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Full text of "A practical dictionary of the English and German languages, Volume 2"

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Dr. J. G. FLÜGEL, 






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in jwet iEfjeUett. 

ClirU II. 


Dr. ^dif Zufiel, 

unter TOitteirfung 

Dr. 3. ©♦ %IH*1, 

Ctvnfnf ttt Scrcinigltn «laatm ecn Wort • tlmirlf« |u ?ri|>|ig. 

5*»(Ur, <mrdjflfi>f)eiifr unb ptrikflrrltr 3t»ri*. 

• Seidig: 

3uliu« (S. Sti^ttr. 


3otyann «uguft SM f i fn.t.t. 


Digitized byLjOOQlC 

TKL :■:'. } : 


11505 < 

IA. . T . < „;.o 

R 1! '1 ]_ 

Entered according to Act of Congress, in the year 1852, by 


in the Clerk'» office of the District Court of the District of Columbia. 

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3$ o r 1 1 b e. 

P r- e f a c e. 

SDie »earbeitung blefe« beuif<b>tngs 
lifdjrn Steile« würbe htm Unterjei<&> 
nttm »on feinem SBater, in 8Mge forte 
»äfirenb gefolgerter JöerufSgefgäfte beö 
£e£teren, übertragen. 

atuo) bei biefem gwe itert Sbeile ijt ber 
@tanbpunft beibehalten Rwtben, btr für 
fem erfi« maggebenb War. Cr bttbet 
bemnag ebenfo ein befonber« für brn 
Öebroug ber mit brn äntcreffen brr ®e= 
gentoart Menben bearbeitete« praftifge« 
£B£rter6ug, in »el^tm auf er ben SÖor; 
tenrunb (KuAbrücTen be« tägttgrn 93er: 
f*b>8, bie in -&an»tl nnb ©ewerbrn, in 
Jtunß nnb JGBlffenfgaft, in ber <ßo(itif 
tinb bem iffmiligen ittm gebraug;: 
Ugtn SBSrtfr unb äunftaudbrücte soö= 
ftanbigrr ol8 in irgenb einem bUber 
sorb>uibenen SBerfe St/nliger Slrt — 
unb «iele au«fd^IirfUcr> beutfgr äBorter; 
büdier werben bteber geregnet 
jeignet finb. 

*am»taneKe für blefe« SBrrf waren 
bie Sammlungen, treibe (fgon unmifc 
telbar nag JBeenbigung ber erflen 
Staffage be« größeren aMrterfuge« 
im 3ab>e 1830 begonnen) bwrg @tür 
jung, b. i. Umfd)Tei6ung ber «rttfel 
be« englifgen Xfftütf, gewonnen wur= 
ben, fo baf , um ein flBeift>W gur JBers 
beutlia)ung anjufübrrn, feine« ber wid- 
rigeren SBorte, bie im englifgen Steile 
unter "Steam n {ig finben, im benfc 
fgen unter „SDambf" »ergeffen wo* 

1 hk preparation of the German 
and English part of this Dictionary de- 
volved on the undersigned in couse- 
quence of an increasing multiplicity of 
engagements on the part of his father. 
The same principle which guided 
the author in preparing the first vo- 
lonte, has also been followed ont in the 
second one. Like the former it may be 
considered as a practical dictionary, 
calculated to supply the want of those 
who take an interest in the actoal pro- 
gress of our stirring age; aecording to 
this view it embraces besides the words 
and expressions of daiiy intercourse, the 
technical terms of commerce and trade, 
ofthearts and sciences, of politics and 
public life. These have been collected 
and explained more carefnily than in 
any work, — inclnding many exclu- 
»er* sively German dictionaries — of a si- 
milar kind. 

The prineipal sources of this work 
have been the coUections — already 
begnn in 1 830, immediately after the 
completion of the first edition of the 
larger Dictionary — which were ob- 
taüted by transcribing the different 
words of the English part in an in* 
verted order, ao that, to give an 
example which may senre to explain 
the process, the German equivalents 
for all the more iraportant words are to 
be fonnd ander the head of "Steam" in 
the English part, will be found in the 
word „Stampf" in the German part. 

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SBeniget bebeutenb ifi bie Kutbtutt, 
mel^e«einfftt0'* unb.8ei»fe , «**oe; 
rannte SBerfe geliefert ffabm. Beibe flnb 
meljr für ben, ber fia) ba« »tyifologifdjr 
©tnblum brr bentfa)en ©braa* juni 
3te(d grfefct Bat, beftimmt, wafl »on brn 
£erifogra&$en, bie beutfd);eng(ifa)e 8Bor= 
tert>uä)er »rtfofrt ff Am (»on Gilbert an 
bi« auf bir nenefte 3df), nid)t immer 
gehörig beamtet würbe. SBiete «on tynen 
»erjilrfwra llnworter, wda)e Mo« tourb 
fHfa)en trab ibnUäp» SBffrtf b«ngm ihren 
Urftmntg »erbaitfen, wie j. 9. 9»foM: 
beding, StoftSramling, «n^äng 
ling, «anfing, «auffing, Sotftr- 
fing, «öbndng, ÜRobeUng,9c5br 
ling, $tattttng, (Rohling, <Säu 
betling, @eta)tllng, ©telfling, 
SBafffing, SBalSling, ©immer 
ling, SÖürgrlittg, Unjeititng; 
ona) anbete {Raritäten, wie ©d)mü<f e 
tolb, Äefefinen, (Snttointrn unb 
#unberte »on abtnteuerlidjen 3"f«nu 
menfrfeungen (man nerg(eid)e nur bir 
unter «b=, «n=, «ufs,«u«s,u.f.m.) 
finb in einem toraftiföen beutfa):engfifd)en 
SBortrrbudje blofiet Söattafl, fo lange tot- 
nigftrn* fo(d)e «((tag« Worte wie SB e ans 
ftrna)en,Qeanftanben, (Sntwers 
t$en, (Semitte!*, <grmogtia)en, 
$arblofigteit, ■Semmnift, ©brach: 
litt), Uberficbtfia), «Beranfcbaulb 
d)en,3eitweilig, 3"brang, 3»er: 
treuen, 3ugeftänbn(f},u.».a.feUen. 

9hxt) weit geringere $ü(f4qurtfrn was 

The materials which were drawn 
fromHeuuius' andHeyse's well-known 
worlu proved of less importances. Bot h 
have been compiled with a view to thc 
wants of the native Geraum Student, a 
fact which hat not always been taken 
int« due coaskleration by those lexico- 
graphers who have compiled German- 
and-English Dictionaries fron» Hilpert 
up to the present time. Many of these — 
imitatonm $etvump*au — have copied 
monstrous worda, which owed their 
origia to the whims of puritts and pe- 
dants, anch u Vbfonbrrttng, Kbftamm- 
(mg, «nbongltaa, «anfing, Mnfling> 
«oderfmg, «tynling, TOobellng, Währ- 
ung, Vtettfmg, OtoWIng, ©auberlina,, 
©eia)ämg, ©triffing, fflafjUng, ffiai«: 
(mg, SBimmerlmg, S&ftrgefing, llnjrifc 
(mg; many similar cnriosities, such as 
©cbmüctebotb, Sefefinen, (Sntminfen and 
hundred* of qnaint Compounds (some 
of which may be looked for ander the 
prepotitions, 9bt, Ans, 9(ufs, 9(u*s, *c) 
raiist be considered as mere make- 
weights in a practical German-and- 
English Dictionary, at ieait as long 
as such every-day words as SBeoafbnu 
<bm, aSeanftanben, QmtWertDen, (Srmlts 
teln, (trmogtbben, Bfarbfofigteit, ^emm- 
nifj, ©toraa)lia), Überfiihtllo), a3eranfa)aiu 
(ia)en, Sritwtllig, 3«brang, 3uert^rUen, 
3ugefiänbnifi, and many othershave not 
been thought worthy of admission. 

Far less aid was afforded by the 

* Dr. a^ertor ^rinfiu«, eoITt^mfi*« XBtrttrta«) ber beutf^en Gprtd)e, |)«nno» 
»er 1S18-18», 5 »be, 8. 

" Dr. St. 0. t. $cnft, |>onb»jrtcr(ud> ber beutf^en epraitt, mit $(nfia)t tuf 9te«jt* 
fireibuna, TOflommung unb »ilbung, Sirgmg unb gügnng berKB$rter, fcwie ouf btren 
Siimecnrenblfiteft, QRogbeburg, 1833—1849. 

Digitized by 





rat enbfit) bie frit Anfang bitfe« 3a$r= 
bunbrrtf MJtfjuiun beutft); fflglhften 
äB6rterbüa)er, n>e(<fce faß alle noo) auf 
beut ©raubbunfte M Subtoig'fdKnSBor 
lerbuä)« fielen. $iefe« SSÖerf,* Whjö 
femer ßtit ganj braua)bat h»ar, ift frei 
lia) je|t bntcbau« niä)t me$t jiü&ngliä), 
ab« bW auf bie £ru<ffe$(et unb anbete 
jafätlige 3ttt*.üm« auf «bfdjreiber unb 
»6fo>tfib>t«r9lbfa)teibft »eterit." 

»et fo bemannten Umßänben mxfjten 
»o« Mcn Petrin eigene ©auimiungrn 
gemalt unb mit nie etmfibenber Stuf 
mettfautfeit »erwUfiänbigt toetben, unb 
fo wirb bet £ernenbe mannet »on £u= 
f$er, Qitjt, SBielanb, ©cbiller, 
iBfitget, 3ean Sßaul unb beu an: 
brren <$eroen bet neunten unb neueren 
bentfd)en fciteratut gebraua)te fa)one 
SBort finbrn , tva* bi* jefct noä) in 
feinem Iexifoatay&iffc)«! SBerfe bet* 
jeubnet roorben ift; biet toar «6 frei; 
Ha) nut möglia), ba8 äBefentlia)fle ju 
geben, nnb fia) mit bet Hoffnung ju 
tragen, in 3nbtnft einem au*fü$tliä)en 
Seife ben §urüdgelegten ©toff einju-- 

Übetbaupt iß h>äb,renb bet ganjen 
SBeatbeitnng bet (Stnnbfaf. feftgebalten 
Worten, nid)r mit bem, fta* fia) 3ebet 
iefd)t frlbfi ertTaren fann, ben (Raum §u 

German-and-English Dictionaries pub- 
lished since the begioning of this 
Century, which conform more or 
less to the Dictionary of Ludwig. 
Tbis work,* which was very useful 
in it» time, falls altogether «hört of 
wbat our time requires; neverthekss 
its faulte, noy mere error» of the 
prets, have «levolved on a host of 

Under these ctrcnmstances it was 
necessary to begin the work of collect - 
ing and eonstantly augmenting mate- 
rials, a task which required unceasing 
and ontiring attention; by thismethod 
alone, however, was it possible to arrest 
inany expressive words, found in the 
writings of Luther, Göthe, Wieland, 
Schiller, Bürger, J. Paul and othercory- 
phsei of the modern and most recent 
literatnre of Germany, which had not 
yet found their way into any other lexi- 
cographical work. Of these, however, 
only the most essential could be given; 
and as regards the rest, there is hope 
to embody them at tone future period 
in a work of larger extent — 

The principle in general has been 
carried out, never to fill the Space, 
which indeed is an important thing in 
a dictionary, with matter which easily 

* Bie in Siefem SBerfe bcnn(te Ausgabe 
ifl bie Meine, 1813 in einem mäßigen JDctae* 
San» erftbienene. 

" $icn>on ein Stift >ie : — 
tvbmig ffijrt ttnjapfen aU unregelmäßig 
flet (!) 3eit»ert an, ditto Hilpert, tlitto 
eporfo)«, ditto geiliiui , ditfo geiling'6 
Abridgnent, ditto OTeipner, u. f. ro. f bn* 
liibc« wicberbolt fia) bei Anfüllen, £erjen, 
IwfCrea, Benwibläfflgen, 3iiriicflegen, Seian, 
». f. »., «. f. ». 

* Tlii- i'ilitiuii tuade ose »f in prepnring 
Iltis wurk is the smnll uctnvn publi«bed in 

'* Only one exnmple of tbis BMJ be given; 
Ludwig deaignalen itnjapfen :» an irregu- 
lär (\) verb, and the »aine ob\iuu* error is 
prrpetuated It) Hilpert, Sporstltil, Keiling, 
Kciling'» Abridginent, Mllinwr, &c. Simi- 
l:tr instance« in:ty bc fotind in ".'In'iillen, f>et< 

Jen, ^öftren, IBcrnadjIäfjtgcn, äurütflegen, 




füßfit : ba$er finb siele gfrembmorter, 
bereu gformrn in fcftben ©fcraaVn ein= 
anber gleicbrommm, unb toeldje mit leid) 
tcr 9Rür;e fdjon in brm erflen Ztyilt 
au«finbig ju ma$en finb, bier tcegge: 
taffen »orben. — @o flnb Sformen mie 
SDeeoction, (Sxorbium, Sßroteuo', Saii= 
taut«, u. f. tt>. meggetaffen roorben, 
bagegen Ölleitungen reit Ufroteifdj, 
Santallfö, $al&jiintnfif$, «Palmarer 
nifö, u. f. to. bie fi$ nid^t teity »on 
fel&fi öilben laffen, aufgenommen. 5Die» 
gilt namentlich au$ von tedbnifc&en 
SKutbrüden, toetye ba8 (Sngliföe unb 
bafl S>eutfd;e au« Sinet ®tora<be enfc 
lebnt 6at; t« ifi ni$t fettet bei 
^Mtobar, ©utybat, u. f. to. bie eng* 
lifc^e gorm bafüt ju finben; folc^r 
©ort« finb aud> nur au« 9tüd!fid)t 
auf ben ber beutftyen (Betonung unb 
Beugung unfunbigen 91u»länber auf: 
genommen toorbrn. 

QCnberd verhält t» fla) mit ber gro; 
fen 9Raffe »on teajnlföen ftuftbruden, 
u>e(a)e feine toßttlü&e Übertragung 
bulben, wie j. 33. «nferubr, ©<biefj=- 
Baumwolle, (Sffiggä6rung, 3ünbnabct 
getoebr unb taufenb anbere SBSrter 
aui ben »erfdjiebenen Jtünften unb SCÖif= 
fenföaftra, beren forgfältlge Sannt 
lung unb Übertragung burd) ben bet 
fenbeit englifajen 9Cu*btuct jahrelange 
&e erforderte.* SDenn in biefem 

explains itself; many words, therefore, 
derived front foreign langnages, identi- 
cal in form and ineaning in both lan- 
guages, and which may be easily ascer- 
tained by reference to the first voliime, 
bare been omitted here. Word« like 
JDecoctlon, «rorblum, Proteus, Xantatoe. 
Ac. have been left out, bat derivative«, 
such as Jßroteifa), STantaUfö, $atäftU 
nenftfö, $almorenifc&, Ac have been in- 
serted, because they are not to be 
translated with the same facility. The 
same applies to technkal expressions 
which the English and the German 
have derivedfrom the same langnage; 
there is no great difGcuIty in finding 
ont the English form for Sßboftfebat, 
©uty6at, Ac These words have only 
been received on account of their 
accent and declension, which differ 
materiaUy from those of the English 

The case is entirely different with 
the largemass of technical terms which 
bear no literal translation, as f. i. 5Kn» 
ferubr, @ä)iep6aumtooKe, (Kfjiggctyrung 
and thousands of similar expressions 
belonging to the different branches of 
art and science, the careful collect ioa 
and correct translation of which by the 
proper English equivalents requircd 
many years of assiduous labour.* For 

this immense field little help is to- be 

* SRan »ergleübe %. 8. mu|ifallfd)e Tfus« 
btütfe, nie Kuftact, SSequabrat, Sogenffib« 
rung, Sogeninflrament, 6tr(i4inftrament, 
6rnitbriauna*)cid)(n ( Strf(iung*]ei4ni r Soi> 
fe»jei(faen, ©etfe, Aaften, F-flote, F-I«a)er, 
»trabe 8Je»egung, (Btrabe Sactart, Unge* 
rabe Xattart, Getragen, -fcauptbunt», $aupt> 

* Compsre f. i. mailail exprestiom »adi 
r* Xuftact, Bequabrat, Ccgtnffibrnng, So- 
geninftranent, 6trria>mftrumtnt, Srniebri> 
gungSjciiben , 8f tfeeungsjeiiben , S5orf«Hei» 
*m ; De(te, Jtaften, F-pJte, F-Idcber, (Sc* 
rabe »wtgung, ffierabe Xactart, Ungerab« 
Sattart, Wctragtn, {»auptbunb, f>auptma< 

Digitized by 





luriten Selbe bieten bie brutft^ s engli= 
feben aBottetbüiber nur SBrnigrS unb 
meift Unftuberläffigeä bat; fo iß bae" 
@tr eit'fdje aRilitärwSrterbuä), um bo8 
crftr brfir SBeifpiel an§ufü$ren, trofc 
man«)e8 einjelnen »ertböotten {Britta: 
ge4, tveidjen bei trflt S$ell enthält, 
im gnwiten (beutfd)senglifd)en) giemlid) 
fHefmüttrrliä) be$anbelt unb nur mit 
grSfjter SSorfidjt ju gebrauten; fciele 
im SRiiitärtvefen aHtäglid) borfomtnen= 
bf SBötter fud)t man toergcBIicb ; un 
ttr „9lnf<blagen" fielen »erfdjlebene 
SBebeutungen unb biefe nid)t frbterfrfi, 
aber grabt ber militärif^j 9tu«brutf 
fr^ft unb fo fe$t $<Sufig. 

5Befonber8 Ift aud) auf tele mädjtigen 
Seränberungen weldje bie neuere 3eitl)et= 
(irigrfüBrt $at, JRü<ffid)t genommen wot 
bm unb mambein yolitifdjen *Äu*brud 
som ,, vormärjlrtben gufetyotittfer" bi8 
jnm „S&tyUr" unb gut „©teuersertoek 
genmg" unb anbeten „(Srrungenfdjaften' 
ift „9trd>nung getragen" worben. 

unliebe aSoUjranbigftit ift fafl auf 
jebem Selbe ber Äunft unb SBiffrn 
fdjaft angrfrrrbt toorben, fo weit ti 
ein Olaum uon 74 Sogen gemattete, 
ber aber befümmt getoiffen^after benufet 
»orben ift, all el bisher in irgenb 
ehtem- beutf<b:eng(ifd)en 3B9rterbud)e ge. 
fdje^en ift. 

derived fron» the Germao-and-English 
parts ofGerman dictionaries, andtbat 
is not always to be trusted; Streit's 
Military Dictionary, for example, the 
firat part of which contains some va- 
luable Information, is meagre and al- 
together deficient in its second (Ger- 
man-and-English) part and ig only to 
be used with the greatest caution; 
many military expressions of erery day 
oecurrence will be sought for in vain ; 
tbere are f. i. several significations to 
be met with in the word Sinfdjlagen ; 
while the military term of this verb 
is not to be found; the same thing 
oecurs often. 

Theextraordinary changes,likewise, 
which have taken place in recent times, 
have not been without their influence 
on this work and many a political ex- 
pression from the „toortnorjUdjc fjufel« 
toolitifer" to the „3Bü$ter" and „(Steuer* 
Verweigerung" and other „(Srrungeiu 
ffhaften" has been carefully supplied. 

It was constantly kept in view to at- 
tain a like degree of completenes* in 
all the different of arts and 
sciences, as far as this was possible 
within a space of 74 sheets; a space, 
which, however has been used with 
greater care, than in any German-and- 
English Dictionary hitherto pnblished. 

manual, $auptnott, ^aupfperiobe, $aupt< 
fa», $am>tftimae, $aaptf(blBf rJjaaptiBerf, 
Alans* ober Xon<®cfa)t«bt, ©rgelpimft, Er« 

Selfdjute, n. f. »., Zcnaa<n>eid)nng, Sonftufe, 
berorfffg, Unbarmomftber auciftanb, »Ber» 
fett, «anbei, «edjfelirere, u. f. ». Äbnlf*t 
SonfUnbigfrit ift in ben a"u«*rii<ren btr üb« 
eigen ftJdjer ber JMnfte trab fiEBiffenfd>often 
«8'ftrebt werben. 

nuot, $auptnote, {xraptperiobe, $aitptfat, 
£a«ptftraimt , $anptfd)(a* , .fcanprwer*, 
Jttang« cbcrSon»®efd>le<jt, CrgetpnnFt, SDr» 

8c(fd>u(e, a. f. »., Scnaatneidjang, Xonftnfe, 
berma't) ig, Unbormenifdjer CncrfUnb, 8er« 
fett, »anbei, «Bedrfetnofe, n.f.». It hu been 
anceailagly endeavoared to attain a atmilar 
degree of complcteneu in all the bther 
branchea of arti and scieocei. 

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ffla« enbli$ ben>tyrafeologifa)en unb 
gtammariföfn Zf)tü be« JBudje« tau 
langt, fo ift feit Mm erfien Xfjeile, 
grojje ©orgfalt auf Stnorbnung unb 
(SntroiaMung btt {Begriffe, fotoie auf 
bie gratnmatif<$en 3$er$ä(tntffe ber ein: 
jelnen {RebetMle überhaupt «erroanbt 
h>orben; baf aud) in biefem fünfte 
bo« SBerf, um. einen ollMiä)en «u«; 
brud ju trauten, mebr ßlrifö unb 
fflJut bat ol0 ber geringe Umfang 
fölirfjrn faffen lönnte, bürfte 33«; 
glricbung folget «rtifel, toie <Pta 
a)rn, Sbun, «äffen, »ringen, ©eben, 
Jtommen, Stehen, «$eifjen, ber $Bartt 
lein, wie JDo<6, SBobl, <S<6on, 3a, ©o, 
u. f. »., ber »erfäjtebenen üMpofitto: 

nen, 8fn, «uf, 3n, 3u, u. f. n>. §ur 
@enüge bartBun. 

Sefonber« ift t* be« ©erfaffer« 8e* 
mftben gen»efen, bie treppe »on 3« 
«ob ©rimm in ber beutftyen ©pra<6 
»iffenfcbaft eingeführte Xermmotogle Bei 
ber grammatifiben JBfftiminung ber 
ÄBSrter — unb j»ar jum erften «Wate 
— boWflanbfg buribjufübren. 

©tbliefliä) finb bie au«ge}ei<bneten 
Sammlungen bei <$errn 811 er anb er 
ftabian, Beßrer ber neueren ©pra 
a)m in £aHe, TÜbmlübfl ju rrtoäbnen, 
fotoie bie frranbf<$afrtia)e, im Sntereffe 
ber SBfffenfäjaft ffib feftft bergeffenbe 
Strt bantoarft anguerfennen, mit toefc 
<^er biefer grünbli<$e Jtenncr bei (Sng= 
ttförn feine ©äjäfre §ur ©mufcung über: 
(äffen bat. 

_e«ip|i j, September law. 

Dr. %tUp $ftgel. 

With respect to the phraseological 
and grammatical part of the work, it 
may be rcmarked that the aame care- 
ful attention in arranging and classify- 
ing the different meanings of words, 
and in indicating the manifold gramma- 
tical reiatiom of words to each other 
which was taken in tbe first voltime,has 
been bestowed upon thU; so that the 
book will be found to have more pith 
and marrow, if the phrase may be al- 
lowed, than might be expected front ita 
moderate size; a fact, which will be 
confirmed by referring to such artidea 
as «Dianen, 3tytn,£affen, »ringen, ©eben, 
Jtommen, «Stehen, Reifen, Ac, to difli- 
cult particles, as f.i. $0<b,äBobI, ©cbon, 
3a, ©o, Ac, to the prepositions, 9üt, 
»uf, 3n, 3»» Ac. 

One of the principal objects and 
the first attempt of this kind, in de- 
termining the grammatical relations of 
words, has been to adopt in this work 
the excelient terminology introduced 
by Jacob Grimm into German philo- 
logical science. 

Last, though not least, the excelient 
collections of Mr. A.Fabian, teacher of 
modern languages in Halle, are to be 
mentioned with the highest preise and 
gratitude as well as the kind way, in 
which this profound English scholar, 
inerging seif in the higher considera- 
tion of universal usefolness, coramuni- 
cated the stores which bis diligence 
had accnmulated for years, with a 
most liberal band. 
Leiptic, September 1853. 

Dr. Felix Flügel. 

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Sült grammatif$e SBejei$nung bet 
SeÜwSrter unb $auptro9rtrr, h>ela)e in 
blefent 3Borterbu<br angenommen rtor 
ben,ift bic oefannte »on 3aco6 ©rintm 
(t>gl. ff in« bcutftfie Orammalif). 

6» tann nidjt bic «bfiä)t fein, fler 
«inrn 9lbrit} ber beutftben rJotmentebrc 
ju geben, btt boä) niibt binreidjenb frin 
würbe für bcn, tvekber btt beutfd)e 
@pra$t genauer ftubirrn toitt; ein 
9B6rterbuä) fann ja bodj nur für 
bot beregnet fein, brr enttoeber ft^on 
granimatifrie jtenntnifj beff fct ober bir 
©i>rad)e mit brr ©rammatif in btr 
«anb ftubirt. S>a» SBotterbutt) foll 
btm <8«bäa)tnr# nur baä au* btr ©rnm 
niaiif ®f lernte wieber gurücfrufen, unb 
nur ba 9u6bütfe bieten, doo bie ®ram= 
matif nit^t aulteiajt. <2« ift be«$alb 
bei brn 3'itTBortrrn unb -öauptwor; 
lern nur für) angegeben, ob jle ftarf, 
fa)»ätt) ober unregelmäßig jlnb, unb 
bie gönnen felbft nur ba angeführt, 
»o ber £erncnbe ba« 9tea)t be« Qtotl 
feU ^at. Su fernerer <8rlefd)terung 
«»erben folgenbc XabtUtn bienen. 


d« giebt brei «rten ber <£on{uga= 
tton im 3>rutfa)en: I. eine fiarfe, * 

Ihb grammatical principlea, ac- 
cordiug to which verba and Substan- 
tive« have been denoted in this Dictio- 
nary are those of Jacob Grimm, tbe 
well-known philologist. 

It is not intended to give here a 
sketch of tbe forma and inflections of 
Ger man worda, which would, aller all, 
be inaufficient ; a dictionary being, 
moreover, principally intended for 
those, who have eitheralready acquired 
a knowledge of grammar or who at 
least intend to atudy the langimge 
grammar in band. According to this 
view a dictionary merely recalla to the 
memory what has been learned by the 
aid of grammar and atepa in to proffer 
its assistance, where grammar may 
prove inaufficient. In pursuance of this 
principle, verba and aubstantivea are 
briefly designated aa being strong, 
weak or irregulär aa the caae may be, 
and the forma themaelves have only 
been added in those inatances, where 
tbe atudent may be allowed the privi- 
lege of doubting. The following tables 
may serve aa a further aid: — 

I. ConJBgatton. 

There are three kinds of conjuga- 
tion in German: I. a ttrong m«,* pe- 

* griber unregelmifig genannt, in 
Betfer« Ctjftem alte Qonjugation (oergl. ein 
e*ttf<fcIeu*n>«rtbt«SBerfd)en: "A Grammar of 
tfte German Langnage by Dr. Aue, 1847, 
Umiloa: Longnaa, Brown, Green & Long 

* Formerly called irregulär, aecordiog to 
Becker: ancient conjugation (compare a little 
work worthy of recommendation : " A Gram- 
mar of the German Langnage by Dr. Ane, 
1847, London: Longnaa, Brown, Green * 

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bie ben SBurjeliDÖrtern eigentfcüutUdj, 
unb burdj hm ÄHaut be8 äBurjetoc 
coW in bent Sßräterttum (barafteriflrt iß; 
2. rii« f d) ro a d) e , ' totlty alit abgeleiteten 
3«tn>5tt« umfafjt unb nur burd) Um= 
enbung fid) »eränbert; enbUd) 3. eine un= 
regelmäfjige. Sic fblgenbe ZaitUt 
bittet alte StbraanblungJfylben ber {fort en 
unb fdjwadjcn gornten be83« tro <" ; tf8:- 

culiar to radical verbs, which is cha- 
racterized by the change of the radi- 
cal vowel in the preterite*, 2. a weak 
me,* embracing all the derivativ« 
verbs, and only changed by adding a 
termination ; 3. an irregulär me. The 
table given here presents all the 
change» of inflection to which strong 
and weak verbs are snbject: — 

3nftntrb> be» Vtdfenfi (Infinitive Present): — en. 
Snbieatto (Indicative) ©ubjunctis (Subjunctive) 3ntyeratt» 

träfen« 3nU>etfertum ißtäfene Smperfectum (Imperative) 

(Present) (Imperfect) (Present) (Imperfect) - 


ftarfeßonj. fdjtoadKßonj. 
(strong conj.) (weakconj ) 




— (e)t-en 



fBartictyium ^JrSfenti* (Participle present) — enb 
9krtictyiuM $r«teriti (Participle past) 

ftarfeßonj. fdjroadjeConi. 
(strong conj.) (weakconj.) 



— en 
— en 

— e 
— e 
— en 

— en 

— e 

— e 
— m 
— en 









JDie fd)wad)e (Sonjugation btfcet fl<b 
hiernach ohne ÜRübe unb e* bleibt nur 
übrig, ein SJergeidjiiijj ber garten unb 
unregelmäßigen 3fitH>5rtrr ju 

SDie jlarf r n QeHnüxttr toerben burd) 
regelmäßige 2(b(aurung bei SBurgrfoo: 
call in ben (brei) <£au)>tfbrnten beö JStiU 
»orte«" gebilbet; j.SB. wie im Sng= 

ftarfe Gonju (strong conj.) ge — en 
j fd)tt>ad)e Senf, (weak conj.) ge — (e)t 

The weak conjngation may, after 
this, be formed with little difficul- 
ty and it only remains to give a 
(ist of the ttrong and the irregulär 

Sireng verbs are formed by regu- 
larly changing the radical vowel in 
the (three) prineipal forms of a verb;** 
f. i. as in the English langnage to 

■aas);" oergt. au* R. 6. Lalham, The Eng- 
lish Lnngoage, 3* ed. London, 1850, eh. 
XXII, XXIII, XXIV; An Elementar? Eng- 
lish Grammar, by H. G. Latbam, Losdon 
1851. S 355. 

* grüfter regelmäßig genannt, inSSerftr'« 
©oftem neue Gonjugarlon, srrgl. TtntH 
©rammatif p. 13 unb bie »erbta citirten 

*" Snpnih'» , 3mperfettum (ober tyxitm- 
tura), fjüvtltipium $>räterltl. 

Longmans) ; " compare besides R. G. La- 
tbam, The English Langnage, 3' ed. Lon- 
don, 1850, eh. XXII, XXIII, XXIV; An Ele- 
menUrr English Grammar, by K. G. Lathau, 
London 1851, S 255. 

* Formerly called regulär, aeeording t» 
Becker : modern conjngation , cf. Aue'» 
Grammar, p, 13 and the qnotations given 

** Infinitive, Imperfect (or Preterite ). 
Participle Past. 

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iifdjfii to drink jfeb in drank, drnnk 
»tiwonbttt, fo int 3)eutf<$en trinf-en 
in ttanf, ge-trunfen. 

8We ftorfen QtitroMrc laffm jl<6, auf 
felgenbe aa)t Slaffen jurütffityrrn : — 

drink changes inta drank, drnnk, «o 
in the German trinf-en into ttanf, 

All the strong verbs may be rednced 
to the following eight classes: — 



Sßarticfyium $affi«i 

(Radical Vowel — 



(Participle Past) 




2. i or f (ä, o) 


3. i (ie, ü) or e 


5, au) 

4. i or f 



II. 1. ei 






111. 1. a (au, o, u) 

i or it 

radical vowel 



radical vowel. * 

3u 1. I. gehören: Sßinben (banb, gebunben), bingen, bringrn, fmben, ge; 
(tagen, flmgm. ringen, föinben, ftylingen, fdjrolnben, f$n>htgen, fingen, finfro, 
{bringen, fimfen, hinten, tohtben, jtotngen. 

I. 2. {Befehlen (befahl, befohlen), beginnen, Bergen, berfien, Bremen, em- 
bfeblen, erfä)reden, geböten, gelten, getolnnen, Reifen, fominen, neunten, rin; 
nen, freiten, febroimmen, {innen, fritmen, fbretjjen, ffaben, fielen, flerben, 
treffen, »erberten, »erben, toerben, toerfen. 

1. 3. SBetoegen (betoog, bjtoogrn), biegen, bieten, breföen, festen, fted&ten, 
fliegen, fliegen, {liefen, frieren, gälten, genießen, gießen, glimmen, ^eben, 
tiefen, flimmen, frieden, (au*i, et=, »er-)lofä)en, lügen, melfen, Pflegen, 
quellen, rieben, rfidjen, faufen, fangen, (er:, »et:)f$aKen, feieren, fidbiebrn, 
fajlrjjen, fdjltef en, fömetjen, f<bnaubm, fdjranben, fd)toSren, föwetlen, ferneren, 
jleben, fpriefen, triefen, (betrügen, verbriefen, »erlleren, tofigen, tpiegen, 
weben, girren. 

I. 4. Sitten (bat, gebeten), effen, freffen, geben, genefen, gefo)ef/en, Itfen, 
liegen, meffen, fe^en, fifcen, treten, »ergrffen. 

II. I. fflefteifen (befiif; befliffen), ietfen, erbieten, gleiten, gleiten, greifen, 
Mftn, fnelfen, leiben, pfeifen, reifen, reiten, fdjteldjen, fa)leifen, fd)leifen, 
fqlmeifen, fönefben, föteiten, {heilen, frreiten, meinen. 

II. 2. ^Bleiben (blieb, geblieben), gebeibeh, leiten, meiben, greifen, reiben, 

* englffd)« Vnareaitn (Aue. 28.): 


in tbe Kngliuli langnnge: 

1. 1. .log 

2. bear 

3. «peak 

4. give 
IL aide 

ni. 1. fall 
2. draw 


bare (±) 













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föeiben, fdbeinen, »reiben, fottitu, fä/todqtn, freie«, ftfigrn, treiben, weifen, 

III. I. JBlaftn (Hie«, geHafen), (raten, fatttn, fangen, galten, fangen, 
Ratten, Reifen, laffen, (aufm, ratzen, rufen, fa)Iafen, ffofjen, ge^en. 

III. 2. Saiten (hat, gebaden), fahren, graben, (oben, fdjaffen, fragen, 
tragen, warfen, wafäjen, fielen. 

Unregelmäßig finb alle bieSeifc 
Wörter, weldje fia) toeber unter feit 
fd)wad)e jjorm, nod) unter eine ber 
Klaffen ber ftatfen Konjugation unter: 
orbnen; fie finb in bem nun fblgenben 
Ser|eia)niffe mit irr. bejetdjnet: — 

Irregulär. Those »erb« are calletl 
irregulär, which are not admiaaible 
etther into the week order or any 
of the classes of the strong conju- 
gation; they have been roarked in 
the list as mt., C e. irregulär: — . 

Litt of »trong and irregulär rerbs. 








For Wbotfett, Wbe. 
fehlen, Xb'btbalten, 
Wbelfen, Wbtrom« 
men , and rimilar 
Compounds, vide the 
tlmple verba Saiten, 
»eftblen, it. 

VoiCen (*tr., wme- 
timet to., p. p. atviayi 
»fr.), to bake 

»ebeufen (irr.), to con 

»ebing'en (Hr., tome- 
timet v n cf. Diel.), to 

»cbüVfen (irr.), 

»efob/ren, I. (str.) to 
II.(tc.) + **tofear 

»efallen, »efong'en, 
je. vtd. gfallen, San» 
gen, it. 

»tfeVltB (ttr.), to 

»efW,en(*tr.), to äf- 
fend to 

Ubbotfe, bu btoft (u>. 

batfft), er bdät (to. 

botft), it. 
io) bebenfe, bu be* 

bentft, er bebrütt 
td) bebinge, bu bc 

btngft, er bebingt 

to(id)bebarf, bu bebarfft, 
er bebarf 

tdj bef, (w 

id) bebaute 

(b) bffft (to, 

id) bebung 
((. «. be« 

tdj bebnrfte 

td) befübre, je. 


er befkbtt 
id) bepeire, bu befW. 

feft or bu befWft,' 

er befiel! t 

idj befabrte 

id> befahl 

td) bebaute 
üb behänge 

id) bebirfte 

id) befabrtt 

i« beföhle 
or befahlt 












Tb« $ of the teeond pemon» of verb» the last ayllable of «hieb conUini an j, ia oni- 
Terwlly onltted in prononclation, and, tberefore, it oogbt to be omitted In orthograpby, 
Jutt a» lt ia done in other caiea (ber griffe for grff tfte, bu mupt, bu »ei r r, it.). 

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BcgürafH (ttr.), t» 

Seifen (rfr.), to Wie 

Str'jen (ttr.), to aide 


V<ÜVacn (rtr.), to re- 

»«W« (.*•). to po»- 

tttti'gtt (ttr.), to 

Beargri (gen. »., 
tMttimet ttr.. cf. 
Dict.% to aore 
«Vgffl (irtr.), to fcead 

id) beginne, bn bt> 
Sinnier beginnt, u. 

iä) beiße, bu beifeR or 

beißt, er beift 
iä) berge, ba birgR, 

er birgt 
üb berfte, ba berfteR 

(or bfrReR), et ber« 

Ret or birR 
id) befinne, ba befm« 

neft, er beflnnt 

iä) befibe, ba beRjeR, 

er befiftt 
id) betrüge, bn be> 

trfigft, er beträgt 
id) bewege, bubewegR, 

er bewegt 

üb biege, bu biegft (• 

bengR), er biegt (* 


»if*ten (ttr.), to offer|iä) bitte, b« bieteR (♦ 

bentR), er bietet (* 


binbe, je. 

bitte, u. 

biid üb 

8ürten (ttr.), to 
Biften (ttr.). to 
ttafen (ttr.), to Mowliä) 




üb banb 

Bleiben (ttr.), to re- 


Weftben (gen. »., 

t o m et imet ttr., <f. 

Dict), to loee eolonr 

ttacr m., jmrticvl. 

<u m v. «.), to roast 
»rtA/en(rtr.),to break 

Steinen (irr., tome- 

Sriag'e» (irr.), to bring 
Stiren (irr.), to tblak 
ßtng'en (ttr. * ».), to 
«•atmet, eagage 
fertWen (*tr.), to 

btoft,b«blifeft, i 
id> bleibe, «. 

übbteübe, bableübft, 
er blei*t 

üb brate, bubrarR (or 
brottR), er brät (or 

üb breä)e, b» briä)R, 

üb brenne, je. 

üb bringe, je. 

iä) benfe, le. 

iä) binge, bu bingeR, 

er bingt 
lä)brefä)e,bn brifä)eft, 

er brifibet or brffäjt 

id) begann 


üb barg 

üb barR or 


üb befann 
iitlg. iä) 

id) befSf 

fa) betrog 

to) beginne beginne 
or beginne 

iä) beflfe 
iä) betrJge 
iä) bewege 

er üb 

iä) blieb 

iä) briet (*. 


iä) brannte 

iä) braä)te 
iä) baä)te 
üb bang ((. 

iä) brofä) or 


iä) biffe 

iä) bärge (i. 
iä) bdrRt 

iä) befinne 
or befonne 

iä) b7ge 


iä) binbe 
id) blte 

iä) bliefe 

iä) bliebe 


(ä) briete 
(to. bra« 

iä) brfije 

iä) brennete 

iä) briä)te 
id) biä)te 
id) bfinge 

betfe or 

bcrRe or 





biege (* 






brate or 






rb br«fä)erbr 
or bra"fä)e| 




















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©rlng'en(*tr.),to pree» 

©ürTen (irr.), to be 


Crintatfen, (Stn'bebta« 

gen, jc. vide Baden, 

»ebingen it. 
Cmpfang'en (*tr.), to 

ffmpfeb'Itn (jir.), to 


empftn'ben (sir.), to 

feel, to be «.eoaible o( 

Ontbred/en , 6nt» 

ortn'neu, tc. oüffiit« 

ten, ©inben, »reiben, 

»rennen, tc. 
ttrbei'fen, ffrbirten, 

ic. vid. »riftn, »le» 

ten, u. 
Srblet'a)en (Hr.), to 

grow pule 
«rfrie'ren {Hr.), 'to 

^erffi'ren (Hr.), to 

cbooie, vid. Auren. 
«rUffen (rtr.), to i« 

«ae, *c «id. Saffim. 
Grl Wen (rtr., teidom 

tc. in it> a. «a», to 

extiagaiib), to b« ex- 

«rfan'ftn (Hr.), rulg. 

to be drowaed 
ttrftballen (*tr>, «C4H«- 

ttmet ib.), to aoand 
erfahrnen (ttr.), to 

8rfd)red w en(#tr.,«ome- 

timef 10 ., c/. Dici.), 

to be frlghteaed 
örtriaftn Otr.), tobe 


eider, to reflect opon 
Offen (.irr.), to e»t 

iib (ringt, ic. 

id) bttrf, bn Mtfft, er 

barf, »it bürftn, «. 

tubj. (d) bfirfe tc. 

i<b empfange, bu enu 
pfangft, er empfangt 

id) empfeble, bn enu 
pfleblft, er empfieblt 

beft, er empffnbet 



id> empfanb 

i<b bringe 
id) bfirfte 

id) empfinge 

id) empfehle 
or entpfib 

id) tmpfan 







id) erbleiche, it. 

id) erfriere, bn er« 
Werft, er erfriert 


i<berWfd)»,bntrBfd)eftio) erfofd) 
or erloföeft, er er« 
Iif*t or rrtofebt 

id) erfaufa.bnerfdufft, 
er erfauft 
id) erftbaue, :c. 

id) crfd)rue, bn er« 
fdjeinft, er trftbeüit 

id) trfd)rtitt, bu er« 
febritfft er erfdjridft 

*ik*8ab'en(*(ir.), to 

id> ertrinfe, bn ef 

trinfft, er ertrinrt 

er erreigt 

id) fabe, bn fdbft, erid) 




id) erblidje 
(4 erfrire. 

id) crWfa)t 

i* «rfJffe 
id) erfcbole 
id) erfd)itne 
id) erfcbrße 

id) trrrdnft 
id) tnooge 


erttfd) orer» 










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Indkativf;' Sub- 



Bab/ren (ttr.), to paM, 
to ride (in any vehicle) 
Ballt» («fr.), to fall 

Saften (10., formetiy 
ttr.), to fold 

Sano/rn (str.), to catch 

Jecb'ten (ttr.'), to figbt 

fiurttn («fr.), to find 
8U4/ttn(«fr.), to plait 

glle'gffl («fr.), to fly 
JfBeb'tn («fr.), to flee 
(liefen (ttr.), to flow 

gto'gen (gen. v. r « ome- 

Wme» str.), to aik 
Jreffen («fr.), to de- 

vour, feed, eat 
fcrirtra (str.), to be 

cold, chilly 
Giften (str.), to fer 

»ebd'ren (str.), to 

bear, prodoce 

Wben (ffr.), to gire 

Qcbie'tcn (ttr.), to 
order, to command 

ffltbred/en, (Bebenden, 

M.üid.i8red)en, iDen* 

len, :t. 
©tbeit/en («fr.), to 

Befallen (*fr.), to 


©eb'en (irr.), to go 


id) fabre, bu fäbrft, tr 

id) falle, bn fällft, tr 

id) falte, x. 

id) fangt, bu fängft, 

er fingt 
id) fc(bte, bu fidjtft, or 

ffdjft (fetbteft), et 

P*t (fetbtet) 
id) ffnbe, ic. 

flirfjft (fletbteft), er 

flitbt (fled)tet) 
i* fliege, bn-pitgft, 

er fliegt (*bufleugft, 

er fleugt) 
id) fiiebc,bu fliegt, er 

fliegt (* bu fleudjft, 

er fleuebt) 

fliefet or fliegt (*bu 

fttufleft, er fleugt) 
id) frage, bu frdgft, 

er fragt 
i* freffe, *>u friffeft, er 

friffet or frif t 
id) friere, »t. 

id) gdbre, bn gd$rft, 
er gabrt 

id) gebäre, bu gebärft 
(or gebierft), erge» 
bätet (or gebiert) 

id) gebe, bu giebfl or 

t<b gebiete, bu gebie» 
teft (*gebeutft), er 
gebietet (* gebeut) 

id) gebeibe, it. 

id) gefalle, bu gefäUft, 
er gefällt 
id) gebe, jc. 
id) gelinge, «. 

fd> fuhr 


id) faltete, 


ii feebt 

id) fanb 
iib f[od)t 

id) flog 


I* frag 


14 gobr 
id) gebär 

id) göl» 
id) gebot 

id) gebieb 

id) gefiel 

Id) ging 
id) gelang 

id) fübre 

td) fiele 

id) faltete, 

id) finge 

id) fätbte 

id) flötbte 

id) flöge 

id) flöbe 


id) fragt 
id) frSpe 
id) fröre 
id) gäbre 

id) gebäre 
(*• «. ge< 

id) gäbe 

id) gebäte 

td) gebiete 
id) gefiele 

id) ginge 

td) gelänge 


falle or fall 




fltd)t or 

fliege, * 

fliebe or 

flieb * 


fliefe or 

flief, * 

(w.) frage 

fri» . 



gebäre or 

gieb or gib 

gebiete (* 





gefaltet or 
(str.) gc< 







(v.) ge« 









Digitized by 













(SePten (Hr.), to be 

(Sentfen (Hr.), to re- 

Senfe** en (Hr.), to «»- 


Oera'tben (Hr.), to 
come; to ton out, b.c. 

©efaWen (Hr.), to 

©enun'nen (»fr.), to 

(Sieben (*tr.). to poar 

id) gelte, 6« giltfl, er 
iä) genefe, it. 

id) genieße, bn genit 
fe(t / ergenie»t(4:** 
i« genenft, er ge» 

itb geratbe, tu gc= 
tugeratbeft, erger» 

ti grfd)iebet or ge* 
fdjiebt ( + * praoinc. 

id) gewinne, ic. 

i* galt (* 
itb gen» 

id) genof 

to) gtrfetb 

e< gefd)ab 
(* * pro- 

twne. ge« 


id> gewann 

ia) gitte or gilt 
in) genlfe 

®lef<ben (Hr., Jone 
times w., vide Diel.), 
to be like, reiemble 

<SWten (*tr., Mme- 
limes v.), to e' ide 

(Slün'men (/orraeriy 
#lr., noio gen. tc.)> to 

©ra'ben (Hr.), to dig 

iä) giele, bn gief eft, er 
gie^t (+ & * bu geu« 
feft, er geuft) 

iä) gleiäjc, te. 

® rei'f en (*tr.), to gratp 

{»rDtn (irr.), to b»te 
£al'ten (Hr.), to hold, 

$ang'en (slr. ; fingen, 

a veak vtrb, is eften 

confovnded wUhfxm- 

gen), to hang 
|>au'en (irr.), to hew, 

ent, «trike 
{»e'ben (*<r.), to lift 

id) gleftc, ic. 

id) glimme,»» glintmft, 
er glimmt 

iö) grabe, b« grdbft, 
er gräbt, 
id) greife, jc. 

iä) balte, tu biitft, er 

id) bange, bu bingß, i<b bing 

er 6än«t (not bn 

bangft, er bangt) 

id) baue, bn baufl, er 

id) bebe, bu bebft, er 



id) glitt 
id) glomm 

i<b grub 

i* griff 

ia) b««e 
iä) btelt 

Reffen (ttr.), to be 
ealled or named 
f>Oftn (Hr.), to hei» 


beipt, er betpt 
id) btlft, bn bilfft, er 


id) bi'b 



id) bolf 

id) bulf) 

id) genöffe 

id) gerietbe 

e< gefdjabe 

id) gewinne 
or gewön» 

id) goffe 

ia) gliä)e 

id) dfittc 

id) glömme 

id) grübe 
iä) griffe 

id) bitte 
iä) biclte 

id) binge 

iä) biebe 

id) bobe (# 



geniefe or 
genie« (* 


(ge». e* 


giefe or 

8«*, * * 



greife < 

balte < 


id) bülfe or 

baue or 


















Digitized by 












Statin (»•). to 
pnraiiur« ffr. 

JM'frn (rtr. or w.), 
.«»irnen (irr.), to know 



(4 Foufe, bu Faufft, ei 
Fauft (mmctimes bu 
Mufft, er Hüft) 

(d) fcife, m. 

id) Fenne, tc. 

1« raufte 

JHirt« (#lr.), * * 
provinc, to cleave 
Alim'mtn (rtr. or ic.), 
JtKng'nt(«tr.),to ioond 
Jtnei'fra (rtr.), to nip 
Änefpra (rtr.), to 
Stoafum (ttr.), to 

JfcVnen (irr.), caa, to 

be able 
StxUHm («fr.), to 


+ t*JW'ren (incorr. 

Jt&b/ren), to cbooie 

«<r>rn (ffr.), to lade 

«äffen (rtr.), to let 

Sarffeu (rtr.), *» rtn 

Seiten (Or.), to inffer 
«dtf«! («fr.), to lend 
WT« (Mr.), to read 

Sie'gen (*tr.), to He 

Wfd)'eu (gen. 10., *ome- 
timet Mir., cf. JHety, 
to qnench 

«4'flett (itr.X to Ue (to 
»»j a faloekood) 

id) flirte, sc. 

id) Flimme, u. 

id) Hing«, «. 
id) fnrife, ic. 
idj Fneipe, w. 

i<9 remme,bu fommft, 

er fommt (some- 

timet bu fämmft, er 

id) tarn, bu r«imf», er 

fonn, rubj. id) Fonne 
id) Frfed)e, bu rrled)ft, 

er rried)t (prooinc. 

& * bu rrtudjft, er 


refl, er füret 
id; labt, bu labeft, er 

labet (cot. bu Idbft, 

er litt) 

id) laffe, bu lÄfftfl or 
mt,' er läffet 


id) laufe, b« Idufft, ct 


id) leibe, u. 
id) leite, u. 
(d> lefe, bu Hefeft, er 

liefet or Wert 
ia) liege, bu Hegft, 


I6fd)eft, er lifdjt or 

id) lüge, «. 


id) rannte 
( proütfi«?. 


id) Flomm 

id> Hang 



ia) fonnte 

id) f5r 

id) IBb 


tiau« tu. 

i« iabete) 
id) lief 

t« lief 


ia) lie( 



id) faufte 

id) Femtctt 


id) fl Grame 

id) Hinge 
in) fniffc 
id) fnippe 

(d) Firne 



Wfe or »eifgefiffeu 







id) rannte 


I ffre 

id) lobe 
iimes w, 
id) tabefe) 

ia) liefe 



rnetpe or 




(<.».) tonne gefamt. 

rriedw or gtfrod)en. 



** Freud)) 

labe gelabcn. 

laffe or lafl 


fd) liefe 

id) litte 
id) lieoe 
ia) iSfe 

ia) l Ige 

ia) Mfd)e 

laufe orfonf gelaufen 

leibe • 

Ue», (fro- 

vinc. lefe) 






id) 19g id) iJge luge gelogen 

* c/. »oW to Seflcipctt) ateo $att cm er, ttutfd)c eprad)Ie&re, SRainj, 1839, p. 134. 

** 2 

Digitized by 












SRab'ltn (w>., p. p. itr.), id) ma&Ie, bn mablft, er 
te griod VMtjlt (£ * proeinc. 

bn radbjfl, tr mdblt) 

iRei'btn (*tr.), to avoid 

SRelTen (*(r., some- 

timtt ».), to milk 

SKepfen (*(r.), to mea 

Wbfeten, Wgebd= 

ren, it. vid. fflirten, 

©ebdren, jc. 
SKiffal'len (#fr.), to 

SOWgen (irr.), mar, *■ 

be allowed, 4c. 
QXÜPfen(»rr.), mu»t,to 

be obliged 
XtVmtn (str.), to take 

Starnen (MrO> to name 

pfeifen (*tr.), to 

§>fnfg«n (ßtr. kw. vid. 

Dict.), to foater , at- 

tend to, *c. 
greifen (*fr.), to praiie 
Etucllen (str. k to., «td. 

XHet.), to t well 
ttdd/tu (gen. w., totne- 

ttmet [*] «tr.), to re- 

«O'tbm («tr.), to ad- 

«erben (ttr.), to rab 
SttVfta (Hr.), to tear 
«ei'ten («tr.), to ride 
*Ren'nen (irr.), to ran 

«ie'djen (ßtr.), to unell 

Btfagtn (ttr.) , 
wreatle, wring 


id) meice, !C. 

fd) melfe, bu metfft, 
er mtltt (rarely bu 
mUfft, er rauft) 

iajmeffe, bumiffeft,er 
miffet or mif t 

id) miffatte, bn rnif* 

fdllft, er mif fd« 
id) mag, bn magft, tr 

mag, »tr mögen ic. 
i<b rauf, kn muf t, er 

muf, mir muffen, je. 
id) nebme, bn nünmft, 

er nimmt 
id) nenne, tt. 

id) pfeife, b« pftifft, 

« Pfeift 
lä> pflege, bn pfltgft, 

tr pflegt 

id) preife, je. 
id) autOt, bn quiUfl, 
il> rda)t, k. 

id) ratbe, bn rdtbft, 
id) reibe, u. 
fd) reift, w. 
id) reite, ic 
id) rennt, »c. 

leb riea)e, bu rletbft, er 
rfed)t (prooftic [S. 
c.] bn rnd)ft, tr 

ia) ringe, it. 

id) mo&Ite 
(+ k pro- 

id) mieb 
id) molf (w 
ia) melfte) 

id) mdf 

id) rnif fiel 
id) mod)tt 
id) ranfite 
id) nabm 

id) mablete 
»ine. raub« 


ia) miebc 
d) motte 
(ir. ia) 
ia) m3f e 

id) miffMe 
id) mdd)te 
id) müfte 
id) ndbme 

ia) nannte|id) nennet« 

( provine. 

[s. c] id) 

i* pfiff 


id) quoll 

fd) red) 


id) rannte 



id) rod) 


id) Pfifft 
id) pflöge 

ia) priefe 
id) qniDt 


id) riet&e 

id) riebt 
id) ritte 
id) rennete 


id) ringt 

raablt or 


<y milt) 


(l.v. mSge) 


nennt e 






ratbe o 
reift or reif 

ried)e or 
trinc [5. 
R] rtnd)) 


(not gt* 



(w- flt» 














Digitized by 










1 ««6- 



«in'hen (*tr.\ to mn 

14 rinnt, w. 

<4 rann 

t4 ranne or 
i4 rieft 



«rffe» (ttr.), to call 

td> rnfc, u. 

ta) rief 



(ouig. v>. 

id) rufte) 

Sol'jtn (w., p. p. tomt- 

(4 fo'Jt, u. 

id) fal|te 

i4 faijte 


gefaßt (w.; 

timet ttr.), to »alt 

or ttr.). 


eauTen (ttr.)> tutg. to 

i4 faofir, bn fdufft, er 

t* foff 


fanft orfanf 


drin k 


Bau'gen (ttr.), to inck 

f* ränge, bu faugft, er 
fangt, (not bufaugft, 
er fingt) 


i4 ffJfle 



6a)affen (ttr. A ic., 

i4 f*offe, bu f4affft, 



f4afft or 


cid. Dict.), to create 

er fibafft 


edpibtn (ttr.), to ae- 

i4 f4cibc, ic. 

«4 fa)ieb 

i4 f4itbe 



p«rate, to depart 

6<bei'nen (ttr.'), to 

i4 fdjeint, jc. 


i4 f4itne 



sbine, appear 

e^d'^en (ttr.), vulg. 

i(b fdjrifle, jc 



fdwif c or 


to «Uite 


6*ePttn (ttr.), to teold 

(<b Wette, bu ftbittft, 
er f4«t 

id) fd)alt 

i4f4Mtt or 




i4f4ert, bnf4crft, er 

14 f*5r 

i4 fd>ore 

f4ert Cpro- 


JDict.), to ihcar 

f4trt (prootne. btt 



fibierft, er friert) 

i4 f*0r) 

&$ielm (ttr.), to 

14 fdjiebt, bn ftUbft, 

iä> fa)öb 

i4 f4«be 

f4iebe or 



er f Aiebt 


Banden (*<r.)» to 



«4 f46fft 

f*ief e or 



er f4lef t (+ * pro- 
vinc. bn f4tnfeft, er 

f •«!»(** 


CflürtenOtr.), to flay 

i<b fibinbt, tt. 

id) fd)unb 

iime« w. 
id) fd)in* 

i4 f*unbe 



Sibla'fen {ttr.), to 

i4 fd)(afe, bn fcbldfft, 

i* f*ltef 

i4 f4I«fe 

f4Iaft or 





e^gta (#tr.)» to 

i4 f*Iase, bn f*Wgft, 

id) fd)lng 

i4 f4(üge 



beat, itrike 

er f4«gt 

es<blei'4tu (*t>.), to 


i(B fcbleifbe, ic. 

id) fdjtid) 

i4 f4«4e 



6a>Iei'ftn (u>. 4 rtr., 

in) raXeife, jc. 

i4 f4Hff 


l4Itift or 


wd. DieU), to grind, 


Sil!ei'Jre(*tr.) ( to»lit, 

ii) f4Ieipt, ic. 

(4 f*tt« 

i* fW 

l4Iei^t or 




Othiilfen, + * protimc. 

i4 f d)(iefe, w. 

14 f4ioff 

14 f4IßfT* 



(S.C.) (,tr.), to ilip. 




Digitized by 


»*»*t ! 


-= _:- -S-'-cft or 








/ <*tr.) fid 

L _J ami« |(rtr.) ge- 

itle, «™S 

c ■ : 



fi3T=Se ] 












«• *■- 

<**r.) S« 

— :. 














= . 


4h . . *. 





■S8ii * 





\rr.=ar%r 1 









« •«. 


4*«iX Jg 



Digitized by 













WBÖ'RB («tr.)i t0 

t<fi febroore, ic. 


ii> fd)»?re 





or f<bȟre 

Stfen (*tr.), to lee 

C* febt, bn fiebft (fie* 


id) fibe 

fiebe or fieb 

gefeben or 

Mit (irr.), to be 

id) bin. bu bift, tr ift, 
»ir (IIb, ibr feib, jie 

id) »ar, bu 

id) wäre 




fvnbj iubj. id) fei, bu 


ftift, er ftij wir fei» 

er »ar 

en, (br feieb, fit feien 

tarttn (». A irr.), to 

td) fenbe, »c. 

id) fenbetc 

icb fenbete 


gefenbet er 


er fanbte 



id) fiebe, m. 


td) forte 




Sing'«« (*tr.), to «iog 

id) finge it. 

id) fang 

id) fingt 



Siil'n (*ir.), to tiik 

id) finfe, «. 


id) finfe 



Unzeit (rtr.), to ■*- 

id) finne, u. 

id) fann 

id) finne or 



Zitate, reflect 


it'en (*tr.), to ait 

id) fibe, tt. 


i* fift 



Win (trr.), ihsli, to 


id) fönte 

id) foUte 


twe, to be obliged 


id) fpalte, bn fpalteft 

iö) fpaKete 

id) fpaltetc 


(.ttr.) ge« 

ometimet ».)> to 

(provinc. fp4ltft), er 


tUit, sKt 


(rarely w. 

pefen (rtr.), to vo- 

jit, ftW 

ringen («tr.),to«pi» 

U> fpeie, «. 


id) fpie 



fab fptnne, w. 

i<9 fpann 

id) fpinnt 



( protn'nc. 


DU<g\. id) 

i* fplip 


id) fpleif e, «. 

i* [puff« 



rct^'en (»tr.), to 

id) fpretbt, bn fpritbft, 

ia> fprfd) 

id) fprSbe 




er fprtcbt 


riefen (*tr.), to 

td) fpriefe, it. 



fprief e or 




ring'en (str.), to 


id) fprang 

id) fpringe 



nip. leap, spring 

er fpringt 


«b/cn («tr.), tosting, 

itb fU<be, bn ftta)ft, er 


id) ftlebe 





:tfVn *r.), to stick 

td) fteefe, :c. 


id) ftlf e 


(vulg. ge« 

b/m (üt.)» to stand 

td) ftebe, bu fttbeft 


id) ftdnbeor 

ftebe or fttb 


(ftebft), er ftebet 

* provinc. 


(ftebt), jc. 


VI« fjtr.). toiteal 

td) fteblt, bn ftteMft, 

in) ftabl 

id) fti^te or 




o«ig. id) 




i* fliege 




Digitized by 


Stnteitustg. XXII 










©(blieben (*ir.), to 

id) ftbliept/ bu fd)He« 

iä) fctjlof 

i* fW« 

fdbliepe or 


■bot, cloie 

pefi, er f<©ite#t <+ & * 
in fileupefl, er 

* fdjteuf) 

©d)ltag'eii (ttr.), to 

id) fa)linge, u. 

iä) fiblang 

in) WAnge 



twiit, wind 


©d)mei'Peil (*tr.), to 

i* fciraeif e, u. 

i<b f<bmiP 

id) f4)mife 

fcbraetpe or 


■mite, ttrike 


©djmel'ien («fr- & »•• 

id) f(bm«lje, bu f4mfl» 

id) fd>mclj 

iä) fdjmfilje 



w'd. D)'c(.)> to melt 

jeft, er fojmiljt 


©cbnau'ben (to. & *tr.), 

id) f<bn<mbe, bn 

id) fd)nöb 

id) fdjnflbe 



to inort 



©tbnefbtii (*tr.), to 
©d)nei'en (10. & pro- 

iä) fibneite, k. 

iä) fd)ntrt 

id) fcbnirte 



tt Waeit, je. 

e« fdjneitej 

e« fd)neite$ 



vinc. [& 6?.]*tr.),i)»- 

(#«r.) e« 

(*tr.) es 

(*tr.) ge< 

perj. to iiow 




®d)nteT)«n, % trid. 


Sa)ratt'ben (ic. & *tr.), 

td> fd)raube, it. 

(rtr.) id) 

(*tr.) id) 


(j(r.) ge- 

to screw 




Streifen (gen. w., 


iä) f*m 

id) fcbrJfe 



sometiints str., vid. 

er fdjritft 



Dict.). to frigbt 
©<brei'ben (*tr.), to 

©djui'en (str.), to cry 


id) föreibe, k. 

id) fdjrieb 

iä) fdjriebe 



(d) fe)reie, w. 

iib f*rie 

id) fä)rie 

fibreie or 



©(brei'ren (rtr.), to 

i<b fa)rette, tt. 

i* f*ritt 

14 färitte 



»tride, itep 

©«breiten (irr.)» to 

id> fdjrote, Du fdjrotcft, 

(10.) i* 

id) fcirotete 


(»tr.) ge- 

gnaw ; to rough grind 

er fdjrotet 



+ & pro- 

(rorWy w. 



iä) fä)riet 


©iStod'ren (*tr.), to 

in) fcbmore, bu fd)rod= 

iä) ftb»ö*r 

id) fd)»3re 




refl, (provtnc. bu 
f<bRH<rft),er fdjnxSrt 

S<b»ei'gen (ffr.), to 

i<b fä)»eige, je. 

f(b f<b»ieg 

id) fä)raiege 

fd)meige or 


be lilent 


gen. ' 

©♦»eilen («er., *ome- 


id) f<brooU 

itb fd)»8He 



li'm« w., w'd. Dict.), 

er f<b»i« 


to »well 


©<b»ün'nten (*tr.), to 

üb fdjmimmc, u. 


lä) fd)n)dnu 




me & 

or f(b»tmm 


©(bretaten (.*&.), to 

id) fibainbe, ic. 

iä) fd)»anb 

lä) fcbwdnbe 



diuppear, vaoisb 


64ning'en (*tr.) f to 

id) fdjioinge, ic. 

14 f(b»ong 







Digitized by 









IndicativeA Sub- 



Süafm («fr.). *• 

idj fd)roore, ic. 

td)f<b»ör or 

id) fd)More 





or f<brcüre 

eScVen (#rr.), to ue 

icb febe, tu ftc^ft (ße> 


id> fabe 

fiebe or fieb 

gefeben or 

Ben (irr.), to be 

i<b bin, bu bfft, tr ift, 
»it (Üb, i^r feiD, fle 

id) war, bu 

id) reare 




ftab} **bj. itb fti, bu 


ftift, erfci} reit fei« 
en, tbr feiet, fit feien 

er aar 

Sorten (».* irr.), to 

itb fenbt, ic. 

i«b fenbete 

id) fenbete 


gefenbet ©r 


or fanbte 


5lrt«(«tr.), to §eetb, 

id) ftebe, it. 

id) fort 

id) forte 


gef orten. 


Steg'« (*tr.), to »lug 

idj finge ic. 

id) fang 

id) fingt 



SüPea (rtr.), to «ik 

idj Rufe, w. 

id) fant 

id) fante 



Wan (*tr.), to ne- 

Üb finne, ic. 

id) fann 

id) finne or 



rfitate, reflect 


5i«'en (rtr.), to iit 

id) fi»e, ic. 


i* flf t 



Sotten (irr.), iball,to 


id) foUtt 

id) foUte 


»we, to .be obliged 


id) fpalte, »u fpalteft 

id) fpoittrt 

td> fpaltcte 


(«er.) ge« 

»meiimei 10.), to 

(proütnc. fpflltft), er 




(rareJy in. 

Ipefen («tr.), to to- 

idj fpeie, »c. 


id) fpit 

fptie or fpei 



Jörnen Crtr.),to«5pin 

ty fpinne, w. 

id) fpann 
( prootne. 
vulg. id) 

i* |p«f 

id) fpAnnt 
or fponn* 




id) fpletp" e, je. 

i* fplifft 



trennt (*cr.), to 

id) fpredtt, bu fprUbft, 

Uf fprsdj 

id) fprftibe 




er fprid)t 

pritf« (*lr.), to 

id) fprfepe, tc. 

id) fprof 


fprief e or 




Ptutg'ra (rir.), to 


id) fprang 

id) fprdnge 



Map, leap, spring 

er fprfngt 



id) ftetbe, bu ftid)ft, er 







*(f en (jr«r.) ( to (tick 

ia) ftetfe, m. 




(vulg. ge» 

eb'en (irr.), toatand 

id) ftebe, bu ftebeft 

id) ftanb ($ 

id) fidnbt or 

ftebe or fieb 


(ftebft), er fteftet 



(f»ebt), «. 


ryiat(«tr.), to ateal 

id) fteble, bu ftie$Ift, 

id) ftabl 

id) fWbtt or 




vulg. id) 
idt flieg 


efgen (#rr.), to 

Üb fteige, ic. 


fteige or 


•oat, rite 


Digitized by 


«irueuung. am 










©üWfen (.str.), to 

id) fd)liepe, bn fd)lie« 

id) fdjlc-f 

i* f«*lö|Te 

ftt)Iiepe or 


■bot, cloie 

bu fd)leufeft, er 

* fdjleu») 

©«bling'en (#rr.), to 

id) fd)Unge, tc. 

id) fd)lang 

id) fölange 



twiit, wind 


©«imei'Pen (ttr.), to 

id) fd)reeif e, ic. 

i* f*mif 

id) fd)mife 

fa)meife or 


■mite, itrike 


©(bmel'jen (rtr- ft w., 

id) fömelje, bn fd)mil« 

id) fd)moI{ 

io) fd)m6I}e 



cid. DicU), to melt 

jeft, et fibmiljt 


©d)nau'ben (to. & *tr.), 

id) fibnoube, bu 


id) fcbnföe 



to mort 

fd)n<nibft ; erfä)n<robt 

©o)net^en (*ir.), to 
6o)nei'en (w. * pro- 

id) fänetbe, it. 

id) fd)nitt 

id) fd)nitte 



e* febneit, «. 

e« f<i)nefte j 

c» fd)neite; 



vinc. [& G.] rtr.)> • ffl " 

(*ir.) et. 

(str.) es 

(*er.) ge» 

per*, to »ow 




©a)nie'ben, + "'<'• 


©o)rau'ben (v>. * str.), 

id) fo>rattbe, te. 

(*tr.) id) 

(*tr.) id) 


(str.) ge- 

to »crew 




Streifen (gen. w., 


id) fibrat 

id) fd)rJf e 



sometimes str., vid. 

er föriett 


Dict.), to fright 


©«breiten (jtr.), to 
©d)rer*en (rfr.), to cry 

id) fd)reibe, ic. 

id) fd)rieb 

i<b fd)riebe 



id) fd)reie, w. 


id) föne 

fo)reie or 



6d)rei'ten (*tr.)» to 

id) fo)refte, «. 

id) fdjritt 

id) fö)ritte 



»tride, »tep 

©d)rofen (irr.), to 


(w.) id) 

id) fd)rotete 


(«er.) 9 e» 

gnxw ; to rough-grind 

er fd)rotrt 



$ A pro- 

(rartlyw. ' 



ia) f<brier 

tet). 1 

©<b»4'ren (str.), to 

id) fdbrodre, bu fd)»J= 

i<b fib»3r 

id) fd)»Jre 




reft, (pravinc. bu 
fa)»terft) ; er fibroÄrt 
( fd)ni(rt) 

Sd)Bei'gen (str.), to 

id) fd)meige, je. 

id) fibreteg 

id) fd)roiege 

fd)meige or 


be »Heilt 


gen. 1 

©a)»el1en (#tr., jtome- 


id) fd)n>oD 

id) fd)ȣ0e 



f/me* to., vid. Dict.), 

er f<b»int 


to «well 

©(bmim'men (str.), to 

id) fo)n>immc, ic. 


ia) fä)ndnt; 




tne & 



©«bminten (Hr.), to 

id) fa)»inbe, ic. 

id) fd)»anb 

id) fibndnbe 



diuppear, vaniah 


©djnüifl'en (str.), to 

id) fd)»inge, w. 

id) fa)»ang 







Digitized by 














6eb»ö're» (ttr.), *• 
fSd/m (ttr.), to ice 

tkin (irr.), to be 

Beuten (». t irr.), to 

Binc/tn (ttr.), to »log 
ESfiFca (ttr.), to link 
Bia'ntn (ttr.), to me- 
ditate, reäect 
Sit'« (rtr.), to dt 
Wtal(trr.),«ball, to 
owe, to be obliged 
tometima to.), to 
■plit, «t.t 

Sperre (ttr.), to to- 




Pre<b'en (»tr.), to 


priefen (*tr.), to 


ptiae'ea (ttr.), to 

■mp, leap, spring 



SeeTen (rtr.), to «tick 

eb'en (irr.), to »Und 
WmCrfr.), totteal 

#«« («tr.) F 
onnt, rite 


id) Misere, je. 

icb febe, bn fte&ft (ft<: 

icb bin, bu bfft, er ift, 
»ir fhb, Ü)r feib, fie 
finb« rubj. icb fei, bu 
feift, er fei» »ir fcf; 
m, ibr feieb, ße feint 

16) fenbe, tc. 

id) fiebe, m. 

id) finge Jt. 
id) fiare, it. 
id) ftnne, je. 

üb R»e, je. 

id) fpalte, bn fpalttfl 
(provinc. fptütft), er 



icb n>ar, bu 
er mar 

to) fenbete 
or fanbte 
Üb fort 

iö) fang 
id) fanr 
ia) fann 

ia) feilte 

ia) fpattete 

ia) fa)»?« 

or fd)n>ure 

ia) fäbe 

ta> wäre 

icb fenbete 

icb fötte 

i«b finge 
icb finfe 
(d) finne or 
icb ffie 
id) foate 


Hebe or fieb 



gefeben or 

ia) fpeie, M. 
ia) fpinne, je. 

ia) fpleif e, sc. 
id) fpreebe, bu fpriä)ft, 
er f»riö)t 
id) fprief e, >e. 


er fprfngt 

ia) fteebe, bn ftiebft, er 


icb ftedte, jc. 

iä) ftelje, btt ftebeft 
(ftebft), er fielet 
(fle&t), jc. 

id) ftetjte, bn ftitbft, 
er ftiebCt 

ia) fieige, it. 


id) fpann 
( provinc, 
vvlg. id) 

leb fplt* 


ia) fprang 



id) ftanb (# 
& provinc. 

id) ftabt 


vulg. id) 

i* f«eg 


id) fpinne 
or fpfinne 



fpeie or fpei 

i« fpüffe 
id) fprlcbe 

i* fpr<3fle 

icb fprang e 

id) ftlcbe 


id) ftinbe or 

icb ftdfjfc or 


fprief e or 



ftebe or ftcb 

gefenbet or 



(»t>.) ge» 


(rarely w. 

gef paltet), 





(wlg. gt« 



ia) fliege 

fieige or 
I ffeig 



Digitized by 


«imeuung. aau 










©(blit'fen (*tr.), to 

id) fibliepe, Du fdjlif 

id} fd}(0f 

i* mm 

Mjüepe or 


»bot, clote 

tu fibleuftft, er 

* f*ltaf ) 

©diltng'en (*(r.), to 

(fl> fd}linge, ic. 

id} fd}Iang 

id} fdjloige 



twiit, wind 


Sibmei'flen (*tr.), to 

id) fdjmeif e, tc. 

id} fdtmip 

id} fdjntffc 

fdjmeipe or 


»mite, »trike 


©ibmel'jen (rtr- * tu., 

i<b fdjaelje, bu ftfemil» 

id} fdjmclj 

id} febmWje 



vid. biet.), to melt 

S«ft, er fifimitjt 


©cbnau'ben (w. & *tr.), 

ld) ftbnaube, bu 


id} fibnBbe 



to »nort 



©^netten (*ir.), to 
©ibnei'en (w. * pro- 

ta) fdmeibe, k. 

id} fdmitt 

id} fönirte 



e* fdjnrit, ie. 

t« fiinettej 

e« fdjneitej 



vinc. [& <?.] ftr.), im- 

(ttr.) ee 

(str.) tt 

(ttr.) ge. 

per«. to »bow 




©cbnie'ben, + »M- 


Bd)rau'b«B(tc. **tr.), 

id} fd}raube, it. 

(rtr.) i« 

(ttr.) üb 


(ttr.) g^ 

to »crew 




Sd)t«fen (gen. w., 


id> fdtr« 

lo> f<br Jf e 



sometimtt Str., vid. 

er fdjridt 



Dict.), to frignt 
©djrrf'ben (ttr.), to 

©o>rer'en (ttr.), to cry 


id} fdjreibe, u. 

id} fd}rieb 

id} fibriebe 



(4 fdjreie, it. 

id} fdjrie 

idt fd}rie 

fd}reie or 

f<b rette 


6d>rei'ttn (*(r.). to 

id> fd}reite, it. 

i* förttt 

ii) fibritte 


atride, »tep 

öd)cc't«tt (»rr.)t to 


(»•) i« 

id} fdjrotete 


(*rr.) gt* 

gnaw ; to rough-grind 

er fdjrotet 




+ k pro- 

(rarely v. 



id) fdiritt 


©(bwd'ren (.Hr.), to 

id} ftbnare, bu f<tjmS= 

U> f<jn>5r 

io) fibnore 




rtft, (prow'nc. bu 
f<&rourft),er fd}»4rt 
( fd}»iert) 

S<b»ei'gen (*fr.), to 

id} fdjweige, it. 

idt fd}»i(g 

id} fibroftge 

fibmeige or 


be »ilent 



©fbtoelten (<tr., jonu- 

id}r<bi»ea(,bufd}»illft ( 

id} fd}»oO 

id} fd}»5ne 



/i'/ne» ie., vid. Dict.), 

er fdtmfUt 


to »well 

©cbBim'mcn (»fr.), to 

ia> fibwinäne, it. 


id; fdjmim* 




ne & 




©d}»fn'ben (*fr.), to 

io> fd}»i«be, it. 

id} f<b»anb 

id) fdtreinfce 



di»appear, vaaiib 


Sdjoing'en («tr.)> to 

id} fdjteinge, it. 

4 ftbrnang 







Digitized by 













GtnVtn (ttr.), te 
KV« (»fr.). *• ie « 

Bf in (irr.), to be 

Sorten (w. * trr.), to 


Bieten («fr.), toteetb, 

Stauen (ffr.), to «log 
Statt» (ffr.), to link 
Sürttm (ttr.), to me- 
ditate, redect 
5l»'ea (/fr.), to «1t 
Wtat (trr.), «hall, to 
»we, to be obliged 
»mcfa'met w.), to 

Ipei'en («fr.), to vo- 
■it, «pew 

WtdVen (*tr.), to 


priesen (*fr.), to 


prtag'ea (*tr.), to 

■■p, leap, «pring 



*<ffB (itr.), to »tick 

tyltn(ttr.), to «teal 

*«et («fr.), te 
onnt, riae 

id) fd)n>irt, IC. 

id) feie, bu fiebft <fie» 

i(b bin, bu bfft, er ifl, 
mir flat), it)r fett), fie 
finbi *ubj. to) fei, bu 
feid, er fei» mir fefc 
en, itr feieb, fie feien 

üb fenbe, it. 

id) ftebe, ie. 

icb finge »t. 
üb fUrte, m. 
id) finne, u. 

id) fibe, u. 
id)fou,b«foOft ; erfoU 

üb fpalte, bu fpalteft 
(provinc. fpcUtfl), er 

üb fpeie, ie. 

Üb fpfnne, u. 


üb war, bu 
er mar 

icb fenbtte 
or fanbte 

icb fort 

üb fang 
icb fann 

tc* fSf 

icb feilte 

üb fpattete 

icb fcbnFre 


i« fibe 

icb »fire 

üb fpleif e, :c. 
i<b fpreebe, bu fprübft, 
er fpritbt 
icb fpriefe, »t. 


er fprfngt 
üb fteebe, bu ftitbft, er 

icb fteefe, ie. 

icb ftebe, bu ftebeft 
(ftebft), er fielet 
(ftebt), »c. 

icb fable, bu ftieblft, 

üb ftelge, >t. 

id) fpie 

üb fpann 
( provinc. 
vulg. id) 

üb fpli? 

icb fprScb 

icb fprop 
üb fpraag 

id) ftanb (+ 

& provinc, 
üb ftabi 


vulg. id) 

üb flieg 

icb fenbete 

ia) rette 

id) finge 
id) finfe 
id) fdnne or 
i* fJfe 
id) foUte 

üb f pallete 

id) fpie 

üb fpinne 
or fpönne 

ftebe or fleb 






fpeie or fpei 

i* fpliffe 
id) fprTcbe 

üb fprof« 

id) fpringe 

id) ftlebe 


id) flänbe or 

id) ftible or 

icb fliege 


fpriefe or 



ftebe or fleb 



gefeben or 

gefenbet or 



(»fr.) fle» 

fp alten 

(rarely v. 







(vulg. gt« 




Digitized by 



hjinith>e. Indicative. 







©aWfen {str.), to 
»hat, cloie 

©iblüig'en (str.), to 
twiit, wind 
©i&met'fltn (str.), to 

■mite, «trike 

©♦meTjen (str. tu., 

vid. Dict), to melt 
©djnou'ben (ie. St str.) 

to «nort 
©djuefbeu (str.), to 

©ibnei'cn (10. ft pro 

vinc. [8. 6.] str.),im- 

pers. to raow 
©i&nte'ben , + »id. 

©(brau'beu («0. ft rtr.), 

to »crew 
©djKcfen (gen. w., 

sometimei str., vid. 

Dict.), to fright 
©ibrei'bcn (str.), to 

©ftrefen (*tr.), to cry 

©d)rei'ten (rtr.), to 

•tride, ctep 
©cbro'ten (irr.), to 

gn»w ; to rough-grind 

id) fi&Iiefe, bu fdjlie* 

bu fdjltopeft, er 
i* fiblhtge, tc. 

id) fdjmeif t, tc. 

id) fdjmelje, bu fd)mil> 
jeft, er fdjmiljt 

id) fd)naube, bu 

id) fdjneibe, tc. 

tt fcbneit, ic. 

id) fdjraube, tc. 

iä)fd)red , e / bttfd)rid'ft, 
er fibridt 

id) fibreibe, ic. 

id) fd)reie, tc. 

id) fdjreite, w. 

id) fd)rote, bu f d)roteft, 
er fdjrotet 


©d)ro&'ren (str.), to 


(Sdjmei'gen (»ir.), to 

be silent 
6d)»ePIen (*£r., «>me- 

iimet w., vid. Dict.), 

to »well 
©d)»ün'men (str.), to 


©djwm'beu (str.), to 
diiappenr, Yaaiib 

Sd)tcing'en (str.), to 

id) fdtmdre, bu fdjȊ= 
reft, (proBtnc. bu 
f<b»ierft),er fdjwSrt 
( forciert) 

id) febtoetge, ic. 

er färoiUt 

id> fdjwimrac, tc. 

i* fd)lo* 

id) fd)long 

id) fd)mip 

id) febraolj 

id) fä)n5b 

id) fd)nirt 

et fdjneire 
(#lr.) es 

(*fr.) id) 

id) fd)r5r 


id) rd)ricb 


id) fdjritt 

(w.) id) 

+ & pro- 
id) fd)riet 
id) fdjwör 

id) fd)löfie 

id) fd)Unge 

id) fd)mffi*e 

id) fd)mSlje 

id) fä)nfibe 

id) fd)nitte 

c6 fd)neite) 
(*«r.) e« 

fdjliepe or 
* fd)leuf) 


febmeipe ot 




(*tr.) id) 


id) fdjrlfe 

id) fd)ttinbe, ic. 
id) fdjtoinge, tc. 

id) fd)»ieg 
id) fd)moU 


id) fd)riebe 
id) fd)rie 
id) fdxitte 
id) fdjrotete 

U> fd)»Sre 

id) ftbmiege 
id) fd)»6ae 

fd) raube 


fdjreie or 



id) fd)»anb 
ia) fd)n>ang 

itb fd)»dm» 

me * 

id) fd)»dnbe 


fd)»eige or 





gefdj lan- 




(str.) sp 

(str.) gt- 



(str.) ge> 

(rorety a. 










Digitized by 













edwtfreu (*<r.)» to 
ESüfcn (*rr.), to *ee 

Bein (irr.'), to be 

Satan (w. * irr.), to 

Stehen («tr.), to «eetb, 
to boil 
Sina/cn («tr.), to »iog 
»Hufen («tr.), to iUk 
iia'nat (str.), to me- 
ditate, refiect 
Sii'en («fr.), to itt 
Wien (irr.), «ball, to 
>we, to be obliged 
pal'ten (w., p. p. «tr., 
vmetimes to.), to 
pHt, *Kt 

pei'en (str.), to to 

nit, »pew 

tin'ncn («ir.),to«pin 

tfei'pen («tr.), to »lice 

»ed/ea (.»tr.), to 


«riefen (*tr.), to 


»ring'en («tr.), to 

tnp, leap, spring 

Kayen («tr.), to • ting, 


f ifra (*tr.\ to (tick 

tb/eu (trr.), to «Und 
(b/Ien («tr.), to »teal 

* gen (ttr.) , 
ount, riae 


icb febroöre, :t. 

id) febe, bu fiebft (fit 

id> bin. bn bift, er ift, 
mir fwb, ibr fetb, fie 
ftab» tubj. icb fei, bu 
fei(t, tr fei) wir fei« 
en, Ibr feieb, He feien 

id) fenbe, je. 

id) fiebe, »c. 

icb finge k. 
id) fiafe, u. 
icb finne, »c. 

id) fibe, ac. 

id) faulte , bu fpolteft 
(prooinc. fpclftfü, er 

id) fpeie, w. 

id) fpfnne, je. 

übfdjwör or 


id) mar, bu 
er »or 

in) f«b»ore fcbwJre 
or fdjtoüre 
id) fäbe 

ieb märe 

fiebe or fieb 

gefeben or 

icb fenbete id) fenbete 
or fonbte 


icb fem* 
id) fann 

iit fodte 

id) fpoJtete 

id) fpleif e, it. 
id) fpreebe, bu fprubft, 
er fpriajt 
id) fprief e, je. 


tr fpringt 
id) fteebe, bu ftiebft, er 

id) ftetfe, je. 

id) fiebe, bu ftebeft 
(ftebft), er (lebet 
<|h»0, «. 

icb fteble, bu ftfeblft, 
er ftieblt 

id) fteige, it. 


id) fponn 
( prorinc. 
vulg. id) 
id) fplif 
icb fprSd) 




id) (llr 

icb fStte 

id) finge 
id) fänfe 
id) fdnne or 
ieb flu 
id) foUte 

id) fpaltete 

id) fpie 

id) fpanne 
or fponne 

«* fPüffe 
id) fprJcbe 

id) fpriflt 

id) fprdnge 

icb (liebe 


icb ftanb (* 

& prooinc. 

in) ftobl 


vulg. id) 

id) (lieg 

id) ftiinbe or 

id) ftible or 

id) fliege 





fpeie or fpei 


fprief e or 



fiebe or (leb 

gefenbet ©r 



(»tr.) ge« 

(rarety w. 





(ovtg-. ge« 


fteige or 



Digitized by 












Sterten (rtr.), to die 

ehrten (j<r.), to dut 

etinf«t(«tr.), toitink 
©to'pen (ffr.), to thniit 

etreid/en (»tr.), to 

@trei / tcn(«tr.) > tofigbt, 

Xbün (irr.), to do 

Sro/gen (rtr.), to car- 
ry, bear 

Sreffen (str.), to hit, 

Herten (.str.), to 

$r? tcn (str.), to tread 

Ärie'fen (*tr., some- 
times ic.), to drop 


IWsenC-"- Kriegen) 
(>(r.), to decelve 

«erbei'fen (sir.), to 

«erbergen, »erbfegen, 



SSerbleiben, it. vid. 

»ergen, »legen, »iei 

tcn, »inten :e. 
»erblei'dten («irv ome 

t/m« «>.), to lo»e 

colonr, to fade 
»erbredjen, «erbren< 

nen, je. vid. »red)en, 

»rennen, it. 
Serberttn (str.), to 

tpoil, &c. 

»etbrie'ltn (str.), im- 
pers. to grieve, fte. 

id) fterbe, bu ftirbft, 
er ftirbt 

id) fliebe, «. 

id) ftinfe, ic. 
id) fiepe, bu ftif eft, er 
U> ftreid)e, je. 

iä) ftreite, ic 

i<b tbüc, bu tbflfi, er 


id) tröge, bu rrJgft, 

id) treffe, bu trifft, 

er trifft 
id) treibe, ic. 

id) trete, tu.trittft, 
er tritt 

id) triefe, bu triefft 
(+**bu treufft) er 
trieft (+ & * er 

id> trfnfe, bu trinfft, 
er trinft 

id) trüge, bu trügft, 
er trügt (+ * pro- 
vine. [S. c] bu 
trengft, er treugt) 

id) oerbeif e, bu »erbet 
, eft, er »erbeff t 

id) ftarb 
( prouinc, 
id) fturb) 


id) ftanf 


id) ftritt 


(4 trüg 

i<b triff 

id) trieb 

id) tritt 

id> troff (ic. 
id) triefte) 

id) tranf 
id) trog 

id) cerbip 

id) »erbleidie, it. 

id) »erberbe, bu »er* 
birbft, er »erbirbt 

et »erbrteft 

id) oerbtid) 

id) »erbarb 
( prouinc. 
ei »erbrof« 

id) frürbe 


id) fUnle 



id) tb&te 

id) trüge 

id) trSfe 

id) triebe 

id) tritt 

id) tröffe 

(w. id) 

fd) tränte 

id) tröge 

id) »erbiffc 

id) »erblidje 

(n. v. id) 
»erbirbe ) 

c« »erbriffe 





tbüe or tbü 





triefe (+ * 
♦ treuf) 

trinft or 

trüge (+ * 


[5. C] 















(to. ge« 



»erbifftn. J 



Digitized by 











Brrjeffnt (str.), to 

»ffglrf'djen (str.), *» 
, eompare 

»erglimmen, «ergras 
i ben, «ergreifen, ic, 

trfrf. ©linunen, ic. 
«erbebten (w., p. p. 

jometimet Hr.), to 


»etlirttn (rtr.), t» 

«crtcWcn (rtr. A id., 

cf. Dict.y, to be ex- 


»erWarttn (rtr. & to.) 

to ceaie «.oonding, to 

die away (of jound») 
Serfajrau'ben (str. i 

».)■ to miucrew 
«etfdjwta'ben (.itr.), to 


«enofr'rtn (gen. to., 
p. p. jometime« Str.), 
to eomplicate , en- 
Uagle, pnzzle 

«erjeib'en (#tr.), *o 

©a<j>Ten (*tr.), to grow 

©ä'gen (gen. ic.) or 
ffiiVgen (rtr.), to 


«Bafd/enOrtr.), to wub 


to weave 
88er*<ben (str., some- 

times to., vid. Dict.), 

to yield, reüre 
SBcffen (*tr.), col. to 


tBen'ben (». & irr.), to 
. tarn 
Berten (rtr.), to en 

Hat; to woo 

to) sergeffc, Du »trgif- 
feft, er »ergift 
id) »crgleid)e, ic. 

(ir.) id) »erteile, »c. 

Cd) ccrliere, »c. 

id) »erlofcbe, bn »er« 
lifdjeft or »erlSfdjeft, 
er »erlffdjt or »er« 


id) »erf «balle, bn »er» 
f^aflft, er »erfebaUt 

id) oerfebraube, tc. 

id) oerfibninte, bu »er> 
f(b»inbe(l, er »er 

f>.) id> verwirre, bn 


to) »erjeibe, je. 


er mdibft 
id; roäge or wiege, bu 

migfl or »iegft, er 

»igt or wiegt 

itbwaftbe, burodfd)e|l, 
er rcäfcbt 
id) nebe, «. 

t<b »eiibe, w. 

id) oerglf' 
f<b oerglid) 

(io.)idj »tr« 

id) »erl3r 
id) »erlofcb 

(4 »erfdjoD 


it> »er« 

(w.) (4 »er« 

idj oerjieb 
id) ȟ(b6 
(to.) i* 


(rtr.) i<b 

id) ȟfd) 

id) »3b 
id) »id; 

id) »eife, jc. 

id) »Mibe, ic. 

id) »erbe/ bu »irbft, 
er »irbt 

id) rate« 

id) »enbete 

or »anbte 

id) »arb 

id) »erglpe 
id; »erglid)t 

(ic.)id) oer< 

id) »erWrc 
id) »erloftbe 



Id) »er. 




id) »erjfebe 
id) »ftbft 

id) »Ige 

id) »uftbe 
fd) »Joe 
id) ttiibe 


(ic.) »er« 


oerlifd) or 


(w.) »er« 

(rtr.) »er« 


id) raiefe 
id) »enbete 
id) wirbt 




(n.) »er« 



»dge or 









(u>.) »er« 
(str.) »er« 










Digitized by 













«BUrten (irr.), to be- 
come, grow 

id) werte, bu wirft, er 
wirb, wir »erben, ibr 
wertet, fit werten 


üb werfe, bn wirfft, er 

id) würbe or 
warb, bn 
wurteft or 
warbft, er 
wnrte or 
warb, wir 
ibr war« 
bet, fte 

id) warf 

id) würbe 


«Biegen (itr.), to|td) wiege, ir. 
weigh; to rock 
(Bingen (ttr.), to wind 
Kiffen (irr.), to know 

ffiotten {irr.), will, to 

be willing, 4c. 

3eiVen (str.), to »ccoie 
Steb'en (#tr.), to draw 

Swing'en (*tr.), to 
force, eompel 

id) winbe, it. 

id) weif, bu weift, er 

weif, wir wifen, « 
id) »ia, bn wiOft, er 

will, wir wollen, it>r 

wottt, |ie wollen 
id) jet&e, u. 
id) giet>e, bu jiebft, er 

jiejt(*bnjeua)(t, er 

idj jwinge, u. 

id) wog 

id) wanb 
id) wuf te 

id) woOtt 

id) }ieb 

ia) }wang 

iä)würfe(n wir« 

fe) r 
id) woge 

id) winbe 
id) wfiftc 

id) wollte 

id) giet)e 


id) twinge 








or »ort« 

(a* an au- 









II. ®celittfttion. 

analog mit ber Sonfugation giebt 
ti audj in ber JDecImation brei (Haffen : 
tine {tarte, eint f$n>ad)e unb eine 

3Me gälie »erben in biefen 5Dtdino> 
tionen burd) gteiionflfijlbfn gebitbet, ble 
f d)tt>ad)e ftetä burd) 2tnfejung bon -en. 

3)ie ftarf eSDeclmation toel$e an btm 
-6 ber ©enittoenbung im Singular ju 
erfenneu ijt*, bat bfiufig im «Plural 
ben Umlaut, flet8 in ber $luralform 
auf -et. JDet Umlaut ifl bura) " an= 

II. Declension. 

Analogous to the Conjngation, there 
are likewise three classes of Declen- 
sions, the ttrong, the weak, and the 

The cases in these declensions are 
formed by syllables of inflectiou, the 
weak always by adding the syllable -en. 

The ttrong declension, which is re- 
cognisable by the -8 terminating the ge- 
nitive,* frequently takes the modifica- 
tion of vo wel in the plural, invariably ao, 
when the plural ends in -er. The modiG- 
cation of vowel hasbeenindicated by *. 

* Xuper bei ?jcmtnlm6. .Stein beutfd)et 8**11 * Except in Feminine». No German fent- 
~ ljnlne !• f 

minin wirt im Singular ccclintrt. 

i declined in the «ingular. 

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Ifcffc Ht (Bttbungeit fcet fatttü uxb Tab!« of the termlutlons of the streng 
fa)tt>ao)en Ceelinatfon: — and weak dedenslon: — 

«rff JDeclmation (strong declension). @a)roa$e!!)ecltnation (weak declension). 



trflt gönn jwcttc Sorot 
(firit form) 


* -CO 


(aeeond form) 
— VC 

— er 
— tot 
— er 


Nom. — 
Gen. — en 
Dat. — m 
Ace. — mi 


— m 
— en 
— tn 

C8 ijt baber für ben, ber bitfeö 9B6r=|| 
rbua) geoiaudjt, nur nBt$lg ju toiffen, 
> ein <&aubrmort florf iß (unb in He- 
rn Satte ift ber fptural bann iebe8= 
»I angegeoen, fotalb ber Umlaut ein: 

Accordingly, it ü only necessary for 
those who make use of this Dictiona- 
ry to know, whether a Substantive is 
strong (and in this case the form of 
the plural has always been given 
it) ober 08 e« fdjtoad) ift, ober un- when modifying the radical vowel), 

jehnäjiig. — ®a bie &äf)l ber uns 
Itlntäfigen «gauptoorter fe$r grof ifi 
b eine 9tenge von grrmbtoottern (int 
5rtft6u<$e mit einem bor beut SBorte 
Jtnben • bejeiebnet) baju gehören, fo 
ige Ijfer ein äBetjeU&nijj ber unreget 
ijjigen beutföen ^au^rrtSrter, Jebo$ 
r einiger ber $aubtf5<$lid)fien greuib; 
riet folgen. 

or whether it is weak, or irregulär. — 
The number of irregulär substantives 
being very large and including many 
words derived from foreign languageg 
(designated in the dictionary by an * 
preceding the word), merely a limited 
number of these has been given, with 
all the irregulär words of purely Ger- 
man origin. 

Unregelmäßige $auyrw5ttet. — Irregulär Snbstantlves. 

ierghwoe, «Ä'fcername, a'bertoÖCe, 3t6'fbroj>, «6'ffrabl, &c. vid. ®(au6e, 

Harnt, SBiße, @profi, Strahl Äc 

'ge, n. eye, sing. str. (Gen. be« Qluge«), pl. v>. bie Qtugen. 

a'er, m. peasant, sing. str. (Gen. be« Stauer«), pL to. bie Sauern. 

tt, n. bed, «feig, str. (Gen. be« »ette«), pl. ». bie ffletten. 

Oj'fläbe, m. letter, generaily weak; Gen. sing, sometimes be« 99ua)j}a(en«. 

imanf, m. diamond, sing, generaily str. (sometimes to.), phir. ». 

it, st. thorn, generaily strong, Gen. sing. M {Dorne«, pl. bie JDBrner; 

be plural is more frequently weak, bie JDornen. 

be, n. end, sing. str. (Gen. bed finbe«), pl. to. bit GEnben. 

ft, tn. forest, sing, str. (Gen. bed gorfteö), pl. to. bie gorften ; the strong 

jrms SJforfte and Sorfle are little used. 

'be, m. (Stieben l. «.) peace, Gen. sing, be« Stieben«, Dat. bem Stle* 

en Ace. bot Stieben. 

Fe, m. (Surrten, l. «.) spark, Gen. sing, be« gunfen«, Dat. bem Sun* 

m, Ace. ben gunfen. plur. bie Sunten. 

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(Stnlettung. XXVIII Introduction. 

©Ott, m. district, generally strong (Gen. ring. be8 ©aue«, phtr. bie ©a») 

plaral sometimes weak, bie ©auen. 
©ebanfe, m. (©ebanfen, the original form l. «.) thought, Gen. «ng. M 

©ebanfend, i)at. bem ©ebanten, -iee. ben ©ebanfen, p/. bie ©ebanfen. 
©ebat'ter, m. god-father, sing. «fr. (Gen. be« ©eöatterö), pl. w. tote ©eöatim 
©tau'be, m. (©tauben, the original form l. u.) belief, Gen. «tng. be« @L» 

ben«, Dat. bem ©tauten, Äcc. ben ©lauten, pJ. (I. u.) bie ©tauben, 
©ranät', m. JcA. shrimp, n'ng. «fr. (Gen. beg ©ranate«) , pi. w. bie ©ranatm 
$a'ber, m. rag, ring. «fr. (Gen. be« <&aber8, rarely ». be« labern), pLt 

bie <§abem. 
$au'fe or Raufen, m. heap; crowd, 4c, Gen. ring. be8 Raufen«, JD* 

bem Raufen, .Aee. ben Raufen, pl. bie Raufen, 
.fcemb, n. shirt, ring. «fr. (Gen. be« .j?fmbe8), pl- u>- bie <§emben. 
<§erj, n. heart, Gen. «ing. be8 ^erjenö, Dat. bem <§er$en, Äcc. bad $(1 

pi. bie •öerjen. 
<§u'bet, m. prminc. vulg. rag, «ing. «tr. (Gen. beS <§ubel6), p/. 10. bie Rubeln. 
<$u'$u, Dtd. U$u. 

3ngrebie'ng'/ f. ingredient, pL 3n8«bii?n'$re'n. 
3utt>eT, n. jewel, «tng. «fr. (Gen. be« 3utt>el8), pl. w. bie Sutofltiu 
Jto^aun', m. capon, generally «fr., pl. sometimes w. 
Älamfc, m. clamp, sing. «fr. (Gen. be« Jtlambe«), pl. w. bie .Klammen. 
8ot'6fer, m. laurel, ring. «fr. (Gen. bfö Sorfeterö), pl. w. bie Lorbeeren. 
aj?arä, n. Mar. top (of a ship), «wig. «fr. (Gen. US SWarfeÖ), pL »1 

Warfen (sometimes «fr. bie SRatfe). 
9Hojl, m. ruast, sing. «fr. (Gen. be« SWafle«) , p/. w. bie 3Kajlen. 
3Äu8'fet, m. muscle, «thg. «fr. (Gen. beg SKugfcI«), p/. w. bie SWuefeln. 
9ladj'6at, m. neighbour, «ing. «fr. (Gen. beg 9tai$bar8), p/. 10. bie 5Rat|biu 
JRa'me, m. (9tamen, the original form l. u.) name , Gen. sing. beS 9Jama 

Dat. bem 9iamen, Äcc. ben Stauten, p/. bie Stauten. 
JDbr, »• ear, *»'ng. «fr. (Gen. beg Dbje«), pl. v>. bie JD^tett. 
JDft, m. east, the «frong forms (Gen. Öfteg) are rarely used, the Gs 

Dat. and ^c<r. of Dflen (beg JDfleng, bem Dfien, ben Dflen) supplji 

their place. 

Pantoffel, m. »Upper, ring. «fr. (Gen. beg {Pantoffel«), pl. w. bie SPantofiA 
Jpfau, m. peacock, sing. «fr. (Gen. beg Sßfaueg, 4= & prminc. [S. G.] 

beg Pfauen), p(. w. bie ißfauen (sometimes «fr. bie 5ßfaue). 
$räfeet', m. prefect, generally t»., «mg. sometimes «fr. 
$fatm, m. psalm, «tng. «fr. be« $falme8, pL v>. bie {pfalmen (sometin 

«fr. bie $Pfatmen). 
8lu6Tn', m. ruby, generally «fr., pl. sometimes w. 
©a'me, m. (©amen, the original form l. «.) seed, Gen. «üig. befl ©omni 

Dat. bem ©amen, ylcc. ben ©amen, pl. bie ©amen, 
©dja'be, m. (®ä)aben, the original form /. u.) damage, Gen. «tng. M 

©d)aben$, Dat. bem ©d)aben, j4cc. ben ©(baben, pl. bie ©ä)aben. 
©ajmcrj, m. pain, »tng. «fr. (Gen. be8 ©dmterjefl, formerly befl ©cbmerjnt 

Dat. bem ©d)merje, formerly bem ©ojmfrjm), pi. w. bie ©Q)inetjen. 

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©nlettung. XXIX Introduction. 

See, in. lale, fing. ttr. (Gen. M @ee8), pL v. bfe Seen. 

Sporn, m. spar, ring. ttr. (Gen. be8 ©porne6); pL w. bie ©Jörnen (or 
©fcoren), sometimes «fr. bfe ©porne. 

Staat, «. state, mg. ttr. (Gm. b«$ ©taarefl), pL v>. tote (Staaten. 

5ta<$'el, m. sting, «ng. «fr. (Gen. be8 ©tadjelö), pL w. bit ©tadeln. 

Stfe'fd, «• boot, *»»g. «tr. (Gen. bei ©tiefet«), p£ w. bit ©tiefein, some- 
times »fr. bfe ©tiefet 

Straff, m. ray, ring. ttr. (Gen. be8 ©tra$lefl), pl. w. bie ©trauten. 

prtrauf, m. ostrich, generali; «fr., p/. bie ©troujüe, sometimes w. bie ©ttaujjen. 

bl'tert^an, m. sabjeet, «mg. «fr. (Gen. beg UnterttyaneS ) + & provinc. 

; [5. G.] w. (Gm. be8 Untertanen), pi. w. bie Untertanen. 

Jet'ter, m. cousin, ting. ttr. (Gen. befl SJetterS) sometimes w. (Gen. bei 
Settern), pi. w. bie Settern. 

Ityl, m. owl, «fr.. Gen. sing. be8 U$uS, p(. bie Ulju, eol (particularly iV. 
G.) bie U$u8. 

Btl'lt, m. (SBiKen. the original form l. u.) will, Gen. sing. be8 SBiUen0, 
Dat. bem SBlUen, ylee. ben SBiKen. 

ffe'rai$, m. oraament, «ing. «fr. (Gen. be8 Slerat^eö), pL w. bie ßierat^en 
(sometimes «fr. bie ßltxatfft). 

(in«, m. interest on capital, fing. «fr. (Gen. beg 3'"ff8) > J>'- »• bie 3infen> 

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einiget 3«$*" «"*> Slbrurjungrn of several marks and abbreviatiou. 

(Bal.b««Betjel<»nl» (ml. Sbtflc pp, XXXYII1-L). (Comp»tethell8ttoaiear»tp«rt ) pp.XXXTlIWt 

aber «oralen, 3ei<6en (er State, * ;. 0. 
artig, (001. «»ort), 6*oV te (ogl. et«* 
bartr), «tn'djen (»gl. Seifte), atubiii 1 
(Dfll. »inten), Xr5|t (»gl. CRoft), Sffip, 

orop (»gi. gm?, ed)ui), tw (ogi. eor« 

be), 3arflid> (»gl._$a'rtlia)), $SrbIr 
(«gl 3Jc6Vber), efifli* (ogL Sfirfi); 
offene Sorben, b. b. ßnlben bie mit ei< 
nem Socal enbigen, fint immer lang, j.ffi, 
8a'ben(=2Sb«i)« »o ba« Snbe einer 
©olbe bnrd) ben TCecent nidbt bejeldjnet 
»erben tonnte, »ttrbe immer bat Möge« 
jeid)en angebracht, baher Vber, Ea'ben, 
ober TCn'bäben, Sufläbcn, Se'gen, aber 
Wiegen, 3«Hgen 5 ©ari'ren, aberGlarin'i 
Otogen, Serfto'fen, «ber Wfto-fen, 3n'« 
flögen» 3«rT»ern, aberXuPjübeln» £4'ren, 
ober WbJren} $6'ren, aber TCuf boren» 
Bü'M,-«ber Wblfen, u. f. ». 

w flber Socalen, 3eiä)en ber Jturje, * ge« 
ndbnlid) nur bann angemenbet, »o man 
cigenttid) Singe erwarten foOte, j. SB. 
Wselr, K&b'bar, «örtbeU (ogl. $5d>, 
mi), 8ör), n. f. ». 

•• ] . Srennung 8 < 3eid)en bei (Bocalen, befon* 
ber« na* i, }. 0. VfVtn, ^fifroglo'pben, 
3bem'(ogl. »arbietf, $ier, Seelen, f.». 
2. über bem e, 3eld)en ber «»artigen Xu»- 
foradje, 2. ». SVber, 8te*gen (al« $aupt= 
wert), gVber (ogt. Se'gen, ePbcI, «e'gen 
[ol* äeitwortj u. f. ».), freillä) i(t hier 
in bemertm, ba« bie« e in oerfd)iebenen 
(Segenben SDenrfd)lanb« eerfdjieben au*ge= 
fpnwben wirb} im ungemeinen ift bie in 
biefem 8Bud)e angegebene Xu«fpraa)e bie 
oon fRittelbeurfdjIanb. 

— , 3eid)en ber ©leiafteit, j. ». SbeiU' fft 
= (b. 6. gleid» rdi«l'. 

OTer vowel»,* tha tign of lengtb, /. i 
artig (</. |>art), e<baVte (c/. eta 
bor'te), «en'*en (c/. «en'be), Rati 
(</. Sinken), 2r5fl ( cf. «oft), ft 
©rü«(</. glup, 6*nP), TTTpI' (c/ « 
be), 3»rfiia) (c/. $4rrli«), I»}* 
(c/. »orber), 6l|Hia> (tf. %W 

open syllable«, i. a. •jnableiendinjrf 
a vowel, are alvraya long, /. i. tttl 
(= to SSben); wbere the eod ofuji 
lable conld not be Indicated by tktu 
' Cent, thi* sign wa» alwayi med, Hl 
Vber, taten, bot Witten, W» 
ben j Se'gen, but Wiegen, 3tr1egens * 
tfren, bat Slarin'j Stoffen, Serfhf« 
bot WfWffcn. 3n'(t5(ienj Su'bria,» 
«"ußfibelnj £a'ren bot Velaren» &fa 
bat XnfbJrenj Kufen, bat Xt/buffl 

over voweli, * the sign of »hortneu, p> 
rally o«ed, wbere tbe long qnantüy ni| 
bave been expected, f. 1. fritfidt. Kl 
bar, »Srtbtil (cf. &ä>, KSa), SS 


1. tbe pointi of dicreiis , comp«r« ' 
VRin, *ffrogIe'pben, SbeW »»4* 
bief, 4>itx, Ceele, &c; 2. orer tbe tiK 
e It generali? mark« the broad pr«J 
ciation, whlch U eqnal to 4, f. '• 9* 
(= to 84^er), gifber, «ifgen (»•),< 
«e'gen, «Pbel, üle'gen (o.), *«i " 
boweTer , to be remarked , that ■ 
e la pronoanced dtfferently in diW 
parU of Germany; the pronnaw* 
given In thia book ia that of •* 
Germany. _ 

--, the aign of eqnaHty, f. 1. SbeeVi» 
(i. «. eqnal) to rdi«'. 

' 6a)on Idngft aud) in englffa)en grammarUtl " Thia la no Innovation, at theee 4 
fajrngBerfenfiblfd)JfoinDr.WalIi«'«Grammar, are already to be fonnd in the e*«" 
London, Bowyer, 1765; R. Narei' Element« grammatical worka of Dr. Walll« (1765). 
of Orthoepy, London, Payne, 1784, U. 0. a. ||Narea (1784), and many otber*. 

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4 Jrjrfdjnet da Deraitttc* fBort ober eine 
mtltttt »ebeuttmg. 

*$ Q. L neariy obsolete) bejcidbnet ein bei« 
Mbt mottete« »ort. 

* 1. »et einem SBerre bient jut ©tieiä)- 
mj eine« Sfrembrnorte« , j. ». «SbetU', 
«Startita?, *3nftitüf, n. f. ».) 2. in 
lafmbes Zttt jeigt tt ein bia)terif<ies 
Bert cbet eine bfd)terir<be Sebrornng an 
»gl. i. 9. Oelfabe, $ienieben, SRaib. 

mark* an obsolete word or expres- 

n$ mark« a word or expreuion neariy ob- 

1. at the head of a Word servei to denote 
the same m of foreign origin, f. i. *3be» 
KW, •SbentltSV, *3nftitSf, *c; 2. with- 
in tbe letter-press it denote» a poetle 
word or espreuion/. t. Oelanbe, $ittdc 
ben, SWaib qv. 

& blürjun g en. 



titVt für Accnsative, Xccufati». 


stands for Accnsative. 


* m 

ndverb.Xbrerbiumj bfeXb* 
ctrbien, n>elä)c im beurfebtn 
in ber gorm faß immer mit 
bem Vbiectisum jufammen- 
fallen, finb nur bann befon* 
ber* er»4bnr, nenn ?jorm 
ober ffiebeutung abweisen. 




adverb; adverbs, wfaich 
in Gennan almost al- 
ways exhibit the same 
form as the adjeetives 
to whlch they belong, 
bave only been noted 
when deviating in form 
or meaning. 

CctLArchoeol. > 

CelticArchseology, teltifd)e 

Cell. Archaol. 


Cettic Archaology. 



ü » 

Cocoonery , 6eibcnjU<fit, 





» s 

Dative, Dario. 






» m 

declined, beclinirt. 






m * 

defective, befecti». 






» » 

demonstrative, bcmonflra= 


freijueotly, b^ufig. 






9 » 






m » 

in a good sense, im eilen, 
guten Sinne. 

i. g. s. 



in a good sense. 

■ i. t. 

» » 

in an ill sense, im Übeln 


i. i. s. 



in an ill sense. 


m » 

Genitive, ©enilio. 






» » 

Gymnastics, ©omnaftif. 






• » 

indeclinable, unbectinirbar. 





»/., i*f. 

u » 

Infinitive, Snffniti». 





» » 

inseparable, untrennbar. 




• * 

irregulär, unregelmäßig. 






» » 

Latin, Iatemifd). 





■ G. 

■* » 





Low German. 


s> > 

Northern Gennan, norb* 




Sorthern German. 


* * 

Nominative, Kominatio. 






m *,» 

nameral, 3abhoort. 






■ -i« 

originally, urfprnngtfd). 






B> M 

perioa, Werfen. 





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(unaittcCbor saib bem bcutfdjen 


(wbea «ucceeding the German 

»Sorte) ftefct für pro- 

word 4mmediately) 

Dounce, fprid). 

stand» for pronounce. 


fte^t für Proaody, $rofobie. 


•tand* for Prosody. 


ftebt einigemal aae «erfeben für 


thia abbi 

. bai in aeveral caaes 

v. *., qv. 

been made tue of in- 
■tead of v. s., qv. 


fle&t fär Qnarterly Review. 


stand» for Quarterly Review. 



a reciprocal, reeiprof. 







a regulär, regelmäpia. 







a relative, relatto. 







a «eparabie, trennbar. 







a «iognlar, Singular. 

sg., sing. 






a Southern Germao, ffib» 




Southern German. 



> fprid), pronoooce. 




fprid), pronounce. 



a strong, flarf (fie$e Sin» 




ttrong (vide Intro- 



a lometifflei, joroeiten. 







a gwabian, fd)»4bifd). 




Swabian, Suabian. 



a Switzerland, ©fbrocij. 







a transitive, tranfitio. 





u4, u-ly. 


» oinal , usually , ge» 

u-4, «-<y. 



usual, usually. 



a Veralfication, fiKetrif. 







a verbal snbftantive.aScr« 


v. s. 



verbal Substantive. 



a weak,f(b»ad>(fiebe@in» 




weak (vtde Introdac- 



a Weatmioiter Review. 

Westm. Rev. » 


Werfnuwter Review. 


» witbont plnral, obne 

wtho. pL 



without phtral. 

Digitized by 


$taftif$tf ä8Börtetbu# 


&e»tfa)en »nb engltf^en ®pta$t. 

Ä&eU II. 
SDeutfcl tutb ©iiftlifö. 


, a, I. n. 1. Gram, the firit letter of the 
Mphabet, A, a; (in großcS — ("X), a great 
(eapltal) a; (in Weint« — (a), a amall (little) 
a; «on — bit 3, from a to z, from the 
beginning to tbe end ; provs. »er — fügt, 
ffivf sud) 8 fagen, he who begins witb a 
thing, muat go od witb it, or in for a penny, 
io for a poaod, or who enter* into engage- 
aenti mattabide the conaequence« ; itt) bin 
MS — mit» caS O, Script. 1 am Alpha and 
Omega, the beginning and the end (ending) ; 
f. Mus. A (tbe sixth note of the gamnt, 
mmed la in Italy and France) ; A tut, (the key 
sf) A major; A ntoU, (the key of) A minor; 
1. 4, a, a, prep. Com. naed for ja, at : a fünf 
JJretrnt, at (the rate of ) five per Cent. ; ä 
6onro(d Cfo.), on accoont ; i ßonto»3ii6Iiing, 
■ayment onacconnt; Law, indefinite pay 
■ent; ä JlwiUfo, Com. at double Usance; 
i tempo « Btof , Fenc. time-thrust. 
. ; a, «Mr. Com. 1. (on letter« of exebange, 
*"■:) acteptirt, accepted; 2. (on lista of pri 
**, for:) Xsance, advance; 3. (on liat* of 
printedj excbangea for the Fr.word) argent, 
wney; a.a.O., 1. for am angeführten SDrte, 
« the place qnoted ; 2. for am anbern &rte, 
it iome other place ; 3t. or 3Cnn. (A. Ann.) 
»r Ttimo (Anno), in the year; A. B./or Ar- 
s«m Baccalaurevs, SaccalaureuS ber freien 
(rinde, Bachelor of Art» ; 3b. or 3fbonn. 
brjfbomtement, «obacription ; a. c. or a. c. 
br(i4ii»icvrren(ü),laufenben3^ce£ / in tbe 
resent year; 3f. 6. or 3fog»b. 6. 1. Com, 
tr Xngobnrger (Sonrant, Angaburgh cur- 
wey; 2. Bcc. for XugSfeurgifdjc öonfefflon, 
Snfeaaion of Angaburgh ; a. B. for auf et 
Straften, out of service, on half pay ; a. D. 
!. Com. for a Dato, »om Zage ber 3fuSftel« 
ng (eines *Bea)feIS) an, from thia day 
T date, after date ; 2./or anno Domini, im 
Sah>c nnferS #erra, in tbe year ofourLord; 
*».add.,/orffigebin}B, feje bei, add;Tfbm. 
r*r Xbmiral, admiral ; a. b. for m ber, on 

the; a. b. Cbcr, ©aale, ora/S., a/6., on 
the Oder, on tbe Saale; a. f., a. f. for anni 
futuri, fünftigen, fommenben Safere», next 
year ; o. g., a. g. Com. for a governa (It.), 
jur 9Uu)tf<bnur, for(your) government; 31. 
<B./or3fpoftclgcfd)id)te, Actaof the Apoatlea; 
a. <B. n. b. TBL for aupcrorbentliajcr ©efanc» 
tcr unb bc»cDmäd)tigtcr ÜXtniftcr, envoy 
(ambaasador) extraordinary and minister 
plenipotentiary; Sit. Ztft.for altcS Scfla« 
ment, old testament ; a. 9Jt., a/5W. for am 
9Kain,ontbeMaine;A.M. l.forannomundi, 
im 3aO r e bec SBcIt, in the year of the world; 
2. for Artivm Magister, «Bcagiftcr ber freien 
JKnfte, Maater of Arta; amtf., amtfr. for 
amtfübrenb, officiating; Xnf. for Ttntn (a 
liquid meaaure), anker; a. S. for anbern 
BrtS, vid. a. a. S.j a. pr., a. pr. for anni 
praesentis, gegenwärtigen 3o§rc6, in tbe 
presentyear; 0. p., A.P./branwipraeceden- 
tis, vorigen 3<J$reS, in the last year; Xpr. 
for 2tpril, April ; A. R. for anno regni, im 
... fRegienmg&jabre, in tbe . .. year of . . .; 
X.Bt./or JCIter 6 toi, Cftron. Old Style, 3C.S. 
viel. Vit. Seft.j O.U., a. U. Com. for auto 
(It.), nad) bergebrorbter ©enebnbeit, in the 
uaual way ; Sufl., 3tuSg./or Auflage, XuSgabe, 
edition ; 3f ug.l .for (ÖKonat) TCugufi, August. 
2. Augustas (P. N.) ; Aug. fl. augmentum, 
sBcrmebrttng, 3ufa$, angmentation, addition; 
a. n. a. fl. actum ut svpra, gcfd)cbcn mie oben 
(angegeben), an bem nämlidjcn Sage, Law, 
done na above, on the same day; auSÜb. TL. 
for ausübender "X.x%l, practiaing physiclan. 

Va . (w.) /. water, river, rlruleC 

Xa'djen, n. Geog. Aix-Ia-Chapelle. 

Xaf, (*tr.) m. aak (akindof flat-hottomed 
lighter, on the Rh ine, witb a blnnt head and 
stern ). 

5toi, 1. 1. (ttr. m., p l. Xtt'lc) 1. Ich. eel ; ber d)i« 

nefifdje— , Ich. snake-gonrd, sword fiah;X— t 

fangen, uid.Xalcn; cinSicrtclbnnbert 3t— t, 

a stick ofeels; (in ©tfirffben— , acatofan 


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eel ; % Bak. a kiad of eel-«ha»ed butter-cak* 
3. Ctotli. » wrong fold in clotb, a cruinple ; 
H. comp, -artig, »id. — *6rmig > —bäum, m. 
wid.$edenttrfa)ej -beere, /. — bterftraud), 
m. — befing, /. vtd. fd)»arje 3otanni»beerej 
— be^dlter, m. eel- trank; — boct, m. JcA. ai 
apecie« of salmon in tbe lake of Thun In 
Switzerland; — butte, /. Ich. bird-bott, 
barbot, call, eel-poat, cony-fish, qaab; — | 
bamm, m. eel -dam; — eiöccbfe, /. Tool, 
eel-lizard (Lacerta anguina — L.); 
itfcn, n. vid. — gabel* — erd)e, /. vid.— 
bebalttr; —fang, m. 1. eel-fiabing, eeliag, 
«niggllng ; 2. time and place at wbicb eela 
arc caught; — fdnger, m. eel-fiaher, eel- 
catcher; — ffU, n. eel-akin; — fellbanb,— 
tettfeil, «. eel-»kln band or rope; —fett, n. 
cel-grease; — flöfc, /. »id. —puppe} —fit« 
irrig, eel-shaped, anguilliform ; — fruit, /. 1. 
eei-monger; 2. or — groppe, vid.— mutier; 
— gäbet, /. eel-spear , eel-fork ; — grunbel , /. 
— grfinbllng, m» Ich. gadgeon, goby; — bat 
ter,— (Alter, n» eel-tronk;eel-pond; — baut, 
f.vid. — feHj — taftett, m. «el-trnnk; — Kr* 
föe, /. Bot. 1. vid. Sraubenfirfdjej 2. vid, 
?»t(lenfirfd)ej 3. vid. »ogelbeerej — IJpf« 
djen, n. Conch. snake'* head coralline; — 
h)rt, m. eel-pot, Janket; — trug, m. alarge 
(earthen) veuel with Perforation* to keep 
cell in ; — Ittger, n. bed of eeli ; — lege,/, vid.— 
»eb> j —mutter, /. Ich. tbe vlvlparous blenny, 
gnffer; — neft, ». vid. — toger j — ne$, n. «id. 
»tttej — pttftete, /. Cook, eel-pie; — priefe, 
/. »t'd. — oabelj — puppe, — quofte ,/. a baited 
bändle of bolrnshea (or green twiga) fixed 
to a rope or pole, Med for eel-fiiblng, vulg. 
bob; — quappe, — raupe, /. vid. — butte; 
— tettfe, /. eel-pot, janket (a kind of baaket 
Med for catebing eela) ; — fd)Iangc, /. Zool. 
vid. SSd)leid)e} — fiblcidje,/. vid.— eft>ed>fej 
— «b, orn, m.vid. $oQunber;— ftedber, m. 1. »id. 
—Fänger j 2. or — ftatbel, vid. — gäbet« — 
ftreif, — (trieb , m. a black atreak on the back 
of all eel ; also on tbe back of a dnn-coloored 
bor**; mit einem — frria)e (auf bem Otßtfen), 
Sport, eel- backed; — fuppc, /. eet-aonp; 
— teia), m. eel-pond; — rbicräjcn, n. ZooJ. 
vibrib, a genas oflnfoioriaof whichthe vine- 
garand paate eela are apeciea; — wate, /. 
a net for catebing eela ; —nebt, n. eel -dam, 
eel-wear; — »eU, m. Ich. vid. JBuntaalj — 
»urm, m. vtd. — tbterdjen. 
Xal'borg, n. Grog. Albargh. 
Xa'len, t.(W.)». a. tofiah (for)eel«, to »niggle ; 
II. «. n. vtd. —fang, 1. 
2am,/. »id. Xbtn, 1. 

Xap, (ü>.) ft. Mwr-s. mlzzen-(«Uy-)aall ; - 
fall, m. baliard of tbe mizzen-(atay-) aail. 

lax 1 , 1. m. («fr., pi. Xarc), 1.+ & Nat. any large 
birdofprey; 2.*eagle,vW.3ftIet} —beere,— 
ttrfd)e,/. vid. eifebcere j — »eitje,/. vid. Äorn- 
»eibe i U.(u).)/.Geog.Aar (a ri»cr ofS» itzer- 
land & a imall island in the Baltic) ; X-gau, 
m.Geog. Argo via, Argow (Canton in Switzer- 
laod); K-gaiur, I. *. m. X-in, /. ArgoTian ; 
II. or Y-gauifd), adj. Argorian. 

Vefren, &c. vid. Xron.., 

*«6', I. (rtr.) n. (pi. «fer), l.(ofoodfor ani 
mala; 6) Sport. Iure, bait; ein — legen, to 
lay a bait « Inre; ein — on bie 3tngel ftecten, 
to bait a book; 2. Carrion, (rotten) carcass; 

3. offal ; Tan. acraplnga or parings of bidea ; ■ 

4. fig. cont. vulg. Carrion (a wortbleaa »o- 
man) ; II. comp. —blattet, /. Med. carbuncle, 
plague -bliater; — blume, /. vid.— pflanjc» 
—fliege, /. Ent. dang-dy, carrion-fly; — frd« 
fig, — freffenb, feeding on Carrion, carni- 
Torons; — geier, m. Orn. carrion-kite; car- 
rioo-vulture;— gerud), tn. carrion-steneb , c 
( or cadaveroM) amell ; —gierig , greedy of 
Carrion;— grübe,/, dayer'spit, Carrion pit;— 
baft, oid.iafigj — fdfer, m. Bat. cirrion- 
bcctle, borse-beetle, black-ily; — fepf, aa. 
Arch. ornament on Doric pillara, represtat- 
ing tbe head of a flayed beast; — txat)t, f. 
Orn. Carrion- crow, gor-crow ; — tuble, f. vid. 
—grübe, — n&tt,f.«id.— fliege > — pfUnje,/. 
Bot. African awallow-wort (Stapeita); — 
porfe,/. oid.— blattcr j — rabe, m. Orn. rarea ; 
—feite, /. Sk-dr. fleab-aidc, pelt-aide (or 
inner aide of a skia); — oogel, m. Carrion- bird. 

la'fen, (to.) I.o. a. Tan. to shave oft*, to carry, 
to flesb (akina); II. n. 1. Sport, to browae, 
to graze (of deer) ; 2. to feed on Carrion. 

Xa'fig, adj. 1. cadaverow, Carrion; carrioa- 
iike; 2. fig. ogly, dirty. 

Xb, I. prep. ± k provinc. off (down or aaray), 
frora; II. adv. (generali) deootiag deriatioa 
or aeparation from) 1. down; auf Unt> — , 
ap and down ; Strom—, down (tbe) atreate 
(opp. estrom auf, op [the] atream); jcbn 
Sbaltr auf unb — , /am. ten dollara naore or 
lest; f>ut — ! off with yoor bat! 4>üte —I 
hataoff 1 . SJajonnct— ! MU. unfix bayooeta ! 
er battc ben $üt —, be had bia bat off; bei 
DttCel ift— , the cover (tbe lid) ia off; 9. off, 
away; of, from, fro (comp.)\ — unb ja, to 
and fro; off and on; fic femrat — unb ju, 
sbe ia Coming backwarda and fonrarda ; — 
uns ju fanben @a)arma(cl fiatt, o«cMioaat 
skirmisbea took place ; Com -j. — SRagbcburg, 
('. e. in SR. ju liefern), to bc delivared at M.; 

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- (a&juiufcn), fcieron or canon gebt — , 
dednct .... discoaot ... of; — 0» Unfoften 
(orTCne-Iagen), charges te bcdedncted; »wn 

Istraggle hard, tn straiu every aerve, to 
drudge, to teil and moil ; 3. Meck. to weor 
out, to warte (by eootinaed friction) | III. n. 

Sanfte—, Mar. off; weit—, fcr off; »omll to cease fennenting, *orklag(saidof wiae). 
1. 3«nn«r — , from the 1" of Janoary; eon fWarb»ttn«g, (tu.) /. the «et of werking off, 
Semait» — fein, fig. to h»»e done witb te., cf. Warbetteir. 

: fliri — , abroptly, ihortly. 
Weifen, (■.) v. a. vid. Xafca, L 

IWdrgrnr, (w.) w. L a. to weary by Texation; 
II. refl. to b« vexed, to ba mortffied. 

*Wttt, m.abaca, asortof faemp or flai pre- IWärnttn, vid. Wernten. 

pired Crom an Indien plant. 
Wäibjcn, (uj.) r. re/. to pine away, to fret, 
mute by sighing and moanlng. 
Wactmt, (».) v. I. a. to separate or take 
off by ploughing ; II. n. to fiaiah ploaghing. 
oWa'janaf , incor. cid. Zcajimuf . [nen 
«Wälartifi'ren, (te.) o.a. frurt.oid.@iitm«ii< 
W&nbtriia), o<ö. 1. alterable, modifiable, 
atodikcable; 2. Gram, decliaable. 
Wintalübttit, /. alterability. 
Wittern, (to.) v. o. 1. to alter, to caange; 
to qialiry, to modify, to diveraify ; 2. Gram. 
to dediae, to iafleet; eilt fflefe$ — , to 
abrogate a law. 
IWnbrrnng, (te.) /. 1. alteratioo, (partial) 
caange, nodifieation, Variation, divernifica 
tiu>;2- ffram.declensioa.inn'eetion ;' 
abrogation, amendmeat ; 4. vid. Spielart, 3. 
»Waben', (te.) m., Wmboimi'rung, (u>.) 
f. dem. Je Law, abaadoameat. 
»Wnrtoimi'ren, (to.) v. a. Com. to abandon, 
to rdmqouh, to giva up. 
IWng/ten, W&ngftigca, (w.) v. I. a. 1. to 
«eary witb aaxiety, to »ex, to afflict, to 
distress, to tormeat; 3. (1. «.) to extort by 
frighteiing, to g«t by intimidaling; II. refl, 
te be aaxioai er in great aaxiety, to weary 
ene'e seif witb aaxiety, to fret. 
(Vingfrigung, (to.) /. aaxiety, uneasiaeu, 
angaiih of mind, frettiog. [to sea. 

tWanfern, (te.) v. n. Mm. to namoor, to put 
IVtrbttten, (u>.) worlc off; b«e 
(Btöbftt— ,to roogb-bew, roogh-work; einen 
9RiramM0(t — , to chip a blook of aarble; 
Steine-, vid, Bebanenj 2. to workoff, to 
«eosen; ein ©eiiff »ont Btranbe — , to get 
• ibip aüoat or off from tbe groaad ; ein 
■enterte» 6Sd)iff — , to repotse tbe enemy, 
wbo attempts to board ; 3. a) to wear oat ; ein 
Bkü — , to wear ont an axe by freqnent nie ; 
») ßg. to wear oat, to fatigne, to overtire, 
vulg. to fag; 4. (fein Sagewert K.) to work 
ent, to finich (one'e taak); 5. eine ®d)Ulb 
— , to dear a debt by workiag for it; bog 
Sasetfrant — , Print cant. to work fora 
•dead borte; n. rtfl. 1. to overlebonr one's 
»elf, to work one'i kH weary, to tofl or to 

Watt, (to.)/. 1. Nat. Tarietyt i. *.: 2. de- 
generate race or breed; 3.^g. degenentcy. 

Wirten, (te.) ». n. (oux. fein) 1. to deviate, 
to vary (oon, from;; to degenerate; %fig. 
vid. Änearten. 

Wärtig, adj. varying; degenerate. 

Wartung, (to.) /. 1. deriatioa, Tariatlon; 
degeneration ; 2. vid. "Xbatt. 

Wdfcbern, (to.) ». 1. a. to rab down witb 
(bot) aahee, to aeour witb aakea; II. refl. 
vid. Xbefdjern. 

Wlfen, Wäfen, (w.) v. n. Sport, to browze , 
to bark ([gnaw tbe bark of] yonag trees). 

Wäflen, (to.) v. a. to lop, to poil, to detrnn- 
cate (tree»), to deprire (treei) of branebes. 

Wdtbmen, (to.) v. a. Metal. to glow ont, to 
redden(acupel) in the fire, in ordertodry it. 

Wdtett, (w.) v. a. to remove by oaogtica, 
to eat away, to corrode. 

Wdugeln, (te.) r. a. 1. Sport, to uarch (tbe 
track) witb the eye; 3. (einem etmat) to wio 
or to get (from one) by ogling. [tenement. 

Wintern , (».) v. a. Low. to ejeet fron a 

*Wb«, Script, abba (tather). 

Wbatcen, (*rr.) v. I. o. 1. (ft n. aux fein) 
to separate ia baking; bot Srob ift ttbgt« 
baden (n.), the cnut bas leparated from 
tbecromb ; 2. to dry (frait, te); 3. vid. W 
baren; IL n. to finish bakiBg, ber StWer 
6at abgebeten, tbe baker ha» done baking. 

Wbäben, (vi.) e. I. a. to deanse by bathing; 
fM) rfiebtig — , eoU to give one's adf a good 
waahing; II. «. to tnish bathing. 

Wbiken, (te.) ». a. to fomeot tborongbly. 

"XVtiitn, (id.) v. a. Mar. to mark witb bnöys; 
Dik. to mark (a liae) with stakea. 

Wbobren, (te.) »• a. te take down (n corpae) 
from the hier. 

Wbalgen, (n.)»*l. to etrip off tbe skia (of ar 
aaimal), to flity, to skia (a hare, Ac), to oa- 
ease ; 2. vulg. u-lfrtf. to tatigne one another 
by wrektling, grappllng, boxing, thnmping. 

Wbdmfen, (w.) «• o. Tan. to beat (tkins). 

Wbangn, (to.) v. a. (f. «.) vid. YMngfren. 

Wbarbieren, (te.) v. a. to shave off. 

Wbaften, (to.) v. a. to strip (a tree) of the 
inside bark. 

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Wb4t#« / (i».)o.a.TOd.WiUn8W / Xu4fa09Mi. 

TfVhtM, (*tr.) m. an exbaosted mine; — ort, 
m., — ftretfe, f. Min. board, stall. 

»Vbaum, (w.) t>. a. 1. <(. «.) vid. Xbtragen 
4. ; 3. to fcnild ( a boote, &c.) at a certala 
dlitance from . . . ; 3. to iaU (to complete) 
a ballding ; 4. Min. a) to abandon (a mine) 
oa acconat of 1U belog exhao»ted; 6) to pay 
off (the ibare* of a mine) with iU produce. 

TCbtbcuam r '<.v>.) v. n. Sport: to deacend, to 
Hght front * tr«e, to trce Cu martern, 
aqaUTala,-&c.);/</Uy. to fly off (down) a tree 
(opp. Xifbattmm).' ■ 

Tfl/biumm, (w>.) v. a. nnroll (tbe 
web), to take (it) crom the.loom. 

XMMUraxg, (ts.) f. Min. 1. abaadonment of a 
mine ; 2. the desraying the cbarges of a mine, 

lVbeeren, (w.) «. a. to pick, to plack, to 
■trip off the berrfea, einen 2>rtau<b, einen 
SBeinftocf , eine Sraube — , to »trip a shrub, 
a vine, a bunch of grapes. 

Xb'befeblen, (xtr.) v. a. to coonterorder, to 
conntermaad ; to reverie. 

Wbebalten, (ffr.) v. a. to keep off; Den $Ut 
— , to be or to. renain uocovered. 

Wbeifien, (ttr.) v. I. o. to bite off, to nip 
off, to map off; fi<b bte Stiflel—, to bite 
one'i nails; fi<6 Dor %ad)en feie dünge 
/ig. to laugh.immoderateiy, milg. to aplit 
one'a aidea with langhing; II. refl. to fatigue 
one another by biting, worrying (at dogi). 

Xb'beiten, (ie.) v. a. 1. to take away with 
corrosives; 2. Sk-dr. to ntacerate, to taw, 
todres*(skins) in white; abgebeizte (Sterbe 
IragS» ob. Cierbe») SBoQe, mortlings. • 

Wbeitnng, (to.)/. 1. Med. abration ; 2. Sk-dr. 
maceratlon, tawing. 

Xb f betommen,(itr.) u.a. 1. get 
toote, remove ; 2. (— oön) to partakevf or in, 
to (get or have a) chare in, to take {or bear 
a) part ia; eSfbliSge, K. — , to get blowa, &c 

Wbengeln, (to.) v. a. vulg. to beat down 
with a »tick(a»nuU, applet, Acfromatree). 

Woerffen, (ttr.) v. n. (aux. fein) to borst 
off, to crack off, to fly off, to spring off. 

WbtrBfen, (ttr.) v. a. to recall, to call hörne ; 
er berief feinen ffiefantten oon $ari* ab, he 
vithdrew bis ambatsador from Paris. 

KVberSfttna, (to.) /. recall, calling bome (an 
eavoy,&c) ; H-ittä)t, n. right of revocation; 
X-Sfa)relben, n. avocatory letter , lttter(or- 
der) of recall or revocation ; . recredentiais, 

TCb'btfotben (tc.) v. a. («, u.) vid. Vblobaen. 

Xb'befteSen (to.) v. a. to conntennand, to 

WbefteUrnifl,/ conntermand, coonterorder. 

Wbtten , (w.) ».«.!. to neonat ia pmyer, 
2. to avert by prnjiug, to deprecate, to pray 
agamat; 3. to atene for (one's »in») by 
pmying; 4. cont. to »peak, to reette or to 
deliver monotenonsty; ben Ötofcnfronj — , 
to say orer one'» beads. 

Wbettcln, (to.)©.«. (einem StroaS) eol. to beg 
of, to get, to obtain (from one) by begging. 

Wbetten, (to.) o. a. t*-/y rtfl. fid) — (Win), 
to remove one's bed (from); to separate 
bed», to sleep asonder. 

Wbeugen, (io.) v. a. to bend downwards, 
off or atide (particul. vinea, twiga, tc.), to 
lay (plante); vid. Xbfenfcn. 

TCbiicjoblen , (to.) o. a. 1. to pay or to dia- 
cbarge in part, to pay off; 2. vid. Bejüblen. 

Wbtegen, (ttr.) v. L o. vid. 3fbbar«enj B. 
n. (aux. fein) to turn off, to take anotber 

Wbilb, (Hr., pl. Tf-er) n. 1. copy, imitetion; 
2. vid. ebenbfttj 3. vid. »ilbj unfere gei« 
fügen X-er du*erer£Befetu)eiten, onr mental 
repreieotative» of externa! entitie». 

Xb'bilien, (to.) o. 1. a. 1. to portray, vid. Kb« 
malen f nad) best geben — , to draw.or take 
from (or after) the life; 2. to copy; to re- 
present (in a pietnre), to delineate; to form, 
to figore, to aodel ; in SBuibS — , to embosa 
in wax ; 3. fig- to paiat, to describe, to 
delineate;. im (Seifte—, to image; II. rifi. 
((. «.) to reflect, to be thrown (or caat) back. 

Xb'bilbang, (to.)/. 1. (baS Xbbflben) repre- 
sentation, drawing, portraitnre ; 2. a) iit. & 
fig. portrait, pietare, representalion , doli- 
neation; 6) cot, Illustration ; ein Sud) mit 
3-en, an Ulostrated book ; 3. copy, Imitation ; 
4. fig. description. [pamice-stono. 

ütVbtmfen, (te.) t>. a. to pomicate, to rnb with 

Xb'btnben, (str.) v. a. 1. to nobind, to ontic. 
to oncord, to untrom ; to losten; 2. Surg. 
to wlther (a wart, &c.) by tying (it) hard, 
to string (a wart); 3. Hutb. to geld, to 
cattrate (as cattle); 4. vid. Xbfejenj 5. 
Coop. to boop (ein gaf, s emsk); 6. Gsrp. 
to frame (ein (Sebänbe, a boilding); to joi« 
(bie 3nldge, the tiraberwork of a builtUng). 

Wbinbnng, (to-)/..the act of anbioding, fte. 
vid. Xbbtnbm. 

Kb'bif, (ttr.) m. 1. the act of biting off; 2. 
tbe tfaing bitten off, a Ute; be» Seufel* — 
Bot devil's bit 

Wbirtt, (to.) /. a begging pardon, aa ex- 
cusing, anapology for; deprecation ; — tbun, 
to a»k (crave, beg) pardon; eine cffottlio>t 
—tbun, to make bonoorable amead (amende); 
f(briftlitt)e — , »ritten apology. 

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Wüttm, (Jtf.)u. o. 1. to apologize, to make 
exeuei for, to beg (to aak, to Implore) 
pardon for; 9. vid. Xbbtttchlj 3. to beg off, 
to arert by begging, to deprecate (a pn< 
niihment, 4c.). 

«Witten», p. a. depreeative, deprecatory. 
XVWtäüti i. adj. pardonable; IL ad», depre- 
catorily. [of an apology, 

XVbitt(t)mttft, 3Cbbtttung*»eife, adv. by wa> 

Wbläfcn, (*tr.) v. l.a.l. to blow off, to blow 
away, to remove or to cleaoie by blowing; 
2. Sun. to acale (the guns) ; 3. to lound 
(tbe boora, laid of watchmeo) ; IL n. (aux. 
baben) 1. Sport, to «ound the retreat, retorn 
home ; bie jagt) — («.), to blow » moot, to 
noot (at the all of the deer); 2. to cea»e 
to blov, to «ound for the liut-time. 

Wbtafien, (te.) v. n. (aux. fein) to fade, to 

I"f/Matten, («.) v.u. Husb. to (take or) ploek 
off tbe leeres (a» of tobaoeo, cabbage 4c). 

Tß/Uattan, (tc.) ». n. to acale off fsaid of aVbrttUtbcn, (to.) t>. a. vid. Xbnujcn. 

'the unll-pox in the last stage of convale- 

sceace front the dieease). 
Wblcttrnt, (*.) i». I. a. 1. vid. entblättern, 
-L; 2. to Male off, to take off in thin lamins 
:«r scales, to ahiver off; to desqnamate (foul 

hone», 4c) ; H. n. & refi. 1 . vid. entblättern, 

H; 2. to Kaie; to flake (like elate); Stcrg. 

to exfotiate; a-b, p. «. Sttrg. exfoliativa. 
«Wlattenrng, I. *. (w.)/. Surg. eifbliatioo; 

0. comp. V-<«, exfoliatlTe; — Smittel, n. 

ezfoUatire; — »trepan, m. vid. öicfoltario»S. 
JVMmen, (to.) v. n. to loae the bloe co- 

h>nr (said of Stoffs). 
W&Harn, (to.) v. I. a. 1. to make bloe (Sei» 

itelljeltg, hnen); 2. tntig. to codgel, to beat 

uaadly; n. n. vid, WfbtAUtTt. 
«Vbletben, (ttr.) v. n. (aux. fein) to keep 

off or at a distanee (»on, front). 
IVbltiihtn, v.l.n. (s(r., aux. fein) to fade, 

to lo»e colonr (of stoffs) ; II. a. (to.) to bleacb 

«loly, to finish bleaching (aa linen, cotton 

•tu ff«, 4c). 

Wliicn, (w.) v. n. I. vid. SBegfebenj 2, 
Smelt. 4 Metal. to ceaae abioing (of ailver 
appearing on tbe teat). 
IVMitjnr, (w.) f. n. 1. to ceaae Iightening, 
glittering; 2. (aux. fein) to flash off, to 
flasb in the pan ; to miaa Are (of guna). 
lW>tt&en, (».) v. n. (avx. haben, /. p. fein) 
togo oat of f ower, to ceaae blooming, blow 
iegor flowering; to decay, to fade, to wi- 
tber; feie Ketten haben abgebtöbt, the-car- 
aationa have done ioweriog. 
Wbffitcn, (tc) v. I. n. vid. Xulbluttn} II. o. 

* ( L u.) to atone for . . . , to expiate witb 

one'a own blood. 
Wblütben, (to.) v. a. to atrip of (off) the 

bloaapma, to atrip or diveat of tbe bloom. 
«Vbobncn, (to.) v.a.l. to atrip of the beana ; 

2. to poliah by »axlng (.aa a piece of fnrni- 

tnre), to rnb down (a floor). 
Wbobrtn, (tc) v.Ltuto bore throogh; II. n. 

tofiniah boring. . 
Wboffen, Wboffeta, Ablief firen, (tc) v. a. 

T. to.emboss in wax, 4c. vid. Soffiren, fUJo« 

Wbranb, (ttr., pl. Xbbranbe) m. Min. 1. 

diminntion or decreaae of ailver, 4c. on 

the teat or in cleaaaing; 2. loaa in the 

weight of chaikatone in borning. 
Wbtoffcn, (to.) v. a.Mar. 1. to brace; 2. to 

fill the aaila after they have beeo braced 

aback. [thoranghly. 

abraten, (to.: cf. State«), v. a. to roaat 

Xt/brancn, (to.) v. a. 4 ». to finish brewing. 

7fb'braancn,.(toO »- ». to.loae thebrewn 
colonr (aaid of atofls). [browa. 

TCbttonnen, ( ib.) v. a. to make (Cook, to roaat) 

Wbranfen, (tc.) v. «.. to oeaae fermentiag, 
rnabing, roariflg, 4c, cf. iBrattfcn. 

TCM»red>en, I. (itr.) v. o. 1. to break, to 
break off; to anap, to knock off; tnrg («nirfcb, 
or. (plotjlid))— , to anap abort; eil« aBInme 
— , to plack off « tiower; 2. to break (or 
rip) n P (»> old Teasel); to break dows, take 
down, poll down, desjoüah, diamantie (a 
bnilding, a ahip, a wali, 4c), to uawall; 
bie deltt — , to atrike the tenta; boS itf 
$tt — , to break np, to dialodge the camp, 
to decamp; - 3. Typ. (form.') to knock off 
(the balla) ; 4. Ar. einem $fetbe »te (|>nf») 
Sifen — , to nnaboe a hone; 5. Brmt. 
vid. Xufbredjenj & Afii. to break off (the 
filea, to diminiah the front); 7. Sport, to 
diaengage; to call off (the dog«);Jig-J. 8. 
to abate, dednet, abridge, defalcate; vid. 
Xbjicfjen } 9. to. break off, to diacontiane, 
to deaiat front . . . ; für} — , to cut abort; eint 
{Hebe — , to break off.a apeeeh, to cloae 
a apeecb'abroptly; id) »tbmete i(jm jeben 
^Cngenblirf, ben id) meinen aratlidjen ©efebaf» 
ten — fonntc, every moment I coald anatch 
front my official engagementa I devoted to 
bim; eine Kcrbinbnng (^eiratb) — , to break 
off a match; mit einem oDen Umgang r-, to 
break with (or to ent) one; H. (*tr.) v. re/f. 
Rd) et»aS — , to pinch one'a aelf in;... to 
deprive one'a aelf of ; er brfa)t fid) nf (hM ab, 

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Im abrldge« hlmaeif of (from) no conveniea-l duauadod; fic BMKVtt 

. 1. (oui. fein) tit. to noch b«rd) Soihmg »ob ibrem Borbabcaab« 

da; III. (*(r.) o. n 

break »ff; 2. (an», fcaben) Jig. to break off, 

to «top »bort; »fr rooOm bocon — , ('• « 

»«bei burd) Vaoatt, 

nicht weiter baoon fpreehen ) , let o§ leavc Xb'br6ct ein, (to.) » I. a. to cramble off; IL » 

«ff, no more of tbat; TV. (to.) v. a. to flniah 
breaking ( hemp or flax ). 

aVbreeien, (*lr.) n. 1. breaking off, demo- 
liahing, demolitlon, *c. cf. v. A Xbbrecbnng; 
9. Card, browtlag. 

Wbrecbnng, (to.) /. 1. breaking off; abrnp- 
tion, cf. Xbbred)en * VbbrudH 9. Jlftet. 
apoaiopeaia, abwiuion. 

«fb'breiten , (w.) v. a. to «tretcb, to Hatten 
(a* a aheet of copper, ftc.). 

Wbrennrn, (irr.)t>. I.n. («vi. fein) 1. to bara 
down, to b» bnrnt down, to be conaomed or 
dutroyed by fire; 2. to go off (a» a gon); 
9o» jHünbrraBt ift abgebrannt, the p»wd»r 
bw flaahed in the pan ; 3. to »uffer damage 
(to lote one'a property) by fire ; 4. to ceaae 
barnlng; ebc btc Siebter jur $difte abgebrannt 
vamt, before tbe eaadle» had bnrnt half- 
way down; II. (s-t-t. tt.) a. 1. to bnrn 
off (or down), to bnrn with (or conaame 
by) Ire; to bnrn nway; 9. Agr. vid. Xb> 
fftmenbent 3. to fire, fire off, rtiacharge (a 
gen, *c); to let qff(fireworka); 4. to cum, 
to witber by haut, to icorcb, to bara (grau 
or plant») ; 5. Surg. to extirpato by barning 
(with canitio»); 6. to finleh bornlng; 7- to 
boradnty (cbalk, eartheo reuela, 4c); 8. 
to cleanae by burning, Oum. to deflagrata; 
9. toealeine with heator fire, to bore (oyster- 
»belli or limeitone); 10. T. o) to temper 
(cteel); 6) to dip into motten tin (a» iron- 
platea, at the firat prooet» in tinning); 11 
t» helgbtea th« yellow eoionr (of brau) in 
aqoafortie; 13. Mar. ein CScbiff (oon aufm) 
— , to grave, to brennt a ahip 

Wbreaaen, (ttr.) n. 1. barning down, Jee. cf. 
abbrennen, v.t 9. dum. deflagration 

XbbrtötaruY, (w.) /. abbreviation; (»hort- 
band) note; — febrift, ahort-band writiag. 

Xbbreor'rcn, (w.) v. «. to abbrevlate, vid 

Wbringen, (irr.) v. a. 1. to get off; to re- 
move ; 9. to do away with, toaboiM,e/. 2tb« 
fdjoffrnj 3. tit. * fig. to lead away, to 
draw (or bring) off; to tarn off, to diiert 
(front nay ooarw, directioo or iotended 
application); »cm redbten ÄBege — , to mia- 
iead; bUTa) Watt) — , to diuaade (from); 
bnrd) «erninftgrunbe — , to reuen (o»e) 
«mt of (bis plan, conrictioa», **.); fb 
wollt« fta) Hiebt — loffen, she wonld not be 

{«bringen, they were not to be eitaer dri- 
tten or decoyed Crom their pnrpoee. 

(<iwx. fein) * refl. to cramble down, to peel 
off, to aeale (or break) off (iu varniah. **.). 

WbrMelnng, (to.) /. the act of crombling. ax 

Wbroeten, (tu.) r. a. to break into »mal 

xVbrofen, (to.) v. n. vid. Xbafen. 

oVbrnd), (str., pi.Xbbrüa)c)m.l.tka(aetoi) 
breaking off, pnlling down; 9. «) the thiaj 
broken ofi; fragmeat; 6) T.bnildiag-nateriali 
•f a demolUhed honae; 3. the place wkeret 
baildiaghaabeenpolleddowa; 4. Iaad-alip(i> 
marshy conntriea, <kc); &. 7\/p. break (»I 
a letter) ; fig-*. 8. diminution, abridgawst 
abatement, dednetion, defaloatioa, cf. Xb}«$ 
ohne — , aadimbiiahed; 7. detrioent, loav 
damage, hurt, injary, prejodice, härm; - 
tb«n: 1. Min. to break the atonea toad- 
Tantage; 2. fig. a) to abridge, carbül;b)t» 
injore, damage, hart, prejodice, to der» 
gate (or to be derogatory) to ...; bitt Btt 
ba» öinjtge, »a» ibrem QUfittt — ttat, thk 
wu the «oly drawback on their happinear 
fid) felbft— tbon an . . ., vid. Vbbrtcben, l 

Wbrfi*ig, odj. 1. »hivering; brittle; 2. A 
prejndiclftl, derogatory, detrimental. 

lVbrabcn r (ui.) v. a. to »cald (a fowl, *e.X 
to parboil (aa cabbage, &c). 

XVbriBen, (to.) v. a. rmtg. to roar oat (a aoag). 

Wbrnmnen, (to.)t>. I. a.fam. to hnm overfi 
tune); II. n.(aux. fein)togo awaygramblinglj. 

XVbrunfttn, (to) e. n. Sport, to ceaie rat- 
ting; ba»»Säbbatabgebninftet,the rottur. 
aeaaon i» orer. [batcaiag. 

Xb^brtFtcn, (to.) v. n. to' ceaae broodbu> 

XVbSben, (to.) v. n. to take away the bootht. 

Xbtugcln, (to.) v. a. to iron «nfficiently. 

Xb'bu^ien, (io.) v, I. a. to obtain by coqvet- 
tiab tricka, to wheedle out of; II. refl. fto> 
— , to waate one'a atreagth with women. 

Wbürten, (to.) v. a. to diabnrden, to nnload. 

Wbürften, (io.) v. a. to bruah off; to brsah. 

Ttb'bupen, (to.) o. a. to expiate, to «tone, ta 
make atonement, to do penance for . . . ; er 
bat th mit Selbe abgebüßt, he ha» bee» 
fuicd for it 

Xb'bStung (to.),/. explation, atonement 

Xbe*, Tf-b-t, n. 1. a-b-c, the aiphabet, croaa- 
row; 9. fig. the firat rndimenta; nad) bn 
— , alphabeticsily ; — bnd), n. 1. primer, horn- 
book; 9. or -tute,/. Conck. vid. Xiger« 

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fdjntdei —leerer, m. abeeedarian;— f<bnlen, 
p/.col. dame-achoola; — fd)ältr, — fd/äf, •»• 
abeeedarian, alphabetarian; — taffj,/. al- 
phabetieal board, abecedary, battle-door. 

TfVcapitf In, (tr.) v. a. tmlg. to glre « «evere 
reprimand, to rate (one). 

Würfeln, «id. Xbsirtcln. 

* Weontctfcien, (u.) o. a. «u(g. «irf. Kbraattn 

tfcVcopfrcn, (to.) v. a. incor.for Copiren. 

2f&taa>en, (»•) v. I. o. 1. to nnroof (a build- 
ine); bas Sfccatcr rourbe (vom © türme) 
gältjtit^ obgebadjt, the roof of tb« theatre 
was entirely blown oft*; 2. to give a alopiog 
form, to malce sloping, to slope, cf. £6fd)en» 
IL rrfl. to be or beenme declivoua, to run 
out in a »lope; ein fid) attmäbfig a-ber $fi» 
gel, a gently subsiding hin. 
Xb'bödjig, adj. aloping, aalope, declivoOs. 

TCb'badjung, (to.) /. 1. unrooßng; 2. »top«, 
fall, decleniion, descent, declivity; Fort, 
(cf. SoTdjmii)), Arch. k Geol. talus. 

Wbdmmtn, (u>.) v. a. 1. to dam np, to em- 
bank ; to dam oot (the water) ; 2. to ondam. 

ZVbämmnui, (».)/. theactofdammingup.&c. 

mVoompfen, (w.) v. 1. n. 1. (aux. fein) to 
«vaporate, to pau off In vapour, to vapoor 
(or to fly)away; 2-(aux.babcn) to ceaae steam 

MU. cauation; reform; 2. reaignatlon , ab- 
dication ; 3. CJt-Sreoe) a readering of thankf 
to the atteodanta of a fnneral , funeral ora- 
tion, funernl sermon; 4. laut call of a night 
watch in the moraing. 

aVbarben, (w.) v. refl. to piaeh one'a seif, 
to starte one"« body for . . . . 

Wcarrcn, (u>.) v.a.Breu). todry(nalt,aorn). 

Wöecfeftl, (w.) v. a. uu Jg. to remove thecover. 

Woctfen, (io.) v. a. 1. to ancover; (in SBtit 
— , to untile (or amhingte) a roof, cf. 3fb» 
kalten, 1.; »en Ztf<b — , to clear the table, 
to draw or remove the tloth ; 2. to flay, to tkln. 

Woetfer, (str.) m. Bayer, vulg. t&btn&er <j«.j 
— ffter, n. Com. niorkina, morkiaa' hide«. 

Tftbetferci', (to.)/. 1- (bualne»» of) laying; 
9. Üaying-place, flaying-houee{ the flayer'i 

Wbcühtn, (io.) v. a. to separate wlth dlkot, 
to eudoae with dikes. 

Wteicbang, (».)/. dfking, embanktng. 

Vb&rri^e), (to.) m. 1. Abderite, an inbnbi- 
tant of Abdera ; 2. fig. a fool ; Y-enguuibe, 
m. impücit belief i X-eflfireiä), m. apieee of 
folty. [eilly. 

JCbberirtfd), adj. 1. Abderian; 2. fig. fooliab, 

Wkirfen, (to.) «. I. o. to make »ick, vid. 
»Serbitfell j 2. n. («nur. fein) to thieken. 

ing; U.a. vid. Xbbampfcn. ü^mw.KhZMETtJ\ « iTi.„ L. .[ Z..A 
CvSanfau. (^ /. 1. aranarailnTS ^.l* Wri «» ' ("•>"• a " l »» «Par*te by boarda, 

Wbomtfang, (w.)/. 1- eraporallon;8.t>id. 

Wtfmtfm, (to.) v. a. 1. to (caase to) eva- 
porate, to make eraporate, to reiolfe into 
vapoor; 2. Chan, to bring to a certain con- 
•iateaee by eraporation, to graduate. 

Wbdmpfnng, (to.) /. evaporatloa, C/tem. 

KVbairttn, (w.) v. I. a. 1 . to diamlu, diicharge, 
discard, to divett (of an Office, &c) ; 2. einen 
licrftorbmen — , to annoonce the death of 
a deceated percon (at ehnreb) cf. n. 2. 
tht |>eer — , to diaband an army; einen SDf> 
fititt — , vid. (auf geringeren Solb) Sefen 

to partitioti off; 2. to Moor with phrnkt , to 

Wbicncn, (to.) v. a. to aerve for (a debt), to 
pay off (the wagei advanced) by pereonal 

Wiingen, («tr.) v. a. 1. to abate in boying, 
to beat down (in the priee), ef. Xobcinbcli), 
1.) ein ftrengee ^flitbtgefnbl, bem pdj ntibt» 
— taft. a atern oncompromiaing aeaie of 
dnty; 2. Stnnn (SttoaS— , to hlre «omething 
from one; 3. to dlsmiit (an apprentiee, after 
hia time ia ont). 

WoidpufTren, (to.) t>. a. vid. Xbflwiten. 

jnr Strafe ~ (tttffken), to cuhier; Mar-j. [Wbotfen, (vi.) v. a. Hunt, ft FPeaMounwInd 

bo8 €5a)if*»0lr — , to pay off, diicharge theJ(cords, threada). 

crew; ein 6a>iff — , to lay op a veaael; emrabtonnem, (w.) v. I. a. to let (canaona, *e.) 

abgebanfter Stamtrtcr, ©oftat, a brokeni roarj^ig. to tbonder forth; n. ti. (<■ v.) to 

officeroraoldier; II. n. I.toreaign,abdicate,| ceaae thundering. 

renomtee, withdraw; 2. to diamiai an aa-IQfb'boppeIn,(io.)t>.a.<Sko«-m.todonble-8Uteh. 

aembly with thanka: bei tfntr 8eid)e — , (oflWborren, (to.) v. n. (aux. fein) to dry away, 

a priest) to thank the atteodanta of a fune- 
ral for their preaenee In behalf of tbe fa- 
aity of the deceaaed, to hold (deliver) a 
raaeral oretion; btr %ad)t»ad)ter btntt ab, 
the night* steh caHs for the laat time«t the 
break of day. 
WbOttrong, (wr.) /. 1. diasaiasion, diacharge; 

to dry np, to get dry and fall off (aa leavea) ; 

to beeome arid, to wi ther ; to pareh, to icorch. 
Zb^örren, (to.) n. a. to dry (up), to make 

dry, to arefy; to roast, to parch. 
Wborr.Sfen, (*<r.) m. vid. Srifdjbeer». 
Xb'brabt, (»tr., pj. »bribte) m. l±wt. rin- 

abavinga, pewter-chipa. 

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XlTbrangen, (to.) v. a. 1. to force away ; 9. 
oüJ. abbringen. 

Wbrdaen, (w.) £ * * cid. Xbbroben. 

WbreCyfeln, (w.) ». c 1. to «eparate by turn 
ing od a lathe, to tarn off; 9. to give the 
last finiah in torning; 3. to tarn. 

Wbreben, (to.) u. a. 1. to twiat or to wring 
off; 9. vid. Xbbredifeln. 

Wbtefd)en, («(r.) «. a. to thratb off; 9. 
(jt-1-j. n.) to finiah thraibing; mit »er» 
bot batb abgetroffen baben, we «hall aoon 
have done thraahfng; 3. to pay (adebt) by 
tbrashing; fig-s. 4. vulg. to thraab (i. e. to 
beat) Mondly, tnd.3Cbprfigcln ; 5. to precoo 

cert,toagreeprivately;6.utd.Xbgebrofd)en.. Weifen, (to.) v. La. to free (or clear) ftt 

WbriBen, (vi.) v. a. vulg. vid. Abbringen. 

Wbringen, (ttr.) v. a. (einem etwa») to ex- 
tort, to ezact, to force or wring front. 

WbringUttg, (»)/• extortion, exaetion. 

orbtrob^cn, (w.) v. a. (einem etwas) to get 
by tbreateniog, to bector or bully out of. 

JCb'bruct, (.tr., p..3Cbbru<fe or Jtbbru(fe) m. 1 
ZVp. impreaaion; (anindividnalbook, fcc.), 

. copy, print; Typ-*, abermaliger— ,repru)t; 
— »orber ®<t)rift, proof- impreaaion; lit. 
fig. impress; itamp; mark; caat (any 
thing caat or formed from a monld); 9 Pet. 
typolite, a «tone or fouil baving figurei 
of aniaala or vegetablea impreued on it; 
Xbbrueh son Sifdjen, $flanjen, größten, 
lebthyolites, dendrolitea, carpolitea; 3. fig. 
image; connter-part; transcript, antitype; 
4. Gun-ttn. trigger, vid. iDrütfer, 2; 5. 
tbe act of pulling the trigger; Z-Sftange, 
Gunst*, f. »topper (in fire arm*). 

Woradat, (w.) v. a. 1. to imprint, to aet or 
pot a atamp (upon any thing by preaiure) ; 
to impreu, to atamp; 2. Typ. to print, to 
draw off, to atrike off, to work off with a 
(letter-) presa; »ieber — , to reprint. 

Wbrfitfen, (to.) o. I. a. 1. to «eparate by 
preuing; et brfttft ihm bad £erj ab, fig. hii 
heartiareadytobarat; 3. diaebarge 
(a gnn, Ac), ahoot, let off, let fly (an arrow, 
*«•) ; 3. fig. (6inem etwas) to preaa ont 
of, to extort from, vulg. aqneeze from, acrew 
ont from ; II. n. Mar. (I. v.) nid. Xbfegein. 

• Xobuctiän', (to.) /. 1. vid. Xbjiebungj 2. 
Surg. vid. (Seknfbrud) ; 3. Log. abdnetion. 

Xb'bunteln, (io.) v. a. Dy. to give a darker 
•bade to (a colonr). [bttmpfen. 

Wbnnften, (w.) v. n. (aux. fein) vid. Xb» 

W/bunften, (v>.) v. a. vid. Xbbämpfen. 

aVbunftung, Wbunftung (io.), /. evapora- 
tion; V-ibab, m. Chem. vapoar batb; 
X-S$au6/ »• 5-w. vid. Qrabirban». 

Wbnpf en, (♦».) v. o. to dry (a aore, Ja.) *< 

tipping with lint 
Wlbtntn, (to.) v. a. to level, to make era. 
Xbltf, vid. 3C be- 
werfen, (to.) t). o. 1. to take off the eoga 

or corner» of (a atone, *c); 2. to giito 

edge, to dent, to acallop. 
Weggen, Wegen, (to.) t>. o. 1. to haim 

off, toclear by harrowing; 2. (&».) to Cta 

harrowing. ßtilfol 

Weichen, (io.) o. a. to meuare, to gagcaM 
Weifen», (io.) v. refi. to haraaa or to exbtl 

one'a aelf by zeal , eagerneaa, oranger,! 

exert one'a paaaiona , to potber one'a d 

ice; D. n. to thaw. 

Xbe'le, («>.)/. prooinc. (aBoJ)/or«BeiJps 

»el (an. ^bele'-tree, cf. Wbe, 2). 

^fbclmofd), (*tr.) m. Bot. abel-mnak; -f«l 

m. muak-aeed. 
TCbenb, I.#. (*rr. m.) 1. evening, night, «mx 
eve, vesper; 2. weat, oeeident; 3. (Wo* 
Xbenb) «i decline of life; ber beüige-,«« 
(before a featival) ; ber äBtibnad)tS6eili3 - 
Chriatmaa eve; bei TC-l, auf ben — , »« 
evening; bitfen— , t)eate— , thia evening, 
night; geftern — , laat night, yestereig 
yeaterday evening ; oorgeftem — , the ni| 
before laat; aüeX-f, every evening; gntn^ 
good evening! (good night, Jamu—Bte 
champ) ; — »erben, to draw towarda en 
ing; C5 »irb — , it grow» dark, evi 
draw» near; }a — effen, to aap; nid)t i> 
effen, to go uipperie«; II. comp. 1. «*| 
ing-, even-; veipertine; 9. weat 
tern; — anbttd)t,/. Ecc. evening dev< 
evening prayera, completory, compliW 
— Blatt, n. vid. — jeitnng j — biume, /. W 
marvel of Peru; — brob, n.fam. vid. 3fto* 
effen; — bämnurung, /. twiligbt; — effen,"- 
enpper, anpping; — effen»}eit, /. »upper-taHl 
— falter, m.Ent. hawk-moth, »phinx;-friSi 
/. vid. ^-onbadjt» —gang, m. 1. vid. -fp» 
jiergang) 9. AfJn. lode in a weatern dir« 
tion; — geb°e*t, n. evening prayer; — gegen»! 
/. weitern region, we»t; — gefang, m. eT« 
ing aong; evening bymn; — gefcüfiboft, / 
evening party; evening meeting; grefl 
— gefeüfcbaft, ront; — ge»6tf, n. evenaj 
cloods ; ber — glatt) ber Gerate, * brighu« 
radiance of the »etting »an ; — glodfe, /. « v * 
ing-bell, corfew(-bell); bie — glode Idutt»» 
to ring curfew ; — goib , n. vid. — g(an{) ' 
gOtteJBbicnft, m. evening-cervice; —jagt,/ 
Sport, a chaae in the evening (by toror 
light); bat-fowling; — loft, /. »upper, eve»" 

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iag-aeal; -laab, n. wettern eountry or re^ 
gion, ocddent, weit; — Idnbcr, 1. sing. m. 
iahabitut of i wedern or an oecidental 
coontry; 2. pi. vid. — t&ltcti — lanbtftb, 
adj. weitem, westerly, oecidental, * he- 
speriin; — (dnbifd)« Z&tHi, m. turkoii mi 
lenl; -töniffdje .Strebe, /. chnrch of the 
vert;-M<bifCyt Jtatfertbum, n. weitem (or 
lowcr) empire; — Unbiftbe Literatur, /. weit- 
em literatare; — Hebt, n. 1. evening light; 
% mi. — ftern; 3. i%*. zodiacal ligbt; — 
lieft/ n. vid — gefang j — luft,/. evening air, 
■igbt-dew, nigbt-damp, damp of the even 
tag; -ma,l, n. 1. vid. — mabljett j 2. (baS 
fyUige -) Ch. the Lord'i inpper, (holy) ea- 
chariit; {um —mabl geben, baS — mabl ge= 
tiefen, to attead (to partake of; the 
Lord'i nipper, to commoaicate ; baä — mabl 
owt^rüe», teilen, to adminiiter the sacra- 
■cot; — BtOblWrab, n. hoit, coniecrated- 
wafer; — majlSfritr, /. commnnion-iervice; 
Rom. Cath. aaii; — mabttgeWt, n. eommu 
nioa-prayer; — mabUgofl, — mabMgenoJ, 
». commanicant; — ranblegotteSbienft, tu, 
Vid. — aablafrier; — mabttfelib, commuuion- 
tap, chaliee; — mabljtifd), m. corama- 
•ion- t«ble, the Lord'i table; — mabljeit, 
f. eveohig-aeal, »opper ; — mabljett balten, 
to np; -rnatft , m. a market held in the 
eveaing;~meer, n.» Atlantic ocean; — meffe, 
-rartten,/. Äom.Catn. vespere, evening-ier- 
Hce;-mnfl*,/.cW. — ftanbeben ,— opfer, n. 1. 
Jew. IUI. evening «acrifice ; 2. fig. vid. — ge* 
htj- Pfauenauge, n. Ent. ejed hawk-moth ; 
—paart, m. Ait. thetrae Weit; —regen, m. 
I. evenlng-rain, evening-ihower; 3. Script. 
[Ja. V. 7) the latter raln, vid. Stegen» 
ititj — wt$, n. —rft$r, /. eve«ing-red, even- 
bg tky; -febein, m. vid. — liebt, — Winnie» 
^»9) -^fegen, m. virf. — «rtrtj —feite, /. 
»ett-iide, weitem aipect; — fonne, /. iet 
Hag taa; — fpajiergong, m. evening-walk ; 
-ftänbd)en, n. night mniie, serenade ;— ftern, 
a. 1. evening itar, Vesper, Venu«; 2. Ent. 
**. 3«^nni8n)urm j — ftille, /. calm of the 
reaiog; — ftiü"1tanb,ni. Ast. evening Station; 
•ftnnbt, /. evening (or ve»pertine) honr ; 
-tafer, /. vid. — lifo); — tban, m. night-dew, 
Vening-dew; — ttfd), m. inpper; id) 
tn — tffd) bei it)m, I inp with bim ; —»tote, 
vid. Kadjteiole; — »ogel, m. 1. night-bird ; 
i Ent. vid. — f alter j — reifer, f. pL weitem 
atioBi; — »ort«, adv. to the weit, weit 
»rd, wettwardly; —weite, /. Att. occMu- 
■• or weitern amplitude; — ttinb, m. 1. 
"*rt wind; 2. evening wind or breexe; — 

»elf, in. ZoeL «id. 4>nonej — jeebe, / 
evening-icore ; — jeit, /.' evening-time, ^, 
Script, k * «TentJde; — Jettang, /. even- 
ing (newi-) paper; — jirfel, m. vid. Xbenb« 

ybenbttd), I. adj. 1. happeaing or Coming In 
the evening, pertaining to the evening, vei- 
pertine; ber «-e 6d>ntaae, evening-feait; 
2. weitern, oeddental; IL ade. lv^vtd. 
Q£benbJ5 2. weiterly, occidentally. 

X'itnbi, adv. In the evening; $— f it' 
ftern—, »id. beute, geftern Xbenb. 

TCbentWier, (*tr.) n. adventure. 

TCbenteuerlilh, I. adj. 1. (/. «.) adventnroai, 
eventfnl, wild, romantic; 2. itraoge, odd, 
antic, fentaitic, qnizotlc; II. ade. adven- 
tnrooily, ftc. III. X-teit, («>.)/• 1. «dven- 
taronineu; 2. itrangeneu, oddity, fantai- 
ticalneu, quixotiim; 3. abränge or fan- 
taitic tbingi (oecorrence or appearanee). 

abenteuern, (vi.) v. n. fam. to aeek ad- 

2C'benteurer, (str.~) m. adventarer. 

Vber, I. adv. # again, vid. Xbermaltj tau» 
fenb unb — taufenbmal, thomand npon thon- 
■andi of timei, again and agaln; — ad>t, 
% (<"•)/■ donble-ban; repeated exeomma- 
nication; n. cobj. bot; however; — bad), but 
yet; — fonft, fenft — , or eise ; — gleicbroobl, 
however, nevertbeleu; nun—, bat nww; 
ober, aber 1 bat alai! ni. *. (*tr. n.) id> »in 
reine — , I will bave no buts, bot me no buti! 
bie 6aä)e bat ein — , pro«, there ii a bat 
(•'. e. some objeetion) in the cue. [from. 

Werben, (a>.) ». a. (I. «.) to get by inheritance 

OTerefdje, («.) /. oid. SSogelbeerbaum. 

TCberglaube, (irr.) m. inpentition; (4>ang 
jnm 3C— n) inperititioniness, bigotry. 

ICberglanbfg, Vbergldttbifo), adj. mperatt- 
tiout, bigoted. 

Wctfennen, v. ir. Law, I. a. (Sinem <Stn>as) 
to deprive of . . . (to deny, diiown) by aen- 
tence of law; II. n. (—gegen) to pasi len- 
tence againit. 

Vbcrlaud), (str.) m. Bot. rocambole. 

X'bermSIig, adj. iterated, repeated; ber a-e 
Xbbrurf, reimpression ; a-e f)rüfung, re- 
viial. [anew. 

VbtTMSÜ' adv. again, once mere, afreah, 

OTetn, (ta.) v. n. •milg. to contradict. 

X'bernffine, (irr.) tu. (n. v.) vid. ©djimpf» 

Xb'emten, (to.) v. I. a. to clear off(a crop) 
by reaping; ein Selb—, to reap a field; IL 
n. to finisb reaping. 

WerBbern, (to.) v. a. (I. u.) (einem etnae) to 

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take fron . . . bjr conqneat, to conqner fron. 
Vbatmtt, (to.) /. Bot. vid. «betraute. 
Vberfuat, (to.) /. Agr. secoad »owing. 
X'bcrßnn, (<rtr.) m. pertirmcity, «tabbornnes» 
Xtcrfinirig , a<ö. itabborn. 
3Cbcrthon, (ttr.) m. trfd. ©treifaifanai. 
Ä'bcrrotlk, (irr.) m. relocUnce, ill-will. 
S'benoü}, (itr.) m. 1. felae wit; 2. üttf*eu, 

fodfthnea», craziaeu, madneaa, icabecility 

of mind, dotage. 
«Vbcrmiaig, adj. light-headed, crazy, fooluh, 

conceited, burt. crack- braiaed, skull- crack - 

ed; — rebca, to rav«; ottf •— c 3Crt, dii-] 

tractedlj; dotardly. 

to By off (c/. »gebe«), to dip, 6»*«. didt, 
fcldpc JBoroürfc fahren an ihn» ab, Jtg. ad 
reproachea do not tauch hin. 

Wfabrt, (w.) /. 1. setting out, aUrtiae. de- 
partnre; 2. Lato, cid. Xb;ug4 3. ruf. I» 
laufen j 4. vid. Xifabmertj Die etuihts 
— , »tarting-hour; bat jDempfboot maMM 
jur— bereit, the »tenm-boat prepare* to tint, 
— iabicbobcSct, Afor.ataudingfortheola» 

Wfabrt*», comp, —flagge, /. Saft nf «qt 
ture; — gelb, ». £<w,tifd, WiBgugcIbj-^i 
m. atartiag-plnce, place of departnre;' 
rcd)t, n. Law, vid. *biug6rcd)ts -fd)ttfci 
»ignal-gita fired at departing, 

Wefibern, (*.)». rifl.fam. to overaeat one^HWfoU, (*tr., pl. TCbfätlc) I. m. 1. falliagi 

»elf and get out of breatb, to nanu» (to fa-j 
tigoe) ooe'a »elf by bodily txertion. 

XVeffira, (tr.)o. La. 1. to est off; (inen Jbto* 
d)tn— , to pick a booe; 2. to clear (a plate, 
*c.) by eatiug; 3. to coaaume, to deprive eating; 4. vid. Xbjc^rm, 1.; IL 
n. to finish eating; fcaben Sic abgegeben? 
have you doaa dining or auppiog? 

Wfädjrfn, (ib.) v. o. to faa away. 

Wfatbcn, (to.) u. a. 1. to partition, to divide 
into compartment»; l.fig. toarrange in »et» 
or rankt, to dattify, to claa», to ränge. 

Wfad)ung, (to.) /. 1. a) diviaion into com 

or aaay, fall ; 3. declivity, deacent of b 
or a bill, »lope ; 3. «) — eine» gluffcS, nt 
wear (2fb}ug»»cbr); 6) bei einem «Sa 
nen, ipill-water (of a well); c) w'rf. 1 
faUSrÖbre; 4. g«n. «aate, traut, robül 
(Xbfdflc pl.) paring«, »havinga; -■ 
©aurarooUc, tut« cottoo; — t>on 6dt 
ailk-waite, «aate-ailk; — »ob WatcrialM 
ren, garbles, ontabot; — ton Octrcdc,*] 
dost; — aus ©eifenftebertien, «oaper'ar 
— von gereiften $dutrtt, Tan. acrewa; 
gefoppten ©dornen, vid. Xbraum 2.;- 
8cber, leatber cuttiog* (abavinga or 

partmenU; 6) partition, compartment ; 2. ring») ; — beim Jt4mmcn, combings j 


Xb'fibeln (provinc. «"b'fibaun, Xbfäcnen), 
(to.) v. a. vM. 3fb$icben, 2. ft) [thorn. 

Kbjfäbnen, Xbfäbnca (w.), «. a. Mar. to fe- 

Xbfäben, (to.) v. a. * vid. Abfangen. 

Xyfabren, (*tr.) «. I. a. 1. to break ofr(aome- 
tbing) by driving a earriage againit it; 
to knock off or to wear away by driving; 
oie SUber — , to drive the wheel» off; 2. to 
reroove by wheel-earriage, Ac.; to cart home 
(corn, Ac); 3. to make (a road) by coa- 
•tantly driving tbe »ame track; 4. to (»■ 

Corp. ke. cuttingu,clippinga,clippen, 
ahaving»; Bvtch. oflal;5- Hör. ascapea 
ucapement; 6. Afor. deHection, leewa)', 
ter — , good offing ; 7. Com. a) defii 
defect (in the weigbt); h) upillage; 
8. (— com (Blaubtn, jur Sünbc 5t.,) 
tasy, falling oH, backtliding; d 
defection (of a proviace, troup«, tc) 
diminution, decline, decay, cf. SScrfaBi 
leibet einen ftarten — , toi» i» liable to 
litoitations; 10. contraat; II. comp 
XÖfjTt, f. wute-pipe, cooduit-pipe, 

tigoe, to weary out (koraes); 5- to aaTejWfaUen, i'tr.) v. I. n. (oui. feilt) 1. 

(time : j»ci SKcilcn, two mile«, tc.) by driving 
a «horter cot; 6. to pay off (a debt) by dri- 
ving; n. n. (aiur. fein) 1. to »et out, to «et 
(or gv)oft»tart, depart;bcr(Campfi»agen>) 
3ug fäljrt (ge^t) um ckr ab, the train atart» 
at four o'clock; Mars, to »et sail; com 
Sattbe — , to bear oft"; 2. o) vulg. to die, 
an. to pack or pop off, trot, tip off, taop tbe 
twig, Ac.; 6) fam. & vulg. fa^r ab (päd! 
bid}), be gone; c) col. to get a rebaff, to 
be rebnffed , diaconraged or diiappointed; 
3. (MM SBege — ) «) to turn off (front the 
road), to drive in another directioa; 6) to 
drive Mtray, to loae the (rigbt) road; 4 

feil off, to fall (from), to drop ; % Sa! 
vid. Vbbaumcnj 3. vid. ftd) Vbbad>csi| 
f>aui mit fteil abfaücnbcm iDacbc , a »tea; 
pitebed houae; 4. to fall off, to incline. JU« 
to caat (when the anebor ii Grat looaeae 
to pay oft", to aag (^or feil) to the lec*a 
fall ab! eaie the heim! 5- n) to diaül 
(in value, *c), to decreaie; 6) to de) 
to feil away (to lote fleah), to tabefj ; 6 
fall off, deiert (from a party, &c); I 
Stauben—, to apoatatize; to revolt (* 
from); t>on Sott — , to tarn recreant 
God; 7- to contraat atrongly ; S- col 
yield pront; baeon fällt niä)t «>irl ab, i 

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• «profitable bnsiness; ber (Sang fallt ab, 
Ifin. the load take« another directioo; bie 
Jttdjftabea fallen ab, Typ. the letters are 
iroken; XL rtfi. (ftd) «troafi) to break (off) 
norbyfalllng. [Icn, ».; fall 

>f«B«, (*&".) <•• falliag off, Ac. c/. Xbfab 
/fallenb, p. a. «Hing off, Ac; JSot-j. Itid)t 
-, deeidnoos ; nidjt — , indeclduooo. 
rJMtg, «#. 1. Alling off; 3. liable to fäll- 
ig off; 3. dedivous, sloplng, sberring; 4. 
ecaylng; 5. deaerting, revdlting; 6. disap- 
■oving, denying, diueating; — fcfdjei&en, 
i gire a refusal to .... 
Kffiafrit,/.l. declivity, fall; l.fig. apostasy. 
faljcn, (tc) v. a. 1. Tan. to cleanse witb 
e «having knife, vid. Xafen, I. ; 3. Jo«n. 
i groote. 

'fangen, (*&■") v. a. 1. to catch, anntcb 
kam); 2. Min. to rapport (a pit, Ac.) by 
Müh and prop*, to prop; 3. Dik. to tarn 
f (a watereoorie) ; 4. Sport, to kill, to 
fcb (a «tag, Ac.) with the hanting-knifo 
fjr&en, (to.) v. L a. to dye, to coloor, to 
re the proper dye or coloor; II. n. 1. to 
iah dyeing; 3. to loae coloor, to utaln. 

ffetn Oflrfaf ein), (u>.) ». I. o. to free from 
to take off the) fibres; Sonnen — , vid. 
Heben 5 II. n. A r?/. to lose fibres or flla- 
!Bts, to onravel. [by planing, 

Bfi«n , (te.) v. a. Jbin. to round off edgea 
ffJVn, (u>.) v. a. 1. 5m. to bend (a pieee 
Iron) ; 3. to artest, to take hold of; 3 
•ort, to separate; 4. Com. to weigb ont 
ticles) for retail; 5. (fd)rifMtö> — ) to 
■pose, draw up, to pot dowa (in wrlting), 
«rite (in doe form), to word (down), 
rrite, to pen, to eodite; in bSnbtgrn Ivif 
ffen abgefaßt, conched in concise terms, 
rffer, (*rr.) m, 1. T. a. maker »p of 
ifcagea (aa in ribboo - factories Ac), cf. 
[äffen $ 3. he that writes or draws np 
t conpositioa in wrlting, a writer, aathor, 

tffung, (w.) /• 1. (act of) compoaing, 
«ring ap, wrlting; 3. composltion, wording. 
fielt, (ib.) ». o. 1. to atone for... by 
|ag; 3. to exhanst (r^?. one's seif) by 
|ag. [to pntrify and fall off. 

Bleu , (w.) v. n. (oui. fein) to rot off, 
tonen, (te.) prootnc. cid. ibfdjaumen. 
jftten, (*rr.) v. I. o. to get by fighting; 
<qfl. to weary one's seif with fighting, 
»rrn, (w.) v. I. o. to strip of the feathers 
goose, Ac), to pluek; Ü. n. to lose (or 
antcd) tbe feathers, cf. Waufen, in, 
Fgen , (w.) t>. «. to sweep (or to wlpe) 

off, to rab off, to deaase by sweeping; brn 
Staub »on •••—, to dost; ein $irfd) fegt 
ben Saft ab, Sport, a deer fray» bis head. 

Xb'fefim, (w.) v. a. 1. to file off, to cat witb 
a file; einen Stagel — , to filea nail ; 2. to 
cive the last finisb by filing; eine Jtlinge--, 
Sw-ettt. to rnb a blade. 

WfeiK&)t, (str.) n. «e-dut, vid. grilfpanc. 

Xt/feüfcben, (w.) v. a. vid. Kbbanbetn, 1. 

Wfeinen, (to.) v. a. to reflne (sogar, Ac). 

Kbfenfttrn, (ib.) Wg. vid. Xugfdjelten. 

Xbfertigen, (io.) v. «. 1 . o) to despatcb, to ex- 
pedite; 6) to send (off), to forward; c) to 
dismiss, to sendaway; 3.(hrj— )J%.totake 
(one) np shbrt, to cut (one) short, to re- 
bnff, to give a set-down. 

ab'fertigtr, m. despatcher. 

TCb'fertignng, (w.)f. 1. (tbe actof) despatch- 
ing, forwarding, Ac. ; despatcb, expedi- 
tion; %fig. rebnff, (smart) repartee; Tf-B« 
fd)ein, m. Com. 1. deetaration (entry) at 
the custom-honse; 2. permlt. [tonnsbackle. 

WftfTeln, (»•) v. a. to anfetter, to nnehain, 

Wfctten, (to.) v.l.a.1. to take (or sUm) 
off tbe fat, tbe greaie; 3. to fnttea (vle~ 
tnals); II. n. to grow lean. 

Wfendjten, (to.)u. ha. 1. to deprire of mols- 
ture, to dry; 3. (A n.) to impart moistnre, 
to molstea; n. n. to lose moistnre. 

Wfenern, («o.) v. I. o. to Are, to fire off, to 
discharge; II. n. Smelt. to cease hettting 
(or to cool) the faraaces. 

XVfeuerung, (te.) /. firing, Ac, discharge. 

Wfiebeln, (tr.) v. a. vulg. 1. to scrape (a 
fiddle), to fiddle; 3. to separate or to wenr 
ont by rnbbing; vid. Abreiben. 

Xb*Pebern,(tB.) v. I. o. Gtaz. to cnt (orbreak) 
off the extremities of (glass) ; II. n. vid. 'S b» 
febern, n. 

oVfilien, (to.) v. a. vulg. vid. Xuefä)eltnt. 

Xb'fmben, (ffr.) v. I. a. to satisfy, to pay off 
(creditors, Ac), to portion, to make a set- 
tlement (on a danghter, Ac); abgefnnbenc 
Jtinber, portioned (off) children; obgefim= 
bene ^)rinjm, appanaged princes; II. rtfi. 
1. fid) — mit , to settle, to agree with .... 
to come to terms (or make an arrangement) 
with ..., to Compound with ...; 3. fid; — 
(betSemanb) für ..., to make an acknowledg- 
ment for .... 

Xb'ftnbnng, I. s.(w.) f. tbe act of satisfylng 
(clatms oO others ; composltion (with cre- 
ditors, Ac), agreement, compromlse; II. 
comp. — tgelb, n. money paid to get dear 
of all demands; — SqnantUm, n. — «fummt r 
/. snm of acqnlttance, snm of indemnlty. 

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Wlingern» (w.) ». a. cei. 1. to count od tbe 

Sagen; 2. to play over (a tuoe). 
Wfinfleil^ (u>.) v. a.,1. 5m. Ac to thin the 

edge» of (Iran, Ac.) by beating (previoua 
. to weldiag); 2. Tin. to beat tin into corner 

Wfifeben, («••) o. «• 1. to clenr (a pond) by 

fiahing; j%-j. 2. ba* ffiefle — , to take 

the be«t of a thing; 3. einem <St»aS — , 

vitig 1 . to trick one out of a thing. 
XVft&en,' («>•) v. a. Mas. to cloae tbe aeama 

of a wall with mortar and imoothing them 

o»er. ; 
Wflwbeit, (w.) v. I. a. to lerel, to alope; II. 

refl. \o »ubaide (into a piain) Ac cf. 3Cb» 

Dodjen & Söfdjen. 

Wfladjttng, (vi.) /. Cryst. berelment. 
Xb'ftammen, (w>.) v. o. Sfc-dr. to greaae or 
. tailow (hides). 
Wftottern, (w.) «. I. n. (aus. fein) to flotter 

away; II. r</?.to grow weariedbyflutteriag 
Wflouen, Wflaucrn, (u>.) ». o. 1. Afin. to 

waah (ore), to buddle ; 2. to rime (linen) 
Wflw*, comp. Min.— fafi, n. buddle; — fctrt, 

ja. buddling diah. 
Yb'fled)ten, (rtr.) o. a. to untwiat, to unbraid, 
5Cb'fled!«n, (w.) u.n. to stain by losing colour, 
Xb'flübeni, (».)». a. to tan (grain), to »epa- 
rate (the chafF from grain) with a gooaewing, 
Xt/fUben, (w.) «. «. ((. u.) to obtain by 

Jfb'fleffa)«, comp. — eifen, — «neffer, n. Tan 

fleabing-knife, icraper. 
XVfieiföttt, (w.) v. a. 1. to piek (or tear) 

the fleah from (a bone); 2. Tan. to fleah 

(hidea), vid. Hafen. 
Xb'flenjen, (w.) v. a. Mar. to flinch, to cot 

up the blubber of (a whale or aeal). 
Xb'fiicgen, (*tr.) v. n. (aux. fein) lit. ttfig. 

to fly oft. 
Wflicfen, (ttr.) v. n. (aux. fein) 1. to flow 

down, to flow off, to ebb, to run down ; 2, 

vid. SSiih Crgief enj 3. fig. to emanate, to 

follow orrenult (from). [flea one'g »elf. 
Wflöben, (w.) v. a. vulg. to flea; fid) — , to 
WflÖpen, (u.) v. a. 1. to canae to float; 

4>olj — , to float wood or tiraber; ein giof 

— , to float a raft; 2. vid. ütbrabmen. 
Wjl&en, (u>.) t>. o. vulg. to play (a tane) 

on the Ante. 
Wftng, {Str.; pl. Xbflfifle) tu. 1. (tbe act of) 

llying away, flight (of migratory birds); 2. 

«id. XuSftug. 
Sb'Riif, (*tr.; pi. Jbflüffc) m. 1. a) (the act 

of) flowing or runaing down; ebb, reflax; 

b) Med, deflu, deflaxion (of humours); 

iuue (of blood); eifig. outlet, eacam;- 
wrfdjatfen, to draft off; 2.(bo* XbfUtjaft! 
over-flowi ng» ; B nid refnae, ooze ; 3. a mir 
conrse; guliy; gotter, kenne], aewer;(- 
rinm, — ribre) drain-pipe, waite-pip«, 

WfSbcm, t'mpr. vid. Xbf orbern. 

Wfcbltn, (v.) u.a. to have done fotiaj 

Sb'folge», (v>.) v. n. (I. ».) cid. JBerabfcljs 

WfoUtrn, (*>.) ti. o. (unu.) (einem etat; 
to extort (from). 

Wforbctn, (vi.) v. a. 1. to «all offora«, 
vid. «T>rufen j 2. einein etwas — , tod, 
one for a thing, to demand, to reqoiit! 
from one; etwa» — , to come for » ttoj 
etsxü — (äffen, to «end for a thing; eil 
Steibnnng —, to call one to aeconnt. 

Wforbtning, (vi.)/, calling offorawaj.» 
cf. Vbforbern» 3C-Sbrief, m. 3C-6tcd)t,i 
trid. Äbberufung»f<breiben, Sbberufmtgint 

Wform, («.)./. moolaVdie. [ihf 

Wforraen, (w.) v. a. to form, model, aori 

Wfcrf d>en, (w.) v. a. (einem etreos; f« e» 
cit by inqairy, eulg. to pump out. I 

WftSgen, (to. *tr.) »,a^ 1. (einem 6m 
tp get (or draw) out by qae»tioning;i 

WftcfTm, (*tr.) v. a. 1. to eat off, t«< 
off by eatipg (of aoünal»), to knap, ksa| 
todepasture; Sproffen— , to broww; 
SSpifen — , to crop; 2. fig. to corrod«,«! 
aune; berSrom fiift ibm bat |>er} ab, n 
gnaw» hi» heart; a-b, p. o. depa&ctnt I 

TCbTrieren, (ttr.) v. n. {aux. fein) »I 
blaated with cold, to freeee off. 

TCb'fröbnen/ 3fb'fto6»en, (u>.) v. a, Lav,U 
pay off by menial labonr or aerrice; 3i 
perform (the labonr or aervice) due U< 
lord of the manor. [cf. gm^d 

Wfud)teln, (u>.) v. a. vulg. to beat uai, 

Wffigen, (io.) v. a. 1. Carp. & J«a. t 
amooth with the long plane (tbe tapu 
planka to be joined); 2. vid. TCbfitbKtt 

Wfüblen, (u>.) «. a. to pereeive bj 1 
toueb; ber 3ub6rcr fü^tt e* bem äRebnct ■ 
ab, baf) ..., fig. the hearer »oon be«H 
aware (or aenaible) of .... [Srani^l 

Xb'fubce, (to.) /. eonveyance, carriage.1 

Wfiiir«, comp. W-dr. -arbeit, /. allj 
work requiaite in the Operation of «j 
drawing; — etfen, n. wire-plate, dra»J 
plate; — tifd), a wire-drawer'a bench. 

Xb'fübrcn, (w.) «. I. a. 1. to lead off, to 1 
away ; com rcd)ten SBcge — , to lead aast 
to mulead; 2. to carry off, down, awaj 
out, to conrey; 3. to export, vid. Xolf 
reni 4. to felch off, to carry off (by dn 

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ig»), to dnia; 5. Anat. vtd. Sbjieben, 3 
& Afcd a) to deterge , to cleanae (the »ea- 
eete or tke tkin) from offending matten 6) 
to dirert (to another part of the body), to 
txpel (hamenr»); to parge, eleanie, eva- 
cuate; abgeführt »erben, to be voided or 
■eceraed, to pau; 7. W-ötr. ©rabt — (f. e. 
nrrfifintnO, to draw wire unaller and «mall- 
er; 8. Com. a) to pay (off), to disebarge, 
to Httle (a debt, ftc); *) to credit or pau 
t« the credit of a peraon'a aecoant) 9. fig. 
[Bit 0tfd}<unung — ) to check, rebalte, cot. 
B »gab, to pay off, to flt (ose) with a amart 
•a»wer;ber ^olijetbtrner fSbrte ihn in ®e= 
Ktbrfam ob, the constable marebed bim öS 
■ eoatody; »6 mixte uns ju nett oon nnft« 
rem (Segenfiante — , it woold carry ua too 
<ar from our «abjeet; II. n. Med. to act as 
an aperient, Jo eraeaate the bowel«. 
(Vffi^rrnfe, p.a. 1 . Mtd. a) detergent, ex- 
cretory, dejeetory ; 6) pnrgative, catbarti 
eal, aperiest; gelinge—, leoient; bog «-bt 
Kittel, vid. Abführmittel; 3. Anat s. Der 
t-oe 9Ru»feI, mu«cle abdacent, abdoctor; 
We KBege, pl. exeretory pas»ages. 
b'füirmittrl, (rtr.) n. purgative, aperient. 
bfanntg, (».) /. 1. the (actof) leading 
*. «c; 2. Anat. abdmctioo; 3. Mtd. ab 
rternon, espuliion, porgatlOD; Tt-lmitttl, n. 
tid. TftfibrmirWj X-irfbre, /. Mech. et- 

Vf&Utn, (».) v. I. a. to fill ont, to ponr out 
imn (a cask, 4c); ein S a P ~i *° empty a 
eailc; Bein—, to draw off wiae ; vid. ib« 
lieben, 5. 6); IT. n. vid. Wo&len. 
♦ftrikra, (w.) v. a. 1. to divida by fur^ 
hnra; 3. vid. Xbatfent. 
Vf&ttan, Xbfuttern, (w.) v.a. 1. to feed, 
to gire uffirient proTender (a« to cattle 
«t night); 2. einen—, eont. klxid. to 6i»« 
(ose) a aeal (an. feed). 
ifftttenmg, («.)/. 1. feeding (of aniarals); 
3. cont, & lud. 5i geaernl entertainment 
(an. feeding). 

VgSbt, («.)/. 1. delivery, delirerance; 3. 
tönte; daty; tax, caatom, tarpo*t; 3. Com. 
jrsft, bill (of exchange), auignnieut. 

iben>, comp, —frei, duty-free; —frei« 
/. immanity; — poebter, nt. farmer of 

! rerenoea; — nwfrn, n. iyatem or »täte 
f tbe impoits or taxea. [away with a forfc. 
i^gfibeln, (ie.) r/. a. (I. «.) to remoTe, take 
Vgibren, litr.~) v. n. to fennent sof&ciently 
Wim, >• I. (*fr-, pi. Wgangc) m. 1. o) 
going olf, ridingoff, aetting ont, departore, 
rtarting; 6) Thear. exit; ber — (ehu»e<6au« 

fpieleri) so» her Subne, rettremeni from the 
«tage ; 3. fig. a) deparcure; deviatibn ; fc) re- 
moral (from the preetnt life), deceue, deatfa, 
extinetioa (of a family.&c), lud. esit; 8. 
Com-s. B«le (of gooda), market; bet gnte 
— ,ialeaUenew,run; ftbncHec— , qnMc fand 
■hört) return; gutta (fdniellen) — fcoben or 
finfcen, tomeetwith a ready aale or market, 
tohave a qnlck draft, to aeU well,. «ot to 
roo or go off readiiy ; fd)lecbten or laitgfatnclt 
— haben, to go olf beavily, to' be (or He) 
heavy on hand; feinen — ftnben, to find 
no pnrcbaier«, to be dull of aale; 4. dimi- 
notion; low; want, deficiency (in the weight, 
*c); in — ber Äobmng foamten, to lote 
coatomen; 5. dedoction, vid. Äbjngi 6. 
{parücvl. pl. Tfbginge) <i) waite, threda, re- 
fnse; chipi, chipptnga, dipping», ihavioga, 
acrapinga, fllinga ; 6) spill-water ; e) Mtd. at- 
cremental parte; d) ZVrp. waate-paper; 7. 
Mtd. abortion, mlaearriage; II. comp. 7t-t 
bampf, m. Mech. dead »team ; X-ereibmmg, 
/. tare aecoant. 

Wgingig, ndj. l.«oingoff, departiag; 9. 
Med. excremental; 3. Com. mercbaDMbla, 
«aleable, vendible; 4. fig. dedlnlng. 

Wgöngling, («tr.) «i. Vbgangfel, (*tr.) n. 1. 
ind.XbgangPfbg4nge)6.$ 3. Med. abortid«. 

WgStben, («o.) v. a. vid. Ybgerbnt. 

Wg4fd)en, (u>.) v. n. to ceaie foamiog or 

KVgäten, (10.) v. a. to clear of weeda. 

Wgattern, (ie.) v. a, (einem et»«») to get 
(»omething) oot of . . . . 

Wganfeln, (w.) v. a. (einem etmas) to ob- 
taia (from . . .) by jnggling. 

Wgaunern, (ts.) v. a. einem et»«« , to »win- 
dle one ont of . . . : 

W$'<lbtn, (>tr.) v. I. a. 1. to deliver; to band , 
abjugebrn bei..., care of ...; 3. to gire, to 
give op, to band orer, to qnit, to part with; 
3. Com. a) (with anf) to valne, to draw. (a 
bill or pa»t a draft) npoa; V) to »eil; to 
negooiate; 4) einem et»«»— , o) to hit on* 
a blow; b)fig. to gire one a entting reply ; • 
e» wirb et»«»— ,/om.we are llkely to have 
«ome raio, Set. ; 5. Gom. (also n.) to fini*h 
dealing, to deal for the laat thne; 6. a)to be 
good (or fit) for ...; tarnt er einen Courier 
— 1 it he flt for a oonrier? er mürbe einen 
guten SSoIbaten — , he wonld roake a good 
•oldier; 6) to aerre aa ...; 3ÄDe— , to pay 
datie»; nenn i«) ein Urtbeil (eine SXeinnng) 
Über ... — foll, lf I am to pau jndgment (if 
I may preanme to oder an opinioa) npoa 
(on); Seugnip — , to bear wttneu; bie 9Kh- 

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tiUpcrfoB — , to ataad betwcen; einen Kar« 
reit —, to play tke fooi; U. refl. (wtth mit) 
to deal (in or with), to coneera one"« «elf 
witb, to eogage one» «elf in; fM) mit Si» 
tum — / to have intarcootne, to hare or keep 
Company (*■ *• *» *• ntddle) witb one. 

Xb'gcbifreH, p. a. Bot premorae, ead-Mxtea, 

Xb'gebläbt, p. a. Bot. delorat«. [clined 

Xb'gtbogm, p. c. Wal. (partüsrf. Bot) de- 

Wgtböt, (rtr.) n. viel. Xnfgrbot. 

Abgebrannt, p. o. bunt o«t; ber X-t, ». one 
ruineU by ftre. 

Xb'gebrocben, I. p. o. 1. lit. kfig. broken, 
(also Bot.) abrupt; 3. AT«*. (7t.) trunco; 
3. fig interrupted, ad», «tartingly ; — gefie» 
btrt, Bot. abraptly pinnated; a-e S8h(i, 
diijoiated or broken wordi; a-e fiicufjer, 
broken «fgha; n. X-brit, /. ahraptneu. 

Xb'gebroftbffi, 1. p. a. trite, batkneyed, com- 
mon-place, triyial; ein* a-t SRotctie, a beat- 
en anbjeet; II. af-^eit, /. triteaeu. 

Xb'gefdumt (i. p. Xb'gefcimt), ad)', arrant, 
crafty; da a-er Sebelm, an areb-rogae, an 
arrant knave; a-c9So6beit,concoctedmalice. 

Wgfben, (*rr.) v. I. n. (aux. fein) 1. a) to 
go away, to walk off, to go out, »et ont, 
»tart, depart; 6) 'ITuat. to go oft" tbe «tage; 
Stage directum»; (<31)t)loct) gebt ab, ext't 
(Shylock); (f)orti« unb Sceriffa) «eben ab, 
exeunt (Portia aad Nerissa) ; 2. to gire way, 
come off, wear off; ba» Stab ging ab, tbe 
whed came off; bie garte gebt ab, tbe co- 
loar comes off; 3. Med. to pau, to be emit 
ted or evaenated; t» gingen ibm «Bürmer 
ab, be vdided wormi; 4. a) to go ont, to 
become extinet (aa fire); o) to ead, vid. 
ablaufen; 5. Com. a) to teil, cf. Abgang 
haben i gut a-b, «aleable; 4) to be abated, 
dedneted, diicoanted; btereon gebt ab, dia- 
conat of ...; 0. to be waating; c» geben mir 
5 Zbaler ab, I waot, I miu fire dollari; 7. 

Jig-i. a) to braaeh off; 6) to depart, to de- 
viate (fron); to aecede; — »ex ..., to leave; 
c) to djgreM, to «werte, to go (from one'« 
«abjeot, &c) ; eine 3>cft gebt biet um 11 ob, 
one po*t her« goe* oot at eleven; — laffen, 
to expedite, to forward, to deapatch; bie 
£«tbe*fruo>t ging ibr ab, «be miicarried; 
mit Xbbt — , to deceaae , to depart tbii 
life; 4t»a*,(opn feiner gorbtrmig, w.) — 
laffen, to nllow or yield lomt abatement; 
i(b laffe reute« geller bavon— , I wonid not 
bäte one farthiag of it ; bao on rann id) niajt—, 
Iniast ia*i*t upon it; er läft ftd> md>t* — , 
be doe« not deny kiaaelf any (hing (/am. 

be feed« high, *e. ); e» foB ibtnubtt-,« 
«ball want for notbing; te gebt ibm aUfSH 
fftbi für 0d)ictlid)ftit ab, he U lo»t to en 
«en»e of propriety; II. a. 1. towtsr« 
(by Walking); 2. to meneure by itefi;* 
p. a. going; »er o-bc fSagengug, Ä-».« 
partiag traia; ber a-bc Stampf, nil 

Xb'geigen, (».) v. a. eont to fiddle. 

Wgeif ein/ (w.) v. a. 1. to take off «itkf 
aconrge; 3. to «coorge (whip, flog)io«A 

Wgeijen, (io.) «. a. fem. (einem 9m 
to get by avariee from ; fid) ötoat -,1 
starre one'« «elf by ararice. I 

Xb'gerartet, p. a. collniiTe, vid. Xbrtrtau 

JCiygefnrjt, p. a. 1. vid. iMürjenj cvaJ 
diou«; 3. Bot »bort;' 3. Ast. carUtt;l 
a-e Jtegtl, Math, ourtleone. ! 

WgerAt, (/. w.) p. a. 1. OL *fie. it«i 
worn wich age; 3. debilitated by enaH 
decayed, iaded ; 3. deceased, (vid. tut* 

Wgelrlitbeit, /. decrepitnde. (Ja. 

WgerCgm, I. p. p. «id. abliegen; n. •<•* 
tant, ont of tbe way ; «eqneitered, i " 
«olitary; ber a-e Spaziergang, by-wilk;l 
X-beit, /. di«tance,remotenea« ; «olia ' 

TCVgeleitet, p. a. Gram., Mut. ke. derin 
tranaaUxive, «ecoadary; ba« a-e £ 

Wgemadjt, p. a. vid. io Ybmad)cn. 

Xb'gemlgert, p. a. emaciate. 

Wgemefen, I. adj.fig. meaiared, exad.1 
mal, over nice; II. K-beit,/. exaetaeait 
gnlarity, formality. 

Wgenetgt, I. adj. 1. Math. * Bor, diveiH 
2. /ig. a) diainclined, indiaposed, «*" 
unwilling, relnctant, loath; 6) alieatt 
diaaffectionate, unfavonrable , DnfHeaA| 
— macben, to diiiadine, indiipoie, ts nai 
averie, ic. ; II. X-bcit, /. 1. avertlo», • 
willingneu; diainclination, indiaposeM 
indiapoaition ; 3. ditaffectednea«, aliesaal 

Wgcntt^t, I. adj. 1. worn oot, «Ule.l 
cay ed ; threadbare ; 2. fig. vid. 2bä* 
fd)eru n. X-bttt, /. 1. «täte of beiag« 
worn, or wora ont, attriteneaa, threadW 
neu, «talenea«; 2. fig. trlteae««. 

Xb'georbntte, (n>.) m. depnty, legate, «• 
gate, commiasary. 

Wgerben, (v>.) «. a. 1. Ton. a) to take* 
by tanning; ft) to taa anfBciently; 9.) 
va^g. to oudgel, drab, carry 

Wgeredmct, p. a.fig. 1. vid. Xbgefrbni 
aave, except, vid. Xbredjnen. 

Wgerfbet, p.a. vid. XbrcDtnj eollulfe;» 

9Xa<cn, aeeording to agreement. 

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'grrifen, p. e. 1. ton »ff, Ac. vid. Xbrei« 
»i oat of repair; 2. dotaed in rag«, 
gged; 3. detacbed, diajointed, deeoltory, 

gtfdBMe, «•* /• (ded. K*e ad}.) meaai 
tr; depury, delegate; vid. Qefanbte* (er 
:iftli$e -, ■aiaeioaary. [lettt, 3. 

gefang (*ü"., pl. Wgtfange), m. »id. Qot> 
fffdjiM) «rfj. threadbare, ababby. 
aefd>übm, Lp.a. 1. a) «eparate; 6) re- 
ed; teclnded, teeret ; 3. expired, departed, 
id ; II. X-Qeit, /. 1 . retirement, aeclaiioo. 
lefiliffrn, Lp. a.fig. poliahed, refiaed, 
lite ; II. X-ftcit, /. fig. refinement, polite- 
«, eiegance ef manner». 
|cfd)lofcn, &. 1. p. o. 1. aeclnded, no- 
»wn; 2. eidoaive; II. X-tjeit, /. 1. ae- 
■toa; 2. exduireneaa. 
|Cfa)mad)t, I. adj. 1. Utipid, taetdeu; 
.fig. a) Hat, dnÜ, mawkjah, abtord; 6) 
rfcward; prepoiterane, impertioent; II. 
Jett*, f. 1. iuipidity; 2. fig. abiardity, 
toet«; 3. impertinence. 
ItfütK*, p.p o/Xbfebai, qv.; - von, fig. 
iout regard to, eetting aaide, abatract- 
y, apart or aaide from . . . , exelngf vely 
iadependeatly of . . . . 
«fotttwrt, L p. a. aeparated, to. vid. 3Cb« 
tottn» 2. Med, Ac. aecretitiooa; bte o-e 
sajtigtett, bera-t 0ioff, aecretion; 3. Bot. 
fregite, parted, dianoUed ; 4. «equeeter- 
(aitoalion, Ac); 5. fig. aeparate, «do. 
irt, dittiactiy, aeparatdy ; a-e 3aftutt», 
aeparateneea; II. X-beit, /. iaolation. 
|efpC8Bt,I. p. a. Med. A.%. atoaie, want- 
[ tone er tenaioo; unaerved, debilitated, 
ikeaed; low-apirited ; U. Ä-jbeit, f. Med. 
fg. atoay, «Ute of exhaontioa , lovaeaa 
ipirita, Ac. vid. Xbfpattnimg, 3. 
Hflanbtn, p.«.decayed,ataJe, rapid; dead 
M of wood, wine, beer, Ac.). 
(«flotfrnt, l.p.a. 1. dead (wood, a limb, 
Iw.Ac.); 3. fig. dead, leet(f«r, to...); 
X-beit, /. deadneaa. 

'fümfit, Lp. o. 1. bluated, blunt;2. a) 
bbed; 4) Bot. A Ceon». trunceted; ber 
JttgeL Math, cnrtieooe; 3. fig. obtnte, 
I; IL i-fjeit, f. 1, blaatneea, obtnaeoeaa 
an edge, Ac); 2. abtöne««* (of the 
•et» Ac.), dulneaa, deadneaa. 
eträgrtt, I. p. o. worn, worn oat, tkread 
e; IL X-beit, /. threadbareneae. 
ttoi'brtn / (ie.)o. a. Min. to diacharge (in 

icninnen, (»tr.) r. a. (einem etwas ) to 
from, gain, obtaia; to bearaway, to 

carry off (a prize) ftwn, to gftla (grennd) 
on; einem ben eSortftett — , to gain the ad- 
rantage oter one; einen bett »Borjng — , 
to get tbe better of oae; einer 6a<be <Sc» 
fa>m<t<t — , to get a taate for a thiog; einem 
©djiffe feen SBinb — , JkTor. to gain (or get) 
tbe wind (tbe weatber-gage) of a ahlp; er 
tonnte bem fiboltlen Segenftanbe eine fomi» 
fdje Sicitt —, be knaw to extract mirth from 
tbe daHeat aobjeet; fidj mit ÜKübe — , to 
prevait npoa one's aelf with difStulty. 

WaemJbnen, (u>.) v. a. (einem etwas) to 
dlaaccaatom, oianae, to wean (from), to 
break of (an iil babit, Ao.); rtfl. to diveat 
one'a aelf (of), tö unlearn, to forego tbe ba- 
bit of.... 

WgesSgen, I. p. p. von Xbjie^enj H. adj. 
Log. A Math, abatract; 2. remote; III. 
X-bcit/ /. I. abetraotedneaa; 2. vid. Ttb' 

Wflieren, (w.) v. L «. to obtaia by impor- 
tunate deaire; II. n. Mar. to abeer or ateee 
off (away), to get aea-room. 

Xb'gicfen, (ttr.) v. a. 1. to poor off, clear 
off; to decant; 2. Fovnd. to caat. 

Ifb'gief er, (itr.) m.-monlder, former. [gieprn. 

Wgicjuna , (w.) /. pouring off, Ac. cf. 5fb» 

Wgift, (ic.) /. Law, tribote, tax, dity. 

Wgipfeln, (w.) v. a. to top (a tree). 

Wgirren, (u.)v. a. (einem etwa») to eoax 
out of one. [ing. 

Wgittern, (».) v. a, to aeparate by a rail- 

Wglanj, (str.) m. 1. reaplendence, reaected 
aplendoor, refiectioa; 2. fig. image. 

Wglättm, (w.) o.a. lit. Sifig. to poiiah; to 
make amootb, to levigate. 

Wglctcben, (w.) v. a. 1. to eqnai, eqnaliae; 
2. to level, to make even; 3. Mech. Ac. to 
juatify, to adjnat; 4. to aettle (aecouota), 
to audit; cf. Yu$glcid)cn. 

TCb'gleid> = , comp. Mech-s. —feite, /. equal- 
ling 61e; — ftonge, /. adjuating tool; — jirfcl, 
in. dirider. 

TCb'gfetibung, (te.)/. I. eqoalllng, Ac. c/.OT» 
gleiten j 2. Ilfech. jnatffying, adjuating, ad- 
jnatment; X-fltoage, /. adjuating aeale. 

Wgleiten, {str.) o. n. (aur. ftin) to »lip or 
glide off. 

Wgliebent, (u>.) unlink, to diamember. 

Wglimmen, (rtr. A w.) v. ». (aux. fein) to 
ceaae glowing or gHmmering. 

WgUtf*en, (10.) ». *. *id. Xbflfcit«. 

Wglütjen, (w.) t>. I. a. 1. 1» beat thorougbly, 
vid. iuäglüljen} «Sein — , to mall wtae; 2. 
to purge by fite; II. n. to ceaae glowing. 

Xb'gott, I. s. (rtr., pi. Wgitt«) m. «t. A 

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ftg. Idol; einen — au* ... macben, jSg. to 

Bake an Mol of, to idoliie; II. comp. — 

bienft, m. Molatry; — ffblange, /. Zooi. the 

boa »erpent, aaaconda. 
Wgotter, Wgfitterer, («fr.) m. idoUter. 
Abgötterei', («o.) /. Molatry, Mol worakip; 

—treiben, to wonhlp Mola, teMolatrixe. 
Xb'gätteriim, (to.)/. idolatree». 
VCgittilUI, (to.)/. (a female) Mol. 
Xb'göttif*, a*'. idolatrooi; Idolatrical, 

(Aftit.) idotiib; — oeribrtn, to Molize, to 

Xb'grffben, (rfr.) v. a. 1. to dig off, to re- 

inove by digging; 2. to »eparate by digging, 

to cat off by a diteh; to farniih with a 

trench ; 3. to lead off by a ditch ; 4. to tarn 

off tbe eourae of (a itream, *c), to draia; 

5. to pay (a debt) by diggiog for it. 
Xb'grffbee, (ie.") t>. o. to mark with (pr divide 

into) degreei, to graduate. 
Wgramen, (to.) v. rtfl. to pine away with grief ; 

to wear, waate away with grief, to grieve 

Xb'grSfcn, (to.) v. o. 1. to ent the graei of 

(a meadow, tc.), to mow; 2. to graze; cf. 

Xb'greifen, (slr.) v. a. to wear oot by con 

«taot tonchiog; abgegriffene SBüdjcr, (well-) 

thumbed volnme». 
«tygren)rn, (ib.) v. a. to fix the limitf of; 

bie am blauen |ȟnmcl fcharf abgegrcnjtcn 

KlpeH/ the Alpi ibarply ootliaed againit 

the blne aky. 
Xb'arcnjmtg , (to.)/. demarcation, diviiion. 
Wgrtmb, {*tr., pl. Wgrfinbe) m. Kr. kfig. 

ab) 88, preeipice, gulf, (bottomleu) pit, 

chaim; deep, depth (of waten). 

Wgrünben, (w.) v. a. Join. to groove, to 

Channel with the grooving plane. 
Xb'grünen, (v>.) v. n. 1. to ceaae to be ver- 

dant; 2. Cloth. to loie the green colour, 
oT/gucten, (to.) v. L a. (einem etwas) to 

learn from one, tc. vid. Xbfetjcn, 5.; II, 

refl. /am. vid. XuSgucfen. 
Xb'gunfl, (to.)/. »»gunftig, adj. vid. 3Rif= 

gnnft, *c. 
Wgnrgeln, (to.) v. a. 1. vulg. to cot (one'i) 

throat; 2. eoU to remove by gargling; 

3. mtig. to «ing with a fall throat; (in Steh 

— , an. to mnrder a aoog. 

Wgürten, (to.) v. a. to nngird, to onbncfcle. 
Wgnf, (str., pl. Wgöffc) m. 1. pouriog off, 
- 4c. nid. Xbgicfcn j 2. Found. tc. (platter-) 

cait, eaiting, copy; 3. T. the ibank (of a 


Xb'gfiten, (to.) v. «. <». «.) oid. Xbfhfta 
Wbaarcn, (to.) t>. 1. a. Tan. to un 

(hidea); II. n. to lote hair. 
Wpäoen, (er.) v. a. 1. to have (the btt,fc| 
off; 2. to partake of, to hare t«li«ni 
er »itt tttroat — , be Cornea in for a ihm 
3. to reeeive a poaiibment for. 
Xb/baden, (tc.) ». «. to chop off or don 
xVbabern, (».) ». a. (l. «.) (einen QN| 

to extort (from) by litigatioa, 
Wbägcln, (to.) v. imp. I. n. to eeaw ba% 
II. a. to best down (taid of hail orlt 

Wfcägcn, («.) v. a. to eacloie, to fesa 
Wägern, (tc.) v.n. (avar. fein) »id. Vbaoa 
XbVgnng, (to.) /. encloinre, fence. 
Wb«etn, Wbofcn, (to.) « a. to uM 
TCb'balftern, (<o.) t>. a. to nndo the ktlu 

(a hone), to anhalter. 
WbaUtn, (to.) v. n. (t u.) vid. «BieKrJÄ 
W^alfen, (to.) v. a. 1. vulg. to cit(«Rl 
throat; 2. Sport, to nncoople (*¥)■'' 
vujg. re/f. to embrace(orhog) ontwrte 
Tfb'battcn, (rtr.) o. I. a. 1. to hold ob>U 
off (away or back); ben Stegen, bicSoW 
— , to keep off the rain, the aua.U 
Mar. to fend off (a boat or v 
prevent ita rnoniag againit anotber 
boe 0d)iff »cm Sanbc — , to keep 
lay ahold ; 3. to ward (fend or i 
blow, tce.);fig-t. 4. a)to keeji back, D 
tain, hinder, prevent, reatrain, «itM 
BomSdfcn— , to keep (one) from f 
nisokief; ba« fott min) nicht— , tbnt 
notdeterme; 6) to diitnrb, interrupd 
Stören; 5. to endure, to reaist «t 
yieiding; ben erften Angriff—, to »ftu» 
fint brant, vid, Xttiboltcn; II. n. Mi 
(Dom Sanbe — ), to keep off; 2. <re* 
be — ) to aheer; »on einer ®anf — , ti 
aloof from a rock, to take a good birtai 
ein 6d)iff — , to bear up to a abip, to I 
down on a ibip; balt ab! bear away.l 
np! balt nidjt ab! don't fall off! 
Wbttltcr, (str.) m. I. he that detail»! 

2. ATar. guy. 

Wbül&mg, (to.)/. 1. holding off, tc 
Xbt)aitcnj 2. binderance. detention; - 
ben, to be prevented. 

Wbanbtln, (to.) v. a. 1. (einem Sti 
to get from , . . by bargaining, to che*; 
to beat down from the price; er löft 
nid>t*— , there ia no abating bis price; 1 
■ettle, to aecommodate, cf. UnterboB* 
einen grieben, tc. — , to negociate a p* 

3. to treat of, diacas». 

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/franben, ado. not at band, mialaid; lest; 
-fein, not to be at band; — tommen, to be 
int; es ifl tin Söffcl — gelommcn, there U a 
poon miasiag. 

Manila, (ttr.) m. discuster of a matter. 
^anWang, (hj.) /. 1. negociation, trani- 
ictioa; 2. a) essay, memoir, treatiie, dis- 
ertaüon ; 6) disconrse, ducouion. 
ifymg, (ttr., pl. Xb'fcdnge) m. alope, »lope- 
eu, deaeeat, declivity; tin jibcr — , a 
liff, »teep precipice ; ber — eÜKS $£gel$, 
de, brow or alope of a hill. 
Sbangen, (*tr.) e. n. 1. to hang down; 2. 
i hang at a diitance (»on, from), to hang 
F; 3. to decline, alope; 4. fig. — »on ..., 
» depend (or to tarn) on or apon .... 
'bangen, (u.) D.I. a. to take off, to hang off, 
» nnhang; II. n. (i. p.) for 2Cbbangen, qv. 
/bingig, I. odj. 1. inclining, sloping, hang 
ig, ahelving; Di* a-c g(cl<be, Afat/i. incli- 
ed plane; — fein, to »helve; — Blasen, to 
ope; 2. fig. depending, dependent (von, 
>on), sabject(to); fig-t.— fein, vid.Xb* 
J« S oi, 4. ; fein Urtbeil— mueben »on . . . , to 
ffer one'i jndgment to be inflnenced by 
., to defer to the opinion of ...; II. X 
t , (to.) /. 1 . inclination downwarda, de- 
Ivity, vid. Xbbangj 2. fig. dependence 
lOH, npoo), subservience, snbserviency, 

fydnglins, (ttr.) m. eont. a dependent, an 
iSxm, (to.) vid. Xbbaaren. [anderling. 
gärten, (to.) v. a. to rake off, to remove 
th a rake. 

Jfirmen, (te.) v. rtfl. to pine (away), to 
Iguisb, to grieve; ab'gcbirmt, p. a. Caro- 

»arten, (v.) v. I. a. 1. a) lit. kfig. to 
rden; 6) vid. gittern 2. fig. to render 
du rate ; abgehärtet, fig. vid. «erbo'rtttj 
rtfi. to innre one'a «elf (to hard laboar 
fatigaei), to make one'a »elf hardy. 
bättattg, (w.)f. hardening. 
Hfrjrn, (te.) v. a. to take away the retin 
an (free»), 
»öfdjen, (u>.) v. I. it. (ISinem SfroaS) to 
ttch (front): IL rrfl. to tire one's »elf by 
ising or eatching (ai at the play of hide 
I .eek). 

Afp ein, (to.) v. «7. to reel off, wind off 
m a reel. [hawk) 

rauben, (u>.) v. a. Fale. to anhood (a 
Ktttiben, (it.) v. a. (I. u.)l. to blowaway 
le dn»t front . . .) ; 2. to breathe forth. 
pdoen, (irr.) v. a. 1. to hew down, to 
t off, away or down, to chop off, strike 

off, feil; Oto», (Betreibe — , to mow; einem 
ben Jlopf — , to bebend one; ein abgebaut* 
ner Saum, log, »tock, trank; 2. vulg. to 
best »oandly. [heapi. 

Xb'bäufeln, (to.) «. a. to diride into »mall 

Xty$fafen, (to.) v. a. 1. to »eparate into 
heap»; 2. to diminiah (a heap). 

atybauten, (to.) v. I. a. 1. to »kin, nneaae ; to 
exeoriate, to »trip of the cuticle ; II. n. Zool. 
& Ent. to cast (off) the «kin. [tion. 

XbVntung, (to.) /. exeoriation, deaquama- 

WWbefifte, vid. JCbbu&Kfte. 

Wölben, (ttr.) v. a. 1. to lift off, take off 
(a cover, Ac.); eine Jtanone eon ber Saffette 
— , Gun. to ditmoant a cannon; 2. Garn, 
(t-ts. n.) to cut (to diride a pack of 
cardi); um boS (.Starten») ©eben — , to cot 
for the deal. 

Wartung, (».)/• 1- » l'fting off, ftc; 2. Garn. 
cut, entting (the act of dhriding a pack of 
cardi). [hatcheling. 

Wbedbeln, (to.) v. a. k n. Hutb. to fioUb 

Wfrefteln, (to.) v. a. to unclaip, to unhook, 
to looaen (the booka, from the eye»). 

oVbeften, (w.) v. a. to nnpin, to unatitch; 
to uotack, gen. to anfaaten. 

Wbeflen, (to.) v.l.a. to heal, to eure; II. n. 
(aux. fein) to heal, to be healing or bealed. 

Whtilung, /. healing, enring. 

Wbeifdjen, (to.) vid. Xbforbern. 

Xb'btlfcn, (irr.) v. n. (with Dat.) 1. to help 
down (from, eon) ; 2. fig. to remedy (a dia- 
eaie, &c); to redreia (grievances ftc), to 
relieve, tupply (wanta); einem gefrier — , 
to correct a fault; Sd)roierigftiten — , to 
remove difficnltie»; bem tft nid)t «bjubelfen, 
it cannot be remedied. 

Wbeiflid), (to.) ad}, remediable, relievable. 

Wbelfiidjfett, /. remediablene»». 

Xb'bdlcn, (te.) t>. I. a. to clear off, to elarlfy; 
II. refi. to become clear. 

Wberjen, (io.)v. a. coi. to kiai(one)heartüy, 
to kh» to excen; Oemanb) tfid)rig — , cot. 
to bog to one'a hearf a content. 

Wbcrjtmg, /. col. a Uiaing heartily. 

Xb'beften, (to.) v. a. 1. (einem etnae) to 
obtain by hunting, porauing one; 2..a) to 
tire or fatigoe by kanting, to wear ont by 
chaiing; einen $irfd) — , Sport, to ruodowo 
a »tag ; 6) to weary to death. 

Wbeud>eln, (to.) v. a. (einem etnae) to 
obtain from . . , by hypoerisy. 

Vb'beucrn, (to.) vid. Xbmietbcn. 

Wbeulen, (w.)t>. vulg. I. a. to howl; (of per- 
aons) to utter in a howling tone; II. rifl. to 
weary one'a »elf witb howling. 

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JTbtyren, (to.) v. a. (einem 81»»») t» ob 
taln (from) by wltcheraft, by joggling. 

Xb'binFcn, (io.)o. n. (avx. fein) L «.) to linp 

TCbtiibeln , (to.) c.o. 1. Jota, to plane off; 
to shoot, to plane, imooth; 2. Sfc-dr. to 
rab (hides); 3. fam. Hg. to polish. 

Wboifcn, Wbnefen, (ie.) v. a. to pat down 
(a load) from tbe back or Shoulders. 

Wbolb, ad}, (mith Dat.) disinclined , unf» 
voorable, nnfriendly, averse (to); einem 
— fein, to bear ili-wlll to one. 

Xb'biHcn, (u>.) ü. o. 1. Mar. to haul, to get 
off; 2. a) (eine Sarhe) to fetcb off, away 
to go to fetcb; 6) (eint $crfon) to call for; 
i^nill ibn -, l will go for him; idt min «Sie bei 
S^rcm Barer — , I will come for yoo to your 
father'a; (er (Sagen »irb mid) — , tbe car- 
riage will come for me; — Uffcn, to Mnd for 

Xb'^Slnng , /. fetching off, calling away, ftc 

Wboli, {ttr., tot/to. pt.) n. 1. T. cbipi of 
wood ; 2. For. dead wood. 

Wljoljm, (to.) t>. a. to ent down, to root 
oat (a forest); to clear. [tlmber, 

Xb'boljig, od;'. For. ftc defleient (weak) in 

Wbordjcn, (to.) v. a. (einem etmot) to learn 
by llstening, to orerhear. 

Xb'&oren, (to.) v. a. 1. to learn by bearing; 
2. to examine, to try, bear, La», to ques 
tion; 3engen gegen einander—, Law, to 
coafront witneuei. 

Jtb'borimg, (to.) /. bearing, trial, examioation. 

Xb'bfib, (ttr., m. 1. vid. Vbbcbung, 
2; 2. remaiu of a meal, offal; 3. Min-i. 
•coria, oaeleu stuff of wasbed ore, dross; 
X-Hftt,/. rake. 

Wbübcln, (w.) v. a. «nel. to worry, to leaae. 

Wi)uTt,f. disiike, disinclination. 

Wbfilft,/. redreu, remedy; — Iciflcn, f(baf> 
fen, to give remedy, to proenre a sup- 
ply; — fuibcn bei ..., to come for redreu 
to ...; — fnd)cn für ..., to seek redreu of 
(grievance«, ftc); — finben, to obtain re 
dreu; ÜDcittcI jut — , remedial measurea. 

Wbfilfen, (w.) v. a. to take off the buk, to 
•hell , bull, peel, deeortieate; SRonbeln — , 
to blanch almooda; ftd) — , Cook, to come 
off (oted of any vegetable integument). 

Xb'bungern, (v.) v. I. n. (aux. fein) to be 
starr ed, fainisbed ; II. ruft, to starve one's seif. 

'Jfb'&fipfcn, (to.) v. n. (aux. fein) to hop away, 

Xb^afdjcn, (to.) v. n. (avx. fein) to glide 

Wbnften, (te.)o.I. a. to cough away, ont; II 
rejT. to cxbaaat one'« seif with cooghing. 

Wblten, («.) *>. o. to gnue; to feed. 
WbStten, (to.) v. «. Min. to glveap« 
»•giert (a miae). 

Ib'bähmg, (to.)/. graziag, feeditg. 

lMa)t, adj. Ctoth. ftc. taraed, revertd 
Cefte, the left aide. 

Wirren, (to.) v. n. (avx. fein), to lose« 
way, to err, to ttray, to devlate, lo «in 

Wirrnng, (to.) /. 1. deviation, swen 
(also Ast.) aberration ; 2. Phy. -ttttil 
refraction ; Y-6frcU, n. crowa of aberni 

«OCbirnricnf [iar.j, (to.) ». be tbatle* 
College or nniversity. [seif Ity ntf 

WiaBjrcnt, (to.) v. refi. vulg. to wesry i 

WiS^cn, (to.) v. I. a. 1. to weary »iti| 
suing ; to over-drive , to over-ride, (bat 
jade (a horse, ftc); 2. fig. (einnnSti 
to get by hanting, partalng ; to reust 
trie\e, recover (somethlng from ow):l 
nem einen ©a)retfen — , vid. einjeafi; 

Tffl. to fatigae one's seif by any \isW 

ertion; III. u. Sport, to flnishaburjlsi 
Wjammern, (».) t>. I. a. ((. ti.) (einem CM 

to get (from one) by lamenting; II. nf. 

exhaust one's seif with lamenting. [bar 
Wjccbcn, (ir.) t>. a. to unyoke, tintua 
Vbjufti'ren, (to.) ». a. vid. Tfbglriebm, 
Wfalbcn, (to.) t>. n. to discontinne cd 
Wf Olf cn, (to.) t). a. Tan . to scrape offtke! 
Wfäitcn, (to.) v. a. 1. to coolj SBcia- 

»cewine; 2. jfg. to cool, allay, cala.' 

(love, ftc). 
Xb'f dmmen, (to.) v. a. 1 . to comb off; 1 Sj 

to shoot off (tbe crest of a wall ort* 

Ifb'fämpfen, (to.) v. a. i. (Sincm ffl«*) 

get (from one) by fighting; 2. SpA- 

drive away by fighting (said of aar* 

Wfonrcn, (u>.) t). a. 1. Join. to plane»* 

corners or edges; 2. Uoth. & Weav.i> 

off the lists of (cloth, or tbe sehs| 

llnen cloth.) J 

WfanjCin, (to.) v.a.l. C/t. a) to prtj 

(the bans) from the pnlpit; A) tu | 

down, to rebuke ; 2. tmlg. (ge u .) tn 

severe reprimand. 
Xb'fappcn, (w.) ». a. 1. Falc. to i 

(the ha»k); 2. to ent or chop off; I 

to top (a tree) ; to crop (a dog, ftc.) ; J 

vid. .Kuppen; 4. vtilg. to rebnkc. 
Wforgen, (w.) v. a. (einem etwas) 

prive by stingineu, to stint, cf. KM 
Wtorrcn, (m.) t». a. (J. u.) to remoi 

a cart. 

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Warten, («.) «• a. to coacert; ein abaefar» 

tter ^anW, » eaajotrted gm«, * ooUMtre 

igreement, coilosion. 

Dianen, (».)"• «• fl«X-D<»*-) bie Raget—, to 

bite Me'i Hill (oüt Xbbrifai) ; Ml 9fRtw 

(«Ml N* 9ä)tf ab, th« hone» ehiuap th« bit. 

Vfaaf, (ttr., pl. tfb'fanfe) m. boying, pnr- 

ekuiig; parehaie. 

Waufrn, (».) «. «. 1. (einem 6t»o«) to 

*j, purchate (fron ose); 3. to bay off (• 

«Buhaeat, Ac). 

Mater, (*rr.) m. X-ten, (to.)/. parebaser, 

*yer, c/. Ibnehmer. 

lÜnflia), «4j. pnrcb*»able, redeemahle. 

itttujdn, (w.) v. a. (einem etwa«) /am. 

d get (front . . . ) by cheatiog. 

ttti)lcn,(v>.)v.a.l.vulg. to cot the throat, 

jo kill; 2. Jota, to groove, to Channel. 

bttbt, (to.) /. (a. «.) cid. Xbneiguna, 9. 

Mt^rfibtjn, (jfr.) m. Uta. licenie for a 

au'ner to leare a pit. 

Vld)tta f (».) v. 1. a. 1. o) to brüh, to 

weep; b) «in abgefefertet SSefen , n broom 

rorn to tbe »tamp; 2. a) to tarn away, Ac. 

U. Ibnenben; 6) Jlg. to tnrn off, divert, 

t dUtract (one» attention); II. refl, 1. to 

pra away; to withdraw one's auistaace; 

L Mut. to leaye a pit. 

frebttr, (rtr.) ra., Tt-XBXl (to.) /. iweeper. 

Btbriajt, vid. itebridjt. [febren 

Wejnm«, (to.) /. torniog away, Ac. cf. Wt>< 

fttifa, litr., t-t-t. io.)v.a. (6incm et»a6) 

■ig. 1. to get by icolding; 2. to »cold 


Afeilen, (to.) v. a. 1. to cleave, aeparate 

j menru of a wedge ; 2. vulg. vid. Xbfau< 

8, 1. [n. to finiah prewing, 

keltern, (to.) v. I. a. to preu (wine); II. 

ttttei, (to.) v. a. to unchain. 

tarn, (to.) vulg. vid. Xbsrfifleln. 

Ki4ern, (to.) v. rtfi. to tire one's «elf by 


•'riamtlt, (io.) v. a. Cbop. to cot off tbe 

rowi of (tbe »tave» in worn ont caaka). 

| fi»j>en, (to.) v. I. a. to ent off, to crop; 

'• a. (aus. fein) to glide off an edge. 

titeln, (to.) v. a. to tire (one) with tick- 


tlaffen,(to.)t>.n. tobeajar(*aidof a door). 

tlaftern, (to.) v. a. 1. to dlride lato fa- 

»nu; 2. to cord (wood). 

Ittgen, (to.) v. a. (einem etwaS) to get 

f » mwrnit. 

'rUnunetn, (to.) v. a. to take off wbat ii 

»teaed with dothei-pegi er cramp-irona, 

f. Älaauner. 

Wtltm§, (Hr., pi. WNtoge) m. 1. echo; 2. 

diiaonance. . 
XMfloppeit, (to.) v. o. to let down tbe leaf 

of (■ table), tbe Aap» of (a bat, Ac. ef. 3fl>. 

XbTiJrttl, (to.) «. I. o. to ciear, to clarify 

(wine, Ac.), to parge, pnrity; to decant; to 

defecate; II. rtfl. to ciear off, become ciear, 

to clarify. 

Wtlnrtmg, («.)/. elarrflcation; deeaatatioa. 
aVtlornoffcr, (rfr.) n. vid. Stlivt, 3. 
Wflatfd), (ttr.) m. cait, Impreiilon. 
Wfltttfdjen, (to.) v. «. 1. TVp. to beat off; 

to take a cut, impreuion; 2. col. to »lap 

(a chiid). 
Wf louben, (to.) v. a. cd. to pick off, plack off; 

ba* gleifd) »cn einem Anoiben -, to pick » 

TCVIlecten, (to.) t>.(coi.) I. n. (oui. fei«) 1. to 

fall down in «mall particlei and Hot (ai ink 

from a pen) ; 2. II. a. Iva. to drop off i. e. to 

die; to poor off (from a fluid). [manner. 
WfUtffe«/ (to.) v. a. to copy in a daobing 
Xb'Heftcn, (to.)o.a.l.(i. «.) to andre«; bfc 

Saue — / Mar. to take off the aervice; 2. 

to partition (off), to leparate (a room, Ac.) 

by a partition; WHeibunj), (to.)/. 1. par- 

titioning, erection of a partltlon-wall; 2. 

partition; Sea, p(. bnlk-headt. 
Wflemmen, (to.) t>. a. (einem etwa») to 

pinch off, to sqaeeze off. 
Xb'fitmpent, (to.) t>. a. to play badiy (on a 

planoforte, or any atringed inatrnment), an. 

to itrom. 
3Cbf topfen, (to.) o. a. 1. to knock, beat off; 

2. to beat (egga, Ac); 3. vid. Xbflatfibtn, 

1.; 4. vulg. to beat »ouodly. 
WMoren, (to.) take away (laded 

coloara) by boillng. 
Wtnabbetn, (w.) v. a. to nibble off. 
Wfnaeten, (to.) v. a. k n. vid. Tßjhä&tn, a„ 

1. A n., 1. 
WrnaHen, (to.) t>. I. o. to crack, Are «ff; 

eine $Unte — , to Are a gun; II. n. (avx. 

fein) 1. to go off with a report; 2. Chem. 

to fohainate. 
Wfnnppen, (to.) t>. a. 1. to break »ff by 

little bit»; V.fig. (einem etroae) to with- 

hold throngh pariimony, to atiat (on« in hi* 

aaala, Ac); am Sohne— , to cortail wage«; 

Rd) (etna») -, to deprive one'» »elf (of ...). 
xV6tan»eIn,(to.)» piek off; tognawoff. 
Xbfnanfern, (to.) v. a. vid. XMnappai, 2. 
Wrneiftn, (.ttr.) v. a. Mar. (ben sSinb — ) 

1. to baal the wind, to piy (tarn or work) 

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to windward; 2. vid. (einem ®*tffe bell 
ÄBinb) tfbgcroinnen. 

JlVf neipen, (»(r.) «. a. to pinch off, to nip off. 

Wtni&tn, (to.) o. 1. a. 1. to crtck off, break 
off; 3. vid. OTnirfctlj 11. n. (a«i. fttn) 1 
to crack ur break off; 2. //imt. to fall dead. 

Wtnirfcrn, (u>.) v. a. vid. Tfbfnappen, 2. 

Wfttieen, (to.) v.u. 1. to wenr off or. out by 
kaeeling; 2. to expiate («in») by kneeling 

Wfniftun, Ckem. I. (io.) «. o. to decrepi 
täte; It. s. (ttr.) n. decrepitation. [off). 

Wfnäpfen, (u>.) v. a. to unbutton (and take 

Wfnubbern, (u>.) v. a. vid. abfnabbcrn. 

Wfnupfen, (io.) v.u. to anbind, untic, loo- 
»en (a knot). 

Xb'fodjen, (io.) v. a. 1. to boil, decoct; gc« 
linbc — , to codle ; flftarm. to clixate; 
abgetönter XranF, decoction; 2. (also n.) 
to »eparat« by boiling. [charcoal. 

Wfo^lcn, (w.) v. a. Otrp. to mark off with 

»Wfjlen, (to.) V. o. Min. vid. 5Cbbüttcn. 

TCb'toUmt, (w.) v. 1. a. to roll down, away; 
II. ii. (aux. fein) to roll away. 

Sb'forame, (to.) m. t»'d. Xbfommltng. 

«Vfommen, (*tr.) v. n. (aux. fein) I. to 
come off, vid. 2o5fommen> 2. a) to get 
away, off; h) to come off, to derlate; com 
SBcge — , to miu the road; to go out of 
one« waj ; fig-s. ; 3. vid. tfbftammcn j 4. to 
«werve (Crom onc's duty, A.c.); er lotlUltt 
oon ber ©ad)C ab, be i> wandering from the 
point; 5. to grow out of ute, to fall into 
deiuetude or diiuae; biefer Rame ift abge= 
fomraen, thi» name Ia antiqnated; oom S8in= 
be — , Mar. to come by the lee, to fall to 
leeward; oon Scmanb obcrßrroa« -, to rid 
one'« ielf (or get rid) of; mit Semanb — , 
to get even with one , cf. ein Xbrenv 
raen treffen) (innen Sie »obl eine «Ufertet 
ftunbe — t can you ipare (or are you dw- 
engaged for) a quarter of an hoarf id> fann 
nidjt — , I am engaged or detaloed by bu»i- 
■eu; er fann — (i. e. wir braudjm ibn niä)t), 
we can do witbont him. 

Wf ommen, *. (*fr.) n. 1. eoming off, *c. vid. 
Sbf ommen, v. ; 1. origin; 3. detnetnde, dii- 
n*e, diinsage; 4. agreement, aecommoda- 
tion, eompromiae, lettleraent; ein — mftSi« 
nein treffen, to come to an agreement (or 
to terms) with .... [poiterity. 

X6*rommenfd)aft, (to.) f. ofbpriog; deicent, 

WWmmling, (ttr.) m. deicendant, oilkpring. 

oVrommnif, (str.) n. vid. OTfommen, 4. 

«Vlopfen, (to.) v. a. 1. to behead vid. <Snt« 
baupten; 2. Gard. to top, to poll, to cut off 
the top of tree«. 

Wroppeht, (w.) v. a. to oncoople. 
Wrefen, (tu.) «. a. (Stetm etwa«) t« get 

(from...) by wheedling, coaxing, courting, 


TÖ/fraUen, (io.) v. a. to claw off or away. 
Wt rdmpeln, (».) v. a. to comb (SBoOc, iBaara* 

wolle, wool, cotton). 
Wfrämpen, (io.) v. a. Hat. to take dowo 

tbe Aap» of (a bat), to oncock. 
Wfränftn, (is.) v. refl. vid. flcb Xbgrdncn. 
Wfrafjen, (w.)v. l.a.1. to »crape off, «cratch 

off; fra je brr bie <3<bube an bem Sifen ab, 

«crape (clean) your ihoe« opon the «era- 

per; 2. vulg. to flddle, to «crape (ein ©tntf 

anf ber «Bioline, a tone on the violin); It 

it. (aux. fein) lud. to ran (pack or pop) off 

t*. e. to die. 

Wfraljtmg, (to.) f. «cratching oft &c. 
Wfranten, (v.)v.a.Gard. to »eed, to clear 

of weed« ; (mit ber $adt) to hoe. 
Wt reiften, (to.) v. I. a. 1. to screacb one, 

to bawl forth; 2. vid. Ttbt r6fd)f n ; II. rr/t. 

to grow hoarse by «creamlng, 
TCb'freifen, (to.) v. I. o. to divlde by a dreu- 

lar form, to encircle; II. n. (aux. fein) to 

diverge in a circular motion , a-b , adj. ec- 

centric. [***}• 

üfb'fried>cn, (str.) v. n. (aux. fein) to creec 
Tfb'frtcgen, (to.) v. a. 1. to get by making or 

waging war, to obtain by force of arm«; 2. 

col. vid. Ybbefommcn (©ebtäge, jc.). 
Vb'(ri(c(n, (io.) v. a. to copy in a «cribbling 

Wtr$\S)m, (io.) f. o. 1. prooinc. to fry; 2. 

Print. to cleame, to purify (the lind-*eed 

oil for printer« ink). [crumble off. 

TCb't rumein, (io.) v. a. k. n. (aux. fein) t© 
Wfrümmcn , (to.) r. I. a. to crook, to form 

into a crook toward« the end; 11. rtfl. to run 

crooked at the end. [of (bread, *c). 

Wfmften, (to.) t>. a. to take away the cruat 
WtKgeta, (to.) v. a. 1. to bowl off; 2. to 

count (tbe votei) by mean» of ball« (in 

Tfb'fübl», comp. — apparat, m. Otem. refri- 

gerator ; — fap, n. cooling tat, cooler ; —Ofen, 

m. G-V). t /-ic annenling oven; —rinne, /. 

ßreto. cooling Channel; —trog, m. cooler, 

cooling trougb. 
Wfublen, (if.)o. I. a. 1. to csol, to chill, to 

refreib; 2. G-xo.kl-w. to anneal ; 3.fig. t<» 

cool (deslre, zeal, Ac), to queneb, to calni. 

appeaie; fein 9Rütb(ben an 3f manbem — , 

to tent one's «pleen upoo one; II. refl. «V u. 

W. kfig. to grow cool, to cool; ihr dorn 

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«Jattr. A4 rt»a» aftgeHiblr, her anger hadfÄfUfgcr, (*tr.) w. 1. the (aet of) turoing in 

cooled down (abated) a littie. 

XVWbler, (str.) m. vid. XMilblfaf. 

TCVttt)ltm$, (u>.) /. 1. cooling, *c. cf. 3tt» 
Füblfa; 2. CÄem. refrigeration ; Y-Smitttf, 
n. Afed. refrigerant. [grief; to grleve. 

ItVMnuneni, (».) v. rifl. to pine away witb 

XffnBbigen, TbTfinben, (u>.) ». a. I. to pro- 
ciaün, to malte known; to announce; eilt 
Srmrtpaar — , to publi«h (or prociaim) the 
bansofmatrimony ;2. £<n»,togiYeup, realgo. 

Wffinbtgong, (*>•)/• !• proelaiming, procla- 

mation; 2. bidding the bani, &c. 
Tfb'fnnft, (') f.l. descent, family, pa 
rentage, birth, origin, pedigree (cf. Xbfom* 
StenftbafOi 2.(of aniraal«) race, breed; oon 
guter — , (of persona) of good family, weil 
deacended; (of animals) thoroogh-bred; 
OOIt ebler — , nobly extraeted , gentle; »on 
gemeiner (niebriger) — , low-boro, of homble 

TCtft&vfm, XWnppen, Wfupfen, (w.) v. a. 
to cot (or take) off the top; to nip off. 

Xb'ffirjen, (ib.) t>. a. 1. a) lit. to «horten, to 
make aborter, to lessen, to clip, cortail; b) 

fig. to abridge, abbreviate, to cut »hört; 2. 
Math, to rednce; eS Wft Rä) nicht—, it U 
not redoxible ; fle iBÜnf^te feinen S5ef«4 off» 
juffirjen, abe wisbed to cot sbort hia visit; 
«not (aefdjriebcnen) Tfaffaj — , to abridge, 
cut down a writtenartiule; abgtffirjtct $uf* 
«Jen (9Ronb), Zar. lunette or lunet. 

WKirjer, («fr.) m. abbreriator, abridger. 

XoTürjuag,*. I. (».)/. 1-«) shortening, cur- 
tailiog; 6) abridgraent, (— einefi SBorteS) ab- 
breviation; c) retrenchment ; 2- Math, re- 
duetion (or abbreviation [of fractiom]), di- 
miaotion; II. ebmp. l-sfrriä), m. division; 
1-(ftü<t, n. Geom. frostom; i-6ä«<bcn, n. 
abbreriatare, («hort-band) note. 

aVtuffrn, (ib.) ». n. 1. uid. ©cgfüffcn; 2. to 
kiaa one to exceas, to kiai heartiiy. 

Xb'laä>at, (ie.) v. rtfl. vulg. to laagh one'« 
•elf out of breath, to laugb heartiiy, iramo- 

*2fblacrt'ren, (u>.) v. a. Gard. vid. Abfingen, 3. 

WUTbcn, (ttr.y v. a. to nnload, to diaburden, 
to unpack, to diicharge (a cargo, *c). 

XVUTbe*, comp, —ort, m. — ptttj, m. Com. 
place of transmiasion. 

Wläbcr, Wlabcr, (str.) m. onloader, diichar- 

ger, heaver; X-Iebn, m. feeifor unloading. 

Wläbung, (tr.) /. unloading, discharging. 

aVlflgc^ui.)/. l.putting away, laying aiide; 

tax, «eparation (of property); 2. a place 

of depotit, 

or pntting op (at an inn, 4c); 2. a) itop- 
plng-place, reit; b)cvnl. den, lurkiog-nlnce 
ofthieve», vagaboada, *c; — pla&, m. vid. 
WlJgtrn, (w.) v. I. o. 1. to lay down, to 
depotit; abgelagerte SRaffcn, Geol.deposits; 

2. to leparate from and encamp ia another 
place; 3. to remote from a atorebooie; IL 
refl. &n. (of Koidi) to aettlc (to lie for a 
time in an nndliturbed «Ute ao that the 
dreg« or impuritiei sink to tbe bottom and 
the fluid become read) for racking oll); nb« 
gelagerte öigarren, well teatoned aegara 
(dry and of rufficient age to be fit for u»e). 

Wlägcrung, (».)/• Geol. &c. 1. depotition 
(of mud, Sx.), tranamiation (of booldera, 
&c);2. vid. Sagermig, 2. 

Wlaramcn, (v.)v. n. to diaeontinne yeaniag. 

Wlanften, WUnben, (v.) v. n. Mar. to lift 
the anchor, to «et »all, to depart. 

+ Wlang, adj. vid. Sänglid). 

Wlangcn, («.)». «. to reach, tofetcb (do«a). 

Wldngcn, (w.) v. a. 1. Min. to dig leagth- 
wl«e; 2. Corp. to cut the trank of a tree in 
proper lengtha 

Wlaftben, (w.) «. a. For. to blaie or noteb 
tree« in a forest eitber for felling or fer 
marking out a way. 

Wlaf, s. I. («er., pl. Wl&ffc) m. l.letting off, 
draining, t.e. cf. Xblaffcn f 2. drain, water - 
course, oid. ©(blcufcj 3. ceuation, Inter- 
miuion; 4. EccU a) indulgence, pardon, 
grant of the HolyCborch, remiuion; 6) the 
ceremonie* or fettivities oa days of indul- 
gence; ben — betreffend, indulgential; II. 
comp. — britf, m.letterof indulgence; —gelb, 
n., —pfennig , m. »hrove-money ; — banbfl, 
tn. vid.; — trän; — jabr, n. year of jubilee; 
— fanjlei, /. penltentiary (of the pope); 
— finbe, /. Rom. Cath. «tatlon ( a chureb 
where indulgence« are to be had on certain 
dayi); — from, m., — rramerei, /. «elling of 
indulgence«; — frantcr, m. vender of indul- 
gence«, pardon-monger; — prebiger, m. prea- 
cher («eller) of indulgence«; —tage,/, pl. 
day« of grace ; — certanf , m. «ale of indul- 
gence«; — »Od)e, /. week of corpus Christi 

WlafTtn, (slr.) v. I. «. 1. to let off; to «lacken, 
nid. Ibfpanncn» 2. to draw off, to drain; 

3. to rack, to draw off from tbe leea (winc, 
&c.) ; 4. T. to soften (»teel, &c), to temper 
by heat; 5. h'ound. vid. Kbflca>cn, m.; 6. 
fig. d)togi»eover, tocede; b) (»ertanflid)— ) 
to «eil, to diapoie of; c) to abate (troui the 

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pries, to »ake an allowaace); auf beibtK 
Griten Qttmat — , to iplit the difference (in 
s bargaln); IL i». to leave öS, to ceaae, de< 
aiit (von, from). [c/. TCblaffen 

Wlttffnng, (w.) /. drawing off, draining, 4c 

mVbUSv, (str.) m. Gram, the ablative caae, Wläugnen, (to.) v. a. to deny, diaown, fr 

ablative [from a roof. 

XWaütn, (w.) v. a. to take away the lathi 
Wlauben, (u>.) v. a. to plack off the leavea, 

to anleave; to prone (vinea, &c). 
WtOJMttr, (str.) m. lnrker, aenlker. 
WlMMta, (te.) «. a. 1. to lurk, to aeulk, He 

in «alt for; 3. («inera Qtna») to obtain 

(front...) by watchiag a chance. 
Wlauf, L *. (itr., p{. IMaufe) nu 1. rnnning 

down; rnnning off, llowing off; going off; 

— bet {Kernt, ebb, ebbing of the aea; 2. 

■ink, gatter, kenne!, drain, eonunon lewer; 

3. Arch. o) Upper apophyge (of a column) ; 
6) cymatitun, an nudnlating moulding, ge- 
aerally the npper one of a cornice; c) nid 
Bofdjungi 4. Ship-b.oid. "Xulföitftn, s. 2. ; 
5. «) expiraüon (of a tena, of a treaty, *c), 
6) end, event; — (rittet Bedjfelt), Com. 
expiration, maturity (of a bill), Urne (or 
term) of payment; cor — bet Gemeftai, 
before the term (Urne) cloaea; IL comp. 
— rinnt, /. Mar. acopper-hole, acapper; — 
rjbre, /. watte-pipe, eacape; — ftbleufc,/. 
dUcharging-alolce; «"-tplanren, Ship-b. pl. 
laaaehing pianki. 

«Vtaufen, (str.) v. I. n. (aux. fein) 1. to rnn 
down or off; her ©ampfmagen lief oon ben 
CSdbtraen ob, the ateam-engine went off the 
raila; 2. to ran or low down, to rnn off; 
(mieser) — , to ebb ; 3. to «et off, to depart ; 

4. to ceaie moviag; 5. o) to rnn ont, to ex- 
pire; 6) to elapae, paaa away; e) to end; 
»fe lief et ab! how did it apeed? bat wirb 
übet—, that will turn ont a aad affair; 6. 

»•laufet, (str.) m. 1. that whick rmif; 

2. Afar. vid. eSntiaat. 
Jtb'lougen, (w.) o. a. 1. to impregnate nt 

lye; 2. to remove the lye fron... k| 


avow, di »claim; er niD mir Sie 6<b»tt-i 
he deniei the debt he owea me. 

Wtingatz, (str.) m. denier, diaowner. 

Wlaugnnng, (w.)/. denying.diaowiiiDg; M 
eib , m. .Laie, oath of abnegation. 

Wloufdjen, (u>.) v. a. (Sinem 6t»aS) tos 
or learn by liitening; to lurk or watclk 

Wloafett, (w.) v.o. oaig. 1. to lonae, to da 
from lice; 2. fig. (ttinem etwa») toent 
(one) ont of . . . . 

Wlaut, {str.) m. Gram, change of the n* 
cal vowel (of verbs, *c.)| bot ^rätaän 
ftürfer3eiö»6rt«r »irb burd)— gebitbetö."- 
trinre, tranl, getrunfen), thepreteriU 
■trong verbs ii formed by changin; (le <* 
dl cal vowel (f. i. drink, dronk, driak). 

Wlanten, (u>.) v. n. Gram, to chanre tk 
radical vowel (aa verba, &c); bie ftai 
JBtrba, nehbe ftd) boburd) antjeüS»«» " 
fit — , ftnb büber gewöhnlich unregtlw 
Fig genannt norben, »trong verbeorthi 

•which change their radical vowel, hani 
therto generally been called irregulär. 

WUuterfap, (str., pl. *-fdfTer) n. * 
boddle, (Devon.) lauuder. 

Wlivttra, (id.) v. a. to clarify (syrop, fc] 
to filter, to renne (mgar), to pnrify (li«W 
or metalt); Afin. to waah (ore). 

XVreben, l (v>.) v. n. (aux. fein) 1. to» 
(by degrees, alowly); 2. to become it», 
pit; abgelebt, woVn with age; II. *. (#.)•< 
deceaae, death; dentiae (med cbJefly •'■ 
crowned head). 

Xbledten, (u>.) v. a. to lick off. 

WlfDern, (w.) «. a. 1. to «kin; 2. /-«•» 
remove tbe leather from (the hämmert ' 

a piaaoforte); 3. vulg. vid. Xbprugeut. 

Com. to fall or become due; abgelaufen, ex 

pired, das, payable; cttt abgelaufener SBeib« 

fei, abiil which iadne; bat 2id)t Iduft ab, thef 

candle gnttera; — lojfen, 1. Afar. vid. comlXCieeren, (ts.) e. a. 1. to empty ; ~to d« 

©t«pellaffenj2.iHd.3Cbge^enl«(renj3.i ! 'enc.l| (the table); 2. vid. Xbmeffen. 

to ward off (a tbrnat); 4. fig. vid. Xbfrrti=|*TCbIegätf, (w.) m. legate of the pope. 

«cn,2.< »or bemSBinbe— , Afar. to bring theJXb'Ifgen, («>.)». L n. 1. a)to lay aaide, do« 

wind aft; bie ttbr ift abgelaufen, the watchl off, to pat or take off (ooe's clothea); 1| 

is (gone) down; IL a. 1. to rnn off; to wearf 

ont by rabbiag or attritioo; 2. to ontron; 

(Sinem) ben fitong — , to get the atart (or 
to get the better) of . . . , to beat, to cut (one) 
ont; oot-s. ftd) bie $orutr — , to aow one'a 
wild oaU; bot babe td) Idngft an ben 6d)u< 
b^n abgelaufen, that I have known long ago 
(II. re/f. to tire one'a aelf by rnnning. 

.Kleiber — , to andre« ; 6) to caat (or thrt» 
off, away, by; abgelegte Jtleibungtfttta , e / o ( 
away (or off) clothea; 2. Sport, to caat(M 
®e»eu), the horna) ; 3. Hort, to lay (plaiti) 
4. Typ. (eine gorm, bie edjrift) to duai 
bäte (the lettera of a form) ; 5- Garn, (feil 
-Karten — ) to lay ont (one'a cards); to d» 
card; ^g*. 6. to leave off, to qnit (Ul ki 

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bita, kc); to lay aaide, to diacard (preju | parry, ward off; II. n. to tarn aaide or oft 

dtcea), tourowon"(formality), to eaat away I to take another direction, to decliue. 

(all reaare); 7. o) to give or reader (anl Xb'lcnfung, («>•)/• the act of turoing off, Ac; 

accout,proofa,Ac); Otedjenfcbaft — für...,! E-Sangriff, m. AfH. divereion. 

to aecooat for...; 6) to male* or take a vowjl'b'lcmen, (ic.) t>. a. (Sütcm Qrroat) to learo 

to nake oae'a eoofeeeion of faith, to take 
aa oatb; c) to bear witneaa, to give teati- 
aoay; IL n. 1. to bring forth yooag, to 
calve, to euk, &c. com. for: öntbunben 
nertrn} 2. Mar. to pat off (from ahore); 
'i. to grow weak, to decliue, to fade away. 

«Vjtger, (<(r.) m. Hort, layer, ahoot , aprig, 
•cioa (cion). 

Xb'ttge», comp. Typ-*. — fällt, a». error, 
»roflg fetter; — fpabl, m. diatribating rale. 

WUgWlg, («.)/. laviag «aide, Ac, oid. Ib» 
legen» — bes £>rbea*geföbbeS, Afon. pro 

WttTjnrn, («.) p. a. 1. to leao, turn aaide; 
9. to ahift off, to dacline, to waive, to re- 
nne, excaae oae'a aelf, to repel. 
WBIpuma, (».)/• dediniag, refueal 

Meiern, (ic)b. drawl out(aapeeob, 
aa air). [to borrow (from). 

XVUUta, (rtr.) v. «. impr. (öinem etroo6) 

Witwen, (to.) o. n. to angine. 

Wleilbar, adi. derivable, dedncible. 

Wletten, (».) o. a. 1. to tarn off or aaide, 
to divert, to lead off, away or aaide; SBof= 
fer (IvQ Sribcn) — , to drain, to draw off 
nter; gradjtiftlettoi — , Med. to draw off, 
to revalee (hamoura) ; com (rechten) SBege 
— i to mialead, miagnide; aednee; '2. to de- 
ri*e: a) Gram, to trace back, to deduce or 
draw (a word from ita root, ic); 6) to de- 
dace, draw from (in reaaoaiog), to iafer 
(«oaething from what precedea); a-be ®C 
fttfe, Jnat. deferente. 

XMeiicr, (itr.) in. 1. oae wbo or that wbieb 
tarn» off, Ac. ; 3. conduit-pipe, Channel ; 3. 
fliy.fcoaductor, vid. Setter, I. 

*VWtung, (».) /. 1. a tnrning off or aaide, 
ke. cf. ableiten, derivation (of water from 
iU cbaonel, Ac); 2. Med. * Gram, deri 
ratio»; burd) — , Gram, derivatively; 3 
coadait, chaoael. 

WleitltngS», comp, pertainiag to derivation, 
«c.;— graben, m. drain, oatfall, ditcb;— fünft, 
/. Crom, etymology; —rinne, /. draft; — 
r6»rt,/. coadait-pipe , waate-plpe, draia; 
aoü-pipe; fonaelj — ft)Q)e, /. Gram, deri 
vatioaal äffte, termiaation (auch aa — lid), 
— *y; —ig, — jj — fant, — «ome, Ac). 

Weiten, (u.) v. I. a. 1. to tarn off, aaide, 
away, to divert, avert; von redeten 

~, to pnt ont of the right way; 2. Fenc. to 

(from...) by lookiug attentively at, to Imi- 
tate in, to take after. 

WBfcn, (»fr.) v. a. 1. to gatner (fruiti), to 
plack off, pick off; «Raupen — , to rid treea, Ac. 
of caterpillari; Steine — , to clear or take 
away stonea from a fleld, Ac; 2. to read 
loud; 3. to read off(a aeale, Ac), to call 
over (a Hat of namea, Ac.) ; 4. t'mpr. to wear 
out (a book) by mach reading, m. p. by 
mach thumbing. 

Xb'Kfcr, (str.y m. I. gatberer; 2. one wbo 
read» loud to..,, reciter. [aelf. 

Wlctjen, (u>.) v. rtfl. (j. «.) to refreah one'i 

Wlcugncn, (u>.) vid. 5fbläugnen. 

Wüßten, (u.) v. a. to gire a lighter abade 
to (a colour). 

Wlicbcta, (u>.) v. I. a. 1. (fäincm Stnxtf) to 
fooillc (one) oat of . . . , to get by careaaing ; 
2. vid. blieben» II. rtfl. to enfeeble one"« 
aelf by too mach yielding to the passio» of 
love, by too mneb careaaing. 

Wittben, (w.)v.I.a. Sport, to »top (a bound) 
in tbe acent and by fnndMng make bim un- 
deratand that be ia on the rigbt track; il. 
rtfl. vid. Tfbttcbcln, II. [to eonaign. 

Wiicfcnt, (to.) v. a. to deriver (over, op), 

Wlieftrung, j.I.(w.)/.delivery;ia»ue(of ra- 
tiona or proviaioaa from a atore, Ac.)t nad) 
erfolgter—, wbend«lliered;il.ocnip.Com-ä 
Tt-tprimü/f. prime, premlam; X'Jftbtut, «. 
certificate of delivery ; Tf-otetmin, m.. %■*• 
Jfit, X-4tagc, /. I. gen. term (thne) of de- 
Üvery; 2. settling-daya (certain daya fixed 
for the tranafer of pablic stock). 

fliegen, (ttr.) v. 1. n. 1. (<r«x. fein) to bc 
or lie at a dlatauce; (• liegt »fit (2 Wci= 
len, lt.) ab, it Uea far (two milea, Ac.) off; 
2. (aux. babett) to lie a auffieient lengtb of 
time for »ettling, to cJear,Acuid.Qfblagcrtti 
ttbgcKgcncr Sein, aettled wine; II. r*fl. to 
loae by mach lying; IU. a. «id. 7fbfi(cB 2- 

Xb'liflcn, (tr.) v. a. to get by canaing; (Gi> 
nein @ta>a«) to trick (oae) ont of (a tbiag). 

Wleclen, (te.) v. a. J. to entice away, to 
draw off by coasing; 2. (6incnt 6t»a») to 
get (from...) by flattery, by mir worda, to 
draw (oot a eecret, or teara, *c. from oae), 
to coax or wheedle ont of. 

Woctern, (w.) v. a. to looeen (the eartb 
abont the root» of a tree, Ac). 

Xb'iobnot, (w.) r. a. to pay off, to dieeaarge. 

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WUrf^en, (te.) ». o. Min. to alnk (a plt) 

to a imall depth. 
WUfibcn, (to.) v. a. 1. to cool; to queach, 

to extiogoiah , to «lacken (Urne); to temper 

(iron, iteel); 2. to wipe off, to blot out 

(»hat hu been »ritten with chalk, «late- 

peacll, ic). 
Xb'lo'fm, (u.) v. I. a. 1. to looaen, nntie, na- 

bind; to im tag; to anlock (fetten, Ti/p. 

tte ©t6ge, the form, Ac); 2. Surg. a) to 

thin or lean, to fall away, to emaciate;- 

lafftn, FaU. to nnfatten. [atropij. 

Wmägerung, (w.) /. emaelatioa; Med. 
Wmdljen, (to.) o. o. to mow, mow off, to at 

Wmablen, (irr.) o. a. MiU. to finiah grindiag. 
Wmaljnm, (w.) o. a. 1. to dlaanade, to «in 

(from) ; a-o , p. a. diunaaiTe. 
Wmabnung, (to.)/. diuuaaion ; TC-efekrttba, 

n. diunaaiTe letter. 

cnt off, to amputate, to «ever; 6) to takeflWmaten, (te.) v. a. 1. to paint, to draw (or 

off in thin lamio« or «ealei, to acale; 3. Med, 
to reiolve; abUfenbe SRittel, retoirenti, pec- 
toralnj 4. to detach (a province, tc.) ; 
Are off, to dUcharge (a gnn); Q. a) Mil. to 
relieve (agnard); to «et (the watet), Mar. 
to «pell (the watch); bie SRannfdjaft in ben 

take) a likeneu of . . . , to portray ; Bad) to 
itbm — , to draw (one) from the life; fit 
— laffen, to «it for one'« Portrait ; 2. fig. U 
deacribe, repreaent, depict. 
Wmongeln, (vi.) v. I. a. to mangle (lineo);- 
II. n. to finita mangling. 

Saufgräben-, to relieve the trenche«; »jKb'mttrgcta, (*•) "• «• to w »» te ' wear (««ft 
gcUft! relieve! 6) gen. to relieve, to du- e"»«»te, maeerate, enerrate; to harau. 

charge (from dnty, &c); 7. to redeem (bny 
up an annnity, Ac), c/. XntUfra n! 6inl6< 
fenj 8. iau>, to commnte (penaltiei); IL 
rtfl. 1. to grow loo*e, to come off, to drop 
off; Surg. Ac. to aloogh (to come off aa the 
matter forraed over a aore); to «cale (off); 
to peel off; ßd) in platten — , to Hake; 2. 
to act alternately, to relieve one aaorher; 
Jld) mit einem — , to change place* with one. 

TCb'l&lid), adj. 1. what may be looaened, *c. ; 
2. redeemable (aa debtf , Ac.), 

Xt/lJftmg, (to.)/. 1. looaening, untying, Ac, 
ef. ibl6fen»2. Surg. ampotation; 3 a) re 
lief, relleving (of • gnard) ; 6) attemation ; 

WrattCftn, (to.) t». o. to mark ont (a field, *c). 

Xb'marften, (»0 »■ "• »«*. Ähbtngen, L 

Wmarfd), (rtr. ( p(. Wmdtfdje) m. jnardaj 
off, march; departnre. 

Wmarfiblrot, (to.) o. n. (aui. fein) portiai. 
MiL to march off, to march, to depart, ie- 
camp ; «Rann für «Rann — , to file off. 

Wmartern, (to.) t>. a. 1. to torment, tortaru 
plague, vex, worrjr; 2. (einem et»«*) t» 
extort from. [of a thiig. 

TCVmSf, (rtr.) n. the meaanre (or dimeniiou) 

Wmfltten, (u.) v. L a. 1. to harau, to tut 
ont, wear, weary, exhanat, fatigue; to jade 
(a hone); 2. T. to doli (metala), to dia 
(gold); II. rtfl. to exhauat one'« aelf, wearj 

4. La», redempUon; commutation (of a pe-fj one -, ie |f. to be ex han«ted 

nalty, Ac); X-Jreibt, n. right of redemption. 

Wlitben, (to.) o. a. to nniolder. [Xblebern. 

WlSbern, (to.)o. a. 2". * tntig. cid. Xhbetten, 

Wlugrn, f>tr.) o. a. 1. to deny by nlie as- 
•ertion; 2. (einem etmae) to obtain (from 
. . .) by auerting untrnth«. 

Wlngfen, (w.) v. o. vulg. I. to learn by «ly 
and cloie attention, vid. Kbfeben 5; 2. (Bi> 
nem etnaa) to get (from . . .) by rogaery, 
by tricking. 

Wmaalen, (to.) o. a. to mark off; cf. {Rallen. 

Kb'mathen, (to.) v.o. 1. to take, bring or get 
off, tooaen, «eparate, detach ; 2. to adjuat, 
regnlate, «ettle(an accougt,aque«tion,&c), 
arrange; eine 6d)ulb — , to diacharge or 
clear a debt; ein (Sefihift — , to do off, or 
wind.up a buainen; abgemalt, I.p. p. Com. 
&c in order; ü. int. done! quit»! 

Wmodjung, /. «ettling, adjnitment, te. vid. 

Wmlgem, (to.) v.n. (au*, fein) to grow 

Xb'mattnng, (to.)/. 1. harauing, tiring, *c; 
2. wearineaa, lauitnde, fatigue. [vohe. 

Wmetfern, (to.) v. a. to «peak in a bleatiog 

Wmeiern, (\o.) v.cuto turn ont of a (arm, to 
ejeet [ficiently; 2. n. to finiah maahiag. 

Wmeifd)en, (to.) v. DM. I. a. to maah auf- 

TCb'meifeln, (u.) o. a. to ehiiel off. 

WmeBen, (to.) t>. a. to milk. 

aVmergeln, (te.) v. a. vid. Jttmirgcln. 

«Vmerten, (io.) v. n. I. to learn by obaer- 
ving; 2. (einem etmas) to mark, obaerve, 

Wmtfftn, (ttr.) v. I. a. 1. to meaanre oft 
admeaaure, anrvey (a field) ; ben 3<Pfen aif 
bat 8odj — , Corp. to countergage; 2. to 
meaanre, off(dry-gooda, Ac), to cut off; 
fig-t. 3. T. to acan (a verae, vid. (Scan* 
biren); 4. to adjnat, to regulate, to Propor- 
tion, to «uit (nad), to), to aqaare (onr ac- 
tiona by the opiniona of othera, Ac.) ; 5._ t° 
compare, to jodge; er ma* ftme Yatbrfiiti 

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^t ab, he did not measare hl» terms; er 

t^t Untere nad) fid) ab, he jndge» oCotheri 

am hbaself. 

'mefra, t. (jrfr.)n.eid. TCbmefftmg) bat 

rrllapfeiuVber, Corp. countergage. 

'mtffer, (ftr.") m. measnrer, admeuarer, 


tafßma., (».) /. 1- measarlng, Ac vid. 

bmtffmf 2. admeasurement, measnration ; 

■Uten, (w.) v. «. AfiM. to take the mul- 
re (»'. e. the fe« for grinding). (farra 

Bietben, («-) ». o. to hire, rat from ; to 
■rfetbet, (ftr.) m., Wmietbrrfnn, («.) 

hlrer, tenant, leuee. 
mObern, («.) v. a. to moderate, to paeify 
Matcm, (w.) c. a. to leimen, to diminiih. 
'•riften, (w.) ». «. to cleanse of dang or 

rmSttln, (w.) v. a. to model or form ac- 
■rdiag to a plan, to hnitate ia forming. 
'mcofm, (w.) v. o- to clear of (or to free 
ob) ijoss. 

tentf en, («.) v. a. ouig. to fit (one), vulg , 
igire (oae) tit for tat; id) Witt ibn tud). 
t — , iil troonce Um. [out. 

wüten, (iB.)o.o. to tJre (refl. one'i »elf) 
WV«, (w.) o. re>?. to fatigue, to exert, 
) itrais one'» aelf, to moil. 
'mutigen, (w.) v. I. o. 1. a) to spare (time 
om buiieu) ; 6) to detaio from oecupa- 
•bs, to diiturb; 1. Law, vid. ICbnotbigen 
. refl. to find time (leuure). 
'lilgcln, (to.) v. a. 1. SAip-c. to drive the 
*e-ntils iato the sides or bottom of (a 
»P); 3. gen. to annail. 
•igen, (u.) o. a. 1. to gnaw off, to nibble, 
i pick (a bone); 2.. /fg. to gnaw, fret, tor 
tat; »er Jtummer nagt ibm basierj ab, bis 
Mit ii coasamed with grlef. % 
'sibn, (it.) e. a. 1. to qailt; 2. to pay 
» debt) by needle-work. 
»«bau, («.) /. 1. the (act of) taking off, 
tty, cc e/. ibnebmenj — eine« Stiebe«, 
rrg. aapuution; bie — (Cbrifti) com 
Ije, Point, the descent or deposition 
i the eres»; 2. taking or reeeiving (an 
st, 4c.); — einef gibej, taking one'« 
l ; 3. diminution, decline, decrease ; wane, 
i»i decay; abatement; in — geratben, 
[W iato decay, to decay ; — be* SRonbeS, 
i decrease of the moon; — ber fflemdf* 
J, ebb of tbe waters; obne — , nndecay- 
K 4. T. {Her., Mus., Alt., Ac.) cadence, 
^weat; 5. aale, c/. JCbgang, 3. 

1, (w.) v. a. Tan. to grein (skins). 

■Jtb'narren, («e.) «. o. (Qrtnem «t»a») to fool 
one out of, to obtain by foolery, praaks or 

Wnafdjcn, (».) d. a. to take clandestinely 
and eat any daintlea, sweet meats, &c, 
(Stoi/r) to junket, 

Wnifbmcn, (#fr.) o. I. a. 1. to take off, away. 
down; Dbfl— , to gather, plack (fruit); ein 
(Stieb—, Surg. to amputete, cut offa limb; 
bie 3fl«89' — / **»»". to haul down (pr strike) 
the colours; ein Jtolb — , to wean a calf; 
bie .Karten — , Garn, to cut the cards ; bie 
QRafdjen — , Knit. to narrow, to diminish 
tbe meshes ; fig-s. 2. a) to take (the troo- 
bte, Ac) off one'» hands; b) to purebase, 
buy; c) to gain, win (something from...); 
3. to take; reeeive (an aecount, &c); ®i» 
nem ben Sib — , to take one'» oath, to ad- 
minister an oath to one; to bind by an oatb ; 
id) mnf bir bat sBerfpreeben — , ntid) nidjt }u 
oerlaffrn, I mnst make yon promise not to 
leave me; 4. (Stwat auS . . .) to jadge from, 
conclude, conjeeture, gue>»; fo »iel id) — 
tann, for anght I pereeive; biet ift Uii)t ab» 
june^men, this i» very piain ; teai foHcn mir 
baranS — ? what inference shall we draw 
from it? bie Sebre, toetibeman fid) baraus — 
mnf, ift..., the lesson to be drawn from 
it i»...; II. n. to diminish (in size, lengtb, 
Ac), to decrease, to grow less, to decline; 
to decay , to wane , to waste, to wear away 
(off, out); bie Sage nehmen ab, the day» 
decrease in length, grow shorter, begin to 
decline; ber ÜXonb nimmt ab, the moon 
traue»; feine Jtrdfte nebmen ftfttlid) ab, bis 
•trength vUibly decline» ; mein <St[\ä)t nimmt 
ab, my eye-sight begin» to fall. 

Wnübmen.«. (str.) n.diminishing, diminution, 
Ac. cf. Ybnebmen, u. & Xbnabme} ba» — be» 
SRonbet, the decrease or wane of tbe moon ; 
bie f>reife finb im — , the prices are get- 
ting low. 

Wnübmenb, p. a. 1. declining, decrescent; 
2. Mus. gradnally diminiahing (in tone and 
qnickness), [Zt.] decrescendo, caiando; ber 
a-e 9Xonb, the decrescent moon; beim o-en 
Wonbe, at the fall (wane) of the moon; eine 
a-e Äü^lte, Mar. a fainting gale. 

Wnübmer, (str.) m. 1. AfecA.doffer(ofacard- 
ing- machine.); 2. bnyer, purchaser, con- 
samer, customer; biefe Leitung bat viele — , 
this newspaper ha» many snbscribers. 

Wnl^mfel, (*tr.) n. siftiags (of grein). 

Wncigen, (w.) v. I. o. 1. to avert, to turn 
uide; 2. Math. Ac to diverge, to reodet 

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averae; IL rot 1. to tum «aide from; 3. 
to Incline, slope. 
Wneiguna, (w.) /. 1. turning aiide, *c, de- 
clioation; Math, divergence; i.fig. disin- 
clination, averaion,averseneaa, dialike; dia- 
taate, diagast, dUreliah, (natürliä)« — ) anti- 
patby, cf. Vbgenetet^cit. [the neck, 

Wnicfen, (to.) v. o. Sport, to kill by cottiog 

Wniefeln, (to.) ». o. Min. to wear out. 

Wnicfen, (*tr.) v. a. Laxe, to have the use 
or oiufruct of (an eatate, Ac.). 

Wnieten, (to.) v. a. T. to nnrivet. 

Wnippen,(w.) o. a. to iip, to taste, cf. Kippen 

WnJWgHi, (w.) v. o. (6inem etmaS) to 
force (ont Crom), to extort, to wring from; 
to eUdt; ihre fcodjbcrjlgMino' rbigt un£ 8c< 
»anbernng ab, theirmagnanimitycommanda 
our admiraßon; man nfitbigre ibm eine 6nt* 
fdralbigung ab, they obliged bim to make 
an apology. 

Wnu|en, Wnufcen, (te.) v.U 1. to tue 
(up); to «raste, wear ont, off, away (cf. W 
genügt) $ 2. Law, vid. Xtmicpen; II. refl. 
to wear ont by long n*age. 

Wnuiuna, («.)/. 1- wearing ont, wasting, 
wear and tear; 2. Law, oinfrnct. 

WSben, (to.) v. a. For. einen SBalb — , to 
ent down a forest. 

♦Xbonnemenf {Fr., pron. —mäatf], n. «ub- 
»criptioa ; ü-SIifte, /. litt of anbacribers. 

«Abonnent', (ic.) m. sabscriber. 

♦Womii'rert, (to.) o. refl. t. n. to rabacribe 
(auf, to), —auf, to beeome a »ubscriber to 
(a newipaper, fcc), to engage, beapeak. 

Worbnen, (to.) v. a. 1. to aend, depute, de 
legate; to conititate, commiuion; 2. to re 
call an order, a command. 

Worbner, (*tr.) m. cooatitnent 

Wortnnng, (to.) /. delegation, deputation. 

Worgtltt, (to.) v. a. inet, to play off on the 
organ. [spot; 2. neeeitary, privy. 

Wort, (*tr.,pl. Wörter) m. 1. «equeitered 

Wörtern, (to.) it. a. 1. Join. to aaw off (pla- 
ned wood) in proper lengtbi ; 2. Lau, vid. 

•Worri'ren, (to.) t>. n. vid. gcblgebdren. 

Wpad)trn, (to.) v. a. to fcrm, to (take at) rent. 

Wpadjter, (ttr., pj. Wpddjter) m. farmer, 
leaaee of a farm. [diacharge. 

Wpaden, (te.) v. a. to unpack, uload, 

Wpdtyltn, (to.) v. a. Tan. vid. Xb^oaren. 

Wpafä)en, (to.) v. a. to sarpass in diciag. 

Wpoffen, (to.) o. a. 1. to measnre, to fix, to 
■qnare, to proportion ; 2. fig. to wait, to 
watch, ttay for; to lurk for; er paftc bie 
Oelegenbeit ab, be watched hii opportnnlty ; 

etwas Übel—, to take oaei time Itt; h 

bitten c» nidjt beffer — rönntn, the; o* 

not have chosen a belter (or isore Bt)» 

Wpattfen, (to.) o. a. 1. to annonace by ac 

companiment of the kettiedrun; 2. Jff.l 

fam. to thrash sonndly. 
Wpeinigcn, (to.) t>. «. 1. (einem 9t* 

to extort (from . . .) by tormenti; 2. Ua 

Wpeitfd)cn, (to.) i>. o. 1. to whip oiT(ai 

leaf, Itc. with the whip); 2. to laah, toam 

whip i»oadly. [2. vuig. to taruk« 

Wpeljen, (to.) v. a. I. Sk-dr. to beat dal 
Wp füllen, (to.) v. a. to pale, indote« 

palea. [dJintl 

Wpffinbcn, (to.) v. a. to aeize by la»,fl 
Wpfarren, (to.) v. a. to separate (a«l 

mnnity) from one pariah, and attaeefi)* 

another. [M 

Wpftifcn, (itr.) v. a. to whiatle (aaa»i 
WpfiWcn, (u>.) v. a. 1. to mark «f («II 

pegi); 2. Blch. to nafaatcn (ai liaea) *w 

the picket». [n 

WpPWen, (to.) ». o. to plack off, 
Wpftögcn, (to.) v. I. a. 1. to ptongh «I 

Xbatfcrn i 2. to pay (a debt) by pl 

II. n. to flnlah plonghing. 
Wpic?en, (to.) v. a. to peck off; toaj 

away by pecking. 
WpWgcn, Wplarfen, (to.) v. I. a. 1.(1 

etrcaS) to extort from, to get by >•■ 

tions; 2. to plague, teaae, tire. Ml 

II. refl. to drndge, toil. ilavc. 
Wplaagen, (to.) v. a. Husb. to cot offC 

or «od) for mannre. [raab 

Wplottcn, (to.) v. a. to level, to Hat» 
Wpi£tten,(to.) t). I. a. to smootb with at" 

to iron; IWn. to finiah amootbing. 
Wplttttunjf (to.)/. 1. leveling, tc;l< 

oblate form (of the earth). 
Wplajen, (to.)». a. (awx. fein) to er»* 1 
WpU(en, (io.) v.a.l. to nrakc to cm* 

rebonnd; 2. For. to mark (trees tbatl 

been aold). 

Wplanbcm, (te.) v. a. Kbfcbmabnt. [(I 
Wplünbrrn, (te.) v. a. to plonder, 
Wpodjen, (te.) v. a. 1. to knock off; 2.4 

to thrash, beat ; 3. einem etroa« — , toi 

one ont of. 

Wpilcn, (to.) v. a. Tan. trid. Itbbaarei 
Wpofaancn, (to.) ». a. 1. to perform Ol 

trombone; 2. vulg. to annoance witki 

or thick voiee. 

Wprdgcn, (to.) v. «. 1. to coin , 

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«trike oB; repreacat, to copy , to 

Wanlot, I. («.) v. n. (mx> fein) to re- 

hoaad, to apriag or etart back ; O. *. (rtr.) 

n. rabooadiag, reailieacy; a-b, p. o. re~ 

boudiag, reailient. 
»VöHaa«, (*.)/. reüeetion; X-Snjinrel, m. 

ifett. *c. angle of redection. 

lyatoffeln, (».) o. n. 1. to lern»« off crack 
Mng; 3. («mx. fein) to crackle off. 
Xt/prebn, (».) o. a. to m«ke reboond. 
IVpvcfiben, (w.) v. eo(. L a. to fatigae by 
ebasmg, ponoJBg; II. n. (atw. fein) to ran 
or ride off with atmoit ipeed. 
«VpnjftB^w.)«. a. 1. to »eparate by preaa- 
iag, to aqaeeze off; 3. to prew aafficiently ; 
3.Jig. (Sium Staat) to force, exaet, ex 
tort (fro»...). [acüon, extortioa. 

Xbtyrefsna, (».) /. 1. preaaiog; 2. ßg. ex- 
«VpnwfRre», (».) o. o. (einem etwas) to 
gel bj lltigatioa fron, 
•tyrajen, (*.) v. a. Gun. to unlimber, to 
«uaosat (a piece of ordnaace). 
IVprifda, (».) o. a. to beat, cudgel aonnd 
Jj, «ig. to tick, to bang, to carry oae'i 
koat (Ude) well. 
IVvafcn, («.) o. a. 1. euig. a) to baffet; 
») to best off; c) to flay ; 3. o) col. to pop off 
(a piitoi, «c.); 6) ehem. vid. äBttpuffcn. 
tVuiiftat, (u.) v. a. vulg. vid. 5CibIafen, 1 
Wwtya, (».) o. «. 1. to clean (booU, tbej 
teeta, *&), to deanie; 3. to icrape (off); 
to rab, poliah , furbish; 3. Mas. to rough 
cut, to coat, to platter , to nnian down (a 
•all); ein fJferb — > to rob down a hone; 
ta« iubt — , to anoffthe tändle; 6te Xane 
— , R-m. to clip off ropes, cablei; einen 
WKftr — , ouig. to give one a severe repri 

Wqa&lri, (to..) «. I. o. 1. einem etwa», to 
toracat oae oot of ; 3. to plague to excesa, 
to bügle, to haraas (re/. one'i «elf:) et 
qntitt Ha) langet aU eine Ctunbc ab, um 
Mc0efo)soreiun ;u überjeuaen, be tortared 
M» uealtlea for more than an bour to cou- 
viaee tbe jary. 

tb'qacrieii, (».) o.a. to beat op witb a twirl- 
iag-atick, to twirl, to mill. [off. 

ß> / Wtf<ben,(ui.) v. o. to cruh off, to aijueeze 
•Votita, (to.) v. a. Min-i. 1. to porify 
(gaidor ailver-ore) by meaai of quick-silver ; 
1 to cool (tae süver) after melting. 
lVralern,(tc.) o I. a. vulg. to fatigue by hard 
Ww, to jade ;U.refl. vulg. to toil and moil 
Wttbttn, üb.) v. o. to cot off by meana of 

a little wheel ; particuU Bak. to ent (paate) 
with tbe jaggiag-lroa. 

Tfb'rlbern, (u>.) o. o. Husb. to leparate by 
a eoarae eieve (riddle), to riddle. 

Wrofft, (*tr.) n. partieul. Mül. griat or 
grain put by daadeatiaely for tbe benefit 
of tbe milier. 

Xb'raffen, (w.) o. o. 1 . to anatcb (sweep) away 
from tbe aurface; 3. Agr. to make np lato 

Vbrobamtbanm, vid. Jteufibbaam. 

Vb'rabnien, (w.) v. a. J. to fleet, alüm, cream 
(milk); bic abgerobmte 5RÜ0), »kJm-milk, 
fleet-milk; 2. to take off tbe frame from (a 
pietnre, *c.). 

TfVratnen, (w.) o. a. Agr. to ridge (fielda). 

Wtonbeln, Wrinbrn, (m.) v. o. 1. to take 
away tbe edge or margin of . . ., to emar- 
giaate ; 2. to clip (money) ; 3. Plum. to edge. 

Wranfttn, (u>.) v. a. to take off tbe edge 
of..., to nncroat. [to prone. 

Wranfnt, (w.) v. a. to dlveat of tbe tendrila, 

oVrlfcR (tc) «. a. 1. to graze, to browae; 
3. to diveat of tbe turf; 3. (einem 6t»tt6) 
to get (from) by raging. 

Wtafpeto, (w.) v.h. 1. to nup off, to chip; 
3. to smooth by raaping. 

Wratben, («er.) n,u einem etwa«, 1. to 
diaaoade one from, to adviae or exhort one 
againat, to debort; er rtetb ihm biefe 3Raf= 
tegel ab/ be diaanaded bim from adopting. 
tbla meaanre; 3. to goeaa at anotber per- 
aon'a tbougbta ; IL n. einem Von . . . / to ad- 
viae againat, to connael to tbe contrary; 
a-b, p. a. diaaoaaive. 

Xb*ratf>ung, (io.) /. diaaaaaion; adviaiag 
againat; X-e-f (breiten, ». diaaoaaive letter. 

Wrauben, (w.) «. a. vid. Stauben. 

Yb'ranfben, (w.) u. n. (aux. fein) vid. 7ß» 

Wroutbcrn, (io.) v. a. to amoke thoronghly. 

WroudjfdXfle, (w.) /. Chem. evaporattng 

Wranfen, (w.) ». L pull off; n.recipr. 
to acoffle, worry, belabour one anotber by 
baady blowa. 

Wxanm, (rtr., vtho. pJ.) m. 1. gen. rabbkb, 
tnuh ; 3. For. o) tbe removal of the loppingx 
from a foreat; 6) the loppinga tbemaelvca. 

Wräamen, (vi.) v. a. (* n.) 1. to take away, 
toremove, clear (the table, Ac), to clear 
away; bie SeQer — , to remove the platea; 
bie Öpeifen — , to aerve off the meata (from 
tbe table); laffen 6ie -, call the girl (the 
aervant, kc.) to clear away; 3. For. to re- 
move the felled treea; to clear (a foreat). 

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Jfb'riumer, (*(r.) m. oue wbo removea or 
take* away, *c. vid. Tfbrdttnten. 

Wranpen, (10.) «. a. to rid or clear (treea, 
4c.) of caterpillan. [to rake off. 

Wretben, (10.) ». a. to clear with the rake; 

«Vredjling, (*«r.) n. what ia raked off front 

the «nrface of thruhed com. 

Wreibnen/w.) o.a. 4 n. 1 . to dUcoantd ; ednct, 
»bäte; 9. mit Qinem, to «etile, to balance 
or cloae acconnta, to accoant (or reckon) 
with oae, to make «p one'a acconnta, to 
qoit (score«) with one, to «et off. .. ; »ran 
man (feine fd»Ieclre 8rjtebung, u.) abredjnct, 
allowing or making allowance for (bis want 
of education, 4c); cf. Xbgeredmet. 

Wredjnuna, (».)/. 1. dUcoant; 9. lettling 
of accoant», reckoning with; — burä) gegen« 
fettige »anf'Xnwetfangen, Clearing of draft* 
or check« (with- city bankeri) ; — halten, 
to balance acconnta; anf— , for accoant; 
■JC-Stag, m. day of liquidation, «ettling day. 

Xb'redjte, (w.) /. aotk. the left aide of cloth 

Wreö)ten, («.) o. a. 1. (einem etwa») to 
get (from) by liögation; 2. Ootk. to dreaa 
the left aide of cloth. 

Wrtbe, (u>.)/. 1 • appointntent, concert, agree- 
ment, conrentlon, atlpolatlon; — nehmen 
or treffen, to concert together, to make an 
agreement, an appointment; to itipnlate; 
9. denial, contradictioo ; in — fteüeit , to 
deny, diaaffirm; e* fann nicht in — gefteüt 
Derben, it cannot be denied; in) bin (eS) 
niebt in — , I do not deny or qneation, I do 
not diaallow, 

Wttbtn, (w.) B. I. a. 1. to appoiot, concert, 
to agree opon, cf. Vbgercbetj 9. vid. 3tb> 
ratben, 1.; IT. refl. to tire one'a aelf by 
talking. [aecording to rolet. 

Wrf geln, (w.) v. a. to regnlate ; to arrange 

XbVfgnen, (w.)v.I. a. to beat off by rainiog; 
II. refl. 4 n. imp. to ceaae to rain; ee bat 
(ftd>) abgeregnet, it hu done raining. 

Wreibcn, (ttr.) v. I. o. to rnb off (mit, 4c), 
to rnb, to rub down (a coat, a table, 4c); 
to grlnd (eolonra, diamo'nds); to poliih; 
mit *im»ftcm — , to amooth with pnmice, 
to pomicate; ein ©cbiff — , Mar. to bog a 
veasel; II. refl. to wear ont by frlctiou, rub- 
bing, to fret. 

TCVaiäftn, (w.) v. a. 1. to reach; 9. vid. 
«erabreidjenj fo nabe, bap idj ti — fann or 
fonnte, within my reach. 

XVreifen, (ir.)v. I. a. 1. Coop. to onhoop; 
9. Lock-sm. to take away the sharp edges; 
II. n. (aux. fein) to rlpen fully , or to per 

Wrdben, (w.) v. a. to anatriag (a> bttot). 

Wreife, («.)/. departare, parting, «tbajwt 

Wreifen, (w-) v. n. {aux. fein) todepart, 
part, aet ont, aet off, to take one'« 4cav 
tnre (nad), *")> t0 •** fortl («pon a jonmj) 

Wrtifcn, (ttr.) v. I. a. 1. a) to pall oC 
tear off, plnck off, break off*, to «uds 
detach; Afar. to rip ofT(plaaka); 6)Jfe.» 
annder, diaaerer; 2. to pull or break don 
(a building); 3. to wear ont to ragt, to m 
(clothea); 4. to draw, deaiga, deliatak 
plan, aketch ; II. u. (aux. fein) to break oft 
ein abgeriffener Sahen, a anapped mrai 
bie (Sebulb reift mir ab, I loee my pitiua 

Wreif er, (ttr.) m. 1. one wbo deaigni, 4 
cf. TCbreifen, 4.; 9. T. an iaatrameat fc 
•ketching linea or fignrea. 

XVreifung, (w.) /. 1. the teariog off,*, 
avnlaion, divolaion; 9. Mut. a anddea «top. 

Wreften, (ttr.) «. I. n. (aux. fein) t» A 
away, to aet ont on horaeback; II. a.I.i> 
ride off, to loie in ridlng ; 9. to nwaan 
ont by ridlng; 3. a) to ride down, to*«- 
ride, to fonnder (a hone) ; abgeritten, <•• 
dered, broken ; b) to break in (a hone) ; A 
anf her 6d)nlt abgerittene» $ferb, a nuu>H 
hone; in. rejf.tofatlgae one'a «elf byriaw 

Wrcnnen, (trr.)t>. I. n. (aux. fein) to« 
off, away; II. a. 1. to knock off ia naaaj 
(ai in the game of ronning the ring) ; 2. (* 
nem Stisa») to get (from) by rnaning, 4 
ablaufen, II.; 3. to ootrun, get theiMI 
fit ; ITI. re/f. to exhaoit or to fatigoe m* 
aelf by running. 

Xb'rid)ttn, (w.) v. a. 1. to give the pro« 
direction , to measnre exactly, to fit, M 
adju«t or regnlate (aa weighta, 4c); 
itfar. to make (a «bip) ready for «ail 
to pnt to aea; 3. Com. vid. Xbfenbeif 
a) (of animal«) to train (np), dreaa; Sft 
to teach (doga), to enter (honnda); Ä 
to man , tarne or train a hawk ; Man-h 
break in, pot in, drei« (a hone); (in 94 
Jttm 3nge — , to break in a hone to banal 
ter {mnb ift bajn abgeriebttt, the dog I 
been trained for that pnrpoae; ein gntl 
gerid)tetrr 4>unb, Sport, a dog ander «I 
mand; b) fig. to train (|U, auf, to...). 

Wricbter, (*tr.)m. one who level«, traiatj 

TCVriiu, (ofXbri&)ten) comp, -btani 
m. /-is„ N-m. 4c. «traightening-hanan 
— ftab, — fteef, m. «traigbtening-atf 
—»agen, T. a carriage need for break 1 
In hone«, a break , brake. 4 

Wriedten, (str.)r.a. I. to deprive (a no* 

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of tkc odoir by freqaent smelling; 2. to 

perceWe by tbe tmell. [riegeln. 

XVrteaen, (to.) v. a. vid. »erriegeln & 3«> 

Wriefeln, (w.) o. ». (au*, fein) a) to flow 

down gcttly (as a rivulet); 6) to erumble 

down (as and, dry «ad looie earth, ic). 

Wrifeln, (ib.) c. o. 1. Uu*6. to separate 

by tbe llu-comb, to top (beiup, ic) ; 'i.fam. 

to reprore, to cbide. 

Ifrinben, (w.) v. a. to bark, rind, decorticate ;J 

al/gcrinbct, p. o. bark-bared, barkstripped 

Wrinbig, adj. bat «rob ift — , the cnut of 

tb« bread ia detached fron the cremt), cf. 

Xbtotfen. (front tbe ringlet». 

(Vringrin, (».) v. a. to nnring, to detach 

iVringen, v. L a. 1. (w.) to detach: fron» the 

riag or ring«; 3. (str.) a) einem tttma», 

an) to obtaia fron... by Kreitling; 66) 

ßg. to wring (concessions, *c.) from..., cf. 

Xiprtffrn, 3. ; h) vid. Luftringen i c) to twi»t 

or to iqnteze off; fid) (flat.) bte $anbe — , 

cf. ätagrn; n. (*fr.) i-^f. to fatigoe one'a 

eelf by wrettling. 

Bärinnen, (itr.) o. ». (aux. fein) to ran off, 

ran (low) down. 

Ch'rif, (ilr.)m. 1. draoght, deliaeation, de 
•iga.aketch; plan, model; schone; atate- 
■eat; 'i. (fnrjfr — ) abatract, epitoae, com- 
pendiiB, summary, abridgment. 
Wtitt, (Hr.) m. departnre on horaeback. 
Wrebren, (to.) o. ct. 1. to di»est of reed»; 
9. to eorer with reedi. 
WroBr», («.) o. I. a. 1. to roll off, away; 
9. to mrotl; 3. to mangle (Knen, *c.) »nf 
iciently ; H. n. (awx. fein) 1. to roll down; 
9. to fiuih mangling; ein Sau fajnett" — 
Uffen, Mar. to aarge a cable. 
I*Wm, (w.) D. n. (aux. fein) to rut off. 
Vrlfbnt, (w.) v. a. to roaat aufUciently. 
Vtit^eR, (vi.) v. I. a. to make red, to red- 
<ln; II. n. (aux. fein) to lote the red colonr. 
tVrftfeu, (ic.) v. a. to remove, to move off; 
Me Seilen — , to beglu with n new line, to 
make a break. 

hVatan, (it.) v. n. (aux. fein) to row off. 
Vrüfm, (Hr.) v. I. a. 1. a) to call off, away ; 
k) vid. Ybberttfeni c)fig- to remove (one) 
>y death;.2. to cry, proclaim; — laffcn, to 
leod for. ..; ti Mft fltb -, it ia within call; 
I. rrfl. to tire one'» seif by calliog; ID. n. 
»"-w. to call (the bonr) for the laat time. 
Vllfung , (io.) /. 1. calling off, away; re- 
nal, revocatioo, cf. Vbberu'tmgj 2. pro- 
daaation; TC-sbrtef, m. vid. Ibberufnnfle» 
(hrrtbrnj TC-Sfdjuf, m. ilgnal ofrecall. 

Wrubren, (».) o. o. to itir about, to beat; 
Stet — , to beat np eggs. 

Wrumpeto, (v.) v. I. n. (aux. fein) (i. w.) 
to drive off in a rnmbling manner; II. a. 
vulg. to rnb off by washing. 

Xb'nmben, Xb'rünben, (w.) v. a. to make 
round, to round, (aitofig.) to ronnd off, fi- 
niih off; abgerundete Sttcn, ci realer oor- 
ner«; abgerundete Xanten, buffed edges; eine 
abgerunbetc ^ertebe, Gram, a well-rounded 
period, a well-tiirned phraae. 

Wtnpfen, (to.) v. a. to plnek off. 

TVxifrm, (to.) v. n. to take dowa n acaftold. 

Wrutfcben, (to.) v. n. (aux. fein) 1. to glide 
down; 2. cont. to get off with diigrace; 3. 
vulg. to die, vid. in Ybfabren. 

Wrütteln, (w.) o. o. to abak« off. 

Xbni'itn, (to.) pl. Geog. Abruzzo moantaina. 

Kbflbetn, (to.) v. a. vulg. to cot off with 
the iword or labre *c. 

Wfarfen, (to.) v. I. a. 1. to take off tbe bag 
from the back of (an ase, *c), to nnload, 
to dlsburden; 2. to divide by aacka; IL n. 
Mar. to drop orfall ilown(aufrincmg!u(fc, a 
river) with tbe tide, to sag (with the atream). 

Xb'fSge, (to.) /. 1. countermanding; 2. Latr, 
renoaciation ; X-brief , m. 1. Laxe, letter of 
renuDciation ; 2. vid. gel)bebrtef. 

Wfägcn, (ui.) ». I. a. 1. to countermand; 
counter-order; 2. to refuae, disclaiui, de 
cline, reaign, renounce; 3. vid. Xfcfpreßcn, 
1.; einen ääefud) — loffen, to send an ex- 
cute; id) litf ü)m bie beutige SStunBe ab» 
fagen, I sent word to (or deslred) bim to 
omit thie day'e leaaou; falls Sie e» mir nidjt 
— , unteu I hear from yon to tbe contrary; 
II. n. vid. ßntfagenj ein abgefagter Setnb, 
a profeaaed, declared or aworn eneniy. 

X^flgen, (tu.) v. a. to aaw off. 

Wfabnrn, (w.) v. a. vid. Xbrabmcn, I. 

■Jtb'faijen, (w.) v. a. to aalt, to com. 

TCb'fanben, (w.)v.a. 1. to sprinkle with sand, 
to sand (freahly written matter) ; 2. Gard. 
to angrarel (a walk). 

Wfatteln, (to.) v. I. o. 1. to onsaddle, to 
take off tbe saddle from ; 2. to throw off (or 
out of) the saddle, to unhorse; II. n. to 
diamoaot (a horae). 

W\a%, I. t.(*tr., pl. Wfd»e)m. 1. Chem.kc. 
deposit; 2. sale. rent, market; fä)lcä)ti'r, 
guter (fd)neOcr) — , heavy, brisk (or ready) 
sale; bat Sud) hatte reipenben — , the book 
met with a rapid aale ; 3. a) break , shelf 
(of a mountain); 6) oo) Arclt. off-set, aet- 
off; 66) Fort, berme; c) Arclt. landine place 

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(of • stair-ease); ber - ber »weiten Xrepp«, 
the two-pair landiag {Dick.); <0 ^ n * ""*• 
«Ättbebübae* e) Alt. knot, knee, Joint; mit 
X6fd$cn, kneed, kaee-joioted, geaicolated 
/) heei (of a ahoe, Ac.) ; mit ^o^en l"bfd*,en, 
high-heeled; fid) auf bcm — berumbrebrn, t» 
tarn npoa one's heels; 4. a) Ityp- break, 
period; fr) paragraph, section [§]; c) Jfv«. 
section, maaical sentence; d) staaza, stafl 
(of a aoag); e)cadence(of veraea); 5. atop, 
paoae, tntenaUaion ; — in einer "Jeriobe, 
breatbing-place; inltbfaten, intermittingly, 
by catche», startingly, snatchingly; idjraud)* 
te meine Ctaarre in ruhigen unb gemeffenen 
¥bf4$ejl, ' »nw>ked my cigar by calm and 
intermittedpnflä; IL comp. Skoe-m. — ttbte, 
/. peggiag-awl; — fleber, n. vid. 8Bed)fel« 
ffeberj — tadfn, m. — leber, n. heel-band; 
— ohrt/ m. vid. — oblej — pftötft, pf. heel 
peg»; — flueBe, /. Com.« good market; 
— jttedten, pl. hob-nails. 

Xb'fijig, adj. 1. intermi»iive; 2. Min. not 
continuing in tbe aame Stratum. 

Xb'fiubent, (w.) v. a. to cleanie, clean. 

Xb'fanfrn, (str.) v. vulg. L a., vid. i"bfrin 
fenj II. rf/f. to ruin one's health by ez- 
ceaaive drinking. [weaken by aucking, 

Wfougen, (*tr.) u. <z. 1. to sack off; 2. to 

Wfäugen, (w-) v. a. 1. a) to give anck; 6) 
to suckle sufficiently; 2. to wean front the 
breast; 3. {or abfdugeln) Hort, to inarch, 
graft by approacb. 

Wfäufrtn, (u.) v. a. vid. Xbrocben. 

Wfonfcn, (w.) v. I. a. to daab, blow off; II. 
n. {aux. fein) to reboond, fly off with a 
hissing noise. 

♦ Xbftefr, ('tr.) m. Med. abscess. 

Wfcbäben, (tu.) v. a. to scrape or to shave 
(off), to pare, to abrade (the akin); Mar. 
to plane; abgefibubt, p. a. shabby, worn- 
out, threadbare. [raaions. 

Wfo)Jbfel, (>tr.) n. sharing», paringa, ab- 

Wf<btt(bfrn, (w.) v. a. vulg. (©nem etwa») 
to cheapen, barter from. 

Wf(bod)teIn , (to.) v. a. Join. to rnb or po- 
lish with ahave-grass. 

Wfiiaffen, (to.) ». a. 1. to discbarge, dis 
misa, to discard, to remove; 2. to give np 
keeping, to keep no longer (hörne», &c), to 
part with; 3. to abolish, abrogate, rcpeal, 
annul (law*); to do away witb (abaaes, 
Ac); to pnt down, to remedy. 

Wffboffung, (».)/• 1. diacharging, dismis- 
sion; 2. the keeping oo langer, aelling; 3 
abrogation (of a law), abolition (of sla 
»ery, *c). 

Xbfibofte», (to.) v. m. to deprive of the 

handle, to nnhaft [goo). 

Wfö&ftn, (w.) «. «. G-*m. to tmatocfc (a 

Wfibttfen, (».) v. a. Mar. to fleet or to 

ahift (a tackle). 

Sbfdbarem, (te.) v. a. (einem 0rnwt) to get 

(of one) by playing tricks. 
Xb'fdiaTeu, (io.) v. a. Mai. to chiael off tbe 

soft ernst of (a stone). 
Wfihllm, (u>.) v. I. «. 1. Mar. vid. Tß» 

f*ttt*nj 2. to peel (off), to pare (fruit, *«.); 

to Manch (almonda), to shellj to decorti- 

cate, to strip off, to bark; «bflefajalt, bark 

bared, bark-stripped (branchea, Ac.); to 

cat off the crost of (bread, aod, *«.); Surf. 

to exooriate; IL refl. to peel (off). 
Vb'ffboimen, (w.) v. a. For. to Uaie treea. 
Wf<bSfdxmfel,(tt.)/. tarf-spade, tnrf-cotter. 
Wfdjdrfemeffer, {Hr.) n. T. (Bkb., Shoe-m., 

Glov.) paring kaife. 
WföVrrftn, (w.) «. a. T. 1. to take away 

the sbarp edges, to blont; 2. to taper off; 

to form to an edge; to saarpen; 3. Sport. 

to ent off; 4. Areh. to chnmfer, to cat ioto 

a sloping form; her ab«efd)arfte •Mn'ni« 

Pfeiler, m. connter-fort; 5. T. to pare (off). 
Wftbarreit, (».)«. a. to •empe or aerateh off. 
Wf(barrid)t ; (str.) Wfn)«rrfel ; («rr.) h. ««ig. 

WfdMrttnt, (».) v. a. Ht. kfig. to ahstde (or 

shaddow) off, to take the outline, to aketoh, 

to adambrate. 
Xb'fibottang, (te.) /. faint sketeh or ratean 

blance, adambratioa {also /Ig.); ailhaaette. 
Wfa)4{en, (w.) v. estimate, valoe, 

to appraise, tax; 2. % to depreetate. 
Xb'fd>Äter, (xtr.) in. appraiser, taxer. 
Wfibatfg, adj. vid. Ocringfd)a(ig. 
Wfdjatnng, (vi.)/, valaation, taxation. 
Wfdiaiicn, (tu.) ». I. a. trfd. Xbfebcn} IT. n. 

{for JJieberfd)ane» ) to look down. 
Yb'fd)atient, (u.) v. a. Carp. to partitio* off. 
WfdjttUfelt, (to.) o. «t. to ahovel off, to clear 

away with a shovel. 
Wfo>aum,(*tr^ pi. aVfd)anme)m. l.lit.mcßtm. 

droaa; %fig. aenm, reftue(of bomanaoetety). 
Xb'fibdnmen, (w.) v. a. 1. to sonn, sklm (off). 
Xb'fibeeren, (te.) o. o. otd. ibfdjfren. 
Xb'fojeiben, (rfr.) v. I. o. 1. to separate (at*o 

Cnem. *c.), divide, part {vid. ed)ett>at) j 

2. ^aio, to give (cbildiren,*c.) their portion 

and to exclade (them) from all futere pre- 

tensions; QKctaDe — , to renne metala; 1[. 

n. (obi. fein) to depart; ton ber *Bdt — , 

to depart tbia lifo, to die. 

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i'fdjeiber, (ttr.) m. reiner. 

ffölttttn, (*>•) v. «. to meaaure out liqoor. 

/fd)fttn, (»fr.) o. a. 1. to ahave(ofl); 2. to 

bear off (the wool of aheep). 

yftbrrj««/ (»•) «*«■ (Sinem etwa») to gel 

fron ob«) by way of joking. 

Vttai, (ttr.) m. horror (cor/ of), abhor 

tnce(gc(jfn, for), deteatation, abominatioa, 

teriion, loathing diaguat; — vor etwas 

iben, to abhor a tbiog; eilt — feilt, to be 

i abomination. [>care off. 

!n)ett<ben, («■) n. o. to frlgbt away, to 
d)tatnt, (ib.) v. I. a. 1. to icoor off, to 
ear away, to nop ; 3. fig. vulg. to repri 
and; II. rtfi. to wear out by «courlag. 
fdjtrflid>, I. adj. 1. abominable, deteatable, 
orrid, horrible; atrociooa, heiaona; eine 
h Sfrat, a black deed; eilte tt-e Yngeroobn* 
reit, aa odioui babit; 2. joc. wicked; bot 
Mr mit — oen 3bnen, tkat waa really 
*ry wicked of yoo; 3. vulg. prodigioua: 
•rrid), enormoaaly rieb; II. X-feit, (».)/■ 
Mribtawaa, abominableneae, deteatable- 
eaa; atrodty.enormity ; nefarioumeea, hel- 
tnaneaa; Mackne*«; loathaomeneaa , abo- 
hation. [to pil«. 

fybtibten, (tc.) v. a. to divido into rowa, 
tdjuftn, («.) v. «. to aead off, to deapatcb, 

tybiltUg, (te.) /. aending off, deapatcb. 
fÖuba, (ttr.) v. I. a. 1. to ahove off, 
nah off; 2. Garn, to knock down more pina 
am aaother (at the game of nine-pioa); 
g. ta ahift off; II. n. 1. to loae the yotmg 
Kth (applied to cattle and aheep) ; 2.(i 
in) vulg. to pack off, ahab off, to retreat 
«anly or dandeatinely. 
faift, (ttr.) m. 1. diamiaaion, diaebarge; 
•eration from aervic«; 2. eol. for T£-&* 
Itjnif, gc; 3. parting, departure, remo- 
■I; 4. farewell, leare, adieu, conge, (— 
tbnfll)Yilediction r leave-Uking ; gteübs— , 
*««■• ; «- tid> , jum — , valedictory; Jen — 
rten (teith the Dat.}, to tarn off, to dia- 
wd, diaebarge, diaband (diamita from mi 
hry aerrice), to break (an offleer); einem 
n — Me $anb geben, to give one a part 
B •hake of tbe band; von einen — wfy 
en, to take leave of, to bid (one) adieu 
•fareweii-, feinen (ben) — nehmen (or »er» 
■gen), to aak one'« diacharge, aend in one'a 
»ignaöon, Mit. to aell out, cot to throw 
) oae'a commiaaion. 

'fa)iebs», comp. — aubienj, /. andience of 
»»«; -befnd), m. flirewell-Tiait; -brief, 
"■ 1. letter of diacharge, diachat-gr , dimia- 

aory letter; 2. letter* teatimoaial; 3. fcre- 
well- letter; — gefd)ent, m. a preaent at 
parting; — gefud), n. reaignatioa; — lufj, m. 
parting -kta; — mabl, n. farewell -dinner; 
— »rebigt, /. valedictory (or farewell-) aer- 
mon; — rebe, /. valedictory speech, farewell 
addreaa; — fimou*, tu. valedictory dinner 
or sapper; parting-treat; — tfjrdtte , /. tear 
of parting; — trunf, m. parting-cup; — jeug» 
nip, n. letter* teatimoaial, certificate (cf. 

Xb'fcbtefern, (u>.) i>. a. k refi. to aeale off, to 
peel off (in thin flakea); rtfi. Surg. & Min. 
to exfoliate. 

Wfdjiencn, (u>.) v. o. 1. Surg. a) to provlde 
with aplinta; 6) to take off the «plinta; 2. 
R-tc. to take off the raila ; 3. Min. to mea- 
aure ont (a mine). 

Wfdjiener, (ttr.) m. Min. vid. SRartfiheiber. 

Xb'fdjiepen, (<tr.) u. I. a. 1. to ihoot off (ein 
©lieb, a limb); es nurbe ihm bat Sein ab> 
gefd)offen, bia leg waa carried off (by a 
cannon ahot); einen (fjiljernen) Bogel— , 
Germ. Garn, to ahoot at an artificial (or 
wooden) bird, cf. aBogelftbicfenj 2. to fire 
off, diacharge (a gun), to let fly (an arrow) ; 
3. to aurpaaa in ahooting, to ootahoot ; II. 
n. 1. to finiah ahooting; (aux. fein:) 2. to 
fall (or ahoot) down rapidly (aa a caacade, 
te.); 3. to dope, to be sloping, cf. 5Cb» 
febüffigj 4. vid. »Berfdjiefen, n. 
Xb'fcbiffen, (te.) «bip, ahip off; to 
tranaport in a ahip; II. n. (aux. fein) to 
aail, to aet aail. 
Ktyfdjilbern, (»•) v. a. 1. to picture , paint, 

depict ; 2. fig. (L i.s.) to repreaent, deacribe. 
Wfdjinben, (str.) v. a. 1. to akin, to ttrip 

of the «Mo, to flay; 2. fig. vulg. to exhauat 

by hard labonr; einen Saum — , to peel off 

the bark of a tree. 

Wftbirrcn, (u>.)«. a. to vnharneaa, to nngenr. 
1b'fa)[ad)ten, (uj.) v. I. a. to kill, to bntcher, 

alanghter, atick (a pig); II. n. to finish 

Wfiblaien, (te.) o. a. to clean from droea, 

to «cum (aa ore in meltlng). 
Xb'ftblafrn, (u>.) v. a. to alaeken, relax. 
WfihUTg, 1. 1. (ttr., pl. WfdJUge) m. 1. re- 

bound, rebonndlng; 2. et) brauche* of tree* 

thatbavebeen felled; 6)chipa, fragmenta; 

3. L-f. & Mint, matrice ; 4. partltion (-wall); 

5. oveT-fall (of a mill-dam); fall, ontlet, 

vent (of a pond, &c); fig-t. 6. Mut. fall; 

7. refuaal , denial , rebaff; 8. Com. dedac- 

tion, abatement, rednctioD, dedine, falling 

(of the prioe), dimiantion; auf—, in part 

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(fit) paymeat, on account, before-hand, by 
anücipmüoo ; auf — nehmen (ocrtaofen), to 
take («eil) before-hand; mit einem — »er 
taufen, to «eil at a decline; et ift ein großer 
— i fie- it differ« widely; II. comp. X-eifen, 

vid. 6d)miebeeiftnj 7i-t(ailtil)t, f. a loan of (w.) a. 1. to wear oot (by dragging, ftc.) ; 

mooey to be repaid by initalment; 71 -i 
jafclnng, /. payment on account, inatalment. 
Wf<bUTgen, (str.) v. 1. a. 1. to beat, itrike 
or knock off; to cot, hew off; 2. to knock 
down (wall-nuta, 4c); to break down er 
off (a icaffold, a tent), to take to piece« (a 

atrike (off), to take an impreulon, catl 
eine SRtinje in ffilei — , to impreai a coin 
in lead; 6. Dick, to dam off (a< the water 
from a mlll-pond, 4c. for the purpoie of drag 
ging, 4c); 7. Mar. to unbend, onbind (the 
taili), to nnlace (a bonnet); 8. to parti 
tion (off), to rail off; 9. to refoae, decline, 
deny (a requeit); ein ©d)lop — , to unnail, 
onicrew a lock; (Sicr — , to beat offeggs; 
fein SBafJcr — ; to make water; Print-s. bie 
Sauen — , form, to knock off the ball»; bat 
gormat— , to nnlock the chue; eine treffe 
— , to break down a preis ; Sinem @tn>«S 
ranb — , to give one a peremptory negative, 
a Hat denial or refusal ; ©ie Surfen ti mir 
nid)t — , I won't be denied, I won't take a 
refunal; II. ttfl. to itrike off, take a diffe- 
rent direction, to deviate; III. n. (aux 
fein) 1. vid. refl.; 2. to abate, ebb, to flow 
back; 3. to abate, to fall, to go down, to 
decline, to experience a depreuion, to link 
(in price, ftc); 4. Garn, to loie; bie .Statte 
ftblagt ab, the cold abatei; bie Änb fd)I4gt 
ab, the cow girei leii milk than formerly. 

Xb'fdjlSaen, /. (ttr.) n. vid. Xbftblag, 8; 6) 

t. n. ulling (im greife, in price), lowering. 
Wfdjlagig, ad)'. 1. Com. (given, paid) on 

account; — galten, to pay on account; 2 

denying, refuiing; eine a-e Antwort, refu- 

aal, a denial, rebuff; eine a-e Xlttieort be» 

fommen, to be refuied. 
Wfdjlaglid), adj. ft ado. — bejablt, Com. 

given In part payment, paid on account. 
Wfcbläramen, (in.) v. a. 1. to clean from 

mod ; 2. Min. to waik ore; vid. eStblfimmen. 
Wfdjfängeln, (to.) v. refl. to ran in wind- 

iaga, to meander. 
Wfdjleiiben, (ttr.) v. I. a. ( einem Ctoa«) 

to get iniidiouily, ineakingly (from one); 

IL n (aux. fein) vid. ffiegfd)(ria)en. 

«Vfdjleifen, u. I. (ttr.) a. 1. to grind off, to 
rnb off, to wear away (t-t-t.fig.); to bloat 
(apoint); 2. to grind «officientij ; 3. to 
■mooth, to poliih; 4. to whet, to »harpea; 
fid) — , fig. to improve fne'i mannen; D. 

2. vid. «Begfd)Ieifcn. 
ftVfd)Ieifer, («(r.) m. grinder ; poliiher. 
Xb'fibleiffcl, (ffr.) n. grit, the gritty part» 

or lettlingi of a grind-itone from the actio» 

of grinding. 
Wfajleimen, (to.) v. a. 1. to rid of (or re- 

bed-itead, ftc); 3. to beat (one) »oundly; n»«" 1 « **) »tone; 2. (3wfer) vid. XbtOxn 
4. to repel, repnlie (an attack, 4c), to »■ *bf*aumenj 3. to »oak water or iwee- 
beat back or off (the enemy, 4c); 5. to ten ( fi » n . **•)■ [nat)r*. 


Wfdjleifen, (ttr.)v. a. to wear oot, vid. «V 
|Xb'fd)ltmmen, vid. VbWinmm. 

Wfdjlenbern, (w.) o. n. (mx. fein) to awu- 
ter away. [off. 

Wfdjlenfern, (u>.) w. a. to fliog away, «hake 

IVfdjtcppen, vulg. (v.) v. I. a. 1. to wear 
ont by dragging ; 2. to drag down ; 3. vid. 
8Begfd)leppen; n. refl. to fatigne one'» adf 
by carrylng heary loadi. 

Wfn)Ien»ern, (w.) v. I. a. to throw off witl 
a iling or a Hinging motion; II. n. (okj. 
fein) to fly off. 

Wfdjlid)ten, (u>.) v. a. T-t. 1. gen. to ra 
offoruuooth with a imooth(iog-) file; 2. 
Join. to plane ofi (with the imoothing-plane): 
3. Tan. to cleanie hidea with the perefc- 
ing knife. 

Wj&)lit r tn, (ttr.) v. I. a. 1. to unloek; to 
nnchain; to unfetter; 2. to dose, to lock 
tarn the key of (a door, 4c); 3. to »hat 
oat, leclude, separate ; 4. a) to conclude, to 
end, to wind up (a buine»», ftc); 6) to 
effect; einen $onbel — , to conclude a aale, 
to itrike a bargain; einen |)anbel mittdft 
DraufgetS— , to bind a bargain with earaeit; 
bie 9ted)mtng, IC. — , to balance, »ettle, do»e 
or to wind up an account, ftc; einen Ser> 
trag (jnriftben j»ci Parteien) — , to indent 
article» of agreement; II. refl. 1. to be ter- 
minated (by, with); 2. to retire, to keef 
back (from); to be ezcluiive; III. n. l.wt 
conclude, to wind up; 2. to deeide (lipon), 
to make up one'« mind (upon any »nbjeet). 

XbfdriicFenb, *«tf. definitive, final. 

Xb'fiblieflid), adj. C* adv.) definitive(ly), 
poiitive(ly), nltimate(ly), arrogant(ly). 

Wfd)tiepnng, (w.) /. 1. unlockiag, 4c, c/. 
Ibfcbliefenj 2.«ecImion; 3. Com. balancing, 
cloaing account», cf. Xbfdbluß. 

Wfdillngern, (ib.) v. a. Mar. to roll away 
(the mute). 

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»^«yfipftn, (w.) v. n. («tu. fem) 1. to illp 

away, to eaeape; 3. to lüde down. 
«Vfd)I&tfen,(w.) »• * to «ip o% c/. *3d)lurfen. 
Ybfdjlof , (#tr., pl jrVfajluffe) m. 1. eonclu- 
aion, dose; 3. a) final arrangement, wind- 
ing ap (of a baMBCM, Dram. of a plot), 
(final) aetttement; 6) Com. aeUlement, atate- 
ment, babtnee of (an) aeeoont; — reajnnng, 
/ aeeoont of »ettlement. 
Ib'fd)ma<f , (jtr.) m. vid. Ceigefdjraad\ 
Wfdjmotoern, (to.) r. a. xid. Xbfdjmierai, 3 
Wfibral^cn, (w.) t>. a. to blame, to reprobate. 

Xb'fdjmo'tern , (to.) v. a. (Qinem BttoaS) to 
curtail. [get by paraaltical tricki. 

WfdjmarofcCT, (».) v. a. (einem Staat) to 

Wfdjmaten, oulg. (io.) v. L a. vid. Xbbergen, 
<3d)ma$tR} IL redpr. to kl» one anotber 
beartity or immoderately. 

Wfdjmaafen, (te.) v.ta. to eat ap greedüy; 
II. n. to finiib rioting (banqueting). 

Wfömtdttn, (io.) o. I. a. to know by tasttng; 
II. n. to bare a bad ta«te. 

Xb'ffbmeidbeüt, (io.) t>. o. (Stnem StrooS) to 
datier, coax or wheedle (one) ont of . . . . 

Wfajmeifen, (*tr.)o.o«%./or Abwerfen, oo, 

Urfameljen, ». L (u>.) a. 1. to melt off; 
Afetal. & Giern, to separate by meltlng; 
3. to melt aaffieiently ; 3. to clarify by melt- 
ing; II. (str.) n. 1. to finiih meltlng; 2. 
(aux. feilt) to melt (oß). [qaation. 

Xo'fdjmeljung, (to.) /. Jtfetot. * C/iem. eli- 

Xb'ffbmieben, (to.) o. o. to finiib by forging. 

"Xb'fd)mieren, (io.) o. I. a. 1. to greaae auffi- 
ciently (ai a machine, a waggon); 2. vulg. 
to eopy naatily and negligently ; ein abgc* 
fdjmirrtee Snd), wu/g. a pirated book (edi 
tion); 3. vulg. an. to anolnt (one), vid. 3Cb« 
prügeln 5 TL n. to atain (of any greaay «ob 
•tance). [ritt, piratical writer, copyist 

Wfajmitrcr, (str.) m. vulg. plagiary, plagia 

Wfcbnro$cil , (w.) v. n. to aoil , to tarniah ; 
PrinL to maculate, to blot [ c y. ©d^ndBcln, 

TCb'jdinibdn, (io.) v. reeipr. vid. Xbfd)matcn, 

Xb'MnaUm, (».) ». a. to onbuckie, ungird. 

Wfd)n«pj)en, (io.) v. I. n. (an*, fein) 1. to 
•aap; 2. fig. to break off abruptly; II. a. 
to aoap off, ahnt, lock. 

*Vfd)nett>elInie, (to.)/. vid. XbfdnUttt^tnic. 

Wf^neibe«, (ttr.) v. I. o. 1. to cot (off), to 
cot away; Surg. to ampotate; Qtntm Sie 
Ae^le (fflargcf) — , to cot one'i tbroat; 2. 
to iborten by entting, to pare (naili, kc), 
to clip (m the winga of a blrd, 4c), to 
crop; to poll (treet); 3. to cot a pattern 
of . . . in paper ; 4. Qoth. to tettle (aeconnto 

by talliea); 5. fig. to cut off (an army, 
straggien, provieiona, an opportanity, all 
bope, every ebance of eacape, evasion. de- 
lay«, *c), to iatereept, to deprlve of, tu 
preclude, to prevent; et fdjmcibct mir alle 
$offnnng ab, it preclndeame from all kopei; 
Qinem feine Sbre — , fig. to hurt («ouod, 
blatt) one'i repatation; n. refi. 1. to ceaae. 
■top, end; bie (Srje fdjncibcn ft<i ab, Min. 
the vein of ore diicontinaea ; 2. nid. "Xb> 
beben, 2; III. n. to (form a) contraat, to 
differ. [ter, kc 

Xb'fibneibcr, (str ) m. one tbat cuta off. ent- 

Xb'fdjncibung, (io.)/. act of entting off, re- 
ciiion, kc, Surg. amputation. 

Wfibncicn, (io.) v. imp. to ceaae snowing. 

Wfd)ntiteln, (u.) v.o. Card, to lop, prune, 
tiim (a hedge, brauche»). 

Xb'flbneQen, (io.) o. I. a. to Hing (aa a atone, kc 
caat from the band with a jerk), to jerk 
off, anap ; IL n. (aux. fein) to jerk, apring, 
crack off. 

Xb'fd>neu6cn, (io.) o. a. (Siottt., S. G. k vulg. 
for $u(en) to anuff (a candle). 

Tfb'ftbnippeln , Wfdjntppcn, Xb'fibnipifcrn, 
(w.) v. a. to clip off, chip off, tnip off. 

Wfa)m»fcl, (str.) n. (sing. A pl.) clippinga, 
paringa, c/. Ibfajnitcl. 

ttb'fcbnitt, I. s. (str.) m.l.a) ent (a part cut 
off); Join. batement; 6) vid. Xbfdjneibung» 

2. Geom. segment; 3. Fort, intreuebment, 
trench, prieat'a cap ; 4. T. a pattern cut out ; 

5. a) Poet, »top, csaura; 6) Gram. kc. reat. 
breathing place, pauae ; c) aection, paragraph, 
book (aa a diviaion of a volume or book); 
(Sinem) X-c an6 6er SBibcl eorlcfcn, to read 
to (one) portiona of the bible; d) Mus. vid. 
KbfaB, 4, c); e)fig. »tage (of human life); 

6. Com. a) additional payment , balancc 
paid in addition; 6) appoint; II. comp. 
*-(*)linie,/. Typ. cuttingline; X-(J)fd)cin, 
m. check; 3C-eninfcI, m. Math, angle of u 
segment; TC-Sjritbcn, n. section [§]. 

Wfd)nitt, Wfd)ni v el, (str.) n. (sing, k pl.) 
ihreds, chips, cuttings, clippings, snippings, 
paringa (cf. Xbfd)nitt, 1. o ) 

5fb'fa)nileln, 5Cb'f(bni6cn, (to.) v. a. to cut off 
(aa In chips), to chip; to carve; to pare. 

Xb'fibnuren, (io.) v.a.l. vid. £otfd)nurcni 2. 
Carp. kc. a) to measure out or divide with 
a line; 6) to lay ont by the (cbalk-) line; 

3. to separate with a string; eine Katp 
— , to string a wart (cf. Xbbinfccn, 2). 

Wfdjnurren, (io.) v. I. o. col. vid. abbetteln i 
II. n. (aux. fein) to rattle, to whia off. 

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WfcbÄpffT!, (v.) v. a. to »cum, to Moop off; 
bf» SRild) — , to «kirn or fleet milk; gett 
wmber gleifdjbrube — , to «kirn off the fat 
of brotli; o.bgef<*«pfte 2Rttd), «kirn -milk, 

Wf*oP, (*fr.) Wfilnfgelb, (»Jr., pt. 7t -gel« 
fett) m. »id. «"bjugSgeH). 

Jfb'fdjriFgen, (w.)o. I. a. to nutke oblique; 
to ent »lopingly, to »lope, to «lant; Carp 
to bevel ; II. refl. to »lope away . 

Wftbrantmen, (m>.) v. a. to «car, to ilmih. 

Wf<bräpemefrH>(ttr.)n. Far. »weating knife, 
■weating iron, »weating auraper. 

Xb'fibrdpen, (u>.) «. a. to »crape off; vid, 
Xbfibaben. [off. 

Wfibraiiben, (w.) o. o. to unicrew, to »crew 

Xfftbtttten, (U.) o. a. 1. to deter, (iiscournge 
from, fright (frighten) from; to intimidate, 
diipirit, diihearten, scare off; er laft fifb 
Idd)t— / he is eaiily dfepirited; 2. Stncm 
StTOdS— , to frighten one out of a thing; 3. 
tp sprinkle with a liquid (any thing hot) ; 
0.-6, p. a. deterring, horrible, forbidding; 
(in a-beS Srffpiel, a warning (a w. example). 

Xb'fdjreibe», comp. — gebüfcr,/., — gcl6,n. 

XVfdjreibcn, (rfr.)». e. 1. to copy, tranicribe, 
to write ont; to engron (od. Vol. I); 2. to 
wear ont, to dnll or blunt (a pen) by wri 
ting; 3. to pay (off: a debt, &c.) by writing; 
4. Com. Ac. to countermand , revoke, can- 
cel (orden), to write off, to put off (a term, 
Ac); 5. Com. a) to take out, to write off, 
to deduet, to »ubtract, aubstract; 6) to 
diicharge, to biotont, to efface, to eraie 
(a bad debt); c) to credit, to carry to one'« 
credit; d) (©torniren or öontraponfren) to 
trantfer (an incorrect Charge [or entry] of 
an article); e) (ÜI ätonco — Ittffen) to auign, 
to write off, to tranifer the amonnt of (a 
bill of exchange, Ac). 

Xb'ftbreiber, (str.) m. a) copier, eopyist, 
tranicriber; 6) cont. a piratical writer, 
piagiary. [giariam. 

a'bfibretbera', (te.) cont. literary theft, pla- 

Wfd)Utrn, (*rr.) v. L a. 1. to cry ont, to 
prociaim; to cry off; 2. (Sincm etTOOS) to 
get (from) by crying; II. refl. 1. to tire 
one'« «elf (out) by crying; 2. baS Jtinb »irb 
fid) (£a(.) Die JJeble — , thi« child will kill it- 
•elf by crying. 

Xb'fdjretten, (str.) v. I. a. to measore (ont) 
by «tep«, by pacing, to pace; II. n. (aux. 
fein) 1. to «tep aride; to retire; l.fig. to 
«werve (from one'« dnty, *c); tt-b, p. a 

KPf (brieten, (».) «- a. Jkfar. to pay oater 
to ease off a little, to «urge (a rope). 

Wftbrift, (w.)/. copy, tranacript; duplicate; 
bie jmeite— , triplieate; grrid)tltd>c— , exea> 
piificatioa ; — rttbmen, to draw a (or to take) 
copy; gerid)tlid)e — nehmen, Com. tmQ I 
eine beglaubigte — belegen, to exemplify. 

Xb'ftbriftlid), adj. copied (ont), tranicriptiTe, 
by way of copy. 

Xb'fajripfen, (te.) v. a. (cf. ©ejrßpfeii) 1. I 
Agr. to cut off (the top« of wbeat, 4c) 
with a reaping-hook; 2. Surg. (Stncm bat ! 
SBlnt) to cop (one); 3. vid. ©ebröpfen, 4. 

2Cb'fd)röte, (w.) f. vid. ©d)rotmci<icl. 

Eb'fdiröfen, (w.) v. a. 7\ 1. to roll don 
or «hoot (a caik); 2. MM. to grind coane- 
ly; 3. Corp. to cut, to »aw off transvent- 
ly; 4. to turn off(a well). 

Wfibntbben, (w.)v. a. Mar. to bog (a veuel). 

Ifb'fdjultcrn, (u.) take from the 

Wfibuppcn, (m>.) v. I. a. 1. to «cale, onscaie, 
«trip of «cale«, «hell ; 2.un(g. to pnsh away; 
II. refl. to «cale off, to peel (off), to chap 
(of the ikin). [piag. 

Xb'fdjurrcn, (10.) «. a. to wear out by sen- 

■Jfb'fd>up,(#tr.,p{.Wfd)üp)m. 1. the rushi«| 
down (of water), fall; 2. «lope; declirit). 

Wfd)üf(ig, 1. adj. «teep, preeipitou»; decli- 
von»,»loping,»belving;adt>. »lopingly, »lope- 
wiie, ailope; II. s. X-Uit, (vi.) f. declivity, 

Wfibüttcln, (10.) v. a. 1. to «hake off, to caal 
off; 2. to «hake violently; fig-i. Z.fam. U 
reprimand «ererely ; 4. to «hake off(di«ea*c 
grief, &c.) ; 5. to »büffle off(a busine»«, *c); 
6. to be careleu of, unmindful of (repri- 
mand«, *c). 

W\ä)ütttn, (w.)v. o. 1. to pour off (aa from 
a liquid); 2. to throw off (ai grain from » 
loft, &c). 

Wftt>üttfel, (Hr.) n. fruit blown, lallen or 
»haken down from trees before it ie ripe, 
windfall. [by dam«, to dam oC 

Wfifiüjrn, (it.) v. a. Dik. to «hot up wahr 

Wfdjreddjen, (vi.) v. a. 1. vid. entfrdftcai attennate, tarne down, soften dowa. 

Wfd)»dnftn, (w.) v. n. (aux. fein) 1. to 
walk off with a »taggering «tep ; 2. to be 
irreiolnte (cid. ©d)»anrcn). [d>clit. 

Wfdjmanjeln, (w.) v. o. xmlg. «id. 3fbfdw»ri* 

TCbTibioSren, (rtr.) v. n. (mm. fein) to fall 
off by nlceration ; to be «epanited by an 
ulcer; c6 ift mir ein »agcl abgtfibmercii „ 
one of my nait» it fe»tered away. 

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Xbftyo&Tmcn, (to.) t>. L n. I. Bte. to «warm 
for tke laattiae; 3. (aux. fein) to fly off in 
•wann (u bees, ftc); IL reft. cot. to weary 
one'« «elf by riotJog. 

KVfcbwartrn, (w.) t>. a. 1. to poel off the rind, 
■kjn of (a flinch of bacoo, ftc); 2. Corp. 
to nt off the «labe of (a log or an unbewo 
piece of timber). 

W flbwdrjen, (to.) v. L a. 1. to Macken, to 
mit, tatet; 2. fig. vid. Xnf<bwat$en, 9.; 
0. n. to atain (aa black coloar, blacking). 

XVf^natcn, (to.) v. a. 1. einem Staat, to 
talk one out of a thing; 2. vulg. to talk 
over, to prattie abont.... 

3Ctyfd)weTebl, (io.) o. a. 1. to desulpharate; 
abgef<b»efette Sttinfcblen, cokee; 2. vid. 

a"b'(<b»eif, (<tr.) •». digreeaion. 

Xb , (d}»nftn, (».) o. I. a. 1. to rime (ao 
yaru, ftc); 2. vid. Xotfibneifcn, a.; II. n. 
(atut. fctn) l.toga aatray, deviate, Start 
from; 2. jig. to digreaa, »ander, stray, 
awerve (from); to be proür. 

Xb'flbmeiftnb, adj. digreui?e, awerving. 

Xb'fdjmcifans, (v>.)/. 1. ramble, excariion; 
2. fig. a) digression, wandering (from the 
main aubjeet, ftc), prolixity; 6) vid. 3fut» 
fdnaetfnng, 2. o). 

3tb , 5d)»ri?at, («c)o. a. vid. Sdjweifen. 

XbTdjwctgen, (to.) o. I. n. to bare done riot- 
iag; II. reft. to weaken one't «elf by de- 

Ttb'fdjiOOTmen, (io.) v. a. 1. to waib away, 
to pnrify or to clean by waahing or atrain- 
ieg off, Min. to elutriate; 2. vid. XbflJflen. 

2b , f<bmenben / (te.) ». a. Agr. to boru down 
(a forest). 

Wf<b»ettfen, (io.) «. I. a. to cleanae by 
rinsing ; II. reft. to tnrn aaide ; redjtt (linift) 
«bgefeiwenrt! Aßt. (to the) right (left) 
wbeel! [off. 

Xb'fdjwimmen, (str.) v. a. (aux. fein) to swim 

Xb'fibninbcin, (io.) v. a. (einem etwas) to 
«windle ose out of. 

3 r 6 / f(b»inJflt, (ttr.) v. n. (aux. fein) to waite 
away, ef. »magern. 

«1/fd)wmflen, (ttr.) v. I. a. 1. to «hake off 
(aa dost); 2. to cleanae by ahaking; to tan, 
to wtnnow (com, ftc.); II. reft. to »wing 
ose'« «elf down, to leap down (from a mo- 
derate height). [buzi off. 

XVfd)mirren, (w.) «. n. (au*, fein) to whiz, 

Wf(b»i$en, («>.)». La. 1. to remove, to 

dear by aweating; 2. to weaken by aweat- 

iag; EL reft. to become weak by aweating. 

«VftBOTtn, (str.) v. a. 1. to deay by oath 

to abjare, forawear, reaoance npon oath, 
to retract or revoke aoiemoly; 2. (Cinem 
etntS) to deprive one of... by perjary. 

WftbwJrang, (to.) /. abjnration; X-Saner» 
bieten, n. Laut, wager of law. 

Wf<bwnng, (»fr., pt. Xb'fd)roünge) m. Gvm. 
the act of swinglng down(opp.Xnff<bwung). 

♦■Jfbfcif fe, (io.) /. Main, abacisaa, abadaa. 

3fb'f?geln, («.) v. I. n. (aux. fein) 1. to aail 
away (from); com ÜBfnbe — , to bear off; 

2. to (set) aail, to clear the port, to pnt 
to aea, to depart; 3. vulg. a) vid. Xbfdjie* 
ben, n„ 2 ; 6) vid. Xbfobren, n., 2. a) ; II. a. 
1. to take dowa the aaila from ...; 2. to spring 
(a mast). [ginable, coneeivable. 

Xb'jlbfta'r, adj. 1. within aight; 2. fig. ima- 
Wfefyn, (>tr.) v. I. n. 1. to look away, to 
tnrn one'a eye»; 2. fig. (teith oon) to put 
ont of the qnettion, to abstract (a quea- 
tion, ftc); wir wollen bieroon für jc^t — , 
let aa turn aaide from this, iet ua waive 
thia conaideratton for a moment; II. a. 

1. to reach witb the eye; to see to the 
end of aomething; 2. fig. to aee, to per- 
ceire; Äiemanb rann bat Qhtbe — , no one 
can «ay where (or how) it will end; fo Diel 
id) — tarnt, for augbt I can see or pereeive ; 

3. bie 3eit, CJetegenbett — , to watch for an 
(or to watch one'a) opportunity; 4. to have 
in view, to aim at; bat Unglütf bat et auf 
nrid) abgtfeljcn, miafortune has set her 
mark npon me; ©te fefjm et attf Gcmpü» 
mente ab, yon fish for compliments; 5. <St> 
nem Stwal (gew. »erflobjen) — , to learn 
a tbing from one (generally by atealtb and 
gald of mannal performancea) by continned 
obaervation or cloae ocnlar attention; fam. 
to catch a knack, ftc. from . . . ; ßtnem <SU 
»at an ben Vagen — , to aatieipate one'a 
wiahea, to do every thing to pleaae one; 
fie fuibte ibm 3fHt6 an ben Xngen abjnfeben, 
she atndied to antieipate hia every wiab. 

Xb'fJben, *. (rtr.) n. 1. looking away, ftc; 

2. T. the aight (npon the barrel of a gnn, 
ftc), ef. «iffrj 3. vid, 36R<bt, 1. 

Xb'feibe, (vi.) f. Coc. 1. silk waate; 2.(«ilk-) 

ferret, floaa-silk, flock-silk. 
oVfeifen, (u.) u. a. 1. towaah ont the aoap(a« 

in dreaaing raw ailk); 2. to clean with aoap. 
Wfeigcrn, (to.) t>. a. Min. 1. to meaanre 

the depth of (a ahaft) with a plumb-line; 

2. to part (ailrer) from copper. 
Xb'feibcn, (to.) v. a. to Alter, decant, to atrain. 
Wfrfbtise, (to.)/. vid. 6teDbotttd>. 
XVftUma, (»•)/• nltratloa. 

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Ä/fein, I. (irr.) v. n. (cf. T[b, adv.) 1. to 
be off, awajr; 2. to be (broken) off; to be 
separat ed; 3. Law, to be aboliahed; II. s, 
(str.) n. provinc. vid. Xbroefenbeit. 

Xb'feite, (to.) /. 1. reYeree (of a coto); 2. 
Arch. a) the wing of an edifice; 6) aialc 
(of a church). 

Xb'feiten, (<. u.) prep. (aith the Gen.) from 
(one'f) aide, on the part of; — meiner, for 
my part, a* for me. 

Wfettig, adj. (I. u.) aaide, reraoved. 

Wjett», adv. ((. u.) aaide, apart 

Wienben, (to. or irr.) ». a. to send (off, 
away), to deipatch, to forward (Com. goods, 
*c., to ihip, &c), to expedite, Mit. to de 
tach ; to depute (with special anthority, ftc), 
to delegatc. 

Xb'fenber, (jttr.) m. 1. »ender, deapatcher, 
ftc. ; 2. Com. conaigner, exporter, «hipper. 

Xb'fcnbung, (to.)/. lending, deapatching, &c, 
deapatch; Com. coaveyance, ahipping. 

Xb'fengen, (io.) «. a. to lioge, finge off, iear, 
cf. Abbrennen, a. 4. 

WfenEen, (ic.)o. a. 1 . Afin. to sink (a ibaft) ; 
2. Hort, to lay (plant*, &c), to aet(ahoota) ; 
{Reben, JC. — , to provine. 

Xb'fenrer, (str.) m. Hart, layer, thoot, eprig. 

Wfenrung, (<»•)/• #or<. the act of laying, 
aetting, arcuation. 

ib'fejbör, adj'. depoiable, removeable. 

Jfo'fet' (»/ Xbfejen), comp. -riften«, /• 
C/iem. aettliog ciatern; — falb, weaning calf 
(also of other »ucking animals). 

Wfejen, (to.) v. I. a. 1. a) to aet down; to 
depoait (Geol. fine aand, ftc.); 6) to throw 
off (to unhorae, ftc); to drop; to put down; 
2. to put off; to wean; 3. vid. (ein (Blieb & 
ein Jtalb) Xbncbmen, 1.; 4. Typ. to com- 
pose, pot in type; fig-s. 5. to depoae, dia- 
miaa, diacharge, remove (from a public Of- 
fice), to caahier (an officer); to detbrone 
(a king); oortduftg — , to tnapend; 6. vid. 
i>erabfeten, 2.; 7. a) to diacontinoe, break 
off, intermit; 6) Mut. vid. Xbftofen* 8. 
Paint. to contraat (coloura, ftc), to aet off, 
to edge witb a cootraating coloor; 9. Com. 
to seil, vend, diapose of ; fid) gut, H. — , vid. 
Kbf«6v2.; jtaefcr tfl gut objiifebm, aogar 
commanda a ready aale; IT. n. 1. com Zantic 
— , Afar. to pot from ahore; 2. Typ. to 
flniab compoaing; abgefegt, in type; 3. to 
«top, to make a ahort atop or pause; to 
intermit; Der ®ong fe$t ab, Afin. the vein 
(■IIa or loaea it» dlrection; im ©(treiben 
— , to break off in writing, to make a break; 
er tronf e» an» obne objafe^en, ke drank it 

off at one drangst; obgefebt, by catche*, 

cf. in «"bfdben; 4. to contraat, to differ 

from; fett ob! Afü. recover arm*! III. imp. 

(o.) to reault in...; e» wirb ©djldge bebet 

— , fam. it will come to blowa. 
aVfejen, s. (rtr.) n. 1. aetting down, ftc, 

depoiition; 2. a) Afin. (ber ©rje) ruptnre; 

6) back, heiitation in apeaking, ftc. 
Wfetnng, (to.) /. 1. vid. Xbfejen, #. 1.; 

— be» ßxoW, Cnem. oxidation; i.fig. depo- 
aition, degradation, demiaiion, depoaal, di*- 
miaaion, removal; X-ebefret, 3C-6urtbeiI, n. 
aentence of depoaition. 

Wficbeln, (to.) v. a. to cot off with ■ aickle 

or reaping-hook. 
WRebt, (w.) /. 1. view, deaign, Intention, 

pnrpoae; ahn, end, tendency, acope; in ber 

— }!!..., with a deaign or view to.,., for 
the purpoie of . . . , to the end that...; in 
ber beflen — , withoot meanlng any barm; 
er bat feine bSfe — , he doe* not mean any 
barm; bat »ar nid)t meine — , I did not 
intend it; feine — erreichen, to obtain one'* 
end, to gain the point; in — baben, feine — 
OUf . . . baben or rieten , to have a deaign 
to, to aim at, to have in view; feine — ütr« 
folgen, to pnrane one'a point; mit — , «id. 
XbfUbtlitb; obne -, vid. Xbfta)ttloe} 2. vid. 

Wüßten, (to.) v. a. to aift off. 

"Xb'fi&jtiia), adj. dealgned, intended, intentio- 
nal, wilful, premeditated; adv. tbrough (or 
with a deaign), on (npon or of aet) pnrpoae, 
parpoaely, designedly, intentionally , *c 

Wfi<btlld)feit, /. de«ign, (Coteridge.) ioten- 

Wft<bt6I56, adj. unintentional, ondesigned, 
deaignleaa, nndeaigning, adv. nndealgnedly. 

Tfb'ftcbtttJffgreft, /. undeaignedne**. 

Wftcfern, (w.)o. n. (aux. fein) to tri ekle down. 

«Theben, (u>.) v. a. to aift; vid. ©ieben. 


Xb'fieben, (str.) v. a. to leeth, boil, decoct; 
einen Sronf — , to make a decoction; ©er 
— , to poach egga. 

Xb'ftngen, (str.) v. I. a. to aing (a* in tbe 
Church aervice, ftc), to chant; II. rtfl. to 
fatigue one'a seif by ainging; HI. n. to 
finish ilnging, to sing to the end; to aing 
for the last time. 

Wfinfen, (str.) v. n. (aux. fein) to *lnk down. 

Wftntern, (to.) t». n. vid. Vbfütern. 

♦ ÄbUntl/, (str.) m. vid. «Bermatb. 

Wüten, (str.) v. I n. 1. to «it away or at 
a diitance (from); 2. (aux. fein) to alight 
(from a hone), to diimonat; U. a. I. to 

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vor ont by littiag; 9. to ilt oat (a given 
time); to pay off (a debt) by littlag in pri- 
son; HL refl. to tire one'i seif by sitting, 

WfBb, (fr.) m. vid. Xbfub. 

Wfohlen, (w.) «. n. 1. Shoe-m. to ansole, rip 
offtae«ole8froni(shoet);2. Min. to wear ont. 

Wfolb, (*rr.) m. the last payment or wage« 
of a perion diacharged from senice. 

Wfotten, (to.) o. a. 1. to pay the füll sa 
lary; 2. «id. »lohnen. 

• Ibfolfir', 1. od), abiolate; ber a-e Xblario, 
Gram, ablaüve absolute; bOS tt-c SDel, vid. 
dtberifdje« ßel. 

♦ICbfotarSir', (to.) /. &:<:. abaolntioo. 

• Tfbfoürtis'nms, m. abaolatiim, absolute go 
Ternment. [Ac) 

* TCbf otatiffifd}, adj. abiolntiit (power, ideaa, 

»Ttbtotoi'rm, (vi.) v. a. 1. to abiolve; 2. 
« /am. to finiih, accompliih. 

Xb'fonber&är, oaj. leparable. 

3f6/bn'berttd}, n + 1. adj. particnlar, pecoliar, 
•ingular, «trüge; II. ado. very, vid. 85e 
fonter*; HI. X-rett, /. singularlty, *c. 

XVfonbern, (to.) c. a. 1. to separate, divide, 
to serer, «ander, part, to pnt aannder; to 
dinjoio, detacb; to «et apart, to «ort; to 
keep apart or diitinct; 2. Med. to «ecern, 
(olto Not.) to aecrete; fU) —, refl. to be «e- 
creted; ßg-ji. 3- to «eqaeater, «eparate, »e 
dade(re/f. one's seif); abatract(ideu); 
5. ein Jttnb — , Law, to pay off a child. 

Wfonbrnmg, (to.) /. 1. Separation, segre- 
gation, disjonetion, aeverance; 2. Mied. * 
iVai. Kcretion ; exeretion; fig-t. 3. o) se- 
qnutration, aecluion; 6) exdusiveness ; 4. 
abttraction; X-egefo'P, n. secretory oremii- 
•ary vessel, aeparatory or exeretory duet; 
X-iMnnJgra, n. abstractive facalty ; X-6« 
VÜ)tu, n. mark of diatinetion. 

W(<mnig, odj. unexposed to the «an, shady. 

* JbfwWrro, (to.) v. a. vid. (Sinfttugen. 

Ib'fotgcB, (id.) t>. re/f. to wear out with care, 
to exerdae anxions care (am, for). 

JVfpoItm, (w.) v. I. a. to deave, split off; 
B. n («Kr. feto, p. p. [sirj offlefpalten) 
to be «eparated by Splitting. 

Wfp仫n, (to.) t». o. to wean (pigs). 

Wfpannr«, (to.) v. a. 1. to nnyolee, nnconple, 
ugear, nnbamess; etil (Segelt — , to strike 
atent; bei» $obn am ©eroefcre — , to oncock 
tat hammer of a gon; 2. to measure by the 
band (or rather with «pread fingern, marking 
the «pan from the tip of the little finger to 
tat end of the thnmb), to «pan ; 3. to unbend, 
relax, «lacken; 4. to weaken, fatigue, ex- 

haust, debilitate, unnerre; ab'gefponnt, p. 
a. exhansted, low-spirited; 5. + /or3Cbfp4lU 
ftig machen, a». 
Wfpajmting, (to.) /. 1. anyoking, *c. vid. 
Xbfpaniun; 2. anbending, remission; 3. 
relaxing (of the nerres), relaxation (of spi- 
rlts); lassitnde, debility, laxness, languor, 
apathy, depresslon. 
Wfpanftig, adj. alienate, alleaated, dis- 
inclined; unfaithfnl; — machen, 1. to alie- 
nate, est ränge, disaffect; 2. to take or to 
entlce away ; — werben, to tnrn disloyal, 
(einem) to desert (one). 

xVfparen, (to.) t>. a. to spare from; id) roill 
e* mir lieber am SOtunbe -, I (will) rather 
ttarve for it. 

Wfpetfm, (to.)t). L a. 1. to clear by eatiog; 
2. to feed, to treat, to entertain; 3. flg. a) 
to feed (with promises), to pnt off (with 
mir Word«); 6) to rid one's seif of; furj — , 
to cot short, check, snnb, cf. abfertigen, 2. 
& "Xbrnuitm II. n. to finish dinner or snp- 
per; abgefpeifet baben, to have done dining 
or sopping. 

Wfperren, (to.) r. o. to «hat ont, to shot 
np or off, to stop, to ent off, to debar, se- 
clode, separate, to confine (a prisoner, Ac.) 

OT'fperrung, (to.) /. the (act of) sbatting oat, 
&c. ef. Xbfperren) seclasion, «eparation, &c. 

XbTpiegeln, (to.) v. I. a. to reflect (aa from 
a mirror), to mirror; II. refl. 1. to be re- 
flected ; 2. to look at one'« seif in the glaaa ; 
abgefptegelr, mirrored. 

Wfpielen,(to.) v. l.a. 1. to play off (a tone); 
2. to wear ont by playlng, play away; 3. 
to diminiah or pay off (a debt, tc.) by play- 
ing (at cards, 4c); II. n. to finish playlng ; 
III. refl. to tire one's seif by playing. 

Wfpinbeln, (ic.)t>. a. to take from the spindle. 

TCVipinncn, (str.) «. I. a. I. to apin off; 2. 
to pay off by apinning, to »pin off (a debt); 
II. n. to fiaiah apinning. 

Xb'fpiijn, (io.) t». a. 1. to take off the point, 
to blunt; 2. to take off witb a pointed In- 
strument ; 3. to point properly ; eine 64) reib« 
feber — , to nlb a pen. 

Tfb'fplirtern, (io.) v. I. o. to splint, splinter; 
to break off In splinters ; IL n. (aiuc. fein) 
to come off in aplintera ; Surg. to desqna- 
mate, exfoliate. 

Wfp8tteln, (u.) v. a. 1. («Knem etwa«) to 
obtain by gibing; 2. to dissaade by jeering 
(son, from). 

KVfportcn, (w.) v. a. 1. ( (finem etwa») to 
get by deriding ; 2. to ridlcule. 

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Xbfprobtn, (ttr.)v.l.a. 1. (SincmStnat) a) 
Lato, to take away (from), to dispossess (one) 
of ... by judlcial sentence, to prononnce, 
pnss or give a sentence ot verdict against 
. . . ; tos Scben —, to condenin, to sentence 
to death ; b) fig. bie tritt ijabtn ibm bas 
Sehen abgefprod)en , the physicians have 
given bim up (or over); (Sintm alle $off» 
nang — / to bid one give over all bopes, to 
take all hope from ...; c) to refase, deny, 
to gainsay, contest (the rigfat of somebody, 
&c); 2. vid. ©efpreebcnj II. n. 1. to arbi- 
trate, to pass (final) sentence; 2. (über) 
to deeide bastily (on) , to be decisive (of). 
to be dogmatical,to dogmatizc(on); — über, 
to forejudge, prejudge; 3. to dissent. 

Wfpred)enb,3fl>'|preu)ertfd), adj. positive, dog- 
matical, decisive, peremptory, authoritative 

Wfpreijen, (w.) v. a. Min. to underpcop, to 
prop (with timber.ic), to provide with props. 

Wfprengen, (w.) v. I. a. 1. to spring, to 
cause to break off suddenly, to barst, strike 
off; 2. to blast, to blow off with gonpowder; 

3. to ride off (a horse's shoe); II. n. (mix. 
fein) vid. SBegfprengen. 

Xb'fpriefen, (str.) v. n. vid. 2fbfproffen. 

Wfpringen, (str.) v. I. n. (aux. fein) 1. to 
leap (or jnmp) off, down or from, to Start 
from or oft, 2. vid. XbpraBen ; 3. to break, 
crack, barst or fly off; to cbip off (as of 
potters' wäre); to start, gape, warp, dis 
Joint (as wood) ; to red-sear (said of iron); 
bie garbe fpringt ab, tbe paint comes off; 

4. fig. a) — OOtt . . . , to qait or cbange snd- 
denly; b) to sbift (from one snhject to 
another), to rsunble, to stray; c) to shuffle, 
to prevaricate; a-b, p. a. fig. desaltory; II. 
rrfl. to fatigue one'a seif by leaping. 

Wfprtfccn, (u>.) v. I. a. to sqnirt off; II. n 
(aux. fein) to spurt back, to spatter, to 
come off in drops. 

Wfprof, (t'rr.) m. vid. JfbfprSf fing. 

3tb'fproffen, (tu.) v. n. (aux. fein) to descend. 

Xb'fprSfiltng, (str.) m. offspring, descendant 

Xb'fprud), (str., pl. Xb'fprüoje) m. Law, ja 
dicinl sentence, decislon; final sentence. 

Wfprung, (str., pl. Wfpriingc) m. 1. leap- 
ing off, &c, start, cf. Xbfpringcn i leap; 1.fig. 
quitting, leaving, ftc; 3. what is broken, 
cracked off; 4. fig. contrast, disparity; 3C-8* 
mintcl, Math, angle of reflection. 

Wfpülen, (u>.) ii. a. to wind (yarn) off from 
the spool. 

Wf pulen, (lo.)o.a. to wash (away); to rinse 

«Vfp5lid)t, (str.) n. vid. 6pulid)t. 

Sbfputatg, (».)/• washing(away), ablation. 

Vt/ftabkn, (v>.) v. a. 1. vid. Stäblcn } 2. py. 
to try (the dye). [generation. 

Wftamm, (str., pl. Wftdmmc) m. race, stock, 

Xb'fiammcn / (io.)v.n.(aux.fcm)tobederived; 
to descend, come of ; id) ftflramc von ber 6U 
tem SJinte ab, I come from the eider brauch. 

Wflamraung , (w.) /. descent, derivation, 
parentage; i-8tafcl,/. genealogical table. 

Xb'ftdmmcn, (w.) v. a. T. to separate from 
the trank. 

Wftämpeln, (u>.) t>. a. vid. Jfbftcmpeln. 

Wfiompfcn, (w.) v. I. o. 1. to ttamp off; 2. 
to poand daly; '3. to wear out (or off) by 
stamping ; Ihn. (aux. haben) to finish stamp- 
ing; ID. rrfl. to fatigue one's seif by stamping. 

Wftanb, (str., pl. Xb'ftänbc) m. I. distance, 
interval, space; 2. vid. Xbftcbcn , x. ; 3. 
contrast, difference; Ast-s. 2t-fipunft, m. t 
apsis; X-Sroinfel, m. elongation. 

«Vftanber, (str.) m, For. dead tree. 

Wftdnbig, adj. For. dead or dry (wood). 

2Cb'ftäpeIn,(u>.) u.a. to take down from a pile. 

Wftattcn, (w.) v. a. 1. to pay, to discharge; 
to render, to give, to make; (@mcm) einen 
99cfud) — , to visit, to make, pay or gitc 
(one) a visit; Danf — , to pay, give, Tender 
thanks; einen ©ruf — , to deliver a com- 
pliment ; 2. Law, vid. VuSfUttcn. [dust. 

Wftdubcn, (w.) v. a. to dust, to free from 

Wfiöupcn, (io.)t>. a. to flog, scoarge soandly. 

Wflcibtßifcn, (str.) n. 1. tarfing iron or 
spade; 2. Engr. scraper. 

Wftedjen, (str.) v. I. a. 1. to bring down 
by a thrast, to carry off with a lance (as 
in ranning at the ring); 2. to cot off, to cut 
(with a tarfing iron, ftc); 3. to ent slo- 
pingly, to slope down, Mil. to escarp; 4. 
to stab, to pierce, to cot, to stick (a pig. 
ftc); 5. a) to dfg off or drain (n pond); 
6) to tap or rack off (wine); c) Found. to 
open tbe melting furnace with a pike-headed 
iron for giving vent to the molten metal ; 
6. a) to stake ont (a road); to mnrk the 
place for (a camp, ftc), cf. Tbftctfcn, 3.; 
6) £ngr. to engrnve, mark ont; c) to copy 
out (a model) by pricks apon paper; 7. 
Garn, to tramp, raff; 8. vid. XuSfted)cn; 
6inem ben tßinb — , Mar. to take fgaio or 
get) tbe wind ; H. a. 1. (aux. fein) Mar. 
to tet aail; 2. to be contrasted or set off 

Wftcd>er, (str.) sn. 1. one wbo or tbe In- 
strument which cuts, &c. ; 2. excursioa. 
ramble, trip; 3. fig. digressioa. 

Wfted)«, comp. — meffer, n.bntchering-knife ; 
— pfing , m. Husb. breast-plongh ; -Mbel, 

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m. -£aaac,/. fovnd. a plke-headed iroo 
Instrument (med in openiag the melting 

Wftaten, (u>.) «. a. 1. o) to nnpin; to uo- 

tack; b) to remove or take out (pins); 2, 

Huib. to wean (pigs, &c); 3. to mark with 

•tick« or pole», to picket; to mark oot (a 

ean>p, the botmdarie«, Ac), to mark off (in 

bei», *c), to tet out, cf. »ftenjat, 6, a) 

Xfftaf «, comp. — leine, — ftbnur, /. measuring- 

line, eord; — pfähl, m. picket, atake (wed in 

laying oot groonds). 

»(Hben, (irr.) ». I. n. 1. to stand off, to 

»Und (distaat) Crom ...; to keep back; 

(aux. fein:) 9. a) to grow rapid, to get atale 

or fiat(a» beer, &c); to tum, pall (of wine) ; 6) 

to die(away)(af fisbe» and tree»), to periah, 

decay, fade; 3. a) (Sincm or oon einem) 

to de»ert (one), to leave (one) unasaiated; 

») — »on..., to desist or abatain from, to 

(grierance»), to diteard (a cuitom), to abo- 
iiah, 4c, vid. Xbfdjaffen. 

Wftemmen, (to.) v. a. T. to cbiael off. 

»ftempeln, (w.) v. a. T. (particul. Bkb.) 
to »tamp (a book, 4c. with lettera, flon- 
riahes, 4c); to letter. [qoilt. 

Wfteppen, (w.) v. a. Toll, 4 gen. Sew. to 

»fterben, (Hr.) v. n. (aux. fein) 1. a) to 
die (away); meine eitern finb mir fehr feit) 
abgrftorben, I loat my parenta wben I waa 
veryyoung; 6) vid. Xaeftcrbenj 2. a) (of 
plant», *c.) to fade, wither, decay; 6) to 
become paralyzed or insensible, to mortify ; 
meine $dnbe finb mir abgeworben, my band» 
arebenambed; S.fig. to become indifferent 
or insensible (to) ; 6er ßfinbc — , Scrip. to 
die to sin. 

Xb'fterben, *. (irr.) n. 1. decease, deatb; de- 
mise (of a klng, 4c); 2. decay; 3. Surg. 
kfig. mortification. 

recede frs* (a deaand, &;.); to break o« * xbftergi'rrn, (v.) v. a. vid. Xbffibren, 6. 

from, to shriak or retreat from, to leave off, 
to quit, togire op orover, to drop, forbear 
(a bad habit, *c); IL a. to yield, give np, 
vid. »treten, d); an Thttt — , to resign an 
sffice; DI. rrfl. to get tired with standiag, 

Wftfben, s. (str.) n. 1. standing off, 4c vid 
Xbfte^en, v. k cf. "JCbftanb j 2. the abandoning 
(of daims), desistance, recession, ke, 

»ftfbrtb, p. ar. Bot. distant, expanding; 
ftwrrig (borijontal) — , ragged. [seller 

SVftfbfr, (itr.) m. (f. u.) ceder, aasigner; 

«VfHblen, (ttr.y v. a. (einem etwas) 1. to 
steal or fileb. (sometaing from), to rob (one) 
*Ufig-t. 2. to leara (a thing of one) by 
(tealth; 3. to snatch (momeoU, kc) from 
(eugagements, See). 

«Vfteifm, (w.) v. I. o. 1. Corp. to atiffen; 
2. to prop , anpport , underprop ; Mo», to 
prop or shore op (a wall); 3. to starch (li- 
i«a); II. n. (aux. fein) to become atiff. 
Wftaigttt, (str.y v. n. (aux. fein) 1. to de- 
scend; to alight, to light(from a horse, from 
a coach); {particul. MU.) to dismonnt; 
2. to alight (at an hm, 4e.), to put up, take 
temporary lodglng». 

Wfhigeno, p. a. descending iBe > Hneage, 
Ast-».: sign, node); Bot. deacendent. 

Wfhige», comp. — «inartier, n., — »o^nnng, /. 
kooseofaecommodation, temporary lodging. 

»Vftrigung, (vi.) f. 1. descending, *c; 2. 
Math, k Ast. (gerate, right, fibieft, oblique) 
deacension; 3. descent. 

WfteHen,(u>.)ij. a. 1. topotaway; 2. Brew. 
to flaronr (beer, by infnsing it with wort); 
S.^ remore (nniaancei, 4c), toredress 

Wfteuer, (io.) /. vid. Xbjngsgelb. 
Xb'fteuern, (w.) v. I. n. (aux. fein) to leave 

the shore; II. a. to ateer off. 
TCb'fHih, I. (str.) m. 1. whät Fs dug or ent off; 

2. cut, stab; Sew. a model jiricked off; 3. 
fig. contraat, set-off; n. comp. vid. 3fbftc(b=. 

■Jfb'ftittcn, (vi.) v. a. to imitate in embroidery. 
TCb'flimmen, (w.) v. La. 1. o) vid. $cxab. 

fiimmen; 6) to tnne properly (an instru- 

ment); 2. a) to ontvote; 6) to vote againat; 

— laffen über ...,to pnt (a thing) to the vote; 

II. n. 1. to be dissonant; 2. fig. to disagree; 

3. to vote; to divide (t. e. to rote by di- 
viaion). [2. dUaenting. 

Ifb'ftünmig , adj. 1. dissonant, discordant; 

Ttb'ftimmung, (io.) /. (the act of) voting, vote ; 
diviaion; burd) — befdjKejien, to vote (an 
addreaa, 4c.). 

»'fiebern, (w.) v. a. to »hake off, sweep off. 

»flotten, (u.) v. l.a.l. Gard. to lay or set 
(carnations, 4c); 2. Bte, to pnt (yonng 
bees) into a separate blve; II. n. (o»oc. fein) 
to rot off. 

»ftosscln, (io.) «. a. to glean (a Seid). 

Xb'ftöpfeta, (w.) v. »., vid. Xafftöpfea. 

WftBPen, (str.) v. I. o. 1. to thraat off, knock 
off; to pnsh off (a boat); bitdabne— , to loae 
the teeth; bie Meiner — , to rnb off the 
clotbes; bie Sienen — , to kill the bees and 
take their honey; Aitbet— , to wean calves; 
2. Join. kc. to chisel off, take off with the 
plane, to chip off, to acrape off; 3. Mut. to 
play (the notea)diatinct,ahort, and detached 
from one anotber by rests; obgeftofen, atac- 

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eato; feie abgeftofjent Kott, itaccato not«; 
fig-*. 4. to pay, diicharge (a debt); eint alte 
9ted)mtng — , to wipe off an old «cor«; 5. to 
repel (by cold reierve, *c); ftdj Sie {rärntr 
-, vid . Waufen } e< n>irb ifjm bat .per} — , it 
will break hii heart; IT. n. to put or »hove 
off; to «et tail; HI. re/f. to be worn oat with 
knocking, Sic. ; a-b, p. a. 1. reiiiting (opp. 
onjiebtnb), repuliive; 2.jSg. repelling, for- 
bidding, cold, reierved. 

Xb'ftBf», comp. -*oum, m. Tan. beam; — ges 
triebe, n. Mech. dUconnecting gear; — fu= 
gel, /. Tan. mace; — eifen, — meffer, n. vid. 

3tb'ft5 P ung, (».)/. 1. tke (act of) thrntting 

' off, Ac ; 2. repuuion; X-»fraft, /. repuliive 
power; X-6)ei(ben, n. Afu*. itaccato mark. 

Wftottern, (w.) v. a. vid. .perftottern. 

♦ 7Cbflroct',o<y.»'>»tract(wordi,notlon«,*c.), 
abitracted, phlloiophical. 

♦TCbfiroef en, *. pi. Mut. vid. Xonfp&ne. 

• Xb(lraetiön', («>.)/. abitraction, abitract; 
Tt-ttt, abitract contemplatjoni. [abitract. 

•Kbftrac'tuu, (rtr., pi. »ftrarta) », Gram. 

WftrSfen, (*>■) v. o. to panish, chastUe pro- 
perly, to correct. [correction. 

Vb'ftrfffung, (w.)f. pnniihment, chattiiement, 

»TCbftrabl'ren, (».) v. a. to abitract. [}. 

Yb'ftratjl, (irr.) m. 1. refleeted ray ; 2. «id. Xb* 

Wftratjten, (w.) «. I. a to reflect; II. n. to 
be refleeted (of rayi). 

TCb'ftraljIung, (u>.) /• reflection (of rayi). 

Wftrtbe.-rraft, (ttr., pJ. X-Mftt)/. Ph. cen 
trifugal power. [away. 

Wftrtien, (».) v. n. to itrive, to get looie. 

Wftreiib», comp. — bäum, m. vid. ©treiebs 
bäum i — bret, n. vid. Xbftretdjer j —eifen, n. i. 
vid. etreiibeifen i 2. T»"d.7Cbftreid)er j -feile,/. 
eqoaling file ; — meifiel, m. vid. <8treid)meif>el 

Yb'ftreitben, (ttr.) v. I. o. 1. o) to draw, roll, 
wlpeoricrape off or away ; 6) to icrape, clean 
by robbing ; 2. to atrop, to iharpen with a 
•trop ; 3. to itrike level; 4. Sport, to try (a 
fleld for game); IL n. 1. (au*, fein) a) to 
■link or iteal away; 6) to quit the neat (iaid 
of bird*); 2. to finUh «pawning (of fiihei). 

5Cb'ftrei«ber, (*tr.) m. icraper. 

Vyftretf bSr, adj. capable of being itripped off. 

Xb'ftreifen ( Wtrelfdn, dim.), (vi.) v. I. o. 
to itrip (off), to alip (off: a twig, &c.), to 
skia (an eel), to flay, *c. cf. Xbjitben; II. n. 
(aux. fein) 1. to roam, wander downwardi; 
2. to glance off (at a bullet, &c). 

Wftrciten, (ttr.) v. a. (einem etwa«) 1. to 
deprive (one) of ... by a lawiait, to obtain 
(from) by Utigation; 2. to conteit, to dis- 

pute; bie» laffe In) mir nbfet — , I woot be 
diipnted or worded oat of it, in thU I will 
not yield. 

Xb'ftri*, (ttr.) m. T. 1. the act of ikimmine: 
2. o) that which ii taken off, icnm ; 6) (—biet, 
n.) ikimmed lead, litharge. 

Xb'ftritlen, (u>.)v.a. 1. toknitoff(aneedle); 
2. to pay off by knitting; iooae 
from a cord; 4. (fifiaem Srioa») fig. ((. «.) 
to «windle (one) out of. [hone.) 

Xb'ftriegebt, (u>.) v. a. to carry, rab down(a 

Wftromen, (u>.) v. I. n. (aux. fein) 1. to be 
carried off or away by the stream ; to flow 
off rapidly; 2. to crowd away or off, to dkt- 
perie ; II. o. 1. to float down a «tream ; 2. to 
waah away. 

Xb'fhroffen, (tc.)o.o. Min. to ent by degreo. 

WfMicWn, Wftutfen, (w.) o. o. to break of 
in imall particlei. 

Xb'ftQfen, (w.) v. I. o. 1. to separate or form 
into «tepa; 2. Min. to break off (ore); 3. to 
gradoate, to mark with degreea, gradation« 
or differencea of any kind , to ahade (off) ; 
II. n. (aux. fein) * rtft. to be «haded, di- 
veniified, by gradation. 

WfrBfnng, (vi.) f. gradation, degree, ahade. 

Wfifiipen, (w.) v. a. to let down, tarn don 
or over. 

■JCb'fhtm»fen,(ic.)«. I.a. 1. lit. kfig. to blnt, 
doli (the edge or point, a «word, the aeoio, 
*c); 2. to trnncate, to cat off, to lop, cf. 
XbgcftnmpftJ 3. fig- to «topify, to weakes, 
to deaden; 0. n. (aux. fein) & re/f. 1. to 
get blonted, doli, ftc; 2. fig. to doli, to be- 
come doli or itopid, to dolt. 

Wftumpfnng, (v>.) f. 1. blnnting, tc; 2. 
fig. hebetatlon, «tupefaction. 

^Cb'frurmen, (u>.) v. ha.l. to »hake off by a 
•tonn; 2. (Sinem (StUOS) to get (from one) 
by ballying; II. n. 1. (aux. fein) vid. gort* 
ftütmen, l.j 2. to leave off «torming. 

Wfror}, (»fr.,pt. Wftürje) m. I. rapid down- 
fall, &c vid. Star}, 1.; i. preeipice, ateep. 

Wftfirjen, (v>.)v. I. n. (aux. fein) vid. f»inob> 
fturjeni 0. a. 1. to preeipitate; to throw 
headlong; fiä) (Dat.) ben |)flW — , to break 
one'aneck ; 2. to remove the coveror lid from. 

Xb'ftnten, (u.) v. a. 1. to trim off, to cat 
■bort, to dock ; to crop ; to clip ; to top or 
lop (treea); 2. Ooth. to ihear (clotb) for 
the firit Urne; übgeflufjt, p. o. Her. tc. trnn- 
cate, cf. Kbgcftumpft. [stocke). 

Vb'ftüten, (to.) v. a. to prop (a «hip on the 

Wfüd)tn, (io.) v. o. 1. to search and take, 
to pick (ai berries from a buah, Caterpil- 
lar«, Ac.) from ...; 2. Sport, fcer ftfibneT: 

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brotb f*d)t ein $Wb ob, the pointer quarter» 

a field. [zem. 

Tb'lüb, (ttr.) m. decoction, extraet; apo- 

Xbfä&dn, (w.) v. o. 1. nid. Xbfcbmiewa; 2. to 

copy (a picture, ftc.) in a danbing manner. 

Wfaatpfttt, (w.) o. o. to rid of marthe», to 
draia, make dry (a manhy country). 

70/fSfta, (•.)». a. to iweeten, dulcify ; Chan 
to pnrify, ednlcorate. 
Xbt, (*tr n pl.tbtlt) m. See. k Conch..»bbot; 

X-ebtlt, m. mitre; X-oWurbt, /. abbotahip. 
Wtäftta, (is.) «. n. burk vid. Xbfpeif en, II. 
Wt&feln, (id.) r. a. tn (line witb) waiascot. 
XVtßllll, (to.) ». a. Mar. to unrig, to dis- 

mutle, to lay np(a abip, a fleet) ; bieSKoftcn 

— , to strip tbe mastt. 
Wtattlung, (»•)/. nnrigging (of a veuel), ftc. 

Wta» s ett, (to.) v. I. a. 1. to take away (the 
bridal garlaad) in dancing; 2. to wear out 
by dancing; n. n. 1. vid. gorttanjen, 1. ; 2. 
to Jeare off daacug; I1L rqfl. to tire one'» 

»elf by dancing. 
aVtano)«, (te.) v. I. n. vid. Untertauibeui 

tl. a. to clean by tnbmerging. [»taggering. 
TCVtanmcln , (io.) o. n. (aux. fein) to go off 
Wiaufd), (rtr.) m. trncking. 
AVtanfd)«!, (io.) o. a. (einem Staat) to ob- 

tain («omethiog fron» one) by trucking. 
Ttbtei', (io.) /. 1. abbey ; 2. abbacy. 
"Xbteniä), adj. abbatial, relatiag to an abbey. 
Wtnfen, (to.) ». a. Min. to sink (a «hart or 

pit); Wteufer, (str.)m. pit-man, »haft-man. 
tVtt)<tnen, (id.) v. 1. n. (aux. fein) to thaw 

off; 2. a. to make a thiog thaw off. 
Wrbeü, (jrtr.) m. (* n.) ihare, appanage 
Wtbetlen, (to.) e. a. 1. to divide into dis- 

tinct parta, to part; to ahare; to portion, 

pxrcel, lot (goodt, ftc); 2. to partition (the 

Soor of a hotue, ftc), to itory; to treoch 

(the bailast); 3. to gradaate, mark witb de- 

greea; 4. to ränge, rank, order, diipoi e, «et ; 
• to daaaify, dhtribute; 5. or Voreiligen, 

vid. Ibfinben. 
aVtheilig, adj. having one'i ihare. 
»tyritang, («.)/. 1. a) (the act of) divl 

ding, partiog, ftc, divlslon, partition, ahare ; 

6) Classification; 2. a) ad) compartment (of 

a raiiway-earriage, 4c.), (com)partition ; 

&*) «et of rooma, accommodation , itory; 

ce) erib, itall; 6) aection, divUion (of an 

army, of a book, ftc.) ; c) parcei, lot of goodt ; 

7C-»}eid)en, n. mark of teparation. 
aVtbta, (irr.) v. a. 1. to take off or away, 

to pot or pull off; 2. o) to make np, »ettle, 

ftc vid. Xbmatbra, 2. ; 6)(gefd)»mb or oben: 

bin — ) to buddle (ap), to perform in hatte 

aad disorder; 3. o) to aboliah; «bgctban, 
discarded, exploded, gone-by; 6) to pnt off 
(falte »harne, *c), to lay atide, diteard (all 
feart); 4. to kill, to dispatch; to eiecnte, 
pnt to death. ' 

Wtbürmen, (to.) v. a. (<. ti.) to pnil down 
(a tower, ftc or [col.] any thing piled up). 

Sbtipfin pcbttf'ftn, tbf in), (io.) /. abbet». 

Sbt'lia), adj. abbatial, relating to an abbot. 

Wtdben, (w.)v. a. (einem Stoa«) to get 
(from one) by raging, to bnlly (one) out of. 

WtoMen, (to.) v.a.l. to kill; i.fig. to blnnt 
(tbe »entations, deairea). 

XVtobtnng, (to.) /. deadening by degree», 

Surf», tfig. mortification. 
■Jtb'trab, (str.) m. Mtl. detaebment. 
WtrSbtn, (ic.) v. n. (aux. fei«) to trot off; 

to march off. 

Wträg, (str., vi. Wtt&it) m. 1. what it car- 
ried off, taken away; 2. payment, diaebarge; 
3. compenaation, tatitfaction, amendt, repa- 
ration; 4. vid. eintrog. 

Wrrägen, (*tr.) v. L a. I. to carry off, take 
away, off; ben Xiffl) — , to clear the table; 
2. to pull or take down, to ditjolnt, demo- 
lith (an edifice, ftc); to level (mountain«, 
&c); 3. to wear (out, off or away), cf. Kb< 
getragen; 4. to pay (off), to acquit, liqui- 
date(a debt, &c), to pay np (a capital, &<;.), 
to »iok (a fund); IL rtfl. 1. to wear (out, 
off or away); 2. to have done bearing fruit. 

Äb'rrägnng, (to.)/. 1. oarrying off, &c. vid. 
abtragen) 2. demolition, ftc; 3. payment, 

Wtronfeln, Wrrottfen, (w.) v. n. (aux. fein) 

to trickle, fall down in drop». 
Wtrcibe«, comp. — betb, m. vid. Srcib^crb; 

—bei}, n., — iorf, m. wood, turf, used a» fuel 
for the almond furnace; —mittel, n. Afed. 
pnrgative for cauting mitearriage; —Ofen, 
m. T. almond furnace. 
Xb'treiben, (*tr.) v. I. a. 1. a) to drive off, 
away, to drive (from); to repulte, repel; to 
foree away; to pnt to flight; b)fig. to op- 
pote by argnment, to rebuff, rebut; 2. to 
overdrive , jade (a horte, &c.) ; 3. to break 
off, to make to bunt off; 4. to purge off; 
ein Amt, bic Seibe6frud)t — , to cause a mit- 
earriage, to procura abortion; 5. to feil, 
cut down (a forest) ; 6. Min. to renne, re- 
dnee (gold or tiltrer by means of qoicktil- 
ver); II. n. (aux. fein) 1. to be driven ofT, 
away, atide; 2. Alar. to dedect, drive, be 
driven, fall to leeward; ftarf — , to sag on 
to leeward. 

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XVttt&tt, (»fr.) m. Min. renner (of metau).|| qt 
Wtrribttng, (tu.) /. drWlng off, away, *c. 4. 

vid. abtreiben. 
Wtrennen, (to.) t>. I. «. 1. to separate , dl» 

sever, disjoin ; 2. 2*ai7. & Sew. to onitltch, 

unseam; to uaborder, unrip, rip, cot; U.refl. 

vid. Srtnnen, rtf. 

Wtrenntiib, Xb'trennbät, adj. separable. 
Wttmnnng, (to.) /. 1. Separation; 2. on- 

»titchlng, &c, cf. abtrennen. 
Werften, (ttr.) v. I. a. 1. to tread off, tread 

down; to trample; 2. to wear out, wear od 

(the soles, *c.) ; 3. eol. to clean (one's booU) 

oo a foot-rog; 4. to mark by steps, vid. Ttb- 

febreiten, I.; 5- to cede, yield, surrender, 

resign, render up; Law k Com. to abandon ; 

to make or give over, transfer; einen nod) 

ntdiit föltigen »Sccbfcl — , to discount a bill ; 

0. n. (aux. fein) 1. vid. altfteigen, 2.; 2. 

a) to recede, retire, to witbdraw; cot. to 

make one's exit; 6) Thrat. vid. 'Abgeben, I 

b) ; — »on, to leave, to quit. 
Wtcltcr, (itr.) m. 1. ceder, sorrenderer, 

transferrer, *c. ; 2. cot. foot-rog. 
Wtretung, (to.) /. 1. treading off, &c vid. 

Xbtretcn; 2. cesaion, relinquishment, re- 

signation; Com. i.e. abandonment; (2C-§= 

fd)rift), conveyance. 
Xb'trieb, (str.) m. 1. the act of drlving off, 

&c. cf. abtreiben} 2. Law, the prior right 

of purchase. 
Xb'triefen, (Hr. & to.) v. n. (aux. fein) to 

drop, drip, trickle down. 
Kb'trift, (to.)/. 1. Afor. lee-way, drlft, deflec- 

tion; stern -board; 2. Law, common of 

Wtrinfcn, (str.) v. a. 1. to drink off, sip off, 

to drink from the sorface; 2. to beat (one) 

fn drinklng; 3. vid. Xbjcbren, 1. 
IVtritt, (str.) m. 1. Sport, corn, gras», *c. 

trodden down by deer, ^abatnre; 2. alight- 

ing,£c.(onajourney);3. step.ttepping place; 

4. priry, necessary-boase, water-closet, ne- 

cessary; 5. a) Theat. exit; *) retirement 

(from officc, &c.); c) falling off, apostasy; 

d)fig. vid. Eintritt? 6. cid. Abtretung, 2.; 

X-Sgrnbe,/. sink; S-Srinmer, m. night-man. 
Wrrotfnen, (w.) v. 1. o. to dry (up); to wipe 

off; to alr; to drain; Sttrg. to absterge; 

II. n. (aux, fein) to (grow) dry, to witber. 
WtroHcn, (to.) v. n. (aux. fein) 1. to walk 

offwith a short and quick step; 2. cot. to 

walk offwith a rebnff. 
Wtrenmtcln, (ir.) r. a. 1. to perfonn on the 

drum, to drum off; 2. to annonnce or publish 

with beat of drum; 3. col. to play with a 

quick motlon and heatry touch on the piano; 
Bee, to dislodge. 
WtrompEtcn, (to.) v.a, perform on the 

trumpet; 2. to announce, publish or make 

known by the trampet. 
W)'tro|>f*/ comp. — hanf, /. P-m. drainer; 

— bret,n.P-m.*e. dropping-board, (— pfannc, 

/., —trog, m.) drainer ; — fotb, m. vid, Baijr 

Ttb'trtpftln, Wtropfen, (to.) v. I. n. (aux. 

fein) to drop off, to drip, trickle down; - 

(atfen, to drain; II. a. to make drip. 
Wtrejen, (to.) v. a. (<Sinem <Stmai) to bec- 

tor something out (of one). 
Wtrümmern, (to.) v. I. a. to strike off i» 

pieces; II. n. (aux. fein) to fall down io 

ruins; to fall (or crumble) off, away. 
Wrrumpfen, (to.) c. a. 1. Com. a) to trump, 

raff; b) Qinem eint Stcxtt — , to take an op- 

ponent's trick by a higher tramp; 2. col 

to reboke with a tart sarcastic reply or re 

mark, to snub, fit (one). 
Wtrünnig, I. adj. faithless; disloyal, rebel- 

Iious; recreant; apostatical; sebismatical; 

— »erben, to desert, fall off or away, revolt; 
ooa oer {Religion— »erben, to turn apostate; 

— raa<ben, to draw off, away, to pervert; 
ber 3f-C, s. deserter, forsaker; turocoat, 
apostate, renegade; recreant, miscreant; 
II. Ti-ttit, f. disloyalty, revolt, insurrection ; 
falling off or away, defectioo; apostasy. 

Wtummeln, (to.) o. I. a. vid. Summcln j II. 

refl. to fatigue one's seif. 
Xb'tündjen, (w.) v. a. to whitewash. 
Wtuvfcn, (to.) v. a. to dry up, desiccatc. 
Xb'tufijcn, (io.) v. a. 1. Paint. to copy witb 

Indian ink; 2. vulg. vid. Wptügdn. 
Wtüten, (to.) v. a. * n. (vulg.) vid. Kbbto» 

fen, a. c) k n. b). 
Wurtbcilcn (Kb'nrtbeln), (to.) t>. I. a. to de- 

eide by the judgment of a court; vid. "Xbt . 

fprcdjcn, 1. a); II. n. vid. Ybfsrcdjcn, n. 
Woertitnen, (».) v.a.l. (Ginem tttna«) to 

get (from) by readering Services; 2. to 

work off (a debt). (ask (from). 

Woerlongen, (to.) p. a. (einem etrooi) to 
Wtiam, (to.) v. a. 1. to Square; to form in 

Squares; 2. Mar. to veer, to ease away (off). 
Xb'oiftren, v. a. 1. gen. to estimate, rate by 

ocular surrey ; 2. For. to estimate the mea- 

sure of a tree, before it is felled. 
Wwatfeln, (to.) v. I. a. 1. to separate by 

shakiog; 2. vutg. to cudgel; II. n. (aux. 

fein) vid. iTnwtfaeln. 
Xb'»Jge«Jt«n1l, /. art of leveling. 

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Wrajgra, (to. * irr.) v. a. 1. a) to weigh, 
balance, to poise ; gegen cinftnber— ,to coon- 
terpoise; J) Geonu to level; 2../S{r. to weigh 
tmentally), to poader; feine SBorte (<raf Der 
<9oftmnge) — , to weigh one's words , to be 
TCb'moger, (str.') m, weigher, leveler, 4c. 
WlouÄen, (to.} v - "■ 1 • to fall» t0 m >" (cloth) ; 
2. ou(g. to cndgel, an. to mill. 

Iftoaljen, (to.) v. I. a. T. to even with a roll- 
et-; II. reft. Dane, to fatigue one's seif by 

Wmdijen, (10.) v. a.l. to roll down; to roll 
off, to remove; 2. ./ig. a) (Sie SlbuIS, 2C.) 
oon fid) — , to exonerate one's seif frora or 
to clear one's seif of (a fault, i.e.); b) to 
ahnffle off, to throw off. 

Wttamfen, (to.) v. a. vulg. vid. Zbprflgeln, 

Wnxmleln, (to.) v. I. n. vid. gortroanbeln, 

1.; II. a. Crom, to inflect: to conjagate (a 

»erb), to decline (a noun). 

TCWmantüung, (to.)/. Gram, inflection: con- 
jngation (of a verb), declcnsion (of a noun). 

jrVmanbetn, (to.) «. n. vid. gottroanbern, 2. 

Xb'nxirten, (v>.~) v. a. 1. a) to expect, to stay 
for, wait for; b) to wait, await (a, 
ftc. ), to (a)bide (one's time); tu fannft 
fcodb nidjtS — , yon will always be in a hurry ; 
c) to watcb (an opportnnity, 4c.), cf. Xb« 
puffen j 2. a) to attend ([to] a business, &c), 
to care for ; b) to take care of, attend (the 
■ick, 4c.), to narse, wait npon. 

Xb'marrang, (to.) /. 1. waiting or staying for, 
4c. vid. Tiiaaxtm j 2. attendaace (on the 
»ick, 4c.), nursing. 

XVnixti, adv. 1. down, downward(s) ; 2. off, 
offward, aside, Mar. aloof ; — fahren, to go 
down (with the) stream,todescendariver,&c. 

XVnsafdjä, comp. — fap, n. wash-(orwashiag-) 
tnb; —»affer, n. vid. TCufTOaf<htt>o.ffer. 
IVtMfdjtn, (*tr.) v. a. 1. a) to wasta away, 
wash off, ont ; 5) to wash ; to bathe, cleanse ; 
to Um; c) ßg. to wipe off (a stain, 4c.) 
with oie's tears, blood, 4c; 2. to pay (a 
debt) by waihing. 

Xb'mafdjung, (to.) /. 1. the act of washing 
away, 4c; 2. ablütion; Med. Iotioo. 

Xb'rcdffetn, (w.) v. a. 1. to drain; 2. vid. 
SBdffern ; 3. Carp. to make sloping (so as 
to throw off the raia fron the sitl of a door 
or window). [off. 

Wwätfcbeto, (10.) v. n. (aux. fein) to waddie 

Xb'ntfben, (if.) v. a. to finish by weaving, to 
Woedjfeln, («>.) v. I. n. 1. o) to alteraate, 

to go or (witA mit) to do by turn» or alter- 
nately ; o) Med. to intermit (aa a fever); 2. 
to vary ; mit (cinanber, «.) — , a) to relieve 
(one another by tnrns); 6) to be reeiprocal 
to ... ; — [äffen, to alternate ; II. a. 1. (Sinem 
6r»06) to ch&nge (a piece of money from 
one), to exchaage; 2. to make to sueeeed 
by tum*; to alternate; to relieve(by tnrns). 

Woecbfeinb, adj. 1. a) alternative, Bot. 4c. 
alternate; ade. alternately, by (in) tnrns; 
6) reeiprocal; c) periodic, Med. iatennitting; 
2. ckangeable, variable, varions, fitful; — 
folgen, to alteraate. 

Wffleihfclung, (to.)/. 1. a) alteraation; 6) 
alternativeness , reeiprocal snccessioo, vi- 
cissitade, Variation (of the seasons, 4c), 
round; 2. o) diversifleation ; o) diversity, 
variety; — geben, to diversify; c) change, 
changeableness, 4c; 4. vid. üblofung, 3.; 
5. Mus. modulation ; juc — , for a change. 

Xo'mEg, (rtr.) m. 1. devioos path, by-way, 
by-road, by-patb, by-turniag; 2. wrong way, 
the going wrong or astray ; nnf "&-t gerotben, 
to take bad courses. 

W»?gtg, adj. having by-roads. 

Xb'mc'g», ado. ont of the way. 

X b'ttte" gfam, adj. ont of the way, devioos. 

tfb'rotben, (to.) t>. I. a. 1. to blow off, blow 
down; 2. to fan, brnsh away, off; IL n. to 
cease to blow; cf. Xbnittem. 

Wmfbt, (u>.) /. 1. any thing that opposes at- 
tack or danger, 4c, gnard, protection, fence, 
defence ; 2. vid. Xbnehrung. 

WmJbren, (to.) v. a. to ward (off), stave off, 
fend off; to keep off, keep back, to hinder; 
einen ©top JC— ,to parry.avert athrnat,4c. 

W»?bnmg, (to.)/. the act of warding off; 
repnlse; X-imittel, n. Med. preven(ta)tive. 

Tfb'roeitt)en, (to.) «. L a. 1. o) to loosea by 
soakiag or ataking soft; 6) to make to come 
off by soakiag; 2. to soften dnly; II. n. (aux. 
fein) to become soft (by steepiog into mois- 
tnre) and fall off. 

Wweidjen, I. (*rr.) v. n. (avx. fein) 1. o) to 
deviate, to turn aside, away, off (or from) ; 
i) Math. 4c. to decline, diverge, deflect (as 
the needle from the meridian, 4c); e) to 
warp (as a board, 4c) ; 2. fig. o) to deviate 
(front the rule, 4c), to decline, depart (front 
analogy, trnth, 4c), to swerve; b) vid. übt 
fd)»eifen, n, 2. ; e) to recede ; — »on, to leave. 
forsake; 3. vid. ütbfaufen, n, 5. 4 SBersidieni 
4. to vary, differ; in feinet ÜReinnng — , to 
dissent (from); II. p. «. (ttr.) n. Med. diarr- 
hoea, iooseness. 

Wneilhcnb, p. a. 1. devioos; decliaing, 4c 

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■cf.-TOmeiifmi 2. anomalous, irregulär; 3 
' '(Afferent, discrepant, diverae. 

Xb'wcia)artg,,f. I. (w.) f. 1- «) deviation; 
6) F1ry.\ Ast. &c. deflection, divergence, de 
clination, Variation (of the compau or 
needle, &c); c) Alt. vid. Abirrung» 2. a) 
departure (from a' doctrine, &c.) ; anomaly, 
'irregolarity; b) digreuion; 3. difference, 

' varlety;' 11. comp. Tt-itctU, m. Ast. circle 
•of deolination ; 2C-6meffcr, X-t)etgtr, m. de- 

. dinätor, declinatory. 

Wweiben-, (w;) o. o. 1. to graze on (a mea 
dow; ftc), feed on (grau*) ; Sprofjen, JC. — , 
to browte ; . 2. to tum cattle into (a mea- 
dow", &c.). : [reel off. 

Wweifen, (ie.) v. a. to wind off a reel; to 

Wweinen, (vi:) v. refl. to weep to exceaa, eol, 
to cry one'a eyei ont. ■. 

Wweifen, (str.) v. a. 1. a) to refoae admit- 
tance, &c. to, to rejact,' to pat or tum . . . 
off, to send, back, caat off; für} — , to cot 
•bort; id) lafjentid) ntibt— , I take no denial; 
6) Com. to proteat (a bill) ; e) Law, to non- 
auit, diamias (a cause); 2. a) to drive oll 
or back (tb'e enemy, *c); -6) (»on fid)) to 
disavow (an Intention, ie.), to disclaim 
(interfereoce, reaponaibflity, Ac). 

Wweifung, (w.)f. 1. o) refbial, rejection, 
putting or Urning off, Ac. cid. ICbweifen 
rebaff; 6) Com. proteit; c) taic, ftc. dis- 
miaaion; 2. diaavowal, dieclaimer, Ac. ; 3, 
Jlfor. o) — Der fflcagnetnabel, irid. TCbmeu 
d>ung, 1. 6); 6) — bcr gltigel, the Variation 
or flying aft of the vanea (ariaing from the 
motion of the vesael). 

Wteeifttt, (to.) v. I. a. to whitewaeh ; IT. n. 
to wbiten, to loae the white coloor. 

Wwettc, (w.) /. diatance. [and fall off. 

Wwellen, (w.)o.n, (au*, fein) to wither, lade 

Wroenbbär, I. adj. that may be averted, pre- 
vented; II. IC-fett, /. poaalbility of being 
averted, prevented. 

Wroenben, (to. A irr.) v. I. a. 1. lit. kftg, 
to tum off, away or aaide, to avert; Fenc. 
tc. to ward off, to parry ; ü.fig. to alienate ; 
to tarn or divert (from a parpoae, Ac); bog 
wolle (Sott — ! God forefend! Tl. reft. to turn 
away or aaide, to ahrink (from); fid) — »on, 
to leave, to abandon. 

Wwenbig, adj. alienated; faitbleaa; — ma> 
d)en, 1. wirf. TCbwenben, 2.; to aedncc, to 
alienate, dlaincline, eatrange; 2. (einem 6t= 
Wa8) to deprive of ; to take away, withdraw, 

Wwenbmtg, (tf.)/. torning off, averting, Ac. 
nid. 'JCbwenDcn. 

Wwerfen, (<rfr.) v. I. o. I. to throw or caat 

down; bm Wetter, U. — , to throw, diamomt, 
unhorae; 2. to knock or fling off, to break 
down; 3. to caat or throw off, to alip of 
(one'a clothea, Ac); 4. NaL a) to drop, 
ahed (the leavea, the feathera, Ac); to caat 
(the horna, the alongh, Ac); 6) 3ungt — , 
vid. SBerfen, 1. 2. j fig-s. 5. vid. Serwerfcnj 
6. to waive (the diatinctiona of rank, Ac.) ; to 
free one'a aelf from ; 7. Oewinn, tC. — , to 
torn to advantage, to leave a profit, to 
yield; II. n. to leave off breeding. 

Wwcrftmg, (w.) /. the act of throwiog or 
caating off, Ac vid. abwerfen. 

Wwefenb, I. p. a, abaent; away; II. t. (deä. 
like adj.) one abaent; ber »on feinem Zmii 
ober Batetlanbe "X-t, abaeotee. 

Xb'meTenbeit, (w.) /. 1. Ut. kfig. abaence; 
2. Law, a) non-attendance ; 6) alibi; T-b 
»ormunb, m. enrator of an abaentee. 

Vb'nctten, (w.) «. a. (einem Stoae) to giia 
(from one) by a wager. 

Wwettern, (w.)o. I. a. CSarp. to ent alaotiag; 
II. n. te ceaae thnndering and lighteniag. 

TCVmten, (u>.) v. a. 1. to whet off, rub öS; 
to blnnt; 2. to aharpen, to whet. 

7Cb'n>ia)fen, (u.) v. a. 1. to poliah with blact 
ing; 2. vulg. vid. Xbprügcln. 

Wottteln, (io.) v. a. 1. to nnwind, wind of; 
to nneoil, anweare; %fig. to wind up, aettk 
(a b'naineaa, *c). 

Tfb'miegen, (*tr.) v. a. impr./or 2CbȊgcn. 

Xb'roimpeln, (ie.)o. a. to take down the pennon. 

WlBtnbe, (w.) /. Mech. reel. 

Xb'mtnben, (ttr.) v. l.a.l. to nnwind, to wind 
or reel off(a bottom of thread, tc); to on- 
reave, nnwring, nntwiit, unwreatb, cf. itfo 
ninben 5 2. Mech. to lower (bring down) by 
roeana of a windlaaa; II. re^. to nnwind. 

Xb'nnrbcln, (».) v. a. to relax (any thing 
faatened by pega, &c.), cf. Kufvirbcln. 

2Cb'»irfen, (u>.) v. I. o. 1. to work off; ben 
Seig— i Bai. to work op the dongh by knead- 
ing; 2. Sport, vid. Ybjieben, 1. 2. a); II. ». 
S-w. &c. to ceaae working. 

Wwifdjen, (w.) v. a. to wipe(off) (also flg.); 
to wipe off, to cleanae, cf. SBifdjen. 

Wwittern, (io.) t>. I. o. ( einem etwas) to 
find out by the acent; II. n. 1. to ceaae to 
thunder, to stonn ; e» f)at abgewittert, the 
atorm is over; 2. (aux. fein) to fall (or 
crumble) off throngh the effect» of wind and 
weather. [wool. 

Tfb'woUcn, (w.) v. a. Sk-dr. to atrip of the 

üfb'würbigcn, (io.) v. a. vid. 1. |)erabfe»en> 
2. ^»crabwurbigen, K. 

TIb'wurf, (ttr., pj. Wwfirfe) m. 1. throwing 

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down, off or away; 2.any taingthrowadown, 
*c; offal, ojU Xbfatt. 

XVmnrfeln, (te.) v. a. Com. 1. vid. Xbnwr 

fen, 4.; 3. (einem etwas) to win (fron 

oae) »t dice. [off the rider. 

TCVv&tfs, <tdj. inclined to dismount or throw 

Wwürgen, (w>.) v. a. to tbrottle, kill, batcher. 

Ubpf/i'nicn, (wtr.) n. 6eoer. Abyasinia; Xbl}|V 

fFnier, (rtr.) m., »nfffnierfa, (».)/., »Pf» 

fi'mfd), ad;'. Abyssinian. 

aV^tcn, (».) v. a. 1. to pay off or np, to 
discharge (debU, te,); 2. fig. to punish 

aVjiblre, (to.) v. a. 1. to coont out, fix by 
oambere; MU. to teil off; 2. Print. to pnt 
in (or lay oo) a heap (the quantity of paper 
(or the pressmaa to wet) ; an bell jinflcm — 
tonnen, pro», to lutve a tbing at oae'« fin- 
gere" ends. [ment, liqnidation 

Xb'ytylnna,, {vi.) f. the act of paying off, pay- 
■Jtfja^nen, («.) t>. 1. a. T. to take off with a 
tootned itutnuaeat; II. n. to sbed teeth 

Yb'janfen, (w.) v. I. a. (einem 8t»a») to 
obtain (fron one) by qaarreling; II. refl, 
to tatigue oae'« seif with quarreliag. 

Wjapfen, (w.) o. o. 1. to draw, draw off, to 
tap (aa liqoors, Jkc) ; 2. Surg. to tap (a drop- 
aical peraoo); 3. fig. to cheat impndently. 

Wjapfer, («rr.) ra. 1. vid. 3a»fer$ 2. m/ig 
/or Xrotar, qv. 

Wjanfung, (».) /. 1. the act of drawing off 
(liqoora); 2. Surg. paracentetis. 

WiSfcra, (tu.) o. n. A r^f. «id. Kbfofcrn. 

aVjötnncn, (w.) ». a. to free front the bridle, 
to unbridle, to oobit. 

Wjisnen, (w.) «. a. 1. to aeparate by a 
hedge; to feace in, to enclose; 2. (Stntm 
Stnof) to depri ve (oae) of (a piece of Und) 
by drawiag a feace. 

Wjatrfen, (w.) 0.0.1. to poll off; 3. to haul, 
thanp, null about 

Wjehnten, (».) v. a. to tithe, levy a tithe of. 

Wjt^ten, (to.) v. I. a. 1. to make one'a seif 
paid by eatiag or drinkiag for (a debt owiog 
by the laodlord); 2. to consame, wüte, spend, 
to weaken by degrees; to macerate, ema- 
ciate, wither; II. n. (aus. fein) & refl. to 
wear off, fall off, to (ran to) waste, pine 
»way ; ab'gcjtbrt, p. a. tabid, worn out 

Xb'}c$renb, p. a. consomptive. [rung. 

TCbVbnmg, (u>.) /. wasting, &c. vid. TtaSjcb; 

'XtVjtidjen, (#tr.)n. 1. a) mark or sign ofdi» 
tinctioB; attribote; o) badge, pl. insignia; 
2. speck, mole, vid. «ttabL 

Wjetdmen, (tc.) v. a. 1. to mark, mark off; 
9. Point, to draw, deiign, deliaeate ; to take 
• iketch or design of, to copy. 

|Witi(bn«nfl, (».)/.!. drawing, «c; 2. d*> 
sign, delineation,sketch ; 3. vid. 3d<bnnng,3. 

Wjctteln, (w.) u.'O. 'Ifaav. to anwarp. . 

Wiutp, comp. — annatat, m. vid. — jcugi 
3\p-*. — bogen, m. tymnan-skeet; — b&rftc, 
/. letter-brush; — ftfen, ».. l.Tan,. scraper; 
2. Hutb. hatchel; -feile, /. T. stretching 
file; — flafibe,/. dem. retort; —Hinge,/. 
vid. 3ngf(inge i — foften, m: (Mm. alembio; 
— leber, n. razor-strap; — muSfcI, ni. Anal. 
abdoctor, abdocent muscle ; — (fing, m. Agr. 
drain(ing)-ploogh; — (reffe., /. XlR- pr<*of- 
pressj— riemen,i».Dui.Strei(bric.nicn(— flein, 
m. hone, oil- or razor-stone, ff. SDlfltin» 
-tobt,/. Arith. Subtrahend; ,— jtug, n. T. 
distilling apparatns. . . 

Wjteben, (ttr.) v. I. a. 1. to draw oft", away, 
to pall off, to take off; mit obgejogenem 
{>ute, with one's bat off; 2. a) tö strip (off), 
akin, tlay, uncase, to acajp;:&) to striag 
(beaas, *c), to.'take off the skia or.fibrcs 
of (almonds, peaa, &c) ; 3 . Anat. to abduce ; 
4. T-s. a) to polisb^metal or-wbod); 6) (ein 
Sintal— ) tostraighten (a.role); c) Tyv. 
Sx. to take, draw off (an Impression, a proof- 
sheet) ; d) to sharpen on a hone, to bone, 
to set (a razor); e) to size.-adjost (a 
weight) ; obgcjOgtncS ©emilbt, gaged, Stan- 
dard weight; 5. a) ,C/ distil, refinc; 
6) to bottle (wine, beer,.Ac); to.rack off; c) 

. to make extraeta of (herb», &c.) ; d) to drain 
(apond); 6. a) gen. todednet; b) Arith. 
to snbtract, to substract; c) Com. to rebate, 
abate, disconnt; figs. 7. to withdraw (an- 
tistance, ftc); 8. to abstract (by tbe Opera- 
tion of the miad); 9. a) to turn off, divert 
(from a parpose); .o)to draw (themind) from, 
to draw off, distract, divert (the attention, 
&c.) ; II. refl. 1. to lose colour ; Typ. vid. Xbt 
fd)ioorjen j 2. to draw back,tnUXbfonbcnt,3.; 
III. n. (aui. fein) 1. a) to withdraw, retire, 
march off, retreatjto go off, to depart; 6) 
Mit. to go off guard, to be relieVed ; 2. tu 
leave a place or Service, to leave (of ser- 
vants); 3. fig. to get off with disgrace (vutg. 
with a baffle, &c). 

Xb'jichcnb, p. a. drawiag off, &c. ; Anat. ab- 
docent; her a-eXugcmnu6fc[,abductor oculi ; 
bie ab(ju)jiebcntc 3«bl, vid. Xbjitbjobi. 

Wjiebct, (itr.) m. Anat. vUl. XbiicftmvAUU 
■ ber gropen 3cfte, m. metatarsos. 

Xb'jiebung, (mj.) /. 1. drawing off, *c; 2. 
Chem. destillation, *c ; 3. Anat. abdhetion ; 
fig-i. 4. abstraction; 5. vid. KbAeioacnbcit. 

Wjielen , (».) v. n. — auf, & a. to aim aj, 
tend to; to have in view. 

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Xb'jtatmern, (tu.) «. a. to bew er sqnare 

Wjirrellt, («>.) ». a. 1. to meneure with the 
corapasse«; 2. fig. a) to define preciiely; 
6) to ntter with affected nicety. 

WjtKbt, (rtr.jpi.Ib'judjte)/. l.race, breed; 
2. condnit, oatlet, drain, draught, (com- 

"XViH, (**»"■> p/. Wjuge)m. 1 .dedactioo; Com. 
dUconnt; 2. retreat, departnre, Ac. cf. "Xis 
jieben, ».; jum - blafen, AM. to louod the 
retreat; 3. Vint. layer (of a vine); 4. 2\p 
impreHion, proof(-aheet) ; (in frifeber — , a 
clean proof ; unreiner — , fool proof, mack- 
ling; 5. G-sm. trigger(-blade); 6. o) con- 
dnit, vid. Xbjttdjt, 2.; b)fig. outlet, vent; 
Com-*, nad) — berÄoften, Charge« dedacted, 
qmt of charge«; nad) — aBrr Aoften, all 
chargei borne; nad) — ber 6d)ulben, clear 
after debta paid ; nad) — 3brer ©pefen, after 
dedneting your Charge«; ohne— (netto), 
clear; ebne — genuinen, to clear. 

Wjüg»*, comp. —Med), n. G-«n. trigger- 
plate ; —gelb, ». Laxe, tax (formerly ezacted) 
ob emigration; —graben, m. vid. Xbjndjt; 
bie— graben, collect, drainage; —graben für 
ba» g(ut6»affer, warping-drain, w.-cot, w.- 
gntter; -reit, Laxe, migratory law (abo 
liahed of late); -rinne, — ribre, /. drain-pipe 
(vid. ttbfluf , 3.); —fdjleuf e,/. Bsib. &c col 
vert, cf. Sdilenfe - — ftetn, m. 1. »id. 5Cb» 
jie^fteinj 2. «ink-«tone; — nebr, n. wute- 
weir; — jabi, /. Arith. minnend; — lieget, m. 

Ib'jupfen, (to.) v. a. to plnck, to pnll oft*. 

Wjttiad'en, (u>.) v. a. 1. vid. Xb*,»icten* 2 
(einem <St»a8) to iqueeze ont of, to extort 

Witterten, (to.) v. n. vid. "Äbjieten. 

"Jb'jmitfen, (to.) v. a. to nip off, pinch off. 

Wjtoingen, (str.) v. a. ( einem Stttae) to 
extort, to wring, wiest, to fbree (ont from) 
cf. Xbn$t(igen. 

tSb'gnimen, (u>.) v. a. to wind off (ai thread) 

*XcScll t («>.)/• Bot-*, acacia; e<bte — , gnm- 
tree ; amerifanif d) e — , locn«t ; baumartige ■ 
wild tamarind; farnefifd)c — , sweetnteented 
acacia, aponge-tree; mitte — , Virginian aca- 
cia, falae acacia ot locnit tree. 

• Xcabcmie', (to.) /. vid. Xfabemie. 

• Xc'ajOU [pron. —rhu], comp, —bäum, m. 
vid. eicptantenlaucbaum* -nuf, /. vid. 

•TCccenf, (ttr.y m. accent, tone; ber febarfe 
— , acute accent; ber tiefe — , grave accent; 

bot — betrefft»«, accentaal; a-Icä, adj. aa- 
acceated; "fcccntut'rcn, (w.) v. a. to accent, 
accentnate; X-ttirmtg, (vi.)/, accentuation. 

• Vcctpt', (ttr.') m. Com. rid. Xmtatync? mit 

— oerfc^cn, to provide with acceptancc ; gum 

— gefanbt, being out for acceptancc; — gt» 
fibdfte, vid. 3ftteptationsgcf<bäfte. 

* Xcceptanf , (io.) m. vid. ÜCnnebmcr. 
*2Cctcptatiön', (to.)/. wd. Xnnabmc > Com-s. 

Jt-Sblanfo, n. blank credit; 2f-8bud>, w. 
billa payable (or bills receivable) book; 
2Uercbit, m. credit in blank; X-«gcfd)äftr, 
pi.(oncovered)aceeptancea; 3C-S;cit,/. tiae 
or term of aeeeptation. [Xnnebma. 

*2Cceepri'ren, (to.) v. a. particul. Vom. vid. 

♦ Xcccpti'nmg, (to.)/. vid. Xnnabmc. 
«XctefV. (str.) m. acceu, admittance. 

# 3CCCcf ftff, (to.) m. an unpaid aiaistant (an ex- 
peetant for preferment) in a pnblic Office. 

• Xccef'ftt, (*tr.) n. aecond best premiem. 
•Xc'cibcn», (tomeüme* Xeeibens', pi.XcdbeJr'» 

}ien) n. perqniiite, pl. emolnmenta; — arbeit, 
/. Print. perqnisite*. [exdaablc 

*TfcäS'bär, adj. iiable to the doty of exetae. 

♦Xcci'fe [pron. äktse'ze], (w.)/. 1. excise: 
2. vid. — (labe » — ntbmcn, auflegen, to exciae 
to levy exciie (npon); unter— bcrfd)Iup, ander 
bond; — amt,n„ — fammer, /. (as in Krane«), 
conrt of aids; —beamtete, — bebtente, or —»f. 
ffeiant, m. exciie officer; — cinnebmer, m. 
exciieman ; — ftubc, /. excise-offiee ; — gettti, 
m. excise-bill, pennit 

*3fccommobt'ren, (to.) v. a. to accommodale, 
to fit or dreu op ; to render (injnred goods) 
marketable or merchan table; accommoctlte 
SBoHe, bard-wool. 

♦ Xccorb', (itr.) m. l.Mui. chord, aecord, 2. 
a) Min. tut bargain; 6) Com.bc. «ettlemeat. 
agreement, compoiition; im— , by (the) Job. 

♦ Xcccrtyrcn, (w.) v. I. ». Com. kc. to agree 
(aber, on), to Compound (wegen, for); 1!. 
a. to examine (aecoonts). _ 

*5tccoud)cur', {Fr., pron. «iufdjoV] («tr.) m. 

vid. @cburt»be(fer, w. 
«Xccrebitt'rcn, (w.)v.a. l.vid. {Beglaubigen i 

2. Com. to open a credit in (any one'a) fa- 

vour (bei, with one). 
«XccrcbttlÖ', (ttr.) n. Com. letter of credit 
*Xcerod)i'ren [Fr., pron. äeroshs'ren] , (to.) 

v. n. Com. to be at a itand. 

• Xecufatitr', (str.'ym.Cram. accasative(caee). 
Xd),tntah!oh!0! als»! helghho! — CSott! 

— $immel! ah me! dearl heaven«! — 
ja! ye* indeed! 

*TU)St!, *. L (ttr.) m. agate; ber bunte—, 
moeba-atone; ber UIänbifd)c — , ohaidian ; 

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IL com?. — dbttlid), — artig , adj. agaty; — 
breccfe, /. eid. Srümmeracbatj — fruerftein, 
m. agaty flint; — jaipiS, m. jaspagate, agate 

XajUttn, adj. agaty, agate. [juper. 

TCeVel, (*>.) /• 1- »«d. »lutegel i 2. t»'d. ©rönne, 

*id)T0mat'if4/ «(/• ■"»/• acbromatic. 

TCdyfe, (io.) /. 1 . Math. kc. axis ; 2. axle, azle 
tree; 3. Mech. arbor, verfiele, spindle; (er 
— , Com. by land-carriage; aufbet— , by 
laod; et»Q« jur — fortfcbafftn, to transport 
by land-carriage. 

Xd/fel, *. I. (w.) /. ahonlder; mit ben Ä-n jufc 
ften, to ahrug(coatract or draw op the shoul- 
dera), to give a ahnig; über bie — anfeben, 
to look with coDtempt upon . . . , to cot (oae); 
n. comp. Anat. tc. axillary; —aber, /. axil- 
lary vein; — banb, n. (sboulder-)strap, cf. 
— qttajiei — bein, n. Anat. Shoulder -blade; 
shoolder-bone; — blumen, pl. Bot. axillary 
flowera; — brüfe,/. Anat. axillary gland; — 
ffaf, m. , — ftfttt, n. saoulder-piece (of aabirt) ; 
—grübe, /. Anat arm-pit, arm-hole (Lat, 
axiUd) ; — bemb, n. ahift (with aome peaaant 
women) witaont eleeves; — bfible, /. Anat 
axillary cavity; — QBttjre, /. shoulder-knot, 
epaulet; — ranle, /. Bot axillary elaaper or 
tendril; — fcbtöge, pLvid. — banbj — finure, 
pl. shoalder-painta, (traps; — ftänbtg, Bot. 
axillary ; —fruit, n. Sew. gusaet ; — träger, m. 
fig. triramer, time-server, double -dealer, 
equivocator, bypocrite; —tragerei', /. time- 
aerring.daplicity, doable-dealing, hypocriay; 
— tragerifd), adj. time-aerving, doable-deal- 
ing, ambidextrous; — tTObbel, /. vid. — 
quaftej — Jude«, n. ahnig, shrngging (vid. 

XdrT«i>, comp, ~-bled), n. vid. — ftbitnej — 
bücbfe, /. axle-box; — fdrraig, adj. axiform; 
— ftigung, /. Anat. trocfaoidea; — fttttrr, n. 
axle-bed; —gelb, n. wheelage; —sage!, m. 
axle-pia, Unch-pin ; — riegef, m. croaa-timber ; 
—ring, m. axle-ring; — fdjeibe, — fcbient, /. 
cloat (of the axle-tree) ; — fdjraube, /. axle- 
nnt; — (bsf, m. axle-waaher. 

Xd/f ra, (to.) ü. a. to provide with alles. 

JCä)t, mtm. adj. (*#. [«>./.)) eight; — Sage, 
a aennight; in — Zagen, in * week, in eigbt 
daya; beute aber — Zage, thia day (a) aen- 
night or (a) week (to come) ; bente oor — 
Zagen, thia day (a) aennight or (a) week 
WO; }nr3abl— gebörig, oetonary;-o.ngig, 
adj. oetonoeolar; — eigner, n*. aSwiaa coin 
of eight batzea; — beinig, adj. eigbt-legged ; 
— (Wunien)6ldrterig, adj. oetopetalon»; — 
btöfct, m. Com. a »ort of coarae eloth ; — ed>, 
•» oetagoo; — edlig, adj. oetagwal, oetan- 

gnlar ;— fad), —faltig, adj. elghtfold, octnple ; 
— fieberig, adj. Bot. oetoloealar; — ftngerig, 
adj. octodactylous; — find), n. vid. —feit) 
— füpig, adj. 1. eight-footed; 2. meaanriog 
eight feet; — jibrig, adj. 1. of eigbt yeara, 
eight yeara old; 2. lasting eight yeara, octen- 
nial; — jibrltd), adj. happeniog every eighth 
year, octennial; —{antig, adj. baring eight 
edges; —Mang, m. Mus. oetave; —min« 
n(er)ig,odj. Bot. oetander, oetandrian.octan- 
drons; —monatig, adj. lasting eight montha; 
— monatlitt, adj. k ado. every eight mootbs; 
—pfenniger, m. piece of eigbtpence; — pfün» 
ber, m. Gun. eigbt-pounder; — pffinbig, adj. 
of eight poonda; ein — Steolenftüct, n. a piece 
of eigbt, a Spanisb doilar; — faulig, adj. 
octostyle; —fett, n. Geom. oetahedron; — 
feitig, adj. octabedral; — fpolrtg, adj. Bot. 
octoSd; — fpinnig, adj. with eight horaes; 
— ftrablig, adj. eight-rayed, octoradiated; 
— ftünbig, adj. lasting eight honra; — ftünb= 
lid), adj. & adv. every eighth hour; — ftunb» 
ner, m. Min. one that works eigbt hour» 
a day; — fQlbig, adj. Gram, octosyllable ; 
—tagig, adj. of eight days; — täglich, adj. k 
ado. every sennight; — tyCil, n. vid. Ttcbttl; 
— tbeiltg, adj. of eight parts, Bot. octofid; 
— »eib(er)ig, adj. Bot. octogynon»; —»ins 
feiig, adj. octangolar; — m6d)entUd), adj. 
every eigbt weeka; — jetbnig, adj. octoden- 
tate; — {eilig, adj. consisting of eight lines; 
—jenig, vid. —fieberig. 

TU)t, («".)/. care, attention, heed, watch; — 
geben, babtn, to pay attention, to give heed, 
to be on the watch, to atteod (auf, to); — 
geben anf ..., to watch, to mark, to miad, 
to heed; auf 3emanb genau — geben, to eye 
one, to look oharp upoa one; aus ber — lafs 
fen, to lose sight of, to forget, neglect; 6t» 
n>a» in — nehmen, to take care of, to look 
after or to, to be mindfol of; fid) in — neb» 
men, to be cautioua, careful, to take care, 
to be or stand on (npon) one's gnard (oor, 
againat; to beware of ...); b«b' — ! nimm 
bid) in— 1 have a care! mind! beware I 

"Kitt, (w.) /. Jmw, outlawry, ban, proscription ; 
in bie — berfaKen, to become an ontlaw ; in 
bic — erAaren, tbun, to oatlaw, to ban, to 
proaeribe; »on ber — befreien, to inlaw, to 
reclaim one'a outlawry; TC-brief, m. letterof 
proscription; %-8erflärung, /. aet of out- 
lawry, proscription. 

idjt, vid. 6n)t. 

2Cd)fbSr, I. adj. respectable, honourable, ere- 
ditabie;H. X-fett,/. dignity, respeetability. 

TU>'tt, I. adj. * t. (m.,/., R.) the eighth; ,uui 

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X (fiten, vid. TU)tati —halb, ae»en and a 
half;«. «.(».)/. eight. 

7td/tcl,(ftr.)n. 1. eightb.elghth part; 1. Mus. 
o) octave; b) vid. — notej —form, — grofe, 
/. octavo «ize; — IttiS, m. octant; Muts, 
—nett, f. quaver; — poufe, /. qoaver-rest; 
— JoH, m. eighth'part of an loch. 

Xd/teln, (»•) <>• «• *» divide into etgbt parta 

listen, (io.) v. I. a. 1. to take for, think, 
deem, coniider, to connt; 2. to regard : a) to 
retpect, eiteem, »alne; 6) to attend to, to for; tlid)t— , to disregard,to take 
do beed or to be mindieta of, to «et (or hold) 
at nought, to make »ltght of ; IL reft. to ob- 
eenre, pay regard to, obey; monad) ft<b ju— , 
which tt to be obierred; m. n. — auf or 
ir«'Wi tt« Gen. vid. a. 2. 6). 

Äd/ten, (w.) «. a. to ootlaw, proteribe, bau. 

Xd/tenS, ado. elghtbly, in tbe eightb place. 

Xd/ten»roertb, Xd/tent-martig, ad;, «id. Xd)» 

Xd/ter, I. ». (*tr.) m. » thing contiitiag of 
eight parte, a uaall lilrer coin of elgbt 
fenninga; II. prep. t adv. 1. L. G. after, 
bebind ; 2. Mar. aft, abaft ; — tut, f., — lofHg, 
jc. vid. $intrrebbc, $interufHg, ic. 

£(b'tcr, (io.) m. proscriber. 

Xeb'tertci, ad;', of eigbt »ort«, elgbtfold. 

Xibfbett, (w.) /., «id. Sdjtbett. [negllgent. 

Xtfit/GW. adj. inattentive, nnmindful, careleaa, 

TttfWittit, (io.) f. inatteotion, unmind 
folneaa, careleaaneas, negligence. 

Xd)ffatn, I. adj. attentive, carefol, beedfal, 
jnindfol (anf, of) ; n. X-Mt,/. attention, ad- 
Tertence (o«f, to), carefoloeaa, mindfnloeii, 
heedfolneas (of). 

Xd/timg, ,. I. («,.) /. 1. attention; -I M«. at- 
tention ! — geben, vid. Xd>t geben i 2. eiteem, 
regard, respect, rererence, consideration, 
deference; concern; an* — für ..., in de- 
ference (or retpect) to . . . ; — baben DOr . . . , 
vid. Xiiten, a.; feine — bejetgen or eroeifen, 
to pay one'a reapeeta (to) ; — btgtrt, to enter- 
taio a regard (cor, towarda); — »erfd)affen 
(bem ®efebc), to Tlndicate (tbe law); II. 
comp. — etnflof enb, — gebietenb, impoaing ; 
X-*bejrfgung, /. tribote of reipect; a-4lo8 
bebanbeln, to treat with aeglect; o-»»oD, 
reapectfnl, regardfol ; a-etvibrig, diareapect- 
fnl; o-Smertb, a-tnnrbig, reipectable, eati 
mable, honourable. 

Xd/tung, (io.)/. actofproacriblng, proacrip- 

Xibt'jebn, adj. eigbteen. 

Xdjr'jtfcncr, (*tr.) m. a penoo or thing to 
■which tbe nomber eigbteen ia attached. 

Xdjt'jtbnte, adj. & '■ (nu, /., n.) eigkteenth ; 
a-nl, ade. in the eighteenth place. 

Xdjt'sig, adj. eigbty, fonr score. 

Xnjt'iiger, (str.) m. 1. member of a Company 
of eigbty; 2. octogenarian, octogenary; 3. 
what waa grown, had been made or had itt 
origin in 1780 (aa wioe, b.c.). 

Xcbt'jigjdbrig , adj. eighty yeara old, foor- 
acore; ble a-e $erfon, octogenary. 

Xdit'jlgfte, adj. (A «.) eightieth. 

Xdjt'jtgftel, (#rr.) n. eightieth part. [aigbs. 

■Ätb'jen, (w.) v. n. to groan, to heave heary 

XdVelef, (io.) /. Bot cniyer-key, colombine. 

XÜttbSx, adj. arable, tiilable. 

XdFtr, 1 s. (str., pl. er) m. 1. groond fcr 
cnltivation, field; ein estfitf — , a apot of 
groond ; 2. acre (of land) ; ben — beftcKrn, to 
tili the gronnd; II. comp. — bau, m. tillage, 
forming, hoabandry, agricultore; — baaccm» 
miffion, /. board of agricnltore; —bann, 
m. haibandman, farmer; — bangefeüfibaft,/. 
agrieol toral aoeiety ;— bttafunoe,/. tbe theory 
of agricnltore, agrieol turitm; — battfunbig, 
adj. agricnltaral; — oantunbige, m, agrical- 
tariat;— baStreibenb,agricnltoral,raral (opp. 
manafactoring [diatricU, *c]); —beere,/. 
vid. {Brombeere* — beet, n. a piece of groaad 
between two forrowa, land, ridge; — bobne, 
/. vid, ©aubobnej — bürget, m. inhabitant 
ofatown,wbopractlaei agricultore;— bifttl, 
/. Bot. common thiatle; — boppen, /. JOy. 
valonla; — broffel, /. Orn. roae-coloured 
thrnahj — c&rmpwt«, m. Bot. germander- 
apeedwell; chickweed; — erbfe, /. Bot. wild 
pea; —erbe, /. oid. ©ammerbej —fett, t>." 
arable field; — frobne, /., — frobnoienft, m. 
Law, aervice done in aoecage; Ägr-s. — 
fnribe,/. furrow ; — golle,/. a marahy or aandy 
part in otherwiae good aoil, • aloogh ; — gonl, 
m. farm-hone; —gelb, n. 1. land-rent; 2. vid. 
—lohn» — gerStb, — gefibtrt, n. ploogfaiog 
toola, fanning ntenaila, faming or agricul- 
toral implement«; — gerid)t, n. coort of agri- 
cnltore; — gefet, n. agrarian law; — bof, m. 
farm, farm-hooae; — ^ubn, n. trid. Stebbubn; 
—Junge, m. ploogh boy; Bot-«. — famUU,/- 
vid. gelb tamille $ —Nee, m. 1 . bare'e-foot tre- 
foil; 2. vid. eübelflee; -Wette, /. prickly 
partoip;— tneibt, m. plongnmaa, Und ;— fobl, 
m. vid. {RainfobU -frobe, /. Orn. roak; 
—fronte,/, moold, vid. grnibteüiej — lonb, 
n. arable land, plough land; fd)»arj** — 
lonb, wood land; — lotttd), m. Bot corn- 
salUd; — lerd)e, /. Orn. field lark; -lohn, 
m. money paid for plooghing; — mann, m. 
l.vid.-4maxati% Bot,vid.St<üX»MMi Bot-*. 

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-U»hn, m. com poppy ; — min je, /. calamint, 
coro mint; — pfert), n. farm- horte; Bot-*. 
— platterbfe, /. yellow vetch ; — rofe , /. otd, 
$cß>rofe{ — fölat, m. coro aallad, lamb'a let- 
tuce;— fenf, m. eharlock, wildmuatard; — 
' fttttB,ai. London pride,colic wort ;X-*niann, 
m. (pt X-*fente) plougher, huabandman, till- 

• er; — (parael, — fperflrl, m. Bot. aparry, 
piaey ; — freaer, /. land tax ; — »alje, /. land 
rotier; — »eg. m. fleld-way ; — »efen, n. agri- 
caltare; — «Ulbe, /. Bot. cora bind; — jeit, 
/. ploogh-ieaaon; — |eug., ». vid. — fleritbj 
-iitt», m. land-rent. 

Xcrern, (w.) o. a, to plosgh, to tili. 
»Xcquif, [Fr.,pron. äks*] n. 1. Com. receipt; 

per — / reeeived paymeat, paid ; 2. Bill lead; 

— geben, to (take the) lead. 
•Xtqtttttmn, (w.) v. a. Com. 1. to acquit, dia- 

charge,dearaccoont*; 2.topay,todiacharge 
*Xct, (ttr.) m. act [or anawer (a bill), 

• KCtt, (*>.)/. act, deed, bill; pJ. public pa 
per*, reporta, record, (X-n|Wcfe) official do- 
coatenta, (judidai) acta, deeds, roll«; }U ben 
X-H legen, to »nbjoln to the acta; X-nfa6Circl, 
b. roll of proeeedingt (at law), regiater ; X-n« 
tammtt, f. offlee of the roll«. 

»Xt'rie", (w>.) /. Com. ahare; pi. fnnd* (in 
aharea), atocln; 3nbaber »cn X-n, »W. X-n* 
tnbttberj nnfidjere X-n, fancy-*tock»; X-n 
beßten, to hold ihares; mit X-n nnibern, to 

*WtBÜx*,eomp. — abfd)nitt, m. conpon to the 
pablic atocka, cut, (dividend) Warrant; — 
bunt, /. joiBt-etock-bank; — bantoefen, n, 
joint-atock-banking ; — befl$, m. fund-hold 
ing, ahare-holding; — brfi v cr, m. vid. —ins 
k b aber j — «lipon, m. tn'tf. — abfdjnttti — fonb, 
m. Joiat-atock; — gefeu°fö>aft, /. joint-atock 
Company, aoeiety of actlonariea; — (anbei, 
m. btuineu in the atock-exchange, col. itock 
jobbtng; — b&nbler, m. actionary, dealer in 
atocka, cot. itock-jobber ;— fhbobtr, m. actio 
nary, stoek-holder, ihare-holder; — mJKer, 
m. atock-broker; —reitet, m. cot. oirf. — fpits 

IcTJ — fibarillbel, m. mania of stock -jobbiug; 

— fpemlation, /. itock-adventnre; — fpiel, n. 

atoek-jobbing (tranaactiona), atock-jobbery, 

coL fnud-bubblea; — fpieler, m. atock-adven- 

tarer, atoek-jobber (o»d. Bear & Bull Vol.t). 
»XetloniY, (ttr.) m. atock-holder, ahare-bold- 

er, actionary. [ment. 

* Xettont'rcn, (w.) v. a. Law, to ane for pay- 
*TfcttO / , I. adj. 1. actlve; 2. effective; o-c 

$onR, wtd. «. ; — banbcl, m. actlve commerce ; 

export -trade; — fdjulben (or XetÜ»), pt. ac- 

tive or oatatandiag debta; — snb f>affl»< 

f (halben, pt aaaeta and debta, debta aetive 
and paiaive, debta dne and owing; IL t. 
(ttr.) n. Gram, actlve voiee. 
aXtti'Dum, (Hr., pl. Xtti'oc) n. 1. Gram. 
actlve; 2. pl. actiye property, aaaeta, vid. 

* XctUttV, («er.), Xctnifriu«, m. actuary, clerk. 
»Xrtn», (pl. Xctoe) m. public act 
X'bam, m. Adam (P. !V.) ; X-*apfeI, m. Bot. 1 . 

Adam'a-apple; 2. oid. ftarabicSopfel} 3. or 
X-Ibi^, m. vulg. (the prominent part of the 
foroat) Adam'* apple, Adam'* bit; X-8fe(flt, 
/. Bot. plantain tree. 

Xbomonf , (w.) m. + k * vid. Diamant. 

«XbanfoW, (to.)/. Bot. aourgoard, mon- 
key'a-bread. [jiblen. 

»Xbbi'ten, (to.) v. a. Arith. vid. jtafammnt* 

*Xbbiti3n', (tt.) /. Arith. additioo. 

• Xbbreffc, vid. Xbre|fe. 
Xbe y , adv. k*. n.* adieu. 

X'bel, s. I. (str.) m. 1. o) nobility ; optimaey; 
peerage; b« nitbeK — , gentry; 6) noble- 
neu, dUtinction by birth; V-fig. nobility 
(of *oul), uobleneu, dignlty (of mind), ho- 
nourablenesi, magnanimity ; ber — bei Wen' 
fd)en, human excellence; II. comp. — fifd), 
m. Ich. lavaret (a speciea of trout); a-tbm* 
Kä), a-'tbcrrfi&aftlid), adj. arutocratic(al),- 
X-«b«rfd)ttft, /. ari»tocracy; X-»brief, m. 
charter, patent of nobility; X-fleytcon, X-<< 
(ftamm)bud), n. nobilinry; — ftanb,m. nobi- 
lity; in ben — flanb erbeben, vid. Xbeln j — 
ftol}, *. k adj. vid. Xbnrnftol}. 

X'belbert, m. Ethelbert (P. A.). [N.> 

Xbfie, Xbeli'ne,/. Adela, Adelina, Adeline(P. 

X'belbeib,/. Adelaide (J°. N.). 

X'brtig, adj. noble, of noble extraction; X-t, 
.i. 1 . m. noble, noblcman ; patrieian; grandee : 
2. /. a lady of noble birth. 

X'beln, (w.) v. a. to ennoble: 1. to raiae to 
nobility, to make noble; 2. fig. to dignlfy, 

«Xbept', (vi.) m. alehymiat, adept. [exalt. 

X'ber, t. I. (vi.) f. 1. Anat. (also Min., fig. 
kc.) vein; 2. courae (of metal in a mine, of 
water in the earth), load, Geul. dike; 3. a 
(treak or wäre of differeut colour (in wood, 
kc [grain], in marble or other stonea [clood, 
&c.]);bnrd) Bteinmaffen nnterbrodjene X-n, 
traniient load*; bie golbne— , Anat. hemor- 
rhoidal vein; Sment bie— fdjlagen or offnen, 
jur — laffen, to bleed or blood a peraon, to 
let one blood; id) t)d)t ftnr) — gelaft*, I 
have let blood; U. comp. Anat. k Surg-i. 
— befdjwibnng, /. anglography, pblebogra- 
phy; — binbe, /. bandage to He up a vein; 
— brofl), m. phleborrhage; — gefledjt, n. vaa- 

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ealar plexas; — gtfcbmuift, /. 1. dilatbra or 
swelllng of a vein, tnmor; 2. vid. — tnottni 
— biutd)rn, n. ehorion; — fnoten, — fr»pf, m. 
•wollen veln.varlx; — lof, m. lettingofblood, 
Meedmg, phlebotomy, veneaection; — lop» 
bduftbdjen, n. blood-letting compren; — lojl: 
bttfen, n. bleeding-baai«; — lofbinbc, /. 
(blood-letting) bandage; — löprifen, lt. «et. 
fleam, lancet; — laftunfl, /. phlebotomy ; — 
laflancrtte, /. — laffcbnepper, m. 1. Sarg, 
bleeding-lancet, human lancet; fleam; 
— (of}eug,n. bleediag-ioatrument*, bleeding 
eaae; — lehre, /. angiology; — peefl*, /. toor 
niqnet; — reiü), adj. fall of veinc; — fiblag, 
m. 1. JWed. pulte, pnlnation; 2. Surg. (— 5ffs 
nnng) veneaection; — roaffer, n. Anal, the 
lymph mixed with the blood. 

S%erd)eri, (str.) n. (dim. o/Xber) little vein. 

TPberig, S'bertg, adj. veiny, veined. 

Jfbern, Stern, (v.)v.a. to vein, to grain, 
clond, mark with vein*. 

*3Cbjectn>', (str.) n. Gram, adjeetive. [junet. 

*Xt)jltncf, (io) m. ataiatant, Substitute, ad- 

* Xbjufli'ren, (u>.) v. a. vid. Steffen, *c 
*3fbjutanf,(u>.)m. Mit. adj u tan t, aid-de-camp, 

«Vier, *. I. (str.) m. Orn. (Her. kc.) eagle ; 
Der brounfable — , fawn-killer, einereona or 
whitetailed eagle; II. comp. — dbnlid), arfj. 
aqniline; —äugig, od), eagle-eyed, eagle- 
•ighted; — Monte, /• u«d. Tttfclrf} — eulc, /. 
Orn. eagle-owl, great horn-owl ; — fönen, m. 
Bot.vid. Saumforrenj — geirr, m. vid. SSeip 
fopfj — nofe, /. aquiline noae, booked noae; 
— ftein, ffl. Min. eagle-stooc, aetitea; — »etbs 
d)rn, n. eagleta. 

Xblig, adj. vid. Xbtlig. 

* Xbminiftra'tor, ra. adminiatrator, trnatee. 

* TfbralräT, I. *. (str., pL »mira'lc AXbrnirWe) 
m. Mar. (Conch. kc.) admiral; IL comp. — 
fdjttft, /. admiralahip; — fö)aft mad)en, Mar. 
to call in Company with other ahips ;— (S)f(btff, 
«., TC-Cgoleere, /. admiral, admiral-galley, 
admiralahip; X-Srutb, m. admiralty; X-«s 
rcürte, /. admiralahip. I 

* TfbmtTttlitlf, (w.) /. admiralty; navy office; 
■JC-egerftbt, n. admiralty-conrt, board or 
eoort of admiralty. 

VbOlf. Tfbolpb, m. Adolplina (P. A'.). 

* aWni», m. Cr. Afytfc. Adon»(P. A'.);-rJfc, 
/. (— r&cben, n. dün.) Bol. pheaaant'a eye, 

* Xboptfren, (no.) ». o. to adopt. [bird's eye. 

* Xbopti»', ad)', adopted, adoptive. 

* Ibreffat 1 , (to.) m, the perton addreaaed. 
«Xbrcf*«, comp. ~b««b, n. Com., tc. band 

book, (or — f olenbtr, m.) directory, coJ. red- 

book; —burtoll, tu register-office ; — <omp< 
toir, n. office of intelligence or addreaa; ad- 
vertitiag- office; —forte, /• addreaa-card; 
Com-«. — iettel, m. labet, ticket, docket. 

♦ Hbref'fe, (vi.) f. I. a) direction (of aletter) ; 
aaperacriptiou ; addreaa ; b) cj. Xtrefsjettel f 
2. Com. firm ; - auf ben KotbfoII, address 
in caae of need; an bie — , per — , (to the) 
care of . . . ; her ©rief ift nie an feine — gr» 
langt, the letter ha» never reacbed ita de- 

♦Xbreffi'ren, (ip.) v. a. to direct, to addreaa, 
auperacribe; @ncn an Sknunb — , to recom- 
mend one to another. 

Xbriafifd), adj. Geog. Adriatic. [manner. 

*2fbritrn'ro,(/t.) odo.Com. directly, in a direct 

* TCbbent*, *. I. (str.) m. Ecc. adveat ; IL comp. 
X-{M>gel, m. Orn. ember-diver, ember-gooae-, 
X-ajtit, /. adveat-aeaaon. 

*"X»ottV,(str.) Xboertiinm,». Gram, adverb. 

♦^fboerbitt'Iifd), adj. adverbial (ada. — ly). 

*5(bct8', (str.) n. ad vice, notice, vid. Xoi*. 

«XbDOcif, s. I. (tc.) m. adrocate, pleader, 
lawyer, couoael, coun«el(l)or; barriater at 
law ; defender, attorney ; IL comp. X-enge> 
bfibren, pU iawyer'a fee; X-tnMff, 5t-en» 
ftreid), m. Iawyer'a trick. [advocaey. 

* IbOOCOtür', (v)f. advocation,advocateahip ; 
*3ffto«, comp. — bnna'mit, /. Rtys. aerody- 

namica; — gräpb', (u>.) m. aerograpber; — 
gropbie', /. aerography ; — Htb', (u>.) m. Mtl. 
aerolite ; — 15g', (w.) m. aerologer ; — logie*, /. 
Met. aerology ; — mr'ter, (str.) n. J%y. aero- 
meter; — «ettie', /. Pky. aerometry ; — nanf, 
(w.)m.aeronant,oid.guft|fl)iffrtj— nan'tit,/. 
aeronantica; — nan'tifd), adj. aerooaatic(al ) ; 
— flaf , (w.) m. air-balloon, aeroatat ; — ftaf if , 
/. aeroatatica; — ftafifd), adj. aeroatatlcal. 

Xffe, (ic.)m. 1. ZooL moolcey, ape; bieTCffen, 
vid. 7C-ngcfd>k(btj 2. fig. jack-an-apea. 

Xffen«, comp. —Ort, /. 1. breed of monkeya; 
2. habit of monkeys; —artig, — baft, — «apig 
(iffifd)), adj. mookey-like, apish{ — (brob)s 
bovin, vid. Kbonfoniej — fraje, /., -- gtfi<bf, 
n. ape'a face; — geftt)lt(bt, n. Zooi. qnadra- 
maaa (pL); —liebe, /. blind partiality (eape- 
cially of parenta for their cbildren), dotage; 
—nofe,/. Hat noae; — naftg, adj. flat-noaed; 
— fd)»anj, m. 1. tail of a monkey; 2. fig. a 
droll or affected peraen; — fpiel, —werf, »«. 
apiahness, npish tricka; foolery; — fpntng, 
m. gambol; — (lein, m. Not. monkey biezaar; 
— »etbdjen, n. female of the monkey, abe- 
monkey, abe-ape. 

tff'ebcn, (str.) n. (dim. ofXfft) ütUe moa- 
key, pog, i 

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«tXfecf , (atr.) m. paaafon, alfection ; obne — , 

animpaisiooed. [valoe. 

»XffectiöRt'ptti*/ (jfr.) m. Colt), imaginär) 
♦ Xfjeettrt', «Ü. concelted; affected, »ade np, 

cf. <9e|iert j bat a-c SBefcn, caaceitedaea*. 
Äffen, (ic.) r. o. to nuüce m fool of, to raock. 
ifetvl, («.)/• »• »P>»g; 2. mockery. 
Xf fbm, (».) /. wo*. Xffaweibdjen. 
Xfßa), «6. vid. Xffenarttg. [eider. 

XfPbolber, (<fr.) m. Bot. gadder-roee, water- 
•Xflboilf«, comp. Bot-«, -inte,/. 1. yellow 

day-lily or Uly daftodil; 9. aaphodd-lily ; - 

Bor»/ /. daffodil. 
X'frire, n. C»ar. Africa; X-ner, (rfr.) m., X- 

nerta, (it.) /. X-nifd), a<ö'. African. 
Xftcr, L i. (*fr.) m. 1. Anat. anu; 2. coi. 

backaide, battocki; II. prep. tn comp. 1. af- 

ter, heiiind; 3. a) eunilar, approaching to; 
«&) inferior ; c) not genaine ; Not. i.e. pieado 

baatard ; HI. comp. — abaoea t, m. vulg. back- 
' attorney; — ufera, m. Bot. baatard or falae 
ayomore ; — (Htm, f. Ent. naked bee ; — «rjt, 
m, qoacfc, charlatan; — btabe, /. Surg. T- 
bandage; — Mitti)tn, n. Bot. atipnla ; — btat» 
fluf , m. Med. bemorrboida ; — bremfe, /. Ent. 
gadäy; — bfirte, /. cid. — geburtj —bürge, 
m. Loro, «econd bail; —bann, m. vid. 2Xafl» 
bann; — -bolbe, /. Bot. cyma, tnft, apront; 
— botttnnragenb, — Kolbenförmig, — boftig, 
od/. Bot. cyraoae; — cinfefevng, /. £aw, en- 
teil—erbe, m. Law, auhatitate heir; — falte, 
i». t»d. KenntöMer J — ftoffe, /. Zeh. anal 8n ; 
— flfigcl, m. On». baatard wiag; — füSe, pf. 
Ent. prolega, apnrioua lega; — atbtttt, /. 
Med. after-birtU, aeoondine; — fegcl, m. 
6eom.coaoid;— finb, ». i<nc, l.poataamoua 
ehild; 2. baatard; —{lauen, pi. 1. dewelawa, 
gnarda; 2. ergota; —tollen, p(. cindera, 
anall eoala, doat of coala; — ffinig, m. pre- 
teaded kiog, pretender ; — jforn, n. Bot. light 
coro; — irittfrr, m. vrauld-be critic; — fUflei, 
/. Geom. apberoid; —lebet, n. Shoe-m. 1. 
cfcipa of leatber ; 2. beel-piece inaide ; Lam-t. 
— Ie$n, n. meane tenore, meane lief, arriere- 
fee; —lebnS&err, m. meane-lord, va(l)vaaor 
— (ee)ii$ntann, -febnaträger, m. under-feoda- 
tory, arriere-(or rear-)vaaaal , tenaat-para- 
vail, nnder-tenaat; — Iebn«pfli<btig, adj. pa- 
ravadl ; — Ubn*Dtrfc&ltni£, n. aubiufeadntion ; 
— mebl, n. mill-dnat, eoarae fleur, poUarda; 
-Wt$e,/.»«cond-handhire;— mietbsmann, 
m. after-(or ander-) tenant; — ttoofe, pt. 
algs, aea-veeda; — padjt, m. Lote, ander- 
tumcj ; — pao>ter, — pädjter, m. under-farm- 
er, aader-tenant; in — paajt geben, an einen 
—pidjter »ctpadjten, to oaderlet, fablet; — 

papft, m. anti-pope, pretended pope; — cebe, 
/. alander, backbiting; — reboi, v. n. (von) 
einem, to alander, backbite, calamniate; 
— rtnte, /. onder-rent ; — fd>Ifta, vid. XbrOBm, 
2. 6); — fdjörl, m. Min. thuraer-atone; — 
fpradje,/. calamny ; —(lein, m. paate ; —(lud", 
n. Sad. cantle, back part of a »addle ; — topaS, 
m. Min. Bohemiaa brown topaa; — pafaD, 
m. vid. XftcrlebnSntann; — pernuetycr, —per« 
paibter, m. aaderletter, eublctter; — ecrbör, 
n. LaiBi mock-trial; — maljc,/. Geom. eylia- 
droid; — »eife, m. philoaophaater, aophiat; 
— ipcie^ett//. over-wiaeneaa;— mit,/, impr. 
vid. Ka<b»elt j — »e*pe,/. vid. äBaflartrocspe j 
— »ült), m. Mar. wind in tbe back (or from 
abaft); — jinS, m. Compound intereat. 

Xga'ifd), adj. Geog. A^geao. 

XgSf, vid. Ttfat. 

Xga'tbe, /. Agatha (i>. N.). 

*3fga'oe,/. Bot. agave, tbe great aloe. 

X'ge, (w.) /■ vid. ®ronnt. 

Xg'elei, vid. Zitlti. 

♦ Xgen'be, /• 1. CA. agenda, prayer-book; 2. 
Com. miaute-book, table-book, tablea. 

*Xgenf, (u>.) m. agent; Com. Äc. (hooae-) 
agent, factor, conaignee; leger; Mar. agent- 
victualer; ber gebeime — , emiaaary; 7C-cn< 
gebühren, pt. commiaaion-feea, factoragc. 

♦ Xgenf fa)aft, (w.) Xgentar', (ie.)/. agenuhip, 

♦ Sgfbe, (w.)/. 1. AfytA. asgia; l.fig. «hei- 
ter, protection. 

*3£'gü), [Zt.; pron. ä'zbio] n. Com», ci- 

change; agio; mit bofton — in 6onr« fein, to 

be cnrrently aaleable at a high preraium; 

—conto, n. agio aecoant. 

■2Cgiota'ge, [iahjötä'zhe] /. atock-jobbing; 

naury. [oaarer. 

•Xgiotear', [-tit 7 ] (str.) m. ttock-jobber; 
*Kgioti'ren, (in.) v. a. toetock-job; to prac- 

tiae naury. 
Xgtei, vid. Xititi. [aide, agnate. 

*Xgnät',(w>.)m. Law, relation on the father'a 
♦Xgrapfe, (w.)/. claap. 
tgap'ten, n. Geog. Egypt. 
SgUP'ter, Sgw'tier, (utr.) m., Xaap'tctinn, 

(id.) /., Sgap'tifd), adj. Egyptian. 
XI), int. ah; pooh; a(a, int. aha. 
Tti)U, comp, —htm, — tirfebe, X-efcorn, *c, 

«id. Xal»beere, &c 
Xb'Ie, (w.)/. awl; prick, pricker; Typ. bod- 

kio; a-nfjrmtg, Bot. awl-ahaped, acomi- 

nated; X-n^efi, m. awl-heft; X-nmtlber, m. 

X^m', (w.) /. 1. awm, awme (a Datch nea- 

aore for liquid«); eine balbe — , a rändlet; 

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eine boppeltr — , a poncheon; TC^men, (to.) 
v. n. to gage (a caak); Xb'ttter, m. ganger; 
2. or Tfb'ming, /. Jlfar. dranght. 

5f§H, (to.) m., — &err, m. ancestor, grandsire, 
progeoitor, forefather; X-cn, pi. aneestry; 
abelige 3C-en, descenta; oon »ierje&n X-«n, of 
foorteen desceat*; er bat bie meiften 2C-en, 
he bai the oldest pedigree; — frao, /. an- 
ceatreu, foremother. 

Tf&n'ben, (w.) t>. I. a. to reaent, ref enge, Tiait 
(with punlshment), panish ; 11. cor.for X^neit. 

XbtAnng, (to.) /. 1. reieotmeot, revenge, 

iyren«, comp. — ftranj, m. wreath consistlng 
of earaof coro; — lefe, /. gieaaing; — lefer, 
m. gleaner; —reib), a<tr. apieote; — fptje,/. 
otd. (Stoimej — flOBbig, ai;. Bot. spicate, 

S^ren, (to.) o. I. a. to glean; II. rtf. to ear, 
to ahoot (ont) into ear». 

»Vi, n. vid. gault&ier. 

3Cia>«, comp, —eil«, /. ataadard-yard; — ge» 
bfl&r, /. gager'i fee; — maf , n., — ft«b, m. 
gage, Standard ; — ineiftrr, Xftber, m. gager, 
adjnster, 4c. [(weights). 

Tü'im. (to.) ». a. to gage, aize, adjost, atamp 

rengeance, Visitation, pnniahmeat; 2. cor.g«2C'ts [pron. ä'-ii], n. Afujr. A sharp. 

/or Ttbnung, 90. 

Ab/ntln, (w.) o. n. (wftfc Dat.) to reaemble. 

X j'nen, (to.) v. a., n. 4 rap. (with Dat.) to an- 
ticipate,to have a presentiment of; toangor, 
to forebode, to goeu, to divine; to aarmise; 
— laffen, to foreibadov; btr Jtnabe lief bat 
SXann — , the boy gare angary of tbe man ; 
t» abaet mir, my beart forebode»; et abnet 
mir md)t» ©ttteS, my miad miagirea me; 
fein »efndj lift mtd) nid)t* ©ntt« -, hl. ri- 
*it bodes me no good; raetna^nenberSraitm, 
my dream of antieipation. 

TtyntB', comp, —probe, /. proof of nobility 
or gentiltty; —reibt, n. Laue, prerogative 
fooaded npon anceatry; — retye, /. iine of 
anceatora; — ftolj, I. m. pride of anceatry or 
pedigree; II. adj. prond of anceatry. 

K^n'lilb, adj. k ado. ancestral. 

t&n'Hd), adj. like, resembling; agreeing, (alto 
Geom.) aimilar ; nnalogon« ; — ma&en, to a* 
•imilate; — »erben, to Uke alter; — fein or 
fe$en ( einem, IC), to be or looklike, to 
come near, to reaemble (one, 4c), to have 
or beer resemblance (fig. an analogy to); 
Die* fiebt fbm — , thia ia Uke bim, 

Sbtt'ttiben, (to.) v. I. n. to reaemble; II. a. & 
refl. to make Uke. 

tbn'Udjreft, s.\. (to.)/. likeness.resemblance; 
similarity, analogy, agreement; — baben mit 
..., vid. $bnlia) feinj II. S-t», comp, ana- 
logical (law, 4c); 2-*regel,/. analogy. 

Y^'nnng, (to.)/. preaentiment , antieipation, 
presage, forebodiog, misgmng; fit felbft bat» 
ten feine — bonon, they tbeauelvea bad no 
tospicioa of It 

Vborn, (tlr.) m. Bot. maple; — jnefer, 
niaple ingar; Ti-tn, adj. made of maple. 

tfjfn, (to.)/. 1. ear (of coro), «pike; bie taibe 
— , tare ; bie Meine — , bat ibrdjen, spikelet, 
spicala; in t-n fd)ie« en, to ahoot ont into 
ear»; t-n lefen, to glean, to ear; prooinc-». 
2. vid. TCJenu 3. Arch. entrance-ball of • 


asTfrabentie', (to.)/. 1. a) academy; 6) antter- 
aity ; e) X-m, pi. Point, Ac atndiea; 2. rl- 
ding-honie; XfabeWfer, (*tr.) m. acade- 
mician; Xrabt'mifo), adj. academic(al); en 
öfobemifo)« Bürger, academic; OTabemiJr', 
(to.) m. academiit. 

Xro'jie', 4c vid. Xcacie, 4c 

Weiei,/. 1. vid. Vdelei) 2. vid. «BeiWf*. 

* Tut rofFitben, (ttr„ pi. Xfroff id)a) n. acroitic. 

♦ Xfuffif, (u.)/. Phy. aconatica, phonica. 
«Xtuffifo), adj. acooatic. 

Viabaffer, ($tr.) m. Min. alabaater. 

Xlabaffern, adj. 1. alabaater; 2. (as) white 
aa alabaater. 

Yla'nen, pi. AIani(an ancient Germuic tribe). 

%'lant, (str.)m. 1. Bot. elecampane, horae- 
beel; 2. Ick. chnb, cbevin; —beere, /. vid. 
Sobanniebeere, fd)»arte. 

«Warm', (ttr.) m. alarm, tumnlt, vid. iixmi 
tat —»ort, Afü. connter-parole. 

«Xlarmfren, (to.) v. a. to alarm. 

VlOttir', $. I. (str.) m. Min. * Chem. alooa; 
II. comp, —artig, —faltig, —ig, adj. »latni- 
nou«, alomiib, alumy; Tan-«. — bti(t, — 
brdbe, /. alam mordant; in bie —bette legen, 
to pile (tbe hides); —gar, adj. dresaed with 
or in alam (as hides, 4c); —$uttt, f. alom- 
hoase; — liier, n. leatber dresaed ia alam, 
alum leatber; —fieber, m. alnm-boiler; — fte« 
berei, /. — nerf, n. alom-trork ; — ftein, m. 
alnm-atone; — »ofler, n. aliun-water. 

Xlan'nen, adj. of alam, alam. 

Xlairncn, (to.) ». o. to (prepare with) alosn ; 
to ateep in alom-water. 

Xlba'nien, n. Geog. Albania, Albaoy. 

Ubo/nier, (ttr.) Xibone'fe, (to.) m. XMwif*, 
WbontUf*, adj. Albanlan. 

Wbt,(w.)f. 1. Ich. bleak; 2.(or Xlbele, VT. 
ber) Bor. white poplar, cf. Vbele; 3- See alb. 

TCfbern, adj. silly, simple, doli; foolisfa, ab- 
surd; idle-headed, brain-siek; bot a-e^eng, 

Wbern, (10.) 0. N. to Ulk or behare ailUly. 

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XPbttnbeit, («.)/. aillineu, eimpleneae; ab 
nordity, feolUhnen; filly aetion, fooiery. 

TCPbert, Wbrtibt, m. Albart (P. Ä). 

*TCld)rnrie', (ib.) /. alchymy. 

«XlCycmflte, (»•)/• «*d- ©tnott. 

•XUbradfrV (w.) m. alchymiat. 

%10a)emffrifd), «Ö- alchemical, alchemiatlcal 

ffttctt, (rtr.) n. (dim. of Xal) a yoang eel. 

Xlrxairorien, n. £eog-. Alexandria. 

Xlexoubri'lirr, (rtr.) m. 1. lnbabitant of Ale- 
xaadria; 2. Poet. Alexandrian, Alexandrine. 

alexalt orftlifd), adj. Alexandrian,Alexandrine. 

Xlflrto, TtKr, /. Allee (P. Ä). 

KFfani, (.rtr.) m. 1. fooiery; nonaenae; 2. or 
KFfoJlitr, a liHy, nonsenilcal fellow; Tflfan« 
jerei', (».)/• »iMy» föolieh bebavionr. 

IQgaVbicn, n. 6«og. Algarve. 

•Ttt'gt, (w.)/. aea-weed, alga. 

•Tfl'grtr«, /. MotA, algebra. [braleally, 

»Xlgebra'ifd), L od;', algebralc; IL odo. alge 

♦ Xlgebroifr', (».) m. algebraiat. 

XFgier fjwwi. ärzhtr], (rtr.) n. £eog. Algler» 

XTgierer [al'xhl-], (rtr.) m., XTgierlfib, od/, 
Algeriae. [X-gcfter) n. iow, alimony, 

»Xltaenfe, (w.) pJ., Xlimen'tengelb, (*rr., pi. 

mXUmtntPtat, (w.) 0. o. Law, to maiatain. 

19, (»fr.) m. Orn. ank, diving parrot, «coot, 

*Xlt9om, (*rr.) m. bed-chamber, alcove. 

XU (Xlte,Xrte,XlT««)/I- ««'•(* *.)all,every, 
any; alle beut, botfa of them; fte out, all of 
them; MI «Um Singen, firat of all, before 
all, in the fint place ; alle Seit, every body, 
all the world; auf alle Seife, in every poi- 
«ible way ; auf alle gälte, by all (any) meana ; 
e(ne «Be Urfodje, witbont any reaion; ebne 
. alle Btxmtnft, vtterly void of reaaon; mit 
allet <Se»alt, forcibly; in aller eile, withali 
poarible apeed; aBc3abre, every year; alle 
oreiSaae, every tblrd day; alle Reben 3abre, 
every aeven year« ; nid)t alle Zage, not every 
day; bei aOe rem, for all tbat; all nnb jeber, 
au and every, all and eandry, each and all 
(of them, &c); er ft>rid)t bei all unb jcber 
OebgeSyeit, be ■ peak« on every and any oc- 
eaaion; II. Xlte», 1. everytbing, anything, 
all: er (et — verloren, be haa loat bi> all; 
er bat — »errauft, be »old off every thing; 
— aufbieten, to »traln every nerve; — bei 
... gelten, to be one and all with ...; et ift 
TBcn — , be ia all thiog» to all men; er ift 
ihnen — , be U everytbing to them; er fann 
-, he ii ekilled in anything; e» ift mir — 
ritt, gleiib, einerlei or reibt, it ii all oae, 
the saaie or eqnal to ne, I am for anything ; 
W — fa ber Seit, for aU the world; -, 

nor aio)t ..., anything bot; lieber -(TCnbtrc), 
ttl» „., anything rather than ; c* fommt — auf 
©emobnbeit, je. an, habit, Ac ia every thing ; 
VSe für einen, Com. Laie, aolldariiy; KUc 
für einen nnb einer für XUc, eacb for the 
other jointly aad aeparately; 111. ado. cal. 
ade: no more, at an enii, all gone; ber «Sein 
ift — , the wine is at an end; bal Selb ift — , 
the money 1* tpent; — maä)cn, to exhauat, 
diaeipate; — nerben, to be apeut ; IV. comp. 
aU» : — anerkannt, aniverully'acknowledged ; 
— barmberjig, ail-merdfal; —berannt, n«to- 
riom, publicly known; —bereit», ado. vid. 
»ereit* j — ba, adv. $ vid. £a{ — bicncil, 
+ vid. SSettj — bert, vid. Bortj — cnrfdjei« 

benb, Anal; a-efammt, ado. altogether; a-t» 
nege, adv. 4= in every way; every where; 
alway« ; o-emeile, ado. vulg. (joit) now ; a-e« 
jeit, adv. alway 1, (at) every time, ever more : 
—gebet, m. all-giver; — gebietenb, all-com- 
manding; — gefällig, time-serving; —gegen« 
»art, /. omnipreaence, nbiqnity; —gegen« 
»irrig, omnipresent; — gemad), ado. vid. — 
miblig, adv.; — genugfam, ThtnL all-saffi- 
cient; — gcred)t, all-jut ; alt-rlghteou; — ge< 
red)te, m. the All - rigbteon« (God); — gc> 
«wlt,/., —genalrig, vid. — madjt, — madjtigj 
— gitteret, /. ptntheiam; —gültig, of nni- 
vemal validity, deciaive in every caae; — 
gut, n. Bot. good Henry ; —gütig, all-good, 
ail-boontiral, all-boanteona, all-graciona, 
all-kind; —gütige, m. the snpreme dlapoaer 
of all good ; — beil, n. panacea, a aovereign re- 
medy ; — berrfibenb, all-commandlng ; — bier, 
+ -b(r'ro, ado. vid. |»ierj — jdbrlid), adj. 
annaal , ado. annnally ; anniveraarily ; — 
maifit, /. almightineaa, oinnipotence ; — möd)« 
tig, almighty, omnipotent, all - powerful ; 
— midjtigt, m. the Almighty; — ntdblig, adj. 
gradual, progreaaive, adv. gradaally, by 
degreea, by eaay or alow atepa, aoftly, gent- 
ly; — mäblifl niebergebenb, Bot. dedined; 
—matter, /. * (a!l-bearing) eartb, nature; 
— febenb, all-aeeing; — febenbe, m. All-aecr; 
—fettig, versatile; — fettig ermegen, fig. tho- 
rooghly weighed; — fettig? fit, /. veraatilily : 
— tdgig, — tiglid), adj. k ado. 1. daily, quo- 
tidian, every day; 2. commonplace. Hat, tri- 
vial, common; ein ~tagßd)c8 Sieber, a quo 
tidlan fever; ble— tdglidje Crfübrung, every' 
day'a experience; ein — t&glid>C6 Jtleib, an 
every day (ordinary or work-day) conti 
andre*« robe, uniform, ftc., undreaa; —tag« 
Ud>e *3etrad)tangen , commonplace relec- 
tiona ; — tdglidjmt, /. commonneu, (what ia) 
commonplace; — tagSflcib, n. 1. vid. —tig« 

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tobe* Jtletbj 3../!*. nadreaa; -togtnjelt, /. 
worklng-day worid; — tdgtvit, »*• common 
place-wit; — amfaffer, m. stall-embracer; — 
wrebrt, all-worshipped; — maltenb, all-go 
veralng; — »life, all-wise, all-Jcnowing; — 
tt>eU(eit, /. supreme wiidom; — »iffenb, all 
knowiag, omnisdeat, omnisdoua; — loiffm* 
(eit, /. omnisdence ; unbounded knowledge ; 
— mifferei', f. pretension of knowing every 
thiag; — »o, adv. $ vid. 8Boj — p, adt>. 
too, too mach, over-: — jnfceunbli^ , over 
friendly; — jttfrudjtbar, over-fruitnil; — ju« 
glcidj, ado. all at onoe; — jugrof, too great, 
over -great; — jngrof e Btfcbmerbe, /. over- 
fstlgae; — gnmal, adv. £ all at oace; alto 
gether; — juftbr, vid. — gU3 — Jttjärtlid), 

OT, Ortr.) n. universe. [over-food. 

«YQee', (u>.)/. alley, walk, aveune. 

*Yucgorie / , (*>.)/. allegory. 

• XBege'rifä), I. adjf. allegoric, Bctitions; DL 
ado. allegorically. 

Mein',*decJ.)*a<to. l.alone; ilogle; 
solitary; 2. apart, by hlmseli, hersdf, iUelf, 
*c; 3. adv. only, mcrely, solely; gut} — , 
all alone; er führte et faft — ant, he execn- 
ted it almoit single-handed; — fein, to be 
private; — ftcbcn, to stand apart, to be iso- 
lated; er lebt — , be lives by bimself, ringle 
or aeparated; IL eonj. bot; III. comp, —iu 
fit, m. absolute or exdnsive pouetaioo; 
gefpraa), n. aoliloqay; — (anbei, m. mono- 
poly ; —(anbei treiben, to monopolize, to ea 
gros» the trade; — (anbler, m. monopoliat; 
— (errf<(aft,/.monarcby; — (errfiber, m. mo 
narch; — rbeber, m. aole owner (of a ship); 
— feligmadjcnb, adj. only «aving. 

Xuel'nig, I. adj. only, exdodve ; ber a-t (Sott, 
tbe one {or oaly) God; für beuten a-en ©es 
braud), for yoor leparate nae; II. IC-fett, /. 
tbe State of being alone, ic. 

Xll'emal, adv. always, at all times, at any 
Urne, every time; ein für — , once for all. 

BHemann', («»•)"». Almain; X-ten, n. andern 
Germany ; X-ifd), adj. Allemanaic. 

Wenfall»', od», at all events, at any rate, inj 
«aae of need; perhaps, by chance. 

TfttenfoE'fig, adj. eol. eventual. 

OTentfaPben, adv. everywhere, in all place», 
at every haad, on every slde. 

Ttl'ler, («>.)/.tHd. cjrie. 

STler«, gen. pl. of 3CU, in comp, vitk the tu- 
perlaUoe: of all; — beft, beat of all, very 
beat; }a— trft,ftnt and foremort; ber— befte, 
the best of all; Mc -orgftt Xborbrit, tbe 
height of folly; — <brifUtd)ft , most (very) 
Christian (epithet of tbe King« of France) ; 

— ttagl', adv. qiite, of coune, rarely, snra 
enough, it mnat be admitted, to be sure, by 
all means, certainly, vid. $rcilid)i — burtb« 
iauibtigft, most »erene, most high, most il- 
loatrioua; — getreneft, moat (very) faithful 
(epithet of tbe Kings of Portugal); — gnö» 
bigft , adj. most graclous; adv. most gra- 
dously; — (anb 7 , — lei, I. indecl. adj. omni- 
farioas, various, divers, suodry, of all «ort«. 
of all kinds ; — Ici SBcine, a variety of wioea ; 
II. *. n. 1. Cook, hodge-podge; %fig. otio. 
medley; —(eiligen, pl. Alt-sainta, Ali-sainta- 
day;— (ciligen(cli,n.log-woed,Bnuil wood 
of All-saints bay; — bdlijft, most holy; to* 
— (ciligfte, n. 1. tbe holy of holies; 2. vid. 
ÜRonftranjj -(öd)ft, sopreme, sovereign; 
ber — (6ibfte, the most High ; — licbft, charm- 
ing; extremely amiable; very engaging; 
-ritebfi I int. very fine I tob ! — «anne(arnifd), 
m. Bot. spotted ramsoa, loog-rooted garlic; 
—mafen, I. eonj. $ beenase, since, whereas; 
II. adv. in every way, qnite; — meift, I. adj. 
most, most part; U. adv. especially, parti- 
cnlarly, chiefly; — freien, (nie. bat geft — ) 
pl. AU-ioola(-day); —feit», adv. on every 
aide, from all parts; — tofott, — wegen, ado. 
n+ everywhere, thronghont; — »eftefrennt, 
m. friend of every body. 

allgemein', I. adj. universal, geaeral, common, 
pablic; eine a-e Aranf(eif,an epidemical dis- 
ease; ein a-(< ÜRirtet, a aoverdgn remedy; 
ÜnX-en, in general, generally (speaking); 
man fagt (et) — , it is all abroad; — onge» 
nontmen, commonly-received. conveational ; 
— f «rift, /. pasigrapby; H.3C-(eit,/. 1. nni- 
versality, generality; 2. Law, common; 3. 
fig. generalization, (vagne) generality. 

V0'(eit,/. sum of all nnities, totality. 

♦ÄHianj', (w.) /. Pol. alllance, confederaey, 

«nUTrf, adj. aliied, anited. [leagoe. 

«Vl'manad), (ttr.) m. abnanac; annnal. 

*XI'menbe, (ic.)/. common (property). 

* Wmöfcn, I.».n. «Jnn, taarit y; um ein— bit> 
ten, to beg a charity; II. comp, —amt, n. 
1. alms-houie, almonry; 2. almonenhip; — 
bndjfe, /. — foften, m. alms-box ; — empfinger, 
m. beneBdary; —gelb, n. charity -mone). 
poor-money; poor's tax; —genoffe, (— mann > 
m. alnu-mnn, pl. (— leutc) alm*-people; — 
forb, m. aim«-baaket; —pfleget, m. almoaer, 
overseer (of the poor); — fpenbc, /. distri- 
bution of alma. [almoaer. 

»Wraofenier/ [Fr., pro». -»»'], (ttr.) m. 

XTof, (u>.)/. aloes; mit - serfe«t,aioetic(al); 
— bolj, n. aloas-wood, xybüoes. 

* Xlon'ge [Fr. , alona/tae], (w.) /. rider (an 

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addhtiaa affixed to the copy to be prieted, 
to * docoment, a blll of exchange, Ac). 

31c' fc, (».)/• '<*• cbaU, ibad, goat fish. 

Ktp, #. I. ('fr.) m. night-raare, incubns; II. 
(10.)/ monntaia, vid. 3tlpcnj III. comp, 
brücfen, n. (preaaiag of the) oight-mare; — 
babn, in. vid. Kuerbabrt} — mannibcn, n. hob 
gobiin ; — ma«*,— ratte,/oi'd. «KurmcUbitr j 
— rabc, m. Orn. 1 . aolitary iparrow ; 2. hennit 
wow; — ranfen, vid. fflitterfüf ? — fibof , — 
Itcin, m. 1. fairy-stooe; 2. vid. ©C-nnerftcin 5 
— $opf, m. ilfed. plica. 

Ttl'ptn, s. I. p'. the Alpe; high graziog lands 
(in Switzerlaud, Jtc.); jenfcttt ber — , trans- 
alpine; bieSfcitö Ser — , cualpine; II. comp, 
alpine, alp-, cf. äBerg», Stein«} Bot-». — <uns 
pfer, m. baatanl rhubnrb, alpine dock; —bei« 
fup, m. mountain worrawood; — btroo&ncr, 
m.oi<l.ilplcr, 1.5 — ii:U,f.Bot. the amooth 
dwarf birch; — bo&Ic, f. Om. 1. vid. Ups 
rabcj 2. vid. Äpfrabe» —erbe,/. T. ding} 
mouid; — föbrc,/. Bot. mountain pine; — fcs 
rcHc, /., — falffl, m. Ich. (caie or red) char; 
— 6of, m. cowkeeper's far«; — botlt, n. alp- 
horn, cowherd 's hörn; — tt&tft, f. Orn. alpine 
crow, mountain jack-daw; —traut, n. vid. 
SBaffcrtoflcnj — laud), n. vid. XUcrmannS* 
barnifdj 5 —paß, ra. pass of the Alps ; — pflanjc, 
/. alpine plant, rock-plant; —reifen, /. pl. 
Alpine jouraeyinga; — rofe, /. Bot. 1. vid. 
»ergrofe, 2. vid. {Rofenlorbcerj —fanget, 
pt. alpine singen from the Tjrol, Stiria, ic 
traieling the country and singing before the 
public alpine aonga; — floef, m. alpine pole; 
— »iefe,/. alpine paatare. 

♦JCIpbaMt', (ttr.) n. 1. aiphabet; 2. Typ. 
tbree and twenty printed aheeta, qoire; — 
fdjlöffet, vid. aud)(tobcnfdju5fferi K-iftb, adj. 
alphabctical ; QC-ift'rcn, (10.) o. a. to aiphabet. 

Xl'pifd), adj. alpine. 

ICln'ltr, («fr.) m. 1. alpine monntaineer, higb- 
lander; 2. alpine ihepherd. 

Xl'raua, (*(r.) in. Bot. mandrake; earth apple, 

Xlrau'nc, Vlrü'nc, (u>.) /• propbeteai of the an 
cient Germans, sorcereis, weird-stster, bag. 

Tili, conj. 1. (in comparisons) than; aa; like; 
2. aa. in the capacity of; 3. to wit, namely, 
vix. (videUcet), auch a»; 4. but, except, be- 
aide* ; 5. when ; fonobl ... — (üttd)), as well 
... aa; üb f)6xt — genip, I hear for certain; 
— ob, — isenn, a§ if; ju auaenfd)cmli<h, 
t>ap man fid) itjren tonnte, too etident to be 
miatnken ; — bub, ado. directly, immediately, 
furthwith; —bann, ado. tben. 

»Yfe, Oo.)/. vid.*tofe. 

XX ff, I. adv. tau«, 10, ao mneb, »0 far, in this 

manner (vid. ®0)J II. conj. consequenily, 
therefore, accordingly, tben, ao then, cf. 

Kit, I. adj. (comp, dl'tcr, sup. ol'ttft) 1. old; 
aged ; 2. aoeient (of rights, &c.) ; 3. antiqne ; 
4. second-hand (clothea, booki, &c); 5. 
stale ; ruaty ; 6. time-worn, rui noas, decay ed ; 
7. of old or long standing, long establish- 
ed; inveterate; 8. trite, cf. Xbgebrofdjenj 
fehr — , far gone (or advanced) in yeara; — 
genng, of a fit age; a-e« Cifm, old broken 
iron, scrap or bashel iron; a-e» fiaitf! cot. 
vid. TCltttl a-er Jtifc, ripe, rotten or decay- 
ed cheese; oor a-en Seiten, of old, in timea 
of yore; eine a-e Simgfcr, an old maid; bot 
a-e fitegifter, gen. lud. an old person ; ein «-er 
SSolbat, a veteran (noldier) ; II. comp. — bat« 
f cn, stale (bread) ; — berannt, well-known ; — 
beutfeb, old German, Teutoaic; — ebrnürbig, 
time-honoured; — flitftr, m. nender of old 
shoea (clothea, *c); — franftfd), — mobifd), — 
»dtcrifcb, old-faabioned, antiqne; — gebient, 
veteran; — gcftO, m. head-joarneyman, fore- 
man;— glaubtet, addicted to theolddoctrine; 
orthodox ; — gloubigfett,/ ortbodoxy ; — gos 
tbif d), (ancien t) Gothic ; —fing, knowing (be - 
yond one's years), too early matured for one's 
age, precocious, forward; — fncd)t, m. haad- 
senrant, cf. 2ßtgcfeII, — Keiftet, m. head-ma- 
ster, eider, senior; — mobifa), old-fashioned ; 
— mittler, /. grand-mother; — fobelcifen, old 
aable iron ; — tefiamentlUb, relnting to the Old 
Testament, Mosaical ;— oater,m. grandfatber, 
tather; — oäter ber erften Jnrd)e, vid. ffirj» 
»4ter>— baterifa), old-fashloned ; — odterlid), 
ancestral; —»orbern,/, pl. ancestors, pro- 
genito'rs; — roaffer, n. the braneb of a river 
where once the maln Channel ran; — leetbrrs 
mdffg, anile ; — weiberfommer, m. 1. goaia- 
mer; 2. the fine days at the end of aatumn. 

*ÄIt, (str.) m. 1. Mas. connter-tenor, blgh- 
tenor, alt; 2. vid. Xlantj comp, —geige, — 
biole,/. vid. SJrarfibej — pofaune,/. alto-trom- 
Bone; — finger, m. connter-tenor-ainger, al- 
tist; — fd)lüffe',m.,— jricben,n. connter-tenor 
or nlto-clef, the C clef on the third line; 
-ftfmmt, /. vid. OTt, m. 1. 

♦ Xl'tän, (*tr.) m. balcony, platform: terrace; 
•(open) gallery; Hat roof. 

*Kl'tär, (str„ pl. OTtfre) m. altar, conunonioa- 
table ; iah & acrament bei Tt-t, the aacrament 
(of the boly commnnion) ; comp. — betleibung, 
—bette,/, commonion-cloth ; — biener, m. Rom. 
Catk. acolothist, acolyte ; —gelb, n. altarage ; 
— gemoBe, b. altar-piece; — gefrbirre, n. pt 
sacred veaaels ; — tcld), m. cbalice. 

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VU, (decl. likt adj.) I. m. 1. old man ; 2. 
fams. the old one, governor; Wer! old fei- 
low! old bladel old chapl ebrliiber Xlter! 
boneit Veteran! 3. the male parent (of ani 
mals); 11./. 1 . old woman ; 2. col. goody, dame, 
crone ; 3. the female parent (med of animals) ; 
m. bit Uten, pl. the ancients (Greekn, Ro 
mam, *c); unfere X-n, onr forefatheri, an 
cettort, col. eider«; IT. n. an old thing; 
bat tfk etwa» TC-tt, thls U nothing new; id) 
bleibe beim X-tn, I am still for the old way, 

Ä'te, (ifl.) /. (I. u.) quality of being old. 

Sl'teln, (w.) v. n. 1. to grow (or be) elderly, 
oldlih ; 2. to grow ttale, to fade, wither. 

Wten, (u>.) v. n. vid. Xltent. 

Xl'tentbeil, (ttr.) n. Law, vid. XnSgebinge. 

Xl'ter, s. I. (»fr.) n. 1. age; 2. ancientness 
(of a rigbt); ancientry (of a fiunily); anti 
qnity; 3. oldne»; staleness, tc. cf. Xtt, 
adj'.; tat bobe — , great, advanced or old 
age, decllning age; M« in bot fpitefte — , 
to the tatest period of one'a exlitence ; b06 
blfibenbe — , the prime of life, yontb, llower 
of age ; in feinem — , at hii time of life; cor 
X-*, »onX-« ber, ofold,anciently,formerly; 
n. comp. X-sfolge, /. seniority; X-Cgcno$, 
m. contemporary, one of the tarne age; <K<)< 
grau, gray with old age, »time-gray; a-(e> 
fd)n>ad), weak from (worn oot with, decayed 
with) age; — fo)mfta)e,/. decrepitness. 

Xl'terltd), *c. vid. eiterli*, 4c. 

Xl'tern, (w.) c. n. to grow old, col. to break. 

Xl'tertbßm, (ttr., pl. Xl'tertbumer) n. 1. anti- 
quity; 2. vid. X-sftüif i comp, X-Sforfä)er, 
X-Henner, m. antiqoary, antlqoarian; X-»* 
gefeHflbaft, /. anüquarian society ; X'»hmbe, 
/. archeology ; X-£ftü(f, n. antiqae. 

Xltertbumelei',(w.)/. pretenalon to autiqnity, 
antiqaarianism. [Hier. 

Xl'tertbimler, (irr.) m. vid. XIrertbnm»fcT« 

Xl'tertbumlid), adj. antiqne, ancient. 

Xl'tefte, (sup. o/aB) m, eider, senior, alder- 
man ; X-namt, n., X-nwürbe, /., X-nred)t, n., 
eldenhip, (eniority. 

Xttbee', (io.)/. vid. «bifa>haut. 

»Xltiftf, (w.) tu. Mut. altbt. 

tUflii), adj. elderly, oldlih. 

• Xlum'mt», m. (pl. Xlura'nen) a acholar who 
haa free boarding, lodging and tnltion in a 
seminary, Seminarist. 

Xm, contr. of an bem, vid. Xn t — erden, flrst, in 
the flrst place; —befeen, best; iibbin— beften 
baran, Ihave the best oflt; Bit ftnb- Spiele, 
it ia yonr tarn (in play) ; — teben, In life, alive ; 
Stanffnrt - SRafct, Frankfort on the Main 

* XmaFgam, (ttr.) n. Chem. anuügmm (of aB- 
ver, tin, *c). [Bäte. 

•Xmolaamt'rcn, (».) v. a. Otem. to antalga- 
Xm^ie,/. Amelia(P. W.). 

* Xmaran tb', (rtr.) m. , Xmarairtbe, (to.)/. Bot. 
amaraoth; a-en, adj. amaranthine. 

«Xmarelte, («.)/. Fom. Armenlan cherry. 
*Xma}o'ne, (id.)/. 1. amazon; 2. j!g. virago; 

comp. X-nommer,/. Orn. amazon'a bnating; 

X-nfletb, n. amazon rlding-dreaa, joaeph; 

X-nftrem, m. Geog. Amazon river. 
»Xmiar/a, (to.)/. (in Aturia) Com-«, »tore- 

honse, ambar; warehonae; X-nmwtbe, /. 

warehonse rent, storage. 

* Xm'be, (vi.)/. Garn, two nombers drmwn aa 
a prize in the Italian game of lotto. 

3fnrT»er, (str.) m. cid. Xmbraj -traut, n. Bot 
maatic(h) thyme. 

'Xm'bo't, (str.) m. 1. Sm. anvil; ein jwcifatj* 
jiger (or ^orn) — , virfg. bickern, bick-iroo 
(cor. from beak-iroo), rising anvil; 2. AnmL 
ineu«; — tttbn, /. face of an anvil; — fd>mteb, 
m. blacksmith; — (iotf, m. stock of an aunviL 

Xm/bra, m. 1. (graaer) ambergris; 2. (futfw 
figer) liquid amber; — aborn,— bäum,»». Bot. 

1. maple-leaved liqaldamber, swcet-gaai; 

2. (or — flanbe,/.) amber-tree; — buft, m. fn- 
grance ; sweet perfbme ; — fugel, /. mnskbal, 
pomander; — tÄgcId)cn, n. ambra seed. f * 

XmbrSS', Xmbro'pa«, m. Ambrose (P. iVJ 
«Xmbrofia'nifd), adj. ambrosiaa; ber a-c f 

gefang, ambrosian ritnal. 
«XmbrVfifa), adj. ambrosial. 
X'metfe, (w>.) /. £nt ant, emmet, piaaaire; 

roetfe — , vid. Zermit. 
X'metfen«, comp. — bdr, — frefler, Hager, m. 

Zool. ant-bear, ant-eater ; —ei, n. ant's-egg ; 

— bonfen, m. ant-hill, ant-hillock ; — jnnflfer,/. 

— Wroe, m. Änf. lion ant, groondass, fonnicat- 

leo; — friedjen, —laufen, Afed. vid. — febazu 

ber; Cftem-*. — fautr, adj. formio; — fdure, 

/. formte »cid; — faure ®alj, ». formfeate; 

— faure Zbontrbt, /. formiate of alumin; — 

fajauber, m. Afed. formication. 
5t'mel«, comp. — f orn, n. Bot. amol-corn, apett- 

wheat; — raebl, n. vid. ©tirfe, 2- 
*2fmen, adv. & *. n. amen. 
Xme'riFa, (str.) n. Geog. America; XmerifV* 

ner, (#tr.) m., X-ncrinn, (w.) /., Imerira'^ 

nifd), adj. American. 
*Xmctba(t', (».) m. Min. amethyst; violet 

qnartz; —farbig, adj. amethystine. 
*Xmianf, (itr.) m. Min. antlanth, raovntain 

or earth-flax. 

m. provinc. bailiff, justice, chief magistrate. 

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MK, (».) /. (wet-) aurse; X-nmdbrcben, 
n. nursery-tale; X-nfiSbe, /. nursery. 
Wnui, m. Bot. bull-wort. 
»Xnunenbcmenr', [Fr^ämängdmimg'], n.vid. 
BertefftnmgMCntrag. [ammer. 

Wster, (w.)/. 1. «id. XnareScj 2. «id. (Seife: 
«Xmmir'nia*, (rtr.) m. dem. ammonlac; o-a'« 
lifo), — faltig, adj. ammoniacal ; — gammi, 
». gast anunoniac; — fttlj, n. «al ammoniac, 
♦iräontr', (w.) m. vid. ammonlborn. 
t'immo'mam, n. dum. ammonia. 
XnrmonJborn, {Hr., pl. «"-birner) n. Fet. am- 
nonite, snake-stone. [f${ff, n. store-sbip, 
»Jmnramrion', (id.) /. vid. «Ranirionj 7C-*« 
♦ annieftie', (w.)/. 1. amnesty; allgemeine 
free pardoa, general pardoo; 3. or — befrei, 
n. act of oblivion. 

«Vmor, m. .Rom. AfytA. Love, Copid. 
*Xntottf ten, m. pi. «id. SiebeSg ätter. 
•Xmorti'rtn, Imerrlfrrert, (w )«. a. to annibi 
late, liquidste, redeem, sink (a fand, a debt). 
«XntortifaridV, (w.) /. Law, amortlsation; 
redenptioa; X~staffe, /., «"-Jfonb, m. sink- 
iog fand. [*Iamp, 

Xgr*pcl, (w.)/. -Rom. CWA. haoging-lanip; 

Inr>fcr, (rtr.) m. Bot »orrel; — front, n. com 
moo »orrel, dock. 

»1«p^ltif(?, («.)/. amphibious animal, am 
pbibiom; a-nbaft, adj. ampbibioiu. 

»Xnipfcit&ca'ter, (rtr.) n. amphitheatre. 

*3Cmj»ftit^eatr<rlifit, a<#. ampnitbeatrical. 

♦Xmpntatfirn', (w.)/. Surg-*. Imputation; 
I-6(*3itf eI)4Binfi», /. cape-Une. 

»Xmpatftrm, (to.) «, «: Surg. to amputate. 

Jar'fcl, (w.)/. Ort». ou»el, blackbird, merie; 
die ifalfenifa)e-, solitary thnub; -ff 4, m. 
fcA. (aea) thnub. 

Int, «. L (rtr., pl. tmftm dim. tmtf <hen) n. 
1. Charge, employment, office, ofBclal sitna- 
tioa, Station; post, place; commiialoa; ma- 
gistraey ; bot bo&e — , klgb employment, dig- 
nity; 2. board, court, Council; 3. a) adml- 
nistrarjoa of a pnblic domain; fr) domalo; 
4- bailiwick, Jurisdiction; 5. Ect. mau, Of- 
fice, «er vice; 6. «id. 3mutng5 7. fig. bu- 
aineas, cooeera, prorince, call; IL comp. — 
füjjnatb, adj. actiog; — bau«, n. bailiffi 
hoaae; office; coart, manslon; — ü>|, adj. 
withoat employment: 1. out of office; 2. pri- 
vate, independent ;— lofigf eit,/. tbe belng out 
of offiee ; —mann, m. 1 . j tuticiary ; baiiiff ; 2. 
(u aier of crown döAüos; warden; Steward; 
-mannten, /. wife of a baiiiff; — raannfdjafr, 
/. bailiwick ; Jurisdiction (dignity) of a baiiiff. 

Itata*, comp, official, referring or belonging 
to aa office, domain, ke. ; — alter, tl. aeniority 

in office; -oaner, m. peaiaat, attaehed to 
a public domain ; — iefSrbenmg,/. promotion 
to an office; — Vttii)t, m. official aeeonnt, 
report, despatch; — beflbeib, m. decree of 
tbe baiiiff; seatence; — bemerber, m. candi- 
date for an office; — bejirf, m. jarisdiction; 
dlstrict of a public domain; —Watt, n. offi- 
cial gazette ; — bOtt,m. messenger; — brober, 
m. vid. — genoffe j —b*ä), n. eourt-rol); — 
bitner, m. beadle of a domain-jadge; — borf, 
n. vlllage belonging to a public domain; — 
folge, /. saccession in office; — gebülfe, m. 
assistant, adjnnct; — gntofft, m. colleagne, 
associate, partner, assistant, Joint commis- 
sioner; — ßifcbdft, n. official duty, business, 
professional labour; — fleficbt, n.fig. grate 
or solemn air, frown ; — gtnalt, /. authority ; 
— (anbbmg,/. Thtol. ministration;— t)(avpt* 
maim, m. higb constable or governor of a 
dlstrict; upper baiiiff; —jünger, m. candi- 
date; —lümmer, /. Chamber of tue domain; 
-Mi, n., — Reibang, /. gown ; bie jpapftliibe 
(or bWflttbe) — Keibang, pontificals; — md» 
fig, official, ministerial.professional;— afene, 
/. tiid. — gefwbtj — «ife, /. official tonr; — 
ridjter, m. justice; — fdjretter, m. bailUTs 
clerk, clerk of tbe conrt; — ftubt, /. audit- 
office, hall, office; court; —tag, m. coort- 
day; — t^dtigWt,/. the Performance of of- 
ficial daty; mftT — tbdtiglrit fettn, to sos- 
pead; — »errlujtung, /. official duty, func- 
tion; — oertreter, m. Substitute in office; de- 
puty; — ocrnalter, m. bailiffs depnty, sub- 
stitnte, steward;— sermefer,m.admiaistrator 
of an office &c. ; — sogt, m. baili ffs Substitute, 
steward; beadle of a baiiiff; col. tipitaff; 
— OOgtd,/. stewardship ;— metbfcl, ">. rotation 
in office; — mürbe,/, professional dignity. 

TCmflid), adj. official, miaisterial; bic a-e ^>cr: 
fon, nugistrate. 

"Xu, I. prep. (1. with the Dat., when it ex- 
presses rest or motioo in a place; 2. with 
the Acc., when indicating motion to a place) 
at, in, oii, by; to, towards; against; with, 
up; of; near; as far as, tili; bU — , 1. (up) 
to ; about; 2. to (the end, &c.), tili ; — einem 
SDrte nobnen, to live at a place; — einer 
Unioerfitdt (angeftcHt), in aoniTersity; — 
bem »ette, at the bed-side; — berÄbfir, at 
the door; — bie SbuT, to the door; — bem 
Ufer, npon the shore; — ber Xbemfe, on the 
Thames; am 6d)iff ju liefern, Com. to be 
delivered at the ship's side; bubtor naje — 
(ber {Kauer, it.), close or hard by (nezt) 
the wall; — ber SBanb bdngen, to hang on 
the wall; - ber SBanb befeftigen, to fasten 

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tgainst tbe mU; bcr Sting — fdnem Steger, 
the riag ob hi> finger; — ber ftanb fübten, 
to lead by the haod; — 'itrfictea geben, to 
walk with erntchea; id) fenne i^n — feinem 
(Bange, I know bim by bis gait; — einem 
Sonntage, of a Suuday; — bem erfien 3a: 
nnar, ob the firat of Janaary ; — ftib, ia the 
abatract ; — ttlib für fid) (betradjtet), abatract 
«Uy; er bat »tele geiler — fid), he it aub- 
jeet to Buny faaiu; — meiner, beiner, ic. 
Statt, in my, your, 4c. place; ei ift — mir, 
bir, IC, H ia my, yonr, &c. tarn; e$ ift — 
bem, it i» tnie; ti if| niait— bem, et ift nidjts 
— btr 6a*bc, there ii bo truth ia it ; ia« liegt 
— 3bn«,tbatliea with yoa,thatisyour fault; 
et ift ntdjt* — ihjn, he ia a wortbleaa (good for 
nothiog) fellow; — feiner Stelle, ia it* place; 
— Statt, vid. Xnftatt j — M» feä)g bunbertSBa; 
gm, about fix hudred waggon«; — bte )ebn 
Xbolcr, near ten dollara; eine fltebe — ben 
Aömg, an oration to the king; — Der Sittfe 
btrum ffibren, to lead ose by the noae; fo 
etei — 2Ratbcrlobn, ao mach for makiag ; fo 
oiel — mir ift, aa far aa lies ia my power; 
II. ad», »o» nun — , from thii moraent for 
ward, henceforth; &on Stanb — , from thia 
hoor; oben—, unten — , vid. Sben, ic 
S)erg— , up Uli; $immel— , towarda heaveo, 
heaTenwarda; III. int. Mü. (at Bring): fer= 
tig! make ready ! — i preaent! gener! fixe! 

* Xn'a«, Greet prtp. in comp. — btptiff, (*>.)«. 
anabaptiat; — d)roni*'mu*, m. anachroniam; 
— gramm/, (rfr.)n. Pbet. anagram ; — gromma: 
rtfa), anagrammatical ; — grammattfi'ren, (10.) 
v. n. to anagrninmatize ; — freorrtifd), ana- 
creontic; — lec'ten, pl. analecta; — Iogir, (w.) 
f. analogy; —0g', — Waifd), ad), analogoaa, 
aaalogical; — lo'fe, (to.)/. Math, analyeia; 
Cftem.decompoiitioD.ajialysi»;— lt)fi'ren,(u>.) 
v.a.l. Chem. to aoalyze ; 2. Gram, to parae ; 
— lortf, (».)/. anatytica ; -Jnftfer, (str.) m. 
aoalyat, analyzer ;— lt)f ifd), adj. analytic(al); 
— morpbo'fe, (w.) /. Opt. anamorphoaia 

*7'nana6, /. Bot-i. ananaa, pioe-apple; — 
Mrne,/. pioe-apple pear;— «rbbeere,/. cone, 
giant or pine «trawberry ; —[einen, n. graaa 
cloth; — DOgel, m. Orn. humming bird 

■JCn'ttnfern, (v>.) v. a. Mar. to faaten by an- 
chora, to anchor. [anapeatic. 

* «"napÄff, m. Gram, aaapeat; a-ifd), adj. 
Xn'arbeiten, (to.) v. a. 1. to join to by meana 

of work; 2. fi%. (with gegen), to oppoae. 
*Xnard)ie / , (tu.) f. anarehy. 

* a'n«r'd)ifa), adj. anarchic(al). 
Yn'Srtett (to.) v. n. (aux. fein) to become 

natnral to, in; angtarttt, iaaate. 

* Xnatfr/tma, XnatbinV, (*tr.) n. vid. Boss* 

Xn'Stbmen, (io.) t>. a. to breathe at or npoa. 
*Xnat9m', (w.), tt-irer, (ttr.) m. anatomut, 

diiaector ; "&-W, (to.)/. anatomy ; 3C-i'ren,(«o.) 

v. a., ind.jjerglicbern ; X-ifd), adj. aaatomicaL. 
Xn'dugeln, (u.) v. a. to look at tenderly. 
^tn'baden, (ttr.) v. I. n. (aux. fein) to ding, 

deave, «tick; IL o. to malte to »tick. 
Xn'babnen, (uj.) v. a. to break apath for, c/. 

einleiten, 3. [ftc). 

■JCntiaBrn, (to.) v. roß. to dod to (of »ao». 
Xn'bonnen, (w.) v. a. to bewitcb with. 
■JCn'bau, (*tr.~) m. 1. caltiration; coltnre; iav 

provemeutn, improving; 2. aettliog, »ettk- 

mept; 3. buildiag; additional boildiog, ad- 

dition; lean-to; auperatrueture. 
^fn'bauen, (tr.) v. I. a. 1. Agr. to caltirate; 

2. to build (by adding) to; II. rtfi. to aettk, 

to eatabliah one'a resideace. 
Kn'bauer, (.rir.) m. eultirator, planter, im- 

prover; aettler, colooist. [tirated. 

QCn'baultd), adj. coltivabie, eaaily to be col- 
En'befe'bten, (jtr.) v. o. to enjoin, Charge, di- 

rect, comraaod, bid, order, to give order»; 

to reconunead, give io cbarge. 
Xn'beginn, (ttr.) m. commencemeot, bepa- 

niag, prime; Don — , from the firat of tiat. 
■Jtn'bebalten, (ttr.) t>. a. to keep oo. 
TLnbtV, adv. iacloaed, annexed, cf. hierbei» - 

folgt, annexed you recelve, I adjoin to tbi». 
'JCn'beipen, (ttr.)v. I. a. to bite; to bite a Utile 

or the firat piece of; II. n. to bite or nibble 

(at the hook, aa a nah). 
TCntelang, (str.) m. concero, regard. 
TCn'belattgrn, (w.) v. a. nid. Xnlangen. 
Itn'bencn, (vulg. Xn'belfern), (io.) v. a. 1. u 

hark at, yelp at; 2. coni. (of peraooa) t» 

aaarl at; to bawl againet. [modaat. 

Yn'btquQnn, (w.) «. a. to adapt, to aecoat- 

Yn'beraumcn, («.) v. a. Law, to fix or ap- 

poiot (a atated time). 
Xn'be'ten, (w.)v. a. to adore, worship; t» 
idolize; a-6iȟrbig, vid. Xnbetung6ȟrbig. 
TCn'bner, (str.) m. adorer, worabipper, volar) 
OC-inn, [w.]/. votareaa); idolizer, «dnaira 
(of a lady), lover, aoitor. 
Ttn'btttaäyt, »id. 8etrad>t. 
2Cntetreffen, (str.) v. a. to belong to ; to 
cern; mai mid) anbetrifft, aa far aa I au 
cerned ; a-b, toaching, conceraing, aa for. 
TCn'betteln, (io.) v. I. a. to beg, addreaa beg- 
ging; to importane; n. refl. to inaioaat« 
one'a aelf in a meaa beggiog maaner. 
Vs/bltung, (u>.)/. adoration, worahip; a-4* 
I »Utbtg, adj. adorable. 

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«Vbiegm, (rtr.) «. a. 1. to crook, infleet, to 

bend to; 3. Com. A Law, to rabjoin, anoex. 
Xn'btctCR, (ttr.y v. I. a. to offer, present, to 
boM ont, proffer, teader; anjHbirtOl, offen- 
ble; D. n. to bid flrst, to Start a priee (in 
public aalei). 

"XVbirttnig, (ui.) /. offer, offering. 

VtftUbtn, (to.) v. o. to impart by trainlng, 
Ac. ; fidt (Dat.) 8tS>a6 — , to accustom one'« 

«elf to, to aoqaire (a fcnowledge of, in) 

XtrTnnfce*, comp. —falb, n. /feto, weanling; 

— blotf, m. Mar. mooring-block, 
Yn'btnben, (rtr.) o. a. 1. to tie, to fasten, 

bind; to tetber (a hone, Ac); Mars, to 

laafc, belay (a rope, Ac.); to moor, make fait 

(a boat); 2. Huib. to wean (calves) ; 3. eoJ. 

a) (said of reaper« , Ac.) to a»k (one) for a 

present; 6) to make (one) a present ob his 
birthday; einen Baren — , cant. to contra« 
• debt; mit SiatB — , to engage (er to 
meddle) witb one in a qoarrel Ac, to ag 

greas; farj osgebimbat fein, to be irritable, 

pert, abrupt or prone to aoger. 
Xn^r», (rtr.) m. bite. 
XnWlfe*, (ttr.y v. a. I. to blow (ap) (the 

fire); to blow against, upon, to breathe at 

or upon; 2.fig. to put on lightly; 3. Sport. 

to annoonce by blowiag the bogle-horn. 
Xlrtlatt, (itr„ pl. Xn'blatter) n. Conf. wafer. 
XirTrtatten, (ir.) t>. er. Corp. to feiten, join 

(of beam*). 
Xm>feefen or Xtr*btlfttt, (te.) v. a. to put out 

tbe tongoe at (one); to »how one'» teeth 
XirT>tt<f , («fr.) f». ieok; view, aspect, sight; 

appearanee; spectaele; beim erften — , at 

firat tight. 
Xn/Mi<frn f (w.) v. a. to look at, glaace at, 

caat an eye upon, to give a look; jornig — , 

to frown at. [leer at, 

Wblinfcft, IfTrTlünieCOn, (*>.)». a. eol. to 
XnTrtit en, (to.) v. a. to glance at, to dart a look, 

Ac. npon. [to growl at 

Xn'bßrrn, (u>.) v. a. to bleat or low at; fig. 
Xtito^ren, (to.) v. a. to bore, pierce ; ein gaf 

— , to broacb, to tap a cask. 
Xn'bobnmg, (io.)/. Afed. 1. vid. Xbjapfimg ; 

2. trepanoing; 3. Perforation. 
Ttn'boijat, (t».)t>. a. to bolt, fitsten witb bolts. 
Xn'borten, (io.) Afar. vid. Sntent. 
Xn'borftnt, (io.) v. n. Sport, to brlstle ap, 
Xs/braffen, (ib-.)». a. Afar. to braee (the sails) 

in, to haol in (the weather-bracea). 
Xlrtrmtftn, (ic.) v. a. to rush on .. .; to at 

tack in a blastering manner. 
Xtfbredjtn, (str.) t>. I. n. (atix. feto) 1. to 

break, to begin; Der Zag bridjt an, tbe dsy 

I breaks; 2. to rot; iL a. to break off, to ent, 

to open, cf. Xnftestat, 3. 
Xn'bremwn, (irr.) v. I. n. (aux. fein) to begin 

to bnrn, to catch ßr«, tarn op, kindle, Ught; 

— laffen, to burn; II. a. 1. to Ught, to kindle 
(a Are), to ignite, to set on fire; 3. Cook, 
to bnrn (meat, Ac). 

Xn^rinoMr, ad), aaleablt, marketable. 

Xirtringett, (irr.) v. a- 1. to bring in, on or- 
abont; ein™ 0d)iag— , to bring hone or 
bit a blow; 2. to get on (a boot, Ac); 3. to 
apply, coatrire, fix, plant, place; to con- 
struct, pnt op; 4. Sport, to set (tbe blood- 
hounds) on the game; 5. to iatroduee; to 
exhibit (a cbarge); Jtlage 8<8*l> ••■—/ to 
inform againat . . . , denonnee; 6. to diapose 
of; Com. to seil or vend (eonuaoditiea); to 
negociate (bitls); to pass off; für »Ott— , to 
paas cnrrent; «ntBbtmgtn,wid.X»bringbat} 
»a» iftbtinXBbriBgen? wfaat's your bnsiness 
{eol. errand)? nobl angtbcoibt, well applied 
or timed, seasonable; übel anaebraa)*, ill- 
placed, misplaced, illrtimed. 

abringet, (rtr.) m. Heck. (dnfubr[d)Iano)), 
vid. dubrtnger. 

Xn'bmd), (rtr., pl. Xa'brflibe) m. 1. break, 
beginning; Zaget— , dawn (of day) ; — her 
Sfaubt, dusk, night-fall; 2. rot(roUen State), 
monld ; 3. flrst breaking np (of a aüne, Ac). 

Zn'brftditfl, I. acht, spoiled, rotten, moaldy; 

— merben, to tarn or to grow rotten or nraal- 
dy; II. 3f-feit,/. rottennes«. fsteep. 

WbrS^en, (to.) v. a. to scald, soak, infuse, 

Xirtrütten, (io.) v. a. to beliow or low at, to 
roar at. [at. 

Xn/brimmeit, (».) o. a. to grnntble, or growl 

•Xna)o'ot / [pron. eol. äatshj/re], (w.) /. an- 
choTy. _ [seniority. 

* XaCiermetat', [ Ft., pron. ängsl-] /. eldership, 

TLifaaäit, (w.) /. devotion ; feint — otnrid)ten, 
to say one's prayers ; to artend to one'a de- 

In'fcotfctäc, comp, devotional; — bud), n. ma- 
nnal of devotion, devotional work or goide; 
—log, nadevoat, devoatless, irreverent; — 
Iofigfeit,/. nndevoutness, Ac, irrererence; 
—ort, m. place of devotion; — Übung,/, devo- 
tional exercise or duty; — ooB, adj. devoiit. 

TfnMArtelet', (to.)/. misdevotion, bigotry ; by- 

Xn'bifbteln, (ir.) t). n. to be over-pioos; to 
act the bypocrite; a-6, hypocritical. 

Xn'baifctig, I. adj. devout; devotional, reli- 
gio»»; FI. "X-ttit,f. devoutness. 

Xtr^taVtler, (rtr.) m. devote«, devotioaaiist, 
bigot, oont. canter. 

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2n'bad}tlerifd}, adj. blgot. 

Älbolu'ffen, n. Geog. Andnlatia 

Xnbafa'ffrr, (str.) m. TfnboIn'Hfilb, adj. Anda- 

Xntdmmtn, (w.) «. a. to dam «p, to dike (aa 

a mill-race, a canal). 

Xn'bauernb, adj. tasting, sastained.continnal, 

Xn'brn, /. p(. Geog. the Aadei. 

WbenFen, (.tfr.)n. 1. remembmnce, memory, 

' recollectlon ; 2. commemoration; 3. token 

(ofremembrance), memoria!; keepsake; ;nm 

— , in memory (an, of); a» a memorial , by 

way of keepsake; Semanbet — feiern, to 

commemorate; in'» — jaralf rufen, to re- 

tWc; in (nod)) frifibem — , (yet) fresh in 

tbe mind» of men, freshly remembered 

«Vber, I. adj. (**.) 1. other ; 2. differeat ; 3. se- 

cond; ein X-er (m.), eint V-e (/.), '• anotber, 

tome, (any) one elae; etnat 3C-e»,-n. a)an- 

other thing, aomething or any thing elie; 

6) a differeat tbiag; fein t-tt , no man or 

nobody eise; nitbtt X-r8, nothing elae; biet 

ift utdjtt X-t», alt . . . , tbie U nothing bat 

. .., or nothing »kort of...; a-eJKefber an« 

{leben, to ihift one'i clothei; a-en Sinnet 

»erben, to change one'» mind; ein a-et Zt* 

fern, eine a-t «Bett, an hereafter; einen Zag 

vm bttt a-n, every Mcond (other) day; eine 

88od)e um bie a-e, week abont; eint um bat 

X-e, by (or in) tarn», altcraately; einmal 

über bat a-e, agaia and again, repeatedly; 

unter 0-n, among other thing», among the 

reat; II. comp. a-W, adj. indecl. of another 

Und; a-nfaDt, adv. otherwwe; a-fettifl, adj. 

belüg on the other aide, nlterior; a-(tr)feitt, 

a-ntbeitt, adu. on the other side or band; 

a-nirtt, adv., — »Artig, adj. k adv. in aa 

other place, eliewhere; a-rorfi, adv., a-reei* 

tig, adj. in another place, at another time; 

otherwiae; doae in anotber manner; forther, 


Änderbar, Xn*berUd), adj. alterable 

Snberri', (u>.) /. fam. groundless or too fre- 

quent change, alteration, aseleai Innovation. 

Xn'bern, (w.) v. a. & refl. to alter, to change; 

ft<b— , to alter, to change, to tarn (one'« 

mind); ./Jg. to reform. 

Xlroer», I. adv. otberwise, another way, in 

another manner, difterently; eise; ganj — , 

ur otherwiae; nidjt — , jnat so; to be sore; 

irgenbwo — , somewhere eise; nirgenbt — , 

nowhere elae; fl<b — btfinnrn, to alter or 

change one's mind; — beuten, to differ, to 

disaent; — färben, to alter or change the 

colonr of . .., to gfre an other coloor to ...; 

— lebten, to onteach ; — »erben, to change, 

to alter; U. eonj. »enn — , »0 — , if, pro- 

vidod; nenn— nidjt, nnless; »tnnCie — fru 
[Insian. $aufe flnb, provided yon be at home; OL 
comp. — »o, od«, elsewbere, somewhere 
eise; «. (».) Law, alibi ; —»ober, adv. from 
elsewbere, from another place; — roobia, 
ade. to another place; er fafc — »cbfn, be 
looked another way, 
TCtrtertbillb, adj. one and a half, as mach surf 
half as mnch ; — gu> long, seaquipedal, aee- 
qoipedalian; —mal fo grof, sesquialter; — 
yfnnb, a poand and a half. 
Änderung, («.) /. change, alteration. 
XlrVuten, (to.) v. a. 1. to declare by aigas, 
to indicate, notify, annonnce, declare; 2. to 
intimate, joggest, hint, inainoate; 3. to en- 
join; 4. to signiry; to foreshadow. 
Xn'benrnng, (to.)/. 1. declaration, notifica- 
tion; 2. intimation, anggeation, insinnation, 
hint, (hasty) glance, glimpse. 
XirWibten, (to.) v. a. (einem Qtmat) to im- 
pnte, to Charge- (one) with ... falsely, to 
pnt or shift npon (one). 
aVbienen, (to.) v. a. Com. vid. {Reiben. 
Xirtonnern, (to.) v. I. n. 1. to thunder at; 
to knock violently; 2. (oux. fein) to fall 
againat with a thandering noise; O. <r. to 
addreaa in a thandering voiee; to stan. 
Wiorn, (itr.) m. Bot. hoarhoand; her braune 

— , red dead nettle. 

Xnwren, (w.) v. o. to dry a little (fruit»). 
«Vbrang, (rtr.)m. msh, crowd, press; pres- 
sure; Med. congestion (nad), towarda). 
Xn'br&ngen, (to.) v.La. to press or crowd 
against; II. refl. (vith an) to conrt the fa- 
vonr of ... importanately, to obtrnde one'a 
aelf on. 
Xnbre'a», m. Andrew (P. N.) ; Hers, —rreuj, 
n. St. Andrew'» cross, ssJtier (pr saltlre), 
Scoteb cross ; »ie ein — Iren j getbeitt, braaed. 
Xn/bredrftln, (to.) v. a. to tarn on; to fit or 
join by a tnrner's lathe; wie attgebredjfett 
fi»cn, to fit tlght or well. 
X n'bre^en, (to.) screw on ; bie SBonb 
— , Mar. to set ap the sbronds of the top- 
mast; ben JDratb (eine ffiorfte) — , Shoem. 
to bristle the thread; 2. einem eine Siafe — , 
col. to impose npon one, to teli one a fib. 
Xn'brtber, (ttr.) m. vid. Xnfrfidter. 
XntriDen, (to.) «. a. to tie to, twist to. 
Xn'bringen, (»tr.)».n.(a«*.fein) to push(for- 
ward) (gegen, against), to press, to rnsh (on 
or npon); to charge, fall (upon the eae- 
my); a-b, p. a. impelnous, moving (elo- 
quence, *c). 

WbrSben, (to.) n. a. (Sinem 6t»at) to threa- 
tea, meaace (one) with. 

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Ttt'brndVn, (w.) 0. a. to joio by printing, to 
print in »«Mition to. [to. 

Xn'oruaVn, (to.) preaa agalnat or cloie 

Xlttnftcn, (w.) o. o. to exhale or aend fra- 
graace towarda. [aponge Ac. 

Wonpfen, (to.) 0. a. to tooeh with a wet 

labord)', ad«. trfd. $ierbnr<b, 3. .4). 

In'rifern, (w.) 0. a. to incite, to stimalate. 

Xn'rtgnen, (w.)0. rtfi. (untfc Dat.) 1. to appro- 
priate (to one'a »elf); 2. fig. to adopt; ffib 
(Dat.) ©eroobnbeitm — , to contract habita. 

tttogntrag, (10.) /. 1. ■) appropriation; 6) 
tau, coaveraion; unrtibtmajtge — , naur 
pation; 3. Chem,, *c. introauaceptioo. 

Inrinanter, ad«, together, oid. (Sinanber; 
— fügen, v. a. to joio, Jotn. to rabbet ; — fft* 
gnng, /■ jonetion, joining; — grenjen, — fto« 
f en, cid. Xngrcnjen, Ac. 

»ICnJ'iS, Snefbe, (w.)/. Äom. tit. £neid, 
Eneid, VirgU'a epie poem of which £neu ii 
tbe hero. [anoedoUcal, 

* XnetWre, (w.)/. aneedote; anerWtenarrig, 

Xn'efeln, (uy) o. a. to diaguat; er efelt mid) 
an, I an aickeniog at Um; tai Ceben efett 
nid) an. I loathe (am tired of) lifo. 

•Thumvnt,(v}.)f. Bot. anemonewind-flower, 

Xtfernnffblen, (ttr.) v„ Ae. cid. empfehlen, Ac. 

Xafctbt, x. löte, I. (tu.) m. tbe next heir; IT. 

(*tr.) n. hereditary portioa. 

«Verben, (».) 0. a. to irapart, to tranamit by 

inheritenee; angerrbt, p. a. iaherited; here- 

«Verbieten, (ttr.) ». offer, teoder. [ditary. 

Xn'erfennbär, adj. recogniaable. 

aVerttnnen, (ttr.) v. o. to acknowledge, to 
owa; Low, Ac. to recogniae; nidjt — , to di« 
own, to diaavow, diaclaim, diaacknowledge ; 
tit Alage — , to plead guilty to a Charge; alt: 
errannt, p. «. notoriooe. 

aVerfennfnif, (ttr.) f. * »• ackaowledgment, 
dear pereeption. 

iVertenntuig, (w.) /. acknowledgment ; re 
Cognition; £aw, recogniaanze. 

Werf (baffen, I. (ttr.) imprint (on, opon) 
by creadng; II. p. o. implaated by natnre, 

aVfabeln, (w.) 0. a. vid. «nbithten. [innate. 

Ha 1 fistln, («?.) v. o. to fan, cool with a faa. 

aVfadjen, («.) v. a. to fan (}nr glömme, into 
a flame) kindle ; to inflame. 

«Vflotln, (10.) 0. o. to atriag to. 

In/fibten, (ttr.) ».La. 1. to carry (bring) 
aear, to, «p, to land ; 9. fig. to addreaa harah- 
ly, aoeroagbly, to fly at, aaarl at, anap (op) 
•kort} IL n. (ob, fein) 1. gen. with an . . ., 
■)to drive cloae to, to come cloae to; b) 
to drlre agaiaat, to ran, atrike, beat, or poab 
againot; bie glotte fuhr an Die 3nfel an, tbe 

fleet pot in at the iale; 2. to arrive; 3. Mim 
to deaeeod the ahaft, to go to work. 

oVfobrf d)od)t, (ßtr.) m. Afi». deacending-ehaft. 

«Vfo&rt , (u.) /. landing place, wbarf, qoay. 

In'faU,(*lY.,pi.Xn y fMe)m. attaek: l.aaaanlt, 
»hock, onaet, aggreaaioa; 3. fit, paroxyam, 
acceaaion (of a fit of a periodical diaeaae). 

TtnfaBen, (ttr.) 0. 1. a. to attaek, aaaanlt, aa- 
aail, fly at, invade, aggreaa, fall oa (opon); 
II. lt. (omx. fein) 1. with an ..., to fall againat ; 
2. vid. anfallen, 3. 

In'fattiß, adj. Law, 1. Uable to inheritaace; 
2. inherited, fallen to a peraoa. [eatote). 

3Cn'fttU*reä)t, (str.) n. right of inheriüng (an 

WfaTfftjro, (w.) «. a. vid. «"nbfcbten. 

IVfang, (*tr., pt Kn'fänge) m. 1. beginning, 
commeocement; prime (of tbe world, Ac); 
2. entrance; 3. origin; 4. dement; 5. open- 
iag (of a campalgn, Ac.) ; Dom (erften) — an, 
from the (rery) ouUet. 

Xn'fangtn, (.ttr.) 0. L a. 1. to begia, com- 
mence; 3. to originale, atart; to nndertake, 
to go or to aet (one'a aelf) abont, to aet np 
(a [or in] baaineaa, Ac) ; to enter opon, to 
betake one'a aelf to; to open (a campaign, 
Ac); 3. eol. to do: na» foH iä>— i what ahall 
I do?4. et— anf..., 0id.Xnltacn, 3.c); — 
in lad)en, |u »einen — , to fall a laoghiog, a 
crying; einen ^o»er, Streit, Ac— , to piek 
a ((Barrel ; $anbel — , to begin or atir op 
brawla, qoarrela, Ac. ; II. n. to begin, ori- 
gioate, take riae, cf. angeben, II. 2 

Xn'finger, (ttr.) m. beginoer; novice, tyro. 

■JCn'fdnglicb, I. adj. original, ineipient, initial ; 
II. adv. in the beginning, at firat, primaril) . 

ün'fang», adv. in the beginning, at firat; 
gl(id) — , at the very beginning. 

Xn'fonge*, comp, beginning, initial; — bud> 
ftabe, m. initial (letter), capital (letter); 
— cplnnmt, /. ^Vp- Bead P»8 e i — griünbe, m. 
pi. prineiplea, rodimeota, elementa, begin- 
ninga; in ben —grünten nnterrid)tm, to in- 
atrnet in the rndimenta, to initiate; — ritor« 
neu, h. Mut. iatrodnctory aymphony to an 
alr, Ac; -teile, /. initial lifle. . 

Xn'firnen, (vi.) 0. a. 1. to coloar, to paint; 

2. to adnlterate by colonring (wine). 
Xn/faffcn, (to.) v. a. 1. to take or lay bold of, 

to Bebte ; to tonch, to handle ; mit — , to gi?e 
or lend a hand ; 2. coi. to aet abont (a thing) ; 
falfd) — , to take by the wrang eod, to mia- 
manage. [rot. 

Xn'faulfn, (w.) 0. n. (ame. fein) to begin to 
Xn'fed)ten, (ttr.) 0. a. 1. to attaek, aggreaa; 
to impngn, combat, controvert; 3. to tempt; 

3. to concern, tonch; to trouble, diatnrb. 

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Xirftebtung, («.) /. 1. attackiog, Äfc, oppc- 

aition; 9. teagptation, trial; 3. dwturbaace, 

vexatioQ. [file (• point, tc.) to 

XnTeilen, (u>.) t>. a. 1. to begia filing; 3. to 
Xirteülben, (to.) «. a. to be«r ill-will toward», 

to show enmity to, to proaecote, malign, 
Xn'feüibung, (to.) /. prosecution, enmity. 
Xn'ftixen, (to.)». a.coL toamirknpoa. [tore. 
Xrt'fertigen, (to.) «• a. to make, to manntac- 
Xn'fejfeln, (to.) o. a. to fetter, chain to, to 

lay in fetter*. [fetten. 

Xtr'fetten, (ib.) v. a. to mix with greaae; to 
Xn / feu<bten, (to.) o. a. to moiiten, wet, damp. 
XirTenetn, (io.) «.La. 1. to iet on Are, to 

heat; l.fig. to Are, inflame, aaimate, excite, 

enconrage ; II. n. to begin firing. 
Xn'finuffeu, (te.) v. a. to vamiah (over). 
Xn'ftamiBeR, (v>.) e. o. to burn a little; to 

kindle, inflame. [plaiting. 

"Jtn'fletjjttn, (str.) v. a. to twiat to, to join by 
Xn'ffectct, («o.) ». a. to mend, put a piece of 

leather on. 
Xn'fUtea, (to.) v. a. to implore, entreat, be- 

«eech, pray; (fcrmütbtfl — ), to «upplicate. 
Xn'fUfeung, (io.) /. imploratlon, entreaty, aap- 

pücation. [growl at, 

Xn'fletfcben, (to.) o. o. to anow tbe teetb; to 
Xn'flüf en, (io.) o. a. to botch, «ew on, to tack 

to, to piece (up), to clap a piece to, to .eke 

out, patch (up), to uaderlay. 
Xn'fliegen, (ttr.) v. n. (am. fein) 1. to fly 

near, or againat; 2. Bot. to grow «pontane- 

ooaiy (of tree») ; 3. tri«". Xnfdjtef en, n. ; 4./or 

übel ankommen* es fliegt ibra alle» an, jig, 

he eaaiiy aneeeed» in every thing. 
En'fKefcn, (ttr.) v. n. (*ux. fein) to flow to, 

to flow againat; to ran by, to wwb. 
Xn'flöpen, (to.) v. a. to float to, near, agaitut, 

on; to depoiit or aettie by floating. 
XnftcTlung, (to.)/. floating to, Ac; allovion. 
Xtfflüg, (rtr„pJ.Xn'fIu8e)m.l. night, audden 

approach, aoaring np; 2. For. »pontaneon» 

growtb ; 3. vid. Xnfcfauf, 2.) 4. fig. a) fluih 

hne; tooeh, tinge, tinetore; 6) unattering. 
Xn'fluf, (str., pJ.'Xn'flfiffe) m. vid. Xnflopung. 
XirTfittfren, (».) t>. n. (au«, feto) (of waten) 

tn rn*h on, near, agaiait. 
Xn'fooern, vid. Xnforteni. 
■JCn'folgenb, vid. SBeifolgenb. [ditor, dna. 

Xirfarberer, (»fr.) m. aolicitor ; clamorona cre- 
Xn'forbera, (io.) v. a. cid. gertern. 
Xn'fcrterang, (to.) /• claim, pretence, demand ; 

— matten auf, to lay claim to. 
Xn'ftögt, (io.) /. inqoiry, demand, application. 
Xn'frogcn, (io.) v. n. to aak in going (or call 

in paaaing) by, to iaqnire (tun, for). 

XnffcfffiOt, («fr.) o. I. o. 1. to eat (off), to 
gnaw; 2. Med. to canker; to gangrtae; 
Ckem. to eorrode; angtfrejfcn, p. a. a) (OH 
3Xotten)mothy; &)canker-bit; carioae; gu- 
grenoua; II. refl. vulg. to fill one's »elf tritt 
food; to grow rat. 

Xn/ftiertn, (ttr.) v. n. (auas. fein) to free« 
to; to cliog («tick) feat by freezing. 

Xlt'frifd)en,(to.)o.a. refre»h; to quicke«; 
2. MetaL to rednee; 3. vid. Xttffriflbraj 4. 
fig. a) to aniaate, enconrage, enUven;i) 
(»ieber — ) to revi»e, 

Xn'frifajang, (to.)/. 1. refreikment; 2. ATeteC. 
rednetion ; 3. fig. encoaragenent, animatioo. 

Xn'fügt, (w.) f. Moietbing annexed, additw- 
nal leaf or danae, rider; in fcer — , encloud. 

«Yfügen, (io.) v. a. Join. ttc to fit to. [»nbjota. 

Wfugen, (to.)o.a. to adjoia, nnite to, anoei, 

Xtt'fugung, (io.) /. adjonctioo, annexation. 

Xn'fn$(Rl, (to.)t).I.o. feel,touch,kaBdU; 
2. vid. 3fbffibi«j U. rtfi. to give pcrceptioi, 
to feel; ei fublt ftib »<td> an, it feeU »oft. 

XvIfvfyCi (to.)/. cooTeyanoe to ... 

Xir'fütrbär, adj. addncible, aüegcable. 

Wfübr(e)gtfpan, («tr.) m. Typ. teacber. 

"&n'\üi)xtn, (to.) o. a. 1. to bring on or «« 
carry to; 2. to goide, condoct, direet; LO 
iead, to conunand, to bead; to bring np(nt 
rear, 4c.) ; 4. vid. Anleiten, 2 ; 5. a) to «lieft, 
adduce (in proof, *c); to atsign (reiMMi 
&c); to plead (in fatronr of); »U Seif»« 1 
— , to inatance; 6) to qnote, cite; f«lf4~ , 
to miaqaote; c) to mention, iay aaeert; 6. 
eol. to deeeive, cbeat, trick one, abaie, te 
take in, delude, dape ; fid) con ... — llft&i to 
be a dape to ..., to be made a dope of ... 

Xn'fübro, (»fr.) m. 1. goide, condnetor; i 
leader, Commander, &c. c/. Xn führen i cbiet 

Xnffibrerri', (to.)/. coi. deeeption. 

Xn'fübrung, (to.) /. 1. w"d. Xnlettung ; 2. !«*<- 
iug, Iead, command; 3. a) allegation, «oV 
doction, *c. ; b) citatioa, qnotation; 4. col- 
cbeat, decelt; X-<gtid)(n, ». (ignofqaot«- 
tion, pl. inveried commas [ " " ]. 

Xn/fuDen, (te.) o. o. to fill; to fill np, replea- 
iah, «tore, atock; angefüllt, replete (with). 

Xn'fuUunfl, (io.) /. fiiling, repletioa, *c. 

Xn'funleln, (to.) v. a. vid. Xnglinjen. 

Xn'furt, (io.) f. landing(-place), wfaarf, qn«). 
Xn'fS^en, (to.) v. n. to get a footing; to ügW 

(of birda). 
Xn'gäbe, (to.) /. J. Com. part-paymant in 

gooda, vid. Xngelbj 2. a) dedaration, »tate- 

ment; eatimate; «peeification ; o) aecooat, 
exhibition; X-n, pl. data; c) Com. entry (ol 
gooda at tbe cnitom-bouae) ; 3. «) ■<■(<<*' 

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tioo; J) deaign, aketeb, plan; 4. a) testimo- 

ny ; b) deoonciation, Information, denounce 

ment; X-Jftfel, m. Com. declaration. 

Xn'gaffta», (w.) «. a. te gape, ttare at ... 

Xn'gtt fcnen, (ut.) D. a. to yawn at, to itare at oae 

Vn'gtbiutt, (ttr.) n. vid. Tttibau, 3. [yawning, 

Ttn'gibtUt, (ttr.) n. bnrking, yelping at. 

Xn'ge'bm, (ttr.) v. I. a. 1. o) to begin to give; 

b") Com. to give (goods, &c.) in (part of) 

pavinent; 2. vi) to State, deelare, apecify; 

6) vid. Ttttfbtycm, 5.; c) to mention, i 

appoint (an hoor, &c); d) aa) vid. Xnjeis 

gm, 3.; 54) Cum. to enter (gooda at the 

custom-nooae); e) vid. SSorgebenj 3. to de- 

sign, contrive, iketch, plan, Mar. to ahape 

(the conrae); 4. to denonnce, denonciate, 

to Inform againat ..., Charge, delate; 5- (bnt 

Xon — ), o) Afux. to give the tnne or key; 

eine 9Refobie — , to toaeb an air; b)fig. to 

lead or »et (the fashion); 6. vid. Xnfangtn, 

3.; fftlt Spiel — > Garn, to call one'« game; 

n. n. 1. e/. a. 1.; Garn, to deal firit (at 

carda); 2. to mark (of a pen); ber ©aljge* 

fä)ma£ giebt an, tht briny taate teilt. 

Wgtber, (*rr.) m. 1. atater, 4c; 2. anthor, 

inventor; 3. denouncer, dennnciator; inform- 

er; tale-bearer, btab. [aycophancy. 

TtttjSfctrrfj (ib.) f. informing; tale-bearing, 

WgeMnte, (*tr.) n. (blrO-day, 4c.) preieot, 

gift, ef. TteWnben, 3. 

"Sn'glbliä), I. adj. 1. alleged, proftaaed, ata- 

ted, *c. ; ber a-t 'pttit, Com. the priee quo- 

ted; 2. nominal; oatenaible; pretended; II. 

adv. nominally, 4c. 

■JCn'gtbören, adj. Inbora, inbred; innate; na- 

tive, inherent; bereditary. [auction 

Wgeböt, (ttr.) n. offer, firet biddiag at an 

Xn'gebtiben, (ttr.) v. n. (einem) to fall to 

(one'a) ahare; (Sinem 6t»a» — laffen, to 

bestow npon, to favour with, to grant, allow. 

IVgebenren, (ttr.) n. cid. Xnbenfen. 

Ttn'gtbdngc, ■Jtn'gebdngfel, TCn'gebenfe, (ttr.) 

n. pendant, amulet. 
Yn'gfben, (*tr.) v. I. a. 1. to go towardi, to 
make np to, to approach; 2. to addreu, to 
apply to ...; (mit einer Sitte, it.—), to «o- 
lieit (nm, for), to entreat ; 3. a) to concern, 
tonch; b) to be connected with or related 
to; er gebt mid) nichts an, 1. be U nothing 

turne; 2. he ii no kinunan ofmine; »06gebt 
b«S Sie, U. an? ia that to yoo, &c? 
eS gebt miä) TiicbtS an, it ia no buaiaesa or 
eoacern of raine; II. n. (aux. fein) 1. Mar. 
Me See gebt ©üb an, the tea »et» to th» 
«ratbvard; 2. to begin, commence, open; 
3. to take root, begia to grow; 4. (of nett, 

4c.) to rot, ipoil, to be tooeaed (a little); 
angegangen, tainted, snaonad; ein angtgon« 
gene» 6i, aa addled egg; 5. to take or catch 
fire; 6. o) to be practicable, possible; 6) te 
be passable, tolerable, to do; tat gebt nidjt 
an, that won't do. 

Xn'gTbenb, p. a. commeucing &c; ein a-er 
Breiiger ic, tarned of tUrty, lud. on.tbe 
merry aide of tairty; eine a-e 8ungenfnd)t, 
an incipient pnenmonia; ein a-er Sd)ültr, » 
yoang scboiar; bxri-t. ein a-er Spieler, an 
embryo gamester; ein a-er ßaebroalter, an 
infant barriiter. 

■JCn'gibenb«, od«, in the begiaaing, at firat. 

Xn'gcbÜren, (te.) v. n. (vith Dat.) 1. to be- 
long, appertain; 2. to be related (to) or 
connected (with). 

Wgebirig, I. adj. (vith Dat.) 1. belongüg 
(to), atteehed (to); 2. related (to) ; IL j. (decL 
like adj.) 2C-e, m. kf. relative; meine if-en, 
my relationa, my kinamen, my parentage. 

Xn'getfern, (v>.) v. «. 1. to aUtverat; Ü.fig. 
to calnmniate. [dant, indictee. 

Xn'getldgte, m. * f. (decl. like adj.) defen- 

Xng'el, i. I. (».)/• 1- <") Bin 6 e (of n door;; 
6) pivot, vertiele; pole (of the earlh, 4c), 
ef. — punftj 2. angle, hook, fiating-hook; 
3. Cutl. tong (tongne) (of a sword, knife, 
fork, 4c); 4. Bnt. vid. &taä>tU an» btn 
X-n beben, to anhinge, unhang; IL comp. 
— fifd), m. Ich. cntfiab; — fifd)er, m. angler; 
— ^afett, m. fiahing-hook; — freiS, m. polar- 
circle; — panft, m. pole; fig. vital, cardinal 
poiat, the point on which somethiag (the 
whole qneation, 4c.) turn«, ef. Xngel, 1.; — 
rnt^e, /. (angllng-)rod, fiihing-rod ; — fdjnnr, 
/. (angling-, orfiahing-)line; — ftern, vid. $Pe= 
Iar=©ternj — weit, od», wide-open. 

Vngel, 1. 1. (w.) m, gen. pl. Angles (oame of 
a German tribe); U. comp. Anglo-; — faibfc, 
m., — fdibftfd), adj. Anglo-Saxon. 

TCn'gelangen, vid. anlangen, Xnfommen. 

Wgelb, (ttr., pl. X-tt) n. earneit, eamett- 
moaey; — geben, to pay money in band. 

TCn'gelfgen, adj. 1. adjacent, confiaiag; ad- 
joiaing; 2. important, of comeqaence; ftd) 
(StmaS) — fein laffen, to take care of, be 
very careful abont, to have at or take to 
beart, to take an interest ia, to be i olicitou» 
nbout (of), to make a point of; er Uft et 
ftd) — fein, he make« it hi» boaioeis. 

Xn'geKgenbeit, (io.)f. concern, businea», af- 
fair, matter; tranaaction; id) fomme in »id)s 
tigen %-tn, I come on matter« of deep mo- 
ment; autmdrtigt Tt-tn, foreign aflaira. 

Xn'geiegentlid), I. adj. of concern, urgent, soll- 


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citoua. pretslag; n. adv. with cogcern, con 
cernedly; td> empfehle — , lt., 1 anxiontly 
recomraend, Ac. ; a-jl, moat particolarly. 

»Xnge'tfca,/. P. N. * Bot Angclica. 

Itnfl'dn, (to.) o. o. to angle (na*, for), to fish 
with« lioe; to bookjmttgliegen— ,tolly-fi»b. 

Xn'gelö'ben, Wgeßbntf, cid. Seloben, «. 

Xng'elfaibfe, (to.) m. vid, Engel, [lian. 

* IVgelut, n. Rom. Cath. prayer of aalota 

Xn'gemtffcn, I. a<fj. confonnable, anitaMe, fit, 
adequate, appropriate, condign, dae; com- 
patible (with); für - (alten, to think or «ee 
fit; IL it-bett, /. conformity, aaitablenea«, 
fitnew; proportionaüty; expedience (— cy), 

Xn'gentbm, adj. acceptable; agreeable, plea- 
eant, pleaeing, delightful, gratefal, welcome; 
ber a-c fficrod), tweet amell; ftö) bei Semonb 
— madjen, to approve one't «elf to ooe. 

Xn'genommen, p. a. (c/. Tfnnebmro) 1. affect- 
ed, mock-; 2. hypothetical, auppoaitive. 

Xlig'tr, (rfr.) m. 1. green, graaa-plot; paatore 
ground; «mead; 2. vid. Staut) Bot-*, —bin: 
me, f. perennial or common daiay; — fraut, 
n. knot-graaa; — Witt, f. trailing willow. 

Xtt'gefdjlepp, (str.) n. Mar. «ea-drag. 

Wgefiben, adj. looked np to, conaidered, 
important, ei teemed, credi table, reapectable, 
of oonaeqoence, not« or credit, bononrable, 
<ii»tlnguiihed; bat a-e 4>anbclsbau8 , Com, 
bouee of rank. [hooac-bolder. 

TCn'gcfefen, adj. «ettled, resident; ber X-c, 

Xn'gcfieyt, (*tr„ pi. X-er) n. 1. face, coun- 
tenance, viaage, alr, look, mien; 2. night, 
view; int — , in the face, aight or preaence 
(of God, *c); W)n — )U — / face to face; 
oon — , by aight. 

Wgeßd)«, adv. (vnth Gen.) in face (aigbt) of. 

Tfn'gefhunmt, p. a. inoate, natural; heredi- 
tary, anceatral. 

Virgenobnen, (to.) b. a. (einem etwa!) to 
accuitom, innre, nae, habitnate (one to) ; 
fid) (Bot) StoaS -, to contract (bad hablta, 
*c), to take to ...; angewohnt, p. a. babi- 
tnal, enitomary. 

Wgroobnbeit, (w.)/. habit, enatom, uaage, 
habltnde, practioe; tblt—, trick; an» 

Hn'gettJbmmg, (vi.) f. l.theact ofaccnatonv- 
ing (one'a »elf, Ac.) to ... ; contracting, 4c. ; 
2. md. Angewohnheit, [n. Mar. to abeer np, 

Tfn'gteren, (w.)v.I.a. to «tare at greedily ; 11, 

Itn'gieflen, (»rr.) v. a. 1. to ponr to, agäinat, 
ob; to water; 2. Found. to caat to, add by 
caating, foaading; nie angegoffrn fiten, to 
fit tigbt (of dotbes). 

lÄr'girren, (te.) v. a. to coo at ... [at. 

an'gUin Jen, (u>.) c. a. to reflect againat, glitter 
Ttnfalaa)m, (to.) t>. a. to auimilate. 
In'gleid)nng, (to.)/. aaaimilation. 
Xngler, («tr.) m, angler. 
•Xngltca'nifü), adj. Anglican, Engliih. 
Yn'gltmmen, (ttr. * w.) tt. n. (aux. fein) to 

catch Are, to kiodle, to begin to glow. 
•TCngliR'rat, (w.) v. o. 1. to angliche ; 2. Par. 

to dock, nick, curtail (a hone). 
Xn'gioten, (te.) v. a. cot to gape or »tare at 

with open eye«, to glare opon. 
Xn'grdnjtn, cid. 5Cngrcnjen. 
Xn'granen, Xn'granfen, (w.) v. a. to öfter a 

terrible aapect to, to awe, horrify. 

■Sn'gteifbät, adv. aaaailable. 

Xn'greifen, ($tr.) v. I. a. 1. to handle, toaek, 

to get, lay or take hold of, to lay band» on; 

to aeize, apprebeod; feie Sobung —, Mar. to 

break bnlk ; 2. to attack, aaaanlt, to Charge 

(opon) ; to inrade ; fig-s. 3. to aggreaa, atrike 

at, ofleod, inaolt; 4. to aflect, exhaoit, »ea- 

ken, fatigne, to hart (the eye«, *c); 5. col. 

to attempt, andertake, «et ab out, to charge 

one'a «elf with; 6. col. oirf.SBcftcblcn; 11. rtf. 

1. vid. fftbXnfiblen ; 2. to «train, exert ooe'a 

»elf; 3. fig. to do the utmoat, to be liberal ; 

a-b, adj. offensive; ber a-bc Xbcil, the «g- 

greiaive party ; aggreasor. [tacker, Ac 

Wgreifer, (str.) m. aggreaaor, auailant, at- 

Wgrcinen, (tc.) v. a. to grin at. 

Xn'groigcn, (w.) «. n. (teitfc an) to border 

(upon), to confine (on or with), to adjoin ; 

a-b, p. a. adjacent, contiguou», verging on 

(to), conterminona. 

Xn'griff, (.str.) m. 1. feel $ 2. vid. ©riff» — am 
Bcrfel, Typ. thnmb piece; 3. attack, aggrea- 
aion ; aaaanlt, Charge ; invaiion ;fig. the braut 
(of age«, &c); 4. undertaking: in — nct>» 
vmt, to andertake, B-w. to break grouad 
(on a rail-way); in — genommen, in ceorae 
of conatrnetion or execation; einen — tban, 
macben, to «trike (auf, for), to charge; einen 
neuen — tbnn, to charge again ; jum — blav 
fen, to aonnd the Charge. 
Xn'grifft«, comp. — bünbntf , n. oflenaive al- 
liance; — frieg, m. oflenaive war,in»a»ive 
war; — punft, m. point of attack; — »äffen, 
pL oflenaive arm«, weapon» of onence; — 
»etft, adv. oflenaively, by way of attack; — 
weife juSBrrfe geben, to act on tbe oflenaive. 
Vn'griafen, (to.) v. a. to grin at or on. 
Xngft, I. (jtr..pi.tngfr'c)/.angui«b; anxiety, 
diaquiet, nervoua dread, fright; fear, terror; 
agony, panga (of death); — haben, to ahriak 
with apprebeaaton; in gerotben, to take 

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alann; II. adv. fearfal, alanning, aaxions, 
nneaiy; — fein (imperi. with Dat.), vid. 
fiä> Sngfttgeni mir roirt — , I grow nneaiy; 
Ginem — matten, to put oae io fear; — anb 
bange, very aneasy, terribly frightened; Ul. 
comp. — gebeul, — gefa>rei, n., —ruf, n. la- 
mentable oDtcry, bowling; cry of distress, 
«cream ; — OOE, adj. anxious, fearful ; paiofiil ; 
—mann, m. ptwine. for 6d)arfrid)ter j — 
fs)nw$, —tropfen, m. cold sweat. 

tn0ia, adj. fall of anxiety, vid. tnafüid), 1. 

ingfftgen (ingftfen, (. «.), (u>.) v. a. to alanu, 
•trike with fear, anguisb, to make uneasy, to 
harass witb commotion ; fid) — , to be ooeasy 
(witb apprehension), to be baraued or in a 
frigbt, to fret (über, about). 

Ifngfr'lid), I. adj. 1. anxious, nneaiy ; nertou» ; 

jdiffideot, timid, timorous ; cowardly; 2. »cru- 

Julous , carefal, solicitons, precise, puncti 
oua ; II. 4-Ieit, /. 1. anxiooaoeM, anxiety, 
leaaineu; diffidence, timidity, tiroorom 
MC*«, fearfoloeu; perplexity, cf. Xngfti 2. 
•edicitnde, (scrapulous) care, nicety. 
Xn'gudfen, (io.) v. a. col. to look or to (take a) 
. j»eep at. 

"Sü'gütteu, (to.) v. a. to gird, gird about. 
■Xn'guf, (str., pl. Xn'güjfe) m. wbat ii poured 

againit or added by casting. 

Ka'böben, (irr.) v. a. 1. to have on, wear 

(clothes); Stiefeln — , to go in boot»; 2. col. 

(Sinent Statt) to do (one) barm, to get at; 

to aftect, to have eftect upon, 4c. 

Ttn'baifcn, (io.) v. a. to begin to hack, to cot. 

Xa'baftcn, (io.) o. n. to »tick, to be attached, 

to adbere (to). [(of ball), 

Xn'bägeln, (io.) v. n. tmp. to «trike, beat at 

Xn'blgrnt, (to.) o. a. 1. to depoiit, fioat on; 

2. to gain (land) from (a river, 4c). 
■Jfn^Ifeln, (to.) v. o. to claap, to book on, to 
fix witb Utile hooks; to catch witb the clawa. 
Xn'baJen, (io.) v. a. to book on (to), to 
Xn'balftern, (io.) t>. o. to fix by the balter. 
Xn't)a0.m, (io.) v. n. to «trike againat (of the 

Xn'balfen, (io.) ». a. Sport, to tie (the lime- 

hoand) to the cord. 
Xn/tjalt, I. (str.) m. 1. balting, «topping, &c. 
2. hold, aypport; II. comp. — (e)punft, ffl. 
. 1. B-io. , tc. halting-place, ttation; l.fig. 
a) prop; (foot-)hold; A) vid. TtnfnüpfungJj 
9WD& 1 5 -<e)feil, n. ilfar. bead-fait ;— (e)»erf, 
». vid. Sremfnerr. 

Inhalten, (jtr.) o. L a. 1. (witt an) to hold 
(ap) to ...; 2. to arreit (the progreM of a 
Movement), to hold, atop, to «top «bort, to 

«tay ; to rein or draw in, to rein or palt ap 
(a hone); to restrain, control; 3. to «eize, 
detaia, arreat (a debtor&c); 4. Afed. to 
Bitringe; 5. fig. (with }U), to keep (one) to 
(hia work, 4c), to enjoin or to admonub 
to...;fd)arf— , toply hard; jum £Be jablen — , 
to dan; II. refl. (with an) to cling (to), lay 
hold (oO, to hold (to), to catch hold (of); 
III. n. 1. to take hold, to keep fait, to «tick 
to ; 2. to cootinue, last, persevere, hold on, 
keep on, persist (in), to stand; 3. to halt; 
to stop; to stop «bort; to call (at stations, 
4c); 4. to pause; — mit ..., to delay, dis- 
coütinue; 5. — am, a) to apply for, to seek, 
Petition or sne for; to »olicit, requeit, sap- 
plicate; b) to ask or desire in marriage, to 
propoie for, to court, woo. 

Xn'batten, ». (»tr.) n. 1. the boldiag or cling- 
ing to, ic. cf. in^alten, «.$ 2. «topping; 
stoppage; 3. solicitation ; »upplication. 

7tn'$altenb, adj. l.Med a)adhesive; 6) bind- 
ing (as certain kinds of food), astriogent; 
2. long continned (as rains, 4c), lasting 
(asadisease, 4c.) nninterrapted, continuous, 
constant,continual; persevering, aisidaoas; 
tie a-e Caienj, Mut. a pedal-note or organ- 
point; bet a-e gleifi, assiduity. [feil. 

«n'batter, (itr.) m. T. holdfaet, cf. Xnbalt(e). 

Wfealtfam, I. adj. vid. Xnbaltenb, 2.; D. 
Tf-Feir, /. perseverance. 

Xn'binunern, (to.) v. a. to fix by hammering. 

Un'^anben. ado. for an Die |>anb, ov. 

Xn'iang, (rtr.,pI.Xn'&ange)m. l.appendage; 
appendix, adjiitiou; anpplement; 2. Post- 
script; 3. an aanexed prorUo, a conditional 

.clause; — jn einem Xcfiomente, a codidl-, 
4. Mut. an adjanctive member to a mo«ical 
sentence; a sort of coda; 5. adberent«, fol- 
lower», party ; faction, sect; band, «et, gang. 

TCn'^angen, I. (ttr.) v. n. 1. to hang on, npon; 
2. (with Dat.) to adbere, hold, ding, eleare 
or «tick to ..., to follow, be attached to, be- 
long to ; ei bangt ihm an, it i» natural to 
bim; II. *. {str.) n. adhesion. 

Xnbdngts, comp. — nraSrel, — pnnlt, »id. Xuf« 
bingemuSM, 4c. 

Xn'fefagen, (io.) v. I. a. 1. to hang, appcnd; 
to fasten, to fix, affix; 2. to add, join, to 
adjoin, snbjoin, annex; 3. Gram, to suffix; 
4. cont. to bestow (or sqnander) upon; 5. 
(Stncm Qstmi) to do (one) a miichief, to 
inflict (sometbing) npon (one) ; to cast (an 
asperiion or blemisb) upon (one); to bave 
a fling at; to give a nickname; ßinem eine 
SBaare— , to cheat one into a bargain; eint 
Äranfbeit — , to infect with * disease; II. 


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re#. to ding, stick, cleave to, to foree one's 

■elf in, npon; III. incor. n. /or Yn$ongen, go. 
Wtja'nger, («(r.)" 1 - adherent, follower; par- 

tisan ; (eont.) banger on ; dlaciple. 
tfn'&ängig, adj. 1. cleaving ; ftg-s. 2. adherent, 

annexed , connected , beianging , bound to ; 

3. vid. 3nbringlid)5 4. (»or ©triebt — ) iato, 

pending; einen ^rocep — matben, to com- 

mence or enter a lawuuit ; to bring an action 

againtt one. 
Tfn'banglid), I. adj. attached (an, to), faith- 

ftil (to); n. TC-ftit,/. attachment, adherence, 

TCn'Jfingfrf, (rtr.)n. l.appendage, appendix; 

2. amnlet; 3. Mar. aea-drag. 
Inland), (str.) m. 1. breathing on, afflation; 

l.fig. vid. Anflug, 4. 
1Cn'$aud)en, (w.) v. a. to breathe at or npon. 
Wonnen, (irr.) o. a. to cot on, to begin to 

Xn'bfafeln, (to.) v. o. to form into »mall heaps. 
Xtt'ja'nfen , (u>.) v. I. a. to heap np, treainre 

np, amaaa, accnmolate; II. refl. to increaie, 

Xn'&Sufer, (str.) m. accnmnlator. 
Wijirxfma , (to.)/. nccmnulation; Geol. ag 

gregation, Aggregate. 
Ttn'bfben, (str.) v. a. 1. to lift np, lift cloae 

to; 2. (alio n.) to begin, commence. 
Xn'jefttn, (to.) v. a. 1. to rasten, affix; 2. to 

stitcn to, np, to sew np; 3. to pin to. 
Xn'tjetten, (».) v. I. o. to beal on, to cica 

trixe, agglntinate; II. it. (atix. fein) to get 

fixed by heallng. 
TCn^eim', ($ adv. bome, 4c), in comp, (vjith 

Dat.:) —fallen, v.n. 1. to fall to, to de- 

volve npon ; 2. fig. to be snbject to; (einem 

etmo«) —geben, v. a. to leave witb, to pnt 

into (one's) band, to refer to; — {teilen, t>. a. 

to eommit, to leare or refer to (another's 

determinatioo or jndgment, Ac); to defer, 

snbmit to. 
W&eimttn, (u.) v. a. to pnt in mind of home, 
Yn'tjetfdjig, adj. pledged by promise, bonnd; 

fid) — madjen ju, to promise, to bind or 

oblige one's seif; id) mache nid}—, I will be 


Ttn'benfen, (w.) v. a. vid. Undingen. 
XnJeY Ofo&Wo), ad». $bither, to tbis place; 

bt* — , hitherto ; — fünft, /. arrival. 
Xn'bttcn, (to.) v. a. 1. Sport, to begin hont- 

ing, chasing, to start, nnharbonr (a hart, 

*c.); 2. a) to set on (a dog, ftc); 6) fig. 

vid. Hafteten. 
Xn'beudjeln, (to.) v. a. ((Sincm etwas) to at- 

tribute hypocritically or faliely. 

Ttn'benlen, (to.) «. a. to bowl at 

Ttn'beren, (w.) v. a. cot. TCnjoubern. 

Ttlr'bieb, (str.) m. For. 1. the commencement 
of felling wood; 2. the place where wood U 

Xn'fcoV, (to.)/. rising or high gronnd, hill, 
height, slight eminence, elevation. 

Ytr'bolcn, (to.) v. a. Mar. to hanl (taut); Sie 
»raffen — , vid. »raffen j bie Schoten — , to 
hanl aft the sheets. 

Tbi'f)BU%au, (str.) n. Mar. hnwser, balser. 

Xn'^iren, (to.) v. a. 1. to hearken or listen 
to, give ear to, to hear (one), give (one) 
hearing; 2. (einem Stroas) to pereeive by 
listening to . . . ; ta6 bort fid) febön on, tbis 
sounds fine; HS fonn id) nid)t mit—, I can- 
not stay to hear this. 

Xn'fcorung, (ib.) f. hearing; aodience. [eben. 

"Xn'tffitn, (to.) v. a. & refl. Ind. to put on bree- 

TSnlt, (str.) m. Bot. anise; — apfel, m. spiee- 
apple; —Branntwein, — liför, m. aniseed- 
spirit or cordial, Fr. anisette; — bolj, n. 
aniseed wood; — 61, it. aniseed-oil; ~;u(frr, 
m. sngared anise. 

Wjägen, (tr.) v. I. a. ütd.Knbctcn, 1. *2.«); 
II. n. (awx. fein) or angejagt fommen, to 
rnsh on impetnously. 

■Jfiijcfö, Xnjetf, Xnje»unb', + vid. 3«tt. 

Xn'jotbcn, (w.) n. a. to yoke to, conple nno« 
the yoke. 

Xn14m?fcn, (w.) v. n. (with gegen) to stmggle 
or to bear np againat . . , , to combat. 

Ttnfanf, (str., pl. "Xnl äufe) m. 1. traying; 
pnrebase, acqnisition ; 2. earnest-money. 

Xnfaufcn, (to.) v. I. a. to bay, purchase; II. 
refl . to.bny lands, to settle at or in a place. 

Anteilen, (to.) o.a. 1. to fasteo with wedge*, 
to key (np); 2. cid. antreiben. 

in'M, (str.) m. vid. ®nftl, 2. 

XirYtr, *. I. (str.) m. 1. anker (a liqntd mea- 
sure); 2. Mar. anchor; tcr Heine— , grapael; 
3. Arclu brace ; 4. fig. emblem of hope and 
seenrity: anchor, mainstay, pillar; Mar-s. 
»or — aushalten, to Tide ont (a gale, a 
storm) ; ber — ift jum fallen f lar, the anchor 
is a-peak; (fid)) cor — legen, to anebor, ts 
moor ; bie— lidjten, vid. 8ia)tcn 5 tor — liegen, 
to ride at anchor; ffd)tr »or — Hcgcnb, well 
anchored; »or — reiten, (bei hohler €5ct) 
»or— (tomsfen, to ride hard, to set and 
heave ; nm ben — fdjmcnfcn, to tend ; »or — 
treiben, to rnn fonl of or over the anchor. 
to drag the anchor; bog 6d)tff treibt »or — , 
or ber — ift triftig or fdjlcppt, the anchor 
comes home or drires ; — werfen, trid.Tf nf ern » 
II. comp. Mar-s. — ad)feln, pl shoolders of 

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an anchor; —arm, 
— <ragt, n~ eye of an anchor 
vid. — rübrnng; — blume,/. Bot. Virginian 
toop »ort; — toje, /. bnoy (festened to an 
anchor), beacon; break-water; — fdfebat, n. 
wd. Enfer, 1.; — fliege,/. — flfigel, m, gen. 
pt. Anke«, palms of »a anchor; —flott, «. 
oid. -60 je i — fütterung, /. lining of the bow ; 
—gelb, n. (doty of) anchorage; — grata, m, 
anehor(ing)-groond, anchor-hold, anchor - 
age; fdjteibter — grnnb, fonl gronnd or bot- 
tom; rüfer — ginne, sonadings; — bafen, m, 
cat-hook, cat; — baU, m. throat or trend of 
an anchor, clatching of the arm; — b&nbe, 
pl. vid.— fliege 5 — bafpel, m. */. eapetao ; - 
beim, »1. vid.— rutbt} — t)oI|, n. vid. —ßo* 
— Ere'Jj, n. crown of an anchor; —tritt, f. 
vid. —ftodj —loa), *. oid. — atige; — lo«, 
adj. unmoored, adrift; COS SSlbtff ifl — I08, 
the Tewel dragi the anchor«; — nifft, pl. 
nnta of an anchor; — plat, m. anchoriag- 
. place, anchorage; her bequeme —. Pitt?, good 
hirth; her gefäbrticbe — p(ab, ill-footiog; 
— rcd)t, n. anchorage, privilegeofanchoring 
(dnty-free); —ring, m. ring of an anchor; 
ein Sau an ben —ring ftecben, to clinch a 
cable; —rubrong,/. pnddining of an anchor; 
— Wtije, /. — (djttft, m. ahank or beam of an 
anchor-, — föoufel, cid. — fliege 1 — fcbmieb, 
m. anchor-saüth ; — fdjub, m. shoe of an an- 
chor; —feil, n. vid. —Um — fpite, /. bill of 
an anchor; — ftid), m. clinch of a cable; 
~fl od, m. stock of an anchor; — ftoctebanbeu, 
pt hoope of the anchor-itock; — tttljc, /. 
fishtakle; —tan, n. cable; bat —tau in ben 
JRfifen pcrmabren, to freihen the hawse; 
— tanfhjpper, m.deck-stopper; — tauwtrf, n. 
groand tackte; — nbr, /. patent lever watch; 
— BMdje, /. anchor-watch ; — »idjtrr, m. vid, 
— bojej — ninbe, /. capatan, windlau; — jct- 
4>en, 1». vid. — boje» — $©tt, m. vid. —gelb. 
Xtftttbttt, (w.) 0.0. 1. to mark by a notch 
or aotehe«; 3. to score, 
Entern, (id.) v. n. to anchor, to cast or drop 
anchor; to moor. [chains. 

Xntrtteln/ (w.) o. a. to nuten with little 
Enterten, («>-) v. a. to fasten (an, to) with 
a ehain, to chain (np), enchain, shackle. 
Xtttnä)en, (*"•) •• "• ongeteuibt fbmmen, to 
come panting or quite oat o( breath. [child. 
Wfinb, (str., pl. E-er) n. La», adopttve 
Winben, (w.) v. a. Law, to adopt, affiliate. 
li'rntbnng. (u>.) /. adoption, affiliation. 
Etfrtrrtn, (w.) v. a. to allere, to decoy. 
Witten, (w.) v. a. to feiten by cement 
Istloffen, (w.) v. a. to yelp at, to hark at. 

arm of an anchor ;||En'cWflbär, adj. accacabie; impeachable. 
ior;— bentibung,/.|Xn'nSge, I. (10.) /. accnsatlon, Information 
(againat), prosecntion; arraignment, dennn- 
ciation, denooncement; bie £fftntlid)t — , im- 
peacbment, indictment; II. comp. —ort*,/. 
aet of acensation; (— fa)rift,/.) bill of in- 
Entlffgen, (w.) v. a. to aocaie; to iadict; to 
arraign, inform againat, Charge (c/. Tbtt 
geben); iffentlid) — , to impeach. 
Entliger, (itr.) m. Entlagerinn, (w.)/. ac- 
cnaer, impeaeher, indieter. 

En/ftagtrlfo), adj. prone to accaee. 

■JCnflammern, (u>.) v. a. 1. to cramp, to nuten 
with cramp-irona; 2. to ctaap; ftd) an ... — , 
to ding or hang to, to take a fast hold of. 

Entlang, (ttr., pl. Vntltnge) m. 1. aecord, 
tune; 2. a) »imilarity of aonnd; b)ßg. vid. 
Enftrid), 3.; ein ftarfer — »on ..., « ttrong 
daah of ...; 3.fig. aympathy, correaponding 
feeling; — ftnben (bei), to excite intrreat, to 
be congenial (with), to meet with sympathy 
or enconragement, to teil (npon). 

Xirrtüben, (10.) v. I. a. to glae to, fix, paste: 
to aet or pnt ap (public advertiaements) ; 
II. n. to cling, atick to; to adhere, attach. 

Entleiben, (10.) v. I. a. to dreai, attire, to pnt 
on (ciotbea) ; IL rtfl. to dreaa (one'a sdf). 

Entleibes, comp. — fpiegcl, m. dreaaing-guui, 
awinging glaas;— $umüer,n. dreaamg-room. 

Unf leiflern, (w.) v. a. to paste np, paste on. 

Tfn/rlennnen, (».) 0. a. to ptnch, or sqneexa 

Enflingen, «. I. («er.) n. 1. to aecord in 
aonnd, to begin to aonnd, chime np; 2. vid. 
Entlang finben; II. (w.) a. to make to 
sonnd; bie ©Ufer — , vid. TCnßofen, 1. 

En'FIopfen, (u>.) 0. I. n. (with an) to knock, 
to beat, to rap (at); IL a. to nuten by beat- 
ing, hammering. 

En'flopfrr, (ttr.) m. knocker, clapper. 

En'rnrteln, (w.) v. a. to nuten with gags. 

Enfnipfen, (to.) v. a. to bntton (to); to fix 
by buttoaa. 

En'fnüpfen, (u>.) v.a.l. to knit, knot, to tie 
to, to festen with a knot; 2. to begin, enter 
into or npon (a correapondeace), to form 
(an acqnaintance, *«.); »ieber — , to take 
ap, renew, reanme (a conversation, Jkc). 

Enfnüpfnng, (w.) f. knitting, *c ef. En» 
rnipfen j E-opnnft, m. fig. «tarüng point, 
opening; connecting link or idea. 

Enfnurcen, (u.) v. u. to growl at 

Enf Obern, (w.) o. a. to bring to the lnre, to 
decoy, allnre, halt. 

EVrommtn, (t&.~) ». (aw. fein) L n. 1. to 

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arrlve; tocome (at, to, on, up); to drop in; 

3. a) to »pproach, advance ; 6) to obtatn or 
galn access, admittance, 4c; to get in; 3 
a) vid. Seif ommen, 2. o) ; 6) to fare or suc- 
ceed weil or ill. to meet with (good or ill) 
success ; ibr f ommt unredjt an, you are miita- 
ken; e) imp. ei {ommt mir tomer, leidjt, sc. 
on, it U hard, easy, &c. for oe or I find it 
hard, difficnlt, &c, it comes hard on me; 

4. imp. — auf (with Abc.), a) to dopend or 
hinge npon; tt boranf - Iaffen, to rnn the 
hazarri, to rlsk, to venture (lipon), to take, 
stand or put to tbe euance ; Xütt auf ... - 
Ioffen, to leave every thing to . . . ; (gtroaS) 
auf 3emanb — löffen, to refer (something) 
to one; *) to be iraportant or a matter of 
moment (with Dat., to); hier fommt tt auf 
Xbaten, nidjt auf JEBorte an, here deeds are 
reqnired, not wordi; es fommt mir auf ... 
niä)t an, I do not mind or care ...; II. a. 
imp. to befall; tt fommt mitt) (tncor. mir) 
... an, I am leized with (fear, a deiire, i.e.) ; 
wo« fommt ihn an? what ails bim? her 
ßtblaf {am Ittia) an, I became sleepy. 

Jftt'rommKng, (*tr.) "»• new comer; stranger; 

Xnföpfen, (to.) v. a. Pin-m. to head (pin*). 
Wf oppeltt, (io.) o. a. to couple, to yoke. 
Hu'Mrnen, (ie.) o. a. to bait, allure, to entice. 
XnfroUcn, (io.) v. I. a. to leize with claws; 

II. rrfl. to ding to with claws. 

antraten, TCnfriieln, (w.) v. n. * a. to 

»ersteh at, against. 
antreiben, (io.) ». a. to note with chalk, to 

score (a reckoning, ic). 
«Vfried)en, (*rr.) r. n. (aux. fein) to creep 

ap, to; to crawl near; cont. to »pproach 

Ynfud'tn, (io.) v. a. vid. angutfen. 
■Xnf unten, '!Cn'fünkigen,(ic.) u.a. toannounc«, 

give notice, advertize; declare, proclaim. 
Xn'Mnbigung, (io.) /. declaration, aanounce 

ment; proelamation; advertisement. 
antunft, (str. , pl. n. u.)/. arrival, coming; 

an'hrnftetn, (to.) e. a. to fix or add to ... 

artificially; fig. to affect. 
Xn'fuppctn, (io.) v. a. 1. to couple; 2. vulg. 

to proenre (Sinem 3emanb, one a person) 

in marriage. 
Xn'ladjrn, aVIatbelu, (io.) v. a. to «mite npon. 
anläge, (».)/. 1. laying ont, ttc, cf. Äu 

legung i 2. any thing anneied; 0U8 her — 

»erben ©ie erfeben, by the annexed you will 

aee; 3. beginning, fonndation; 4. design, 

plan or outline (of a moiical composition), 

plot (of a romance, *c ); 5. esteblishmsat, 
plantation, particul. pl. K-n, improTe- 
menti, pleaiure grounds; 6. capital, stock; 
7. natural capacity or disposilion (ju, to), 
temper, parti, talenU (ju, for), predispo- 

XnlaRbbör, adj. boajdable, approacbable. 

Wtnte, (u.)/. vid. Ynfurtb. 

ontanben, (io.) v. n. (aux. fein) to fall in 
with the shore; to come to «bore, to make 
a descent (on, npon), cf. £ont>en» to toack 
at, or put into a port. 

AU'idnbcn, (io.) v. a. to put to shore (a ahip). 

Yn'langen, (io.) v. I. n. (aux. fein) to arrive; 
II. a. to concern, touch, belong; a-i, adj. 
concerning, touchiog; as for, as to, witk 
reapect to. 

anlofdjen, (io.) v. a. For. vid. XnfCblagen, 4. 

Wlof , (str., pl. "Xvtl&fc) m. 1. leUing in, sc 
cf. inlaffen 5 2. a) occasion, cause, raotiie, 
inducement, cf. sBeranlaffung i — geben, ts 
give rise; b) occarreace; c) appearance. 

■JCnlafien , (str.) v. I. a. 1. to let on ; ein 
Seid) — , to let water into a pond; 2. eätt 
anfiele—, toset a mili a-going; 3. eua 
#UUb — , Sport to set a dog on; 4. fg. 
fdjorf, bort or tibtl— , to address, treat,re- 
ceive harshly, ill, cf. Enfafcren, 2. ; 5. eüist 
a)/orZnbeboltenj V)for Ttnlauftn (7.) laffai 
11. refl. to bave tbe appearance, to appear; 
et läpt ftd) jU ... an, there is an appearance 
of or for (war, *c); ftd) gut — , to bid or 
promise fair; bat RSetter laß t fid) jum {Regen 
an, it looks as if it wonld rain; nie löft cf 
ftd) mitfeinem Steber an? how goes hin fever? 

XirTouf, (ttr., pl. Vnlfiufe) m. 1. onset, statt, 
run; eiaen — nehmen, to run for a leap, to 
stand off for an advantage, to take a m; 
2. assanlt, attack; 3. swelliog, rising; 4. 
Mar. a) headway ; im 2C-e fein, to be ander 
head-way; 6) vid. SBranbnng & ©turjfeej 

5. Arch. a) lower apophyge; 6) cymatiaa; 

6. vid. 'Auflauf, 1.; 7. frequent petition, fre- 
quent »pplication, trouble. 

Xn'Iaufen, (str.) v. 1. n. (aux. fein) 1. n> 
begin to rnn, to take a rnn; to rnn up, t«; 
to rnsh upon; 2. to »well; 3. to »well o». 
to increase; 4. to rise sloping or with a 
(gentle) slope; 5. Typ. to rot; 6. a) to be- 
come hazy, to dim, tarnish (as glaas, ic): 
ber Xtbem mad)t ben Spiegel — , breath tar- 
nishes (dims) the surface of the lookiog- 
glass; 6) to get mouldy; c) to get rnaty ; 
d) to doli, deaden; angelaufen, dim, bazy; 

7. — laffeu, T. to heat (iron or steel) for 
the purpose of fixing coloors ; blau — laffes, 

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to make (steel, ftc.) blae; Jtlfagen Wau — 
faffira, to damaakeen ; fig-s. 8. (gegen) to 
rnn counter to ...; 9. Weilt — , to be dis- 
appointedj to ran a bad chaace; er ifl febön 
ongelaafm, in», be bat met witb a fine re- 
ceptioa; II. a. to importnne, solicit. 

Infant, (str.) m. Gram, commeacing tonnd 
(of a word or gyllable) ; « im "X-t ift tal @ng« 
lifd)en fdjarf, im SDeutfäen meto), * at the be- 
ginning of worda has ita aharp hiaalng aoond 
io Engliah, bnt a fiat aoond in Ger man 

Xn'lanten, (to.) v. n. (& a.) Gram, to com- 
mence a word or «yllable; gBorter, bie mit 
s — , word« oeginning witb an ». 

IVläuten, (io.) v. a. to ring (the bell). 

WHgei», (vi.) v. I. a. 1. to pnt, place or lay 
to, on, agaüut, to fasten, fix (tbe abroad«, 
&c), to appljr (a ladder to the wall, ftc); 
ein Jtinb — , to pnt a child to the breast; 
ein ©emebr — , vid. Xnfdjlagen, 6.; JHetber 
— , to pst od clothes; Iraner — , to go into 
moarning; .JianS — , to «et band« to, to take 
(a work) in band, to begin a work,be active, 
cf. $anii 2. a) to place, di«po«e of, to lay 
oot (money in a bargaio, ftc.), to pnt (capi- 
tata, soma) ont at interest, to employ (funda), 
to (in)veat; 6) to «pend, employ; 3. a) to 
lay out (groonda, Ac), to draw garden-plot« ; 
fig-s. 6) tofound, establiah; to «et np; c) to 
lay (a «eherne, ftc), to plan (a conspiracy, 
Ac); et — auf ..., to plan, to aim at, to 
make it one'i object ; tt mar barauf angelegt 
|n ..., it was intended or tbe plan was to ... ; 
XUet ift barasf angelegt mid) ;n reijen, every 
thtng i* catcalated to irritate me; geutr — , 
to born another man'« honte, ftc, malicions- 
ly; to be gniity of araon; angelegte geuer, 
pt incendiary or wilful fire« ; II. refl. to «tick 
to, ««tue on; fjd> an ein frtnMtd)e8 ©djiff — , 
to board, to g rapple; ID. n. 1. to pnt on 
«bore, to pnt in, tomoor; toland; JurSans 

bang — , to make ready for loading, lading ; 

2. to take aim (auf, at). 
TUtlgtt, comp. — fpabn, m. Typs, scale- 

board; — ftege, p(. «ide-atick«, (ßapitak 

fiege) head-side* and foot «ticka; — fdjlof, 

n. Lock-tm. vid. *5orlegtfa>Iof . 

Türtfgnng, («.)/. 1. pntting on, Ac, vid. Xn» 
legen A TCnlage j 2. employment (of capital«), 
inreatment (of fand«). 

Tn'Bin, (*rr.) n. loan. [of a cbair, Ac. 

aVDtyie, (to.) /. a thing to lean apon , back 

Ttnf ebnen, (to.) v. I. a. to lean againat; to 
Hipport by ; bie Z$tr — , to leaye the door 
upon tbe latch ; ILre/1. 1 . to lean, lie againat, 
to reellne; 2. fig. to fall back (npoa). 

ttnltbren, (w.) ». o. vid. Untermetfen. 

Xnleibe, (io.)/. loan; offentifdje — , govern- 
inent-loan; eine — mad)en, to raiae a loan. 

Xn'letben, (str.) v. a. to borrow, raiae a loan. 

Yn'Ieimcn, (to.) v. a. to glue on, to join witb 

3fn'Ieite, (vi.) f. Law, direction for inapecting. 

anleiten, (to.) v. a. 1. to gnide, lead, con- 
doct; 2. to direct, inatrnet. 

TCn'Ieiter, (str.) m. Icader, ic, guide. 

XnTeitimg, (io.)/. 1. leading, gnidance; 3. 
direction, inatruetion, metbod; achooling; 
Andrei — jtim ©ebraud) bei «prtale beim 
Örgelfpiel, Andres introduetion to the aae 
of the pedala in organ-playing; 3. fig. in- 
dneement, opportunity, occaaion. 

anlernen , (io.) v. a. to get (knowledge) by 
learning; angelernt, fig. naanmed, put on. 

■JCn'Ieudjttn, (io.) v. a. A n. to hold a candle 
to or for ... ; to direct light to, to caat light 
npon; to tonch with a burning candle. 

anliegen, (str.) v. n. 1. to lie near or cloae 
to; 2. to fit well, sit dose; fnapp a-b, 
«traigbt to tbe ahape; 3. to border, to be 
adjacent.adjoining orcontiguous(an,to); 4. 
Mar. to atand to (tbe north, Ac.) ; reo liegt 
ba8 SSdjiff an? how wind« the ship? feemärti 
—, to stand off, atand for the offing; fig-s. 
5. (@tnem) to entreat, solicit; to importune, 
to nrge; to ply; 6. fin) angelegen fein [äffen, 
to bestow enre upon, to treat with earneat 
attention, to intereat one'a «elf in, for ; a-b, 
p. o. 1. recumbent; 2. Math, adjacent. 

anliegen, s. (str.) n. 1. the lying clo«e to, ftc. ; 
2. concern, care, «olicltude, wiih. 

Wlotfen, (to.) v. a. to allure, entice, decoy, 
attract. [invitation. 

Xn'Iodhtng, (io.) /. allurement, enticement, 

WUtben, (io.) v. a. to solder. 

Xn/Iugen, (io.) v. a. to belle; to calumniate, 
to impute falaety. 

Xn'IÜftern, (w.) v. a. imp. to exclte an ap- 
petite, or deaire in ... . 

aVlSoen, (to.) v. n. Mar. to go to windward 
or to the weather-side; In» an! InfT! 

Xn'macben, (to.) v. a. 1. to fasten, to bind, 
tic or attach to, to knit on; 2. to make, 
kindle or light (ap) (a fire); 3. a) to mix 
(with water, ftc), to temper; mit ©erofirjen 
— , to «plce; mit $opfen — , to bop; mit 
JeBeinftein — , to tartarize; b) to dilutc; adoi- 

En'ma&nen, (to.) v. a. vid. ermahnen. 

WmSltn, (to.) v. o. to paint, paint at, of er. 

Xn'marfd), (str., pt JCn'marfä)«) m. marching 
on, approaebiag, adrance. 

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IVinarfdjiren, (»».) v. n. (an*, fei») to iMrchflln'nibentng, (».)/. 1. approacb., advance; 
oa, to advance. 3. Math. Ac approximatioo ; X-tgtabta, vid. 

JCn'mlf en, (v>.) v. ufi. (fldj [Dat.] (Staat) to «aufgraben. 

luarp, awMime, arrogate, preanme, to pre- 

tend to, to lay claim to, encroach on; an« 

gemißt, p. a. lelf-auamed; a-b, adj. pre- 

lamiag, presamptive, arrogant; aunming; 

imperioni, domineering; haoghty. 
Xu'mlfUdj, I. adj. vid. Xnmaftatb} n. X-feit, 

f. vid. Xamaf ung. 
Xtt'mSflttng, («>.)/■ naurpation, intruiion; aa- 

lamption , arrogao.ce; preteaaion, pretamp- 

tion ; imperioaaneu. 
Xtr'ma'ften, (u>.) v. I. o. to fatten; II. rrfi. ftd) 

(Are.) — , to get fat; Die Statte barte ftd; 

(Dat.) ein ffl4ud)ltin angemdftet (®6t6e), 

tbe rat had raised hiinself up a paunch. 
Wnauttn, (io.) v. a. to bnild (a wall) against. 
TCn'maulen, (io.) t». a. to grnmble (matter) 
Xn'medlern, (to.) u. a. to bleat at. [againat. 
Xn'meften, (w.) v. a. t r<fl. vid. «JRetben. 
TCn'mengen, (io.) u. a. to mix, mingle, blend. 
Xn'mertebüa), (»tr., pl. 7C-b5d)er) n. note-book, 

c/. Rotfjbud). 
TCn'merfen, (».) v. a. 1. to mark, note, to 

pot down, to write down, annotate, to jot, 

to Item; ü.fig. (tttntm (Staat) to remark, 

percelf e ia one. [2. note, aanotation. 

»r'merrung, (»•)/• 1. remark, obiervatioa; 
Xn'meffen, (rtr.) ». a. 1. einem etmal — , 

to take one'a meaanre for ...; ftd) (£at.) 

Qtoai — (äffen, to get mearared for ...; 

i.fig. to fit, adapt. 
Virmifiben, (to.) v. a. to mix, admix. 
^nmir 1 , odo. oid. hiermit. 
"Xn'mitf), L #.(»)/. grace, elegance, gmceful- 

aeu; pleaaantneu,iweetneu,agreeableneu, 

ameoity, cbarm, gentleneu; II. in comp. 

—toi. adj. ungracefal, deficient in interest; 

—longfett/ /. want of grace, nngracefulneaa; 

— rein), -<or a-6)toU, vid. 3nmutbig. 
tafmiti)ii, adj. graceful, pleaiant, agreeable, 

charming, iweet, gentle. 
TCn'mfitben, (to.) v. o. 1. vid. 3nmntbeitj 2. 

vid. Xnfprctben, 5. 

Xsmatbnng, (io.)/. vid. 3umutbung. 
Türtta, f. Anna, Ana, Anne (P. AT.). 
Xu'nSgeln, (w.) v. a. to aail, nail to or on, 

to baten with naila; »ic angenagelt, fig. a» 

if nailed to the ipot 
Xa'nSgen, (v>.) o. a. 1. to gnaw, nibble at; 

2. to corrode. 

Xn'nfytn, (y>.) v. a. to *ew on (to, up). 
«VnJhen, Xn'nlbetn, (w.) v. I. n. (ouz. fein) 

A rtfi. to approacb, draw near, come on; to 

approximate; II. o. to approacb, bring near. 

Xn/nabflU, («•)/• 1- toking, aecepUace, ac- 
ceptatioa; 2. reception, Ac cf. Xllfnabjati 
receipt; 3. engaging; 4. embracing (.of ai 
opinion); auamption; 5. «npponltion, rap- 
poaal; Log. poatnlation; 6. — OB JKabe* 
Statt, adoption; Com-*, bie — einer Statte, 
acceptance, acceptation, protection; be» 
bingtC — , partial, qoalified or enlarged ac- 
ceptance; unbcbülgtc — , fall, abaolate or 
general acceptance; ni&igc — ertbeüe«, to 
■how due protection; — bereiten or be* 
forgcn, to prepare due bonoor; bie — »er« 
Weigern, to dUbonoar, torefuae acceptance; 
tsegen nid)t erfolgter—, for noa-aeeeptaace; 
— oermeigerung, /. Law, waiver. 

• Xnnö'Icn, pl. aanal«; — fd)reibcr, or *Xa*t> 
lifi', (10.) m. annalist 

Ttn'n äffen, (u.) v. a. vid. Tinfendjten. 

Kn'ne, /. (dim. aWdjen, n. Nan, Naany, 
Nancy) Anne (/>. N.). 

+ Xn'nfbfl, adtt. vid. Siebft. 

in'nübmbJT, I. adj. acceptable, admiasiUc 
receivable, eligible; unter 0-en ©ebingw 
gen, on aeconunodating termi ; n. "X-tdtJ 
acceptableneH, &c. 

In'nf^mcn, (ttr.) v. I. a. 1. to take (adi- 
rection, Ac.), to take (to one'a aelf) ; to ac- 
cept; to reeeive; 2. a) to aaanme (aa ap- 
pearance, Ac), to pot on (a ■corafol air, 
Ac); 6) to contract (a babit, Ac.); c) to 
aflect (bnmility, Ac); 3. to engage; 4. <) 
to embrace, adopt (an opinion, Ac), to 
eipouae (a doctrine, Ac); to enter into, to 
■ubicribe to, to admit, grant; to consent to. 
to approve of; ber angenommene SXuajfaf, 
tbe recogniied Standard; fr) to take (fir 
granted), to uppoie; 5. Com. to aeeept, bo- 
nour (a draft), to protect, to pay (or ahow) 
dne bonoor or protection; nid)t — , to refne 
acceptance; angenommen »erben, to meet 
dne acceptance; nid)t angenommen, unac- 
cepted; Scfntbe — , to reeeive or to wee 
company; an Äinbc* Btatt — , to adopt; Me 
©au nimmt ben Sager an, Sport, the bm 
aaiaulti tbe huntuaaa; ftd) — iaffen, to ea- 
gage; enliat (at a aoldier); II. r^ft. 1. ((in) 
[Acc] einer ^erfon or esad)c [Gen.]) a) to 
interest one'a aelf in or for, to take care of, 
to care for, uaiat; (eifrig) to atickle for; 
b) to enter into, to attend to (one'a baai- 
neai), to ply (oae'i trade, Ac); 2. (ftd) 
[Alt.] St»a«) to take, apply to one'a aelf. 

Kn / nebmer,(«tr.)m.Cbm. l.acceptor,drawee; 

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2. »hipwrigat (m the contracting party with 
the ibip'a bubaad). 

TCatafbmlid), l- «*'■ 1- »M- Xnnetmborj 9. 

«id. Yngcx<6n j II. X-rcit,/. 1. vid. Xmubo». 

borJttti 2. pieaaantnei«, »weetae»; ne- 

aity, chana, c/. Xnmatbj pleasnre, delight; 

X-tttttn, pt. iweeta, com/orti (of Ufa). 
aVacigrB, (io.) v. I. «. to inclioe, lean to; 

VL refl. 1. a) to leao od, againit; o) to con- 

t«rge; 3. oid. ftd) *"nfd)nmd)ela. 
knieten, (>e.) o. a. to rivet to. 
^Xa'nodj, ad», a» yot; «tili now, at preaent. 
* Siuura'ct, [Ft., pron. änöogV) (».)/., ttt* 

aonri'ren, (u>.) ». a. «id. Xajrige, Antigen. 
«"Jtanmtft', (to.) /. annuity. 
♦InnuIUtwni'ttoafel, (to.)/. iato, canceliag 

clauae; defeaaaace. 
«annnQi'tra, (io.) v. o. to anoul, e/. Ätf» 

beben, 3.5); TtaaoDi'nuiB, («.)/. annolment 

Xanten, (to.) o. o. to oll, paint with oil. 
*Xnomalit / , (y>.)f. anomal y, irregularity. 
*Xuom£\ifä, a<tj. anomalooa. 
»Xnonpor', Xnomj'raifn), oetf. anonymon»; a-e 

Xrtrrie,/. jfcurf. ionomioate artery. 
«ino'mjmoi, m. anooymon» writer. 
In'crtnen, (to.) r. o. 1. to beipeak, order, 

iaititnte; to appoint, fix (a eertaln time); 

3. to diipoie, regulato, arraoge; to direct, 

Xa'ortner, («<r>) m. diipoier, regalator, &c. 
Xn'ortnrag, (to.)/. orderiog, 4c; diipoial; 

düpoiition, regulatioa, arrangement, ad 

jutaeat, preparation; appoiatment , di- 

rectioa; iiutroctiou. 
•Xnotgo'nifd)/ adj. 7. iaorganic. 
Tt/fatm, (w.) «• a, to lay hold of, »eize, 

catch, gripe, collar, to attack. 
Äs/poppen, (in.) o. o. to parte ap or on. 
Xn'pajfea, (io.) «. I. a. I. to adapt, fit, aalt, 

accemmodate, to cooform, adjaat, aqnare; 

3. to fit or try on; II. n. vid. Raffen. 
Ärpfiblen, (to.) b. a, 1. to pale up, to prop; 

3. to empale. 

Xa'pfianica, (»•) «■ o. to plant, cnltlvate. 
«VpfUnia, (*tr.) m. planter, aettler. 
Xn/pfianiang, (w.) /. plantiag; plantotlon; 

3C-ea, p(. improveraent». [peg» or pin. 

WpflöaVn, (w.) t>. a. to peg, to fnaten with 

| *Vpftugcn,(w.)v. I.«. 1. (obon.) tobegin 

plooghing; 3. to joia by plooghing; II. n. 

to drive againit somethiag in plooghing. 
Wpüben, (to.),». a. to pitch; to pitch to. 
aVpio'en, (io.) t. a. to peck (fraita). [brüh. 
Wpfaifeln, (w.) t>. a. to paint, daob with a 

«Vplftrren, (to.) v. a. vulg. to bawl at. 

aVplattra, (io.) o. a. vid. Infdjitten. 

Hafplttttt, (io.) o. n. (aus. fd«) 1. to «trike 

er bunt agaiait; 3. to begin to crack. 
Xn'podjea, (to.) d. n. *o. vid. TCnTlopfea. 
Xn'prttll, (rtr.) m. a boonding agaiait, boaoee ; 

3-ninrcI, m. i%y. angle of reflexion. 
Xn'ptaHen, ».n. (o«x. fein) to bonnd or »trike 

agidnat. [at,to. 

Xn'pTfbigni/ (io.) «. a. iael. k conL to preach 
Wprtlfcn, («tr.) v. a. (Sintra etnxtf) to 

praiie, commend, recoounend, extol; cont. 

to paff. [bonnd agaimt. 

Xa'pteBen, (io.) ». a. to daah, to make to 
Xn'prSbm, Xn'probfrm, (io.) e. a. vid. tat 

oerfud)(n. . 
Xft'ptt*, (**r.) m. flnery, dreia; dreuing. 
Xn'pnitR, (io.) i). I. a. 1. to dreu finely, to 

adorn ; 3. to trick oat; n. r«)I. to deck one'i 

■elf oat, pnt on one'i beit (or holyday) elotaea. 
Xn'qualmea, (to.) v. a. vulg. to blow the taae 

(of tobaeco) ioto one'i face. 
Xn'qvidcn, (io.) «. a. Min. to »malgamate. 
"Xtfteina, (to.) e. n. to border upon. 
Xa'ranuntn, Xn'rammtln, (vi.) v. a. to ram 

down tight, to baten by raauaing. 
Xn'ranfen, (to.) v. I. a. to tuten by meani of 

teadrila; E.refl. to ding to, twine roond. 
Wrafprin, (to.) v. o. to begin to raip. 
Wtaffeln, (to.) «. o. to rattle at or agaiait 
Xa'rltbtn, («tr.) I. v. a. (QHnem Qttaat) to 

recoauaead to, to adriie; to inggeit; Ü. i. 

i*tr.) m or Xn'tltbnng, (to.)/. advice, re- 

"&rftaua)a, (io.) o. o. 1. to coTer with antoke ; 

to aeaion by smoking; 2. a) to imoke (a 

pipe) for the flrit time, to begin to imoke; 

6) to give a browniih colonr to (a meer- 

•chaam-bowl) by impkiag; oa/geranebt, p. a. 

Xa'rfad)««, (w.) t>. o. 1. to drive amoke or 

perfnma agaimt; 3. to imoke a little. 
Xa'rtd)nen, (to.) v. a. (Sintra etn>al) 1. to 

charg«, to put or »et down to one'i aeeonnt ; 

2. to reckoa, to rate, to coaat; 3. to im- 

pate, attribnte, aicribe; ja Dttl— , to orer- 

charge; er bat e6 3bnen nid)t ja bod) an* 

gretibnet, he ha» not oTercharged yoo for it. 
TUxta)t, (rtr.) n. right, claim ; title. 
Ttn'tfbt, (to.)/. theactof acooiting; addrew, 

■peech, harangne ; —fall, m. Gram. TocatWe ; 

—tag, m. Print. day of addreu. 
"Knftittn, (io.) v. a. 1. to accoit, addreu, to 

apeak to, to harangne; 3.vid.aV)fpred)tn,4.o). 
Tin'xlätti, (to.) v. a. 1. to arge on, »tir op; 

to quicken, »harnen; to move, impel, en- 

gage; 3. to moot (a qne*tion), to advert 

to, to toacb npoa, to (make) mentioa (of); 

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to prompt, inggeat; a-b, p. a. atirring, e*> 

cltatory; anggeitive (für, to the imagina- 

tiOB, *c). 

Wrtgcr, (jrtr.) m. morer, propoaer, auggeater. 

Xn'rtgnen, (w.) v. t'mp. to rain againat. 

"Xn'ttiVmt, («.)/. 1. motloD, InciUtion, im- 

puliion, inatigntion ; 2. anggeation, initance, 

meotioning; in — bringen, vid. Xnregen, 2. 

Wretten, (*fr.) ca. 1. to give (impart) by 

rnbbing ; 2. to rub againat, 
Xn'reibctt, (to.) ». I. o. 1. to atring; to file 
on a itriog; to raake a atring of; 2. to eew 
looaely ; n. refl. vid. TCnfibKefen. 
Hn'niftn, (ttr.) v.a.l. to begio to tear; 2. 
to tear or take off; eint SSibiibt, ein gaf, *c, 
— , to break a pile, tire, cask, Ac; 3. 7*. to 
aketch, to deiign. 

Xn'retten, (rtr.) ». I. n. («Mar. fein) 1. o) to 
ride againat; 6) to ride np to ... (In order 
to alight, *c.); 2. to ride forward; II. a. to 
ride (a hone) for the firat time, to break in. 

Xn*reij, (»fr.) m. impnlae, incitemeot to. 

Xtfreijütt, (to.) v. a. 1. to incite, arJmulate, 
animate, itir (np), enkindle ; 2. to inatigate, 

"Xn'lAltmg, (vi.) f. incitemeot, animation; in 
atigation; X-tmittet, (ttr.) n. incentire. 

Wrennen, (irr. & to.) v. I. n. (aux. fein) 1. 
a) to run againit; to bnmp or tnmble Dp 
againat; 6) (angerannt rammen) to adrance, 
to approach ninning; e) (gegen) to rnn, ru»b 
or fall npon, to uiail; 2. to «tart, to take 
a rnn ; 3. fig. to meet with an ill reeeption ; 
n. o. «id. n. 1. e). 

*n'rld)t(e)s / comp, —fünft,/, the art of drei» 
ing a dinner, ftc. ; — Wjftl, m. pot-ladle, ladle 
-fWflM, /. diih; -tifd), m. (or m. u. W= 
viifytc, »./.) drewer(-board), kitchen-table. 

Tfn'rfabten, (to.) v. a. 1. a) Cook, to prepare, 
get ready, dreaa; b) to aerve, und or diih 
np (the rictnali) ; 2. to came, make, do (mia- 
chief, *e.). [2. Hör. motion-work. 

Yn'rUbtung, (to.)/. l.Cbo*. dreaaing, &c; 

Tttr'rieiben, (*tr.)v.a. amell at; 2.(Oinem 
et»08) to know (pereeWe) by the imell; 
3. to emit or canae a amell. 

Xn'ringen, I. (ttr.) v. n. — gegen, to atrnggle 
againat; II. or Wringein, (».)». a. to 
faaten with ringa. [fliegen. 

Iirtinnen, (ttrj v. n. (au*, fein) vid. Ttn* 

Xn'ritt, (ttr.) m. 1. approach on horaeback; 
2. firat triai of riding. 

Mrl^tn, (io.) v. a. to make a little alit on; 
to acratch alightly (aa with a pin). 

TMxoUm, (v.) v. I. n. (aus. fein) to approach 
rolliag; II. o. to roll againat. 

Vifroften, (io.) v. n. («tue. fein) 1. to rast oa 
(to aomething); 2. to begin to rnat. 

XlrtStbeln, (to.) v. et. to (mark with) rnddle. 

In'rua)ig,3fn'r«ä>tig, I. adj. rather notorioe», 
diarepotable ; im hoben Orabe — infamoua, 
crimtnal; II. X-relt, (v>.)/. notoriouaneaa, 
nnaonnd credit, iü name. 

WriWcn, (w.) o. I. n. (oiuc. fein) to oome 
on, adrance, approach, to draw near; — Inf: 
fen, to draw or bring np; IL n. to bring 
near or move to ; IIL t . (ttr.) n. approach. 

Xn'rittern, (».) o. n. (aux. fein) 1. to row to 
or towarda; 2. to atrike againat in rowiag. 

Xn'rSf, (ttr.) m. call; annunoaa; appeal. 

TCn'rSfen, (ttr.) v. a. 1. to call to, to hail (a 
ahip, Ac), Mil. to challenge; 2. to call upoa, 
to invoke, appeal to, implore, adjare; ;nn 
deugen — , to call to witneaa. [peUntion. 

Xn'rBfung, (u>.)f. 1. invocation; 2. vid. Xr» 

X n'rüjimen, (v>.) v. a. (einem etwas) to praiae, 
commend (one for ...). [to mix, temper. 

Xn'räbren, (to.) v. a. 1. to tooeb, handle; 2. 

Xn'rübrnng, (u.) /. tooeh, touching, &c. 

Xir'rü'ßcn, (to.) v. a. 1. to Cover with aoot; 
2. to biack-lead. 

Prüften, (vi.) v. a. to arm, prepare (ja, for) 

TiXLt, contract. of an Ott. 

Xn'fatfcn, (to.) «. a. col. vid. Xnpacten. 

Xn'fJen, (u.) t>. a. to begin to eow. 

Xn'fäge, I. (w.)f. declaration, intimation, no- 
tification, meaaage; anmmona; II. comp.— 
poften, m. vid. 5Kclliung8ba«* j — jcttel, u. 
note of declaration. 

Xn'fagen, (to.) v. o. 1. to aay, repeat; 2. a) to 
notify, declare, intimate; to annonnce; de- 
nonnce; to bring word, cf. {Reiben i öffents 
lid) — , to proclaim, to pnbliah, promnlgate; 
eine 8er fammlnng— , to call a meetlng; einen 
@erid)t$tag — , to appoint a day of appear- 
ing in a court, to anmmon; fage an! apeak 
(out) ! 6) Garn, to cry or call (the game); 
©ie fagen an, yon are to call. [little. 

XnTlgen, (W.) v. a. to begin to aaw, to aaw a 

Xn'fffgcr, (ttr.) m. meaaenger, anmmooer; de- 
nonncer. [anmmoning. 

KnfSgung, (to.)/. notifieation; proclaaation; 

Xir'fanuneln, (w.) v. 1. a. to collect, gather 
together; II. rtfl. to accnmnlate. 

Xn'fammlung, (w.) f. accnmalation. 

Hn'foffig, I. adj. aettled, eatabliahed, domici- 
liated; fid) — mad)cn, to aettle (one'a «elf); 
It. X-feit,/. «tote of being eatabliahed, Ac 

Xn'fat, 1. 1. (str., pl. Xn'finc) m. 1. patting 
to or npon, *c, cf. Xnfebenj 2. vid. ünlaaf, 
1. & 2.; 3,^g. tendency, diapoaition; er bat 

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na — jamBtttfwerttn, he iaolioei to cor 
palency ; 4. rate (in an accouot) ; 5. depoait, 
ernst; head (of a liquor) ; 6. Mus. o) »id. — 
fttt; 6) tbe ntethod of blowing or Alling a 
Me, *c; 7. ^JMt eptphysi»; 8. Bot. apo- 
atrsU; 9- aerapings of a duh or saneepan; 
IL comp. — griße, /. Math, the dinerential ; 
-frei», m. Com. Uxatiou; — ftürf, n. mouth- 
fitet (of a wind-ioitromeat). 

lir|ällttn,(«r.)«>»our;to mix with learen 

Ilfafra, (*tr.) v. rtfl. vulg. to dtink immo 
derately, lud. to (drink like a) spunge. 

anfangen, (». * rtr.) e. L a. * n. to (begin 
to) sack; IL njk to Mick bat; brr »Integel 
bot fta) angefogen, tbe leecb hat taken. 

Inf 4afdn, (w.) t>. o. to tooeb, to (an (of tbe 

Xrffaajt«, («.) v. n. to ruh oo; to bozz 

aVfnVffa, I. (rtr.) cid. Xnerfd)offenj II. (io.) 
r. «. (um fref?. filb] StKXls) to procura, 
to feraisa (oae't «elf, 4c.) witb, to lupply, 
nad, to and one"« «elf in or witb ..., parvey, 
proride for; to get in, lajr in, pnt np (goods, 
«*.), to pnrehaae, boy, Com. to remit, make 
or to proride renüttance» or prorisions; fld) 
}n sitt Sojortn — , to orerstock one'» »elf. 
Inf (baffer, (rtr.) m. pnrreyor, furaiiher, *c; 

Com. remitter. 
In'ftbafnng , (u>.) /. purreyance, providlng 
for, foraUhing with ; Öom-s. remit Unce, Pro- 
vision ; — meubm, vid. Xnfä)afftn, Com. ; fc* 
Übt — maufeeit, to make remittance» in fint 
rate bilk or paper. [to »tock (a gnn). 

Xrffdf&fta, (w.) v. a. to proride with a shaft; 
aVfdjfflen, (w.) «. a. vid. l"bfä)afaien. 
Xrt'i'ifcintn, (io.) v. a. 1. to look at, to riew, 
behold, contemplate, to gaze at; 2. a) to 
eoaiider; 6) to pereeire, apprehend by in- 
taitioo; ob, p. a. eontemplatire; intuitive. 
aVfthaner, (str.) m. looker on, beholder. 
lVf (baulieb, I. adj. 1. perceptible; 3. con- 
spicaons, dittiact, plaio; 3. vid. Vnflbanmb; 
— madjen, 1. to render piain or intelligible; 
2. to be illnstratire of ... ; II. TC-frit, /. per- 
ceptibility ; tbe quality of belog pereeived 

Xn/fiftaatrag, (to.)/. cootemplation: 1. inipee- 
tion, aapect; riew; 2. (intuitive) ridoo, In- 
tuition; 3. (X-lXoäit, f.) »öde of rlewing 
tkriag»; X-S»erinogcn, n. power of iatnitlon, 
rataitire power. 
lVfdjeereit, tjW. Xnftberen. 
Inftbein, (rtr.) m. appearance: 1. semblance, 
oatwsrd ahow ; 2. Hkelihood, likeliaeu, pro- 
bability ; rt tft aller — bojn, there i» every 

appearance of it ; oJrm X-t nad), in all llke- 

Xtl\ d)ctnen , (rtr.) v. I. a. to ihiae apoa; II. 
n. to appear; a-b, p. a. apparent, aeeming 
(odc. —-ly). 

Xir'ftbeu'm, (u>.) v. I. a. ftn. to ring tke bell, 
tiakle at; II. a. to «backte. . 

Xn'fdjctro, 1. (ui.) t). a. to warp (a rope); 9. 
(crr.) to begin to «bare; to ahave or ahear 
a little. 

Vn'f(h(t>, comp. — pfa^t, ra. T. warping pott. 

Xn'fdjüfot, (u;.) o. r<^I. («ntft ju) 1. to pre- 
pare, to make arrangement» (for) ; 2. to be- 
gin, »et abont, to »et or compoie ooe'a »elf 
to ...; 3. to be dupoaed (for). 

Wfo)icbm, (str.) v. I. a. to »höre on, to pnah 
againit ; II. n. Gam. to bowl fint (at niae 

WfibiebnZifdj, (*tr.) m. aliding-irame table. 

Wfdjiebrr, (itr.) m. 1. one who pnt» »ome- 
thing to, ix.; 2. what i» pnt to (leaf of a 
table, *c). 

■JCn'fdjttbfel, (rtr.) n. appendage, »nppiement. 

Xn'fd)iden, (te.) v. a. to aqniat at, look 
aaqnint upon, to leer at or upon, to ogle. 

Xn'fdjirSfll/ (rtr.) o. L a. 1. to »hoot, woand 
by »hooäng; 2. (int Statte — , to try a gnn; 
3. r. to join; 4. ZVp. to print to; ottgt« 
fcfaoffen fein, /am. o) to be in love; 6) to be 
tipsy; c) to bare a little toneb of folly; II. n. «hoot nr»t;(aux.ftin:)2. to »hoot forth 
(a» water); 3. to roah or rnn againnt; 4. cid. 
Xngtttneni 5. Cktm. }u ArnflaOfn or in 
JttfifiaSt — , to cryatalUte, to »hoot into 

Xn'f*Uf4)i«feI / (rtr.) m. T. gilding brn.b. 

7Cn'f<bifftn, (io.) v. n. 0»ux. ft in) (»M an) to 
»hip to, approach (with a »hip), to touch at. 

Xn'fdjllben, (vi.) v. a. Gard. to scutcheon-graft. 

Xn'fdjimmeto, (v>.) v. n. (aux. fein) to grow 
mouldy. [the harne»*. 

Vn'ftbtrren, (>"•) »• <>. t<> harne»», to put on 

TCir'fcbläa, (str., pi. Zn'f(blage) m. 1. »triking 
at, »troke; 2. a) affixing, posting np; 6) bill, 
placard, adrertiaement, bill »et or po«ted 
op, col. poiter; 3. Mitt. mill-clapper, mlli- 
clack; 4. Mus. a) vid. 5>opoeIfd)Iag i 6) man- 
ner of tonebing an Instrument, tooeh, floger; 
5. r.rabbet; 6.bntt-end (of agun); 7. Hör. 
(or — ftift, m.) warning piece; 8. the place 
againrt which soaetbing «trike» ; 9. State- 
ment, calculatlon, computation; eitimate, 
raluation ; 10. plan, projeet, dedgn, plot, de- 
rice; (bSfer— ) complot, underplot; 11. ad- 
rice, connsd; im 7Cnf(blagt, put np for aale; 
in — bringen, to take into aecount; to make 

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allowanoe, to allowror...; in — remmtn, 
vid. in »etrodjt tonnten} Xnfdjloge macben, 
to plot ; täten (böfen) — avf or gegen ... n 
eben, to eonipirc against. 

Xttf o)ISgen, (ttr.)v. L a. 1. (toiffc an) to ttrike 
at, opon or againit, to knock at; 3. o) to 
toll (tbe bell), to chine; to tooch opon (a 
strlng, Ac) ; 6) Mut. (bm Xon) to give tbe 
kejr note; 3. to clap on, to fasten, to nail 
at (on); Mar. to splice; Seu>. to baste; 4. 
For. to blaze (trces), vid. Xblafcbcn; 5. 
Mar. to bead (a sail) to ita yard; 6. MU. 
tu level, poiat or aim (a moiket; onf, at); 
7. o) to »(fix, placard, po»t or set up (a bill, 
*c.); 6) to set out, to put up for aale; 8. to 
rate, value, eitimate (auf, at), to tax; ju 
t)od) — , to overrate, orerstate; ;n metrig — , 
to underrate, uoderatate; geltet, 2td)t — , to 
strike fire, a Light; IL *. 1. (aux. fein) to 
fall againit, strike or dafh against; {aux. 
haben :) 2. o) to begia to atrike; 6) to cbime, 
toll; c) Garn, to play at ipan-couater ; (ai 
bojri); 3. a) to operate, take effect; 6) to 
prevail, to take ; to aaiwer, to sueeeed (well), 
protper; 4. Sport, to call, bark, bay, ery, 
to give toagoe, to open. 

XnTiblägen, p. «.(»tr.) n. 1. itriking at, againit, 
ke.i cf. v.; 2. ipan-counter, span-farthing; 
3. Join. k Corp. boxing ; 4. waah of tbe sea ; 
5. Sport, lappice, calling, &c. 

3Ctt'fd)lager,(«tr.)m. l.he orthatwaichatrikes, 
jack (of a piano forte, Ac), (Fr.) 

Vn'fcblagecfflab, («er., pl X-Ütaber) n. Hör. 
warningwheel. [nious, clever, füll of devices. 

Xn'fcblagifl, Vn'fdjlaglid), adj. inventive, ioge- 

Kn'fd)Ug<3etttI, m. vid. Xnfdjlag, 2. 6). 

Wfcjlämmen, (to.) v. I. a. to mire, to fill with 
»ad; II. refl. to be choked up with raud, to 
gel muddy. 

T&a'WUiQm, (rtr.)o. n. an'gefd>Iicyen femmen, 

to come- on creepingly, sneakingly. 
Vnf4Ieifen, I. («er.) v. a. 1. to begin to grind; 

2. to »et an edge on; eine @pi(C — , to grind 
to a point; II. (w.) v. a. 1. to bring on a 
sledge; 2. to faaten by a knot. 

Sn'fdjlcmmtn, vid. Xnfd)l£ntmen. 

TCn'f erliefen, («tr.) v. I. a. 1. to chaio to, to 
fix with a lock; to tack; 2. to add, annex, 
eoclone; II. refl. (with an) l.tojoinorattach 
one's «elf to, to join, to follow; %fig. to 
eonform to, to aynpatbixe with; HL n. to fit 
dose or tight 

An'f*Iu? / (#(r.,pJ.1tn'fd)lüff«)m. 1. anoexatioo; 

3. joining, accession ; 3. thiug aaaexed, enclo- 
»ed, Ac. ; — bt6n, /. £-io. junetion railway. 

Ytt^ntandjen, (w.) v. a. eol. to blow tbe 

tmoke againit. [tastiog. 

Xrt'fdjmeefen, (to.) v. a. to taate, know fron» 
*Vfa)mcid)dB, (to.) o. refl. vid. fld> einf4tneU 

(bttn. [ftn j II. ti. to daih against. 

VrVfebmeifen, (*tr.) v. vulg. 1. a. vid. Tfowcr« 
Vn'f4nel a en, e. L (w. * [/. p.] «er.) a. l. to 

begin to melt; 2. to fasten by melting; II. 

(ttr.) n. (aux. fein) to adhere by meltiag. 

to get melted. 
Wfclmettcrn, (to.) v. a. k n. (aux. fein £ 

baben) to dash violently against. 
Xn'fcbmicben, (to.) v.a. 1. to join by forging, 

to ahnt; 2. to fetter, to caain to, vulg. to 

clap up in irons. 
Xn'fcbmicgcn, (tc.) v. I. o. to bend to, preis 

to, join closely; II. refl. 1. to stick dose to, 

to cling to, to nestle, snag (an, to) ; 2. flg. 

to insinuate, acconuaodate or eonform (one's 

Xtt / fd)micrcil, (to.) v.a.l. to besmear, daub, 

to scribble against; 2. vulg. d) refl. vid. ftd) 

Xnbrdngetu 6) ad) vid. laffcbmicrtn» 66) to 

cheat (one). 

TCn'fcbmücten, (w.) v. a. k refl. vid.Gäfm&Stn. 
3tn'f4rannjeln, (to.) v. a. to «mirk at. 
'äir'f4rau"$en, (w.) v. a. vid. »efebrnnjen. 
Xn'fdjnalltn, (to.) t». a. to buckle on, to fasten 

with buckles. 
7Cn'fd}nard)en, Vn / fd)nau(en, (to.) v. a. vulg. 

to snarl at, growl at; to map (one) «bort. 
Xir'fibnarrcn, (to.) v. a. to address in a rat- 

tling tone. 

Vn'ftbnattcrn, (to.) v. a. to cackle at. 
Xn'fcbnauben, (to.) v. I. a. to snort at; II. (»tr. 

k to.) n. (aux. fein) to approach inorting. 
Xn'fdjneibCäiWefrer, (ttr.) n. carving knife. 
Wfdjnciben, (ttr.) v. a. to give tbe first cot 

to, to cot (into), to carve. 
Xn'feynellcn, (u>.) v. I. o. to jark against; II. 

n. (aux. fein) to iy against. [out. 

Kn / [4nicgcln, (u>.) v. a. k refl. fam. to deck 
Xn'fibnitt, (ttr.) m. first cut, cut; noteb. 
Tfn'fd)nüfftln,2tn'fd)n5betn, (to.) v. a. to uaell 

at (as dogi). 
Itn'fcbnuren, (w.) v. a. to laoe, string, faste*. 
■JCn'fdjnnrren, (to.) v. a. 1. to purrat; 2. /am. 

to beg. 
*'Knfd)o'M, (to.)/. vid. Xadtooe. [dowa). 
"X n'fd)toubcn , (to.) v. a. to screw (oa, up, 
Xn'fdjrecten, (to.) v. a. Sport to frighten (by 

wbistling at kc). 
Wfdjreiben, (ttr.) v. a. 1. to write down, 

put down, set down, cbalk dowa; to pencil 

dowa; 2. o) (einem 9t»a») to put to one'a 

aecount, Charge in one's bill; 6) to book 

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dm»; (Juten Ott Bnfotfbner — , to bring one 

U oa«"» boolu; bod) angetrieben fteben, (o( 

debtore) to stand high in one'i booka; gut 

bei Statin ongefd}rieben fteben, .fig. to be 
in favonr witb one; to stand well. 

«Vf «breiber, (ttr.) m. aarker. 

Xn'|(breibe»XSfel, (».)/. board, table; 
raaaam book, tablets. 

YB'fojrtien, (*tr.) v. o. 1. to crjr, to etil at, to 
call (out) to . .. ; to hail (a ibjp) ; 3. to boot at 

Xa'fihwtteB, (str.} «.»vi. (aux. fein) to ap- 

proach with long Steps, to stalk; 2. to be- 

gio to stride. 

XsTibiSte, (to.)/. Ootk. Uit, serrage, wale, 

Ä'f*t5ten, (to.)». »• 1- t0 ">U near(a ca»k) ; 
2. Ootk. to form tbe seivage. 

Wf*©, (itr„ pi. Xir'fCySbe) ra. 1. Com. Brat 
bowl (at niae pim) ; 2. any tbing added, leaf 
of a table, Jtc 

IVfibabtn, (w.) v. I. a. vid. SJorfibnbenj D. 
r#7. cot to put on one'» shoes or boota. 

iVfowIiigen, (m.) t>. a. uid. 8ef ajnlbtgen, &c. 

XirtdjapprR, (w.) t>. a. tmlg. to paih againat. 

iYfiiippett, (w.) v. a. to pile againit witb 

a sbovel. 
3tn'|"<&urrn, (to.) o. a. 1. to Madie, atir, poke, 

triai (tbe Are); 1.fig. to atir op. 

Xitfibttf , (rtr., pi. Xir'fdjfiffe) m. 1. tbe aet 
of woanding by (bot, &c. c/. Xnfd)iepen} 

2. «hooting fint ; firat shot ; 3. shooting, ruh ; 

4. Chem. crystallization. 
«Vfftätt, (.vf.)f. vid. Xnf(*»fmmmtg, 2. 
In'fdjütttn, (».) «. a. 1. to ponr or tbrow 

agaiast; 2. to All, hoard np. 
Xn'fdjütcn, (ic.) o. o., like inbimmtn, 9«. 
aVWndngexn, (tn.) 0. o. CTiem. to impregnate. 
X:r'f4t»dngernng, (».)/• CAern. impregnatlon. 
Sirftbroonfen, (to.) «. n. (aux. fein) to totter, 

reel agaiast. 
Wfdjmdrjen, (te.)o. «• 1- to blacken; 2. fig. 

to aaperse, calumniate, alander. 
Xn'fcbtodrjer, C»rr.)m. calomniator, alanderer. 
Xn'fdtma^en, (10.) 0.0. (einem etwa») to palm 

(a tbing) opon (one), to peraoade to. 
«Vf ifi»«T>en, (10.) v. n. (aux. fein) to horer, 

tj agaiaat. 
Xn'fdjwefeln, (u.) v. a. 1. to famigate witb 

•alphnr; 2. to mix witb »alphur. 
Infcbwttf en, (u>.) «. a. T. to weld, to join or 

add by weldiog. 
XtrTd)»e3en, v. L (ttr.) n. to awell np, rite; 

einen Sott — taffen, Mut. to awell a tone; 

IL (».) o. to awell (ont or np). 
4Vfd)«»eBen, p. *. (itrj n., Wf^ndlung, 

(w.) /. 1. balge; 2. Med. intnmeicenoe; in 

targeseeace; 3. Mut. awell. 

Hn'fömtmmtn, (to.)o.a. 1. to lernt to a place, 
to lioit down, 4c. ; 2. to depoait; to form 
by allnvion; bie angefa)»emmtc 9rbf(bid)t, 
diluTinm; angefdjnenunte&uibftnitea, tract» 
of alluvial eartb. 

Xn'fifiwenununa, (to.)/. 1. floatingto, ftc; 
2. allnvion; dilnvinm, dcpoiitian. 

Xn'f djwimmen, («tr.) «. n. (aux. fein) to swim 
to, near. [2. /am. to ewindle. 

Xn'fdjninbeln, (w.) v.o. 1. to make giddy; 

Xn'fajntrren, (».) v. *. (aux. fein) to fly, 
boxe agaiaat. 

Yir'fdjnoren, (ttr.) v. a. vid, 2m\ä)mtnn. 

Xn'ffgeln, (to.) v. 1. n. (aux. fein) to aalt to, 
npon or near; II. a. einen $dfen — , to make 
to a port, to tooeb at a port; (an) ein €5d)iff 
— , to ran aboard of a aaip, to ran foal of 
a abip. 

Tfll'ffflelung, (w.)f. tbe making to a port, &c. 

Itn'ffben, (rtr.) v. a. 1. to look or gaze at, 
od, npon, to behold, eye, to aee; 2. to look 
npon (aU, für, aa), hold, to take (for) ; 3. to 
regard, to conaider, reapect, eateem; 4. (QU» 
nem Stieat) to pereeite aomething in one ; 
5. StoaS mit: — , a) to wltnesa; 6) to auffer, 
to let paaa; Idnger fann id) e* ntd)t (mit) an^ 
feben, I cannot »Und it any longer; 6. et 
— ouf, trid. Xbfeben, II. 4.) einen über bie 
3Cd)feI — , to alight or to eut one. 

Xn'fetya, t (irr.) n. 1. tbe looking at, *c; 
sight, look; 2. appearance, aeeming, air, 
look, aapect, ahow, exterior; 3. vid. Xn> 
febnng) 4. conaideration, reapect, credit, 
reapeetability; conaeqnence, importance, in- 
tereat, weight, anthority; 3emanb oon — 
hnnen, to know one by aight; Dor ©Ott gilt 
{ein — ber $erfon, God baa no reapect to 
persona; fia) ein— geben, to gire one's aelf 
air», to cot a fignre. 

5tn're^nli(b, I. adj. considerable, notable; re- 
apectable; sizeable, atately, portly, conapi- 
caoos ; eminent, handsome, of conaeqnence, 
reputable; II. X-f dt, f. considerablenesa; 
conspicaooaneaa, »izeableneaa ; importance. 

Xn'ffbnng, (to.) /. conaideration: in — (»tt» 
Gen.), in conaideration of, in regard of, on 
aecoant of; m for, aa to. 

pfeifen, (tr.) ». a. vid. (Sinfelfen. 

Kn'feilen, (to.) v. a. Sport, to tie op. 

Xn'fettgen, (to.) v. a. 1. to begin to singe, to 
ainge; 2. to bwrn a little. 

Xn'ftfi«, comp. -Mott, n. typ. fiy-leaf; -ftiUt, . 
n. 1. vid. anfat^etüd' i 2. -fiüdc (pi.) riner 
Jtoppel, belt atrapa; -fpijen,/. pi. tattiag». 

Xn'fjjen, (uj.) v. I. a. ]. to aet on, op, down. 

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to put to, against, up; to depoatt; to apply ; 
to join, afflx ; to fasten, fix ; Sew. to sew to ; 
2. to »et, plant; 3. (with any instrument) to 
make the first stroke, blow, to begin ; 4. to 
fix, appoint; 5. to Charge in a Uli; 6. to 
rate, tax; bo« SKeffer — , to gfre the firat 
cut, to be abont to make an incision; bell 
©potnt — , to begin to dig; bie fjebtr — 
to put pen to paper; btc gabung ein« Sta. 
BOlie — / Gun. to ram home; 0toft — , to 
gather rast; gleifeb — , to breed flesh; Arn« 
flaue — , vid. Xnfibiepen, 5.5 »it hoben Sie 
mir bae angefe$t? at what rate bave you pnt 
it to me? }U nicbrig — , to underrate; II. n, 

1. to make an onset; to take a ran, to ran 
for a leap; 2. to try; to begin; 3. to grow 
fat; 4. Vet. to conceive (it is said especially 
of niares); UI. refl. 1. to sit down near to; 

2. to be deposited; to stick to, adhere. 
Tfn'feften, p. *. (str.) n. (bas — oon SSIumen), 

Chem. effloresceace (— cy). [mer. 

Yn'fe$er, (str.) m. 1. wirf. Sreibcifen; 2. ram- 
Knfe&ung, (w.)f. 1. (act of) puttiog, applying 

to, &c; 2. tbing set, joined, applied to, &c, 
Xn'feufjen, (w.) v. a. to sigh at. [cf. 2Cnfa$. 
Wfitbt, (io.) /. 1. iospection; survey; 2. 

sight, prospect, view; 3. opinion; insight; 

notion ; bei — DiefeS, Com. on receipt of the 

present, at or aller sight; IC-Sfeitc, /. fore- 

part, front; Ä-Stttfelll, /. pl. table«, tablets, 

boards (for representing objects, particu- 

larly in schools); X-6}CiCynung, /. scenogra- 

phic drawiog. 
Xn'fid)tig, ado. having sigbt of a thing; 3es 

tnanfcc« — merken , to get a sight of, to see, 
"XnflCbelei', (u).)/. settlemcnt. [to observe. 
Tfn'ficfcetn, (io.) v. refl. to settle, establisb. 
Ifn'ficMung, (io.)/. settlement, plantation; 

establishment. [ing. 

3 n'fieben, (str. & io.) v. a. to prepare by boil- 
Xir'fieMer, (str.) m. settler, colonist [«ong. 
Xn'ftngen, (str.) v. a. vulg. to welcome with a 
Sn'ffnnen, I. (.str.) v. a., XX. s. (str.) n. TCtt'ffns 

ntmg, (w.) /. syn. with 3unratben & dunras 

tbung, qv. 
«Vflnttni, (io.) «. n. (aux. fein) Min. to 

settle like stalactitical deposits. 
Wut, (ttr.) m. vid. Xnflanb, 1. 
TCn'fijen, (str.) v. n. to sit fast, to stick or 

cleave to; to be settled. 
Xn'fpaMt, (str.) m. 1. dranght-cattle; 2. sta- 

tate-service to be performed by draaght. 
Xn'fpannen, (io.) v. a. pnt (the horses) 

to, to pot in; to yoke; Inf — , Order the 

coach; 2. a) to strain, Stretch; 6) to exert; 

c) to nrge on, compeL , 

Xn'fpanner, (str.) m. Law, a fanner who «tos- 
sesses dranght-cattle. [(treten. 

Xn'fpannung, (io.) /. fig. exertioa, straining, 

an'fpeicn, (str.) v. a. to spit at or upon. 

Xn'fptcl, (str.) n. Garn, innings. 

Xn'fpiclra, (w.) o. 1. n. 1. Garn, to play first, 
to bave the innings; Sic fpiclcn an, you 
bave the hand or the lead; 2. flg. (with auf) 
to allade(to),to hint(at); to retlect(on); II. 
a. Garn, to lead (a card, Ac); eint garbc 
— , to lead a snit (at cards); a-b, p. a. al- 
losory, allusive, hinting. 

■JCn'fpielung, (v>.)f.fig. allnsion, hint. 

En'fpieficn, (te.)n.a. 1. to «pH, broach; to put 
upon the spit; 2. to pierce with a spear: 3. 
to empale (a punishment in the East). 

En'f pinncn, (str.) v. a. 1. to spin togetber, 
spin to ; 2. to begin to spin ; fig-s. 3. to 
contrive, lay (a plot, conspiraey), cf. Um 
jcttcln, 2.5 4. to begin (a narrative); 5. to 
cause; II. refl. to originale, begin. 

3n'|"pi$ch, (ic.) v. a. to poiot, furaish with a 
point; «nebet — , to new-point. 

Vn'fpontcn, (u>.) v. a. 1. to clap (pnt) spnra 
to ; 2. flg. to spur on, stir up, incite. 

Xn'fpornung, (io.)/. spurring on, incitement. 

TCn'fpÖttcIn, Kn'fpotten, (io.) v. a. to address 
mockingly, to mock at. 

Wfprffibc, (io.)/. 1. address, speech, appeai; 
2. Law, legal claim; 3. Mm. Intonation, 
sound: bie ©ctge bat eine gute—, the riolio 
sounds easily. 

Yn'fpra'lbsdinimer, (str.) n. parlour. 

Xn'fpredjen , (str.) v. I. a. 1. to aecost, ad- 
dress ; 2. Sport, to denominate, call ; 3. Law, 
to indite; fig-s. 4. a) (@tn>a£) to lay claim 
to, to appeai to (one's assistance, *c.), to 
require; 6) (Sinen) um ..., to beg (some- 
thing) of , to beg or ask (one) for . . . ; 5. 
to please, to interest; to touch; IL n. 1. 
(bei) to call (on), to iook in (upon one): 

2. Mus. to give (emit) a sound, to sound ; 

3. vid. Yngeben, n. 2.; eine Orgelpfeife — 
loffcn, to Toice the pipe of an organ. 

Kn'fprengen, (io.) ». I. a. 1. to begin to burat, 
blast; 2. to make to strike against; to drive 
against (by cxplosion); 3. a) to cause to 
run or to spring fbrward; to pot (a horte) 
into agallop; b) to ride against in fall speed; 

4. to besprinkle, water; II. n. (owx. fein) 
to approach or sweep «long in fnll gallop. 

Tfn'fpringen , (str.) o. n. (aux. fein) 1. to 
begin to spring; 2. (untn an) to boance 
against, fly against; 3. to crack, borst a 
little; 4. (aux. haben) to take the first leap. 

Yn'fpritcn, (to.) t>. I. a. to besprinkle, spiaah, 

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daah er «patter with a liquid, m dirty wa- 
ter, *c; 0. n. (avx. fein) to plash, to be 
dashed agaiost. 

Xafprud), (str., pL an'fpritdie) m. 1. address, 
act of speaking to; 2. claim, pretension, 
demand, title (auf [with Acc], to); requi- 
iition; — t)abeu anjf ...; to be eatitled to 
...; — madjen auf ..., in — nehmen, 1. to 
claim, to iay claim or preteod to; to de- 
■aad; to come in for; 2. to take up, oc- 
capy; to tax; 3«m«rte* £ülfe in — nebmen, 
to call io one'a aasistance; 3C-*flage,/. Law, 

an'fprndjtlös, adj. unpretendlng, unassoming. 

aVfprudjilöftgr'eti, /. unpreteudingness. 

anfprübein, (w.) v. a. to ipurt or sputter at. 

aVfprufeen, (w.) V. a. to fly at in •park». 

ttftprnng, C*tr., pi. Wfprüng«) 1. leaping 
at; 2. Med. scab, achor. , 

Xnfpniftn, (w.) «. a. vid. Xnfpcien. 
Wfpülen, (io.) o. a. to spin a thread to. 
Kajpulen, (u>.) u.U. (tw'iA an) to ripple 
agaiost, wash or touch uponj II. o. to wash 
(earth, *c.) anhöre, to tloat or carry to a 
•bore or bank, to depoiit. 

Xn'fpuüing, (io.)/. waah; alluvion. 

%r'ftad)eln, (w.) v. a. 1. to fix to, or to tuten 
with a prick ; 2. fig. to goad od, incite. 

Xn'ftihlrn, (u>.) v. a. to point or edge with 
steel, to steeL 

IVflalt, (to.) /. 1. preparatioo, regulation 
disposition, order, directum ; 2. Institution, 
Establishment; 3. contrivance. 

ansammeln, (io.) «. o. vid. Xnfloöern. 

aVfiamnien, (tc.) v. a. only uted in tlie p. p. 
«■«geflammt, qv. 

Xn'ftampfen, (w.) v. a. to nun, beat against. 

Xn'ftanb, *. I. (str., pt. aa'ftanbe, L u.) m. 
1. Sport, stand, slable stand; 2. Man. 
carriage (of aborse); 3. deportment, ad- 
dress, behariour, demeaaonr; gracefolness, 
good grace; propriety, decornm, decency; 
4. n) delay, pause; demur, snspense, Sus- 
pension; 6) Lato, vacancies; 5. besitation, 
donbt; — nebmen, 1. to pause, hesitate; 2. 
to donbt; II. comp. K-tbtkf, m. Com. Law, 
letter of respite, protection or grace; a-8« 
WO, ad), gracefol; a-6n>ibrig, adj. informal. 

Xn'ftanoig, I. adj. decent, becoming, fit, flt- 
ting, snitable, seemly, proper; honest, re- 
spectable; II. 2C-feit,/. decency, becoming- 
ness, conveniency, propriety; respeetabi- 

an'ftaptln, (».) t>. I. a. to pile, störe up; II. 
«. (aux. fein) /am. angeflapclt fommen, to 
come stalkiog along. 

Xn'ftamn, (».) v. o. to stare at or opoo, to 

gaze at. [the place of ; by way of, for. 

Xnflart', prep. with Gen. instead, in lien, in 
an'fiauben, (u>.) v. n. (aux. fein) to get co- 

vered with dost. [dost 

Xn'fi&ubtn, (u>.) ». a. to bedust, cover witb 
Xn'ßaunen, (to.) v. a. to gaze at, stare at or 

upon, to make a woader of, to wonder at; 

a-ewettb, a-ewurotg, adj. prodigions, ad- 

Xn'fteibm, (ttr.) v. a. 1. to prick; 2. to fix, 

stitcb to; 3. a) to broach, pierce, tap{ 6) to 

open, begin to take fron»; angeflogen, lud. 

half-drunk, tipsy. [piercer. 

Wfted^fflobwr, Xn'fied 1 * »obrer, (ttr.) m. 
Xn'ftetts'ärmei, (str.) m. TaiL sham sleeve. 
4"n'ftede*8ift, (ttr.) n. vid. ■JCnflecfungsgift. 
Tfo'ftecten, (w.) v. a. 1. to stick or put on; 

2. to pin, fasten, to stick on (upon), to tack; 

3. to set on fire, to set fire to (a house, Jkc); 
to ligbt (a candle); 4. to infett, to taiat, 
poison; angeftecCt »erben »on ..., to catch 
theinfection, to take (a disease); a-b, p. 
a. contagions, infectious, corruptive, epide- 

Xn'iltctung, (u>.) /. 1. the sticking or putting 
on, sie; 2. Med. contagion, infection, coni- 
munication; X-Sgift, n. X-jftoff, m. virus, 
cootagioas or infectioas matter, contagion. 

Xn'ft?boi, (irr.) u. n. 1. to stand near or 
dose (an, to), to be contigaous; 2. (with 
Dat.) a) to fit, suit; to become, beseem; 
ber dtoit (lebt ibm gut an, the coat fits bim 
very well ; 6) fig. to please ; iai flanb ibm 
ntdjt an, that did not satisfy bim; bat ftebt 
mir nid)t an, I don't like it; 3. fig. a) to be 
delayed; — iaffen,to forbear, delay, defer; 6) 
to Wäger, waver; to donbt, hesitate, scruple; 
bei (StlsaS — , to pause upon a thing. > 

Xn'jleigen, (Hr.) v. n. (au je. fein) 1. to rise, 
ascend, step np; 2. vid. Xnflapeln, II. 

Vn'flClIen, (to.) place, put to or 
next; to npply ; 2. to place, employ, appoint, 
inatate; to instali; 3. to arrange; to Insti- 
tute , set in Operation , to set on foot (in- 
qoiries, *c), to conunence, begin, prepare, 
make, try (experiments, ic); 4. to con- 
trive, plot; II. refl. 1. Sport, to lie in wait 
for; 2. ä) (vsitli }n) to set about (a thing); 
6) to assume a certain manner, to behave, 
cooduet one's seif; ftd) jämmerlid) — , to cut 
a deplorable figure ; fid) — als ob ... , to do 
as if ... ; fid) freunolid) — , to assume a kind 
manner, to pretend kindness, vid. fid) Stellen. 

«n'ftcHtr, (str.) m. employer, &c. cf. XnftcBcn. 

«ViteBia, adj. apt, able, skilful. 

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Xn/fteSttng, (».)/. employment: 1. appoint- 
ment; 2. altoation. [againat. 

Tttfftmmen, (to.) ». a. to stem, pnah, presa 

TCn'fleaern, (w.) «. a. * n. to «teer towards. 

Wftifb, (str.) m. 1. tbe act of picrciag or 
broacbing, cf. Xnftta)en5 2. (of froit) tbe 
wormbite. [of embroidery. 

WfHtfen, (to.) ». a. to join or add to apiece 

IVfHeben, (.str.) v. n. «id. TCnftauben. 

Xnftiefellt, (to.) v. lud. I. a. & refl. to put on 
booU; II. n. vid. Xnftapeln, II. 

Vn'fHtren, (io.)t>.a. to stare at,to glare npon. 

Xn'ftiftcn, (to.) r>. L a. 1. to contrive, cause, 
raiae, excite; to make, do; 2. to indnce, to 
egg vr set od; II. p. s. (str.) n. contriving, 
&c. ; inatigation. 

TCn'ftifter, (jtr.) m. Xir'ftifteriim, (tr.)/. con- 
triver, originator.anthor, abettor, inatigator. 

Xnfriftung, (».)/. vid. Xnfrlften, p. *. 

Wftimmen, (ic.) v. a. to (begln to) tnne, in 
tonate, Mond, aing; to strike op; to begin 
(a hymn, lamentationa, &e.) ; ftimmt an ben 
frohen Stanigefang, * commence the merry 
catch ! [2. iotonation 

Xn'fU&nmrag, (to.)/. 1. the itriking op, *c; 

TtvffttlUtB, (str.) v. a. to be offensive to one'a 
am eil. [muaty. 

Xn'ftod 1 en, (u>.) t». n. (aux. fein) to get moaldy, 

Iftr'ftolpern, (io.)w. n.(ottr.feül) atnmble 
agalnst; 2. angeftolpert fomraen, to come 
■tombling or atalklng along. 

TCnTtopftn, (to.) v. a. to stnff, to fill. 

Xn'ftSrm, (to.) v. a. to itir op (to), ineite. 

WftSf, (>t>., p». En'ftofe) m. 1. knocklng or 
striking againat, Ac. cf. Yttftoßen} «hock; 
pn»h; appnlae, Impetus; 2. Bak. kiaaing- 
cru»t; 3. Tail. (an einem Jtleibe) eking piece ; 
— nabt,/. rentering; 4. nid. TCnfall, 2.; 5. a) 
check, impediment ; Stein btS TL-tt, fig. 
«tombling-block, atnmbling-atone; o) heai- 
tation; doabt; c) offene«, vid. Srgernip'. 

TfeftSf en, (»fr.) «. I. n. 1. to itrike, stomble, 
ron againit, to bnmp np againat, to jnatle; 
2. mit her 3unge or int Weben — , to li»p, to 
■tammer, hesitate in «peaking; to «peak 
thick; 3. to border, eonfine npon, to be ad- 
jacent, contiguoo»; 4. (with gegen or toürr) 
to give offence, to offend, «hock; n. a. 1. to 
atrike, knock, poah, thrnat on or againat; bie 
©Iofet -or (n.) mit ben ©Ufern (or ellipt. 
mit Scnanbem) — , to touch glawe«, to clink 
the giasaea together (in drinking the health 
of one, Ac); [äffen Sie sn» auf bie greibeit 
— t let na drink «liberty»! 2. Join. to join, 
nnite; 3. Sport, to annonnce the beginning 
of (the chase) by blowing npon tbe bnglehorn, 

XnfWflenb, p. a. conBguoo«, adjaeeat. 

Xn'ftffjiig, I. adj. (toi'tA Dat.) giving offence, 
displeaaing; objectionable , exceptionaUe, 
offensive; acandalons; II. X-ftU, /. oifea- 
aiveneaa. C'nety. 

Xn'ftettern, (to.) «. a. to addreaa stamner 

Xn'ftrablen, (to.) v. a. to caat rayi oa, npon; 
to glance at. [oords. 

Xn'ftrattgen, (to.) v. a. to fasten with or to 

TCn'fttetiesircttft/ (*tr., pl. X-Jtrdfte)/. centri- 
petal power or force (opp. Xbftrebe&ftraft). 

TCn'frrtben, (to.) «. L n. to strive towards; 
(toith gegen) to strive againat; to oppoae; 
II. o. to aaplre to.» to endeavonr to obtaia. 

3Cn'ftrei<ben, (str.) «. I. a. 1. to paint, var- 
aish (over), to brosh, to colonr; mit Xbet 
— , to tax; 2. to mark (with a atroke, *c); 
3. (einem <Si»tt)fig. vulg. to remind, pit 
to one'a score, pnniah one for; id) mal ei 
bir fdjen — , I «hall be snre to pnniah yon 
for it; II. n. (totth OB) to tooeh («ligbtlv), 
graze; to be contignons to. 

Wftreidiier, (*fr.) m. (hoase-)painter, *c; 

Xn'ftreifen, (to.) v. n. vid. %nftreid)en, IL 

Xn'ftrengen, (to.) v. I. o. tostrain, to stretch; 
to «et to work, exert; olle Xcdftt — , to 
strain every nerve; II. re/7. 1. to nake 
(every) effort; to exert one'a seif, to atrive; 

2. to fatigne one'a aelf ; 3. /am. * iron. to 
be liberal; ttngefttengt, p. o. intenae. 

Xn'ftrengttng, (to.) /. intenaion, atraining, ef- 
fort, exertion, intenae labonr, fotigoe. 

Vn'ftrid), (Jtr.) m. 1. paint, painting, tinetnre; 
waah; dye; 2. tint, colonr, varnish; ho«; 

3. appearance, ai r (of melancholy, kc), tond, 
tinge, «mattering (of learning, 4c); eiM 
— geben, 1. to colonr, varniah over; 2. fig. 
ä) to give an appearance, Ac; 6) to pal- 
liate, to «et off to the be«t advantage. 

Xn'fWtfen, (to.) t>. a. to join by knitting; 

Strümpfe — , to foot atoeklngs. 
TCnftrJmen, (to.) v. I. n. (mu. fein) 1. to 

■tream dose to, to flow near; (with OB) to 

wash; 2. fig. to crowd near, to flock; II. a. 

vid. TCnfpü len, n. 

Xnftfiifen, (to.) v. a. vid. TCnfftetat. 
TCn'jrÜB*er, (str.) m. Manuf. piecer. 
TCn'ftöttfel, (str.) n. eking-piece ; appendage. 
Xn'ftu'Ipen, (to.) v. a. to new-top (boots). 
Xn/fHirmen, (to.) o. n. (mix. fein) to storm 

(gegen, an, lt., at or againat), to rnah(apon, 

againat), to make an onset. 
XnTtttrj, (str., pl. TCn'ftürje) m. vioient onset, 

ro«h, «hock, colliiion. 
Wftirjen, (to.) «. I. n. (an*, fei«) 1. to 

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toable (againat) ; 2. to ruh (npon); iL a. 

to throw agninst 
TfofWtra, (ic.) v. L o. to prop; II. rtfl. to 

lean againat, to «npport one'a «elf againat. 
la'füiim, L (io.) u. ». (totta am) to apply, 

aikfor; to «olicit, reqnest, petitioo, tue, to 

wek for; II. p. s. (<(r.) n. «id. 'JCnfuchttna, 5 

auf—, an application. 
tVflldjer, (str.) m. applicant, «olicitor, snitor ; 

petitioner, claimanL 
Wfüihmia, , (•".)/. application, tolicitation, 

mit, reqneit, petition. 
aVfBmntttt, (io.) v. I. o. & rp/f. to accmnnlate, 

•ob np; 6. n. (atuc. fein) to bozz against 

•3Cnäf, L odj. antiqne; IL X~e, *. (vi.) f. an- 

tiquity, antiqne work. 

Antillen, (w.)/.pi. Geoy. Antille«. tbe Lee- 
ward or We»t India Islands; bie f [einen — , 
tbe (maller Weat India Island«; — meet, n. 
Caribbean sea. 

Äatillifdj, adj. relating to tbe Antillea; bat 
a-c SBraftlienbolj, Com. Indian aavin. 

• Xntilo'pt, (w.)/. Zooi. antilope. 

♦intimen*, (str.) Jntinto'nüini, n. Afin. an- 
timony, stibium; Chems. — favre, /, anti- 
monioua aeid ; ba» — faute SS al}, antimoniale ; 
o-tfo), a-io/Iifd), ad>. antimoniai ; stibial. 

Xntioa)'ie*n, n. Geog. Antiocb. 

»Xntogoniff , (».) m. t»U ffleaner, SBtttr«pn'tippen, (w.) t>. a. to toach Ilghtly, to tap. 

faiber. [ship). 

WtÜrtn, (ir.) ». a. Mar. to rig, to eqaip (a 
Xn'tanjeu, (v.) v. n. 1. to begin to danee; 

2. (witAftin) a) to approaeh dancing; 6) to 

atrike (againit) in dancing. 

«Vtapnen, (u>.) t>. n. (atur. fein) to grope 

ajsimt; knock against; (eife — , to pat. 
Ärta/ta», (w.) r. o. 1. to toach, handle; 2. 

.%. to attack, in vnde. 

In'taamtln, (to.) r. n. (aux. fein) 1. to tom- 

Me, reel againit ; 2. to approaeh reeling. 
Xn'tycil, s. I. (*<r.) m. I. «bare, lot; portion; 

dindend, part; jum — geben, to apportion; 

2. fig. sympathy, iatereat; — neunten an 

(loith Dat.), 1. to take a ihare or to par- 

♦ Xnti'qua,/. Typ. Roman; — fihrift,/. Ro- 
man characten, primer. 

*2Cntiqu5r' / (str.) m. 1. vid. tältertbnmJfe-rs 
fdjcrj 2. second-hand book-teller, dealer in 
■econd-hand booki. 

*2fntiquttö'ten, (w.) /. pl. antiqaitiea; — Jen« 
ner, — fommler, m. Tirtooto ; —lasen, ib., — 
battblung, /. old-curioaity ibop. [front-iide. 

Xn'tlit, (itr.) n. vid. Xnaeftdjtj -feite, /. 

Hn'tSbm, (to.)». n. 1. (aux. fein) to approaeh 
wlth a roaring noiie; 2. to thnnder againit. 

irrten, m. Anthony (P. N.); Into'ni«, Xnto'« 
nie - ,/. Antonia (P. N.); 3C-8fe«er, n. Med. 
St Anthony'i fire, wild Are; V-6ftant, ». 
Bot. iqniniy-wort. 

ywttn ajw..)/ ±. tu uue a Haie wi fcu Uiu- i^c/(. «ijUilMjr'Wul l* 

tieipate in ...; 2.^g. to take an intereat in Xn'tShen, (is.) «. n. to begin to lound. 

, to feei lympathy for; II. comp, —habet, 
ib. partieipator ; ihareholder; — fdjcin, m. 

»Zntbologie', (v>.)/. anthology. 
ito'^ün, (irr.) v. a. 1. to put on; on'gethan, 
p. a. clad, attired; 2. Jtfar. (baJ £anb) to 
take (the Und) ; (einen jjafen) to stand in 
for (a harbonr); toach at (a port); 3. fig. 
(einem Stnoi) a) to hart; to do to; 6) to 
bring (ditgrace fte.) npon , to inflict ; c) to 
«how, öfter (violence, commit (npon) ; 
fia) (Dat.) 3tvana, Otwatt — , to pat one'i 
•elf ander eonstraint, to constrain one't 
«elf; fie bat ntit'& angetban, joe. «be hu be- 
witched ate. 

Xatis, comp. — djriff, (is.) m. antichriat; 
-fttttf, (w.)/. eonnter-critiqne; — pattjit', 
(«.) /. JMäol antipathy, natural averalon; 
— pe/fcen, p/. Ceog. antipodea; Gram-s. — 
tbe'fe, (to.) /. antitheais ; — tbet'ifd), ad)', anti- 

tXntictsan'bS, (lat.) Com. — bejablen, to pay 
oa aeconot; — (be)iablsng,/. paymeat pre- 
lioai to matnrity; payment on aeeoont. 
(■'tiefen, (».) u. a. Afar. to lound. 

WtSfen, (uj.) v. n. (avx. fein) to foam, ronr 
againat. [to com« trotting on. 

WtrSben, (».) v. n. (mix. fein) to trat on. 

Ttn'trSg, (rtr., pt Xn , troae)m.gen. offer, pro 
Position, propoaal, teoder; Pari, motion; 
— (teilet, m. mover, proponent, proposer. 

Klrtrlgen, (str.)v. I. a. 1. to bear, carry, 
bring near; 2. to propoie, offer, proffer, 
tender ; IL n. (uith auf) to deiire (that, ftc), 
to make a motion, to move (for). 

5Cn'ttauen, (to.) ». a. to marry (a vornan to a 
man), to naite in wedlock. 

Xn'treffen,(.rtr.)u.a. to meet orfall in witb, to 
find ; auf ftif d)er Sbat — , to take in the act . 

Xn'treiben, («tr.)t>. I. a. i. to drive on, near, 
pnah on; to «et or to hurry forward; 2. a) 
Typ. tc. to drive np or on (wedgea, tc); 
6) Coop. to hoop; c) Ship-b. to wring (the 
planki); 3. fig. to arge oa, incite, prompt, 
aetaate, «timolate, impel, «pur oa; II, n. 
(aux. fein) to come driving near, on, againat, 
to drift or float aihore, *c 

Xn'treiber, (str.) m. driver, iaciter, impellei. 

Wtreten, (ttr.) v. I. a. 1. to tread ta»t (as 
earth abont a tree, Ac.); 2. to approaeh. 

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Step Dp to, to accost, addreu (with um, to 
ask for); 3. a) to «et out or forth on (a 
journey, 4c.); 6) to enter on or upon (one's 
functiont, 4c); to begin; II. n. (aux. fein) 
1. a) to itep op; 6) Mit to fall in; 2. to 
enter on one's fnnctious or doties; bat 
JOtenftatäbcben wirb morgen — , the servant 
(maid) will enter Service to-morrow. 

Xn'trieb, (str.) m. 1. the drifting or floating 
near, 4c. c/. Eintreiben; 2. a) impnlse, impul 
sion, incentive, incitement, stiianlns; call; 
fr) motive, inclinatiou; an» eigenem X-t, of 
or with one's owa accord, spontaneonsly. 

Xn'trinren, (str.) v.l. n. to begin to drink, 
to drink first; II. rtfi. to fill one's seif with 
drink; to get a little tipsy. 

In / trttt,(#tr.)m. 1. Man, racking pace.amble 
(of a horse); 2. Typ. foot-step (of a print- 
iog-press); 3. ä) setting ont, 4c, outset; 
fr) entering on, entrance, accession to (Of- 
fice, 4c), assnming of, beginning, conunenee- 
ment; comp. 3C-6aubien$,/. the first audience 
of an ambassador, 4c; V-Igelb, n. entrance 
money; Y-6prebtgt, /. entrance -sennon; 
X-trebe, /. first address, speech, inaognral 
addreu ; 3(-gf<bmau<, m. installation-dinner. 

Xn'trotfnen, (to.)».». (aux. fein) 1. to adbere 
or cleave to something by dryiag on it; 2. to 
begin to dry. 

Xnf »erpen, n. Geog. Antwerp (P. AT.). 

TCnt'roort, (to.) /. answer, reply (onf, to); — 
frbiden, to send word; — fdjreiben, n. answer, 
reply, letter in answer. 

Infnorten, (u,.) 0. a. (einem 4 onf etwa«) 
to answer, reply; einem onf feine grage — , 
to answer one's question. 

TCnftOOrtlid), adv. in reply, in answer. 

Wüben, (10.) v. a. (Cinem etroo») to impart ; 
refl. to acqnire by pracöce. 

Xn'oerfStben, (u>.) 0. a, to fit or try on ; to 
put on (clotbes) for trial. 

Xn'Dertrouen, (10.) v. a. ( einem etna») to 
trnst one with, to intrnst, confide, give in 
chsrge to, to consign, assign, deliver in trnst; 
anoertrontet Ont, goods in trust. 

Ttn'Dermanbt, adj. 4c. vid. a3enoanbt, ic. 

Xn'maä)*, (str.) m. increase, increment, ac- 

W»4d)fen, (str.) n. n. (aux. fein) 1. (with an) 
to grow on, to or upon; to stick to; 2. to 
grow (ap), increase; to rise; to swell; to 

■än'wttrfeln, (10.) v. n. (aux. fein) ongenactelt 
t ommen) to come waddling on, near. 

aVaaUen, (w.) v. n. (aux. fein) 1. to roll 
near (like waves); l.fig. to crowd near. 

Xo!mit,(str.) m. attorney, praetor, barr ister. 
proxy, coonsel, defender, actor; assignee, 
agent; solicltor, depoty. 

Kn'nxtUfcbaft/ (to.)/. attorneyship, proctor- 
ship, agency; depntysbip. 

Wadljen, (to.) t). o. to roll to, on or against. 

Xn'iBtMbeln, (to.) t>. I. n. (aux. fein) angt» 
toanbelt 1 ommen, to walk op, to approach 
(slowly); IL imp. to befal, come oter; et 
»onbett mid) ..., an, I am seized with .. .; 
not »anbelt Sie an? what is the matter 
with you? {l.fig- tooeh (of pity, 4c). 

Wroanblung, (to.)/. fit: 1. qualm, paroxysm; 

'Jfn'manbtrn, (to.) v. n. (aux. fein) angenan« 
bert t ommen, to come wandering along. 

ttn'manren, (w.) v. n. (aus. fein) (with an) 
to fall, totter against; angetoanrt fommen, 
to come tottering on. 

Tftt'marttn, (to.) v. n. (with auf) Law, to wmit 
(for an estate, Inheritance, 4c. , which is in 
abeyance or expeetancy). 

Wwarter, (str.) m. expeetant, candidate. 

3tn'n>artfd)aft, (u>.)/. Law, 4c. expeetancy, 
re venion, claim (auf, to), right to fntore 
possession or enjoyment, saccession; "X-C» 
patente, n. pl. reversionary patents. 

2Cn'n>artfd)aftlid), adj. reversionary. 

Xn'Ȋffern, (to.) v. a. to moistea (a little). 

oVmeoen, (10.) v. a. to wea»e to. 

En'ttibeln, (to.) 0. a. 1. to fan, to cool with a 
fan ; 2. to wag the tail at. 

Xn'ngben, (10.) v. a. 1. to blow, drift upon, 
at, to, towards, against; 2. fig. to breatb 
opon. [weepiag. 

Xirtaeinen, (to.) o. a. to weep at; to address 

"Kir'istifebanr', (to.)/. Com. vid. ©irobanf. 

Xn'meifen, (str.) v. a. 1. a) (einem Qttoai) to 
assign, appoint; to point out, sbow; fr) Com. 
to assign; 2. (einen }u 6ttoaS) a) to direct, 
Order, require; fr) to instruet, direct, teaett; 
to admonlsb; 3. (einen an or auf Semanbett) 
to refer one to some one; auf fid) felbft an* 
gemiefen fein, to be thrown (back) on one's 
owo resonrees; ftd) (Acc.) — laffen, to take 
directions, to take advice. 

Xn'roeifer, (str.) m. I. assigner; constitneot; 
2. director, instruetor, adviser. 

Kn'neifung, (to.)/. 1. assignment, assignsi- 
tion; 2. Com. bill of exenange, money order, 
check; 3. a) iajanetion. mandate; b) direction, 
Instruction, advice; c) method, course. 

TCn'toeifen, (w.) v. a. to whitewasb. 

Wmenbbär, I. adj. applicable, practicable, 
II. Tt-fett, /. applicability, practicablenesa. 

Xn'menben, (10. 4 irr.) v. o. 1. to employ (m, 
for), to ose, make use of, to lay rat ; to exert, 

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bestow (paioa, Ac) opon; 2. fig. to apply 

(auf, to); ©«jmetdjeleuft bei mir niajt ange* 

nwntt, flaltery ja lost upon me; ana/roanbt, 

p. a. 1. applied (chemiatry , Ac), experi 

mCDtal; 2. ./Ig. practica), uaefiil, eflectnal. 
Türioenonng , (u>.)/. 1. the act of eraploytng 

er nsing, employment, adhibition, applica 

tion ; 2. practice ; 3. Äy . applicatioo : — ftnbCTl 
'auf, to bear an applicatioo or to apply to .. 
Ä'mtrben, (*tr.) «.La. MU. &c. to levy, 

reise, enlitt, earol, engage; II. ». oid. In' 

bolten, m. 5. [2. wooing. 

Xn'merbnng , (in.)/. 1. MU. levy, enliating; 
lYmerbnt, (str.) v. n. (anx. feto) (with Acc.) 

to get rid of, to dispose of. * 
TCn'merfen, (*fr.) t>. I. a. \. to cast, throw, 

thrnat. Wog at, againat, oo, upon; Jtalf 

Afa». to rough-cast; 2. fig. to put on in a 

fcorry, to slip on (JUfiber, clothes); II. n. 

to throw firat, to begin to tbrow. 

Xn'meTeab, p. a. A s. (deci. like adj.) preseat ; 

jebet X-e, erery ooe present; Me Tt-n, thoae 

Xn'mefenbett, (»•)/• pretence; attcndance. 
Xn'meten, (w.) t>. a. vid. 3Cnfd)leifen. 
aVtoibeni, (u>.)t>. a. tö diagiut, give aver- 

aion to, cf. TtoeWaj a-b, p. a. diagoating, 

Wwitbrrn, (».) «. o. to neigh at. 
Tfn'»infeln, (to.) v. o. to moan, whine at. 
Xtfairbetn, (w.) o. I. a. to festen by a tarn- 

bolt ; II. n. (aux. fein) to whirl, fly at, againat. 
Xirtoirttn, (w.) p. a. vid. Xnmeben. 
Xn'mobnen, (w.)v. n. to live cloae by, to 

dwell near. [(next) neighbour, borderer. 
Xn'mobner, («fr.) m. one who dwell« near; 
~&v'müd)t,(str., pl. W»u<6fe) m. 1. aecre- 

tion; 2. iacreaae, growth; increment; juti* 

9« — > yoong copae. 
xV»unf<ben,(u!.)c.a. 6mtm6t»o«— , to wi»h 

one aomething, to wiab tbat aomething may 

bappen to one or tbat aome one may be af- 

fectedwith ... 
Xnfannfibtmg, (to.) /. wishing, wiah, Ac. 
TCirtourf, («fr., pt Xn'mfirfe) m. 1. tbrowing 

on, laying on, Ac. c/. Xnttcrfenj 2. depoait, 

allovion; 3. firat throw, first caat; 4. Mas. 

rougb-cast; 5. T. baap, link and staple (for 

a padlock); trunk-claap. 
Xn/mtirfeln, (te.) v. n. to throw the dice firat. 
Xn/»nr jeln, (to.) t>. n« (m/jr. fein) to be root- 

ed (to the gronnd), to atrike root. 
In'jabl, («.)/. nnmber, qnantity, ranltitode. 
In'ja^Iro, (10.) v. a. to pay on account. 
Jn'jäbjtn, (u>.)o. o. to begin to nnmber, count. 

Xn'gapftn, (u>.) ». a. 1. to top, broach,pierc« ; 

2. Med. to tnp; 3. vulg, a) to amoke, mock ; 

0) to worin aomething ont of (one). 
Xn'jaubern, (u>.)u. root to the apot by 

witch-craft; angejaubert, p. a. apell-bound; 

2. (einem IStmaS) to äfftet with ... by a 

charra, to bewitcb with. [bridle. 

Xn'jfatmen, (10.) v. a. to pnt the bridle on; to 
Xn'jeajen, (ic.) v. a. A rtfi. vid. Xntrinfen. 
Wjeüben, (*tr.) n. ]. sign, mark, indication, 

Symptom, token ; 2. omen, foreboding.augur) . 
"Kn'j eignen, (•».) v. a. to mark, note; (Wnem 

StmaS) to pnt to somehody'a account. 
Yn'jtige, (»o.)/. 1. notiue, account, notifica- 

tion, Information, intelligence; warning; 2. 

advertiaement; 3. vid. Xnjeiiben} — modjen, 

to inform (againat), to give Information; — 

Matt, n. advertiser. 
TCn'jeigcn, (w.) v. a. 1. (Sinem Stroa«) to give 

Information, notlce, to send »ord, to inform; 

to notify, intimate; 2. to advertiae; 3. BOT 

©eridjt— , vid.'Xn$tbm,5.ifig-s. ahow, 
point to, or ont, to indicate, aignify, expreaa, 
to beapeak, denote, declare, prove; 5. to 
forebode, augur; 8B8fe» — , to portend; biet 
jeiat an, this is a sign. 

TCnfriger, (str.) m. 1. informer; 2. Typ. in- 
dex; 3. advertiaer, intdügencer. 

TCn'jtttel, (rtr.) m. Wtav. vid. TCufjug, 2. 

Ttn'jetteln, (to.) v. a. 1. Wtav. to warp; 2.fig. 
to contrive, project, cause, plan, col. to bre» 
(miaehief), ef. Ttnfpinnen, 3.; Wjetteiung, 
(w.) /. warping, *c. ; Xn'jettltr, (rtr.) m. 
contriver, Ac. ; anthor (of a plot). 

Xn'jieben, (irr.) v. I. a. 1. a) gen. to dmw, 
pull (on, in, &c); 6) to begin to draw; to 
give a pull ; c) Mar. to hanl home ; 2. to draw 
tigbt, to tighten, atretch; eine Stbraubc — , 
to draw a acrew cloaer; 3. Anat. to adduce; 

4. to pnt on (clothes) , to dreaa (refl. one'a 
seif) ; to pnil on (boota, Ac) ; ftd) fdjmarj — , to 
dress in black; angelogen, p.a. clad.attireä; 

5. n) to draw in , imbibe (aa a spunge) ; b) 
Phy. to draw, attract (aa the loadatone); 

fig-s. 6. to draw (crowded andiencea, Ac), 
to intereat, engage, attract; 7. fiib (Dat.) 
(Stmai —, to take aomething, to apply aome- 
thing to one'a aelf; 8. to qnote, cite; angfc 
jogenc Stellen, passagea referred to, refe- 
rencca; II. n. 1. to draw, take eflect; btr 
Sfagel jiebt an, T. the nail drawa or takea; 
(nitx. fein :) 2. to draw or march on or near, 
approacb; 3. to enter, to come into aervice; 
4. Com. to riae (in price), to be on the riae, 
to be looking np ; a-b, p. a. attractive. 
Wjieber, (str.) m. 1. in comp, an inatroment 

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(or drawlng(palliog) on, a* : Stiefel— , boot- 
polls; 2. Anal, addacent mnsole, addactor. 

Wjiebnng, *. L (to.)/. 1. Anal, addoction; 
3. Phy. ttc. attraction; n. comp. «"-straft, 
/. Phy. power of attraction, attraetive power 
X-efrttf, m. tphere of attractioo; a-slof 
adj. aaattractive. [in whispers. 

Ttn^ifödu, (io.) 0.«. to whisper to, to addreu 

«n')ifd)ca, (w.) v. a. to hiss at. 

«a'juäjt, {str., pl. *a'jü(hte) /. 1. coltiration, 
norsery (of treaa tc.); 2. common sewer; 
— fd)»eine, pi. atore-pigi. 

Xn'jntfern, (w.) «. a. to put sogar to .. 

An'jfig, f. L (*tr., pl. An'jäge) m. l.drawing, 
&c e/. Xajieben i 2. drawing near, approacfa ; 
im 3£-C, approacaing; 3. clothing; dress, ar- 
ray, attire, accoa trement ; ooBftonbigtr — , 
complete «uit of clothea, fall dreu«; 4. en- 
teriag into place (of servants); II. comp. 
X-agelb, n. receptioa-mooey (opp. Ebjug** 
gel*)? X-sgeflbenf, n. entrance-money; t-t= 
prebigt, /. entrance-sermon; a'-ertbe, f. en- 
traace-speech; 1Ü-6 tag, m. day of eotering 
into aervice or office. 

Xp/i&gttd), L <K<j. poignant, keeo, invectiYe, 
offensive, abosive, aatirical; feien Sie nO)t 
— > don't be personal; II.TC-frit,/. poignancy, 
invective, offensiveness , abosive language 

Xn'jünbea, (w.) o. a. to light, kindle; to aet 
on Are, inflame, ignite. 

Xn'tafagen, (u>.) t>. a. 1. to «qaeeze or press 
agaiast; 2. force on (as tigbt clothea). 

Xn'jnjeden, (to.) v. a. to tasten with bobnaila 
(tack«), to nail oa. 

*n'j»ingen ; (jrfr.) «. a. vid. Xufjieingen. 

Xa'jmirnro, (to.) «. a. to twiat to, on. 

tolifd), adj. jEolian, dgoliu; bas X-e, Malte. 

*ÜStUt, m. Mytli. jEolus (i>. AT.). 

# S'ölebarfe, (to.)/. Mus. jEolian harp. 

• Wniftb, adj. Myth. Aonian. 

• TlorlfV^ (*tr.) m. Gram, aorist. 

* Späth«*, (to.)/. apathy, impassibility. 
»Xpatif, (<tr.) m. Afin. apatite. [nines. 
»Xpcnni'nen, pl. Geog. Apennine hüls, Apen- 
TCpfel, I. $. (str., pl. ipfel, dim. tpfeta)en) 

m. apple; n. comp. (cf. Spfels) — otyer, m. 
Cftern. malic ether; — bona, m. Bot. apple 
tree; —bete, n. Anat. cheek-bone; —Med), 
n. apple-roaster;— 6re4,m.,— mtf,n. apple- 
aaoee, apple-marraalade ; — grau, adj. dapple- 
gray; — grieb», —grob* (Jternbau«), m. 
apple-core; —fern, ra. kernet (of an apple), 
pip ; — frenj, n. Her. croas-pomme ; — qititte, 
/. apple-qnince; — raupe, /. fint. codling- 
moth; — rijter, m. oid. —Med)» — fanre, /. 
Chtm. malic add; brenjlidjte — fänr«, pyro- 

aulic aeid ; — fdjimnul, m. dappie-gray hone ; 

— febniö, m., -fd>nitte,/., -foWbdjen, ». ap- 

ple-slice; — fledjet , m. apple-corer; — (tief, 

m. stalle sf an apple. 

ipfeI«,comp. —ernte, — lefc,/. apple harrest; 

— frau, /. apple-woman; — böte, m, apple- 

monger; — tommer, /. »pple-loft; —«oft, m. 

eider; — pafte'te, /. applc-pie; — ftbole,/. ap- 

ple-paring; — torte,/. apple-UH; —nein, »»- 

eider. [orange. 

XpfelfiBe, (to.) /. aweet orange, Portugal 

*Xpo< (Gr. prep.), in comp. — rto'pbifd), ad>". 

Theol-t. apocrypbal;— fr&'pfeifd)e&iüo>er,R. 

pl. apoerypha; — logffifd), adj. apologetic; 

— logie 7 , («.)/. apology; — fifm',(*tr.)». oid. 

Sefftmür; JSot-«. — fiem'frant, n. field aca- 

bioos;— fKm'räjriein,— fiem'rösdjen, *. daa- 

delion; Gram-s. — pröpV, (ttr.) m. apo- 

atrophe; — ftropbi'ren.(u>0».a. to mark wiba 

an apostrophe; — flro'pbe, (to.)/. Rittet, ape- 

strophe; — t&eo'ft, (to.)/. apotheosie. 

*5fpon'. (*tr.) m. itfjfA. Apollo (/>. iV.> 

«TCpoffel, #. I. (J(r.) in. apostle; IL cotap. 

— amt, n. apostleship; -gtf(bitt)te,/. the Ada 

of tbe Apostlea, 

«Xpoftolifd), adj. apostoiieal; btT a-e Ztgtt, 

Rom Ecc. ablegate. 

♦ Ipot^rte, (w.) f. apothecary's shop. 
«Xpot^tYrr, s. I. (rfr.) m. apothecarj; IL 

comp. — bnd), n. dispensatory, pharsaaco- 
poeia; — gen>id>t, ». troy weight; — Amft,/. 
phanaaey; —topf, m. gallipet; — «Man«, 
p<. drugt; —nagt,/, apothecary's aeale. 

♦ Xpparär', (*tr.) m. apparatus, impleaaoato. 
«Ippartemenf, [Fr., pron. — mäng'] aw coi. 

«trf. TCbtritt, 4. [Sport, redteat. 

*HppeW, (str.) m. Mil. (roU-)eall, alarm; 2. 
XppcKanf, (to.) m. Law, appellant. 

»IppeMf, (to.) m, Zaio, appellee. 

•Xppellatiön', (to.)/. Lato, appeai (an, to); 
comp. X-egeridjt, n., «"-sfcof, m. conrt of ap- 
peals; 5C-Stlage, /. action opon appeai; TL-t: 
ratb, m. connselor of appeai«; i-6f(brift, /. 
appellatory Übel. [interpose an appeai. 

*ippeHi'ren,(to.)u.a. Lato, to appeai (an, to). 

♦ Xppefif, (ffr.) m. appetlte; TC-Iid), adj. ex- 
citing the appetite; nice, deUcate; X-Ioftgc 
feit, /. want of appetite. 

ftp'püg, (str.) m. vid, $cterfllie * ©eUerie. 
«ICp'pifcfl, adj. Appian. 
*3CppIaubt'ren, (to.) v. a. A n. to appJaod. 
*XppIan6', (slr.)'m. applause, plaodit. 
*TCppIicat5r' ; (ir.)/- Mus. fingering. 
♦Xppoinf [ Ar., äpo«ng/], m, «r— »*tt)ftl, Gcau 
balance bill, draft per appoint. [carry. 

♦Ipporti'rra, (is.) ». «. Sport, to fetch mad 

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•XppcfitiSn', (to.)/. Gram, appoiition, para- 
thesi«. [dreu; to aceommodate, 

♦TCpprerrTen, («.) «. a. Clotn. *c. to finUh, 

•Tf.ppretür', (w.) /. finiih, dreifing. 

»TCprffofe, (to.)/- J^w»- apricot. 

Yprif, m. April ; einen in fern — fluten, pnm 
to aiake an April fool of one, to icnd 
oae npoa a fool*« arrand. 

**a>1P»c, /. tot. tkc. apria. [Ute. 

♦ Xporitf, (*t>.) m. Min. red tnnaalia, rnbel- 

♦ Xqnnbner', TCqnabuctf, (etr.) m. aqnednct. 
»'Aquamarin', (*tr.) m. Min. aqoamariae. 
♦ICqnareU', («tr.)n., -maleret, /. jftu»t.paint- 

ing in water colonn, aqaarelle. 
»tquo/tor, ai. Geog. £ jlrt. eqoator. 
«illqvavif , (itr.) m. Diit aqnavltm. 
*"Äq«toalentf, (itr.) n. 1. eqaivalent; 2. Com. 

eonaideratioa. [tquator. 

♦Iqtrinerttöl', adj. equinoctial ; —Haie-/, vid. 
TCquka'nitn, n. Geog. Aqnitaia (P. N.). 

♦ Sto,/. <*iwt. era, »ara. 

Vrabtt, (ttr.)m. 1. Arabian ; 2. Arabiao hone. 
mXtabtStt, (w.) /. Areh. arabeaqoe, moretk 

work: eint Oefdjiajte in Xrobesrcn, a tale in 

Ira/bicn, n. Geog. Arabla (P. N.). 
'XrVbifd), arf;. Arabic, Arabian; her a-eYnAs 

ftt», «e 0-e itra$e, Med. elepbantiaiii; Ht 

a-t (Stmnti, gom arabic 

♦ yrarf, m. /Wrf. arrack, raclc. 
I'ranii'tfd), adj. Aramalc, Aranuean. 
»Sror", (str.y iro/rimn, ». excheqner, poblic 

Uauwry; irariät*erm6gen, n. poblic fand. 
XdMt, L (w.)/. 1. work, Uboar (aUo F-m.); 
toll, paiaa; 2. taak; 3. compoiition, per- 
fonnaace; workmamhip; 4. employment; 5. 
DisL fermeatation ; — in Stein, «tone work ; 
getriebene — , T. ehaaed work; e* ift in or 
tntetker— , it I« being made, It ii in band; 
in bet — (eben, to bare ander one'f handi; 
D. comp. (e/.Irbeit»*) — fleber, m. employer. 
Xr'bciten, (w.) t>. I. a. to work; perform, make, 
ezecate; II. n. 1. to work, laboor; 2. Ditt. 
to be workiag, fernen t; 3. fig. to nie eflbrt, 
to «tiaggle (against the atream, 4c.) ; — an, 
to be biuded witfa ... or employed in ...; — 
anf ..., in ..., towarkopon...;— mit ..., 
Cbnt. tc to transaet bniineu with ... 
Ärttiter, (#fr.) m. worker, workman, laboo- 
rer, anntriaetarer, mod. ({>rmb* or $abrir— ) 
operative; — baut, f. workman'« beacb; — 
bin), n. vid. %rbtitHmä)i -»erein, m. work- 
iag mea'« aiaociation. [beittr. 
«Vbeitermn, («.)/. workwoman, *c. cf. Xts 
«Ybtit*«, comp. — onftolt, »id. — bau», 1.; — 
' b«nf , /. work-beaeh; -beute!, m. (lady'«) 

work-bag, reticnle; -«au, f. Btt, worker, 
workiag-bee; — tad), n. workmen'a book; — 
fron. /. workwoman; -genof, m. vid. 9Rt» 
arteiterj -gefeOWaft, /. workiag party; - 
baft,/. impriaoament to hard iaboar; ~l)anS, 
n. 1. (für rJreÜDiDige) boue or> , (für 
*rme) worfchonae; 2. (3nang»>7Crbeit*bu«) 
houie of correction, penitantiary ; — fiftojctt, 
n. work ehest, work-box; —fort, m. work- 
baaket; — (ente(p<. of— mann), work-men. bt- 
boaring peopie, work people ; —loa) (in einem 
CampfrefTcI), n. Mech. man-hole; -lobn, m. 
wage»,hire,pay;— (0<, adj. nnempiojred.waat- 
ing empioymeat; — lofigfeit, /. warnt ef em- 
ploymeat; —mann, «i. workman, labonring- 
maa; — meifitr, m. taak-maater; ~-$xtb, m. 
prlee of laboor; — {<bcn, I. ad), averae to Ia- 
boar, laxy; II. i.f. avenion to laboor, lazi- 
neu; —fatale, /. laboar-sohool; -flnbe, /. 
workroom, itndj ; — (Innbe,/., — jeit,/. honr, 
time for working; — taftbe, /. vid. — bcttteM 
— tifd), m. shop-board; work-tablc (for la- 
dias, Ac); -tagt, m. tad. -meiftcrj -jeug, 
n. tool*. 

oVbeitfam, I. odj. laborioua, aetite. iadutrl- 
on«, ditigent; II. Tt-UiX,/. laborionsneu, ac- 
tivity, indnitry, diligeaee. 

»Krtitrc/ge [Fr. -trä'iho}, /. Com. 1. award, 
decisloa; 2. a) arbitration; 6) er — rcdmmtg, 
/. arbltratioa of exchangea. [dedtieo. 

»*rbtrraTfprno) / (»«r.,p(.^-{priiii)t)»rd, 

♦Urbitri'ren, (to.)t).«. An.Com. 1. to award; 
2. to calctdate by arbitration. 

♦ *rbn'fe, (to.)/. Bot water-melon. 
*"Xxctfbt, (to.)/. Arch. arcade. 
a'Sribatfr'iftb, adj. archato. 
♦■JCribäoIogic, (to.)/.arehawlogy. 

Kr-tbe, (to.) /. 1. ark; 2. or tt-nmuf4e(, /. 

Coneh. boat-.hell; 3. nid. »BittWabcj 4. cid. 

Serinne, 2. 
«taVäM«, (Gr.) comp. -bta/conO*«), m. See. 

arch-deaeon; — MatOnäf , (j«r.) u. arch-dea- 

conry; — maobrit', (to.) m. Mcc. archiunn- 

**Xro)ime*bifd), adj. Archnnedian ; a-e C*ran= 

be,/. Mech. Archimedbtn (or Arebimode«'*) 

«crew; SUxp-b. screw-propellcr. 

* *Sr(bqJ2I' ; (.itr.) m. Geog. Arcbipelago. 
*5Cnbiteff, (io.) m, archltect; Xr*ltcftc/nifd), 

adj. architectonic(al); areblteetoral. 
*%rd)itertttt / , (to.) /. arebiteetnre. [atyle. 
•"Stcbitröo', (itr.) m. Arch. architrave, epi- 
**Krd)is', (ttr.) n. arekivea: 1. (-gebinbe) 

repodtory of (poblic) recordi, recordH>fflce, 

paper-offtee; 2. record«; —find 1 , n. reeord, 

aathentic meawrial. 

Dgtzedby G00gle 




♦Xn^Co'KW, adj. arcbival. [archive». 

• Xrdjioä'r', (rtr.) m. recorder, keeper of the 
»Xrdjonf, (ifl.) m. Cr. ^Int. archoo. 

* TCreffl', (*tr.) n. (— grjfl e, /. meuare of) »reu. 

* Xrrfa*, comp, -r-nuf ,/. fenfel ; — potmt, /. m'd. 
:fcX'ren, (10.) o.a. uid. Xdern. [Jiareibupalme 

• Xreopäg', (*fr.) m. er. Ant. areopagu. 
Xrg, I. arf>. (comp, aVger, *«p. argft) 1. bad, 

bäte; arch, arrant, wicked; miachieTOO«; 
shrewd. ennning; wantoa; 2. «a«picioo«, de- 
ceitfal; 3. «eyere; 4. grou (error, negli- 
gence, *c.), cot. «ad, &c; (in tt-er ©djelm, 
an arch-rogne; an arch- wag; (in a-(r SO: 
batf«rand)er, a desperate amoker; (ine d-e 
aSernsü flung, a «ad havoc ; immer ärger, wor«e 
and worae; X-es benfen, to thlnk ill (9011, 
of); II. s. (sir.) n. td) habe fein — bobei, I 
■wan no barm; et ifl fein — in ihm, there i> 
no deceit in him; ohne — , nndeiigning 

«Xrgentln', (ßtr.) n. Metal. German or aickel 
•ilver, white copper, packfong. 

iYger, I. adj. comp. o/Xrg, qv.; U. *. (*tr.) 
m. vexation, anger, «pite, provocation, frei, 

aYgrrIid), I. adj. 1. peeviih, angry, irritable, 
fretful; 2. a) vexatioa«, irk«ome, afflicting, 
provoking, tearfng; 6) vid. XnfWfig J II. X- 
Wt, /. peeTiihnea«, &c. 

»Ygern, (w.) t>. L a. 1. to Yex, fret, chagrin, 
irritate, nettle; 2. to «candalize, offend; II, 
refl. to be vexed or angry, to fret, to be of- 
fended (über, at). 

Xr'gernif, (ttr.) n. 1. vexation, anger; 2. ican- 
dal; oftence; (einem) (in — geben, to aeaa 
dalize, offend (one). 

Xrg/geflnnt, adj. eTil-minderi. 

Xrg'beit, (to.)/. wiekedneu, malice. 

Xrgtift, (ic.) /. craftineu, arrant ennning, 
knaTery, «hrewdnen, »ubtlety, guile, deceit, 
artifice, intrigne. [»hrewd. 

Xrg'iifrlg, adj. crafty, ennning; knavisb, 

XrgläfS, I. adj. 1. nnwary, onroapecting; 2. 
inoffeniive, harnleu ,. inooeent; II. Tt-igfeit, 
/. inoffenaivene**, Ac. 

Xtgfl, adj. *up. o/Xrg, 00. 

»Xrgumenf, (str.) n. argnment; Xrgumen* 
ti'ren, (uj.) v. n. to reaion; Xrgnmentariön', 
(vi.) f. reatoning. 

«Xt'gn«, m. Gr. Myth. Argna, the bondred- 
eyed keeper .of Io; —angen haben, to be Ar- 
gn» eyed («*. e. to be extremeiy vigilaot). 

Xrg/tttiBf, (irr.') m. ill-will, mi«chiefon*neu. 

Xrg'BiQig, I. adj. mlachievou«; IL X-feit,/. 

Xrg'nwbn , (*tr.) m. in«picion, mistrnit, di»- 
trn*t, dfetrnitrolneu, jealouiy. 

Xrg'wohnen, Xrg'mobnen, (10.) «. a. to sos- 

pect, miatiiut. 
Xrg'möhnifd), adj. aoapiciotu, aupectfal ; dia- 

trustfu! ; jealona. 

♦ X'rH?, (m.)/. Mm. aria, air, «ong, tnne- 
»Xriftoftaf, (to.)m. arutoerat; Xriftofratie', 


♦ Xri^Ottlifer, (rtr.) m. Arutotelian. 
♦Xriflorelifd), adj. ArUtoteliaa, Aristotetic 

♦ Xritbmrtü, (10.)/. arithmetic. 
»XriibmVtirer, (ttr.) m, aritumetician. 

♦ Xritbme'rifö), adj. arithmetical. 
«Xrttt^ien, n. 6eog. Arcadia. 
*Xrfa l btfd), adj. Aruadian. 
*XrPtif<b, adj. vid. ÄörMiö) & Stört». 
Xr / Ie«b(ere,Xrle«rirfd)(, (w.)/. vid. eifefxert 
Xrm, I. adj. (comp, «r'mer, sup. annft) ul 

kfig. poor; panper, indigent, neceaaitoas, 
needy; icanty, barrea (a» langnage, Ar.*, 
meager; —an, void of; thin of (people, Ac). 
ein 0- er ©önber, a criminal «enteaced t» 
death; a poor fellow, wretch; tt-( dtittre, 
Cook, frittert) IL s. her X-e, m. (toie X-e, /-) 
the poor man (woman), panper; pL bie X-e, 
the poor, the indigent; id) Xrmer, poor L 
Xrm, s. I. (str.) m. 1. Anat. arm; (of an at> 
mal) band, «honlder, fore-leg; 2. brauch (•( 
a river, a candleitick, &c); arm (of an oar); 
— ber Segelflttnge, yard-arm; limb (of » 
finger-post, &c); — einer «Sage, crou-bar; 
X-e eine» ®d)ubf arrenfi, handle« of a wb«l- 
barrow; X-< eine« ©lOlfenjnge«, crank« of 
a bell; X-e einer fliege, Mech. flyer-leg>: 
ein — ooü, an armful ; in — '« ®e»ebr ! MiL 
■upport arm«! IL comp, brachial; — baut, 
n. bracelet, armlet; — bcüiröfcrc, /. Atud- 
focile; — brn(l, /. croM-bov, hand-bow; - 
bruftbttf en, m. rack ; — bntftfd>filjr, m. archer : 
crou-bower; — bruoe, vid. Sobrsbruse; — 
feile, /. arm-file, rough 6le; —förmig, adj. 
Bot. brachiale; —geige, /. vid. £tatfd)ei 
— g(fn)meibe, n . bracelet«, armlet« ; — baniijej, 
m. brace, armlet; — hol}, n. Tan. grainiat/ 
board, pommel; — fr oft, /. mannal power; 
—läge, /. (in midwifery) arm-pre«entati«a; 
—lange, X-eSWnge, /. length of the arm; e» 
bit; — lehne,/, elbow-piece; elbow-rail (of » 
cabriolet) ; —lenibteT, m. chandelier, branch- 
ed candle»tick, a pair of brauche«, «coace; 
—(od), n. Tail. arm-hole; — 108, adj. araloi; 
— J»0lfl», m. Zool. hydra; — ribre, — fsinbei, 
/. Anat. radio«; —faule,/. hand-po«t, fiaget« 
poat, goide-pott ; — fd)iett(, /. 1 . armlet, bnt- 
tard, brauet ; 2. Surg. splint; — fdjlcffe, 
•leeve-knot ; — fd)lof , n. bracelet-lock ; d 
bid, arfj*. a« big at an arm; -feffel, — ftnl 

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m. arm-chair, elbow-chair, easy-chair; — 
fpange, /. solid bracelet, bracelet, buckle. 

*1CnBttbiO', (str.) m. Zooi. armadillo. 

«Ttnnatür', (».)/. I. » stand of arm», equi 
page; Afar. furniture (of a ship); 2. Äiy 
armature (of a magnet) ; — ftfietc, ». pJ. arm*. 

TfrsVdjen, (*tr.) n. diro. o/TCnn, armlet, little 

* Inner 1 , (».)/• »nay; — beridjt, m. bulletin, 

Srinel, (str.) m. sleeve; — hol}, n. Tait. 
aleeve-board; —loa), n. sleeve-hole. 

ir'mritg, orf;'. (in comp.) baring sleeves. 

Vi'men: (ofXtm, ad|»".), in comp. — anftatt, /. 
institution for the relief of tbe poor; — atjt, 
m. phytician to the poor; — caffe, /. 1. or 
— bödrft, /. poor-box; 2. fünd for the poor; 
—ei* , m. su oath taken by thoie wtao wisb 
to receive alias-, — gelb, n. — flift, /. alms; 
—fltfet, n. poor-hw; —gut, n. property let 
aside for the rapport of the poor ; — bauS, 
n-alms-boase, hospital, poor-hoase; —pflege, 
/. almonry; —pfleget, m. almoner; overseer 
of the poor; — rei)t, n. poor'i privilege in 
law-snita; benefit of poverty; — fdjttle, /. 
charity school; free-school; — fteuer, — tOJte, 

/. poor rate, tax for the poor; — foppe, /. 
charity-aoup; — Bogt, m. beadle; — Wefen, n. 
•täte er system of the poor law». 

■XnmynSa, ». Geog. Armenia (P. N.); 3Crmc'= 
BieT, (str.) m. Urme'nie'rittn, (io.)/. Arme 
nian; Xrmr/nifd), adj. Armenian. 

Sr/mer, adj. comp, of "Htm, qv. 

Wütig, adj. in comp, baving arm», armed. 

*lramn, (w.) t>. a. 1. vid. Semaffhen» 2. 
Afar. to eqoip (a veuel); 3. Phy. to arm 
(a load-itoae). 

Ünn/Iid}, I. adj. poor, miserable, »canty; — 
gcflettet, poorly dresscd; II. S-feit,/. poor- 
aeu, acantinew, poverty. 

"Hrmf flig, I. adj. poor, needy ; paltry , wre tched ; 
frivolou»; pitiable; miserable; a-ef)tunf,ni. 
»babby fioery; tt-e ^Jolittf,/. oarrow, con- 
tracted, or illiberal policy ; n. X-feit, /. poor- 
ne*«; »habbioe«»; wretchedne»». 

Xr'mfitb, (w.)/. poverty, want; penury; 2. 

Srn'te, vi ff. (Srnte, IC [collect, tbe poor. 

«XrönV (*tr.), Ero'mo, «. aroma, flavour, 
fragrance; ICromat'ifd), adj. aromatic(al). 


*trftaA, vid. TCrotf. 

S'rrttgo'me'n (Tfrago'mlfn), i». Geog- Arragon 
(P. ff); Xrrago'nie't, (Hr.) m. TCrrago'= 
SÜfrinn, («"■) /. Arragone»e; Xrrago'tuftb, 
adj. Arragonian. 

•flrrtff, (str.) m. 1. wrf. »efd)t«gi 2. impri- 
lonment, priion. 

»■Jfrreftanf, (w.) m. priioner. 

♦ «"rreftatton', (to.)/. captore. 
*Xrreti'rea, (tn.)u. a. to arreat, attacb, »eize. 

♦ Hrrima/ge [fr., pron.— sVihe], (w.)/. Com. 
•towage. [mapenb, Xnmafitmg. 

»Irrogant', adj., Xtrogonj', (w.)/. «W. *n« 
3Crfä), uu/g. (rtr., pt. Srfd)e) m. ar«e; — baife, 
/. buttock; — leber, AS», vid. gahrleber. 
♦TCrfenaT, (str.) n. vid. deugbau*. 

♦ Xrfe'nig, adj. Chem. arsenious ; — ftture 8alj, 
n. arienite. 

»'ärfe'nif , (str.) m. Min. arsenic; — biet, n. 
natire ma»»icot, oid.— faartsSHetj — blfltbe, 
/. pharmacolite ; —titi, m. anenical py- 
rite«; — rnbin, m. realgar; Chem-s.— flure, 
/. araenic(al) or araeoiac acid; bttS — faure 
©al}, aneniate ; tat — faa« Slei, Aoli, :c, 
arseniate of lead, of potaih, &c. 

♦■Xrfenüo/Iifd). adj. anenical. 

*Xr i fe (w.), XrU*,/. Afw*. ar»i». 

Xrt, (to.) /. 1. a) species, kind, »ort; de- 
»criptioa; 6) »tock, raee, breed; 2. natnre. 
property; temper, complexion; way; form, 
frame, caat, moold, cot; ealibre, quallty; 
3. manner, style ; method, Ac. ; 4. mannen, 
propriety, suitableness ; 5. Gram, mood, 
mode, modus; in her — bleiben, to be like 
one'» own stock; auf bet — ftbtagen, to grow 
oat of kind, to degenerate; eS bat (eine — , 
it i» not seemly. 

XrtbJr, adj. 4= A prootnc. arable. 

+2rten, (u>.) ». a. for Wem. 

"it'ttn, (v>.) v. I. n. 1. to acquire a certaio 
quality or natnre ; (with ntttt)) to take alter, 
to reserable, to Imitate; 2. to thrive; IL a. 
to irapart or transmit a quality or nature to ... 

♦ Zrte'rör, (tu.)/. Anat. artery, X-njttnge,/. 

♦ Xrttrini', adj. Anat. arterial. [Surg. forceps. 

♦ Ine/flftt), adj. Artesian (well or fountain). 
Xrf felb, (str. , p/. TC-er) n. + & provinc. for 


Stetig, I. adj. 1. in comp, of the natnre or 
kind of, -like : mufd)elartig, shell-like, Ac. ; 2. 
orderly, well-behaved (said of children, Ac, 
opp. Unartig); fei—! be good! 3. well-bred, 
polite.conrteous; compliant,kind; 4.pretty, 
comely, fine, nice, swcet, clever, spruce, 
genteel,agreeable;5.curiou8 ( odd; Il.'S feit, 
(to.) /. 1. good behaviour; 2. politeness, 
courtesy, courteonsness, courtlineas, coini- 
ty, urbanity, civility; compliance, klndnet»; 
ans — gegen, in compliment to'; Semantem 
TC-feiten fagen, to compliment one (on); 3. 
prettiness, comelineu, gentility, genteel- 
ne»a; fincnes», agreeableness. 

♦•JCrtiftl, (str.) m. 1. arlicle (also Gram.); 

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2. part, head; 3. paragraph; 4. Charge, 
entry, item; — brief, m. Mar. Statutes (or 
regulationa) for tbe navy. 

»TCrttftlli'ren, (u>.) o. a. to articulate. 

«XttiQeric', (w.) /. artiilery, ordnance; bie 
leidjte — , flying artiilery; bie reiteabe — > 
hone artiilery; — porf, —träte (*>.)» — i«8/ 
m. park or traio of artiilery. 

«Irtileriff, (u>.) m. artiilery -waa. 

*Xrtifd)0<ft, (vi.) f. &><• artichoke; X-nbttrt, 
m. choke; X-nboben, X-nfäfe, Tt-nflubl, m. 
bottom of artichokes. 

Srrlldj, adj. prouinc. Anuig. «id. Xrtig,4. k&, 

Xr'tung, (».)/. »id. SBefibaffeBbeit. 

2rKc)nei', t. I. (».)/• medicine, phyiic; eine 
benahm — , a specific; eine bntftorfenbe 
— , a cordial; II. comp. — bereitung, — be* 
reitungSfunft, /. pharmacy, pharmaceutica; 
— gelebrfamfeft,/. oid.— »ifTenfdjaftj — glaS, 
n. medicine glast, vial; — -forper, m. medi- 
cioal body; — frout, n. simple; — fugel,/. 
bolu ; — ludjeUben, n. tablet ; — »unbe,— lunft, 
— (mittelste, /. pharmacology ; —laben, m. 
apotbecary'i shop; —mittel, n. remedy, me- 
dicameot, medical agent; 4uperli<be6 — Ottts 
tel, remedy applied externaily; bealing re- 
medy; füblenbe —mittel, refrigerantt; ftir* 
fenbe —mittel, tonic«; — pflanjen,/. pi. phy- 
■ical herb*, simple«; — tranf, m. potion, 
diet drink; — »erfiiretbung, /. — jettel, 
medical prescription; — BOttK, /. drog; 
»efen, n. every thing relating to pharmaey; 
— »iffenfdjaft, /. o«d. — fanbe. [take physic 

tri(e)nei'en, (w.) v. a. ft n. $ to give or to 

Srj(e)nei'Iid), adj. medicinal, officinal. 

Xrjt, (vtr., pi. Jrj'te) m. physician, doctor; 
—gebühr, /. physicians fee. 

Srjrtid), adj. medical. 

*X6, n. I. Mus. A flat; TfSsbur, A Hat major; 
XfcmouV A flat minor; II. »id. 3ff. 

•Ttfonb, zfant, (*ir.) m. Pharm, »obMecben* 
bet — , benzoin, benjamin; bet ftinrenbe — , 
atafostida, magydare. 

«Yibeff, (str.) m. Min. aibest, asbestos; 
a-arttg, adj. asbestine. 

•TCfcenbeuf, (w.) m. ascendant. 

*TtfcenfJ3n', (W.)/. ascension. 

»Kfcele, («>•)/• aaceticism; Ifcet',(vi.), Ttfct/ä 
tifer,(*tr.) m. atcetic; Vftt'ttfd), adj. ascetic. 

Ifd), (rtr., pj. Sfd/e) m. basin, bowl; pot; 
— fttdben, m. pot-eake; — laudj, m. Bot. w'd. 
©djatotte. . [oid. Qfdje. 

flfaye, (io.)/. 1. Ich. grayling, nmber; 2. Bot 

XJq)«, n. comp. (e/. a?d>eiu) —blau, adj. ath- 
bloe; —biet, n. vld. SBUmatbi —grau, adj. 
ath-gray, clnereoos; — fcubn, n. Orn. water 

rail; Bot-*. — frtmt, n. rag wort; HMt),/. 
oid Diptam. 

Vfcb'e, (».)/. iit *jSg. athes; beife -, bot 
asbes; glimmenbt— , embert; in — DtOMlu 
bebt, Cltem. to incinerate; in — legen, ja — 
»abrennen, to redaca to aahes. 

"KW tat, comp. — bab, n. Chan, ash-ftre; — 
bleid), adj. asbypale; — brob, n. vid.— tudfCBi 
-brobel, n. ciad«r-*encb,( /*. iV.) GndertUa ; 
yig. domestic drndge; —färbe,/, ash-coloor; 
—färben, adj. ash-coloored, asby; — fof, m. 
cid. — tofteni —grübe, /. ath-pit; — taflet, 
m. ath-boz, ath-pan; —Tulpen, flt. Cook, cabe 
bakad ander bot athes; —Trug, m. ura; — 
louge,/.lye of woodathesj— loa),*.aau-hole; 
— meife,/. Orn. manh-titmoote; — ofea, au 
G-\b. calciaing oven; — putttl, it. vid. — *r6« 
bei) —fall, n. C/iem. alkali; kelp; aoda; 
— Cttdj, n. lye-cloth, buckiog-cloth ; — Jitba, 
m. Min. t(o)urmaline. 

£fd/el, (tlr.) m. tbe tbird qoality of powder 

Wer, (*tr.) m. Tan. tlack-lime. [klse. 

ifd/ern, (w.) o. I. a. 1. utd. einifdjern j 2. to 
boil in asbes ; 3. to strew witb athes ; 4 To«. 
to alacken (aidea); IL reft. vid. Xbdfcbezu. 

Ttfdtermitfmodie, (».)/• Ash-wednesday. 

■JCfcb'idjt, adj. like athes, cioeritiout. 

Hfib'ig, adj. füll of athes, athy. 

X'fiifn, n. Geoe. Asia (f. >'.). 

•Jtftet' (io.; m., Xfiafina, (».)/. Asiaüc. 

TCftotifd), adj. Atiatic. 

if5p', m. Etop (f. iV.); 4-ifd), adj. Esopiaa. 

Xt'pe, (u>.) m. 1. ich. tbe name of a rirer 
fish in Swedeu (Cyprinus aspius — 6.); % 
or $i'se, oid. Sfip«. [per coia. 

*Xfp'er, (itr.) m. asper, a tmall Turkisb cop- 

fcVepholt', (str.) m. Aftn. atphaltum, aspbal- 
tos, atphalt(e); a-ifd), adj. atpbaltic. 

*X$pbc-bel'>, oid. XffobU. 

«Xfpiranf, (u>.) m. candidate, aspirant. 

♦ Xfpira'te, (u>.) /. Gram, aspirate; Ttfpira> 
tum', (ic.)/. atpiration ; Hfpirfren, (uj.) v. a. 
& n. to aspirate; afptrirt', p. a. aspirate. 

Ttff (str.) n. 1. Gam. ace; 1. (U>m. lex:, d) 
grain(a »mall weight); ft)(— geu>id)t) Pharm. 
ponnd of twelve onaces. 

3«, (str.) n. vid. XaS. 

•Ttfecurabenr', Xffeturateur' [Fr.,pro*. — Sri 
(*tr.;, TCflecuranf, (w.) m. vid. SBerfilbertr. 

• Kflecuran}', *. I. (w.)/. Com-«, insoraace, 
c/. sBerftibernngj — riftorniren or — ftornU 
ren, to retarn the premium of Insurance; 
bie — ealibirt anf ..., the intaranee ia ef- 
fected on ...; II. comp. — bureau, — comptoir, 
n. vid. «erpdjerungSsTlnftatt) —conto, n. 
aeeoont of iotnrance; —fad), n. intarance- 

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Une; —geriet, n. coart of inanrance, mari- 
time eoart; — gtfdjaft», n. pj., — banbtl, m, 
tranaeetiona at the tasorasce ottce; — gt» 
ftbfifte treiben, te nnderwrlte; — flfftf, n 
maritime law; —rammte, /. vid. — gtrtdjt; 
— fingt, /- action or impeachment of inso- 
raaee; — matter, — mdfler, m. taronmce or 
policy broker; — sota, /. note of iuunuiee ; 
— p»Hce, f. policy of Insaraacs; — pelietn 
bnd), n. iniiuraace policy boolc ; — Prämie, 
/. prcmiajn(of inanrance), inaarance-money 
(: 1. för bie ^rtnrnfe, premium oot; 2. für 
bie $erreiff, premiom home; 3. für $fo« snb 
#etrcife, premlom oat and boae); — prottf, 
m. aetioa ob policy; — fecbmtttg, /. acconot 
of iiMarancc. 

»'Xfftcnrät', (w.) m. Com. the innres 1 (party). 

•Kflenntr/bit, aalt, inaureable. 

«VXfftarrr'reii, (w.) t>. o. * n. to insare, ef. 
Snfiibtrn, 1. *). [JteUer»urm. 

Äffd, (»-) /• £»<. 1. vid. «ielfufH 2. «M. 

TPf rn, äff «, (io.) v. n. vid. Xaftn. 

«rXfftfPor, ra. oid. 8rffl«tr. 

• Xfjfgnant', (w.) m. drawer, he tbat ghre* a 
draft; constitnent. 

»Xfftgjto'tr, (uj.) /. Fr. assignat. [torney. 
»Kfftgnatlr, (rtr.) m. assignee, drawee, at- 
•Tlfftgm'rtn, (w.) v. a. Cbw. »td. Xnnrifen. 
♦SJfigsariMr', (w.)/. wrf. Vnweifnna. 
*I(ftfoi, (*>•) p*. aasizes; — gtrtdjt, n. — bof, 

in. eoart of aMizea. [derclerk. 

•XfRfttnf, (io.) m, aasiatant, stdes-man, un- 
♦Xffoctt", m. Com. partner; ber ffltrf liebt — , 

acting partner. 
»Iffocü'rrn, (u>.) v. a. to aModate; raetp. 

to enter into partnerahip. 

♦ TCffonanj', («>.)/. assonance. [ment. 
*X{jbrtÜBcnr',(rtr.)n.Cbm. assortmeat,sort~ 
«Ifbrtfrtn, (w.) t>. a. to assort. 
•'Xffnrttbear', vid. Xfjtrarabtur, *c. 
TtffifxUu, m. Ceog. Assyria (P. jV.); Xftftttt, 

{str.) an., XfTn'rifdj, adj., Aaayrian. 

Xft, *. I. (rtr., pt. £ffe) m. 1. boogh, brancb, 
limb; 3. cid. Jtnorrtn, 2.) 3. fig. arm, 
brauch; II. comp. — bUtter, n. pl. Bot. 
branca-leavea; — (od), n. knot hole, wood< 
hole; — Iß*, odj. branchleaa; — »etf, n.bran- 
chery, branehes; — roinftl, m. Bot. azii. 

ifrVben, (rtr.) n. (dim. o/3fl) twig, aprig. 

3ff CT, (to.) /■ Bot. China aater, »tar-wort. 

•tftbrtff, /. PliU. «sthetica; iftbrtifer, 
(str.~j in., Sflbt'tifd), adj. feathetic 

ityig, adj. 1. fall of bongha,branchy; brancb 
cd; 3. knotty, knaggy, gnaried, knarly. 

iftting, (rtr.) m. yoong bird tbat ha» left Hie 
oeat; Fmk. raawge-hawk, brancber. 

■Jffiradjan', (Vftrafan'), n. «7eog. Astracan, 
Artrakhan (AT. f.); Tl-tT, m. pl. Vom. Aatra- 
ean fnr, Aatracan lamb-tkini. 

*Xftr3l'rampt, (w.)f. astral lamp. 

♦ TCflrclafnom, n. Math, aitrolabe. 
♦TtftroWa', (w.) m. antrologer ; Xfrrologie', /. 

astrology ; TflUelo'gifd), adj*. antrological. 

♦ ■JCflrenSm', (w.)m. aitronomer; Xflroacmif', 
/, aitronomy; Xftrono'mifei, adj. aatrono- 

KIlu'ritB, n. Gntg. Aitoria, tbe Aaturiai 
(P. A.); Ttfrn'rifr, (ttr.) m. Aiturian. 

♦Kfi)!', (rtr.) n. asylnm; francbiie. 

aXTnmpto'tt, (to.)/. AfaJ/i. anjmptote. 

«»iefjf, (w.) m. atbeltt; Ktbttfltrrf, (w.) 
/. it^eTi'nmc, m. atheiam; atbeilr'ifdj, adj. 

K'tbtm, ». I. (str.) m. brenth, breatfaing, re- 
ipiration; «pirit; fltrjct — , aliortneis of 
breath; bcr ftt>R>ere — , aatbma; — bolcn, — 
flbopftn, to fetcb (one't) breath, to take 
brenth, to breathe; boltlt Cit ttanoi — , 
fetcb your breatb; «ftr — , out of breath; 
breatblen; mitbcr }u — fonraten, to recover 
(breath); btn — an fldj balttn, to hold (or 
keep in) one'a breath ; id) bin nod) niebt |K — 
gtfonuncn, I am acarce in breatb; II. comp. 
— Io«, adj. breathleaa; — lofigftit, /. breath- 
lenneaa; — jag, m. breath, reapiratlon; 
fd)»erc — ffige, pl. heavea, gaapa, hea,vinga. 

%'rbtmbar, adj. reapirable, breathable. 

XtbV/ »• «eog. Athens (P. N.); TC-er, X-ffti'. 
fjr, (ttr.) m., a-ilVfifd), adj. Athenian. 

*f 'tbtr, (rtr.)m. Phy. Jt Chan, ether; -ffare, 
/. lampic acid; — fonrt ©alj, n. lampiate. 

♦ Stbt'rifa), odj. 1. Chem. ethereal, essenttal; 
3. fig. ethereal, aerial. 

itbio'piifn, n- Ceog. Ethiopia (P. JV.); Stbio*« 
pftt, (rtr.)m.Etbiopian,Ethiop; St(iO , |)ifd), 
adj. F.thiopian. [letic. 

*3CtbISf(t), (w.)m. athlete; tt-ifo>, adj nth- 

Xtb/men, (w.) «. I. n. to breathe, to draw 
breatb; to respire; II. a. 1. to breathe, draw 
in; 2. (au*—) to breathe (fortb), exhale. 

Ht\)'mnna$s, comp. — fdbig, vid. Vtiembori 
— gttdttfd), n. JJfed. respiratory mormor; — 
»erfjraat, n. p{. ^not. organa of respira- 
tion, respiratory organa. 

*5Ctlon'tCll, m. pl. Arch. Atlantea, aopporters. 

♦ Ztlon'tifa), adj. Atlantic, Atlantean; bOS t-t 
*Wtcr, Atlantic ocean. 

*Wt«e, I. (ttr., pl. »'(oft & Waten) m. 
1. Geog. Atlas; 2. atlaa, collection of mapa; 
3. Anat. atlat; 4. or Xtfaft, Cbm. salin; II. 

comp artig, — abnlid), adj. aatined ; — bonfc, 

n. aatin-rlbbon, -bttrt, vid. Slftbtcrt) 

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— Manu, /. Bot. satin Ho»er; -format, n 
largc square folio; — hol}, n. satin-wood; 
-tapfre, f. salin paper-haogings; — IBtbtr, 
— nrirter, m. aatin-weaver. 

* Wlaffen, a<0'- satin, made of satin. 

* Xtmofp^ä're, (to.)/. atmospbere. [spheric. 
«Ytmojptyal'rifd), odj. atmospherical, atmo- 
Ir'na, m. Geog. (mount) Etna, JEtm. 

♦ ■JCtöm', 1. 1. (str.) n. atom, molecule, (indi- 
visible) particle, corpuacle, dement ; ein 
3KetaHori)b, Säure, C/i«n. one equlralent 
of metallic oxyd, acid; II. comp. 3C-ens 
gett)id)t, n. f,7iein. atoralc weigbt; jt-otlehrt, 
/. atomiun ; a-tnibnUd), o«ö'. atomlike. 

• Tttomifl', (10.) m. atomist; Xtomift'ifa), arfj. 
atomistic; Die atomiftifdje $pbilofopbie (Uta-. 
ntiffif), /. corpuscular philosopby. 

»Xiramenfftein, (ttr.) m. aory, inkttooe. 

• TCttentäf', (Wr.) n. outrage, attempt on tbe 
life (of ...). 

*3Ctteftf, XttefUt, (str.) n. certificate, teiti- 
mooial, attestation. [atteat. 

*3ttefri'ren, (to.) t>. o. to testify, certify, test, 

Xt'tia), (jrtr.) m. Bot. dane-wort, dwarf-elder, 

*Xtlirif'nw6, m. atticism. 

**frifcb, od;. Attic; Die a-e ötebenSart, Atti 

*Xttrü>fif, (ttr.) n. attribute. [dim. 

Tfb/el, (w.)/. prooinc. 1. «id. elfter j 2. vid. 

£ Et'cn, (to.) v. a. & n. to give food; to feed. 

2t/bär, I. adj. corrodible; corroaive, caustic; 
II. S-feil,/. corrodibiiity; corroaiveneaa. 

$l'ttl, (vi.) v. a. 1. a) to feed; b) to bait; 2. 
Wttm. to corrode, macerate; Surg. to cau- 
terize ; 3. Engr. to etch. 

Ä*/enb, p. a. Chem., Med. kc. cauatic, cor 
rodent, corroaive; bot ä-e faljfoure Silber, 
4-e Sublimat, vid. ttfuUimot) bie 4-e $ot 
afebe, otd. Sir alt. 

$*,s, comp. — grünt), m. Engr. (etebiog) Tar- 
niah; ground; Chtm-s. — tali, n. cauitic 
potaab; — talf, m. nnalicked lime, quick' 
lime; — fraft,/. cauatic strengt b , cauatici 
ty; —fünft./. Engr. art of etebing; —mittel, 
n. Chem. & Surg. corroaiTe, cauterant, escha- 
rotic, corrodentj —nobel,/. Engr. pointer, 
etching needle; —narren, n. cauitic aoda; 
—platte,/, etcbing-plate; —pulset, ». cor 
roaive or fretting powder, roptory; — ftein, 
in. Svrg. cautic atone, vid. fräOenftcinj 
— fto|f, m. canatica; — fublünut, n. corroaive 
■ublimate; —waffer, n. vid. Cdjeibemaffcr 
— jeidjnunfl, /. etching. 

Sb/ung, (to.)/. 1 . or 4:7t b'unfl, a) feeding; food; 
6) baitiog; Iure; 2. Surg. cauterizatioo ; 
3. Engr. etching; — auf .Rupfer, aqaatinta. 

Ttal interj. (eipresaiug pain) oh! 

3fo, (ic.)jf. »vid. Hut. 

Xud), conj. 1. also, too, likewise; eveo; ti 
n>4re ftbdnblid) — nur ba»on gn reben, it 
were a «harne even to apeak of it; — ma>t 
ISiaer., not »o much w one; ober — , bat, 
but yet ; — ntdjt, neither; nor; i(b — nin)i, 
nor I neither; fomobl ... a)6 — , ai well ... 
ai, both ... aod; nicht «Dein, niebt nnr ... 
fonbern — , not only ... bat; fo oft— , fc 
grof — , ic., as often aa, ai great as, &c; 

— nod), still; withal; ober — , or eise; ebne 

— nnr ju fragen, without so much as aalciag; 
©ie finb — gar ju neugierig, you are tar too 
curioua; 2. (in conjunetion with pron. or 
ad}.): ... (so)ever; m« — , »enn — . »o — 
(immer), whoever, »henerer, where<so)ever; 

— nod) fo (reid), JC.), (n)ever so (rieb, *c); 
nnb »enn — fd)on, nenn — glcid), evea. 
thoogh, and although; 3. (expreutag- doubt. 
kc): nenn c« nnr je»t - 3cit ifl, if it be 
not too late nlready; I fear it is almost too 
late; »irfl bn c* — tbnn? will yon be sare 
to do it t jefet ifl e< — 3cit baju, iron. there 
is no time for this now ! 

♦ TCuetiSn', s. I. (v.)f. aoetion, public «r opea 
sale, anbbnatntion, aale by or at nuetioa; 
II. comp. K-ecata(Og, m. Tf-elifte, /. listaf 
sales by auetion; X-jgcbuhren, Tt-tfefte«, 
vid. Xnctionatortroftcni 1(-8prtie, m. asc- 
tion-price; V-ijinuncr, n. aaction-roon. 

*Kncttona'tor, m. auetioneer; X-(foftcn, /. 
pl. anctioneer'a fee. 

♦ XuMünj', (to.) /. andience, hearing; — gfs 
riebt, *. aodience court ; — faal, m. —{immer, 
n. presence-chamber, andience -rooia, pre- 

*Ttubiteur / [Fr., pron. —et], (str.) m. AM. 

justice of amilitary division, (deputy) jadge 

ad\ ocate. 
»TCubitSriäf , (str.) n. judge advocatc's office. 

♦ Xubitori'um, n. anditoryv 1. audieaoe; ein 
jttblreiibeä — , a crowd of hearers; 3. Ac 

Tttt'e, (u>.)/. 1. provinc. brook, brookiet; 2. 

a meadow (situated near some watcr); a fer- 

tile piain; pasture, pasturage. 
Wer«, comp. — babn, m. — bn^n, «. «r». 

mountain-cock, wood-grouse, uood-cock; 
— ^enne,/. motintain-hen; — cd)6, m. YjooI. 
1. her europoifdjt, are-ox; 2. ber amerifoi 
nifibe, bison. 
Xuf, 1. prep. (1. with tbc Dat., «hen it es- 
presses rest or molion in a place; 2. witb 
the Acc, wben indicating motion (o a place 
or cbange into ...); on, upon; in, at; to. 

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ap; towardt; against; of; abont; with; et 
ßtftt — bem |>üfltl, he standa on tbe Uli; et 
gebt — bem .jbügei, he walkt (aboot) od the 
hill; et geht— benötige!, he goes up the hill; 
featSsa) liegt — kern 2ifd)e, the book lies on 
the table; lege ei — ben Sifd), lay it npon 
the table; — bem taube, in the coantry; — 
baifatb, (in)to the conntrj ; — bemSKorfte, 
ig the inarket-place; — offener Strafe, in 
the open street; — ben {Baue, at the ball ; 

— bet 3agb, at the chase; — gerabem SBege, 
by the straight road; — einem Umwege, by 
a drcnitoOB way ; — bet Stelle, on the «pot ; 

— eine geniffe @ntfernnng, to a eertain 
distaace; eine Steigung »on 1 $uf — 100, 
an acelwity of 1 foot in each 100 feet ; ein 
Stiiit »on 5f>funb — ben &nabrat}oU, a 
preasire of 5 pounds to the iquare ioch ; 

— bem SRtrtle gerauft, bought at the mar- 
ket; — »etSitafe betumlaufen, to ran abont 
the lireet; ei ift ein «tettel — eine , it ii a 
quarter put twelve; btei Siettel — biet, a 
quarter to foar; ei gebt — nenn, it draws 
towardt (or it tarnt on) nine; bi* — , tili 
(Betteten Sefebl, further order); TlUt bii - 
9tm, all except one; — einen Slitf, at 
a glance; — einen 3ug, at one draught; 
tebtn unb Sob, for life and deatb; — ein 
$Mt, to a hair, very exaetiy; coL to a T; 
ei foftet — hunbert Äbaler, it coito about a 
hondred dollars; — meine Sbte, npon my 
hoioar; — eisige Zage, for a fe« dayt; 
ben Xodjmirtag, thU afternooa; — bai Sffen 
f;a(ieren geben, to walk after dinner (or 
npper); — fein »Uten, at hi* reqneat; — 
anfrage, on inquiry ; on application ; — biefe 
Xtt, in or after thii manner, at thii rate; 

— {ebbe Ytt, tbm t way ; - alle Xrt nnb SEBeife, 
«ery pouible way; — taufenbetlei Ttrt, a 
thoiuand way»; — bentfd), in Gerraan; — 6 
XflU, anew; — bttS ©(ynetlfie, ai qoiek at 
powiUe; — bat ffiefte, in the best manner; 
— bot 914a jenbfte, ©enouefte, «., nost splen- 
dldly, accurately, Ac. ; — jeben gall, at all 
eteaU; — feinen %aU, upon no aecount; 

— etamal, all at oace; all of a suddeo, sud- 
denly; II. adv. 1. np; upwards; 2. aitir; 
3. incor.for offen, open; — fein, to be np 
or itirring; »ai fett" id> betut fo fpat — ? wby 
an 1 to ttay up so late 1 Kai haben Sie fo 
Mb— gefoUt? wby had you to rise so early ? 
Wbl — fein, to be in good spirita or in good 
■ealtb; »on (meinet) 3ugenb — , from my 
youth upwards; — unb ab, 1. np and down, 
to aad fro; 2. fig. more or les«; — unb 
Riebet, np and down, Mar. apeek, rigbt 

down; Setg — , op hill; - b«f , in order 
that; — U9 nid)t, lest; III. int. npl abont! 

Xuf odjjen, (io.) v. n. to groan, sigh heavily. 

TCuf actern, (io.) u. a. to plougb up, to break 
ground; to plougb. over again. 

Yufangeln, (u>.) v. a. 1. to draw np with the 
fishing line; i.fig. to fish np (newg, &c) 

aufarbeiten, (io.) v. I. a. 1. to break open or 
up; 2. o) to spend, contume (the material); 
6) to nnish (ones task);II.rrji. l.fia)(flat.) 
bie $&nbe — , to bruise one's hands by work- 
ing; 2. fid) (Acc.) — , to struggle or get np 
again; to rise, ef. Smporarbeiien. [recover. 

Wät&men, (w.) o. n. to breathe again, to 

%uf äben, (u.) o. a. to open by corrosives. 

'Kuf baden, (str.) v.a.l. to consume by baking ; 
2. to bake again. 

%nf bSben, (to.) o. o. to open by fomentalion. 

■Aufbahren, (io.) w. a. to pnt npon a hier. 

"Suf ballen, (to.) t>. a. 1. to unbale (good») ; 2. 
to pnt or pile up in bales. [snperstrueture. 

■Aufbau, (#tr.) m. 1. bailding, raiiiog up; 2. 

Xuf'bauen, (u>.) v. n. to build (up;, to erect. 

■Aufbaumeln, (w.) v. refl. Sport, (said of hares; 
to rite upon the hinder legs and look about 

■Aufbäumen, (u>.) v. n. Sport, to climb up or 
to take a tree, to tree (opp. 'JCbbaumen). 

aufbäumen, (io.)u. I. a. Weao. to wind round 
the weaver's beam; II. rtft, 1. to rear up, 
kick np the healt, prance ; 2. Min. to appear. 

■J£uf 'baufdjen, (io.)o. I. a. to pufT(one's cheeks) ; 
II, refl. to puff, to swell; to bag. 

■Jtufbauung, (io.) /. tbe bailding up, erecting. 

TCuWefinben, (str.) ». refl. to be up. 

Xufbetyuten, (str.) v. a. 1. to keep on (one's 
hat); 2. to keep (in störe), to save; to re- 
serve, to garner up; [crack (nnts). 

■JCufbeifen, (str.) o. a. to open by biting; to 

Ttufbeigen, (w.) v. a. vid. «ufiften. 

Kuf'belommen, (str.) v. a. 1. to get on, np or 
open; 2. to get, reeeive (a.task, a theme). 

aufbereiten, (w.) v. a. Min. to prepare, clean 

QCufbetften, (*tr.) v. n. (aux. fein) to borst 
(open), to chap, gape, chink; to split, crack. 

aufbetten, (io.) ». ». to put np a bed. 

^ufbema^ten, (io.) v. a. 1. to put by, keep, 
save, to lay op, to störe, preserve; 2. fig.. 
vid. Xufbefealten, 2. 

Tfufbemabrung , (».)/• (safe) keeping, pre- 
serv ation ; 5C-iott, m. reeeptacle, depository . 

Kuf biegen, (str.) t>. a. to bend upwards. 

aufbieten, (str.) v. a. 1. to call, call op or 
in, to reise (op), to snmmon (by public Or- 
der), to summon up; 2. to exert,uiuster(ap), 
summon ; "XUt6 — , to make every effort or 

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exertion, to straln every nerve; 3. Bce.fßtfi up, to iet oot, to »et forth, to depart; AfU. 
lobte — , to prociaim, to bid the bans (of|| to decamp; 1IL *. (*tr.) n. or Äafbttdjsma, 

autrimony); 4. vulg. to reprove, to abtue. 

Xufbülbtn, (ttr.) v. a. 1. o) to tie, trua» or 
tack up; 6) to fasten or bind npoa; Me ©es 
gel — , Mar. to band the sails; 2. to untie, 
«■bind, nneord, looeen, Surg. to take ofl 
(thedressings); 3.(einem©t»a*)jSg. to im- 
pose npon one, to teil one a fib, to hoax one, 

Xttfbiulbett, (to.) o. I. ir. to puff up, »well, to 
bloat (op); II. refl. ef. aufblafrn. 

3Cuf btfbung, (io.)/. puffing, »welling, inflation. 

YnfbUfen, (ilr.)t>. I. o. 1. to blow op, inflate, 
dktend witb wind, to puff(a bubble); 2. to 
blow open, to open by blowing; 3. o) to call 
op or forth, to rooae, wake, Ac by blowing 
a trampet, 4c; 6) Statt — ; to sound a flou- 
risb; II. rrfi. to «well, to puff one'» aeif op, 
to be inflnted. 

aufblättern, (io.)o.I.o. to tum over, to open 
the leaves of (a book) ; II. rrfi. to open. 

Aufbleiben, (ttr.) v. n. (aux. fein) 1. tncor. 
/or Dffen bleiben; 2. to »tay op, to alt op. 

KufblW, (Hr.) m. look npwardi; gllmpie. 

lufblitfen, (to.) v. n. 1. to look up, to cast 
one'i look» upwards or to heaven; 2. (or 
XufbKnfen, TCufbKja», [to.]) to flatb np, 
flare up, to emit a tranaient gleam or glitter. 

Xupbtüben, (to.) v. n. (aux. fein) 1. to begin 
to bloom, to bloaiom; to open; 2. fig. to 
begin to flouriah, to riiie, increase. 

Xufbobren, (io.) v. bore open, to open 
by boring; 2. to bore again. 

TfufbSjcn, (w.) o. a. Mar. to buoy np. 

lufborgen, (to.) v. a. to borrow, to take op 
(money), to collect by borrowing. [foam np. 

Wbronben, (to.) v. n. (aux. fein) to sorge, 

Ttufbraffen, (v>.) v. a. Afar. to bring to. 

Tfafbrättn, (fir.) v. a. to roaat afreah. 

Ttufbr<ra<ben, (to.) v. a. vid. *Setbraud)en. 

Xnfbraueu, (co.)o. a. to contane by brewing. 

Xuf'brtnfen, I. (w.) «. n. 1. to rush np, to 
(begin to) roar; to foam np, to fizz (llke 
Champagne, Ac); Chem. to eflervesce; to 
ferment ; 2. fig. to fly into a Tiolent paosion, 
to lly out; to efferreace; IL «. (*tr.) n. 1. 
Chem. A Hg. effenescence, ebullition; 2. fig. 
naah (of tenrper); a-b, odj. 1. Chem. kfig, 
effervescent; l.fig. paMionate. 

aufbrennen, (Hr.) «.La. 1. to break open 
or up; to open, to foree (a door, Ac); ba< 
9fldfter— , to break or tear np the pavement ; 
2. Äunt. to eriacerate ; 3. Brew. to stir, tum 
(the beer) in the cooler; IL n. (gm. fein) 
1. to bunt open, to open; Don ber Aalte—, 
•id. luffpringen, Xofrrlf en, n. ; 2. to break 

(in.) /. opening, breaking np, Ac. 

Xufbreiten, (w.) «. a. 1. to ipread, to »tretet 
out, to display; 2. Min. vid. Xnfberette». 

Aufbrennen, (irr. A w.) v. 1. a. 1. to bnrn up. 
to coninme (fnel, Ac); 2. vidi Kufbräbca« 
3. (einer ©ad)e ober $erfon [Dat.] «taoo») to 
brand, to bnrn (a mark) npoa; IL n. (ata. 
fein) 1. to bnrn op »nddenly ; 2. fig. to ba «■> 
cited to andden anger ; Z.vid. abbrennen, L 2. 

aufbringen, I. (irr.) v. a. 1. to get or aet up, 
to raise; 2. Mar. to bring np or in (a pro«), 
to capture(aahip);jSg; bring op (cbil- 
dren, Ac), rear; 4. to raatore (a psitJeot); 
5. a) to levy (men); b) to raiie (mosjey), to 
aflbrd (a anm), to make op, make good ; e) xnd. 
»erbringen, 3 ; d) to atart, broach (aa opi- 
aion, Ac); to get up, »et np, to introdoce 
(new mahiona); nrieber— ,to bring again ioto 
uae; 6. to provoke, pique, irritate, chafe, pat 
ip a paaaion, exasperate, earage; II. p. *, 
(ttr.) it. 1. tbe (act of) gettiac np, *c; 2. 
Afar. captnre. 

Kufbringer, (ttr.) m. Afar. captor. 

«"ufbröbeln, (w.) v. n. (tmx. fein) to bmbbk 
up (aa boiling liquida). 

K>fbrad),(«tr.,pf.VnfbTitd)e)m. 1. breaJda« 

np; 2. Hunt, the opening and eviaceratiag; 

3. aetting out, departare; Mit. decanquaeat 

or move (of ao annyj. 

Xufbr{beR,(to.)ti.a. to aoak in boiling water. 

lufbruDen, (to.) o. I. n. (aux. fein) to nhe • 

lowing or roaring; IL a. to wake by roariag. 

Xuf'bflbtn, (to.) v. I. n. to put np bootha or 

atalla; II. a. to iay ont fbr aale. 
Vufblgebt, (to.) «. a. to »mooth np witb tbe 

presaing-iron, to iron (over) again. 
Yufbtibnen, (to.)«. a. Min. to ereet acaflblda. 
Xufbfirben, (to.) ». a. (QKntm fftiM*) 1. to 
bürden or load (one witb), to Iay or put oa 

one'a back or ahoulder»; 2. fig. to impoae, 

to put (a fault, tbe blame, Ac) npoa, to 

Charge witb, to impute. 
Xuf bürften, (to.) v. a. 1. to broah op; 9. to 

bruah again; einen $Ut — , to drei» np or 

trlm a bat [(a man, at draugbt»). 

Xttfbimen, (w.) v. a. Gam. to crown or king 
Xuf'bamnten, (to.) v. I. a. to dam up, like Kn> 

tdnunen, oo. ; IL refl. eol. (of tbe clonda) e6 

bammt fiä) naä) ©üben |u «ttf, tt's banking 

up to tbe aoutbward. 
Kufbammern, I. (to.) v.n. (avr. fein) to dawn, 

open ; to riae witb a mintgleam ; II. p.t. (ttr.) 

n.orluf^tnnjerung, (w.)/. dawa,first riae; 


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Xsfbaaipfen, (to.) v. n. (aux. fem) to riae Im 

omoke, ateno, or vapour. [of bed. 

■Aufbauen», (».) o. n. to keep np, to be ont 

"Aufbetten, (ir.) o. a. 1. to cover over, to Iay 

(the table- cloth) ; 2. a) (it. 4,/Sg. to oncover, 

to bare, Uy bare; b)fig. to diacover, detect, 

diacloae, expoae, uaveil. 
XnfWnng, («.)/. 1. nneovering,4c; 2.fig 

discovery, diaclosare, expoeare. 
Tnfbetdjcn, (to.) v. a, 1. to raiae (a dike); 

2. wirf- Xnfbämmtn. 
aufbieten, (to.) v. a. vid. 3Cnbia)ten. 
XnfbtRgen, (#tr. * to.) v. a. to bind (an ap- 

prentice) to a muter. 
'Xnfood'tB, (to.) v. a. 1. Sport, to wind op 

(the leaah); 2. to turn (linen) apon the ca- 

lender-roll. |«ole) to the opper-leather. 
Knfbopptls, (to.) v. a. Shoe-m. to »ow (the 
Tlufborren, (ic.)o.n. (aiur.fein) to dry(upoo). 
Ttofbörren, (ie.) o.a. to dry (fruit) ; to parch op. 
Xuf'brdngen, (ie.)». I. a. to puih open; II. 

rtfl. ((td) Svtm) to obtrode, intrude or force 

one'a eeJf (ob, apon, into), to impertune; tt 

»ringt ftdr unttriarubrtid) jetan SBeoba<bt« 

auf, >t cannot fail to strike every obierver. 
Sofirt^Ol, (to.) v. I. a. 1. to fasten by twist- 

ing or tnrning, to twiit to ; to acrew to ; 2. 

to open by turaing, to tnrn np ; to nnweave, 

untwiat, nntwine ; Mar. to atrand, nnatrand 

(a rope); ben .£>abn — , to turn the cock; eint 

GSdjroabt — , to draw a acrew; IL n. Mar. 

bd hon ffiiltbe — , to apring tbe loof, to 

spring aloof; tat Sd)tff brebt cor feinem Ttn» 

fer auf, the ihip wind* np. 
TCnfbrcftbcn, ($tr.) ». a. 1. to break open by 

auch thraining ; 2. to thraah out (all aheavea). 
Kafbriefdn , (to.) v. a. to untwiat ; to ravel 

(oot), cf. Xaffibtln, 2. 
Xufbtiagen, (str.) v.ha.lo obtrode, iatmde, 

arge, force, preaa, thrust oa or apon ; II. rtfl. 

vid. £d) Ttnfbrängen. [intruaive. 

Ifoftoing&d), adj. obtruding, 4c, obtruaive, 
Aufbringung, (to.) /. obtruaion, intruion. 
Tnfbrntf m, (to.) v. a. to impreaa, stamp, print, 

iatprint; bot Siegel — , to put or set the 

aeal to. 
"iuftt&dtn, (ie.) v. a. 1. a) to preaa on or 

apon ; 6) to preaa upwarda ; 2. to open, break 

ap; 3. vid. Xnfbruden. 
lufburfen, (v.)v.n. (aux. fein) to rUe a little 

front a atooping poaition, to raiae one'a aelf 

aufbanden, (io.) v. n. (aux. {ein) to riae like 

•team or vapoar. 
lafbünften, (n9.) e. o. to eanae to riae in va- 

poara, to evaporate. 

XuPbupfeu, (to.) v.o. T. preaa (gold- 

Sufbüoen, (w.) v. a. Mar. to bear ap, away 
or round. 

Auf eggen, (to.)u-a. to lay open by harrowing. 

Yufeinonbtr, adv. one upon (or ob) aaethar, 
atop of one anotber; —folge, /. conaeeutian, 
aaeceaiion ; — folgen», adj. conaeentire, aao- 
ceaaive ; Hto P en, n. coaflict; — treibe», Mar. 
to drive or fall aboard a ablp, to mn foul 
of each other (aaid of two ahipa). 

«ttfeifen, («o.) ». L a. to break the iee of (a 
river, 4c); H. n. vid. Xuftbouen. 

TCufentbalt, (*tr.)m. 1. etay: n) atoppage; 
aojonrn ; 6) abode ; reaideaee; retreat ; bannt ; 
whereabout(a) ; 2 JJg. delay, atop, bindrance, 
detentioa; 5t-6(orte,/. certificate (permit) 
of reaidence; Tl-tett, m. place of abode, re- 
aideaee. [vid. Srbantn, 3. 

Xnf erbauen, (to.) o. a. 1. vid. Xsfbaueni 2. 

TCuf'erlfgen, (to.) v. a. (Q(ntm Ornat) to lm- 
poae; to enjoln (one to _.), cf. auflegen. 

Ttuferftf^en, I. (irr.) v. n. (ovx. fein) to riae 
np, to riae front the dead; II. p. *. (str.') n. 
vid. Xufrrfhbnng. 

Tfuf'erftf jung , (to.) /. resnrrection; 3C-£tag, 
m. day of resnrrection. 

TCuf'ernaiben, (to.) v. n. (aux. fein) to awake 
from the alumber of death. 

Xuf'ermecttn, (u.) t>. a. to reaoicitate. 

luferwccter, (str.) nu he that ralaea front the 
dead; our Saviour. 

Zuf'erwecfung) (tc.)/. reanacitalion. 

Xuf'trjltben, (atr.) v. a. vid. 'Kufjieien. 

Ttuf'tfftn, (irr.) v. a. to eat up, to conanme. 

Xuf'fabeln, TCuf fabmen, (to.) v. a. 1. to atring, 
thread; 2. to unweave, nnravel, untwiat 

luf'fabren, (*tr.) v. I. n. (aux. fein) 1. to 
aacend, monnt, riae, ny up ; 2. Mar. to run 
or atrike upon (the sanda, tc), to mn a- 
ground; 3. o) to atart up, to atart front or 
ont of; 6) to fly open (aa a window, 4c.) j 
4. fig. to fly ont in a paation; II. o. 1. to 
drive open; 2. to raiae (a road). 

TCnf'fobren», p. a. (Vuf'fa^nrifd), adj. vulg.) 
psaaionate, irritable, vehement, anappiah. 

TCttf'fatyrt, (to.)/. 1. a) aacenaion, aacent (in 
a balloon, 4c.); 6) (a ateep) aacent; 2. ri- 
aiag groond. 

Xsf'fauen, (jtr.)o. I. n. (aux. fein) 1. to fall 
or atrike upon; ü.fig. (xoith th» Dat.) a) to 
atrike, aatoaiah; ei faßt mir auf, it atrike» 
me; (eüipt.) to makeaaenaationoraahow; 
6) to startle, offend, to give a ahook; □. o. 
to open by falling; to hurt, wonad, bruiae 

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by talllng; ffd) {Dat.) ben Äepf — , to break 
one'« head by a fall. 

auffnUenb, p. a., ICuffanig, adj. fig. 1. atar- 
Hing, atriking, remarkable; 2. atrange, ex- 
travagant; offending, flagrant; — geHeibet, 
■bowily dreaaed, dreaaed out of the nmal way. 

auffalten, (v.)B.a. 1. to unfold; 2. to fold up. 

auffangen, (*tr.) ». «. 1. to catch or inatch 
np, to catch; 2. to break (a fall, a blow, 
*c); gather, collect; Sriefe— ,to inter- 
eept lettera; Mars, bot SBinb — , to catch 
the gale or wind ; einem 6<biffit bot SBinb — , 
to becalm a ahip. [again 

auf färben , (to.) v. a. to dye afreah, to dye 

anf föfen, auf fäftru, (to.) v. a. to unravel. 

auffaffen, (w.) t». a. 1. to take np (a ttitch, 
*c); to catch np; to take in; 2. fig. to per 
ceive, conceive, comprehend, appreheod, 
catch, graap (an idea, Itc). 

Inf'faffanfl, (».)/• appreheneion, comprehen- 
•ion, pe'rception, conception, view; K-tetT: 
mögen, n. the perceptive faculty. [new-file. 

auf feilen, (v>.)v. »■ 1. '° °pen by fi'ing; 2. to 

■Jtuf'feucbten, (w.) u. a. to moiaten again. 

auf finben, (str.) v. a. 1. to find (ont) ; to die- 
cover; 2. to find (a peraon) awake, np or 

anffinbung, (to.)/. finding ont, diacovery. 

TfttfPniiffen, (vi.) t>. a. to new-varniah. 

Xuf'fifcben, (w.) v.a.l. to fiib np or ont, pick 
op; 2. Jfg. to interoept, c/. auffangen. 

aufffyen, (to.) o. a. to diaentangle, untangle. 

aufflattern, (to.) o. n. (au*, fein) to ri»e with 
quick and tranaient flame, to hare np. 

aufflammen, (to.) v. n. (aux. fein) to flame 
np or forth ; to break ont into a flame. 

aufflattern, (u>.) v. n. (aux. fein) to flntter 

Xnf'ftnbten, (rtr.)». a. 1. to twUt up ; to plait ; 
to braid np; 2. to untwiat, unbraid, nnplait. 

Knfflicten, (to.) v. a. 1. to lay or eew on (a 
patch) ; 2. to pieee, patch or vamp np. 

auffliegen, (str.) v. n. {aux. fein) 1. to fly 
np, (üt. * fig.) to itart, soar; 2. to II y down 

npon, to perch, light or aettle on; 3. to fly 

open ; bod) — , to take a high flight; — lofftn, 
1. to let fly, to fly (a hawk, a kite, Ac); 2. 
MiL to blow np (with gnnpowder). [np. 

auf'fiimmern,(t0.)e.n. (aux. fein) to glimmer 
aufflofen, (to.)t>. a. to convey np by floating. 
Ittfpg, (Str., pt. aufftäge) m. the flying, 

eoaring np, Ac. 
auf fluten, (u>.) v. n. vid. 3fuf»alltn. 

«uf'fortern ( auf fSbern ) , (to.) o. a. 1. to 

«uramon, to challenge; 2. to invite, aek, call 

npon, requeet. 

the ahaft ; bie ©ole— , S-v. to raise the brise. 

Xuf'forberung, (to.) /. 1. call, auminooa, chal- 
lenge; 2. invitatio«. 

auf formen, (ib.) o. a. Hai. to trim np (a hat). 

AUf'freflen, (str.) v. a. 1. to de von r , to «at 
np; conaome; 2. Chem. to corrode. 

auf frieren, (str.) v. », vid. anfrieren. 

Kuf'frifdjen, (vi.) v. a. to refreah, renew, re- 
vive, cot. to brnah up. 

TCuf fübrbür, ad), what may be raited, repre- 
aented, 4c, cf. ausführen. 

aufführen, (w.) t> I o. 1. to lead (up); 2. 
MiL bie SBadjc or einen Soften — , to moaat 
guard; bie Aanoncn ~, to monnt tbe cao- 
nona; 3. to raiae, aet or bnild up, conatrnd, 
ereet; eine 0<banjC -, to throw np a trenca 
or redonbt ; 4. to repreaent ; to perfonu, to ad 
(playa) ; ©prüdjwörter, (Sbarabcn— , Garn, to 
play proverbts (Fr.), to act charadea; 5. to 
charge, note down, enter; tingeln ~-, to detail, 
apeeify ; II. reff, to behaveor condnet one'a aelf. 

luf'föbrnng, (to.) /. 1. leading np, Ac; 2. 
erection; 3. repreaentation, plrformaace; 
acting; 4. behavionr, conduet, deportmeat. 

■KufffiOen, (io.) v. a. to fill np again, to caak. 

5£uf fünf ein, (io.)o.n. to emi t a traniient gti tter. 

Euf'füf en, (w.) v. n. to atand on one'a feet 

3uf'futtcro, (u.) v. a. Corp. to line, to box np. 

Kuf füttern, (to.) o. a. 1. to apend, comubk 
(food); 2. a) to breed np, bring np, feed; 
6) to fetten. 
aufgäbe, (to.) /. 1. delivery ; 2. a) buk; lea- 
aon ; b) propoaition, problem, theme ; c) fig. 
bnaineaa (of one'a life), miaaion (of philo- 
aophy, *c); Com-«, unter — , with advice; 
laut — , aa per advice, aa adviaed; nad) — , 
aecording to atatement; 3. a) anrrender (of 

a town); 6) reaignation (of an ofnee); gitiag 

np (one'a right, *c), cf. Xufgcbcn. 
■JCufgäbein, (to.) v. a. 1. to take up with a 

fork, to pick up; 2. vid. Xnfgattcrn. 
Vuf gieren, (str.) v. n. to ferment anew; — 

Iaffcn, to raiae a new fermentation, to atnm; 

ber aufgegobrene «Bein, atnm. 
Aufgang, (str., pl. aufginge) 1. aicent, ri- 

•ing, riae (of the aun, &c.) ; 2. eaat, orieat; 

3. conanmption, apending. [lind ont 

auf gattern, (to.) v. o. coJ. to fiah or pick np. 
aufgeben, I. (str.) v. a. 1. to deliver; 2. (ftts 

nem etwo«) to aet or impoae (one a taak): 

a) to order, direct (one); 6) to pro|H>ae or 

pot (a queation, a riddle, ic); 3. to ipve 

np: a) to aurrender, yield(np); b) to retire 

front (bnaineaa, &c), to vacate (an employ- 

uent, &c), lay down, reaiga; c) to give over 

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(a patient, «'. <?. to despair of hii recovery, 
&c.), to drop (an acqoaintance, *c), aban 
doa (a' measure, *c), relinquish (an opi- 
nion, Itc), to qait (a Claim), renoonce (hope, 
Ac); II. p. s. (str.) n. anrrender, relinqoith 
ment, ic [poses, 4c. 

Hufgeier, (jt£r.) m. he that delivers, pro 

Hufgeblttfen, L p. a. fig. intlated, pnffed up, 
swelliog, big, elated, liushed (with ambition, 
pride, &c), haoghty, hnffish, arrogant; IL 
X-ijtxt, f. infiation, lnsolence, hanghtiness, 
hnffishness, arrogance. 

Hufgeböt, (str.) n. 1. public call, snromons; 
2. the (publication of tbe) bans; 3. Mil. an 
amount of men raised for an army, levy, cf. 
HuShebung, 2. [(über, at). 

Huf gebracht, p. a. Irritated, angry, indignant 

Xufgebinge, (str.) n. the binding and money 
paid for an apprenticc. 

Huf grtunfen, L p. a. 1. Med. bloated; 3. «id. 
XnfgeWafenj II. X-beit,/. bloatedness. 

Hnfgfben, (irr.) v. I. ». (oux. fein) 1. a) to 
riae, ari*e, monnt; bie Sonne gebt auf, tbe 
ran rUes; bie Sonne ift aufgegangen, the 
«an it ap; b) fig. (inith the Dat.) to break 
or dawn (lipon one, ai tbe light of truth, &c.) ; 
eint neue «Bett fdbien ibm anfjngeben, a new 
creatioo icemed to open on bim ; 2. to ahoot. 
come np; come fortb; to bnd, bloasom; 3. 
Bak. & Cook, to heave, iwell, riae (said ot 
doogh) ; 4. to open (aa a door, fcc.) ; to break 
( np, aa ice, &c); 5. to get or come looae; to 
fag ont, untwist, unwind, nntwine; to uncurl, 
come ont (aa curls); 6. a) to be spent; er 
lift oxel — , be spends a great deal; to get 
cousomed ; in Jener, in Stand) — , to be con- 
snmed by fire; 4) (with in) fig- to be amal- 
gamated or Identifled (with), to eoineide 
(with); ^renfen gebt fortan in Beutfcblanb 
auf, from thi» day forward Prnssia is fnaed 
in Germany; ibr (Slfidt gtl)t in tem ibrer 
Xod)ter anf, her bappiness is bound np in 
that of her daughter; 7. Arith. to be even 
(of nombers); e6 gebt auf, there is no rest, 
nothing left; eine {Rechnung — laffen, Com. 
to strike a balance, to balance ; »ecbfelfeitige 
Stbnlben — laffen, to set offrautual debts ; e$ 

gebt mir ein 8id)t auf or mir geben bitXugen 
auf, I begin to see clear ; basXSetter gebt anf, 
it thaws; IL refl. fam. fid) (Bot) bieget — , 
to walk one's feet sorc; III. p. s. (str.) v. 
toi — her edn'fffabrt, the opening of the 
navigation. [or hanl np (a fcail). 

Auf geien, (u>.) ». a. Mar. to brail ap, to clew 
inf geMart, I. p. o. enlightened, (highry) ci- 
vilised.intelligent, clear(-headed), Inminous, 

bright, liberal; II. H-hett,/. enUghtenment, 
(higb State of) civilisation , Instruction; 
brightness (of inteilect). 

Ttuf gelb, (str., pt.Huf gelber) n. 1. Com. aglo, 
change, exchange, balance; 2. vid. Hagelt. 

Huf gelegt, p. a.fig. disposed (in good or bad 
humonr, &c). 

Huf geräumt, p. a. fig. good-hnmonred; of 
good cheer; in a merry cae. 

Huf gewetft, I. p. a.fig. brisk, lively, sprightly ; 
gay, cheerful; ber Jtnabe ift ein a-er Äopf, 
he is a boy of lively parts; II. H-bcit, /. 
briskness, liveliness, sprightlineas, ix. 

Xnf gießen, (str.) v. a. to poor npon; to »f- 
fuse; Med., kc. to infuse. 

Huf glänjen, (w.) v. n. (aur. baben & fein) to 
sbine, Barne op with splendonr. 

Inf glimmen, (w.) «. n. (avx. fein) to gleam, 
glimmer np (again). [(again). 

Hufglffben, (to.) «. n. (au*, fein) to glow ap 

Xnf grüben, (ttr.) v. a. to dig np; to break 
ground, to treneb, open. [ber—) refossion. 

Huf gräbung, («.)/. digging up, &c, (SBie< 

Hufgranen, (u>.) v. n. vid. Tfofbdmmern. 

Aufgreifen, (ttr.) v. a. to seize, grasp (from), 
lay hold of ; to pick or take ap. [2. to angird. 

Huf gürten, («>.) v.a. 1. to gird ap, tack np; 

Huf gufi, (str., pi.HufgÜffe) m. poaring upoa , 
infnsion; affasion; — tbierd)en, n. pl. ZooL 

Hufbäben, (irr.) v. a. 1. to have on; to be 
loaded with , 2. to have open or opened.'en, (io.) «. a. to cur ap, to opea with 
a boe or any pointed Instrument (or as a 
bird with its beak), to boe, grab. 

Huf bäten, (w.) v. a. 1. to nnclasp, nnhook ; 2. 
to hang up, fasten by a book. 

HufbJftln, (to.) v. a. to nnhook. 

Hnf^aJfen, (u>.) v. a. vid. Hufbarben/ 

Hufbalt, (str.) m. 1. a) stopping; stoppag«; 
delay; b) Man. stop; ein falber — , half a 
stop ; 2. Mus. vid. «Sorbalt. 

Hufbalten, (str.) v. I. a. 1. to keep up, ap- 
bold, sapport; 2. to hold open; 3. to stop; 
to keep back, hinder, impede, keep off, de- 
lay, detain; halt auf! stop (thief)! einen 
gaU — , to break a fall; II. refl. 1. to stay, 
to make a stay ; fid) etwa« (or einige 3<it) 
— , to make some stay, to sojonrn, to live; 
fid) — bei, to take np (one's qnarters) with ; 
fig-s. 2. fid) bei einer Sadje — , to dwell 
npon ...; fid) bei Äirinigfeiten — , to stand 
apon triiles ; 3. (fid) — über) to mock, sneer 
(at), to find fault (with), to eritieize, censnre. 

] . Mm«, vid. Sorbalt; 2. Mar. reiieving-rope. 

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«ufbaltirng, (10.) /. (topplas, Ac, ef. Xuf> 
hatten; bindrance. 

Aufdämmern, (io.) o. L a. to bammer on; 
IL n. to hammer away, to beut hard. 

Tfuf hinge*, comp. Frint-t. — beim, m. hang- 
ing roos», dryiog place; — freuj, n. peel; 
— mustcl be* Xugei, m. .inat. tnapeuory 
mtMde of the eye; — putlft,m. Afec/i. poiotof 
•ugpension ; Arch-t.—tftUtt, nuvid. ©trebe* 
Pfeiler; — thnrm, m. suspeasioa tower. 

I"ufh4ttgen, (u>.) v. a, 1. to hang np, hang, 
«utpend; ein Silo — , to pnt np a picture; 
2. coL vid. Xufbeften, 3. 

Tfaf harten, (w.) «. a. to rake op. 

lufijMm, (w.) v. a. Jt-m. to gire the ne- 
cectary tvbting to (the ropes). [op. 

Xufbaföen, (to.) v. a. U taatcb, catch, pick 

Xufbeitpttii, (to.) v. a. 1. to reel; 2. to finUh 
reeling; 3. vulg. to raue op; fiib miefeer — , 
to rite slourly from the groond. 

Xnfbauen, (irr. * to.) t>. I. a. 1. to cot, hew, 
break np, opea er aoew; 2. to finiah cot- 
ttog; II. n. 1. to strika (apoo), to hit hard; 
2. Gnu. mit fetr Euntc — , to eock the match 

aufhäufeln, (tc.) v. a. 1. to gather op aod to 
form into »mall heaps; 2. Xgr. to reite (tbe 
earth) aboot plant«; to kill, earth op (po- 
tatoea, Ac). 

Ttuf häufen, (to.) v. h a. to heap np; to ac- 
cumulate, amau, hoard up; II. refl. to accu- 

Yufbattfung, (to.)/. accamalation. [molate. 

Aufbebe», comp. — btebe, /. Surg. aupeuor; 
-mnerel, m. vid. Xufbeber, 2. 

Huf bfben, (Hr.) v. a. 1. to raite, lift (op), 
to lift from, to beare (op), take np, pick 
op; eine SRafdje (ein ICuge) — , to take np a 
atiteh ; 2. to lay op or by, to keep, «et aiide, 
aare, spare, preaerve; 3. o) to break (np), 
reite (a liege, Ac); to fioith (dinner), end 
(• quarret, Ac); ein Sager — , to break np 
a camp, decamp; bie ©i$ung — , to break 
(up) the tettion, meeting, Ac; einen Bau" 
— , to break up a ball ; to dittolve (parlia- 
aent, Ac); bat etillftbmeigen — , to break 
tilence; 6) to aboliab, abrogate, repeal 
(law«, Ac); to rcvoke, recall, rererte (a 
tentence, Ac); caocel, anaol, aollify, oado; 
dittolve (partnerthip, Ac); ben geria)tli<ben 
sBcfibjag — , to retake or repievy a dittrett, 
Mar. to take off the enbargo; ber ottfge* 
hobene Berfauf. Com. täte annolled; bie auf« 
gehobene JKeufet, Laie, derogatory claate; 
c) to break (off, a match, Ac.); Me greunb* 
fd&ttft mit ... — , to break with ...; d) to neo- 
tralite (the eflect, Ac); to letel (aU dlttlnc- 
tioaa, Ac); f5d> gegenfeitig — , to dettroy 

each other (at reatont of eqnal ralne, Ac); 
e) Math, to dear, setre, reduce(a fraction) ; 
4. to arrest, seize, captare ; einen $fufd)tt — , 
to fiae a bangler; her tft aufgehoben, cot. «e 
have tettled hit bntiaen, he it done for; 
aufgefiboben tft nid)t aufgehoben, pro», for- 
bearance it not acquittanoe. 

Vafbiben, p. *. (ttr.) n. 1. liftiag op, rai- 
aing, Ac, elevatlon, neave; opheaval; 004 
— ber $dnbe (beim Vbfrünmtn), »how of 
handt; %fig. eiel H-6 mad)en, to make 
great boatle or fntt (»on, abont). 

Vnfhlber, (*rr.) m. 1. T. an Instrument for 
lifting up; 2. AnaU upiifting, attollent or 
levator motcle (of the scapula, Ac). 

Xufbfbang, (to.) /. 1. vid. Xufbeben, *. 1.; 
2. a) Law, Ac. abolition, defeasance, abro- 
gation; repeal, Ac cf. aufbeben j — be« 
«BorbeboItJ, remoTal of rettrictiom; —einer 
Jtlage, noD-tolt; 6) dlssolution, suppreasion 
(of a coavent, of the equilibrium, Ac), tat- 
peation (of Intercourse, Ac). 

Xuf heftent, (to .) v. a. vid. 'aufboren. 

Xttfieften, (to.) v. a. 1. to pin or tie np, to 
pin on; to atitch upon, to fasten, fix to; 2. 
to undo, nahook, nnclasp; 3. fig. (einem 
tttUNK) to impote or palm (tomethiag apon 
ose); Cinem eine Säge — , to teil oae a üb. 

Xuf heitern, (to.) v. I. o. 1. to make clear or 
serene, to dear np, brighten ; 2..%. to cbeer 
op ; n. rtfi. 1. to dear op ; 2. fig. to become 
cheerfnl ; to clear np the brow. 

Knfbeiterung, (to.)/. 1. Clearing np, Ac; 2. 
~g. recreatioa, relief. 

Ttuf helfen, i$tr.) v. n. (toitA Dat.) 1. to faeip 
(oae, einem) op, to glve a lift; 2. fig. to 
set up, prop up, support, assist, imisn. 

■Aufbellen, (io.) «. 1. a. 1. to brighten or dear 
op, cid. erbeBens 2. to darify, pnrify; 3. 

fig. to enlighten, duddate, illuminate; II. 
rrfl. 1. to clear np, brighten; 2. to grow 
dear, to darify. 

XafheOnng, (to.)/. 1. Clearing (up), Ac; 2. 
fig. enlightening, dncidation. 

%uf benftn, (to.) v. o. vid. aufhangen. 

Knieten, (to.) «. a. 1. to hont or ttir np, to 
ttart; 2. fig. to stir np, incite, instigate ; 
einen aiber benXnbern — , to set one against 

Ttnf be v er, (ttr.) m. indter, Ac. [the other. 

Xnfbeterei', Xuf be(ung, (to.) /. instigation. 

Kaf beulen, (to.) t». I. o. to set np a howl, begtu 
howling; II. a. to wake by howllng. 

Kufbiffen, (to.) v. a. Mar. to holst, hanl or 
pull up, to heatre ont (a sali), to heave (a 
uag) abroad, to sway np (tbe lower sails); 

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«afgebtf t, p. a. a-weigh (as the aacbor), 
a-trip (im the top-saUs, Ac). 

Ysfbocfat, (te.) v. I. a. 1. to tnk« on one'i 
back; 2. (Staat 6t»a») t» put (sosaethlng) 
npan one'i back; IL n. to eling to or hang 
one's »elf apon one (in order to be carried) 

TLufbältn, (to.) v. a. to fetch or draw up; 
Mars, to haol up (a boat); bie ©raffen 
«id. Xnbrajfoii to bring (m ikip) to the 

Ttnfboler, (*tr.) i». Mar-*. reUeTiog-taekle; 
traciag line (pauiag through a block); 
bei 6rugfegel£, balliard of a stay-sail; — 
her ©tütfpfortnt, port-tackle; — be* 0U(fe, 
parrel tras* ; — be» Sefanbroof i, girt-line to 
haol op the mizzen-brails; — bei Otecfett, 

Kaf bolsra, (w.) ». n. vid. aufbäumen. 

Ärfbord)eu, (to.) v. n. to listen with raiaed 
head or with rowed attention , to pricic op 
the ears, to beulten attentively or with 

Xafbören, I. (te.) «. ti. 1. vid. Xnfbordjtn} 
3. to cease, discontinne, to desist; to ieave 
off; ead, terminate, stop (short); bor' tttfl 
have done! — mit _., to put a stop to ..., 
drop (the conTersation, ttc); — ju jaulen, 
Com. to stop payneot ; IL p. «. («er.) n. e 

Ttafbadea, (te.) v. vulg. for TCnf botfea. 

Xafbülft, (w.) /. aid. helping up. 

"Xunüütn, (to.) v. o. vid. entfallen. 

Xafbipftn, (to.) o. n. (itt. fein) to frlsk, 
skip. hop, jump np, bound. 

Xafbkften, (to.) o. I. n. to cough lond; II. • 
1, to bring op by coaghing; 3. to wake by 

XnfiSgen, (tr.) v. a. to start (a bare, Ac), 
to rosse, scare op; todriveavay; Sport-i 
to naharbour, dislodge (a hart); to rouse 
(a back, a deer); to rear, nncoaeh or xm- 
sioagh (a boar); to vent (an otter); to un- 
kenne! (a fax); to bort ont (a rabbit); to 
spring (partridgea). [lanentation. 

tmfiammtra, (to.) «. n. to aet up, begin a 

tnfjOBibKH, («.) v. I. n. to cry in triuntph, 
so «et ap an exultation, sbootiog, to give a 
sboat; n. a. to rosse by shooting. 
ifjedjen, (to.) v. a. @mem Art»«*, to put a 
>ke, bürde» npon one. 
frommen, (to.) v. a. 1. to comb upwarda; 
to comb afresb, to repair (a wig, Ac). 
tarrcn, (to.) o. a. 1. to beap ap, to raise 
a road, by carting or wbeeling earth 
i it); 9. to break (as a road by too fre- 
atdriring carts or wbeelbarrowsover it). 

XaflattRl, (to.) v. a. Mar. to cat (the anebor). 
Euffauf, (*tr., pl. Xnffonfe) m. bsylng np. 

engroasment. purchaie on speculation. 
Safran fen, (w.) v. a. to buy up, engroaa, 

forestal; to regrate; to nonopolize. 
Xuffdafer, (rtr.) m. engrosser, forestaller, 

Ac ; monopotizer. 
TCuffebren, (ts.) v. o. 1. to sweep ap; 2. to 

tarn up. 

Kuffefcrübt, (§tr.) n. T. sweepings. 
Xuf'feimen, (to.) «. n. (aux. fein) to shoot 

ap, to bud, genninate; a-b, p. a.fig. bud- 

ding, Dftucent, dawning (love, Ac). 
Xufrettcjn, Xnfrctttn, (to.) v. n. to open tbo 

chain at (a door). 
TCnfrtppen, (to.) v. a. to raise ap, to tilt up. 
TCuffitten, (to.) v. a. to festen apon with 

XufNofftn, (*>.) v. n. to gape; to get a reut. 
■Aufflattern, (to.) t>. a. to pile up in bthonu. 
lufttappen, (to.) v. a. to pat ap the folds 

of (a table, Ac); to eock (a hat). 
Wrlaren, (to.) v. I. ü. 1. to clear ap ; %fig. 

a) to clear up (a donbt, Ac), to illustrate. 


(the miad, Ac); II. reff, to clear np. 
XufflSrer, (*fr.) tn. dearer, enlightener, Il- 
luminator, Ac 
Xnfttirertt', (te.)/. cot. febe enllgateaing. 
nafHlrang, (to.) /. 1. darification; 3. fa. 

o) Clearing ap, elacidarJon, eclaireissemeat ; 

explanarion; er wirb nn« einige — barüber 

geben, he will give us lome insight into it; 

6) enlightenment, vid. Kafgcrldttfeeit) Tt-t 

fnd)t, %-imutt), f. rage of improrenent 
Vnf flanbtn, (to.) v. a. to pick op. 
nafttcoen (Yufttciben), (tu.) v. I. «. to paste 

np or on, to lime; to nwnnt (a map on can- 

vas, Ac); II. n. to stick to. [op. 

TCaff Uifhrn, (to.) o. a. to paste on, to paste 
5Cnf Wettern, (w.) Xnfttinmen, (str. A to.) 

v. n. (mix. fein) to dintb np. 
Vnfttingeln, (to.) «. «. to wakc by ringing a 
Xuffltnfcn, (to.) v. a. to aalatdi. (bell. 

Itnf Hopfen, (to.) v. I. a. to open by knock ing, 

to knock open; II. n. to knock apon. 
Xuf fnatfen, (to.) «. a. to crack open. 
Xttffnoapeln, (te.) v. a. to pick open. 
Inffnepcln, (to.) v. a. to nndo, ongag. 
laftnöpfcn, (to.) v. «. to unbnttoa. 
Ttnffnapfen, (te.) v. a. tie up, to knit 

or tross op; to hang (a malefectnr); 3. (or 

Kuffni5teIn,Ttnffnötcn[u'.]) to nntle, looseo. 
TCnffodjea, (te.) v. I. a. to boil op, to boil 

again; to warm op; II. n. to boil op; to 

bubble op; — luffen, to parboil. 

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Xattonunen, (str.) t>. ». (ovx. fein) 1. to get 
up; 3. to grow np, to be broaght ap; 3. to 
recover, to get well; A.fig. a) to thriye, 
rue, advance, get on (io the world), to 
proiper; 6) to gain groand; 5. to come iato 
vogue (into fuhion), to Brise, spring up. 

Xufronunen, p. s. (str.) n. 1. gettingup, Ac; 

2. recovery, restonution. 
XnFf5ramItng, (str.) m. vid. ßmporfömmling. 
Xuffonnen, (irr.) v. n. to be able to rite or 
Xuf röpfen, (to.) v. a. vid. Xntöpfen. [get up. 
Xuff on&eln, (u>.) v. a. Sport, to uncoaple, 

onleaah (hoonda). 

Xaffrad)en, (to.) ». n. (oux. fein) to fly up 
with a loud report or noiie. 

Xuffrlben, (ic.) ». 1. n. to tet np a crowing; 
IL a. to rouse by crowing. 

ZuffroBen, (to.) v. a. vid. Xttffraten. [aoew, 

Xuftramnttn, (to.) v. a. T. to card again or 

XuPrtämpen, (to.) v. a. Hat to turn up the 
brim of (a bat), to cock. 

Xuffraten, (to.) v. a. 1. to icratcb open; 2. 
Ooth. vid. Xufrauhen i («Bolle, u.) leid)t— , 
to card. 

Xufftinfeln, (to.) v. a. to curl up, frizxle. 

Xuff rtifdjen, (to.) t>. n. to set up a scream 

Xnfr*em»en, vid. Xnfftäm»en. 

Xuff riegen, (to.) v. a. vulg. vid. Xufbtfonunen. 

Xuffrummen, (to.) v. a. to bend upwnrda. 

Xuffuntogen, XnfWnben, (v>.) v. a. (Sinem 
®t»a«) 1. o) («inent sie SBobnung, 6en 
Sienft, IC.) to give (one) notice or warning 
(to quitalodging, to leareAc); col. to warn 
(one) away or out; b) to recall (a capital); 
bte Xrbeit in SRaffen — , to atrike work (a» 
a body of labourers); ofcne aufjufunbigen, 
witbout previons notice; 2. to renonnce 
(one'« friendsbip), to break witb (one). 

of previout notice, warning; — eines 6api* 
tau, recalling of a capital, redemand; X-S« 
jett, /. warning-time. 

Xuflttdjen, (to.) v. n. to break ont into a 
laugb, to laugb out loudly. 

Xafläben. (str.) v. a. 1. to load, lade; 2. 
(Sinem Sana*) to load (lomething) upon, to 
bürden (one with), cf. Xnfbtirben. 

Xuftäber, Xnrilbet, (str.) m. loader, packer; 
—lohn, m. fee for loading, packing. 

XltfWgt, (to.) /. 1. inpost, tax, imposition, 
assessment, doty; 2. vrith handicraftsnun 
a) (or —gelb) collection (of money) ; b) also 
vulg. & cont. meeting, club, conventicle; 

3. gerid)tlid)e — , lummoni ; eine — tbun, Law, 
to issue a writ againat one; 4. edltion, Im- 
pression; neue — , reimpression. 

Xnflägetn, (to.) v. a. to lay in a niganoe 
to störe up. 

Xuflangen, (tr.) v. a. to reacb np. 

Xuflanger, (ttr.) m. Mar. fottock ; pl: -to 
Aatfpnren, futtock-riders; »etf ebrte — , to»- 
timbers. [by nobt 

Xnflirmen, (to.) v. a. to be roused fron de» 

Xuf Ittffrn, (*tr.) v. a. 1. to let (one) get ■,; 
2. ineor. (for offen laffen) to leave opa; 
eine (Stube — , Min. to abandon a Bise. 

Xuffoften, (w.) v. a. vid. Xuflttben. 

Xuflauerer, (*tr.) m. o»e wbo lies ü> nH 
way-layer, watcb, spy. 

Xuflnuern, (w.) v. n. (with Dat.) to waj-hj, 
to lie in wait or ambush for; to watck, l«l 
for, espy, dog. 

Xuflauf, (str., pl. XttfHufe) "•• 1. *"• 
asaembly, crowd, rout, inob, rabble; upro». 
tmnult; 2. a) swelling, &c cf. Xnflwfn; 
tide; b) Cook. vid. Xuftattfer; 3.^h- 

Xnflonfen, (str.) v. I. n. (oux. fein) 1.» 
rnn np ; bo.6 «olf — laflen, Mar. to mi tk 
yards; 2. to genninate, shoot, bod; J.* 
run a gronnd, vid. &ä)t(ttm 5 4. to •well;!' 
rise; Qufloufenb SBoffer, Afor. young W; 
5. to increaae, run up (auf, to; ofcMU,!- 
terest,&c); II. n. to raake open by ronsif: 
to make sore by running. 

Xuflfafer, (*tr.) m. 1. vid. XoPttaftti'- 
Coot. a sort of higb raised paste; puffp»'. 
Spanish paste. 

Xuflaufd)en, (to.) v. n. vid. Xuf(ora)ei. 

XHflootren, (v>.) v. n. Mar. to aail «p i riw 
by plying to windward by boardt «' l J 
tacking, to board it up. 

Xufttben, (to.) t». n. (oux. fein) to reriw," 
return to life. 

Xnfleifen, (to.) v. a. to lick op, lap (op). 

Xnflfgen, (tr.) v. I. o. 1. to lay on, pot»' 
to apply (a poultioe, Ac.); fein SpW- 
Gam. toi spread one's card» upon the t»Wt 
to show the card»; tat Xiftbtud) — , toi»! 
or spread the (table)cloth; ein ®efd)ib)- 
Gun. to mount a cannon; fie legt anf (*•'- 
0dnninfe), «he paints; garten — , Pm*L* 
lay colour« ; fättt—, col. to grow fat ; 2. Me- 
to lay up (a ship); aufgelegte ©«Jiffe, «•>*■ 
in ordinary; fig-s. 3. to reprfnt, repsil^ 
(a book); 4. (einem etwa«) to impose, hj 
on (tazes, dutiea); to pnt onder (conbibi- 
tion) ; to lay under (an Obligation) ; to * 
flict (a punishment, sligbts and hmnilianaWi 
Ac. on); to enjoin (a penance, Ac); II. rd. 
tit. ifig. vid. ff* Xuflebnen, 1. * 3. 

XnFlfgnng, (».) /. 1. laying on, Ac., d 

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auflegen * aufläge* imposition (Theol. of 
haada, *c); 2. Af«d- application; 3. in 
ftiction (of a punishment), ftc. 
XufKbncn, (u>.) c. r*)l. lean,rest(upon); 
to loll (one'a anns, elbows, ftc on ...); 2 
Man. to prance; 3. fig. (with gegen) to be 
refractory, to rise or rebel agaüut, to op 
pose, realst; to «et oue's mind (againat). 
Xuflctycn, (*tr.) v. a. to borrow up (all), 
aufleimen, (w.) ». a. 1. to glue npon, on; 
2. to angine. 
Ttufttfen, (str.) t». a. to pick up, to gatber. 
aufleuchten, (w.) o. n. to shine, to flash op, 
to riae resplendent. 
anfliegen, (str.) o. I. n. 1. to lie, lean, reit 
npon; "2. fig- to be out of place or witbout 
employmeat; n. refl. to get »ore by lying 
or keeping the bed. 
"XnfloÄen, (u.) c. a. cid. anfrlngeln. 
"Xu flottem, (».) v. a. to looiea (the toil); 

to »hake, atir op. 
Ttnftöbtva, (tc.) v. n. (aux. fein) to flaib, 
blaze or flare op, to flame out, burn up; 
to leap op. [a spooo. 

3uflöffeln, (tc.) v. a. to take or eat op with 
TLufloib&r, auflocUicb, I. adj. diasolvable, «o 
Inble ; lolvabie, reaolvable ; II. X-Feit,/. (dia> 
aolability, resolvability. 
■Xafiofen,(ie.)f. I.a. loosen, unloose,un- 
tie, oafix, undo, open ; mit aufgelcftem £aar, 
with. dishevelled hair; 2. Chem. ftc. to dis< 
solve, resolve (io, into); decompose; »na 
Iyse> fig-*- 3. to break up (a meeting, a 
minutry, ftc); to break (a «pell, 4c); 4. 
to solve (an equation, a problem, doubts, 
tc), to deeipher, uariddle; to unravel (the 
plot or intrigue of a play); feie Gompagme 
— , Com. to diuolve partnership; eine 
•jpeirctf) — , Law, to diuolve (break off) 
a aarriage ; Brüche — , Math, to rednee frac 
tioni; eine Biffonan} — , Mus. to reaolve » 
diacord; II. refl. 1. to get iooae; 2. a) to be 
solved, to dissolve; to resolve (into steam, 
ftc); to be reduced (into, ftc); b)fig. to be 
broken op, to break up (as a language), ftc 
ef. «.; fieb — laffen, to be soloble. 
auftofung, *. I. (to.)/. l.ondoing, looieoiug; 
fig-s. 2. dUaolution; 3. Qiem. ftc. d) Solu- 
tion, resolntion(ofa body into Ita principlei, 
tc), decomposition ; analysis; 6) Solution 
(i. e. the liquid obtaioed by a cbemical so- 
iation); 3. a)Math. Solution, conversion (of 
eqaations) ; reductlon (of a fraction ; &) Mus, 
resolving, resolutioo (of a discord); c) ao- 
lation (of a difficult question, ftc) ; d)I)ram 
windiog «p, discovery or unraveling (of a 

plot), deneuement; TJ. comp. l-emltttJ, n, 
Cftm.ftilferf. dissolvent, aolvent;a'-6{eUben, 
n. Mus. natural, vid. B-qnabrat. [nnsolder. 

Xufßtben, (io.) v. a. 1. to solder upon; 2. to 

auflägen, (str.)v.a. (fffnemStoas) iin- 
pute falaely ; 2. to teil (one) a falsehood. 

aufmachen, (te.) v. l.a.l. to put up (enrtains, 
ftc), vid. aufftectenj 2. to open; to undo (a 
knot, 4c); ein GScblof — , to pick a lock; 3. 
fig. to fix, to get ready; aufgemachtes Seinen, 
dressed lineu; Com-s. hie .jjanbeUbfieber — > 
to begin a uew set of books; hie #aferef» 
Foften — , to settle the average; II. refl. 1. to 
get up, to rue; her SBtno hatte ftd) anfge» 
macht, the wind had riaen high ; 2. to prepare 
oue'a seif for a journey, to set out. [com). 

aufmoblen, (irr.) e. a. to grind (up) all (the 

aufmalen, (tc.) v. a. 1. to refresh, to touch 
up (a painting), to new-paint; 2. to consume 
all (the coloor). 

auf mangeln, (u>.) v. a. to mangle again. 

aufmarfd), (str., pj. EufmÄrfcbe) m. Mil. 
marching up ; X-Iinie, /. line of march. 

Xuf marfdjiren, (to.) v. n. {aux. fein) ML to 
march (up), draw up (in line); to deploy; 
— taffen, to draw up. [measnre. 

Ttaf mä?, (str.) n. what is over and above the 

Xttf mauern, (to.)o. a. to build(up) with brick, 
to raise a wall, 4c. 

Tbl? meif ein, (u.) v. a. 1. to open with a chi- 
sel; 2. to produce (an Ornament, ftc.) upon 
a atone, ftc. with the chisel. 

Xufmerfen, (to.) v. I. a. to mark, note or put 
down ; II. n. (gen. with auf) to artend, mind, 
mark, beed, to give heed (auf, to), obaerve ; 
to give ear, to listen. 

'Xttfmerrfam, 1. adj. I. attentive, mindful; 2. 
vid. äuDoifommenb: fte ifl ;u — gegen *JCn= 
bere, she 1s overtbonghtful for others; — 
machen auf Staat, to draw the attention to ; 
to remind of, put in mind ; II. K-f eit, s. (tc.)/. 
attention; attentivenesa, mindmlness. 

Inf meffen, (str.) v. o. 1. to meaaure and put 
up (in the granarj); 2. to survey (land). 

Ttufmifcben, (tc.) v. a. to mix or shuffte again 

Xufmuntercr, (str.) m. encouragei. [(cards). 

aufmuntern, (tc.) v. t a. 1. to awake, rouse; 

fig-s. 2. to ealiven. animate, cheer (up); 3. 
to encourage, indte (ju, to); II. refl. to 
brisk one's seif up. 

Ätf munterung, (w.)/. 1. animatJon, ftc; 2. 
enconragement, incitement. 

Tfnfmünjeu, (tc.) v. a. 1. to coin all (the gold, 
4c); 2. vid. Umprägen. 

Xufmuhen, (tc) v. a. vulg. 1. (1. «.) vid. Ttuf« 
putenj 2. /ig. vid. Ttufftecven, 5. 

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Xufndgeln, (u>.) u. o. to nail or «pike down, 

SaPnägen, f>.) t>. «. 1. to consnme by gnaw- 
iog; 2. to opeo by gnawing. 

Ttufnlb«, («>.) v. a. I. to »ew on; 2. to ton- 
tue by «ewiag. 

Xufnabme, (w.)f. 1. the taking np, *c. vid. 
Ttufne^men; 2. o) accommodation (of Ti*t- 
tora, *c); 6) receptioa; admittance, ad- 
mission; adoptiod; 3. borrowing, loan; 4 
Geom. survey; 5. fig. improvement , pro- 
•peritj : tn— feilt, to be in favour or in vogue, 
to be the faahion ; in — bringen, to introduce, 
■et np (a new faahion, ic.) ; to forward, pro- 
raote, ralae (np); to improve; tn — »ommtn, 
to thrive, proaper; to gain credit; to come 
or get into faahion; — bereiten, Com. to pay 
dne honour. 

XuFnabmsV, comp. — fabig, adj. qualified for 
admiHion; — fdbtgreit,/. admiaaiblllty, eli- 
gibility; —fdMff, n. aunreying-ship; — ttfirs 
big, adj. worthy of being admitted. 

Xufoifbmen, (*tr.) v. I. <t. 1. to take np, pick 
np ; 2. CJiem. to abaorb ; 3. to aheiter, har- 
bour, accommodate, take in ; 4. to take, ad- 
rait, receive ; 5. to take np, raiae or borrow 
(money); 6. a) to pnt opon paper, make a 
deaign of; 6) Geom. to eurvey, meaaüre; 
c) to draw np (a verbal proceu); d) to andit 
(an account); 7. (yoith für) to take for, to 
conalder; @troaS gut, Übel, lt. — , to take 
well, ill, 4c; übel — , to resent; 8. eS — mit, 
to make bead againat, to cope or compete 
with; to (be able to) match, to be a raatch 
for; eine 9Refd)e — , vid. in Ttufbeben; ble 
Spar or gierte — , Sport, to catch the icent 
or track (aaid of doga) ; II. n. Sport to be- 
come big with yonng. 

Ttnrnfbmen6s, comp. — iwrtb, — »ürtlg, adj. 
worth, worthy of being taken up, Sc. 

XafnVbmer, (*rr.) m. he that take« np, re- 
ceiver, ftc. cid. Xnfrejmen. 

■Sttfnifbntang, (in.) f. taking np, Ac. vid. TCuf; 
nabmei n-Sroettb, a-6n>4rb(g, adj. worthy of 
being admitted.' [nntle. 

TCufnefteln, (io.)o. a. col. to unlace, nndo, 

Huf nieten, (w.) v. a. to rivet, faaten down 
with rivets. [force lipon, preis opon. 

Tufttftblgen, (u>.) v. a. ( einem @troa») to 

TCufnotiren, (u>.) v. a. to pnt or wrtte down, 
to note, Com. to enter, item, Charge. 

aufopfern, (tn.) v. a. to sacrifiee, immolate 
to offer np; to devote. 

lufepferaug, (to.)/. aacrlfice, offerlng, de 
votion, immolation. 

Ttafpatfen, (w.) v. I. a. 1. to pack np; 2. to 
onpack; 3 (Wnem <St»a«) to give (one) • 

Charge, to load (one) with; D. n. (ibUH Dat.) 

vulg. vid. |>truntermad)en. [over band. 
3Cuf palmen, (in.) t>. rtfl. Mar. to go aloft, band 
TCufpappen, (10.) e. o. to paafe on, to tasten 

down with paste. 
TCufpaffen, Op.) v. I. a. to fit on; n. n. 1. to 

attend (auf, to) ; to be attentire ; 2. (Crtseat) 

to wait for; to waten, ipy, wayiay. 
Eufpaffer, (str.) m. I. wateber; 2. exeiae-of- 

ficer, overaeer; 3. apy; waylayer; Mar-t. 

—in berßonftablerrammer, the gunner's yeo- 

man ; — in ber {»eil, the boatswain'a yeomao. 
■Äufpfäblen, (to.) v. a. to faaten with pale* or 

Xufpfeifen, (str.) v. a. to play opon a pröe. 
TtuPpfUnjcn, (u>.) c. o. to aet, place, plant 

(up); eine Äanonc — , to monnt or place a 

cannon; bit %af)M be* Eufrubr* — , to raiae 

the Standard of revolt [peS*- 

■Jtuf'pfläcten, (ic.) v. a. to faaten npon with 
Kufpflfgen, (io.) v. a. to piough np. 
Aufpfropfen, (u>.) o. o. Hort, to «carf, ingraft. 
■3fufpi(bcn,(u).)o.a. to faaten npon with piteb. 
TtttFpicten, (u>.) v.a. to peck, pick up or opeo. 
■Jlufpinfeln, (u>.) t>. a. 1. to pnt on witbi 

brush; 2. to new-brnsh. 
XurpWtten, (tr.) v. a. vid. Tfnfbügeln. 
■JCufplajen, (u>.) v. n. (avx. fein) bar* 

open; to craek. 
7(ufpod)en, (u>.) v. a. to knock open. 
"Auf poliren, (v>.) v. a. to poliah, to tooeb ap. 
ICufpr^gen, (u>.) «. a. to imprint, impress. 
Ttuf prallen, (w.)v.n. (aux. fein) 1. to boonce 
'npon ; 2. to rebonnd, to bnrat, fly open. 
Tturprajfeln, (u>.) t>. n. (aux. fein) to cracMeop- 
Ttufprefjen, (u.) v. a. 1. to preas down oa 

or againat; 2. to imprint, impress; 3. t» 

preaa open; 4. to preas anew. 
Xufprobircn, (to.) v. a. to try on. 
TCufpro^en, (v>.) v. a. Gm. to limber np (a 

piece of ordnance). 
ItuFprSgeln, (y>.) v. o. to make (one) rfse, 

get np by endgeüng. 
XufpBbern, ( W .) p , a . to new-powder. 
Kuf pumpen, (to.) o. o. to beave or pump np. 
Vuf pub, (str.) m. 1. adorning, ftc. ; 2. a) or- 

nnmeot ; 6) trimming(a) ; dresa, attire, finery, 

Xuf pu ? en, (u>.) v. a. to «dorn, fit np ; to dreas 

or trim (np); to clean, brnsb op. 
Kuf qualmen, (w.) v. n. (avx. fein) to rne a» 

smoke, vaponr, steam. 
Ttufqueüen, v. I. (str.) n. (avx. fein) 1 . to spring 

op, to well; 2. to swell np, to rise; II. (».) o. 

to swell, soak np. [ing-stick. 

TCuf querlen, (w.) v. a. to beat up with a twM- 

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TUfTtifta, (ttr.) v. tear ap or open, 
to bunt, »lit, out, read, rip up (• eeam, 
a floor, an old aore, tut.); to wrench, ferse 
er Ding open (a door, *c); ktt* $flafter einer 
©träfe, jc. — , to nnpave a atrest, &c; tie 
©rte, IC. — , to cot the Und, grannd, *c„ to 
harrow; 2. to aketch, draw, deaign; vulg-t. 
Ut SRool—, to gape; bie Ingen rocit — 
to atare, give a atare; II. n. (au*, feto) to 
be torn, to gape, chap, borst, aplit. 

inf retten, (*(r.) w. I. rejfl. to galt or to wake 
■ore by ridiog; II. n. (aux. fein) to ride ap 
(ia a line). 

Alf reijen, (w.) o. o. to incite, exeite, ȟr ap, 
inflame, apur (to erü); to proveke, rasae; 
to aet oo. 

3afaBe#<bei, («) «. a. to aqaeeze open. 
Xafrfotin, (*.) «. o. to wiad ap od a reel. 
Xafteflen, (».)«. L n. 1. to rake np, to anatca 

ap ; to gather iadiaciiminately ; '2. fig. to 

pick ap; 0. rtfl. to riae qoickly, to rooae 

one'a Kit 

TtufrigM, (io.) o. n. to riie high or aloft. 
lnfräfen, (*».)». n. to atart np in, or to break 

est Jato, a rage. [a rattling. 

aafrafftfa, (w.) «. n. (aux. fein) to open with 
Jafranihtn, (u.) ». I. a. to imoke np, coa- 

une by aaokisg; H. n. («u*. (oben * fei«) 

to nie like amoke, 
Xafraabrn, (».) c. a. Cloth. to teaae, aap, 

raiie tbe aap of (cloth). 
"tuftimn, (to.) v. a. 1. T. to widen (a 

hole); 3. topat in order, arranga, «et «rlpfafretjaBfl, (u>.)/. prorocatioa, 

place ia order; to remove; 3. to olear, taJ£e|TCnf rennen, (irr.) u. I. ».(aus. fein) vid. Xlf« 

away; thia(tbepopolation,aa a plague, y laufen, I, 3.; II. a. vid. Vnflettfen, a. 

*«.); Jos ganje Sagtr — , Com. to clear a 

Inf renaler, (ttr.) m. 1. chamferiag-broaea; 

2. Gm. vid. fltaumnabtl. 
Xaf rauften, (u>.) . n. (oui. fein) 1. to mab 

up, to fly op or open with a ruabing noiae; 

2. to reaouod. 

Jufredjen, (u>.) v. a. to rake np. 
%tfre4un^(w.) balauce(accouata); 

2. to reckon or eoant np, to »pecify, enn- 

WttQt, adj. t ade. 1. npright, (Bot.) erect ; 

a-right; atraight; 2. fig. conrageona, in good 

■piriti; Me a-eäEBaftrebe. Bot. npright lady- 

bower; — erholten, — (alten, to maintain, 

upport, aoataim, keep or hold np, nphold; 

-hattet, m. aupporter; — bolrung,/. main- 

Uiiing, maintenance; — ftefcenb, adj. (atand- 

ing) npright, Her. aaliant. 
Xnfredn, (to.) o. a. to lift np, hold op; to 

prick np (tbe eara). [upon by perauaaion. 

anfrften, (w.) v. a, (einem (Statt) to preas 
5Ölfrfge«, (io.) v. a. to exeite, ronse, atir ap; 

to agitate, diatnrb, do»h; amter.- 
tuftlgn, (itr.) m. agitator. 
tttfrtguag, («o.)/. atjrriag; tnmnit, excite- 

ineit, agitatioo. 
Jafreiben, (ttr.) o. I. a. 1. to rub open, gall, 

frei (away); 2. vid. Xufraubeni 3. to wear 

away by rabbiog; 4. fig. to ent np (a hoitile 

trosp), to deatroy, aweep away, conan 

otirpate, min, nndo ; II. reft. to ran to waate. 
Xttfreiber, (ttr.) m. 1. vid. Xafrdnmer) 2, 

kiad of borer naed by flnte-makera. 
^afreibang, (u.)/. destruetion. 
^•f reiben, (vi.) v. a. to atring, make a atring 


7Cttfrid)ren, (w.) «. I. a. 1. to raiae, to make 
to «Und npright. to ereot, aet np, war, to 
pnt ap ;fig-t. 2. to erect, fonnd, create, eatab- 
liah, make; 3. to comibrt; inpport, atrengtb- 
en ; ein ©d)i|f— , Mar. to right a ahip ; ILreJl 
to get np, riae; oafgeriibtet, p. a. npright. 

■Jtnf ridjter, (str.) OCufrid>te.gXu»rel [irr.]), m. 
Anat. erector. 

%tfrid)tig, I. adj. candld,aiacere, open, piain, 
honeit, frank, troe, genuine; IL K-reit, /. 
nprightneis, aincerity, candidneaa, caodoor, 
hooeaty, artleaaneaa, ingennity. 

■Jtuf rid)tnng , (vi.) f. raiaiag, erection, foua- 
dation. [oabaap. 

Xvfriegtln, (w.) v. a. to nnboit, aabar, to 

■Jtuf ringeln, («.)«. L a. 1. to tarn up in ring- 
leta, to curl; 2. to uucurl; II. r0f. to feil 
from ringlet« or curl«, to uucurl. [warda). 

"Auf ringen, (ttr.) e. n. * refl. to atraggle (ap- 

TCufrip, (ttr.) m. 1. cbink, gap, vid. ttipi 2. 
T. aketcb, draagbt, deaign; (uprigbt or per- 
spective) elevatioo; fecade. [opea. 

Xafriten, (w.) v. a. to chap, »lit, read, cut 

Xuf rödjeta, (w.) v. n. to groan alond. 

■JCufroBen, (w.) *. I. a. k refl. 1. to roll up; 
2. to anroll ; Ü. ». (aux. fein) to roll np, to 
be drawn-np } anfgeroQt, p. a. Bot. obvolnte. 

"JfufrJflen, (io.) u. a. to roaat or toaat agaio. 

Xnf roden, (to.) v.ln. (aux. fein) to nsve 
npward; to riae, make progreaa, advaace; 
Q. a. vid. Sorrudtn, Q, 2. 

Xnfrüf, (ttr.) m. caliing np; «ommona, iater- 
pelUtion;y!g. appeal (an, to). 

Illtf rBfen, (ttr.) v. a. to call op, bid one riae, 
to anmrnon; jnm 3eige* — , to call, take to 

TCnfrnbr, t. I. (ttr.) m. aaroar, tnmalt, tnr- 





tnoil, hurl, itlr, ferment, turbnlence, com- 
motlott,distBrbaace,disorder; not, «edition, 
insnrrection, mntiny, rebellisn, revolt; fein 
«tat ifl in -, hif blood is up; bie ©tftbt ift 
in — , tbe clty i« np; II. comp, —arte, /., 
— geftt), n. Lau>, riet »et; — fudbt, /. »edition« 
temper; — ffid)tig, a<#. «edition«, factiou« 
— fMfter, m. agitator, kindler of rioU. 

*"uf rubren, (to.) c. a. 1. to «tir (up), di«tnrb ; 
2. col. to reiume or repeat reproaches 
(agafott one, for former oftences), to rake 
np (by-gooe»). 

Xaf rubrer, (*tr.) m. 1. «tirrer np, kindter of 
rfot», iaitigator; 2. rebel, revolter, inaor- 
gent, mntineer, »editionary. 

XnPrabrerifä), Tfttfrübrifd), adj. tumultuon«, 
boisterons, vulg. nproariou; rioton«, ssdi- 
tion«, mntlnon«, rebelliou»; inSammatory 
Ca» a Mb«l, *e.), huarrectionary. 

Xnfrnnjdn, (io.) o. o. to nawrinkle, «mooth, 

XnPrnpfen, (to.) v. a. Hat. to rnb (a bat) 
with tbe »eal-«kin. [ron«e by shaking. 

"Kufrütteln, (to.) v. a. 1. to «hake np; 2. to 

TfafS, abbr. for %tf bte, qv. 

ttaffoeren, (w.) «. o. vulg. 1. to take np (a 
Back or other heavy objeet); 2. (Ginrm St: 
mai) to bnrden witb. 

XnPfffgen, (w.) v. a. 1. to »ay, redte (a le«- 
•on); 2. n) to nntay, connternand; fr) vid, 

Wfägen, (to.) o. a. 1. to «aw open; 2. to 
«aw all (tbe «tock of wood). [to collect. 

Xnffanuntln, (to.) t>. o. to gatber, pick np; 

UnPfmnmter, (str.) m. gatherer, collecter. 

Inffaffig, aiij. refractory, hostile, averae, 

tofftttteln, (to.) o. a. to «addie. 

■JCnfftt», (rtr., pl. Ttnffd^e) m. 1. a) taead- 
dre«*; top-knot; fr) bead-piece (of a pipe), 
anything «crewed on or added at tbe end; 
Ornament of varion» kinda ; cage (of a wind- 
mill, *c); ipout (of a jet (Teau), ajntage; 
creat, top (of a mirror, Ae.) ; — »on gebern, 
plnmage; ein — SBonber, a «et of ribbons; 
— »on Speifcn, mera, conne of di«he» ; ber 
lebt« — , de»«ert; ein — für bie Sofel, a »et 
of plate; btr — »on ©(büffeln, »ervice; — 
»on «501:861100, a «et of china; — »OB Silber* 
gefs)irr, aerviee of plate; 2. fig. writing, 
compo»itk>n, euay, treatise, memoir, paper, 
(new»paper-)paragrapb;bererfie— (ba* ßon 
Ctpt), miaute, «, plan; Dcrraifcbte 
■JCaffat«, pt miicellanie»; — jfigel, m. bear- 
ing rein; — }ögelrrtfen,pj./.bradoon chain«. 


XnfTnagen, (str. & to.) v. a. 1. to suek op; 2. 
to open by «Beklag; 3. dum. to abaorb. 

ITfnf ftugen , (w.) v. a. to bring np by «ock- 
iing, to nnr«e. 
5£nffo>5bcn, (to.) t>. a. to «crape open or np. 
Vuf fd)on)cn, (to.) v. a. to trench or throw op. 
XnPfBjärfcn, (to.) v. a. 1. to «cratch «lightly ; 

bic ^aut— , Surg. to exeoriate; 2. Hunt, to 

cut open; 3. to »barpen again; einen 9RübI- 

fteitt — , to freih-cut or edge a mill-stone. 
■JCaPfeborren, (to.)o. a. to «crape, dig up, open. 
2CaPfo><mbern, (to.) v. n. (aux. fein) to «tart 

np ahodderingly, 
ICafftboaen, (to.) o. n. 1. to look up (nptrard); 

to lift np one'« eye« ; 2. fig. to take faeed. 
XaPfibaBfrln, (to.) v. a. 1. to thron-, take op 

with a «pade ; 2. MM. to pot new flont-board» 

on (a wheei). 
XnPfajänmcn, (u>.) ». n. to foam up, to frort. 
Ttnffdjeren, (to.) «. a. 1. to coli up (a rope); 

2. fVeav. to extend lengthwise on tbe loom, 
to warp. ringen. 

Xnfr<bcna)cn, (to.) v. a. to «care np, vid. Vnf> 

XufföettCrn, (">•) v. a. 1. to fret witb «cmir- 
ing; 2. to «conr (everything). 

KnPf<bio)ten, (to.) v. a. to pile up. 

1(nPfo)icoen, (str.) v.a.l. to pu«h np or open ; 
bue genfler—, to lift tbe «a«h; 2. fig. to 
defer, delay, put oft" (payment, £c), to ad- 
joorn (a meeting, kc), to prolong, prorogue, 
poitpone; to procraitinate. 

ItnPWiebe^Ruig, (str.) m. (umbrella-)ninner. 

KnPfd)ieb(ing, (itr.) m. Arch. vid. Sraufbafrn. 

Knffcbiebnng, (to.) /. delay, adjournment, re- 
«pite ; procra»lination. f iron band«, raila. 

%nffd)icncn, (to.) v. a. to fasten down with 

2aPfa)iefen, (j(r.) e. I. a. 1. to »boot np or 
open; 2. Mar. to coil (a rope); II. N. (awx. 
fein) to «boot (op); to «tart up, rauh ap, 
ri«e np, ran up, »pirt up, »pring (up) , tu 
grow fast, thrive; bid)t anf gcf(boffcn , thlck 

«nffd)ifftn, (to.) v. n. (aux. fein) to strike 
npon at «ea. 

Kaffibimmetn, (to.) v. n. to glinmer np. 

TtaFfä)inben- (str.) v. rtf. vulg. (ftn) [Acc\ 
— , or fiö) [Dat.] QtMt) to »car (he «kin. 

XnWrren, (to.) v. a. to barnes» (a horae). 

InFfdjIäg, (itr., pl. XaFf<bl5ge) m. 1. «trikiag 
npon; (— einer Angel) bounce; 2. «triktng 
upward«: Mut. a) clevation of tbe band (in 
beating time); fr) ar»i« (also Vers.), tbe ou- 
acceated part of a bar (opp. 9iicbcrf(b(«g) j 

3. Garn, turoing np (of a card); 4. anetion, 
pnblic «ale ; 5. facing, band, lapel (of a coat ), 
cnff, top (of n glove, boot, tc), cock (of a 
hat); einen iÄotf mit T(ufT<b!Qgcn rerfeben, 
to cuft* a coat; Xnffdjläge aaf Me Xrtnt! 

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fetcn, to face a pair of sleevea; 6. the rising 
in price, rl»e. 

XnfTcbllje*, comp. —bolj, n. 2WL sleere- 
board; — fd)«nfrfn, f>J./. AfiM. ladt«« of an 
under-shot wheei. 

■XuflWg«, (*tr.) t>. I. o. 1. to itrike np; 
3. to beat or break open; fid) (Dat.) bell 
Ä»pf — , to bruise one'i bead; 3. to fasten, 
fix by itriking; einem uferte Sie .ßnfetfen — , 
to shoe a hone; 4. Mar. to nnlay, nnstrand, 
nntwist (a rope); 5. to pnt up, set np (a bed, 
a bootb, 4c); to pitch (a tent, a camp); 
feine SBo&tttmg — , to take np one'i lodgiugs 
to establish or »ettle one'i »elf; ft. Garn, to 
turn np (a card); 7. to traaa np; to tarn np 
(a coat, *c) ; gelb— , to tarn np with yellow; 
»eil anfgefcblagett, with white facing»; to 
eock (a hat); to line, face, border; 8. to 
open (a book); eine öteHe — , to look for a 
pauage (in a book) ; 9. to east, üft or turn 
np, raise, open (one's eye»); ein ®eldd)ter 
— , to »et np a langh, to break ont into a 
(roar of) langhter; II. n. (aux. fein) 1. to 
»pring np, to tnrn np; in glrnnmen — , to 
blaze np; 9. a) to strike, hit or fall npon 
the gronnd, ke. ; 6) to beat against (aa rain, 
te.); 3. Com. to ritt (in price), to look np. 

XuffölSmmen, (u>.) v. a. Geol. &c. to raise 
by depoaiting nnsd; to depoiit. 

XnffMemmen, («•) v. a. vid. "Änfldnoelgen 

Xaffrjfief tn, (str.) v. I. a. 1. to anlock, open ; 
2. Hat vid. güjtnj 3. fig. to nnfold, dis- 
close, opea; to nnriddle; II. reß. to open, 
to «nfold iUelf (cf. Ttafbluben). [ftc. 

3nff4HrPer, (ttr.) m. he that nnlock», opener, 

Xaffe&li$en, (io.) v. a. 1. to rip np, nnieam; 
2. to »plit, Mit; nfgefcyttftter £ad)e, crimped 

XafToMncbjen, (te.) t>. n. to »ob alond. 

■Jtnffijlfirfrn, (to.) t>. o. to aip np. 

Ttaffolaf , (str. , pU Ttttffd)t«fft) m. 1 . openlng ; 
2.jig. nnfolding, disclostire, expianation, In- 

*Bff<bia«ndjen, (io.) v. col for TCnfrann)en 

«'nfWntoafen, (y>.) v. a. to eat np all, devour. 

XHfföiarÜ&eln, (u>.) »• I. a. (einem etwas) 
to flatter, coaxone to accept a thing; II. reff 
(ff$ Sturm) to intinaate one'» «elf into the 
good graces of one by fiattery. 

«"nffötnrif en, (str.) v. vttlg. for Ttnftoerfen. 

aafrömeljen, v. I (»fr.) n. (aux. fein) 1. to 
open by melting, to dissol ve ; 2. to coalesce 
with, or to adhere to »notier body by mel- 
ting down npon; II. (to. kstr.) a. 1. to dia- 
lolte, »eparate or open by melting; 2. to 
fetten down by melting, to melt on; 3. to 

melt anew; 4. to conaume the whole stock 
•f (lead, Ae.) by melting. 

Vnffthmieben, (u>.) v. a. 1. to forge down (auf, 
npon), to faiten down or to ... by forging; 
2. to conaume by forging. 

Ifaff d)nüeren, (to.) v. a. 1. to imear or »pread 
npon; 2. ( einem etwa«) vulg. to trick or 
palm (»omethiag) npon (one). 

ÄtffdjmSren, (to.) v. a. to atew (up) again. 

XnfTa)mfltten, (to.) v. a. k refl. to adoro, 
drei» np. 

TCnffcbnallen, (te.) t>. o. 1.. to buckle up, to 

tie on; 2. to nnbnckle, nabraoe. 

Xuffd)nannen, (to.) v.ha. to »aap, »natch, 

or catch np; II. n. vid, XaffdjneHm. 

Tfaffcbnauben, (to.) v. n. to »tart up »norting, 

to »nort alood. 
OCnffcbneiben, (ttr.)v. I. a. 1. to cot (np); 

to cot open; to rip np, nnieam; 2. to noteil, 

mark by notehe»; II. awagger, brag, 

vannt, boaat, to talk big, »peak broad, va- 

ponr, heetor. [Ac, braggart. 

■JinffHineiber, («fr.) m. swaggerer, boaster, 
1Cnff(bneiberei', (vi.) /. »waggering, bragging. 

hnmbug, rodomontade, gaiconade. 
Xnffcbnetteln, (to.) v. a. vid. Xutfcbneitcla. 
KaffWOen, (to.) v. 1. a. to jerk up; II. n. 

(aux. fein) to »pring, map or fly np. 
Xnffi&nieaeln, (v>.) v. a. col. to dreu, trick 

up or out, to »märten, cf. Xufputtn. 
Xuffönitt, («rr.) m. cut; »Ut 
Tfuffdjnffrw, (to.) v. a. 1. to laee, fasten down 

Of npon ... with atring»; 2. to onlace; to 

untie, untwiit, nncord, nnbrace, nnia»h. 
KaffdMinricn, (v>.) v. n, (ohx. fein) to un- 
twiit, to nnravel. 
3Cnff(b5bern, (to.)o. a. to cock np, pile np, pnt 

np in stack» (aa atraw, hay, *c). 
Xnff^äbling, (*tr.)m. Areh. vid. Sraufbalcn. 
Xnfft^octen, (to.) v. a. to put up in Stacks or 

Xaf fibJnrn, (te.) v. a, to drea» or io up. 
luffd) jpfen, (to.) v. o. to take up with a ladle 

or scoop, to sooop up. [to »prout. 

Inf ftboffen, (to.) «. n. (aux. fein) to »hoot up, 
^(uff^öfling, (str.)m. l.shoot, «prout, »prig; 

2. fitl. stripling; cont. upitart, 
Xnfftbcoaben, (to.) v. o. 1. to icrew np; 2- to 

fasten down or npon ... with screwa; 3. to 

nnscrew ; fid) — (lofftn), to nnscrew. 
Xnffd)r«fen, v. I. (to.) a. to frighten up. to 

atarm, ronse; II. (itr.) n. (aus. fein) to «tart 

up with fright. 
Xaffdjret, (str.) m. shriek, scream. 
Kuffa)reiben, (*rr.)o. a. to write down, to 

note, to enter, record. 

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XnPWtcten, («tr .) v. 1. n. to set np a «crom, 

to ery alood, to ery ort, to (grre ») shriek; 

H. a. to awake with crying. 
Xafia)rtiten, cid. flafdjrelten. 
Xuffihrlft, (to.)/. l.direetion,superscription, 

addreu; endorsement; 2. labe! (on boxe», 

Ac); 3. Inscriptloo. 
Xaffdfrften, (te.) V.o. 1. to roll np (caaka, 

Ac. Crom a cellar); 2. T, to make a hole or 

slitlnto. [Urinier. 

Zuffibroter, (irr.) m. 1. »id. ««rot«, 4.; 2. 
Toffdjffb, «. I. (»fr.) ■». delay; adjonrnment; 

postponement; procrastination; «upeniion, 

snspense; resplte; ü comp. X-fbcfcfcl, m. 

repriere; X-ebrief, m. letter of reapite. 
XafWftppen, («.) o. a. to take or throw np 

with a shovel, to iboTd np. 
«afffbaten, (io.) t>. a. to atJr np, to rake, poke. 
XnfTdrfrjett, (w.) «. a. to tnck «p, trau np. 
XafWfiffMn, (w.) ». a. cid. Xafrljcbtn. 
TtnffWtttln, (io.) o. «. 1. to ihake or itir np ; ronse(aasbem Schlafe, fro» sleep,Ac). 
XnffdjutteR, (w.) o. o. 1. to heap np, kcco- 

molate, board or itore np , lajr np in itore; 

2. to ponr down on or into; ?DtttI| — , to 

conch malt ; Bfinbftaat (fpBloer)— , to prime, 

to eaase a taaaatlon; to make a ahow, a 
fignre ; to draw attention, rise into notoriety ; 
■n — }i »ermetten, to avoid notl«. 

Xnfffbtr, («tr.)«. orerieer, director, i ns p ec- 
tor, snrreyor, tteward; wardeo; gnardiaa; 
conierrator, keeper ; X-inn, (io.) /. overseo, 
directrew, gnardianeu; firit band. 

Xnffein, (irr.) v. n. «id. Inf. 

Xnffeten, (io.) o. I. a. 1: a) to tet np, to pat 
np or on; 6) to raiie; c) to lay od; cf. Xaf* 
nahen, ic; 2. fig. a) to draw op, pat or 
•et down In writiog, to compote; 6) Comt. to 
draw (ont) (a bill), to cast (an accouat); 
in $snfen — , to pile np in heap« ; Mar-*, bat 
Seßed 1 — , to priok tke chart; bie Stengen — , 
to hoist ap tke topmasts, bie jHbne —, Far. 
to Ute tbe crib; ©ebira — , Sport, to get 
new antlers; bie ©ptlffn — , to aerve ap 
meat or food; (Selb im Spiele — , to stakc; 
ben Jtopf —, to ba obstinate, to make bead; 
(Sinem) ferner — , to cockold, hon (one); 
II. n. vid. bie 34bne A ffiebom — i III. nfi. 

1. to monnt, togeton horaeback; 2. fig. to 
be refractory, to riaa (against) one. 

Vaffebet, (ttr.) m. 1. on« who pnta np, Ac; 

2. Mech. creel-nller. 

XnfTo)nbl)ea , (io.) v. a. to trau op tbe teil Xufftaf}en, (io.) o. n. to beave (a deep) si{i. 

of (a borte). 
Xaffdjwarjen, (w.) v. o. to blacken afresk. 
Xnffd)»«*ea, (w.) «. a. (einem et»««) to 

periaade (one) to take (a thing); to preis 

(something) npon by talking. 
Xaf fdJjBeifen, (w.) «. a. to testen down (auf, 

on) by weldiog. 
Xnf fafreelgen, (io.) v. a. to sqaander, to con- 

snme in debanchery. 

bloat, distead ; to tatamesce; IL (io.) 
•well (np), to puff(op), to distend, bloat, tu- 
">efjr; %fig. to innate, flnsh (withpride, Ac). 

Xnf ftbnemme, (io.) /. landlog-place for float 
iog wood. 

TCnff<b»onmen, (io.)«. «. 1. to bring, carry, or 
throw down (aaf, opon) by floating, to float or 
wash dowa (opoa), to deposlt; 2. to swell np. 

XBffdjwtnaen, (ttr.) o. I. a. to swing np; II. 
refl . to swing one's seif np, to get np, or to 
rite by a radden effbrt; to soar or By np. 

Ttaffajttirren, (w.) v. n. (out. fein) 1. to bmz 
np; 2. to fly «pea with a waizzing noise. 

XaffOnnrna, (<tr., pi. Kaffa)»aaoe) m. 1. 
Gym. the aet of swinging np (opp. Ttbt 
fd)ttnng)j 2. soaring np, night, eleratioa. 

TCafffbea, I. (rtr.) v. n. to look np ; IL «. (ttr.) 
n. 1. lookfng np; 2. fig. Sensation, noise, 
eclat ; — mad)en or erregen, to make a noise, 

Xaffliht, (io.) /. inspection, »nrvey, aap» 
Vision, snperintendence; care, Charge, keep, 
central; X-atommttee, m. * n. visiting eoa- 

iafftebea, (ttr.) v. I. a. to boil, parboil, slew 
again, op.or geatly; II. n. to boil, babble np. 

Xufffogen, (ßtr.) o.a. 1. to awake by Staging; 
2. Sea, to sing ont. 

■Jtnffit, (,'tr.) m. (the) moanting. 

Xnffd)»enen, v. I. (ttr.) n. to swell (ap), to Xufftben, («tr.) v. I. n. I. to sit np (all night. 

&c); 2. to sit npon, to perch (as a bird); 
3. to sit fast; bie Patrone fibt aaf, tbe car- 
tridge ia hörne; 4. (aux. feto) to monnt, take 
horse; Mils. ftm — blttfcn, to sonad to 
horse; onfgcfefTeal to horse! or monnt! 5. 
fig. einem aafgefeflen fein, to bear all will 
to one; II. rcj?. fid) (Ate.) — , or ftd) (DaL) 
(Statt — , to get sore by sittlng; fofi ob, 
Bot. anbseuile. 

Xaffia>etange, (w.) f. roost, perchiag-atiek. 

Kafforren , (io.) s. o. Mar. to lasb ap (the 

Xaffplben, (w.) v. a. to spy (out). 

TCnffpalten, t>. I. (io.) a. to spllt, cleave, ri»e; 
0. (irr.) n. (aux. fem) to splint, cbink, cbap, 
crack, barst. 

«affpannen, (v.) v. a. 1. to stretch, stram; 
to open (a faa, Ac.), to spread (an nmbrella. 
*c); to pftch (a tent, a aet, *c); to boiit 

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(the uili)> »Ui ©tßel — > Afar. to veer oot 
all «mil; 2. to draw, pat od (chords) («/. 3(u,fe 
jiebeu)i to bend (a bow); fem $af)n an ein« 
Stinte w. — vid. 2C«fjfejen 

TCufftiärtn, («>.) t>. «. 1. to save, lay by, r«- 
•erre, keep in itore or reserve, to spare; 
l.fig. to keep or leave (for ■ future time), 

KnfTjKüicra, («•) ». a. 1. to lay np in gra- 
naries, to garner; 2. to störe (up) (goods), 
to ware-kouse; onfoefpeilberte Süier, ware- 
koase goods. 

Xnf fpetiern, (to.) v. o. to skewer (up). 

Ttufiptifm, (w.) o. «. to eat up, conaame. 

Yuffperxen, (to.) ». a. 1. to open wide; bo5 
SKauf — , vulg. to gape, itand agape; 2. to 
pick (a lock), to open (witb the picklock), 

Ttaffpert sparen, {str.) m. Lock-sm. vid. 

Inffpielen, (to.) «. o. (6inat Qttmi) to play 
to ooe, play (tp tke dance), itrike up. 

"Xuffphtfeu, (vi.) v. a. 1. to »pit, broach; 2 
to enpaie; 3. to pieroe or run througb. 

XufTpinfteln, (to.) u. a. to pot od theapiudle. 

Xaffjnnnen, (str.) v. I. a. to »pin np; II. r< 
tU)(Dat.) feie Ringer—, to »pin one's fiuger« 
«ore. [paffen 

Itaffpite», (v>.) v. n. vid. &tfiorä>en & JCuf* 

KufTpÜtera, («o.) v. I. a. to open forcibly 
«o tbat the «plinten fly ahout; II. n. (aux, 
fein) to fly ap in splinters. 

3Giffprri|en CJCuffpretten), (w.) v. a. to 
itreibck or ipread out; fufe — , to sprawl 
oae'i setf oat; to stand straddling. 

Inffprmgen, (to.) v. a. 1. to break ap, to 
wrench opea; to iorce or borst open; 2. to 
spring; to blow ap (witb powder); 3. to 
rosue, pat in raotion, cf. Aufjagen. 

Äffpriefen (str.), "äupfpwffen, (to.) v. n. 
(aux. fein) to sproat, sboot er spring ap. 

Xuffrringen, (str.) » I. n. (aux. fein) 1. to 
spring, jamp or boanee ap, to bound, leap; 
to stört ap, to start to one's feet; 2. «) to 
leap, jamp down (auf, apoa); 4) to strike 
(agaiast), to rebooou; 3. T. to sparfcle, 
nantle, cast »park« (as wine); 4. to fly or 
bursi open ; 5. to erack, split asnnder, ohink, 
siit, fearst; — madben, to cbap, eat; »Ott bei 
Stiitt fpringen feie Sippen auf, eold weatner 
eat* the Ups ; aufgefprUBgme $attfee, craoked 
kands; aufgefprungene Üppen, chapped or 
parchad ups; ü. r*fl. füb (Dat.) feie gfiff -, 
to get «ore feet by springiag; a-fe, p. a. 1. 
«of. dakisemrt; 2. Her. saliaat. 

2tafTpri$en, (to.) v. I. n. («ux. fein) to squirt 

(watet), to sqairt ap; 2. Sura. to open witb 
a syringe (as an abscess). 

XuffprSfiltng, (*tr.) #n. vid*. "AnffdjSfiling. 
Auffprufeeln, (to.) v. 1. n. (a«i. fein) to bubble 
or boil np; er fprufeelt leid)t auf, ./Jg. his 
blood is soon up ; II. a. to throw up (water) 
witb a bubbling noise. 

"Äuffprähen, (w.) v. I n. (aux. fein) to sparkle 
up ; II. o. to make fly up as sparka. 

tfnf'fprung, (str., pi. Eufforünge) m. the act 
of leaping np, bound, &c vid. TCaffpringen. 

TCufJpttlm, (to.) v. a. to wind (yarn) on a 

"JCuf fpfiltn, (w.) v. a. 1. vid. 3Cuffifin>eijraien, 1. ; 
2. vid. "auftt)afd)en. 

"Auf fpunfeen, 3fuf fpünfeen, (to.) v. a. to unbung. 

■JCuffpSren, (w.) v. a. to smeÜ oat; trace oat, 
spy oot; Sport-*. SSilfe — , to draw n cover; 
»on feuern — , to request. 

Xuffladjeln, (w.) v. n. 1. to «pit, to pierca 
and take up witb a pointed Instrument; 2. 
to stir up, goad up (also fig.). 

■JCufflapren, (w.) v. a. T. to fit ap, aecoatre. 

KuFfiaÜtn, (io.) v, a. to put up into the «table 
for fatteniog. 

ICuffiampfen, (u>.) v. I. o. 1. to fix by stamp- 
ing; 2. to open by stampiog; II. n. to stamp 
upoo the gronnd. 

Xuf(tonfe, (*tr., pL 2£ufftanbe) m. 1. »tir- 
ring, rising; i.fig. iasarrection , &c. vid. 
"Jfnfrubr. [«tack up. 

■Jtuf'fiäpeln, (u>.) v. a. to pile up, heap up, to 

XuffUrren, (u>.) v. n. 1. to rise up or above ; 
2. to stare up. 

XuP/läufeen, (to.) v. I. a. to make to rise as 
dn«t; II. or Tturiiauben (w.), n. (aux. fein) 
to rise, fly up as dust 

Xufftiuiern, (to.) u. o. Sport vfd. Änfjaaen. 

■üufftanajen, (w.) v. a. 1. to'kopck, push 
against sorae iard body; 2. to put (flax) up 
for dryiug; 3. vid. Xnfltttuen, 2. 

^Cuffiauen, (w.) v. a. 1. Mar. to stow away 
in the bold of the ahip; 2. Pik. to aweil, 
dam ap (the water in a millpond, kc). 

Knffiedjen, (*tr.) v. a. 1. a) to pick, pierce 
open, to cut open; b) Surg. to open by a 
pnneture; 2. vid. "aufiladjeto, 1.; 3. Engr. 
to re-toach (a copperplate); 4. Mar-s. a) to 
tie (two ropea) together; o) to give up 
(tacka and sheets); c) (feid)i) beim SSinfee or 
Üt fem SBinfe — , to ply or work to wind- 
ward; d) einen (&a$eni)fR$äm —, to be- 
come cambersd or broken-backed; ein ®d)iff 
fea« einen Jta(enrücten aufgeftoäjen bat, a 
bogged ahip; b.fig. ((äinem Stroa«) to take 

ap, splaab up, fly up; II. a. 1. to blow up| (one) ap, to cavil at, to find fault witb., io 

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tannt, upbrald (for trifliog error«), to tease 
(one abont), to Bock (at). 

%uffted)er, (*rr.) m. fault-finder, ftc. 

Xufftedten, (to.) t>. o. to put or fix opon, to 
»et op; to pin np; to trau np, to tuck up; 
to put op (curtain») ; to hoiit (a flag) ; to 
mount (a cockade). 

TCufflE^en, (.irr.) v. n. I. (oux. loben) 1. to 
stand (firm) opon; 2. incor.for offen fleben, 
to stand open; II. («war. fein) 1. to stand 
op, to get on one's feet; to rise, arise, get 
op; Sea, to tarn oat (f. e. to leave the hanv 
mocks); ftet)en €Sie frü^ auf? are you an 

. early rjier? 2. Sports, ber $lrfd) ftebt OUf, 
the «tag break» cover; to spring (said of 
partridges); ble Bogel fteben auf, the fowls 
fly np; 3. Mar. to right (as a ahip); 4. fig- 
to rise (in insurrectlon , mioer, against), to 
revolt; oon einer Jtronfbett — , to recorer. 

Xufftetfrn, (tc.) t>. o. to stiffen (np), to give 
■tiflhess to; to (clear-)starch. 

Xuffteige«, comp. -4>Ioef, m. horse -block; 

' stile; —rinnen (für Sebiente), pL (foot- 
men's) holder». 

aupfteigen, I. (itr.) v.n. (oux. fein) to nonnt; 
to rise; to aacend, get op, arise; — [äffen, 
to fly; ber XBinb fteigt auf, the wind (or a 
breeze) Springs op; ein ©erottttr fteigt auf, 
a storm is coming on; ber (Sebante ftieg in 
mir auf, the thnught arose in my mind (or 
occnrred to me, strack me); II. $. (itr.) n. 
moonting, ftc; ascent (in a balloon, ftc); 
Ast. ascension; — ber (or a-be) ffltutter, 
Med. mother-fit, bysterical passion ; III. a~b, 
p. a. Bot, Alt. ftc. ascending; ein SSers 
»anbter ber a-ben Sinie, ascendant. 

TCuffteiguna, (to.) /. (Ait. aerobe, fdjiefe, 
right, oblique) ascension; %-<Uaterfd)ieb, m, 
Alt. ascensional difference. 

XuffteHen, (w.) v. I. a. 1. to »et np, pnt np, 
to raise; to erect; etne$aHe — , to (put ap a) 
trap, to lay a snare ; S? eje — , to spread nets ; 
2. to place, plant or post (goardi, ftc.), to 
draw up, Station, ränge, dispose (troops, &c); 
oerbeeft — , MU. to place ander coTer; 3, 
fig. to »et ap (a doctrine, ftc), to lay down 
(a principte, ftc), to »täte, »et or carry 
forth, advance, make (an auertion, ftc), to 
bring forward, addnce (a proof); tüten 
3engen — , to bring a wttness; n. refl. to 
draw ap (in a Une, *c); to stand ont 

Suf ftenfpiegel, (*tr.) m. vid. Xoilettenfpiegel. 

Tfufftemmtn, (to.) t>. a. * refl. to lean against; 
to prop ap; bie trmt auf ben lifo) — , to 
lean (one's elbows) opon the table. 

Tfufftieben, (itr.) v. n. vid. Sufftauben. 

SufJHfttn, (».) ». o. vid. anfttften. 
lufftmanni, (to.) v. a. Mut. to »et higher 
in tnning. 

TCuPftoWn, (ib.) v. a. Sport, vid. Sufjagen. 

XuffWbnen, (to.) v. it. to groan aload. 

Xnfftoppeln, (to.) e. a. to scrape together, 
pick op. [the cork from. 

lufftipfebt, (w.) v. a. to ob cork, to draw 

XufftJren, (ic.) v. a. to stir or rake np; to 
distnrb, startle. 

VuffrSlen, (itr.) v. I. a. 1. to puah ap, kick 
np, throw np; 2. to pash, kick, thrnst open; 
ben SBoben eines Safes — , to knock oat (or 
staTe in) the head of acask; 3. to wonnd by 
pnshing against, to galt, fret (the sldn, ftc); 
II. n. (oux. fein) 1. to be pusbed npward; 
2. a) to rise np; — (o. t.) (oben, to break 
wind npward, to vomit np, vulg. to beleb; 
fftettig ftöpt mir auf, radish rise» with me; 
o) to ferment, to become aeid; 3. to rna 
agroond; 4. fig. to oeenr, to come in one's 
way; to meet with, light on, come across. 

TCuf ftoffo,, adj. (I. «.) 1. vapid, soar; 2. »ick. 

Xnfftrablen, (to.) v. n. to rise with a splen- 
donr. [to stand on ead. 

«ufftrauben, (to.) v. a. ft refl. to bristle ap; 

TCufßreben, (to.) v. n. (oux. fein) 1. to atrWe 
npward», to aapire, soar np; 2. to ri»e higb. 

Xuffrreia>eifen, (Hr.) n. an instrument to 
raise the nap of cloth. 

■Jtuf ftreidjtn, (itr.) v. draw npward«; 
to tarn op; 2. to spread or lay on; 3. to 
strike np (a tone) ; II. n. vid. Xufftreifen, n. 

Ttuffrreifen, (to.) t>. I. a. 1. or Tfufftreifeta 
(vi.), to draw up, turn, tuck up; fid) (Dat.) 
bie Ärmel — , to tack up one's »leeres; 2. to 
tear or woand, to fret; fid) (Dat.) sie $aut 
— , to tear one's skin; II. n. (gen. with auf) 
to strike, touch upon the surface (of), to 
sweep the ground, ftc [ob. 

Vufftreuen, (to.) v. a. to »trew opon, sprinkle 

TCufftrid), (str.) nt. 1. Mut. a) an ap-bow 
(stroke npward» on bow instruments) ; i) 
vid. Xuftact j 2. prooinc. pnbiic anetion. 

TCuffrrirfen, (w.) nntwist (ropea); 
2. to consame in knitting. 

■JCufftriegeln, (u>.) v. I. a. to comb or .carry 
upwards; II. refl. vulg. vid. fid) Vufpufctn. 

Kufftüfen, (to.) v. I. n. (aux. fein) ft refl. to 
rise gradoally, by gradation; II. o, to raiae 
gradaally, to bring to a climax. 

Xuffrüfung, (to.)/. gradation, climax. 

Sufflfilpen, (to.) v. a>l. to turn up; to coeJr 
(np) (a hat); 2. to pot on; eine aufgeftfijpte 
Kafe, a snobaose. 

XuffiSriiMn, (to.) v. I. n. (aux. fein) to rise. 

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rtuh npwardi; II. a. to open by rloience, 
to borst open. 
XufftfitiCB, (10.) v. I. n. (an*, fein) to strike, 
fall ob, opon; II. a. 1. to clap on, put on 
(a coTcr); 3. to tarn np. 
^ufftuttn, (io.) v. a. 1. w'd. VafFrfatpen; 2, 
col. to trim, prank np, vamp np; to accom- 
modate, to plame, *c, cf. Stuften. 
1ülffru$en, (io.) t>. I. a. to prop up; IL refl. 

to lean on, cf. ftd) 'Äufle^nrn. 
Xnffüajcn, (>o.) v. a. 1. to seek oat, to look 
or searcb. for or after, to go in qnest or 
•earch of, to inqnire alter; l.fig. a) to 
trace (God in hi» workt, Ac); b) to conrt 
(danger, Ac). 
Xnffftbung, /. the tearch, looking for, &c. 
Xufjsmmtn, (v>.) v. I. n. (aux. fein) to rlse, 
to fly or go np with a humming noise; II. 
refl. to som np, to increaie; to ron np. 
2Cnf fSftn, (to.) v. a. Ckem. to iweeten, edul- 
corate. [ofa bar. 

Jtuftact, (str.) m. Mus. the anaccented part 
Xuftäftlu, (ib.") v. a. 1. rmlg. to dish np; 2. 
Clolh. to fold np (cloth). [day. 

Xuftägtn, (ic.) ü. (i. to adjoorn to the next 
XnftaTtln, (u>.) c. a. Mar. to rig (ont); to 
XnftaTjett, (to.) o.a. Mar. to bowse. [new-rig, 
TCof tanjen, (w.) v. I. n. (Grinem) to dance at 
one's nidding, t. e. to do wbatever he may 
eommand; II. a. to wear ont (sboes, Icc.) 
by dancing; ftd) (Dat.} bic %6ft —, to dance 
ooe'a feet lore. [barn. 

Xnftaffen, (w.) o. a. to pile np, lay np in tbe 
luftand)es, (io.) v. n. (aux. fein) to emerge, 
rUe np (from the water, Ac.) ; jig. to spring 
np, arise. [«taggering. 

Xnf tanmrln, (u>.) v. n. (aux. fein) to rise np 
Suf tränen, (to.) v. n. (aux. fein) A a. to thaw. 
Tfaftfeün, {irr!) v. I. a. 1. (A refl.) to open; 
to »pread, expand; feine Sippen tbaten fid) 
auf, Mi Ups parted; II. refl. 1. AR», to (well 
oat and become richer in ore; her @ong 
tbnt ftd) «nf, the vein enlarges; 2. ATar. 
to loom. 
TCuf ttfünSKTt, (w.) o. a. to tower, heap, pile or 
raiae np; ftd) — , refl. to tower, nie on high. 
Inf tffdjtn, (io.) v. a. rot. 1. to diih np, terve 
np; einem etwas — , to regale one with; 
2. Jig. to serve ont (talei, Ac). 
Inf toben, 3Cuft3fen, (w.) t>. n. (a«x. fein * 
babcn) to toss, roar np; to begin to roar. 
Xafttäa, s.l. (str., pf. Auftrage) m. 1. laylng 
od (eolonrs, Ac.) ; 2. Law, the act of trans- 
ferring (an estate); 3. Charge, injunction, 
Mandate; col. errand; Com. order, commis- 
tion, direction; — geben, Com. Ac. to give 

order(i), direction«. instrncflona, to order, 
commliiion; to eommand goodi; im— von. 
Com. npon or by order of , by direction« or 
in conaeqnence of direction« received from ; 
—gebet, m. Com. committer, couignor, em- 
ployer; — hoben, to be commiuioned; II. 
comp. — mal jen, /. pfc Print. Komposition 
roller«, inking rollen. 

Aufträgen, (str.) v. a. 1. to bear or carry 
up; 2. to pnt on; to terve (np or in), to 
diso np, «et (the dishei); to «pread (a cold 
repast) ; - Ioffen, to «end in ; tlje (tat Sfen) 
aufgetragen wirb, before dinner come« in; 
ei »trb aufgetragen, dinner I« «emng; et 
ift aufgetragen, dinner i« ready, i« on table; 
3. Min. to raise (the shaft of a mine); 4. 
to lay, put on (eolonrs, kc.); to apply (eo- 
loori on cloth«) ; garte — , Typ. to distri- 
bote the ink, to beat or to work off the ink 
on tbe table, (mit SBaljen) to roll; 5. vid. 
Abtragen, 1. 3.; fig-t. 6. (einem etwa«) to 
give in charge (to), c/.Übcttragen, to Charge 
(one) with, to enjoin, vid. Yuftiag geben; 
7. (often n.) to lay (it) on, exaggerate. 

3uftrager, (str.) m. he that aervei np, Ac. 
vid. auftragen. 

Yuftranfeln, (u.) «. I. n. (aux. fein) to fall 
n «mall dropa; n. a. to drop on. 

Xuf treffen, (str.) v. n. to hit or «trike npon. 

luftreiben, (irr.) ». I. a. 1. to drive np; 2. 
Sport, vid. 5tnfjagen$ einen ^»afen »ieber — , 
to recover a hare ; 3. to drive upon , fasten 
on; 4. toblownp, toiwell; aufgetrieben, 
p. a. blown out, bulged ; 5. Cftem. to sublime ; 
6. col. to bunt ont, find with «ome difficulty; 
to proenre, raise (money); «BoU— , to lery, 
raise, preu, force aoldien; II. n. (aux. fein) 
Afar. to ran agronnd. 

auftrennen, (to.) v. a. to nn«titch, nmeam, 
nnravel ; to rip up, cut up. 

auftreten, (str.) v. I. n. (aux. fein) to itep 
or come forth or forward, to appear (für, 
gegen, for, again«t one) ; to make one's ap- 
pearnnce; to enter (as orator), to moont 
the pulpit; Theat. to enter or tread the 
«tage; to appear (a* Shylock, *c); to per- 
form (at a concert, ic); als 6a)rifrfte0et 
— , to commence anthor; er tritt leife, fanft 
auf, fig. be acta cantiousty; II. a. 1. to 
tread fast (as earth on Ac.); 2. to open by 
treading on. 

■Auftreten, v. s. (str.) n. appearanee, Per- 
formance; tat erfte — (einte ©ojanfpieler«, 
}C.) Fr. mod. debut. [countries). 

Tfufrrift, (v>.) m. way for cattle B mnrahy 

■Jfuf trinken, (str.) v. a. to drink np. 

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auftritt, (str.) m. 1. treading on, *c.; 2, 
vid. VMftttttU. v. *. ; 3. ttep (before a door, 
of • coach, *c), asoent ; «tage ; 4. fig. iccne ; 
sight. [dry np, 

Wtrorfn«, (w.) v. a, * n. (anx. fein) to 

Tfuf trommeln, (to.) o. I. n. to drum or to best 
on; IL a. to wake by the drum. 

Xuf tropfen, (u>.) o. n. (aiu. fetn) * o. to drop 
npon (on). 

Tfuffropfeln, Ttoftropft», (u.) o. n. (aux 
fein) & «. to (all or ponr opon in amall drops, 

%lf trumpfen, (to..) «• n. Garn, to play a tramp. 

X»f tuVhtu, (to.) o. «. JeVrr. to fori, gather up 
or folrt (the aails). 

Huf tupfen, (w.) v. L o. to take ap, wipe; 
IL n. (aus. fein) to toacb npon. 

Xnf tsfd)en, (to.) 8. a. to toueb ap (drawiogs) 

Ttaf»Q*en, (to.) v. n. (aux. fein) to awake; 
to wake, to be roued; er n>ua)t beim ßt 
ringften ©econf* auf, he wakei at tbe 
sligbtest Bei*«. 

Xuf wadtfen, (#ir.) t>. n. (<wx. fein) to grow up, 

Yafmagen, (w. & str.) v. o. 1. to weigh, to 
raise, draw or lift ap by mechanical contri 
vance; 2. Jig. eine ©<ufce mit Gtotb — , to 
pay for(athing) by iti weigbt in gold, to pay 
a very higb (exorbitant) price for a tbiog, 

Xufrcäblen, (to.) o. «. to draw (at cards). 

ICttfmattcn, (».) «■ o. to fall agaia. 

KufntaUen, I. (»■) v. n. («nur. fein) 1. to 
babble, to boil ap; 2. to wave, to rage (of 
the iea); 3. fig. to efferveice; to fume, 
fret, cf. Xafbroafen; IL v. s. (str.) n. vid. 

onfroUen, (w.) v. a. 1. vid. XnfneOcnj 2 
to ränge in heapo. 

Änf Ballung, (to.) /. 1. babbling or boiling 
up; »well (of the iea, &c), (also fig.) ebul 
litioa; eflenesceaoe ; 2. Jig. emotion, flmh, 
flotter, fit. 

X»f»äljeu, (to.) v. a. 1. to roll upwards; 2, 
to roU down (upon); 3. fig. vid. JCufburben. 

Inf mono, («tr.) m. expeose, expeoditure; 
oMt, »täte; waste; großen — mad)en, to live 
high or in style; ~<*)3efet, n. samptuary 
law er edict. 

Xnfm&tmen ; (to.)t).a. l.towarmupor again; 
to cook up; 2. fig. cot. a) to renew, brush 

«r rub up; o) to bring agaia on the tapis, to 
repeat over agaia, to rake up (bye-gones). 

Knfmorte«, comp, —gelb, n. -tobn, m. wait- 
ing vornan'* pay; waiter'« fee. 

Ynfieorten, (u>.) V.n. (Qrhum) to wait, serye; 
to wait (npon, on), to artend, cf. Xufmar* 
tuns-i hei Xiffbe — , to wait at table; tonn 
or burf in) 3bncn Damit — ? may I (hau the 

bononr to) senre you with ...? fidj Mb Um» 

bent — Idffcn, to malte others wait npon na, 
Knfmirter, (str.) m. waiter, «ervant; atteD- 

daat; Steward. 
■JCnfwirterinn, (to.) /. woman-serrant, wait- 

iag woman, maiit or girl, mod. waiter. 

waiteress; stewardeu. 
■JCufwirtt, ado. opward, upwarda; opbill; 

Den gllf -, up (the) stream; —t errang,/. 

Surg. eversion (of the eye-lids); — iürber, 

m. Anat. vid. Vuftcbcr, 2. 
Tiaf mottfam, adj. read) to serve, attentite. 
■Aufwartung, (to.)/. waitiog, sening; attea- 

dance; einem feine — maä)m,fig. to wait 

npon (on) one, to pay one's respecU, dt- 

votions or deroirs to, to make or pay oae'i 

conrt to, to pay a visit. 
ICnf mafd),(jtr.) m.TCuf tt)df(bc,(tc.)/. the dishes 

&c, which are to be wasbed after dinner. 
Yufmafcben, (str.) v. a. 1. to wasb, cleanw 

(the dishes t plates, &c); 2. to reaoie 

(spots, *c.) by washiag; 3. to coosume hj 

washing; 4. fto) (Dat.) bie fßinie —, to casi 

oae's bands sore. 
■JCufwöWcrian, (u.)/.scollioo, scnllery-uaü 
Xufwafdjs, comp, —mag*, —fron,/, vid. Ist 

n>£fd)erinnj— na|fer,n.disb-water,dish-«aca. 
TCuf »eben, («>.&* tlr.) v. a. I. to unwctK. 

unraTel; 2. to consume by weaving. 
■Jtufwedjfel, (itr.) m. Com. rechange; ndL 

TCuf netbfein, (to.) v. a. to bny up (and there- 

by bring out of cürculation). 
Xufroe(ftn, (to.) v. a. 1. to awake, roace. 

wake, (a)waken; to call up; ./Ig-*. 2. to call 

to life ; 3. to enliven, cheer up. 
Xnfroeto, (str.) m. vid. iBetter. 
Xufntfben, (to.) v. o. 1. to blow up; % t» 

blow open. 
Infroeidjen, (to.) v. I. n. (aux. fein) to soafc 

and disaelve; to open after havlog aoaked; 

n. a. 1. to soften, raollify; 2. to moistea, 

wet, soak, to make soft; $aute — , Sk-dr. 

to soak hides; 3. to open by mollifjiog; 

tt-b, p. o. Med. emollient. 
Ttuf weifen, (to.) v. o. to reel on. 
XufnJeifen, (str.) v. a. to show forth, pro- 

duce, exhibit; present. 
Xuf meifung, (to.) /. exhibition, produetion. 
Ttufmeipen, (u>.) v. a. to whitewash anew. 
XufmeUen, (to.) v. a. to boil gently, to par- 

boil, seethe. 
'Xufnenben, (to. & irr.) v. a. to spend, ex- 

pend; bestow, employ. 
Kttfioerfen, (str.) v. ha. I. a) to tbrow ap, 

eist np, Hing up., toss up; b) to turn up, 

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put op (om'i Up, *c); aafgettotfcne Sit« 
pcn, postiag Ups; eine aufgeworfene Slofe, 
a cocked-op note; e) to out np or raise (a 
bmnk, Ac); 2. to throw down (auf, npon); 
3. «) to opeB by.tbrowing down upoo or 
against, to itrike open; fr) to throw open, 
to lüg open; i.fig. to raise (a doabt), to 
■tart (a queation), to put (a case, Ac); 
IL nfi. 1. to rite up (againat), cf. fid) Inf* 
lehnen, 3. ; 2. fid> — ■ }u ..., to «et np for ..., 
or to be ...; to erect one'a «elf into ..., to 
uorp or uinme the place of ..., to con- 
atitote ob«'» seif (wie judge of, Ac). 

Ifnf »itbfen, (w.) v. a. vulg. vid. IfufTdjntegeln. 

XufwinMn, (10.) v. a. 1. to wind np, roll np; 
to turn np (the hair, Ac), to pnt (one's 
fcair) ia (carW)papera ; 2. to wind Ac npon; 
3. to nnfold, nnwrap, nnwind, notack, an 
fort; 4. to nntwaddle, naawathe (a ehild); 
OxfotwUkltt 8fÜtt, Com. alenve ailk. 

XnfwiegeW, (io.) /. 1. vid. Aufwiegelung 5 
2. the detire of raising np the people. 

Ttufmkgttn, (w.) v. a. to stir (np), exoite, 
instigate, raise op (the people). 

YnfMtgCbmg, (».)/■ atirriogop,inatigation. 

Aufwiegen, (rtr.) v.a.l. to ontweigh, conn 
terbalance, coooterpoiie, coontervail; 2 
incor. vid. Aufwogen. 

Xufiottgltr, (»tr.) m. Kufwitflltrifd), nid. 
XafrfiktcT, 1. * Xufrubrerifd). 

&uftotet)ttn, (io.) u. n. to neigh alood. 

Kufninfeeln, (to.) o. o. to nnswatbe. 

lufminben, {'tr.) v. I. a. 1. to wind np; boiat 
np, heare (np), pull «p; 2. Mar. to ground 
(a vesael); oen Xttftr — , to weigh anchor; 
to atart or porchaae the anchor; 0. re/I. to 
rise in wiodings. 

XnfnriT&Cln, (ie.) •• '• <*• 1. to °P e n (•» ■ wi ">- 
dow)by torningthebolt; 2.toraise,whirlup; 
IL n. (aux. fein) to rise in » rotary motioo. 

Xnfntirrrn, (*>•) «• «• 1. to work; oen Setg 
— , Boa. to knead the doogh; ein 8BÜ6 
Sport, vid. Xuetoetben, 1.; Den $nf eine« 
yfero«S — , For. «id. Xueairfeni 2. to con- 
snme by weaving; 3. to nnweare, onrarel. 

Xufmörea, (to.) v. a. to disentangle. 

XnfWfcben, (u.) to wipe away (np). 

Xuf arirtern, (to.) o. o. to find ont by imelling. 

Xufntfgen, (io.) v. n. to rise in waves, to 
»weil np. [abape of a vnnlt. 

Xufiafflben, (to.) v. a. Arch. to erect in the 

TafnSBtm, (to.) v. nfl. imp. to rise like 
(as) donds, to lower (of the aky). 

Xufanidjera, (io.) v. «. (otuc. fein) to grow 
np laxariaatly. 

Xtfmudjtftt, (io.) v. «. to raise by a lerer. 

Xufwahl«, (w.) v. o» 1. to tun, root or dig 
np; to stir np by wallowing abont; i.fig. 
vid. Xufwiegela. [np, monnd, ridge. 

Xufwurf, (rtr., pi.Xufȟrfe)m. eartb tbrowo 

Xufjdblen, (io.) t). a. 1. to connt, nanteer, 
reokon np singly, eaanerate; 2, to pay 
down (money). 

XuPjdbhrag, (to.)/. enoraeration. 

Xtifjaubern, (io.) t>. a. 1. to open by wiub- 
craft; 2. vid. Xnjaubtrn, 9. 

Xnf }aumen, (io.) t>. cu to bridle, to bit 

Xufjedjen, (io.) t). a. to consnne by drinking. 

Xufje$ren, (io.) v. a. to eat np; to coasome; 
to waste; to abaorb. [expenditore. 

TCuPie^rang, (to.)/. conanming, conanmption; 

TCnfjriibnen, (io.) u. a. 1. to design, draw; 
2. to note, write down, pea dowa , to book, 
to item; to record; tomake an inventory 
of ..., Com. to inventory. 

2htfieid)nung, (w.)/. notation, *c. [produce. 

Xuf)Cigta, (to.) o. a. to »how ibrth, ezhibit, 

5ötfjta§«, comp. — bxiät,f. drawbridge; — 
bonuner, m. T. hanuner nsed for beatiag 
metal; — lod), n. Hör. key-hole in dock» 
and watvhe»; — tbor, n. »wing-gate; — mbr, 
n. waite-weir. 

3ü»Pjie$«, (str.~) v. 1. a. 1. a) to draw np, 
pnll np, holst (np); fr) to wind np (a bncket; 
a watch, &c); c) to weigh (anchor); d) to 
draw or put on (chorda); Saiten — auf ..., 
to atring (an Instrument, to.); «) to bend 
(a bow); f) to draw or pnll (the trigger); 
benfiabn an (einer günte)— , to cock(agnn); 
mit anfgejogenem |>abne, ready cocked or 
nncocked; g) Ang< to atrike (a fish); 2. to 
draw open, to open; eint Sdjteife — , to 
nntie, loose a bow or knot; 3. to mount (a 
map, Ac. on canvaa, tue.); 4. Weav. to warp; 

ftgs. 5. to bring up (cbildren), to nurse. 
nurture (plants), to breed, raise (cattle); to 
rear; 6. to delay, retard; 7. to raliy, make 
merry witb, jeer, amoke, qniz ; to banter, fop, 
to play upoo, to put or paas a joke npon 
(one); einen SDucaten — , to weigh a dncat; 
ankere (gelinbere) Saiten — , prov. to draw 
in, to yield, an. to come a peg (or two) 
lower, to lower a peg; )nm Sanje — , fig. to 
aak to danee; II. n. (a»x. fein) 1. to go, 
march or move in procesaion, to draw op, 
parade, Mit. to mount gnard, to go npon 
gnard; 2. to appear, riae; ein ©tum iiebt 
auf, a atorm brewa, draws near. 

Xupjieber, (*tr.) m. Anat. vid. Xufbcber, 2. 

XaMefjerer, (to.) /. mockery, joking, Ac 

■JCuPjifdien, (u>.) v. n. (aux. fein) to ruh np 
with a hisaing soise. 

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Xuf jtttetn, (».) ». n. to riae trembliagly. 

Xnf }U<fen, (».) o. ». to «tart np convolsively. 

Xufjng, (**»"•. P»« Xnf J«ge) »»• 1. drawin6 op, 
*c vid. Xtlßiebcn i 3. crane ; 3. Weao. warp, 
chaln; 4. jFor. beak; 5. ZTheot. act (ofa 
play) ; 6. o) mounting parade ; fr) prooession 
c) train, pomp, (display of) pageant; — Jfl 
uferte, cavalcade ; d) stately or extraordi- 
när? drei», appearanee, «how. 

Xuf,ug(t>, comp. -brMe,/. trfd. Xufjieb* 
brüdej — gelb, ». Com. cranage. 

Inf jndngnt, (w.) t>. a. 1. to preis open; 2, 
oW. Xnfjttingen. 

Xufjttedten, (w.)v. o. to faatea down (on) 
with sparables; to tack. 

Xaf}n>ingen, (ttr.) v.a.l. Mar. to «ring op 
(tbe wales); V.fig. («inen* etwa«) to ob- 
trode, preat or force on, opon; IL rtfl. to 
introde one't telf (on). 

Xug», comp. (c/. Xugen*) — ap'fel, m. 1. eye- 
ball, popil, apple, globe of tbe eye; 2.JEg. 
pet, favoorite ; Mar-*. — binbfel, — feifing, n. 
tengoe (of a ttanding backitay); —boljen, 
m. eye-bolt; — fplttfnng, /. eye-splice. 

XaMSarten, m. park ; pleasare-garden. 

Xtt'ge, (irr.) n. 1. a) eye; 6) (o/ten in tfce 
p(.) (eye-)iigbt; 2. «ye (ofa plant), bod, 
gern, Card, (jutn pfropfen) imp, eye; X-n 
geminnnUto germ; 3. Com. bat (gute äußere) 

— einer KBaare, (good) appearanee of an 
artlcle; 4. any tbing resembling an eye: a) 
Typ. eye or face (ofa letter); 6) Mar-t. 
bat — einet aufgefdjoffenen Sanet, tbe coil 
of a cable; — einer änngfer, score or cap 
ofa dead eye; X-n ber iBIÜlbe, water-holes 
of tbe cprit-aail ; c) eye of a Deedle; X-n im 
Jtdfc, eyei, holes or whey-drops in cheese, im 
35rot>, eyei or cavities in bread; — im $<m- 
mer, eye of a hammer; — am SRfiblftein, 
eye of a mlll-stone; — am ®ebif , eye of 
tbe bit; — in ber ©ebneefe ber 3emf<ben 
©änle, Areh. eye of tbe volate or scroti; 
(on dice) point; (on playing-cards) »pot; 
■leib (ofa net); stitch (in knitting); cor 
X-u, in night; üb« ben X-n, out of sight; 
anter eier X-n, face to face, in private, «e- 
cretly; cor X-n bobtn, to bave in view; im 

— begatten, 1. to keep in «igbt or view; 2. 
to keep an eye npon (one); aut ben X-n 
oerlieren, to lote «igbt of ; ein — Gaben auf 
..., to have an (ene'i) eye opon ...; Stoot 
im — Gaben, to have a tbing in view or pro- 
«pect; (fd)arf) int — f offen , to watch (nar- 
rowly), to bave an eye opon ...; id) Gabe 
ü)n, lt. mit reinem — gefeben, I bave not 
scen any tbing of bim, *c; id) ^obe fein — 

lUgetbon, J did not »leep a wink or I conld 
not get a wink of ileep ; ein — auf ... »erfen, 
to cast an eye oa ; große X-n machen, to look 
all wonder; (Einem ein ©orn im — fein, to 
be an eye-sore to one; mit einem blauen 
— batwn rommen, to come off with a «mall 
los» or not mach hart, to bave a narrow 
eteape; ein — jnbrutfen, to wink, blink or 
connive at, not to be over particolar; (ibm, 
mir, ic.) nie aut ben X-n gefdmttten, euctiy 
like (bim, me, 4c); geb mir aut ben X-n, 
fig. get ont of my sigbt! romm mir nübt 
»ieber OOr bte X-n, let me not see (pr never 
■how) yoar face again! ©inen» unter Me X-n 
rommen or treten, to come in sight of one, 
to come in one'« way; aut ben X-n fe(en, 
to lay aside (all respect, *c), to diaregard, 
to forget, make light of. 

Xu'gelu, (to.) v. 1. n. to ogle; IL a. Gard. to 
inocnlate, ingraft; bat — (v. *.) tut oem 
©(feilte, scoteheon-grafting. 

Xu'gcns, comp. — orjt, m. ocoliat; cooeber; 
— befebreibung,/. ophthalmography ; — blenbe, 
/. vid. ©cbeuleber j — bluf, m. twinkling (of 
an eye); moment, instant ; (id)te —Wirte, 
Afed. lncid intervals; (auf) einen — blitf, 
for r moment; — b lief lieb, I. adj. 1. momen- 
tary, temporary, preaent, immediatc (opp. 
nlttmate), ephemeral; instantaneons, im- 
raediate; IL adv. in a moment, Instantly, 
instantaneootly; —bogen, m. Anat. iria; — 
boljen, cid. Xng«beljen> —braue or— braune, 
/. (eye-)brow; — brauenmuttel, -brauen« 
rnnjler, m. Anat. corragant mnscle ; —bette, 
/. Ich. Sic. nictitating membrane; — becrel, 
m. a) Surg. castoa ocnli ; fr) Anat. vid. — 
lieb» — bteuer, m. eye-aervant, men-pleaaer, 
pickthank, complier; — bienft, m. eye-oer- 
vice; — fottig, — fdOigftit, wid. -fd)irinlid), 
— f(beinlid)reit5 — feU, n. Anat film, albngo; 
— fluf, m. Med. rhenm in tbe eye; —förmig, 
adj. in tbe form of an eye, oculiform, ocal- 
lated; — gef(b»fir, n. eye-aore; — glot, n. 
eye-glass (of a teleacope, *c); —grübe, /. 
tbe bollow over tbe eye» of boraea; — baut, 
/. coat of tbe eye; — bäatcbttl, n. 1. winking 
membrane; 2. Vet. white film; — bcilaaftaU, 
/. Ophthalmie infirmary, eye-dispenaary; 
— tßi)k , /. eye-hole, orbit, socket, gleoe; 
— 1)01}, n. vid. Xbler^oljj —Mappe, /. t»d. 
Sibtuleberj — rorauen, /. pl. Zooi. white 
corai« ; — franfenanftatt, /. vid. — beilonftalt i 
— franfbeit, /. disease oftheeje; —leber, 
n.vid. ©djeuleberj —lieb, n. eye-lid ; —lieber« 
flechte, /. Afed. traeboma; — liebfnerpel, m. 
Anat. cartilage of tbe eye, tarsns; — lo*,. 

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eyeless; —Infi,/, delight of the eye«; -moj, 
n. the mejunring with the eye, eye-«igbt; 
ein finteS — maf fcobcn, to have » just eye; 
— surf, n. poiat of view, «im, mark ; —mittel, 
n. Ophthalmie; — mn*M, m. (her abjiebenbe) 
abdnetor oeali; (ftbrige) oblique mnscle; 
(obere ftkiefe) trochleary mnscle; (innere 
gerate) drinking mnscle; — ner», m. eye 
striag; — tdä)t, — md)tt, n. dem. white 
tatry ; — pulner, n. 1. xerocollyrium, powder 
for the eye*; 2. burt. very «mall print ; 
ptrnft, m, Visual point; point of sight, objeet 
in Tiew; —ring, m. trfd. —bogen» (troefene) 
— rftfee, /. vid. — trodenbeitj —falbe, /. eye- 
«alve; — febein, m. antopsy, ioipection; eri 
dence, appearaace, eye-iight; in — f(6ttn 
nehmen, to take a view of, to view; — ftbeins 
lid), adj. Tisible, evident, apparent, mani- 
fest, obrious; — fd)cinlid)feit, f. visibility, 
(self-)eTideDce, apparentoess , convincing- 
neu; — fd)irm, m. eye-screea, shade; — 
fd)naj)ftobarf, m. eye-snaff; -fdjma'dje, /. 
weekness of sight; — fpiegel, m. Surg. spe- 
cnlnm ocoli; — fpracbe, /. langnage of tbe 
eye«; — fprofle, m. Sport, brow-antler; — 
frein, m. Pharm, wbite copperas; eye-stone; 
— fltrn, m. vid. Xugopfcli — tabatf, m. eye 
snaff; — taufdjnng, /. 1. Med. ocular spec- 
tram ; 2. Illusion of Vision ; Med-s. —triefen, 
n. lippitude; — trotfenbeit,/. xerophthalmia, 
a dry , red soreness or itching in the eyes ; 
— troft, in. Bot. eye-brigbt, eupbrasy; — 
nertunfebtng, /, Med. achly«, amaurosis, 
(fd)war;e S5taar) gutta serena; —waffer, n, 
coUyriam, eye-water; — wüffcrfudjt, /■ Med. 
hydrophthalmia; —neb,, n. pain in the eyes; 
— Weibe,/, delight of tbe eyes ;— weite,/, reach 
of the eye; eye-shot; —Wimper, /. eye-Iash, 
j>J. cilia; — »inf, in. eye-wink; — winfel, m, 
corner of-the eye; (innerer, inferer, greater, 
lesser) canthus; — »öBdjrn, n. Med. nube- 
eala; — nrarjel, /. Bot. 1. vid. SBalbrian; 2. 
vid. Cdwenjabn 5 — jafen, m. Anat. eye-tooth, 
dog-tooth; — jenge, m. eye (ocular) witness; 
— jtugmf, n. ocular testimony; — jierbe, vid. 
£>d>fenjnnge > —flirret, m. vid. —bogen. 

«Vgeit, (w.) v. n. 1. Sport, to look about; 
2. to bod (of plant«, &c). 

Sugi'a*,»!. Cr. Myth. Aagias ( P. N.); benCtaü 
et* — reinigen, to cleanse theAugean «table. 

llfgilbt, adj. eye-spotted; ocellated. [eyed. 

Ita'gig, adj. in comp, -eyed; trief—, blear- 

»lugir/, (str.) m. Min-i. augite; paratomet 
-fpatb, pyroxene; pri*mattfd)er -fpatb, ta- 
bular ot table spar, wollastonite; pttSmatciV 
Wföjer —fpatb, epidote. 

iug'lein, (ttr.) n. (dim. of Äge) littl« eye. 

• Kugmcnf, {ttr.) n. Gram, augment 
TCugl'burg, n. Geog. Angsburgh; Ätgalrar« 

gifo), adj. of Augsburgb, Augustan. 
•TCu'gur, (Gen. 2t-«j pt w. Xu'gnrn or Xu» 

giften) Rom. ArchceoL augur. 
TTn'gaft, Xugnffns, m. Augustus (P. JV.). 
Xuguft', (str.) m. (the montb of) Augost; — 

tafer, m. hasty oats; -firfa)e,/.sour cberry, 

TCngnfl'e,/. Augusta(P. iV.). ' 
Eaguflc'ifü), Tfagaff ifdj, adj. Augusten. 
Xu'gufttn, Sugufti'nuG, m. Augustinus, An- 

gus'tin, Anitin (P. A.) ; Xugufti'ncr, m. Mcc. 

Austin friar; Xugufti'ncrtnn, (».)/. Austin 

nun; Xngafii'nifd), adi. Augastinian. 
Kurelia, Kare 1 !«, /. Aurelia (P. A".). 
"änri'fel, (io.)/. £ot. aoricula, French cowslip. 

* Xuripigmenf, (ttr.) n. orpfanent, yellow ar- 
senic, Zarnich. 

5tnro'ra, /. 1. Aurora (P, N.); 2. «aurora, 
morning-twilight; —färbe, /• pink-colour. 

TCut, I. prep. (ißith Dat.) out of, from; of; 
by; througb; on, upon; for; in; — bem ©ra* 
ben jieben, to draw out of the ditch ; — fecr 
6d)eibe, from the scabbard; — bem Sbtotet 
f emmen, to come from the play ; — bem $auf c, 
out of doort; —Eonbon, from London; — 
(or eon) einer alten $ami(ie, of an andern 
family; — (Soft, Silber, {>ol|, IC, (made) 
of goM, silver, wood (or wooden), *c. ; — 
ntd)t* Wirt nid)t#,pro». from nothisg, nothing 
come« or nothing can come of nothing; — 
bem |)ora}, out of Horace; — ber SRitte, 
from amidst or among ; ein Seifpicl — ber 
neueren ®ef<bid}tc, an instance from modern 
history; eben — ben fed)<iigcr Saferen, just 
turned of sixty ; — ber Stöbe, out of fashion ; 

— ber .Karte wabrfagen, to teil the fortune 
by the cards; ber Xeufcl fprtd)t — ifer, tbe 
devil speaka in her; man fiebt — bem »riefe, 

— feinem Setragcn, :e., one see« by the let- 
ter, by bis behaviour, &c. ; — ffrfaferung Wtf= 
fen,.to know by experience; — »a* für 
9Rad)r, by wbat authority; — freier, eigener 
ffiabl, ofone'sownchoice;— bif fem ® rurtfcc, 
from this reason or motive; — Mopcm 8er« 
baibtc, upon mere suspicion; — Siebe, CKit« 
leib, ©tolj, It., out of love, pity, pride, Ac. ; 

— SSorftd)t, by way of precaution; — ^ap, 
througb batred; — QRangcl an ..., for want 
of ...; — ©eborfam, Xdjtnng, SSeradjtnng 
gegen ..., in obedience, respect to s .., in 
con tempt of . . . ; — $uTä)t, for fear ; II. adv. 
1 . ont ; ein Snge ift — , one eye i« out; 2. «on 
... — , from fortb. from; 3. over, at an eud. 

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ended; put; oon (9>cri*> IC.) — , from (Pa- 
ri«, *c); Wtt flaut — , radically, origlnally ; 
BOR Orailb — , from the foundation; t)ort 
nid}—, hear ne ont; 3ebr— , 3<thr ein, from 
year's end to year's end; — feilt, to be out 
over, to be at an end or finished, emptied, 
extiaguiahed, *c; — werten, to come to an 
end, to end; bit Aird)e {ft — , charcb ia over 
or done ; Ue Seit ift — , tbe time i» over, ex- 
pired, paued, op; ei ift — , 't it past, there 
ia no hope; bamtt ift e* — , tfaia affair U off; 
ei ift — mit ihm, it is all over or op with 
bim, he ii nndone, or quite down ; be ia gone, 
a gone or a dead man ; er tteifl roeber — nod) 
ein, he dee» not know how to belp himself. 
TtuS'ttdjjen, (to.) v. I. a. to graao forth, ont ; 

II. n. to leave off groantag. 
aut'atfern, (u>.) t>. a. to ploogh op or ont, 
Xvj'Ibero, (».) «. a. to diveit of the veint. 
5tn8'ttnt»orten,(to.)».o. to deliver, surrender, 
Etrt'arbetten, (to.) v. I. a. 1. to work ont; 2, 
Butch. to skia (an ox ftc.) ; 3. Sport vid.Vb: 
richten, 4.; 4. a) to compose, prepare; 6) to 
elaborate, perfect, complete, finiih; (gut, 
forgfom) «««gearbeitet, weH laboored, ela 
horate, high wroagbt; n. n. to leav« off 
*n»'arbettnng, (io.)/. 1. compoiitien, ftc; 

2. elaboration, ftc, last finish. 
Xue'Srten, (w.)v. n. (aux. fein) to degenerate, 

deteriorate; (tnegeartet, p. a. degenerate. 
Xttttettra«, (w.)/. degeneration, deteriora 

tion; degeneracy. 
VnCoften, (to.) v. a. to top, clear (a tree) of 

iti «uperflnou» branchea. 
XnS'fftbmen, (te.)t>. I. a. to breathe ont, forth ; 

II. n. to breathe one'i last, to expire, die. 
TtaJ'stbnrang, (w.) /• expiration. 
3CuS'ä$en, (in.) v. a. to take away by etching. 
KnS'bad'en, (ttr.) v. 1. «. to bake aufficiently ; 

II. n. to have done baking. 
'XnS'bäben, (w.) o. a. fig. topay, suffer, smart 

for (anotber'i fault«, ftc). 
XuS'baggcrn, (to.) ü. a. Mar. to drag, dredge 

or clean (a barbour). 

*"n*'blbcn, (u>.) v. a. Mar. to dry (a ship). 
XnS'balgen, (to.) v. a. vid. TCbboigen. 
ünCbdtl, (*(r.)ra. 1. the finiabing the inslde 

(of a buildiog); 2. sbow-front (of a shop); 

3. fig. enlargement, cultivation. 
«jH'bantben (or «*n*'baua}en), (io.) v. I. a. to 

give a belly, to niake bulge, to thrutt out- 
ward; to bollow out (glasa and otber ves- 
sels); Il.rvff. to bellyorawell ont(like a «ail, 
a »all, Ac), to bnige; ant'geb<raä)t , p. a 
arcbed ; aae'gebottdjte CMafet, convex glasaes 

ThttUmdHMi, (»•)/• <4rch- bdlyiag, sweUiat; 

(of the ahaft of a column); (einer ÜRoaex), 

bilglng of a wall. 
AnCbanen, (».) v. t a. I. to finish the imadt 

of (a building); 2. fig. to enlarge, fisiiia. 

cnltivate, improve; IL n. to cesue building. 
XuCbebtngen, («er. * te.) v. n. (ßd) [Dat.] üu 

BKtf) to oandition, reaerve (to one's «elf). 

to stipulate. [2. lud. to run away. 

Xnfbeeren, (w.) v. a. 1. to piek ont benies; 
2ttl«'beäien, (to.) v. a. to take the boaea sat 

from (meat, ftc), to deprive of bones, booe. 
Tfttf'beiM, (Hr.) v. a. 1. to bite ont; fta) 

(Dat.) einen 3abn — , to break out a toot»; 

2. fig. /am. to work ont of favoar , to n>- 

piant in the favoor of, to oast; au^gebtffa, 

p. a. Bot. enwe. 
Ktt'beihen, (w.) v. a. to take ont, rctaovt, 

pnrify by cauitic* or oorrosivea. 
%t<'befferer,(«tr.) wbo meada, mendtr. 

repairer, ftc 
«Ui'befern, (u.) v. a. to mend, reaour, reit; 

(flicten) to patoh, botch; to tonob ortaa 

op, to dreai (clothe», ftc.). 
Xutfieflerung, (ib.)/. mending, raparati«, 

repair; 2-SfcfttI, pl. coata of repair, mead- 

ings, repair«. [to finish prayiae, 

Kns'bVten, (w.) v. a. ft n. to pray to the end, 
XaS'betten, (w.) v. a. 1. to remove (a peraoa) 

from a bed; 2. to provide with heda; 3. t» 
■JCnS'betttmg, (te.)/. eabankment. [enbaos. 
Kn$'beugen, (u.) v. a. ft n. vid. Xnebiegen. 
^ItS'beute, (to.)/. profit, gain; share, dividead. 
fttfbentcln, (ic.)o.o. 1. MM. to holt (aoar); 

2.^g. to drain (one's) pnrse, to fleece. 
■JfnS'bcnten , (io.) v. a. 1. Min. to gain, fad 

(in a mine); i.fig. to appropriate to ok'« 

seif, to ransack, to make the most of. 
UnS'begablen, (io.) «. a. 1. to pay, to atakc 

up (a payment) ; 2. cid. Xblobnen. 
fttttriegen, (rtr.) o. L a. to turn out, to bead, 

bow; II. n. (gen. with the DaL or cor) 1. 

to turn aside, to turn ont of the way, to turn 

reins; 2. fig. to evade, eiude, avoid. 
Knt'bieten, (str.) v. a. 1. to offer (for public 

aale), to «et to sale; to hawk; onägtbctrnt 

SB tiefe, Com. oflered paper; 2. tooutbid; 

give notice or waming to qnit (lodgings). 
TfaS'bilbbar, adj. capable of improvemest. 
WbUben, (u.) v.i.a. 1. to form, tust ort, 

derelop; 2. to cnltivate; perfect, improie; 

to give a finiabing edacatioa, to acoomplish; 

II. refl. to be formed, ftc; to improre, to 

arrive at maturity orperfection ; OOSgcbifbrt, 

p. a. 1. finished. matnre, perfect; 2. tbo- 

rongh bred, acconipliahed. 

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HufbUbmig, («>.)/• formatlon, development; 
matority, perfection; improvement, culti- 
ration, cnltnre. 

XuSTunSrn, (irtr.) v. a. 1. to untie and take 
ont; 2. jftyp. to tie tip (a colamn). 

XuS'bitren, (str.) v. a. to beg for, atk for, to 
reqoe»t ; iä) bitte mir mt, baf tot artig btftJ 
lexpect you to bebavewell! barftd)mir ... 
— ? may 1 be favonred with ...? 

WolOTen, (str.) «. a. 1. to blow oat; 9. to 
proclaim by «oirad of trampet; 3. to blow 
to the end; n. to bave done blowing; 4. to 
improve the aouod of (a flute) by frequent 
playing; einem bat £ebatSIid)t — , fig. fam. 
,to kill oae, an. to «top the wind of one. 

AuS'bläfesgtöbre, (to.)/. Mech. blow-off pipe. 

"JCnt'blütttn, (w.) o. a. to pick ont the leaves 

of (a plant). 

"JtuS'bttrtrrn, (w.) v. a. 1. trfd. Xbbldrrenu 

2. to tarn over all the leaves of (a book), 
TfasWtaen, (vi.) v. a. vid. SuSprfigeln. 
XnS'Meiben, (ttr.) v. n. (aux. fein) 1. to stay 
ont or away, to feil (to come); not to eome 
ont, forth; 2. to be left ont, to be omitted; 
3. to (top, discontinue, lente off; über hie 
3rir— , to ontstay or to be behind one'» 
tioe; bie Gelegenheit biitb niibt lange aus, 
the opportunity wa» not long in waiting. 

XuS'bleiben, tj. *. (str.) n. »taying ont, *c 
non-appearance, non-attendance ; non-arri- 
val; taS — ber 3üblung, failing In the pay 
ment; tat oorfä$lia)e — »or ®erid)t, con 
tempt of court ; defaalt of appearance. 

Xu«T)Iei(6eii, v. I. (str.) n. to grow pale, to 
fade; II. (w.) bleach ont; 2. to finish 

InS'blcien, (v>.) v. a. to All (load) with lead. 

XuS'biutyn, (u>.) v. n. cid. Xbblfiben. 

InS'Müten, (in.) v. I. n. to cease bleeding; 
IL a. *fein Seben — , to ihed one'« life-btood, 
to die. 

VuS'töben, (u>.) v. a. Coop. to head (a cask). 

'XuS'boblen, (w.) v. a. to plank, board. 

'Xut'bobra, (io.) "• "• to bore ont; flbrt. to 

XnS'borgen, (to.) v. a. to lend ont. 

■XuS'braäen, (ie.)v. a. T. to tnrn oat, rejeet. 

XuS'brätra, (str.) v. 1. a. I. to roast oat; 2. 
to roa*t snfficiently; n. n. (aux. fein) 1. to 
be well roast ed; 2. to rnn oat in roasting. 

XuS'brauiben, (u>.) ». a. vid. XuSgebraut&en. 

«uS'brauea, (u>.)t>.l.a. to brew to perfection ; 
IL n. to cease brewlng. 

XuSfrasfen, (to.) v. n. 1. to ceaie roaring; 
2. to be past fennenting ; auSgebraufl babrn, 
fig. to bare snbsided. to be cooled down. 

aWbreaVeifen, (ttr.) n. vid. »trerftifen. 

Unttttifta, (str.) v. I. a. 1. to break ont, 
to force, to take ont or draw (a tooth, *c>, 
SBlenen— , »id.iJtibeln j Htr-t. ousgtbredjen, 
p. a. voided; bie ausgebrochen« (Raste, /. 
mascle; bat a-e Aren), n. cleche, cletche; 

3. Gard. to ent or take off (the sacken, *c), 
to clear of snperflnons brauchet or leaves, 
to disbnd; 3. to vomit, tbrow np, bring np; 
n. n. (aux. fein) 1. to break ont; to come 
ont; 2. to break, bunt ont, forth, to take 
vent; to borat ([ont] into [a fit of ] laughter, 
into teara, into abniive langnage, into a 
merry. langh, *c), to break forth (in rap- 

XnJ'bredjer, (str.) m. T. ripping cUsel. 

TCne'breiten, (w.) v. I. a. 1. to spread ont, 
spread, to exteod, espand; to nnfold (the 
sails, &c.) ; bie Krme — > to Stretch forth the 
arme ifig-s, 2. to extend, enlarge ; 3. to spread 
abroad, to divolge; diffuse, disseaünate 
(opinions, *c), propagate, to circnlate; O. 
ttfl. 1. to spread (ont), to rnn oat, to Stretch 
(over), grow wide, widen, enlarge; 2. to nn- 
fold itseif (to the view); 3. to gain groond; 

4. vid. ®ta) ftSerbreiten, 2.; ausgebreitet, 
p. n. 1. Bot. spreading; 2. Her. displayed 
(wings); 3. fig. extensive ( acquain tance, 
correspondence, *c). 

'JfaS'breiter, (str.) m. disperser ; divaiger. 

Ausbreitung, (ib.) f. 1. spreadiag, fcc.; 2. ex- 
tension, expanse; 3. diffosion, propagation, 
disaemination (of knowledge, £c) ; Ä-6fdbtg= 
Hit, f. difiusibility. 

'JCuJ'brenntn, (irr.) v. I. a. to barn oat, barn; 
eine .Kanone — , Gun. to seale a cannon, to 
prove a gnn ; 2. to barn (or [Put.] to hake) 
sntficicntly; II. n. 1. (aux. fein) «) to be 
consnmed by fire in the interior; bie Stube 
i(l gänjlid) ausgebrannt, every thiog in the 
room was consnmed by the fire; 6) fig. to be 
consnmed inwardly, to get parebed or dry; 
2. (aux. baben) to cease bnrning. 

"KuSTiruigen , (irr.) v. a. 1. to bring oat; to 
get ont; to drive out, to take off; 2. vid. 
Ausbrütet) 3. Tgp. to drive out, to keep 
out, expand (opp. Einbringen)* 4. Min. to 
yield, prodnee; 5. fig. to spread, pnblish, 
divolge; eine (Sefunbbeit — , to prapose a 
toast; (with auf ...) to toast, to drink tbe 
health of ..., bie auSgebrad)te ©rfunbbeit, 

AuS'brud), (str., pU Tünt^tüäft) m. l.breakiag 
ont; ontbreak; 2. witie of the first press (in 
Hungary); 3. breaking ont, flight, evasion, 
elopement; -4. (voJoanic, Ac.) eraption; 5. 

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fig. expteslon, bunt (of batred, passion), 
gast, naah (of temper, merrünent, Ac), out 
burat, fit; Xnibrwbe De« 3orn«, sallies of 
pasaion; volley, barst (of applame) ; jum 
lommen, or einen — geronnen, to break out; 
feine Sbrdnen jum — lommen laffen, to give 
veot to one's tears. 

Xnt'bruben, (to.) v. a. to scald, parboil, to 
pnrify by sealding. 

Ttua'brüften, (w.) t>. a. Butch. to take out tbe 
plnck of (a alaugbtered animal). 

XuS'bruttn, (to.) v. I. a. 1. to batcb, to sit 
opon (eggt), to produce by incnbation; 2. 
fig. to batcb, contrive, plot; 0. n. to ceaie 
batching or brooding. 

'XuS'büt&fen (Ine'butbfen), (u>.) v. a. to lioe 
(as a wooden cyiinder, Ac), to furnish with 
a box, to box (tbe nave of a wheel, i.e.}. 

Thtt'bucfeln, (to.) t>. a. 1. to tmootb by bam- 
mering; 2. to atud (a ahield, Ac). 

Kui'bugeln, (to.) ». a. to tmootb with the 
goo»e, to iron. [of (a mioe). 

3Cuj'bü&ncn, (to.) v. a. T. to line the »haft» 

Xita'bunb, (str., pl. [L «.] %i6'&ünbe) m. pa- 
ragon, pattern, quinteaaence, top ; Fr. elite; 
tbe best, tbe wont; ein — aller ®<belme, or 
oon einem &<btlm, an arrant knave, arch- 
rogoe; bet 3unge tft ein »obrer — , the boy 
is a complete mad-cap; ein — oon ©elebr; 
famfeit, burl. a (very) paragoo of learning. 

EnSliünbig, adj. uueommon, extraordioary. 

■JCuS'bürgem, (to.) v. a. to dianatnralize, alie- 
nate. [to du«t. 

TCuS'biirften, (to.) ». o. to bruab (ont), sweep; 

3(u£'bufd)en, (to.) v. a. to clear of bosbes, 

TCuS'bäfan, (to.) v. I. <r. 1. $ A T. to mend, 
repair (oeU, Ac) ; 2. to explate, atone for, 
make »mend» for, to pay for; II. n. to have 
nutde füll amends. 

*Xu*'cIariren, vid. Qtonren. 

* Xnscultatiön', (to.)/. Med. aucnltation, ste- 

«Thtfrotta'tor', TCueeultant', (to.) m. lawyer's 
»Mutant; young lawycr. 

* TCuScultuto'rtfd), adj. Med. anscnltatory. 
*T(aScultt'ren, (to.) v. n. to listen, attend. 
SnS'bammen, (io.) v. a. to force (a river, 4c.) 

front itt bed by a mole. 

TCue'bampfen, (to.) v. 1. n. 1. (aux. fein) to 
evaporate, exbale, amoke or steam away; 
2. to cease ateaming; II. a. to consume by 
smoking, to smoke out. 

EnS'bdmpfen, (to.) o. a. 1. to evaporate, ex- 
bale; 2. to expel by smoke; 3. to amotber, 
vid. Vufttötten. 

Ttofbarmen, (u>.) v. a. to gut, vid. Vusroeiben. 

Xut'oauei,/. peraeverance , peraistenee, en- 

darance, tteadiness. 
XuS'bauern, (to.) v. h n. to last, bold out, per- 

severe; II. a. to endure, bear; a-b, p. a. 

1. persevering; 2. Bot. perennial 
3Cu*'bebnbtt"r / I. adj. expanalble, exteniible; 

II. K-feit, /. expanaibility, extensibleness, 

Vltf'bebnen, (to.) v. I. a. 1. to streich oot, to 
Stretch, extend, expand, dilate; to distend 
(a bladder); to spread; 2. fig. to extend, 
streich (anthority, Ac. to ita utmost limita); 
to lengthen, draw out (a book, Ac); to 
spread, widen, enlarge; IL refl. 1. to Stretch 
(aa leather, Ac), to apread; 2. fig. to stretch 
(far away, aa a bank, Ac), to be apread, Ac. ; 
to extend; oulgebebjlt, p. a. wide spreading, 

TfnS'bebnung, (to.) /. 1. extension, expaasion, 
dilatation, distention (of the lungs, Ac); 

2. a) exten t, spread, stretcb ; 6) Geom.(8er* 
längernng) dimension; 3. fig. a) spreading. 
Ac, extension ; ft) extent, Ac. ; extensireness ; 
— be* ^erjenfi, Med. diastole; comp-i. 'S.-ts 
fraft,/., X-tcermögen, n. expansive force, 
power of dilatation ; %-{n>erf;eug, n. Surg. 
extender, dilator(y). 

^iuS'bcidjcn, (io.) v. a. to aeparate or exelude 
by means of a dike. 

IttS'benten, (irr.) v. l.a.1. to regard (a tbing) 
in all iU parts; 2. or refl. ftd) (DaL)Gtma6 
—, to exeogitate, find oot by meditation, 
strike ont by tbinkiog, to invent, contrive, 
imagine, to devise (means), to form (a plan, 
Ac); II. rqfl. to exnaoat one'a seif in or by 

'ÄuS'beuten, (to.) v. a. to Interpret, explain. 

^ue'brutung, (to.)/. explanatlon, Interpre- 

%txi'i>iä)ten , (to.) v. a. 1. to make perfectly 
cloae, tight; Mar. to calk (a abip); 2. ./ig. 
to contrive, devise; to imagine; to invent. 

Yui'bielen, (to.) v. a. to lay ont with boards, 
to floor. 

■JCnS'tiencn , (to.) v. I. a. to aerve out, 6nisb 
(one's time); II. n. autgebtent baben, to have 
served or to be ont of one's time; to become 
unfit for Service or snperannnated; QUSge^ 
bient, p. a. 1. invalid, auperannuated ; 2. Ve- 
teran, long practiced or experienced. 

Ttni'büigen, (*tr. A to.) v. a. 1. to let ; 2. vid. 

XnS'bonnern, (to.) v. imp. A n. to ceane vr 
have done thundering. 

Xud'boppen, (to.) t>. «. vid. ©nloffen, L 2. 6>). 

TfuJ'bcrten, (to.) v. n. (oux. fein) 1. to dry 

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np, parch, scorch; 2. to waste away, pine 
away; to grow lean. [parch, »corch. 

XnS'Wrren, (u>.) v. a. to dry or bnrn np, to 
XaStte^feln, (to.) v. a. 1. to boilow ont by 
toratng; 2.fig.fam. to elaborate, to adorn 

■Jnrtrt^oi, (ic.) v. a. 1. to wring or wiest 

oit (of the band, ftc); 2. vid. Ätebredrfeta 

Xnj'brtffbtn, (*fr.) v. I. a. to tbrash ont; to 

best ont; II. n. to cease thrashing. 

taitnt, s. I. (*tr. t p{. Xui'bructt) m. 1. lit. 

tfig. expression ; 2. terra, word, expression ; 

mit — , Mus. wirb, expression, (lt.) espres- 

riro ; II. comp. Tt-SfäDe, expressirene« ; a-<» 

leer, a-SIoS, ad;, void of expreuion, nnmean- 

ing; H-SdoH, «Kfj. expressive; ein a-itsoUU 

TCugt, an eloquent eye. 

Türttmuftn, (u>.) u. a. Typs. 1. to express 

(a letter, &c) clearly ; 2. to print (a word) 

at MI length; 3. to flnish printing; Me 0»*= 

gtintttt gorm, the form worked off. 

Xttfbtüäen, (v>.) v. a. 1. to preia ont; to 

squeeze ont; to wring; %fig. o) to express; 

to otter; to word; b) to be expressive of, 

to convey. 

Xuf'Srfitfltct», 1. adj. expreu, expllclt, posi- 
tive, decided, itriet (orden, ftc.) ; ado. ex 
pressly, ftc; II. X-ttit,f. explicitneu, ex 
pressiveuess, strictness. 
IfaStrnfd), (str.) m. 1. the act of thrashing 
ont; 2. that wbich is thrashed out. 
Xug'buften, (u>.) v. n. {mix. fein) to exhale 
XnS'oäften / (w.)B.a.toexbale ) 8pread(odonra) 
JCnltatben, (io.) v. a. & n. to endore, snffer 
to the end; er $ttt auägetiulbet, bis anfferinga 
are ended. 

InS'Mmftbdr, I. adj. evaporable; perapirable, 
tranapirable; II. X-Feit,/. evaporability. 
XuStunftra , (».) v. n. (aux. fein) to evapo- 
rate, to ateam or vaponr away or ont. 
a'oS'bünftra, (ib.) v. a. to tranapire, perapire. 
Kn^önfroDg, (v>.) /. 1. eraporation; effln- 
Wura; 2. Perspiration, tranapiration. 
fn#'erfen, (io.) r. a. to cut ont In angles. 
'.ttStinarhex, adv. asunder; divided; — breü 
ten, (it.) ». o. to unfold (linen, ftc.) ; to open ; 

— bringen, (irr.) v. a. to separate, part; — 
fliegen, (str.) v. n. to fly asnnder, scatter; 

— ge$en, (irr.) v. n. 1. to go asnnder, to 
oome tindone or asunder, to diannite; 2. to 
disperse ; part, break np, separate; 3. to dif- 
fer; — geben laffen, to dismiss, break np (an 
army, Ac); — laufen, (str.) diverge; 

— legen (v>.\ — nehmen, (str.) v. n. to take 
to piecea ; to dismonnt (a fon ling-piece, ftc ) ; 

— Wagen, (str.) ». a. to take to pieees (any 
frame-work) ; — fe$en,(lo.) v. I. a. to explain ; 
exponnd, to set forth (clearly); II. re/f. ftn) 
— fe$en mit, 1. to arrange one's seif with ...; 
2. to separate, to dissolve partnersbip; — fej» 
3«ng, (io.)/. 1. explanation, declaration ; de- 
tailed Statement; 2. Arrangement, settie- 
ment; — fperten, — fpreijen,(to.)t>. n. to dia- 
tend; — treiben, (str.) v. a. to disperse; — 
neben, (w.)v. a. to drive away, disperse, scat- 
ter; — mi(feln,(u).)v. a. to nncoil.nnroll.dis- 
entangle; — sieben, (*tr.) v. I. a. 1. to draw 
asnnder ; 2. to Stretch, to lengtben ; 0. n. to 
remoYe into diffierent qnarters, to separate. 

7Cu£'eifen, (u.) v. a. to get ont of the ice, to 
clear of the ice. 

■JCni'eitern, I. (io.) v.n. 1. to cease festering; 

2. (mar. fein) to rnn ont in the shape of 
matter ; 0. p, s. (str.) n. Surg. depnration. 

■»««'erfiefen (it.), TCn«'ertären, (*tr.) r. a. + 
vid. Xoserroablen* anferfSren, p. p. chosen, 
selected, cf. Xuierfeben. 

XuS'erleTen, I. (vi.) v. a. 4= to telect; IL p. a. 
1. selected; 2. select, choiee, exquisite ex- 
cellent; III. V-^eit, s. (vi.) f. selectness, ftc., 

TCuS'erfe^en, (str.) v. a. (gen. rrfl. ftn) [Dat.] 
@tn>at) to mark out, choose, select, pick or 
single out, to destine, doom ; ;nm Seibrn — 
(p. p.), marked ont for snffering. 

TLut'am&lflm, (io.) v. a. to elect, choose, 
make choiee of; ber Tluttm&tjlU, m., tie 
XnSeroi^Iten, pl. the elect 

Hn6'ttl&t)ltn , (vs.) v. a. to reiste to the end, 
to finish (the tale). 

■JtaS'effen, (irr.) v. t a. to eat ont, to empty 
by eating; II. n. to dine out, to take one's 
meals ont. 

Ttnfi'fttiben, (io.) i>. a. to lay out, fill np or 
provide with shelres. [to nnweave, unravel. 

TtuS'fJbeln, (io.) o. I. o. to unthread ; II. rtfi. 

Xitf'fttbren, (*rr.) w. I. n. (aur. fein) 1. a) to 
go ont or ride abont or abroad (or take a 
ride) in a coach ; to set ont in a carriage, 
to drive ont, to take an airing or the air; 
b) Min. to ascend the shaft, get ont of the 
pit; c) fig. to set out in a hurry; 2. vid. 
TCaSgleitttH 3. a) to break out; 6) am .Körper 
— , to bave eruptiona, pustnies on the skin; 
to become scurvy; er ifl im <Sefia)te on»ge= 
fahren, he bas pimples in the face; II. a. 1. to 
wear out (the road) by too frequent driving 
of wheel-carriages over it; 2. to drive out; 

3. to export. 

TiuS'fo. ^rfd)ao)t, (str.) m. Min. aicending-sbaft. 
Ttu*'fQ y rt, (io.)/. 1. rldipg abroad, ftc, Cj. 

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Yu#fa6ren{ ride, drive; excnraion; 3. door 
way; gateway, oatgate. 

XuS'fall, Utr., pt. VuffäOe) m. 1. a) ftlllng 
oot ; 6 ) Jfed. vid. SorfaU, 1 . 6) 5 2. Fenc. paaa, 
thraat, longe; 3. n) Afü. aally, lortie, iaaoe; 
J) or iHpforte,/. «ally-port, poatern ; c)fig. 
attack; hnrective;./^-«. 4. omiwion; 5. fäll- 
ing off (in one'a income, Ac), abatement, 
deflciency; 6. reault, iune. 

Xue'faUen, (str.) v. I. n. (mix. fein) 1. to feil 
oot, fall off(aa hair), come ont (aa teetb); 
to »hed (a» wheat), to ahell, cait tbe «hell; 
1. Fenc. to make a paaa, to pau; 3. o) MU, 
to aally forth or oot, to iaaoe; 6) fig. (with 
gegen), to attack ; fi g-s. 4. to be oraltted ; — 
lüftn, to omit; 5. Bot. to degenerate (of 
flowera); 6. to prove, feil oot, reanlt, iaaoe, 
tarn oot (profitably, &c), to take(a different, 
*c.) tarn; gut—, to aaeeeed; jumSSortbeü 
— , to tor« to advantage ; günftig für ... — , to 
terminate or be in favoor of ... ; fd)Ied)t — , to 
fall ahort (in one'a apecolation) ; II. rtfl. ftd) 
(Dat.) ein ©lieb — , Surg. to dialocate, pot 
oot of Joint (one'a ahoolder, *c.) by felling 

Vne'faiten, (to.) «. a. to anfold; to anplait. 

TCuS'fnIJOI, (u>.) v.a. I. Bkh. to amootb (tbe 
aheeta) witb the folding-knife ; 2. Tan. to 
pare (leather); 3. Join. & Corp. to rabbet, 
to groove. [pond) by fiahing, to Sah out 

TluS'fangcn, (str.) v. a. to clear or empty (a 

Xnf'fäfen, Tfos'fa'feln, Tfne'fäfern, (to.)t>. a. t 
rtfl. to onravel ; (rffl.) to come oot (of fibrea). 

SuS'fauIen, (id.) v. n. («tue. fein) to rot oot. 

Xui'feibten, (str.) v. I. a. to fight oot; II. n. 
to ceaae fighting. 

XuS'fftern, (to.) «. n. to ahed or lote feathera. 

Ynt'fc'gen, (io.) ». a. to aweep ont, to aweep ; 
to cleanae ; TCuS'fe"gfd, s. (str.) n. cleanainga. 

1Ca«'fciIcn, (to.) v. a. 1. to file oot; 2. fig. to 
poliab, amootb,.improve,retonch,finiab; an6s 
gefeilt, .%. elaborate. 

ausfertigen, (to.) t>. a. to expedite (an order, 
*c.) , deapatch ; to make oot (a bill of ex- 
change, &c); to iaaoe. 

TtnS'fertiger, («fr.) m. deapatcher. 

Tfnä'fcrtignng , (•».)/• deapatch, expedition; 
iaauing, making known; JC-itag, m. date of 
a deapatch ; X-6}inmter, n. bnrean, office. 

Kui'fcttcn, (w.) v. a. T. to acoor (wool), to 
cleanae (it) front greaae. [heat 

TtBS'feucrn, (to.) v. a. to warm thorongbly, to 

Xng'ficbcrn, (to.) v. a. Min. to fill op with 
iron wedgea. 

Yn*'fflicn, (io.) v. o. 1. to forniah or to atoff 
with feit (hair); i.vtilg. to check, chide, 
reboke, an. to ring (one) a peal, to jobe. 

TCni'finJbbär, odj. diacoveraMe, what caa b« 
fonnd ont. 

Xu*'finoen, (»fr.) v. a. vid. Snafmbig moo)tn. 

"JCnd'ftnbig, arf». (used exclväively with nur 
<ben): — mad)en, to find ont, make ont, dia- 
cover, to aeek ont, hnnt ont (an acqnain- 
tance, Jte. in a large town, ftc). 

Xnffinblid), vid. Yuejutbbar. 

Xnt'jrrniffen, (to.) t>. o. to varniah inaide. 

VuSJtf<bCtt, (lo.)tJ.o. fiah oot; empty 
by fiahing; 3. fig. to find oot by conning. 

Yul'ftafern, (to.) v. n. (awx. haben) to ceaae 
to liare; (awx. fein) to go oot Ilaring. 

Xug'fUmnten, (to.) v. a. 1. to denn by mean* 
of a Marne; 2. Gun. vid. Xbblafcn, 2. 

Xut'fleihtcn, (str.) v. a. to unplait, untwiat. 

TCni'fleifibs, comp. — eifen, — meffer, n. Tan. 
fleihing iron, fieahing or cotting-out knife. 

Xni'fieifiben, (to.) v. a. to fleah (ont). 

Kni'fltlf cn , (to.) v. a. to mend, patch, botet), 
to vamp np. 

Tfud'fliegcn , (str.) v. n. (awx. fein) to take 
wing: 1. to fly out; to leave the neat; l.fig. 
to leave home. 

TCnJ'flieben, (str.) o. n. (n. u.) »id. gntfliebe». 

Xao'fKeJen, I. (*tr.) ». n. (a«x. fein) to «ow 
oot or off, to diacharge itaelf; to be ponreri 
ont; to iaane ont (from),to emanate; II.«.«. 
(«fr.) n. flow (of tbe aap, &c). 

Kut'flinunem, (to.) v. n. vid. iu« fiatfern. 

TCn*'fiüd)cn, (to.) v. i. n. to ceaae coraing; 
II. a. to corae, execrate. 

■»u6'flud)t, («fr., pi.Ttu«'fW<bte)/. l.vid.Huti 
fing» 2. fig. evaaion, eacape, abift, prevari- 
cation, aobterfoge, fam. loop-bole; eine Mcfe 
— , a tbin pretext; eine leere, fab^c or elcnte 
— , a poor or »hnfHing exeoae, abift, a paltry 
plea, &c; toOcr TiUoflÜCyte, evaaive; Tfu*= 
fiüibte machen, to abaflie, prevariente. 

Hui 1 flog, (Hr., p(. Kus'fi&ge) m. 1. fiying out, 
flight; 2. a) trip, excuraion. tour, jaont, 
ramble; 6) fig. (firat) setting out, Coming 
abroad; 3. o) the (firat) flight of yonng birda 
after fledging; o) a brood of Uedglinga. 

■KuÄ'flufi , (ttr., pl. ÄnS'pife) m. 1. flowiag 
oot, efiluence, efHux; 2. a) moutli, oatiary; 
6)ootgate, paaaage, outlet; c)aloice,( — loa), 
n.) gully-hole ; 3. fig. emanntion; ein unrnit= 
telbarer — »on ... fein, fig. to flow directly 
Crom . . .; — ribre, /. Mech. jet-pipe. 

■JCuS'flüt, (to.) /. flowing off or out (of water). 

■Jtu*'flüten,(to.)o. n. (owx.fein) to atream ont. 

■Xnl'foblcn, (to.) v. n. to leave off foaling. 

■KuJ'foIgen, ( TO .) ». n. vid. «crabfolgen j Tfn«'= 
folgefdjein, (str.) m. Com. bill of delivery. 

TtuS'foppcn, (to.) t). a. to qulz, make a fool ol 

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■Jörtfbrttni, oW. 4>erau»fbrtern. 

*X8*/f8rbern, (».) ». a. Aftn. to get ont or np 
(fron a sbaft). 

■JfttS'fotmen, (w.) v. a. to form (a tbing) 1b all 
ita parte; to execnte to perfection. 

■Hllt'fotfdjen, (w.) v. a. 1. to inqnire after; 
to aeek, search, ezplore, investigate, find 
ont, trace ont, to spy, pry into, fiib out, 
tcift ont, hont ont; 2. to pump, »ift onoand 
(ooe), to bolt or draw(ooe) ont, to eiamine, 
to elicit or draw soniething from (one) art- 
fully or by cnnning inqnirie»; ihr »eilt ttid) 
— , jou come to feel me. 

Xnt'f orfdjung, (w.) /. the act of inqoiring, ex- 
ploration, inreatigation, Ac. vid'. 3tu6forfd)en. 

Xttt'frad)t, (u.)/. freight ont or ontwardi, 
ontward freight. 

Xnt'frffgrn, (to.)». a. 1. to qnestion, examine, 
interrogate, to query, c/. Xutforfdjen, 2.; 
2. to find ont by inquiring. [ing, tc. 

Xlttfrlgtret', (te.) f. mnch qoestioning, pump- 

Xat'franfen, (ie.) v. I. a. to fringe; II. refl. 
vid. Xntfafen. 

Xnt'freffen, (*fr.) v. I. a. I. (o/ animals) to 
eat np (or ont) all the food, to empty (aa 
a trongb) by eating; 2. to corrode, bellow 
ont; Z.fig. to consame, walte; IL refl. (of 
animalx) to fatten by feeding. 
Änt'frtrrtn, (str.) v. I. n. (aux. feto) 1. to 
freeze thorongbly, to freeze to the bottom; 
2. to lose in goodnes* of qnality by the frost; 
— (äffen, or II. a. to condenee or increase 
the itrength of (beer, &e.) by congeaiing 
the watery particles. [2. fig. to feel (one) 

Xnt'ffifclen, (to.) v. a. 1. to find ont by touch ; 

KnS'fubr, (v>.)f. Com-s. export, exportation ; 
comp. — artiM, m.,— »aare(n),/. (pi.) export 
good«, export«, exportable goods or articies; 
— fceclaxation, /. cocket, bitl of aafferance; 
— banbel, m. export or ontward trade, active 
commerce; — primie,/. draw-back; — JOU, 
m. dnty on exportation, export-dnty. 

Ittt'führbär, I. od}. I. exportable; 2. practi- 
cable, acbievable ; lLX-tcit, /. practicability. 

Yltffifcren, (tc.) v. a. 1. to lead ont; 2. to 
export (goods); to send abroad, sbip off(a 
superfluous popolation, Ac.);3.Med. to eva- 
ernte, pnrge; 4. fig. a) to perform, realize, 
effect, do, finish, execute, aecomptish, to 
carry Into effect, to carry ont or through, 
to proeeed with, carry on, prosecute; 6) to 
conatmet, work ont (an idea); einen Xuftrag 
— , Com. to effect an order; einen @ntfd)Iuf 
njd)t — , to fall back from a resolution; in) 
tonn et nid)t — , I cannot afford it. 

Xttt'fnbrlid), L adj. large,ample,fnll,detalted, 

complete; prolix; o-e Kad)rid)ten, Com. lull 
advices; II. ade. amply, fnlly, at large, in 
detail, at fall length; HL X-feit, ». (to.)/. 
fnlness, completeneu; prolixity; exaet or 
detailed aeeoant. 
Xnt'fubruug, (tc.) /. I. leading out, Ac c/. 
Xutfuhren j 2. Med. evacuation; exeretion; 

3. fig. Performance, realization, execntioa; 
aebievement; in — bringen, to put or bring 
into practice or execntion, vid. Xngffibren, 

4. a) ; Mech-s. TL-tl läppe, /. ednetion valve ; 
X-trobre, /. eduetion pipe. 

XnS'füaen, (w.) v. a. 1. to fill np, flu (ont), 
stnff; (er ausgefuDteCdjanjforb, Fort.ttoB- 
ed gabion ; 2. to empty, draw off; 3. fig. to 
fill (one't place with auccess , tc.) ; SeotQS« 
ttt Steile — , to inpply one's place. 

XuS'füUtrag, (io.)/. filllng, tc, vid. Xuifafe 
Jen j X-tpartifel,/. Gram, expletive particle. 

Xnt'fattern, (tc.) v. a. to line, für (ciotbes); 
to line (a hole) with metal, Ac. 

Xut'füttetn, (w.) v. a. I. to fodder up; to 
feed, fatten; 2. to empty by feeding; 3. vid. 

Xut'fütterung, (vi.) f. lining, Ac; Mars. - 
ber Stüttpforten, half- or false ports; — be* 
IBrotfpia*, whelps of tbe windlass. 

TCne'gSbe, (io.)f. 1. giving ont; 2. publication, 
issne (of a book), edition; neue—, re-issue; 
3. «pending, issue of money ; expense, ex- 
penditnre; disbnrsement; 4. pnbUcation; in 
— bringen, Com. to disbnrse; to cbarge; 
bie — ifl eben fo groji nie bie Sinnabme, tbe 
expenses balance the receipt«; — bnd), n. 
(cash-)book of expenses; — poften, item of 

■JtaS'gobnen, (w.) v. n. to have done yawning. 

TCuS'gd^ren, (»fr.) v. n. 1. (aux. fein) to ri«e 
by Fermentation; 2. to ferment snfficiently; 
et (ttt antgegobren, it has done fermenting. 

Xat'gang, *, I. (str., pl. Huf ginge) m. 1. going 
out; outgoing, exit, egression, egress; de- 
parture; 2. (V-tort) passage, ontlet, ont- 
gate, issne, vent, egress, mouth (of a lane, 
a harbonr, tc); 3. a) dose, end, couclnsion ; 
6) event, issne, col. npshot; einen (guten, 
fd)Ied)ten, jc.) — nehmen, to tarn oot, ter- 
minate (well, badly, tc); XL comp. X-tbans 
bei, m. export trade, vid. Xntfn^re{>anbel5 
Mech-s. X-tflapce,/. exit-valve, eduetion- 
valve; X-tpunft, m. starting-point; H-t- 
xit)Xt,f. eduetion-pipe ; X-tlnaare, X-tjoil, 
vid. XutfnbrHEBaare, Xutfnbr<doD. 

Xut'glten, (v>.) v. a. to weed, root up, grub 

(np); bat Unfraut— ant ..., to clear of weed* ; 

Xnt'gates6ifm, (»fr.) »■ weedmg-hook. 

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Xa*'gatttrn, (10.) o. a. cot to find out, dis- 
cover; an. vulg. to imell out 

Kue'grteflelb, (*«r., pZ. 3C-tr) n. «mall money. 

Xue'geben, («tr.) v. L a. 1. a) to give ont, to 
iune ; to distribute, deal out, dispease, dis- 
pose of, deliver; to pnt or send into circu- 
lation, to otter (coio or notes), to issoe 
(money, seid of a goverument, &c); b) 
Garn, to deal (cards); 2. to spend, expend, 
disburse, pay out or away , to lay out (money ) ; 
3. to marry, endo» (a daughter); 4. (with 
für) to paus off (as or for), to report (ai); 
ftd) — für, to »et one't «elf up aa, to »et op 
for, to counterfeit, peraonate (an assumed 
character, &c), to make one'« «elf out or to 
pretend to be; ein S5ucb — , to begin tbe aale 
of a book; baS ÜofungSroort — , to give the 
parole; II. n. 1. to yield, produce, bear; 2. 
Sport, a) to aonnd (aa a hunting-horn); b) 
vid. TCnfd)lagen, II, 4.; III. refl. to exhauat 
one's means by eipenie», to spend one't 
money, col. to run out of caab; fid) auegcs 
geben Gaben, to be out of money (or pocket). 

Xus'gcber, (ttr.) m. 1. distributer, dispenter, 
&c cf. Aufgeben; utterer (of a falsa note, 
Ac); 2. «teward; larderer, yeoman of tbe 
pantry; 3. Law & Com. constitnent. 

Xus'geberinn, (to.)/. itewardeu, bouaekeeper, 
housewife, cateress, larderer. 

Xuj'gebSt, (irr.) n. 1. advertisement for aale; 
2. tbe firtt bidding (In public aalea). 

Xue'gebraudjen, (to.)o. a. to exbanst by using, 
to consume, apend. 

Xufi'gtbürt, (w.)f.fig. 1. birtb, production; 
2. abortion ; feltfame menfcbltibe X-en, «trange 
issoes of human birtb. 

Xu6'gebingt, (str.) n. reserve, eondition. 

Xus'gefdumt, adj. vid. Xbgefdnmt. 

Xus'getyn, (irr.) v. I. n. (aux. feto) 1. to go 
out, to go abroad; (of gooda) to be export 
ed; bei 3emanb ouis unb eingeben, to fre- 
quent, visit often, keep Company with; 2. to 
proceed : (gen. fig. ) a) to aet out, Start (from 
a certain point, Ac.); b) to emanate, origi- 
nale (oon, with); 3. to fall or come out, Ac. 
vid. XuefaUen, 6.; 4. to end, terminate, ia- 
aoe (into a point, Ac); 5. «) to go ont (aa 
a stain, fire, Ac); bo» Zlä>t ging Uta, tbe 
candle weat out or was extinguished ; b) to 
fade; biefe garbe »irb — , tbis colour will 
not stand; c)to be effaced(of writings, Ac.) ; 
6. to be speat, to fail; bie Lebensmittel gut* 
gen uns aae, we feil ahort of proviaiona; 
ba» (Selb, ber Xtbera, bie ®ebulb, tc. gebt 
mir out, I am out of money, breath, pati ence, 
Ac ; ausgegangen fein, to be sold (of goods); 

7. to end, come to an end, tenninate, explre 
(as a certain time) ; 8. to die away (of treea); 
9. to be verified, fulfilled (of dreams); einen 
Äefebl — Iaffen, to issue, «et forth an order ; 
— auf ..., to go in quest, pursuit or «eareb of 
..., to have in view, to aiui at, to be bent on ; 
auf (Raub — , to go plundering, to go on prey ; 
leer—, to get nothing; frei—, 1. to pay 
nothing; 2. or ungeftraft — , to come off un- 
puni«hed or ciear; c« gc&t aüti Über mid) 
Hut, fig- every thing come« npon me; aujs 
gebenbes @cg>iä)t, Com. delirery weight; 
IL a. 1. vid. austreten, L 2.; 2. to find out : 
a) Sport, to start (game); 6) AK», to «earch 
(veins of ore); 3. to measure by steps; III. 
rtfi. to take sufficient bodily exercise. 

XuS'geijen, (u>.) v. a. to lop off the super - 
flnous leavea of (tobaeco-plaots, 4c). 

XuS'gelaffcn, l.adj. extravagant, wanton.rom- 
pish, frolicksome; petulant, ungov ernable; 
unrestrained, wild, unbridled, unruly; II. — 
beit, (ib.) f. extravagance, wantonness, ex- 
cessive joy, frolicksomeness; petulance, un- 

XuS'gelerut, p. e. eunning, knowing, c/.Xut» 
gemadjtj —fein auf, to be practised (or akill- 
ed) in, to have a knack at 

Xus'gemad)t, adj. settled, fixed, piain, perfect, 
deeided, certain, unquestionable, und eoiable; 
eint a-e @ad)e, a matter of course; eine a-c 
SBabrbeit, a truism; ein a-cr geinb, n pro- 
fessed enemy ; eine a-c Qcqucttc, a thorougb ■ 
paced coqoette; ein a-cr Karr »erben, to 
start out a glaring fool; a-c Karren, stark 
fools; ein a-er SSdjurtc, an arrant rogue. 

Xue'genoamen, adv. (with Acc.) except, ex- 
cepted; exduaive, save; but. 

Xue'gerben, (v>.)v. a. 1. to tan fully; 2. vid. 

Xus'gefüa)t, adj. 1. exquisite, choiee. Com. 
picked, of prime quality; 2. ./Ig. signal (ven- 
geance, Ac) ; — artig, elaborately coorteout. 

Xue'gcjcid)nrt, p. a. distinguished, eminent, 
signal, illuslrions, conspieuous; excelleot, 
tuperior ; arrant, egregions (liar, rogue, tc); 
ÜB bödjftcn <Srobe — , supreme. 

■JCue'gicf en, (str.) v. a. 1. to pour out, 611 ont, 
empty, effose, diffuse, shed, cf. Xusfdjüttcn i 
2. to pnt out with water; 3. to fill up (witli 
lead); ein (mitffilci,ic.) ausgegoffener SStotf, 
a loaded cane; feinen 3orn fiber 3cmanb — , 
to reot one's anger upon one. 

'XuS'gicfung, (».)/. 1. pouring out, *c, effu- 
sion ; 2. TlieoU effusion or descent (of the 
Holy Ghost). 

XuS'giUing, (».)/. Mar. goring (of a sali). 

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TtaB'gipfÜn, (to.) o. a. Gard. to lop (trees). 

TCuS'gtpfeu, (10.) v. a. to pluter. 

Uns' glitten, (to.) v. o. to imooth (out); to 
take ont by unoothing. 

■JtuS'glrit^bär, adj. compensable. 

■JtnS'gletdjai, (*fr.) u. a. 1. to even, equalile, 
level; 2. Com. to balance, adjuat, to make 
op, elear (an account, a debt, 4c), to atrike 
(a balance); 3. to compensate, make np (a 
drüdency, a difference, 4c), to adjust, ar 
ränge accommodate, reconcile, redeem ; toc= 
mit €5ie meine {Rechnung — »ollen, baiancing 
thereby my aecount; »Otnitidjbieff J ®tfcbdft 
asf geglitten habt, baiancing tfais tranaaction 
in (yonr) conformity. 

XuS'gleidjung, (to.)/. 1. Com. balance, aettle- 
ment, Clearing (of drafta), compenaation, 
liqnidation; 2. arrangemeot , aecommoda- 
tion, 4c; jur — tiefes Qegenftanbe«, for 
(the) cloiing (of) thia transaction; JUt »61» 
Rgen — unferer ffiedjnung, in fall of all de 

Xns'gleiten, (str.), Xne'glitfdjen, (to.) v. n 
(aux. fein) to slide, ilip, trip ; to loae footing, 
to mi*a a atep. 

Xne'gKmmen, (str. 4 to.) v. n. (aux. (uoen) 
to glimmer, glow to the end; (aux. fein) to 
expire with a glimmer. 

"!fu«'gUi&en, (to.) v. I. a. to beat tboronghly, 
to anneal ([cot. neaTJ metala); II. n. to cool 

Xne'gröbeu, (str.) v.a.1. to dig ont (ans, 
of)J to excavate (mini, 4c); 2. to dig, 
delve; to cot ont; 3. to diainter, nntomb, 
nnbury, exhume (a corpae); 4. Sport, to 
unearth, dig (a badger). [vator. 

InJ'grSber, (str.) m. digger ont, 4c; ezea- 

XaS'gräbung, (to.)/. tbe (actof) digging np, 
4c, eflbaaion; excavation (of ruios, 4c), 

3u6'gr3fcn, (to.) v. a. to weed out; to mow 
partially. [pick ont the bonei. 

ane'gra'ten, (to.) v. a. to bone (a fiah), to 

Ins'greifen, (*tr.)o. I. a. 1. to take, pick out; 
2. to handle; II. n. to atride ont (of boraea). 

XnJ'grtff, (str.) m. (einet uferte«) atride (of 

a hone). 
InS'grobfen , (w.) v. a. to take ont the core 

of (applea, 4c.). 

anS'groHen, (to.) v. n. to ceaae grumbling. 
ItaS'griibeÜl, (to.) o. a. to inveatigate, lind 

oot by meditarJng or rnminating, to dive into. 
»us'grftnben, (to.) v. a. 1. Join. 4c. to ent 

ant, gntter, groove with a plane or chiael; 

i.fig. vid. ergrfinben. 
Xns'gud*, Kul'gnder, (str.) m. Mar. look-out, 

look-out watch, captain of the fore-top. 

Xna'gud'en, (w.) v. I. n. to look out; n. rtfi. 
fam. id> bobe mir (foft) bie Ingen onegegntft, 
I have alinost looked or stnred my eyea out. 

Xas'gurgeln, (to.) v. rtf. vid. fid) Su«f»nlen. 

■Jtna'gaf , (str., pt. Sue'guffe) m. 1. ponring 
out, effusion ; 2. gntter, sink, ontlet, condoit; 
3. lip, apont; — mörfer, m. Pharm, mortar 
witb a lip; — »fänmben, n. ingot-mould. 

■JCne'baaren, (to.) v. n. to tose the halr. 

'JCne'bad'en, (to.) v. a. 1. to pick out (the eye«, 
4c); 2. to grub np; 3. vid. Yuejacten. 

■Jtue'bfflfen, TCns'b afein, (to.) v. a. to liook 
ont ; to nnhook, anspring. 

Yue'balftern, (to.) v. I. a. to nnhalter; II. rtfl. 
to alip one'a neck oat of the collar. 

■Jfud'hülttn , (str.) v.l.a.1. Mus. a) to aua- 
tain , dwell on (a note) for a certain length 
of Urne; b) to continne (a note or reat) be- 
yond the regulär time; ausgemalten, (It.) 
tenuto; 2. to hold oot, endnre, beer, auffer, 
atand, inatain; to bearnp under or againat; 
eine Belagerung — , to atand, anataln a aiege; 
Mars, einen Sturm — , to weather (out) a 
atonn; einen Sturm »orTCnrer— , to ride 
ont a atonn ; bie $robe — , to atand tbe proof 
or teat, to atand ont, to abide the touch; 
er rann e( niäjt — , be cannot stand it; es ift 
nidjt }um — or nidjt anzuhalten, it i« beyond 
bearing; es ift mit ihm nidjt ausjubalten, 
there is no bearing with bim ; II. n. to Bold 
ont; to atay, last, continoe; to peraevere, 
peraist; to be firm; to stand the brnnt. 

3Cu8'battnng6»3ei<ben, (str.) n. Mus. a pause, 
vid. Fermate. [hammer. 

2Cn*'b immern, (to.) v. a. to beat ont with the 

Xue'&anbigen, (to.) v. a. (Sinem etwa«) to 
hand over, dellver. [ahow. 

XaS'bong, (str.) m. placard; — am Oemolbe, 

Kne'^angen, (str.) v. n. to hang (ont). 

tfus'bdngen, (to.) t>. a. 1. to hang ont; to 
display ; 2. to nnbang (a door, 4c). 

Vui'bdnges, comp, —bogen, m. r I\/p. proof- 
aheet ; — fd)itt, n. 1 . aign-board ; shop-bill ; 2. 
fig. ahow. 

^ne'bjren, (to.) «. a. vid. Kb'baten. 

Xnt'^arfen, (to.) v. a. vid. Xusrecben. 

3tn*'iarren, (to.) v. n. to perseyere (bei, in), 
to be constant, stand raat. 

Ins'baepen, (to.) t>. a. to anhinge, nnbang 
(a gate, a door, 4c). 

Xne'bau, (str.)m. an opening through awood, 
an arenue, a glade; Gard. baw-haw. 

üne'band), (str.) m. the act of breathing out ; 
exhalation, breatfa, fume. 

Hul't)<mä)tn, (w.) v. a. 1 to breathe out or 
forth, eihale ; 2. ben ®ei/t, JC. — , to breathe. 

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gaap or aigh oat one'a laut or one'f exiatence, 
to expire. 

"Kutanen, (irr. & to.) v. a. 1. to bei» or ont 
oat ; 2. to carve, cut out ; to cut into figmea ; 
to aculptore; to engrave (an inacription od 
•tone, brau, &c.); 3. Butch. to »eil by retail ; 
4. a) to wbip, acourge ; 6) n. vid. "&ut\6)la; 
gen, n. x.; tüten JSBaum — , to lop a tree; 
einen «Bott — , vid. Xu*Iia)ten $ ©tdcte — , 
to grub or root oat stump» ; ba$ aufgehauene 
JEoblenfelb, Min. exhauated coal-inine. 

XuS'fcduten, (to.) v. a. 1. to «kin, uncate (a 
linre, &c); 2. to ttrip or diveat of «kin» or 
»kiony particlet. 

3(u*'be1>en, (str.) v. a. 1. to beave off, lift 
out, take out; 2. Horl. to lift up, lift (the 
deteoti of a dock) ; (n.) to warn; 3. to un- 
bioge, unhang; 4. to draw out (witb tbe 
crane or ayphoa); 5. Wood, to block out; 
6. «) to pick oat, aelect; 6) to raine (inen 
for an array), to levy (aoldiera). 

Xu«'hfber, (ttr.) m. Horl. ratcb, ratchet. 

1Cu»^e1>efp5n, (str., pl. XnS'bebefpSne) m 
Ztyp. compoiiag rul«, »etting rule. 

XuJ'bebung , (v>0 /■ 1- heaving off, &c, vid, 
Ttulbebenj 2. tbe act of raisiog «oldier», 
letrying, (compoliory)enrollment; conacrip- 
tioo, levy. 

Xuä'hedjeta, (w.) v. a. 1. to hatchel (out); 2. 
fig. vid. 3Durd)bea)eln, 2. 

Xno'hetfen, (u>.) v. a. 1. to hatcb, breed; 2 
col. to baten, to contrive, deriae, invent, 
to brew (a plot, Ac). 

Äu«'befteln, (to.) v. a. to onclasp, anhook. 

Xue'^tiicn, (id.) v. a. to beal or care per- 

TtaJ'fjetmifn), ad}, foreign, alien. [fectly. 

Ttuä'tjeisen, (to.) t>. a. to warm tborougbly. 

XuJ'&elfen, (str.) t>. n. to help out, aopplj, 
furniah, proTide, or fit witb, to aid, aaaiat, 
auocour; Qinem mit ffieft — , to aecommo- 
date one witb money; er hilft mir oft au«, 
k« frequently snpplie* me. 

5(u«'beIIcn, (u>.) v. a. vid. XufbeHen. 

XuS'bemmen, (to.) v. a. to autrig, unskid; (n.) 
to take away tbe drag (chain) or trigger. 

Xut'beuern, («o.) v. a. vid. Yntmietben. 

Tiü^xtb, (ttr.) m. ]. firat cut, thruat or 
blow, Ac cf. Xaebauen; 2. that which ia 
hewn or est oat. Mint, a cut fron» tbe bulliou 
aa an eaaay for coining. [out. 

XaS'bcbeln, (to.) v. a. Join. to plane off, cot 

Xu«'h6hlen, (to.) v. a. to bollow or acoop out; 
Corp. tc. to diah out; to make bollow, care, 

. excavate, delve, underraine; to wear([away] 
atooea); CS&alen — , Arch. to rebate, Chan- 
nel, Inte column»; SRetall, |>»lj, IC. -, to 

groove, to gutter; auSgebfhtt, p. a. Bot. 

cbanneled, canaliculateil, atriated, »inuated. 
auS'boblung, (to.)/. hotlowiug out, &c; ex- 

cavation; fret; Arch. floting, Channel. 
Xui'b6bnen, (m.) «. a. vid. Serbobnen. 
2u»'f)5ren, XuS&ofern, (w.) v. a. to bawk. 
"Hut'^ökn, (10.) v. I. a. vid. 'HuSforffben, 2.} 

II. n. 1. to lift up the arm for »triking; 2. 

nid. einen Xnlonf nehmen s mit— , fig. to 

begin far off, to expatiate, to uae prolixity. 
Tfui'böler, (str-) ™- Mar. girtline (of tbe 

atay-tacklea, &c); — her äSlinbe, pl. the 

aprit-aail haliards; — btl ÄlüwtS, the tack 

of tbe jib; — beä Älü»erbaunu5, the top- 

rope of tbe jib-boom. 
Xu«'boI}en, (to.) t».a.l. vid. 3(u6Hd>ten} 2. 

vulg. vid. 'XuSprügeln. 
■JtuS'fjcribcn, (to.) v.a. to learn by hearkeuing, 

liatening, cf. TfoSforfiben. 
XuS'boren, (to.) v. a. to bear to tbe end, to 

bear (one) out. 
■HuS'bSo, (str.) m. vid. Tfushebung. 
2tn6'bülfe, (10.) /. L helping out, aupply, Ac 

vid. 3Cu£belfen j aaaiatance, aecommodation ; 

2. vid. Sebelf. 
TCuS'bülfen, (to.) v. a. to bnak, unhaak, hall, 

to peel (barley, &c), to ahell. 
■ÄuS'bungctn, (to.) v. a. to famiab, atarre; to 

aubdue by banger; ausgehungert, p. a. 

»tarved. [rebuke, reprimand, abuae. 

3u6'bun;en, (ir.) v. a. vulg. to acold, chide, 
■J£u8'^uften, (to.) v. a. to cough up. 
ÄuS'jägen,(u).) v. I. a. chaie.hont, drive 

or force out; 2. fig. vid.^u8preffen / 2.j II. n. 

to leave off honting; er bot aufgejagt, he 

baa done bunting. 

TCufi'jäten, (u>.) v. a. vid. Xuggftcn. 
■JCuS'jOtben, (ir.) v. a. to nnyoke. 
JtuS'falben, (to.) v. n. to ceaae calving. to 

have done calving. [rougbly. 

Tiut't dltcn, (to.) v. n. (aux. fein) to cool tho- 
Kui'tamme:Jtamm, (str., pl. lu«'? ämmc;&äm= 

me) m. wide tootb comb, hair comb. 
XuS'f dmmen, (to.) v. a. to comb, comb oat. 
Xut'f&mpfen, (to.) v. I. a. vid. Xujfedjren; 

11. n. to ceaae fighting. [card. 

Tlütfatot, (to.)/. Mecli. finiaber, finiahing- 
"X.nS'toxxtn, (to.) v. a. to cart oat or away; to 

carry away in a wheelbarrow. 
■JCuSfauen, (to.) v. a. 1. to champ up, cbew; 

2. Mar. bat SBcrg — , to work oat tbe oakum. 
TiuSfaufen, (to.) v. a. 1. Com. to buy oat. 

parebaae out (an eatabliahmcot) ; 2. to anti- 

cipate (anotber purchaaer) in buyiog; Z.fig. 

to uae, employ well (occaaion. timc). 
XuS'ffgeln, (to.) r.a.l. vid. Xu^fibicben, L 3§ 

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2. Ket attegeftgdt ftta, to be dialocated (*aid 

of a hone'* fetlock). [fer, Ante, 

XnsTftlen, (w.) u.a. Jreft. to cbanael, cham- 
■JCuS'RbUng, (w.) /. Areh. Channel, chamfer 

(of a column). 
"Xas'rebren, (id.) o.a. »weep(out), denn; 

%fam.for Xttfbürften, 90.) (in *3d)tff— , to 

*wab a ahip. 

Xsff'ftbrifbt, (*tr.) n. sweepinga. 

Xallrifen, (to.) v. o. cof. vid. Xoifdjelten, 

Xatfeiltn, (to.) o. I. o. 1. to provide with 

wedgea; 2. /am. vid. 2£n*»rügeln5 IL n. 1 

n#7. to run out ia a wedge; Min. to crop 

00t, to coaie to the «urface, to terminate, 

«ad (aa Teina of ore, Ac). 
Xne'ftünen, (ib.) o. n. 1. (oux. fda) to ger- 

adnate, ahoot 00t; 2. to ceaae to gerininate 
XusTtltern, (10.) v. a. to squeeze ont or gain 

by the (wine-)preaa. 
Kult erteil, (to.)e. a. to noteh, aeallop, in- 

deat; anegefertt, p. a. Bot. creaated, »er 

TbtättTMU, (to.) o. a. 1. to take the kernel 

00t of, to stoae; 2. fig. to pick, choose the 

beut front ..., to coli. 
XnSf efleln, (to.) o. I. a. to form in the ihape 

of a kettle; II. n. Min. to assume the ihape 

of a kettle. 
Ttue'hltrn, (10.) v. a. Min. to slit into cleft» 

(in order to apply coim or wedge*). 
Thietitltn, (tc.) v. a. to provide with quill» 
Xai'tiütn, (w.) v. a. to fill with cement. 
ÜXLiflafttm , (w.) v. a. to fathom, meaanre 

(a tree) with oatipread am*. 
XnSflägbär, adj. Luv, demandable, tbat can 

be sned for. 
■JCuS'flägen , (to.) v. I. a. to *ue for (*ome- 

tfaing) ; to paraue or prosecute at law for ., 

IL n. to have done complaining. 
TCnSTlärtn, (to.) v. a. to dear up. 
Xasflatfiben, (10.) v. I. a. 1. to explode, con- 

demn by clapping the band*, to drive off the 

«tage; vvlg-s. 2. vid. Xuaprugeltt} 3. to 

blab out, to tattle. 
Ttai'ilauim, (10.) t>. a. 1. to piek (out), to 

■hell; -2. fig. vid. Xuegrubdn. 
TtuS'tltbea , (to.) v. o. to line, to paper, to 

doae by paiting sometbing over. 
Xncfleiben, (10.) v. a. 1. to nndreu, unclotbe, 

to narobe; Ttfi. to uadreai, pot off oae'a 

elotfaea; 2. to line or cover on the imide, 

wd. »eflrfbrn, 2. 

TtuSf Ieibe=3immer, (rir.) n. vid. ®arberobe. 
XurtleÜrnng, (».)/• undreaata«. Ac. rf. Xu* 

Xuefleiftern, (tc.) t>. a. to paite on the inaide. 

XueTOngeln, (to.) v. a. to publUb by ringiag 
a bell. 

Xal'Niagen, (str.) v. n. to ceate aoaading, 
to cea*e to vibrate, to die on the ear, to 
die away. 

Xn£'ftopfen, (10.) v. a. 1. to beat out, remove 
(the dort, 4c.) by beating; 2. to dean 
(dothea, Ac) by beating, to beat. 

Xueflögeln, (*>.) v. a. vid. Xnsgrübdn. 

Xas'fnftm, (10.) o. o. Bak. to knead (tho- 

Xne'fnurren, (to.) «. n. to ceaae growling. 

Xuä'fodjen, (to.) v. I. o. 1. to boil ont; to 
remove (coloura, kc.) by boiling; 2. to 
dean by boiling; II. n. 1. (aux. fein) to 
boil over or away; 2. an*gefod)t baben, to 
have done boiling. 

TCoetommea, (str.) v. n. (avx. fein) 1. to 
come ont; fig-t. 2. to come or break out 
(offire); 3. to get out, abroad, tranipire, 
take vent, vid. £er<m8fonuntns 4. a) to 
have enongb, to (be able to) subsiit, to 
have a good Ac. livelihood; — mit, to make 
do; bomit fomme id) au«, thi» «ufnee* me, 
thi» i* Rufficient or will do for me; er »eiß 
mit feinen Sinfünftcn aufjutommen, he ma- 
nage* to live within hu income; 6) to get 
on, *occeed(with one); gut—, to agree, live 
peaceably ; ei ift f<b»er mit ityn au*}ufom» 
men, he i* hard to be dealt with. 

XuS'tommen, «. (str.) n. 1. coming out, &c. 
vid. Me verb; fig-s. 2. competence (— cy), 
anbiiitenec; er f)tt ein geringe» — , he ha* 
littie to depend npon; fein— bobcn, to gain 
oue'* inbuiitence, to make, earn or gain a 
livelihood, to make a living; to have where- 
withal to live; fein gutes — haben, to have 
a good livelihood, to enjoy n competence, to 
be well off; 3. peaceable intercourae; mit 
end) ift fein — , there i* no dealiog with 
you; ein — treffen, to find waya and mean*. 

Xnj'foppdn, (10.) v. a. to uncouple. 

"int'Kxntn, (to.) v. a. to take out the grain* 
of (ear* of corn). 

Xus'foflen, (to.) v. a. 1. to find out or »eiset 
by tawting; 2. to conaume by tastiag. 

Vut'fotben, (to.) v. a. vid. Xtitfegdn, 2. 

Tfue'f rädjjen, (tc.) v. n. to ceate croakiag. 

■XuS'frSbEn, (to.) o. I. a. to announce by crow- 
ing ; II. n. to leave off crowing. 

Xue'frSmen, (to.) v.a.l. to diaplay, lay out 
upon a itall, expoie to *ale; 2. to rnmmage 
up, out; 3. fig. to diiplay, to make an o»ten- 
tatious diaplay of ... 

TCuefrumpeln, (tc.) v. a. to card (wool). 

■JCuS'rrttjcn, (w.) «. I. o. 1. to tcratch, »crape 

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out; 2. to raxe, erase (any thing written); 
U.n. (aux. ftin) col. to ran away, an. to bolt. 

JCnefranfeseifen, (str.) n. Sarf. prickiag iron 
pricking teeth (pl.). 

Tfn*'frlea)en, (str.) t>. n. (aux. fein) to creep 
or crawl forth (out o0; to creep out of the 
■hell (ai young birda). 

XuSfritgen, (tu.) v. n. to terminale the war. 

Xui'frobfen, (to.) ». a. »td. Xuegröbfen. 

XuS'rugeln, (to.) ». a. to ballot for, to decide 
by balloting. 

Xu«tü6Ien, (to.) o. n. (ouar. fein) to cool tbo- 

T(ne'runbf<boften (3Cu*'firaben, l.u.), (to.) «. a. 
to explore, to find out or discover by dose 
aeareb or examination, to »py (out), e«py, 
to reconnoitre, descry. 

JfoSfunft, (str., pU Xns'funfte) f. 1. # vid. 
XuStommen; 2. Information, inlelligence, 
f tatement ; 3. or %-tmitttl, n. expedient. 

XuS'runfteln, {ui.) v. a. to coatrive or exe 
ente with too mach skill or art. 

Xu j'laiben, (w.) v. I. o. to laogh at, to deride, 
to make »port with or of; II. refl. to laugh 
to one'i heart's content; III. n. to ceaie 

Xttf'täbe*, comp. — lohn, m. tunnage, feei for 
nnloading ; — geng, n. vid. Ängeljicber. 

XMlobtn, (str.) v. I. a. 1. to anload, nnlade, 
discharge; 2. EUe. to disbnrden; ein ®d)iff 
— , to ligbten, diiembark, clear a vessel; 
ein ©eroebr — , to draw the Charge ont of a 
gnn; II. n. to diiembark, break bnlk, land. 

Xneläbet, (str.) n». 1. nnloader, ligbterman 
2. Klee. vid. entlobet j -lohn, m. vid. Xn* 

XnJtäoung, (to.) /. 1. nnloading, ftc; dis- 
charging (of ballast) ; 2. Arcli. prominence, 
projeetion, projeeting part, c/. Xuilanf, 4. a) ; 
sie fdjrige — , a lapping of timber, gain. 

Xnt'lSge, (10.) /. 1. Fenc. (advanced) Posi- 
tion of the body, poature of ilefence ; 2. stall, 
bench for aale; 3. Com. co»t, disbursement, 
laying ont; expense, expenditure, money 
■liabnried; previous payment, advanced mo- 
ney, ontlay; X-n, pl. advances; ole — roteber 
erfttttten, to reimburse; es lohnt bie — nidjt, 
it dorn not qnit coat; X— (n)nottt, /. aeconnt 
of diabnnementa. 

Xns'lägern, (to.) v. n. vid. Xbtagern, n. 

XM'lanb, (str.) n. foreign conntry; im X-e, 
abroad; ÄBaoren 00m X-e, foreign commo- 
dities; »riefe in tat — , letters for abroad, 
I. addreaaed to a foreign eunntry ; $>flid)ten 
gegen 6o$ — , international dutiei. 

Xui'lanben, (ir.) v. a. to diaembark. 

Xultanber, (str.) m. I. foreigner, stranger, 
allen; 2. Zooi. chain-snake. 

XntlAnberei', (to.) /. prediiection for every 
thing foreign, affeetation of foreign Ban- 
ners, *c. [Bot. exotic. 

Vtttlinbifd), ad), foreign, ontlandish, alien; 

Xus'langtn, (10.) v. n. 1. to anffice; 2. tnd. 
Xu*t ommen, 4. 

Xufttangen, (to.) v. a. to Stretch, extend. 

XuS'lärmtn, (to.) v. n. to cease to noise. 

Jatlaf, (str., pl. TtnsIdffO ">• outlet. 

Xulflaffen, (str.) v. a. 1. to let out; to «lia- 
charge, iasne, emit; ein Stoßt — , to hoist 
ont a boat; ben Dampf — , Meeh. to biow 
off the steam; 2. -Seio. to let out (a coat, 
*c; opp. einnahm, 2.); 3. to melt (bntter, 
ftc); 4. to leave ont, omit, skip (over), to 
pass oTer or by, to mias; 5. fig. a) to vent, 
to gire vent to (one'a pasaion), to wreak 
or visit one'a anger (indignation , displea- 
sure, &c.) upon (on) ; b) to open(one's heart, 
ftc, gegen, to); feine ©ebanfen — , or fta> — , 
refl. to express, ntter one's thoogbte, to de- 
liver one's seif (Über, on) ; er bat fid) ntd)t 
Wetter onDgeloffen, he did not explain bim- 
self any forther. 

Xuelnflung, s. I. (to.)/. 1. letting ont, tc; 
emission; 2. o) teaving out, Omission; 6) 
Gram, ad) elision; 6e>> ellipaia; II. comp. 
Mech-s. X-4flappe, /. exit-valve, discharge- 
valve, delivery-valve; Tl-4pforte, /. eduetion 
port; X-*töbre,/. eduetion-pipe; 3-6}cüben, 
n. Gram, mark of elision, apostropbe. 

Xuü'tOUben, (to.) v. a. 1. to thin out tbe fo- 
liage of (a tree, Äc); 2. to adorn with fo- 

XuS'lauf, (str., pl. XnJ'laufe) m. 1. rnnoing 
out, Ac. cf. "Suslonfenj 2. leakage; 3. outlet, 
issue, mouth; 4. o) ontset; Start, starting, 
&c. ; b) port-clearing, &c. ; 4. Arch. a) projee- 
tnre, jntting ont,c/.7tu£[abnng,2.i 6)bancea 
or hanches (the ends of elliptical arebea); 
5. fig. profit of saltworks; Tcplas, "». start- 
ing place or point, starting post. 

Xui'laufen, (str.) v. I. n. (aux. fein) 1. a) to 
rnn ont; bat Tfafertau — laffen, to stip tbe 
cable; b) to leak, run ont; c) to discharge 
itself (as a river, ftc); d) to run ont of 
drawing (of colours), to blot, to sink (cf. 
Dnt(bfa)[agen, IH. 1 .) ; 2. <z) to begin mnniDg; 
to Start, set ont; to depart; 6) to clear (or 
run ont) a port, set sail, put to sea; auf 
©ente — , to cruise; 3. a) to issue (or to 
taper: into a point, ftc.); 6) Arch. to pro- 
jeet, jnt out; c) to spread (of plante); d) to 
swell ont; — laffen, Typ. to keep ont; II. 

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Tffl. 1. to wear oot or to grow wider by 
frktion; 2. col. to take aufficient exerciae 
by nraning abont; III. o. 1. Man. bie JSoIte 
nidjt regelmäßig -, to narrow; 2. Min. to 
remove further. [XuSlanf. 

TtoSTanfeu, p. *. (ffr.) n. running ont, &c. cf. 

Ausläufer, (strjm. 1. runner, errand-boy; 
3. Bot. shoot, aprout, gacker, itoloniferoiu 
•lern; 3. ./ig. tpnr (of a moantain), brauch; 
— treiben*, atoloniferoos. 

AnSlaugen, (te.) v. a. 1. to elear of Ijc; 2. 
to get (the salt) ont of asbea; 3. to waab in 
Ije; to impregnate or aoak witb «alt« from 
wood aahea, Chem. to lixiviate. 

XttS'laut, (*fr.) m. Gram, final «>and of a 
vord or «yllable (opp. Anlaut); boS eng 
ttfcbt r ift im A-e räum hörbar, r, in Engliah, 
when it terminate« a word, i> «carcely beard. 

XuS'lauten, (to.) v. n. 1. to ceaie to lound 
2. Gram, to terminate a word or «yllable 
(opp. Anlauten) $ SBörttr bie mit t — , word« 
ending in t ; auSlautenbeS < ift im ©eurfdjen 
fä)arf , * i* «harp and hiuing at tbe end of 
German word«. 

XuS'lauten, (to.) v. I. a. to proclaim the end 
of (a thingj by ringing tbe belli; II. n. to 
ceaae to ring tbe bell*. 

Xus'läutern, (te.) «. a. vid. Ausübten. 

XuS'ltben, (to.) v. n. to finish one'a life; bu 
Saft ausgelebt, yon are a dead man. 

XaSleden, (hj.) t>. I. a. to lick up, out, lap 
op; IL n. (aux. fein) to ran or drop out; to 

Xuälibern, (te.) v. a. 1. T. to line with lea- 
tber; to leatber; 2. vulg. vid. AuSprügcln. 

Ausleeren, (w.) t>. a. to empty; Med. &c. to 
void, excrete, evacoate, eject, cgeit; a-c 
OXittcl, evacuanta. 

AuSleeTer, (str.) m. emptier, 4c. 

Ausleerung, (to.) /. empty ing; Med. &c, 
evacoation; excretion, voidance, «jection, 
egeation ; gelinge — , a normal itool ; 
Mech-s. A-Spumpen, exhauating ayringes; 
A-Srö$re, f. exhauation pipe. 

AuSt^t;, comp. — bclj, n., — ftdbd)en, n. pl. 
Join. Teneers, inlay; ■ — Paflen, m. ihow-box 
(of a abop); — tifd), m. stall, bench, Ac. npon 
wbicb to expoae gooda for aale. 

luStigm, (to.) v. a. 1. to lay out; 2. Join. i.e. 
to inlay, to veneer; to tesaelate; 3. to lay 
ont for ahow, to aet to abow, expoae to view, 
diaplay ; 4. o) to pot out (money) at inter- 
eat; 6) to advance, diabnrae (money); 5. 
ftg. to interpret (dreama, fcc), explain, ex- 
pound (a text of acriptore, &c), to con- 
strne (als or für, into), to put a (harab, tc.) 

conatrnetion npon, oa; fnlfd) — , to alainter- 
pret; tili ©d)iff — , to lay out aveaael upon 
the road ; }um*5erfauf — , to expoae for aale 
AuS'ttger, (jtr.) m. 1. Mar. a boom uaed foi 
a bowaprit,&c. in amall reaaela ; 2.explalner, 
Interpreter, &c. 
AuSUfgerrf', (to.) /. cwifc 1. an Incorrect or 
lame Interpretation; 2. uaeleaa or over-re- 
fining Interpretation, hair-aplitting. 
Auslegung, s. I. (to.) /. 1. laying ont, &c. 
cf. XuSIegeni 2. explanation, Interpretation, 
expoaition, conatrnetion , Theol. exegeaia; 
falfcbt — , miainterpretation, miaconatruetion ; 
einer ©acbe eine (geniffe) — geben, to put a 
(certain) conatrnetion on a tbing; II. comp. 
A-Sfnnbe,/. 7C-Swiffenfd)oft,/. hermenentica, 
ecience of Interpretation ; A-Sfunft,/. exege- 
aia; a-S»eife, adv. by way of Interpretation. 
AuS'lebren, (to.) b. o. 1. to keep in appren- 

ticeabip tili the time fixed expiree; 2. to 

complete a conrae of tuition. 
AuS'leiben, (irr.) v. n. to suffer to the end; 

to ceaae aoffering; er bat ausgelitten, hia 

sufferinga are at an end. 
AuS'leiben, («fr.) v. a. to lend out, to put 

ont ; (Selb auf 3infen — , to put out money at 
AuS'letyer, («fr.) m. lender, Ac [intereat. 
XuS'lenfen, (to.) v. n. vid. Ynsbiegen, Tlut* 

Eu^ernen, (to.) v. n. 1. to aecompliab tbe 

time of apprenticeabip, to aerve one'a time; 

2.fig. to ceaae or finish learning; auSges 

lernt haben, to be out of one'a time (aa an 
■JCuSlefe, (to.) /. vid. 3fa*»a6l. [apprentice). 
XuSlüfen, C»'r.) v. a. 1. to elect, aelect, cull, 

pick or aingle ont, chooae; to aort out; bie 

3»febeljtf<be — , 7Vp. to pick up the piea ; 

2. to finiah reading, peruae, to read ont, 

through or to the end. 
XuS'leuen, (to.) v. a. Mar. to anload by meana 

of a boom and tackle. [(a foreat> 

TtuS'tidjten, (to.) v. a. For. to cleaf or thin 
ausliefern, (to.) v. a. (einem etroos) to de- 

liver (over), to give up (an, to). 
Auslieferung, (to.) /. 1. delivery; 2. Law, 

extradition; comp. 3C-Sf(beüt, m. bill of de- 
livery ; K-Soertrag, m. Pol. cartel. 
TCuS'Iiegen, (str.) v. I. n. to lie to a fixed 

time, to improve by lying (c/. Ablagern, II.); 

II. a. to loae by lying. 
3CuSlieger, (str.) m. Mar. gnardahip, revenne 

cuttcr, outrigger. 
AuS'lodjen, (to.) v. a. 1. Min. to draw ont of 

the earth ; 2. to provide with a hole. 
Au8'l6d)em, (to.) v. a. to provide with bolea. 
AuS'IÖfftln, (to.) v. a. to empty with apooni. 

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Xnstofcnen, XolTibnen, (w.) v. a. to pay thelpfae'inarten, (u>.) o. a. to mark out 

waget to 

TCus'loofen, vid. «etloofen. 

Xtta'lootfen, (10.) v. a. Mar. to pilot out of 
a barbour, to condnct or carry (a veaael) 
oat to »ea. 

TtuS'loebär, adj- redeemable; repleviable. 

TCuetöfiben, v. I. (str. k to.) n. 1. to be extin- 
guiahed, to go oat; 2. fig. to die; II. (id.) a. 
1. to extiaguiih , queRcb, put oat; 2. a) to 
expunge, to do or put out, to efface, oblite 
rate, blot or dash out; to eraie, work out; 
fr) Script, to expiate (one'a guilt). 

JtueVIäfdjer, (str.) m. 71 extinguiiher. 

TCustofdjlidi, I. a*". queuchable; II. X-fctt,/. 

■JCuS'löfcbunfl, (10.) /. extiaction, &c 

Äil'Wfen, (io.) v. a. 1. to looaeu, »id. göfen 
3. o) BkIcA. to cut oat (boaes); fr) Surg. 
to extirpate; 3. Sport, to take out of the 
net (larki); fig-t. 4. to pay for (one), to 
releaae, rauom, redeem, deliver; 5. to 
replevy, redeem, recover (a pawn). 

Xvi'fitlid), vid. TtntlStUr. 

Tfaa'ßfung, (ic.) /. 1. or Xuslöfer, (str.) m, 
/fort, ütd. Xnsbcber; 2. Surg. extirpatioo; 
3. redeeming: a) releaaiog, rauom, delive- 
raoce; fr) replevio. 

3£u6'Iüften, (w.) v. a. to air thoroaghly. 

Xu6'maa)en, («1.) v. a. 1. to make out; 2. a) 
to put out (tbe Are, &c); fr) to take out, 
get out; to ahell (cbeatnuti, pea», &c), to 
blanch (almooda) ; fig-s. 3. to find out; (Biß) 
— , Sport, to draw a cover; 4. to amount 
or come to; to make up, coastitute (a whole, 
Ac); 5. a) to settle, make up, fiaish, end, 
termiuate, decide; 0) to fix, determioc; to 
■tipnlate; 6. imp. to matter, be of conae 
quence; er bat tt autgemaibt, he is dead; 
fiinem einen Dienft, anartier — , to pro 
eure one an office , a lodging , &c. ; (Stncnt 
eine Summe — , to »ettle a «um upon one 
id> nebme es als autgemaibt an, I take it for 
granted; ei maibt nÜ)tl an*, it matter« not, 
it doea not matter, it it no matter; never 
mind(it); es mad)t nidjt otel au», it ii no 
great matter. 

Xus'mägern, (10.) ». a. vid. Xbmagern. 

3u6'ma$len, (irr.) v. I. a. to grind out; 11. n. 
to bave done grinding. 

Xua'mälen, (to.) v. ho. 1. to paint, colour, 
illuminate; 2. to fioiih (a picture); II. rtfl. 

fig. fid> (Dat.) (Statt — , to picture iome- 
tbing to one'» seif, to give an imaginative 
colouriag to ... 

Xnt'mfiler, (str.) m. colourist, illumiuator. 

Xut'marfd), (str., pl. XuSfaarfibe) in- marc*- 

ing out. [out. 

TCus'marfditren, (vi.) v. a. (avx. fein) to mareb 
Ttus'maften, (10.) v. a. to fatten completely, 

to crem (poultry). [stouea. 

•Jfus'mauern, (to.) «all up, to line witb 
"Äuä'manfern, (to.) v. n. to bave done moultiog. 
Tfut'metpeln, (to.) v. a. to cbiiel out; to ea- 

chaae. [by milking. 

■JfuS'meSen, (str.) v. a. to milk out, to draia 
Xue'mergeln, (to.) «. a. 1. to «ear (land) out 

of heart, to empoverish; 2. to eoervate, ex- 

hanst; to emaciate, make leau, thin; oat: 

gemergelt, p. a. exhauated, barreu, effete. 
TCus'merjen, (10.) v. a. to caat off, rejeet, 

tum out or away; to call, weed. 
Xue'mcffen . (str.) t>. a. 1. to meature (00t); 

to «urveyi to gage; to find the aolid coa- 

tenta of (a piece of timber, &c); 2. to aell 

by meaaure. 
Xus'mefler, (str.) m. meaaarer; aurveyor. 
Xut'mejfung, (w.) /. meaiuring, meaauremrut ; 

aurvey; bie — eine« ©ibiflfe« nehmen, Saut 

to take the bearinga. 
XuS'meJcn, (w.) v. a. Mill. to take the fce 

for grinding, usually a certain qnantity of 

(the flour ground) in Heu of payment 
♦ Sue'meubfiren [pron. — 'mJb— ], (v>.) v. a. 

to furniib (a room). 
Xufmietben, (to.) v. a. 1. to let out for hire; 

2. to warn oat, ejeet by raifing tbe reat; 3. 

to find a or another lodging for ... . 
Xnc'miften, (to.) t>. a. to caat the düng out 

of (a stable), to deanie (it). 
7fa*'mitteln, (to.) v. o. to find out, procura, 

diacoTer, ascertain. 

■JCuS'raobeln, (to.) v. o. vid. Xnemeubtiren. 
XnC'moofen, (to.) e. a. to rid of moai. 
Knc'mänben, (to.) v. r^t. & n. to diacharge 

itaelf, to diiembogue, to empty. 
TCns'münDnng, (to.) /. mouth (of a ri »er), ( Fr.) 

TCne'münien, (10.) v. a. to coin. 
^ue'muflcrn, (10.) v. a.l. to rejeet, caahier; 

2. to purge or clear (a work from incorrect 

or offensive p&aaage»); 3. cot. vtd.Xufputen. 
XuS'nÜben, (to.) v. a. to embroider; to quilt; 

ausgrnibt, p. a. aet-stitched. 
Xus'nabmc, (y>.)f. exception (oon, to); mit 

— unb SSorbebalt, Laie, excepted nnd forc- 

prised; —fall, m. exceptional caae; — gefrt, 

n. exceptional law. 
Xue'nifbinen, (str.) v. I. «. 1. to take out. 

ef. $erau$nefrnen; 2. to embowel, dress (a 

fiab); to eviscerate, to holk (ahare); to 

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gip (a berring) ; ,f»nig — , vid. »efd)neiben i 

3. to cbose, take up (conunoditiea); 4.fig- 

to except, exempt, exclude; feinen aufges 
nosunn, nobody excepted ; Tl. refl. to diitin 
gaiah iUelf , to make a figure , to look well, 
ill; »on bier nimmt ei fid) am befreit an«, 
bere it ia aeen to tbe best advantage. 

«aj'nSbmenb, p. a. exeeeding, extraordinary ; 
exquisite, surpassiog. 

XuS'nttftn, (10.) v. n. to bare done sneezing. 
Xaf'fibfen, (te.) u. o. Mar. to ball (out), to 

free (a boat) Crom water. 
iaS'ötat, (10.) o. a. to oil (tbe inside). 
XnS'padrfen, (tu.) t>. a. 1. otd. sBerpaditenj 

2. to dislodge by offering or asking a higher 

Xag'pacren , (10.) t). a. to nnpack, oobale 

(gooda), to open (a pack). 
TCnä'porfer, (*tr.) m. unpacker. [board. 

Xng'poppen, (u>.) v. a. to line witb paate- 
* Xn£'pariren, (u>.) ». a. Fenc. to parry, to 

ward off. 
TtnJ'panfen, (tr.) t). a. 1. to dram oat, cf. 

TtuSpofannen j 2. oid. Xneprügetn. 
TCnS'paufdjen, (ib.) t>. a. Min. to beat unall, 

to clear of dross. 

InS'prilen, (10.) v. a. Mar. to aonod. 
"KnS'priffdjen, (ic.) o.a. to whip(out),scoarge, 
KuS'pfihlen, (10.) o. a. to »et (oat) witb pale«. 
3Cn* / pfinb(n, (10.) v. a. to distrain, aeize the 

gooda of (a peraon) for debt; to lay or lodge 

detainers againat. 
XnS'pfanber, (rtr.) m. diatraiaer, aeixor. 
XnS'pfanbnng, (10.)/. diatreaa, seizure ; exe- 

cution; dlatraint; X-SbefebJ, m. distress- 

Xnt'pfarren, (».)». a. to take from one pariah 

(and attach to another). 
aa*'pfetfen, (rtr.) v. a. to condemn (a play) by 

driving it» anthor (performer) off the stage, 

i.e. by whistling, to catcall, cf. Ttu8jif(boi. 
1£a8'pferd)en, (to.) 0. o. to unpen (aheep). 
XuJ'pflanjen, (u>.) «. a. to plant oat (cab- 

bage, Ac witb the dibble). 
Saä'pflaftern, (to.) v. a. to paTe. 
SaS'pfliiren, (v>.) v. a. to pluck up. 
TfaS'pfßigcn, (to.) t>. I. o. to plough up; II. n. 

to cease ploughing. 
XuS'pidjen, (10.) v. a. to pitcb ; (in auSgepitb; 

teS (SBtins)go|i, joc. a seasoned caak (said 

of a tippler). [auspices. 

' *Xn«pt'ei'<!n, (u>.) n. pt Äom. Myth. kfig. 
aae'pitfen, (to.) o. a. to peck out. 
XuS'ptafeln, (u>.) o. a. to paint or bruah all 

over (on the ioaide). 
XuS'pIoppern, (w.) v. a. vid. Va*fä)n>a(en. 

Xn«'pl«tten, SufpMtten, (to.) t>. a. to smooth 

(out) by ironing. 
KuS'pIa(en, (10.) v. n. (aux. fein) 1. to barst 

out or asunder; 2.fig. to borst (into laugh- 

ter, 4c). 

TtnS'pItabern, (to.) v.a.&n. vid. Xusftbmaben. 
TCaS'plnmpen, (to.) v. o. vttf. «"uepnmpen. 
Xnfi'plünbern, (u.) v. <i. to empty or strip 

by pillage or plnndering, vid. $Iünbern. 
Xn*'pon)en, (to.) u. o. 1. vid. iaeNopfen j 2. 

fig. to explode, cf. 7tu6 trommeln & Xu*« 

pfeifen; 3. Sport, to dislodge (as märten»). 
Xni'poIIren, (to.) v. a. to polish on the in- 

side, to buruish up. 
■JCm'polftern, (to.) v. a. to staff, päd, qailt on 

tbe inside; to provide witb staffed aeata, &c. 
anJ'pottern, (to.) v. n. vid. austoben. 
■Jfne'pofaunen, (to.) v. a. fig. to trumpet fortb, 

to divulge, to blazon, blast abroad, blaxe 

about, to crj up, sound (one'a praise). 
XaS'prJgen, (to.) v. a. 1. Min. to coin; 2. 

to imprint well; to stamp distinctly; 3. lig. 

to set a seal or stamp on ...; (in anigepr&g« 

te* griedjifdje« <StfU)t, a decidedGreek face. 
Xng'prtttgen, (to.) u. n. to have done preacb- 

3Cue'preffen, (te.) v. a. 1. to preas out, »queezc 

out, crnsh out (grapes) ; to strain , force or 

wring out; 2. fig. to extort, draw (tears, 

sigbs, (Sinem, from one). 
XnS'pröben, 2Ca*'priTfm, (to.) v. a. 1. to try 

thoroughly; 2. Aftn. to put in the ingot- 

Sni'prftgeln, (to.) v. a. to cudgel, vulg. to 

drob, baate, belabour, duat one's coat 

(jacket), to curry one's coat (bide), 
TCaJ'pnmpen, (10.) «. a. 1. to pump oat; 2. 

Phy. to exhanst, extract by an air-pump. 
TtuS'panftir«, (to.) v. a. to point out. 
■JCaä'pttffcn, (to.) v. a. provinc. for Kut- 

blafen, qv. 
Xug'puf), (str.) m. dreaaing, trimming. 
■JCaS'patjen, (to.) v. a. 1. to clean, cleanse or 

polish on the inside, to spunge (a cannon) ; 

to sweep out (a störe); Manuf. to pick or 

clean (silk, woolen »tuff, cloth); 2. to dress 

or trim önt, to fit up, vid. XulW)m&ttni 3. 

Gard. to prane (trees) , diabad ; 4. to snuff 

oat, extinguish (the candle); 5- fig. vulg. 

to rebuke, reprimand (one). 
Xni'pattr, (jrr.) m. 1. dresser, Jcc; l.fig. 

vulg. reproof, reprimand, lecture, lesson, 

an. wipe, set-down; einem einen — geben, 

to reboke eol. to trim one. 
XaS'quflen, (te.) v. a. (einem etna») to tor- 

tare (sometbing) out (of one). 

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♦XuoAiuartteren, (to.) v. a. to dislodge. 
Xuf'quetfa)en, (to.) v. a. to iqueeze or crush 

«Xnf'rabtren, (to.) v. a. to erste, Scratch out 

with a knife. 
TCuS'raffen, (to.) v. o. Typ. to raff out 
■XuS'rabmert, (to.>t>. a. to unframe. 
TCuS'ranben , iuS'rfinbern , (to.) v. a. Bot. to 

emargi na te ; aus g et anbete .ftronenbl itttt (bei 

©(birmpfloitjen), emarginated leavei. 
*3u$'rangtren, [Fr.— räng-zhiVen] (to.) v.a 

vid. Kuomerjen. 

TCuS'räfen, (to.) o. n. * a. utd. 'Austoben. 
■JCuS'raften, (to.) v. n. to take lufficient rest 
TCuS'rauben, (to.) t>. o. to despoil (completely) 

by robbery, to plunder. 
3uS'raud)en, (to.) v. I. n. to ceaie to tmoke; 

n. o. 1. to tmoke out (a pipe); 2. Sport. 

to unharbour (asfoxes) by means of tmoke. 
3u6'rJuä)ern, (to.) v. a. 1. to perfume, fumi 

gate; 2. to smoke dry (meat, fi»b, &c). 
TfuS'raufen, (to.) v. a. 1. to pluck out, pull 

out or off, to tear (out); to depilate; 2. 

Cloth. to dress cloth as futlers do, to burl 
XuS'roumen, (to.) o. a. 1. T. to open (a hole) 

with a riiiier; 2. a) to remove, take out or 

away ; 6) to clear (a room), to empty, eva- 

cuate; to cleanae. 
■JtuS'raujien , (to.) v. a. to rid of caterpillar«. 
XuS'rauSpern, (to.) v. I. a. to hawk up, eject 

or apit by hawking; II. refl. to bawk, bera, 

to clear oue'a throat. 
2ut'red)en, (to.) v. a. to clear with a rake. 
XuS'recbnen, (to.) v. a. to find out by com- 

putation, to calculate, reckon (up); to caat 

up (a aura). 
■Jtuä'redjnung, (to.) /. computation. 
XuS'redtn, (to.) v. a. & refl. to atretch (out), 

Ttut'vtit, (to.) /. 1. + ntterance, enuociation ; 

2. /ig. evasion, shift, aubterfuge, excoae, 

SuS'rtben, (to.) o. I. ». to fioiah one'a apeecb; 

[offen Bäte midj — , let me «peak out; auSge* 

rebet baben, to have dooe «peaking; II. a. 

(Sinem GtroaS) to dissaade from, to talk 

(one) out of (aomething) ; III. refl. 1 . vid. 

Cid) TtuSfpre(ben, 1 . ; 2. to excnse one'a aelf, 

to nae evaaion.«, Sc, </. KuSrebe, 2. 
"!CaS'ri T gnen, (tt>.) v.l.n. imp. es bat anSgereg» 

net, it haa done raining; II. a. to wa»h out, 
Xurreiben, (str.) v. a. to rub out, off or avray, 
XuS'rtilben, (to.) v. n. 1. to soflice, Ac. vid. 

£inreidjcn> 2. rief. Xusfommen, 4. 
TtuS'reiben, (w.) v. a. to ränge out. 
TtuS'reifen, (to.) v. I. n. (awor. fein) to sei 

out; to depart; II. ausgereift baben, to have 
done travelling. 

XnJ'reif en, (*rr.) v. I. o. 1. to pull out, tear 
oot, draw out; 2. to uproot, to tear up (by 
the roota), to pluck up (weeda, &c); eine 
?feber — , to pluck a feather; II. n. (aux. 
fein) 1. to tear, burat; fig-s. 2. to be ex- 
bauated (aa patience, ic); break looae, 
daah or tear off(ofboraea, &c); to acamper 
off, away, to run away, eacape, desert, to 
take to one'a heela; cant. to cnt one'a stick. 

Yu6'reifer, (str.) ro. deserter, Ac. ; fugitive ; 
runagate. [serting. 

XuSreijieret', (vi.) f. deaertion, practice of de- 

SuS'reiten, (str.) v. I. n. (awx. fein) to ride 
out, take a ride; II. a. 1. to air (a bome). 
to give an airing; 2. to ride over (a apace). 

TtuS'retter, (str.) m. out-rider; messenger, 

TfuS'renfen, (to.) v. a. to wrench oot or off, 
to sprain.dislocate.diejoint, put out of Joint; 
fid) (Dat.) tat SBein — , to aprain one'a leg. 

KuS'renfung, (to.) /. spraining, &c, dislo- 
cation (of a Joint). 

Xu*'rennen, (irr.) v. n. (aux. fein) 1. to ran 
oot; 2. to start from; 3. (aux. baben) to 
cease ronning. 

KuS'reuten, (to.) ». o. vid. TCu*roben. 

"JtuS'r^cben , (to.) v. a. to rig, fit out, equip 
(a ahip). [(of a ahip). 

TCue'r6ebong, (to.)/. QC-*f oflen, /. pl.) outfit 

Xuft'ridjten, (to.) v. a. 1. to turn ootwards; 
to make straight; 2. a) Min. to discover 
(a passage); 6) Sport, to track out; ein 
fiBiib — , to draw a cover; 3. to furaish tbe 
expense of ; 4. to do, perform , execute ; ef- 
fect, effectuale; eine $0d);eit — , to defray 
the expense of a wedding; eine TOabJjcit — , 
to give a dinner or supper; foQ üb 3^re 
IBotfdjaft or fflcflettnng — ? sball I do your 
errandf shallldeliveryourmessagcf einen 
®ru^ — , to bring compliments from one; 
»tel — , to prerail, prove effectual, to work 
well; nid)tt — , to labour in vain, to prove 
ineffectual; mit ibm finnen @ie niibti — , 
yon cannot do any thing with him; 3br 
{Brief wirb oiel bei it)t — , your letter will 
do much with her; fannfl bu 6t»a« mit ibm 
— , ran you prerail upon him? reo* ^aft btt 
aajgericjitet? bow bare you spedf in) fann 
bierin nid)tS — , I can do no good in it; man 
fann nid)ti — , tbere is no good to be done; 
bamit ifl nid)t< an*jnridjten, tbat will not 
(won't) do; bamit ift nidjt« anSgcridjtet, tbat 
is not sufficient. 

Xn$'rid)tung, (u>.)/. 1. Performance, execu- 

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tioo, preparation, *c cf. XtterUbttn} 2. »id. 
■Xusftarrung, 1. 

Xns'riedjen, (str.) v. I. a. to imell oat, find 
oat by the uaeil; II. n. to cease emittiog 
•cent ot imell. 

Xli'riefen, (u.) v. a. ArcK. tc. to flute, Chan- 
nel; to rille (the barrel of a gun); auige* 
rieft, adj. Bot. channeled, striated. 

Xaj'ringeu, (ttr.) v. La. 1. to wring oat (the 
water, *c); 2. vid. 'JCuSrenfenj 3. (Stnem 
fttrooß) to wreit (lomething) fron (one); 
II. n. to end one'* struggle. 

Xog'rinnen, (str.) v. n. (aux. fein) to run, 
leak, trickle ont. 

Ttat'ivppta, (vi.) v. a. to rid (leaves) of flbres; 
auigerippte SBIitter, Bot. atripped leaves. 

XuS'ritt, (ttr.) m. ride, excorsion on horse- 
back; (H.) departure. [groaning. 

TtnS'rödjeto, (to.) v. n. (aux. fein) to cease 

Xuö'röben, (to.) i). o. j*gr. 1. to root out or 
np; to grub (op.or ont), to dig oat, itub 
([ap] root»); 2. to clear of underwood, 
thorus, bramblea, £c. and make arable, 

Xnö'robren, (to.) t>. a. Af«. to provide wall» 
with reed (that tbe Urne may stick). 

aufrollen, (to.) v. I. o. 1. Bafc. to roll ont; 
2. to unroll, to take ont of a roll; 3. to »ift 
with a riddle, to riddle; II. n. to cea»e 

XaJ'tottbär, adj. extirpable. [roliing 

Xnfrstttn, (vi.) v. a. to aproot, root oot; to 
extirpate, extenninate, eradicate, destroy. 

Xns'rottang, (w.) /• nprooting, &c; extir 
patiun, extermination, eradicatioa. 

auJ'rfttftn, (to.) v. n. (aux. fein) to march 
oot; to moTe oot; ani bem Jäger — , to 

Yot'lfif, (ttr.)m. l.cry ; ontcry ; exclamation ; 
2. the act of crying ont; proclamation. 

luÄ'rfifen, (ttr.) v. I. n. to cry oot or aloud, 
to exclaim; iL a. 1. to call ont; 2. (jnm 
sSeriauft) to cry (wäret, Ac, to be »old, an 
a bawker); 3. to proclaim; änm Aönig — , 
lo proclaim king. 

Xot'rüfer, (ttr.) m. 1. crier, proclaimer, bell 
■an ; 2. bawker. 

Xut'rüfung, (vi.) f. 1. the act of crying out; 
exclamation; 2. proclamation ; X-6}eid)en, n 
Gram, «ign or note of admiration or excla- 
mation, exclamation- or admirative point. 

lEs'rüben, (to.) V. n. A rtft. to reit, repose 
(»ufficieutly); to take (a) reit. 

Xni'tübrtn, (to.) v. a. to bring oot by itirring. 

Ini'runben, 5tuS'rünöen, (to.) o. o. to round 
on the inside; to form into a round shape. 

ÄttJ'nmjtln, (v>.) v. a. to take oot the wrin- 
Ues, to imooth. 

H%t«'rtt|>feil, (to.) v. a. to poll ont, plnck(ont); 

(einem SJogel, u.) bie gebern — , to strip (a 

bird) of ita featheri. 
aus'rüften, (w.) v. a. 1. to fit ont, eqoip; to 

furnith, accoutre; to arm; to man; 2. Hg. 

to endow. [&c. 

Vue'rufttr, (*tr.) m. fitter-out (of a vessel), 
XuS'rÜftung , (to.) /. eqnipment, equipage, 

preparation, Afar. &c. outfit. 
aufrütteln, (to.) v. a. vid. Ätffibutieln. 
HuS'rurfdjen, (to.) «. coi. /or ausgleiten. 
%ui'\aat, (to.) /. 1. towing; 2. aeed; reed 

com; — fort, m. hopper. 
Tiut'faitn, (to.) v. a. to take oot of a tack, 

Ac. ; to empty bagi or aacki of .... 
Xuffaen, (to.) ». a. 1. to «ow, seed; to scat- 

ter (seed); i.fig. to dissentinate. 
Xuffäge, (to.)/. I. Statement, declaration; 

deposition (of a witness, Ae.), evidence; 

nad) 3btet — , accordüig to what yon say; 

feine — beweifen, to prove one's auertion; 

eint — anböten, Lato, to receive an aodit; 

2. Gram, predicate; —»ort, n. verb. 
XuS'fägen, (to.) u. a. to iay, expreis; to State. 

declare; geridjtltd) — , to depose, make a 

deposition, give evidence. 
auffägen, (to.) v. a. to saw out 
tfuffanbcn, (to.) v. a. to clear of aand. 
■ÄUl'fttJ, (ttr., jil. ■Jtuä'fäOe) m. 1. Garn, a) 

lead (at billiards); 6) stake; 2. Com. show; 

3. Med. leprosy. [leper, lazar. 
TtaJ'fdJig, adj. leproos; ein Xu£fa(iget, a 
■Jtui'fdubern, (to.) o. a. 1 . to cleanse, to «weep ; 

2. Gard. to prnne, to top. [front ... . 

XuS'ffaent, (m.) v. a. to extract the acidity 
TCu*f aufen, (iir.) v. a.(vulg.)vid.tuittmttn. 
auffangen, (str. & w.) o. I. a. 1. tosuck(out); 

2. ein JKnb — laffen, to let a child snck hi» 

fill; 3. fig. to exhaust, col. to fleece; to 

draw, drain; to impoverish; to weaken; 

II. n. to cease socking. 
"X U$f ingen, (to.) v.l. suckle sufficiently ; 

II. n. to leave off suckling. 
TCuS'f auger, (str.) m. 1. Bot. paraiitical plant 

(gen. pl.) suckers; 2. fig. oppressor; blood- 

TlXL&'föSbtn, (to.) v. a. to scrape ont, to erase. 
7Cu£'fd)aibteIn, (to.) o.a. scrape the inside 

with shaving grass; 2. to take out of a box. 
HuS'fdjäften, (to.) v.o. Mar. to pierce(a sulp) 

for a given number of goos. [boards. 

■Jtu4'fd)ÖIcn , (to.) v. a. Corp. to line with 
TCuS'fdjalen, (to.) v. a. 1. to «hell, peel; blancb 

(almonds); to decorticate, onhusk; 2. Mtd. 

vid. Xuslcfen, 2. b); 3. vulg. to strip of .... 
Xuo'föaBen, (to.) v. n. vid. TCuJflütgen. 

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XnJf (balttten, (to.) o. a. For. to mark (out) or 

Maze (treei); cf. Tfafiblagen, I. 4. 
Xn6'f<&amett,(io.)t).rey?.to be lost to all (sense 

oO shame; f!d) (Dat.) bie TLvan — , to be 

greatly ashamed. 
XnST<tonf, (*tr.) m. retail of liquor. 
YnS l ja)arfen, (to.) u. o. Hunt, to cot out, 
TCn*'f(iorKn, (to.) t>. I. a. 1. to rake or scrape 

oot ; to dig np ; 2. to insolt or drive off by 

■crapiog witb tbe feet; II. n. vulg. hinten 

— , to kick, fling oat. 
TtuS'fdjttrten, (to.) v. a. T. to notcb. 
Tfae'fäjatten, ICoS'fdbtttttren, (to.) o. a. Paint. 

to ihade. 
Xui'fdjaUfn, (w.) v. n. to look oot 
Xui'föa.ufeln, (to.) v. a. to throw or icoop 

oot witb tbe «hovel. 
Xn<'f(banMn, (to.) t>. n. to leave off swinging, 
TCneWumen, (to.) t>. I. o. 1. to throw up or 

ont a« froth, foam ; 2. fig. to foam out, throw 

out witb rage orviolence; U. n. 1. to cease 

foxming ; 2. to cease ragiag. 
Sne'fajttben, (str.) v. I. a. 1. Oiem. 4c. to 

«eparate, secrete; 2. fig. to separate, sift 

expange ; II. It. (auz. fein) to part, with- 

draw, depart. [Wtav. 

XnS'fdjriteln, (to.) v. a. Cloth. vid. Sufbanmen, 
TCusf dbtllen, (to.) v. a. vid. TCnsWingeln. 
Xnsidjetten, (str.) v. I. a. to chide, scold, 

abose, reprove, rebuke, exprobrate, npbraid ; 

II. n. to have done scoldiog. 
XttSTdjtnren, (to.) v.a.l. to poor ont, to fill 

oat; 2. to seil (wine, 4c) by retail cf. 

3u»'f<be*en, v. a. I. (str.) Cloth. to give tbe last 

shearing; II. (to.) Mar. to onreave (a rope). 
Xu#'f(berjen, (10.) v. n. to leave off joking. 
%t6'fd)enern, (to.) t>. I. a. to scoar oat ; n. tvß. 

to wear out or off by being robbed. 
ÄU*'f(birtcn , (io.) v. a. to send out or forth; 

ouf Gommanbo — , to detach. 
■JfuS'fibieben, (irr.) v. I. a. 1. to shove, pnsb 

oat; to draw oat (a table); 2. Bak. to draw 

(tbe bread) ont of tbe oven ; 3. Garn, a) to 

flnisb, end a game at ninepins; fr) prooirtc. 

to play or bowl for (any prize, &c); et Wirb 

ritt ©d)n>ein <ra»gefd)oben, a pig is bowled for ; 

II. n. to throw or play first. 
Xut'fiftienen, (to.) v. a. to provide with splints. 
Xug'ftbieß s, comp. Typs. — btrt, n. imposing- 

board; —(lein, m. imposing »tone. 
Ku(fd)<ef Ol, (irr.) t). I. a. 1. a) to sboot out; 

6) to clear, to destroy tbe game of (a forest) ; 

2. Mar. to discharge or unload (the bailast) ; 

3. Typ. ta impose (the colnmns) ; 4. to «ort, 
cast oot, rejeet; II. n. (mix. fein) 1. to sboot 

np, bud; 9. Mar. to keep pace with the ton 
(aaid of the wind). 

Xu*'fd)ief en, p. s. (str.) n. 1. «hooting oat, 
4c; 2. (Ott »OrftetwnS) Ship-b. tbe rake 
(of the item). 

Xu6'fd)tf|tn, (to.) v. I. «. to diaembark. laad; 
to unship, discharge; II. n. (aux. fei») k 
refl. to set sail, leave the iaad, the port. 

■JCaS'fdjfffnng, (to.) /. disembarkation. 

TfaS'fdjilfen, (to.) v. a. to clear of bnll-rnshes 
or reeds. 

Xu£'fdjimmern, (to.)ti.n. to cease glimmering. 

Xag'fd)impfen, (to.) ». I. a. to scold, to abose; 
II. n. to leave off scolding. 

■Jtu8'f(binben, (str.) v. a. vulg. flay, «tri»; 
i.fig. to oppress, to harass to excess. 

EnJ'fdjirren, (to.) v. a. to ongear, oaharaess. 

TCaö'fobladbten , (to.) o. a. Buteh. to cat ap 
(slaughtered animals) for sale. [dross. 

3fa$'fd)Itt<fen, (to.) v. a. Min. to clear of tbe 

Ttu6'fdjlfffen, (str.) v. I. n. to have dooe »leep- 
ing; to finishone's sieep; ILa. l.bemXagc 
bie Ttugen -, to sleep (tbe) day out of coaa- 
tenance; 2. ben StOttfn)— , to sleep ooe's seif 

TCu*'fä)läg, (str., pl. :Kn»'fd>l$ge) »»■ 1- first 
blow; ben — tbnn, vid. 3Cn«fa)[agen, 1. 7; 2. 
the badding (of trees), 4c, cf. Xtt$f<bl«ga, 
v.; 3. the lining (of a carriage, 4c,); ein — 
Sopttat, a «et of tapestry;4.soaper'swaste; 
5. Med. breaking oot (on the skin), (cnta- 
neoaa) eraption, efnorescence, (pi.) exae- 
tbemata ; pimple«, postules, itch, tetter ; 6 Jig. 
a) bias, torning (of the scale), overweight; 
6) resalt, turn, decision, event, issae, soc- 
cess; c) casting-vote; einer Sad)e ben — 
geben, to decide a business; to tarn the 
scale; einem .Stieg ben — geben, to deter- 
mine the event of a war; Tt-Sroülfel, m. Ast. 
angle of elongation. 

Zu*'f<vl5gtn, (str.) v. I. a. 1. to beat oat, 
dash ont, knock oot; einem gaffe ben »oben 
— , to stave a ca»k; 2. to laminate, planisb, 
Hatten (metals, 4c); 3. T. to stamp oot 
(the teetb of a saw); 4. a) to line or finish 
the inside of (any tbing); ein dtmmcr mit 
Xnseten — , to hang a room with tapestry; 
mit $)apicr — , to paper ; b) vid. Xuffd)Iagen,7 .5 
5. Sports, a) to ontwine, nntwist, disen- 
taogle; fr) to spread (the nets and linea); 6. 
Fenc. to keep off, parry; 7. Garn, ben ©alt 
— , to give service; 8. fig. to refuse, dcclinc, 
rejeet; II. n. 1. a) to begia to strike; to 
give the first blow or throw; fr) to attack; 
to hegin the quarrel ; 2. to kick, wioce, ding 
out, to jerk (of horses): 3. o) to «trike fall, 

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to ring ooi the honr; 6) to cease striklng; 
c) to have «Jone »inging (of birda); 4. Bot. 
to bnd, pot forth •hoot«, to ipront, ihoot 
(ont or forth), to leaf; 5. a) to effioresee, 
to give (of wall«); bie Aalte föjlagt an ben 
SBinben tut, the froat cryatallizea the wall«; 
b)$m£6rftt— r to break ont (into pimplea) ; 
«tfgefiblagen fein, to have ernptions oa the 
«kin; 6. to break ont (in Dame*); 7. a) to 
tarn, to bias (of the tcale) ; 6) to tarn ont, 
to tarn (to one'e advantage, min, Ac.), prove, 
cf. Tf n«f allen, 6. 

XnS'fdjlägen, v. ». («fr.) n. 1. giving the firit 
blow, &c. cf. the verb A3nsfä)lag i 2. refosa! 

Xa8^d)Ianunen, (to.) v. n. to clear of mnd. 

SnVfdjWfro, o. I. (*fr.) a. 1. to grind or 
whet oat, to remore or get oat by griading 
(notehes); 2. to grind hollow; 3. to grind 
safficiently ; n. (ttr.) rtfl. to wear oat by 
friction ; III. (to.)a. to carry ont on a iledge. 

TbttWtimn, (to.) v. a. to clear of ilirae. 

■ä"n*'ja)leuoern, (u.) v. I. a. (einem ein Xuge) to 
jerk ont (an other person'i eye); II. n. (aux. 
fein) to swerve from the path or orbit [ont 

XnJ'fdjlübten, (u>.) ». a. to atraighten, beat 

"ivi^ütfta, {str.) v. l.a.l. to lock oat, bar 
ont, «hat oat; 2. to looeen, anfetter (a pri- 
■ooer); 3. Ttfp. to jastify; 4. fig. to exclade, 
debar from, to exeommnnicate; to except, 
exenpt; U. rrfl. to aeelude, separate one'a 
•elf, to lecede; a-b, p. a. eidmive; (ein- 
«nber— ) disjanctWe ; auSgefcbtofjen, exempt ; 
m. p. ». (str.) n. Typ. justification. 

lnS'fd>UffHd), I. adj. excineive; II. t-t eit, (to.) 
/. exclnsivenees. 

■XnS'fcbHefung, *. I. (».)/. l.locking oat, &c. ; 
2.2-en, p(. Ttyp. jostiners; 3. a) exclaaion, 
exception; exeonunanication ; o) aeclnaion, 
privation; II. comp. I-Sfrift,/. Law, term 
of excloaion; X-tgefetj, n. law of exclaaion; 
X4red)t,n. right of exclaaion; Q-SWeifc, adv. 
by way of exclaaion. 

In8'fd)l5| en, (to.) o. tmp. to ceaae hailing. 

«t(fä)lud)}en, (to.) e. n. to cease aobbing. 

*a6'fd)tuminem, (to.) r. n. trid. Xuefiblafen. 

inS'fcblürfen, (to.) o. a. to aip op, aap «p. 

XnS'fcbfafi , («fr., pt n. u.) m. exclaaion, ex- 
emption; — ftimme, /. exclaaive Tote (opp. 
Bablfronrae)} — metfe, ado. by way of ex- 

ABS'fdjtna'ben, (to.) v. a.vid. Eu8fd)elten. 

Xn8'fd)raa'len, (to.) o. I. o. to cbide, check, 
acold, reproach; II. n. to ceaae to cbide. 

au8fdjmand)en, (w.) v. a. vid. Xu8toud)en. 

ln$fd)moufen, (io.)o. I. o. to conanme; II. n. 
to cease banqneting. 

ln»T4imeif en, («fr.) «. n. mlg. vid. Xntfd)Ia> 

gen, n. 2. 
*"u»'fd)mel}en, (to. * «fr.) v. l.a.1. to extract 

by melting; to clear, purify by meltlng; 2. 

Xttlg — , to try tallow ; II. (»fr.) n. (<mx. fein) 

to melt ont, diaaolre. 
«■««'fdjmettwn, (to.) v. o. to duh ont 
Vn>'jd)micben, (to.) v. a. 1. to extend by for- 

ging or bammering, to beat oat; 2. to forge 

or hanuner anfBciently; 3. to unfetter. 
Xu<fd)mieren, (u>.) t>. a. 1. to aaear on tbe 

inside; vulg-s. 2. vid. Xutprägeln 5 3. fig. 

a) to transcribe; b) to pirate; 7Cn*Ta}mterer, 
&c. vid. Kn8fd)ici6er, &c. 

■JtnS'frbmoHen , (to.) v. n. to sabslde, to abate 

(in one'» paaaion), to cease to be sulky. 
Xui'fdjmören, (to.) v. I. a. to get ont by atew- 

ing; II. n. to ran oat in itewing. 
KnS'f(bmut(en, (to.) o. o. to decorate (as a 

room, *c); to adorn, dress (npX trim (op), 

embelliab, aecootre. 
Yne'fdfrtücfer, («tr.) m. decorator. 
TCn*'fd)ra«(hnig, (to.) /. decoration, adorning. 

dress, erobellishment, &c ; — berSEBirflidjftit, 

fig. iraproveraent on reality. [to anbackte. 
■JCu8'fd)noIIcn, (to.) v. a. to loose from bnckles, 
■JCaS'fdjnariben, (to.) v. n. to cease snaring. 
Xu*'fd)nauben, (to.) v. I. o. 1. ffd) (Dat.) bie 

Stofe or fid) (Acc.) — , to blow one's nose ; 

2. to bring np by blowing tbe nose; II. or 

■JfuS'fbnttufen, (to.) n. vid. sSetftbnanfen. 
Kns'fd>nin|en, (to.) v. a. 1. cid. XnSWnonben, 

".; 2. to «naff oat (the caadle). 
XuS'fd)neibts, comp, —bittet, pt cut-paper 

workj — meffer, n. a) Tan. catting(-ont-) 

kaife; o) Far. vid. SBirFmeffer. 
Xu*'ffl)neiben, (ttr.) t>. I. o. 1. a) to ent out; 

to carve; 5) to ent into figores; 2. a) Surg. 

to cot oot or off, to extirpate; 6) Fef. vid. 

»Berfcbneiben, 2.1 3. to lop, prnne (trees, 

Ac); 4. Tau. to cot hollow or sloping; to 

hollow; 5. (Jörn, to seil by the yard or by 

retail; bie »ienenftotfe — , vid. deibeln; bie 

€5d)of«m«rf e au6 bersSoQe— , to clack wool ; 

autgefd)mtten, p. a. Bot notehed, crenated. 
Xu«'fibneiber, (str.) m. 1. eatter ont, Ac. ; Vet. 

gelder, vid. sSerfdjneiber; 2. retail dry good 

7Cn8'fa)neümng, (to.)/. 1. cattiag out, Ac. 

2. Surg. extirpation, exciaion; — ber (Sei: 

be8=)?fni(br, embryotomy. 
^tu8'f4neien, (to.) «. tmp. to cease snowing. 
■)(u8'f(bneiteln, (to.) v. a. to lop, prnne (treea). 
TtuS^ainttt, (str.) m. I. entting oat; 2. a) cat; 

b) Gtom. aector; e) acnllop; 3. Arch. em- 
brasnre; 4. retail; II. comp. — (anbei, m. 

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retail'buslnes« or trade, retail; — h&nbler, 
Xusf<bnttter, (str.) m. draper, mercer, re- 
tailer, retail-ibopkeeper; — gemjlbe, n., — 
(anklang, /., — (Oben, n>. mercery, retail-tbop 
or eatablUhment ; — toaaren. pt. retail-gooda, 
dry goodt; — »aarengefdjoft, n. dry good 
batine.ii. [out, to cacre. 

Xuefajnitetn, *nefa)ni»en, (u.) v. a. t« cot 

Yuf'fcbnftffeln, (».) t>. a. vutg. an. to imetl oot. 

XnS'fdjnären, (10.) o. a. to nnlace. 

EnS'fd) ipfen , (10.) v. a. to icoop (oot), bäte 
ont, draw ; to drain (off), to empty, exbauit. 

Xa$'fd)jpfer, {str.) m. scooper. [iprout 

TCuSTOoffen, (10.) t>. n. Bot. to «hoot oot, to 

VntWfÜns, (str.) m. «hoot, «ncker. [*c). 

■JCuS'fdjöten, (u>.) o. o. to ihell, boik (peaa, 

Yu<'fd)rapen, (u.) v. l.a.l. to rnb oot, «crape 
out, eraie; 2. bie Äobelgarne ~ , Mar. to 
untwist the enda of the Strand«; U. n. to 
make (lud. to icrape) a leg, vid. in Jtra$= 
fufl. [«crew. 

Xu8f (brouben , (u>.)w. a. to «crew ont, un- 

TtuS'fötetben, (rfr.) ». I. a. 1. to write ont: 
a) to copy, transcrtbe; to extract; b)fig. to 
take by literary tbeft, to pirate; 2. to flninh 
in writing; 3. to write in fall or at füll lengtb; 
«atgefdjrieben, in worda at fall lengtb ; 4. a) to 
call, anemble, appoint, convoke by writing; 
einen Sanbtag — , to convoke, sammon, call 
in the (tatet ; 0) Steuern — , to impose, lay 
on taiea ; fid) — , fig. to write one'i «elf oot ; 
onegefdjriebnie Stollen, Theat. «ritten part»; 
eine <megefa)riebene $anb, a round carsive 
band ; 0. n. to cea«e writing. 

Xn4fd)reiber, (str.) m. copyist, copier; pla- 
giariat, pirate; $err (Stieb in ©tattgoret 
gebort ]tt ben K-n, Mr. Grteb at St. be 
long« to the pirate« (be* etflen Stange* , of 
tbe Sr*t water). 

Xnefojreiberei', (w.) /. plagiarism, piracy. 

3faef (breitmng , (ib.) f. convocation, procIa 
mation, conacription. 

TtUefdjreien, (str.) v. I. a. (k n.) 1. vid. Su*= 
rufen 1 2. vid. Berfdjreienj n. refl. to cry 
one'« «elf ont, to form tbe voice, 

Suo'fdjreiien, (str.) v. I. n. (aux. fein) 1. to 
«tep ont, »tride; i.fig. vid. *"u»fd>»eifen,2.; 
II. a. to meaanre by «tepping. 
Ttis'fdjreifitna, (w.) f. fig. excei«, transgrea- 

Xn6'f4)r3ten, (w.) v. a. 1. vulg. to eat ont 

(a« a bongry or greedy person) ; 2. to pnll ont 

of the cellar; 3. to seil (beer) by tbe barrel. 

Kue'fibSben, (u.) v. 0. to take off tbe «hoes. 

TtM'fdjüppen, (ut.) v. a. to take or tbrow out 
with a «hovel or «pade. 

Ttt&Whtn, (u>.) t>. a. Min. to draw (the 
dross) ont of the furnace. 

Xn<1d)uf , (str., pj. XnaWfTe) m. 1. a) re- 
fu«e, trash, ontcait, garble, offal; 6) or — 
banf, m. hemp ibaldng« ; tbe aecond «ort of 
hemp, out-*bot hemp; 2. comnüttee, board 
of commiuiouera ; 3. MU. mllitia, trainband*; 
—bogen, m. TVp. monk-«beet; — nUgßcb, 
n. board officer ; — papirr, n. ontside-papcr, 
waste-paper; — »aare, /. refue, garble«. 

Xaa'ftuttttn, (w.) v. o. to «hake ont. 

Xue'fdjütten, (u>.) v. a. 1. a) to ahoot oot 
(grata, *c); 6) to ponr ont, to empty; to 
diffuse, «hed, cf. Serftbütten, 1.J 2. to tili 
up (a ditcb, &c); fig-s. 3. to «hower down 
(aboies, *c), to gire plentifully ; 4. to open, 
diicloie , diiburden (one'i heart) ; to uabo- 
«om one's «elf; filb oor Soeben —, to «plit 
(one'i side«) with langhing. 

Xne'fd)»Jren, (str.) v. n. 1. (a*z. fein) to 
fester ont, to be ejected by luppnration; 
2. to ceate feitering. 

'Xnj'fibndrmen, (u.) o. n. 1. to ceaae «warm- 
ing; 2. (aux. fein) to «wann out. 

3Cu$'f<broa&ro, (u>.) t>. I. a. 1. to blab oat, 
«pread aboot, divulge; nnbrfonnen — , to 
blander oat, let ont (a «ecret), cf. {>eran$s 
planen; 2. vid. Xusreben, II.; II. n. to ceaae 
to prattle ; Ul.refl. to talk or praftle to one's 
heart'« content; to talk one's «elf ont, to 
have nothing more to «ay. 

TCu«'f<b»efeln , (vi.) u. o. to clear, or «weeten 
(a» a wine-cask) with sulpbur. 

TtU6'fd)»eif, (str.) m. vid. Xbfd)»eifnng, 2. 

Xu8'fdj»eifen, (v>.) v. I. n. 1. vid. Xbfd)»etfen 5 
2. to commit exceaie«, to lead a dissolatc 
life; im Spiele — , to gamble; II. a. Job*, 
tu. to cut into a bend, to tarn, cnrre, to 
acaltop; ttUegefdjweift, ad}, imbricated, Bot. 

Vutfdjneifenb, p. a. eccentric, eztraragant, 
exorbitant; dissolnte, nnrestrained , wild, 
loose, llcentioos, debanched. 

ItuS'fibneifimg, (vi.) f. 1. cnrvature, cnrre. 
imbrlcation ; 2. fig. a) vid. 'Xbfibmttfnng, 2, 
a); 6) extravagation, extraragance (of Ima- 
gination, &c), eccentridty, exorbitance; 
c) diuipation, diaorder, diuolntion, excess, 
wildness, licentiousnesa, debaneh. 

Xns'fa)netfen, (u>.) v. a. 1. I-v>. to hammer 
out(iron) by a welding heat; 2. Sport, vid. 

Xns'fdjwelgen, (to.) v. n. (aux. haben) to cea*e 

Ttu«'f(b»emnten, (v>.) v. a. to water, waah ont. 

Kut'fd)roenfcn, (w.) v. a. to rinie (a glasa, &c). 

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Xai'fdjningen, (rtr.) t». I. o. to awing, winnow, 
6m; II. n. (aux. fein) to ceaae awinging, o» 
cillatiog: vibrating. 

Atti'fdjeiien, (w.) v. a. 1. to exude, ezndate; 
%fig. vid. 8erfd)ni*en j II. n. 1. (ou*. fein) 
to aweat out, perapira; 2. to ceaae perapi- 
ring; in. p. *. (str.)n. or 3(nif<bnitung,(u!.) 
/. exodatioo. [to empty. 

Xni'fedYln, (».)». o. to take out of the parte ; 
Euififgeln, (v>.) v. L n. (aux. fein) to uil oot; 
IL o. Afor. 1. to give a good birth to(a rock, 
the ice, Ac), to keep aloof from ; 2. to oataail, 

Xuilfyen, (str.) v. I, n. 1. to look out; 2. to 
look (well, ill, angry, Ac.); to appear; to 
make or have a (fine, «orry, Ac) appearance ; 
to wear or have a face, couatenance; jprdd): 
tig — , to make a fine »how ; — nie, to look 
like, to reaemble, »eem; nie ftebt ei au* mit 
(or um) ...? ho* it it with ...» ei ficfct 
fd)Iimm mit (um or für) ... an«, matten look 
ill for .. .; II. a. 1. to aee lo the eud of ...; 
id> tonnte bai S5d)aufj>iel nid)t — , I coald not 
•Uy out the play; 2. fid) (Dat.) bie Engen 
— , to look one'* «elf blind; S.fig. vid. Xui» 

Ifai'flhen, v. t. (gtr.) n. looking, look(a), air, 
face, appearance; complexion; aspect, aem- 
blaace; nod) bem — ju urteilen, tojudge by 
appearance« ; bie SKenfcben nad) bem — bt 
nrtbrilen, to judge people by their look« or 
appearance f er bat gonj fcoi — bonad) (lieht 
banad) aus), he look* like it. 

Xui'feiben, (u.) o. a. »id. ßnrdjfeiben. 

3tai'feimen, (u>.) ». o. to clarify (honey). 

Xni'fein, (irr.) t>. n. (aux. Teilt) 1. vid. 3Cui> 
2. (/or "ausgegangen fein) to be abroad or ab- 
*ent; 3. %. (with auf) to be aboat or after 
.... to be eager for ..., to be in «earch of. 

Än'pen, I. ado. ont; withoat; out of doort; 
abroad ; son — ber, from withoat; — bleiben, 
vid. Xnibteiben; mat — ift, outward, exte- 
rior; IL comp, outaide. — b6fd)ung,/. ^orfc 
counteracarp ; — hing, n. any thing that ia 
oataide or on the aurface; —graben, vid. 
Sorgraben > — fcafen, m. outport; —Knie,/, 
oater line; outline; — ppftcn, m. Mit. out- 
poat ; — febein, m. outward appearance, aem- 
blancc ; —feite,/, outaide, exteriora; face ; aur- 
fcee; anf her —feite bei Stattet madifenb, 
Bot. extrafoliaceoaa; — ftebenb, atanding 
ont, outatanding; — tljeüe, m. pl. exteriora; 
— BMtlb,/. outaide wall, onter line; Fort-e.— 
UOt, n. ontwork ; fence ; barbacan ; — nerfe, 
pl. outworka, detached piecea; aally-porta; 
tUm »orfprtngenbe or oorliegenbe — merte, 
apura, -ttinfel, m. Geom. extemal angle. 

Xui'fenben, (in. or irr.) v. a. to aend ont ot 

abroad; to emit. 
XniTenbling, (ttr.) m. emiaaary. 
Xne'fenbnng, (to.) /. aending out, emiaaion. 
Xn'fer, I. p rep. (gen. with the Dat.) 1. out of; 
2. beaide, beaidea; 3. withoat, except; — 
bem $aufe, ont of doora, abroad; — Dienft, 
ont of place or aervice; — ber 3cit, out of 
aeaaon; — Sebraud) foramen, to become dia- 
uaed; — unfern» Sereidje, beyond onr reach; 
— Ditnft, Mit. off duty or aervice; — (allem) 
dtoeifei, patt doubt, beyond any donbt; — 
allem Streite, beyond all or paat diapute; 
nod) — , in addition to ...; — fid), ont of 
oo« 'a aenaea, ont of one'a witi, diatracted, 
tranaported, frantic (oor greube, JC, with 
joy, Ac); — fid) fein, to be beaide one'a 
aelf ; oor 6d)reden — fid) fein or fommcn, to 
be frightened ont of one's wita; — fid) ge= 
rotten, to go diatracted; —fid) fejcn or brin* 
gen, to tranaport, drive (one) beaide him- 
ielt;4.(sometimes\mth the Acc.when joined 
with an active Verb): — (ben) Stanb fefcen, 
to diaable; — ben ©d)uj ber (Sefeie fteHeu, 
to outlaw; — Qonti fefen, to put out bf u»e, 
5. (with the Gen.:) — gonbe* fein, geben, to 
be, go abroad ; II. conj. except, unleaa ; bot, 
aave; — baf, except that, aave that; —nenn, 
unleaa; bat if; III. comp. — amtUd), adj. not 
oftkial , private ; —bem, adv. moreover, be- 
aidea , above, over and above , in addition 
(to); —bem, Hf, not to mention ...; — ehe* 
Iid), vid. Unebelid) j — gerid)tlid), adj. extra- 
judicial; — genöbnlid), adj. extraordinary, 
out of the way ; — gemöbnlidje Arbeit, extra- 
work; — bolb, l.adv. on the outaide, abroad ; 
outwardly, externally; 2. prep (with Gen.) 
witbout, ont of, beyond; — t)aQ» ber ©tabt, 
withoat tbe city ; — t)atb bei |>aufc£, withoat 
doora; — botb bei genfteri, oataide the win- 
dow; — orbenflid), adj. extraordinary; exces- 
aive; adv. eminently, exceedingly.Ac; — or> 
bentlidje Unfoften, extra-cbargea;. — orbent» 
Iid)(eit, /. the extraordinary cbaracter (of a 
peraon, Ac); — ftnnlid), adj. anperaenanal, 
vid. Überftnnlid)} — neltlid), adj. extramun- 
dane; — nefenüitt), adj. not eaaential, con- 
tingent, accidental. 
in'Jer, adj. outward, exterior, external, outer , 
bie 4-e gorm ber Dinge, the oataide form of 
thinga; Anat-t. bai 4-e Cbt, the external 
ear, anriete; ber 4-e ßbrfreii, ring of tbe 
ear; bie 4-e $ant, Ent onterakin; bie 4-en 
Sdjalen, Cut. outaide aealea; bie 4-e »ruft» 
ne v r, Fort, glacia; bai 4-e ÖeBelufe, out or 
outer caae; bie 4-e SKaaer, outwall; ber 4-e 

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SBijlM, Geom. external angle; II. basU-e, s. 
1. ontside, ontward or external appearance, 
exterior, snrface, coontenance; baS gute "Ä-e 
einer flBaart» good appearance of an artiele 
er bat fein *-e8, be hai no air; nad) feinem 
i-en ift er ein 5Ronn von ©tanoe, bis mien 
5Rinifterbe8A-en, minister of foreign affniri. 

ICu'Perltd), I. atfj. exterior, external, outer 
ontward; 4-e OCr}neü)SDcittel, n. pU Med. 
local medicaments, topical remedic« ; II. % 
feit, /■ externality, ontward being ; i-reiren, 
p!. externals. 

Su'fern, (vi.) v. I. o. 1. a) to utter, advance, 
express ; 6) to mention ; 2. to show, manifest, 
discover; feinen Gfnflu? — , to exert one's 
inflnence; II. refl. 1. to declare, to express 
one's seif or one's opinion; 3. to manifest 
ftself, *c, to appear. 

SVf erft, (sup. o/aaf er) I. adj. utmost, outer 
niost, nttermost, extreme, last, exquisite; 
auf tat $-e, to the utmost; bat 4-e <&ntt, 
extremity (of a ball, Ac); per i-e ©rab or 
tat S-e, extreme, extremity ; bie 4-e Äotb, 
extremity; ftä) auf/6 t-t bemühen, fein "ä-e* 
tbun, to do one's utmost or one's best, cot. to 
stniin every nerve; auf bat S-e bringen or 
treiben, I. to red nee to extremity; 2. vid. 
Steiben) 3. to provoke (one) in tbe highest 
degree; auf tat t-t gebrad)t fein, to be rc 
duced to extremity (or extremities) ; jum 
t-tn fa)retten, to go the ntmost iength; tt 
tam iumS-en, it (or matters) came to extre- 
mities; II. ado. extremely, exceedingly, ex- 
quisitely, ntterly, excessively. 

Su'ferung, (to.)/. l.expression: a)ntterance, 
deliverance; indication, intimation; 6) re- 
mark, saying, declaration; biet ift eine grobe 
— , this is a rüde speech; 2. manifestation, 
exertion (of force, Ac). 

Xut'fete*.Raften, (str.) m. Com. show-box. 

Xut'fcfjen, (to.) v. I. a. 1. to set out, put ont; 
to expose; 2. to disembark, land; 3. Lato, 
to ejeet; 4. to line (with free-stone, Ac), 
to face (with posts, Sc.), set with or in; 5. 
a) 7\jp. to finish composing; get ont of 
copy; b) Mut. to finish composing; bie 
CSrbnnten — , to transcribe the parts ; 6. to 
appoint, fix, allow, make over (a certain 
sunt, Ac), to settle (an annulty, Ac.) upon; 
7. to cause to cease , to put off, Interrupt, 
intennit, snspend, stop (payment, Ac); to 
defer, adjonrn, postpone ; 8. (Staat — an . . , 
to find fault with, to objeet to, cavil at, cen 
snre, criticise, blame (something in ..., or 
somebody for ...); 6d)itbnaä)en — , to post, 

plant guards, to set sentries; Sinnt — , to 
traasplant trees ; bie Segel — , to set the 
sails ; ein ffloot — , to holst out a boai; ftd) 

— taffen, to be set down, to aiight; einen 
ffleatrofen — , to tnrn * sailor adrift; ein Staub 
— , to expose a child; ber ©efübr — , to sab- 
jeet to danger ; einen f)reit — , to set on, fix a 
price; Conw. SBaaren — , o) to expose good* 
for sale ; &) to take (pick) ont goods for pnr- 
chase; baran ift nidjtt autgufeften, there is 
nothing exceptionable in it ; II. n. to intennit, 
stop, pause; discoatinne; IU. refl. 1. Garn, to 
take or give tbe lead (at billiards), to lead ; 
Sie feten fid) aui, yoo are to lead; 2. to ex- 
pose or subjeet one's seif (to censure, Ac) ; 
ftd) berOefabr— , to incor the danger, to ran 
the risk ; autgefett, p. a. exposed (ber iiuft, 
to the atmosphere, Ac.) ; liable, »objeet (to) ; 

— fein, to He open (to); bat zutgefeate, al- 
iowance; Com-*. autgefebte ©dbulb, /. de- 
ferred debt, stock ; ausgefegte Sofien, m de- 
fer red cn try ; IV. v. *. (str.) n. setti ng ont, Ac. ; 
exposnre (an bie £uft, to tbe air, Ac); bot— 
ber Jtinbcr, child exposnre, exposnre of new- 
born cbildren. 

Eut'fejllng, («fr.) m. a child exposed. 

TCut'fefjung, (to.)/. 1. vid. Hutfetjen, IV.; 2. 
Suspension, adjonrnment, Ac.; intennistioo ; 
3. exception, blame, censnre. 

■Jtua'feufjen, (to.) o. L a. to utter witb a sigb ; 
II. n. to cease sighing; fig. an. to brea the 
ont one's last, »'. e. to die. 

ÄUS'ftdjt, (to.)/. 1. view, prospect; aspect, 
sight; vista, perspective; einem bie — bfc 
nehmen, to obstrnet one's sight; bie — hoben 
auf ..., to command tbe view over...; fein 
$>aut (genfter) hat bie — in or auf meinen 
Sorten, bis bonse (window) looks ioto my 
garden; bat £ant bat bie — auf ben $Iuf, 
this house faces tbe river, looks over the 
river, bas a prospect over the river; 2. feg. 
view, prospect, expeetntion (auf, of) ; chance : 
eine fa)ie<bte— , a poor chance; günfttge int 
Ungünfttge 3t-en, cbances for and against; 
in — ft eilen, to hold ont a prospect or pro- 
spects of ..., to promise, hold ont (advan- 
tages, Ac); X-t$aut, n. belvedere; Tt-t: 
wad)e, /. look-ont watch. 

Xa«'fiö)ten, Ttat'fie&en, (tc.) v. a. to sift, to 
winnow. [(ooze) ont. 

Xnt'fftfertt, (to.) v. n. (aux. fein) to trickl« 

Xu*'fteben, (str.) v. I. a. to boil ont; topn- 
rify by seething; II. n. 1. (aux. fein) to boil 
ont; 2. to cease boiling. 

Itui'fingen, (str.) «. I. a. to sing out; to sing 
to the end; Tl. n. to cease singiag. 

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Tttlfftmm, (Hr.) v. a. or rejl. fid) (Art.) «t* 
not — , to contrive, plan out, detiae, to 
iaugiae (a device), invent, frune (iome ex- 
euse, 4c), cf. Xntbenfen. 
7f.a6'ftntern, (10.) t>. n. cid. ansfitfern. 
Kuä'ftt«n / (*lr.) t>. I. ». to sit out, to ait od 
the oottide (of the houae, 4c); mit SBaaren 
— , to keep * stall, «Und; II. a. to «it out 
(oue's time in priaon). 
Ini'fäbnbär, ad;, expiable, reconcilable. 
^oi'ftynen, (v>.) o. a. to reconcile (mit, to, 
with), to appease; fid) — mit, to make one'i 
peace with, to make frieodi, to betonte re- 
coBcilcd with (or to), cf. Scrföbnenj n-b, 
p. a. reconciliatory. 

Xu6f jbner, (ttr.) m. pacifier. 

EnS'fö&nnng, (to.) /. reconciliation. 

XuS'fömmera, (to.) o. a. to air «officiently, cf. 

XuS'fonbern, (u.) v. a. to «eparate, sort, pick 
out, siugle out, to refuie, reject. 

Xnefonberung, (to.)/. 1- Separation, 4c; 2, 
Med. excretion, secretion; X-6organ> Anat. 
n. excretory, pl. xunuuctones. 

TtttS'fcrgen, (».) t>. n. to cease sorrowing. 

7tu*'forfiren, (w.)v.a. to sort (out), to matcb. 

UaS'fpS&en, (ib.) v. a. to spy (out), recon- 
noitre, espy, to search out, find out, descry. 

HuSTpSjer, (ttr.) m. spy, emistary. 

Ini'fpS^unft, (to.) /. spying, 4c. ; search. 

Tht&'fpam, (str.) m. «tage, Station, place of 
ehanging horses, place to halt at. 

"Sneflpannea, (to.) t>. I. o. 1. to strain, streich 
(a cord), to extend, distend, spread (a net, 
the wings, 4c); to uofold, to straiten; bit 
Segel — , to crowd the sails ; 2. a) to slacken, 
anstring; 5) to unharoess, put out (horses), 
to uyoke(oxen); II. n. to halt, put up, stop 

Xui'fpäten, (to.) v. a. Point, to leave (cer- 
taia place* in a painting, 4c.) free of colour. 

Xu6'fpa~fen, (to.) t>. a. to leave off joking. 

*asf parieren, (to.) v. ». (aiue. fein) to walk 
ont, go out for a walk. [warehouse. 

%t>fpei<bern, (to.) t>. a. to remove front the 

■Jtni'fpeien, (str.) v. a. 1. to spit out, to vomit 
forth, up or <mt;jig-s. 2. to vomit (flames), 
to disgorge; 3. to reject with diadain; »or 
€inem or aber 6t»a« — , to spit at ... , show 
the utmost degree of contempt for. 

■»«S'fpeifen, (w.) «. a. vid. XnSeffen. 

XaC'fpenben, (te.)o.a. to dUpeose, distribute; 
tot Tbtntxnatfl — , to adatinister the sacra- 
raeut. [adnünistrator. 

an»'fpettber, (ttr.) re. distributor, dispenser; 

Hwlpenbnng, (to.) /. dupensation, distri- 
bution ; administration. 

Xaffperren, (w.) «. o. 1. to distend, spread 
out; mit aBjgefperrten »einen, astride, a- 
straddle; 2. to shut out, cf. %t«fd)utjcn. 
Xuifpufen, (to.) v. a. 1. to lard; 2. fig- to 
line (a purse) well. 

«ue'fpielen, (to.) v. I. o. 1. to play ont; eine 
©aifie — , to play (raffle) for ...; 9. Tluat., 
Mus. 4c to play to the end, finish (a game) ; 
to go througb (a part); meine StoBeift au*ge* 
fpieit, fig. I häve acted my part; 3. to im- 
prove the aound of (an Instrument) by fre- 
queut playing on it; II. tu 1. to play first, 
to lead; am — (v. *., ttr. n.) fein, cf. Hnfpits 
len, I. 1. 4 II.j 2. to finish playing; au»ge= 
fpieit haben, to have done playing. 
Eas'fpinnen, (ttr.)v. L a. 1. to spin out,.%-*. 
2. to spin out, amplify, ealarge, enricb ; 3. to 
contrive, devise, frame, concoct; II. n. to 
cease spinning. 
Eus'fpiomren, (to.) v. a. to spy ont. [cule. 
EuS'fpotten, (to.) V. a. to raock, deride, ridi- 
3a$'jpottang, (to.) /. derision, mockery. 
Xu$'fprä"d)e, (to.) /. pronunciation, enuncla- 
tion, articulation; accent; utterance, deli- 
very, elocution. 
2fu«fpreo>bär, adj. pronounceable. 
Ttai'ftxti)tn, (ttr.) v. I. a. 1. (pften n.) to 
•peak to the end, to »peak out, finish (a sen- 
tence); 2. to pronounce, accent, sound (dis- 
tinctly, 4c); 3. fig. to pronounce (a judg- 
ment), to utter (forth), »peak ont; to ex- 
press, profess, declare; II. refl. 1. to spend 
orexhaust one's seif in apeaking; man fprid)t 
fjd) Idd)t ani, it is easy tc talk one's seil 
out ; 2. to express one's sentiments, to explain 
one's «elf; to open er pour out one's beart. 
VuS'fprcdjIio), adj. utterable, expressible. 
Ku6 / fpreiten,Xus'fprei ( en, (to.)v.a. to spread 
ont; Butch. to gambrel, akewer; ou»ge> 
fprei}t, p. o. broad-spreading; astride, a- 
atraddle; mit au(gefprei}ten Seinen geben, 
to go atraddling. 
Xui'fprengen, (to.) v. o. 1. to blast (with gnn- 
powder) ; 2.fig. to divulge, apread(a report), 
to spread or noise abroad, disperse, give ont 
TCut'fprief en, (to.) o. n. vid. XuSfproflen. 
Xui'fpringen, (*tr.) ». I. n. 1. (atix. fein) to 
fly off, burst out; 2. to cease leaping; ber 
Kniet fpringt au«, Mar. the ancbor starte; 
a-b, Gtom. 4 Fort, salient (angle, opp. flfin« 
gebenb) ; II. o. (4 refl. ft<fi [Dat.] 6t»ae) to 
put out of Joint, dislocate. 
XuS'fpriben, (to.) o. I. a. 1. to spout, spntter 
out, throw ont, to squirt; 2. to put out (fire) 
by an engine ; 3. o) Surg. to syringe, to waab 
and cleanse by injectlons with a syringe; 

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t) to iotroduce or to iofoae ioto (the veln», 

fcc.)with a ayringe; II. n. (aux. fein) to spout 

or •potter forth. 
Xui'fpriftnng, (w.)f. Med. ke. 1. ejaculation; 

2. injection. [aboot forth. 

%t£'fproffen, (to.) v. n. (aux. fein) to aprout, 
ttus'fpwfling, mrf. ©pröfling. 
XuSTprud), (itr., p!.T(uS'fPrit<&e)m. I.saying, 

•peecb ; remark, comment ; declaration, «en- 

tence; 2. deciaion, judgmeiit, doom, award, 

•entenee; verdict; ben — tbun, to give, pau 

or proaounce, »entenee (od, lipon). 
ICaS'f prübela, (te. ) v. I. o. to aputter forth, oot ; 

II. n. l.(auz. fein) to babble ap, ipotter oat; 

2. to cea»e bubbling ap or »puttering out. 
XnJfprffben, (to.) t>. I. a. to emit («park«), 

to caat up, vomit forth (fire,flamea); II. (aux. 

feilt) to be caat or thrown op. 
TfuSTprttng, (str., pi. l£nef prängO m - 'eaping 

out; V-ftnÜrtel, m. Opt. angle of reflection. 
Tfus'fpudten, (u>.) v. o, cof. to ipit out, c/. 

Tfut'fpüfen, (id.) v. n. Step, to ceaae to bannt 

or to diaturb (said of spectres, kc); e* bat 

auftgefpuft in feinem Jtopfe, he ha« got the 

better of hi« mad fanciei. 
XnJ'fpfflen, (to.) v. L a. to rinae, waah, wasb 

away ; II. refl. to rinae one'a month. 
TfuS'fpunben, (io.) «. o. vid. TCuSfiolfn. 
2Cu8'fp8ren, (to.) o. o. to trace out, apy, hont 

oat; to track, find out. [tracer(-ont). 

VntfpSrer, (str.) m. a aecret emiaaary, apy, 
TCtttfpuretet', (te.) /. »pyiog, &c 
tftt#'ftaffiren, (to.) v. a. 1. a) to dreaa, eqnip, 

aecoutre ; 6) eol. to furniah or provlde with ; 

2. to deeorate, to trint (np), garniah, border, 

edge, lace (clothen). 
XuJ'ftttfftrer, (str.) m. 1. garniaher, deco- 

rater, trimmer; 2. Mar. rigger (of a ahip), 

«id. Xatelmeiftrr. [trimming. 

ItaS'ftafftrrmg , (to.)/. dreaaing, eqnipment; 
Yut'ftommeln, (te.) v. a. to etammer ont. 
TtaS'ftantpftn, (to.) t>. a. to «tamp oot, beat 

out; to pound. 
Tfaa'ftanb, («tr., pi. TCno'ftanbe) m. arreara; 

out-atanding debt. 
■JfnJ'ftänMfl, adj. ont-«tanding. 
Ttu6'|t4ntern, (to.) v. a. vulg. 1. to All with a 

fetid or offeuaive amell; ferret(out), 

XuS'ftatten, (to.) v. a. 1. vid. ausliefern 5 2. to 

endo», portioo (out, mit, with ...), to marry 

(a daughter); to eatabliah (a aon); to aettle; 

o.fig. to aupply with, endow, gift, favour. 
3tu*ft«ttimfl, (te.) /. 1. endowment, dotation, 

eitabliahment; dotal gift, dowry, dower, por- 

tioa; 2. o) the beiag endowed, gifted, *c; 

6) Bks. the getting up (of a book); ohne— , 

dowerleaa, portionleaa. [to duat (oot). 

Xni'ft&uben, (10.) 0. a. to beat out the dut, 

2Cu«'ftdubern, (10.) v. a. vid. 2tu«f*öbern. 

XnJ'ft&npen, (to.) t>. a. to wbip, acourge pub- 


Xtto'ftedjen, (str.) v. a. 1. to dig, prick, est 

.out; 2. T. to carve; to engrave; 3. Mar. 

ott Xnf ertön — , to pay ont (or away) tat 

cable; ftitt) mebr TL. auf, veer more cable; 

4. to mark ont by prickling or pointing, 
to pierce; fig-s. 5. col. to crack (a bottle), 
drink or draw out, diapatch, empty ; 6. to 
aurpaaa, overtake, diatance, aupplant, an. to 
cut (one) out, cot. to beat hollow; (Sinnt 
bie Eugen — , to pnt out one'a eye«. 

3CuS'fted)er, (str.) in. vid. Ausleger, 1. 

Xu*'fted>cn, (te.) 0. a. 1. vid. %utpfian}eaj 
2. to aet np, bang or put out, diaplay. 

■JtuS'fteben , (irr.) v. I. n. (aux. fein) 1. to 
atand out; to atand in an open place; Bot 
SBaaren — , to keep a ahop or stall ; 
atand out, to be owing; itt) babc Selb or 
©(butticn — , I bare money or debta owing 
nie; tt-be (Selber, money lent out; a-be@d)ufe 
ben, outstanding debta; II. o. 1. feine 3<u)re 
— , to «erve one'a time; feine Eebrjabrt ~, 
to «erve (out) one'a apprenticeahip ; 2. fig. 
to stand, eodure, softer, bear; to go tbrongh, 
undergo (bardahipa, sooeringa). 

■JCuS'fteifen, (to.) v. a. atiffen thronghont; 
2. T. vid. tfuSftüjen. 

QCuS'fteigen, (str.) v. n. (aux. fein) to atep out, 
aligut; to diaembark; to be aet down, cf. 
QCbft eigen. 

Xut'ftetncn, (to.) v. 1. 1. to line or mark with 
«tone ; 2. to take oot the kernela, to unkend. 

Xui'fteOen, (te.) v. a. 1. to put oot or forth; 
to lay forth (a corpae); 2. to poat, plant, 
aet (• aentry, guard); 3. to expoae (or aet: 
for aale, &c), lay oat, exhibit ; fig-s. 4. a) to 
glve (a receipt, *c); eine S8erf(breibunfl — , 
to give a bond, to enter into bond; fr) Com. 
to draw, give, iaane (a bill of exebange); 

5. vid. Vutfeften, 7. ; 6. Staat — an ... , vid. 
XttSfejen, 8. 

Anf'fttDer, (str.) m. Com. drawer, giver (of 
a bill); recogniior, constituent. 

^ui'fieOung, s. I. (10.) /. 1. putting oot, *c 
cf. KuSfteQen} 2. o) expoaure (in the pil- 
lory, ic); 6) exbibition, ahow; — (einer 
2eid)e) auf bem ^arabtbette, the lyiag-in- 
atate; — be« ©aaamcnt«, Rom. Cath. the 
expoaing of the Hoat; 3. fig. objeetion, oea- 
aure ; X-en mad)en, vid. Xu»fe*en, 8. ; n. comp- 

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TC-» «cttl,n., X-lfaoI, m., TC-tjimmcr, n. show 
room, exhibitiou-room; Ti-ttaq, m. Com. the 
«Ute af a bill. [ort. 

Kni'ftemmtn, (tc.) o.a. Corp. «/«in. to ebisel 

Tfa6'fttmpe'n, (to.) v. a. to stamp properly. 

TfaS'fteppcn, (to.)t>. a. to qnilt, stitch all over. 

Ttns'fterirtn, I.(*tr.)o.n. (aux. fein) to die out 
er away, to expire, go off, become extinct; 
to be extioguished (desolated) ; wie 0XLl%tc 
fiorbot, quiet ai the grave; II, p. s. (str.) n. 
(eine* ®efd)Ied)t8) extinetion (of a race.&c). 

Xat'fteaer, (to.) /. cid. ICuSftattung. 

a"n6'|teuern, (w.) o. I. n. (avx. fein) Mar. to 
«teer out of a place; II. a. vid. TCnSfratten. 

a r B*'fH(fen, (10.)». o. to fill upwitb embroidery. 

Wftünmen, (to.) ». I. a. to tone thoronghly ; 
II. n. to finita tuning. 

Xnj'ftobern , (to.) «. o. 1. mU Tfoeftiabrnj 

2. Sport, to drive, hont out, vid. Ttnfjognt; 

3. to «eareb out, ferret out. 
a"uS'ftod)ent, (to.) v. a. to piek (the teeth). 
■änS'flodttn, (to.) v. a. to root up, grub up, to 

clear (a field) of the trankt. 

ZnS'IWrJnen, (to.)t>. I. a. to Otter with a groan ; 
II. n. to cease groaning. 

"fag'ftojpfen, (to.) v. a. to ituff (chain, birds, 
tc), to fill, cram ; mit Karte — , to wad 

"KaS'ftoppeln, (to.) i>. er. 1. to remove atubbie 
front (a field, &c.) ; 2. fig. to acrape np, pick 
out, up. 

3Cb5' froren, (to.) v. a. to icarch out among 
many thinga, by turoing them oTer, diaturb, 
rummage, ferret. 

Xsi'fßf, (irr., p«. TCni'ftJf e) m. Fenc. thruat, 
pass, puah. 

■fae'ftöfen, (*tr.) t>. I. a. 1. to posh, thnnt, 
throw out; 2. Joi». *c. to aboot (eine Sfutb, 
a Joint) ; 3. Hat. #fite — , to faahion or block 
bat*; 4. to turn out, ejeet, expel; Law, to 
ouat; 5. fig. to utter (vulg. rap out: oathi, 
blasphemiea), to throw or fling out (worda 
of contempt), to iputter out, forth ; bte 9Jtttr6s 
fegel — , Mar. to set out the topsails; <ra$ 
ber <3tfeIIfd)aft auSgeftofSen fein, to be an 
outeaat front aoeiety ; einen ©djrti — , to aet 
up a cry, to acream, yell; ein« ©t)lbe — , 
Gram, to elide, cut oft* a ayllable; einen 
©tufjet — , to heave a algh; II. n. to pnah 
firat; Fenc. to ntake a paaa. 

"fuS'ftöpUng, (to.) f.l.ä) puthing out, &c cf. 
"auSftofenj 6) Med. ejaculation; 2. ejeetion, 
expulsion ; 3. Gram, eliaion ; A.fig. utterance. 

la6'ftotiern,(to.)».a. to ttammer, atutter out. 

lat'ftrablen, (to.) u. I. a. to »end out in raya, 
radiate, emit (lig°t< ueat, 4c); 0. n. to ra- 
diale, emit raya, to beant forth. 

Kuc'fxrteTen, (to.) v.a.l. to a treten, spread 
out or forth, to diatend, extend; to reach, 
hold, put out or forth; ftd) — , to atretch, 
extend, cf. "An «ebnen 3 2. T. vid. Crrcifen, 

•Äus'ftredfer, (str.), *Ktt«'ftreif »ÜRasfel , (in.) 
m. Anat. extenaor, tenaor. 

7Cu£'ftreid)en, (str.) v. I. a. 1. to itrike, acore 
or croaa out, to daah or do out, to eraae, 
eftaee, expunge ; 2. to whip, icourge (ont) ; 
3. a) to imootb down, to undo (folda or 
plaiti), to unplait; 6) Sk-dr. to Stretch 
(hidea); c) Gard. to roll, beat, inooth (a 
walk); cf) Agr. to drench, deepen (the for- 
rowa); 4. a) to »pread; bie $furtje — , Typ. 
vid. auftragen j 6) to All up (crevices) ; c) to 
paint on the inaide ; II. n. (aux. fein) 1. a) ti> 
atroll out , roam about ; Sport, to beat the 
field (for gante) ; i) to run fast; 2. Min. vid. 
Zugreifen, II. 

TCu*'ftreid)s, comp. — rffen, (*rr.) n. wie». Tfjjf- 
ftreidjeifenj —feile, (to.)/. 2". equaling flle. 

TfaS'ftreifen, (to.) v. n. (aux. fein) to ntake an 
excursion, to rove, straggle. 

TCaS'ftreiten, (»tr.) v. I. a. to flgbt ont, to lay 
by (a diflerence) by diaputing it out; II. n. 
to leave oft" contending, diaputing. 

"Äue'frreuen, (to.) v. a. lit. bfig. to strew, 
acatter, spread, sow; fig. to disseminate, 
diffuse; diaperse. 

KttS'ftretrang, (to.)/. difiusion, disseminatlon. 

'Jtue'fträmrn , (to.) v. n. 1. (aux. fein) to 
stream or pour forth, to gnsh, rnah or flow 
ont, Phy. to emanate; 2. to ceaae atreaming, 
flowing; — laffen, or II. a. to pour ont, aend 
forth, diacharge in copious abundance; bo.8 
— (v. *., ttr. n.) bei iOanupfe«, the issuing 
out, vent of steam. 

"ftts'ftnbften, (to.) v. I. a. to study, to find 
out; IL n. to finiah one's studies; anSfrnbitt, 
p. a. tborough-bred. 

Xus'ftü'fen, (to.) v. a. to ent Into steps. 

"jCnS'ftürmen, (to.) v. n. to ceaae raging; ei 
1)«t anSgeftfirmt, the atorm is over. 

Eue'ftuT}, (str.) m. the rusbing out, fush. 

"SaS'frurjen, (to.) v. a. I. to pour out; 2. to 
awallow; to empty. 

"SnS'fhtJen, (io.) v. vid. XntftafRren. 

Yaj'fHiten, (to.) v. a. to atay, prop on the 
inaide, to aet out with props. 

3u$fua)en, (to.) v. a. 1. to select, coli, pick 
out; to elect, fix npon, ehoose; to Single, 
aort, assort; 2. to search thoroughly; mit 
gefttd)t, p. a. picked, choiee-drawn ; bot — 
(p. «., ttr. n.) boten von ..., to hare picking 
cbioce of .... 

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XuS'fllbnen, («.) v.o. vid. Xut\i batn. 
TtuiÜtm, (v>.) «. a. vid. TCbfü? en. 
TCnä'fifrin, (to.) v. a. to wainscot, ceil. 
luä'tä'nbdn, (to.) «. n. to lettre offplaying, 

iuJ'tanjttt, (w.) o. I. a. 1. to dance ont, 

ftnish (a dance); 2. vid. Ebtanjcnj II. n. to 

leave off dancing. 
* TLni'taptfitm, (to.) v. a. to hang (a room, Ac.) 

with tapestry; mit fJopier — , to paper. 
Xnl'tanfo), (rtr.) m. exchange; interebange; 

barter, commerce. 
TtuS'taufdjbJt, L adj. exchangeable, inter- 

changeable; II. X-teit, /. exchaugeability. 
Xuf'taufifrn, (to.) v.a.lü. kfig. to exchange ; 

to interebange; to coonterebange , trade; 

Ttu'fter,*. («.)/. Gmcfc. oyster; comp.— bonl, 

/. — lager, n. oy«ter-bed, bed of oysters; 

— baunt, m. Bot. mangrove-tree ; — bieb, — (tl> 

fouger, —mann, — Mgel, m. Orn. oyster- 

catcher,sea-pie; — (n)fifa}er, m. 1. dredger, 

dredge-man ; 3. nid. — hieb? — (n)fif<berel, /. 

dredging; — gabel, /. oyiter-fork; — binbs 

ler, — (n)Wmrr, — mann, m. oyster-man; 

— banblttten, /. oy ster-woman ; — (n)lttia), m, 

ipat; — meffer, n. oyster-knife; —neb. n. 

dredge ; — fdjale,/. oyster-shell ; -(n)fd)&fTcI, 

/. oyster-dish. 
Xu6't$eiltn, (to.) v. a. to distribute, speod, 

dispease, deal ont; to icrve ont, portion 

ont, carve, give ont; boi XbenbmabJ — , to 

administer tbe sacrament. 
Xn»'t y > rilung, (to.)/. dlstribution, Ac; ad- 


«"ul'tbjfren, (to.) e. o. to tar on tbe innide. 
Xttl'tbün, (trr.) o. o. 1. to pnt off er out; 

8tft auf iJÜlfen — , to pot ont money at in- 

terett; 2. vid. Xn»mad>eni 3. Com. (einra 

beja&ltra €<bulbpofien im »nd)e -) to dii- 

charge, itrike or score ont 
'XnS'tfefrn, (to.) o. a. to deepen, to dig or make 

deeper, to link; oaSgrtieft, p. a. coneave. 

Xnl'tUgtn, (to.) «. o. to extenainate, extir- 

pate, dettroy; to efface; to obliterate. 

•Jtus'tflgung, (to.)/. extermination, extirpa 

tlon, destrnetion; obliteration. 

Xut'tSbeu, (to.) t>. I. n. to cease, leave off ra 

ging; to become calm, abate; II. o. to vent, 
apend, exhaust (one's rage, See.). 

TCus'tJnen, (to.) v. n. vid. Xusflingen. 

*u»'tontKn, (to.) v. a. vid. 3fo»}inrawrn, 1 

«u*'ßf«, (to.) «. n. vid. TCuitoben. 

XttJ'träben, (io.) v.n. 1. (aux. fein) to trot 
ont; ein $fttb — lajfen, to let a hone trot 
•nt; 2. to ceaae trottlng. 

Wtrffg, (Hr., pl. ■Jtas'iro'ge) m. 1. tke ear- 
rying ont; 2. a) arbitrage ; aecommodation ; 
()issne; end, decision; »or — ber ©Q(bt, 
whilst tbe cause i» pending; bi* ja — trr 
Salbe, tili the matter is deeided; 2C-«grria)f, 
n. vid. Xuftragab(Seria)t. 

ÜCuftragäF«, comp. Germ. Law, — «eridjt, n. 
— inftan}, /. a conrt deeiding doubtfnl cases 
betweea sovereign prlnces (formerly be- 
tween noblemen in general). 

XuS'trägtn, (str.) v. I. a. 1. to carry ont; 
ftd) — laffen, to go out in a chalr; 2. to 
wear ont; to wear the proper time; fig-t. 

3. vid. Xnsmaften, 4. a 6.; 4. (<. «/.) to de- 
eide, to determine; 5. o) to Mab, report; 
o) vid. 85eWatf<ben, 2.) II. n. to ceaae, leave 
off bearing (*aid of fruit-trees); ein Sannt, 
ber ausgetragen brt, a tree past bearing. 

Ttu*troger, (ttr.) m. 1. (letter) carrier; diu- 
tribntor; 2. cont. tell-tale, tale-bearer; 
X-inn, (to.) /. a prattling woman, tell-tale. 

XnStrlgerti', (io.)/. vid. Jtlarfdjerei. 

Xuftralilfn, TCuftra'äfTfti, n. Geog. Anttrali«, 
Polynesia, Anstralaaia. [lian. 

QCnfrralifd), adj. "XvJjbctU&t, (ttr.) m. Auatn- 

•TCnftraTe, comp. — fanb, m. Afin. Sydne}- 
earth ; — fd)»in, m. vid. eSnMUbt. 

Xu»'tranern,(io.) v.n. to monrn the due time; 
to ceaie monrning. 

Xui'traumen, (to.) v. n. to ceaie dreaming. 

Auftreiben, (»tr.) v. a. 1. to drive ont (the 
cattle, Ac) ; 2. to expel, drive off, cast ont, 
ejeet; Seufel — , to cast (out) devils; to 
exorcise; ben 6d)neif — , to cause sweating; 
tr bat ibm bie 95o«bett mit bem ©torfe ans» 
getrieben , he has whipped bim ont of b» 
maliee; a-b, p. a. expnlsive. 

KuC'treibung, («.)/. driving ont; expolsion. 

Kui'trennen, (to.) v. a. to rip ap, to take 
out (the llning, ftc). 

Xna'trettn, (str.) v. I. o. 1. to tread out; 
Xraubtn — , to tread grnpes; 2. to «iden 
(shoes, Ac), to make (boots) larger by use; 
to make hollow, to wear by treading, II. n. 
(aux. fein) 1. to step out; come forth; 2. 
a) to swell; bie SRauer tritt au6, the wall 
beliiea; 6) to overflow, to break out of the 
banks; c) Med. to extravasale; 3. to leave, 
qnit a society; to retire (au* bem JDienfte 
from the Service, from office, Ac), resign; 

4. to absoond, run off, take to flight, es- 
cape; ber Atte'getretrne, fngitive; in. %>. i. 
(str.) n. 1. the treading out, Ac, ef. Xnts 
tritt, 2. A 3.; 2. a) overflow, ioundatfon; 
6) Med. extravasation, diapedesia. 

lYultrtcb, (ttr.) m. young shoots, spronts. 

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Xnrtriefen, («tr. * w.) v. n. (au*, fein) to 
trickle or ran oat. 

XuS'trinren, (str.) V. I. a. to driok off, drink 
oat, drink ap; to finiih (a bettle, &c); II. n. 
to teave off Jrinking. 

TtuS'tritt, (str.) m. I. a) «teppine out, ic 
c/. InStreten» o) itep; c) A-c/t. balcony, 
porch ; terrace ; 2. Ast. emertion ; 3. a) lea- 
ving, quitting; «ecexaion; 6) reaigning, re- 
tirement (from the cabinet, Com. of a part- 
ner); c) mnning away, abeconding of a 
debtor, Ac. 

InS'tVOitncn, (to.) t>. I. a. to dry op, exsi 
cate; to draln off (marshea, &c), to drain 
or draw (a pond, *c); gut auSgetrotfnctxSi 

Sau^ol}, well aeaaoned timber; II. n. (aux.! 
fein) to dry ap, become qnite dry; a-S, p. «J 
exsiccant, exaiccative; abeSXittcl, p(. A/ed.j 
exaiccauU, desiccanta. 

luä'ttodfnung, (w.) /. exaiccation, deaic- 
cation ; (land) drainage. | 

"Sai'tcZttla, (w.) v. I. a. to cell aecond band; 
II. n. col. to leave offtarrying, dallying, &c. 

luS'tronmuln, (w.) u. a. 1. to drum about 
(oat); to publish by tbe drum; 2. to ex- 
plode, to drive off tbe »tage, kc, to con- 
demn by itamping the feet. 

"Austrompeten, (to.) v. a. 1. to publiab by 
soand of trampet; 2. fig. vid. Eutpofttuntn. 

SfuS'tropfeln, XuS'rropfen, (u>.) v. n. 1. (aux. 
fein) to trickle oat; 2. to ceaae trickling. 

Tfufi'trojen, (u>.) c. n. to ceaae being obiti 
nate or refractory. 

Xue'trumpftn, (U.) ». n. Garn, to play out 

XuS'tumnttln, (to.) t>. n. * r^?. 1. to leave 
off boitling; 2. to butle one'a «elf tired. 

XuS'tundjen, (w.) v. a. vid. ■JCuStwif ea. 

■JCuä'tunf «n, (io.) o. a. to dip oat. 

1u5'tnf<ben, (to.) o. a. to wa»h or «bade witb 
Indian ink. 

Uni'ubcn, (to.) o. a. 1. a) to perfect by 
practice; 6) to execate, dUcharge; to exer 
ciae, practiie; c) to exert (infloence, kc), 
to wield (power, i.e.); 2. to conu&it, perpe- 
trate (a crime); SUcbe — , to take revenge; 
a-b, p. o. 1. practiiing; ber o-oe 3Crjt, 
practiaing pbysiclan, practitioner ; 2. exe- 
cative; a-be (Statut, execntive power. 

TCuS'uber, (ffr.) m. practiier, Ac; committer 
or perpetrator (of a crime). 

TtuJ'ubuna, (>»•)/• exereüe, practice; in — 
bringen, to pat or bring into execation 

■Jtus'öetf auf, (ttr., pi. Tüjs'oerlaufe) m. C»m 
seliiug ont or off; Clearing of a «bop. 

3Cu*'ocrtaufen, (to.) «. a. Com. to «dl ont or 

off, to clear a »hop. 
■JCu»'»ttd>fcn, (ttr.) «. n. I. (aux. fein) 1. to 

ahoot out, grow out; 2. to grow homp- 

backed, cf. JButfelifU 3. to oome to fall 

growtb; aai'genadjfen, p. a. fall-growo; 

adult, mature, ripe; II. (aux. fabelt) to have 

done growiog, to grow a« more. 
Vut'affgen, (».) u. r<fl. to veatnre oat 
3tu«'»$gen, (u>. «V *tr.) v. o. to weigb; to 

weigh ont, (articlei for retail), to aell by 

■JCuS'raa^l, (to.) /. 1. ckooifng, eboiee, «e- 

lectioo; 2. auortment; ein« — fraBj6fifd)er 

!Büd)er, a aet («election) of Freoch beoka; 

eine — treffen, to make a eboiee, to pick oat; 

obne — , indiscriminately. 
"SuS'BÄblcn, (to.) v. a. to ebooae (oat), «eiset, 

to cull, to pick or single ont, to aeek or 

aort oat; atligeni^It, p. a. eboiee, diacri- 

TCa»'l»oIjen, (to.) v. I. a. to roll (oat); rat: 

gewaljte« 3RctttH, rolled metol; *u»flrn>alj; 

tee Safelblei, milied «heet-lead; II. n. Dane. 

to finUb a waltz. 
^Cus'nanbercr, (str.) m. emigraat. 
Xu6'»anbcm, (to.) v. n. I. (aux. fein) 1. to 

«et oot, depart; 2. to emigrate; il. (atur. 

bttben) to finiah one'a travela. tio«. 

XaC'toanberung, (v>.)f. emigration, expatria- 
Xu«'»4rnwn , (to.) c. a. to warm tkoraoghlj . 
^Cn*'»finn=Sfen,(*/r.,pl.5Cn»'n>4rm»fcfen) m. 

T. annealing-farnace. 
"XnB'toixtig, , adj. foreiga; ootward; abroad; 

ein o-er Ärieg, a foreign war; o-e Ctoot*< 

papiere, foreign faad«; ein «-er greimb, a 

friend, a correapondent abroad. 
Kttt'ioirts, oxlo. oatward(i); abroad; eine 

SDtitt^eUang oon — , a communication from 

abroad; — befrinunt, oatward bonnd («aid 

of a abip); — gelehrt, Her. addoned; — 

fe^en, to tora out; Antt-s. HS — ^tebenbe 

Ante, ber — fie&enbe Jtnöo)eI, oat-kaee, «ot- 

ankle; — jiebtr, m. abdoctor. 
Xn$'B)Ofd)en, (ttr.) v. I. «. to waah, wash «mt, 

off; II. rffi. to loae the colour by waahiag. 
XnS'ndfTem, (to.) v. a. to water, freabe«, to 

3Cu«'»tt(fernng, (w.) f. wateriag, ftc; X«; 

Unit, f. Mar. water-line, load-water-lioe. 
Xnt'neibfel, (ttr.) m. obange, excaaage. 
%te 7 »td)feln, (to.) v. a. 1. to exchange, to 

change; 2. Min. to new-llne (aahaft), to 

cbange or repair the lining of (a «halt). 
TCtt»'»edjfeIttag, (to.) /. exchange; cbange; 

K-Mertrag, m. Pol. carte) 

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Tfas'we'g, (ttr.) m. 1. ontlet, way oot, isaue, 
veiit; opening; 2./%. o) (way of) eacape, 
way, ezpedient; 6) »hift,evaaion,aubterfuge, 
Tini'äifym, (to.) t>. a. 4 n. 1. to blow ont (tbe 
candle, Ac); 2. a) to ralae into tbe air; 
1) to 611 witta alr, to »well; n. to fly ont, 
flotter; tarn in tbe wind; ein ansgetoe&tee 
Segel, a «all blown from the bolt-rope. 
Xtt&'ttetcben, (to.) t>. L a. 1. to toak thoroogh- 
ly; 2. to get out by aoaking and aoftening; 
IL n. (avx. fein) to feil ont from being 

7(u»'»eta)tn, (ttr.) v. n. (oux. fein) 1. (gen 
with the Dat. or »or) to give way, to step 
«aide, tarn ont, aaide, ftc. vid. Xufbiegen, 
n. 1.; 2. Mus. to modnlate; i.fig. to evade, 
«hon, avoid; einet ©odje liftig — , to ahuffle 
oft*, abift off; bem Sife (mit beut Sdjifft) — , 
Mar. to gire a birtb to tbe iee; einem ©tofl 
— t Fenc. to parry (ward off) a tbrnat; a-b, 
p. a. evaaive, (anawera, Ac). 
Yus'neiibe«, R-w-t. comp. — plaf, m. aldlng, 
aidlng- m paaaing-plaee, tarn-out, tnrn-out 
traek; —fdjtenen, /. p(. aiding raila, torn-ont 
rails,crosaing-raila ; —jungen,/, pl. awitchea. 
Xue'meiihung, (to.) /. 1. Surg. & Ast. elonga- 
tion ; 2. JPhf. vid. X&»eid)ung j 3. Mut. mo- 

Xul'weibcn, (to.) v. a. to gut, bowel, em- 
bowel, draw, eviacerate ; Hunt, to nneaae (a 
hart), to undo (a boar), to break np (a deer). 
Xne'neintn, (to.) t>. I. a. to weep oot, to ntter 
in weeping; II. refl. fii) (Acc.) — , to weep 
one'a »elf ont; fii) (Dat.) bie Tfttgen — , to 
ery ont one'a eye* ; in. n. to ceaae weeping. 
Xus'Bttt, (*tr.) m. atatement, tenor, pnrport, 

contenta, anbatance; argument, proof. 
TCuS'nxifen, (ttr.) v. ha. 1. to order ont of 
a place, ftc, to baniab, exile, ezpel; l.fig. 
to ahow; to prove; to decide; »ie e( bie 
©tfefct — , according to the tenor of the 
lawa; TL refl. to prove, to tarn ont; bat 
»irt fii) — , the end will ahow or diacover 
it, we ahall aee, ebne will manifest. 
Xve'mtifung, (to.)/. 1. tnrning ont, baniah 
ment, expulsion; 2. vid. XuttMÜ. 
2Cu*'»eifen, (to.) ». a. to white« , whitewaah 
on the inaide. [atretch 

Xus'neiten, (to.) v. a. to widen, enlarge; to 
Xue'menMg, L adj. onter, ootward; ontaide; 
IL adv.fig. witbont book; — lernen, to learo 
by heart, to eommit to memory; — tonnen, 
ttiffen, JC, to know (or have) by haart, to 
have by rote. | 

ItM'nitben, (irr.) v. n. vid. las. ] 

TCuo'istrfen, (*tr.) v. I. a. 1. o) to throw,! 

caat or Bing ont; Mar-*, to throw orer- 
board; ©fiter—, to caatgooda(orerboard); 
ben TCnfer — , to caat (or drop) anchor, vid. 
Unfern) ein ffloot — , to hoiat ont a boat; 
bat 2otb — , to heave the lead, to aonnd; 
bie Boje — , to atream the bnoy; bie Xngrl 
— natb, to atrike for ...; 6) to caat ont, 
throw np or off, expectoratcbring up (flegm, 
ftc), apit; bnrd) ben ©rnblgang — , Med. to 
egeat; c) to vomit (fire), diagorge (streanu 
of lava, ftc); 2. a) to geld (a horae); to 
gnt (a bare); 6) to clear of mnd (a ditcb, 
ftc); 3. o) reject (bad money); b) to eject, 
expel; 4. Com. ftc eine Summe — , to draw 
ont, to put aaide or aet apart a aom; rät 
9tefl)nnng — , to draw ont an acconnt; eise 
©eftforte in einer onbern — , to reduce one 
denomination of coin into another (aa dollan 
into ponnda Sterling, ftc); ber »id)t au£gt> 
uorfene ftoften, deferred entry; einem ei» 
©ehalt — , to fix, appoint one a aalary ; IL a. 

1. o) to throw out, outward; 6) Afon. 1» 
atep ; e) Hort, to oacillate or move regnlarijr, 
3. Garn. ftc. to throw firat, to begin ; wer wirft 
aus ? who ha» the firat throw (at dice, ftc)? 
HL v. t. (Hr.) n. 1. caat (of the lead), Ac; 

2. o) Med. expectoration; 6) ejacnlarJoi. 
TCue'toettera, (to.) v. n. & refl. to leave ofl 

tbnndering, atorming. 

XuJ'ttejen, (to.) v. a. 1. to whet off or ont; 
2. fig. to wipe off, away or ont, obliterat* 
(a blot, atain or apot); to make amenda for, 
repair (a fault) ; to revenge (an affront). 

Yunoitbfen, (to.) v. a. 1. to line with wax; 
2. fig. to thraah aoondly. 

■JtuS'tttitfeln, (to.) v. a. 1. to nnfold, nnwrap, 
diaentangle, extricate; 2. to nnawaddlc, 
nnawathe (a child). 

Ttne'ttiegen, (ttr.) v. a. ineor. for Xnfmaga. 

ftrt'minbeln, (to.) v. a. vid. 3CuS»i<f ein, 2. 

Ttut'ninben, (ttr.) v. a. 1. to wring ont; 2. 
to draw out with a windlaaa; 3. (Sine» 
Qtmat) to wring or wrest from one. 

Xus'rsintern, (to.) v. I. a. to winter; n. n. 
(avx. fein) to periah in winter. 

KnS'wipfeln, (toj v. a. to poll, lop (treet). 

Xut'reippen, (to.) v. a. to caat (whip) oot f of the 
aealea in weighing) gold-eoina ; cf. SBippen. 

Tiue'wirlen, (to.) v. I. o. 1. to work ont; 2. 
vid. Xnimeibttt; 3. fig. to effect, procure, 
obtain; ben ^uf eine« ^ferbeS — , For. to 
pare • hone'» hoof; ben Seig — , Bai;, to 
knead the dough; einen «erboftthefehl gegen 
Semanb — , to aerre a Warrant npon one; 
einen ftarbon — , to ane ont a pardon; II. 
n. to work, operate anffidently; to 

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woridng (in gener»!) or weavlng, working 
at the loom. * 

Ynfmimn, (w.) v. a. rät. entwirren. 

%lt'mifa)en, (w.) «. o. 1. a) to wipe out; 
MO. to apange (the gnna); 6) to blot out, 
efface; 2. fig. (Sinns etwa*) to take re- 
venge opoa by giving by-wipe«. 
Xnt'unttern, (w.) v. L o. 1. a) to air; to 
weither; 6) to aeaaon (timber); 2. fig. to 
aatell, huot ont, to get «cent of; II. n. (aux. 
frä) 1. to get decomposed by expoanre to 
the air; 3. to aeaaon (aa timber); — (äffen, 
vid. I. 1. 6); 3. (aux. hoben) to ceaie thnn- 

Xsi'Voibtn, (w.) e. a. Arch. to Tanlt, sbape 
to a vanlt, arch od the inaide. 

Xoi'nölbuna, (w.) /. 1. vaulting, 4c; 2, 
areb, vanlt. 

Xat'm&d)*, (j(r., pj. X«»'»5d)fe) m. 1. aprout- 
ing, growth, effloreteence; 2. Mied. 4c. ex- 
creieence; 3. honch, hompback. 

Kni'nfi^len, <v>.) o. a. to grab op; to roat; 
to andennlne. 

XaCvarf, (str., ptTCno'aarfe) m. 1. a)throw- 
ing ont, 4c. cf. XttimtlftM V) ernption (of 
a volcano); 2. Garn, firat throw, caat; 3, 
a) spitting, expectoration; $aben Sie einen 
ItUbten — ? do yon expectorate eaiily? 6) 
apittle, aaliva ejeeted; c) exeretion; d) ex 
cremt Dt; 4. Law, flotaam, jeUam; h.fig. 
ooteatt ; refose , traah , drega, acum (of the 
people, 4c); Com-t. — »OÜC, /. ontsbot 
wool; perftfdje — fette, /.ardaa »ilk, ardaaaea, 

"toS'lBÄrfetn, (w.) e. a. to raffle, play for (a 
thiog) with dice. [caat 

laS'würflinä, (rtr.) m. one expelled, an out- 

lB* / ronr|eIn / (to.) v. a. to root ont, to atob 
or grub (np), nproot. 

Xtt«'»5tben, (w.) «. n. vid. Ysltoben. 

auswarfen, (w.) ». a. to indent, noteh, acal 
lop,to cot ont into point« and edgea; Her. to 
eograil; anJ'gejtt«, p. o. £o(. 4c. notehed, 
denticnlate(d), laciniate(d), jagged; van- 
dyked (aa lacea, 4c); bat 'JCuSgejatfte, vid. 
SoSjotfnng, 2. 

laS'ittdhmg, (u.)/. l.indentation; 2. inden- 
tare, denticnlation, jaggedneaa. 

■Xli'jablen, (u>.) «. a. to pay (ont, away or 
over, (Knem, to* ...), to iaane. 

■SttS'jiblen, (w.) e. I. a. 1. to connt ont, enu- 
merate ; 2. to seil by the nnmber (by retail) ; 
n. n. to connt to the end; to ceaie coonting, 
tdling. [bnraer. 

Ttni'jabler, (Hr.) m. paymaater, caahier, die- 

Tia'ja^tung, (w.) /. payment. 

Xtfjafnen, (to.) v. I. n. to ceaae teething; 

IL or Xn»'}dbneln, Xn«'j46nen, (io.) o. a. to 
indent, jag, noteb, emarginate. 

Xut'jabmma, (w.)/. vid. Xusjatfun«. 

Xw'janfen, (tc.) t>. L a. to icold, rate; U. 
to leave off acolding. 

XuS'jttpfen, (to.) v. a. 1. to draw, top ont; 2. 
to aell (liqoor) by retail fron» the harret. 

Tfoi'jappeln, (to.) v. n. to ceaae kickiog. 

7Cn»'}anbern, (u>.) v. n. to ceaae loitering. 

XnS'äebren, (w.) v. I. a. lit. &fig. to contnme ; 
to emaciate, exhanat, drain; II. n. (aux- 
fein) 4 refl. to pine away, langniah, waate, 
become enervated ; tt-b, p. a. conanmptire, 
bectic; eine a-be JCrant^eit, a conaamption. 

Xna'iebrnns, (to.)/. conanmption. 

Xn»',jei(bnen, (tc.) v. I. a. 1. to mark ont, 
note ont, diacriminate ; SBoarcn — , Com. to 
mark ont, ticket, labei gooda; bie optima 
im aRonnfcrtpte — , Typ. to mark ont the 
prima ; 2. to diatingniah, «ignalize ; to ahow 
reapeetto...; 3.tofiniah adranght ordeaiga; 
II. refl. 1. to be (rendered) conapienona; 
2. fig. to diatingniah or «ignalize one'i »elf, 
to excel. 

Xu8'jeid)mm8, (tr.) f.l.a) marking ont, 4c. ; 
b) mark; 2. diatinetion; reapect; a-8tt«rtb, 
o-8»firbig, adj. worthy of diatinetion. 

XnS'jlebm, (ttr.) v. I. a. 1. lit. 4 gen. to draw 
out, extract (a atnmp, 4c); to pull out or 
up; einen 3«&n — , Surg. to take out or 
draw a tooth ; 2. a) to pnll off; pnt off; ca»t 
off (dothea); b) to nndreaa (one); einem 
etwa» — , to atrip one of ; 3. to «tretch (a 
atring, 4c); diatend; 4. Chem. to extract, 
diacharge (colour, 4c), to diatil, decoct; 
fig-t. 5. to fleece, rob, atrip, plnnder ; 6. to 
extract (Math, a aqnare root, 4c), to aeiect 
and abatract (from a literary work); fnr} —, 
to abridge, abatract; eine Sfctbnung — , to 
make ont an aeconnt ; II. refl. to nndreaa one'« 
aeif; in. n. (aux. fein) 1. a) to march off, 
ont ; to go forth ; to aet ont (in proceaaion) ; 
6) to take the field ; 2. to qnit, leave a houae, 
to change one'a lodginga, remove, move. 

Xu»';ieb:Xif(b, (str.) m. aliding-frame Üble. 

TCuS'jie^ang, (to.)/. i. drawing ont, 4c; 2. 
Surg., Math. tc. extracting, extraction. 

TtuS'jicren, (to.) «., XaS'iierung, (u>.)/. wo". 
■Jtnsfdjmötfen, 4c. 

ZuS'jimmern, (u.) v. a. 1. Min. to line (a 
abaft) with timber-work; 2. to perfect (the 
timber-work); to aqnare, faahion. 

InCiinnen, (to.) v. a. to tin (a veaael) on the 

XaS'jtrfeln, (to.) v. a. to meaanre with com- 

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Jfos'jlfiben, (w.) «. a. to hin (off the «tage), 
condemo by hissing, c/. 'Auspfeifen. 

■JCnS'jittern, (u>.) v. n. to cease trembling, to 
cease to vibrate. [kicking. 

■KnS'jUdfen, (w.) v. n. to ceaae writbing, 

■Jfas'jüg,». I. («tr.,p/.TCU8'juge) m. 1. march- 
ing out, off; proceMion; — bei Jtülber 
3SraeI, the departure of tbe brachte», 
exodoa (from Egypt); 2. a) reraoving, re- 
moval; 6) reserve (cf. TCaSjfigler)} 3. fig. 
extract: o) decoction, esscnce; b) atate- 
raent, abatract, abridgment, epitome, brief, 
draught, docket, compendiuin; 4. Conunote, 
bill; 5. drawer (in a burcau or caie); II. 
comp. %-Sitain, m. Fort. onder-ditch ; Tt-t* 
Übt, /. (ehest or «et of) drawer* ; Tl-fyoä), 
n. drain-well; tt-8»rift, <idj. by extract. 

XuS'iugler, (ttr.) m. seller of an estate or 
houie having res erved to himaelf iodgings, fcc 

XuS'jupfett, (w.) v. a. to plnck ont; to pick 

3tu«'jn>ängen, (».), ItnS'jieingen, (irr.) t>. a. 
(6inem Staat) to force (aomething) ont 
(of one, Ac). 

3tne'j»eifeln, (ie.) i>. n. to doobt ao longer. 

Xu't jjfft, (*rr., pi. Xu'tbäler) n. a fertile valley 
near a river. [ticity. 

»Sutbenticitaf, Xotbentie', (u>.) /. authen- 

♦ TCut&en'tifd), sdj. autheatic, genuine. 
*3Cut&cntffi'ren, (to.) v. a. to anthenticate. 
»Sn'to*, (Cr.) comp. — blogroabie', (u>.) /. 

autobiograpby ; —bibaff, (ir.) m. one who is 
»elf-Uaght or «elf edacated ; — gräpb', (vi.) 
m. 1. antograph, antographicoj writing; 2. 
copying-machine ; —trat', (to.) m. aotoerat; 
— frafifo), odj. autoeratie; —matf, («ir.) n. 
& («o.) m. automaton; — maftfä), adj. anto. 
matical; — matifibe gtguren, pU automaton 
*TLutotO.U, (5p.) n. Rom. Cath. act of faith 

♦ TCutopfir, (u>.)/. autopsy, ocular evidence. 

♦ IVtor, m. anthor; — fdjuft,/. anthership 
♦Xntorift'ren, (u>.) v. a. to aatboriie, em- 

*Eutorit Jf, (u.) /. aatbority. 

♦ luiUiär/, adj. anxiliary. 
XnroCb'! inf. coJ. ah! oh! O «id! alat! 
* Xoal', m. Com. siirety for payment, bau, 

♦ Xooli'ren, (w.) v. a. Com. to h»il, io stand 
•ecurity for. 

♦Ttoanee', [Fr. pron. äväng» r ) (u>.) /. Com. 
money advaaced, or diibnrced, advance; in 
— bejobUtt, to pay beforehand; mit — OeTs 
laufen, to seil with an advance, witb profit. 

«XtKracemenr*, [Fr. pron. ävängsmäng'] m. 

proniotion, pacferment. 
*'3foanri'rat, [ävä»gs* / ren] (».) ». I. n. to 

advance; to be promoted, preferred; im 

BUnfte — , to rite in tbe aervice; II. a. to 

advance, promote, prefer. 
*2C»ancTr/tau, {ttr.) n. Gun. lashing. 
♦Eoontfgarbt, (tu.)/. MU. avant-guard(fh), 

advanced guard, van. 
*3C»anturt'reu, (w.) v. n. Com. to give money 

on bottomry. 
•Xnuntür'*, comp. Com. —trief/ m. biU of 

ad venture; — fdjiff, n. freebooter, amuggler. 
**wui'jo, (It.) Com. cid. loanee. 
*5C»«rie' / («.)/. Com. vid. $<u>arie; aoorir'te 

SBaaren, damaged goodi. 
**'»e «Warftt, n. Rom, Cath. Ave-Mary ; — 

lauten, n. angelns. 
*3foenturä'|tei», (ttr.) m. Afin. Vcntunne- 

*Ttwc$', (ttr.) m. Num. obvene, head, front, 

face of a coin. 
♦KocrftonaTs, comp. — qnantom, n. — fnmmt, 

/. cid. Xbfinbungefummt. 
DcVotrti'rcn, (ui.) v. a. Com. to advertiae, in- 

form of. 
*TC»ertiffemcnt', [Fr., pron. — mäng'j n. Com. 

advertiiement , intelligente; "H-tmoxtt, u. 

pl. MU. cautionary worda. 
*2C»iS', (ttr.) m. Com. aviso, Information, 

advice, notice; comp, —brief, m. letter o 

advice; — joebt,/. —fdjiff, n. corvet(te), ad- 

«TCbifi'ren, (u.) v. «. Com. to adviae, infotxn 

of ; Sinent einen SSeojfel — , to adviae one 

of a bill. 

♦ Xüifftt, (lt.) ado. Com. at aight. 
Xr*e,(u..)/. md.5td)fe. 

* Xjnnif, (ttr.) m. Min. thumer~»tone,mxinite. 
♦'XriSm', (ttr.) n. axiom. 

♦Wome'ter, (ttr.) m. Mar. tell-tale of the 

Tttt, (ttr., pl. Ifjtfe)/. axe; bie — ohne hat 

Stiel, the head of an axe; — bfott, n. blade 

of an axe ; —beim, — ftitl, m. hei v e of an axe. 
Til'tn, »id. Ttaen. 

♦TCjimütb', (ttr.) n. Ast. aximntb. 
♦'XjünutbäTj, comp. T. —frei», m. azimath 

circle; — ubr, /. azimutb-dial; — jirfel, »». 

■Jtjo'ren,/. p<. Geog. the Azorea, the Western 

Islands; Xjo'rifdj, adj. Azorian. 
*Kjüi / , I. (ttr.) m. vid. Saftirj II. or K}Stn, 

adi. azare, (aky- or faint-)blue. 

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», b 




98, b, n. 1. Gram. B, b, ttae lecond Ietter and 

int eonaonant of the aiphabet; 2. Muts. 

a) B flat (the aeventh note of the gamot 

marked with a flat); fr) a eharacter marked 

thna [{>] depreaaing the Bote before which 

1t i» plaeed one »emitone lotrer, nid. Grrs 

«tebrigmigS jesdjtn ; B bur, ((he key oO B flat 

major; B moU, (the key of) B flat minor; 

Bqaaorat, a natural (a eharacter, marked 

thns fe , which removea a aharp or flat and 

restores the note to which it ia prefixed to 

its original ralne). 

15., »n abbr. b. for bei, bei btm, beim, at, 

with, by ; 85. or B. Com. for flSrfefe, paper, 

bilb (on exchangea); 95. X. for ©«nfflttie, 

95aafaffignate, ahare (inbank-atock); 9595., 

95be. for SBanbe, Tolomea; 95n). for 95an), 

book; 95co., So., Bco. /or 95anFgeIb, 95anfs 

teertb, banco, banc money; 95b. /or 95anb, 

Tolnme; 99bd)n./or95£llbd)ra, amall volnme; 

Äbe./or »ante, volnme»; fBMfl. /or 95ud)s 

bdnblnng, bookaeller'a ahop; b. b virf. b.4 

SBbrn. /or fflrfibern, to the brothera; 95brr. 

for Stüber, brothera; fStmb.for bearbeitet, 

Bearbeitung, elaborated, Elaboration ; beb., 

betrat, for btbentet, aigniflea, meana; bef., 

befinbl. for beftnblid), to be fonnd; beil., 

beilieg. /or beiliegenb, encloaed, annexed; 

bef., brjbnb. for befonbert, eapecially; be» v 

breollm, for bcooumeifitigt, plenipotentiary ; 

95. ©. /er Srritengrab, degree of latitude ; 

BtbL/orbMfd), acriptural; ®U6b./or »Hb« 

banrr, «calptor,9MIbbanrrei, aculptnre; SJiog. 

for SB tograpbie, biography ; »ifd). /or bifdjöf* 

Hd), ftifdjof, epiacopal, biahop; 95mf. for 

Saacomarf, mark banco; 95n., 95. 9t. for 

Kantnoten, bank notei; bot., fflot./or botos 

ntfd), 95otamf, botanicai, botany; 9t. for 

95ogen, «heet (of paper); br. 1. /orbreit, 

large;2./orbrodjirt / atitched;fflr./or®rtite, 

latitude; St., 95tt0, Bt., Btto. /or Brutto, 

groas(-weight) ; 95j., 95*n. for »«(eil, batz ; 


nent ; ».Hffiertb, vid. »CO. 5 95. SB., 95. 3 

/br atadjbanbltrtfBabnutg, »tubbinbler: 

3dblaag, bookaeller'» valne or currency. 

■59 or 955$! int. cont. po! poghl pngh! 

95l! int. baal (hnitating the bleating of a 

9teftt, (to.)/. vid. 95cre. [aheep). 

*95aal', m. Baal ; fig. Idol ; 95-»pfafft, m. wor- 

abipper oftheidolBaal; cont. awickedprieat 

Soor, I. odj. vid. 95ar$ II. (to.) «. Afar-» 

I. /. a) «id. 95«tte» 6) 95-«n, pi. «arge», 
wavea of the aea; 2. m. freah water (ao- 
experienced or raw) aailor. 

©ao/re, (to.) /. «id. 95abre. 

»aar«, (*tr.) m. vid. 95or«. 

Kabbelei', (w.)/. troig. babbiing, cbattering. 

©abb'etn, (ic.) v. n. vuig. »id. Arabern. 

iBc/bel, (ttr.) I. n. Geogr. Babel, Babylon; II. 

m. Com. vid. 5(u«fdj«f . [papooehea. 

*95abon'd)en, fflabn'fiben, (io.)/.», 
95abt)lo / ttifd), adj. Babylonian, Babyh>nic(al). 
»BoccalOUtfäf, (itr.)n. bacheiorabip; bac- 
*95accala«'ren*, m. bacbelor. [calaortate. 
*9$aed)ana'li"e"n, (io.) pJ. baccbanala. 
• S9acd)anf , (to.) m. 95acd)an'tinn, (vi.) f. a 

(male or femaje) baccbanal, bacchanalian» 

gen. pi. Bacchantea; bacd)anf ifd), adj. Bac- 

*S5acayif(b, adj. bacchic(al); btr b-c «ertfilf, 

bacchina (a metrical foot). 
*58aed/aS, m. 6r. Afytn. Baccbaa ; — fefi, ». 

baccbanala; —lieb, n. bacchanalian »ong, di- 

thyrambic; — pricfler, m. — priefterinn,/. vid. 

95aee)cmt, 3t.) — ftob, m. thyrae, thyraua. 
S5ad), 1. 1. (str., pl. 95od)'e) m. brook, rivnlet ; 

II. comp. — arafel, /• vid. — fleljej Bot-s. — 
binfe,/. water bulrnsb;— btmge,/.brook-lime; 
— fabrt, /. gntter made by a waterSood, cart- 
way waahed ont by torrent», rain- or anow-, 
water ravine; — fartDt,/. Ich. brook-tront; 
— bohtnber, m. Bot. water-elder, gnelder- 
roae; — &unb, m. vid. SadjSbunbj — freb», 
m. Ent. crawflah, frech -water »hrimp; — 
frefe, /. vid. fflrnnnenfreffej — münje, /. 
Bot brook-mlnt, water-mint; — reid), adj. 
rilly ; — ftelge,/. Orn. wagtail, waaher; — »eibe, 
/. Bot. roae-wiilow. [three yeara). 

95ad)'e, (w.) /. Sport, wild aow (of from two to 

95ad)'er, (rtr.) w. Sport, bog-ateer, wild boar 
(of from two to three yeara). 


95ad)fen, (w.) ». a. Mar. vid. 95ojctn. 

fflaöj'a«, *. vid. 95acd)nS. 

SSaeT, I. *. (str.) n. (fometimei /. * m.) 1. 
Mar. a)caatle, forecaatle; fr) birth; c)meaa; 
2. T. a wooden veaael, diah or platter; II. 
adv. back; HI. comp. — botb, n. k m. lar- 
board; (Vreicbt am —bort! hold water with 
yonr larboard oara! — borbfeite, /. larboard 
■ide; 95-8gafien, pl (fore-)ca»tle-crew or 
men; —legen, to back (the aaila); ba8 —legen 
btr «Jorberftgel, boxing (off) a abip; - Uo 

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genb, aback ; ©-«gefeuert, S-ftmaatl, m, meu 
■natu; 18-Smeifter, m. maiter of a nie»»; — 
fpitr, /. outrigger of the (boat'») goeu-rope; 
— ftagttttife, <"*"• on tne inarter; S$-6road)e, 
/. larboard watch; — (tafljttillb, m. quarter 
ot qaartering wind. 

Ctttf* (o/ffloeten), comp. — apfel, m. —bim,/, 
dried apple or pear; — bled), — bret, n. plate, 
board u»ed for baking; — ftftb, m. i. fish for 
frying; 2. Joe. green mis», a yonng lady not 
yet oot or just out; -~$au8, n. bakebome; 
— fo^Ie,/. caking coal; — obft, n. dried fruit; 
— ofen, m, baker* oven; — pfanne, /. frying 
pan, baking pan; — ribdjen, n. jagging iron; 
-feSaufel,/. peel; -fcbüffef.,/. baking diih; 
— ftein, m. brick; — ftetnfarMg, adj. Chem. 
lateritiou»; — ftabe, /. vid.— bau* 5 —tag, 
m. baking-day; —trog, m. kneading-trough, 
brake; — »ttf, n. pastry (work). 

Vfatft, (vi.) f. S$a<fen, (rfr.) m. 1. cheek; mit 
eingefallenen — , hollow-cheeked; 2. col. vid, 
•jointerbaife; 3. the butt-end (of a gon); 
4. Mech. &c. jaw, p(. tboie piecei of a ma- 
cbine, *c which form corresponding lidea: 
Mars. S5-n bt« ©ebiffe«, bowa of a ahip; 
S-n am SKofte, hound«, cheekn of a mast; 
fl$-n Ut ffiuflfprtttä, bee», fiddle or saddle 
npon the bow«prit ; T-s. 83-n 6« Angelform, 
chaps; flä-n am SSä)rüubfto<re, vise-chap». 

S5ad"en*, comp, belonging to the cheek», buc- 
cal; —hart, m. whisker«; — bärtig, adj. 
whUkered, lud. bewhiskered; — brüfe, /. 
Xnat. buccal gland; — grübeben, n. dimple 
in the cheek»; — fttod)en, m. cheek-bone, 
jaw-bone; — nutlfel, m. buccinator, trom- 
peter'i maacle; — riemen, m. vid. ®ti)mani 
riemtn; — ftreif, m. läppet, pinner (of a head< 
dreu); — ftreia), m. box on the ear; — ftütf, 
n. cid. ffiaefe, 4.; — ftu$l, m. eaay cbair; 
-ftütfe, n. pl. Sad. main vertical pieces of 
a bridle; — tafd)en, /• pl. cheek -pooehes 
(witb which »ome an i mal» are provided, as 
the mannots); — jabn, m. cbeek-tootb, mill 
or molar tooth, col. grinder. 

93a<fen, v. I. (rir.) n. to bake; U. (irr.) a. 
to bake; to dry (frnit, *c); gifen — , vid. 
Camentiren j in einer Pfanne — , to fry; 3ic« 
gelfteint — , to bnrn tilea. 

Kidftt, (str.) m. baker; — burfä), — gefeH, 
— fned)t, in. jonrneyman baker, baker'i boy; 
— fiemetl or — ^anb»ert, n. baker» trade, 
baker*» bnainea»; — frdje, /. Afed. baker'» 
Heb; — meffer, n. dough-knife; -fdjabe,/. 
Alt black-beetle, cockroach. 

ftHttttV, (to.) /. bakery, bake-hou«e. 

SM», (*tr, pJ. Bfber) n. 1. gen. batb ; 2. tpa,|| 

mUBabeort; in'« — reifen, to go to « water- 
ing place (or to the «pa); SBfibcr cerorbnen, 
to preacribe bathing; pruv-s. baS Ainb mit 
bem S-c auegtefien or au8fd)ntten, to rejeet 
good and badtogether; Sincmbai — (gc)fcg« 
nen, to dliappoint one'» bot hope» witb evil. 

SSo/be*, comp. — anflalt, /■ bathing place or 
e»tabliahment; — ■ arjt, m. pbyiician in a wa- 
tering place; — tnr,/. u»e of water»; 
— fMU, /. vid. — matten —gaft, m. viaitor 
at a watering place, bather; — gclegcnfccit,/. 
bathing aecommodation ; — tyrnt, n. bagnio, 
batbinglodge; — Fjofcn, batfiing-brcecb- 
ea; —foppe, /. baihing cap, oil-ca»e cap; 
— farren, m. bathing machine; — mciflcr, ni. 
vid. Saber, l.t — matter,/, umlwifc; —ort, 
m. watering or water-piace, »pa; — pla», in. 
bathing (»wimming) place; —reife, /. jour- 
ney to a watering place; — fdjif, «. noating 
bath;— fd)n>amm,m. common »punge; — ftab, 
m. batbing-atalT; — ftubc, f. vid. — {immer j 
—manne, /. bathing tub; —warm, adj. of » 
temperatore to bathe in; — rodrme, /. tem- 
peratnre for bathing; — jcit,/. bathing aea- 
•on; — jimmet, n. bagnio, bathing room, 
bathing clo»et. 

Sff/ben, (ic) v. I. a. to bathe, lave; II. n. * 
rtfl. to bathe, n«e bath»; in Sbrinrn or 
SBIut gebabet, drenched in teart or blood. 

ffia'bencr, fflofccn'fer, (ttr.) m. Badeneae, in- 
habitant of Baden. 

fBo'ber, (str.) m. 1. bagnio keeper, bath 
keeper; 2. »urgeon, cupper; harber. 

Säberci', (w.) f. 1. bagnio; 2. cnpper's or 
barber'a *hop. [or «tar ania-aee«l. 

♦ Sabiän', (str.) m. Com. badinn(e), lnjiao 
JBa'btfd), adj. (of) Baden, Badiih; bit b-t 

■Jfrmee, the Baden army. 
föäff' d)cn, (str.) n. a clergyman'a band, 
Ȋffen, ffldffjcn, (w.) v. n. proeinc. to bark. 
♦Sagatell's, comp. — Magc, — \aa)t, f. Law, 

petty cau«e or hiw-suit; — fa)ulbcn, /. p.'. 

■mall (petty) debts, col. pettic*. 
»fflagatefle, (w.)f. tritte, a tritling thing. 

♦ »aggo/gc, [Fr., pron. bigä'ibe] (w.) /. 
baggage, luggage. 

SBag'gcr, I. (str.) m. dredger; one that clear» 
mud or peat; II. comp. — ne*, n. drag (net), 
dredge; — mafcStne, /. dredging machine. 

SBog'gcrn, (w.) v. a. to dredge, deepen witb » 
dredging-maebine; to clear out (mud orpeat). 

So/gii'nraa, Sagi'nenraa, (».)/. Afar. erat» 
jack (»all) yard; — fegel, n. crou jack aail. 

89 d'fjcn, (u>.) v.a.l. Med. to foment, to »turve ; 
2. Cook, to toaat ; 3. to burn (a* a char- 
coal pile). 

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Sit/mittel, (str.) n. wann lotioa, stope, fo- 

roeotatioD, Med. epitbem. 
Bahn, f. I. (».)/• l.pathway,road;2.conrse; 

patta;3.(6ifen— )railway,railroad;4.face(of 

a banuner, of an anvil, of a plane); 5. SB-en, 
pl. Mar. dothi (in a «all); 6. Ast. orbit; 
aphere (of a planet) ; trajectory, track (ol 
a comet, *c.); Sie — bredjen, 1. to beat a 
patta; 2. fig. to break the ice; auf bie — 
bringen, to sbow (one) tbe way, to raise, 
atart; II. comp. K-v>-s. — abwärts, adv. 
descending; —aufwärti, adv. ascending; 
--bredjer, m./«g.wnymaker,pioneer; R-vus. 

-brücfe, /.- viaduct; eine —fahrt benoten, to 

Uke a train; — Jof, m. Station (c/. ©ifou 

bafin:); —log, ad}, pathless, trackiess; 

Ä-«!-*. — prefil, n. profiie or *ection (of a 

railway); — ftollnt, m. tunnel; — (Iretfe, /. 

— ftücC, n. »ection; — »arter (prowinc. — 

Bart), m. signal-man, line-keeper; —jug, 

m. (raiüway-)träin. 
Bab'nen, (w.) r. a. 1. to beat (a path or way), 

to amooth or clear (the vay), make level; 

to pave; 2. fig. to pioneer, facilitate; fid) 

{Dat.} einen SBeg — , to make, work, cut or 

carve oat one'i way; einem ben SBeg — JU, 

to pot one on the way for. 
fBob/ve, (ib.) f. barrow, litter; bier, hearse. 
»abr/tüd), (rfr., pl. »ahrtutber) n. hearse 

Sfitf'uas, (w.)/. foraentation, cf. ffiäbmirrel. 
S«i, (w.)/. bay; — fteber, n. bay fever (»id. 
Vol. I.); -fdlj, n. vid. »Ottfalj. 

»«?er, (te-.) m., fflai'erinn, (u>.) /. Bastian. 

Bafertfd), ffiai'rifa), ad?". Bavarian. 

Sofern, n. Geog. Ba»aria (P. JV.). 

Saifbrecbnt, (str. t sep.) v. n. Sport, (of the 
boancU) to cease barking. 

Sofien, (ut.) v. n. Sport, to hark. 

«SojaM're, (to.)/. bayadere, Iodian dancing 

«Sajaj'tO. m. (ft.) buffoon. [glrl. 

»Sajoner, (str.) n. Jtfit bayonet; bat lange 
— , aword bayonet ; bas — auf ba« ©emebr auf 
fe$e«, to fix the bayonet ; ba£ — gefällt! bayo- 
net in Charge! — ob! onfix bayonet! — etile, 

ffiof , vid. ©ad* . [— bfitfe, /. bayonet Hocket. 

Safe, (io.) /. 1. Mar. beacon, sea-mark, baoy ; 
2. Eng. slope-stake; ffi-n errieten, to pnt 
op beaconi; 8-ngelb, n. beaconage. 

«Bo/fel, (str.) m. joc. stick, cndgel, clob 

fSateijan, (str.) m. dried »alt codfish ; — ftfdjer, 
m. banker. [poise 

»Batan'ce, [Fr., pron. bäläng'ae] (u>.)/.e(|ui- 

•eaiancier', [Fr., pron. bälängsyä'] m. Afec/t 
beam, balancier ; — (bampfjinafebine, /. beant 
(ateam) engin«, opp. Äurbtl(bampf)mafd)ine 

«Statanefren, [bälingsi'ren] o. o. k n. to 
poise, balance. 

♦SBalaneir'j, comp. — mafebtne, /. W-m. ba- 
lance poiser; — (lange,/, rope-dancer'a pole, 
poy. [terrace. 

♦ äSalcon', [Fr. bälköng'] (str.') m. balcony; 
Salb, adv. 1. soon, early; shortly, speedily, 

ere long; 2. almost, nearly; eaaily; er »tr= 
giebt — , he easily forgives; eS muf — tyre 
jjcit fein, she must be near her time ; id) roäre 
- geworben, I was like to die; ba£ ifl — 
gefügt, it is easily said; — fo, — fo, now 
so, tben otherwise; — , — , at one time or 
another; by-and-by; now ..., now ..., sorae- 
times (the one, &c), sometimes (the other, 
icc), one while ..., another wbile ...; alter- 
nately; — bier, — ha, now here now tbere. 

*ä8atbad)Tn', (str.) m. canopy, daia; cloth of 
state; mit einem — bebetft, canopied. 

SWbe, (io.)/- provinc. (only used in): in — , 
in a «hört time, soon. 

SBät'ber, + * provinc. comp, of Salb. 

SBal'btg, adj. speedy, early; balb'igfi, I. adj. 
inost speedy; II. adv. as ««on as possible. 

SBoI'briän, (str.) m. Bot. valerian, capon's 
teil; ber grted)ifo)e — , Jacob's ladder. 

»al'buin, m. Baldwin (P. N.). 

Salea'ren, pl. Geog. the Balearic Isles (/'. 
A r .); »ttteo'rifa), adj. Balearic 

* SBaleft'cr, (str.) m. balister, cross-bow. 
Salg, (str., p/.®dl'ge) m. 1. skin;case, slough ; 

2. Bot. glnme, husk, shell; au« äBälgen be« 
fie^enb, glamaeeons; 3. body of a doli; 4. 
vid. ißlafe— ) 5. cont. little cbild, brat; — 
— blume,/. Bot. gluraoui flower ; —gefd)»ulft 
/. Med. eucysted tomoor; — rapfel, /. Bot. 
follicle, conceptacle. 

Sol'gen, (w.) e. refl. to romp, wrestle, grap 
ple, scuWe, fight. 

SBdl'gen, (to.) v. refl. to cast the skin. 

Sal'ger, (str.) m. wrestler, boxer. 

»algerei', (to.) /. wrestling, fighting, fight, 
seuffle, scramble. [blower. 

8541'gentrtter, (str.) m. bellows- or organ- 

»ol'je, (».)/. 1. Mar. half tob; bie S-n ber 
SRarifaDen, top sail-halyard-tabs ; 2. wnsh- 
ing tob. 

Sal'fen, *. I. (str.) m. 1. Corp. beam; rafter, 
clamp; Shipb-s. bie — ber .Stubbrucre, orlop- 
beam»; ein frummer — (ÄnieftücJ), camock; 
2. Print. cross-piece; 3. Her. pale, chevron, 
fesse; 4. Hiisb. a) balk, a ridge of land left 
unplonghed between two furrows; 6) the loft 
of a harn; c) v£d.$flugbalfen; 5. vid.SBage- 
balfenj 6. Mus. the bass-bar (of a violio, 
Ac); 7. Anat. the corpvs callosum; II. comp. 

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— <mftr, m. Arch. bracc; — banb, n. Corp. 
swallow'i tail, cramp; — brücfc, /. timber- 
bridge ; — gerüft, n. sca Holding, sträng frame- 
work; —feiler, m. raftered cellar; — fopf, 
-träger, m. headpiece of a beam , corbel; 
— 106, adj. untirabered; — flreif , — ftrid), m. 
vid. SBolfen, 3.; — flreifen, n. Agr. whip- 
«titchiog; —treter, m. vid. Saigon treter j 
tpert, n. beam« and rattert of a building; 
{icrat^, /. chevroo moulding. 

SBall'», comp. — fcafen, m. Corp. dog; — plan* 
ten, /. pl. Sliip-b. side» or side-planks of a 

fäaW, s. I. (ttr., pl. SäH'e) m. 1. ball, globc; 
2. ball, dancing; 3. Her. rouodcl; 4. Sport, 
barkiag; Gam-s. — fpielcn, — fragen, to 
drive, hurl a ball; to play at teunis; ben — 
anfpiclen, to serve tbe ball ; to give «ervice; 
einen — madjen, BilU to pocket, hazard, hole 
a ball, to put a ball in ; ber — ifl gut gemacht, 
tbe ball i« well made ; ein febön gemauster 
a good ctroke; II. comp, —ttnjug, m. vid. 
— fleib» —förmig, adj. round, ipherical; — 
bauS, n., — bof, m. tenois-court; — bolj, n., 
— pritfebe,/. bat, battledoor; — but, m. dres» 
hat ; —fleib, n. fall dres» ; — meifter, m. maater 
of a tenois-court; — nej, n., — f&lagel, m. 
recket ; — fdjnerfe, /. Ctrnch. partridge-shell; 
— febufce, m. pl. pumpt, dreu shoe«; — fpiel, 
— fdjlogen, n. tennis, game at tennis; hurl, 

SBaUtt'te, s. I. (u>.)/. ballad; n. comp. SB-n= 
ti<bter,2)-nfibreiber, m. ballad-maker or wri- 
ter; SB-nfänger, m. ballad ainger; sB-nfinl, 
m. ballad style. 

S8oI1aft,*.I.(*tr.)m. Mars, bailast; mit— be* 
laben, vid. SSaUaftenj o$ne — , unbaiiasted; 
II. comp, oierf ontigeS — eifen, n. iquare kent- 
ledge; — fradjt, /. dead freight; —fleib, n 
port «all; — lichter, m., — ftbnte, /. boat to 
carry bailast, lighter; — Pforte, /. bailast 

SBaDaffen, (w.) v. a. Mar. to bailast. [port. 

Sallaffung, (uj.) /. Mar. lastage. 

SBallci', (w.)f. ( 7eu tonte Order) commaadery. 

Sal'ten, *. I. (str.) m.l.a) Com. Ate. bale, pack, 
bag ; 6) ein — Rapier, T. ten reami of paper ; 
2. ball (of the band or foot); Far. tole; 3. 
Typ. ball; 4. Her. ballet; 5. Join. handle (of 
a plane) ; Typ-s. (formerly) bie — benenn, 
to bisbop or wet tbe ball»; — anfflopfcn 
or machen, to knock ap tbe ballt; — pufcen, 
to tcrape tbe balls; II. comp. — hinter, m 
packer; — oinbcrlobn, n. package, packing; 
— binberftotf, m. packiog-stick; — fteber, n., 
-flin)t, /. the ague, gout in tbe ballt of tbe 
handt or feet; —griff, m., — bolj, n. Typ 

ball-ttock; — man, f. bale good«; -todfe, 
adv. in bale«, by Ute bale. 

Sal'len, (w.)u.I.a. to form into ballt, globet; 
bie $auft — , to clinch, double or bend the 
fist ; II. refl. to gather into (firm) balls ; Anat. 
Ute. to conglobate; geballt, adj. conglobate. 

»ffiaUef, (str.) m. ballet; — mabeben, n., — 
tdnjerinn,/. ballet-dancer.figure girl; — mei» 
fter. m. ballet-master. 

JaU'bornifTren, (y>.) v. a. burl. to make tri- 
vial or ridiculout emendatioat; to tpoil by 
endeavouring to mend, to introdnee pieudo- 
improvements, to deteriorate. 

♦ fflallift'if,/. ballutict, projectilet ; baDiffifd), 
adj. ballistic [chemical glatt-reeeiver). 

♦ ffiüUon', [Fr., bälöng'] m. balloon (also a 
♦»ttUoto'ge, [Fr., — ä'zhe] (u>.)/. baUoting. 

♦ SBalloti'ren, (to.) v. n. to ballot, vote by 

Sal'fom, s. I. (stf.) m. balm, baisam; Med. 
unguent; II. comp. Bot-s. — apfcl, m., — 
fpringgurfe, /. balm apple; ädjter —bäum, 
balm or baisam tree; — bnft, m. baltamic 
odour ; — buftenb, adj. balmy ; Bot-s.— front, 
n. niarvel of Peru; —poppet, /. the taca- 
mabac; — pflanje, — ftaube, /. vid. — banm. 

SBalfami'nc, (to.)/. Bot. balsamine, baisam. 

*25alfanu'rcn, (u>.) v. a, to balm, embaka, to 
impregnate witb baltam; to perfume. 

SBalfa'nufcb, adj. balmy, balsamic 

»al'tiffb, adj. Baltic; tai b-e «Keet, tbe Bai- 

♦ S9aluftro/be, (ib.) f. baluttrade. [tic (tea). 
Sättl'je, Bei«, («"•)/• coupling time of larg«- 

birds, &c. [birds). 

Sül'jcn, (w.) v. n. to coople, to breed (ot 
Stal'jer, contr. of Soltbafar, m. Balthasar 

(}>. A.). [m. taba(s)heer. 

*SBam'bu*, in. (— robr, n.) bamboo; — tuet er, 
»am'mel, SBttnVmeln, vid. SBanmcI, *c 
SBanK, (str.) m. Sad. saddie-cushioo. 
SBam'fen, (w.) v. a. T. to beat (skios). 

♦ fflän, SBa'nu«, m. (SUvonic) Ban, viceroy 
or civil governor (/. t. of Croatia k Slavooia) ; 
toWRit, (str.) n. 1. the district of a Ban; 
2. a province of Hungary. 

*äßana'ne, (w.)f. Bot. banana. 

»aSancäl', vid. Santal. 

*®anc'ö, (/(.)/. bank; — 5Karf, mark-banco; 
— jettel, m. bank-billet (formerly a govern- 
ment money-paper in Anstria) ; cf. SSonf . 

Sanb, *. I. (str.. pk »dn'ber) n. 1. ribboa; 
band; «tring; Surg. fillet, ligature, bandage, 
SBdnber, pl. Mech. rovings; 2. Anat. liga- 
ment; 3. Coop. boop; II. (str., pl. Sintc) 
m. 1. volome, tome; 2. Bkb. bindiag (cf. 
einbanb); m. («tr., pl. ßtaftt) n. 1. ü«, 

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bond; 2. pl. fetten, chaiai, trammels; IV. 
comp. — ad)at, m. Min. ribbon-agate ; — 
Monte , /■ artificial flowcr; — rifen, n. rolled 
iroa for band«, hoop-iron; — fcft, adj. vid. 
«anbfeftj — PW, m. vid. 8an|enfif<6$ — gra«, 
n. Bot. ribbon-gra»«, ladlea' treues, paint- 
ed ladies' grau; — baten, m. T. dog, can- 
or cant-hook; —(anbei, m. ribbon-trade; — 
(dn&ler, — främcr,m.lace-man,haberda»ber; 
— jaSpiS , m. Afin. ribbon-jasper; — motber, 
st. ribbon-weaver, tape-naker; — maß (nad) 
bei Site ic, um bic ©röf e »er uferte ju be* 
ftünmen), a lineal meaanre (to fix tbe beigbt 
of horte«) ; —meffer, n. tbop. boop-knife; — 
natter,/. Zooi. ribbon-snake; — nabeln, /.pl. 
(/t.)nibanvermieelli;— fd)leife,/.knotorloop 
of ribbon, favonr; — ftreif, m. 1. top-knot; 
2. //er. bend; - — ftücf , n. Corp. prick-poat; 
—treffe, /• wonted lace, Uvcry lace; — nate 
reu, /- pl. «mall wäre; — »eber, —»Wer, m. 
vid. — nuwberj —weite, /. Bot. oaier, wicker, 
(rotbe) porple willow, (gelbe) yellow willow; 
— wann, m. Zool. aolitary worin, tape-worm, 
broad-wonn. [dage; (S$ru<(5>-, trusa, 

»»«tbtt'ge, [^>., — ä'zhe] (to.)/. Swrg. »an- 

«SBantagift', [Fr., —zuist'] (to.) m. bandage 
aaker, tnua-maker, truu-maoafactorer. 

«SanWnos, comp. — preffe,/. Manuf. ban- 
danapreu; — tüdjer, n. pi. Com. bandaoa 

ffld'nb'iben, («tr.) n, (dim. o/äßono) 1. ban- 
delet, any imall ribbon or band; 2. j4na<. 
bridle or Iigament(of the fore*kin),formala; 
3. a snuill volume, tomelet. 

Sante, (to.)/. 1. band, Company (of musi- 
etaos); gang (ofthieve», robbers), «et; 2. 
ctuhion of a billiard-table ; ein (Ball 6ttt)t an 
cer — , a close ball ; 3. Afor.the aide of a ship. 

«Sttnbelier 7 , (*tr.) n. Afü. bandoleer, abonl- 

Sdn'bereid), adj. volumlnoDs. [der-belt. 

S4n'berte(re / (to.)/. jlnot. «yndeunology. 

SaVbig, ad), tameable, tarne. 

Sin'bigen, (to.) v. a. to tarne break, to re 
straio. check, nsaster, «übrige. 

Sdsr'biger, {str.) m. tamer, one wbo break« 
io; aobdner, conqueror. 

SBdn'bigtrag, (».)/. taming, breaking in, tc. 

*San6if, (to.) m. bandit, pl. banditti. 

fßaag, SBang'e, adj. (comp. & sup. with or 
without modification of voioe/) anxions, an 
eaay; fearfol; timid; e« ift (mirb) mir — »or 
..., I am afraid of ..., I am diamayed at .. 
(filinem) — madjen, to make afraid (»or, of ), 
to diimay. 

«Rang'«, (to.) n. k imp. to be afraid, to feel 
I anxiatu; mir bangt »or ...I am afraid of. 

äSang'tgfeit, («>.)/■ anxioaaneu, anxiety.fear- 
fulness, dismay. [ben«ion, anxiety. 

SBäng'lid), 1. adj. anxtou«; II. ffi-trlt, /. appre- 

*SWier, SBan'jer, (str.) n. Mar. half-deck. 

Sanf, s. I. (str., pl »anfe) /. 1. a) beneb; 
form (vid. ®ä)ulbanf)> seat; b) bank; Mar. 
«helf; —an ber treffe, Print. »helf; 2. «tall, 
stand; 3. lathe (of turnen, cooper«, Ac); 
— am $orijonte, a cloady horizon; /ig-s. 
ßinen in Sie — bauen, col. to cot (one) op; 
anf Die lange — fä)ieben, to delay; burd) bic . 
— , indiacriminately, at an average, one with 
another; II. (to., pl. SBanPen)/. Com. bank, 
banking-company or establisbment ; (Selber in 
ber — fteben haben, to be a creditor on the 
bank-books; — (alten, to keep bank; — im 
SBaffetfpiel (alten, to tally at bauet ; III. comp. 
Com-s. — OCtie,/. baok-stock; «hare in bank- 
■tock, bank-bill; — agent, m. broker; — agio, 
— aufgelb,;— anneifung,/. check, 
bank-bill, banker'a note; — brud), m. bank- 
rnptcy; -brüd>ig, orf;., — brüd)ige, m. bank- 
rupt; — brüdjrtg werben, tobecome bankrupt; 
— Capital, n. «tock in bank ; — conto, n. bank- 
aecount; ein —conto (aben, to be a creditor 
on tbe bank-book«; — bepoftrum, n. depoait 
in bank; — eifen, n. iron-band, cramp-iron; 
—gelb, n. bank-mooey ; — geridjt, n. commer- 
cial court; — gtfd)4ft, n. banking; — geftj, 
n. ata tote« of a bank; — (alter, — (err, m. 
banker; proprietor or keeper of the bank ; 
— bammer, m. iockamith'« haramer, vid. Sitrt» 
(onraier j — (obel, m. Jain. great (long)planc, 
jointer, jointing plane; — (orn, n. T. riiing 
anvil; — meifel, m. cold chiael; — meifler, m. 
maater tradeaman (eapeciaily of the bakers 
and butchera); —meffer, n. cleaver, cleaving 
knife ; Com-s. —note, /. bank-note, bank-bill ; 
— noten, pl. paper-enrrency ; — notenrireu* 
lation, /. paper-circalation; — notenfilföer, 
m. note forger; — notenpreffe, /. note-preaa; 
— Cfftriünten, pi. m. officera of a bank ; —Orts 
nung, /. atatntea of a bank; —procura, /. 
fall power for the transaction of bank bnai- 
neu;— red)t, n. priviiegea of a bank ; — fdjlad)« 
ten, n. Butch. bntebering and aelling tbe 
meat in poblrc atall«; — fd)neibrr, m. Sea, 
whale-cotter; — ftbraube, /. bench-Tiae; — 
fd)reiber, m. Clerk in a bank; — }a(tnng,/. 
payment in bank; — jettel, m. vid. — note» 
— ginfl, m. atallage. 

♦ fflanfäl'e, comp. — omr, n. (in Aastria) ban- 

cal office (relating to tbe cuatoms in general, 

the atamp-doty and the imperial monopoliea 

of aalt and tobaeco). [baitard, lud. by-blow. 

äöanfart, ©anfert, (rtr.) m. vutg. bantling. 

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Stoffen, (*tr.) n. (dim. of Bon») little 

SdnPelfanger, (ttr.) in. ballad-singer, iti 
nerant-singer; cont. a bnd poet. 

»Sanferott', 1. adj. & adv. baakrapt; ber b-e 
Kaufmann, broken mercbant; ftcb — erflAV 
rcn, to declare one's «elf a bankrupt; — mers 
im, to become, grow or tum (a) baokrupt ; 
to break, fall; II. t. (str.) m. bankruptcy, 
breaking, failiug; — macben, vid. — »erben* 
ein betrfigerifdjet — , a fraodulent bankrupt- 
cy; bem 83 -e nabe fein, to be on the ev'e of 
bankruptcy or on the brink of min; — befebj, 
m. fiat in bankruptcy; — crfidwng, /. decla- 
ration of bankruptcy ; — fltfet, "• bankrupt 

* San? erctteut' [pron. bängkeröt-toV^Banfc 
rottfrer, (Hr.) m. bankrupt. 

* Sonf erotttr'manbät, (» tr.) n. Statute of bank 

*5Banfetf, (str.) n. baaquet, feaat; — jimmer, 

n. banqueting room. 
♦Sanfefte, (v>.)f. Fori, banquette. 
«Sanfetti'ren, (w.) v. n. to banquet. 

* Sanfter', [Fr., pron. bängkyä 1 ] v»d. San» 
*Sanfo, cid. Sanco. [quier. 
Sann, s. I. (str.) m. 1. ban; excommunication, 

interdict; proscription; 2. Jurisdiction; ter- 
ritory ; 3. # coercion ; in ben — tbun, to ex- 
communicate; II. comp. — flud),m.anathema; 
-■forlt, m. wood fenced in for game; —gut, 
n. contraband goodt; —feitet, /. common 
wine-presa (belonging to the manor, of whicb 
all the vaaaala are obliged to make nie); 
— nteile, /. prednct, boondary; —mühte,/, 
common mill; — ofen, m. common oven; — 
fprud), in. exorcism, excommunication; — 
Rein, m. iandmark ; — flrabl, m. thonder(-bolt) 
of excommunication, anathematization; ben 
— fttabl fibleubent, to fnlminate excommnni 
cation; —sogt, —»ort, m. vid. glurfibüfe; 
— »aar*,/. «& — gutj — »afler, n. a private 
fiihlng pond. 

Son'nen, (v>.) v. o. 1. to banish, expel, 
«id. Setbannen) 3. to enchant; feftgebonnt, 
cbarmed, rooted to the apot; ©elfter — , 1. 
to raiae, conjure (up) apirita* 2. to lay, con- 
jure down npirits, to excorcise. 

San'net, (str.) m. 1. banner; 2. militia, vid. 
ganbftutm * 8anb»tbt$ — betr, m. banneret. 

* Sttnquier', [£>., pron. bängkya'] m. banker ; 
excbanger; — biufer, pi. banking hooaei; — 
prooifton, /. banker'a Provision (or com 

Saufe, Bon'je, (».) /. bay (in a bara). 
Son'fen, (str.) m. Zoot.vid. $onfen. 

Saufen, (to.) v. a. Butb. to put, piie np (Um 
•heavet) in a bay. 

Sit, I. adj. 1. bare, naked; fie-s. 2. dcati- 
tute, Toid; 3. pure, nnmixed; 4. ready or 
present (money); b-eS Selb, ready money 
or caah, apecie ; bunbert £boiet — , hundred 
doilara in caah ; b-e3abUing, ready ur prompt 
payment; b-e (Sntfibäbigung, advance (inv 
demoification) in money; — bejahten, to 
pay down or in band, to pay ready money, 
to pay caah in hand; —empfangen, to receive 
in band; b-et ftrtrag, proceeda in caah, neat 
(net) proceeda; b-et Unfinn, aheer, down- 
right nonaenae; II. comp. — artifel, m. Com. 
cuh article; — beinig, adj. bare-legged; — 
ei*, n. amooth ice (not covered with anow) ; 
— froft, tn. black-froat; —fuß, adv. barefoot; 
—füßer, m. Ece. barefooted or diacalceated 
friar, pl. recoilect* ; — füßig, adj. barefooted ; 
—bannt, -hduptig, —Topf, -tipfit, «tf- * 
adv. bareheaded, uncovered ; —tauf, m. Com. 
cash purchaae ; — fdjaft, /. caah, ready money, 
■tock; fig. property; Com-«. — fenbung, /. 
conaignment of or in apecie; (Sinem)— fe»= 
bnngen ma<9en,to put(one)incaah,to cover; 
— t>orf<buß,m. caab advance; — jablenbeSon« 
fen, apecie paying banki; — {oblong,/, pay- 
ment in caah. 

Bit, *. I. (u>. & str.) m. 1. bear; ein junger — , 
a cub, wbelp ; 2. T. pile-driver, pile (driviog) 
engine, rammer; 3. Att-s. a) ber groß« — , 
the greater bear, Charles' wain, Uraa major ; 
6) ber fleine — , the little or leaitr bear. Uraa 
minor; col-s. 4. flam; einen S-en onbinbec, 
fig. to contract debta; IL comp, —artig, adj. 
ursine; — beißig (u-4y. pron. — bfßtg), adj. 
vulg. qnarrelaome; — lopp, —läppen, m. Bot. 
wolfs claw; — lotfd), m., gen. pi. — latfdttn, 
cow-hair slippen; — lavd), m. Bot. bear« 
garlic; —man«,/, vid. SKnrmeltbierj —muff', 
m. bear-skin muff; —mute,/, bearakin-cap ; 
— fanifel, m. Bot. bear'* ear aanicle ; — f<b(ag, 
m. T. vid. Sir, 3.; —tan, n. T. pile-rope; 
Bot-*. — »inbe, /. bear-bind; — »infel, an. 
vid. tEBintergrünj — nur),/. 1. vid. Streu« 
fend)eU 2. vid. Sirenflau, 1.; 3. oid. $«*& 
ftrang 5 — jett, /. Sport, ruttingtime of benra. 

Sir, («tr.) m. Fort. (Fr.) botardeau. 

*Saraa v e, (w.)f. Mit. barrack, bnt; in aS-n 
liegen, to but. [aklaa. 

«Saranfcn, (w.)/. pj. Com. Astracan laaaba' 

■rSaratrie', (w.)/. Com. barntry. 

»Satati'ten, (v>.) v. n. Com. to barter, to 

Sarbo/boS, n. Geog. Barbadoea (P.N.). jbet. 

«Sarbof, (io.) m, 1. barbarian; 2 vid. £«r-> 

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*Barba/ren>, comp. — $eer, n. barbarian ar- 
my; ^-joä), "• barbarian yoke; — fttttnnt, m. 
tribe of barbarian«. 

Bartara,/. Barbara (P. i\'.). 

♦ Barbarei', (in.)/- 1- barbarity; 2. Geog. 
vid. Berbern. 

Borbarerten, (— Staaten, m.) pf. the Barba- 
rian or Barbary State« in North Africa. 
■kSarba'rifä), adj. 1. barbaroa«, barbarian; 
2. cid. Serberifd). 

♦ BarbarU'mnf, m. Gram, barbarism. 
Barte^w.)/. ieA. barb, barbel. 
Borbier, (*tr.)m. barber; —bedien, n. «ha- 

Tiog-basio; — feile, /. Surg. raspatory; — 
ftafdje, /. barber'» chafer; — gefeu*, m. bar- 
ber'*-man; — mtfler, n. razor, «having-knife; 
—nein, m. razor-itrap; — fo)ere,/. barber'« 
«ciuar«; — ftefa, m. razor-stone, oil-itone, 
hone; -^tabe, /. barber'« «hop; — toüette, 
/. shaving-table; — jeid)en, n. barber'« sign; 
— jeug , n. «having caae. 

Barbi'ren, Barbirten, (to.) v.a.l. to shave ; 
2. fig. to dry-ahave, cheat, fleece. 

Sartbent, (str.) m. Com. fiutian; feiner (gc= 
föperter) — , dimity. 

Sarbau}' J int. Ono. smasli! daah! bang! 

«Sorte, (w.) m. Cdt: Archceol. bard, poet 
masician ; S-entbutn, n. bardlsm. 

»arbietf [pron. — d«'], (str.) n. Germ. LH 
a «pecie« of poetry imitating the war-songa 
of the bard«, Introdnced by Klopatock. 

Saftt, («>.)/. 1. vid, Barre, 2.; 2. a place 
overgrown with copie ; 3. Mar. wäre, billow. 

S&'ren, (tc.) v. n. Sport, to rot (of beara). 

BaVrens, comp. — dbnlid), adj. bearish ; —bei* 
fer, m. bear-dog, bull-dog; — bin, m. vid. 
— fend)elj —fang, m. bear-catching; — fcH, 
n. bear'» skin; cnb-ikin; — fendjel, m. Bot, 
•picknel, mew, hart'« root; —fett, n. bear'a 
greaie or oil; —finnig, adj. uniform; — ffify 
I er, m. bear-leader ; — $aft, adj. b eariah, bear 
like; —\ti%, — (e(e, /. bear-baiting, bear- 
bnnting; — \mxt, f. bear'» «kin;JJg^j. auf 
ber (faulen) — &ant liegen, to be idle; — bau« 
ter, m. idler, coL labber, pillow-lier; — tjifc 
terei,/. i diene««; — $fiter, m. .djt. Boote«; 
—«an, /. Bot. 1. (unJdjte) Hercale«'« all 
heal, bear'« wort ; 2. (ädjte) bear'» (bot, bear'» 
breech, bear'« paw, acanthn»; — TbtJ, m. 1 
bear'« dang; 2. Min. »cum, dros»; Bot-s. 
— Iaud), m. »id. SJrland)} — moo«, n. «id. 
8Bibertb>n, gülbner; — o$r,.n. wind »eed; — 
6§rkin, n. bear'« ear, auricnla; — plaj, m, 
»»d. — jroinger j —raupe,/. £nt. canker (fly), 
bear- worin; —fdjmal}, m. bear'« greaae; — 
fd>»onä, m. Sport, wreath; -tappe, -täte, 

f. vid.— Ha», 2.; — tranbc,/. Bot. hear-berry, 
red-wort;— »ogel, m.Ent. 1. (branner) great 
tiger moth; 2. (;ottiger) cream-ipot tiger 
motb; — märtcr, m. keeper of bear», bear- 
ward, bear-herd; —jwingcr, m. bear garden. 

♦ Barett*, (str.) n. bonnet, cap, chaperon; 
— fram, m. haberdasbery; — frimer, m. ha- 

SBär'fuJ, fflffr^aupt, je, vid. 8ar=. 

»arg, Sorg, (str., pl. Sarge, SoYge) m. 

Bä'rinn, (tc.)/. .female bear, «he-bear. 
«Sa'riton, (str.)m. Mus. barytone; coonter- 

tenor; SSaritontfV, (to.) m. baritonist. 
BarfafPe, (to.)/. Mar. the long boat. 
Barte, (».)/. l.bark; 2.bie Heinere-, bärge, 

craft, lighter; boat; ffi-nfflbn, m. canoe; 

Bartennf, /. Mar. «now. 
Bdrine, (to.) /. barm, ye(a)»t ; Bdrm'brob, n. 

bread made with yeaat-dough; Bdrm'teig, 

m. doagh made np with yeast. 
Bartnen, (to.) u. n. /am. to lament, complain. 
Barm'berjig, I. ad), mercifnl, conipauionate, 

pitifhl, cbaritable; Ecc-t. bie b-en ffirtfber, 

brothera of charity, boapitaler«; bie b-en 

©djmeftern, «ister« of mercy or charity; IL 

8-teit, s. (vi.) f. mercy, compa»»ion, pity, 

tenderneaa, charity. 
Bar'nratter, vid. (Sebdnnntter. 
Barn, (itr.) m. provine. V. crib, manger; 3. 

barn; vid. Sanft. 

♦ SaroP, adj. baroqne, quaint; — perlen,/. pl. 
ragged pearls. 

*fflarome'ter, (str.) m. Fhy. barometer; — 

rf^re, /. barometer tobe. 
«Saronte'trifd), adj. barometrical. 
*Bari5n', (*tr.) m. baron. 
♦Sars'nüin, *Baroneffe, (u>.)/. baroneu. 
«Saronte'. «Saronei', (w.)/. barony. 
«Baronifi'ren, (w.) v. o. to create(one) a 

(confer the title of) baron (on, one). 

♦ BarofcäV, (str.) n. baroacope. 

Barte, (to.) /., Barten, (str.) m. 1. a) bar, 
a wooden rail; b) B-n, pl. Gymn. parallel 
bar«, parallel«; c) I-m. pole (of a piano, 
*c); 2. onprepared whalebone; 3. a long 
piece of metal, bar; ingot (of gold and all 
ver); S-neinguJ, n»., B-nform, /. ingot- 
monld; S-nb^dnbler, m. bnllion-dealer. 

♦ Saniere, [Ft., pron. bärja'rf] (to.)/. bar- 
rier; guard. 

♦ Barrica'be, (to.)/. barricade, barricado. 
S5r«, Särfd), (str.) m. Ich. perch, pearch. 
SJrfd), I. adj. harah, »harp, tart; peeviah, 

froward, »nappish; II. S-beix, /. harihnea«, 
sharpne»«, rartneu, ill-natnre. • 

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tbStt, s. I. (Str., pl. 8Mt) m. 1. beard; 2. 
a) whiskers (of a cat) ; 6) mittle (of a cock) ; 
e) barb (of a fi«h); 3. Bot. barb; beard (of 
com); — an ber Xrttfcbofe, cboke; 4. chuck, 
beard of a horse ; 5. Lock-sm. ward, (key) 
bit; 6. — am ©<btff, Mar. foul ship; 7. Ast. 
beanu, beard, rays (of a comet); 8. T. bar, 
raggedness of the edge; — am Scbrifttegel, 
Typ. bar, beard of a letter; col-s. in ben — 
murmeln, to mumble inwardly, to grnmble 
between tbe teetb; (ft<b) um teS tfaifer« — 
ftreiten, to dispute abbat trines; II. comp. 
— bedien, n. sharing basin; — fifdj, m. vid. 
SSarbej — geier, m. Orn. golden -vultare; 
Bot-s. — flerfte,/. rice-harley, sprat-barley ; — 
gro£,n. beard gras« ;— grunbel,/. t»'d.€!d)mer: 
lej — bafer, m. wild oats; —Moppt,/. T. pin 
cers, nippers; — rr«ter,m. eonr. shaver, bar- 
ber; —läppen, m. Orn. giUs; —los, adj. 
beardless, unbearded; — Iofc, m. lack beard; 
-Steife,/. Orn. tbe least butcher-bird,bearded 
titmoose; — meffer, n. col. razor; —neige, /. 
eilig, wbat remaius of «ine, &c. in a vessel 
nett to the dregs; — nelfe, /. Bot. sweet-wil 
liam; — nuf, /. filbert (nut); — pu*,er, -fd)es 
rer,t)id.— fräset j-fpijen,/.pi.£nt. feelers, 
palpi; — ftern, m. comet; — DOgel, m. Orn 
wattle-bird; — »tijen, m. (red-eared) beard 

ed wheat. 
»arte, («■)/. a broad axe. 
SSlYreln, (to.) e. a. Ooth. to give the first 

■hearing to (cloth). 

SJaVtelrüd), (str.) n. cloth of tbe first shearing. 
9? arten, («>•)/• pl. barb* (of a whale). 
fflartbolomd'uS, (Sartbel, abbr.) m. Bartho 

lomew (P. Ä); nie — nadjt, /. Pr. Hist. the 

massacre of St. Bartholomew. 
»Srtta, an)', bearded; barbed; bte 6-e gle* 

bermouS, Zoo(. whiskered bat. 
SBart'fajen, (w.) /. p/. sweeps, steering-oara 

(used on board of flat-boats or rafts). 
ffiarnfffbe, (u>.) /■ provinc. baronche. 
*S5arnf, (str.) m. Min. barytes, baryta, ba- 

ryte; ber ro&Ienfaure — , witherite; —erbe, 

/. vid. CStbnercrbc. 
SSafatt', (str.) m. Min. baialt, basaltes; 

fantenförmiger — , colmnuar basalt; — felfen, 

in. basaltlc rock; —förmig, adj. basaltiform ; 

— glas, n. Min. hyalite; — foule,/, basaltic 

colamn ; — tuff, m. Min. trap-tuffi. 
Safalfin', (str.) m. Min. basaltme. 
»afttlfifa), adj. basaltic [fflnfi«. 

S<r?e, («•)/• !• a °nt, female cooain; II. vid. 
Staffel, n. Geog. Basil, Basle (a city and can- 

ton of Switzerland); - Sanbf<baft,/.,-8<rab, 

n. Bale-Campagne. 

»Stafflintm, m., »aftlie", /., «BafWürnfrant, 

n. Bot. (sweet) basil. 
*9afili£f',(ui.)m. baailisk,cockatrice;S-en: 

blitf, m. basilisk glance. 
»afWin«, m. Basil (P. 2V.). 
*3taftn', [Pr., pron. bäzeng'] m. Com. dimity. 
«Sc/fU, /. (p(. »tt'fen) C7i«n. &c. base; Sa'« 

ftfib, ad}', basal ; ätafi'ren, (u>.) t>. a. to base. 
StaG'fc, (w.) m. Biscayan. 
Stalfifd), ad)'. Basqaish, Basqne, Biscayan; 

ba£ SB-c, the Basque langoage. 

* Basrelief, [Fr., bärSIleT'] n. Areh. & Sculp. 
basao-relievo, bas-relief. 

$5taf), adj. & ade. (the root of the compant- 
tive beffer) 1. good; well; 2. better. 

Staf, (str., pl. SB dffe) m. Mi», bass; comp, 
—geigt, /. bass-riol; Heine —geige, Violon- 
cello; grofe —geige, double bass, violooe, 
connter-bass; —hörn, n. bass-horn; —labe, 
/. Org. sound board of the bass of an organ ; 
—pfeife,/, bassoon; — pofattnf,/. bass-trom- 
bone; —fufte,/. bass-string; — f(blfiffel, m., 
— geigen, n. Mm*, bass-clef, vid. F-fd)IttfftIj 
— ftimme, /. bass-voiee. 

«SBaffa, m. bassa, baahaw. 

Staffa'nifci , adj. b-e ®anS, /. Orn. ganet-so- 
lan(d) goose. 

* SS ttffef, n. 1. basset (a game at Cards); 2. 
Mvs. tbe little bass; viol. [£3afet, 2. 

* »affetf eben, (str.) n. 1 . Spo rl. beagle ; 2. vid. 

* 33 affin', [Fr., pron. bisSnc/] n. reservoir 
(of water), basin; — jum Ttusbeffern ber 
©djiffe, wet or repairing dock. 

SBaffEft*, (w.) m. bass-singer. [soon. 

* SBttffon', [Fr., pron. bässöng'] m. Mus. bas- 
Saft, s. I. (str.) m. k n. 1. bast, inner bark 

(of trees, &c), über; 2. Sport, skin on the 
antlers of a stag; abgefd)abter — be£ $vc* 
\ä)tt, fraying, rub ; II. comp. — bonf, in. nn- 
dressed hemp; — but, m. chip-hat, bast-bat; 
—matte, /. bast-cover, bast-mat ; — ftritf, m. 

»SBafl'a! I. int. basta! enougb! stop! II. s.f. 
Garn, (grüner Sber, in the German card) 
basto ; (Sreff^S) ace of clnbs. 
«Saftarb', s. I. (str.) m. I. bastard; an ille- 
gitimate child; vulg. vid. SBanfartj 2. Zoof. 
* Bot. (— tbitr, n., — pflanje, /.) hybrid ; iL 
comp.— artig, adj. hybrid, hybridoos;— folft, 
m. Sport, coistril ; —feile,/. Mtck. bastard cot 
or sqaare flat file ; —form, /. Sug-w. bastard - 
monld; — fflblftant, n. Bot. sesban; — tnbigo, 

m. Bol. false or bastard Indigo, amorpha ; 

Jungfer, /. vid. Xmeifenltoe 5 — race,/. msngrel 
breed; -fptnbel, -fpinnmafajine , /. Afecfc. 
■nie (spinning-machine); — »nbftl, m. Com. 

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iccommodatioB bill, proforma bill, cant. 

kite; — loeepe, vid. 6anb»eel>e. 
»SBaft'c, de.)/, vid. »afta, II. 
JSaflei', ffiafHön', (».)/• Port, bastioa, bul- 

wark; leere (bofcle) —, hollow baatioa. 
Soffen, a<§. of baat, bark. 
*!B«ft'er(n), (u>.) m. Com. (— jitdEer, m.) raw 

sogar, groaad- or clayed-sngar; —form,/. 

vid. »aftarbform. 
Sdff Ung, (irr.) m. fimble-hemp. 
*83aftono'be, (10.)/. bastinado; («taem) Me 

— geben, to bastinado (one). 
*»OtoU1e, [*r.,bätärye] (w.)/. MU-t. battle; 

8-nbanb, n. chain or itrap of a hclmct. 

*»tttaiBön',[/ ; 'r.,— tälyönQ^trOn.battalion. 

«Sttto'te, (io.)/. 1. batatas, sweetpotato; 2, 
(or S5-nn>int>e, /.) Bot. tnberons bind-weed, 

Sa'tdoer, (rfr.) m. Batavian; S8ata'»ia, 1». 
Batavia (P. AT.); S9ttto'»ifd}, orfj. Batavian. 

»tttb'engel, (»er.) m. Bot. germander. 

»d'ting, (*.)/. Mars. (»-6b6lj«) two main 
pieces of timber towtaich eables are fastened, 
pj. bita, bitta; Me grofe — , main biti; Me 
(leine — , topsail-sheet-bits; Me Stuten M» 
ter ber — , spnrs of tbe bita ; boe Tfntertau 
oon ber — neunten, to unbit tbe cable;ffl-bak 
fen, m. cross-plece of the bita; fi5-efd>lag, 
m. bitter of the cable; S-ffpur, n. atep of 
the bit-pin«. 

♦fflotiff, (rtr.) m. cambric; —blumen,/. pJ. 
cambric flowers ; —Weber, m. cambric weaver. 

•»ttttetie', (w.) /. 1. MU. & Pfcj. battery; 
eine — gufartUIerte, a brigade of artillery ; 
2. Gut». * Gsm. cover, hammer; — gefebfl?, 
n. heary oninance; —platte, f. Elec. battery 
plate; —fette,/, broadiide; — fteitie, m. pJ. 
atriking flint«; — frfidfe, pt vid. — gefdju*. 

Sdt'en, (_str.)m. 1. Atom, batz (foor k rent- 
iere); 2. iwJg\ money; 3. an ornameat for 
tbe Beck of females. 

SSan, 1. I. (itr.) m. 1. bniiding, erection, 
conatroction; tat SB-e begriffen, in coarae 
or procets of conatroction or erection, in 
progress ; bos £auS ift im SB-e begriffen, the 
boote ia (in) bniiding; 2. cnlture, cnltivation 
(of Und») ; 3. Aß», working (of a mine) ; 
4. fabric, bniiding; itrnctore; edifice.frame; 
coutraction , conformation, contextnre; 5. 
Sport. — einte ZbiereS unter ber erbe, den, 
kennet; (of rabbita, Ac.) bnrrow; an* bem 
85-« Jagen or vertreiben, to nnkennel; int 
Ä-« liegen, to kenne! (aaid of fozea); in ben 

— fdjlupfen, to bnrrow; auf ben (gtftungSs) 

— Kommen, to be condemned to fhe public 
works, to be seat to dig fortifleations; n. 
comp. — ant, n. board of work»; building- 

conrt; — anfd)(ag, m. eatimate of the costs 
of a bniiding, bnilder's eatimate ; — ttrabemie, 
/. vid. — fdjulej — art, /. strneture, conatroc- 
tion; architeetnre, cf. — ftljlj — auffefcer, m. 
inperintendent of a bniiding; — befettrf, m. 
bniiding materiala; — begnabtgnng, /. bniid- 
ing privilegea (granted from a monarch); 
— conuttiffion, /. board of works, aarveyors 
of bniiding»; — tontract, m. bniiding eon- 
tract; — benfmal, n. architectaral monn- 
ment; — Menft, ra., — frofcne,/. service im- 
posed upon vassals and subjeeti in assist- 
ing at bnildings; —fad), n. architectaral pnr- 
snita or line; — fällig, ad}, decaying, ont of 
repair; defective; rninoos, crazy; — fdUigs 
fett,/, decay; fig. craziness; —fett, n. fleld 
in cnltivation ; — fretbett,/. privilege of bniid- 
ing;— fuf,m.(meaaare)foot employed in ar- 
cbitectore ; —gefangener, m. felon condemned 
to the public works; — geritbe, n. implementi 
for bniiding; — ge»ert, n. builder» trade; 
— bwr, m. bnilder; — bof, m. timber-yard, 
building yard ; stockt ; — bolj, n. timber, tim- 
ber wood; — fenntnifl , — htnbe, /. architec- 
taral knowledge; — f Offen, /. pl. expensea 
of bniiding; —fünft, /. art of bniiding, ar- 
chiteetnre; bfirgerlid)e — fanft, /. civil en- 
gineering; — fünftler, m. vid. — Jneiflerj — 
leute, m. vi. workmen; — Infrig, ad), fond of 
bniiding ; — materialien, n. pf. bnilding-mate- 
rials; — «elfter, m. 1. architect; 2. vid. — 
httH — rifi, m. plan for a bniiding; — ratb, 
m. government-snrveyor of bnildings; — 
fd)reiber, m. Clerk of the board of works; — 
jd)ttle,/. architectaral achool ; — ftdtte, — fteüe, 
f. bnilding-gronnd; — fttin, m. stone for 
bniiding; — ftoff, »n. vid. — bebatf» — ftst, m. 
style, mode of bniiding; — »erftdnbig, ad). 
skilled in architeetnre; —»ermatter, m. atew- 
ard of tbe bniiding eoncerns; — »efen, n. 
building-matters , architecture; — nntb, /. 
rage (mania) for bniiding; — jeng, n. vid. — 
bebarf » — rieratb, /. architectural ornament. 
Sand), : I. (str., pl. Sin'd)e) m. 1. belly; 
womb; ^nat. abdemen, renter; einen — 
nu>d)en, fig. to bnik «nt; (»or 8ad)tn) ben — 
holten, to hold one's sides ; 2. Mar. bilge : a) 
the broadest part of a ship's botton) ; 6)bnnt, 
belly (of a sail); 3. Coop. bnlge, tbe pro- 
tnberant part of a cask; einen — maA)en or 
baben, to bnlge; II. comp, gastric, ventral: 
Surg-s. — brnd), »n. hypogastrocele; — brndj' 

bonb,n. — comereffe,/. belly-band ; — bennin= 
gen, —bieten, /. pU Mar. tbe thick stuft" and 
ceiling placed next to the keel over all the 
floor- timber«; —Siener, m. mdg. glutton, 


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belly god; — feil, n. Anat. Peritoneum; — 
fellentjünbung , /. Med. peritoneal inflam- 
mation; — ffoffe,/. Ich. ventral fin; — floffcr, 
m. pl. Ich. abdominal«; — fluf, m. Med. 
loosenei«; lientery; dysentery ; — gorbingen, 
/. pl. Mar. bunt-linei; —grimmen, n. Med 
gripei, colic; — gurt, m. belly-band; sur- 
cingle; —baut, /. vid. — feO» —Kant, /. vid. 
Slinbaal: Anat-s. — najt, /. gastroraphy, 
the »ewing np of a woand in tbe belly; — 
puUaber, /. caeliac artery ; — rebner, m. ven- 
triloqoUt; — reben, n. — rebnerfunft, /. ven 
triloquitm; — rebnerifd), — laut, adj. ventri 
loqnow; — riemen, m. «id. — gnrtj —ring, 
m. Anal, abdominal ring; — fanget, m. Ich 
•ucker, sncking-fiih; — fdjiene, /. R-v. fish- 
bellied- (or fish -belly->rail; — fdraitt, m. 
Surg. gaitrotomy; —feifingen, /. pl. Mar. 
bunt-gaskets;— forge,/. viilg. belly-care; — 
fpei(bel,m.pancreaticjuice; — fpeitbelbrüfe, /. 
Anat. pancreat; — ftid), m. Surg. paracen 
teil«, tapping of the belly; Ship-b-s. — 
ftütf, n. floor timber; navel-timber ; — ftücfe 
ber Äatfpuren, fottock-rider«; — ftfitte ber 
Spannen, flats; — n>afferfuä)t,/. Afed.dropsy 
in the belly, ascites; — we(, n. Med. belly- 
ache; —»olle, /. Com. nnder-locks. 
S8äu*'bfitte,(io.)/. 1 8audyfef / (*tr.,pi.8an(b'- 

fdffer) n. bucking-tnb. 

Bdu'tbe, (to.)/. back, [a belly; 2. to back. 

S9du'd)en, (v>.) v. a. 1. to form, faihion into 

»au'djig, SBdu'djig, adj. 1. bellica;.— fein, to 

belly; 2. Bot. ventricous, ventriculous; — 

aufgefd)»ou"en, swelling oat in knob«. 

Saud/lein, (rtr.) n. (dim. ©/ Sana» tmall 

belly; iron. pauneb. 

Bau'ie, (io.)/. provinc.for Stabe, 1. qv. 

Satt'en, (tr.) v. I. a. to baild, constrnet; to 

cnltivate; boS $felb — , to cnltivate, manare 

the field; ein Bergrcerf — , to work a mine; 

Jelbfrücbte, je. — , to raise (com, wheat, 

&c); gebaut »erben, to be bnilding; roobl 

gebauet, well-shaped, well-made; auf (brn) 

©anb — , to bnild npon «and, to reit one's 

hopes npon nothing; Suftfcblöffer — , to bnild 

Castles intheair; Il.n. 1.2'. torise(... high); 

l.fig. to rely (on), to lay »treu» (npon). 

fflau'er, *. I. (ttr.) m. bailder; II. (irr.) m. 1 

peasant, conntryman, farmer ; ein grober — , 

down, boor, rustic; 2. Garn, knave (in Ger- 

inan playing-cards) ; pawn(a common man at 

cbess) ; in. (str.) 1. n. Am. vid. «Sogelbauer» 

2. m. Mar. lower transom; IV. comp. — brob, 

n. coarse bread; — burfd), m.young peasant ; 

— birne,/. country-girl; — flegel, lümmcl, m. 

wilg. cburl, lubber ; —frau,/. coantrywoman ; 

peasant's wife; —gut, n. farm, copy-hold, 
peasant fief; — baft, adj. vid. SSdnerifd); — 
(anS, n.raanse; — (of, m.vid.— gut; — (nnb, 
m. cur, mastin"; form dog; — bfitte,/. — (auf, 
n. peasant's cottage; —johl, m. conntrj- 
john; — Ferl, m. a clownish fcllow, hobnail; 
— fneebt, m. farmer's man (boy); bind, boor; 
— Inopf, m. Mar. single knot; — lebji, n. 
soccage; — atagb, /. farmer's maid; — mdb; 
d)en, n. conntry-girl; — »tattfag, /. Mar. 
foxes made of nlne rope-yarns; — flol}, m. 
clownish pride, npstart pride ; — »Ott, n. vid. 
fflanerMeüte. [frau. 

ffiau'erinn, («>.)/. female peasant, vid. Sauer; 

Ädtt'ertftb, adj. 1. rustic; 2. fig. peasant- 
like, clownish, boorish; uncourtly; — SBert, 
Arch. rustic work; bog b-C SBffen, boorish- 
ness, rnsticity. 

©du'erUd), adj. pertaining to tbe peasantry; 
b-e Xbgeorbnete, m. pl. deputees from the 
peasantry; bat b-e Siecht, agrarian legis- 

Bauern«, comp. — bienft, m. soccage (opp. 
Slitterbienft); — rrieg,m. peasant war; — ort« 
nuug,/. Law, peasant code; — febtnre, /. 
village alebonse; — fenf, m. Bot. 1. clown's 
mastard, treacle-mustard; 2.carlock, candy- 
tuft; — febttft, /. 1. or —flanb, m. peasantry; 
2. collect, the peasants; 3. vid. 3>orfge= 
meinbe; — fpradje,/. conntry dialect; —tan;, 
m. conntry-dance. 

Sau'erä«, comp. — Teure, pl. conntry people; 
-wann, m. conntryman, peasant. 

Saulieb, I. adj. habitable; in b-em ©tanbe, 
(well) in or In good repair; in b-m ©tanbe 
erhalten, to keep in repair; II. S-feit, s. (id.) 
/. struetnre, locality, pl. buildings. 

Baum, s. I. (*tr., pJ.Sdn'me) m. 1. Bot. tree; 
2. Mech. &c. beam; bar; Mar. boom; II. 
comp. — adjat, m. Min. dendrachate; — dbns 
Ud), adj. arboreous, arborescent, dendroid; 
— oUee, /. vid. -flang 5 — oloe, /. great aloe, 
agave; — ameife, /. rid. SRoPameifei —artig, 
adj. vid. — dbnlidji —artige«? ^»anSIaub, 11. 
Bot. tree house-leek; — auftet, /. Cime*, 
mangrove ojster, tree oyster; — bobne, /. 
Bot. bean tree; — brud), m. wind-fall; — entt, 
vid. $Ol}ente; — tpbru, m. Bot. tree-ivy; 
Orn-t. — eule, /. Uttle horned owl; —fall, 
m. tree-fitlcon, hobby ; — farn, m. Bot. wood- 
fern, oak-fem; — förmig, adj. vid. — dhns 
Iitbj —gang, m. avepue of trees, (bebetfter) 
grove; — gan*,/. Orn. brand-goose, brent- 
goose; bie febottiftbe — ganS, barnacle bird, 
white fronted goose, tree-goose; — garten, 
m. orebard; — gdrrner, m. arborlst; — gärt» 

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nerri, /. colture of tree» ; — geldntXT, n. e»pa- 
lier ; —grillt,/. Eni. harvest-ny , honey-thief ; 
— gruppe, f. clomp, bancb, cluter, taft of 
trees; — tyufer, ni. Orn. 1. waodpeoker; 2. 
randwall; — fcecfe,/. hedge-row; — Qippe,/. 
loppiog koife; — §od), adj. a* high a« a tree ; 
(in — ^ot)er Jterl, a strapping fellow; — bob 
(CT, m. Bot. common eider; — fäfer, m. Ent. 
garden-beetle; — ?0bn, m. & n. canoe; — Jens 
ner, m. ar borist; — Rette,/, vid. — friedjeri 
—fröte,/. ZooJ. tree-toad; — funbe, /. den- 
drology; — triedjer, — Wufer, m. Orn. (tree) 
«reeper; —lang, md. — bo<b j — Ioue, /. £nt. 
tree-lonie; -Leiter, /. tree-ladder, double 
ladder; — Ierö>e, /.md. — pieperj — motber, 
m. Zoo(. pine-ntarten, tree-marten; — weife, 
/. vid. ©pedjtraeife j — meffer, 1. m. an instra- 
nent for measuring trees, dentrometer; 2. 
n. gardening (prnning) knife; — mürber, m. 
Bot. climbing staff tree; — nodjrigttll, /. Orn. 
petty chap»; —1108er, m. vid. — Mfer $ — BOf, 
/. Bot. walnut; — nampbe,/. Cr. Myth. ha- 
madryad; —61, n. olive-oil, sweet-oil, salad- 
oil; — pflanjung,/.set of tree»; — pflafter f n. 
vid. — »ttdjSj — pitfer, m. vid. ©peebrmeife i 
— pieper, m. Orn. wiliow-lark, tree-pipit; 
fpasifdje — rebe, /. Bot. seven year vine; 
— Ttid), adj. amply «applied with trees; 
reüer, m. cid. — rriedjerj — rinbe, /. bark, 
rind; — fttft, m. sap, Juice of trees; — fiflt, 
/. l.grafting-saw; 2. cross-cut-saw ; — fd)ere, 
/.stock-shears, garden-shears(pf.); — ftblag, 
m. Draw.foliage; trees (indrawing); — \ä)ntU 
ber,m.lopper,prnner; — ftt)nitt»ert,n. Gard. 
topiary work; — fdjttte, /• nursery of tree«, 
nnrsery-garden; fa)womm, m. Bot. agaric 
— frfbe(XrtBarwent),/. Com. pillows; bom 
basin(e); — flamm, m. trank, stem of a tree ; 
—^orf, adj. fig. exceedingly strong; — fleilt, 
m. Pet. dendrite; — ftnrar, m. vid. — ftomra; 
Mars. — talje, /. mainboom tackle; — teil, 
n. gnest-warp, gueat-rope; — W0d)t, n. mnm- 
my, grafting was; —roanje,/. Ent. tree-bng, 
(on vine») white bng; — mibe,/. Bot. com- 
mon white willow; — Wipfel, m. poll, top (of 
a tree); — WOBe, /. cotton; geftetfte — »olle, 
atained cotton; ungereinigte — tooHe, cotton 
in theseed; — »ollen, adj. (of) cotton; —wob 
taue gutterjeug, cotton lining;— »oDeneOo 
)(,/. tirletane; — WOfiener Qofimir, casimere 
nankeen ; — »oDenee ffiebegam, co tton twi st ; 
— WoBenarttg,adj. cottonoos, cottony; —wob 
Icnbanfe, n. cotton binding; — woBenbaum, 
m. cotton -tree; — woUenboa)t; m. cotton 
wick; — WOBengarn, n. cotton-yarn; spnn 
cotton ; — woflengro», vid. SKoügroS } —wob 

Itnftiopf, m. twist-botton; — iwDenrra&tn, /. 
pl. cotton-cards; — woBernnonufoctur,/. cot- 
ton manofactore ; — woBencZäd)er,n. pl. cot- 
ton caiieoea; — noBcnpflonje, -woBcnflaube, 
/. Bot. cotton-plant, cotton-shrnb ; — rooHen* 
pftanjer, m. cotton grower; — »oBenreinu 
gnng8nwfd)ine,/. Mech. cotton gin ; —wollen: 
fome, m. cotton-seed; — WoQcnfOttten6I, n. 
cotton-oil; — ttottcnftnittiera, /. 1. cotton 
spinning; 2. cotton mill; — woBenftreid): 
mnftt>ine, /. cotton-machine ; — rootlenrcQorcn, 
/. pl., — WoKenjrug, m. (cnl. n.) cotton Stoffs 
orgoods, cottons; — woBenjeugförberö, /. 
cotton cloth dying ; — roollenjwirn, m. cotton- 
thread; — jud)t, /. nnrsery of trees; — jweig, 
m. brauch of a tree. [tree, sapling. 

SBdnm'djen, (str.) n. (dim. o/Saum) a «mall 
SSou'niei, (io.)/. vulg. tassel, bob ; vid. Xrobbel. 
Sau'neln, (ic.) v. n. to bob, dangle, to hang 

down dangling, to Swing. 
Sou'men, (u>.) v. n. vid. aufbäumen. 
Sdu'men, (w.) v. I. a. 1. to provide, fasten 
with a tree or beam ; 2. Weav. vid. 'Xnfbdnj 
mmi n. rtfi. to prance, rear (as horaes) cj. 
Satfinig, adj. tree-like. pCofbaamen. 

<8auS'bad > , (str.) m. a person with blowzy 

cheeks, joc. (of a female) Blowzabella. 

fflanS'bäiig, adj. chnb-cheeked, chnb-faced, 

plantp-faced, chnbby, puffed. 

»onfd), (rfr., pl. S3au'fd)e) m. päd, boUter; 

bnnch, bnndle, tuft; roll, Inmp; in — Uni 

Sogen, in or by the Inmp , in the (at the) 

great Or gross, wholesale; — fonf, m. pnr- 

chase in the Inmp; in — nni Sogen faufen, 

to pnrebase (buy) in the lump; in — Uno 

Sogen oertonfen, to »eil by the Inmp, to «eil 

under the cords, eineEobttng in — onbSogen 

Oerf anfen, to »eil a cargo before the hatebe» 

are lifted ; — fnnUBe,/. average »um, anm-total. 

Sanfdyd)en,(rtr.)n.(diin. o/S«tfd))little päd; 

Typ. bearer; Surg. dossil, pledget, compreu. 

San , fd)e, (w.)/. vid. Boafo). [ont. 

Sou'fö)en, Sou'fen, (io.) v. n. to »well, bnnch 

Son'fe, (w.)/. T. a »ketch or de«ign prodn- 

ced by pooncing or traefng. 
SanTen, (to.) «. a. to prick (a deaign) and 
rnb(it)over with coal-dnst in order to trans- 
fer it on a paper nnderneatb, to ponnce, cf. 
Sau'ten, (u.) /. pl. bnilding», edifice». 
Sali}, int. bang! bonnce! da»b! »mash! 
San'jen, (u>.) v. n. to fall with a banging 
So'eion, vid. |>a»ion. [nolse. 

Sor'en, (v.) v. I. a. Mar. to breech (the 

gons); II. n. cor. vid. Soren. 
San, Sooer, «. vid. Sai, Boier, «. 

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•Sononef, Bononnef, vid. Bajonet. 
♦Bojar", BajOttt', (itr.) m. bazar, bazaar. 
Beab'fidjtigen, (to.) t>. a. to have in view or 

contemplation , to »im at, to iotend, pnr- 

pose, to mean (to do). 
Beotb'tcn, (10.) i). a. to miad, coniider, heed, 

to give heed or pay attention to, to attend 

to, to take into conaideration; to take notice 

of , to notice; nuljrt — , to ditregard, over- 

look, neglect. 

SeodyttntoCItb, adj. wortby of notice. 
Bcad/tung, (to.) /. conaideration, notice, re- 

mark, attention; b~*ȟrbig, vid. BeaibtenSs 
Beacfern, (to.) ». a. to ploagta, tili. [werty. 
Beam'ten, (to.) «. a. to inveat with an office; 

to conuniaaion. fofficer, functionary. 

Beam'tete, SBeom'te, m. (decl. tike ad}.) (civil) 
Bedng'fHgen, BeÄng'ften, (».) ». a. to cause 

anxiety or uneaaiuesa, to frighten. 
8edng'|tigung, (to.) /. anxiety, uueaaineas, 

angoish of mind. [auf. 

Sean'fprutbcn, (to.) t>. a. vid. Xnfprua) machen 
Be an' trägen, (u>.) v. a. to (make a) motion for. 
Beantworten, (w.) v. a. to anawer, to reply 

to; bte gtage beantwortet fitb (r^?.) leia)t, 

the qnestion ii easily answered. 
Beanrtoortlid), adj. answerable 
Beantwortung, (v>.)f. anawering, reply; r& 

partee; in — 3bre« Oeebrten, in reply or 

anawer to yonr favoor. 
Beartteitbär, adj. what may be worked or 

treated of, workable. 
Beurteilen, (to.) v. a. 1. to work at, elabo- 

rate: a) to produce by labonr, prepare, 

mannfacture ; 6) to dreaa, tili, dig, caltivate 

(the ground); c) fig. to treat (a aubjeet) 

have in band, execate; 2. fig. col. to work 

or act apon by moral influence, to ply bard 

Bearbeitung, («>.)/. working (at), *c, ma 

nipnlation, treatment; elaboration, cf. Ttut-. 


Bcarg'no$nen, (to.) v. a. to aaapect. 

Beauf'fiibtlgtn, (to.) v. a. to ioepect, control; 
to keep one'a eye upoa .... 

ffitauf'fiibriget, (*rr.) m. inapector, overaeer. 

Seauf'ftd)tiguug, (to.)/. inspection, control. 

Beauftragen, (to.) v. a. to commiuion, charge, 
empower; to reqneat, deaire; beauftragt 
mit ..., inveated with ... . 

Beauftragte, m. (decl. like ad).) he who I« 
commiasioned, agent, depoty, factor; ber ge* 
ft(Hd> — , commiaaary. 

Bedu'gelu, (to.) v. a. to ogle, eye. 

Beau'genfdjeinigtn, (to.) v. a. to inapeut, to 
take a view of. 

Bcau'genfd)tinigung,(io.)/. oeolar iaspectlen. 
BebäTcn, (to.) ». a. Mar. to provide with 

buoya, to bnoy. 

Bebändern, (to.) v. a. to decorate or Cover 
with ribboni (er lud. with ordera). 

BebaVtet, p. a- bearded, Her. barbed. 

Bebauen, (to.) c. a. to bniid honse*, *c 
apon ..., to Cover with buildinga, 4c. ; to 
cnltivate, to dreaa (the gronnd). 

Bebau'er, (*tr.) m. enitivator (of the aoil). 

Bebdn'raen, (to.) t>. a. to cover, plant over 
with treea. 

Bifben, (ouig. Beyern, gen. pro», ben/wern) 
(to.) v. n. to quake, «hake, tremble; to thrill 
(with joy) ; »or Jtdlte— , to ahiver (with cold). 

Berber, (*tr.) m. (or Bifbe|Bg) Mut. tremor 
(of Organa). [pietnre*. 

Bebil'bern, (to.) u. <t. to hang or cover with 

Bebin'ben, (*tr.) ix. a. to tie opon. 

Bebidtftern, (to.) v. a. tq cover with leaves, 
to infoliate. 

Bebled)'en, (to.) o. a. to cover with tin. 

BebUftnen, (to.) v. a. to embelliah or cover 
with flowera, to flower. 

Bebob/len, (to.) v. a. to lay ont, farniah with 
tUick boarda or planka. 

Bebrd'men, (to.) v. a. to border, to edge(witb 
für, &c). [apectaclea. 

Bebril'Ien, (to.) t>. a. vulg. to provide with 

Bcbro'ten, (to.) v. a. Cook, to bread. 

Btbru'ten, (to.) v. a. to alt over brooding; 
to batch. 

B'e"bung, (to.)/. l.ahaking, palpitation, beat- 
ing; trembling (of the voiee); nndolation(aa 
of wavea or elaatic Saids) ; 2. viel. Beber. 

BebuVben, (to.) v. a. to bürden, charge. 

*8ecafft'nc, (to.)/. Orn. snipe. 

*Beccaft'ge, (to.) f. Orn. epicurean warbler. 

Beth'cr, 3. 1. (str.)'m. 1. cup, goblet, bowl, 
drinking cup; chalice; 2. Ast. crater; H. 
comp. Bot-*. — blume, /. bnrnet; gemeine 
— fled>te,/. cup-moaa ; —förmig, adj. cup-like, 
cop-ahaped, cyathiform; — mnb'e, /• cup» 
ahaped cofieemill; — fd)n)amm, m. Bot. cup» 
mnahroom, funnel top; — fpiel, n. T. thim- 
ble-rig (a aleight of hand trick played with 
amall capa); — fhtrjer, m. col. a hard drinker. 

Bed/em, (to.)o.n. col. to tipple, tope.bamper. 

Betten, *. I. (*tr.) n. 1. basin; 2. Mus. cynt- 
bal; 3. Anat. pdvia; ba» — eine* fBirbel«, 
Sea, whirl (pool); II. comp. Anat-s. — «r» 
terie, /. hypogaatric artery; — «ingemeise, n. 
pl. pelvic viscera; —formig, adj. basin-sha- 
ped; — b6|le,/. pelvic cavity; — fa)Iagtr, m. 
1, brazier; 2. cymbal-player. 
Becfer, (Hr.) m. vid. Bader. 

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Seefbammer, (str., pi. SBcif^ämniOf) m. T. 

riveting hammer. 

*ä$ecomp(ünenti'ren,(io.) v.a. to compliment; 
einanber (mcor. ftd)) — , recipr. to exchange 
complimenta. [calm. 

»ebaa'ren, äSeba'ren, (10.) 0. n. Mar. to fall 

SBebadVen, (ta.) t>. a. to roof, tbatch. 

S9ebad)f, j. I. (rir.) m. coniideration, delibe- 
ration, foresight, prudence, care; orit — 
rtben, to ipeak considerately or adviaedly; 
— nehmen auf, to attend to; II. adj. 1. in 
tent (auf, on); (eifrig) — fein auf, to be 
(eagerly) bent on (npon), to give one'» 
mind to; 2. vid. 83ebad)tig. 

SBebädjr'ig, SBebadjfHa), »ebadjtfam, I. adj. 
considerate, deliberate, carefnl, cirenmapeet, 
heedy, prüden t, «ober, discreet; ade. ad- 
viaedly, »lowly ; n. SS-Jett, /. considerate- 
neas, deliberateneaa, advisedneaa, carefnl 
neu, circtunipectneu, prudence. 

Seebad/trag, (10.) /. the »et of roofing, cover- 
ing witb a roof. 

»ebanfen, (to.) v. rtfl. 1. to thank, retarn 
ttuuik» (bei, to) ; %(v>ith für) a*. to deeline, 
to reftue; id> bebanfe mid) geborfamfi, iron. 
I wonld ratber be exeoaed. 

SBeborf', (str.) m. 1. want (cf. »tburfhi?)5 
Com. deraand; 2. a) tbe reqniiite, necea- 
aary Hpply; grü&Kngs— , »pring demand; 
iuMnfrigtr — , fatare want»; für 36ren — , 
for whatever snpply you may reqnire; jnw 
— , for the oeeuion; 0) implementa, cf. 
Äriegs», ©äMefr-, jc. [table. 

Seban'erlia), adj. deplorable, pitiable, lamen- 

Sebau'ern, L (10.) v. a, 1. to pity, to deplore, 
bewail, moarn for; 2. to regret, repent; 3. 
(wmelina ».) to be «orry (for); II. p. s. 
(*rr.)n. 1. pity, compauion ; 2. repenting, re- 
gret; b-*»«rtb, b-swütbig, vid. »ebauerttd). 

SBtbetfen, (w.) v. I. a. 1. to cover, ipread 
(witb); 2. a) to abroad (cor, front), to ahel- 
ter, protect, aeenre; 6) vid. Seilten, 3.; 
3. Com. to remit, to make remittancea, to 
ntake proviiioa for; 4. Sport, to Cover, co 
pnlate (of »tag»); II. refl. to cover one'a «elf; 
to pat on one'a bat; bebttfen Sie fid), mein 
#err, be covered Sir; bie bebedte äJatterie, 
Utk. covered or maaked battery; bus be« 
betfttffloot, boaae boat; ber bebetfte Song 
or SBcg, Fort, covered way, caponniere. 

Sctafttag, (».)/• 1. covering; cover, tegn 
ment; 2. Art, occaltatlon (of a itar); 3. 
Mii. eaeort, convoy, aafegnard; 4. Com. 
proviaion; b.fig. security ; B-«fd)iff, n. con- 

»eben', («fr.) m. vid. VebeD. 

»eben!'», comp. — frifl, —jetr,/. tlme for con- 
»idering; reapite, delay, lelcure. 

Sebenfen, (irr.)v. I. o. 1. to conaider, tbink, 
reflect or ponder on (upon); to examine, 
weigb, nund, heed, to bear in mind; 2. to 
care for, to take care of, not to forget; 
(einen) im Seffamtnte — , to pat (one) in 
one's will, to provide for (one), to beqaeatb 
•omething to ; II. refl. 1. to adviae or reaion 
with one'a aelf; 2. to beaitate, pause; ffd) 
anbere — , to cbange one'a mind; fid) eine« 
»eifern — , to bethink one'a aelf for tbe 

SBebenr'en, ». (str.") n. 1. a) consideratioa; 
6) trid. ®tttad)ten i 2. heaitation ; donbt, »ern- 
ple; — tragen, to doabt, betitate, »crnple, 
to stick at, atagger; — erregen, to give 
paoae; fid) ein — Aber etwas manjen, to 
scrople or »tamble at ...; ohne — , noheti- 

Sebenftid), i. adj. doobtfnl, acrnpulona, so- 
■piciooa; hazardou«; crltical, aeriona; 0. 
S-leit, (te.) /. donbtfulnea», acrnpaloaine»», 
icraple, nicety, heaitation, irreaolntion , ti- 

SSeben'ten, (te.) «. a. 1. to inform; to give to 
onderntand; to enjoin, direct; to »et right; 

2. to aignify, mean, denote; Das feil bas 
— ? wbat ia the meaning ofthilf 3. tofore- 
bode, bode, preaage, portend, betoken; 4. to 
be of conseqoence, to matter, import; es 
bat nid)« jn — , it doe« not signify, 'ti» of 
na conieqaence or aecoant, it matten not; 
es $at nidjt eiel ;u — , it i» no great matter, 
it matten little. 

fBeben'tenb, adj. conaiderable; important, 
great; ein b-er SetlSfi, a great, aerioos or 
heavy loaa. 

Sebeuffam, I. adj. «ignißcant, fall of (pr 
fraught with) meaning, meaning (looks, 4c.) ; 
II. fiB-feit, /. aignificance; importance, con- 

äBeben'rung, s. I. (xo.) f. l.aignification, aigni- 
ficance, meaning, aenae ; 2. foreboding, aign ; 

3. importance, consequence; »on feiner — , 
of no aecoant; II. comp, b-slos, b-8Ieer, ad). 
void of meaning, meaninglet«, inkignificant, 
inconaiderable; ffi «lofigfftt, /. inaigaifi- 
cance; b-sfd)ner, b-scoH, oid. Sebeutfam. 

Sebie'nen, (u>.) v. I. a. 1. toaerve, attend, 
to wait on; 2. (L n.) ein Xmt — , to fill an 
office; 3. (L «.) einem bebient fein, to be 
one'a coonael, to work for one; fid) oon 5tn* 
bern — (äffen, to make others wait npon na; 
ein @cfd)ät — , £""• t0 • 8rve » piece; bie 
garten (in ber .Karte) — , ß«m. to follow 

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snit (at cards); n. refi. 1. to faelp one"s 

seif; 9. ftd) einer ©od)e (Gen.) — , to make 

ose of a thing, to apply a thing (}tt, to), 
Bedien'«, m. (decl. like ad).) (man-)servaat, 

serving-man, foot-man, lackey, valet, at 

teodant; b-nbaft, adj. fig. lervile; S-n= 

bafttgfeit, /. fig. servility; 8-njimmer, n. 

■crvanti' hall. 
SSebie'nung, (w.) /. 1. «erring, 4c. cf. fSf. 

Dienen i 2. service, waiting, attendaoce; 3, 

collect. servants, domestics; 4. ((. u.) office, 

employment, place. 

SSebtng', (str.') m. (I. u.) vid. »ebingung. 
iBebing'en, «. a. I. (tlr.) to »eitle terms, to 
cootract, stipolate, to agree npon or for (the 

price); bit %xaa)t — , to tettle the term» of 
freight; II. (te.) to limit, make conditionaJ 
to postulate; befeingt fein Don, to be depea 
dent on, affected by. 
SBebing'mf, (str.) n. condition, postulate. 
SJebingf, L adj. conditiooal; b-e Tfonabme, 
Com. qualified, partial, enlarged, conditio- 
aal acceptaoce; acceptaoce for part; II 
fB-beit, /. the qnality of beiag conditional 
conditionality, limitation by certain terms. 

ISebing'ung, (to.)/. condition, clause, Provi- 
sion, qnalification; terms, stipolation, agree- 
ment, proviso; auf gute ffi-en, on good 
terms; unter ber — (baf), on (the or this) 
condition, with this understanding, provided 
(tbat); unter jeber — , upon any.term; unter 
feiner — , not npon any terms; b-tmeife, adv. 
npon condition; in a qualified sense. 

Sefcräng'cn, (to.) v. a. to press hard; to op- 
press, distress, grieve, afllict, vex; bfc 
bringt, in distress; necessitous (circum 
stances, &c). [ment, distress. 

SBebrdng'nif , (str.) f. pressure, embarrass 

SBebrong'ung, (vi.) f. oppression, pressure, 
afflictioo, vexation, grievance. 

fl)ebroh'en,SBeerüVen*, (to.) v.a. to tbreaten, 

ffiebroj'Iid), adj. threatening. [menace. 

Sebrob/ung, /. threatening, commination. 

Sebrutfen, (w.) v. a. to cnver witb print. 

fflebrülfen, (w.) v.o. to oppress, distress, vex. 

aSeferüd'er, (str.) m. oppressor. 

Sßebrüif ung, (v>.) f. oppression, persecotion, 

Bebuf'ten, Stbüf'ten, (to.) «. a. to perfnme. 

«Sebufne, (10.) »., S5ebut'nif(b, adj. Bedonin, 
Bedoween, Bedaweea, Badawin; JB-nbinpts 
Jing, m. Bedonin chief. [manore 

»ebfittg'en, (u>.) t>. o. to cover with dang, 

SBebfinf en, (u>.) v. t'mp. (with. Aec.) to seem, 
appear; mid) btbünft, methinks; ftd) — lafsj 
fen, to be of opinion; to think. 

SBebünfcn, t. (str.) n. opinion, esrJmation; 

nad) meinem — , or meinet 58-6, in my opinion. 

»ebunften, fflebun'ften, (tu.) v. a. to cover 

witb vapour or amoke. 
SBebup'ftn, (vi.) «. a. to dab, toncb gently. 
Sebür'fen, (irr.) v. «., n. k imp. (with Gen.) 
to oeed, to be or stand in need of, to want, 
lack, to be short of (money, &c); to re- 
qnire; id) bebarf Selb, I want money; id) 
bebarf bringenb (Selb, I am distreued for 
money; et bebarf {einer 6ntfd)nlbtgung, 
there needs no excnse; beffen betatrfte et 
nid)t, there was no need of it. 
SBebürfnif, (str.)n. I. need, want, necessity; 
2. exigency , occasion ; requlsitc , desidera- 
tnm; pl. necessaries. 
SBebfirftig, 1. adj. wanting: 1. necessitous, 
needy, indigent, poor;'}. (with Gen.) in want 
of ; II. SB-f eit, /■ indigence, distrens, poverty . 
ätect/ren, (to.) v. a. to honour; — Sie müh 
balb mit einem Briefe, favour me soon with 
a letter; mit feiner (Segenroart— , to grace 
witb one's presence. 

SBemten, äBesefbigen, (u>.) v.a.l. to continn 

by (or to dcclare upon an) oatb, to take an 

oath of; 2. to administer an oath; 3. to 

swear, to bind (one) by oath; beeibigtt Tlllt* 

fage, evidence upon oath) bettbigte sjRcfler, 

sworn brokers. [*c. cf. Seeiben. 

58e=ei'btgung, (w.) /. the act of taking an oath, 

Sfeei'fern, (to.) v. refi. to endeavour, to be 

.zealous (für, um, for, of); to take pains to 

press eagerly (for); ftd) für <&Hnen — , to 

enter wannly into one's interests. 

Soerltn, (w.) v. a. 4 refi. to hasten, horry, 


SBt=ein'träd)tigrn, (to.) t>. a. to prejndice, in- 

jure, bias; to invade, infringe, to intrench 

or encroach upon, to interfere with, impair; 

b-b, p. o. prejudicial, injurious, deroga- 

tory to. 

»esetn'trädjtigung, (w.) f. invasion, infringe- 

ment, Sie., encroachment (ber $reibeir, Jt-, 

npon liberty, Ac.), prejndice, injnry. 

SBe»ti'fen, (w.) v. a. to cover with Ice, to iee. 

8esen'6en,SBe=en'bigen / (to.)t).o. to end.tioish, 

tenainate. [ciusion. 

iBesen'bigtmg, (u>.) /. termination, issoe, con- 

SBestng'en, (u>.) v. a. to aarrow, contract, 

cramp, coofine;j!g. to trammel, limit; b-b, 

p. o. dose, stifling (as air, 4c); beengt, 

p. a. confined, dose ; fid) beengt fühlen, fig. 

to fed oppressed or timid. 

Sestng'ung, (tu.)/, narrowing, contraction, 

*c, Med. & Surg. stricture. 
SScierlien, (w.) v. a. 1. (©inen) to inherit tbe 

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goods of (oae), to be one'a beir, to sncceed 
to (an estate); 2. beerbt fein, to bave iaane 
iBescr'bcr, (str.) m. inheritor, &c. 
SBcjfr'btgcn, (w.) v. a. to inter. bory. 
SScsifr'btgung, (w.)f. interment, barial; S8-8s 
fcicrlid)feit, /. funeral rites, obsequiea; äB-ds 
roften, pt. funeral expense«. 
©ee're, (w.)/. berr). 

Beeren*, comp. — at)nlid), —ortig, —förmig, 
adj. berry-like, Bot. baeeiform; Bot-». — 
b<mm, m. American goose-berry; — »Olbe, 
äJecr^ngelifa, /. berry-bearing angelica; 
— frejfenb, adj. berry-eating, baccivoroui; 
— hol}, n. vid. gaulbaum; — melbe, /. «traw 
berry blite; — tragen!), adj. berry-bearing, 
baeeiferona, coeeiferou«; Seer/mojt, ä3eer'= 
Dein, m. grape-winc, nnpresaed »ine. 
SBee'ten, (10.) v. n. to pick berries. 
SBeet, (str.) n. Gard. bed, parterre. 
äSee'te, (to.)/. Bot. beet. 
SBefacb'eln, (10.) t>. a. to cool witb a fan, to fan 
«Sefäb/igen, (to.) v. a. to cnible, fit; fid) — , 
to qnalify one'» «elf (ja, for). [Hon. 

Befähigung, (10.)/. aatborization, qnalifica- 
fläefahr/bär, adj. fit for pauage, practicable; 


SBefab/ren, v. a. I. (str.) 1. to ride on (a road), 
to navigate, crou, freqnent, ue; 2. to carry 
«tone«, &c to, cover witb mannre, «sc. ; eine 
@nibe — , Min. to get into a mine; ein $au6 
— , prooinc. to take poueuion of a houae; 
Mars, einen Sri — baben, to be a good 
pilot for a certain place; — SSolf, Veteran 
aailor«; ein b-er ajcatrofe, a weather-beaten 
•ailor; II. (to.) :£&* to fear, to be afraid of. 
Sef ab'rung, (10.) /• riding on, &c. ; navigation. 
Befoi'Ien, {str.} v. n. £ t'mp. to befal, attack ; 
— »erben, to be attacked, aeized (oon, by 
er witb); »on einer Arantyeit — »erben, to 
be takeo iil; »on einem Sturme — »erben, 
to aeet witb a «tonn, 
äkfang'en, (str.) v. o. 1. to inclose, (urronnd 
2. to contain, comprehend; 3. to involve, 
coofuae; oon or in ... — fein, to be takeo or 
•eized witb ...; in einem 3rrtbnme — fein, 
to laboor under a mistake. 
Sefong'en, I. adj. 1. disconcerted, confnaed 
embarraiaed; 2. biaised, partial, prejndi 
ced, preposaeued (»on, witb); II. SB-heit, /. 

1. confuaion, embarraasment ; 2. narro» 
view», prejndice. 

Sefaf'fen, (to.) t>. I. a. 1. to bandle, touch; 

2. to compau, comprehend; II. re/f. to con- 
cern, trouble one'* «elf (mit, with) to deal 
meddle (with), to engage (in), to enter, 
dive (into). 

Berbern, (u>.) v. a. 1. to cover witb feather« ; 
2. vid. SBeftebern. 
SBcfeb'bcn, (to.) v. I. a. to make war npon; 
to declare war; II. rtfl. to be in a «täte of 
Befehl', s. I. (str.) m. command, (Mil.) order; 
cbarge; Com. order, direction, commiation. 
Law, injnnction, preeept; »aS ift (fleht) JU 
3t)rera — ? what ia your pleaaore? give yoor 
orden ! ich flehe JU (Sbrem) — , I am at yoor 
diipoaal; ;u Seiner SRojeftät — , at bis Ma- 
je«ty'» devotion ; ftet* ju — ! alwayi read) 
to obey order«! bü onf »eiteren — , tili for- 
ther ordera; 8er gerichtliche — , Warrant; ber 
— über etneitrtnee, the command of an arm) : 
auf reeffen — ? by »ho«e order«? ben — ffibs 
ren, to command; II. comp. SB-Sbaber, m. 
Commander, cbief; b-<?haberif<b, adj. vid. 
S8efehlerifd)5 b-6roeife, adv. 1. by way of 
command; 2. Gram, imperatively. 
Befehlen, (str.)v. a. (einem etwa«) 1. to 
command, to bid, order, Charge ; ttaS — Sie ? 
what do yon desiret (c/. Befehl, s.) nie Sit 
— , aa yon pleaae ; b-b, ;>. a. imperative; man- 
datory ; ein b-ber Son, a tone of «uperiority ; 
2- vid. empfehlen) (Sott befohlen, adien. 
Sefetyieriffb, adj. col. imperioua, dietatorial, 

Sefih'ligen, (to.) «. a. to command (an army) ; 
befehligt, p. a. ander command (»on, of). 
SBefei'len, (10.) v. a. to file at; to fnrbish by 
äBefeil'fchen, (to.) v. a. vulg. to cbeapen. 
Söefein'ben, (to.) v. a. to periecnte, treat hoi- 

tilely, to baraas. 
SSefeff igen, (to.) v.a.l. to fasten, fii, attach ; 
to atrengtuen; 2. Mit. to fortify; 3.fig. to 
«trengthen, conaolidate, cement (one's power, 
Ac), to confirm, settle (the wavering), fix. 
fflefeft'iger, (str.) m. faatener; fortifier. 
Sefeffigung, (to.)/. 1. faitening; 2. Mil. a) 
the act of fortifying; b) (SB-8»etf, n.) for- 
tification, bnlwark, barrier, deftnee; 3..%. 
conaolidation, &c; S8-8f Unfl, /. fortification ; 
99-(9SfahI, m. paliiade (u-ly pl.). 
fflefeudyten, (to.) 0. a. ta wet, moiaten; to ir- 

rigate, water. 

SBefcucb'tung, (to.)/. wetting, Ac; Irrigation. 

SBefeu/ern, (w.) v. a.fig. to fire, heat, animate. 

Befie'bern, (10.) v. I. a. to feather, to provide 

with plumage; II. Tffl. to get feather»; be: 

fiebert, p. a. feathered. 

äBefin'ben, (str.) v. t a. to find, jndge, to think, 

eiteem, deem; II. re/f. 1. to be or rare (well 

or ill); ftd) »o v l — , to be well off, to bc in 

easy circomitaacea; »ie — ©iefid;? how do 

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you da? bow do you find yourself? how are 
you? ©it — ftdj bod) roobl? I hope you are 
»dl? mir — ÜB* hier gattJWObl.we are quite 
comfortable here; et befand fid) bcffcr, he 

fett more comfortable ; 2. ftd> an einem Sorte 
— , to be placed »omewbere, to be «tationed 
ata place; 3. vid. 2>id) «erhalten, 1.; III. s. 
(str.) n. 1. judgment, opinion, estimation; 
nad) — , aa yoo may (will) think fit; 2. »täte 
of health; 3. tbe being in some place. 

Befinb'Iid) , adj. to be found (preaent) , effec- 
tive, real; »ituated; irgenbroo — fein, to be 
or exist «omewbere. 

flJefing'crn, (to.) v. a. to finger. 

SBeflect'en, (to.) u.a. blot,spot,stain,foul, 
defile; 2. fig. to spot, stain, eully, defile, 
profane, poUate, contaminate; to aaperae, 
cast aapersiona on , to tarniah , blemii h, in 
jure (one'a repntation, ftc); 3. Shoe-m. to 
beelpiece, to beel (ahoes, ftc). 

BefUtfung, (•».)/• 1. blotting, ftc; 2. fig. 
contamination, pollntion, defilement. 

Befleißigen, (to.), Befleißen, (itr.-l. u.) v. 
refl. (fid) einer Sad)e [Gen.]) to apply (one'a 
»elf) to, to attend to, to study, to be «tu 
diou« (of), to endeavonr, to bestow pain* 
upon; er befleijJiflt fid), be make« it bis «tndy ; 
er befleißigt fid) ber Äürje, he aim« at bre 

Beflie'Pen, (ttr.) v. a. to flow »t, on, again«t; 
mit Blut beflofien, atained with blood. 

Befliffen, 1. adj. «tudion« (einer ©ad)e [Gen.], 
of ), aaaiduous, diligent, devoted, given (to), 
iotent (auf, npon) ; ber SBiffenfibaften — fein, 
to stndy ; to practiie; ein Befliffener, a stu- 
deat; one wko practiie«, a practitioner ; II. 
B-beit, /. stodioniness, assidoity. 

Sefliffentlid), adv. astiduously, studioosly. 

SefUt'tern, (to.) t>. o. to furaish with spangles 
or any thing that glittera, to beipangle. 

Beflo'gen, p. a. Sport. Sedged. 

Beflo'ren, (».) v. a. to corer with crape. 

Beflügeln, (to.) v. a. 1. to furouh with wiogs, 
to add wiogs to, to wing, feather; 2. einen 
SEBalb — , to cot a laae, an avenoe through 
a forest; 3. fig. to hasten, accelerate, ani- 
mate; beflügelt, winged. 

Bcftu'tbcn, (to.) v. a. to overflow, cover with 
water, to waah (tbe sbore, ftc). 

ßefol'gen, (u.) v. a, to foilow, obey, comply 
with; to foilow op (a custom), to act up to; 
genau — , to adhere to (Aufträge, Orders). 

Sefol'gtng, (<o.)/. following, ftc, obsertrance, 

Beförderer, (ttr.) m. fartherer, ftc, cf. Be« 
förbernj promoter, patroo. 

Befördern*, adj. vU, »orterli*. 

Beför'btnt, (to.) i>. a. 1. to forther, forward, 
accelerate, to despatcb, expedlte; 2. to pro- 
mote, advance, to prefer (one to a place); 
3. fig. to encoorage; to mature. 

Beförderung, (to.)/. 1. fortherance, forward- 
ing; 2. advanceraent, promotion,preferment; 
3. encouragemeot. [cbarter (a sbip). 

Bcfrnd/ten, (to.) ». a. to freight, load; to 

aefrad/ter, (ttr.) m. freighter; consigner, 
consignor, exporter, despatcher. 

aefradj'tung, (to.)/. freighting. 

Bcfra'gen, (u>.) v. I. a. to ask, examine, inter- 
rogate, question; II. rtft. to inquire, conault. 

Sefra/gung^w.)/. qoestioning; examination, 
interrogation, inquiry. 

Befran'fen, (to.) v. a. to befringe, fringe. 

Befrei'en, (ic.) v. a. to free, deliver, rescae; 
to exempt, acqnit, release, liberate, set free; 
to diseneumber; to disengage ; to rid or clear 
of (from); befreit fein (OOn), to be exempt 

Befrefer, (str.~) m. freer, deliverer, liberator. 

Befreiung, (to.) /. freeing, ftc. ; delWerance ; 
rescue, release, disebarge, diaengagement, 
diaeneumbraace , exoneration; immunity; 
emaneipation, redemption; Chem. deoxida- 
tioo; B-4frieg, m. war of deliverance, lioe- 
rntion war (of the German State» io 1813). 

Befrem'ben, (to.) v. a. imj>. to appear stränge 
to (one), to snrprise; ba« befrembet mid), 1 
wonder at that, I am snrprlaed at it; b-b, 
p. o., befrenuVlid), adj. stränge, odd, eur- 
priaing, extraordinary. 

»efreffen, (str.) v. a. to bite, gnaw at. 

Sefreun'ben, (u>.)o. L a. to befriend, favonr; 
to make a friend of ...; IT. refl. 1. to be or 
become frienda; 2. (with mit), to reconcile 
one'a aelf to ... ; mit einem befrembet fein, 
to be the friend of one ; fid) mit Semonb — , 
to enter into friendahip with one ; befreunbet, 
p. a. friendly, allled, near of kln, akln. 

»efrie^igen (aefrirten, «.«.), (to.) t>. o. 1 to 
content, gratify, satiffy, please; feine ©Ifa* 
biger — , to satiafy one's creditors; 2. to ap- 
pease, assoage, allay, calm ; ein Jtinb — , to 
qniet a child ; 3. vid. 8infritbigen i b-b, p. a. 
satisfactory ; fdjnwr JU — , hard to be pleased 
(or to please), fastidiona. 

Befriedigung, (to.) /. 1. contentJng, satis- 
fying, satiafaction ; payment; 2. appeasiag, 
ftc; 3. vid. (Sinfriebigung. 

Seftob'nen, (to.) «. a. to impose soceage, Ser- 
vice or compulsory laboor. 

»efrud/ten, (to.) v.a.l. to froctify, fertilUe. 
feenndate; to enrlch (infertile groond); 2. 
to make prolifie, to impregnate. 

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iöefracb'tnng, (w.)f. fructification ; fccunda- 
tion; Gard. prolification; Fhysiol. irapregnn 
tion; Bot-s. oerborgene— , cryptogamy ; 35-6 
reld), m. perianth af the fructification; 35-6* 
röbre, /. pistil. 

Scfu'gen, (w.) v. a. to authorize; to entitle. 

Scfng'nip, (str.) f. right, competence, privi- 
lege, warraot, authority. 

Befagf , p. <•• authorized, &c, warranted; legal, 
legitimate ; competent (as a witoeu , ix.) ; 
fid) für — galten, to think one'* seif justi 
äed (in). 

SefäVlcn, (to.) c. o. to feel, toach, handle; 
to fumble, finger, to examine by feeling, 

SBcfanb', (str.) m. 1. State, condition in wbich 
a thing is found; 2. reiult; — bud), n. store- 
book, inventory ; Journal. 

S8efüt(b'ten, (w.) v. a. to fear, apprehend; 

ä3cfürd)'tang, (u>.) /. fear, apprehensioa. 

SBego/ben, (u>.) o. n. to cadow (one with), to 
bestow (nomething) npon; begäbt*, endoweU 

SBega'bung, (io.)/.endowment; donation, gift 

SBegaf'fen, (w.) u. a. outg. to gape, gaze at 

SBtgdng'aif , (str.) n. celebration, solemniza 
tion. [to cohabit. 

Begasten, (u>.) t>. r<#. to conple, copnlate: 

{ Begartang, (vi.) f. coition, copulation, cou 

pling; S-<!jeit, /. Sport, pairing-time (of 

birds, &c), bucking time (of deer). 

Begcoi'feln, (w.) t>. a. coJ. to dazzle by jog- 
glery, to hoax, to burabug. 

Begif/ben, (*tr.) u. refi. 1. to repair, betake 
one'« seif, resort, adjourn, go to; fid) aus 
ber ©taM — , to leave tbe town; f£4) in ein 
$08* — , to enter a house; ftd) jur JÄube 
to eompose one's seif to sleep; ftd) in ©es 
ftt^r — , to run into danger; fid) auf bieglnc&t 
— , to betake one's seif to fligbt; fid) in ben 
©beftttab—, to enter the State of raatrimoaj ; 
fid) unter 25d)u$ — , to pnt one's seif ander 
protection; fid) an ... — , to set aboat (a bu 
«ine««, 4»:.); 2. to happen. come to pass; 
3. (with Gen.) to renounce (claims), to re 
sign , forego , to divest one's seif of ; jU — , 
Com. transferable, negociable. 

Begifbenbeii, (vi.) f., »egeVntf, (Hr.) n. ad 
ventare, event, oeenrrence. 

Segt'fl'nen, (10.) v. n. (aui. fein) (with Dat.) 
1. to meet, meet witb, enconnter, light upon ; 
ibre Xngen begegneten ben meinen, her eyes 
caught miue; i.fig. a) to happen, to come 
to paus; 6) (gen. with Dat.) to befal; ti be* 
segnete ihn ein Unfall, h« met with an acci 
<leot; 3. to meet (one's wishes, an objeetion 

&c), to antieipate; to obviate, prevent; 
4. to treat, use, to reeeive (one well or Hl). 

SBcgüg'nifi , (str.) f. & n. oecurrence, event, 
acci Jen t; »tbrige BegEg'niffc, adversities. 

kgcg'nuug, (to.)/. l.meeting; 2. treatment. 
usage; reeeption. 

late; to vlsit ; to inspect ; celebrate, 
solemnize, to keep (a feast); 3. to do, com- 
mit; to perpetrate; Jl.refl. vid. fid) Begatten. 

Scge'br', (str.) n. & m. 1. n:fc vid. Begebren, 
s.; 2. Com. call, demand, request, inquiry; 
in — , vid. Begehrt, p. a. (in Begebren). 

BegVb/ren, (u>.) v. I. a. 1. to desire or wish 
for with eagerness, to desire eagerly, ear- 
nestly, or (i. i. $.) inordinately, to covet, 
to Inst after; 2. to demand, crave; Com-*. 
begebrt, p. a. in demand, in request, in fa- 
vour, «ougtit.eought after, inqaired for; Jtaf» 
fee tft fet)r begehrt, tbere is a great call for 
coffee ; begebrt werben, to be in great favoor ; 
wenig begehrt, Hat, langnid, dullj IL n. 
(with nad)) to long (for), yenrn (after). 

iBeg'eb'ren, s. (str.) n. 1. desire, demand, re- 
quest, longing, craving; 2. pretension; auf 
3f;r — , by your desire. 

Segy^rtid), 1. adj. craving, greedy, covetous, 
inordinately desirous; II. ®-fcit, /. cove- 
tonsness, greediness. [desire. 

Sßtg'e'b'rung, (w.) f. desiring, longing for, &c 

fflege^'ung, (io.)/- 1. perambulation ; travel- 
ing survey ; fig-s. 2. celebration, solemni- 
zation; 3. conunitment, perpetration. 

fflegei'fen«, (w.) v. a. 1. to beslaver; 2.fig. 
to calumniate, to Blander. 

SSegeifi'crn, (w.) v. a. to inspire; to animate, 
to fill with enthusiasm (ecstasy) , to put in 
(or throw into) raptares or eestasies, to 
exalt; begefftett, in ecstasy, raptures, Ac 

SBegeifi'ernng, (w.)f. Inspiration; animation, 
exaltation, excitement, enthusiasm, trans- 
port, ecstasy; (poetic) rapture; inlellectual 

Segier', Begierde, (w.)f. 1. desire; passion, 
eagerness, appetite; 2. inordinate desire. 
Inst, concupiscence; unmdfiige SB-ben, un- 
rply appetites. 

SBegie'rig, I. adj. desirous (nad), of), eager 
(for); greedy, avid, covetons; II. S-feit,/. 
greediness, avidity, eagerness. 

Begießen, (str.) v. a. to water, sprinkle, wet, 
moisten, bathe, soak, to pour or drip some- 
thing upon ... . 

♦SSegi'ne, (w.)f. 1. Ecc. a begnln(e) (a nun); 
2. a kind of coif ; biggin ; 3. Orn. reif, reeve 
(tbe renale of the raff) ; B-nrcfe, vid. f>ionie. 

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^Beginn 7 , (str.)m. beginning, origin, ontaet; 

SBegtn'nen, (str.) v. I. n. to begio; to origi- 

aate; U. a. 1. to commence, begio; 2. a) to 
• «et out or aboot, proceed to, open, start; 

o) to do. ondertake; III. v. s. (str.) n. doiog, 

action, proceeding. 
SBegip'fcn, (to.) t>. a. to platter over. 
SBegif tern, (to.) v. a. to provide with grate«. 
SBeglin'jen, (to.) o. a. to »bed «pleadoor over 

...; to illaminate, to iliumioe. 
^Beglaubigen (SBeglau'ben, i. «,), (to.) »■ I. a. 

1. to atteat, aver, confirm, authenticate, eer- 
tify, verify ; 2. to accredit; eine beglaubigte 
Xbförift, an aothenticated or atteated copy ; 
II. re/I. (ftd>, feine Werfen) to prove one'a iden- 
tity, Ac. by evidence; b-b, ad;, credential. 

äBeglatr'bigung, s. I. (».)/. atteatation, an 
thenticatioo, verification; teatimony, cre- 
dential« ; II. comp. SB-Sföein, m. certificate ; 
äB-Sfö reiben, n. credential letter, credential« 

SSegleif, (str.) m.&n. »id. Begleitung; »-(«> 
fdjein. Com. cocket, permit, pau-bill. 

SSeglci'ten, (to.) «. o. 1. to aecompany, bear 
Company, go along witb,- atteod, foltow, wait 
on; 2. to condoct; to eicort, coovoy; 3e= 
nianb nttd) £auft— , to «ee one bome ; 3. Mus. 
to aecompany; b-be£Baß, m. thoroughba««; 
b-be Stimmen, /■ pl. accompanying part«; 
4. fig. to follow, atteod; b~b, p. a. attcu 
dant (on); concomitant, conjoined with. 

Säeglei'ter, (str.) m. 1. aoeompanier, follower, 
attendant, companion ; conduetor, guide ; 2, 
Mus. aecompanist; 3..%. concomitant (of 
succe», &c); 35-tnn, (to.)/. feraale compa- 
nion; conduetreas. 

SBegleif föaft, f. vid. »egleirung. 

SBeglei'tung, (yc.)f- 1. accompanying, atten- 
dance; 2. a) condoct, eicort, coovoy; 6)pro- 
ceuion; c) »uite, retinae, train; 3. Mus. 
aecompaniment ; SB-Jföiff, n. convoy, tender, 

Seglüif en, (to.) v. a. to ble*s, proaper, make 
bappy; — mit, to give (one) the benefit of 
...; beglü&t, ble*«ed, proiperou«, bappy. 

93egtfi<frcünfd)en, (to.) v. a. to congratuiate, 
to wixh (one) joy. 

Segna'bigen (SSegna'ben), (to.) t>. a. 1. to 
pardon (a malefactor) ; 2. to favour, to graot 

»cgna'bignng, (in.)/. 1. pardoning, pardon; 

2. faTonr, grace; S-trtä)t, n. right of par 

Segnungen, (w.)v.refi. to be contented, «atis- 
fied, orplea«ed,to content one's «elf (with), to 
acquiesce (in, to). 

SBegnäg'lid), JBegn&g'fam, vid. ©enügfam. 

SBegra/ben, (str.) v. o. 1. to bury, ioter, «e>- 
palchre; 'i.fig. to oide, conceal. 

SBcgratynif, *. I. (str.) n. l.bnrial, fnneral, in- 
tennent ; 2. «epnlchre, tomb, grave ; II. comp. 
— feierlidjfeittn, — gebrintbe, /. pl. fnneral 
•olemnitles, rite« or observance, obseqnie»; 
— Toften, p(. fnneral expenae«, bnrial dnea; 
—Heb, n. fnneral hymn, dirge; —ort, — pla$, 
m. burying-place , bnrial-place, grave-yard. 

SBegra'fen, (to.) t>. I. a. to cover with graa«; 
begrafet, grauy; II. refl. to graze, to feed 

SBegraut*, p. o. grey with age. [upon gras*. 

ffiegrei'fen, (str.)v.a. 1. to feel, tonch, handle, 
finger; to grope, farable ;fig-s. 2. in or unter 
fjd)— , to inclnde, comprehend, contain, com- 
priae; 3. to onderstand, to coneeive, appre- 
hend; btefer 6d)attfpie(er begreift ben (Seift 
feiner Stoße, that player enter« into the api- 
rit of bis part ; fönett — (n.), to be qnick of 
appreheoaion; föner — (n.), to be doli, to 
be slow to learn; 4. in ((. p. auf or über) 
... begriffen fein, to be at or aboot .... to be 
engaged in ...; im SBou begriffen, in courae 
or progres« of conatruetion, (in) building ; auf 
einer Steife begriffen fein, to be on a journey. 

Segreif'Iid), I. adj. conceivable, intelligible; 
Sinem GrroaS — maiben, to make one com- 
prehend ; man f onnte ibm nid)t — mad)rn, he 
could not be bronght or made to compre- 
hend; II. SB-Jett, /. conceivableneaa, intel- 

SBegrenj'bär, adv. confinabie, definable. 

SBegren'jen, (to.) v. a. 1. to border, bonnd; 

2. to connoe, cirenmacribe, lirait, terminate; 

3. fig, to define. 
iBegren'jung, (w.) f. limitatioo ; border. 
SBegriff', s. I. (.vir.) nu La) vid. Snbegriffi 

b) vid. Kbrip, 2.; 2. the being engaged in 
..., act: im — <e) jlt ..., in the act of ...; im 
— fein or fteben , to be aboot or npon the 
point; id) bin im — e, I am going (to do some- 
thing); 3. coneeption, pereeptien; coneeit; 
notion, idea; tt ift Aber feine SB-e, that i« 
ont of bi« sphere or beyond hia coneeption ; 
föner eon SB-en, doli, obtoae, stupid, ef. 
föner «Begreifen j II. comp. SB-*befiimmung, 
f. definition; S-SDerned)feIung, /. the con- 
founding of coneeption« or notion«. 

SBegruVben, (to.) r. a. 1. to fonnd, establiah ; 
2. to prove , to make good ; to confirm; to 
verify; (nobl) begrunbet, fig. establiahed; 

SBegrün^er, (str.) m. founder, establisher, Ac. 

Begründung, (to.)/. 1. the act of founding, 
foundatfon, erection, establishment ; 2. fig. 
proof, connrmation. 

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xttgrü'ntn, (w.) v. I. a. lo cover with green ; 

II. refl. to become green or verdant. 
JBcgrti'fitn, (tc.) t>. a. 1. to greet, salute, hail, 

welcome; 2. (with nm) coi. to ask, entreat 

SJtgru'ßnng, (to.)/. greeting, salutation, hail- 

ing, welcome. 
SegudVcn, (te.) «, a. /am. to behold, look at. 

«»egui'ne, (to.)/. trid. SBegine. 

Segün'ftigen, (to.) v. a. to favour, bcfriend. 
keep or hold up, to countenance, patronise ; 
to promote, forward; b-b, p. a. favourable. 

Segün'fHgung , (te.) /. favour , countenance, 
encooragement, patronage; favooritism. 

Segur/ten, (u>.) v. a. to gird, belt. 

Begüf ad)ten, (to.) ». a. to give one's opinion, 
to pass a judgment on ... . 

Següf aibtnng, (ic.) /. opinion of a committee 
or of experienced persona on ... . 

ffiegfftigen (»egö/ten, '. «.), (to.) v. a. vid. 

Segö'tern, (u>.) o. a. to bestow riehen or 
wealth, to eorich; begütert, p. a. wealthy, 
opulent, rieh; bie ä8egüterten, p. s. pl. the 
wealthy, the opulent. 

Bebao/rtn, (w.) t). I. a. to cover with hair; 
IL refl. to get hair; bebaart, adj. haired, 
comate ; Zoo/, crinigeroos ; Bot. hirgute, pi- 
lose; SBehaart&eit, /. hairiness, hirsuteness. 

SebaTJen, (irr.) v. I. a. provinc. to maintain ; 
to keep; II. refl. coL to bebave. 

»cbd'big, adj. col. vid. SSebogltd). 

SebacPcn, (te.) v. a. to hew; to prune; to 
lop; to hoe; to grub, to earth up; to dig 
about, Iay bare (trees). 

JBehaften, (to.) v. a. to bürden, Charge, load 
äfftet, infect or äfftet (with); mit Softem 
behaftet, subjeet to vices. 

Beba'geln, (to.) v. a.-to cover with hail. 

Belja'gen, I. (to.) v. n. & imp. (with Dat.) to 
please, to suit, afford comfort; eS bebagt 
ihm nieht, «e does not like it; II. s. (str.) n 
deligbl, comfort, complacency , pleasure 
eaae; — an Staat ftnben, to deligbt in 

SefrfglM), I. adj. at ease, easy, inug, com 
fortable; cos(e)y; IL adti. snugiy, Ac. at 
ease; III. SB-feit, /. snugneas, Ac, ease. 

»ebalmf , «dj. Bot. bladed. 

»efjalf, (*tr.) m. + /or «Keinang. 

Se^alfbSr, adj. retainable. 

Seljal'ten, (str.)v.a. to keep, retain; 3enwnb 
im "Änge — , to keep one in sight, to keep 
one's eye upon one; bei ffä), fär ft<b — , to 
keep to one's seif, to keep secret; Mars, 
bae £anb im ©eftdjt — , to keep the land 

aboard; IL p. a. cf. SBoblbebaltcni ein b-tt 
Schiff, a ship escaped frora danger; b-C <3i~ 
ttt, goods well conditioned. 

äSebdl'ter , (str.) m. 1. conserratory ; 2. re- 
servoir ; fish-pond; 3. pantry ; 4. Bot., Anal, 
kc. receptacle. , 

Setj&Ifnip , (str.) n. 1. conserratory; maga- 
zine; ease; 2. room, cf. SBebdlter, 3. A 4. 

SBetalffam, I. adj*. 1. retentive, tenacious; 
2. lasting, durable; II. SB-fett,/, retentive- 

Sebim'mern, (to.) v. a. 1. to hammer; 2. I-m. 
to provide with hammer». 

Seban'bcln, (w.) v. a. 1. to handle; to ma- 
nage ; to mauipulate , work ; 2. a) Med. to 
attend, to manage, to bave nnder care or 
ander one's hands, to eure ; 6) to treat, use 
(well or Hl), to deal (well or ill) by (one); 
einen nie einen gremben — , to make a stran- 
ger of one; guten bart — , to bear one hard, 
to be sharp upon one ; 3emanb recbtlicb, bes 
trögerifd) — , to deal bonestly, falsely with 
one; 3. Com. kc. a) to bargain for; to 
cheapen, to agree for the price of ...; 6) to 
contract for. 

»ebfa'bigen, (to.) v. a. vid. Sinhdnbigen. 

SBeljttnb'tang, (w.) /. bandling, Ac. cf. Zu 
banbeln? manipulation, management; tresrt- 
ment (also Med.) ; dealing, usage. 

Sebang', (*tr., pl. ffiebüng/e) m. 1. hanging; 
2. Sport, the large, hanging ears (of a dog). 

fflebang'en, adj. I. hang with; 2. Sport, ha- 
ving large, hanging ears. 

Sebdng'en, (to.) v. I. a. 1. to hang with; 2. 
Sport, a) to attack, to stick fast to (the 
game); o) to tie (a hound) and lead him; 
II. refl. vulg. vid. »efaffen, n. 

SBebat'ren, L (to.) v. n. to continue, perse- 
vere, persist (bei, in, auf, in), to insist (upon) ; 
to hold on or ont, to be steadmst (in the 
faith, &c), to stand in or to (an opinion, 
Ac); auf einer Sfige -, to face out a lie; 
II. t). s. (str.) n. permanence. 

Sehatttta), I. adj. persevering, steadfast; con- 
stant; firm, continuing; II. SB-fett, (iß.) f. 
perseverance, ponstancy, continnance. 

SStbar'rsng, (tc.)/. perseverance; S-tsers 
migen, n. power of inertuess, (Lat.) vis 

fflebär'jen, (to.) r. a. to cover with resin. 

SBe^atriien, (u>.) v. a. to cover with a cap, 
to hood, Ac cf. |>üubt. 

Seban'djen, (to.) v. a. to breathe upon. 

SBe^on'en, (str.) v. a. to hew; mt bem <9röb< 
ften — , to rough-hew, Carp. A Sculp. to 
chip, cot, form by cutting, to dress, trira, 

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Square (timber); einen SBtü^Iflein — , to edge, 
fresh-cnt (• mlll-stone); to poll, top (trees); 
bünn — , to tfaio. 

Bebäu'fefa, flSebutt'frn, (to.) v. a. to form into 
or Surround with little heaps, to bill. 
( Sebaup'tcn, (10.) v. 1. a. 1. to assert, afArm, 
allege, avoucb, avow ; 2. to maintain, defend 
support, sustain, to hold (an opinion, *c), 
to keep, make good (one's grooad) ; II. refl. 
to stand or hold one's gronnd, to bold out 
(against); to support or sustain Itself (Com. 
of the price, *c.); fln) gegen ben fiBmb — , 
to stand (bcar np against) the strength of 
the wind. 

SBtbanp'nmg, (to.) /. aisertion, allegation, 
proposilion; Statement; maintaining, hold- 
ingout, 4c; SB-8begtfff, m.fb-tmrt, n 
Log. predicate. 

SBebttU'fen, (to.) t». o. tolodge ; ff ä) — , to settle. 

ffle&au'fitng , (to.)/. lodging, house, housing 
domicile, babitation, abode, mansion. 

SBe&än'ten, (10.) v. a. to provide or cover with 
a skin , hide. 

SSebelf, (itr.~) m. excose,pretext; shift,make 
shift, device, expedient. 

ffiebel'fen, (ttr.) v. rtfl. 1. to make (a) ihift 
(mit, with), to make do; 2. to retort to, fall 
back upon ; fitb f fimmerliib — muffen, to bave 
bnt a scanty aliowance. [excuse. 

Sehelf lid), adj. »erring as an expedient or 

Befjel'Kgen, (fflebellen, l. v.) (u>.) v. a. to 
molest, importnne. 

Sebeltigung, (to.) /. molestation, trouble. 

ee^el'men, (to.) v. a. to proTide with a hei 
met; behelmt, p. a. beimeted. 

♦{Betyn, m. Bot. 1. ber weife — , ä) white 
beben, spattling-poppy; o) (or —fleim: 
blunte, /.) white centanry ; 2.*er rotbe — , red 
beben, sea-thrift, sea-lavender; 3. beeren: 
ttagenber — , berry-bearing chickweed 
nnfi, /. beben-not, oil-nnt. 

Sebcnb', Sebente, adj. agile, oimble, actire, 
swift, quick, handy, »droit, tidy, dexterous. 

Beben/bigleit, (w.)/. nimbleness, qoickneaa, 
•wiftness, lightnesi, actWity, agility, tidi- 
ness, dexterity. 

»eber'bergen, (u.) v. a. to harbonr, lodge, 
house, to accommodate with lodgings. 

fiebtrr'ftbrn , (to.) v. a. 1. to rule, govern; 
to sway ; to domineer; 2. to command (also 
MU. = to overlook); b-be TCniihe, Mil. 
commanding ground; fU) — , to commaad 
one's owo mind , to he master of one's seif, 
of one's passions. [monarcb. 

SebertTtber, ( str.) m. niler, governor, master ; 

s9t(err/fd)ennn, (w.)/. mistrest, goycrness. 

SBeberrfd>ung , (w.) /. domination. go»ern- 

ment, sway, command, control. 
Stbcr'iigen, (to.) v. a. to take to heart, to 

mind; to weigh, comider. 
äBcber'jignng, (w.) /. the taking to heart, Ac. 

SBcherjf, I. adj. courageous; Valoron«, stoot- 

hearted, manfnl; — mad)en, to imbolden; 

II. S-bttt, /. courage, spirit, heart. 
»ebenen, (to.) v. a. Sport. 1. to bait; 2. to 

break in (dogs). 

ffiebcu'len, (to.) v. a. vvlg. to bewail, bemonn. 
SBebM'en, (to.) v. a. cot. vid. SBcjaubent. 
SBe&in'bern, (to.) v. o. to hinder, prevent. 
Seiner, SSeb'nert«), Beb'nert, [pron.SSo'bner, 

Ac] (*tr.) m. vvlg. (gardener's) basket. 
SBcbo'beln, (to.) v. a. to plane, to polish. 
Stbol'fen, p. a. dexterous, clever, ingenious. 
33e$obn'Idä)eln, (to.) o. a. to smile npon scorn- 

fnlly, to deride, jeer, mock or seoff at. 
SSefcoI'jen, (to.) v. For. a. 1. to nurse the 

yonng wood in (a forest), to supply with trees ; 

befolgt, adj. forested; 2. vid. 'JCb^oIjeni Tl. 

refl. 1. to be covered with wood; 2. to tun 

into wood. 
SSeboV. (str.) n. vid. 3obeb6r. 
ä8e^ord)en, (u>.) v. a. to listen to (clandestinc* 

ly), to hear privately, overhear(insidiously). 
Se^or'd)et, (ttr.) m. listener, eaves-dropper. 
»cijor'be, (to.)/- 1. tmpr. vid. 3ubeb6r$ 2. 

competence, province, court, board, antho- 

rity, Jurisdiction, magistrate. 
Sebi'rig, adj. belonging to; vid. (Sebfrig. 
SBe^o'fen, (to.) v. a. to put into breeches, 

clothe in trowsers. 
SBebflf, (*rr.) m. behoof, behalf; ju meinem 

— , in (on) my behalf; &-t einer ®«d)e, in 

(on) behalf of a thing. 
Sebn'fen, (to.) v. a. te proride with hoofs; 

beruft, p. a. hoofed. 
Sebfilflid), I. adj. serriceable, ysefnl; anxi- 

liary, adjutory, accessory, instrumental (to), 

adjuvant, favourable (ju, to), condneire, 

condocible ; dinem — fein, to be of assistance 

to, to assist, abet, fbrther, help (one); II. 

ffl-feit, (tr.) /. aid, instrumentnlity (ja, to). 
fflebflPf f, (f-) "■ a. to jump upon. 
Stuten, (to.) v. a. 1. to drive cattle upon 

(afield or meadow) for grazing; 2. to gnard, 

watch, preserve, keep (cor, from); ©Ott 

bebfite tttä), God save ynu, God have yon 

in bis keeping! (Sott bebfite! God forbid! 

Sebfire! no! no! 
Sebüffan, 1. adj. gnarded, heedfttl, cirerrm- 

spect, cautioas, heedy, chary (mit of), shy, 
|| cf. Sebaibrfam; n. »-reit, /■ heed, faeedtnl- 

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neu, circnraspection, cantion, precantion; 
care, diacretion ; große — , acrnpulonaneaa. 
Sei, I- prep. (witli Dat.) oear, at, abont, at 
the hoase of, with, by, on, upon, to, in; pre- 
seot at, in the presence of; — (et Jtirdje, 
near the chareb; — (er #anb, (near) at 
band ; — ber glttfcbe ffyen, to be engaged at 
the bottle; — #ofe leben, to live at court; 

— tiefet 9tad)ria)t, at thi« oewi; b-m erften 
"anblid 1 , at finst »ight; — einem »obnen, 
Hegen, fteben, JC. to live, lie, atand, &c. with 
one; etisas — fid> tragen ober baben, to 
carry or have »omething aboat one ; — ftd) 
btnfen, to think to one'* »elf; — offenem gen= 
fter, with the wiadow open; bie Scblac&t 
Jietpjtg, the battle of Leipiic; id) fa£ — tbm, 
I »at cloae by him; ©inen — ber $<mb neb= 
nun, to take one by the hand; — Kamen 
nennen, to call by one'a name; — ©ort 
fd)n>6ten, to swear by God; — meiner Seele, 
opoo my sooi; — Selbe nidjt, by no roean»; 

— ?td)te, by candle light; — meiner Selige 
fett, as I bope to be saved; — gebenSftrafe, 
opon (ander) pain of death; — einem an: 
Hopfen, fig. to sound one; — einem auf: 
halten, to stand by one; er bat inid) — f>ele 
Ier unb Pfennig btjablt, he ha» paid me 
to the last farthing; — Sage, in the day- 
time; — 9cO(bt, in the night; — feinen 9Ä- 
leiten, in bis lifetime; — 3eiten, in (good) 
time, betiroe»; — 3tt(ren fein, to be in 
yeara; — fid) or — Sinnen fein, to be in 
one'a right senae»; — fid) bleiben, to keep 
one'a temper; nitbt — aBerftonse fein, to be 
beaide one'» »elf; — alle bem, for all that; 
— Gelegenheit, occaiionally ; —Seite, aside; 

— SSritcm, by far; Mars. — bem SBÜtbe 
fegein ((alten), to tail with a »cant wind or 
dose to the windj»bid)t b-m «Binbe fegein, 
ftedjen or (alten, to »ail cloae hanled; II, 
»£ adv. abont, nearly, almoit; — (nnbert 
Sann, near a bundred men. 

Seian', adv. col. hard by, cloae by. 

aBeraUfer, (*tr.) m. Mar. kedge-anehor; »mall 
bov(er) anchor. 

Ser'arbetter, (ttr.) m. helpmate, auiatant 

Sei'bebalten, (ttr.) v. a. to keep (np), keep 
on, retain (in offlee); to continue, preaerve. 

Sefbebaltung, (v>.) /. keeping, retaining, re- 
tention. [close (a letter, *c.) 

SSri'biegen, (ttr.) v. a. to »objoin, nnnex, en- 

äSei'bütben, (ttr.) v. a. to bind or tie to. 

Sei'bldtt, {ttr., pl. fflei'bUtter) n. supple- 
mentär? vr fly-aheet; extra (of or to a ga- 
zette); 14t. (Fr.) feuilUton. 

©ertöte, (w>.) m, by-mei»enger. 

{Beibringen, (irr.) v. a. 1. to bring near or 
forward, to bring in or forth, to prodnee; 
to adduce (proof«, Ac); (einem Stmai:) 
2. to give (one »omething); Cinem einen 
Sdjlag, StofS — , to give, fetch or deal one 
a blow, a thrnst; to adminiater (»omething 
to one: gradoally or withont bis pereeiving 
it); ®ift — , to (adminiater) poi»on; 3. fig. 
a) to afiect, inapire or intluenee witb (fear, 
Ac); o)to impart,convey,in»til(knowledge, 
Ac.) ; to make underatand, teacb ; e) to «ug- 
geat, hint, insinnate, break (a diaagreenble 
newa, Ac. to ...). 
{Beibringung, (to.) /. bringing in, addnetion, 
4c vid. {Beibringen. [bndj. 

»ei'badj, (ttr., pl. »eilindjer) n. vid. ßontra.- 
SBei'tbaife, [Fr., pron. M'ahSze] (w.) f. extra 
vehicie or coach, cf. Seinagen. 
Seidjts, comp, —gelb, n. confeasor's feea; 
— finb, n. confeasant; — ftubj, m. confeaaio- 
nal, confeuionary, confeasion-chair, confes- 
aion-box; —SOter, ra. confesaor, father-con- 
fessor; — jettel, m. a) »hrove-ticket; h) or 
— jettgnif , n. certificate of confesaion. 
Setdyte, *. I. (w.) /. confeaaion; jnr — ge(tn, 
(Sinem — fiten, to confeas, to make confea- 
aion (to). 

SBeid/ten, (to.) v. a. A n. to confesa. 

^©eicb'tiger, (ttr.) ra. (father-)confeaaor. 

Bei'be, num. I. adj. (A t.) pl botb, the two, 

either; — Bettern or bie b-n »Settern, both 

the conain»; — für einen unb einer für — , 

each for the other; ja b-n Seiten, on botb 

sides; meine b-n 6d)neftern, both my »ister» ; 

»ir — , both of n»; roeltbe — , both of wfaieb; 

meld)er »on b-n, wbich of the two; jeber oon 

b-n, alte — , either; feiner oon b-n, n either 

of the two; Bortor b-r flteebte, doctor of 

(both) law»; — Sicilien, Geog. the two Si- 

ciliea; in b-n gdden, in either caae; n. fS-B, 

t. sing., both, the one (thing) and the other, 

either; 8-6, ... nnb ... (n ^), both, ... and 

..., ... aa well as .... 

SeVberlei, adj. both, of both, of either (»ort. 

speciea); — ®efd)Ied)te, Gram, common; — 

(Setoanb, (n. «.) vid. äeibenoanb. 

SBefberfeitig , adj. of or on both aide»; reci- 

procal, mutnal. 
Seiterfeit* , adv. on botb sides; mntoally; 
fie — , both of them. 
SBei'berwanb, /. Com. linsey-woolaey. 
»eib'Kbig, I. adj. amphibions; ET. <B-f eit, (tu.) 
/. amphibionanea». 

SSeiWtyen, (tc.) v. a. Mar. to bring, round, 

or come to, to come np. [to annex. 

ätetmttfen, (w.) v. a. to print to, print with : 

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SBcl'brücfeii, (».) ». a. to »et (tbe icnl) to. I 

ä8cib'fd)attig, odj. ahaded on both «de». 

fflct'erbe, (to.) m. Law, Joint beir. 

Bei'ern, (w.) o. n. prooinc. to toll tbe chnrcb 
bell» slowly, to chime. 

SBct'cflfcn, (str.) n. by-diah, intermedinte dish. 

SBei'foIl, (str.) m. applanae, approbation, as- 
tent; — geben, (with Dat.) to applaod, aa- 
«ent to, approve of; 3emanbt6 — baben, 
fidj Semanbet — erwerben, to gain or meet 
witb one'« appiaaae; et bat meinen — , it 
fall» in or agreea with my opinion, I ap 
prove iL 

BeffttM«, comp, -iejeigtmg, /. lign, demon 
»tration of applanae; — gefdjrei, n. cbeer; 
crie», sboDts of appiaaae; — getbfe, n. peal 
of appiaaae; — Matflben, n. clapping of the 
hand» by way of appiaaae; —ruf, m. accla- 
mation, ahoat of applauae; — {turn, m. roar 
of applanae; —trieb, m. Phren, love of ap 
probation (Fr. approbativite); — reertb, - 
Ȇrfeig, ad], worthy of applanae. 

Sei'f allen, (ttr.) v. n. (aux. fetnj with Dat.} 
1. to occar, to come to (one'») remembrance ; 
mieber — , to recar; es fSW mir ... bei, I think 
of ...; et fönt mir nidjt« JBejferet bei, no 

better plan oeenr» to ine (or to my mind); 

fein Käme »tll mir nidjt — , I cannot recall 

or bit at bia narac; 2. a) to aide witb; 6) to 

appland, aaaent, »nbicribe to. 
»ei'fallig, adj. 1. + vid. ermneriid)* 2. as- 

»eoting ; 3. o) vid. anfällig 5 6) by tbe way ; 

— anfnebmen, to reeeive, aeeept favourably 

or graciooaly. 

»ei'fcfte, »ei'fefrung, (10.)/. citadel. 
SJei'folgen, (w.) v. n. (aux. fein) to follow; 

to be encloaed, annezed ; b-b, adj. encloaed, 

annexed, »ubjoined. 
»ei'fra<bt, (to.)/. vid. »eflaft. 
Sei'fran, (10.)/. female aaaiatant, auistant 

Sti'f&ge, (to.)/. additioa.nomething annexed, 
fflei'fügtn, (w.) v. a. to adjoin, anbjoin, add, 

encloae; beigefügt, annexed. 
Sei'fugnng, (vi.) f. addition, adjoining, ad- 

jonetion, aubjoining. 
Sei'filp, {str.) m. 1. Bot. mog-wort; 2. Mar, 

tbe parrel traaa of tbe main and foreaail. 
Bei'gang, (str., pl. »erginge) m. by-pauage. 
»ei'gänger, (str.) m. Com. cant. interloper, 

nnderatrapper, vulg. go-between. 
Sefgüben, (str.) v. a. to add, join to (aa an 

auistant), to appolnt 
»ergeben, (str.) v. n. (aux. fein) 1. to go 

joined* to, to be encloaed; 2. fig. fid) — 

(äffen, to take it into one'a head, to fancy, 

imagine; to preaume, dare; b-b, p. a. encle- 

*ed, adjoined, annexed, by the preaent. 
Sci'gcbulfc, (to.) m. cid. Ocbülfc. 
SBei'gcleit, (str.) n. (additional) e»cort. 
SBci'geriä)t, (str.) n. vid. Scieffen. 
SBci'gefdjmatf, SSetfibmact, (str.) m. t«ng, tinge, 

after-taste, a taste of soraething extraneoas 

to tbe thing iuelf. 
Sei'gcfeUen, (ir.) v. a. to aasoclate, join. 
äSci'getbän, adj. (n +) vid. 3ugerbon. 
SBci'gie^cn, vid. 3ugtefen. 
SBei'glieb, (str., pl. SSei'glieber) n. 1. additio- 

nal member; 2. Arch. one of the smaller 

»ei'gfit, (str., pl. »ei'güter) n. 1. a amall 

ettate wbich is attached to a larger; 2. cid. 

SSeibef, adv. at the aide, by the aide of; mit 

■, fig. by tbe way, by the by. 
SBet'&ölen, (to.) v. a. 1. to fetch, bring near; 

2. Mar. to tally or banl aft the sbeets, to 
bring the wind aft. 

föei'bülfe, (10.)/. belp, aid, assiatance, anc- 

conr, »npply; — an (Selb, sohsidy. 
SBeifüib, (str., pl. fflei'finber) n. bastard. 
fflei'rirdje, (10.) /. ebnreh attached to tbe 

parisb chnrcb, cf. $tttat. 
SBei'flang, (str., pl. fflei'ffdngt) m. an aecom- 

panjing acce»sory, additional sonnd. 
SBetTncd)!, (str.)m. ander-»er»ant, »table-boy 
SBetf od), (ffr., pl. SBetTodje) m. ander-cook. 
»ei'rommen, (str.) v. n. (aux. fein) 1. to be 

encloaed, annexed; 2. a) to come or get at; 

ibm ift nid)t beijurommen, fig. tbere ia n» 

making an Impression on bim; b)fig-s. vid. 

einfallen 5 ftd) — laflen, t>id. SBetgeben, 2.; 

3. to reach, equal, matcb; biet femmt Jenem 
nid)t bei, this fall» »hört of tbat; feinem 
ßebaben — , to repair oae's loas. 

Seil, (str.) n. batchet; amall axe; Bot-s. — 
Haut, n. — pflanjc, /. hatchet-retcb , axe- 
vetch, axe-wort, »ickle-wort ; — ftein, m. Afin. 
axe-atone, vid. ©afalt. 

Btrllge, (w.) f. 1. »applement, addition; 
(letter) enclosed, enclosnre; extra (of or to 
a gazette); 2. deposit. [sponaals, nnptials. 

ißeflffger, (str.) n. consommation of marriage. 

SBei'Iaft, (v>.)f. Com. & Mar. adventore, by- 
freight, extra-freight; portage. 

Seilanfen, (str.) v. n. (aux. fein) to run by 
the aide of. 

SBei'ldufer, (str.) m. footboy, errand boy. 

Seiliufig, I. adj. incidental, collateral, ac- 
oeaaory, parenthetic (obaerration, *c); D. 
adv. 1. ineidentaily, «c. by the way, be- 
aidea, by the by; 2. vid. Ungcfibr. 

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ffleffbrief, (*tr.) m. Hör. great or grand bill 
of aale, regiater of a fhip. 

»eilt gen, (w.) d. I. a. 1. io lay by; Mar. to 
bring to (a ahip), to lay by tbe lee, vid. 
Seibreben? 2. to eocloae, adjoin; fig-s. 3. 
to adjuat, aettle, make np, accommodate, 
compoae (a difference); 4. to attribote: a) 
to give, impoae (a narae, ftc.) npon; 6) to 
impute, aacribe ; c) to attach (value, impor- 
tance to ...) ; n. n. Mar. to heave to, to come to. 

JBci'Kgung, (»•) /■ 1. additioa; .%-*. 2. ac- 
comraodation, compoaition, arrangement, ad- 
jaatment; 3. attribntion: o) iapoaition ; 6) 
impating; S-<begriff, m. predicament. 

Seiieib, (.sir.) n. condolence; einem fein — 
beieigen, to condole (witb) one (über, oo); 
S-«be§eigung,/. condolence; S-6f<brtiben, 
n. letter of condolence. [rigging, 

SBeil'fertig, adj. Ship-b. ready built all to tbe 

Seil'fönnig, adj. shaped like an axe, Bot. te. 
hatehet-ahaped, aecurifonn. 

Seftügen, (str.) t>. n. 1. to lie near, witb 
or in; b-be* SSlbreibcn, encloaed letter; the 
annexed; 2. Mar. to lie to; »or Zop Wie 
XaM — , to try, lie or atrike abnll or under 
bare pole*. 

»eilfe, (ir.)/. (-tofeO truck-table, ahovel- 
board; — fpiel, n. trneka; — ftetn, m. qaoit. 

«ein«, contr. o/bei brat. 

Sei'mägb, (str.)/. (Sefmlgbe) aaaittant-maid 

Sei'mengen, (to.) v. a. to mingle witb, to 

Bei'meflen, (j(r.) v. a. (einem etwa*) 1. to 
attribute, aacribe, to impnte, to Charge 
witb, lay to; 2. vid. {Beilegen, I.4.e)j ®lan= 
ben — , to attach or give credit ; to believe ; 
ßinem gute Vbfiibten — , to give one credit 
for good intentiona; bei}umeffen, impntable. 

SJer'jneffung , (ir.) /. the act of attribating, 
acc; Imputation. 

Äei'mifd)en, (v>.) v. a. to mix witb, to admix. 

Set v mifd)nng,(u.)/.admixtBre; infuaion; eine 
geringe — von ..., a aprinkling of ... . 

Sein, *• I. (str.) n. 1. leg; 2. bona; einem 
ein — fteOen, bolten ornnterfd)Iagrn, to trip 
one up, to trip np one"» beela, to give one 
a M\;fig. to anpplaat or injore one; onf bie 
S-e bringen, to bring np (children); to raiae 
(an army) ; auf ben S-en, on foot ; fid) Ulf ben 
8-en galten, to hold one'a leg»; col-s. f<b 
miS bir 8-e mad)en, VII make you find yoni 
lega; nimm bie S-e mit! make baate! rnn as 

last aa yon can! fid) auf bie S-e machen, to 
atart , to set oot; einem auf bie S-e belfen, 
to raiae, aaaiat one; II. comp. — ä&nlid), adj. 
ahaped like a leg; — arbeiter, m. worker in 

bone; — afd)e,/. bone ashea; —bred), m. 1. 
Min. oateocolla, »tone or (glne )bone-bin- 
der; 2. Bot or — brcd)gra», n. yellow marali 
or Lancaahire antheriewn; ~breä)cr, wl. 
Orn. vid. SeeaMer i — brud), m. 1 . fraetore or 
breaking of a leg or bone; 2. vid. — bred), 1.; 
— breitete, m. tnrner in bone; — bfirre, adj. 
vulg. exceedingly meager or lean; — foule, 

/. Surg. vid. SBinbborn; —feile,/, nid, Statt 
(benfciiej — flfd), m. Ich. bone-fiah; — fraf, 
m. Sure. vid. Jtnoibenfrat > — gerippt, — ge» 
ruft, n. akeleton; — gefd)mulft, /. Surg. ex- 
oatoaia; — gla(, n. alnbaater glaas; — grai, 
n. vid. —bred), 2.) — bflrmfd), m. (pl.) cniaae*. 
taaaea, greavea; — (Ott, adj. aa hard aa 
bone; — $auS, n. cbarnel bouae, oaanary; 
—baut, /. Anat. perioateam; — beil, n. vid. 
—bred), lö — bolj, n. a) vid. ^etfenrirfdKJ 
b) vid. Hartriegel; — Meiber, n. pl. trowaera, 
pantaloon«;rorjC— , amall-clothea ; — flriber« 
floff , m. trowaera' atuff; — fnopf , m. Anat. 
condyle, bone-knot; — frebS, m. Surg. vid. 
»inbbornj —Übt, f. Surg. hoapital fraetnre- 
box, Commander; aplint ; — Io8, adj. boneleaa, 
nnboned, exoaaeona; — mebl, n. vid. — tfd)ti 
— ruftung, n. vid. — &arnifd)» —Tage, /. bone- 
aaw, aorgeon'a-aaw; — {(bellen, pl. fetter», 
abacklea;— fd>iene,/. 1. Surg. aplint, cradle; 
2. vid. — barnifd)j — fd)»arj, n. bone-black. 
ivory-black, velret-black; —Omaren, pl. 
bone-toya; — «WH, n. 1. Min. vid. — bred), 1.} 
2. Bot. comfrey. 

SSetno'fee, SeiniV, auf», almoat, near, nearly, 
abont, well nigb; within a little (oO, next 
(to nothiag, *c), little ahort (of); Bot. *c 
in comp, aub-: — brtifpaltig, aabtrifid; — 
roftfarbig, snbferrngineoua; — ringfirmig, 
anbannnlar; id) t>&tte e* — »ergeffen, 1 had 
like to have forgotten it ; tt i(l — einerlei or 
boffelbe, it ia mnch the aame thing. 

Sei'näme, (irr.) m. aurname; nickname; einen 
fö-n geben, to anrname ; (i.i. s.) to nickname. 

SJein'djen, (str.) n. (dim. of Sein) 1. a amall 
leg; 2. oaaide, a amall bone. [an. 

Senaten, Seinebff, adv. provinc vid. Keben: 

Sei'nern, adj. made of bone, bony, oaaeona. 

Sei'nert), (irr.) m. Anat. aeeeaaory nerve. 

Sefnifbt, adj. aa hard aa bone. [footed. 

Sei'nig, adj. 1. bony; 2. in comp, legged, 

Sein'Iing, (str.) m. vid. 6d)enfri»o&e. 

Seforbnen, (w.) v. a. to adjoin, co-ordiaate; 
beigeorbnet, p. o. co-ordinate ; Sri'orbnnng, 
(tc.) /. co-ordination. 

Sei'pa*en, (vi.) v. a. to pack by. 

Se?pferb, («tr.)n. 1. hone in reaerve, relay- 
horae, by-horae; 2. led-borae. 

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BePpflUMen, (w.) t>. n. (tcith Dat.) to anent 

to, to content, to agree witb, to approve; 

3emanbe* JOtcinung — , to be of one'a opi- 

olon; BetfpfKdjtmig, (w.) /. consent, 4c, 

BeVrStb, (str.) m. 1. advice, aaaiatance; 

3. (pl. fflei'r Itbt) aaiiitant cooncelor. 
Beftätben, (str.) v. n. (with Dat.) to malst 

with advice. 
Bmr'ttn, (y>.) v. a. to miilead, confaae. 
Beifam/men, ad», togetber, cf. Kebenelnanber. 
Bei'faf , (w.) m. 1. a «mall fanner who hu 

not land enongh to keep a hone; 2. vid. 

©d)u,eerroanbter. [3ufa$. 

fflrifafc, (»tr., pl. BeifA(e) m, appotition, cf. 
8ei'fd)ief cn, (»tr.) ». a. vid. Seifienern. 
BriWff, (rtr.) n. cock-boat; B-*fübrtt, m. 

Bti'fajWf, (»<r.) m. lying with, cobabitation, 

copnlation; ber unebelid)e — , concobinage. 
BeWfter, (**••) ™- bed-fellow; «-tan, (w.) 

/. concnb'ne; bed-fellow. 
SetYdjlog, (*tr., pt. Seifiblage) m. 1. falte 

(bäte) coin; 2. lud. baitard, an. by-blow; 

3. flight of atept leading np to a hoose. 
»riWägen, (str.) v. I. a. to enclote (a let- 

ter) ; II. n. (aux. fein) (J. «.) to aiaeat to, to 

be of one'a party, vid. SBetpfHtbtRI. 
»ti'f «liefen, (str.) v. a. 1. to lock np; 2.J%. 

to enclote, add, annex. 
Beifd)Inf , (rtr., pi. Beifdjlnffe) m. eocloaed 

letter, tc, encloanre. 
BerWÜflW, (»tr.) m. by-key; pick-Iock. 
Brifdjmatf, (rtr.) m. »id. Brigefd)ma<f. 
8evTd)ttibcn, I. (str.) v. a. to write to ..., note 

to ... ; add (in writing) ; to write on tbe mar 

gin; II. .t. (str.) n. writ or letter joined to 

tbe principal one. 
BeiWreiber, (str.) m. aasistant elerk. 
Sefförfft, (to.) /. annotation, marginal note 
BeHfdjuffel, («.)/. by-diih, plate. 
8evT«buf, (str., pl. »eiWffe) m. additional 

payment, contribntion, ahare; »id. Beitrag, 
Beifcgel, (str.) n. Jfar. by-iail, ring-aail, 

atay-aail, atndding-sail. 
BeVfein, (»tr.) n. presence; im — bei ..., in 

tbe presence of ...; objii mein — , withont 

my preience, withont being preaent. 
Beifeif, Beifei'te, Bei'feite, adv. aaide, apart 

— tbun, to remove. 
Beifeten, (to.) v. a. 1. to pnt to or iet on 

(tbe Are) ; 2. to depoiit in a vanlt, entomb, 

bnry; Mar-s. ein (Segel — , to heare ont, 

nnfold or onforl a aail ; meb> ©egel — , to 

make aail; alle Segel — , to crowd tbe sails 

or all tbe canvaaa, to clap on all tbe »all»; 

alle ©tgel beigebt haben, to carry a preaa 
of aail. [a vanlt 

8rf'fe$nng, (tu.) f. thepntting, depoiitingin 

Beffti, (str.) m. assession, aeat (in Council). 

Bei'fitcn, I. (str.) v. n. (m. haben) to ait 
by, to bave a leat in; II.». (str.)n. aaseasion. 

Bciffyer, (str.) m. l.aaaeasor, jndge lateral, 
aulatant; 2. vid. ©<bn$»er»anMer. 

Beifplel, (str.) n. example, instance, prece- 
dent, pattero; }nm — , (as) for example, for 
instance,such ai, aach are.viz. ; ein — geben, 
to aet an example; to «et np a precedent; 
fi<b (Dat.) ein — an or fid) (Dat.) ... }um — 
nehmen, to take an example, a iesaon from ...; 
bnrd) ein — belegen, to exemplify ; — lo*, adj. 
onexampled, nnprecedented , nnparalleled. 
matchleaa. [viour or atate. 

BePTpiellofigfeit, (v>.) f. unexampled beba- 

Bei'fpringen, (str.)v. n. (avx. fein ; vnthDat.) 
to haften to one's aaaiatance; to aocconr, 

Betfs, comp. —beere, /. Bot. Indian or Spa- 
niah pepper; — M)l t m. vid. Berte; —fort, 
— rober, m. mnzzle, baaket pnt to tbe mo'nth 
of horaea, doga, *c; — rfibe,/. vid. Beete? 
—gähn, m. cotting tooth; — jange, /. (wlre-) 
cntting nippera, tweezera. 

Beiden, (str.) v. I. n. 1. to bite; to bite, anap 
(nad), at); to bite (on); to bite, nibble (at); 
2. to cot, amart; to itch; Pfeffer Seift auf 
her dünge, pepper bitea the tongae ; fig-s. in 
einen fauem Ypfel — , to make up one'a mind 
to bear aometbf ng diaagreeable ; um fid) — , 
to anap, growl at, to be qoarrelaome; int 
®ra( — , v«lg. to die, an. to bite the dnat 
II. a. to bite; gnaw; ÜL refl. to bite one'a 
aelf or eacb otber or one anotber; ftdb — 
am, to qaarrel, fight for ...; -fid) [Dat.] vor 
8ad)en in (auf) Die 3nnge, Sippen — , to bite 
one'a lipa, to aide, aappreaa with difficclty 
one'a langhter. 

Bei'fenb, p. o. gen.fig. bitlng, abarp, amart, 
pnngent, keen, acrid, tart, acrlmoniona, aar- 
caatlc, bitter. 

Bcffig, I. adj. I. vid. Beifenb» 2.^g. anap- 
piab, qoarrelaome; II. B-ftit, /. snappiah- 
neaa, tartneaa, bitterneas. 

Beif fer, (str.) m. Ich. mndfiah. 

Beiftanb, (str., pl. Bet'(l4nbe) m. 1. aaaia- 
tance, aocconr, anpport; 2. assistant, hel- 
per; — bot ®erid)t, connael; — leifien, to 
give or render aaaiatance, to ancconr. 

8eified)en,(»tr.)o.n. Mar. to aail cloae-hanled. 

Beizeiten, (to.) ». «. vid. emftetfen. 

BeffKfien, (irr.) v. n. 1. to atand by; alle 
Segel — laffen, Mar. to iet all aaiti ont; 

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2. fig. (yoitJi Dat.) to assist, help, ancconr, 
aupport, lecond, artend; to back, coonte- 
nance, anataln ; Sott flebe bir bei. God help 
you; mit Sroft — , to comfort; in bei ®e- 
burt — , to put to bed (a woman); bie 8-ben, 
pL the by-standera, atandera-by. 

Bei'fteuer, (v>.) /. contribaüon, aabaidy, sap- 
ply, collectioo, alms. 

Bet'flcuern, (w.) «. a. to contribote; to Con- 
cor to a coilection. 

Befflimmen, (tc.) «. n. (yatth Dat.) 1. to agree 
or «trifte in witb ...; 2. to join in; to aaaeat 
to, consent, accede to .... [conaent. 

Bei'fHmmung , (to.) /. aateat, concnrrence, 

Bet'ftrid), {str.) m. Gram, comma. [river. 

Betfftrom, (*tr., pl. Bet'ftrSme) m. arm of a 

ßei'|tüa , ,(dr.) n. additlonal piece,appendage. 

Sti'tiftb, (rfr.) m. •Ide-board. 

ffiei'träj, (str., pl. {Beitrage) m. contribntion, 
sapply, ihare, contingent, qoota. 

Beiträgen, (str.) v. a. to contribnte, to bear 
a sbare; (with jtt) to add, condoce to, to 
assitt, «uccour, help. 

Betreiben, (str.) v. a. vid. eintreiben. 

»«'treten, (»fr.) v. n. (am. fein) (with Dat.) 
to accede (to), to come over(to aome party), 
to enter into; to take part, or a «bare in, 
join in or witb, to auent to; einem alt 
Zt)eünet)mer im ©efdjJft — , to enter or get 
into partnership with one, tp auociat« one't 
■elf with one. 

Bei'tritt, (str.) m. acceiiion, adheiioa, taking 
part, tc. vid. beitreten. [jnnction. 

»ei'urttjeil, (str.) n. Law, interlocntioa ; In- 

»ef»ad)e, (w.)f. Mil. bivouac 

Bei'»a<ben, (ib.) v. n. Mil. to bivouac 

StFmJgen, (str.) m. by-coach, by-waggon, 
extra-coach (in a post line). 

äSei'Rtfa,, (str.) m. by-way, by-road. 

Sefnerf, Sei'neTen,(f tr.) n. the non-essential 
parta of a work; Point, tc. acceaiory parta, 

Bei'mobnen, (w.) v. n. (teitTi Dat.) 1. to assist 
at, to be preient at, ästend; 3. to lie with, 
eohabit with. 

Bei'mobntmg, (v>.)f. (ebeltebe) cohabitation. 

»erROtt, (str., pt fflei'Worter) n. 1. Crom, 
adjective; epithet; 3. Law, addition. 

Bei'»6rtltä), adv. adjectively. 

Bef'jdljrm, (to.) v. a. to annnmerate, nnmber 

Bei'je, (».)/. 1. Sport, baitlng; Falc. hawk 
ing, flying; 3. a) Chem., See. maceratlon, 
eorroalon; o) Dy. rot-ateep; c) Für. carrot 
ing; d) Tan. maaterlng; 3. corroaive; ben 
paaren bie — geben, Hat. to dress the far. 

Bei'jeitben, (str.)n.; eonntennarlr: 
3. Her. rebatement. 

Bet'jetibnen, (w.) v. a. to note down. 

»eijei'ten, adv. betimea, in (good) tlme, 
early, aoon. 

Sei)«, comp. — bnnb, m. a amall dog for the 
cbase; —mittel, n. corroaire, mordant, cf. 
©eije; — »ogel, m. hawk, falcon. 

Seiten, (te.) v. a. 1. Pharm, tc. to maeerate, 
to aoak (Tan. akina); 3. Chem. toeorrode; 
Dy. to fret; JCattune — , to ata«; Metal. to 
fret(gold, ailver), to balf-aeonr; Join. to 
atain (wood); Hat. to dreaa (the für); 3. 
Surg. to canterize; 4. Engr. to etch; 5. 
Sport, to bait; to hawk. 

Bei'jimmer, (str.) n. vid. Siebenjimmer. 

Bet'joU, (str., pl. Bei'jStle) additlonal (or 
extra) dnty. 

Bei'jugel, (str.) m. left or near rein. 

ßeja'gen, (io.) v. a. to chase, hont, sport in 
(a certain place or diatrict). 

Bejab'en, (w.) v. a. to affirm, aaaert, to an- 
■wer in the affirmative; b-b, p. a. affirma- 
tive; positive. 

SSeJabrt', adj. aged, stricken in yeara. 

Bejahung, (w.) /. afflrmation, aaaertion ; B-»< 
fafj, m. affirmative proposition; b-tmrife, 
adv. afflrmatively ; 89-Stoort, n. term of af- 

Bejom'mero, (tc.) v. a. to deplore, bemoan, 
bewail, lament; b-»»ett6, b-Smürbfg, adj. 
deplorable, lamentable; B-tWnrbigfeit, /. 

BejuBd/gen, (to.) ». a. to rejolce at, exnlt in, 
triumph in. 

fiejoeb/en, (w.) v. a. to (pnt in the) yoke. 

Bejubeln, (tc.) v. a. to «hont, exnlt at or over. 

Befal'ftn, (tc.) v. a. to cover with lime. 

SBefal'men, (tc.) v. a. Mar. to becalm. 

®ef impfen, (to.) v. a. lit tfig. to combat, 
attack, fight with, oppngn, to strive or stand 
np agalnat, to oppose, witbstand; to anb- 
dne, control. 

Befannf, adj. 1. known; noted; allgemein — , 
notorioaa; et ffk mir — , I am aware of it; 
etwa* — man)en, to make known, pnbliab, 
give out, proclaim, set forth or abroad; 
to advertise; einem 8ttt>0« or dinen mit 
Straa* — madjes, to make, bring or get one 
acqnainted with, to inform one of, to de- 
clare, notify, impart, commonicate some- 
thing to one ; — »erben, to get abroad ; fid) 
— machen, to annonnce, or to give an aeconnt 
ofone'sself; 2. acqnainted; familiär; (rintn 
mit Semanb — maiben, to Introduce one to 
a peraon. 


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Belann'te, m. */. (decL Uke adj.) acquain- 
tance; ber (bie) alte — , fam. old crony. 

SBerannfltfl), ffieramrterma'ßen, ad«, a» ia 
known, notoriously, ai jrou know. 

SSef annt'madjung , (w.)f. pablication, noti- 
fieation, proclamation, promolgatioa; adver- 

S3efannffd)aft, (ic.) /. acquaintance; know- 
ledge; connexion; 3emanbe« — nutzen, to 
form one'a acqnaintance, to enter ioto con- 
nexioo with one. 

SBefap'pen, (u>.) ". n. 1. to furnUb with a cap; 
Falc. to hoodwiok (a bawk); Mas. to cope 
(a «all); Shoe-m. to cap, oew-cap (a pair 
of ahoea or boota); F~w. to cap (a caae, a 
rocket); Mar. to cap (a rope); 2. Gard. to 
lop (treei). 

SSefebr/bSr, adj. convertible, to be converted. 

SBrre&'ren, (w.) v. I. a. to convert; jam ßbtü 
fUtttburae — , to chriatianize; n. rrfl. to 
aroend, change for tbe better. 

Stfeb'rer, (str.) m. Converter. 

S9ef efcr'te, m. & f. (decl. like adj.) convert. 

Srtei'rnng, *. I. (u>.)/. converaion; II. comp. 
S8-Sbote, fe-Sgefanbte, m. miaiionary; »-*; 
gefanbrfd)aft, 8 «gefeUfdiaft, /. miuion ; 8-«= 
fud)t, /. proaelytiim. 

SSefen'ncn, (irr.) v, I. a. 1. to confeaa, to own, 
acknowledge; 2. Gam. garte — , to follow 
mit (at card«): eine garte nid)t — , to re 
voke; IL rtfl. fid) ju ... — , to acknowledge, 
own; to advocate, embrace, avow, profes» 
(a religion, an art, *c), to hold to; fid) }U 
einet Sbttt — ,to confeaa having done a deed; 
fid) febulbig — , to plead gnilty. 

äßrteir'ner, (str.) m. confeuor, profeaaor (of 
a religion), fallower. 

Sefennt'niP, (str.) n. confeuion; avowal; ac- 
knowledgment; creed; ba« fibriftlicbe — , re- 
cogniaance ; ba« eülidje — , afüdavit. 

©efiden, (w.) v. a. vid. ffieftebern. 

S3cf Fen, (w.) v. n. Mar. to bead the aea. 

SeFWgen, (w.) ». I. a. to deplore, lament, 
bemoan, bewail, monrn for; to commiaerate, 
compaaaioaate, pity; II. refl. to contplain 
(Aber, of ; ... bei, to), to grnmble (über, at) ; 
b-«R>ert&, b-Sn>ürbtg, ad), worthy ofcom 
pauion, commiaerable, pitiable, deplorable. 

SBefHg'te, vid. ttngeflagte. 

»eflaPfiben, (w.) v. a. 1. to appland; 2. col 
to teil tales of or on, to calomniale, defamc. 

SeFUfben, (»etlei'ben, n. tu) (u>.) v. I. a. to 
paate apon or over, to plaater; II. n. n^: to 
«tick, adberc, to »trike root. 

»eftafen, »erleiffen, (v>.) v. a. to blot, blnr, 
beapot, beapatter; to daub. 

SerWben, (w.) u. o. 1. to clotbe, dreaa, aalt, 
attire, array; »inveat; 2. to cover over, to 
line, face, to wainacot, abroad, coat ; to in- 
lay ; ein 3lmmer mit Sopeten — , to bang a 
room; einen Vttar — , to deck an altar; eine 
gigur — , Point, b. Seulp. to make tbe dra- 
pery of , to clotbe , drape a fignre ; Mars. 
einen Snrer — , to ahoe an anchor; bie Xane 
— , to aerve tbe cablea and ropea; fig-s. 3. 
to invest, veat witb; 4. to oecopy (a poat). 
to fill, bold (an or aerve in) an office; mit 
SoQmcubt betleibet, veated with power (of 
attorney) ; bcflcibct, p. a. Bot. tonicated. 

SeFIet'bung, (w.) f. 1. clotbing, dreaaing; 
dreas, garnent; bie — eine« Silbe«, Point, 
t Sculp. draper) ; 2. T. lioing, boxing; ins 
f ere— , Carp. cage ; Afrc/t. vid. SWantel, 3. <f> ; 
facing; lining; mantle-piece(ofachimney); 
3. inveating; inveatitore; 4. adminiatratioa 
(of an office); Mar-t. bie AufSere — an einem 
6(biffe, bnlwark; bie — ber Saue, aerving; 
SB-äfiffen (be« ®tag«), n. bolater, pillow (of 
a atay). 

Setlet'flern, (to.) v. a. to paate over. 

Scfltm'mcn, (w.) v.a.l. to pinch, prea«, con- 
fine, atraiten; 2. fig. to afflict, oppreaa; to 

äBeüenfmung, (u).)/. pressure; difficnlty of 
breathing; anguish. 

Sefleftern, (w.) v. a. to climb. 

Scflom'men, I. p. a. oppreased; breathing 
with difficnlty; anxiona, sorrowfol; — fein, 
to be flattered; II. SB-beit, /. anxioaaneu. 

Settä'geln, (tc.) v. a. cont. to criticiae, cenaore. 

Seflunfern, (tc.) v. a. vulg. to bedraggle, 
drabble, dirty, to clog with dirt. 

Sefnab'bern, fflefnau'pcln, (u>.) t>. vid. Bc* 

SöeFncifl', adj. Mar. jammed. [nagen. 

SBeFcm'mcn, (str.) v. I. a. to get, reeeive, ob- 
tain, gain; e« ift nidjt ju — , it ia not to be 
bad; Sufi — . to bave or get (a) mind; in 
Ttmerifa — bie SDienfllente leine Stinfgettet, 
in America the aervanta bave no feea; ia) 
fonnte ibn nid)t ju fe^cn — , I could not get 
a aight of bim; ÄBurjel — , to take or »trike 
root; eine ÄranFbcit — , to fall aick, to be 
takenill.totakeadiaeaae; ben€5d)nupfen— , 
to take cold; einen EnfaU »on ... — , to be U- 
ken witb a fit of ...} 3a^ne — , to cot teeth, 
to teeth; einen Jtorb — t fig. to meet with a 
rebnlT, repnlae, ic; BICber — , to recover; 
II. n. (aux. fein) to agree with the health; 
biefc Speife befonunt mir nidbt, thia food 
(meat) doea not agree with or diaordera me ; 
ia) bofft,bcr gcftrigeepajiergangttirt3bnen 
gut — fein? I hope yoa are not (or you bare 

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not beeu >ny) the vorse for yoar yester- 
day*( walk? ber Ttv,t ram (nein, um nad)sus 
fehen, nie feiner Weinen ^atientfnn bfe 6pa= 
Sierfabrt — feij er fanb, baf fle ibr gut - 
wäre, the physician came in to see how his 
little patient bore her ride; be fonnd her 
the better for it; »obl befomme et 36nen! 
mach good may it do you ! et wirb ihm fa)Ied)t 
— f be will come off badly for it; he will be 
served ont for it. 

Setorf en, (to.) v. a. to «ork. 

SBeNffigen, (to.) f ■ a. to board, diet, fornleh 
with food, to provlde for (one's) meaU; fid) 
— , to find one's own food. 

!Bef6ff igung , (w.) /. boarding, alimentation, 
board, food, diet. 

SBeftdftigen, (to.) o. o. 1. to atrengthen, cor- 
roborate ; 2. to confifa), agiert, avoocb, aver, 

fimation, averment, »anction. 

ißerrän'jen, (to.) v. a. to wreath, crown, gar- 
land, featoon. 

SBefroj'en, (u.) ». a. to cover with »erstehe». 
to serape on the sornce. [2. to weed. 

Sefrau'ren, (w.) v.a. 1. vid. »egrafen, I.; 

ffiefrei'ben, (to.) t>. a. to chalk orer. 

SBerreu'jtn, (to.) v. a. k refl. to croaa, (SBe 
freu'jigen, v. rtfl.) to make tbe «ign of the 
crou opoa, ef. Xreu}en. 

SeMe'tben, (*tr.)t>. a. to creep o»er .... 

Seftie'gen, (to.) v. a. to make war opon. 

»efrtt'teln, (to.) «. a. to cenanre, criticise, 
to find foult with, to carp at. 

»efrittfler, (str.) m. eont. fault-finder, critl- 

äBcfri$'eIn, (to.) v. a. to scrawl, Kribble over, 

fflerrü'meln, (to.) ». o. to atrow with ernmbs, 

»erraffen, (to.) v. a. to eniat, incruat; (Bei 
fruffung, (w.) /. ernatation, inernatation. 

Stfüm/metn, (to.) v. I. a. to aggrieve, grieve, 
afflict, diacomfort, distress, tronble ; brfuins 
mtrf, p. a. aorry, (übet, of, at), anxious, 
eoncerned, thoaghtful, solid tonR; um, übet 
or wegen ... befämmert fein, to be conceraed 
for, affected with, solieitona abont or care- 
fol of ...; n. r<fl. 1. (with über or wegen) to 
afflict one'a aelf, to be aggrieved by, to be 
aorrowfol, anxious, to griere; 2. to concern 
or boay one'a aelf with or abont, to care for, 
mind; to meddle with; id) berüntmerte mtd) 
nid)t um fie, I took no notiee of her; beHnu 
mere bid) um bid), look to yoor ownaelf or 
mind your own bnainesa 

»etttartneraif , (itr.)'f. k n. affiietion, grief, 
sorrow, pain, tronble, «olieitude, concern. 

SBerun'bcn, (to.) v. et. 1. Law, to depoae, give 
evidence opon oath; 2. to prove, demon- 
•trate, manifeat [fSerladjen. 

fflelad/en, (to.) v. a. 1. to laogh at; 2. vid. 

ffieläd/eln, (to.) o. a. to amile at or upon. 

aeloften^rtrOca. load, Charge, freight; 

2. to eneumber, bnrden. 
Seläg', (str„ pl. »eld'ge) m. trirf. Scleg. 
Äelc/g erer,(rtr.)m. besieger; ptthebesiegers. 
SBela'gern, (to.) v. a. 1. to besiege, lay siege 

to; 2. fig. to beset; bie Sela'gerten, m. pl. 

(deefc Wfce adj.) the besieged. 
Sela'gerung, (to.)/. aiege. 
SBela'gemng«», comp. Forts. — gefd)u?, n. 

battering gnns or pieces, battering traln, 

batteringartillery; — (ter, n. besieging ar- 

my ; —frone, /. Rom. Hist. obaidional crown ; 

— fnnfl,/. taeticaof beaieging; — lafette,/. 

traveling-caniage (of a gun) ; — maflbwe, /. 

battering engine (of the ancienta) ; — ftödf, n. 

siege-piece; —Werfe, n. p(. approachea; — 

iuftanb, m. state of siege. 
fBelang', (str.) m. 1. amonnt; 2. weight, Im- 
port, importance, conseqnence; b-reid), adj. 

important, considerable. 
Säelong'bifr, adj. actionable. 
»elang'en, (to.) v. a. 1. 4= trid. Srlangen, Ar» 

reidjenj 2. to concern, belong to, regard; 

3. Lava, to go to law with (one) , to bring, 
enter or lay an action against (one), to sne, 
aecnse; waS mtd) belangt, a* for me; b-b, 
p. a. concerning, tonching; vid. "Anlangen. 

ffielang'ung, (to.)/. Z>ito, proseention. 

fSelop'pen, (to.) v. a. Sport, to hang rags 
about (a wood) to frighten the game; be* 
loppt, p. a. having long hanging npper lipa 
(of honnds). 

Seldff en , (str.) v. a. to leave in the former 
conditlon or place, cf. Sewenben laffen. 

iBelaffen, (to.)o.a. bnrden, load, Charge, 
clog, eneumber; }u fet)r — , to overebarge, 
overload ; 2. Com. to debit, place to or write 
down into one'a debit, to Charge (one'a ac- 
connt), to enter into ; belüftet fein or fielen, 
Com. to stand debited, to be charged (mit, 

SBelaft'igen, (to.) v. a. to malest, tronble, im- 
portnne, annoy, infeat 

Selaff igung, (to.)/. molestatian, vexation, 
annoyance; bnrden. [lath. 

Stloften, (to.) v. a. to fit np with lath«, to 

fflelou'ben, (to.) t>. l.a.l. to cover with leaves 
or foliage; 2. to atrip of the leaves; II. refl. 
to get leaves; belaubt, p. a. leafy, in foliage. 

9elau / em, (to.) v. watch, lork, apy; 
lie in wait for; l.fig. to take (one) in. 

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«etatf, (ttr.) m. L - bet edjlffrt, Mar.\ 

riaing of tbe ehip'* floor afore and abaft; 

3. amount; tum; bi* jnra — oon, to tbe 

amount of. 
IBeIttn'f«l / (*tr.) walk orer(the ice, 

Ac); to view, viait; 2. Sport, to line; ü.rtfl. 

1. Sport, to back, to coaple; to copulate; 
3. to amount or come (onf, to, up to). 

Selau'föen, (u>.) v. a. to watcb,ipy, «urprise; 

to liiten to (a convenation). 
SBeUfben, (to.) e. o. to aoiraate, enliven, 

quicken, vivify, invigorate, to cheer, elevate ; 

b-B, p. o. animating, &.c, genial; cordial. 
SJcÜbf, I. p.a. 1. having life; 2. a)animated, 

iively, aprightly, vivacioa», qnick, bustling; 

b) Mut. animoto(It.)i aUttfb-t,eiery tbing 
that ha* Iife, tbe wbole animal creatioa; IL 
fi-brft, /. liveline**, vivacity, quicknes*. 

Beflftwng, (u>.) /. animation, vivification; 

9-tnittü, n. animative, reatorative (medi 

eine), analeptie. 
ffieledVen, (w.) v. a. to lick at 
BeWbtrn, (w.) v. a. to fornisU or cover with 

leatber (tbe bammera of a piano, *c), to 

(Belio/, (sir.) jb. 1. written or antheatic proof; 

2. note, receipt; 3. Law, voueber, deed, 
doenment; SB-e, anthenticated papera (docu 
mente); einen — liefern ja, to furaiab evi 
dence of; —(leite, /. qnotation, a pauage 
qaoted, (cited) authority. 

SBde'fle, (ttr.) n. TaiU border, facing. 

ißele'gcn, (u>.) o. a. 1. a) to lay over, on, to 
overlay, cover witb, line; to garniib, border, 
Iace; mit Sielen — , vid. Dielen 5 mit Stet; 
nen — , to pave; mit Steifen — , to hoop (a 
caak); to ihoe (a wbeel); ein Sau — , Mar, 
to belay a rope; mit ©djicnen — , R-vs. to 
iay tbe raila on tbe ileeper«; ben #uf — , vid. 
Btftlagen; einen Spiegel mit gölte — , to all 
ver, tin or foliate a tooking-glaaa; mit $orn 
belegt, witb born monnting; 6) tin $au$ mit 
ßolbaten— , to qnarter aoldiera in a bonie; 
einen f>lot — , to preocenpy or * ecore a place ; 

c) Far. to line, tone, cover (a ntare); 
fig-t. 2. mit ©träfe — , to iaflict a pnniih 
Stent npon; mit abgaben — , to lay on dn- 
tiei, to impoae taxes; mit Vrreft — , to ar- 
reit, vid. Xrreft4 mit Sind)—, to execrate; 

3. Law, kc. to aapport by doenment* and 
voneber«, to verify ; to give or farniah evi 
dence of ; mit Stedjnungen —, to bring in 
note* or receipt«; belegt, p. a. foul, farred 
(of tbe toagne). 

SWgen, p. o. aitnated (of locaiitie*). 
Beltf/nen, (v>.) «. a. Law, to enfeoff, inveat; 

(®eltlid)e) mit Jtirdjenguttrn -, to impro- 

SBelf bn'tt, m. & f. (decl. like ad}.) feoffee. 

Seleb'nung, (»■)/• inveatitore, feoffment, in- 

ääeleb'ren, (u\) v. a. 1. to inform, hutruet; 
to adviae, apprise; Inf bid) — , be adviaed; 
2. (eine* Entern or ffirffern) to correct, 
«et right; to nndeeeive. 

SSeleb/ruttfl, (w.)f. 1. Information, initractioo, 
advice; 2.correction,*etting right; er nimmt 
(eine — an, he dee« not listen to reason. 

Beleibt/, 1. p. a. corpnlent, bulkj ; IL SB-beit, 
/. corpulence, bnlkineia. 

Selei'bigen, (ie.) v. a. to offend, give offence 
to, to ininlt, injnre, hnrt; to diaoblige; grob 
— , to anront, ontrage; im bödjften ®robe— , 
to (bock; bie ffllajeftdt — , vid. fKojefidtj 
eS beletotjjt ba« Sbr, it grate* (on) tbe ear; 
ftd) beleibigt füllen, balten or fmben, to feel 
hart or aflVonted (Über, at), to take um- 
brage, offence or diitaate (at); b-b, p. er. 
offensive, [wronger, wrong-doer. 

SBeWMger, (ttr.) m. offender, injnrer, iaialter, 

Beleidigung, (w.)f. offence, injary, wrang; 
grobe — , inialt, outrage, affront, shock. 

äBeletb'en, (?tr.) v. a. vid. iBelebnen. 

SBelei'tera, (w.) «. a. Min. to farniah (a ahaft) 
with laddera, to fix tbe ladder* in (a abaft). 

SBelem'mern, (».) v. a. provine. & vutg. I. to 
cause iacambrancea; 2. to dope; b-bt Güter, 
pl. Mar. cniaberaome goode. 

♦ SBelcmnif, (is.) m. Min. beiemnite, finger- 

Jdefi'fen, I. p. a. (well or deep) read, vened 
in books, atudied; ein b-er SKonn, a man of 
reading; II. SB-beit,/. the being well read, 
veraed in the writera, (the poaaeasion of 
much) reading, book-learning. 

SSeleuib'ten, (to.) «. o. 1. o) to illaminate, light 
(np); mit ®a* — , to light with gas; 6) to 
bring tbe light to (lomething) in order to 
«ee it the better; 2. Point, to put the light* 
to (a pietnre); 3./g. to examine, to view 
cloiely; to elncidate. 

ä8eleud/tnng, (ib.) /. 1. illnmination, ligbting; 
2. Paint. kc. iighta, («Kergen», TCbenb»-) 
the tinta by wbich the (riaing or letting) *un 
/inge« a landicape; 3. viewing cloiely, exa- 

ffiel'ferer, (*tr.) m. ydper, Ac 

ffiel'fem, (to.) «. n. 1. to yelp, cry, bawl; 2. 
to grumbie, quarrel, »cold. 

(Sel'giün, n. Geog. Belginm (P. N.). 

Berg»r,(*tr ) m., aeI'fliYrinn,(w.)/. Belgian. 

«el'gifdj, ad). Belgic, Belgian. 

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»ergrab, *. Gtog. Beigrade (P. Ä). 

»tlieb'öngeln, (to.) v. a. fam. to ext amo- 
roiu glancea at, to leer npon. 

»ettVben, (vi.) v. L o. 1. to like, to wiab, to 
choose, prefer; 2. to tbiok proper, retolve; 
— Sit rotten «Bein? do yoo eboow red 
wiae? — ©ie nod) ßtn>at? would yoo like 
aay thing elie? II. n. (irith Dat.) to please ; 
es beliebt ihm, it pleaae* him, he takei a fan- 
cy to, it ii hi« pleamire ; e< beliebte ibm nidjt, 
ja antworten, h« did not choose or deign to 
««•wer ; fciefe ©peife beliebt mir nid)t, I doa't 
like tbia dith (meat); not beliebt 36nen? 
what U yonr pleaiore? nie (eS) Sbnen be> 
Hebt, a» yoo pleaae, at yonr pleaiure; — 
©ie btneingugeben, pleaae to enter; nebmen 
©ie, was 3bseu beliebt, take yonr eboiee. 

Stlir/ben, o. *. (str.) n. will, inclination, plea- 
»ure, liking ; nad)— , at will ; Ufa*, ad libitum ; 
nod) 3btem — , ai yoa pleaae, at yonr plea- 
aare; Seber nod) — , every one to hii taate 
«r at bis (own) pleuure; banbeln ©ie ganj 
nod) 3brem — , nie yonr own diicretion or 
pleaanre; et ftet>t in 3brem — , it U (left) at 
yonr diacretion; id> freUe tt gan; in 3br 
I leave tbat to yonr own diacretion. 

»elie'big, adj. arbitrary, dUcretionary, to 
one'a liking or pleaanre; in b-ger @r6$e, 
of the aize yoo ehooae; nehmen ©ie einen 
b-flen SRafftab an, take any Standard you 
like; eint b-t ©nttune, any »um yoo pleaae; 
0-e Unit, 3abl, Math, indefinite lin'e, num 
her; in b-er {Richtung, in any requireddi- 

»eliebf, I. p. a. liked, beloved; in mvour, 
populär; faahionable (bei, with); Com. ac- 
eepted ; — macben, to endear ; fid) — nwd)en, 
to ingratiate one'i «elf (bei, with); — »trs 
ben, to grow in or gain favonr; — fein, to 
be liked, *c, admired; to ba a favoorite 
(bei, with) ; II. SB-bett, /., »-fein, n. the being 
liked or in favonr, popnlarity. 

»diet/tne, m. (decl like adj.) Law, donee. 

Selifrtn, (v>.)v. a. to deeeive, impoie npon, 
defraud, over-reaeh, trick, hombng. 

Selb, comp. — banunel, m. vulg. bell-wetber; 
— bubn, n. vid. »lißbubn. 

»ellobon'n«,/. Bot belladonna, deadly night 

Sel'len, (w., 4= str.) v. a. 1. to bark, to yelp ; 
2. fig. to clamoor (againat). 

»»eUerriff, (te.) m. one veraed in belle» let 
tera, (Cole. — l. u.) belldettriat; CcDetri« 
fterei',/. pretenaion to polite literature; »eis 
Ictriffifd), adj. relating to belle» lettera, (For. 
Qu. Rev. - l. u.) bellettrUtical. 

»do'ben, (w.) «. o. to eummend, appmid, 

praiae, to make bononrable menlion of ... . 
»elf/bang, (to.) /. praiae, commendation; 

©tlo'bnnä«^ in comp, commeodatory. 
©elod/tn, (w.) v. a. to make a hole, provtde 

with hole», to bore hole» in .... 
»elobtt'bar, I. adj. remnnerable; U. »-reit, 

/. remnaerability. 
»etob/ntn, (to.) t>. o. to reward, recompense, 

remunerate, reqnlte ; ntitUnbonf — , to serve 

one angratefolly, cf. Eobnen» b-»»ertb, b-«= 

narbig, adj. remnnerable, worthy of reward, 
»elob/ner, (str.) m. rewarder, remnnerator. 
Selob'mmg, («>•)/. reward, recompeme, re- 

uraueration, gratuity; prize, preminm, pay- 

ment; fd)led)te — , ill retarn. 
Seit, (str.) m. Geog. Beit (f. N., the great 

and the irttle Belt, two straits leading from 

the Kattegat into the Baltic). 
»tlü'gtn, (»er.) belle, teil a lie, de- 
eeive by a faüehood; fid) felbft — , to be a 

liar to one'» »elf. 
»eing'fen, (to.) v. o. milg. to cosen, cheat. 
»elnfVigen, (to.) v. I a. to divert, deligbt, 

amnse, reereate; M.rrfl. to divert one'a »elf; 

to enjoy one'» seif. [entertalner. 

SBelufr/ifler , (str.) m. diverter, merry-maker, 
«elnff inang, (to.) /. dlveriion, deligbt, »port, 

fam. merry-making; iffentlidje 8-en, plea- 


• SelDtbtre', [Fr., belvndai'] n. belvidere. 
a3el)'meife, (to.) /. Om. long-tailed tttmonae. 
8emod/en, (to.) v. refl. (fid)) vulg. to befbnl 

one'» »elf (gen. of children). 
®emäd)'tigen, (to.) v. refl. (toiÄ Gen.) 1. to 

»eile (on), to make aore of, aeenre, take 

po*»eaiion of ; 2. to nanrp. 
Stue/feln, (w.) o. o. vid. «Berritteln. 
Snna'ltn, (to.) v.a.l. to paint over, to be- 

paiat; 2. Sport. (K; of bird») to fool (with 

exerementa). [(« piece of thnber). 

S8emoH'en, (to.) v. a. (Ship-)Carp. to monld 
äSeman'ntn, (to.) t>. a. to man, eqaip, fit ont. 
Semon'nnng, (to.)/. manning, eqmpage. 
Srman'teln, (to.) «. a. fig. to clonk, palliate, 

colonr, to »et a fine glou npon ; to extennate, 

»often , mince , «mootb, cover (a fault, Ac). 
SBemin'telung, (to.)/. cloaking, palliation. 
fBrntaff en , (u>.) v. a. to furnish with maata, 

to mait (a ship); beMnftet, p. a. maited. 
Setnan'ern, (to.) o. a. to wall, »nrronnd with 

a waii, inclose. 
SBcman'fen, (to.) o. a. to pilfer from. 
»emeiffern, (io.) c. o. (& rtfi. tottn Cen.) to 

matter, »eize (on, npon); to vanquisb, con- 

qner,OTercome,to make one'» »elf maater of. 

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Bemei'fjeln, (».) t>. ü. to (cot or carve wlth 
a) chisel. [p. a. mentioned, aforeaaid. 

Bcmefben, (to.) v. a. to mcntion; bemeltet, 

Bcmeng'cn, (to.) o.refl. to meddle (mit, with). 

Bemerkbar, adj. obaervable,perceptiblc,sen- 

Bemertcn, (to.)t>.a. mark, note, remark; 
2. to notice, take notice of, obaerve, per- 
ceive; bemcrft Wie unten, as noted below. 

fBemtr'fcnSttertb , Bcmer'ren«tsürbig , adj 
worthy of remarking, deaerving notice, re- 
markable, note-worthy. 

»tmerflieb, adj. «id. Stmertbari (einem et» 
JOO«) — mad)en, to bint (aomething to), make 
(one) senaible (of); fid> — maiben, to make 
one'* aelf (one'» preaence) noticed; to ob- 
trade one'a aelf. 

BemerYang, (to.)/. remark, Observation, no- 
tice ; fidj (fitriftliibe) B-en maiben, to take 
note»; nötigt — nehmen, to take dne note. 

Bemtff'en, (to.) v. a. Agr. to manure. 

Bemif leiben, (to.) v. a. to commiierate, pity, 
compaasionate; 6-slOUTbig, adj. commise- 
rable. [lent, weaithy. 

ffitmiftelt, adj. in eaay circnmatancea, opu- 

Bem'me, (10.)/. proowie. a ilice of bread ; gen. 
in comp. Butterbemmt, *c qv. 

Semotcrt, p« o. covered with mould, monldy, 

Bemoo'fen, (w.) v. a. to Cover (or n. to be 
covered) with mou; bemooff, p. a. moaiy, 
mou-grown, «mosa-clad; ein bemoofte« 
$aunt, Ac. cant. an old atndent. 

SemöYteln, (to.) w.o. to plaster, parget, cover 
with mortar. 

Bcmfi&'en, (u>.) t>. I. a. to trooble; II. r^f. 
to take tronble or paina, to trooble one'a 
aelf, give one'a seif trooble; to endeavonr, 
make effbrts, to exert one'a aelf, labonr, 
etrive, contend (for), atroggle; »ollen ©ie 
fttt) nidjt herein — ? won't yoo pleaae to atep 
In ? cifrigft bemübt um ..., eagerly bent on ... . 

fflemfib'en, v. *. (itr.) n., Brmüb'ung, (w.) /. 
trooble, paina, endeavour, effort, care, exer- 

Semffigen, (10.) «. a. ((. v.) to obllge. [tion. 

Beuad/batt, p. a. neighboaring. 

»enidyridjtigen (Benäd/riibten), (to.) v. a. 
(einen Den etwa«) to inforra, advise, ap- 
prize, aend word, to give notice, intelligence 
or aeconnt (wn, of), to warn. 

SencWnibtiger, (rtr.)m. iaformer, Informant. 

0en2dyrid)tigung, (10.)/. Information, advice ; 
advertisement; B-<fä)reiben, Com. letterof 
advice; B-fmort, n. MU. caotionary word. 

Bcnatbr'en, («0.) v. a. «to benign t. 

BeuädytbeiJtgro, (to.) v. a. to prejndice, in 
jnre, detract from, disadvantage, wrong. 

Benttb'tbefligung, («.)/. prejndlce, tajvr, 
detrimtat, hurt, härm, damage. 

Bena'geln, (to.) v. a. to nail, cover with naila. 

Beno/gen, (is.) v. a. to gnaw, nibble; benagt*, 
p. a. Bot. anberoae. [to patefa. 

Benab/en, (to.) t>. a. to sew round, to seam; 

Bena'men, ^Benämfen, (10.) v. a. to name, 
call. [norbt, p. a. scarred. 

Benar/ben, (10.) «. a. to mark with scara; be: 

Bennfd/en, (to.) v. a. to taate of ... by stealth. 

Benäffen, (to.) o. a. vid. Beneten. 

Senifbeln, (to.) «. o. 1. to cover with miat; 
2. fig. to clond, to dim; Sitten or ftd) — , 
fig. to intoxiente one or one'a aelf; benebelt, 
p. a. eol. fnddled, tipty. 

4=Bentt>fr'. prep. togetber with. 

^Senebei'en, (to.) v. a. to bleaa. 

BetoHct, m. Benedict (P. JV.); B-enfront, 
n. herb bennet, avena. 

Benebitti'ner, (rtr.)m., Benebicti'nerinn, (to.) 
/. Ecc. Benedictine. 

• Benefi)', (*tr.)n. benefit, beneflce,prebend; 
— potfteuung , /. ThtaU benefit-play , bene- 

Bena'men, (ttr.) v. I o. (einem et»««) to 
take away, remove; to deprive (one) of; to 
abate, detract; bie Vtt<fld)t — , to ent off, 
obatmet the view ; einem bfn SRutb — , to 
put one 00t of heart, to diacourage one; 
einem bie Saft }u ... — , to pnt one ont of 
coneeit with ...; einem ben Srrtbnm — , to 
nndeeeive one; bie« benimmt feiner e^re 
nid)t« , thia derogatea nothing from bia bo- 
noor; II. refl. 1. to deport, behave, bear, 
carry or demean one'a aelf, to act; 1. vid. 
fid) Berftonbigen. 

SeenVmen, v. t.(str.)n. demeanonr, condnet, 
bebavioor, deportment, carriage. 

Beneiten, (to.) v. o. (einen um or wegen ..., 
o-'jo einem etwa«) to envy, grndge; b-«* 
roertt), b-«»ürtig, adj. enviable. 

Bcnen'nen, (irr.) t>. n. to namc, call, deno- 
minatc; to nominate; benannt, p. a. I. no- 
minated, aurnamed; 2. Arith. concreto or 
complex (nomber, opp. Unbenannt). 

Benennung, (tr.)/. naming, appellation, no- 
mination, denomination ; Brtilbe unter einer« 
M — bringen, ^rtin. to reduce or bring 
fraetarea (of different denomination*) into 
one denomination. 

Bene'nen, p. 0. — fein, Mar. to be beneaped. 

Beneyen, (to.)o.a. to wet.moiaten; to water; 
mit SbOtt — , *to dew. 

Bengalen, »1. Geog. Bengal (P. N.); Bengale, 
(10.) m. Bengalese; BengaAtfd), adj. Bengnl, 
Bengal(l)ee, Bengalese. 

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Qtntftl, *. I. (Hr.) m. mdg. 1. codgel, clit^HSScpflu'ta, (tu.) v. a. to plant (mit, with), 

2. /Vt'nt. bar; 3. /Jg. a rode fellow, down, 
labber ; II. comp. JPrint-t. — fopf,m. head (or 
■mall part) of tbe bar; — fipeibt, /. wooden 
handle of tbe bar. [ishness 

©tngder', (u.) /. culgr. coaraeness, down 

Stng'etyafr, ad/, rode, ill-mannered, downish 

Sraüfen, (w.) v. a. vulg. to nod at. 

$9tatte'nen, (to.) v. a. »id. «Benennen, [zing, 

Settief rn, (to.) t>. a. vulg. to confirm by snee- 

Scn'jamins, comp, —bannt, m. Bot benjamin- 
tree, benzoin-tree, spiee wood; — gnnuai, 
— $arj, it. vid. f)en;ce. 

Sen/ne, (».)/. 1. a «ort of basket; 2. ««lg. 
a hon«e inbabited by tbe loweit of prosti- 
tntes, brothel. 

Satö'tbigt, p. o. 1. tncor /or SWrbig, qv.; 
2. — fein (mth Gen.), to waat, stand (or 
be) in need (of). 

Senaten, (to.) ». a. to ose, make nae of, to 
avail one's »elf of ; to profit by, take advan* 
tage of, to improve, seize (an advantage, 
tbe arament, &c.), to embrace (an oppor 
tonity) ; 3emanbe6 gute Saune — , to take 
oae in tbe kumour. 

Senut'ung, (io.) /. niing, *c. an 

*Sen']Of or — §arj, n. benzoin, benjamin; — 
dtber, m. .Jharm. benzoie ether; —bannt, 
eid. Senjaminbaum 5 CJiem-«. — f ante,/, ben 
zoie add ; — faartf ©alj, benzoate ; — rooffer, 
n. virgin milk. 

{BeöVoibten, (to.) v. a. to obserre; to watoh, 
beed, miad; feine Stbulbigfrit — , to do one's 
dnty ; einen ffltfebt — , to ezeente an order; 
bis an« Snfce — , to aee ont; feie Seit — , to 
waten tbe time, to choose one'a time; €3tiH: 
fdjmeigen — , to keep or preserre ailence 
b-fe, p. ii. observnnt. 

ffieöVadtter, (ttr.) m. observer. 

»eöVadjtnn«, ». I. (to.)/. 1. Observation; 
2. observance (of rales, ceremonies, &c.); 
D. comp. S-sgobe, /. taient or power of ob 
serration; ä?-*6wr, n. army of Observation. 

»eWen, (tu.) «. a. 1. to oll; V.fig. lud. fid) 
— , to get intoxicated. 

Seortetn, (to.) e. a. to order, command. 

Sepotfen, (to.) v. a. to load witb Inggage, 
vid. Sclaben. [mail. 

Sepon'jtrn, (u>.) v. a. to dress in armonr, to 

SepedVen, (to.) v. a. trid. Sepidjen. 

Seper/Ien, (id.) v. a. 1 .toadorn witb pemrli, * to 
impeari; 2. fig. *to coTer with dewdropa. 

Sepfit/len, (ts.)o. a, to eopale, stake ; to prop 

Sepfer/iben, (to.) «. a. Jgr. to pot up sheep 
fbida on fields (for tbe pnrpose of mannring 

to plant over. 

Sepfiaftfeni, (to.) t>. a. 1. to overlay witb 
plaster, to plaster over; 2. to pa've. 

SepfJü'gen, (to.) v. o. to ploagh. (opon. 

ffiepfrünten, (to.) v. a. to bestow a benefice 

Sepid/en, (to.) o. a. to plteb, do over witb 

SepieCen, (te.) v. a. to pick or peck at. 

äßepin'feln, (to.) v. a. to paint over. 

S9epolfr'ern,(u>.)».a. to quilt.wad; to bolster. 

SÖeputern, (to.)v. o. to powder, bepowder. 

Sepunften, (to.) v. a. to dot, point. 

Sepnr'pern, (».) v. a. 1. to dress in porple; 
2. to eolonr with porple. 

»t'qnobtfft, (str.) n. vid. in tbe letter 8. 

Sequartie'ren, (to.) v. a. to quarter soldlers 
lipon (tbe Citizen«, tc). 

Seqnlm', adj. convenlent, fit (|n, for), cotn- 
modions, easy, comfortable, snng; bandy, 
apt, proper, opportune; et — (oben, to be 
wdl aecommodated , to be or live at one's 
ease ; e» fld) (Dat.) — ntadjen, to make one's 
seif comfortable or easy; —labt, /. (n. v.) 
set of drawers, gen. öomntobe qv. 

SBeque^men, (to.) v. I. a. to aecommodate; II. 
reß. to aecommodate one's seif (nad), to), 
to yield, condescend (to), to conform (tot 
...; to comply with, follow, submit; fid) nad) 
ket 3cit — , to «erve or solt the time. 

SBeqnüm1id)Mt, (to.) /. 1. oonvenienee, com- 
modionsness, ease.comfort ; aecommodation, 
fitness ; nad) feiner — , at one's convenlenee; 
2. cot necessary-konse, privy. [glas»). 

SeqtticCen, (in.) v. o. to foliate (a looking- 

Strab/nten, (to.) v. <?. I. to frame; II. + vid. 
Ttnbetanmen. [(coins). 

©erdn'beln, (to.) v. a. Mint, to mill, border 

Seran'ben (©erintern), (to.) v. a. to farnisb 
witb a rim (margin); to edge. 

SBeianfen, (to.) v. a. Bot. to cover with ten- 
drils (as vines). 

ffierap'pen, (to.) v. a. vid. »eroerfen, 2. 

SBero/fen, (to.) v. I. a. to «od, tnrf, cover witb 
turf; beruft, tnrfy, swardy ; II. n. (aux. fein) 
to get turf, to be grown over with tnrf. 

SSrrag'peln, (to.) v. a. to rasp at 

Sera'tben, (str.) v. I. a. 1. + vid. Vncftatten; 
2. to give advice, to advise; assist; to con- 
cert (a plan); ©ort berate e»d)i God help 
yon! II. n. k rtfl. vid. SSerotbfajIagen } b-b, 
p. a. consultative, deliberative (voiee, Ac). 
SBero/tber, (str.)m. connselor, adviser. 
SBeratb'fd)lägen, (to.) t>. n. & rtfl. to couanlt, 
confer, commune, advise (witb, Ac); (tettA 
über) deliberate, to take into delibeiation, 

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to debate; to concert(meain); et «9irtbor-||«CK*'fam, »crcMfam, I. adj. eloquent; II. 

Ott beratbTd)(agt, it ii ander coiulderation ; 
b-b, deliberatire (aitenibly, body, Ac.). 

aerätb/fajla'gtrag, SBero/tbung, (u>.) /. cooml- 
tation, deliberation; Conference, coancil; in 
— jte&Cl», to deliberate. 

fflerau'ben, (to.) ». a. (einen einer ©a<be 
[Gen.]) to rob, plander, itrip, to ditrert, 
bereave, deprive (one of). 

Serau'bung, (10.)/. robbing, depritation, 

»etan/djen, Betäu'ebern, (w.) o. o. to smoke, 
famigate; mit »oblricdjenben ©adjtn — , to 
perfilme; mit SBeibrawb — , to incenee; be- 
raubt, p- a. amoky, blackened by imoke. 

Scrau'men, (to.) v. a. vid. anberaumen. 

SBerau'men, (to.) u. a. Min. vid. SBegraumen. 

Berau'ffben , (10.) v. a. 1. to intoxicate, vid. 
Serrinfen j 2. Sport to line (of wild boara) 

Scrau'fdjung, (to.)/. intoxication. 

«Server, (jtr.) m. 1. Berber, inhabitant of 
Northern Africa; 2. or — rof , n. Barbary 
hone; — fj>T(td)c, /. Berber langnage; Sets 
bmV,f. Geog. Barbary; »erterifib, adj. 
Berber, Barbarian. 

fflertcrUs, comp.— beere,/., -b«am,— ftraud), 
m., Serberitt, («»•)/■ Bot barberry, pip 

JBtredj'enbär, adj. calcabtble. 

Sered/nen, (to.) t>. a. 1. o) to calcalate, com- 
pate, reckon, cait op (an accoont); 6) to 
«itimate (auf, at); »ob( — , well combined; 
fd)Ied}t -, ili jndged; 2. (einem etwa») to 
accoont to one for ...; to pnt to one'* ac- 
coont; nsir — biefe Staaten mit (or jn), we 
Charge theae goodaat ...; ftd) mit einem 
to lettle accoont« «ith one, to aet off, to 
accoont with one; ffembe ÜRünje auf ein 
beimiför — , to reduce foreign coin to the 
hone etandard. 

SereaVnnng, (to.)/.cakulatlon, compntation; 
eitimation, etatement; lettlemeot, liquid»- 
tlon, reckoning; aettling of accoont*. 

»md/ttgen, (»eredyten, I. u.) (to.) 
entitie, to give a right; to antborize, to 
«arrant, empower; )u Hoffnungen — , to bid 
fair; beteibtigt, p. a. antkorized, competent, 
legitimat«. [to be legitimate 

«tred/tigung, (to.)/. title, right; — babtn, 

Sereten, (to.) v. I. a. 1. (einen ju etnae) 
to persoade; to prevail with(one); 2.(6inen 
einer ©od* [Gen.] or von etwa«) to nuke 
believe; to convince; 3. to «peak of (a 
thing); 4. to talk ill of (one), to find fanlt 
with; to backbite, aboae, blaae, defame; 
FI. rtfl. to dlacuaa (or diaoourae on) any 
thing orally, to confer, concert. 

89-reit, /. eloqoence. 

Screbf, adj. 1. eloquent; 2. talkatire. 

SBcre'gen, (10.) v. a. vid. Anregen} ber bcrcgte 
(Segroftonb, the matter in qoettioa. 

Scrüa/nen, (to.) «. a. to rain on, rain otrer. 

SStrePbtn, (ttr.) t>. a. to rub otrer. 

äBcreid)', (tlr.) m. 1. reacb, ränge; 2. diatrict, 
department; purlieu; e* liegt auf er meinem 
ffi-e, it lies beyond my reacb ; au6 bem — 
bleiben, to keep out of reacb; im — ber 
Stimme fein, to be within call or heariog. 

SBtrci'djern, (to.) v. a. to enrich; to enlarge. 

Seret'tberung, (vi.) f. enriching, enricbnent 

Serei'fen, (to.) v. a. 1. Coop. to hoop; 2. to 
corer with boar-froat; bereift, p. «. hoary. 

SBtm'mro, (to .) v. a. to nuke rhyme* opea. 

Serei'fen, (to.) v. a. to trarel otrer} to fre- 
quent; — laffen, Com. to »end abroad a Ira- 
treller for ordere. 

Bereif, adj. ready, prompt, prepared ; — bttl» 
ten, to have or keep in readineu. 

Berei'ten, v. L (te.) a. to prepare, to male 
or get ready, to drei*; to create; einem 
ben Untergang — , fig. to work one'* rain, 
destruction; II. (*lr.) a. 1. to ride over, to 
triait on horieback; 2. Man. to break ia, 
manage (a horse). 

®erei'ter,(*tr.) m. l.preparer,dreuer;2. ilfaa. 
a) riding-maiter, hone-breaker; — peitftbt, 
/. jockey-whip; 6) eqoeitrian (performer); » 
— gefcUfdjttft, /. Company of eqneatrian*. 

iBereitl', ad», already. 

SereitTxbaft, (to.) /. readineu, preparation. 

Sereftung, (to.)/. preparation, manufacture, 

Streit'minig, I. adj. ready, willing; bie b-t 
Xmtabme, Com. due honoor or protection; 
II. S-feit, /. readineu, wUlIngneu. ■ 

ffieren'nen, (irr.) v. a. run agaiut; 2. 
Mil. to inveat, block up, blockade; to aanialt. 

Sertn'nung, (to.)/. auault *c 

Seren'en, (to.) v. a. to repent regret, roe. 

fflereu'nng, (to.) /. repentanee, regret. 

SSerg, 1. 1. (str.) m. monatain, mount; bft 
Heine — , hill; }U S-e, (up) on end; }B S-t 
fh^en, to itaad on end, to brUtle up ; bürtrr 
bem SB-e b alten, fig. to be reterved, to du- 
«emble; n. comp. — ab, adv. down-bill; — 
abrang, m. »lope of a bill; —acter, m. Geld 
«ituated on a hill; —ober, /. metallic or me- 
tailiferou* Tein, vein of or«; — obont, m. 
Alt. common mapie-tree; — arabenrie, /. 
miniag- College, miuing-academy; — ojaun, 
m. rock or atoae-alum; — ammtr, /. Ort. 
mountain buntiog; — amfel, /. Orn. riog- 

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ooael; —oral, n. miniag offlce; — an, adv, 
apwarda, nphill; — arbeit, /- inimag, mine 
work; — art, /. aoy metalliferoue miaeral 
or atratum; — oufter, /. Concli. rock-oyater; 
—auf, od», vid. — OB) — balfam, m. naphtha; 
—bau, m. miniag; — boufunbe, — baufunft, 
/. acieace of miniag; —beamtete, m. mining- 
officer; — befdjreibung, /. orography; ^-be= 
mobiler, m. moantalneer, bighlander, uplans 
der; —blau, n. ultramarine; mountain-blue, 
olympian or olympic blue; —bot, m. vid 
esteinborfj — bobrtr, m. vid. örbbobrtr j — 
braun, n. amber; — butter,/. Mn. rock or 
•tone batter; — badjS, m. «id. QRurmeltbter 
— Mftrftt, m. monntainoua diatrict; miniag 
diatrict; —tobte,/, «id. Xlpenfrabei — «ben- 
$oI}, n. Bot. baatard aenna, mountain ebony ; 
— et, n. Min. mountain egg; — tifen, n. Min 
gad ; — elfter, /. Orn. the great ahrike, greater 
bateber bird; Bot-i. — eppid), du moaatain 
apicknel, atone paraley ; — «rtfe,/. peaaeling, 
bitter »etch; — eremit, — «infiebler, m. vid. 
Tflprabe)— tfibe,/. Bot. mountain aabj-enle, 
/. vid. Xbleteutt» — fabrt, /. paaaage np 
stream (opp. Sfialfttbrt)} — fttlf, m. Orn 
vid. ©teüifatf j — foH, m. vid. — flur j j -^fefan, 
m. vid. Xucrbabnj —fertig, odj. Min. aickiy, 
broken down; — fefrung, /. mouutaln-fort, 
bill-fortreaa; — (übte, /. Bot. mountain pine; 
—füll, m, Orn, brambling, twite, moaatain 
noch; — flad)*, m. Afin. amiantbua, moaa- 
tain or earth-flax; (boljiger) wood-rock; — 
ftafen, m. a amall mountain town ; — flrifd), 
n. »id. —fori» — fOTtuc, /. Ich. char; —frei« 
hrit, /. the right of miniag; the privileges 
of a mountain town; —gong, m. vid. —aber j 
— gebraud), m. caatom among minera; — 
—gegenb, /• mooataiaooa coontry, highlaad 
—geift, m. moantaia-goblla, gnome; —gelb, 
n. yellow oebre; — genofi, m. partner in a 
mine; — geridjt, n. court of mine*; — ge* 
fdjnome, m. a aworn miniag ofBcer; — gfc 
fe^e, n. pl. lawa of tbe minea; — gejeug, n, 
mioing ntenaila; — gift, n. araeoie; — gipfel, 
m. mountain aammit; —grün, n. mountain 
greea, ebryaoeol, (fcinflet) olympian or 
alympic-green; — gruf, m. mioer'a aalute; 
— gnjr,/. vid. -ntUd)} —gut, n. miaeral«; 
foaaila; — babit, m. mioer'a dresa; — fcdd'el, 
n. atick of tbe miniag officera; — fcabn, vid. 
Xuerbubnj — bdbndjtn, n. cid. ©otbbdbn 
oben; —bau«, /. 1. vid. — lebnej 9. Afin. 
heap of earth thrown out of a mine; — bouer, 
m. vid. —mann) — bauptmann, m. ioteodaot 
Kurveyor of mine»; — berr, m. owoer of a 
mine; auperintendant of minea; — bünbeere, 

/. Bot. koot-berry, mountain bramble; 

— (t)bod), adj moantain(a) high; — $öbe,/. 
mountain aammit ; — bol}, n. Afin. rock-wood, 
ligaiform aabeatoa; — b6(|«r, pU Mar. walea; 
boe erfte Hein« — bolj, aheer-rail; bat grofe 
— b.0l},main-wale; — 6ubn,n. Orn. vid. 9t0tb= 
bubn j — §fitte, /. mountain-hut; — junge, m. 
mioer'a boy; — fasse, /. mioer'a cnp; —fall, 
m. Min. mountain-limeatone, carbooiferoua 
limeitone; —tote,/. Zooi. ocelot; —feiler, 
m. cellar cot in a rock or mountain ; —fette, 
/. chaio or raoge of mountaina; —tiefet, m. 
Min. petroailex, chert orrock-flint; — ftuft, 
/. chaam, preeipice; — fnopp«, m. miaer; 
— fnoppfdjaft, /. a) miaera' Corporation; 
6) collect, the minera of a certain diatrict; 
c) a meeting of minera; — febotb, nt. vid. 
— geift » —labte,/. Afin. fouil-coal; —Fort, 
m. Min. moaatain ieather, monotaia eork, 
rock-cork, foaail-cork; — f reffe , /. Bot. 
roek-creaa(ea), Alpine lady'a aatock; — frp* 
ftaS, m. Min. aprig-cryatal, mountaia cry- 
atal, rock-cryatal ; — Fümmcl, m. Bot. moun- 
taiu laaerwort; — tapfer, n. Afin. native 
copper; — fuppe,/. roundiah mountaln-top, 
knoll; — lad)rer, /■ vid. £ad)teri — tanb, n. 
billy country; — Ianbifd), adj. high-laodiah ; 
— taud), m. vid. X0ermanne6arnifa>$ — läufig, 
adj. aecording to tbe manner of minera; 
— teber, n. 1. miner'a apron; 2. vid. —fort» 
—{ebne, /. alope or declivity of a moaatain ; 
— IUie, /. Bot. martagon; —mann, m. (pl. 
— teute) miner; — manndjeu, n. vid. — geifi» 
— munnifd), adj. relating to minera, mining- ; 
— monnsgruf, in. vid. — grufij —man«, /. 
vid. SXurmeltflier; — m«$I, n. white atone- 
marl; — mrffe, /. vid. Seljs t fiSdjmonjnuife } 
— meifier, m. aurveyor of the minea ; — mtliffe, 
/. vid. — münjei — mild),/. Afin. agaric mine- 
ral.foaaii farina,rock-milk; Bot-*. — münje,/. 
mountain bann or calamiat; — niglcinifraut, 
— netfenfraut, n. moaatain arena ; — nnmpbc, 
/. oread, fairy of the hilf; — 41, n. petrol, 
petroleom, bi turnen; — orbnung, /. regnla- 
tioo for the minea; — papicr, ». cid. —fort) 
— ptd), n. aaphaltoa, mineral or earth pitcb, 
bi tumen; — pedjerbe,/. vid. — torfj — peter* 
füie, /. vid. — eppid); — polei, m. monntaio- 
genoander; — prebigt, /. (Cbriat'a) aermon 
on the mount; — ratb, m. Council of miaera; 
counaeior or director of tbe minea; — ratte, 
/. vid. QXnrmettbicrj — redjt, n. 1. Afin. 
right of opeaiag a mine ; 2. lawa or atatutea 
of tbe minea; —reiben, m. miner'a aoog; 
— rilbter, m. judge or magiatrate aet over 
the minera; refe, /. Bot. rock or moiotain 

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rose; — roty, n. red ochre; — rüden, m, 
ridge of a hlll; — rabrttaut, n. Bot. moon- 
tain everlasting; — -fol}, ». Min. mineral 
■alt, rockoalt; — fanifcl, m. Bot. toatb-wort; 
— fattel, ». wd. — rüden $ — fd)4nber, m. Min. 
one wko calumuiates the mines; — fcblof, n. 
cop-castle, ■oontain- castle; — fd)lud)t, /. 
ttrait between hüls, glen, clongh ; — fdbnepfe, 
/. Orn. woodeock; — fdjotte, ni. Scotcb 
Highlaader; —fdjottenröddjen, n. fillibeg; 
— [Treiber, m. clerk of theminei; — fdjule, 
/. »id. — «{abernte» — fd)Üler, »n. Student in a 
mining academy ; — fdjmefel , m. native »ul~ 
phor; — fee, m. mountain-lake ; —fegen, m. 
(rieh) produce of the minet; — feife, /. Min. 
mountain ioap ; — fpi$e, /. top of a moun 
tain, hill-top; — ftabt, /. town upon a Uli; 
mining 'town ; — flrttfe, /. 1. inonntain road; 
2. Geog. tbe road or dittrict between Darm- 
•tadt and Heidelberg (in Germany); — ftront, 
m. hill-stream; — (rufe, /. vid. erjfrnfe, 
— fror}, m. tbe fall of a Uli or mioe; land- 
•lide, land-tlip; — fwbt, /. a polmonary dis- 
eaae pecoliar to tbe miners; — t^er, m. 
mineral tar; — torf,m. vine earth ; — trad)t,/. 
vid. — babit; — üblid), ad]. Min. oiaal among 
minen; — ubu, m. vid. Xtlereule; —unter, 
adv. down-hill; — oermlter, m. mining ad- 
miniitrator; — bernaltung, /. mining admi- 
nlstration; —ooit, n. a people inkabiting 
monntains; —»arbein, m. assayer of a mine ; 
—werf, n. mine; — merttaerie, /. — »ertt* 
antbetl, m. ihare in a mine ; — Wertarbeiten, 
/. pi. mining Operations; — n>err£funbe, /. 
metallnrgy ; — »ertSfunbige, in. metallnrgist; 
— »erftunternefimer, m. mining-adventurer; 
—Riefen, n. mining, erery tbing tbat relates to 
mining ; —metter, n. pi. Min. damps ; — noQe, 
/. vid. — ffad)S; — jebnte, m. tbe titbe from 
the prodaetion of tke mines; —jiege,/. Zooi. 
mounUin goat; — jinn, n. grain tin; — $ta: 
nober, m. native cinnabar. 
»Sergamot'te, (to.)/. Pmt. bergamot, ber- 
gamotpear; SB-nö(, n. essence of bergamots, 
«er'ge*, comp. i. (o/ Sergen) -gelb, n. — 
lob*, m. salvage(-money); II. (of SSerg) 
—tief (Schiller), adj. monntain-deep. 
»er'gen, I. (str.) v. a. 1. to save, sbelter, 
seeore, recover (sbip-wrecked gooids, Sit.) 
2. vid. »Serbergen $ fid) — »or, to save one« 
■elf against, to flee from; 3. Mar. to land 
safely; nie ©egel — , to balanee or take in 
tbe sails; einige Den ben Segeln — , to »bor 
ten sail; 4. Point, to shade; II. t». s. (str.) 
n., Bergung, (u>.)/. talvag«. 

Ser'gcr, (str.) m. salver, saver; lighter; bei 
biebifdje — , wrecker. 
Ser'giibt, »er'gig, adj. 1. monntainous, hilly ; 

2. mountainlike. 

Serid)t', s. I. (str.) m. 1. aeconnt, relation, 
report, (official) retarn; 2. notice, advice, 
Information ; laut — , aecording to Statement, 
as per advice ; ber falfdje — , misinformation, 
false report; otyie Weiteren — , withoot for- 
ther advice ; — abftotten or erftatten, to give 
an aeconnt, to bring in a report, to band in 
a Statement, to notify; Law, to report; IL 
comp. — erftatter, — geber, — (teuer, m. re- 
porter; relater, informer; — erftattung, /. re- 
port; relation, Information; — Dtifig, adj. t 
ado. in the form of or aecording to aeconnt. 

SBend/ten, (u>.) v. a. 1. to inform (einem 
<5tTOa<, one of), to acqnaint with, to give 
notice of, to notify; to relate, record; to 
advertise, give (an) aecount or intelligence 
(of), to report ; 2. to order, arrange, prepare ; 

3. Falc. to train (a bawk). 
Serilb'tigen, (ip.) v. a. 1. to set right, ad- 

jnst; to rectify, correct; 2. to settle, make 
np, balanee, clear (aeconnt»), pay ; bie S)o» 
genjubl — , Typ. to prick the sheets, to 
compare. [reader of proofs. 

Seridytiger, (*rr.)m. rectifier, &c; corrector, 

9Serid)'tigung, (to.) /. 1. adjnstment; recti- 
fication , emendation , correction ; 2. settle- 
ment, adjnstment, paymenL 

SBerie'd&cn, (str.) v. a. to smell at, vulg. to nose. 

Strie'meR, (vi.) v. a. to provide with leather- 

SSerie'feln, (u>.) v. a. 1. to ripple over; 2. eint 
SBiefe — , Agr. to water a meadow. 

Serin'ben, (w.) v. a. to cover with bark, or 
rind; to crust; berinbet, p. a. barky. 

Sering'en, (to.) v. a. to fnrnlsh witb a ring; 
eine Stute — , to ring or ringle a mare. 

Seriften, p. a. monnted; — mad)en, to monnt 
(upon a hone or horses), to borse. 

♦ SBerfon', (str.) m. Com. barracan. 

»erlin', n. Geog. Ber'lin (P. N.); Berlftit, 
(u>.)/. beriin', berline' (a coach, vid. Vol. f.). 

Serli'ner, (str.) m. Berliner, native of Berlin; 
—blau, —rett), n. Prnssian blne, Prnssian 
red; — blaufäure, vid. Blaufiure. 

»erli'nif«, adj. (of) Berlin. 

♦»erlonTe, (w.)f. (watch-)trinket. 

aer'me. (w.)f. 1. Fort, berme; 2. yeast. 

Serarben, /. p(. Geog. the Bermudas. 

»ern, b. Geog. Berne (P. N.); ibt^ntr, I. 
(str.) m., Ber'nerinn, (w.)f. inhabitant (na- 
tive) of Berne, Bernese; n. or»er'n(er)iia>, 
adj. Bernese. 

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Scntytrfe, m. Bernard (P. AT.); »ernhor» 
bi'ner, (*tr.) m. Ecc Bernardine (monk); 
aS-Srrebs, m. £n(. (Bernard the) hermit. 
Sero/ftein, *. 1. (*rr.) m. amber; II. comp. 

— orbcüer, m. worker in amber; — «tig, 
arfj. vt<t. Kern (leinen j — bofe,/. amber box; 

— bred)6ler, m. turaer of amber; — fang, m. 
fisbing for (collecting oO amber ; — f irf(&e, 

/. Pont, white heart-cherry; — JorttUe, f. 
amber-bead; — mufd>tl, /. Conch. amber 
bowl-shell; Cl\tm-t. —61, n. omber-oil; — 
fol», — fdirert ©ttlj, n. succinate; -fautr, 
adj. »accinic; — fäurc, /. »accinic aeid; — 
(pfeifen)fpitc, /. amber montb-piece. 

Sern'fteinen, Smt'flebtmt, adj. inade of am- 
ber, «accinic, amber-. 

Strogen, (u.) v. a. to grob; cf. SBebatfen. 

SÖerob'ren, (ic.) o. a. to cover, line with reed. 

fflcröb/«n, (w.) o. a. to provide with pipes, 

ffierof'fen, (u>.) ». a. nid. 8)efd)alen. [tobe», 

»ero/fen, (u>.) o. n. (aux. fein) to get cover- 
ed with or to gather rast 

SJerferfer, (itr.) m. 1. iVortA. Myrt. name 
of a formidable warrior; 2. fig. a »avage, 
violent man; — tBUib,/. ungovernable fory, 
rage, wrath. 

Berftfen, (*/r.) e. n. (anx. fein) to boret; to 
cbap, crack, »plit, read; oor £ad)at — (»Ol* 
len), to (be ready to) barst with laughing, 
to break or «piit one'» aides with laoghing. 

Sct'trom, m. 1. Bertram (P. Pf.); 1. Bot 
a) (milber beutfeber) common sneeze wort, 
bastard pellltory ; 6) (fpanifdjer) Spanish ca- 
raomile, pellitory of Spain. [ken of. 

Serfid/tigt, adj. notorioo*; infamooi, ill-spo- 

SSerücfen, (w.) v. a. 1. to eotrap, enanare; 
2. fig. to take in, to eozen, to trick. 

£ertid"fid)tigen,(w.) v. a. tohaveor pay regard 
to, to mind.keep in view.attend to, consider. 

Serfid u fi<btigung,(u!.)/.regard,con«ideration. 

ffieruf , s. I. (str.) m. 1, call, calling, vocation ; 
2. daty, office, funetion, emplovment, trade, 
bosineaa, profeuion; 3. Law, appeal; ber 
(innen) — , inward calling, prompting of na- 
tnre; et ijt mein — nicht, id) feinen — 
boju, it i« not my office, thii ii none of my 
basineu; II. comp. 93-£arbeit,/.profes»ional 
laboor (ezertion); S-teifer, m. profenional 
exertion; S-igeftbaft, n. «vocation, pro- 
feuion ; taak, bosinen of one'a calling; ©-*= 
genoffe, m. a profeaaional colleague, gentle- 
man ; b-e'mfljSig, adj. professional ; ä5-*reife,/. 
official toor ; SB-$ȟbl,/. choiee of a (certaio) 
profeuion; b-lretbtig, adj. nnprofeuional. 

aero/fen, (str.) v. I. a. 1. to call; to call to 
getber, convoke, inmmon ; 2. to appoint (to 

an offlee), nomlaate; id) febe mid) — (p. p.), 
fig. I find or feel mysetf called npon ; II. rrfl. 
(Üb — onf ._, to appeal to, to call npon ...; 
to refer to ..., to make ose of (one'a) name. 

»ern'fen, adj. vid. »errufen. 

Sßent'ftmg, (to.) /. 1. the calling (to), ap- 
pointing, vocation; 2. appeal (auf, to); SB-8» 
gerid)t, n. conrt of appeal». 

Serub/en, (to.) «. n. to reit (on, npon or with) ; 
to be fonnded (on a mf stake, Ac); to de 
pend (on, npon); Staat onf fid) — loflen, 
to let a thing reat aa it 1», to let the mat- 
ter, 4c. alone; id) »in ti habet or bar auf 

— (äffen, I will be aatiafied with it; I will let 
the matter take it» conrse. 

Sernb'igen, (to.) v.o. to qniet, appeaae, calm. 
aunage, soothe, lall, tranqalllize, paeify; to 
compoae; to conaole, comfort, to make eaay, 
eaae, to aet at eaae or reat; fid) — , to re- 
lieve one'a mind, to make one'a »elf eaay 
(über, abont); beruhigt bid), aet yonr heart 
at reit, compoae yonr mind; fMb — bei, to 
acqnieaee In, to reconoile one't »elf to .... 

Serub'iger, (str.) 711. calmer ; qoieter, Ac. 

©ertt&'igung , (to.) /. 1. the aet of qnieting, 
Ac. paeification ; 2. o) calmneu, tranqnillity, 
qniet, comfort, ease of mind; b) — bei, ac- 
quieacence in ; fb-lmitttl, n. calmer, qnieter, 
a calmlog remedy. [boait of. 

Seräb'nten, (u>.) v. rrf. (with Gm.) to brag. 

Sßeru^mf, I. adj. celebrated, noted, famonm 
famed,.reoowned, eminent, illnstrioos; fUf 

— mad)en, to signalize one'a aelf ; II. S-beit, 
(w.)f. celebrity, renown, illnatrionaneu. 

BerüVren, (10.) v. I. o. 1. to toneh; to come 
in contact with ; Ieife — > to dab \fig-s. 2. to 
affect (one'a intereita, Ac); 3. to mention 
alightly, to tooeb npon, on, hint at; II, riß. 
to tooeh, nnite. 

»rrtb'rung, 1. 1. (vi.) f. l.touehing; 2. tonch ; 
contact, collialon; contignity, contingence; 
II. comp. S-ielectricitit, /. Elec. galranism; 
B-oKnie,/. Geom. tangent (line); SMptmrt, 
m. point of contact. 

Serup'fen, (10.) o. a. 1. to plnme, plnck (aa 
a fowl of it» feathera); 2. fig. to fleece. 

Sern'fen, (to.) v. I. a. to begrime, to amear 
or cover with aoot; II. n. (aux. fein) to get 
»ooty; beruft, adj. aooty. [diatbene. 

*»ernU', (ifr.) m, Mhi. beryl; blJtteriget -, 

Sefaifen, (u.) v. I. a. to load with sack»; 
II. nfl. vulg. to Hl one'» pocketa. 

SSeftt/en, (w.) v. a. 1. to aow on, over, to 
ated; 2. fig. to »tnd; befiet, atudded (aa 
with bonaea, traea, a river with boata, Ac). 

$8)efo/ge, adv. aeeording to. 

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Sefd'gra, (».) v. a. 1. to ny, meatlon, to 
parport; not »W t( — ? what ia the drift of 
itf 3br 8ri«f befugt, the purport of yonr 
letter i«, &c. ; befagenb, to the efleet of ...; 2. 

fig. to prove ; bcfagt, (afore-)taid, mentloned. 

©cfai'ttn, (io.) v. a. to atring, chord. 

SBefal'ben, (to.) e. a. 1. to anoint; tmlg-*. 2, 
to beamear; 3. to eheat. 

SBffo'mtn, (w.) t>. I. a. to aeed, low; n. rtfl. 
Bot. to grow to matarity, to aa to ahed the 
aeed, to mulbply by aeed; befamt, p. a. 
bearing aeeda; Her. aeeded. 

ffitfa'inung, (to.)/. teeding, *c. vid. Cefatnen 

SBefän', 1. 1. (to.) /. Mar-t. mizzen; bte — ba* 
legen, to bagpipe the mizzen; Bte — (urd): 
fttien, to cbange the mizzen; 6(e — anftops 
pen, to peak the mizzen; bi« — lO*maä)en, 
to aet the mizzen ; II. comp, —brantfle nge, /. 
mizzen-top gaiiant maat; — bro^F, n. throat- 
brail of the mizzen; —flaggt,/, flag-nnion, 
gaiiant; — Dtaft, m. mizzen, mizzen-mut ; 
— rtttt, /. mizzen-yard; — fegel, n. mizzen 
aail; — -ftttfl, n. mizzeo-atay; — llagfegel, n. 
mizzen atay-aail; — mono, /. mizzen-shrood. 

SBefan'ben, (to.) v. a. 1. to atrew wlth aand; 
2. vid. Ce rfanbtn. 

SBefanf'tigen, (to.) v. a. to appeaae, soften, 
aootb, qniet, paeify, calm, aaanage. 

Stfdnf'tignng, (tu.)/, appeaaing, *c; 0-C 
mittel, n. palliative, lenitive. 

8(fa(' ( (ttr^ p(.Sefät'e) m. 1. border, edging, 
trimming; embroidery; 2. Min. tamping; 
— fpi(en, /. pt braida, porla. 

SBefat/ong, (to.) /. 1. garriaon; — haben, to 
be garriaoned; 2. Lock-tm. ward. 

Sefan'en, (to.) v. a. vulg. to aoil, to dirty. 

Bcfan'fcn, vulg. v. rtfl. vid. »etrinren. 

SefaVmtn, (to.) t>. o. to hem, border. 

Sefdjo/ben, (io.) t>. o. to abave, acrape. 

fSefödtigen, (to.) o. a. 1. to damage, injore; 
2. to hart, woand; 3. to biight, Maat (aaid 
of mlldew); ein btfa)a»igte» Sdjiff, abat 
tered or bilged ahip. 

JBefdja^igttng, (to.) /. damage, kort, iojory ; 
gemoltfame — , Com. violent accidenU (at 
aea), average. 

»ef (baffen, 1.$ (ttr.) v. a. to create; n. n4 
(to.) o. a. vid. 0d)affen, n. 

*3efo)af'fen, adj. qnalified, condltioned, clr 
cnmataneed; (good, ill) tempered; consti 
tnted; fd)led)t — , ill-conditioned; ill-natn 
red; gnt — , Com. in good condition; mit ifl 
DerfBeg — ? what aort of road ia it f bie Bo^n 
ift fo — , the matter ia tboa, ia of thia nah* e ; 
— nie e» toofle, of what qnality aoever, 
Stfdjaf fenbttt, (w.)/. conatitotion, coodltlon, 

qnality, diapoiition, atate, character, natare, 
temper; oon guter—, well condltioned; SB-S* 
wert, n. Gram, adverb. 

Strfd)af ttn, (tu.) «. a. to farniah witb a ahaft 
<>r atock; to atock (a gon). 

fl)efä)äf'tigen, (to.) t>. a. to bnay, employ, en- 
gage, oeenpy, to keep bnay ; bcfdjfiftigt, p. a. 
buay; oeenpied, engaged, taken up (mit, 
with) ; employed (bei, mit, in, on, witb). 

»efdjcf tiger, (ttr.) m. employer. 

9cfd)6ftigung, (to.)/- bnaineaa, oeenpation, 
eroplojment, pnranit. [or eurer. 

fBefdVlrn, (w.Jv. a. to farniah with a ahell 

33efd)&1en, (to.) v. a. 1. to peel; 2. to borae 
or coTer (a mare). 

äBtfd/iter, (*' r .) "•• atallion, «tone-horae. 

J8efd)4'men, (to.) v. a. to ahame, abaab, pot 
to the blnah, confonnd, confnae; befä)amt, 
p. a. asbamed. [confusion. 

SSefibi'mang , (to.)/. ahaming, eonfonnding; 

Sefdjafttn, (to.) v. a. to ahade, overahadow, 
clond. [with taxea. 

JBcfö)a('en, (to.) v. a. to aaaeaa ; to tax, Charge 

»efdjat'ung, (to.) /. nateatment, taxing. 

fflefd&au'en, (to.) v. a. to look at, Tiew, eye, 
behold; to inspect, contemplate. 

9$efd)au'er, (ttr.) m. 1. Viewer, looker-on, 
apeetator; 2. viaitor (of a ahip), aearcher; 

SBefcban^Iid), I. adj. 1. intuitive; 2. contempla- 
tive ; II. ffi-f cit, /. contemplativeneaa. 

8Sefd)dn'men, (to.) v. a. to cover with foam; 
to foam (or daih foam) againat (rocka or 
tbe ahore of tbe aea). 

Seflban'ung, (to.)/. viewing, *c, inapection; 
contemplation, apeculatlon. 

8tfa)ee'ren, vid. fflefdjertn. 

Stfd)eib', (ttr.) m. 1. «4= knowledge, Infor- 
mation, ezperience; 2. (final) anawer, re- 
ttfrn; 3. Law, bc, aentenee, decree; jndg- 
ment, deciaion, award, pledge; direction, 
order; einem — fagtn laffen, to aend one 
word, to let one know; bi« anf »eitern — , 
tili fiirther ordert, proviaionally; mit best 
— bajl , on condition that, *c. ; — um ... »if* 
fen, to know (a thing), to have knowledge 
or intelllgenoe of ..., to be acqnainted witb 
...; — geben, to give Information, to bring 
word; to warn; 8taem — tbnn, to pledge 
one (in drinking). 

Sefd)efben, (ttr.) v. I. a. 1. (Sinem etwa«) 
to allot, aaaign; 2. to inform (ober or tofUk 
Gen., oO; 14) Iaffe mid) — , I am open to 
conviction; 3. to direct, order; er ifl JU 
feinem {Regiment« befd)ieben, he ia ordered 
to join hia regiment; II. refl. to be content- 

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cd, to liiten to reaion, to acqni 
bei, or wttA Gen. in), to yield. 

Sefdjei'btn, I. adj. modeat, discreet, moderate, 
nnaatnming, demure, hamble; II. £-bett, /. 
modeaty, di«cretioD, diacreetneaa, ftc. 

Sefdjei'nen, (jtr.) v. a. to ahine on, opon, ir- 
radiate. [prove, verify. 

Sefcbei'nigen, (to.) t>. o. to atteat, certify; to 

»cfdjei'nigttng, (»•)/• atteatation; certificate, 
■eqoittance. [%. to cheat. 

SefdM'fen, (ttr.) v. a. rufe. 1. to beabite; 2. 

8efd)cnf'en, (io.) «. a. to preaeot witb. 

Sefdjenfung, (u.) /. donation. 

Sefdjir'rcn, (rtr.) ». a. to thave. 

SefdjJ'ren, (u>.) o. a. (einem Staat) 1. to 
give, to grant, beatow opon, to make a pre- 
aent ; 2. to give as a chriatmaa-box. 

SBefibe'TUng, (u>.) /. 1 . beatowal, ftc. ; 2. the act 
of diatribating christmaa preaenta; 3. chriat- 
maa-box (the preaeat beatowed); 4. vulg. 
work, boaioeaa; eine fdjöne — , a fine buiioeu 
thi«, a pretty pickle; ba baben »il bie — , 
tbere it ia; there ia the mlachief. 

SefdjidVen, (u.) o. a. 1. a) Pol. to aend dele 
gatea to ... ; 6) to aead for ; 2. to manage, take 
care of, to attend to ; 3. Metal. to prepare, to 
mix in doe proportion, to alloy (metal«, ftc) 
to put the proper qaantity of alloy to (the 
aihrer, ftc); 4. Sport, to impregnate; ben 
Hin — , to manore, ploogh 4c. the field. 

Sef(bWunfl, (to.)/. 1. Pol. the act of aending 
delegate« to ..., 4c. cf. fflef(bi(fen5 2. Metal, 
alloy; SB-Jregel,/. Math, rnle of alligation 

Sefcbie/nen, («e.) v. a. to provide with (iron) 
band«; to lay the raila oa the aleepera. 

Srfd)ie'|en, (str.) v. I. a. 1. to caononade, 
bombard, to Are npon, batter; 2. to try (a 
gna) by Bring 1t; II. n. (aux. fein) to get 
covered with a chemicai effloreacence. 

SefdjifFbffr, adj. navigable. [croaa 

3M<btf'fn»/ (w>) »• a. to navigate, aail over, 

»efdjU'bet, p. a. abielded, armed with a abield. 

SefdjU'fen, (to.) v. L a. to cover with reeda, to 
thatch; IL n. (aux. fein) to overgrow with 
reeda. [flblagen, II. 

aBefdjün'sum, (w.) t). n. (auz. fein) »id. Se> 

Sefdjinnpftn, (to.) v. a. 1. to defane, dia 
gracc, diahoooor, injure; 2. to aaperte, In- 
aolt; 6-b. p. a. derogatory, diagracefbl 

Stfdjimpf'nng, (v>.) /. affront, inanlt, ootrage 
(bei (Sefetet, npon the law) ; indigoity, dia- 
grace; aaperrion. 

Stfdjfa'bebl, (u>.) ». a. to cover with ahinglea, 

»efdjw'ben, (*tr.) o. rejl. ftta) (Bot) ble $anr, 
U. to lacerate one'a ikin, ftc [tect, ahield 

2efa>il / men / (to.) v. a to »heiter, cover, pro 

(mit, SBefd)irtner, (#tr.) m. proteetor, defender. 
»efdjir'nurag, (w.) f. defence, protection; 

SBefcbla'fen, (str.) v.a.l. to lie or aleep with ; 
2. fig. to aleep opon (a thing) ; — ffe tt, 
adviae witb or take conntet of yoor pillow. 
fflefdjKg', *. I. (#tr., pJ. »efdjta'ge) m. 1. any- 
tbiog which ia attacbed or faitened to ano- 
ther with naila, pin«, ftc, aheathing, ahoeing, 
cover, iron work of a ahip'a block, of doora, 
windowa, kc, iron binding (of a dead eye, 
4c), moimting, garniah, elaap, hold, hoop, 
ferrule, gnard, border; boaa; top piate, 
transom piate, cap aqnare; 2. moold, mouldy 
coodition, effloreacence ; 3. Chem. Inte, che- 
miat'a clay or loam ; 4. Law, a) aeiznre, dia- 
traint, arreat, attachment, aeqneatration; 
6) embargo; in — nehmen, 1. or — legen 
auf, mit — belegen, to arreat, attacb (one'a 
goods), aeqaeater, confiacate, diatrain, atop, 
detain, to lay or lodge a detainer againat 
...; to aefze, take poaaeaaioa of; 2. fig. to 
take np (a aeat); to monopolize, engroaa 
(the attention, 4c); ©d)iffe in — nebmen 
(auf ®d)iffe — legen), to lay an embargo 
npon abipa; ben — aufbeben, to take off the 
embargo; II. comp. — benbfel, — Mttbfel, n. 
Mar. forling-line; — bammer, m. Fat. ahoe- 
ing -hammer; — legung, /. aeqneatration; 
- leine, /. »id. — benbfel j — nagel, m. atnd; 
— nabme,/. vid. Sefa)Iag, 3.; —feifingen, /. 
pL Jlfor. gaaketa; — (6)tafd>e, /. farrier'a 
ponch; — «Deroalrung, /. irid. —legung} — «= 
oermefer, m. aeqaeatrator; Far-t. — (nserf)» 
|eug, n. ahoeing toola; — Junge,/, fcrrier'a 
ä8ef*I4'ge, (str.) n. vid. »efd>Iag, 1. [tongs. 
SBefdjla'gen, (itr.) v. I. a. 1. a) to atrike re- 
peatedly; Mint, aa) to Hatten, planiah; 
6i) to aeize the blanka or plancheta; 6) to 
aqnare (timber); 2. to cover, arm or bead 
with aa iron piate, 4c; to pnt iron-work to, 
to bind abont or hoop with iron-work, ftc, 
to aheath (aahip with aheeta of copper, 4c), 
to caae, llne; to tip, tag; ein $ferb — , to 
ahoe a horte ; ein mit (äifen b-er Stab , an 
iron-ahod pole ; mitSiageln, 3»ed > en, lt. — , to 
atnd, betet with naila, 4c. to nail, apike, boaa , 
mit Heber, IC. — , to cover with leather, ftc, 
ein Stab — , to tire a wheel; 3. For. to mark, 
blaze (treea) ; 4. Mar. to atow, fori or hand 
(the aaila); aQeCSegel »6Hig — , to clap on all 
aaiia; ein ®d)iff mit b-en Segeln, aahip nnder 
bare polet; 5. fig. a) to aeenre (a place); b) 
Lava, to aeize, attacb, cf. Sefdjtag, 3.3 II. n. 
(aux. fein) (mit Sdjimmel— ) togrow mouldy, 
hoary, to (get covered with) monld. 

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Qeftlo'gen, p- <»..%• conititnted; condition- 
ed; 80t — , veraed, experienced, skilIed; 
in einer Saa)e gut — fein, to be a good band 
at, to have a «ound knowledge of. 

JBef<bltf'<ben, (str.) v. a. I. to steal opon, 
come stealingly or stealthily lipon (one) ; to 
creep on (upon); fig-s. 2. to creep into 
(one'a mind, ic), to steal orer or upon; 
3. to surprise, deceive, cheat, to take in; 
ba< — (». ».) be£ SBUbe», Sport, deer stalkiog 

S8cfd)Ien'nigen, (u>.) u.a. to accelerate, hasten, 
quicken, epeed, deipatcb, forward, expedite, 
advance; to burry, precipitate (the fall of 
.... Ac). 

Sefcbleu'nfgung, (to.) /. acceleration, basten- 
ing, &c. deipatcb, ipeed. 

S5cfd)Ite'fen, (str.) v. a. 1. n^ to lock up; it 
fdbloffene Streit, Mar. a road protected from 
the reigning wind«, and the awell of the aea; 
2. to cloae, conclude, end, finiah; 3. to de- 
termine, decree, reaolve upon, decide, fix; 
bei f!d> — , to purpoae; SttoaS mit einerntet 
— , to agree npon ... . 

ffiefdplie'f er, (str.) m. ((. «.) boosekeeper, ca- 
terer, larderer, ateward ; S8-ÜW, (to.) /. ((. v.) 
hooaekeeper, catereaa, &c. 

SÖefdjlo'fien, (u>.) o. a. to cover with hall. 

ffief<bluf, (str., pl. »efdjtuf'fe) m. 1. locking 
up; unter (bem) — , ander lock and key; 2, 
cloae, end, conclnaion ; 3. detennination, re- 
aolution, decree; }ttm — , in concluaion, final 
ly, at laat; — fäbig, adj. (of political asaem 
blies, &c.) competent or attended in auffi 
cient numbers to form legal resolutions; 
— f£bigreit,/.the being sufBciently numerous 
to form reaolutiona;— nabme, /. concluaion, 
detennination, decree. 

58efd)ntau'<ben, (w.) v. a. vulg. to besmoke. 

S5efd)iu°.u'ftn, (to.) v. a. 1. to dine with (ano- 
tber person or persona); 2. to celebrate a 
feaat by dining, &c. in honour of ... . 

SBefibmei'fen, (str.) v. a. L vulg. vid. Semer* 
fenj 2. to blow upon (aa inaects), to flyblow. 

Sefibmie'ren, (ic.) v. a. 1. to lay on, to apread 
npon, to do over; 2. to grease, beaniear, 
amear, foul, bedaub; to dabble, to scrawl or 
scribble on, upon. 

SefdjmiJ'en, (to.) v. a. 1. to soll, dirt, atain; 
2. fig. vid. SSeftafen, 2. 

iBefdjnutn'jeln, (u>.) v. a. to amlrk at. 

fflefdjmat'en, (u>.) ». a. to bedaub, foul, aoil, 
dirty, aully, to make dirty. 

»efibneite», comp. — bonf , /. T. dreaaing 
bench; Bkb-s. — cifen, n. — bobet, m. plough 
iron, plongb(-knife), cutting-knife; — preffc, 
/. cutting-preaa. 

aVfa)nttfben, (**»••) "■ «• 1. to eüp (money, 
the winga, bedgea, Ac), to cot (ahort), to 
pare(tbe nails,&c); to trim,lop, top(trees), 
to prune, dress (the vine); to foroe (woof); 
cf. üeibelni 2. Jew. Bei. to eircoaiciae; 3. 

ßg. to prnne (the expression, &c); to cot 
off (one'a opportunity, &c); to lesaen (one's 
wages, Ac); befd)ttitten, p. a. Gl-gr. cut in 
facea, rieh cut; befd)nittene* panier, paper 
with the edgea cot. 

SBefibnei'ber, (str.) m. clipper, &c 

fflefoinei'bang, (vi.) f. 1. clipping, *c. ; 2. Jm. 
Ret. circumeiaion. [with snow. 

3Sefd)nei'en, (to.) v. a. to anow npon, cover 

fflefdjnei'teln, (tr.) v. a. to lop (treea), vid. 
«erfdineiben. [to cat. 

SBrfibnip'peüi, (to.) v. o. fam. to clip, pare; 

58eföni&'e(I)n, (w.) v. a. to canre, to adorn 
by carving devicea. 

Befebno'bern, »efdjnup'pent , SBefibnuFfetn, 
(u>.) v. a. vulg. to snuffle at, araell at. 

»efibnfi'ren, (to.) «. a. to bind with atringa. 

fBeföö'nigen, (to.) v. a. to colonr, palliate. 
excuae, amooth, cf. (Bemänteln. 

8efd)6'nigung, (uj.) /. colouring, palliation. 

{8efd)ränfen, (t».) v. I. a. to conflne bound, 
liinit, atint, reatrain, reatrict, cirenmacribe; 
b-b, p. a. reatrictive; II. rtffl. to confine or 
reatrict one'a aelf (auf, to); to be aatinfied 
(with); to be conftned, reatricted (to). 

SBeflbrinW, I. p. a. 1. limited, confined, finite ; 
capacities, &c), contracted (views, &c); 
II. JB-beit, /. 1. vid. Sefibranfong; 2. nar- 
rownesa ; weaknesa (of intellect); — tmftrtr 
Segriffe, poorness of our coneeptioaa. 

Sefdjrdnl'ung, (w.)f. limltation, restrietion, 

SBefdjrei'bcn, (»tr.) All with writing , 
2. Geom. &c. to describe ; einen Jtreie, u. — , 
to deacribe a circie, &c. ; 3. to describe, de- 
fine; genau — , to detail; b-ber Tfat, LH. 
(descriptive) letter-preaa. 

Sefdjrerlier, (str.) m. describer. 
fd)rerT)ung, (w.)f. description. 

Sefd)rei'en, (str.) v. a. I. to cry abont(aome- 
thing); bie SXafiregebt ber ifftnttüftm Ser> 
Dattung — , to decry the measurea of ibe ad- 
ministration ; 2. to talk ill of ; to bring int» 
etril report; 3. Sup. a) to bewitch, enchaat; 
b) (aecording to mperstitious ptrsont) to 
exert an evil influence on (a child, 4c) by 
praising ita healthy uppearance, or 0Ter-ra- 
tiog ita mental facultiea. 

äSefdjrei'ten, (str.) v. a. to walk on; to ste» 
over, on; *to bestride (a steed). 

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»efdjro'ten, (w.) v. a. T-s. 1. to elip or edge 
(off) with aheara, a law, &c. ; 2. to beard off 
(metal); 3. fig. vid. Benagen. 

tBcfd>nb'en, (w.) o. a. to sboe ; btföubet, shod, 
wearing shoet, calceated. 

»efibul'bigen, (\o.)v.a. to Charge (einer ©a<be 
[Gen.], with), to bring a Charge against, to 
accus e (of), to tax with, impnte (lomething) 

»efibnl'ctger, (*tr.) m. accoaer. [to. 

Sejtynl'bigie, nt. (dtd. like adj.) the accnsed. 
defendant. [pntation 

SBcfcbul'bignng, (u>.)/. Charge, accusation, im 

8ef djnm'ineln, (u>.) ». a. vulg. to tafce in, cheat. 

Seföup'prn, (w.)v.a. 1. to cover with Scalen; 
2. to nnscale, dlveat of acalea; 3. vid. 06 

fljefdjurten, (w.) c a. 1. to throw or caat on, 
to cover with; 2. ./ig. to provtde plentifnliy, 

Scfdjnt'tn, (io.)o. o. to gnard, protect, defend, 
«heiter, ahield; to patronise (arta, &c). 

Sefibüt'tr, (rfr.) m. gnardian, defender, pro- 
tecter; patron; SB-inn, (».)/. protectreas, 
defendress. [tronagc 

sSefäüb/nng , (w.)/. protection, defence; pa 

»efd>mang'ern, (w.) «. a. cid. ©d)»angern. 

Seförnat/en, (u>.) o. a. 1. to talk over; per- 
aoade; 2. to apeak ill of, to Blander. 

Sefdjmet'ftn, (w.) u. a. to provide with a tail. 

£efd)»ei'frn, (».) o.a. cover with aweat; 
2. Sport, to coTer with blood. 

»efdjroerV (8efd>»0', t «.), (u>.) /. 1. mo- 
leatation, tronble, paini, difflcolty, fatigue, 
toil, hardahip; annoyance; nnisance ; 2. grie- 
vance, complaint; expoatnlation; 3. clog; 
incDiabrance; 4. diiorder, malady, distur- 
baace, difficulty (beim TCtbmen, in breathing, 
*c); — aber Staat führen, to complain of; 
95-nbud), n. (a* on poat lines) complaint-book; 
— fdjrift, /. expoatnlatory letter or addreu. 

Sefrbroe'rrn, (to.) «.La. 1. to toad (Typ., 
the paper), cbarge ; 2 .fig. to charge, onerate; 
to clog ; to bürden , cmnber ; to trouble, be 
tronbleaome to, to inconuaode; to moleat, 
nnportnne, iocumber; to aaddle (with aome- 
thing diaagreeable, *c); tiefe ©peife bt* 
fcbmrrt ben SRagen, thia (meat) food ia a clog 
to the atoaach; II. refi. to complain (über, 
of); to find fault (with), to grnmble (at); 
füb bei Sinen — , to make complaint« to one, 

SefdjmeVHd), I. adj. combroaa, cnmberaome, 
beavy, tronbleaome, inconvenient, bürden 
aome, painfal, hard; importonate; b-ti 3Ctbs 
men, difficnlt breathing; (einem) — fallen, 
to tronble (one), to importone, diacom- 
mode, ineonvenience; II. 55-reit,/. 1. hard- 
ahip, fatigne, toil, labonr; 2. tronble; clog; 

ineonvenience; nniaance; 3. trouble-eoane- 
neaa, importunity. 

«efd)n>efniP, (str.) n. 4 /. vid. fflefd>»erfce. 

Sefdjme'ning, (w.) /. 1. o) loading, ftc, vid. 
Sefdjmeren; 6) load, Charge; 2. fig. a) tron- 
ble; 6) iaenmbrance; mortgage. 

»efibmid/tigen, (».)». o. 1. to boah up, dumb ; 

2. fig. to aaauage, appeaae, allay (diacon- 
tent), to aoothe, aatiafy (one'a aelf, ftc). 

9ef<b»id)'ttgn»g, (vi.)/, hoahing up, *c; lall, 
lnliing(ofchildreo);iS-tgeIb / n. hnah-monej. 

Sefdjnin'beln, (w.) v. a. to cheat 

5Bef4>roing'rn, (io.) «. a. to wing; fig. to ac- 

S3ef(b»ö'ten, (str.) v. a. 1. to take one'a oath 
npon, to confirm by oath, to awear to ; 2. to 
conjure, call np, raiae (apirita); to exoreiaa; 

3. fig. to conjnre, adjnre, implore, entreat. 
55efd)roö'rer, (str.) m. conjurer, exorclat. 
$Befd)lȊ'rung , (u>.)/. 1. the confirmation by 

oath; 2. conjnration, (S3-tformel) exorciam; 

chann; Mag-t. SB-Sgefdngt, m. p(. theorgie 

hymna; B-Äfonft, /. art of exorciam. 
Sefeeten, (u>.) v.a.l. to animate; l.fig. to 

inapire, inform, enliren, quicken; befeelt, 

p. o. having a aonl, aonled. 
Sefeetung, (w.)/. animation; impiration. 
ffiefe'geln, (w.) d. a. 1. to forniah with aaila; 

2. to aail opon, to aail to ; 3. to join (a ahip) 

at aea. 
Sefifb/en, (str.) v a. to look on, at, to view, 

take a view of; to behold; genan (col. bei 

£iä)U) —, to examine (cloaely), aearch into. 
SBefei'fen, (u>.) v. a. to cover with aoap. 
Sefeilen, (v.) v. a. to provide with ropea. 
»efei'tigen, (w.) v. a. 1. to lay or aet aaide; 

befeitig^jig. on the ahelf; 2. to obviate, do 

away, remove (difficolties , &c); to aettle 

(qoarrela, tc). 
Sefeftignng, (u>.) /. obviating, removing, ftc 
SejPlIgen, (to.)«. a. to bleu; to make nappy. 
SeTemer, (str.) m. (<. u.) a spring ateel-yard. 
SVfen, #. I. (str.) m. 1. (hair-)broom; («eifig 

— ) beaom (of twiga); %fig. St. cant. a aer- 

vant-maid; II. comp. — bütber, m. broom-ma- 

ker, broom-man; Bot-s. — flodjS, m. snmmer- 

cypress, dax-leaved goosefoot; — betbe, /. 

»mall green-flowered heath ;— fraut,n. l.vid. 

— flüd)»j 2.»«. (Stnfttr } 3. »id. Yberraute; 

4. (Wtt) aweet weed; — «U, —reifig, n. pt 

blrcb-twiga; — ftiel, m. broom-stick. 
SBefeffen, I. p. a. poaaeaaed (by the devil, 

*c); II. »-e, m. */. (dtd. like adj.) the 

peraon possessed, demoniae. 
»efeb/en, (w.) v. a. 1. a) to aet with; b) to 

beaet, line, cover, border, trim, lace, edge 

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litt, skfert; ict (with pearls, Ac), rtod, gar- 
nf«h; 2. a) to occnpy, setze; b) to man (a 
ship, *&), to garrlson ; 3. fig. a) to occnpy, 
Sil (a sitaation, an office); b) to pre-occnpy, 
engage ; c) to lay money npon, to insnre (a 
nnmber, card, *c); ben Stfd) — , to serve 
the table; «ine gut befeste Safet, » well- 
serveri table; mit Jtatonen — , to mount with 
cannon; «inen Xtü) mit gtfdjen — , to störe 
or stock a pond ; mit Säumen — , to plant 
wtth trees; ein tSinbfel — , Mar. to festen 
(belay) the end of a lashing or seizing; «in 
JHeib mit Soft, Silber — , to lace a coat; 
mit granfen — , to (ringe; eine ©teile mit 
einem vnfibigen Scanne — , to appoint an 
nnfit penton to a place ; «in ©tütf —, Dram. 
to fixordistribote the parta of a play («mong 
the actors); befett fein, 1. to be taken up; 
2. Mar, to be enbayed; to be liaed with 

»efetf», comp. T-s. -fübMgtl, — flßfel, m. pa 
ving beetle, Commander; — tetd), m. störe 

Befet'nng, («.)/• 1. trimmhig, lacihg, Ac, 
ef. fitfetitn & »efa$5 2. the taking posses 
■ion of , occnpation ; 3. appointment to Of- 
fices, exercise of patronage; 4. a) Mus. in 
strnmentation; 6) Ifram. cast, casting (of 
a play); 8-<red)t, n. (right of) patronage. 

JBefeuf Jen, (to.) v. a. to sign at, bemoan, de 

Sefilbf, (».)/. «tf — , Com. apon inspection 

Stfld/ngm, (w.) v. «. to inspect, take a view 
of, to view; to survey; to vtsit, search. 

»epdj'tiger, (str.) m. inspector, sorveyor, vi 
sltor, *c. 

JBeftaVtigung, {ib.) f. Inspection, viewing, fte. 
wrvey, Visitation; B-Sgebfibren, pl. sear- 
cher's (snrveyor's) fees; SS-Breife, /. tonr of 

Befteg/bOr, adj. conqaerable, vincible. 

SBefte'geln, (w.) v. a. 1. to seal, to pnt one's 
seal to ; 2. a) to confirm or attest by a seal ; 
6) fig. to seal, ratify, tnake snre. 

SBefie'gefang, (tu.) f. seallng, Ac 

SBefte'gen, (w.) v. a. to overcome, vanqnish, 
conqner, snbdoe, overtbiw. 

äBefie'ger, (str.) m. conqneror, vnsqtrisher. 

»effe'fprag, (w.) f. the act of conquering, Ac, 

Stange, (w.)/. vid. £eibelbeere. [«rag) 

fflefing'en , (str.) v. a. to sing, celebrate (by 

»«fln'nen, (irr.) v. rrfl. 1. (loitA auf, or Gen.) 

to recollect.rcnember; to call to mind.think 

-of, to try to recollect, to bit on (one's name, 

*«.); 2. to «milder, deliberate; to wnver, 

linger; 3. to recover one's senses; fldb an* 
bert or elfte» Ttnbern —, to change (alter) 
one's mind; fla) eine* ffieflent — , to think 
the better of a thing. 

SBcftn'mtng, (vi.) f. I. recollection; 2. refiec- 
tion, conslderation , deliberation; 3. com- 
posnre, clear perceptton, senses; nieber jnt 
— runtmen, to recover (or to retnrn, to come 
to) one's senses; jnr — bringen, to bring 
(otie) to bis senses, recall (one) to himself ; 
bei — t sensible ; fie war nidjt bei — , she was 
not sensible; Jß^Jfraft, /. power of recol- 
lection; b-iTof , adj. 1. senseless; 2. incon- 
siderate, rasb. 

SBefty', s. I. (str.) m. 1. possesslon; 2. pro- 
perty; in — (einer ©ad)e) bringen, to pnt in 
possession (of a thing); in — nehmen, ton 
... — ergreifen, to take possesslon of .... to 
enter opon or step into (an estate, Ac) ; in 
ben — fe(en, to pnt into possession of ; auf 
bem — feien or (»er)treiben, to dlspossess 
(one), to disseize; to expropriate, oust; II. 
comp. Law-s. — Ergreifung, /. seizin; bit 
leirtliöbe — ergreiftmg, seizin 1b deed or faxt; 
bie redjtlidV — ergrcifnng, seizin in law; Bis 
berredjtlidje — ergreifung or — nabjne,/. nsor 
pation, intnision; — fall, m. Gram, genitive 
case; — IcC, adj. anpossested; — nähme, /. 
occnpancy, occnpation, seizure; entry npon 
(an estate); — nebmer, m. occnpant; — ftanb, 
m. 1. State of possession; 2. Com. active 
property; — rftel, m. Lav>, title-deed. 

©efti'en, (irr.) v. a.i. to sit npon; bie 6ier 
finb befeffen, the hen has sat npon those eggs 
(they are rotten); 2. to possess, to be pos- 
•essed of, to own, bold; bie b-ben Claffcn, 
the propertied classes. 

»tflt'er, (str.) m„ Äefit'erinn, (v>.)f. pos- 
sestor, proprietor; holder, owner, occnpier. 

SJefit', (str., pl. ffl-tbfimtr) n. posses- 
sion, property. 

Seflt'ung, (w.) f. possession ; estate. 

Stfoffen, p. a. vulg. vid. SBetrtmren. 

S8ercb,ien, (w.) v. a. to sole. 

ffiefol'ben, (v>.) v.. pay, toTftSfarj ; 2. to 
kecp in pay; to fee. 

SBefol'bimg, (w.)/. salary, pay; appointment, 

Befon'ber, adj'. 1. partlcnlar, pecnliar; spe- 
cial ; tat b-e Urtb eil, Log. a peculiar propo- 
sition; 2. separate, detached; 3. a) extraor- 
dinary; b) singular, stränge, odd, vid. ©on» 
berborj b-e |>aferei,/. Com. partlcular or sim- 
ple average; in'* fe-e, in particnlar; II. B- 
t)«*tt, (vi.) f. 1. particnlarity , peculiarity; 
2. slngnlarity, strengeneu ; 3. pl. detail*. 

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Sefon'ecr«, adv. 1.1a partieolar ; particnlarly , 
espectally; expressiv; 3. separately, apart; 
■aide, by itsdf; 3. «) singnlarly, vid. Sor« 
)üglid)j 6) mach, U a high degree. 

Btfon'atn« L p. a, in possession of one's men- 
tal facti! ties, sober(-minded), eoneiderate, 
tnongntiul, cJrcnaispect, prndent; ll.S-beit, 
/. considerateaess, thonghtfnlneas ; recollec- 
tion, coBacionsness; preaence of mind, self- 
poaaeaaion; cirenmapection , dlscretion. 

Befsnnf, adj. »hone on by tbe ann, innny. 

Sefor/ges, (w.) o. o. 1. to tat» care of ; look 
aller; to oondnet, manage, provide; 2. to 
be afraid of, to apprehend, fear, anapect; 
ffir, um or wegen ._ befotgt fein, to be ap- 
preheaaive, anxieaa for or aboat, to be aoll- 
dtons, to care for; 3. to execute (a com- 
misstoa), tranaact. [provider, nndertaker. 

Sefor/get, (ttr.') m. maaager, commissioner ; 

Sfforglüp, I. aoS- 1. fearfal, timoroni; ap- 
prebeaaire; 2. (f. «.) to be apprehended; 
II. S-feit, (w.) /. fearfblness; naeasiness, 
fear, apprebenaion, aolicitnde. 

Seforg'nif , (str.") f. 1. vid. »rforgung, 1.; 

2. fear, apprebenaion, misgiving. 
Sefor'gnng, (ifl.) /., saperinteadenee, 

management, commiaaioD ; 2. execatlon, doiag 

(of a commiision). 
Befpan'nai, (tc.) t>. a. 1. to apan; 2. to pnt 

koraea to; 3. to string (an inatrament). 
Sefpet'fll, (#*r.) t>. o. to apit, vomit npon. 
Sefpieftn, (to.) v> L' a. to lard, enlard; IL re/7. 

cn/Zg. to earich one'a seif. 
Befpif/geln, (io.) ». I. o. to furniah v/lth look- 

ing-glasses ; II. refl. 1. to bebold one's seif 

or to look at one'a seif in a glass; 2. ./ig. to 

tsjte an example (an, from). 
Sefpirtern, (to.) v. a. Sbip-c to nnil (tbe 

sbeatbing) with Alling nail*. 
JStftrin'nen, (*fr.) t>. a. to spin over; to corer 

with web;befponnene€taiten, covered strings. 
Seftiftl, p. «. 1. poiated; 2. coZ. tipsy. 
Sefiportitn, (to,) o. a. to provide with »pars 
SefprStff ein, SBefpof ten, (to.) t>. a. to saeer at, 

mock, eritieize. 
&3«fpreäy«, (ttr.) bespeak, talk 

(• matter) over, diaenu, to settle, agree 

opoa; 2. to oonjnre, cbarm with worda; 3. 

vid. Streben, 4.; IL refl. vid. ftd) Streben. 
SefpreäVung, (io.) /. 1. beapeaking, &c, dis- 

caasion; 2. Conference, parley; interview; 

3. adjnring, incantatioa, *c. ; ckarm. 
Befpreng'en, (to.) v. a. to sprinkle.besprinkle, 

atrew npon. 
Befarüig'en, (atr.) t>. a. 1. to leap npon; 2. to 
eover, copulate (eaid of certain aniraals). 

Sefprit'en, (to.) v. a. 1. to sqnirt at, beaprin- 
kle; 2. to bespatter, splaah, aparter (witU 

Sefpnr'bela, (to.) «. o, sputter over. 

Sefpdi&'en, («.) v. a. to cover with drizzle, 
misle, sea-dast, or »parks (in a smitby). [ter. 

Sefpndfen, (to.) v. a. to apit npon, to bespat- 

Btfpülm, (w.) v. a. to waah, to ripple over. 

SeffVräbffn, n. Geog. Beuarabia (P. NO. 

SBef'fer, adj. A adv. (comp, of (Bat) 1 . better ; 
2.(a little) more; einet SB-n belehren, to dis- 
abnse; fi<b eint« 8-n brfinnea, to tkiak bet- 
ter of a thing; — bieten, Garn, to vie; — 
roerben, to grow better, improre In »oral»; 
to mend, recover (from illneas). 

SBrf'fern, (w.) v. I. a. 1. to better, knprove, 
reclaim, ameliorata ; 2. to amend ; to «orrect ; 
feine Sitten — , to reforra ooe's manaers ; 
3. vid. Xu$beffern; rea« bin id) babnro) gt< 
beffert? what am I tbe better for itf II. refl. 
1. to grow (pr to alter for tbe) better, to 
correct one'a aelf, to mend; 2. to improve, 
advance; 3. to recover (from illaeae). 

»efferung, (to.)/. l.bettering, reclamation; 
improvemcHt, amelioration, amendmeat; 2. 
recovery; J8-»onft«K, /. 1. or 8-*bo»e, n. 
hoase of correctioa or of reformaöon; 2. or 
ffi-sfibttle, /. monitorial acbool; »-«mittel, 
n. corrective. 

Seflaylen, (w.) v. a. to steel. 

Seftallen, (to.) v. a. to appolnt, confer a place 
on, to im est with an employment , vid. See 
fteümj befiaDt,p. ff, nppointed, ke. inatalled. 

Seftallang, (tr.)/. 1. appointmeat, iaataita- 
tion; 2. Warrant, commiation; 3. aalary; 
S-ebrtef, m. (letter of) commiesion ; dlpio- 
ma; S-Srcn)t, ». (right of) investitnre. 

Seflanb' *. I. (rtr., pt. Seftun'be) m. 1. con- 
tinnance, duration ; 2. assuranoe, certitude, 
atability, firmnew, consisteace ; 3.tenement, 
mrm, biring; 4. o) nmoont, valae, stock; 
6) Com. remainder; — ^abtn, to continne, 
last, to be of duration; — geben, to substan- 
tiate; — ber Gaffe, clear amonnt, balance of 
cash; in — ne y men, to farm (an estate); to 
hire (a house); II. comp, —gelb, n. rent; 
—mann, m. vid. Seflanberj —gut, ». »ro- 
perty wbich is fsirmed or let; — Itfte, /• Com. 
iaventory, Statement of goods In a ware- 
hoose; — 106, adj. inconaistent; — loflgfrit, 
/. Inconsistency ; — flfltf, n., — tbtil, m. «le- 
ment, constitnent or component part, fngre- 
dient; — t^eile, pl. Chtm. constitaents, eom- 
poaent parts; — »erjeicbnifi, n. vid. — Hfte. 

SeftoVber, (atr.) m. tenant, farmer, renter. 

BeftaVbig, I. adj. 1 constant, chimgeless, 

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persevering; continoal, continued, conti- 
auotu, firn, «table, steadfast, steady; eter- 
nal, everlasting, permanent ; durable, lasting ; 
2. iure, certain, invariable, Standard; b-e 
ISaluttt, Com. (regnlar) Standard, certain 
price; II. SB-f eit , («>.)/. coiutancy, steadi- 
ncss, perseverance, stability ; Arianes« ; conti- 
iHiance,duration, faithfulness, steadfastness. 

SBeftir'r'en, (to.) v. a. to coofirin, corroborate; 
to strengthen, fortify. [tion. 

Seflär/fnng , (w.) /. confirmation, corrobora- 

ScftJ'ter, SBeflät'ttt, (*rr.) m. vid. (Sfiter* 

Scftä'tigen, (to.) t). I. a. to confirm, corro 
barate, snbstantiate, affirm; to ratify, «anc 
tion, validate, to lend a sanction to ; to as- 
certain ; gcritbtlid) — , to legalize by oatb ; 
to voocb; ben empfang eine* ©rieft* — , to 
acknowledge the receipt of a letter; II. refl, 
to prove (one's seif [itself], to be) trae, kc. ; 
to hold trae or good; fiä) nid)t — , to prove 

£8 eft 4'tigung, ( 10.) /. confirmation ; ratifica tfon, 
antborixation, sanction; S-Sarfunbe,/. tote, 
a royal, ftc grant, inspeximns. 

ffleftat'ten, (to.) v.a.l. Com. to convey (goods); 
2. to bnry, inter; 3. promnefor XuSftatten. 

Scftat'tung, (to.)/. 1. Com. conveyance; 1 
burial, interment, »epnlture, ftc. 

ScfUu'ben, (to.) t>. n. (aux. fein) to beeoinc 
dnity, to gather dost. 

SScftäu'ben, (w.) v. a. to cover with dnst; be 
fiitlbt, p. a. Bot. palverulent. [stalks. 

SBeflau'tcn, (to.) v. rrfl. Bot. to form several 

SBeft'e, I. adj. (sup. of (Sut) best; superior; 
ter erfte, ber — , the first the best, tbe first 
tbatcotne*,any one; nad) meinem b-n SBiffcn, 
to the best of my knowledge ; bteb-n ?früd)te, 
the finest fruiU; — SBedjfel, Com. first-rate 
bill»; in ben b-n Sauren, in the best of one's 
years ; er befanb fia) nid)t in ben b-n Umftdnben 
or in ber b-n Sage, times did not go very 
well with Um; in feiner b-n Eaune, in his 
most sportive mood; II. s. (ded. like adj.) 

1. tbe best part; snbstance, marrow, pith; 

2. the good (of a uonntry, &c), benefit; am 
B-n, auf* — > jum S-n, adv. best; nie tbue 
id) am S-n? wbat had I best do? or what 
conrse had I best take ; id) halte e* für ba* 
— , I tbink it best; etro