biob-iip), bie b(«t 6D9e5 -Upped, 
biifl^pig, ff[t>fUL^uJi^» 

BIdek, #. 1. ber (ro(e) Sfotf (von ^ok, euiti, 
u.)i a« r.ber(bearbcitste)«lo(f: a}Bkb, 
bet JHob, etds i 6) ber Jtlob fum ^el^nd' 
bett) €) Hat ber 9lo<f, j>ttt^tfj d) U-dr. 
ber yerrfttfenftotf^ e) bas {RoObo^ ) /) Mar. 
bieSttitdfet) ber JIIoben/bie(t)lo((«)6<beibe, 
eiotfrone $ g) Fdiik. bte etangc (anf ber ber 
e<illefibt)| /i)ber0tf«tblo(f) >ig-«. a. ber 
it!ob (plum^e, bumme fSXenffb)^ 4. bal ^xsl- 
bemtf) comp. —books, FrinU flNube^mit 
4)o{|tafielit debr6dK; p)lodt(ip(if4e SDnufe) 
-^carriage, JlfU. bet IB16tfl»0den| —bead, 
bet tDnmn^pf/ Jtlob) —headed, bnmiii^ 
— beadly, bummf^pftg i — house, ba$ S(o<t 
bavs (bef. |«t eett^etbisniig fine^ ^fhiO ^ 
— lUre, bumrn, eisfiltig 5 — Maker, eix 9Io(C« 
btebetj —matt. Mar. ein Qaleeteii' ob. 
64ebe(!en*aRaft, mit t>iete<figteR Sopp unb 
6(betben) —printer, bet Slodbtiidet) — 
pritttiBg, bet SDnut mit gan^en {>ol^tafe(n, 
bet ^oI}bnt(f) - tio, ba» i6(o(f^nii) — 
•heaves, Mar, ftlotffi^^en ) — stones, to^e 
Gtefnmafren) — strop, «i</. Strop; —wood, 
t7u/g. ba Goinpe^e^oH. 

To Bidck, o. a. 1. (emmeii; fpetteU/ oetftopfett h 
St.(to— op), bto<fiten/ i»ertamme(n) to— out, 
LScMlp. bUb^ueO) 8. ^oo<i. ouMfcbeti; 
(auf beta ®t5bftai) aiUfibneibeii; tutfie^en. 

Bidckade', «. bie Slotfabe, eetennvnd. 

To BISckSde', tj. o. blodKten, betennen. 

Bldck'jog, — 9p, «. bie filotfabe. 

Bittck'isli, I. adi,\ H.— ly,adv.biuiiin,plttmp/ 
t6fp{f4j m.— ness, «. bie ^ommbeit, bag 
tAlptf^e SBefen. 

Blo'm^ry, s. I-m, ba( ^tifrbfrnet. 

Bldnde,BWnd, 9. {fi^vc^,') C€mp. —lace, bie 
©(onbctti —maker, bet ©-ttoppler, bie 
S-fldppIetinn^ — siHcbieSpi^enfetbe. 

BI«od[bIad], s.$S(ttt;<9eblitt4 3. :|c ber 
(I5r(n!ben*)©aft (bef. b. rotben Xr.)/ ba§ 
iSIitt$ 3. fi^, bie TCbflammung, f)etfttnft^ 
eem)anbtf(baft,!BIitt»frettnbr4<tft$ ICtt^ 4. 
a) bae f5m9l.;:e.®lnt/®eblut j 6) bie ei^teit^ 
ooaeKbftammttng,biebo(e{>etfttnft9 5.bQ& 
«lttt,^bett5 6. ba* (oetgolfene) ©Ittt, Det 
aXorb, Sobtf^Ittd^ T. bie dntwaaung, 
^tbe, M)ettf<b<tft, bet 3otii (au4 iH— » @ts 
btttemng; :c.)^ B. tr. (t>ott einem QRenfiben, 
befO ftyeMc— , bdl iunge (raf^) Olut^ 

old-> 9fd:bc sdt ben Ungflci etwmblib 
men) new -, ^fetbe, loeUbe 8i4^t von 
bem etpttt in (SKghmb eiadefa^ttea ttabiMen 
4>etd|le (GodolphiB) obftomiiieiii hall-, 
wd. Hatf^. ; to let one -, ^ixLm fit ¥bct 
tofeo} tobelet-,ittt7(bet laffeii} -crUn- 
soned,«mite.9efirbt| b-tttbl -frwen, 
etflottteS fl9. bo^enb) — gniltiMas, bieil-- 
Wttlbi -horse, ciu eblei, fcndgci f)fetb 
(oon eblem [atobtfibctt] Okblfit)! - hot. 
b-»atm, lott} -hovnd, bet e^wcifb^bi 
fig, e-|^«]ib j To - let, o. a. yxt Xttt Uklfea j 
-letter, 1. bet KbetltflTet (v<d. Bleeder); 
2. bet 3(betlof9ett(eibiget) — letUng, bet 
Xbetlttf, U.J —pudding, bieft-Wtttftj bet 
S-p«bbi»s$ —running itch, Far. eine Vtt 
9)fetbefttt(fa^$ -shed, (or -shedding), 1. 
bet 9-oetli^i % baS fB-ipetgiefeni bet 
!Dt0tb^Sobtr<bIiig} -shedder, betaX5ibet, 
eo»t. 93>^«nb| -shot, (— shotten), 1. nitil. 
untetlaafeii} a. soObl^tidi —spavin. For. bet 
fd'\pai\i -stained, 1. Ut. blatbcfletfti 
a. b-r<bttlbig| —stick. Far. bte0lofiaaicttei 
-stone, Min. 1. bet fl^-ftein j 8. bet 3iifipi> 
auSSRobagoicotj -sucker, l.betS-cgeli a. 
bet S-faaget,e«japi)t$ S.^. bcrlB-bfirftige^ 
aX6tbet) —sacking, b-fangcnb, b-|ic^b$ 
-thirster, bet b-bdtfiige, taiblofeaXeafi^j 
-thirsty, b-bictflig| — fessels, O-gefttfci 
—warm, I. adj. b-notai/ Ia«| U« «. bie D-' 
mdnnei —wit, — wite, ArdkofioL ba« IB-' 
gelb^ «BebtgeIb, bieS-fltafe$ —wood, bol 
9-bol|/ 9£icata8tt(i(K>Ift* 

To B!6od, V. A. 1. biatig ma^cai a. Spwt, 
(eiaea S^db^aab) oaeiat ge»5^aea^ btef* 
^tea) \t^i 8. /sin. |at Vbct laSca (^ 
aem). «id. To Biood-let* 

Bldod'jiy, adv. 1. Matigi a. (-principled), 
blatgietig, gtoafam^ 8. twig, idmamrli^^ 
abMealid^. [betSlatbatfl^ bie9iatgier. 

Blfiod'infss, $. 1. l(A ftlatige, Slatigfeia^ a. 

BWod'iog, «. bieSltttmarfli bet Slatpubbiag. 

Blftod'lfss, adj. 1. Wtioh, Icbio^i 2. obae 
Slattetgiefea, aablatig. 

Bltod'y, adj. 1. blatig) a. blatgietig, blat« 
biitflig 9 8. blattg (mit DielcmSlattetgief ea 
Detbanbea)! 4. (an4 adv.) cant. et|s, imt* 
bammt, fe^t flarf ^ u. 1 - eyed, mit blutigea, 
gtaafamen Yagea (9tii0en)i — flax, Merf. 
bie to^0ia^t$ — flazed, mit bemSlatgaag 
bebaftet) — jcnuny. Cook, eia gcbatteet 
Q$<b<tf»f opf 4 —minded, bUttgietig^ motbfi<b' 
tig^ — red,blattOt^4 — rod,tJid. —twig; 
-sweat, l.M blutige0ib«»eif,S(atr<b»eif $ 
a. «td. Sweatiag-eickness; -twig, Bot. bet 
^artriegel. Dinitiz.d bv (^Oglc 

Digitized by ^ 




To WMy, V. a. hlM^ ma^m, mit Slitt 

BMdB, s. 1. Mcfflftt^f, «htttM 9.coUect. bie 
«tt%QNi6eUi(eii),berSIori 8.)>al»(ane 
(ber 0tfff) auf f)^it»eK, u.i 4. ^g. bit 
(3ii0eRbO9)Ifit6(, K.) 5. bet (d(le®i]ib« 
fiof) 6. /-40. ber;DeU» iDenl, jDettling) — 
nidu, f)ottrofiiien. 

To Blddau^.n. UU kjig. blfi^m. 

BUMy'mfUT, #. vid. Blomary. 

BiM'aMng, I. p. «. baS Slfl^^en ^ II. p. a. ; UI. 
-ly, adv. lit kfig. bia^enb, blilt^enref^. 

Bld^my, acO'. 2»t. ft j%. in SblUf^i, blumenrei^. 

Bl«t'«9iB» #. 1. lit. bU SMt^e 5 2. bie 9ftrrt4« 
farbe (e. 9)fitrbe&)4 — coloar, bie btit^enbe 
%axUi —paper, rdt^Iiclfte& (2(M«^ Ropier. 

To Blfti'tom, V. n. fbUiitl^tn tttihta, hW^tn, 

BKs'fomy, ac^'. bUtt^enooD, btii^enb. 

To Blttt, o. I. a. 1. mit iDinte befUcten, be* 
netffen^ bene^en^ 2. jig. befubein, berun^ 
e^reti} 3.>^.berbttn!e{n3 4. (meifl mit oat) 
aitftftrei^en, audrabiren, auftUf^en ((Sef^rief 
bcneft Ob. (9ebnMfteS)$ 6. fig. ]»emif4eit/ 
bertilgen (aus bem Oebd^^tRtp, ».)> 
biiri|»f4lagen; fledfen (oom 9)a9ier, u.). 

BMt, «. 1. ber ^lecfeii; ^U<f6, Sintenfletf) 2. 
ba^QCttdgeflTt^ene, lCu6ge»if4itej 3.;Sg.ber 
Slecten, &dfant>fUdi 4. Gam. biei816|e, ber 
undibecCte Gtetu (im ®retfptele). 

BIStch, «. bie 9iRnc, |>ttblatter. 

To Bldtch, V. a. f^mdrjen; befledfen. 

Bltft'chy, adj, finttig. 

To Biote, V. a. (bur4 9la«4) trotfneii; rdu* 
<|^eni$ b-4 herring, ber 93fi(tlittg. 

BlOte, BlO't^d, BlO't^dn^, vid. Bloat, Ac. 

Blfift^d, p. a. befledCt^ —china ware, ungleici^ 
gemalte^ ^or^eaaii; urn bie fd^ab^aften BUU 
ten |U bebetfen^ — lineamenu, jiSg. grobe Bfige. 

BIKf t^r, #. Com. baS 9£ottibtt(^, Memorial. 

Blttt'tfDg, #. boS Sletfett; 2C.^ vid. To Blot ^ 
—paper, baS ^f^papifx, Slief papier. 

Blow, «. 1. ber &d^\a^, ®trei4, ®tof , SBurf $ 
a./«.ber (&m^faU')^<b^^, UnfaS, So* 
be&jlof { 3. ber f)anbflrei4, bad pl6$lt4e®e« 
nttitm 4. ba&edftmeifen (selegteei) ber 
Snfecten j 5. bef. Am. t>it (ein^elne) f&liitt^ti 
ba» Slil^en (im ^Kgem.), bie»mt(e) 6. 
Am, Mar. bie fleife Mf^lUi a -op, 1. 
eine (Sxplofion, ein Qiu&brn^j 2.>^. eine 
Qiitbedhmg; biebaburd^perurfaitteeermir* 
mng^ f)coflitittion^ to hit the -, ben re^tcn 
Wtetftreffenj -bail, Bot. bie (trod'ene)«ltt« 
menfrone be«S6»en)a(ne6{ -bole, baft taft* 
Io(($ — orer, G-io. einnmber ob. obalge* 
blafener Jt6rper, »oranft ber (BlaftMneiber 
iioei e^iaien perarbeitet) -pipe, 1. 7. baft 

U^ti^xi 8. «H0. berXnbnft |txm)(vfbto> 
fen, be^I. 8. JnaL ber Xnbiift, u* f&r bte 
eittgeweibe; -pipe^pf. bieeuifer%c. 
To Blow, V. tr.l.n. l.wc^n, blafen (pom 
SBinbe, u.i bduftg, imp.); 2. Mnavfen, 
feu^en} (ftor!) ot^meni 8. f^aOen (oon 
aiaftmfirumenten)) 4. bliliien, vid. To Bloom 
ft ToBloMM>m; II. a. I. gen. blafen (St« 
n>aft)) 2. anblafen, anfadften (gener, u.i an^ 
mit op); 3. an^and^en (biegtager, u.)3 4. 
blafen (eine Xrompete, xa au<t n. mit with); 

5. fig. (Qttmaft) perbreiten, auftpofanneui 
(mit bem ace. ber ^erfon) perrat^en; 6. 
(au4i mit up) anfblafen (eine Slafe, u.)i 
Butch. iStaib', 64^6pft«SI<if((/ ^0 ^^\* 
hl&itni 7. ^to. (<Slaft)blafen$ 8. ^meit. 
(3mtt)f<tmelien$ 9. bef^meifen (oonSIi<'- 
gen) j to — the (ob. one'a) bote, fi^ f4nini» 
sen; to— at, anblafen(3emanb)j to— away, 
to — oflT, 1. megne^en, megbiafen, obblafcn^ 
2. Afec/i. (nur to — off ateam), jDampf onft' 
laffen^ 3. j^. pertreiben, perjagen $ to— 
down, nm»e(en, nmblafenj to -in, (n.) 
l^incin mtitm to — oat, auftblafen, anft* 
me^en/ anftl6f4en) to — over, I. a. i>er» 
me^eu; Dertreiben) II. n. (]»on6titrmen, ic.) 
M ierftreuen, oi^ne {EBirhtng Porfiber ge^en* 
to — op, L o. 1. aufblafen, loie To—, a. 6.; 

2. j^. oufblafen, fbli, aufgeblafen madden $ 

3. anblafen, vid. To — a. 2. $ 4. fig. erregcn, 
anf^itren (€$treit, Xumnlt, K.)i 5. (in bie 
2uft)fprengen,fpringentafren$ 6. fig. uu 
ni^ten (fMdne, 2C.)^ (Ginen) in (Sntnbr 
tHUm II. n. in bie %uft piegen/ auffUegen 
(bur<|» (Socploflon)^ to — opon, 1. baranf 
blafen) 2. fig. oera^teni abnn^en) —it! 
Cock. ph. (fi. bang it), (ol'ft bcr pettier. 

Biow'fr, jr. 1. ber Sldfer, 3ttbldferi 2. bereon^ 
fleur) 3. ber aufbraufenbe 3Xenf4 $ 4. bcr 
3innf4imelier, ©d^me^er^ 5. baft Slaftro^r) 

6. baft @4iebble4 in etnem IDfen cb. Jtamint 

7. Mech. vid, Blowing-^nachine. 
Bluw'ing, I. p. «. baft eiu^en, u., vid. To 

Blow; n. p. a. minbig, fKlrmif^ (Sea, poOs 
^anbtg)5 III. comp. — apparatus, Mech. 
ber &<^meliapparat$ —hole, baft ^Rnnblod^ 
(einer 8l5te, u.) i — horn, ein Xut^om, ^I* 
pen^orn) —machine, Mech. bie ^uima* 
f^ine, ^nbrnfi^U; Segemfi^le. 

Blown, p. p. p. To Blow, qv. ; fig. aufgebla* 
fen (Pom G^rgei^, u.)i — npon, anftpofannt 

Blower #. 1. bie (ein^elne) SIut^e$ 2. baft 
Sli^en (bie 3eit beft eia^enft). 

Bl04rzod, p. a. avfgebttnfen, ^otj^rot^. 

Blo*'2y,a4;. banftbddKg) (odftrot^. 

Bmb'b^r,^. l.t4(Zg.bieS(afe) 2. ber«Baa< 




W*to<*J (««WW')X5ran4 8. ZooL baft ^rcttj 4. ftett, ^©4, firoff, icj a -bow, 
9)leb«feit(a«9t4 — cheeki, hiih, fleiMtge eitt ooner ober brdter Sttg) a — headed 
ajatfen^ —knife, bod ©perfmelferj -lip, ship, tin&Mlf, beffen ©orberfleten wrnlg 
bU bide tippe) —lipped, bitflippig, grof* 9orf4ttf ^at) n. s. Sea, (bef. >4m.) baft 
mdiitig } — liver, bU Jtablldiileber. (o^e (fafl fenf recjtt) Ufer, ^clfcniifer. 

ToBlub'b^r, v. L n. (— with weeping), M To Biaff, «. a. bie IfUQeii terbinbctt (StiKm). 
\iift,f^<tmmtintn,l^aatn,Wu(fyizni II. a. Blfiff n^ss, s. l.bte^Iump^ettj ^.titUbvoh* 
bur4®etnni (bfel8a<!en) fd^iDeOen ma^en. ^tlt, {Barf^^eit. 

Biad'ge^o, #. eitt Hvitt, unten bef^togener 
Ob. mitSIet auSgegoffener 6to<f, 

BIBe, I. adfj. ; D. adv. 1. blaui 2. fig. tMi 
(aud^true— ), aufVt^tig; 8. Yffeft, maStn 
f)otttif/ flUeligion, Jiteratur, u. ilbertreibtj 
4. ^. trttttdg, nu^t, MlU, oemirrt^ 
f^eel^ tbe light bnrng— , btS Siibt brenitt 
f(ble4t4 I1I> comp. — anbes, bk Maae ICf^e 
(iun9<rben), ^tttpfrraf^e, baft Jtupferblau, 
Setgblau) —bell, Bot. bit blaut ®(o<fenblu= 
me I —bice, vUU Bice; —black, bie9teiff0(le^ 
(bef. auft ittiigen Ocinnuifeii)) —books, 
stau tDiarioi beft Qobnidlaaiteft in Downing 
Street (London) fiber bie oerf^febcaftai ^w 
ri((tnngtii u. 9er(<Itnife fdmntL Qolonien 
Qlrofbrttannfenfti —bottle, Bof>#. 1. bit 
Jtomblume (w^ —bonnet); 9. eine tvt 
blaner j>t)aci]it(e) 8. Snt bie Mane 6<tmeif « 
flicge^ —boy, ber flSaifenhiabei — bnckle, 
bie (^(leme) btov attgclanfene G^^naKej 
— capi, 1. inn. epottnome ber 64ot« 
teiij 2. BoU ber XeufelftabbiM -daiiy, 
Jht, W bldue 9]ltaaf(tebc^ —eyed, blau« 
Avgig) —flora (or aqnare fine — Indigo), 
ber fdttfle Matte (bengaliMe) 3nbigoi — 
glaM, Chem, bie Gi^malte^ SUufarbe^ — 
Peter, Mar. bie 6igiia(fUgge )iim ^egeltt 5 
— fttockingt, (col. bloet), pi. lit (Biatt* 
ftrtepfe; f<^riftfle]ZembeS)amen, n>e(4ealft 
(Selene ju gUn)ett fUibeR) — ttone, Aftn. 
ein 9iamey ben man auf ParTy*' Mountain in 
Angleaea bem ®almet) beiiegt^ —throat, 
Om. baft IBIottfeJliben j —vat, /)y. bie ©lait* 
fupej — veined, blauabeng. 

Bite, s. I. WnjT. 1. baft fQlmh 3. bie MAuIi^e 
^fenfarbe^fiBafferfarbe) 3. btefBlutbe^ II. 
Oxford b-i, pU bie engl. £eibgarbe )u9)ferbe. 

To Blfie, V. a. 1. blott madften ob. fdrben, 
Manen^ 2. r. (bef. Gold-am. QKetaae) blau 
anUwf^ laflens 3.^. beWdmt, toerroirrt 
ma^nt/ t9erbliiffen. 

BlQed, adj. fig, loermirrt^ oerbu^t; verbldfft. 

BlSe^ly, ode, blau, \t., vid. Blue, adj. 

Blfle'nfsf, s. 1. bie blaue ^arbe, fSl&uti 2. 
^rg:. ber flBunbranb. 

Bliifr, I. adj. 1. lid, plump, ttngeW<ft, aufge* 
ffbiooVen) %fig. flol}, aufgeblafen, trotig/ 
ibermitt^ig^ ACar>j. 8. ftnmpf, abgeftumpft; 

BIQ'jsh* I. adj, bldttU^) IT. — ness, s. bie 
bidttlt^e (blaf blaite) Sarbe, baft S(diili4e. 

To Bl&n'd^r, v, I. n. 1. fi(( gr6bU* irren i fam. 
pubeltt (opon..., in...) J 2. fl* ftbereilen, 
fafein, blinb gtttappen, sufa^ren (aucb mit 
abont)5 3. ^otpem) II. a. grftbliib oer* 
mengen; k.5 to — out, ^erauftpla^en (mit 

Bifin'd^r, s. baft grobe Serfe^en, ber ^Mgrtf^ 
^if griff, Serftol, e^vA^m -head, vid. 

BlUtt'df rbiti, t. ber SRltftfetoQ ) a swiTeled— , 
bie ^ottnerbfldftf^, bie n>ie eine SDre^baffe ge» 
bre^t werben f onn. 

Btiin'dfr^,^. ber®tfimper, Jtdlpef, fi)nmm« 
fop^,W^^^^^^f (unbefonnene) ^(anberer, k. 

Bli^nMfrjngly, adv. auf eine grobe, fafelttbe, 
fe(Ier(afte Kxt. 

Bl&nkf, s. Com. (in G^ottlanb) 1. QrudHeitt' 
»anb ) 2. baummoOene Xii4er auft (Slaftgom. 

Bllint, I. adj. 1. lit. fbtmpf) fig. 2. plump, 
nnbe^olfen, gerabeju, grob^ 8. ungele^rig, 
ungefAUffen, biuerifd^i n. f.baft9tappier| 
III. comp. -needles (gem. blunts), eine Xrt 
bi(fer9{abeln)ttm2;tt(bnd(ett, vulg. 6<bttei« 
bernabeltt) —wttted, bumm, plump. 

To Blunt, V. a. 1. lit. flumpf ma^en) fig. 2. 
abftumpfen, f(b»d((en, ftillen, mtlbern, unter* 
brfitfett(i99egierben,:c.)4 lurfitfflofenj to — 
the angles of a battalion. Mil. ein £luar& 
in ein If ^tedf oermanbeln i abfhimpfcn. 

Blun'tjsb, adj. 1. eitt »cnig fhimpf J 2. fig. 
etmaft plump, ic. 

Blunt'Iy, adv. o^ne UmfWnbe, cf. Blunt, adj. 

Blunt'n^ss, f. l.Ht. bie Gtumpfl^cit; 2. fig. 
bie^Iump^eit, 9lauW«t ^fi^ ®ttten. [fledP. 

Blur, J. l.bergrerf, Jtlerfft^ 2. fig. ber©(banb- 

To Blur, V. a. 1. befletfen^ 2. oertoif^en, 
ouftWWenj 8.>£ff. bef[e(fen,bcfubetn. 

To BlQrt, V. a. (meifk mit out), unbefonnen 
f^erauftfagen, ^erauftpla^en mit ... . 

To BlUsb, V. I. n. 1. errfitjen (mit at u. for); 
2. (rot^) blii(en) n. a. lebtnur imp>p* 
b-ed with a reddish or vinous colour, xi^% 
9t6t^Ii(be faOenbi white lightly b^d with 
red, itt'ft filaf rot^e ft>ielenb, blafr dt^Ucb. 

Blush',«. I.bie6(bamr6t^e9 2. bie m6t^e, 
rot^^egarbej 8. bererfle, ffu^tige lfnbli<^ 




Vu imemartetc ob. pV^tfi^t Orr^dmmei 
4. provinc bie GeifO Q^tMtUSitaWziU 

hluA'm, adj, * mit e4amr5t^e bcbe^. 

Blwb'jng, p. J. ba&(Scr5t^en, bie ®d|mmr5t^. 

Blttsh^fM, adj. unoerfi^dmt, fre4. 

BlvthddR', «. Com. ein in Norwich ^mtUtt 
deug, ^olbfiBoQe u. ^olbeeibe, bem GloMvet 

Bliish'y, adj. fanft gctft^et, tot^U(b- [&^ttli4- 

To Bl&s't^, V. L n. 1. tobcH/ mfit^en^ poU 
tern (at . . ., ilbcr . . .,»•)$ pra^Ien ^ a. bratt< 
fen 4 11- a. to — down, umwe^en. 

Bliii't«r» s, l.bas Sraufen, ber ^tumt} 
Ungeflitm^SEBut^en^ ^ra^len, ^olterni 3. 
ba» ®et5fe, ®er£uf4^{ bet £An», SumuU. 

Bliii't«r9r,«. 1. bet9)plterer$ eoU berffraure* 
ninbj 2.berQ(roffpre<tet,9)ra(I^att9. 

Blib't^jBg» L p. a. 1. broufcttb} 2. (eftig^ ic| 
3. r4»fllftid (bom 6tDl, M.)5 IL s. baft 
ftranfen, ic [ttngefiiliiu 

Bifii'tfrofu.odi. gctdttMbon^Urmcttb^tobeob, 

B-mi [bS'-mi], «. JUiu. oui» Alaaire. 

BO, int. vu<g. buM )C 

Bo'9,«.l.Zooi.bte0ticfeQWatt9e| 2.Cbm.bU 
Soa, OCrt fi^Iandeafdnmder ^(Itoriae: etii 
jDamenf^mutf)) 3. Med, bie9o<u 

BOar, #. 1. Zool. ber 6ber 5 2. bie eprinaput^ $ 
wild—, baft »ilbe e4»(in, ber ^uer) 
yoang wild—, ber grif^Ungi —cat, ber 

: Stattti — pif^tberittngeiStberj — ipcar,bcr 
6aurpief, bie 64»einftfebet, baft S^nseifen. 

To Boar» v. a. Man. ben Stopt itt (o4l trageU; 
is bie &tft merfen. 

Board, s. 1. boft ®ret, bic S)iele j 2. ber Zi^/ 
bieXafeU ^fig^ ber Sif4^ bie^ofl, i9$e* 
{ftftiflund^ ber UnterfKiIti 4. bie Safel in e. 
Oeri^tc^u.: 5.baftOeri«trc(bfi,baft:(mt, 
ifRatiB»)(io\U^ivim, Sfireau, bie iSe^^rbe, 
6ommiflton;ber7(ttftf(bttf,u.) Mars.e.^tt 
etbtffft^orbi 7. ber e^lag (etneft e^iffeft 
beim Saoircn)} 8. Gam. baft e^pielbret 
(®4^adftbret,uO$ 9. Bic6. ber |)appenbe<fel, 
baft iSkirton} a cheta -> drawing—, &c. vid, 
iaC.,D., &€.; bed of b-t, bie^ritf^ej a 
book in b-i, ein in ^appe gebunbeneft 9n((^ 
the coQucil— ,ber !5ni0l.8e^einie€lat^^-«< 
above—, fl^er, geborgen^ to deal above—, 
frei^unoerbedtt^anbein^ Afar-^. in—, bin^ 
nenborbft) —and—, Sorb an Sorb$ 
good—, etne^tadbng; ^trectbuai a «hort 
-, ein furjer Gang (beimSaoiren)) to maice 
a—, Idbiren j to makeagood— ,einen64iad* 
bttg ob.0tre(fbud ma4en> to make astera— , 
^ber €$tetter (t. e. riictmdrtft) ge^n 5 to shoot 
a ship's inasU by the—, einem64iffc bie 
!RafUnabr(biePenj Corns, to pot on—, an 
Sorb bringenj to sell (free) on—, an Sorb < 

(iin S^ifD bctliifm (b9n »9 nb ber JUifrr 
bie ^nbuttgftfpefen n. iiber^. bie Sranftport- 
foftcn trdgt) j prices (quoted) on — (or free 
on—), (^reife) frei am Sorb (an ©orb no* 
tirt, r>om fierfdnfer frei an Sorb sn Iiefem)i 
comp, —of admiralty, baft IbmiraUtdtftgc* 
xii^U —of eomalMioners, bie (Sonnnifpon^ 
ber KnftMttf ) — of customi, baft eteneramt^ 
doSamt) —of directors, baft jDireetorinm ) 
— of green cloth, v»d. unt Green; —or 
health, 1. baft Qefnnb^itftamt, bic ®-conip 
miflion) 2. baft 9XebtcinaI><5oaegin»5 —of 
officers, baft S>fficiercorpftj —of revenne, 
baft Sinonibiireatt 1 — of trade, baft f>anbclft' 
gerij^t; 4>-coaegium, f>-biirean/ {>-minifh* 
rinnt) — lands, Xafelgfiter^ — load, ^ubnfe 
ber ^i4iter }n Sofeig^m) —officer, ein 
TCuftMufnitglieb^ —service, Xaftne^ea n. 
f)a4ig<Ib baffiri — wages, baft ibflgelb. 

To Board, o. L a. 1. bielen^ tifeitt) 2. a) in 
bie Jtoft ae^es^ befftftigeni ft) in bie itofi 
gebett) 3. Mar. entenv borben} n. ». l. 
a) Jtofigdttger (alten^ 6) in ber Jtefit fetit 
(—at or in a honse, with a persoa); 2. Mar. 
to — it np, (ben glnf ) anftndrtftiapiren. 

BOar'd^leyfui;. Mar* ^g/ktitfii^, enterbnr. 

BOar'd^r, s. 1. ber ^f^^dnger $ 2. Mar, (ge». 
p£.) b-a, bie inmQtatem befbimtenSXatrofea. 

BOar'ding, p.s. baft S>ieIcn,lC*^Vi'€i. To Board; 
b-s, pL Mar, ^terMifFei comp, —cap, 
bie etttrm^aube; —pike, bie Qhtterpife$ 
— honse, — place, baft ^ofl^ttft/ eipetfeftauft i 
— school, bie ^oftfilkule, ^enRonftanfialt. 

Boa'rish, adj, f4t»eintM,9ie(ir<bl granfam. 

Boart, «. Jew. ein ftnniger S)iamattt. 

To BOast, V. I. a. xiifitacn, cr^cbcn^ n. n. M 
riitnien/fioI}fein^rii4len(mit of..., mit..,u.)* 

BOast, s, 1. baft 0ttt^men,®roff^re<ten,Orof' 
t^^nn, bie Otn^mrebtgMt, $ra^lcrci) ^fig* 
ber flfltt^m, etol) (cineft ^nbeft, tc). 

Boas'tf r, s, ber ^ro^Ier, ®rof fpre(ber. 

BOast'fdl, adj, mbmrebig, pra^i^aft. 

Boas'tjng, I. «. baft0idj^mcn, bie f>ra(^Ierei| 
n. adj, ; m. — ly, adv. pra^Ieriftb* 

BOast'l^s, a4i' anfpntibftioft, bcf^eiben. 

Buat, s, l.baft!Boct,berJta6n^baftneinc(9lnf 
6(biff/ber9ta4ett;bieearre^^(re$ 2.amc^ 
vtd. -shell; —cloak, bie ^eoattte (flberro^t 
SurCee p tragen)j —screw, bic JBootft* 
mannf^afti — sgoy, bie J(nnb»d^tcr bcft 
iBooteft; -s load, (-Ibi), biee4tfffti<i^uttd4 
— Cs-)man, ber Sootftmanni — • painter, 
—rope, baft 6<ltalnppcntatt) —s scoop, bie 
SBafTcrfd^attfeli —shaped, Bot. bootf5rintg4 
-shell. Conch, bie ICr^Cj -staff, (—hook;, 
ber S^OOtft^cni --swain [bot'swiin. Sea, 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 




QonmoiilbQpfeife M 4^o4»^QottiRaanet $ —a 
Mte» 1. bcrttiitetbooUiMnBi 9.(in (^oOAnb. 

Tp BOftt, o. ■• ulin. nit eootcB tronf j^rtircn. 

BWt«bl€, «4;. 4JII. fftr «eote Miffbar. 

aWtias, #. ilm. M Mflmfa^ren (mit) S(t« 
fenten,9erfii(reii (^ontBaarrn, tc) in anem 
iO^ote/ bic Qabottgc. 

B^f. 1. a&6r. fir: Robert; 2. \tM Hu* 
meUibc ^infl ) a) M (Se^dnge^ S)(^r9c^foae{ 
6) /for. bte ^fe euteS fttr)eii$cn^li ^ c) bie 
6tttt«errdtfc, ber CJtitt $ <0 «vjg. bie Val«| 
<|Mfte, Xalfidfei 8. bie Chibjcile, ber Gab* 
iKT^^iRefr^} 4.bcre4(a(; etofj 6. bie 
0ti4Kin/ ber ^otn, BpQtti bas eti^elwottl 

-taU, 1. beretotMnoRi) 2. bte^feUfpi^ed 
Jig. 3. bie j>ttrei ber (Iiuiu4, Gaftratf 4. bet 
iiietrtgfie 96M| -ttll«d, ftaM4»dsiid4 
<-w]s»bie6tit^pen£^e, b<r6titi» 

abbre^en (eia ^tfptii) ; 3. ^(nea^ at to j 
IL H. 1. bonniein, ft^ngesi 9L mil^. (mit ber 
:Kalfijf e) Mideitt. 
B^»»^K»» «. 1. bie e^ttle, ber Cl^eaM^peli 
a. ba» Sdvaib, «iinbel <Sla<b# dos co. 100 
Dfb.)4 flM-,bte9lQttr4«iir4 n>iuid-,bie 
M«bf4ttttr$ thread-, 3»inifipt^n 4 -aet, 
ber6pi|eagraab} plmB—aet* gutter ®|)i}» 
SeagraQb^ — aet sprigged (ge»j(nLa6&r. 
sprigd» or sprigged — Bet)» gemnflerter 
e^iieagtitab} —tools, es^t^etiMppeli - 
work, gen. bie geft^ppelte ICrbeit, gefl^ppelte 

BSb1>iag, I. p. #. bas 04lagen/ u., vid. To 

Bob; n. p« a. fUiae Jbii]ce rna^eab. 
Bi»/by, «. a&Ar. ((^tm.) f&r : Robert 
Bdc'cf, «« G-10. ba« 64fir(o(b (am(9IaSofen). 
BWtwine, Bdc'MsiB, Bftc'c^wine, ^. Com, bie 

feiae 6teipeitt»anb. 
Boce, s. IcK, ber QXeerbrafTea. 
To BOde, 9. 1, a. »er!dnbea, oor^er aa|eigett, 

)»orbeatea) H. a. oonSorbebentttngfeia. 
BSd'jce, «. baft ^ti%i!l^tl^, bie e^niirbntft 
Bdd^ed, adj. gefldltet, icomp.) 4eibig4 big-, 

bidEieibig) lull — wine, fiarf gebetfter SSeia. 
Bftd'ief, 9. fd. 1. Seiber^u., vid. Body; 2. bie 

l&nigU Supgai^e, Seibgorbe) a pair of—, 

ctae ei^aarbrufl, vid. Bodice. 
Bftd'Ikrnf, BSd'ljlcinf, int. vulg. hti mmtt 

eeibftl berXeafell bosiadrel 
BSd'ji^fs, adj, Mrperloft/ ttnf6n>erU(b- 
Bdd'jljBfss, s. bag fdrper(t4e6ein ob. flBefea. 
Bdd'iiy, adj. k adv. 1. »rperU<b^ IeibU4) 

2. »irfti4l 3. /g. emflli^s to drive— apon 

a €oast» Ar. mit bem G^ife ^ner auf 
bie Mfte treibea. [bebeataag. 

Bo'djng, s. (bdttfig im pi.) bie l(4miRg, fier« 

Bttdliin, #. r. 1. bie Xble, f)frieme (terf*. 
{)qttbiDer9er)j 2. bie 04^numabe(j 3. bie 
epidtnabel^ 4. bieSnRraabel, bogiTrdttfet 
eireR)biej>aamobelj cloth of —, ber Crocot, 
bae ^ilbergeflitf, vid. Bawdkia. 

BSdy, s. 1. ber ^zi%, Jt5n>er \ (dead -), Sei^b* 
nam^ 2. ber 9tampf, ^eib ^ 3. bie^erfoa, 
ber QXeafib/ ^^n, 3emanb, man (mit some, 
every, aay, ao Jfgftt, vid. nat. S., E., Jkc); 
4. (reofii. k I%y, ber ^5rper| 5. bag ffBe« 
fea, SBefentli^e, bie «Birni<b^it4 6. bfe 
^^nge, (ittfammenbdngenbe) fStaffe, oerbua* 
bene ®efammt(eit/ bog^anie) 7. bag 6t)« 
fiem, bie Gommlung (©efe^^K.)^ 8. ber 
6eceiB, Jt6rper$ bie Jt6rperf4art; OefeK^ 
fibaft, 3anft, Smtnag, Oemeine^ bie^artet, 
Serbiabang^tc.) 9. bie Xrappeamaf e, bag 
Qocpg) 10. ber |>aBptbefianbtbeil, ^aapt* 
tbeil, bie ^auptmafe (eiaer TCrmee: bag 
^anpt',!8titte(tre1feR) f>.eiRegeanbeg: bog 
Snnere^ e.^freg/ e.Sefbng^ im<9egenf.ber 
Yafea»er!e) bog itir4enfibiff> ber 6#iffg« 
rnmpf 4 Soamflamm^ itutfibeaMfleRi fkn^ 
eiaer Saute, ie.)$ ll.^g. ber Gtoff, 3nb«tt 
(eineg 9riefeg, 2C.){ 12. ber Jt6rper^ item, 
bie 3)i4tig!eU, etdrfe, "imifiii, Jtraft, 
Ofite (begffBeineg, 9apiereft,te.)5 13. Aitat. 
ber it6rper, «/. To Bear a—; 14. fig, ber 
Seib; bie ftanliibenSegierbenj — f6r— , ein 
Sebeg einjeln genommen, 6tncg natb bem 
Kabem^ a writ to apprehend the—, einSer^ 
baftgbefebU —of an altar, ber Tfltarfteini 
—of a cannon. Gun. bag fiobenftiict einer 
StWbWti -of a letter, Inf. ber ®<brift» 
fegell the— of civil laws, bag Corputjvrit; 
the politic—, or— politic, berGtaatgfdrper^ 
— cloth(e)s, pi. bie fiferbebedfe, e^abracte^ 
-goards, pi. bie 2eib»a(be4 —loose, EnU 
Ut^itfianhi —plane, 5Afp-fr.ber6paaarip 
eineg etbtffeg. 

To Bdd'y, v.a. formen, bilbea, gefialten. 

BSg, s. bere$umpf;Srtt4/ bag!Koor4 -b 
BoU ber^iberflee^ —land, bag ^arfftlanb) 
—lander, 1. ber 6umpfbe»obner5 i8af^ 
flepper) 2.inm.ber3rldBber4 — oak,5ot. bie 
(Otoorei4ie$ -ore, Aftn. ber0iafeneifenfteia$ 
—reed, bag 6<bilfrobr5 —spavin. Far. bte 
®(bale { —stalker, or — trotter, nit —lander. 

ToBfig. V. a. 1. imJtotb b^nimodlien; im 
e^Iamm oerfenfen) 2. mdg. auf bem S>re(t 
fi^en lafTen. 

To Bdg'gle, V. h 71, 1. flu»en, ittriicffabrett 
(-at, fiber, ^ox)i 2. unfrbififjtg/ J»"ff'b«ft 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 




w^mtd^em U. a. ilm. vuZg. (bitr4 d4n)ie' 
rigfciten) in JBerlegentelt feteti. 

B»rt**r, *. bet Uttfil^lfiffifie, 3ttubcrer. 

Bdg'gy, (zc(;. fumpfid, moraflig, bru^tg. 

Bi/gie (BSg'gle), *. cot. —bo, or — boe, cor. 
Bugaboo, ber ^oponi; ba((,ltmber«)® eftpenft. 

Bob, inU btt( I vid. Bo. 

Bob^a', #. berS^ecbttt, gemeine f4»ar}eX(ce. 

B^bC'ml^, «. Geog. ®a(men. 

B^he'mi^ii, I. «. 1. ber S6(mc4 2. Ux Bigen' 
nrt) IT. adj. b^^mifdft) — pearls., Cbm. b6(s 
mif^eyertenj —quartz, Afin. (Sitrtn obcr 
MtmiWerXopaftj —warbler, Om. bcrCtt- 

BAf^r, s. vid. Bojar. [bcnf^wans. 

B5n, #. baft (9ef<b»Ar; bcr (£BIttt')64i9£ten< 

ToBdfl, v.I.n. 1. fo4(n, f!eben) 2. waUen, 
broiifctt (Don ben ® eaen,«.)4 to —away, ein* 
fo^eii) to— oYer, 1. iibcr!o4ett, tlberlaufen 
2. jfg. ((m 3onic) oufbrawfenj IL a. (Qrtwa*) 
ftebctt, foii^en, fo^cnlaffen; to — to pieces, 
{(tfo^cii; bcrfod^cn. 

Bdfl^ry, BSrif ry, *. S-w. bie ©Ubctei, 6Ubc» 
(Atte, edifoti^t, bae ^aliwerf. 

Bfil^^r, #. 1. b(r€$icbrr) 2. ber Jtod^ftfTel, 
(tDampf')itefel3 9,MinUhtt&ix6tlin^i^Uk'^ 

Bafl^r^, s. p{. bie Jto^erbretu [^er,K«$dtii^r. 

B6f Ifng, I. p. f . bad i(o(ben, :c. 5 ll. p. a. fo* 
(l^enb,:c.5 —peas/ vicf. Boilers ; —pot, JViiit 
biegorbcblafcj -well, ber ©pringbnmncii, 

Bdfs't^roQB, I. adj, ; 11. — ly, adv. Uttgeftfiltt, 
ftfirmtfi/ ^eftig, bronfcnb/ tobenb; Idrmenb^ 
aufdl^rerifdi^^unbdnbig^ III.— ness, s, ber 
(bad) UngeflJSm; bas Soben, flurmifdi^e IBefen. 

Boj^r, #• ber fflojar (^rei^err, u.). 

Bo'l^ry, adj. Min, boludartig, t^onortig. 

Bold, adj. 1. fii^n^ unerfcbrotfen, uttbtrgagt/ 
mutbig j 2. JW^n^ett erforbernb (»on e. Un^ 
teniebmen)^ 8. breifl,unr5crf<bamt,fre*,frei; 
^.fig' WJn (bon e. ©erglciibe, :c.)5 5. fleil, 
ii^j to make—, pd|> crffi^nenj Jlfar-j. a— 
bow, vi(i.Bla(f; a — sbore, etnefleitc (unb 
bajer Mcr }u bcfajrene) ,Rliifle3 —face, 
1. berUnoerfcbfimte, Sre(be9 2. bieUnber:: 
ttdmtbettj -faced, unbcrfifimt^fre*. 

To Boi'd^n, Tj. I. fl. Win mtttben, 3u»crft<bt 
elii(I6fen5 U. n. breift werben, fi* erfu^ncn. 

BOl'df r-stone, Ac. vid. Bowlder, [oerftb&nt 

BOld'ly, ad». l.W^n, uncrf(bro(!cn, ic.j 2. m- 

Boid'B^ss, *. 1. bie JW^jn^cit, Uiierf(brorfen« 
beit^CenoegenWt, ber3Rutbi 2. bie5>rei« 
fttfifeit, ©ermcffenbeiti 8. bie greimiltWfi* 
Mt} 4. biegre*bett, Unoerf^drntbeitj 5. 
^Q« 5«berfl*tti*e «ertrQuen (ttuf ®ott)^ 
6. Ut. bieJWbttWt (ber©prQ(be)j befgl. 
in Paint., Sculp, k Areh. 

Bou,«.«(4cr5 bwe«n«. bicM- 
lung) 2. ber^f^ifcttfopf) 8. (Afort.)Hi 
<0{qP Don 6 f ngl. e^cffeln (bnsbels); 4. Mbi* 
ber Solu»; Setttbon. 

Bo'lttfite, «. Ghem. b<i« f4»dnimf(ittre ekkl}. 

Bol^t'ic, <»&'.— acid, C^em«btee4ioam»fdnre. 

Boling, s. Mar. vid. Bow-llne. fS^va^^ 

Bo'ljs, #. Jlfet. bie feurigc itnge^ ber ^tegenbe 

Boil, s. 1. Bot. bie 6amenNpfet$ 2. vid. 
Bole, 8 ; 8. a - of salt, (C.) 2 0nf^e( enl). 

To BOIl, V. n. &^mtnf(cp\tln onfc^en. 

BOI'lMng, BOll'mOng, (BOl'lfmOny, C), Buf- 
limOng, BulMjmdnd, s. ba» <0{ir«eom. 

BOl'ivd, s. Using. 1. ein Qttfte<btRe(cnbcr 
9)fQ(( ob. dntHfi^ftti 2. ber gcf6pfteSd»m$ 
—timbers, Shipbu bie bi^t an bcmSorfieDett 
befittblt<ben Aug* ober itf)iU(6(ier) ll. b-e, 
pL Mar. JDilctbaCben, JtifTen (an ben 6dtctt 
einct SDo<te). 

BOKilngf, s. pi. geNpfte Sdunie. [fcr^ilnb^en 

Bologna {lMil0ii'y9]f —dog, s. badSoIogttfs 

BologueseOOlOnSz'], «. (p«.) ft a. ber (bie) 
9ologner;bielB>intti bofogneflfib. 

Bolognlan [boio/nj^], —stone, #. Min. bcr 
iBolognefer €$pat^; etrabibarqt. 

BOl'st^r, s. L Wng. l.baO^lfter, SUffOLi bet 
|)f(li({ 2. Surg, bie <Somprefrej 8. 5«. 
ber TCnfertmbof ) 11. b-s, pi. 1. Sad. hit 
{)interpattfcbett, ber t2(efter (be& 8atte(#)) 
Mars. 2. bie Jtalben ob. iNampcn oon mef* 
(bent j>olic am 2;opp ber SXaftcn i 8. bie 9e> 
fleibttngSKffen bcr 6tagc. 

To Bol'st^r, V. a. 1. polftcrn, Stifftn untcr* 
legend 2. Surg. GomprcfTcn oupegen. 

BOl'st^red, p. a. aufgebldbt. 

Bul'st?r?r, *. ber ©icbefigcbfilfe, pcf^kt. 

Uol'>t?ring, J. (—up) bie ^eblcrci. 

iiuit,j. l.berffioljcn^^fcil, 2. r. ber«oU 
sen (Don (Stfen u. a. aRetaH)) 0ticge( (en 
X^urenX ic.$ 3. Met. bcr iDonnerfetC) 4. 
Afi/^ bas ©cutclpcbi 5. bcrglccfen (vid. 
Blot); 6. fig, ber?)fciI,bosaBib»ort, w.: 
r. (a -of canvas), (28 (SUcn) bod etucf 
ifdmr>, IBitttbcI) 6egc(tu(b9 &• b-s, pi. btc 
S3anbe, SefTeln? comp. —boat. Mar. ein 
flarf gcbauteS Soot 5 —drawer, ber 93ofscn« 
ausbcbcrj —driver, bcr iBolicntrciberj 
—head, Dist. ber (S5orIcg«)itoIbini —rope. 
Mar. baS 2cif, bcr ©egcifaum} —sprit, vid. 
b. u. Bowsprit; —upright, pfcilgcrttbe, fcr» 

To Bolt, V. I. a. 1. }uricgcln, ocrriegclni (mit 
cincmlBoIicn)befcfHgen, balteni ^ffeini 2. 
Mill. Uutcln, fl<bteQ/ ftebcn^ 8.>£g. ergr»n« 
ben, pritfen; ^(blens (au4 mit out, [etwa*] 
a»«forf(ben,u.)$ 4. bcfpre^cn, Dcr^anbelni 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 



H. n* (mit out) 1. (ottiKflAi^eii, i»M^) 
vM tcrmiftploicsii .to -- in, or uito, pU^lt4 

bcntfl; bol Sat(dlfUb4 9. eise Vrt 9te^ 
B4>l'tjiis, I.paf<. 9. To Bolt, fv.; ILeomp. 

bag, bft QJet^l^emeli -clotk, toSSeutelttti^ 
~ haute, )»at9-t^^/ bieeid»erci$ —hutch, 
te S-fa(in^ hit d-foKiierf — viil, bie S-« 

B9l9i» «• Med, bee Siffen, OoW) bU yiOe. 
BOnb [hte], #. 1. bic fBombcj 2. bet OMotfen* 

Wag) bt» biiiiqpfe^tdfe^ ber bumpfe^tnan, 

Ssnftl —chert, bU 9^i^Kfl({ -ketdi, ~ 

veMel, bie aSonbiKtbivdttlioie/ b«« 9-ilf4tff 3 

-- proof, b-nfeft. [fta^tllfiien. 

ToBftnh [biia], o.ii. Oktjfe bemrfd^oi, fau' 
To B«nbird', v. a. homBtrbtnii. 
B«ii^«rdi€H, B^nbaHlei', s. 1. Afri. ber 

0eiiibtfbim< SL Bnt, ber iBomborbirfdfer. 
B9Bb«rd'M^t, «. bof SonbatbcmeBt/ bie 

90ii^rbtotiid« [S^onborbon 

Bteb^aDn', #. ifv#. ber grof e 9omb«tb, 
Bdnh9ftii',Bdoib«slae',f. Cbm-«. l.berilom« 

bafitt (eiii leister »olHHbencr3eiid)^ 2. etne 

Qfrt fiar^ent; vid. BimhMt. 
BfinfbSut, I. «. 1. Com. ber Sombafl^ vwf. 

Bofflhart 3; 3. Ldu ber64»ttl^, dombdfl j 

II. a4i' vid* Bombaatic. 
To Bdmbftst', V. a. I. fig. oafblafeii; mf^UfmU 

Urn a. lit. (mit SBatte/ tc) au^ftopftn, aud« 

polflentj FAUiden. [beab- 

B^mhlb'tjc (~c^l), adj. f^nul^fi, (o4trQ« 
B«ain>Mtry, s. Uu ber e(^»al|l; Sombaft 
Bdmbaz«t' (— aetteO, s. Com. ber ©ombafett, 

Bbshqizine', s. vid, Borobagin. 
Bdoi^iat, 9. Chen. baS raupenfaure @Q(i. 
Bdn^ic, adj. —acid, Chem, bieOtaupenfdttr^ 

imSetbe. [forbid, 9elb(i<b «• burcbf^einenb. 
B^rabfc'jaoat, a47. l.feiben^ 9LfetbettrQtt|>ens 
Bgmbjfc'jDVBi, #. Com. bie afi)nf(be Geibe. 
B^mbjfl'iffl, «. £nt. vid. Bumble-bee. 
Btmfhji^ #. vid. Bilk-wonn. [bie ^CntteiTtutd. 
B«B [or biiBs], #. (fronj.) Com. ber ®ut^3ettet, 
Bik'at, comp. —fid^ (lot) and rebli^er ^tU 

mat%, oitf Zrette nab Otoitben ) Com-«. — f . 

bills, flBed^r^ iiber empfoageae SBaarenf 

^f. capital, bod a«s ftBaoren 0b. anbern oer^ 

(dttfl. &a4er. befle^enbe Capital 

Bgniafat ^ 0»Ai bd fltataallUsi. 

Bva&'i«i> B9tX^flM» «• 2m{, bft SoMfaA. 

BOMLvte'tttra [--tihar],#. -UlieB» Afar, (bei 
^ofen e^iffen) ein ywiUx 9efiumiafL 

Botibo» [MSnshttasQ, #. (fcil^) baS eo&bon, 
3ttfer:pld^4^4 —cracker (cracker—), ba« 

B9»-chri'ti0B, #, i\rm* bie (S^ciflbinu 

Bdad, I. e. 1. boS SBinbenbe, iSanb, Ckil, ber 
etri«{ 2. (bef. p(.), bie Sanbe, 3U^, 
%^tU fie- bie Oc^kndettf^aftl 3. bietter' 
binbang} ber Jtitt, )C) i. Jig. ba( fiaab, 
bicBerbiabaag) 5. bie e^albMrftbreibaai, 
SDbUaotioa^ 6. bie »erbiabU<tfeit, ba^lta- 
terpfoab) T. bic Berpp^fttmtd) oadar-, 
Law, aater Qaatioa, ob. degeaOiaatioafilei' 
ftaad) Com. law, ■pedal—, ber Oitra' 
SArgf^afiftMeia) — ofeichaase,ber«Be4' 
felcoatracti —of obllgatioa» ber B^nXU 
f#eia/bte e^ulibaerMrabaagf foode la-, 
fiSaareaaaterfRcdteoerf^Ial, ia bcrfdatfll. 
SUebcrlaiie$ H. adj. gebaabea, bieafipM* 
tig^ leibeitea 1 m. coa^^ Com^ — creditor , 
ber IDbligatiaaHldabieeri — debtor » ber 
C-r^Hl^MT) -dehto, ID-M«l^ea) — awid, 
bieeeibei0caei -maa, — terraat, berSdb* 
eigeaei — ienrice, bie SeibeigeaMafti — 
ilaTe, ber(bi<)Seibei9eae»-(e-)aiaa, l.bfr 
Seibeigeaei 2. ber Mrge^ -(•-)wonaB, 
bie Seibeigeae. 

To Bdnd, V. a. Com. Law, eiaeScrf^reibaag 
aaefteOea dber...) to-s»oda, <3(fitef (Gaa* 
rea) ia bog Idaigt. !XKagaiia aieberUgca$ 
b-ed-ware-hoose, vid.BoBding-warehooM. 

Boa'dfge, a. 1. bie (%efangenf4aft^ ^aft) ber 
3ioangj 2.bleDienflbatiPeit^e4tf4iaft,ecla» 
oerei^ 3. bie J8erpfU4tuag, iBerbinbli^eeit. 

Bdo'djng, p.«. l.bie^erbiabuagj 2. Com. 
baft SSieberlegea ooa SBoarea in baft !6aigl. 
^agaiin j — ware-hoMe, bieS^ieberlage, baft 
iDepot etner Otegientag an ®tapeU ob. ^atf* 
(offtpld^ea; ber3oaf9ei4er. 

BuQc, I. 9, Wng. baft S9etn, berJlao4eni bie 
®rdtej 2. bie beinerne SJ^inbel, 0pale> -^ 
o|coBtentioD,y(g.berdaa{aDfiel) n. b^,e*pL 
1. aBfirfei) 2. (tnat^eme) S&6ppd iuia epi»* 
^{(dppe(n$ 3. Theat. SreibtOrtft (ber @4a»i 
{pielers elfenbeiacrnefXdttcben)) III. comp. 
foal b-s, vid.— epavin; lazjr b-s, ber Soa* 
leaser r— ace. Gam. eiae 7(rt ^rtenfpicU 
— ache, baft 0teif ea in ben IBeiaea, bie (^i^t, 
baftf)obagra^ —binder, Af//?. baft iBeia^etf, 
SeiameQi —black, baft gebranateSlfenbeini 
—breaker, Orn. ber Seinbre^er, ^erableri 
-chopper, B«tcfe. ein Jtaoibeabeil 5 -Hower, 
Bo(.bie9dnfeblamei -Hot, Mat. berOle* 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 



^#nee,fli4ct^o|teii$ ■ttt<r,ber»wib»| 
ariti — spsTin, Fcr. bet ^vfD^att, Mft 

To Bone, o.a. 1. tudbeinen^ bie Jtno^ni ts^l 
ttc^mctti i-g^M^cia (in dnee^rtall) 
dnJMnu [itno^cn. 

Btaed, p. «. orof, ^rf, (■traftg— )» fitrf «ott 

B9AU'tO> BflSt^ «. oJd.BoBlto. 

BMe'ifM, «(;. WittlOl, D|o4MI»»« 

BOnely, atfv. wieBomUy, vitL Boniiy. 

Mn'ftre, «. boi grcilcitfaier. 

Btalftee, «. «o«ifici«^ (IK-ii.)- [Yrde. 

BQiif 19,1. /dk. lU ge|tretfCe«oxitc,f4to9Xa« 

BoiMiiot [MBgnoQ, «. (frott).) Hi Bovmt, 
htt flimiti4e Oiiifas. 

Bte'ttft, #. !• bie !M^/ ^nibt, JUEffi^, hoi 
Sttctti a.bcrf>«aMifiit| S.Mr.blitBen' 
s<tle, btf €tcff ; t^ pu 0Hft0d (tUgm. 
ikttOUMiii ber •teg^l, Mtocr i. See* 

h^ 0MHict| 5. ^ 4 ^t«rt»« (dfleitfl. a 
pHtre), bie 9faffMiiriite4 shftdo-^, Ux 
Wfim^m — bow4i,^)ap9(«MNI(ittf)a' 
iiici4fltett)i -eaiM, Sl^ti^i/ (Ittbetfll.) 

Btti/Dfly» ocfv. vi({. BpBDy, <n^'. 

Wte'sln^M, #. (»• ft.) 1. )4e SRuntecfeit; 3Cuf« 
%tTinmtt^U i.bie«Bo(lb€lcibt(cit) f^^ite 

B«B'iiy, I. aAi. (bef. f«ott) 1. bflbr4, artig^ 
2.m«atcr, (mfgeioctft, InfUg) 8. mo^Ibeleibt, 
fttt) n. «. Mill. baS (nrabe) ^Uger ^ — 
clabber, a) (bef. irldnb.) bie ftturc ©utter* 
miUft ; 6) ilm. biee^Utfep* ob.6(blottenitiI4. 

B^ac/al^ 8t]Mie,#. ilfii».bereolodttcferepatb. 

Bmi-ton [b5Dg*tfBgO> «. dtttorXon, feinteitte. 

BO'nviBHBSg'iivm^f. Am. bie Jtfitti jftpflattmc 

BO'nvfl, «. Com. bie yrdmie, S)ioibeitbe| — 
food, berS>ioibenbenfoitb. 

Bo'ny, adj. 1. beinern, Hi^tvui S. febr fac 
4i9$ fiatffttO4bi0$ 8* nopperbiirrc. 

BWsd, [If 6., fforc; btfni, Sou] s. ber 
Souse (iabiMe ytiefter). Qmihr. 

IMfhy, 9. ber laipcl, <iittf(iltft|>iiirel| Saiib- 

Book 0«k], L «. 1. ba< eu^i B. ba« »«« 
OObtbeiliuig e. Aerfft)) 8. ba«$anb(ung«* 
hw^i vithoat— , i.att9bemJtopfe;an$ioen* 
bid)2.obneV«torit£t$ to be Id (ran into) 
•ne*ft — (book«)«3eittattbem f4itt(bid fetn (bet 
ibm f n6^vibett fler«tben)$ to get into one'*-, 
Semaiibe^ 9vttff criangeiii a - in folio, dn 
Soliant) a — In sbeeti, or in qnlrei, ein 

oO nMr<AaiaiM, Hi fBMm • ecoBtro* 
(«i#)4 -oindf Mrtwei, ein «n4^ «kr m* 

of calcnlatloni, ba# »«umuCofCKUrtf«tt$« 
ett<lbl -ofcnrgo, bt# 9ra^««tt4 (Kit 
fpedfidrter ttbnng eines 04iffi)4 -or 
dnvgei, bm UitiM!ken>>0tt#| — of coMnls- 
•lorn, bol iBaarciii«9e|l<BlingS43n#| —of 
kiYoicei, bal8iKtltttt4ta4^) —of poita- 
get, b05 9efto*9tt<bl —of pnroknaee, 
ba§ <Batren<0i»9nnfKftotis«)On4^i -of 
rates, ba« 3oH4)b4 (loorin bie oerfil. SoD^ 
7Cnfi(eber9ei4netfittb)| —of reoef^tt and 
expendituret (or dMbnneBtnte), bol Cin^ 
nabme> n. Ynl9(ibe*9tt4l — of lalei, h& 
flSodrett4SerhittfMBtt<b) — nonovnt, Hi 
Qoato (in eitteni^blnngS4Si^)^ -bind- 
er, ber «>binben -MnteT^ mod W 9- 
Mnbetwetfftotei -binding, 1. H$ «-bin' 
ben$ B. baS 9-btnberbanbi»crf 4 — caoe, 1. 
ber M4er|9r<mf, ba ftnibbebdftttVi B. bie 
!Rappe$ 8y bol «>ftotteral4 -creditor, ber 
Cbiro0rQ))bar, ^We^Idnbi^eri *-4«Mn, 
t^r4iibett4 — Bisbfon,in9brmeincie-c»$ 
—keeper, ber 9-baIter^ 0U4nnagSfiibrcr4 
—keeping, bie ©-balterei, O-t^^Ititngi — 
learned, 1. f<bttl8eIe|rt/belefeH$ B.fhiben9e> 
lebrt,peboatir4) -^learning, 1. bieikfefcii« 
beU^ 2. bie »-<etttbett')QeIebrfa»feit, ber 
6<bulmibl —linen, Cbm. baftlB-ldnen, bie 
(f54|if4e) 4)-leitt»aQb4 —maker, ber M« 
4erma4er, ®-f4reiberi — making, bie 
etbnftfteUereii —mate, ber e^vUemertb, 
aXitr^ftier) — mnslln, Com. bcr£)rdanbitt| 
— oath,vid.Bibte-oath; —teller, ber (eor« 
timentS') S-bdnbler^ —seller's (an<b ia». 
— selling) skop, ber ©-(Qbcn) — sellers* 
value, or— s' currency, (unt ben beittf4ett 
S-b^ttblern), bie 9-bdnbier«3ab(ttn9, 9-' 
SBdbrung) —selling (business), b-s' trade, 
ber S)tt<bb<inbel$ —skop, (—store, ilm.). 
ber IBtt(blabett{ —stall, ber efi^erftonb (ber 

•irtttiqaare)^ -stand, baft SBu^erbret^ — 
stone, vid. Blbllollte; — taugkt, bdcfctt, b-< 
gelebrt; —tripe, Zoot ber Slattcmogen 
ber fWeberMwer, yf^itteri - wkeat. wW. 
Bnckwkeat; —worm, LAitberdtttftrgafi} 
2. fig. ber Mibennnmi. 

To Book [bdk], o.«. 1. (ineinlBttib) ein* 
f4reiben$ anfber^oft^ic. einfibretben CafTen^ 
S. Com. (Hfioftm in bie Sfifber) etntn^en, 
btt<beB$ to — down, einfcbreiben, notircn} 
to — In conformity, g(eiibf5nnig btt<ben,i»or' 

robeftob.tttt(eitt)gebttttbetteft«n4; iLcomp. tragen) b-Ing office, bad(liAf4teibe»9ureait< 
bef. Cbmnf.-ofaccounto, baft Bte^amgMBook'jsb, I. e</j. ; II- ':1^'* ode.bcnfiMeri 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 



«. bie tkttriebettc M^erttebci bal in cifddil 
etsbtren. Uae^rt 

Bddm,«. Afar. 1. berfiamo, bte bm^eetonge, 
eor^ange^ CLtterfiaxde, Ckaclftoage, etenfie, 
(Scefe9e(*)6pierc^ 9. bol e^esd^cn/ bie 
epler«9af e («n (Singaagc eiacft SIufTe* ob. 
4>afeii^)l S. -of a harbovr, bet {Nifenbaiim, 
bic^a^U'eperre) 4. iljii. dft ffU^ }tni 
VsffnidCtt ba Slof (0^1 — IroBi, Mar. 
hit Mgcl lit ben SeefegelfpieroL 

To Bddm, V. n. 1. f^deii mie eise llltoicbom« 
meU 9.>!g. (imdonte) fortfUlrmai, fort* 
br«uf(n) S. JMar.(— oqO> aQe Ocgel aiil« 
frten, mU oOm ob. doOoi C^b^^a Mf^cmi 
4. (tonflBeSen) M t^finnea. 

B66n, L #. 1. bic (BaU, b«5 Ocf^M^, btc 
Ottifl. Oo^lt^t, Onabe; 9. bit Mttc) 
nu ofO. !• mmitcr, avfge»c<t^ biflig; 8. mu 

B4dr» «. 1. bcr ilt«cri i; A. bar ttfanmeL 

b4tterif4) HI.— oeM,«. baft biucriflc flic< 
jai, bicOr9b(eit 

BdM, «. 1. cof. bccSbt^en, (S^ioini^ 9ort(etI$ 
fiberf((ttf; bie dugabc, dulage (beim {Raf u. 
(0e»t4t)i to—, obenbcrui/ ilbeibief^ no^ 
Uiu, in bcttJtauf) toBo-k otnc Sivben^ 
ttittfonfl, bergebenftj 8. bie emit, vid. 
Booty; To — hale, o. a. anf IBeute oitft* 
^citn, pltrtSbtrui — baler, ber i)Qrteigisger, 
f)(iiitberer ) • balios* ba« f^euteiiuubea/ 
yifiobent) 3. «) bcr etiefeU () fpmf^t 
etiefel (ITrtXottitr)) c)-of acoach, 1. 
bet .ftoftm untfr bem JbttMcnbiNtei 2. tmpr. 
(prootnc.) baft 6<boofUber| d)^tor hot- 
tlfag wUie,ber9oitteiaenfliefeI| —bone, bcr 
fio(t ivm TCnfl^ndea ber eti — hoic, 1. bie 
et-flrfimpfie i 2. bie Gamaf^en ^ — hose top- 
ping. Afar, baft ^teinigea beft G^iffcft i»on 
Unrat^, (64Ieim, a^ur<belii/U.) i cine ^albe 
JTielund) —jack, bet 6t-hidbt| -leg, ber 
6t-f4aft$ -palle,bie6t>aR|iel(eri -itrapt, 
bieet-fintppeai — itretchera, Ct-betnerJ 
BUiffi^^ —topping, vid. — hoae L; — [ 
topa, et-flulpen^ — tree, ber et-Uod, baft 
Ct-^olH screw— tree, berCt-f^raabeblotf { 
— vamps, alft JBorf4^n^Ieber onftgef^nittenc 
etucfe itt6tiefeln$ —webbing, baft et-banb. 

To Bddt, V. a. 1. Gtiefeln aniic^en, (M be) 
ftiefrtii b-ed, geftiefeU) 2.iittben,ftommett, 

B<k>t£e',«.(bef.^lmOber{>aIbfHe^L [^Ifen. 

B9d't2<, «. Aft. ber Sdren^iUer. 

BOdth, #. 1. bie (3Rarft« ob. !Ref »)«ttbe, bcr 
SRefflaRb5 2. bie XBa^Ibvbe. 

IToB44tf-hll%o, «.*•. Mrf. «itBM»t|,2, 
BA^'tiag, «. baft etrafea nit bem fpoiiiMea 
etiefeL [dwetf. 

BddtlfMly, acfo. WKuB^, berfeblii^} o^ne 
B(M)ts, «• fig. fam. ber Xufpaffcri itUiber* 
paberj ^^abcbientej ber {ftagfle (OflWer) 
eiaer Sif^cfeSMaft , ber vaterdearbncte 
SDienfie t^im nuip, ft. «. bol ^t p«|ai, 
ningeltt, u. 

B4M'ty, #. bie etfxtti bcr ftaabi to play -, 
mit Sicif i^erlieren, onreiktli^ rpiclem iUk 
(}. 9. beimf>ferberewicn) beftobea tafFea. 
B<>'p€«p,#.baft(Sa(fr9ieI(8er^e<tfi^tel)5 to—,. 
v. n. auf ber Saner licgea. 
B^rSc'jG, a4;. CTtem. —add, bic ttoroafiare. 
B(/r«cite, «. Afin. ber Soracit, flMrfrlfteia* 
B(/r*citfd, «(/i.cheiii. miteariafiarv berba«> 
Bdr'«c«f'«A»t.beri6orretf4#t)oradea. [bea. 
Borate, tf. CKem. baft&#roiifa«iMi^00' 
Bs'rti, «. aem. ber idarn- [ wM- 

Bor^rjfgB, «. AM. ber Oorf^onMHM. 
Bord, comp. Lam, — haMk>ettty, (oaf Stefiill^ 
K.)baft6taabiielb,a){arft0e(b| -ted, baft 
Xafelgat, bie£)omdae. 
Bor'd^ «. ber ®eiib eiaer Nomine. 
B9rdat^, #• Cbm. ^orbat (orieatalifiber Skioai' 
Bor'd9l,B9rdXi'lo^«.baft9orbea, [iMllenieMi). 
Bdr'dflfr, «• ber earbeOnirt^. 
Bor'd^, 9, 1. ber 0iaab ilber^. (aa^ «a SKia* 
)ea^tfOl 2.bieOreaie$ a. ^ard. bte tt» 
batte, baft e^malbccti bcr 0taiR$ 4. baft 
(Beftobe^ 5» ber eaaat, bieSorte, ilorbip 
raagi 6. 2Vp. bieOa^braderleiflei T.b-iw 
ob. —drawings, pL fRaabiei^attageas papor 
b-a lor rooas, Zapeteabortea. 
To Bor'dfr, v. L a. 1. borbirca, ^efie|ci^ ctB' 
faffea/ beftoaeai 2. (9)lfiaiea>rfebebv wn^ 
birea$ 3.^. begreaftca^ aagreaftca (aiu.)! 
II. n. 1. grenaea, aafbfca $ 2. ^. M adp 
(era, dren^ca (— opon, aa). 
Bor^d^r^r, s. ber lCa»o^acr; Oreaibewo^cr^ 
®reaiaa4bar) (yw». mit on). 
B^rd^t'ti, t, vid. Bordat 
Bor'dare [— dzhyr], «. l.bcrdtaab, 6aaaif 
2. bie Sorbtraafl^ diafajTaag) 8. Her. ber 

To Bore, o. Lo^Lbo^rca (cia^tj^, eiac 
Jtaaoae, x.), auftbo^rea^ 2. bar^bo^rea, 
bar(bfle4ea (ooa flBanaera, tc.)/ (aaft«> 
(o^lcnj 3. fig. bar^briagca/ (M) bia« 
bur^brdascR) n. n. 1. M bo^rca (laf^ 
fen) 4 bo^rcnj 2.^. torbriageai 3. Afan. 
Bute, I. pr«t. ooa To Bear; 11.^. 1. ba» 
So^rlo^ (i. fd. ciaer 9aaM^)f 2. bie;^b^ 
laaa bcr eiaftiafiauaeatt^ 3- Ou». (-•! a 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 



S«a, eaaioa), ber CWfi^r, Me0eele (eCnet 
jtaotte)) 4. bet9e^rer4 5. >i^. eiti eti4/ 
cteeGunbe^ e.fam. Die Uttgercimtteit, ir« 
gtnbCtmtft; baftUndwdtt) einc vnertrdg* 
XHt, efcl^afte, lubilngli^e; tt. 9)crfonj 7. 
vid. Boar, 2. 

MrHh Bo'r^n, adi. (bcf. *) n5tMt4. 

M'rtta, #. ♦ ber Screak/ 9iorb»{nb. 

B9rt€'» #. Dane, bie Sourree. 

Bo'r^, *. bet9o(rer (^trfon n. Sttftnunent). 

Bs'rjng, *. Vet. eine Operation; urn berrenfte 
e^sltmi ber ^fetbe etnsitn<^tett) -mill, 

Rdrn, p. p. 9. To Bear, geBoren) bate—, 
■ew— , Ac. oiU nitter Base, Ac. ; my — daya, 
»€iii Mtage. 

BOnia, I. #. l.bie(Bren)e$ 2, vuf. b. m.t 
Bonn; n. p.p. oonToBear, gettttgen) 
all ehargea^, Com. rnfO^ Xbing aVer Jbflcit. 

BV'r^, «. Cftenu ba< iBoton, Boradunt) i8o« 

Btr'Oagb [-'o], #. bie incotpwirte tanbjlttbt, 
ber («Bt(U) SIcAtii; eutgfbtfeK, !Drarfti' 
fUtoj -EogUsh, Lata, badSe^nre^t bed 
34«(jeni| -elder, -bead, -holder, bcr 
Crtlbeputtrte; S)rt$bDrftattb, C^emeiabe^re* 
4Hr| — maater, ber Sttrgemdfter, vid, Bnr- 
somaater. [erborgen, enfle^ttett. 

To Bbr'row,.!}. a, attf Grebit ite^en, lox^tn, 

Bik'rOwtr, s, ber (STborger; 9orger) —on 
bottomry. Com. Lata, ber Oobmereine^mer. 

B^ra^l^ s. G-w, bie QtaOfi^ere. 

Bora^'hOld^ [bfira'— ], «. vuf. Boroogh-liolder. 

B^cf^e, #. 1. bad (Sebilf4/ deb^f^ige ^anb $ 
S. bad 2ttfhodlb4ett^ 3. Paint bie fBatt' 

BQi^kf t, «. G^ord. bad IDodf et; Suftm^lbd^en. 

Boa'ky, adj. gebilWig, bttfd^ig, walbigi - 
acrea, bur<|» ^edten abget^dltc tdex. 

BV^m, s. l.berl&ufcn^bielBruft j 2. htt^v 

. fen (bed JtUibed $ ber 04^Ub born am^embe; 
»c.)j ^-*. 3. ber e^oof ,fBufen, bad $>erj 
4. bad Snnere^ ber Umfang; ^tiivf, bte Stefe 
(bed Q)^ered/ w.)> —enemy, berjeimlidbe 
^einb^falWegreunb? —friend, l. ber»u= 
fenfreunb; bielBufen^eunblnnj 2. dnelBu^ 
fcafldbund fdriDamen^ — interett, bieSieb^ 
liiiddabfld^tj -- podcet, bie ®eitentaWe 
— teeret, bad mit^tige Ote^eimmfj —sin, 
bie Qfdi)oof ffinbe j —thief, ber f>audbieb. 

To BV9iD> V. a. 1. in bad $er} relief en 5 2. 
verbergen, berfie(ten^ ge^dm ^alten. 

Bo'aon (Bo's^n), «. cor. oott Boatswain, 70. 

Bds'qa^t [— fcet], #. vtd. Bo«lcet 

B8a8,«. 1. bieSttdel, ber er^abene iOefAlQd/ 
Jtnopf, StnauU <S(ef4l^imiagel5 2. ber fduM, 

(Jtnorren an Mitmen, 2c) $ 3. Ma$. •)bie 

9e»6(bte eifHtnft^ 5) bie Jtalhmtlbe, ber 

To Bdas, V. a. 1. mit ®ef((irm£gcltt, ic. be^ 
fd^agett} 2. mit er^abener TixMt (Sncfels) 
befe^en, berjicren. 

Bds'sf ^e, s. Arch. 1. bet i^orfprfngenbc Qs 
Silb^auerorbdt )tt berarbeitenbe) S^tdn in 
dnerdJtoifer) 2.9ofragen,bduerir4edSEBerf. 

B^ed, Btfs'sy, tidj. vtd.ToBosa. 

B^a'siYe, adj, (dilitrig, fvmm, i>erioa<l^rett. 

Bdt, s, vid. Bets. 

B^tSle', #. AnaU ber bottOifdlketSang. 

B^tiio'jo (— cfl), I. ad). ; U. — ^ly, adv. bO' 

B^t&i'ics, s, pi. vid. Botany. [tanif^. 

WMf^Bt (B^tXn^c), s. ber iBotanifer. 

To BSfiMiVze, o. ti. botanifiten. 

BKt^nm'9^, s. biefjpansettte^re. 

B6tf*ny,#.bieOotan{|P) —Bay wood, dn bun- 
Id gefUAedf^ol) fftr JtvnW^Ur ^iidB.Bay. 

B^tar'go, s. (ital.) ber notarga, fiotargo. 

BMeh, a. 1. bie ffenfe^ ber &i^toivin 5 3. ber 
9tetf; toppett) 3. j^. bad9(i(h»erf| bod 
%iid»ott, le. 

To BStch, V. a. 1. (mit op, |ttfammett*)flitfcn/ 
fUitfen) 1. ber^tttt}en3 s. mit IBenlen be« 
}d4nen. [f4Kr. 

B0Cchtr, s. 1. bet^{<lWttdber$ 2. ber ^fn* 

BStfeh^rty, adj. k adv., BVfch|ngly, adv. 
plnmp, (liimper^ft 

B)(tfch«ry, s. bad 9(i<fmerf . [ftfimper^afL 

BSt^chy, act;. 1. boiler IBenlen^ 2. gef[t<ft, 

BOtel^sa, adj. vid. Bootless. 

BotA, I. pron. a^. ft s. bribe, la^ibed $ IT. 
tonj. both . . . and . . ., fowo^I ... aid ... . 

BSth'^r, Bftth^rii'tion, vnlg, vid. Pother, ftc. 

Btff/i'nja, s. Geog. IBot^ttien. 

BUt/i'nfain, Bd^/i'njc, adi. botl^nif*. [bcttfhin. 

BQtrt't jB, Bdtrylte?, *. Pet ber ®otn)t, Xratt=: 

BOt'ryord (— d?il), ad;, wdntraubcnfirmig. 

B3ts, J. pi. £n<. engerlinge; Sarocn ber 

B5tt, *. L-vD.y bad Jtlfippelfilfen. 

B5ft!e, *. 1. bie glaWe, SBontdEe^ 2. bad 
Eluart(5Kaf)$ 3. bad IBfinber, ©unb, (^en, 
u.)5 —ale, b-d ale, bad ^^af^enbier) 
—bottom, ber Unterfe^erj — brush, bieg-n* 
bfirfle i —carrier, ber g-ntrfiger (fflr fte^enbe 
%'Xi)i —case, bad g-nfutter, bcrg-feDerj 
— cAstor, dne ^latmenage fur g-n 5 — com- 
panion, — fi*iend, ber Be^bniber; -con- 
jurer, ber Safftcnfpieler, joe. ^ejcenmdfler 4 
— cooler, ber g-nni^lerj -flower, B(>f. bie 
Jtomblumej —glass, vid. Hollow-ware; 
—head, ber4>ol^I¥opf, ©umrafopf 5 —headed, 
^oJUdpRg, bummWpflgj -jack, ber fenl- 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 



--BOM, 1. twig. ^i( i99raBntaMiiUnafe) 8. B<Ki|:6[M|],#. ].tie(3kMtottIfiia.^rSan(^ 
Om. ^er iiorMf(^eya;^agdtatt4«r^ bk Sut* cinc^ Sttff<^^ '• ^>^ bet 4ta«n. 

rot^safld, M(fnafid$ — r«ck, ctit 9-nrepofl* 
torivm} —screwiberJbrlSiic^} —fteod, 
^er g-ttfWiibcr, 8f-«tearrj — iwageer, ber 
S-s^eib, 9)ra(Ur5 -tray, brr^-nttiget (fir 

To Bttf tie, V. a. 1. anf ^afi^eit ffiUeit/ ab« 
)ie(en (luio. mit off) ; 2. in Mabel bmben. 

Bfiftled, adi* 1. QttfSUfi^en de)i>gen) 2. bujt^ 

BSt'tIf r, #. ber JteOentteifttr. [ba«4tg. 

Bdt't^m, s. 1. ber unterftc Z^H einer €$a((e 
(^ fd. eines i^nmncnd/ Safle^, ber Suf ^ntr 
Xre|>pe, eiiie* ^dgelS) Mar-t. a) ber Sauilb 
Ob. b«» Slad^ e. 04itfe&) ft) ber 9)oben, 
euum, ber unterSBaffer ge^tf c) bas e^iff/ 

Bought [b^wt], prtU k p. p. ». To B«y ; - 

book, Grm. ba« QrioTQlif^biiA. 
Bottgbt [biwC], «. ber fb^%, bie eiegune^ ba# 

Gelenf^ (^lt«b) ber itttotcit, bir gUc^te, 

onr^mittun A • 
BoA^ie' [bazbisO* «• 1* ^*V- bie Sottgie, 

Jtetie^ 24 Com, etne dtoSe ®a4»flo(t. 
SotfiUon [bAlySn'], «. 1. bie (SleiMO 

Qnit(ei 2. /Vir. baft Sfeif^gemdib^ am 

etra^Ie be( f)ferbefitfeft. 
BOal'd^r, #. vu/. Bowlder. 
BoAl^t', Boikl^tte', «. Man. ein f)ferb nit fe(< 

ler^oftem '^Vii^tUut [fieber. 

B^ft'ljiny. «. Fet. ber ^eip^unger, bad gref- 

So^t^eng felbfl4 ber Jtife, Soben ob. etttblUBOiii'tiB, #. ilrcA. bereiertclftob, bie XSulft. 
Otter Q(rtif4od^^ ber {>in^re; icOl 2. ber|fro Bddnce, v. n. 1. fra^en/ fnatten) Idrmen, 

(Bnt]ib(bedaReere$,}C)j 3. bie ®nittblage; 
ber (Brunb (oon (SeMuben, K.)i 4. bie Siefe, 
badX^I^berS^gntfib, (c/. ^iJn. -Itnds); 
5. ber tieffte (unterfie) Z^^, Uh 6iibe einer 
ea^e^ (etner etrafe, u.)» aud^yS^ baft 3n« 
ttere, bieXiefe, ).S. to be at tbe — of ..., 
gr&ablut berftc^eii; inne ^aben (dttoaft)) 6. 
fig-*' a) bie ®ren$e^ bal <Snbc i h) ber {fbo 
meg')®rttnb/ bieS^riebfeber^ c)ber(SrttRb, 
Onmbfat, ic) r. bie f>efeR, ber (9oben») 
eab (bed Siereft, k.)i 8- •Sport. bieJtraft, 
0tirh (eined S(^iered; bepgl. eincd Dier« 
f^rdttgen, ^anbfefien SttxU, lU), <rf* Bot- 
tomed; -^of a silk worm, beriSocon^ bad 
eeCbeage^fe^ <^— of thread, Ac, einJ^auel 
3»trtt, )c i at the—, am <Snbe/ enblitb 3 in» 
iierit^ ^ — lands, ilm. UferlAnber, rei<be 2dn« 
bereten in ben !S^d(ern grDfer Slfiffe 9 — lUe 
Print, bie €$4lnf}eile auf einer BtiUi — 
pieces, Coop, bie iBobenfificf e ber Sdffer $ — 
pit, bie nnterfie :s;iefe, ber^Cbgntnb) —up. 
Mar. SHiX oben. 

To Btff tpm, f , I. a. 1. (namentl. ^g.) griinben 5 
2. auf»icPeln, toinbeni 3. mit e. Soben i»er« 
fe^en {txu^i, ®tu^(e [mit ei^enl^ic)) n. n. 
ft4 griinben^ ru^en (—on, npon, auf). 

Bdt't^med, p. a. comp, mit einem lEBobeU/ :(., 
}. 9. a flat — boat, fxa ^ra^m^ a — horse, 
Spwrt. ein}ttrf)arforceiagb taugU<bed9fcrb3 
(/. Bottom, 8. Ifig, ttnergritnbli4. 

B6t't9ml«M, a4j. l.bobeniod, grunblod; 2. 

Bftft9mry, s. Com. Law, bie Sobmerei^ — 
letter (-bond), ber ©-brief, e^iffftpfanb* 
brief, e^iff^brief, e4i|fft»e4ret* 

BAtt'fhf t, s. Fom. bie dutfcrbirn. 

toben^ 2. ^eftig f^lagcn, (anO^Iopfeni Sr* 
pranen,)>Ia^n i 4. fprengen^ 5. fpringtn^fa^* 
rciK(mitio, oat, &c.)j 6. fig. fam. a) ptd^* 
len^groffprei^enj bermefen^in^ h)tipftx, 
fft^n fein. 
BodDce, #. 1. ber ^a^, JlnalTi . bad (Betdfe^ 

2. fig. vulg. bie f>ra(lereij S>ro^nngi 3. 
Ich. ber ^unbd^ai. 

Bddn'c^r, s. fam. 1. ber ^a^ler, £drmer; 
^ilgaerj 2. einegrefe^ge^ 3. eine plnmpe, 

Bd&n'ciagiy, adv. mit tixm, pra^Ierif^. 

Bd&nd, I. pref. ft p. p. Don To Bind; hide-^ 
ice—, wind—, vid. in H., L, W. ; — bailiiT, 
Lav>, ein ®ert(btdbiener, ber QCrreftationen 
unb d^nli^e geri^tltt^e i>anblungea oiidfibtj 
— maftonry,oerbunbened9Ratter»erf j II. a4j« 
Mar. na(b einem S)rte beftimmt^ auf cinea 
S)rt ge^acbtet ^abenbi whither are yon— f 
no xooUt 3(r ^in? mo ge^t bie (Reife (in I — 
ont and in, t^in u. (er befUmmt j III. #. sing* 
l.ber®pruttg5 2.ber^ufrpnuig/9tfi^pnmg, 
i^M^^^xoHi 3. bie^rease/ berSRarffhiny 
—setter, vid, fioander; — stone, vid. 
Boanding-stone; lY. Bounds, 1. p/. lit k 
^. bie ®renjen, ©(Jranfen? within-, mit 
a){af e, mdpig, in ben @4ran(ett ber aXdfig* 

To Bodnd, v. I. a. 1. Tprengen, fpringen 
Iaffen$ 2. gren^en, (to — upon), angrenieo) 

3. bcgrenien, ein^rdnfen j fig. in 0fbran!en 
(alten^ n. n. 1. fpringen i 2. laructfpringcn^ 
(aufs Ob. )«ri&(E«)praaett. 

Bdan'dfry,#. bie Grease 4 ber (Brenifieiii. 
BoOa'df n, p. p. 90a To Bind. 

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BMoMjas-cMae, #. 1. bcr OffR||ldsi, flUt^ 

fldni 9. M e4tt(8M(|e(4ea, bet e^nfnr* 

BdAadlfM, I. adj. 1. flrciqeMlol, mifti wAf 

]ifnb(iii...)$ n.-aeM,#.UeOrcis«(oflglrit. 

I. a<fj. ; H. -ly, acfo. oitig, ttObe, ftrifitM^/ 
dutt^dtid I m. - neu, #. bit aiAttflldt; 
5Wlbe^ ^reigcWgfeit 

Bodn'tifiil, I. adj.; II. — >y, oifo. mObe, gi% 
frdgebtd, 8tttt^dtid^0ropmiit^t9,rrid^U^ (im 
(Seben)^ in. — ness, «. bie^Stilbe^ Srddebigs 
m, ffBo^tt^atigfett, Olrofmatt^. 

B5dn'ty» «. 1. bte mtht, %iti^thi^fdt, (Sfite^ 
2.bie<9abe,®utt(at5 8.0>m.bicf>rdmiebei 
berXBiebcrauSfubr xxrf^.flSaartn, infbfent f!e 
bett<Singan9S)ol(ilberfld9tj — mooey, l.gen. 
bfe^rdmic $ 2.Afa. baftffBerbegelb^^anbdelb. 

Bouquet [bAlci], *. eltt («lttmen)etrttttf . ^ 

B«(kr'ge3rt [-J^Tf], «. 2Vp. bit eorgois 
(6<bnft itoifiben 9etit n. Gorpttf). 

To BdtHge^n [— J9n]» «. w. 1. faofptn, ft)t0f« 
fen, blft^ett) 9. dei( fein. 

Bddrn [or born], s. bfe (Srenje. 

To Mt^e, V, I. n. }e(ben, betAern ) II. a. t^er* 
fliftlitden 9 (tnttnterf4ltt(f en, ifinterfitlinden. 

Bddt, 1. 1. bte Oleite, «Be<tfrIfi>Id«/ bas 9XaU 
8. ber 6treiA, fStcfni i 3. ba6 ®efe4t, ber 
^ampf, YttSftS) Sorfan, 04(Ad) 4. bie 
Sttfibarfeit) (drinking-), baft (de4«)®e* 
Tag, bet64nMttS. [Gtegretfe. 

Bofltsde', #. eine ©rflle) etn ^nfaS anS bem 

BAA't^nt, adj. Arch, ivr et&^t bienenb. 

Bouf^-rtmec [bArlmft'], #. pi. (ftan}.) /\>ct. 
bie^leimmorte) baS ^Inbreimgebiibt 

Bd'Tgy-cSal, #. bie bitttmin5fe 9rannfb(Ie auft 
^cter, ©oDet^foJle. 

Bo'vTne, adj. 1. |nm £)d|»fen9ef4Ic4t ge^s 
rig) S. « c^fendngig. 

To B6^, V. I. cr. 1. Hegen, beugeni 2, biSdfen, 
ueigen) }nnidfen) 3.>!g.beugen, untetbdi!' 
fen, venUibtett) n.n. l. fiibbtegen^ 2. fl^ 
Ntfen, M neigen) to — down, fl4 nieber« 
bfidenj nieberflnfen. [ber ©^(fltng. 

Bd^, f. bie Serbeuguttg, 9emeignng, fam, 

BOv, «. 1. gen. ber 9ogen$ i^ug^ 2. Mar, 
ber 9$ug eincS 64^ffee [in biefer Sbtng. bo k 
bdd]; 8. 2Vf. a) ber ©ogen elneft ©riflbo^ 
rers on ber fDretbanf^ 6) Hat. ber ^atb* 
bogen^ c)biei0iegei ber Mgd) d) ber 
DerloreneJCttoten, btee<bleife) e) ba#3o<b 
(ber 3ugo<bfen)) /) ber Orttbbogen^ e) »W- 
-length; -of a key, bet eSbWfeWngj 
<- of a saddle, ber^attelbng) —of a tporj 

2» bcp| bfe €(#wcfAuig M cittM C^fcai —of a 
vIoliBy ber 6(ofuibog(l9 croio^, raia— » ike. 
0{<l.iBC^ftc^ aUi>-^JkJlcr.aboM<leaB) 
-ofatUp, dabrciter tit. eolbr (f^mtlcr 
ob.f#<rf(r)eagciaeieMkf|fieei tke b-a of 
a aiOp, bie ilailttt dact 644fei| oa the-, 
fro^abattlMifei n. oomp. (bef. Mar.) — 
aachor, ber ftngoafer, (Babdaafer ) —bearer, 
ber9orflI4atinr^^(Si»ogt| -beBt,9cMamif, 
eingebogcn, fntmni) — chaaea, e^ftkdc, 
3ttgb(Wl*e(»ie— fiece«); —dye, dtt()for» 
}dgtt4^) 64arIa4rot( ()« Bow bd Loadoa 
gefSrbt)) —grace, due (Bonb (da ®e^ngc) 
amt^g ton altenXenmerf (ttarften tt.lBtc« 
len) {um Od^ii^e gegen bad Qii^ —hand, bie 
linfe (ben Sogen ^altettbe)^Qnb) — kaot, 
ber i»erIorene ^oten, bie e^iti^i —leg. 
ba0fmttme9ein$ —legged, fntnuabdnigi 
—length, dn ^ngcnmaf van ben Vbfianb 
eince 9og(ttf<lkfl^en bom 3id su beftimmoi) 
—line, bie 9nttea} — line bridles, ba<9n« 
Iienft>riet5 —line kaot, ber SuIicnfU^) — 
maker, ber Sogenmo<l^, Oogner; —man, 
ber 9ogettf46^l —man of a boat, bererfle 
0tabererittdnemt8ootr$ —net, bie menfc, 
Sif Arenfe i — pieces , engflfi<te (Iciibte 
e^iff^HttOttett); — pln,.bQS Gd^g^Qig; 
—pot, ber (dttferc) Qlumentopf (on einem 
gcnfter) ) -aaw, eine IBogcnfdge ttit Idadm i 
-shot,l.bcr9-f4nf4 2..biee-f4n^eitc) 
— sprlt,balSngfii>riet| (in fleinen eM^ifTcn) 
berVudfegeri —sprit top-sail ballards, ber 
ICne^olerber^ibiebbUnbe) -string, bie 9c« 
genfe^nei a hatter's — string, bo^ Scgen* 
(eberamSa^^ogenber^atma^cr) -wheel, 
bie SiWreufe i —window, ba# gc»6(bte Sctt' 
fter, Sogenfenfter, ^tfiftaftn, eAaafcni^r. 

ToBO^fl, v.a. 1. an^eibctt, tndnelmcii) 
%fig' ^^ in beftSnnere bringea, dabriagca. 

Bd^r'fii^ss, a4i.Jig* gcffi^liod. 

BS^^If, a. pi. 1. ba» Cfinge»dbe$ fie- ^ ba« 
Smtere^ 8. ^Script, ber ei| bc( mtldbeat, 
3artgeffi(^I$ i ba» aRitldben, (Befiii^li bowd- 
complaint, bie Sdbf(l^mer)cn, Aoiif. 

Bd«V» *' 1. ber fi4 Sidgenbe^ 2. ber Sogen, 
biefB5lbttng) 8. bte tauUi ber Mattige 
^la^j bie (dttbU^ ^iittei ber tonbfi«$ 
4. iinaf. ber i!)evgemnSfd , Ocuger i 5. 
Mars, a) ber SXaflf orb, SRard i b) ber Hug* 
anfer (ft.bow-anchor); the best- , ber tdgii^e 
Tiiftti theamall— , ber Sau* ob. Xeuaafcr. 

To Bo V«r, t>. a. eiaf^Uefen, vngcben. 

Bd<^^, adj. ooBer^nben. 

BliV^, BdVot, s. ber TCeftting, inngefmbi^. 

To Bo^r^e, V. I. a. bnr^bo^ren, bar^iefen i 
II. n. vid. To Bongo. 

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Mir^-kaife[-dtf|,#. Am. diieltte (t»fcl||ToBte»9*L«.l.teifte«i#f^,toc(« JMflt 

B3wl [ 19^., fT., Jkc.; bMI «r bOl, Tforc. *e.]» 
s. 1, Me 5titt(l| «. [wq kr fto^^f, We 
e«MffeI, 64«ie, H»S<«cii| 8. Hr^Ie 
!C^ eines :D{&0eS, Me |>«^ttfl (eme» €6^ 
fe», etner9>retfe: ber|>feife«lt>pf)4 4wMcQi« 
flerne; 5. beri)e4et4 6. ber9ttiimflttiam$ 
7. ber !Ra|l!or() 8. btS SDtof i»oii « 64ef* 
felit; rM. Bole, 9; —weft, (mtet bra 
^btff«t!>e!tent, bef. «Bebern) Me f5ermi» 
trevung i^m 9ttnt, Beibe, %u 

To B«wl [or b54l], v. L fi. 1. Jtegel f^beit^ 
fege!tt$ S. fl4 fttfieln^ IT. o. roHeii/ fsgefn. 

B»wl'd?r[»f5.; bd^fder, fforc], #. eomp, 
(—stone), eeoi. ba0 Oef^iebt; det^D, brr 
0toft|h(Tl, Jttefeljlein, — itone«,(bowMeri), 
Vl. 1. etrontfWne^ Uebetfiefel} 2. fleiite 
^afterfWnei -wall, Me JtiefelfWnmotter^ 
bet 0teUib<niuii. 

Bowlf r [or bod'lf r], *. ber itegeff^ieber. 

BOw^jng [or bdiMjng], #. bo9 JtegelWelj 
— allef, ettie bebeffte itegelba^j —green, 

Ten) 9. <Mi«e, iNt d«#Bra|tni,u.) tii* 
l«9|fii,aa$^pfm (fkimfifl)^ a. JVairt-«. 

» oM^ Me Hetfrgd b«« liim, m btf CWff 
»i<birinbt«0ea iiiMn^,»emieieiiK 
«8le gefmgca (di 4. 0^^^ aebcM^ mix 
ber S«»fl WtflAi 11. f». M btxcn, bmn. 

Btti'f o, mii. 1. bo« M^^bAvm, bit4»b4a« 
wen $ 2. bem Sn^boitm itfkVi^, 

B^V» «• ber %oittfHxKpf€tf ttorer, k. 

BSx'incf. 1. Corp. ft Join, a) bttlXb^f fitter, 
bfe Oeflelbind ber Xl^r6ffiiiit0 i b) bod Yn« 
f<bla0eit ber SeUdbwig} 2. Aave. eine ^rc* 

B«jf,#. Lberitnobe, 9ube, 3«i9<l 3und« 
ling, ian^e !Bteiif(b) boyg, (in Siibiai) aflc 
mlnnli^beeeMentcni 2. vM. Baize. 

To Boy, tj. I. n. JtOtbetei trciben, ftnbW feni j 
n. a. wie edictt Jhiabcii belanbeln. 

Bdf^,#. 9ui.B€jv. idriben. 

fidjf^M [--'o], *. Fort, ber e^«d ber tonf- 

ber iBofeTplaO, e{n htrjsetaltener 0t«feitpIat B5f ^ r, «. 1. ber So^er, f^ufer (^4iib. 64ki* 

jumJhiflels(m(btJte8el*)©<b<ebett5 — growid, 
1. Wie —green ; 2. ber ^e^elpUi^, bie ^-b<4tt 
ToBd^ie, V. I* a. Mar. ite^en^tn^leii/ttlien^ 
'. cwftatjem —away! — 1io!(^r!sieben)7(0e 
onfeinmal! oHe!Rttnn beiberSaQel n.n. 
teiben, vid.ToBoQie. [ftogenf^ilbc. 

Bcw'y^r, *. (».*.) 1. berftogneri 2. ber 
B«x, #. 1. Bot ber Stt^bftbavm (tu^ —tree); 
—dost, esdgefpdne b. Oitib^baQiB^ — tboni, 
Bot. ber6n49boni5 —wood, 9tt^banm' 
(oIs$ 2. ber 64^00 mitber^dnb (S<>«ft)5 
—on the ear. Me SD^rfetge, !Dtaii(f(beae| 8 
a)MeM4fe, ZH^di^V, S)cfe$ ber itttften, 
baft ^ft^cn) 5) berXttftnt ah einer^d^t" 
imbe) e) bos ^ntteroli d) Me toge (tin 
Sweater, tc.)? ber Serfiblod d*®* ^ ben 
engl. IBirt^S^dnfeni, filr Me Mfte)} e) ber 
ihttf^erfib 5 Jtutfiiftenbotf $ /) cof . bol ^9« 
4ett5 g) Afar. ba6 Gompof (dvd^en | h) 
Typ, b<k» 9q4 im 64nfl9aflett| i) C^om. 
ber Sed^ Qum flBftrfeln, tc)} Ie) ^arrf. Me 
Qittfoff^d einee ICeeteS i — of a screw, bie 
^Mbranbennttttter ) — of a wbeel, bie 9tabett« 
bft^fC/ ffBdgenbfiibfK ) — ^"^^^ noodle, ber 6ee» 
GomiHtf I ballot—, dnst— , Ae. vid. in B, D, 
Ac; To — 'banl, t>. a. ^outl^Ifen, (bor 
bem (Binbe) txaHt^ta, tunibenben) —Iron, 
baS Mgefeifen) -keeper, THmX, ber Eo* 
geitfdblief er, ^ogenwdrter j — money, Xr»en« 
gelb, t2(tinofm4 Q$parbi(bfmgetb) —stays, 
€5(ber^dngen ffir Jtaflen/ y ttfte, ic 

lnpye)4 2. eitt fbinef 9a^r}ci0, |«ai 9Mvhf 

legen gebrav^bt. [itiRbbeit 

Bafliood [-hddj, «. ba» Jtnabeiudter, bie 

BSffib, L Oft;. ; U. - ly, ocfo. fntbemidf ig, 

ftttbifib/ M^pif*) -daya, bieitiKbtria^rc^ 

m.-neBl^ 9. ba filiMr^ IMrdgcn, Me 

Jtittberei. [benalter. 

Bof'ifnyt. l.wieBoyisbness; 2. btl Jhl«« 

Brf bint', #• ^eog. bd» ^eriogt^Hm Orabonn 

Br»bfai'ti8^«.pk Com. brob«tttif4e2ctiub«iib. 

Brfban'tHie, ttij. bllb«llttf4. 

BrSb1>le, s. ber Sasr; etrcit. 

To BrSb1>le, v, n. ftretten, iOttlett, Wfen- 

lirabOil^, #. ber iMa, fte^t^ber. 

Brioe, #• I. «{itg. 1. bo6 Satb^ Me Sfnbe, ber 

eUemciii ^ttt« 2. TVp. bieitlotmier ( [ ] )4 

8. ATiM. bie Xccolabe) 4. Artk-^. a) berXl* 

fer, ^^Stoi^ 5) bos Srtgbasb, ber 0t4(btl< 

feni bieetrebe) 5. Me4>altinig,eittbttngi 

epoittttng; 6. bie 0tiiflitnd, ber j>amiM5 

MeVrmf^iene)»9aar5 a — ofpiotols, 

sport, backs, foxes, bares, Ac, dn9>aar 

fHftolen, cin 9. ob. eineito^pelOlef^bdtfc, 

9fi4re/ ^afet/ tc $ —of a dosser, bie ^nnbi> 

babeeiner (Btttte^ -and bite, eineSo^riwe, 

Vmbntbe»itbd)ttpttfrettben9o^rem4 eine 

bergl. and eollar, »enn Me IDntbe etn 4mK« 

fM %tU " •prfais^ pi. <^agerienifibeni 

(an ittttf^)) n. b-s, fl, 1. (a pair of -), 

tnifg. eitt 9>aat ^fmttdger^ Mar-$. X 

bie9rtfrett(0fdelfeile)5 8. Me pigerfinge 



Um etatemfeiOi ^ -•t aotuili, bi<|ToBril|^ 9.n. px^Himf miS/Mmi X M 

e4»imdriemea eUier Saif^ti 6. •- •C a 
dnun, bie SriMnmeCIdM. 
To Brftce, v. a. I. Binbet, (uu^ (eitt«) iHnbeii, 
OS* (sttfammes') ^fttH/ bcfifHgen, (cui») 
MnaUctt; fUurf aaiie^ai^ mv^Mx, (e. KroiM' 
mel) fpottRcn J4iiirtii4 einMlifPeni infonfr^ 

fidrff II j 3. jtfar. brsfTen. [2. bte Vmf^tiene. 
Braee'l^t [col. briu/-l«t], «. 1. baS :KrmB(m))9 
Bn'c^r, t, 1. bee (&ntt, (Bfirtel^ S^codtimen^ 

K.| ^ofentrdger^ bieSiabe) 8, baft Q(rm« 

fli&cf (sumlBaaRpieO^ 9* J^cd. bie |ufammen« 

Ste(^€nb( TCrinei. 
Brich, «. S^ort. 1. ber SradC (^rt GpiSr^unb)? 

a. bte {)iLnbtns beS S^d^^nbeft, bie ^e^e. 
Bra^h'i^i, aef;. |um Yrme ge^drig; Xnn«. 
Brl$h']»te, 4k&'. BoU ormfdrmig. [meln. 
BrS^ii'iaM. 04;. 1. mitYmeii) a. vaittx* 
Bra^h'si^n, BH(^li'iii}ii, #• vtd. Brtunin. 
Br«£hf g'r^phQr, s, ber Sra^^^grap^. 
Br^jhjg'r^phy, *. bie fdv^^^x^pf^U. 
Br9$lif l'9^y, #. J2^et. bie fdvo^x^lo^it. 
Brack, f.l. ber (!Stauer> ob. XBaOOSnt^j 

bieOrefd^e^a boftSrud^fhicf^etilde) S.^Sg. 

ber SKangel, geWerj 4. baft S5ratfe^ (SReer*) 

eal)i0e,eal}$ 5. Com, bie Vuftf^ttpiMare, 

To Brack, v. o. 1. faljen^ S. Com. SBMren 

Qitdraitgirat, attdf^iefen^ brotftn. [lo^n* 
Br ack'f^e, 9, Com. bet ®radf« (ob. IBradferO 
BrSckVt *. Com. ber gef4>»orenc ® jterbe* 

f4a«cr, iBroder. 
BrSck'ft, s, I. jing. 1. Carp, bie «#e^ Uater- 

lage, ba6 Stuerl^el} (gum 0tu(en), ber %x&^ 

ger^ 2. 2Vp. bie JClommer ([])$ 8. ber 

©picUeu^ter^ n. b-», pi. 1. bte iafftttzti' 

tofinbe, ®eiten{iu(fe ber aXorferlafTetteni 2. 

Afar, bie Gtiq^er ber ®Qaionl«0tegeli]igen. 
BrSck'jftb, I. adj. brorf; ein n>enig faljig (loow 

€$cen>afrer)5 II. ~ ness, j, bad fdxadt,.&aU 

mt, ber faliige ®er4»Qiad 
Brati'te^ BrWt^ vtd. Floral leaven. 
Brac'ti«te, Brac'M* adj. BoL mttiDetfbI5t« 

tern oerfejen. [fe^en. 

BrXc'tSplfite, adj, Bot, mit ©edtbWtt(ben ber* 
BrSc'tgQle, *. Bot, bad ©erfbldtt*ett. 
Br&d, #. 1, ber (guf*) ©obennagel, ©pie« 

Fernagelj 2. ber S^apetennagelj -awI, ber 

fir^tdoon', «. bie (aBafTerOSrenfe, baft fiBoIfft^ 

gebif) born—, dne b^ibc Jtnebeltrenfe^ 

loop—, befgL mit flUtng $ raaffle— , eine ge* 

»dbftli4( Jbiebelttenfe) — cbaini, — linka, 

C^rfettea, 7(itffot)igeSfetteii$ — miuiers, 

AlrtoIUa) — •viveU,IDbrb6gcl. 

rit^mes (- of, f iser eo^e)/ fbb fcin <itf . 

BrXg» «. 1. biei)rttblereii a. ber 6toIi$ 3. 
Gam. einitdrteafpiel, in »eU^ bie Svbes 
itttbKett»ii^aitptforteii fUb^ -wort, eine 
Vrt bon fdb»a4em SRet^ ob. j>oiiig»afrer. 

BrSgg^dO'c|« C--ehi»]» «• pi* (JllarryaOf)rai« 
lerekQ/ !9{in4^ufiaben. 

Bri(cg9du'€i9 (-9hi9) [-ihl-?], $. ber Qrof- 
Ipre^ber, ^ra^ler, ooL ^rof^lbanft. 

BrSg'g^r^, 9. bie|)ra6lerei, TCufMneiberet. 

BrSg'gfTt, Brag's^, L *• ber Oroffpre^er, 
^rabier^ Xuffcbneiber^ IT. adj. pra^lerifib' 

Brig'wt, (Brig'g^t), #. 1. (na4 C. Med.) eis 
geioifTeft fu^Ienbeft^etrdnf auftfiSafer^iRals, 
^omgtt ®en)ur2j2.ber^et6,bieJraUf(baIe. 


Brah'm^ 9. (inb.) Rel. (ber (&Qtx) Sraauu 

BrfJiman'ic, adj. (inb.) bramittif(b- 

Brah'mjn, «. vid. Bramin. 

Brab'mjn^fin, 9. (inb.) iZe^-berOra^maiftmuft, 
baft fBrominent^um. 

To Braid, v. a. 1. jle^tett^ 2. iufammen* 
»ebett5 3. borbiren) a b-ed coat, eine9)i(tf4be. 

Braid, 9. I. btegte^tej 4>aarf[ed^te| a. ber 
itnoten) baft^emebe^ 3. bie Sorter fleine 
@pibe %Wi i93efcben/ ber IBorflof $ 4. bie i95a« 
lette, baft 7(<bfea>anb. 

Brail, 9. 1. Mar. bie IBef(blagIetne/ baft ®ei« 
tau 9 Sport. (FalcJ) 2. ein 0ltemen jum gefl« 
binben ber gittige eineft ga(fen$ 3. befglei* 
<ben ber a){agen u. bie dingemeibe^ ber 6teip, 
@teri eineft galfen*. 

To Br&il, V. a. (—op), 1. Mar, aufgeien i 
2. SpoH. iFalc.) bie gittige eineft JBogelft 
(gal(en) hinUn. 

Brain, 9. (geto. Brainf , pi.) 1. baft Oe^irn^ 
2. fig. ber ^erflanb, «ftopf, baft ®ebd4tnifi 
—fever, bie ©e^irnettt^unbung) —pas, bie 
|>irnf(bak$ — siclc, adj.; — lickly, ado. 1. 
koa^nfinaig, ^irnftt(btig) 2. nnbefonnen, o(ne 
JiSerflanb) -- sickness, LberSBa^n^nj 2. 
ber Unoerftanb, bie Unbefonnen^eit. 

To Brain, v. a. 1. boft Oe^irn attftfcblageU; 
ben JCopfserftbmettern) 2. Cook, ent^imen. 

Brained, acO'.comp. cock— ,£c, C, kc 

Brai'nifth, adj. toOfdpflg^ (ibig, nnge|lum. 

Brain'i^ss, adj. bi^nloft, unbefonnen. 

Brait, 9. Jew. ber ro^e ^iamant. 

Brake, 9. 1, baft garnhaut^ garngebSf^f)^ 2 
baft S^orngebufcb^ S3rombeergebilf4$ 3. bie 
(4>anr' ob. gla(bft«) S3re<be$ 4. ber lumpen' 
f<bioengeI, Oecfjffaxf » 5. ber ^ebebanm (bei 
(Sefibiben)! 6. bie ^onb^abe, ber Qbxi/lf, 
So^rblodf^ r. berSatoog^ 8. baft f<barfe 
&thi^ 9.Far.a)bielBremre$ b)berSl(ot(fialb 



ter ttdgc) — *•««!!» /l-to. Sremileitte. 

To Br&ke» «. a. (f^imf ob. glad^) bre^eti. 

Bri'kf r, f . U$ S)oni9eHtr<ft, vicf . Bnke, 9. 

Bril'ky, iMdj. h9Xni%, ^^cUg. 

Bra'n^, «..vJd. BrmluBa. 

Briiu'bie, #. I. ting, l.UtSxombtnfbcon^i 
%, berS)oriibuf(^,baft(Sefln[ipp5 3. (— ftocb),| 
wit BrambKng; comp. — biish, BoU ber 
SrottbcerbuM^ —net, bal Stnfnine^) — 
•cythe* bie ^etfmMel} II. b-s, p£. bie 

Br&nliliag, #. Orn. ber »inttr|!Bf, en%fint 

BrWbled, hHafhlj^ adj. mit 0rombe(r« 
fbrAn^m flbema<ireii. 

Brifmin, Bri'nine [ Wore. Sm, ke.; brXm'in, 
Wb,y fte.]> «• (fnb.) J{«f. ber IBramitte« 

Br&'njo^M, Brimioee'* t. bie Srau einc^ fBro' 

Br|tnin'ic^» adj. bcaminif^. [minau 

Brii'iiiji^tfm, #. vid, Brmbminiim. 

Brihi, «. bieJHcie^ —new, col, 
vulg,fwMM^doini, fpannev. 

BHUcb, #. L $ing, 1. ber 3ioetg, TCft, CS4of ^ 
2. ber Xrm (einee StufTeA, eme$ to^terl; 
ic)$ 3. bie Sinie (in (9rf4le<|^tSredifteni)4 
4. Min. eine (Srgaber ; ft. Am. bie OcftaDttng 
etneft ^t^fcn^ fig-** 6* berX^il/ bie Unter* 
obtteilung, ber ((Bef<lftiftft«,(Shrnerb^)3»ei9, 
U.4 balS^A) T. berXbfdmmling^ B. — or 
b-es, P<. ber HtmUaMtti a two tigbt — , 
ctB|»eiarmiger£eu4lftter$ « vioo— • ein9te!M 
f4of« n. b-et, pL 1. badYfl»erf| 9, bie 
efi^Wbctt, 9fl((er; 3. iircft. bie ftiy^en 
(Ooften) ber got^. (Bewdlbei 4. Sport, bie 
Chiben am^irMgewet^e) S.b-os ofabridlo, 
Me Gtangen am <9ebiffe$ in. comp. Com^. 
~b«iik«bte8iUaIbQn!,9tebeftbttitfj — onteb- 
HsbmeRt, bii$Kebeii(anbbtBg»^ttft, bieGoau 
nanbite) — leftvet, BoU bie Xflbidtter) — 
lino, -« romd, bie 9UI>eiiftrafe ) d»ei0(eii 
fiai)ba(tt) — p«M» eti(t» 6b. CStoberbfes) 
—pilot, Jm. eitt mit eincr obrigfeitL BejIaU 
htng oerfe^ener ^t^fe) — •tind, FaZc. boA 
gUegen bel 9<klfen bon 4!tenm |« Oattm, bi§ 
ber ^tmb bie 9teb(il^iier aufiag^. 

To Brinch, v. Ln. (—off; —oat into..., Ac), 
1. 3»eigc treiben, M in dweige a»»breites, 
Hrt^eilcBf rostai) 9. ^. M i»erbreiteii, 
cm^Uiffen, »eitf4^»eifig rcben) II. a. 1. in 
3i»eige ober Z^tilt tbeiien^ 3. (Ronfm m«' 
4eB; bUUnett) 8. mit 3»eigcn ob. Xrmen 
tNtrfeben) b-edaiD41eitick,bcrKTmIen4tfr. 

Britt'cbfr, «. 1. mB M i»3meige ouebreiteti 
2, fig' ber 6t«mmbatcr$ 8. Sport. berift» 
fiiigi 4. ber JT^naricabogel im erfln 3«tn« 

hrUfAfTf, 9. bal 3(fl»etf , <Befircr. 

Brln'ebio^M, 9. boidioeigige, tfUge, bie XxA' 
breitnng(ber3»»cige9 on^^O* 

Brio{bHWt<8oiM, adj. Jeh. mititiemcBbeitelii 
berfe(en) *-nead»rtno, bie Jtiemen^aut 

Brftneb'lvu, adj. 1. )»etgIol, fcS^U >. fig* 

Briknob'l^t, #. dim. b<i» tftien. [na(tt, blof. 

Brftn'chy, adg. IWeigig/ dftig. 

BrXnd,/. 1. ber Sroiib; Sctterbranb; itieu) 
2. « a) ba» 6<b»(rt{ 6) ber SDonnerfeii^ 8. 
baS Sronbmal) 4. Cbm. bie j>onblung6mar' 
U, ha j>'6(tgQet, {^-Iseiiben (a«f SBoarcnH 
ft.^gr. bereibanb^eni —fox, Zoo<. ber 
ISraBbfit^; atotbMH — soo««» Orm 
bie IRottganA/ Saumgonli —iron, 1. boi 
93renneifen4 a. (an^bC— ]tr«fet),bcr ^ei^f i 

8. ber generbotf) —new, vid. Bmn-new; 
— sanday, ber erfh gaflenfonntag. 

To BrSnd, n. a. lit. k fig. bmnbmarieni 

bmnbmaleni b-tn^-iron, bnl Srenneifen, 

Sranbeifen. [ben. 

(gans) nei,|| To BrXn'ditb, v. a. f<b»ingen, f^tnenfett/ f<bUtt« 

Briin'difb, s. bol e^mvk^tn, ber 64»aBg, 
{)ieb (beim9c4ten). 

To BrXn'die, v. n. nadOn, toonfen. 

BrXa'difng, s. bie ^fft^mabe ()nm Kngebi). 

htlMy^s. berfironntioeini — diftiUer, bet 
S-brenner^ — fmit, in Q. eingema^tt 
Sdi4te4 brandioi, pt. co^. (ft — glaiMi), 
erannt»eing(5fer, W>n^ph%Uftx. 

To Brftn'ste, «. n. foidMi, ftreita. 

BrSn'cIo, s. ber 3anf , etreit, bie aUhnl 

BriUi'gifr»«.ber3Anfer,6treiter. [Sdrei^buk 

Br^nk, #. Bot-^. beren^mdieni — nrdn»bic 

BriOi'ny, adj. Neienartigi Heiig, fleii^t 

BrXnt« adj. fleil, Jd^i (o4$ comp.-^fiDx; 
— gooM, vid. ttttt Brand. 

To BrSfo, V. a. vid. To Branc. [t^. 

Brited, ad!}. ^«r. lote eitt ICnbreolfro^ gi» 

Bri'f^n* octf. k v. md. Braien. 

Bri'fS^r [-'ili«r]> 9. I. ber JtupfrrfAmilbi 

9. [brnsbitOt bieitoilcnpfiuat/baM-beifoni 
¥^' roda,BtnajbeifettintteMUl0CB ffirltnpfevi 

BrA'fi^ry [— xb«r|J» *. 9Refftttg»anren. 
Bri^ll, BrXf |1M^, kc vid. BrSz^I, Ac 
BrfUi, 9. I. M'ng. 1. (yeUow^), bol ^effbigi 
(red-), bnsltnpferi bieSronsei bolttrk 
SKetnO) %fig. bie tlni>erf44mt(eiti n. atg. 
I. ctem, metaSen, fnpfern) 9. fig. wxotf 
fcbtet) in. csomp. — battery, 1. iteifebnefi 
ftng^ fDUfflngblei^i 9. bie IReffingmaart 
(Stifftl,9f$xmfa,u.)i -box beater, ein me^ 
fingenes e^dtlcifirn) ^colour, bie 9ronie» 
fnrbe, Qtifarbe? -dait, fRetaOfUIfpinfi 
-iunpe, p/« Mm. bie mnbcn 8cnerjteiiic 




^ Gi^mef^IHeS; — mosey, toe Jb^pfergelb, 
fair(^e<9e(b$ —ore, Min. Ux(Mmnt, 6a< 
Ittmintfleini — ibniff, altrt5Kef|ln8;«ni<^« 
wcfflngi IV. b-ci, p*. 1. QRefflnfigeWirr 
i^fmntn, JtefTrf, ic.)} ». Afar. metalUie 
Sfi^ren in ®to«f4e{ben| 8. hit Ib^fen, m 
bfttfit bie Gpittbel eineft ^pinnrabel, u. Mnft; 
4. (monmnental — ), Her. in SKarmot, ic. 
elngffiidteSrspIatten, wel^effBapen UHb^ne 
Wrift »ott ©erflorbenen tnt^alttni 6. Typ. 
6tfi(ttinien4 ^- A^««* wd.— lompi. 

BrXs's^rdf, BrXi'if ts, «. 2>{« Vrmf^tentll; bU 

BriU'f jnf u, «. ba» 9)teffln0arttde; (Sriarti^e. 

hMay, adj. 1. er}art{ft, e^ern^ 2.>ig. nn^ 
wrftjdmti —pyrites, erjdrtiger Jtiefi. 

Brat, J. conu baftJtinb, beriSalg ) KbfSmmling. 

BrAoIf , BrAwIf, s. Conu inbif^e Gtoffe mit 
blauen unb weif en Gtreifen. 

Br^Tji'do, «. 1. bU 9rQ((net, bas JSro^bitten ^ 
-2. ber ^xa^ltx, ®rof fpw^er. 

BrSve, I. adj. ; 11. — ly, adv. 1. bwt, topfer, 
ffi(n,imerf4ro<!ett) 2.re4tf^affen^ S.grof; 
er^aben, (errlid); prA^tig $ III. f. 1. btr SBa* 
ge^oi*, (KfenfrefTcr, ^w^lfrj a. berXro^, 
bie ^erattSf^rberung, ^ra^Ierei. 

to Brftve, v. a. 1. Sro) bteten, ^o^n fpred^en, 
bef^impfen, (erondforbem) tntmpfen^ 2. 
ttit 6t»a6 prA^len; eSinrCS^au ouMegen^ 


Bri'vfry,#. l.bteXapfetfdt,Unerfd^ro(fen(e{t; 

ber^Ibntnmt^) 8.ber<5beImitt^;bfe(9rofiimt^. 
Bt&'t©, j. (itoC.) ber 5Keu*elm6rber, ©anbit. 
BniTft'r^, s. Mus. l.bieiBra\»onr*7(rie5 2. bie 

Sra)>ottt (beim €${ngen). 
to Brftwi, v. I. n. 1. f^reien, Mrmen ) 2. (lant) 

^anfen) 3. murmeCn (wie ein IBa4/ x.)? n. 

a. 1. bur4i Sftrmen Deriagett) 2. jSg. nieber* 

r^mettent. [(loitte) donf 

BrAwi, «. 1. bof 9ef4ret; brr^Jrmi 2. ber 
BrftVIr* '• ber Sctrefer, 3<nfer. 
BrAwn, 9. 1. bd9 dberfletfii^, 96fel(f4n>e{ne> 

peif*} 2. berSberj 3. b««berbe?fleif(b3 

4. ber fldf<bide; mttfif elige IC^eif bed Mvptc^ j 

— fiiUen, abgejejrt, ^ager. 
Browned, p. a. fterf, i&terWrfitig. [C$4>9ein. 
BriVn^r, *. bas ffir bie XafeC befHmmte totlbe 
BrAVnfn^M, s. 1. bie JJIeiWgMti 2. bie %u 
•f«8hitbe5SIeif«eftj 8. A. Me eUrft, Un* 

BrAw'ny, adj. jleff^ig^ nm$fttld6; fMrf. 
Briiy, *. 1. basefe($ef<brei4 2. bere*rei, 

iDibrige Soitt 
To Briiy, u. I. a. ftofen^ fttmpfm, jetflofen, 

Hein retben) n. n. 1. »ie einCffel, h^, )c. 

14^^ ) ^ toibrig tdnen^ br^tneo^ f^intttcni. 

Bny'fr,#. 1. bicSMrflnfnile^ ettn^ft^ 2. 
berfjfarbeiiretber) 8. Frinu bie ft^lbrtnlr^ 
ber^orbenldnfer} 4. ber snbrtge e^reter, 
Brilyl, 9. vid. Bndl. [mOg. e^reifKiU. 

To Brize, «. «. 1. Ut^l 2. (—over), mil 
(5r3 Ob. Jhtpfer fiberiteben/ bronsircn^ Z.fig. 
h\h ittr Uni>erf4dmt(ett ab^drten, fld^len. 
Brft'z^o, adj. 1. ebem, metaOen, mefflngen; 
2. (-ly, adv.) jig. ttnoerf^dtoti -diA, 
Min. baft Sttftirtnof ber Srdge, na^ benen 
Chrse gemeffen »erben4 —face, — froat, ber 
(bie) Unoerffb^mte^ — faeed (—browed), 
[(bomloft, ttnoerf(bAmt5 —Ma, Jew. Ant. ba$ 
e^erne !Keer (im ealomonifd^en Senpcl). 
ToBri'zfB, V. hn. Uttt>erf(ib6nt fcin $ II. a. 
to — oQt, ttnoerfibimt, fetf htl^ptta, ober 
oert^eibigen) to — one down, Semanbea 
fibcrf(breiett. [UnverfibdiBt^ett. 

Brll'z^nQ^M, 9. 1. vid. BraaeineM; 2./^. bie 
Bril'aifr [— zb^r], 9* vid. Brailer. 
Brfc'H [r. ; br^z«l', W., Wore, fim, Ac], 9 
1. Geog. SrafUten4 2. (—wood), baft S-« 
(oIs,berSern«mbnf4 — inkybtcrot^Stnte} 
— DQtt, yeibttrimnAfTe. 
BrSzil^t'to, 9. (-wood), baft Sanut^^IS* 
Br»zn'i«a, 9. k a. ber 9rafUianer9 braftUo* 
nif^i —root, ilfed. bie (brawie) Sre<b»«r* 
Id, Specacnan^a. 

Brcacb, «. 1. baftJBred^en, 3erbre<lb(&4 bet 
«m4) 2.ber»allbru4/bieertf^} 3. bie 
Sfi(fe, Jbtfhnng, ber dtif, baft ^Mbl ^- Sport. 
bie fHut^ beft ^H^feft i fig-*- »• tie flbertre* 
tttng, Serle^nng (ber ®efcbe, it.), bie flBort« 
brAibiefeit, U.5 6.bieUneini9hit,fntHeaig« 
feit, ber 3»ifU La«o-j. —of doie, jebeft 
unbefugte Setreten fremben Orunbefti —of 
coTenaat, ber SntA eineft ecrtragfti —of 
poand, getoaltfame sffaung beft Se^Ctcrft, 
anft bem ber Qigner fein gepfdnbeteft Sie^ be* 
freit) —of priaoB, bie gevMltfame Qrbrc* 
4ung beft OlefSngniffeft (urn ficb felbfl ob. 3e* 
manb Ynbem jn befreien). 
ToBrSacb, v. a. MiL eine firef<be mtt^tai 
(bur4 eine Oref^) erft&nnen. 
Br^ad, #. l.baftlBrob) 2. /g. baft Xmt, ber 
£ebenftunter(alt5 —aad batter, fitttter(tt.) 
9rob^ eomp.— €bq>per, Bak, ber®-rafpe» 
(er ^ — corn, baftiS^^foTttf — froit, bte^dbt 
beft O'baimieft^ — Mt wood, baft (9?nv) 
4)01} t>om 18-nttfbaomi —room, ber e-« 
raum, bie 9-fammcr anf eiscm 64fffe} — 
•titcb, oid.Broad-stitcb; — ftnlT, i4m. tit 
9-maf(, bere-td44 —toaster, bcrlB-rofi i 
— (rniU-)tree, BoU ber fB-fht^tbovm. 
To BrCad, v. a. 1. (9rob) cinMnribett^ cia« 
broken $ 2. vid. To Braid, 1. 




Brea<UA,«.l.buercite,8Batei 2.(;pm.(ocn 
3ettgett) baft etatt, ble Sa^n. 

Br^ad^/i'Ifss, adj. o^ttC fdvdU, 

To Break, v. I. a. 1. gen. (Gtwoft) breiften j 
2. ierreipeni fpringen, berften m^^tm er' 
bte(|)ea 5 9- a) h^ttf^^iUn (tote bie €$pnnc 
bie fiBoIfen)5 6) M/- (bie feinbU^e ^nie) 
bttr4bre((en$ 4. at. ierbrect^en, le^trumoteni 
(eine ^SRautx, ic)j ierf^Ugea, oeireafm, 
breii^eB) ribern) 5. Sport (to --up, ein 
0ie|^/^) icrUgen/ au^mivftnifig-s> 6. f(^»d« 
4en, entfr&ften; untergraben, ^erfloren, (bie 

(i»OBlUnil;K.)i to -- bolk, (a.) Afar. 1. fej^e 
£abtmd bred^en, angreifen, ein GtbilTitt Iffc^n 
onfangeBj 2. bie & befle|^len$ to — down, 
(a.) nieberreifen, abbre<l^en} FriHt, (eiae 
f)refre) abMlagen) to — forth, (».) ^rDor* 
bre^eOir terborqueaenijSg. auftbredl^eni to- 
Irom.. . (n. ober to ~ one*s self from. ,., 
ri^O* M entipinben, fl^ lohttiftni to- 
gronnd, 1. Agr. pfUigenj 2. /Z-ic. ben 93a& 
(cinerGifenba^n) inXngriff ne(»meni 3. Mil. 
bie 2anf9r£bett. offhen$ 4. Mar, hit TCnfer 
U^ten^ auft einem j>afen abfegeln, atulaufen) 
d'fig. bieg(u(bt ergreifenj to — hemp or 

iSkfanb^eit^ Bi^nf^tit)i 7. bdnbigen^ |i^ flax, ^anf ob. Sla<|»$ hxtd^tai to — io, (a.) 

men(X^iere)$ Man. iureiten(ou(i^ to— in) 
8. bdnbigen, iie^en (ein Jlinbi to — it of 
its tricks, i$m feine Unorten) abdemiftncn; 
bdmpfen, unterbrutten (^etbenf^aften)) be< 
mut^igen (3«»ttnbeft ©tol|)j (to — one's 
self of . . .), ablegen (fihlt ®es»o^n^iten), 
cntfasen (bem IBerdnfigen, :c.)3 9. f>vidien, 
lertrummem (eine Xrmee, CRai^t, ic) 3 10. 
Qteberf^IageQ; }erfmrf<^en, lerhttten, breiiften 
(baft f>er|^ ben ®eift, it.) i 11. bonferott ma^ 
4en,rprengcQ (eint Sanf, 2C.)> 12. oerob' 
Mitben/abbanfen,ent(afren4 l3.iit. abf^n^s 
yen (bie ^ttt){ 5ffnen (ein (Sefij^iour) 5 
fig^. 14. a) (Sa^n) bre4ea, anfangen^ ^) 
(et»Qft) in BoxW^Q imf^Zo^) bringen? 
(etne S^evigfeit) er5fl^en, mitt^eilen, binter^ 
bringeaj (fetn4>eQ)anftf(b£tten, offcnborcn^ 
c) (einen^paf) mwi^tu, C8Bi() reipen (upon 
one, fiber 6inen)i 15. a) nmflofen, auf^ 
bcben (ein (Befe^, eine^eiratb)^ 6)ilbertce« 
ten, bre^en, berle^en) 16. nnterbre((en, fift« 
ten (3nibft. @(blaf, baft etiaf4»eigen, k.)? 
avfbaUen) 17. )« ni^te mocben, bereitein 
(9)Une,ic)5 18. bre^en^ auffongei (einen 
SaO/tc)$ id.anfUfen/ abbre^en (Sreunb^ 
f<bAft; u.)) 20. a) Sport-^t. to — cover, (b. 
€BUbe) baft Rafter beriaffen, in'ft Sreie ge^en) 
to — berd, baft IRubel, bie ^erbe berlaflen 
(9on e.f>irfibe, w)| 6) to — compasy, fUb 
«»egf4lei(ben (anft e. a(efeDf4aft)$ n. n. 1. 
gen. breAtn, in Stdcte gebei) 2. fterrei^, 
ylo^ni 3. (ereiif, loftbred^en (bon e, etsr* 
mc)) 4. a) fl<b breiben (oon fi^eOen), braa« 
beni b) Jig. fUbdnbern (ooaiSdctter)^ 6. 
ber^, onfn^gen, anfge^en (oon e. 9t* 
nwvLxt,tc)ifig-^. 6.anbre(ben (bomSage)^ 
t. oerge^, abne^men, alt nerben) berblfi* 
(en) 8. fofiiren, iBatthrott nniten j 9. fi<b 
vetiebren^nergeben, bredben (boni{>ersctt^M.)^ 
10. breiben (mit e.^fceunbe/ u.)i 11. iVu'nt. 
M abbrdctefai, abf^uppen^ 12. f!4^ brctben, 
imfibUigen. (von XBein, acOi M Meiben 

einbre^en, einbringen^ &berraf(ben) to -in 
apon, 1. (erein plaben, etnbringeni 2. uber« 
laufen^ 3. Singriff tbun in..../ berlebeni 
4. fidren, ttnterbre^en? to — into..., (n.) 
1. einbre(ben, einbringen in ... > 2. fig. auft* 
bre^en tn(X^rdnen, jc.)^ to — loose, (n.) 
loftbreiben, M loftreipen^ ft(b fret ma^en 
(—from, bon)) to — measure, Fmc. auft 
bent Sager h>nimen$ to — off, (a. Gtioaft) 1. 
abbreiben, abret^ens 2. unterbretbenj (n.) 
1. abbre^en^ 2. Mil, abbre<ben, f4»enteni 
to - oflT from..., (n.) 1. fl(b (oftreif en,loft»tni' 
ben Don...) 2. abfle^enbon...9 to— open, 
anfbred^en; erbreiben i to - out, (n.) 1. auft* 
breiben (atiftbent(Befdngnine, u.)) 2. auft- 
bretben (bon e.8euer, it,)i 3. Cplo^li<b) (er« 
Dorbrecien (bon e. fba^, u.)i 4. auftfabren, 
anftfiblngen (am ^iUi m. b. f. b^u^ 
mitioto); 5.^. auftbretben (in Z^xinzu, 
2C.)| to — sheer. Mar, {u mit ^erumf(bmin» 
gen (Don einem Dor TCnfec liegenben ^(biffe 
n>el(beft babur^ in Qefobr fommt, baf bee 
TCnfev triftig n>irb)f to - throo^h, 1. bttr(b' 
breiben } 2. ubertretenj to — up, I. a. l.auf- 
bre<bett (Gt»aft)» 2. abbrej^en^ in 6tu(fe 
bre(b(n$ 3. anfldfen, (e. ^Crmee, e. IBerfanun^ 
lung)) aufgeben (feine ^auftb^iltung, ic)) 

4. ilgr. neubretbenj 5. (Joknson) ^ertegen, 
trond^iren, anf; aw, Dorfibneiben, vid. To 
Break, 5; II. ;i. 1. aufteinanberge^en, ft(( auf« 
ldfen(Done.^eere,2C.)) aufbrerben) 2. ge* 
rien betommeu; feiemj 3. {14 }ertbeilen(Dom 
atebel)) M aufbeSen (D.aBetter)^ to- way 
auftioeiiben 5 to — wind upward, vulg. rii(p« 
fen 4 to — wool, r, fiSoQe ffbiepen, fortiren. 

Break, s. 1. ber 9ru4$ 2. baft ^, bie 
^ffnung, berdmiffbencanmi bieOhtgauftjl^t/ 
Sittibt (in e.ffia[be)) 3. Arch. bie(ffianb«) 
ftertiefung, 92ifd^ei 4. Agr, ber 9{eubnuii 

5. ber SEBeaenbrd^, bieOranbnngi 6. Meek. 
berVbriibtioagen Qum^ri^ten berf)fecbe)$ 

I 7. ber j^emmMub) R-v. mtmi„ ^Dremft 




{wk Brake); a Me Uiitn^re^vns, fHiitfe) 
•• TVp-'* M 0patittm (im jDruto), ^^ 
Ybfa^ (a /ines) ; bet €(tri4/ Stnerftrt^/ (B<* 
hmYenflri4i 9rgan)ttngSftri4C— ]l ecrbttu 
bimgftfltt^ [-]; - of • letter, I/-/. UtXh^ 
hrak (am CS^cifilegel)) l^y — of day, bet 
2^0e» Ynbnt^) ~J«i"^ -^cA* biet^erbnii' 
bene CDtaaretarbett) —neck, 1. bU ^tAl* 
bre^eii} fig-^. 9. ber i<(e 9Drt) 8. ber Untct* 
gang; bol ectbetben i 4. Mar. ber j^u enge Sott» 
bvngioit f — off, e-sm. bie 6ibi9aitif4niitbe i 
— itone, 5ot. ber€$tetltbre4 9 — water, 1. bev 
XnlimiNittR;, bielCnferboi^e) 2. berffBafTer* 
bn^er: a)bt6 MrfenfteflBracf, itm6ra»bmi« 
gen |s brei^en^ 6) ber ^afenbamm )tt biefcn 

Breil'k^ble, adj. ierbrc4U4* [dwecte. 

BretOc^, #• 1. fffM. ba6 4)re(beti) 2. ba6 
JDnr^flcfern, €$taneni 3. Com. o) ber Sni4 
(«.}eibre4U<be]iCBaaren)| h) bie dlefacttt 

Breii'ker, s. 1. berlBre4er^ fire^enbei 2. ber 
derftfreri 5. Man, ber Sereiter, tc.; c/.To 
Break; 4. (beT-impf.) bie blittbeiriippef 
berVnlauf, QStmbel, bieOranbunfli 5. bed 
diibre^er) 6. Mech. vid. Breakiag-card, 

Br«akffMtt '• bM SrA^ftfitf; fRorgeabrob. 

To BrIak'liMt, v. I. a. ftilbftii<ten } H. a. etn 
CfrfibfM<t gebcn. 

Breil'I^Dg, part, )». To Break, qe.; Fart, ba$ 
CMffRes ber Soitfgrdben ) — eard, Meek, bie 
e^Tfrabe, (Brobfaibe, 0te<f fremipel. 

MuMf s. Ich. ber Oraffett^ bie Side. 

Te Br^aa, v. a. Mar. ein CSibifT 9on Kttf en 
rein brennen, dbbrennen. 

Br&wt, s. 1. Me Smfl, basemftblatt) fig-*'«^er}, (Bemiltb, (Bewiflen; bteSmfl^ 
8. bie 9rottte (eine^ ^ilgett, ic)| Afar-#, 4. 
— of a veatel, bie deite eineft 9<biffeli 6* — 
of a block, ber^erb eineftSIoM^ -back 
■tayt, bie 6ettenpatbnnen$ —board, R-m. 
ba0 nuerbol} einel BWtUn^, toorin bie ei* 
femenlDre^erfiben; — boae, ber 4)-fno4en, 
bo* 0*bein) -> buckle, —broach, 1. bieSn* 
fn^nqti 2. bie Sufennabei) — battoas, 
flBefienM|)fej --catkets. Afar. bieOtaabdn' 
ber I — dotb, berSntfUab i —dees, S-btatt* 
ringei -fatt. Mar. laB 3notan (eine ^nb* 
fritottg an ber 6eite beS Gibiffed)) — glam, 
(— fooatain, -pipe), ber !IRiIib}ie(er^ bie 
mubpnmpe) — belgbt, bieS-lebnc$ -^ook, 
Oun. ber 0'b<tfcn, GibleppbaNns — booki, 
p{. Mar. biefittgbanbm, Sngflfitfei —knot, 
bie e-f<bleife5 —pin, bie Snfennabeli - 
—plate, MIL l.berMraf, O-b^mifib) 2, 
ba» itoppetrcbitb, QXebaiOon) 8. Man. bo» 
«-f<bi(b,bere-gttrt$ 4.Jfech.biefB-platfe, 
«^i9littei -^ploagb, 4gr.berSortMcU 

— ropei,p/. Mar. bfc Andtonc) — aaHmer. 
mV. Brett -eaiBHer; — wbeel, Miil. ba< 
Jtropftttbj —work, 1. i^off. bie 9-iKbr$ 
2. Mar. bie 64otten anf bcrSatf n. eubanie. 

To Br^ait, v. a. gerabe entgcgcn; ob. anf du 
mtA M geben) bie etim bieten, frozen. 

BrCaa'tfd, adj, eomp. broad—, great—, mit 

Br&tA, #• 1. ber Ytbem, Ytbcmsngi « S)bem} 
2./ff. ber {Kitt^} babSfife<ben j 8. bo^^eben^ 
4. bie ftnbe, (lr(o(ttng, ber VnfF^bi bie 
d»iMenicit,¥attfej 6.ber1Cngenb(itf5 ander 
one's-, leifif. 

Br«a'thable,ac(7. at^embar^ —air, ^benllnfr. 

To Briatbe, v. I. ft. 1. atbmen) ^-t. 2. leben } 
8. frif^Xt^em Wopfcn, ansntbeni 4. ban* 
(ben (mitoa, upon, onfa^en^ie.)} to— after, 
tta4...fireben, tra^teni IK a. 1. atbmen, 
einatbmen;^atbmen^attftban4cnj (<Be* 
nt<b iKrbreiten (ton einmcn, ic); figs. 3. 
letfe Ob. beimli(b fftgen, dnpem, tbnn,u.| (n* 
tlfiflem, binb^ittibcni 4. a) (fiften^ 6)oifnen 
(e. Ybcr, u.)9 6. atbmen (etrengc, u.)i 
f4nanben(ata^e, k.)5 6. lit. in Vtbem fr^cn, 
jagen, Ireibenf to — into, einbaniben, ein« 
blafen) to— oat, 1. onl^an^en (ben (Skifk, 
u.)i^bnnfKti$ 8.^.att«ftoM* 

BrCa'tb^r, s. 1. berVttmenbe, tcbenbe; 2. Oi* 
ner, ber 9t$M dufert, eingicbt^ tc., </• To 
Breathe. [PoOer SBoMgcnt^* 

Briatfcfdl, adi. 1. DoO 8ttft ob. Ytbenii 2. 

Bria'thfag, 1. s. 1. b«6 Vtbmen, it., vid. To 
Breathe; figs. 2. ber CSeu^erj gcbcimc 
tBnnf4,ba»fli8e<B€betj 8.bie7rttMpraibci 
II. ad}, (ebenfttren, fprcibenbdbttliibi IH- 
comp.— bole, ba6Snft(o4 1 —place, l.ber 
ftttbeplab) 2. ber VbfAnttt (in einer |>c- 
riobe)) — epace, vM. —while; long — time, 
Conulangerfltef^roi —while, 1. 3eit ium 
Vt(eniWpfenj 2.citt7(ttgcnb(icf. 

Br«atfc1«aa, I. adj. 1. atbemloli 2. tobt{ II. 
— neei, s. bie Vtbemlofigfeif^ gdnslicbc Gr* 

Br<d, pref . ft p. p. i^ott To Breed. [M^Pfttng. 

BrHch, s. 1. ber ^intere, eteif 5 2. vid. 
Breeching, 8 ; Guns. 8. ber 6tof (cincr 
Jtanone)) 4.(ob.— pin), biceAnansf^ron* 
be) 5. Ship'b. bie4>atfe ob. ber dtt$ereffBin« 
feleitte»itnic^lieS(opp. throat)) — mould- 
Ittgt, pi. Gun. Me 9teifen (amOeM^b)/ ®0' 

ToBri€ch, v. a. 1.4>ofcn an}ic(cn) 2. ben 
{>itttem peitMen, pCdben) 8. Gsm. mitd« 
ncr €Sib»anif4rattbe vcrfe^en (e. S(inte)i 
4. Gun. boxen (e. Jtanone). 

Breechec leol. brieb'fz], m. pi. or a pair of—* 
bie ^f^ bcf. toJetbefea (cbler ifl 




dothfs) ; — bearera, — iHset, pi. wO^, |>0« 
featrigerj — plccci,Meetrumvftof« 

Bres'chlag, *. I. sing, 1. ^oS ^intert^eil} bcr 
^inUxti S.bie9rfide() ber|)(d^eT4 8. t»ie 
9u4fen Ob. bas f^intergefiifttrr eined Jtutf4* 
pfcrbeft, bcr Jtorb^ 4. Gun. ber ©roof 
(an ^anotten)^ —bolts, bie 9ti]idboIien; 
bnr4 bit ber Sroof fd^rti II. b-t, pL bie 

To Bre€d, V. ir. I. a. 1. itu^tn, ^tHttni S. 
er5eugen5 bitben (34Jnt,ic.)5 8. jig. ^er^ 
loorbrtngen, trieugen, t^crurfa^en, erregen^ 
4. ausfimten, trbenfett) 5. ersieten, tmter* 
ri^ten, (eranbllben Ou . . .) 9 pats, ftubiren $ 
6. aufiie^en, grofiieten (^nber,ic.$ t* 9tace 
[Don X^ieren] iieVen, ic)) n. n. 1. gebdren, 
Mmanger fein(bon!Dtenf4en)^ trd^tig fetn^ 
2. fidl^ bilben, entfte^enj M ttitn^tn, ic.$ 
3 Hg, {14 bilben, na4 unb na^ ent|le|en, 
ioa(bfen$ 4. fl^ oermt^ren. 

BrSed,j. 1. (oonX^ieren) bieSmtj 2. bie 
3ttibt "^^^f ®attnngi Qeblfit) ICbttrt) 3, 
cont» (0. yerfonen) ber Q$db(ag } 4. eine Idxvit, 
etn ®e6e(f. [c/. To Breed. 

BresM^r, *. berCfrjenger, bieiS^wsfrlnn, u*, 

BrSg'd}ng,j. Lba&^engen^U. oiU To Breed; 

2. bie (feine) iQ3iIbnng, tebenGart) —pond, 
Fish, ber 0tri4tei«, tai^tei^. 

BrUze, s. 1. Ent. (att4 Breesc), bie (fBltf^*) 
IBremfei 2. (ica-), ber Mile SBinb (jnr 
&u)i Mar. eine J^Ht^lte) (land—), ber 
Sanbminb, baS frif^e Uft^tm 3. ba6 ito(« 
lengeflfibe, ^it^fit, ber (Sinberj — veou, 
Did. Briie-reaU, uttt Brise. 

To BrCSze, v. n. bef. Mar, mt^ttL [rtt^ig. 

BrCizel^, adj. ofne SBinb, mtnbfUIZe; llil; 

BreS'zy, adj. (uftig^'von einem frif^en fEBinbe 

BrSOigD, ju (iri.) Law, ein SHi^ter. [beflri^en. 

BrSnt, adj. »ie Brant, gv. 

Br&t, s,Arch. ber |)fuJ()I,9tunbflab9 —cummer, 
Corp. bieUttterlage, fftipipt, baftSta^mftiitf. 

Br«t, *. Ich, bie Steinbntte 5 v/d. Bnrt. 

Bretagnes [brStiUi'ygz], s. Coat, SretagneS. 

BrSthVf n, s. pi. sol. ft. beS gew. Brotheri. 

BrCve, s, I. Mus. bie Qreoe, smeitttftlge 
92ote5 2. Pbet bie profobif^e Mv^t [y]i 
Law, 3. vid. Brief; 4. bad Sreve, pdbjl' 
Ii4e fltefcript 

Brifv'^t. «• 1. (in 3ranlrei4) ber ofene (Sna« 
benbrief j 2. Sea , sum. ein Sra^tbnef 4 

3. Affi. a) ber eefloflnngSbrief ^ 6) bal 9a« 
tent eine69nbtttem«£)^cter6;ba$ i(m einen 
^tem atang (o^ne eolber^d^ung) ert^eiit^ 
ba^er: — officers, Xitnlarofficierei —rank, 
ber Xitnlarrang. [yid. b. f. CB. 

BrcSl^ry, «. 1. /torn, C^(^ bal0rwier) 2. 

Bri^fift (-»tc)» s. Ut bcv1Ca(|«0; ba» Gom* 

Bri'vi^tare [-tsbtr], s. Lit. bie ^KbMrittng. 

Br^vlei', s. 7)/p. bieSrebier, fldneiDrntfT^rift. 

Br«f1p«d, bef. Orn. hadi. farif&^g} n.t. 

BrSv'ity, s. lit. kfig- bie itAr)e. 

T6 Bre#, v. L a. 1. mif^cn (bur4 Orauen)! 
2. /it. brasen (9ier)i 3. Jig. iubereiten^ tin* 
mengei) f^micbcn, ansettelni IL tu 1. M 
bilben, anfiie^en (t>on e.(3e»itter)4 2. branou 

Bret, #. baft Sranen) G^rtobc) —bout, 
baft 9ratt|attft. 

Brefage, s. bal (Bebrittbc, (^ctrlnf. 

Bret'fr, #. ber Sierbrantr; Sraner. 

Bref^ry, s, bie Srauerei; baft Sraniiiift. 

Brewing, s. 1. baftSrotten) 2. baft (gaa|0 
(Bebrdttbci 3. Mar. bie ttettergoOe. 

Brf'ai'f s* vid. Brier. 

Brf b^ble, adj. HufiH, bcflt^bar. 

Bribe, Brfbfng, s. 1. baft <9ef4enf (Snmuibni 
pi eeffce^en), bieSeftettttng i 2. baftScfte^n. 

To Bribe, v. a.{te(^ett) 2. /am. (i.g.0«| 
bnr<| eerfpre^tingen |tt <lt»aft) flberrebm. 

Bri'b^r, s. ber i6efte4er. 

BrI'bfry, s. bie Sefte^n&g* 

Brick, #. 1. ber ^Ranerfiein, Satffleini 2. baft 
ba(tfleinf(rmige9rftbibens taping, jor coping 
b-s, S>e(ffleine, |ur tDeijeung dner !Dtancti 
compass b-s, ^fTetfteinc) draining b-s, Xb» 
ingftsiegel) Datch, or Flemish b-s, 6tan« 
Kinferft; featber«edgedb-s,itcilficitte) ftrt 
b-s, kiln b-s, feaerftfiediegelfieittcf pllnilar, 
or buttress b-s, Sinb^egel) samel, or 
sandel b-s, Sleid^fleine, Mle^t anftgebromtc 
3iegel^ b-s in bond, Deiffleine (eteini^ »it 
fie im Oan gelegt werben, baf einer ben on* 
bem (alb becft)) -bat, baft 6titf tRoBiri 
fbtinj —day, —earth, bie 3iegdetbe4 — 
dost, baft 3iegeI«eM} — ibcing, Mas. bit 
SerMenbung (einerOXaicc) mit fRaaerflei' 
ten; -kiln, (-kilt, eor. nai^ ber Vuftftnr.) 

I bie diegel^Mte^ 3-r^(ttne, 3'lrennecd) ^ 
layer, —mason, ber !)Ranreri —layer's bom, 
tin <Bnrobbo|rer i — laying, baft Xuftuauxt 
<niit!R-en)) -maker, ber 3iegler, Sie^I* 
ftrd^eri — trowd, bie^itanrerfeie^ —work, 

To Brick, V. a. 1. mit SRanerfldaett moMern, 
Ob. mit 3tegdftdnen beUgen ) 2. (dnt aXaaer) 
iiegelfatbig anfbrei^ten. [terikuu 

Brfck'fng, s. dn anft ^ancrfidnen asMVtv- 

Brick'?!, Bric'^lA* Bric'9lle, s. Gam. ber M(!* 
praO beft 9a]Uft (in SaOfpid)! bcr itngd 
(im9i0arbfpid)4 to bold by-, bricaUrcn. 

To Briek'91, To Bric'vle, To Brii/^lle* 9. m 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 




treffenj bricoliren. baft jbernengeftrdn^; Die Sroml^ccr^ccfc. 

ntfd^l I. f. bie f>o<^U^ ba» f>o4ieitfc{i$ IL 
a4;* (o<()eit(i(^; hxAfunid^, ^o^itiU, SdtauU. 

Bilde, « . 1. ahbr. ooK Bridget, ^v. ; 2. bte 
Sra«t5 je^t de»5^nI.bu9{cuoermd(Ite5 - 
groom, ux Srdtttigam) je^t genf^nl. bar 
9teui)ennd^(tej -(ob.— V) maid, bte Sd 
i&nffeti — (ob. — 'i) man, bet »-bl«ier, 
©-pi(>rer4 — (ob. -^-'lOstake, bie 4>o4}eit' 

- ftonge (um »el(te ^etanjt n>irb). 

To BfTde, V. a. {ur IBrtnit ma^en) ^eirat^ca. 

Bride'wfll, j. gen, bad 3u4^t^ait9 ()»on bem 
lonbonev 3u4t^attfe BrideweH). 

Bridge, «. 1. r>iz IdxHidti 8. bcrCteg (asf 
6a<teiifn|lrttmenten) » 3* Gun. baft 9t&tf 
^4 avf ben smei mittelfteit Otiegelit mtt 
Za^ttte, WDtauf ber dtid^eit ruS^U 4. bie 
*l){itte eineft boppelten S^mmei, bie IBciide^ 
5. baft e^QXtLitt (bie Srfitte) am &^naUiii^ 

' H^tU 6* ^m.bic3n>ittdc$ — of boatt, bte 
e^iffbtiiiCt; ber f>ontoii) — of tke note, 
iinat.ber9laOKlirftit(tt,9iafenfattel) —bead, 
Areh. A Fort beriBriidfeitfopfi -taHs, ifc-ic. 
C-ttWienen j — toll, ber e-ns^O* 

To Brfd^e, v. a. etne ®ril(te f^Iagen, ober 
taoeiti to -^ oirer, dberbdicfen. 


Brl'dld, s. U itt. ft Jig. ber damn, ditgelj 
;itappiaum$ a. Om.ber3ddeU B* &tin.bie 
(ber) etttbel (am glintenf^U^)! 4. iiikie-«. 
baftOonb^ -(or ligament) of thefore«Idn, 
b«ft9<'^u'mnjMar-«.b-foft]ie bowline, baft 

iBuUenfi>rieti b-softhemooriiiga, bie Sane 

ber ^afenanferj Man-s, bridle-bit, bie Steit* 
flanges —band, bie linfe ^anb; —path, 

•-Toadfberflteitmegi --piece, Lodt-s. ^it 

(ber) etnbeU 

To Bffdle, V, L a. !• {dttmett/ au^umen) 2. 
• /iff. (-in), tmdaume imUin, eiitf4rto(eni 

IL n. to- it, coi. M brfiflett^ ^pl§t^im$ 
. . to — np, M in bte iSrn^ merfen. [biger. 
Bn'dlfr,^. LberXtt^dnmer} B.j^.berfl3dn» 
Mcf, 1. 1, 1. gen. eine(tar|e)einft$ 2. baft 

(^flU<^e)erei>ei Xau).«.8.b(ejr(agef4nft 

(jpeciM facti ber Jttage)j baft ^fetenfHlrfj 

ber ^rotofbOaitftsng ) 4..ber MriftUare Sefetil, 

baft eor(abttngftf4)reiben oor einen ldttigL(S^e< 

ri*tftJof i 6. ber ©tottftbrief, bod o^dede 

ei^eibett,^h>m{ 6.ber8tcenjf«eitt,ojfene 

«rief (jnr Qhrlaubnif eine Seifletter einju. 

finxmefn)) 7. gen. ber^Cnftsug) 8. Mm. 

foid. b. iL Brevo; H. a<&'< ^ in. -ly, aito. 

9m(^<^f04 gebrdng(,b4Kbtg) iV.-neu, 

««bieMrse (Bef. beft Vn«)mceft), Mtbigreit. 
ari'f r, s. ber 6tran#, S>«cn|trau4. 

Brrg» *. Afar-*. 1 . blc S^rig, 95rigg j 2. bie Sri- 

gantine, vid. Brigantine; —cutter, bcrCrig* 

Brigade', *, Mil. bie ©rigabc. [Jtwtfer. 

To Brigade', v. a. Mil. itt cine S^rigabc formi» 

rcn, jufammcniicicn. [®cncral cincr «rigabc. 

Bngfidicr'^ s. MU. (-general), bcrSrigabier, 

BriTg'^nd, s. ber ©traf cnrQubcr. 

Brig'f nd^ge, s, bie ©anncrci, ^liinbcrci, Spi>« 

bttberci, €5(burfenftrci<ic. [tine. 

BnV»ndTnc, Brig'^ntinc, s. Mar. bieSrigan* 

Bright [bnt], adi 1. \)cU, glfinjcttb, funfcfnb, 

fdl^immernbi 2. Kor, li*t, WcincnlJ j j?g- *. 

3. beutU^, augenfibcinlicib, f(ar5 4.gldnscnb, 

rcijenb^ 5. fam. aufgcflart, icU (t. JBcr* 

flanb), geifttott, Rnnrci* 5 6. gldnjcnb (ocn 

e. 3eitpcriobe, non 7fuftfi*tcn,K.)i gforrcidj i 

r.fiberreifi it is-, eft ifl Xag, wirbtcttej 

— bay, ber 6*rpeiffu<bft> —haired, glanj- 

(aarig^ blonb. 

To Bilgh't^n [bn't^nj, v. L a. I. lit. crJcCen, 

aufteUen, erleu^tenj 2 Jcir^glanicnb morbcn, 

l)oliren,gldttett(mitup); s.fig, a) auf«c« 

ren, erMutcrnj 6)auftcitcmi r) aufgcwcrff, 

rpi(tg madden) d) oerl^crrli^cn^ II. n. i. (ca 

wcrben, M anftetten, (i(|> aufTldrcnj 2. fig. 

gWnjcnb werbcn, gldnscn, M auRcitcm(oon 


Brigh'tjuh, adj. vulg. gidttscnb, f(^immcmb. 

Brightly, adv. i)tU, glonjcnb, flar. 

Brfghf n?g«, *. 1. bcrOJIanj, bic^cHc, JTiar* 

teit$ |)eiterFeit (beft^immclft, u.)> 2- bie 

^olitnr, mittti JeUc Jarbc5 9)ra*t j 3.jFg. 

bie @(^drfe, TCafgcf rdrtftcit (beft «cr|lanbcft). 


BriU'i^ncy, *. bet ® lanj, Bd^immet, bie '3)ra(bt. 

BriH'j^nt [-'y?nt], I. s. 1. Jcic.bcrlBriUiontj 

2. Man. tin leb^oftcft, mutt^tgcft f)fcrb ten 

ftattlit^cmOlieberbttUj II. adj.; 111. -ly, 

adv.Ut. A fig, gidnscnb, fnnfctnb, Wtm- 

memb 5 JcDoorfte^cnb^ pro4>tig ; IV: ^nesa, 

*. »ic Brilliancy. [ber |)ferbe 

Brifll^, jfr. pi, Man. bie |)attre an ben XugcnUbem 

Brim, I. *. 1. gen. ber Olanb 3 2. ber m. cincft 

® efdf eft 5 3. ber obcre S()cir(manb) einer Jliif- 

Hgfeitj 4.baftUfer(cincrnucac;M.)j -of 

a hat, bie ($ut«)Jtrdmpe5 5. Sport, bie 

IBrunjl, ©runft (einer 0au). 

To Brifm, V. ha. 1. hU an ben 0tanb toff gie» 

fen, ganj toff fuffen j 2. mit eincm IRanbe tci« 

fc^cn, rdnbcm 5 II. n. l. geftri4>cn (bift an ben 

Stanb) toff fein j 2. 6port, brfi^cn, brdmen $ 

To - ftl, V. a. bift an ben (Ranb ffiffen, cin« 

Wcnfen. [{Ranbj erffifft. 

Brfm'ftl, r. adj. lit, k fig. toff bift an bct 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 




•-butterfly, £ii£.^r<$itronaioogeU -matches, 
&'fpin€, dttnb^5Ii4ea) —inpreMioiu, ~ 
meiUb, 0-«bbrfl<fr} — wort, BoU Ut ^W>\ 

BrTm'fttoiiy, ^dj. n»tftUq, [ftroftd. 

Brin'dfd, Brin'dled, a4i. f^e^d/ fieffcctt^ dcj 
fprenhtt, defbretft. [one^ Stacm itttrinftn. 

Brin'4|ce,«.vii^.bal3utnnf(m to driok a— to{ 

Brifn'iUe,«.ba»(9e9ttft(,e4e<ti6e/ biee^^edte. 

Biine, #. 1. ba« 6a(}nafrer, bte £afei (9a(}*){ 
eoU5 2.*a)bieeee,ba6aXecr4 6)Sbri« 
neni iS-io. ^pan, 1. bte QSalipfamtci 3. (ob. 
— pit),bieekil)$nibe (baft parquet) iHbm 
Golitei^eMi —pond, bee ®alitcub/ 9#rtte 
etunpfi — proTer, bie CMiooge, (SMfiHtt' 
bcU — spriiie(-pit),bie@a(M«eae. 

ToBrfo«,«.a.(aI|cii,einfalHn/euip4hItti hrU 
niotg orgfaUi»ftc.,baft%(utdes be«®etnibeft;U. 
(«m (* gffteit Sroiib n-S^fttttn }» [(bit^eii) 

To Biifng, V. tr. a. 1. g«n. bringen j a. mit 
M fftllen i ilberbriiisai/ beibriageit/ (^« 
bciX^ofni ober fit^vtn, tragoi, u. i fig-** 3. 
eitbringcQ, eifttrdgen (Gbre^u.)) ^« Mnir« 
Men) (t»-*to> iudt»a#) brmgoi, ocruUlgeii, 
bmcgett) to— abo«t» to— to pan, (or to 
to bear), i.anbringen; 3, vmfu^ren} 3. be* 
ivertftcBlgea^ atiftfii^en, yn etaabe bciagcn) 

the lee. Afar cine Wte fangcQi to — down, 
1. ^ittunter ob. tentntcr bringeii} jSg-#« 8. 
etttMfteii,M»44eni 3. bcnflt^idov iJ^^iM 
4. (ben^reift) (entttecbrinden, eniiebrigaij 
to - forth, 1. benor (im'ft ti^t) briaienj 
borfbtten, auffldDto) 3. sebdren, mOft^f k^ 
DOtbvUtgeii) to--|Drwar4pbomdrtl btiitflen) 
toeibens bcf5rbertt5 Com. tranlportires^oM. 
to— overs to — in, 1. gen. tiaein bnngcft^ 
eutffiben) wo^in leiten^u.) 2. in bie (Ste* 

(cUuitUa^^)! ^ b(«b«ifM«n^ MconlM^ 
fen) 8.bectragen;borae^men} 4. in«Bir!> 
famfeit fe|en,»irfen Uffeni anf&trea^anUitiiv 
gelegentUib Mft>otbrinacn$ to.^oi&t,l.(ei:« 
anftbringen, bringen avi6...ifig'S. a. on'ft &bt 
bringcni d.a)iftbmgen,ci:i4j^Uni 4,barfket« 
len,|eigeni to-over, i.^cuberbringen^ a. 
Com. tranftportiren/(tbertragen, </. BrpofhA ; 
3.;(g.bereben, iueiner(anbeni)4>artei brin* 
geni befe(ren) to— rooad, oorfc^breni to— 
to, mApigeti/ id^men, binbigen/ )uw iSk^r* 
ftm bringen> to— to account, Cpa. in0lc(|> 
ttung britgen, ongnMrftni .to — ^o a shin, 
Nauu 1. ein®4iff beibr^fteiv beilegeQ/ (auf' 
(aUen)5 2. (im^egeln) eiatoUa^ to-under, 
ilbemdUigen) to -up, l.. ^erouf/ (inonf 
brittgeu, brtngen«ttf...| a. Com. ubertra» 
gen I trttt^pixctiren / no4»to(eii^ ntubtragen 
iUvifm.Mi^et,iCH S.anfjiiebeiti eriie^cn^ 
bilben^ mifbruigett^ in bie ilRobc.bnngcn) 
4. ffi^ren^attf&^cav oommanbirm C^be renr, 
bit ^rrieceggpbe) aitr6<jkn iafftm (benXa4>' 
sug) bilben, becten^ &. (04(eim) auft»er« 
fen, taatP^tjti Mar-s. %. (ein ®4ifD ^ 
bringen, n^egne^men/ erobenii 7. (oon 
itottffa^rem unb 4t«^nf<btffen) ben Ynhjr 
anftmerfen, oar XnSer Ugen^ 

Brrng^^r, s. ber Wringer, :(* (q/; To Bring),.. 

BH'nieh, ««. f«()ig (»ie ^!e). 

Bri'alahneM. «. bie ea()igfeit [flitbe. 

to — aeqoainied, behinnt ma^en i to — by Brjtiik, s. liL ft fig. ber 9Unb^ Oorb, baft Qk" 

Brt'nj, od?. f)(Iiig. 

Bri'ony, «• vid. Bryony. 

Brtfo, 4. 1. vtd. Breeu 1. &a.$ 2. bieSra4l^ 
baft era^feCft) — venU, HorU bie €{4«|* 
niatte^9trot»atte(aufbeaSeeten)« . 

Brfs'gow, «w ^^g. ber (baft) Orei^gan^ 

Brisk, adii. h friM/ fim^ ftnOi^ leb^afti 
mnnter) a. frft|U4 1 3. flar(, geijlrei^ (non 
geift (Setrdnfen)! 4. feurig, mut^ig, tapfer, 
frdftig, ibaAer, meibti<b$ 6* frif^/ flarf (bom 

Mtttl^eitinringett,(«Ba4rett)einffi^ett)jiwHv.n jQinbe)) 6. * gldnienb, lebJ^aft (ber8<ube 
8.(Qtnen)be^rbem^(itin)|aMDaftoer^[> m^)i a -call (demand) for.... Com. (dn* 
fen^ K{ 4. Htri^^en utf..., etftdren ftge^atbfrage, ein leb^ofteft^^etiongen na4< 

fftr .. .; \Li Lawrt^ to — in guilty, oemrt^ 
Iett4 to-innotgollty,freif9re4eni 5. |um 
(9e(orfam bringen) 6. (an4 o^nt in: (Sc 
mimt) eintrngen, einbcingeni T.onbringen, 
Mrbriagen ((Brnnbe, ic.)l to — in a hone, 
Jllan (ein9>fierb) (erbelbringcn) to — low, 
1. ttieberbringen/ niebermerfeni 3. bemutbi* 
gctt^Mndiben, entfrdften) to — ofT, l.fort* 
brtsgen, fortf4affim$ fig-*. 3. sariLdene^oun 
(feis«9ort)4 8. bcfccien, Hntuft)ie^en) (bnrrb 
bicSln^t) retten, babettHI|^> ^* abbringen 

To Bride, (mtt up) v, I. a. 1. anfeuern) r^. 
M attfinntttern) 2. anftb&ren (.baft Stuer)) 
IL n. 1. friM^ lebbaft, mut^ig anriiden, ^r» 
bei lommen) a. fid^ fetf, htbn aufri^ten. 

Bifs^ft, t. bie Smft (eineft S^iereft), baft 
®mfl^(Cl ffirn^ein^ -plate, bie etim» 
pUtte bcft 3attmgef4Knreft. 

Brisk'ly, ado. friM/ ^C- vtd. Brisk, adj. 

Brrsk'ttfss, s. 1. bieeebftaftigfeit^^tttereeit) 
baftSmer) 3. bie Sc5|iii|teit) 3.berfrifibe 
{Rut^ -of trade,Gom.ber^(biftftf<bnNng« 

(•08... )# a^rot^) to-on» 1. nnflelien Bris'tle [bris'sl], $. l.bieeoi^ 64»eiaft« 

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ter|le$ %BeiUWB9Xf^i Cornet Artu^A b-t, 
f^tiMtB-m iiBdr«Med b-t. ttttfottirtcO-n. 

ToBrir«^>e, V. I. a. 1. (n»{c9orftoi)fM[ttben)| 
9. Shoem. (ben ^e^bra^O mit dner 9orfle| 
wrWen^ n. n, fig. M fhrdubea, fl4 bor« 
fttn, %n 9tt^t fte^CH (wr Ontfet«i)4 to-np 
to ooe, 3<nMnbea M, tro^ig ontreten. 

Brft^ly [brifi'tii], a«* borftifl, borflenartig. 

Bif t V* «• ^eog. (bie etabt) Sriftol i -flower 
(-BOBMch), Bot. bic S^^nie^ —milk, eoL 
ber Sereiwein, eccti -stone, bcr nnc^te 

Brft «• vid. Bart. [Diamant 

BrTMn, I. a4;. viUBritidi ft Britannic; n. 
#. 1. edtttniien, ttndlanbi a. berSrite^ 
Great-Britain, (Srofbritannien. 

BritliB'oj9,f.I.<tiiir**9tttQnnien5 —metal, 
fine »t(fe QXetaQcompofttlon) n. b-«, pi, 

BrfUn'Dic M^. 0. (0ropbritonniett,bdtanntfd^. 

BrYt/^ay, BrTf tf oy, #» Geog* l)(e Sretagnt. 

Brfteb, Brft'cbjag, vid. Breech, Breeching. 

To Brfte, V. n. ftberreif fein ob. »etben (vom 

Brit'iiih, adj. l.brittfiift, btitannif*) 2. (in 
eme^ung auf bie0pra(bO maOifirA- 

BriifQn, L «. 1. ber Srtte, fBritannier) a. bcr 
ffBaIUfer4 II. ad;, bntannifib. 

Britc'k*, Brita'ik^, #. eine ICtt {Reife^nife. 

Brif tie, I. adj. ; IL -ly (or Brif tly), ado. 1. 
M^i^, }erbre4U4, fpr$be i figs. 2. gebre<l^ 
XiO^i W^^^i 3. nngeioif } ni. — ocm, s. 
l.btederbre4a«Mt j 8.j%. btc4>tnf&0idhtt. 

Brize, Brlze'-T^nta, s. mieBrite. . ., qv. 

Broach, t. 1. ber Smtfl^icf ) SL 7. a) ber 
eUfti ft)bie!Reiba((c$ c) bie epinbel^ 3. 
vid. Brooch, 2) ^. Sport. bieGprofTe, ber 
espief (iunger{)irf(be)^ 6.blelDrebor9c(,£eier. 

To Broach, v. a. 1. an ben SratTpicf fteifen i 
onfpie^n^ 2.(eitt9«f) anfle^eig anbo^ren, 
nttjopfitn) fUefen Uffen^ 3.^. ^udiafTens 
iuftm, oerbreiten I aufbringen, norbrtngcn; 
crfinbenj to — to. Afar, tmt (Snle fnngen. 

BrOa^cb^r, «. 1. berSrotfptef $ 2. fig. ber (3r« 
flnber, Ur^ber. 

BroAd [hrftd], I. adj. it adv. 1. brett (opp. 
Amal Ob. (Qnd)3 btdf^ 2. meitauftgebe^nt, 
nnenbU^j figs. 3. wHUttfL^, (oieOunt' 
faffenb 4 4. ftarf, grof , «>ie( 1 I^U, lant (i»om 
Oeli^bter; k.)4 &• offen, (eO; U^t (00m Xa* 
te«(i4»t4 6. 96aid; gAniU^b (monter, fiber* 
Kadt,tc.)$ T.brcifl, nngef^ettt^M) flan, 
tta)»erf(b<nit(oomlBIi(f)} 8.uneenf4/W(fipf' 
rig (b. Ynibrutf)) 9. rau(, platt, gn>b {ton 
b.Vtt»fpra4e)i n*#.«tng.bte®rcite,fiBettej 
the — ofanoar,bie0htberpKntte{ m.comp. 
-as. 1. (etemnU) bie Gtrcitoit) 2. ba» 

fkcifbea, bieSiiflmerait) -bottamtd, v^ 
gebont (bon e. 64»iffc)) — cait, Agr. bng 
Xuifirenen bel eamcnl mit bcr^onb (att<b 
aid adt). gebt.)j -cloth, (breite*) ^inei 
Xtt4 i — «ye^ 1. grof ittgig 4 2. mctt fe^enb 1 
3.^.(eafi<btfg$ Cbm-j.— goods, brettcSakko* 
ren (0eibcn}cuge, ic.)$ —listed doth, eine 
bef. TCrt bcS — doth, mit gan) breitcn teifhv 
(ey, oiertel yrd. o^c^tfiett brcit)^ —piece, 
ber3acobttS(a[tecngI.(Solbmitttie)3 —seal, 
ba»grofe(f6nigl.)etcgc($ —side, Afar. 1. 
bie S^ttcnefctte (c. eibiffi) $ 2. (a - side), 
eine i^oOe £agc$ 3. 2\p. ber gro^e Scgcn, 
!Kanbatbogen, bad Cuerformatj 9Iacat$ 
— step, bcr breite Ifbfab («iw^ Xreppe) $ — 
stitch, Sm. 1. ber ^iattfliibi 2. bie Sor* 
tenflidercii — stone, ber .ELuaberfteinj — 
sword, ber^nbegen, 9aaaf4/6anaf$ — 
weaver, bcr C$eibcnmcber$ —wise, ado. na4 
berereitc) -worm, Zooj. bcrSanbmnrm. 

BroA'dish, I. adj,; U. — ly, ado. cot. 1. nt<b 
ber (in bie) ereitt 5 2.>Sg. frei; MIfipfrig. 

BroAd'ly, ado. oon Broad, qv. . 

BroAd'n«ss,#.l.bie9rcite,fiBeitej 2.>£g.bie 
etlOpfrighit 1 9(att^it, akmcin(cit,(Brob- 

Br9dlde', Br^ca'dO, s. Com. ber IBrocat. [^dt. 

Br^di'df d, p, a, 1. mic Srocat gcmebt, brcca« 
ten) 2. in Srocat gc((cibct. 

BrO'c^^e, t. vid. Brokerage. 

BrWut^l, Brdc«t«Flo, s. 1. Cbm. bei Oroca* 
tea I 2. Afm.bcrS3rocatmarmor. 

BrOe'cpli, s. Bot. bcr 9rocco(i, C^pcrgcifc^l. 

BrOche, s. k v. vid. Broach. 

BrOck, s. 1. bcrS)a<bft i 2. na^C. giciibBrodset. 

BrOck'f t, s. Sport, bcr epief er, epicWrf(b. 

BrOd'Mn (-qorn), ». bcr |>albmefcl. 

BrOgne [brOg], s. 1, ber ^otsfibu^i 2. ber 
Mic^^te (iridnbiMe) Vccent, bie ccrborbctic 

To BrOI'df r, v. a.flitfen. [Xudfpra^e. 

BrOi'd^rf r, *. bcr 6tttfcr, bie 6ti(ferimi. 

Broi'dfry, s. bie QStittCrci. [etrcit. 

BroYl. s. bcr ^rm, Kuftu^r, Xumulti 3attf/ 

To BroYl, V. 1. a. (anf bcm 9toftc) brAten$ II. 
n. ber ^ibc auAgefcbt fcin^ braten. 

BrSlClfr, #. 1. bcr 9tofi{ 2. Giner, bcr ouf bent 
aiofte^ic. brntct) 8.jSg. ber 3anrftifter. 

Broke, 1. pret. ; II. cor. p, p. d. To Break. 

To Broke, v. n. 1. mdfcin, ben Untcr^dnbler 
ma4cn$ 9nppe(n$ 2. vid. To Brook. 

BrO'kfn, p. p. von To Break, qo. 1. gebro 
4cn/tc.4 2. Com. la^Inngdunffi^ig, banfc* 
rottirt, faOiti figs. 3. terborben, ini^aUb, 
aiti '4. gebro^cn (von ber 0tcbc,ic.), gcrabc 
brc^tf 5. UL Dcrborben (bom Stcr, 9(eif4»f 
tc.)$ iibriggeMiebeni Afar, --backed, gc* 
Mmmt $ to become — backed,. ctncnJta^* 

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dtdm Mflldken) — ^I1M» final (jD«c»*) 
etu^ (abenb) —down, (p. ciliem yftibe) 
(infcttb/ hvt^ ober bugla^m) —letter, - 
natter, 2Vp. bieberfi|obeB(Sonii| — wind, 
#ar. bet Darnpf i —winded, fuxiatt^tmi^, Hi' 

Bro'k9nly,ado.iuiterbrod^cs,flu(f»eife. [4enb. 

Bro'kfnn^M, s. hit dtvhxoitnitit, UogUi^* 
^etti — «f lienrt,^^. bit f)eY}enft|e^i^ittnd 

Br(/k«r, «. 1. bet (flBet^ftU; (Sclb* ob. ®aa« 
rtn*) Winer, 0aB^7(0ent^ Genfali Unttr> 
^ttblcr) 9. berXr^bler^ 8. ber Stuppltci 
—I nienorandnm, — 't note, ber 64(ltfiet« 

BroVrfge, j. 1. ber9){d!IerIo(n/ ba^aR-gelbJ 

Brdds, #. Bat. 1. berOuifkcc, baft pfAmm^ 
fronts 2. baft dt^obifer^olfti a. ber fieftn' 
— dote, — Und, ble Omftcr^ibei —line, 
£ot. ber e^renpreifti — unn, -maker, btr I6t» 
fenbiaberi 9-^dnbler} —rake, ber Orinb, 
Jto|^ferinb4 -staff; — itick, ber SefenftteU 
— wonan,bte9efaibtnberimil SB-^noleriAiu 

To Brftftn, vid. To Brean. 

Brftft'ny, adj. i^oHQbinfUx* 

hr6th,s. 1. bie Sleifd^bdt^t; Jtraftbrfi^ei 2. 
Am. ff^aumigeft (€$<inee*)ttafrcr. 

BrSth'ely <' (— bouM), boft fi5orbea. [renj5ger. 

Brdtb'elf r, s, ber lieberU^e 9Reaf4^, vuig. ^n» 

Brdtk'elry, s. boft {>ttrenioertn i bie Unguf^t. 

bit ^-^tHhx, Genfarie, Courtage, f>ro«>i' BrCth'^r, s, l. ber S^ruberj 2. fig. ber 9ni« 

flon 4 2. baft aX-gef(^Aft, bie ^HtUxtii 3. ber| 

Xrftbelj Xrftbel^anbeU i.berfiBu^er. 
Br^me (BrO'iBloe),#. Cktm. mod* baftSroill)! 

brome-gratii, Bot. bie Xreftpe. 
BrSn'je, adj. Chem. —add, bie l^romftoe. 
Br5n'ch}ai, *.p{, AnaU bie ^ftrft^rendfh. 
Brdn'^bl^I, Brtf a^shic adj. Anat. sur Suftrft^re 

de^ftrigs — glaoda, bie 0ron4ia(briifeii. 
BrWsk^ceie, s, I. Med. ber J(ropf, bie Sit^U 

gefc^nulfl^ 2. 5urg. ber Suftr^ftrenbm^. 
BfQBclidt'Qmy, #. S«rp. ber Saftr5$renr4)mtt 
Brfttt'shvt, s. Anat. ber Snftr5^reiih>pf, Jte^(« 
Br9Btdl'9gy» «. iViy. bie IBrontologie. [jPopf. 
Brfinze, Br5o2, «. 1. bie Srottie, baft ®(od^eit« 

gut, etAdPgttt, Ctt}i 2. bie e^ente Sifl^r^ 8, 

bie Denhttiinie (bon SroRse). 
To Brftoze, v. a. 1. bronsiren} bie drifarbe 

geben) 2.(ioie^r3>^&rteni 8.;!ff.fibertiin4eii. 
BrSn'zite, s. Min. ber Srongit 
Brdfteh [5., P., F.i brotsb, Wb., W., Ac], 

«. l./vfii. baft (Sef4meibe, ber 6(iftnittc(i 2. 

baft e^lof (am Ofirtel, )c), QXebaiOon, bie 

Denierte @(^Qaae, 6pange, Srof^e, Oufen« 

nabel, Xm^nabelj 8. oM. Broadi, 1.^ 4. 

Point, baft (Samdeugemdlbe i 6. fig. bie 

3tcTbe,9erle, ^one. 
To Brftftd, V. I. n. 1. br&ten (bonfiftgeln)! 2. 

fig> (dber Qrtmaft) briiten, (aa4bett!li4) oer* 

fnitfen fein ) n. a. l.(bieJtii4Uin) mit ben^liU 

Srdftd, #. 1. bie9rut4>e(f e ) ber ^ug i 2. cont. 
a)baftC^r}engnif; fr)bie9ta(l^fommeQfd^aft4 — 
cpnb, Be^, bit Smtf^eibei —ben, bieCSlotfe. 

Brook [brdk], s. ber Sa^lft 4 — bawking, ^porl« 
bie dttteniagb mit %affta i Bot-^. - lime* bie 
SaAbungeni -miat, bie flBafTemi&iie. 

To Brftftk, V. I. a. ertrogen, bulben, leiben, 
oerfibmerien 4 n. n. lufdeben fein. 

Brook'M [briik'— ], t. dim. ber fleine9a((. 

Broo'ky [brdk')]. adj. bo& <8&4en bttr^fifini^* 
tea, iDaflFerreiA, ben»5frert' 

ber, 9JUtmenf4i i ®efi^rte (fiberift. boa (Sag* 
berbaabeaea, ber ttaffea*, ^ibenftbruber, 
K.)4 — ia-law, ber 64li9ageri — german, 
ber leibli(6e Sraber (00a IBater* anb CRat* 
terfeite)! — Jonathan, >Sg. baft amerifaai^e 
fBoVt (t. e. bieSereiaigtca 8taatea Doa8>2orb* 
7(merifa)4 — bood, bieSriiberf4aft4 —lee*, 
bruberloft. [fBruber, tertraat, )drtU<k. 

Brdtb'^rly, adj. k adv. briiberli(( 4 giei4^ ciaeai 

Brooght [brit], f»ret. k p. p. boa To Bring; 
amount — over, or forward, Cbm. (Gamma) 
Xraaftport (boa) golio 1. vid. aat. To Carry. 

To BroAfe, uid. To Browze. 

Broil', «. 1. bie Yageabraae4 2. bie Stirai 
3. baft (BeMU Yafe^ca, bie Wteae4 4./g. 
bie ^d(e (beft ^iauaeIft,2C.)/ 6$|>ibe, ber (Sipfei 
(eineft9ergeft,}C.)4 ber ffBatbraab 4 5.>ig. 
bie Jte<f ^eit,itu^a^eit 4 Uaberr4dmttieit,lDrei« 
fligfeit4 — aatlera, ^port bie 6tira*<Sabea 
am Gkmei^e, erjlea eiftfpriffeU To — beat« 
V. ir. I. a. I. marrif4, faaer, fbl) ob. ber* 
d4tli4 onfe^ea4 2. bar4 fiaflere iCUdfe ob. 
^oilmflt^tgcft 99etragea einf4fi4tera4 U- n. 
trobig auftfe^ea4 bie^tira raaiela4 — leM» 
aabcrrc^lmt4 —post. Carp. ciaCluerbalfea. 

To Broftr, V. a. 1. amgrea|ea, eiagrea^ea, eia*- 
MUef ea 4 2. aa ber &pi%t, am tRaabe (eiaeft 
93ergeft,tc.)feia4 browed, p. a. mitXagen^ 
braaea oerfe^eas beetle—; vid. in Beetle. 

gelabebe(fea,»drmea4 2.^g.)^en,4egea. Bro4n,a4;. braua4 vu(g. b. |)ferbea ft Bay, 

90.; comp. —beetle, £nt. bcr SRaildfers 
— bread, @d^war)brob4 — cropi, $iUfea« 
fri(i4te4 — hoUandi, Com. braaae ^oUdab. 
Ztei^* ob. ®lQni(eia»anb, ®(^oUtft4 -lead- 
spar, baft Sraanbleier) 4 —owl, Orn. bie gem., 
grof fopflge (Sale 4 — paper, baft |)a<!papier 4 
— papers. Com. (e^ebem) eiae Tixt f(^le|iMe 
Seia»anb4 — pinki t^^^aa (fe^r traaftpa« 
reateSarbe)4 — qnadrnples, eiae%breite, 
ro^e, Mlefifdl^e Seiamaab, ia 0tfl<tea 00a 58 
11 Sttea, mit 4 etreifea (i^tblanea y apierft aai* 

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Bunbein — qnarts, ABn 

—rat, hit ©onberra^ej —spar, Min. ber 

(®fen«) ®rQunft>at(, 93rattn(alfj —stout, 

btt« flarfc (boippeUe) ^orterbierj —study, 

bte bfiflern ©ebanhn, ber Xieffirm 4 — sugar, 

ber garinjudPcr^ —wort, BoU 1. bie Croun* 

mur}$ 8. bte ^ntnene^ iCruneSe. 
Bro^'njsb, adj. brtenlid^. 
Broitn'n^ss, *. bie brattue Sarbe, S^tone. 
To Bro^^^e, v. I. a, (bie ©profleit, ic.) ttb: 

frcjfett, abwetben $ Sport, abbroflen, abdfen; 

n. ft. wetben (mit on); browsing beatts, 

gen, ba9 flltot^iDilbpret. 
Bro^^^c, Bronze, *. bie SJproffe, ber 6pr6f ling, 

baft junge Soub^ —wood, bo^ ©trau^bolj. 
Broii-'tjng, p. s. Gard, baftTCbbretftett ber ©pij* 

jen Don bfinnen 3»ei9Ctt. [(fiber)flrmlTett. 
ToBroihce, v. a. 1. vtU To Browse, I. ; 2. 
BHt'cja, Brd'sfne, s, Chem, bQ§ 93rudn. 
Brd'jn, s, met ber ®dr 5 an, f&tavin, ^e^. 
To Brdi^c [brftz], w. a. (ser)cjnetf4en, serfto 

fen,sennQimen,serretbenHci^r4^agen $ braun 

nnb hian fc^logen. 
Brtise, s. bie CLttetf^ung, ®eule, SBunbe^ 

©efcSfibigung 5 — wort, Bot baft ©eifenf raut. 
Brdi'f^r, s. 1. C^-gr. bieS54leiff((>a(e4 2. (bei 

ben @mail!eurft, ic) ein f^Ier^ter^rbeiter^ 

3. vulg. ein ©oyer, :c. [tra). 
Bruin, s* (inb.) 0leiftbranntn>ein (auf 6uma* 
BrA'm?il, adv. winterlid^, SBtnter*. 
BrAn^tte', BrAnSt', s. bte i99dinette. 
Brftn'^epn, Bnin'^in, s. ber ®*rei^»lft^ baft 
Brun'ipn, .t. Com. bie SruneHe. [ginbelf inb. 
Br&nf'wjck, *. Geog. (bic0tabt)JBraunf((bn)e{8. 
Brfint, s. 1. ber (Jeftige) 6to?, QCnfatt, TCngriff 

(an<b JJgr.); bie^i^c (beft Jrampfcft)$ 2. jig. 
ber ©tret*, ©*Iag (baft Unglfidf). 
Brash, J. I.bie®firfh4 2. ber grope ^nfel, 
®orflen|>infel, CLuaftj 3. ber ©d^roanj (beft 
gu*feft,2C.)| 5port. bie ©tonbarte, Suntej 

4. bafta9iSnbe(9lefft^oI}4 5. baft JDitfi^t) 6, 
vulg. ber (ieftfge) Tfngriff, JTampf, ©tranf 5 
r. See. ber Sitbtfegcl, eleWrif*e ©tra^Ien^ 
M[*eU -bit, bcr«firflenbo^rerj -head, 
ber ©tn^fopf, ©tmbelftjpfi — malcer, ber 
Mrflenbinbcr^ -ore.Afin.baft©flrfienerj} 
—wood, baft ©ttfi^olj, 0teift^olj. 

To BrBsh, v. T. a. 1. Burflen, auftbflrften^ 2. 
re{f*cn,fe5ren^ 8. (Stwaft) lei*t berfi^ren, 
ftwifenj 4. (grob) anflrei^en, anpinfetaj 

5. fcbm^rjen J r». Wwtngenj to — away, to 
- off, 1. abbilrflcn^ 2. wegffi^renj H. «• 1. 
f!<> ftbnett fortbewegen^ (to -by, ©orbei) 
ftrcifen,flreid!^en,:c,5 2. (t>.^ferben)attftf*rtts 
flcn, nmtiftn 5 to — away, to — off, fld^ b«* 
iPonma4^eB, n^mifiben* 

bet 9tatt<l^paft4||BriliAV> «• l.bnYIMirftfri 2. vulg. ba4 

Br&sh'IIke,Briish'y,ac^'. bftrfteftortig, borfKg. 

BrUsk, Brttsque [brisk], adj. tta(6f(i(», barf*, 
ro^. r<^ points, Q>m. brftffeler ©pi^en. 

Brus'sflf, s» <r«og. (bte ©tabt)£BrfifreU —lace. 

To Br&s'tle [brfit'si], t). n. raufd^en, fttittem^ 
to — nptoone, aufSinen (rafnb) loftge^n, 
i^m bie ©pi^e bieten. 

Bra't»l,l.«di.,- IL-ly, adv. l.tiierlf*,»ieKf«i 

BrAtiU'lty, «. 1. baft me^ifcbe fiBefen $ 9. jig. bie 
Unnienf(bU4feit, fUto^^eit. 

To Brft't^iize, v. I. a, Die(iF4, anmenfib(i<t, 
»ilbma*en4 U- »• }iim9ie^e metben, oer* 

Brtte, I. adj.; H. — ly, adv, 1. t^ierif*, 
«ne({r44 fig' 3. tmoernftnftig, i»Ub, rtu^, 
ungeflttet, unbdnbig, grob^ 3. finnloft. 

BrAte, s. 1. baft (Hnoerinfittftige) Xftier, fSiti^i 
2.jSg.ber erjbttmme ob. ungejf^Iafbte^enf^), 
®robian. [®e»t4t. 

Brdte- weight [— wftt], s. Com* baft9nttto« 

To Bril'tiff , V. a. ^wox Sicfe tna^en, beft Ser* 
ftanbeft berauben. 

BrQ'tjsh, I. adj.; II. -ly, ado. 1. t^ertf*, 
Die^ifd^^ jig. 2. finnti*, fleinU4{ 3.»tlb, 
Die^mfipig, unioemilnftig, grob, ro^, graufam^ 
unmi|fenb4 ni. — ness, «. baft tie^if^e ffBe« 
fen. bie t^erif^e ftBut^, SBilb^eft. 

Brii^m, #. bieS^ier^eit^ jig. bafti>ic(if4e 
ober t^iertf^e ffBefen. 

BrJ'pny, *. Bot bie 3aQnrfibe. 

B&b'ble, s. 1 . bieSEBafferblafe,(©4anm«)eiofe4 
2. Conch. bieSIofenf(bne(te^ jig. 3. boftUnbing, 
bie ni^tfttoert^e ©a(^e ^ 4. ber leere ©4ein, 
bie Xdufibung, IBetrfigeret4 &. Com. bie nidb* 
tige, auf grunblofen ®edi<bten beru^be 
{8ftrfen^©peailation, baft leere ^roiect, bie 
(IBftrfenO^iige^ 6. ber iSBetrogene, 9larr. 

To B&b'ble, v. I. n. 1. (to— up) Slafen tm* 
fen, aufh)aSen, fprubeln^ 2. murmeln, riefctn 
(Dona5d<ien,u.)j IL a. vulg. ^interge^en, 

B&b1>l«r, #. ber Setrilger, ^)reller. [b^triigen. 

BO'bG, s. Jlftfcf.ber Sttbo; buboes, pL Anat 
bie ©((amgegenb. [fienbni<^. 

Bfi'bpnpc^Ie [ Iffc., 7'., Sm,'], s. Med. ber tci* 

BSc'c^l, adj. Anat. %u ben S9a(fen ge^5rig. 

BiiG(c)^ter', Blicc^ssr', s. ber fBufanier. 

To Blic(c)anler', v. a. ©eertfubetei treiben. 

Biiceins'tor, s. Anat ber Xrompetertnaftfel. 

BiSc'i^nite, s. Pet. ber IBiiceintt. 

Bbck, J. 1. a) bie ®dn(be, ^uge {%wc 
SBdr^fte)) 6) (—of clothes), bie (geb&tt(^« 
te) JSBAf(be4 — nakes, bte Sangettaf<bC9 -- 
ba^ikpt, ber SBAf^fOrb) - doth, in'd. Bock- 

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!R4&it4en (hd 4>afcn, JtaitiiK^en: Sport BAdMbjfn, s. (inb.) Rel. ber Subbtat^mite. 

toer 9tamiiler3 a«4 be» SHe^ed^ k.)* d. 
burl, ber etu^er^ !D{obmanr5 SufUing 
flBilbfong i a— of the fint head, dn 0te^bo(t 
tm 5teii3a^re) cwwp. —bean, BoU bergic* 
bertleej — horai, ^irWgcttetJe} Bot-*. - 
horn ereuea, b«d^ffelftQttt$ — 't horn tree, 
ber i>ir(|uitf((e @unQ<l^j — mait, bic ««♦» 
maft} —shot. Sport. (Re^pofhni —skin, I 
4. 1. boi 6ocf (9Biibs)l^er { a. mod. ein btcte^ 
^fen}<ug$ 3. iron, ber ittttgc(Bedt$ II. acO*. 
bodUbera^ -rtall, SporA. 1. eiii flrofeS 
9eet iumSangeit bed {Rot^i^ilbcs^ 2. ba§ 
Xreiberamtbei{Rot5»Ub*3tt8ben4 —thorn, 
Bobber Jtreujborni —thorn berry, blcitrcuj' 
beerc^ —tooth, ber glctf^ia^n, (Rajfiia^nj 
—wheat, Bot. berSBu4»cijcn,ba*4>"tcforii. 

To Back, V. 1. a. SBafc^e einioet(ben/ bdu(!)cn5 
»of(^en i b-ing cloth, bad ^augen« ob. ^^cn' 
tii4 $ b-ing Htool , ber ®afi^bIo(f 5 b-ing 
tnh, bie SB^ud^bfitte^ berffBaf<^§ubcr$ 11. n. 
(aiul a.) 1. bodtn, ftofen^ S. ft^ belaufen, 
befprittgen (von ^afen^ ic). 

Bilck-^-bdd', 1* m'd. Bogle(-bo), Ae. 

BttckV» '. 1* berSBafTeretmer ) Sea^ bie^fitfe, 
^fi^ti 2.ber9enereimer. 

BSck'fsh, 1. adj. buH, fbtberif<^/ it. vid. Book, 
#. 8. { II. — neu, s, burl, bie 0tu$er^af- 
txclMi, )C. 

B&ck'ie, «. 1. bte^^itaEe^ 2. bieEeife, fman 
lotfe) 8. a - of beef. Cook, tin etiidf (Rfnb* 
ftdW (»om Eenbenflfirf). 

To B&ck'le, V. I. a. 1. ftnalleit/ an« ob. |q 
f^aaSen^ anlegen^ 2. >8g. r^. (14 rfiftttt, 
Dorberetten j fl<i legen atif . . . $ 3. (bie 4>aQre) 
loifens II. ft. l.ft^friimmen, Pd^ biegettj 
2.^. (mit to) fl4 r<<»miegen/ nat^gcben^ 
8. (— in with...), V^nbgemetn werben (mCt). 

Buckler, s. 1. ber ©^ilbj 2.j5g. ber »cf*{r» 
mer$ 3. vid. Bnckle, 3.^ 4. Mar. b-s, pr 
bicJHuSsopfcnj —thorn, vid. Buck- thorn, 

Biick'r^ra, I. #. Com. bie 6$teif(einmanb/ ber 
e*etterj ILactf.^gr.fleif. 

Bilck'rfiraf , j. Bot. ber Mrenfou^- 

Biick^t4>n (— ^some), Ac. vid. Boxom, Ac. 

BIlcSKie, Foet. I. s. I.ba6f>irtcndebt4t5 2. 
ber 3ibt)ttettbi(tter $ n. (— c^l), adj. bufoKfit. 

Bttd, «. 1. bie JtnoBpt, ba« ^nge^ 2. fig, ber 
.fteitn) 3. ba» StaVb wn einem ^^^^^ ^tr 


To Bad, V. I. n. 1. htodpett; raftfftlagen, fei» 
meit; fproffen^ 2.>%. im ffBai^r^ (Slii^en) 
fettt^ n. a. octttiren, pfropfett) bodding* 
knife, Gard. ba« Cdtlirmef er. 

Wd^, s. Oeog. §Dfeii<etabt itt UttgarK). 

BAd'dblsts, *. pi. (inb.) ReL bie fiubb^iflcn. 
Biid'die, s. Min. berftBaMtrog, bieSBaM' 
f4J^iribcbftitf ^ b-t, pi. 6r3»fif4^cft 

To Bl&d'dle, V. a. Min. abpiaitcii, »iif4ca) 
bnddling difh, bie SBBar^bfi^ite. 

Bade'-Hght, ^ mod. bo6 Subclid^t (o.Garncf 
crfunbene 9cleu(|»tund$art bur^ Gteinfoftien* 
Qa$, baft mit auS otmof^^iriMer ^nft gef^tc* 
b^cncmSauerpoffgaft gcmiMt ift). 

Bftdge, J, ba# (gcgerbtc) Sammfeff^ —barrel. 
Mar. bod huitoit ^wt* ob. (9ranfttett« 
ffiWca. [pefn. 

To B&d^e, V. ji. %mle* M rcgcnj on. ft^ rip* 

Bud'g^t, s. 1. bit (Icbcrnc) Xoft^c, ber ©euteJ, 
eatf^ bic®atte(taf4c9 ba#IBricf«SeRetfcn4 
2. ^. berSonat(^, bad QoDitol^ 3. iV(. 
boS Subgct. 

BIkfi; s. l.bcrSiiffcI (mU Boffiilo); 2. (- 
leather, —skin) cigcnfL boft ® fiffcUeber, W* 
miMUber (oon £)<bfcn, 6lcnn, ».)$ 3. vid. 
—coat, Ac; 4. bie icberfftrbc, ba9tcberge!b, 
6^amoi65 5. Afed. bie Bptdt^mti —coat, 
— jerkin„ba6 (cbcmc JtoOer; Qotlet, »b. XBami, 

Buffalo, J. Zoo<. ber SfifTcU euffe(c4$^ - 
snake, Zool. bie Ybgott^f^tangc , 8iiefeR» 

Biiffi^l, s. vid. BufVe. [f^Iangc. 

Buftipr,*. R'W. fmeift impi.) btftetoppolftcr, 
eIaftir((e6toffifren) —heads, etafcrffipfe. 

Buff<pt, *. 1. (froni.) ber eilberWranfi Crc* 
bensttf^, @(^cBfttfiki 2. ber ^uff, ^wft^ 
fi^lag, bie ^0iQuif<|eae. 

ToBfiffipt, e. I. a. i.pttlfca/ mit ber gattH 
^pen tit. fi^lagen, 9){aulf(bcUcn geben$ 2. 
befdmpfim, auMmpliEn gegcn....^ n. n. P4 
balgen, boren. 

Biif f^tfr, J. ber 64(&ger,^ttflf dmpfdr^crcr. 

Bfifffng-Spp^rft'tv*,'. R-w. berStofttpparat. 

Biif fie, s. Zool. bcr 99uffc( (v/if. Bnflalo) ; - 
head, vulg. ber Mffct^fopf; ©ummfopf 5 — 
headed, 1. grof(5pfIg; buffcpflgj >. ^« 
bnmm; t6lpif4) —headed duck, (BnflTel or 
Bnflers head dock, Wh.), Orn. bcr SMtfrcpf. 

To B&f fie, «. n. oerbliif^, befliirit/ rcrlcgea 
fein. [(Bwtitr, ^orr. 

ByfTdOn', «. ber 9)ofrenreipcr, Sufttgnia^er, 

To BvlTddn', v. a. M^crlii^ mtt^Ctt. 

BvfR^n^ry, BvlTdd'alfB, s. bie (^tarrcU') 
4>ofrea4 9>ofrenrciferei. [fig 

BvfrdCnjsh, B^<6dn'llke, adj. (an$»ttrfiind« 

To Bfiffoonbe [-fO-], ^ffcn ob. Ctreftbe 

B&'fu, s. Zool. bie 3Mtt. [ma^en, 

Btt'f^nlte, «. JMtfi. bcr ^6tmftcia. 

Bftg, s. 1. (bed-), Ent. bie fRm^i >• ^^ 
K ber9(attfattgcr,bieQ(ftcrblatttattdi 3. epi|« 

^,y,u^ed by 





mmc ber CtegUnbcr in 3tla«b$ -base, (-* 

wort), BoU basttasseitfnittti (—bear), bcr 

^opan^ ^attmmtU To — bear, v. a. f4rt^ 

fen, bongema^en. 

To B&g'gfr^o. 71. l(nabenr4Anbcrei trtCben. 
B^^^r^r, f. b€r itnobenfibinber, Gobonit. 
B&s'gfry, #. tie itnabenfftdnberef. 
Bue'sia^M^ «• bo^fBimmeln oott(Oe|aftctfein 

ntit) ftSoi^en. 

Bttg'gy. a<(;. »an)ig, ]»ofler XBannn. 
BQ'gle, #. 1. Ce^nn.) ber »tIbetD464 S.bie 

nmx^ ®la6foroHe 5 3. wU— horn ; 4. (beim 

engLfDtitiMr) bct^ornift; flBalb^omblifcr j 

—horn, 1. ba« SAger^orn, j>iift(orn$ 2. 

Mil. boB flBalb^orn, eignal^om, Sffigel^om. 
BQ'glfM) «. Bo(. bte S^feniunge. 
Bfihl, #. JHecA. matted ®olb, 9)'{ef|ing, 9)erU 

mntter, u. }am(aKnUgen5 —work, cingtledte 
Babr'ftGne, *. rnd. BDrftone. [iCrbeit 

To Band[bild], v. ir. I. a. 1. batten, erbatten^ 

2.M' ^Aacn (2uftr4I6frer; )c)4 to - op, 1. 

anfbaueni 2. fig. erbauen) to — a chapel, 

Mar. fine Qtule fangeni II. n. bauen$ to — 

iipoD,/g. banes, M berlafTen anf . . . . 
Borfd^^i l.ber2Banenbej Satt(err) 2.>ig. 

ber 9anmeifter j e(b6pfer. 
Bnifl'diog, s. ba6 (Sebdubei —in pise, bet 9>l« 

febau, Se^mban j a — of rooks (a rookery>> 

Sport baft eaatfrd^engeniftei -contract, 

l.ber Oancotttract fiber^.3 2. SfUp^. ber 

(IXd^lbrtef^ -docks, vid. nnt. docks; - 

yard, ber fbauf^of, SaupU^. 
' Boflt, I. pret. k p. p. non To Bnild ; frigate-, 

fregottettfi5rm(g(gebant)j ll.*.bie«attort, 

etruftnt. [Did. Bnll-iinch. 

Bal, s. IcK biettntte^bcrSlnnber^ —finch, 
BWb, Bnibe, *. 1. gen. baS (Rnnbe (ber Xng» 

opfel, K.)) 2.Bot. berJtnoOen, ba«3»ie« 
^ belgeipdc^i, bie S^nUUU 3. Mee/u bie Jhigel 

am X^ermometer. 

B&lbed, adj. (bef. Bot) j»iebelf5rm<g. 
Bvlbff f rons, adj. BoU JtnoOen Ob. 3»iebeln 

tragenb. bwiebelarttg, runb. 

Biil'bous, Bvlhi'oeovs, Bill'blne, adj. htoflig, 
BW'c^, M. pi. (n. port bolsa} Jew. Meinc «eu» 

tel, in benen bie oflinbiMen iDiamanten obn 

^abroft iM bonbon fommen. 
Bni'ch{n,f. baftSnOenfalb. 
Bvlgi'rjf , s. Geog. (Bnlgariett, bie ©nlgarei. 
B&l^e, «.l.vicf. Bilge, ].; 2. Afor.berSetf^ 

3. b-s, C-wnys), pi. bie |)eiben, ©ettungen, 

moranf baft 64iff abMnft. 
To Bnlge, v. n. 1. Mar. anfllofett, f«eitenu 

Icnfett) 2. vid. To Bilge; 3. cinenSan^ 

ma^iUf norrogen. 

Ml\mf, 9. Fet vid. Bonliay. 

Bfttk, 1. 1. bie SRaf C; ber itbunpcn, it5rpcr 
2. ber Umfang, bie <9r5fe, aXengci 3. bci 
gr6fte|)anfen,f>anptt(ei(,/am.9innunc($ baft 
<$mci bie (^aupt«) eurnmc^ 4. Arch, ber 
norfpringenbeSbcU (eineft (Scbdnbcft); 6. ber 
Jtlapptif<b/fierfottfft'6tonb5 6. Mar. a) ber 
ganse innere (9a(t*)9tanm cincft e^iffeft^ 
b) bie gan)e (64t{fft*) Sabnng} goods laden 
ia- , bte 6tiirs«Sabnng, 6ti5rs*<9tttcr{ by 
the— ,im®an)cn,iniS)nr4f4mtt$ inSauM 
n. 9ogen$ to break—, vid. in To Break; 
—heads, pt Sea^ Scrffbldge, Ctncmdnbe 
(auf @((iffcn); (Semclingcn. 

To Bulk dAt, V. n. cinen ICan^ nia^en, wx* 
ragen, oorftringcn. 

BaiOcinf s8, s. bic ®rof e (ber Ocftalt ob. bcft 
Umfangcft), SKenge, (Staffc, Sclcibt^cit 

Bul'ky, adj. grof, bitf, flarf, fldmmig. 

Bail,l.«. l.ber Suae, SuDoibft/ ®tier« 2, 
Aft. ber etierj 8. Barb, ber (la^cnerrcgen* 
be) flSiberfpm^, bie «3iberfinnig(cit, ber 
(bronigcepra4«)Sc^(er$ 4.£cc. bte(pdpft« 
U4e) ®naei 6. Script, tin Srsfeinb, ber 
briiScnbe Zimi 6. Com. cdnt ber Tfctien* 
fpieler, Gtocf ftrcitcr, vulg. gncbfer, vi(i.Bear ; 
7. John Bull, fig. baft (pcrfonificirtc) engliMe 
Sol! 5 n. comp. — bait, -baiting, bic ^4* 
fen^a^, 0tier^c$e) -bee, £nt biclBrenife) 
-calf, 1. baft ©-ntalb} 2. jig. ber (Sinfaltft* 
pinfel} —dog, ber a-nbeifcrj -'s eye. 
Afar. 1. cine j^diicmcJtanM} 2. bieSBctter* 
gaUcj 3. Ast. ber VIbcbaran) — s eyes, 
Glaz. Ombcrfu^cn (((eine runbe Scnfler« 
f^cibcn)) iifar. bie (SaUgldfer) -eyed. 
flier*; (grofOdttgig) — s eye glass, Glats-w. 
baft (9aIZgIaft$ —face, baft grobc, frc^e (Be* 
fi^ti — fars, Com. cine ber t>ic(cn99encnttangen 
beft(5atmtttfft$ —feast, —fight, -fighting, 
baft etiergefc^tj -finch, Om* ber S)om* 
pfaff; (Bimpel j — fistJBot bcrSoftfi) —fly, 
Enu 1. bic ©rcmfcj 2. ber ^omWrcter, 
^irf^Mferj -frog, ZooL ber ©dKcnfrcW/ 
®rilafrof4l -bead, l.lit. bcr £)(bfcnropf | 
2.^. ber iDummfopf j 3, Ich. a) (river — 
head), ber JtauIfDpf 1 b) (armed — head), 
ber etcinpider, bie gepantcrte (Srcppef c) 
vid. Tad-pole| — *s pizzie,berlD<bfcniicmcri 
— ring, ber 9ling in &4(a4t^dttfem (ixm Se« 
fcftigcn beft9tinbt>ieVft)j — rnsh, vid.- Bul- 
rush; — tront, lOi. bie grofe (la^ftartige) 
SoreOe. [bom. 

Bai'l»ce,«. Bot bieeiiftle^e; ber eNftleMcn)* 

Bdl1«ry,#. JScc. bie (pdpfU.)9ttaenfamm(ttng. 

Biillite, adj. Bot. bbfig. 

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BiiVa*<*^r^iifflc]idel9 -ii«Ut>g¥aff^V|iae ToBihidi, v. I. «.tnMii^d}vfuamiKbiB^ettl 

(gefbe. :c) 9t%l pIBersienitta ber JtotMctti 
Bftl'Mg^r, tf. dnc Yrt fletner e^iffe. [k. 
BAIIft, #. bti Auflcl, gtintcnfttgelj —bore, 

^«m. ber Jtugcthiftpf) — dividers, bcr AoU 

htn^tUU —iron, fc^mebif^eft etangcncifen. 
Bdl^ftifn, «. bef. ib/. baft IBunetin j ber ®e« 

fe^ljettel eincr etabtobrigfeit^ ic, 
BaKi}9n,#. JIfZiit. l.ber (Solb* ob. 6ilt»erflttm* 

^en, baft ttngcmfinste (Solb ob. S^ilbct) 2. 

iv». Cbm. ttngangbores (frembcS) Qclb. 
BAi'ljch, ac(7. Barfr. fe^Ier^aft, fpraii^miberfin* 
BAl'lJst, «• ber (p<|)fU.) IBuSenMreibec. [nig. 
Bdlll'tioo, «. t»U Eballitioo. 
BAI'l9ck, s. 1. bet iangeSD&d; garre j 2. Am. 

ber anlgei9a4fen( SD^fti — '• eye, ilrc/i. bad 

BAKly, I. s. ber eifenfrefler, (Renommifl, fBro* 

maihtAi II. comp. —fly, vid, BoU-fly| — 

giinester, ber Seutclfd^aeiberj — roclc, - 

rook, ber Gifenfreffer, ic 
To BAl'ly, V. I. a. 1. fibertiuf^en, in'* Sdodi* 

borttiageni 2. preQeni Il.R.bramarbaftrcn, 
Bikfriisb, s. lit glatte Sinfe. [poltem. 

Bftl'risbjr. mdj. binfeni^nttib/ boll Sinfen. 
Bfii's?^, «. vu/. Balcc«. 
BAl'wvk, M. 1. Fort. btt*fflon»erf, bieCttflelj 

gen. bte IBefefHgttng) 2. SMp-b. bie fiufcre 

(yianhit«)9(fleibttBgi 3. fig. bie etii^e; 

boS SoOwert. 

To BAi'w^rk, v.a. befefHgeO; berf(^anien. 
B&B, J. iTv^g. ber {)tiitere, eteif; — bailiff, 

«if<g.berMttcl,6(^erge$ — boat, vuig. baft 

^arftboot/ ^robiantboot. 
Bfin'btst, f. 1. ber bard^ndbte 3eug, bie 6$ti« 

ilbelarbetti 2. Com. berlBombaji (XrtaSar^ 

d^ttt)i 3. bteSanmiDDlIej 4. vtd.Borabaftt,2. 
Biin'ble-bie, t. Ent. bie^ttmmcl, Crobne. 
B&m'kiD,«.l. Afar. beriS^utluf ^ 2.i7id.BanpkiD 
Bamp,«. l.bte®eute$ 2. ber^ufF/ &ila%i\ 

11. n, to — out, (eraafttretcn, (en>orflebcn, 

auff((»eaen. [mige^u. 

fiiin'chjn^si, s, bal itnorrige) Sraubcnfdr* 
Biiii'cby, adj, in IBuf(bc{n iba^fenb, bftf^cltg} 

traubcnformigy b^<^cng, bucfeligj hiorrig, 

fijlig. [fftoUci — wooMBfinbclwoDe. 

Bun'dle,^. l.baft SBunb; SBunbel, ^acfct 3 2. bie 
To Bun'dle, v. a. (to — op), in cinCfinbcl (jtt« 

fammen)binbcn5 iufammcnpatfen, cinpacfcn. 
Bung, 1. 1. ber 6punb, Spunb^apfcni 2. (— 

hole),baft0punbio4 j 3. <7fm.bcr9){unbpfropf. 
To Bung, V. a, fpunbcn, jufpunbcn, i>crfputtbcn. 
Bun'g^ilow, s. (in£)ftinbicn) einmitetrcb ge« 

bccftcd {)anft i public-, einc TCrt SBirtb^bauft. 
To Bun'gle, v. I. n. ftumpcrn, pfuf^cn) II. a. 

(to — up), »erpfuf(bcn, tcrbunjcn. 
Biin'gle, f, 1. bie 0tumpcrci, 4)ruf4^eret i 2. 

ber grobe Scblcr^ 04ni(cr. 
Bun'gi^r, #. ber ©tumpcr, ^fuWer. 
Bun'kio, s. BoU bie i>irgintf(be6^ib(angenmttt}el. 
B&nn, s. ber (ungcfinerte) Slaben, &pan. 
Bunt,^. 1. Bot. ber ^ofifi) 2.berS9auf4$ '• 

Afar, ber IBau<b eineft @egeU| — lines, Mar 

bie ®att4gorbingen. [md. To Butt. 

To Biint, w. ». 1, (to — out), aufftbloeQen j 2 
Bun't^r, s, bte Sumpenfommlerinn; cont. baft 

gemeine aXenf4. 
Bun'ting (-/t«o,-'tin, -^tjnc), m. Lbaft^fag^ 

gentu4i 2. Orn. bie ^Kmmer I —iron, G-w. 

baft iBiaferobr. [SoQietne. 

BAof ,«. ilfor. bieCKn!crOSo]e) —rope, bie 
To BAof', V. I. a. 1. (-up), f(b»tmmenb, flott 

erbalteni Mar. 2. aufbooen 3 3. (obne up), 

IBafen legend 4. fig, aufrctbt erbalten/ it* 

bebcn j n. n. f^ibimmen, fi(b bcbcn. 
BddJ'^ncy, s. l.bie€^(b»immtraft; 2. fig. bie 

Bikdjf'^nt, adj. 1. fcbntmmenb, »ogenb, Iei4t$ 

2.^.f[ii<btig$ ft(b (Ici^t) erbcbenb. 

3.baft(bampfe)(Ser4rei(ber9tobrbommeI,u.).lBAo;'lfH, adj. gntnbioft. 

To Bttmp , V. L a. ftblagen, fiof en i 11. n 
(bumpf) fcbreten, ein bsmpfeft ® etdfe tnatben 
(vid. To Boon, 1.)$ to — up, f^ioeOen. 

BiWp^, I. s. nng. ber^nmpea, baft|)afgIoft; 
ooUe (Blafti II. b-«, s. pi. B-w. bte etof* 
polfter. [bobe(te) ^anbinnfer, Xctpcl. 

Btoplcin, 1. l.vt(/.Ponpion; 2. ber(ungC' 

BHaip^inly, adv. hiuxifd^, t^ipiM^ |>lnmp; 

Bttn, s.vid. Bonn. [grob. 

BfiAcb,#. l.bteOenle) 2.ber^orren{ ^oN 
fer^ Sndtel, bef.p<. b-et, (bei|)ferbcn), Stno* 
tfUf SBarseU; Ubcrbeine, ic. i .3. baft Silnbei, 
Sitnbi 4. berSuffb ({)aare; Sebeni; ic.)/ 
Mf^el) 6. bie (l^ruppe (®&iime,ic)9 — of| 
grapun^biefEkinlrasbei -backed, buitelig. 

Bur, s.l. Bot.bie Alette} 2. L-f, ber 6art(am 
©♦riftfegel)} 8.v)rf.Burr,2.4 4,vif/.Bowcr; 
—atone, eine Xrt £Luar$ (bcf. }u 9){ub(ftcincn 
gebr.), baber: ber unbebauene SXnblflein. 

Bur'b9t, #. Ich. bie QCalraupe, Cluappe. 

Bur'd^n, s. 1. bie ^fl; Sabnng, Surbe^ 2. bie 
Safligfeit ob. Safl (Xonnengeba(t) eineft €$<bif* 
fefti 3. fig. ber Dnid (ber ^gaben^ K.)4 
4. Afi<9. ber 6((luf)oerft; (Refrain) 5. fam. 
fig. bie oft »ieber^o(te 9lcbe, an. baft alte 
2ieb9 -cars, R'W. btc (Sfitenoagen; Xranft- 

To Bur^dfo, v. a. lit. Ml fig. beloben^ belaften. 

Bor'dfn^r, s. 1, ber Selaflenbe) 2, fig. Hi 

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Biir'd^ntdine (BaHd^noas), I. adj. 1. lAfUg, 
brfirfenb^ 2. ©ieWaftig (ton e. 0*tff)j II. 
-neiw, *. tie Wfliafeit, ©ef^werliifett. 

Bfir'dQck, J. ^ot. Me Mtttt. 

Bfi'reaa [-^ro], *. 1. ber ©^reibtiW, baft 
64mbepttU(mitg4*eni)5 2. [bQr<i^, bos 
<9er(b£ft6stmmer^bie@4reibflnbe^ 3. Cbm. 
ber JBuraU/ bte Sure (eta SBoSenjend). 

Bur^g^St, «. vtd. Bergamo L 

BQr'gfn^t, s, bte ^elmhppe, Gturm^auBe. 

B&r'geoif [bdr^zhwA], s. Typ. vtd. Bonrgeoit. 

To Bur'^epn, vid» To Boorgeon. 

Bar'g^r-mM^r, *. 1. Om. ber ©firgemcifler, 
tie 9rattni(t{ge ^ei)e$ 2. vid. BDrgomaster. 

BSr'gfgg, *. LberCurger (eineft[®aSI«]glrt- 
tett&); ®eme{nbebSrger5 2. ber S>rtftbepn» 
tirtej 3. pi. b-cB, bie ©urgerfii^aft} -ship, 
bte SBilcbe eines SDrtebeputirten, )c. 

Bargh, Burg, s. 1. vid. Borough ; 2.Sport. Ac. 
Did. Burr; —master, 1. oid. Burgomaster ; 
2. Min. vid. Bar-master. 

Bur'gh^r, s. ber ©emembeHSflr^er) -ship, 
btt»(®eme(nbes)ffifir9erre<bt Fbfcb. 


Bvrgla'rfous, I. adj. ; II. — ly, waft M OOf 
ndd^tlt(bett $au9einbru4 bejiebt. 

Bur'gl^ry, s. Law, ber (nfi^tlt^e IDiebfta^l 
mit) 6inbru(b. 

Biir'g9m*»t?r, *. 1. ber SMrgermeifler (in 
3Detttf(blanb;lC.)i 2.0m. vid. Borger-master. 

Bor'grave, *. ber ©urggraf. [gunber- 

Bytrgun'dj^n, adj, ft s. bnrgitnbift ) ber JBur^ 

BuKgvndy,^. 1. Geog. ©urgunb4 2.(— wine), 
JBttrgnnber («® ein). [graben. 

Bur'l^ble [ber'r j^bl], adj. ju beflTttbett, SU er« 

Bur'lflil [gen. b«r'ri^], s. 1. bttft Segrdbnif 5 
bfeCeerbf^Tingj 2. gen. bfe eingrabiing. 

Bur'ted [bcr'rid], pret. ft p.p. ©oil To Buyr. 


Ba'rjn, Ba'rjnc, *. Engr. Der ®rabfH#el. 

To Burl, V. a. aoth, 1. (no* Dr. J., C, &c.) 
»oI!en$ 2.noppen),boS9{oppetren. 

Bur'laps, s. pi. Com. ro Je (mcftp^Iifibe; f. g.) 
oftnobrfi(!er Seinen (OsBaburgs), bef. f&t ben 
omerif . 5Rarft. [SntrdtWeler. 

Bur'l^r, s. 1. aoth. ber SJopperj 2.^. ber 

Bvrl&qne', B^rl&k', [}u». ©or b. ©ttbfl. 
bfir'i«slc], E*tA. I. adj. bnrleftf, pofflcrii*^ 
II *. l.bosyofPerri*e, b(epoffleri.®(bre(b* 
ortj 2. i»fM*.bic«ttrIe«fe,bo5yofrenfpief. 

To Bvrl«sqoc' [-Wski, v. a. Etth. Wiberli* 
ma*ett, pofPerll* elttflefben, trovefliren. 

Bflrl^s'qu^r [- k^r], s, Esth. ber Xro^efHrer. 

B^rl^ty *. (itol.) Mus. mod. b(e ©urteft!e. 

Bftr'lin^s, *. 1. ber Umfong, bte ®r6pe, SMtf* 
leibfgfeiti 2.bas®et5te, ber^drm. 

Bur'ly, adj. 1. hid, fiorf OOtt MrpcT) Mffle- 
blafen^ 2. tofenb, Idrmenb. 

Bur'mv, Bur'm^h, #. Geog. Slmta. 

B^rmSfe', f. ft adj. ber Sinnone^ birmomfdb* 

To Bum, ». tr. ft reg. l.a.l. (bduf. mft op), 
brennen, Derbrennen^ 2. onbrennen^ ©erfen* 
gen j 3. oerbrennen^ mit ^euer oenvnnben) 
4. einbrennen (tia 3et4en, tc.)^ Qti<b ^^ed. 
brennen^ 5. onftbrennen (e.6(4omftetR,ic.)i 
6. brennen (3iegel|leitte, k.)j T. jeifc g!fi« 
^enb mo(bett (^ein, ic.) j 8. fig, brennen 
(oomgieber, ber «e(benf(boft, 2C.)5 II. n. Kt. ft 
fig. 1. brennen (i»or ^ibenf4aft^)C)4 2. lenib' 
ten, funWnj to— op, a. &n. l.oerbtennen^ 
2.auMro(fnen,oer8e^ren5 d.jSg.fldl^abse^rett. 

Bfiro, l..r. 1. berfBronb, Sronbf^oben, baft 
SronbmoU 2. baft ®rennen (berdUgel, 3c.)$ 
II. comp. —cow, jEnt ber f)ra(btfdfcr3 — 
weed, Bot. ber ©te^opfel. 

Bfir'n^ble, adj. (w. ft.) brennbor, terbremibar. 

To Burn'-biiit,. v. a. Agr. (flSdlber Ob. S<f er) 

Bfir'n^r, *. 1. berSBerbrentttr^ Mech-^. 2. ber 
Srenner on ^mpen^ 3. bte ®aftti(btr6bre. 

Bor'ojDg, I. s. 1. baft IBrennen, u.* vid. To 
Burn; 2. bie S^uerftbrnnfl) fig. 3. bie Suft- 
fett(be$ 4. bte ®eil(eit{ II. a(^'. 1. brennenb, 
^eip) fig. 2. Jeftigj gelt} 3. frif* (©on 
ber®pur)5 m. comp. —glass, Fky. baft 
©renngloft , ber ©rennfpiegel^ — thorny- 
plant, Bot. bie Qhtp^orbta) —zone, Geog, 
vid. Torrid-zone. 

To BQr'nfsh, V. I. a. l.poUren/bntnireR) 2. 
Sport, (ben 99aft ©om nenen ®eb6me) abs 
fiblogettj n. n. 1. gldngenb, glott mctbeni 

2. fi^ ouftbe^nen; »>a<bfen{ •Sport. aufTe^eni 
Mech-s. b-ing stick, ber fflmnir*, 4>oH^> 

6tobl4b-ing stone, ber!Brumr«,®ldtt'0teui. 

BuWoish, s, 1. ^er Olans i 2.baft Kuftbrdten, »• 
Biir'nlsb^r, s. 1. ber fJolireri 2. Mtch, bie 

yolirfetle, berdmnirfla^U (Sldttja^n. 
Burnt, pret. ft p.p. ©. To Burn, §?}.; comp. ~ 

offeriiig,(-sacrifice), ScrJpt.baft9rattbopfirr. 
Burr (c/.Bur), s. 1. boftSD^rldppibni} 2. Sport. 

ber itolbenanfoi, bieStofe^ 3. T. tba brei* 

edKgeft etemmeifen $ 4. em etfemer Sling an 

ber Jtonone) 5. ber Jtopf eineft fBoUenft, xt.i 

6. ber b^I^emeihiopf an einer6<bifftpunpe} 

—pomp. Mar. bie &iblagpnmpej •-•tone, vid. 
ByrrS^h'^^, «.(inb.) vid.CaoHtchooc. [ Bar-tt. 
Bur'r^s-plpe, s, Surg, hit ^ttlt^erbu^fe. 
Bur'r^l, #. (-shot), bte JTortdtWe^ -lly, 

Enu bie fBreaife. 

Bur'rQck, #. FUh. baft Weitte C8if*er»)«Bctr. 
Bftr'row, s. 1. SpoH. bit (JTonin^enO^ft^U, 

ber(Jt-)Oaa$ 2. md. Borough* 




To BiSr^w, o. Sport. (tefL 9. i(ant»4Kn) I. «• 
f^^Uii graven (in lit etbf>$ II. n. in ben 
«tan n^p^, Mtn erb^6^(ett eingraben. 

metficr, ({ftent-yBematter^ s. beretipen^ 
Uoti ~ship,base<(Ki(meifleramt, ic. 

Bdr'Hry' ^* 1 • ^^^^ ®<^^ 0* ^^tCR BJ^nU, K.)? 
9. 5c. ft Am, boe edpenbinni. 

BSrte, «. (in %tcnfvtii, )C.) bte (^nbel^) 
Mrfe ) c/. bod ffir en^Ianb^K. AbLExchange. 

To Bfirtt, V. ir. I. n. 1. berften (aud!^ fig.)y 
platen, aufTpringen j 3. (—from), M von . . . 
lo^rei^cn j 3. (— opoD), pl604^ fi^ Higen, 
tireffen (baft SD^r/ ic)$ 4. ^orbre^en (oon 
e. Ctseae, u.)? &.(~into), attSbre(^n (in 
Z^dnen, (BH&ifytix, )c04 6. ^ereinbrec^en, 
^trdn^men (to — in upon, aitf Semonb 
Io9)$ to— forth, 1. ambre^ettj 2. am M 
^rcifm i II. a. iie. A fig. fyxn%tn, ^erfipTntgen. 

Bant, 1. 1. 1. balSerften,91a|en^ 2.^g'. baft 
{Ktborbred^U/ TCuftbrec^en^ 3. bal Jtra^en, 
ber Jtra^) 4.ber 9liP; J8ru4; bte epattti 
5. Sirfif . ber (S>Qrm«)Srtt4^ II. pm. 0. To 
Barct; III. p. p. »ie Bsnten $ IV. comp. ~ 
bellied, wd. Bonten; —wort, Bot bftft 
S$Tit4tnint. [fdm^ ^abenb. 

Btir'sten,p.p.«>.ToBDrit,9o.; einen(iS>antt«) 

Bar'st^r, «• (Stnet, bet (St»a6 jerbri^t/ K. 

Bfirt, J. /tf^. bie ^teittbtttte, SDombutte. 

Bfir^bon, s, vi4, b. b. Bardeo. [tentaljen. 

Bti^t^, «. Mar. bie Xal]e{ - tackles, bie eei» 

Bvr'y [gen. MSr'rf], «. bte ^6(Ie^ vid* Borrow; 
.- pear, bie IBltterbim. 

To Bory [bir'rl], v. a. 1. begrobeK; (|ttr«ibe) 
befhitten^ 8. eingrobeii) figs* 8. (fl^) oer^ 
liraben 4 4. (ber eergeffen^^eit) iibergeben. 

BAab, s. 1. ber S9ttf(&, 0trau^$ 8* ber S^ 
fftel, SvM (fxMre, u.)) 8. ber ^<m| (aU 
flBetn« ob.fiierielften)) 4. 5port biefllttt^e 
(beft Sttd^feO) 6. Afar, bie aXetttBb«4fe (on 
0b(fr4eiben)4 6. fF%-io.bie9{abenbfi#re,® a« 
$enbfi4fe) —meBfbteOaMmdmier (amSor* 
geWrge ber gnten Coffining) 5 — rangers, (fn 
ISonbiemenftlanb)® eglduf er : - ranging, boS 
0tlnber«efen biefer ^ofben. 

To BAah,, bttf^ig werbeni IL a. Mar. 
(0Io<tf4etben) mit e. !RetaIlbiliftfe oerfe^ 

Btab'f 1, 1. 1. ber (englif^e) e^effeU a. im<g. 
ber jwnfRl^ 8. vid. b. ft. Bmh, 4. ; —iron, 

Bilah'flf^e, s, Orit. ber 3o& na^ bem fdnntl. 

B4ah'fn9Ba,«Snf4ige9 Snfiti^te. 

BAaVy, adj. gebitf^ig, bttf^igf bnfc^t^t. . 

Bttsled [bfa'dd], befi^ftftigt, vtd. To Bony. 

Baa^Mfn [MaH^ a«i!;- nnbef(»ftftigt; mAfig. 

Bva'ily [bli'^Jt ccfo. non Boay, 90. 

Bna'ineaa [bb'tt^], «. l.bASO^efMft, bie8er^ 
nittnng^ 2. bo4 (4>attbe(l«)<lkf(^dft, <9e« 
merbe, berOetrieb, j>anbeii 8. bte@orge, 
ber Oegenfianb ber iOeftb^ftignng 9 4. bie 
f>fU4t/ bad eenif»gef4»£ft{ 6^bic 0a4ei 
e^renfa^e^ Ifngeiegen^eit^ic.) my— is done, 
urn mi4 ifi ed gefie^n^ to do the — for a 
man, Semanb tdbten, in (Sl^runbe xi^Uxu 

B&sk, s. ba« 991attff4ett. 

B&s'kin,j.l.berj>ttlbfUefel,e«ttfirftiefeU 9. 
ber^ot^umi 8.>ig. bafi S^ranerfpieU 

Bi&s'kfaed, a«. 1. in {)albfttefelttf B. jSg. im 
Jtot^nm, ^o^trabenb. [i99iif^ 

Bliss, ^. 1. /am. beritaf4 2. bie (^Iringft*) 

To Buss, v. a. 1. /am. fii^eni 2. « berutren* 

B&st, s. Sculp. baS iBntftbilb, bte IBfifie. 

Bus't^rd, s, Om. bet Sroppe. 

To Btis'tle [hSs'sl], v. n. gef((dfttg, Uttni^ 
fein, ft<( (gerdnf^boQ) regen^ cil^ren. 

Bns'tle [btis'sl], l.^. ber^rm, baft<9erdnf«, 
QM&ft,(Simtifilj II. tVit. ^nrtigl manterl 

B&s'tif r, s. ber unnt^ige Jbpf, bie gefdl^dftige 

Bns'y[biz'x|],o«. 1. beMdfttgt^ 2. gef«df' 
tig/ Peifig, emffg, t^dtig^ 8. nnru^ig, an« 
f^ldgig^ unnfit gef4dftig) 4. Idftig^ |ubrittg« 
U4, ungeftAm^ &• gefd^dftftvoO* 

To Bns'y [btz'zi], v. 0. bef^dftigen. 

Blit, I. cony, l.aber, aaein^ 2. |bnbem) — 
also, fottbem an^} II. ado. l.anlgenoaimett/ 
avf er: the last — one, ber (bte, baft) nor* 
lebte) (^ditflg —that), tocnn nid^t, »ofem 
niii^^ anberft alfti eft fei benn, baf . . ., oor^ 
anftgefc^t, baf ... $ ber (bte, baft) nid^t, baf 
ni^t) obni^t^ baf) alfti not — that, nid^t 
baf/ ttidbt, alft ob...$ -for, menn eft nid|t»efen mdre, »dreeftnidi^t/baf ...| 
2. mtr, bloft; eben, erft. 

Blit, 1. 1 . baft (fiarfe) 6nbe $ bie Qreme^ 2. ber 
f>Umfei^pf) befgL —end, —shaft, vid. 
Bntt; 3./cA.bie93utte;ber9lunber| 4. Fish* 
berSodftftforb) 5.bte®n»enbttng) baft7(ber« 

to But, o. I. n. toie To Abnt, qo. ; II. a. 6in« 
menbvng na<l^en« 

BAt'ch^r, s. 1. ber SRebger/ed^idt^ter, Slei« 
f4er^ 2. fig. ber bintgierige ^tnn, !9tdr« 
ber) — bird, (— ihrike), Om. berSieuntdb* 
ter) — ^s eleaYer, baft ^Reigerbeil) — 's row 
(shambles), bit gleiWbdttte, ber g-fd|>arre». 

ToBAf Gh«r,v a.l.fdiiladbten) 2.mebe(n,morben, 

BAt'ch^rlinf ss, A. bte SSlutgier, Grau^mfeit. 

BAfcb^riy, adj. 1. blittgierig, graufam) 2, 
grob nnb nngeMuft. 

Biit'ch^ry, ;. 1. boft Steif(!(er6anbmerf) 2. bie 
0<(lad^tban!) baft &d^^aMkcMi 3. baft 
i6lntbab/ bieWebelei. 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 



Bit1«r, 1. ber innemeiflet i 3ta»n i fOtntb*!! 
Menfi Sofirlbetfer) —'• pU«n, bU ^rf« 
jottge^ —•hip, baft JteQermeifler* k. )Cmt. 

Bttf l^r^e, «. bit ffBeinfteuer. 

BAfn^iit, s^ 1. ilrc/i. ber Xafbtiitf, {miter 
(eineft ®e»6Ibeft) 4 baft ffBibcrUger (eincr 
erfitfe, )C)$ 2. CffTp. bie Jterbe. 

Bfttt, «. 1. bU Suite, baft grope Saf , etfictfaf 
(tBein^ie.)) >• baft bttfe (Snbe (c/.-ead); 
i. bie (Sirense) 4. boft diel/ bie dielWeibe^ 
bereibeibeitftanbi 5.>ig. (audi^ftanding— ), 
bie 3ieIMetbe (beft epotteft), baft eticftblatt j 
6. ber Jtopffh)^ 4 @tof (oon eincrn ge^fimtcn 
X^iere)) 7. feitc. ber^ito^^ —end, baft 
(bide) Qnbei berJtolben, Oriff (opp. top - 
end) ; Ship-h, ber ^lanfenfopf ) — hinges, 

To B&tt, V. a. mil bem itopfe (ben ^5mern) 
fto^en i to — at, gegen, ober nadj^ . . . fiof eiu 

Bfit'tfd, adj, begren^t, nmfd^rditft. 

Bfit't^o, s. Sport, beritolbenanfat/ vui.Biirr,2. 

Bttftfr, 9. 1. bie fBtttter5 8. Oiem. ]ninera« 
Ufd^e 9$ { — of antimony, bie 6ptef gums' 
buttery — boBp, Orn. bieSlo^rbommel) — 
churn einO-fa^ (sum fBttttem)) —crock, 
ber IB -topR —flower, Bo t. bie O-blume) —fly, 
£nt.berG4>n(tterUng4 —monger, ber IB-* 
l^itti —pear, bie tt-Mrtt; 04mQlibtrtt$ — 
print, -atamp, bieS-formi — salver, bie 
td'Hifjti — tooth, ber breite 8orberia^ii« 

To B&f t^r, V. a. 1. mitfiutter beftrei^cn (iu* 
rf4ten)3 a* Gam. ben Ck^ (im epiele) Der^ 

BKf tf rTs, a. Far. baft ffiirfeifen. [boppeln. 

Bhi^tfry, I. adj. butteri^t; butterartig) 11 
bie ^petfefammer. [Barley. 

Bftt'tlfdor-bar'lfty, #. vid. Battle-door-b. unt. 

Bttt/tock, s. baft (ber) j>intert(efl} -of beef, 
baft ^enbenfhtcf (oom ID^fen)) h-«, pi. 1. bie 
^nterbatfen, bereteip^ baft Jtreus (eineft 
f>ferbeft)) 9. SMp-b. bie eiOen (msnbnng) 
eineft e^iffeft. 

Mtfu^n, 9. 1. ber ^opf (im toeitcften einne)) 
8. bie Jtnoftpe, baftTCugei 8. ber lebemeOling 
an einem Jtreu}ijige($ 4. bie ilkanc Xiji&t* 
nittfc) 5. ber JCamm (an Oeigen, H.)i 6. 
BoU bie 9larbe beft <Bri|felft4 b-s, 7. p^ 
Sport, bie ^oftettg beft ^afett4 8* Chem. 
rebucirte 9Xeta(Milmp<ben am Ooben beft 
d^melitiegelft) —paper, bie it-pappe^ — 
stone, Min, ber ^orpit} —tree, —wood, 
1. bie amerifan. 9>latane4 a. ber ^-baum$ 
— ware, Jt-ma^enoaare. 

ToBflt'ton,v.a.)ttfn5pfen4 auMpfeu) to— 
^?ffie' flopfett,berf4Uefen. 

Bif t9D9r, f . ber itnopftie^er. D 

Bttf trfss« #. 1. Arch, ber etrebepfeiler, biel 

«Beib6Ib^)€M«^e| S. Fort, bfo 0pi^ dncf 
e^anic) 8.mUBatteris; i./g. bie etiiiH- 

To B&t^tr^ss, V. a. Arch. PA^cn, unter^b^u* 

B&tta, «. pi. icf. Butt), 1. eo^ilcbcr in ganscii 
^duten} 8.bere<kcibcnftenb, itugdfang. 

Buf wfnk, 9. Orn. ber Jtibtb, iHd. Lapwiag. 

B&tyri'coona* B&t^>Toiis, ady btttterartig. 

Bux'om, I. (utf.; 11.— ly, ado. l.flinf, muB* 
ter^ S. lofe, f<^clmir4^, (ufHg) 8. Idftcni^ 
^pig/Perliebt) III.— ness, 9. l.bie^linN 
^eit^aXtttttertcttj 2. bcraXuttibtOei 8. bie 
saftecn^eit^ Scrliebttcit 

To Boy [bl], V. ir. I. a. 1. faufctt ^ /$g.2. tt» 
f^ttfen (Semanbeft Q^unft, %t.) i 8. (—off), be» 
fle4cn,erfattfeni to— in,(betKuctioncn)»ie« 
ber erfle^n/ |Bru<ffanfcn i to — one out, 
auftf^nfctt (Scmonbcft (3kf4^dft, u.)$ to - 
np, anffaufcni U. n. (anbcln. 

Bo^fr,i.beritdttfer,aittfinfci| -ofabill,CSom. 

B&E, t A t pa^ ! (art fari ! [ber flBc4fclttetme& 

To Buzz, V. L n. 1. fummcn) B. nwrmelig 
brummett} IL a. fififtern, {ufliiflertti to — 
about, auftplaubem. [(B^ufler, (Bcplaaber. 

Biizz, 9. 1. baft eummcni a. baft Ocnramel, 

Bftz'zfrd,!. 9. 1. Orii.bcr^tt^aor, aXdnfefalN 
a. j^. ber^ummfopf, (Sinfaltftpiafdi U. 
adj. fUinloft, fursfl<^tig, bumm. 

Biizzfrdiitf, 9. Orn. ber loeif (ii^c golfe* 

Biiz'zf r, f. ber 3ttflfiflercr$ §D^renbldfer. 

Bf , 1. prep. I. bci/ttebcn,atti 2. boriiber, Por» 
beii 8. burdj^, oon, mtt, berm6gc, na^, uatcr i 
Com* P«r (%. td. by procaration, per f>rft« 
cura)) 4. urn, na^ (einanber): — catchea 
(turns, Ac), »e4felft»cifc) day — day, Sag 
f&r Xagj 5. (DOtt ber 3eit) umi binnen, 
»d^renb$ feit) gegeu/ urn . . . ^erumi B. na4/ 
iufolge, gemdf, uu^/ auf . . . (tn$ 7. )n (auf 
bemOBege pon), fiber, vid; 8. in, «m, fur) 
Om, pcr(«»eifc)4 —detail, imitleinen, ein* 
leltt) —the pound, per9)fttnb) —degrees, 
no4<8erabe) -one tenth, urn VtodtoflCT/ 
te.)) v-heart, auftmenbtgi —one's self, filr 
M, atteitt i 50 feet - 20, 60 gn^ lang «. 20 
breit) 6 (f.)-a, 6%. lang u.2 ^i Kaat- 
North, &fi|a9iotb) -w«st,»efk»drtft$ — 
all means, attf {eben gaO, bnt^auft) — ■• 
means, feineft»egft| 11. adv. I. babei, bo* 
neben$ a. befonberft, beifettei,ittgc§eBi 
4. vorbei, borfiberi 6. (ponbcrdeit) no^* 
—and—, nd^fttnft, balb, fog(d4* 

Bf-, comp. (mit bemSegriff beft 9lebettgelc0e« 
nen, Untcrgeotbneten, 2C.)9 —bag, /Vwt.b«4 
aCebenfeBeifeni-blow,ber<Blfitfftfall$ -conch, 
/\>it.becOei»agen4 --^offee-houst, eiaStii« 
felhffeetauftj einelB-f^enfe) -comer,!, bar 
e^lupfMnfel^ 2. boMebcmimmer, bd^Uns 



edeffen, dwifdM^^t^ -fair, bie Sleben* 
m(ir<9 Hob, bteXebenarbett,bas9iebm»<rf4{ 
—law, 1. baS^ebcngefeli 2. boddteglementJ 
(9efe( einer dnnft/ tc*4 —name, bcr OeU 
name, 6pi^name{ —place, l« ber64Utpf« 
»tnhl4 2. bie 9tebeRf4aii)e$ —play, ba6 
3»ir<benf9iel,3ntenne))o) — •ack,bcrffiat' 
facf, £tttcrfatf$ — ipeech, Kud* OCb')fdbi»ds 
fitng in ber (Rebc ) —way, ber 6eittit»e0, Ste* 
beai»c0, \Uu»t%, Tibmq 4 —word, bod Gpridb* 
»ort| *woiiybt&9iebenioaf/9{ebnigebfobe. 

{B5«, in ben |)^fto: sood-~, lebe im^ t 

adieu I by the— , im fiorbeigcbm gefagt^ K. 

Bf'rfiqiivte, #. Com. cine Tfrt Jtattim <»« 

Bf f'^t, B$f'«At&ie, 1. oid. Byiant, ke. 
Bft'rine, ouO*. bifTcifib, (Colts) feiben. 
B^i'a^Kte, «. Mn. ber estro(lfletn, fBr^foUt^^ 
B jfz'^at, «. 1. Num. ber SQiantincr ((Solbmil»* 
ie)} 2. Her. ber (Solbpfennig tm (Bopen. 
, Byxla'ti^ L— ibifB], adj. b^tAntmif^. 
^ Bjfs'fotXoe, L «. »te Byzaal; IL a4;* [bh 
I zan'tjn], b^SAtttUlifA. 


C [8§], s. 1. (cin 9Ritfa«ier) ba» 6, c$ a. Mus, 
bcr erfle Son ber Xonleiter (c) $ 8. C ipring, 
bie (epring«)Seber in gotm eised C. 

C, a66r. b* centum, ^wibertl fi. cent; ft 
copper; C. B. ft Companion of the Bath, 
fifttlter be» Sat^rbend^ C. C. C. ft Corpus 
Cbristi CoUege; C. £. (Ciy. £og.) fl. 
civil engineer ; C. (P.) S. ft custos{privati) 
sigiUij ber 6tegel« ((Be^eimfiegeU) Sei»ot> 
rer) Capt. ft captain; Ch. ft Cbarlei, 
capter, church; Cit fl. eity, citizen, ci- 
tadel; CI. ft clerk, clergyman, Clement, 
doth; Co. ft company, coonty, country; 
Col. ft colonel, ColoMiani; com.» comr. ft 
commifsion, commlMioBer ; Con. ^ contolt, 
(oontr. b* conioUdated ttocki); Cr. ft cre- 
ditor; criffl.con. ft criminal conYertation ; 
Crt, Ccy. ft current; currency; C. 8. vid. 
C« (IP.) S. ; Ct. ft Count; cost rot ft. cu- 
stos rotulorum^ Ibtffe^er ber Yr^tbe^ Urftiu* 
beRbe»a(rer{itberengl.Jta]i|eaeii Cwt ft 
bnodred weight 

Gib, s. abhr* ft Cabriolet qv. ; —man, bcr 
3iofcrfntf4eri —phaeton, mod. cittcabrio* 
lct«rtiger^(Kietoit [{Rdi^ibmieberei. 

CfbSK, 1. Ih^. bie^abbalai a. bte (MaU, 

To Ctb&l', 0. fl. (Sobolen ma^cii; 9tdnfc fibmies 

CXt^nVk, s, Theol. vid* Cabal. [ben. 

C&b'ttf^, s. Th«d. ber itabbdlieiimft. 

CSb'tKst, s. 1. 2^eo(. beritabbalift) 2. Com. 
(is ^roaireiA) ber ICgent, Saetor. 

Ctti«UMi« (-e^), I. adj.; n.-cflly, adv. 
Theol. fobbaIiftif«. 

CfbiKl^r, #. ber (Sabolcwiia^tr, Mitfef^bnieb. 

CXb'9lllne,a4;.|tt|>fcrbe]| ge((lrig| —aloes, 
Mtd. bie Otefoloci -oil, bad itammfrtt 

CUi'frYc, s. Bot. hit $afeUbur|. 

CXb^e, «. 1. ber^bl/ Jt»9Pbb<} ^ ^Port 
bif 9Ufe, vid. Burr, 2. ; Bot-^. -head, bcr 

ito^Ifo^f j —lettuce, ber JbyfroOAti — planty 
bie itoil|)flaii)e$ —palm, —tree, bie JtobU 
^almei —worm, Bnu bie^^lranpc. 

To Cft^bf^e, V. fl. Jtopft \t%ta, M f4Uef en 
(b. itraatarten). 

C&b'in, 1. 1. bu» Gabineti 2.bie JTaiiitei bie 
CMt^Iaffiellc^ •Sea,Jtoiei 8. bie fleine j>fitte^ 
9nbe} baftdelti -boy, ber G^iff^ttnge. 

C&b'|n«t,«»neine3i]iuner,aabiaet{ 2. 
ba§ €SuiiinItt]igd)immer) 8. ber Gibrotif mit 
bielen6<bnblaften,ber 64reibef4»ran!$ 4.(— 
council), J\)t bcr (Sabinctftratb/ bitf (Sabtnct 1 
comp.— maker, ber Jtuilflttf(bier| -organ, 
Mus. bod yofitib) —ware, Mnfltif<bler» 
arbeiti —wood, frineft {>o(i fftr Jt-tif4ler. 

|C§^te, «. Afar, bie ob. bad Jtabel^abeltott/7(m 
!erta«) - s length, bieJrabeUinde (120Sabev 
ob.JtUiftem)) —stage,— tier, bad^^abeliiQat* 

|C§'bled, adj. 1. Mar. mtt einemXau befcfiigt^ 
2. ilrch. oerftdbt/ nmb gerip^t [hrton. 

|Ci^l«t,«. jlfor. eiaef>ferbeUme,baS tleiae Yii» 

Ci'bliiu, «. Ich. ber Jtabeljau, itabliau. 

Ca'bljng, J. Arch, bie Ber^buttg. 

To C^ttb', V. a. (bef. e^W^)Wf* (^^f 
afiatif^e Yrt) hti f^nellem Sener braten. 

C«b«fhed'» Cfbdshed', adj. Ber. (bon X^ter* 
f6pfen) obgefdbnitten. LberJtii4iettberf<b(ag. 

C^ddse', 9. Mot. bie ^mbitfe, 6<biffi&fft<bei 

cSb'Qtf^e, 9. l.bieJhtflenfd^tlffa^, (Sabotages 
2. if out. bie Jtuafi bed Jtilftenfo^rend. 

To Cab'^tv^e, v.n. S^xftvk befa(^rfn j Mflen* 
j^onbei treiben^ cabotiren. 

CabVi9l«t, 8. bod Qobrioiet 

C^boruf', s. Mar. jrabtlgam, 6eilfdbea. 

C^ca'o, #. BoU ber (Sacoo; —nut, bie (Sacoo* 
bo^ttC) c/. Cocoa. 

C«(h«c'ttc (-cfl), adj. Med. CO^CCtiM. 

C^ei {or c«shS'» Worc.-\, s. (ftaiK|.) ber f^ 
iiigLOeHiai'Ob.eertaftlbrief^ , 




CX(1i'«x7, s. Med. W 6a4oie. 

Cackit,!. I.taft®a^lii,®(f4natter4 8.j^. 
Clck'lf r, «. 1« mOg. taS da<feln)>e j>d(n, )C) 8. 
C^co'«, «. vid. Caofto. |>Sg. bcrCM^natterer. 
Cfio^^hjfn'jc (— c^l), adj. Med. OoO OCTbot* 

lener e^fte. [eiute^, ber edfte. 

C^tfifqhfmy, 8, Med. bie Sktborben^tt bed 
Ckctfh'th%^y 8, Med. bad tt]i(eilbarc®ef4m^. 
Cf cSpb'oDyt «• Jt^t ft Med. bie JCttbp^otiie. 
To C«c&'Bin§te, d. a. )ttft>iten. 
CXd'fiv^r, 1. AnaU ber 2et(^nam« 
C«dj(vVoai> adj. lei^en^aft) ooflg. 
CXcfbiite, «. £nt. ber @tro^»ttrm, bie it64er« 

tungferlorbe. [bon 0eibe u. SBoDe. 

CXd'd^ (C&d'd)8), 8. Com. q^tHTptttth Sattb 
CSd'dftw, «. Oni. bie t>o(le. 
CSd'dis» 1. Cbm. 1. boS JTobt^ettd^ 2. gef6« 

pertedCBoQenbattb) 8. vtU Cadbate. 
G&dMy, C&d'd€€» j. ba« X^ee< (dttder* )C.) 

Jtdflii^ett) -- shell, —shovel, —spoon, boS 

S6eef4ittfel<l^en; 3tttferl6ifel4en. 
Cftde, I. 8. tin ^df ^en, Si^nnd^ (bon 500 

^driitgeii Ob. loooeprotten)) II. odj. ja^m^ 

Htre^fanft) —lamb, bad $aiiM«ntm^ —oil, 

bod IffiQ^toIber^l) —worm, vid. Cadbate. 
To cnde, V. a. (4)att$t^iere) jatm auftfe^n^ 
CX'd^Ace, Cft'doncy, f . 1. b<r Unter^ang) 3. 

i(rii^.&Danc.bie<labe»};berXact{ 9.itfi7.ber 

(9(ei4f4ntt^ 4. Afan. bie f^vlgere^te f8e* 

weditttd eined ^fetbedj 6. Her. bie Unter* 

netbntid ^cr Samilien. 
To OftMf nee, v. a. Sact gebeii, cabendrrn. 
C^d^ne'ytf. Com. (5«bette(Seppi4e b.Sebante). 
C&'d^nt, adj. faVenb; ^«bfanettb. [Cfobet. 
C^^if, f . 1. ber iineere, ifingfh Smber ) 9. ber 
C^deW', «. vtd. Cadbate. 
CSd'i^, ^. ber ^fvc, (BietuQlieH*) j»dnbler. 
Ci'dj, 1. Pol. ber 6abi (im £)ne«t>. 
(H^djz, 8.Geog. 6Qbt; (0tabt in CSpanien). 
Cad'mhi, 8. Min. vld. Calamine. 
CSd'mJvm, 8. Oiem. it Aft'n. bod Jtabrnhnii. 
0»dll'city, *. (m. fi.) lit. *^.bie4)inf4lli9Wt. 
C^H'cofu, adj. BoU (infftaig. 
Ca«e^ity, Ca«l'fb%te, Ac, wU Cc, . .. 
Cftf fa, 8. Com. ein ofUnbif^er gemalter Hvm* 
OlCfetn, *. Oiem. bttd Jtoffein. [»oDdier 3e«9. 
CXffil^ #. bie (SafjQa (gteifegefeSf^aft fm 
O^ri'ri*, *. Geo%. bie Jtttjferd. [Orient). 
CfffrW, CXffre, *. ber Jtoffer. 
CXg, 8. bad S^M^/ vi(i. b. t. Keg. 
c&ie,«. Lbereogetbauer^fld^ 2.bieUmida« 

mtng; baft9el^dge) S.badOkffiiisiiif j 4.C^. 

ber (Kantel j - work, bie gel^ro^eiie KtWt. 

To Ci^e, «« a. (in dnen Jtlfe) einfi^rren. 
Ci'i»k« [ci'y^-], CiicC*!qne'[-lfcO, l.Mor. 

bad 3M, Oaleeren^oot ^ % bie 6aife (flcine 

Clli'ffl^, <• Zoot. otd. Cayman. 
GMm [e&rn], «. 1. eine Vedelfdrmig }afamnm* 

ge^dttftf eteinmaffe^ 2. dn OlrabmaL 
Cii'it^n, CiiiaAda', 8. Mil. 1. ber ttntedrbif4e 

Oombenfafletti 3.ber{Rnnitimid»a0eni 8. 

Jlfar.berfBbt)efsaflen) 4. AT€h. bieitdppe. 
Cii'tif (Cii'tiif)* !• «• beraienbe^tenpen^uttb, 

e^urfej II. a^;.; m.-ly, Mfo^f^nrftM, 

niebertrd^j^tig. [2. bef4n>a(en. 

To Cajole', V. 0. vulg. 1. fd|mei4eln; flattiren j 
Cfjo'l^r, #. wig. ber ^^ntdd^ier, %Vi^* 


Cfjo'l^ry, 8. bie 64tmd4eld, fd^e ffiorte. 
C«ke, A 1. ber ittt^CB) 2. Med. eine beri^r* 

tete ®ef(^iou(fl$ 8. bad Jt-fdrmige (infan' 

mengefittterte ZtMMflxa, dne aiidf4one, 

ic.)j —hoop, ein Jt-rdf, Jt-banb. 
ToCike, v. L a. {ufanunent^ato (dtmod)^ 

IL «. iitfBinmenbatf en4 caking coal, bie<ki<f« 
CXI, J. Ghem. gelber Xrfenii [fo^Ie. 

CXF^b^r, 8. Zool. bad fiiirif^e Gt^tdni^en) 

—skins, Oramoerf bon biefem S^ier^. 
CiU'»bSsh, «. 1. ber ^it^cMAif i 2. bieittr* 

bi^flof^e; - tree, Bof. ber (Solabaffenbanm. 
C^l&'bri^ 8. Geog. (bad Sonb) CfaOabrien. 
C^inde', 8. M^n. ber TCb^ottg (in b. dtdtf^e). 
Oll'ais, 8. Geog. (bie etobt) (Salaid. 
Cilfmte'co, ^.Cbm. ber jral(a)fnaBf,<SaIniang. 
aU'9m«r> CSF^kry, 8. ZooL ber Jtalnur. 
CU'fmbic, 8. bad MambacMs. 
CXlfmlf front, lufj. fiengelfdmiid,flengelarti9. 
CXP^Tne, CXI'^n, 8. Min. ber Cdalmd. 
CXK^mYnt, 8. BoU bie JtotenmftiQe. 
CSl'^ndft, 8. Min. ber Jtalomit. 
CU'^mfte, 8. Bot vid. Moly. 
CiJSm'jtoos, L a^.; IL -iy, Ado. efonb, Janu 

merboS) in.—neBB,«.mU Calamity. 
C^UMty, «. bad eienb. VUtfi&i, bie Srdbfal, 

fEBibenodrtigfeit, 9^otb/ bcrSammer. 
CIU'«m9i>«.l.bad9to4r» 2.Bot.ber^atti^ 
c^lSsh', 8. 1. bieitaleM^^ 2. ein Sraaenbnt 

(mit einem Jtragen)^ nm gegen bie eonne 

%u f4fi|en. [ber 0pont. 

Cai'cf r, 1. 1. Cfcem. beriSaldniO)^) 2. fiol. 
Ciil'c^rvta, oc^. Bat. mit dnemepom oerf e(cn 
Cflca'rgons (--^rions), adj. fttlftirtig) —earth, 

bteitaOecbe) — grit, itiefelnicrenfolf. 
CSl'cditfd, a^. beMn^et, in 6«a(ett. 
CM'odd^n, 8. Jew. eine faiMeXber in etaem 

CiUcMO'aivt, CXfcM^oy, Ac, md. Ch . . .. 
C«]dlVV«im« odj. falf^liia- 




CXI'ein»bl«, adj. Ckem, cokiiiMar. 

To CaKcfnSte, vid. To Calcine. [botioil. 

Cl[lc|nft'tioii, «. Chem. bie Qaidnmiion, Z^ 

To C«1cTd«', v. L a. 1. Chem, cttldttircn, oxi)« 
btren j a. fig. ^tr^^ntt, oerbrenneni IL n, 

CXFcfym, «. CA«m. bod Galditm/ ittlfrab^I. 
CXKcQl^blo* a<(^ ^fjii* ob. bcre^mbar. 
CSfeSl^ry, I. «. co(/ect« etdtte In itmiftft4« 

ten i II. aiO'« ^«(<. ben &tda betretfenb. 
To C&KcSlite, V. I. a. bere^nctt (att(( fig.h 

as§re4ncn{ n. n. re^nen. 
CSlcQU'tioB, s. 1. bte «lc4enhmfl$ a. bicOC' 

re^nnng (avdj^ jig.); 3. Com. bte (5alcn(a« 

tiott, ber (Sfalcttl. 

CilKcfii«tirve, adfj. be« ob. flberte^nenb. [rer. 
C&J'cfilit^, ^.bcrf^erec^tter^ (ReAmmgftfii^ 
CXFcttM^ry, ai(7. bal dte^ncn betreffenb. 
CXI'caionit, CXIcttlOte', adj. 1. fMnmxti^, gdc» 

f!d ^ a. Med. mit bem etdne be^ftet 
CJd'cfilvi, s. 1. Afed. ber(»tefnM)etdtt{ 2. 

bte eHmmtu^tli 3. AfotA. bie fte^nun^. 
CAKdr^n, «. ber JTeffer; JtoftfelTeL 
CAie, tnd. Cole i^ Kail. CfUS^e', vid. Calaab. 
CSI^dt/nif, s. * Jtalebonten^ 64lottIanb. 
CXIId^/Dfon, adj. ks. folebonif^^ beritole- 

bonier. Ctb4rmtrdn. 

CU«lX</tioB,«. l.bieGnodnttvnd) a.babQh:* 
CUSiXc'tive, Cil«lie't9ry, adj. enoirmenb, 

er^b^nb. Wt^n. 

Te djfaff V. I. a. enolrmen$ n. n. H^ er* 
Cil'^nd^r, s. 1. Chron. ber Jtalenberi a. baft 

Serid^ttif . [(dnen ^^eiligen) 

To Cll'f ndtr, o. a. im itatenber aufhe^men 
ToCSl'^nd^r, «.a.Afecfc.Xttdbe(3eitge)ioamt 

yrefnt^roOen^nMngeln^ (ttlfn^) pUtten 
C2K«Dd«r, «. 1. JifecA. berQoUnber, bteXtt(^« 

ob. SevdP^effr, dcngroSe ob. aXongd i 2. vid. 

Calendrer; 8. eine f>IAttednni Ent. 4. ber 

Jtom»nrm, flBibei) S. ber ®ianber, epecT* 

f dfer $ —stone, Mech. ber OUttftdn, Onie* 

bdfldn. [rdter. 

CXl'^ndr^r* «. itfecA. ber den$preflh> Su(^be« 
Cil'fndf , #. p/. €3iron. ble dolenben. 
CXK^ntore [- tobfir], s. Med, baft (ibige itU' 

mafUber ber eedente. 
caif [ai], *. (c/. Calve*, pf.) 1. baftJTalbi a. 

Sport, baft j>trf4falb) 3. dn inngerflBaO* 

mi 4. fig. bereinfaitftpinrcl, Xftlpd; 5. 

bieiBabe; 6. 5ea,baftgefenfte(iiberf4»enim« 

te) eiftfttrf i ~'ii foot, Bot. ber Kronj -• 

plock,baftit«IbftgeMr<$ — tj^ioybaftitalb* 

Ieber$ — 'n tnoot; vtd. in CaWea, pi. • 
Caifjah [caffsh], adj. ipie einitolb. 
CiU'ib^r,!. G«ii.berMiber) boftiTngdniaf ; 

MdA. ber Xafienirfd, QaUhtt* 
iixMi -mle, Gw^ ber MiberfUb. 

C»li^r« [or diyjbfr], s. mod. bie eeft^ffen* 
\^^t, Hit, ber etempel, tt^arafter. 

CilKfce, «. i{ei. ber Qlbenbnta^Iftfeldb. [fdd|e. 

caFjc^, #. pi. Anat. bieKiercnbe^r^ »ieren* 

C«ncO (C«'|cOe). s. ber 3it/ Jtattunj - 
printer, ber Jtattitnbmtfer. 

CSFjd, I. adj. ^d^, brenntttb I U. -* ofM, C9« 
»d'ity,#.bie4>ib<- [robre. 

OU'idikt, «. Afedi. berCBArmdetter, bieSBdmi' 

Caii«t't«, 1. JKoi. ber fiGBa^^ol^crf^mamm. 

cn'lji; 1. ber JTalif ; - thlp, C^l'jfiite, toft ita< 
lifat. [Mn, ber ^om(autiletf. 

CUIga'tion, *. Med. bteeerbunfdnng ^eft Qlc« 

C^Iie'inoiia, I. adj. buttfd, bufter, fipflcri II. 
— nets, «. bte ^nhl^dt, ^ttfier^eit 

C9lfg'rfiph5^r, s. ber JtoOigrap^. 

CSIJsr&ph'lc adj. fttDigraptifib. 

C^lVrfpltyf '• ^ic itoaigrap^e. 

Cft'ijo, #. baft Mitt (Aitte^aRetaamiWttng). 

CIIipSali',#. Cbol(«baftS(dr<b/»aft amCKutfctt> 
r4iIbebere4Ubfr6teflbt{ C&lip««'(c;r fowl), 
baft SldM/ looft am ean<bf<bilbe litt. 

Cil'ipf ff, s. pi. Meek. vid. Calibcr-compassos. 

Ci'lipb,ft€., vid. Calif, Ae. 

CiU'jTvr, s. bie ^afenbii^fe. [md. Cal>-x. 

Cilfx [or CSKjx], f. 1. vid. Calice; 2. jBpi. 

To CAIk [cAk], v. a. 1. Mar. falfaterni a. 
^<^- (f>ferbe, k.) mit 6ift(afeifen bcMIagen^ 

CAlk'^r [d^f r], s. Mar. ber Jtaifaterer. 

Cftl^ing, s. 1. Anni. baftJtalfiren^ a. [cAOting], 
Mor. baft ®er8 (ber j>anO sum Jtalfaiem ) 
— iron, ber €$topfmdfe(, baft italfateifen. 

Cal'kinf, Ciilks [or cA'kfnz, cAks], #. pi. bie 
<Sift(ttfdfen (ber yferbe ober SDcbfen). 

Tu CAii, V. I. a. 1. nennen, tdfen, benennen^ 
a. mfnt, (— together) ittfammenrufcn, fbr« 
beni/berufetti iiow, borfbrbern $ Z, Script. 

.einlaben^ ^.fig- ittfommennc^men^ fammdn 
(fdne®itttte)i &. anftrufeni anfagen^ ^.er* 
nennen) bemfen i 7. anrufen^ II. n. 1. (}iim 
miton),mfctt) a. iSpori. (ocfcn^ 3. Hunt. 
anf^lageni 4. (mit at, on, npon, in, bd 
3mbv in e. ®irttft^nfO dnfpre^cn, oor* 
fpre^en^ e. htrjen Sefu^ ma^tni to — one 
names, Semanbcm 64tmpfnamen gebens to-- 
at a port, (n.) Mar. dam (9iot(')j>aficn an« 
fegdn$ to — for, n(Kb (C^twaft) ftagen, oer* 
longen, befieOeni e-ed for, Cbm. bege^rt, 
gefn4t 4 to — fortb,^. anfbieten i to — in, 
1. (ereinntfens dniaben, u.) a. (e^uiben/ 
}c) einsie^en, einfbrbemi 3. mibemtfbi, ftu* 
rfidne^men (e. Oefeb, u.)) to — in (into) 
question, in dmdfd ^ie^en^ to — off, ab« 
mfen, abiie^en) to — on (upon), l. aufni« 




ftui a. annifen, anfpre^cn, bitten 4 S. n« 
ma^nen, erinncm j to - over, (cine «ifte, tc.) 
•crlcfcn) to — toiniDd,jSg. 1. |ttdi(trttfcn5 
2. jti^ (rinncrn; bctcnfcR$ to— op, 1. ^crauf< 
nifcn i 2. attfrufcn, cr»ctfctt5 ttxc%m 3. (®ci» 
ftcr) bcfAworcn, citircn i to — upon (to) one, 
l.n. fi<b aufSmb. bcrufcn^ II. a. (Smb.) au^ 
forbcrn (mcifl ira pcj*.; to be called upon). 

Cdll, s, 1. bcr 0tttf, ecbreij 2. bie fBrrufund/ 
Grncnnung, bcr JRufi 3. >Ijf. bcr ©cnif i 4. 
baft Xmt, (ecrnfft-)®cr4fift9 5. bcr IBcfc^l, 
Kntricb,bU1(ufjforbcrand5 0« bcrhtrK®e« 
Mi 7. bie «crleping5 Part, (-of the 
bouse), a) bic 3urammcRbcrttfand (bcft ^ar^ 
tomctttd } 6) bcr namcntU<bc TCufruf (sur Tfb^ 
flimmnng, k.)5 ^ ^•(^m. a) bte dtaibfrage, 
bcrSBaarcnbcgc^r^ &) bic (9tatcRO®nS(>6< 
lung, bcr (Sinfiup (bci Xcticnuntcmc^mcn)^ 
9. SporL a) cin^omftgnat fur bie j>ttnbe3 
'0 bcr l^ogclritf, bic Sotf9fcifc3 10. Mil. bcr 
TCp^eU) 11. Afar, bic Gommanbopfeifc (bc$ 
^ocbbcotsmannd)) 12. Afin. bcrXungftdn^ 
— bird. Sport, bcr Xocfoogcl. 

cail'^r, «. 1. bcr {Rufcr j 2. bcr Scf^4fer, )C. 

Ciil'lid, 1. adj, i^crf(bmi^t; f^iauj II. — nesi 
(C»llid'ity), s. bic«crf*ini^ttcit, @«fttu^cit. 

Cd'lling, (p.) s. 1. bdft 9lurcn, )C. ^ 2. bcr Sdc» 
TUl, etatHbi 3. 5m>t. bicSBcrufung burcb 
Oottj roll-* bcr Xppctt. 

CiUlH>ntM, CSl'ljp^rf, i^c, viVf. Calipnsh, Ac. 

C^llfig'jty, s. bic 6*»icle, ^firte bcr |)tt«t. 

CSl'lout, I. acO'.; II. — ly,a</v. 1. Surg.^^roit* 
<id/t>cr(firtct, (norrig) 2.jf7g. uRcmpftnbitib) 
III. - nesi, *. 1. Surg, bic |)autbcrWrtun95 
2. jiff, bic Unempffnba^fcit. 

Cal'low, adj. 1. ungcficbcrt, fat^l^ %fig, \m%, 
ttttrdfj —doctor, bcr aXarttWrcicr. 

ColV» *. (lot.) 1. Med. bcr Jtnorpclj 2 
Surg, bic e^roiclc, «crb4rtung. 

Calm [cam], I. adj,; II. -ly, adv. 1. (HU^ 
rubifl (t>on bcr 0ce, jc.)^ ^fig. rubig, lcibcn» 
f^aft«(Dftj HI. «. l.bie®tiac,fiBinb|tiIIe5 
9. ^ff. bie 9lube (bcft ®tmfitb§, ic). [gen. 

ToCiihn [dim], v. a. i«. Ajig. fHUcn 3 bcru^i* 

Cnlm'^r [ca'm^r], #. bcrl&crabigcrj bo§ Scs 
nt^igURgftmittd. [9lu^e. 

CalBi'n^ii[cam'-], s. lit k fig. bic etiOe, 

Cal'^m^l, *. aim, bftft Jtttlomel. 

CarfCr^c, iPlfity. I. j. bcr aBdrmcfteff 5 II. adj, 
ben ®. bctrcffenb. [(bcr aXincraiwfifFcr). 

ClCloric^ty,*. Pliy. mod. bic fpccifiWefflWrmc 

CSMf ic adj. biicnb; crji^cnb. 

Ctil(>rin'€t^r, *. Medi. bcr ffidmcmcffer.. 

C5l'9rjmOt9r, [ HKi.], *. Ca/v. bcV (Solorimotot. 

Oloitc', Cfiste',*.<f)Ittttmfi^e5 b«H^rie» 
flcr«)<ft<PP4ctt) a. Arch. bdS JT^^piben. 

CU'^tfpe, #. J^. mod. b«< ittlotlN^. 
C«ldf fr, J. £cc. ber (gric^iWe) CRto^. 
Caftrpp, CiU'tiir^p, 4. 1. Bot. vid.Water-c; % 

Mil. bic Sttf angelj 3. Si>ort. baft fiBolfeifcn. 
To Cflum'njate, v. a. k n. falM anttagcn* »eri 
C«mmn{a'tioB,«.bieScrIettmbung. [lemnbcn. 
C^lom'njiltQr, s. ber 8cr(eumbcr. 
C^lfiWnitt^ry, adj. ocr(eumberif<b. 
C!Silam'n|ou«, L adi*i U.— ly, adv. oerkum* 

bcrif45 III.— sesa, #. baft ecrlcnmbcrif<be. 
Cai'vuny, s. btc Serlenmbung. 
CalW^iry, *. Script, bcr (Satoorienberg. 
To Calve [cav], v. n. 1. Mben, cinitalb met* 

fen) 2. jiff. cont. bervorbringen, er^eugea. 
Calvef [ciivf], «. p/. Don Calf, 1. Jtilber$ 2. 

itaibfcllc) — inoat(— moutk), JSof. baft^ 

ncnmauli — niDBet» — velve, baft (Jtdfc)&b« 
CiU'vjnffm, s. Ecc^ ber Gafoiniftmuft. 
Cal'vjniftt, *. jEcc. ber Caloinifl, 9teformirte. 
CSKin7a'tjc (-c^l), adj. caloinifiiftb. 
CalMsb [ca'vltb]» adj, loie Galfisb, 90. 
CXl'vjty, s. bie Aoblbett, (Blabc 
c&ix, a. Chftn. ber italf ) baft Djn^b. 
C^lfc'jn^l, CiU'ycIae, adj. Bot. 1. einen SMd^ 

babenb) 2. }um ^(elibegebftrig) 3. anf bem 

Jtcl(be Rbenb, 

csi'ycie,!. A>t.berf(eine93(umen!eI4. O^tUbt. 
Cid'ycled, C^ljc'ai^te (-it^d), adj. Bot. ge* 
Cfiljfp't^r, s. Bot bie SRibe (ber £Koofe). 
Cft'lyx, s. Bot ber itel<b/ 9)IumeR(e[<b- 
C^mfti'eQ, C^mfty'eli, s. 1. Min. ber (Somec, 

SSilbcrftein; 2. Paint baft(5aniaf<n«(9emdlbe. 
Cam'b^r, s* 1. (—beam), bef. Ship-b. boft bo« 

genfdrmig auftgcbauene etfitf ^nbolgj 2. 

Mar. ber ^abenritcfeni c-ed deck, baft SDett 

mit eincm ^a^enrilden. 
C&m'bfring, p. a. Mar. geMmm^ gebogcn. 
Cam'bjat, s. (ital. i ». t.) ber «Be<bftler. 
Ci(m'br)»n, s. k adj. 1. auft Gambrai)! 2. anft 
Cambric s. Com. ber (Sambdif ) — mnalio, 

glattcr (meifer) aRnftlin, S3atifl(«^ttft(in)$ 

—paper, baft @eibenpapter. [^ambribge. 
Cam'brjdge, #. Oeog. (bie Uniocrfltdtftftabt) 
Came, I. pret, VOtt ToCome ; II. s. Glan. baft 

CUm'ifU s. 1. ZooL baftJtameeli 2. Mech. baft 

.Stameel (}unt^eben ber Bd^ifft fiber Untie* 

fen) ) 3. Bibl. ein bid eft eciU 
Cam'f if ae» adj. Dom Jtamecl. 
C^mS'liQn, s.vid. Chameleon. 
CiUn'fl^iMird [ Wb., 5m., Ac] ji. ZooL ber ita« 

metlparbcr, Aomeloparb, bie Oiraffie. 
Cam'flQt, s. vid. C^amlet. 
C^me'O [ Worc."]^ s. otd. Camaien. 
CXnml7«^c, adj. fomeralifUfib. . 




CSm^r^i&'tica^ s. pi. Ueitametal«»ifaiKMtctt.| 
To GXmVftte, v. a. »6lben. 
Cilffl^rft'tioB, s. \>U fB6lf>mq, baft ®e»61be. 
C&iiifrddii',«. Com, tin moaener 3ettg (f&r bm 

ofhnb. SRarft). 
CSlmls&de', CajDj^ S'd9, #. MiU. bte (Samifobe. 
CSUn'lft, f. Om. ber (Samelot. 

C^lfdne', J. Com. eine^rt gerinaer (Samelot. 
Cfim'mQc (Ci(m'9ck), «. Bof. bie f)ov|e4el. 
CSmVlr, «. S/u'p<&. ein @tii(f Jtnie^o(|. 
€&ii'9inll6, 5. BoU bie rdmif^e itamiOc. 

ttarienfome $ the — blaods, (or theCaaariu), 
Geog, bie ^-infe(it$ —weed, JBo^ bie Jtriii« 

To Ciia'c^l, t). a. 1. umgittetD; mit 64raa« 
fen umgeben i a. fteuitoeife bnr4ftrei4peni 3. 
Law, auKeben, annuHiren^ 4. Com. (gc 
gebene ^uftrftge) miberntfen, abf^reibeni 
(etnen64ulbpoflen) aust^un) &. TVp. <5ar' 

Can'cfl, «. 7\/p. ber Qarton. [tond brncfen. 

jCilD'cflat^d, adj. oergittert, :c« rf» ToCROcel. 

IciUicfi&'tion, s, 1. bie Dnr^fbrei^ung) 2. bie 

CSmp, 1. 1. bag^ager (eined {)eere6); Selb'RcXncfHt'ri^te, adj. ben dangler betreffenb 

lowers 2. bteQ(rniee, 
To CSmp, vid. b. il. To Enesimp. 
€»mpftign', C^mpSiD', s, 1. bic (Sbene^ 2< 

ber gelbjttg. 

To C^mpiiigii', v. n. einen ^elbjug mitma^en, 
C^mpiignV) '• bet oUe berfu^te ®o(bat. 
C^mpil'nf, «. BoU bie Jtac^enf^eHe. 
Campan'i.form, odj. Bvt Q\odtnfixm%. 
ciUDp«n5V9gy» «• ^t^ bie 6dmp(molo0te. 
C^mp&n'Ql^ s. BoU bie®ro(fenblttme. 
CympXo'lil^te, adj, BoU glocfenformia. 
cimpSa'cby, Cfmp^fhe', C^p^cb', s. (— 

wood), Bot bad 6ampe<^e4oIS; SrafiKentots. 
Cfmp^s'tntl, a^. im gelbe ma^feitb, »ilb. 
C^mp^s'trj^n, adj. auf baft gelb be^Aglidft. 
Cam'plifr, «. ber Jtamp^er. [nafjiftcn. 

To CSffl'phQf, V. a. mit Jtamp^ f&ttigen, 
CWpbf^te I. s. Chem. bad famp^erfattre 

0alH II.(<»rCXm'ph9rftM),ac<7'. mititam* 

p^er angema^t, gefamp^ert. 
C^mphSr'lc, adj. Yamp^er^altig j i(amp^er«. 
CWpjng, (p.) 8. Gam. bad SaUonfpiel. 
Cam'p{9o» «• ^^ bad {>imme(drdd4^en. 
Clm'-wood [— 'wdd], *. bad Jtam(h>ij/ afWfo- 

nif4e 9tot^(oI|. 
CSo, *. bie ((diseme) Jtannej —buoys, pi. 

Mar, Sticip*Sdotftni — hook§, bie ©ier^ahn, 

CSd, v. d. ir. n. fdimen, bermdgen. 
C«naM|^, ad;, k «.<attabif(ift^ ber<5anabier. 
CXn'fkfB, 1. dim. bod Jtdnnd^en. 
C^HV, 9. Hydrol. 1. ber JtanaU 2. einetBaf* 

fer!eitttttd im ^teinen^ bie Stinne, filto^e^ 

3. Anat. bad rd^reufdrmige C^fdf, ber ^a< 

ital$ 4. Surg, bie 04iene,!Beinlabe$ 6. fig. 

berSBed,bad!SKttel$ --eoal, vidXanael-coal. 
CXn^ri/filSt^d, C&D«irc'Ql^te, adj. 1. attdge^ 

^(It(i»{e citte(!td(re)4 2. Botrinnenfdrmid. 
CSn^if ft'tion, CW^rng, «. ber itanalban. 
To Cln'^e, v. a. einea itana((JCanA(e)baaeit. 
Cfni'ry, *. ber Jtanarienfecti -bird, 1. Om. 

fcerJI-»09el5 2. Jig. bere^oO) -grasi, Bbt. 

hid^-(«9lan|«)grad, baoox: —feed, ber ita« 

CSn'cf r, J. £/it., AH. k Med, ber Jtrebd. 

To C&i'c^rite, v. n. Afed. frebdartig werben. 

CXnc^ra'tion, #. flficd. bie^ntfle^uttfi b.Jbrebfed. 

CXn'c^oai, I. adj. frebdartig^ U. — net», j. 
bieJtrebdartid!eit. ^ [ibrebd geftoltet. 

CXa'crifdrm, adj. 1. frebdartig) 2. »ie eit 

Cdn'crtDe, adj. l.hebdartigj 2. j!4 riict* u. 
boribdrtd bemegenb. [TCrmleu^ter. 

C^ndSi'^bre, CSndSIft'brvoi, s. ein fle^enber 

CiiDM^nt, adj. Cfcm. (wei^) glit^esb. 

CXn'dicqint, adj. C/^<$iiu loeif toerbenb. 

GJUi'did, I. adj.; VL. -ly, adv. rebltA/attftif^ 
tig, off en \ lU. - nets, s. bie fftebli^feit, Knf^ 

C&i'd{dJite, 9, lit. kfig. ber (Sanbibot 

To CSa'dlfif, o. a. »eip ma(!(en, »eif en. 

GXndjf&'tion, «, Ckem. bie ^anbirung. 

CKii'die, «. 1. bad ^^t, bie Jterge^ 2. « bad 
j>immeldU4t{ comp. —bombs, JtnaQgldfer^ 
—box, eine i-tabe; —broach, ein 8-Wef j 
— coal, vid, Canoel-coal ; -jack, ber fBa^d* 
ftodKen^ter^ —light, bad (itergenO ^i4t 
(opp. 2^agedU4>t) 5 —mould frame, tint-* 
tif*i -•afc,bie8-manttettei ber?-fparer, 
i'fiudiU -•niifrerg,p^bte£-'pnte$ —stick, 
berSeu4ter$ branched (or Armed) —stick, 
ber ^rmleu^ter^ -stuff; ber (Si^tOXalg/ 
ic. 5 -waster, ber fifldnber am Ci^tej —wood, 
bad Ciitroncn^oli> 

CKo'dlem^s, .v. (-day), bie Si^tmeRe. 

CKn'doc, Cao'd9ck, s. BoU badglufgrad. [!eit. 

Cfai'd^r (-ovr), s. bie SHebliWeit, Xttfti*t(g» 

To CSn'dy, v. I. a. canbiren^ in 3ucfer ein> 
ma^en) n. n. hiftaUiflren. 

CiioMy, L s. bad eingema^te, 3u(ferwtrf i 
(sngar— ), ber(Sanbid(«3u(£er)) IL adj. can* 
birtj —toft, BoU ber ©auernfenf. 

Cane, s. 1. bad0to6r$ 2. ber 0lo(rflo{f $ 6pai 
Sier^cf $ 3. bie ^n)e, ber ^eil and ffto\ti 
4. Com. bieOanna (ital. ISOe)! comp. —bill, 
bad Oto^rmeffer, Jtappmeffer^ -blinds, pU 
ofHttbif^e fllo(|r«3alonf!en9 —bottom-chair, 
ber fto^rfht^I) -brake, bad Oerd^ritl 

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--]iead,bcreto({htopn -hol«, Me SerticHCvaM «. bet Datmlaliii ibtxfh bat Kdie 

fimg;itt»el4eba(3u<ferto(rdepfIanit»iit4| Soot, ber9Ca<^ea. 

D,ber@to(f^dnbler5 -pencil, bie0to^«|Can'9n, «. l.gejt. bie Otegel/ bo&Qcfc^j 2. 

JScc. Zaw, ber^anoit, bas Jtir<ben0cfct$ lDr» 
benftgefei^ 8. Scnpf.bte fanonif^enSuibcri 
4. Ch. a) baft atttorifirte 4>cilidnt)>cricubniM 
h) ber97{ef!anon$ &«iEcc. bcr Jtanonicut, 
€Stiftt(erri 6. M«c#. bcr itonoit) 7. (reom. 
ft Alg. ber itanon, bie SotmcU 8. 'SM'iff* bie 
j)eft]iabeU 9.i%anii.bteSonnc($ 10. Vet. 
tnd. — bonei; 11. TVp. bie itatton (great— » 
bie grobe St.i lean—, ^it fleine A.)$ com^ 
—bit, Afan. bat (o^U aXnnbfltttf am ^ferbe^ 
gebtp^ —bones, Vet. bie Bprnngbetne) — 
law, baft fanonifd^e 0te(bt. [frdulcin. 

CSn'g>n9w, i. £cc. bie JtanonifTintt i bad 6tif td« 
C^ndn'jc^U I* a<0'> ; H* — ly> at'v* Ecc* tojio* 
nif4/ fir^engefe^U^i fir4H4$ HI. — aess, 

I. bat itanonifcbe, bie Jtir^cnaefcbrnQpiflteit. 
C^ndn'jc^lf, s.pL (X bie JtanoRicalien, bcc 

^om^ermfAmuc!. [^crrn^eSe. 

CanSn'jcate, i. Ecc. bat J(anoni(at/ bie JDonu 

CSn'^nist, J. £cc. bet Jtanonifl. 

Cln^nis'tiG, adj* fononiW^. 

ClnpnfzS'tlon, s. Ecc, bic itanonifation* 

To Can'pnize, u. a. Ecc. lanoniftren. 

CXn'pnry, C&n'pnship, s. Ecc. bie 6tiftt« 
pfrilnbe) bat itanonifat. 

C&a'ppy, *. 1. Arch, bcr ©alba^itt^ 2;rad6tm« 
meli a.*bat j>immeItdero6lbe} —bed, bat 
^immelbetti — cooch, bat (Ru^ebctt. 

To Can'ppy, v. a. mit einemlBa(ba4in,9)ra4ts 
^immel bebetfen. 

CynO'roaa, I. adj. nangrei^, mclobif4) II. — 
neit, 3. ber SBo^lfiang. 

Can't, nhbr, wig. ffir cannot, fantt xttcbt. 

CXnt, I. #. 1. Gram, bie (befonbem QlafTen 
eiaent^fiml.) ihtnftfpra^e (torn ^arlamente 
^erab bit yox O^aunerbanbe: bat9totftioQlfi^, 
)C.)4 bie affectirte epra^e, bat ®cm5f(b$ 
(T^ein^eilige) ®c»infcl5 —word, bereigcn' 
t$ilinli4»e7(ittbru(f4 uneble H., Gpra^fcbiet^ 
a. Otm. bieXuetion) 3. i4rc/t. cine fi\\^z, 
j93(enbe5 4. bie itante, ber 9ianb{ 5. bcr 
4>es(|»Ier,:2(4feltrdder3 6.Afar.batAc]itcm$ 

II. (vij. Mar, fcbief, ^d^t&^ti Ship-h. —pie- 
ces, pi, breiedtige ®<biftlatteR ob. ^olitii 
—timbers, pi. f^rdge Gpannen. 

To Cant, v. I. n. 1. fauberiodlMcR^ a. in 
Jhmflȣrtem reben$ S. affcctirt reben, fol* 
babemi 4. minfeln, ^d^Ierif^ reben ; U. «• 
1. i»erftetgern4 2. /am. k Mar. ttm^ur^cn, 
itmlegenj fanten, fentern. 

CXn't^liv^ff, s^ pU vid. Cantilivers. [talttpe. 

Cia't^Qpe(CXn'ttle6p, Wb.), s. BotbicatOS' 

C«nt2't^ «. Mhs. bie Oantate. 

eieifeber^ —spirit, 3ttd(erro(r«&pirititt$ — 
— trasli, bie ftberbieibfel bet aittgeprefteii^ 

To Cftne, v. a. Gtodprftgel gebeii/ prfigebi. 

C»B21',i.l.berQianeeI$2.[c&B'«l],comp.— bone, 
Anat. bat<SliirgeIbein} —coal, t)td.CanBeI-€. 

Ctn^s'c^nt, adj. Bot. meifgran^ mei^lidii 

CMc'ttlfi* CanldUe, *. AsU ber{>unbtfiern$ 
fig. bie ^unbttage. 

C^nre'fil^r dftys, pi. bie j)ttnbttage. 

Conine', adj. (itttbif^i Mtd. —appetite, ber 
j)nnbt4ttn0er) —madness, bie ^imbt»ttt(i 
—teeth, AnaU bie j^nnbtsd^ne. 

Can'istff, 9. bie X(eeb(i4f(, ble^enu 93ii4fei 
—shot, Gun. itartd(ii(en. 

C&n'k^r, s. 1. Bot. a) ber Jtrebti Sranb, 
Jtanfer) 6)vt(2.— rose; a. atein.-ber9tofi$ 
8. gen. bef. Med TCSet Sreflcttbe nnb IBer* 
Se^renbe h 4. Vet. bat Jtrebtgef((»Ar (ber 
^ferbe, ittberJte^IeberedaeOi berS>bren> 
frebt ber ^nnbei 5. Ent a) (—fly), bie 
©drenranpe} 6) (—worm), ber C^rtterj 
eomp. Bot'S. -root, ber gemeine Zoutx* 
ampferj —rose, bie |)Wttbtrofej — worm, 1. 
berOrngcrlitig^ 2.bie gemeitteaRaalwurftgriae. 

To c^'lc^r, O.I. a. LaQfrefTeR/ierftefTen; an« 
ftedfen j a.^. Dergifteit, bergdaen) II. n. 1, 
«erberben/tc.| a. roften. 

CSn^k^red, I. adj.; II.— ly, adv. milrrift) 
unt6fli(bj moralifA i>er!ebrt. 

CankVnke, CSn'k^roas, adj. frcbtartig. 

Can'kf ry, adj. rofHg. Cann, tnd. Can. 

CSn'n^bloe, adj. (dnfCR. 

Ctnn&l', s, vid. Canal k Canel. 

CSn'n^I-cOal, s. Min. bie 0totrfieinf o^Ie. 

CXn'n«qaia [-kin], #. Com. tin ofllnbiWer 

CSn'njb^, I. s. ber (SattiiibaU ^KenfAenfref' 
fer^ II. CM©.; ni.-ly, ad«. cttanibalifdj. 

Cftn'njb^IIsm, s. ber (Sannibalitmut. 

CXa'njpfrf , «. vid. Calipers. 

Cin'nist^r, *. Meek, ein (SlfifllgfeittOl^eber. 

€in'n9n,«. 1. bieitanone) Gvn. batetdcf) 
a. coUect bat®ef4ii|^ 8. TVp. vtd. Canon; 
comp.— ball (-ballet), bieiT-tthtgel} —hole, 
bic ©tfitfpfortci —proof, f-nfcflj — royal,bie 
itartbaune^ -shot, I.ber^-nr4uf5 a. bie 
<ft-nf4ttfwe{te) 3. bie it-n!ugel. 

To CSnnpn&de', To CiinnQiiier', v. I. a. mit 
itanonen bef^ief en$ n. n. fanoniren. 

CXnn^nXde', s. bie itanonabe. 

C&nn^nler', CXnnQniSer', jr. ber Jtanottier. 

CXn'nGl^r, adj. rt^cnf6rmid, rd^rettartig. 

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Cfa'M, «4i. 9ld. CukU 94i. H topfi &. 3Vp- Mc Jtren^etfc } 6. Mar. a) M 

C»Bteea'»«. mi. 1. tieaRarf(t(nbcr*eube ob.I (S^aQioti} 6)ba«€tfcU4attpt4 Oticetcngc^ 7. 
e<|)ciile 1 8. bie iiniunie (ob.(64.)SeItflaMe.p ^g. bod £)birfle,$6<|»flci 8. boft^utabiic^cn ) 

CXn'tf r, «. 1. bcr ffiiafeler/ Knbd<tt(eri ber 
in ^uttfto^rtfCtt dtebenbe, u.) 2. Mob. ber 
leid^te (ob. forje) ®atopi>. 

ToCan't9r,v*n. Man. Ut^t dolopptrett. 

C^thWrit^ s. EhU bie fpanif^e Sliegc. 

CXnl'-^ookg [— bAka], «. pf. vid. CaD-books, 

Caa'tjGle, «. btr Q^efaag^ Sobdefang. . [nU. 
C&i'tjclef, #. p<. Bi6/. ba» ^^e &ieb 6alomo« 
C&D'tiiivfM> CSnfejle'T^rf , «. pj. ilrcA. bie 

epoxxtnUpft, S)iel(]i»pfc. [tragen. 

To CSn'qu&te, v. a. fittgen, recitatibif4 9or* 
Caa'tjagf !• <»&.; II. — ly, adv, fauUmiU 

f ^enb/ Kv vM* Cant $,kv,; ^ qooina, Mar. 

0tan«6Iier (.fttrnticd) )ttm Sefif ciUn ber saf« 
Ciiaf l^t, 1. ba6 eticT, Srtt4fi&<t [fer. 

Can'to, #. 1. i^et. ber (Befang, ba6 Ou4 (ei- 

ne6 ® ebi(|»tt) $ a. Mu«. bie X)ticautpartie. 
C&D'tQn,f. l.beriSoQtoS) tSegirfi 2.bte^ocbe$ 

3. bie TCbt^eilitag) 4. Her. bad €f<fr4iib4en. 
To CSn'toa, v. I. a. (in fBejirfe) ab^eileai 9. 

iifer. mtt $((9eriierungen oerfe^en^ 3. Mii. 

ciitqiidrtirenf II. n. 1. ft4 too niebertaflen^ 

8. MU. cantouttiren (mit oat), [oat). 

To C&B't9iiize, V. a. (in Seiiife) t(eilen (mit 
C&n'tQBmf ot, f . ABl. bie (Santonxintng. 
C^tddn', f . G»m. ew »eif er (buntcr) Sottiit' 

Cii/vvs (Can'T^, s. 1. Com. ber (Sonseoaft^ 

8. baft6egelt«4) Mar. bie ))refentting$ 3. 

fig. bie eegel eined €$4iffci4 4. bod^acf' 

tttdl, bie 3eltleitt»attb i 5. ein Sor^ong ob. 

es^iebebret oor <)tntf4cnfettflerni 9.Fdint. 

ft Zit ber erfte Gnttonrf $ 7, fig, bie Kudfor» 

filing i 8. bie (^eimliibe) StimmenAerbuttg i 

—yarn, bad Gegelgam. 
To Can'vMa. v. I. a. 1. priifett; unterfv^en; 

8.er6rtem) n. n. 1. (—for), M (urn ein 

^mt)be»erben$ 2. SBa^Iftimmen mcrben. 
CSn'?«8a9ble, adj. lU unterfttcften. 
Cait'v9M«r»<*berfi$a^Iflinimen»crber{ flBa^U 

fUnmcnprilfer. [fertigt). 

Ca'ny, adj. 1. ooflOlotr^ 2. QUd9to(r (gc^ 
Oiiiz^St', (itaL) «. Mvj. bad Stcbiben. 
CaoA'cboAc, CaoA'tcbodc [odd'tahakj, i. bad 

Sebef^or}, <Bummi«GlafHaim/ itaotttf^u!. 
C2p, «. 1. bie<Sa9pe,^u^e$ j)aube^ ber4>vtj 

2. Qiaed aRfi$enl^ttU(be : ber S)e(fel$ bie 

0(bale,^fiae,3D&te| ilid^el^ ber j>ut cined 

f)tlsed$ bieStafetenhppe^ JCappc ctned 3ttf« 

hrbntd) ,ber Qiuffal auf etner IGBafferfttnfl? 

Ditt ber (SiafenO^ut j 8. Gun. bad f>(att» 

lot^/ vu<. b. fi. Aproo ; 4. Arch, bcr 6&U{en« 

tfomp. Mack--, bie GalottCy patent c-s, 3&nb« 
4iit(benj -ik pe, or - .^ pie, i>om Jtepf 
bid anf bie gufe (geruflci)5 -merchant, 
Sco, ber ©upereargo 4 -paper, bad (grane) 
^acfpapicri — «hcaf,/fM*6.bie obcrfteCS^arbe 
( j>aube) cincd Sctmd^ Mar, kGun. — Miuttle. 
bte0pringlute$ — aqaares, 1. bielQScfibldgc 
bed9tapert| 2. bie Gibilbiapfcnbctfcl. 

To Cap, V. I. a. 1. obcn bebciteu bb. betlcibcnt 
auffeben, aufflcdtn^ 2. bcfappen i^6fui^,u.)i 
3. jubinbcn, tcrwa^ren (c. glaWc^ic.)i 4. (bie 
SRii^e^tc.) abttc^mcn $ U. n. Mar. eine ©pi^e 
obcr ein (Sfeldbaupt anfetcai to — veraea, 1. 
Lit. JBerfe mctbfcldmeife b^i^ttgcn) 2 fig. 
»c(bfeld»eife ncnnen, wibcrfpreibcn. 

CftpfbrFjty, s. bie SA^igtctt, bad Scrm^gcn. 

CaV^blc, I. adj. (- of), 1. ffi^ig $ 2. gcWirft, 
taugttibi 8. empfangUcb) U. — nc«g, «. I. 
bie 8i(ig!ett j O^eMitfliibNt^ 2. bie Sinfltbt, 
ber IBcrffanb. 

C«pjl'cioat, I. adj,; II. — ly, ado. 1. gcrdumig, 
ntiti 2.jigr. umfafTenb^ Hi. — ncu,«. I.bie 
(S)cr&umigfcit$ 2.j^g. bi( S^fTungdtraft. 

To C^piic'jff , To C^pac^jtiite, v, a. fd^ig^ taug* 

C«pficjta'tion,«.badS^^igma<bcn. [li^ ma4cn. 

C^pSc'jty, s. 1. btc <9erdumigfett, ber dianm, 
(»tlaf, (Se^altj 2. fig. o)bieSa^igfeit5 S^f* 
rungdtraft, Sinfli^ti h) bie Q^emalt, Idcfug^ 
nif, ^:ata(iti c) ber (S^arahcr, bie (Sigen^ 
f4aft$ 3. Geom. ber cubif^c 3n^aU. 

C^pilde', s. Hat. bad %adf. 

C^pXi^jipn, s. Man. 1. bie ^ftt^cUdc, 6(^a< 
brotfe) 2. bad Siic0cnne|. 

To C^p^apn* v. a. bie 6(babra<fe aufkgcn. 

Cape, s. 1. bad (Sap, fiorgebirge} 2. bcr Jtra^ 
gen (a«i9Rante(,u.){ —line. Surg, cine Km- 
putatiottd*(3irfeI«)i8inbc5 — wine, bcr (Sap* 

To Ca'pf r, v. n. Sttftfprunge ma^cn. [wrin. 

Ca'p^r, s. 1. bicJtapcr^ 2. bcr ^uftfprung ) 
3. ber 7Cr»ateur9 comp. — bonb, —tret, 
Bot. beritaperflrauA. 

C&'p^rf r, s. ber Suftfpringer, 6ci(tdtt^er. 

Cft'piMf s. Law, bcr Scr^aftdbcfe^i. 

CapilUIre', s. JPharm. bcrSraucntaarfDrup. 

Cfpfl'l^f nt» «. Bot. kAnat. bie baarbfinnc gi* 

CSpjllSr'ltytj. bie{>aarr6^r<benan)tc(ung. [ber. 

CXp'ill»ry(Capjll%'ceoat), Ladj. Bot.kAnai. 
^aarf^rmig, ^oarfein^ U. (C-y), ji. Dot. k 
Anat. bad ^aorgefdp. 

Capn^ljiorm, adj. ()aarfdm!tg. [tcmgieifibe. 

Cfpil'otJide, J. Cook, bad0tagout t>. Heingcbads 

ciip'jM* I- of'i-; li'—iy* <i(^''' 1- bcnJtopf 
bctreffenb) 2. Seib ttnb Sebcn bctrcffcnb, tuf 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 




Mtnejmflj — le««, flarfe yottttWen!ottgcj 

—letter, bcr ^nfangSbudftflabe $ — thip, ein 

«nienf#iffj — itock, bad etammgelb, ur« 

fpdngli^e (Sapital; ber Sonb$. 
Cap'jt^i, «. 1. bte f>attptflQbt) 2. ber^nfangd^ 

btt*flttbe (pi. JVp- biegracturf^rift)} 3. 

Arch, bQ9 (Sopitali 4. Com. bad €$taimiica« 
Cap'i^ltst, s. ber eapitalift [pital. 

CSp'itSte, adj, BoU ^pff6rm{d. 
C^pita'tion, i. 1. bie d^^luttd na4 it5pfett5 

2. (-tax), bad Jtopfgelb, bie JTopfftcuer. 
CSp'it^l, s. 1. bad Qapitol/ (SapitoUum) 2. 

ilrc/(. t?i<f. Capital, 3* 
C»prt'a!»r (C^pifQl^ry), I. s, Ecc. 1. ber Sa* 

pitelbef41ttf^ 2. ber Capitular ^ II. adj.; 

m. -ly, adv. auf c. 6tift ob.Qapttel bcjiidU^. 
To C^pit'Glate, v. n. Aft/. capitttUren. [tfon. 
Cfpitfilii'tioD, s, berlBerglei4; bte Ofapitula' 
C^prt'Siatpr, s, ber (Sapitultrenbe. [6 >baum. 
C^pl'vf, *. ber (Sopawabalfam^* —tree, Botber 
Cfptfc', *. Com. Me ©eiben(b'aum)»oEe. 
C^pdch', s. bte {]K£n4dfappe, Jtutte. 
CS'pQii, 1. ber Aapaun. 
To Cft'p9ii, V. a. fapaunen) i»erf4neiben. 
Cap^nniere', *. Fort, bie (Soponicre. 
C^pSt', #. Gam. ber Qapot^ S^tatftb (im|>iqttet). 
To CapSt', v.a. Gam. capot maiden; matf^cn. 
Cfpdttcb', s. vid. Capuccio. 
Ci(p'p«r, s. ber ^Hi^trmcL^tv, Wx^eni&atUv* 
Cft'prSplate [ Wb., icc.J, adj. Bot. ranfenb. 
caprice', s. berQ^idetiflnit^ bie ^auiie, ber^infan. 
C^pri'doof, I. adj.; IL — ly, ado. eiflenfln* 

Iti0/lattmf45 mut^wiaig) IIL — nen, f . bie 

MttnberU^e^eigenfinnideSautte, ©em^dart. 
CXi/rjcorn, s. Ast. ber ©teittborf. [Scigen). 
CXprTficX'tion, s. Bot. bie Caprfffcation (ber 
Cap'rlftJle, s. Bot. ber SeWngcrjelieber. 
CSp'rjfSrm, adj. »ie eine Biege Jcflaltet. 
Ca'prine, adj. glci^ eincr 3iefie4 ^iegen*. 
CVrjole,^. 1. berSuftfprung) 2. Man. bie 


Cftp'ripH Cap'rjpede, adj. }{egenbo<fdfu9ig, 
CSlp'sjcvm, s. Bot bcr fpanif^e |)feffer. 
To CfpiTze', V. I. a. Sea-ph. umtcgcn^ ummcrs 

fen $ IT. n. vulg. umfallen. [(SangrpiO; SpiQe. 
CSp'st^n, Cap'Bt^rn, *. Mar. bcr Jlabcflail, bie 
Cap'ifil^r, CSp'ftul^iry, adj. fapfelf6rmig,' - 

Ugament, Anat. bad Jtapfclbanb. 
To Cap'»*l*te. »• a- in cine Jtapfel einf*Ucfcn. 
CXp'tulfte, adj. in eine Jtapfel cingcWloffen. 
Cap'*<il«>'* l.Bot. bieeamenfoprclj 2. T. 

ber yr^Mrtiegel. 
CXp'tajn, s. 1. bcr .^attptmanu; (Sapit^n) 2. 

(sea—), ber 6(ti|fdcapitdn ^ 3. gen. berSe^^ 

feMd4aber,9eIb^en,Ynf%er$ poit— , cin 

e^ffdcopitdii, ber cit64iir«ott«0^ 
Jtanonen commanbtrt^ — oriiorae,ber0lttt» 
metfler$ -drewer, Min. (in Com.) bcr 
f>o4fleigcr$ —general, bcr &bprbcfe(tt(a« 
ber 3 — lieotenant, bcr Gtabdcopiton. 

Ci^p'tajncy, s. bie ^anptmanttf^aft. 

Cap'tainry, '. bie (Jtreid«)4>auptmattnMAfit. 

Cap'tajttshfp, s. 1. bic ^aoptmanndflcar) 2. 
bie (Jtreid*) ^auptinannf<|Mifti 3. bic Tin* 
fanning i 4. bie Jtricgdcrfa^rcn^t. 

C^pta'tion, s. bic (GttnftO^rf^Ici^ung. 

CKp^tion, s. 1. bte Scrbaftung$ 2. bcr Ser« 
(aftdbcfe^U 3.j£g. badgangcn (cincrycr* 
fon) burdl^ vcrf&ngU^e 9tebcn. 

Cap'tioQB, l.adj^; 11. --ly, adv. 1. 1^crfattg« 
Ii^$ 2. tabelfd^tig, l&nti\d^i HI. —nest, t. 

1. bie SerfdngU^fctt$ 2. bic Xabclfu^t. 
ToCVM^Ate, V. a. 1. gcfangcu nc^mcR 4 2. 

(ri4) untcrwerfcn (au^fig.); 9. fig. fcfTcIn. 
CSptivii'tloD, s. I. bic ®efangennc^nuuig^ Un« 

ter»erfinig) 2.>!ff. bie ScfTciung. 
CXp'tjve, Hut fig. I. s. ber<9cfangcae) IT. 

adj. Tricgdgefangen, gcfangcn. 
C»ptifv'|ty, *. at. kfig. 1, bic Ocfangcnttafti 

Gap'tQT, s. 1. gen. bcr S<^ngcr$ 2. bcr Xnf* 

bringcr cined 64iffcd, dlaubf<biifcr, (Sapcr. 
CXp'ture [-uhyr], i. l.bad^angen^ 2. bie 

8er(iaftttng$ 3. bic iOkutc, ^rifc. [capcm. 
To CSp'tore, v. a. fangcn^crbcntcn/aufbringcn, 
C^pAc'cJQ [-atsh'— ]♦ C^tpiicb', *, bic^opusc 
To C^poch', v.a. mit eincr Jtapujc bcbctfcn. 
CKpAfhtn', «. 1. bcr (Sapucincr) 2. bcr (SopiU 

<(on, S^ttCttntantcI mit eincm Gapiubons 

8. bie .ftappcntaubcj 4. BoU bic 95a(foaiitte$ 

— monkey(Capacine),Zoo/.bcr(5apnctncraffc 
Car, s. l.bcr Jtarrcn^ 2.* bcr 2^riump6»a» 

gen$ 3. Ast. ber grope fd&vi 4. R-v* ber 

Srandport' , Gd^lcppmagen^ — man , bcr 

Jtfirrncr^ —taker, ber SBagcnmciflcr. 
CXr'fibTne, s.l.ber^arabincrj 2.bcr6arabtaier. 
Ci(r«b)n€er', C&r«bjnicr', s. bcrCfarabinicr. 
Car'^c, CSr^ck, s. bic Jtararfc, Jtnrafe. 
Cilr'^cole (-cpl), s. 1. Man. bic (albc 8Beil« 

To CSr'^cOle (— cqI), v. n. coracolircn. 
CJiW^t, s. 1. Jew. bcr JCarat (§)cr(cngcni4t)i 

2. bad Jtarat, bcr ®ctaU«<9rab (aud^^g.). 
CsCr^TSn', s. bic (Saratanci bcr dug. 
Car^vao'sary (— fir^), s. bie (Saravanfcrct. 
Car'»v«l, *. Mar. bic (Sarai^cOc. 
CSr'^wSy, s. Bot. bcr Jtfimmel. 
Carbine', Carbjn^^r', s. vid. Carabine, Ac 
Carbpldn', s. C/iem. mod. bad (Sorbolcin. 
Car'bpn, s. 1 . bie ^oUfoffit i 2. Oiem. bcr ito(« 
Garb^nil'ceoQS, adj. (o^Icnfiofnaltig. [(CRfloff. 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 




To OliMXdef (-i^d»), «. a. 1. Cook, osf Hm 

fRoftcbrateni %fig.vxf^aa€a,%zx^ntn. 

C&r^pB^e, «. G^eifi. ba» fo^Unfatire Sals. 

C^rMtt'fc, adj. fo^lenfinteri —acid, Gh«m« 
hit ^o^lenfAnre. 

C&rbpBiffrooi, adj. Min. !o((eil^(Uti09 — 
groopt» baft (et(in')Jto(lenIa0er. 

C&rb9BizJl'tioii» s. UtfBttH^lva^. 

To Gftf^pnfze, v. a. oecf o^len. [flofnatttg. 

Cirb9B9h5'diroQi, adj. CAem. fo^IenwafTer' 

Cai'boyf , «. pi. grofe ^orbflaf^en |tt Si* 
triol51; 2C. D>er JCarbunfel. 

Car'blliide,^. I.Jew. htcJtaxfnnUli 2. iV«d. 

To Car^&nele, v. a. mit JCar^ttteln befc|ai. 

Car'btiDcled, odt?. Af<^ mit Jtarbunhlit be' 
^ofCet. [tig, fattuntelarttg. 

C^boD'clilar» adj. /eio. A Jtfed. faxfWHUUiV* 

G^rbdoc&la'tioD, s. Hart, ber SBranb. 

Car'bGrStfd, a<<;. C7i«m. fo^lenftoff^ltig $ - 
bydrogen gai, baft JtotlenmofTcrflolfgaft. 

Car'c^iif t, «. Arckaeol. baft J^alftgcfibmetbe. 

Car'c9fti,Gar'c9se,j.l.baftehfetti 9La)bdft 
®erippe/ 6)biea&rfimnur(e.64iffd/U.)$ 3. 
berSd^nam) boftKaftj 4.iM£i.bida9ranb!udeI. 

Car'ccr«l> at/j. }tt etttemOefdndttifle ge^ftng. 

Carcfniym^, «. Med. ber ^rebft; baft Jtrebftge* 

Carciattn'^toai, adj. Med. freBftarttg. [f<bioir< 

Card, s. 1. bie (®pie(«)Jtarte } 2. bteCStfl' 
ten»)^arte5 3* bte^cefarte^ 4. Naut bie 
Qomyafrofe, 6ompa^f(betbe$ 5. bie ^arbc^ 
JMmpeI,berffBoIlfamm) —board, baft Jtrini' 
pelbret^ bie Jtr-baitf^ —sbeeu, bie itatben* 
Uberi —wire, ber Jtra^bra^t. 

To Card, v. I. ii. (gem) Garten fpielen; n. a. 
1 .frdmpein, f aibdtf 4ett i (Sa4) bur^rau^en i 
2. Uvmtni 3. jig. bar<beinanbermettgen$ 
c»erfd(f<ben9 c-edwool,6tret4«tBoSe5 c-iog 
frame, baft Jtarben«^ett|(or)j c-ing wool, 
fnr|e, feine (Snil^»)aBoSe. 

CaWd^mttm, Cardi^u'invm, s. ber itarbamom 
(Gomen u. ^flanje). [ber Jtortenfpieler. 

CaWd^r, s. !• ber (®oa*)Jtrdmpler j 2. /am. 

Car'di«cI.a(0'.(C»rdi'«c9l)l.{)eri*) 2. Med. 
(eriMttevb) II. ^. Med. bie ^ergfldifung. 

C9rdi'^c^Car'd|algy,«.ilf6d. baft^er}gefpann. 

CaWdja^I, I. s, Ecc. 1. ber Jtaibinol} 2. Orn. 
brr<ltarbtnalfiitr$ t^uptfAi^lid^^avcpt', 
itait>ittal«9 — ('■) flower, Bot. bie Jt-ft' 
blnme^ ^avt-«. tbe four — poiati, bie Jt-« 
punfUi tbe foor — winds, bie t>ier ^aupt* 
»ittbe. [nalftioiirbe. 

Car^djn^te, Car^djo^ahip, «. Ecc. bie Jtarbi« 

Car'dlWd, s. AJLg. bie (Sarbioibe. [bone. 

C«rd6dB',f. Bot.biefpattir4e7Crttf4odre,^ar« 

Cdre,^. 1. bie Gorge, bfr.lbtmmer$ bieOe* 
forgni^) 2.bieeorgfatt j 9)f[ege,9emil(sng3ll 

S.biefforlMt^YAt) 4. ber Oegenftottb ber 
€$orge,2iebe$ to take— , €Sorgetragen4 to 
take — (to), M in ^4t ne^mcn/ M ^^texi 
to the—, kc, (auffdriefen) an bie TfbrefTe, 
u.i —of Mr. N., per )(brefe beft ^ermSt. 

To Cire, v. n, 1. (—of, or for, fftr. . .) forgen ) 
2. j!4 (be)fitmniem$ 3. ftngflli<(, oerlegen 
fein i to — for, or to, (u Qtoaft «uH taben. 

To Cfuregn', Afar. v. I. a. (eine^iff) f tel^olett i 
U. n. umliegen, ftbief fegeln. [iEiel^olnng. 

C^ftCD', s. Mar. 1. ber (e<bifrftOitiel4 2. bie 

C^e«r', s. 1. bie dtennba^n, Zanf* ob. etc4« 
ba^n) p/.bie6<bran!en$ 2. /Viic. ber Sing 
eineft Salfen^ 3.>Sg.bie(Sanf«)i99at9) 4. ber 
(9oae)Sattf, fibneUfle ®aIopp. 

To Cfr6er', v. n. rennen, ftbneQ fonf^n'^ eiien. 

Cire'fikl, I. a{(9* ; II. — ly, adv. 1. forgenMll, 
bcffinunert^ 2. beforgt^forgli^i 3. oorfidft* 
tig,be(ntfani$ ni.— nesi,<. 1. bieSeforg* 
nif$ 2. bie Y4tfam!eit, eorgfatt^ 3. bie 
fie^ntfamleit, 8orfi4^t. 

CAre'lfu, I. adj.; II. —ly, adv. I. forgloft, 
rorgenfrei/(eiter$ 2.ttnbeninimett,gIei4gdU 
tig 5 3. nna4tfam,uttborfi<btig4 III.— ne«t« 
«. 1. bie €$org(otig!eit$ 2. bie Sia^Idffighit/ 
Una4itfa»feit4 3. bie UnoorMttghit. 

To C^^m', v. a. Iiebfofen,firei<(eln,f4mei<lftebu 

Cfir^ss', s, bie Siebfofung) pL <J)6fIt4feiten. 

Ci'rf t, s. baft C^ittf(baltuttgft}ei4en [A]. 

Car'fvx, s, fig. ber Jtreugmeg, bie CtuergafTe. 

Car'gfidfr, t. Com. vid. Supercargo. 

Car'g^sQo, Car'g^sQD (— z^n), vid. Cargo. 

Car'gu, 1. Ckfm. bie e^<biffftiabung; %xaM. 

Caribe'^, C&'ib(b)ee', adj. Geog. caraibif^. 

C&ric«ture'[-uhttrO, s. bie CSarricatnr, baft 
3enbilb. [barfleOen; Id4erli4 nuuben. 

To Caricature' [-Ubftr^, v. a. im 3errbilbe 

Carfc»taV|tt [— tebft'-], j. ber (5arricaturi|l. 

Car'icous, adj. Surg, feigenartig. 

Ca'rjftf , s. Med. ber Seinfraf . [®lo(fcttfpieI. 

CXr'jll^n, i.d. baft ©lod^en) 2. Mus. baft 

Car'inftte, CSr'ja&ted, adj. Bot. la^nfdnnig. 

To C^rine', vid. To Careen. [t^en. 

C^ofth\%f s. Geog. (baft ^er|ogt(um) ^dm^ 


Ca'rjoos, adj. Med. cariftft. 

Caroline, s. 1. vid. Caroline ; 2. camp. — 
knees, Ship-b. fiBin!eIhlien5 —thistle, Bot. 
bie Sbermurj. [2. grane (Srbfen. 

Car'liogf, s. pi. 1. Ship'b. bie Jtie[f4»innetti 

CaiMock, s. vid. Isinglass. [ber)SigOgneiDoae. 

Car'iASline-wool [— wAI], *. bie ftweite ©orte 

Car'mftlite, s. 1. £cc« ber (Samteliterj 2.Fonu 
bie (5-bim. 

C«rmS'n}»-wool[— wdl], s. bie{innattMe(car* 
meniMe)®oDe5 CoifkboftperftMediegentaar. 




Ciroirn'ftite, 1. adj. Med. »{«btCftbenb^ II. 

c-t, s, pL Med. GarminatiiM. 
Cir'itf ne [ ITorc, Ac], i. ^ec (Sarmitt. 
Cir^n^dise, «. bie ^leifd^furbe. [®Ubre4t 
C&i^nf^e, s. 1. baft &tmt^tli 2. Sporf. baft 
C&t'b^, L adfj. ; II. —ly* adv. fkif^U^, Rmu 

Ud^, lOoQftfitd) ni. — neu, *. vtcL CarnaUty. 
CaHn^ITst, Car'n^lte, s. ber l»eltU4 gefbmte 

QKenfdb) fBoHitfUittg. 
Cfroll'jty, «. bie SteiMeftlufl, einnUitMt 
To Car'iiflize, v. a. bnr4 Unitt<(t befkcten. 
C^rna'tioa, s. 1. bie SiriMfarbe) 2. Paint. 

bie Sleir4(altund$ 8. fiot. bieOarteniuIte. 
C^n&'ti^nedt adj. fleifibfarben gefdrbt 
Car'o^l-work, s. Ship-b. bie de»5^nti4e^nle* 

%m^ ber 9)Ianf en (opp. CliDch-work). 
C«rne'li9ii, Mipn), Cai^ne9l, s. Min. bet 
CaWBions, adj. iiiifdfi^, fett [(Sarneol. 

Clr'niy, *. ^ar. ber grof* (aJhmbfranficit 


Garnifica'tion, «. Surg, baft 8crfleif4ett. 
To Car'nlfy, v. n. Surpr, gleifib ttnfc|en. 
C&mjo'lf, «. Grag. (baft^eriOdtbttm)itratn 
Oar'nivfJ (Cir^n^v^I), 9. baft iSarnobal. 
C&nii¥9riiG'}ty, s. bieS(eif<bdier/ber^eiKu»der 
Cfforv'Qroas.aiO'.fleifibftefrenb. [na^SIeifib 
Cvradt'jty, s, Surg, bet 9ieif4auft»tt(bft. 
Gar'noos, a^. fleif^ig. 
Ci'rpb, #. 1. Goid-jm. bie (Sorobei 2. (—bean, 

or — bread), baft Sobonniftbrob. 
CfirOche', s. bit Goroffe. 
C&'^^'.baftSubeUiebi ber Sobgefaag. [fen. 
To Cilr'91, V. I. n. fingett/ittbein) II. a. lobprei« 
CiSr'QilDe, s. l.itaroline (9-n.)4 2. ^Ttftii. 

ber (SaroUn. [{)a(ftpttlft« ob.^a&ptf4(agabern. 
C^r&t'jd (— d^l), adj. AnaU — arteriea, bie 
C^ro&'f^. s. l.baft6arrottfea$ 2.tnd.Caroa8e. 
To C^o&f e', V. n. 1. }e(ben) 2. Am, iarmen 

(»ie 3e(bbriiber). [2. pi. ooQe Se^er. 

C^ro&fe', f. 1. baft OAtmettbede^O^elag) 
C^oa'f 9r» «• ber de<ber, 3eibbrubcr. 
Carp, s. Ich. bet Jtarpfen. [beln, befritteln. 
To Carp, v. n. (mit at), fpotten, fli<beltt; ttt« 
Car'pfot^r, s. ber dimmermann. 
Car'peatry, g. baft 3inunerbanb»e:f. 
Car'p^r, s. ber Xabler, J(ritt(er. 
Car'pet,*.berXeppi#, bie gufbedfej —bag, 

bie 0lcifetaf*e i -walk, -way, ber CRafenwcg. 
To Cai^p^t, V. a. mit Xeppicben fiberlegen, bc« 
Car'p^tifBg, *. Com. baft Seppt^^geug. [bctfen. 
Cir^ppttte, s. Min. ber 6arpo(ttb> 
Car'pvft, #. ^ot bie |>attbiour}e(. 
CaHpy, jr. Bot. bie j)agebtt4e. 

Carr, Car'r^ck, Ac, vid. Car 

Car'rjaic, #. 1. baft gii^^rettj gabrcn, Sragcn, 

ger^nngcn^berXranftportj 2.^.bic8ort« 

pfUttSttttg (beft €MMtft/ u.>4 S. baft gtibc* 
»erf, ber lEBagett, itarrctt$ 4. baftC^efieU (ei* 
ner Jtntfibe^ u.)) ber f>ro|»agca5 bie taf« 
fetter baftdtapert) bie (9X5rfer*)Oettvttg) 
5. bie Sraibt, baft Subrlo^n) 6. bie ^Itmig 
(e. 9)ferbeft, u.) $ 7.;!g. baft iknetnun^ ec» 
tragenj biefKanieri 8./Vint.bai^ttfbretj 
beast of—, baftSafttbierj ibip of— , baft So^ 
fibiff J bill of—, Com. ber graibtbrief^ — 
lifter, mod. bie ®agen»inbe{ — lioker, bie 
f^emmfette^ —stopper, ber i6remft, y ren*. 

CXr^rfck*, «. oomp. Afar-«. — bead, ber platte 
Jtnopf ^ -bits, bie eeitenbdtingc beftepilt. 

Cir'ried, pret. A p. p. bon To Carry. 

CSr^rftr, «. 1. ber fiberbcingcr^ %^nt, Dote^ 
Srdger^ 2. ber Stt^rmann, Airmen 8.(— 
—pigeon), bie Sriefttnbe. 

Cftr'ripn, I. s. 1. baft Yaft) 2. fig. cone, baft 
dtabenaafti n.adj. aafig} HI. comp. (Pm-s» 
—crow, bie YaftM^e^ — voltare,c)berY-> 
geierj A)wd. — crow. 

Ckr'rpnftde, #. Gun* bie Qarronabe. 

C^rrddn', s. 1. bie S^ummer an pribilegtrten 
Stt^rmerfen in Sonboni 2. ber^a^t^ ben 
biefe Su^riberh la^len mfiflen. 

Ciir'rpt, s. 1. bie SXa^rc, gelbe 9lttbe| 2./g. 
im{g.ber9totbbpf) 8. bie Xabatftcarottc. 

CSi^rQtjB^ss, 1. bie rot^e Sarbe ber ^aace. 

Cir'rotty, adj. Lmft^renfarbig) 2.rotbb<uittg. 

To CXr'ry, v. I. a. 1. tragen, fiibren, fabrcn, 
bringen^ 2. jSg. fftbren, bringcn, berfe^cns 
8. fortf&^ren (binanftrii tfen^ §. 9. eine ^mut, 
ic.)) 4. j^. meiter ffi^ren^ fortfe^en^ bcfdr* 
bem, treibens &. (—away, oflT, Ac), bnrdb« 
ffliren{ bemerffleaigen, bttrdlfe^en (pass. 
bnr4ge(ett)$ babontragcn, eriangen, gemin* 
nen^erobem,(— it, bieS)bcrbanb befommcn)) 
figs. 6. mit M fu^ren, tragen/an ff<b) b^^bca, 
ent^altcn^ 7. dufcm, geigen, tcrratbeni 8. 
liu tragen, (nttter)fKi(cn^Ieiten(s.e.^opfctt 
att6tangcQ)5 9. trogen,criettgen(9rfi<bte)) 
10. tragen (bcnJt6rper)i jig. (f!4)betragett, 
bene^men (an(b to — it); II. n. 1. tragen 
(bon 6<bief gemebren^ ie.)5 2. cine 9li<btttng 
^aben (oon e. Gdnle, ic.)) 8. Afon. benitopf 
tragen, (alten; 4. Sport, Qthc, &^ntt, n. 
tragen (bon ben4>afen)) to — Into the book, 
in'ft !Bn(b eintragen) to — away, 1. Mar, 
abbre<ben$ berlieren (e. aXaftbanm, K.)i 2. 
inema^ett/ berleiten^ 8. (an4 mit before. 
oot), binreifen; bc^aubem^ to -forth, or 
oat, 1. iur €$4^0 tragen^ 2. dnfem, t>or» 
bringenj to — off, 1. mcg^olcn, entfubren, 
:c.} 2.n)cgraffen/(tftbtcn)9 to — on,* 
fiibren^ 2. antreiben, be|^rbem$ 8. betrei* 
ben, bcrfclgen. ffibTcn, fbrtffibren; to— o«t» 




L Com. (ehKChiauie) avUoerfm) 8.(-4mt 
te Mft), an^lotlfeii (e. e^lff)^ to-ov«r. 
Cm. thtttta^tn, tnittlportireit) (uwaat) 
cuTied over ^or forward), Xnm^port ({tt) 
9olie..., cf. balaoce; to ~ to (new) ac- 
coMt, Com. in (auf nctie) 9te4iittti9 brin^en. 

CJir'ryYBg, p. s. ba$ gfttrcn,M. tJtd. To Carry; 
— estaMisbnent, R-w. bad a^randportbus 
teau) Com-*, —placet, %t^^tp\ii%t, Xt^fnt* 
lleaen (Gtbflrf^e |mif4ett s»ei Wlfbarm 
WfifTfB/ K.)J -trade, bergra*tv epcbf* 
tion««, 3m{f4eit(aitbel, bte mbeberei. 

Cart, «. 1. ber Jtarren, bie itarte) 2. b<i§ 
gtt^rwtrf, ber fBageii) comp. —grease, 
bie 4Bd0enf4miere$ —hone, baftdngpferb) 
—borne, ber ffiagenf^oppcni —load, bic 
itarren(ffiadenOla)>ttnd) —rope, baft^ar* 
renfeilj — nit,ba0gdirgeWfe4 -taker, ber 
tBadenmeifter 9 -tilt, ber epriegel, bie V^ 
genbeite^ —tire, bie dtabf^iene^ —way (or 
road), ber go^rweg 4 - wright, ber ©agner. 

To Cart, v. I. n. forren, fa^ren j n. o. (einen 
Berbre^er vxc 0traf^) dttf einen itarren 
fe^en, an einen ^. Hnben. 

Car't^e, s. 1. baft Jfarren, 9^(ren) S. Cbm. 
bie Zrandportlbflen, bad Sn(r(o(n, ber Qitt< 
f^^lagj 3. vid. CartoQch. 

^arte-bliiofhe', 9. Law, baft SUtnfet }tt eiuer 
SoOma^t ^ bie nneingefdftrdnfte Soffma^t. 

Cart^K, s. MiL 1. baft darteS, ber tSertrag, 
C7fnft»e4fe(nngft«)Ber0lei44 2. bie j>erauft' 
fbrbemng) 8. (— tliip), baft (5arteaf(bi|f5 

Cfir'ter, 1. 1. ber St^xvm, Jtarrenfn(rmottn) 
n. — ly, od». gemeitt; ro^ (mie ein Jtirmer). 

Car't/i^m&a, 1. BoU ber Goftor. 

c^r^Aik'fi^D, s. Ecc. ber itart^dttfermftn^. 

Car'tpv^e, s. AnaU ber itnorpel. 

Cartfliil^inoiii, Cirtjl^^n'^oos, adj. Jnat. 
fttorpelis; Jtnorpel'. Qjei^nnng. 

CfTtddn', s. Paint, ber Carton^ bie !Wufler- 

C^rtdAcfa', s. Mil. 1. bieitartdtf4e$ 2. bie 
^atrontaf^e^ 3. Arch., kc. bie (Sartnf^e. 

Car'trjdge, *. AfU. bie ^tronej —box, bie 

Car'tfil^, «.baftUrfttnbenbtt4i ICr^ip. 

CXr'vDcle, s. 1. Anat. bie Qamnfell 2. Orn. 
ber Aanun, baft 8Ieif<b(om. [anftmn^ft. 

Cfriia'ciUited, adj. Anat. nit einem gleifd^' 

To Carre, v. I. a. 1. (attft)f4neiben, f^nt^en 
(|>oIi)/ attft(anen(®tein), fh4en(in J(npfer, 
u-)/ 0raben, eingraben) 2. i>0Tf4ne{ben, 9er» 
le^enCSUifd^)} 3.>Sg.«>ert(eiIen,o{mbr(i4 
etnri^tenj to - ont,;Sg. fl4 fclbff bereiten, 
m«5i«n,:c.j 11. i». 1. (©fiber) f^ni^en, fh« 
4en,ic.$ 2.9orf4neiben(3emanbem)5 carved 

I work, ffMlbtoutrarbciti carrlBg kaifo, bni 
CaWTfl, ^. 1. Old. Oinnrel ; 8. vid. Sea-Uab- 
ber ; 8« —work, loie Camel-work, 90. 

CJir'rer, «. 1. ber (eifb«)e4tti^r, eilb^aner^ 
w. (cf. To Carre); 2. fig. ber e#6pfer^ 
6<bmieb (feineft (Btttfft)) 3. baft Sorlegei 
mtfftt, bie Borlegegabel. 

CXryft'tSf (-Xfidft^), s. pi. Arch. Gar^atiben. 

CUfc^^fS. Gun. bieSrattbe(anber^attone). 

Cyscftde', s. ber (SaferfaQ, €Bairerfhtr|. 

To C^cSde', 0. a. (»ie ein flBaferfalO <tnft^ 
fpri^en, fallen lafTen. [{Rfnirtr). 

cxs'canf, s.pi. Foru bie j>or4^bnianen (bet 

Cftscf rYWf, s. BoU bte QaftcarilU. 

Ciie, 1. 1. baft 9tttterot, gutter, Cfte^nfe, baft 
eetdltni^j eefteO) 9a<b (im ®aarenla« 
ger, u.}i bte 64tibe) ^aut, baft %tU, ber 
Salg) bie j)iine, {>Alfe, S>etfe/ Jlappe, ber 
(Oett«)&beriug) 2.baft1[dfere eineftOebdn* 
beft) 3. ein ftorrat^ft* ober ^ager^ft) 4. 
2Vp. ber 64tiftfafien) —of koives, baft 
aXefTctbefM} —of a aast. Mar. ein fRo* 
ftenfoltrj —knife, baft grofe Jtii<benmefreri 
-sbot, ber itartdtf<(enf<bttf, bie ^ortltMe 1 
—stake, Medi. ber Xreibambof (}n Wntqf 
^dafen)! —work, Bkh. baft CHn^dngen) — 
worm, bie Clanpe, baft Qpinninfect. 

To cs«e, V. o. 1. (in ein ^(dufe, eine 6^e{bc) 
fMen, einfhtfen, oerbergeni 2. mngebeni 
flber|ie(^en, befleiben) itfa«. mannoriren^ 3« 
befiblagen (e. {Ilab)$ 4. Sport k Cook., (ben 
®al0) absie^en; abftreifra. 

Cise, s. 1. ber ^aU, Umflanb, 3ufda, bie 
6a4e) 2. lit. k fig. ber 3nftanb$ 3. (-in 
law), ber flte^tftfan^ 4« Gram, ber Qafteft) 
in — of need apply to Mr. ***, Com. n^t^i* 

|To CiM'-hirden, v.a.l. I-w. (Gifen) ^drteni 

ICa's^fc, (ub'. -add, Chem. bie itdfefdnre. 

Cice'mite, s. Fort l.bieOafemattej 2. ber 

Cise'nifttt IWb., Ac; cllz'nient, fforc. W. 
ke.], s. 1. baft e«5^(ben (eineft 9enfkerft)$ 
%}itt%tnftnf^^tU 3. baft^fenfkefteWldge, 
ber 9enflerra^men 1 4. Arch, bie ^o^lfe^Ie. 

To CSse'nif nt, v. a. Arch. beHeiben (cf. s.). 

C&'ieoue [-sbiva], adj. fdfeartig, fdffg. 

CV^rn IWb., cl'zfrn. Wore'], 1. bieiSafeme. 

Cfish, s. (bef. Com.) 1. bie Qafje) 2. bie Sar* 
fdbttft, baft (bare) (S^elb) ready— , bareft<9elb^ 
Qontanteni rnnning— , eircnitrenbeftOelbf 
to pot one in—, Jemanbem Sarfimbnngen 
matben, iDedtung fenben, i^n betfen) in— (or 
cashed), in Qafft, etngegongen, eincafjirti 




%ob«ift--,bei6afre(beiOetbe)fetii$ balaace To 
of or in-, ber Cojfabeflaii^i to pay in—, ^er 
(fofia ht^iUni payment in— » Me f8a^(' 
lung i . proceed! in—, ber Qaffuiertrad i «'ben 
in—, nacft (Singattg^ to lieep the— ,.bie (Saffe 
fu^ren) —account, Hi (Saffa'Qontoj — 
boolc, 1. bod eafTabtt^j 2. ba(( Sofungdbu^/ 
eer^lufbu^9 3. ba$(5Qntant'(Giafra*)^u(^9 - 
box» bie 6affe j — bneiness, 6ontantdCf(bdf tc $ 
—keeper, ber OfafRrer ) —note, bie ^nmeU 
fung^ — notes, bod (SaffabroutKon. 

To Casb, V. a. Com, einmc^feUi, P ® elbe ma' 
<beu^realiftren$ to-a bill, eiitenfBe^fel, eine 
Ste^Rttiig beiablen, eint^fen, etncantten$ c-ed,<Sa{raj toget c-ed,3iicafTbbcforgen. 

G«abe«^n&t,^, 1. bie)Ccaiounitp$ 2. vid. Ca- 

C^er', «. ber (Saffirer. [sboo. 

ToC^bier' (— shirc'x «• «• 1- cofjlren, ettt* 
laffett) 2. aufbeben; 3. ungutttg ma(ben. 

CMbie'r^r, s, ber (Snift^ix, Umftiirier^ ic 

Ctab'dd, 1. Phamu bad Jtate(bu. 

Cu'imere (—mire), *. Com. ber Cojlmirj 
emboued—, gepreptgeflreifter (S. 4 — nan- 
Iceen, ber <lt6per»9(aaf ing. 

Ca'efng, p. s. I. sing, 1. ber Uberjitg; bie (iin» 
faffung^ 2. Ar^h. bie SSerMeibungj — witb 
•tone, Dyk, bad |DIactmerf 9 —paper, bad 
9>a(fpaptec5 II. <hi, pi. ifu«6. ber getro(!nete 
Jtubmift iur Stuerung. 

GJUIc, «. l.badSaP/ bie Sonnet 2.9Kbcr j)elm4 
—bridge, Arch, bte S^onnenbrittfe. 

To CUbIe, v. a. (in eingof) eiit' ob. auffuQcn 

CU*k^U s. 1. bad(®(bniu({«>$tdft<beni 2. c-t, 
p<. vtcf» Gankets. 

To C&s'kf t, V. a. in ein Jtdft^en cerf^Iicpen. 

Ctu», 1. Gam. tbe great—, ber grope (Saftnoj 
tbe little — , ber f leine (Saflno. [niohourseL 

CSuV<i«> Cass'fvi, s. BoU bie aaffaoa, SXa» 

CvMli'tion, #. bie (Saffation, 6afjirung$ coart 
of—, Law, bad (5-dgeri(bt, ber (5-d^of. 

Cas'fj^ [ciUh'j^], s, bie (Saffian —berry, ber 
efibfee'Db-^aragua^t^ee^ —bark, — lignea. 
bie Giaffienrinbe ^ — bods, — blooms, dimmets 
bUmen^ 3imnietblfit^en5 —sticks, or— in 
the cane, (Ro^rcarita. [ber Saffibonier. 

C&s'sid6ny, s. 1. BoU bad OUtt^r^raut $ 2. Min. 

ClU'simSre, Cas'sjm^r, s. vid. Casimere. 

Cfssine', *. BoUs. 1. bic (Saffine^ ber ^ara- 
gaai)tbee) 2. bie larolinif^e ete(bpa(me. 

Cassjnit', #. Com. mod. ber (Safftnet. 

C^sst'n^ «. mod. Gam. bad (Saflnofpiel. 

CWsQck, «. 1. (ebcm.) ber (5aputro(f 5 2. (jett) 
ber^ibrotf , badUnterfleib (ber®eiflU4en,ac.). 

C&s'iooade, s. Com, bie (Saffonabe, ber |Duber« 
|tt<fer. [ber ^afuar. 

OU'ti^wfry, C&i's9w^ry, C)U'sa»ry» «. Orn. 

Chip u. tn L «• 1, gen. mcrfcni 2. aii|« 
»erfen, flreuea$ 8. abtoerfen (Jtlciber, ic) 9 
4. locg*; 9or«, binn^crfctt} andncrfen (bca 
yintct)i fatten laffcn/ terfibuttcni 5. abmer* 
fen, berlicrcn (bic4)aut j bic gcbcrn: ron M 
maufembcn e6ge(n, u.)i 6.(®rdben) }icbcn, 
(£)dmme,}c.)aufiocrfcn) 7. flofcn, fcbicbcn, 
ftai^ui s.fig. ocrfc^cn (in c. 3uflaab, k.)! 
9. audmerfen, i»crbrcitcn (^trabicn, Sicbd, 
ic.,au6i fig.), mcrfcn (6(batten j fig. ti^, 
einen SdM anf Qrtmad, )c.)} Don Tub gcben 
(®eru*^ U^c, u.)i 10. lit. kfig. (nicber) 
merfeni beftegcn, ubcrtrcjfcnj 11. iibcrn>ie- 
gcn ma4cn,bcn^udf(blag gcbcn h I2.(£crbrc' 
4er) oerurt^eiicn^termcrfcn^ 13. audreibncig 
berc^ncn^ attf4iagcn/Crmdgcn$ 14.(9loacn) 
Dcrtbciien 5 15. cutmcrfcn, abrcipcn, jcicbncn } 
16. (jmHifig. gcftalten), formircn, mobcbi^ 
giefcn (^ctatt), (^itbtc) jicbcn^ H. n. 1. 
(oft mtt about), auf^tioad fmncn, na^ben* 
fen^ 2. fi(b gicpen, formcn laffen^ 3. firmer* 
fen, frumm mcrbcn ()>om{>oIic, 2C.)i 4. Mar. 
abfatten (beim7CnferU4tcn)j to — lots, lofen 
(— upon, urn) J to — against, fig. IPorwcr fctt j 
to — away, I. fig. Mrbanttcn (©orgcn, ic.) j 
2. to — one's self away, it<b in'd JBerbcrben 
flitrien) p<u«. )u (Smnbe gcbcn, 6(biffbni4^ 
Ieiben$ to — behind, (bintcr fi(b) Surii(t Iaf> 
fen, jutorfommcnj to — in, (IBcwcifc, ic.) 
beibringcn) to — off, 1. uu kfig. abmerfcn, 
ablegen, ic) 2. ocrmcrfcn) 3. abbanfcn^ 
i>crflopcn$ abmcifcn^ Krlaffcnj 4. ubcrbo* 
ien$ 5. Sport, (bie Sagbbunbe) lodlaffcni 
to — out, 1. lit. kfig. audflopen? 2. Cbm 
SBaaren audftbicpcn^ to — up, 1. aufmcrfcn 
(@rbc, K.)i 2. (bur(b <Srbrc(bctt) i^on ft<b 
gcben^ 3. audmerfcn((Scru(bc,u.)$ 4. vtcf 
To Cast, 13 j to — upon . . ., fcbiebcn auf . . .9 
to — one's self upon one, ft4 anScmanb mta- 
ben, fl(b auf Scntanb i>i-t(affcn. 

Cast, jiret. k p. p. 0. To Cast. 

Citst, s. 1. gen, ber fBurf, bad ^erfcn^ Xud* 
mvftm bie SBttrfn>eitc$ 2. lit kfig. ber 
(lEBiirfcOSurf^ bie§)robe$ 3.bcr®np(ci' 
ncr S^gur, u.)) 4. bic (©uHSofmi 5. 
Found, bie 6inguprobrc$ 6. bad gcgoffcnc 
SdiUii T. fig. bic ®e^alti ber i99au (ber 
SSerfe, 3C.) 5 8. ber duf ere ^nf(bein, 7(nflri<b i 
9. bie angebome TCrt, 9Kanicr,aRicnci 10. 
ber (au<b: bcrfcbicfc) SBlicfi 11. bcr^iff, 
9ftff, etrci(b9 12. bie :Krt, ber 04)iag j bod 
Sa(b) 13. bie itafle (in £)flinbicn)} 14. 
Sport, ber glug (cin |)aar) gattcn. 

Cftst-, comp. —away, s. fig. 1. ber ^udmurf 
(Iaflerbafte^cnf(b)i IBerioorfenc, 8e'rbamm' 
Ui 2. bie abfdbtdgtge Ktttmorti Xbweifungi 




rafffoirte €^ta^L 
CSt't^n^, f. pi. Mus. CktfhidR^tten. 
Olflte, «. bie Jtafie$ rid* Cut, 13. 
CXs't^lUiB (— fn), «. ber GafleSan. 
CXs'Ml^ny, J. bit (Safteaanet, 9ttr9iM)^ef. 
To CWtfllSte, V. a. nmbftiien; etnfafen(s.9< 

Cjfat'tfllit^d, a(^'. betl^firmt, be)tnnt. 

ClUtflUi'tfon, «. bad ®efefHgen eined {>a«fe». 

ClU't^r, 1. 1. ber fiBerfer j 2. bnr dttf^ner, u. 
c/. ToCait; 3. bd» (mtfRttgeRe) 0t6Ui^ 
(an ben^flfctt ber etfi^U^ ac.){ 4. Me Cia« 
raffme^ &. (—frame, or a set of ©-•), biel 
|)Iatmenage. Lm^t^tden. | 

To Cli'tigifce, o. a. 1. tfi^tifleni 3. ^. be* 

CXstjga'tion, s. l.b{e3A4»tigttng, fBeftrafteng) 

CX^tfgfttQr, «. ber Bft^tiger. [2. bie ISuf e. 

CXtf'tjg^tpry, 04?. iitm 3&^tigni bienmb, }ft4* 

€;9sdle', Cfitifl'}^ <. Geog. (SafHIien. [tigCttb. 

C^ctifll^n, odj^ft «. cafltUantf^ i ber QafKIianer. 

CA«'t{iig, I. p. «. bad ISerfb^ u. (vtd. To 
Cast9; n.«. ].baS(9ttPfhl<f^beraMif4 2. ber 
TCbtmdi 3. 5port. bte^alfinipillej —off (of a 
Tesiel), Mar. ba9 ttmlegen (eiitel €$(i>iffe6)4 
HI. comp. — home, bte 9itf€tti, @(^melss 
i^ittte} ber G^metiofett) —net, i^t>/i. bad 
«Biirfgam;SBnrfiK09 -plate, ^-10. bie (Bitf* 

Cti't}Dg^ f. pf. Ouf maaren. [platte. 

Gts'tle [cAi'il], «. 1. bas eiUf, 3tam, ^te{ 
CBnr^f 2. Jlar. bieSSatf j 8. Gam.berdto^e 
(tm @<ba4)3 —keeper, ber e^tofvogt? 
— top,berAreifeT) —ward, bie Sungbogtei. 

To Clbtle [dU'ftI], v. n. Gam. ro^en; ro(biren. 

OiK'Ued[dU'sld],<ufi.nitte(^ld|fern; get^ilrmt. 

C^tiery [dU'slrf], «. bie Snrgbogtfi. 

CU'tlft [dU'sl^t], «. bad 6(^I6p^n. 

OUfliDg, s. bie tti^eitige Seibedfrtt^t ) - 
■kios (caitliDgii), pi. %eVi€ bott migebore< 
sen ^VMMxtL 

CXa't^r, «. 1. ZooLberfiSiber, Gfafior^ 2. cant. 
ein4>Ut4 3. vid. Cattoreom; — andPolIn, 
1. JIfet. otd.CorpoiaiiC; 2. AtUvid. Gemini; 
-beans, ^nrgirffimerj — out, bie^)ttrgir9 
ttitf) — oil(Caitoi7), baddltcmttd6I. 

CSUiprtSn', s. Com. tin feinerJc^wererXfiffel 

04Mr%qm (— r§»n), *. badlBibergeil. [meln. 

To CXs'trate, v. a. 1. cafhriren 4 2.^. berftilm« 

C^fttrs'tion, 9. 1. bieScrf^neibungj <}Rtman« 
nuttg ) 2. ^t bie 6aflration ^ 3.fig. bie fBtv* 

C9<trft'to,j.ber(5aflrat(ednger). [^ummelung. 

Cii'tr«l,«. Orn. ber ffBannenme^er. 

OMtrivfti^, adj. Mil. }it einem ta%tv geftdrtg. 

OTbft^ [dbh'M], I. adj.i II. -ly, adv< )n« 
fiDttg) —word. Gram, bad 9?o»en) HI.— 
meaa,«. »ieb.f.Q. 

ber 9i#a^l;|Cif^«lty [0X1^-], 1. 1. biedttfiOigMt^ 2. 
berdufaS) 3. ber 2k)bedfba; nngtttf dfaO. 

cy^fit [cazli'-], s. JPh. ber (Safnift 

To CXf 'Aist, o.a. beneafitiften fi^ielcn. [foi|lif<^. 

Cli»Ai^t|e, — c^l, L ad).; II. — c^lly, tfdty. CO* 

CVAIstry, s. Ph. bie (Safuifli!. 

CiU,I. «. l.bieJta|e, ber Jtater^ 2. Morvt. 
a) bad Aatfdl^iff j &)bieJtat^ber1(ttfer^alett$ 
3. ein bo|^;^lter iDreifiif mit fe(^d Sflfen; 
—in pan, protn ber flberldufer; Hn^xtiftti 
n. comp. —of nine tails, l.Seak MU. bie 
Gtritfpeitfd^e, f)eitfi(e mit neun Gtrdik* 
gen) — a-moont, — a-mooDtain, wild—, 
Zool. bie »itbe Jta^e^ -block, Maar. ber 
AotbtOffl —call, — cal, (—pipe), l.bie^otf* 
pfeifej 2. ber ^ixtoogeU —fall, Mar. ber 
JtatUnferj —fish, Ich. ber getigerte ^ai) 
-got, 1. bie S)armfaite) 2. Com. ber!IXorIi4 
Jlfar-#. — harpingi, bie 04(»igtingen ber 
ffBanb (Ob. ber f)iittiRge»)4 -head, ber 
Jtra^ttbattenj — 'shead, i\>m. ber JC-nfopf, 
{>afenfopf, eine Itrt tpfeli —heads, Min, 
A-n^eitte(eifen^aItigeitRoten indXineralien)) 
Mar-^. —boles, bie JCatl6*er4 —hook, ber 
itat^afen, Ynfer^afen) —mint, —nip, Bot. 
bie JC-nrndnje^ — 's paw. Mars, 1. eine 
fanfte ober lei<bte M^lte, bie Sriefe) 2. ber 
^oUanber (eine :itrt ei^Iingein einem Zau); 
—rope, ber Jtatldttfer^ -»alt, JMtn. ein fein* 
f5rniged eal) (and Sitterfole, |um Sereiten 
ber^rten0eife)4 — silver, Min. ber Glimmer, 
badit-nfllber) Bots. —tail, 1. bad itd^^^cn 

, an <Seu>d<!^fen; ge». pi., vid. Catkins; 2l 
biea;ei(^foIbej -tyme,bad Jt-nfraut. 

To CXt the anchor, Mar. bett ^nfer auffotten. 

Cat^biip'tist, «. Ecc. ber Jtatabaptifl. 

CXt^us'tlc, Math. I. adj. !ata!aufHf4) IL 
c-8, s. pi. bie I9rennlinien bnr^^ }urA(fge»or* 
ftne ©traWen. 

Catfshr^s'tjc (-09I), I. adj.; H.-c^lIy, adv. 
Jlhet. geiwnngen. [irb«f*e ©rabjHtten). 

CXt'acSmbf [— c(>mz],i.p^ Jtata!omben(ttnter> 

CXt^coiis'tics, Math, hit itatahtjlif. 

Cat%d|«p'tric, Opt. I. adj. (-c»l), fatabiop* 
triW$ n. c-a, *. pJ. bie Jtatabioptri!. 

CSt^^mXt^ic Med. I. adj. eriSiM ^eilenb) a. 
c-s, s.pi. Srfi^e ^eUenbe!RitteI. 

CSt^tgrSpb, s. Paint, bie BHm, ber ttmrif. 

CXt^lXe'tlc, adj. Pbet. fataleftif^. 

CXtal Vi>> CSt'^XpBy,^. Med. bie^atalepfle. 

CXt^l^p'tjc, adj. Med. fataUptif^. 

CXt'^Sgue [-15g], s. ber itatalog. 

To CXf 9t«gae, To CXt'^p^fze, v. a. in eitten 
Stataloo^ bringen. 

C^tifl'p^, s. (-tree), Bot. berXrompctenbattsu 

CSt^%rXn'[5m.> Mc.}, s. 1. bad9<^i 2. modi 




eine eimrt4twtfiliMf<Ntte (Yrt Torpedo) in 
<ln>(ofioBCii htx feinbliiteit 64iff(4 3. (in 
Siettfuttblanb) cine grobe 7(rt ®d(»Utten. 

CXf »pll(f m, «• ^M«i?- ber 9rctumf4^lag. 

CJlt^^rlct, #. 1. ber (aro^e) SBoflcrfaai 2. 
vid* Portcollis ; 8. Med, ber graue 6taar< 

Catarrh', s. Med, ber ^otarrl^. 


C»UU'tr9phe(-^»hy V.IV>e(.l^. bieitataftro* 

To Catch, V. reg, k ir. I. a. 1. iiU kfig. fan* 
0eR; erdreifen) er»if4en, ertoppen) 2. faf> 
(en 5 (attf«)f<inaen ((St»a«)$ 8. ^i^ A fig. 
fandea (Seuer^ k.)5 4. ouffondcn, M iv 
lichen (e. itronf^eit, ic)) jig-^. 6. einnc(< 
mtn^ fefleln^ 6. anffongett (einea Son, k.)» 

7. auffafen (ben Gmn emer eod^e, ic)4 H. 
11. 1. anlle^ anfiecfenb feia^ 2. faflen (oon 
(e.4>af en^KOi to -(») coW, M crfaltenj to - 
a fall, einen gall t^im i to — hold of, • ., M 
an . . . (alten; (StmA erdreifen i to — a scent, 
Sport loltteni) to — at, 1. (iia4(St»ad) 
fircifeti/ fdbnappen; H4»en$ 2. jSg. tra4»tcn$ 

8. itt fangen fn^en; fta^fteOeni to — op, 
Mffangen; loegretf en, retten. 

C&tch, L «. 1. ber Sang, ®riff $ 2. ber Staub, 
bieS3eute4 9. bte e^neOigfeif/ ber3n8) 4, 
ber Heine S^eil; bai^ ^t&ditni 5. Mu*. ber 
ftuttbgefang, bie %vi^t, ber Jtonon ^ 6. ber 
XbM, bie^aufei 7. bie Saner) 8. liu kfig. 
ber Xnflttg, lei^te ^nbratf, bie gcringe Xn« 
ftc(fung4 9.bielBermut(ang/ berKrgwo^n) 
10. Meck-s. a) ber j)alen$ G^^n&pperj 
64(ief(afett) bte (2^itr«)Jtlinfe, tui b) 
ber ®riff, Vngrtff; c) ber @perrfegeli 11 
Wie Bilboquet, qv.; 12. vid. Ketch; 18. ber 
Sdnger^Otauboogeli 14. Sport, a) baft S^* 
bcrfpiet (beft Salfen)$ 6) berSorlaf ^ by 
G-ca, abgefe^t; »e4feUioeife} il.comp. —fly, 
Bot.bief>e<bnel!e9 —line, l\f p, tit Bi^ivif* 
jeile^ —penny, vulg. bie (Sclbf^neiberei 
thtxfi-i bie f4Ie4^te43rof4ire, u.) —weed, 
BoU bft» Jtlebfrantj —word, lifp. ber 6uflo6. 

CSt'ch^r, «. 1. ber Stager $ 2.ber j)df4^erj 3. 
bie6^lingei ber Sifib^amen. 

CSt'chvp, s. CooL einc :^tanU qu6 oerf^. (6f 
getabilien (bef.an9<S^aa^)tgnoni> aa4 ou^^U' 
^m, SBoSniiffen, u. nnb e. 3uftfb ^oa ® eioiiri 
n.ea(|)bereiteteeon(e (gem. na4 b.<&onptbc< 
flanbt^eil gen., »ie: noshrooBi-, oyiter— , 

Gate, IT. I. vid.Catedin ; %vld. Catea. [Ac). 

Cat8$h€t'ic(-cfl), I. a**.; n,-c»lly, ado. 
Iate<betif4. [gen fiber.... 

To Oit'^htfe, v. a. 1. lote^ifiren) 2. befto* 

Cat'dshif^r, s, ber itate^if!renbe. 

CSt'dch¥fiB, M. bir Jtate4lt6mui. 

Cit'eshlbt, s. Ecc. ber ^Qte^^et. 

CStd^hiifttc, Ac, wicCatedieiie, Ac. 
Oaf e^hu, s. JPharm. baft JtatC^U* [4unua 
Cat8^&'m«n (— m^fst), #. Ecc. ber Jtatf 
C&te{hGm^n'|cfi,a<(|.hite4^ttmentf(4. [goriM. 
CStdgfir'jcfl, i. adj.; lU — ly, adn. Aog. fate 
Ciit'ag^ry, «. Log:, bie Categoric, (Slofic* 
CXtenU'rjvi, Cat/an^iry, adtf. fcttcaortig. 
To CXt'eniite, v. a. Utttn, feficlttj vcrltttca. 
CSt^oii'tion, s. hit Serfcttnag. 
To Cfi't^r, v.a. ^bcnsmittcl anfcbaffcn. 
CaV*«- Cflw. bic«icr(OBf Aartcn,ic.)5 - 

coniin, jSg:. bcre^maro^cr, GfinfUtng. 
Ci't^r^r, 9. ber Sicfcrant, 55roi>iantmeiftcr- 
CftV?«K 9. bie Ointduferinn, Kuftgcbcrinn. 
C&t'^rpni^r, s. Ent. bic 9lattpc. [Idnacn. 
To Cat^^rwilnl, v.n. l.miauen^ 2. f<brctcR, 
Cafffwiol, s. 1. Ui Jtabcagcf^rctj 2. bie 

Jta^enmuftN 3. baft OcMret, Oetofe. 
Ca Vy, *. bie «orrat^* (ob. ©peifeO !ammcr. 
Catei, s. pi. bicSebcnftmittel^ bef. SctfcrbilTcn. 
CatA'9r)t»t, 1. Ecc. eitt ^uritancr. [ntgenb. 
C»«/iar't|c (— c*l), adj. Med. abfubrcnb, rci* 
C^t/tar'tjcs, t. pi. Med. Ybf&tmngftmittel. 
Cat^e'dral, I. s. hit itat()ebralc, S>cmfinbC9 

II. adj. 1. cine Jt. betreffcnb, fliftftmd^gi 2. 

fig' clt, c^rwiirbig. 

Cif/i'sdrftt^d. p. a. ben Se^rfhiM betrcfcab. 

CiitA«drat'ic s. bie Sif4offtfleuer. 

Ciit/i'f fine, s. Jtat^ariaa (S-nO- [fcnbc 

C&t/i'ftt^r, 1. Surg, ber Jtatbctcr, bic Slofen* 

Ottt/isVifiBf s. Surg, ber Jtat^^ctcriftmuft. 

CXtV^ffc (-c»I), I. adj.; H. -ly, adtt. fa« 

t^olif^i re^tgldnbig) HI. #. ber Jtat^cfif ) 

IV. -neBs,#. bic Xagemcia^cit,Utttrcrf«litat. 
CatASI'ldf^m, OitMrc'lty. s. 1. bcr^at^clt* 

ciftmuft i 2. bie 7(n(dng(t4fctt an bcnfclbcn. 
C^fhdl'jc^n, #. Med. ft Ut. baft JTat^cIifcn. 
c&t'kjnf, #.p/. Bou 1. bie<$rdb4eni 2. baft 

9Rooft an fSdnmen. 
Cat'lTke, adj. fabenartig; fabcn^aft. 
Ciit^iing, s. 1. Bot. vid. Catkin*. 2; 2. Svrg. 

baft JhtorpelmcfTcr, 3ergUcbcnmgftmcffcr. 
C^top't^ (— tr^n), s.Opt. baft6picgc(fcmrc(r. 
C^tSp'tiic -c»l, adj. JPhy. fatoptrif(b. 
C^top'trjci, *. pi. JPhy. hit ^atoptrif. 
C&tVQp, s. vid. Catchnp. 
Cat'tie, s. baft (3ng«)JBic^, sa^mcSict (bcf. 

p.9linbi^ic^)$ —hurdles, R-v>. fiicbfarrcn. 
Cau'dfite (— dilt^d), adj. gcf^mdttSt. 
Cdtt'die, s. bic itraftfnppc (fdr itranfc, ic). 
To Cdtt'dle, v. a. cine Jtraftfuppc ma<bcn. 
CAof, s. Fish, ber giWf aflcn. 
Cdnght [cdt], pteU k p. p. «oa To Catch. 
Cduk, s, Min. bcr e^werfpat^, fd^wefdfattrc 
Cau'ky, adj. M»erfpat^rtig. [»arot. 

Cdul, s. 1. baft fiCbi 2. baft 4>aarttct bar 

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Snuten^imnicrj iijuU-t. 8. bie 9U||attt j 4.i Rake; a.a.(ndser^(^e»o(ieiii to-io, 

baft e^af^dut^en. I einfinfra. 

GioBff rou, a^, BoU fUn^tltttihttCb. HCi'v^at, #. 1. bie (Srinnentng/ ftBarnvng ^ 2. 

Caal'ifloi^^ [c«lH» *- ^^' ^^^ 9lumntfo(I.| Law, ber ^tti^tlii^t (Sinf^ru^/ Sef^lag. 
Caii'liforiB[ctfF-], adj. fiot flnidelfdmiig. To CftV^at, v. n. (Sinfpni4 4itQ, SeMlafl 

To Ciuk, To CAilk, Ac, vid. To Calk, &c. 
C&ii'^»ble, adj. hmixtbox, att^fu^rbar. 
CAtt'f^» hadj.; II. -ly, ado. urfi4U45 HL 
. Gram, bie (Saitfa(»9artileK. 

C&ofiU'|ty, s. bie Urf44»tt4eeit, (Saufaliat. 
CAaf&'tioB,«.bueenirfo4img. [lut/Cattfatio. 
CAa'^tiT«,I.a<(7.; II.— ly, a Jo. Cram, itrfd^* 
C&ofk't^r, #. ber Sentrfa^er, Dr^eber. 
Ciiife,#.l.bieUrfa4<#berOrttnbj a.berf>ro« 

ctfffRtdfU^aUi 8. bieea4e,YRdeIedeiifteit 
To CAofe, «. a. 1. 

2. ...laffen. 

Cav'^rn, «. bie ^d^le. [U^tVL" 

Cav'^raed, adj. 1. boEer {)6^Iett) 3. in ^5(« 
CavVnoosy a(|}. ooS f>6(Ien. [len wo^nenb. 
Ca'v^rf, Min, ((Sr)«)^icbe. 
cSv'^M^B, cXv'f zQo, «. Afan. ber Aap^iaum. 
To Cav'jl, V. n. 1. fpi^Pnbige Ointoiirfe ma* 

4en $ fritteln i a. (mit at) f^finbig ta« 

beln, beWtteln. 

CXv'il, «. bie epi^finbigfeit, Gopttflrrci. 
bentrfo^^/ beranUiffendCi^«Mi'tion,«.ba&fpibfinbigeSabelii,6treite]i. 
Cav'il^r, s. ber eop^ifl, CBortflauber. 

CAsfeOfM, hfoJ^,; II.— ly, ad«. grttiibloft4p<^V|loQs, I. adj.; U. -ly, adu. fpi^ffnbig^ 
o^tteUrfai|e$IIL-m«ia,#.bie(SlrunbIoflg9eit oerfdRgli^) m. —dom, $. baft fp^fiiibigf, 

Cin'^fr, #. 1. berUr^etoi a. biewirtettbey acSBefeii; bie etreitfu^t 
Urfa4e. , [flraf e. CSVin, i. ilfti. ber ^o(I»eg ob. Qraben. 

Ciofe'wSy, Cftn'ffty, #. bici^attfee, itattfi>|Cav'ity»i.bic^5(htng,^6^Ie,^Ittft. 

CAii^<lW,ai(;.aiif einenTCbbocaten beifigli^jTo CAw, v. n. M4^}eii (lote dtobea;. 

CAoa'Cjc (— c«l> a<<;. (J:heiii. k Med. fatt«|Ciw'<Ue,CAwk,&c.,vitf.Caadle,ftc. [C^mafTe. 
^f4/ d^enb) —carve, Geom. bie Srciw Cax'ftu,#. Aftn. bie (jum 64^mei^ ferttge) 
Itate } — itoae, Surg, ber ^6UtnfMxu Cay€nnc'(Ci'y^), #. (-pepper), beriSaQennea 

CinsMcf «• C%«M- ik Med boftitmittelil ^Ufl^xi -cat. Zoo/, bie amerit. Sigerfa^c. 
lunar—, Surg, ber {>^aenfteiR. tt Cay'in^n, s. Zool. ber Jtatman 4 vid. Alligator. 

Ciiutrclty, s. Chem. bie t^ftaft* | C^jdc', C^qne' [— adk], «. ber itoiife. 

CAvft^T, s. Surg, baft 9resneifeR{ t^mitteLuTo Ceaie, v. I. n. 1. aitf^ftren^ 2. abiaffen, 

Ciii'tfdifm, CAat^isft'tioB, #. Surg. baftSreii< 

wu, i^ (einet ttunbe). 

To Ciu't^iiM, V. a. Surg, brcnaen^ wegbeii* 

yoLi c-siog iron, Surg.^ DenL^ Ket. baft 

Sreimeifeii. [Cauter. 

Cio'tery, s. 1. baft fSreimeii, S^eit) 3. vid^ 

CAu^tioB, #. 1. bie Sorft^ti 2. bie (SautioR; 

Sfirgfc^fti 8.bie®anittBg^ 4.bie6i4er< 

(citftmofregeL [»aft). 

To CAa'tioB, v. a. »amen (— agaiaat, ^xHU 

CA«'ti9B»ry, adj. I. bfirgenb, olft Vfanb bie* 

ncab) 2. »antenb 

CAB'tioBs[Gi['sk9s], I. 04;.; IL— ly, adv.oor* Ce'drtne, adj. jebern. auft 3cbemM}< 

M%betatfam^ IIL— BeM,«.bieeorft4t« 

ciT^cide', s. bie Qabalcabe. 

CSY«Uer', L #. 1. ber0teiter$ 2. ber (Hitter, 
(Saoalierj 8. Man, ber hmf^ere^^te OUiter^ 
4. Fort, ber (Sabalier, bie Jto^ti 11. adj. 

na4^(afeii$ II. a, einfteUen, enbigen. 
CSase'l^M, I. adj.; II. — iy, adv. imaunftrli4». 
C«c{ktB [ fTorc], #. vid. Zechia. 
Cgc'jle, C«c'|ly, s. (Secilic (g-n.). 
Ceca'tj^Bcy [--'•ki^n-], #. bie SlftbMttgfeit. 
Ce'dfr, s. bie 3eber ) — like, jebergleul^. 
Ce'd^B, adj. vid. Cedrlae. 
To Cide, o.I.a. Law, cebiren, abtretea, fibers 

lafTenj H. ii. nac^geben, i»ei<l^n. 
Ce'd«r,«. Z.aio,berYbtreter^}(tt»eirer^ Gebent. 

Ce'dry, o^;. }eberarttg, )eberd(nU(b. 
Ced'&oui, adj. fdnbar, f^jj^lagbar. 
To Cell, V. a. Arch, tdfeln. 
Cei'liBg, s. I. Arch. baftSdfeln^ Safelnerf, 
bie getdfelte S>c(fe4 2. Afar, bie SBegem. 

m. rort. ocrwivauer, oie Jia^ej it. aq;.; i we gnaT^uc ivcai;^ io. inar. 9ie «u>(geni. 
m. -ly, adv. l.ritterli^j 2.muilterj 8, Cel'»turc [-Uhflr], *. AfecA. l.bie JtuBflju 

^tl,hx9»i 4. oBmafenb, ftolH trotig 
CSv^^ry, t. bie {Reiterei, (SabaSerie. 
To Ci'v&te, o. «. auft^ft^leiu 
Cfva'tioB, C«LT&'ziQB [- zh^n], «.^rcft. bie 

Vaftgro&EBg ber S<mba»eiite eincft Gebdubeft. 
ClTc, s. 1. bie 4)6(U5 2. Old. CeUar. 
To Cftve, V. L c. 1. attft^o^Unj 2. vid. To 

graoireB; tc, ®iibf4neibereij 2. bie gefio« 

S^ene Hxitit. 
To CelVbr&te, v. a. 1. preifen, er^bea, ber« 

(errU(6en$ 2.feiem; feierti^ begeten. 
CSr^brS'tioR, s. 1. biegeier, feterLSege^sng; 

2. bieSer^errli^ung) baft ^reifen, geiera. 
Cftif braVy s. ber Sobrebner. 

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dllb'rioof, l.a^.; n. -ly, oA). betft^) 

ni. — neis, «. bie I9edl(mt^ett. I 

ceieb'rfty, «. 1. ber 9tu(m, Me Serfi^mtteit)' 

2. Old. b. ii. Celebration. 
Cil^r'jty, f . bie ®eMmtttbtdMt, e^tteOtafeit. 
C«l'?ry, J. Bot ber 0ellcric. 
Celli'ti?! [-tsh^l], I. adj. ; II. -ly, adv, lit 

kfig. ttimnlif(69 {>immeUr5 m. s, * ber 

^immeUburger, eelige. 
aC^ttifn (-Ine), «. Afm. ber 65Ieftm. 
ClFfstifD^, «.p/.£cc. bie0dIefliner(«!Dtott4e) 
CS'H^c, ad;. Med, sum Unterleibe ge^drig. 
C^Kib^cy, Cn^jb^te, s. bie d^elofigfeit; ba& 

Cfll, I. «. nng. 1. bie 3ene4 2. bie pittti 3 

baft (Jter(er')^0(6$ 4. Mech. bie Sitifen^CHn' 

faflung) II* c-s, #. p/. 1. /4nae.» A'at, BoL, 

ike, deaen:{>6(Iungex) gd^er (im£)bfle); 

bie ^eraYftmmertt) 2. Typ. bie ^defter im 


Cj^'l^, #. ber SttUtvi —rent, ber JCetterjinS. 
On'l^f^e, s. l.bQS JteEerdef^^of $ 2. bie JteU 

leret) 3. Com, a) bie (Saboge^ h) ber JteU 

lerjinft. [Jtettermeifler. 

Ci\f\v^r, C«Kl%rif»t, C«lV?r, «. ber Jtettner, 
CSl'l^rf t, #. ein SlaftJftenf eSer. 
Ci^i'iGi^, adj.%tUi%,itUenf6xviA^i Men'* 
C^KlQIe, #. eine Heine SitUt, ^Mt» 
C^I'titQde, «. bie ^of^tit, (Sr^oben^eit 
ceit, «. ber (Selte; Jtelte. [Gpra^e. 

C«l'tlc. I. adj. celtiW 4 H. i. bie celtif*e 
dm'f nt, «. 1. ber (Sement) 2. Chem, bad 6e« 

mentpulber 5 3. fig. bo6 9anb (ber Sreunb« 

To Cdmj^nt', v. I. a. 1. fitten^ 2. Gold-sm. 

Ivix6^ (Sementiren reinigen i 3, fig. berbinben; 

befeftigen^ n. n. fi* berbinben, (Wl) jufom* 

men^inaen. [Serbinbung. 

Cirm^ntft'tion, #. 1. bad Jtitten, ;c. 5 ^*fig' Me 
CtoSn'ter, s. l.ber ititter^u.) ^.fig. ba&IBanb. 
CSm'^t^ry, s. ber Jtiri^Jof, ©ottedatfer. 
C^n'QtSph, s. bad d^rengrabmal* 
Cinie', «. Offt. bie Gtener, G^a^ung. 
To CSnie, v. a. 1. CuH. W^tn, bef^a^en^ 
C^n'sf r, s. bad 9tau4faf . [2. vid. To Incense. 
CtSn'sQr, s. 1. Ltt. berCenfor 4 2.^. berCitten^ 

ti*teri Sablerj -like, tabeipi^tig, ftrenge. 
C^niO'rj^l (-r|^), ad;M.cenforif*5 2.tabelnb. 
C«n»3'rjoa8,I.o4j.; U.-ly, adv. tabelffi** 

tig/ flrengej HI. -nei*, ». bie Xabelfu*t. 
CCn'iQrsbip, #. lit. bad Genforattt. 
C«n'i«r«ble [— ab^r- ], I. adj.; U. -»y, tidt?. 

tabelndn>ert^, ftrafbar. 
C^n'iyr^C— sb^r— ], adj. CSu^t.- roll, or — 

book, bad eteuerbn^, dindregifler. 
C&k'ivre [-tbvr], #. 1. berXabel) 2. bie Jtir' 

^tnfttafti 3. Laio, bad UrtHiii 4. lit 
bie Genfnr. [vrt(eileii 

To C^n'svre, v. a. 1. tabeln^ rilgen i 2. i>er« 

C^n'svr^ r, *. ber Skibler. [2. bic^nwo^nerKfle. 

C^n'ivs, s, 1 . bie amtli<^e (Sinwo(ner«3itlQttg i 

CSnt, s, 1. bad|>unbcrt^ 2. i4m. ber Gent 
(Jbtpfermfinje =yioo SDoOar)^ per—, Cow. 
pro Cent, [certain per—, tin fi^erer Ocwinn. 

C«B't»ie, *. ber 3ind (d. ^unbert), dindfnf j « 

C^n'tAor, *. 1. MyVi. ber (Scntaur* 2. i4*e. 
ber @4itbe im S^ierfreife^ —like, ccntan* 
renmdf ig. [bad Sattfenbgutbcnfrattt. 

C^n'tdory,^. Bot-i. bie^Iotf cnblnme? leMer— , 

C^n't^n^ry, I. s. bad ^Ottbert) II. adj. ^im* 
bertent^altenb^ (unbcrtjl^rig. 

Cf nt£n'n)«il, adj- (unberti^^rig. 

C^n't^r, s. vid. Centre. 

C^ntls'im^l, Arith. I. s, eitt ^Vttbertcl, f>tttt» 
berterj II. adj. centefimal; ^unbertfl. 

C«n't)grllde, adj. Arith. (itttbertt^ilig^ in ^tm* 
bert ®rabe get^eitt. 

C^n'tfnf 1, «. vid. Sentinel. [lopenber. 

C«n't|p€de (-p«d), *. Ent. bcr«ielpif, Cco- 

Clnt'n^r, s. Metal. I, tin ^robirgeibic^t ton 
100 yftittb} 2. (bet ben 9)robircm) ein 
Cluent^^en. [bad 9Ii(f»erf. 

C«n'to (— (9n), *. 1. J^et. ber Cento 5 2. gen. 

C^n'tr^l, I. actf. ; II. — ly» adv* eentral 

C^ntrSl'lty, i! bie Centralitfit. 

C^ntr^lizt'tioD, s. bie Gcntralifation. 

C^n'tre [-t^r], «.ber9RitteIputtrt;bad6fntnmi9 
— of an arcb, Arch, bad S^Ibungdgcriifl, 
berSc^rbogen) Mech-s. —of gravity, ber 
6<l^metpnnft $ — of motion, brr t)en»egnngd« 
pnnft^ —bit, beriSentrumbo^rerj —lathe, 
Hor, bie (Sentrirmafi^ine. 

To C«n'tre [-t^]. v. I. a. 1. in ben SRitteTpunft 
brittgen^ 2. concentriren, iMttinigen^ II. n. 
1. im aXittcIpunft fein^ 2. in einenf>unft 
fi4 bereinigen i 8. (— on, auf . . .) beru(en. 

Cen'trjc (— c»l), I. adj. ; IT. — c»lly, adv. im 
ORitteipttnf te befinb(i<^ ^ III. -c^lnew, s. vid. 

C^ntrlG'}ty,«.bie^geim!DeittcIpunrte. [>.f.8B. 

C^ntriff dg^, adj. Phy. ccntrifttgai. 

C«ntrfp'ftfl,a<(;.i%fy. centripetal. [gcrfift. 

C^n'try, s. Areh.ltt (Seibdlbbogen; bad 9ogen« 

C^ntG'pIe, adj. (unbertfat. [fa^cn. 

To Cfota'ple (—'plicate), v. a. bertuttbert* 

To Cf ntfi'rfite, v. a. in ^nnberte eintl^eitcn. 

CSn'tfiry, s. 1. bie Gentnrie, bad ^nnberti 2. 
Oiron. bad Sa^rftunbert. [f4»mers. 

C^pb^lalgy, «. Med. ber <^rQnif<^e Jtopf* 

CdphXHic adj. Med, cep^ali^, ^aupt«. 

Ce'rUte, s. Med. bieCBa^dralbe. [iiberjic^en. 

To Cc'rftte, To C«re, v. a.»ii^fen, tnit flBa^ 

cere, #. bieflBo^d^ut (ber9anbv6geOi *- 




cloth, l.bQ6fBa49ttt4$ 2. bae XBq49« Ob. 

enaliWe^flttfltr. ftlm. 

C«/6b«l, C«r6b«l'lviB, *• Anat. bd$ Heine ®^ 
C^r'ebrfl, adj. i4»»fi. cerebral. 
':«rebr»i')tv, 4. Med. bie |)im»itt5. 
C«rer:C'u|%l, 1. adj. 1. ceremomal 5 2. vid. b. fi. 

OeremonioDs; 11. jr. 1. bo0 6eremonien5 2. 

£c<r. bad @eremoniQibtt(^. 
Ccr€inO'n|ou», I. flty.; 11. — ly, adv* feCcrlitb, 

ttttmom6^, umfldnbU*) HI. — dcm, s, bie 

geierlitbfcitj Umfl«nbli*Wt. 
CSr'empDy, *. bie Geremonie; geierttWeft^ 

cercffloaies, pi. bie Umfldnbe; (Somplimente 
r«'r§oua, adj. ipddjfem. C€rOdn', vid.Seroon 
Cer^rys, j. Bot. bie 3errei(be. 
Cer'Ufn, I. adj.; II. — ly, ado. 1. Mer, Jtt* 

t&erldfUgj 2.befUmmt,re8elmafi8^ S.gewif 

Cttnbeftimittt)} —price, Com, ber befldnbise 

SBertj. [mefidmdfififeit 

Cer'Uiaty, #. bit Oe»if Jeit; 3u©erWf|!9fcit, 
Certificate, f . bie Sef((einisttn9^ ber (I8eg(att< 

bi8undS«)0((einf bas 6erti^caf; Ktteflat^ 

— of health, ber (Sefunb^eitf^paf. 
To Cf rtrffcite, v. a. mod. (3emanbem) ein 

3eugnif gebeh, ein 3v einen {)et]»Qt(9f<!^etn 

anSffeaen. [Mpng 

Certjfiea'tioii, f. bie Sefteinifiung; Seglau* 
Cei'tifter, s. ber IBerflcterer, IBenQ^briAtiger. 
To Cer'tjiy, o. a. 1. otrgeioiffern; bena4ri4ti» 

gen^oerfi^em) 2. attefKren, befibeittiden. 
C«rtf9ri'n [-«h|9-], *. Law, berSefeJlSbrief 

euies td^em ©eri^ts an e. untered }ttr Sinfen* 
Cer^tjtade, i. bie ©ewiWeit. [bung ber ICcten. 
C9r«'l€9o, C8ri&'ieoQ8, adj. hlau, (immelblatt. 
C^rtkHfic, adj. blan mae^enb; blduenb. 
c^rG'mf D, s, ba& ID^renf^mal}. 
Ce'riise, #. Chem. bai^ IBleimeif ) bie weife 

ed^minhi —of antimony, epie^glan^meif. 
Ci'riised, adj. weif geWminW. [fen*. 

Cer'vfc^l, ttdj.Anatium^^d^ttn ^ttfM^, 9lah 
Ccr'vfn, Cer'nne, adj. jum ^irfSgefcble^^t fle* 
C8'??r, *. ®[far. [^firig, |>irfd^. 

Cdf&'r«^n,C^S'ri%n, adj. foiferli^^^ -lection, 

Surg, ber ^aiferfcbnitt. [macbt, rafennrtlg. 
Cj^pitii'tioQg, C^f'pitoiii, adj. au fUtafen gc^ 
C^MS'tlon, s. l.baSVof^6ren;bii6infleattng$ 

2. ber GtiEfhinb) —of arms, ber ®affett* 

fHtt|!anb. - [^fdnbnngftbefe^l. 

C^MS^it, s. Law, bieOhrmongelnngftnagej ber 

C«MibrK|ty, #. (». ft.) bie Xbtretborhit. 

Cj^sfble, adj. I. nac^iebig^ 2. nbtretbar. 

C^s'aioD,^. l.biel{a4gebung^ Laio,2.(gt«ibtd«) 

Kbtretnng,(Sefflon4 3.bieMterabtretttng. 

C&'ilon^ry, I. adj, abtretenbj n. #. 1. (- 

baDkfupt), ber (oni# ceb{renbe(Sen)dnf4ntb« 

tuxi 9. ber Ynne^mer; (Sefflottar. 

IC^atfm^ut, s. tfid. Aueiiaent 
Cl^s's^r, s. Low, 1. ber ber Se(tt9|)(li4tldflttttg 
Qrmangelnbe i 2. tTtd. AMetior. 
C«.fi'r», Wf^re [-zbyr], *. bie 64f«r. 

Ce'^ur^I, adj. bie (Sdfnr betreffenb. 

Ceta'ceoDt [— shys], adj. »oUfif(6artig. 

C€'tic, adj. lu ben ffBaapr^en ge^firig. 

Ci'tjB, s. Qiem. bie (Setine. [Jtopfe f^ncSen. 

To (;hack, r. n. Afan. beisi 3danien mit bem 

<;hid, s. vid. Shad. 

To Chsfe, V. I. a. 1. wamtretben, er^i^en^ 
2./g. erjfirnenj ll.w. l.toben^ wut^enj 2 fi<|^ 
reiben $ 8. M wunb niten. [%fig. bie ffBnt^. 

Chsfe,f. I.bie(bnr(b9leibung er3engte)^ibe) 

Cha'fpr, s, 1. ber Sr^i^enbe, ;c. j 2. bie JtoJ* 
Unpfanne; ^euerpfanne^ 3. Ent. ber Adfcr. 

Cha'f<pry, s, I-w. bie Qluteffe, ®(bniiebe anf 
einem (Sifen^ammer. [Gad^. 

Cbaif, s. 1. bieGpreu{ 2. fig. bie mert^Iofe 

ToChXfffr, V. n. ^anbeCn, cont. fubatbern 
(urn...) [Jtttirfer. 

Ch&ff^rf r, #. ber Mviftv, eont, Q^a^erer, 

Chaffinch, *. Om. ber ®n*f!nf. 

ChSiPf^, adj. o^ne @prett. [6preu. 

Ch.Hffy, ad;. 1. (amb^O fprenartigj 2. i»oQ 

Cha'fiog-drih, t, ba» itotlenbetfen. 

ghf^rin', s. ]. ber JBerbmf, £rger) 2. ba§ 

To 9b§igrtD', V. a. betrftben, drgem. 

Chain, s. I. sing. 1. at. A fig. bie Jtettci 
Oleibej 2. Geom. bie ^ef fetter 3. Ifeav. 
bieJtette^ 4. (—lace), bad G^nftrcben }nm 
Sefebeni 5. vid, pi. 1.) II. c-i, pi. 1. * bie 
geffeln/ (®efangenf(boft)) 2. b{eitetten« obet 
3ettcl»oae{ 8. Mar. bie ^uttingen) 10. 
comp.— bolt, Mar. ber ^)uttingboljen4 — 
—bullets, —shot, Jtettenfngclnj —loop, ber 
itettenringj —pomp, l. Mar. bie Stettn^ 
pnntpe^ 2. Mech. bad e^aufelwerM — 
wales, Mar. bteOtfiften^ —work, bie Jtettei* 
arbeit^ bad Jtettenn>erf. 9* fig. i^ereinigen. 

To Chiin, t>. a. 1. lit. A fig. anfetten, fefTeln; 

ChAir, s. I. Hng. 1. ber &ta% eeffel) 6i^$ 
2.fig'S. a) Ut^ixfMfli 6) baS^rdffbiumj 
3. vid. Sedan-chair; 4. vid. Flying-chair; 
II. c-s, pi. R-w. bie es4icnenfhl(le) m. 
comp. 6tn((«/ —bits, pi. bie 6tntlma<bet* 
bojrer J — bottomer, ber Gt-ffe^ter, 6t-ma« 
4er5 —coyer, bieGt-fa^pe) —man, 1. ber 
ednftentrdger^ 2.ber4Sorf!benbe;9rdfibettt. 

ghai^e, «. bie (S^ife, Aolefi^e. 

ChSKcad^ny, s. Min. ber Qt^alcebon. 

Qh^cSg'r^ph^r, «. Engr. ber !Retonfie<bfr. 

Ch»lc»g'r%phy,#. Engr. bie !Wetairfle<betfnnft 

gh^ldil'ic, QhSKd^i, La«. 4K»Ibdif<b) 11. #. 
bad 6^rbdif4e. 




ghfldS'^n, 1. bet d^oIMcr. 
Ch&l'd^r, Clial'dr<>fl» «. baftito^Unmaf dor 86 
bofheis (2000|)f.). [Sc^tr^ 3.vid.Calyx. 
Chal'ice, $, 1. Ut Xbtntmai;/UUUii 2. ber 

Chftik [chik], *. b(e Jtreibej -cutter, ber 
JC-ngrdber 4 -paper, (5rot)on^?op(cri -itooe, 
ba6 etfitfAen Jtreibe. 

To ChAlk [chAk], v. a. 1. (mit Jtrelbe) poll* 
ren, (-down, att»)f*telbeii, |ei(bnnij 2. !aU 
firen i 3. mtt ffreibe b&ngen i 4. (mit oit), lit 
Afig.a)Uid^ntni 6) entwerfen. 

ChAlk'in^iB, #. bie jtcf ibigreit; Jtreibe^tltigfeit. 

ChAik'y, adj. heibie* -clay, Af in. beraRerfiel. 

To ChaKi^ie, v. a. 1. ^raa^forbctR,* 2. auf' 
foxUtvii 3. oerltngeni 4. MannuiM (ein 
{Re^t)$ 6.bef<bu(btdett} 6.Lauy, qU partettfiib 
»er»etfen, per^orrefcireni T. anrufen (»ie 
bie®4ilb»a4»ett)$ 8. Sport. morKren. 

ChXFifiiie, #. l.bie{>erQu«forberund{ 8. bie 
Xttfforberungj 3. ber7(nfpru(^i 4. Xaio, bie 
(Einwenbttng, eermerfitng (wegen ^rteili^' 
ftit)i 6. ber ffBettftreit (attf64uUR)} 6. 
Sport. bo$ SXarfiren. 

ChXl'lf n^e^ble, <t(0'. Derantwortlid^. 

ChJU'i^ng^r, #. ber ^ero««forberer, %t. {cf. To 

^hlil'ot, #. v»c{. Shalot. [Challenge). 

QUilfb'S^n, gh^lifb'Hte, adj. Ml^ltig, 
eta^lM -water, Metal, ba« SdMrnaffer^ 

gbalf b'8»te, a. Hi eifen^Ittge SGBaffer. 

^jlm, s» vid, b. ii. Khan. 

^^ade', $, Mil. bie 64amabe. 

Chftm'b^r, 1. s, 1. bie^ammer^ ®tQbe^ boft <9e« 
ma(b, dimmer) 2. bie Jtdmmerei$ 3. bas 
^ammergerii^t^ bie hammer 5 4.&iin. c)ba9 
JtammcrfKidj 6)bieJtammer(etnerJraiioiie>) 
6, AftR.bieitQmmerj n. comp. — coiiQci!,bie 
(ertrottte fScrat^ungj — coaniel, — good 
•elor, berdte4t6confnletit$— fellow, ber0ttt« 
bengenofj — haQginga,bietBftnb(>efle^Kg, 
Xttpete) — maid, bie^ammrrjungfer^il-fratt) 
-oil, ttoarat^If -organ, ba& ^ofitioj 
—pot, ber Ktt*ttopf. 

To Chftm'b^r, v. I. n. 1. WO^ett; (OttfeS) 2. 
eiQ Qu«f4meifettbe» ^ebcn ffi^ren) II. a. 1 
(in e. Jtammer) einf(bUe^eiti 2. Gvn. k Min. 
mit etner Jlammer oerfe^n. 

ChWh^^r,*.!. ber ©Ailing 5 2.ber3ntri^ 
gttQ1lt4 8. vid. Chamberlain. 

Cb&ffi'b^rlajn, ». 1. ber.$tammerbieiieri 2. ber 
aimmcrauf^terj 8. ber Jtommer^crr, Jtdm- 
merliiigj 4. ber hammerer} Lord — of the 
hon»eho!d,berSDberfQmmer^crr} Lord high—, 
ber 9orb ®roffammer$crr} — §Mp, i. bie 
itammerberrn|lelle5 2. baft Mmmereramt 

ghXm^rfl, #. VH. vid. 
gh%m«'l«9D» «. 2^ol, b«6 (S^omdUoS. 

To Qh^m^le^nUe, v. a. bie Qarben dnbem. 

ToChWf(pr, ChWfr^t, v. a. 1. Arch, fanne* 
liren^ 2.g<n.auft^5^(en4 3. AfecA. fegelfdr* 
migattftboH^R) ch-iog broach, bie Dtetba^le; 
ch-ing drill, ber 6eitfbo^rer. 

ChSm'f^r, Cham'fr«t,«. Arch, l.bie j>0^Iriime9 
2. bie @4rdgfaRte. 

ChSim'frgn, «. baft GtirnbuRb eineft^treitroffeft. 

QhWlft, gham'blft, #. vid. Camlet 

Qh^dis'C-mdf],!. l.bieOlemft) 2.[shWj],ba» 

Qh&m'9mlle,«. vid. Camomile. [$SdniMUbcr. 

To Champ, v.a,kn. fatten, fduen. 

gh^pXgne' (-pane', — paign'), s. 1. Gwg. 
bie (S^ampngnej 2. ber Q^mpogneriDein. 

(h^pftign', ChWpJliD, I. adj. tUn, fUuSfi 
II. #. (—country), bic Sbenej — groiud, 
vid. Campaign. 

ChSmfp^r, s. ber iCanenbt, S^fler. 

ChSm'p^rt^r, s. Law, ber ^rocef wu^erer. 

ChWpf rty, Cham'p^ty, «. Law, ber »tt4er« 
li4e Sorfi^nf }n einem ^rocefle. 

Ch WpifB» vtd. Champaign. ' [pigROn. 

ghfmpfg'ii^n [— pfn'ypn], s. Bot. ber $^am« 

ChWpi^n, s. 1. lit. kfig, ber Jtdmpc, €$trei' 
ter4 6erfe4ter) 2. vid. Campion, [bem. 

To ChWpi^n, V. a. }nm itampfe ^eranftfor* 

ChWpi9n^> s. W ^bitttt. 

ChlUiee, s.LHng. l.berdttfaQ) 2.baft(glitdt« 
Uil^e)URgefd6r;(3^(ft(t$ 3.bte(gute)<lklegni« 
^eiti j>o|TRttRg, TivLiMti 4. ber (a6g(i(be 
Ob. n>a^rfd^eiRU4e)9aa; baft G^it^ai^ &. ber 
TCuftgaRg, 6rfolg4 6. (ill-), ber UnfftO, mi« 
glfitflit^ednfaQ/baftUngUitf) hy— , oonnn* 
gefd^rj —game, baft ffBag*(j><iarb')€$piel) 
II. chsi, pi. Math. bie«Ba(rf4eiRli<b^itftre4« 
nnng i m. adj, k adtt. iufdSig, 9on nngefd^r. 

To Chknce, v. n. 1. fitb (|Bfdaig) ereignen, M 
ivtragen, M begeben i 2. {ufdQig gef^ebcR/ 
fommeR, t^UR; \t.h (upon, auf . . .)ftopeR/ ioo« 
tin gerat^eR. [2. baft (S^or (eiRcr Jtir<be). 

Ghtfi'c^l, #. l.berYItarplai, bie ^tarfldtte} 

Chta'c^Hpr, «. beritan^Iers SDberri4^ter, 9rd« 
flbentf Lord high — of England, berOrof* 
faR}ler 0OR<SRglaRb9 — ofaaeccleslaatical 
conrt, ber 9Dfficia($ —ship, bic itanslemur« 

ChAn'c^y, *. bie Jtanglei) court of—, baft Jt" 
geri^t, ber Jl-(gcriitft)bof4 matters of-, 
bie (12) OtcfereRten beft Jt-geriilbtft) —man, 
berKnioaltimJt-gen(bt4 -office, baft Jt-a»t 

QhKn'cre, i. Med. ber €^d^anfer. 

^hXa'crons, adj. Med, f^^anf erartig. 

Qhaaddller', «. 1. ber XrmUttibter} 2. FaH 

I ber e^anbeUf r; bie SaMiMnbieibnna. 




GUii'dlfr,#. 1. »er S4tsic^i ^t^t^tblerf 

& hex Mmuti — *• wtre(ChMdlei7),?f«tt» 

CUa'dry, #. ba$ St^t^^Umf , u. [iDaarei. 

To Change, v. I. a. 1. dii^eni, octdnbcni) S. 

fetn, un^e^n^ U. n. 1. fic^ (eer)dnbfnii 8. 

(i»onter^rbe)4 to —hands at. . ., Com. (von 
ffBoaren) oerfonfen mn . . ., k. 

Ckmie, #. I. jtng. 1. bie Sibcniiig/ 6erdnb(' 
ntng} a. bte 7(b»e4»fdit8g) a. i>anc. bo^ 
ffB(4feU OerSftfe); 4. ber m^Jibm^ftii 
5. Afar. &«., ba^defenegut (an X«nen,ic)5 
bet Sonata j Gonw. 6. berffiedi^fd^Xaitf^ ^ 
T.biee^etbemdniei 8.b<6Xdio$ 9. 'chaage 
(ffir ezGhange)»bieS6rfe) flEBe^felbanf ^10. 
Thtol. bU IBefctmid, ecfebrsng^ — alley, 
^cra56rfen8ttn8i — rtitch, Sew. ber JCetten* 
fiUI^ i IL Gh.i> p(. 1. Math, hit Btmtd^ftUm* 
gei^ 2. Mus. SamttoBcn. 

dmn^e^bU'lty, j. vid. CbaageableoeM. 

Chan'ge^ble, I. udj,; B. — ly, adv, 1. beritt* 
berU4»^ nnbefUttbig) 2. fcbiUemb (o. 9<urbett)4 
m. — nets, 9. 1. bte SerdnberUdbleit j 2. bte 
UabefUnbigieit, berffBanleUnnt^ 

Chilnie'mi, adj. verdnberttit) m<tttelmiit(tg. 

Ch&nle'IfMt, adj. befUUtbig, imt»erdnberliil^. 

Chtage'lHig, #. 1. ber «Be4feIbaIg$ a boS 
osegetcutfii^te SDing^ 8- ber S>ttinnito;^f j 4. 

Chin'ivr, «. 1. bcr IBerdnbentbe, ic.4 2. ber 
(|>anb»)®e4#ler,Oelb»e4s(er) 8.ber«Ban< 

cuui'n^i, «» 1. ber,ft(mol4 baftSI«f^cttl *• 
baiSdtnoafler^eeegati S.bieiSofrei {ainne) 
4. bie Mftre, Ardt. bie 4>o((ruitte$ 6. pf. 
(ch-s). Afar, vid* (Siain-walea; 6.>ig. ber 
Jtanal,0eg$ — of ahorse^ btedongen^i^Ie 

To ChWafl, o* a. otd. To Cliamfer, 1. tt. 2. 

To ciubit, V. L a. 1. fingetti 2. beflngen) II. 
n. 1. fiiigeR) 2. Ch. b«S {>o4anit fciem. 

ChftDt, «. l.ber®efang) 2.bte9Re(obie) 8. 

Chin'tfT, #. 1. ber 64nger 4 2. berSorfdnger; 
ISaator4 3. itfii«. bie Xenoryfeife bed JDiibeU 

Ch&i'ticlSir, «. met joe. ber ^(n. [fa<fe»< 

Cklntlltc c Jrdi. ber 7(itfr<tieblmg, Xrauf- 

Chftn'trfw, «. bie CSdngerinn. [balfen. 

ChAtt'try, #. 1. bie Gostoreii 2. bie Heine Ha* 

CUV s. Ut. MM ^a9 (S(ao». [pefle. 

^MOt'lc adj. 1. 4<i0tif4i 2. fig. t»er»«rren. 

To Chap [cliftp], 0. 1, a. D^alten, ^e,e^prmige 
oentrfB^en U.n.<sf|prtiigen,€ltifre betoanncn 

Cbap [€k«p ft ddpi, I. «. 1, bieepotte, ber eiif , 

Jtart/lhtrf^ 4 ll.coaip. -boolu, M^er bb. 

SIttgMriften, bte trobeln getragen merben^ 

-failea, 1. adt ^ngcnbem !KaaU| %As. 

f4»etgfam, nicbergeMlagen 4 — nnn, (— 

woBttB)» ber(bie),^ttbc, itdufer, (it-rinn). 
CUpe, 1. 1. berf>afett$ Qi^n^ffaha, 64^Ra(« 

lenbiigeli '|»altcrj 2. bal Drtbonb (an ei* 

ner SDcgenMeibe)^ 3. SparL bni e^^ibani* 

enbe bes Snd^fed. [^cr}ogHut. 

GftapaoM [ihfpo'j, s, 1. ber ^uti % Her. ber 
ChV«l» #. 1. bie aopeOe^ 2. /Vint, bte IBud^* 

bmtferwerffldttej — ofeafe,bic8UittIttr*(f. 
To CliXp'^* V. a. 1. in eincr (SapcOe beife^ni 

2. Afar, eitte ttnle fdngen. 
Chipe'ifM, a49. o^nc ^aten^te.) nnNtbar. 
Ch&p'«l«u, 9. p^ Man. bte etcig(bugel)riemei 

ndt ben Sfigeln. 
CUp/^n^y* #. 1. bieGopeOaneis 2. (CkUp'^. 

ry), ber QapeObeiirt, Bprengel. 
Vhap^^rpn, «. 1. bie (®<|^»eif«>Jtappei ba« 

9arret (ITcr {Ritter bed f>orettbanbotbett»)4 

2. ber (Sicidbeo. [ben ^of ma^cn, Re begleitou 
To v^hip'froD, v. a. etner SDame (6ffentU4) 
Chap'laia, «. 1. ber (SopeOan) 2. ber geib* 

(ed(»iffd«)$rcbigeri -abip. 1. (CbSp'lalncy), 
bie (SopeaanfleHe) 2. bie Ginhtnfte e. (StpeOe. 

CbSp'l^M [ck0p -], adj. fIciMiol; to()i»ittgig. 

Ch&p'lft, f. 1. bcr (SlnmenO Jtran^i 2. Ret, 
k Arch, bad f)atemoflcr4 ber alofett^rttn|4 

3. bie ^unbe, berSeberbnM (M |>fattel)i 4. 
bie neineiSapeOe 1 6. p/. Man. ind.Cbapeleti. 

Chappy [chOp^i], adj. gefpolten, riffig, offen. 

Chaps [chttpt], jr. pi. 1. bcrJtinnbotfen, b«d 
aXouI, ber (lta<ben (eined X^iered/ cont. oott 
SXenMen)) 2. bie Satfen ber ^ugelfbrm, ei* 
ttcd CM^rottbfbdd, u. [b«d eenbMreibtn. 

ChXp^«r, «. 1. LU. k Ecc. bod Gapiteli 2. 

To Chftp'tfr, V. a. f<l^ltei, aa. abtdnjeUl. 

Cbip't9rly,La((7«; II. ado. capitcln»eife 4 ^» 

Chip'trfl^, #. pi. Arch* o/d. Inposta. [pitd*. 

Char, I. #. 1. [ch^], bie geringe Xrbcit, Zag* 
arbeiti 2. [char], M. ber 04ar, 0tcatel$ 
3. ber Jtarren^ vid. Car; II. comp. —man. ber 
Xageld^neri —woman, bie Sagctd^nerinni 
—work, bad Sogemcrf. 

ToChar, o. La.l.per(ot(cn4 2. (bttr^S^tt^O 
reinigen|3.[chir],arbeitcni U.ji. togelo^nera. 

QUr'^ter, s. 1. bad(eingegrabettc,)c> itcnn^ 
hn^tn, 3et4en4 2. Nat gem. pi. cb-i, ((3k« 
f^Ie4td')aXerfmaIe4 8. ilber(. 3et4»cn (9i* 
gttren) : bad e^tiftiei^en, ber (S)rttft*)9tt^« 
fahti bie (Sniffer i ^anbMrifti 4. ber 6^* 
rafter) 6.ber0tang.Sitel;9iame, bie(datfere) 
«Bftrbei 6. bte ferfotti T. bie9li>ae (im 
e4anfpiel,3c.)4 8. ber (gnte) ftiiN 9. bad 

McinnfiC4 2. vid^Chafo, pi.; a.iw<g.ber| dettgnif^ bie(^tattKr*)e4i(b€nui8. 




To ghHt'^ek^Tp V. a. 1. ein0rabcii^ ciii|prl0(tti 

2.^. <l^arafteriftreii. 
gh&r'act^^ni» s. 1. bo» nnterMdlenbe 9XcriP' 

vmU 3. lit Q^arafterifUf. 
giiHr«ct«r¥i'tic, I. «. 1. tk (S^arofterifli!) 1>tr 

^enniud (gem. pl.)i 2. G^ram. ber (S^ara!ter« 

evi^ftaUi 3. Afaeii. ber (Sn>onent (e. ^« 

xaHttiftifd^i III.— c«1d«w, #. ba»(S^rahe« 
rifUf«e. [beiri^nen. 

To Qhir'M^iize, v. a. 1. ^rtftrrifiren $ 2. 

Vh^rftde', «. bte (Sl^arabe. [lenmeiter. 

ChiW-cOaU #. bte ^obfo^Ie) —pile, bcr lto(* 

Chard, «. /fort, bte I3lattrip;^en DOtt :2(rtif4o!« 

ChAre, ik comp, vicf. Char, Ac. [!en^(5arbon$^ic. 

To Charge, v. I. a. (^dttflg mit with), 1. laben 
(e. ®e»e(r, xt^i au4 ^«c.) ; 2. bclaben, be^ 
Mmeren^ 8« J^sr* aufbitrben^ 4. anftrasen; 
beauftragen; anvertrauen; &. aufforbetn ^ be 
fe^len) einfib^rfen^ 6. (mit with), attKagen^ 
bcf4ttlbigen3 iwn^fnmi 7. Com. a) onredfts 
aen^anfebeit) 6) (Smb.) belaften; bebitiren 
to— (to) one's accoant, (Sined {Red^nnttg be< 
laflen^ 8. MU. angreifen^ II. n. angretfen. 

Charge, #. I. cing. 1. gen. bte^ftt a) bie ^s 
bung, Sta^tf 6) bie idtf^mttni 2. bie ^^ 
bung(eiiter^anone/.}c.j att4 £<<c.); 3. JUnu 
a) bte ^ge }um Xngrif ^ b) bas Signal sum 
X.5 c)ber:Kitgrif9 4.berXuftrag5iBefe(l 
5.bteXnffi<btj eteSe, ba$ Vmt$ & a>ba$ 
tDepofitum, f)fanb ^ 6) ber ^flegebefo^Iene, 
^StfittbeU T.bteVbgabe^Vttflage^ S.vid.pL; 
9. bte Seftulbtgnng/ J^lage $ 10. Bcc. k Law, 
bieSrma^nungKebe^ 11. Vet, ber ^oiitg«, 
)C.tlmf<^lag4 12. Paint, kc,, bie flbertret« 
bung, (SarriMtun 134jHer.ba9SEBapenbiIb4 
U. a - of lead, 30 mulben Slei ik 70 |)fb.)j 
a ship of—, ein tief gekbeneS €$<btifi U. 
Ch-s, pU Corn^, }(ttftgabeii, Cpefen/ Jto« 
flen, Ualoflenj —to be deducted, ab an Un« 
foflenf to be at the—, bi« ©pcfen tragen^ 
bie Jtoflen befhretten) —(of) merckaiMlUe, 
bie j)anblnttg9fpefeny f^-Sunfoflen. 

Char'iefUe, L a4i* ; II. - ly, arfw^ 1. |tt be* 
legen (mitetener, u.)$ 2. {uerteben (t>on 
e.3oIl>9 3. befd|MoerIi4i; 4. foftfpielig, lofi^ 
bar) 6.stn:^fl in legen, bet}ttmefren$ e.nB' 
termorfen(einerlBeMuIbignt^)) lil.-neM, 

Char^e^fu, adj. ni^t IPoftfpielig, motlfeil. 

Char'ifr, i. 1. bte grofe e^itfiel, e^ale^ 2. 
bol e^Ia^trof, etreitro^^ 3. Gun. bie Sa« 

CUHlft, #. 1. gen. bad Suirwertj 2. (ejem.) 
bcr JtriegSAageni 3.bief>albhitf4e;JtaIef4e. 

Chiri9iHr', #. ber SBogenlcnf er. 

CUfltfbIa, I. ««.; n.-l3r,a<fo. l.mObc, 
gntt44tig, mo^tt^Atigi 2. gfitig, licbrci<b, 
na(bMt»t>o]l4 UL -oeia, s. 1. bie aKilbtbd« 
tigfeit) 2. baS tiebcet^e ftBefen. 

Chftr'}t7,«.l.bie(4rimi4t)eiebe) a^a^ften* 
tiebe) 2. bie OiUig!eit, {>ulb ^ 8. bie ^ilb' 
t^fttigbett i 4. bie milbe Okibe, bod Sicbedmcrf , 
:2Cimofen) 5. bie milbe Gtiftung (8Bo^lt(dttg> 
!eitd',ic.):ifnftalt4 6.6(arita6(S-tt.)4 in-, 
ttm|onft4 —school, bie }(rmenf4ttle,Srctf4ule. 

<;;bar'l«it«n,i*beraXaretffbreier, £Lua(ffalbcr. 

<;hflrititfin'jc^;a47. marftj<breicrif4* 

ghar'I^t^iiry, *. bie SKarftf^reiercL 

Charlef idim. Chai'ldy), s. Stall (QR-n.). 

Chai'l9ck,.#.jBot.l.berWerretti*$ 2.ber1Crfer* 

ghar'lQt, 5har09tte, *. iSf^axiettt (g-n.). [fenf. 

Cham, s. 1. baft danbermittel) bie 3anberei$ 
2.^. ber dauber, Otei|. 

To Chirm, v. I. a. 1. be^aubem i 2. rei^ctt; 
erfrenens n. n. ^armonir<( t6nen, flingen. 

Char'm^r, s. 1. lit. kfig. ber 3attberer, bte 
3.rinn) 2. baft daubermtttel. 

Charm'fai, adj. rdjcttb, wonneME. 

Char'mliig, I. adi. ; II. — ly, adv. ret^enb. 

[char^Dfl, adj. Seid^en ob. ®ebeine entftoltenb) 
hoQse, baft S3e{it^uft. 

Char'ry, adj. fo^Kg, (^olj)lojlmartig. 

Chirt [ Wb. Ac. ; Uhart er cart, ff ., S., kc.], 
s. 1. bie ©eefarte, (4^immelft«, QrbO^arte, 
cf. Card; 2. md. Charter. • 

Cfaac'tfF, s. Law, 1. bie (Sigent^umftOUr* 
fttttbe$ Xetef 2. ber (9nab(Hibrief ) ^rcibrief, 
baft ^riDtlegium^ 3. Mar. Law, bieSer* 
fra^tnng) 4. ^g. baft IBorre^ti constitu- 
tional—, FoL bie ISerfaflnngfturhmbcs — 
house, Ecc. bte ^art^attfe, baft Jtart^dnfcr^ 
flofter^ — laod,baftSreigttti — pnrty, ilfor. 
Law, bie Gcrtopartte. 

To Char't^r, v. a. 1. bc©orre*ten, pribilcglreQ) 
2. (ein64tff) a)Derfra4tcn, ocr^dncrn, tcr* 
bingen) 6) befraAten, ()duem. 

Cbar'tf r^r, s. ber aSerJduercr, iBerfra4ter 

Cb^y,. adj. forafdltig, be^tfam, fparfam. 

Cha's%ble, ChS'te^ble, adj. |agbbar. 

ToChftse,v.a. 1. fagen, ^e^en («Bilb,)C)^ 

2. na^feben, verfblgen, S^g^ ma^en anf..., 
iUU kfig.) ; 8. vid. b. b. To Koehase. 

Chise,#.l.bie3agb9 2.y;g.bieiBerfi>lgung« 

3. baft geiagte miU>i g^agte e^iff, xci 4. 
Law, biegefeblDibrigeflBegtreibung i»oitSiet$ 
6. baft (3agb<) SteDier j ®e^dge$ 6. Gam. 
bie e^afe (im SaOfpiele)^ r. vid. Chaf- 
finch ; 8. bte Sttmte (e. }(rmbntfi)4 9. Qun. 
bie Sdttge ber Beele (innere »ette ecner Sa» 
none)) 10. Prinu ber JteiXro^mcRi —bar, 
baftflla|nieifint| toi^ve-,3aj|^miJ^(i»aa 




€MMfei,)C)) -6ini<«> berOwrt etser Aa« 

none) — gvD, Mar. ^oi 3Qd^ft6<^/ Shtgtttif . 
Chfis^r, «. 1. berjiflcr $ s. boiSofi^ ma^enbe 

64tff#KvC/. ToCkMe; 3. vtd. b. b. En- 

chaser. [gntttb iauikfig-)' 

ghiifB, «. bie ^ife) Jtlsft, ber e^blunb^ 7(b« 
gkSf med,a(0'.9ef)^alteii j ^dai, SO&ftt ^benb. 
CkSs'sflM. «. Vint, bet Outebel. 
CbiU'sy, «. ber Slabmcn, bte Ginfaffoiid. 
Chaste, L ac^.; II. -ly, ado. 1. !euf4, |fi4* 

ti9 $ S. Granu ebel, rein (Don ber &pt^^i), 

nnanfloftd) -tree, JSot. ber JTcttfibbanni) 

111. — Dess, s. »te Chastity, qv. 
To ChSst'eo [chis'sn], v. a« 1. iCi^tigen, ftra« 

fenj 2. bclTcm. [c/. To Chasten, 

Chilst'en^r [chas'sn^ r], s. ber S^HU^CV, U., 
Cbfstl'f 9ble, Chfstl'fevble, adj, flrafbor. 
To Chfstlfe' (— Ize'j, v. a. 1. }ii4tiden, |lra< 

fctt > }urc<bt»eifcn ^ S. binbiaen, s&^men ) 3. 

(ton Sc^Iern) reinigcn. [fung. 

Chjb'tjf ennf nt, «. bic 3tt4tidnnd/ 3ttre4tioei« 
Chfsti'^f r, «. ber 3u(bti0er. 
Cbfts'tjty, «. l.bieJtenf4Mt4 2. Gram, bie 

9tein(dt (berGpra^^/ be^et^U/tc). [fi^en. 
To ChXt, V. n. f<b»a(en, planbeni; mlg. loa* 
Chit, 1. 1. bo$ ®ef(b»db/ Q^cplattbcr^ Bou 8. 

ba9 8tet5,Sfl4cn5 8. ba^Jt^o^^ onMmnen. 
GhateaTi [shXt'tu], s. 1. baS 64(of4 2. ber 
VbXffl«t, s. bo» Keineeiblof, Sort. [Sanbfit 
Cb«tof%nt, I. adj. f^iOemb) U. s. Min. ber 

ChUt'tf I. #. 1. Lato, bos (beMcgli^e anb unbe* 

nt%lidfe)fBtxm6%tn, bief) 
To Ch&t't^r, V. n. 1. plaubem^ Mwa^en, plap^ 

pern (i^on !SKenf<bcn ob. Kffcn)3 2. fd^nattttn, 

S»itf4cni/ frd^ien (tonfB6^tla)i 3. (jmit ben 

3i(tten) flappem. 

ChSt'tf r, «. bo^ dkpianber, (Bef^naitcr, x. 
CUit'tcr^,^. 1. bered^»dbcr, u.$ 2.0m. 

ber 6eibenMi»an). 
ChXt'ty, adj. planber^aft; gef^wdbtd. 
Chilv'^Ddf r, 1. vid. Chob. 
To ChAw, o. a. vulg. fmtn, vid. To Chew. 
Cbiw, 1. vifig. ber OifTcn; ^nnbvoO. 
ChiWdi^a, s. baft <Singe»etbe (eineftX^iereft). 
Chiap, I. adj.; II. — ly, adv, l.wojlfeil^niebrig 

Om^vtU)i 2.jSg.geringe^emettt) ni.-iess, 

To Chia'pen, o. a. 1. (anbeln, fcilften nm...$ 

9. »oy^nIer (im ^reifc f^IUn) ma^eni 3. 
J?g. (erabfeben. 

CiSa'pen^r, #. ber JTnider^ geilfter. 
Chiar, Ch^ftV^r, kc, vid. Cheer, Ac. 
To ChSat, V. a. 1. betriigett (—of, oat of, urn 

...)$ &to-iBto..., CD<. (inein Mwaben^ 

mil €ifl fiberrcben in .'. . . 

Ch«at,«. l.berSetnig, btee^winbtleii 2. 
(Chea't^), ber Setrfiger. 

To Ch«ck, o. I. a. 1. UU A fig, Gin^att Hm, 
ein^alten/ (emmen^ anf^alten^ bdnbigen, 
einf(brdn(etti venDeifen^f^ibelten) 2.(9egeii* 
re^nung fu^ren, controQirent 3.<e4rifta^ 
:c.)<oIlotioniren, na^Sd^Un, nnterftt^en j 4. 
Mar. (etnXau) a)abf(bri(fen} &)#oppenH 
IL n. ftotfen, onftopen. 

Check, J. I. Hng. 1. (XOeft f>inbernbe)^ ber Mn 
(alt,bief>enuttttng4 ber Xnftof/ baft irgemif^ 
ber UnfaOi Senoeift; hit 3ii^tigung ^ 2. bet 
conefponbtrenbe Stomenftivg, baft Oegeniei^ 
4en(aufSanhioten, ic)) 3. ber^fd^nitt« 
ffbein? bie 9anfan»eifnng ^ 4. bet Gontrop 
iettel, 3ntertmft)etteU' 5. Falc. baftSerlafTen 
beft (Raobeft u. 6treif^n md^ onbem fidgeln^ 
clerk of the—, ber ObercontroHent: a) bet 
niebem^ofbienerr^aft^ 6)beranfbenlftnigl. 
64iffettangefleaten|)«rfotten) U.c-^pl.Omu 
®onten i III. comp. — aceoaat, bie QontroOe, 
(9egenre4^nnng) —braces, bie Bd^mm^vif 
nen einer Jtutf^e^ Gam, — nate, 1. #• baft 
eit<utmatt5 2.a<tf.f^ba4iaatt4 To— Mita» 
V. 0. 1. f^a^att ma<^etti 2. beenbigeai ^ 
riiifs,l.bie6tofrittge(attberKahe)$ 2. tie 
Xrenfenringe^ —roll, bie ^ofbebientenUfte) 
— taker, bcr Sleateseaffirer. 

To Ch^ck V> V. a. L huat, f^eiKg ma^en^ n»ih> 
feln;buntrarbig«attft(egcn) 2 jSg.ntttermettgeik 

Ch£ckV» jr. I* *ing. 1. ber Sabler, u.| 2. baft 
ftBiirfelige<} 3. vid. Ezcheqaer; 4. (-aboard), 
baft @<ba(bbret4 —wise, mfirflig^ —work, 
baftXafeln)er(4 n. c-s, p^ Gam. baft€Mfta4« 
fpieli jDamenfpiel; 2C. 

Ch^ck'l^ss, adj. imattf^altfoat^ (eftig. [f^4t. 

Ch£ck'y» adi. 1. tofirflig, f^ecfig) 2. Her. gc* 

Chec'qof r, v^ks, vid. Checker. 

Cheftk, #• I. sing. 1. bie idadt, fRwx^t, ber 
Sotfen^. 2. vid. pU; —grafting, baft f>frop» 
fen inbenJterb) —pooches, IBacfentafc^eni 
» tooth, bet 9atfenia(n5 — varnish , bit 
64minfe$ IL c-s, pi. Mech., Ac. bie (ent» 
fpre^enben) Ceiten^ bie e^ere, ber JTIoben 
(einer 8Bage){ bie yfoflen (e. X^iir)) bie 
Oa<fen, Geitenrd^aUn (am SRafte) 4 bie ^teis 
ten eeiten (eineftSlotfft)) (Safeten^, u.) 
Sdnbe) —of a crane, bie ^afpelbdnme ) — 
of a pomp, bie ^umpenmict. 

Cheeked, adj, comp. mitlSa^en^ 'VMUIgig. 

To Cheep, V. n. vulg. piepen, f<tiepen. 

To CheSr, v. I. a. (- op), 1. frft(ti<b iM^tn, 
anf^eitettt) trftften^ 2. anfnmntern, antei* 
Itiii 3.mitf>ttnaftgef<breibegr<lfett$ II. n. 
(-op), 1. M anfteitem, ^nt^ fafen) % 
fi:tf4it.mnntetfeini -np! iMt^l frif^l 




Srrabe, 9r(ftli4»fdt; ber 9to(jiim$ 8. ber 
Snbel, bo^edfaaftdefi^uij (gm. pJ. f>ttt« 
tatficMrei ber eolbotm «. eeeleute) i 4. bic 
!Dtiene, Oebetbe, ba9 9cfi4t$ of good—, 

Ghee'r^r, #. bct Ohr^iterer^ bie 6rgetiuifl. 

Chiir'fai, I. a4i.; II. ~ly, adv. 1. (etter, 
ftoi^fftiili^, mmUii a. fteirabUi^ (t>onOe« 
Mt)i ni. -nctt, «. bie ^^xHit, ^atmttv 
f(it,9r{l^htt, bec^ro^Pittt. 

CbSi'rily, ChCSr'ly, adv. * ac^*. lote Cbcery. 

Cki«€'r|iif ii, Ckii'rf AhntM, «. oid. ChecrAil- 
neit. [mut^Iod. 

Cbi€r^$M,La47.; II.— ly, ado. fteubeitlod, 

ChcCry, a<fo. fro^/ Iufti$/ ttitntcr. 

Cb€€fe,#. ber^dfe^ comp. —colouring, bie 
SMeanftfarbe^ — cord«,berEtuttrtj —bowl, 
—fat. Did. — Tftt; —frame, — mould, bte 
Jt»fbrm$ —lip, ba& St-Ubi —monger, ber 
Jt-(dBb(er^ Jt-Mmeri —rennet, (— rannet), 
1. boi St-lahi a. (a«4 -renning), Bot. ba$ 
Sabfrttitt} — running, bie !RoIfen) —taster, 
b€tJt-fle*er,Jt-boirer 5 — tray, (-waggon), 
baft (modeofdrmige) St-feniui —vat, bie 
JC'ffii^4 boSA-fafj — wort, wid.— rennet. 


Cb^o'nj^, adi. fd^ilbMltenartig. 

giidl^Di'tdf, #. Bit. ber e((ma(benflettt. 

Clia'iy, «. bte e«ere ber itrebfe. [mtf4. 

^h^'iCr^cfl, I. adj,; 11. — c^ly, ado. iff 

gh^nife',!. 1. mod. baft grauen^emb^ 2. Fort. 
bie ^uttemumer eineft ®alleft4 tire-, baft 

gh^iat, t. bet (S^emifer. [Sranb^b. 

gh«mis'tj€^, Ac, vid. Ckemic, Chemical, Ac. 

Cliim'istry, s. bie Q^emie, G^befunft 

ChSqae ; Cb«qn'«r [- k«r], vid. Check, ftc. 

Chiqnln' [— klnO, «. vid. Zeehin. 

To Ch^i^iih, «. a. 1. pftefiett^ ttttterfW^en, er» 
^eti, emd^ren) 3. Ueb u. »ert( (alten, 
|drtli4»liebe]t$ liebfofeni 3. ermdrmen. 

Ch«r'|fh^r, #. ber «erpfleger, ©oitt^dter, tc, 
ef. To Cherish. 

Chf rddts', «. p^ (lange) ofHnbif^e (Sidarren. 

Ch«r'ry, I. *. 1. bieJKrf(bej 2. ber Jtirf*- 
broimtmein) 3. (-tree), Bot. berittrf^^ 
barnn) n. adj. (Iirf*«)n>t^ f-rotifarbenj 
ni.comp. itirf4«$ — bounce, (—brandy), 
ber ^-branntnein^ —coal, Min. bteJt-fQ(Ie) 
— laarel, (-bay), Bot. ber Jt-lorbeer^ —pit, 
1. baft ®nltb4»enfpiel4 2. baft ®riib4eii in 
Mxm —stone, ber Jt-fem. 

(hdr<s9n«fe, s. ber (S^erfoneft; bie fMUbinfeL 

Chert, s, Mln. ber ^omflein. 

Chdr'ty, adj. ^omfteinartig. 

ChlK^V #. (ntgl. pi. Cherobs), 1. BiH. ber 

«^b) 2.FKiiit.ikAr.(-*ahaid),bcrflC» 

Gh2r1k'b{c, — c«l, adj. tM^Uidf, ^ctttbiatf^. 

ChSr'dbjm, (ebr. pL t>. Cbernb, bic (Sbembim. 

To Ch&'vp, cor. ft. To Chirp, qv. 

CheWv^, s. Zool. ber !Kttflon, baft Tix^l 

Cher^vjU ^. Bot. l.beritdlbereenij a.beri(ei^€l. 

To Cher'wit, v. n. f<|retcB (mie ein OUb^uta). 

Ch&'lip, «. Ent. ber Mbrmnrm. 

Chliss, «. 1. Gam. baft 6<b<u6, €Siba4fpte($ 
2. Jgr. berdtnf, Shi^ranb, ^taubbrosb; 
comp. —board, baft @^«bbret4 —man. bie 
®4a<tf{gttr4 —trees, iifar. bie 84berbal!en. 

Ch^st, «. 1. bie itifle, ber JtafttU/ bie Sabe $ 2. 
bie Hdxufii —of drawers, bie ISommobej 
Far-^.— foundered, f^^W^ti^i —foun- 
dering, bie j)erif4ld4tid{cit, ber S>anipf$ 
-trap, bie fftateufdOc^ baft eprindcifea. 

To Chtet, v. a. (in eine Sobe, 2(.) tema^rcn, 
einWUcpen) einbalfamiren. 

Ch«sfnvt [chjfs'n^t], I. s. 1. bie ^aflanic) 
2. (-tree), ber JC-nbaitm i H. adj. taflanieii' 
bramt i — grove, — plot, ber Jt-nmalb. 

gh^v&l'-gliUs, t, ber jDrc^XoilcttenOfpicgcL 

ChSv^Iier', s. Her. ber (gc^miftbtc) IRittcr. 

C/iwowx-de-Fmc fsh?vo'-d?-frci'], *. pU 
Fort bie fpaitiMen 0teitcr. 

Ch^v'rQn, s. Her. ber eparreil. [fc^n. 

ChSVrpned, adj. Her. mit cinem€^parren t>cr^ 

Ch^f'r^n^l, s. Her. ber ^albe ober i>er(uritc 

To Che9ir,v. a. kh. Lfavitu, Mttcn, beifen) 
2.>ig.iibertegett, finnen(— upon, anfGtiuaft)} 
to — the cud, wieberMuctt. [(Xabaf ). 

Che« s. vulg. ber QXanbtolI) baft ^ricnubcn 

Che^f , s. pi. eteinto^lctt in fL Gtfitf^cn. 

Chicane', s. bte (S^icane, {Re^tftberbrc^ttng. 

To QhicSne', v. n. ^icasirei, (Rc<btfttni1fe 

^hicii'nf r, s. bcr (SMc^uicsr. [brau<beit- 

<^bjca'n«ry, s. bie {Rc4tftt>erbre(erti. 

Chick, s. (dim. DOtt Chicken), baft 3tud^ 
UiUf ^fi^n^cn $ Bots. — peas (chiches). bie 
3wcrgerbfen;Jti<l^rbfeR) -root, bcr |)pr» 
tula!5 —weed, ber ^ii^nctbami. 

Chlck'^n, s. baft^U^tt^ $<i(n(bett$ —breasted, 
plattbrftfHgj -hearted, fcigc, jag^fti - 
hammed, asftiodrtft gcbogcne ed^tnUl ^a^ 
benb, ftt^bcinig^ —pox, bie flBtnbbUttcm, 

Chlck'llug, s. dim. baft Jtd^lein, f>tt(»^ 
— vetch, Bot. bie ^(atterbfe, S<I^»^<J^ 

Chrd, I. pret.; ILCItfd,Chld'd9n,p.p. l^.b.^S& 

To Chide, I. a. ff^cItcll^Denoeiftn; 
l.nmdUn,}aiiYett$ 2. eiit®crdiir4K^rii)na' 

Chide, «. baft (Semarmet^fanftcOerdttM. [^. 

Chi'df r, s, bcr e^citcttbe^ ddaler. 




Clit«f,l.a4f.; ItC-ly), ado. bet oberHe.oor* f[««* 
ne^mfle, W«flt, erfle; 4>«upt*4 »0TiWi4>, 
^att9trd4U44 -cojiuMuid, ber SDbcrbcfe^U 
lord - jMtlcc, ber (iotb»)S5berri*ter. 

Chief, s. 1. bA« (S)bet*)*4«pt, bet ITnfa^et, 
a^$ 2.ber j>att|»tt^eUj 8./fer.base4iQ>' 
batt|>t$ commander io— , bet obetflef^efe^U* 

Chief ujD, s. bet ^diiptUnd, tVnflEt^ret. [^abcr, 

Chfg'Oef, CUeg'Oef , «. pi. JSnt eattb{l6^e. 

Ckn'bliiia, #. bie StoftbeiOe. 

Child, s. lit A Jig. boS Jtinb) from a-, OCR 
JKiibieit ttttf J with-, Mmansetj -bed, baft 
Jtinbbett) —bed-basket, betSBiegenfirtb. 

ChnM^rm^B-diy, s, Eec. baS geft bet «lf4ttl« 
b^en Jtixbet (bet 98. jDec.)- 

poU,2W.OM{.— tope; —stack, Ifecft* 
bie jD(impf:6tte (einet jDampfmaMine)) — 
•w«e|>er, (co(.— ■weep),bet6(bornflei]ifedetj 
—tops, pi. bie A-foppcn, e^otafietnhi^. 

CUTd, a boftJtinn^ -cloth, bat itiattbanb^ 
eatfentiuby — coagh,bct Jteifblnfien. 

Chi'n^ s. I. Gtog. Qtiinai a. bic6(uM(*9tui« 
be)i 8. [/am. tsha'nj], baft f>ot}eaQn) eomp. 
—ink, bie X«f4ei -nan, bet $ot)eaaa» 
JInbUri —orange, bie :iCpfel|liiej — root^ 
Bot. l.bte(S^ai9ttl|eIi % vid, China, H.; 
— rose, B9U bieO^iftOtofe^ — ware» baft $0t« 
ytUm^ — warehonse, bie ^otieOaintiebeo* 
Ugej — wool, e4niiah»o8e. 

Chinch, «. EhU bie ffSoiQe. 

ChadThood r-hAd], s. 1. bie Jtinbjeit, baft Chine. #. 1. bet «a<ffiwt, baft.tte«|) t. baft 
Jtnabenotteti 2. bie Jliabli*Wt. ttft(teii*,«ettbeiifrttf (eine»«Ji«eft)j B.Coop. 

Chf Fdish, I. adj.; H. -ly, adv. linbiM 4 »ie eiii bie ^ftimme; gaWotfle. 
JCinb; ra. -ness.*.baft KirbiWelBefen^ bie To Chine, ti.a. l.bcnftutfgtat, baft^teij let- 

Chntfl^ss, adj. fiiibetloft, unbeetbt [ttnWttlb. bte«en i 2. in tobenftflcte lett^eilen. 

Child'iike, a47. 1- eitteitt itinbe gejiemenb; 
Child'ly , adj, finbet^aft. [Knbti^ i 2. KnbiM. 
CbYld^r^ n, s. pi. 90S Child. 
ghjle,^njfic'f|Te,&c., vid. Chyle, &e. [niM. 
ChifKj, Geog. 1. s. iO^iSii IT. adj. «itif(b, 4il(- 
ghifi^d, s. Arith. k Chron. bie (S^ittobe. 
QhlViibrt, #• ^ec. bet G^iliafl. 
Chill, (. a«. 1* f^i ()>on Adlte) etftattt, 

ftofiid4 Mantis^ ^-fig* muHM, ux^^ti 

^t, frofttfii n.jr.Kf.&jSg.bieJMlte; bet 

(9iebetO9t0fl$ Gd^onet. 
To Chni, V. I. a. I.(bttt<b)tdlteii4 2. geftieten 

ma<bena 3. fig. nieberf^laften; mut^Ioft ma> 

4beni 4. i-^. vtd. To Case-harden; II. n. 

(Dot itd(te) r^aubetn, ^eten. 
Chn'ljn^ss, Chn'n^ss, g. bet ^tofl; 04a«et) 

bie Jtate, (Stfiatntnd- 
Chll'ly, 04?. A adv. (alt, MItH(», f:6fielnb. 
Chime, t. 1. Coop. (Chimb), vid. Chine; 2. 

bet (Sinffang/ bie{>atmonie (bet Xftne)) 3. 

fig. bie fibeteiitftointtiid) —of beiu, baft 

OIo(fendeldiit{ a- of bells, eiiiiSIIodeafpiel^ 

— dock, bie 6pielu|t. 
To Chime, v. L a. anf^ladeit (an bie ®lotfe)) 

IL n. 1. (batmonif^) flia^n, tftnen^ 2. fig. 

fHxamn, einfUmmen, iufammea paf es. 
Chi'mfr, «. bet Olftdnet. 

Chined, a<^'. {urn 0tft(!srat ge^tig. 
Chinee', adj. ft «. ibisefircb; bet (S^inefej 

e^Zipt. bie <biaefiMe 0pto4e. 
Ghrn'gie» s. bet (8rieft^ gtobe 6anb. 
Chink, «. 1. bie mi^e, bet 9tib/ Bp^lti 2. bet 

itiang (beft O^elbeft). 
To Chink, v. 1. n. 1. Rib fpalten, fptingen^ 2. 

ftimpeta (mitbem®e(be)) il. a. i. aufriben, 

aufteipes) 2.(bttt4^64tttteln)fUndettinaib^ 
Chin'ky> a^'. fpaltifl, tlilftig, vi^^ 
Chinned, adj* oomp. tail tvum ^nnc. 
To Cblose, V. a. Mar. bie^^ mit tBetg ttt* 

flopf en. {ftit^i^ gebntcfter liafUnit* 

Chlnts, Chlnta, s. Com. bet 3i^l — casimere. 
Chip. «. L sing, baft Gtiitf^en, ed^nftt^en, 

e<btti|ftl/bet @paR4 —ax, baft e^U^btbeid 

-box, bie GibAibtel) -hat, betSaMttti 

U. cs, pi. epdiU; etflcttbei/ gen. ICbfiBe. 
To Chip, V. 1. ff.f(i>Riben^f4^ni$elB4 be^atteni 

betofpeia, abtafpeln^ abT^leifena TL n. 1. 

abf4>rii^etvabbted^en (jooaitbeaen ®efdfeB)4 

2. (bie Cieif<bale) bvt^^bte^en («>om ^^m» 

4ett>, asftftieibeiu 

Chip'pf r, 4. bet e^iibenbe, l^e^anenbe. 
Chlp'ping, p.s. baft @tfi(f(beni p^ 9pdne} 

—knife, baft {mtfrneffet. 
8ghi'r«g9ii> s^mod. bet{>aabfu(tet (fiitSIiabe). 

Qh\aafr^ s. MytK kfig. bie Qfiimdte. QhlrX'grf, s. Mtd. baft (S^itagra. 

ghjmSilc^, I. adj.; U. -ly ado. 4i»ltif4. ghfr&g'ricfl, adj. Med. m <5(iragta letbeab. 
ghWic^l, ghlm'ist, Ac., vid. Chemical, Ac. Qhlrdg'r^pfaer, ghlr^g'r^phist, s. 1. bet (Ok* 

Chimney, #. 1. bie ^eaetefe, bet ec^otafleia^ 
0tducbfaag$ 2. bet Jtami» (^etb)^ 3. bet 
(&impea«)6t)liabet5 -board, baft Jtamia* 
btet, bet Je-flmftj -fender, baft Seuetgittetj 
-hooks, l.^aniint^ea4 2.2;opfbaren,ilef« 
fel^afea} -piece, baft JtamiaftiUt) bet it-' 

ti(btft')€$(bteibeti 2. Law, bet ^itogtapta* 

tif^^e (Bldttbiget. 

ghirpgriiph'jc, adj. ((itogtap^ift^. 
QhirSg'r^pby, #. bie (S^itogtap^ie. [fptaibe. 
ghlr5K9gy»«. Mech. bie{)dnbefpta4e,9inget' 
ghlr'^mjincf r, s. bet (S^itomaat 

.,_.., Joogle 




Qlilrpm&ii'tje, adj. ^iromatttif^. 

To Chirp, v. I. ?). ^itptn, }n)itf4mt; pfeifen) 

n. a. iubefo; fr5tU4 ma^^en, erf^nen. [fen. 
Chirp, «. bQ« 3irpen, <S(eiin>e;(3eiR»itf(fter,^fel« 
Chir'p^r, «. 1. ber 3n>itfiernbe, tc^ 2. bct^r6V 
Chir'pjiis, a</i. erfreucttby* btflts^fro^. [(t<^e. 
To Chirr, To Chirre, v. n. jirpeit, girren. 
^Triir'^d^D, Qhirtti^^9ry,fte. uid.SnrgeoD,&c. 
ChVfl, «. Carp., 5cv(pt., Ac. b(r !Dtetfel5 

®robftt4el) Afar, ber fdtUU —work, gen < 

Girelirnrbeit; itupferfle^erarbett. 
ToChr^fl, v,a, ntdfeto; au^meifeln) ctfeUren. 
Chri'sflf, s. pi. Orob« Ob. Gibrotmetl. 
Chrt, tf. 1. beriteim/bieeprolTes 2. bieGom* 

merfproffe (gew. pi.); 3. fam, kcont boS 

Jtinb^ f {fine JDing } 4. (in £)fttnbten} ein Srief) 

—chat, /am. ber e^ni^^nad, baS ®eplap« 
To Chrt, V. n. fdmen, fproffen. [per. 

Chft't^riing^, 1. p/. bie JtQlbQunen^ Jhttteln. 
Chrtty, adj. l.finbif<b4 2. DonGommerfprofTen. 
9hrv?I«r;t<|ae',ghivXl'(«)ric,ghrvVlroof» iM^'. 

<beoQlere»!; ritterU(b. 
tJhiv'fliiry, *.^mitterfjumj 2. blefHtitter* 

wfitbe^ 3. bteSHitterftaftj 4. Loio, bai^0tit« 

terlc^en, SHittergut. 
ChTvef, s. pi. Bot. 1. 6taitbfdben4 2. ber 

6<bnittlatt(^$ 8. fteine 3ioiebeIn. 
Chrv'^ti, s. pi. hot. bte SBttrjelfafem. 
Chfz'f i, 1. ft V. tn'd. Chisel, 
^lo^rilte, s, Chem, ba9 (blorfaure Gal}. 
QhloVjc, adj. .-acid, C/t«}fu bie Q^Iorfdure. 
QhlO'rfdCe), «. CAm. bQ« ($(lorib) -of 

chrome, baS Gf(Ior4rom(ittm) 4 —of lime, ber 
QlilprYd'ic.a^;. CTiem. 4»Ionbir4. [Gblorfal!. 
ghi^yrfnCe), s. Oiem. boS aWor, bie Chlorine 
ChlO^rfs, *. Orn. ber Orfinfinf. 
ghlo'rjte, *. Min. ber C^orit. 
QhlorO'sis, 1. Med. bie «(et4fu(^t. 
ghlprof ic ac/;. JIfeef. b(eid(»fil«tig. 
ChOak, ChOa'kfr, ftc, vid. Choke, Ac. 
9hdck, f. 1. Old. Shock; 8. vid. Chuck; 8. 

Mar. bad Btauf^oli, ge». p/. €4Kef ^dlser, 

e(bUefett) (9ootS*)itIampen. 
ChoG'^I^te,^. 1. bie efd^ofolabe^ 2. ber@-ns 

liHxi — drops, e-npM((ben) -mill,— stick, 

ber 6-nqnerl i — not, bie (Sacaobo^ne. * 
Choree, 1. s. 1. bie (fteie)«Bablj 2. bieGorg^ 

fait (im ttd^len)4 8. bie (forsfdlttge) 7(u«« 

»abl^ ber Sttvm 4, ber «onatb/ ba« eorti* 

menti n. adj.; HL -ly, adv. 1; anfteriefen; 

oortreffliib^ 2.iod^Ierif4,forgfdItigj 8. genan, 

fparfam) -locks, bicgXittelforteb.fpan.0oae. 
Chofce'lf ss, adj. MneSSa^l babenb^gettDiingett. 
ChdWn«fs, f. 1. bie ^(uSerlefen^eit) 2. bte 

eorgfalt (in ber »atO) 9. bie Seinbcit 

|Cholr [qoir; kdfr; kOr],#. 1. bet (Gdi^erO 
Qbori 2. Ch. baft 6^or, bie Gmporfiribe^ 
— mao, ber (SJorfdnger^ Cborijlj —service, 
ber (S^orbienfi. 

To Choke, v. I. a. l.erfUffen; 2. ftopfen, oer» 
ftopfeni figs. 8. btnbem^ 4. unterbriitfeni 
6. beleibigen i 6. -F-10. (eine SHofete) lofirgen $ 
n. n. 1. fl4 loorgen) 2. fig. beleibigt werben. 

Choke, s, mdg. ber S9art an ber 7Crtif<bo!ci 
comp. —cherry, bie ®firgfirf(bej —damp, 
Min. ber Bdftoahtni -full, gebdictt 00II9 
—pear, bie ffifirgbirn 5 yig. bie ffifirgpiHe 5 
—▼etch, —weed, Bot. bie ©tirfjourj. 

Choicer, s. 1. ber Srftttfer, la 2. fig. Qintv, 
ber (@tn)as baft) einen Xnbem inm ®4»ei« 
gen bringt. 

Cho'king, J. 7Vp. ba» (SefAmier, bie €5ubelei. 

Cho'ky, adj. 1. erftictenb/ tofirgenb j 2. berbe4 
—pear, vid. Choke-pear, jS{f. [SXittel. 

Qh51'«g0gaef , t. pi, Med. bieiSaHe abf&brenbe 

Qhdl'^r, «. 1. bie(9aOe4 2.^g. ber 30015 3. 
Far. bie ®4drfe bed Urin$. 

Qh(tl'«rjc, I. adj. 1. ^olerif^j 2. idbiomig) 
n. — ness, «. bad 4o(enf(be Semperament 

Qh9l«s't9rrn(e), #. C7iem. baS Q^olefienn; CbaU 

To Chddfe, v. ir. I. a. l.toA^len, audtodblenj 
2. oorjieben) U.n. bieXBabl b^bcn^ ty - out. 
Com. (SBaaren) attdf(biepen, bratfen. 

Cbdd'f^r, s. ber ffBd^lenbe, fiBd^Ier. 

To Chop, V. I. a. 1. (mit olf, ahOfiautn, f^* 
Urn 2. jerbauen, ger^acten j 8. terf^Iingeni 
4. vid. To Chap ; II. n, 1. (about) ft(b pl5^« 
Ii(b breben, dnbemj 2. (in) bereinpla^en^ 3. 
(upon) fio^en anf . . ., dberfaUen. 

Ch5p, 3. I. sing. 1. bad (abgebauene) 0tii(f, 
(vid. Chip); ber Siffen, bieGtbrntte^ bad 
0lipp<ben, (c/. pL); 2. ber mf, bie epalte^ 
8. Com. ((binefiftb) ®orte, CXnalitdt j 4. c/. 
Chap; — boau, .^anbeldbSte^ —house. bie®ar* 
H^ti 11. c-s, pi. l.vid. Chaps; 2. Far. eine 
Qaumenfranfbeit ber ^ferbe ton gu raubem 
guttcrj —of a river, bie SRflttbung cinedglnf* 

ChSp'jn, s. ber ® 4oppen^ bad^ 9t5f eL [fed'. 

Chfip'p^r, s. ber |)arfer, bad 4)arfmeflcr. 

Chftp'ping, p. p. bon To Chop; —block, bet 
^attblodi —board, bad f>a<jtbret) —knife, 

ChSp'py, adj. rirfig/ fpalttg. [bad{>a(fmefer. 

Qho'ril, I. adj.; II.— Iy,a(fo. iumCl^r ge« 
bdrig) 4orartig{ Qf^ox: 

ghord, s. 1. bie eaite$ 2. Mus. ber :ifccorb| 
8. Geom. bie SSebne, Gborbe. 

To Qbord, v. a. mit Gaiten be)ic(ep, befaiten. 

QhQrdSe', s. Med. bie (S^orba. 

ghu'rion, s. Anat. bad Xber^dtttd^en. 

gho'rist, QhO'rist^r, «. 1. bet Q^orfdageti 

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^er ((Soncertoe^nflcr) d. Am. Ck. beri 
(S^ral*Sorfdng(r^ (S^otolift. 
Qk^ntft\Cy a^'. vid. Choral. 
gh9rug'r«ph9r, s. Geog. bet (S^OCOdtopV 
^hfir9graph'j€^l, I. adj.; II* — ly, adv, dft>t^\ 

Qliordg'r^phy, «. Geog. bie (S^orogrop^ie. 
ghii'rvB, «. Mus. 1. ba^ (ber) (S6or (^SRufil;\ 

e£ndcr4or)i 2. ber (S^or (0)lttfirftu(e). 
To Qhu'rvR, V. a. im G^ot fingen. 
ChOie, I. pret. D. ToChoose; II. [shOz], j.Zxno. 
Cku'^eD, p. p. 0. ToChoose. [bad 9te4t6obiect. 
Choogh [tsh&f], s, Orn. bteiDo^Ie. 
Cb5dle. s. ber Jtropf (cineS SSogc(S). 
To Chda«e (Cbo^ie), v. a. vt/igr< betrfigen. 
To Chov^'t^r, V. n. murrcn, brummen. 
ghrifg, s. ahbr. (o. Chrigtlan) a^rifhl (S-IU). 
ghrifin, s. Ecc, ba6 @alb6(, bet (Sf^nfam. 
QhrTs'm^, adj. Ecc, ben (S^rifam bettcffenb. 
Chrrt'm^t^ry, s. Ecc, bQ6 (Sbridmariuin. 
Chrit'Qin, s. £cc. 1. baS (gcjtorbene) ^onatS* 

ftab J 2. (- clotb), bas ® cflcriemb. [born. 
ghTist,^. 6^rtfltt§5 -'s thorn. Dot. MQfiXifk^ 
To Qbris't9D[kri8'sQ],v.a. taufciii (beOwnn^tt- 
Qhris't^ndpm [kris'sn— ], *. bie (Sbriften^eit. 
gbrft't^nrng [kriTi'M-], I. j. bie (itinb«)2^tt» 

fti n. adj. bie Zaixft bctreffenb. 
ghrif«'ti9n[-'y»n], I. #. libcrC^riflj 2.(54ri» 

fltan (^-n.)5 IK adj.; III. -ly, arfj. ft adv. 

4nftli4) —Dame, ber Saufname, Sorname. 
ghrTs'ti^nifm, s. 1. ba6 (S^rifteRt^um) 2. bie 


Qhrist|an'}ty, s, baS df^riflent^um. [!e(ren< 
To ^hrfi'ti^iiize, V. a. 2um (S^riflen ma^en^ be« 
gbrifit'iDM [krTs'iii^], s. fBeif^na^Un, bad 

e^rififeft) —box, ba9 SBei^naAttgef^^entj 

—carol, bag «Beif>na4tMieb} —day, ber 

C^rifttog J —flower, —rose, Bot bie ftftrottrje 
ghriB'tQpb^r, s. S^nftopJ (SK-n.)« [3tie«»ttr|. 
ghru'msite, s. Ckem. bad (^romfaure 6alH 

—of potash, ♦romfdured Jtali. 
Cbromat'ic I. adj.; II. -ly, adw. 1. Opt 

^arben betreffenb; 2. Mus. 4romatird(»$ - 

bugle, bad Jtrappen^ornj — tmmpet, hU 

ghr9ni3t'ic, s. I. Opt. bfe (S^rcmattf j 2. Mmj. 

in (alben Sdnen fortloufenbe ^nfit 
ghr^miif jet, #. pi. Opt bie garbenlejre. 
Qbrome, *. Min. bad Cftroitt, (S^rommetan. 
gbro'mic adj. (l^vomfautt, 65rom«4 CViem-j. — 

aeid,bte<S(romfdttre|— yeUow,bad6^romgelb. 
gbrSn'Ic^l, ghrfln'ic adj. Med. *rottif*. 
gbr5n'}cle, s. 1. bteS^roQtN 2. gen. einc ®e» 

f4t4te$ 3. cb-g, pt Script bie®fi#erbcr 

To ChrOn'jcIe, v. a. 4roRO<ogtf<lft auf^ei^nen 

ghr^o^d^r, s. 1. Ht&^wditinntdbtti 2. 
g«n. ber ®ef*i*tf(^relber. 

Qbrdn'^griim, s. bad (S^ronogram. [tif4. 

Qhrun9gr9mroat'ic, — c^, adj. (^ronogrammo^ 

ghr9D5g'r^ph9r, s. ber (S^ronograp6* 

$hr9n5V9g9r, gbr9n5i'9e;rst, s. ber^^roROlog. 

Qhrdn9l(i^ic, — c^il, I. adj.^ II. — c^Iy, adv. 

ghr9n$l'9gy, s. bie (S^rottologie. [^ronologiM* 

ghr9n0m'€t9r, s. Hor. ber (S^ronometer. 

ghrJ»Vlw(gbrJs'»lid), s. EnU bie ^uppe. 

ghrjfs'9lfte, s. Min. ber C^njfolitt. 

gbrfs'9praa, —prise, s. Min. ber (S^n^foprod. 

Ghfib, s. ber grobe, ungefeftitf te SRenf^^, Sdlpel i 
—cheeked, —faced, adj. vulg. battdbd(tig. 

Chub'bed, Chub'by, adj. baudbdtfig. 

To Chfick, V. I. n. 1. glucfen (bon 4>4inern)> 
2. vid. b.ii. To Chocklc; II. a. l.hydtu 
(bott^ii^nerR,ic.)4 2. fanft (untcr bad Jtinip 
fc^lagen^ 3. vu/g. fiof en J^uppen. 

Chaek, s. 1. H^ Qlucfen (einer $enne){ 2. 
^u^n4en(8ieb{ofungdn)ort)$ 3. ein(pld^U« 
d^ed) gelinbed ®erdttf4 i 4. ein fanfter 64Iag 
unter baditinn^ 5. Turn, bie^atronej 6. 
vid. Beard of a horse, unt. Beard. 

Chuck'^red, adj. Sport aufft^enb. 

To Ch&ck'le, v. I. n. aud i^oQem j>alfe Ia4^en, 
fi^emj IL a. 1. gludPen^ Io<fett (»ie eiae 

' i>tnnt, %t)i %fig. Ucbforen. 

Chuff, s. ber (Srobian, ^iimmel. 

Chuf fily, adv. mflrrif^, oerbhcfli^. [fea. 

Ch&ffin98s,«.bie®rob^eit4 bad mdrriMefiEBe' 

ChQffy, adj. grob; tolpif^i mftrrif^. 

Chum, s. Ac. ber 0tttbenburf4e. 

Ch&mp, ^ ber i^ol%»)SClo^, ic. 

ChWn^m's. (in S:)flinbien) 9){uMeIfaI!mdrtel. 

ChjiQk'-stuve, s. mod. ber ®tttiofett. 

Church, «. 1. bie StitiS^ti 2. bie ^r((ettge» 
meinbe^ 3. (— d9m), bie IPird^U^e OeiDoUj 
—ale, bad Jtir(J»eiWefl, bie Jtird^med^ —law, 
bad canonir4»e SttMi —like, einem (SeiflU* 
4en geiiemenb^ —man, 1. ber ©eifUiil^e) 2. 
^itglieb ber engl. Stit6^t, ®tf(bdflid^ge|lnnte i 
Om-s. —martin, bie J^r(ftf(bmalbe, 9Xatter« 
f4»atbe4 —owl, bi€ Jtirti^ule^ itattieulei 
-porch, bie Cor^aae einer Jtir<^e$ —pre- 
ferment, bte ^frunbej — reere, —warden, 
ber Jt-nfilte|lc, ^-nborfle^cr, Jtir4»oater) — 
wardeoship, bad Xmt eined Jt-nborfle^rd4 
—yard, ber ®ottcda<fer. 

To Chiirch, v. a. 1. (e.SEBd((Rennn))ttr Jtird^ 
f&^renj 2. (flir fie) von ber Jtanjel banlen. 

Churl, s.fig. 1. ber IBaner^ S>lummel4 2. ber 
Jtnirf er, gilj. 

Chur^lish, Churly, I. adj.; II. — ly, adv. 1. 
bdttrif<^, rot, plump $ 2. fUiig, {arg5 3. (oos 
^Dingen) mibiegfam, (art, fpt^bt/ f^meris 

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bcarbcitcs (von SXctaOcn/ ic)) 4. JS^. (c Grii'd«r,<.l.Heiio4dlii^aibeito(le,u.4 8.c-«, 

bcf4merl(4^ lafti^i III..— qcm, $, 1. bad 
bduenf^e 8Befcn$ bie Undef^tiffen^it} 9. 
(tc ^xtt, Ungunfl (bee e^idm, K.)j 3. bte 
giljigfcit, Jtni(fcrc(. 

Chifrn, s. baS 9attcrfof j — barril, baS ftanbc* 
riWe Sutttrfaf $ —owl, Orn. UxS^k^tnmtU 
Uti —drill, Mech. cin 4— e^uf Ungcr (an 
bcibcn Snbcn mtt cincm !S^cifel bcrfebener) 
iScbrcr^ ~ ttaff, bcr Sdutttrfi&ftl [teln. 

To Churn, v. a. 1. buttfni/ !ernen| 2. f(bfit« 


Chf LVceoQs, actf. Hiysiol, ben Gt^IttS betref* 

Ch^le, «. PhysioL bcr 64t)luS. [fenb. 

ghyllfac'tivc, ghJIjlSc'tQry, a<tf. l%y«o/. in 
SKiI(bfofltcr»anbclab$ -orgaos, ber»cr* 

Ctif Itff rons, a(0'. Physiol. (SWuB Cttt^altcnb. 

gh^'loas, adj. au6 ^ilW^ft bcfte^mb^ (bi)Iu$' 

^li^me, «. JfYiynoJ. ber (5^i)mtt&. [arttg' 

Qhfm'jc^I, (hjfm'ist, Ac. vtd. Ghent [manbeln. 

To ^hjfm'jf^, v,(u Pliysiol. in 6pctfebr(t ber» 

Cjba'rioni, aclj. bie^pcifen betrcffenb. 

Cic'^triie, C?<?»trifx, «. 5urg. bic S^orbe. 

Cic'^iricla, 5. Bot. bie SSarbc im 6amcn. 

CFc^tr^nte, -'zf nts,«.p^ Surg.SernarbungS* 

CiG^tri'iiive, adj. Surg, twrnarbenb. [mittcl 

crc^triza'tlon, s. bad 9{arbcn^ Sernarben. 

To Cic'ftrize, v. I. a. benarben$ subeilen^ II. 

crc^ro'ne, *. bcr (Stccrone. [n. ?)erttarben. 

CTcb, CTch'iiDg, Ac. viU Chick, ke. 

Cr£b9ra'ceous [tihlk— ], adj. dibonenartig. 

Ci^hVy [tflhtk-], s. bie (Sicborie^ vid.SQccory. 

Cic'ily, s. Cccilic (g-n), vid. Cecily. {ma<brn 

CTcftbCi^m, s. 1. ba$ (Sici6bcat^ 2. bad Gonr* 

CiGjftbe'?, 1. 1. ber(Sicidbco$ 2. jSg. ber (Sonr* 
ma<ber, (Satan; begfinRidtc ticbbabcr. 

Cicfftf, #. Bot. bcr jaeBafTcrf^ierling. 

Cid, s. bcr <5ib ) * ^ampf^clb. 

aM«r,«.bcr(Siber; tpfel»eitt$ §maii-, mU 
Ciderkin; —eager, Gibereffid} —man, Cl' 
d^rifst, l.bcr<S-maiberi2.ber6-l^erMn^Tj — 
royal, bcr (5-branntn>cin. [gcfcrtidte) (Siber. 

CTd^rkiB, s. vulg. bcr geringe (bon ber Xrotte 

To Ciel, Ac. vid. CeU. 

Clerge, s. Ecc. bic Jtcrje (bci ?)rocef|lonett). 

Cigar', s. vid. b. fi. Segar. 

cnVy, *. Arch, bad ^ubwer! an ©dulcn. 

Cil'ifliry, adj. Anal, bic ICugeuticbcr betreffenb. 

cn'jSt^d, adj. Bot. bewimpcrt. 

am'brjc, I. adj. dmbritti H. t. bie c-c epra*e. 

amlt^r (-^r), s. bcr (fmmme tfirf.) edbeU 
—shaped, Bot. ffibclprmifl 

Clmm^rj^D, adj. fimmcrifd^. 

crDc'tvre[-tib»r],*. I.bcr®urtcl5 2.bcr U»u 
fangl S. Arch, ber ®urt; eaum (e. etele). 

pi. audgcglubte Jtoblen) smitli't c-t, bie &5f4« 

foblen, @<bniiebefob(en4 — weman, —wench, 

l.bie Jt-nfammlermn i 2. fig. ber1(f4enbrdbe(. 
CTn'd^rom, ClnMroas, adj. foblenarttg. 
Cinera'tion, s. bef. Oiem. bie Serbrcttnuttg (tt 
CjneVeoui, adj. (— gray), af^^grau. [1(f<be. 
Cioeri'tioai, adj. af^i^t, af^b<tp. 
Cjn^r'ftlf nt, adj. af(big« 
Cin'n?bar, s. ber 3itkttober. 
Cfa'D^pn (— m^m), s. I.ber3immet, (Sanceli 
I 2. (—tree), Bot. ber3-baitm$ — itone, Min. 

bcrgffbnitj —water, ber 3-brannt»ein. 
Cfnqtie [sink], s. k adj. Gam. bicgfinf 9 fftltfl 

—foil, Bot. bad Sfinffingerftrauti — port% 

LaiOy bie f&nf ^iftn (Snglanb'd an ber dfU. 

M^ gegen Sranfeeitb^ — qnttre. Gam. 

tier unb ^nf auf ben fiBArfeln. 
Ci'pn, s. Hotu 1. ber eenfer; bad 04ofreiP4 

2. bad Vfropfrcid) 3. jSg. bcr ©prdfling. 
Ci'p^f , Ci'pr^* '• ^^^ Cypme, 2. 
Cl'phf r, J. 1. gen. Arith. bic differ, bad 3abl' 

Sei4en^'2. bie flMii 3.ber. Com. bie (Sbiffer^ 

ber bur<b S^nmmem begci^nete ®aarcnpreid. 
To Ci'ph^r, V. I. n. re^nen ) II. a. ntit gebeimen 
Ci'pb^r^r, 8. ber Sterner. [3ei(bcn Wreiben. 
Cjrcas'si^ s. 1. (?eog. Xfiberf cfflen, Gircafftem 

2. Com. Gircaffia; Qircafiienne. 
Cir'cjD^, adj. Bot. f4nc(tenf6rmtg anfgcroQt 
To Cir'cinite, v. I. a.rfinbctt) abiirfelnj H* 

Cir'cle,#. 1. Geom, Afig. ber 3irM/ <ftreid) 

Umfreid, Umfangj 2. bic Umf<breibattg) 8. 

To Circle, V. I. a. 1. nmfrcifctt) 2. umgeben^ 

n. n. 1. freifen) 2.jSg. ft(b betoegen (in ber 

Dorne^men SSelt, tc). 
Gir'cled, adj. frcidfdrmig. [etangen^irfel. 
Cir'cling, p. a. iirfclfdrmig) —tools, Mech, 
Cir'clet, s. 1. dim. bcr fleine 3it!el) 2. bcr 

Gibliiffclrtng^ 3. bad etrobteOcr^en. 
Cir'cly, adj. hcidfSrmig. 
Cir'cojt, s. 1. bie Jercidbewegnttg, berJtreid- 

lanfj 2.bie3ir(elfli4e9 3. ber dting, aeif $ 

4. ber Umfrcid, Umfang) 5. Law, a) bcr Oc« 

ri^tdbciirf 9* 6) bie mnnbrcifc ber m^ttr^ 

6. fig. ber Umf4n)€if4 -conrts, Oeiirfdges 

viM^W^i —judges, Sciirfdri^tcr. 
To Cir'cQit, V. I. n. ntnb bemm geben, M im 

^eife be»egen$ H. a. nmbcrrcifen in ... . 
Circojte€r',#. 1. bad, »ad M imiCteifc be* 

wcgt) 2. bcr in JTrcife bemm reifet. 
Circai'tiontf. l.beritretdlattf)2.bicmnttbreife$ 

8. Log. bcr 3irlel) 4. Rhet ber Umf4»eif. 
Circu'jtous, I. adj.; U. — ly, adv. 1. etncnUm* 

mcg,Umf4»eifma4enb9 2. weitf4»eiji0. 

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CSi'cQifr, L adj.; n. — ly, adv, 1. fi:dlf6r« 
miqi 2. ttmlattfrnb) im Jtretfe »ieterhV 
renb) 9. fig, gemeiiiy in. comp. —blowing, 
machine, Af«cA.baSffBtRbrabgebMfe3—letter» 
ba»itrdi^f4reiben,Um{Qnflf4reibeR4 — ietter 
of credit, Oom. berOtircuIarcrebitbriefj a- 
•tair-cue, dttetB5«nbeltreppcj —•tyXe, Arch* 
bcr {RuabbogeRfh)!. 

CSt'cfil^r, s. »ie Circolar-Ietter. 

CErcQiir'lty, s, bie 3trhlfbrm. 

Cii'calfry, ac^'. freiftfomtd. 

ToCir'cBlste, v. I. n. 1. imUmUnf frin^ cirat^ 
lircnj 2. bef. Com. courfiren, rouUrvn^ II. 
a. tnUmlaufbrtRgeit; droiUren laflen^ to— 
billi, Com. SBecbfel giriren; circnlating 
library, bie «d^bibltot()rt. 

drcGla'tion, s, 1. bie Jtret&bemegung, bet 
^et^lauf, Umlaun Corns. 2. ber(®elb«) 
Undatif, bie (Sirculatioii) bank of—, bie <9i' 
robttnlj —of bills, ber ©e^^feberfe^r^ 3. 
Chem. bie Qfircnlatiott. 

Cir'eil^tory, I. s. Chem. ber QfiwuHrtotben j 
n. adj. itmidufenb; circulirenb. 

To Cir'cqmcffe, v. a. befibnetben. 

Circvmcl'flon, s. bie Sef^netbung. 

Circ&m'f^rfnce, s. 1. Math, ber Umfrei^, bie 
^eripjcrie,* iS.berJtrei$^ frei*niiibe,Jt5n)er. 

Circ9jnf(?r«n'ti«I, adj. ben Umfreid betrejfenb. 

Circ^mf^T^n'tor, #. Geom, bQ« Tfftrolabium. 

To CSr'cvinflSct, (To Cir^c^mfl^x), v. a. Gram, 

Cir'€vmfl«z,f.bcrQircumf[ex. [eircuntfledireR. 

drcfim'flftnce, i. bal UmflofTexfetn^ bie Um« 

CSrcum'flQ^nt, CSrctfti'MoDi, adj. umfliefenb. 

ClrcvDf^rll'n^n, -^n«oni, adj. terttmiie(ettb; 
^nnfirenb. [feni 2, fig. ttm^er^erbrettett. 

To Gfrcvrnfllfe', v. a. 1. (entm gief eii; tt»gte« 

CirqMiifa'§ile, adj. nmgicf bat. [Serbreitung. 

drcvmfs'fioD, $. 1. bieUmgiefnng) 2- fig. bie 

Circvm^rii'tion, «. bQft Umbre^en^ bas tBir« 

C!rcvBl'tion,«.bai^eTitmge^. [beln^eifes. 

CircvmjS'cf nt, adj, umliegettb. [Oinbe. 

Circ^liga'tion, s. 1. baft Umbiabea^ 2. bie 

drc9Dii9cfi'tion, 1. bieUmf^reibttng) berUnu 

CircnnlSc'atQry, adj. nmf^reibenb. [f4»eif. 

CircvmmSreii', adj. ummattert. 

ClrcvmniiT'fg^ble, adj. ttrnf^iffbor. 

To CircvmnXv'jgate, v. a. ttmfd^iffen, uinfegettt. 

CircvmnSvigH'tion, s. bie Umf^iffiing. 

CSrcymaSvlgil't^r, s. ber ttmMiffer. 

€3rci|BpQ^I^, a^. AsL wn ben f)ol beflnbli^. 

CSrcvmr^ti'tion, #• 1. boS Umbre^en) 2. ber 
tUttf^wnng. [mirbelnb. 

drc9BrO'tft9ry, odj. 1. (eninibre(enb $ 2. 

To Circvnucribe', v. a. 1. C«om. umf^reiben, 

bef*reiben5 a-Jfe-beWriattfenj Wmilem. 
CircvmicrTp'tion, *. 1. bie Umf*reibung5 51- 

CTrcvmscrip'tlble, adj, begrensbar. 
CSrcymscrYp'tiTe, I. acfj.; II. —ly, adv. ttm« 

f^reibenb^ nntgren^enb. 
CSr'cQmsp^ct, I. adj.; II. — ly, adv. be^tttTam^ 

o^tfam^umMtig^ ni.— neu, Clrcvmtpj^c'- 

tion, s. bie Sorfii^t; Setutfamfeit^ Umficbt. 
Circvmap^c'tiTe, Ac. n>{eCircani8pect,&c., qv. 
Cir'cvmstjince, #. 1. ber Umflanb; 3ttf ttj 2. 

c-B, pZ. bie Cer^dltnifTe, («enn6gen««)Un»* 

fldnbej 8.jig.Umr4»eifej 4. bef. Cbm. 3eit- 

umftdnbe. [fe^en. 

To Cii'cvflutSnoe, v. o. in bef. UmfMnbe ocr» 
CircvBstln'ti^l, I. adj.; II. — ly, adv, l.unt" 

fttfnbli^) 2. inffiHig^ VRwefentli^^ 3. Low, 

and ben UmfMnben gef45pft; :c. 
Circvmataotjiil'ity, #. 1. ber bur# Umf^dnbe 

beflinimte dnftonb etner B^^ti 2. bie Uni' 


Circvmv^llR'tioD, «• Fort, bie Umf^anjnng. 
To CircvmvSat', v. a. flberlifkn, bevort^eilen. 
CSrcvmT^n'tion, *. ber ©etnig; bie flberliftung. 
CirqjmVifn'tjve, a<y. betrilgertf*; ^interli|lig. 
To CircvmY^sf , tj. a. ring* ^emm bebetfcn. 
Circ9mv9lQ'tiop, «. 1. bieUmbreittug) 2. ber 

M umndlgenbe ®egenfhinb) 3. Arch, bie 

©nlft ber e4^ne(fe an ber jonif^en 04ule. 
CSr'cvs, J. 1. ber (Sircnft ^ 2. 5irrg. bie 3irht« 
Cirriffrona, adj, Bot. ranfentragenb. [binbe. 
CTr'roiM, adj. Bot. ranfig. 
CMFpMie, adj. ciftolpinifcb. 
cif'^rf, dCfVf * Cif'A^rf , vid. SdMora. 
CTf'iord, «. Geom. bie eiflToibe. 
Caiit, Cli't^d, ftc. tnd. Cyst, &•» 
Cjstei'ci^, s. Ecc. ber GifterdenferC-fRen^)- 
Cfs'tfrn, s. 1. bie (Sifternc$ 2. ber Jtfi^ldmer. 
crt, «. cont. ber 0pief bitrger. 
erf 9d«l, «. AfiZ. bie Qitabenc. 
Cl't^l, atji'tion, «. 1. Laio, bie Citation 4 2. 

bie TCnffi^mng (au9 e4dftfleaem)4 bos (Si> 

tat4 bie drmi^nung. 
Ci'tfitQry, adj. Ijovb, oorlabenb. 
To Cite, V. a. 1. dtiren^ oorlaben^ 2. anffor* 

berni 8. onfu^ren (e^nftfteOen). 
Ci'tfr, s. l.berSorlaber; ^nduft^ 3* ber(5i» 

tator (oott e^riftfieOen). [baftSilrgerre^t. 
Cit'izfn, ber Sfirger^ Giniooinerj — ibip, 
Clft^}z«nize, V. a. baft Sihrgcrre^t ert^cfiea. 
Clf rilte, s. Chem* baS dtronenfdure 6al). 
crtfric, a4;. C%«m.— acid, bie (Sittonenfdure. 
CYtriBft'tion, s. baft Oelbtoerben. [Gitdn* 
Cft'rine, I.a<(;.dtrottenfirbigj U. *. Min. ber 
crt'rfa, s. bieGitrone) -water, a-ibranntwdn. 

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Cttfy, 9. bie (0rof e) ©tabt i -<ourt, boS 0tabt« 
9erl(6t3 —freedom, baft Sfirderre4t,@tabt« 
re^tj -hall, baft etabt^auft. [3ibct!a(e. 

dvH*. l.berSibetj 2. (-cat), ZooU bie 

Civ'lcC— c»l), ae/i. bflrgerliij SBurger*. 

Civ'il, I. a(^'.; U. — ly, adv, 1. burgerlt^? 

bcimif^/ innerltdb^ ^* cioilt^rt/ gefittet^ge« 
bllbct, i6fli(b, feittj —engineer, ber (5iwl* 
ittgenieur j —law, X.aic, baft bfirgerlid^e (r6* 
mif*e)me4ti -lUt,l\>i. bie eiciUiftej - 
year, Asi. baft bfirgerUd^e 3q^^* 

Civil'j^D [ci?n'y«ui], *. ber (Sioilifl, (Re<ttftge= 
le^rtei c>8, s. pLfam, GioiUIBeamtete. 

qvil'lty, a. 1. ber gefittete blirgcrli^eBujlanb, 

' bie Qultaxi 2. bie 4>5flt4(eit, Xrtigfeit 

Cfvjljza'tion, s. bie 6it>ilifation. 

To Civ'ifize, V. a. gejtttet madbcA/ oerfeinern. 

Cifv'iiiz^r, J. ber ©ittenoerfeinerer. 

Civ'jf m, s, ber IBurgerftnn. 

Clack, s. 1. baft Jtlappem, {ftofTelnj 2. baft 
f)tappern3 3. co^ baft ^lappemaulj 4. bie 
Jtlapper) 5. MiU. ber 0tii^rjto(f . 

To Clack, V. I. n. 1. flapperii; raffettt^ 2.plap« 
perns n. a. to — wool, bie ^d^afftmarfe auft 
berfBoaeauftf^neiben. [3.Afi^^ber9li3(rflo(t. 

ClickVf «• !• ber «ftlapperer$ 2. bie flapper j 

Clad, adij, 1. befleibet/ angef^an) 2.j/ig. * 
(bef. comp.) bebedtt; befrdnst. [bent. 

To GlaiB, o. 0. beanfpntdbeo/ reclamireii/ for« 

aiiin, s. 1. ber Xnrprudb/ bieSorberung4 2. 
baftSorbrntngftretbt j 3. ber 0til(tattfpru4,{Res 
greps bie{lteclamation$ 4.baftlSeanfprtt4te. 

Clai'm^ble, adj. attfpril(bifi- [3urfirfforberer. 

Clit'm^nt, Clai'm^r, s. ber^nfpru<bma<ber5 

To Clam, v. I. a. leimen, an!leben$ II. n. naf; 

To clKm'bfr, v.n. flettertt,Himmen. [feu^bt fein. 

ClSm'mlD^M, s. bie Jllebrigfeit, 34Wd^tt. 

Clam'my, adj. ^i)t, (lebrig; leimig. [lirmenb. 

CI Wproos, I. adj, ; 11. — ly, adv. f(breiettb, 

Clam'ovr, ClSm'^r, s. baft ®ef(brei; ©et^fe. 

To ClWovr, V. n. fibreieit/ (drmen. 

CUlm'ovrfr, #, ber ©ijreier, Sdrmer. 

Cl&np, **. I. sing. 1. Carp, ber fBaEPen, bie 
fiBange^bafted^alfmaCj 2. BricA-m. ber 6at, 
{>auftn (9ad(fteine snm Orennen) i — icrew, 
Afec/u bie f>ref Wraabej n. c-«, pi. l.5Aip-6. 
bie fdalhodgers 2. oid. Cap-aqnarea, 1.; 
3. Gun. baft dapfenlager) 4. Omch. bie 

To Ciimp, V. a. Carp. t>erf(balett,t>erjapfett, mit 
fteiflen, w. einfaffea. [2. cont baft ®eU*ter. 

aSn, f . 1. (f(bott.) ber etamm, baft (S(ef(ble(bt ^ 

Cl^nd&'qne, I. adi.; U.-ly, adv, (eimli^; 
verflo^Ien) -trade, ber Gd^lei^^anbeli ni. 
- •tMy «. bie {^eimli^feit. 

To ClSng, V. I. n. ptoOeii, geOen, rafleta} IL 
a. r^alleii laffen. 

Cl&ig, «. ber 64^11/ genenbe Son^ baft ®etftfe. 

CUn'gQrouB, adj. f(barf ober geHenb t(nenb. 

Clan'govr, Clan'gor, «. ber &d^aU (ber Xrom* 
pete, K.)/ ^oft ®eaeiu 

Clan'goos, adj. f^aUenb, ert^nenb. 

Clank, s. baft Geraffel; ®ef(irr, ^lirren. 

To Clank, v. n. raffeln, ttirren. 

To Clilp, V. 1. a. 1. Happen, tlatf^n,^dfia^tn, 
!Iopfen5 2. (to— to), j«f<Hagen, iumer^n) 
3. (plft(ti(b) auflegen, anf<blagen, aufbrilfteR i 
anlegen,anf(bUepen j 4. (mit in, into, op, Ac) 
fle(f en, legen, merfen $ 5. be!(atf(bettj 6. an« 
fletfen (mit Deneriftbem (Sifte)) to — ooall 
the sails, aSe @ege( beife^en ; to — np, in 
alter ®ile ju @tanbe bringen, iibereilen) U. n. 

1. Happens ftopfens 2.natf(ben. 

Cl&p, s. 1. ber itlapp, G^Iags Stta^, StnaUi 

2. baft Jriatf<bens 3.ber$Ioe, ^^^ <^I(S 4* 
bie (oencrifie) XnfledCungi —board, l (in 
Am, gen.) bie (grofe, lange) 64inbels 2. 
(Bail., C.) bie gafbaubes —bread, eine Xrt 
4>aferbrob9 —net. Sport, baft Ser^enne^. 

Clap'p^r, s. 1. ber(«cifaUOJtlotf(bettbe5 2. bie 

itiappers ber JUftppel (einer®to(fe)s itiopfer 

(an ber S(&r)j 8. bie ^mnpennoppe) 4. 

Mill, ber {Rfi^rftodfi Sport. 5. ber itonin' 

4enbau s 6. ber Jtanin^enberg. 
CUre-pbscGre', s. Faint, baft {>enbnn(el. 
Clar'ft, s. (— wine), ber (Saret, bUi^rot^e 

fran}. SBein. [ner SliLfTtgNt). 

Cllirif{cS'tioa, s. bie Ybfldntng, Sdutcrung (ei* 
ciar'iflffr, s. 1. baft ^dtttembes 2. Sug'V>. ber 

JtldrfeffeL [hdren, abfldren. 

To Clar'jf^, .v. I. a. obffdrttts a n. fl^ auf« 
Clar'jn^t, Cl&r'ivnft, s. Mus. bie Glarinette. 
ciar'jQQ, s. Mus. baft (Slarin. 
cidVy, s. Bot. baft 6(barla(bfraut$ —water, 

ber ®(barleibrattnttoein. 
To cUUh, V. I. n. 1. rafreltt,pra|feln$ 2. fig. 

im fiBiberfpm(b fte^en, miberftreiten) U. a. 

mit (todufd^ an einanber ftof en ob. f4^lagen. 
CliUh, s. 1. beretof , Bdfmif i 2. baft (Serdufcb, 

©eraflcU B.fig, ber®iberflre{t,«Biberfpni<b. 
Clilsp, s. 1. ber{>a!en, ^afpens bie itlommers 

0(bnal(e,epange 9 baft ^^lof (eineft Stt<beft)3 

2. Bot. biefltanfe, baft ®dbel(b«» —knife, 

baft (Sinlegemelfers —(headed) nail, Ux^a* 

hnnagels @(binbelnagel. 
To cllUp, v.a.l. an^afen, p^dfeln, suf^naU 

len ) 2. ftib onflammem an . . ., ergreifens 3. 

Bot.ranhn i 4.nmfangen,anbrA(f en,nmarmett. 
Cl«s'p^r,f. 1. berWXnJttfenbe,2C.4 2. bef. 

Bot. baft{>df4en, bieSHanfes 3. bieittammer. 
CUUf, «. bie (SiafTe (o.yerfonen u* Za^). 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 




To CUm, v. a. dalflfldrct. 

Clat'sjc, -c^l, I. adj.; 11. --c^lly, adv. tlaffif^. 

CI2i't}ci, s. pi. Lit. Die aiafftfer. 

Clfttdff ic, a((;. iSIafTen btlbenb. 

CHUtifica'tion, «. bie (SlaffiftCQtion. 

To Cl&i'tiff , V. a. clafflfictreiu 

To Ciat'tyr, r. I. n.l.rojfeln, flttpperni 2.>Eg. 
natf^en, f4»a(en ^ 3. vulg. M sonfeiti ll. 
tf. fui^ppttn, flirren laffcn. 

Cl&t^t^r, «. baft (Beraffel, Dcrmorrene Oerdufcf^. 

CJ&ftfr^r, «. bet Sirmer) ^lopperer. 

ClAufe, «. 1. bie Qlaufel)* 2. Gram, baft 0at« 

Clioi'tr^l, acO'. tl6fUxiidf. [dUeb. 

Ciia'iQlyr, o^*. oerclaufulirt; bur4 <SIaufeln 
bcbingt. [Unffirmig. 

Clav'fM, adj. 1. fnorrig; Ynotig $ 2. BoU !eu« 

Clave, J. Mar. ber l8o(rb(0(t. 

Clav'fUfttfd, a(/i. oon debtannten aSeinfiein) 
— ashet» bie ^ottaf^e. 

CiSv'jyry, s. Mas. baft Sinienr^ftem. 

Cl&v'jcle, s. Anat. baft Se^UtfTelbein. 

Claw, «. 1. bie SUane, JtroUe ; f)fote ^ (JtrebftO 
&^ttei 2. cont. bie{>anbj 3. Meek, a) bie 
3ande(am j>ommer,2C.)9 &) bieitlaue ober 
<9abel, morin bie dtoQe (caiter, gv.) fpieltj 
— back, bcrgtt4^ftf4»dnier9 — hammer, ber| 

To Cliw, v.a. 1. fra^en/ lerfraten, serreifenf 
(aufOntcD/ Mranmien) 2. hauen^ fi^eUtj 
Co — oflT, ikfar. fi4» miDbiodrtft ooii ber ituf}e| 

ClAwed, p. a. flatten ^benb. Ualten. 

Clay, s. 1. ber 2;(oi^ Uttza, U^m, SUii 2. 9ic 
(3rbe, 6taii^ tt. l(f<lfte$ —marl, ber Zt^ow 
mergel/ nctfe Xftoit) — mill, Brick- m. bie 
a)(6rtcbBi(i^tej Afin-x. — slate, ber 3;6onf(^ie< 
ffr5 — stone, ber X^onftein. 

to Clay, V. a. 1. mit Zf^tm bebe(f en ob. bfingen 3 
2. (ben3u(fer)n>eifen$ c;om<«. e-ed logar, 
ber$ubersucfer$ p/. /am. $ubem. 

CUyef, j.i)^ bef. Fort, bie ^urbe. 

Clay'ey, ac/j. t^onig; letmig, fteiifi. 

aa>'jsli, fldj. t^ont^t/ le^mi^t. 

Clean, I. a(6'. ; U* — ly> adv. 1. rein, reinti^/ 
fauber (an^^g.fttron.); 2. glatt, blanf, 
^cKej 3.fnotenfrei,ni4thiQrng(bomSau* 
^oli>3 4. reinf^mettenb (oon Staff ee, ic.)o 
5. gef^icfti a — proof, Typ. ein fnf(ber Xb« 
SUd) ~hemp,ber0lein(anf4 lU. adv. gdni* 
U4, DoOig) to kiil— , Hunt, rein tobtfd^ief en. 

To Clian, v. a. 1. reinigen, fdubem, pu^en^ 
(<Sorb)maf4em poUcen^ 2. Mar. auftbaggem. 

CUan'ljneu, s. bie (Reinli^fcit/ 6attberfeit. 

Cl&in'ly, I. adj.; II. clean'ljly, adv. l.reinli^/ 
fanber^ 2. Mulbloft, rein, nnbefle(ft$ 8. iier« 
U4$ gef^ictt [f(it; eauberfeit. 

Cieaa'Bfsi, s. liU kfig. bie mein^eit« 0lciiiigr 

Ci^a'f 9ble, adj. lool geteimgt »etben fttnn. 

To Cl^anf e, v. a. 1. reinigen, fdubeni$ h^ren, 
auftfegen) f^euem, pu^en^ 2.^. reinigen 
(oon einem Setba^te, u.). 

Clean'^^r, s. 1. ber Otetntger^ u.) 2. Med. baft 
obfa^cenbe !SRitteL 

Cl^an'f iDgf , s. pi. baft Ynftfegfel. 

Clear, I. adj. ; II. — ly, adv. 1. (ell^ Har) ^ei' 
ter$ rein 5 2. flai; burd^fie^tig 9 3. beuUi^i 
fiS' iioeifelloftj unbeflreitbarj 4. f^arfdi^ 
tig/ aufgetldrt^ 5. frei, unbefangen, unpar* 
tmf4>4 6. leer 9 7. fcj^ttlbloft, unbe^ectt) a. 
fcftulbenfreii 9.o(ne7(b3Ug,rein; Cbm.netto4 
10. gdnilicb/ odaig) 11. Mar. a) (lar, loft) 
b) fa^rbar, gefa^rloftj to get-, loft loecben ^ 
to keep — of, from, nnterlalTcn; meiben, ba» 
oon bleiben^ Com-s. —after debts paid, na4 
TCbiug ber Ge^ulben^ -amount, ber 9ietto« 
betrag; iSaffabeflanbj To — starch, v. a. 
(fiBdf^^e) fldrten, fhif ma^en^ — starcher, 
ber (bie) Stroaft fWrtti Afar-*, —water, baft 
eiftfreie; offenc flBafTer) -weather, figttg 
(^eOeft) ftBafTer. 

Clear,*. l.tiit^tUti 2.Me<:/i.berinnere0taum 
eineft^ebdubefti in the— , im Sie^ten. 

|To ClSar, v. I. a. 1. ^ell madden, er^eUen) fld« 
ren^ 2. (-op) ouffldrcn, auf^eaen, anftet* 
ternj 3. reinigen, abioafc^tn^ 4. U(^ten, ab« 
(olien, auft^olfteni urbarma^^eni s.befreiett/ 
Idfenj 6. aufrdumen; abrdumen^ auftlabeni 
T. re4)tfertigen j gcUenbma^eni X<aio, loft' 
Tpret^en) 8. oerlaffen^ 9. Com-*. a)(9te(^« 
nungen, ic) in'ft 9tetne bringcn, aoftgleit^en, 
beri4»tigen/ falbiren^ 6) (36ae/ }c.> entri4« 
ten i c) (ein 04i{f bur(6 ^tric^tung beft 3o(* 
left) frei ma^enj d) qnittiren) e) rein ge« 
minnen, rein ^oben^ /) (—out) auftoerfaufcn^ 
to — a shop, baft ganie Sager (aOe ffBaaren) 
oertaufcn, oufrdnmenj Mars, to — a port, 
anftlaufen, auft einem {)afcn obfcgclnj to — 
of the ice, (ein©(^iff;K.) ttufteifenj to — the 
land, bie offene ©ee geroinnenj — yonrsclf, 
pacf t>\^ \ 

cleaV^ce, *. Cutt 1. bte IBersoQung, SoUge* 
3oSf(iein) —charges, tiit Sladningftfpefen. 

Cleared, p.p. Oon To Clear; Com-*, —out 
(oDtwardft) at the costom-hoose, am doO* 
^aufe clarirt (frei gema*t)j to be—, eineft 
SaUimentft entf(blagen fein. [Clear. 

Clea'r^r, *. ber (boft) er^eEenbe, it. cf. To 

CleaViDg, *. 1. baft (Sr^eaen,2C. {old. To Clear); 
2. Am. ein nrbar gema^teft etfidSanb? — 
hoop (rod), Fish, bie (9?a*t»)^ngelrutiej 
—house, baft gemeinfame (Sefc^dftftlocal ber 
lonboner ©anKerft, »o fxc iireiaufenben tdgtt^ 




4eii (q^tnftiti^inyScttnnn^tn bitr^ 9t^tn* 
re^Rungen falMren unb (per 6aIbo) (ntittirrn 

ClSar'ly, adv. vid. Clear. 

Cliar'iifM, «. 1. bie ^eQe, Jtlar(eit4 2. bie 
S>etttlf4!eit$ 8.bie{)eiterfdt) 4. biefiftdii' 
*eit5 5.>E^'.bieUnbtf*ottenielt. 

Citato, 1. p2. Afar. Jtlampen )um Selegen bed 
laufenben SauiDerfed. [fonberun^. 

Cl«a'ffie, 1. 1. bQ6 Berfpalten $ 2. Afin. bie^tb^ 

ToCl«aTe, 1. rejr. fleben, antteben, 
M an^dngeii) fi4 fpaUen^berften^auf' 
fiprlngettj Mfpotteiilaircttj II. ir, a. fpal: 
tenjpenein icrfpalten. 

a«a'Tfr, J. 1. betCpalterj wood—, ber{>of}' 
^(!er$ a. baS l>a^e|fer; 8. bie^oUart. 

Cl«d^e,«. Min, bie oberftee^i^t ber SEBalfet* 

Cl«f, s, Mus. ber es^Ififiel' [etbe. 

a«ft, I. pre*, ft p. p. P. To Ctfeave; II. s. bie 
©palte, Jtlttft, fRi^e, bcrSHipj To -'graft, 
flbf t. in ben ©palt pfropfen. [^ fetbe^ufe. 

ClCfU, f. p(. Ffir. epalten im IBug iiber bem 

CWg, *. (—fly), £nf. bie ©remfe, ^ferbeftiege. 

Ci^m'^ncy, s. 1. bie |)ulb, !SRiIbe, 9)^nf4It4« 
hit 4 a. bie SJtilbe (bet ftnft). 

Cl«m'«iit, I. J. glemenft (5R-n.)i n. adj.; HI, 
— ly, adv, (nlbrei^, milbe, barm^ei^id. 

ciCm'^ntine, s. Glemettttne (^n.). 

To ClSncb, ClSn'cb^r, vid. b. t. Clincli, Ac. 

CI«r'Ry, s. bie J«erifei, ®eif«i*Wt. 

Cler'gy^ble, adj. Laio, bie(Re(^ttlDo(It(at ber 
(Seifiliibfett (^eniefenb. 

Cllr'iym^n, CI8K|c, s. bet ®eifWi(Je. 

Cl^r'jc, — c^l, arff. 1. qtifiMdfi a. mod. einen 
©djreiber betreffenb, ©<breiber». 

ClSrk [vufg. dark], 1. 1. ber(S(eifm<be{ 2. ber 
Oele^rtej 8. ber ©ecrettfr, ©*reiber, ^t 
bient^ 4. Ecc. ber iaie, ber bie flitefponfen in 
ber ittr^^eliefl, Mfter^ 5. Com. ber Gfornp* 
toirifl, fxinblungftbieneri —of tbe market, 
ber SRorftPogt. [gewonbt. 

CIcrk'ly, adj. k adv. 1. flele^rti 2. gefddirft, 

Clerk'shrp, $. 1. ber geiflU^e 6tanb^ 2. ber 
gele^rteGtanbj 3. bie ©ecretdrfhUe. 

CKtche, 1. vid. Cleche. 

CW?v'?r, I. adj, ; II. — ly, adv. I. gewanbt, ge^ 
W^i 2.tit(btig,taugli4) 8. artig; woMge* 
bilbct? in.-nca«, t. 1. bie ©eteonbtijeit, 
®ef4i(fIi(bWt5 2. bie TCrtigfeit. 

C!€Te«,^. Geog. (l>er|ogt^um tt.©tttbt) Slepe. 

Clew, s. 1. ber Stnarxl, itndtteli 2. fig. ber 
«citfaben^ Mar-s, 8. bo5 ©*Dotiornj — 
garnets, bfe 0«ifaue ber rattem ©egelj — 
lines, bie ®eittttie ber QRard* u. I^ramfegel. 

To Clc<?, r. o. 1. Mar. (bie ®f gel) einbinben, 
einrefen, bef^lagen^ fcb^rien, feflbulten^ 2. 

fig. ffijren, leiten. 

circk,i.i.bere4ro« (eiiic»9>et9e«bacls>$ % 

Medi, ber €$pcrr^!en$ —wire, fibr. ©pert* 
To cifck, v.n. f(blogen, tidtadCen. [fegelbra^t. 
circk'«t,#. bieJtlopper) ber (X^iir'Xftlopfer. 
To CGfck'^t, o. n. Sport, ffaret^en. 
cn'^nt, s. ber (Slient) ©d^^^Iing. 
cn'fnt^d, p. a. (Slienten ^abenb. 
Cli'^Qtshrp, s. bie (Slientf^aft 
CiriT, (CirO, s. l. ber ii(e)(b^ang$ 2. bie 

itlippe? 8. vid. Clef. [8. jerflfiftet. 

CirCty. Cirft«d, Cirfty, adj. l. feiPg, f«rojf } 
CllmStc'tfr, Ciim^ct^r'ic, t. baft€$titfenia(r. 
ClTm^ctSr'ic, — cat, I. adj.; U. — ciiliy, adv. 
cn'm^tte, 1. bod Stfxma. [nimofterifA* 

CRmSf ic CllmSf jcyl, adj. nimattf^. 
To Cttmb [clTm], w. reg. k ir. L n. flimmen, 

nettern ) n. a. erfleigen^ dimblog plant, vid. 
Cniiib'^ble, adj. erfleigbar. [Climber, 2. 

CITmb'^r, J. 1. ber ^etterer^ JJot-*. a. bie 

nettembe|>fIanse,e4IingpfIonsef 8.bie®otb« 
dime, s. * baftitlima^bet^immeUfhri^. [rebe. 
To€Bfndi, v. a. 1. (bie goafl) baOens 2. ptH* 

f eit/ umfoffen ) 8.nieten/T>eniiettn/befiefligeR; 

4.>%. (einen 9mtU, m.) oerfMrfen^ to — a 

cable. Mar. dnXou an ben Ynf erring fie^en. 
dfecb, s. I. Ent. bie Jtlammer) 2. bie d»d« 

bentigWt, bad (ffiortfpielj Mar-t. —of a 

cable, ber XnferfH4 $ -^it* tin itlinf^olsen i 

— boilt, —work, vid. Clincher-built, Ac 
CiVn'chfr, «. 1. Me itrampe$ ber f>afen) 2. 

>Jgr. berffii^Ier^ 5Aip-ft. — boilt, fUirfieT«dfc 

gebttnt 5 — work, bas JtUnferwer!. 
To Cffng, V. ir. I. n. 1. flebett^ anfleben) M 

anflammem, ftf^alten^ 2. fig. (angen (on 

C!inem)i n. a. onsborren; teriK^ren. 
Cffng'y, adj. (on)Webenb, Rebrig. 
Clifn'ic^I, — ic, I. adj.f U. — ly, adv. 1. bett« 

Mgerig4 2.9(inif44 m. «. ber Settldgerige. 
To Cfifnk, V. I. n. fUntn, rafeln) n a. fiin* 

gen laffen. [ber 3tUngfldn. 

Clink, s. baS (Sleflinge^ ^eflirr $ —stone, Aftn. 
Clin'k^rf , s. pi. Mas. tint Urt (oHdnb. ((art 

gebrannter^ glafirter) tSRanerfldtte. 
CITnSm'et^r, s. Min. ber ^inometer. 
ToCirp,w. a. 1. bef4ndben,f(ppen4 2.(®<tafic) 

f^eren^ 3. (bieiBorte) perfd^Itttfenj ^.fig. 

fttt^en, bef<!ftndben. 

CGtp, s. 1. bie ©4aff4ttr ) 2. bie Umttrmnng. 
Cirp'p^r, *. 1. ber (<Belb')Sef<bnetber) 2.ibc. 

ber®arbierj —built. Afar, ftbarfgebont. 
ciip'ping;, s. pi. (7(b«)eS4ni^el^ TrbflOe. 
Clips, s. pi. Sefibtdge. 
Cloak, s. 1. ber aXnntet) 2. fig. ber Redman- 

ttU —bag, ber QRotttelfarf J baft^elldfei^ 

-pin, bie fiBanbfcbraube; ber Jttdber4<ihR. 
To Cloak, V. a. 1. (einen QRantel) wa^ibx' 

Digitized by V^- ^ ^ »^ ^ ^ 




pM, UUitui 2, fig* ^€tbtt%ta, hmMtlXLi 
clonkiDg-ftoffa, ^Dtontt^ettge. 
Cl8ek,.f. 1. ^ie(1EBanD')U^r,6<l^(agu(r;K(ttnru 
uifVi S. Ent hUZotiUnuffr, ber{)D(sfQfec) 
d.ber 3>Dtd(eI (im ©trnmpfe)3 wbat U it e ~? 
wie »iel U^r ifk e* ? comp. /for-*. — casting, 

1. baft ftBerf etner (grof en) U(r$ 2. u^rfttr« 
illtiirenj —dial, (-face), taft 3iffertlatt5 
—frame gage, ber Zcxf^mti^cv, (tin 3irfe0 ^ 
— hand, ber ©tunbenjdger } — malcer, ber 
Xff^tmaitti —making, bie tt^mad^erfttiiflj 
— pnlly, ber StUhtni — pozale, bieCexiniJrj 
—work, baft UJrwerf, {Rdberweif. 

To CI5ck, vtd. To Clack. 

Cl»d,*. 1. ber(erb.)Jttop5 2. bcrXorf^ 3, 
boft (SIst')it(dinp4eii) f^'S. 4. ber 99oben, 
CS^mnb ^ 5. ber menf^U^e (vergdngli^e) Jt6ri 
per 5 — bead, —pate, —poll, ber ©tmuttfopf, 
Xft^^I) —i>ated,bnmm; plumy. 

To asd, V. L n. M fl^tmpem^ gerinnen^ n. 
a. 1. mit(Srbn6feii werfen^ 2. Agr. eggen. 

ClSd^dyyac^'. l.erbigi ttwnpiqi 2.^.irbtf4 

GI6ff, «. 1. v}(f. Cleft; 8.GMR. baft(Sstge»i4t. 

To Ci0g, V. I. a. /ft. 4k ^. 1. flodCeit ma^eti; 
ben ^Qf ^emneitj 2. befitweren, belaften^ 
ILn. 1. Humpig frin, M as^dngen) 2. gc« 
Ttniiett/ fcocfen. 

Cl«g, «. 1. bie Soft, ®iirbe ) 2. bie fBef^merbe, 
baftf)inbermf$ S.berJMo^) 9engel, ^nnbe« 
fljppel4 4.ber|>o()f4tt^$ flberfiul. 

Clftg'ginfai, 4. 1. bie f8ef4»eniif ) 2. bie 
{>emmung. [berlf^. 

asg'gy, adj. l.Tinntpig) 2. bef4»ereiib, (in< 

CI6ri/tfr,i.l.baftJtIofler$ 2.i4rc/i.beritrett|« 
gang barini berGduIengang^ bieUmfduIung. 

To ClcXtft^T,v. a. (—up), 1. (in ein JCtoffer) 
etnfi^crreit) 2.ilrc/i.mitedQ{envnigeben. 

adrg't9ral,a<&'.l.H6fterli<^4 ^ fig' abgefd^ic* 

ClOke, s. k V. vid. Cloak, [ben (t»on ber flBelt). 

CIdmb [cl5m], pret. oon To Climb. 

To Cl«^e, V, ha, 1. fd^Uef eii; sufdftllef en, ju^ 
ma^ett) 2. (—up), oerf^Iiefen^ ju^eiien 
(flhinben)4 8. bef^liefen, abMIiefen, enbt» 
gen^ 4. Mar, (ein San) infommenbreifen^ 
to — an accoaot, C&m* tint fHec^nung (ab') 
f^Kef en,falbirett $ n. n. 1. f!4 f(blief en, ft4 iu* 
t^un) 2. M enbigen) a. fibereinfommett) 
r— with), anne^men (e.SorMIag, jc.)j 4. 
([in] witb), snfantmengerat^en. 

asfe,*. 1. ber e<(Iuf ) SeMtnf, baft Snbes 

2. bie^aufe^ fip^-^. 3. baft^anbgemenge; 4. 
ber atttbnu!^ (ber 9ta4t). 

Clvae, i.«. i.ber eingef^IofTenedtanm) 2. baft 
Qt^^ge, bieSinfriebigung^ 3. baft eacfgdf« 
4en$ n. adj, k adv.; III. — ly, ado. 1. 9er« 
r^^MTen dngeWoffen 3mgema(bt*2 bitfCbon 

berSuft), M»tU^t, fefi, mmi « 
f^aff, fnapp, cnge $ 5. ^rt, na^c an, obcr an 
etnanber$ engc) 6. ^art, ^eif (oom (Befe^t j 
>^*^ftig^ beif enb, bom SBt^,K.){ 7. enge 
benba^rt (oon Qefangencn)^ fis-s. 8. Kr« 
borgen, ge^eim^ 9. iundtt^aUenb, berfddmie^ 
gen^ 10. treu, innig, bertrant4 11. genau, 
forgfditig) 12. fleiftg$ 13. gebrdngt, biin« 
big/ furs 5 14. TVp* cttgge^ten, compref$ 
15. fparfom, (arg, (d^c^ 16. Her. ft^enb unb 
mit angeMIoffencn Singeing HI. comp. — 
ball. Gam. ber coUirte 99aa (imSiUatb)) 
—election, eine SBa(^I, bet ber bie 0ttmmen' 
}a(tberS2al^icanbibatenfaftgIei4 ifl) Mars. 
-hauled, biii^t beimSBinbe gebraft$ — qaar> 
teri, ftarft @4otten (im S<)0 ^^^ Sntemft 
ben ^atrofen |nr Sert^cibigung bienenb)$ 
—stool, ber 9ia4tfltttl5 —vote, vid. election. 

Clote'nfu, 1. 1. bie ^ingefii^tofren^eitv 2. A'* 
bie ^eimli^feit, durdtf^altung i 3. bieKbge* 
f^ieben^eit, 6infamfeit$ 4. bie (Snge (cineft 
itleibeft, ic.)i 5. bit Seftigfcit, IDiifrt^eit (ei« 
neft etoffeft)^ 6. bie 92d^$ 7. bie Ser* 
fndpfung, ber 3nfammen^ng$ 8. bie <Bt* 
nanigfeit (einer flberfe^ung)) 9, bie^par* 
famfeit, ittrg^eit [Arch, ber ©Aluffletn. 

Clo'fer, s. 1. ber Sef^Iiefer, Seenbiger^ 2. 

ClSf'^t, s. 1. baft (Be^eimitrnmer, Cabinet $ 2. 
berlCifoben^ 8. ber (Sunofttdtenfc^ranf ^ 4. 
Her. ber (albe Gpanen im SBopenfi^itte. 

To Cltt^ft, V. a. 1. (in ein Cabinet) einfcbUe* 
fen,oer»a^ren^ 2. in'ft^e^eim t>er^nbeln. 

CI6th, 4. Vet bie ffttiit, eteif^eit. 

Clo'fvre, s. 1. baft Serfd^Iiepen) 2.baft6in< 
Mtiefenbe^ ber Ginf^ruf, SejirF. 

ClKt, J. ber itlnmp, baft itlfimp^en (fl)Ittt,K.)| 
—bur, Bot, bie grofe Stitttt. 

To Cl5t, V. n. 1. flumpig fein ob. werben^ 2. 
gerinnen) clotted wool, vid. Clottings. 

Cl6ih, «. I.ber3eug, baftXu^^ 2. bieSein* 
loanb^ 3. baft ZifSitai^i bie iDetfe) 4. bie 
itIeibnng{!D{ontur4getflU4cXrod^t) comp. 
—bag, ber (Rcifefatf ^ —beam, Weav. ber»e« 
berbonrnj -bat, ber ro^e |>ut (ojne etcife)^ 
—merchant, ber Su^^dnbler j -rash, ber 
Xttd^raf^) —weaver, ber IStt^mail^erj ttin* 
xoeber^ -worker, ber 2utl|>ttrbeitcr. 

To Clothe, t). reg. k ir, 1. a. 1. Wcifecn, (audi) 
beHeiben) 2.unifonniren4 3.j!g:.einfleibctt^ 
II. n. fld^ fieiben. 

Clothef [c]02], s. pi. bie Jtleiber, Jtleibung, 
fiBdf(f^e$ — pegs, 7)/. ^dfifrflammcm. 

Clc'thi^r, s. 1. ber Su^mai^er) 2. ber XnA* 
(dnbler^ 3. ilm. ber Xnd^»aIfer,Xu(!^bereiter. 

CIdthf, pi. 9. Cloth, 3cug« Ob. !&tt<l^artcn. 

To Cl&t'ttr, V. n. M fIiimpem,gcTiRnen« 




Cldt'tlssf, «• pi. (— of wool), MxOtmoU^- 
Clftfty, adj.^f deronttett$d.f(ofig, 
cmd, s. 1. UtmolUi 2. Com. berSRot^r 
(getodfferte ®toff>j 3. ^. bU S>iin7el^eit9 

4. bae®(t>r&nde, Mc(9)tenf4en09Xaffe$ 5. 
fig. bie Slot^; ber Unftern^ 6. c-s, pi, bttnne 
^etf en ob. TCbern (in @telnen, )c.). 

To cloAd, V. I. a. 1. lit kfig. bewdlhn, ttm» 
todlfenj a. dbem, fle<fen, f[Qnunen(^Dl},$a> 
pler,3C)j wdlTern, moinren(3ettdc)j 11. n. 
ii£. &>Sg. wolfig, tnSbe merben, fI4 umjie^en. 

GloA'djIy, adv. bon Cloady, qv. [adj. 

CloA'djD^as, J. baft SBoIHge, Sriibe, c/. Cloudy, 

Cloddl^u, aeO*. unbe»£lft, »oIfen(od. 

ClpA'dy, adj. 1. loolfig, triibe, bunfel, bdfler^ 
2.;%. traurtgj 3. unt>erfl4nbndi»3 4. toolftg; 
fcuerloS (bon jDianunten; u.)« 

Clongh, 5. 1 . [cl&f] Oom. vid.Q\QfS,2.^ 2.[cl5A], 
bie IBergfcbtu^t, X^alfc^ln^t 

GloAt, s. 1. ber{)aber; happen; % bieffiBinbeli 

5. ber SledT/ %M%XLh 4. im/g. bet @d|)lag) 
5. c-s, pi. bie Z4&f(iieiben (an ber fiSagen* 
o^^fe)^ —leather, auSgef^nitteneft 6o(to 
leber^ —oailSyS^u^ndgeL 

To Clddt, v. a. 1. Zit. kfig* ftidCenj a. (mit el» 
femcn @4eiben [loiebteSBagenad^fen]) be* 
f4lagen4 3. (e>(bn$e) mitSZdaeln )>erfe^en$ 
4. wiig. f^Iagen. 

CloA'tfog, «. Goid-sm. ba& 9^iItu4/®4of leber. 

Cl9ve» J. 1. ber ,5tIoben