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The aim of the Directors of the Catholic Press, in publi- 
shing the present work, has been to meet the want of a 
classical Arabic-English Dictionary, which while compre- 
hensive, yet might be handy and cheap enough for practical 
use amongst the students desirous of acquiring a thorough 
knowledge of Arabic literature and poetry. 

Of the many Arabic-English Dictionaries existing up to 
this time, those published in England are too expensive for 
ordinary students, while those that may be found in 
Syria and Egypt are by no means adequate to any serious 
purpose, as they only contain a list of the principal words, 
with none of those turns and expressions that give so peculiar 
a feature to Arabic, and into which as in a mould the 
language has been cast. 

This Dictionary is an attempt to supply those deficien- 
cies. Without jDretending xo being exhaustive, yet it is 
comprehensive enough to enable the students to read the 
chief works of literature and poetry. 

The author has followed in his translation the standard 
work of M^ Lane, as it is by far the best work ever published 
in this line. But as the celebrated Lexicon is only parachie- 
ved as far as the letter ^}, and as it does not comprehend 
all the roots, it has been necessary to go back to the ori- 
ginal Arabic sources. 

The work has been compiled on the same principles 
as F^. Belot's Arabic-French Dictionary which has been so 
favorably received in almost every school and has reached 
within a short time its fifth edition. The English equivalent 
has been slightly increased in size so as to include many 
new words and expressions without becoming too bulky. 

Moreover the author has taken particular care to trans- 
late accurately scientific terms and especially botanical 
names, which are ordinarily rendered in a general sense 
by words such as these "species of plant". This is a pecu- 
liar feature of this new Dictionary for which the celebrated 
work of Ibn Bithar the Arab Botanist has been consulted, 
as well as the modern WT)rk of Forskal. 

The vulgar tongue of Syria and Egypt is largely repre- 
sented with peculiar signs and the personal experience of 
the author has enabled him to add many words and to 
correct some inaccurate renderings. 

An appendix to the Dictionary gives in the original language 
the etymology of Arabic words derived from foreign sources. 




1° The order followed in the Dictionary is the same as is gene- 
rally adopted by European Orientalists, viz. the radical roots, marked 
thus {^) are given in alphabetical order, each one followed by all the 
derivative forms. 

2° The foreign words introduced into Arabic, although they do 
not beiong to any radical, have been assimilated to Arabic words, 
being considered as arabicised and as such connected with a radical 
really existing or supposed, so that they are to be searched in the 
Dictionary without taking into account the augmentative letters inclu- 
ded in the paradigm jj^JL , exactly as would be done for Arabic 

For instance JjJs^\ is to be found in the root Jj (paradigm 

(J«*^l), j\j\ in J J: , j^ in^> 0_rl-^ in f^. > J^^ ^^J^i J:!^^ in Jf ^^c. 

j*^ Whenever a o occurs in the second letter of a quadriliteral 
noun or verb, it is to be referred to the triliteral root, the letter o 
being then augmentative ; thus ijlj- is to be found in jic , o^^SS in 
^Ss. , jj-Ct in ,_^~ji , ^.Jvi in jji- , ^j-x.^ in ^j-J* , and so on. The 
reason lies in this, that this letter is added to give an intensive form 
to the original meaning of the triliteral form, and this kind of words 
has been so classed in the Arabic Lexicons. But when o is considered 
as radical, they are left in the ordinary alphabetical order. Even as 
a rule we repeat them in order to save too much trouble to the stu- 

4*^ Quasi-quadriliteral forms having a j or tj in the second or third 
letter are to be found in the corresponding triliteral form, to which they 
are supposed to belong, ^ in, ^, ^_j=- in ^^, jj^, in j_x 

5*^ Reduplicative verbs such as^^ , JJj always follow the bili- 
teral verb to which they correspond , J>^ to ^ , JJj to l)j ; and 


they are placed in the same order even if the biiiteral root is wan- 
ting ; thus ^jcj is mentioned immediately after 'j»j . 

6^ Quadriliteral words beginning by is are to be referred to a 
triliteral noun, as j,*.^ to^a- , f-y^^ to »jj, fr_^_ to «J , jl^. to J^. 


We give in an appendix a list of Arabic words derived from fo- 
reign languages. Those borrowed from Turkish or Persian, are mentio- 
ned only when they have undergone a change in the Arabic trans- 
cription. For the others the orthography being the same, there is no 
need of repeating them. We refer these words to their primitive 
origin, although the foreign words used in common language may be 
said almost without exception to belong to Turkish, and have been intro- 
duced through its medium ; as ^■>J^-, oX^J , ^CjJL , L Jj j^\ , »j_^L- ; 
and especially all the Persian words as iiij , i*ii. , ±z, . 

We give the etymology of the words as they are to be found, in 
Arabic, Persian, or Turkish Lexicons, such as Lane, Freytag, Dozy, 
Barbier de Mesnard, Meninski etc ; but we cannot vouch for the 
accuracy of al) , as some of them are obviously doubtful, especially 
some Persian words, the etymology of which is variously explained. 
In that case we quote the form that appeared to us more consistent 
with analogy. The words derived from Coptic are not included in the 
list ; they are very few and they chiefly pertain to names of months, 
which are only used in Egypt. 

We have added an errata to the work, in order to correct some 
typographical faults, especially those concerning the letters indicating 
the foreign origin of the words ; no doubt, other misprints may be 


found in the Arabic accents, owing to the minuteness of the type, 
but they may be said to be unavoidable even in the best Lexicons and 
can be easily detected by the reader. Errare humanum est. 

I wish, at the end of this work, to thank all those who have had 
a part in so arduous an undertaking, especially F^' Belot author of 
the Arabic-French Dictionary, whose assistance has been precious 
to me, as well as F^" Louis Cheikho who has given me some very 
useful advices and generally all those who had a share in the collation 
of the proofs. 


-ft- Indication of a new Arabic root. 
-^ Used in the dialect of Syria, 
a In that of Egypt. 

i'^ It must be remarked that if the two preceding signs are 
placed before an Arabic root, it means that the Arabic word and its 
meaning pertain to that dialect ; if placed before the English sense, it 
affects only the special meaning given, the word being good Arabic 
in its form. 

2^ It must be noted that most of the vulgar meanings marked 
with the sign <>■ are common to both dialects, while those marked a are 
only used in Egypt. 

( — ) in the beginnmg of a line, stands for the repetition of the prece- 
ding word. : 

E. g. 5u-> 

*j 5 iJ - Stands for a j » i ji> 


( J ) A comma intervening between nouns or verbs following in a 
sequel , indicates a newform having the same meaning as the former e. g. 

means that o Li. L^^ is the plural of oLa. and that i-^^^-l is a new form 
in the singular retaining the same meaning as oU. 

means that ( a ^-j>^ ) is another form of the same verb having the same 
meaning as ( i j,^-^ ) 

(•) A semicolon is put for distinguishing words that have a common 
meaning, without being synonymous. 

( : ) A colon placed between two nouns separates the object from the 
subject of a verb. 

E. g. To blast (the plants ; hoar-frost) f^ JtiLkl. 
To miss (the butt : shooter) Ji- \ 

( ) The words included in a parenthesis are either given as an 
explanation, or to complete the meaning of a verb or noun, which 
is not mentioned explicitly in Arabic. Thus a parenthesis explains the 
sense understood by the letters a or » in Arabic. 

( 5 , *) These letters show a verb to be transitive ; and when they 
are wanting the verb is intransitive. 
* stands for inanimate things; 
-6 for animate beings. 

When both signs are found together without being separated by j 
they mean that the verb has a double object, 
a i o following an Arabic verb show that the aorist has its second 

> >' ^ - ' ^ 

j^ o 

Two letters following the same verb indicate that the same may 
have two forms, as : i o Jji>^ means that the aorist is JXs^ or J.ij^ 

radical in — 

? -- 


a stands for 



— — 








.1. . • •«• 

'^J U^^^ 


2^ J A^ ^^^J ' 


is equal to 










































Feminine nouns having a masculine termination. 

Pick-axe ^ U 

Thigh jji' 

Ship di!u 

Bow ^j-jA 

Foot /.Jl-s 

Cup i^o 

Shoulder Jaz^ 

Ventricle lt^p 
Palm of the hand Ij.?^ 

Fire jlJ 

Shoe JjJ 

Hip, haunch i)jj 

Hand Ju 
Right hand, oath Cnt' 





Year, age 



Left hand 


Poetical metre 

Stick, staff 


Eye ; spring 

, ^y*^ 















Arm ; cubit 


iw*^^ » W-* > J 


-^>^ ' 

All the winds such as 
Jy.^,o^^ etc. 
N. B. The adjectives having a common termination for both genders 
or numbers have been specially mentioned in the dictionary throughout. 


Nouns admitting both the mascuHne and feminine gender. 

Back of the neck lis 




V r 







Eagle, orfrey 









> > 


Spider c^jS.^ :& 

Soul, individual 


Garden, Heaven^^rjS^ 



Horse, mare 


All the letters of the 







• i 

State, condition 




Shirt, coat-of-mail tj ^ 


Ample trousersji j\^' 



Pov^^er, might 




Heaven, sky 




I Paradigm of the triliteral verbs. 

Passive Active 




rjuu jvifr 

J - .aAj Jha3 


X«J — J^ 


i 3^3 


o J^ 

TV. B The nouns of action of the triliteral verb have no regular 
form and are always mentioned in the dictionaries ; even the same verb 
may have many varying according to the meaning. 


Paradigm of Arabic verbs. 
II Derivatives of the triliteral verb. 


Nom of action 





iA.^«_sJj i.lji.ij 



VUJj '^^' 











- * 

^ '•'.'' 




' ft 



- ^ ft 


■ ft 







III Quadriliteral verb and its derivatives. 



V>uij :lli^ 














^ ft 






shows the accent 




the aorist — 


shows the accent of 

a. 0. 

any one. 

the aorist — 



0. a. 

one another 





a. th. 

any thing 





p. or pi. 







Collective noun 




( Exempli gratia ) 







e. o. 

each other 





s. or sing. 


F. or fern. 











Noun of unity 

Gr. or gran 

. Grammar 


(videlicet) namely 






shows the accent 




the aorist -^ 

Plural of 

a plural ji^-i-l tJt- p* 

i. e. 

{id est) that is 



^j* r 




int. or inter] 

. Interjection 


object » 



Animate being » 

Hi. literally 

N. B. A smaller e or s following any of the capital letters 
used for indicating languages means that the word is used in Egypt 
or Syria. Thus Ce must be read ; Coptic word used in Egypt and 
Ts is for : Turkish word used in Syria. 





To fecundate ; to ^ 'ij^yj G'* i o J'l 

graft (a palm-tree). etc. 
Needle; sting. Sea-compass. j\ ^ ij \ 
Needle-case. Grafting-knife, jijj'jjfcji 
Slander, backbiting. _,a* ^ S3>i; 

Pricked; grafted. Sharp-pointed.j^Jli 
To dart forth, to \'j^\j \j,] i ^'1 -S- 

rush, to leap (gazelle). 
To insult a. 0. lli^ V ~ 

To reprove, to s ^'\j CJi i ^l -H- 

despise, to humiliate a. o. 
To pick up, to A jj\j CiJl Ji.'i\ * 

gather a. th. 
Crowd. l£C( 

To fasten the s jJ/'Sj ,(^j] [ o j^f\ -ft- 

foot of a camel to (his thigh). 
Rope for fastening the jj\ ^ jaCl. 

foot of a ca.ael. Hock, hamstring. 
Man's and ja^j, ^ jJ}^j J^^^ -r J^'>} 

camel's ham. 
Armpit. oUiC. i»Q •{►j i>ljT -,- ^X^ 
To carry a. th. under the armpit.^ ^Vki 
Nickname of an Arabian poet,!^^- i^S> 

lit : he carries evil under his arm. 
Anything put under the armpit. I»Ci 
I put it baneath my Q,Ci iiUf 

To run away, Jl. OCl.j <jJ\ o \ jl'\ ^ 

to flee, to take flight (slave). 
Flax. j:1 

Who has run j\,\j j|i ^ j^\j j,T 

away, who has fled. 
To be a skilled ;J \^ o jjIj , !A; 1 a J<1 -«■ 

manager of (camels). 
To go from the y,^\ jj}j ,vy.\j y^) i o - 

Hey, interr. part., I say, is it ? 1 -ft- 
Is (he, she, it)... not ? vlj 'j\ 

Is (he, she, it)... not... yet ? CJI 

To desire a. xA\.J,\'<iS>\j yVi'lj G \ o LA ^ 
To prepare J ;;Gb vX'ij Cu'l^ CI o i ~ 

oneself to, for. 
Meadow, grazing. lJj\ ^ '^\ 

Eleventh month of the Coptic ^^1 Ce 

year. July. 
To be OyMj icjl a zJh i o C;1 ■»■ 

burning hot (day). 
Burning, hot (day). c4b C^'j CjT 
To speak ill of, to Uj 5 CiJl i iJ'l -ft- 

The alphabet. *j_aiJVI ^.^^i-JI j -k?tJ^ -»• 
To last. iS^Ji i ojl -H- 

To settle, to abide in a place. ^j — 
To become wild (cattle); to |S_^ ! i o — 

take fright. 
To irritate o.'s self with, ic \J^\ a -u^ 
To perpetuate. To scai"e. Sj ^ jJl 
To become everlasting (th.). To jul; 

become wild (place). 
Perpetuity; eternity, i,y\^ iOT^ ojl 
Always, ever, oJVi -ob *:i,-^fvi -Jlj ll^il 

For ever. jJVi Jl^j joVi Jp 

An extraordinary event. _oij1 ^ slot 

A wild beast. 
Perpetual; eternal. -^^j ??//• 

Perpetuity ; eternity. ♦; uij 

To prick a. o. ■& \j\\j G^ o i i'l -«■ 

with a needle. To spui". To give to 

a. o. to eat a needle in his food. To 



( T ) 


Shirt. Shift. Coat ^\%j v_;CT^ ^i[jk- 

of mail. 
To put on a shift, a coat of ^JSb ^jj 

Haviog crooked nails. ^jiLJI wJ^ 

Rope to fasten the jcIj ejJJ^ i6{ -»- 

feet of a cow, when milked. 





To walk at a quick C5cb ^liT i JjI -S- 

Meeting at a dead jjX> ^ J;'\s — v ' "^ 
person's house, funeral meeting. 

She-ass. j ij jTj j i ^ o^S ^ 

To buy a she-ass. To fall, to jtj.^ 

Prov. The ass became^ *l£j,\S i^Ujv els' 
a she-ass 2. e. He was honoured and 
fell into contempt. 

Lime kiln, brick kiln. oC>,€\j ^\ ^ o>»1 

To produce (ground), saij I^jI o c'I -^ 
To grow up abundantly (corn). 

.V. of. act. Straight path. Manner. _^1 | 

Abundant produce. 'Ul^ I 

Tribute, tax. Bribe. .jjcl ^ cjt\ I 

Toitj 5 scUj i'Cib UjIj 'Cit_, CCii^ i J'l -^ i 
come to a. o.'s house or to a place. | 

To happen to a. o. To give as a gift. I 

To undertake a thing, to make it. 
To ruin a. o. (fate). To accom- Jc ^^ 11 

To bring a. o. or a. th. o — 

To present, to offer a. th. to i_> ^ ~ 

a. o. 
To make a passage ^ u5l7j ijc j\ 

(for water). 
To comply with the it i i^V^ j\ 

wishes of, to obey a. o. 
<>• To suit a. o. (dress, climate). s — ' 
To give a. th. to a. o. * 5 siijl. JT 
To proceed, to derive from.^ j\ ^a J\^ \ 
To be prepared, disposed to. To J — ! 

happen unexpectedly (mishap). To | 

become easy to a. o. 
To urge a. o. to come. To s J'li^l, [ 

deem a. o. to be slow. 
Who arrives, comer. ^'J\ ^ pT 

The futui'e. time to come. J'v'i 

Front, opposite side. Place to JU 

water to a fresh pasturage (cattle). 
Camels. j^Aj JCt,^jjJ^ 

A sexton, jji^ JCT ^ 'jC]j 'j^Jij jjf 

monk, bell-ringer. 
Large fagot of wood. Mana-yui^j ;JG^ 

gement of property, of goods. 
A troop (of camels or birds) J-^Cl 
I following each other in a file. 
I A place full of camels, where ii;\; 
many camels are to be found. 
To accuse, to char- »_) 5 CJ'l o i cr'l -S- 
[ ge a. 0. with a fault. 
j To compose the elegy of, to 5 'crl 
praise a dead person. 
Beginning. Propitious time. ci^y 

I Knot. Hatred, enmity. ^\ ^ ;;; i 

' Blameworthy. Suspicious. Un- Ojj'^ 
I manly, effeminate. 
To remember J j\ <-> Ui) a. *j] -^ 

a. th. 
No one pays attention to it, iJ t'^iV 

To suspect a. 0. of. v_j ji '*;i 

To show pride. u '4\j 

To turn aside with scorn from, ^t — 
Beauty, brightness. Pride. <4^i 

To be a father. iyAj \'ji\j sjCl.o O/l -«■ 
To swear by one's father, to 2 S.'\ 
say : ( c-jI iJ'M ) May I ransom thee 
with my father. 
To consider as a father. s JjJ 

Father. .GT ^ ( _^l j^jc ") LjI 

Father. Word meaning y <■_, J] 

causality or possession. 
The Heavenly Father. J^\ 

my father !«u:;1 Gj c-'.l UjjC^I kJ «^' 
Cock. uliai;n_^i 

Poppy. j,jti] — 

Sphynx. J^l y] 

The man wearing spectacIes.SjiJa!!! y] 
Paternity. ej'^}jaj'.^ 

Fatherly, belonging to a father. tjjjT 
Fatherly. -^ Paternity. 7jy\ 

To ^ jl A Jf t^j , s«Cl^ i *Gl i a lA 1 ^ 

refuse, to disdain a. th. 
To refuse a. th. to a. o. J* 2( — 

Refusal. Scorn. »Cl 

Who refuses, w-ho scorns. ^JT 

Haughty, -j.^1 

To take root, il ijl o j;b Vy ! i Jj^ -^ 
To become wealthy. i)G> jj^Cj |j_jl 
To become, to get firm. j;\; 

Tamarisk. Jj\j JJTj o>^j1 ^ J'\ 

A tamarisk. o>^^ ^r *ij ' 

Furniture of a house. JIjI.^ sub li^l 
Nobility of origin. Julj il;1 

Rooted. Noble. tP>"j J^i'l 

To commit a Cilij Cilj uil a ^'l -ft- 

sin, a crime. 
To accuse a. o. of a crime. 
To incite a. o. to a crime. 
To abstain from iniquity. 
Sin, crime, felony. 
Guilty. wlsrvTj 

Sin, crime. ^"u ^ 

«_) ojIjI J Cil i ^y I , ojUlj J 1^1 o Ul -8- 
To slander, to backbite a. o. 
Slandei". su'iij i^U 

To burn, to blaze (fire). C>u^\ o '^\ -s- 
To run (ostrich). 'i?t-?-1 i o — 

To be brackish (water). (Vjii o — 
To light, to kindle (the fire). 5_j a ^.^1 

To chai'ge (the enemy). 
To render water bitter and a ^T 

To burn fiercely, to ^Xo T^\i v.>-\~' 

become hot. 
Ardour, heat. ^(^[ ^ x» 1 

Brackish, bitter (water). ^li-f 

Ardent. Bright. ^j^] 

Sound of falling water. -•i;j| ^^\ 

Two powerful nations ^_^Uj 9rj»-\.^ 

mentionned in the Bible. 
To reward, jt J 'sjG-'. j 1^1 i o _^1 -il- 

to hire a. o. 
To be set \jji.\j \'j\^]j \'^^] o^>:1 

His hand has been set. iaJo',?-! 

To burn ( bricks). A 

To pay the wages J j\ ^ S 'ojiVy^ 

of. To hire a. o. 
To reward a. o. s 0^1 ji-"^ 

To hire ; to rent. *> 5 — 

To give alms. To be hired. ji^^ 

To hire a. o. To i_.* j :^ ^\_rJ,l^ 

let a. th. at such a price. 
Remuneration. jW-Tj j^il ?r j?"^ 

Foot, paw. ,3.1 <>. 

wliich one goes or comes from. 
To be thick ijulj Gyij Obi o i a o1 -«■ ( hair, grass). 
■^ To furnish a house. A 'jjj\ 

To become j-ich. To live in a com- ^i7 

fortable way, to have a good living. 

•^ To bj furnished (house). 
Household furniture, moveable oul 

good."?, utensils. 
Luxuriant (head of hair), c-^j^ '■^^ 

tufted (hair). 
■^ Furnished, supplied with fur- z^'^H 

To relate (a fact). a Sj\j b 'J^ i o ^j1 -JI- 
To begin a. th. To choose. \'j\ a 'J,'\ 
To begin to do. jiij — 

To propose a. th, it — 

To appropriate a. th. in ;.:U-ii Jt — 

preference to others. 
To imprint, to leave marks j _p\ 

upon. To impress, to move. 
To choose, to prefer a. th. fi> IjUjI Jj\ 
To prefer a. o. to. it j — 

To follow a. 0. 5 J\i')\j J\3 

To be wounded, moved ^»j ^J.2j\j — 

To appropriate a. jc- ^'^^dj jjii-ll. 

th. esclu.sively to o.'s self. ' 
To call a. o. to Him ( God ). ^j^. — 
Trace, track, print. jIj"!"*- Jb J I 

foot-step. Mark. Tradition. 
Scar, cicatrix. jyb j^"^ rr J^h X^ 

Glitter of a sword. 

V T J' 

The old monuments, ruins;ijj2)l jd'vi 

of old monuments. 
What remains Jl ^ Jit ^;» I'jSj Sjul 

of a lost science. 
Inheritance. ;u_^l a 

Choice. Preference. Selfishness. ' c'J ^ 
Who wears traces of. '\'j\ ^ _nj1 

Excellent. Ethereal atmosphere, 
hifluence. Impression. jy't 

Memorable fact, JX* ^ I'Ji^j "O \^ 

brilliant action. Benefit. 
Transmitted by tradition. 
Moving, pathetic. 
To prop a pot on a fi> ii^jV 

Support of a pot. *j l5l ^ -Cm i 

ill -«■ 

( I ) 

i>1 -R- 

Thirst. Anger. 

Shi'iek of pain. :ik^^ \j ^»b 

See jicj. ^ Jt 

To hate a. o. jc C * " 

Anger. Inveterate hatred. ^^I,^ <!>■{ 
Inter j. expressing disgicst, ^T-^j ^1 -^ 

sorrow. Alas! poh! 
Dirt. ti.[j %] 

Flour mixed with butter or oil. «s-»1 
To take ^ ^ j' A liU-ljj liil o a»-i -S- 

a. th. from a. o. 
4> To be offended, »Jk^ \^ •^*'' 

■fy- 1 o frequent a . o. o^ /»^ j_^ b -"^ ' 
He began to say. J_y2j — 

To begin by. J — 

To seize, to ravish a. th. or ^_, Ji.\ 

a. 0. 
To learn a. th., to quote from. ^ »> — 
To bewitch a. o. 5 i»1 

To blame, to re- it jl v_, 5 %ji-\^y JiT 

prehend a. o. on, to punish a. o. for. 
To take a. th. chosen j j * a_95jl. 

amongst many. 
To bow the head as a sign iiliJ,)^ 

of sadness. 
Chastisement. Use, custom. iij 

Blea redness. Siilj ii-l 

Benumbing. si>:T 

A land given as fee. o'ivil tr S^^l 

Fish-pool. Shield-handle. 
N.of act. Witchcraft, witchery. jLiC 
Prisoner, captive. i^iil ^ jLo-I 

Spoils, booty. S-i^ssI 

Place from which some- ii-t. ^ jj.'^ 

thing is extracted. Source, mine. 

Taken, seized. Dra\vTQ, extracted.iy!\;: 
To delay. To put at a )lKi.c_,j^l -»• 

the end. To leave behind, to abandon 

a. th. 
To remain behind, to ^\=J,)j ^»l3 

be late. To be in bad business. 
M. Other, els- . oj^>T t J^ ' >• ^"^ 
F. Other, else. oO^ilj ^1 ^ t^^^i 
Back, backside, hind part. _,i5 

Delay. z'^iA 

9r oj^ 'J »j^l 

A baked brick. ^i i 

Salary, hire. ^'j^\j Sj^f' 

Flat roof. j;>l»-'l ?r Sj^U J^l 

Lease of house, farm. jGijI. 

Servant, hireling.Cj^ii <v 'IS*' vr -^^ 
Tenant. ' j>'^^ 

Workman, hireling, hired ^*ViiJ» 

labourer. Hired (house). 
To recline on a pillow j^'\^\ — j>.\ -S- 

without leaning the back. 
Plum. <• Pear. u^'^i'^j u^'A,^ 

Cry for chiding (sheep). iai-[ H- 

To be delayed, postponed. ::A>.1 a J»'l -H- 
To cause ( evil) to a. o. J* A o Jfl 
To give delay to a. o. s j^^ 

To ask for a delay. -^ To be j>\; 

To request of a. o. a m ji\_£JI, 

Yes, no doubt ; of course. Jf 1 

Fixed term. Death. Matu- J(^T^ jil 

rity, expiration. 
Cause, reason. jil 

For thee, on account of thee, illf 1 ^p 

for thy sake. 
Paiu on the neck. j^l. 

A herd of oxen. JG.T ^ — 

The future life, the life *i»Vlj joll 

to come. 
Sooner or later. >Uii j\ >i»t 

Swamp. jsTu ^ HiJI JiU 

That has a fixed limit. Jr >• 

To be violent, ^t:j ,C->;b C^'^ i j^'^ "^ 

intense ( fire ). To become tainted 

(water). To be hot (day). To be dis- 
gusted with a food. 
To be angi7 with a. o. jc ^ c 

, Brush- j,0j oCflj ^1 ^ C*1 

wood, thicket. Den of a lion. 
' Any flat-roofed and square ^\ 

Asylum, stronghold, fort. ^U-T^ ^\ 
I To tf 1 a o?-,b , ^j4-b ^^ i o ^;,>1 * 

become corrupted, tainted (water). 

With delays ; at last, at 
the end. 

0^» \J J Oj' 

To beat cloth (dyer). 
Urn. Amphora. 
Dyer's mallet. 
To couerh. 

U 'J\ *' 



To give a good breeding to 

a. o. To punish, to coirect. 
To receive a good bringing up. yJi'Ci 

To be well disciplined. 
To study literature. »_)iliJij — 

Good breeding. Politeness. ^liT^ y^'^S 

Literature. Culture of mind. 
^ Water-closet. Uj>1 -ff-j sSsis zm 

Literature, letters. i_,iVl ^Ip 

Meal, feast. ,^f\j> ^ ii''^\'j *_'ot 

Puni-sliment, chastisement, wiM^ 

Ecclesiastical censures. ALJuToCiaC 
Of good morals, honest, C,'i\ j, *J. il 

Morals, ^t.iVl oy^^AJl jl ;;i/iVl j^\ 

ethics. Moral theology. 
Learned. Polite, honest. 'Gil ^ ^ii\ 
Tutor, teacher, kj'-*^ 

To have a rupture, a ijil a jil -i^ 

Hernia, rupture. Sjit^ S^il 

To heal (wound). vil i J'il -«■ 

To beat (milk). A — 

Beaten (milk). Jil_ 

To season the ^ar:'lj , uil i y^l -!^ 

bread with. 
To reconcile a. o. crC, Ci|jjl_ ^iT, ^il 
To be bro\^'n. i;;ii o ^ilj Uil a ^i1 
Daily sub-sistence. Con- jXi\i ,.'it 

diment. Chief. 
Human skin, derm. iii'j ^i^ 

Adam (the first man). y^ 

Of Adam, human. > Honest, -j'^ 

Women. oU»iT d 


Tanner. ^iVl 

■^ Honesty, politeness. XJ!^ 

Skin. Terrestrial surface. Ji\ ^ ^^\ 

^ibi ^ X>lluV 

A hard, stoneless 


To ripen. IjSi o bi -»■ 

To lay in ambush for a. o. \'^^\ ^'^ — 
To be supplied with tools, ^ ^iTj 

to be ready for a th. 
Tool, implement, instru- cjVy^S ^ lVi\ 

ment. Particle {gram.). 

) c-;il 

End. Last. _^\j] ^ ^1 

Extremity, end. Desinence._^ij^ ^ ;^T 
The other life, the j'^i.'i\j iji'S\j ^iVI 

life to come. 
Belonging to the life to come, csj ^il 
Stable. jji G -^j j^ l P 

Eijuei-ry, shield-bearei". j^\ ^y} 

At the end, in the last. _^0\ j 

Till the last. V^^'o"^ 

Last, extreme. oj^^ir 'l ,- jji 1 

At last, at the end, finally. i^^i'i 

Back part, hinder part, back. j>-y' 
croup. Exterior angle of the eye. 
Stern (of a ship). 
Delayed, late. v»-*>* 

Remained behind. ^».\~a 

Palm-tree that -n>-t« ^ j\>CJt iUj 

keeps its fruit till winter. 
To fraternise. jf s^t o \^\ ^ 

To tie up (an animal). ? -^1 

To fraternise, to :; '\»-\i h^yy i'T 
take as a brother; to become inti- 
mately acquainted, to act in a bro- 
therly way with. 
To restore friendship between. ^,_ — 
To act as a brother and friend of. ^Vi 
To adapt. ^ /b J-'Pi ~ 

Bro- ;^ -t^j eS»b si>l>»j eii»b *^l 
therhood ; friendship, union. 

Brother. Friend." Companion. Match, 

fallow of a pair. 
F. Sister, oili ^ :c!i -^ oi^il ^ c^) 

Female friend. Female companion. 
Tie, band, ,^'jb ^Ijl ^ J^iTj ;:ii,^ 

horse-lock, stake to which a beast 

is tied. 
Brotherly. §/-^^ 

Confraternity, congregation. tyA -if- 
Viper's buglcss. ^jj^\ G 

To happen unexpect- mSI i o Sl -)}■ 

ediy, to overwhelm a. o. (evil). 
To behave resolutely. ^Sc 

Misfortune, adversity. i,'i\ ^ j^i j '^\ 
Difficult, serious (affair). j^^\ 

To be well brought up, Gi1 o <Ji\ -H- 

to be or become civilized. 
To invite a. o. i COjl^ i_.iTj , Gil i i_,i1 

to a banquet. To prepare a banquet. 




To j C SI J *<0^* O V Jb , V "^ J^ ^ V^''-'' "^ 
be skilful, ingenious in. 

To achieve, to better a. th. jj * ^.^'t 
To render a. o. intelligent, sharp, to 
cut up. ^ 

To try to deceive a. o. s *j jl>» VJ' 

To van, to overcome jt Qt'^l. i^'Ji" 
a. o. 

To be tightened (knot). 

To strive for. 

To be hard towards a. o. 

End prosecuted, aim. 

Cunning. Limb. Any- 
thing necessary. 

In small pieces. 

Gordiau knot. 

The upper part of the thigh bone.z!; j 
.^ Tumour. 

Clever, able. Ai-tful. ujj,b ^^j) 

End, aim, thing ^Jy ^ "^.'S^j ^J^— ' 

Inheritance. Ashes. (ojj ^J^bl ) cJjK^ 

Old thing. Boot. 
To light (the tire). A ojl 

To excite discord between. ojJ — 

Combustible, tinder. oOU j^j' 

To exhale ^jUj ,*»■<!. j,b *V3i a ■^j} ^ 

a peifume, to smell fragrant. 
To excite a. o., or Aj 5 ^jl 

Perfume, good smell, 'i'^ij}} r-ij} 

Odoriferous, sweet-smelling. ^j\ 

Intriguer, intriguing. ^'j'l 

To put the date A <i.\jX -;.'jb .f j1 "^ 

to. To write the history of. 
Date of a fact, of a -k^jXy -r ■^•i.jS' 

letter. History, chronology. 
Historical. li7-iJS' 

Date of coins, monu- lUuiJI "r-jj/c 

Chronicler, historian. -t-'jW^ 

Dated from; of such a date. ^j^i 

To cower, to! jjjij \'yj\ a jj Ij o i j3"l -^ 
roll up, to squat (reptiles). To be 
cold (night). 
Cold. Jij} 

Sustainer of a tribe. ^>«!l — 

Cedar. jS\ 

( -^ ) tiii 

To trans- Jl. * ^il: ,iSb , ^.r'^ i ^^^^ "*^ 
mit a. th. to a. o. ; to pay, to resti- 
To help, to assist a. o. jp 5 «tJo^^5iT 

To pay. to settle (a debt). ^. '^ ^saS 
To reach to. (j>.— 

To exact, to take a. th. tt> s i^ilrJ,!^ 

from a. 0. 
To implore the help of jt a' ^sVlS-ll^ 

a. 0. against. 
Payment of a debt. Performance .iSl 

of a duty. 
Then, at that time, 'iJli il.j il^-^i- 

when, as, while. 
Here... is, there... is ; on a sudden. \h\^ 

When, if. 
In that case, then, thus. o'Aj >'iV 

March (month). j\V\j jbT S 

A kind of anemone. <^Ay^[ ^ 

To listen, to hearken Ji Ci) a oil "* 

To pei-mit a. th. to a. o. J Cii, J — 
To know a. th. ^ilSlj Oliij Cib "^H" 
To call out to Clj;iloiTj,Cj>C oil 

prayer (amongst Moslems). 
To inform a. o. of. ljj f^ ^ ClJu^oi* 
To ask from a. o. permis- j s oi'^t 

sion to. 
To ask leave of entering in. js. — 
To take leave of. ^i — 

Permission, leave. ^ Order (of a o'il. 
bill). ^ _. ^,^ 

Ear. Handle. o'.>jj ° oliT ^ o ib o i? 
Izan (call to prayer). obi 

Chamberlain. ^ ^ col 

Long-eared. VJi'j >^i' 

Muezzin (a crier who iif\j o*i>i 

calls to prayer). 
Minaret, turret of a oiu ^r i*-^; 

To suffer damage. ^ siilj vjSi a 'ji\ * 
To injure, to harm a. o. 5 t\jj\.j':>\ 
To sutfer damage. ^ ^ i/i5 

Damage, harm done siiij *iib <^i' 

to a. 0. 
Who suffers or causes da- ^ilj il 

Noxious, harmful, prejudicial to. i^ 

yj\ c Y ) 

Irain (name of a place). ^jl 

There is nobody, no j^_j\j j>j 'l Uj C» 

Molar teeth. ^3' 

To gnash the teeth jy^i Jt ^^vi j;^J 

Wasted (land). *'jj^j 'i>*jl 

Koot, origin. •:j.j'}j -^j'}j j,j'j\ 

To be hvely, Cljlj C^jlj C3'l a o.J ■«- 

Litter, coffin. ojl ?r >^0l 

Den. oj*^" T olIrl»j — 

Lively, quick. ojjij yjj 

To produce honey ( bee). G ji 1 i^jl ^ 
To remaia in the stable, to be- * — 

come accustomed to it (beast). 
To prepare a stable for (a J_j n jj\ 

beast) ; to fasten it to a pole. 
Honey. J'J\ 

Pole to ^j\ji\j C5j ijl ^ s5 jTj ^jT 

which a beast is fastened. Stable. 
To produce a S'jc'jh Cob \% o j1 -«- 

noise (pot on the fire). 
To incite a. o. to. It n — 

Confu.sion, press, pell-mell. sji 

To feed (sheep to the s' Ij^ a 1j1 -^ 

full), to satiate. 
To renounce, to give up. ^i. — 

To flow (water). C,j1 i ^'j\ ^ 

Little man, despised man. ^'j\ 

Drain, sewer. Leaden ^-.j j"t» ^ <J\^, 

A prolate :cijl^ j ^ijT, ^j,T ^ -,jl * 

To build a prolate vault. fn ^j'l 

To be late. ,^ 37} , G-j Jl i ^jl -J:i- 

Person in arrears, late. ^j^l 

Lilac of Persia. ci-jij\i c-i;irjTP 
Very good dates. iljl .^ 

To surround a. th. fi> \'yj\ \ yj, ^ 

To strengthen. To ^ s 0_j\j j% — 

wrap a. o. in a veil. To clothe a. o. 

with a waist-wrapper. 
To strengthen, to assist %jj\'y s 3jT 

a. o. 
To girdle; to"\vrap ^ yj\j jj\j\j fy^ 

o.'s self in a veil, a mantle. 
Strength; weakness. Back. Middle jjl 

part of the body. 

A cedar-tree. 


To practice agrieul- 

^j' i trjl "fr 

ture, to be a tiller, a husbandman. 
Pi'ince. ^31^ 

<j-jlOO o>fj^ib oy~ijX 5r u~lJ,h_~ 
Agricultuiist, tiller. <^jyj\j ^j~ij\j'\j 
Piice of blood. Gift. Price J^'J-H- 

given for damage. Incitement to 

To make mischief amongst, tojj; J:.j] 

set at variance. 
To light (the fire). To kindle (war).* — 
J^\'Jj J^\y\j ij>yjj Oj^'j ■K J»jl -8- 
Eai'th, terrestrial globe. Soil, ground. 

Country, land. 
To bring foi'th herbs i^J\ ja'y 

abundantly (soil). 
To become luxuriant and i^ijl J^jl 

covered with green (soil). 
A ti'ee-worm, wood-fvetter. j^^l ^ x^jl 
Terrestrial, earthly. Is^j^ 

Artichoke. sT'^^ 'S^A "^ 

Bottom of a vase ; ground of <Li>j1 <>• 

a stuff. Ground of a house. -^ Urinal. 
Course of the week. x'.^,l\ x:^'J\ ^ 
Fruitful. Broad. jaJjl 

To set limits to. * ^/^ Ciji -H- 

Boundaries, limit. ^j'J ^ :cij? 

To be sleepless, wakeful. C»j1 a Jjl -^ 

To slumber. 
To cause a. o. ^ Glltl 'Sjj ^^hj}^ 'J'J 

to slumber. 
Partial insomnia, sleeplessness. j'y 
A kind of thorny tree. £\'J\ -^ 

To eat the leaves of that (ksjjl i iij\ 

tree (camel). 
To be seized with iJj \j , ^y a £!j 1 

colic for having eaten it (camel). 
To cicatrize (wound). iij'\ 

Throne, seat. Ottoman. iui^l ^ Xiso j\ 
To eat all (the food ). * ^'J\ \ yj\ ^ 

To devour the whole harvest, to 

destroy the crops (of the land). 
To reduc3 people '^''Xy'^Xi. j y^\ — 

to misery, wretchedness. 
Tooth. ^ ^yy ^ -^J) 

Stone set up in the j^yy^ ^I'jf ^ /J\^ 



C A 

To be as courageous as jZ.\L.\j olc 

a lion. To become strong, tall or dry. 
Lion. jj,]j juLij iCJj »jJ^\ 7 -u.'i 

Lioness. zjJ:.] 

Place full of lions. oJu ^ Sal.\? 

To tie, to bind szjL.[j \'^'\ i^'J -«- 

a. o., to take captive. 
To bring a. o. 2( _/j£j|j , Ijd.j 1^1 — 

away as a captive. 
To fasten tightly, to Sj fi> ^\ 

To surrender as a prisoner. J J.JcZ.\ 
Lsather-strap. Captivity. jCl.j^'J 
All, I he whole of them, -without ^_^U 

exc 'option. 
Retention of urine. j-'„l 

He suffers from ^ys\ ^f> j^\ *j 

Relationship, kindred, _/J ^ s^n-l 

aftinity. Strong breast-plate. 
Strong leather-strap. Jij ^ jCI. 

Left side. ( jUj j»}* ) — 

Prisoner, ^S'J-^^j JjC-lj A'JJt ^ j^\ 

Tube. -^ Shank of a j^~-\'/* -r a'jyL''^ 

tobacco-pipe, -if- Gun-barrel. 
Israel. 6^>'j^A ^ 

To be afflicted with, y, ClJLI a wj-l ^ 
To afflict; to ii-ritate CjU-i 5 JL-,T 

a. o. 
To regret, to be son-y for, le. ^J,lj 

to lament. 
Sadness, affliction. ;»u.1j wj— 1 

Alas ! What a pity! oUI-'l G j i^l Q 
Regret. " wi-it; 

Sorry, angry. _i.^1 

Sad. afflicted. ^i-— *l 

Barren soil. **-— ' iJ'jb *^*—' 

Sad. Nervous, touchy. o>.il 

To be ^L,1 a J-1j , iIC-1 o JJll ^ 

oblong full and smooth (face). 
To sharpen, to point. A j^l 

To be like o. 's father. oG^ J-lG 

Reed used for making lances, 
arrows. Spear, blade. 

iV. of un. Tip of the tongue. 

Oval-shaped full and smooth 



Veil. Root, j'j{ 

A very ample 23j,Tj j'ji ^ oj\Xi jOl 

veil. Waist-wrapper. 
Waist-wrapper. j-Jy ^ Zji^j jjit 

Veil. Clothing. Mantle. 
Help, assistance. t'jj^'y' 

To arrive sud- J[ (j,jlj 6jl a uij/l -ft- 

denly. To draw near, to approach. 
To draw near (one to the iSj^ 

other ). 
Quick step. Ji'j] 

Day, hour of the last judgment. xsjT 
To be straitened, jy^j , CSjl 1 JJI "^ 
Narrow place. Battletield jjTj. -^ JjU 
To be in a strait. Sj^j ,Vj1 i Jjl -J^ 
Eternity. *^?J)b Jj'' 

Eternal. 'Jjt 

Anguish ; narrow circumstances, jjl 
Uncomfortable, under constraint. Jjl 
To bite. jfcj ^■ C-jjij C^jl i ^j1 ^ 

To ruin a. o. (dearth), s — 

To be unfruitful (year). it — 

Canine tooth. ^J ijlj ^jl ^ v^jT) ^jT 
Scarcity, dearth. Poverty. yj[ ^ ;;jl 
To correspond (o. to a «0l^ i.Jj'i' -S- 

the other). To be opposite. 
To be opposite, to front C jT_^ Sy^ 

0. a, 

Before, opposite, in front. 
Before him, opposite to him. 
Foun- , ' t _ ^u1 , c^Cl 

dalion, principle, basis. 
To lay the foundation, to fi> u— il 

To be founded (building). u-"'^ 

Small quantity of ashes. Jr-l 

Foundation of a c^L.Lf\j ^\JS ^ ^j— II 

Foundation, principle, estab- ^j-^^ 

Fundamental, principal. ',^C'l 

Founder. tr--^* 

Founded upon, established, jc ,^.^>» 

grounded on. 
Buttock. See '^Z. • c-ll, -«■ 

Surname of Constanti- "C^^S *jl£J.v1 P 

To 5 iSCjI JU.T, jL^ 1j , U-1^ i j.x1 -»■ 

set (a dog). To encourage a. o. 

Alkali. Potash. ot£[j oilii 

To break or soften a. th.* (J\ o y>'\ -i^ 
To strengthen. * ^S\ 

Earthenware, earthen pan, »>ar*'' 

Adjoining houses. a.^^\ 

To stop, to shut. A j^'(j a-tfl h- 

To clothe a. o. with a clie- s j^l 

misette, a short dress. 
Chemisette, tucker. il^[j o^i -^ jjual 

a kind of short dress. 
To provide a tent * l^'al i ^a\ -ii- 

(with a stake). 
To render a. o. kind. J*^ ^ "~ 

To be near, contiguous s Vj^\y> ^'<?T 

to, adjacent. 
Burden. Compact. Crime. jU»T 


Stake of a tent. e'j^j j^\ -r J^\ 
Tie, band. Relationship. j.aVj\ ^ %j^o\ 

Caper-bush. .jL^l -5f 

To be rooted. ;JUj1 o JoI -fJ- 

To state the oingin of. *_, ^ J_^*l 

To consolidate. To consider as noble. 

To classify according to a common 

To take a footing, to take j jo'C 


To originate in, to descend from.^^ — 
To extirpate. To root out,* Jo\_r-l^ 

to uproot. 
Origin. Race. Principle. J^( ^ j^'l 

Lineage. Root. 
Of noble origin. jJ,Vl Li^i 

Capital, stock. JQ) ^J,1 

Firmness of will, decision of V.ia\ 

Extirpation. Extermination. Ji.iii^l^ 
Original, radical. -j^l 

On no account, not at all, ^Ljl . .".V 

by no means. 
The rudiments, the principles. Jj.^vi 
Fundamental. 'J_,-i! 

Solid, well rooted. Gifted '%i\ ^ j.,^'1 

with a firm temper. Noble; of good 

breed (horse). 
Time jiu,1j oiUfj jj>lj 3\J\ ^ j^\ 

before sunset, evening. 
They came all of them, ^^/u^ L lj'.u. 

Noun, name. 
See ^^. 

.Ij -U 

^1 ^ 



, V7 ,« 

oV_l]^^ cCl 

xiL.1 -«- 

^ 'i J , C_^ I J Cw- 1 o i ^1 -ik 
To be coiTupted, to stink (water). 
Corrupted, putrid (water). ^ 

To nurse, to ?j * Clj l^'l o L-*l -S- 

cure. To console a. o. 
To make peace between. 
To console a. o., to nurse 

To give a part of one's 

goods to a. 0. ; to be muniticent. 
To console o.'s self. To bear Jjg 

with patience. 
To imitate a. o. 
To console a. o. 
Imitation; model. 

Relief; consolation 
A medical woman. 

To leave a. th. to J i>l Cr-'* ' J-^'^ ^ 

a. o. 
Honey that remains in the hive. -^^J" 
Base, column. ^\-j\ ^ *1-T 

To be sad, afflicted. it Jj\ a '^^J 

Sadness, pain, sorrow. u1j Jj\ 

Dry bread. ^ii ^ 

To be inter- »_.lCj,Ci.1 a ^^\ ^ 

twisted (tree). To be entangled. 
To be mixed (crowd). _Ji;'ij wi-C 
hitertwisted (tree). Confused. ^_,z.\ 
Thicket. _ ^il 

Rabble. ^l\iS\ ^ ijCi-t 

To be cheerful, merry. \'jJ-S\ a ^y\ -Vr 
Joy, sprightliness. j^-^\ 

To saw (wood). A> \'J--^\ \yJi 

To sharpen (her teeth ; A ^llj , l^Vl i - 

To annotate. To put a visa J-j o 

Denticulation. J--Jij yj\ ^ S^-.l 

Leg of a gi'ass-hopper. ^Vij^ 

Saw. -n4rl>'-^ -^r*^ ^ A'"^' 

White moss that grows on tiil -^ 
oak and pine trees. 


( \- ) 


Wild and destructive winds;c;lfe*^>4JI 

hurricanes, storms. 
To set (sun). Vyi oi^J>\-ii- 

To dry up, to ya\ a jji_, .v^si o J»1 

have no more milk (wet-nurse). 
To milk a (she-camel) s CjI i ^i -^ 

out of time. 
To be weak-minded. Cjl ^i\j a ^^ 
To have very little milk ( she- a ^'\ 

To decrease (th.). To boast of ^Ic 

what one has not. 
Weak-minded. Oj^'^j cnii 

Opitjm. o>j1 P 

Laudunura. ^^^ '"!"'' _/— 'o-s- 

To prepare ( a dish) a Ci»j1 i Lll -^ 

with sour c'aeese. 
To give to a. o. sour cheese to s — 


O^yi ?r -la'b Ja^U ^h ^[j ^h ^Vj JaSl 

Cheese made with sour milk. 
Heavy and indigestible Ja-il^ Jail 

Battlefield. JasU 

To be hot and windless Sal o 'Jl -J^ 

Hot and windless (day). «iAc%l 

To strengthen a. th. A> jkfjj ji^l -^ 

To assert. To certify. 
To ascertain. To be vei'ified. To a^u 

be confirmed. 
Firm. Certain. a-^1 

Reliance. Certainty. -^^^ 

To till (the *^Ib , l>=^ i >^^ "^ 

ground), to dig. 
Tiller, bus- Cjj'j^b »'J\ ^ j^l 

Ball, bowl. Ditch, hole. j^\ ^ s^l 
Pack-sad- sifeTj ^1 ^ ^V'fcb oi^l -ft- 

die (for, mules). 
To put a 2f Gl&ui wi^Tj , CijioU ^j&.l 

paciv-saddle (on an ass, a mule). 
To eat. To A ^IfeUj >i^1 o J4^1 -ft- 

gnaw, to nibble, to corrode. 
To itch (head), vi^^j V(k=>lj *I&.L o jTl 
To be corroded, rotten. >lri a jTl 
To give to A 5 VVfeiJ I ;j6;Tj , >L^a j^l 

a. o. a. th. to eat. 
To eat together, to 5 iiri^/J jit 

To compel a. 0. to. Ji, i kJ\ o\'j^\ ^ 
Shelter, refuge, asylum. J^UjI. 

To crack (saddle). To Cuu' i 'j,^ -{}- 

groan (she-camel). 
He was moved with j.'-'j'^ y ol» 1 

To arch, to curve A^tTlj , 1^1 oJh'\ -ft- 

an arch. To bend a. th., to bow. 
To surround ( a house). fl> 1 o^'l 

Fault, misdemeanor. j\y] 

Circumference. Hoop, ^{ ^ j\^{ 

circle, ring. <>• Fi-ame. 
Side, JL-C 1 ^ J_J3; Ij , Jli>T ;r Jl^ I -ft" 

Fort, fortlet. ,.u,Tj >.>l^t ^ j>i -ft- 

To swell (waves). To rise up ^'^ 

To become iri-itated with. ic. — 

Sea-turtle. ^]j X^"^ -^ j»^^ 

Chimney-piece. Hearth, fu'e- *i^J 

Agha (a Turkish c^\j\i^ ^ \f\ Ts 

Dirt of the ears or nails. ijl -ft- 

Fie, for shame ! 'J»\ 

Time. ^ij t»i_j oiib d^\^ 

At the time of that. dUi ^il J* 

To hurry. la>l a a?l -ft- 

To be active, nimble. I^^ij l^i i _^1 -»- 
To be quick, active (servant )._^j;jji51 
Wormwood. Absinth. cn;:A-lJl '^ 

To tan (hides, skins). A usi i jil -ft- 
To reach the utmost degree (ssl a j;l 

of science, generosity. 
Liberal, learned. J;;'b ,^ 

Tanned (hide, skin). _ j^l 

Horizon. Country. jVaT ^^ jalj jal 

Horizontal. '2*5 

Great traveller. Adveuturei". jCJ 1 
To lie. \ig^i\ a ^\j , iSy Ij i^1 i dJi -ft- 
To deter a. o. from. ^ 5 UsJl — 

To be in want of rain and di\\ 

barren (soil). To be weak-minded. 
Lie, false- dUla! ^ *^r?b , *^ij •^'"K 

Liar. iJiSlj dl^l 

Good for nothing. A\'eak- il^U^ duil 


( \ 

V\ -«■ I 

To deceive, s lLi\'^i ^T, , CJi i 

to circumvent a. o. 
To become insane. ^i 

Lie. Madness. Treachery. ^] 

Insane. ^^ \i 

To get »j s Vj^t t wiJTj , UJ 1 a ^ll ■«• 

accustomed to a. o., to (a place). To 

become tame. 
To join, to unite, to bring ojj ^1 

To compose (a book). ^ — 

To frequent the s CjVt j ii)iy ^iJ K 

society of. 
To accustom a. o. to. ^ j ^'^A^ — 

To be intimately acquainted a ^M 

To be composed of. . * — 

To have relations of ^ji ^X^j ^ir/l^ 

friendship, to keep up a friendly 

connexion Avith. 
To seek the friendship of, to ^]\~L[ 

Fi'iendship. Company. xlJij ^!l. 

Thousand. ^vTj ^j] ^ ^] 

Friend, com-^,v1 ^ ^lb,oVT^ will 

Familiar, companion. 
More familiar than. 
Very familiar, very inti- 
mate. Tame. 
Compact, alliance. 
Agreement, friendship. 
Book. Collection. 
Usual, familiar. 
Familiarity. Friendship. 
Author (of a book). 
Composed. Book. 
Dwelling, continuance 

in one place. 
To Hash jB'ij J Ijj , lij I i jll -«- 

(lightning), to lighten. 
To bd mad. To lie. &i ] a js1 

Madness, lunacy. vjj'l 

Seized with madness. j^ Uj jli^ 

To send s z^% viAjT, , &j i i o diJI -«- 

a. o. To champ (the bit : horse). 
To bear (a letter). a d\j\:J, | 

Letter, missive. Sfe»')Uj ;r^1 

To suffer. (j\ a J\ -H- 

oVi r- win 

^ I ^ j^ I 


^, c 

take one's meals at a friend's?. 
To be eaten. To feel an itching. J&.I7 

To be rotten (tooth). 
To become incensed. To put jfe^rJI 

o.'s self into a passion. 
Food, eatable. J^tj J^i 

Piece, mouthful. jLfei 

Meal, repast. jifeil 

Canker. Itching. Rust. ii^oT 

A great eater, J^^b JsTb J^l 

Food, victuals. jiX» ^ JTU 

Porringer for 2 or 3 persons. <I&ii» 
Spoon. ^\j> ^ Jlfeii* 

Edible, eatable.oV^^Uj J;6=t« ^ J^^feiU 


^4^b ^u=.ij oi;rb y\ ^ i_^1 -«■ 

Hill, hillock. Rising ground. ^ITTj 
The {article). __ Jl -«- 

To hurry. To be restless. VI \o'S\^ 

To be clear and bright (colour). 
To strike a. 0. with a spear. a — 

To moan (sick person). 5LJij yS\j''i\ i — 
To be decayed (tooth), yi] a jSl 

To sharpen the point of. ^ j!*| 

Compact. Relationship. Ranconr, ^1^ 

N. of ad. State of a mother who jj} 

has lost her children. 
Title-deed. ij^l n 

A broad-headed spear, Jl ^ :d1 

Is (he she, it)... not ? 
Lest... That he... not. 

For fear that 

) VI 

In order not to. 

he... not. Lest. 
If not, unless, except, save. Less. vi 
To meet with. Jl^ ^Jtjj , CJl o »j1 -i^ 
To gather (dis- 5 ^^ b , CJ 1i »J 1 

persed people). 
To excite a. 0. against. Ip 5 ^J 1 

They are all united oa-lj iJi^ 'U v* 

against me. 
Ambassador. :u3jl. ^ ^ajl, Ts 

Gloves. oG^Jl Te 

il/. who ; whose, J [ <► C£J31 ^ v/J| -»- 

whom; that. 
F. who, whose, ^»!A)lj Jl^Ill ^ ^1 
whom; that. 


( IT ) 


These {m. f.). ^^j\j J^\j j\ 

Those {>n-f.). dUVjIj vil'Jjl 

(p/. of i))a,vilJ'J. )• 
Benefit, favour, grace. *vT^j\jJ)^ 
A green-leaved and bitter J '\j "v 'l 

Large, Ji ^ -ulj v'ul ^ jT, oQJl 

fat in the" tail, buttocks (sheep, men). 
Regiment. cOvl ^ ^v1 Ts 

Handkerchief used by JX. ^ ;^ 

hired mourners. 
To. Tiil, Towards. At o.'s. 
To m«, to, thee, to him. «lji_ 
And so on, et cetera. 
To what quantity? 
Go away; withdraw, be off. 
How long ? 
Till, until. 

The ancient Arabs. JVlj JjV< ij^iJl 
To direct fi> 'ji\j ^'tj _j^'\j,^\ olA -> 

o.'s steps towards (a place). To pro- 
pose a. th. 
To wound a. o. in the brain. 
To become a mother. 
To walk ahead. To be at 

the head (of an army). 
To adopt as a mother. 
To imitate a. o. ^ 

To follow a o. as a leader, s yiLl \j — 
Mother. Source, olf^b o^i ^ 'J\ 

principle, prototype. 
my mother I Mother I eii^ \j iutj 
Fire. lit. : the mother of ^j^ai -J\ 

Mecca, lit. : the mother of j'^\ 'J\ 

the towns. 
<■ The Virgin Mai-y lit. : the j^\ y\ 

mother of light. 
Pia mater; the brain.^_^l^l ^1^5,0^1^11 >i 
Milleped, poiypode {ins.).cj^.uj\i ^'J\ 'J\ 
The milky way. ^yr^^ !»' 

Situated near or opposite to. ^i 

A trifle. 
Before, in front of. j,\^\ 

Imam. Leader. President, x^jj ?- j'^\ 

Highway. String-course [arch-). 
Dignity, rank of an imam. X^iry 

People. Nation. ^\ ^ Xa\ 

Cj>-\ til 

? 0>l 

s x>v.i — 

5 ^>C 


To cause suffering ; s u>L(. ^"0,^1 

to affect, to grieve a. 0. 
To suffer. To be grieved. <■ To ^<d 

be irritated. 
Pain, suffering. Irritation. ^vT^ ^ll 

Passion, violent commotion of the 

The pas.sion of Jesus- •r.^^\ _/i'\ 

Sufferer. ^1 

That causes suffering. Jt^y^ 

Painful, -if- Rancorous. ^\ 

To adore a. 0. 5 iftj'jlj i»Vl.a Sy -ft- 

(as a god); to worship. 
To deify a. o. To call o.'s self a god. s^'t 
To be deified. 'Ju 

To adore a. o. ; to worship. 5 — 

To be like God. J*lil.l. 

A god. Deity. "-^ -x *^\ 

God (the true and only one). ;ii 

my God ! Good God ! ^b I 

Goddess. Xi'^y 

The goddess of poetry: J^\ ;ivi 

Deification, apotheosis. «^c 

Divinity. :^;i^ l^ xL»_^ Ij Xi^ Ij SaV I 
Divine, theological ( virtue). 'Ji^\ 

Theology. Metaphysics. oC^iyf^ 
To be unable j ulf, 1^ !j 1^ 1 o v1 -»^ 

to do a. th. To be late. 
To be able to. To neglect, to * — 

leave a. th. 
He has spared no pains. )a^ JJG J^ 
He does not cease to G-Jaj iJj5lj V 

warn, to admoni.«h thee. 
Nevertheless, for all that.jij; v1 ^IjV 

he continues. 
To be unable. To neglect a. th.Ja'ij V\ 
Do not cease to claim x^\ 5<j c^ vt 

what you have not obtained (prov.). 
To swear, to take \ij'\j JGj t%_\, JT 

an oath. 
Possessors, possessed of I pi. of J^) _j5jT 
Men gifted -with strength. ;^| _^j^ 
Gift, benefit. Dung. 'J] 1 

Aloes. ^iJ^Vl ^ ::!}<, J s^ \j 'JiS 

Swearing, oath. :a1j ;^tj s^il 

To have big buttocks. G 1 a J 1 -S- 
Fat tail. Buttocks. c.u1j Cvl ^r *:'*' 

C yr ) 


Foolish, silly. •/'U j^\ 

He (Joes not possess ;^JI. Vj ^»l. H U 

a fartliing. 
Serious, painful alFair. ^'. _r''l 

Soul. Vital spirits. The jvjtj 5^ J>»"^ 

heart 's blood. 
Convent of monks. 'jy^'^^J Jj^P 

Man. ?^'>J i^j>*'^-» ??,^''^I 

Chief. Prince, amir.' '|J,J i ^ ^>i>1 

Civil title equal to that '\y^'^\ j^\ 

of a colonel. 
The Commander of the cji^^l ^vjt 

faithful, the Caliph. 
Admiral. _,9»lll jj^l 

.^ Colonel. i/v1 -^i< ^-J is?'?' ^^ 

Belonging to a prince, j^ -^j i^^^l 

Public treasury. Duty paid to a 

Passion.s. oljl'l "^ 

Trustee, attorney, plenipoten- j%"yi> 

Congress. Council. Conference. J^")^ 
Commanded: proxy. ■> Public jy'i''\f' 

Mission, power of attorney. ;5 j ^'U 

Office in the govei'nment. 

Yesterday, ^r-y b cr^Tj ^^T 
Lately, time not long past. 

Oy^\ -r 

Silly. Parasite. 

To hope A j^'ij , >U Ij ::Ail o J>1 ^ 

a. th. 
To trust in, to .set o.'s hope on. 5 — 
To meditate, to reflect on *j j J^\7 

a. th. To consider, to contemplate. 
Hope, expectation. JC«T^ J> Ij ^'A 
Meditation, reflection. o>^l' -r J*'^' 
Who hopes. j; ^>i 

Hope, expectation. jX» ^ J/^lS 

Hope, that which is hoped. d^"^^ 

To be true, loyal, faithful. s5C»l o Ji^'s ^ 
To be in /fc ;i>;1j CC-lj C;;1j C;'l a ^1 

security, in safety. 
To be in safety against. 
To trust to, to confide in 
To intrust a. o. with, to 

commit a. th. to. 
To put o.'s self under a. 0.' 

protection, safekeeping. 
To intrust a. o. with. it 5 

5;ij ■,%\ 

The gentiles, idolaters. ^v1 

Motherly. Ignorant, illiterate. ^\ 

>5i -> 

Ci. J . . . u\ 

Gentile, idolater. 

Wounded in the brain. 
A con], part. Either, or 
Is (he, .she, it).., not? 
But; as to... 
When. If. 
Either.... or. W^he- 

ther.... or. 
To conjectui-e, it> c^ 

to determine a. th. 
Weakness. Empti- cjy ij oC«l. ^ c..» "i 

ness, inequality. Doubt. 
To be thirsty. u;; S a ?^/l -»- 

Very hot summer. 1^\ Lil^ 

Extreme point. Starting- i^VT ^ jti'l -tt- 

place or goal in a race. Anger. 
Eternally. julVl Jc 

To become irritated u ^C^^'l a Ji»> 

with a. o. 
To show the limit of. fi> ail 

Laden ship, Amida (town). Sa^Tj j^T 
To command a. th. k_, 5 i^^l o^l -K- 

to a. 0. 

To It Sji^U S^'l ° -'•* '-^ ' O' ' ^ ->*• 

become a prinee, chief, amir. 
To be in good quantity s^; '\j \'yf '\ a ^Vl 

(th.) To have numerous flocks. 
To invest a. 0. with power. » J^\ 

To consult a. o. on. J a 'fyA^y^ y>'\ 
To command a. th. To a. n IjUjI. _^T 

0,; to order. To render a. 0. wealthy 

(God ). 
To be invested with power; to ^Jc 

To make a common deli- _^5j'lj y^h 

beration ; to consult e. o. To plot. 
To consult a. 0. on. «-j -j' ^ ^ ji^'l 
To be actively engaged, busied ,_i — 

about. To confoi'm to a command. 
To consult a. o. n y''^L\ 

Commandment, order, yyj\ ^ j\ '\ 

decree. Power, authority. 
Thing, business, subject. j^ii ^ _,i1 
Sign, indication. cJ\'J^\ 5- «3^^ 

Opened, trodden road. Ji^!l cXjA 
Prefecture, power, empire. i'jVXi "iyX 


C M ) 

I will not do it,>i;.l)l J ^ o1 vi iduil C 

as long as a star appears iii the sky. 
Groan, moan. oOlj V\j caj\ 

Groan. Lamenting continually. oOl 
I. We. yj^Ol-f^ 

Selfishness, egotism. siCl 

To reprehend a. o. ener- s ^\ -^ 

Thou, you. cnil ^ cJl >i ^i1 ^ cJl -^ 
You both ' (dual). Ciil 

To lament. Cuj 'i i c.5 '\ -J^ 

To measure a. th. To grudge Sj fi^ — 

a. o. 
Moar-. Envy. c-ii'l 

To be soft (iron). To be ':;yi o iJ^ -^ 

effeminate (pers.). 
To I'ender feminine, to effe- Sj fi> cJ'l 

minate a. o. 
To become of the feminine gen- ^Vi 

der. To become effeminate. 
Female. :i;ib\-<^j oUia jCij oOl^^ jJI 
Soft, tender. Sweet, affectuous. ^ajI 
Feminine, effeminate. c^^y' 

To ;lj ]j Cj Ij C_j I o ^ ij a ^'i -Ji- 
be polite, kind, social. 
To have an intimate connection ^j — 

with a. o. 
To become acquainted and fa- Jl,— 

miliar with. 
To render familiar. To tame. 5 ^l I 
To be sociable, friendly, s ';l5l^^T 

familiar wth. 
To delight a. 0. by fi,j s \~.iJ^, ^t 

good manners. To pei'ceive a. th. 

from afar. 
To become a man (Son of God). ^]\^ 

To show kindness. 
To act as a social man. ^\r_H^ 

To get accustomed to. ^j — 

Social life : kindness, politeness. ^\ 
Crowd. Familiar. ^_^0T ^ ^\ 

Man, mankind. 

N. of un. A human being. "*J Ij '^^'ii 

Thy friend, thy intimate iujl^ oX 

Man. jyUlj ^^Ct ,^ uVlK 

Apple of the eye. " cyi\ oIIjI 

Human. Polite. 'jCjI. 

To reassure, to s CU;I.^>T) , U-/^ ^ I 

tranquiliise a. 0. 
To say : Amen. ^%) 

To believe, to have faith ^ CCjI^ ^p\ 

To protect a. o. is — 

To put a, 0. imder shelter, o* » — 

to shelter him from danger. 
To confide in. 5 o^'\ 

To seek protection from. J) ^^t-ll 
Safety. Safe-conduct, security.oulj ■jf\ 

Mercy! Alas! oC»l 

Well ! beautiful ! - -0- 

Loyalty. Security. Fidelity, :yu1 

Deposit ; a. th. intrusted c.Cw ^ — 

to a. o.'s care. 
Good faith; sincerity. tL»1 

Tru.sted by all. vA 

Belief. Religious faith. oUjI^ 

Faithful. Loval. Steadfast. 'U>i _ oi/l 


j/^^\ Cj^A 

Amen, be it so. \es,. 

J^^Xj Ca^,\ 


iLA a 

Safe, sheltered. 

>^-?b o-' 

The best part. 




Place of safety. 

Believer, faithful. 


Trusted upon. 

He whose safety is guaranteed. ^i'lrJj 
To forget a. th. <» v1 a *Vl \ 

To have the mind disturbed, 4^1 

To become "CyX '\ J\i o \Aj ^.'jS ^ 

a maid-servant, a female slave. 
To use (a female) as a servant, n J\ 

a slave. 
To take a female ser- i j^^LL\i J\~> 

vant or slave. 
Female servant, JS j cXy b 'i*!. ?r *''' 

bondwoman; handmaid. 
That. {Conjunctive). cAj 0* -^ 

If. o\ 

Indeed if, that if. otJ 

Certainly, indeed. o[^ 

To moan. CCCj CClj Vjlj ^1' i ^'' "^ 
To spill water. A — 

<• To acquiesce in, to come to f,i V] 

an agreement with. 
To hinder a. o. ? tCjI. JT 

To act slowly. To ^ j\ j j'\^\j Jc 

To treat a. o. with meekness. 5 — 

To wait for, to expect. s JliJ,! 

Patience. Meekness. Staidness. sijl 

Time. Point of maturity. ^ Jil j '\]j -u I 
Time, space of time. 'j l_, 'uT ^ Jil 
Day and night. jVi^l ot^tlj j^l 'UT 
Vase, vessel. olj'l ,ri9._j CjT^ -Jt 

Slowness. Meekness. otj 

Slow. Meek, patient. o*^ 

How ? Wherefrom ? ' 1] 

Ah! Alas! ^ uT, oi -^ 

To groan, to sigh. ll\:j/il] o oi 

To get ready, to pre- J »^a\7^ ,_i1 -J^ 

Skin, hide, raw wilj ^aT ^ ujC^I. 

Provision. Ammunition, ^aI ^ ;l*i 
' apparatus. 
Ready. Prepared, fitted out. w^vii 

Movables, o^-* 'j ^•*'' sr 'Ir*'' ~^*'l "^^ 

To marry. Vyi ij ^iil o i JaI * 

To get accustomed to c_) >U*I a J*^ 

( a place ). To welcome a. o. 
To be inhabited (house, town). JaI 
To believe or to J s vi+il JaTj Ja1 

render a. 0. worthy of, able to. 
To welcome a. o. ,_j — 

To marry a. o. s Vl^jl^ jiT 

To marry. Ji^b J*'^^ 

To be qualified, to be fitted J JaC 

out for. 
To deserve, to be worthy^j :< jALr-LI^ 

of, entitled to. 
Be welcome ! ^U--J 5^^ 

Family, house, Julj JuTj ojU 1 ^ Ja *i 

household, as'father, wife, children, 

people belonging to a community or 

Household. jloll — 

The .superiors. ^iVl — 

The blessed, the inhabitants ;!»J| — 
. of Paradise. 

Humanity, manliness. Poli- \Jj^i\ 

teness, good breeding. 
Friendly. Meek, kind.^)^;^ ^^j ^] 
Social life. Friendly relations. ^\:.''i',[ 

4> Ca(:^[ Ja'i I 

Incarnate (the Vei'b). 
Accustomed. Familiar 
To be ins'ifficiently 

cooked (meat). 
To cook insufficiently 

(the meat). 
Insufficiently cooked (meat). j^^} 
To abstain from a. th. ^f>(ju\ a. Jul -ft- 

out of modesty, of shame. 
To knock a. 0. on his 5 Clil i »jiri 

nose : to mortify. 
To begin or to com- fi> jiS'lr-llj Jtrj't 

meuce anew. 
To go to appeal ; to ins- ^ Ul'^cJ.[ 

titute new proceedings against. 
Nose. Fore- ^Tj jy Ij tiCT^ ^'\ 

part of anything. Extremity, point. 
In the first place. Above. Before, C«jT 

Ba.shfuluess, shame. Scorn. uJl 

New. Harmless, unhurt. ^\ 

First of all, in the first place. ^^ij I j':>c^ 
He who rates himself high, 

piqued, disdainful. 
Beginning. Appeal ^(;jl. 

(in law). 

For the future, henceforth. 
To admire a. th. fi> CiJ 

To delight in. 
To do a. th. carefully. J jl v J^^' 

Elegance, grace. Beauty. xJC\ 

Fine, pretty; pleasing. jj ^j.j jjlj jjl 
Vulture. Carrion-kite. jy\ 

Scai'cer than a vul- J^'VI jalJ ^ jtl 

ture's eggs : Said of a. th. difficult to 

be found. 
To be gross, coarse (kJl o viAJl -Jl- 

(th.). To be ill-tempered (pers.). 
Lead. ddT 

Creatures. Mankind. ^ijTj ^ut -^ 

To become <ijlj j\j ^''1 i Jl "^ 

mature, to ripen. 
To procrastinate, to delay. * J\ 



i ■«■ 

Myrtle. J\ 

Holly. ^ 4-J JTS 

Room, apai'tment. ^ji ^ ;^j» Ts 
Waitei', footman. ,j^i^ Ts 

To cause damage to Aj j 6^1 o ijT -J^ 

a. o. or a. th. 
Damage. Misfortune. Infii-- oViT ^ XaT 

mity, bane, evil. 
Damaged, affected. <jj>» 

To draw an evil upon jt CSjl o jT -ft- 

a. 0. 
To burden a. o. ? Jji 

Burden, weight. Sorrow, mis- jjl 

Okky (a weight of oSl ?- *jb «^J' ^ 

about two pounds and a half ). 
To reach. To come Jl. vt^j Vjt o JT -fj- 

back to. To be reduced to. 
To abandon a. o. ^^ — 

To govern (subjects). SVCl.j Vjl — 
To be a chief ; to be jc ^JGt j VGl — 

set over. 
To get a. 0. back to. Jl. 5 Jjl 

To interpret, to explain a. th.A JjCj — 
Family. Race, dynasty. Vapoui- JT 

that I'ises moi-ning and evening, 

Instrument, tool. Organ. oVT ^ i)T 
War apparel; weapons, v^»i)l cvT 

Cofrin. .CJ^l) a'vi 

Musical instruments. vJ^a" *^vT 

Instrumental. Musician. 'J,vT 

Organic, oi'ganized bodies 'J,J 

(animal or vegetal). 
Principle, principal. J\-j\j j;,ijl ^ Jjl 
Firstly, at _,;V| Jjl Jj Jj VI Jj V)! 

first . 
Successively, by turns. Vjll Vj^ 

First. oCjJj Jjl ^ Jji ^ ojij! ^ Jjl 

Old. Preceding. Anterior. 
The day befoi'e yesterday. X^jLJI Jjl 
The ancients and the oj^i^'lj u_^ jVl 

Anterior, primitive. sijjl ^Cij^ 

Priority, anteriority. Axiom. j^jl 

Interpretation, commentai'y. Jjj^j 

Spectre, apparition. 

Government. Province. 

'Ji\>\ - iJbl 

Wife. ji^l j^i 

Domestic. National, civil. Tame, -i^'l 
Worthy of, entitled to. J jjjil 

Ability, aptitude. Relationship, xlul 
Inhabited. Crowded, JyJUj JaT 

Who deserves, worthy of. jA\_iL» 
Hereditary goods. Jdl jt ^— j^\ -ft- 

Home-born slave, cattle. 
Whether, or. Unless. j1 -^ 

To come back ^ Cy _, G j1 o jT -S- 

from, to repent. To set (sun). 
To come back to God. ^| jl, — 

To come back from. -^ ^_'\j ^j\ 

To walk the whole 'tij\*y' ^j\j kjjl 

To arrive at the 5j a kjt/ij ijj\3 

(water), at (a house), during the 

August (month). J^ S 

Return, ^Cl.^ *; jlj »_jj1 

Shore. Use. Custom. ^j\ 

Fi'om all sides. ^^' ;^ ^ 

Crowd of friends. :^j1 

Who comes back to God, C)y}'j\ ?- tjljl 

contrite for sin, penitent. 
Place to which one comes o^X" ^ (_a» 

The highest point of the sky. ^y, -ft- 

Summit. Apogee. 
White of eggs. ^T - ^JS -«■ 

To complain, to ^j\j -^ — ^j\ -ft- 

express grief. 
To overwhelm j^ \ij'j\j \:>'j\ o iT-)1- 

a. o. ( affair). 
To decline, to incline towards iSjl o iT 

its end (day). 
To bend, to curve. 
To be bent, curved, 


To overcharge a. o. ( work). j ^ja 
Bend, inclination. Work, ^y^ 

To supply the wants of a. o.j^ ijl y^ 
Burden, weight. ol3j1 ^ s3jl 

Ardour of fire, thirst. j^ ^ j\/f -ft- 
Goose. jji^ ^ SjJl-a- 

To bestow a, th, 5 CGl.j Cjl o ^T-«- 

npon a. 0. ; to reward. 

Gift. ^■;\ 

■»j5j , liji a ij'\ 


( \y ) 

Take care not to do. j;i7 J\ iJu I. 

Vocative. thou, o ye! v^iJl C j (4^1 
When ? Wheresoever. oC^ 

Int. used ia calling. Holloa 1 C'l -ft- 
Sunlight. 'bl^j sutj sCl.j Q,'. -i^ 

To be strong, firm. iST, Qil i i\ ^ 
To strengthen. To help. To f>j s 'm\ 

authorise, to confirm a. 0. or a. th. 
To help, to succour, a SJ^'^* J'iT) ~ 

to strengthen a. 0. 
To be strengthened. To be helped.aUj 
Force. Support. Authority. iClj -^i^ 
Help. Authorisation. juj\j 

In support, in confirmation of. J l-Uj a 
Strong, mighty. Xj\ 

Serious affair. ijUj jJ,!^ ^ sij'^ 

The north wind. jOTj jy\ ^ JA -Vr 

The East wind. Membrum virile. 
May (month). j\A S 

To despair of. ^ ^\.\^ u-i^ ^ 

To make a. o. to y s CGl. ^Tj ,_pjl 

despair of. 
Despair. ^Cl 

Disheartening, hopeless. ^jT 

What ? ( s^i, ^1 j^js^ ) jj} 4- 

To reiterate a. th. a CaJl i j^ -^ 

To come back to. Ji — 

Again. Too, also. \^'A 

Wood, forest of bushy trees, viiji -^ 
To be a C^lj Ci b '^d i ^''' * 

widower, a widow. To be unmanied. 
To widow a. 0. (God). 5 ^1 

To remain unmarried or a ^;\j 

widower, a widow. 
Who lives in celi- J\jJj ^SA ^ ^1 

bacy. Widower ; widow. 
Snake. Male viper. 'JA 

By God ! ^1 '^'A 

To draw near (time). To v'jt i JT-S- 

be tired, fatigued. 
Weariness, fatigue. ^'l 

Where ? 
Wheresoever, wherever. 

Always and everywhere. Jij oA'i^ 4 

Whereabout ? Where ? How far.^'i Jl^ 

Wherefrom? ^'\ ^ 

Tell me. Go on ( imper. part.). *jl, -ii- 

Yes. So. \'^_]j ,\yj] a 

Deer, stag. jj,bj ^ jj'ij j!i.j ^^ 

September. JyiJ"| S 

End, result. Return to a place, ve-j'^ 

treat. Event. Meaning (of a writing). 
To thirst. Gjl J^ -fi- 

To smoke out (the u C«bi.j C»C i^ C^jl — 

To excite the thirst of a. 0. s ^j\ 

To fatten (cattle). 
Burning thirst. Giddiness. ^ijl 

To go, to act at <_i; jt C31 o JV -fr 
Calmness, tranquillity. Fatigue. cj\ 
Tiuie, moment. Season xJjT ^ oOb •j'' 

of the year. Opportunity. 
Now, now-a-days. oVI 

Henceforward. lacU»ju'Vl ^>» 

Till this day. till now. oS\ Jl 

Palace. Arch'd hall. 

To exclaim ah I ayCij oj'^j ,Uj1 u eT -fr 

To weep. 
He who sighs and cries to God. o\j\ 
Ah! Alas! yj\j ej\) (*T, at 

To retire anywhei'e J[ _j| A b ^ \ i jj'\ ^ 

to take shelter in. 
To receive a. o. at ^[s jj\j jyj jj'\ 

o.'s own house, to give hospitality to. 

To be siiUj '^^j}h %J <iJ^ i t^j' 

moved with pity for. 
To flock together (birds). j^-j ^j\) 
To settle somewhere. A j'^h J'_}^[ 
Mansion, settlement. jX> ^ Sl/Vv (^yi>* 
Jackal. ^5jT oU; ^ tfjV Crl. 

Sign. Wonder. Verse t/T, c.(iT ^ i:T 

of a sacred book. Example. 
That is..., viz. Hey. 
Yes. of course. 
! Ho ! Holloa ! 
Which ? What ? Which xf ' 

one ? 
What ? 
Particle, prefixed to the objectivet\^ 

case of pronouns. 

Me, thee, him, us, you. them. 

It is thee we worship. j!L^ ilG 1^ 

Beware of. . * iJU I 



( NA ) 


To be afflicted, sad of. ^_, ^\:][ 

Courage, strength, boldness. ^1.; 
Misfortune, J^'^.j '^'^.J u-'^J l^'jI 

adversity. Sorrow, harm. 
No harm in it. dli'i J ^'J V 

No objection to it. vHijLi ^\'i V 

Be fearless. No fear. di'jj. ^'i; v 

Misfortune. ,_^^ OUJ 

fniiappy. Poor. ^^ ^ ^_^jG 

Unhappy. Poor. Brave, gallant. ^_^ 
Passport. Jt»j^'C-G Is 

To throw a. o. s J-'-d.j , Ci'i^ a J^J -tr 

down on the ground unexpectedly. 
Head, chief, first. ^u Ts 

Head clerk. ^^IT J.0 Ts 

Pasha. CjU^Q ?- ^Q Ts 

Irregular troops. ojjV i^^^ Ts 

Corporal. ^^iC oji Ts 

Captain. ^^j^d Ts 

Major. ^^^kiTds^^. Te 

To recline quietly on Ja'il: — lU -J}- 

the side. 
To neglect a. th. ^ — 

To be small, ^jy.j *J'S o Jjj -ft- 

Small, wretched, paltry. j,:u J-l^j J-ij 
To boast of, to u *IjVj 0^ a tit; HS- 

glory in. 
More glorious. jt'1 

Kind ; way. Fat baby. oLj j Lj * 
They have the same jb-lj oQ-i ^a 

temper, the same manners. 
Turkish slippers. T-^.^ji ?- 9rJ\i P^ 

A kind of hunting j/J ^ J^: P 

Parrot. oljul?-!- 'liSj 'UL' -S- 

Babel. Babylon. JjC -«• 

From Babel. Babylonian. Magical-jjC 
Camomile (plant). iiJ^'ifP 

To cut. To decide. A ^nb , ^ i o c.j -{{- 

To give up. To achieve. To exhaust 

(a beast). 
To furnish a. o. with ;&_, 5 ^ 

travelling provisions, apparel. To 

At. During. In. With. For. By. ^-«- 
I passed by him. ^j cJSJ' 

Early in the morning. J^s~i 

He has walked during the jiL jL, 

Go down in peace. ^!A1j W^\ 

He struck him with the ^l)t; *>>* 

I found him to be lion- ij.j,1 o c-^J 

Eye for eye. cijiJli t^l 

By God. By my life. J CJ-j. . Jit; 

In want of. Without. ( V o )y'. 

Free of charge. ( j-^ ^. ^^ ) ^ji^i; ->' 

Why? How? ^ '_^^ 

Since. For the reason 0I Cj j ol 1.j 

that. Because. 
Papa, old man. QG Ts 

Pope, the Holy Father. oljGG ^ — 
Papal. '^i^ki '4i'S'. 

2nd month of the Coptic year. iTG Ce 

To say father. tl' ^ 

To say to a. 0. : ( 'zS\ J^t ) I will 5 — 

ransom thee with my father. 
Root, origin, middle of a. th. ^|y 
Apple of the eye. ojiJI 'y.y. 

Kind, way. -tf The best head of ^\\ ^ 

a flock. •<>• Duty upon importation, 

To sink a well. A IjlJ a jl' -S- 

To conceal, to keep in store. A jtJij — 
To ensnare a. o. 2( jUi 

Well. pit. jl^.J j'^.'t'jr-^s. 

Hollow. Deposit, treasure. Fire- %jy 

pit dug in the open for cooking. 
Para, farthing (money).oOC ^ s^G Ts 
To be iS^y. J ^iy.i ^-^y. a u-ij "S* 

unhappy. To be destitute. 
What a bad man! D?.^' ^i 

To be strong. To be brave. C'lJ o ^j-y. 
To ba crushed by (misfortune). ^\J\ 
To pretend povei'ty. u-'i^ 


( \ 

Depressed bed (of a river) 

I With dependent branches (tree 

Shoot of a palm-tree cut off ;Ll; 

from the main stock. 
To divulge, a. th.Sj A ^'kj ^_ o c-i -^ 

To scatter (the duat : beasts). 
To communicate a Be-fi> s '^]j ^C j — 

cret to a. o. To open one's heart to. 
To confide secrets to e. o. fi> oCj 

To be divulged. To be scattered. *^\ 
To ask from a. o. to reveal A iJr-ll^ 

a secret. 
State. Great sorrow. Scatter. '^ 

Matter divulged, disclosure, o^iijlj c^i 
Published, divulged. opo o^^ 

To divulge a. th. To raise ^ ^^h ^ 

and scatter (the dust). 

To be covered with blotches, car- 
' buncles, tubercles. 
Pimple, blotch, tubercle. j^' ^ Jj 
Numerous, much, many. jjiJ j^i^j ^f^^i'. 
To be red and swoUen^iiL^j L'i'i a ^_ -ii- 

with blood (lip). 
Red- lipped. ^ ^ ,ui7 j> jc^>\ 

To overHow (river). CSlSlTj Cii o jS -«- 
To emanate, to derive. jSlil^ 

To break its dams and ip jiljl 

overflow (water). 
To proceed from. (Holy Ghost). . .» — 
Procession (of the Holy Ghost). JiiJl^ 
Overflowing. Proceeding (Holv ^{^i 

Piece of ground even and jL ^ sii; -S- 

Wheat growing in it. -C.'^, 

To sweat. \'^_ o (i; -«- 

Sycophant, flatterer, fawner. -j_; 
To lance (an abscess). A UtJ a r^"^ 
To fatten (cattle; pasture-land). 5 — 
To strike a. o. with (a stick). »_j 5 — 

To make mischief to a. o. 
To be lanced. To be struck. ^\ 

Pimple on the eye. x^; 

To quiet, to dandle (a child), y 
To be fat. •<► To be swollen. 
To rejoice in . ^ ^J^^ , ^ a 
To cheer, to rejoice a. o, 
Cheerfulneiss, joy. 


take (a promise) as cei'tain. 
To provide o.'s self with pro- ^.5:7 

To be cut off. To be decided. z^[ 
A coarse garment. cj^> -r 'cA 

N. of an. A cutting, a cut. xS 

Decidedly. Irrevocably. OCJj j!j.j iSJI 
Not at all, by no means. i^Jlj irj. .V 
Cask. -J CxJ ^ *^; ■♦■ 

Travelling provisions, ;L'| ^ oOo 

Manufacturer or seller of C/^.j 'J? 

coarse garments. 
Who cuts, settles, decides. ctj 

Cut off. Decided. c^h o/Ji» 

To curtail, to bob (the A Ou o-rt' -»■ 

To be cut. j^'J]j , iSa; a Jy, 

Sharp-edged (sword). j\:Cj j 

Maimed. Bob-tailed. Jij] 

Rush-mat. ^1^ ^ ^_^C •♦• 

To make Avine. a C.f/ i /i^'-S- 

To have o.'s own Vlj Vp^|j ilf; a ^i 

way, to take nobody 's advice. To 

have a fine neck (horse). To have 

strong articulations (man). 
Means possesion: ( f.f->; jsjs. ) ^x::! <>■ 

belonging to. 
Intoxicating drink made of honey ,£> 

and dates. 
Whole, complete. ,~j ^ -Urj j, ^'>\ 

The whole tribe. .liij -Ur; U-^l 

To detach a lilrJ j , ffe^r; o i dl:J -»- 

violently, to cut off a. th. 
To be cut. ti^vb "^-^^ 

A part cut, torn off. ^, ^ issc:, 

Sharp (sword). iJ^Jj^wUG 

To cut. to cut A j!;j , -^Jf, i J5 -»- 

To devote o.'s self exclusi- jrlfj jfj 

vely to God's service. To live in 

To be curtailed, cut off. jrLM 

Disengagement from all worldly j-:ii 

Maid consecrated to God's ser- J^; 

vice, virgm. 
The blessed Virgin. 


To remain fli'm io. To j tC^^j -tC^i, -fi- 

enjoy (glory). . 
■^ To give a. th. generously. A rC^t 

■^To render a. th. plentiful, abundant. 
To go in the middle of a 'j\j!i\ 9^*4" 

To spend o's life, in gran- j^\\ J — 

dem' and glory. 
Company. •<>• Comfortable life, ot>.> 

Middle-part, centre. <^^-! 

■fy Considerable (wealth). t^^-t* 

To be pure, unalloyed, ii^ o zJ>ji. ^ 
To disclose a secret to a. o. n c.>C 
To show a jordial, true V^\ iiCG 

love to d. 0. 
Pui-e, uniningled. c^ 

A true born Arab. c^-J '>^.'ji- 

Stout and short. 'isJ'^.i J^-i "^ 

To scrape (the earth), j (xki a c^] -^ 
To be ir i^uest of. to search ^ — 

a. th. 
To contend, to enter ii>: c^ Qj y c^ C i 

into discussion with. 
To investigate, ^ cS-s-i'^j 

to scrutinize a. th. 
Research. Examination. oUJ*! ^ d^ 

Scops for search, for c^u» ^ citl* 

Dispute, discussion. 
To scatter, to separate. 

To find out a. th. 
To be squandered, wasted 
Wastefulness. Lavishness 
Lavisher. Squanderer. 
To be confused, seized 

with fear. To be affected with an 

unquenchable thirst. 
To till (the earth). * l^^^ a >.; 

To slit, to cut open the ear of j — 

a (she-camel). 
To be salty (water). To voyage ^} 

upon the sea. To be swampy (land) 
To endeavour to examine J ^^ 

a. th. thoroughly, to go deep into. 
To expand. To widen, to v^i™"l 

stretch forth. 
Sea. Any great jGtJ^j jy>'^.j J^-J} tt J>-^. 

To stay m. c_i jkjj , li^| o j^. -fr 

Bottom. Root, origin, real state sl^J 

of a thing. 
He knows, thy i)_,*l Sj^ ji^ j^ 

concerns, thy business. 
He is aware of the _^V| Sa»^ Cfl^ 

Clothing made with striped oiJ ^ i\ao. 

Precious garnet : carbuncle. j^Wt'. 
To have a big belly. i^ a ^ -fr 

To bulge out. 
Swelling of the navel. J^ ^ s^! 

He mentionned his 'e'J>^,j VJff- ^i 

apparent and hidden defects. 


Big-bellied. ^i,| ^ 'i^aJ ^ J>^\ 

Misfortunes. j'j^Qt^l — ^j»^. ^ 

To cause * ,_^j ^ , CJti i o ,j^. -S- 

(water) to flow, to gush. 
To spj'ing, to gush. ,jS>^Si ^-^^ 

Abundant (spring), ^j-j-^^ <j-i?-^i u-?«j 
To cut a. th. with a a Q>o, a ^ -fJ- 

To eat to surfeit, to ^^i'lj U?i7 a ^ 

Pelican. Stork. ^ 

To be in good yi^ jV^k; o JiJ -S- 

circumstances. To be glad, merry. 
To be respected. V^' j JJUj o ji«i 

To honour a. o. To applaud, 5 jA> 

to commend a. 0. 
Wonder. jSe7 

Yes, certainly. Enough, sufficient, jij 
Honoured. Respected. J^^j Jc?*^ 

To be silent out of C»_^' j C?J i ^r?»? "^ 

fear or stupidity. To stare. To 

shrink. To delay. 
Numerous party. J>j y^j _^>; 

> Simpletons, foo's. 
To inculcate a. th. (in the j fit ^[ -^ 

mind of). To rivet, to clinch (a nail). 

To be inculcated. 

9fcJ V 


To be hoarse. s>^i»Jj 

To render a. o. hoarse (air).j r-JtJj ^S/\ 
Hoarseness. Rough, harsh voice. <i^ 
Hoarse. Fat. r^y^ "^J , *^! ^ ''-i' 


( T 

To staain (pot). VJiC a jUi -«■ 

To have a foul breath. i^i^ a ^itJ 

To perfume with incense, -fy- To ^I^J 

emit vapours. 
To perfume with incense. ipj ^ — 

To perfume one's self with ^ JiCh 

incense, to be incensed. 
Foul-breathed. _,iij1 

Vapour; efriuvium. Sj,>iJ'i ^ J^\ 

Frankincense. cKjy^. j »^hi'^rr j^'> 
Cyclamen (plant). ^/^i jji-j 

■^ Steamer, steamboat. ^\'ji ^ c'^i-i). 
Steamer. s?j/»'i v-^l^'* 

Censer, thurible. _r»Q-* t Xj*^^ 

Perfuming with incense, thurifer.^ltl/J 
To put out (the eye of A l^i-J a jkJ ■»• 

a. o.). 
To cause damage Aj ^■ CiJ a ^^4 -«■ 

to a. o.To put out a. o.'s eye. 
To wrong a. o. in his rights. A 5 — 
To do mischief o. to a., to u-'-^*^ 

wrong o. a. 
Deficient. Low (price). Tax. ^^j^ 

To bore a. th. A (!*>.; o J-p-j ^ 

Hole, eyelet. ^jil'>.;1 ^ ^W? <► 

Bodkin. j^l.i' ■<► 

To give a gratuity to. ^ ^li,; ^ 

Gratuity, gift, ^Ai-fi-.^ ^ ^ii^:'Ps 

To put out the eye of. j Caij a ^k? -^ 
To have the eyelids fleshy, {^j a^jai^, 

To look steadfastly. To have ^tc.: 

the eyelids inverted. 
Having fleshy eyelida. . [^l^^ ^ ^l^} 
To slaughter (a sheep). 5 iTp^J a ^J ^ 
To commit suicide from il_ij — 

grief or passion. 
To sink a well. -^ To Aj 5 CJiJ — 

reprehend a. o. publicly. 
To give friendly advice to. ^.ifji iJ ^,5.; 

1 O t_i vjp^ij J <tVis; a ^ii; J ^j9i> a ^it; 

recognize (the right of). 
<■ Public reproof. Confusion, x^j 

■fy- Reprehended. Covered with p^> 


To put out the A jk;ij , isiw a ji-.; -«- 
eve of. 

\ ) jSf 

river: bi-ine. A generous man. Man 

of extensive knowledge. Wide step- 
ping horse. •^ Course ( of the yeai', 

The Ocean. ^ ■l»c»s^" j>^^ 

The Mediter- ^j^ll _,>jj ii.;;^^!) ^i^Jl 

ranean sea. 
The Atlantic Ocean. oC'Ua)! J^j 

Mirage. olia^ljl Jt\ ° 

The i-iver Nile. j_l!l J^C; 

Province of Arabia. ci3*r" 

Basin. Fish-pond. Haven, jiW;_ ^ s^rsti 

pool. Land, country. 
Hop-eared and S^-i^ J>-'. rr «^-i 

set free (she-camel). 
Lake. oO.vti ^r S-d*; 

Belonging to the ( ss'j, Jus ) y^xJ 

sea, marine. 
Sailor. C)jij»tj J ojj^. t j^.j s^j'h 
Depressed place, hollow. *iO»^ ° 

Forbidden. Inter'^sting. himself ^>C 

about what concerns him not. 
Canicular, dog days. *0^>iijJ^Q 
To be in a fit. To be delirious. ij,i,j -^ 
Deliiious, raving. oj^^^ -^ 

Crisis of (an illness). Delirium. ol^iJ 
To prick a. 0. Ijiy S a ji; -Jf 

To dig. To A ( c^j jsjc ) ^.: <>■ 

excavate in search of. 
Flint, pebble. (*;.ia: jsjs^') ^i-.; ^SoisJ -^ 
To be empty-handed. ^jjk^> —^isv -M- 
Idle, unemployed. ^r^-^ 

To snore. <• To drizzle. b-J o ^ -Jf 

•<>■ To sprinkle (tobacco) with. a — 

To inject its (venom : snake). 
Exclamation of praise '■iC 'ruj^rt 

admiration. Bravo! 
•^ Aspersion. Drizzling rain. xki 

To groan (camel). To snore, j^.li; -}1- 

To approve. 
To cool (heat). •rC'k^^j — 

Drizzling rain. <i-j^. "^ 

Happiness, good chance, luck. ^i.j P 
Camels of Bactriana. c^. 

Happy, lucky, fortunate. o>'itl'j z-^h-'t 
To waddle. To walk in Jil-'f, — j\i.j -ft- 

a stately gait. -^ To become proud. 
Elegant bearing. Z'J^'i 

To scatter a. th. a jU-4 -tt- 

another, to begin with. 
To create, to find out a. th. A 'taJ'l 
To cut new teeth (child). — 

To begin a. th. V j' * '*-^\ 

•^ To become a novice. — 

Beginning, *ii,-iJ j »*liyj s'W j *-*? 

la the beginning. i'ji *cSi(i j -JJ Jji 

He *iljjj h'^'j^ 4 ->' >^,-*i J^ «^j^^ ;>>3 

went back by the same way. 
Beginning. <>• Noviceship. '\j^X 

Initial, primordial. y»|a_^'l. 

Preferable, more urgent. laj'l-^ 

Principle. Origin. '^?^ «■ ^^ 

B-gun. A beginning. 'jiu» 

Creator. *ii,.»Qj *>^,-V* 

A beginning. Inchoative. Subject llcl>J 

Beginner. -^ Novice. 'v^,-^ 

He "'J^^^.j *^' !s?Qj »jJ f'jjj \t'jj iiij 

ha.s done it first of all. 
To strike a. o. (with^ 5 (i-lj a ^jJ -fr 

a stick); to surprise a. o. with. 
Extensive field. ^LJ ^ ^|jj 

To ii. ioj J (». jj ■^'■A , o ^-V , a ^Jj -H- 

be raised in dignity. 
To be exalted above a. 0. jp ^ijj 

•^ To lavish, to throw away. 6.J0 — 
■^ Lavishness, prodigahty. ^jj 

Invested with dignity, •ii.jS ^ rooj 

I'aised to dignity. 
To fall upon unexpec- 5 \'jj'ji o JS, -ft- 

tedly (accident); to surprise a. 0. 
To have a face like the full moon — 

(boy). To ripen (fruit). 
To hurry towards a. 0., Jl, j| 5 jjj 

to hasten forward. 
To run up to. 5 O'^j SjiV' S^\ 

To lose no time in. 
To hasten to do a. th. ^jj Jl^— 

To walk by moonlight. j'jul 

To outrun. To forestali.a. o. 5 jX~'>\, 
To run up to. Jl. jjcJl. 

His eyes flowed with tears.ivUp Oj^^l 
Full moon. Disk. jj^ ^ jjJ 

Advance, motion forward. tSj^" 

Rain before winter. Small fat '^j jj 

camel, a Early, soon. 
Earopaan priest. '4i,^^. ^^ 

T ) tjb 

To be deprived of CutJ a iJlt c^^ 

one eye. 
One-eyed. 3i^i Js^J^i^'^J J>Q 
To be Jft uj !>u; o jk; J , >U; a JiJ -«• 

miserly, avaiicious of, towards a. 0. 
To charge a. 0. with avarice. s Jki 
To find a. o. avaricious. 8 Jstjl 

To give reluctantly to. it ^ J»-^V^ 
Avarice, stinginess. J»tJ j ji4 

Avaric:ou8.stiugy..>u;jJ^; «■ Jcjo J*"^ 
Niggard, very avaricious. J&J 

Inducement to avarice. iiiil> 

Veil. Head-covering, jii^b J^-t^l ^^ 
To subside (anger). |^J o C>J -^ 

To separate, to remove. Jj * ifj o Ij -ft- 
To scatter, to throw * IIuxj ioJ 

away. To squander a. th. 
To remove a. th. from. ^ — 

To barter a. th. a iSIoj j sSu^ iG 

To share a. th. between, jjJ A jjl 
To be scattered about. i!Cj 

To rush against o. a. (fighters). SCj 
To apply o.'s self to (alone). ^ alS-l t 

To appropriate. To use a. th. freely. 
They went away. ^^ 2kJLi.l 

Equal, similar. j> 

Flight, escape. IiJ 

Certainly. Necessarily. txi V 

Assuredly; unavoidably. ^ D^o' "^ 
Idol; temple of iljJb Silu ^ CiJ P 

idols. Buddha. Veda. 
Part of a thing. ^GIj soJj — 

( s?^>ii>*>* ) s^r'i.' V?!.> s?.Ai' "^^ 
I will, I desire. I wish. 
Power, strength. Want. yjS 

Battle, fight. Equal number of illJ 

They have dis- -oiCij J^iC'l l_^i 

Stout, large and big. Having '|!J j, jJl 

parted thighs. 
Scattered. Spent recklessly. ijli 

Despotism. »\X1^[ 

1 To begin a. th. ^ j\ A 1 JJ a 'ijJ * 

j To create (God). 
To start from a country. ^ — 

To make to begin. <■ To admit s Sti.: 

as a novice. 
<>■ To make a. th. before ^^ * ~ 


C Tr ) 

To crack (walnuts). fi, (pjj a (.'m 

Corpulent, fat. ^.jo'j ^a/ 

To substitute ^j fi> JjJ1_, vIJ o JlJ -J^ 

o. th. for another. 
To receive a. th. in ^ * JlC ^j Ja; 

exchange of. 
To change o. th. for an- A A J!J 

other, to interchange. 
To give in v_, sVIjuj :6iLi JiC 

exchange for; to barter. 
To be changed, exchanged. -^ To Jolj 

change clothes. -^ To put on fine 

To receive o. th. in ^j fi> Jal7 

exchange for another. 
^ To woi-k by turns (workmen), j — 
To exchange employments, fi JifJ 

to permute. 
To receive, to ask a. ^j A Jollll^ 

th. in exchange of another. 
A. th. .Voj^ Jla;1 ^ JiJ^'j, JliJj JI4 

given or received in exchange. Chan- 
ge, substitution. 
Generous, noble man. Jjjj Jlu jij 
Apposition {gram). Price, value. JoJ 
Instead of. o*l J^' 

In exchange for. ^^ Vaf 

•fy- Suit of clothes. Chasuble. :t3lj 

Change, permutation. Jiu^ jj^^j 

Reciprocity. JiCj 

Reciprocally. Vi>C.7 

Reciprocal, mutual (agreement). JiCi* 

To grow big, stout. 
To grow old. To become wealthy. jSu' 
To clothe a. 0. with a coat of mail. 5 — 
Stoutness, obesity. <5laj' 

Body ( e.'^pecially the cj\'jj\^cjjJ 

trunk). Short gown. Of noble descent 

Old chamois. Old (man).oli; j o'j^Sy^o'A 
Sleeveless corselet. ol>; j oClo ^ i'jj' 

Victim ottered in Mecca. 
Big. stout. o^! «• i:i.-*j.> , o Jo ?r o?Q 
To overtake 5 «^^ j , ^'A a eaJ -j:i- 

suddenly (event). To accost a. o. 

unexpectedly, to surprise. 
To overtake a. o. by. ^ 5 «SCj — 


Sum of money eg\iai jjjJj jjj ^ ijjj 
to 10000 dirhems {about 20 pounds 
slerlitKj). Bag that contains it. 

N. of ng. Hastening. Shining in ji\, 
all its splendour (full moon). 

Point, edge of a sword. ji\j'i ^ s^.'^C 
Ht of passion. 

Make haste. 



To heap up (provisions). 

Thrashing floor. 

To protect a. o. -^ To 

SjIjJ a 
*J 2J oj-4 ■ft' 

yij iC P 

waste, to squander (money). 
To be wasted, squandered. 
LavLshness, wastefulness 
Spendthrift. Lavisher, 

Bezoar (stone). 
To begin a. th. fi> iaJ a poJ -S- 

To produce, to find out a new th. 
To be matchless,(pya; J icIaJj ulJ f.'-o 

To become fat. lia; a p.jJ 

To consider a. 0. as an innova- 2 ^SJ 

tor, a heretic . 
-> To have a strange behaviour, ^.a; 
To find out, to create a. th.* ^orjlj f^\ 
To excel in doing a. th. To be ^jj I 

the author of a heresy. 
To strike a. o. o^. ~ 

To have o.'s horse jaded. ^ ^jjl 

To look at a. th. as strange, fi> pallet 

as new. 
Inventor. New. 
Novelty. New doctrine. 

Heresy. Sect. 
Invention, innovation. 
Sti'ange, extraordinary 

Floweriness of style. Contriver of a 

new thing. New water-skin. 
Rhetoric, elocution. ;ojJI 'Js. 

■tf- Strange things ; ^i:>ij ^ ^_j^ 

uproar, theft, fight, etc. 
Creator. Contriver. p-icLaj fJu/> 

To be defiled with dejec- fejJ a pO/ -tt- 

tion. To be stained with a crime. To 

crawl like a cripple. 

To be high, y-'j^j , ^>-M a <^Jj' ^ 

great. To be proud. 
To vie with a. o. in fastuou.s- S ^'i\j 

Pride, haughtiness. ^Si' 

High. Proud. r-?l>r rr ^Ki J '^'V 

To sow, to scatter. fit SjjJ o jJJ -^ 
To spread (a doctrine). fi> — 

To scatter. To squander, ^ jiG j jJS 

to waste a. th. 
Seed. Sowing-seed. jj'jj,j jllo ^ jJS 
Here and there, to and fro. ji' ji- 
Great talker. oj\JL(j j^-^'j j^. 

Wastefulness. Prodigality. ^i^ 

Spendthrift. Talkative. SjGl7j j\juj 
Speudthrift. squanderer. jju>i 

To protect a. o. or a. th. ^j s j^li; * 
Protector. Jj,-^' 

To frighten. To itaJlj liX' *j J pi3 ^ 

drip (a liquid). 
To be scared. j^'-^X •" _>*-4 "^ 

frightened away. To disperse in the 

pursuit of a. th. f horsemen ). 
Drink made from the juice jVl; P 

of grapes slightly boiled. 
Chess-pawD. Pedestrian. jiCj ^ JJilj P 
To bestow, to ? JiC j Vlf o i Ji/ ^ 

give generou.sly to. 
To devote o.'s self to.^p jl oi:> iliJ Ji 
He did his best. ia+ai — 

To make a daily use of A Jarit 

To be of a daily use (clothes), ^\jh'^ 
Valuable present, donation. Jli/ 

Strenuous exertion, endea- a^iJI Ji' 

Devotedness, self-devotion. c^\ji\ Jli/ 
Generous giver. JlJJ'j Ji^i 

Given, delivered, spent. JjJ^J 

Shabby Joflij , Jiu* t *5-Vf j J-V-? ^ *5i 

clothes, of a daily use. 
Common word, style. Jorji 'j.yS' 

To be considerate and Via/ o ^JJ ^ 

Generosity. Fii-muess. Patience. j,'j', 
Self-possessed, reflecting. ^j J/ 

Egg-plant. oUiiC <>-j oUJiC P 

To hold an jc. jjf\j , i^i' o \JS -^ 

obscene language upon. 

1 ) qA, 

To extempoi'ize (a speech). A ojS^ 
Extempore speaking. i£\j>.>j lalaJ 

Extempore, production without pre- 
vious notice. Surprise. 
Extemporaneously, *i-*-ll ^j Cjj-u 

without premeditation, unawares. 
Beginning. Extemporaneous Mi-4 

action, intuition. 
Extempore speakei*. Ex- eJ-il^j cjIj; 

To seem. good. fit. \'jj,', o \j{ -Jf 

To appear, to show o.'s self. 
To live in the desert,to jtiJij , o I J/ 

lead a nomadic life. 
To appear. To come forth. ^^olj 

To manifest openly to a. o. v_) 5 jib 

(hatred). To return evil for good. 
To do a. th. for the first fi> i^oJl 

To manifest a. th. to a. c. J ^ — 

De.-ert. de.sert of nomads. Xi^Uj jlo' 
Nomads, bedouins. i\'y' ^ liiG. 

Nomadism. Desert. Sjlajj Sjlli/ 

Bedouin. Nomad. Va-^' 

.V. of ag. <S%j J-4j ojivj ^ ^^k 

from o |aj . Clear, evident, manifest. 
Caprice, fancy, freak. olja/ ^ Slo/ 
Fanciful, whimsical, C-UV >^'^ -• J^ 

Encampment in the i(J ^ jXH 

To Siji! J ei\JSj b>a/j (iJu' a a/ -S- 

be decayed, to be old, worn out. 
To subdue, to tame, a YSiSij I ju' a;' 

to humiliate a. 0. 
Worn out, decayed. j'i/j s'iG ^ 'JJj "^V 
To despise, ipj fiij s |«li/ i Ioj' -H- 

to loathe a. o. or a. th. 
To be e'AjJj t\JJ o '/Si'j a IsSlj loJ 

dissolute, wicked. 
To abuse 0. a. in words. To ? liG 

quarrel. To blame. 
Of bad morals, profligate. siji/ ^ '^fi' 

Lamb. oVj-i ?- iri' "^ 

To split a. th. To fit ^'js a ^.j/ -ii- 

rub oif (a skin). 
Fissure, rent. Chap on the ^jjj ^ ^'j/ 


to form out of nothing (Go-l). 
To be free, freed from. ^^ 'et\'J a Isy' 
To recover from (a ^a v'J a \sj. 

To absolve, to clear a. o. ^ :^ o^u It/ 

from guilt. 
To recover. 

To free. To cure a. o. from 
To be cleared from. 
To part from o. a. 
To to be freed fi'om a. 

th. To abstain from. To cleanse (the 

body from dirt). 
Cure, recovery. 
First night in a month. 
Last night in a month. 
Shed, hut for hunters. 
Immunity. -^ Piivilege. Diploma. Sf|^ 

Permit. Passport. 
•if- A Pope's bull. GCit lAj, 

Franchise. Exemption. Sentence ijjC) 

of liberation, of discharge. 

i bc-l 

Oi '-> 

Creator (God). Cured. 
Free, exempted. o^i__^j 

Innocent. Cured. 
F. Creature. 
Cured. Freed. 
To bristle up. 
Fine feathers on a 

cock's neck. 
The herbage of the land, 

Pipe. Aqueduct. Sewer.^ 
Kind of spinage. Bhte. 
To mumble, to mutter. 
A deep well. 

To deceive. it ii^fj. <iXiJ. <• 

Deceit, imposition. ^^X^XJ. ?r "^yj. "^ 

Story told. 
Ancient Egyptian temple. *;*,j Ce 

To cut a. th. fft> \jj i Ci'ji -^ 

To be stupefied. fit (jy a o_,/ 

To be skilful in an art. o^j'l 

White sugar. Cjyy; j CjJ 

Orange. Orange-tree.oVsVJ <► olsJj Ts 
Jar. j['J;j a 

Soft gvound.cjj'Jj cjC \j oI>. ,- o'j-' "^ 
Clutches, claws, talons.^; Q \, J'J, .{^ 

Dl;itj J^'j -«■ 

(TO) \j^ 

To be bad, dissolute. XjJ jly' 

Of bad morals. '^IMj ^-^' 

To be truthful (man), Sjj'j'j \j. j y -S- 

inviolate (oath). 
To bestow bountiful gifts upon. ^■ — 
To show filial piety j et/yj Ij;. i — 

to o.'s parents. 
To obey God. 'ejVJ.j \y. ^ — 

To do good. To have mercy on. 5 ^7 
To justify, to clear a. o. s jy 

To be beneficent towards. To j j\, 

show kindness to. 
To travel by land. To multiply. 'J' 
To keep an oath. To intend ^j j — 

alms-giving. To take a. o. along. 

to the desert. 
To exceed; to overcome a. 0. J^ — 
To justify o."s self, to be cleared jj]j 

from a charge. To become just, pious. 
To do good o. to another. j\Ji 

Innocence. Good faith. Beneficence. y_ 

Filial piety. Good work. Rat. 
He cannot distinguish ■[_,j ^^^ \jA Ls^i-iV 

anything. ( lit ; a cat'from a rat). 
Wheat. 'J 

Inland, continent. j/J ^ y 

By land and by sea. i^U/j iJj' 

Ju.'^t. Pious. -iyjj yj] ^ jifj y 

He shows filial piety t'/JSVy, %j \{ j» 

to his parents. 
Out, outside. \y -fy- 

Savage (animal). Not grafted 'jy 

(tree). Continental, inland. 
Desert, waste. ^jJ3-i 'r *ly' 

Exterior, outward, Oj^X^^ t '^fy. 

external. ->■ Foreign. Base, counter- 
feit (coin). 
First fruits of the tree called iJlj'l.^_,r 
More pious, More beneficent. 'y\ 

Justification. ^^7 

Filial piety. Beneficence. yj> ^ •iy\i 
Good, pious, accepted (woi'k). j/jY' 
To make a noise. -^ To mutter. J'j, ^ 
Berbei's. Nubians, lyvj^j yy ^ y'y 
Noise-maker. jQjf' 

Barbarous, barbarian. stLh J 

Sorrel (yu/a.). ^j-lj'y "> 

To create. 

fi>j s 


a I 


C T"\ ) 


To file (iron). To cool the A \ij_ — 

eyes with collyi-ium »}J_. 
To be just, unquestionable ip ^ijl i^ 

To cool, to chill a. th. To ^ i^'j o ijr' 

soothe, to alleviate (pain, sorrow). 


To be devastated by hail. 
•^ To confirm a claim. 
To enter upon the cold season 
To weaken a. o, (illness). To 

send off a (messenger). 
To serve up a coo'.ing drink. 
To take the fresh air. 
To be cooled. To be soothed 

To show coldness ; to act slowly. ijCj 

■if- To be dull (man). 
To find a. th. cold. A i>J?-^l 

Cold. Coldness. Coolness. Sleep. ^'j 
Morning and evening. oli^Vlj d\:>\ri\ 
Hail. " i>'j_ 

Hail-stone. Indigestion. iV/ 

A cooling eye-water, coUyrium. ^j^ 
Coldness, coolness. a'^jj. 

Coldness, slowness. *d,ijjt "^ 

Streaky cloth ^y^j i,''^\^ i\'j,] ^ ^'J, 

N. of un. A streaky garment. 
Papyrus. Paper-rush. 
Barada. river of Damascus. 




Filings. Siijr' 

Ague, intermittent iexewifij, -^j -\3,^' 
A porous earthen cooler. S^G' 

Messenger, courier. Mail- 

■*j: w -*iy. 

post. Distance of twelve miles, 
Mail-horses. a^vp! J^ 

Messenger, courier. ^-^J. 

Cold, cool. Easy (life). Weak ijb 

(argument). -^DuU. Slow. 
Gunpowder. ijjC Ts 

Nitre. j^'^^ ^jj(> •> 

Gun, musket. •J^j/ji -k "i'^i'A ^ 

Easy booty. sij G *i-it 

Feeling cold. oti^ ■<>• 

Colder. <)■ Slower. ;>Jk*1 

Leopard. ijbl ^ s3;^1 ^ i.j'\ 

File. ■'j,'^ !r *^ 

Cooling. Refreshment, cjd'^ «. iV>* 

To have good fare, to %.'}, a ^^' -S- 

fare well. 
To appear. To ascend (stars), o '-Tf'y. 
To build a tower. ;rjj b «■!/ 

^ To augur a. th. by the course ^j' 

of the stars. 
To array herself (woman). tt^v 

Tower. Castle. f^'JAj -riJ. -r -xj. 

Signs of the Zodiac. i)>iiVl ^j^ 

Able sailor. Libei'al (man). ^jCj 

Man-of-war. -^ Inn. ?rj,l>!' ^r *^j Q 

Having beautiful ^^| ^ 'Va-^r ^ ^_^1 

A streaky woollen garment. a> jj ^ 
Target put on the ^^»rj ^ cr^'J P 

point of a spear. Heap of stones, 
Jupiter (planet). cr-i?-^' 

Finger-joints. ^y ^ <ii;^ ^ 

To leave, (a ^'j.j ^\'j. a ^_,r -8- 

place). To cea-se. 
He is still rich. Lli ^J^ li 

I do not cease doing it. cUj'i j^sl^^W 
To come over the left side (i.j'_^ o ^j? 

To become irritated with, ip G-l^ o ^'j. 
To abandon (a place). ^ ^i ^ — 

To afflict, to ti'ouble a. o. : th. ^j ^*y 
To exceed (in praise or blame). ^'Ji\ 
To please. To honour a. o. ^ ^'j\ 

Evil, pain, .\:^y ^ ^_/ij , ^(^Jl ^ ^y 

Choice part of a. th. ^^' ^ *>_/ 

Desert plain. Sun. Wonderful ^\y 

Past, spent (time). ^jC 

Yesterday. *»j,CJ'j ^j.QJ' 

The day before yesterday. Jj VI '*»j,VJt 
Strong wind. -T-jXy. r -rjA 

Crossing on the left r^ijij -rij'} ~ 

side (beast). 
Fit, becoming word. «i_>;' Jj* 

Inter], expressing a failure : to ' j^j' 

go wide of the mark. 
Root of the mandrake. -r/~rit 

Misfortunes. Eager desire. »tij,tj 
To subdue. To fuj s 6.^' i ^^' -S- 

bruise the (head or back). 
To be |S//j DJ; o yj:j l2>Jt' o ^J -^ 

cold. To cool (ardour). 

To afflict a. o. with pleurisy 5 ^'j_ -ii- 

To sillier from pleurisy. .«— Ir? 

Pleurisy, j»U.^ f 


Clover. Trefoil. 
To be variegatecl,^J{ Ij, Ci^a J'jf ^ 

To pare { _^j ja^ ) fi> CiJ,' J-Jf <■ 

Opium-paste for smoking. J^y a 

Motley. Spot on the skin. iiVj J^'J 
Partly J.'J ^ '\^'j j, J.y'\j j.ij 

coloured, spotted, dappled. 
Parish. Diocese. "^S^' ^ 

Rasp (for cheese). Brush. kL'A" -^ 
Boiled soft ( cJ-Ji^ J'^ ) zSy. Ps 

(egg). '/^ 

To carve (meat). A ^j>. -ft- 

To lash a- o. with. c_< 5 — 

To feel and showCiU,[_^j *i-il? jS-j'. ^ 

gi'ief. •<>• To blush. 
■tf- Brush. 
Host, wafer. 
To wafer. 

To be leprous. C»y a ^J -»• 

To shave (the head). fn \js''J, 

To beget a leprou.^ child. o^'J.''^ 

To strike a. 0. with leprosy 5 ^'J, \ 

Sandy, barren ground. ^\'ji ^ xJ,'J_ ^y 

A leper, leprous, ^'j ^ .(J^r j, ^'J] 

Gecko. ^^^ J OI 

The moon. t/'^'Vt 

Cropped by cattle (land). \^y' ja'J\ 
Gleammg. ^;^' 

To gush out in a small Ci»y o J^'y -fi- 

stream. To give a part of. 
To send forth its first ^j'J o — 

sprouts (plant). 
To produce the first j^'^ \j j^y 

shoots of plants (soil). 
To take little of a a J^y^ih J^jv 

thing, or to take little by little. To 

suck in (water). 

Cooled. Filed. 




To polish, to give a ij A ^'ij -^ 

gloss to a. th. To civilize. 
To be polished, civilized, a. o.^i^J -^ 
Polish of a. th. i^lJiJt' "^ 

Varnish. Glosser, polisher. 
Pitcher, jug. JjJ^'jt «■ J^Kfi '^^ 

Likewise, too, also. oVy'j j'^jf Te 
Pack-saddle for f,iQ ^ iti^'j ^ii'^'j P 

asses. Cloth put under a pack-saddle. 
Pack-saddle maker. i/iOO ^A/ 

Hackney. Jade. u^Q w o'j'iy. P 

To appear. To issue {j/j jjf -ft- 

To appear, to show \j'j a jj.j — 

o.'s .self to. 
To overcome, io j& SJO' o jjf' 

surpass, to excel. 
To publish, to bring out. ^ jlt'b j^' 
To outrun, to get ahead ( horse). j*J 
To secure the flight (of his a ^ 

rider : horse). 
To progress in science. ^u)| j — 

To take the field s \j\y, j ajji^ jjC 

against. To fight a duel. 
To set off. j^j] 

To a (book). a — 

To go out for a natural want. jy\j 
To raise a contest (champions), jjij 
Going out, egress. Appearance j/J 

in broad daylight. 
To put a frame to. jJJ:' ^ 

To be framed ( picture ). jjl^sj "♦■ 

Human excrement. j\^ 

Fight. Duel. SJjV'j jlSi 

l-arge field. j\y 

Coming forth. Projecting. jj C 

Champion; fighter. jj^ 

Frame. jl jXj:' ^ j^j'j;, ■^ 

Pure gol d. sf/i-ril v^ ^J ->. JX ^ 

Trumpeter. ' Ci/j'jy. Te 

Interstice. Isthmus. ^j\'J ^ ^j'y -ft- 
Lively, full- plj^ j i./j'Jj ^'j'J ^ 

grown youth. 
To act harshly z iJj a ^^J, -ft- 

towards (a debtor). 
Lock of cotton. ^]^ 

A kind of dates. oCj— > 

To lighten Cisy^ i^jjj CS^ o jy ^ 
(sky). To flash (lightning). To as- 
cend (star). 

To glitter, to gleam ^^Jij i^'jf — 

To attii-e herself jj, ]j Sj'i . ^'J ~ 

To be astounded, dazzled, {y^' a 15^' 

To undertake a long journey. J^i' 
To glare at a. o. •& j^' 

To send forth lightnings (cloud). J'J] 

To threaten.To be thunderstruck. To 

walk in the direction of lightnings. 
To u'; flashed upon by hght- JjcJ. [ 

nings (place). 
Lightning. Brightness. j/J ^ j'y 

<■ Lumbago. ig'^r 

Dread, fright. Ram, sheep. j'y 

Hard ground. 
Lightning. Brightness, 

Sending forth light- 
nings (cloud). Bright. 
Wearing a mixture of 

white and black. 
Hard soil. 
Borak ( a fantastical horse 

mentionned in the Coran) 
Cowardly (man). j/y' 

Daybreak. Jij,Q.'j JjS^^ ■^ J'Sy 

Silk garment embroidered Jlnf-ll. 

with gold. 

( TA) 



Ewer. Water-jug, 

<K Kettle. 
Borax. Nitre. 
Flag, banner. 
Apricot, plum. 
Vine-leaves stuffed. 
To take flight. 
To paint in various colours. 
To speak confusedly. 
To paint (her face: woman). 

To be variegated (land). 
To become vei'dant (land). 

To cheer up (man). 
Motley. Confusion, disorder. 
Chaffinch (bird). 

v5_; llj 7^ Ji^jj TS 

J\'Ajo Ts 
- i" p 



Small quantity of water. 
Barren soil. Oozing (water). 1^'J 
First shoot of a plant, jaj iJj jaj,\, 
Squanderer. J^'jyj u^l^/ 

To hire (a beast) to. ^ ,_^y"j;'-{^ 

To be a broker, a middle- J^'jt •♦• 

Threshold of a J^XjC ^ j-'^'j! -^ 

door, window-sill. 
To be restless, to fret *iL'lr'^l»'V -tf- 

To bribe a. 0. » ilt'^ Jt^ -H- 

To be corrupted by presents. Jl'Jv 
Present, bribe. Oblongjj^iy ^ J-%^' 

To be dark, obscure (night), ^.^'j' ^ 
To become swollen ^Lj^j'Ij j,^'j^i — 

with anger. 
Large-lipped, J=>yj\j J^ji 

Elephant's trunk. ^y^j' -^ 

To ascend a hill). a Ccj^ o ^y -ft- 

To excel in science, merit. \i\'j[ o pj?' 
To get the mastery over, to 5 o pjj' 
surpass a. o. in (knowledge, beauty). 
To give a. tli, as a free gift. ^ '^ 
He has done so \i5v jl ^s-'^'c'j' iJS'ji* 

of his own accord, unbidden. 
Excellency; merit, perfection, -^KJ^ 
Free gift, alms. cUjC, ^ ^jy 

Excellent, distinguished. Beautiful.pj G 
Giving freely. ^.'S^-i 

To bud (plant). j^'Jvi j^'j' * 

Calyx, flower-cup. Unblown ^-clJr' 

To be full of fleas. 
Flea, -fy- Silver coin, 

equal to one piastre. 
Shrimp, prawn. 

_,9jl Cj'fi'ji 



A gnat. 

Country, villages j 

little remote from water. 
Crushed wheat. 
Screw. Gimlet. [/(J, 

■.%'j). I Purple, scarlet. 

■ 'J: J. ^ 

-'i?'j: r: J^ji 


( T 

To rise on the foi'o-lega "iiSjl, ^'J>, ^ 
(horse). To fiiU on the knees (came]). 
To fall on the buttocks. ^'J\-> 

Volcano. o^^'j. -r d^j. I 

To twist a A j,j 'ij , /Jj (a'J o /j. -^ 
rope. To manage a. th. successfully. 
■^ To ramble, to prowl about. o >»Jr' 
To be annoyed, ^ ^In-^i ^'J. a >_y; 

weary ; to feel pain or sorrow at. 
To strengthen a. th. To ma- ^ ^J^'1 

uage well at. 
To annoy, to weary a. o. s j,j'\ 

To catch a. o. iu words. j,^isCi\ J jlit — 
To be stj-engthened. well ma- /JiS^ 
naged. To be twisted, woven (rope). 
Weariness. Fruit of a kind of j^} 

acacia called oUac . 
Confirmation of a contract. >»!j;'t 

A stone pot. <• Twist ^l^j j Xr ^r "^'J. 

of sweetmeats. 
Tui'n, round, circuit. Spoke of a.'iji'j -^ 


Rope-weaver. __,\y 

String. Twisted cord. j'\j[j j^^J 

Vestment made of silk and linen. 

Mixed flock of calves and goats. 

Mixed army of Arabs and Persians. 

Gimlet, drill. Cork- ^iV-J "^ '-'^-J 

screw. Worm-screw ( for extracting 


Eve (of a feast), y'lgil. cyVjG j uyjy. G 

Confirmed (contract, peace). j,yy> 

Twisted (thread). I 

Ineluctable fate, inevitable yyj, -L^ j 

doom. I 

Spindle. ^j C>; ^ yyy, \ 

Twisted, woven as a I'ope.^j _,r^ y/Sy 

Wound, rounded. 
Bodkin. Feast at the close yjy •<>■ 

of Ramadan. Bairam. 
Eighth month of the Coptic a'ny'jf Ce 

year : April. 
Cask. Barrel. jjj^i'jtV d^^'j -^j Jh^'j'.^ 
Seventh month of the Coptic ol^J^J Ce 

year : March. 
Lace, crape. >^^J?' Ts 

Balance-.sheet. Budget. rJ'U'j P 

Upper-cloak. ^ji^ ^ ^'j.. ^ 


^ ) iJa 

Finch. Fickle, unsteady. jJiVjy^ 

To walk at a phort and quick i^'y -tj- 

pace. To go away in looking back. 

To squat in parting the knees. 
To scatter a. th. fit ^'j 

To speak at random. y^S^\ — 

To fall on the back (man). To JJl^tj 

feed on various food (camel). 
To veil the face with. ^^i » ^ Jf ■{}- 

To veil o.'s face with. ^ A'-fi-^ 

"^eil. ^\'y ^ AS. 

To lie. tp"i^ 

Blunderbuss. Musket balls. J-^'y 

To iij]iij.\j -ijj , (io\j\Jj (^j'j: o ii'J -a- 

kneel (camel). -^ To sit, to lie down. 
To stand firm, to dwell iu. ^j ti'j 

To make kneel down ; to bend the iiy 

■fy- To congratulate a. o. J iJ^r 

To bless, to ask God's j _,) u tiy 

blessing on. 
To bless, to invoke js. j\ j j\ J iijC 

benediction upon. 
To compel (a camel) to knee!, j ti'J] 
To bode well of. To be blessed ^ i j'xj 

by. To delight in. 
To be exalted. iJ^Cv 

May God be blessed and J\j5j ^\ ij\J; 

To look for blessing, for good luck.^j — 
To apply o.'s self to. j i'J{]\ 

To attack ( the honour of a. o.). icj j — 
To bode well of. ^ 6'J^\ 

Herd of camels kneel- i^/j,' ^ i\} 

ing. Upper part of the chest. 
Blessing. Abundance. cAi=>'J, -r "^'j. 
Pool. Tank, pond, puddle. iJ^.. ^ 'ii=''y. 
Way of kneeling (of camels). "^^jK 
Pi'ice for iS^Ji 6\'^\3 ii'S ^ l&i^ 

grinding, miller's fee. 
Cowardly; slothful. ^jj(, 

Happy. Fresh dates with cream. ,i]j ,»' 
Miller. if^: 

Happier. Boldei-. ^'J\ 

Kneeling-place for camels. iJ>yi 

Blessed. iJjV-/" 

Abundant, prosperous (crops). iJ_,^j>; ■!>• 




To get the better of, to over- » — 

come a. o. To rob, to plunder a. o. 

To withhold a. o. 
To strip a. o. of (his clothes), s ^t'l^ 
Breast, nipple, teat, jl^ 'ij yCy^ ^ j^ ^ 

Month-piece (of a pipe). 
Cloth, linen. jjjj ^ 'j' 

Weapons, arras. i^lj jJ j jj.i 'o'y.i ~ 
Shape, figure. ' e^^ 

Cloth-merchant. jl^; 

Cloth business, linen trade. Sjljj 

To walk quickly. J jj' -S- 

To constrain a. o. » — 

To perform a work skillfully. * — 
Strong and faint-hearted. j/J 

Well-tempered (man). 
Walking quickly. jKiy 

To boast of. J ^jC J ,ir>l?' o ^jT ^ 
To incite a. o. against. js. ^ — 

To embellish a. th., to adorn. * ^y 
To vie with a. o. in merits. ?rjV:^ 

To have a hollow ^3?j1j ^'S a ^j;' -S- 

back and a prominent chest. 
To submit to. J ^*y_ 

To strike a. th. or a. o. uj Aj S ^'j' 

with (a stick). 
To assume the manners of a 5^'jCj 

hollow-backed man. 
To retire fi'om ( business). ^i ^-JJi 
Having a hollow back -U-lf j. ^J^' 1 

and a prominent chest. 
To sow (seeds). A IjJT i jj_ ^ 

To strew (seed). To season (food, a — 

in the pot). To amplify ( a subject). 
■^ To seed ( plant). To lay eggs fj' 

(silk-moth, locust). 
To season (food) with spices. jfc jj' 
Seeds. -^ Silkworms' ^^j' ^ Jj: 

Spices, seasoning. ^ 3 C'l z<->-jJj:"^ 9- ~ 
A seed. Zjjj 

Plant or diy fruit full of *djX "^ 

Retail seedsman. Seedsman. j\j,' 

<■ Dealer in silkworms' eggs. 
Beetle, maUet of dyers. jjy;j j'Jy 
•^ Full of seeds (plant). j3v» 

Bazaar, bargain. oIjO'^ w jO^ ^^ 
Petty trader. oiTj j b Ps 

• > J: 

To wrap o.'s self in a bur- i^jf 

A small earthenware -j |Jj' ^ ;!;'_^ .JJ- 

vessel. Dates of good quaUty. 
Hat. *i»^^! '^ 

Bonnet. 'U-I)) — 

{hulec). People, 'ClJ^' -Cuj/ icV^' S 

To be in recovery. CU^j' Gb.^/ a o_,r -ft- 
To prove a. th. ; to alioi'd o^ 1 — 

arguments. To overcome a. 0. by 

feats of dexterity. 
Long space of Cj\»'j:j a'J. •pr^^'S.i '•^'j: 

Bulk, freshness. Bulky, fresh i»3*^ 

To look steadfastly at. j|_ ^jr ^ 
Brahmin. j;_* \'J_ ^ ^^j' -fr 

To prove a. th. by strong * ^&j' -ft- 

To argue against a. 0. it o*S^' 

To be proved. o*'-^' 

Argument. Proof. o^^^'j'. -r- cMj. 

To put a rings i5^1j ^l^j \'jJo \'J ^ 

in a camel's nostril. 
Ring placed ^Jj cJCji j'S. t Sjr' 

in a camel's nostril. Ring, ringlet 

used as an ornament by women. 
Rubbish. :sj'J 

To dress (wood). To A (/J i cS^ -ft- 

make ( an arrow ). To cut ( a pen). 

To exhaust (a beast : journey). To 

wear out. 
To imitate a. 0. To vie with s jjb 

a. o. in. 
To be covered with dust. tfjr'l 

To compete for a price, an office. ,^3^^ 
To be cut ( pen). J^^K 

To offer o.'s services for. To J jy\:[ 

To trim, to cut a. th. fit j^\ 

Earth, dust. j'jf 

Cutting of a pen, a reed. tl'j;' 

Splinter, chip. Rubbish. A^j XXJ, 

Dirt of the head. H-t^-i *i_>i'. 

Di'awiug-knife. Pen-knife. "iSir^j »A*J 
Cut (reed, pen). IS^ 

To ravish, to 4» '^X , iS'j.j> j U' !?' -ft- 

take away a. th. 

To be hollow-backed 'jj a i/jJj o — 

and broad-breasted. 
Hollow-backed and broad- .|jjj ^ jj \ 

Haughtiness. »Q' 

Equivalent, equal. Jji 

Foster-brother. ;sji 

To drive on gently 5 ^ ^j , LJ o ;>J ^ 

(a she-cainel). 
To prepare a dish made of ZIji— 3 — 

(flour and oil). 
To send a spj after a. o. J 5 — 

To drive a. o. away frona. ;,«■ ^ — 

To crumble a. th. fit — 

To send off a. o. to a J * — 

To collect. To call (goats) to uj ^1 

water or (a she-camel) to milk her. 
Cat, puss. ^J.\L^ ^ ;Ij j, l^ 

Kitten, pussey. xixlj ^ oili <► 

Enough, it is enough. ^5 

Small quantity of food. ir-i-4 

Flour mixed with butter or oil. *l^«j 
Name of a celebrated ,_^lj ^ ^jL'i 

she-camel. She-camel who does not 

yield to be milked, till she is called. 
To say ( ^J ) enough. ^15 -«- 

To flow (water). ^Iw 

Desert, waste . u-jQ t ^V-'i 

Trifles, idle woi-ds. ^^ClJI C/U>_^ 

Mace. ^ ' z:.\:i3 

To become ^ \i3j UjLj ^iSr'iJ a 115 ■«■ 

famiUar with. To cheer a. o. To 

become accustomed. To make httle 

of a. th. 
Garden. Fruit-garden, cnjllj ^ ot-lj P 
Gardener. jJ'Ciljj j>^^l^ -^j 'J.Uli 
Spade (cards)r " ^j~L} •♦• 

To anticipate. To fi> (^'j o^) -i^ 

make a. th. out of season. 
To become cross ; to wear a \jj~i ~ 

frowning look. 
To approach to maturity (dates). ^ 
To do (a. th. ) out of time, a yJ]j — 

unseasonably. To mix ( dates ). 
To become cold (day). .n-*-' 

To do a. th. ( unsea- a ,,<liJlj _^lij 

sonably). To be benumbed (foot). 
Frowning (face). ^^G j yj 

To be gracious, well XtQ' o f 1): -tt- 

educated (young man). 
To look giacious. To be raomen- f,jij 

tous; ti-emendous (evil). 
Candid, ingenuous. f.\j,'j ^_y' 

Unbecoming (young man ). f,\j, 

To rise ( sun ). To <i.jj'j (ij, o i,'S * 

scarify (cupper). To grow (tooth). 
To shed (blood). fi, — 

To scarify (a beast ; farrier). » -^y' 
Ascending (star). i-j}'y. sr *^j>. 

Sunrise. -^y^ 

Lancet. ^jj> 

To spit. To I'eject. a. th.* CSjJ o JjJ -tt- 
Spittle, saliva. ^\'y 

Snail. Slug. ;j|j; -^ 

Spittoon. Jj,t>J! 9- *J3l; ■♦• 

To split a. th. fi> Sy.iSy. ^ Sy.^ 
To cut its first teeth (camelj.Vjj; o — 
To broach (a cask fi^ J^.h SSwi — 

of wine), to tap it. 
To be broached. To be split. J3jjlj SS<> 

To ooze (from a skin, the body : milk, 

Di'ill used to broach casks. JQ' 

Hole made in a aa Jq' 

Cutting its Jli'j Sj!i JjXjJ T djM teeth (camel). 
Tooth gi'owing. Experienced man.Jj i; 
Great misfortune. >V ji' 

Drill. Water-filter, strainer.«Ijj>_, Jjl; 
To catch hold of jp C»j; o i yjj -S- 

(with the teeth), -fy- To speak. To 

utter a word. 
To bear (a burden.) ^ — 

To strip a. o. of (his clothes). fi> s — 
To befall a. o. : misfor- *>»j,C)l i:>»i' 

•(f- A single word. ;> j; 

Leaf rolled up to be used as a ^^ji 

band. Necklace. 
Buckle, clasp, lock. ^..^jCl ■^ j,iyX^ 
To become proud. ■^ijf -^ 

Copper basin. oj,VJ 1 tr o jj • P 

To be kind. ijjj o \j> -H- 

To equal; to raise o.'s self Jp — 

above a. o. 
To subdue, to overcome ^^ ^s'y. 2^ "" 

a. o. 


Tall, lofty ( ti-ee ). Goodly yellow j^i; 

fruit. Noble-minded. 
A white cloud. Mis- j-l>^ -r *^^ 

fortune. Tree with, lofty branches. 
Whose milk flows prematurely j^Lj 

To be gallant, brave. ^LJ o jL'i -H- 
To become sour and V^lJj !A1j o JIj 

strong, (wine). To be weakened 

(vinegar). To stink (meat). 
To assume a severe look. V^J o JIj 
To anathematize a. o. ? >Lj o jIj 
To prohibit a. th., to forbid. a>j s jLj] 

To iinathematize a. o. or a. th. 
To offer, to give a. th. as a ^ s — 

pledge to a. o. 
To devote o.'s o>iil ilij JlSJ'j — 

self to death, to lay down o.'s life. 
To a severe, courageous jLii 

mien, a frightful appearance. 
To face danger. To rush to J^-^l 

certain death (in a battle). 
Permitted or forbidden things. jJJ 
Cross- looking. Jerri J J—? 

^^"o3 to him I iJ >L.i 

Prohibition ; anathema. JCil^j JJJ 
Courage, gallantry, heroism. au_l 
Brave, -^lloj Jlij Jl5 ^ J-w; 

Lion. ..^t>; ?- — 



Gallant, courageous. Lion. 

Wine remaining in a bottle. J— J 

The basilic vein (in the arm).jj>,^b G 


iL.) I 



To smile. 

To have a smiling air. 


Smiling. ^11a.?j j>^j jrr-h^J j^-r-^. 

Mouth. D Mouth-piece. ^,-«uS ^ ^„ i ' ^ 

To say : in the name xii-lj Ji-J -S- 
of God. To make the sign of the 

Invocation of the name of God. iCjS\ 1 

To be fine, gracious. ^'\ — ^13 -^ 

Plough-share. o-r-'^J ^ *^^. 

Workmen's tools. 

To be fcj J.')Jluj '*£\l3j (jji & J^, -^ 
kind, meek. To have a cheerful, smi- 
ling face. 

err ) 

Fresh ( fruit ). 

Dates beginning to ripen. 


Piles, hemorrhoids. -n-l^ ^ j>^Ij 

Hemorrhoidal Has. '^sx^'C.o'X^ 

To spread a carpet. ^ CklS o Jalj -fr 

To widen ; to dilate. To stretch the 

arm. To draw ( a sword). 
To enliven, to cheer up. n — 

To prefer a. o. to. J^ 2J ~ 

To be simple. To be ifcllj o JaiJ 

frank, open (man). 
To unfold ( a mat). To spread fi> U'j 

(clothes, a carpet). 
To j-eceive with a smihng face, JaJ'i; 

to be at ease with. 
To be spread, unfold Jal^^'j ^-].^ 

(carpet). To grow longer (day). To 

be at ease. 
To stretch o.'s self. To enter- Jallil, 

tain o.'s self. To brighten up. 
To stretch the arms in ly- fi> hljii{ 

ing along. 
Open hand. W \ j J^JJ oj 

Fine-bodied. :dalj jk ial3 

Extent. Capacity. -^ A piece of sLjJ 

cloth, n Landing place of a stair- 
Very large carpet. JalJ ^ JsLli 

Area, the terrestrial JaJ L_j ^ *i»c— J 

surface. Earth. 
Elements. Constituents of a iaJllIll 

body. Simples, medicinal plants. 
Simplicity: ingenuousness, it>'L_j •<>■ 

Joy, cheerfulness, entertainment. LCyX 
Extending. Embracing. ia.,u 

Simple, not compound. 'iklJ ^ ia--J 

■^ Simple, guileless. 
Open-handed, h'.j ^ si^tjl Jas—; 

generous. mail. *^jj.j da-1^ Is 

Dilated. Stretched. Glad. ^\^'eU J,^^ 

off ; comfortable, in good health. 
To spit. CjlIj jl3 -«- 

To be lofty (palm-tree). CijU o jIj 
To obtain superiority over. u — 

To put off a. 0. 

oi— J 


iciJ -ft- 


'. I 

have conveyed good tidings. 

Fiu3 features. c^^^l 

First gleam of dawn- r^ia)! 

Announcer of good news. 

■<>• Preacher. 
To be distasteful XpIIj j C^Ij a ;i 

(food). To be ugly, deformed 

have a foul bi-eath (pers. ). 
To dash and smash a. th. o '^^ 

To give a bad taste to. To ^^ » ^Jj •> 

disfigure a. o. or a. th. To blacken 

a. o.'.s character, to disparage. 
To commit abominable deeds, j fl^ -^ 
To find (a place) to be im- fi> ^'sjj[ 

To find a. th. ugly, frightful, ii 
Bad taste (of a dish). Deformity.jililj 
Unpalatable (dish). Having ,^j^_ 

a foul breath (pers.). 
Ugly, deformed, ^'^b jUjI — 

hideous, unsightly. 
Unpleasing word. ^ yyS" 

To strike o 2f Csll a J4j j i jIj -^ 

a. o. with a (stick). To tear off (clo- 
Entangled in an affair, perplexed, jij 
Buzzard, sparrow-hawk 
Different, other. 
To walk quickly. 
To lie. 

To .stitch (clothes). 
To do amiss, to botch 
To extemporize a. th. 

Towel. .JS-f^^ 

Silver coin of 5 piastres. 
To trouble a. o.; to 

entangle (a bu.siness). 
To be entangled in. J jl >_» JUm -> 
Obstruction, perplexity, jLLJj *Iiio -^ 

To suffer from indi- ^ u.i5 a .^ -}^ 

ge.^tion. To feel disgust at. 
To rivet, to clinch (a nail). a ^^ -^ 
To cause an indigestion to a. o. s ^^ I 

Indigestion. Disgust. ^1 

Balsam of Mecca. .lU 

(rr ) ^ 

I To smile to a. o. To undertake 
a. th. joyfully. 


Zik'\ Ts 

iWsJ i o dXlj -^ 

Ljifedl — 

a. th. <i;i j — 

^ ^feui) Pe 

diUj Ts 

^j J-y^j 


iisiij Ts 

5 * 

5 >iil 

To become covered with plants jLj\ 

Kindness, meekness 

Face, cheerfid countenance. 
To show regard, to wel- , 

come a. o. 
Ward-i'obe, closet for 

clothes. Case, coffer. 
To peel. To take off ^ \'jc3 o ^ 

the bark. To grate. To devour 

crops (locusts). 
To rejoice at a. th. ^ a _r4J J i j''A 
To bring good ^ 5 >LLllj ^b ^iJ 

news to a. o. •</■ To preach. 
To be busied about a. th. ; <_) _jl 5 _^i; 

to practice (an art). To set to work. 
To know (a woman). s — 

To rejoice at a. th. ,_, _^ \ 

To enUven a. o.'s face (news 
To communicate good news 

o. to another. 
To bark, to peel a. th. * ^^ ij ^\ 
To rejoice in hearing (good ^_, yilXi.{ 

news). ■<► To draw a good omen. 
Joyful countenance. _^) 

Good news. ^5 

Good news. •<>• Gospel. ^sy^ 

Fine-looking appearance. SjVIj 

Good news. J,Vij j CjVj^h ^ SjlL 

■if- Gospel. Lady-day. 
Present received by a 

messenger of good news. 
Man, mankind, men. 
Epidermis. Exterior 

shape (human). 
<► Buttei-fly. s3llj 

Good tidings. Preaching of vh-I^ 

the Gospel. 
<► The Angelus. -»i44:)l 

Day-break. Beginning of a thing.jji,Ci 
Mes.?enger. -tf- Evangelist, ^IJ^ ^ ^^4.) 
Good news. J \ll\\ 

The musical instruments Jli4" «^^ 


Perspicacious. Intel- -\'j^. ^ jypi 

ligent. Piercing (eye, look ). 
Evident proof. a'j^rj jialJ' 

Diviner. Sorcerer. j-'a^ <• 

Seeing. Understanding. j.a.i' 

To flow. To ooze (water). uiJ a ^oJ ^ 
To gather, to pick up a. th. 4> — 

Perspiration. ;.^ ^ f.^\ 

Stupid. 'lii; j>f:A>\ 

To spit. CtiJ o j.i; ^ 

Saliva, spittle. jLiJ 

To strip a. o. »>j s j^'Jj J.^; - J-if ■«- 
of his clothes; a (tree) of its bai'k. 
To M'jai*y a. o. by questions, a JoIj 
Colt. Onion, an onion, a bulb. <li;, J.ij 
Shallot. jjio ^yi^j 

A kind of small onion. ^ail j.ij 

Wild onion. al^j. x>-j jU)l j.^; 

Distance between the ring ^J -{:}- 

and the little finger. 
Compact (clothes). Thick (manl.^j/i 
To print cloth. To stamp.C^; o^j •♦• 
Print made on cloth. Stamp. ;;.ij Ts 
To take off the property \y^ o LiJ -?}- 
of ; to strip a debtor of his posses- 
To be thin- Z^ij^'u 'z^\^_ a i ^j -J^f- 

To ooze, to Ca^jj 

To give scantily to a. 
To pinch (the chords 

of a lyi'e). 
To collect debts from 
a. 0. little by little. 
Sour mUk. 

Small quantity of water. z^\^.j ja^> 
Uselessness of a. th , tj^: —^7 ^ 
His blood is still l^i^ \y}^ ;.'i ^i 

To split a. th. fi> ^jj , C.i,; a ^: ^ 
to lance. To carve (meat). To elu- 
cidate a. th. 
To understand (a speech). Gjiu A — 
To know a (woman). 5 ^..iC 

To explain to a. o (a ^5 ^iaJl 

speech) . To deliver goods to. 
■^ To goods 

0. _^ ja'iSj a - 


C24j Te 

„ii5 Ce 

( rt ) ^o. 

! Kind of millet. 
j Cash, ready money. 
I Ninth month of the Coptic 
[ year : May. 

I A kind of water-lily, lote. ^^jJ^ -^ 

To shine, to gleam, tojj Cau-ai i ^J -S- 

To ooze (water). 
To give a. th. ^ ^- 

To open the eyes (M'help). To ^^^ 

show first signs of verdure (soil). 
■^ Burning coal, spark. j^J 

Eye. -^ Watch. Spy. ^^dl 

Brightness, glaring light. ^,^r 

Bright, shining. 
To wag the ^'-^j , ^-^a^, ^'t^. ^ 

tail (dog), a To court, to search 

To open the eyes (whelp). ^^^ 

Apple of the eye. ^/-Ai -^ 

•lo t_j ojl.ojj llria^ a ^ajj o j^ctl -H- 

see. To understand a. th. 
To make a. o. understand 

a. th. 
To open the eyes (whelp). 
■if- To divine, to soothsay. 
To contend with a. o. in 

sharpness of sight. 
To observe, to see, to 

perceive a. th. 
To consider, to observe 
To reflect on a. th. 
To observe attentively. 

To investigate a hidden th 
To reflect on a. th. 
Sight. Perspicacity. 
As far as the eye can 

Soft and whitish stone. 
Clay mixed with pebbles 
Basrah (town). 
Acuteness, perspicacity. 
Intelligence, clear- 
sight. Caution. Proof. 
Seeing. s;;^ai; ^ ^_^i; 

Eye. ^ ^y ^ sj^i; 

Any sight-giving, or demons- S>alj 

trative thing. 
Consideration, I'eflection. ^^^ 

More clear-sighted, -tf Perhaps. yoA 

A 6 j>ai 

t_)j fi> 


A j^ 

4 - 

Q th. 

_/-a jU. 1^ 



i fr y^i 


J'^ ^s. 

-tVj ^,fi 


T »v^ 



_;• LiJ ^ ajyoj 

A kind of pleurisy. ''tS^i -r^. 1 

Laying flat on the belly. ^i,.lAj rd>j\ 1 

Depressed, flattened. 
To Uck a. th. 
To abound with melons 

Melon. Pumpkin. 

Field full of melons, 

To incise a. th. * t^i,; o i ^k; -Ji- 

To be sprightly, merry, l^kj a ^j^i 

bewildered. To be ungodly. 
To contemn (rights). To under- a — 

value (a gi*ace). 
To render a. o. sprightly, or 

insolent. To fatigue a. o. 
Uselessly. Saucily. 
Sprightliness, insolence. Care- 
Pert. Hot (horse). 
To practice farriery 
To shoe (animals). 
To be shoed (horse). 
Veterinary medicine. Farriery, s^i^ 
Veterinary ^^j , »'^k\ci sr J^. 

surgeon. Farrier. 
Shoed (horse). J^Zi 

Boisterous, stubborn man. ^ _^j V 

Termagant Foul-tongued woman! 
Deck of a ship. Electrical :/j iL; Si 


Roe. ^j vk; «. ^IjLj -^ 

stole. J-j,^. vr 6:^'M C'S 

General of christian army. Patrician. 
Tall (man). 3j}^. G 

Patriarch. xr,,lL.j «• 'Sxj^_ , il^L; G 
Patriarchate. Dignity;^|^y j '^■c-txj^. 

of a patriarch. 
To snatch a. th. ^j CiiJ o i 

To overwhelm a. o. (terror). 
To recover (from fever ). 
To seize a. o. forcibly. To 

begin a struggle with. 
Strength. Courage, violence. 
Man in the strength,_,ia^;_, jilL;^ 

of life. Gallant, vigorous. 



Xjyi. ■♦■J Jai 

s — 

i.L; ■«■ 

» ^u: 

To carry on business, a f.h.'X^\j f^ 

to practice trade. 
Piece, cA'm2aJ,3 ^Um^ i^>^3 r^ -r <i»-ir 

Small number, few. Poition xiiajj f,^ 

of the night. 
Few days, seme days. j,\,\ ^mJin 

Dowry. Divorce. ^' 

Goods, wares. ;»il^j t *fUaj 

Partner. ^^f 

Knife, lancet. ^^(ji ^ ^j,-^ 

Merchant, trader. ^-?u5l» 

To cut off a. th. fi> ^lUaJ i i^^f -a- 

To run to seed (corn). Cij o ^i»;' -^ 
Soul. Ear of corn. ^5 

To lance (an abscess), fit Ctj o 'iaj -ft- 

To cut open a. th. 
Coll. Ducks : a duck. <L; , "JaJ 

Leather-bottle. i»lL j J»^; ^ daj 

•(>- Calf of the leg. ' jilJl xki 

Drill, dissecting-knife. *J»Cjs ^ -Jal* 
Potato. U»'lL; is 

To dabble. To caw (duck). To Lliaj -ft- 

have a weak judgment (man). 
To injure (the head, skin). i — 

To be slow, U,; b , 'li>Ji *\i4 o Vis; -«- 

to walk slowly. 
To detain a. o. with a. ^ cS^i js. '\^ 

th. To procrastinate. 
To be slow in doing a. th. J WCJ^ \Lj 
To find a. o. to be slow. 5 UaliJ-t 

Slowness, delay. *^!j ••Jajj 'li»i 

Slow, straggler, tardy. -ja^ 

Slower, later. \lailJl 

Acting slowly. '^feQ--' 

To spread. To flatten A uJaJ a ^^.kJ -«- 

a. th. 
To throw a. o. down with j^ij ip 5 — 

his face to the ground. 
To be seized with malignant fever.;^ 
To spread out in a 9'.i»I--"b i«^' 

valley (torrent). 
<► To undertake a. th. J 5,.LlJ 

To spread (torrent). To tumble -r^^K 


Large bed of a torrent. 
S. m. •<>• Female •r.'AWij ,^lkj ;r *^-;^< 

To confide a secret to a. o. 2 o^iJ 
To be lined ( clothing). ^^, 

To penetrate, to fathom fi> ,JaJcJ.\j — 

a. th., to explore a. o.'s designs. 
Belly. Interior. oCJ* j ^'kj '\j o>W w oi^i 
Under-tribe, smaller ^"Ij o>lu ^ ^i 

than a iLJ . 
The longest part of a oui* ^ Jiaj 

To bring forth an only ia>U CJaT oUj 

child (woman). 
Gluttony, surfeit. tllw. 

Repletion banishes ■ t^'W j" L-*jj tljaji 

intelligence (proy.). 
Strap, girth. 
Thriv-jig (man). 
Lining of clothes. 
Familiars. Coui-tiers 


Large woollenoCjlla; j Cnhiiai 

Interior. Intimate, cr-^^y. vr o^^ 

hidden. The Hidden (God). 

Depressed (ground ).oCJa;j iikJl ^ j^h 
Sole of tlie foot. ^o^l ^^ ij 

Interiorly. ilkljjUlslj 

Big-bellied. oll4;j,oUa) ,-i:rvii;j ^j 

Full (bag, purse). c^k/ ^S 

Feeling a pain in the belly. o^i? 

Slender and thin-bellied. ^^J»^ 

■^ Felucca, small sailing vessel, i^i 
Jar. Q Swamp. _j,ij; ^ s^U - Jsj -«- 
To tune (a musical a QJ o 'iij -ft 

To be fat, corpulent. "^1 

Harsh-tempered. 'ji/ -^ 

Fat, corpulent. Ja^/ Ji^Jj b-b; 

To be compact in flesh. \^ o Vk/ -{5- 
To be uncircumcised. )^ a ^) -^ 
Big-lipped, uncircumcised. ^] 

To pour down a continual fi> tuo p, -^ 

rain (cloud). 
To fall from (a cloud : iCJj Li ^3 

rain). To send forth spring herbage 

Furniture, possession. Water ^.u; 

contained in a cloud. 
Gui-gling. Fluency of speech, xii;;; -^ 
To tickle. ^^ a 

Who has lost his lower 4»i1 — ^ -S- 

Letter. Billet. Card. jllL; ^ sjda; Ge 


To be csUaJj v^;^ >y jk; -a- 

corrupted. to be reduced to nothing. 

To be of no avail. 
To relate a. th. jestingly. j 'iiUaj — 
To be workless, idle SiJaJ o JiJ 

(workman). To cease. 
To be brave ; to ^Ji^.j *JU3j o jW 

behave as a hero. 
To annul, to cancel (a A jiaJ b jLj 

deed). To render a. th. worthless, of 

no avail. To stop, to break (an 

habit). To give up. -^ To stop work 

on a feast day. 
To be gallant. To busy o.'s self jLlj 

about trifles. To be in quest of vain 

things. ■> To be kept as a holiday 

Vanity. Falsehood. Trifle, o>U* j jM 

Idleness, stoppage, leisure, rest- <liisj 

time. <>• Holiday, leave of absence. 

Bravery, heroism. ^_^.j *JUaJ 

Abolition, abrogation ; JlW* 

cancelling, rescission. 
Vanity. Falsehood. JtM^.''^ -r Jk^. 

Useless. Delusive. 
Wizard. The Devil. iikj ^ — 

Vanities, trifles. J=%^^ 

Hero, gallant man. JliaJl 9- jW 

Worthless. Workless. Hero. JiL; 
Rescinding. Trifler. J^ 

Turpentine ; turpentine-tree. ^^ -fr 

Ulcer on the shank. 
To be inside. To CJsj j CjiaJ ^^ "^ 

conceal o.'s self. 
To penetrate, to engage in the fit — 

middle of. 
To strike a. 0. on the beUy. ijj s — 
To be surfeited and disten- CLj a ^j 

ded (belly). 
To be big-bellied. ^ilJ JLu 

To have a belly-ache. Cij ^ 

To choose a. 0. as an »j fi> ^1j ^^ 

intimate friend. To line (clothing). 

To strap (a beast). To conceal a. th. 

After, later on. laiJj aJJ 

He is not come yet. j^ cAi 'J 

After compliments (/ begin). ^ ul 
After. J\ oi; ^Aj u oij 

Immediately after, soon after, iij'i XiJ 
Far away, remote.ollujj j^ijj Mai; ^^ ju-J 
Farther. Foreigner. aiJl 

Farm, country-house. 
Remote, distant from. 
To dung (cattle). 
To throw dung at a. o. 
To clean the bowels. fi> 
Dung of hoofed animals, 

Extreme destitution. 
Dung. cj\ 

Camel. jc['A 

(m. /:). 

Stand, stable for cattle. _,iii 

To palpitate (member^j,;;:: — ^_^;; -):}- 

cut off from the body). 
To scatter (people, goods).,*j s Jj'^j -i^ 
Dispersion, scattering. *Jjij 

Disperser, lavisher, spendthrift. Jj^'J 
To be startled. To Caij a ;^3 -it 

become emaciated. 
To sting a. o (mosquito). 5 Cai5 a jaij ^ 
To be troubled by mosquitoes. jatk) 
To share, to divide a. th. into A jalj 

lots, parts. 
To have many mosquitoes. ja»>'\ 

(Jul) JaJJ 



Part, share, portion. 

Some, any, certain. 
During a certain night, 

one night. 
Between them. Each 

other, one another. 
Gnat, mosquito. 
Full of mosquitoes. 
Division, distinction. 
Partly, in part. 
Full of mosquitoes (place). 
To go beyond., j i,;j1j , Ci:; a h^. ^ 

To exceed in. 
To slaughter (a beast). 
To overburden a. 0. 
To soak ( the soil : a CSuJ a 

rain). To dig (a well). 
<• To yell, to shout. 
To slaughter (a camel). 

s — 
j^j ^ 

H Uj>J — 

To send, to J), o jl A » tiJ n d-iJ -«■ 

delegat", to consign a. o. or a. 
To awake a. o. To s 0(*'^J>j tiJ — 

raise (the dead). 
To incite a. o. to. ^i^ ^ ~ 

To be awake, to wake. tiJ a ^^ 
To flow (poetry, verses). jj,'j 

To be sent. To be raised (from c-^^'l. 

the dead). To flow (water). To 

To send a. 0. 5 d^sj'l 

Sending. Resurrection. ^'^ 

Army. Envoy. cjjii ^ c^-'tj c^»» 

Easter. Prayers said c-tl^j ?- 0^^*^ ^ 

on Easter Monday. 
Army. ^ ^ ^^ 

Mission of a prophet. c^^j *2»j 

Sender, impulsive. Cause. ^^^3 

Cause. Impulsion. c-s-Ijj ■>: *»lj 

Awake, waker, watcher. ,^ 

Sent. Raised, risen, ^^.^^j cjy^i w«.«J 
To upset (furniture) and ^ slniJ _r'u.j -^ 

to jumble it together. To scatter 

(things). To turn a. th. upside do\vn. 
To rip up (the belly). * iV;; a y>S\ * 

-> To dent (metallic vessels). 
To dig (the earth). * -K^.i — 

To burst with rain (cloud), ^.jijjij r-v 

To be ripped up. ■<► To be dented. 
To break out into words. ^>iSCJl) r-'i^'K 
Large valley. ^,i.\'/, ^ iCa^ti; 

Ripped open (belly). -^.Ji 

To go ^i \j^j a a«j J , laiJ o ^ij -^ 

away, to be afar off from. To die. 
To remove to a distance, fij s aiJ'lj jiJ 

to take away. To drive off a. o., a. tb. 
To l^eep a. o. away, off.s lSv«)j slitUi -itlJ 
To be remote. To send far away. ju,'1 
May God curse him ! .jjl ioiil 

To be distant o. from a. jtU; 

To part from. To quit, ^t aolj jil^j — 
To consider a. th. as distant, a aii:~l, 

To go away from. ^ — 

Distance, remoteness, saijj jSjj uif 
"Wariness. Sa*'j -uJ 

May he be afar off! May he iJ \j.:S 

perish ! 


Any innoxious bird. oi^ 

Bagdad ( town ). ■ ilaijj aloiJ -!^ 
To pretend to be from Bagdad, ioilT 

to assume the manners of people 

of Bagdad. To go to Bagdad. •<>■ To 

To drink without)^ a j4Jj,\^, a^ -S- 

quenching its thirst (camel). 



To rain abun- 

To be well soaked (soil). 


Unquenchable thirst. 

Who feels iSji^.j >Jj\^.t. 
an unquenchable thirst. 

Swepingness of water, rain. 

To kick, to sti'ike s Iji. 

a. o. with a stick. To cut. 

Swiftness, sprightliness. 

Lively, sprightly. Libertine. 

CDI j\ 'pi - 

-^'>! T j'^y. 


\iJ3 a 



Channel, strait. The 

To pour down a fine 

rain (clouds). 
To be watered by a fine rain (soil).^_^ 
Fine rain. Xii^ 

lo be XtbCo a Cp*4^J0 J^.i Ija^i "^ 

hated ; loathed. -^To hate, execrate. 
To render a. o. or a. th. Jl^ Aj js j^t 

hateful, to cause a. o. to loathe a. th. 
To hate, to detest a. o. or finj 5 ja'iA 

a. th. 
To show coldness to. 
To hate one another. 
Hatred, dislike, disgust 
Hating, loathful. 

Odious, loathsome, j^y^^ -^j j^jJ^j ja.j:,. 
More hateful, who has more jai')\ 

To beget dege- 5 j1:j ,::Ai; a Ji -«- 

nerate children through a misalli- 
To be slow, weary. To walk at ji 

the pace of a mule. 
Mule. > Spur, pro- Juiij JUj ^ ji; 


She-mule. JCoj o5U; ^ iuJ 

Mule-driver, muleteer. ' Ju; 

I To crack (a water-skin, a vessel).* ji; 
; To burst (cloud). J-r'b J*r^ 

j To burst, to j,ySii\ J jiS'ij j^':\j - 
j break out into big, high words. 

Cloud pouring down an abundant jCJ 
I i"ain. Shriek, vociferation. 

To be hard (body). i^iJ a wi-J -«• 

! To cut off the extre- ij s feJJ o diS>( 

raities of the body with.' 

i Fool. dAci; 

! Heat. Inteuseness of a. th. aJ^SCJJ 

I Meeting-place. 

To marry. ;j^; j i'u; Ji5 ■«■ 

To be astonished, ama- ^ y;; a J«j 

zed at. 
To ally by marriage C*^! Uj2i\ JpJ 

To obey her husband ( wife). jilj 
To become the husband of. J JilLlI^ 
Consort, husband. Ju;;j J^_ ^ iuJ >i JJJ 
Unwatered land or plant; or land, jU 
\ plant, that is only watered by rain. 

Owner. Lord. The god Baal. 
[ Balbeck ( town). tiAlii; -tt- 

Idol, wooden statue. ^^ -H- 

To commit L'm^ijjj, l^i; a CJ -Ji- 

an offense. 
To borrow (a horse ?j A Jua-b lij 

or a. th). 

To be stirred (blood). Uj 

To tread a. th. under foot. a 
A. of ad. Snorting, beUow. 
Eager, forward. 
To happen unexpectedly. CuJ a , 

To surprise. 
To faU suddenly upon. jf cilj j — 

To break unexpectedly on. 
To be surprised ; to remain c^{ 

speechless, amazed. 
Unexpected event. 
Unexpectedly. Suddenly, 


Surprised; speechless. Cij^^ 

To be spotted with Cii; a i-jj -ft- 

white and black (sheep). 
Mixture of black and white. tHj 
A lot of people. 'UiJ 

Rabble. 'i^ij j> c^^ 

jij -ft- 

,**■•! t}^.i *^ 


( r^ ) 


<)• Of no avail, wasteful! j. ^ \j 

Old furniture, old wares. j\m 

Loquacious, talkative, jj^j <^^.j J^ 
To gurgle (bottle plunged j^ ■):}■ 

into water to be filled). To prattle. 

•^ To be swollen, to .swell. -^ To 

have blisters on the hands. ^-To rise 

in bubbles (boiling water). 
•^ Blister, bladder on the M^r''-; 

skin. <• Bubble. 
Gurgling. Prattle, gossip. ialiJ 

-> Blister; swelling of the hands. 
Loquacious, garrulous a>{^'j jCiJ 
To mix up (food, talks, Cii' o di/ -J^ 

Bundle ( of linen, of ^ ^ ;ci.2; Ts 

Parsley. a-J,->^ ^^ 

To cut open, to * J^ib 'S^' a ^S ^ 

To take information about. ^s. — 

To be rich, learned. 
To b3 cracked in the middle. 
Oxen and cows, the bovine kind 
Bulimia, violent hunger. ^'J\ ^.j^ 

Untruth. INIisfortune. iJj^.j J^>. 

A children's play. ^'jy^\ 

Cow. Numerous family, ol^iT ^ o^_ 

Ox-di-iver, neat-herd. jUJ 

A herd of oxen. jj^.J J^^^.J S^'- 

Bodice without sleeves. s3j3J 

Relating to the bull family. XsJU. 

Leathern shields. cS> J»J. 

To settle in a town and leave _^ij' -S- 

o.'s tribe in the desert. To go at 

random. To migrate. To walk in 

stooping the head. To be corrupted. 

To die. 
Box-tree. ^; G 

To gather and pack fi, CiaiJ o iaJ -^ 

th. for departure. 
To farm out (a field) for the * j — 

third or the fourth part of its pro- 
To scatter a. th. A Jali 

"^ Imprecation : May his food be Jail.; 

unsound I 
To receive a. th. little by little. A — 

1 o j^~j , V*U; J C»_^' a j^} ) \ o j^_ -ft- 

groan (gazelle). To sing sweetly. 
To speak to a. o. with a sweet s ^u 

and agreeable voice. 
Groaning of a gazelle. jSji 

Necklace (of pearls). ^ ^ xjj Ts 
Groaning (gazelle). Sweet- j^jiuj ^J 

To swell (wound). (^ o Co -ft- 

To observe, to consider a. th. fit — 
Green, unripe (fruit). ^ 

To covet, A '-Cii^j ZJ^j t\ijj ji i j:, -«- 

to request, to desire a. th. 
To he. Cij — 

To oppress a. o. To act wrong- jc — 

fully, to treat unjustly. 
To help a. o. in attaining fi> s 1}] 

a. th. 
To wish, to desire a. th. fit i~i\j i^ 

To request a. th. 
To hate, to wrong o. a. J-'Cj 

It must, it is convenient, fit to.ol ^^Iaj 
He wants, he must. "ij — 

To desire a. th. fit ^^>^\ 

Ti-espass. Injustice. Iniquity. ^i; 

Wish ( thing jjli'j .u;_, ;c!i;_, iii; 

Earnest desu'e, wish. 

^^'isher. Unjust, oCijj 

Harlot, prostitute. 
Place where a. th. is 


Things coveted. >/^-* 

Desired, I'equested, coveted. ^cli 

Object of desire. 
White cloth. Calico. i^' Pe 

To pour an abun- a CS^J j fs; o ^ ^ 

daiit rain (cloud). To make a display 

of wealth. To point out (defects). 

To spread (news). 
To prate about a. o. ip ^1j , CSU^j Cu — 
To scatter goods. fa j|;_) — 

■If- To blot the ink ( paper). — 

To be full of bugs ( place). ^b ~ 

To have many children, (woman). To 

pour an abundant rain (cloud). 
Gnat. Bug. Stout, broad. '•£,_ 

>Uiij 'Gu 



C i 

Undressed wool. Weak-minded 
Dyed red. ^Ju^ 

To look ^j s Cjj i ^j , eJlSi l^ -tt- 

at a. 0. ; to expect a. th. 
To remain, to live, to be i\ij a.'jij 

redundant. To last, to continue. 

To persevere. 
To continue striking. v-^ Jii 

To keep, to hold a. o. back. fi>j 5 jj 

To preserve a. th. 
To put in store, to preserve fi>j s ^;1 

a. th. To keep a. o. alive (God). To 

allow a. 0. to live. □ To become. 
To have pity on; to spare a. th. ip — 
To preserve a. th. Sj fi> j^ \j Jl3 

To allow a. 0. to live. 
To keep a. th. from... ; to ^* J^-^i 

store up. 
Duration, continuance. .V2; 

Remainder CUj ^ '<-*>' j Lmj j'jij 

remains. That outlasts, outlives. 
Lasting, sm-viving. ^^[} ^ ji; 

The remainder. The everlasting Jul 

(God Almighty). 
Providence of God. :t30 

Obedience to God. 
Mercy ! Spax*e us ! <^\ 

Moi'e lasting. i; \ 

F. Good works. oUil^l oCJUI 

Preserved, kept in store. J«-i--^ 

Bey, prince. >^ii'."^J '^>. Ts 

To squeeze jfcj 5 U«; o wij -«- 

a. 0. To break, to tear a. th. To jade 

a beast. 
To crowd, to throng. "iiCir 

Foolish. -iJb' ji»'b 'iJlj' 

To crowd (people). '•^^>. -^ 

Tosji&u^ \t^ o 'J^^.i, ^i a W ^ 

have little milk (ewe, she-camel). To 
have little water (well) ; few tears 

That has few tears (eye). '\fev ^ *~^J 

Holding Uttle water (well). 
Water-cress. \&njj'dXj 

To address s cMjj tfcij o cX-j -^ 

a. 0. rudely. To ill-treat a. 0. 
Reproof, rebuke. C;?^-j 

Remorse of conscience. ^'i*-^^ ~ 

Reprover, rebuker. c^^ 

Bit, broken piece. Lij 

To be spotted white and dz: a ;«*{ -S- 

black. ■<>• To be stained. 
To befall a. 0. (misfortune). s — 

To go away. ;i;_j . ui; a ;iJ 

To be disgraced, abused by. ^ ^i' 
To make white and black * 4? 

spots (on cloth : dyer). To stain 

(clothes), -if- To wet here and there. 
To be spotted. <► To be wet ^7 

here and there. 
To hurry back. ^j>\ 

To lose o.*s fair complexion ,2£i 

(from sorrow). 
Depressed land, swamp. ^iJj ^u ^ o>iJ 

•<>• Stain. 
Upland, plain in a hilly country.^iJj 5.1^^ 
Place full of roots of various trees,;u.A; 
A very cautious bird. ^\'y ^ :Uilj 

Keen, intelligent man. Calamity. 
Spotted. Droughty ^iJ^ 'Ui; ^^.iJl 

(year). Leprous. 
Medley. Stained (garment). ^ 

To appear, to come jib ,Mij o J*; -^ 

out (plant, tooth). 
To be covered jiJij ji'j ,V^| ji;' 

with down (face). 
To become green with plants jiil 

To fatten by feeding upon jirj'b J^" 

green herbs (cattle). 
To search for herbage. jIIj 

Vegetable, herbage; Jujlj J_^i' :r J^ 

Purslain. 'U;.>JI aUjj lliJ 

Cauliflower. jlijVl iii' 

Endive, succory. sj'jCiJI 'iiilJl 

Large boat. *ii' d 

Broad-bean. ji^J Ji^J ''^''■ 

Abundant in herbs, jl^j d'sV.-i J-H 

vegetables (soil). 
Green-grocer. J12J 

Kitchen-garden. xiij^ 

A handleless ves- J^H^j ^ J>»Ij j JC^? 

sel. Earthenware, glass-jar. 
Cod-fish. Mi- Is 

A kind of almond cake. ij^liJ Ts 

To dye a, th. red. * ^J ^ 

Logwood, red dye. _Jij 


{ u ) 


To mix a. th. To a '^^^ o J5C; -»■ 

prepare a mess of flour, dates and 

To mix, to mingle. ••{►To * jfeu 

buckle. -^ To button up. 
To speak in uucon- j^is^'S J Jfew 

nected phrases. 
To get the upper hand by jcj i — 

blows and invectives. 
To prey upon a. th. A ^Jfeir/l. 

Shape. Nature. State. ,_^ ^ iiiv 
<■ Buckle. jS:.; y. '-^ Fs 

Food made of flour. *'L:%^ j *J^.i 

dates, oil, etc. 
Buckled. Buttonned (coat). j4.1>» ■♦• 
Treasury. Principality. cU-ifeij Ts 

State, government. 
To confiscate a. th. (state). d»iSC; -^ 
To be dumb, mute. CcfCj a Js6, ^ 

To be silent. '^\&sC>, o JC; 

To render a. o. dumb. » ^^'1 

He was unable to ^!Afe»JI 4IU ^:< 

Dumb, m:3^; ^ .,,:^ J , ^' ^ JCl 

To shed tears, to ^; _, dfe*; i ^^?C; ■«- 

To weep over a. 0. To ? (J^^^ ~ 

To move a. 0. to 2^ JC:c..:ij JCjIj JCJ 

To make a. 0. to weep over. \s. n — 
To sham weeping. Xip 

Weeping, tears. JCJj -ilfei; 

"Weeping, shedding tears, sife^; ^ ^iJi; 
i^. Weeping (woman). _i]|^ ^ Sllfi; 

Mourner hired at a funeral. •<► Shed. 
Shedding sjiSCjj ^fX; ^ mICj j ;;SC; 

tears; weeping bitterly. 
Causing a. 0. to weep. p,\ij Zil^ 

Weeping-place. jij, ^ Ji:i 

But ; on the contrary, besides, j; -{f 

much more, rather ; no. nay. 
To wet, to moisten A *Lj :^ Jj -^ 

a. th. : • • 

To give a. th. ^ iij j\ S'^:^^Jy6o - 

To be beneficent. 
To enjoy a. th. To ^^ V^l. j >l'i; a 0^' 

obtain. To know a. th. 

To I'ise up _^:^j _^j J , lji_,^; ^^ ■»• 

early in the morning. 
To do a. th. early in the morning, j — 
To go Jl. JCilj _,5CJ Ij ^ij — 

towards a. 0. early in the morning. 
To hasten to go. Jl. j§C_J 

To attend prayer from the sSdJO — 

To visit a. o. early in the s ^\jj _^j 

To hasten to. it J^.h ^'t 

To send a. early. 5 '_^\ 

To accost a. 0. first of all. A_j ^ _^oJ| 

To eat the first fruits. To deflour (a 

First-born. First-fi-uits. jlfe^jl «-^t 

Inviolate. Virgin. 
Young ( camel). oIJ,Sh i J>^. ' -r Jv 
Daybreak. <• To-morrow. _^| ^ 'J^. 
Early in the morning. '^vj j o_^; 

Morning and evening. Ji-^lj J=>^^ 
Pulley. Wheel cX^.i JC y. S^SCl 

of a watering-engine. 
Ail without exception. ^^^/is^SCj Jp 
Virginity. s^ife^; 

Primogeni- :u j_^/ •♦■j Sj^/j *i^i 

ture. Birth-right. Precocious. 
First fruits. SjjS'U^ «J3%»J 

<>• A small crooked staff. j^Ttj 

Early, rising early. -'i%»?j ^l< 

Precocious. JCJ ^^ jp^.i j^^ij-f^^l 
First rain in the spring. jj>ijj jjT^, 
Precocious. Very early, soon. jAfeiJ -^ 
First rain in the spring. jSCl* 

Early, early comer, riser. j^'-^ 

To measure with a ^'jij J>^C "^ 

Hackney. ( jif^b ja^ ) .^aSCL' Te 

Compass. ( jV^ j^y; ) j^^_ P 

Kettle, coffee-pot. ^r'S^o tt^S^' Te 
To overcome a. o. ^ Cst; o ^$C; -^ 
Biscuit. Jsiiii;^^ I»li--SCo ii^-r^^r Te 
To receive a. o. rudely. 5 UJC; a ^j -S- 

To rebuke a. 0. To strike a. o. on 

several parts of the body. 
To reprove a. 0. To cut ofl' fi>j s Jifet/ 

a. th. 
■^ Large sum of money. li5CJ 

One-armed. ^') 


C tr ) 

To fJtii'lj !!iilj|j ?!it"j :>iL* Ij , Cf-jC T^. "fr 

dawn, to bi'eak (dawn). 
To be raeiTv. To have ui; a ^. 

parted eyebrows. 
To be cheei'ful, merry, smiling, ^j 
To be clear, evident. ^'iJI 

Dawn, day-break. i^Mj •^M 

Separation between tlie oti; j ^. 

eyebrows. Day-light. 
Whiteness, brightness. ;^' 

Bright. Evident. Jovial, rr^j r-U 

Shining, gleaming. -p_.l;' 

Bright. Serene. Smiling. -bJj^ r-iJ^ 

Having parted eyebrows. 
To be dry ( .soil ). Qj a wi; -S- 

To be weary, ^.Ju7j r-X'j , C>_^; — 

To bring forth unripe dates ^\j] 

(palm tree). 
Unripe date. ^.1; 

Barren, dry (ground). ^Ji^ ^ ^ji; 

Stubborn, indomitable r-A^-^j •r.\\>. 

To be haughty. ^If, , GoJ a !^: -ft- 

Haughty. .Vi-U ^ ^IJJj ^li 

Evergreen, oak-tree. ■^'^'j '^^. 

Hyacinth (gem). j^Xf ^ 

To settle, to ill; a jX/j ^ Gy; o jJj ■»■ 
remain in. To occupy (a country). 
To be foolish, duU, lazy. 'sS^ o Jiij 
To be undetermined, to lay idle. Jxi 
<■ To naturalize a. o. ; to accua- s Aj 

tom a. 0. to a countx'y. -^ To accli- 
matize (a plant). 
To cling to a country, a place. jjj] 

To b2 perplexed. 
To settle a. o. in a country. fl>j a A'] 

To colonize (a countryj.To conquer it. 
To show stupidity. To settle jd5 

in a country. -^ To be accustomed, 

naturalized, a To run ashore (ship). 
City, town. ol^Uj i>'%. ■r ■>^.J «^i^ 

Country. Land. Village. 
Countryman, citizen, indigenous, ^a'lj 
<• Municipal council or disti'ict. j|jI; 
Stupidity. Dullness. Spiritless- si^AJ 
' ness. 

Silly, foolish. 

To recover^ 'jj]j, sJjj "kJjj ^u i 'ji 

To enjoy the '^Jjj i)>L'j Xb' 4j j/ 

company of a. o. 
You have obtained it. «j illjj cXi 

To wet, to drench, to moisten. fi> ^_^ 
To be sappy (tree). ■^'\ 

To overcome a. o, jlis — 

To be drenched, to be wet. 3=iij cAc^ 

To be soaked. 
To be cured of. ^/^ ljS\j — 

Wetting. Wetness. 5^ 

Moan. jJlTj 3; 

Allowance. Recovery. ^. 

Freshness of youth. :UJ 

He has not got a. th.:5i' Vj ^ ujCoI U 
Dampness, moisture. ^"^.j jVj '^' 
^^'ater1 milk. Meeting- J>L'j J>1; 


Cold and damp wind. *L.^: J Jr^ 

oV s^r^l^oV i/,-^J >iC:^, s?,-H v*^ 
He went nobody knows where. 

^^'icked, hypocrite, -j! ^ ^yS j, 'j;1 

■^ Warm bath. A kind oIJIAj t o:^' 

of fern. 
Waiter at baths. :u!Aj > o!AJ 

Drenched, wet. S^J ^J^ 

To trouble, to jj i*vCJb^ xil'U jli; -{^ 

throw into disorder. 
To be entangled. To be restless, jil? 

Trouble, confusion, j.^iU ^ liuU 

disorder, restlessness. 
Anxieties, sorj-ows. J;>ij 

Nightingale ( bird). jjyj ^ jiU 

•<>■ Spinning-top. 
Disturber, revolutionary. j«ili 

To escape. u^'Mj j^. ^ 

To be cut. Gu; a c-tj j , CuJ o cJt -S- 

To swear. 
To sever a.,th. A tU i — 

To stop short (in speaking). ci."' 
To swear a. 0. fi> i cJj\ 

Silent. Prudent. Eloquent. c^. 

To be vain-glorious. ^£L; — ^. -S- 

Cunning. Boisterous (woman). ^lii; 
Eloquent and ^^-'-J '<^)^.J li"^. 

bold in speech. 

Pavement. Paving-stone. Palace, ^yj 

Even ground. <• Palace. 
A flag-atone. A paving-tile. :t^U 

Axe, hatchet. UaU Ts 

ISappei". Executioner. '^"r^M^. ^^ 

•^ Pavement, paving. JaJ.C.7 ~^ hA^ 

Altar-stone, a Stoppage. 
Paver. Pavior. J4-i ■<>■ 

Paved with stones or tiles. iA'./- •♦• 
Oak. Acorn. hj^. 

Chestnut tree. lajiS oli, 

To lay o.'s self down on the ^.L'u s^ 

^ To flatten (a. th. round). fin — 

To swallow a. th. A ^'Ij ,Ci< a ^1j -^ 

To swallow up. To absoi-b a. th. 
Hoariness began to <^]j J L^ljl '/1j 

appear upon his head. 
To get a. 0. to swallow a. th.^ s f^\j ^j 
Swallowing. Absorption. p>i:ilj ;>ii 
Mouthful. Draught, gulp. ;UiJ 

Draught. Hole of a mill-stone.;j[; ^ <iU 
Glutton, voracious.^J^'j y^lj xXijj 3j 
Gulf, whirlpool. ^Wjj ^ ^J]\5 -^ 

Drain. ^)yuj ^ll>: ^ <f-)^.j <s-y<jj uj\i 

Sewer. Underground pipe. 
^ Sink-hole. ^.;J3iJI *f/b; 

Throat, gullet. ^lij: 

Swallowed. Absorbed. A-*^J f-J^' 

To swallow greedily. ^iL' -):}- 

Gullet. _^>U ^ _^_yX>j JLl; 

Very greedy, gluttonous. ;^iJi; 

To i-each a. o. jfcj s ■^■%j li^; o /U -^ 
To ripen (fruit). To grow of age. — 
Youi' words have moved ^Jfi C» A^ — 

nae, have hurt me. 
To be exhausted. ^/ 

To be eloquent. itSC o >ij 

To forward a. th. to a. o. ^ j.' ^1; 

To inform a. o. of a. th. 
To strive, to use every possible J ^i; 

exertion for. To exaggerate in. 
To lead, to bring a. o. or Jl*j s /^'l 

a. th. up to, as far as. 
To live on, to be satisfied with, o ^CJi 
To enervate a. o. (evil). ..!)*-? ^)Cj 
Very foolish. xili j. ^kj aU J»>l 

Means of subsistence,' ^r'J f-^^.J *^^! 




Steel. Razor. ( jVy j^jt. ) iV_H' P'^ 
To recline on the ground. To ^jx; -h- 

break a pi-omise. To be dull. 
Silly. Breaking his promise. ^jiL' 
To stand mute from fear. _/ji/ -H- 

Beryl. Cristal. y^^j j^ -«■ 

To crystallize. 3^7 -^ 

Crystalline, ci-ystal. xSj J^. 

Black and thick slime left _Hb'l. a 

by the Nile. 
To remain disheartened.,_^**i — ^ -a- 

sad, and gloomy. To be desperate, 

stupefied. To remain speechless. 
To drive a. o. to despair. 5 — 

A kiud of date. ^^jj 

Silent, gloomy. ^ij ^{j ^ 

Constabulary. Policeman. ^^,j> F-*' 
Devil, demon. 2_!i; 1 ,r a-iV'l 

Burdock [pla.]. -IfetJ^j '16*11; -^ 

■^ To anoint with bahii. s ^liJ -ii- 

To embalm. 
Balsam of Giicad. ^'\', 

<► Embalming. *illi 

Embalmed. ^^i^ 

To begin, to 

undertake a th. 
To exact a. th. 

from, to extort by foi'ce. 
Earthenware ^^y^ ^ a^y^'j ',sp^. ° 

To seek secretly after. j* ^^^ 

Exaction. Extortion, 7..ii;j,_^-^ 

Ground down by taxes. t/'^if' "^ 

Bill of exchange, draft. *-^5^ ^^ 

To pave.(a. th).* JaLij Jsl; j,v'JaU JaiJ -J^ 
To tack (sailor). □ To run )^ -tt- 

aground (ship). To cheat. To stop 

To plunder a. 0. (thief). To j( iiL'i 

weary a. o. with requests. 
To come to poverty. Jaijij iJJl 

To fight with a sword. JaA-jj i»il< 

■<>■ To behave foolishly. To play JaJLJ 

the devil. 
Heedless, giddy, devilkin. Ja-L'j ialJ •♦• 


( ii 

Marbre, ivory. isHT ^ 

To be foolish, '<ii-|j Uy^.j (4^ a <ij -^ 

to be a cipher, a simpleton. 
To behave as a simpleton. alj 

To pretend simplicity. «jCj 

Do not mind. Do abstain. Put it off. ;!;; 
Silliness, tom-foolery. nyoj *Sj 

Tom-fool, silly, stupid. 4U ^ '1^1? j, <ijl 
To walk at a quick step. ^j.'^^ ^ 

Ampleness of circumstances. "Cx^! -Jr 
To try, to expei-i-o 5 «^j l^ o 5lj -S- 

ment. To afflict, to put a. o. to the 

To be worn out ( clo- «>U j Jo. a '^^^. 

thes\ To be consumed (corpse). 
To be aifected with fear. To'^^lSJlj ^' 

be smitten by (a disease, a calamity). 
To wear out. To A f^y j:\, '-Om Jj 

waste (clothes). 
To pay attention^,, j\ fii %%^ ivC> Ju 

to. To take care of. To esteem, to 

be anxious about. To vie in splendour 

with o. a. To contradict. 
To put a. 0. or a. th. to trial. * 5 ^'1 
To show gal- tLi ty3 ^/pi) j JJ'\ 

lantry at war. 
To try, to test, to afflict s li'b J'C5 

a. o. 
To put a. o. to the test. y jj^l 

Consumption. Rottenness. Decay. Jo 
Pi'essure of cala- 1%' ^ ;^j i^^i-J 

mity. Trial. Sorrow. 
Trial, test. Misfortune. '% 

Trial. Misfortune,affliction. C5U ^ *!U 
Overfatigued. Worn out..>Ul ^ ^.i j^. 
Worn out, consumed, rotten. 'Jilj JC 
Afflicted. Tried. ^i} J^"' 

Anxiety, care, attentiveness. SVU/- 
Intent on. Mindful of. Who takes Jui 

account of. 
Yes, no doubt. Ay, yea. So. L' ^ 

The thickest string of a ^^iJ 9- Vi P 

musical instrument. Bass (in music). 
Ochrea, bamia (leguminous u*C Gs 

To remain in (a piace).^^ t?b Cj' i ^ -i^ 
To tie ( a sheep) in order to fat- » oV 

ten it. 
Fingers, tip of the fingers. cX^ 

Coming to, as far as. Coming of jyij 

age. Nubility. Matmnty. Perfection. 
Legal summons. Delivery of a ^>U 

message. Sufficiency. 
L'ltimatum. jjil — 

False statements. Slanders. cJi-%. 
Eloquence. *^>iJ 

Rhetoric. ;i>GI ^ 

Ji. f. Reaching... Attaining an ^U 

aim... Mature, of age. Marriageable. 
Inviolable oath. ;iS,G c«*i 

Eloquent. Efficient. 'j',%i j^.i i^:. 

Chaste in speech. 
<>• Sum of money. Limit, iAj' ^ fdxH 

farthest end attained. 
Exaggeration, hyperbole. Xi5\Ji 

Utmost care, striving. 
Bugloss, ox-tongue (pla). o_ya^, G 
Phlegm. Pituite. ^i^ ^ ^ixi -«• 

Phlegmatic. Pituitous. C>«^ 

To hm'ry on. (J^ o JUj -S- 

To open or shut (a door) 

* J^ !.» - 

To '^jiS\j ^lib jiib ,Ci'^' ^.j a. j\j 

be spotted with white and black. 
To be stupefied, amazed. \'iij a jU 
To repair (a well) with plane- * jlj 

To be opened abruptly (door). jiljH 
Camel-hair tent. Marble. Door. jij 
Motley. xaUj ji; 

Variegated, Piebald jU ^ 'Ui; ^ jl|1 

( horse). Famous Castle. 
Plain of Balka. 'UL' 

To be waste and uninhabited, ^i; ^ 
Waste country. ^y.j ^ *i^.j ^^. 

Company of infantiy, Cj\S'J\j ^ iji Ts 

squadron of cavalry. 
Perhaps. S'j, , ^Cb' -if-j *5Cjij Ts 

He may come. " j^^l jsiC_ -^ 

To mar a. o. or a. th. Aj s ~Jj — 'Jj -^ 
To be silent. J^\ 

Having swollen lips. _,ijl 

A kind of broad- <iVb J^.h J^\j ^V* 

bean. Berry of the lote-tree. 
Small fishes. -^ Foolish, stupid. ^ 
y. of M«. Tumour on the lips. t^. 
Ambergris. Honey. ^OjI. 

Tar. jr-^. "^ 


( le ) 

Amethyst. jji}S -^ 

To come towards, to Jl. Clii o J^^ -fr 

arrive at. 
To put a triangular piece on * j5; 
(a shirt). To make (a quiver) of a 
triangular shape. To set (a discour- 
se). To trump up (a lie). 
To sojourn in (a place). ^ — 

Gore of a .shirt. j;u; ^ lio; 

To communicate family »iJl; — dxZ -ft- 

secrets (girls). 
To settle (in a place) diXJjj t_j dxU 
Pith. Aromatic plant. Root, dUi P 

Bloom of youth. ^^1 jaL| 

Bench. Banking-house, iiyj ^ ^ ■{► 
Clepsydra. Water or sand- ^ilfeuT P 

To construct, to build, to erect (a 

To go in to his wife J~/(_j *ulj ^l 

To build up (a building). * Jj 

To give a house. 
To have a. th. built, erected. A> J.j1 
To adopt a. o. as a son. ^ J,:7 

To build, to have (a house) built.* ^^rJl^ 
To want repair (house). ,s^\ 

Structure, fabric. oUiJ j *jt-;^ 'l-j 

Building, edifice. XS!\ ^ 'Cj 

From that, accordingly. *lit «0J 

.^ Good example, edification.^ Ui oCij 
Adoption, adopting. cnJ 

Building, structure. Jj_, ^ .^ icl'j ^j 
Shape, frame of the body. X^ 

Strongly built (man), X^\ sn-st-i 

Son, child. 'UJlj u_^' ?- c?l 

Man. P/. manldnd. j>'^ yl rr ^^ c?\ 
The man of perdition, damned.iJ^liJl 'i/\ 
Traveller, wanderer. JcH" ^l 

Mindless of the morrow. <^y_ 'cri 
Relatives. *^& ^' 

Citizens. *l.a;j|_^r 

Thieves, robbers. jl)l ^i' 

Daughter, girl. oCJ ,f cJ^ *^'l 

4- Queen (of cards). 
Word. xllu ^^i; 

lY. c/". un. One finger. oIjCJ ,r oUJ 
Verdant garden, meadow. Finger-iJCJ 


Coffee (berry). Coffee-tree. i^ 

Coffee-coloured. '^ 

Good or bad smell. oCJ ^ ^di 

Prudent, steady. ca^ 

A kind of shark. diiL' -ft- 

Gold coin of 20 francs. J^,_ Ie 

To come back to o.'s origin, o r^t, -fr 
To put a. 0. imder chloroform. » ^; 
To claim a noble oi'igin. cjiiil. 

Henbane ( soporific plant). ^; 

Origin, source. -^ 

Beet -root. _^' Te 

Hole. Cannon-bore; _,3-UJ ^ o^iJJ Ts 

gun-barrel. Window. 
Clove-pink. Clove. c-s-^*^' P 

Standard, flag. Lake. 

^^ ^ jk.u 


Deceit. ■<). Cross-belt, i^art. Chapter. 
Sword-belt. will)! x:\ •♦• 

Crafty man. i^lj^vi-r 

To enhst (soldiers). <>• To j*j » o^J 

divide (a book) into chapters. 

-o'jr^: Is 

Sea-town. Commercial 

Syndic of merchants. 


Flag, banner, colours. 
Love-apple, tomato. 
Nut, hazel-nut. JiUJ j Jlii; ^ xJlii; -ft- 

Venice (town). □ Rifle, gun. i^iol; 
Gun-stock. *^l^'l w^ <• 

Bastard, spurious. ^^iC./ ^ Jj^; ■♦• 
To debase, to render a. o. j JaiJ -^ 

To .shun a. o ifc_, 5 ^ij CiJ a ^; -ft- 

or a. th. 
To retrace o.'s steps. To di'aw ^_^^ 

I^bony ^-ij ^Lt, ^'T, tr^i'T G 

A cloth upper-gown with very^i/ Ts 

full sleeves. 
Ring-finger. ^^aj -ft- 

Violet (flower). t— io P 

Violet-coloured. '.ajiJiS 


( 1^) 

To marvel. <j4rJl"^ 

Joy. cheerfulness. Beauty. ji^J 

Joyful, cheerful. Fine- jpj+jj r-f5 

Cheering, enlivening. r-«4-» 

To squander, to waste, fit Sj-^-i^ ja^j •♦• 
Hero. :;! J jiVij' ^ j^iii? P 

To walk quickly. Ja^J -^ 

<■ To insult, to scoff at. S Ja^f 

To be I'eviled. Jj*^" 

Agility. ■{>• Insult. xlj^l 

To overcome a. o. in s \J^{ a _,ij -!^ 

beauty, merit. To slander a. o. To 

ovcrbui'den. To grieve a. o. 
To sjiine. Ijj^Ij l^r a jX,_ 

To outstrip a. o. in a. th. 2f — 

To be out of breath. ^^' 

<• To be dazzled ( by sun- J^^ j^ 

shine ). 
To pepper, io season (a dish A ^^j <>■ 

with pepper). 
To vie with a. o. in. 5 0^ J 33*^' j^^'- 
To make a fortune. To bring J^'i\ 

forth a. th. astounding. To be expo- 
sed to heat. 
<■ To dazzle a. 0. (sun). » — 

To be breathless, -fy To be J^\ 

To use every endeavour on ^^ j J^i^y 

behalf of, or against. 
To repeat a prayer. .liojl J ^fJI^ 

Beauty, splendour, victory. _,^j 

Publicly. l^r 

Breathlessness, short breathing. j'^_ 
He exhausted himself SaJ^ iliJ cfj-'^i- 

in endeavours. 
Centre. Extensive field. -^y^ 

Beauty. Pepper, spice. jc^, 

Idol. Swallow. Devil. jl^' 

Short-breathed, breathless. j^4I;:j jj^; 
Splendid. Wonderful, magniticent.^Al'; 
A slender, delicate woman. J i^ ^ ;3j^5 
Artery. Back. Jugular vein. j^^^\ 

The two arteries of the heart. o'J^i VI 
Dazzling. jj^% ^ 

To allow (blood ) to be shed fi> ^y^'i ^ 

with impunity. 
To be shed with impunity (blood ).^_,^ 
To sweep, to pass with pomp, -r'j'*^-^ 

i: . .. 

Tear. c-i»)l zJ^. 

Wine. j^j>^\3 J|^'i)lj i_---" ^*i 

Thought, design. jy^-^\ z,'b. 

Arrow. J Ufe*Jl 'cXi 

Siren. J^-^h 'Ol c.aj 

Small rivers. jajvi otxT 

Misfortunes, calamities. ^tx]\ 'cjiui 
Cares, troubles. j'j^Wj j'Ji\ bU>' 

My little son. 'j^J 

Sonship. filiation. s^' 

Belonging to a son, filial. 'j^l 

Builder. Founder, constructor.;r;J^ oQ 
Wrist. Blow. Ilk! a 

Bases of a house. 


Architect. Mason, builder. ojttl ^ 'U; 
! Pigeon-hole. jUj' n 

Constructed. Indeclinable (noun).-j..:>J 
The public buildings. JC.»)I 

Letters of the Alphabet. JCiH cij^s^ 
Adopting as a son, adopter. ^cni/^ 

Adopted, adoptive (cliild). J>:> 

v" '*>«;-^ ^^'j ^< o J^'-J ^ ''^■^ a i*j -ft- 
To show kindness to a. o. 
To mind a. th. . , , ^ ~ 

To empty (a house). fii vi/lj 1^7 a "^i. 

' To be (hij CfJj c-ii'j a C4J -ft- 

astonished, to remain speechless. 

■()■ To be of a faint colour. iT-J.; a c-*; 

I To surpi'ise a. 0. ? t^j a c4i 

To slander a. 0. 2 '^'jVi-»?J '^ii ~ 

To lie. ciC 

To shock a. 0. in relating ma- s — 

licious reports. 
Astonishment, amazement. xr.^; 

i Lie. Calumny. *-£•»? J cJc-Wi «^-i; 

.<► Dull, dead (colour). c-ftij 

Calumniator. c.4;j C-«; ■?: dj'4^. i , Cj\-^. 
Anaemia. Cli/ a 

Falsely charged. Stupefied. Cj/^'-'f 

To cheer up, to s' ^^ilj , (k+J a r-iJ -ft- 

enliven a. 0. 
To rejoice in, to glad- ^ (U*? a t-*>. 

den at. 
To be fine, elegant. OUirj ^^0 tXk 

I To embellish. To cheer up *j 5 sji^j' 

I a. o. 
To be luxuriant (garden, ?rtiCfj r^X'. ' 

I To be merry. cui^ib zX:^ 

Good chief. Laugher. JJ^l+J t J^^J 

•^ Fool, stupid. 
Imprecation. ;IaCJ» 

^ Silly, simple. Jj4r^ 

To come suddenly ^-^^ — u~iiJ -^ 

from a country without any luggage. 
To lie. jL;,7, ji;j ^ 

Foo!. Rope-dancer, cnH+J ??■ >Jiyi«J Ps 

juggler, tumbler. 
To wean (lambs), etc. ^421 ^^j —^#5 -fi- 
To conceal a. th. To use, * ,ii I 

uncertain, ambiguous terms. 
To be concealed, equi- jc ^-jj ^iJ' 

vocal, uncertain, unknown to. 
To divei-t a. o, from a. th. jp 5 ^l ] 
To be concealed, vague, ^p ^ir^-^l 

equivocal, unknown to. 

Lamb, kid, calf. 

Brave, hero. Difficult task, ^^j ^ ;i4J 
Uncertainty, doubt. Ambiguity. j,\^\ 
Black. Of one colour. ^^Jj j,i^ t j,tii 

Rumbling (sound, noise). Thumb. 
Beast, quadruped. ^; i^ ^ li.^j 

Bestial, brutish. ' ♦-*j 

Bestiality. Brutism. ^s*:** 

Speaking an unkno\vn Ian- ^ ^ ^l \ 

guage. Barbarian, stranger. 

Thumb. Great toe. 

Hidden, unknown, vague. ^Iji 

To walk with a haughty ^h-^ "^ 

Stout and heavy. Lion. ^1^3 

To be fine. sl^ o 'j4u a j^ftJ j o 1^3 -Jf 

To shine. 
To exceed a. o. in beauty. » o I4J 

To enlarge (a house) A ^j 

To boast, to get proud. ^'G 

To vie with a. o. in beauty. 5 j/'C 
To have a handsome face. ^Su 'l 

To empty (a vessel, house). fi> — 

To boast of. 4_) Kil\ 

To vie with a. 0. in beauty, i^'Ci 

Beauty. Elegance. Sjilendour. -143 

House situated -ftj_j 34JJ '^i^^ w ^43 

foremost. Court-yard. Hollow of the 

chest. Extended plain. 

Vain, trifling. Vanity, trifle, ^343 P 

worthless. Tinsel. Counterfeit (coin). 
To dye (the beard) yellow, fin yy^^ -ft- 
Mars (planet). -i^^'j^i.} y.^. P 

Yellow dye. uVJ«^ P 

Ruby, carbuncle. 'd^^jVi Cj^kj ~ 

To push a. o. ^p S j4i b , l>iJ a S*) "^ 

back from. 
To prepare to. J 0^3 a ^43 -S- 

To seai'ch, to scrutinize a. th. ^s, — 
To hurry towards. Ji. — 

To meet, to gather. j-X^j "" 

To rejoice, to be glad. J-^i\ 

A kind, smiling man. j.'^ jij 

To take off o.'s clothes and j-^i)' -tt- 

stake them (gambler). 
To overwhehn, 5 i.4Jlj,Cki3 a ia^j -it- 

to overburden a. o. (work, weight). 
Weight. Heinousness of crime. Ji^J 

Gravity of a. th. 
Heavy, ci'ushicg. Important. Ja^O 

serious (affair). 
Overwhelmed. ^}*t'' 

To come forth, to emerge u^j a j^j ■<>• 

from a cloud (sun). 
Dandruff, n Leprosy. j^J 

Lichen. _,»>JI — 

Soft, iiis^rj Jfei4rj *^;'-> o^*( "^ 

full of vigour (youth). 
To curse a. 0. (God). s y^ a JiJ -S- 
To let a. o. act at pleasure, n j^j ij — 
To abandon a. 0. <>■ To render j J4j1 

stupid, to stultify. 
To curse Jiut> jlpj '^^'^ ^r*-^*? J*Q 

o. a. 
To grow stupid, silly. J*t^'l 

To implore, to beseech Jt J4% 

( God) with humility and fervour. 
To call upon (God) against. jc. — 

To curse, to impi-ecate upon a. 0. 
To let a. 0. do what he 5 J+IS.:.!, 

w^ould. <> To find a. 0. foolish, stupid. 
Cui'se, imprecation. ii43 

■if- Stupidity, silliness. SiJ^J j xlij 

Supplication, earnest prayer; d^X 

call for help fi"om God. 
Indecisive, wavering, j+j^ J^J ?r J*'^ 

Staffiess (shepherd). Untied (she- 
camel ). Unarmed (man). 


( lA) 

To come upoa a. o. ic ^CJlj ^ o ^S'.^ 

Traveller. 9r*>i'j ^'y' 

Misfortunes have ^^-^ >.i^'^ 

overwhelmed them. 
To deliver a permit to. 5 ^JJ <► 

To flash al! over the sky ^\~,\) ^}Lj 

Permit, -way-leave. ^Vj -rV ^ 

To appear \>.jyj i'>jjj j b->j o ^C -ir 

in broad light. 
To reveal, to communicate Jl tj — 

(a secret ) to a. o. 
To give to a. o. information * 5 ^01 

about a. th. To reveal (a secret). 

To d'^clare a. th. to be permitted to. 
To profess openly a religion, a ^ — 

To allow a. th. fi> ^iXL\ 

To consider a. th. as usual and per- 
mitted to all. To permit a. th. 
To destroy (a tribe). fi^j s — 

Revelation of a secret. Permissions;!^!^ 

to do anything. License. 
Dissolute. Free-thinker. o_^Ct ^ 'J^i-X 

■^ Radical (in politics). 
Great quantity of water. ^jS ^ *i!i 

Sun. ^j/ 

Openly, publicly. ^\yi 

Revealer of a secret. t-^j !^Q 

Traitor. -^ Shameless, 'barefaced. 
Allowed, declared lawful, com- J ^CJi 

mon. To be used at will, at pleasure 

by all. 
To be weary. To abate ^y o ^G -S- 

(heat), to remit (fever). To subside 

Fine, pretty. Bright. ^sj 

Young camel. Stuifed camel-hide^"" -S- 

for deceiving a she-camel when 

Stupid, :;Sy ^ U'jTj M>/ ^ y 

To come back to. ' Ji \ty o ^G -Ji- 

To bring back a. o. to. Jl «_> — 

To acknowledge o.'s fault. tijlo — 

To be equal in rank, so »_, «)^j \ty — 

that the death of one may be atoned 

for by that of the other. 
Do die, do atone for his death. *; ^ 
To come and stay (in a place), fit ]y 
To point (a spear) towards. ^J fi> ]y 

To prepare a lodging for. Jj a s 

y^j ^A 


To die out (fire ). To be taintedtj^ — 

(meat). <>■ To lose its lustre, its dye, 

its glaze ( textile fabric ). 
To extinguish (fire), to appease* ^Cl 

Trouble, disturbance. ^y 

To perish, to be !jiy_, s'jy o jC -K- 

lost. To be void ( deed). To remain 

uncultivated (ground). 
To put a. 0. to trial. fi>j z j'cj\j jC ■♦• 

To know a. th. by experience. 

o. to. 

To bring, to 

lead back a. 

I To receive a. o. as a guest, in. ^_, s — 

^ To enter, to go in. To take >^ j\ fi> Yf^ 

possession of. 
To be equal. IjiCi 

^ To take lodging in. A ''^^\ 

\ To kUl a man in order to com- ■& — 
j peasate for the murder of another. 
Tantamount. Equality. ^\'y 

. Blood for blood. Retaliation.^^ >\'y y^ 
Home. Dwelling. Inn-ssll/^'ljlij iLyj SjC 
j Bountiful. sjCJI k_->-j 

j To serve a. o. as a o>U!, o t-jC -Jf 

j door-keeper. 

I To divide (a book) into fj » i_,y 

I chapters. -^ To direct a. o. 

\ To take a. o. for a door-keeper. 2fi_,^7 

Gate, door. Chapter. oCoij kjl^Jl ^ ijC 

Article. Class. 

j The Sublime Porte. j!iJ| ^jC.)! 

At random. Carelessly. ^ii i_,G Jt ■♦• 

Boundary, farthest end. oGG ^ *i![j 

Kind, sort. Class. AVay. j\Iaking. 
It suits you. iiiC ^» \1a 

Door-keeper, porter. oy^ji. ?- «-»'S? 

F. -^ Main-gate. ij\y 

Door-keeping. po)'terage. xifji 

Melting-pot for xJ'iy ■<► j i^y.j *^^y. P 

goldsmiths. Crucible. 
To examine, to^ cj(>'\j , A O'jj o oC -^ 

look for a. th. To scatter a. th. 
To rouse a. o. To take Sj a cjiXL[ 
out a. th. 

( 1\ ) 

To become plump CkJ'j Gi>j i o iiC -S- 

(omaciatod person). 
To stretch the hand in Gt^' o fh -ft- 

order to ofler a. th. To make rapid 

To measure a. th. by the fi> f-j0j ~ 

To rush. p.CJl 

To inveigh against a. o. ji ^>UOi< — 
To lower the price of... for J *^ ~ 

a. o. 
Fathom, measure of the two^ |^' ] ^ fi 

arms extended. High rank. 
Generous. Powerful. ^LJI Jj^l* 

Stingy. Unable. f.\J\ j\^ jl ji^ 

Toe-bone. p,^ 

He is a dunce. Ai.y_ ^ itjjT'o^ii V 

To overcome. To equal n \i.'y' o ^.C -i^ 

a. 0. 
To boil (blood). ^^ 

To overcome a. o. W — 

Fine dust. Smell. Medley. Mob. '\i,yi 
To peris!) Csj^'j (jy o 3\j ^ 

(wealth). To be missed (th.). 
To fall upon a. o. ( misfortune). 5 — 

To ill-treat, to embezzle a. o. To 

harm a. o. 
To assault a. o. J* ~" 

To sound the bugle. J^' 

-^To tie or put a. th. into a bundle.* — 
To lie. i5^;J 

A calamity befell <3; b'^rfci* '^'^\ 

Trumpet. cJ&y.j o^j 3\y} fr 3y. 

Bugle. Horn. 
Indiscreet man. To tell a JjiiO ^ 

Bugler. Jl^ 

Shower. Calamity. 3'Js ^ xJy' 

Bundle, bunch. Nosegay, olsil ^ *JQ 
Injustice. Calamity, di- JjJ}/' ^ *m}> 

To be fat (camel). vlfjj? o i)C ^ 

To be entangled (business). dsjj — 
To mix and press in (a crowd), s — 
To purchase or sell a. th. * — 

Big (camel). iii'j i^; ^ duG 

First of all. 3'j/j x^^i wUO Jjl 

To urine. J); ^►j ,vu;j V>j o JC -ft- 

o. to perish. 

To cause a. 
Worthless fellow, 

I'ncultivated, waste land. 
Ruin, perdition. 

Uncultivated soil. 
Wretch, forlorn man. 
Lost, led astray, wayless. 
Mullet, mugil. ^j \'y ^ '^j,^, Pk 

Gudgeon. Whiting. 
Bower, anchor. -i'jy n 

Bugle, trumpet. '4j,y. "^ 

A rush-mat. 'Gj^IjSlj^iP 

Mat-seller. s?Jl'j^ 

Falcon. Bird of prey. 
Falconer. o'j?\'j' tAj^.j j^'^jS'-^ 

Ice-cream. "i'jy.j jy. Ts 

Snout, muzzle. jy -^ 

To be sullen, sulky. To frown, fy ■if- 

to look angry, n To spoil a. th. 
To kiss a. o. 5 C^ o u-l'i P 

To make a. o. to kiss a. 0. jj ifc ^"y •<>• 

or a. th . To smack. 

Kiss. ^j-y 

To mix. To vociferate. (z.'y o jXt -fr 
To be noisy, disorderly (rabble). 

To assail o. a ; to come to J-j^ 


Mob, ( for J.\y\ ) ^Gjl ^ J-yi j.y 
riotous assembly. Flock. Uproar. 

Useless, vain. Vainly, in j.y Ts 

mere waste, to no purpose. Nonsense, 

To precede a. 0. To s i^y ^^G ^ 
escape from a. 0. 

To outrun the others (horse). ^"y 
To be gaudy, bright-coloured. 

Colour. Complexion. 
Buttocks. Thatch. 

Flat boat. Sailor. 

To i-ecover o.'s com- 

To stay in (a place). 

To sink into contempt 
or misery. 

Crucible, -tf- Rose-shaped ia'y 
design on cloth. 

> p 

(jo'y Ji»ti -^ 

(Jay O J»Ci -8- 



C^.ljlj Ci'Sj^^j oCJlj Cjj^ t; C»i-i 

House ; dwelling. Room, apartraeuts. 

Household, family. Case. Strophe. 

Stanza. Verse- 
He is a man of <^^J^^ J*' o-J S* 

good family. 
Arsenal. ^>Ljl cJ? 

Temple of AJ^^ <^b Jc?*" >^' 

Mecca, the Caaba. 
Cobweb. ci^lfet.:.)! c4i 

Water-closet. •>i».JI c^j j 'liJI cii 

Public treasury. JQI c^i 

Food for one night. ii^ c4^ 

Jerusalem. i^!u4JI c^Illj ^-Jiii!! ciT 
Small house, small room. c^c? 

Nightlj raid. oUJ 

Being by night. cJ if 

Stale, (bread, food ). CyiJj C^,^ 

Shelter for the night. z^ 

To sijojj l^^^j l^'^j *^ i ^Ij ^ 

cease, to finish. To perish, to be lost. 
To set (sun). iS^' — 

To cause a. o. to perish; to Aj &' i'oj 

destroy, to annihilate a. o. or a. th. 
If not, except that. On account o1 'j^. 

of. However, besides. 
Dangerous desert, oljl-ujj -x^. ?r ''^ 
Perishing, perishable. aJlJ 

Foot-soldier. Infantry. siCj ^ I!?iCj Ps 
Ale, beer. ;3jj Is 

To raise o.'s self above CL' i CrQ ^^ 

(people) and oppress them. 
■tf- To make a hole in the jiij — jij -^ 

earth in order to plant a tree. 
To beautify (a. o.'s face) God. * — 
Wolf's bane, aconite. j^. 

Misfortune. Confusion. ,jiu.j j ^'■^. ^ 

Strait, distress. 
He was ^^_ i>»c^.> u^d' u^ ^ /^J 

involved in a hopeless affair. 
To lay eggs (hen). CalJ i ^j^'C -^ 

To exceed a. o. in white- ts j^iSij — 

To remain in (a place). o — 

To bleach. To tin. a. th. * j<a!j 

<• To copy fair. To whitewash (a 

May God cheer him. i^al j i| jai' 
To be bleached.-^To be copied fair.yia!5 

To cause a. o. to s JCS-Llj JCilj JjJ 

discharge urine. 
Heart, mind, state. Attention. JG 

Boldness. Welfare. -^ Whale. 
W^hat is the matter with you? vU'jQ C» 

Attention, mindfulness. JCJI 'llitl^-^ 
Important, sei'ious affair. JC ji _^ 1 
Scent-bag. Bottle, phial. iJG Ps 

Bale. -Is 

Postage-stamp. J^ ^^ 

Urine. Matrimony. Jl^i ^ J'ji 

Great abundance of m*ine. Dia- Jl^' 

Urinal. iJ^ 

Owl. An owl. j»l>!'l JT "^^J A»? "^ 

To surpass a. o. in C^f S o c/d.-H- 

virtue, merit. 
Tree producing nutmeg.s. xJGj oQ 

Egyptian willow. 
Interval. Difference. Distance, o'jjj oy. 

Merit virtue. 
Tenth Coptic month : Jime. Tj/jj Ce 
To remember, to J Cjlij Cj>JjJ a o «G. -^^ 

understand. To think of. 
Matrimony. «Q 

Court-yard. ** G 

Curse. Malediction. ay 

Hawk. Owl. ejj 

Owl. Fool, stupid. W^ool (before x»y^ 

it is soaked in the inkstand). 5ce tsJ,- 
To act in the same way UT 5 i jy, -^ 

as another. 
Imitation. Counterfeiting. jyi 

■^ Varnish, blacking. Cjj Ts 

Shoe-black. jtU^ ^^ 

Conduit, sink-hole of a tank." ,^ -H- 

To spend Ou^j ^~ir^J '-^.^^J ^ i*^*^ "^ 

the night. To marry 
To spend the night at o.'s. oIp j| i_> — 
To be busy about a. th. during a c4i 

the night. To build a house. To 

brood over (a design). 
To attack the enemy by night. jiu5l - 
To let a. 0. spend the s Cid.h — 

To prepare provisions for 

one night. 



\ ) 

To exhibit, to offer for sale 

To draw up a contract. To agree ^Cj 

on a. th. 
To be sold. To find a ready ^ci 

market (goods). 
To buy a. th. of. To pur- ^a * j.6'1 

To try to buy a. th. from a. o.a » fXXL{ 
Sale or purchase. Investiture tXjj ^ 

of a calipb, king. 
Church. Jewish olij> j f^^^r **c>. ^ 

Wares. Goods ; things oIpQ ^ *pUj 

offered for sale. 
Seller of, dealer in. :ui5 ^ ^'15 

The two transactors (purcha- oUCJI 

ser and seller). 
Seller, buyer. .Ujlj 'Ul ^ ,iX^' 

Merchant, seller. ^ j p._^/_, y.Uj 

Deed of sale. Crowning of a *iil->» 

king, a caUph. 
Sold. Mart, market. f,^ 

Offered for sale. Saleable. ^.iii 

Bought. Buyer. ^lili 

To perish. CCj' i lU ■«- 

Major, officer commanding -j_g,CiCo Ts 

1000 men. 
Hospital. Lunatic asylum, o^j Vi-o P 
To be sepa- ^ ^^j Cjijj t^ \ o^ ^ 
rated, far away, remote from. 

To be married (girl). — 

To be clear, obvious. To CllLJ j ^^i ~ 
appear, to be within sight. 

To be divorced (woman). ojJ 

To come forth, to appear. ^^ b ~ 

To give a. o. in marriage. » oQb ~ 

To separate a. o. To mani- a oij'b ~ 
fest. To explain a. th. 

To part fi'om, to forsake a. o. s ci^j. 

To set a. o. apart. fitj s ';JCi^ qC\ 

To pronounce distinctly. To declare 
a. th. 

To b3 clear, easily understood, ojlj 
To appear. 

To make a. th. clear, obvious. fi^ — 

To explain. To undei-stand a. th. 

To be dissimilar, unlike. To ^u 



To put on an iron helmet. c^liT 

To destroy (a tribe). j — 

To be white, to get white. t/a^[ 

Whiteness. Milk. -^ Milk-food j^g 
(butter, cheese, eggs). -^ Albugo. 

White of eggs. 

White of the eye. 


Good character. 

The whole day. 


An egg,. Heart. Middle- cjii>-j ^ *-o-j 

part. Helmet of iron. Testicle. 
Cock's egg {said of a. th. ^^a)l ^h'1 

impossible to be got). 
The foremost man of a place.jDI t^j 
Woman. jj^\ ;^i; 

Oval, egg-shaped. -^a^ 

Whiteness. zS\,'j 

Egg-seller. -^ White clay. jatj 

Bringing forth eggs, oviparous. 
Good layer (hen). loCj 

White. Whiter, ja-.; ^ -Ua^: ^ ^^1 

Happy days. j^\ _^CVl 

Moon-lighted nights. ja~i\ JCJ]! 

Silver. Wheat. Sim. Paper. >Uill!l 
He has not Mi^Vj *Uj1/ IJS %j \a 
returned to me any answer whe- 
ther good or bad ( lit. black or 
white) prov. 
The first gleam of dawn. |_ij:j*VI Jal»-JI 
Milk and water. oUaliVI 

Sudden death. 

jai:vi o>iJI 

Beneficence. Power. Favour, »1.5»1DI jOI 

merit, glory. 
The white race ( ob_^l -ua ) oU»;-!l 

opp. to the black. 
Washing. Tinning. Fair copy. ja-J^J 
Copier. Tinner. Fuller. Bleacher.^^paili 
To trade. A s \^j v'<Jr i ^.C ^ 

To buy or to sell a. th. to a. o. 
To sell a. th. to a. o., to make a 5 ^ijIj 

contract, a covenant with a. o. 
To acknowledge a. o. as a ^ 5 — 

He was recognized as :cj>UJIj iJ ^:y. 




Clear, evident, manifest. o\Jj 6,^. 

Obvious, clear. »lii;l ^ cAJ 

Eloquent, expres-»u;.'_j o^.h '\^.'\ -r — 
sing himself clearly. 

Evidence, clear proof, ar- cJ^. «■ *^ 
gument. Witness, precise testimony. 

Clearer. vlnJ 1 

Explaining clearly. Clear, beyond ^u/J 
doubt, obvious. 

Parting. Contrast. Difference ^\^ 
Detween two things. 

Relation of two numbers ^ijCo — 
that cannot have any other com- 
mon diviser but a unit. Contradic- 

The iirperial Ante- -j,iU4)l ovijl <► 

God keep you. God .Ciil ilLJ — ^j -W- 
help you. 

Unknown man ; oUj cr uU*j % Cf If 
M'' so and so. 

Firman ,j?'J)j'^ -^j ^-^'ji'i J 4^jy^. ^^ 
of the Sultan. 

To be clear, manifest. ij\XL\ 

To recognize a. th. as evident. A — 

To manifest a. th. 
INIeeting or separation. Tie. Inter- ov 

val. Difference. 
Friendship, concord. Enmity, op I c»li 
Between, amongst, in the midst of. J^ 
Before him, in his presence. vCu cnJ 
Meanwhile. dlj'i ov 

Equally distant from the o.^j ojj 

extreme points, average. Middling. 
Amongst, between them. ^4-^ U-.? 
When, whilst, whUe, as. CoJj UJi; 
Tract of land. Boundaiy. o^lJ ^ ojj 

Tract of land. Division between o^ 

two lands. 
Declaration. Explanation. Ar- ^Cj 

gument. Rhetoric. Clear meaning 

of a word. 
Explanation, clear demonstration. cnJj 
Evidence. Clear explanation. jCiJ 

Interstice, interval, gap. jj^ 

Divorced woman. Deep well. ^ ij 


C er ) 

To lose a. o. s — 

To utter the cui-so ! « Woe to s ^JlJ; 

thee ! » To destroy a. o. 
To weaken, to enervate a. o. a U] 
To be set in orclor, to hi in 1,1.5-1.1, 
a fair way (affair). To be trodden 
Weakness, deficiency. Loss.^iij ^_,Ci 
Woe, loss, damage. zpj tJi 

Woe to thee ! Mayest thou dvl fi 

perish ! 
Old man. Aged. -Ct j. 'ui 

Set in order, strengthened. L,iil;J 
Coffin, wooden case. c-y'^J r <->yf> "^ 

Ark of the covenant. 
To perish. ilnJ i o J^j , llnJ a -n7 -i}- 
To ruin, to lose, to destroy *j s ^ 
a. o. or a. th. To smash, to crumble 
a. th. 
Ruin, perdition. JC~, 

Gold, silver-sand or particle. jp 

Native ore. 
A gold or silver particle. sVh 

Perishing. Deficient. jjj,i 

To follow 5 ;i:;|j , SfilTj tCj \J; a ^i -»- 
a. 0., to come with. To imitate, to 
obay a. o. To be the follower of. 
To prosecute (an affair). t 'j ^ — 
To pursue unremittingly. To fi>j s ^ 

follow the scent of, to track a. o. 
To follow a. 0. jc 5 (s.\:ij ii3\si fit 

(in his opinions). 

To fulfil a. th. ; to carry on, to * — 

get through. To trace back (a 

tradition) to its source. 

To make a. o. or a. th. to a Aij 5 s fJi\ 

follow another. To put a. th. next to. 

To prosecute ; to attain. To *j 5 — 

overtake a. o. or a. th. 
To observe a. th. in its fi> ^VLj 

growth. To study thoi'oughly (a 
science). To make repeated endea- 
vours. To ask consecutively, to exa- 
mine successively a. th. 

1° Pronoun postfixed to the verbs o 
at the first and second as well as 
the third fmninine person of the past 

C-'Vii cJUs c.'U' • 
2'* Particle prefixed to the verbs at the 

second person as well as the third 

feminine of the future^;^ , cnliij , ^ir. 
3" Particle used in swearing. 
By God, I swear by God. ^\j 

To stutter in pro- tt'tj oG C C C -ft- 

nouncing the T. To crawl (child). 
Stammering. -itv, 

To scold a. o, z ijiT a jc ^ 

To strike a. o. with. v_) » - 

To look steadfastly Jl.j fi>j 5 IjXil j^'^ 

at ; to stare at. 
Time [in regard JJ,j Jy.j Cj\jt tt »3^^ 

to repetition). 
Sometimes, now ... then. 'ij<i...''i'jKi 
Fresh, tender. o'ytj \''Jj ^^ 

To be filled up (vessel). CjIj a ji.j -ft^ 

To sob (child). To be filled with 

anger, prone to evil (man). 
Irascibility, hot temper. xSt 

Passionate ; hot-headed. J"L>j jpJ 

Fiery (horse). 
To be twin-born *j » yc — ^Ij -H- 

with a. 0. To weave (a stuff) with 

double threads. To fetch two runs 

To give birth to twins \AJ\ J\S\ 

Twin-born. jr^i j^'yJ jfi. 

Twin. j^Vy} j^Xy yr "i^'^'y ^ y\'y 

Twin (thing). Match, fellow of a — 

Bringing forth twins _j\i'^ ^ J^Ja 

( female ). 
Woven of two threads JXj:^ t_i^'l 

To cut off, to curtail * Lj a li -ft- 

a. th. 
To perish, to be CJ^j (A'^j CiJij Ui — 

lost. To suffer loss. 

Weakened, eneinated. 

To feed (an animal) 

with, straw. 
To be intelligent, prudent. CaJ a Ci§ 
To gather straw in a granary. u>J 
To put on small di'awers. ojJl 

Straw. Lai'ge cup. oL? 

Straw. 4^1^ 

Intelligence. :;Cj 

Breeches of sailors, wrestlers. oCi P 
A straw barn, heap of rjtjj oo- 

Dealer in straw. o£j 

Straw-coloured '>s^'i '^Jr^-i ^^ 

(garment, beast). 
■if- The milky ;ji1!!I :j4-- dj ;5Li!l v_.»ji 

To make a raid. y^ o Co -J:}- 

Tartars (nation ). jtij jO -S- 

A tartar. -^ Courier, postman, j;^ 
Smokiug,-tobacco oti Ts 

^"b .^b ^Ijj , ej^j I.S?'" o ^j -tt- 
To trade, to ba in business. 
Trade, mercantile affairs, ba- Sjl?J 

Mex'chant, commercialjib^j ji^^ ^ ^^ij 

man, dealer, trader. Wine-mei"- 

Tradeswoman. Mei'- jf.\'Ji ^ %^y, 

chantable (goods). 
Provost of merchants. j^ ^^ Pe 
Goods, merchandise. ^is; ^ _,i> 

Commercial. ' Is^^cj^ 

Market. Trading countiy. «^> 

Befoi'e, in front of. {See *>j) oi^ -8- 
Opposite to thee. dlAliJ 

Under, beneath. Below. ^7 -$:{- 

Men of the lowest class. Cjy>3\ 

Inferior. Situated underneath. 'J t^j 
Scaffold, shop-counter. J.y I'iu Ts 
Movement. ^i^7 -^ 

To present a. o. ^ i jiijl - ^i>j -}^ 

with a very precious gift. 
Any nne, ^;>s7j wiSj ^ XiiJj XisJ 

rare, and precious object. Master- 
piece. Gift. Present. 
Museum. j^\ jiSj ,j^ 

To shade (a stuff). a CU»j o ^i -^ 

I ) 


To come one after the other, to fi\sj 

ari'ive successively. 
To ask a. o. to follow; to »^I3J,|, 

get a. o. to follow. 
Follower. <► Be- f,Cj1 ^ (5. and pi.) ^, 

longing to ; property of. Subject of 

a power. 
Consequence, result of oU-j ,-. *i-j 

a good or bad action. Chastisement. 

Surname of the ancient ^ijD ^ ,li 

kings of Yemen. 
Sequel, issue. Penalty, o\sKZ, ^ liCl 

Nationality. :^7 ■♦■ 

Following, in succession, "C^Wj -^ 

at the heels of. 
Follower, attendant. Yotary.^Cj ^ ^^t 
Creditor. Debtor. i^] ^ ^ 

Helper, ^'jj rj\^j tXp, 9- *^if' j» ^*jj ^C 

Adept. Votary. Zealot. Fellower of 

Following, ^Cij ^,y^j x^j ^ ^ ^\j 

coming next. Follower, domestic ser- 
vant. {Gram.) Appositive. 
Female attendant, foUower.^ji^ ^ xiy6 

Consequence, issue. 
Imitative pleonasm used for ^Cil 

corroborating a word as J^£;,f^iJ' 

Successively, one after the /j^So. 

other, in turn. 
Uninterrupted, successive. Uni- ^iriJ 

form, symmetrical. 
Followed. Obeyed. Sovereign. ^.^^ 

Antecedent of an appositive. 
Smoking-tobacco. ^; P 

To show hostility to. 5 SLj i ^'Jj -S- 
To weaken. To make sick, 5 J^j^ ~ 

to bewilder a. 0. (love). To destroy 

a. 0. 
To season (a dish). .^ jj^j jlj 

Illness. Weakness. J^_, Jcj'i ^ j^ 

Hatred. Revenge. 
Seasoning. .Jct^ 

Pickle, spices. ^y'^, ^ jj Cj jjc 

To season (a dish). ^ j;'^7 -^ 

Dross of iron, copper. Jvi^ P 

Seasoned (food). j^ 

Architect's strinj^. J^ 

I will set you right. jaU Jt w^i^i 

Fat. Solitary. Tall. sja j, jC 

Lustiness. Sjll; 

Boy. jj;;jl 

To chatter, -tf- To utter idle Jj ^ 

To shake, to stir a. o. » — 

To be shaken, bustled. Jjti 

-^ Mill-clack. jCJ? 

Talkativeness. Hurry, shock. sj^^ 
Misfortunes, bad circumstances. j\'y 
To be full of earth C jv^^j C'jp a fc_»y -U- 

(place). To have dust in the hands 

To be destitute. 
To be rich. To be des- v'J'J vt^ 

<f To become dust (corpse). To i_,^' 

assume an earth-like appearance. 
He sank from wealth ^'y\ C* juJ ^"ji 

into destitution. 
To soil a. o. with dust. A t_>'jb ^''S 

To cover with earth. To throw 

earth upon a. th. To spriukle (a 

letter) with sand. 
To be contemporary, coeval, 5 iSjt 

friend of a. o. 
To be soiled with earth. To ,SAj 

crumble to dust. 
Contemporai'y. Fi'iend. UsjS ^ *_)];, 

Companion. Match. 

i-jlSn-~j ^'j^i v^v"-' ^'>'-' ; Vj^J ^j' 
Earth, dust. oIj^j "4 Jj*' -x <-/jy} 
Destitute. Full of earth. ' Sy 

A piece of land. SjI^j 

Earth. Terrestrial globe. n'/j 

Earth. Grave-yard. Tomb, ^y t ^'J 
Dusty (place). Bringing *^J ^ ^J 

duat (wind). Soiled with dust. 
Thlaspi, leguminous ,ujj <-j.J 

End of the fingers, Cj\j.J ?- ~ 

Grave diggers, navvies. *l;i3^ ° 

Breast ; upper-part of ^j/j ^ "Ci^J 

the breast. Ribs. 
Poverty, destitution. o'jii 

Bolt of a door. <j"^.y, ° 

Inheritance. ( See cjjj ) . dj\'J -^ 
To be veiled, concealed. (».'j o ^'j -i^ 


« ) 


Black colom". Black. 

To become sour; to *i^ o'-pv -H- 

transform into leaven ( paste). 

To b3 moistened too much (dough, 

mud). •<>■ To be worm-eaten (wood). 
To render sour. To leaven (the fi> %c\ 

Sesame-dregs. Leavened paste. Vo 
■^ Rotten part (of a tree). ^\au 

Loathing food (man). '^\~, 

To stammer. -<► To be rotten, i^ -^ 

To be bruised by a blow ;ick:J o 

Stammering. Inarticulate xS^iJ 

Fat (man). r-.;i..i» n 

Stammerer. Foreigner having a ^\ilc> 

bad Arabic pronunciation. 
Bedstead. Throne, cjjU) ?- c^ P 

sofa-bed. Seai. Ward-robe, n Mee- 
ting-place. Music-hall. 
To make a ceiling. To board cXj 

(a room). □ To sit on a soft bed. 
Litter. Palanquin. objAkt} oljj cXi P 
Capital of a kingdom. clUi-il ck; 

Gallery, raised platform. cJf-J:^ -^ 
To take. ( See S>\ . for ii-ji ) ijj -H- 
Dolphin. ,jJ^ -ii- 

To set boundaries, fi, CM; i ^ij -H- 

to settle the limits of. 
To have an ( for ^iji ) i'^j a ^ 

To confine, to border upon fi> ^cl 

a. th. 
To cause an indigestion to. 2^ ^\ 
Land-mark, limit, jt^iS t j^jJ ,«^5 

boundaries, Irorders. 
Indigestion, ^i-fj cX>lt ^ Ci-ij "CJib 
Heavy, indigestible food. X^vC^ 

Suffering from an indigestion.^^.> ■()■ 
To be severed (bone). \j/jijfj o'l^J^ 
To go away. To retire apart ^ — 

To become fat, fleshy ZjV/ & "jj — 

and fresh. 
To drive a. 0. away. To cut Sj A y 

off a. th. 

\t'Ji a f.Ji -^ 

* f-Ji 


Arsenal. i'lik^^j sJC^ Ts 1 

To be wicked, stingy. (i.^ a J^J -H^ 
Wicked, stingy. J-jp/j-J \ 

To be straightened, ^3\y o o^'Ji ^ \ 

fastened. ! 

To straighten, to fasten fi> o''Ji\j tj^'y 

a. tli. To rectify (the weight in a 

Right, accurate (ba- 
lance). Strong, hardy. 
To rush into peril. To 

be filled (vessel). 
To close (a door). 
To fill up (a vessel). 
To hasten to do (evil). 
To bf full (vessel). 
Door. Flood-gate. Flight 

of stairs. Channel between two 

seas. Canal of irrigation. Mouth of 

a streain. Garden. 
Sappy (plants). Prone to evil, 

mischievous. Light-minded. 
Ordnance survey. ^j \'y ^ ^.jji a 

Door-keeper. f.\y 

Flooding a valley (stream). f.'J'\j — 
To lead a delicate hfe. (Sj a sjji -S- 

To be luxuriant (plant). 
To effeminate, to render a <Sy\j o^j 

a. 0. inordinate, (pleasures). To per- 
severe in a. th. 
To behave inordinately. Jjfe-Ll. 

Effeminacy. Well-being. ^'J, 

Wealth. Welfare. Relish. ~Sji 

Comfortable, easy (life). .Ju^jj yjj> 
Ungrateful, given to >S^j SjC^ 

excess, softened by delights. Delicate 

Truffle. j''^i'jii w'^'jl <f 

To hit a man on the collar- i j'J ^ 

Clavicle, coUai'-bone. jr 
Theriac, antidote. Treacle 

To for- *_, 5 iTy Ij , ClTj^j (is'J i'J -II- 

sake a. o., to abandon, to leave oft'.. 

To give up a. th. To neglect, to omit 

a. th. 
To bequeath a. th. to a. o, J A — 
To forsake, to j ^\'Jlj Lr^ui iJjC 

•\ ) 




To find difficultiesin jp ^'j a t^ 

(a science). 
Place full of lions. _*5 

Large lemon. Citron. .^Sj \j ru'jij '^'Ji I 
Muscular. '^fJ.J 

To interpret, to Jl.. . .^s^ fi^ ^ jp ^ 

translate from one language to 

an other. 
To write the biography of. » — 

Interpretation, transla- ^>l^' ^ Si^J 

tion. Biography. 
Introduction. Preface of a v^^'^' ~ 

The Septuagint. ^^is-^' ^In)l 

Interpreter, j^\'j} k^XJ rr Ci\^^'J 

Interpreter. Biographer. ^-^ 

Interpreted, translated. Dubious.^^ 
To be grieved, ^l>Vij , (>-'j a ^J -»• 

To sadden, to grieve a. o. s ^'J'\j ^"J 
Sadness, sorrow. ^ijil ^ ^j 

Scanty (stream). Painful (life). ^'J\j> 
To scarify (cupper). 6.^ a ^-'j 

Slight incision on the skin. ^Ji 

To be ijj^j Vjj a jj>3 q\ jS ^ 

thick, hard, dry. 
To freeze (water). \jj, a jy 

To harden, to dessicate a. th. jfc jy\ 
Sudden death. j\'j 

Dead, dried up. Hard and thick, jjt 
Scales, balance. tijj^^ Pe 

a To fill a (vessel). o ^j-y -H- 

To provide a. o. with a 5 ^"j 

To arm o.'s self with a tr-jtij — 

shield. To protect o.'s self with. 

Shield. Disk (of the sun). 
•^The reverse, the wrong way.^lnJO Ts 
Libertine. ^^-^j Ts 

Art of making shields. <^\y 

Shield-bearer. ^\yj >j-'jti 

Shield-maker, n Hirer of donkeys.^^1^7 
Wooden bar. a^jjc^'^ -r *-^Cnf j ^j-'J^, 
Intrenchment, ram- ^j (ju ^ «j-l^ 

part, bulwark. Barricade. 
To intrench themselves ^rJw -^ 


i\j u 

o JiT -fr 

To hi languid. 

To vomit. 

Languor. Vomiting. «;j '^ 

To compel a. o. to do a. th. s ^ -ft- 

unwillingly. To ill-treat, to shake 

a. 0. To make a. o. to stammer 

(confusion), a To pull out (a tooth. 

a stone). 
To sink down in the sand ^'^ 

To reiterate words. To be ^iV&OI J — 

unable to express o\s self. 
To be tired, exhausted. \^, a ^^ -^ 
To exhaust a. o. i — 

To weary, to tire a. o. fi^j » ^\ 

To break (a bone) anew. To fill (a 

Weariness, toil, fatigue. ^\^S ^ ,_J5 
Tired, fatigued. oCJij w.«j 

Fees. v_,Un a 

Fatigue. Toil. ^\-;, ^ •C.iij ^'^'^ 

Place and cause of fatigue. 
Toilsome (work), tiring, ,_^iJ 

Fatigued. Worn out vJ"-'" "^J v"^ 

by care, remorse or sorrow. 
To ci-y out, to vociferate. \'jz a J^) ^ 
Bleeding abundantly (wound). jCj 
To pei'ish. To stumble. CLi7 a ^J-^ ^ 
To render unhappy. To j j^-if 1j (_^; 

destroy a. o. (God). 
Evil, unhappiness. Loss. x^i«^j ^; 

Stumble. Fall. xLm 

I 'uhappy, miserable, ^j-i^i ^j^> 

wretched. Stumbling (horse). 
Stumbling-block, ill-luck. ii;^ 

To conceal laughter. To speak 0; ^ 

confusedly from want of teeth (old 

To perish. v'-i; a ^0 -^ 

To lose, to cause the /bj ^ ^,\ 

loss of a. o. or a. th. 
Destruction. Dearth. Hunger. ^f, 

Ugly, hideous. ^ 

To burst with rain |j^ a _^j -J1- 

To spurt from a vein (blood). |^ — 

To burst out (skin). 

C eV ) 

quiet. To 




dismiss a. o. To let a. o 

grant a truce to a. o. 
To agree on leaving a. th. 
Forsaking, abandonment. 
A Tuik. Turkish, Turki.^h 

Heirloom, inheritance, *Jyj lijj 

Branch stripped of its dates. dhj 
Middle-aged unmarried ^ (J, ^ "ii^ij^ 

Avoman. Empty egg. Water left by 

a torrent. Iron helmet. 
Truce. ill^jj xJ'Jcj' 

Turkmans. '^i ^^yj oU^^ T 

Leathern socks. <i4^ Ts 

To appoint a time, a term J fi> j,*ji -^ 

to a. o. 
<)■ Appointed time. Ter-^l^'l ,,, ^'ji Fs 

To withdraw from fight. 
Lupine (kitchen-plant). 
Underground passage. 
Persian manna. 
To busy o.'s self about 

trifles. To utter idle words. 
Desert. Trifle. PI. cJ^j~> t **!»' 

Clouds. Misfortunes. 
Bridle, rein. o^Sjij ca^'jI Ts 

To be the ninth. CLj i a ^1j -K- 

To take ths ninth part of. To fitj i — 

make a. th. nine. 
To become nine in number. ^ 1 

Nine. ^^ ^ xilj 

The ninth, ninth part.f,Llit ^ flhj /^ 
Ninth. ^' 

Nineteen. S,lrlfr ^^ 



tftjj a »J: 


Ninety. Ninetieth. 
Nine and nine. 
Compound of nine, 
No vena. 

Woven of nine threads (rope). f.jLiJ^ 
Slipper, sandal, j,:r^\'/ -r X'j^X' <■ 

October. Jjvi ct^, Ch 

November. j u)l cc^^j^ Ch 

Autumn. Mulberry leaves Ci j ll5 -^ 

gathered in October and November. 


( OA ) 

To improve a. th. To set in 4> ^ijl 

good oi'der; to dispose with art. To 

arrange, to settle, to fasten a. th. 

To bring to pei'fection. 

To study (a science) tho- J^\ ^\ 

Inborn disposition. Sedi- ouJt^ J^l 

ment of water. Slime of a well. 
Skilfiil, clever (man). jijj j£j. 

Perfection (of a work). xJilj 

Steadfastness. Improvement (of oiiil 

a work). 
Strong. Perfect. Finished,:yi;> <fj j!cj> 

up, improved. 
Seejj. { for ^\ ) i a Jj -a- 

To iear, to honour ( God ). To guard 
To sow (corn-seeds). ij a 

Corn-seed. Jj^ ° 

Fat (man). ji~A a 

To cut, to tread upon, fi> ^ o"'^ -^ 

to crush a. th. n To load (a gun). 
To inebriate a. o. (wine). s — 

To be meagre, weak- ij^ i — 

To slip a i"unning-]ace into ^_, ^%s.[ 

Small coin of about a 2X1 ji ]j 'cU? <>• 


Trousers-band. di -^j dX^_ ^ Xi^l 

Second of time. oi4j ^ <ii; -^ 

Monastery of dervishes. :Ufe«5j *^ Te 

Bodkin. 2Af^ 

To trample a. th. under fi> dvrfej -{f 

foot and break it. d To boil fiercely 

(cooking-pot). To shiver from cold 

or fever. 

Ticking of a watch. xSiii=d 

To trust in, to ( for jfeji ) j^j ^ 

rely upon. See jSj. 

To throw a. o. down. Aj 5 Sc o ^ -{^ 

To lead (a beast) behind o.'s back. 

n To hft, to carry a weight. •<>• To 

fill (a jar). 

To let down (a rope) in (a well), j A - 

To charge a. o. -uith a »^ xiii ii; 

foul deed. 
To fall do^vn. To leak (tank), y: i o — 
To exude (sweat). yo [ — 

U-j a ^j -S- 


i To boil (pot). ^ Ci>7>: 

■ -^ To spit (blood), a To 5; a L^ -ft- 
spit. To di'ivel in speaking. 
To show contempt by the ^;|j 

word : lij, fie, tush ! 
Dirt under the nails. 
Fie! For shame! 
Trifles. Rubbish. 
To be angry. 
Seasonable time. 
I To leave off the care 

of o.'s body, to become dirty. 
To stain (a place) with blood. A cX5 
Dirt. " cJJ 

Apple. Apple-tree. ^(^ ^ ^u7 -«■ 

I An apple. The haunch-bone. :ci \£ 
Apple-grove. ^ xiui? 

To bud, to put ^ <-j jijl — JtJ -»• 

forth shoots (tree). 
Sloven. Filthy (man). o\'Juj j^i J^ 
Dimple on the upper- s^Tj IjtJj "i'Jth 
\ lip. 

' Buds. Sprout. Carbuncled sj^il,' -i)-^ »'_jZ 

I face. 

To spit (a fine saliva). "^ o i jij -^ 

To leave off the use of >u: a J.^ 

perfume and smell bad. To perfume 

o'.s self. To have a foul odour. 

To make (odour) to be bad. fi> ^}£^ 

Spittle of fine saliva. Foam JCcj j^ 

(of the sea). 
lU-smelling, unperfu- Ju>j iLj; ^ J^ 
Spittoon. ;u^ 

Fox. Diy grass. ji^, ji^j 

Gun, musket. ^Cfeiiij Ts 

Musketeer, rifleman. ^^^ "^^ 

i be \»j2j *aUjj ^4ajj V^ij a *4' "^ 
small, mean, little, stupid. To be 
tasteless (food). 
To make a paltiy gift, -liiil J i^ijl 
Tastelessness of a dish. jiCo 

Tasteless (food). Veiy small, oCj oS 


Badger (animal). Jj 

Coriander-seed. Caraway-seed, soi? -ft- 

To fatten (a laud) A ^^ — ^^ -ft- 

by watering it with muddy water. 

A j; ( o^ ) 

To destroy, to lose, a. o. Aj 5 ^1 

To ruin, to spoil a. th. 
Destruction. Unavenged (blood- jiC 

In a desperate state (sick ^'i!)| JC> J 

A loss, a waste. :cLi7 

Dying (sick pers.). Worn out oUU •♦• 

Spoiler, destroyer. j^7 

Spoiling, ruining. ^H 

Lavishsr. Spendthrift. o!A£* 

Lost. Wasted. o^Ui Vj ^'ifi 

Dangerous spot. Desert. ixi-Hj ^^i 
(/". o/'ili'i)di;vyi 5^ »ilU7j dinj i.. dUi -»■ 
This, that. 

To furrow a. th. ^ J^ "^ 

Furrow of the ploughshare.^^C 1 ^ ^ 
Help-boy. Jeweller. j,yj^ ^ Ji 

Brazen-faced, shameless. ^ *>j n 
To take a. 0. as a disciple, s j:js ^ 
To become the disciple J ii'lf J_, XjJ 

of a. o. 
Pupil, disciple, {jj^y^j j^yc ^ JLUJ S 

student. -^Penitent (of a confessor). 
To perish. To be asto- i^, a *$ ^ 


To forget a. th. . cj /b — 

To destroy a. 0. (man, sickness). 2^ aTcI 
To follow. To walk 5 I^JC !Aj -«- 

behind a. 0., to imitate a. o. 
To leave off, to forsake a. th. ^ — 
To read (a book) .To recite a 'ij^, - 

a. th. 
To remain (debt, time). Jjj ^ a^l_j 
To follow a. 0. To ask (the ij ^"J-j 

remnant) of a debt. To make a su- 
pererogatory prayer. To accomplish 

(a vow), -tf- To draw (water). To fill 

(a jar). 
To make a. 0. to follow an- is n li'l 

To precede a. 0. To put off the 5 — 

payment of a debt. 
To transfer a debt from one Jt 5 — 

to another. 
To follow, to prosecute. To »j s Jtzi 

seek to obtain a. th. 
To come consecutively. Ju:_i 

To beseech a. 0. To throw Jl^ 'J; 

a. th. to a. o. To let down (a bucket 

in a well). 
To tie (a beast) and drive *j s 'ji'\ 

it. To make (a liquid) to drop. 
Hill of rubbish. Jyjij Jyijj ^yj ^ 'Ji 

Pillow, a Ruins. 
Way of lying down. Laziness. :a7j £c 
Neck. j;!>Cj jijj £li1 ^ J-17 

Strong (man). Erect (spear). ^c/. 

To shake a. th. violently, fi, jf jj ^ 

To drive (a beast) vehemently. 
To be in a good state ZJ^ J — ^"JG ^ 

(business, road). 
Perdition, loss. ,^G 

May he perish! ij Ci; 

Ass, she-ass one year ^yf' rr ^'P 

old. Cub of the fox. 
To be home-born, long iSjiJ i o ja* -S- 

in possession (cattle, slave etc.). 
To stay, to dwell in a ^ a alu — 

To gather property. aC 

To possess i^roperty by inheri- A aul 

tance. To acquire home-born pro- 
Heredi- ji,\'f, ^ aJ Uj , i^; j -U;j ^^'i -^ 

tary, long-possessed goods. H^me- 

born slaves, cattle. 
Hereditary, or acquired whenjliij aX 

young (cattle, slaves). Child. 
Original possessor of a th. alii 

Palm-leaves ^ii ^ ^^ - ,jSJ ^ 

basket. Portfoho. 
To erect, to lift the head CJj a ^6 -Jf 

(pers., gazelle). 
To break (day). tji; — 

To be long (neck). To \s.%j Ca7 a ;i^ 

be filled (vessel). 
To stretch the neck 4=J_j ;Jii:J) fi 1 

and raise the head. 
Length of the neck. ;il7 

Height. Stream oUiJj iiti j;5U ^ X^t 

coming down a valley. 
Long-necked, tall (man, ^t b f;C 

steed) Of high rank. 
Erecting his head. ^Si 

To perish. To be spoiled. i»^ a wii; -^ 

To be worn out, wasted. 


C "x 

Near to bring forth, (female). -^ 

Full moon. 
To mispronounce, to stammer. ^^ ^ 
Stammerer. i^ti.^ > >«Ouj 

To feed a. o. -with s J^j \y^ o J^ ^ 

To dry (dates). A J^ 

To biar many dates (palm- j^\ 

tx'ee). To have a large stock of dates 

To be hard, stiff (spear, staff), j^^ 
Dry dates. Dates of o\'J^j ^^> -r J^ 

all sorts. 
Tamarind. ^oift J^ 

A dafe. cXJ^ r '"'J^ 

Knot at the end of a whip. — 

Fond of dates. Relating to dates. j:_,. 

Full of dates 

Dealer in dates. 

Nursing of the sick 

Hospital servant. 


To gather, to collect * Ci 

a. th. 
To be high i.f^j ^c^cji \o^'<^ ^ 

(camel's hump). To be fully-develo- 
ped, tall, big (camel). 
To fatten (cattle). j< vXj '\ 

Camel's hump. Tall, fat <tXA'^ ^ dl^g 

hump). Lofty (building). 
Basis. j;= a 

Betel, a pepper-plant. J^HT, J^A: 

Compound used for chewing. 
To be altered i»Uij i^ a '<^, ■«- 

To compare things ^ ;^^ — ^ -S- 

To be remote. tjl 

To stunt (a child ; sickness). j — 

He is still sitting, ^\j. ii: j^-G 'Jj a 

Similar. Equal. Companion. 'j; 

Tunny (fish). ^ ^ 

Enormous snake. Draco oyjci ^ c^I^ 

(const.). Sea-monster. ^Vater-spout. 
To inhabit (a ^ \tji~ a \lj! -«■ 

Having a fixed abode. .£i ^ *j C 

Rich. ■ ' 

To ask a. o. to follow a. th.A s jiX." i. 
To look for a. o. s — 

Protection. Neighbourhood. »>c 

Reading. Recital. sj^ 

Follower, adept, votary. ^7 

Young one following his 'Scl ^y; 

mother. Trace, footstep. Consequent. 

Following. Con- J\'J ^ z2i 

Hinder parts. Rumps, tail of a 

horse. Posteriors. 
Then. At the end. Afterwards. 

Consequently. At last. 
Residue of a debt. Remainder luCj ef^ 

of time. 
Relieving a. 0. in singing. Ju:>J 

To be ':u,\:Jj C'\^j C-V^'j Uo Cj i v "^ 

complete, accomplished. To be elap- 
sed (month). 
To achieve, to accomplish. Jt jl v ~" 

To execute (an order). To persevere 

in a. th. 
To aim at, to repair towards. J{ — 
To finish, to fulfil. To im- fij s ^ 

prove a. th. To put an amulet upon 

(a child). 
To give the finishing stroke it ^ 

to (a wounded man). 
To attain full growth. To be full 'J ] 

(moon). To be near to bring forth. 
To complete. To perform a. th. fi> — 
To be completed. To come one >U;J 

and all. 
To ask a. o. to complete fi> ^rj-l^ 

(a favour). 
End. Term. Comple- li^jj 'Jj iJlj ^ 

tion, complement. 

Spade. Hatchet. Full moon. 
Performance. Completion. Full 


The longest night of the year. ^1^3 1 :11) 

Completely, entirely. ^liSv^j C-lv 

Remainder. Supplement. i/ii;^ 

Complement, supplement. :i^ 

i Name of a tribe. Strong, tall. ^^^ 

1 Amulet. oU-^j v7i^ w ^i^y 

I Perfect ; entire, complete. *>a j, >^j 

a First Coptic month : September. 
Rapsberry. *X)-^ '^y ° 

Strawberry. j^'J CjJ) <-j ^i>j\ cjj> ° 
^^'ilcl mulberry. Rapsberry." c^jt 
Tutty. Sulphate of zinc •U5>j Cj4> 

used as collyrium. 
Zinc. Antimony. 

To put on a crown. G-y o rr^> -fi- 

To crown a. o. 5 ^"Ji 

To hi ero^vnod. To be made r^^ 

a prince. 
Wearing a crown. 9r>->'J t^j,^ 

Crown. Miti'e. Turban. cS»i^, -r t^ 
Bronze. rr^yj -ry Tk 

To befall a. o. (event). J G._^ o ^C -^ 

To hi prepai'ed for a. o. (th.). 
To dip into a soft li^j ^'y o ^t -^ 

substance (finger). 
To How (water). \yp o jt ^ 

To repeat (an action). * %'jt\ 'jA 
To look intently at. Jl, — 

N. of ad. Small vessel. Transactor. j^: 
Mosaic law. Bible. "^ix'pi «'J> ^ 

To dip bread in A W^ o ^ti ^ 

A milky plant. cJS.s.jL y. f.J:lj ^.^i: j ^.Jg 
To be dim (sight). O^j o oU -{^ 

Fault, mistake. XiJ;^ "^'yi XsC 

To Jl^ijfjjj Cg^jj Dj'}jj C5^ JC -!^ 

long for, to desire earnestly a. th. 

To purpose a. th. To hasten towards. 
He is dying, in the agony <_!:, ja 

of death. 
To show a craving for. ^ 3^y-> 

Pesire ; propensity. oiIJijj 3y 

Earnest, eager to obtain. j|^7_, j;a 
To practise witchcraft. \'p o Jl^ -Ji- 
Sorrow, fatigue. oV^ ^ *)/j iVy 

Witchcraft. Love-philter. ;j^;j ivji 
Pearl. Ear-ring. _^^7^ ^^^ ^ i^J; ^ 

Necklace. Silver-bead. Ostrich-egg. 
Pearl-shell. i;_^ yt 

Wearing a necklace. ^^:;J 

GarUc. ( for j,^ ) ^^ ^ 

Ten thousand. Persian coin oC>_jj P 

equal to 9 piastres. 
To pursue al^)^ o-U;.7j ojfc^ - cX ^ 

game in all directions. 

\ ) 


Tobacco smoked in the nar- iiUj P 

Cone-bearing fir. ^y^ ^ 

Short. Dwarf. -^ Effeminate. Lazy. 
Betel. ^^^ 

To stop o ^iL^j ^13 J , li^i ^.:j -H- 

in (a place', to inhabit it. 
To have an indigestion. I'ijJ a -rci 
A circular earthen j^y^ ^ ^yij -Jt- 

Unslit dress. Petticoat. :u J jijj Sj^J-^- 
Desert. wj«j,0 j^ *^>5Jj xV^ ^ 

Tin-plate. ' " dl:J Ts 

Tinman. Tinker. 'ijr^-> '^^ 

Tree of the desert. " _^yj -M- 

Turnsol, heliotrope. j,y.h P 

To repeat idle talks. «:4^ -S- 

Impediment in speech. ^i^^J 

Nonsense, false, vain, (actions, ^"i^ 

To be tamted, ;;i^_, C^j a ^^ -1^ 

to stink (meat)f To be exhausted 

(camel ). 
To go to Tihamah. To afford y^\ 

matter to suspicion. 
To find (a country) unwholesome. A — 
Stink. i^'^ 

Ill-smelling, li^jj ^^ 

See ^j : Suspicion. x'^'^) t>.'^ 

Tihamah, coast of Arabia. *iC«.7 

Suspicious, charging with, ^_l ^M7 -^ 
Suspected, charged with, ^j ^j^ii -^ 
To sleep. C^j a ^.^j ^ 

To be neglectful. \j^ o i^J -tt- 

Single (fold, knot). -[y] -r 'y -^ 

He came directly fj: sG. 

a Just now, directly. o}7 

To <3)| Jl, C(X»J *;Uj 4) j."j Cy »_il" -H' 

come back to God. To repent. 
To forgive a. o. (God). ic — 

To incite a. o. to return 5 v^-"'. 

to God. 
Repentance, contrition, atone- tty 

Repenter, contrite, penitent. ^Ij 
Repenting ( man ). Forgiving ^\y 

Mulberry tree, mulberry. cjy -ft- 

(•\T ) 


\j\*^j Ujij Ctl" i f C -ft- 

A jt.jj — 

*iJ * ^'J 


To flow and 

spread (water). 
To take, to carry a. th 

To vomit. fl; 

To ran headlong (into J ^C;lj Jl 

evU). To enabark rashly in. 
Prone to evil. c^^j A^ 

To be a fool, stupid. ifj^ \ iJC -^ 

To pluck (the hair). fi, ilal 

A great fool. ^j c jiil 

This, that. ( f. of iU;i ) ' dU? 

To be enslaved by (passion).C»Ij i jXi -^ 
To enslave a. o. (love). To ^ Jz> 

abase a. o. 
To Slaughter a home-bred s ^ci 

ewe (fi'om want). 
Slave. Name of a tribe.Bewilder- ^ 

ment, madness caused by love. 
Home-bred ewe. Amulet. *i^ 

Wayless desert. Name of a place. 'VilJ 
Enslaved by love, disordered in J^ 

Fig-tree, fig. 
Indian fig. 
A fig-tx-ee, a fig. 
To be proud, haughty 
To go astray. To be 

perplexed, -if- To ba absent-minded. 
To render a. o. haughty, j «clj *li 

To perplex, to lead a. o. astray. 

•^ To distract a. o. 
Pride, haughtiness. *ijtlj oCi'l ^ -u^ 

Waterless desert. Mistake. 
Proud, bewildered. ■^ Distracted, ^u 
Proud. o^>j - 

Stray, wandering. oU^j aCi 

Wayless *4^*j •ici^j *ici^j '^i-?tf^j^ 

Cf^i i eC -Ji- 

To wander, to go astray. ii\j o «i^ -H- 

To be disordered in mind. To be 

proud. •> To be absent-minded. 
To lead astray, to destroy, s «u1j ey 

To perplex a. 0. ■^ To distract a. o. 
Waterless »j j,clj «i;^1 ^ »^j cy «>» 

■<>-Absence of mind. Bewilderment.oU^ 
To pass away (wealth), jy a jj -S- 
To destroy (wealth). fi> ,sy\ 

Lost, passed away (wealth). jt,j h 
To become easy to a. 0. J GJj i ^C -K- 

(affair). To be decreed, fixed to a. 0. 

(good or evil). 
To predetermine, to preor- J A ^VjI 

dain (a. th.) to a. 0. (God). To facih- 

tate a. th. 
Intruder. rClfj Ci\>-:^>j o^Jj .^^ 

Forward, interfering in what is not 

of his concern. 
Ordained, decreed. ^0;i 

To strike a. 0. with (a stick). 5 iSJj i ^'G 
Kindness, meekness. jlj si- 

Go on gently! \'sA G i!li^ 

To swell, to dash Cl3j-) i JC -ft- 

together (waves). 
Dashing waves. Proud. Haughty. jC; 

Vehement cui-rent. 
Time (repetition) {See Jc). tji 

To win a. 0. ^ ySi COtJ i jC -»■ 

Of shore stature. Severe. jCj 

To become a buck. Ca» i ^^U -S- 

To dash together (waves). ^S^ 

The she-goat became a jii^l ^ ' '7?.M_ 

buck, 2. e : a vile man bicame mighty. 
Roe-buck. »i2j trCib cr>^ ?r ur-i^ 

Goat-buck. Stupid, fool. 
Roe-buck. j;^ ^ -^ 

Buck-like illij -^j iLZ^^j ;*-.» 

nature. Stubbornness, obstinacy. 
Buck-shepherd. ^Cj 




Scar of a wound. i^U 

To sit dovna. comfortablj. CCi o Li -J}- 

To be finished (affair). 
To be steady, <^j^j s.'iCi o z^ -fi- 

resolute, brave. 
To hi fast, firm. To O^Jj L"CJ o c-P 

last, to contiuue. 
To dwell, to remain in (a place), j — 
To persevere in doing *j 5 Jt — 

a. th. To be proved against a. o. 
(affair). To ba incumbent upon a. o. 
(duty, affair). 
To hold a. th. for certain. ajJs- — 

To strengthen, to consoli- fi>j 5 ,^4-^ 
date, to fasten. To prove, to demons- 
trate a. th. -^ ^To administer the 
Sacrament of Confirmation to a. 0. 
To know the Koran by ^'^\ c-^j ° 

To have a true knowledge ot\^\j ^if 
To confirm, to ascertain fiij s z^\ 
a. th. To declare a. th. necessary. 
To disable a. 0. (wound). To tran- 
fix a. o. with (a spear). To establish 
a proof. To recognize a. th. To con- 
fine a. 0. to bed (disease). To write 
down (a name). 
To act deliberately. To be zX^ 

proved, ascertained. <>-To receive the 
Sacrament of Confii*matiou. 
To act slowly, prudently. c3--l 

To ask for proofs. ^ — 

To persevere in. To keep to J — 

a. th. 
Steady. Brave. Self- z^i cjIjj z^ 

possessed. Firm. 
Steadfastness. Steadi- Ziy^j Zi(Jj z^ 

ness. Constancy, persistence. 
Spider. Zj\J y\ n 

Certification, oC-il ^ c4' 

demonstration. Proof, forcible argu- 
ment. Index of a book. PL Trust- 
worthy men. ! 
Disease confining to bed. ;:,\j' 

a ^ -{^ 

To water (animals). To fitj s uu -fi- 
keep them thirsty. To quench (the 
fire, anger). To remove a. th. from 
its place. 

To withhold a. o. from. 

To fear a.^o. 

To yawn. To become 

sluggish, di"Ow.?y. 
To ba upon the watch (for 

news). , 

Yawning. v^Uij SMjj ^^vJj >Jj 

Heaviness, languor. »Cy' 

ijiigantic tree. y_j\\] 

Gaper. ^jS^'^ "^ ^JUiij wi^ 

To bleat (sheep).' ' (^i^j C\j a ^\j' -ti- 
To be covered with dew iSU a jcj -ft- 

(plant). To feel cold (man). 
Dew. Encampment. Foul action. iU 
Damp. dewy"(place, night). sllcJ > ulj 
To seek blood- ^ s jU ]j \'Jj a Jj -H- 

revenge. To retaUate a murder. 
To avenge a. 0. i_j ? — 

To obtain revenge from. ^ JS\j Jj*\ 
To call for help in order to jtiSjll^ 

retaliate; to seek revenge. 


jVj \j j\J 1 ^ J\y 

To take revenge, to 
avenge o.-'s self. 

Revengeful, vindictive. 

To be altered (meat). 
To .smeU bad, (mud). 


jl ail 

To have a rheum. 


Cold in the head, rheum. 


Black and fetid mud. 


- :a;l- 

To be warty. 
Nipple of the breast, 

To tear (a skin), to per- C\; a 
forate it. 


To be boi'ed (cowiy). 
To wound (people). 

\i Weakness. Momentous event. ^Uj ^ju 


(■\t ) 

To put together. To complete, Sj * JJ 

to improve a. Th. To praise a. o. 
To be incessantly busied about, ip — 
Troop of horsemen, ojib Cj(J t <i-' 
Numei'ous company. 'J^ijI ^ iiTci 

Wild goat, ibex. Effeminate. jr^; 

To flow. r.-?Sjj r-sJlj , ^j>ij b« J o ^ -J^ 
To let flow (water, blood). » — 

FaUing very thick (rain). ^(Uj 

Torrent. ?^.oJ 

Voluble (orator). ^J^ 

To mix^(dates) with fi> \'J,Ci o J>d ^ 

the dregs. 
To extend, to enlarge a. th. * ^j 
Uppi-r part of the back. _,i7 ^ s^; 

Midst of a valley. 
Thick and I road 
Dreg.s of pressed dates, 
To be big-belhed. 
Ampleuess of the belly. 
Big-belhed (person). 

Large (bag). 
To discharge rain ^^1j , C4«J i j.0 ^ 

suddenly (sky). 
To be silent, speechless. I^ij o Uj -{^ 
To hush a. o. 5 (stil 

To become '"CjUj vli-.jj ^5-4 o o^' "^ 

coarse, stiff, thick. 
To render a. o. thick, rude. ^ ^i-j] 

To distress [a. o. 
To beat a. o. unmercifully. To j — 

make a great slaugther among. 

To exceed the bounds in. To apply 

o.'s self energetically to. 
To be covered with wounds. c'^-^i 
To crush, to overcome a. o. ^> ^'- - 


5U; a J?J -J^ 


^ J? 


(evO, sleep). 

Thickness, heaviness. 

*0'"-'-' 0^ 

Rudeness roughness. 

*-i^>j •^ *jl>.j 

^ Calibre. 

Thick, stiff, coarse. 

'UJiJ 9» i^l^^ 

Fleshy (woman). 


To fall thickly (rain). 

CSOj JJ^ -^ 

To flow (valley). 

Abundant (stream). 


Unable to answer. Silly. 

j>j3 -J^ 

Filter, strainer. 


To smell bad (meat). 

Cj; a 0^ ^ 

To become stout. 

ci7j — 

Strengthening. ■<>■ Sacrament ofc,.*i-J 
Fixed star. (,opp. to SjUJL ) 

Disabled. Ucab'.e to move. ' cm^ 
To speak,°i3i.Jlj ^>\fejl !-iS^,vVIj o t-j -J^ 

to write confusedly. 
To sit on the heels, to C>-/Jj btlJ i r-^ 

squat (man). 
To hold (a stick) on the ij rr^'iJj r-P 

back, with the arms bent (shep- 
Midst. Main-part ^_^7j ^Ci] ^ ^^ 

of the back. Obscurity in speech. 
Middle of the sea. _^!l ^Cil 

Crook-backed. -rCJiX 

To be terror- \yj><^\''J>i\ — Jr^ ^ 

stricken. To waver, to be perplexed. 

To flow (water). 
To disappoint, to expel, » '(jc o S{i -ff 

to curse a. o. To destroy a. o. (God). 
To hinder a. o. from. o^ ^ ~ 

To perish. \jj0 - 

To reopen (wound). \'_j0 a ^y 

To be assiduous in, appUed to. ic _,;i; 
To rush upon o. a. ^(i7 

Sinking ground. Hollow, cavity. ;;>j_5 
Name of various mountains.j^Jl ^ ^\J 
Loss, damage, destruction. j_,jj 

Application, assiduity. jijj t'JAij' 
To pre- ^ s hpj , Oap o iap * 

vent from. To divert, to delay a. o. 
To hold a. o. without respite s ^)\ 

To linger, to be dilatory in. ^ L-iJ 

To be withheld from. 
Heavy, clumsy. J,Cij JjCjI ^ J»J 

"Weak, fooUsh. 
To drop tears (eye). Clilj (z'J i jJ -H- 

To be swollen, to run high (river). 
Flooded ground. j^ ^ j^ 

Sedhnent in a vessel, dregs, j^jj ji; -{^ 
To tuck up a ifc CCJj uIj i cn J -S- 

garment in order to sew it. 
To put and carry a. th. in a cMJj — 

the fold of the clothes. 
Hollow formed o0 ^ Ci(Jj , o'd ^ X:0 

by folded clothes. 
Dressing-bag. ^Q; ^ j^l,' 

To gather, to collect a. th.A Cl; i J>; -{}- 


C "Vo ) 

j» >^' 

Having an incisor ,^ ^ 'Uy 

tooth broken or fallen. 
To cook (naeat) insufficiently.* jajj -H- 
Mii-e. ;k^y ^ 

To patch up (a work), to do* jyj -a- 

a. th. amise. 
To b3 cousL- ^s'/ a jjj , i\'j' o \'S ^ 

derable, to increase (wealth, tribe). 
To naultiply (wealth, people : *j 5 — 

To be rich, wealthy. t\'ji\ j'J'\ 

Wealth, opulence. »jj} '\'J 

Numerous '^j'} j^ iS'S'^j ,J^*j "^J 

(goods, company). Rich (man). 
Opulent (man). ^syJ j> o^i'J 

Pleiads. Lustre, candlestick. h'J 

To be softened by ^s'J'\j . ,s'J a 'jj -S- 

rain (ground). 
To moisten, to wet (the eartli). * iS*J 
Earth. Moist earth. Goods. .|j^*( ^ Jj 
The cai'th has been ^l; ^s^\ lr*.-l 

dried between them, i. e, from 

friends they^ became foes {jjrov.). 
Watery ground.-Gy^ ^S'jhXiJ -• '^J 
To have a 'i^^j xi^'lUj Qakj'i 'U -«- 

thin beard, scanty hair. 

Thin- iJ ^ •L'j1j,o^b •i'ii*''' t '^^ 

Having thin eye-brows. 

To have a cold. 
Cold in the head. 
To vomit. 

To bleed (wound, nose). 
To give vent (to water).*C;;a ^iJ -^ 
To make a raid against. u Sjlill — 
To flow forth (water, blood). ^'»ii\ 
Stream of water. Torrent-oCi; ^ s^) 
Long and thick snake, cs^lif ^ oCJj 

Winged dragon. nSnake {iuQeneral). 
Water-course. ^pCi; ^ ^'-i 

Fresh dates. Fresh (vegeta'bte). j.'J ^ 
To become warty. \yj a ,J -^ 

To try to know (a news) in lying.^1 
Venomous juice of the ^)j y^,j ^;; 

thorny tree J^ . 
To become tainted (meat, Ck;!; a Ja«j -J1- 

water). To stink and split (hide). 

To bs swollen and chapped (hps). 

CJ i ;j -S- 

Fleshy. Heavy, thick. oil»j Or^J 

To water, to moisten * ijjj o Oj -fr 

a. th. 
To be wet, moist. jjj a j^ 

To feed a. o. ^ b jij ^s^ 

, Breast (of wo- xSj '\'J\ ^ J'Jj j'j3 
'■ man), pap, mamnia. 
Breast of man. ji(J ^ »j'-*^Jj >jj^S 
Big-bi"easted (woman). -GU 

To give 'rj'Jj 'ojj'Jj \jj'Jj I'/ i J -a- 
plentiful water ( spring ); milk ^she- 
I camel) ; tea rs (eye). 
To scatter a. th. To pour fi>\y o — 
! down rain (sky). 

To wet a. th. To water (a field). * j^; 
Holding much jj'Jj j\'J ^ ;'J ^ "J 
i water I'cloud, spring). Full of milk 
I (ewe). 

i Loquacious, garrulous. jUj — 

. To mix (food). To scatter * Jj -ft- 
[ a. th. To multiply words. 
I Loquacity, talkativeness. a'j'j 

Prater. -^ Mill-clack. j(:'j 

! To undress ( a sick ? C Ir' i i^'J -^ 

To find fault s ^yh J^j i' v^'-" ~ 

with. To upbraid a. o. 
Fat of the intestines.k_/3lj ,^yj ^ ^Jj 
Fat (ewe). >\,'J 

Ancient name of Medinah in ^j^ 

To A i^^'ij i;>-1j,tSl; o i-'J -S- 

crumble and soak bread into broth. 
To dip (cloth i in dye. 
To kill (a beast) without cutting Ji^' 

its throat. 
Chap on the lips. Weak rain. :,'j 
Panada, soup, ^j^jj jj\'j ^ cjjJj JiJ 
Glue. ' h'J -«■ 

To come t6 dinner unin- (s,'J a f.J -^ 

Feathers on a cock's n? ck. iil'J -S- 
She-fox. jfcj,7 -«- 

To break the n yj\j , C-'J \ yj' -«- 

teeth of. 
To have the teeth yJ\Aj , '^'J a j>y 

broken or fallen. 
To pull out the teeth (of a 5 yj 


C ^A ) 


To drive (a beast) s Ju\j Ju — J^ ^ 

from behind. 
To crupper (a beast). y3\ 

Crupjser. jC^l ^ Juj Ju 

He does not possess a. th. 3iJ^ *J t» 
To put a skin beneath 5lij * o jij -{J- 

an arm-mill. To cast. off, to scatter 

To settle, to form a sediment jUl 

To be little generous. jlSj 

Divgs, sediment. Dry food jjijj jiJ 

as dates, corn (except milk). 
Lower mill-stone. Jlifj ji; 

Slov-paced. JUj 

Skin put under an arm-mUl. ji; j Jui 
To strike vrith the knees Ci; i ^j ^ 

To become hardened by Cii a ^ 

•work (hand). 
To enter into private con- a ^IjIj ^\^ 

versa tion with a o. 
To harden (the hands : work).* ^Jl 
Callous parts of a camel. cXJu ^ iLij 

Knee of man. 
To follow a. o. n 

To supply (a pot) with 

a trivet. 
To take three wives. 
Support of a coo- oulj 

king pot. 
He has reduced him -JijVl :SJ iL 

to extreme destitution. 
Who has lost many wives. 
To pierce, to bore A CiJ o <jAi 

a. th. To make a bole in. 
To shine (star). To burn (fii^e'.C^ — 

Tebe penetrative (mind). To spread 

( odour ). To soar aloft ( bird ). 
To be red-faced (man). 'iUj o w5j 
To perforate, to pierce a »_i2Jj ^Js 

a. th. through. 
To appear on the head 

(white hair). 
To kindle (the fire). 

To strike (fire). 
To b3 pierced, bored. 
Bore. Hole. Orifice. v_)Uj1j t^Js 

Piercing, opening. 


<-\3 i .-^Ju 

A wJ-J \j ~ 

^^2iJ\j k^Zi_7 

To have ii'regular teeth. SUJ a jj -{f 
To flock (guests). To bacome j'J] 

serious (affair). 
To disagree with. To thwart ic jiu] 

a. 0. 
Superfluous tooth. ^)J\MJ Jiwj Jmj Jij 

^^^lo has one tooth jjj ^ »^ ^ j;j'| 

more than usual. 
Fox. Tick corroding hides, sjut j, 'J\J 
To shift, to elude a. o. ^JiiS^j wJiij' -^ 

cunningly (from fear). 
Fox. a Jackal. ^J u5 ^ kJ^ 

Otter. " ' .i;jl ^w 

Fox-evil (fall of the hair). »_.Iiiil Mi 
Male fox. oClu 

Confused speech. xisiv -Jf 

To slaughter (a sheep). 5 Cij l ^ij -jij- 
To pierce a. 0. with (a spear). ^ s — 
To melt (ice, grease). Cil a *-^^ 

Torrent never oCi;, 5^ v'^J v^ 

exposed to sunhght. 
To break, to dent (a A |J,i; a ji^ -i^ 

vessel). To stop up a breach. To 

make a breach (in a wall). 
To break the front-teeth of. ? — 

To stop all access to a pass. ic — 
To shed the milk-^ij ^\j jS's^ ^f 

teeth (boy). 
Frontiers. INIouth.Front-teeth^^ ^J^ 
Mountain-pass. Chink, ere- _^' ^ s^ 

vice. Gap ; breach. Pit of the neck. 
Frontier of a ho.?tile country. jj^ 
Gum of the teeth. j\xf. ^ ^iii 

To produce the plant _^1 - ^ -S- 

called Xj^\i3 (valley). To be as white 

as that plant (head). 
Very white. ^j J 

Mountain-plant whitening ^iUj 

when dry. Hyssop, wormwood. 
To bleat (sheep, goat). *U7 CJ -{^ 
To make (a goat) to bleat. s jj] 
He has no sheep tJAj Sj 'Ck'i iJ C» 

nor she-camel i. e. nothing. 
Mustard. Nastui'tium. In- 'Ujj »Uj ^ 

dian cress. 
To line (a breast-plate).* jjj — aIj ^ 
^^'hite clouds superposed. jujuJ 

Lining (of clothes). Jujiiij — 


( ^Y) 


To hi heavy, -weighty. J^^\ 

To find a. th. heavy, painful, A — 

difficult, hai'd. 
Weightiness. Gravitation. jii 

Hardness of hearing. 
Charge of a household. Juil ^ J2j 

Luggage. Valuables. 
Men and genii. o!^l 

Weight, burden, load. JuJi ^ jii 

Gravity. Crime. Importance. 
Treasui-es of the soil. The deadJuJVl 

buried in the earth. 
Weight, load. iUjj si?jj <>^iJ -^s; 

Heaviness, weight. Slug- xx^j ui) 

gishuess. Numbness. -^ Tediousness, 

tro ubl eso ra eness. 
Heavy, of full weight (ccin).j3i;^ ^ J5U 

Burdensome, difficult. Tedious, jiij 

Serious (illness). Important ( th. ). 

Dull ( man ). Grave, sedate. Slow 

Crushed under a burden. jsS/i 

Overweighed. Dull. Drowsy, 
Piece of marble used to fasten sliii 

Weight of a balance. j^liiJ^ ^ Jui» 

Weight erjual to one dirhem and 

half. Gold coin. 
To lose (her n >UJj ^Isd a J%J -S- 

child : mother). 
To d'prive (a mother) of ^• j' jfeJl 

(her child). 
Loss of a child ; state of a j^Jj JfcJ 

mother bereft cf her children. 
Deprived of a child, JlfeCj oy^h J^^ 

a friend. 

Depi'ived of her child JfXil ^ 

Deprived of JiS'\XA y. Ji&(i> j , J^ 

Any cause depriving a mother iifcii;: 

(of her child). 
To be incessantly *_, y C-SO ^^Ci ^ 

occupied about. To track a. 0. 
To remain in (a place).^ C^a^feJj — 
Middle of a way ; track of a road.^^sO 
Fhght of ^^ ^X^- ^ ^ 

(star). ' 


Hole. Canal, pipe, tub 2. 
Fuel, tinder. 

Piercing through. Pene- 
trative (mind). Shining 
Red-faced (man). 
Drill. Tunnel, narrow 

pass. Sagacious. 
1 (i^SJj *»UJj U2J o wiJiJj , Ui< a 

be intelhgent, clevei", skilled. 
To perceive quickly, jj fi> uiJ a C'~'' 

to be skilled in an art. To meet a. 0. 

To overtake, to find, To ovei'come 

a. 0. or a. th. 
To become acid Ci3_J a <JuCj , u'a -^ 

To sui'pass a. 0. in skill. To 5 — 

strike a. o. with a spear. 
To straighten a. th. To jj fi> ^jmj 

rear, to bring up a. o. 
To vie with a. 0. in zf Ciui j ^isCli ^u 

cleverness. To surpass a. 0. in skill. 
To become well educated, ^;It 7 

improved, disciplined. 
To struggle, to contend. 
Very intelligent woman. 
Struggle. Instrument for 

sti-aightening lances. Skill. 
Intelligence, penetrative mind. ijt\ju 
Intelligent, clever. Sharp. ^jjj jcs 
Vi?ry clever. Very strong ^aJjj ^JuSj 

Brought up.'weU bred. ..^Sii 

To be heavy, sJujj ^U^ o ji; -»■ 

weighty. To be momentous business. 

To be slow, dull (man). To be hard 

(ear, word). 
To be very seriously iU. y^ — 

To weigh a. th. with fi, ■^ o JSj 

the hand. To outweigh a. th. 
To make a. th. heavy, *_, j jU 

weighty. To burden, to overcharge. 

To double (a letter). 
To load, to overcharge a. 0. To ic jif 

crush a. o. To be troublesome for. 
To eat heavy dishes. jjU 

To overburden a. 0. (weight, f jijl 

debt). To oppress. To crush a. 0. 

(illness, sleep). 
To be sluggish, dull. jji^ 

Night-shade (plant). oUIjj utJip 

Thirty. c.y>U- 

Trinity (three Persons in one o^diJ 

God). Doctrine of the Trinity. 
(The Holy) Trinity. ' o^lu 

Third. :;;) u ^ o5 C" 

Thirdly. ' Oj'u 

Trebled. Tei-tian (fever). Trian- ^.ii. 

gdar. Triangle. Reduced to the 

third (wine). Three-pointed (letter). 
Right-angled triangle. y S cJ^ 

Acute- angled triangle. iG- c^^ — 
Trigonometry. otti^i 

Comp.sed of three. Three- o>ii/» 

angled. Reduced to the third part. 
To snow. .v;l)| c-i-i^b ,'^ o r-U ^ 

To trust in. jl j »_, i^.^ o r-iJ 

To be covered with snow (earth). ^^ 

To lose o.'s wits. 
To be refreshed, calm ^.i;1j Qj a r4j 

To be benumbed with cold. To ^.ti -^ 

become frozen, cold. 
To cool, to ice, to freeze * — •<>• 

(a drink). 
To cool, to cheer a. o. To s ^itl 

become snowy (day). To reach the 

snow (traveller). 
Cold as snow (water). ^ 

Snow. ^Jc ^ ^ 

Ice ; dealer in snow. ^y,) 

Snow-white. 'j- y; 

Ice-house. Snow-drift. ^^ Ci;: ^ ji^Ii;; 
Covered with snow, -i^ Cooled ^^ 

with ice. 
Apathetic. Dull. il^l — 

To break a liu a Ab * C.L- a /J -«- 

(the head). 
Fallen to the ground and split -^ 

To notch (a fi> Jjj , C-U i Jj -a- 

blade, a vessel ). To make a breach 

in a wall. 
To be dented. Ji}\j Jijj , (jj a ^l; 

To be blunted (sword ) ; (brink of 
. v/ater-worn). 
Notch (in a blade, vessel). ;ii7j J3 

Breach (in a wall). 

A) ^ 

pigeons. Barracks. Colours. Flock. 
To drain off (a well). A ^ o D^ ■* 

To fill up (a well). 
To overthrow (a wall), »j fi> y(jjj y^ — 

to scatter. To destroy (people). 
They ai'e ruined; their jA^J^ D* 

power has been destroyed. 
To have plenty of wool. ^1 

To repair, to mend a. th. A — 

To be decayed, to fall in ruins, jlij 
To be poured forth. j-j^ 

To rush upon. ip — 

Decay, ruin. jl;^ ^ iij , jij 

Flock of sheep. Wool. ^}yoJ ju ^ yl 

Mud extracted from a well. 
Multitude of men. lU 

To rebuke, to blame s Cjj i ^\j -Hr 

a. 0. To disparage, to slander, to ca- 
lumniate. To expel a. o. 
To notch, to dent, to turn a. th. fi> — 

upside down. 
To be dirty, broken. Qj a ^0 

Slander, backbiting. Calumny. ^Jij 
Worn out (old man). ^!Aj1 ^ wJj 

Dishonoured, blamed (person). j^Ij_j — 
Stones and earth. ^CA ^ wUlj >Ju'y 
Detractoi", slanderer, calum- ^^1 u 

Calumniator. Demon. v'^--;j v^ 

Cause of blame. Vice, wJ^U^ ^ *r_ii* 
To take the third fi>j s (ijj o o'u -^ 

part of a. th. or fi-om a. o. 
To become the third. To tu i — 

arrive third in a race (horse). 
To triplicate. To make a. th. fi> ^o 

triangular. To do a. th. thrice. To 

reduce (liquids) to the third (by 

boi!ing).To mark a letter with thi-ee 

points. To hold the doctrine of the 

To become three, thirty in number.^ljl 
Three. cjVJ j> V"^ 

Thirteen. ^ii^A^ ■> ^iS iS^ 

Third part. c^j3j o^jM ,- cA^J -^^ 
Thrice, three times. Oy^ 

Tuesday. -U^vSlj 'U5U)I 

Large ornamental writing. 'jjif 

Three and three. cii'j o^ 

Triliteral (verb). '^,"^,1 




Fruit-biaring (tree). Kidnej' 

b -an. Fruit of the sorrel. 
"^ Usufruct, use. jCiXLl, 

Productive, numerous. jyi^i j^ 

Pivductive, fruitful.. Useful. j^ 

To satui'ate (cloth) * Cci o /^ -ft- 

with dje. To shade (a stutf ). To 

break a. th. 
To dye (the hair) with (henna). ^_,>6 — 
To get drunk, intoxicated.>l»; a J«i -ft- 
To stay, to abide. V_^'j '^' o i Jii 

To remain (water). 
To assist a. o. To feed (or- Aj s — 

phans). To leave (a remainder). 
To froth, to foam (milk). jj\ 

To iuebriate a. o. (drink). s — 

Remainder of ^i'Jj iJL*jj iiijj *i^ 

water (in a vessel). 
Froth of milk. iilij 

Manager of a tribe's busi- yj^\ Ji^j 

Intoxication. Abode. Shadow. jij 
Intoxicated. Jc^^J JtJ 

Prone to, fond of, iu love with. Jl. — 
Sour milk. j^ 

Large cistern. iUii 

Basket of palm leaves. Shep- iiii/. 

herd's bag. Slime, soft mud of a well. 
To take the eighth s u^ o ^ -S- 

part of a. o.'s goods. 
To become the eighth. C.;i i — 

To b3 precious cr^b SjUj o ^' 

valuable (th). 
To value, to appi'aise a. th. A ^ 

To assigQ the price of. 
To render a. th. octangular. To in- 
crease a. th. to the number of eight. 
To discuss the price of. fi> ^Q 

To be eight in number. j^] 

To give to a. o. the price A Jj 5 — 

of a. th. 

Calumny. Backbiting. 

Nick, indentation. 

To pick up. To collect. 

To heap up ( things ) 

a. th. 
To pluck up (the grass : ewe).4 
To grow o'd, weak (body). 
Repair, restoration. 
Here, over there. 
Therefore, on that account. 

c^\ jj 

* C^< V "*^ 
To repair 

Value, price, iij 


Eighteen, s;^ 

Eighteenth. ; 

Thi eighth part. 

Eight and eight. 


Eighty. Eightieth. 

b cA' b 

nip "ij^Xj _^j^S ^\S 


* - 


c ^ 

His good and bad qualities. iijj iU 
He does not possess t>'j Vj ui wUiJ V 

a farthing. 
Then, afterwards. Moreover. cUj v 
Handful of dried herbs. *^ 

Old man. rc^j 

Picking up every thing, lii»j %i* 

good or bad, little or much. 
Panic-grass. Plant used ^yjiJ,i ^ij 

for stopping holes. 
To feed a. o. with *j 5 *C5 a til -S- 

greasy dishes. To break up a. th. 
To ba smashed, broken. *ii^\ 

To mix a th. ft, ^^ij i rrJ^ -S- 

Manufacturer of variegated cloth.!p_»i>I 
To dig'ifc aiij-b -CjIj llx-ii o i -ui -»• 

up (a hole for water). 
To exhaust a. o. (expenses) ; j oil 

a she-camel (milking). 
To go to a water-hole. x^\j owl. 
To request a favour from s oiiJ-lf 

a. o. 
Puddle di'yiug up ii^j ^ sjij j:J 

dui'ing summer. 
Thamoud. Tribe of ancient Arabs. ^^ 
Drained (water). Ruined i^ii» 

through his prodigality (man). 
Antimony used as collyrium.aiii^ ju}l. 
To fructify, to bear__,ijb , Ij^ o J,J -ft- 

fruit ( tree ). To get rich (man). 
To increase (wealth). ifc J;j 

To find or to render a. th. 4> jJjL^i 

fruitful. <► To enjoy the use of pro- 
Fj-uit. Pro- ' jcMj jj; rr.>. jii; ^ jj 

p^rty, profit, income. 
A fruit. Knot at the end sZi\yJ ^r XJ^ 

of a whip. Tip (of the tongue). Skin 

of ( the h3ad). Child, progeny. 



Action of praise. Central incisor. 

Path, narrow-pass in a mountain. 
Repetition. Praise. Putting (of "C^ 

a noun) to the dual number ; dual. 
Deuteronomy. p.ljli'Vl xSiJ 

Biliteral (noun). 'JuJ 

Two. OJSiJj Cn^-J ^ C>^c1j\j cAzJJ, jt Owl 

Twelve J^l -^ j^ '^>\ 

Other, the others. cnJJlj ^ JL^ a 

Monday. ojiJ'Vl 

Second. :QU ^ oU 

Secondly. i;;i;j Cju 

Second (of time). ^ Joist, c^Ky ^ «J,lJ 

Exception, exclusion. 
Exceptional. y 

Second string of a lute. oU/S 

Winding (of valleys, rivers). Knees 
Bent. Folded" double. 
Doubled. The dual number. ^ 

Marked with two points su^ j. — 

( letter). 
Verses of the Koran. Windings j u^ 

of a valley. 
Excepted. Exceptional. Ji_5l>» 

To gather o}b ijyi C>" o v^^ ^ 

(people). To collect (water). To rise 

To return. To turn back (to God). J(^ — 
To recover Cl^l. o^b t-iljlj CC^ — 

health. To ba cured. 
To recover o.'s senses, wits.iiip Cll. — 
To requite, to reward a. o. 5 t_)p 
To call to prayer. ^-^-' ~ 

To retribute, to com- Aj 5 ^lj\ U^\ 

pensate a. 0. To restore a. 0. to 

health (God). To fill (a trough). 
To add a supererogatory prayer ^j^Sj 

(man). <■ To gain a reward. 
To ask a reward from a. 0. i ,_jOitJ,l. 
To recover (health). To claim a — 

o.'s goods back. 
Clothes. Gar- ^''y\i ^\'J'\j vQ »r v> 

ment. Moi'als. Behaviour. □\N''oman's 

Pure-hearted, of good cha-^CJ)l ^ly 

Vicious, of bad morals. v'^?' urJ^ 
•^ Scapular of Our Lady. slciJI ^'jj 

^ Y» ) 


Valuation, estimation, apprai- c^ t}3 

Eighth part. cjw 

Precious, valuable (th.). ,yJiA -^ caw 
Appraiser, valuer, estimator. ^^ 
Octagonal. Poisoned. Fevered. J^ 

Of eight feet (verse). Appraised. 
To be worn out (old man), -jl — '^ -^ 
Dry herbage. '^^ 

Fetlock on a horse's foot.cnJ ^ :dJ — 
To smell bad (meat). tiJ a cm -fi- 
To fold, to bend a. th. /b uU i Ji -S- 

To bind a. th. To conceal (hatred). 
To deter a. 0. from cfoing ^e. fi>j s — 

a. th. To avert a. th. from. 
He has struck him tjij l,iij *L\£ — 

a second time. 
He is unable to walk ^l Vj jJj V 

any more. 
Te bear rancour Jj-u« J5 

To double, a th. To put (a noun) A Jj 

in the dual nmnber. To repeat, to 

reiterate (an action). To mark (a 

letter) with two points 
To pi'aise. To blame a. 0. j* Jilj Ji 
To be doubled, folded, reiterated. ^Ij 
To strut about. To incline <,lJi j — 

the body in walking. 
To be doubled. To be JJlj J,L"I^ 

bint dov/n. To bow down. 
To deviate, to swerve from a. th..^^[ 
To .except To exclude, to ^ J.i-S-11 

set a. th. aside. 
To make an exception for. [& j\ s — 
Fold (of clothes). Bend. 'ufl ^ Jj 

Winding ( of a river). Coils (of "a 

In the meantime. ^j i .Cjl J 

Reiterated, repeated action. ■Cjj ^ J,j 
Seaond in rank ; cli ^ oCUJj — 

secondary. Unsound, wrong. 
Praise, encomium. Dispraise.ji;;!^ '(J 
Two and two. Ji^j fV'J 

Cutting ^(:j]j oCjJj 'Cj ^ tJ j> '^ 

his first teeth when three yeai-s 

old (cloven-hoofed animal); when 

six years old (camel). 
Eulogy. Praise. Panegyric. uJ ^ :uiJ 

To gather against aad ill- ic J^ 

treat a. o. (people). 
To accumulate and cover a. o.jc JQJI^ 

( dust ). To rush and surround a. o. 

To be giddy. To be taken jy^[ -^ 

with vertigo. 
Vertigo, giddiness. Swimmingjy_, J'J 

in the head. Disease of sheep. Stag- 
Swarm of bees, J^j 

Throng, rabble. iij^; 

Seized *)j(,Cj1 'i^^ dy -r ''^'y -* J>^' 

with staggers (sheep). Giddy, dizzy, 

sluggish ((man). 




A head of garlic. Sword-hilt. </.y 
To halt, Jj oj A \jyj i\'^ i ^s'^ ^ 

to settle (in a place). ' 
To be buried. '^sy 

To detain a, o. ( in a j 5 %.^ iSy 

To stay (in a place). o <l^t v^y 1 

To lodge, to entertain a, 0. 4 ^ ~ 

in (a house). 
Furniture. House utensils, ^gjj' ^ s^j' 

Stones set up as a way-mark. 
Enclosure for cattle. tSJj "Cj^j yVj 
Inhabitant, Host. *j_,u^ jlj 

Guest, Captive. Guest-room. xsy 

Dwelling, lodging ; inn, __jCi;: ^ ys'_^ 
To be separated from lSi3j .^p -H- 

her husband (woman). 
Separated from oCaj ^ ^jSiij k_.Aj 

her husband through divoi'C6 or 

death (woman). Married man. Any 

woman not virgin. 
Dog's grass. j^-j jj^ ^ 

Hemp, flax. Whip. j^j oj — 

Pearl-borer. Pearl-fishery. (irj -^ 

Reward (especially for good ^.^i^ 

works). Honey. Bees. Rain. 
Retribution. 'i^[j ^ij^ 

Call to prayer. vij^ 

Dealer in clothes. Outfitter. i_,iy 

Meetiug-place. i.'^j oClS 

Reward. ^ij^j 'iiji^ 

Ba.sket for carrying earth. ^'J 

To sink in the mud dt'jj d.'^ i o ^^ -ii- 

(foot) ; in a soft body (finger). 
To rise, and Cljyj (jJ^J 'jy jl; -«■ 
spread in the air (dust, locust). To 
take his flight ( bird). To be .shak'-n 
(th,). To be moH|»l (soul). To be rou- 
sed (anger). To be stirred (quarrel). 
To be kindled (war). To break out 
(disease, pimple). 
To rush on. To assault a, 0. Ji j| t_j — 
To raise the (dust).5j jt jliS-Llj jlfl^ jy 
To stir (war). To start a wild beast 
from its den. To investigate, to in- 
quire after a. th.To till (the ground). 
To attack a, 0, s \j\'y,j ejj\iJ> jj^ 

To be raised, stinted (dust), j^J 

Whirlwind of dust, cj^yj 

Davra-light, jilsi yjj — 

Bull. «y^,J jf^-J >j'-^iJ S^'y^ -TT Sy 

Taurus -(zodiacal sign). Stupid, dull 

man). Pimple. 
Cow. Excitement. Revolution, Sj^ 
Multitude of men. Ji>_fJI o'Sj' 

Raised (dust). Fit of angei", ' J u 
He has lost his temper. V}^ JQ 

Uproar. j\'y y, z^,\j 

Country abounding in oxen, Sj^ 

To flow (water), (s.'J o ?Ij -{^ 

To be seized '^'iji yj{j V^y a Jj ^ 

with staggers (sheep). 
To be crack-brai- V>' o Jl5j V^J a JJ 

ued, mad, possessed by a devil, giddy. 
To swarm (bees), J^li 


( YT ) 


To impregnate (a palm-tree).* Cu^ - 
To escape, to fly. To shrink. ^l^ 

To be white-footed (horse). 
To vie with a. o. s CCa-j yVV* vW- 

in beauty, etc. 
To marry one another's sister L)b,j 

(two men). 
To puc on an upper gown. L.-?-1j w-4?' 

W ell. *rr?t J *— '^^b *— '^r£ T ^-^ 

Cis^orn. Pit. -^ Bush, shrub. 
Upper-gown with ^(^,j >-^ ?r *??■ 

very full sleeves. Eye-bone. 
"V\^hite hair from the wA-ftij ^^ 

feet to the knees of a horse. 
Dearth. ^'^J vQ'? 

Having white hail* from his 

feet to his knees (horse). 

To travel. To bicome fat. w?»r?- * 
Stomach of ruminants ^.a-C?^ vr *^^?4?- 

u.sed as a bag. Tripe. Leather-basket 

for navvies. Pi. Drum. 

To conceal 'b'^4j '''^r^^j %>■ a 'C» -^ 

o.'s self. 
To come upon a. o. of a sudden, ip — 

To come out against a. o. (snake, 

wild beast). 
To shrink, to desist ^ \'j^rj W ~ 

from. To di"aw back in fear, 

recoil from a. th. (eye, sword). 
To bring forth truffles (soil). 
To conceal a. th. To extinguish 

(a fire). 
Red truffles, ^b sW J «'^?- «• 

Hollow of stagnating water. 
Red truffles. 

Cowardly, dastardly man. 
Land full of truffles. 
Idol, ^^'itchcraft. Wizard. 
Powder magazine. War 

ammunition. Cartridge-bos. 
Gunpowder-room in vO*^' -^'^.^ 

a ship. 


vUsIa- -Is 

T ^»^ 

To call camels to water by ^ \^\^ -i^ 

uttering the cry j>. jj.. 
To abstain from. ^ '^'^0 

Breast of a bird. Stern ' -Ju 

of a ship. 
To acquire (wealth). CU a v'lf ^ 

To sell ochre. 
Onager. Thick and rough. Red ^_j\i. 

ochre. Earning, gain. Lion. 
Navel. ^^1 ijU 

To walk sluggishly (j\^ a oU -S- 

under a burden. To carry about 

To be overburdened. QU a d^f 

To be terror-stricken. ^'^ 

To overburden (a camel : s ollil 

To low (bull). Oj^J OV a jU ■«■ 
To beseech, to entreat a. o. Ji^ — 
To grow, to spread (grass). ijU a — 
Tall (grass); luxuriant (vege- J[f 

tation). Copious rain. ^ 

Fat, stout. J'^j J»- 

Call for help. ji'^ 

To be choked by. o \j^ a j:f -^ 

To heave from fear, Ci,^ a o^L,* "^ 

sorrow (soul). To ba restless. 
Commotion of the mind. Soul. j^'^ 

Firmness. Fear. 
Breast. Thick (man).^^^^^^. ^ j-^^)->- 

Party of men. Portion of the night. 
To throw down. To ^j )i \i\y a oU -S- 

frighten a. o. To uproot (a tree). 
To halt, to be lame. CvU a Ji> -ir 
Hyena. Wolf. Bulky. S^t^-'j jbi 

To be bay (horse). ;^j sj^ai a J\-i- '* 
To mend (clothes). To hold ;b ijW — 

back a. th. To watch over a flock. 

To cover, to conceal a. th- 
To be of a brownish colour. ^\^ a 'j>- 
Brown, colour ; dark red, dun. Sj^Lai 
Brown, bay. m/iv ^ J\^\ 

To cut off a. th. To a, » u,: o L.» -^ 

emasculate a. o. To overcome a. o. 

O «n?" 

- c^4» -«■ 

■r u-*?: 

To become dry (bread). SjC 
Thick. Hard. Avaricious. Vile. 
Dry bread. Unleavened bi'ead. 
To go Oil proudly. tr4?^ 
Piaster. Gypsum. Sulphate of 
lime. Bear's cub. 

Thick, ^^Ij , tor?--> y-^V?-'' 

hai"d. Wicked. Coward. 
■^ A kind of water-melon. 
Lime-kiln. ; 

Worthless fellow. Bad chap. 
Bear's whelp. 

Ill-famed. o-it^-' er-Wb ^j-yt^ 

To form, to create.^j s y^ o i Jif -i^ 

a. th. To mix (clay with water). 
To give to a. o. inborn dis- ic 5 — 

positions for a. th. (God). 
To go, to come to a moimtain. j^l 

To be thick iu make. To reach the 

rock by digging. To be spiritless 

(poet). To be disappointed. 
To enter a mountain. j^^j 

Thick. Court-yard. Blunt (sword ).j^ 

Large bowl. Numerous tribe. 
Natural o:A^>. rr *^j,^?»j ~^j *i^ 

disposition. Complexion of the body. 
Dry tree. ^i. 

Numerous company. jlij iJCJ-j — 

Mountain. Misei*. Ju>j JCJ.1 ^ j:j. 

Mount Hermon. 
Echo. Snake. Calamity. 


To set ( a broken bone ). To restore 
a. o.'s business. 

Jt 5 Jy>-\i — 

Movmtaineer. Highlander 

Relating to a mountain. 
Inborn, implanted by nature. -.La- 
Body of a man. JCo. 

To be low-spirited, ^C.>j Cal o cn?-' -^ 

To accuse a. o. of cowardice. ;S>_j 2* cn» 

To curdle (milk). 
To fmd, to hold s oc>lj d\>\j cn^ 

a. o. to be a coward. 
To curd ( milk). To become ^0 

stout (man). 
Cowardice, faint-hearted- xJCij oj* 

Cheese. ?,''. ,-j ' 

To compel a. o. to do 

a. th. forcibly. 
To be reduced j^\j , Oje^j 'jjr?- o _n» 

(broken bone). To be restored to a 

former state. 
To converse kindly with i^^ii Jy> 

a. 0. 
-> To oblige a. o. s yv^ 

To consider a. o. as honest. To s J^\ 

accuse a. o. of being proud. 
To be set (bone). To become^Jij _^ij 

green again (tree). 
To recover from illness : to Jci»-\j — 

recover from destitution, to regain 

wealth. To be reinstated in a former 

To behave insolently, ijroudly. jj0 
To show pride, haughtuiess jt — 

towards a. n. 
To recover wealth. -'j?«i^l 

Setting of a bone. Constraint. jyf 

Pride. King. Slave. Aloes-wood. 
Algebra. ^ijl J^j - 

Art of setting broken bones. SjC* 
Bandage. Truss. JC> ^ »Jlri>) 'J^, 

Splints. Silver bracelet. 
Might. Power. dj'J^^j •^/■j'vi-J >^JJ)>- 

Pride. Greatness. 
Leather bag. ( for oj^^i- ) s3i-» •<>■ 

Setter of broken bones, S^ V ^ jk U 

Compulsory. Urging on forcibly. Ty- 
Bread. xi* ^ ^.V?-j yS^- yj 

Powerful. Proud. Giant. S^ji-i ^ jC* 

Pitiless (heart ). The Most" Powerful 

(God).Tyrant. Young and lofty palm- 
Sect of fatalists. Insolence. <iJyf 

Middling ( for j. ^jj ) l5j,CoJl ^ 

in wealth, talents. Simple, good 

Surgeon. Setter of bones. J^^ 

Set (bone). Compelled. J^?^ 

Gabi'iel Ji^^j JJ^jI/j?;j J^J'^ H 

(the Archangel). 
To cut, to sever a. th. fi> \'j^ o -)Jf -K" 



U* -?5- 

taugled and soft 'hair); dense (tree). 

To I'uffle its feathers from cold Dli>l 

(bird). To become tall and tangled 

(plant). To become irritated and 

ready to fight (man). 
Tufty, thick. Dark. J~?j ji> 

Big ant. Bushy tree. jii y, i[i> 

Fallen leaves. ii\i.i. 

Catholicos, laJ (L^ ^ JcPW-j 3^, ^ 

Patriarch of Eastern Christians. 
To recline on C^j CJ^ \ o J>.^ 

the chest ( man, beast ). To perch 

(bird). To become tall (corn). To be 

half-spent (night). 
Hare. -V^ 

Night- nare. jSjJ.^ ^yU- 

Reclining on the ^^ ;r v W-J ~ 

Keeping at home (man). 
Sedentary. j'J^i 

SliTggish, dull (man). 
Body, the whole person 
Resting-place of a bird 
To kneel, to ilii: i JsTj 

squat upon the toes. 
To sit knee to knee -with a. o. y Ju 
To make a. o. to kneel. j j/_^l 

To sit upon the knees, to squat JGj 

one opposite the other. 
Kneeling. Squatting. ^ 

Hillock ; heap of ^i ^ S^i^j i'^:^^ 

stones. Tomb. The whole body. 
Person. Requital. Amount. 'CisT 

Kneeling. Squatting, '^ j -^ ^ oU 

Hercules {comtell). 
To sci'utinise a. th. a -r^^ ^ 

To hasten towards a. th. 
To abstain from. 

Chief.Generous lord. ^..j.G.>^ t-Q-^^ 
To become poor fman). \'j^J. a j»ji. -ii- 

To be avaricious. To be scanty 

(plarity. To become strait ( circums- 
tances). To be dry (earth). 
To abjure o'.s ^j a ii>fc>j lak» a J^jf 

faith. To deny (a right) . To disown 

(a benefit). 
To contradict a. o. 2 — 

Scantiness, povei'ty. oi^j ak>j jkf 

Forehead, Side cA»-j l^?-b cn^'l ?- >^5~> 

of the forehead. 
Coward, dastai'd. c;-:>j , -CJ- ^ cU» 
Cowardly fellow. Cheesemonger, ^f,^: 
Desert. Plain of great extent. jJu*: 

Dairy. Place full of cheese. Cause jii-jS 

of cowardice. -<» Curd. 
To strike a. o. on *j s (^ a <u» -Jf 
ths forehead. To take (people) una- 
wares (winter). To come to (water) 
without means for drawing it. 
To receive a. o. harshly. ^ 'i — 

To lower (the head). * ^ 

To dislike (water). * Ci>- \ 

Broadness and beauty of the ^li 

Forehead. Chief. In-oCa.j cX^ ^X^ 
suit. Mansion of the moon. Ignominy. 
Chief of a tribe. 
Coming in front (beast). 
^^'ho has a broad and 
fine forehead. Lion, 

To collect (taxes ), To collect 

in a reservoir). 
To fall prostrate (in \_ 

prayer) . 
To sell seed-produce (before 

To choose a. o. To find *_, 

out. To extemporize a. th. 
Reservoir, ^\'yi. ^ -Cj^j ^'i^S ^ t^ 

tank, Watering-trough. 
Tax. duties. oGC*. ^ x;C> 

Tax-gatherer, Locust. x',,\^ ^ ^G. 
To cut off. To A o5»lj , Ua^'o i^' -ft- 

pull out (a tree). 
Remains of bees mixed with '^ 

honey. Wax. 
Remains of bees in honey. Dead -^ 

locust. Envelope of a date. Hillock. 
Person. Corpse. oCu' Ij ^i* ;r *^ 
Palm-tree grove. Shoot of palm- ^^y--^ 

Gardener's trowel. oU*>«j ^iat^* 

To drive (the clouds : A :JUf i ^ ^ 

To be ;J^j il C^ o jVj a 







s - 

To destroy, to carry away 

a. th. To exhaust (a well). 
To rain (people : fate), 
Torrent. Diarrhea. Death. 
To throw a. o. down. To 

scold a. o. 
To meet in great numbers. 
Numerous army. Man J?U? 

of high rank. 
Lip (of hoofed animals). jjGna:^ iiist^ 
To throw a. o. z J^^ j , %i4- a ^^ "^ 

Large Jv'>^^ ^ jit^ 

Lizard. Queen-bee. o%-j>j J>W t ~ 

Beetle. Ciiief. 
Poison, venom. JGtai 

To light and stir up » (J^ a j,^.f -ii- 

(the fire). To open (the eyes). 

\^^*> o J>v>-i , ^yt>-j Ui?^j ^♦t^ a ^9*> 
To ba intense ( fire). 
To cast a piercing look at. ^ Jr^ 
To abstain. To depart from. ^ J^l^\ 
To burn with desires. To be ^S^ 

in pangs (heart). 
Ardent fire. Hell-fire. Hell. Inteu- ^^-nf 

sely hot (place). 
Swelling of the eyes 
Burning (coal). Affray. Thick of 

a fight. Hot (place). 
Having rod eyes. 'Uiti j> jj^\ 

Old woman. Termagant. j'J^i- ^ 
To be scantily fed. Cit^ a j>?>- -W- 

To feed (o.'s is ^^.]j ^j (^jf. a ^jf 

family) scantily. 
lU-fed. Mean. Weak ( plant ). 

Gihon (river). 

To walk. iy»v 

To remain in (a place). ^ — 

To pull off a. th. A iOf-t 

Name of a celebrated wit. i^ 

To lie on the ground from \i^j.\ '^J. -^ 
fatigue. To go from one place to 
another. -^ To be luxuriously atti- 
red. D To boast vainly, to humbug. 
"^ Luxury. Sumptuousnesa 

( Ye ) 



To widen fi> J^,^\j ^.fj , 1^ 

the orifice of (a well). 
Large valley. 


Denial. Negation. Disowning. i^i^ 
Barren (soil ). Dry year. jka^j ojkij ak* 
Of little value. Stingy. ji^Sj -^j ~ 
Deniei', disowner, apostate. ja-\>. 

Disowner. L'ngi-ateful. ^^i. 

Lusty youth. Jj^wv -ft- 

To hide in J^^Aj JJt^j \'j>^ a J^ -ft- 
its hole ( lizard, snake). To sink in 
the head (eye). To draw back (man). 
To force up (a beast) into j J>J>Si ~ 
its hole. To drive a. o. away. To 
put (people) in narrow circumstan- 
ces (unfruitful year). 
To be rainless (sky). To be in ^i^lj — 

a time of dearth. 
To make its burrow (beast). * J^S. 
Cavern, deep hole. ^>.> 

Unfruitful year. %'J^J^ 

Hole of a "i'S*-^,) jt*»'t -r ^-*j oI3>-?-' 

reptile. Burrow. Womb. Buttocks. 
Refuge. Lurking-place. _,9.G..i ^ J^^^J' 
To skin, to jj it CJ.^ a ^* -ft- 

scratch ( the skin). To kill a. o. To 

make a mark (on a wall). 
To repel a. o.^ 5 C-li>j>. j iliui^U 

To excoriate. To a Q.W a jJ^ ■«- 

scratch (the skin). 
To drive a. o. back. To defend j j.>\>- 

o.'s self against a. 0. 
Young ass,xl;i>. J oU.^,j ^rU* ^ J^>J>- 

colt. Gazelle. Thickness, roughness. 

•<>• Ass, fool, stupid. 
Trestle. '<^y>^i j-y^-^ -^ tt ~ 

Filly of the ass. lii-jf 

Little donkey. J-ih^ 

Headsti'ong, self-willed. oa>j — 

To have a prominent (J&jk»- a Ja»-j> -Tr 

cornea (eye). 
To gaze at. J[ ^j. 

To sweep away. To fi) Ci^f a sJ^^ ^ 

carry off a. th. To strip off. To strike 

(the ball : player). 
To incline towards. ^S — 

To wash away, to waste a. th.o ow-^1 

( ton-ent ). To ruin ( people : fate ). 

To approach. To overburden a. 0. 
To fight with a sword. To Jo-\»^> 

return (the ball : players). 

jjlk ( y-v ) 

Grandmother. Brink. ol^ ?r e^f 

ISIai-k. Streak on the back oiijj. ^%jJ- 

asses. Way, manner. Djeddah. (to\Yn). 
Shore. Bauk of a river. ijj. ^ %%>. 

Dog-brake. Rag. 
Main road. Thoroughfare. *i|^ ^ sSv^ 
Intertwisted boughs. iljol P 

New. Newly made. Mo- ilk>.' ^ jjo^ 

dern, recent. Unexpected ( death ). 

Great (man). Fat (she-ass). Old coin 

worth 9 paras. Surface of the earth. 
The day and the o'ofVlj oljjoiSI 

Applyh^g himself zealously j j^^j i\^ 

to. In earnest, serious. 
Happier. Dry (breast, udder). Lop- 'of 1 

eared (ewe). 
Waterless (desert). Small- -\t>- 

breasted (female). 
Cricket. jl>.IV ^ -^^ * 

Hard and even ground. -^ j?^ 

v_ill»lj , tij'j^ O ^-I'^J^J Qj* i v'-^ "^ 

To be struck with barrenness uja0j 

To dispraise, to fi>j s Cliu> o i ^'j>- 

disapprove a. o. or a. th. 
To suffer from dearth (people). i_ia>1 

To hi droughty (year). To find no 

hospitality (people). 
To fiod (a land) barren. fit — 

To find it shameful to. ^,1 iJtioi 

Drought. Droughty year. Vice, yjj^ 
Barren (jjbe^j i^jj».j ,.^j^j ^jj^ 

F. -if- Stupidity. Madness. jjj^ 

Barren, bare (soil). 'Gui ^ ^'■^\ 

Unfruitful, unprofitable (land). tjiaW^ 
BaiTen (ground). ^-Mad, crazy.c_yj^ 
Cricket. Small locust. <-j-^Vj t_<^' 
Grave. Tomb, ojollj ola»1 ^ ooi ^ 
To mix, ifc ^ji^Sj ^a>lj , <>.'jj. a ^of ^ 

to beat (floui", a medicine). 
Instrument for mixing. Name ^ok" 

of a star. 
Setting stars foreboding -liljl ^j:^>J' 

To bloom (tree). To l^'j^ o/o^ -^ 

sprout (plant). Te be covered with 

1 U9i> a '~i»i^ J lioia. J Uk> i wiiti "J^ 

boast. To snore. 
Snoring. Boasting. w«-?-^j wii^ 

Proud. Braggart. >-i^J ^^ 

To upset (a vessel), a i^^ o G-.^ -S- 
To be crooked (old man). L>. 

To be upset (vessel). ,J»^^j ~ 

To be respectable, impor- iS^ i of -tJ- 

tant (man). To be serious, grievous 

To cut out (a garment). To cut A — 

off (a fruit). 
To be new, newly jJLtS. )j s j* i — 

made (coat). 
To endeavour to. To exert j ijb. o i — 

o.'s self in. To acquire credit ( a- 

raongst). To act in earnest. To hasten 

(the pace). To ascertain a. th. 
To succeed in (an affair). ^_, a3ijl5i^ai> 
To restore, to renew ; to do ^ ii^ 

a. th. up like new. -^ To repeat, to 

reiterate. To commence a. th. anew. 
To bring a law-suit against J y Sf^ 

a. o. on. 
To become smooth (road). ji>l 

To restore, to make a. th. anew. * — 

To put on (a new garment). To settle 

a. th. To renew ( a compact). 
To perform a. th. zealously, and J — 

To be renewed, (compact). To dyjij!^ 

(udder). To be made new (gai'ment). 
To renew a. th. To undertake fi j^f^[ 

a. th. anew. 
Good luck ; chance. Wealth. a> 

Greatness. Brink of a river. 
Serious endeavour. Painstaking. jl» 

Earnestness. Haste. Unavoidable(pu- 

Extremely learned man. _J\^ i>. ;^ii 
Much. Extremely. Seriously. |S» 

Grandfather; i\j^'\j Zi/j^^j i/jJ- ^ af 

Ancestors, forefathers. ila>1 

Happy, lucky. •^j^^W'J -^t:^^-) '-^ 

Shore. Abundant, or scanty (well). ji» 
Very lucky man. ^jl>j — 

Smooth and hard ground, iioi'l ^ ia» 

Thin sand. 

Mangled (nose, ears).pa:>^ .UJ» ^pj^l 
Scalpel. P?*^ ?r ?-^^ 

Lop-eared (ass). Cx-opped by ^.o^ 

cattle (plant). 
To walk quickly (man). \»j^ \ josT -fi- 

To walk with short steps (woman, 

To propel (a boat) with oar.?. A — 

To cut off a. th. 
To try to fly with its Cijoai o — 

wmgs cut (bird). 
To send down (snow : sky). ^ — 

To I'ow (a boat). A ^jS- 

To disown benefits. To be j^^. — 

To bla.apheme against. ip oa> 

To shout, to clamour. ja»1 

Bustle and clamour, uproar. liosT 
Blasphemy, wiiUJ ^ ^ij-bJ 

Blasphemer. Ungrateful. ^-^ 

Oar. Wing of a bird. ^i^aU^ ^ .Jla':> 

Whip. "' ■ ■ 

Having the legs cut ofT. oja?/i 

To twist strongly * vj^' i o Jaf ■«■ 

(a rope). 
To grow (grain). To Va^: a Ja>j - 

become .strong (gazeUe).To be quar- 
relsome, contentious (man). 
To knock a. o. down, fitj s f}j>-j Jo^ 

To plait (the hair). 
To dispute, to contend with. j; JiQ. 
To be thrown down. To JjbJij Joii 

fall down, -(f- To be twisted. To be 

strongly wound (rope). 
To discuss, to dispute togethei-. JiUj 
Hard. Strong. Whip. Jii^j Ja^fj S->4 
Member, sinew. Jj^ 5r J-»^ 

PL Bones of the legs. 
Sharpness, acrimony in dispute. Jj^i. 

Ripe (corn, grain). 
Well-made syl- Jioilj ^/j,>. y. JjJ. 

Pole'.uics. JaiJI ^\.ij J'j^ 

Pestle. iij^ 

The earth, the soil, iJ loijl 

Contest, quarrel, discus- Hi'^Jj J\j^ 

sion. Scientific debate. 
Twisted rope. J'jJ. ^ jj_j^ 

Way, mood. Count j-y. j; jo,: ^ ibj^ 

Y) ^^ 

blisters ( hand ). To conceal o.'s self 

behind a wall. 
To wall, to inclose a. th. in a lja> — 

To sprout yj^]j jjj-j SjiV jof 

Te become fit, suited for, J j uj — 

able to. 
To form its grains and OVaja»: 

sprout (vine). 
To have the small- jj^jjjS--^j jj^ 

To raise (a building). a jJi5>-Ij jj^ 
To have young trees (land). jj^\ 

To shoot forth (tree). 
Natural tumour, swelling jtlnil ^ jj^ 

caused by a wound. Bite on an ani- 
mal's neck. Sprout. 

Wall, jjalj jOai ^ jl^J,tiO-'^>- ?r j^ 

Inclosure, fence. -^ Manure, dung-hill. 
Small-pox. </j,a?- -^i '^j'-^J ^J,^ 

Measles. '^yjt\ ^^af -> 

Worthy J jl ^j *l3i*j OjJj-aV^ :r ^>> 

of, suited for, able to. 
Inclosure for cattle. J ijbT ^ ;jj of ^ — 

Walled garden. 
Country where small-pox is ejj^^ 

Becoming a. o., suitable to. J j/j^fj — 
Seized with small-pox. jok^ij jZ-J^* 

Pock-marked (face). 
.<>■ Rice and lentils (dish). Sj^^' 

Hard, firm. Dry blood.^^u. - ^j^ -^ 
Uncultivated ground. ^»\y^ ^ iZ,i(>- 
To mutilate the nose, s (pLbT a p.a> -H- 

lips. To cut oflf (a limb). To withhold 

a. o. 
To nourish a. o. s f^b 9^j ~ 

To be poorly nourished ; to (f.j^ a po^ 

be mangled. To have the nose cut off. 
To wish a. 0. to be maimed. i f.j^ 
To insult a. o. s tio?- j x^iU-i p.iW- 
To quarrel, to abuse o. a. f.i\»^ 

Mutilation (of the nose etc.). f.a» 

Poorly fed (child). ^o,: 

Stump of amputated member. xij^ 
Bad year. ^,10?: 

Bad, unwholesome (pasturage). ^\j^ 


( YA) 

Bit, fragment. Piece of a garmeat.;!L> 
Bit, piece, fragment. ili>j ili> 

Silver cuttings, clippings. ol'illU 

To draw, to attract. Sj a C'Si i i_ji> -K- 

To bring over. To extend a. th. To 

wean (a boy). 
To contend Aj 5 CIa> j if^i^ viW- 

■with a. 0. in pulling. To remove 

a. th. from its place. 
•^To stretch out the arms fi"om ^j^3 

•.veariness. To grow weary. 
To drink (milk). * fi> - 

To pull a. th. in a contrary di-* v^WJ 

rection. To protract (a conversation). 
To be iittracted, dragged. v-^^l 

To g.* far away. ^| j - 

To di"ag, to snatch off, to fi> ,_>a2>l. 

cari-y a. th. by force. 
Di'agging. Attraction. 
■^ Ecstasy, rapture, 

Distance. Thread spun 

at one revolution (of the spindle). 
He fall into the cC-i^ Ji\j J oil 

valley of Jezabat. ( prov. ) to mean : 

He missed his aim. 
Imprecation. Death ! <u\J4- 

Attractive force. ::;iu. S^j *jiW- 

Attracting, dragging, <^\JS.j i_/>G. 

Having scanty milk ; having a pro- 
tracted pregnancy (she-camel). 
Net of entangled hail* for cat- :c;i!l> 

ching larks. 
Dragged. ^jj^j, 

To cut off, to trench, fit \j'S^ jj^ ^ 

To extirpate. To snatch. To root 

out a. th. 
To extract the square or cube 

root of a number. 
To eradicate. To draw 

out a. th. 
To be C"it off, uprooted. j'-^i 

Root of (the ton- j/jj. ^ J^j JjJ. 

gue). Foot (of a tree). Origin. Horn 

(of a cow). Square or cube root of a 

V.lld J ;>%._, ji)>:^ ji'j^j Jijij yy^ 


State. Tribe. •<>• Plait of hair. 
A kind of hawk. J5G.I ^ Joi^ 

Breast-plate JjJ. ^'j'i\ ^ .vof pji 

strongly made. 
Quarrelsome (man), -jQs-j -Joa: 

Liable to be discussed, litigable 

(matter).' Syllogistic. 
Caviller, disputei". J-i»j J\^ 

Disputative man. Castle. J iu; ^ Jjbt* 
Disputatious person. J^U-.a ^ Jla3i/» 
AVoven, twisted. Thin, slender. JjU^a 
To make ( a list, table, ^ij'j^ -ft- 

Brook, trench. Rubric Jj^j^ ^ Jj^ 

of a register, table of a book, fi'a- 

ming of a page. List, catalogue. 

Table, sheet. 
Provided with a framing,rubrics. Jjlta*^ 
To bear fruit and be- C^Il^ o j^Jo. -S- 
come dry (palm-tree). 
To curtail, to cut off a. th. ^ — 

To rise from desti- oa>'l — OJ^ -ii- 

tution to wealth. 
Fineness of the voice. o if 

To A jji^J:J.\j jji^-^j \jj<i- o \'j^ -ft- 

ask (a gift, a. th. wanted). 
To make a gift to. To bring ic_j s — 

(an evil) upon. 
To obtain a gift, a. th. wanted, ^joall 
To be of use to. To profit. jt" — 

To suffice a. 0. 

i I 


It is of no avail to 

Gift. Genei'al rain. 
Utility. Profit. 
Gift, present. 

More useful, more advantageous, ^^oil 
To request of a. 0. 5 G oi i ^s^ ^ 

a donation, 
i To bleed (wound). sS'^^S 

* j-^b ~ Arith. Square number. Product ')i> 

of a multiplication. 
Kid. CapricornoC-Lv J Ma»j oil ^ j'j^ 

( zodiacal sign). 
Saddle-cushion, otj^j JJ^ <r *i-^ 
To cut. To break to * ilif o'if -ft- 

pieces. To extirpate. To snatch a. th. 
To be cut off, plucked away. 'iaJl, 
Cut. •i!l>^ * iil 


( Y 

Tu prevent ^ s Lfi>1j , C jLv i ^jl> -S- 
a. 0. from. 

To drag the tail roimd his ^_, jj^ 
mate (pigeon). 

Root of a tree. *i^j ij?-^. 

To pull, to drag a. th. ^j S \jf o ^ -ii- 
along. To induce a. o. To lead ( a 
beast) gently. To draw, to attract 
a. th. To put a noun in the geni- 
tive case. 

To commit a crime, jt elj^^ a o — 

To pull a. th. violently. ' fi> jji. 

To grant a delay to cjjJI 5 ^ib jW- 
a debtor. 

To drag along. To prevent a. o. li j>-\ 
from .speaking. To slit the tongue 
of a youngling. To let ( the spear ) 
in the wound. To join a. o. in sin- 
ging. To let (a beast) pasture free- 

To be drawn, dragged, pulled. ^itjl^ 
To ruminate (animal). In^ 1^ 

To draw, to drag a. th. A — 

To pull, to draw a. th. A 'J>c^\ 

-^To contract (a debt) little by little. 
To submit to a. o. J — 

Foot of a mountain. Basket. ^»' 

Burrow of (a beast). Genitive case. 
And so on, so forth. i^* !J'— ^ 

Prepositions commanding -J^}\ oj^ 

the genitive. 
Mechanics. JU_7 VI 'ji. 

Way of pulling. Tribe, emigratings^a- 

people. Cud. 
Earthenware jar. Cud.^j j\'j>. ^ "iji 
Snare for gazelles. Perfora-j^ ^ S^ 

ted plate of iron used to sow wheat. 
Eel. ^>' 

Crop of a bird. *~G?-,J *dlrt; 

Stream of water, brook.-^ Peg- jjjV> 

Drawer. Flat bolt. 
Restive (horse). Deep (well). j_j_^» 
Rope, camel's halter. s^'l ^ "^l/.j^ 
Sin, crime. Jlj^i ^ oj/^ 

Numerous army fully equipped, jl^ 

Potter, c Pole of a carriage, -tf- Dra- 
wer of a table. 
A small and deadly yellow Sjl_^ 


To cut off (an ani- j tlLi a fX>- ^ 

mal's) food. 
To become two years old (sheep).pa3ll 
Voung, novice. u\*'-v»j ^li». t (■'■^ 

Young sheep, a Strong youtli. Li- 
vely young man. 
Palm-tree stock. f.^'jJ-'\j f.jjJ- ^» 

Beam of a roof. 
They dispersed on all ^Ii» ^Iv \jLd \ 

To Hy swiftly jlU Ij Cil^ i Jj4 ^ 

(bii'd). To walk with short and quick 

To cut OiT, to curtail a. th. A — 

To propel (a boat) with oars. ^ /* — 
Oar. Wing. '-*i?^ t oI^ 

To b3 glad, Ji:»b vl^ a Jii i 

To stand upright. Jo^l^ .v/jLv o - 
To cheer a. o. » Jli^l 

Stump of a tree, j/i^j Jlliil ^ Jjl> 

Summit of a mountam. 
Cheerful, gay. oVii ^ oVlifj JJ?- 

To mangle. j* ^ofj C«lU i ^iLi ■«• 

To cut off a. th. 
To be affected with Jj^> -^^j ^j^ 

To be mangled. To have \j^J4 a j>^ 

one hand cut off. 
To be cut off. jilifJb j^^ 

Root, trunk. ^lli?-b ^.jW «■ Vi* 

Stock of a family. Root of a tooth. 
Fragment of a. th. cut ^lia- ^ iSji* 

off. Whip. 
Stunp of a hand cut off. "iXj^- 

Corn-ears left by the reapers, "O^j^- 

Name of a tribe and of a king. XijJL* 
Elephantiasis (kind of leprosy). j,\j^ 
Affected with Jj^i j^J-U^j J^'^ 

Having his hand mu- J'j^ ^ ^lUl 

Stump of a hand, of ajUo*. _j jyj^ ^ 

tree cut off. Root, beginning. 
To stand (^-i>b , ij^^j C'J^i o ' J* -^ 

erect, firm. 

Burnino' coal, firebrand. 


(A- ) 

Cultivated uV^nj v^' t ^ij->- 

field. Measiu'e for wheat'. Measure of 

Tempter. Lion, -fy- The Devil. ^'JJ' 
Tempted. Experienced (man). v^-^ 

Assayed (money). 
Deceiver. 0,G^ rr S. A ^ 

Knapsack. ;^aj;i3» Pe 

Eel. " c^j^ -«- 

To gather, ^>'lj J'j.3 - ^tj? * 

to meet together. To fall down from 

a high place (man). 
To take the greatest part of. ^ — 
Root- Origin. Clod sticking to X^y'j>- 

a root. 
Ant-L=ll. j;i)| xi)'^. 

To be loose ( finger- %.ji. a '^^ ^ 

ring). To walk upon a hard ground. 
Sealing-clay. Mud. Gnat. u-?-J?- ^ 
To profit. G-^ a '^-^ -«- 

To wound, to offend a, o. 5 — 

To disparage a sil^iJIj jalIjI - 

witness and quash his evidence. 
To be woimded. To be G-^ a ^ y> 

impaired, made void (testimony). 
To inflict severe wounds on :< ^'.> 

a. o. 
To be wounded. -rJi^A -^ 

To procure, to obtain a. th. >b ^S-t^l 

To perpetrate (a crime). 
To be annulled (witness). ^-^ai-^l 

Wound. Cut, sore. 

Peremptory argument. 1^:^' 

. Maie. Flesh- 

iV. of un. A wound 

Surgeon. j'-J^y. 

Productive mernber; 

{as. the foot, hand 

eating animals. Bii-ds of prey. Blade, 

Wounded. J-'ji- ^_ (m. and f ). ^j_j>. 
Wouuued fpers. 9!i^,i?^ ^ :^j^> 

animal). Made void (testimony). 
Covered with wounds. 9-*->---* 

To become ill from \i,'^i. n >_^ ^ 

eating locusts. To be smitten ty 

locusts ( land ). To be threadbare 

(clothes). To be bare, vxithout grass 

The milky way. Quail. ;^; 

Drawn along. In the genitive jj'j=Ki 

case (noun), a Drain, channel. 
To gurgle (water). To growl ^,i.'j. -j}- 

(beast). To crepitate (fire). 
To drag a. th. a — a 

To produce a gurgling .i;j| ^'J.3j - 

noise in swallowing water. 
Thrashing-machine. ji-,>- 


Gurgling of water, a Death- 

Olives very 1 ipe. ^V?-j^j y>-j4- "^ 

Water-cress, Rocket, -"?-\?- 

To be %?y_rfj sV.?-j S''>> o jj>- * 

courageous, bo!d-spii'ited. 
To render a. 0. courageous, to j; '\^ 

inspirit. To embolden a, 0, 
To assume boldness; to ]^j -^j ]'^\ 

take heart. To dare. 
To attempt a. th. against. it ^j — 

To venture upon. 
To show courage, boldness. ]^_':^~J.[ 
Boldness, daring ; bravery, s^l^jij sV^' 

coura ge. 
Go-ahead. Bold. Lion. >r^1 ^ 'j_^ 
F. Trap for wild beasts, si^ ^ '^hj^ 
Audacious, hardy. 'jJi».!' 

To be scabby. To become C ^ a Lj^i^ -^ 

rusty (sword). 
To tempt a. 0. To try, to *_, ? ^^ 

prove, to experience a. th. 
To have cattle affected withscab.k_,^1 
To be tried. To be tempted, ij^i; -<>• 
Scab. Rust. Blemish. ^^ 

Leather ^j^j v^ij o^^j-l rr v'l>, 

bag. Cricket. Cavity of a well. 
Socks, c^\,yy^ ■{►j ^jfji- T v3j^ P^ 

To put stockings to a, o. j v3>?- 

Troop of men. of animals. A'j>- 

Experiment, trial, ^j,W^ -^ -'.j^ 

Scabbard oO_^j o^.'Ai o^.j^j oC_^ 

of a sword. Collar of a shirt. 

Scabby. ^j U^ ^i'\^j ^.)^j 

F. Dry (land). Skv.' Beautiful 
( giH}. 



3j>- ^^ 

Register. -^ Newspaper. □ Palm- 

Bad (year). Unlucky (man). ijjU 

Separation, Abstraction. ■^J->^ 

Isolation. Spoliation. Privation, clis- 
engagement from all worldly things. 

Independence; unwordliness. y^ 

Abstraction. Isolation. -^Indifference. 
Impartiality, fairness. 

Naked, flat, even. jT^ ^ *'^lrr -" ^'JA 
Bare (field). Free from hatred 
(heart). Short-haired. Without hair 
(man)'; without froth (milk). Pure 
from clouds ( sky ). Pure ( wine ). 
Complete (day, month). 

s??->>' •'>' 


obi',*' P 

Beardles.s. Thin-haired 

Surgical instrument ijGsJ , 

for cleansing the teeth. 
Stripped off. Barked. Fleshless :>/^^,. 

(bone). Abounding in locusts (coun 

try). -^ Shovel. 
Separated. Naked. Abstracted 

Incorporeal. Alone, unique. 
For the sole reason that. 
Only for. 

Abstracted matters. 
To eat greedily at the 

expense of another. 
Eating ^>jii , ^?J>:h 

greedily. Spunger. 
Cake of bread. 
To eat (man). To speak much ^i 

and volubly. 
Loquacious. Black green-headed ^i' s. 

To turn into a tumour iV,i o i^f -S- 

To cut away (the knots of a ?j A i^> 

tree). To train a. o. 
To put a. 0. out. To separate 
Tumour on the hock. 
Large rat. oj'i> <^j 

^ Field-rat. Mole. ' 
Kind of date. lilSVjl M 

Earth abounding in rats. ii^i. js'j\ 
To cut. To goad a. o. s ij^ o 'Jj~^ -S- 
To be voracious. ;jir; q 'Jj>- 


( soil, field ). To be worn out, shabby 

(clothes). To lose o.'s hair, (man, 

To strip (a branch of its4> iS^ o ^'ji- 

leaves ; a ivee of its bark ; a skin of 

its hair). To induce a. o. to give 

a. th. against his will. To make a 

land bare ( drought, locusts ). To 

unsheath (a sword). -^ To inventoi-y, 

to reckon up a. th. 
To strip a. o. from. ^j. j i^_, — 

To peal. To bark a. th. To »j fi> ^^^ 

strip a. o. of ( his clothes ). To bare 

( the ground ). To write without 

marking the points. To shave. To 

abstract a. th. 
To be denuded. To come forth ^y^S 

from its sheath (spike). To outstrip 

the others (horse). -^ To be taken 

ab.stractively (th.). 
To disentangle, o-.'s self. To get ^ — 

rid of a. o. 
To throw off (o.'s clothes). ^ — 

To apply o.'s self exclusively, to J — 

devote o.'s self to. 
To be isolated, separated. To i^^Jl. 

be stripped. To be barked. To be 

worn out, threadbare. To cast his 

hair (camel). 
W^'e had a very long jjiJl Uj i'_jhj{ 

way, we are wayworn. 
To comb (wool). fi> yA>-\ 

Smooth, even. Shaved. Shabby i'_^ 

(clothes). Shield. <• Inventoi'y. 
Troop of hor.semen. ■<>• High :>'j>. 

and bare mountains. 
Field bare, without vegetation. ij>. 

Bare, without vegeta- Si_,_> j> i^ 

Unclad part of the body. si^ 

Shabby dress. Si^ 

Locusts {Coll}. iS'j^ 

A locust. Sil^^ 

Bark. S^l^r 

Palm-bough stripped off. Mock a, i 

fight, tilt. Whole (day, month). " 
Detachment of. -^l'l^f ^ '''\j>i ~ 

cavalry. Catalogue. Accomit-book, 


Roughly milled (wheat). Groats, 

Sweets. J-liXj^ °J J'jXy!- ^ 

To swallow (saliva) ^ Ci»^ a j^^i ^ 

difficultly ffom grief or auger. To be 

oppressed by grief. To be in tlie 

pangs of death. 
To strangle a. o. U»lr^ o J'j^- 

To suffocate a. o. with. ^_j ^ j^^] 
Suffocation. Suffocating jaij>-j J^y>- 

saliva. Death-rattle. Grief. 
At the point of death.|_yi[^.i: ^ j^ij-i- 

Oppressed by grief. Choked 'by 

He escaped half-dead. Uw^^ cJ^I 

He 'lied broken-hearted. ^lj>- oC« 
Big-Ij3llied. Glutton. j.^'^ji- ^ 

To pln?-lj,(p35r a f_;fj \s.j>- a p^?- ^ 

swallow in one draught. 
To make a. o. to swallow y ^ji. 

(water). To make a. o. to restrain 

his rage. <f- To embolden a. o. 
•^To dare, to assume ( for 1^0 ) ^^j <>• 

To drink a. th. by draughts. 

To repress (anger). 
Rope. Bow-string. f.jf 

Draught. Mouthful. "^Jrj '*f-j4 

Small draught. *^S?- 

Sandy 5,^ G.1 ^ ^.^^Ij , 'U.]^ j i-tj? 

Boldness, courage. *^l_^ ^ 

To tak'^; the greatest part of. To ' 

sweep away. To shovel. ■<>• To rake ' 

up a. th. 
To reduce a. 0. to destitution. 5 ^jf \ 
To be flooded (place). «-J3»1 ' 

Goods of all description. Harvest, j^ \ 
Bank <-9>>l 5- ^j^j , *»Jr». ^ 3'j>- 

undermined by water. 
Piece of bread. -^'^ <. 

Stream of water washing a land^ij^ j 

away. Greedy. 
Measure of capacity. ^'>5:-> ~ 

Scooping. Sweeping away. ^jU 

Mortality. Plague. ' I 

Glutton. Unhappy. *»jjW- ^ ^jjW- 

Broom. Scoop. :ai^> oj :jj'j(:^ -^j Sj>j^^ \ 

Shovel. <► Rake, hoe. I 

(AY ) 


To joke mali- 
ciously with. 

To be barren (female). To become j^r?-^ 
lean (she-camel). 

To revile 0. another. yj^ 

Barren year. Body, jl^l 
Breast of man. 

Iron rod. Fangs 
of a viper. 

Loss, destruction 

Bundle of trefoil. 

9Jj^,i j'jr* I 


Sharp sword. 
Abusive joke. 
Barren ground. 
To emit 


a gentle sound. To speak gently. 
To utter (a word). To lick a. th. ^ — 

To render a. o. experienced 5 ^^i. 

(business). -^ To disgrace, to bring 

shame upon a. o. 
To render a. 0. infamous. oSili 

To publish a. o.'s misdoings. 
To pro luce a ringing sound ^o?-'' 

(jewels). To produce a rusthng sound 

in flying ( bird ). To be scared away 

at the voice of man (wild beast). 
To ring a bell. fi> — 

To whisper. To speek gently. ^1^ 
Gentle sound, hum. ^'j»-j ^^ 

I have not {J,j>. Sj U-> iJ cJ«^ C» 

perceived the slightest sound. 
Bell. u-'>?^ «" ^S?- 

Shame, scandal. *--!>?■ "*■ 

Plant-devouring wj/yf tt *-^j,W- 

(insect). PL Bees. 
Head of cattle stolen ^^1^ ^ '■^jf 

dui'ing the night. 
To bray, to bruise a Ci-^ J-J^ -S- 

(wheat, salt ). To take away ( the 

scm'f of the head with a comb). 

To throw off" its slough (viper). 
To steal a. th. s J''j>'^ 

Hand-mill for u^ ;,'>?• -^ '^JJ^ 

Wheat coarsely ground. Female iil^^i 

Coarsely ground. J-j'j^-^j J^j^ 

To pass away (night). To gather ji^ 

Small house. Lake in a depros- jy^i- 

aed place. 
Body of man. Legs of -n>l>>j ^XA 

(wild beasts). 
To scamper olF. 
Overshoe, galoche. 
To be worn out, 

To grind (wheat). 
To be trained (man, beast). u — 

Young one of the serpent. Effa- oj U- 

ced (track). Worn out (garment). 
Floor. Pestle. Stone 

basin. <>■ Stone mortar 
•^Baptismal Font. 



o c/ji- ^ 
A - 

'-> j^ ' ?r '->j^ 

Uppei' part of a *j_^b 

camel's neck. 
He threw off his burden iJi^ ^£ ij '| 

upon him. He became accustomed 

to it. 
Thrashing-floor. Drying-place ccjf 

for dates. 
To proclaim. To publish a. th.* o^' ^ 
To be proclaimed, made notorious.»^ij 
Clamour, shriek. Steeds. Com- XJ^V^ 

pany of men. 
Side, flank. *a^ 

To hasten. To walk ij£j,9.|j oa j» -Jf 

at a quick pace. 
Great walker. •^j>-j -^j^- 

Large, enormous lion. o-^S?" ^ 

Ancient tribe of Arabia. v*j?- ^ 

Lion. Huge camel. jt^}JrJ j>^y!- 

Acting vigorously. >«tA>> 

To have whelps (bitch). (i^?-'1 ^ 

Whelp. Cub. Young one. Small colo- 

cynth. Pomegranate. 
He bore iitj _yivi Jc iy^^f. UJ^b j\ Ji'\ 

the thing patiently {Prov). 
Having whelps :t: i^.; <>-^ *i^j ^ 

(wild beast). 
To flow %.'j>:j OCj^j CJ^ i ^yi. ^ 

(water). To run, to be current. To be 

executed (order). To happen (event). 

To move(stars).Tobe current (money). 
To hasten to. To pui-pose a. th. Ji^ — 

Sweeping torrent. Swift (hack- Sj'j* 

To throw a. o. down. To s u^'j>- ^ 

bind tightly. 

Lion. ur;»>>'j u-l»>. 

To be hard, stony. VJ^ a J^^ -fr 

Stony ground. 

Golden red coloui'. Wine. Pure JG]^ 

To cut, to lop off A ^yi. I ^'ji. ^ 

( a palm-tree). To complete a. th. To 

shear (sheep). -^ To bone (the meat). 
To acquire a. th. for o.'s J yJ^S^ — 

family, to earn. 
To commit Jp jc /J(i\i /j^S^ — 

a crime against a. o. 
To gather the A 'i^l^fj ^j>- i j-'ji- 

fruit of (a tree). 
To cut a. th. short. s^ ^^ 

To charge a. o. falsely jc j^'J^j s — 

with a crime. 
To be elapsed ( night, year). j,^ 

To be guilty. To abstain from sin. 
Crime, .sin, ^ij^lj ^yj. ^ Jji-j,/j4- 

Certainly. Indeed. ^^ Vj >^> V 

Hot (countiy). n Penalty, jt/j^ ^ J,jf 

Large boat, barge on the Nile. 
Body of animal. >\>.3 j'\'^\ 

The hot countries (opp. to the j,ij>i\ 

cold ij^l ). 
The celestial bodies. x!&al!l ^I^Vt 

^j^i ,»'>^| «• ^j^. 

Sustainer of a 

-••^j ^j=r 9- -»J,W- 

family. Gatherer of dates 
Dry dates. .^ ,ij j.\ 

Thick-bodied. Cut (tree). Culprit.^^ 
Last descendant. Fruit- ^JlJ^ ^ *ii>> 

stone. Crime, fault, n Fine, penalty. 
Loading and unloading JLiJiiii j,ij»Ji 

of a ship. 
Elementary grammar. •C^jJ^\ 

Culprit, guilty. □ Rogue, beggar.^_^ 
To contract o.'s self. To yj^ ^ 

shift. To shun an answer.To answer 



C At ) 


for being shorn, cut (tree, crops, 

A sheep-shearing. Clipped wool, -t^ 
Wool clippedat jjsTj Jljij jja- ^ Sja- 

one time ; fleece. 
<• Refuse of mulberry leaves sj> 

eaten by silkworms. 
Cuttings of leather. SJO^J J'J? 

Clippings. Poi tion of the night. 
Crops, harvest -time. j^j>;j j^'j=r 

Out off. Shorn. jjj*>j JJJ50 -i jf 

Shearer. jlj» 

Shears. Scythe. jf.^ 

To divide into lots. »> \i'j^ a Yj^ -^ 

To take a part of. To curtail (a 

versse). To strengthen a. th. 
To be satiated with ^j 1lj^)j Ijvj ^J^ 

a. th. (camels). To be satisfied vdih. 
To make a handle to. To lot, to fi *ij^ 

partake a. th. 
To satisfy a. o. (th.). s — 

To bring forth (female). 'ijall 

To put (a ring) on the finder; Aj s — 

a (handle ) to a knife. To suffice a. o. 
To satisfy a. o. and to do ^ i — 

instead of. To .stand instead of. 
To be allotted ('portions). \j0 

Some. Part, particle. Lot. Mjsll ^ ^'ji 
Awl-handle. Vine-prop, sljai 

Partial, ( opp. to 'J') :!; ji ^ 'J j» 

special. <• In small" quantity (th.). 
Particles. Particulars. Atoms. oCjj* 
Chemist. jtO.J 'jt^ji-ij •J'-^J^l'^ 
Chemistry. Pharmacy.:C>ljb *-Jlj?-' ^ •♦• 

iljat^J IJ^J e\ja-^J Ijav" 


Satiating (food). 'jJ>Jj 'iSj>- 

Lot; portion. v'3?-'' ^ vj?: "^ 

To go to business. r>j^ a ^yf ^ 

To enter her retreat (gazelle). 
To give to a. o. a part of *) u ^^ iJ — 

o.'s Wealth. 
Preseiit, gift, ^^ 

Portfoho. Case. >il^j?; Ts 

To slaughter fi,j s Jjn^ \j , \jj:f o Sj>- ^ 

a (head of cattle). To cut otf (fruit). 
To go down (tide). To flow o i jjf 

away (water). 
To be fit to be slaughtered. To jjsll 

To follow the same course, ii\'j»J> j'^ 

rules. To act in the same way. 
To give vent (to fi>j i J^h *Sj>- 

water). To send (a deputy). To 

launch a. th. To start (a horse). 
To compete with. To ^Sj^jj ^ iS'J^ 

run with a, o. 
To agree with a. o. in. j jj\a5j S — 
To sign, to execute (a decreej.^ iS^'\ 

To close (an account). To decline (a 

To render alike. To o\j»<J' * iJj>-^^ 

subject to the same rules. 
To entrust a. o. with (a Jl^ A — 

To inflict a penalty on a. o. J* •* ~ 

<• To grant (a pension ) to. To carry 

a. th. to (the debit of). 
To introduce a custom. siUil — 

To appoint, to send (a s ^s'J»dS,{ 

deputy). To start (a horse). 
Course. Current, stream o^i'j>-j Sj>- 

of water. <>■ Diarrhea. 
According to custom. siCJI \S'j>- ^ 
For thee, on ac- dUI^ ^,j ~ii\'j>- ^t 

count of thee, for thy sake. 
Girlhood. Daily wages. 'IJ^ij '•I'^ji- 

Allowance for soldiers, >«>• Pension. 
Mission. Commission. *ilS?- 

Running. '0^1 J 'i^?-lj *i>?l-> '^^ 

Custom. Natm'al disposition. 
Procurator. Agent. 'Uj?^ ^ t?j^ 

Surety. Messenger, hired man. 
Eel. ' '^^^ 

Flowing. Running. Con- Ijj VV j> jb- 

tinuous. Instant (month, year). 

Young woman. 



J,^ TT *iJ,' 

female slave.Girl. Maid-servant. Ship. 

Vipei-. Wind. Sun. Eye of animal. 
Usher of a Court. 'i^!-^' J>»'^ 

Executive. ''^,0?', 

Occurrences, events. ( ^s'j> V^* ") d^ijf t« 
Watercourse, channel, jU> ^ <Js'J»J' 

Course of affairs. -^ Be'd of a river. 

Track of a ship. PL Means. 
Zodiacal circle, ^..\ -u j'Ji^Ji 

To ^ jja. \j j^ \j jj>j , Ij4r j> -^ 

cut, to shear, to crop (wool,herbs). 
To attain the proper season^^Lllj j>-^ 


( Ae ) 

Medley of white and black. Half- ^jii> 

I'ipe ( date ). Holding little water 

Tesselated. Variega- ^ii.^!) p,)y'o f.j^i 

Very anxious. Restless. f^j\ai^ -r f'j?*? 
To buy or ^ o'jt? Ij , Oj^ o <S^ ^ 

sell ( without weighing nor measu- 
To buy or ^jGJij Cjl_)> ;Jpl J 5 S'J^ 

sell a. til. to a. o. in a lump. 
To speak on conjecture. ^>(SC.1I J — 
Sale or purchase in a lump. olj?^ 

Wholesiile purchase Or sale. 
To be thick (wood). Slj^ 

To be chaste, strong (language). To 

be important, great (th.). To be 

prudent, wise ( man). 
To cut (a stick) in ^ sJj* j VJf i Jjf 

two pieces. 
To be galled in the withers Jjall 

To bestow a generous gift A ij — 

upon a. 0. 
To find (an advice) to be A ^'j>c:Z.\ 

Sound judgment. Chasteness rflj^ 

of speech. Firmness. 
Considei-able (gift). Jl^*. ^ Jijg^j Jj> 

Generous.Correct, chaste (language). 
Very respectable. ./•lln>'Vl Jij> 

Young pigeon. Youth, d'j}'^ -k JjS» 

Asthma. Exhausted camel. 
To eat one meal a '^ j?^ i J_y>- ^ 

day. To be watei'ed (camels). 
To cut off a.'th. To decide a. th. A — 

irrevocably. To make ( an oath ) 

without condition. To put ( a vei'b) 

in the conditional mood. To fill ( a 

skin). To trim (a palm-tree). To 

write an even hand. 
To determine. To I'esolve upon, it — 

To impose a. th. on a. o. 
To appraise roughly (a 

To refrain from. To be 

afraid and unable to. 



ba cut off (dates). To die (man). To 

be at the point of death (old man). 
To insult one another. jjliv 

To fight despei'ately. To j^a* Ij jja*; 

leave a prey for wild beasts (figh- 
Ebbing tide. ebb. ( opj). lo jjt ) jj^ 
Slaughtered head of cattle. Prey, jj^ 
Carrot. Pai'snip. jj»j j^ P 

Butcher. Tyrant ; cruel man. j\^ 
Fit to be slaughtered jj:^ ^ j/-^ 

Remains of a slaughtered Sjl";?^ 

beast, as the head, feet. 
Butchery. ej\j»- 

Island. Peninsula. J^jf tt »jtj4- 

Peninsula of Arabia. ^'j^^ '->'.yf 

Mesopotamia. Andalusia. 5l«j|jl 

Algeria. Jjj>JI 

The fortunate Islands, olj.n>JI j Ijsjl 

the Canaries. 
Slaughter-house, butchery ^ju^;: frjyf^ 
To cut, to cros.s (a a iij> a ^.j^ -S- 

To give to a. o. a part of.^^ <pj> i) — 
To grow impa- jj> \s./j>} <s.ji a pj> 

tient, anxious about a. th. To show 

grief at. 
To compassionate a. o. ti* "~ 

To be half-ripe (dates). To have ^.j^ 

little water left (pond). 
To cut a. th. in two pieces, f j 4> — 
To afflict a. 0. To leave (a ^j 5 ^j»l 

To break asunder (rope, f.y>Cij pjiJl. 

To divide (spoils). 
To break, to cut (a 
Violent outburst of im- 
patience, grief. 
Shell of Venus. <>■ Onyx. ^'j> 

Winding of a valley. ^.j^l ^ pj> 

Encampment of a tribe. 
Axis of watering-engine. Yellow ^'ji 

Impatient. 9-jj>-j 9J}>-j 9^ii fj* 

Small quantity. *iij»j *^j?-J *^lr9; 

Portion of a flock. Handle of a knife. 

branch). ^ <^j-^if\ 

( A^ ) 

Incarnation (of the Verb). 
Shu't, chemise. -^^^ 

To dare, to ip Ij>Wj SjlI-> o ^-» -S- 
\entare upon. To undertake (a bu- 
To be rash, bold. To dare. JJ^i — 
To cross (a desert, the sea).*_^lS^lj — 
To build a bridge. \lr-^~ 

To embolden a. o. » _;-'L» 

To make a dam. J;^ a 

Tall and strong (camel). "i'^^S ^ jL>- 

Tall and brave (man). 
Courage. Daring. 
Bridge. Em- j^J.^ JJJ\ 
bankment. Pontoon. •()■ Beam uphold- 
ing joists, a Dam. 
Axle-tree Sj^l* ^ 1Z.y-^\ _rl> <• 

of a carriage. 
Rashness. Daring. 



.r~-?" ^ Jj — »-J 1 jl— J-jO-J.r-W- ! 

Tall and courageous, rash. jLl»j 
Daring, fool-hai-dy. ^-W»^ 

To decline (an offer). ^^ ^y^ a /ul^:^ ^ 
To b3 stout, bulky. \vcJ-o J-4^ 
To render a. o. stout, bulky, a ^,^ 
To give consistency to a. th ; to em- 
body. To exaggerate a. th. 
To become stout ; to increase ^1^ 
in volume. To take consistency. ■<>■ To 
become momentous (aflair). 
To choose a. o. amongst many. J_j ? — 
To embark in a gi'ave affair. To re- 
pair to (a country). 
Bulk. Body.^lj ^>l>-j ^11>I ^ ^.lo- 

solid substance. 
Bigness, grievousness, enormity. :uili 
Body, bulk, mass. olil?^ 

Corporal, material. 'd<<,L>- j ' Ji^ 
Corpulent, lusty, .ii^, ^ ^.---f j .A-'~»- 
SoUd ; cubic, square (body). j^-»^ 

To dry up. to be- i^j \y^ oMJ.^ 
comf hard (hand). To freeze (water). 
To show hostility to. 5 iJlG- 

Hardness stiffness. «J^? 

Hard, dry, solid. ^\^ 

To smash. To grind. * Li* o jL» -i^ 

To sweep. To clean a. th. 
To strike a. o. with a stick. o 5 — 
To break. To mill (corn). ^ 'i*! 

To remain silent about a. th. ip^Vj — 
To be cut. To be broken (bone). ^jiJI, 

To be in the conditional mood (verb). 
Decisive affair. Premature. Cut Jji. 

evenly (pen). Conditional mood.jezm. 
Sign of quiescence. oCij* ^ *^'ji- 

Single meal a day. ■(/■ Boots. 
Part of a flock. ** j* 

Deciding. Particle ^jj}?- w j'X^ 

commanding the conditional mood. 

Filled (skio). Watered (camel). 
To reward, to jc jl ^^ j t\j^ \ jjf. -^ 

requite a. o. for (good or evil). 
To pay (a debt). To satisfy a. o. ?jA — 
To do instead of, to perform j£ — 

the office of. 
To requite a. o. o 5' *'j?-j sOW^ j'j^ 

To suffice. (^j>1 

To stand instead of, ^t — 

To claim o^A* ^ t^^-i^. j\ i^ii Sj^ 

from a. o. the payment of a debt. 
To claim a salarv from a. o. n j'^»-[ 

<^J?; 9r V.J?; 

i *~^ ;^^ -ft- 
in the face. 


Requital, compensation. 

■^ Criminal law. 
<► Fine, penalty. 
■<>■ Penal code. 
Capitation, poll-tax. 
To feel with jfj A '^_^J:^ \j 

the hand. To stare a. o. 
To ascertain (a news). 

To scrutinise (hidden things) 
To inquire after a th. A - 


Pulse. Chest. *— ?t»j Ir-?''* 

To become si-l*-j C'-?- o *^-^ ''^ 

hardened (hand). 
Hard skin. Frozen water. ^i,.^ 

Hardness : callosity. 'Cj— W-J »Ll?- 

To coagulate (blood). C^f a Ji_.f -S- 
To dye a. th. with ?affron. fi> jlJ- 
To assume consistency. <■ To oli-i 

become man (Son of God). 
Body (animated). Flesh. ill>'l ^ j1^ 
Clotted blood. -4rr^J -^^ 

Corporal. Material. -jloJ-ij C?r^» 
SatFron. *l^?-j J^^ 

fi> s ^>b 


' U^ 


To entniat a. o. with 

a (difficult) affair. 
Biu'deii, difficult duty. 
Thick. Big. 
Chest. Arm. iSIidnight 
To moan ( fettered 

To sprout (plant). To open the 

eyes (puppy). 
To whitewash, to plaster (a house).*— 
To be adjacent (neighbour). ^i^\ 
Gypsum. Sulphate of calx. -^^ 

Plasterer. t/sL^ 

Plaster kiln. 7.^df 

Gathering of men living close x.o-..^=^ 

To dart on a. o. <-i J«- ^-o* o ja^f -H- 

(with a sword). 
<• To scream, to shout. ja> 

To kneel (camel). ^^if -»- 

To make (a camel) to kneel. To s — 

slaughter (a beast). 
To proceed against (a debtor), o — 
To throw o.s'self on the ground ^^ 

out of grief. 
Grumbling of camels flocking xiik'mf 

together. Mill-clack. 
Narrow space. Battle-field. 

Unwholesome climate. Earth 

bling (camel). 
To fell a. o.s^ia^j k_..i>._j,CJi> a »-»i.f 
To manufacture (quivers). fi> j ^^ 
To throng and ^^j ^'-^h v"?'^ 

press together (army). 
Cartridge-box ; quiver. vjVi?- ^ J^ 

Large bowl.| 
Short and stout. JC»^ -K- 

To roll up, to cAii^j JC^j - j^ -«- 

be contracted. 
Stem of a tree. ju^j J^ ^ s:i;> 
To be curled (hair).Si^j sSli^o ai^ ^ 
To curl (the hair). fi, jXi- 

To be curled (hair). To be crisped, j,l^ 

contracted (tli.). 
Woolly, curled, ai^Jj , aliv ^ ai* 

(hair). Niggardly. Generous. Stout 

and strong (man). 
Avaricious. J>aV|j li&i!lj Xi\ -u> 

Worthless man. Uall S^ 

C AY) 



To be covei-ed with jii>b J-4^ 

clusters of hei'bs (soil). 
Stony place. Middle part of an 'j^ 

animal's body. 
Hoarseness. Disturbance. Cla- ili 

morous party. 
Having a harsh voice, .lL> ^ J-i''^ 

hoarse. Rumbling (cloud, thunder). 
Hoarseness. J~^ 

Coarse flour. Pounded XiA^ij J^i4^ 

and boiled wheat. 
Hand-mill. ili.^j ,2)^-^ 

To be con- \i.i.j \l^j \'j^ a \k^-ii- 

vulsed. to heave (from fear or grief, 

soul). To bring forth plants (soil). 

To rush forth (wild beast). To bleat 

(sheep). To rush on (sea). 
To emigrate towards. J[ Si; ja — 
To belch. llijj iLf 

Belch. {n. of uniKhJ.) '\l.^,-i\j:.>. 

Swelhug (of the sea). Darkness ni.?^ 

(of the night). 
Ajli.?^ O i_-.i> J , C.-i> a »— -.ij k^i.?- -^ 

To be unwholesome, coarse (food). 
To live on unwholesome ;7^al o ,_ ^^ 

(_jL_i?:^j k^xisrj fc_-4-?"j I-.—?- ^\ — ii* 
Coarse, unpalatable food. i_j^k^j 
Coarse, gross. ^hr^ 

To take /fcj j; jXj-j , l>U o .r^ -ft- 

(cattle) to a pasture.To give up 
j To break (dawn). To depart. Ojl^i — 
j To be hardened (mud). S'jh^ a v~^ 
j To be hoarse ( man ). To cough 

To empty (a vessel). * ^^ 

N. of act. Cattle grazing freely. _^i» 
Cattle. j[l.^ 

Herdsman. Jj}l^ 

Owner of a pasture-land. jlL^ 

Cough. Hoarseness. 5lr=-?^ 

Hoarse, coughing. _^ia: ^ '1>W^ ^^i?-^ 
Tank from which water is not ^ii.* 

To covet, to js. ^l^j /* (aL> a ^li.* -S- 

desire earnestly a. th.; to thirst for. 
Very covetous. Oji^^ «■ f4^J f^ ^ 

assume a pamful (duty). 

( AA) 

Stagnating water full of 

Price agreed Ju,! 1 ^ j^L^ j , j^al 

upon; salai'j, wages. 
Bribe, -tf- Pension. jj.liv ^ ^^j <^^, 
Stipulated price. -^ Flocks j; i;;^ ^ iL*^ 

of sheep and their shepherds. 
To have no CU» a ^j , (J^ a ^ -H- 

To muzzle (a camel). s — 

To covet, J J,^j , Jl^j j Chi? a ^^ 

to long for a. th. 
To eat up a tree to the root fii v^^ 

(cairipl). To pluck, to eradicate a. th. 
To pick up (dung). i^ o U» -S- 

Beer (drink), lis. 

To dry, to be dried, 6^j 6ui i ti> -^ 
To pick up and take a. th. fi> ii>. o — 

To di-y up ^J a CiU^j Ci-i^ ^ik 

a. th. To fit a (horse) with a coat of 

Numerous company.ilij ii^j ;ii^j ci^ 
Spathe of palm-tree. Any hollow i^ 

tube. Old man. 
Coat of mail. ■J>AS»^> rr «-Jl^ 

Dry, dried up, desiccated. yJ^-j usi?- 
Desiccative, drying. ^-ilM 

To collect (camels;. To fi>j ^ Uajuf -S- 

pursue (ostriches). 
To bristle its feathers (bird), wiijij 

To be half-dry (moistened garment). 
To throw a. o. down. A j a u* a IV "^ 

To upset a. th. To scum a cooking- 
pot. To sweep off the "^rubbish 

brought down by a torrent. 
To cast forth fj'oth (cooking-pot). 'iV 

To cast forth refuse on the shore 

To jade (beasts) in a journey, j Uij."i 

To throw a. 0. down. 
Sweepings of a torrent. Vanity 

Empty ship .Useless. 
Double-barrelled gun. ^ 

n Pincers. 
Estate of the Sultan let out iuii> Ts 

to tenants ; farm. 
To be proud, haughty, daf a r-i* "^ 
To vie in merits with a. o. s ;ob. 

^^ oif, oi\j^y,^\j s ju» _^' \ 

Foul-mouthed man. ls^4 "^ 


To use foul language. o^i?^ •♦■ 

-^ To bellow. ( for jU ) I^V a ^ •«• 

To dung (wild beast). j^h ~ 

Dung of wild beasts. j^ ^ ^ 

Rope for tying a well-cleanser. jU?- 
Hyena. Ju^ y]j jU* 





• I^,Uj>»- a «-ii> ■ft' 

To relieve o.'s bowels. C-i>a 

To utter bad words. u-*^ 

To drive a. o. n ^ i_, , CW a .ki?^ -ft- 

To escape. 

Small and lusty. 

To prostrate a. o. y ^ 

To uproot (a tree). 

To be uprooted (tree), 

Sweeping (torrent). 

Lai'ge stream. Small river. ^^^ -S- 
Abundant sheep. Name of a celebra- 
ted vizier. 

To swarm with jVb ^Ai> a J-?^ -M- 
black-beetles (water). 

To put, to make, fi>j 5 "^'m^i. a jii 

to appoint. To render a. o or a. th. 
such. To establish a. o. as. 

To appoint a. o. governor. i^\>. S — 

To make a. th. to become A * — 

such. To change a. th. in, to substi- 
tute a. th. To use a. th. instead of. 

He used it as a capital- «j v'« ^jA'j ili> 

He took Basrah for iloiJ «lr<ap' J*^ 
Bagdad : z. e. Hd committed a gross 
blunder. (Prov). 

To impose a condition jpj A — 
upon a. 0. To stipulate with a. o. 
(the amount of a salary). 

To begin to do. 
He began to shed tears. 
To bribe a. o. 
To give a. th. to a. o. 
To make a. th. together. 
To receive ; to do a. th. 
Black-beetle [ins.). 


( A\ ) 


Fearful, disquieted, riuirietl. J^a*!. 
To slaughter (a she- s uL^ o Jt>- -fr 

camel) and give her iles'.i for food. 
Eyelid. Apjile J^\j ovVb ay4- tt cM 

of the eye. Vine-stock. Sheath. 
Large porringer. Cj\:S>-j oV«?; ^ Siif 

Deep dish. A viue-.stock. Generous 

To be coai-se Jii^j i>i>'o u» -^ 

(garment). To be restless. 
To treat harshly, to tyrannise ip^ ? — 

a. o. 
To slide (horse-saddle). ^s- — 

To take, to send away a. o. i »\i. 

■^ To behave rudely towards a. o. 
To ill-treat (cattle). To fi>j s J^\ 

unaaddle (a horse). 
To withdraw. To slide (saddle). sb«j 

■<>■ To use abusive language. 
To remove a. th. from its a <«^-?-*' 

Hardness ; churlish, unkind 'U>j s^if 

behaviour ; ill-treatment. 

Harsh rough, uncivil (man). Coarse 

Ruda, rough (man). jU-jl jii. 

To dung (bird). u^ o j» -»■ 

To bahave saucily u. ^U^ — ^a>- ■♦■ 

towards a. o. 
Insolent, pert. Obstinate. jj^"^ 

Clank of iron. XfeifJCsT -S- 

To offer ^1 j J^Aj , \'JL^ a J?^ -«■ 

obtrusively goods for sale (merchant). 
■^ To be offended, vexed by. ^* ^fei^ 
To b3 despited by. 

To tease, to thwart a. o. 5 ^\>- <>• 
In spite of..., j :2jii^:i-j fj\^^ <^ 

Offended. Vexed at. ^a oI^S^ "^ 

To ba high, great, x]%'j-^y,i. \ 3> -«- 

imposing. To be illustrious. 
God who is great and ^^ j js. vil 

To b3 aged, of a mature |j>Uj V Man- 
To scorn at. To abstain ^i, 3lVt, - 

To be free from (defect). ^ — 


a ,j-*> 

Proud, boastful. 

To grow up_^^ij J^j , \'J,> _ 

(lamb). To be widened. 
To recover fi-om illness. jayj\ ^ Jui 
To cast off a. th. To break ^j s ji^\ 

with a. 0. 
Large well. jU>- ^ Jie^- 

Divination. ^?J1 j^. 

Wide cavity in the ground._^ ^ sj^ 
Wooden or leather (piiver. jOt^ 

N. of un. Portfolio, leather Slrvi* 

■^ White, waxed (yarns). _,li^ 

To suffer from 'x^yk>-j 

Mean, base. u-i^J w^^J u-i?; 

To be shai'p, sour. '^_yJ- o u^ii^ -0- 
Intruder. Tedious (man). Sour.^ii i^- 

harsh. Disobedient (child). 
To fill up (a vessel). A QlLTo Jai» ^ 
To swell (corpse). '-!»U»I. 

Swollen (corpse). h-i-c 

To take jii;^ b , >U>j '^M i J^ ^ 

fright, to be scared away. 
To run away in jji;^ jiiJIj ji>U - 

a panic (people). 
To carry away (the clouds : fin yjuf i — 

wind). To cast ( fish) upon the shore 

To sweep away (the mud), /b ji»j — 

to scrape off a. th. 
To be disordered (hair). V^ o jl>- 
To scare a. 0. away. s jlf 

To bristle his feathers (cock). jlij 
To go away (shade). To run ji?.5l 

away in a panic. 
Fright. Ship. Driven away Jj.i>j jif 

Dung of elephant. Ju^ 1 ^ ji;^^j , jif 
Leafy (tree). ;Ii^ 

A fleece of wool. iiL^ 

Foam of milk. Rubbish, scum cast Ju» 

forth by a torrent. Abundant (wool). 

Scum of (a boiler) 
Clearing off the clouds 

General invitation to 

Swift (wind). 

Grain of coriander, of sesame. o!>*?»I» 
Black poppy. xll^l — 

Egyptian lotus. Cj_ro/» — 

The heart's core. ^Jliil — 

Great number. <J?fciM ^'-^ 

To 5 r''9yii «5Uj >iij ^-ki- a SU' ^ 

throw a. o. do-wn. 

To import Aj s CUj CU i o ^V ^ 

(goods). To assemble (a crowd). To 

threaten a. o. 

To procure a. th. to a. o. J A — 

To urge on a horse -with s ^U_j it — 

the voice. 
To be cared (wound). To dry GjU — 

To gather, to meet (people). Ci* a wJ* 
To scream, to stir about. »_.V b v^ 

To flock in. 
To be brought. To be imported. ^Ji^'i 
lo bring (goods, cattle) Aj 5 wi2>l 

from one place to another). 
To import (goods}.To ask a ,J\^~iZ\ 

a. th. to be brought. 
Importation. Crime. _JU: 

Uproar, confused voices. v-^j ^iv 
Imported goods. V^^ -r ~ 

<• A kind of upper garment. ;Lt> 
Cloud having a rounded outline. ,_jbi 
Wood of a camel's saddle. J*^l »_i?- 
Skin formed on a healing wound. 
JsU j> 'lVj ^^if ^ (m. and f.) 
Imported (slave). «— JM>^j 

Imported mer- •^''9^ -r *r4^j *<^ 

chandise ; camel bringing it. 
Negro or slave-driver. Biinger. ^jIA^^ 


Rose-water. Gum- U^>-i ^'9^ P 

Peas. Vetch. 
Boisterous, clamorous. 
Termagant woman. 
Resounding afar off (thunder 
Impulsive, atti'active. 
Talisman, love-charm. 
Smock. Woman's »_aj>Lv ^ 

To clothe a. 0. in a smock. 
To put on a gown. 
Newly hatched bird. i»-j>U ^ Ja-jiV ■♦• 
To strike a. o. y ci=?b , Cd>' i cM -8- 

cjUU ^ 

a ^:j^ 

To put a horse-cloth to. »jt>j,!A» — 
To emigrate from. ^p SI^U p i 3?. 

To pick up (dung) with l^\j,y^o- 

the hand as fuel. 
To be general, common to all. jS^ 
The rain has been u^jvi _,k;!l J^ 

To honom-, to respect a. o. Aj j jli 
To be strong, hardy. To be weak. ^] 
To respect, to honour ; to load s — 

a. o. with gifts. 
To be exalted, great. j^ 

To clothe o.'self in. ,_, — 

To exalt o.'self above. is. 3u5 

To take the main pai't of. fi> j[jiilj — 
Horse-cloth. -^ Pack-JSU j j!iW W D* 

Main part of a. th. JM>-J D?" 

•Jasmine. Rose. 'j^j 'j:f P 

Sail of a ship. JyU ^ — 

Great, illustrious, aged. Bulky.j»._j ^ 
The chief men of a place. :a> t*'^ 

Emigrating party. Tax. au- 

Serious, momentous or unimpor- jl^ 

tant thing. 
He has done it for thy sake.dllU ^^ iiis 
Majesty. Highness. H^^j J^W- 

Dung of sheep, goats, camels. :a»j U?- 
Basket of palm-leaves J'^^j JiJ- ^ :a» 

(for dates). 
■^ Pack-saddle maker.-J>Clv -^j Jv^^>. 
F. of ■^\ Important affair. jl> ^ J» 
Saving your reverence. dxL.'\ -^ 

Consideration, veneration. ;lajj JiUI. 
For thy sake. du^ ^j>j vii! >U 1. ^ 
High, great, v^j y^'ij •■^l ^ j^ 

Strong. Big. Respectable, venerable. 
General, luiiversal (rain). jli,^ 

Book. Code. ■<>■ Periodical review. :u?-J» 
To scream. To thunder. J>.i^ "S- 

To threaten a. 0. To toss a. th.4>j 2f — 
To hang bells to a horse's neck. 
To be tossed, shaken. To sink jiii^ 

in the earth. To be restless (mind). 
Bells hanged to the J?.>U ^ jiJL> 

neck of beasts of burden. 
Resounding (thunder, rain). JQetv 
Sound of a bell, of thunder. aI?JU 

■<► !Mount Calvary. 

A skin, a piece of skin. <■ Avari- soi?. 

Thy countryman.Thy kinsfolk.iijaij. o;[ 
Patience. Firmness. o'^^j 3iiU 

Steadfast. Frost. Ice. '\jjj. ^ 04* 
Skinner. ??yi> -^ 

Executioner. Seller of hides. i>U 

Whip. Lash. Js\»J> ^ fJi^ 

Book-binder. Enduring ( horse), jl^ 
Bound in leather (tome, volume). j.Ujl 

Volume, tome. 
To walk fast. To be i^jUl | — Jii> -S- 

long (night). To be over (rain). 
Mole. i»Uj: ^ ii^ 

Mechanic. Monk. '^'^'^ ^ ^'^^^j ^-^ 

To fasten a sword- fii J^fj ijU: j J,^ -{}- 

hilt ( with a nerve ). To tie up a. th. 

(ai'ound the head). 
To go quickly. J^ 

Quickness in walking. o'j'^ 

Leather strap. JJ^-r Sj^U- j j%- 
Soldier. Tax-collector, z'jj >U ^ ji^i^ 
Filbert. Pine-pitch. y^ 

Careful, steady in his work. jiiU jJi^A 
To sit down. To Cl^j Cj^ i ^V ■* 

sit ( assembly ). •<>■ To be straight. 
To grant an audience to. Jl^ J ^_,j0j — 
<• To straighten a. th. 
To sit in company with. 
To make a. o. to sit. 
To sit down. 
To be sitting ; to hold a 

To allow a. 0. to sit. 
Sitting of a Court. 
Way of sitting. 
Seating. Company of men sitting ^Jj. 

together. Society, company. 
Companion. Friend. 'H.!^ ^ ,j-ii>' 

Seated. u-y^j a-ji? t crJ> 

•^ Straight. 
Company. Tribunal, ^,Ut> ^r ^4?^ 

Court of Law, council, ministry. 
White rose. Basil (plant). oU-1? P 
To swear. To lie. Cu\ y \ iai^ -H- 

To shave (the head). To draw A — 

(a sword). 
To contend with a. 0. in cunning, j JaJU 

To di'ink up the whole of. gt c-l^*!. 
The giant Goliath. o^W- H 

To lose o.'s hair on the GJ» a r4» -tt- 

two sides of the head. 
To rush on. ip ^^ 

To show open enmity with a. 0.5 yj(> 
Baldness on the two sides of the -rlf 

Temples stripped of hair. o»i» 

Bald on the two ^ti^ ^ .ui> ^ ^d>1 

sides of the head. Hornless (ox). 
Barren ground. s«Ul>. 

Unfruitful year. ^j 1^ ^ :;ij b. 

P/. Particles flying in the air from 

the heads of reeds, etc. 
To flood (a valley). To A 6..L>ra ^i>- -H- 

wash away its banks ( sti-eam ). To 

cutoff (a limb). ■<>■ To sharpen (a 

To throw a. o. down. ^_, — 

To be destroyed. To fall down J^^JU^ 

and be unable to rise up. 
-<>■ Whetstone. ^JU 

Overflowing torrent. ^>U 

To meet. To show ^^Vl — _„iJ^ -fr 

To lash, to flog a. o. s lal>i jS:f. -»- 
To constrain a. 0. to. jp 5 — 

To be iSyj^vij »'^_Mj siSvfj l^if o j1>- 

steady, patient, sturdy. 
To be frozen j.!?^ \j j>^j, luJU a oU 

To bind (books). To skin ij * A^ 

(a beast). 
To fight a. o. ^s iS^iUj SaJb-Ji jilu. 

with a sword. 
To compel a. o. to. Jl. s — 

To be covered with ice (soil). jUgll 
To show endurance, hardiness. ji?tj 
To fight together. jjbtj 

To strike with a sword. ^_, jir^l I. 

To empty (a cup). fi> — 

Flogging. ^^ ji^ 

Firm, strong. Robust. iiU1 ^ ai* 
The whole '<>\^J^J oU-jVI i!A^l 

person •, body and limbs. 
Firmament. Patience. Firmness. JLf 
Smooth and hard ground. ojJ^j — 
Skin. Hide. Leather. i>u1j ij^ ^ oia; 


C ^ 

stone, rock. Strong man. 
Rose-preserve. /A-?ii_U P 

Pomegranate-blossom. jCU ^ 

Wild brier. Dog-rose. ct^r^i* P 

To take off a. th. A (^U a <U -^ 

To discard. To remove cj^ ^j * ~ 

( pebbles) from ( a place ). To deter 

a. 0. from. 
To be bald in the forepart fit v'^Li a *U^ 

of the head. 
Opposite side of a valley. a!il> ^ liJU 
The two brinks of a valley.^il^l uiU 
Bald (man). Hornless (ox). *u1 

Black rhamnus. ^,^ -^ 

To rub ili^ i jsTj A lyuj f^U >U -)^ 

up, to polish (a blade, a mirror). 
To become clear to a. o. J s>U — 

To show a. th. To display (the jc — 

bride to her husband). 
To emigrate from. ^ — 

To expel a. o. To dispel (grief) js^ s — 

fi'om. To disclose a. th. to. 
To make (a present) ^ s ^j o 5U 

to his bride on the wedding-day 

To have the forepart of the If a L> 

head without hair. 
To manifest a. th. to a. o.^i. Sj A s j^ 

To disclose o.'s sentiments, t L' ^i. — 

To manifest, to reveal a. th. ^ Ju 
To emigrate. ,,.u; ^i J9II 

To cause a. 0. to emigrate ^ i — 

from (dearth). 
To reveal Himself to man (God). J tij 
To disclose the mutual condition JU7 

of 0. a. 
To reveal Himself to man (God ). jiji^ 

To be elucidated (affair). To be po- 
lished. To clear off (clouds, sadness). 
To consider, to observe a. th. >b ?^^\ 
To unveil (a spouse) for the Jt S' — 

first time before her husband. 
To be presented to her husband ji.~j. 1^ 

To ask a. 0. to disclose jft ^ — 
Clearness, brightness. Emigration. '^U 
Baldness on the half of the head, 's^ 

Brilliancy. Splendour. 

To take away a. th. To A ^^^\ 

absorb up. 
Unbecoming, shameless (woman). J»^ 
To be disclosed (teeth). CJ^ a ^l> -S- 
To be shameless (woman). ^^ a ^ 
To hold bad talks (people). To ^li. 

quarrel at play. 
Shameless, barefaced. Traveller. jS\». 
Showing his teeth.-u^j iLi* ^^Jbllj ;4f 
To rest on the ground IJ^^ \ — ^Vb- -H- 

(horse). To increase. To hurry on. 
To spread o.'s self on jji^\ — jjJl> -S- 

the ground. 
To make cuts to ^ Zjfi^ ui» a ,il> -M- 
a. o. vnth (a sword). To trim a. th. 
To fight (with the sword). To ^]\>. 

disclose (the teeth) in laughing. 
To take away (the * CiUo J^^ 
mud ). To bark a. th. To cut off, to 
destroy a. th. 
To strike a. o. (with a sword), o 5 — 
To be rough, rude. 'Sy^j (^ a wil^ 
To reduce to nothing, to A o^ 

destroy (goods : dearth). 

To uproot. To destroy /b oii2?-\ 

Hard and di-y bread. Empty jar. ji]L> 

Water-skin. ^1^»-h <^j^ ~ 

Scratch on the skui. *M»- 

Piece of dry bread. <Ii^ 

Mud. Clay. ^yj. 

Cut of a pen. **i»: j *ii» 

Rude, uncivil. ^i^^j •J^ 

Taken away. Scratched. ^J^^j ■^/• Aj- 

Darnel-grass. oU> 

Impaired, curtailed. JS^* 

To calk (a ship). A Jji^j Lil^ -S- 

Calker. ^lii>.> i»Ui?- 

To shave (the head). ^ CsiU i jV "^ 

To throw projectiles on. ^ s — 

' To show the teeth in laughing. jU»7 

' Particle, piece of meat. XSy» 

! Damascus (town). i^,J JP^ 

i Sack. Jtl^y^ ^ 3-^'^ P 

Ballista. Jt^^h Jc^-^ ^ 

j To shear a. th. fi> ^li^lij ,C,.U i Juf -Ji- 

Shears. oCifj ^jL> 

Clipped wool. ^z-y^. 

I Large j^y^j a>>U ^ ij4.l>j uiU -ft- 

( \r ) 


Long-haired, hairy. 
To articulate A 

(words) confusedly. 
To avoid (an atiair). 
Wild jjarsnip. 
Confused pronunciation. 
Skull. Wooden cup. ^^.i; 

Chief. Well sunk in a saline ground. 
To be angry with. u tlii a ^^y? -H- 
To wrap o.'s self in. j 1^7 

Person, individual. 'U^j W 

To be ^j^j li»C» J i^i^ a -Ti'^f -J^ 

ungovei'nable, to run away (horse). 

To indulge a fancy. To have o/s own 

way. To forsake her husband and 

go to her family (wife). To hiu'ry on. 
Headless arrow. ''^^^^ 5- t^*- 

To be proud, vain. QC^^ -r--^ -S- 

To vie in merits \\'ith a. o. s t-S^ 
Proud, vain. ^t?^ «- ^-'^ 

To thicken lS._^j IX> o J^j oi^ -f5- 

(blood). To freeze (water). To be 

To freeze (liquids : cold), fit a^sllj at?^ 
To ba contiguous to. s j,'A>- 

To be stingy, poor. ^^,11 

Ice, snow. 
High and dry soil 
Tearless (eye). 
Dry (soil). Rainless (year 
Solid body. Mineral 

.tiiis; ^ - 
Name of two months obilisi ^ i^ili* 

of the Arabian year. 
Thickened, frozen. ai»_j a>l^» ;^ a*Q. 

Solid, firm. (Gr.) Defective (verb). 

•«• Dull (man) 
Hard. Tearless eye. 
Solid bodies. Minerals. 

To meet for business. 

To give live coals to a. 0. s J^ 

To twist her hair on the back J^. 

of the head (woman). 
To collect, to join a. th. To 5j fi> ^ 

gather the marrow (of a palm-tree). 

To canton an army in the enemy's 
country. To roast (meat) upon live 

, I 

O ^f^>- -^ 

Man of good fame. Moon. -y^ J,\ 

Gift presented by the husband to ;yu 

his spouse. Wedding-party. 
Apocalypse (of St. John). oUL. 

Captivity of the Hebrews. o>5i?Jl •♦■ 
Tribute paid by non- J\yf ^ :;j li. 

Moslems. Exiled people. ' 
Clear, evident, manifest. Polished. -[^ 
Garret-wmdow. i»^-^ 

Obvious thing; true report. Exact :C.\>- 

Clearly, evidently. £4^ 

Bi'ighter. Handsome. .)_^ j, lsl'\ 

Bald on the forehead. Clear (skyj. 
Revelation (of God to man). 'j^ 

Transfiguration (of Jesus-Christ). 
Forepart of the head. Jbt> ^ X^ 

To be filled up, (well); Ctji^ i '^ -S- 

crammed, (measure). To be abun- 
dant. To collect in (a well : water). 
To heap (a measure), /b (•^'^j U.9^ ~ 

To let (water) collect. 
To be left at rest ^Jj l^'b ~ 

To cram (a measure), to fill it fi ^IJ. 

to excess. 
To grow, to multiply (plant). ^t*lj — 
To be coming on (affair). 
To leave (a horse) at rest. 
To let (water) flow. 
To become tangled (plant). ^%^ 

■^ To be heaped (measure). 
To be plentiful, to collect j.»^[ 

(water). To be covered with plants 

(soil). To rest (man). 
Great number. Noon-^,_^ij ^i;.,. ^ ^ 

tide Abundance of water. 
All together. jjjill '^j \y^ {^ 

Filling up, heaping. Rest. jX^ 

To the full. 
Excess (of a mea^ 

Well full of water. 
Numerous party. 
Luxui'iant hair. 
Filled with water (well). 
Luxuriant plant. -i^l ^ j,^ 

Hornless (buck). v^ ^ .li^j. ^ '^^iS 

Spearless (warrior). 

2f - 
fi> '^'\ 


^'♦9:J -»-»?-j ^1 

4«>j «,^ 


(M ) 


->>*<►?■ ' 7! r-o^ I 




Army. Flock. Gathering. Addition- 
Plural of a noun. 
Recollection of thoughts. jV^iivl ,^ 
The day of the meeting ^Jl ^^ 
(last Judgment). 
Fist. fU.>1 TT ;1j»^I aW 

Reunion, concourse oliirj ;4> ,- w* 

of people. Week. Friendship. 
Friday. CJ<^U4- t '<^«4-i **<-?i" ^ii 

Party of men, society. oUli?; ^ ltU» 
Congregation. Religious con- *^»i» 

Reunion. Social life. fU.;?l 

Compi'ehensive. General. ^i^U- 

Synagogue. Mosque. ^^i},: ^ ^^b. 

Substar.tial discourse. ,^UJ1 ^^ilfeiJl 
i^. Tie. ^;l>* ir *^** 

JMeeting. All, the whole. ^^^ 

All of them. Entirely, together. 
All together. The 

Collection. Sura total 
Agreed upon. 
Confluence. Meeting- 
room. Convocation. Council. Museum 
<• Censer. 
In the strength of life. Hurrying. 

Allowance, civil and military pay. 
To gather (things). fi> y:^ o Ji> ^ 

To melt (grease).-^ To join, to unite 
To be elegant, S\'^ a ^j o Ji^ 

beautiful, kind, pleasing. 
To embellish, a. o. or. a th. fuj 5 j^ 
To treat a. 0. kindly. To blan- i j>b. 

dish a. o. 
To collect, to sum up a. th. To Aji>l 

cai'ry on (business) skillfully. 
To behave decently, politely in. j — 
To be embellished. To adorn o.'s jtaj 

self. To affect kindness, courtesy. 

To show selt-restraint. To eat mel- 
ted grease. 
Camel. Cable, ship-Jii^ltj Jii>. ^ j;,: 

Sword-fish. Whale. □ Peli- ^Ul!l Ji> 

Chameleon. i_^J| ji^: .^ 

Ship-rope. jti^ j;^^ j;^ 


1 1 

^*bfc« ^ Oj-^9ii^ 


coals. To fumigate ( a garment ). 

■fy- To char a. th. 
To walk quickly (camel). J^\ 

To meet for a common (affair), ip — 
To prepare a (fu'e, race-horses), a — 
To fortify themselves in j'^^%:.\j jl^ 

a hostile country (army). 
To perfume o.'s self with. ^ ^ii?l 
Burning-coal. Stone. ^^ ^ o^j^ 

Party of horsemen. jVi> j olj^ — 

United tribe. 
Men collected together. j\^ 

Pith of palm-tree.Head of jjj'ifj jC^ 

a mast. □ Head. 
Plait of hair. 
Censer. Fire-place. 

To walk at a quick pace 

To jump. 
Quick walk. Trot. iSj^ 

Swift-footed (ass). ji^ 

Sycomore-tree. Sycomore-^^^^j J\^ 

To congeal (grease). Uj4.?i ^:^ -«- 
Ill-bred, vulgar nnan. ,j~^ ° 

Buffalo. u^i^j^ «■ wy'^ P 

Amethyst (precious stone), c'-'n-f P 
To shave (the hair, a Ci.4^ J^^ -^ 

the head). 
Depilatory paste. J-j^j J-^ 

To connect, to collect ^ u;.^ a ^if ^ 

a. th. To comprise, to include a. th. 

To put (a noun) in the plural. 
To imite, to i*econeile (people). oiJ — 
To gather, to store up carefully.* ,^ 
To fit, to suit a. o. itlili>-j ii^Ut^ yi^ 
To go unto his wife (man). a — 

To agree on. To resolve Uj ^ j^^ 

unanimously upon (an affair). 
To drench (the soil : rain). * — 

To come together, to ^ii>'lJ 4^ 

To reach manhood. 
They agreed unanimously u 

upon. They united together a 

His business goes on Vj^'^ 

Crowd. Multitude of men. 


?>•?• -K ^►^• 

C \o ) 

■^ To overaxcite a. o. ^ c^ 

To render a. o. To insane (God). » 3,f 1 
To conceal, to veil a. th. or »j A ^1 

a. 0. To bury (a dead person). 
To show symptoms of olVj oti.^ 

To play the insane before, ip o\pSj — 
To be concealed. To ^ l^^-^h ^Vl 

veil o.'s self from. 
The Genii ( opp. to X-Ja- j olVj 'j>- 

A genius, a demon. ;!i. ^ '^ 

Garden. Paradise. ou?-j oU» ^ "^ 
Covering, protective. ^ ,^ tjJ. 

Shield ; armour. iG^;; ^ ;a?.>j 2;?tAj — 
Hai"mless serpent. c>\'j>- ^r o^ 

Tomb. Corpse. ^\i 

Shi'oud. olV^ «■ - 

Veil. Darkness of the night. o^j ui^ 
Shield. :JOoij oC^i 

Heart. ^t^\ ^ ^t:i- 

Madness ; diabolical fury, o^j oU 
Possession, insanity. -^ Paroxysm Oji» 

of rage, passion. 
Anything hidden. 

Embryo. Foetus. 
Small gai'den. J v];-. 

Gardener. '^}^ °j U^4^ "*• 

Country haunted by "demons. -CaJ: 

Madness. Hiding-place. 
Mad. Possessed. Luxuri- o^\>.j> ,, c/^f' 

ant (plant). 
To be crook-backed. \i:f a ^^^ -^ 

To bend on. To jc. ubJ, js^'a Uf 

fall upon a. o. or a. th. 
Hump-backed. .IX:> j, U>.1 

To send a. o. a _,| j CV q ^if -5^ 

away : to put a. th. aside. 
To make a. o. to avoid, fit s ^J^i — 

to discard a. th. 
To lead (a horse) by iS^i CJaT 5 — 

the side. 
To blow from the south(wind). Z^ — 
To be J[ C2^ a .^j (Jf o ^:» 

anxious about. To long for. 
To suffer from pleurisy. ^•■i. 

To be overtaken by the south-^;^ ]j — 

•wind. To be in a state of legal im- 
purity (Moslem). 

O^ IJ K^ 1 57 t/C». 

Use of the alphabetical jtiJI tjLl» 

letters according to their numerical 

Beauty, elegance. Fine behaviour ;Ji;j: 

good manners. Patience. 
Camel-driver. iiii» ^ J^ 

Whole, summing up. j^^ ^ :^ 

Propo.sition. {Gram). 
hi short; upon the i^'^\ jj iijfi[, 

whole, in a word. 
Hei-d of oVli^ij jiv;^ ^ irc^j jJi;^ 

camels or she-camels. 
Summary. ( opp. to j^^^^ij ) Jii^Il. 

General way of .speaking. 
In short. In general. JU.,!^! jj Ji;?:^0 
Splendour, brightness, grandeur.jiij 

Fine behaviour. Courtesy, kindi^ess. 
Fine, handsome. Good service. J.^ 
Good deed. Grace, favour. Melted 

Finer. Better. jW* 

\Vhole. Sum total. Summing up.j;.^ 
Ridged roof . <• Dome. o^\'^ ^ CiJ^i 

Pear). Silver-bead. olW ~ cr*-^ "^ 

To gather. To heap up fi> j^^ ^ 

(earth). To cover ( a grave) with 

earth. To take off the main part of. 
To relate to a. o. part of ipj Jt — 

a news. 
To exalt o.'s self above. le. j'^J>i 

The public. Multitude, jj^li* ^ j^fW 

people. Throng. Heap of sand. 
Popuiai', vulgai". Heady (Avine).Cfj _^ij> 
■<>■ Republic. ;2j y^*>- 

Volume. Pj'ominent i;^j i;^^ — y,^ ^ 

Body. Bulk. S'li»j 'li^ 

To be dark ClV.) ^y4i ^o'i^ ^ 

To cover, to jp ji a C_^j \:^ — 

wrap, to conceal a. th. 
To be mad. To be posses- Cy^^j U» %»■ 

sed by the devil. To be covered with 

plants (soil). To buzz (insect). To 

be in a fit of passion, furious. <>• To 

be mad with joy or anger. 
To be hidden to. cJ^'c^'^i'iA- 

To give wings to. 5 ^J» 

To lean towards. Jl^ -r^'^j r-J»-'\ 

To make a. o. to s 'rStzl\j t-^'^ 

lean. To incline a. o. towards. 
To bow down in prayer. i»tif»'ij ^.-?tJ 
Part of the night. Night. ^.-^j ^i*. 
Side of a road. Shelter. JiJ^^ ^-V 
Arm, armpit. ^Ja-'ij :iko.T^ ^IlL> 

Wing.Wing of an army of a building. 

Fin of a fish. Shelter. Protection. 
Sin, crime. ^U>' 

Leaning on one side. ^JU 

Rib. tJ^j^ ?r *^S^ 

To levy troops. 5 js» -ir 

To volunteer (soldier). a!0 

Army, troops, iCJij i,y ^ jJ> 

soldiers. -^ City, province. 
A soldier. ^r^?- 

Kind of lociist-ijif;^ ^ V-^'-J V-^V ^ 
Life-guard. Sj,*'^ !r j'^V, ^ 

Bubble formed on water piU* ^ <f jJ» -J^ 

by rain di-ops. Evil.Worthless man. 
Forerunners of evil. ^4^1 ^iCoT 

To throw a. o. down. ? JajaT -Jr 

Stone. Water-fall. JiC;^- ^ jo-V 

PJane-tree. jtJ- -^ 

To cover,toconcea]a. th.A IjijTi^ -S- 
To put (a dead person) on a s _n» 

litter. <► To make the funeral of. 
Bier. Corpse. J(x;f ^ oj(:^j s3t^> 

Funeral, obsequies. JJUa^ ^ jU> ■<>• 
To be covered ( for _^j ) y^ <>• 

with verdigris. 
To fetter a. o. yj^ -^ 

To be in irons. jy^^j 

Verdigris. jl'j'i* P 

Chains. ( for j^^]j ) ^Jji»' ^ ^ jU P 
Yellowish blue. jj i jU. 

To ripen (date). CV o ^r^ "^ 

To specify, to classify a. th. »j s j_^V 

•^ To assort (goods). 
To resemble *_, s Cu> j Uu/J ^_^i» 

a. 0. To be homogeneous with. 
Kind, species. Genus. ^(:^\ -r ,j~'j» 

Class. Sex. Family. Race. 
Belonging to a sex, a kind. 'ts^ 
Common race, origin. ;:-J» 

Affinity, likeness. ^Q^j £'jb.^ 

( M) 

To fii j\ S ^ji».\j ^\aC>J ^^J <^^ 

avoid, to shun a. o. or a. th. 
To stand by the Ci'.:.*. j :J(9t.i i ^.W 

side of. To avoid a. o. 
To send a. o. away. » ^^1 

Side of a man's wU* »r>V ^r vV 

body. Region. Flank. 
Side, n Basket for dates, tLVj C-V 

<► By your side. Beware ! ^niisT 

What one avoids. :;ii 

Polluted (Moslem). JJi. 

Flank, side of the body. sj>\'^ .^ wJU 

Declivity ( of a mountain ). d Few, 

sf me. 
Tractable. Compliant. »j4^-" ^'^ 

Neighbourhood. Abode, court- i_j'^ 

yard, -tf- Excellency [liile given to in~ 

fluenlial men). 
Horse-leash. k_u> 

Manageable (horse). «-jCoJI s>>1» 

Pleurisy. ^iJI Mi -^j ^iill ciij t_;U> 
Legal impurity. Gross term. oC.»r 

Led by the jlx^ ^ ^j^h ^%h ^ir^ 

side (horse). Pleuritic (man). 
South wind. 
Southern, meridional. 'ti.jV 

Foreigner. Stranger. 
Unmanageable. Foreigner. ^^y^ ^^'\ 
Shield. Veil. Border-province. w-^-; 
Vanguard. :cJi/i 

The two wings (of an army). oOrlJsti 
Pomegranate-blossom. j'Ji. -S- 

To overcharge (mer- Jji?«l> J^ii -^^ 

chant). To quack. 
Aci'obat. Quack. s;^ C.* ;- Jii~=> P^ 
To alight with extended^ij — ^i> -S- 
wing.s (bird). To pretend to descend 
from a noble race (man). To con- 
ceal o.'s self in a garment. 
j To feel sympathy for. \p — 

Race, lineage. Stock of a tree. c-i* 
Polygonum. Knotgrass. _??a^ ^ 

Asparagus. ^ Sty (on the eye).jija^ -tt- 
To be at hand (night), (i.^* a ^V "^ 
To stoop, to incline towards. Jl^ — 
To break the wing (of a bird). j — 


( \ 

To struggle 5 l^Vi»j SJi*U>i jaU 

against a. 0. To wage a holy war 

(against unbelievers). 
To appear to a. 0. (truth). J oiail 

To become within sight ( man ). To 

become possible to a. o. (th.). 
To urge, to press a. o. To Xj i ai»''i 

desire. To squander (goods). 
To strive aftei'. To j j:^\j oivV' 

struggle against difticulties. 
To meditate upon a. th. j j:^iZ.\ 

Zeal, exertion. Power. Fatigue, j^ 
He exerts his utmost e'j^ ^'J>\ 

Ability. Power, enei'gy. Painsta- j4> 

king. Fatigue. 
Fight. Holy war. zjJL\^j i^, 

a War office. ^ir'l^*)) oljji 

Pasture-land much sought by -u** 

Utmost limit, uttermost. cfili* 

The utmost of thy lIT jiU 0I iliil*?-' 

ability is to do so. 
Zeal, exertion, i>i?t^ 

He has exerted himself to aS>j'^ Jllj 

the utmost of his power. 
To be known, Ij*** J O*?-' a ^' ^ 

published, divulged (event). 
To make a. th. notorious, to }ij fi^ — 

i-eveal a. th. To journey in ( an un- 
known land). To see a. th. (without 

veil). To discover, to disclose a. th. 

To cleanse (a well). To magnify a. 0. 

To dazzle a. 0. (sun). 
To speak aloud to a. 0. J^JL. » — 
To be dazzled by the (sun). \y^ a j^ 
To be loud (voice). To Sjli»' o ^4> 

become illustrious (man). 
To declare ,_, i \j\.i»-j S^aU^ _^V» 

a. th. openly to a. o. To overcome 

a. o. in. 
To show open enmity to. sjioiJLi » — 
To read aloud. S'G?""''. _riVb ~ 

To divulge a. th. ^_j jl s ^i^\ 

To appear in broad light. ^ii?-.j 

To find (people) to be i y^:^\ 

numerous. To see a. 0. plainly. 
Notoriousness, oj'^j jli> j y^^^ 

Openly, publicly. s^;»j i^i;^'^ \y^ 

Y) j.^^ 

Homogeneous, similar. ^j-''S^ 

To go ^i ClV a wxf»'J 6>i»' i wiV -fr 

astray from the right way. 
To act wrongfully (in j oi^»Mj — 

a will). 
•^ To overcharge a. o. (seller), ip ^V 

To harass a. 0. 
To break off in angei- with s Uu(>- 
To premeditate sin. _J^ ^b»j 

Injujitice. ^'::i 

Astray. M'rong-doer. Crook-backed. 
Canvass, .\wning. u^^»j er'^V, "*• 

Coai'se cloth. 
To hurl (stones) a ^j , ul,: i j:> ■):}- 

with a balUsta. 
Ballista. J=JU;:j jJbi^ ^ J^-^^ ^^ 
To become hot (fight). d*!*'"*" 

War. fight. dU» Ts 

A kind of cymbal. iJ^y ^ d)i»' P 

Chinese junk. 
Cymbal-player. *s-5^ ->• \^^ 

To gather a ^sTj \^ i j>i' -«■ 

(fruits). To collect, to pick up a. th. 
To commit an offense, a ci'ime.^u* — 
To have ripe fruit (tree). To 

be rich in produce (soil). 
To charge a. o. falsely with js. J4.J 

a crime. 
To gather ffruit) from. ^^ J,: 
Gathered fruit. sC,>j,'U>1 , 

Freshly plucked (fi'uit). 
Arbute. Strawberry-tree. 
Crime, fault, guilt. 
Crime, -if Blood-price. 
Gatherer. 'U>1j 'll^j sC>' ? 

Criminal, culprit. 
To .shout. ■<>• To shine. Jii 

Man of sound "i^Svf 

judgment. Able ci'itic. 
To toil, to exert j \'y^ a J—**' -^ 

o.'s self strenuously in. 
To try a. o. >^ — 

To overload (a camel). To ^• ai»"b — 

distress, to weary, to exhaust a. o. 
To suffer from thirst. CiLt a4> 

To be hard, distressful ili^* a a*> 





( ^A) 

To shake 


or stupid. To despise a. o 

(a plant : wind). 
Ignorance. Foolishness. H^j J4> 
State of infidelity ainongst the *!Ub. 

pagan Arabs before Islainism. 
Feigned ignorance. J^^> i 

Ignorant. ^y^j Ji^^j j4> ^ JjaU j 

Ignorant, illiterate. Simple. J^ 

Incentive to ignorance. *ii^ I 

Wayless desert. J^^ ^ Ji?---* 

Passive (verb). Jc^W--^ ??• J>f?«^ ' 

Anonymous. I 

To Jj s j^j s Ci* a j^j J^ -8- I 

meet a. o. with a frowning face. i 

To ha~e a stern ^j^j ^\i^ o jJti- 

look. I 

To look at a. o. with jj J 

a severe, morose face. 
To have rainless clouds (sky). 
Stem, contracted face. 
The darkest part of the 

Waterless cloud. 
Impotent, weak. 
To draw near. 
Hell. Hell-fire, Gehenna 

To be ruined (house). 
To widen (a wound). 
To contend with a. o. for glory.^ J^G. 
To become serene (sky). To >.> j 

be conspicuous (road). 
To show avarice towards a. o. u. — 
To contend with a. o. for jp ^^Wsj 

Bald. (house). M^^*'^ ly"-*^ 

Serene (sky). Bald (man). 
Tent without curtain. J,jl .Qi 

Atmosphere. Wild pigeon. .|^ ^'yf-^ 
The inside of a house. .^^ I -^ 

Depressed groimd. « l>> ?r ^ 

Interior, intimate, inside. -j 1^ 

To A k_(Uo.ij,Cl^^j C^ i_jU- -fi- 

cross, to ramble in (a country). 
To cut out (clothes). To bore C^>.'o — 

(a rock). 
To cut an opening in a j v^J ~ 

shift, shu't. 

G^o i^^^ 

11>- H 

Secretly and openly. I,14>j 'Ir- 

Exterior appearance.Pleasingness._^ 
Plain voice. Fair appearance. Sjli* 
Fine-looking. Dazzled. '\'^ j, ^\ 
Bare soil. 
Beautiful. Striking. 

Loud, strong (voice). 
Having a loud voice (horse). ^^ 
Speaking aloud. jli?&>*j J^ 

Substance, es.^ence, ^}'y> -r j^'j4- ^ 

nature. Jewel. Gem. Pearl. 
Essential. Jeweller. 'iSji'^ 

To give the jp j^^ij , Kjl^ a j^' -«- 

last stroke to (a wounded man. 
To supply, a. o. with. To *j is j^*' 
equip (a ship). To prepare, to fit out. 
To bury (the dead). 
To supply o.'s self with travelling j^i^ 

To be prepared for a. th. J ji^a^ij — 
Provisions, equip- sj^> 1 ^ y^ j Jl** 
ment. Set of tools. Funeral appara- 
tus. Outfitting of a bride. Rigging of 
a ship. Household furniture. 
Quick death. Light-footed j<^ 

Wolf. Name of a woman. tj^^ 

Quick (death). J**^ 

To betake o.'s self to a. o. in Ji^ 

weeping (frightened child]. 
To fear a. o. To ^* C; iS j^ ^ 

escape from. 
To be about to weep. 'ifetiib 
Tears. C^■o^vd. 
To prevent ^ 5 y^:;*.' 1j , foiV a j^^ 

a. o. from. 
To overcome a. o. To discard a. o. j — 
To outstrip, to precede a. o. 5 y^A\» 
Abortive fcetus. J^t*?*-? u^i?^' 

Casting forth (her young one), ja^^^ 
To be ignorant ; ^i;^^ %;i, a J*> ^ 

to be unlearned, to be foolish. 
To be unaware of a. th. 
To show ignorance to. 
To attribute ignorance to. 
To undervalue a. o. 
To feign ignorance. 

To deem a. 0. ignorant 

Aj ? j;?a^i 



To bestow a. th. ^ o^ Jt \iyf- — 

bountifully upon a. o. 

To oiler o.*s self to death. « L; — 

To shed abundant tears iSj^>j |S^ — 

(eye). To be copious (rain). 
To render good. To better a. th.^ 5^ 
To vie with a. o. in generosity. 5 ijU- 
To speak or to do a. th. a i^?- b -'^^ 

well. To make a. th. excellent. 
To pay in good money. oi^i 31^1 

To select a. th. good. i^ 

To vie in bounty with 0. a. ijUi^ 

To esteem a. th. good, Aij » :>\»CiZ.\ 

excellent. To ask the bounty of. To 
' ask a. 0. to lend (a courser). 
Vanity. iU. 

Copious rain. i^ jta.i^ i'^f 

Yielding rain (sky). ^^ .U..'., 

Excessive thirst. sS^>j ■>G?j S^^^? 
Saffron. [jal*. 

Bounty. Good qualities. si>o.' 

Liberality. Generosity. s,yi. 

Generous, il^l ^{m. f.) :i\yij ii3> 

^yf-j ^jS>-h -*iJ,W-b ■>Q?-b *Q?: 5r ■*'>?■ 
Fleet (horse). Courser. e'^j>-j 

Excellent. JjLfj cliC^j iCo- ^ jC?: 
Excellent poet. i>^j^-^j ->-?»* 

To go astray from. ^ i^;^ o jU ^ 
To act wrongfully towards a. o. Jc — 
To charge a. o. with unjust fi>j s fyi- 

conduct. To throw a. 0. down. To 

destroy a. tii. <■ To dig, to hollow. 

a. th. 
To live close *_, 5 Ol>-,J SjjiaJi jjii- 

by a. o. To i-epair to (a place). 
To protect a. 0. ^'o'J^\J^ 

To rescue a. o. from. O'* ^ ~ 

To put a. o. (out of the way). ^ 'i — 
To be prostrated. To lay down, f^ 

To be demolished ( house ). -^ To be 

hollowed, concave. 
To live near together. j^Sl \j jjis^ 
To ask the help of. ,_, jV>L:l. 

To ask protection from a. 0. . • jf — 

Wrong-doing. Tyranny. Injustice, j^ 
Hollow, excavation, gap. Jyi ^ -ij^i -if- 
INeighbourhood. Safe-conduct. ji_^ 


To answer (a question). To *j 5 i^j^i. 

converse with a. o. -^ To resound 

(vault, church). To correspond to 

(God's grace). 
To answer a. 0. on ^ ji Jl. n ^\J\ 

a. th. 
To convei'se together ; to '^'S^ 

reply one to another. 
To clear away (fog, mist). v'Wl 

To be rent (clothes). To stretch the 

neck (camel). 
To sink (a well). To tear A i_jU> 1. 

a. th. To put on a shirt. To cross (a 

To answer a. 0. To hear J _jl 5 uUtiJ.!. 

(a prayer : God). 
To ask a question. ^'^^a3^\ a 

Journey. Large bucket. Fire 

place. Woman's shift. Shield. 
Hollow, excava- (-j>>j Cj\>.'ji »- 

tion. Smooth tract between 

Answer, a Letter. 

To bring a letter. v'^ ^3 ° 

Answer, reply. -Cj^ 1 ^ ^S'^ , k,\>. 

Collar of a shift, shirt^ ,_,\i. 

Way of answering. X.^^ 

Traveller in a desert 
Circulating news. 
Answer. Reply. 
To go astray. 

Todestroya. o.Toextirpate.s^txa-lj — 
To bare (the feet). fi> ^^ 

Water-melon of Damascus. ^'yi. 

Calamity, dearth. >rj\'^ -r *9i',i> 

Droughty year. w J* "CJ:- 

Wide. ^^» ^ 'G.;^' j, ^'j» 1 

To wash away fi> ^"yfj (i.j:f o ^U ^ 

(a bank : toi'rent, river). 
To prostrate a. 0. To Aj ^ ^^ 

snatch off a. th. 
To fall in (well ). To bm-st 

Cloth. ^|^1^^j>'Ps 

Ditch, hollow.-^ Piece of cloth 

Cloth-gown with full sleeves. 
To be excellent. Vi'j»j ii_y> *W- '>^ 

To make a. th. well. 
To be swift (horse). i^^-'b ^'j^ J ~ 






Transit. Passport. License.s3>>l -r'/yi- 
Side of a valley. A Jjsjj ^» ^ ojja; 

draught. <• ^Iarriage. I 

Permission. License. Degree of SjiVl^ ' 

a licentiate. Diploma. 
Law- Sj^lj OlIirl>J olji>>j -/,'>?■ 'rJ',W- 

ful. Thirsty (traveller). Beam. 
Provisions for the J,'^ ?r eJ',W- 

road. Gift made to travellers, poets. 

Draught of water. ■<)■ Prize. 
Trope, metaphor. Bridge. j\»u' 

Grove of walnuts. Path. Bridge. »j\>'i' 
Metaphoi'ical ( opp. to '^^^ ) cfJ,lV^ 

FrieLd. Tutor of an orphan. jjajl 
To spy jj /b ^lij-'lj , C>; uS>- ■«■ 

a. 0. To search (a place). 
Scrutinizer, inquisitive. tr-O?" 

To walk the whole t,^ o tAQ- "^ 

To be partly spent (night). J-'y^ 

Breast. Portion of the night. ^j:yi. 
Ser- :ds.)j Ci-j J-dS^ <-j J-iJ,k- '^^ 

Breast. Coat of mail, ^i-l^f ^ ^l.'ji--ii- 
Middle of the night. j2i\ — 

To walk with Cu^Vj Di>> o Jii> -^ 

a haughty demeanour. 
To trouble a. o. by. » — 

Anxiety. Weariness. i»l>f'-> -^J?- 

Walking haughtily. Weary. Jj)^ 
To be or become JtUij i^ o ?.(?• -^ 

To long after a. th. Jl,— 

To debar a. o. from food, s ^.G-lj ^^ 

to make a. o. hungry. 
Bulimia. j^ ^j>.j "^ p,_^ 

Starve thy dog, it ' dii^t dliiT/o-l 

will follow thee (prov). i. e. Unless 

you compel a vile man to serve you, 

he will not do it. 
To bear hunger. ^.^ 

To be insatiable. f.iatiJ.t 

Hunger. *tlVj ^j>- 

Hungry, starved. 

To be hollow, empty. Cj^' a J^ ^ 

1 O i_) _)( ^ 5 ij(>-b , <— ' ^ ''^j^ ol> 

pierce the abdomen (with a spear). 

C \' ) 

Bengal rose. '^j.j>- >jj J , 'ySj,yf- 

Neighbour. Partner. %jv>-j o'ji?; -r J» 

Protector. C'aimant. 
Female neighbour. Spouse-c/ljlV ^ e'j\>- 
Deviating. s^b-j «3>>j Sj3?- t J,i?- 

Unjust, tyrannical. Large bucket. 

jj A Ij'^J *J*j^J *J^j>?-0 'j^ o jla- ^ 
To cross, to pass along (a place;. 
To outpass a. 0. ^ — 

To be la-w'fnl. To be allowable. |ji^ — 
To make, to declare a. th. * j^^v 

lawful. To execute a (design). To 

give currency to money. 
To marry a. o. ( for ^jj ) jy> -tf- 
To transgress (a ?j fi^ i'jj^^^ jji* 

limit). To outpass a. o. 
To overlook (a sin) o^ J3W- 

To consider as lawful. Sj fi> «'ji?-l j^^ 

To allow a. th. To go beyond ( a 

place). To execute (an order). To 

confirm (a sale). To water (the land 

and cattle) of. 
To use poetic license. ci; j\».\j — 

To bear patiently. To let a. o. j j^; 

pass. To shorten (prayer). 
To exceed the bounds in. J jjUj 

To let (an offense) without ^ — 

punishment. To shut the eyes upon. 
To cross , to pass along. jlisll^ 

To pass through (a place). i_, — 

To consider a. th. Sj fi> ojGeilt ji?ei-^l 

as lawful. To approve. To ask per- 
mission from a. o. 
Middle of a desert. j\j>'\ ^ jj» 

^ Husband. ( for ^'/j ) -^ - 

Walnut, walnut-tree. <• Pair. j^ 
Earth-nut. ^j] j'j^f 

Rock-moss. Lichenous yj^l». j^f 

Fir-cone. ji'j^ Syf 

Nutmeg. »_.Ji)l j^* 

Amomum. Grana siiiJb ^lA-^^ jji- 

Vomic-nut. ^1 jyf 

Alkekengi. ^ij:^\ j'jif 

Cocoa-nut. tj jl» j'j^ 

A walnut. A single oCjf -r «3j>- 

watering. Excellent grapes. 
Gemini (sign of the Zodiac). '0^' 

money. Silvei- crescent in a necklace. 

Wild uss. Short garment for a girl. 

To ask a. th. goo'l or daJ.C^V o j\:>-^ 

Silver cup. 

To become black (face). C^' o Ci%- ^ 

To whiten (a bride's door). A o^ 

To blacken (a dead person's door). 
Black, white. Light red. o>* ?- oj» 

Day. Intensely black (horse). 
Disk of the sun when setting. "Cji 
Bay, gulf, haven. o^ •♦• 

A small leather scent-bag. o^» ^ *j>> 
Sun. Cooking-pot. Black camel. Jar 

smeared with tar. 
Black-winged partridge. o>» t'^^ 
To meet a. o. o^j^^SCiJb i' U^» o «b- -Ji- 

with an unwelcome face. 
To raise a. o. to a dignity, i e\>.]j a^f 
Influence. High rank. *aC>j oG- 

To be heart-broken (from^^^ a sSj> ^ 

love, grief). To stink, (water). 
To dislike (a A iS'^>- ij ^c j( ^^a — 

To become, to be tamed. ySjk^'j iJj* "^ 
Domestic ( opp. to "SJ. ) Cf j» "^ 

To loathe (a food). A tj^^jttJ,!^ 

Valley. Shepherd's bag. Trivet. '1^ 
Violent passion of grief, love. ^'^■i- 

Chronical disease. Consumption. 
Rottenness. ^s'yi- ■<>• 

Stinking, fetid (water). _^' 

Altered water. Marsh. *c^ 

Stink. " <^ "^ 

Rotten. *c?;J ^^?^ "^ 

To come, to ^^-^i sU^j *il?-'i 'W- -Ji- 

arrive. To fall (rain). 
To do a. th. 
To go towards. 
To bring a. o. in. 
Pus and blood. Patch. 
Invitation to dinner. 
To cut out the ^ ._Vj *^ i v'^ "^ 

collar (of a shirt). 
To bring, *_,(»( for ^j'V^ ) i d^ •> 

a. o. or a. th. To bring forth (a 

Collar of a shirt. Heart. ^JiJ. ^ S^ 

fi> - 

^ ) J^ 

To render a. th. hollow, a o>>j — 

concave. To extract the bowels. 
To be hollow. To be empty. j^ 

To enter th-i inside 6f. fi> ^u* \j — 
To become wide, o^iJ-lj ,JtacJ.I. 

To find a. th. spaciou.^, deep A — 

Hollow. Inside of a house, ji^'l ^ ^yf 

Spaciousness, amplitude. o>> 

Penetrating (thrust). ^\'j>- ^ *jui>- 
Hollow. Defective j|^ ^ .ia;i ^ «J^^ 

in its medial letter (verb). Belly. 

Enormous lion. 
Big-belUed. 'J>?J ^j^ 

Hollow. ( opp. CO ^txki ) 'Sfi^ 

Concave. Faint-hearted. 
To have a wry face. C5^ a J>> -^ 
To muster a crowd. 2* J>» 

To meet in large numbers. Jly^ 

Crowd, numerous party. ol3>^ ?- *^!«- 
Wry-mouthed. j^' ^ .;3^.>: ^ j^^l 

To ramble J v';V}>j 5l>vj V>=: o Jb- -«- 

over ( a country ). To run across a 

race course (horse). 
To ramble about J J^j 'Sv^vo Jt?- 

(in a country). To occur to the mind 

To select a. th. amongst.^^ a Ju:a^lj — 
To turn away, to drive a. o. ts JjG- 

To make a. o. or ^j ji Aj 5 ~^\>-\ Ji?-1 

a. th. to turn round. 
To wheel (a sword). A — 

To make a turn. J^ -^ 

To wheel about (in a battle), j JjbtJ 
Lateral part of a grave. Side. Ji^ 

Well. Sea. Hill. 
Troop Ji>'1j <)i>.., Ji> ^ J>>'j d'i* 

of horses, herd of camels. Rope. 
He has no understand- J^ j| Jii. i) u 

A turn, one time. iv^ 

Dust, pebbles swept by the wind.^V^ 
Runner, great traveller, sfl^j Jl}*' 
Circus. Space, field. Passage. ^s^J- 
Amulet. Shield. Anklet. Good Syf-i 


C ^ -T ) 

fJ^iZf ^(J-* 

To demand a military force ? u^Geil \ 

of a. 0. To collect soldiers. 
Military force, army. 

■^ Shriek, voice. 
Excitement. Agitation of the oiid* 

Soul. Xi-jVV 

Horse easily excited by the spur, jx^ 
To shun, to ^ j4^J , ^'^' i J'W- -^ 

avoid a. o. 
To vie in splendour with. y u^dW- 

Inclination to the right and lefc. x^lal^ 
Proud demeanour. w4»=?-,-» Zi^^ 

To groan imder (a cj Clk^ i J»i> -{^ 


stink (corpse). 

Corpse; carcass. ^CJ-h ^1=!: -r *4r!: 

Filthy. ^;G. q 

Nation. Tribe. JC^ 1 ^ j^ -«- 

<• Centiu'y. Generation. 

From age to age. j^ a;; ^TUv 

The letter _. „-> -^ 

Sine {trigonom). ^jCo. 

•^ Pocket, bag. 
Sincei'e. wI?Jl »s-«J 

To have a long and jlo- j \jZ>- a ^u. -J}- 

beautiful neck. 
Neck. Coat of mail. 5^j iC*" 
Fine-necked. i^>' ^ "CSj^j 'IX; 
Truly, verily. Oi> -S- 

Gypsum, lime. jjv 

Heat in the chest caused 

by hunger, anger. 
Quick lime. 
Grass-hopper. ( for ^j ) Jja- ■> 

To swell Ci^'j Clli^j Cil?.' i Jib- -H- 
(sea). To boil (cooking-pot). To be 
flurried (mind). To shed tears (eye). 
To burn with anger (heart). To be- 
come hot (fight). To be swollen and 
spread (river). To bn frightened 
away (coward) . 
To summon troops. i jj^ 

To be mustered (troops). To be jJ»^ 
restless (soul). 


C ^•r) 


blaze (fire). 
-^ To pick grains, grapes. A — 

Unsightly. Short in w.»lV t v^^ 

Scanty flow of watei-. Weak- ^'.^,1^ 

ness. Ardour of fire. Water-melon. 
Fire-fly. Sparks. >r^^ 

To appear on a sudden. bti>; i ■:>C>- -8- 

To approach. To walk quickly. 
To strike a. o. -with (a stick). s — 
To variegate (cloth), a O^ o -ni -H- 

To embellish a. th. 
To cheer a. o. » -ns^b , si^ii^j llij* o — 
To rejoice, to be glad, i^j 13^^ a -rvi 
To be cicatrised (wound). 1^ a-7\^ 

To be luxuriant (land). To become 

yellow (tooth). 
To adorn (speech). To put ink fii Ji^ 

(in an inkstand). 
To dec^f, to array o'.s self. To Jii-j 

overspread the sky (cloud) 
Learned man. Doctor jC>1 ^ jy^j J^ 

(amongst the Jews). Pontiff, Bishop. 

Joy. Favour. 
The Sovereign Pontiff; ^^Vl ^1 

the Pope. High Priest of the Jews. 
Book of the Judges. jC»Vl ^^ 

Ink. Scar. Beauty. Like- ^^'J. ^ J^ 

Seller of ink 

jU>j S?-5^ 

ojn>j aj\>i ojy>'_j J)»J JV^ 

colour of the teeth. 

Striped garment. J^j ol^^* ^ Sl>i>: 

Newly made (garment). jyi. ^ jy>. 
Soft (bed). Spotted (cloud). Variega- 
ted garment. 

Assembly of the wicked. ^Vyi. ^ jy\>. 

Bustard, (bird). oG jtl-i ^ ^5jU> 

-^A^r^T -«.^J j/j\>-J ,^Q^ "PT jJ->- 
Small bustard. 

Inkstand. Writing-desk. 
To confine, to 2< LL^j-j Cl*' i ^^ -«- 
hold in custody. To detain a. 0. 

To love a. 0. or *j 5 vJ-^ U* i L^: -«■ 

a. th. a To kiss a. 0. 
To like, tf) wish that. ol — 

To be freckled (face). z_^ a 

To become the friend of. Jl^ ^_,l^j — 
To make a. 0. to be tZ\ ij Jl. 5 ,Jli 

loved by. 
To run to seed (plant). L.^^ ~ 

To court the 2 CC»j ^^ v^v 

friendship of a. 0. To behave in a 

friendly manner with a. o. 

To love a. 0. or a. th. fft>j s '^\ 

To show love towards. 
To have a mutual love. 
To like, to be pleased with 
To prefer a. o. to. 

Word of (\ijl^) \J^ 

praise. Bravo! 
To praise a. 0. hij saying. s JZ> 

Bravo ! Veiy well ! 
Grain. Corn-seed, fruit- i-j^ :r w> 

seed. Bead. -^Pill. Speckle. Boil. 
Chaste-tree. ail!) l^ 

Night-shade. ul)l l^ 

Bean-trefoil. Anagyrisfcetida. l&iJI LS 
Convolvulus Nil. Bind-weed. j^l i,i. 
Love, fondness. *^->*j l^^j l-> 

Loved. Lover. ut^j vW*' ^ v-^ 

Large jar. c_;U> b <^j v'^=; sr »t-* ^ 
Row of teeth. Water-bubble. ^_^ 

Drop of dew. 
A grain. Weight of two ot* ^ *^ 

grains of barley. A seed. A berry. A 

piU. <>• A pimple. 
Aniseed. S^sJI I^JI 

Fruit of the terebinth. '\J^^\ JiiJI 
Nigella-seed. *_r^l 7^j '\hyD\ x!i-J) 
Hail-stone. ^\j ^UiJI ::^ 

•^ Pupil, apple of the eye. o'\ii\ tJ- 
Aim, end in view. i_jU» 

Love. Friend. Snake. vW^ 

Friend. Beloved. k_»lu>1j "U**! 5- vi^ 
Old gold coin (o/'rt6oi<^ 14 5/t.). k-i^J* 
To flow scantily (water). To witl» -^ 


( \-t ) 

To break wind C3C>j Ci-ij uli i — 

To make up th. To settle a A j^ 

To become compliant. jlZl 

To abuse a. o. J* ^\ai 

Basil, penny-royal (p/a). j^ 

Chamomile (/j/«)- _;il!l J^ 

Artemisia. Wormwood (/j/«).^|^l jl^ 
M^rum. Cat-thyme (p/a). ^jilil j5^ 
Sweet marjoram (p/a).j^l j| Ji)l j^ 
Acinus (p/a). '^'j> Jr* 

Water-mint (;)/a).^L_i4Ji jlij '^' Jr*- 
ISarrow-minded. "-ulsi j. jl* 

Hail-stone. ^> -S- 

To weave ( a stuff ) A \isC> i o vill> "^ 

well. -^ To bind (a book). 
To fasten, to tie a. th. tightly. A dl!:i 

■if- To twist (a thread). 
To make a work (carefully). A dO^l 
To gird o."s self. To wrap o.'s di!^5 

self in clothes. -^ To be thrown into 

gear (cogs). 
To weave carefully (a stuff). * tlUa^t 
To gird o.'s self with. »_» — 

Girdle, girth. iXJ- ^ 'iS:sC.»- 

Waist-band. Streak iXJ-3 w^ ^ iJC^- 

on the sand Enclosure. 
Hosier. Bookbinder. i)C.i -<>■ 

Twisted. <>• In gear. 'tX^!^j ^^^ 

Ti-ail of d4>j «i^' C»j *^^c^ '!' ''^"^s^ 

stars. Iron breast-plate. 
To ensnare a. o. ^ fi^j ^%-i.o ^^ 

in. To tie with a rope. 
To conceive (woman). ^_, y^ a J-i' 
To swell with (wine, anger). ^ — 
To be conceived (fcetus). */ j.oi 

To render (a female) a J^>b J?» 

To catch a. o. iu a snare. n S^\ 

To become pregnant. To entangle j!;j 

its legs in a rope (beast). 
Rope, JCilj J^^j j;i.lj JC:v ^ j;^ 

Halter. Treaty. Vein of the neck. 
Ivy. CnJ'Cill jLi 

Conception. Fcetus. Fruit. jo- 

Anger. Sadness, 
Shrewd, cunning. Ju>-b J>^>- !r Jr=; 
Hunter. Wizard. 

To veil a. th. with. ,_> A ^j^ 

To withhold a. o. from. a* 2( — 

To give a. th. as mortmain. fa — 

To veil a. o. or a. th. 
To apply the produce of 

a. th. to pious works. 
To keep a. o. in custody. 
To confine o.'s self to. 
To keep a. o. in custody. 

To keep a. th. back. 
To be impeded in speech. 
To become a hermit. 
Dam of wood or stone. i/^u^-i ^r^J-^=* 
Prison. vlklii ■<>-j , u-^ii rr ur4* 

Impediment in speech. il.I> 

Mortmain. ^^'*j ^W-J ^j^i a-it* 
Hermit. Solitary. 'illai ^ ..r^*'"*" 

Convict-prison. ^^iV> ^ ^'■-^J u-i*' 

Dungeon. Manger of a beast. 
■^ Hermitage. "LJJk^ 

•1 J ^ lt^J » <^Q<»J Ci.I> ji-i» "S- 

collect a. th. for a. o. 
To bring forth a negro. ^r-**^ 

To collect together ( people). j^0 

jJl.jL;V>-l 5f <j'j^1j ^_j»»l_j , O^l^ 5r "Lit-* 

Company of men from various tribes. 
The Abys.sinians. Abyssinia. illij j^ 
An Abyssinian. 'i54^'- 

Pintado. Turkey-cock. J-^ "^ 

To throb. Cal» a u:a-ij , Cial>; i j^ -^ 

To palpitate iri-egularly (heart). 
To twang a bow-string. i_, ja^j — 
To be exhausted (well). To Us^ — 

be made void (right). 
To run (man). To miss the butt ja'^\ 

To annul (a right). To exhaust a> — 

(a well). 
Irregular thi'obbing, palpitation, ja;^ 
To Clal> a ist^i , CJ»^j Cb.^ i i»j* -{}- 

be of no avail, useless (woi'k, action). 
To bring (a work) to perfec- J-!i. a 

To render a. th. useless. To fj » LI* I 

leave a scar upon a. o, (blow). 
To go away fi'om. ^ — 

Scar of a wound. Swelling. WJ- 

To strike a. o. with » Gl^i ,tli -JJ- 

a rod. To lash, to flog a, o. 


To give, or to nourish a. o. 5 — 

scantily. To hinder a. 0. 
Tride. Small gilt. ijrJ-j j^>j J\»- 

Rim, circuit of a. th. jC> 

Banijuet given at the completion Zj<^ 

of a building. 
To produce a sound in eating j.'J^ ^ 

To meet together. J^'Jvo 

Small-sized. Spj-ightly (child). J-^JJ- 
To displace a. th. fin SJ^ -S- 

Death. o^:i ^ »-<:> -^ 

He departed from life. *ij1 liii oU 
Remainder of meat, grease, jiiv' -S- 

To walk at a Cl6^Sij iW* i dlr> ^ 

quick and short pace. 
To render a. th. jc ;fc Cji^ i ^> fr 

obligatory to a. 0. -^ To make up 

o'.s mind to. 
To improve a. th. A — 

To decide, to finish up a. th. u — 

To eat the i-emains of a meal. * ^Uj 
■^ To be obligatory to a. 0. it ^j 
To be irreversible (decree), ^»-Jlj — 
Decree; judicial decision. ^_^ ^ ^^ 
Blackness. i;.ii 

Remainder of a meal. *^U> 

Black. Inauspicious. ^ii ^ 'Uri v> j»=>-1 
To be intense (heatj. Cri a U;"^ -Ji- 
To be equal in. j jG-i 

To suit. To agree together. cnr>l 

Companion. Alike. oCfi c^(:n>j cAi 
To sew, to fasten fi, j>lj C:i i ji * 

a. th. To twist (a rope). 
ci>lj ci-b »^»J Jfr 5 li>- o c.>- -^ 
To incite, to instigate, is. 5 ti.»-.i^b 

to urge a. 0. to. 
To excite one another to. ic. oV>.j 

To be incited, impelled to. u c^\ 
Incitement, oti^^b oiiiilj cji^\j 'cJ- 
Bits of straw. Unseasoned bread. '^^ 
Quick. Hasty. Greedy. o>>-j c-^ii 
To be covered with \'j\^ a -r>i -S- 

pustules (skin). To granulate (ho- 
ney). To be widened. 
To make (a medicine) into pills. A J%- 
To bear fruit (palm-tree^. _^>1 

Particles of straw. a'JcJ- 

( \ -o 


Snare, trap. jiCo^j Jsj>1 9r *Ji^:>j ^^> 
Seasonable time. aCi 

Pi'egnant (woman). jCi ^ Vji 

Filled. Swoll<-n by anger. o!>C>- 

An angry woman. k)"^'^ sij^'l 

Beans. jl^l 

To swell in droftsy. cj^^ 0^' a o^» -ft- 
To be angry with a. 0. u Cl» a oj>- 
Oleauder. Laurel-tree. Cju^j cn> 

Dropsy. J^ 

Dropsical. -Cj*' j> Jy>]j o^»-J« 

Chameleon. i^i^^j >jir^l >ij ojl* >i 
Purulent sore. Monkey. o^lai ^ j:^ 
To di'aw near. To creep \'y^ o Co^ -ft- 
(child).To glide along the soil (arrow). 
To give a. th. to a. 0. »_» jl A 5 — 

To protect a. 0. s J^ 

To show partiality j s tC>j «GG.5> JTG- 
(in a suit : judge ). To show compli- 
ance to a. 0. (in a sale : merchant). 
To miss (the butt : shooter). ^^1 
To use a garment as a support,^ Jii I, 

when sitting on the heels. 
Piece of cloth used as a ^ ^ o'J^ 

support when sitting. 
Gift, present. ;]^>j s3^_, s^^j 'U> 
Respect of per.«ons, o_^'»JI SlU* 

unfairness, partiality. 
To rub off (mud). A ui o c^' ^ 

To bark (a tree). 
To fall off (leaves, plaster), ci-jlj oU/ 

To be cankered (tooth). 
Fleet (horse). Ancient.Noble.oOb-l ^'c^* 
Bit, fragment. A httle. c:^:,. ^ <:> a 
Rubbish, remains, crumbs. cJcJ- 

To, till, until. Included. Even. In ji. 

order that. ■<>• That he... 
How long, till when ? 'j^^i J^ J> 
To sew (a garment).;^ 'lisllj , lii afe- -fl- 
To tighten (a knot). To strengthen 
(a wall). To tuck up (a garment). To 
put down (a load). 
To be pure, genuine. \'jc^ a jc^ -S- 

To Uve in [obioleie). o li^ i jS 
To select a. th. pure. ari 

Inexhaustible spring. ai> 

Origin, race, lineage. s-i»Ci> 

To tighten (a knot), a '{J^ i o ^i -ft- 
To look steadfastly at. 


( >•! ) 

Cupping-glasses. •)}* oCl?t> ■<>• 

Chamberlainship. *ji?>=t 

Chamberlain. t^^j \^\x> ^ •^■>-\>- 

Eye-brow. v^'^ -z ^^^ 

Veiled. Blind (man). ^y'^^" 



5 Ci'^ 

l__,ae>-J '^>?t>J '.r?^ O _;?«»• 


deprive a. o. fi'om. To prohibit the 
access of. 
To interdict the \s. A l^^.^j |^>.> — 

access of a. place to. 
To deprive a. o of civil rights. i& J>-:^ 
To be surrounded by a halo J^ 

(moon). To be petrilied (mud). 
To cover, to hide a. th. A Jf^\ 

To harden, to petrify. J^JL\j J^jCi 
To straiten a. o. w — 

To make a cell for j>.JfCLL\^ _,if> Ij — 

o.'s self. To retire in a cell. 
To seek a refuge towards. ^ — 

To trespass upon. It j^^i:l.\ 

Prohibition. Protection. Bosom, _^,>.> 
breast. Deprivation of civil rights. 
To reinstate a. o in his ^ J>^-^ Aj 

civil rights. 
Quarantine. -i..^ J».J. <► 

Foi'bidden. Unlawful. " J>^_) _,it>- 

Bosom. Hole of snakes. INIind. jG-ii ^ — 
iMare. jW* b Sjj?t=>-j j^**- t ^-^^ 

Stone. jbt^j SjWtvj jU>" 

■<>■ Man (ai chess). 

Lunar caustic. 

The black stone of the 





Avant urine (quartz). 

Macadamisation . 

Side, quarter.^l^^j Cj\j»^j J>J- ^ o^i- 

His property has becomeijj;^ cCt^^jI 

Cell, chamber. Enclosure ^.i ^ s^kai 
for cattle. Grave. Side, region 

Stony (ground . JiS-s^j ^r^^j ^-» 

Wail. Upland. Cell. o\^^\r j>-}^ 

Dam. Refuge. j>>i»j - 

Stone-cutter. iiiJ^>- ^ j^^ 

5r _^>.> 

To be turbid (water, well). ^^jj;^ -«- 
Foul water. oj^ai 

To feed (a child) j jSall — li,. •ti' 

badly. To straiten a. o. (fate). 
Ill-fed' (child). Short. Lazy. ' j^ 
Rubbish of grains. Sediment. ;j\^ 
To polish a. th. a uii o ^i^ -»• 

To give a. th. to a. o. J jfc — 

Reddish hillock. Lobe of the nose.iciia- 
/^o Jj Jc * Cii i JS-j \'ji»- o U^ -S- 
pour (dust) upon. 
To put a. o. to shame. ivV^l ^^j J Jj^ 
To outstrip a. o. ^Vji] i._4^j j j^ 
To give a. th. in small quantity. J — 
Bits of straw. Dust poured. j,^ 

To repair to a. o. Sj A Lj. o rp^ -H- 

To make a pilgrimage to Mecca. 
To overcome a. o. in dispute. a — 
To probe (a wound). * :^j. 

To argue against, s 4^0-./^) &.(^ ^-U 
To plead in behalf of a, o. ^ — -^ 
To send a. o. to a is ^'\j %-J. 

To afford arguments. ^G-i 

To adduce (an argument). «_)^.S9.\ 
To undertake the pilgrimage. v»-i-^l 
Pilgrimage to Mecca. i^ _, -^ 

Ear-ring. Lobe of the ear. i>j: 

A pilgrimage. rr^^j cj^ ^ i?.>. 

Last month of the Arabs, "^.3-^] ji 
Argument, plea. ■•{►Title-deed. ,j..^^ i|^ 

Bone of the brow. ^^Ij ^\^^ ^ ^WS- 
Pilgrim. ^J^ r^^^j ^^J ^ '^io. 

4- Butt, aim. ^.i.i 

High road, thoroughfare. :c|-i-.> 

Litigious. Surgeon's probe. t'^S^j' 
To refrain from speaking. T'UI^ -^ 
To fall back after an attack (army). 
To rejoice at. i_, bti a *l«- ^ 

To stick to. ^ \^7j , bsi a ^?^ 

Refuge, protection. \^-}, 

To veil fi>j s ^J-j , Cl^ J CJtio w4«; -«■ 

a. th. To hinder a. o. from access. 
To be veiled, precluded. ^ 

•<► To be modest, timid. 
To appoint a. o. cham- 
Veil, screen. <• Amulet. ^J^ _ ^u*. 

Whiteness on the legs of a horse. joj»J 
Having three legs white (horse j.jjo^i 

Crow. J>(>: ^ Ja-b. 

Bottle J^J>>j J=fX^ r ^j*J *V>i 

with a large bottom. Flagon. 
To scarify a. o. To s Iuj^> o jfiL> -ii- 

muzzle (a camel). To bite (a beast : 

stallion). To sting a. 6. (snake). 
To suck the breasts (child). A 1 o — 
To stare at. Jl. ^,4* 

To swell (woman's brenst). y^\ 

To suckle a new-born chikl for J — 

the first time. 
To refrain. To draw^ back in ^i — 

fear from. 
To ask to be cupped. ^■^_~1 1^ 

Art of the cupper. Scarification. ;^U>. 
Protuberance. -^ Bulk. ^j»-J- -r y^'* 
Camel's muzzle. -»^ 

Pink rose. ^>* ^r *i-f>> 

Cupper. "C^^j J>^^ -r ^Mj ^^ 

Wont to shrink in fear (man). ^U»-.^ 
Cupping-glass. ^Gs'/i ^ C?»VJ ^•^, 
To bend, to * ^J.j , C.>^ i ^i^^ ^rV 

crook (a staff). 
To draw a. th. Avith a hook.* ^^f "' 
To be hooked, crooked. 
Crookedness. Hook. 
Lazy. Of long stage (raid 
Crooked, hooked. ^^^ ^ 
Crooked stafi^i Hook. 
To remain in (a place). i_ 

To be avaricious of. 
To think, to deem a. th. \'j{i. *,, — 

To keep (a secret). To propel s^j n — 

(a boat : wind). To suppose, to guess 

a. th. To reward. To withhold 

a. 0. 
To be enamoured ^ ^3j , ^ki a jrt* 

of. To be attached to. 
To outwit a. 0. To vie 

with a. 0. in sagacity 
Verb of ivonder : How 

worthy, how fit is he ! 
To remain in (a place). 
To pi'opose enigmas one to 

Sagacity, wit. 'Ui 

I Prohibited. Suburbs 


4,J ?r-> Ij ai?6>l U 


(of a town). 
Orbit of the 

•^ Quarantine. 

eye. Tract surrounding a village. 

a Stone-fjuarry. 
Windpipe. Larynx. jftS- ^ o'^^ 

Throat. Small basket. jjvUi ^ jy>>^ 

Flask for spices, -fy Scent-bottle. 
To withhold. 5 SjU.>j \'y^ i o _>iti -fr 
-^ To detain a. o. J* ~ 

To interpose between (fighters;. ojJ — 
■^ To sequester the property of. jc ^ — 
To prevent a. o. from fighting. J( jfu- 
To go to Hedjaz. j*;Jlj j*.^>ij _^\ 
To abstain from fighting. jf ^ 

To be refrained, restrained. jiiJl 
To girdle o.'s self with a waist- 



A - 

To cari'y a. th. in the bosom 
Root. Tribe. Shore. j>^ 

Arabia Petrrea, Hedjaz. Waist- jGfc> 

wrapper. Girdle. Musical tune. Rope 

for tying a camel's feet. 
Tuck of trousers. Waist- js^i ^ ;jk> 

band. Waist. 
Patient. Sj^-JI -ki,-ii' 

Fence, screen. Isthmus. o'y>-S- ^ j?-ii- 

Edge of a sword. Hindrance. Dam. 
Partition, bari'ier. Railing. yf\'y>- ^ — 
To oppose, to ? wii U- — ^9c» -s-l- 

repel a. o. 
To pray, to beseech. ^Ja-t^Ji 

To take hold of, to obtain, a _4t:>l 
Leather-shield. .j^ ^ iiii 

Head of the hip-bone. _4ei»^j wi?t-'> 
To limp (crow). Cy^j !A?t> i o Jk^ ^ 

To hop (shackled man). 
To intervene between, y^j. cAj j9-j> 
To prepare the nuptial cham- s j|:> 

ber for ( a bride). To dye her fingers 

(woman). To shackle a. o. 
To have one or more legs white j4» 

on the lower part ( horse ). To put 

on anklets (woman). 
Partridge. ^j o%^:>r r- <^J ,}^ 
White hair on a horse's legs. J^>^jk>. 

Silver Jbtib JA^ w J*»J J??*' J J?^ 

anklet. Ring of a shackle. Shackles. 

Pavilion for a bride. JGt>.j jsU- ^ ibt> 


( ^•A) 


Iron. -^ Iroa-bai", rail. 

Railway. -*i-^ *^'-? "^ 

Sharp iU>j »!^>-b '1^1 ?- ■^^J -^r^ 

(man, knife). Pungent (odour). 
Sharp-tongued. ollpl — 

Iron ploughshare. c/^.!l SajJL> 

Blacksmith; ironmonger. Prison- iioi 

keeper. Door-keeper. 
Impossible, unlawful thing. i/j^J 
To dispel a. th. ^ >» ui a 'la> -J:}- 

To help a. c. against. ip loi a Cf^AS- 

To J^escue a. o. from tyranny. To 

be augry with a. o. To fondle (her 

child . woman). 
To seek a refuge towards. J[ — 

To stick to (a place). o — 

Double-headed axe. '\j^j YjS ^ sljia- 

To be protttbe- t_iSG5j Gai a .-j-vi -J^ 

rant, convex, humpbacked. 
To show kindness to a. o. To U — 

take care of her child (woman). 
To i-ender a. th. tj ta ^^'h "-j^ 

protuberant, convex. 
To become humpbacked, convex. tj!i9u 

To devote herself to the care of her 

children (widow). 
To show benevolence towards. tc — 
To be attached to a. o. (_j — 

To be humpbacked. t_iija>l i 

Sand-drift. Wave. Scar on the ^jj- I 

skin. Severity of winter. j 

Hump. Convexity. ;;ai 

Humpbacked. Sword. Difficult ,^jj.] 

undertaking. Vein of the arms. 
Unfruitful year. Difficult affair. »C!Ai 

Surname of Mossul. | 

To happen, (event) Ct>^> o ooi ^ ; 
To be new. young. U/j^j i'loi o ooi 
To relate a. th. to a. o. oj A 5 o'i I 
To relate dependently upon a. o. .t — ' 
•<>-I had a presentiment of.^j^_lj jiJa^ I 
To converse with. Aj s *;"il>.ji diiU- ! 

To furbish (a sword). 
To create a. th. (God). To jt oa>1 

cause, to occasion a. th. ! 

Country, region. .u>l ^ J^ 

I Enigma. Riddle, ^^ulj j^ui ^ ;!^t 

Enigmatic word. ~ t:sjji ZJS" 

To define (a limit). Sj fit \jJ- o J^ -H- 
j To determine a. th. To punish (a 
I culprit). 

To thrust back, to prevent ^ s o — 
a. o. from. To forbid a. th. to a. o. 
[ To avert an evil ^f. fit \ijS-j loi — 
from a. o. (God). To distinguish a. 
' th. from. 

I To put on !iilj , (Sla>.j lii i o a» 

I mourning garments (woman). 
^ To sharpen fi> jS-^j ij^j , la> i o — 
j ( a knife). 

i !li5J,|j Oivlj itxi-J oJl>-J \iJ.i-J \'jS- i oS- 

To become angry with. \c 

j To be edged (knife) ; sharp %%„ \ — 
' (sword). 
To be hindered by want of rain ijL>. 

(vegetation). -^ To work iron. 
To set limits. To define a. th fi> — 
To repair to a. o. J_j J,\ — 

To counteract a. o. To be fi>j i iG>. 

contiguous to (land). 
To look intently at, (J\. ^kSJI 'j>-\ 

To provoke, to threaten a. o. 5 ijid 
To be exasperated against o. a. iibj 
To become intense. To be shar- "iii^^ 

pened (knife), -(f- To get into a rage. 
To shave o.'s self with a razor. a?-i_ll. 
Hot tempered man. Pungent jS ^ 

(acid). Hot (sun). 
Limit. Eni^. Intensity. ^j'jj- ^"ja- 

Vehemence of anger. Bravery. 

Strength of wine. Edge. ■<>■ Penalty. 
Bounds set by God to human ^jil ^/ja- 

freedom. Law of God. 
Contiguous. -^L,-^j '-^ 

Close to me. JL» lij (/ oi ■♦• 

Hastiness of temper. ;;a»: •♦■j ct^o- 

Anything forbidden. Impossible, iui 

False (news). 
God forbid that it iliTo^d o'l lSiA> 

may be so. 
The utmost of ill* o^'i o'l ilil^ 

thy power is to do so. 
INIourning, black garments. ^Q; 

Craft of a blacksmith. sila> 


C \ 

ji^j j-x»i7 


To come down", to fall 

down (tears, rain). 
To go down a declivity. To 

be swollen (skin). 

jOau^j ja»j jjJ.»-\j Jji^J '\j-^J JJ-^ 

Slope, declivity. 

Flow of tears. 'jj-^ 

Swelling at the coi'ner of the eye.;3Ji>- 
Fat, comely (youth). SjiG- ^ jiG> 

Thick (spear). Great (number). Lofty 

( mountain ). Populated ( district ). 

Strongly woven (rope). 
Strong in the thighs »|jai j> jj^\ 

and lank in the belly (horse). 
Apple of the eye. Sjjlii>j jj^j j^-> 
Short. Lion. Hard. Pebbles. jji^ 

Lion. Perdition. «j^e- 

To surmise. To J Coi- o i u-^i -^^ 

guess a. th. To speak conjecturally 

of. To hasten (the walk). 
To go at random. J»jV) j — 

To throw a. o. down. 5 — 

To tread a. th. under foot.*;lj!_^ Aj » — 
To inquire stealthily o^-J* tr-^''' 

about (news). 
Conjectures. Hypotheses. CjU--'-h>- 

Prostrated. u-J^-^J u-i,-^=^ 

Object of inquiries. Aim in view.(_^jii,.> 
To be intensely dark y.:uiib o-^* -^ 

To throw, to ( for Sj-i ) A JJiri <■ 

fling a. th. 
To i_) (jijOa-l^j tjJ^b , Csa» i Ja>^ -fi- 

surround, to encompass, a. o. or a.tli. 
To look at a. o. Ailij A — 

To gaze at. Jl^ jli 

o'^>j (J'^>b 0\5^j (J^ ^ *_5a>- 
Pupil of the eye. 

Walled garden. Solanum. x^'j^ ^ JjJ- 
Fruit-garden. J-l'^ rr <k-^^ 

Sour, acid. Jjai o 

Wild lotus. ^;;;^ jA-^j Jj'^* 

Melilot {plant). ' 'J,Cl1j — 

To wrong a. o. JpVja>j Va> i Joi ^ 
•^ To roll ( a ten-ace ). ^ — 

To have one shoulder Va> a Joi 

higher than the othei-. 
To act cunningly towards a. o. y JiU 
To lean on (the bow) in shooting. JiU7 

To void ordui'e. oj^^ 

To relate a. th. To js, _,! ^ cfj^> 

speak of. 
To converse together, oiGu 

To find (news). To pro- a cM»aJ.i. 

duce a. th. new. To find out a. th. 
Story-teller. »i^?>:J ooij oa> 

Excrement. Unprece- ola>*l ^ ooi 

dented case of law. Novelty. Event. 
Young man. ot'l^s^j oloil ^ oIa^ 
Man of agreeable oli>j o-ii J> j 

Novelty. Youth. Beginning. jfla> 

Beginning. oIj'1i> 

The accidents of _^!a!I oil>>j — 

Occurrence. Creation. ojlxs^ 

News. Story. i'i,^''*^ w *o'-^l 

New. Novelty. oil>S- -r ij'^t* ^ oii> 

•^ Accident. Phenomenon. Case. 
New. 'Ua>j cj|a> ^ c^Jj^^ 

Young. ^ ;^zji - 

Relation of an <j^->^j •i-i'^'i-i 5r ~ 

event. Tradition. New.s. Talk. 
Relater of traditions, stoiie."?. cj'^j^ 
New case of law. olj aAi ^ oan^ 

To strike a. o. s ^a>lj,vV^ i ?r^ "^ 
To load (a mule). To strap (a beast). 
To shoot (an arrow) at a. o. o s — 

To throw (a fault) upon another. To 

circumvent a. o, in (a sale). To im- 

po.^e a difficult upon a. o. 
To look intently at. ^ w^J ~ 

Colocynth. Load of water-melons.^ j» 
Load, burden. ^loilj ^jjo^ ^ ^oa- 
Vehicle for women. ^pjloi ^ xfla> 
To be thick Sjlaij \Jj^ o j'ai, joi * 

and stout (man). 
To swell from beating \'Jj^ \ o — 

(skin). To go down. 
To send or let down. To let a Ijjlisi — 

(tears) drop. To make a fold to (a 

garment). To discard (a muffler). To 

relax the bowels (medicine). 
To hasten (in reading, in * jJi>b ~ 

To make (the skin) a Jlxl^ij , IjJo- o — 

to swell (blow). 


C ^^• ) 


To take off, to * (jlii. i tJJS- -S- 

curtail, to strike off a. th. 
To strike a. o. (with a sword).^,, s — 
To perform (a work) cleverly. fi> ^1L> 

To trim (verses). 
To put off. To act dilatorily i Si\> ^ 

with a. o. 
Elision, curtailment. oi> 

Leather clippings. Remainder :^)ii 

'"•f a meal. 
Side. -^j'j*- rr j/^'-^J J^J^ ^ 

Prepare thyself. illriilj^ i^l 

took it altogether. 
Jj * <3\Jo-i CSai a JJ^>j i (Ji>- ^ 
To "be clever, .skilled in ( an art ). To 

perform a. th. cleverly. To know 

a. th. thoroughly. 
To sting the tongue C3ja> o Jii 

To cut a. th. 
To render a. o. skilful. 
To be cut, broken. 
Skilfulness, cleverness. 
Broken piece, fragment. Jijk>. 
Clever, skilled. Pungent jitii ^ JiU 

(vinegar). Penetrating (mind). 
To lose the eyelash. vii a Jii ^ 

To have red eyelids (eye). 
To cause the eyes to swell * ^j^\ 

and the eyelash to fall (tears, heat). 
Inclination, propensity. Jllii. 

Skirt of a garment. Jiij Jliij — 
Fall of the eyelash. Red tumour Jlli 

on the eye. 
Red gum. Remains of straw. ;Jlai 
Losing the eyelash (eye). Jijji ^ *^iU. 
To show skill. To J'liiitj J^li^ -ft- 

make a show of skilfulness. 
To cut out (wood) in a pointed ifc jj^ 

To^break in (a horse). 5 — 

To hurry on. jS->^^J ~ 

To cut a. th. A Cilii i ,.'j>- -ft- 

To hurry in (a work). J — 

Cutting (sword). ^J^-J ^r^> 

Name of a keen-sighted woman j,\'j^ 

surnaraed 01^:31 'iSjj. 

* \_5ji i — 
S JjLi 

Having one Jjol ^ J^>b ' J'-^ ^ '^^ 

shoulder higher than the other. 
Hill. *Ji>i 

■fy- Stone-roller. JilWi ^ *Ja>.; 

To be vehemently y-^\ — j'J^ -S- 

hot ( day, fire ) ; intense ( heat ). To 

boil fiercely fpot). 
To burn with anger it ^^b ^^ 

To be intensely red (blood). To j^ji^i 

be strong (wine). 
Ardom* of (fire). ^^j j>-j^ 

Sound of a blazing fi)*e. ;ia» 

To ijj s f\j^j i\jJ-j \jjS- \l^ -a- 

urge (camels) in singing. To drive 

the clouds along (-n-ind). 
To follow the day (night). ^ jx::^\j — 
Driving camels in singing, siosi ^ iU- 
Horse-shoe. Sjlui > 

Camel-driver. 'lai 

North-wind. 'Ijlxi- 

Song of camel-di'ivers. *iJ*-b Sj'-J^l 
To settle ( in a ^ i5a> a cfai -S- 

To purpose, a. th. A tSaiJj v^oi 

To emulate a. 0. s i^osu 

Emulation, struggle, battle. C jsi 

To cut off, to curtail. fi> \jS- o jS- -H- 
Light-handedness. Lightness ioi 

in wagging the tail. 
Light-handed. Light-jbi ^ '\j^ j, jii-l 

tailed. Having scanty hair (horse); 

scanty feathers (bird). Lean, slender. 
To beware n IjJ^j *j^ a 3^ "^ 

of. To caution o."s self against a. 0. 
To warn, to caution a. 0. » jo*. 

To guard against a. 0. i jiV> 

To be wary, * jlc>lj cr-! J^-^-> ~ 

cautious of. To guard against. 
Caution. Warning. jiij jli* 

Beware of. jlJL* 

Cautious, prudent. ojji* 5- joi 

Ready. o^jiG- ^ jib- 

Cautioner. _jai 

I caution thee against i^» iJj-J^ IjI 

Reciprocal fear and caution. SjiVWi 
Danger. Dread. j.>^9iJ* 

Fear. Evil dreaded. War. cjjas«> 

JCJ,^^' frJCy-' 

Heat of the sun. Hot wind iu jj^ 

the night. 
Heat. Ardour, iuHammation. "iJ^'J* 
Freedom {opp. xl^/ji-^ ^Cj-i »'jij- 

to slaver ij). Freedom from passions. 

Political liberty. -^ Unrestraint. 
Silk ; silk-cloth. j. _,5. 

A piece of silk-cloth. A soup SJi^s- 

raade of flour and milk. 
Manufacturer of silk stulf. '^jij>- 

Free-born. Blood-horse. J[j^'\ ^ 'j> 

Generous. Choice part. Pure, unmi- 
xed. ■<>■ Frank, speaking plainly. 
Middle of the house. jl!OI - 

Cheek ; cheek-bone. caljll — 

Stony tract. ol^j j'S*-* 'J- "^ ^"^ 
Free ; well-born (woman). J |^i ^ s^> 
A burning thirst. S^?- 

Hot, ardent. Hard (work). jG- 

Thirsty. ^j^> j, cXj- 

Enfranchisement. ^ j t 

^ Letter. 
Heated by anger. Feverish. jjJ>j^ 
To prick the tongue (pepper).^i^ -tf- 
To be bitten (tongue). ^'j^ "^ 

To plunder a. o. 5 C^^ o ^'j, ^ 

To ask a. th. importunately. Jc — a 
To be vehemently angiy. ^'ji. a ^ji- 

To be affected with canine 
To provoke ; to excite a. o. *j n ^y^ 

To sharpen (an arrow-head). 
To wage war jj Ci^>.j %'jW^ ^'j\>. 

with; to battle with. 
To stir up war. * vS*^ 

To lead (an army). j — 

To wage war one with ^;)I>'lj ojUj 

To ba ready to do mischief. JJ^^l 

To lay on the back in raising the 

legs. To be widened (place). 
War, battle, fight. «-j^^» ^ i_i^i 

Enemy. Warrior. 
Seat of the war. The <-Jj'^^ j'i 

enemy's country. 
Pertaining to war. 'J. ^ 

Javelin. Bayonet. Spear- ^\'j>, ^ iJ^i 

Corruption of belief. cU^j ob^ ^ — 

Spear-thrust. Plunder. Friday. 

^^ ) 


Sluggish, lazy. ^il^ 

Sliai'p sword. jijli.-* 

To make J « «)j;>j l^lii o llii ■«■ 

shoes for a. o. 
To put, to give (shoes) A ^ (ill>b — 

to a. 0. 
To make (shoes) on measure. ^ A — 
To imitate a. o. oVi 'jJC* — 

To by over /bj » *ili>_, siiGi^ l?Sv>j — 

against, opposite to a. th. or a. o. 
To sit opposite to one another. J'^Wi 
To put on sandals. Jj^X 

To imicate a. o. o>*i JVi>^ (iliril. 

To ask .sandals from. ^ t^akzJLI. 

Opposite to, over sjj^'j j'iij sj>.j .|li> 

Gift. Piece of flesh. sjlu' 

Sandals, shoes. lii>-1 ?- 'lli> 

Sole of a horse. 
In front of, opposite to. iGU 

To burn the tongue A Cili i isii -«■ 
(vinegar). To tear a. th. to pieces. 
To cut (the hand). 
To speak evil of a. o. t_, j — 

To give to a. o. a share of. d s jjJA\ 

To thrust a. o. Avith (a spear). 
To share a. th. with. y Ji\s^ 

Allotment of xlJJ-j Xi^jJ-j ({j^j Qj. 

Share of spoils. Gratuity given Ca> 

to a bringer of good news. 
To be freed (slave). iji^i a ^ ^ 

To be free-born (man), %'j^ — 

To be thii'sty. i^i — 

To be hot. Sjl^^j \jj^^j l^i i oJ>i 

(day, fight). 
To be feverish. ^ <■ 

To free (a slave). To devOte A_j 5 j^> 
a. 0. (to God's service). To compose 
( a writing ) accurately. To write 
a. th. elegantly. To render ( a ba- 
lance, an account) accurate. •<>• To 
write (a letter). To straighten ( a 
board). To point (a gun). 
To become hot (day). 'js. 1 

To be freed (slave). fj^ 

To be hot, vehement (fight). jiii-ll. 
Hot (pepper, sun). ^ 4- 

Heat. Jij*' ?r j^ 

Thou art not guilty. 
Crime. Snare for wild 

( U 


beasts. Linen set on a rope for drving. 
Cowry. Quarry given to ■^\'J^\ ^ — 

the hounds. Flock. 
Thicket of impenetrable trees 

Fighting incessantly. 
Herd of camels. CjWj^i -r'^ -r *?-S* 

Thicket of trees. 
■*}■ Public sale, sale by auction. ^\'j,. 
To swear by the most cj\>-'j>-S^\i. wili 

sacred things. 
Thin and swift she- r-;>'^>- 5r -rryfj^- 

camel. Cold wind. 
To become tall. To run 

fast : to run to and fro. 
Large wingless locust. 
Troop of horses. Swarm of 

locusts. Lameness. 
To drive back (camels). 2* 
To gather and press (crowd, 
bea3ts).To swerve from (a resolution 
To be enraged against, u iS^i-a ij>- -fr 

To bear rancour to. <• To pout'at. 
To purpose a. th. To a iS^ i iji- 

pierce (wood). 
To withhold, a. o. 5 — 

To Seclude o.'s self fi-om.^E lSj'.i i — 

To betake o.'s self to a hut 

To hinder, to restrain a. 

To twist (a rope). 

To set a. th. apart. 

To yield little lii^*. 

i — 
fi — 

milk (she-camel) ; little rain (year). 
To remain. To shoot (stai'). iJ>-X 
Anger, rancour. .s^i 

Roof of reeds. '4^'^'S* -r '4r'J' 

Angry, exasperated. oii>-j ij^i :>jy> 
Apart. i^/b , i\y>; -r -^ij^j ^J- 

Stallion (lizard). <i^\'J' ^ o'jV^ -^ 
To keep a. o. or A>_j » Ij^^T o 'jji- ^ 

a. th. 
To be on the watch. i>- To vjj, a Jj> 

be important (affair). 
It is not worth while, jj-^'i V \1» <> 
To be well fortified (place).;jij^ o jj^ 
To preserve a. th. To Aj 5 j^ 

afford a safe refuge to a. o. (place). 
To guard (property) carefully. ^ j^l 

Alas ! What a pity! C^^lj 

Chameleon. '^Xji- fr S=Q^> -• '^.'j>. 
Easily excited ; angered, j,'^ ^ ^^ 
Spoiled. Plundered. 'C^sij Jj^ ^ v-'j*- 
Warrior, ^'j, ^^ vO'--f J vS*-—! 

Upper end of a house. ^^ u> ^ v'S*"-" 
First seat in a place. Palace. Direc- 
tion to Mecca. Covert of a lion. 
Niche in a mosciue. Private apart- 
ments of a prince. Synagogue. 
To rub a. tb. fi^ C;> o> -i^ 

energetically. <► To work hard. 
To be ill-tempered. \j'j^ a Cjy 

To tiU and sow (the {Sj>- i cjj^ -^ 


To cut a. th. round. To acquire A — 

(goods). To study a. th. thoroughly. 

To stir (the fire). To crumble 


To exhaust (a beast : rider), n o3>1j — 

To cultivate, to plough *oln>lj o5> 

(the land). 
To earn wealth . ib oln> \ 

Land prepared for sowing. 
Tillage. Ti'ack of a road. 
The land and its produces. jlIUj o^JI 
Gain, earning. ^SJ' t '^kj' 

Tillage: cultivation. XJI^s- 

Cultivator, plougher, tiller. ol^joj G- 
Plough. oij,V».»j cjj\>Cf 5- c/j»--^,i >ijj^-i 

Poker for stirring the fire. 

To be contracted G-^i a ■r^ ^ 

(heart). To be narrow (place). To be 

guilty. To be dazzled (eye). To heap 

up (dust). 

To gnash the teeth. ^^ o — 

To be prohibited to a. o. (prayer), i* — 

To put in a strait. fin ^y>. 

To ask a. th. importunately. j — 

•^ To put up for auction. 
■<>■ To urge; to insist upon. jc ^*^ 
To incite a. o. to crime. To a- ^^^l 
put a. 0. in a strait. To force up a 
beast to a strait. 
To forbid (prayer) to a. o. jt ^ — 
To keep aloof from sin. ^^i-.r 

Narrow space. Sin. Crime. ^'S- 

Litter. Thicket. 

To render a. o. eager of. it s ^^ 

To ui'ge, to incite a. o. to. 
Wound tearing the skin, x^j Uj ii^ 

Hole in a garment. 
Hankering, u^l>j 'C^^ ^ y^i> 

covetous. Greedy. Niggardly. 
Cloud pouring a heavy rain, *.2u^>. 
To Q»^ a 0'J>-i ^Jj^ o i l/»^ "^ 

become emaciated. To be disordered, 

To bs worn out by iSl^i o J^'^i- 

anxiety, gi'ief, debauchery. 
To urge, to instigate is. y j^lji- 

a. 0. to. 
To do a. th. perseveringly. jp j^jia- 
To bring a. o. to the point of s J^'J>-\ 

death (sorrow). To disorder a. o. 

Di.sorder in body, mind, morals, j*^ 

Emaciated by love, grief. Wicked. 
Diseased and J^j^o-j l^^j J^'J- 

vicious. Debauchee. 
Kali. Potash. 

To afford a safe refuge to. » -JJ^S 
To guard against. ^>. J^tllj jj>t 
Saf« refuge. Amulet. JO*^ »!' J>5 

Die for gaming. j\'jj\ ^ yj. 

Choice part of goods. O^ 

Well fortified, secure. _j^ 

To guard, fin i-l3>-j ^'j- o ^'ji- -Vc 

to watch over. 
To steal (a ewe). * ^j.'J{^\j .(J^^ — 
■if- To keep a. th. carefully. ip. ^^p- 
To live long. C^* a ^j>. 

To guard against. ^^ u-'J^h ^j>C> 
Watch, caution. ^\ln*'^j , 

Time, centui'y. 
A life-guard. 
The day and the night. 
•^ Careful of. 

Fallen and unable to 

Disordered by grief, debauchei'y.ja^^i;^ 

Shameful (speech). 
To turn away. jl fi> <^'^C i SJ>- ^ 

To discard a. o. from. 
To earn for o.'s family. J — 

To change a. th. To alter 4> Sy^ 

(a word, a book ). To tamper with. 

To cut (a writing-reed) obliquely. 
To repay evil to a. o. ^^Li ?_s_3u 

To probe a wound. A — 

To become rich. ij^il 

To ill-treat a. o. ■& — 

To tm-n away from. ^^ 3'j^\i ^'J-5 
■^To use shifts for a livelihood, ojb-.^ 
To deviate, to swerve from. ^ ^'J>^\ 
To pi-actice a craft. To be oJ^l 

Margin. Extremity, end. o^* ^ Sj^ 

Border. Summit (of a mountain). 
Edge of Ca blade). 
Letter ( of the SjAj ^/J- ^ Sj>- 

alphabet). Word. Particle (one of 

the three divisions of the Ai-abic 


^j>- ' 5r lT^ 

ilkliJI ^js- 

Enclosure. Ewe 

stolen during the night. 
Keeper. Robb:ir. <13ij ^J^'J■ ^ ^j r> 
The Guardian Angel. u-j,WI d)>^JI 
Very old. ^'J;\ 

Kept. <• Son. ^ij^C" 

F. -fy- Capital town. T^ijyji 

The Ottoman Empire, iljy,:^)) diSJC^^ 

To 2^ J'ln^h , (^)'J^J (^'j* i J-ji- * 

hunt (hzards). To scratch a. o. 
To be rough to the skin. Ci/,i a Jj^ 
To beguile a. o. jf — 

To provoke, to set (men, cAj J^^ 

dogs) one against another. 
To tight with. s ^;.G. 

To oppose a. o. ^ J-l^^ 

To earn (for o.'s family). J ^ji^n*). 
Mark. Company. ^l^ ^ J^'^i, 

a Species of cucumber. 

Wood, forest. 

ij'jj>j tr'^*' T \S'j- 


Roughness, coarseness. 

Ear-wig, myriapod. j.^^ ^ j.i_^^ 

Rough to the skin. AzJ^i j, J^'J^-'^ 

Lizard. New coin. 
Black lizard-hunting snake. J^\^^ 
Swarm of locusts, ^i-l^ji^ ^ vJ»i.J,> -8- 

Young ones of animals. Fish-scales. 
To rend (a stuff) in fi, Ca'^ o l/'^^- -fr 

beating it (dyer). 
To covet a. th. jc Ca^*. a a^j^j i cr'S^ 
To be eaten up (pasture). ' (_^_^ 

To mark a letter with a vowel. 
To be set in motion. -^ To intri- 6*^ 
gue. To set off. To be moved (heart). 
Upper part of the back. i)3i» 

Horse's withers. 
Movement. Gestin-e. cM^'j^ -r ^j> 
Vowel, -(f- Proceedings. Emotion. Re- 
volution. Nimbleness. 
Light-hauiled. Nimble.;:jr^ ^>U»,yi 
ISIovement. accentuation. £\'ji. 

Light, lively, sprightly (child). aj, 
Weak-waisted, impotent. Al»^ 

Wooden poker, -if- Agitator. i^^j>^ 
Upper extremity of the neck. ilj^ 
The mover (of the world) (God).i)-i.;j| 
To rummage, to stir up St> jS'j>- -^ 
a. th. 

Head of the hauneh-bone. 

i*_,>J V»^j \j\»j:^j ^j^J ^_j» i ^_/» -S" 

To prevent a. o. ^ s 'x^ij>-i <'^j^j 

from. To deprive a. o. fi^om a. th. To 

forbid a. th. to. 
To forbid a. th. <■ To excom- fiij s — 

municate a. o. 
Cij.>j '^>> o ^j>j , (•\^j ^'j>- a ^^ 
To be forbidden. it C«lJ,ij 'Xf'j>i 

To lose at play. C«^ a j>j»- 

To forbid, to declare a. th. to >b j,*J>- 

be unlawful, sacred, inviolable. 
To win a. o. at play. j ^•^'-'j ~ 

To go to the pilgrimage. To j,'J^\ 

seek refuge in a sacred place. To 

commit a. th. unlawful. 
To render a. th. sacred, unlawful. * — 
To be forbidden, sacred. 
To seek protection from. 
To show regard to. To Aj ? yj^^S 

hold a. th. as sacred. 
Prohibition. -^ Anathema.^j;^ ^ J>j> 
Thing sacred. Harem. jS'jA ff j^J>- 

Wife. Sanctuary. 
Unluckiness. <■ Privation. d^'yr, 

Mecca and Medinah. oC''_,»JI 

Protection. Reverence. y^i. y, Xi>'j> 

Luck. Inviolable thing. Respectable 

woman. <>■ AMfe. 
-^ For the sake of. o!Ai iV,i-j 


M ) fj J- 

I Litteral (meaning). 'Sj>- 

Litrerally, word by word. U^^ 

, Craft, profession, -fy Shift. ^^ ^ i^'j> 
Nasturtium {plant). oJ,i 

Thlaspi {phuil). ^jJ>^ oj ^/kiJI o^ 
^^'ater-cress. .lin ^^ 

Bad luck. ^j^ 

Fellow- worker. Artisan. .iV]^ ^ wii_p- 
Acritude of a dish. :^\'j>- 

Biting the tongue (dish). >-ii^ 

Altered. <► Angular (body). o^i 

Unlucky. Using shifts. j^bU 

Surgeon's probe. wiij_U> ^ ^l>>i^ 
Oblique. Trapezoid. ■<>■ Indisijosed.^^^i 
To file. To rub a. th. A> (j'^ o 3'J- ^ 
■^ To heat (the blood). To scorch 
a. 0. (sun). 
To burn down a. th. jUJb A — 

^ To distress a. o. ijj j^ 

To gnash the teeth at. ip iJO i o JJ,> 
To tall off (hail-). CJ>: a J>- 

To burn down a, th. *j j J^lj J^ 
To be burnt do^vn. o'J^h J^»o 

Combustion. Hole in a garment, j^ 
Inflammation (of a limb). :i.»' ,i-j x3j* 
Sharp (sword). aJ^^^j <.hj\>-j iSji 
Upper part of the uvula. s^^H 

Burning. ji^Ij ji^ 

Brine. Salt water. 3\y^j 3\j>- 

<• Fire-ship. Bomb. oGi^i ^ Xsl^ 

Gruel of tlour and water.. ;;r 
Fire, conflagration. ^j. 

Heat. Gruel. <>• Combustion. 

I Holocaust, burnt- c3j>^ ^ i_i_/>5, 

1 offering. 
Root of the tongue. 

' Pomum Adami. 

j ■(/■ To fi-y (meat). To 
vex, to enrage a. o, 
Winged insect. 

■^ Piece of fried meat 
Head of the haunch- sJ^Vji. ,,, "C&ja- ^ 

\ To move about. 'iS'^i ^'^ o i'^ -ft- 

I To wound a horse on •& (^^ o i'^ 

j the withers. 

I To set in motion. To rouse, fiij s iJj» 

I to excite a. o. To move a. o. to pity. 

*2j ji 

-,-- i. * 

To examine a. th. fi> \j\j>-j ij\»J> 'jvV 
To be notched, cut. jjiu 

To cut (the head). fi> -Ji:^[ 

Incision. Season. Speaking j/j^ ^ j^ 

Paiu in the heart. Painful state. sj> 
SUce (of melon). Sj> -^ 

Scui'f of the head. Herpes. Sj\jij jiji 

Violent impression of anger or giit'f. 
Liver-wort {plant). __^.ii)l jij> 

Acidity of the stomach. jij> 

Active and jji_j sj»1j olj* ^r J.j>- 

haughty man. 
Scruples, perplexing affair-s.^^jl y^^ 
Notch. 'jk* 

Knife for making 'ji^i ^ y^a 

notches. Rough (man). 
To gather and ij fi> \''j:^ a. Vj* ^ 

drive (camels). 
To befall and dis- *_j s C j>. tjji -il- 

tress a. o. (misfortune). To divide (a 

book) into sections. 
To muster (people), to form ^ ,^ji. 

a party. 
To become the partisan of. s ^jjC*. 
To form into parties, federation, ojkj 

Distressing event. 

Party of men. Confe- v'j*-^ t vj^ 

deracy. Division. 
Accomplice. Partisan. vlJ*"-^* 

Bulky and short. Cock. Wild i_jOU 

To measure. A Sjjs^j j> o i Sj^ * 

To guess, to conjecture a. tli. 
To become sour ( milk). Ojjs^j Oj* ~ 
•^ To propose an enigma to. a fj^i- ■♦■ 
Diviner. Sour (milk, wine). jjb- 

Conjecture. Divination. "i'jj^i jj> 
Choice part of a. th. Cj\'Sj> -r Sjj» 
Enigma, riddle. Sjjji -^ 

June (month). J/jl -^j ii)\'j.y> S 

To break wind (ass), a {3'yi- i Jj> -fi- 
To tighten (a rope). To com- A> — 

press a. th. To press out. 
To bind a. o. with (a rope). ^ "i — 
To hinder a. o. ^ jji'i 

To be contracted. jj^-j 

Pinched by narrow boots. jj li. 

( ^^0 


Apartments of women.Women subject 

to one man. 
Unattainable thing. 
Sin, Jj. ^ ( o/>/j. to JiU ) J.I 






imlawful thing. Sacred. Venerable. 
•^ It is a shame for thee. dilifr j,\'j>. 
Rascal. Bastard. jX^i. J,\ 

Mecca. j,\'J^\ ^yCi^ 

The Caaba. ^I_^JI cilli 

Blanket used as a garment. 
Rites of the pilgrimage to 


<>- Thief. Dishonest raan.c^i^i. ^ l/Xji- 
First month of the j,\'jl^\ j^\j j.^k!' 

Mohammedan year, (inviolable). 
Illicit action. Crime. >.jU> ^ ^^» 
<► Pocket handliei'chief. j,j\:^ ^ iijk^ 
Black and fetid slime. -^"'Jr?' ^ 

Unfruitful yeai*. ^r^l^* :r tj-^'j^ "^ 
Kne {medicinal plant). S^J>- "^ 

To stop Cj^j Cl>j Cl>i yjj-i Oj*^ 

on a sudden. To be restive (beast ). 
To sell at the right price, ^j;!! j oS* 
Restiveness of a horse. Cj/j^j o\j> 
Restive (horse). oj> vr :j^'J- °j CjiJ>- 

Burnino; in the throat. 




Sparkling of fire. Sound produced ;i^ 

by ti'ees when shaken by the wind. 
Pungency of mustard. ojV^i- 

To decrease. C j^ i ^slf^ -^ 

To cause a. th. to wane (time). A ^^1 
How worthy of it is he ! ^, e\j»\ C» 
To select the best of. J ^^7 

To choose a. th. To propose a. th.4> — 
To remain in (a place). ^ — 

Rather, more likely. iSj>dU 

Convenient. Suitable. ^ '^i^*! ■?r''^j> 

Fit to. Worthy of. 
Noise, sound. M^i-I ^ ^j^ 

Twittering (of birds). Area of a hou- 
se. Retreat of gazels. Becoming, tit. 
I stopped in his vicinage. o\'Jk) cJjj 
A short viper. *2j ^ 

More adapted ; more suited. li^l 
How much more. ^J^k "^j (^^•>VIj 

A fortiori. 
It is better for thee to. c\ di> i^^Vl 
To cut, to fii 1n^\j jj>j , l5»- 'j^ -J^ 
make an incision in a. th. 

{ \\\) 


Ruggedness of the soil 


( xoi. slj> ) '\y.j jy 

Wearing mourning. Ci^'j>-j nj*'-^ 

To fii iSj^j , C ^> i ijji-j , ljj» \j^ -^ 

augur a. th. from the flight of 

birds. To guess; to conjecture. 

To raise (figures) in ^ Jj»-j o ^y^ 

the air (looming). 
To be lofty, prominent. jjil 

To know a. th. k_, — 



Physiognomist. jG- 

To blast (the ?j gn {^ o ;>i -^ 

plants : cold). To slaughter ( peo- 
ple). To curry (a beast). To put meat 
on burning coals. To cover bi^ead 
(with burning coals). 
To feel, to perceive a ',j^\j U_i i — 
a. th. -^ To have a presentiment of. 
To be certain of. ^ Cj- a ^r->- 

To make a. o. to feel. To Aj s ^jJLS- 
awake : to rouse a. o. <■ To feel 
with the hand, to grope. 
To know, ;^JL:I>j ^ fi> jLi^j l^ 1 

to perceive a. th. To feel a. th. 
To listen to (news). To seek, a ,_;_1>.^ 

To perceive a. th. by the senses. 
To inquii-e about a. th. ^ — 

To be pulled out (tooth.) Ir-'^K 

Feeling; presentiment. Voice. j^ 
Currying of a horse. Cunning. ^^ 
State. xL>- 

Sense, faculty of feeling, i^l^*'^ zl'^ 

Locust. Wind. 
The five senses. ilr^'J' 

Shght noise. ^, ^„,.r 

Small dry fishes. Cuttings of ^-ilsi 

stones. Unauspicious. 
Cui'rycomb. iLi-j^ 

<-To grope.Toact waveringly.^_^i._l:C-^ 
To roast (meat) on coals. ^ — 

To pity, to compassionate a, o. J — 

To number, to reckon fit il'iLs- j 

a. th. -^ To mind a. th. 
^ To take a. th. into Cc^. ^L» 

account, to foresee a. th. 

Party of iJlj*^ <-^J.^J *-5J»:J Jj* 

men. Flight of (birds). Swarm of 

Party of men. J^j jij^j ^\'jy ^ u. ji 
Walking at iJjij sJjij 'S^i tJj^ 

a short pace. 
Tenacious. 3'^^j Jj> 

<■ Prone to anger. ' X3j>- 

Hiccough, jjji a J i^jjij <jjj\p- -> 
Narrow-necked (ewer). jiiJi 3jJ>t'i> 
To rise above the iHjii — Jj*. ^ 

mirage (mountain). To be contrac- 
ted (heart). To be gathei-ed. 
Short. 'T3>ij Sj'^ 

To pack up, to 5j A >.jij , C»ji i ^ji ^ 
bundle up (goods ). To strap (a beast). 
To be choked. C»ji a ^j» 

To be reso- \ijjLj ^'lj>j Ciji o ^^> 

lute, self-confident. 
To strap (a horse). j? j.jii 

To be girt. To girdle y^\j ^J^-j 

o's. self. 
To be collected (th). To be- v>j>3»"l 

come big-beUied. To be rugged 

Resolution. ^jj^j *^lj^J y^ 

Strap, girth yj.j JVJ. ^ ^ij^j -^\'^^^ 

of a saddle. Silk or cotton girdle. 
Obstruction in the throat. y^ 

Bundle. Ball, -if- Bunch of flowers, iiji 
Resolute. »i«ji ^ >ri J>-J , <^3»- 5r ^j,*^ 
Waist. Middle of </;i1j ^ji ;- ^jj^ 

the breast. 
Broad-breasted. ^jil 

Chest. INIiddle yji^j ^J,Q>- tr v-ji^* 

of the chest. 
Part of the body covered by . ^jW> 

the girth. Waist. 
Girth, -t)- Apron, wrapper, ^jb-^ ^ vj*--* 
To grieve ? oji b oji-j Cji o oj^ * 

a. o. 
To be grieved J j) jp Cj>^ Cj» a oji 

To walk upon a hard ground. o'y>S 
To be sad, sorry. ol>v>lj Oj'i'-Jj iO^ 
Sorrow. Grief. olj*^ 5r oj»j oj^ 

Mourning. oj> -^ 

Rugged and hard ground, ^^j-l. ^ oj» 
Chai'ge of a household, family *jij» 



To Jt jl * 5 j1J-j . loJ-i 

envy, to grudge a. o. for. 
To find a. o. envious. 
To grudge one another. 
Grudge, envy. 

Grudging, envious. 
Incentive to envy. 
To be tired (sight). \j^Ls!- 
To be jaded i^i _^r^ 

To disclose a. th. To fi> i^> i o — 

bark ( a bough ). To jade (a camel). 
To sweep (a house). 
To sigh for. u. a'rLi-j \j^ a _r-^ 

To lose its feathers (birdj. j^ 

To make a. o. to sigh. To harm 

a. 0. To despise a. o. 
To tire out (a beast). 5 

To sigh for, to regret a. th. it 
To be disclosed, -t)- To be sorry 
To be tired (man, beast). 
Sigh, regret. Sorrow. cXj^i- ?r slr^* 
4- Reluctantly. «lr'-->-J. 

( \\Y) 

5 - 

5 - 


Alas ! What a pity! t\i'jL^ b i5 >li C 
Tired. Weak. Regretful, ^s'j^-^ -r -n^ 
Without helmet j^S'^,^^ jj^ 

nor coat of mail nor turban. 
Misfortune, calamity. .ru-Gj ^ ~f^'>^> 
Fatigued, sad, regretful. 
Weak-sighted. _^i;!l j^lk^Sj j\^ 

Known state. Face. ^rv.(>.^ ?r -rr'--* 

To hiss (snake). Ci-_.>j uL^ i w«r..> -5^ 
To pick out, to euU 5j A \jlI^ — 

(dates). To tend (a flock). To take 

off (the crust of a wound). 
To reap (corn). * ^i'CJ.^ Cil> — 

To be angered with. J CL-^ a J^-^ 
To pick out (dates). * 

To mix dates with their dregs, ib 
To be scratched (skin). To fall 

off (hair). 
To be smashed. 
Hissing of snakes. 
Enmity, anger. Ssllij 

Refuse of dates. Scanty water. xSC^ 
To be angry with, jc (feil> a iX^ ^ 
To eat barley (beast). dUji 

1 o ^j 5 :Cj.».»i>j tLL.»i^j Cl-wl> i a w~> 

think, to suppose a. o. or a. th. to 
he xnch or so. 
To b3 noble-born. 'tXLJ-j C— » o .— 1» 
To place a pillow for a. o. 5 i^ij^ 

To give to a. o. food and drink to 

satiety. To buiy a. o. 
To settle an account s iL:;ik» >^\9- 

J )^i — I To be tawny (camel). 

I To satisfy a. o. To satiate a 

■^ To take a. o. for. 
He gave bomitifuUy. ^^lils Jati 

To recline upon a pillow. <► To ^tS^d 

caution o.'s self against. 
To inquire about (new.s). fi> — 

To know and befriend a. o. 
To settle accounts together. w.JLUj 
To think, te believe a. th. fit ^: w i^ 
To hi content with. ^j 5 — 

To disapprove a. o. for a. th. ic * — 
To lose an elder son. iJ i jjj — 

Sufficiency. Burial. ^- ',-C 

A dirh>'m is ^a ji dl-l^.j dx'^lJ- 

sufficient for thee. 
This is equal, tanta- ilLa ,_li< li* 

mount to that. 
Quantity, amount. i^\lJ.\ ^ sJL> 

Personal merit. Noble descent. 
Reckoning. Sufficiency, oi 

Great number of people 
The day of judgment. 
Account. Burying of the 

dead. Reward. 
Honourable, noble. ►( 

Thou shalt account <iil <i)lu_>j ,iii 
with God. 

God alone is sufficient 
Opinion, conjecture. 
Punishment. Small arrow 
Small pillow. Small ant. »jU1> 

Thunderbolt. Cloud. Hailstone. 
Accountant. iLl> ^ k-.~iV> 

Tawny camel. Red-haired v_J_>1 

(man). White from disease (skin). 
Audit-office. Book-keeping. C^bU 
Inspector of weights and ^-_Aaii 


L-u-i <MVi ^^LT 


( s\\) 

'\^JL.>-J <iJL«.> 


fine. New. 
Good- cJc-'—y-j oLl* 

looking woman. 
Vei*y oiji^j o^lL* ^ <JL-> ^ oll^ 

fine, very handsome. 
Well. All right. C;l> 

Good work. Benefit. oCxli <^ *iL^ 

•^ Alms. 

Better. <>• More. 

The best men. y^\ ^~^\»\ 

How pleasing is Zeid ! Q j jiJ,\ u 
Benefit, gift. ol^>-l 

Good action. ,;;l.>-j CjCI-I.* tt J^-^ 

Good result. Benefit. Victory. Con- 
templation of God. 
The 99 Names of God 

amongst Moslems. 
Victory and martyrdom. 
The best he can do is to 

Beneficent. o^?c>» rr 
Good works. Good qualities. ^^\>:^)\ 

Charms, beauty. 
To sip A j:^\j ^»dj , Ijli C> ^ 

(broth) Httle by little. 
To give to a. 0. as J^\:>j t/J-h S-^ 

(broth) to sip. 
Food made of flour 'jL^j -Llij jL^ 

and water. 
A draught, a mouthful c.i'>l>- -r S^> 

Mouth- y.\J\ r^j <^h 

ful ( qiiantity). 
To dig a sandy JJ^\j,^ 


To put a. 0. to the tefii.i j:jja.\_) &^$~^ 
Swampy 'Cs-j -U-i'l ^ ,^j ^1>; 

ground covered with sand. 
To dry up (hand, valley). u.> o j^ ^ 

To hurry on (horse). 
To kindle (a fire). To poke (the Sj fi^ - 

fire). To cut (herbage). To stir 

(war). To (wealth). To give 

herbs (to a horse). 
To smoke hemp. ^i-» "^ 

To be dried (hand). To have j^Li'l 

abundant herbage (land). 


0_^~» I 5>> c^~.» 

1 ^5^- 


* - 


• >\ 

<■ To be choked with a fish 

To store the remainder of. 
To give barley to (a beast). 
Star-thistle. Grappling iron. 

Prickly hedge. -^ Fish-bone. 
Barley. Urchin. 
Rancour, ill-will. x.rilij 

Rubbish. ii&tl^j jTUsT^ Ji 

Shatters of irOn. 
To urge on (a f>j s "^Li o 

beaist). To cast off a. th. 
To leave the refuse of a. th. 
To be reviled. 
To revile o.'s self. 
To hunt lizards. j. 

Lizard ill* j d':^lj^j JUl.>lj J^L» 

newly hatched. 
Lizard. J^l>_^JljJ 

Silver filings. 

Refuse, rabble. *L 

Calves. Oxen. Refuse. jli ^ 
Refuse of dates. Jc-r*- '? 

To cut off. To cut fi> CU. i _ 

open (an artery and cauterize it). 

To stop (a disease). 
To deprive a. o. from. fi a — 

To be cut off. .^-^l 

Unhappy (days). j'j^ 

Sharp sword. Edge (of a sword).^ilji 

Long (night). 
Specific (of a disease). Cl^s* 

To be comely. CJLi o cr-^J o^ "^ 
To better, to embellish fi^j H -JL^ 

a. 0. or a. th. 
To overcome, a. o. in beauty. ■& ^\c. 

To treat a. o. kindly. 
To behave well, -tf- To be able to. J^^\ 
To know. To do a. th. well. ^ J~^\ 

To embellish a. th. 
To do good, to give alms to oj Jl^ — 

a. 0. 
To be able to do. j;Ij o1 — ■♦■ 

To be beautiful, to adorn o."s ^^ 

self. To be shaven. 
To find a. o. or a. th. 2<_, a ^jli>dJ\^ 

well, pleasing. To appi"Ove of. 
Beauty. Goodness. c;- ''»■•'' ^ o-* 



To be big-bodied. To die (wild _^isi 

To interfere, to intrude in. j _^-:ij <■ 
Congregation, swarm. ^iJ- 

Thin (ear) ; pointed (spear), ^i^ ^ — 
Day of the resurrection. _^i9,!l >^ 
Intriuier. Inquisitive. 
Small reptiles. Insects. cj\ 
Gathering- ^:-U^ 

place, crowd. 
To have the death-rattle , 

(man). To bray (ass). 
Small mug. Hollow in which 

water remains. 

To wink (the eyes). A 

To bear bad dates ^.ili'l — 

(palm-tx'ee). To be contracted (udder). 

To wear shabby clothes. To JaI^oC, 

fall off (hair). 

Dates of bad quality. ^1> 

Worn out garment. «-^:~»- 

To be filled (udder). <is^l^ i ^iJ. ^ 

To be loaded with fruit ( tree ). To 

let fall ( a shower : sky ). To have 

much water (cloud). To throng 

(crowd). To veer (wind). To become 

strong and to abate (wind). 

•^ To cram up (a bag). f> d\L>j — 

To eat barley (horse), feii^ a dX^ 

To collect in the udder (milk). 
To give barley (to a horse), s dllil 
To be swollen with milk (udder).d*lij 
Shower ; heavy rain. ifeti.> 

Numerous troop. Xfeil^ 

i \\\ ) 


Filled of (milk). Loaded (with d^U 

fruit) Successive. Uninterrupted. 
"Winds blowing from dXz^\'j^ ^ Sfet^-G- 

various sides. 
Muzzle for preventing a i5Ll>-j *_ril> 

kid from sucking. 
Noise in the quarter of a house.Xfeii,^ 
To make little of. A >li.> o jli -J^ 

To revile a. o. 
To put a. 0. to the fi>j 5 (.,J^ ] ^U. -jf 

blush. To seek a. th. 

To help a. o. in gathering herbs. 5 — 
To seek for, to gather herbs. ^ jjiS^I. 
To be thirsty (man). To be- jup^^\ 

come tall (bi'anch). To dry (hand). 
Dry hei'bage. Still- ^jlli ^ J^i^^ 

born foetus. -^ Hashish. 
Broom-rape, orobanche. o-lVl *1a4.> 
Galium aparine, goose-grass. ijVl — 
Lapsatia, nipple-wort. jIlWI — <>■ 

Allinria, hedge- gaidic. *^>3' ° 

Fritillaria, liliaceous plant. jiti-JI — d 
Glauciam, horn-poppy. ,_uiji— a 
Belladona, deadly night-shade. M^;.i-JI— 
Last breath of life. *i.llij ^ill^ 

The utmost of thy ioTjiij c/\ vHl.U.> 

power is to do so. 
Portion of my heart ^ <i.LLi G ■<>■ 

i. e. my beloved. 
Fruit-garden. J.Ji.i ^ jj.j 'Jj.j j^ 

Collection of palm-trees. Pri\y. 
Seller of dry herbage. o^^lL^ ^ J'^l^ 

<>• Smoker of hasiiish. Dotanl. 
Place abounding in dry herbage. ji.'^J 
Reaping-hook. Poker. tXUj'j ijS./' 
Tavern for smoking hemp, xkkk^ -^ 
To stir about {men).ji.^J.U^j J-'^J^ -^ 
To kindle (the fire), a Ui a iLi- ^ 
To lash a. 0. with a whip. v ^ " 

To hit the belly (^^^th an arrow). 
Waist-wrapper. -^tb-jJ ^ '\lkj'j U.k> 
To irritate a. o. " ^ ,_A>1 — ^^> ^ 
To muster (people). «r*^*»-l 

Hare. Calf. Male fox. Big- v-^^ 

belUed. Company of men. 
To bud out (plant). iIlL> i ai.> -^ 
-<>■ To take the part. To side with. J — 
To rush to the rescue. \':>^lJ- — 

To collect (men, things). Sj fi> j1j.j — 

To muster troops. 
To assemble (party ).jii.5>lj ai-G-.:j jl1>1 
To answer the call of a. o. J al.A»l, 

To exert o.'s self for (a guest). 
Party of men. i^ii ^ ulij jJJ^ 

Inexhaustible (spring). -l=.» 

To assemble s l^>: o i .r^ -^ 

( people ). To exile a. o. To expel a. 

0. To destroy (cattle : draught). 
To make (a spear-head ) thin. A — 

•^ To press a. 0. To cram a. th. 

( ^T. ) 

avoid, to guard against a. th. 
Asthma, short breathing. 

ol iJUU 

Except. Far from. 

Sma'lage (plant.) 

God forbid that. 

Excuse the compa 

Save Zeld. 

Far from thee. 
Excuse such a mention 

Thou art far from for- ^^li_! 

Side. Selvage of a u^l>* tt *c^^ 

garment. Margin (of a book). Mar- 
ginal note. Followers. -^ Postcript. 

Covered with notes (book). 

To shave (the hair). » Uai o 
To destroy a. th. 

To be allotted to a. o. (share) 

To be clear, evident. 

To share a. th. with. 

To allot a share to a. o. 

To divide a. th. together. 

To lose its hair (beast). 

To fall out (hair, leaves). To be ^9u 
curtailed (tail). 

Scantiness of hair on the head. ^.iaC 

Portion. <► A bit. ^-a* t *^ 

Saffron. Pearl, a^^j y^l-iall ^ ijj. 
■^ Kerne! . 

Quick running (of an ass). ^l.i> 

Bunches remaining on the vine.;ol.iai 

Disease causing the hair to fall. aJ>\':>. 

Having little or no hair 'Lia» ^ ly£».'\ 
(man); scanty feathers on the 
wings (bird). 

Cloudless and cold (day). ^3^] yjj 

To appear in broad light .^is-Jai -^ 
(truth). To limp in walking (man). 

To be fixed on the groimd. ^^ak^vv 

Dust. Quick walk. t/'^»=-^ 

To suck milk to *Loi a \5uaij ii^^ -S- 
his fill (child). To eat or drink gree- 
dily (camel). 

To quench o.'s thirst with. ^^ — 

To quench the thirst of. s \ a>] 

To throw pebbles at. 5 Cjas^ i ^.iai -if 

To pave (the soil) with fi> ^^^j - 

s - 


He has caught no game, ju^l 

To abstain from. 

To abash a. 0. by addres 

sing him rudely. 
To be in a rage. C^» a ^ 

To irritate, to put 5 j,±J-'b jX^j 

a. 0. to the blush; to harm a. 0. 
To blush at. To refrain from. 
To be angry at. 

Jl o i jr 


^j of J c/ J^" 

5 .■A\^ 

i — 

2f ^^W 


To refrain from. To be ashamed of. 
Servants, household,:U-Lij :UJ.>j j^ 

Bashfulness, self-restraint. :;' , -^ 

Politeness. Anger. 
Modesty. Respect. jXkia-\ 

Venerable. Neighbour, -ciji ^ ^,-^i 

To smell bad (water- ul» a ^^.■t.-^ ^ 

To use a stinking (skin). 
To abuse a. o., to revile a 
To make earnings. 
FUthiness of a vessel. 
Hatred, malevolence. 
To fill up, to stuff ij A 1}. 

(a cushion) with. 
To hit a. 0. in the bowels. 
To make a gift to a. o. 
To be filled with grains (pome- ^^9-\ 

granate). To be stuffed. 
The meanest of camels, men._,ij;j ;li,G>. 
Bowels, intestines. -li-il ^ Ci^ 

Stuffing of food, cloth. Stuffed ^hi- 

garment. Soul. Redundant part of 

a speech. Refuse of men. 
Bowels, intestines, e>^-> sS-i*^ 

Forest, thicket. J^JVI — 

Stuffed bed. Bustle worn Glli ^ xl=.^ 

by women. Pad. 
The rectum. siJiiJI 

To suffer from asthma, ^/i^ a '^ji> ^ 
To border (a garment). To writer ^^Ls^ 

marginal notes. ■<>■ To interpolate (a 

To exclude a. 0. from a ^5 J-J^. 

number. To except a. 0. from. 
To shun a. o. j- ^J^j 

To except a. 0. from. ^ — 

To keep aloof from, to^ jd-GJj • >• — 


^ C \T\ ) 

To crush a. o. (disease). s ^^ai^ 

To hinder a. o. from. ^p S — 

To be in a strait. To be besieged._,4i^Ji_ 

-^ To be annoyed. 
•^ To be restrained to. J — 

To strap a pad on a camel. ^ ^i»-[ 
Constipation. Ischury. _^a> 

Oppre.ssion of heart. Faltering ^a> 

in speech. Avai'ice. 
Hinderauce. Restriction. _^i 

•<► Anguish. 
<► Control of tobacco 
In a strict sense. 
Pad used as a saddle. 
Siege. Blockhouse. 

•^ Fortress. 
He raised the siege. 
Oppressed. Ava- _>i-^j j>ii; 

ricious. Faltering in speech. 
Discreet. Surname of John 

the Baptist. 
Prison. Surface slra>1j _ri>^ ^ -^^:^ 

of the earth. Side of the body. 

Road. Meeting. Row of people. 

Handle. Woven stuff. 
Di'ying-tioor for dates. Jj.^^ ^ '3i-?=^ 

<► Mat. 
To brace (a bow) strong- fi> /j^ -S- 

ly. To twist (a i-ope) strongly. To 

fill (a water-skin). To cut (a pen). 
To become sour. /j^a.^ 

To be soi'did, miserly. ^lro?i^ 

Any green fruit. ^j^al -^j j-j^ 

Verjuice. Miser. 
To have a sound Asl.i=: o ^-^ ^ 


To ba mangy. CLi»> a wi-^> 

To remove fi>j js wio>1j,C«^i o ^lai 

a. th. To weave a. th. compactly. 

To twist a rope (strongly). To settle 

(an affair). 
To run swiftly. ^^>'l 

To be strongly made. JLiir-Ll^ 

Dry mange. ^.i^ 

Gifted with a sound wi-o>j Jk^i 


Swift iu running. oLfl>.>j Jk::^>jii wi..a** 

To remain. Tov,^>.;j v^^^;. o J..^^ -«- 
be left. To result. To ha^^pen (event). 

I U.^ a >-■ ,o> 


To have the ^.-n^ 

To strike up pebbles in running 

To take his flight to the 

country (pigeon). 
To pelt one another with 

Stone.s Fuel. Firewood. w-i> 

Scarlet fever. ;ji.i3i 1^ ^j "C^lai-i XJa^- 
Small pebbles. -CJa^ 

Strong wind scat- w-^l^i ^r i^^^ 

tering pebbles. Cloud casting down 
suow.hail. Numerous company of men. 
Soil covered with t-aij XJa9J' j^'j\ 

Seized with scarlet fever. 

, lil i>j bUoij la.i> 

To reap (corn-crops). 
To destroy a. o. with the 

He died. 
i To be strongly woven 

(rope, coat of mail). 
To be mature (corn- a.i>.--^lj -u»>*i 

To form a league (people). a.i>iJ,l, 

To be strongly made (rope). To be 

Harvest-time. il.i>j i\.^>- 

Crops. Gathered i'j^^^^j Ju.^ij -ua> 

Stalks of reaped crops. aj,i.i> y «^c^ 
Slanderous talks. SLJ VI jJl.i> 

Reaper. iiL^j j-^sU 

Scythe, sickle. j~^\^j^ ^ -usk; 

To surround, *j 5 |^i o i ^i -S- 

to put a. o. in a strait. To withhold 

a. 0. To put a cushion upon (a ca- 

mel\ To hold a. th. (vessel). .^ To 

inconvenience a. o. To limit, a. th. 
To encompass a. 0. ^ — 

To be costive. ..r^'-'h _r^ 

To feel an oppression l^a> a ^a> 

of the heart. To be niggardly. To be 

tired To falter in speech. 
To conceal (a secret). tj — 

To encompass..*j :i\j\^3.j '~o'Ja\>:i'J^\>- 

a. 0. To invest (a town). 

( ^TY ) 

Strong-, difficult of access. k>-a^ 

Fox, CrJa^J\ y] 

Freedom. Marriage. Mind. ol.^l 
Entrenchment. oUx-ak^ rr ^^■'■^ 

Basket. Lock. ^oli-^ ^ cj-^-^- 

Virtuous woman. XLay^fj <:-^>-..i 

To hinder a. o. a S'^lai- o \la* -fr 

To abound in pebbles (land).Cai a ^s9^ 
To strike a. o. with ^' Cai i ~^^a>■ 

To have a stone in the bladder 
To protect a. o. 
To reckon, to niunber. 

To understand a. th. 
To b'i on the watch. 
Number. Small stones. 

Calculus. "Pebbles. Prudence 
Very prudent. *^ai 

Soil abounding in pebbles. 31.^3^-.;; jajl 
Innumerable. ^^k^ jjt 

To incite Je a u^-aij , Uai o jai ^ 

a. o. to. 
To excite one another to. ic n ^U 
To rouse o. another. u^ui 

Lycium. Box-thorn. jaij> 

Foot of a moan- xJi>lj jaja* ^ o^~2i»^ 

tain. Perigee. 
To be kindled (fire] 
To kindle (the fire) 
Wooden poker. 
To put wood (iu 

the fire). 
To take a rugged by-way. ^_J»ij 

Twang of a bow. Side. i_,Uiil ^ ^.> ^ 

Foot of a mountain. Big- snake. 
Poker. Firebrand. .^^k./' 

To kindle (the fire), a (^Jaw: a r-^> -^ 
To throw a. o. down. To ^ ij A — 

unload (a camel). To stir (the fire). 
To be roused to anger. To ^^xk'jl 

spread o.'s self on the ground. 
Fire-poker. r-^se-^ 

( opp. to ^li ) i^Uiij hj-^ o j^a^ -«• 
To be present. To be at hand (time). 
To settle in a country. ojta> — 

To occur to a. o. (thought), fiij S — 

To witness a, th. To present o.'s 

self before a. o. 

To befall a. o. (evil). To be J j^> 

realised (profit). 
To happen to a, o. (event), jc j.i> 

To collect (a debt). <► To get a.^th. 
To eat (earth : beast). "^i a J-a> 

To have a pain in the belly from 

having eaten (earth : horse). 
To attain (an aim). To sum fi> ^^^ 

up ( a speech ). -if- To recover 

(money). To acquire (science). 
To produce unripe (dates). J^]j — 
To result. To be obtained. J^»-3 

To be realised. 
Remainder. Result, J-*0=^ '?• J-*'* 

product, quotient. Produce of land. 

Purified silver. -^ Warehouse. 
Sum total.ln short, in a word, j^bjl 
Siftings of wheat. ;Jl.i» 

Remainder. Produce. jJli* ,^ iL^> 
Crop of a bird. Wheat, xl^j^j J-^>> 
Aubergine. Egg-plant. j^^ 

Success. Scientific attainment. j-.*a^ 

■<;>• Tax-gathering. 
Tax-gatherei'. j|aL^7 Ts 

Result. oX>.^k>: -^j Jc-e^'--^ t J^'>.^ 

■^ Seed-produce. Income. 
To break wind (hor.'se).^ (^^as- i^> ^ 
To be broken (wood). ^■^'^■K 

To be inaccessible (place).xjl.i:> o^-aii^ 
i be iiLoi' J wa:vj [X^>- o ^^a> 

chaste (woman). 
To fortify (a place). To a ^^'\j ^^^ 

surround (a village) with a wall. 
To be chaste, virtuous (woman). ^i>l 

To marry (man or -n-oman). 
To keep] f chaste : (woman). A — 
To give (a woman) in marriage, a — 
To fortify, to entrench o.'s self. ^■>-5 
To be chaste (woman). To become 
a stallion (horse). 
Stronghold, fortress. oj-^>- ^ o-^*" 

Weapons. Horses. Crescent. 
Chaste woman. oijl.ia>j ^^>. ^ cA^ 

La^vful wife. Pearl. 
Stallion. Blood- XLa^\j Jiai- .y. ol-i> 

Hi^^popotamus. Jy.2\ o\ij=- ■♦■ 

Pudioal woman. Lawful wife. 


C wr ) 

chiM). To embrace (a child). 
To (jjJai-j Jjlis* J Cl2»>j .Cia* 4^17 o ~ 

brood upon its eggs (bird). 
To debar ^ » ^,^^\j ,'*jlhi.j \u^ — 

a. 0. from. 
To have inequal breasts. CLa*- o ^^^ 
To despise, to wrong a. o. ^jj 5 ,>i>>'' 
To deprive a. 0. from a right. *|ij 5 — 
Breast. Bosom. oii»>-b o>ii> :r c-^> 

Clasp. Side. Foot of a mountain. 
Fostei'ing. ■<>• Right and pension <:l^ 

of tutorship, granted to the mother. 
Brood. -<>• Embrace. "^ja>- 

He felt the grasp of '^^Z. X:Ja->-j c^jj>') 

Nurse, di-y nurse. cr^i>^ ?r si^i^ 

Having inequal breasts, teats. o>is> 
To stir (the fire). * |^ii> lia* -$:^ 
Wooden poker. 'X^yjt. 

To go down ; to alight. Ck^: tk^ -il- 
To abate (price). C^yiiij Lla> o — 
To be pimpled (face). "Jailj C!3lL> o — 
To put.To leave off a th. A Lk> o — 

To pohsh, to figure (leather). -^ To 

pay a. th. To lower a. th. 
To eat much. ^l'«Ltl J — 

To put down (a burden), ^ jJa^ 

-^To make a. o. to pay, to put a. th. 
To put a. th. down. a 'ia:>lj 'JUil 

To be put down. To sink 'i»>-Jl, 

(strength). To be humbled. To abate 

To ask a. o. to put down a » '^v&^\ 

a. th. 
To ask a lowering of uii, J^'.\ ^« — 

Unloading, relief. JaJs^j xLa- 

Abatement of price. ;ia-la> 

Carbuncled face. Froth of milk, klk^ 
Stink. klk> 

Short. kj'lkij \x^ 

Station. <• Full '}o\>.'i. ^ xLi.^j *k>./: 

stop. Pause. 
Instrument for pohshing. aL>.>> j *k>.>« 
To prostrate a. o.jj jajvi ti»: a ik^ -S- 
To turn a. 0. back from. ^i o — 

To slap a. 0. on the back. "i - 

To cast forth froth (boiler). \sbSi'j. — 
Ugly, mean, small in body. xZla>- 

To turn away from. ^ — 

To bring Aj 5.^^b ^»ij _/iu.: 

in a. 0. or a. th. To get a. th. ready. 
To give a ready s \j\^ j S>ii9b-.i ^U 

(answer). To witness a. th. To 

contend with a. 0. To run with a. o. 
To run (horse). ,/^\j J^\ 

To attend (a meeting). a — 

To present o.'s self. _^'aii.lj yo'iii 

•(f- To prepare o.'s self. 
To be at the point of death. ^aiil 
To send for a. 0. To occur 5 ^'is>.~_H^ 

to the mind (thought). To make 

(a horse) to run. 

Cultivated country. 
Inhabitant of a village. CJ_ria> 

Presence. Vicinity. •<► Ma- ^'J^a^^ ycJ- 
jesty, excellency (titles of honour). 

In his oj^JjitJ -^j ^'j-'SL->j_i »J^'ay-j, 

Intruder. Spunger. ^'<a>j j^* 

Always ready to reply. Quick. J;a^ 

elriaij Jy0.^i J^-^»-J _r^»- r: j-p^ 

Present. Large tribe. Coming to a 
city. Dwelling by water. Cultivated 
district. Settlement. <>• Ready. 
Party of men. J^lJsij -^i-ia^^ •?: e1,'\^ 
Matter in a wound. Vanguard. Diy- 
ing- floor for dates. 
•^Summons subpoena. writ.jUs>l^ s^^i* 
Colloquy, conference. s^'j>\>.J^ 

Fixed dwelling. Pi'e- ^>W^ t J^ei^-^ 
sence. Return to water. Record sig- 
ned by witnesses, -if- Assembly. 
Speaking well of the J:a->C<^\ J~>- 

■tf Official record. J:a9-j^ j^'ji- 

At the point of death. J^^^-j^ 

Coming to a settled country, ^-ark-* 
Fleet (horse). j^^-^ ^r -^4»»--^ 

To mispronounce ^^V&iil J yjit^- ^ 

To bark (a tree). To brace (a jfc — 

bow). To mix a. th. 
Name of a province cj^It^j Cjj"'^'- 

and of a tribe of Yemen. 
To y ^2£:>-\j , 'iJ\J3^j Uo» i^^i^ "^ 
take in the bosom. To bring up ( a 

To make an enclosure for o.'g 

To build an enclosure. 
Enclosure for J^i J llai 

cattle, sheepfold. Fence. 
Paradise. ^Idll s3i^> 

Unlucky. Stingy. Sjn^l -^J 

Forbidden. Unapproachable. j^]a»t» 
To bi'ace strongly (a bow), a ij^ic; -{:{■ 

To fill up (a skin). 
To be filled (skin). To be ^'J^ 

surfeited. To be full of hatred (man). 
Strong. Courageous. Stern. ^'j^ 

To Jc Ci^kij CSUa>:J yia^ O i ^ -ff 

px'event a. o. fi-om acting. 
To stop in -walking. Cj^Ua> o — 

Parsimonious man. JUa^j J^> 

To walk slowly. i^Li o ik:^ -i^ 

To obtain ^ ^^j s;^^ s;^ a J^ 
' a. th. ■ ' ' - 

To enjoy the favour of. ai* ^^\j — 
To procui'e a. th. to ^ ? sUi»t ^Ja>1 
To render happy; to favour a. o. s — 
To prefer one to another. J^ ^ ~ 

High estimation,^^j %>■ ^ o'J&J-j aa> 

regard. Favour, happiness. 
Small arrow. cjV^i^j 'l^ ^ S}Li 

Small rod. 
Slow walk. uioi 

i^. Favourite slave.iifciei -^j Uii ^ Citi 
To pluck A illiriij , CiiLvj u* o lii^ ■«■ 

(the hair). To shave ( the head) ; to 

chp (the b.?ard); to bark a. th. <>• To 

rub out a. th. 
To surround il^j ^ j y ,jS^j ui — 

a. th. 
To encompass a. o. or (_) 4^j S — 

a. th. with. 
To produce a rusthng sound Q^ i — 

(leaves, snake, horse, bird, shower). 
To have shaggy, undressed ;^ij liil 

To become dry (earth, ^Jj. { — 

food, stomach). To become deaf 

(ear). To be smitten by the evil eye. 
To speak evil of a. o. 5 — 

To have the hair plucked fi> liSali^ 

out of the face. To eat up (a. th.) 
To encompass a. o. J^ — j 

Dregs of the people. ' k,: 

To pick up ^>ij , CW i ^AaJi- -«- 

To bring wood to a. o. To aj 5 ^.uc 

prune (the vine). To wash away 

roots (rain). 
To abound in firewood. ^h-llj ,_ja>- 
To speak ill or well of. ^j ip. ^\,c 
He came to his rescue. <i:> J _ja» 
To want to be pruned ^iai£J,ij Ju^ l 

Firewood. Slander. ,^\\iiJ\ ^ »^> 

<• Guiacum, lignum vitse.jn-joSI ^.La^ 
Very lean. wJa>-b >-4i> 

Collector of firewood. »_,3»b. 

Great talker, mixing jjj — 

good and evil in his speech. 
Wood-cutter. i^yL^ j, (_(ll»> 

Abounding in firewood. w-sk> 

Pruning-knife. yji»-j^ 

To put a string to (a A \j\a^ ^Isi -Ji- 

To break a. th.* J^J , C>Ja^ i ^ia> -^ 
To be broken by age. Clai a ^^ki 
To be smashed (dry thin gs).^;tj|j^i3ij 
Fragment, piece. ^^Lij X^liaij i;Lv 
The vanities of the world. CJioi ^iL> 
Unfruitul year. *i.i»-j *»L> 

Vehement fire. Gluttonous. :i;.ia^ 

Bad year. Digestible. j>j^'^ 

Lion. Ja^^j ^llaij ^.jW 

Wall of the Caaba. Plant of ^-i> 

the precedent year. 
To toss, to shake fit \yia^ o iL^ -H- 

a. th. about. 
Big lice. f ImT 

To be lucky. 'ja:i _, , Cjii a 'Ji^ ^ 

To become rich. '.kil 

To enjoy a. th. To be ^ 'Jar>l,-^ 

favoured with. 
Luck. Portion, lot. J»4a> ^ 'J» 

Happiness. -^ Enjoyment. Favom*. 
Happy, lucky. ^Ja^J^j Ji-Jiij J^ 

Pleasure, gladness. *^Jiu^y -<>• 

To be fat, fleshy.CL; a ^^J i ^^ "* 
Short and big-bellied. s;^ ^ ^ti 
To prevent the u. * l^Li _4=^ -M- 

access of (a place) to a. 0. To enclose 

(cattle) in. 

Hollow, ^,^ 9r '-"ij^j j*^ T "i'j^ 

ditch, cavity. 
Pit. Grave. Mussel (shell-fish). j\jo- 
Digger. Hoof. ^jl^i ^ _^G.. 

Beginning, original state. S^^Uj — 
Directly. At first. e^b,)l olc 

He came back to his «53^G. Jt ^fj 

former state. 
Tartar of the teeth. 


Sand-bed. SjUJt> ■<»• 

To push a. til. jfcj j( iji> i ji» -^ 

fi'om behind. To urge on ( the day : 

To pierce a. o. with (a spear). ^ n — 
To hurry (an affair). 
To be seated opposite to. 
To be on the watch, to be 

ready to act. 
To press forward. *^ 


To eat (man). CJ 

To collect (water). Cii 

To meet (tribe). To run two heats 

consecutively (horse). 
To expel a. o. To extract *j 5 — 

a. th. To bark a. th. To fill a valley 

To apply o.'s self to. 
To pour down showers 

To remain in his tent 

Place in which water abounds 
Receptacle, vessel, sack. ,_;iU:^*) ^ j.]o. 

Small tent of hair. Paltry articles 

of furniture. 
Lizards, hedgehogs and J»JVI jiU>1 


To collect a. th. A La.i>- i ,jak> -M- 
Collection. toli^ 

Leather-basket for^uilji^^ sru^** 

cleansing wells. Tent, Lion's whelp. 
To bend, to crook (a ^ Caii ; j^)^ ^ 

stick). To throw a. th. 
To throw a. th. back. a 

To di'y ( the earth). 

( \To ) 





A - oU 

*M>-J <Jt>- 



s u 

fi> ui» o 

a U^ -J{- 

To take the whole of. 

Surrounding. Evil-eyed 

I'nkneaded flour. 

Dry, unseasoned bread. 

■if Margin. Border. Side. Wall 

breast-high in a field. 
Side. Trace. Border of 

hair around a bald head 
Track, trace. 
He came upon his 

Servants. Young ostrich. 
Generosity. Weaver. Robber. 
Confused sound of the wind, of 

bii'ds. Buzzing. 
Litter for women flat on the top. ili^ 
Surrounded. Poor. ojiv 

To produce a rustling (with ^j^je^ -8- 

the wings : bird). 
To throw a. o. down. 
To pull out papyrus. 
To crush, to 

destroy a. th. 
Large harmless oU»*l ?r c^'^i «^*» ^ 

To do jiliillj ,C|jI>.j i1u> i Xti -^ 

a. th. speedily; to be nimble in work. 
To serve a. o. speedily. 5 — 

To hurry, to hasten a. o 
Quick pace. 
Grandson ; grandchild. 
Servant. Helper. 
Oi'igin of a man 

of the hump. 
Sharp (sword). jjc^-j^ 

To dig (the earth). *_^>|j , l^ i_,ii -^ 
To scrutinise a. th. ■<>■ To en- A_^ 

grave (a metal). 
To become _^j , 'CJ^ a jJa-i \'Jo. i '- 

cankered (teeth). 
To shed his first teeth _^b i ^ 

To furrow (the earth : torrent). _^J 
To go deep in his burrow j)\>- 

Large well. Cankering of the teeth.__,ij; 
Large well. Earth taken jU>1 r: J^ 

forth fi'om a well. 

Base jjii.,; , 

2^ Ai>l 




( \ 

ned. To coUact in the udder (milk). 
To flock ia (people). To become jJc^[ 

conspicuous (road). 
To be flooded by (a stream : i_, — 

valley). -^ To celebrate (a feast). 
To take care of. To exaggerate Jj ^ — 

a. th. 
Crowd. Numerous. Care. jis: 

Large crowd. Milk collected. JlL^ 
Refuse of dates, men. Froth, of x5u> 

Solemnity of a feast : ceremony. Jusl. I. 
Solemn, gi'and. 'Jjji^{ 

Filled (river, J3'>ij J^ -r JJts- 

room, udder). Giving much milk (she- 
Assiduous. Numerous. ixj^i j. J-i^ 
They came all ^£Liij j jr^'--i 0^ 

of them. 
Gathering. jisk^J Ji\^ ■?: J4*^ 

Nuisance. :UalLi a 

To scoop up (sand, a ui.- o o** "^ 

flour) with both hands. 
To give to a. o. a handful of. J — 
To pull up (a tree). A o^- 

To appropriate a. th. *— i^, * — 

Handful of ^ ^ Xlilj , oCii ^ *i«> 

(sand). Rubbish. Hollow. A little. 
To honour a. o (God). ^ i^j,: o U> -tt- 
To make a gift to. s — 

To deprive a. o. from. ^^p 2f — 

To walk barefoot. tii>j U:^ i i^ 

To have the feet, hoofs worn "by 


To show honour to a guest. i_j Jc^\j 
To quarrel with a. o. oljV> 

To let a. 0. walk » «uil^ i>1 

barefoot. To press a. o with ques- 
To clip (the mustaches). To re- * — 

peat (a question). 
To bare o's feet. ijj -^ 

To strive after. J 1^ 

To take off. To walk barefoot. J^i 
To pick (a vegetable). To * — 

exhaust (a pastui'age). 
To inquire about a. th. of.^ s J^*^i 

House furniture jad^^j js'Oi> ^ jJu^ 

ready to be carried. Camel bearing 

it. Tent. Flag-bearer, ^^^eak ca- 
mel. Pole of a tent. 
To put a. th. in Aj s Clais- a Jai» -H- 

store. To preserve a. th. To learn 

a. th. by heart.-^ To observe (a feast; 

o.'s conduct). To keep (a secret). To 

reserve (a sin). 
To make a. o. to learn a. th. fi> s .kl> 

by heart. 
To persevere jp CliU»-j sJaSCa-i JisU 

upon. To observe a. th. carefully. 
To put a. o. out of temper. s Jiiit 
To learn by heart. ulJ; 

To caution o.'s self against. ^ — 
To keep, to preserve fi,j ^ iiixil 

a. th.' 
To appropriate a. th. *^ii) ^ — 

To ask a. o. to keep a fi, s JaikxJ.^ 

seci'et or a. th. 
Attention, watchfulness. Cai-e. JiU 

Keeping. Memory. 
Anger, zeal to Jiv^Cb:' ^ skjiij , :tki> 

defend a. o. or a. th. 
<>• Superstition. j^Q JJU;:^lj JlL; hkc 

False worship. 
Keeper. Knowing ihdi-j JJLbi ^ Jijb. 

by heart. Conspicuous road. 
The Preserver (God). iaM-J\j Ji^Wl 
Watchful. oiiJI Ja^G- 

Memory. X^jWI -^^j *ii|U)l 

The recordhag Angel JiiiiJI dUiJl 

of men. 
The Angels. :ckii]b OjkiWI 

Governor (of a town). Ja^Gi/J 

Army of reserve. JiJUili 

To be ^Liij V_^j >li> i jii -«■ 

copious (milk, water). 
To meet (people). To pour 5Ua: [ — 

torrents of rain (sky). To flow abun- 
dantly (tears). 
To be filled to the brink (river). jllJi, — 
To apply o.'s self to. To mind ^j * — 

a. th. 
To collect (water). To embel- * jii 

lish a. th. 
To leave ( cattle) unmilked. jlij 

To throng in (people). To be ador- 


( NTY ) 

■^ Against, on the subject of. j^ J — 
Worthy of. Fitted for. t_, J^i^Jj ji 
Truly. Verily. 'j^^J ^ 

Camel three years old. j:» 

Upper part of the ann. jua-j jui'i ^ j^ 

Socket of the hip. Spidei''s web. 

Stone. Roimd piece of land. Small 

box. <- Pyx. 
Casket : small Jlivj jsij j=i ^ dsi 

bos. Calamity. 
Right, duty. :cL. 

Worthy of. o\ j\ ^ -U^l ^ J::l»^ 

Truth. Reality. Essence, j/ui. ^ <iJi 

Proper sense (of a word). 
Really, in truth. Verily.:a.2ill Jj ^l^ 
True, real. Proper (sense). ^?-2> 

True. Perfect (mau). Middle Ju. J o^ 

(of the neck, of the winter). 
Calamity. Resurrection. Perfect. x3\> 
Quarrel, dispute. sJb-Jj JU* 

Quai-relliug about trifles. Jiip-Ji JjJ 
Worthier of... than. ^ ^ jl] 

■^ Official inquest. oU-2>.j ^ J~?>i 

Who is i-ight. ^^J, 

Who is wrong. J>sk» 

Merit. Dignity. ofiU^J-l. ^ JU^jr_:l. 

Maturity. Due (of a bill).' 
To be suppres.sed ^Ij . Cii a ^2i ■«- 

(urine). To bs rainless (year)'. To 

be unproductive (mine). 
To convey a. th. in croup ^ v_i5il 

(rider). To perpetrate (a crime). 
To store up a. th. Sj * ..^kr-llj — 

To make a. o. to ride behind (rider). 

year. A long time. Space of eighty 

Ornamented woman's girdle. _i^ 

Gu'th of a camel. 
Long space of ^j^j v^=; rr ^=' 

time. Yeax*. 
Ornamented woman's »_i^ ^ tjl5>: 

girdle. Amulet. Whiteness at the 

root of the nail. 
Following. Riding behind. ^„,?c 

Pi-o vision-bag, clothes ^,u^ ^ ilii 

carried behind the saddle. Posteriors. 
Wild as.s.^ ^ ^ -Cii ^ ^t 

Barefootedness, abrasion of the C»> 

feet, hoofs. Shoe. 

Welcome. «jU>-j SjCb^ 

Barefooted. Shoeless ;u» ^ vjG- 

( horse). Welcoming. Judge. Learned. 

To overcome a. o. in 5 u> o jv -s- 

contending for a right. To strike 

a. o. on the back of the neck. 
To realise the fear of. e'JjS — 

To prove a. th. To make a. th. a — 

necessary. To be sure of. To ascer- 
tain (news). 
To be suitable, neces- J jj.j it i ^ 

sary, incumbent upon a. o. 
Thou must, jiiJ o\ dx] j^j dX'Js. ji 

it is thy duty to do. 
To become certain, Hij u> i o j> 

To ascertain, to prove a. th. fti j|^ 

To render necessary. To believe (a 

To contest with CjU>j Llui o^* 

a. 0. for a right. 
To obtain (a right) from ^j 5' |jii 

a. o. To render a. th. necessary. To 

kill (game) on the spot. To make 

a. th. certain. 
To be ascertained (news). jl>j 

To verify a. th. To render a. th. fi> — 

To contend with a. o. for j:ilj o'^j 

a right. 
To be tightened (knot). j^J[ 

To be slender (horse). To quarrelj^l^ 

together about a right. To become 

fat (cattle). 
To be due (payment). To de- js^iJ,). 

serve a punishment (culprit). 
To have a claim to ; to * — 

deserve a. th. To render a. th. ne- 
Right. Truth. Duty. j^Sal ^ ji 

Justice. Certitude. Cattle. Authentic. 

One of the Names of God. 
•^ Civil court. J^>.n ^lU^ 

^ Thou art i-ight. tijl>j dU>i jyi 
■<► Thou art wTong. di'Ai ^1 

■<>• I conjure thee by. jiu dJ'd 


( \r 

when green. <• Column of a page. 
Litter for women. Paiu in tbe ji> 

Belly-fretting caused to iiiij — 

horses, camels by their eating earth. 
Fertile tield. <li>.. 

Remainder of water, miik- iii>j Sii> 
Sown field. Jf'-J' -r ^'»--^ 

To be broken. Vlis-j u»>i j3>: ^ 
weary (old man). To sleep. To de- 
cline. To walk with short steps. 

A i .-.Ss^ -S- 

Impotent, aged man 
Long-necked bottle. 
A kind of pigeon. ^ 

Exterior angle of the ^K^^ c->» 

To withhold a. th. 

To collect (milk in a skin ; water 

in a tank). To keep in (urine). To 

prevent (bloodshed). 
To administer a clyster to a. o. i — 
To mix various kinds of milk. ^1 
To take a clystei". To suffer .,£,I|^ 

fi'om strangury. To collect in a 

wound (blood). 
Clyster. ^2=-' ^ XCii 

Pain in the belly. cX!o-\ ^ X^ 

Suffering from retention of ^\y. 

urine. Decumbent (new moon). 
Stomach. ^3I>: ^ XT^ 

Collected in a tank o>i?--»j Oi*^ 

(water). Poured into a skin (milk). 
Retaining his urine. 

Tank. Fish-pond. 
To hit a. 0. on the 

To feel a pain, on the 

"Waist- ^sij 'liaHj _j3^b '^ w ^» 

wrapper. "Loins, waist. Foot of a 

"Waist -wrapper. Pain in S^ij •12> 

the belly. 
Having a complaint of '>'i^j jiit^ 

the belly. 
To rub a. th. jt jl ^^ a ^is>^ o i^ ^ 

with. To scrape off (gold) with. 

X.291AJ ji»-^ 



A) J.V 

To brood a secret hatred towards 
a. o. To bear rancour to. 

To fail totally (rain). I^» a a2:i 

To withhold rain ( sky). To be ex- 
hausted (mine). To become fat (she- 

To excite a. o. to rancour. ?j y a2>1 
To seek without finding (in a mine). 

To bear mutual hatred to o. a. jkjfp-i 

To fail (rain). jOr^i. 

Secret oJiSaT^ ;a^j,il2>l ^ -ii>; 

hatred. Rancour. 

Rancorous, malevolent. ^^j -wG- 

To despise a. o. or <fcj s \'Jl»- i Jo. ^ 
a. th. To think slightly of. 

To be mean, s^u;: o Ji^j \'J^ a j-^ 

To look scornfully at. To Aj y Ji. 
use the diminutive form (of a noun). 

To hold a. 0. ft>^ n ^^i-llj _j^\j Ji^\ 
or a. th. to be despicable ; paltry, 

He held himself in UttleiLiJ 4^i CjJ\>i 

Base, weak, vile. J^-^- 3 J^ 

Degradation, lowness. sJ^^J'j cj^ 

Contempt, disdain. Use of the -'isiiJ 
diminutive form. 

Mean, vile, paltiy. -^ Humble. j^j^ 

Trifles. Things of small cl^i^siJi 


Francolin (bird). ollailij ia2:> -51- 

To be curved. To lie on 0|^ o ^J^ ^ 
the side, with the body bent (ga- 

To be long and curved ^%'J^y 

(crescent, ti-act of sand). 

Long *ii>j <j_y2>-j i_JU>-J jU> I 5f ,_i2> 

and winding tract of sand. 

To be seized with ;iiij >li> a js^: -S- 
belly-fretting (horse, camel). 

To sell seed-produce while in 2 jsG- 
growth. To make a bargain for 
land-labour, on the condition of re- 
ceiving the half, or third of the pro- 

To show ears (corn). To become jssll 
fertile (field). 

Fertile field. Corn-crops J^ ^ ji^ 


( \y\ ) 


Kitchen-garden. ejj^'^ -^ 

To make up. fi>j » CiiC: i jX.:^ -«- 

(th.) To detain. To -wrong a. o. -^ To 

draw (a wick). To stir the fire. 
Wick-liokler. J.\^j>^ <• 

To be remiss in work, ^j^ i ^5C> -H- 
To jp Jfci^ilj Jfci>b ■ ^fe=i> Jfc^> ^ 

be confused, doubtful to a. o. (news). 
4- To be obliged to. J[ Jfei5» I. 

A voiceless insect. jfciai 

To speak inaudibly. Jfevi,!! j.yS' J.U~i 
Barbarous pronunciation. xU^ 

■^ Great need. 
To give ej 'i^_^^j (^^ o ^» -{1- 

judgment on. 
.^ To practice fencing. ^^^ 

.^ To overtake a. o. (rain, mishap).^' — 
To judge between (two parties), o^l — 
To pass sentence in favour U jl J — 

of or against a. o. 
To check (a horse) with ^ _^>-'h — 

a curb-bit. 
To come back. CS^ o ^5C> 

To withhokl a. o.jf ^.KJAj Js^i-i J^ 

To counteract a. o. 
To be prudent, wise. *iSCv o ^^ 
■tf- To practice medicine. ^^»j- 

To appoint a. o. as governor. j; — 
To choose a. o. as judge in. J "6 ^fcis^ 
To summon a. o. 5 ^G- 

To do a. th. well. To put a * ^^*1 

ring to a horse's bridle. 
To teach a. o. (trials). n — 

To pass judgment j ^Is^ _^;j 

on.To give a decision without regard 

to justice. To have o.'s o^vn way. 
To summon a. o. to. ^\ ^^>b J^U; 
To prevail upon a. o. ip ^^S»l 

To be thoroughly made, ^9-~Jm\ 

strong (work). 
To fortify (a place). A — 

Sentence. Authority. j\isj>\ ^ ^SC> 

Order. Law. "Wisdom. 
"^ Judgment in presence C^ G- j ,5Ci 

of the adverse parties. 
•^ Judgment by default. 'J, Ci. ^SC> 
Judge. Aged man. .<>■ Fencing. ^SC^ 
Justice. Wisdom. ^^ ^ *_iJsls- 

Science. Philosophy. Forbearance. 

To busy the aj,!*^ j ixi^lj lUi-b ib: 

mind (cares).' 
To itch (head).» 2Aifj,lj ie*!^ '^l>1j - 
To imitate a. o. (ial&i>j v.!'U>J 'JvV- 
To prepare to do miscliief. »_, >tX^6t 
The scorpion ^^jVIj vS^' c-5C4ii 

prepared to do evil to the viper. 

{proverb applied, lo lain who strug- 
gles iviUi one stronger than himself). 
To rub, to sci-atch one another. ^JUj 
To rub o.'s self against. ^ iliil^ 

Mischief-maker. yi, ii\ia^j CU* 

Gulf. ;i&^; n 

Evil suggestions; doubts. Cj'S'\U^ 

Sea-compass. ',^ <>• 

White marbled stone. dXfei> 

Jerking gait. 
Itch. Doubt in a point of faith. Xfci> 
Tooth. X-fC 

Borax. Itch. iJl^i^i 

Scrapings. Rubbings. Powder xS\i^i 

for ophtalmia. ->■ Itching 
Pumice-stone. il^TG-.!! _,i> a 

Familiar, de23endeDts. i!lfei.>l 

Rubber. Assayer of gold. illfei> 

Touch-stone. il>^ 

To * 'ifeiiilj \feii1j , Ifcui a \fet^ ^ 

tighten (a knot). 
To be tightened (knot). To be i^^l. 

fastened (necklace). To be convinced. 
To come back to (o.'s iSfeuT i jfeaaT -«• 

To rely upon a. o. it. jfeisl'lj oTU 

To wrong a. o. To ■& (JiZj^ \ J<Li. ^ 

ill-treat o.'s people. 
To be obstinate, con- r^C> a Jsk^ 

To monopolise (goods). ^j — 

<■ To prevent a. o. from fi> jfei> d 

building on a ground. 
To contend with a. o. i ^TU 

To monopolise a. th. ^ ^5>lj ^fcw 

till it becomes scarce. 
To regret a. th. Jc _,fei^ 

Wrongful behaviour. J>i^ 

Drinking cup. Little of water. _,5C>j — 
Monopolised (corn, goods). J^j ^.J- 
Withholding of corn. "ijiiJ- 

Withholder of corn. .fe^^ 


( \ 

To ba inhabited ( place ). 
To have weak legs (horse). >U> a I}* 

To feel a pain in the knees. 
To annul (an fi> y^jj iU-jJ '^^j 3^ 

oath). To dispense with. 
To permit a. th. (God). To ft, yS>3 — 

legitimate a. th. To expiate a. th. 
To make a. o. to alight at. ^ s — 
To becoma free from obligation, jil 
To make a. th. lawful (God). a 'j^] 
To let a. o or a. th. down in.i_, Aj 5 — 
To impose an obligation upon a. o.jc — 
To swear in making an «a-«J j jl»ij 

To be loosened (knot). ^ijl. 

To alight in a place. ^j fit i}i^[ 

To occupy (a country : army). 
To consider a. th. as la^^'ful. .A [jxLlI^ 
To ask a. 0. to allow a. th. fi> s — 
Loosening. Solution of difficulties. Js: 

Dissolution. -^ Absolution. Poetry 

turned into pi'ose. 
Lawful thing. Absolution of an ^^ 

oath. Butt. 
Supreme authority. JaJ^Uj 'J^^\ 

•^Pure, unmixed. 'jy^]] jt 

Laxness of the hocks. Pain in the jb: 

Large basket of made reeds. :2^ 

Hamlet. Quarter of a town. Direction. 

•^ Copper saucepan. 
Nomadic tribe. J'^>. ^ 

Set of clothes. J>U-j jl> 5- sl_> 

•^ Sacerdotal vestments. 
Lawful thing. ( opp. io j,V^i. ) J>U 
■^ Honest man. J>U ^\ 

Instrument for winding silk, d^ <► 

Fellow-lodger, husband, wife. 
Fulfilling of the rites of the jSU-t 

Orifice of the udder. jj G-'l ^ J>UI. 
Weak-legged. L^ «■ 'llAi v» '^\ 

Dispensation -tf Resolution of JsUj 

a tumour. 
Halting-place. Station. Ju^ ^ '^J' 

Place. <• Funeral meeting. Liable to. 
Inn. Station. Encampment. :ai> 

Quarter of a to^^^l. 

Prophecy. ■(>• Medical knowledge. 
Martingale. Ring of cXS~> -r '-^S^ 

a bridle. Head. State of a man. 
Judicial authority.-<>>Government.x^^3i 
Governor. Judge. o^Uj ^i&u^ ^ ^U 
Name of Mansour, one of !,y\ jX\>i\ 

the Fatimite Caliphs. 
Wise, learned man. '\iS^ ^ ji:~=?^ 

Philosopher. <■ Medical man. 
•<>■ Ai'bitration. >r^^ 

<)• Compromise. ^^r?^'---" '>^^ 

Condemned (man). «^ ^^SC^iiJI 

Point at issue (m /atf). «j ^^^SC^iill 
•<>■ Tribunal. Court. ^G-J^V ^i-^j* 
Judging I'ightly o.'s self. _^^-* 

<>• Arbitrator. Umpire. ^»-^ 

^ Award. ciJc;-^,)! j^i- 

Trial. Hearing of a case. S^ru^ 

Law proceedings. ol^Ti^-iJI J>oi 

Fortifications. oCSCkil'^jc.Ulfe^i-.^^J.l •♦• 
To relate (a fact). .* \'^i!=*^, i J^ ^ 
<>■ To speak. ^Xi 

To relate a. th. on the ^i fit — 

authority of. 
To backbite a. 0. '^ ~ 

To speak or act like a. o. f^j n — 
To be alike to. To imitate Aj i SQ. 

(an action). <>• To converse with. 
To overcome a. 0. jc J^^ 

Word, speech. JC^ -^ 

Narrative story, tale. "^^fe^*- 

To untie (a knot). ^j fi^ y^ o ^'^}^ ^ 
To remit (sins). To solve (a difficul- 
ty). To wind off (cocoons). To un- 
bend ( a bow), -if- To absolve a. o. 
To dilute a. th. 
To alight at. ^ j\ fi> y^j Vji> i CJ^ 
<■ To be come (time). To come off ^ 

<► It is time for thee iliT jiiJ ol »iu> 

to do so. 
To befall a. o. (punishment). \s. — 
He is the right man in the .I'*^ D* 

I'ight place. 
To become free from mari'iage. -^ — 
To be obligatory on. jt sJ\J, { — 
To become lawful. To be- >U i ^ 

come due (debt). 
To melt ( ice ). To dissolve. ^ 


MilkiMg-YOSdel. *-^^lJ v'^ 

Fresh milk. Fresh (blood). ._^b: 

Milker. Dump (clay). i_,^ 

Milch v-',^>--' v-^* T *J>>J v.^J^'^ 

CcXinel. She-cainel yielding milk. 
Mercury (plant). Intensely black. o,lU 
Ivy. ^^liu 

Prunus inahali'b {plcDil). ^Js^J^ 

Assistant, heljjor. vW'* 

■^ Food made of milk and flour. xLii-.;: 
•if- Emulsion, milk of ( almonds ).,J[ij:i; 
To shave (the ifcj s tU 1 ci> -M- 

head). To pluck (wool). To pay (a 

debt). To remain (on liorsebaok). To 

flog a. 0. 
Flake of wool. X)-^ 

Ice. Frost. Hail. c-^l* 

Asafoetlda. c-i?lij c-ij; 

To card cotton. Ai Gj> i o ^^ ^ 

To j'ound (a cake). To twist (a ro^ie). 
To walk slowly. ^J> 

To walk (the whole night). >U5 — 
■<>- To limp. To hop. ( for ji> ) — 

To send forth lightning (cloud), ^ji-j 
To b3 troubled by cares. oj lua J — 
Distance. ;iU 

Cloud sending forth lightning. ^^ 
Cotton-dresser. ^■^^ 

Cardiug-macbine. 5r>^''-»j r-U* 

Table for dressing cotton. otU>»j r-i^ 
Rolling-pin for dough, ^.j \^j, ^ ^>u. 

To pluck (the hair /b ijU o jU' -^ 

of a hide). To bai'k (wood). 
To remain. To bs in pangs ^t 

To get ready for. J - 

To hold a couvei'sation. ^^Ifedb jJii-i 
To take o.'s due from. ^;. a Jlr»[ 
Ill-natured. Short. sjU ^ jl> 

Snail, shell. Cj/j^ ^ 

To let down a ^ilj , CJl> i ^I^ -j}- 

continuous rain (sky). 
To cover a horse with (a blanket ).:> — 
To remain in (a ^ ^ijj , CU' a ^^> 

To apply o.'s self to. J ,_^7j J — 
To become attached to. n ^^U 

To startle, to tui-n a. o. out. i jiU-fr 
To be shaken, turned out. J»Ji?w 

Bulbus esculeutus (plnnl). jUJ^ 

Chief of a tribe. Mighty.ja.^^* ^ .>:^^ 
To strike a. o. with vj 5 ^ a >U -tt- 

(a sword). 
To prostrate a. o. on the J^JVI aj — 

To apply collyrium to a. o. s — 

To pi'epare collyrium for a. o. J — 
To rub off (the skin). it zy^j >U — 

To bark. a. th. 
To give ifc J ;iU;j Cyk^ 'yj.j — 

money to a. o. 
To become covered with b>U a [^> 

Pustules upon the lips. >(>: 

Collyrium for ophtalmia. s^iAij -yi 
Hair and dirt shaven ::iX>J,j [jit^j S«5iU 

off by a cuirier. 
Ti'oublesome Cman). ;^ 

Currier's knife. sSu^j >U* 

To milk A C>>j CUj CJ^ i o ^i»: -»• 

(a female). ■(>• To gull a. o. and take 

his money. 
To allow a. o. to milk s s Jic-^j — 

a (sheep). 

To come to the ^J^-i-^b w-^b ~ 

i-eseue (party). 
To be black (hair). CU a i-.l> 

To milk in company of. ? ^\>. 

To assist a. o. s w.^>b ~ 

To draw milk for. J *;>Ul.j i%-{ ^Jb-I 
To flow with (sweat : ^liJij wS'-J 

body; with tears : eyes). 
To draw milk from. fi> .Ji?-iJ,lj wi.->l 
Fresh milk. Date-wine. Tax. ^Jiii 

Aleppo (to^vn). 
Wine. Ji^«'l wi>j j*^' v'i* 

One milking. Horses ^^J >U ^ X-l» 

assembled for a race, q Anchor. 
Morning and evening. otxiiyJI 

Fenugreek [plant). Food given to jlU 

a confined woman. 
A milky, evergreen plant much ^Jj. 

sought by sheep, gazelles. 
Storax. :uUi>. 

Vein on the two oO U c." w! C>. 

sides of the navel. 


C \r-r ) 


OlJ^) . i.i-^ 

Uncertain, dubious. 



*ijj-..»j o^li^ 

To shave A jii^lj , CSI^As-jj CsU i ju -S- 

(the head). 
To hit a. o. on the throat, s uL^ o — 
To fill up (a tank). To conjecture.^ — 
To have a comnlaint of the CiU a jii 

To soar and circle in the air j^ 

(bird). To become swollen -with milk 

(udder). To be surrounded with a 

halo (moon). 
They met round the table.ol^iJI Jp \jS^ 
To shave ( the head ). To pluck fi> — 

(the liair). To round a. th. 
To be suiTounded with a halo ^3 

(moon). To sit in a ring (people). 
Throat. Gullet. jy>j JlAil ■?r JJ^ 

Strait, valley. 
Circle of persons. ol2b-j ji^rr ~'^ 

Ring of metal. Coat of mail. Rope. 

Buckle. Ferrel. -^ Ear-ring a A 

■if Lock of hair. 
The guttural letters. 

Pain in the throat. 
Shorn hair of a goat. 
Craft of a shaver. 
Barber, hair-dresser. 
Bryony [plant]. 
Udder full of milk, jj 

Lofty and bare mountain. 
Woman shaving her jl'^ r- *^l'^ 

head in moui'ning. Unlucky. Bad 

year. Death. 
Sharp (sword). Severe (man). ?J_^b. 
Calamity, bad luck. S^-> o^'j^ 

Razor. Coarse garment. jU^^ 

Shaven. J^^j , Ji^ ,- 3^ 

To cut the throat to a. o. s Jix>. ^ 
Gullet. -^Neck of bottles.^j5>U ^ j'JidJ- 
<• Turkish delight. ^^^li-JI *>'I3 

To be- dO^Jbllj , (koT dlikf-llj a iib: -«■ 

come intensely black. 
Intense blackness. diUj *&J>. 

jCJUj Wb^j 'ifeiUj 'l&iUj 'iMla^j ;fe».W 
Species of lizard. 

To cover (a camel) with a blanket. 
To become green with plants (e> ^\»s 

(soil). • 
To hold a. o. continually n ^i^J^\j — 

To be bay, chestnut-coloured ^>l. 

To become green (land). ^jJ^~Z.{ 

To cover the soil ( plant). 
Horse-cloth. <_i>j ^JJ-j u->^^ r- o-^ 

People living on horse- 
Fourth arrow of a 

Keeping to his tent. 
Courageous. Greedy. 
Bay, chestnut-coloured 


Land covered with planes. xl^» J^'J\ 
To pluck out (grass). ff> CiJU i JJ^ •> 
Sickle. J'J'^ •> 

To be angered. L^'j , CkU i U* -S- 

To swear. To insist. To hurry. 
To get angry jp Jali^ij , (J^ a k!^ 

To anger a. o. s iaUl 

To take an oath with zeal and j — 

To be weary fi-om. ^ iairi-l. 

Bald and beardless. ItUl ■4- 

To swear by (God). 

To swear to a. o. by. (.t J — 

To give an oath 5 ^uiJ,|j ^A=-\j ^J^^ 

to. To bind a. o. by an oath. 
To make a covenant *_j 5 ;i]U-.j^ ^JU- 

with. To keep to a. th. 
To attain puberty (boy). yj^i'\ 

To make a confederation. J^\»o 

Oath, kjlij oCil> -^ 4jy»lj >-«^j ^=- 

Sworn agreement. Sworn treaty. 
League, covenant. kiiU'i ^ wiL> 

Friendship, Confederate. 
Alfa (plant). -uU 

Abounding in alfa-grass. 'J^U 

Wont to swear. o>U^ 

Ally. Cleaving to a. th. 'Ui^ ^ ^-b- 
Wild boar. wiji*' a 


Middlepart ^Sj^j 'U^^>j Si^^>j S*'>^> 
of the back of the head. 


Seller of sweetmeats. 

Swaet. Nice. Pleasing, -iyS 

a Solanum (hdcainara, ;^ S^i 

deadly night-shade {plant). 
Sweet, kind (word). 
Sweet peas. 
To adorn (a woman, fi>j 

a sworcl). 
To be attired (woman). 
To deck a. o. or a. th. 

To describe a (man). 
To gild a. th. ^Jt{ A 

To b3 adorned Avith jewels. 

To b3 embellished. 
Ornaments U^j [^ ^ <;Uj , 

of (a sword or a woman). 
Exterior qualities of a ma'n. 

» Ci> i y ^ 




C-V* a ^ 

The thistle -^^aJ "when dr 


To heat fi> ;;,i1_, ^t>j , C»» o 

(water, a bath, a stove). 
To urge on (a beast). To busy 

the mind of a. o. (affair). 
To malt (the grease). 
To decree a. th. to a. o. J A ^ 

To be accomplished (thing). 

To be at hand. To be seized 

To become black. To be 

hot (water). 
To appear (beard of a youth: ^t> 

hair on the head). To come forth 

(bird's plumage ; plants). -^ To give 

a hot bath. 
To blacken (the face) with S l^'\j — 

To approach, a. o. To s>U/> :! >t>. 

seek a. o. 
To be imminent (event). To be 

feverous (country). 
To w^ash o.'s self with cold water.:^ - 

To render a. o black (God). To af- 
flict a. o. with fever. 

Intensely black. iiU>j siii\> 

Atrocious action. »iUG- jii 

Miserable life. ^u y^ 

To di-eam »_, j| A (j^j 0> o J^ -H- 

a. th. 
To be forbearing. (U* o JU 

To be perforated by ticks. C^u a ^ 
To render a. o. s (""^j C>i' J^ 

To pluck the ticks (from a skin).* — 
To bring forth forbearing sons, .^^^u ^ 
To affect forbearance. To relate ^3 

false dreams. To attain to puberty 

(boy). To become fat (cattle). 
To affect forbearance. ^Uj 

To see evil dreams. jj^>lj jJ^A 

Forbearance. Mind. ^!A>1j _j,^i ^ ^>. 
Dream. ^^UM ^ ^ 

Evil dreams. Night-mare. ^^Ut oli-il 
False hope. Coarse ^ U j,yj.] 

Nipple of the breast. ^ ^ *iU 

Worm, tick. -^ Mouth-piece. 
Full of ticks. x^[^ _j, ^ 

A)ichusa^ alkanet. (plant). ^^\>. 

Salt cheese. ^>J'»- *>>?•, ° 

Forbearing. Fat camel, ^VjJ. ^- ^i 
Devoured by vermin. jSsCi ^ <^C>i 

To Ciyis^j Sj>U a Jfi-j jL-'j !>U -J^ 

be sw^eet. To be "ripe (fruit). To be 

delicious (th). 
To be agreeable, pleasing J j\ ^^nj^ 

to the sight, mind. 
To marry (a sister,^ » C)^; \'J^ o >U 

a daughter) to a. o. on the condition 

of having a pjart or the whole of the 

To give (a gratuity) to. ^j fi> s \'^ — 
To sweeten (a. th). * s^iitS J^>j — 

To render a. th. pleasing. 
To show kindness to. 
To find, or to render a. th. 

sweet, pleasing. 
To find a. th. * J''---^b J>^>b J'=^ 

sweet, pleasing. 
To show BQeekness, kindness. 
To be sweet, pleasing. 
Sweetness. ■<>■ Gratuity. 
Fee. Gratuity. Dowry. 


2^ Jl> 


Black slime. sti^j ii> 

Slough. Evil-eyed (man). '^ 

Muddy, slimy. *~r* 

To become rancid ti> a c-^ -i^ 

To be intensely hot (day).;j^» o c4j^ 
To b3 clear, pure (colour). c-t^u 

Hot (day). Very sweet (date). c^ 
FiiTO. Vio'ent (anger). Sweet c—..* 

(dates). Skin for butter. 
To sink (eye). To be altered ^^ -H- 

from passion (face). 
To wink (the eyes). To turn A — 

(the eyes) around a. th. 
To ifr 5 oJ^Pifij la^jsfij -^j.' a J** -^ 

praise a. o. for. To requite a. o. for. 
To praise God repeatedly. ^\ j.t^ 
To make a. th. praiseworthy. a;.>1 

To deserve praise. 
To, find a. th. or a. th. to be fi^j s — 

To prevail o.'s self upon \c o j^Si^ 

a. 0. for (benefits bestowed). 
To praise a. th. o. to another, fit jj>\^j 
Praise, eulogy. Praiseworthy. a4.i 
Praise be to God ! ^ ji4.t.ll 

Thanks to Him. iJ ii;,^: 

Aim, utmost exertion. it;.> 

The utmost of jiij ol i!liC>j iJii;.^^ 

thy ability is to do. 
Who praises much. olxl^^j .5\ti 

Prai.«eworthy. Commen- ij'^^j _i-«j^ 

dable (deed). 
<► Scammony {plant). Si^iJc? 

Praiseworthy action. jueQ.^ .^ Sa^.>: 
Pi'aiseworthy. Much :>j^.h -^J" 

To say ^i ^ijl Praise ba to Ja;^ ^ 

To flay (a sheep). *j ^ |^;>' o ^ •*(- 

To excoriate a. th. To shave (the 

To become diseased from \y^ a _,«.i 

overfeeding (horse). To burn with 

anger (man). To degenerate, to 

become like an ass (horse). 
To ride a jade. To speak- Hymia- ^t* 

To call a. o. an ass. To dye A; 5 — 

„ ■- i ' » ' 


ri ) > 

I To be black. •^ To take a bath.^^taLi 
I To be anxious (man). To be ;^>l_ 

sleepless (eye). 
To take a hot bath. To take l^sZ.[ 

any bath. To sweat. 
Vehemence of heat. '^ 

It is his ineluctable 

Main pai't of a thing. 
Fever. Feverish heat. 
Tertian ague. 

Intiammator}' fever. 
Hectic, continued fever. tj\'^j x)>jS — 
•^ Malignant fever. jiA-i — 

Putrid fever. 
Spa. Hot spring. 
Dark colour. Fever. :j^ 

Decree of God. ' ^ — 

Charcoal, ashes. ^^ 

Sweat. Death. xt>- 

Pigeon ; any ringed bird. ^i;^; 

Burdock {plant). ^ii;.j| j^\j 

A pigeon. Middle ^JC^^j oClU ^ z^\'^ 

part of the breast. Beautiful woman. 

Choice part of a flock. 
Fever of horses. Noble lord. ^i;.si 

Death. ^i;;^ 

Tur'-dsh Bath. oC-U.:*^.^ ^it^ 

Keeper of a bath. "^.y^'-^^ -^j 'J^C^ 
Special friends. Choice camels. i^i^ 
Hot or colli water. ^ \'^ ^ ^-e-» 

Sweat. Midsummer. ]\Iidsummer-i'ain. 
Relation. Friend. '1^1 — 

Hot water. Warmed ^>k:^ ^ Xi^> 

milk. Valuable camel. 
The nearest. Black. White. ^^ ^ 'j,^''^\ 
Fate. Feverish. 
Anything black. Smoke 
To neigh with a >Ci.^j ^*U.=-' -i^ 

yearning sound (horse). 
Bugloss, ox-tongue 

( plant). 
Sweet basil [phuit). 
To cleanse (a well). 
To be muddy (water) 
To become angry with a. o. 
To throw mud in (a well). ~fi> li^Il 

* C» a li* ^ 

upon the fire). 
To feign rebellion, rigour. 
To fight together (cocks). 
To be angry. 

Tortoise. ^ 

Bravery. Energy (in action). 

Enthusiasm. Heroical poem. 
Brave, energetic. Oven. u-i*^ 

Rigorou.s (in re- ,_^G.1j ,jJ:^ ^ ^'■J-'^ 

ligion). Brave. Firm in war. Severe 

Unfruitful year. •li;^^ li.; 

To ii'ritate a. o. ^_j 5 iLl^ o J.^ ^ 

To stir a. o. To repel (people) in 

anger. To collect a. tli. 
To be thin (shank), iiyi^i o J~^j — 
To become angry *l^j Ci4.» — 

(man). To become hot (war). 
To be thin-legged Cii>j Ci-is^ a ju»> 

To collect (th). To stLr, to ij fi> j^ 

anger a. o. To put fuel (in the tire). 

To rouse (people). 
To b3 angered. ^i^lfj-lj ^♦sL: 

Thin-legged (raan),(_^ii=. a-J^i^b , J-^ 
To be reduced toyj-j Ca4ji o ^.^li^ -S- 

(swelling of a wound). To stop 

(swing). To swing (boy). To be dried 

To extract gently (a straw) fi> — 

from the eye. 
To roast (coffee) ; to toast a. th.A^t^ 
To contract o.'s self. To be ^t>i 

shrivelled (dry meat). 
To be reduced (swelling). To ^ja^\ 

become emaciated (she-camel). 
Homs. Einesa. town of Syria. ^ja',^>- 
Peas. Chick-peas.^iai-^i-j ^^a^i u^'^, 
^Sheep stolen ^^J_li> .^ X^y'^'i *-^;?^ 

by night. 
<f- Cautery. *oX> 

Coffee-roaster. Gridiron. *.iia6> 

To be or become sour (plant, xSsy^ 

milk, wine). 
To dislike a. th. ^i Ca'^ q j^'^ 

To desire a. th. ,_i — 

To graze jsU-j , Co>Uj Cis'^ o — 

upon acid plants (camel). 

a. th. red. To cut a. th. iu pieces. 

•^ To roast a. th. 
To bdcome red. To become hot y^\ 

To become accidentally I'ed. jU.»l. 
Inflammation caused to horses j^ 

by eating too much barley or by 

Tamarind. Jew's pitch. Red- _,;.» 

headed sparr6w. 
Choice part of a flock. ^^1 J^ 

Red colour. Red dye (for the o'y^ 

face). Ery.sipelas ; anthrax. -^ Poun- 
ded bricks. 

Cj\J>»j j^i->j J»^J 'j*^ b 

Ass. Polisher for ii-on. 

Wild ass. ji^'j jv;>j u^jll ji*> 

She-ass, Large rock. J li^ ^ »>'^ 

Ass-driver. ly^ ^ jC» 

Intense heat. JC^ ^ SjVi* 

•(f- Measles. «jji> 

Anchusa, pigeon-foot {plant). '\'JC^ 
Hymiarites (ancient tribe of JC^ 

Red. J^ ^ S'j^J. J- J^'} 

Gold. Saffron. Wine (meat). __^»VI 
Bloody death. jjSl\ c,'^)\ 

The red-faced i. e. the foi*eigners.'|J,4.» 

Severe year. Intense heat. Granada 

Intensely red. ^v** 

Suffering indigestion (horse). ^>i.*^ 
Red. Onager. j/^-i 

To bite the tongue fi> \'J^ i ji> ^ 

(acid). To sharpen ( a blade). To 

impress the mind (speech). 
To become thick, hard, sj^ o j4^ 
Acid (drink). Sour (milk). 
Of a lively temper, 'o'j^j il^l) 
Pungency, acritude. 
To fry (meat). Tij A tJ^ o ^ 

To irritate a. o. 
To be rigorous (in re- C4.->^ a ,.r-^* 

ligion); firm (in war). 
To be courageous. *-.'.lii — 

To irritate a. o. fi>j 2 ,jJ^*'\j ,^* 

To excite a. o. To heat (a medicine 


Garden purslain (plant). «l^JI xli; 
Out of temiier. u124j^ <^ 

To lead the yvoll J fec^ a d<^ -«- 

way (guide). 
Anythiug small. Lice. Refuse of di^^ 

men. Lamb. Essence. Guide. 
To carry. To fi> C>U^j iU.> i Ji^ -»• 

bear (a bui"den). 
To attack, to charge ic 'H^ — 

(the enemy). 

To know by heart (a book). Tj fit — 

show (auger). To relate a (tradition). 

To become responsible for. i'l;^ ^ — 

To rely upon j^j j i ji^jj J *' j^^ 

a. 0. in. 
To incite a. o. to. ic 5 ~ 

To become pregnant (woman), y^ — 

To pi'oduce fi'uit (tree). 
To load (a beast) fl> s "ii^j y-*i-^ J^ 

Avith. To impose a bm'd'eu upon. 
To help a. o. in bearing. To j j;;G. 

reward a. o. 
To help a. o. to carry a s j;^! 

a. th. 
To take a burden fi> ^\:^.lj y^3 jl^J 
upon o.'s self. To endure. To load 
beasts for setting off (people). 
To take <_i; Je. jl o jl ^1 J J>Uj 

upon o.'s self a painful' duty. 
To treat a. o. unfairly. le — 

To be incited to. jp ji>ji 

To bear a. th. patiently. To J^^i 

carry a. th. away. ' j 

To go away from. ^ — \ 

To become angry. To be alteredj^t 

(colour). <► To be likely, possible'. i 

To ask a. o. to carry fi> s ji^o.!! i 

a. th. 
Portage. Gestation. Jii>1_, ^\'^^ ^ j^^: 
Foetus. Fruit (of a tree). ! 


Load, burden. 


)^>j JC>I 

Lamb. \o'mg ram.Ji;j,.|j ^j-^l ^ j^ 
Aries ( Zodiacal si'jn ). Cloud con- 
taining much water. 
Charge at war. What is carried iU^^ 

at one time. 
Transport. --j^ 

Porterage. Beast of burden. ^-^i 
Tax. Bloodwit. j;^ ^ ji;^- 

To render a. th som*, fit j^'-^i^j j-^'„- 

To discard a. th. from. ^ ^ — 

To relate interesting discourse, ja'^\ 

To turn from one th. to another .^ti-j 
I Salt or bitter j,^ ^ j,^ 

i plants. Glasswort. Soda. 
Acidity, soui-ness, pungency. <Sf^ 
Sorrel. ^ *i»;4^j ^^^^ ^^j j^O^' 

I D Species of citron. 
! Pulp of the cedi-at. Vy^^ J^\X^ 

I Wild sorrel, _^| ^\^ 

I Dodder (plant). ^jVi — 

[ Riunex aquatica. water-dock. »iiu — 
I Sour. acid, -tf- Peevish jaAp- <" ja^U 
j (man). Chemical acid. 
Bad-hearted (man). il^l joA^. 

Land ^i>.ij jiii*^j jj:J. ^ Zh^^ 

full of acid plants. 
To take oif the fi> iru;c i jj^^ .ft- 

To plant a tree in order to Sj fi> Jai^i 
shade ( a vine-arbour ). To diminish 
a. th. To strike a. o. gently. 
Bottom of the heart. Sti-aw xl»lv^ 

of Indian corn. Heart's blood. 
Burning in the LJlUO -l»li»' ^ - 

throat. \^''ild fig-tree. 

*-5C>L> Uij-j liU-' o J^j a J»> -S- 
To be stupid. 

To be dull (market). j^£)| .^^J;^ 

<■ To be in a rage. ( for j'^ ) j^ 
To ascribe foolishness to. fitj s jis: 
To find a. o. stupid. To bring s ji^l 

forth a fool. 
To feign stupidity, j^G-J 

To be stupid. To act like a jiiJt 
fool. To be dull (market). To be, 
worn out (clothes). 
To become stupid, to act like ji^.ill. 

a fool. 
To hold a. o. to be stupid. s - 

Weakness of judgment. ;Ji;>j j'^ 
Rage, fit of passion. ( for j^ ) ji><. 

*LXi»-j ^/^J J;?*»J J^^J J^ 


J^J j^i^J j4.>J JU.>; 

Stupid, weak-minded. 


-» vJ»-=>-l 


( ^rv ) 


*l«.>.^j *-♦> a 

To scorn to do 

a. th. 
To become hot i54.>j t^i i^^ a ^. 

(fii-e, sun, liorse, iron). 
To be angered with. 
To heat a. th. To *j 5 xl^ 

excite a. o. 
To defend a. o. ji f\.'^j oC'ia-. 

To welcome a (guest). 
To render (a place) A t\: 

To abstain from. ^^ ^^'j i^'''^ 

To keep aloof from a. th. fi> J\^j 
To become black (cloud, J'i*-*\ 

Protection. -^ Person under the *ji;jv 

protectorate of a foreign Power. 
Inaccessible. Interdicted. 1^ 

Protective. »\i3. 

Defended. Diet imposed to (a sickj:;;^^ 

Scorn. Enthusiasm, zeal. ;!^ 

Outburst of anger. Strength (of ui>. 

wine). Wine. Intensity. Flush (of 

Venom, sting of seor- J^j cX^ ^ X^ 

pions, hornets. Vehemence (of fire). 
Protector. Hot. j^u-j Sl^ai ^ __^U 

The dog. The lion. t^Ql 

Defender. Garrison. Rear-guard, jl^u 
•fy- Lawyer. Solicitor. .,>«^^ 

To long for her child Cu:> i 'ji- -^ 

(woman). To produce a sound (bow, 

To yearn towards. Jl^ — 

To incline towards. it t\:J-i i!^ i — 
To dispel (an evil), A U> o — 

To blossom (tree) <>■ To ba rotten ;j\i. 

To twang (a bow). 
To compassionate 
To desire eagerly. 
Tribe of genii. -. ,. 

Wife. Likeness. -^i. 

Mercy. Prosperity. ;!;> -if-j ^Ui 

Blessing. Tenderness of heai't. Long 

misfortune, -t^ Force of kindred. 
I beg thy mercy. ^^C^j dac^: 

to pity a. 0. It c^j 


Portage. i)ii» 

Porter. Carrier. i)it> ^ Jlij^ 

Meek. J^ 

Beast of burden. ■<>■ Porterage. *]^ 
Convi-yed. Stranger. A surety. J-*> 

Rubbish. Foundling. 
Pregnant (woman). -iC^ ^ ^\s- 

■^ Swollen (river). Bearer of a bill. 
Basket for carrying J>*1>> ?r *^^^ 

grapes. Pregnant ( woman). 
Sinews of the arms and legs. J'l^* 

Patience. Opinion. -^Likeliness. Jvii>l. 
Litter on a camel. Bas- j»bt^ ^ J**>» 

ket for grapes. <► Litter for the dead. 
Caravan of the pilgrims J^U>i ^ Ji^ 

to Mecca. 
Borne. Predicate. Jji^* 

Wheat dust-Loloured and large-;]^^ 

•^ Admissible. Possible. Ji.S>.J» 

To carry (water). To Sii>^ J'^* "^ 

ba a water-carrier. 
Clear torrent. Beginning. J'''^ 

Black cloud full of water. 
To twist (a rope) fi> ^'j^i -^ 

Bellows of a smith. cr^U.* 

To open widely the eyes and jli.> -H- 

stare at. 
Inner part of j-!,li> ^ jj^^j o^^U-' 

the eyelids. 
Small ticks. uU;.>-j ^i> -J^ 

Plant of the desert. oC»^ 

*^1 T v-.> ''j^j li»j j^J^ * 
Father-in-law. Any male relation on 

the side of the husband. 
Mother-in-law. Any ol^i* ^ Sli^ 

female relation on the side of the 

wife. ]\Iuscle of the shank. Hama, 

town of Syria. 

Heat of the sun. 

fiij S X^SiJj *ili3;J *s<-^J '^« 

To protect a. o. against. -i>- To heat 

a. th. 
To interdict a noxious food fi> i — 

to a sick man. 


( ^rA) 

To incline a. th. To ^ lij^ i ^JaT -H- 
twist (a rope) strongly. 

To incline. To be stUl. To huri-y ^jil 
on in looking back. 

To incliue a. th. To conceal a — 

(ne'ws).To pronounce indistinct speech. 
Root, origin. ^J,. 

To sink in the head (eye). J^^ -^ 
To cut open the throat to. ? — 

Larynx. {See _,«.). jy>^i '"'J-^ 

Head of the haunch. ^«*^J ^■j^>- "S- 
•^ To prance J?J^.o ibtL^ j?Ji -♦• 

(horse). To hop. a To dance. 
To be intensely dark ^'j^5i ^j^ -»- 

(night). To be weakened by a fall. 
Vei7 dark night. ^^(^^ ^ tr-^ 

Lotus. Sweet trefoil. jyjj>j J^lui -S- 
Veiy short : dwarf. ^'^li ^ 

To roast (a 5 _, it iSCJJj lii^ i Jsi -«■ 

lamb ) with heated stones. To 

scorch (a traveller : sun). 
To make (a horse) jf liCj^j IjLla^ — 

to sweat. 
To promote sweat by lying in jjj>iz,\ 

the sun. 
Intense heat. slUai 

Sun. iCb: 

Roasted ( meat ). Heated i^ 

(water). Perfumed ointment. 
To build (a vault). A \'J^ i ^ -^ 

Vault. Crown of an J U^j ^^ ^^ Jjx^ 

arch. Bow. Carder, instrument used 

for dressing cotton. 
To remain in the thick C-IsT a |_p4> -S- 

of a fight (warrior). 
Godly people, ^^jJ. 

To hunt (a beast). ?_, >6> CiL: i j^}^ ^ 

To deceive a. o. To drive a. 0. away. 

To anger a. 0. To bite a. 0. (snake). 

To remove a. 0. from. 

J. S JJs. \j - 

Serpent. Viper. Insect, jiuil ^ ju» 

Any game of the chase. 
To become Jaiallj , Q»_^ Ja^ * 

mature (wheat, fruit-tree).To become 

white and mature (shrub called o»j). 
To sigh. To become red CJaI> i — 

To embalm (a dead » iali Ij Js!> 


Plaintive wind. Yearning desire, o^.:^ 
Compassionate. Moaning wind, o^i^ 

Woman remarrying for the sake of 

her children. 
Tender-hearted. Sympathetic. o(l>^ 

Conspicuous road. 
The All-merciful (God). olxiJI 

Name of a proverbial cobbler. cn^ 
He came back vnth ojiii "Jiu ;.{ j 

empty hands. 
[Merciful to. jc ojac^ 

To be green (field). tlsT a l'» -Ji- 

To dye (a. th) red. a *i^j '^:9=^ '^ 
Te be dyed with henna. l^^j \!>i 

Henna. Laicsonia 'ts-^-^j 'U»; 

inerrais used as a red dye. 
Arbute, strawberry-tree. ^^Vl 'ILoJI 
Lichen. ^j^ u^ 

A?ic/a<s^ tindoria, alkanet. y^i -Ua. 
Privet (shrub). 
To be curved ^^j.Cl 

► a w-J^ -^ 

in the backbone (horse). To bend 

a. 0. (old age). 

To be bent, crooked (old man). ^>j 

To feel pity for. it — 

Bent with age. Having curved ^!iji 

bones (horse). 
To dance. To jump (man). To JlII^ -H- 
walk. To clap the hands. To laugh 
in conversing. To play (boy). 
To eat French beans. To put j^ ^ 

on a fur-garment. 
Stout and big-bellied. Worn out j'J^ 
shoe or skin-garment. Fur. Sea. 
Flowers of the Egyptian thorn ( aca- 
cia vera). Fruit of the lote-tree. One 
of the four orthodox Imams. 
French beans. jiiai 

Following the rite of Hanbal. j"^^—^ 
Green jar. Colocynth- ^JU^ ^ 

tree. Black clouds. 
To violate (an oath), j iSj* a 
To incite a. o. to perjury, 
To avoid (sin). 
Sin. Perjuiy. oC>>1 ^ ci^ 

Perjurer ; violator of an oath. ^J^ 
Place^ occasion of sin. oiU^ ^ c^« 

To rub the palate (of a beast). » iUi 

To debar a. o. from. » iLI>1 

To bring a turbaa under the clAii«j 

To consume a country jj fi> <iJci>[ 
(locusts). To take the mastery over 
a. 0. To take the whole of a o.'s pro- 

To eat much after having duia-1.1. 
eaten little.To be pulled up (root). 

Soundness of Sfeiiaij dlds^j iUai 

judgment. Experience. 

Palate, lower-jaw. Part i)L>1 ^ di^: 
beneath the chin. Beak and black- 
ness of the raven. •<>• Mouth. 

(iUi>t»j liUat^j liUst^j (iL-^j til.;* 

Taught by experience. 

Bridle, head-rope. iUk^ j , tiiiai ^ iJUs- 

Owl. ^> ^ z^ ■«- 

To bend ^ Xj u* i j^sij , Iji.: o U* -H- 
(the back, a stick). To twisty (the 
arm). To make a bow. 

To remain affec- ic. J.»!lj,lji> o t^ 
tionately with her children Avithout 
remarrying (widow). To lean to. 

To bend, to cui"ve a. th. A ^^ 

To be bent, crooked. ,>>-Jlj J>i-j 

To feel sympathy for. is. J,ij 

Shop. Ta- c.Aiij> ^ CjJ\>-j , T^S^j SUU 
vern. Vintner.' 

Shop-keeper. Vintner. "j t._j jj\^ 

Crookedness, curvature. ^Co-j yji. 

Any curved '^j '^j -t^] ^ ^ 

member, as rib, jawT Ci'ooked. 

Side. Bow of a saddle. '\:J>\ ^ _^ 

Intricate business. 

Wine. Wine-merchant 

Vault. Bow. 

Bowed (structure). 

Sympathising with. jp ^}Js J^l 

ding of (a valley). 
To commit ^ CUj C_^j C>: o v^ -J^ 

(a sin). 
To chide a camel by the cj'y »_)^ 

}—>'_)>■ or i._)jf> • 
To pursue a sinful 'Q^y>[ ^>>^ 


To die. To be embalmed (dead L^ali 

To be embalmed ( dead person). l,*ij 
To be angry with a. o. J i^^j 

To face death. To be angry. ia^J.\ 

•^ Buckwheat. 
Art of embalming. 
Aromatics used for em- 

Dealer in wheat. 'JatJ-j ^L>- 

Wheat-seller. Fruit of the Ja;G>- 

spurge. Fruit-bearing (tree). Intense 


He bears rancour 'Jj^ ia^ilJlj JaJU- 'yi 

towards me. 
Colocynth [plant). JkU^j jiiiji -ft- 
To lean on one side. Csia^ i ^ji> -ik- 

To be crook- ^jil^ o w-'ii»^ , Oil>r a ^ifa^ 

To distort (the foot). fi> ^j^ 

To act like a Hanefice. To be wi^i 
cirumcised. To devote o.'s self to 
God's service. To forsake the wor- 
ship of idols. 
■^ To do a. th. accurately. 
Bow. Razor. Chameleon. Tor- 
toise. Sea-tortoise. 
Sincere Moslem. Short. '\j^ , 
Boot-maker. Straightforward 
One of the four orthodox 

The Hanefites [un. 'j^ ) jllilj lliii 
■</■ M'ater-tap. " *— c4^ 

Crook-footed. •lii; ^ ^^\ 

To enrage against, jpj ^ (5::> a j^ -i^ 
To spread forth its awn (corn), jiall 
To bear rancoui'. To become lean 
(beast). To be fat (camel). 
To enrage a. o. s ji^ll 

Rage. Rancour. ju> ^ j^ 

Enraged, angry. ^ j^j jii 

To bridle (a s dliral 1 j , vWi i o wliv' -il- 

To understand To fasten a. th. ^ vit^i 
To chew a. th. and rub the dxl^j — 
palate -with it (child). 

To teach, to break a. o, (trials, age). 

4 - 



C \i- ) 


To seize a. o. repeatedly (fever).? ijii. 
To drive (a 2f V^Sj , ('i>i o iV» -S- 

beast) quickly. 
To keep a. th. -witb care. i* iu 

To gather (o.'s clothes). To walk y^\ 

quickly. To pare (an arrow). To 

trim (verses). 
To overcome a. o. To gain ip i^i^(_^ 

the mastery over. 
Back. Styrax (tree). iuT ^ iG- 

Having little property, iUJ! .j^i 

little charge /«Y : light-backed. 
Nenuphar, water-lily. oli>* 

Coachman, driver. Csi^ 

Quick in work. Clever manager.tsi}>1 
To return. To go down Kj'yi- o jG- -J^ 

(mouthful). To b3 unsaleable (goods). 

To be perplexed (man). 
He passed from abun- jiT C» oJJ jG- 

dance to deficiency. 
He does not increase j^^ C»j j_jiij C» 

nor augment. 
To have its white 'j'y>-\i , lj>» a ^_^ 

and its black strongly delineated 

To prepai'e and spread »j A jyi- 

(dough) with a i^oller. To whiten 

(cloth). To disappoint a. o. (God). To 

cauterise (a camel) around the eye. 
To hold a eonfe- 5 'jlS*J aj^Gii jjG- 

rence with a. o. 
To return (an answer). A SjG-l jG-l 

To give (a result). 
To hold a conference together. jJUj 
To be intensely white. y^\ 

To question a. o, jf jGei.^', 

Quarter of a town. oljG- ^ SjG- 

Street, -fy- Large house. 
Deficiency. Perdition. Result. j_pi 
Ox. Whiteji^^ ^ j'^;. <^j ji;^^ ^ j'yi 

leather. Poplar. 
White poplar. i/ jj Jyi •<► 

Black poplar. tj^-j,^ -)>>■ ""^ 

Aspen-tree. " ^_,i^l j*p- 

Brand. District of Syria. olj>> 

Answer. _j^j jl3»_, jl^ 

Young unweaned oIjj^j Sj^l W Jl>-' 

Chalk. Tuff, sand-rock. s'jI'** •♦• 

To abstain from crime. To pray ^^y>b 

To lament, to express grief.j_,^iJ,lj — 
Sin, crime, fault. ij^j -h j>j v^'-J ^'i^ 
Gi'ief. Distress; affliction. «_j^j y^'y^- 
Maternal love. Want. Wife. ti,^ 

Relationship on the mother's o^j — 

side. Need. State. 
Soul. oljij^ vt '^.'j^ 

To fly about, jc ^^~i'jij C>i o ob- -ft- 

To prowl about a. th. (bird, beast). 
To take counsel with. To s ojG. 

entice a. o. 
To circumvent a. o. by. ^j 5 — 

To dissuade a. o. from. cA ^ ~ 

Fish.. Large Cjl}»'b *^}^J *^^:^ 'rCjj> 

fish. Whale.Pisces {Zodiacal sign). 
Salmon-fish. oVill-i Cjjy- ° 

Fomelhaut, star in the Pisces.op-JI v 
Surname of the prophet o^JI ^^U* 

Cheater. clj^ ° 

To scatter the fi> oG-l — o^ -Ji- 

earth ( horse). To move and scatter 

a. th. To search (the ground). 
To extract a. th. 

cAj i1j\>-J z^^ <-^J •— '> '• 

He left them scattered 

Vein in the liver. 
•^ Over hill and dale, up cjjj <zj'^ 

and down. 
Liver and the surrounding part. Hj^ 

Fat woman. 
To need, Jl^^C::i.|j ^;^1_} ,&->> o ^G- -K- 

to require a. th. 
To lead a. o. astray from. ^ ^ ^yi 
To put a. o. in want of. s ^'j»-'\ 

To seek a. th. wanted, -^ To ^^7 

purchase goods (merchant). 
Destitution. Need. ^^aJ 

Necessity. Want. *G->^ 

1 do not want it. -G-y Vj 'G.]^ *^ J, G 

W^ant. ?r>?.'S*'-' >^VG-j 7rj>-J k'^ «• *?''* 
Need. Affair. Natural want. <>• Clo- 
thes, things. Luggage. Enough. 
Want. Poverty. Need. -x^^K 

To turn away from, ^i- iS^ o iG- -{^ 
To shun a. th. 

]e>f ( ^t^ ) 

To track (a beast) into a anai'e. To 

collect aud drive (camels). 
To collect a. th. -^ To spare *_, » ^_;i^> 
(money). To pick up. To park (cattle). 
To incite a. o. to. it J jijU- 

To remove from. ^ J'^j'o 

To feel shame at. To be forlorn ^^ — 

of her husband (wfe). 
To be tracked (Vjeast). To be yiuil. 

collected (camels). 
To be frightened away. ^i — 

To encompass a. o. ic j-i^j Jr-')'*\ 
To track (a beast) one party to s — 

Enclosure for oUo^j tr'S*^ «■ J''y* 

cattle. Court-yard. Back-yard . 

■if- Cloister (in a convent). Hamlet. 
Rabble. j.'yi. <• 

Holy week. ^bjl W^i -♦• 

Cause of shame. Relationship. iL\'^ 

Grove of palm-trees 

Hot-tempered (man). 

Odd (expression). Unsociable 'j.-..j_-L 

(man). Dark. 
To sew up >ft ii>U* J C^V <>»i> ^ 

(a garment). To repair (a skin). 
To flutter around a. th. Jj^ — 

<■ To be anxious, restless. ^u. 

To have an eye contracted C?^» a u^*^ 

in its outer angle. 
To look at a. o. fi-om the ^ t/^jW 

corner of the eye. 
To act cautiously in. j i/»ii3.t 

Stitching far apart. Colic. u^'j^ 

Wooden instrument for sewing. ^\'^3- 
Girth-strap. *-iU> 

Narrow- ^j^Aj ^y ^ •Usj*^. tr'>>1 

To * u^>5>lj J»^J , C3>:^ Jab- -J^ 

collect (water). To build a tank. 
To make a tank j^'J,az.)j J»}r>lj - 

for o.'s self. 
To collect (water) in a tank. j^3^J,l_ 
Watering- j,u» J j=\'y>\ ^ j)\> ifj j^yi- 

trough. Tank. Dock. Basin. 

To guard, to protect a. th. 

Jupiter (planet). Intfdlect. jy. ^ y^^S 

Fair and black-eyed. 
Fair black-eyed {iift-^j^yi)-^j j'\-]\ jy>. 

women. Houris, nyinphs of paradise. 
White ; of a fair complexion. CJj }»1 
White Hour. •> White clay, <s'jty> 

Disciple of Jesu-s- oy'j 1^ ^ Cf j I}* 

Iron pin of a pulley. Ringjj iWji ^ j^k^ 

of the buckle in a waist-belt. Rol- 
ling-pin. Axis of a sphere. Axle-tree. 
His affairs are unsettled, o'jj UJi cJ^ 
Return. Decrease. Litter. Cavity SjU^ 

of the ear. Shell, mother-of-pearl. 

Conference. S^'y=:i »JJ^ 

Crooked stick. jU^ 

To gather <* jUal \j , sju* j 0>> o j*^ "^ 

a. th. To take a. th. for o.'s self. 

To possess (an estate). 
To brace strongly (a bow). fi> j\> 
To drive (camels) to water s j^j — 

To frequent a. o. 5 jjG*. 

To writhe and twist about j^ 

(serpent). To turn aside (man). 
To part one from the other. jjUi 
To fly away (from the enemy). juJi^ 
Side. Seat of a king. Nature. %y^ 

Grapes, -fy Enclosure. 
Fenced place. <»■ Styrax (tree). j'^ 
Solitary. Good mana- i^j,^»b '^'xi* 

ger. Black. 
Space. Spot. j^i 

Heart-alluring (evil). i_»yu!l 'Jy^ 

To search. To /bj 5 C>i o ^\> ^ 

prowl about. To rove amongst ( the 

sheep : wolf). 
To be brave, daring. C-]^> a ^j^y* 

To assume courage. u-S*' 

To be detained. ^^iJ,)^ 

Misfortunes, calamities. ^^ vj^ 
Society, acquaintances. X^'^ •♦• 

Want. Booty, S-l^ 

Relationship. '^I'jy*- 

Night-walker. Herald at war. u-l'*^ 
Bold, undaunted. ^^ ^ tr->»-' 

Unsatiable. Wolf. 

A female •^/j>'j Cj^S> t *^,'» 

Purslaiu ( plant). ■> Colour. Shape.i)^ 
Weaver's shop. i-TU/^ 

To be finished, "^jy^j V]^> o Jb- -tf- 

elapsed. To change, to pass from a 

state to another. To become crooked 

(bow). To shift (person). 
To be barren (female). i)yL»j Vj^ — 

To produce every second year (ti'ee). 
To intervene between. oy, *ij^ ~ 
To be elapsed ovei" a. o. (year), jc. — 
To leap and seat firmly J J^lj — 

on (horseback). 
To withdraw (fi-ora a j£ Vj^ — 

To shift, to remove to. J[ — 

To use deceit. *Lo-J ^^^ ~ 

To squint (eye). V>.' a J^ 

To change a. th. into. To J{ fi> J^ 

give a new shape to. To convey 

a. th. to. 
To sow a land every second J^JVI — 

To make (the eye) to squint. * J^lj — 
To render a. th. absurd. fi> J^ 

^ To alight from a horse. ^ J^ 

To turn away (the eyes) from. 

•^ To send soldiers to a. o. lp J^ 
To alight fi-om (a carriage). ^ — 
■^ To endorse (a bill) to o>U y^\ — 

the order of. 
To desire a. th. * Vl>>j iJjb-.'' Jjli- 

To seek a. th by deceit. 
To look fixedly at. J _pi3l — 

To be one year old. To say Jii.') 

unconsistent things. To have barren 

To spend (one year) in (a place), o — 
To hold absurd talk. To Vl^>l. J^^l 

be one year old (child). 
To transfer (a j^ ^Ijj Juri-b Jb-l 

debt) to another. 
To hold a. o. to be weak. it — 

To fall upon a. o. with (a whip).^., jJit — 
To transmit (an affair) to. ic A — 
To shift from oneji. . . ^i sy^o J^j 

to another. 
To go from (a place) to. Jl . . . ^^ — 

C \iT ) 


To protect. To surround a. th. a J,^ 

To make a wall around a. th. To 

enclose a. th. (in a wall). 
To monopolise a. th. ip JjG-lj i,^ 

To be destroyed. <, Ja^t 

To try to circumvent a. o. i yj\». 
To encompass a. o. <► To be- ^ l,G.1 

siege (a place). To block (a country). 
To have a thorough CJLp ij J»u1 

knowledge of. 
To take care of. jt l»C:il_ 

To encircle, to hem a. o in. ^ — 

To be on the watch. <.^ — 

Wariness, prudence. :JalSj ^i^'js. 

Bicoloured string worn as an ia'^ 

amulet. Silver-crescent. 
Wall. Garden. JsCo-j olL.* ?- JaJli- 
Tax-gatherer in a village. ig\'y^ 

Wai'iness. Means of success. J»Ci>l. 
By way of security. iai^\\ j^aI, Jp 4- 
Execution by way of "j^U^I J>>> ■♦■ 

security {in laio). 
Year of dearth. ^^j ^^sCj J»jiu 

Enclosure, fence. l,(i.; 

The Ocean. iu»4JI>JI 

To put a. th. A j^j , Gy o oG>- ^ 

on the side of. 
To surround a country (rain). A o^ 
To curtail a. th. by the a o^ 

Leather-belt. Litter. Skin. ^-j^ 

Two veins beneath the tongue. oliiaJI 
Side, border. Destitution. c,Aib- ^ ;sU. 
To encompass a. o. ^^ CjJs^ o Ji> -tt- 
To sweep /a house). To rub and a — 

polish a. th. 
To hold unconnected speech it J^ 

to a. o. To efface ( a word). 
Crowd. iJj^j J>: 

Sweepings. xjl^ 

Broom. Jj,'*^* ?r ^^li^j iJ^t* 

To A ISL^j ^'^j (^>'o i)U. * 

weave ( a garment ;. To compose 

(poetry). To make (plants) to spring 

up (rain). 
To distinguish a. th. f)^ -^ 

To weave, to knit a. th. iiis -^ 

To leave a mark upon (sword). J i)ii.j 
Weavei". ^^fei^j xTu ;p iJui->-j wUU 


C M 

pulley. Middle of the back. 
There is no doubt about it. il* lUUiV 

It is unavoidable. 
Artful, shrewd. JUaJ 

Absurd, nonsensical. Jl^.^* 

Full. Absurd. -^ Impossible. J^stil.^ 
To be tljirsty. To CG«3>j C«^ o >«G. -Ji- 

pursue (a design). 
To hover round about J^ j' J«^ ~ 

a. til. (bird). 
To long for jp C»j^j '^^~»-,.> '^>>- ~ 

(o.'s people). 
To prosecute a. th. carefully, j ^^ 
Ham, son of Noah. ^G- 

Thick of a fight ; main oC-^s^ ^ *>ji 

part of the sea. 
Crystal. V-y^ 

To be; humbled. To perish. o^j — o>>- ^ 
To i^jl^lj ijj^lj ,s3»j iJ^ a \s^ -S- 

be or become of a dark green. 
Dark green or dark red colour. s^ 
Of a dark green 'yi. ^ Mj* > c?j»1 

colour. Side of a valley. 
A dark-coloured vegetable. oi\°y> 

Sedentary (man). 
Eva, our first mother. M^ 

To gather a. th. * {j.j ij|^ i ^s'j^ ^ 
To get possession of. To (i>5>lj — 

preserve a. th. 
To grasp a. th. * ^sy>■ 

To enter in possession of a. th. ^^1 

To be contracted. To coil it- sS*y>^j 

self (serpent). 
To include, to comprise a. jtj A 6'^\ 

To preserve a. th. 
Sound, Sljs^j '!>> 

"Worthy possessor. Small pond. ^^ 
Intestines. Cushion put Gl^ ^^ 4»> 

around a camel's hump- 
Collection of houses *i^1 ^ 'I3* 

close together. 
Collecting. Serpent-charmer.y^j ^\a. 
F . Winding guts. 'U/'>-j *iJ,^ 

To live. SUi a ^ V 

To be conspicuous (road). ?uk — 
To be ashamed of. ^ — 

To keep a. 0. alive /bj 5 ;is.7 l^; 

(God). To say to a. 0. May God keep 

To seize the opportuuity of t^ * ~ 

(giving advice). 
To use deceit. JjUj •♦•j VCi^l Ju>.l. 
To encompass a. 0. 5 J^i. 

To squint (eye). To become Sy»-\ 

green and luxuriant (land). 
To pass from a state to Jb.5— V 

anothei'. To be absurd. To become 

crooked (bow). -^ To be transubsti- 

ated (element). 
Hot ashes. Black mud. <► One's self. Jb- 
<► He committed suicide. iJu- JfJ 

State, *)^1j Ji;^l ^ (m. /. ) Jb. 

circumstance. Go-cart. Bundle, load. 
The changes of time.^ 1)1 Jl^^j oVG>. 
Immediately, at once. Jb-JI jjVG- 

As soon as. Cjb. 

Actual, present. -JG. 

State, circumstance. c^vu ,^ ili> 

Year. Ability. Jj^j Jl>>l ^ J>^ 

There is neither ^b H\ S^ Vj Jj> V 

might nor strength but in God. 
Perspicacity. Keen ij^_, J^j — 

sight. Removal. 
There is no escape from it. il^ J^>. v 
Around. Ji;^j Di;^ij J}i, J^ 

Strabismus. J^ 

Squint-eyed. J^ ^ -v^ ^ JS>b J^' 
Change. Around. cfiy^i ifi'y>i d\'y>- 
The vicissitudes iiv^j _^a)l oV^> 

of time. 
Obstruction, obstacle. Jl^ 

Ti'ansfer.-^Soldiers sent to a deb- XJI}:^ 

tor. Money-order. 'BUI of exchange. 
One year old (beast). -J \'y> ^ 'J >^ 
Shrewd. Skilful. '&'i S'^] '1<>' 
In front of, opposite. JCo. 

Art, cunning. iL'G-j,jr3; ^ iJ,* 

Per.spicaity. Good sight. Ability. 
Altered jJi;^^ Ji'^j J^j J)>' ^ jj G. 

in colour. Barren (female). 
More skilful, more artful. JI>lj J>«-'1 
•if Fraudulent bankruptcy.*JCa^|^^>iji^ 
•^ Check. Endorsement. Ji^ 

Absurd (speech). Crooked. Ju>i 

•^ Impossible. 
Good sight. Perspicacity. *JGfc» 

Water-wheel. Large Jj G-^j JG-j: ^ — 


C M 

Whereas, at the place where. ^ 

■if- Wherever, -whenever. 

•^ So... as. So... that. c^ o^,j 

In respect of. Because. 
•tf- At any rate, of coarse. oST -z 
Respect, relation. 
To become destitute. \»CJ- i 9-'^ "^ 
To produce thorns (ground). ^^1^ ^ul 
Thorn. Thorny plant. ^G. 

Ii^l»-j "i'-ii^} l-Ua^j Ola^j Ij1> i ii* -ft- 

To stray from (the road).^ SijLil>j 

To tarn aside from. 
To cut (a skin) in slices. To * jua: 

put a. th. aside. 
To shun i sSs^j -^j ? iSu^j sojlki JuG- 

a. o. To be partial 
Protuberant j^j iCallj i^> ^ -u=: 
part of a. th. Rib. Kaot on the horn 
of a mountain-goat. 
Evil look. Knot on a horn. 2lu> 

Proud demeanour. Shy (ass). 
Pebbles thrown aside by the 

feet of a beast. 
To be Cllnij l^j e^»-j Oi» a jV^ -tt- 
dazzled. To lose the way. To fluc- 
tuate (water). 
To be perplexed in. J — 

To pei'plex a. 0. s jni. 

To be perplexed. To collect and ^>j 
whirl round (water). To be motion- 
less (cloud). To become full of (food : 
To be confused. To be in its jV^tLllj — 

bloom (youth). 
To be filled with water ^ jULllj — 

Garden. Enclosure. j^ 

Perplexity. ;3^ ^ J^jj -ij^ 

Cistern. Garden. uiOj>j olj>>^ -r j^ 
Perplexed. i^^Colj i^jtc* -r 'S'J^ v» olSn* 
The planets. sSj^ii-JI ^\'^S 

Way leading to the desert. j\->-~Li 

Heavy motionless clouds. 
To urge (camels). To 5 Ijjs^i j^ -ft- 

drive (camels) gently. 
To draw lines, streaks. jiti -tf- 

To roll up (snake). jti-j 

To be overrun, subdued by a. 0. J — 

To greet a. 0. To ap- 

A C> Ij - 

A U 

5 — 

abstain from. ■<>■ To 

1 ) 

thee alive 

proach the age of fifty, 
To put (a child) to blush. 

To nourish ( a child). 
To enliven (the fii-e). To 

spend (the night) awake. 
To fertilise the earth. (God) 

To find ( the earth) fertile. 
To quicken (the dead : God). 
To have a fertile land. 
To spare a. 0. To let a. 0. s 

To feel ashamed of, 

To shrink. To 

veil her face (woman). 
Repentance. Pudency, bashfulness.'Cii 

Vulva (of animals). 
Rain. Abundance. Plant. \^\ 

Life. ^j sCii 

Tar. j?.^<J' «Q:»- 

Alive; in the bonds of life. sC>-JI oJ J 
Ahve. Tribe. Quarter of a -CjII ^ 'J. 

He cannot dis- '^\ ^j> ^11 J_,iiV 

tinguish truth from" falsehood. 
Sempervivum. everlasting ^)u.U ^ 

<>• It does not matter. <il ^ 

INIake haste. Jilij Xft l/-j ^L-a ^ 
Come to prayer! 
Bring us such a one. i 

To call out to prayer (crier). ji^ 
Solanum ( plant). ^^^ jlU-j j^ P 
Viper. -^ Sei'pent. Wischie-oUi ^ :C>- 

vous man. 
The lion. t^^'>" 'i> 

Cerastes, horned snake, a/^^k ^c*-"*^ 
Fertile land. 
Serpentine, ophite. 
Male serpent. 
Modest. Chaste. 
Animal, beast. Life. 
Animal (being). 
Vital. Belonging to a tribe. 
Greeting. Security. C Wj oiUtj ^ A^y^i 

Duratiou. Dominion. 
Children's food. S*^^ 

Life-time. Place of life. j(>.J' r- '^-^ 
Countenance, face. CsJ> 


To hate, to grudge a. o 

C M» ) 


To suiTOuud. To cause t_» * aJ\>[ J\>\ 

(an evil) to befall a. o. 
Effects of an evil deed befalling jj; 

the doer. 
To flaunt, to CVfeuij <k:> i iJi* -«■ 

•waddle. To cut (knife). 
To impress a. o. (speech), j iJlVTj — 

To wound a. o. (sword). 
To wrap o.'s self (in clothes). ^ i]U;il_ 
To be changed. <• To V_^> i Jb. -«^ 

be in heat (mare). 
Strength. Water jyj.j JColl ^ jl* 

stagnating in the bottom of a valley. 
■^ Upright, standing. jUi Jt 

Flock of goats. xi:» 

To come, to be at *j^£>j Iu1> i oU- -fr 

hand ( season ). To experience a 

trial. To be fit to be reaped (spike). 
The time comes for him to. cj\ il oi» 
To appoint a time to a. o. To s Jli. 

render a. o. unsuccessful. 
To milk (a she-camel) on » cAij — 

fixed times. 
To appoint a time to a. o. ^ i\» 

To destroy a. o. (God). i oW 

To remain in (a place). k_, Oi»i 

To be unsuccessful (man). oX^j 

To look for an opportunity. c:\>CiS.\ 
Wine-shop. 0>Si>j ^\>j oG». 

Trial. Perdition. Death. c;i> 

Time, space of ca-juI ?ri». oC.>1 rr '^> 

time. Opportunity. 
Once a day. ^^-^-ti -^c*: 

What a loss ! 'c'^ C ^ 

For a time. o^s- ^\ 

Sometime, awhile. (La. 

Till, until. CCo^l 

Then, at that time. U-;j»-J •♦■ 

Sometimes. ii^ 

Foolish, stupid. ' 6\-> 

Foolish woman. Gala- Jl^^ *jJG>. 




■^ Streak, line. jCal'i ^ j^.^ 

To mix, a. th. To mix /b Ci* i tr-^ "^ 

dates with curd and butter. To twist 

a (rope). 
He is on the brink of ruin, ili,: |_,_a> 
Meal of dates mixed with butter ^^J!^ 

and curd. Bad business." 
Slave-born. cr-jc*^ 

To be frightened. To Cii> i j.\a. ■«■ 

To frighten a. o. 3 j.\^ 

To shrink in fear. ^' j' c-iis^J 

Fearful. oLLI* 

\.A^.^i \^ay^i 4_il»j \-^>- i ur»t> -it- 
To turn away ^ ^jabJl^j , Cli^j 

from ; to shun a. th. 
To endeavour to overcome, 

or to deceive a. o. 
Ornamented waist-belt. 
Escape, shelter. (>»:»^ 

To mens- Ce'C-.tlj ^'-^^-'J ''-^j* i J*** "^ 

truate (woman). To flow with gum 

To give vent to Avater. 'Ol jal». 

Mens- ja.'>\'^ .^ 7jaj\3-j,j^ ^ J^'}>- 

truating (woman). 
Menses. uP»^ 

To act wrongfully is. (ii^ \ jU- ^ 

To take a. th. from the side of* 
Injustice. Edge of a stone. 
-<>■ What a pity ! What a 

shame ! 
Side. Patch added to a 

Side of a mountain. 
Rainless (land). 
To sur- i_, CUjCj tj 

roimd a. o. To be unavoidable for 

a. 0. To come down upon a. o. 
To penetrate (the body : sword), j — 

J^>J U-: 



( Ul ) 


To humble o/s self before (God). Ji_ — 
Depressed tract of Cyiij oCil yr w^ 

Lowliness. Humility. oCi-ij Xili- 

Any thing contemptible. ^^^ 

lo be ^C.i> 5jV'-i.j Gl» o d4* ^ 

unproductive (land). To heave (sto- 
To be Avicked, mischievous, tli o d-ji 
To fiV'4uent bad compa- o^'j — 

To corrupt, to teach evil to a, o. 5 — 

To impute wickedness to a. 0. 
To show wickedness. oj^-^ 

To affect wickedness. ^^i-j 

To act wickedly. o-k--^l 

To deem a. o. bad. To find jt — 

(language) bad. 
Allay. Iron-dross. c^ 

\S ickedness. Abomination, duij c-lX 

Impurity. Deceit. Malice. Hypoci-isy. 
wicked man ! c^ ij 

wcked woman, [only used oCi C 

ZM f/te vocative). 
Impure food. Foul, abominable ^n'^ 

Impure. 7l'J.j oCilj 'Ulij c-ii^ ^ ^i-i 

Mischievous. Abominable (talk, food). 

<>• Scoffer. 
Urine and excrement. oUliVi 

Pernicious thing. X;:i.i 

To know, to try a 'o'j\i.j \s\i. Sd. -S- 

a. th. 

ojr^j a'J^i Uji-j l-n» a _n >j o jrJ>- 

To have a full ^jj * slni-^j Slnk^j 

knowlege of. 
To inform a. 0. of. uj jl A 5 -rjilj -^l^ 

To bring news to a. 0. 
To till the ground for a share a _,;u. 

of its produce. -^ To manage (an 

To be fully awai-e of. A JJ^ 

To ask news from a. o. j J^~.^\j — 
To give mutual information. ju-i 

Jewish rabbi. ^U-U Hs 

To become tall (plant). To ui Li- 
defend o.'s property. To be deceitful. 
To rage, to dash (sea). CUij C^ — 
To amble liilj , Cij Co-ij Ci — 

To be crafty, mischievous. Ci. a Li 
■^ To^sink down (in the sand). j — 
To deceive, to corrupt a. 0. 5 kJJ>- 

To make (a horse) to amble. 5 1^1 
Deceiver. Vjr^ "^ v^ 

Commotion of the sea. ^Ci-j Lij 1<^ 
Bark of trees. Depressed (ground).i^^ 

■> Wild artichoke. 
Amble, soft trot. ^jS- 

Deceiving. Ambler (horse). Oii 

Relationship, affinity. v'S* ^r ~ 

Tract of .sand. Clouds. ;clij *li 

Rag, tatters. ,J1^^ ^ jSi 

Ragged vW^^J -rl^'V^J vr>: v3^ 

Slice of meat. Bottom ^\J^ ^ *li-> 

of a valley. 
To have the bowels relaxed. ^K^ -S- 
To abate (heat). To become «--'■<*' 

flaccid. To become lean after fat- 
To A bi-lj i\'^ -(fS) %i-j V a ti ■«■ 

conceal a. th. ■<>• To preserve a. th. 
To propose an enigma to. s \j(i. 

To conceal o.'s self. *^ -^j tsii 

Hidden thing. -^^j -L-i 

Plants, herbage. J»; VI tLi- 

Rain-drops. '\.'^\ — 

In secret, hiddenly. "Lit'U 

Secret mark upon an :l.i1 ^ 'C>. 

excellent she-camel. 
Seeds put in store. k^ t *~S-» 

Large jar, vat. '4,*>* «• *^-'^ 

Concealed, hidden. \!it>Ij 'j^ 

Hiding-place in a house. U U-.? ^ ti-.* 
■(>■ Hidden treasure. *iW^ "^ 

To come to a depressed .:;^j — .^^.^ -){- 


Lion. Plunderer, ^^iijlj 

C MY) 

To pick u]) A j-yUij Ciii- j^ii ^ 

(scattered thinfjs). 
To mix a. tli. with, o* Cali i ^Ja^i^ -^ 
To make a u^^i-lj ^^j u^i ~ 

mess with dates, cream and starch. 
•^ To squander recklessly; to ^joli-j — 

act extravagantly. 
■^ To entangle a. th. To fit ^U- 

squash (fruits). To do a. th. amiss. 
<• To eat slovenly. To dabble in J — 

mii'e. To botch (a work). 
Sweet made of dates, zia^i-j ^^i- 

cream and starch. 
Mess, work done amiss. Cou- *Jali»- 

fusion. ^ Quarrel. Vainly expense. 
Spoon for stirring up a mess. *-ilit^ 
To knock fi>j s Lli. -^j , Ciui i iali ->i- 

a. 0. or a. th. To trample upon a. th. 
To strike a. o. with the jillj — 

To request a favour from s Jal:>lj — 

a. 0. To render a. o. insane (devil). 
To grant a favour to a. o. ^j s — 
To beat down (leaves). fi> Jalri-lj — 
To strike the ground with ^ fi> Ja^ 

(the foot : camel). 
He acts in a reckless m^^Ip L'S Ja-i-J 

manner. He goes at random [lit : 

He stamps the ground like a blind 

To journey at random by j^l — 

To be affected with a I'heum. Ja-i-' 
To be disordered (country). iJi-j 

To knock a. o. or a. th. fi>j s izlij^ 

To stamp vehemently (the ground). 
To do harm to a. o. (devil). 
■> To writhe (in agony). J*r^>-1 

To strike a. th. strongly. fi> — 

To request a favour from. s — 

Leaves beaten off. Anything iJi. 

trampled upon. 
Rheum. Remainder Jali-'j Jali- ^ <iali 

of water in a vessel. Trifle. Knock. 

•^ Noise. 
Portion of (the night). Jali. ^ tL'^ 

Party of men. Draught of water in 

a skin. 

To experience, to test fi>j s ^cil. 

a. o. or a. th. To know a. th. well. 

She-camel yielding much jjLC ^ ^ 

milk. Lote-tree. Large waier-skin. 
Knowledge. Sl^i^^'j jC^ U Sini- j ^ 

Sheep bought for being sy^i! 

slaughtered. Large bowl. Provisions. 
Food. Share. 
Information. News. Notice, jui'i ^ jXi. 
Predicate, (/oy). 
I -^ Do not mention it ; it is J^ ;^ C« 
I unimportant. 

■ Experience has confir- _rjij| J,li\ Jlo 
I med science. 

Elder-tree. ■{>■ Wooden peg. jy<^ 

1 Soft soil. Roots. Bui'row of a mole.jCi 

I Mantilla. i'jLl. a 

j The lion. jJJ^\ 

j News, story. "^.-i^ "^ 

! Aware. The Omniscient Mjji.' ^ ^yi. 

I (God) Seed-pi'oduce. Camel's hair, 

I Foam of the mouth of a camel. 

Black snake. jlf')^ 

Historian. Chronicler. jj Ci-1 

I Experience. ( opp to ^^^ ) fJ^J-j cjnUi 

j Crane (bird). Ci-'^ ^ 

\ To make (bread). fit i3ji i Jji -K- 

To feed a. o. with bread. To » — 

strike a. o. To urge (a beast). 
To tread the herbs (camels). J^ 
To be depressed (soil). Jniu\ 

To be baked (bread). A J^i-\ 

Bread ; cake of bread. "i'Sxij _n> 

Large and flat jliil j'-i. <-j c_»ij,i!l Jii 

Cyclamen. !«jli.i3l Jji' 

Flat and depressed ground. jji 

Anything baked. Mess. jj^ 

Art of baking. sjUi 

Possessing bread. j li 

Baker. ijZS- ^ jLi 

Mallow «I>ij>j «jC>>j jQ>>-j i^JV'- 

To take hold fi> _^i \j , CJil o ^j^ * 

of a. th. 
To wi'ong a. o. craftily. i2> C5\j y-Ii 
To seize (booty). ^jjs-j 

Prey, booty. *^^j -C-Ci.' 


( MA) 


carried in the folds of the clothes. 
To be extinguished \yj.j \'jj,. o Li- -K- 

(fii'e). To subside (war, anger). 
To extinguish (the fire). * Jjl't 

To make, to pitch A J^i^j 4^>b ^ 

(a tent). 
To pitch a tent and enter it. fi!>^~Z.\ 
Tent of wool or camel's «;..i.1 ^ -C^ 

hail". Husk of wheat, barley. 
To hit a. o with a Jl A Ui- c.i. -S- 

To lessen the portion of. 5 c,> Ij — 
To ba ashamed of a. o. ^ — 

Avaricious. Defective. c^Aii- 

To prH^•ent a. 0. ^s. a ^isiT a t> ^ 

To conceal o.'s self fi-om fear feil^ 

or shame. 
To carry away a. th. A jSilj — 

To blush at. To dread a. 0. ^,> — 

To deceive a. 0. J — 

To act treacherously 5 \'Ji. i ^ ^ 

To be wicked. Ilni- o i — 

To be confused by Ji^j , l^ti a Jji- 

To be weak, languid. ^iti 

Perfidy, foulest treachery. _^^j J{.C 
Treacherous. -nfi-j jj:>j Jci-^ J\>- 
To remain silent fi'om fear j,'J{^ -^ 

or weariness. 
To set out. To (*_^'j CciT a /^ -Ji- 

lead the way in darkness (guide). 

To fade away ( mirage ). To limp 

To attack a. o. J^ ~ 

Excellent guide. ^j»-j 9j^j r^ 

Hyena. ^ 

To vanish (mirage). ^ii -^ 

Mirage. Anything that passes jjizX- 

away. Gossamer. Traitor. Ogre. 

Wolf. Calamity. 
To deceive a jtUj , \iycCj !>Ui.' o i Jri ^ 

a. 0. To lay in wait for (a prey). 
To approach stealthily (hunter), jii'i. 
To deceive 0. another. Ji'^3 

To listen stealthily to (the J jr.^i.1. 

secret of a. o). 
•<> Corner of a wall. iiii 

Dust. tCi 

Diabolical madness. isCi-' 

Stamping Ja^' ^ ia'^\j Ja-^J ii/S- 

the ground (horse). 
Watering-trough tramp- Lii-'^ Ji-wi 

led upon. Cui-d. little of water. 
Ink-fish. ^/JaiA -^ 

Staff for beating off lu.ikj: ^ Ja^^ 

Beetle. iNIallet. ^ci^-^ rr ^^-^ 

To be choked by sobbing ^yJ.B. ^i -H- 

To enter (a place). ^ lili a ;u* 

To tot about. j;^i. -a- 

To contemn a. 0. s u^ i jli -ft- 

To corrupt a. th. jfi j , yli. o J'J- -H- 

To disorder the brain ( grief, lOve). 

To cripple a. 0. 
To withhold a. 0. s J^\j — 

To be crack-brained. vC>j "^ a J-i 

To be dried up (limb). 
To lend (cattle) to a. 0. s fi> JJ^ 

To be crippled, dried up (limb), ^j 
To ask of a. 0. the loan fi> s J^3.^\ 

of a (she-camel). 
Palsy. Cripple. Cutting of a j^ 

member. Loan, debt. 
Crippling of the ^/J. ^ j^j j^ 

hmbs. Palsy. Madness. Large skin. 

Bird crying the whole night. 
Insane, demoniac. J^-»j Jr*-'-? Jr*- 

Unsoundness of mind, body or Jui 

action. Deadly poison. Ruin. Defect. 

Seducer. The devil. 
The time. 
Insane. Crippled. 
Overwearied. •<>■ Weakened. 
To hem, to tuck A '3C>j CJ; 

and sew (a garment) for shortening 

it. To put (provisions) in stoi'e for 

a time of dearth. 
To elide a syllable in ^ilJI J — 

He died. 
To tuck a. th. in a 

To conceal a. th. in the bosom. A iic&S 
Elision of a quiescent syllable. ^^ji 
Folded skii't. Tuck. Food o5* ^ i^ 


C M\ ) 


Uti' i J\i^ 

i ^' -«: 

Ragged clothes. 

To collect, to pick up A ^ii: — 

a. th. 
To \>i moved with awe, 

Fagtjot of fire-wood. -.X. 

To thicken (milk). 

To heave (stomach). 

To thicken (the milk), 

Body of men. 

Remains of a meal. 

Remainder of clotted milk. 

To be stained with ^.iit — j, 

Lion. j^X:i\i 

Abdomen. cS^f: "&■ 

To have a flat nose. Ci^ 

Flatness of the nose, ears. 

Flat-nosed. .liii.' j. 

To dung (cattle). C- 

To kindle di"y dung. «i^l. 

Dung of cattle (used j.i.'j .Jsil , 
as fuel). 

To push a. th. To a _, 2^ ^' o r-»-' ^ 
split (wood). To help a. 0. 

To hun-y on in bending the body ^iil^ 

Gale ; strong wind. -ry^ 

To draw towards its \^' a laii-' -5^ 
end (night). To enter (a house) steal- 

To be ashamed. *v^i.' a 'j?«.» 

To urge a question upon a. 0. j Vsii-I 

Levity, unsteadiness, ^ioti'j ,_i>j-' -il- 

To be ashamed, con- >Ui.' a Jaii' -S- 
founded. To become tall and tan- 
gled (plant).To be covered with her- 
bage ( valley ). To stick in mu'e (ca- 

To be overburdened by. To be ^ — 
entangled in (an atfaii*). 

To abash a. 0. 5 Jsti-b jl-->-' 

To be ashamed. J?ti-Jl ^ 

Confusion. Perplexity. iJbt>-'-<>- j j^' 

Ashamed, J^U-.^ <>• j o>if^'j J>-i-' 

Tangled (plant). Luxuriant js^i.' 

valley. Full (garment). 

Furi'ow of a hare. ^\^ 

•^ Cozenage, fraud. *£u>i 

To jp_j ^ ^i-j C»\f>j Cii. i Jii- -ft- 

seal, to put a signet upon (a wri- 
ting). To stamp a. th. 
<>• To cicatrise (wound). ^'J^\ J^ ■<► 
To seal the heart i. e. To *i5 le. — 

harden it. 
To finish a. th. To I'ead over ^ CJi. — 

(a book). To plaster (a vessel). 
God made his end to -nijb il iJ ^^ 

be good. 
To finish (a book). fi> ^] 

To put a ring on (o.'s ^ j fin ^JaTi 

own finger). 
To conceal a. th. ^ — 

To pass over, to be silent about. ^ — 
To complete a. th. ^ ^.^JA 

Seal, stamp. Honey. ^Irilj ^^ ^ ^^ 
Reading of the whole Goran. siiT 
Seal. _^?>' ^ ^ciij , vJ>' 9r V> 

signet-ring. Stamp. <>• Anus. 
■^ Salomon 's seal { plant). C)(JxS. ^Ci. 
Comple- (o/(p to x^^ia )^")3i ^ XiJU 

tion. Result. 
Conclusion. Sealing-clay. ^ ^ ^lf> 
Sealed. Stamped •<>• Cicatri- ^Ji'J' 

sed (wound). 
■<>• Rock-salt. vv^ ^J^ 

Measui-e for corn of ^^ii» «■ ^.^* 

about five pints and a tliii'd. 
End. Ji^ 

To cut a. th. To 2 Gri.' i cM -«■ 

circumcise (a boy). 
To ally by s c?'Gi-j 'jJ^iij "^"^^^ - 

marriage to a. o. (man). 
To be circumcised. <jcL\ 

Circumcision. Xll^j Jc* 

Art of cii'cumcising. H^ 

Affinity on the wife's side. X-^iij o^ 
Any relation on theoiii*! ,- <^-S> j» ^^ 

side of the wife, -t^ Sou-in law. Bri- 

Noble lady. Queen, cn?!^' ^ Oy^ Ts 
To be heart- 

broken from (grief, fear). 
To hinder a. 0. from. 

^ -K- 

^ i K~j> 

To sell (clothes) one by one.^ si^ 


To stupefy a. o. ( narcotic ). 
To lie in his lair (lion). joil 

To remain amongst (o.'s people), yi — 
To be concealed in doors joxilj jii-J 

Curtain, ^ili-1 r-^j j'^b jj^ ^ J-^h 
Inside of apartments of -women. 
Lair. Darkness of the night. 
Numbness (of the limbs). Slug- joi.' 
gishoess. Rain. Dark place. Narco- 
Darkness. tfj^j — 

Lair of a lion. jOo^ 

Benumbed (limb). Obscure joi: 

(place, night). Slothful. 
Sluggisr.. Perplexed. Hidden in ji(i. 

his lair (lion). 
Cramp-fish. SjloiT 

Black ass. "ij-^ j* ^J-^ 

lEteusely black. i^j'^» 

The eagle. ^A^J^^JI 

Dark night. Black 'jj/^^i^j jj^S\ 

AVild ass. jj'ixi^] 

Narcotic, soporific. j,^^ 

Girl kept Sjj-^j »jJ»v»j ?3^-* 

in doors. 
To tear off fi> J^j^i-'j , CilAi' i jioi-' -H- 
(the skin). To scratch. To mar a. th. 
■^ To wound the ears ols'Vl J^jS- 

(offensive language). 
To scratch o. another's face. * J:.i\a- 
Scratch. Bloodless J-CJAj J.\j^ 

Flee. Fly. _ J:.jj^- 

Cat. Jj,j^Jj J'?'^ 

To ■& ^j~i. \j , li. j». J (ftiii.' a pJii' -S- 

deceive, to circumvent a. o. 

To be dull (market). To ?Jwi-' 

be brisk (market). To be scanty 

(rain). To refrain from giving. To 

dry (saliva). To ba changing (af- 

faii'). Tu be reduced ( wealth ). To 

conceal o.'s temper. To sink ( eye ). 

To be sleepless ( eye ). To disappear 

( disk of the sun ). To be corrupt. 

To hide in its hole (lizard). j — 

To fold (a vestment). » — 

To tiy to out- f Wla> J U'^^ piU- 

j To leave marks upon j ijii.' o ai' -f^ 

a. o. (stroke). 
To furrow (the ground). fi, — 

To be wrinkled, lean (skin). ioi.' 

To wrinkle (the skin); to make ^ — 

it lean. 
To counteract a. o. S %\i. 

To oppose o. a. Si^.^ 

To be cleft. To become lean. ^iij 

To be wrinkled (flesh). To part 

Rivulet. ol^j ilJ* J oJ.iA ^ oi' 

Cheek. Side. Party of ijiil ^ oi.' 

Trench. Furrow. 
The two cheeks. 
Furrow. Mark of a 

Blow leaving a mark 
Martyrs of Nejran. 
Pillow, bolster. 

To lie. C; Ji.' o <-jJ^ -S- 

To bite a. o (serpent). 5 — 

To smite a. 0. with (the sword).^_, s — 
To walk at a middling pace. k^j^j 
Talluess. Stupidity. »_jjir 

Tall and ^:xic:ij 'IJii.' j, s-ioi b , «_iai^ 

Blow or »Q^'j ^.^ *ii>^j *ilr^ 

arrow causing a large wound. 
To cast her young G-lo* o i ^oi.' ^ 

one before the time (she-camel). 
To bring forth a foetus incom- ^j>\ 

pletely formed. To have Uttle rain 

(season). To be defective (th). To 

fail to give fii-e (steel and flint). 
Imparfection (of a work). ^loi- 

Abortive camel. r-i-*> 

To be benumbed Ijoi-' a jj^:^ -H- 

(hmb). To be languid (eye). To be 

intense (cold. heat). To be sullen 

To be perplexed. To \jj^ l)J^ 

remain behind the herd (gazelb). 
To remain and keep to (a place}.k_, — 
To keep (a girl) in SjjJAj Jj^i — 

To benumb (a limb). ^J * jailj fj-^ 

Domestic servant. Slave. 

Female servant. *ij^3*-' "^ i <j'i\>- 

Service, servitude (opposed \:t^^ 

to mastership iL/'j'Sij>). 
Male slave, servant. _^,'^ "^j >»i-*i- 
Having a white spot on the feet y^i.] 

Lower band of trou- t^t>s-Jj ^av^ 

sers on the leg of a woman. Garter. 
Master. •<► Son. jt/-^* 

■^ An official. jtjs-JiU' 

To show friendliness s oiii — o-»i- -J^ 

Friend, compa- olJ^l ^ ct-^j o'J^ 

To go at a quick CCoi-'j , b'aiT i tf ai' -«- 

pace (horse). 
To go on gently. i^ail 

Vice-roy of Egypt. \^ji^ P 

To J 'XSi-j IsjjL^j Vii-' a tJii-'j W -^ 

submit to a. o. 
To humble a. o. s ioi'l 

To submit to a. o. J yjs-J:J.[ 

To hasten. To strflie up jjlii-' -S- 

pebbles (camel). 
To fill (a vessel). To sharpen (a * — 

To cut the extremities of the ^j 5 — 

body with (a sword.) 
To be rent (garment). iJj'Si-3 

Swift. Spinning-top. Jujloi-' ^ ^j'ji'Si 
Spring-plant drying in summer.oljoi- 
To cut (a fruit) in * tai' a ? lii-' -S- 

.slices. To carve (meat). 
They dispersed in all y,jij« ^oi- l_^i 

Kind of mince-pie. *»i,-i»-' 

Knife. X&Sk^ 

To sling (pebbles, ^ (ilu.- i SSi: -»■ 

Quick pace of camesl. citilii- 

Walking quickly. wijoi-' 

Kind of sling. :ijjii» 

To desert, ^j s C'i'Si.j vlU-' o Jlii -«■ 

to forsake a. o. To separate from 

the herd (gazelle). 
To induce a. o. to forsake jf Jlu: 


e\ ) 


wit a. 0. To give up a. tb. To deceive 

(the eye). •^ To fawn a. o. 
To act deceitfuUy with. To s yj^\ 

incite a. o. to deceit. 
To practice deceit. ^.jso 

To feign to be deceived. ^iW 

To bi deceived. To be dull f.j^\ 

Deceit. Imposture. Pro- ^llvi-j :fra> 

Deceit. Dupe. 7i£'j,^ 

Craft, cheat. Meal of ^'Qi' ^ 0.^0^" 

the Ai*abs. 
Deficient (coin). Variable (mar- ^.^u 
ket). Unsteady (man). 
Misleading (road). p.j-^ij — 

Small door in a large one. Stiii 

House inside another, f,jj.'\ 

Vein of the neck. ?.,i'i1 t ~ 

Sti'ong-necked. Daring. ^livi -u ji. 
Small room, closet. ^.^li^;; ^fjik/^j poki 
Experienced. p5is* 

To walk at a short and 6ai i joi -H- 

quick step. To lead an easy life. 
To rend (clothes). * olci )j — 

To carry away a. th. fi> ^j3i.[ 

Helm. ol^' 

To serve, to s iilxi.j'tJ'lxi. o i J^J^i■' -^ 

minister to a. o. -<>■ To last ( gar- 
To have a white spot on the ^ li. 

feet ( horse). 
To take a. into service. a j!j^ -^ 
To give a servant to a. o. s ^oil 
To serve o.^s self. ^^l. 

To ask a servant from. s — 

To take a. o as servant. 5 ^ai-iJ, [ 

To ask a servant from a. o. -^ To 

give civil employment to. 
•^ To be employed in. j — 

Service. Civil service. ^a> ^ Ji J> 

•<>■ Pay. Respect. Work. Liturgy. 
Anklet. oC»aij >*lJ^j v-^a-V ^^^s- 

Leg. Ring, circle of people. 
Thong tied to the pastern v^o^j — 

of a camel. 
Service. iJla> ■<>• 

Awl. jij^.' ° 

To parr (cat). To snore' (man )._^'^' ^ 
INIurmur of water. Rustling. j>;,i-' 
Water flowing abundantly. jV'i.^* 

To \'i^i »'0%-> '0* ^ ^-^ "^ 

relieve o.'s bowels. 
Excrement. *j^'j M^i-' •<>-j 'j^ ^ '^ 
!Mango-steen (tree). >li.>«3l '^i-' 

A?-ert«?v'a, sand-wort. *?-V,^' 'J^' 

Water- ^jUt» ?» «i^»i^j «i>^-*j O*"-* 

To be mined, ^Sj^i ^'j^ a o^' ■S' 

wasted (country). 
To have the ears pierced. Cj^i.' — 

To ruin (a house). A 0;^.' i ^'j^ 

To pier ce, to split a. th. 
To wound a. o. in the orifice of 5 — 

the ear. -^ To ruin a. o. 
To become a robber. xJi^i. o i_j>»- 

To carry^j v' j_^'j C^'j xJl^i-'j sJl^i i — 

off (flocks). 
<)■ To make havock. To ma- CJiOl ^'j^ 

ke an upi'oar. To leave no stone un- 
To lay waste. To demo- fi> ^'j^h v^*- 

lish a. th. <>• To damage a. th. 
To eat up (a tree: worm.) A v^^ 
To be crushed by adversity. s^^iZ.\ 

To be split (water-skin). 
To long for a. th. Jl^ — 

Eye of a needle, hole "HXjLj ^[Aj V^' 

of an axe. Anus. 
Shepherd's ^Jji- ^ H.'jij ^'j^i ^'jk. 

bag. Unsoundness in rehgion. 
Hole of the ear ; eye of a ^'^i. ^ o^i 

needle. Handle. 
Sieve. Vice. Pudenda. oG^p-' k "^.'J^ 
Wasted place. Ruins. i_/^ cr *'>>- 

OVli* !r "rL/' 

•'^9- !r 

Male bustard. 

Wasted, out of order. oVJ^ -^i ^j> 

Ruined place. Coward. 

Wasted i_/^j C\>.J-i v^-C 


Ruin, devastation. ^_,\^i_,x;_^'l ^ ^O* 
Carob. Carob-tree. '•^yj*i ^Jj^ 

Thorny jj^ I ^_,_, j> ^►j' it>Ij 1 ujy> 

Anagyris fcctida, bean- ^jU-JI ljj^' 




-»-^>- «■ 



OT ) > 

I To incite ( people ) to forsake 

a. 0. 
I To leave a. o. helpless. 
j To forsake o. a. To become 
I weak (feet). 
j Forsaking. Fu- Ji^ ^ Jl!U.'j 

i Holding back (from the J il^i' ^ — 

herd : gazelle). 
To fii j>S.*Jj ^Si^j , C»ii.' i ^ii-' -tt- 

trench off a. th. To strike with its 

talons (hawk). 
To hasten, to go quickly. C^jii.' a > i> 
To be trenched. To be j.!U;jj C»ai.' a — 

drunk (man). 
To confess a misdeed and 

remain silent. 
To intoxicate a. o. (drink). 
Cutting (sword). 
Generous (man). 
Piece cut off. 
Cutting well (sword). 

Smft in running. 
Knife. Sharp sword. 
To hang j'j^: i JJ^>j I j-U-' 

down (ear). 
To submit. i^lUsi-ll 

Lop-eared. y/j^ _j,jSL] 

Dependant (ear). 'jj<> 

To murmur (water). Ilt>." i o ^' -^ 

To snore (sleeper). To produce a 

rustling (wind, flying bird). 
To fall do^\^l from a [j/jij 1^ 

To prostrate o.'s self to (God). 
To attack a. o. 
To cut a. th. down. 
To be flabby (man). 
Mouth of a mill. Round 

grain. Base of the ear 
Purring (cat). 
Murmur of water. Rust- 
ling. Snoring. Upland. 
Murmuring (water). Snoring. 
Spinning-top. Water-fall. 

•^ Death-rattle. 

l-ki.' -^ 

10 j»- 





c > 

To take out a. th. -^ To spend fi> - 
(money). To let (blood). 

He made him so- <i.Jifr *4-^*- •fjf»-l 
lemn funerals. 

To be well-bred, gentle- t_,iVI J ^^i-i 

To become clever in (an art). J — 

To divide (an estate). fi> tj''--' 

To extract (a meaning). To A ^jM-\ 
draw (water). 

To be coloured with white an'l '^'jL\ 
black (hor.5e, ostrich). 

To draw out a. th. To ?j A -rji-.:-'. 
ask a. 0. to go out. To extract (a 
mineral). To elucidate (a question). 
■(f- To translate (a book). To distil- 
late a. th. 

Land-tax. Expenditure 

•^ INIaterials. Suitable. 

•fy- Waste. Refuse- 

•if- Privy purse; poc- i^ 

•^ That is what just suits d>»',> li* 

Deserving of the gallows. 

Saddle-bag. *4-jh ?r frj>- 

Sally of troops. -^ Balcony. "ii-'J^ 

Living. Expenditure, pocket- :c;»^>-^ 

9r 1^ ' rr w. 

,11 j\ ^■^}\ 

Poll-tax. Income. ^\'_, 

Pimp'es, cS>-\ji K ( un 14 \ji ) ^r 

boils, abscess. 
•<>• Relief of the bowels. Boil. 
The day of Resurrection, ^j^ 

The book of Exodus. -rij^^\ ,>^ 

Clevei-, shrewd. ^Vj :-!>»•' 

Extei'ior, outside. <• Quotient, -rj^ 
From without. ^j Ci- ^.j 

Abroad. Outside. ^j liji j 

External, exterior. l^.j.G- 

Heretics, I'ebellious (people), ^j i^i-JI 
Foreign-office. ifa-jU-.)! SjO.?, 

Well bred. Clever in an art. r->'j^ 
Bicoloured. .U^i j, ^'Ji\ 

Outlet; place of exit. Result 9-^.? 

(of a calculation). Way of escape, 

shift. Oiifice of the anus. 

'r'-'* T 




ifc Jaj' 



ifc .V 



j Robbe)'. Camel-stealer. yjyj^. ^ i^j U. 

Having his ear 
^ pierced. 
[ Nest of hornets 
Sour milk. 
To spoil (a book). •<>• To 

scrawl, to scribble. 
Hen scratchings 

on the ground. 
To rafrie a. th. To set * ^j^'.'^ ^ 

th. apart. -^ To mix up everything. 

To entangle (threads). To compli- 
cate a. th. 
Medley, intricacy. <^>'j* 

To disorder, to impair 

a. th. 
To be impaired, spoiled. 
To tear oft' a garment, 

to spoil, to corrupt a. th 
Hellebore {plant). j^'j>- 

To pierce, (the ear, CJ^i-' o Cj'j> -fr 

To be a clevei" guide. C)^> a Cjji- 

Hole of cAjiAj Ci/ji- ft PI^j "^j* 

the ear. Eye of a needle. 
Ring of a saddle-girth. *Jjij S-^i 
Skilful guide. ojJ>i-'j c.u\'j^ «■ Cj1,> 
Direct road. cSjui 

Having the lips perforated. Oj^i-^ 
Reddish ant. 'U^ — cjJ>^ -fr 

Rubbish, old fui'niture. '*^'j^ 

To go out ^* '?-l)^-*J %-iJ- o -k'j* "^ 

from, to depart from (a place). 
•if- To relieve o.'s bowels. To ^J,>' 

spend money. 
To be clever in ( an art, a j — 

To bring a. o. out. (_) — 

To attack a. o. To rebel against. j& — 
<• To part with a. th. ^ 

To take, to send ^ fi>j s Tr^'b yrj^ 

a. 0. or a. th. out from. 
To bring up, to breed (a child). » ^^i.' 
To train a. 0. in (an art). J 5 — 

To impose a land-tax on. A — 

To elucidate (a question). To diver- 
sify (a work). 

To pay a tax. 



( \ 

u-'j^J Wj' 

Feast on the birth of a 


Food for a confined woman. wjp-' 
Wine-jar. ^yj. ^ ^ji.j ^^>- 

Maker. seller of jars. u-l^' 

Khorassan (Persian province). oU^I^ 

^—^j^-i 'iSf^j^J i^r^^^J *^y^^j-^ 
From Khorassan. \s^j^J 

Semen-contra ; -worm- -jilJ^' "jj,^ <► 

Dumb. Still ^;,i.' ^ .11.;,^.' j, ^^i.] 
(echo, cloud, army). 

Cupboard in a wall. Closet, oli'-v*'^ 

To scratch a. o. To scrape a, th. Aj 
To drav (a bough) with fi>j s j^^ 

a crooked stick towai'ds o.'s self. 

To sting a. o (fly). 
To be surly (dog). Cil^ij iijlki jij^ 
To attack and scratch o. a. J''j^ 

(cats, dogs). 
To snatch a. th. To ^j. * j-'jsLy 

scratch a. o. (cat). 
Flies. Old furniture [coll)-Jjyj^ ^ cAS* 
Surly dog. J.\'j,. '^Ss 

Filings. Trifles. lL\jC 

Slough of serpents. ^i-l^ ^ '^'jh 

Broken egg-shell. Skin upon the 

cream. Dust. 
Crooked stick. ■<>■ Awl. jX^Jij J-ji-Ji 
To botch (a work). fi> -^'^J^ ^ 

Stir. Uncouth speech. iii^ ^ 

Hard and rugged ground oCiJprj — 


Huge mountain. ^i^i'i.' 

h^j^ ?r ^y^ j^ 

jii'i'^j''- -r ^y-^j" 


Peak. Canal from the nose to the 

To lie. C9>.' ^'j^ ^ 

To guess, to ai^praise a. th. j — 

To repair a. th. To ap- \^\'j,.o ^'j^ 

praise (dates). 
To be hungry and cold. CsJ,* a ^j^j^ 
<► To repair (plate). A o^'i^ 

To barter a. th. A y^jU 

To forge a lie jt ^J-*\i o'ji-i 

against a. o. 
Gold or silver *-i>j^'-^j oC*^' ^ u'J- 

ring. Ear-ring. 
Palm-branch. 'j=^'J-,i^'^j*\ ?r - 

a i_>. 


' To be a \irgin a^i-j^, , iS^, 

j (girl). To remain silent. 

, To be ba.shful (boy). To keep y,i.1 

I silent. 
To be fond of (sport, play). Jl. — 

Virgin, bashful woman. ij^i!) •^> J^ 

' Unbored i^4> ^l)*i •^'^'J'-' k Sjj>^ 

j pearl. Maid. 
Soft, low voice. •^i.^ Cj'j^ 

•^ Small shot. Ironmongery. Si^ Ts 
Petty money. 

*=?:^>' T ^•^Lr* 


Small shot. 

■if- Small-grained grapes. 
■^ Disordered (affair). 
To parcel (meat). To eat 

the best part of a. th. 
Large pieces of meat. 
Mustacd, charlock. 
Thlaspi {plant). 
To sew (leather) a 0^' 

with an awl •<>• To bore a. th 
Te set o.'s affairs in order, {yji: 


Jij> Ts 

1 J-r* 


Shells, glass-wares, {un. Z'jji^) j'j> 

beads strung in a necklace. Bezel 
Pomum Adami. 
Lens of the eye. 
<)• Tingling in the limbs. 
Vertebrae of the back. 
A gem, a glass-bead 

or cowry set in a string. 
■if- Curb of a well. 
Jewels of the crown 

Art of a cobbler. 
Having its wings perforated 


Awl, needle. jjy,J> ^ j'j^j> 

To be dumb. To walk C/p-'a ^o* ^ 

.silently (army). To be sleepless. 
To prepare food for a 'U-i3l Ip uv* 

woman in childbirth. 
To render a. o. dumb (God). » ^'J>-\ 
To prepare food for »t.Ai)l c 

herself: (confined woman). 


( \o 


c-j^J *fi\j^ f.ji- 


Rhinoceros. -^^^ 

Oats. JU»>' -»- 

To lift the nose. To ^J^il ^W'^i-' -fr 

become proud. To be angry. 
Nose. Trunk of ^!?'>' ^ J'i^'>' 

an elephant. Pig's snout. Heady 

■ffdne. Khartoum, town of the Sou- 
Red and long earth-worms. ca1»i_^' -V^ 
To split a. th. * 5;0^0,\i>.'a p,J,i.'-f}- 
To be brolien. To p^^'ij , li-^i-' a p._p-' 

become weak in mind or body. 
To have ^j^^j 

flaccid limbs. 
To become flaccid, weak, soft 

To be dislocated (limb). 
To split a. th. To create fi> ^'J^i. \ 

a. th. (God). To forge (a story). 
To embezzle a. o. To fi>j s — 

squander away (goods). To break (a 

Incision in a sheep's ear used ^.j^ 

as a mark. Weakness of the limbs. 
Weak. Flaccid. ^j^j ^^ 

Weak man. Fine woman. Big- ^J.^.' 

lipped. Soft lip. Pendulous ( camel's 

Palma-Christi^ castor-oil plant, ^.j'j^ 
Discovery. Creation, ou-l'j^l ^ tXJ^Lx 

Soft twig of one year. »_..,«. l^iT 

Young girl. Soft woman. Tall and 

lusty mac. 
To be- 'lil^i' o o^i-'j , 'j^i-' a ci^i-' -i^ 

come weak-minded. To dote (old 


Aj 5 ^ln>lj ^i^i-^j ^'i^jhJ '^j^ o "-iS* 
To pluck (a fruit). To gather fruit for 

a. 0. 

To be watered by autumnal rain ^^ 

(earth, men). To produce autumnal 


To hold a. o. to be a dotard. » S'ji 

To transact an affair with •& ^jU 

a. o. during autumn. 
To bring forth in autumn, (she- Ji^il 
goat). To have ripe fruit ( palm- 
tree). To enter upon the autumn. To 
become tall (Indian-corn). 

Conjecture. Valuation. Spear- ^^i 

-head. Ba.sket. 
Instrument ^r,i'i^ t/»>-j u^'jij ^'ji 

for collecting honey. 

Share. Food for a woman con- i^^> 

Cold water. Stagnating water, ^^aij^ 

Outflow of a river. Sea-gulf. 
Liar. Ciyo^l^ -r i>''^>-' 

Spear. u^j,i^ -r ^'J>--^, 

To beat oft" the ^ fi,^' i o ^'j^ -^ 

(leaves of a tree). To pick (grapes 

with the hand). -^ To plane, to turn 
wood in a lathe. To brag. To crack 

a joke. 
To purge a. o (medicine). •& l»^j o — 
To have a di- J»^ ij , O^^i-' a ^j* 

sease of the udder (sheep). 
To be slender (body). <>■ To be ia'^X 

To be strung in : (bead). To em- J — 

bark rashly (in an affair). To break 

in (a place). To rush upon (the ene- 
To unsheathe (a sword). ^ \fj\i. \ 

To become long (beard). ^'iJ>-\ 

To hurry on. 
To proti'act (a journey). To ^ — 

be entangled in a snare (hunter). 
It is a difficult thing. i\~2!l J»ji.'ijji 
Coagulation of the milk in the i/^ 

udder. Weakening of the body. 
Restive (animal). Blun- J»^' ^ J»j^i.' 

derer -fy Humbug. 
Craft of a turner, -^ Moulding. rcJ/i^i. 
Parings falUng from a lathe. <L Qi.' 
Leathern bag for silk- Ja^' i^v ?- "^l j> 

worms' eggs. <>• Map. 
Turner, -if- Humbug. I»l^i.'' 

Petticoat. <l^l_^' ■<>• 

Lathe. ^j}^^ t "^'J^-t 

Suffering from coa- Jajj vV^' ^ i» ,k« 

gulation of the milk (beast). 
Long (face). A cone. ■tj^k* 

Conical. 'Jtj'A-^ 

To scrawl. To strike off'a. ih.Jj^ji^-i^ 
Waste-book. uv^Ir^ "<* 

Butterfly brightly irJtl>,. ^i,h ^ 



( \o"\ ) 


To lead a dissolute life. 

1A^ j>^ 

hole. Open country. <"- P/. Openings i 

as doors, windows. | 

<>■ He has "*Sj^i\ t^a jji-ji >\'j \ 

increased the evil lil ; he has wi- 
dened the hole. ' 
BoLintiful, profuse. Jl^i-j Jl^l 5r iilr>: 
Awkwardness. Mi- *J^>j J^'j J*^' 

suse. Stupidity. 
Hole. JJ^' ^ J^i' <>• 

Coarse cloak worn by the jj,i ^ *J^ 

Sofis. Rag, tatter. 
Cloak of Mohammed. xIj^i X-s^JI 
Duster, rag. sJ^i-'j xjl^;.' nj ;J^i.' 
Pursiain (plant). ;J^i-' 

Unskiirul. Clumsy. j_^irj J^i.' 

Wondei ful. > First rate. jj u. 

Extraordinary. SiUI Jj,vi- 

Violent wind. J^O*-' »? J-Jj^^J Ji>^ 

Soft wind. 
Fiain rich m plants. J^' ^ — 

Bountiful. Jilr^ 

Clumsy. Foolish, j^ ^ *^S* >• ^.^3^' 
Desert. Jj.>^> ?r J^^-» 

Holes of the body, as the Jj\k^\ 

mouth, nose. 
Fine man. Expe- Jlj}^-^ t JG^-* 

rienced, generous man. Wild bull. 

Kerchief twisted for striking. 
Swift. jji-j-'' 

In tatters (man). JC^'I J'^sfj _ 
Passage. ' J'Jk!^ 

Windward place. r-^^'l — 

Unfrequented (place). jStkiJI j^d- 
To shot (an arrow) <Jij j ^fi'^ -^ 

To slit a. th. To a C.>' i ^>- ^ 

crack (a gem, the eye of a needle). 

To sweep away (its bank : water). 
To perforate the nostrils of. s — 

To turn aside from (the road). ^ — 
•^ To forfeit o's promise. j — 

He died. v-jj^--!! i^>' 

To have the partition of C>^ a ^>-' 

the nose perforated. 

To spUt (a gem). -^ To embroi-A j,^ 

der, to chisel a. th. 
To be broken. > To be erabroi- j,^j 


Harvest-time. Fruit- wil^j ol^' 

Witticism, humourous talk. :;j\^i 

Gathered fruits. Do- C/CilJ,* ^ "^S'^ 

tage, nonsense. 

Lamb. >-J'3*:-' ^^*j^i *'_>*• ' t '^Jj* 

Calf. Colt six months old. 
She-lamb. Pahn-tree ^ l^i.' ^ ttaj^i-' 

bearing fruit. 
Autumn. Autumnal rain. Year. yJ^_J^ 
Fresh dates. Water-wheel. Streamlet. 
Palm tree farmed out. ^\'j>- ^ *iij> 
Autumnal. 3,S*'j Uv*-'-> I^-lJ' 

Dotard. o^^i-' -^S vJ^» 

Basket for picking oj,ii-.>» ;r kJ3'>-- 

out the best dates. 
Dotage. Avenue between two Xj^jJ 

rows of palm-trees. 
To mix a. th. A j^^'j^ ^ 

■(f- To speak confusedly. j,y^)\ J — 
Worthless furniture. Rub- jiia^ -^ 

bish. Playing-cards from two to six. 
To rend (clothes). A Cs^iT i o Sj^ -M- 

To traverse (a desert). To make a 

hole through (a wail). To ooze 

through (oil, water). To infringe ( a 

custom ). To forge (a lie). To pierce, 

to perforate a. th. 
•^ To violate, to desecrate if;!^ JJ^.' 

(a sacred place). To dishonour a. o. 
To remain j J^i.' -^j (j/^ o — 

continually in doors. 
To be confounded by ^^> a JL^i-' 

fear or shame. To be unable to 'fly 

(bird). To be fooHsh. 
To be unskilful »_, ii\J^ o J^j — 

(in work). 
To lie impudently. J^' 

To tear otf a. th. A - 

To bawilder a. o (fear). ^<3'J^ 

To be torn off, Jj'j^lj 3'J'-J^i oj>^ 

pierced through. 
To be profuse in. J J^aJ 

To forge (a he). * jCnilj — 

To blow violently (wind). 3'j^\ 

To cross, to pass through ^ Jlnil^ 

a. th. 
Desert. Crack, ci6j^' ■♦•j 3ij^ ^ dj> 


To A\ink the eyes. jj\i3 

Small-eyed tribe on the shores jji" 

of the Caspian Sea. 
The Caspian Sea. y^\ J»j 

Pain in the spine of the Sjjij Sjji' 

Food made of minced X/.j^j J.j>- 

meat and flour. 
Pig, swine. j^j\^ ^ j^^jv,. 

■^ Scrofula, king's evil. jl'jS^ 

Dolphin, Jyi^\ j,j^ 

"Wild boar. ^'S. JiJ^, 

Sow. "^j.^ 

Unsteady gait, i^3'-^»o ^'j'Sy* 

Bamboo. Stick, cane, j j UiT ^ d<jj\f 

Spear. Tiller of the rudder. Knee- 

hollj (jdiOit). 
Small-eyed. Jj^ ^ .13>' ^_j>1 

To waddle in walking. kijji-' ^ 

To remain J, ^.y^^j , t > a fji -«■ 

behind ; to part from. 
To cut, to sever a. th. fit f.ji:j -~ 

To prevent a. o. from o>^ ^i f.ji-' 

walking (lameness). 
To divide a. th. between. cA> fi> f.jl-3 
To be cut in the middle (rope). f.'J>i][ 

To be bent by (age). 
To separate a, o, from. ^t a p.1^1 
Death. ^.Iji.' 

Piece, fragment. Xclji' 

Tales, amusive sto- j^ji^j Jit ji -}^ 

Joke, witticism. *^^3'- 

To limp in walking. J^j>-'"^ 

To walk haugh- kJj^ j 6';i.' i jji' -f^ 


To rend (a garment). To split a — 

a. th. 
Earthenware, pottery. >-9J»-' 

Earthen, made of clay. "J ji.' 

Pottery. ^\^'j - 

To pass through *j j^ Clji' i J>'-«- 

(the target : ari'ow). <>• To tear off 

a. th. 
To pierce a. o. with (a spear). ^ fit — 

To hit (the target) with an arrow. 

To cast (the eyes) at. 
To be pierced through. j'^j\j jy^j 

■^ To be rent (garment). 

( \eV ) 

To desti'oy, (a tribe). ^ yj\i.\j — 

To be pierced (nose, ear). j(^\ 

To cut off a. o, (death). To s yJii-\ 
weaken a. o. (sickness.) 
He was taken away from us tS j^M- 1 

(by death). 
Peak of a mountain. j»^^>-' w >»'•» 

Pros. Retrenchment of a syllable. 

Pierced (ear). Inaccessible (hill 
Leaves and branches of a tree. 

Kind of bean. Star- wort. 
Licentious sect admitting 

Impious, dissolute. Cold ^i^i.' 

Cloven rocks. 
Tip of the nose. 
Corn-cockle (weed) 
Having the nose 

Lace-work. Lace. 
Projecting (peak). 

Point of a sword. 
To alter (a book). <► To A jJ^'ji: ■»■ 

.scratch, to tear a. th. with th^ nails. 
Young hare, j;| 

Palace of king Naman at 

To cover (a wall) with a i 

pricks and thorns. 
To pierce a. o. through ^ 

with (a lance). 
Silk. Tissue of silk and 

wool, ■<>• Duck-weed. 
Male hare. Sji-b 

Bramble dried up 
Silk merchant. 
Burrow of a hare. 
To be swollen t-j^^^J-^J*" 

(skin). To have the udders 






>• >»3»' 


j-ij'-^ f>- 


yr ^j't' 

2 y\i-\j — 


fj^'J w'J* f 


Gold mine. 
Garden flies; their 

To wink the eyes. 
To be contracted (eye) 

0>'o j>'-«; 

c \ 

To ask a. o. to store up a. th.A c<jii-~l. 
Treasure. -^ Safe for money. ^jji 

Chamber. Inner cabin. 
Treasurership. *>,0»-' «? *j'0^ 

Treasury. •<>• Cupboard. Magazine, 
■warehouse. Ward-robe. Closet. 
Library. ^^.i^JI — 

Arsenal. ^y^\ — 

Treasurer. oljij Hji-' ^ ojj'i 

Ti'easurer, secretary. j'^ji- P 

Tongue. oO>J oj,li 

Property laid up. -^ Treasury. *i ji.' 
^Magazine, cellar. oj,W ^ oji^ 

•^ OfPiiie of a merchant. 
The nearest roads. JiJ»J' oji^>' 

To overcome, to rule i 13 ji' Iji' -fi- 
a. o. To treat as an enemy. To res- 
train a. 0. To slit (the tongue of a 
young b^ast). 
To fall into dis- ^j^j C j>. a sSji- ■«■ 

grace, to be lowered. 
To be ashamed of. ^j , ^ ^sji-j *3ji — 
To disgrace » eS>b Jj^i-j ji i j'J. 
a. (God). To confound. To disap- 
point a. 0. 
To feel shame. cJjiszJ.1 

Confusion. Punishment. ijlji-j tJJ% 

Remoteness. Repentance. 
Disgrace, misfortune. 
Abased, reviled. 
Ashamed. Gi^i.' ^ G ji.'' ^ oQ ji' 

Disgrace. Cause of shame. jd-J ^ Sljk/ 
Confounded. •<>■ The Devil. (jji^* 

To be vile. lli_, xjlUi' a ;>i.' -8- 

■<>• To decrease (value). 
To diminish the fi> ^ !c j ^ t~i.- q — 

portion of. 
He came to no harm ; he Hi.' C« <► 

was unhurt. 
To commit a felony. CCil^ ^^'1 

To find a. 0. vile. To contemn fitj s — 

a. o. To render a. 0. unlucky. 
To make a. th. by turns. fi> ^\is7 

To reckon a. 0. mean, vile, j '^ic^\ 

To hold a. o. to be stingy. 
Lettuce. -^^^ 

Wild lettuce. ^| -^ 

Anchnsa, alkanet {plant). jU.?JI i^ 
Dipsachus, teasel {plant). ^IJOl \j: 

iJ^J *ij»- 

To be unsheathed (sword). J'M-^ 

■^ Rent, hole in a gai-ment. JjiT 

Spear-head. -^ Tearing. jj u- 

Pale, pole. Pointed j) jj>' «. J^jU- -^ 

To impale (a man). s 3''Sy^ "^ 

To have a fracture in s'j> a Jji'-tt- 

the back. 
To cut, to sever a. th. /b vji' i Jji.' 
To hinder a. 0. from o* ^ ~ 

To walk heavily. JjiJij J^*^ 

To be alone to hold (an i_, JJtill. 

To cut a. 0. off from (his ji- i — 


Fracture, in the back. ;jj» 

Hinderauce, obstacle. dji! 

Sluggish gait. J'j^j Jj^ 

I ^^'hose hump is gone J.>jk^j Jjil 

away (camel). 
To pass a jbj 2f ^ji-'j ^'ji i ^ji' -ft- 

ring through (a camel's nostril). 

To string (pearls). 
To abash, to humble a. 0. iill ^ji.' 
To meet with a. 0. in taking i yj\^ 

a different road. 
To enter the foot (thorn) y^ 

To oppose each other j>'j\i^ 

Kind of palm used for twisting ^ji' 

Tulip. ^i^i.' ^ 


V,'J>- ?r *"J*J -»'J» 

put in a camel's nostril. Nose-ring 
of (women). 
Lavender, {plant). j^y^j J\'_^ 

Hyacinth {plant). '\yus i/l^ 

Male serpent. >»j»VI 

Having the nose pierced ^jji^ 

(camel). Having his beak pierced 
To store up (goods). fi> Cji.' o u>-' ■»■ 
To keep (a secret). To prevent (spea- 

*j\j>- O Ciji-J ^ji- a Oji-J ^j'ji-J C ji-' — 

To be altered, to stink (meat). 
To become rich (poor man). ^.jil 

To lay up (goods).. To take (the^ j^l. 
shortest way). To keep (a secret). 

land to be swallowed up with its in- 
habitants (God). 
To sink in its orbit (eve). Cili.' i — 
To become emaciated. To be in the 
way of recovery. To fall in (roof). To 
be deficient. 
To tare a. th. ^ UtLi- <>• 

To be deprived of sight (eye), .juil 
To be eclipsed (moon). To be >jiZU[ 
blinded (eye). To be swallowed up 
(land). To be perforated (roof). To 
be decayed (well). 
Deficiency. Issue of water. ^jtU: 

Ignominy. Clouds rising in the West. 
Walnut. .jiiXj — 

He has humbled him. CaJ_i ii^C- 

He sp 'nt the eJ-J-JI j\ XlLi^ 3 oQ 

night in hunger. 
Eclipse of the moon. ^jL>- 

( \o\ ) 

w < ■■■ •V ^ ^ym^->- J ^,A ,,,'%-J <A..«> 1 ^ i^...M.> 

Unexhaustible well sunk in the I'ock. 
Emaciated. Sunk (eye). _ali.' ^ ^i^Q- 

Altered in complexion. Light boy. 
Soft tracts of land. ^,_U-^j>.1 
The lion. ^li-^l 

To pierce a. th. /*>_, j Cili' i jli.' -«- 

through (arrow). 
Forger of lies. JLli 

To cast a. th. jj A >llir o Jli' -i^ 

away. To exile a. o. 
Refuse, rubbish. i}\Li. 

Of low quality, j;,Ll> j Jlli. ^ J^iT 

To settle (a difference). fit _^ii <► 
To sink into contempt. ^Lil ~ ^^^i. -s- 

play with a. o. at the game of odd 

and even. 
Odd number. ^U-l ^ Ci' 

To throw pebbles at o. a. C^Ll's-j — ^g^i. 
Woollen garment or tent. -»_i.' 

•fy- To enter (a house), j itiiT o i j^ -^ 
•<f- To produce a rustling. To ^jii.' 

clink (jewel). 
To insert a wooden bit into s — 

the nose of a camel. To give a. th. 

stealthily to. 
To brmg a fine i-ain (cloud). ';jj^j\j — 

To pass through (man). 

Thing made by turns. ^^Cj- 

Lowliness, vile- ill_i.'j i!Li._) :c-lC_i.' 

ness. -^ Sordidness. 
Fixed stars that never set. 
Vile, -fy- Stingy, ungrateful. 

To be weakened \tjLCj Ci-' a *l 
^ (sight). 

To drive away (a dog). ^ — 

To be driven \Ls-j\j , 'tli.' a i^'j - 

away (dog). 
To throw stones one 

at another. 
Indisposed, unwell. 
OUi-'j \y.i.j i:^>'j 1^ 

i.zi>jj L;:vi. 


To lose (in trade).Ci_^>j \y^j SjUi-'j 
To perish. To go astray. □ To be- 
come a rascal. 

To alter (a ifc Cl^.li, 1^^' i yj: 

balance).To lose wealth. 

To cause a lc>s to. To impute j( ^^ 
an error, a loss to a. o. To mislead. 
To destroy a. o. g To demoralise 
a. 0. To misuse a. th. 

To experience a loss. ^', iT y^ ^J.\ 

To make a (balance) deficient. fi>^/^] 
To cause a loss to. 

To give a. th. uawil- .^1 jt y~i^^[ 
lingly to a. o. 

Loss, error. ul>^j SjC-i-j ,r^' 

-^ What a pity! sJCi'i; 

Losses and profits. J,H9.nj ^C jVl 

Losing (at play, in trade). _^-li 

□ Rascal. Spoiled (child). 

\Sj^~i^} ^Si^j iSj^-i^j -'l-7*-'j .^y^ 
Vile, misled. Lost. 
Vileness. Calamities. Blame. 
To be banished. 
Man of the lowest _^^l 

To sink down, (coun- Cj^ 

try). To be eclipsed (moon). 
To put out the eyes of. /b Cili.' i — 

To sink (an unexhaustible weU) in 
the rock. To cut a. th. To humble 

and vex a. o. To tear off a. th. To 

confine (a beast) without food. 
To cause a ^ J^j'Vi ^ililj — 


( M- ) 

Tall and vigorous- '^.ii-j ^x±;:j^^i: 

Ij framed (man). 
Shaped out, ^jii.i-'j ,_^i.' ^ wi4i-' 

trimmed. Polished. Corrupt. 
Wood-seller. Timber- ilLii-' ^ i_jLi.i.' 

Coarse, hard. Severe. High and ^li'l 

ragged mountain. 
Hard, dry ground, »r^i' 

Fob, waist-pocket. 

To leave th.3 refuse i^-.> j ^i: J^ 
of a dish. 

To pick out, to cull a. th. fi> — 

To es'. ape in fear. 'Iri*-' a ^^.i-' 

Rabble, refuse of mankind. jiXi- 

Refuse. Rabble. Remain- sjCiij jCii-' 
der of a meal. 

To do a. ;h. amiss. j;i!i J uj>L> -^ 

Swarm of bees and i^j Cii.' ^ ^^> ^ 
hornets. Bee-hive. Queen-bee. Soft 

To be humble, sub- Cc_^> a ;uli.' -J}- 
missive. To incline to setting (sun). 
To be cast down (eyes). To be faint 
(voice). To wither (leaves). To disap- 
pear (hump). To be dry, rainless 

To cast down the eyes. 

To humble o'self before a. o. 
To humble, to lower a. o. 

To show humility. To make 
entreatie.s. -^ To be moved, affected. 

To lower the eyes, the voice J ;il5i\. 
before a. o. 

Humility. Faintness of the voice, pjli^ 
Casting down of the eyes. i^ Emotion. 

-^ Moving, affecting the fee- \'-y^>- 

Flattened hill. ^.li.' ^ ;;li.' 

Lowly. Low ;J.ij iili- J o^iiU- ^ ^iU- 
(voice K Depressed and wayless (pla- 
ce). Cast down (looks). Kneeling. 
Fallen down (wall). Withered and 
fallen (plant). 

Humble entreaty, -if- Emotion. ^j-j 

To cross (a Culi-'j Cj^» i o wili' -«- 
counti'y). To be frozen water). To 
be intense (cold). To be concealed. 


Anything hard. Black. Passer-by.;^' 
Crack. Little rain. 

Hill. -jj: 

Passer, foot-pas- -jj^: ^ 'j.\i. 

Creeping insects. Small xlj^s ^ J^it-i- 

birds. Wood inserted in the nose of 

a camel. Sack. Anger. Side. INIoan- 

Brave. Bad. jXiJ- 

Ground covered '^•iCii-'jobLi*-' ?r 'Ls.*-' 

with mud and pebbles. Nest of bees. 

Protuberant bone behind tlie 'ili-' 

Dog-hole, paltry place. ;jili.'-<>- 

To clink, to clash. j.'i.Jj>Dj J.l:li: -ir 

to rustle (weapons, jewels, dry 

Rustling of a new garment. iL'^-.l^ 

Cla.shing, clinking. 
Poppy. <► Rocky soW. j^xSALi: ^ jSidj: 
Corn poppy, red poppy. tSj' J-'^J.i^ 
Garden poppy, white poppy, 'lilrl/ — 
Papaver cornutum, horned ci'.j\2j> — 

Papaver Rhceas. wild j^iLi — 

Egyptian poppy. 
A poppy. -^ Charnel-house. liU-J-i' 

Depository for the corpses. 
To mix a. th. with. ^ fi, Cli-' i ^^li' -R- 
To pick out a. th. To shape out fi> — 

(a bow). To polish (a sword). To 

roughen a. th. 
To compose (verses) un- a k_,l>ilj — 

To become like wood. ^li-' 

■^ To put a culprit in the stocks, s — 
•^ To wainscoatj to ceil a. th. fit — 
To pasture upon twigs or dry* ^kl-S 

herbage (cattle). 
To be inured to hardship and ^_S'jU-\ 

privation. To be rude, coarse in 

manners, food. 

Wood, timber. oCli-'j 

Gaiacum. 'CJvi wi-i-' o 

A piece of wood, tiraBei-r- _Jj^ '^ cii.' 
Rough to the touch. Hard (life). ^^ 

Intoxication. X^i^ 

Lion. Huge (nose, mountain).> 

Cartilajre of the nose. ^-i-Ci ^ ^jM*- 

P/. -«► Fish-gills. 
Large-no.sed. Stinking. jr=^ ■k- ^i'l 

Deprived of smell (man). 
Drunk, intoxica- ^^ic^j ^y^^i jr^* 

To be xJjl^j 'zJ[l>j *lli. o o-^' ^ 

hard, rough to the touch. To be 

To render a. th. hard, coarse. fi> ^li 

^ To thicken a. th. To wear (a 

garment); to inhabit (a for 

the first time. 
He exasperated him. '/jj^ — 

To treat a. o. harshly.s J ^l^-^j ^\>- 
To be coarse, uneven. To act ^li-i 

rudely. To wear a coarse (garment). 
To find a. th. to be I'ough, fi> ^llcJi [ 

To be harsh, rough to the ^'jl^[ 

hand. To b;- rude, rough (man). 
Harshness, rough- iijl^j sJllij tLii.' 

ness. Rudeness. 

Harsh, rough to the touch. 
Untractable (man). v^CaJI o-^ib o4*' 
Thick-headed, rough. 
Kind of purslain. lilli.'^ 

C \"\s ) 

Cu.Li- J 

•J »~ 


To dread, to fear a. o. or a. th. Aj 


To fear that. 

ulj jl ol — 

To frighten, to awe a. o. 

5 iS^ 

To dread a. o. or a. th 
To be ashamed. 

Dread, fear. i\lkh 

uUi-i-j *lis^ 

Lest, for fear that. 

u1 V-^' 

Di'j plant. 

(^•-»-'j iSr^ 

Spiiitless, faint-hearted. Olli-'^ 

More dreadful (place). 


K^yi^i X^^ai-J Ltf^.i2>-J I 

To attribute a. th. 
exclusively to. 

To be special, proper. To 

Caj^ai- — 

concern a. o. 

•^ It is not of my concern. 

^kl V )J^' 

To enter, to penetrate into j ^lijlj — 
To I'ad a. o. (guide) ^j '^iiii.' ^i.' 
To crackle luider the 'H'-.^ ) Ctli — 

feet (snow). 
To wound the head with (a i_; * — 

To pass along hastily. j\Li\ j — 

To be infected with Cii.i.' a -''^^ 

mange (camel). 
To lead the way (guide). ^li' 

To resound (on the butt : wii-Ci- 

To break a compact. js^i j Ut£\i- 
To ha.sten to do evil. Jl — 

Rapid walk. Rustlicg. Move- oLii' 

ment. Lowliness. Flattened hill. 
Hardened snow. Soft ice. ^^jj^j ^ili-' 
Young of a gazelle. xiL>. ^ ^ii>' 

Green fly. 
Beverage made of raisins ^\±J. P 

soaked into water. 
Misfortune. olL^-' 

Bat C night-bird). j'Ai.' 

Travelling by night. Penetra- J^^li.' 

ting (sword). 
Acute (sword). Frozen ("water), ^i.^. 
Infected with mange. Jlli'l 

Ice-house. wili-.? 

Guide. Lion. ^li-..; 

To inveigh against. jt cUliT o 

Bran mixed with flour. _\isd.C P 

Brown bread. 
To revile a. o. » jl>.'j !:Ai.> r. jli.' -{^ 
To be worn out (clothes). -^^ aJ4i' 
To be vile. To be depressed jli,) 

Empty egg. Date-stone. jli.' 

Head of an anklet, a bracelet, jli-'j — 

Fruit of the doom-palm. 
Refuse, base. jli' 

Weak (man). ^y;^ J4»J J-=J J-^' 

To break the nose of. 5 C_ii' \ ^^ -«- 
To become large C«_^j C-Li a^^j^ 

(nose). To stink (nose). 

To be 


■\i ^i U-i 

altered, to stink (meat). 
To intoxicate a. o. (wine). 
^ Nose. Mouth. Snout. 
To humble, to confound a. o. 

( ^^T ) 


Wealth)', bountiful (man) 

Abounding with seed- ^\J^.*j ,_^.-« 
produce (oounti-y). 

To be cold. (day). To l>i> a „r^ -ft- 
ba seized bj cold (limb). To suffer 
fi'om cold (in the hands, feet). 

To walk hand in hand with s Ja\>- 
a. 0. or by his side. To meet with 
a. in taking a different way. 

T<j take (a sceptre) in hand ^ j<iiC 

To put the hands upon _^ai;.'lj — 

the flanks. 

To walk together hand in hand.^tj 

To abridge (a discourse). A y^\ 
To take the shortest away. To shor- 
ten (prayer). 

To curtail a. th. To cut o.'Fa. th.j — 

To lean upon a stick. tj — 

Middle of the body. j>oi-' -r _r^' 

Waist. Road crossing a heap of 
sand. Hollow of the sole. Encamp- 
ment of nomads. 

Cold (day). 

Bitterly cold. 

Waist, flank. Pain 
in the flanks. 


Curtailment, eli.sion 

Rod. Staff. Sceptre. 

The nearest ways. 

Slender in the waist (man) ; in _^ai-,« 
the wrist (hand). Tight (sandal). 

Summary, conpendium. jC^J> 

To sew (a sole). ?_> ifc Cliii' i w«.ii' -il- 
To patch (a sandal). To walk in the 
footprints of. To exceed a. o. in re- 

To apply a. th.jt A oLi:^»b ^iiilj — 
upon. To cover (the body) with. 

To cast her young one in Tjloi — 
the sev'^nth month (she-camel). 

To be tracked by. i_j 

To be ill-tempered. To do 
a. th. reluctantly. 

To render a. o grey (hoariness) 

To hurry on. 


Colour mixed of white and black. 


\ 4^ 9^ 


S — 

J *-» Lai' a ^joo- 


To belong to. 

To appropriate a. th, 

To become u>v^ 

To design a. o. for. ^j s j c_ 

To render a. th. special to. 
To attribute a. th. ^ s 

exclusively to. 
To scorn at. ^ ly^'^ 

To be special, peculiar,^ ;;;^Siij ^jJas^ 

proper to. To concern a. o. 
To claim the property of. A> ^^aiti.:!. 

•if To assign a. th. exclusively to. 
Hut, ^JSy!:a9■J tji^las- \j u*l.i>; -^ ^i- 

booth of reeds. Tavern. -> Silk- 
worm nursery. 
Proper, special, ( o/>p. to jSs. ) ^Q. 

worthy, celebrated. Apart, -tf- First 

rate, superfine (goods). 
Property (of a plant), ^l^' ^ *oQ- 
The chief men oL^'j ly^'J^-ib X-^^JI 

(of a tribe). The special officers (of 

a king). 

Property, vir-,^;Lis> j ollo'^ ■r^'^ 

tue (of a medicine). <► Self-restraint. 

Interstice, hole, gap. Short ^r'Li*^ 

Sina'il bunches j^Uai ^ X-^Lii.' 

remaining on the vine after the ga- 
thering. Little of wine. 
Poverty, destitution. ^Usi'jZ^lii.' 
Peculiarity, particu- a^^f^j u^j^' 

Most of all, CjjJaij ^j^J\ It 

•^On the subject of, a.hou.t.^^^i.j_j ^ 
Special. <► An express. ^^j^i 

To be fruitful CJai^ a k_-ai-'j i »_-bi^ -ft- 

To possess abundance of seed- ^^.ijil 
I produce. To find pasturage (man, 

I To render (a country) fruitfLil fit ^^iil 

j Side. White mountain-snake. ^-^ 
\ Abundance of herbage. ijLi»!l ^ ^.Jai- 
I Life of plenty. Fertile (land). 
' Fertile, fruitful (land). w~k-^j ^-^ 
[ Fruit-bearing palm-tree. ^l^ 


( > 

<• Subtraction, discount. 
Adver- j^y^C ^r ( '"• f- *'• V^- ) 

saiy, antagonist. 
Side. Edge, ^C^ilj ^>ia> ^ j^ 

Contentious. Quarveller. >i_^-ia>j .,,-^i-' 
Contention, ii^U^Jj X>ijuaij ^iUai 

Adver- ^La>-Ij uU-^ai-j 'U-i>- ■^ _^~^>-' 

sary. Litigant (in law). 
To geld a. 0. tii* 1 ^^ii-' -»; 

To leai-n one science only. ^s>a>'i 

Satyrion ( planl). 
Round and white berries 

alike to the morell. 
Orchis (plant). 
Mercurialis annua, 

mercury [plant). 
Gelded. Eunuch. 

dlJoll — 

To stir (water). To jolt sj a 'j^i: -ft- 

(his rider : horse). To frighten a. o. 

<)• To shake a. th. To try a. o. 

•^ To be .shaken, stirred. l^^X 

To adorn (a girl) with a set ^ ja^ 

of shells. 
To barter a. th with. iJ(U-.>» S ;>ii- 
<- Jolt, shock. Fright. xJai: 

"White shells. Dishes of a ^a-^*-' 

repast. Sophism. 
Ornament of little value. o^Ua>' 

Collar for gazelles, cats. Ink. Fet- 
Foolish (man). Rained upon j^-^ 


To stir (water). To dash a jal-Jai^ -^ 

a. ih.. about. To turn up (the earth). 

<>• To jolt (horse).' 

To move about (a dagger) in a j A — 

To be shaken, dashed about. j^Jaid 

Shock, jolt. *ijijai.' 

Stout, fat (camel). jai-X^ 

Abounding in water, in j^\^.^ 

plants (land). Black liquid pitch 

for besmearing camels. 
To colour, fi> ^i:j , Uai-' i ^^.ai: -«- 

to tinge, to dye a. th. 

^r ) ^ 

Basket made of ^Ua>.j _i.ii' ,;, 

palm-leaves. Coarse garment. 
Eye of an awl. 
Names of a celebi'ated ol.i>- ^ olii-' 

Liar. Cobbler. ot^ 

A.shes. Sandal. Fresh milk ^;.^-l 

mixed with curdled milk. 
White in the flanks (horse), ^.iilj — 

White and black. 

Awl. tJioUt^ ^ >.i^ii^. 

To cut, to curtail a. th.Ai ^Lai' oj.o>' -i^ 
To excel a. o. in shoo- s Viii-j yiJa> — 

To cut off a. th. To lop (a ifj ff> j^' 

tree). To cut (the forelock). 
•4>- To render (a horse) vicious. s — 
To shoot with 2^ Vi.i»ij ';loU-^ J-iU- 

a. o for a wager. 
To hit the target (arrow). J^\ 

To contend in shooting for JoUj 

Hitting of the target. J^i-' ^ J^ 

He attained his aim. iUai-'i-iUjI j\ jj>\ 
Good quality. Bad habit. Juii. ^ <Lai' 

Hitting of the target. Soft branch of 

mimosa. Any tender branch. -^ Vice 

in a hoi'se. 
Bunch of grapes. j^i.' ^ ' ' 

Thoi'ny branch. Lock of hair. 
Dependant hair, branches. 
Losing the wager in shooting. 

Flesh with its mus- JjLii ^ ix..^ 

cles. Complete hmb of flesh. Tuft 

of hair. 
Scythe, reaping-hook. jLiis* 

To overcome a. o. *j » ija>- i ^r^' "^ 

in dispute, -tf- To solve (a difficulty). 

To discount. To subtract a. th. To 

counteract a. o. 
To contend, to ♦i^U-./Jj C«Usi ^ii 

quarrel with. 
To afford an argument 

To quarrel together. 
•fy To be deducted (sum) 

be solved (difficulty). 

. To _^iJl 

Green colour. ,.r^J «r^* t oj^>- 

Softness of a branch. Cucumber. 
Greens. Herbs. Ash-colour (in hor- 
ses). Blackish colour (in men). 
Milk mixed with much water. jLii: 

First greens. 
The sea. jyi^}\j ^^ai-Vb «jl-^J' 

Verdant. Verdure. Green herbs, jj-ii-' 

<• Fresh dung of cows. 
Daphne, an evergreen laurel, tj^^ 
Gi'een-grocer. '^^'_ra^j tSj-^ "^ jliii-' 
Wild duck. ^ji"L<ai.' :r s?v-^' "^ sfj,^*:' 
Recent. Green- _^k> ^ '\'_r^ ^ ,r^'' 
coloured. Auspicious (mau). Black- 
coloured. Greens. Fine woman. 
^ Fox-co!oured (horse). 
The chief men of a tribe. ^'^1 'I2ni> 
The sky, the firmament. •\l^J) 

Army clad in armour. 
Gold, meat and wine. ^<=>^^^ 

Grass. Verdant meadow. ;J,iai.^j jj^i 
dy^-^^i <S_j,Ui3.j ^j,Uai- 5- ^_;<a>-, -fr 
Numerous, plentiful. Generous lord. 
Holding much water (well). Immen- 
se (sea). 
Persians settled in 'J-jXhU ^ li,^r^- 
Syria in the beginning of I.-^lamism. 
Living in the beginnimg of ^>iii-.i 
Islamism. Of mixed breed. Uncir- 
To be lowly.GtLai'j CJai- tj-ai- a ^.^ -i^ 

To set (star). 
To obey, to J ;u^i| -i^j /^il — 

submit to a. 0. 
To soothe, to soften a. o. i — 

To incite a. o. (to evil). Jl. 5 — 

To bend a. o. (age). ? r^'^i ~ 

To render a. o. humble^j 5 ^^'b r^* 

and submissive. To cut up (meat). 
To speak gently to a. o. 5 ^'U- 

To fhp-JS -^j ;i-is^Ji> b ^trfiS-b ;»-<aiJ 

humble o.'s self. To submit. 
To pass along rapidly (man, fJ^{ 
horse). To dash upon its pi'ey (fal- 
Depression of the neck. ^^i.' 

Whips. Swords. Sound of a 

I 1 o k_.i>. b >-.'0>j , y >«a* a k_~4*»" J 

become green (tree, land). 
To dye o's self (with ^ ^.^^\j^^'-,.j 
' henna). 
To be green (tree). ^^y^[ 

Green. New sprouts, >-r>_y^ tt w-^' 

Dye (for the hair, hands). ^^h 

Dyed (hand, w-aiJ-j i-jj^^-.i'j vd-^' 

Trough, wash-house. s^^kt 

To crack a. th. To fit Ix^ i Jiai.' -S- 

bend (a branch) without breaking 

it. To cut off (the thorns of a tree). 

To craunch (a cucumber). 
To cut a. th. fin j.^j — 

To be broken (wood). jiai-Jb -^i»>J 

To be shi'ivelled (fruit). 
Part broken or cut off (from a jJai: 

tree). Bruise, pain in the limbs. 

Shrivelled fruit. 
Weak. Unable to rise. i^k^j j.^» 
Bruise of a limb. Tree without iCai-' 

Bent, crooked. 
To be green. To be- 
come verdant (plant). 
To cut (a palm-tree). 
To render a. th. green. 
He was blessed in it. - 

To sell to a. o. green fruits. 
To render (a land) green : (rain).*_pai'i 
To be green, of a ^a'^^i-h 'J^\ 

green colour. To be verdant. 
To be dark (night). >ail 

To cut herbage, while green. A^ari.1. 

To bear (a burden). To eat green 

fruits. To cut off (the ear). 
To be cut green (herbs).To ^?-> ' 

die young. 
Surname of St George or j^,i ^i% 

the Prophet Elias. 
Without price. 1^,41;; iS-^'j 'Ir^ 'lr<a» 

Unrevenged (blood). 
Green. Verdant aspect of seed- ya^ 

Green-coloured. Branch. Seed- ^^i.' 

produce. Green vegetable. Verdant 


( \"\ 

To appropriate a. th by 

making a mark upon it. 
To draw lines. To register A JaLi 

a. th. -^ To groove (a column).-^ To 
survey (a road). To lay colours (on 

her face woman). 
■^ To paint o.'s brows. JaLaJ 

To be streaked (face). To be *Jarii. 

tattooed. To grow forth (down of a 

To trace the boundaries of. To a — 

make tlie survey (of a town}. 
Line, streak. Sword. J»^isi' ^ 'h> 

Hand-writing. Furrow. •(>• Chiroman- 
cy. Geomancy. Paint for the face. 
Finnan, o/iC^ 'iai-'j <J^_j^ -ia^ Ts 

autograph of the Sultan.' 
Arbate-tree. «--iiVl 'Jai.' a 

The equator. 'l^s-lVl "iai-' 

Equinoctial line. JQ^VI 'Ja> 

Meridian. jl^l ^^ 'JaiT 

Quarter of a town. Thoroughfare.'Jai-' 


Ground first occupied Jaiai- 7~ ^i-j 'iai- 

by a settler. 
Afiair. Relation. Quality. Jaia^ ^ xLi' 

Ignorance. Course, way of acting. 
Spear. ;^' ^ -^LiT 

Drawing lines. Sorcerer. -i,vi. 

Leaving footprints on the sand. lj»lai.' 

<• Paint for the eyebrows. 
Unwatered ground Jajiki ^ *ia4».' 

lying between two lands rained upon. 
Drawing lines. Calligraphist. JaiLi' 
Weaver's ruler for mar- JsUai-.*^ 'Jaiv» 

king cloth. 
Handsome (boy). Streaked. ul,Z. i 

Wooden ruler. JjUii-^ 

To swagger. <• To tattoo. Jai.Li.' ^ 
•<>-To paint her brows ( woman). isi-jaiij 

To tattoo o.''3 self. 
To send forth foam (boi- ^ a Uai' -ir 

ling pot). 
To fail. To make Uii.' j flLi-' a ^ laiT 

a mistake. 
To commit a fault, a 'slLij Vki- — 

sin. To do wrong. 
To charge a. o. s (x^ljj hh^j iLi' 

with an error. 


0) \^ 

Submitted to evei'y one. jji^ ^ ii^' 

Subduing his equals. 
Submissiveness, obedience. 
Gurgling of the bowels of a 

horse. Murmur of a torrent. 

Lowly, f-O.* 5P. f._^> J , f'^lai)- 9- ;>o,l». 

tractabl<^, obedient. 
Bustle of a tight. Battle. Dust *i-ali 

raised in a battle. 
Lowly, submit- ^jai-' ir 'liiai-' ^ ^iai^ 

ted. Having a depressed neck (horse). 
To break wind. Cs'.^>j Uiai-'i ■ ''^ -fr 
Small water-melon. ^jLai.' 

The serpent. wj.aivi 

Wine. jLakiJI 

To bi moist, wet. 

To moist, to wet a. th. ^ JJai-'\j J-ai 

To be moistened. To jLai. \j ^\.^ [ 

be tufty (tree). 
Lustrous pearl. Kind of J^j Jii> 

Moist, wet (body). J-^^J J4»i 

Juicy (roast meat). Dripping ^i. 

with blood (sword). 
Abundance. Comforts of life. disi.' 

Easy, luxurious (life). l}^.h J^-^ 
To cut a. th. fi> j,^\j , C-ai i j^ ^ 
To give a part of goods to. ^ o!Ai) — 
To eat a. th. fit C-ai a ,«-ai-j — 

To cut a. th. To stop (the * ^.i^l. 

way: robber). To wear out (its .scab- 
bard: sword). 
Bountiful (man). Large o>i-a> t %■<»> 

crowd. Sea. Sharp dagger. Hone. 
Green plant. Boiled wheat. li--ai- 

Luxurious land. 
Middle. Main part. itJii.' 

Leading a luxurious life. ^.Jjivij ^i-.'* 
To crumble (di-y t'aingsj.i^iai o Lai -tt- 
To put marks on u Cki-' o 'Jai' -ft- 

a. th. 
To write with (a pen). ^ — 

To write a. th. To streak (the fi> — 

sand : wind). To eat (httle of food). 

To dig (a grave). 
His hair begins to become LilJI «!»>' 


Sentence delivered on i_ili»JI Jla» 

proofs and oaths. Opening of a dis- 
coui'se. Rhetorics. Legal jurispru- 

Dusky yellow. Dusty green. tJai! 

Speech, sermon. Preface ,_jai.' ^ sdai-' 
of a book. 

Betrothing. »--it^' -^j ^r^h^J v-^* 

Betrothal. <- Betrothal-present, tjai 

Bride, *r;|a>' "^J "^rt^J ^t^J v^ 

betrothed woman. 
Transactor of a marriage. t_^\lai.' 

Oratoi-, preacher. 'ULi.' ^ w-^iii-' 

Asking a woman in 'CLi.' ^^ w-l»V9- 

marriage. Betrothed. 
Bitter plant resembling aspa- oCJai^ 

ragus. Green leaves of the acacia- 
Yellow oCLi ^ :c3CJai.'j , uCJai-'j ^Jiil 

colocynth striped with green. 
Dusky yellow. ._jai.' ^ »CLi.' > ,_Jai I 

Green wood-pecker. Hawk. 
Second person {in ijrammar). ^(i-J 
To quiver, to vibrate Cffki. i _4»>' "^ 

(spear). To happen (event). 
To shake o.'s self in J _^l.j <-j — 

walking. To waddle. 
To wag the ^ Oil»ij v';iyki.'j l^4ai — 

tail (camel). To I'aise (the hands, 

the fingers). 
To brandish (a spear). ^ C\^Jai^ — 
To .4Q i^ jl Js. jl JCj 0^^' i o Jai^ 

come back to the mind (thought). 

To remember a. th. 
To occur to a. o. (thought). i) — 

To change o.'s mind. ^"^^ "^ 

To be eminent, high in 'sj^W o jl»-' 

rank, important. 
To risk o.'s self. To * iii ^y li 

jeopardise o.'.s life. 
To bet with a. o for. ^ ^ ~ 

To be in danger (sick man). J^\ 
To be the equal, the rival of. i ^ij>l 

■<► To warn a. o. 
To bring J.G Jj Jc ji *5 U. A _^i t 

back a. th. to the mind (God). 
To lay (a wager), to risk a. th. A — 

To commit a i^U-j «lLil Usil 

mistake, a fault. 
To miss (the butt, the way). a — 
To lead a. o. into 5 U>li5j llJjj — 

error, sin. 
To be wrong, to make a mistake.'ilaij 
To go beyond (the mark : A ll^uj 

Wrong, intentional fault. »'Jai 

Sin, error, mistake. 'VJai-'j \lai.' 

Sin. Little of. oli-iii-'j uiai' ^ llJii.' 
It is a pity. j^i^i? ^ 

Sinner. Mis- s'lLi.' ^ J^\i. -tt-j m,6. 

Sinful woman. INfissing 'Jal^' ^ lUaU- 

the mark (arrow). 
Wrong, mistaken. Missing the '^Jik» 

To preach : JjlLi-'j 'xXii^ Jiai. ^ 

to deliver an exhortation. 
To be, to become a ^Uai-' wW 

To ask ( a 5 '<^J CJai-' ^lai-' 

woman) in marriage. To ally by 

marriage to (a tribe). 
He asked of him his sister iLrii *I3l. — 

in marriage. 
«{>-To give (a woman) u. >' »_.Li-'j — 

in marriage to. 
To be streaked with CLi-' a ^k> 

white or black. To be of a 

To converse 72J\i-Jj Clki S wJ?U- 

with. To address a. 0. 
To discourse on. j — 

To come within reach of : (game).>.' — 
To become yellow. To be strea- kj,k>1 

ked with green. To assume colour 

To converse together. ^b'di 

To be aftianced. To ask a k-J»-il 

woman in marriage. 
Thing, affaii' important ^^a^ ^ wJ«i-' 

or not. Cause of an affair. 
What do yo« want ? \\Tiat dJ^thi.' U 

is the cause of yom' aflair ? 
Bride, bridegroom. t_ilLi1 ^ wJai 

Discourse. oCAk>j *:hi.] ^ cjiLi 

•^ Letter. 

^ C s 

U I To fi> ^Lhi. -^j Ciiai.' a taiitt-' "^ 

snatch a. th. away. To deafen ( the 

To dazzle. To blind a. o. ^'a.]\ — 

To ravish the mind. jiJI — 

To walk quickly (camel';. Culai.' a i - 
To snatch a. th. stealthily. ^_, s ^ilai.' 
To leave a. o. (fever). 5 ^ki'l 

To miss game (shooter). fi> — 

To snatch away Sj A ^iLiClj wiLiif 

a. th. To ravish a. o. 
To be i-apt in ecstasy. ^j^\j ^\^ji\ ■<>■ 
Snatching, elopement, rapine. _iLi.' 
Recovery. o»ia>-' 

Theft. Limb toi-n off. iiLi.' 

Rapid walk. J^^ J J^ 

Skipping (arrow). wikl>-' -r -%ri 
The wulf. ^1,>.)I 

Snare to catch gazelles. Ji_^W'vi- 

Hound. oUa> 

Ravisher. Satan. uilLi-' 

Swift, kind .jJs-^Uai.' ^ wi-Li.' -f^j o^Li 

of swallow. Grapnel, iron-hook. 
Walking quickly. ^iiali-'j wi-iti-' 

Food made of flour and milk *I^i.' 

cooked, -tf- Snatching. 
To *^><r J jLi 1j , :^Li- a Ji»i.' -il- 

speak much, to utter foul language. 

To leason falsely. 
To waddle. jLijj 

Lightness. Quickness. Stupidity. jLi.' 

Sophism. Idle talk. Length. Over- 
long (garment). 
Loquacious. Foolish. Lost jiii-' 

(arrow). Coarse (clothes, body). 
Cat. Dog. Misfortune. Perfumer.jL-i.' 

Swarm of locusts. 
Having pendulous ears (ewe). Jk»1 

Name of a christian poet. jLi^Vl 

To bridle, ^ i Jai: j ,(Jiir i ^Li.' ^ 

to muzzle (a camel) with. To silence 

a. o by. 
To strike the nose of. To dis- fi> — 

grace a. o. To sew up the edges ( of 

a skin). 
To put (a string) ^ fi, uv'ixi.,^ Cjai-' - 

to (a bow). 

^Y ) ^^;^ 

To make a bet on. jc _,]/ uf 

Large measure of Syria. Dirt _^iai.' 

agglomei'ated on a camera Hanks. 
Milk mixed with water. jUii-l ^ ^jai. 

Branch. Large number of cameLs. 

Woad [plant). 
Danger. jlki'l ^ _,Li-' 

Elevation, nobility, rank, j\Li. ^ — 

wealth. Equal in dignity. Stake at 

a race-course. 
Strutting. Dangerous. S^»' ^ _^i.' 
Once, one time. -^ Journey. o'^Sai^ 

Suggestion (of Satan). or,ia>.' ^ — 
Swaddling. Occurring ^iaVji-' ?- ^^^ 

( thought ). Heart. -^ Good pleasure, 

fancy, sake. 
■<>• Passer by, comer. jiLi.' ^ — 

-<>■ He got his consent. «35?^ ii-*' 

•<>■ He condoled him. «_,l»Uj — 

■<>■ He was offended at. ^^ o_^b. J& — 
•> He consoled him. o^i^Si- Ji»- 

■^ He showed regard to ijkt.U. I]j 

•^ He gave spontane- o_,k\i- ^j-; ,_^1 

-i> He disobliged him. e^ySi- ^/S 

<>■ Be good enough to. ii'jyS>- 'J^S 
■^ Important (man). a^^d. »_.^b 

<► Heart-broken. Jk\i-i) j>^^^ 

•^ Good bye. ^jk'^ 

4- As it pleases iiJU\i- As-j i!_>,'3-j 

D On account of. ^^k^ Jt 

For thy sake. iij;\^ J^Vj oV'i- ^* 
Sling. Ballista. Lion. Perfumer. jlLi-' 

Spear. Oily ointment. 
Enclosure for camels. Moving SjiLi-' 

the tail (she-camel). 
i>- Warning gives to a newspaper.jiLi-t 
Noble, eminent. Momen- ^>' ^ ->^^' 

tons. Dangerous. Pair, equal. Rope, 

halter. Threat. Darkness of night. 

Dangers, risks, jeopardy. jk^-* 

To relate false news. vS^' "^ 

To walk quickly. ^'.'id-jj Sja>- ^ 

To become flaccid ( skin). □ To be 


Walking quickly. 

•Jj^isi-' J wii_;i 

Foot of a camel oi' »jUi.'l ^^ '_«-' 

ostrich. Sole of the foot- 
Boots iti yellow leather. oU» ^ — 
Lightness. Nimbleness, unstea- xli., 

diness. Slightness. 
Swiftness, sprightliness. ^jJo- 

Light. Unimportant. oUi-, ^ ^i>^ 
Light-hearted. Brisk. Poetical me- 
Gracious, kind. 
Having little charge 
Sharp-minded, sagacious 
Light-' landed, nimble. 



Swamp full of lions near 


<► Undress, deshabille. 
To cry (bustard, hyena, pig). ^ 

To produce a rustling ( paper 

Cry of the hyena. Rustling 

of new clothes. 
To snatch and throw ^ 'iji' a 

a. th. down. To destroy 

To spUt (a water-skin). 

. new 

a lii^ ^ 
house ). 

To cease speaking 

UUi- — 

To become still, 

silent ( voice ). 

(dying man). 
To die suddenly. 
To lower <S^, c.»^jj cJUj , Cxi> o — 

the voice- to read silently. 
Rue {plant). c-ii 

Speechless ( dying man). Water- c4G^ 

less cloud. Weak (plant). 
To be affected with QJ^ a r-^ -^ 

tremb'ing of the knees (camel). 
To incline, to lean. rrdi-j 

Trembliug of the knees (in ca- j^iii.' 

mels). Lapsana. nipple-wort [plant). 
Affected with trembling of the ^il 

knees (camel). Crooked. 

To \jJJi a Jlii-0 Claii-'j ilii-' oii.' "tt" 

walk at a quick pace. 
To protect, ^j ^^ s \^' o Jl* -K- 
to defend, to escort a. o. 

^ J^{ 

, Bow-string. 



'^ \ To bind a halter on a 

camel's nose. 
Beak (of a bird). Muz/.le (of a jr-^ 

beast). Nose (of man). Momentous 

Nose-rein of a camel. 

Mark on a camel's nose 
IMarsh-raallow. (wn. 

Long-nosed. Black. 
Nose. Bill. ^l»'iiiJ* s 

To step, to ^ia5>-'b , OJai.' o Uai' "^ 

make steps <>■ To trespass upon ( a 

To make a. o. to walk, a Jai'b ilai-' 
To overreach a. o. or a. th. ^^ y ki-j 

Step, space between two foot- 
Step. Time. 'iJaij 

Measure of 6 feet. 
To be compact (llesh) 
To become fat (man). 
To fatten a. o. 
Fat, fleshy. 
Sleeveless shirt. Wolf. Ogre. 

To be ( opp to jij ) sli- j Ui' 

light. To be light-minded, 

brisk, active. To fail (rain) 

crease (wealth). ■^ To relax (disease). 
<)■ To be light-handed. To be Vjj, L»>' 

nimble in work. 
•^ To be light-footed, swift. 'S>-j_ — 
To rush on. Jl^ ^_^} xli-.j Ui.' — 

To alleviate, to lighten fi> lii-'lj ,_il> 

a. th. 
To be in an easy condition. To lii'! 

have light beasts. To travel without 

To relieve a. o. To blame a. o. ^' — 
To wear boots. To hasten. ^lUi 

•{►To wear an undress. 
To act briskly. 
To find (a burden) light. To 

render a. o. hght-witted. To enliven 

a. o. 
To make little account of. ^j tj^il\ 

To disregard a. th. 
Light, unimportant. Small troop, lii. 

s - 

To be 
To de- 

( ^•^^ ) 

\^ To abash, to humble a. o. To 5 — 

circumcise (a female). 
To remain in a place. ^ — 

To bo easy (life). Caii- o jaii-' 

To soften (the voice). To a> jA* 

facilitate a. th. To lower (a camel's 

head) for riding. ■<>• To abate ( the 

price of ). To end (a "word) with a 

To become easy (affair). ■<>• To ^jalij 

be lowered (price). 
To be lowered (voice). To be jaiv-X 

To abate (price of goods). J'^K, 
Easy (life). Depi'essed place. jom^ 

Kesra, vowel-accent. 
The Humbler (God). Easy (life). jas> 

Pai-tlcle commanding a kesra. 
Compliant, quiet. r•l^^'b -^' ~ 

Easy, quiet (life). J^*J ~ 

Ground easily CiiJI iolU- J^'J^ 

Easy (Ufe). J^y^i J^* 

Lowered (voice). cr«-ii-' 

To fall in a swoon. To Ci> a ^i-' -S- 

wave (curtain). 
To be flaccid (joints). Cuii-'j C«i> — 
To have the liver contracted j^ 

through hunger. 
To deject a. o. (hunger). 5 ^liil 

To be contracted (liver). To be ^i-ji^ 

near to swoon. To be uprooted (tree). 

To be perforated (lung). 

lo ^i>lj Vjjii-J CUii-'j UiiT o i ,J*> "^ 

throb (heart). To flash (lightning). 
To flutter, to wave (flag). To quiver 
(swoi'd). To move about (mirage). To 
blow (wind). 

To patter (sandals). uii.' i o — 

To fly ( bird ). To be nearly over 
(night). To break wind (beast). 

To slap a. o. with a. th. broad.^j 5 — 
-<>• To beat up (eggs). 

To set (sun, star). To be CS^' — 
empty (place). 

To incline to setting (stars). jiil 
To shine brightly (stars). To nod 
(the head in drowsiness). To faU. To 
be disappointed^ (hunter). To become 

To for his hire (guardian), a — 

To bi-eak (a covenant). 
To fulfil (a compact). o _4> 

To circumvent ^ 0>a>j iS**- ~ 

a. 0. 
To be shy, jioDi , Sjl**-' J 'S^ ^ j^ 

confused (maid). 
To protect, to defend a. o. ^j j _^> 

To wall (a town). 
To betray a. o. To send an i J^\ 

escort with a. o. 
To have recoursn to a. o. for ^ Joii 

Bashfidaesg, shyness. SjUi-'j J^ 

Escort. Sentry. ^j. -^^ ^i 

Protection, defence. VjSjo-i SjUij a'jtC 
Hire of a watchman. S3^»J »J^ 

Defender, protector. Mj^Ii-' jr-'l^'j > «3^' 
Bashful, j^S^ v! j'i^'JJ '^yp'-i jk?" 

modest (woman). 
Wild oats. jy>^ 

To scofl' .to laugh at. » Cii-' o ^_,-ii.'-JV 
To sink down. ( for ^X~i- ) ^jJ^Jb ~ "^ 
To destroy (a building). To eat * — 

little of. 
To hold foul language to. s — 

To hold foul, shocking ^i^j Cii-' i — 

To drink little or ^ i^i-b u-^>' 

much water. 
To be thrown prostrate on the ,_;-JisJ 

To be altered (water). 

Wine mixed with much water. 
To throw a. th. i_; Cii> o jili-' -^ 
To be small-eyed. To be CiSi a ^> 

weak-sighted. To see only by night. 

To be contracted (hump). 
To pi'ostrate and trample fi>j s jS^ 

upon a. o. To pull down (a building). 
Bat, night-bird. ^jUi-'^ ijiUi 

Weak-sighted, jjj. ^ .lli> ^ JJ^\ 

SmaU-eyed. Nyctalops. 
To lower a. tb. To /*> C<aii-' i jali-' -S- 

soften (the voice). To inflect (a word) 

with a kesra. 
To walk gently (camels). To be jaJ^ 

still i. €. to die (man). 



'Jil '^' 

Crack, gap in the ground, j^ul ^ 
Bed of a torrent. ^ 

To elect a. o as an emperor, ^ii: -^ 
Sultan of the Turks, ojl^i.'^ oCjCi- Ts 
To be lean, jlijj 'ijo.'j >U.' i o 3>-' -f^ 

To become destitute. 
To give sweet herbage to *> ^U-' o — 

(camels ). To pierce a. th. To slit 

(the tongue). To pin the skii^ts (of 

a garment). -^ To apply a seton to. 
To specify a. th. (in prayer). J — 

^ To faU in a. th. 
To become poor. 

To become sour (wine). jii.' 

To turn (wine) into vinegar. fi> jli.' 

To pickle (dates). To pick (the 

tooth). To let (water) flow in the 

interstice of the beard, fingers. ■<>• To 

pickle a. th. 
To act friendly a V5Uj ':S\p-J CJii 

To injure a. o ; to disorder ^ ^'1 

a. th. To be remiss in. To leave off 

a. th. To forsake (a place). 
To render a. o. poor (God). 5 — 

To want a. 0. ^ Jil 

To be circumscribed (rain). To ji^j 

use a tooth-pick. -^ To become sour. 
To mix in a crowd. ^jSi\ — 

To penetrate in. J — 

To become friends. ^li-i 

To become sour (wine). To be ^y^[ 

disordered ( mind ). To be entangled 

To make vinegar with. * — 

To pierce a. o. with (a spear). i_i 5 — 
To be in want of. Jl. — 

Vinegar. Path in J>Vi:j '>1 ^ 'Ji.' 

the sand. Crack-brained. Shabby 

garment. Vein in the neck. Lean. 

Fat. W^eaned camel. Evil. Rent in 

a garment. 
There is neither evil ^^j ji eJ^s. (• 

nor good in him. 
Intimate friend, Jl^'l «> 3>- 

Interstice, gap. Unsound- J^ ^ jli-' 

ness. Disorder. Defect. -^ Seton. 
Hole. Need. Destitu- J'^.i.j jii' ^ di-' 

tion. Inborn quality. Acid wine. 


destitute (man). To flap its wings 
(bii-d). To have o.'s provisions con- 
To prostrate a. 0. » — 

To quiver (looming). To flutter jlsil 

Palpitation (of the heart). oUli-' 

Thong, strap for striking. :jii>. 

^JL«i.J OUii-J OVSii- fr *A*i-J *5i» 

Lank in the belly (horse). 

Flags, banners. jilj^Jlj oUsii-JI 

Broad in the fore-part of the jui. 

foot. -^ Humbug. 
The East and the W^est. oVkstiJI 

The four cardinals points. J5>3^-" 

Wide delusive desert. Swift- jiii.' 

running (horse). 
Fleet (she-camel). Light and j-2iii 

bold woman. Confused run of horses. 

Setting points (of the stars). jJli-.> 
Broad sword. J^^-^ 

Insane. J^ii-J* 

To flash (light- (^'j ijii.' lii-' -^ 

ning). To appear. 
To show, to fi> Uii.'^ CJi.' j Ja^ ^ 

bring out a. th. To conceal a. th. 
To be concealed, to be latent.^UiTa,^ 
To conceal o.'s self ; to <^j <^~ — 

To disclose, to unveil a. th. a ^i1 
To conceal o.'s ^^Ifil -^j J^icl\j Jj>-3 

self; to lay hid. -^Todisguise o.'s self. 
To make a. th. apparent. To A Jci\ 

kill a. o. (in secret).To dig (a well). 
Secrecy. Veil, covering, s^il ^ 'Ui.' 
The eyes. i^^fedl *li>1 

The calyxes of flowers. j^ll ;;iil 

The genii, the devils. 'CjU-Jlj J>JI 
Secret. Secrecy. Genii. wijl>i-' «■ *;5'i 
Feathei's of a bird concealed ol_^ 

under the wing. 
Secret. Thicket. COi-'j ollii-' ^ xlji-' 

Well. Touch of insanity. 
The secrets of the hearts. t_.ji2!l GuiT 
Robber of graves. ^iUJI 

To boil fast CtJi. j ^Sm^j u>.' i ~'j>: ^ 

(cooking-pot). To be loose (pulley). 

Rainless (cloud). ,_ji 

Ligthning without rain. »J[> Jj 

Said of a promise without effect. 

Wheedle, coaxing. i'>U 

Foolish (woman). onii-'j •CUT 

Deceiver. i^hJ 'r^^ 

Deceitful. O^li-'j ^^Ai-'j ^J^ 

Claws, clutches, talous. ^]\iK» ^ ^J^S" 


Orobiis tuberosus, J^S^ t-jliiJI ..J^ 

Variegated. ^J^ 

To entice a. o. by ij^j s ^^-lU.' -H- 

soft words. 
Lie. Wheedling. uH^' 

Vanities. Medley. Falsehoods. ,_,«xi!iU.' 

Unsuccessful business. 
Flint-stone. wj^'^^ 

To make low tricks, jokes. .j^lii-J a 
Mischie- iiw>i.'j y^^U-' «. cr=>;ii-' ° 

vous child. Mountebank, fool. 
To drag, fi>j s T^i.\j <^ i rJti' -«■ 

to pull out a. 0. or a. th. To wean (a 

To move, to stir a. th. fit — 

To strike a. o. with (a sword), o 5 — 
To wink to a. o. ^^ » — 

To busy the mind (affair), s rr^Q.j — 
To be spoiled. To be GJU.' a tpXi^ 

broken with fatigue. 
To contract the eyebrows. ^ fi> ,^1 
To be shaken. To drag himself ,»Ji.5 

along (paralytic). To branch off 

To busy the oj lu. J r-'^Silj ijJi'iJ 

mind (business). 
Strait of the sea. oUtii' j rr^ ^ r-li-' 

Canal. River. Rope. Eye-lid. Bank 

of a river. Schooner. -^ Great canal 

of Cairo. 
Fleet horse. ?i-lil 

To last long, to remain )S^' o jJU.' -i^ 

for ever. 
To retain a youthful I3>ji> j loU.' — 

appearance (old man). 
To abide in (a Ji^j ^ jJilj Ai-'j - 

•^ To reach a very old age 


Sweet herbage used as the jU.' ^ jii 

staple food of camels. Thorny tree. 

Sincere love. Female friend. 

Scabbard of :ai.1 r-> J>^-j ji» ir ^ 

a sword. Friendship. Gap in a tank. 

Unripe dates. Between. Jyi' 

Instrument for piercing. :d>.'i ^ J^U 

\\"ooden pin. Muzzle of a young camel. 

Tooth-pick. ;J^U-j — 

Remains of food between SJ5u.'j — 

the teeth. 
Surroundings of a country. jG oil J>U. 

Inside of a house. 
Sincere friendship. *l!Ai'j :J>U.' 

True friend. c^'j -y^J -r d^^ 

The friend (of God) i. e. the Patri- 
arch Abraham. Lean and crack- 
brained. Destitute. Pierced. 
Wretched, poor. Poorer. '^'\ 

Species of thistle. :^*i d 

-(f- Pickles. jli,; 

Vehemently thirsty. Destitute. '^-J" 
Unsound of mind. Disordered (aflfaif). 
To bare (a bone). <- To fit ji-JLi-'-tf- 

shake, to stir a. th. 
To put on an anklet. To be sha- ji-Jii-j 
ken. To be scattered (army). To be 


Silver anklet. ■<>• Ankle. j^>U.' ^ Jikii' 

Unsteadiness. Ji-J-U! 

Uncompact (army). Ji-XhxJ^ 

To kneel Ujiij «>U.j *5U a "^i -* 

without moving, to be refractory 


To keep to a place (man). \tj^ — 

To leave a. th. for another. sViiiti'Vii 

Food and drink. * jLj 

To wound s w.'rp..5-llj , Qi i o »_.Ii.' -ii- 

a. 0. with the claws (beast). To 

clutch its prey ( lion ). To captivate 

( a youth : woman). 

To wheedle a. o. ^ ^>U-j uMij Cii o — 

To be siUy (woman). Qi a »j4i 

To be miry (water). 
To deceive a. o. s ^i. \j ^d-j ^_jS- 
Membrane of the liver. t_i5u.1 ^ wU 

Claw. Vine-leaf. RadLsh. Enticer. 
Pith of palm-tj-ee. »JU.j ^_JU.' 

Palm-rope. Mu-e. 

i^ ( ^Y 

To pay a. th. To discharge (o/s 

conscience). To suit a. o. (affair). 
4- Let me alone. s?"^^ 

•^ To retaliate. To recover ili ^U' 

a debt. 
4- To pay postage on (a letter) ; ic — 

duty on ( goods ). 
To act sincerely with. ■^ To s ^d. 

give a discharge to. 
To extract the best part of. fit ,jali^ 

To select a. th. To elect a. o. (God). 
To worship God sincerely. iLi ^ — 
To give sincere (advice) fi^ s j fi> ij — 

to. To have (sincere love) for. 
To be saved, freed from. ^ ^^ti-i 

To get rid of. 
To act sincerely with o. a. ^(iC! 

•^ To release o. a. from obligation. 
To claim, to appropriate A ,j^X^[ 

a. th. To select a. th. <>. To extract 

a. th. 
To get a. th. back from. ^ ^ — 

Refined, purified ( gold, silver). ^j«^i. 
Salvation. Redemption. -^ End. ^5U' 

Purified (gold, butter), x^y^j *.i>5ili-' 

Choice part. -^ Final sentence of 

a court. Discharge of an account. 

Medicinal extract. 
Substance of a dis- ^SifeOI Ziyi- 

Sincerity, devotedness. ^^>Ul.j i^>U.' 

Rob of dates. 
Sincere friend. (j. pi). oLiU-'j yai* 

Pure (colour).White. Sin- ^jj^ ^ ^\^ 

cere. Free. Genuine. ^ Down-i'ight. 
Sincere, devoted (friend). ^i-.'- 

Pure, unmixed. ^lioUj ^-J^ 

The Saviour Jesus-Christ. ^/4^l 
To mix, to v_j ifc Jali. J , Ckii^ i JaU.' -)^ 

mingle a. th. with. 
To eat noxious food (sick man). jJi.' 
To be delirious. j/iyT j — 

To be blended Aj ? Cl»>U j liaJG-^ JJvi- 

with. To have iatercoui'se with. To 

mix (cattle). To infect a. o. (disease). 

To fall upon a. o. (wolf;. 
To be disordered in mind. 4,iit J J4_p.' 
To be slack (horse). Jaiiiij Jaiil 

Y ) j:^ 

To render a. o. ever- Aj » jlilj jli 

lasting (God). To perpetuate a. th. 
To lean towards. To J|_, ^ jiil 

stick faithfully to (a friend). 
Continuity. Eternity. Para- i_^j aiiT 

Mole, field-rat. i^j ■♦• a» U> ^ jOi.' 

Lark (bird), a Scrofula. 
Earring. Bracelet. soi^ ^ Sjiij — 
Thought. Mind ; soul. uii 

Eternal, lasting. Vigorous jSiJij ujli 

(old man). Keeping to a place. 
Dog. jj ji _^1 

The Canary Islands. cjlajlii!) J,lj?JI 
The mountains. The rocks. jJJ^l 

Supports of a pot. 
Vigorous (old man). -^^j jIW* 

For ever. \si^^ 

Pea. Bean. Lentil. _,ti' -Jt- 

To carry otf a. th. by force. To take 

a. th. by deceit. 
To snatch a. th. away from. A y ^Jli 
To become hoary (head). To .jjJ)^ 

be partly green and partly diy 

To contend together for a ^^ 

stealing a. th. 
To cheat, to defi'aud. ,j^\ 

To embezzle a. th. A — 

Herbage partly fi*esh and ^^-dij ,jJ^ 

partly dry. Theft, embezzlement. 
Flying opportunity, .jJU-'^ ilii 

Mixture of white and black. 
Mulatto. Cock of mixed breed, '^^y^ 
Hoary (hair). Faded (plant). "^^i 
Swindler. i.r4^ 

To be pure, unmixed. Ca^jU' o y^xU- -S- 

-{► To be finished. 
To be saved from (dan- jk C»>ii- o — 

ger). To part from o.'s people. To 

be cleared from (the dregs). ■^ To 

be free from. 
To reach a. o. ^j i},\ Cs>^ o — 

To be broken in the flesh Cai>- a y^ii- 

To save, to fi-ee a. o. To *j i ^jAi-' 

clear a. th. To refine a. th. To ex- 
tract the best of. ^ To save o.'s soul. 

s — 

To be relaxed (nerve). 

To depart secretly. To be intoxica 

To break a compact. To divorce. ;j(ij 
To be displaced. To be luxated ^iu[ 

(limV. To be removed from office. 

To be .stripped of o.'s wealth. 
To be divorced for a dowry 

To take the property of. 
Divoi'ce. ^leat cooked with aro- 

Robe of honour received ^ 

a3 a gift. 
The best part of goods. ;;ii.'j - 

Wolf. Ogre. Gambler. Cast oft' <ii>. 

Disorderly, immoral life. 
Shameless. Debauchee. 
Repudiated (son). Pro- 
fligate. Deposed. 
Constant fear. Foolish. Preserved ^'ji.' 

colocynth. Pickled meat. 
Luxated. Loosened (limb). ^J 

•^ Paralytic. 
To succeed s J^J ^*^ o w-iii' -ft- 

a. 0. To take the place of. To be the 

agent, subtitute of. 
New fruits CaiJ liiaJJ Jir^'l cJ^ 

replace others. 
To be stupid (young '^Ji^j *s>U.' — 

He has not his father's fj\ ju Ji- ,Jxi. 

To be altered in ^ili!_j xs^li-j 6^ — 

(taste, odour : milk). To be corrupt 

(man). To ascend a mountain. 
To remain behind a. o. ^ Caii-' — 

To cause a. o. to retrieve jcj J A — 

(a loss : God). 
To repair (clothes). ali' A — 

To put a pole (to a Sj fi> (ii>' i — 

tent). To replace o.'s (father). To 

seize a. o. fi-om behind. 
To be left-handed, squint- CiU.' a wiii^ 

eyed, foolish. To be pregnant (she- 
To leave (luggage) *j s w^' 

behind. To appoint a. o. as a suc- 

f.'^li -^j ^ To be mingled. To become fat 


(camel). To be disordered in 

To be intense (darkness). 
To leap the female (camel). JaliiiJ,!^ 
Flatterer, intriguer. Foolish. Jalij Jaii.' 

Mixture of dates. 
Any mixture. Mixed l>!Ai1 ^ Jai> 

dates. Intriguer. Crooked bow. 
Promiscuous Jalli^j tJliO i»>^b ~ 

multitude. Medley. 
Man of mixed race. ialU Jaii 

<► Pell-mell. JaJL LU-j <-j - 

The four humours of oHi^l J»!Ai1 

the body. 
Partner.ship. Society. xLii. 

Confused crowd of men and i,SL> 

cattle. Deceit practised in the tithe 

of cattle. 
Disorder of mind. H^'^i^ 

Medley. Insinua- »liaii.'j Jal*^ Ja-ii-' 

ting man. Cmpanion. Partner. Hus- 
band. First cousin. Friend. Neigh- 
bour. Mixture of clay and straw ; of 

two kinds of milk. 
Confusion. Rabble. ij^ 

Intriguer, interfering i»iUt>j i^-^ 

Mixed food. -^ Mess. SJ^jii-j: 

To pull off a. th. To fi> (AiT a A^' -ft- 

take off (clothes, shoes). To release 

(a beast). To luxate (a limb),_ 
To disown, to repudiate fa son). 5 — 
To depose a. 0. from (office). ^ 5 — 
To throw off all restraint. 'ojtlit — 

To act profligately. 
^ To lose the mind. To become ^ 

To clothe a. o. with a robe u A — 

of honour. 
To divorce (o.'s wife). s ClC a ^' 

To be cast off by his ^Mi' ^ 

family (son). 
To be dismissed from office. To be ^' 

stripped of its .«hroud (corpse). 
To snatch off a. th. A f,'^ -fy-j 4*' 

To dislocate (a limb). 
To divorce (o.'s wife). jf ;Ju. 

To send forth leaves. To seed ^iil 





Substitute, replacer. Compen- 
sation. Good sou. -^ Otf-slioot. 
Foolish, silly. Water- iiJU.j ^.\i. 

di-awer. Spoiled (wine). 
Good foi' nothing, *;!; ji 

■worthless fellow. 
Remaioder of a tribe. Pole in 

the hinder part of a tent. 
Diversity. Sleeve of a shirt. 

Salix (egyptia, Egyptian 

-^ Other, else. 
Uncontrovertibly. oMi jji ^ 

Contrnrily to that. dli'i oSiij 

Vicariate, caliphate. -^ Child- :lJ5U 

Tribe deprived of her ojii-' ' » 

Road be'ween two mountains. 
Vicar. Caliph, the uJySj -uU.' 

supreme chief of Islam. 
Left-handed. Squint-eyed. ,jiu1 

Foolish. Torrent. Male sei'pent. 
Delusive in his pro- ^ li-^ ^ tJ>Ui> 

mises. Province. 
Bountiful ij:^ liii;j li^U; o^Ai^ 

without losing his wealth. 
Encampment of a tribe. Road. i^J^ 

Delphinium,) lark-spur jJo! Ij >Ji\iJi-^ 

To travail (woman). zJ^'ji: <■ 

To create, Aj s '«i%j (jii.' o jl> -H- j 

to form a. th. out of nothing. j 

To forge (a lie). To fi, ^U.j uli.' — 

polish (wood). To compose (a dis- 
course). To take the measure of. 

ffiiU-'j aSj^j CSjii- o JfJ^'j CiU.' a j;l» 
To be even, smooth (wood). ] 

To be jii-b , ^^j 5»jii-' o jii- j ju' 

shabby (clothes). 
To be fine, goodly in sJi^' o jii j 

make (woman). j 

To be fit, apt to a. th. 
To poUsh (wood). To aroma- 

tise a. th. 
To behave kindly with. 
To wear out (a garment). 

To disgrace ©.""s self. 

<ii-j J^\ 

( ^Yi ) ^J^ 

cessor. <>• To leave an inheritance. 

To bring forth (a child : woman). 
To disobey a. o. ■<► To fi,j s wiJu 

transgress (a law). To forfeit o.'s 

To disagree with j s ili^Uj *U&»i — 

a. 0. upon ( an affair). 
To go to (a place) duruig the J[ s — 

absence of a. o. 
To break a promise. '«jp^i ^iU-l 

To repair (a garment). A> — 

To draw water for a. o. J — 

To retrieve a loss. j. l':\ — 

To send behind. To replace a. o. s — 
The tree has put forth s^^itljl c-Sil 

To remain behind a. o. ^ ,jSij 

To disagree together. wiiiilj wiJQw 
To branch off, to be diversi- w«iS>l 

To succeed. To replace a. o. y — 

To leave a. o. behind. To seize a. o. 

from behind. 
To return repeatedly to »5WI Jl,— 

the privy. 
To appoint a. o. as sue- fi^j s ^iiisiJ^ 

cessor, agent. To di-aw water. To 

find (water) to be sweet. 
To substitute one for another. ^ S — 
Coming in succession ci>U-' ^ uH^ 

(time, people). Wrong saying. Edge 
of an axe. 
A two-headed axe. 
Behind, afterwards. 
Breach of promise. 

False pi'ediction. 
Different, contra- 

Udder, or teat of a she- o^Ul ^ ^JiLj 

camel. The shortest rib. 
Two things contrasting, as shortouU. 

and long. 

Axe. ojiUJI ob^ !r >io^-" ob 

Disagreement. Difference. Patch siU. 

on clothes. Diarrhea. Succession of 

times, plants. 
Disagreement, dissent. o>^>b *^' 
Vice, blemish. Last _iU.' ;,- <iU.' 

taste of food. 

Oyi»- Cj^i 1^^ 


*ii>J «j5U.l 

used foi" making bowls. 
Galanga, aromatic oUii^vj oVsJli-'P 

Wild thyme. Sjl^iU-' P 

To be vacant «>U-'j I^U-' o >ii.' -W- 

(place); empty (vessel). To be alone 

in a place. To elapse (time). 
He is free from troubles. i'j C >^> 

He is dead. He is gone. l^\^'j> ^ij ^U^ 
To be free from. To send a. th. ^c — 
To be lonely in (a place). d\j <^~ 
To apply o.'s self exclusively v-j — 

to. To keep to (a place). 
To f.^) Jl^j i_j s5li-j ljA>'j syu.' o "9^ 
■ speak in private with a. o. 
To retire apart by o.'s self. *_ilj — 
To devote o.'s self to an affair. *SJ — 
To let a. or a. th. a x^i j.*' 

To allow a. th. To make a. th. paii'- 

less. -^ To preserve a. th. 
To cease to. To discard a. th. ^ — 
■^ I beseech thee [lit. May dil^i *»\ 

God preserve thee). 
To let a. o. go. To release iLjZ. Ji.' 

(a prisoner). 
To leave people alone. U4^ ~ 

To quit a. th. or a. o. fit>j s jCi- 

To be lonely, (man, place). *5\it j'-^ 
To clear a (place). To find (a A — 

place) vacant. 
To be alone with a. o. <_j _j! 5 — 

To deprive o.'s self of. ^ — 

To get rid of, to part ^.j ^t ji-3 

from a. o. or a. th. 
■^ To retire in private with, ^ — 
To retire apart with a. o. u — 

To be lonely. To lead a solitary If i [ 

To be lonely, empty (place). J^^i 
To an interview from. s — 

To have a private audience of. o — 
Lonely place. Empty space. '>U.' 

Solitude. -^ Open country. 
ii^ Jl> Clj ('??. A s. p.) '-^ i:^ Ol 
I am clear from it. 



Except, save. 
Quite alone. 

^ >U' -ti-i >u Cj 51* 

To clothe a. o. with shabby Cy S — 

To disclose a. th. to a. o. J * — 

To be perfumed. j^ 

To forge (a lie). A ji^O — 

To assume (the temper, man- ^ — 

ners of ). 
•fy- To get angry with a. o. ^ — 

To become smooth (back of a jj^iil. 

horse, cloud). To become even with 

the earth (ruined house). 
It may be, it is likely that. ^ j5>i»-l 
Creation. Creatures. People. jii.' 

■tf- Crowd. 
Constitution creation. jU. ^ siU- 

<• C'Ountenance. Bii-th. 
Moral character, J!Ai-1 ^ jUj jii' 

nature. Temper. Bravery. Habit. 

Religion, -if- Anger. 
■if- He lost his temper. iiii ^ 

Moral science , ethics. J>UV| Jit 

Shabby oUiij S^ r ('"• /•) J^* 

Share of happiness. J5U-' 

Polish, shining. J>U.' 

Yellow perfume, compound J^'j J>U 

of saffron. 
Suitable, able to...t_, |_^j, 'Uli.' ^^ j-l>' 

Worthy of.. 
Nature. Creatures, men ^^IMi-' ^ :cLv> 

and beasts. <>• (P/.) Female slaves. 
The Creator (God). 3^i jJ.'i 

Praise to God thecn^ U-JI ^>1 -C«l 5jli 

best Worker, the most Powerful ! 
Even, smooth. Poor. More -uU-'^jjul 

suitable, fitter. 
Inner part of the hoof. 'l^llij '^^ 

Interior of the palate. Smooth part 

of the forehead. 
Smooth. Well propox'tioned. Aro-jji^i 

matised (wine). 
Genei'ous, good-natui'ed. ji^'* 

Large copper o$9^ r ^^' ^ 

To choose a. th. A ^i ij ^ — ^ -fr 
To treat a. o friendly. 5 Ji\i, 

Friend. Covert of a .(Uij ^>ii1 ^ j^, 

gazelle. Grease of sheep. 
Kind of heath ?«<,:>U.'{- ^^iii■' P 


( >Y 

Sluggish. Milk just drawn. ^.^ 

Broom. Heart free from hatred, ^%'^a 
To snuftie, to speak, to sing ^iU^' -^ 

through the nose. 
Argemone, pi'ickly poppy. j>T-*h 

To be exhausted CsU^' a ?rt*i-' -^ 

through fatigue or disease. To be 

corrupt (meat). To become corrupt 

To speak ill of a. o. i — 

Of bad morals, dis- J>uVl rrX'y-J 

To die tS^iij iXi' a o ->.»>■' * 

away (blazing). To abate (fever). To 

subside (anger). To faint ( sick per- 
son). •^ To be disheartened 
To be quiet and still. 
To allay (the flame). -<>• To 

dishearten a. o. 
To cause a. o. to die (God). 
Dying away (fire). 
Hole for covering embers. .s^iiT 

To conceal, to hide ^ \j'^ o i ^ii^ -8- 

a. th. To withhold (a testimony). 

To leaven (the dough). 
To give wine to a. o. 5 — 

To be changed. To \y^ a _j^ 

To be unaware of (news). To 

be ashamed at. 
To veil o.'s face. To leaven 

(the dough). 
To mingle with a. th. To 

pervade a. th. To cleave To be near to. 
To deceive a. o. in a sale. To 

infect a. o. (disease). 
^ To plot against. 
To abscond. To bear rancour 

To veil o.'s self. 
To feel hatred against a. o. 
To veil a. th. To take a. o. 

unawares. To keep 

leaven the ( dough \ 

design). To give a. 

To put on a muffler 


Without. ^ 1^ 

Recess, retired place. cA'^ rr »'i^ 

Temple (amongst Druses). Solitude. 

Out of the way, apart. s^' it 

Bee-hive. Large ship. OMi-' ^ xVi^ 

Milch-camel. Divorced. 
Free, careless, 'Qi-b o^li*^ -r i^4» 

Empty. Free from. Elapsed. Jii 

Bachelor. 'yi-'l ^ ('«•/•) 'j'i 

The centuries dX/'-^^J *3feJI Oj^t 

elapsed. ' 
To cut off a. th. To it. CUT i Ji-' ^ 

put firewood under a cooking-pot. 
To cut herbs (for cattle). To s — 

bridle (a horse). 
To unbridle (a horse). ^s. a — 

To put (barley) in a bag. J * — 

To prostrate a. o. To deceive s Jii 

a. o. 




» - 



( a secret). To 
. To brood ( a 
th. to a. 0. as a 

To abound in herbage (land). 


To cut (herbage). 

To be cut (herbs). 

To keep to milk-food. 

Fresh herbs. Vegetables. 


Bag for green herbage.;:5Ai--^-^-j s>^i-.» 

To stink ^ '\j (f^^'j U* i o 'j^' ^ 
(meat); to be altered (milk), ■<>■ To 
eat slovenly ; to glut. 

To sweep (a house). To A Us-' — 

cleanse ( a well). To milk (a she-ca- 
mel). ■<>■ To explore (a country). 

To praise a. o. oy^ t_jQ — 

The hens have been ^-W-^' !«» 

confined in their coop. 

To eat the remains of a meal, ^ti-5 

To sweep (a house). To cut fi> *^7C\ 
a. th. 

Stinking, corrupt. '^»i' j '-•'^j '^ 

Garden without trees. -^, 

Hen-coop. *ii>. ^ *^' oj 'j^ 

Remains of foad eaten in hope xi<^ii 
of heavenly recompense. 

Refuse of the people. oCi-j o^ti-' 

Rubbish, old furniture. 

Five and five, five 

Formed of five letters (noun). ',^lii.' 

Five spans high (boy) ; five years old 
Fifty. oy'J.* 

■^ Pentecost, \Vhitsunday.cru_i.i-JI j..% 

Golden jubilee. 
Hot wind of Oi-yU^^h Cri-rCkJI a 

Egypt. Sirocco. 


Army composed of five parts : ,_^»> 

the van and rear-giiard, the main 

body and the two wings. -^ A swine. 
Five cubits long (spear).^^ki_, u-ir*' 
Company of men. ^ti\ ^x^' 

Pentagon. •<>■ Magical figure. ^ki 
To scratch, a Ci.jli.'j Ct'^ o i ^ii-' ■«■ 

to slap (the face). 
To cut oft' (a limb). To beat a. o. j — 
Mark h ft on the face Jij^i.' ^ ,^i-' 

by scratching. 
Small brook. 
Slight wound not 

Musquitoes, gnats. 
To ba ^ii-jlj , Cij^ii. J Cai: 

reduced (swelling of a wound). 
To render the s iioi-^j (^'^i.' o - 

belly lank (hunger). 
To be empty (sto- C^ii'a ^^'j - 

mach). To be hungry. 
To dissipate (darkness of the ^\iC> 

To shrink from. . c — 

Hunger. Upland. 
Suffering jCd\ 

fi'om hunger. 


They {the ca- CtC^ ^/jj Cplii: j'aij 
7nel.s) leave in the morning hungry 
and return in the evening satiated. 

Black-bordered cloak ^SX^i.' ^ ii;*i-' 

worn by men and women. 

Hollow part of the sole, ^^^ul ^ ^aiil 


,^i»ul CA-A^i-J C\-Aa 

■^ To conspire secretly J^i _,iuJ ■>• 

To be fermented ( beve- J^\ 

rage). To be leavened (dough). To 

be turned into wine. 
Wine. Any intoxicating c^^i-j j'-^ 

and fermented drink. Grapes. 
Screen. Crowd. Thicket. JJ^ 

Stealthily, secretly, fj^ jt^ , 
Sweet wine. 
Intoxicated, giddy. 
Press, crowd of men. 
Way of wearing a veil 
Ve.ssel for leaven. Dregs of wine. 

Mat of palm-trees. Yeast. 
Sweet odour. "ij^j "i'jS- 

Brovra, wine-colom'ed. 'tSj^, 

Screen. «S«^'1j J^*i ^i' ^ j<^. 

Remains of intoxication. j\^ 

Ferment. Leavened el^^j-'j -f^ 

bread. i>- Dough. 
Wine merchant. Vintner .*j.jiiX ^►■j jUi 
Public-house, tavern, inri. SjV^ 

Addicted to drink. 


Affected with the vapours of ji>ii-J» 

Fermented. White- ^^i-Jj _,iit>» 

headed (beast). 
Sea-shell, cowi'y ( un. e'jjik'i )• j^iitJ 
To take the i3 U jl s Cii' o ^ii' -fr 

fifth part of a. o.'s goods. 
To be the fifth ', to fi>j s Cii-' i — 

complete the number five. To twist 

a rope with five strands. 
To make a. th. pentagonal, * o-*^' 

five-cornered. To amplify (verses). 
To be in the number five. To ^_^ii1 

have camels watered every fifth day. 
Five. ^jj^>.' jt XL^ 

Fifteen. j '.•'..\ L' <► _^ iL^' 

Fifth part, a ^^-liil ^ ^4.>j ^ii-' 

To use deceit. ^^lo-lV VLlii.' I ^'Ja 

To make a false pretence. 
They are both o-Ci-'l si^ j li* 

closely united. 
Watering of camels every five ^^J^ 


^ To 

o u^ 

A Ui-' — 

Amaranth, velvet-flower 

To guess, to A ;^j C^' 

conjecture approximatively. 

think, to surmise. 
To appraise a. th. roughly. jc. — 

Stink. ^;.i.' 

Elder-tree. Cili* "^^ 

Weak (lance). oC*-' 

Rabble, refuse of the people. ^Cjl — 
Appraisement, survey. Cn^j 

Nearly ; perhaps. cn^isSl U-j C;^i 
Appraiser. -^ Surveyor. 
To thicken (milk). )«, 

To speak, laugh or weep 

with a nasal sound. 
To empty (a basket) gra 

dually. To cut (the trunk of a tree). 

To take the property of. 
To bereave a. o. of reason n '. i'l 

To stink (well). 'i/^3^\ 

Nasal voice. Twang. *!is>j d» 

Laugh or tears uttered through cjo-' 

the nose. 
Comfort of life. 
Glanders in camels. 
Snuffling, speaking 'jl 

through the nose. 
Nose. Narrow of a valley. iSji 

Entrance of a road. INIiddle of a 

house. Destruction. 
To snuffle. To speak indis- ^»ili.' ^ 

Indistinct speech. Nasal voice. Hi-^' 
To cut (a tree-stock). A tii a lli-' ^ 
To be weak (foot). To CJi a w^i-' -S- 

be lame. To perish (man). 
To cut off a. th. To weaken. ^ ,.^'1 

To destroy a. o. 
To become haughty. _iij 

Inner part of the knee. U<'dA ^ ,_^ 

Interstice of the ribs, fingers. 
Glanders of camels. ^rc 

Treacherous. oCo-' /i J oCii ji 
Tall, long. Bobby. v^i^j w-'^i^ 

Brand of infamy. Evil. tj\:S- 

Haughtiness. :oUi. 

The two wings of oCjI^jJIj oSuiJI 

the nose. 


!lii,>J -if- ] INIiddle of the body. ^J^l — 

To have a good flavour. To be alte- 
red (wine, milk). 
To roast (meat). <t Ckii' i — 

To skin and roast (a kid). 5 — 

To put (milk) in a skin, a f u; -l' i o — 
To be in anger. To growl isX-i-jjia^ 

(stallion). To roar (sea). To magnify 

o.'s self. 
Acid, bitter. Bitter plant. Any u^.l" 

thornless tree. Fruit of the capparis 

sodata ( i\j\ ). Good or bad-flavoured 

(wine, milk). 
Flavour, taste of wine, sLii-j aL^^' 

Skinned and roasted (kid). Ja^^^iT 

To limp Cli;^j <»'^j u^i.' a ^U' * 

Hyena. ;^);^ ^ xi-U. 

To be obscure, fame- V^i-' o jii.' -{^ 

less (man). To be faint (voice) . 
<► To forsake a. 0. (God). z — 

To have a defect in the joints. j<^' 
To reduce a. 0. to obscu- Aj S Ji>1 

rity. To make nappy ( cloth). To 

fringe ( a carpet). 
■fy- To wander (mind). To be for-jiSjl^ 

saken by God (man). 
Ostrich feathers. Fringes of a ji^T 

Nappy and fi"ingy carpet, cloth, ii;^' 
Mucous membrane of the slu^JljiiT 

Carpet. Hidden vices, cS^'^i-^ ^ "Ci^, 

secret habits. 
Obscurity, want of reputation. J_^' 

■^ Dereliction from God. 
Defect in the joints. Sincere Jii> 

Ostrich feathers. Vari- iX-^j *Jli» 

cose vein. 
Fringy and nappy vestment. J-^ 

Soft food. Thick cloud. 
Thicket, dense trees. JJC> ?r *W* 

Ostrich feathers. Soft, depi'essed 

ground fit for culture. Velvet. 
Obscuiv, reputeless. Ji>%r <y^ 

Nappy silk or wool fabric.^'elvet.Jii^i' 


Fern (plant). 
Suckling-pig. ^ 

Any young beast. 

( \\\ ) 




^A^j j>a^>' 


The little finger, q Pen-knlte 
To insult a. o. i_, iiiLo.' Ja-'*-' -i^ 

To sow discord between. cnJ — 

To subntiit to J|^_, J ^^ a ^U' -)^ 

a. 0. To pray (God). 
To be prone to evU. 
To constrain a, o. to a. 

Baseness, lowness. 
Suspicion. Empty place 
Profligate. Inducing 

Perfidious, profligate. 
To turn back in 

walking. To turn its hoof outside in 

walking (camel). To strike her 

breast (woman). 
To be irritated. 
To have a rib broken 
Cause of shame. 
Turning back its head 

(beast). Road. Liveliness 
Flax of bad quality. ^i ^ ,ji^ 

Having a bone broken ,_iii.' ^ ^iC\ 

(back). D Speaking through the nose. 

o'L..aJ^j '\l^jci-j ^j.Jc»-j ^_,.,jl:.-v^ ij-J^ "{^ 

Bupi'estes, blackbeetle. ^^ ^ 

To stran- z j^'j , Ca^'j Cili.' o ^ -^ 

gle, to tlirottle a. o. 
To put a flag half-mast S^Jji^l — •♦• 

To cover a place (mirage). fi> jli.' 

To fill ( a vessel ). To choke a. o. 

(sobs). To approach (the age of). 

"^ To choke (silkwornas ) in their 

To quarrel together 
To be thi'ottled, 

Carpus, wrist. 

th. Jt 5 ^ill 

\ij^ i — 
Uli^ a ^* 


t»\:j- a 

'J <J=^-'I»»-'t Jy'^ "^j J^j o'^' 

Quinsy, diphteria 

, i-iUi.' 

To scoff at. To fold fi> j s Ciii i oli -fr 

(the mouth of a skin) for drinking. 
To be c-UJlj cJiijj c,^ b "^i a d-ii 

languid, flaccid, effeminate. 
To bend a. th. To eflemi- Sj ^ .jji' 

nate a. 0. To soften the voice. •^ To 

spoil (a child). 
To be folded. -^ To be spoiled ^i^, 

Languid, c^S^ ^ oUi-^ j , ,zJiJ>j c.^ 

unmanly, effeminate. -^ Spoiled 

Folds of a garment, of a ouilj oCi 

Hermaphrodite. jui-'j oUi ^ Jii-' 

Asphodel ( plant). 
Dagger. _,j.e.i.' ^ _,?Jij ^^- -«- 

Large knife. Alilch-cainel. 
Old wine. Old wheat. ^jiii.' G 

To walk with the toes ,Jaii.' -H- 

turned in. 
To surround (a place) with fi> jjui^ -^ 

a moat. 
Moat. Ditch, sewer. jiCi' ^ jjJi.' P 
To make a. 0. to swerve s JUi' •^ 

from a resolution. 
Waterfalls of the Nile. JiUi' 

Peak of a mountain, ij iUi-' ^ Jjiii. -ft- 

Eloquent speaker. Forbearing lord. 

Generous. Gallant. Wliirlwind. 
Female j^i. >ij j^k' '^1 — .Ai- -ft- 

hyena. Cow. Misfortune. Abundance. 

Surname of Egypt. 
To stink (meat), (jj^j llni-' a Jji-' -^ 
Stinking. j^'_, Jji' 

Pride, SjJ^iO *ci'->-'^-' *jbvi»j o^j'Jr^ 

Pig {See jj^). ^ ^ j.J^ 

To hold back. To hide herself ^ 

To delay. To keep a. 0. s ^jJo.'\j ,j-I»- 

or a. th. back. 
To conceal ^ ^j-J^j , ^ a-**-' » 'r' J * "" 

a. 0. To hide a. th. 
To be camous (nose). dV a ,.r4> 

The planets, the stars. ^jJo,i\ 

Camous-nosed. 'Cli-' j. ^^-li^ 

Wild cow. Name of a poetess. »ujijl 

^J^ ?r ^J 

( \ 

Idiot, crack 

To be flabby (belly). G^' a o^r -^ 

To be foil of food (belly). 
Flaccid, flabby. 'U^' ^ o^l 

M"" (a'i/e given cj\:f.\'ji,^ *»l'^'j W-'S* ^ 

^0 Christians). School-master. 
■fy- Plum, plum- ( un. :i^-^' ) ^;,i.' -«■ 

tree, d Nectarine, nectarine tree. 
Aperture in a wall. M-'icket. o^^ 

Anus, a Lane. 
To walk at a quick pace. iji.' -a- 

To incline, to bend (branch). ^ jij 
To prorait a. th. To come A j S — 

unexpectedly upon a. o. (fever). 
Soft gi.'l, young oli^i-'j i>' rr ^'y^ 

To disagree with jt y ijCi. — ili- -»■ 

a. o. on. To agree on a. th.with. 
To make a compact. ijlii 

A • ) C»»»»" 

Disease of the throat in horses, s^li^ 

Cord for strangling. Quarrel. ju» 
Nai-row pass in a JiO* t iJi^ 


Narrow street, lane. 
kconitum lycodonon., ^UfeJI jiU- 

Aconzfu^i pardalianches, ^^i jju 

kind of wolfsbane. 
Colchicum, dogsbane. ^i&Ol jjli 

Orobanches. strangle- 7X^l^\ jjG- 

Throttled. Jj^Jj J^-ij j^'j J^^i 
Asphyxia, strangulation. Ji^>l 

Slender- waisted (young ^piJ-JI jj>jl 


■*>> w S'S'p- 


Servants, followers. 

To bellow (ox). \j\j^ o jt -ft- 

To be weak ij^i' a ^^'j Ijj^i' — 

(man). To abate (heat).' To soften 
(snow). To be strengthless (sick 

To be weak (man). <■ To be hun- j^iT 

To incline a. th. ^ ji.] 

To seek to incline a. o. To y j\9-^[ 

interrogate a. o. 
Gulf. Mouth of a river. j\yC*\ ^ j'^i-' 

Tract of land between two hills. 
The best, the choice (camels). %y^ 
Bellowing, bleating. Whizzing j\'^ 

of arrows. 
Rectum. Anus of the horse. o\jj^ 
Weak. Slender and oO'J* tr jl>»-' 

fine she-camel. 
Parish-priest, *^jjj^ ?r ^jj^ Gs 

Wife ol a priest. oIj j>-' ^ tSj j^ -^ 
Parish. Vicarage. :c!; 3^' -^ 

Choir of a church. trjji-' Gs 

To cheat a. 0. in.^j it e'j'jXi. — j^i. -^ 
Treacheiy. S jjii-.* ■<*• 

To be unsaleable C^' o ^r^ "^ 

(goods). To stink (carcass). 


Necklace, collar. 
Stove for choking 

Prince. jlfeiii' Ps 

<^y^j i>»-b , J* J^ a '^'j '>^' Ci-' -S- 
To hold foul talks against. 
To cut (a root). a Cii.' i J,;.' 

To lay many eggs (locust). To 

abound with herbs (meadow). 
To cause the loss of. To u J^l 

deceive a. 0. (fortune). To wrong 

a. 0. To be long for a. o. (time). 
Obscenity of speech. J^' 

Calamities of time. _^a)l ^ 

To fall into destitu- C>» o ^'^ "^ 

Hunger. Barren land. Unwateredtj^ 

To forfeit o.'s Cc^i-'j C;>> c-U- -«- 

word. To break a covenant. 
To pounce down it ol5>lj 06-Jlj — 

upon its prey (hawk). 
To experience a loss. du d>i-.5j — 
To produce a rustling with Clj> — 

its wings (eagle). 
•^ To be crack-brained. p«i-' 

-^ To madden, to annoy a. o. s cj'^ 
He glanced stealthily j/i ^5)1? cyV> 

at me. 
To steal a. th. To keep* c»l£>lj cf^ 

a. th. in memory. 
Bold. Eating little and often. ol>i-' 

J^ C ^A^ ) 

' and sprightly man. 

To diminish a. tli. ^ f.^' -fr 

To bruise a. o. bj blows. >-> ^ ~ 

To pay (a debt). To weaken a. o. * - 
To eat away (a bank : torrent). 


To be secure. 

To diminish a. th. gradually. A — 

To fear, to be cautious. To know. 
To fear, to dread a. o- or ^^ A — 

a. th. 
To fear for a. o. Jc. o^i-ij — 

To frighten, to threaten js ^ulj o^' 

a. o. To j'euder a. o. dreaded. 
To be dangerous, unsecure oU^ 

To diminish a. th. gradually. A ^i^ 

To send (sheep) one by one. 
Fear. Slaughter. Fighting. jl^ 

Ornamented skin. 
Bustle, confused noise. ol^i-' 

Cowardly. ol^'j ^;^' -i^j oU 

Leather-garment worn by collec- "iiK.^ 

tors of honey. Leather-bag for 

More dreaful. 3'^\ 

Dangerous (road). Threatening j^^ 

Terrible, frightful. wi-9-.> 

The lion. ^i-i^JI 

Dangerous places. Dangers. oj ii-^ 
To be wide, broad. Cj>>-' a Jji' -S- 
To adorn (a girl) Nvith ear- Aj 5 — 

rings. To snatch and carry away 

a. th. 
To widen, to expai:d a. th. a J^i' 
To go over (a country). ju.1 

To be far-extending, remote. oS^-' 
Gold earring. j^' 

One-eyed. Scabby. j_^' ^ .i5>.' ^' j;>i1 

To manage (the A vCij v]^i' Ju. -^ 

business) of. 
To take care of. it — 

To grant, to confer a. th. jfcj 5 J^" 

upon a. 0. 
To have many uncles. J^itj J^il 

To break a (promise). i_i j A — 

To betray a. q. ^j — 

To send (camels) to water *_, » ^^' 

one by one. To lessen a. th. 
To pierce a. 0. ^i ■Ci.yi: o J.\i- -fr 

with (a spear). 
To take a. th. fi> — 

To sprinkle a. th. in. J — 

To diminish a. th. a J^^j J-*^ 

To be frightened. cAj^.^ •♦• 

House furniture. jJ^ J^Ki-j JAf Jj\i. 

01(1 furniture. 
■^ Well, so. Moreover. ^ji. Ps 

Flank, side. J-'j^ 

Brown, blotting-paper. J^ji^ Jjj ° 
To have sunken eyes. Cs^' a uO'- "^ 
To adorn (a crown) with A 'u^j»^ 

plates of gold. 
To make a. 0. hoary (white hair), s — 
To propose a bargain to. ^\ s ^j^jQ- 
To blink. u^j^j — 

To become covered with leaves ^^*l 

Leave.? of a palm-tree. u«^' ^r <^^ 
a Palm-Sunday. i>=>i-Jl -k»-1 

Papyrus. i^i;^' y»_p.' 

Hot wind : hot time of noon. >Ctf^' 

Deep well. 
Seller of palm-leaves. <>»l^' 

Having sunken ^ji.' ^ 'Lo>.' >. ^j^'y^\ 

To wade * CaUJ- ^ Ci>>.' o J»U- ^ 

through (water). To mix ( a beve- 
rage). To embark in (an affaii*). 
To face death. y'^" ~ 

To engage in conversation, ^j^-j I J — 
To move about a sword ^XlJlj A — 

in (the wound). 
To bring (a ^j 5 J^iilj jsjU to water. To make (a beast) 

to foi*d through (water). 
To enter in conver- c.i-v>JI J ur'jtk 

sation (people). 
To enter into (water). A j^^jj J^^l 
Ford. Pearl. ;.3^i.' 

Rash, go ahead. u^G* 

Ford. oCali^^j J^j}^-) J^^^ fT *^i»-^ 

People, beasts fording. 

Green bough. Stout 

CiUj^ 7 ^j^ "^ 

( \AT ) 

Treacherous, 7j'ji:j sJUj o\j* r- ^yU- 

Lion. Languid-eyed. o>)l c/,'^ 

Surreptitious glance, hint. oi^Vl t:JU. 
Faithless, o\'y^j *2,\i-j o^ji^j iij'yi 

full of treachery. 
To be ruined iS'JAi , *1^' i J'ji^ -H- 

(house). To be empty-bellied, hungry. 

To give no rain (stars). To give no 

fire (flint). To bring forth (woman). 

To set (star). To be terror-stricken. 
To be uninha- 'IjI^^'j tji-'j Li-'&Jji^ 

bited (house) ; empty (place). 
To be di livered (woman). i\'j^ a — 
To A j'j^:. \j j'^ \j , %\^j iSy^ <^^J ~ 

snatch away (the whole property). 
To let an interstice in crou- tSj^ 

ching (camel); in prostrating (man). 

To hang down (bird's wings). To be 

fat (cattle). 
To prepare food for a confined J j 5 — 

To be very fat (cattle). To fail j'jp\ 

(rain, flint). To be hungry (man). 
To lose the reason. «i^ I 

To cross (a countiy). fi> — 

To pierce a (horse's) flanks with » — 

a spear. To devour ( a calf : wild 

Empty-bellied; hollow; hungry. ^ 
Emptiness of the belly. Gap, >\'yC 

Hunger. Steady. Soft ji'j jj^ 

ground. Upland. Bleeding of the nose. 
Empty. Wasted. "Cj^i- j> o°^j jj^ 

•^Uncompact (cloth), n Mountebank. 
■<f- Chaos. Abyss. Cj^S- 

Depressed, low (land). xSj^ 

Food given to a woman in ;;_^' 

Out of mind. 'U>>J '^ j> yS'_^\ 

Bi'other. ( Diminutive of ^1 ) 'J^ -^ 

4y Interjection of joy. 
[opp. to JiJ\ ) ^^j , 'x^ i U^ ^ 
To be disappointed (man). To be decei- 
ved (hope). To become an unbeliever. 
To miss, to fail in. ^ — 

His endeavours have been iH^L ^t 



To bode 

well of a. th. 
To have or to adopt VU. J^5j J^ 

a. o. as an uncle. 
To pay (frequent attention) to. »_, 5 — 
To have uncles amongst. J J^^i-^i^ 
To engage a. o. as servant, slave, j — 
Property. Servants. Lower J^i' ^ ^^^ 

part of the bit. a Dancer. 

iy^j Jjj^j sJ^b Jb»-' f '^^ 
Maternal uncle. Good token. Colours 

of an army. Black stallion-camel. 

Owner of a. th. 
Maternal aunt. -^ Step- oVU- ^ *IG. 

Relationship of maternal uncle. :^j'^ 

Manager. *=I>> "^J «JS* ^ '4,'j'' 

Gardener, farmer. 

Manager of property. 
Scattered on all sides. 
Having many maternal 

To be unhealthy Cu^i' o ^Vi- -ft- 

Unhealthy (country) ^li. ^ <>u. 

( See ^). 

To betray a. o. To embezzle a. 0. To 

be unfaithful to (her husband : wife). 
To break (a compact). * — 

To feel a weakening of the C'^' — 

To charge a. 0. with treachery. ^ o>i-' 

■^ To betray a. 0. To distrust a. o. 

To come repeatedly to. 
To impaij- (a right). A C)j'ivj,^j fi> — 
To deceive, to betray a. o. s o^[ 
To seek to deceive a. 0. s oUi.ll 

Khan, shop. Caravan- oUU^ 06- P 

sary : inn. Sultan of the Tartars. 
Landlord of an inn.j^ajG- oj 'J,Ou.j 'jji 
Tune (in music). Square CjVAi-^ xSi. P 

of (chess). Cook-shop. 

Footed tray for serving food. 
DLstrustful. ol^"^ 

Perfidy, breach of trust *JCi 

Cassia fistula (tree). j^L jUi P 

Yellow gilliHower, viola alba. [fjji. P 

01(1 Turkish coin. 
Excellt?nt. ^>\>.j j'jj^^j ^'Jy^j i/Oji' 
Goodness. Happiness. -^ Happily ; j?^' 

so much the better. 
Generous. Pretty fine. tim ^ j^i' 

Very religious. ■<>■ Mohair ( stuffj. 


Option. Free will. J^*\ 

Old man. rcJjiCi;.'! ^ jl^il. Ts 

Free, arbitrary. Sponta- CSj,UsCl. 


Elected. ^ Mayor of a village. Jcj^ 

Zinc (metal). ^r*3^ P 

To be altered (meat, C-ii^' i ,,-li -W- 

walnut). To be dull (sale). To lie 

(man). To decrease (value). To waste 

To be subdued reluctantly. iij^ ^Ai 
To break (a pro- v_j CC-ii-'j C-ii.' — 

mise). To act treachei'ously in. 
To humble a. o. To confine a>j 5 ^iT 

in prison, -fy To diminish a. th. 
Sorrow, grief. Fault. Mistake. ,_^' 

Lie. Goods. 
Brush-wood. IMilk. tr-C^^'i -k ^-tS* 

Den of lions. ^i ^ *!.*>. j — 

Gaol, prison. cr^-^-> u-d^ 

Coarse cloth yiCilj ^i^' ^ ^iii' -«- 

made of the worst of ilax. Ignoble 

■fy Coarse tent, sack ; j.\^ ^ jj^: 

Sack of straw being half a ilii.' -tf- 

camel's load. 
To make brocade, to embr older. j_;LJi.'a 
To be in small quantity. Cali-' i ^^ii ^ 
To have one eye larger u»^ a ^jaJ>-' 

than the other. 
Trifle, small Ja^*i o^Xij u^i" 

Having an eye larger .Li^' ^ ^_^'1 

than the other. Having one horn 

broken (ram). 
To sew up (a iS. i^'j , Qji-' i LQ. ■«■ 

To call Jl^ J,:i)j l,iii)j,=i^' i,u 

once only at ; to pass along quickly. 

Ar ) j^ 

I To balk, to disappoint 5 i-/u1j 

a. 0. 
I Failure, disappointment. 

Faint-heartedness is always :tiu.' 
I disappointed. 
I Steel failing to produce fire. 
I His endea- »_;lui cr t_jilir j il^Ll 
vours have been to no avail. 

Ji^fX »- iJ'j_fi-J J.^ J> -'S> ' 

He fell in a ^. 

hopeless affair. 
To make a sound. 
To earn wealth. 
May God be pro- 

s??li s? ^i 

I jji i jli- -tt- 

pitious to thee in the aftiaii". 

J* ^v^j J-'i>j «^i*J «^^ ~ 

prefer a. 0. before. 
To select a. th. a — 

To give to a. 0. oj5 jl J 2^ -« *^J -^ 

the option between. 
To overcome a. 0. in science j ^ ^'u. 

or a. th. 
To choose a. th. To *_• y jl^i-b -^ 

elect a. 0. To put a. th. in store. 
To ask a. th. good. •<>• To jUiJ.1. 

consult a wizard. 
To consult God by divination. '<ii — 
Good ( man). jUi-b jCj* 9- -^' 

Excellent. Better, the best. 
He is better than dC^ j\iJ\j J^ y^ 

The best ^^Ini-' j1 'lllJ) ^ii-j ^^ujl j;^' 

of man, of women. 
Thank you. 6'J^ Js -t^-j ii;;^ -Iil^'iJ' 
Moral or [opp. to 'Ji, ) j^ ^ j^ 

physical good. Wealth. Horses. Wel- 
fare. Virtue. 
-^ There is a long time since. .0,1 J^ 
Hare's ear (plant). ^\ j^^ 

Lesser cardamom (small grain).!^ j^ 
F. Good, the best. olln* ?- e-d>-' 

Good deed. 
•^ At the grace of God ; as ^\ s^ it 

it pleases God. 
Nobility, generosity. Origin. jji 

Choice, option. The best of. ji^ 

Cucumis sativus, cucumber. 
Thou hast the jiikiJljj j^T^k cJ'^ 


( ^Al ) 


To imagine a. th. To seem J _, Jl, 

to a. 0. 

To vie in pride with a. o. 5 — 

To have milk in the udder (she- j^] 

To be dubious to a. o. ^ — 

To be adorned with verdure (soil).Ju.l 
To magnify o.'s self. -^To fancy, Jti-3 

to imagine. 
To seem to a. o. ^c■J Jj A — 

■^ To feign. J'A-^j 

To have a haughty de- Jl5>"o Ji^A^ 

portment. To be self-conceited. 
Huge mountain. Big camel. Banner JG;. 

of a prince. Shroud. Fancy. Black 

stallion. Owner of a. th. Self-mag- 
nified. Caliphate. Lonely place. 

Opinion. Suspicion. Bachelor. Good 

manager. Horse's bit. Liberal man. 

Weak-bodied, weak-hearted man. 
Free from suspicion.Imaginativeman. 
Mole on the face ; spot on o'A^ -r ~" 

the skin. Cloud giving no vain. 

Haughtiuess. Lightning. 
Horses ; hoi'semen. J^i-'j Ju>l -r St?- 
Rue. Asafoetida {plants). Jc^-J ~ 

Haughty. Jtkij , j;>b du- ^ Jli-j JiU 

Phantasm, spectre. iLi'l ^ J\^ 

Human shape. Scarecrow. Opinion, 

Phantom. Human oVUi.' ^ iCo.' 

Imagination, fancy. V^^ih ^fz* «S» 
Horseman. PL -^ Cavalry. xJUi.' ^ jCo-' 
Siren (fabulous nymph). >^^:>-' 

Vanity, self-conceit. Jli-'j xl^'j -"^^y^ 
Bird of bad omen. Jj Q.)j J-i, ^ j:i1 

Green wood-pecker. Roller (bird). 
Having moles on J^.'j Jsj-J" J^^ 

the face. 
Pride. Opinion. Jj^*--^ ?r ^^c?-' 

Symptom, sign. 

^_p9&»J *Ci..«j <H:iv\J iUii^J lU^^ii *j\3e-i^ 

Cloud giving no raio. 
He is apt to do good. ^ji.jj jlk'J '\ 
ULo-j i^^^j \^J^j UU^j ^■►c*' ^ -•'*■ "" 
To recoil cowardly from. ^ '*1;_^> j 
To stand on three legs (horse, ^lil 

To appear on (hoariness). J JaS-Jj L!* 
■^ To be sewed up. ia!i-j 

Thi'ead, string. 

The first gleam of dawn, ja^; Vl Ja^l 
Twilight at sunset. ijS-i\ Jali-JI 

Gossamer. Atoms seen in jh.\j Jali' 
the sunrays. 

Flock of Jaui'j Ja-5- J , oUali ^^ Ixli-' 

ostriches ; swarm of locusts. 
Needle. ^t>^J ^^>-' 

Needlework. Art of sewing. ^^c* 
Tailoi", seamster. J»Cji 

Sebesten-plum. h^J jjb Ja^.'* ° 

Sebesten-tree. i!a!i-./i n 

To have one eye blue li^' a wi-i^ -8- 

and the other black (horse). 
To come down and settle in a ^X^ 

To withdraw from a fight. ^ — 

To be shared, allotted amongst, pji — 
To make a station oliilj vJ^b jii-l 

at Mineh (pilgrim). 
To be diversified in colour. i\'J] ,_^.j 
Declivity of a mountain. Side. _ili.' 

Skin of the udder. 
Knife. Den of a lion. xl^' 

Locusts having wings streaked oUli-' 

of different colours. Multitude of 

Having one eye ^i ^ •'^c*^ ^*^^ 

blue and the other black (horse). 
Men of different shape, state. oCil 
Uterine brothers. oCil j^lj jCi-'l «^l 
Sultan, prince. Oi)\ji-' rr olsU- T 

^^y^j ''^'i %*J '^'*J ^' a JU- -ft- 
To think ol j'l A 'diWij ''*iir-'-» ^/^'j 

to imagine a. th. or that. 
To thunder over ic. yiiij ^L^i j!i.' 

a. o. (cloud). To form a suspicion 

upon a. 0. 
To put up a J jjCi. J j:i-'_, , ^L^-i — 

scarecrow for (wild beasts). 
To forebode rain ^^^J Jl'^J ~ 

To perceive good ^^i.!) a^j j!|.i_} — 

symptoms in. To bode well of. 
•^To gallop; to ride on horseback. jliT 
■^ To manage a hoi'se well. s — 



Tender stalk of a oC-U-j 

lent. cA't^j jr:*-'i -^^h- '?' **; 

Booth, -tf- Arbour. Awning. 
Dwelling under a tent. Nomad. 
Manufacturer, seller of tents, "jjo-'j — 
Place for pitching a tent. JSJ- 

Encampment. -^ Cobwebbed. 

( >Ae ) 



To pitch, to enter a tent. To ^ 

clijig (odour). 
To camp, to pitch a t_(j J J^j <_; — 

tent (in a place). 
To pitch (a tent). * >»^b >'>>'' 

Nature, inborn dispo.sition. _^ 

Radish. Uutanned skin. Unblea- ^u. 
ohed cloth. Unpolished stone. Cot- 
ton-cloth, -ff- Inexpei'ienced (man). 



( ^A^) 


(its prey : wolf). To deceive a. o. 
Ribs of the breast. oOli ^ J\'i 

Crow. ■C}i cr\ 

Nui'se. -tf- Midwife. cC'^ ;r *il^ ^ 

To walk slowly Cuij Cs 1 oi ^ 

(animal). To creep (reptile). To 

crawl (child). To flow (brook). 
•^ To throw a. th. * — 

To pervade a. o. (poison, disease). J — 
To make (a child) to walk. 5 '^'i\ 
To spread (slanders about) a. 0. u — 

To rule (a country) with justice. 
His slanders {lit : his i'jUt c4^ 

scorpions) crept along. 
Bear. ■<>• Ruffian. xZ^j i_,C i1 ^ Li 
Major and J^S\ L,bi\j J^S\ o'oJI 

Minor Ursa. 
Manatee, sea-cow. J»^\ oS 

Anthyllis vulneraria, o5jl xLlzJ- a 

From Li J(^ IJ. ^j\ Zj:> Ji, -V^' o^ 

youth to old age. 
She-bear. Way of acting. ;Ji 

Vessel for oil. Sandy t_,Gi ^ Ijij x^i 

hill. Down on the cheeks. Glass 

bottle, a Hernia. 
Young calf. Down on the face. »_Ji 
Wild mint. ^Ci -^ 

Crawling. oCGS -^ xjCS ^ ^CS 

Testudo, besieging oGCi ^ *jiii 

Creeping. Reptile, insect. ^__ji 

Slanderer. Bloody wound, uj^^iij i_j^i 

Deep cavei'n. Fat. 
Beast of burden, hackney, ijiji ^ j||i 

mule. Reptile. -^ She-ass. 
The beast of the earth so.i(lja'yi\ jJii 

to appear near the end of the world. 
Small beast. Reptile. *?Ij^ 

Cucurbita, gourd. {un. sjCj) 'Ci 

Downy on the face. Thick- .CS j, Lil 

haired camel. 
Bed of a torrent. L-t^ 

To rim fast *tjiij S^Vli Vili ■«■ 

(camel). To hasten, -if- To begin to 

walk (child). 
To cover a. th. To stii* a. th. A — 

To still a. th. 
To track a. 0. aj\ j — 

To be moved. To be still. To ' *ii'|j7 

be covered. To chew the cud (camel). 

To incline ( load ). To roll do^vu 

(stone). To thi'ong (crowd). 
Wet nurse. Dry nurse, si^G T 

Soimd of the rocking of c^iTi ^ s'lili 

a cradle. Sound of a stone falling 

into water. Dark night. 
To strive j C/jij Glij C'li a v^i ^ 

steadily in. 
To urge (a beast). To s CVij C\i — 

drive a. 0. away. 
To weary a. 0. To pursue (a Aj 5 k_,1il 

Atfair. Woi'k. Habit.^jjil ^ ^Jc^j Jy:» 
•tf- He reads conti- S't^all jl 1^ 0I iJli 

The day and the night. olIJJ^I 

To be heavy. To be v'jli a oti -K- 

unclean (dress). 
To eat (food). To stain (a dress). fi> — 
To play (child). J^Ti -S- 

To be mischievous. To CalS a u«J,i -J^ 

become fat (cattle). 
To fill up (a vessel) Hj fi> Dili a Jib -«■ 

To squeeze (an ulcer). To anger a. 0. 

To strangle a. o 
To walk slug- JlSjVbjVli a j1S -if 

gishly. To run with short steps. 
To deceive a. 0. s J«lij, J CvUjV'6 — 
Fox. dlj/i 

Jackal. Weasel, oviij Jjij JlSj JiS 
Calamity. cy-T* t Jj^ ji 

To stay (a wall). fi> CU a >.1'i,-«- 

To wash a. th. (waves). fi> j,]'^ 

To crush a. 0. (affair). s ^»ijj 

Sea. Ocean. _ 'iAi 

To delude J CIS a j1*^,Gli otsb -^ 


To reflect on the I'esults of. A jjjJ 
To turn back one upon another ; }\'Si 

To be at variance. 
To see the consequence of ^j 5 J JcJ, l. 

a. th. To track. To turn the back 

to. To look back at. 
Swarm of ( un. o'Ji ) jjj'^j Jil ^ji 

bees, hornets. Mountain. Young lo- 
custs. Behind. Wealth. Death. 
Great wealth. ( s. pL) Ji 

Back. Posteriors. jG.'il TrJ.'^jS. i 

Hinder, latter part. Angle of a hou- 
se. End of prayer, of a month, of an 

To turn back (in fight). 'o^''^ Jj 

Defeat (in a fight). Con- jGi ^ %yi 

sequence. Adversity. Sown land. 
Western part of ( opp toiXik ) "O.^ 

the sky. 
Sore, gall (of camels). jCilj^i ^ oj'i 
Ulcered (beast). ;^i ^ j,'^ 

Loss, ruin. ' jG> 

Channels of U'rigation. Events. jC i 

Ancient name of Wednesday .jCij jC .> 
Westerly wind. jyi 

Shape, manner. -n— i'^i t jyt^ 

•^ Hornet, wasp. Blindman's buff 

Mason's hammer. Sj^/^ 

Aldebaran, five stars in Taurus, o^all 
Domestic economy. JIniJI -njlc 

Follower. Consequence. Root. jjli 

Going beyond the mark (arrow). 

Last remains of a people. Elapsed 

They were exterminated.^^;! j,\':, ^ 
Hinder part of the hoof. Defeat.' s^^i 

Back spur of hawks. 
Late (prayer). \Sy''^ 

Late, latest time. ^^i 

Twist of thread. Disobedience. ^i 
He is grossly _«jy> ^ iiuJ jijo V 

<■ Trick, craft. String, SjC jSj ojGS Ps 

The Ruler (God). Counsel of a Jlxi 

prince. -^ Assistant ( in a religious 


( ^ AY ) ji 

Country abounding in bear8.:JjiJ *ja'J 
To i-esound (trampling). ^'jSi -fr 

•^ To crawl (child). 
Ti'ampling of horses. iojS 

Drum. v?'^.'^ f v'-^'^ 

To variegate A ■^ij , uJi ^^'i -tt- 

To adorn (the ground) with fi> ^J^j — 

plants ( rain). To embellish a. tb. 
( un. I>.Cj5 ) Ti^jyiij rrj\i'i rr -r^L? ^ 
Garment of silk. Brocade. 
Face. Preface of a book. If-^^-i^ 

He keeps his honour *5>Qi'» «J>^ 

He disgi-aces *=?-Vi? Ji^J Jj^ 

The two cheeks. oV2>Ui^ll 

Silk-bi'ocade seller. ^dS 

To stoopdown ^v^iij 9^^ — ^^i -}f 

in lowering the head. 
Scorzonera, Viper's grass. yC'i •♦• 

To turn the back. \jy'ij \yi j'i -^ 

To become old. 
To take a. th. away. t_; — 

To relate a. th. on the o5Aj ^ * ~ 

authority of a dead person. 
To fall beyond (the »j * l^a o — 

butt : arrow). To wi'ite ( a book). To 

foUow a. o. 
To veer to the west (wind), ij^'i o — 

To elapse (day, night). 
To be overtaken by west wind. j'i 
To be covered with Jilj , i^'i a jr,S 

sores (camel). 
To forecast a. th. To manage, 5j /b Ji 

to settle (an affair). To rule well 

(his subjects: prince). 
To relate a tradition, -if- To c^_S»i\ — 

threaten a. o. with a punishment. 


IjiJjSj «j:'1^ 

To exert o.'s self in. To cause 
the loss of. 

To die. 

To oppose a. 0. 

To be exposed to west wind. To 
turn the back. To retreat. To 
come wealthy. To set (star). To be 
adverse (fortune). To journey on 
Wednesday. To be ended (prayer). 

To gall (a beast : saddle). J - 

5 — 

To manui'e (a rf> y^'i._, ^AJi o J^i -^ 

land). To improve a. th. 
To collect a. th. with. *j 3 !AJi i — 
the fingers. To take large raouthfuls. 
To beat a. 0. with a stick. To befall 
a. 0. (misfortune). -^ To crush a. 0. 
Misfortunes have befallen J^ioi islo 

Plague. Streamlet. Mishap. J^'i ^ jJi 
Pain in the bellj. SJu'^sj iUSj «iii 

a Finger-ring. jo ^ io.i 

Tumour. Large j;i_, jjj. ^ iiJi 

mouthful. Hole of an adze. 

Bereft oi her son (mother). 
Misfortune. Disease of the 

Flies. ( for oCi ) oCi -^ 

To be stripped by locusts 'J. i — J.^ -J}- 

To work a. th. A j*i 

To swai'm with locusts (land). jf i1 
Small locusts. Ants. ( un. sCi ) iS.'i 
Gentle walk. 
Place wasted by locusts. 'J, 1^ 

To hit (game : hunter). y_, Ui 'oi ^ 
To pain a. 0. by striking. To j — 

drive away a. 0. To overtake a. o. 
(rain ). To distress a. 0. (fever). 
Shght rain. ol5ij *oi 

Shooters of birds. oIjoJI 

To be obUterated (trace). ijyS o j'i -S- 
To be exhausted by old age. To be- 
come unknown ( man). To be rusty 
(sword). To be unclean, dirty ( clo- 
thes). To put forth dense foliage 
To prepare its nest (bii'd). j'^ 

To cause a. 0. to perish. To » — 

cover (a sleeper) with a blanket. 
To wrap o.'s self in (vest- 1_, ^^ij y'Ji 

To ride o.'s horse. 
To be erased. 
To acquire wealth. 
Abundant (goods). 

jyij (5. pi.) Ji 

Good manager of property. Jd ji 
Unclean (garment). Numerous Ji 

■^ Infusion, diluent. J'j^ »u» 

Unlucky in the game of arrows. jjjj> 
Nuble of both parents. j\j^\j Jjliyi 

Lucky and unlucky. 
To conceal o'self. ^^ — ^^ -^ 

To become sweet ( grapes). To be 

blunted (awl). •^ To inspissate the 

juice of grapes. 
To conceal a. th. To mend a — 

To be of a reddish brown coloui*. ^'il 

To send forth off-shoots (earth). 
Black. Much. ^^ 

Treacle. Bee-honey. Crowd. ^^ 

Honey-guide (bii'd). 'ji-U^ ?- *^i 

Of a reddish ^i ^ ."l:j^> ^ ^jf 

brown colour. 
Seller of treacle, honey. ^Ci 

jNIace, club, •<>• Pin. ,,r-i>S>'^ ?r wji'^ 

To peel a. th. To fi> Cii j o jSi * 

eat a. th. 
Furniture of a house. Rubbish, ji^i 
<■ Ashlar, rubble, {un. xlJi •^) jiJi 

Clot of earth. 
Eaten up by locusts (land). tr-^!-^ 
To tan fi) \s\tj>j ^k?J '-C^ i a. fu'i -^ 

(a skin). 
To be tanned (hide). ■<>■ To be /Jjjl^ 

Ooze, tan. -^ Stain. xiij f.bij fji 
Tanned hide. ^a 

Tanner. ^Qj 

Tannery. Hides tSu'^ -^j , ^.1 Jii :r **JJ^ 

in the ooze. 
To ^ Jjj5j jj>b "^ ^ Ji^ "^ 

stick to a. th. ( glue). To cling to 

a. 0. ■<>• To be enamoured of. 
<)• To be gluey, sticky. j^S 

To catch (birds) with bird- s joj — 

To stick a. th. To make a. o. Sj A jjil 

to stick to a. o. 
To be caught with bird-lime. jJjG 

To be stuck. 
Bii'd-lime. Glue. Mistletoe. Jy\»j ji> 
Dung. Glue. Viscous matter. 'S^ 
To trample. To diJij , feJi o wio -^ 

make noise by trampling. 
Trampling. Cadenced dance. *&ui •^ 

To be obscure, dai'k. C^a o >>i -H- 
To be sad. (^'i >>-'ij a >>;5 

Darkness. v?'^^' v-^ ?r <^'^ 

Friend, companion. >>^ tt <i?-'* 

Impetuous torrent. ^ji ^afc 

To be jf'^h . ^W^J ^^ o ^i -fr 

gloomy (day). To rain continually 
To remain in (a place), ^j 0^'i o — 
To keep to a house ; to become fa- 
miliar to a. 0. (pigeons, dog). 
To wheedle a. o. 5 ^ li 

To last (rain, fever). To have ^i1 
rainy weather. To be dark (night). 
Shadow of oV>iij oU^^j o>>i rr o^^ 
the clouds. Abundant rain. 

Gloomy, dark weather. 
Domesticated animal. *i>'->-»j i^li 

spreading (rain). 
Intensely dark. ^i ^ .e.;^ ^ ^fil 

To lie down in a covert <>.i — A>i -ft- 

To overspi'ead i^ Sj l^i o W-i -^ 

(night). To spread everywhere. To 

be full (clothes). To be thick (hair). 
To conceal hatred against a. o. s ^li 

To dissemble with. 
To be obscure ^>ilj ^>'4> J-'^\ 

To let down (a cui'tain). fi> — 

The three first J.'ij c,US ^ l^'i 

fingers. Mouthful. Button of a shirt. 
Darkness, starless night, ^i ^ <^i 

Lurking-place of a hunter. 
Spreading over. Dai*k t* fi ^ ^li 

Easy life. ^^li jju. 

Darkness. ^Oi 

Dissembling, hypocrisy. sla-laA 

To fill (the belly : jj ^ iLi o ^3 -«- 

food). To enlarge (a house). To repel 

a. 0. 
To conceal a. th. in the earth. J A — 

To slap a. o. in 
To be swollen (belly). ^oJl. 

To become luxuriant (ground). *yS— 

Upper garment. Blanket. 

Lazy. Obscure (man). 
Perishing. Neglectful. JX/i 

Rusty (sword). 
To alight suddenly in the ^Ji — ji ^ 

neighbourhood (bird). 
To make its nest on a tree (bird).J — 
To advance Cliislij G,->i i %.':> -«■ 

slowly (crowd). 
To be overcast (sky). ^^ 

To accoutre a. o. with weapons. 5 — 
To be fully armed. r^'-^ 

Partridge. -^ Thrush, d Chaffinch. '^'^ 
Amaranth {plant). jyy\ ^S 

Intense darkness. XsTS 

Walking ^^\':>j o^>)i ^ ( s. pi.) '^\i 

Domes- (un. x^\».i )!^>i ^G-Sj ^ ^Ui 

tic fowls : cocks, hens, chickens. 
Woodcock. x:\Ji\j ja'JSS ^Ui 

Coot (bu'dj. .(J I ^b-i 

A fowl. Family. Cygnus *>C>^ 

Fowler. '3"}^'^ 

Intensely dark r^yj^i vryrX^i s^ 3^'> 

Fully armed. Hedgehog, rr-^-'-^i t^,'-^'" 
To be amazed. To be 1^3 a j>-'i -ft- 

intoxicated. To be lively (people). 
Wood of the plough j^'i^ j^pj J/i 

fixed to the share. 
French bean. ji-'^j j>-'ij — 

Stupefied. ^s'J^'^j ^ji-'^ rr o^'^ij j>-j> 

Dust. Darkness. _^Coj Ji>}jJ> ?- jj>^^ 

Dense (herbage). Dust-colour. 
To lie, to quack. ^Ui Jfi -ft- 

To smear (a camel) with tar. fij g — 

To journey through (a land). 
To cover a. th. To tar (a fi jii 

camel). To gild (a vessel). To ma- 
nure (a land). 
Manure, dung. Jui 

Gold. Gold-wash. Jli.S 

Tar. Jr^'^J *5W-^ 

Quack, impost or. iUvi-ij oJC>i rr S>'^ 
Antichrist. JlViU rr_,»" 

The Tigris (river). " iis^i 

Numerous party. xJib-i 

To make a. o. to slip. A ja>il 

Slippery (place). jaU-i ^ jai-':>j jaa.':> 
Slippery place; stumbling- j»li.a^ ;5jJ» 

Slippery place. 'i^ai jJ' 

To drive *j S jiilj ,lub^i a j>i -^ 

away. To remove a. o. 
Angry. Foolish. Yellow j»ljS ^ j>li 

Espelled (people). Je;^ 

To dig the sides of a >Ui a J>i -^ 

well. To lie hid in the corner of a 

tent. To conceal o.'s self. 
To enter the recess j Jiilj — 

of a tent, well. 
To be crafty, deceitful. 5lii a J»i 
To use deceit towards. To jf jili 

circumvent a. o. 

J^'ij Js^ilj JU-ilj J^? T J*^-> Jf-^ 
Lai'ge at bottom and narrow- oy^'^j 

mouthed well. Corner of a tent. 

A broad-sided well. J^S 

Palisade set up for j^ Ij^ ^ Jp-Ci 

scaring gazelles. 
Flabby-bellied. Calamity. iUi _^ j>i 

Treacherer. Short and fat. 
Hunter. Jb-i 

To thrust a. o. back s C>^ a ^i -^ 

Dark ^^b.ij,_^'i^ ^-^^i o-^*^ "^ 

(night). Black. 
To extend ( the * l^i a o V>i -K- 

earth : God). To di-ive along (peb- 
bles : rain). 
To be spread, expanded. \S'_^'i>\ 

Hat- ji-'-LJj «S*^'j -^^'J i!j^^U ^^' 
ching-place of ostiiches in" the sand. 
To spread out (a car- ^ C>i a J-'i> -fi- 

To stretch down (man). ^jj 

She-ape. C^i 

Chief of an army. 

To gild (an earring). 
Black and white garment 

C W* ) 


. iG-'ij 


kapt in a wardrobe. Gold. 
Patch for uaij'ii 

widening a shirt. 

jioi'^ P 

'Mi'*^ ?r *?JL;»"^ 


* - 

p t/»iv*: 

Short and ^ijij icioli^j 

To repel a. o. s Caii a ^i -tt- 

To drag a. th. /b G^i a i-^ii -ft- 

To reol a. th. along. * ja> i -M- 

To roll along, a To be decli- ja>jj 

vous (ground). 
To drive to s^luj b_p-ij (^ i a>ii -tt- 

away, to discard a. o. To banish a. o. 
Driving away. jJ-'^j j^\'» 

To upset a. th. To roll » ^_^i -ft- 

down a. th. 
To roll down. To become 

Rounded, globular. 
Dung-ball rolled 

by black beetles. 
To set (people). 

at vai"iance. 
To fill (a house : crowd). To 

learn (a tradition) by heart. 
To thi'ow about (the feet : slaugh-^j — 

tered beast). 
To cause evil in secret. >i34 ~ 

To become full of seeds ,_^ ilj — 

To be affected by a whit- C~>S Si,j^i 

low (finger). 
Spike full of seeds. lt^'^ 

Insect used ,j-i>,'i-i ?- u^^'^J lt^'^ 

as a bait. 
Whitlow. tj-w/i -^j tr>*l^j ur^-j'^ 
Affected by a -vvhit- ^^^'/jj^ -^j ^j>jJ^ 

low (finger). Filled (house). 
To thrust, to poke a. th. in. j:J.i 4- 
To intrude. tr^^l "^ 

To agitate *^^, Ca^'^ a ^a^i -ti- 

the feet (slaughtered beast). 
To jerk ( slaugh- j^_^. Cias^i a^>aii -tt- 

tered beast ). To search the groimd 

with the feet. 
To decline to the C^ij Cc»p-i a — 
West (sun). To slip ( foot). 
To be made void jai- oJlj Cbji S a — 

To refute fi> ja>. ilj ja> ij , Ca_^ i a — 

(an argument). 


( \\N ) 


Secret thought of man. J»^)l J:j>i 
Interior disease. Jch'^ "1^ 

luside of. Intimate thought. iLi-i 


Jiii -»■ 

•^ Hdme Office. 
Basket for dates. 
•^ Ear-wig. 
Entrance. Means of 

beginning, prehide. 
Emaciated. Weak-minded. 

Rotten (palm-ti*ee). 
■^ Revenue, income. J-ila;^ 5-. J>-'li/" 
Special love. Ash-coloured 

To deceive a. o. s J-^l':> <■ 
To conceal o.'s mind from. 
Deceit, craft. 
To become altered by ui-i a ^3 -^ 

smoke (food). To smoke much (fire). 

To be ill-natured. To be smoky. 
To be dust-coloured (plant, l:>'i o ^i 
►■ beast). 

c^>^j o^-'-^b o*'^i -^^^'^-i '^'■'^ a ^'i 
To send up ( smoke). To rise ( smoke, 

To fumigate a. th. <• To smoke A ^^i 
' (tobacco). 

To be fumigated. ^'j^ 

Millet (plant). ^'i 

Smoke. Malevolence, ill-nature. ^S 

Unsoundness of mind, belief, origin. 
Dusky colour. Calamus aroma- tj.C-'i 

ticus, incense for fumigating houses. 
Dust-coloured sparrow. oCi'ij 'CiS 
Smoke. -^ Smoking-^>.lji ^ ci^'ij o6-'i 

Chimney, Hole for ^i. iji ^ x^;. ) i 


Tobacco- ^(^'ij j^^^' -^j 'j^Vi 


Intensilyhot (day). oL>J 

Of a dark, dusky ^S ^ -Ui-'i ^ ^^iil 

Chimney, holefor iiiTJ; .^j ^'a> 

smoke. <• Room for smoking silk- 

Fumlgatory censer. ^i Q.: ^ ili.' Iv* 

•^ Red herrings. 

Play, sport. Space of time. ii -H- 

Joking. ia^ 

To be lowered, O^i.' i/lj;,i.i a ^ ij _;iS 

To humble. To abash a. o. 5 ^l'^] 
To stick J /b ^ y\j , Ci i a ^ 'i -fr 

a (trivet) in (the ashes). 
Dolphin (fish). ^-^ij o-*^ 

Trivet. ;..r->lj^ «■ cr^'^ 

To go in, J jl A >u'loJjV,»S Jii -«■ 

to enter (a place). 
To bring in a. or a. th. ,_, — 

To visit a. 0. To be introduced jp — 

before (a king). 
To enter in (an affair, a religion).J — 
To intrude, to J Ji I jJj jX'j.7} jii 

meddle in (an affair). 
To y^i a Ji-ij , *?-l.!> J jl *i2p j Jii 

be attacked by an evil, in body or 

To be cori'upt (affair). To be ji'^ 

unsaleable (goods). 
To introduce <*. 0. ftj j jii'j J^i 

To insert a. th. 
To enter upon ; to have 5 Jili 

intercourse with. To be seized with 

To come apon a. 0. To go in to if- — 

o.'s wife. 
To slip in, to enter gradually, ji IJ 
■^ To beseech, to make an ^ — 

To ba commingled. To intrigue. ji.'|j; 
To go in, to penetrate, jiilj JiJo'l. 
Unsoundness of mind. Guile, j^i 

deceit. Disease. Baseness of origin. 

Dense tree. 
Intention. Ju.j>j iiiij vJ-i>j jii 

Thought. Way of acting. 
Hive of wild bees. iLCi 

Income, revenue. J>i 

Please, I beseech thee. dllii 4- 

Small bird. Herbs Jc*'*^ ?r J*^ 

mixed with the roots, 
lu-side, interior, inward. aU.>i ^ Jili 
Within. ji-li J[j ji.\i jAj Jiii i 

From within. Inwards. 
Inner part. Intention, Jilji ^ ii>li 

mind, belief. Hidden part. 
Guest. Intruder. ''I^i-'i ^ Jc>^ 

Adventitious (word). 

( \^r ) 

Flowing abun- jljij ^jij j^y^ ^ 3ii 

dantly (milk). Lighted lamp. 
Milch-female, yiel- jOo^^ jJS^i 'J^'^ 

ding much milk. 
Brisk market. S*li oj^ 

Spindle. Zj\ji 

Shining ^jj^i ^ ^3^ ij jj ij ^j 'i 

brightly (star). 
Bloody (war). j/y^ 

Lighted (lamp). S^^^ft (horse), ^ji 
Plenty of milk. S*a5 

Causing milk to flow. Revolving ■^jji 

the spindle quickly. 
Shedding abundant tears (eye). j\j'jjt 

Pouring a copious rain (sky). 
Frequently, abundantly. OO-^i 

To chew a date (old man). fi> ji'/i -5^ 

To scatter a. th. about. 
Sound of drums. Elm-tree. jl^j's 

Plant sought by camels. -^ Ash-tree. 
Toothless gum. j^jj^ ^ jij'i 

Abyss, whirlpool. jijS 

Small tray of straw. Sjjiji -<>• 

To rush (torrent). %':>j |«ji a ]'/:> -»■ 

To glow. (fire). 
To thi'ust back a. 0. To fi>j s Yji 

urge (a beast). To spread (a car- 
To rush suddenly on a. 0. J* ~ 

To shine brightly (star). To u/J^ — 

have pestilential pustules (camel). 
To repel a. 0. To flatter j %\j\'jj> Yj\i 

a. 0. To treat kindly. To cheat a. 0. 
To lie in wait for game (hunter). \yia 
To look scornfully at a. 0. it — 

To repel 0. a. in a 'i^iSlj Yj\XJ 

quarrel. To disagree. 
To rush on fiercely (torrent). Vyy:[ 

To spread (fire). 
To dart on a. 0. ic. — 

To lurk for (game : hunter). J ]'j%\ 
Crookedness. Quarrel. Extremity .ji 

of a. th. Projecting part. 
Pestilential tumour (on camels), 'jj \i 
Unevenness, furrows, ruggedsji ^ .jS 

parts of a road. 
Shining (star). isj)'/:^ «■ 'JJ,'i>j Ijy? 

PL Large stars. 
Camel. Lurking-place of a SAjji 

Watchman, sentry. oClvi^j u.'Jo3 P 

Wild ass. 
Pilot of a ship. o^i^i 

To be on the watch, to keep ^jCJi ^ 

guard (sentry). 
Play, joke. oS'i ■»■ 

Blunted sword. Sharp word. Poor^ba 

Custom, wont. 0>^ij ooo 

To flow abundantly iji o i ji -^ 

(milk). To become luxuriant (plant). 
To yield much (milk: she-camel).ij — 
To stream (sweat). Ijj^i^ l3i o i — 

To shine brightly (lamp). To become 

brisk (market). To be fdl of blood 

(vein). To become soft. 
To pour down (an abundant raia)^_, — 

(sky). To give of (o.'s property). 
To recover o.'s complexion l3i a i — 

(after disease). 
To run swiftly (horse). Oj'^ i ~ 

To let flow milk (she-camel). yy\ 

To draw forth (a shower of fi> — 

rain : wind). To whirl (the spindle) 

quickly. To move a. th. To whirl (an 

arrow upon the nail). To render 

a. th. plentiful (God). 
To stream (milk). To give jozJl 

much milk. To draw forth rain 

from the clouds (wind). 
Milk. Abundance of milk. Soul. ji 
What a generous man ! lit : His »'y:> «j) 

abundance comes from God. 
What a bad action'l lit : May'oji ji V 

God withhold his blessings upon 

Pearls. (coll). y» 

A pearl. <► Female oljij jji 5- Sji 

MUk. Abundance of mOk. jj i ^ Sj i 

Flow of milk. Blood. Whip, scourge. 

Flow of a cloud. Briskness ( of a 




Windward. Straight path. jji 

My house is opposite il^ii yy^ jy':> 

They have the same j^\j yy^ jc _^ 

a garment). -^ To give currency to. 
To build a storied house. a ^jij — 
To follow o.'s course. To ^ji a ^j i 

rise by degrees. 
To keep to (the true religion). j — 

To feed on partridges. 
^ To graduate a. th, ai ^j3 

To bring a. o. by degrees to. Jl. s ^y:> 
To pass one year of pregnancy ^j'^\ 

without bringing forth (she-camel). 
To draw up (a bucket) gently. * — 
To insert a. th. into ; to inwTap. J A — 

■^ To publish a. th. in (a paper). 
To come gradually to. J{ ^'/^ 

To be destroyed. <>• To be publi- ^jjj[ 

•To be classed, implied liTc^^j J — 

in a. th. 
To bring a. o. gradually to. Ji^ s •^j'jzl^. 

To deceive a. o. To show s — 

forbearance to (a sinner : God). 
To roll pebbles (wind). A — 

Scroll of paper (for wri- ^Ijil ^ ^'ji 

ting). Fold. Fluent reading. 
Case for articles <fj:>^j ;r'j.»W r j'^ 

of women, chest. 
Road. Mediator. ^Ija,j ^Ijil ^ ^'/i 

Track of a torrent. 
■^ Drawer of a table. ^jjS ^ ^ji 
His blood ^Oyi '^y:>j\ '^\'J^\ iii ^'i 

has been shed uselessly. 
Ladder. Step. Flight of ^^i ^ j^^i 

Stair, step. Rank, oW-jij •r'ji> yr ~ 

dignity, office. Degree of a circle ; 

four minutes of time. Story, stage. 
^ Holy orders. o^fciH oG-^i 

Gradually, step ^j IaSL; _, 'i^'ji 'li-'/i 

by step. 
Growing (child). Spreading ^^ iS 

everywhere (dust). In general use 

(term). Current (article). Trilling 

of a song. 
Foot of a beast. ?rJ U^ ?r *?J '^ 

Extinguished (tribe). 
Swift (ai'row, wind). ^_,ji 

Hardships, hopeless affairs. ,^ji 

Kind of drum. ^3 i 

Runner. Slanderer. Hedgehog. ^13^ 

hunter. Ring for learning arrow- 
shooting, spear-thi'usting. 
Means of defence. o'\yjij \jJ: 

To get used, ^j *j jij Cji a i^j'i -^ 

accustomed to. 
To throw a. 0. into (a 5 sCji J. ji 

disagreable affair). 
To be steady (in a defeat). ^j'i 

To train (soldiers, jj ipj o ? ^-iji 

hounds) to (war, chase). 
To invade a Greek province <Sj>\ 

(Moslems). To beat the drum. 
To be trained, inured to. o «->jJj 

Large gate. Street-gate. ,J(ji ^ c_»ji 
Drying-floor for dates. ^\ji\ ^ oji 
Entrance of a country, ^jj'i ^ <-jji 

Mountain-pass. -^ By-street. 
Practice, training. Custom, habit.iojS 
Skilled (woman). Female drum- Xjj'i 

Skilful. Huntiiig (dog, hawk). i^jXi 
Very skilful (woman). jjiji 

Experienced (man). Well vJ^' 

trained (riding-camel). Lion. 
Submissive <^y'ji •^y'j^J ^jj^ 

Door-keeper Xij.Oi ^ cMS^ ^ 

To become mild, tractable. ^'3^ -a- 
To be scared away. To stoop ^'y^ ^ 

the back. To be lowly. 
Wooden oUjifIji ^c>/S}y^J ccjj'y^ P 

or iron rail, fence. Balustrade? 
Lion. Bitmg dog. ^.^oilj^ ^ cr'^j? ■* 

^ Bolt, bar. 
To bolt (a dooi"). *a-iji -^ 

To remain silent fi'om fear, ^'iy^ -fr 

Earthen kettle-drum. 

Kind of walk. Beating of a *fe=J ji •♦• 
drum. Noise. 

Spy-glass, telescope, o^.'j'^ P^ 

Shop-bolt. -^jj'^ "^J -*^ ji P 

At full speed, at full Ji^j'^ Te 


To walk (man, CVjij ^jj^o i jrj^ * 
lizard). To die childless. To be des- 
troyed ( tribe). -^ To be in general 
use; to be current (fashion). 

To fold (a book, a ^'Ji\j ^y^j , (^ ji - 



( ^^ 

To lecture a. o 

teach a. th. 
To study under a. o. * u-jlilj ^ u-j'^ 
To study (a book) together. u-j'^ 
To be obliterated (trace). To ^jjJlj^ 

be dissipated (uews;. 
Study. Lesson. Lecture, ^j-jji ^ ^ji 

Effaced road. 
Thrashing of corn. trO'^Jt-r-j^ 

Camel's tail. oCjij trO^^ -r l^'j,^ 

Shabby clothes 

Practice, exercise. 
Erased, worn out. 

Student. Thrasher. 
Shabby clothes. Tail of a camel ^jji 
Dry Alexandrian trefoil. Straw, clover. 
Bull-dog. Lion. ^j/j'^ «• cr-Uj,-* 

Strong-necked camel. 
The Prophet Henoch, u^j^'^i 

Coran-school. College, (_^j)ja> ^ I-Lja* 

School ; book studied. wj-^ 

Bible-school of Jews. cr-G j^ 

Learned. Teacher. Shabby. i^-j,^ 
Shabby. Mad. Beaten (road), ^j^jj'jji 
Dervish. -<>• Care- J^jXji> rr j-lij^ ^ 

less man. 
To live like a dervish. J-j'jJij j-j'/i 
To have the teeth ia/i a >>»j,i -ft- 

broken from old age (she-camel). 

Young of u^ljib ^3j5 vr ^y>J iJ^'y^ 

rats, jerboas, hedgehogs, hares. 
Misfortune. Jerboa. 
Young cat, young rat. t/»ij^ 

To be black-headed and t^i & f,ji -^c 

white-bodied (sheep) 
To skin (a sheep). To j tji a pji 

bone (the joints of a sheep). 
To be stripped (corn-crops). ^j S 

To clothe a. o. with an armovir. 5 ^'i 

To clo*he (a woman, with a shift. 

To strangle a. 0. To manifest a. th. 
To insert a. th. in. To enter * p,ji1 

its second half (month). To set off 

in darkness (traveller). 
To put on a breast- pjilj ^"jj^j pji'l 

plate. To put on a shift (woman). 
To be stripped of its flesh (bone).p,3ail. 

o^Oil >l 

Go-cart. Testudo, besieging- *>lji 

Heath-cock. [im. I4\j'i) rpj_j\yi ^ ,-0'^ 

Francolin, rail. 
Hazel-hen. Quail, par- s^jJjj -r'S^ 

tridge, pheasant. 
Religious belief. Course, ^j \jS ^ ■^'Jm' 

Folded book. 
Roll of paper, ^j li; ^ <>-'j-^i -rJ-^ 

of cloth. 
Road. Scroll of paper. Wrapper -*^JjJ> 

of a writing. Main part. 
To drive a. away. 5 (i^ji a ^-ji -S- 
To be broken, decrepit. \>.'ji a rrj^:^ 
To lay a vine-layer. ^3^ ^ 

To recline on the side (man), ^jjjl. -tf- 
Loop-hole m a ^_^v \'J:> ^ ^ry^'S^ <" 

To lose the teeth. iSjS a i_;,i -S- 

Toothless (man), iji ^ MijS ^ i^'^l 
Toil, trouble. iji Ps 

Dregs, sediment, tartar. CJij^ 

To become accustomed, i_, ^jiji -{J- 

trained to. 
Calamity. Old man. Old wo-^_^iji ^ 

man. Love-charm. 
To mutter. To talk nonsense. ^iSJi a 
Gossip, nonsense. J-k^S^ 

To live comfortably. (j'/i a jj':> -ft- 
To sew up (a garment). A {j'y^ o jji,i 

□ To cram a. th. 
Luxuriant life. Seam of a j/y^ ^ jji 

garment. Suture of the skull. 
Lice, nits. Jjj^l Ol2 

People of a low class. Sjji .iVjl 

Tailors. Weavers. 
Druse. j^V^ ^ I?>3^J s?JJ^ 

Elm-tree. Ojj'i 

To make amulets. jj'ji ■ft- 

To disappear (trace). C.jji ^r-j^ -^ 

To be effaced. To be scabby and 

smeared with tar (camel). To be 

worn out ( clothes ). To become ^old 

To erase (a trace). fi> — 

To study fi> tj-^ij ,^\j/>j Cji i o — 

(a book). 
To thrash (wheat) on a COj^j '^'j^ ~ 

the floor. To wear out (clothing). 

^5 c \ 

horse). To make a. th. follow ano- 
ther uninterruptedly. To emit ( a 
sound. To thrust (a spear) consecuti- 
vely. To ward off a. th. 
May iij\i> ^j i)3c Vj dl-? <ul iJ>: V 
God not bless thee nor preserve thee! 
To reach the age of reason ii'j'i] 

(child). To reach maturity (fruit). 
To overtake a. o. fi>j s — 

To reach (an epoch). To obtain a. th. 
To seize (a question). 
To perceive a. tb. with (the sen- ^ — 
' ses). To take (revenge). 
To come up together. iij\j3 

To obviate a. th. To continue (a >b — 
journey). To follow a. th. closely. 
To realise (the truth of ). 
(God) overtook him with ?ri^Jf S — 

his mercy. 
To attain a. th. fi> ^j%[ 

To rectify (a mistake). To * iljar-Ll. 
ward off a. th. <• To reuiedy (an 
To amend (a fault) by. v_j A — 

To correct a. o.'s words, v^ j^p — 
Overtaking, obtention. cUsjS ^ iJji 

Responsibility -^ Police. 
Watchmen, overseers. iijji\ ,J^t^] 
Result of an action. ij)_3il ^ iiy^ 

Bottom of (the sea). Piece added to 
a bucket-rope. 
(opp. to -K^'ji ) cJ^y:>j iijh ^ <Syi 
Step downwards. Abyss. -^ Patrol. 
Step of descent. Hell- jU!) olTji 

fii"e. Degrees of hell. 
Catch, overtake ! ill^S 

Uninterrupted journey. Dog. 'ii\ji 
Successful, sagacious. iJiji 

Game, tracked beast. *^j,^ 

Restrictive particle ii\j[xzl'^\ Sj>- 
as jj rather ; ^ , o1 J^ , o I Vl. but ; 
Vt, except. 
Sharp-minded ilj,^ j4-J 

Faculty of perception, iJj.lOl s>^l 

The five senses.^,,^jl i!;Ji;jl^ovr3,l0l 
Tenth metre of verse. iij \jci 

To roll a th. a_, ^ j^/j^ ^'Ji -> 

To go forward. To be full (belly). 
To emerge from the (clouds: ^ — 

He was hindered from doing, jiij — 
To walk by a dark night. yCi ^ji\ 
Breast-plate, ^jilj pjj^j f^O? -r f-'j? 

coat of iiiail. 
Woman's shift. Small gar- f.\'j'i\ ^ — 

ment of a gu'l. 
Whiteness of the head and :cpjij ^.j'i 
blackness of the thighs (in sheep, 
Night lighted by the ^'J^j ^.'Ji ^ 'U-ji 

moon at dawn. 
Piercing through a ^S/^ ?- *c^ J? 

coat of mail (arrow). 
Clad in armom' (man). p.jj^j f.j,li 
WooUen^jlju! ^ *^j^j,^ij,0^ sr *^'j^ 

shift slit in the forepart. 
Black-headed and ^.ji ^ 'liji j, f,'Ji\ 
white-bodieu ( horse, ewe). Of a mi- 
xed race (man). 
Long garment of the Jews. Jpj J^ 

■^ Ironclads, men-of-war. <fj^ w4'G'* 
Side, flank. Shadow. Shield. jji -fi- 
Leaf of a door ; window- J,j^ ^ "Sji 

To di'ive a. o away. i ^jji •♦■ 

To bear a large standard. ^ji -S- 
Large standard. Bulky lion. ^ji 

To hurry on. C5Ji o Jj^ ^ 

To soften a. o. 5 J*i 

Leather shield. Jljib Jj^ ■^ <^'S^ 

Sluice of a rivulet. 
Thyriac.Wine.(/b?' jG^,) J^^jij Jlji 
><»• Peach (fi'uit).^ljij ^jiji -^j Jlji G 


Jar having a loop- Jjijja ^ Jjj^ ^ 

shaped handle. -^ Narrow-necked 

cooler. Measure for wine. 

Lower part, mat of a room, it\lji P 

To go on quickly (man). To j^'/^ -fr 

dance. To waddle. 
To obey a. o. J — 

To drop closely (rain). iljS — 'Jji -i{- 
•^ He holds him j'j^h S^^- *^J^ 

liable to damages. 
To overtake (game : *_, 5 \Sj\jJ> iljlS 

C ^^'\ ) 

Silver coin weighing the ^^ (^^^ 
eight of an ounce. Weight of one 
drachm -<>■ PI. Money, cash. 

Decrepit (old man). %* j^ 

C'kJ?J ^''^y^J %.J/>.) ^L->'^ i ^y^ "^ 
To know a. th. ^.y * ^Xj^j ^J,^J 

To know by skill. 
To delude (game). To Aj 5 CjS — 

oomb (the hair). 
To blandish a. 0. To act n si^ia> j'jC:^ 

deceitfully towards, -tf- To take 

care of. 
To acquaint a. 0. with(news).v_i 5 ^^Ji1 
To lurk for (pi'ey). To fi>j s jj%\j JjjS 

comb (the hair). 
Who knows ? ( Jj__'ju ^ ) lJj,^ •♦• 

It may be ; perhaps. 
Science. Taffeta. -^ Prudence. "CVj^ 
Jurisprudence. aj'jjJI J^, 

Iron-comb. Horn j\jj. ^ Slj^J ^'S^, 

of a bidl. Iron-fork of winnowers. 

■^ Mast of a boat. 
To repel a. o. j 13JS o jjS -S- 

To time (an instrument). A oj^i Ts 

To prelude. 
Desk, stall. SUsji Ps 

Rein, bridle. ^J^j^ Ts 

A dozen. *^ji Is 

To conceal * Jl^^j C-i o ^i -S- 

a. th. ■> To feel with the hand. To 

spy a. 0. To insinuate a. th. 
To smear a camel with tar (in 5 — 

the armpits). 
To plot, to machinate secretly i& — 

against a. o. 
To conceal a. th. To A Ir'^'^i u--^ 

thrust a. th. 
To be buried in the earth (th). '^J^Ji\ 

To be inserted. To slip in stealthily. 
To intrigue with. To bring Jl^ — 

calumnies to a. 0. 
Gropingly. Stealthily. IfJ^^, ^ 

Intriguer, intrud^-r. ^Z'i ^ ^^i--i 
Secret hatred. ^H^^ w X-)^'^ 

■^ Underhand machination. 
The oi'igin spreads : ^Ci j]^) 

said of the effects of atavism. 
Erys, red venomous snake. ^-iLi 

To roll (ship) jTjjJ -> 

Portico, court cM^'j^tt «^j* P 
of a palace. 

i>r6j Cb»jij '^j^J C»Ji^J '^j^ i -»J^ "S- 
To run vnth. short steps (hedgehog). 
To be plump, sleek (limb). C»3i a j^j'i 

To fall out (teeth). To lose its teeth 

(camel) . 
To roimd the nails. a ^ji 

To grow new teeth (child) yji\ 

Fleshy, plump. Tree.^jij j^jjij ^j\i 
Roving by night. [m. /.) ^./Jh 

Hedgehog. Ugly gait. ^1*6 

Hare. Hedgehog. *;\ji 

Toothless. Fleshy, sleek. >uji ^ ^jil 
Toothless. Hare. Red-leaved -Oji 

plant. Plump (woman). 
White and refined <tx}'jij j^ji -tt- 

To be dirty, oj'^b , '^ji a oj':> -S- 

soiled (clothes). 
To defile a. or a. th. *j 5 oji^ 

-<>■ To be tuberculous. ojJj 

Dirt, filthiness. Tumour oO'*^ »r <ii3^ 

on the body, -if- Tubercle. 
This lowly world oj^ >' 

Dirty, shabby (clothes). o'jl^j oj,^ 
Di'y and withered parts ^Jljij C(j'i 

of bitter plants, trees. 
Barren ground. ctj,^ >i 

Manger. Rope of a beast. o^J*^'. 

Dirtiness. Fatherland. Origin. 
Doronicum, leopard's bane.j^jjSj Wjji 
RoUer, cylinder. '^//•^ "^ 

To come up of a jc CajS a «ji -^ 

sudden to a. 0. 
To defend, to protect a. 0. js- — 

To disown a. 0. To meet a. 0. «*6 

To exceed a. th. 1p — 

The strokes of foi'tune. _,ajJ| oiAjJi 
Noble lord. Spokesman, aj \jji ^ oj'jj; 

foremost man of a party. 
Shining star. Curved (knife). <Ajiji 
To produce round leaves _^'j'i -^ 

To become wealthy (man). V^ j^ 

To become old. To become tooth-^^^l 

less (man). To become dim (sight). 

Limpid stream. 
Large^ village. jf'L.i ^ sjC-i P 

Hermit's cell. Plain. Taveru. 
To stop (a flask). * C-^i o ^i ^ 

To shut (a dooi"). To sprinkle the 

ground ( rain ). To lay lint on ( a 

To smear a (camel) with i C^i i — 

To be greasy (food). C-ii a ^r^i 
To be unclean (clothes). To ^^ 

be dust-coloured. 
To put grease in (a dish). To A ^i 

moisten (the ground : rain). To blac- 
ken (a child's dimple). 
To stop (a flask). A _^i1 

To eat dainties. To be defiled ^jj 

I am free from the _yivi ^i jt ill 

Dripping. Greasiuess of iJ^Sj ^i 

food. Dii't. 
Greasy (dish). Dirty. ^,^5 

Cork, stopper. »i-lij ^U-i 

Greyish-black colour. Stopper <iJ;,S 

of a water-skin. Corrupt (man). 
Abyssinian. t^'» y\ 

Greasy. ^ij ^i ^ .i;j,i ^ ^i1 

Du'ty, black. 
Young bees. Bear cubs. ^^ i 

Fox. Blackness. Amaranth, anemone 

To be C-li a ^/-ij,l^i C-i -{^ 

To seduce, to corrupt ? ;l»la JJi 

a. 0. 
To relate the (words) of a. o. ^ A — 
To prepare porridge. fii o'j:^^ 

•«• To see. 
To crush, to grind. ( for -j^ ) ^i ^>- 
To travel in (a country). J — 

Porridge of pounded wheat. ilxiS 

•^ Measles. 
Desert plain. -^ Trash, luniler.oi-i P 
To be abandoned (woman, o ^i -^ 

To leave. To put aside fi>j s _^i -^ 

a. th. To dismiss (a servant). 
Foe, enemy. ^V^,'^ Te 


Earth-worm. z^ t.i 

Spy. cr-i-?lji 9- tr>^li 

Spy, sycophant. Ba- ^'^ ^ ,_^^i 

ked under the ashes (bread). 
Buried in the earth. Anointed ^^jJ 
with tar (camel ). Perceived by the 
To grope. -^ To plot secretly.^aJ,i-«- 
Plain. Seat of ho- cyJli ,- c^'^ P 
nour ; upper-end of a room. Court, 
council. Cushion. Ruse, craft- Suit 
of clothes. Game of chess. Quire of 
paper. ^ Lot of things. Washing- 
tub. Copper-trough. Pack of cards. 
I am the winner. J c— ifUl 

I have lost the game. 'U c-^foi 

Bundle. HandfuL ^Ci ^"liLlS P 

Large glass-vessel. 
^Military roll. Regis- .n^uS ^ j^-'i P 
ter. Pattern. <>■ Leave, permission. 
Minister. Digest of laws. 
Key of a keyboard. cnjCi ^ oVx^i P 
To spear a. 0. To j* i^i o ^S ■»■ 
throw back a. th. To calk (a ship). 
To nail a. tli. 
Oakum for calking _^Sj JLi ^ jUi 

ships. Nail for planks. 
Skiff, ship, _^S ^ -l^-i 

Bulky camel. Lion. Darnel-weed. _/-j3> 
Proverbial troop of horses belon- 
ging to king Naman. 
To vomit. To bestow CuJ,i a ^:-i ^ 

To drive a. th. away. To fill (a A — 
vessel). To stop (a hole). 

To ruminate (camel). 

Base of the neck. 

Generous gift. Nature. 
Large basin. Table 

Ruminating much. 

To overflow (tank). 
To be limpid (water) 

To fill (a vessel) to over- 

Silver-tray. Long road. Old 
man. Bull. Basin filled up. White 
appearance of looming. Wliiteness, 
Silver trinkets. Beauty. \^'hite bread, 

well dressed. 


a. o. or a. th. 
To pulverise (the A £tS a c^S ^ 

earth) by stamping. 
To feel a chill of fever. cJ-^ 

To put in stoi-e. To rob a. th. * o^il 
To brood rancour (heart). cJ-'-^ 

To be trodden upon ic c^jJl. 

Beginning of an illness. c.ti 

Hatred. Remain- oiiij ouil -r c^^ 

der of water. 
To waste (a water-trough). A Jii ^ 
Wasted water-trough. j^'i> 

To be large, black and Ge^i a T-*i -^ 

fine (r-ye). 
Width and blackness Sitij ?^ti 

of the eyes. 
Wide and black- ,^i ^ 'Uti ^ r-*i1 

eyed. Black (night). 
To smoke without blaze \'J.i a _,tS -S- 
. (wood). To fail to produce fire (flint). 

To be immoral, lewd. 
To be spotted (face). To be ^tJl 

wicked, lewd (man). 
Wickedness. Rotten- s^tij SjUSj_^i 

ness. Lewdness. 
Wood-fl'etter. ^ci 

Smoking without blaze (wood), ^i 

Worm-eaten. -<>• Harsh (man). 
Bad. Corrupt. Lewd. ji^i ^ ^ta 

Generous camel-stallion. 
Giving no fire (flint). ^il 

Colour of the elephant. Ugly J,'jj, 

To tread upon, to A Cp3 a ^'i -^ 

pd'ess a. 0. To repel a. o. To disho- 
nour a (woman). •<>■ To stumble. 
To pierce a. o. with a i_j 5 |_^Pij — 

To pierce on another. jt ^li 

To be trampled upon, ^jjlj ^j^'Jj <• 

Trace, track. Beaten road. ^':, 

Even (land). Ceremony of tram- ii« 
pling upon dervishes. -^ Foot-print. 
Spear. Beaten road. ^Jj^J^J t^a/» 
To kill a. o. ? ^^ilj , C^'i a ^^ci -{^ 
To thrust a spear into. j ^/atlS 

To kill a. 0. (heat). » ^apil 

To be rotten (meat). ^ja&'Si 

( ^^A) 

Bed, mattress. ili-ji Ts 

To give a. th. A ili'i o ^i -«- 

■^ To put on new clothes. To A ^S 

inaugurate a. th. 
To receive a. th. * ^Jj 

Dedication; inaugm'ation. cni-JC 

New (house, garment). ^i,li 

To rush into the thick i^i o Ci-i -S- 

of a fight. 
To belch. ( /or ll^ ) ^^jj •> 

Belch. ( for 'jkj ) 'J^'^j sCii -^ 

To shake (a sieve). fit uoj^'i ^ 

To smash (glass). a (aJ,i_o Jo3 ■»■ 
To repel (an orphan) ^j j ui ^i -5^ 

Isolated palm-trees. Black p,tS 

winged ants. 
To run at a lila^ij Xcoti pOPi -^ 

heavy pace. 
To fill up (a vessel). To shake fit — 

(a measure) for filhng it. 
To have a tottering gait. poijj 

Sluggish and heavy demeanour. <capi 
Watery summer-plants sought ^iii 

by oxen. 
To repel a. 0. 5 ;;u3j Ci^ a w^i -^ 

To joke with a. 0. -tf- To vex a. 0. 
To joke with a. 0. To tire y ^IS 

a. o. (child). 
To behave affectedly with. jc ^'^ 


To sport together 
Joke, sport. Witticism. 

Foolishness. Black ant. 
Jolly, facetious. Violent 

wind. Playing (watei^). 
Lively, jolly. 
Excellent singer. Plaj-ful 

skinned youth. Fruit of the solanum. 
Foolish. Weak. Lively. Tall ij^^ 

(horse). Black (night). Trodden 

(road) . 
To look for a. th. t^ o-^'^ ° 

Foolish. u-jr*^ 

Frog's eg^. ^^ -«- 

Strong she-camel. si^^sj J-^^* 

To rovmd with the hand (clay, jlc'i -^ 

wax). To rumple a. th. 
Crease. Slight indisposition. :u|ii 
To push violently Aj n lipi a c^3 -H- 

^i ( s 

To swarm with animalcules ^^; c^ -^ 

Black water- ,_^liSj ^yx~»Gji> ^ ur'^Uis 

insect. Roamer. 
To be light-ininded. sJUi a ,;^ i -^ 
What a thoughtless man ! i^j>1 C. 
Pahn-leaves tied together. ^I'i 

Ill-natured. Ill-fed. o^l^j o^i 

To long after j cJ^ij 'Vpi o ^*i -fi- 

a. 0. To help a. o. To call out a. o. 

To pray (God). 
To induce, to urge a. o. to. Jl. a — 
To invite a. o. to stpJuO S^ti 2* — 

To call a. 0. by a k_<j A 5 — 

name. To send down (an evil) upon 

a. 0. (God). 
To wish good to. J — 

To swear against, to wish evil to. u — 
To propose a riddle to a. o, ? iii 

•^ To raise a contest with a. o. 
To destrciy (a wall). A — 

To induce a. o. to claim a 5 ^i1 

spurious father. 
To weep ( hired mourner). I's; 

To call one another. To di'aw J.\'J; 

near (enemy). To crumble down; 

to be cracked (wall ). -^ To be at 

To claim a. th. »_/j A — 

To unite together against. je. — 

To answer a call. J J.j^\ 

To pretend that. o1 j1 liJ' — 

To claim as a right. To ^ i Sl^ 

demand a. th. 
To enter an action against. is. — 

To claim (a genealogy). Jl^ — 

To declare o.'s name (in war). j — 
To call out a. o. To *j 5 £'j11[ 

exact, to ask, a. th. -^ To beseech, 

to invoke a. o. 
Call. Invoca- ( un. ej\s.^ ) itil ^ 'US 

tions. Call for help. Prayer to God. 

A call. Convocation. Invitation zy-i 

to a repast ; dinner-party. -^ Busi- 
ness, thing. 
Claim, assertion. Sjliij Sj'i^j S^ti 
CaU. Prayer, ^iji 4-j ol^i ^ S>^i 

Sandy and iiaoj ^^uil ^ ^^i 

rounded hillock. 
Hard and hot plain. -Liifri 

To beat (a road). To A Cui a jti -ft- 
Avaste(a watering-trough: camel). 
To make (a raid). 
To start (a s ji-'i\j — 

Beaten (road). J^tl^j Jti 

Troop of cameLs. Shower. iitS 

Horses treading upon the j-clji> Jli' 

Wren (bird). o^Jjl *2J^i ■> 

To rub up (a sj a ^l a wlfS -«■ 
skin ). To soothe ' an antagonist ). 
To take the newnaess out of (clo- 
thes ). To rumple a. th. -^ To train 
a. o. 
To be foolish, insane. Qs^J.^ a cUti 
To contend pertinaciously with.s dis-\i 
■^ To practice, to exercice (a fi> iXt\> 

To contend together in war. <D>i\'Sl 
Fight. -^ Pi-actice. ::fe»iijui 

Desperate antagonist. ■<>• Ex- dUllxi 

Beaten i. e. populated country. ^jl'jJi 

■^ Worn out (garment). 
To coax a. 0. s j£\ij , >Ui i JpS -H- 
To go about. To frisk (rat). s^Ipi ■»- 
To be dark ( night ). To be multico- 
FUled sack. Clothes of various ■^jj.'i 
colours. Rambling at random. Vora- 
cious. Intertwisted plant. Soft and 
beautiful youth. Darkness.Wolf.Ass. 
Sluggish she-camel. Foot-prints. 
To prop (a wall). A Ci'i a, ^':i -^ 

To hearten, to help a. 0. 
To be propped upon. To [s. ^%[ 

rely upon a. 0. 

Pillar of a house. Column, v,**^ 
support of an affair. Lattice of an 
The chief of a tribe. j,'^\ v^Ui 

Carpenter. Main part of a road. ^"^ 'i 
Well supported. 

White-breasted (horse), ^ilj "^ e-'i 

Dim-sighted. ^ja^'^j J-^^'> "^ 


C T 

To be over- j ^'ilj.Cii-i a J^'i -S- 

taken by (darkness). 
To rash on. Je J^'^ 

To throng near (the water;. J^i ^'li 
To drink (water) hastily. ^ fl> — 
■^ Darkness is setting in. CJjJI cJj-'il 
To mix together (fighters). ^'Ijj 
Obscurity, J,J.i -^j iLx^ij xli'ij j-ii 

darkness. Dusk. 
To dazzle a. o. J-^'^ -^ 

To be choked by Cas-'ia ^^i -S- 

(food or anger). 
To hurry in doing a. th. j ^t )i 
To irritate a. o. To snatch 5 ^'i1 

a. 0. (.^eath). 
Knee-pan. Pure water.^_^lji ^ *it)S 
To take in a lump. »j ;b uiS a >J^':> ^ 

To overcome a. o. (heat). 
Foolish. 'Uii y\ 

Young of the wolf, elephant, jiii -ft- 

Thick plumage. Easy life. 
To slip in unperceived. J yd.}, 3, Ji'i ^ 
■^ To fester (wound;. ^^1 J^i 

To be bushy (land). To glide Jp'il 

in (a place). 
To mar (a business). j — 

To deceive, to slander a. 0. t_, — 

Confusedness, iLti Jv^Mj Jiio ^ Jt 3> 

unsoundness of an affair. Thicket. 

•^ Secret hatred. 
Bushy, secret place. jpS j^' 

Secret hatred. Xitli 

Ivlisfortunes, ill-luck. JjVii 

Bottoms of valleys. Ji-\'->J^ ^ Js-'l^^ 

To cause ■& ^'i]_,,Ci3 a^Sj >-'i ^ 

a. o. to swoon (heat, cold). 
To stop (a vessel). To crush A ^'S 

(the nose of). 
To insert a. th. into. J fa ^'i\ 

To bridle (a horse). To blacken 5 — 

( the face : God ) ; to abash a. o. To 

glut (food). 
To contract (two let- J a ^'Slj ^'i1 

tera) into one.' 
To be brown-coloured (horse). 'jJ^'iS, 
Colour of the face blacker tUij v^'i 

than the body (in beasts). 
Willingly or not. In spite of.^iS ^\j 
Pain in the throat. jSs.'^ 

Curse, imprecation. 
Claim, action, tJjVpi j j\ti ■^ Jj^^ 

Praying earnestly. '^i 

F. Fore-finger. je^S 

Point at issue. Summons, s^ilj *!til 

Surname of the Prophet of .dil c^'i 

the jNIoslems. 
Adoptive son. Spurious •Ut'il ^ j^i 

son : claiming a false father. 
CalHng to a religion. sVti ^ f.ti 

Muezzin. Motive. -^ Humble. 
Clamours of horsemen. ^.iji ^ j^b 

iMotive, impulsive. 
Circumstances, vicissitude3_^jbjj| J-^fi 

of time. 
Cares, anxieties. jluJI — 

Invitation to a repast. ^.Vjji ^ z^jji 
Plaintiff, claimant {at law). i/!^ 

■^ Attorney-general. l/.j^^ </^' 
Claimed (property, right). ^jj> 

Defendant {at laic). ^i. — 

•^ Petition to a court. • 

To tickle a. 0. <■ To bruise a ^op'i -ft- 

a. th. 
To wound a. 0. (by words). vj » — 
Tickling. j^at'S 

To strangle a. 0. s t^S a cJ-'i -S- 

To repel a. 0. To a j s \jii a ji'i -^ 

compress (the throat of a child). 
To ill-feed (a child). To choke a. 0.5 — 
To mix a. th. To squeeze a. 0. fi> — 

to death. 
To break into (a house). J — 

To rush inconsidei'ately upon. ic — 
To be ill-tempered. To {jii a ^'i 

put on a coat of mail. 
To rush on. js. _,p oJlj j'J^^j I^S a — 
To be thrust back, upset ^^l 

down. To be squeezed. 
Furtive snatching. s^'i 

Charge U-« V |>ij Jt^ V j'jTi 

the enemy, in a body, not in ranks ! 
Reviled, contemptible. Wicked. ji.\i 
-<)• Straight on. <^J-J^J <SJ-'> Ts 

Straightforwardly, directly. True. 
■if- Walk straight on. ^j,'^^ ^l, -^ 

Behave in a straightforward way. 

To clothe a. o. with warm clo- a liil 

thes ; to warm a. o. To give much. 
To warm o.'s self with\jlc_:ijUilj \I>J 

(clothes, fire). 
Warmth. Produce of 'iSil ^ ''.Ji 

camels as (fui-, milk etc). Shelter of 

a wall. Gift. Profitable (goods). 
Warm clothes. \\'armiug. ui'il ^ 'l»i 
Warm (day, house. Jli -^j ••3 Sj ti i 

clothes). Clothed warmly. 
Raia between spriug aud summer .'j^^ 
Summei'-provisions. *^CiS 

^^'arm. ^fVo j, ^Usi -^i-j • J -cl^j o'ji 
Stove, hearth. ilji a 

Crook-backed. 'tii j. Uil 

Register, account-book, __;VaS ^ ^oi 

■^ Journal. Dayly book. l//^ _n"jS P 
•<>• Letter book ; copy- ^ji,(>-i!l jiJ«nii 

4- Inventory-book. o6^>i3 1 ^i^i.^j'tii 
Accountant-general. j\Vj\i'i P 

Archives. vii-lrtsi P 

To strike a. o. on the s i^'ii o ^i -fr 

breast. •<>■ To push a. o. 
To become maggotty I^jS o jii 

(food). To be vile, despicable. 
To stmk. \j'^j l^ii - 

The world. Female slave. jlji 

The world. ^ui -^Ij _^ii -^i 

Stinking. 'Q'^j %'Jii ^ ^»ib Ji 

Fie, what a stench I alJ^Sij 

To jostle, to ifc_, i Ciii ^i -^ 

push, to elbow a. o. 
Serew-steamer. ,_pili y^y' -^ 

To repel, to fi>j s CSlxHj iVji a ^ii ^ 

discard a. o. or a. th.-<>- To pay a. th. 
To refute (an argument) by. ^ fii — 
To quit (a place). To plead on ^ — 

behalf of. -^ To pay for a. o. 
To lead to (way). To compsl to. Ji^ — 
To avert an evil from a. o. ^c fi> — 
To deliver up a. th. to. Jj J[* — 

•<>-To pay (a sum) to a. o. 
To put off a. 0. s tlJij r^\jA ^\i 

To avert an evil from. J'si\ ijs- — 
To dash (ton-ent). ^^Jlj ^'jT, 

To straggle together. To be /ji^: 


■i;ti V >'■» 


(horse). Snuffling 
To mix a. th. To upbraid a _,i^i -ft- 

a. 0. 
To bring (news) confusedly it /b — 

to a. 0. 
Malice, obstinacy. o_^i 

Confused (mind). ^jSij '^jS'i 

People of a low class ; scoun- J*lii 

To be dark, gloomy (day).Cii a ^i-'i ^ 
Darkness. Cloud. ili-'S 

Ill-nature. c.l>i r S^^ - >i -fi- 

To go on at '^^J '^'^ i '>-9'i -i^ 

leisure (camels). 
To hurry on. ^jijS 

To flutter, to hover "^il_,,u^;i i — 

To root out. to snatch a. th.* Csi i — 
To despatch a wounded j lilij ^i 

To come consecutively upon jlit ',Jii 

a. 0. (affairs). 
To press, to crowd together. 'oiZuj - 
To skim along the ground '^i-ci-l. 

(hawk). To be well arranged (af- 
To be possible! to be within J — 

the reach of. 
Side, flank. Bank of sand. ^_^i ^ 'Si 

Leaf of a door. 
Tambourine, wiy^sr <^-*J ~ 

A side. A leaf, a shutter. Boai'd. Tj'i 

plank, -if- Rudder. 
-■>■ Tiller of a ship. t^ljjl oj 

The two leaves of a door. cjCJjII 

The two skins of a drum. The t\vo 

faces of a book. 
Army advancing slowly. Mi- :Uli 

grating nomads. Emigrants. 
Pouncing in skimming the o^i 

ground (vulture). 
Drummer. Drum-maker. ^§i 

To flutter in skimming the ^jji -^ 

ground (bird). To hurry (man). 
To cA'ji fyij,|syij i« a *Ji -^ 

be warm. 
To warm, to keep warm, i Uilj \li 

(clothes, fire). 



Laurel-bay, oleandei*. Rhodo- Uij — 

To fiU up (a weU) 4» J%\j , Gi i J'^ ■«- 

with earth. To conceal (ne-ws). 
To bury (the dead ; a treasure). 3 — 
To be buried (dead ; o^^'b o^-*' 

treasure). To hasten (beast). To be 

filled up (well). 
To escape (slave). ^Sl 

Burial. Fameless (man). ^':> 

Latent disease breaking c^iij ^io ')S 

Inside o<"an affair. _^VI .Ujli 

Buried t^'easure. Modest ^ji'^ ^ Zl^'i 

Concealed. Buried, oliilj 'Uii ^ o^i 

Filled up (well). Breaking out (latent 

Pvuuniug at random (slave, camel ).oyi 
Burial-ground. ^1jl> ^ ^jj> -^j jijJ' 
Fool, insane. Sluggish [m.f.) ,j-iii ^ 

Fool. Avaricious. Lazy (shep- ^tji 

To despatch 5 ^'iij j'^'ij ,l^i o isS -Jl- 

(a wounded man). 
To be long-horned (buck). ^i] 

To waggle in walking (camel). 
To continue a. th. iminterruptedly.^lCj 
To attain a. th. fi> — 

Inclined, stooping. -l^ii ^ ji\ 

Long-necked she-camel. Great 'b« 

tree. Crook-beaked (eagle). 
To be abstruse (question).L5i i oi "^ 

To be small, paltry. To be fine, mi- 
nute, -tf- To strike (clock). 
To break, to bruise a. th. a Csi o o'i 

To knock at ( a door). To manifest 

a. th. -^ To tattoo (the face). To 

play on (an instrument). To coin 

(money). To send ( a telegram). 
To ring a bell. tr-SfJ' ~ 

To bruise a. th. fine. A 'Si\j j5i 

•^ To refine ( hem ). To examine 

minutely a. th. 
To be minute, pai'ticular in. J j5i 
He exacted from him ^jU-aJI j iJu 

the particulars of the account. 
To examine a. th. minutely, j _^l 'Jli 

( T ♦ T ) j;^ 

<-To pay a. th. to one another. A ^\j2 
To be repelled, di'iven back. To ^jjl, 

launch forth ( horse). To come all at 

once. To be dispelled (evil). 
To be profuse in speech. c-iJ^-JI J — 
He began to sing. Ji/ — 

To pray (God) to'avert fi, j fsJSJ-l 

(an evil). 
A push, -fy A time. A cJ'^i -^ **"*^ 

reaction. A payment. 
Shower. A rush, a pouring. ^Jj* ^ lii 
Secreting (milk) before bringing ^li 

forth (ewe). 
Propulsive force. 

Ravines of a valley. ^Ija 

lucking (camel). p,yi 

Impetus of a torrent. Rush of 5.ili 

Channel of a torrent. ^SjJ' -, 4-^ 

Means of defense. ^►Cannon.^lj;: t^'-^, 
■(f To load a cannon. ^JiJi 'iJi 

-<>• To fire a cannon. ^liiJI i/^i wj.^ 
Spanish crown u^ed in ^'j^ y a 

Egypt [about 4 sh.). 
Repulsed (poor man). f.llx/' 

To pour forth (water), uji o i jsi -S- 

<• To vomit. 
To cause a. 0. to die (God), i^/j ^\ — 
To be poured jSlc-llj CSyij liai o — 

(water); to be shed (tears). 
To have the teeth stan- Ciai a j|i 

ding out (camel). 
To bestow a. th. profusely. A jli 
To empty ( a vessel ) all at A J^ib ~ 

To be poured forth. To jSjJIj J^-^ 

go briskly (ass). 
A pouring, a rush. ;ii'i 

Filling a valley (stream). jii 

Swift. Hurrying. ^j>j ^i_, J_^i^ J\ii 
Rapid walk. Fleet and ^J^^j ^^ 

generous she-camel. 
He hastened in his walk. ^-Jl ^^ 
ObUque. Bent (old man). «uii ^ jsil 

Rapid walk. 
Rushing (water). Having the j|a> 

teeth standing out. Walking quickly 

Tar, liquid pitch. jsi * 

fji (T 

Slanderer, Calamity. Short drawers. 


Barren plain between two 'oj>i:> 

To penetrate j Cy'ij CJj> o ^S -fr 

into (a counti*y). To be far-oxtending 

in the earth (marsh). 
To fall upon the enemy. jluJI ^iii — 
To fill (a well). * - 

To content with a mean CJi a ^'i -ft- 

sustenance. To bear poverty impa- 
tiently. To cleave to the dust. To 

loathe milk (young camel). 
To reduce a. o. to misery. t6 ^>\ 

To revile a. o. with foul word3.J|_^ J — 
Dust. Stripped land. Bad Indian- '\A'i 

Seeking, content with p.v'ili.«j ^\'z) 

what is mean. 
Extreme destitution. Abasement.^;} ji 
Black (poverty). Flying away. ^'jj. 

Vehement (hunger). ^Jil p^^j <ryii'^ 
To withhold a. o. 5 >G'i o Jai -Vf 

To strike a. 0. on the nose. 
To abscond (man). y^j'i — 

To produce bad dates (palm-tree), jlil 

To be small (sheep). 
Dates of inferior quality. jSS 

Lateen-yard of a ship. jSjij — 

Small ewe. Jili ^ iL»Sj xisij Usi 
To break the teeth of.j CjS i o ^ii ^ 

To baat off. To strike a. 0. on the 

To lose the fi'ont-teeth. CJi a ^i 
To overtake a. 0. (wind). u ^oJI^ 

Embarrassment, perplexity. ^j 

Having the front-teeth j^^'^i jX^ 

Hammer. Nut-ci'acker. j..;.l5i^ j(»ii Te 
To strike a. 0. (on j CJi o»^ "^ 

the chin). 
Chin, beard. ^i -^ 

To open (a road). To A Vfe»i o 'Ji -S- 

destroy ( a wall). To fill up (a well). 

■^ To load (fire-arms). To pound, to 

crush a. th. To level a. th. To flat- 
ten (the earth). To cheat. To di'ink 

a great deal. 

r ) 


To give little. To give sheep to.5 *js1 
He has given me vl>l i^^ ^i\ C« 

neither little nor much. 
To be pounded fine. To be broken'jaj). 

(neck). •<>■ To be knocked (door). 
To act minutely together. jljj 

To become thin, fine. To o-^l 

become hollow (moon-crescent). 
Fine, minute. Consumption. ji 

Hectic fever. 'joJI X* 

A stroke. ^ Performance of music. iJi 
^ Step by step; gently. ilJ^j xh':> 

Minuteness. Smallness. Meanne.-s.i^i 

Fine dust swept by the jSS ^ :J'i 

wind. Pounded perfumes. Salt. Beau- 


Fine. Flour. Crumbs. •(> Powder. jGa 
Powder for the eyes. jyi 

Slender, thin. 'h>\i <3/\ -^ j-3i 

Abstruse (question). Man of little 

good. Flour, -if- The small (intestine). 
Grass-hopper. jjS ^ -^ 

Miuute, degree of a circle ; j; Gi ^ :^i 

minute of time. Ewe. 
Particular (man ) Fiour-mer- jJi 

chant. -^ Performer of music. 
Pestle for pounding i-ice. *jJs 

Wooden *j|j^ ^ ^J^j 'S^j 'J^ 

mallet. Pestle. Stone-hammer. 
^ Minced meat in balls. ;c53j.i 

Pounded. Consumptive. J^Ji* 

Fore-ai'm near the wrist. "Jldli 

To patter (horse). To cla- jjji ■»■ 

mour (man). <>■ To be exact, minute. 

To knock repeatedly. To mumble. 
Pattering of hoofs. Clamour. *Jjji 
To scrutinise a. th. fi, ^^jii <• 

To be surfeited. To {%':> a Ji'i -fr 

vomit. To be verdant (field, plants). 
•^ To wound the feelings i^S a jjS 

of. To tap, to touch a. o. 
■^ To bar (a door). To delay, A j!» 

to detain a. 0. 
Luxuriant, iS'^^j '-^'^J »'^^J J>'^ 

verdant garden. 
•^ \^'ooden bolt. Obstacle. ^3 

Lattice supporting a vine. ol^^i 

Slander. Opposition. Bad habit. Sjl^*? 

Barter, exchange. xIaT^J J-^^ "^ 
Weak-sighted. jii"i ^ 'liyi j. jS'i\ •> 
Disagreeable thing. J^'^ij J^'^ "4* 
Oven-poker. jJS'i -^ 

To have a cold on the ^^"i — ^iJa -ft- 

chest (horse). 
Cold on the chest of horses. pLT'i 

To pick up (mud). * >Uri i o Ji"i -^ 

To tranaple upon a. th. 
To let (a beast) wallow. 5 J^i 

To be affected, proud. jJlG 

To treat a. o. haughtily. Jc — 

Blackish mud. Rebellious ixS'i 

To di'iv^ a. 0. away 5 C^i o ^i -J^ 

by striking his breast. To beat a. th. 
To insert a. th. into. j A ^'i 

To butt a. 0. on the throat. *-» 2^ ~ 
To repulse one another. j^\'^ 

To heap up * o^ ij , Ci'i o o^'i * 

To be blackish. C3'i a jT^ 

Blackish colour. Sii'i 

Shop. cjT^^ 5- iJ'^'-* ^ 

Shop-keeper. ^V*^^ "^-^ 's^,^^ 

Blackish. c^^V •tii'i ^ ^/"^^ 

To Jl^j jc 5 2^ij j^li_, i'vi o C!i * 

direct a. o. To indicate a. th. to a. o. 
He showed him ji^U "^.^ Ji jWI *^^ i 

the way. 
To js. ^^jJj , >Ui a 'Jij ,VVSj VS i d^ 

behave boldly with a. o. To be lack- 

daisical, coquettish with. 
What has emboldened thee 'ic <iJjS li 

against me. 
To cocker a child. To blandish i jj'i 

a. o. 

To put up a. th. to auction. je — 

To pounce upon its prey (fal- jp J3»1 

con). To overpower a. o. 

To behave boldly, famili- _o^ J» "~ 

arly tov ards. 

To rely upon. o — 

To be dil-ected. To be poured ijlxji 

To ask indications about. it JjcJ,| 

To infer a. th. from.^ '-' J* ~ 

Boldness, coque- jSa7j Jvij :^l3j 'Si 
try, unrestraint. 

To weaken a. o (illness). To » — 

exhaust (a beast). 
To be ill. 'i)i 

To mix a. th. -^ To run a * wJ"i 

string into trousers. 
To press upon a. o. Ic *i)|j5 

To be beaten. To be compact -iJjJi. 

(sand). To be depressed (hump). -^ To 

be loaded (gun). 
Even (gi'ound). Plain. iJ^i -r *^^ 

Flattened hill, surface. 
Flattened sand-hill. Stone-i)Ui ^ xJ'S 
bench -^ Gun-charge. 
■^ Running sti"ing ( /or *&*; ) iJ'i 
for trousers. 
Bench, seat. Shop. CrjTLri ^^ o^^ 
Grinder ; pounder. Wily. iifei 

Complete day. ^i^sT'-^ ^-i^i 

Flat-backed i)^a>j ,'ili> ^ '^i ^ 'dil 

(horse). Humpless (camel). 
Strong, hard worker. *-^'J^ ^ 'iJj^ 
■fy Ramrod. Gunstick. Bodkin. *iJjL» 
Colocyuth mixed with dates. dl^^oi 
To fill up (a well). To- » j /fc iJaJ-5 -«- 
run a string into trousers. To stop a 
crack (in a wall), a To tickle a. 0. 
To become levelled (hill). iljij'1^ 

dtoLf ij iliiri ^ iJlC^Sj ilj^ij dJJ'i 
Sandy and even land. 
To spur (a horse). To push 5 ^3 -^ 

a. o. 
To heap up CiTS ^> -ft- 

To be heaped up. CJ'i a ^> 

To grow forth plants (soil). ^^fil 
To relapse ( for ^jjsci;\ ) ^^-Slo\ -^ 

(sick person). 
Crowd. •i~^^ 

Of bad omen. ^r^* 

Sleepiness. ^r^^^ 

Relapse (in a ^lTJIj XlJ'i ■♦• 

Numerous flock. '\-^-6%ji 

Very ^S^j ,j^~?J ^j^l'^i ^'/^ 
numerous. Hard, difficult. Unmana- 

To barter, to Jj A jS\i - 
1 exchange a. th. 

■Si <• 

Fat. «n)Jj5j tJ':* tt i'j'^i y^'> 

To conceal the defects ^':i — ^i -tt- 

of goods (seller). To lean on apocry- 
phal authority. 
To cheat. To wrong a. o. 5 ^^i 

To become green at the end of ^Vi 

summer (plant, land). 
To conceal o'self. To ^J^)j ,^^' 

To eat a. th. little by little. fi> - 

Deceit. ,_^i 

Darkness. ilj'ij ^i 

Land, plant becoming ^^vil ^ — 

green at the end of summer. 
Spain, Andalousia. ^iJVi i^ 

Spaniard. '^^J'ajI 

To throw a. th. fi> JJ'^ a 

To glisten. Ca-)i o^Ji -«- 

To be polished (armour), ta'ih a ^y:> 

To be worn out (incisor). 
To smooth a. th. To furbish /t ^S 

(an armour). To scatter (pebbles). 

To pluck (the hair of the forehead). 
To drop fi'OHi the hands, to a^'-i^i 

slip out. 
Even ground. ^Vi ^ l^l'^j ^':> 

Smooth, glossy. ^j^^ ^>j u^i^ 
Smooth. Shiny (star). Polished ^Vi 

Even (ground). Shiny (stone). ^^'^ 
Wabbling. ^'^:, 

Hairless. Worn out 'l.i3ij> ^ ^J'il 

Shining. u^luij ^>S 

To push 2< GiVi .feJlij ,Ck]i i Jib -«- 

a. 0. on the breast. 
To dash (waves). Jaljij\ 

To hurry forward. To become iaiJil, 

fat, thick. 
Hardy wrestler. JiJi 

To loll out (wolf). A ^)% , Cii a ;Ji -«■ 
To loll ,!Slj ^' jJlj , Cj_^ij CJi a ^i'i 

•^ To cockei:, to pet (a child). 2 ^i 
To be drawn (sword). To be big ^jj\ 

and flabby (belly). -^ To be cockered 

Idiotic fellow. ^)|S ji>1 

Broad, even road. 




Good manners. Mind, heart. 'Si 

Salary and craft of a Hs'ij iiVi 

broker. Bidding by auction. 
Broker. Auctioneer. JVi 

Indication, a'ilj jJVi ^ <M?-> *'X'* 

sign. Proof. Prognostic, symptom of 

a disease; inference. 
Guide, direction. Pilot. 'Vil ^ JJ 3 
Self-confident. l}jJ^ 

To swing the arms fi> Joji •♦•j Jaii -ft- 

in walking. To dangle a. th. 
To dangle, to swing. JaJju -(f-j JjJJj 
Hedgehog. Jjji 

Wavering. Motion, bustle. Jljji 

Plane-tree. Race of negroes. ^ S -fr 
Unextinguished coal. »^! li 

Water-wheel. ^Jlji ^ v'^jij v'^ji P 

.^ Cup-board.Trick, craft. Workshop. 

.\ny rotary machine. 
Grove of plane-trees. '0'Sj> 

Gladiolus, corn-flag o,iJi — dJi -fr 

( plant). 
To walk with short v'i..Ji i c..Ji "^ 

To rush towards. J,\ cS'-^ 

To cover ; to wrap a. th. in. fit cJSl. 
To burst into high words jt cX^'\ 

Swift-walking. ^ij ^i ^ oVi 

Battle-fields. ci'^' 

To carry water to a vVj.] 5 i ^pJi -^ 

tank. To carry milk. 
To set forward at night-fall. ^Si\ 
To begin a journey before day- ^St. 

Journey undertaken at day-ioj'ij SajS 

break. Portion of the night. 
Swarm of locusts. oWi 

Underground. Lair of xiSj^z-j ^^Jji 

Intrigue, plotting. 


To walk sluggishly 

under a bui'den. 
To carry together (a burden) * ^JlJ7 

on a stick. 

Giving much rain (cloud). 

To be fat. &Ji a ?^i -^ 

( T'-X ) 


Experienced. »iOi ^ — 

Momentous affair. <iu5^ f ^^V^ 

Foot-rasp. Rubbing- *&*JJi^j di)a> 

"Worn out. Intruded upon. Weakii^'jj 

in the knees (camel). <>• Glossy. 
To be intensely .'^viij , (ji a ^,i -S- 

black. To hang (lip). 
Wood pigeons. ( un. X^'^ ) ^S •♦• 

To be black-coloured. To be ^vil. 

obscui'e ( night). 
Elephant. ^Ji 

Black. RIack colour. ^V3 

Very black. Black j'i ^ 'Q>i j, Jil 

dye. iiang-lipped. Lion. Heath-cock. 

Male sand-grouse. 
The last night of a lunar month. -ija)! 
Tribe of Kurdes, of Turks. Mis- ^Vi 

fortune. Foes. Cluster of ants. 
To take a large mouthful. ^':> ^ 
To agree upon, to decide u jiJaj 

a. th. 
The devil. Glistening j^Vi ^ ^Vi 

(man). Clever (guide). 
To be intensely dark (night). ,_^il. ^ 
Intense darkness. ij~'^'^i ^-♦''■* 

Misfortune. ^j^> 

Shining (gold) ; glistening. ^>V'i ■«■ 
To be jG7j (a^Sj i^'ii (^i a '*3^i 

absent-minded by love. To be be- 
To be diverted fi'om. jt Ji 

To bewilder a. o. (love). a Ji 

Weak-minded. X^ lij j la 

Uselessly, to no avail. QJS 

Speechless, confounded. Absent- JjjJ 

minded (lover). 
To be intensely dark J^'i\— ^i -^ 

(night).To become old (man). 
Dark. Absent-minded. Wolf. ^i 

Male sand-grouse. 
Intensely dark. '^-^^ 

To let down ; to A jjij , i^i o Vi -ft- 

di'aw up (a bucket). 
To treat a. o kindly. To urge •& vi 

(a camel) gently. 
To ask the intercession Jl. o>^ij — 

of a. o. to. 

Outstripping camels (she-camel), ^.^i 
Lark (bird). pjJla-^ 

Sea-shell. Water-melon. ^vi 

Clay, potter's earth. iJuJi -^ 

CCJi>j C»J>j GjJ'ij CiJij liJi i ^i -fr 
To walk heavily. To move on slowly 

•t)- To ooze through (water), ^ilj — 
He spoke to him harshly. J^ I iJ ^!i1 
To advance towards. Ji^ ^'Ji 

To be poured upon. u _ijjj|. 

Courageous. -^ Oozing, chink. ^^ 
Walking heavily. wiij w^i ^ ^,6 

Broken by age. Arrow glancing off 

short of the mark. 
Swift eagle. Fat camel. Ji':, ^ j_^i 

Fruitful palm-tree. 
Dolphin-fish. oj^Vi ^ crtiii" -G 

To unsheathe (a ^ jJilj ,v'5)j> o Jii * 

sword). To open (a door) abruptly. 

■(f- To pour (a liquid). 
To make a raid upon. \s. s Csji'i o jJi 
To slip forth jJIajIj ,CiJ':> o jJi 

(sword). To rush successively. 
To pour forth (torrent). jiajlj ^^jJ 
To slip out (sword). To fall back ^j.\ 

(door). To be launched (horseman). 
To draw (the sword). it j1liL:i. 

Weasel, ichneumon. jJ3 P 

Ash-tree. jVi y -^ 

Slipping forth jli ^ jji'^j ^Sj j)ji 

(sword). Rushing ( horsemen, tor- 
Now, pi-esent-( for c^'ji\ li*' ) cJ'Ji o 

To rub a. th. with ^ A (UJi o iUi -J^ 

the hand. -^ To polish a. th. 
To break, to train a. o. (time, s — 

trial). To anoint o.'s self with. 
To wrong a. o. (of his due). S — 

To decline ; to set (sun). Ci=jJi — 

To put off (a creditor). s dJii 

To rub o.'s self in a bath, d^jj 

To perfume o.'s self with, jj— 

Weakening of the knees. ,iJS 

Depilatory paste ; ointment. iJ^i 

Dust swept off, Food of fresh .iUi 
and sour milk. Fruit of the sweet- 

cr*^ C T 

To be mild (temper). iJOii o cJ^i -«■ 
To be even and soft \xl>'i a c.»i 

■if- To soften the manners. j>U.Vl c^i 
To soften and smooth (a bed), a c^i 
To mention (a tradition) to. J * — 
Meekness. xJui 

Soft and sandy land. Meek (man). 
To be ^ Sb r-'^'b , '^^i "J 71^ 3 -^ 

inserted fast. 
To b8 in good state (affair). To ^j.^ 

hurry to its hole (rat). 
■^ To set a. th. aright. fn ^.i3 

To insert a. th. * r-*^ 

To agree with a. 0. upon. u. 5 r-»li 
To wrap a. th. in (o.'s clothes), j fit ^Jiil 
To correct (speech). To render fit — 

(a horse) slender. To plait (the 

locks). To twist (a rope). 
To wrap o.'s self in clothes. ,rj>'^ 

To league together against, ic- r-»ljj 
Plait of hair. ^ii 

Dark (night). ^.^13 

Clandestine ; fiiMi (peace). ^uSj ^lii 
Rounded (spear-head). Arrow -^sjsjo! 

of a game. 
•<>• Demi-john. oCUt^li ^ <-V-;li ^s 
To stoop the head. A ^Ji — -8- 
To be high. (i,o a :i-.^3 -S- 

To break (the head). fii — 

To pe- 'ij\A'ij ijV*3>j 'j>*'i ^S -)^ I 

rish. To be ruined. 
-To intrude, to break upon, u b>»i — 
To destroy (people). itj 5 _^a 

To burn hair in his hut (hunter). J^ i 
To spend (the night) awake. * ji>\'i 
To grumble js. ( /or j% j5 )_,la7 ■<► 

Flood-season of the Nile. ejjti ° 

Palmyre, town of Syria. y,^Ji 

Some one. 'Sj'i^ "> '^y^ 

A small ear. ' ZjyJafo'i'i 

To be intense. To i^yi i o ^^i -ft- 

be obscure (night), 
To defile o.'s self. 



To cover, to 

conceal a. th 
To conceal (a secret) fi-om 

i a ,j-f^> 

fi> J & ^ ij , U-*i — 

! To let down a. th. with. 
I To delude a. 0. 
I To blandish a. 0. 
, To let down (a bucket). 
I To backbite a. 0. 

i To offer a bribe to (a judge).' j|_ ^ — 
To afford an ai'gument. t^^^. ~ 

To ally by marriage with. *♦*!? — 
To hang (fruit, bucket). jj; 

To come down to a. o. from. 5 Jp — 
To get down from a horse. j^\ ^ — 
He gave himself up to evil. ^)1 it Jjc 
To hurry on. Jp^' 

Bucket. Aquarius dij 'Vij Jil yr )>'> 
{Zodiacal sign). Misfortune. Bi'and 
of camels. 
Small bucket. J'ij Cj\^i ^ SV3 

Watch-chain, trinket. tyi}, a 

Black grapes. Jii 

Water-wheel. Field wa- Jlji ^ :a 6 
tered by a water-wheel -^ Grape-vine. 
•^ Clematis, virgin's 'li^J, *3 |i 

To be perplexed. j'i a J.i -fi- 

To be near to. ^ Jx 

To submit to. J — 

To smear a. th with. l_i fi> C»i ''^a -S- 
To whitewash (a house). To tar ^ — 
(a ship). To level (the ground). To 
stop up (a hole). 
To torment a. o. To break (the » — 

head). To exterminate ( a tribe). 
To be foul, vile. 'sM'i o i >a 

To anoint (the eyes) with a ^'^j 

To behave badly. To have a -y^] 

foul son. To be ugly. 
Liniment, coUyrium. j>(»:>j v9j '>*^ 

Hole of a jerboa. 

Dung. Louse. Cat. Ant. . iSi 

Ugly and short. ^C>i ^ ^^i 

Broad desert. ,^bi ^ *>*>i-iij ^>ii^ 
Hoe-rake. Xam 

Red. Loaded with fat. ^>'J^ 

To mumble. To snarl (beast). ^j^i 

To rumble (thunder). To hum. 
To speak in anger to a. o. je ^aii -S- 

To crush, to detroy a. o. 

Full to overflowing. c-U^i 

Lachrymal glands. Tears.^^^iji ^ /JJii 
To damage the s Ci»S a o v^ "^ 

braJQ (blow, sun). 

To overcome a. o. To prevail A — 
upon (error : truth). 
•^ To brand (a beast). To fi>j s — 

stamp a. th. To disgrace a. o. 
To put grease (in food). fit f3'i 

To constrain a. o. to. Jl. 5 ^jil 

To enter (a place). To swallow fi> — 

^ Brand. Stamp, seal. :Uo Ts 

•^ Stamped paper. li^S Jjj 

Wound reaching the brain. *i»6 

Spadix of a palm-tree coming forth. 
•^ Irrefutable argument. tiAi *k>- 
Brain, skuU. a/s,] ^ ^.u^ 

Meninges, pia mater, ^Cio)! 'j>\ 

To intrude jc. j^aJb , Csy^i o jo -f5- 

upon a. 0. 
To break the teeth. To steal a. th.4> — 
To insert j A jf':^j j^ij , (i/'i o i — 

a. th. into. 
To sprinkle (dough) with fiour. A ji':, 
■^ It drizzles. J^k 'U-.^' ciii 

Snow-storm. jJi P 

Hateful. J^^j J^l^ 

Entrance, way in. J>^ 

Raw silk. White ^rl^^^J a^,^ * 

To run quickly CJ>ii o tilli -^ 

(hare). To h?, even, smooth. 
To grind, (wheat). To twisty \ig^i — 

(a rope ).-<>■ To compact a. th. 
To rise in the .sky (sun). '^\ j — 
Misfortune. dl»lj^ t Xfc^li 

Quick. Great. ^J>i ^ 6yi 

Rolling-pin. dt^ln^ 

Mason's level. Row dl^^ljui ^ i)lilL» 

of stones. 
To manure A 0!>Uij !Ao o J>^i -S- 

(a land). 
To improve a. th. To heal A ^A^-S — 

(a tumour). 
To make peace between, oy S'f^i ~ 
To be healed J/jJIj , "^'^ a y)> 

To act gently with. 5 j;:b 

(T-A ) 


To bury a. o. alive or dead.^^jVl Ji' — 
<>■ To kill a. o. secretly ^ j_^i 

To hide a. th. A^^'i 

To anoint o.'s self. ^jj 

To enter a cavern. ^^{ 

Object, person seen from afar. ^ i 
Important business. ^i 

Covered, concealed. cr-i*^J a^^ 

Obscure, dark (night), ^j-yi^j ^^li 
Hunter's hut. o-i''^^ t u-y^'^ 

Secret^liJij ,_,^C»ij ^i^^Qi ?r crCd'i 

place > Underground, catacombs. 

Ainbrosia. hog-weed. <1jl_o 

General of army j^C>i ^ jil-'i L 

2/1 Ihe Greek Empire. 
To fret fi'om excessive Q.^ i a ^d^i -^ 

To despatch a. th. quickly, a j1-»3> -ff 

•4>- To train, to break a. o. s — 

Speedy, light-handed. oi^l J^'^'^ 
Damascus. 3^'^^J J^r' 

Damasonium. bastard hel- "ClL^i ^ 

To hasten in a. th. J Ca^i Oj_.«^i -^ 

To bi-ing forth before tei'm. 
To hatch (her eggs : hen). ^ j fi> — 
To have the hair shaven Cj^i a ^j^t'^ 

off. To have eyebrows thin at the 

end and thick in the middle. 
Range of stones in a wall. ^/>i 

Scanty-haired. cr^'"^^ 

To shed Ci» i a ^^ 3j Cu>i a v^ -fr 

tears (eyes). To issue blood (wound). 

To shed a fine rain (cloud). 
To fill up a. th. to overflowing, fi ^il 
Tears. ;^i1j ^.yi ^ ;Ji 

A tear, -if- A drop. x'Si 

Wine. ^S^^il zi«i 

Hard, shining seeds of a ^jii ^i 

medicinal plant. 
Coix-lachryma. Job's tears. 4_,j;1 ;i;5 
Ready to shed ^;,C»ij JLii ^ ;^^.> *«*^ 

tears (woman). 
Issuing blood (wound). llAi 

Liquor oozing from the vine. ^Ui 

Tears of old age or disease. 
Tearful (eye. man). ^y'^j f-^''^ 

Rainy. Dewy. ^Cti 

To shed the blood of. 
Treat ilJ ^S U ■iX^_J. ^ ,^J^l 

thy debtor kindly. 

Blood. V.^J ■'^^ 'r oCyiij 

Andemonx di-agon's blood; red juice 

of several trees. 
^ Red cotton-cloth. 
Bloodstone, hematite 
He is the slayer of 

such a person. 
Poor. Cupid. 
Bloody. Sanguineous. 
Statue of red marble ov 

ivoi-y ; figure. Idol. 
Happiness, blessing. 
Hectic fever. 

"• *'.. >. 

Bloody arrow. Gilded bay(horse). J'jJ- 
Stooping when bleeding from y. i^',» 

the Kind to a debtor. 
To buzz (insect). Jh .^"^ o 'oi ^ 

To mutter, to mumble. Cjui oi 

To be cx'ook-backed (man). CJi a oi 

To be short in the forelegs (horse). 
To stay in (a place). o oil 

Buzzing. Mutter. ^;i 

Earthen jar with a tape- oCi ^ oi 

ring bottom. 
Depression of the back, neck. jTi 
Tapering cap of judges. :cj':> 

Crook-backed (man), 'o'i ^ "Ci ^ oil 

Short-legged (horse). Low-roofed. 
To dangle, to hang doNvn. J^'jj'i <■ 
?^ecklace ; frog, tassel. jioJi ■<>■ 

To buzz (wasp). To mutter, o^'i -^ 
•<► To hum (man). 

Mutter. Black and rotten plant, o^ii 
To be mean.'sjViSj 's»^S o 'Jh atSa -»■ 
To be crook-backed. \}i a 'iii 

To ride a jade. uil 

To render a. o. vile. A Ui 

To incite a. o. to foul deeds. s \|j; 

Baseness. "Weakness. S^jSj ;sOS 

Ignoble. Cowardly. -Oilj MUi ;^ 'j> 
"Vice, defect. ;li;S 

Hump-backed. Vile. lii'i^ 'uil 

Dwarf, short. xj^^j xSij >J^ -«- 

j To be manured (land). j^j; 

To reconcile together. Ji\'JJ 

Gentleness. j^^ 

Boil, imposthume. 

Manure, dung. Rotten and black JC»i 

dates. Scum of the .sea. 
To work ^ f>>toj ^Jo 5rtU"i -tt- 

a. th well. To round a. th. 

Armlet, bracelet. Smooth stone. 
Smooth (hoof, jL^j/Jj jJ>'ij J^'i> * 

Sort of truffle. J>U*'i 

To round, to smooth a. th. ^ titL«"i ■{{- 
RouFided black stone. dii/^lxij iij]^':» 
To manure (a field). ^ il^i o ^i -ff 
To brood hatred against, it il^i a j/i 
To become rotten and black ^li 

To stale in (a place : cattle). Sjfi> — 

To grant a. th. to a. 0. 
To cleave to the door of. a ^j^^'^j — 
To be addicted, accusto- \s.j A j>'il 

med to. 
To be defiled with dung (place, ^am 

water). <>- To become oa'lous. 
Verdure gro- j^jil zyai-'j ^^Ji\ 'l^iil 

wing in manure ; said of a beautiful 

woman of bad origin. 
Rottenness of a palm-tree. ol>i1j ^'i 
Dung. Manure. oC«ij ^i 

Manager of property. JC. *:i^j>j ^i 
Heap of manure. ^ij ^i ^ ZL^i 

Traces of encampment. Duug-heap. 

Deei>rooted hatred. 
Rudder, tiller. oC-i Te 

Blister, callosity, corn. oV»i 

Plants becoming green after oC»i1 

summer. Canker of palm-ti'ees. 
To be burning hot (sand).QjS a *o -J^ 
To become boiling hot. To <»^'il 

fall in a swoon. 
To bleed. To be L/:>j C^i a ^/'i -S- 

stained with blood. 
To make (a wound) to bleed. fi>Si 

To near a. th. to. 
To open the way to. J — 

To make a. o. to bleed. s Ji\ 


( TN» ) 

To wane from grief or illness. To j'i 

sink (eye). To near its setting (sun). 
To examine a. th. minutely. * — 

To gaze at. Jl~ 

Darnel-grass. **i 

Foolish. Thief. Lean. jjiS 

Weight JsiliSj JiljS r; J^'i^J Ji>'i P. 

of two carob-gi'ains. Sixth part of 

a dirhem; small silver coin. 
Iguoble, unhospitable. jjj ^ j^;i 

^ Bitter cold. 
To look askew. cr^^ "^ 

To sow discord between. ov — 

To keep at home mindless ^_^feji -Vc 

of o.'si family. > To raise the head 

Axle-tree of a wheel, jfui ^ J?^j^ ° 
Heron (bird). ilfeJi -♦■ 

Turkish acre of one hundred ^jS Ts 

feet square. 
Squadron, fleet. iw'Uj^ "^^ 

To Jj ^j Jl^ jSlj oCij )^i o Ui ■»• 

be, to draw near. To be akin to. 
To be vile. ;;_Oij Ci a 'j i 

To bring a. th. near. 4> jilj ji 

To mind trifles. j^V* J ^ji 

To tighten (shackles). ju2)l ^6 

To be intermediate between. cijJ — 
To live straitly. Jil 

To advance gradually. J'J; 

To draw near to one another. J\'s, 
To ask a. o. to come nearer. s JJc-ll. 
Proximity. Kindred. SjCa 

Baseness. Cowardice. tCi 

Near, akin. Weak. Low. 'Oil ^ *j S 
rsearer. Ji ^^ u;^ ^ oy^'j u'il ,. Jil 

Baser. Worse. More. Less. 
I met him first of all. CS j'i\j ji J'i\ iiliJ 
He is u 'ij CJij CJij , (ji j^it cr' ^ 

ray cousin closely related." 
World, -if- Weather. Much. 'jS ^ CJS 
The Ne-v World. .\me- CJi <: Te 

rica. •<>■ Medlar. 
Hop (plant). UJiJI tI^j^ <>• 

He bought this world %'j^\i Ciill ^.l; 

in exchange of the other. 
Worldly. '^'ij 's?j.ty'-9j '^^'^ 

Near. Worthless man. About llii 

to bring forth. 

To strengthen a. th. fi> &.Ci o ?Ji -{^ 
Intelligent men, [pi.) ^'S 

To stoop the ^Jij , G>.^i inJi -ft- 

head ; to humble o.'s self. 
Feast of the Epiphany. ^i S 

To walk heavily. v'JU-Ji arJi -S- 

To humble o'self ; to stoop the ^'^ 

head. To remain at home. 
Ice-cream. X^jUS Ts 

To hang down, to dangle. JjJi -fy- 
Croton variegatum (tree). JjJS 

To glisten (face). j*j —ji-^ 

To strike (money). fi>J» 

To be rich. y'i 

Old gold coin. j^'^ j -yS''^ tt J"^^^ 
Gold-finch (bird). Sjy^ •♦■ 

Diamond (at cards). '^jS^^ "^ 

Figured, brocaded (cloth). Dap- Jjj> 

pie (horse). 
To be stained iXuSj CJii a ^i -tt- 

(clothes, honour). 
To defile (clothes). To sully ifc ^h 

(the character) -^ To profane a. th. 
To be defiled (clothes, honour) -^'^ 

■^ To be profaned. 
Impurity, stain. ^Ci'l ^ _^a 

Defiled. -^ Rascal. ^j^\j,'/>j ^^Ci) ■ro-i^ 
Disgracing himself. vVrl' ~ 

Foul deeds, places. u-i''-*^ 

To be ignoble. Ts-^ij (^y's a. foi-^ 

To be hungry. To submit. CiJi a ri'i 

To be vile, base. To be cupid. 
To follow a righteous course. ^il 

To follow an ignoble course. 
Refuse of a butcher's shop. //^ 

Heartless, mindless man,*ij>_} ^ij ^i 

To be at the point ^ilj , CsJi a wiji -H- 

of death. To be about to set (sun). 

To be at hand (affair). 
To crush a. o. (illness). ^ji wijil 

To be near to a. th. 
Heavy and protracted illness. ^JiJi 

Setting of the sun. 
Seri- oJil ^ wiJij , {>n. f. s. pi.) jJi 

ously ill. 
To look askance, to ogle. Jj6i ^ 
To be minute, exact. Gya o i JJ'S * 
■^ To die of cold. %j}>j ^'^ a ^> 


To astound a. o, 5 J-»^h J-^'^ 

Bewilderment, astonishment. xlS'i 
To botch (a work). A_^'i -fr 

To fill up (a 4> jAilj U*;. a ji i -H- 

cup). To pour forth (a cup). 
To strike a. o. To cut up a. th.A jpiS 
To hurry a. o. j J*i1 

To cohere (stones). jaSI 

Stocks for the feet of criminals, j^^ 
Plentiful (water). Overfilled (cup.)jUi 
To establish a. 0. as mayor.5 ^iii -^ 

■<f- To delay, to hindei- a. 0. 
To be appointed mayor <• To ^^jj 

be delayed. 
Mayorship -^ Delay. ilSAi 

Mayor, chief cciUij t:5>i ^ ouii P 

of a district. Sharp and energetic 

man. Merchant. 
To grind a. th. To A (fejii a dl*;. -»■ 

smash a. th. To tramp over (the 

ground) i>-To consume a. 0. (illness). 

To waste (wealth). 
Hour. Small quantity. jii -^ 

Hall. Passage.-^ Ant e-jkjui ^JiUiP 

chamber. Catacombs. 
Foundlings. J5)>!0I -ul 

To crush a. 0. 5 CUi a j^)>j a >ii -H- 

( event). 
To blacken (a pot : fli'e) ^ jj-^ 

To grieve a. o. ^ ^Sl 

To be roan, dark bay (horse). %Ail. 
To be black. OiOtil. 

Roan (horse). .r4»i1 V»i1 

Dark bay. ^il _^i 

Sorrel (horse). ^il jii\ 

Large number. >>Ai ir j,^i ' 

The last three nights of a lunar ^S 

month. Creation. 
Black colour. *;jii 

Black or ^i ^ .C^ii ^ ^i1 

dark green. Fresh or effaced foot- 

prints. Black horse. 1 

Fetter, chain. Vt^^ ttjA'^^ 

Blackened-pot. Crowd. Last' ^C^i ' 

night of a month. Traces of en- ' 

campment. Herb for tanning. Brown 

(ewe). Gait of a man. Dark green 

Misfortune. ^l^ioi Ji\j 'U^'^^ ^i 

C T > ^ ) j^^ 

To roll A tloAij ila*S (^a>Sj , ojuJi 

down (a stone/. 
To break (dawn). To ^^aAl^-J ooajj 

roll (stone). 
Troop of one uC»alft'ij oU1*jj *Aa>i 
; hnndred camels and mure. 
j I do not ^ •\jJ>ji\j tloAoll y ^^j(.i1 U 
know what sort of man he is. 
Routed army. ^»i -j}- 

To take large mouthfuls. jl*i -^ 

False, lie ; liar. C(.j'->^'^j j^i * 

To bob up fJlCuiij Lsoii JJjii -tt- 

(boiled meat). 
To smash a. th. To cut up (meat).* — 
Bubbling up of water. Jloiij <Jja"3 
To overthrow (a building), a yjJ>i -S- 
To crumble away (building). yjJ^'Ji 
To befall a. 0. tjj ? lyii a _;Ai -ft- 


Time, long or jjAij ^i\ ^ jki 

short ; beginning of time ; year. Care. 

Custom. Event. Intention. 

Lifetime of a man. oC-jVI _^S 

Sect of materialists. -<► Lasting' c<r^i 

very long (garment). 
Very old. ^>^* 

Long space of time. jUi 

Endless time. jj^'i ^Aij^lS _^ 

Severe epoch. 
I will never go tohim.j:£_^ijjl_yi3i j-iTv 
By-gone times. ' -s j *j*i 

Various or long times. -j j iJ»i 

To hurl a. th. into an 4> j^ i -ft- 

abyss. To pull do%vn (a wall). To 
gulp (mouthfuls). 
To be over (night ).To be hurled jyijj 

down. To crumble away (wall). 
Misfortune.^; J USj ^t-j^Va^ w u-S*^ "^ 
To be even (ground). C_* ^ a ^:> * 
<■ To trample, to crush. ( for ^'^ ) — 
To walk upon a soft groimd. ,_^il 
To be redcUsh (ground, plant). l^\»'i\ 
Reddish plant. Even ^^uil ^ ,_^Ai 

Reddish colour. sUii 

Reddish. ,j-^'^ -r 'LI* 3 ^^-^i^ 

Meek. ^r^i 

To be yi-ftoJl •♦■J ,ji-»ij , Cijbi a ,_Aj*i "^ 
bewildered. To be astonished. 

5J^ C T \ 

To render a. o sick. s Ijlsl 

To suspect a. o. » f\»]j — 

Illness, disease. •Ijil ^ "li 

Falling-sickness. ^JVI -li 

Fox-eYil. wlJll 'lij s!i-JI 'li 

Hunger. ^;i)l m^ 

Fever. jl::V| Mi 

Elephantiasis. j^l Mi 

Canine madness, hydro- ^-SCJI Mi 

He is in splendid health. J^ iii ^ 
Gout. "i^l - 

Diseased. 'J^j '4S^i *li 

Almost, scarcely. t-iji •♦• j 

Book-keeping by double entry.UJji •<>• I 
To serve as a footman. G-ji o ?rli "^ •; 
Followers of an army. i^li \ 

To be big (belly). To be G^ji o ^-li ■«■ 

lofty (tree). I 

To squander o.'s wealth. a ^ji j 

To be distsnted (belly). ^loJlj ^jjj i 
To be expanded, ^laJi 

Great ^Jlji ^ oJbj,^ji ;- <»ji ' 

and lofty tree. i 

Showy toy. Hair-bracelet. ^i'^ 

Embroidered cloth. Perfume. 
This world is a gewgaw. t^V^ CJfOl 
To be abashed, -if- To (iji o ^\'^:> ^ 

feel giddy, sea-sick. 
To subdue (a countiy). 4> ^ji^ — 

To humble a. o. To ex- 5 ^li'j ^ji 

plore (a country). To weaken a. o. 

To stun. <► To bother a. 0. iLLlj — 
<■ Vertigo, giddiness. liji 

Obscure (night) -^ Giddy. ^Jii 

To be mag- i\% ij^^ , iS^S a ili -«■ 

goted (food). 
Worm oloji ^ (?<n. si/i) i/i 

-> Fancy, prank. si^i 

Silk- worms. ^ai'ijS 

Ascar'des, thread- i^ ^jSj ^,^1 ijS 

Tansy {plant). ij5jl xlxi.* 

Hardstongue {plant). sJijioi <li4^ 
Sea-saw, swing. sr^ji 

Grub, worm. jo'jS 

Vermin. Sprightly man. ^\j'i 

Intense red. j^/^ J>>h t.jijS •♦■ 

T) Iji 

To totter (old man). ^liii -iJ 

Two humped (camel). Totte- ?^.u' 

ring. Huge. 
To break, to cut a. th. a j^jii -{}■ 

To make (food) soft, delicate. 
To anoint (the head), a uii o ^^i -ft- 

To strike a. 0. with a stick. To 

moisten the (ground: rain). -^ To 

blandish a. 0. 
To dissemble with. 5 ^»:>'ij ^ lij — 

To coax, to circumvent a. 0. 

*JUij CUi o ^'ii a ^ij o j^.Ai 
To yield little milk (she-camel). 
To anoint a. 0. ■<>• To var- Aj s ^aS 

nish a. th. 
To be anointed. 
Grease. •<>■ Balm, resin. 
•^ Butterwort, self-heal. 
■i)- Tincture of opium. 
Desert. Red plant. 
Poisonous tree. ^^ 

Oil-merchant. -<>■ House-painter, oi^i 
Red leather. Slippery place, oi*i 

Ointment. Paint, varnish. Dregs of 

Anointed (head). Gis-ing oi^i 

little miik (she-camel). 
Flask, brush for poma- ^aIjlS ^ ^.* Iv* 

de. Pool, marsh. 
Hypocrisy. Treason. •<>■ Flattery.:cL£i jjl 
Malachite. .Jasper. r-^i P 

■i)- Emery. 
To overtake » ^^ij Cii a ^^i * 

a. o. (calamity), a To astound a. 0. 
To charge a. o, with deceit. ^ — 

To be sht-ewd, {Ui_j 'sfUSj Cii a^^-fti 

To be crafty. To be clever. ^'Si 

Sagacity. Shrewdness. Good 'lii 

Misfortune. Momentous olj'i 9^ *;*''* 

Great calamity. 'Cii *I_Ali 

Cunning, shrewd man. *?*'•> 

Lion. 3ui ^ «li 

Skilful. Wily. o>*i w,"'* 

Wise, prudent. m;^aSj t^il ^ 'j{i 
<lil.j Jljii Ijilj , Isjij «li a Mi" -»- 
To be ill, diseased. «jlib 

Tarn, move- {un. Sjj'i) j\j'i\ -r jji j 

luont. Change of fortuue. Fit of fever. | 

■^ Stanza of a song, a Floor, stoj'y. 
By turns. jjJik i 

Revolution of a star. Circulation oljji 

of blood. Procession. I 

Vertigo, giddiness. jb^j jU^ i 

Going about. Anklet. ■<► Pedlar, jiji , 

vagrant, a Round village 
Sun-rtower, turnsol. 
<■ Whirlpool. '{'J\ j\ji 

Sea-compass. Sjbi 

F. Circle. Ring, curl of J iji ^ slJji 

hair. Shaft of a pulley. Change of 

fortune. -^ Public administration. 

Retenue. Surroundings. 
■<► Municipal council. :SS\'j »'J\i> 

•^ The priviledged :diDl o'}__\ji\ 

Egyptian debt. 
•^ Cyclopedia. jjliiJI — 

Convent, «;^ ilj «3ji^ "^J jQ.^' ?r -s"^ 

Round about. Ji ja jf^y^ -^ 

Inhabitant of a convent. "jlV^j jCi 
Board of administration. SjliVI ^>tJ» 
Axis, pivot. Point at issue. j\j,i 

■^ Tropic. 
Round water-skin. oljl^'J t o'Jj^ 

Embroidei-ed veil. 
Governor. Manager. ^ ji 

•<)■ Treasurer of a district. Jl^JI jja^ 
<• Government of a district. *i .^-^ 
Round, circular. ^ailJj jjIa^ 

To s J fit iZ,'Cij CGsj Cji o ^\i -ft- 

tread on (the ground). To lower a. o. 
To polish (a blade). «>• To trespass 

To turn. To elap- Cljjij OJ^ o j''^ * 

se (time). To revolve (wheel). 
To turn round a. th. Uj «_;j J>> — 
■^ He went over the town. tljXJ\ jd 
•^ Pay attention. »lOG ^i 

To go about with a. o. To ^ Ji 

cause changes in (time). 
To feel vertiginous. <i j(^i\j j; i 

To whirl a. th. To ta- fi>j s j»v_» jji 

ke a. o. about. To work (a machine). 
■^ To search for a. th. jc j}i ■♦■ 

■^ To addle the brain of. !jL'\j j\i1j — 
■<>- To wind up (a watch). ZtLL — 

To round a. th. fi> — 

To ramble about a Qj^j ^jj'jJ' jjVi 

with a. o. To circumvent a. o. 
To perform a. th. To control ifj fi> — 

(an affair). 
To look stealthily at. s — 

To revolve (a wheel) ; to o j * jlVl 

work (a machine). To hand round 

(a cup). To manage, to govern a. th. 

<^ i fit jlazJ.1, 


:\>i - 


Lji -<>• 

To tread (corn- 
To be trampled upon. To be 

foot-trodden (crops). 
Ceremony of trampling upon 

Colt's foot [plant). jli^i!! wji -♦■ 

Thick forest. <j^?i u4-^ t ^? 

Troop of men, <^i'^i '<^\ji 

Furbieher. ^jS ^ ^iS 

"Walking in a file (hor- ^\}>j Z^\i 

To induce a. o. to. 

To avert a. o. from. 

To be round-shaped. 

To take an abode in. 

To turn around a. th. 

jij^b sjOij jjilj jj^h j\>i ji^ !sr jl^ 

Mansion, seat. House, oljbij oOj^j 

Court. Tribe. Year. Province. 
Christian countries {for v-j^J' j'^ 

Moslems), lit : seat of war 
The perishable and ■\m2\ Jdj ''Ji3l j'i 

the lasting abode. 
Islamitic countries. Surname ^>LL!I jii 

of Bagdad. 


Bastard cinnamon. 


Aspalatlms. Bistort-root. 
I Dolphin, sea-hog. 

Capital town of a country. tuV^ljli -^ 

House, court. Upland. oO'^j jj^ -x «3'^ 
I Tribe. Cu'cle. Halo. 

Round sand-hill. s3j,jjj Sjljij Sljij — 

Seller of perfumes. ^Sj}'^ 

Some one. jCSj '4j,S>i '4^}'^ 

Sparrow. Vj,-?^ ji>«-^j Vj-J* 

fj^ ( T 

Change.Victory. <► Government, state. 
They have been prevailed ^^^^s■ rf^^l 

The chief men of the state. :Jj^l o^ j 
Adversity. oVjS .^ *b'i 

Excellency (title of a vizu"). yirJJS Ts 
Victory. illjl, 

By turns, alternatively. il^lji 

Reddish grapes. ^ Iji 

■^ Conference. S'JI^j Jjl^ 

To last. 'v>y^>i C«bij (*ji o >b -ft- 
To contmue. To stand still. To be 
filled (bucket). 
As long as he remains C^J^Cs >li C» 

To pour a contiuu-^5ij ^jij,C.ii v«'^ 

ous rain (sky). 

To move m the sky (sun). To ^j^ 

cii'cle in the air (bird). To turn in 

its orbit (eye). 

To confuse a. o. (wine). 5 — 

To moisten a. th. To sprinkle A — 

(a boiling-pot) -with cold water. 
To spin (a top). ^j — 

To ask or grant a respite to ■& ^jii 

a. o. 
To persevere in. it — 

To continue a. th. To make *j 5 ^i3l 
a. th. to last. To fill ( a bucket). To 
keep a. 0. alive. 
To wait for. 

To circle in the air (bird). 
To act slowly in an affair. 
To grant delays to (a debtor' 

Continuous. Duration. Theban 
palm, doom-palm. Lote-tree. 
Duration, continuance. X^^iJij j>\ji 
For ever. ^Ijiil it 

Contmuous rain j'ji^j ^^^ -r"^^ 

without lightning nor thunder. 
Continuous. The P]vei*lasting^_j5ij^*IS 

Always. ^jli^j >jSj -^ CJli 

Spinning-top. -^ "Whirlpool. xJiji 

Rotatory motion. _^j a7j J^i's^ 

"VVine. -J\'J^J j\'jj> 

Bleeding from the nose. _^ijj. 

Piece of wood thrown jt^j'j^^j >.j^ 

Brave. Lion. 


Nose -^ Weaver's treadle. 

Shoe, sandal. 

5 - 

PoHshing-stone. Beater. ^IjU^ j u-i-^ 
To be altered (eye). Ciji a ^j,i -»• 
Dim-sightedness, squint. jiji 

Altered (eye). ^/i ^ .ujj) ^ ^jSl 
Quoit (for playing). Uproar, i^ji -^ 
To spread amongst a li^i o j.ti -ft- 
tribe (disease). To be cheap (coi'n). 
To crush a. o. (heat). fij s — 

Whey, watery part of milk. ^/^ P 
Cold. Foolishness. Epidemic. xtji 

To mix (perfumes). fi> (jji olS -Jf 

To dilute (a medicine). 
Nightmare. oCijS 

Diluted (medicine). >Jj'j'^j oj'-t* 

Pounded (musk). 
*Jljij lJj'ji>j CSjj'ij C5j3 o J\i -a- 
To be insane. To be lean (cattle). 
To surround a. o. or a. th. ,_, j|j*( 

To be swollen (belly). jijJi 

Worthless furniture. jjU jJiS 

Foolishness. Corruptedness.*ii3jij :aji 
To be ill ( people ).(Lla?j ^'/i 6\'i -»- 
To bruise (perfumes, colours). ^ — 
To smash a. th. (camel). To dip 
a. th. in (water, sand). 
To press together (riders). iJjfjj 

Evil, disturbance, quarrel. xS/ij <&.ji 
Stone pounded upon. i]\jji 

Pounding-stone. i}yj^ 

To elapse (time). To ijjs o J6 -Jf 
change (season). To be flabby (bel- 
ly). To be shabby (clothes). 
To become famous (man), vjij 5Jli — 
<• To deliberate with. Jjii 

To alternate (seasons, a iIjioX Jjii 

fortune : God). 
To transfer, to hand a. th. a Jiil 
To make a. o. to prevail jcj jy» 5 — 

To hand by turns. -^ To confer JjIj5 

together. To be current (coin). 
To emigrate (people). To be JioJl. 

flabby (belly). To dangle. 
Notoriousness. Ji^ ^ yii 

Revolution of time. Jji ^ ;fc3ji 

To nurse (the sick). » sIjIju^ jJ(j> 

To make a. o. sick. 5 t\}i\ ^SJ^^ 

To treat o.'s self medically. Si^'-^i 

To eat the skin of milk. ^sj%\, 

Disease. Mjil ^r i^ji 

Medicine, remedy. i>.j'^ -r 'U^ 

Gentian (plant). *!ijl •\ji 


Secretary, clerk. jl^j,ij j'^'ji P 

Pelliclo of milk. "iJJ^j^i *iO'i 

111. Foolish. Keeping in ^j ij ^ji 

Echo, sound. Rustling of wind, -jj'^ 

wings. Buzz. 
Wholesome (land). */ji jaj\ 

There 'JjJ^ j' 4j'^ j' sfJ,^ j'^'j ^ 

is nobody in. 
Abundant (food). Hidden (affair), jjj^ 

Thundering (cloud). 
Hand. ( dim. of SI ) o^Si ^ Cfi <*• 

Thanks. Bravo. God dcCi ^ ^ 

preserve thy hands. 
Blood-money See jij. ( for Xl^ ) ;? i 
Cloth with iyl'ir'J ■^i'^^ ■r ^^P ^ 

double woof. 
To abase, to revile a. 0. j ^4^ ~ «^i^ "^ 
Warblfr (bird). o^ioJI ^U»' 

Reviled. Beaten (road). c-fj-i 

To walk gently. CUj Sj G,Ji i ^li -{}- 
To stray. To move C'LoJi i cr''^ "^ 

under the hand (gland). 
To fall into abasement. To C^ji i — 

shun a fight. 
To drop from the hand. u^'l^'l 

To fall unexpectedly on. jp — 

Thief. wli ^ t/4'^ 

Unruled. Muscular. X-^CS ^ t>»ijS 

Diving-place. ^\j.i 

Two-handled jug. dXJji -^ 

Flower of the cyclamen, j^\ dijji ^ 

Cock. Com-;SCjaj iJCilj i)^/i ^r*^:? "^ 

passionate. Spring. ■<!)• Cock of a gun. 
Turkey fowl, ,/jj dO i Qj ^iJI db i 
Pheasant. ^^ ilji <>• 

Fresh ripe dates. <i*i^'il >«Jr^ "^ 

Land abounding in cocks. 7S\j<^ 

To borrow, to be indebted. CJ 5 i oli -^ 

( T \ o ) ^5^5 

into a pot for allaying its boiling. 


:,\-> -»■ 


To be mean, weak, 

To make a selection of works 

To register a. th. 
To ba low, vile, weak. 
To become wealthy. To be 

Beneath, below,. Before. Besides, oj'i 

near. Without. Against. 
He is inferior to him. i5jS ja 

He walked before him. iJji ^i_» 

He sat behind him. iJji oil 

Preferably to another. 0^ hji 

I admii'e diJU oji> cUUaS ^Jt woUi^ Ol 

thy virtue more than thy science. 
He interposed between. -A) I cu'^i J\> 
Without, unless he... o\ ojS 

Behold! Beware. dUji 

Do act as thou wishest, j^J; I'.j iUji 
Inferior. Noble. Superior 
Important thing. 
Vile, despicable man. 
Bad, wicked. 
Ear. CjCp ^ cii-^j oli ° 

Betony (plant). iJ^' opli -^ 

Register of soldiers, ^jjlji ^ u\jj:> P 

Collection of poetry, traditions. 

Council of state, divan. ■<>■ Saloon, 

sofa ; parlour. 
•<>• Court of referendaries. jj^aS^ olji^ 
a Treasury department. :ujijl ul}ji 
a War department. jliQaJI — 

D Home department. S.j^i4!l — 

Ministers of state. ol]>i^' v*^! j'' 

Turkish official hand-writing, j \^j i lai 
To call (she-camels) to lj «jS — ej* 

their young ones. 
Cry for calling she- e\i e\ij i'i iS 

To walk across a desert. jj^ -H- 

Desert. *i j,^j ^jf^J J^ 

To ba diseased. To be ^ji a lS^^^ 

rancorous (heart). To resound. 
To be overspread with a Jjj,!^ jj^ 

skin (milk) : with scum (water). To 

move round (cloud). To go about 

(dog).Tohum (bees). To snort (stal- 
lion). To resound (echo). 

Debt ; loan. Death. ^i]j oji^ ?r U^ i 
Active debt, ci'edit. J ci^ 

Passive debt, due. jt c^S 

Ear. ( dim. of oVi ) oUJi «■ XiJSj oi^ ^ 
He died. iiji ,^ja5 

Upon ci'edit. cjjJW 




Requital. Custom. Condi- oOil ^ cr i 
tion. Affair. Religion ; religious 
law ; sect. Godliness. Rebellion. Re- 
vilement. Disease. Compulsion. Vic- 
tory. Power, authority. Manage- 
ment. -^ Kind, sort. 
Judgment-day. *>^'^l j> C£,I^I >»>j 

Worship. Religion, sect.cjOlo ^ xJC i 
Maturity of a debt. Continuous *.'^i 
rain. Obedience. 
Religious, godly. 
The Rewarder (God). Judge 
Debtor. Creditor, debtee. 
Judged. Slave. 
Lender ; borrower. cr-ij'"*^ "x >^*i-^ 
Debtor ; indebted. 0>i j>» 

Slave-maid. Town, ^yjj'^ ol^^ ^ -^i,-^ 

He is well aware of it. C^iaJi cf'\ 'y> 
Citizen. -j j^ 

To lend, to give a loan to. 5 o^i 

To requite a. o. for. * » — 

Thoushaltbe treated as c\'Si cc'^ CT 

thou hadst treated. 
To be honoured. To be ^Cij Co i oia 

reviled. To comply. To rebel. To 

have a good or bad habit. To be 

attacked by a disease. 
To serve a. o. To do good Aj 5 — 

to a. o. To possess a. th. To con- 

.strain a. 0. To judge a. 0. To revile. 

To enslave a. o. 
To profess (a religion). ^ o.'-^j — 
To submit to. J oli 

To let a. o. profess his religion. 5 ci^ 

-<>- To lend (money) to. 
To give to, or to receive a loan » ^ |i 

from a. 0. To sell to a. 0. upon cre- 
To borrow. *;|il^uli1 

To lend money to a. o. To 5 ol*.»b — 

sell upon credit to. To summon a. o. 

to (a judge). 
To contract debts. ^'^ 

To sell or buy upon credit. To Ci Ijj 

be mutually indebted. 
To borrow a. th. » 5 ol^^b Ci\'i>\ 


( T\Y ) 

Country full of wolves. olli/' J»ji 

To throttle a. o. s Cjl'i a o'>'i -fr 

To quaff (wa- A i^Tj a ito'ij 5-l'i -S- ■ 
ter). To tear (a water-skiuj. To I 
kill (a sparrow). 
To become pink (rose). (i.Vi a ,r'''i 
To be torn off (skin). ^Ijjl. 

To fear, to shun a. o. ^ \jVi a J./i -it- 
To get accustomed to. k_, — 

To dare. To rebel against is j^l'ij — 

her husband (wife). 
To anger a. o. To seduce a. o. s J\'i\ 
To embolden a. o. against. Jt S — 
To compel a. o. to seek ^i,\ a — 

refuge towards, 
^lanure mixed with earth. jj i 

To slaughter. To stran- \j^Xi a Vl'i 

gle a. 0. To fill (a vessel). 
To die. J\jj)j , Ciil'i a J'':> -8- 

Quick death. fcilj'i Cj\>' 

Death. Deadly (poison). o^^Vi 

Deadly. olaj'ij pliT'ij oial'i 

To walk lightly. CjVl'ij Vl'i a jl'i * 
To become little. J«laj 

Jackal. Wolf. oVj'ij o"iri 

Wolf. oVj'ij o>J> ^ *liyi 

To blame, to despise ^ \A'i a ^\i -fr 

a. o. To drive away. To disgrace 

a. o. 
To frighten a. o. 5 ^1V\ 

Vice, shameful action. ^'I'ij ^'i 

Bitter plant. Kind of ojiT'i ^ oyj'i 

To remove a. o. To i £'i o Li ^ 

drive away (flies). To eject a. o. 
To protect a. tb. or a. o. ^ ^X^J ~ 
To be parched ^.y'^j Cj'ij u'i i — 

(lips). To wane. To be faded (plant). 

To draw to its end (day). 
To be full of flies (place), o'ib s-Ji 
Restless. ;;j'i 

Buffalo, wild bull. ^'^j zS'i\j — 

Flies. ^CS ^j o'ij oCij vV>1 ^ »_,C/i 

Bees, breezes. 

[postponed' . This, these (near). Who. 
To-day. <o j^^J a 

That, those. ( m /(/(//( /iy).i]3i^ liJCoj 
That iL)/-** <• 5r ti^Vjt iu;. ji iU'i 

So. ■<► Too, also. »iA)'jLr 

Such. Thus. jjfj \'j.fa I'JT 

Interrugalive particle. How? Tiu 

Why ? I'ilit 



So. thus. dili ■<>-j \jL50>' 

To totter, to waver. IVl^j Vi'l'i -S- 
To urge (asses). To ^ Cj'i a Ji'^ * 

frighten a. o. To despise. To blame. 

To expel a. o. 
To gather (things). /b — 

To plait the locks of a. o. » ^jVilj cj'i'i 
To be as 73} i o vjj'ij , CI ^ a- »-~', ^ 

wicked as a wolf. To be fi-ightened 

by wolves. 
To be haunted by wolves 

(land). To fear (wolves' 
To veer (wind). 
To make a. th. by turns 
To be wolfish, wicked. 
To imitate a wolf, for 

frightening (a she-camel). 
The sheep became wolf; jiiDI v'-^l 

said of a vile man who rebels. 

Wolf.oC.yij v^-^-^ VJ ^'> T v^i^ "^ J "r^^ 
Sea-wo!f. ^^1 y^,i 

Small stars in Draco. .-J,-i!l jUli'l 
Brigands, thieves. vS^' oOyi 

She-wolf. Throat-disease in C;*_i 

cattle -if- Croup of children. 
Forelock. Hanging v-l'i'^ «■ '^'^ '^ 

Summit, apex of Sj^^j 3JI Hyj"^ 

glory and power. 


* - 
* ^ ^ 

J l_)«|JUJ — 


To waddle. To have a manly 

gait (■woman). 
Sea-turtle, tortoise-shell. 
Dung. Withering wind. 


Languid (eye). Jj'ij JJ'i ^ J^j'i 

Weak. Lean. 
Spears. JilJ^I 

Wick. JC'i^':t5C/i 

To come from a journey, ^'i o V'^ -^ 
To slap a. o. To fiij » b-'i o '^'^ -ft- 

split (wood). To pound (pepper). 
To peel a. th. To fi> li^^i'i o ^'^ -tt- 

aweep a. th. along (wind). To move 

a. th. 
To take care of (her son : ic ^'il 

To tot about quickly. ^a»'i ^ 

To sweep (the dust : wind). ^ — 

Revenge, Jj^'ij Ju'il «. Js^'i -H- 

To card (wool), s j fi> Col'i i ji'i -«- 

To lash a. o. (wind). 
Ti'eeless ground. SUlU 

To put a. th. in store. A l^'j a_^i -ft- 
To lay up a. th. To supply A^i'i -^ 

a. 0. with stores. To prime (a gun). 
To put (goods) in Sj *^Slj >-'X 

store -^ To adopt (a child). 
Stores, supply. jViil ^ ^'i 

Treasure. Stores. J^'i ?r «3ii,'i 

-^ Mouth and war ammunition. ReUc. 

Priming of a gun. 
<■ Adoptive child. Z'^'Si\j cr{ 

Schcenantum. oderife- _^l'i1 ?- >j'^l 

rous rush. 
Magazine, store-house. j»-'j^ 

Intestines. Veins. jh^'-^ 

To sprinkle a. th. with fi> y/'^ o ji ^ 

(salt, powder). To multiply (his 

faithful : God). 
To come forth (horn, Ojj^ o — 

herbage). To rise (sun). 
To become hoary (man). aj'i.) o — 
Atoms. Small ants, (ttn.Sj'i ) j'i 

Aromatics. Ji3'ij Sji'i ^ e'jcx'^j jjj'^ \ 

coUyrium, perfume in powder. 
Calamus aromaticus^ o'jcj'Ji^ »_.^ 

sweet rush. 

Madness. Plague. Consumption. k_,G 'i 

Sharp edge. 
Cantharides. Blistering jj^\ Uiiji\ 

A fly. Remainder Oi.';b a ^ :uC/i 

of a debt. 
Defender of women. zSjj^j <^t'i 

Full of flies *<^'ij i/j^j !j>!j^ u^j^ 

Protracted (thirst). Huri*ying. ^Tai 
Fly-whisk. '-^1'^ 

To dangle. uoJi -ft- 

To protect. To annoy a. o. fiti j s — 

To move a. th. 
Tongue. Dangling. ^^^'^ -r vlij'i 

Tassels of a litter ; fringes of »_iiC'i 

a garment. 
Wavering (man). i_ii'i* 

To rip open, ^j 5 G-C'ij ikJ'i a ,ni'i -5^ 

To slaughter, to strangle a. 0. To 

cover the chin (beard). 
To slaughter, to massacre ts ^'i 

( people ). 
To slay one another. ?>Jllo 

To choose (a victim). A ■rfi\ 

White truffles. Wild carrots. ^j'i 
Slaughtered victim. >rj_i 

Two bright stars in Capri- ^>yji\ oil, 

Diphteria. *^X'iJ ^.)>J -rV'^i ^Ci'i 

Slaughtered. Victim. Surname ?nj'i 

of Ismael [amongst Moslems). 
Sacrifice, victim. ^S>':> -r "^-^'^ 

Slaughter-place. Altar. ^^U/i ^ tS>^^ 
■if- Carnage, butchei-y. lijlli 

To write ; to A J':>j , S'j' ':> o i j-'i -si- 
dot (a book). To read over. 
To be good-sighted. SjC'ij ijj'i i y'i 
To understand (news). To recite ife — 

To get angry vdth. j& |_^''i a jr/i 
Book. jCi T! j'> 

Thoroughly learned. j\'» 

To wither ^Xi'ij y>J'i o Jj'ij Jj'i ■»■ 

(plant). To dry up (skin); to be par- 
ched (hps). To be lean (horse). 
To cause a. th. to lose its * jTi ■> 

fi'eshness. To rumple a. th. 
To blight fruits (cold, heat), a jj'il 

To swing the arras in walk. j ^j'i 

To raise the arms. To stretch forth 

in (swimming). 
To break (news) to. ^* CjuX *J — 

To sell to a. o. by the cubit, s ^'j\'i 

To mingle with a. o. 
To seize a. th. with the arm. ^ ^^'il 
To "C^x ^^ fii ^j iij , x!ijl c-»i" o^ A •" 

take out the arms fi-om a cloak. 
To be profuse j.!Afe\!l j f,ja:j f.'Ji\ 

in speech. 
To measui'e with the arms. fi> i^J^i 
To make long strides. J pj^'l. 

To screen o.'s self behind ^^ <j.'jjLL\ 

a. th. (hunter). 
Measure, length. Power. ^j'i 

Covetousness. Wild calf. oUJi f- ^j'i 
Fore-avm, fore-foot-otyij p,j'i1 ^ piji 

Cubit. Rod of cubit. Power. 

•^ Standard cubit of 29 1/2 inches. 
■^Common ,^Uj ^.'J-3 ^sj^. 9^y? 

cubit of 22" 3/4 inches. 
D Skein of thread, silk. Jali 5,13 i -fy 
Powerful, able. ^l^i)) jl f,ja)l ^...Ij 

He fell short of the affair. 
Walking by day and night <tj S ^ ff.j\ 
Long-tongued. Good companion. 
Means, ability. p^'i ^ ^pji 

Long-paced (horse, camel). ^jj'i 

Wide. Swift. Quick (death). m./,^ 

Camel used as a screen ;J0 ■^ ^ *»i j ^ 

by a hunter. Means of. 
Mulatto. More eloquent. ^.^M 

He has killed them jr5 ^jiS J^i 

Legs of a beast. Towns ^u j lliij <f.j llL» 

on the confines of the desert. 
\'>^'j>j Cvjij Ci>j,'ij Ciji i jj^"^ 
To flow. To drop (tears). (jl^liuj 
To shed tears (eyes). J^\ j^'i 

To shed a xsj a;j CiO-Sj ^^J,-^ ^"j'^ 

(tears : man). 
To exceed a (number). it — 

To make a. o. to be at o>;jl OjAi - 

the point of death. 
Flowing (tears)-. JjjIUj JL.j/i 

C TW ) 


Offspring. oC3,'ij V^i-O'i «■ vj/i 

Violent anger. jijj 

Sprinkler, drill-box. jji/ 

To sow, to scatter (pow- » jiji -tt- 

I Babbler, loquacious. jl'ij'i 

I To create. To mul- Aj ^ I'o'i a Ij'i -S- 

tiply a. th. To sow (the ground). 
To become grey on *j'i a C^j,'ij — 

the forehead (hair). 
To anger. To upbraid a. 0. *j s Yj^s 

To shed (tears). 
To compel a. 0. to. Jl. » — 

Little, a trifle, a ru-sh. »j'i 

They are created for jtji .j'i ^ 

Hoariness on the forehead. slj'i 

Snow-white (salt). j}'S>i JSS^ 

White-headed (ram). "'l^ji ^ 'ij'il 
To be shai-p ajO'^^j Qj^^ a c-ij,'j> -«■ 

(sword, tongue). To corrupt (wound). 
To be in a good ;;jy>,jii3'ij C3'j> a - 

or corrupt state (stomach). 

To A t-»jib , s^j ^i Q j i a o wij i 

sharpen (a sword). 
Tongue. Foul toiigue. ijijil ^ ^'ji 

Incurable disease. Rust, a Diarrhea. 
Ganglion on the neck. ^Jy^ 

Shoemaker's knife. ^j'j ^ ^j'^ 

Sharp (man, sword). 
Sharp-tongued. Cil3' — 

Poison. sJCj'ii 

To poison ifc ^j'ij , C»v'i a ^yi -{}- 

(food) with cantharides. 
To winnow a. th. x> ^'J'i 

Cantharides, Spanish flies. 

Purple red. Ig-r-U,''^ -r**^ 

To measure a. th. ^ Cpj'i a ^3'i -^ 
by the cubit. To stretch the fore- 
feet in walk (camel). To lower (a 
camel) for riding. To overcome 

a. 0. (vomit). 

To strangle a. 0. from s pj'ij — 


To in- Jl^ t^'i a f.j,'ij , jJc tj i a pj'i 
tercede with a. 0. 

To be fi*ightened. ^i'lj ^^o jf:':> 
To be astounded. 1^'i a ^'i 

Panic, fear*. _^i 

Wagtail (bird). S^ci 

Hard (year). ^.^'i 

"Vicious man. j^''ij S^'ij S^'ij ^1 i 
Frightened. j^i 

To kill a. o. una- s v'Ja* i a Ja^'i -ft- 

Quick death. ifj^'^j iacl ^ o^ 

To poison a. o. 5 Cic'i j^-ifr i-tt- 

To die. v';Up i a ^'i 

To kill a. 0. suddenly. s ^jlcil 

To be dazzled. To be broken wipoii. 

Deadly (poison), ^"i ^ oU'ij wii'i 
Sudden death. jijS i 

Poisoned food. o>tJi^ ^^ 

To frighten a. 0. » Cst'i a jti -S- 

by shrieking. 
Deadly disease. JVp'i Mi 

To acknowledge after ^Ita a Js'i -ft- 

To glide away. To lay down. ^jUlu -ft- 
Swift she-ca- »_,J,\i'i ^r Slisij v4^^ 

mel. Ostrich. Hidden affair. Border 

of a garment. Rag. 
Kind of leek. Head-strong boy. Jylp'i 

Small bird. Kind of truffle. Small- 
mouthed ewe. 
To submit J ^'ilj , C^'i a jf:''i * 

to a. 0. 
To acknowledge a. th. ^ ^'i\ 

Submissive, tractable. oVtll; 

To des- u. Call j_j Cia'ij Ci i i Ij i -s^ 

patch fa wounded man). 
To be quick in. J — 

To cany off a. o. (plague). 5 Ci'i i — 
To despatch jcj 5 o'i1j lil'ij ^'i 

(a wounded man). 
To lighten (a burden). * oil'i 

To become possible (affaii'). lioLll. 
Little of. t-»ii?j Ci'i 

Quick. Male hedgehog. ^r:?'^ 

Deadly (plague). 
To diffuse itself ; to i^'j. a J^'i> -fr 

be pungent (odour). To multiply 

To resolve upon a. th. t_j ijcJ,!, 



Inner corners of the eyes. »Jj,Ui 

To dung Jji'ij , CSJ'i o i Jj'i -ft- 

To produce ti^efoil (ground). j^i^ 

Loranthus, mistletoe. jjyi jj'i 

Sweet trefoil, melilot. J3a 

i^j ^i ■ '^ J ^ i ^3 ij 1 Oj ^ (^3 ^ ,"tt- 
To raise (the dust : wind), a i^jib 
To winnow, to scatter iSj'i>j i Jj'^ 

a. th. 
To hasten. Ijj'i o 0* 

To praise o.'s origin. i'.:..-C jj'i 

To throw a. o. down (horse) s jj'':^\ 

To scatter (seeds). To shed (tears). 
To be winnowed. jj'S^ 

To ascend on the top of. To 5 _, A — 

ally by marriage to (a noble tribe). 
To shade o.'s self under a ^ iSjJ^\ 

tree. To seek the protection of. 
Particles raised by the wind. j'/'i 

Poured tears. Shelter. Protection. 

Broken particles of plants, SJIj'i 

Apex, top. jjhj jj'i> ^ zfjij Sjj'i 
Sweeping wiads. ( un. tljCi ) cAij\'> 

Prolific women. 
Indian corn, maize. \'Ji -^j "i'j'i 

sorghum, millet. 
Zea mays, o' jj-Sj O^J '>/J^ « j i -^ 

Indian corn. 
YeUow maize. v? -»;'»? 0^ "^ 

Winnower's fork. jjOj ^ tCj^iiSj^ 
The two sides of the head. oljjj^ 

The two ends of a bow. The two 

To appal a. o. (ghost), ^jj — ^i -ft- 
To run into a river (stream). v^oj"'. 
To strangle a. o. Cu.'i> a z>s-":> -ft- 

To rub with dust. To repel forcibly. 
To repel a. o. for- i <»J."> a ^^ft'j> -ft- 

To squander (wealth). ^ ^o^'i -ft- 

To divulge (a secret). To shake (the 

trees : wind). 
To be scattered (hair). ^jijJ 

They dispersed on all sides.^ iGs i ly^" 
To terrify a. o. n j^':^j , \^'i a >'i -ft- 

Ds (T 

Warning. Mention. i^j3'? 

Steel (of a sword). Sharpness, s^'i 

Memory. »^\'^ 

Stronger, sliarper ; effective. jTVi 
Having a good me- _>t^i_, jjiT'ij jjf i 

Commemoration. jLTIcJ-i^ jVIT^j 

Memorandum. Token of friendship. 
•^ Ticket, note. i'J''S*j,jf\'^ ^ o'J"'-^ 
^Personal status,certificate.^^;__^j5 
■^ Passport, way-leave. j/^^ ""'j^^ 
Bringing forth males (woman). ^'SJ^ 

Virago. Dangerous (desert). 
Masculine (gender). Sharp jajj> 

(sword). Terrible (day). 
Deliberation, conference. t^sJ' 

The aforesaid. _^!l jjCj j^'i* 

^Ja'sLL\i . «l£='ij (is'ij l^'i o ur'i -{}• 
To blaze vehemently (fire). To be hot 
(war, sun). 
To be i\io'':> ojJ'ij ai^/ij a JT'i 

To slaughter (a victim). * su»'j>j i^s'i — 
To diffuse itself (musk). n'=a'i — 

To stir the (fire). To slaugli- L'^ 

ter (a victim). 
To kindle (war, fire). A^'il 

To send spies against. jt o^-i" — 
To be intense (fire). Tlc-ll 

Legal slaughter. Live-coal. C^'i 

Sagacity. Age. 
Sun. >U»'i 

Dawn, daybreak. ^V'^'i ^'i. 

Combustible, fuel. xJa'^^ s^'i 

Sagacious. Blame- 'C^Vl ^ ' %o 

worthy. Fragrant (smell). 
Cloud giving much rain. •Cio'j.% "CwJL 
Full-grown (horse), ilioi J Ba;ij 6'jX 
To be weak,'^j^j 'ttsij 2l>j V'i i D'i -i^ 

base, obscure (man). 
To be tractable (beast), vij V'i i — 
To abase a. o. » 'SjLLSi ISVlj j'i 

To be evenly disposed ( branches ).jli 
To become low, vUe. To frequent J'il 

vile companions. 
To submit. To be humbled. j^j 

To hold a. o. as vile. 5 tJlc-Ll. 

Humbleness. Weakness.:5lv yv'ij C''i 

T^ ) /i 

Pungency of odour. Sy ij ^ i 

Excellent (musk). j)'i ^ )ii\) ji'i 
Army smelling rust. '"^^/^ -'.\-y 

Back ^^jli'ijJjiiijoQyi ^ ij^i 

of the ear ; ear-bone. 
Wild rue. -i^i 

To strike a. 0. on 5 Ci'i o ^^'^ "*^ 

the chin. 
To lean the cliin upon. jc ^'^^ — 
To have a prominent Cj'i a ^'i 

edge (bucket). 
To put a. o. in a strait. » ^I'j 

Chin ■> Beard. oCs'il ^ ^ij ^'i 

Wormwood. i^lil^'i-^ 

Bearded man. ^a y -^ 

In spite of thee. iX^'i js. C^ •> 

Long-chinned. ^'i ^ .Ci'i ^ J,'i>] 

Decrepit old man. ^'i 

Lower part of the chin. tsfi 

To keep m a> \j^JJj \'J"i ^'i -ft- 
memory ; to remember a. th. To 
mention a. th. To betroth (a wo- 
man). To speak iU or good of. 
To praise God. il — 

To render (a noun) mas- Hj fi> ^'i 
culine. To preach. To steel (the 
edge of a weapon). -^ To impregnats 
(a palm-tree). 
To remind a. o. of. fi> Sj^:>\j Jf'i 
To discourse with a. 0. upon, j » jTi'i 
To bring forth male childi'en cj_^'i\ 

To remember a. th. A ^'^ 

To confer upon. j ]^\Ji 

To recollect a. th. fit ^'i':>\j j^\\j^*'i\ 
To learn a. th. by heart; A ^^-•l 

to remember a. th. 

Remembrance. Memory. Fame, jTi 

honour ; mention. Invocation of God. 

Book of religious law. Rain. Strong 

man. •<>• Religious dance of dervishes. 

Legal deed ; written act. 'jSJt JS"i 

Remembrance. JS'\ 

Remembering well. ^^^J jt^ 

Male, o>^3j "i'j^'^ij^ :> rrj"^ 

manly, masculine. Male organ. Good 

iron. Unproductive (palm-tree). 

Sharp (sword). 

Bitter vegetables. jiJ) j^'i 



Blame. Vice. -•^'■^ r j'^ 

Right, due. Honoiu\ i»i1 ^ jiWi 

Protection enjoyed. Obli- ^i ^ <li 
gation, compact. Responsibility. Sa- 
fe-conduct. Allied people. Wedding- 
dinner. •<>• Conscience. 
■fy- Upon my conscience. s>i Jj,j>i jc 
•^ He owes so much. iCLTii'i jt — 
^ I discharge my cons- j>i cj^ i 

cience. my debt. 
•^ To clear a. o. from a i£ii 1^ 

Thou ;a"t under God's ^ii j^i J cJ^ 

Chi'istians and Jews under :c5a)) jai 

Moslem protection. 
Client. Christian imder y'i 

Moslem rule, rayah. 
Blameworthy. Pimples on the ^':> 
face. Urine. Dew. Distasteful water. 
Defect. Honour, self-respect. x^ii 

To be burdensome to. it U'i at>'i -i^ 
To be changed and C:>'i i c^'i -tt- 

To i-oar (lion). l^^l'i o ^^'i ^ 

To instigate. To thi'eaten a. o. 5 — 
To appraise a. th. ^ ^'i 

To blame o.'self for neglect. J>'Ji 
To grumble against (God). To J* — 
threaten a. o. 
To incite to fight. To _^lajj^j; 

blame one another. 
Clever and jU'il ^ Ji^/ij j.»ij ^'i 

Sacred things : honour, family. jC»i 
(jyS'ij V^ij ^'ij ^'i i J>i'i -8- 
To walk gently (camel). 
To drive (a camel) gently. s ji'i 

Walking slowly. J^'i ^ J^'i 

Gentle walk of camels. J^'i 

To be iniense (heat). i^'j a *>'i -{^ 
To be exhausted by (heat). ^j — 

To writhe in agony *C«'ij a V,'i -H- 

(slaughtered beast). 
To be in the pangs of CXi i i/i 

death (man). 
To hasten. CCJ»'i i t/'i 

To beat a. o. to death. s J'i\ 

To rifle the property of. J, jic C« J'jLLX 

TT ) ^S 

Gentleness, mercy. Jv'il ^ C)i 

Let him remain in his *JV*il L& isa 

humble state. 
, Vile, weak, contemp- dilj 'Vil ^ Jj/i 

tible. Submissive. Trodden (road). 
i Short. 

I Good-natured. '^.i>'^ 

: To dangle. JoiliS — Jal'i -{}■ 

i Train, skirt of a gar- Jiv'i ^ Jj3 i 
I ment. 

i Mob, lowest people. ^-CJI Jiv'i 

Milk mixed with water, ^v'i — inJi -ft- 

j To eat (food). i* CJ'i a >j'i -«■ 

To be small (nose). Cii'i a ^,'i -JJ- 

Smallness and evenness of the oO'i 

Small-nosed. ^iJ'i ^ 'UJ'i > wiJ"i1 

Small (nose), 
To mute (bird) jj'ilj Ca'i o jj'i ■»• 
To whet (a knife). To jj A ^^'ib ~ 

weaken a. 0. (poison). To light (a 

To shine (lamp). To be jj/i 

disquieted (man). 
To be ^V'i jj'ij CsJ'i a jl'i 

sharp (spear, tongue). 
To be pointed (branch). j5jjl. 

Point, edge, sharpness. jjj'ij jJi 
Sharp; eloquent J-5,'ij j^'ij J^'i 

Sharp (tooth, tongue). J^'i ir J^'^^ 
The lingual letters.:ilsI}JJ) jj^^^jlj^ijl 
Sharp (.spear-head). Jklilk mi- j^jjt 

xed with water. 
To blame a. 0. 5 tXj^j b^'i o V'S ^ 
To flow with mucus (nose). >3 

To reprove a. o. <>■ To swear n ^'i 
To be content with a scanty ^ >iS 


a. 0. upon his conscience. 
To commit a blameworthy action%'il 
To judge blameworthy. To A j 5 — 

protect a. 0. 
To find protection against. it — 

To avoid blame. ^^'^ 

To keep aloof from. ^ — 

To blame one another. ^Jjj 

To deserve blame, reproof. 'j^x^\ 
•^To ask protection from a. o.*>C«Ixi — 


( T 

Appendix of a book. 
Ton'ent. Brook. Long 

tail. Ladle. 
Guilty, culprit. 
"Walking at the rear. 
To de- C-ftiij (i^ ij Gu i u w-* i -ft- 

part, to pass along. To die. To be 

ended (affair). 
To hold an opinion. To follow J[ — 

the opinion of. 
To 4_) t_^iijj , Jl, wJ» i^ , k^ -i* k-j' i 

hold a belief. To adopt an opinion. 
To accompany a. o. To take ^j ^'i, 

away a. th. 
To forget a. th. jt — 

To ba amazed by the Ci'i a v-^'i 

riches of a gold mine. 
To gild a. th. A ^.^ib t-^'^ 

To take away a. th. fi> ^'il 

Gold. oUilj oUft'i 'r'>*''^ T v-*'^ 

Yolk. Measure for corn in Yemen. 
Ceterach (plant). Golden- ^IL! I xll?*- 
■ leaved vulnerary found in Lebanon. 
Ipecacuanha, emetic. »_.j»*aJI jjc 

Saint John -^T^AtiJIj ^'i!l ^ 

Light ^_^ fi'ij tjUij t_iU j"! ^ :uii 

rain ; heavy rain. 
Sailing-boat on the Nile. *LiS a 

Afriplex, orache. wilii iii2\ 

Piece of gold. Gold coin. (?<;«.) ii'i 

Origin. Privy. 


Opinion, belief. Rite, 

sect. Way of acting 
The four orthodox 

rites of Islam. 
Gilded bay (horse). ^'jS- z^ 

The Caaba. _^ li^ 

A/?/5SMW,madwort {plant). ^\^\ ^»jS 
To for- ^cj A Vyi'ij iLk'i a Ji'i -II- 

get a. th. To be diverted from. 
To be amazed. JaUIj ,V^ 'i a Jj*'i 
To make a. o. to forget ^ jf j* il 

a. th. To divert a. o. from. 
First part of the night. ji'ij ji'i 
Amyris opobalsamum, balsam- ji'i 

tree of Mecca. 
Horse of good breed. JJ^u'i ^^ JJS-'i 
Forsaken place. jj^\'j,^ ^ jj,jji 

i »^ J -fr 

Last remains of life. .u'j 

Stench, fetid odour. j/'i 

To flow (mucus). CJ'ij Cju'i il'i -ft- 

To be weak, decrepit (man). 
To flow from the ,:/'^j , tJ'i a o'i 

nose (mucus). 
To a. th. from. 
Mucus from the nose. 
Want. Small remainder. 
Whose nose flows o'i »- 

Avith mucus. 
To track a. o. s CJi 

To become spotted on its ^_J'i 

stalk (date). 
To make a tail to (a tui-ban). fi> — 

To add an appendix to (a book). 
To commit an offence. ^V\ 

To follow (a path). To ma- a ^^ 

ke a tail to (a turban). To enter the 

end of (a valley). 
To attribute (an offense) to. u — 

To follow a. 0. step by step. 5 ^JLL\ 

To find a. 0. guilty. To impute an 

offense to. To pursue (an affair). 
Offense, fault, sin. ^y^ -^ «r^''^ 

Tail. Extremity v_.OVl ^ XlJ'i^ wJi 

of a whip. 
Sting of a scorpion. vS^' ~ 

FoUowei's, servants, ^il) I clJ'ij ^\j''i\ 
Species of ?-e56f/a. oj^l wJ'J 

Fox-tail {plant). ,_JiSJI »^'i 

Aristida {plant). jjji] ^'i 

Equisetum, horse-tail (p/a.j.jli-j I »_j'i 
S corpioide, scorpion-grass. i_/,ii! I ^'i 
Plantago., plantain. s3u!l ^^'i 

Garden-purslain. ^^It_.;'i 

Circium. way- thistle. ;J-l]lj s^l wJ'i 
To remain steadfast. jJl, Ij^ri 

■<>■ Comet. v-^'^^!' Jf^ 

End, extremity.Bed of a wjC'i ^ i_/Ui 

End of a valley. 
Bu>d'3 tail. 
Fine-tailed (horse). Tall and ^y^ 

evil. Unhappy (day). Lot, portion. 
Kind of raiUet. {un. :uCJ i ) op'i 

Darnel-grass. ''^'^i ^.y^ 

Jj ij ^^; jj J.iJi 


( YTi ) 

I have not got j^ il^ jj3 j k^t'i (a 

the least good from him. 
To melt a. th. -^ To tire out. Sj ;b k_,j'i 
To settle a business. To ob- * t.jfil 

tain (a want). To emaciate a. o. 

To make a raid against. ic — 

To ask honey from. To let finj s v_iia£.:i. 

a. th. remain. To obtain ( a want). 
Honey. ^jj'i 

Gold-wash'; liquid gold. ^oJI yjj'h 

Very hot noon. 

Melted butter. 



Essence, Substantive 

noun. One's self. •<>• Influential man. 

-3)1 Cj\ i 

The essence of God. 

^ Identical. Personal- 
ly. Himself; itself. 

Essential, personal. 

To walk firmly. 

To gather (flocks). 

To di-sperse (camels). To 
scatter a. th. 

Importune (man). ^jli. 

To ^5 ij'ij , I iC ij lij'i o il'i -J^ 
drive away. To dispel (grief) from 



5 - 

To understand a. th. 
To divert a. o ^ S ^ 

To have a good memo- iiu'i o ^''» 

ry ; to be clever. 
To surpass a. o. in sagacity, y ^Ai'i 
To take away the intelli- y jijd-'l 

gence (worldly love). 
Understanding. Memory, ^uil ^ ^'i 

Sagacity. Strength. Grease. 
Prudence. oUlsl ^ ^»i> 

To be proud. lyi'i o Ca'i -S- 

oj) i TT ob'i c.' (fof iSj'i) j'i -ft- 
Owner. Endowed with. 
Wealthy. Intelligent. 
Myrioijlvjlloa. milfoil 

Meivj'tnthes trifoUata, 

Cinque-foil, five-finger 


Vitex, chaste-tree. 
E)-i/ngium, sea-holly. 
His relations. His people. 
Kings of Yemen. 

iijj will J i 


The ^1 oCJj ^)I 

ij Jia3\ ji 

To help a. o. s \'i\j'i[ ij'ib.silX *''^^ ! Alexander the Great. 

To defend a. th, 
Defen- ilj'ij , Sil'ij ilj'i j ij'^ 9r -^,''^ 

ding his rights, honour. 
She-camels from 3 to 10. '{s. pi.) i'/'i 
Pasture-land. itjti 

Manger. Bull's horn. ijfJJ' ,- ■^J^ 

Tongue (of man). 
Hypericum. St John's- 'j'^C^ — iii -S- 

To strangle a. o. j CJ»j'i o J^fi * 

To fill (a vessel). 
Yellow-backed spider. h\j'':>\ ^ a»j'i 
To squander (wealth), a lij'i o f.>'i * 
To di'ink the consents of (a ^ ^fil 

tank). To take away a. th. 
To straddle along. CijS o oi'i -S- 

To taste a. th. To try a. o. or a. th. 

To experience (a trial). 
To make a. o. to taste a. th. a j ji'il 

0-v\Tier, mistress of. Belonging to. 
Pneumonia, pleurisy, if Jij ^^isjl ol'i 
He »ii i ^* -^j 4_i; ofi ^^^j t^i ^a sU 

came from himself. 
It was in olden times.jj ji ^^ \'i 0^5' 
Hidden thoughts. jj^J-^' o^i 

Wealth. jCM ofi 

I met him first of ^j5 ol'i Jjl i-3) 

I sat on the Jliill j1 oi«JI ol'i c '"if 

right or left. 
A certain mor- iU oli^ ^Uool'i 

ning or night. 
To melt. To COj'ij C j'i o j'i -R- 
flow (tear). To become hot (sun). To 
feed on honey (man). To become foo- 
lish. To become emaciated. 
To be established with a. o. ic J ^|'j> 
against another (right). 

Dung- mixed with earth. sjj'i 

To spread (news, disease). 

To reveal (a secret). * tlVl 

To manifest a. th. To exhaust ^ — 

(a t?ink). To take away a. th. 
Unable to keep a secret.^^^Ui ^ p,Cli^ 
To drag (a garment). ^'i i J\'i -fr 

To drag the tail (dove). To strut and 

drag (his gown : man). To become 

lean (woman). To be abased. To be 

lowered (man, state). 
To put a long fi> ;)i'il. Ji'i^j jl'i> 

skirt to (a dress). 
To write on the margin of. fi> jl'i 
To despise a. o. To emaciate ^ Jl i*l 

(a woman). To use (a horse, a boy; 

for mean works. To squander (mo- 
ney). To shed (tears). 
To let down (her veil ; woman). A> — 
To walk proudly. To wag the j/aj 

To be low, humble (state). JjIjS 

Extremity, j/'ilj Ji:*ilj J^''i ^ j;'i 

Skirt. Appendix of a book. Tail. 

Drift of sand. 
Rich. j:'iJ| jj_^f, 

Refuse of the people, ^ilil J^^l 

Long-tailed (horse). "Wild bull. jC'i 
Appendix of a book. Js-i^ 

Female-slave. yilU 

Long-skirted (garment). jfj^H 

Annotated (book). 
To blame a. o, i Ci'ij Q'i i ^)'i -»■ 
Blame, vice, defect. cj'ij ^'ij yi'i 

( YTe ) 


To make a. o. to experience a. th. 
To taste time after time. jji; 

To hand (spears) to o. a. To fi> jjlo 

taste a. th. 
To try a. o. s JiofJ,!^ 

Taste, relidh. JIj^j *^1\'>j J/^ 

Intellectual relish, good o^j'^j 3/^ 

•<>■ Palate, taste ; tact. j\j^ 

To wi'ite the letter i . jyi — Jli -IJ- 
The letter i. Cocks'-crest. Ji'i 

To become rich and oJjj — o\i -fr 

To be faded Cj 'i a Jj^'^j i Jj'i * 

To wither herbage (sun). ^ t\j'^[ ^^_)'i1 
Small ewes. jj'i 

Rind of melons ; grape-skins. sij'i 
To cook (meat) thoroughly. ulu * C'i 
To be thoroughly cooked (me- tj j5 

at). To become corrupt (wound). To 

ba wona out (skin;. To swell (face). 
Much water. Fright. t-iV-'il — ^i -ft- 

So and so, thus and thus,i.;'i i>['i -ft- 
To pass swiftly. u/'i i ^I'i -ft- 

To drink a. th. fi> — 

To drink with a. o. s r^}'i 

To abase a. o. 5 ^'i ^ 

To go round (a place). ^ ^iVl 

Gold, Wolf. <i-.j ij 5^Cib ir>i'^ t ^ 

Fine mare. Red star in Draco. 

Proud. Thick-haired male hyena. 
To loathe a. th. I^'i a j\'» -ft- 

To smear (the teats) with dung. *J['^ 




( TT"\ ) 



First day of a month. :UDIj ,^1 tr-lj 

New year's day. 
Source, spring. ^\ ^Yjj ojiiJI u-Yj 

Spina alba, -whitethorn 
Kind of orchis. 
Galeofois, hemp-nettle. 
Echium viper's bugloss, 
Staves-acre, lousewort. 
Altogether. Directly. 
With pleasure. 

He was born next to <j,i.1 ^\j ic 4j 

his brother. 
•^ On the plea, on ac- ^\j cJ^ ^, : 

count of. ; 

Capital-stock. JU-Lj -^j JUJl ^-'O 
To capitalise. J^j "^ 

Chief. > Abbot. 'U:}^ ^ ^j ,_^3 

Captain of a ship. ' j 

Surname of Avicenna. ^-iJ^l rCli\ 
Science of logics. ^^1 tr-s-^J 

The vital parts of the SIaJ^" 'tap'vl 

Upper end of a valley. Foremost ^Ijj ; 

Butcher dealing in heads. ^\ \j i 

Head-rope, halter. *^Vj •♦■ i 

Authority, power. z^\jj 

Having both temporal oji^G']^!) j'i 

and spiritual authority. Foremost in 

science and courage. 
Large-headed. Black- '^^jjj trb' 

headed (ewe). 
Subject, subordinate. Big- a-^jj'" 

headed. Hurt in the head. 
Horse ahead in a race. J^y 

a wa|.j j , *-» o tJjjj , ^ *_»0 a oO "^ 
To be merciful ^ ^ J^_, jljj , CiU 

towards; to pity a. o. 
To conciliate a. o. ^ olIn-Llj ob 

Mercy, compassion. xS\j 

Merciful. ,_ijljj ^ijjj ojjjj 'J^J »-»j3 i 
To grow (herbage, Jijt-il. - Jij "^ 

young ostrich). 
Ostrich -i^jj JOj ^ oMJj^j J)j1 ^ J'O . 

To turn the eyes ; to gaze. To '\'j\j -H- 

glisten (eyes). To look in a mirror. 

To shine (mii'age). To wag the tail. 

To produce trefoil A C'lj a vU "^ 

after the crop (field). 
To repair (a. th. broken). To a — 

settle ( a business). 
He made peace between ^ \'\j ^\j 

To arrange, to repair a. th. ib t_i'lj1 
Lusty lord. ^Jij 

Herd of seventy camels. cjOji, ^ — 
Patch, piece of wood. v^'j, »- *?jj 

Part of the night. Want. 
Repairer, rectifier. '-/^'y^J v^'j 

To incline on one side in walk, j; '13 -S- 
Lion, wolf. Jriuj J^J 9r JQjj^ 

To be supple (branch). %ijj o ijj^-S- 
To incline (branch). To bend ^XJ 
(ueck). To be unsteady (wind). To 
tremble in rising (old man). 
To incline languidly (youth). iLjjij — 
Time after sunrise. jol^j :>\j 

Delicate maid. S'ijjj y/jj o':>\jj ilj 
Suppleness of temper. y/j 

Coeval. Straitness. Offset. :,\'J\ ^ jjj^ 
To be the chief of (a a z:,\^j^ i ^\'j -K- 

To strike a.o. on the head.jf Clj a — 
To be a chief. jjLiJ;^ o ^jj 

To have a complaint of the \A'.> 

To make a. 0. J*^ 2f a-|j ^J tr-'O 

chief; to set a. 0. over. 
To become a ^37 -ffj >J^j\j a-\p 

To bend down the head of i ^^Cjl. 

a. 0. To busy a. 0. 
To seize a. th. by the top. a — 

Head. Head (of ^j'jjj ^ij\ ^ JS'j 
cattle) ; individual. Chief. Uppemnost 
part. Cape, headland. Numerous tri- 
be. Head (of garlic). Upper end of a 
road. Begiiming. <>■ Loaf (of sugar). 

To consider a. th. J J(ij\j — 

To consider a. th. To doubt ^ ^^li^i 

about. To arrange a. th. 
To consult a. o. To wish 

to see a. th. 
Advice; idea. Skill. Mjlj 
Schismatics. Prudent men. 
Sardin, pilchard. 
Aspect, appearance 
Sign, symptom. 
Dream, vision. 
The Apocalypse 

( TTY ) 


''^,JJ S?-IJ '^-A 


of S^ John. 

Sight. Phasis of 

the moon. 
Hypocrisy. Opposite. -Gj 

They seem to be a oiJl tUj _^ 

Houses situated opposite. ■'•Oj cjP. 
Lung. oUj_j Ci^j, 7- *jj, 

■^ Pulmonary, lung-wort. ;uj| ^1^4^ 
Beholder : spectator. 'TOj •^'J 

Famihar demon. Large snake. -13 
He is fitter, apter to. o i^lj'i "'a 

Beauty of aspect. i^j^jj -cj -J, 

Mirror. View. \,\yij M^ ^ IjI^^ "^'j's'^i 
Look, aspect. ^ sr^j ,_j*iy;. 

He is under ray S\j^,_ j\ j'Vy. ^4. 'jA 

Hypocrite. oj^l> ^ M>i 

To collect a. th. * j j C3 o 'Lij -J^ 

To possess a. th. To rule ( people). 

To have authority over. 
To increase a. th. To complete * — 

(a benefit). 
To perfume (an ointment ),Abjj u j — 

2 V'jb vOO , ^V-* ^h'J ^■'■>J ^-'-^ ~ 
To bring up a child. 

To preserve a. th. with rob. A> ^jj 

To last (south wind, rain 

To remain in (a place). 

To claim mastership over 

The Lord (God). Master. ^C j1 

■> Creditors. o^jJI i-iij j1 

Ministers of state. y^oJI ^\'ij\ 

Lady, mistress. Female idol. :J3 

Large house. <>■ Scald-head. 
Alexandrian trefoil. ^G j,j Tj_/\ ^ ;J3 

Locust-tree. Lara^e crowd. 

rr V3 

one year old. 
Foam, slaver of beasts. 
He passed along quickly. ^'Ir' j' 

To repair a. th. /b ulj a >il3 -»■ 

To cicatrise (wound). CUJLl J ^0 a ^3 
To fondle (her young : beast). 5 — 
To be fond of, to keep to ffo (»]j a — 

a. th. 
To heal a (wound). To Sj A j,\'J\ 

accustom (a she-camel) to a strange 
young one. To twist (a rope). 
To compel a. o. to. it s^ — 

To compassionate a. o. ^ j^^p 

Stuffed skin of a young camel. J\j 
White antelope, j,\'J\j ^Tjl ^ J j^ 

white gazelle. 
Fondling her young ^j^3_, x^\jj ^13 

Familial", licking ewe. ^//j sQ, 

Slaver of beasts. ^,13^ 

To ffi ^\Jj^j h\jj 't/jjj (A J j^' jVj -»- 
see ; to think a. th. To hold the opi- 
nion of. 
Do, tell me thou, ye. ^fe^i^ljl d)c:iVJ\ 
Behold ! Lo ! ' 'J~:j'\ 

Most of all. 

\*'J j\j \^J Ji VJ V 

I should ^3k "^J ^'J J^ kj ^'J> U 
like to know. Dost thou think that ? 

To judge, to know a. 0. fi> fi>j s s — 
or a. th. to be so. 

To wound a. o. in the fi>j s (Aj — 
lungs. To stick (a flag). 

To see a dream, a vision. C jj ~ 

To dissemble with. To consult e j\j 
with. To present a rau-ror to. 

To act hypocritically s t\jj^j 'i-A'J> tj-Aj 

To face, to front a. th. fi> — 

To look in a miiTor. To t\-'j[ j\j\ 

dissemble. To have a complaint of 
the lungs. To have dreams. To have 
a good judgment. To show signs of 
madness. To twinkle. To follow the 
opinion of lawyers. 

To s fi> j^jj ^sjj\ -^ 'Aj\j 'c'\j{ jj\ 
show a. th. To advise a. th. to a. 0. 

To mirror. To show o.'s j-\'ij j ''^'y 

To see one another. iS'Sy 

To be closed, shut. ^j a c^.j 

To hold ^ 5 cJ.jjfdJj o cA'j "^ 

a. 0. back from. 
To be dilatory. i-y j'j iJ/Ji 

To separate (people). w-yjl 

To scatter (sheep). cXj\ 

Delusion. Hindrance. cjCj ^ \lxi_j 
Hindered. 'zAy'j '^J-'j*-) -i^.'j 

To be rough, silly. VQj a oi?u3 -fr 
Rough. Braggart. ji-SO 

To gain ; to G-C^j <^j jj liWj, a sv j ^ 

be lucrative (goods). 
To give a profit to ^/^ S ru,j\j rrj\j 

a. o. upon. 
He lent him money oJl^i "JCi ilWl 

for a share in the profit. 
To be astounded. To seek rJ.lp 

Profit, gain. ^(,'J\ ^ ^j^ 

Gain at play. Horses for sale. ^j 
Profit. Civet-cat. ^C^ 

Kind of camphor. ^C j 

Lucrative (goods). ^j 

Male ape. Kid. ^^(, 3 ^ ^C jj r-Jj 

"Weaned camel. 
<• Agiotage. ;>jl2^ 

To trudge in (the j (3.43 & •kij -ii- 

sand : camel). 
To stay in (a place). ^_j \iy_j -Jj -^ 
To confine a. o. 5 — 

To become cloudy (sky). To be ^'Ji 

altered (face). To be stern (face). 
To be ash-coloured. iljjb ^ Jl 

Dust-coloured. oJj ^ 'loj^ j. jJ jl 

Malignant snake. Lion. 
Buphtalmus graveolens, olJ^/jj jJj 

ox-eye (plant). 
Dates sprinkled with water. x,, 3 
Dust-colour. Jwj 9- »^J 

Enclosure. Drying-floor. jj^ 

To be light in (work). ^ li; 3 a J/,3 -fr 
To cut a. th. A jj j1 

Swift in walk. JLj3 

Wool for rubbing iC^^ ^ 50:3^ fj^j^ 

camels. Rag for cleaning. Knot of 

a whip. 
To slap a. 0. with. ^_, » CJ3 ^j ■«• 
To fill a (water-skin). fi> — 

To be compact. To be mixed. ^l7Jt 

( TTA ) 

Rob, inspissated s^^jy'jj <J^.j -r Vj 

juice of fruits. 
Often, many a i^b'jj liJjj :tJ3j v^ 

time. Seldom. -^ Perhaps. 
Step-father. ^13 

Step-mother. ;*i3 

Viol. Single-stringed SjIjj -^j v'^3 

violin. White cloud. 
Covenant. Friends. Tithes. ^jGj 

Step-son. Step-father. vj^J 

Lordship. Covenant. Govermnent.ob j^ 

Collection of aiTows. 
Lordly. Divine. 'tJ'.^!3j'J'?j.> 'si^J 

Ewe after bringing forth. i_jG j ^ Jt3 

Beneficence. Wealth. Want. Tight 

Lordship, mastership. -^ Swel- ~Zt,yj 

ling in the arm-pit. 
The whole : beginning. oiSjj oi^j 

Slave. Step-father ; step- xJjl ^ »_a;3 

son. Confederate. 
Foster-mother. Step- wJ,C3 ?r *ri'.3 

daughter. Domesticated ewe. 
White slave. Reared (child). ^y.y 
Gatherer. Abode ; meeting-place. \jy: 
Ground covered with plants. t_)U^.>j — 
Preserve, confection. cX^.'J' -r v^S^ 
To ascend, to rise. To u-3 a \fj ^ 

walk sluggishly. 
To take care of. To take away, fin — 

To remove a. th. 
To consider (an affair). j — 

To look out. To overlook ic U30 — 

a. th. 
Do keep it. take cure of it. <, Vjl, 

1 did not know nor desire iC 3 'cJ^'j 'i 

To remove a. o. or a. th. ^ i_, \j 

To watch, to stand 5 i^jlj, Jj » ~ 

on the look out for. 
To take away a. th. * i^.> U3 

To watch a. 0. To caution *_,' 5 \;)3 

o.'s self against. To guard a. 0. 
Watch, scout. UQ J «■ *^jj 'S^-S 

Look out; 'd^j S*Oj ij>;j '^.!f* 

To rear (a child). 5 cj'jj li^'j i c43 "^ 

To pat (a child). 


■^ To engage, to secure a. th. it — 
To persevere in. * Cl»bj,j ^kl^-* -WO 

To ba stationed on (the enemy's 

frontier : army). 
To stop in (a place : water). J JsJi^ 
<• To plot -with a. o. against. f>. JsJI^ 

To bind o.'s self with. 
■^ To bind o'.s self itl^jb ~ 

To take (a horse) for static- i Jajji. 

ning it. 
Tie, bond. Heart. Inn : iaJ j ^ IjLjji, 

station for horses. -^ Asylum for the 

poor. Bandage. Suspense of a cler- 
To die. To recover from itCj, ja'^ 

<• Necktie. Nosegay. Plot.olL'j ,- Ji»i3 
Monk, ascetic, religious. ^.'ji -SaiO 
Strong-hearted. ^r-W ^^Ji ^fj 

Tie. Copula {in logics). <■ Agree- iiJl^ 

Stationed horses. ■<>• Plot. «iy3 

Station for horses. Jaj.l^^ ?r -Jaj^-* 

Bond, tie, rope. ^.iftJ ^.'yi 

Leagued people ; oliaJl^ ^ *iuO' 

military station. 
The final o wi'itten s . *i^j'jii\ '£!! 
To await. To restrain i^ij^/^.j-H- 

o'.s self. To drink every fourth day 

(camels). -^ To gallop (horse). 
To come on the fourth day jc — 

(fever). To feel sympathy for. 
To make a four-stranded A a o i ^Jj 

To complete the number four. s — 

To be the fourth, fourtieth or forty 

fourth with. To take the fourth 

To abstain, to desist from. ^^ — 

To remain quietly in. To jj ^ — 

pastui'e freely in (a place : camels). 
To have the quartan ague. To ^j 

have spring-rain, spring-herbage. 
To make a. th. square, four- fi> 43 

faced, four-footed. 
<■ To feed ( horses ) on green ? — 

To lift (a load) with a lever. A ^ij 
To become the farmer of a. o. s — 

^ ) L>j 

To act in o.'s own way. j -^jl, 

•Misfoi'tune. Much. ^j 

Great misfortune. ^'j »r '^J 

Courageous. Calamity. ^r^J 

/?/iew(/i nie*', kind of goose- ^'ijj 

To become bushy (tree).jijyi —J^j-H- 
Ground covered with herbs, -ili^ J^jl 
To await J ^.'Jj,^ (^.jo^/j-H- 

a. o. or a. th. To lay in wait for. 
To stick to (a place). ^ ^'J 

To desist from (an affair). ^ — 

Expectation. Mixed colour. -i^j 

To refine (silvei"). -^ To set A ^ j3 •♦• 

a. o. to rights. 
Refined silver. u^^j/j "^ 

1 o lay Ciy' J J 'iJs^^j Uaj j i ja\ j -^ 

down, to cower (beast,. 
To crouch over (its prey : lion), ic. — 
To alight at. *_, 5 <^y.jj iiaJjio- 
To detain a. 0. in. ^_J 11 js\j 

To become hot (sun). jAJ^ 

To park (cattle). To sustain (o.'s s — 

people). To render a. 0. drowsy 

To cling to a place (cripple). jaYj 
Wife, mother j^J^j j^^ji j^l'jj jalj 

or sister. 
Middle of a thing. Foundation, joj, j 
Wall of a town. J''^.'J\ t J^Vj 

Suburbs. Palace. 
Intestines. Enclosure for t^/jj X^.j 

The Turks and the Ethiopiaus.jUsjl^" 
Heap of corpses. Corpse. z^\j 

Cripple, impotent. 
Large ( tree). Populous j^^j ^ J'j'.j 

(village). Big (chain). 

Flocks parked with their j^Qj_,r J^ciJ 

Safflower. J'^.'Jj 

To tie, to bind Sj fit Ckj j i o iajj -i^ 

a. th. -^ To suspend (a clergyman)., 

To lay (anchor). 
To be heartened. <^(ij Li(p- — 

God has strengthened *Js jt ^1 Ixjj 

his heart. 
<>• To be a highway robbei'. j/,_4»" "" 
■^ To lay in wait against. ' J — 


( Tr- ) 

Stone lifted for trying strength. tLj'j 

Garden. Iron helmet. 
Pertaining to spring, ^'j-j '^s^i^-'-i 
Four. " ^/J\ j^tij'Js 

Quadrupeds. ;JjVI cAj':* 

Wednesday. oOWJb Cj\*^)'J\ -r 'WJ^ 
Forty. Fourtieth. o_^j1 

Fast of "Ij^jV --^^aJlj cj*; jjVl ^^ 

Spring-rain. ,4o'-''/'iC'' -r rk'y- 

Lever, crow-bar. r>\'J' <r **i'y,-} Hj^, 
Brin£?ing forth in the spring ^i 

(she-camel). Sails of a ship. 
Suttering from quartan f^^ij^} Aj^ 

Square, four-sided, foui'-footed. f^y> 

-fy- Upper-room. Anchor. Plot of land. 
•^ Farmer, partner. ^r^ 

Fourth part of spoils. Full of fXi'j* 

spring-herbage (land). 
Of a middling stature. 9y.yj ~ 

Jerboa, fieldrat. ^ ^'JItt f-y.'jl 

To lead a luxuriant life. Uj'3 a fj.'j "^ 
To be luxuriant (Ufe). ^'j a /« j 

To let (camels) drink at pleasure. 5 ^j1 
Luxui'iant (life). ^\'j 

Plenty, abundance. *^Cj 

Plentiftil, abundant. jo]\ 

To tie (a kid) j J>^jjMj i o Jj^ -«- 

by the neck. 
To throw a. o. into (an affau'). j s — 
To embellish speech. ^SifeOI j/j 

To hang a. th. on the neck, a jj'^: 
He was caught in a snare.:jJC9. J J^'j{ 
To be implicated in a ,j'\ j — 

Noose. Snare. ^'Jj Vj 

Loop tJ^iJ,.> tjVijIj JiJ, 5r *2;j,j <kj 

of a rope. 
Beast caught in a noose. xLi^ 

Bread and grease. tity" 

To mix a. th. To a ^J3 o liij 3 -J^ 

make (a soup). 
To throw a. o. into mire. » — 

To be entangled in an i[&Jj & •Jo.j 

To. be mixed, confused. 'ilCjIj «ii^jlj 

To be intricate (business). 

for the fourth of the produce. 
To enter its fourth year (sheep) ; ^ jl 

its fifth (horse, oxen); its seventh 

(camel). To be in the spring. To go 

TO water on the fourth day. To be 

four in number. 
To have the quartan ague. ^ji 

To sit cross-legged. u-j^' i? « > 
To be fattened. To feed on ^lob ~ 

grass (horse). 
To spend the spring ^ fSj -^j ^j[ 

in (a place). 
To heap up (sand). To rise A.-^i 

Abode. House. ^'Jij f.\jj^j f.yj ^ j^'j 

Spi'ing-encampment. Bier. 
Fourth part. Measure f,i;jl ^ f\j 

of 3. 63 gallons. 
Watering of camels every fourth ^j^ 

Camel born in the f.Cj1j ^.Uj^ ^ ^j 

Quartan ague. ^" Jl JJ. 

Middle-sized (man). 
Gallop. Distance of a I'ace. <ij3 

<■ Fourth of a measure. :C^j 

Ranunculus^ golden-cup t^j -^ 


FoUl'th. ^.U3j Cj\*>Sj ^ Sij.O Jk ;u Ij 

■<f- Noontide, broad light. ji^Sl xiji^ 
Well-being. ^.i'j 

Good state. Habit. Authority. '*£-\ij^ 

Toothless (beast). 
Two teeth near the 

Composed of four ; four and four, ^b j 
Quadriliteral ; four cubits high. '&\j'j 
Spring. Autumn. ^\,,j j Xi;. j1 ^".^^^j 
Spring-herbage ; spring-rain; water- 
spring, source. -^ Farmer, partner. 
Share of water. »Uj j1 5- ~ 

Fourth part. Aj-k~ 

Luxuriant spring. ^,13 ;^3j yj3 ^3 
Name of the jr-i\ ;^.3_, jyvi ^3 

third and fourth month of the Ara- 
bian year. Autumn and spring. 
Hoopoe (bird). ^k^'j?'' 


( T 

Ten thousand, myriad, ol^'j, ^ ''.y-^. 
Hill. fi^jj «^jj 

Asthma. Loud breathing, 'ijj'i ^ ^'3 
Relations, family. Root of the iii ji 


Lobster, prawn, squill. <j^.'j\ 

Chrysantemum^ corn- o^.'j\ j'^. 

Usurer. .v'S' 

/f- Preserves, confections. CjCJ"^ ^ Jt^^ 
To stammer. C; J3 b.Cjj -^ 

To make a. o. to stammer 5 'oj^ 

Impediment of speech. xjj 

Stammerer. -oj ^ 'Cj j. ojl 

Chief. Prince. Cj^'jj d^j -r Oj 

Swine, boar. o>j ?- ~ 

To tighten (a knot). a i^j a 'tj -^ 
To strangle a.'o. 5 — 

To walk with short steps CXjj — 

To stammer, to stutter. c/Jij ^ 

To be fast, fixed, wi^'j ^.yj o *Jij -S- 
To stand up (in Qjjjj Cjj ^ v^J 

To fasten a. th. To put in A ^'j 

order. To organise. -^ To assign (a 

To stand up (man). To be ^'J\ 

reduced to beggary. 
To be fast ; set in order. ^/Js 

■<f- It results from it. jllt ^j'Ji 

Difficulty. Prominence of ground ; ^j 

rocks. Measure of the four fingers 

close together. Space between the 

third and the little finger extended. 
Step of stairs. Rank, ^j ^ wj 

dignity. ■<>■ Ritual. Religious service. 
Earth. Unmovable thing, wj^j sSJi 
Bad slave. Perpetuity. ^>j; 

They came all together. ih'J Ij iG- 
■fy Pension, pay. ^y-j sJj)xi «• viO 
Religious services. Offices. t_4Uj 

Look out. High rank. ^Xj" -r *rV* 

■it- Platform. Bench covered with 

a mattress. 
To lock (a door). A ^jlj , ^3 r-5j ^ 
To begin to walk (child). OV;j — 
To be impeded in speech, ^'j a t-jj 

I To struggle in (a snare). To be j — 
! impeded in (speech). To trudge in 
j (mire). 

1 Implicated in ixh'j^) •^■cJ.'jj '^.j.j '^.'> 
I an affair. 
Mire. Dates and butter. *^^^j 

To multiply. To have y^'j i o Jjj ^ 

many children, flocks. 
To produce autumnal Ji.'S^j JiJ 

plants (land). 
To be fleshy. To eat. to seek for jf'J 

autumnal plants. To become green 

in autumn (land). To hunt. 
To be plentiful (goods). Jpjl 

Autumnal shrubs, herbage.J_^'j ^ jjj 
Flesh of the thighs. cJ^.j -r ^.jj ^'^.'j 
Pulicaria, kind of flea-bane. Jij 

Audacious thief iUjj j, J-<3 

Moistness. Fatness. Depression. jJUj 

Fatness, fleshiness. '^^.JJ ^'^.'j 

Luxurious life. J^^ *^jj 

Daring (brigand). Fe- J-jC 3 «• Jt-lJL 

rocious (lion). Infirm (old man). Tall 

and creeping plant. 
Ground abounding with J\j^ 

autumnal trees, shrubs. 
To give a pledge. a c('Ji ~ C(j -H- 

To be the captain of a ship. c^'y 

Ship-captain. <^'.^.j -r '«i^J.> i^^.J 

Earnest, pledge. oOJL) Oji'Jj oy.j 

To increase ^ji'jj ''^J, o C j -^ 

To ascend (a hill). A — 

To grow u3j ''<ij ^3j,^%jj ^y.J ~ 

up. To be educated (child). 
To swell from fear or run- {y/j — 

ning (horse). To be out of breath. 
To foster (a A j J iXjij , 'x^.'J S.'j 

child). To make preserves. 
To lend to a. 0. upon ts 'stJly* ^Xj 

usury. To fondle a. 0. 
To practice usury. To exceed Jiji 

the measure. 
To increase a. th. To give 5j A — 

hope to. 
Usury, unlawful profit. S.j^ 

Favour, merit. 'C'j 

Hill. .v'-'J ft *=i'3j,ti-JJ ^.'j T ''y.J 


( T 

To set (speech) in order. To fi> jjj 

read correctly. -^ To sing hymns. 
To speak slowly.- ^^feJI J J^J 

Good order, ^^'lliteness of the Jj3 

teeth. Fine speech. 
Elegant (discourse). Jij 

Elegant. Stammerer. j^j] 

^ Hymn, sacred song. j^Ji^ ^ jJl^ 
Phalangium, veno- CjI3>Cjj r- '"^'j 

mous spider. Phalangium (plant). 

•<► Tarentula. 
To break (the nose). A C^j i ^j -S- 

To cPush a. th. 
To bft bi'ought up (in a tribe). j — 
He did not utter a single j;;il6v ^^j U 

To twist (a thread) ^jl.j ^j Ji'J) 

round o.'s finger. 
He is still ^;, \\ \'S» jt Cjjj'j Jij \» 

minding the atfair. 
Genista, broom-plant. Esparto, ^3 

mat-weed. Water-bag filled. Road. 

Low speaking. Shame. 
Thread^lTj J v',^jj ^ <^,jj,j^j «• *i-"j 

tied to a fingei- for reminding. 
Pine-resin. ^yOj t^Sj P 

To tie up. To loose a 1333 Ij j -i^ 

a. th. To hearten a. o. To draw 

up (a bucket) gently. 
To step. Uj 

To make a sign ^.^b IjJ^J O'J - 

with the head. 
To join a. th. to. jl, fi> — 

To mend a. th. fit jjj j ^3 <>■ 

Step. Moment. Hill. 5^73 

lo be ojlj , *-JjC)j V\jji viij "^ 

threadbare (garment). 
To wear out (clothes). /b ojl 

To ba brought out of a battle ^Jj' 

Old clothes ; rags. oUj_ 9. Cijj 

Old furniture. Cj^j,j cJji, «• I'j, 

Rabble. Foolish woman. 
Shabby. Wounded man oIjj, »r wi^ 3 

To cool (anger). To have '\jj a Uj -ft- 

a disease of the shoulder (camel). 
To curd (milk). To strike a. 0. ?_, A — 
To mis a. th. with. uj A — 

i To be full of eggs (hen). To 


\>'yj a ^j -ft- 

overrun (waves). To be good (har- 
vest). To fall incessantly (snow). To 
be barren (year). 
To be impe- jc <^,J^\_) ?^fjjlj ijj jl 

ded in (speech). 
Without egress (road). In store ^j 

Large gate having a 

Rock. Narrow-pass. 
Narrow roads. 
To be diluted (flour, 

To settle in (a place^ 
To desistfrom. 

To have their d-^jj ^Jfjj 'Ui'j&^j-^ 
fill (cattle). To find pastm-ages. To 
enjoy a luxuriant life (man). 
To have good pasture (land). To ^j1 

send forth pasturage (land). 
To let (cattle) pasture freely. 5 — 
Plenty, abundance. *ijj 

Pastu- cyi\jj f.Jijj fiji rJji t.^j, fr r^j 
ring freely (cattle). Leading an easy 
life (rnan). 
Crowd of people. ^Cjl 

Place of plenty. Pastu- ;Ji3> ^ ^,'ji 

To close A ( opp to j3 ) iiJ3 o Jij -fr 
up, to sew up (a rent) ; to reconcile 
He has restored their business.^^sis^^j 
I To be repaired. J^Jl 

I Two garments sewed by the jUj_ 
j borders. 

I He is the supreme J'S'jb j3UJI 'j» 
I ruler [lit : he rends and mends). 
' To run \?^jj (S3jj ^'j i o ■iXi'j -»- 

with short steps (camel). 

i To di'ive (a camel) quickly. j iaj 

I To laugh coldly. il>iii!l — 

I Litharge. ic^i 

Red, gold litharge. J^'i dc^ 

White, silver litharge. "' ^^^ — 

To be set in order. To '^'j a J53 -ft- 

' have white and even teeth. 

Pain in the joints. Wickedness. ;^j 

Dirge, p\'Jf ^ ii^ji -^j i^^'j "^.j^ 

To shake a. th. »> lV3 o ^3 -tt- 

To hinder a. o. from. jt. i — 

To quake Vob V}j ,^'j trJJ i^J 

(earth). To be in commotion (sea). 

To be confused (speech) To quiver 

Bustle of (people). Rumbling zij 

(thunder). -^ Shock, trembling. 
Lean (sheep). Weak (people). ^if.j 
To be disturbed (man). To ^^3 -«• 

quiver (fle.«h). 
To waver, to be shaken. ■!rj»-f> 

A certain medicine. ■r^'j^J 

Numerous army in a *»l^j a^^T 

state of commotion. 
Remainder of foul water. *^jrj, 

Nuraei'ous party in war. Spittle. 

To be near to bring Wjl — \>j ^ 

forth (she-earael). To be disappoin- 
ted (hunter). 
To put ofifa (business). fit — 

To be j» iSj a w>-3j,V?-J o ^j ^ 

ashamed of. To fear a. 0. 

To i ^j\j ^jj,'>-^/jj,(i.^4'jJ ^fj ~ 

regard with awe ; to honour a. o. 
To prop (a palm-branch). A ^*3 

To be awed, frightened. ^^y 

>^^i-jj ^j^-'J ^^fJ^J v^*-'' '^ 'r^-' 
Seventh Arabian month. 

Prop for palm-trees. Trap, snare.xlij 
Joints of the fingers. ^a. |j3 ^ "Cy- 13 
Intestines. V^VJ1 

To weigh \>.^jj (i'^j i a n-ij -Ji- 
down (scale). To preponderate (opi- 
To outweigh a. th. fi> j s — 

To weigh a. th. with the j^jo a — 

To be grave, sedate, '*>-^ ~ 

To give an excess of J rt?- jb ^j 

weight to (a buyer). 
To weigh down (a scale), fi, ^jf'Jij — 
To prefer (an opinion) to. Jt * {n»3 
To make a. th. to outweigh. 

( "(r-r ) ^^J 

31-3 To thicken (milk). UJjl j \j'J\ 

I To be confused (man, affair). ^sJ'J. 
To drink (sour milk). » — 

Want of intelligence. •ii,3 

Disease of the shoulder in camels. sl"3 
Sour milk mixed with fresh. :uJ3 
To heap up jfc -i^uh . 'J^'3 jo'3 -H- 

To be turbid aijjlj,i:J3 a. jjj 

(water). To be disturbed (man). 
To I'each moist ground by jjjl 

digging. To stay in a place. 
Party of travellers tarrying.jjjj j Jj 
Old furniture. Rubbish. ->^Vjj -^'j 

Weak people. 
Generous man. Lion. oj^/i 

To be very covetous. C.j3 a A J * 

Covetous man. 
To be continuous 

rain). To ^jl ■«■ 

be loosened (hairj. To be weak and 

To crush (the nose). To A CJ3 i Ji'j ^ 

perfume (her nose : woman). 
To have a white '^j'j.Oj a Ji'j 

spot on tlie nose (horse). 
White spot on the nose of xSj3 ^3 

a horse. 
Fine rain. ^Jj^ ^ -cjj 

White- ^j ^ .1^73 J, ^3b,*i43 >• j,ij 

spotted on the nose [horse). 
Bloody. Bleeding (nose). j>Jjh jtttj 

Watered land. **/_3^ «j^j' 

Intermittent drops of j\jj — jj -^ 

Land watered by i'J'^'j S-^'* u^J^ 

intermittent rain 

To eulogise (a dead s ^i'y'j i^'jh 
person). To compose an elegy. To 
keep (a tradition) by heart. 
To relate a. th. ^ A ijjj i Jj 

about a. 0. 
To pity a. 0. J — 

Deplorable thing. *i i^Oi'^'^Jr^-' 

To feel pains in the joints. Jt3 a J,3 
To recite the elegy of a. 0. s J'Jj Jj 
Hired female mourner. SjC3j «'LJ3 


They are iu confusion. 

( rri ') 

o'f'JJ '*^,j^i ^.yj ^JrfJ i f^'j * 
To return. To have re- ^\ i[i»jj 

course to. 
To retui'n : to retract (a word), j — 
To have a beneficial eft'ect <^ — 

upon a. 0. (food, advice). 
To desist from. To amend jc ^j 

To send back Jl^ 5 ^'y'J ^' 3 i ~ 

a. o. to. 
To give (an answer). To repeat » — 

a. th. 
To i*eii?ove a. th. from. o«- * ~ 

To drav7 back the r4jJ,^J i ^J 

forefeet in walking (beast). 
To repeat a prayer). ^ f^J 

To send back a. 0. To repeat, Aj 5 — 

to retrace a. th. To return a. th. 
To resort to a. 0. To re- Aj S f.^\j 

turn to. 
To repeat a. th. to. To have a 5 — 

a conference with a. o. upon. 
To stretch the hand backwards. ^^ j1 

To return to a former condition. 
To bring back a. 0. To * j s ^ j1 

return a, th. 
To give back a. th. bought. To fi> — 

prosper a. o.'s (business : God). 
To buy (a she-camel) ? f^i'Jj ^ijl 

with the price of another. 
To return together (divorced ^f 1^7 

people). To retui-n by degrees. To 

To claim, to get back a. th. * ;oOtll 
Answer, o\^jj o^>j j t-^j. -^ yr'j 

reply. Sound of footsteps. Rain. Pool 

of water. Profit. <>■ Echo. 
Return. Resurrec- ^j ^ x^j 

tion. Reply. •<>■ Receipt. Reaction. 
■^ Second harvest of fruit. ju>-j 

Answer ^j>-jj ^jj o^^^^jj ^^j 

(to a letter). 

Return. ■(>• Recourse, resort. 
•Woman returning ;«>,>Jj 

to her family. ■<>■ Ship-yai'd. 
Dung. Repeated (word). ^j ^ ^^j 

Jaded (camel). Repaired (clothes). 

Sweat. Heated again (dish). Cud. 

To weigh o.'s self with a. 0. ■& t^)j 

To swing with a. 0. 
To swing (see-saw). To prepon-;r;>^ 

derate (opinion). To waver (man). 
To swing on (a see-saw) J ^i^jl 

Filled (vessels ). Heavy (squadrons^^'j 

of cavalry). 
Excess of weight. o^^'j 

Outweighing (scale). Preferable r-^\j 

Swing of rope. *>^jj <>^j 


To incline. To shake. To 1,9-j>j\ ^ 

fade away. 
To carry sheaves to iSUj, o j^j ^ 

the floor. 
To quiver, to Jis-jlj -^,JJ,'^3 -4: J 

To recite, to J-ij^j , \j>-j o J>-j -S- 

compose verses jfj- 
To rumble (sea, thun- _^,j\j ^'y 

der). To move heavily (cloud). 
To vie with a. 0. in reciting ji-^'y 

verses j>.'j. 
Filth. Idolatry. Punishment. j>jj jalj^ 
Short metre of poetry. Trembling j^ 3 

of the knees in camels. -^ Wrath. 
Camel-litter for women. « jW-j, 

Affected with trembhng • lj» 3 ^ j>j^ 

Piece of poetry on a j^\'J\ -^ Sjj* jl 

short metre j^J . 
To groan (camel). Cal^ o ^^j ^ 

To rumble (thunder). 
To sound the depth of a ^_^ •J\j — 

To prevent a. o. from. ^t S i — 

To be filthy. I-lU^i ^»3j , a ^?;3 

To commit foul deeds. 
To be .shaken (building). To .j-^'X 

thunder (sky). 
Crime. Unbelief. Punish- ;_'v>jj ^>j 

Filth. u-'»yi -r u-^/jj a-^jj u-?-Jl 

Roaring (sea). Thundering ^-^3 

Stone for sounding a well. tr^>Jr* 

Narcissus (flower). o^i^-Jij^/J 

ck^ '■■' 

' paper. Misfortune. Army. Preceden- 

ce. Time. 
Filagn. lion's foot ( phuU).jJL'i\ ^j -^ 
Arum^ friar's cowl {plant). ;^l — -^ 
Alriplex, oroche [plant), il^i j>.j, 
Anchusa^ pigeon's foot <j;iiijl j>'j 

Chameinelum. hen's o:ii.a)lj^j 

foot {plant). 
Layopas, hare's ioot{plant).^'}i\ jij^ 
Lotus ornithopodus. <-j'S^'-> f''^" "" 
bird's foot trefoil ( plant). 
0)-nithopodus, bird's foot (pin.).j_^iii)l— 
Glcchoma. groond-ivy. 'JaSlI — 

Corona pus. ijiiJIj jjjjj^J J-^' ~ 

crow's foot {plant). 
Podopk)/Uum, duck's foot ; 3^)1 — 

(dangerous plant). 
De/^^mm/n, lark's spuv {pla.).XJ^[^2\ — 
Rigel, ^>iiii '\j'j^\ ^jj jt^}\ jij^ 

fixed star in the left foot of Oi-io. 

Star in the right foot ^'^\ *'j>?»'' ~ 

of Orio. 

Garden purslain. jij ^ :a»'j^ 

Vigour in walking. j'b." jj *Vj, 

Man. (o/j/^. xVjj Ji?-j, ^r Ji*j, -^J >3 
^0 woman). Perfect. Vigorous. Hus- 
Manlike woman, virago. iiai^ 

Set fi'ee with his mother j^jj j>.j 

Somewhat curly (hair). J>-jj — 

Having curly hair. Ji>3j Jb-jl ^ Jf j 

Pedestrian, on foot. o>W- jj 


White-spotted on one ^y^jj Wj 

foot (beast). Hard ground. 
Foot-pas- J^3j JVjj JW-j ^rO^V^j 


Foot- J:j> I3b JfXjh *V. J^ :r J::?:3 

passenger, pedestrian. 
Good walker, Ju^j JW-jj J-ij^r- 

W^hite-.spotted ji^ ^ .^^i^) ^ Jfj'' 

on one foot. Large-footed. 
Hunters. J::>,OVI 

I Return. Lower part 

■^ Resort. 

^ f^^y 

» - 


of the shoulder 
Answer to a f^\y> ^ •^yi.'yj f.yi-'y> 

loCto.jj Ci^jj Cuijj ^j-0 ^*>3 "^ 
quake (earth). To rumble ^thunder). 
To prepare for war. To tremble (old 
man> To be restless. 

To stir a. th. 

To spread alarming news. 

To quake (earth). 

To engage in a. th. 

To be moved. To tremble. 

To shake (the head). a> 

Shock. Earthquake. 

Shivering fever. 

First blast of the trumpet on 
the last day. 

Rough sea. Day of resurrec- 
tion. Kind of run. 

Alarming, false news. ^Jt^\'J\ . 

To let (a female) » !>^3 o J» j -ft- 

suckle her young. To suck (his mo- 
ther : young). To tie a. o. by the feet. 

To go foot. To have y^j a J*. 3 

a white-spotted foot ( horse ). To 
ba curly (hair). To be set free with 
his mother (young beast). 

To comfort a. o. 2f j» j 

To comb (the hair). a — 

To let go a. o. on foot. To 2^ J* j^ 
grant a respite to a. o. To let (a 
young one) free with his mother. 

To alight ( rider). To be manlike jf^ 
(woman). To be advanced (day). 

To go down (a well) t? j * ~ 

without I'ope. 

To cook a. th. in a kettle. fit J?^3l 
To go at a middling pace (horse). 
To extemporise 'a speech). 

To tie (a beast) by the foot : to » — 
seize a. o.'s foot. 

To follow o.'s own opinion. *i'l3i~ 

Walking on foot. ISIan. j^j 

Foot. Hind-leg j^'jl ^ _^l, -^j jJ-x 
of beast.?. 

Sea-gulf. j9tpi J»j!^ 

Part, portion. Swarm of Ji^3l -r ~ 
locusts. Large troop of beasts. Blank 




n:i J -ft- 
Flat-soled '^j\ 

To be unable to speak. JLc j>-j 

To hope a. th. * ^*7Jlj j^J^j ^j 

To put a side to (a well). To * ^>j1 

miss (game). • 

To be near to bring forth 

To fear a. 0. -^ To beg a. 0. 
Hope. Fear. -^ Request. 
Side. Country. 'U-jl ^ 

The two sides of a well. 
What is hoped. 
What is put off. 
Width of a hoof. 
Wide-hoofed (mule). 

To speak obscurely. 
To protect a. 0. 
Broad (foot). d\>-y>-'j) -r^jy-'j j 7-3*3 

Wide and shallow (vessel). 
Easy life. ^l3'-3 J^^ 

<iS»-jj \^j o ^^'j J ,\^'j a •-->3 "^ 
To b3 wide (place). 
To enlarge (a house). * ^>3 

To greet, to welcome a. o. 
To be wide, spacious. ^>3'' 

To clear, to enlarge (a place). .* — 
Make room, clear the ,^3"b w^9-3°l 

To become wide, to be easy. .^Kj 
Broad, spacious. i_jG>-3j vc=;3j >— »-3 
Long-minded ; generous, ya.2a)l w>3 

Able, mightx. Generous. 9\'j^\ w^3 
Ampleness. *j'i-3.> v-'-J 

Welcome, be at ease. ^'jS^j dLi C>"3 
The broadest rib of the breast. '^l.'j 

Wide 5'pace. Brands on camels. Cul- 
tivated groimd. Court. Bed of panic- 

Extended borders. ^JU-j 

Wider. Name of a tribe, and ,_,i j1 
of a stallion. 

Welcome. i_jV>l? 

Welcome. Be at C^[,*j "^i-^j 5^1 

ease, at home. 

White spot on a horse's foot. J^/Jj 

Smallage (herb). Js^-'^^ 

Variegated (garment). Lea- J»S^ 
ving traces of wings on the sand (lo- 
custs). Combed. 
Copper caldron. Comb, js- \^i ^ i}>-'yt 
To cast stones at. s C^j o ^j -S- 
To stone a. o, to death. To curse, 
to revile a. 0. To expel a. o. 
To put a stone on a (tomb). »> — 

To speak conjecturally. ^liJlj >>3j ~ 

■tf- To practice magical stoning. 
To throw stones at o. a. 2<^i3 

To contend with a. 0. in (words), j 5 — 
To protect a. 0. ^ — 

To thi'ow stones at o. another. ^I_y 
To be heaped (stones). j^A 

Tombstone. Heap ^Uj j ^> j ^ lW3 

of stones. Den of a hyena. 
Missile. Conjecture. j'j^-'j t j^J 

Friend, -if- Magical stoning. 
Grave. Well. Oven. j^'^j, -tt j^'j 

Shooting stars. Tombstones. ^j 
Stone for cleansing a well. Sto- j^i-^ 

ne-work around a well. 
The two cross-beams of a uW.>-x 

Stoned. The accursed one, Satan. ^,^3 
Strong, Battering (horse). Sling.^^^ 
Doubtful (news). Vf^S' 

Foul speech. j^^Sj" 

To i_) Ci^jo o?^3j,a o>:3j ,0 cii-'j '^ 
remain in. To be familiar to (beast). 

To keep i ^^% ^jj , U9I3 o o?3 
(a beast) in the stable. To be asha- 
med of. 

To be rancid (butter). cj^'A 

To be intricate (business). le. — 

To abide in. »_, — 

Deadly poison. 

Troop, party. 


To be in commotion 

U?-3 i *^3 ^ 

To seize with (the teeth). ,_, — 

To put off a. th. ii> *»'3*i 

eQ-^*J ''WjJ '^i-JJ ^y!" J J '^?'3 \>-j -^ 

To hope foi". To fear a. 0. j_j A 

■<>• To beseech a. 0. 
To remain silent. (>j a >.' 

To have mercy upon o. a. ^\'j 

To implore the mercy of. » >i-ln-ll. 
Womb. Blood- j.UJl ^ v^jj jj-j. 

Mercy, pi ty . ^'ji > 'j j j;;^ 3 

Mecca. >^^"j ^J O*! 

Disease of the womb. ^G-j 

Merciful. 'Vi»-j ?- j»^3j ^.s^i 3 

The All-merciful (God). _^_)\iAC^j\\ 
It is better to cj^i^i-j o* -6* '^^* 3 

be feai-ed than to be pitied {prov.). 
The Most Merciful (God), oj^ (_^!1 _^'Ji 
Mercy, pity. Favour. ^* \y> ^ X^'j' 
■if Deceased, late. j^^'J' 

F. Medina {town). Favoured X'^i^^^ 
•^ Deceased. 
To coil jr'jj , C>3 i Sjj , 'S*3 o C9.3 -^ 

To turn (an arm-mill). -^ To A> — 

grind (wheat). 
Hand- x:^j1j ^-jj ^\>.% ^^'J\ ^Jj 

mill. Thick of a fight. Troop of ca- 
mels. Chief of a tribe. Spinage. Mol- 

lar tooth. Foot of a camel. 
To tread a. th. under a U.3 o ^3 ^ 

To mix (wine) with water, a \i.'j i '^j 
To excel in. J '^'J\ 

To be remiss (man) ; soft '^j\ 

(dough). To be confused (advice). 
Castle (at chess). ^Uj ^ "^-^J, -r ?-J 

Fabulous bird, -if- Condor. 
Easy (life). Soft ground. -J-^ \^'j ^ ^u.3 
To be weak-hearted, lax ■rj>-'j "^ 

Horse's-saddle. •<>■ Ca- o-i'i - .=-i-'i P 

To ba stirred. 
To be disturbed. 

( Yrv ) 

i-ip-J 7r <— >J 

Bustle, stir. 

To abate (price). 

To be tender, sup- 

To lower (the pri- 
ce) of. 

To give licence, to 
allow a. o. to. 

To purchase a. th. 
cheap. To find a. 

tra»jb t/a> 3 

J J 


Idol in Hadramout. 

To wash * j^'Jh , Ufl> 3 a J 

T(j, sweat after fever. 
To be disgraced (man). 
Abundant Fweat of fever. j»b.j_j 
Mallet for hneii. J^-'-Sy -r- 

a>3 ^ 

th. to be cheap. 

Washing-tub. Water-closet. 
Strong and pure wine, j^/jj Jb-j -fr 
J»>'j , ^G-jj >L_s»3j >^3 a Js^j * 
To remove, to depart from.^ Ji^jlj 
To saddle, to ride (a 5 J»wjlj J>3 

To strike a. 0. with (a v ^ J="3 

I submitted to him ^.i; i) c.'l>3 

To send, to drive a. 0. away, j ji3 
To h-lp a. 0. in going away. ^ jiQ 
To have beasto for I'iding. To jai j1 

become strong (camel). 
To mount a. 0. To train camels s — 

for riding. 
To embark in (an aifair). 4^ J>.jjl, 
To ask a. 0. to saddle a 5 j>JiL\ 

beast. To ask a beast for riding. 
To lower o.'s self before a. 0. 5 * — 
Camel's saddle. Jt>-j^ ^ J> j1 ^ J>3 

Stage. Dwelling. Luggage. 
Journey. Aim of a journey. ■<>■ Di- u^j 

ary, journey-book. 
Emigration. JG-.5JU J~;-3j *i>J!. 

Camel tit for a journey. Rachel. j^3 
Beast for riding. J=r'j3 !r *i^0 

Leather horse-saddle. JJ V>3 ^ *5li-j^ 
Saddler. Great traveller. JG.3 

Travelling much. iJb.3 ^r J'^3 

Fit to be saddled (camel). HjLjj J^3 
White-backed (horse). J»-3'i 

Stage. One day's J^'S^ !r *'i^^* 

journey. -^ Station of the way of the 

Trainer, owner of camels. ^,'j^ 

To forgive, to have mercy on. 

To ^jj , X'^Ks-jj ij-'j o ^»3j ,^3 

die after childbirth (woman). 
To express pity for jt. ^ij j ^3 

a. ; to say God have mercy on him ! 

To loose a. th. To let down (a A — 
curtain). To let go ( a beast) at lei- 
sure. To lay (anchor). To let run 
To loosen o.'s turban i. e. To i> i;.p — 

lead a quiet life. 
To loose (the I'eins) to (a J j 5 — 

To sprinkle a fine rain (sky), ^y} 

To be slack, lazy. 
To remove from. ^ — 

To remit ; to be remiss. ^J^\j J^^j\ 
His circumstances ha- ijii. *j ^^J'^\ 

ve become easy. 
Easiness of life. 'ii.3 

Looseness. Remissness. »\ilrt_ll^j o'^x 
Light breeze. 'U-j 

Soft, ^jj >-j,J ^»3j V"-3-> ,-r\'j 

lax. Remiss. 
Free from cai'es. JC.!I 'j-'j 

Loosened (curtain). 'ti",Ol t *ciJ' 

Running quickly. ^\'j!> ^ ^^y, 

^ A J J lijilr^J l^>J l^j o S3 -«■ 
To drive a. 0. back. To avert a. th. 

•^ He went to sleep again. ^U i^ 

To refute ; to discard a. 0. ;b j 5 — 

To shut (a door). 
To refuse a. th. to a. o. is- * — 

To restore a. th. to. To return (a 

salutation) to a. o. 
To return an answer to. Ji^ ^ui^f ij 
To send a. 0. back to. To ^\ s — 

restore a. th. to a former state. 

•^ To convei't a. o. to (God). 
To reuder a. 0. or a. th. » »j s s — 

such or such. 
It will be of no profit uli, ^u. -y_^ v 

to thee. 
To repel forcibly a. 0. A j s i'ij 

or a. th. 
To repeat a. th. To recall to fit iSj 

mind, to reciprocate a. th. To re- 
echo a. th. 
To give back a. th. to a. o. a > 'i\j 
To dispute with a. o. To A j 5 — 

rescind (a sale) with. 
To rage (sea). To swell with yj\ 


To find a. th. Hj >b ^i.'j~\^\ j ,jaoC'j\ 

to be cheap. <>- To ask leave of. 
Cheapness. i/»>J 

Indulgence of God. Shai-e of k^L'j 
water. •> Leave, permission. 
Fresh, tendei-. <>• Plenty, ^isi^ j>^j 
Cheap. Quick (death). i>»-» 3 

•tf- Pi'oxy. Delegate. u^S' 

To become soft (dough).L»,i.'jj $iV'>j 
To soften (paste). fi> ^i.'J\ 

Softness of the paste. Aiijj ili.j_jwii.j 
Soft butter, cream. 06- j, ^r ^j 

Soft paste. Dye. 
Soft butter, soft stone. oV>j^ ^ HLj 

She-lamb. oy^xj J^jj 

Fosterer of she-lambs. J»^^ 

To be iilij >>-jj ,Cij ^j -j^ 

sweet, melodious (voice). 
To be gentle, sweet-voi- 's/JGi-j ^"j 

ced (girl). 

To .sit upon her eggs (hen). jt 

To pet, to s '"Cj-jj Ci-3 a ^ij 

play with (her chUd : mother). To 

pity a. 0. 
To curtail (a word). -^ To fi> ^3 

marble a. th. To soften (the voice). 
To make (a hen) to sit upon her 5 — 

Meekness. Vultur {un. "C^i-j ) ^j 

pcrcnopterus. white carrion-vulture. 
Thick milk. Sympathy. ^3 

Marble. Alabaster. y'i-j 

Zizyphus lotus, kind of lote- x^lij 

Gentle breeze. Piece of marble, i/lij 
Melodious (voice). Soft ( cushion ).^i. 3 
White-headed ^'3 ^ •lii3 >• v^ j^ 

and black-bodied (horse). 
Male vulture. ^'Vj j'j»-jcj -^j^ J 

To be soft, remiss. 

To t\ ji-jj,a. ^^jj,2iJ^jj,o\i-j 

lead an easy life. 
To soften a. th. To loosen * ji'3 

(a knot). To remove a. th. 
To run swiftly (horse). ^'Ji 

Heavily laden (army). Fat ^ij ^ ^Wj 
( woman ). Overburdened ( camel ). 
Fertile (land). Fat-tailed (ram). Se- 
rious (riot). Large bowl. 
Trap for hyenas. ii*\>x) A>\ij 

Green-grocer. ^»- Vj 

To bruise a. th. To fi> tij a .^Vj ^ 

fi'acture (the skull). 
To cast i tr-iljj , ^"'^J ^ w'^J * 

stones at a. o. 
To beat (the soil). To j* i o o^'^J 

break (a stone). 
To take a. th. away. i_) ^^3 

To fall from (a place). ^a ^%j 

Stone-beatei", stone- u-l'^^-^j a-'^'j'' 
hammer. Stone for sounding a well. 
Lith irge. r.I.>,lV.A P 

To restrain, to ^ s Gtij a f.yj -ft- 

turn away a. o. from. 
To rivet a nail. jU-L,.!!, 

To dye, to stain a. th. with. l. 
To be altered in colour. 
To break iu hitting the butt 

To refrain , to be repelled fi'om. 
To be stained, dyed with. 
Neck. Salii'Ou. Saffron or blood- 
Shirt stained with saffion. <^^\j 

Shme, mire. ^.I^j 

Hut f>i' hunting hyenas. Xpl'ij 

Headless (arrow). 9.i>j ^_^j 

Balked. Lazy sailor. p,V,/i 

To be muddy (soil). j^ij'i - j^^j a^ 

To sink in mire, f^'-^^j[ 

Mire, p.Gj,j ^.Yjj ^.'^j ^ Zi^jj Xi-Vj 
thick mud. 
J J a >Jjj j\j , a uiijj , Ciij ijij -a- 
To follow a. 0. 

To supply (a king). To bear a ^i\j 
two (riders : beast). -^ To be synony- 
mous with another (word). 
To mount a. o. behind. 
To follow 0. a. To help o. a. 
To ride on the same beast 
synonymous (words). 
To attack the rear of (the 

j A - 

To be 

To be removed. To repeat. ^yj 

•<► To go frequently to. Ji. — 

To falter in (speech). j ^'^\'jj — 

They have rescinded the sale^i iSlj 
He retraced his steps. a-Sp Jc a)jl 
He was coiiverted to God. *T3 Jl. — 
To forsake a. th. To apostati- ^ — 

se from. 
To claim a. th. back from. ;b j< %/\^[ 
To claim, to take back (a gift). * — 
Restitution. Requital. Answer. Sj 

Productive land. Impediment of 

speech. Spurious (coin). 
Bad thing. ij -^ 

Stay, refuge. 'ij 

Deformity. Echo. •> Rubbish ; Sij 

bran. Burden of a song. 
Profit, usefulness. Si^'-j eVj 

Apostasy. sSj^ 

Dislike, aversion. Fre- i^^j.j ^'^3 

quentation of a place. 
Angry. Swollen (sea). 'i\yi ^ i_^ 

Having swollen udders (ewe). Long 

remote from his wife (man). 
Razor. Divorced (woman). SijS^ 

To strengthen a. o. fi^j a Isij a lij "^ 

To stay (a wall). To take care of 

(camels) cleverly. 
To be vicious, bad. s^lij o 'jij 

To commit a bad action. liji 

To a.ssist a. o. To quiet a. o. 3 — 

To corrupt a. th. To stay (a A — 

wall). To let down (a veil). 
Help ; helper. Matter. Heavy load..ij 
Wicked, bad. -Ur'^b 'C;^j^ t 'J^'j 
To treat a. o. gently.? Si>J —^>j -^ 
Blind alley. vjij 

Measure for corn, of >-jiO'i ?- V^->1 

about 5 bushels and a half. Canal. 
Sink-hole. Baked bricks. yiji. 

To walk step by step. Cjii-ij o tt^J ^ 
Black leather. Black dye. -^oijl 

To be steady in affairs. \^ij a ^Vj -tt- 
To plaster (a house) with » ^ijj — 

mud. To let down (a curtain), g To 
- bully a. 0. 

Long space of time. ^ij 

Hinder-curtain of a tent. Spa- ;iaj 

cious square. 

To enlarge (a house). A — 

To become foremost amongst oSj 

o/s people. 
Strong, steadfast. a^j 

Hollow in a a%jj o^ijj «ij ^ 1*5 j 
stony ground. Rock in water. Snow- 
water. Large building. 
To beat the ground CGi^j CiJ ' '^'^J '^ 
in running (horse). To limp (crow). 
To hop (child). To increase (flock). 
To disappear. To fall down. 
To break a. th. To knock a. 0. ij ^ 

To osceed (an age). 
To strike a. th. with (a 

To fall in (a pit). 
To perish. 

To throw a. 0, in ja pit).i y ^jijlj i^Sj 
To blandish, to entice a. 0. s ^s'i^j 
To protect a. o. with stones. .& — 
To destroy a. 0. To start (a 5 ^jijl 

To wrap o.'s self in a 

Cloak. Sword. Bow. 

Mind. Ignorance. Debt. 
Bountiful benefactor. 
Little burdened by debts 

or family. 
Wrapper, loose outer-garment. sMij 
Rock. ^Sj ^ i\'ij 

Lost, ruined. ■C:^^ ^ ^j 

Cloak. She-camel. ii_^; ^ sli^;. 

Stone for battering ^lyi ^ t?Sj^ 

rocks. Waist-wrapper. PI. Legs of 

horses, camels, elephants. 
Dauntless warrior. «r!!A" ^S'^'y 

Pole for 'jp,\y, ^ ^j a, ^j y i^ 

propelling a boat. 
To drizzle (sky), 'ijbj'ii'ij "ij ^ 

i_j Aj 5' — 
«^S3 a ^i>j 

To leak (bucket). To flow 



Drizzle. Little wealth. 


Drizzling day. 


• ^'A 

Ground watered by {'ij^y-j 



a fine rain. 

To be 'HiVji ilfij a J^jj 



corrupt, vile, ignoble. 

To disapprove A j 5 J'ijij ,\ 



c no oj 

To aisk a. 0. to ride behind y jiln_ll. 

Riding bahind. Result, ol'ijl j- "J^J 

Supplier of a king. Buttocks. 
The day and the night. ofsi^l 

Croup of a beast. ^\Sj _j ^jij 

Temporary vice-royalty. jliij 

Riding behind. Bright olij, ^ ^ij^j 

star in Cygnus. In opposition (star). 

•<>■ Reserve army. 
Ridiog behind. Auxi- [s. pi. ) iiij 

liary troops. 
->■ Swan. Jj>0^ :r >J^J^ 

Synonymous (word). ^il^^i 

To block (a door). A C>ij i ^ij -Ji- 

To twang (a bow). 
To flow (liquid). C. i^ — 

To be continuous (fever, yyjj — 

clouds). To become green again 

To mend (clothes). a j-^Jj ^^3 

To be patched (clothes). To be yij 

protracted (quarrel). 
To interfere in the affair of. i — 

Rubbish of buildings. Twang J^'j 

of a bow. 
^^'ort!lless man. >l'J'3f j A^'ji j>:>j 
Worn out (garment). j,Vj t^'^j 

Skilful sailor. oy:>'J\ ^ ^ij'l 

Patched place. >.iln>» 

To spin (woman). •<>• To Uij 1 o'ij ^ 

purr (cat). 
To set (furniture) in order. a — 
To make (fire) to smoke. a i — 

To be wrinkled (skin). ij^j a cifj 

To put cuffs to (a shii't). a o^jb oVj 
To continue (fever). o^jl 

To make a spindle for o.'s self. om'A 
Cuff of a sleeve. olijl ^r oVj 

Clinking of weapons. o'ij 

Spun thread. Silk-cloth. Satfron. o3>3 
Yellowish red. -J ^13 _,;j! '1 

Spear. ~ ' -^^j 

The Jordan (river). Drowsiness. oSjl 
Spindle. ^^I^ ^ oV,? 

Obscure. Stinking (sweat). o5^ 

To be weak, tired. i'ij3j OJjj -«■ 

To pelt (stones) ^j y lii^ a ei3 -ft- 

at a. 0. 

T'.* / - > 

o3; (Tl 

(part of his property). j 

To obtain a. th. fin s ijj/j''j Oj a bj ! 

from a. o. 
He has not obtained the 

least thing from him. 
He is a bountiful man. 
To diminish, to deci'ease 
Great misfortune. 
Wrong, damage, xljjj ^'fj t ^ J. J 

Deprived of her best Cjj\*jj'' -r ^jlt'' 

men (tribe). Generous. 
To stick to (a ?j A CVj o t-jJJ "^ 

Bulky. Strong. Short. V3Jl 

Iron-bar.i_,j 1^ ^ <jjj^j i? j^j, <tjj[ 
Pipe, sewer. Large ^^jj^^ ir v'X' 

Satrap of Persia. *')j\y' -r oUji^* P 
Of rice of a satrap. *j3^' P 

To fall down v^ljj; '^j'jj a r-jj -S- 

from fatigue (she-camel). To fall 

To spear a. o. with. 
To be in a bad state. 
To overfatigue (a beast). 
To pick up fallen grapes. 

<_j S Gi-Jj a ^ jj "^ 

Overworked, ^j\jj_} ^j'j) 

jaded (camels). 
Prop of a vine. 
To thrust a. o. 

with (a spear), 
Row of men, ti'ees. J^jj 3^jj 
To set in order. To dispose.^ Jijj <• 

Blackness. Rui-al district. 

To knock down a. o. jf ^,33 a 

To be muddy (ground). ^'j'J\ — ^jj -«- 

To be scanty (water). To bring 

moisture (wind). To reach moist 

earth by digging. 
To delude, to beguile a. o. j- ^.jlj 

To soak (the earth : rain). To jj fi> — 

despise, to shame a. o. 
Thin mud. Mire. ^\'jj j ^'jj ^ ~Sjj 
To groan jjjb Sjjj , Cu j. j i Jjj -«• 


a. 0. To render abject, -tf- To cast off. 
To commit impure, foul deed.s. J ij\ 

To have corrupt companions. 
To reject coins. fi> ^ \jj]\ y — 

To say or commit gross Jiij; -^ 

words, actions. 
To look as vile, abject. ft> j i J'i'jt^l, 

Ignoble. Wicked, filthy. 

Baseness, wickedness, tui'pitude. Ji i^ 

Refuse, waste. c/ifij 9- ^'I'^J 

Vice, abjection. Jl'ij ?r 'Aij^J 

Corrupt, abject, o^'ijb J?0'' !r S':>'J\ 

Rubbish, ^^'orse. 
^yjs. j'^jj.Cj^^^jj C»i3 '0 >«ij "i^ 
To overflow (vessel). j>'ijb 

To exceed (a number). it ^ij"! 

Rags. Disbanded party. ^ij 

Overflowing (vessel). ^'ij_, J-,j ^ ^j'ij 
Small ti'oop. oC«ij 

To be exhausted. aji'ij a j)>j -ir 

Exhausted by disease. si'ij ^ ^ij 

Jaded. Weak. 
To lay eggs (lo- 'jj]j , |-J3 i o jj -«■ 

cust). To resound (rain). 
To stab a. o. a — 

To put a staple to (a lock). fi> — 

To stick a. th. into. 4 ^ ~ 

To smooth (paper). To faci- * jj'j 

litate (an affair). 
To stick into a. th. (arrow). j yj[ 
To shrink from giving sJlliJI jup — 

Rice. ( for jj\ ) jj 

Sound from afar. Rum- jj_ j j j'jj 

bling of thunder- Gurgling of the 

belly. Grumbling of a stallion. 
Staple, hinge. j\'jjj oi j3 ?r cjj 

Lead. jij3 

Rice-merchant. j\j'j 

Shudder. Stabbing. Small hail. ^ J jl. 

Food prepared with rice. j'jji ^Uk 

Glazed (paper). 
To shake a. th. To poise a jjjj -M- 

(a load). 

To strip a. 0. of ^ s Sj'j^j .v'j'j a 

To weigh a. th. with A Cjj ouj3 "^ 

the hand. 
To stop ia (a place). uj — 

To be heavy. To be sedate. xJij^ o o'j'j 
To be the companion, Mend 5 ojO 
of a. 0. 

To be cool, staid in (manners), j o jl?' 
To be situated (moua- oj\j 

Upland retaining oOj,.? ^JJJ ?r ojj 

Swampy ground. oljj, ?r *^jj, 

Sedateaess. Sound judgment. ^JijJ 
Heavy. Grave, sedate. ccj/j 

Grave (woman). 01 jj 

Hard tree used for making stieks.^jjl 
Fennel {plant). r-'CjJj P 

^.nise [plant). jXL — 

Mural aperture, dormer.:tJj)3j ^jjj P 
Year-book, calendar. xi" \}j/j P 

•^ Roll of accoants. 
To receive a gift from. ? Gj_3 i jjj ^ 
To repair to ; to rely upon a. 0.5 j'j'Ji 
To sink ''a well). To fi> L.j Ir'j -^ 

inquire about (news). To scrutinise. 

To conceal. To bury (the dead). 
To make psace between. To ^;; — 

set (people) at variance. 
To begin (an affair) with a. 0. j ^ i^\j 
To divulge (secrets) to 0. a. * 'u-O' 
To spread (news). ^VJi 

Beginning. First touch ^Uj^ ^ '^j 

of fever. Old well. 
Firm (column). ;^3 

Long cap. -iZ^'Jj Cj 

Firm. Prudent. Groundless ^^-i_j 

news. Light (wind). Forerunner of 

love, fever. 
Glue, paste. cr-'^i- -^j t.-'>"-j, ° 

To be sunk C^jj Uy^j ^'j ^ 

(eyes). To settle ( dregs). 
To precipitate (substance). ^_Jlj -^ 
To settle, to be precipitated ^^j -^ 

Sunk in the wound ^yi.jj .^j) ._^j 

Sediment, precipitate. <~r^^J3 k^—O 

Forbearing, steady (man). 
Misfortune. _-Lj') 

tT ■) 


IS — 

I To go quickly (she-camel). ojj 

I To be frightened away. ojjij — 

To draw near to. Jl^ uijjb ~ 

To urge on (a she-camel). j S'jj\ 

I To grant suste- 5 a CJjj Sjj ^ 

I nance to a. 0. (God). 
To thank a. 0. 

j To be blessed with children. 
They were disbanded, i-outed 
To receive victuals (soldiers). 
To ask a livelihood fi'om. s 3jJ\^\ 
Substance. Gift of God. Jljjl ^ Jjj, 
Allowance of soldiers. Rain. Gain 
imhoped for. 
<>■ Livelihood, sustenance. 3'jJ\ Ud, 
Estate, farm. cJijj, 5- ^^jx "<* 

Pi. Military supplies, stores. cGJj 
The Supplier, the Fosterer (God). jij3 
Weak. Wine. Long-berried 'J j,0 

grapes. White lily. 
Garment of white flax. W^ine< 
Lucky, prosperous, blessed. 
To die. C»J3 o j^'Jj ^ 

To seize a. th. To beget a. o. ^ — 

To kneel upon (an adversary). ip — 
To cleave to the C»\jjj C«jjj i o — 

I ground (jaded camel). 
To be cold (winter). iiJ3 — 

! To bundle, to pack up a. th. A C»j3 — 
To make a bundle of (clothes), a ^ j^ 
To remain long (in doors). A ^j'j 

I To make purchases (in a market). 
To pick up (things). ojj — 

j To eat various sorts of food.^cik;!) J — 

I To rumble (thunder). To groan yj^\ 

] (she-camel). To gurgle (bowels). 
To be angered. ^'JJI 

Parcel, bundle. <>• Ream ^jj, tt **jj, 

of paper. 
Meal sufficient for one day. j/ijj 

Cry of (a child, she-camel). iijj 

Exhausted, ema- ^ijj j i/jj 5- >«J,'3 

ciated (camel). 
Harsh and stubborn man.^ijj 7- j^ij 
Roaring (lion). j,\jj 

Band of a parcel. Bellatrix, yjj^ 

star in Orio. 
North wind. yjy>^ J\ 


C Tir ) 

To use (a word) without res- Sjf^ — 

trictiou. To start (a horse). 
To despatch a. o. to. Jl v-^ ^ ~ 

To forsake a. o. oju ^t » — 

To empower (a devil) ovei- ip 5 — 

(man : God). 
He made a proverb of y^A 'Sji ^^]\ 

his words. 
To act gently. To be slow in. Jj-tj 
To correspond together. J-^0' 

To hang down ; to be jx Ln-L I 

lank (hair). 
To act familiarly, kindly with. Ji — 
To speak to great length. j — 

Gentle (pace). Gentle- i'LL'j j> J^j 

paced (camel). Loose (hair). 
Gentle -paced (she-camel). Lazi- xLl.3 

ness. Easy (life). Hairy in the legs 

(she-cainel). Lank (hair). 
Gentleness. Milk. jjLj 

Foot, leg of a camel. JC-j ^ J-lj 
Company of men. Herd JCyi ^ jSj 

of camels. 
The two shoulders. Two veins 0SL.13 

of the shoulders. 
Message. Letter. oVUj, ^ ;JU-j_ 

Epistle. Mission. Apostleship. 
Female vulture. TiCj '^t 

■<► The Epistles of the Apo.^tles.jjvi,^!! 
•<>• Sub-deacon. IV'^-^J tr^ 

'"^■^jj J-^jb J-^jj jZj ^ Jj^j 
Messenger. Envoy. Apostle. 
Apostolic. 'i^j-^j 

Messenger. j_LJij jj^'jj .>L,j ^ j^^j 

Envoy. Horse started in a race. 

Wide. Stallion. Sweet water. 
Long necklace of 

Pi. The winds. The angels. c»>i~^> 

The horses. 
Easy-paced (camel). J~-l^ ^ Jl:^ 

Short arrow. -^ Messenger. 
Loosened, pendent (hair). j^lr^li 
To erase (traces : fit C-iJ o ^j ^ 

rain). To leave traces. To write, to 

sketch a. th. ^ To establish ( a 

To assign (a pay) to. is. — 

To prescribe a. th. to. J ^ j /* — 

-3 a 'n.— J "^ 

OyV*** >^ 5^ Ati-^j^ 

I To be well oil. 

I To be emaciated in 

the thighs. 

Wolf. Emacia- ^i'j ^ 'U-lj ^ ^j\ 

ted in the thighs. 
Hall. Theatre. rt-'y* ^ -r^'j" ^ 

To be firm. To be U>-lj o ^il-j "^ 

rooted (science). To be dessicated 

(torrent). To be absorbed (rain). 
To fasten a. th. into. j A ^^'J\ 

■^ To impress a. th. on the mind. 
Deeply versed in science. Ju5l j ■k-;\j 
Antimony. Native cinnabar. z^iJLVj P 
To stick together (eye- CjLj a /«-^j -^ 

lids). To be relaxed (limbs). 
To put upon (a child) amulets ^ — 

against the eye. 
To have the eyelids ^3.>,^j a ;»— 3 

stuck together. 
Disease of the eyelids. ^3 

Plaited thongs of a belt.;iJ_C«3 «■ *^'^'j 
Having diseased ^j ^ 'XnL'j ^ fSj\ 

To tie (a beast) by j» C;J-j a r^'j * 

the pastern. 
To soak the earth (rain). ^j 

To render (life) easy. To arran- fit — 

ge (a discourse). 
To seize a. 0. by the ankle 5 A-^0 

To expend much upon o.'s it r^A 

Pastern- !^j^j f-^j^ tt A—J' r-^j 

joint. In-step: carpus of man. 
Rope tied to the pastern. 
Copious (meal). Easy (life). 
To OU-ljj \ji^ji U— 3 i o 

walk like a shackled man. 
To drive a (beast) in shackles.js ^j^^'Js 
To be slow-pa- *1U3j >^-^3 a J-:.j -»■ 

ced (camel). To be lank, long (hair). 
To read correctly, e'Aj:&\ 3 jlj 


To feed (a young with milk.^j^3 
To interchange ^j jtj j s jJLIj 

letters with a. 0. To alternate with 

a. o. in work. 
To have numerous flocks ; J-^ j' 

abundance of milk. 

-3 -J^ 


( Til ) 


Steadfast io good oi" evil. Pole 
of a tent. 

tionless ; fixed, tinn. 
Port, anchorage. ,w'\y' 

He stopped, he remained, i'^ 
The cloud stood li^r'O^ *;^^ 

stiU and poured down rain. 
Anchor. .i^O-* "^ "^S^'jt "^j sC^* 

To sprinkle j.j\j , iiXi^'Jj h.'j o IP-j -^ 

a fine rain (sky). 
To sprinkle '^ water, blood). A ipj 

To sprinkle ( cloth : dyer). To wash 

a. th -^ To sprinkle salt, flour. 
To spirt blood (wound). 'j.j\ 

To make (a horse) to sweat, ftj s — 

To spirtle (ink : pen). 
To b3 sprinkled. J-i-j' 

Sprinkling rain. Painful jxt^j ^ ip'j 

Scattered drops. 
Powder for the eye. 
Sprinkler. jii_,^ ^ is^^ 

To be loose. <► To sprinkle. J'jL'j -^ 
Dry and soft (bread). jXjiSji J-'j^-j 
To bring forth (gazelle). li,3 a \z.j -^ 
Fawn able to walk. .Ci,*/! ^ \Xj 

Dry cocoa-nut used as a ladle.:clij -j:}- 
Mud on the upper pai't of a w-i-lj,? 


To sweat (body). To ooze (water). 

To leak (vessel). 
To leap briskly (gazelle). (>jJ.j a — 
He has not given him -^t, U -rS'j^ J 

To lick (her young : gazelle). ■& ^J,'j 

To tend (a flock) well. To foster (a 

plant: rain). To rear (a child). 

■^ To prepare a. o. for an office. 
To bring up ( a child). J j 5 — 

To be able to walk (fawn). To -^Sj' 

ooze (vessel ). To grow (plant). -^ To 

have a rheum. 
To be prepared for (an office). J — 
To grow (grass). r--lXll, 

Moisture, sweat. -^ Rheum. ^_i,j 

Able to walk (fawn). ^|j3 ^ - ^0 

Reptile. Mountain oozing at its base. 

U— -3 ■" 

^z-/j i- 

^ To oi'dain a cler- j ;> Llj 

To leave footprints 

( camel ). 
To walk at a vehement 

pace (camel). 
To stamp (cloth). To dri- y^ ^ ^^j 

ve (a camel) at a quick pace. 
To consider the site (of a * ^^'j 

ho.ise). To plan a. th. To read (ver- 
ses) attentively. To i-ecoHect a. th. 
To comply with (an order). j^'jK 

■fy- To be ordained (clergyman). 
To invoke, to praise God. ^ — 

Trace, impress. ^j'j ^jLj ^ j^^^'j 

Sketch, scheme. Custom. Order. 

<■ Ceremony. Tax. 
To the address of auch a ^^ ^'j 

Heavy tread of a j^y,i jrtr^'jj j^'j 

Leaving traces on the ground, ^j-lj 

Walking day and night (camel). 
-^ Custom-house duties. cM^'j 

Seal, stamp on clay. ^>^0 

<► FuU uniform. l<^'-i j^^ 

■(f- Regularly. Officially. " U.-^3 
Mark, stamp. Misfor- j,^^/j ■^ ^jj 

Camels treading heavily. ^,— U3 

Letter. j^'^^'j^J jrcr^'^j'' ?r J'y^J^ 

■^ Order, prescription. 

To make, a o-^'->^J ■'^'■^ o \ ^'j ^ 

to put a halter on (a horse). 
Enula helenium, elecampane. ^^Sj P 
Halter, head- uC'Jj ^Jj*l ^ cr'J 

Nose of a horse : nose ,^^\j^ t cj^'j" 

of man. 
In spite of him. ^j'" J^-'j ^ 

To be still, firm. l\-Ljj \'^l'j o 113 * 

To lay at anchor, to moor (ship). 
To relate oiJ^I ^ iJ A 0-3 — 

part of a tradition to a. o. 
To retrace a tradition to. ^ A ~- 
To make peace between. cru — 

To vie with a. o. in swimming. ■& L,i3 
To be firm, steadfast. fCJl ^^:'j\ 

To anchor (a ship). x — 

Swift-shooting (bow). jXj 

Shooting of an arrow. jCiji -^ jl^j^ 
Scratching of a pen. ji,j j ji,j 

Slender (youth). j£j ^ jl.jj j^j 

Klegant (style). Swift (arrow). 
Slendei'nass. Elegance Oi style. sJCij^ 
To seal (wlieat,*^jlj X-i-j o ^ij -^ 

a vessel). i>- To make the sign of the 

<• To christen (a child ) privately. » — 

To halter (a horse). 
To write. ^JJ ~ 

To crave f<ir food at C-i-j a .^-j 

its sineil. 
To flash (lightning). To shoot ^j1 

forth leaves (tree). To see and eat 

up young shoots (gazelle). 
Seal apposed on a store- ^jj vi-j 
room, a vessel. 

Ornamented halter. *ii-j 

Young shoot. Black spot on a ^3 

hyena's face. Mark of rain. ■<>■ Halter. 
Tablet used for sealing, ^'/jj ^jz!.\j 
Spotted. Greedy. White-nosed ^£j\ 

To intrude at CjXjj Ci,j ^3 ^ 

dinner (spunger). 
To put the head in (a vessel : dog), j — 
Shai'e of water. ^jj ^ij 

Parasite, spunger. Gratuity ^z^\j 

given to an apprentice. 
Small window, dormer.^|j3 ^ ^jj P 
Centaarca ojanus. blue-bottle oCi-l?' 

To give a bribe to a. o. s [^j Cij ^ 
To bribe a. o. To help a. 0. s ^^rS\j 
To put a rope to (a 5 j A ^^J\ 

bucket). To excite (a young beast) 

to suckle. 
To thrust a sword at. j 
To blandish a. o. 
To receive bribes ( judge) 
To ask for a bribe. 

Briba. ^^j^^Jr^j -r oytoJ 'j^XJ 'j-^J 

Rope, bucket-rope. :li,ji ^ «lij 

PL Tendrils of plants. Small stars 

in Pisces. 
Agallock {(il'int). 

C rt© ) 

^4 lS^jI 

Sweat. 1 

More quick-witted. iSl-y 

Saddle-felt. ;iii,^;j 

Candidate. -^ Having a rheum. ^.i.'J' 
\'jS j a J^jj , liCi.3 i Uij o ai.j -tt- 
To be well directed ; to be orthodox. 
To direct a. 0. to.Jj icj Jl. i oi- jij j<£'j 
4- To become of age (child). -xi j1 
To be in the right way to. j jj^jii.\ 
To ask direction from a. 0. 5 — 

Straightforwardness. -^jj •>^j 

Direction. -^ Majority of a child. 
To become of age. ilxi^ >iJ 

La-svful mari'iage, s^i- j, j Sai-j 

Nasturtium^ cress. iCi^" "t-* 

Nasturtium Niloticum. j,Ci\ iCi-j 
Lunaria pnrviflora or |[jL>JI iCi^^l — 

saviynya u^'ji/ptiaca. 
Nasturtium deserti. /ia- :>ijl iii,j — 

plianus lyratus or enarthrocarpus. 
The Director (God). Orthodox 0,^,3 

(caliph). Ro.setta, town of Egypt. 
Female rat. Ji-l3 'j^\ 

Direction. -<>• Spiritual instruc- >\i.'j\ 

The right ways ; the straight Jd^y> 

a wji- jj , i_iCi^ J u^i j_j Ui- J o i wii. J -{^ 
To sip, to suck a. th. a Cuij^ Cilj 

To empty (a vessel). 

To suck A ^ijjj ^^'Jj ^L'J\j -izlj 

in a. th. 
Small quantity of water in a yjtL'j 

Sucker. -^ Pi. Lips. wii-i_,> ^ wJii.^ 
To throw (a ^ ? (2X3 o jX^ -ll- 

missile) at. 
To cast the looks on a. 0. ojiJlj 5 — 
To wound a. 0. by words. o\— UV; ? — 
To be slender-waisted. iJlij Ji-'j 

elegant, nimble (youth;. 
To walk with a. 0. ^ jil^ 

To throw (missiles) 

at one another. 
To .shoot an arrow. To stretch 

the neck (gazelle 

J-J- \Jj , ^ J^O 


To cast a glance at. 

(i.j ^ ;li,j To pursue (an affair; sharply, j 


Waiting for. 
Militai'y post. 

•^ Obsei'vatoi'j. 
Look out. High road. ^^j'^ 

To slap a. o. i uj>j a ^^j -ft- 

To wound a. 0. with (aspear).j^jlj — 
To grind (grain) between » r^'j\j — 

To stop in (a place). i_j ^jj>'j — 

To stick, to cj ;.isl^jl J , Ct-tfij a ^^j 

adhere to. 
To be fragrant -with (perfumes).ij ^j 
To sei: (gems). To weave A ;i.^j 

a. th. To build a nest (bird). 
To string (pearls) in (a neck- ^fi> — 

lace). To inlay a. th. with (gems). 
To be inlaid with gems. To be ^^^j 

To tread, to copulate (sparrows). ^^.^Ij 
To be close together (teeth). ^'j\. 
Knot of a bridle. Or- ^iaj ^ *-c-^j 

namental saddle-ring.Wheat groimd 

and cooked with butter. 
Penetrating ^j ^ -U-aj ^ ^^'J\ 

To make (a pier, fi> C»J»3 o ._i^j -S- 

a stonework). To join (the feet) in 

It does not suit thee. iL; ^i^'^' V 

To be strong, compact. isCaj o ^iJ>S 
To mix (a beverage) with wi^jl 

lo stand in ^^"jlj >Jio1_?^ tJLi?^ 

compact ranks (army) ; to be com- 
pact (stone- work, teeth). 
Stone- ( un. iLcij ) ^U>j_ ^ wi-^j 

work in a stream. Dam. Sinew fas- 
tening aa arrow-head. 
Rock-water. U-s^l 'U 

Steadfastness ; con.s- x.»jJ>'jj J_»U>j 

Massive (work). Com- oCoj^ ^ <-*~*j 

petitor. Tendon of a horse. -^ Quay. 

Causeway, embankment. 
Hammer. *.jCo^> 

Having compact teeth. oll.^VI «-i^^-» 
To complete a. th. * CL^j o ^-aj "^ 

To brand a (beast). 

C Tt-V ) 


Complete thy benefits : lislX;^ j3jJ1 ^1 
lit : add a rope to the bucket (prov.). 

God J^ifjh y^J^^J Ji^^J^ '^^ Cr-J 

curse the giver, the receiver and the 

agent of a bribe ! 
To make (a ^ a^^'j} , Ujj o Cr»j -ft- 

building) compact. To stack (stones). 

To set her eggs for brooding (hen). 

•^ To dress ( a table). To crush 

(olives). To set (pawns). 
To overlay (a vessel) with A ^-«3 

lead. To draw (her veil) up to her 

eyes (woman). 
To be compactly set (stones). ^^J 
To close theii' ranks ( warriors ).^|j 
■^ Pier, mole. x^j 

Lead. u^^j_ -^j cr'^'j 

•^ Lead-shot, bullet. (w?i.)x-aU»j 
Lead-coloured. '^s^o^(^aJ 

Heap of eggs. Veil di'awn up ~,ja^j 

to the eyes. 
Having the teeth y>'j ^ -tsj ^« Cr»j'l 

close together. 
To strengthen (a A a*l)«i>3 "^^ 

building). •<>• To fill (a tooth) with 

To remain in (a place). j — 

NaiTOw in ^.^j ^ 'W.^j j. •r.^js ^ 

the hips. 
To lay in ?_, a Io^jj U^j o j.^j ^ 

wait for. To watch a. th.-^To observe 

(the stars). To enchant (a treasure). 
To balance (an account). ^ j^j 

He pre- jj^Jb j\ \^ j] llni iJ -ui jlj — 

pared evil or good to him. 
To be soaked by a shower j^'j 

To spy, to watch a. o. 5 -usO 

To set a. o. on the look out. ? j^'j\ 

To requite a. o. 
To watch one another. -uaO 

To watch a. th. A j^j\j jusjp 

■^ Balance of an account. a^«»j_j juaj 

Shower. ^Usj, rr oJ^j 

Pit-faU for wild beasts. Ring sXij 

of a sword. 
Small quantity of fodder.iCajl ^ j^'j 

Rain. Look out. -^ Talisman, spell. 
Lion. Lying in wait, j^jj j^^j ^ j^\j 

To break and eat (bread). To ^^'J 

doubt about (rumours). 
To shoot arrows at one anotliei'.^^l'; 

He has a foreign 

Doubtful rumours. 
Paltry gift. 
To set things in 

To be set in order. 

A \j,:o'j o jUjj ^ 

*^^J,J ^"-''JJ U.i?j i ;w?jj , a r^'j "S" 
To suck (the bi'east). To s \s.\^jj 

seek a gift from a. o. 
To be ignoble, it Ujj o fJ>j j , a r^j 
■^ To suckle (a child). s r^'j 

To give (a child) i (tiaj j i-il^i ^-il3 
to a wet-nurse. To suck with (a fos- 
To suckle (a child). s ^^'J\ 

To nurse at the breast (womaD)..::JLij'l 
To suck her own teats (goat), f^'ji 
To seek (a nurse). s ^in^[ 

To ask (a woman) to suckle (a ^ 5 — 
■ (child). 

Meanness. Small palm-trees. f^^j 

Sucking the breast. f.tajj ^j ^ f^\j 

Ignoble. Beggar. 
Milk-teeth. ^^\jj ^ :UoO 

Nursling. Foster- ^^ ^ ^\j ^^3 
brother. Vile. 

se, nursing woman. 
To roast (meat). a ui>3 ' ^-^3 -M- 

To brand (a beast ).To warm (water) 

with hot stones. 
Red hot stone. ( un. xU)j "" " ' ' 



•ui-^jj ^jijusj ^ Kt-aj 

He is disquieted, anxious. 
Brand made with wi-bjj oU 

hot stones. 
Surname given to srG*" oU-ij 

four dauntless Arabian tribes. 
Hot stone ; meat .J^^/^j wi.-3j 

roasted on heated stones. 
To walk heavily (beast, C_i,j i^j -S- 

old man). 
To build (a house) with huge A — 

stones. To till (the earth). 

To abuse a. o. in words. 5ill4» i — 
To be compact (ar- ^Coj o ^-^ 3 

inour). To be sedate (mind). 
To know a. th. tho- *J^ * ,^.^3 

To complete ; to consolidate. fi> ^j1 
Lycopodium., club-moss (plant), ^^j 
Grave, staid in gait, words. ;;Vo3 

Grave, sedate. Suffering. Oi^j 

Mindful of, serviceable to. ^ j^^'j 
Iron for branding cattle. o^ir* 

To!idate a. th./b 1^3 o Uc-j -fr 
To settle in (a place). ^ ^\] 

To s J A jp'j:oji , ja^ji , U>3 o iji93 "^ 

break a. th. coarsely. To contuse. 
I am heart-broken. \S->S c^Ja'j 

To be heavy. To I'un fast. 'ja'Jx 

To make (.sweat) to flow (fatigue). A — 
To be broken. To 

be bruised. 
To be broken. 
Dates stoned and 

soaked in milk. 
Fi-agments of broken things. j^Ujj 
Beater, mallet. Fleshy man. \i'y 

Pebbly ground. 
Small pebbles. 1.^13^3 

To fall (shower,. To Ci,3 o i_.-i3 ^ 

lay down (sheep). 
To suck in (saliva). A ^^'J j — 

Kind of lote-tree. ( un. "CjoVj ) ._.^\'j 

Sucked saliva. Particle of <J^'j 

sugar, musk, snow. Hail. Froth. 
To crush (date- * 1^6^,3 a -rJa'j ^ 

To be broken (fi-uit-stones). t^^'j 
To decline a. th. To ex- ^ <7iJiTjl^ 

cuse o.'s self for. 
Crashed date-stones. !n..-i?3j*^3 
Stone for crushing date-stones. -rCi>^^ 
To crush (the head A ^iJs'j 1 a -rJsj -S- 

of a snake). 
To butt (buck). -;k^3 

To make a paltry *)> ^^ J *ki>3 — 

gift to. 
■^ He acknowleged truth, j^^ ■^Jsj 
To give a. th. reluctantly. fi>'kS>\j 
To cast stones at a. 0. f — 

To speak o.'a mind \S>'j a s-^3 

right or wrong. 
To wet (cloth). A v^jb wJ»j 

•^ To cool (the blood : drink). A ^'j 
To have fresh dates (palm-tree), ^jl 
To be wetted, moistened. ^\,'J 

Moist. Tender '■J^j, t vr%JJ 'r^-J 

(branch). Delicate (youthj. 
Green plants, fresh herbage. yj^'j 

Green trefoil. v^J, t *-^JJ v^J 

»_;Q»j.j uj^jl ^ ( un. x.\i'j ) v-.t J 
Fresh and ripe dates. 
Fresh aess of (a plant, fruit j. v^^J 
Dampness. Softness of body. v^J 
Full of green plants (ground). yJ^/J* 
Well of sweet water v^>" *^j 

among salt wells. 
■^ Refreshments. cA^'j' 

To slap a. o. 5 Ck^ i _pjij -«■ 

To be superposed upon jp '^'j\ 

a. th. (stones). 
To run (man). >itlj J^j "^ 

To poise in the hand. To A — 

anoint and comb (the hair). To let 

down (the hair). To weigh a. th. 
To sell by the rothl. s j^\j 

Weight of 5 Ihs. JCl» jl ,- Jk),J J^J 

in Sijria and of 15 3 4 oz. in 

Weak. Remiss (man;. Foolish, jkj 

Light, swift (mare). ^yj^j — 

To put a. 0. in a j C^'j o jjbj -^ 

To be costive (camel). ^j 
To remain silent. Ji^'j] 
To be intricate (business). To ^"U7Ji^ 

heap up. 
To fall in (mire, in a scrape). j — 
Intricate business. X^'j 

To 2 ^y ijj , J l'U,j J 7:\hj ^: -«- 

speak in a foreign tongue to. 
To .speak together in a fo- jy\'j' 

reign language. 
Numei'ous camels with Cjifjj '^\'hj 

their drivers. 
Unintelligible language. Jui j 

To abate (wind). \s.j %j * 

Lowest class of men ; ruffians. ^ij 

To throw a. 0. on the earth. y^jVl *j — 
Hage stones (un. x^.i>'j) j>iaj^j j^'j 

Stacked (building). ^^^^j j^'j 

To supplant a. 0. 5 \y^'j o Coj -S- 

(in favour). 
To be j^i jp oUs^j ^\y^'ji t^j a ^'j 

pleased with. To consent to. 
To prefer a. th. To jj uj j A ^'j 

be satisfied with. 

God be pleased with him ! ii^ ^1 ^'j 

j <■ For the sake of God. ,tX^s- Ja'J, «i| 

To be pleasant (life). ^'j 

\ To content a. 0. 5 ^j 

: To endeavour 2< ti'oj j sUjl_yJ ^^<^lJ 

j to please a. 0. To agree with. 

To satisfy a. 0. To con- 5 *U>jl. Ja'j\ 

tent a. 0. with a gift. 
To seek to please a. o. j ^1?' 

To be pleased with 0. a. <>■ To J'a\j 

reconcile. To come to terms. 
To agree on (a business). 

» - 

A J S 


To be pleased with. To 

approve of. 
To seek to please a. 0. s JalAJ^i 

To ask a. o. to satisfy o.'s self. 
Pleased. ;Q,j ^ J'\jj,Oj.^j ^ J^'j 

Approval. Consent. 

Man easily [m. f. s. p.) Jax J* j 

Satisfied. Responsible. -Uojl ^ 'i^j 

Lover. Obedient. 
Well-being, easy life. :CoO *^ 

Satisfaction. "C^'J; 

To be foolish. To shout 'y'j\ — 'i,j ^ 

To remain stiU in (a place). j — 

To hold a. 0. to be foolish. 5 'WjlL\ 
Foolishness. iuU^jj J»Uaj ^ i»J;j 

Shouts. Foolish. 
To be ^jlj sJaS'j i 'i^i'j o r^j ■»■ 

fresh and ripe (dates). 
To feed (cattle) 5 C_.fc'jj Clij o ^'j 

on fresh herbage. 
To feed a. 0. with fresh j w^l/jj — 


To be 'i\hjj aJj^j o k-J»jj .a ^%3 

Two-wattled (ewe). Long grapes, .|[i^3 
To flash in ■^J\j , bttj^ Gttj a r-^j ^ 

succession (lightning). 
To rentier a. o. wealthy (Ood). 5 — 
To disquiet a. 0. » v^j^j ~ 

To increase c^i'jb U^j a ■sft^j 

To become rich. rr-i-'J^ 

To tr.iiiible. To run high ( tor- ^-U^jl. 

To thunder (sky).iS^jj Qpj o a at'j ^ 
To threaten, to thunder j'jj js-j 

against a. 0. To deck and show her- 
self (woman). 
To threaten a. o. To strike ^ mj\j — 

a. 0. (terror). 
To be assailed by thunder. a* jl 

To be thunderstruck, frighteued. ac'J 
To quiver (sheep's tail). op^ 

To tremble from age or tear. jj3j[ 
His muscles quivered. i^JI^,* OJUjjl^ 

i. e. He was terror-stricken. 
Thunder. ^^.'j ^ jj.j 

Shudder, fright, fear. s^c; j %js.'j 

Silurus eledricus., o^^i x^cj^i iis-3 

Loquacious. "i'^^'ji i^j 

Thundering (cloud).jLPlj3 ^ satl^j i£.j 
Calamity. -^U^ll Oli 

To ask importunately. ijipj -5i- 

Cowardly. Delicate (womau). JkJ-k^j 

Food of starch and honey. 
To contract o.'s self jci^ — jcj -^ 

(man). To vituperate. 

Fine goat's 'Oe.!r'J ^^3^.!;'!^ J^> 

To tremble. To -walk C-t j a ^j ^ 

sluggishly (from fatigue). 
To nod the head (old man), a OC&j — 
To cause a shudder to a. 0. s ^j1 
To shudder. ^;7JI^ 

Nodding the head in slumber, u^^'j 
Tottering (camel). ^j^'^ 

J^'ijb , '^^'j a J^f:jj , Cts-'j a J.ij -^ 
To be startled, to shiver- 
To inspirit a. o. (war). s JSj\ 
To tremble from age (head). jLi;Jt 
Startle, panic. "ils-j 
Startled. Inspirited (warrior), jjc'^ 

\ ) ^j 

To be rippled (water). -^ To ^'J^'j -ft- 

be fresh, refreshed (man). 
To cause (plants) to grow (God).* — 

To ride (a horse) untrained. 
To grow (young man). To 9'ji-'y 

shake (tooth). 
Gi-acious. ^'j\s,'j ^ ^\'J.'ji ^^tjj ^^js-'j 

Inula arabica {/)la>it). ^^f*i pl^tj 

Youth from 10 to 12 years. ^_^'jM' 
To tremble with y^)j\j , Cij a v^c^ -Vr 

To coo (pigeon). w-pjj — 

To compose i-hyining prose. Ctj — 

To threaten. To make speUs. 
To fill (a vessel). To cut up (a A — 

camePs hump). 

To terrify a. o. 5 

Threat. Incantation, spell. ^Lj 

Rhyming prose. 
Terror, alarm. iitj ^ v*j -^^ w-f jj s^'j 
Coward. ojiil (_j^_,»j v^^j 

Charmer. Thi'eatener. i_/(cjj ^^\j 
Coward. Restless ^r^.\*j tt ^y^'j 

Delicate X\ys-'j) «--i-.tjj vjr^J "^JlW- 

Piece »_~;tl; cr <:::*■-?->. '.'i'.^'^J «• Hjf'^J 

of a camel's hump. 
To cut np (meat). To rend fi> jlLj -H- 

To be in tatters (garment). j:,lj 

Clothed in I'ags. Foolish ( woman). j^3 
Unsteady (wind). Jrr^r^Jj <K^'j 

Ragged jjj>3 ^yj , j^>j ^ il^ij^ 

To be A Qtj a c^jj , ^j a c^s-j -fr 

white in the wattles (cock). 
To bite a. th. (snake). A £pj a c-cj 
To wear ear-rings c-ijjb i-O 

Multicoloured tassels over ^jj cSj 

a litter. 
Pomegranate blossom. o^'yi\ d^j 

Cock's wattle. oVi-j, 5- *^3-> '^'^J 

Hanging lobe. Earring. 
Palm-spathe used for drin- ovipj ^ ~ 



t/j ( T 

To become mad. yS'j a Ji^'j 

To sprout forth (vine). jl3 

To walk in a file (cattle). To j^jtS[ 

lead the way. 

Clothes. Peak of a mountain. jij 

Male palm-tree. jtj 

Troop of j^ ]j\j Jfcjlj Jlij ^ Up^ 

horses. Palm-tree of bad quality. 

Ostrich. Family. Sprout. Melissa 

perennis. balm-plant. 

Mucus from the nose. JUj 

Bad dates. jtl3 

First blasts of winds. rr'k'J^ Js*0^ 

Advanced party of men, Jlij '^ J;^3 

Mad. Flaccid jp^ ^ .^;L^3 _;. jpjl 

Long-eared ; lop eared (ewe). -^Uj 
Dracunctdus, garden tarragon. Jjj-'j 
To observe (sunset), a Cj-j o ^j -ii- 

To watch a. th. 1 

To be lean^pjlj , ;;uj o JTjj, (a^cj a - j 
and glandered (ewe). I 

To wipe the mucus of (a sheep). S ^j 
Mucus of horses, ewes. Xi^'j\ ^ jk\s.j 
Soul. Glandered ewe. Lean. ^^j 

^jf-'j o J-'ji , Cp3 a o* JJ , <-^J o ^cj -fr 
To be careles.s, slack, fpolish. 
To affect the brain of 5 ts-'j a jtj 

a. 0. (sun). 
Peak of a mountain. cSs-xi o^J «■ o*J 
Darkness of the night. Strong. ^^Jtj 

Foolish, lax. Numerous -^Upj ^ ^s.']\ 

(army). Long-nosed. 
Bassorah (town). Renowned -up^ 

To amend, s^jj »>^jj lS^3 o U3 -il- 

to revert from error. 
To be converted from.^p «|^p jl^ ^s'y-A 
To pasture, it ^^.>j IjVpj j Cpj ^J'j^ 

to graze (the gi'ass). 
To tend (flocks). -<>• To itch (body). 5 — 
To tend (flocks) for a. o. ^ — 

To observe the setting of A jXj) — 

(the stars). To be mindful of. To 

keep (an order). 
To rule (his subjects : chief), xjipj^ — 
To show regard to a. 0. Aj 5 i.\'j 

' ^ ^^ 

Shaking the head from age j-J-'j 

Coward. ^ojl ^pj 

Swift (ostrich, she-camel). 'IIpj 

Rain torpedo, kind of cramp- <i,^3 


White pigeon. j-^'jh J-^'J 

Marash, town of Syria. J-^J" 

To drag ^ ^..^pJIj , Copj a ^i-'j ^ 

a. th. To gore and shake 'a dog : 

To coil, to roll up .j^'y^j ^'J> 



To rise (market). To flash 

(lightning). To quiver (lance). To be 

shaken (tree). To bound (kid). 
To break the a CJaij a Jip j -8- 

uotch of (an arrow). To notch (an 

To be bi'oken at its QaPj a iip 3 

j notch (arrow). 

j To slacken a. 0. To hurry jj a Jap3 
I a. 0. To move (the finger). To shake 

out (a peg). 
Notch, socket of an ^\s.'J\ ^ ^3 

To bleed Cilijj Cipj '■^'jj , a o i-ipj ^ 

from the nose. 
To outrun his competitors ^ a — 

He entered abruptly. ^ui ^j — 

To bleed (nose). Cip3 h Ss-j 

To press a. 0. To overfill Aj j ^opj! 

(a water-skin). 
To be ahead in a usln^^j ^iXl 

race (horse). 
To make (the foot) to A ^i.'Jij.[ 

bleed (stone). 

Hfemorrhage of the nose. ^ilpj 

Bleeding ( Ahead ^\jj ^ ^t.\j 

in a race ( horse). Mountain-peak. 

Tip of the nose. PL Spears. 

Stone left in a <Sjl'j\j aJjI\'^j >-iJ-h 

well for cleansing. 
Fine rains, >-J>t3 

Nose and the parts around it. ^1^ 
To spear a. 0. To ^j 2 y^j a J*3 -S- 
widen (a rent). 
To thrust a. 0. with. ^j 5 ^ji-'Jh — 

rest o.'s self; to be diligent in. 
To turn away from. o*- v^3 

To prefer a. th. before. ^c i^ — 

■•C.i-jj X^S'jj iff'jjisi^jj^i-jj ^J a w*3 
To pray, Jl^ CU^j 'j/-^'j} O^jj 

to ask humbly from a. o. 
To be covetous, glut- iS'j) \S'j o ^j 

To inspire to a. o. J 5 ^i-'S^j <J-'j 

tlie desire of. 
To expand (valley). wil^ 

Wide (road). ^^ j ^ ^'j 

Soft, absorbing (ground).* ^li^j wij 
Desire, wish. ■{>• Diligence. xX'_) 

Knot of a sandal thong. 'i^>^-:i^j 

Heavy. Gkitto- xji-x rr vi'^J ^ >— c^-J 

nous. Wide (valley). 
Object of desire. >J>^'j ?- "^/j 

Large gift. 
Covetousness. Means of sus- ^Xy 

To suck (his ts cJi'jSi , ^iij a cS'j ^ 

mother : kid ). 
To spear a. o. repeatedly. ■& c-^jlj — 
To exhaust o.'s wealth by gene- c^j 

rosity. To have a complaint of the 

To suckle ( her kid : goat ). ■& ^'Ji 
Pomegranate-blossom. ^J-j 

Vein of the breast. 'l»j 

Suckling (female). o>tj 

Place of the ring on the finger. cSy> 
To be 'sM'pj j^jj,\1xi.j a at j -K- 

ample and pleasant (life). 
To live luxuriantly. ai^jl 

To let (cattle) pasture freely. Aj s — 

To render (life) pleasant (God). 
To find life to be easy. j-i^\ ji'JC\ 
To be confused. To be mixed iipjl^ 

Leading an easy (»i. /'. i. pi.) ji'j 

Easy, luxuriant life. aijj jij iL^s-^ 
Boiled milk sprinkled with slutj 

Darnel-weed. 'l^i^j 

Wavering ; confnsed. ili-^ 

To give ifc i ^i'Jij , Cij a y-tj -«- 

(offspring, wealth) to a. o. (God). 

I To ponder over a. th. To pasture 
[ together (asses). 

I -^ He is grateful. Jcr?JI J-^'j 

•^ He shows regard. _r%t>JI ^>lj 

To abound in pastiu'e (land), ^j'lj — 
To listen to a. o. ^Ul s J^J\) tVj 
To pasture, to tend (Hocks). 2 i'J\ 
To spring up pasturage for fi>i — 

(cattle : God). 
To spare, to pity a. 0. 
To graze, to browse 

To ask a. o. to tend flocks. 
To call the attention of. 
Paslinaca saliva [plant). 
Verbena., vervain (plant). 
Tended flock. Subjects. 

<>■ Rayahs, non-Moslem subjects. Pa- 
Watch. Tending of cattle. -Ls-jj "Cs-j 
God keep thee safe ! dxj C.t3 

Mindfulness. ^S'^i-jj J'^i-jj \^j 

Camels pasturing near i^jtjj iS'S^'j 

Shepherd, -li; j nVj^ oCtjj sij ^ ^5.13 

Pastor. Ruler. Tame (beast). 
Star in the foot of Orio. ASy->i\ 
StsLV in Safjittariici. v'^*^' 

Kinds of locusts. jJVIj oC-li'l 
Scandix.) shepherd's needle; cl^i 

or : Geranium, crane's bill." 

Artemisia., mug-wort. 
Shepherd's-rod, kind of 

Pohjijonum., knot-grass. 
Shepherd's purse. 

Kind of yellow sparrow. 
Beginning of ^il!) 


manager of camels." 
Pastui'age, herbage. ^.i^; ^ ^c.^>; 

Ruled, tended. Regarded. ^yS 

To live in comfort. To drink ^^^'J -^ 

at leisure (camels). 
To J ^ifj\j,<^jj \Sji Cpj a ^ "^ 

wish a. th ; to long for. -if- To inte- 

To listen to. Jl, ^'j\i — 

To covet a. th. J ^'j 

To make a. o. to covet A 5 ^'Js 

a. th. To facilitate a. th. to. 
Evea and soft ground. Xiij 

Organ, ^ \'J\ ^ ojii'Jj o^ J' ^ 

To grumble (camel). To t^j o Ctj -H- 

slii-iek (child). 
To froth (milk), ^tjlj ^jj , Vji-j o (i-j 

To rumble (thunder). 
•^ To scorify (metals). ^t/^ 

To foum with rage •, to jj jlj ^tj'l 

To make (a camel) to grumble, s ^'J\ 
He has given neither I.'J\ (aj J^ \ C« 

goat nor she-camel. 
To drink (the froth of a J^3'j\ 

Rock. Froth 'j.j^ Jfcj ^ z'^ij 

of milk. 
Selenite (stone). _^l 3^3 

Sponge. ■j^'-y^^ 'J- J 

Froth. <^JJ 'J^J, 

Skimmer ; ladle for skimming, svifc^/' 
Obscure (.speech). 'f.j/' 

To eat heartily. &j o oj i^ 

To drink (milk) daily. To suck. A — 
To do good to. J J 2* — 

To rely upon a . o. ^^\ — 

To surround a. o. To honour a. o.^ — 
To' flash (Hght- U>'j\j ,%yjj 6j i — 

ning). To shine (colour). To twinkle 

(eye). To be shaken by the wind 

(plant). ^ To flutter (bird). 
To be thin (stuff). d^j a — 

To enlarge the skirt of (a tent, » — 

garment). To feed (a beast) with 

To spread the wings over (her it lijl 

eggs ; hen). 
Shelf; board on a oiSj j ^jjij ^ 3j 

wall, cornice. H.-rd of camels, oxen. 

Flock of sheep. Flight of birds. En- 
closure for cattle. Soft garment. 
Broken pieces of straw. xVjj lij 

He has no one to -Jlj Vj lib- i) U 

take care of him. 
Every day, daily. Vjj^ 

To find a. th. soft, mello^^•v.4> 

Increase. Blessing. 

Pleasant life. 
To knead (floui-, 

To give cakes of flour to (a 

To hurry in walk. 
To fix the looks upon. 

'-j^^'j J Ci^jj ^-ii-jj ^i-jj *^j\ T ^A^J 

Round cake, loaf of bread. 

To suck (his mother ; s '^ij a Jij -^ 

To run to seeds (crops). To sin jt j^ 

To grow (orache : soil). To A — 

suckle (her kid; goat). To displace. 
To stray from (a pasturage : ^ — 

To lean towards. Jl, — 

Atriplex hortenm. garden- Jtjl ^ jij 

Lambkin, kid. si^j 

Eating all he can find. J,t j 

Easy, pleasant (life). j£j\ 

To dislike.* (^'j a. ^/jj, Cij o >j -* 
To compel a. o. to act reluctantly, s — 
His nose iiil C^ij ^ J-'ji , a >fc j 

clave to the ground i. e. he was 

To break off in anger from. 5 ^\j 
God has abased him. ii]1 *k\ ^j1 

To spite ; to revile ; to compel, z ^'J\ 
To act reluctantly. ^y 

To be angry with. ^ J-'j 

Reluctance. 'CSj'i j^j,j ^«^jj j^'j 

In iip C^3 -tf-j <cS.j% ^i <ju\ ^3 J«- 

spite of him. 
Abashed. ^_^Vl J.j ^ ^^V| ^p 

Earth, dust. Sand. ^1^3 

Mucus. ^1*3 

Thing sought. <;& j 

Nose. J'jli J-'j^iJ^'j 

Place of refuge. Stronghold. ^Vj^ 

Frequented (place). 
To eat and drink with ui3 a ^'j -^ 


To put a saddle-pad J _oj1j , ipj s — 
on (a beast). 

To do honour ; to make a. o. s alj 

To help one another. m\j 

To gain (wealth). ai;jl. 

To ask the help of. To ask » ji'A^[ 

a gift from. 
Gift. Help. Share. iijjij ^yj ^ Sij 
Large cup. asl> ^ aa^j oi;^ 

He is dead. 'aJij jij i 

The Tigris and the Euphrates. olJ|\^t 
Rafter of a roof. ojljj ^ Sa|l3 

Saddle-pad. Rags for a wound, s^isj 
She-camel filling a lai'ge _ij ^ i.j^ 

cup at one milking. 
To kick. ifc C(ij,j Ci3 i o ^'j -«■ 

•^ To thrust (arch). 
To kick a. o. in the breast. To Aj j^ — 

tie (a camel's feet). To mince (meat). 
Kick. -^ Thrust of an arch. xii^ 

Foot-rope of camels. Habit of ^\jj 

Screw-steamer. ^J^ <► 

To eat and drink Gijj o jjij ^ 

To pound a. th. To shovel. A j 5 — 
To act in a grand style. j Ci-^j — 
To have large ears. Qij a ^3 

To comb, to expand (the beard). *^j 
-^ Shouldei'-blade. -33 

Shovel. :tli^^j ^3 

Shovelling the grain to the j.\i'j 

Large-eared. jjj ^ .Qi3 ^ jS} 

To draw (water) a ^11?' - ^j ■»■ 

by tui-ns. 
To rise (price). u^jjl 

Turn of drinking. ij^ij 

Partner, sharer. u^3 

To cast off. jj it Caa3j Qji3 o i jaa3 -«- 

To shun a. th.-<>-To recuse (a judge). 
To let (camels) scatter in •& jSj\j — 

a pasture. 
To be wide (valley). j^JCs^ j^i% - 
To pasture freely (camels). Ciyj o - 
To be broken, scattered. jjj 

-^ To be bigoted. ^S:j] j - 

To be scattered. To flow 'Jlj 

Roof. Dewy (plant;. Abundance ^3 

of fodder. Sky-light. Lily. 
Pontoon-bridge. ^jjt'j cj\:> 

To flutter (bird). To resound, ^^j -H- 
To bandage (a limb). A — 

Sky-light ; arched jj Cj^ ^ 3'Jij 

window. Tent. Thin brocade. Skirt 

of a tent. Kedundant furniture. Pro- 
vision. <- Splash-board. 
Male osti-ich. Kind of sparrow, .jl^ij 

•^ Fhght of birds. Pent-roof. 
To mend (clothes). To fi> *ii3 a tSj -fr 

bring (a ship) ashore. 
To make peace between. Jy — 

To allay the fear of; to sOothe. i — 
To greet new s ^'ji ''^~J\'J '^j 

To favour a. o. in a sale. ^ Ujlj \ilj 

To a 0. 
To lean on one side. To comb Ujl 

o.'s hah". To land (ship). 
To approach. To take refuge to. Jl^ — 
To near a. th. To bring (a Jl. fit> — 

ship) ashore. 
To agree together. To help o. a. \i\j 
Agreement, union. i\i\y'j '\ij 

Be united and have many cn^lJIj '^Jb 

children 1 [greeting to new spouses). 
Patcher of clothes, darnel*. -^j 

Port ; landing-place. 'J 1^ ^ U^^ Uyi 
Frightened. Shepherd. Ostrich i^diy 

flying away. Fawn. 
To be broken. cijtj ,CUj i o zXj ■»- 

To be cut (rope). To be cru.shed 

To break to pieces : to crum- 2<j » ^3 

ble a. th. ■<>• To dismiss (a clerk). 
Transit-duty ; permit. 'Jlsj ^ ;la3 ^ 
Thrashed straw.Pounder, crusher.cij 
Crumbs. Decayed bones. oi^j 

Agrimony (p/«?i<). ^13 

dijb,Cii3 a c.?3j.QPjj ^^j o i »i.»3 ^ 
To hold unseemly, obscene speech. 
To greet (new spouses), i ^J3 — ^j -ft- 
To rise (dough). i^jj <>■ 

Easy (life). ^13 

To sue- s jj>% m\'jj , \jij i MJ -J:^- 

cour a. o. To make a present to. 
To stay (a wall). a> - 

( Toi ) 

To prefer (a case); to Jl J^j *,«*0 

summoa a. o. before (a judge). 
To spare the life of. uj — 

He endeavoiii'ed to jJasUj ^jialj 

circu iivent me. 
To become proud. ^ij; 

To prosecute o. a. before a ^\j 

To be exalted. To be advanced ^Jjjl. 

(day). To rise (price). To disappear 

(evil ). 
To a.-ik a. th. to b3 rai.sed, * ^J^\ 

tak'in away. 
It is lime to remove the ol^jJI — 

Raising. Removal. Vowel-point ^'j 

of the Nominative. <• Tracing of a 

tradition to its author. Excellent. 
-^ Withdrawal, replevin. oj fi'j 

High rank. Honour. "i^x 

Land difficult to be CiiJI Ji^O i>».;1 

Removal of crops to the 5:lsj,j ^,1*3 

Loudness, shrillness *tl»j(,j *ti^jj X^i'j 

of the voice. 
High rank, dignity. String for X£^s^, 

raising chains. <>■ Thinness, refined- 

Sect of dervishes. ( xoi. ^^^j ) «^i»j 

High in rank. Loud, shrill (voice), ^^j 

•^ Fine ; thin : ingenious. 
F. Case preferred to a judge. ^^j 
•^ Carnival. Side-board. ^\^a ^ ^'y^ 
High. In the nominative (word), p^^yi 

Quick step of an ass. Transmitted 

To be luxuriant (life). ^1*3 o ^j -^ 
To be in easy circumstances. ^j 
Ampleness of life. *1Ujjj *^^j.> Aj 
Part of a valley les.<? ^ji ^ ^3 

Lowest class of people. Side. j1 ^ — 

Straw of maize. 
Dirt of the body. j.y3j ^isjl ?- ~ 

Creases of the body ; armpit. 

Abiin lance. Barren ground. 
Easy, happy (life). -^^ ^:jj f\\j 

(tears). To suppurate (wound). To 
cease (pain). 
Scattered herd j^'^j j J^^'j 9- J^J 
of gazelles, camels. Little of water. 
Camels scattered in a ja'tV/j ^ *.2j?Ij 
pasture. Party of desei'ters. Sect of 
Mohammedan heretics. 
Heretic. Fanatic, bigot. j^ijjl ^ ',«^lj 
Fragments, shatters. J^'^j 

Separated parties. Isolated J'^'j 

Case away. Sweat. Broken j^Ai 

■^ Fanaticism, bigotry. uM) 

Track of a torrent. (j^s'S* -r J^'y' 
To extol a. o. To lift Aj n Cij a /aj -^ 
I a. th. To take away. To urge (a ca- 
I mel). To put a noun in the nomina- 
i five. To reduce (fractions). To trace 
I back (a tradition). -^ To raise (a 
I siege, a sitting). To trench (a ques- 
tion). To remit (a tax). 
I To make a truce. ^!>liJI;i3 

a He carried a letter. v'S?- '^J 

i -> To dispense from. ^ — 

i •<>• To withdi'aw from ( an ^ '0 ju ^'j 
I affair). 

j To bring crops to the XtVijj OTj — 
i floor. 

I To honour, to show regard J C\j — 
j to. 

I To advance speedily (camel).^;!}! J — 
j They came to an upland. y^\ ^j 

I To urge on (a horse). jjlJl J 5 — 

j To ai-raign a. o. Jl. 5 Cuijj Ct'j ^'j 
before (a judge). 
To introduce a. o. to (a ^^\ s C\^j — 

To be raised in ^^ijj '<^j, ^3 

To have a loud voice. XsSij — 

He saw the thing from ► Aji J ^j 

To raise, to lift a. th. or A j 5 flj 
a. o. To carry a. o. away (from a 
battle). -^ To refine a. th. 
To run inequally (ass). -^ To ^3 

hold carnival. 


Trailing a garment. Long-tailed ^tj^ 

(horse). Fleshy. Wrinkled (camel). 

Ample clothes. Easy life. 
Loose, long (hair). Jlj^ 

Awkward in di-ess. <>• Lop- ->^a3 ^ jsjl 

eared (ass). 
To be weak and remiss, olsjl, — o*-* "^ 

To cool (anger). To flee away and 

To ^jj , (e-jijj C»ij, i i^'j a k>j ^ 

enjoy a delicate life. 
To go to water daily (camel). ♦j3 
To be spent in lu- ^l^jj CklSj o oj 

xury (life). 
To give well-being to a. o. j SJ\j Jj 

(God). To let (camels) dilnk at will. 
To grant a respite to (a deb- ^i. J3 

To live in luxury. To live near Jj'l 

water (cattle). 
To rest, to live qui- jjs tSJC Ij — 

etiy at a. o.'s. 
Pity, forbearance, kindness. X^'j 

Compassionate towards. ^ 4.313 

We are at a 4133 JCb *il'j "^ ^'H 

distance of an easy night-journey. 
Welfare. Com- *^i^jj "^^ ^jJ *^^j 

forts of life. 
To darn (a garment), it 1^3 1^3 -{f 
To allay the fear, to quiet a. 0. s — 

To maintain a. 0. 
To agree with. To s t^h,J '^'S* J^'j 

be gentle towards. 
To agree together. iljf 

Agreement, concord. »laj^ 

Long-eared, lop- jij ^ ^'yTj j, jj\ 

eared (ass). 
Milk of gazelle. CJ jl 

To be thin. To CJln-l b , lij, i o3 ^ 

be ashamed. To be poor, weakened. 
•^ To flatten. To thin (bread). A — 
To have mercy upon, to J jljT^ 'J3 

pity a. 0. 
To be or become a slave. fjj^ i 33 
To render a. th. thin. A *J3b J3j 

■> To flatten (metals). To move (the 

To render (speech) ^>lfei)l j53 


(TOO) Jij 

To be useful, to dos jij^j,Cij3 ja3 "^ 

service to a. 0. 
To strike a. 0. on the elbow. 3 ja3 

To tie (a camel) by the shoulders. 
Csj^Jj &j^j Ciajj, a JjjJiO Jj3j..J;*j 
To be gentle to. Jj jtj ^ ^'^'jtJ 
To be in company. ijli3 o Jj3 

To accompany a. 0. ^ jil3 

To act gently with. ^ J»Ji . ^ J^j'i 
To journey in coinpany. jslj 

To lean upon. -<► To pity a. o. ic. jij; 
To be filled up (vessel). To lean jSj'^ 

on the elbows. 
To seek help. To seek a 

To take an elbow-rest. 
Compassion, pity, gentle 



* 2jjj iUJjj *4Jji, 

Company. ji3_, 

Company of travellers. *-5l3jj — 

Flowing easily (water). Easy jj3 

(afl^air). Disease of the udder. 
Rope for tying camels. jaj -r J^j, 
Companion, comrade, »Us3 tr J^^J 

colleague. Gentle. 
Elbow. Pillow ; jJl^^yJ ^ J?>*J J*Ir^ 

Beneficial thing. J^J'S^ ^r js!^* 

Appertenances of a house jiill jjl^* 

as kitchen, well, privy. 
Elbow-rest. Pillow. *^jc 

Pillow, resting-place. -^ F'rivy. JaJ>« 

To jSJb , Vjj '^>^3j ::Ai3 jjj ■«■ 

drag o.'s skii-t. To trail a garment. 

To sweep, to strut. 
To be awkward yij a Jijj , "^j J*3 

in dress, work. 
To let (water) collect in a weli.A J33 

To add (a syllable) to (a verse). 
To make a. 0. chief. To abase. » — 
To let loose ; to drag (a fi> jsjij — 

To have a proud deportment. ^'J 
Train of a garment. jsji^ 

Bottom of a pit whez'e water ja3 

Dragging o.'s skirt elegantly. ;Ij3 

Ugly (woman). Easy (life). 



To observe (the stars). A i^jj ■^*J,J 

To watch over ; to wait for. 
To tie by the neck. To warn a. o.j — 
To watch over. Sj * ()\»j,j '*r*0'" v^'^ 

To fear (God), -t^ To control a. th. 
To give to a. o. the use of f, s ^]\ 

a property for life. 
To wait for a. o. A j ^ w.l5J0 ^j 

or a. th. 
To ascend fa height). ^ '■A^A 

Thickness of the neck. wJj 

Life-donation : nsufract for life. Jij 
Obseivation. Caution. Fear. X^j^ 

He inherited wealth X3j^ ^i VV* oj,i 

from distant relations. 

Neck. oCJjj »--sjb »r^JJ v'^J, t *:33 

Nape of the neck. Person, head. 

^ Thou art responsible ^:0i'j J Iji* 

for it. 
Broad-necked. '^Sr^'j3 oC.s3 

The Watcher (God). »Cjj ^ w^j 

Watchman. Guardian. In opposition 

(star). Cousin. 
Turnsol. kind of euphor- ^ill) ^3 

Self-observer, cautious. <«iJ — 

Venomous snake. ^jj oU-lj ^r ~ 

Forlorn woman expecting the ^_iyi'j 

death of her husband. 
Misfortune. ^yO^ 3»' 

Guardian left in a house. iSj 

Broad-necked. Lion. >Cij v« v_<5j'l 

Look out ; watch- ^yf^ ^ "^^iyj ^J^ 

To manage a. th. well. ^^Jj — ^jj -S- 
To increase. 5^-23jl 

To earn for o.'s (family). J ^-.3^ 

Traffic, trade, profit. l>6j 

Merchant, trader. "^f^'j 

To sleep. iSlsjj l^yjj l^j o J^j -S- 

To lull (heat). To be dull, (market). 

To be ragged (garment). 
To overlook (an affair). y*^ o* ~ 
To put to sleep : to lull a. o. 5 aaj'l 
To sojourn in. o — 

To hurry. m'j\ 

A sleep. A lull. I'Jij 

To pronounce softly. Jiit!) jSj 

To sow discord between. oy. ^ — 

To become poor and weak (man), 'j'j] 

To ripen (grapes). 
To move the heart. iJa'A — 

To enslave a. 0., to possess s'JjtL\j — 

a slave. 
To become thin. 
To compassionate a. 0. J JV 

To be shallow (water). 'Sj^\ 

Slavery, slave-trade.-^Tamboui'ine.^j^ 
Vellum. Parchment. Sheet j^'j ^ *J3 

of paper. Big tortoise. Crocodile. 
Broad and soft ground, . jjj^ '3'ji *o3 
Weakness. Fineness ; thinness. ^3 
Land regularly flooded JB^ ^ *_33 

by a river. 
Mercy. Bashfulness. Thinness, jjj^ 
Easy life. tr4*" *-»J, 

Weakness. ^y>i^ ~ 

Shallow, watei'. Low sea. 'jjj j^sj 
Thin bread. { un. xJ\Vj ) jv3j, ^ J^jj 

Easy walk of camels. 
Hot (day). Desert; soft place. JkVj 
Slave jOj^j 'LSjJ TT ("* •/ •) J::53 

newly caught. Thin ; weak, mean. 
Pronouncing softly. JiUll — 

In a poorly state. • JUJI — 

Thin-hoofed (horse). 'J__,» 

The soft parts of the belly, ^pi 'J\y: 
Rolling-pin. JC3^» 

The tAvo wings of the nose, ^Vl i5_^ 
•> Spleen ; melancholy. 
<► Bread in thin sheets. 
To sprinkle (water, per- 
fumes). To cause (tears) to flow. To 

mix (wine). 
To flow. To flicker (water, J^j 

mirage). To shine in the eyes (tear). 
Tear shining in the eye. Glis- Jly3 

tening. Indian melilot, -0- Shallow 

To stop (blood, \\»jj 'isj a \ij -S- 

tears). To exude ( sweat). 
To make mischief or peace ov Gj — 

To dry (tears, blood\ To pro- *> %] 

mote (sweat). To prevent bloodshed. 
Rags for stopping blood : styptic, 'yj 




To patch (a garment). A •^j a /5j -^ 

To repair (a well). •<>• To strike. 
To walk quickly (camel). »r^t^~ 
To epigrammatise a. o. To s — 

overtake a. o. 
To hit the target with (an lj A — 

arrow). To strike a. o. with. 
To be nonsensical, impudent ;p\9j o vj 

To patch up (clothes). To ma- A 4j 

nage (property). 
To be addicted ( for _pCt ) fi> j^\j 

to (wine). 
To show foolishness. ^»J\ 

To want repair (garment). ^jCSj — 
To earn o.'s living. ^'J, 

To be heedless, un- ^jj J fiSj\ U 

mindful of. 
Seventh heaven. 4j 

Sound of an arrow upon the butt, xijj 
Patch. Piece of land. ,jjj ^,6^ ^ <i5j 

Piece of paper. Shift. Constitutive. 

Beginning of scab. Target. Letter, 

Chess-board. !rt.53^4.1l *;5j 

White-spotted on the side »ii9j 

(ewe). Foolish (woman). Fern. Dwarf- 
Unsoundness of mind. :ctl3j 

Firmament. jijjl ^ ^^5.33 

Fool, silly. A%,- 

Patched (garment). Scabby ^S' 

Object of ridicule. 

Violent (hungei"). 
To go on quickly ; to 


To cross (a desert). A — 

Lofty palm-tree. JvUj J^^ ^ Sisj 

Swift-running i^'J'j Jkyj d^>yt 

To wi'ite. Cjj jXj ^ 

To dot (a book). To stripe »j ^ — 

(cloth). To brand (a camel). 
He streaks water ; ( prov. »(J1 J ^'Jl 

to mean) a remarkable skill. 
To dot (unpaid items) in a fit ^3 

register. To streak (cloth). 

*JU3 1 

Great sleeper. *yLt j ^^j} •'■^'j 

Leap, bound (of a lamb). ollwj 

Large jar. Goby, -i^y/j -t: -sylj ^ 

small sea-fish. 
Sluggish gait. Brooding of jl--?!?' 

Soporific. Opium. Di.s- al^,* -^ J^y* 

tinct road. 
Bed. Sleeping-place. s^s'ji ^ M/f 

To throb (artery). s'yij o j^j -^ 

To variegate (cloth). a> CsJj o ^sj -fr 

To adorn a. th. 
To embellish (speech). To dot * jSj 

(a writing). To rule (a page). To 

blame a. 0. 
To adorn himself (man). jS'ji 

To mix in war (fighters). J^A 

Speckled viper. ^i5j 

Spotted of white jjij ^ '(jjj ^ jSj\ 

and black. 
Spotted serpent. Soft palate 'i-jij 

of camel.s. Kind of caterpillar. 
To dance. To fiicker CajJ o ^»j ^ 

(looming). To ferment(wine). 
To amble Ol'^jj ^^'jj \'-^j ~ 

(camel), -tf To prance (horse). 
To dandle a child. To •& ^sj'b ^j^ij 

make a. 0. to dance. To make (a ca- 
mel) to amble. 
To rise and sink (ground). ^ij; 

Dance. Amble (of camels). ^'j 

Star in Draco. ^\j 

Dancer. <► Pendulum, spring ^iSj 

of a clock. 
Female dancer. Bari'en land. 

Play of the Arabs. 
Thrilling, moving verses. u^^— * 

To spot a i_Jaiij oyjl Jfr Jalj ^ 

garment with drops. 
To be spotted, Islsj'j iJ^j *^'j\ 

White and black spots. iLSj 

Spotted of white jjj ^ -iLJj >. i^J\ 

and black. Panther. Spotted sheep. 
Serpentaria, dragon- Ja*jVl JiJ^\ 

Riot, sedition. Speckled hen. 'iLJ^ 

Oily porridge. 
Poisonous lizard.. iLJ^ll iW^".? siliLLJI 



C ToA ) 


To be scan- xJ'iTjj 3jj,j i»j i '^j -{^ 

ty. Jo be weak, thin. To have httle 

science, a weak judgment. 
To oblige a. o. to. *2l& J ^ IJ'3 o — 

To put an iron-collar to. 
To feel a. th. with (the hand), uj * — 
To compact a. th. -^ To maca- fi> — 

damise (a road). 
To let down a fine rain (sky).iJj1_j ^j 
To be watered bj' a fine rain "iij] 

To quiver. *<^ Jl 

To w.iver in (an affair). To be J — 

indisfinct in (speech : drunkard). To 

be incorrect (in speech). 
To find a. th. thin, weak. fi> i)lnJ.i 
Drizzle. i)CX>,J il^'G' rr "'^xi '^j 

Echo. ' ' ^j 

Melting fat said of a Y'j\ x'^^X 

■useless man. 
Shallow-minded. ( m. f.) xSK'^'ji , i!V5'j 

Thin, weak. ~'i=^'ji ii'^Xj, t '^fj 

Negligent. Uncompact (cloth). 
Little leai-ned. J^\ dUfj 

Incorrect in speech. Jiiljl — 

Confused, indistinct in speech. ^xT^^ 
Repaired (bucket). •<«■ Macada- ii^l^ 

niised (road). 
To be weak, cowardly. ^S^l) "^ 

To ride (a beast). To voyage on (the 

sea). To embark (in a ship). To walk 

in (a road). To embark in (danger). 

To commit (a fault). To burden 

a. o. (debts). 
To act heedlessly, at random. ij,l3 ^fj 

To run away at full speed (horse). 
He followed his pas- ij'i^j '0I3.A ^j 

sions, his own opinion. 
To have a big-knee. (Sj a ^j 

To strike a. o. on the s Cs'j ^j 

knee or with th'3 knee. 
To lend (a camel) to a. 0. fi) s v_.5'j 
To set ( jewels). To combine, ^ — 

to compose a. th. To transplant (a 

palm-shoot). -^ To set up ( a gun, a 

bed). To forge (news). 
■^ To distress, to harass a. o. s v^O 

Variegated cloth. ^y^j ^Gjl ^ ^'j 

Arabic numerals. ^:^^ ^'j 

He brought much. ^i^bj ^Ji\ ^U 
Misfortune. ^^!l 'cX>_i ^j 

Meadow. Side of a valley. Re- x^'j 

servoir. MaUow. 
Plant of the class pentandria. xSj 
Inscription on a stone, a tablet. ^3 
•^ I/ctter, missive. 

Speckled snake. J^\'j\ ^ A'-^'j j, Jij\ 
Writing-reed. Brand. ji\yi ^ ^'^p 
Having scanty plants (land). "i^yiy- 

Streaked with brands (beast). 
To write a fair hand. ^3 — J»j ^ 
To write a. th. in closiog the a ^53 

lines. To improve, to adorn a. th. 

To dot (unpaid items). 
To dye (the beard) red. fin Ji'J\j — 

To dye herself with henna Jiy 

To be dyed red. j»JC-\j Ji3j\j Jjl 
Saffron, henna. oGJij Oj5jj oGj^ 

Jaimdiee. Smut, disease o^^j o^'jl 

in grain. 
Sandy hillock. «j3jj j3j -ft- 

To ascend Jl _j J L5jj Cij a Jj -i1- 

To give a ^j iti/ji Cjj) Xij i Jj 

charm to a. 0. To enchant a. o. 
To raise, to exalt a. 0. s jj 

To bring a charge against. j& (a^AJT — 
To ascend (a jj J[j ft> J^-'J^i jj> 

To go up (a ladder). To pro- J — 

gress in (science). To be promoted 

in (rank). 
The affair succeeded _yi VI *j jji 

with him. 
To ask a. o. to enchant. 5 J-^\ 
Spell, Cj\^j) oCSjj "Jj ^ Syj ^j *3j 

charm. Amulet. 
Sorcerer, magician. ;6j ^ JIJ 

Witch, sorceress. jijj ^ s3lj 

Great and skilful wizard. *l— 5j 

Bewitched. '^.'j' 

Stair, ladder. ^J\y> ^ '^lyiJ SS^'j 'J^ 

Stepping-stone. Ascent. 

Place of ascent. 



( T 

To be motionless (ship, |i^j o jS"j ^ 

Avater). To h& still (wind. men). To 

settle (di-egs). To turn ; to be still 

(pulley). To reach its midday-height 

(sun). To poise (balance). 

Still, motionless. afe,j ^ jS'\j 

Full (vessel). Milch-camel. i_^^3 

Pi. Resting-places. -^T'S^' 

To bury a. th. * j^jj , \'J"j i o jfj -H- 

To stick up (a lance). To produce 

ores (God). To set up a. th. 

To contain gold, silver ores jb>'J\ 

(mine). To find ores in a mine. 
To be fixed. To throb (artery), jfei^jl. 
To lean upon (a bow). ic. — 

Faint noise. Learned ; generous ^jj 

Firmness, resolution. Palm- sjSj 

<• Quiet. Sedate, cool-minded. jTlj 
Gold and Sjfljj SjTX oIjSO, t JSj, 
silver ore. Buried treasure. 

Gold and silver oi'es. 


'?}^j !r "^'J^'j 

■^ Treasure. Pole of a tent, peg. 
Centre of (a circle). j^l^> rr j^y' 

Head-quarters. Residence. ^ Seat of 

government; district. Support. 
To reverse, to turn a CJ'j o ^'j ^ 

a. th. over. 
To tie (a camel). S' — 

To thi'ow a. 0. back into a i! ^ ,^ j1 

former state. 
To be mingled (hair). j-TlJ 

To relapse into trouble. To ,jJ^'j\ 

be reversed. 
Dirt. Crowd. Repair. Bridge. ^j^ 
Standing in the middle of the ^\'j 

floor (ox). 
Pole stuck into the \:LK^j j "Cm^'j 

Rope fastening a camel's head ^v1^ 

to his feet. 
To run, to move the ii^j o je^'j -tt- 

feet. To move (stars). 
To trample in his run (horse). ^ — 
To fly swiftly (bird). *liUii. - 

To urge (a horse) with ^y V — 

the feet. 
To escape from. .„ — 

To be fit to be ridden (colt). »jrj 
i To mount a. o. upon (a beast). . a — 
I To be sot. -fy To be composed, ^'y 

To heap up (clouds). v-S'iJ 

I -^ To be venal. w^Jl 

1 Party of riders v^JJ —O' -r —^J 
above ten. 

Party of riders below ten. *— r-S'j 

Knee. Joint of the foreleg.-^. 
Influenza, dengue-fever. ,^'J\ y\ -^ 
Star in Cygniis. *?-W-^' *^j 

Star in Sagiltarias. t/C" ~ 

Rider; passenger. Head of (a moun- 
tain, of a spike). 
Off -shoot ^Uj 5^ x;/"! jj v'j^Oj vTO 

of palm-trees. 
Imported olive-oil. s^v^, <i4j 

Stirrup of a horse-saddle. ^tTj ^ tjVrj^ 
Camel for v_-j.^jj >^^^j.j ^'j rr ~ 

Rider. Skilled in attairs. ^^ji >J^'j 
Camel for liding. ^ (f'j ^ <>.^jj ^j^'j 
Inserted. Fellow-rider, ^^'j -r ^■^'j 
Big-kneed. •C5'3 ^ U^'j\ 

Turn of a sentence. •<>■ Frame >^S 

of the body. Mouth-piece. 
■<>■ Vehicle ; ship. ^^'y t ^'j* 

Beast for riding, vr^'S-* ^rVj^* 

nag. -t)- Shoes. 
Constitutive. Compound (word). »_J'^i 
Gross ignorance of a fop. <^'y J*^ 
•^ Criminal, culprit. Bribed. ,_-%*.^^ 
To lean j& ^.feujlj 9<rX , ^'j a ?^j -»■ 

upon a. th. 
To rely upon. To seek Jl^ ^j^j ~ 

refuge towards. 
To give refuge to ; to stay a. o.j rS'}, 
To put o.'s self at ease. To j y^i^'Ji 

enlarge (o.'s life). 
To stay in (a place). ^ — 

Side of a ^^^jb ^^j -r "r-^j 

Area of a house. PL Foun- ^fi'jl ^ — 

datious. Monk's cells. 
High and hard ground. '\3^j 

Area of a house. -r^j cr *'t^'j 

Dropping backwards (saddle). ^Ua^ 


C T"\« ) 

Heap of inud. liiTj 

Heap of ( sand ) Nmnerous ^iTj 

High road. Ji^^" J^^^J" 

To be grave, cool.^_^j_, x,\S"j o ]^'j -ft- 
To lean on.Jl^ Jf'JbS>^j a j(ji,o J'j 

to rely upon. -^ To betake o.'s self to. 
To be strong. To be sedate. ^^'j 

■^ To ground o.'s self upon, it ;^j\ 
Rat ,• field-rat. JT^ 

Part, strongest side. d^']\ ^ ^j 

Mon'iontous affair. Column. Support. 

Strength. Substance. 
The four elements. Ci\^'J^\ I 

■^ Staff of an army. . o_^VJI d^'j> \ 

State ministers. iijji\ cSio'j\ | 

Fh'mness. Sedateness. ^jU'jj "C^j \ 
Grave, steadfast. Firmly seated cr^'j 

Pi-ince, chief. ^-'-TGI -r oj'jl G 

Wasliing-tub. oTO' 'r cXlft 

To dig (the earth). To a \'Js"j o ^j -^ 

tighten a. th. To repair a. th. 

To double the (load of a 

To sojourn in (a place). 
To put off a. th. 
To speak ill of a. o. 
To seek refuge near. 
To rely upon. ^ ,^J^j\.)^J'> 

Skiff. -Uj J Cj\'^j w bJS"jj ajS'jj f^j 

Leaiher-bag. <► Coffee-kettle. 
Well holding water, '^'j j OlT, ^ :;^j 
Lasting, steadfast. <^'J*j -VJ^ 

I rely upon thee. ^li, ^J. o'l 

Large tank. " '^'ji 


* >.*jJ-J ^'JJ , <*>-> t^j 


repair (a building). To mend a. th. 

To browse, to graze (cattle).*^jl_j '^3 

To be de- yj\j , U^'ji t-jj ^-j i - 

cayed (bone). To be silent (people). 
To he full of raaii'ow (bone). 'yj\ 

To be prone to. j\ — 

To need repairs (wall). >ln2l. 

Care, intention. House furniture, ^j 
IMarrow. Herbage. Moist earth. >j 
I have no escaj^e 3,3 vj '^ ii/^ J C» 

fi'om it. 

To be started (horse). 
To race on horseback with 

a. 0. 

To i-ace together. J^^y 

To move the feet (in agony), jsfe^jjt. 

To be stirred (water). To travel 

through (a land). To move in the 

womb (foetus). 

To be disquieted ; to stir in (a J — 

Swift run. j^j 

Impulse. Temptation oUsTj ^ j-aTj 

(of Satan). 
Good runner : swift-shooting J^^j 


Conceited gait. 'Li^J Ji^'J 

Runner. u^^O^ 

Fire-poker. Side of a bow. J^^lf^t 

To bow down (^jd.jj (^fj &^j4- 

in prayer. To be bent (old man). To 

stoop the head. To become destitute 

after wealth. <■ To kneel. 

To make a. 0. to bow » r^Jj ^j 

down. <► To make a. 0. to kneel. 
Deep hole. 'i^j 

Prostration in prayer. Cj\*^j -r '*^'j 

■tf- Kneeling, genuflection. 
Bent. i>j^\'j3 ^j^ji fij -r r^\j 

Prostrate. > Kneeling. 
To lay on the ground yjiiscij\— ^Sj -^ 

To kick a. 0. j -^'j S^'j "^ 

To urge (a beast) with n ji'^j — 

the feet. 
To paw (the ground : 
To thi'ust (a spade) in the 

ground with (the foot). 
To kick one another. 

Bundle of green vegetables. 

Flanks of a beast. jT'S^ 


Foot of a rider. jf\'_^ ^ jT^.. 

To heap up a. th. a (Jfj o ^X'j ■* 

To be heaped. To be ^6:w jb jXO 

compact ( flesh). To become thick 


Heaped clouds. ^VTjj ^j 

Live bird used as bait for hawks, ^ij 
To spear a. o. To s \^j a ^-t^j -^ 

kick a. 0. (camel). 
To flash faintly (lightning). in.*j 

a To gallop (horse). 
They speared one another. S^fSji 

Spear. Destitution. ^Ujlj ^\/>x ■r '^'•j 

<f- Four degrees and a lialf of a 

They are at war. b-.ij ^4^ \j[n^ 

They are united a?-!j ^■^.o^^**!;'^ .>•* 

against them. 
Lanci^r. Two-horned (bull). ^^Ij 

Arcturus (star). ?^l^)l illi^JI 

Plague. ;;^l ^lij. 

To send forth prickles liiUj olii^ 

(plant). To become fat (camel). 
Kind of long-legged ^^J^^^l ji' 

Me leaned upon a ^iiL J./l rC-'^'j iil 

staff from old age. 
■<)■ Circus, racing-field. 9^^^? 

To starve from 'siC^j \'j^j i a?j -»- 

cold (flock). 
To destroy (a tribe) : a flock » 1 o — 

To suffer from 'tij.'jj , |a:.j a a^j 

To put a. th. in the ashes. To fi> j.%j 

mar (a business). 
To have milk before J^Ob -^^j 

bringing forth (female). 
To fall into destitution. To lose ju j1 

To afflict a. o. with ophthalmia » - 

•^ To be reduced to ashes. To si'J 

be blear-eyed. To be covered with 

To be ash-coloured. To run fast, ix^'^y 
Ophthalmia, blear eyes. j.i'j 

Blear-eyed. Dirty (garment). o/ij^ o^j 
Ostrich. ,\j^j 

Ashes. ;j..jl ^ olx^jl^j iC«j 

Generous, hospitable. i\>^fl j-uj' 

He exerts himself useless- iC»JJI J rSlj 

ly, /t7 : he blows upon the ashes. 
-^ Lye, lixivial water. iC*']^)! -\f> 

Loss, destruction. SiUj 

He pos- >^ Vj :,> jl >j Vj 


sesses nothing. 
Piece of rope worn out. ^j ^ 15^ 

Whole, totality. -(^ Head-rope. 
He has given the whole ^^'y. Ulktl 

of it. 
Celebrated poet. xi'^JS j'i 

Decayed bone. j>'^*j,i J'x t "^x 

"Winged ant. 
Clever girl. v'J'r^'O 

Worn out rope. ^C>j j ^C j1 j:> 

Decayed, rotten (bone). ^C»jj ^^ j 
Lip of cloven-hoofed **3'*-> *'->^ 

■if- Repairs of decayed houses. oli^J^ 

Calamities. cMji^ 

To open the mouth j^y-'Ji — j'j'^j ^ 

and remain silent. 
Cartkamm^ wild saffron. Ayj 

To stop in (a ^ l«>»jj Vj-^ a 1*3 -ft- 

place : camel). 
To ascertain (news). A — 

To exceed (a number). J**^^Jb ~ 

To approach to. Jl. Ujl 

False rumours. jV'-iVl cA^^i 

To arrange. To steal * Qj'j o o-'j -S- 

a. th. To mis a. th. To wipe a. th. 

with the hantl. 
To be disordered (affair), u^j a ofj 

To suffer from the belly (camels). 
To exceed (a number). To jp c-^j 

surpass a. o. 
To leave milk in (the j d-^'jb ~ 

To spare part of o,'s j c^Jii\j cJ'jl 

To soften a. th. A — 

Species of the bitter plants <t^j, 

called ja.'^i. . Man in tatters. Weak 

in the back. 
Raft of timbei". Remain- ii»i*j'l ^ c-^'j 

der of milk in the udder. Attainment. 
Camels afflicted J-'/^jj J'^''jj *h'j J-il 

with looseness of the belly. 
They are in a disordered 'ff^^^* J ^* 

To mute (bird). bc*j o r-^j -^ 

To spoil (the writing). * r-»3 

Soil covered -with herbs. 'li^^ o'}^ 
To retrieve (an evil : ^ \^'j o ^'j -S- 

To make peace between. ojj — 

To dung (hen). To whelp ^>j 

To have white matter Ca>3 a (j^ J 

in the eyes. 
Di-y filth of the eyes. ^Vj 

Having ^ij ^ 'U^3 ^ ^.^jij ^^j 

dirt in the eye-corners. 
Procyon, star in Canii '\::^,'J\^'JJ^\ 

To be burning (day). Ca^j ^ J^O ^ 

To heat the sand (sun). To be scor- 
ched by the ground (foot). To be 

blasted by the sun (flock). 
To burn with anger at an y'Su, — 

To sharpen a (spear) >b Ca>j i o j^^'j 

between stones. 
To roast (a sheep) on heated 5 i — 

To pasture (sheep) a ja^'J^j j^'ji — 

on a burning ground. 
To wait a. 0. for a while fi^j s ja%j 

and go off. To purpose (fasting). 
To burn a. th. To pain ij ft> jaf''j\ 

a. 0. To affect (the brain : sun). To 

burn a. 0. with anger (affair). 
To heave (.soulj ; to be in pangs-^^a^^ 
To track (game) to a burning 2 — 

To bound (horse). To be burnt js^iji 

To be distressed by a. th. ^/-y^jl 

To be burnt by (heat or grief;. 
To be disquieted ; to be grie- J — 

ved for. 
Burning of anger. Rain falling j3>j 

on a heated ground. 
Summer-i'ain, clouds. 'i^^»j 

'Ui^jlj CjusK/jj OULk^j 5». uL^j 
Ninth Arabian month ; Ra- *-a« jb 

madan, fasting-month. ' 

Scorching heat. Burning hot •Us/'j '• 

(ground). j 

Sharpened (sword). Flesh of ja^j 

a roasted sheep. i 

( VAT ) 

Ash-culoured. '(.5?V»jj •J^'j^ 

Blear-eyed. 'j^'j^j j^]ji^ 

Roast in the ashes (kid). j^y, 

Active, energetic. Ic:V,;J 

Fine and jjo^j j i>'-^j,i iJ'j. ^^j 

copious ashes. 
To wink at a. 0. Jl^ {yj i jij ^ 
To commit (a flock) to a new A o — 

shepherd. To fill up (a skin). 
To allure a. 0. wth. v_) 5 - 

To jump (gazelle). ^'Ij^j ~ 

To be restless. To le in- 'sjC»j o jij 

teUigent ; noble. To enjoy authority. 
To stir (people). To get ready, yj 
To be disturbed. To stir. ji^jl 

To rise fi-om (a place). ^t 'J^A 

To stick to (a place). fi, — 

Sign, wink, j^'j ^ jVjj y'jj y\ 

hint. Allegory. 
Restless. Numerous. Sedate. jv«3 

Intelligent ; noble. Respected (man). 
Sea. Origin. Pattern. jyjijj ^ j>*lj 
Large army stirring forward. c'jK^j 

Thing hinted at. *;j|^ jy^ 

To cover, to buiy a. th.A iSj i o [^ij -^ 
To bui'y (the dead). 5 ^jb ~ 

To level and conceal (a a CJj — 

grave). To conceal (news). To efface 

(traces : wind). 
To throw (a stone) at. i^ i' — 

To be dipped into (water), j ,^>jt 

Grave. i.r^bj -r u"^Sb ^/"j ^r xj~^'j 

Dust of a grave. 
Winds effacing traces. ovl^j 

Nocturnal birds a-fUj 

Lambkin. oCjj ^ ^a*j ^ 

To pasture a while QJ-j i o J-^j -H- 

(cattle). -^ To twinkle (the eyes). 
To take a. th. with the fingers. A — 
To cast (a stone) at a. o. ^^ s — 

To become leafy (plant). To J^^'j\ 

Bunch of odoriferous plants. j,i>j 

-> Eyelids. ^^J, ^ ^^^ 

Crispness of the hair. Blearness. jL»3 

Spots on the nails. 
Blea-eyed. jj,\ ^ .ilJL^ ^ j,a'J\ 

Fine in body. 


To be leau. To be ash-coloured. '»iA?jl. 

Common stud-mare. Weak man. 
Ash-coloiii" of camels. S6v»j 

Black perfume mixed ^iX'A'j^ .tXi^yj 

with musk. 
Ash-coloured. iiij ^ ^^ij j> di/JJl 
To sprinkle a. th. fin '^Vj o J>3 ^ 

with sand. To adorn (a couch) Avith 

To stain a. th. with blood. ^ ^'jj — 

To weave (a fine tissue). -^ To 

sand (a letter). 
To walk quick- -^pj'j Oy^^jj y^'j o — 

ly (man). 
To become a widow j^j j J'' Jl) — 

To exhaust provisions. To be Jj-'J] 

exhausted (stores). 
To lengthen (a rope). To adorn ^ — 

a. th. with woven leaves. To weave 

(a fine tissue). 
To be blood-stained. jSjSj S^J d^'J^ 
Sand. j;jlj JUj^ ^ jV3 

Geomancy. J>^!l ^'yo->j JA^II ^it 
Sandy ground, -tf- Sand-pit. iX/^j 

Black line. JC«jb J-»j ?r <i^i 

•^ Sand-glass, sand-clock. ;'b^3 a*^-. 
Scanty rain. Excess. Streaks j/i^ 

on a wild cow. Musical tune. 
Sand-seller, -if- Geomancer. Juj 

Destitute. *i»Ob J-ll'J :- *iij^ ->• j'-jl 

Bachelor. ■<► Widower. 
Weak and destitute people. iiijVl 

Black-footed (white ewe). ^yj^'j 

Barren (year). 
Stump, stalk Js.»ljb J-jCl t 'i^j'''j 

of a branch. Needy boy. 
Small shackles. j;:^.» 

Texture of palm-leaves. Jyfji 

Pomegranate. ( un. ;cjC.j ) ol'o "^ 

White poppy. JUUI ui'>'j 

Androvxinum. all-heal(p^rt.).jl^VI o'S'j 
■<► Stomach of ruminant. Wo- t^k/j 

man's breast. Knob of metal. Steel- 
yard. Large shell. 
•<>• Ruby-coloured. 'jlS»j 

Pomegranate-grove. ;li^ 

To speak ill of a. o. 

5 C h^j i ia^j -H- 
To quiver from anger Cuij a ^j -W- 

or age (nose). 
To point at a. th. with (the o — 

hand ). To issue (tears : eyes). To 

bring forth (a child). 
To shake (the head). * — 

To go on quickly. Cjlij»jj C.>»j — 

To feel a pain in the loins ^/jlj fj^'j 

To tremble with anger. ^^'j 

Stooping and lifting the head ^\j 

by turns. 
Pain in the loins. Disease of the ^Uj 

Soft part of the skull. Buttocks. XtCO 
Spinning-top. Soft and f''\'Ji t r'Ji. 

frail pebble. 
To drivel (infant). To ^j\- J->«j ■«■ 

drip (grease). To walk in haste. To 

shout (man). To be moist (garment, 

leather). To disperse (camels). To 

flow (tears). 
To flow (tears). o*'Jl "^ 

To rub (leather) with a \k'j''j a jJ'j ^ 

the hand. 
To falsify (a speech). To A ^Jj 

anoint (the head). 
To cast a glance at.jf j A Ciij o j^j -J^ 
To gaze long at. » j 4> j;ijj — 

To dispose (a discourse). fit ^'k'j 

To make a. th. hastily. ifc jA'jj — 
To sip a. th. repeatedly. a jjij 

To perish (sheep). To expand ^jlj 

To be thin, weak. 'JV>jlj — 

Straitened, poorly (life). jC«j j jfj 
Last breath of life. jC»ji ^ j^j 

Flock of sheep. 
Bare sustenance. 
Straitened. Invi- 
Hypocrisy, evil look. 
Scanty hfe. j»^Ji J-Js- 

Keeping little affection ; ill- J^Xf^ 

Dim-sighted. JyJc. 

To stop in (a place). ^_, Cfyj o di-^'j -tt- 
To keep a. o. in (a place). ^ 2 JJ^'j] 

Target. Aim; range. ,>»i1h* -r Jj' 
Shooting an arrow. Scout. ,v^ 

To moan. To re- ojl),tlAij i oj ^ 

sound. To twang (bow). To tinkle. 
To listen to. Jt ojb ~ 

To twang (a bow). A (j'j 

The created beings. ^JS 

Moau. Plaintive, ringing •Cjj o^ij 

sound. Twang. 
Bo%A'. Resounding cloud. cij-'^j *L'> 
To turn the looks Ji ij a ^j ^ 

To have a heavy (deportment). J — 
Hare, rabbit. Short- ^\'J\ ^ ^'J\ -H- 

tailed rat. Ornament. 
She-hare. Tip of the nose. i'j'J\ 

Ci/noglo$sum, hound's ton- ^J^VI o\i^ 

gue {plant). 
Furred with hare-hair (gai- s^J/y' 

Full of rabbits, kJJ>ij\-4 jj>»^* v^l>* 

hares (land). 
Short-tailed field-rat. 
Indian-nut. («'^ iaJO ) r-ilJj 

Smooth date. 
■^ Madagascar. 
To hum (man). 
To cause a. o. to 

reel (wine). 
To faint, to fall in a swoon, jlit ■rCij 
To reel (drunkard). ■^-iij'j n^y 

Vertigo, giddiness. ^3 

Reeling. Best aloes-wood. ;J^ 

Prow of a ship. *fvj^ 

To be languid. d^ij o ■kjj -ii- 

To subdue a. o. To render s -ruj 

languid. .^ To drench a. o. (rain). 
^f■ To be drenched by rain 
To cleave to. 

Sweet bay. Myrtle. Aloes- 
The Albanians. i»jOj1j i jCjl -^ 

Plane for wood. ^'j^'j P 

To sing. ^jJ3 D 

Madder, dyeing plant. ^Cj ■♦■ 

To be altered (colour), u^j a r^'j ^ 

To wag the head against flies 

(horse). To play. 
To move (the head) to and iro. a ^j 

( T"\l ) 


, I 

li TJ'j ~ roj ■ft' 



Ai-menians. [un. J>ji ) J>j\ 

To be vehemently hot \^'j a «>'j -8- 

Indian almond. 4^3 

To throw cj J A ^Cv) J 03 i J'j > 

a. th. To repair to (a place;. 
To charge a. 0. with. To cast ^j » — 

(looks; upon. To throw a. o. into (an 

To speak conjeeturally. v_^ijlj Jj 
May God smite him on aS>_ j jji oC«3 

his hand 1 
To give help to a. o. (God). J — 

To shot (an ar- trjSJl jtj o* * ~ 

row) with a bow. 
To exceed (a number). u ^/3b ~ 

To shoot with a. o. To make a shoo- 
ting-match with a. 0. 
To throw, to cast a. th. ^^ ^ J']\ 
To cast off. _u!l ^> — 

To throw a. 0. down tr-S^' d^ ^ ~ 

from a horse. 
To practice usury. To exceed ip — 

in abuse. 
To expel a. 0. (country). ^ J^'Jj J'j\ 
To be slack (affair). To heap J\'J; 

up (clouds). To shoot o. a. 
To come to (success or fai- Ji — 

lure : affaii"). 
■^ To fall down at the feet of. ip — 
To be flung, thrown (mis- '\::^,'j\ jSjK 

He went ofl" hunting. 
-^ To fall at the feet of. 
Sound of stones thrown. 
Excess. Usury. 
He excels him. 
A throw, a shot. 
A bad shooter __ j.13 Jji ^X^'j ISj 

may hit the point {said o/" unexpected 

Small cloud Cu3j ^'Jh '''^'J^ 

dropping large drops. 
Game. -^ Cartridge. Tax. CC«3 
Sagittarius, {Zodical sign). 
The Prophet Jeremiah. 
Throwing-machine. j,]^i ^ 
Small arrow. Cloven foot. sC»_3j« 











W S?-J 


To be fresli (man). To shiue 

lirightaess of complexion. Sa^a j 

To fear, to dread a. 0.5 CC* j^ OUajj 
To ba jaded (she-camel). <:^a, J 

To ride a lean camel. To wear w-*'jl 

long sleeves. 
To withhold (camels) from wa- ^ — 

To frighten, to 5 ^iln^\ ^ ^'Jj — 

threaten a. 0. 
To become a monk. oyAy ^j >^j 
Emaciated, jaded camel. j_^j 

Thin arrow-head. ^^j, -r ~ 

Sleeve of a gai'ment. ^^ 

Fright, dread. 'Ci jj ^'j^ ^'jj Xl^j 
Religious order ; x^j 4-j liC^j 

Christian monk. Lion. oi-Aj ^ w^O 
Nun. v^'-^JJ '^'^V*' J ?r *r*0 

Dreadful, appalling. ^j^[yj vi*J 

Monastical. 'skS-^'jJ "si,W* 

Fearful. S^.Ujj ojj^j 5- oCaj 

Monk. o^SKj tt *5C>aj >• oCaj 

Awe, appalment. J^jj P>r*'j 

Terrific things. v^'S^ 

To have a jerking jJ,-J; - j^j ^ 

Unintelligible word. jlij 

Speaking unintelligibly. J-»^ Jr*S^ 
To raise (the dust). To^ijl — r-Aj -^ 

perfume a house. To be about to 

rain (sky). 
Dust. Waterless cloud. 


Realgar, red orpiment. 
Orpiraent, king's yellow 
Gentle walk of a horse.: 



T-^JJ :!tAj 
_,iol !»tAj 


To pound a. th. a i^ij a jl»3 ^ 

To make a gross blunder. ju»j 

Delicacy of life. S^UJ 

Kindness, gentleness, */i_^ j 

Soft, delicate. «^*'j >• -i^j 

Unsteady, wavering. i'^'S" 

To be slow. To be restricted, o^j -S- 
To turn round in (walking). j — 

To scoff at, to bully, jp Joa^j Ci^'Ji ^ 

Shouts of players. Share of Xi>jji 

food. Well-being. Meadow. 
To walk quickly. ^j1 — ^j -fr 

To drop the ears (jaded V^IJV'j — 


SalxT Balcliica^ wild willow. ^^J "-^j 
Border of a sleeve, of ^\jj ^ *iiO 

the nose. 

To be turbid (water). 

To render (water) turbid. fi> 

To dispel ( an evil : God). 

To stop in (a place). 

To be involved in (an affair). To 

confuse (the eyes : sleep). 
To flap the wings (bird). To be jfj 

dim (sight). To be broken (wing). 

To be dull (mind). To be weak 

(body). To look intently. 
To wave (standard). jTji 

To wave (a standard). fi> — 

Turbid (water). ^,jj j;'jj jJj 

Brooding (hen). Bar- oUUij vr '"^^j 

ren ground. 
Muddy watei'. Jl'^i.'j -r *^j 

Brightness, splendour. Wavy j;/j 

streacks (of a sword). 
Slime of a river. '^(Jyjj Jy'_^j Jyy 
To sing melo- J^j , C. J j a vl'j "^ 

diously; to trill. 
To warble (bird). To ring (bow 

To trill (man). 
Trilling voice ; 

ringing sound. 
Melodious song.^tresses. _J'j 

■^ Recitative, hymn. **^,'J 

To gaze Jl^j J J'Jj , (-/jj \^'j o O'j * 

with delight at. 
To overlook, to neglect a. th. ^ — 

To sing. '*i'-^'.J'-^ 

To delight : to cheer a. o. s j'J^j — 

To equal a. 0. in beauty. To s J\'j 

blandish a. 0. 
Attractive beauty. Cj 

Sound. Delight. 'C j 

Looking with delight. y'^j -^'j 

To keep open house ; fit a'jk'j — oj * 

i. e. to be very hospitable. 



' Ji J.' J 

To remain on horseback. To La j 

remaia in doors. i 

To assemble. -J^+j jl 

Kindred, o.'s people. Party ia^\'J\j 
of men less than ten. Enemy. ( With 
a number) Person, individual. 

We are all if^iijij ^j j'j^ 'o"'' 


Leathern flaps used as JaUji. ?- l»ij 

Mole- ^Uj r 'VJaAljj 'Uaijj *L*j 

Furnit'ire of a house. ^"^j. 

To thin (a sword). * Ciij a Ji* j -ft- 
To be thin (sword). Ci*jj *sC» j o wiA j 
To whet (a blade). To thin. * wiAjl 
To extem[)orise (a speech). yj — 

Thin. Whetted (swoi'd). jk.»Jfi wVt j 
Slender (horse). .Jiij^ 

To be foolish. To lie. Caij a j* j -ft- 

To be mischievons, ungodly. To 

To near ; to overtake a. o. i jijlj — 
To charge a. o. with evil. ■& jij 

To near puberty (youth). jaI j 

To oppress a. o. '^'^s^ 2( jaJI 

To exact a painful duty from, i^li 5 — 
To prevent a. o. by hurry o' 2* — 

from (performing prayer). 
To delay prayer to the ;5UsJl ^»]\ 

last minute. 
Malice. Tyrannical muad. Impu- jij 

Fast run. jii'j 

About one hundred. jri* Ji^'jj J'i'j, 
Saffron. oliiij 

Overtaken (by a foe). Reduced ji^A 

to extremity. 
Light-minded. Resorted by ^'Jf> 

guests. Suspected of evil. Wicked. 

To pound a. th. * Cfeuij a dli j -ft- 

between two stones. 
To remain in (a place). ^j — 

To have a sluggish gait. <^'A 

Good work. dU j 

Weakness. «fe».Aj 

Weak she-camel. . i^tj>'j 



Fool. Coward. cj'j^j^j o'-^'jj o'-^j 

OiUfcj rr C)J->^jJ '•'•>^JJ XJJAjj ii-i^'j 

Lark of Mecca. 

To stir, to Cl'jA^j G*^ ^ J*J "^ 

move about. 
To stir on behalf of. J _0j\ 

To tread upon ( the A Caj a ^^aj -ft- 

To be jolted, shaken, stirred. ,j-»S 
To be flooded (valley). To ^j\ 

press together (men). To heap up 

To become bountiful J^'y — J^j -ft- 

(man). To yield much milk (she- 
To be loosened (bow). To J-^'jX 

shudder ( man ). To knock together 

(hoofs). To be in civil war (tribe). 
To thrust (the spear) obliquely, a — 
Bountifulness. Share. "Ci^jk^jj *i.Aj 
Shock of the hoofs. Weak j-i^j 

(man). Lean-backed (she-camel). 

Thin (spear-head). Fine dust. 
Two veins in the foi'efeet of oll^Ol 

Veins of ( un. iLjbVjj jjt\'j ) ^aIj j 

the palm of the hand, of the fore- 
To hurry a. 0. fi^ ^ i Ca*j a ^'j -ft- 

To urge (a debtor). To squeeze a. th. 

To blame a. 0. 
To urge (a debtor). s ^aI jj — 

To be hurt in theCajij a ,j<x*jj ,yii*j 

sole (horse). 
To set the first range (of sto-^ u^*J 

nes) in a wall. To fasten a. th. 
To prosper a. 0. (God). To "i ^ja»j\ 

hurt (a horse : stones). 
First range of stones in a wall. ^_^j 

Bricks of mud. 
Hurt in the sole of horses. "LaJij 

Setting the first row of stones. ^y»li j 
Wounded on the ^^^j u^'j 

sole (horse). 
Hurting the sole (stones.) ij^^M'j 

Strong rocks. 
Rank. Office. ii**,? 

To take tf> ijL'jj , Cki^ a iJ^'j -ft- 

large (mouthfuls). To glut a. th. 


^jj (YAY) 

r Events happen ViB»jO. "Cji'j'f jy^\ 

in their fixed time. 
Marine chart. jjtiC^I ji ^Cx* j P 

To walk gently. To fall \'ykj o C* j -{{■ 

cahn (sea). To expand the wings. 
To part (the legs). t^jj — 

To act gently towards. 
To approach towards. To 

agree with. 
To come to a broad place. To 

feed on cranes. 
To reconcile with. 
To mix together. To prepare 

a porridge. 
Crane (bird). Crowd of 'Gbj^ 

Depressed or elevated ground, %^'ji — 
He has done it easily. \^'j ilis 

Porridge of pounded wheat and ;!* j 

Orfa, ancient town of Emesa. 
Easy (life). Continuous hos- 

Amble. Ambler (horse). 
To amble (horse). 
Fleet (horse). ^«1^. 

To be weak. To ba remiss. 


To di'oop (load). To issue tears(eye). 
To shake. To waver. \^'j 

To totter (in walk). To threaten j — 

with (rain : cloud). To waver (in). 

To pon- j V'ii j^^j '"^i.'S' *'j'-> ~ *bJ "^ 

der over (an answer). 
Mature examination. <ij'ji *~:.j,j 
Reflection. '^'A 

The letterj. Foam of the sea. A'j 

Kind of acacia-tree. 
To be churned (i.j'jji Cjjj o k_jl j -^ 
(milk). To be perplexed; crack-brai- 
ned (man). To lie. To feel drowsy 
from satiety or sleep. 
He is about to be slain. io ^S'j 

To be jaded (beast). kjj'j 

To churn, to curdle (milk).* v'V'j ~ 
Quantity, amount. s_jO 

Curd. ,J/j 

Thou art clear dlllt <J/j'^j ^j^"^ 
from guilt. 

Worthless man, cipher. -^ieS'ji "iiej^j 
To quiver. To be ^ j a J* j -tt- 

flabby ; to be swollen (flesh). 
To relax a. 0. (sleep). 5j*jbj*j 

To be flabby ; swollen (horse). j»^7 
Thin cloud. Jaj^ 

jp ^'J\i — Soft, weak, lax. Ja'j 

To drizzle continuously ^j1 — ^»j ■«- 

Drizzle ; fine and ^Uj,j ^aj ^ *i-*j, 

lasting rain. 
Emaciated ewe. j^j^'jj -^^ j 

Harmless birds. Large number. ^Uj 
More fruitful (land). ^aJ^ 

Poultice plaster : un- ^^0' rr j^'S" 

Populine, (unguent). ^'Jii\ ^'ji 

Watered by a fine rain. >>*!r* 

To last, to continue. C^j a ^^ j ^ 
To be settled in a place. olfe^JLi — 
To be emaciated. Cy* j — 

To A 5 ^'Jj , Ji;p A J * 5 Cjb J a — 
pledge a. th. with.To promise a. th. to. 
> To mortgage property. a — 

To lay a jc 5 OCftj, j *;A)^;i ^ySlj 

wager. To race with a. o. for. 
To weaken a. o. To pay a. o. » ^]\ 

in advance. 
To ask a high price for goods. J — 

To pay, to give a. th. in advance. 




To secure sustenance to 

(a guest). 
To give a. o. as hostage. ^j ? — 

He deposited the j'<Si\ c^*" ij^'A 

corpse in the grave. 
To lay a wager together. ^i\'j, 

To receive a. th. as a pledge, a J'^'j\ 
To be bound, obliged to. ^j ^^jf 

To ask a. th. as a pledge. * o*'-^l 
Pledge,^Aj^ CnA jj 0>AJJ oUj, ?r 0* J 

earnest. .^ Mortgage. 
Manager of cattle. ^JC« ^aj^ 

I guarantee it 4j "^c^^j) c^'j Z)i iJl 

to thee. 
Steady. Lasting. Ready zLkl j ^ ^I'j 

(food). Lean. -{»• Strong, fast. 
Race-horses for betting. oUj, Jli. 
Pledged. Engaged. o>*S^-> o«^lr'J '^'j 
Pawn, pledge. cr,VA j ^ Si;*!) 

To give rest to a. o. To i ^\'j\j ^j'j 

bring back (cattle) in the evening. 
To visit a. o. in the evening. 5 ^j j 

To fan a. o. 
To cheer a. o. To perfume (a po- fi> — 

made). -^ To spoil; to squander a.'th. 

To procure abortion. 
■^ To leak (vessel). To miscarry ^j j 

To subside (building). rwj "^ 

To allay : to quiet a. o. »j 5 5^J j -^ 
To alternate (two works). oy. ^Ji j 

To i'est on (each foot) in turn. To 

reclir.e on (each side) in turn. 
To stink (water, meat). <^ij\j t^'jS 
To be exposed to the wind. iilj(^ ^\'j\ 

To tak«^ breath. To die. To take rest. 

To alight (rider). 
To pay (a debt) to a. o. u a — 

To scent (man : game). 5 ^j]\j — 
To gi'ow up (plant). To beco- ^Yj 

me leafy (ti'ee). To contract a smell. 

To act, to depart La the evening. 
To go in the evening to a. 0. 's. 5 — 
To fan o.'s self. ^ — 

To do a. th. alterna- 
To be brisk ; cheerful 

take rest. 
To deliver a. 0. in his 

mercy (God). 
To take, to find rest. 
To rest upon a. o. 
To scent a. 0. To revive f>j n ^jjl^[ 

(a tree). 
Wine. Joy, cheerfulness. ^\'j 

Windy day, night. '^^iO ''^ J r'j yA 
Rest, quiet, ease. Xij j 

Palm of the band. ^\'jj cj^\j ?r <»0 

Wife. Even, fruitful land. Court. Fold 

of a garment. <■ Racket. 
-^ Privy. ;::p| ^^ 

Lnonlis leontopef'dum, a^Vt ^^I'j 

lion's leaf {plant). 
Breath of life. ^\j'J\ ^ (?«. andf.) ^jj 

Soul. Inspiration. Ghost. -^ Spirit, 

essence. Oneself. Charge of a gun. 
•^ Forbearing, long-minded.^_,^ll Jj^ 
-(>■ The Holy Ghost. ^'aSlI ^~yj\ 

( YAA) 

•ry yJ yi^J 



Ju J - 

o.JJJ O.J J 

Rennet for milk. Apa- 
thy. Livelihood. 
Want. Easy life. Part of the n/j 

night. Piece of meat. Mespilus Aro- 

nia, medlar-tree. Fertile land. 
Confused, J.jj ^ •-y'j'j '^'^'/jJ ,^'fj 

Chui'ning- vessel. o.j'y' "^j ^ij" 

To dung (horse). CJ jj o oO ^ 

Dung of cj\j]\ ^ {un. Tj'/j) cj'jj 

hoofed beasts. 
Siftings of wheat. Tip of the v/j 

nose. Beak of an eagle. 
Anus of a horse. <Liyyj cj\j 

To have currencyvVlJjj ii>jj o 5-' J "* 

(coin). To sell readily (goods). To be 

unsteady (wind). To be speedy. To 

be ready (food). 
To circulate (money). To sell a ^jj 

(goods) readily, -if- To huri'y a. th. 
To hurry a. th. »_ij A — 

^ To hurry ; to be speedy. ^j j 

•<► To get the start of a. o. ^ — 

To turti around a watering- ^j'j, 

trough( camel). 
Current (money). Saleable ^j^/Jj ^jiJlj 

To go, to act in the li-lj j o ^O "^ 

evening. To go away, -if- To be lost. 

To be about, to on the point of. 
•^ He is near death. 0>ij -r^'j 

To go in jj* J Jl^j ^ ^\jjj (>yj - 

the evening to. 
To smell a. th. fi> GJ j 1 — 

To be windy (day). To be G-j j a ^1 j 

ventilated (house). To become leafy 

To blow upon a. o. (wind). fi> — 

To feel the wind (tree). To '^ifj - 

become a stallion (horse). 
To be brisk, ready to. J *»lj — 

To do a benefit readily. iJj^^iUJ, — 
To receive (a favour) ^y. » ^)'J\j — 

^j'jJJ 5iCj),j *>.\'jj (>\'jj ^\yj — 
To rejoice at a. th. J %»6'_^j 

To be windward (place). To be -riij^ 

overtaken by the wind. 
To be large, wide. b-jj a ^^j/j 

3^j (^-^ 

Bountifnlness. Cheerfulness. *-J»cij1 
Starting-place ; place of return, ^v^ji 
Stable ; station for cattle. ^Ij^ 

Windy (day); aired. ^_^j ^/j, 

Perfumed ointment. ^yj> ^i 

Fifth horse iu a race. -^ At rest. ^ljj>i 
Windward. Desert. r-JL-^y* 9r *»->y* 
Resting-place. Grave. Privy. yXj^ 
To ask a. th. ^ uQj, j iS/j o i) j ■«■ 

To seai'ch for food, fodder. 
To go to and fro in a pasture. iSi'j j — 
To be restless, sleepless.. i'iCj il j 
To go round about the Clij j j lij jj — 

neighbour.s, to blow gently (wind). 
To send (a scout) for fodder. i ij'j 

<^ Jfrj <-.iJ ^ s ^^^JJ,J eijilr* ijlj 

To entice a. o. to sin. 
To will. To desire a. th. ^ il 'J 

To entice a. o. to. J^ * ~ 

To act, iluj'jj \':>j^^j \hi,h ^'^^jj{^j'J 

to walk gently. 
To desii'e, to exact a. th. a iCJI. 

To obey. To pastui-e (cattle). i\'.^{ 
Scout for cyj^Xjj iijjj Silj ?r -*j'l J 

fodder. Handle of a hand-mill. Spy. 

Forerunner. Homeless man. 
Going about Siljjj Soj'ljj sil jj il j 
[ the neighbours (woman). 
Gentle wind. - i\fjj ^/j ^^^ 

Go gently. _ iJl^dJjj la/ j'j 

Grant me a delay, ^y^jjfjj ^j./j'j 

thou, ye. 
Will, free will. z'^\j[ 

Decree of the Sultan. sti.:- Silji 

Axle of a pulley. Ivory ^j r,^ ^ ij^ 

needle for collyrium. Iron of the bit. 
Willed. Intention. iiyi 

Pasture ground for camels.i|Jtl>Jj il^^ 

Windward place. 
<• Candidate, novice. Devotee. jjyl 
China rhubarb. '^.^^ Jji'jj Jjj P 
Yellow ^\jji\ -<^j'-jul>' Jj I J 

•^ Rhaponticine. _^i -^jjO 

Sect of Metempsychosists. :^jij\^\ 
To go to and fro. I'jj j o ifj -«■ 

To weigh (a coin). Sj A Ijj'j o jlj -»- 

To test a. o. To ask, to desire a. th. 

Jesus (for Moslems)." 


«il ^j J 

The Angel Gabriel. cn^Vl ^jjjij ^j^JI 
God, the Supreme Spirit. ^JitVi ^jj\ 
■^ He feigned to be so. ixf iij'j ji^ 
The devils. i:ijb3lj ^uii)> ^uyvi 

Spiritual, incoi-- o^ Cvj j ^ 'j, U/j 

poreal (being). 
Agreeable place. *J,^j j ul6*/» 

Width between the feet. ^j'j 

Rest. Breeze. Joy. Victoiy. ^'/j 

Justice. Mercy. 
Fine, cheering V/j iUj Wj j^A- 

day, night. 
Ostrich. Shallow vessel. U.J j 

Evening ; afternoon. ^ij j 

Rest, quiet. «CiJjj *^Ujj - 

Wind : breath. Victoi'y. !«;iOb 

Strength. Mercy. Smell-scent. 
Weather-cock. -t^j yS"^ 

^ Whitlow. x^'jh\ ^jj 

Flatulency. Rheumatism.x^jfc, j -^jrvj 
Smell. Wind. ;ijj 

Any aromatic plant, oi»C j ^ oUJj 

Sweet basil. Livelihood. Offspring. 
Clinopocliuin, basil-weed. ^^ uUJj 
Ociinum basili- dU^JIj ^^Vii;!' uUJj 

Ci<m, basil-royal. 
Origanum maru^ mar- ^^^1 oUi^ 

Kind of wormwood. Ja^Vl o&eJ^" 

Cissus rotandifolia : oCi,i obtJj 

wild grape. 
Myrtle-tree. jy^\ oUJ'^ 

Lamms camphora. j^\^\ oWj 


Good woman. 
Cooled, pleasant (day). ^^^^jj 9-Jj 
■^ Henceforth. ^w'jj >•>;" o^ 

-^ Beyond the river. _^l ^^ ^u.i^'^i 
He possesses no oJ Ij Vj *i; C i1 C> 

Smell. Evening rain or ■rv}jj -^ *^,\j 

Spacious (place), ^/j ^ '^'jj j, ^jjl 

Part-legged. Shallow (bowl). 
Joy. Mercy. ^-^j's 

Generous. Brisk. Jl^^-iJ^ 

( TV 

m.f.) jaYj 



Newlj- broken and 

untrained (colt). 
Pool in a low cA^Vj'j 

and hard ground. 
To repair o CW jj ^'jj i o i»l j -^ 

to a summit (wild beast). 
To be afraid of. ^ fojj , (sj j o 9I j ^ \ 
To return (thing). (iijj i o p.1 j 

To fi'ighten a. 0. i p/ji — 

To surprise, to please (beauty). » — 
To be firm in the hand. ju)l j — 

Thirst-quenching ii^l l^. 9.1'^ '*j>i 

To b.-^ pleasing, sagacious, ^fj a ^j/j 
To chide sheep. ^'^i 5^3 j' 

To be frightened at. ^ ^Cjlj f.jji 
To be glad, prone to do good. J{ 
Fear, fright. War. p.j j 

Heart, mind. f.j'j 

Surprising beauty, courage.<tj jj ^.j'j 
Spirited (man). Startled il^JI plj'j 

Surprising by pjjj o^lj ,r ;^,b 

beauty, courage. Elegant (word). 
F. Admirable or ^.j'jj ^'Afj ^ :UJ( j 

terrible thing. 
In bi-oad light. jl^iib ^/■-^' *^'-> 'J 
First white hair. w-pJI liJ.l j 

Excitiog pj'jj jiij'/i ^ 'tjj ^ wjl 

Frightful, terrible. ^^i 

Terror-stricken. Perspicacious, ^j'jj^ 
To slant, to dodge Ciij jj (pj j j.lj -JJ- 

(thief, fox). 
To deviate fi'ora the road. ^ij^\ js- — 
To incline stealthily towards. Jl^ — 
To rush on a. o. with (blows). t_j Jc — 
To put grease in (food). fi> ^.j'j 

To delude a. 0. To attack a. 0.5 f.j\'j 
To allure a. 0. to. J^ 2$ — 

To sc.}k, to desii'e a. th. * ^cj\j f.\'J\ 
To wallow (beast). 
They struggled together. 
Deviating (road). fj\'j 

Shift, stratagem, slyness. aSJjjj 9IJ j 
Slant, sly. Fox. ^)j j 

Wrestling-place. *^\>.J,J *^IJ j 

Abundance of harvest. j,G j 

To be still, motionless. Cjj j ^i j -JJ- 

To improve (a farm). 
To ponder over (a scheme). f> jjj 
Mastei'-mason. s jO ^r jO 

Watching of masons. sjGj^ 

Weight, amount. oyyi j'S' 

Mural aperture , dormer. oj/j P 

Annual book, almanac. "C-Si'jij P 

To have a proud gait, uj'j w-'j * 

To eat much. 
To wash away a. th. (torrent). A — 
Wicked man. *j-i ^rj j 

To eat much. To eat little.C;.} j o j-\.i -S- 
To weaken a. 0. (illness). i — 

Haii-y on the ears J-j'/jj J'^'j 

(camel). Weak. 

To bi'eak, to train (a colt). 
To bore (a pearl). A *-3kj, ~ 

To resort to a garden. J^j'j 

To train o.'s body or mind. lliJ jaj'j 
To turn (a land) into a garden. * — 
To blandish a. o. To render ^j s j='j\'j 

(a land) verdant (God). 
To quench o.'s thirst. j»l jl 

To quench the thirst of. 5 — 

To abound in gardens ( place). j93jb ~ 
To stagnate in (a valley, j>\'J\Z.\i — 

in a pool : water). 
To vie, to contend. J^'S^J 

To make a spiritual retreat. j4 J "^ 

■()■ To improve in health (sick man). 

To train o.'s self. 
To be trained ; to be broken J^t'j^ 

to poetry. 
To become spacious (place). J^KA^K, 

To be cheerful (soul). 
Verdant garden, meadow. jaj j 

oL^j^j Jp\j,i cXis'iJi J^'jj ?r '^'jJ 
Wateiy meadow. Luxuriant garden. 

Water in the bottom of a pool. Half 

a skin of water. 
Bodily exercise. Practice of <-is\ij 

good works and prayer. <• Magical 

performance. Good health. Retreat, 


Exact cjt^\ij^ j^,i 1j>U^' >?" 
science ; mathematics, music. 

Trainer o>iaJJ jj J»C!>J *^l'j ir J^Sj 
of colts. 

P' To wait, to tarry. ^5j 

To make a. o. to desii-e a. th. A ffj ^j — 
To plan various schemes. '^j\'j — 

To ridicule a. o. o^aI; /i'y 

Pond. Place in the desert. ' X/il j 
Lobe of tlie ear. j'iji ^ij 

Greeks of Byzantium. ^Ijjl ^ ^j j 

The Greek church. 
Mediterranean aea.jaJvi yvll^j.y^l_^ 
Greek ; Byzantine. "^/j j^'^.jj 

a Christian. European. 
Turkey in Eui'ope, li{ ^_) j Ts 

Glue for sticking feathers. i^/j 

•^ Rafter, beam. VJ-^j t ■4* J J 

Rome (town). ^^Jai'l *^j jj Sj'/j 

Dfsire. Craving. 

Misfortune, ill 

Main part of a. th. ;cJ_j j 

Sound. Critical ; quiet (night, uCjjl 

Broken, tamed 
To be rippled 

To relate {a tradi- ^ xi\3j i Ji'j ^ 

tion). To twist (a rope). 
To carry water for a. o. itj J — 

To fasten a. th. on (a camel). ^ ^ — 
To draw water for a. o. 5 — 

To tigi ^^ J^'yj^j.^jj.j \.j,j^[j a iSj'j 

b3 well watered ( cattle, land). To 

thrive (tree). 
To ask a. o. to recite fit i iSj'S^j iJj'j 

(a poem). -^ To show a. th. to. 
To reflect upon a. th. J jjyj jj'j 
To quench the thirst of. 5 t]jj[ jj'J\ 

To water (plants). 
To satisfy o.'s thirst. To G) j 'S'}}' 

bacome compact (Umb). 
To relate (a fact). A — 

To be twisted (rope). To be \S'yj\ 

strong (limb). 
Abundant water. jjj 

P'ruitftilness, abundance j j 

-^ Rain, q Large leathern-bucket, xs'j 
Copious watering. Abundance. "xSj 

Sweet smell. 
Abundant water-.spring. 

To be cleai* (wine). CSj j o JIJ -ft- 
To excite wonder in. 5 — 

To excel, to be superior to. u — 

To have long teeth. CSjj a Jj^j 

To clarify (wine). To sell ^ Jjj 

(goods) for some better. 
<• To recovei' from illness, anger. jJ3 
To overcharge a. 0. in (a sale). J il — 
Night has spread its jljll Jjj 

To have the gallery of o.'s » Jjl3 

house facing another. 
To pour (water, blood). i* jijl 

To breakfist. jS^^j Jj^j •♦• 

Gallery ; pavilion. Curtain.jijjl ^ jj j 

Horn ; spear held between a horse's 

ears. Death-rattle. Life. Dauntless 

man. Self-conceitedues.-i. Pure love. 

Pure water. Bloom of youth. Begin- 
ning of the night.Chief. Body of man. 

Fine horse. Planning and acting. 
He ran vehemently. He re- ijlj'jl iit 

mained at rest. 
The eyes issued tears-ojiiJI Jlj'J zX^\ 
Great beauty. :ajj 

Handsome, the best (w. s. 'pl.) 'i^jj 

of men. 
Projection of the upper-teeth. j/j 
Peristyle. Tent. j/jj ~^jj\ ^ J\jj 

Dooi'-curtain. Eyebrows. 
Strainer. Wine-jar. Cup. Jjjl j 

Bloom of life. Best part ; ji jj JJ j 

first pai't. 
Clear, limpid. iJj'jj JJ'j r^ J'j'j 

Breakfast. *\j'^ ■^ 

Horned. Having a j/j ^ '[V/j j, Jjjl 

projection of the upper-teeth. 
Porticoed (building). Clarified jj^S 

Common estate ; estate of ilj^l JC« a 

Echo. *6»jjj 'Uojj 

To slaver (cattle). Jjj — J«j -fr 

To sinear (bread) with grease. a> — 
Superfluous tooth in hoi'ses. j; ij 

Slaver of horses. Jlj j 

To desire a. th. a C«I^>j ("'/j j-^'j ^ 



Slow-sighted. pj^l -iJljl' 

To be vile, i*^jj CUjjj Ge/j i ^1 j -«- 

remiss. To have parted legs. 
To exhaust, to weaken a. o. n ^^j 
Ridge of a iC jlj a^'j ^ o/'j -ft- 

To become big ^ 'jj J,'ji SJ.'jJiX * 

and fat. 
To render (the mai'row) thin /b ji jl 

(God, fatigue). 
Drivel of a child. J/j 

Soft, fluid (marrow). jl'jj JLj,i ~ 
To Malk proudly. CCJ'jj CJ j i ^Ij * 

to .sweep. 
To take hold of. To ovei-come * — 

a. o. 
To collect furniture. 

To maintain (a finend\ 

good, to help a. o. 
To feather (an ai 

■^ To grow feathers (bird). jXj 

To restore o.'s ^'j ^^ ^cjl_, jS) 

Feather. Plenty, jS/}i ^b j^ ^ j^^ 

means of life. 
Splendid garment. tAkJlJ J-i-i, 

■^ Tuft of feathers, egret. *ijj. 

Lancet. Writing-pen. Small stone. 
Thick hair en the ears. jSij 

Leafy {plant). ^pj ^j j 

Kind of A6?-o/ant<w, sou- jii^l ola 

thern wood. 
Feathered (arrow). Agent in 

Hairy on the j,^_j^ ^ .\lSj j, ^j1 

ears, cheeks (man). 
Feathered (arrow). jA'j^J J-ly' 

Cloth of J»Oj J Ja/ J ^ iLjj - JaiJ -«■ 

one web. Thin covering. 

To ^^jj 'iQj^j ^yiJ) ^•i'j i jiO "W" 
increase. To thrive (plant). 

To move about (looming), ^'^j 

To fear a. o. or a. th. 

To come back from. 

To turn back towards. 

To assemble (tribe). To be plen 
tiful, delicious (food). 

To do 8 — 


( TYY ) ^,j 

Sort, species. Lung, {for yj ) *'j 
King (at cards). -^j^ Is 

Sea-blubber, jelly-fish. ^iji ;jj j 

Abundant (water). Cloud drop- jj j 

ping large drops. Copious drink. 

Rhyme-letter in (verses). 
Need. Reflection. Remainder 

of a debt. 
•^ Play, di'ama. Novel. 

Rope for binding a load. 

Sweet water. 

Brightness of the face. 

Relater, narrator, ojj^'jj »\j'j ^ j'j 

Narrator, reciter. Oi/j ?- *i^'j 

Beast, .skin for carrying water. 
Copiously watered, -tjj ^ C j ^ oO'j 

Green, soft branch. Fleshy. 
Female ^'jj\j jj\'J\ ^ -J J,' A} 'ljJ^ 

antelope : mountain-goat. 
To plant (a banner), fit S_'J\ — cij -J^ 
Banner. Iron-collar j\'jj oCl j ,-• SjO 

for slaves. 
Comely aspect. jj 

To disturb a. o. » iji'Jlj , CS'j i otj -55- 

(thought). To cause doubt, su.spi- 

cion to. 
To be suspicious (man). ^\'J'\ 

To doubt, to fear about. o ^^'j 

To suspect a. o. ^ U(J\^\i UCiS\i — 

of (evil). -ij-To be sceptical in (belief). 
To doubt about a. th. ^^ ^cji^ 

To waver ; to have suspicion. sJ\'jLi.\ 
Doubt. Suspicion. Want. Vicis- ^j'j 

situde. -^ Scepticism. 
Anxiety ; suspicion ; ^j ^ t^_x 

Suspicious, perplexing ^V-> v'i J 



Jl - 

To be slow : to 

be late. 
To be tired. 
To soften a. th. 
To delay a. o. 
To find a. th. to be late. 
Delay, space of time. 
As long as ; while ; until 
Slow, late (news). 

z^l J>i , Ui/ J i til J -^ 

A - 

( Tvr ) 

iiJjl, 'Jai-J li>^*l ^ 

He made his 

mouth to water. 
On fasting ; ^ jj j jpj ji^l jt. 

before breakfast. 

■^ To restrain angei'. ii j ^iijlj ^iJ 

To take breath. To have a respite. 

•^ To breakfast. Ji'J^ ^r-^ 

Pure, clear. Destitute. Fasting' jj\j 

(man). Bj-eakfast. 
Gaping at everything. ji3' 

To slavev (child). "^I'j j53 -^j i JO * 
Slaver. sL'j <>j JC j, 

•^ Silver coin of >^V0 j^ ^ JOj^ 

about 3 sh. 6 de. 
Turkish crown (coin). t^Ju^ '-'Uj, "^ 
Silver coin with a wreath. oU» _^ — ■<► 
Spanish O'own (coin). ;ja> j'> — -^ 
To droop (load). u-ij i -^•'j "^ 

To depart from (a placel.^pj ^*jfi> — 
He has not ceased doing. jii3 >I3 V* 
He was forsaken. ^ ^j 

To begin to heal C'Uj^j ^j ' v»0 

To stop in (a place). ._) ^j 

To exceed a. o. or a. th. it — 

Redundance. Hillock. Grave. ^'3 

End of the day. White antelope. 

Step. Long space of time. Bone of a 

slaughtered beast. 
a Exaggeration. j^iJ 

Mai'y. ^^ H 

To feel (jualmish. Ojl jj Co 3 i ol j -^ 

To be dirty (gai'ment). 
To overcome a. 0. To ^ j jtj s — 

Wind a. o. (passion). 
To be involved in a scrape. 

To be forsaken. 
To experience loss in flocks. 
Gaiter without sole. 
Dirt. Rust. 
"Wine. oUj 


*! <-iJ, 

To go and come. Ql'j i olj -it- 

To make a. o. to go and come, s J^j 
To move about (mirage). J'J 

Going to and fro (mii'age). ^/^i 

To multiply (flocks, crops). To f,\'J\ 

possess cereals. 
To flow (water). To meet (people), ff^ 
To be late. To stop. To be redun- 
dant in a dish (oil). 
To be peri'lexed. plln-llj ~ 

To bestow a. th. abundantly. ^ e'jj — 
Abundance of vegetation, o^^'j) hj 
Redundance. Choice part. Moving 
of the mirage. Fear. Brightness of 
the day. > Revenue of land. 
Elevated hill. Pigeon- ^,0 j^ ^ ^j_ 

tower. Winding mountain-road. 
Cell of a Christian. 
Crowd. Rising ground. li^j^ 

Excellent (horse). f^\j ^J^'J) 

Register for lands. ^Jj a 

Fruitful soil. •<m_>^ J'j' 

Fertilising rain. f,'» J^ 

To put grease in (food)./b ^'3 — ^.ij -ft- 
To be greasy (dish). j^'y ■*)■ 

Dust, earth. ^0 j. 

Dusty. ^ ^^ jlj> 

To '-ii[yi , ^Qji ^jlj , '^'j i ^0 "^ 

come, to pasture in a fertile country. 
To be near to suspicion. *!^, juVj 
To be fertile CsO jl wij jlj , '~<i\'j\ o'j^ 

Cultivated, fertile land. oG jl ^ ^j. 

Fluvial region. Ampleness of life. 

a Lower Egypt. 
Sea-urchin. jyCS\ ^j. 

Fruitful. *^3 3 ^ ^3 

To be rippled (pool). <jfj i J13 -tt- 

To be poured (water). To quiver. 

To shine (mirage). 
To give up the ghost. Cj_ji3 >r*^; '»^'3 
To give clear -wine to a. 0. * 5 j^'3 
To pour forth (water). * Jl3'l 

To move about (mirage). j^jJ 

Falsehood. Glittering (of a ji3 

sword). Water. Unseasoned bread. 
Beginning, best of a. th. J^3j JIj-J ~ 
Saliva. ( un. ii j_) jCjl ir JiJ^ 


( rvi ) 



A - 


To frighten a. o. 5 

To force, to constrain a. o, j*. 2( 

To heal (a wound). 
Violent or sudden death. 
Eye. Honour. 
Powerful voice. Provisions. 

"Word. Wind. Gluttony. Want. 
Zizania. oOjj olj'b oljj, — oO ^ 

To ba proud, self-conceited.C'O a J\j -K- 
To make a. o. heavy (surfeit), s j\j\ 
To be hairy. Cjj a ZJj -S- 

To near its setting Ojb ^? jj ~ 

To fill up (a water-skin). A Oj o — 
To dry (figs, grapes). a '^'y^j ^/j 
To spume in speaking. To v^Ijjj ^3 

spume (ooi'ners of the mouth). 
To become dry (grapes). w4^ 

To be filled up (water-skin). L»ijl Beard. ij% oC'jl ^ '^'j 

Celsia orobanche tinctoria ^i Zj'j 

[ [plant). 


Jl I. 

Bone of cuttle fish used as 

a medicine. Fistular sea-worm. 
Down. Thick hair in man. Hairi- ^3 

ness of the face in camels. 
Huge deaf rat. Messengei'. ^\,/j 

Raisins ; dry figs. Foam of the ,^^_ 'j 

mouth.Yenom in the mouth of snakes. 
A raisin. Ulcer on the hand. 

Foam of the mouth. 
Two red spots above the eyes 

of snokes, dogs. 
Wine made with raisins. 
Seller of raisins. 
Hairy. Downy (bird), '^'j ^ 

A certain devil. 
Fruitful year. 
Great misfortune. 
To be angry. To fly in war 

^.'j J' V3'i 

Kind of cat. Ship. 

To walk quickly (ostrich). 'ijij -jf- 
To move a. th. To frighten a ^ 5 — 

a. 0. 
To tremble from feai-. To YjCp — 

move about in walking. To ba moved. 
To drink long draughts. Cjj a ^(j ^ 
To bring in (a water- gt, ..j'bjij — 

skin) speedily. 
To be nappy, villous (cloth). jXj -ft- 
Nap, villousness of Ji'/jj j'j'jiJ'^j 

To overlay a. th. with quick-A jjlj ^ 

Mercury, quick- jlj ^^ j./ j _, ^j^ 

silver. Fickle man. 
To fill a. o. with Qili S Cjlj a cJ^'j -»- 

To sow discord ^jj (V'O a ^-b * 

To frighten i 6)3^ lSl3j lilj a ib ■«- 

a. 0. 
Fright, fear. ^ ^ ^jj^ ^3^ 

SJyj 'jO-> i'-^ j a J,jj., o i JVj -ft- 
To roar (lion). <• To jV)_7j Jjb 

snort (stallion). 
Thicket. Garden. Dense herd Sjij 

of camels. 
Roaring. Angry J V;^ jjj J\'j 

To speak loudly and (Ja^X ^ -^b "^ 

To hurry a. 0. 5 Cslj a .Jb "^ 

To despatch (a wounded ic ^ijl 

To cause heaviness to a. 0. s — 

Haste. Quick death. «J'jj 

To walk haughtily. Cifeb a ilb * 

To die suddenly. C»*)j a ^b "^ 

To glut (food). To strike a. Sj fit — 

with terror. To cause shivering to 

a. 0. (cold). 
To be terror-^bjo , Cb a J3j , <A'j J'j 


Book. Psalms of David. j'j ^ j^'j 
Writing. Misfortune. Mire. j^'j 

Strong. Hariilsoiiie man. Mount Sina. 
Broad in the shoul- J'j ^ '\'j'j j>j'j\ 

der-blades. Mischievous. 
Writing-reed. j'yi 

Land inf.^sted by hornets, tj/ji j=j\ 
Ornament with 9rj>. J ?r •prj.'j, ^ 

gems or figures. Gold. Thin cloud. 
Chrysolithe. ^liyjj ■xJ^'U w -i»!/J P 

To .az. 
To dye (cloth) red or yellow. 4> oj'!i ^ 
Full moon. Scanty-haired. ol9_,iJ, 

To quack (duck). CJs-j jj Cla> j i JaJj -i^ 
Mire, mud. iJJ o 

To be in a rage. To be ^Ji — r>.j ^ 

ill-natured. To utter offensive words. 
Offensive in anger. f^(j 

Short ; vile. ;J33 

Hurricane. Strong. Devil, ^ijj ^ "*^.i"j 
Sweet-smelling marnm. ^j ^ 

lU-natui'ed. Coarse. Hairy on COh J 

the face. Female crocodile. Rhino- 
To pluck out (the A CiJ'j o i jjj ^ 

beard). To break a. th. To open (a 

lock J. 
To confine. To straiten a. o. s — 

To mix a. th. with. k_j * — 

To glide in to (a house). To J jJjji 

be ensnai'ed in. 
Cornel's of a house. '*^ySj 

To manure ( a a j| 'j ^j . ^j \ ji'j ■«- 

To bear, to carry a. th, 
Mote, ant's load. Trifle. 
Manure, dung of cattle. 
Mouthful ; gobbet. 
Sweepings. Anything. 
•^ Sweeper, scavenger. 
Basket made of palm-leaves. j^'j 
Basket. j^\}'j ^ ^jjj J^^G'J ^ jjx 
Dung-heap. ' ^\y ^ HSyj ;i;y 

To sell (dates) on the fn CJ'j [^'j -H- 

ti'ee. To prevent her young from 

sucking (she-camel). 
To knock, to push a. o. » ^\jj — 

To remove (a tent) from ^ A ^'j\ 

(the road). 

( TY» ) 


JQ jj JQ J, 

To churn (milk) in a A l>Jj o jJj -fr 

To feed a. o. with fresh butter, e — 
To give a part of pro- J j s IjJj i — 

perty to. 
To foam (sides of the -^.yj Aj 

To card (wool, cotton;. A oJj 

To foam (sea). To be intensely jj j1 

white. To blossom (lote-tree). 
To rage and threaten jjjij J.']\ 

To cream (milk). To take the ^ jjjj 

best part of a. th. To swallow a. th. 

To fulfil (an oath). 
Fresh butter. jjj ^ s^'jj mj 

Gift, present. jjj 

Scum of a; J ^ Sjj'jj , ill j1 ?-■ -M j 

water ; dross of metals. -^ Pith, 

-(/■ Brownish liquor of the _^| jj'j 

Earthen bowl, dish. CSiVjj ^^ *ijJj 
Calendula officinalis {plant). sJUj 
Civet-cat. Fi-agrant perfume. iO'J 
P.ij/lliuin (plant). J':>^.'jj ^^j 

Instrument for churning. jj\y. ^ oJV 
Foaming. Intense white. ju ji 

Having fresh butter. jJfiy 

To copy, to A J'Jj , 1^* J i JCj ^ 

transcribe (a book). 
To throw stones at. To » Qj o j'j 

repel (a beggar) roughly. 
To prohibit a. th. ; to ^p >tij » — 

prevent from. 
To case (a well) with stones. A — 
To endure, to bear a. th. jp — 

To become big (ram). s^tjj o y.'j 

•tf- To trim the vine. 'ji_^\ y,jj Ji/j 
To become stout in body (man). j,''j\ 

To be brave. 
To bristle up (hair ; beast). 'J\{j\ 

To prepare to do evil. To shudder. 

To come forth (hair, plant). 
Strong. Stone. Understanding. J'j 

Word. \^'riting. 

Book. ^ jy/j '^ JfJ, 

Shoulder-blade. Frag- J/jj Jj ^ s^'j 

ment of iron. Mane of lion. Anvil. 


( YY-\ ) 


arched brows. Walking with wide- 

streched legs (ostrich). 
Short lance. l^'y^ 

Ironed (spear-butt). %.'y 

To chide ^^ s ji-'ij\j , \^j o Jfj -W- 

away (a dog). To cry out to a. o. 
To scare a bu'd away 'j^\ j>-'>'j\j ~ 

for drawing auguries. 
To abstain, to refrain from. ^ ji. \'y 

j?^jo Ay\ 

Jj»j 9- ji-ji j^j 


To be driven back, 

Large fish with 

soiaU scales. 

I keep him aloof 

like a dog. 
To start (a pigeon), s %'j o Jfj -»■ 
To bring forth. To repel ; o j 5 — 

to spear a. o. 
To be cheerful. To raise 'y^'j a J^'j 

the voice. To play. 
Play. Shouts. Pleasure. Raising jij 

of the voice. <>■ Vulgar song. 
Confused voices, shouts. o^iUj tt *^J 
Condition, state. Party jij, ^ ■^j 

of people. Little quantity. 
Rustling (plant}. Noisy company. ja.j 

Thundering (cloud). 
Peg of a water-skin. J»I3 'j -^ J?-,0 

Ring on the butt of a spear. Leader 

of an army. Loud (song). 
Archers. H^'j 

Carrier-pigeons. Jb.j)lj J^-ljII j'^ 
Spear-head. Short spear. J? j^ 

Wooden arrow. J'^-j? 

To whisper. ^ (^'j o ^'j -H- 

To urge (a beast) gently. 
To succeed ea.sily tij-jj \j^jj \'yrj ~ 
(business). To be easily collected 
(taxes). To be cuiTent ( coin ). To 
cease to laugh. 
To be satisfied with. i_, I'Ji 

Success of an affau\ -(i-j 

Small (gift) ; scanty gain. Slow. Ja-ji 
Weak, feeble. jf'j-^ 

To snatch a. th. from.^ A b-j o ;^j -W- 
To di*aw a. th. back quickly, ij fi> — 
To push a. 0. 

To withdraw, to retire apart. ^jj\ 
Side. Curtain of a tent. cr j 

Hill at the winding of a valley. iLlj 
Rebellious genii. Policemen. tJCj 

Angels of divine justice. 
Wont to kick j: Gj -^ j,C(j ^ oy'j 

(beast). -^ Simpleton. Dupe. Customer. 

Desperate war. ^^'j i_/^ 

Neck. Haughtiness. *j>j''J 

Horns of a scorpion. Two k_)^l UG 'j 

stars in Scorpio. 
Sale of dates on the tree. *^0-* 

To carry a. th. A J>'ij\j , C'j i b'j * 
To urge on (a beast), s J.'ijtj i^.'Jj — 
To draw (evil) upon a. o. ^ 5 C j 

To lay a snare for a. o. J — 

To dig (a pit-fall). » S'j^j J.'j 

To become proud : to swell. S.\'fi 

Height unreached by water. S!j ^ xSj 

Pit-fall for wild beasts. 
Speed. Briskness. Kind 'i}>.\'j\ ^ U jl 

of walk. Evil. Momentous event. 
To deck (a bride). 5ci3j,Cjj o 'Cj'j^ 

■^ To cast off, to throw away a. th. 
To be adorned (bride). cijj 

To run (ostrich). To b-j o Vj "^ 

hit a. 0. with the butt-end of a 

To shoot arrows at. To strike ^ s — 

with (the iron-foot of a spear). 
To be thin and arched ^ijlj , &tf } a — 

To arch (the eyebrows). To fit ^j 

level (a place). 
To put an iron-foot to (a A -^j1 

Point of the elbow. XkfXj tW-j ^r ^'j 

Iron-foot of a spear ; arrow-head. of a stallion. 

Glass. K-'ejJ 9r'i-J,j sr'^j 

Berries. Glass-vessels of the ^Uj 

clove- tree. 
Pellitory, wall-wort (p/«.).^i>j]l llAi* 
Piece of glass; if ujj •» i>J,J *»'ej 

a glas.'-vessel ; a lamp. 
Glass-seller ^^Vi 

Manufacturer of glass. ^U3 

Having fine and ;,j ^ ^Uj j. ^-3^ 


slip down (man). 
To roll a. th. along. 

fill (a vessel). 
God avert thy evil 

from us! 
To speak volubly. 
To give a. th. to. 

C YYY ) 


To » ui\>j -W- 

^>Vfc^!l J - 

To be rolled, pushed along. Jtio-fi 
To keep aloof, to retire. Cii-JjO 'J^*j\ 
Sloping-place. >-*^S>-'j -k *^>^j 

Small-footed insects. ^iG-j 

To slide a. th. along. dx>j) ji^3 "^ 
To slip out. To glide. >i*U^j ^j> 
Sliding-place. See-saw. xS}-^j3 *-'^j 
To press 5 ^\'j^ , C^G-j, j CJ-j a ^i j ■«■ 

a.o. (crowd). To put a. 0. in a strait 
To approach (a number). Jfj * v^ 

•> To compete with. 
To press together ^^jb m*^'3 

(men). To dash (waves). 
To throng near (water), \t, ^i3j>. 
Crowd, pressure, throng. <i>J^ ^ij 
Elephant. Bull with a broken j^-yy 

horn. First Tui^kish chief who 

fought the Arabs. -<>■ Competitor. 
Dodder (plant). <^t^y>'j -t- iij!i>-j ^ 

To be slow, ^I'Jj , ui3 a ^3 -^ 

To remove a. 0. from. 
To drink, to do a. th. 

Of a short stature. 
Intense heat. Caravan. 
To burn with anger. To 

jump. To hurry on. 
To throw into an abyss. To 

urge (a beast ) vehemently. 
•^ To stoop (beast). To pelt (rain). ^3 
To glow (live coal). &->r'jj ^3 ' ~ 

Anger. -^ Pelting rain. xXj 

Spouse, wife. '^yj "^ytJ ~ 

To run \'J^'yj \jyijj \'J-j a jlj ^ 

high (river). To boil (kettle). To 

rage (battle). To stir (army). To 
grow (plant). 
To fill a. th. To adorn. To * - 

winnow. To fatten (cattle : herbage). 
To cheer a. 0. 5 — 

To boast of. ^ — 

Gi.3 o ^3 ^ 

To snatch a. th. from, ^i, » yj^j -tt- 
To be lemoved. To retire aside. ^j»ljj 

To suffer from dysentery. To sigh in 
travail (woman). To moan. 

To be hostile to a 

Dysentery. Sigh, 
hard breathing. 


To drag Cu»3j Cj>>JJ '^3 a o«>3 "^ 

himself (child). To creep (reptile). 

To drag the feet (camel). To fall 

short (arrow). 
D To dust (a house). c4r" ^3 

To march off \ --iiijlj ^'S'i — 

towards (army). 
To be tired (camel). To fulfil ^Ji-'jS 

( an intention ). To gather in a body 

To jade (a beast). To shake (a 5 — 

tree : wind). 
To come up together (fighters ).^i.ij; 
Army moving on slowly, j^ij ^ ^3 
Sudden blaze soon sub- oca>jJI Ji 

Reptiles, a Palm-branch for ifi^^j 

Dragging her vJ> j^j , wi>/^ J>>i3 

feet (she-carael). 
To be jaded dlijij , fe*j^3 a ^^3 "^ 

To .stop in (a place). i_» — 

To approach to. ^ — 

To withdraw from. 
To remove a. 0. fi'om. 
To approach or separate 

To withdraw ; J>jjj, y>>J) a J>3 "^ 

to be displaced. <■ To slip (land) ; to 

give way (earth). 
To be jaded ; slack (camel). "^j — 
To remove a. th. i» J>jb J> J 

To force a. o. into (a Jl. 5 Jijl 

Keeping aloof from affairs, 'i^'j jt ^'j 
Saturn (planet). J»j 

Pellitoi'y, wall-wort. J>5" *-^a4*- 

Narrow place. Slippery stone. J^J 
Retired place. Jiji 

To be garnished with buttons jj_^ 

(clothes). To button o/s clothes. 
Button. Small bone j/jjj jOjI -r jX 

of the heart. Socket of the thigh. 

Pivot. Edge of a sword. ■<>• Bud of a 

plant. Stud, tassel. 
Column of religion. ccJJi^ jj. 

Good tender of flocks, JlJI - 

"Wound made by the teeth, by the s'Jj 

edge of a sword. 
Mark left by a bite. Sjj 

Dog-fly. camel-fly. SjQ 

Quick witted. lively. -tJtJ 

(TVA ) 




-, P 

A yellovv- 

blossomed dyeing plant. Purslain, 

Sticking on a wall (missile). 
Biting (ass). 
To sing (starling). -^ To bud 

To stir about. SSSj 

Starling j>.j\jJ3 jjXjj tt Jjj/ji j'j/j 

Skilful manager of property. JC^ j/j'/j 
Of the colour of a starling. ' 'jjjjjj 
Quick-witted. jjj jj -^ jjjjjj jOJj 
Greek Patrician. ejj,0j t jOJJ, 

To pen, to enclose j ii i'/j o <_» jj "^ 

(cattle) in. <■ To confine a. o. in. 
To make an enclosure for (cattle). J — 
To flow, to glide (water). Q jj a ^j'j 
To enter his lurking-place ^'fj\ 

To become partly yellow (plant ).ij3j(^ 
Enclosure for ^jjj ■t- ^jXj ^Sj 

cattle. Hunter's booth. Entrance. 
Water-course. Enclosure. ^fx 

Pillow. Rich -J, 132 5- ~^.'Jji '4; J J 

Enclosure for cattle. vOJ, ^r viJ,j 

Hunter's booth. Lurking place of 

wild beasts. 
Dilution of gold. 
Long and strait ^_^ij \jj 


overcome a. 0. in boasting, i ji-\'j 
To swell (sea). To come up >^jj 

(tide). To overflow (river). 
Noble. Happy. Bountiful. j^j 

Swollen sea. Bountiful man. _^|3 jf'i 
Tall, dense (plant). '^jj^j 

To glory in. o S^L'jl * 

To embellish (speech) * ^'^j "* 

with lies. To complete a. th. 

To deck o.'s self. <-*S*"J^ 

Gold. Perfection of a ^jj^j -r ^'J-'j 

work. Bombast, bathos. Hues of 

plants. Pi. Ships. Water-flies. 

Channels of water. 

Allurements of the world. CJS)) 3j}>-j 

To be proud : G-irJj Ciij a •jt'j fr 

to boast. 
To speak much. v.>l&*!l J >-it-'j 

To take a. th. from. cj" ^ ~ 

To attire herself (woman). ^'^ 

Proud, haughty. ^yj ^iXj 

To thrust a. 0. back. 5 Ca^j ^ j^'j ^ 
To stink (meat). J>-% ,iS'j a ^'j 
To carry away (a load). * j^ijt 

Stinking. ^ ^ijl^ j/j 

■(f- Plectrum. Whip. Stirrup- 

LJJ A 0'»J lij ^ 


Sewer. -(^ Spout. Pipe. 
High-heeled ojJJJj d^^yS'j -r J??JJ 
leathern boots. 

Stench of meat. 

Part, lot, shai*e. 

The two shoulder- 

He came with empty «j'jij1 

To play with 
nuts (child). 

To confer a benefit. j^^jl 

Hole for playing with nuts. »l^j^ 

; To button (a garment), a 1 jj jJ -^ 
To heap up a. tb. To dust (furniture). 
' To pluck (the hair). To twinkle (the 
! eyes). -<>■ To press a. 0. 
! To drive back. To bite a. 0. a — 

1 To spear a. 0. with. o » — 

i To glisten (eyes). s'j^y-j \ -/j 

j To ill-treat an adversary. f/j a j'j 
j To b3 taught by experience (man). 
■ To bite a. 0. ^ 'j'j 

i To put buttons to fit> '/J\j /fj 

> (clothing). 

Tiller. Asperser. oy'^'jjj ^ijj «■ f'Gj 
Soed-produce. H.'xX 

Sown Held. -^ Hamlet. f.j\'y ^ *frj> 
Sown (deld, wheat). ^j'^yj pj/y 
To leap. Cijj o jjj -S- 

To approach towards.Jl^Cu jjj ^jj'j — 
To amplify a j.SUrII J ^j3j — 

speech, to lie. 
To walk slowly. To ^j'j o Ji'jj 

hurry iu walk. 
To re-open ^jJb > ^'j'j a ^j^j 

To set aside. To increase a. th./b jjj 
To clear away (a crowd). To » — 

thrust a. o. with a spear. 
To near (the age) of. ^ — 

To advance. To buy a giraffe. ojji 
To hurry in walk. tJ^' t? ~ 

To penetrate, to pass througii. SjSi\ 

To pass away (wind). To go to a 


j/'jJJ j'^'Jji UOj t: *-»bjJ **Ojj *90j 

Liar. ;al3j 

Party of men. olaljj «• *^Ojj *^0j 
Swift (.she-camel). ol3>;j >jCjj ojjj 
To curl (the hair). * ^jj "^ 

Cui'l, hair- cnjljj ?- *^?jj, J >^jj ^ 

ringlet. Ring of people. 
To mute (bird). Gjj i o Jjj * 

■^ To dart forth. 
To shoot (game) with a javelin. ^ — 
To shift its (load : camel). ^ J jjlj — 
To ogle, ^ iils. cJljjb CJjjIj cij,j 

to leer towards a, th. so as to show 

the white of the eyes. 
To be blue, gray -Jjjb , CSjJ a J j,j 

(eye). To become blind. 
To pierce through (arrow). 3'SS>\ 

To droop (saddle). To lay on the 

back. To recoil (man). 
To be blue, grayish. 'JOjb 'JSjI 

Blue colour. Blindness. *J jjj Jjj 

Whiteness in the legs of a hoi'se. 
White sparrow-hawk, jij^ljj ,- SJj 

White hair on the forelock. 
Blue, gray. Shi- jjj :r '6Jj j. Jjjl 

ning. Falcon. 
Gray, ash-coloured horse. ^'y}\ o\^ 


A a 

To burst with anger ; to 

utter foul speech. 
Red perch spotted with blue. o^ jj 
To deceive a. o. s o» jj * 

Vine. Vine-branch. Wine. jj>^'jj P 

Pure rain-water. Red dye. 
To bruise (a Umb). a (>'yj a ^jj * 
To be removed. G-'/j a ^j'j -a- 

Small sandy hill, ^j Oj ^ i^j'jjj ^j'Sj 
To sti-angle a. o. fit iSj^ o i'/j ■»- 

with a rope. 
To make (a netwoi'k, mail). » — 

To swal- A i jijij 3jyj , Wj'j a Jj/j 

low (a mouthful). 
To take an oath rashly. CrOl ^Xp 
To look angrily at. jc i;-^ ij'j 

Coat of mail. <>■ Mail, »jjj ^ ^'Jj 

ring, mesh. Zebra. 
Rope for strangling ^'Jjli ^^J-J, 

a camel. 
Maker of mail. Strangler. i\jj 

Marten, kind of weasel. \j'^'jj P 

Throat, gullet. ^'Jji 

Flushed in the face. ijjy 

To strangle a. o. s ^ij'j -^ 

To strangle a. o. To ftj 5 yz^'/j -ft- 

swallo\F (food). 
Windpipe, air-passage. X>iJ3 ^ 

To cast seeds. f.ji>'j\j , UJJ a f.j'j -ft- 
To sow ^(a field). To till (the fi> - 

To cause (plants, children) s j it ^.jj 

to grow up (God). 
He rose from destitu- sjuX -uJ i5 f,j/j 

tion to wealth. 
To farm out a field to a. 0. for s ^'y'j 

a share of the produce. 
To have crops. To grow (seeds). ^3jl 

To be able to sow (men). 
To hasten to do mischief i^] Jl^ ^yji 
Seeds. Standing corn. ^^jj rr p'jj 

Seed. Tijj 

Land fit to be "^'jjj *frjjj **jj, j ~ 

Tillage. Agriculture. *s-\iX 

Field watered by rain. Soft thing.^u j 3 
Seeds ; seed-produce. vij j^ j 

Sower. '^^hSji ?-0j ^ fjjj 

jjc3 ( TA- ) 

Purchase upou credit. 
Water-furrow, rivulet, j-jljj !r Jyjj 



5j * Pj^J -^ 

The two beams a of shaft. 
Coat of mail. ojj 

*— iJ-lj'*-* *iOJ,j CG jjj C jj i yjj -fr 
To upbraid ; je A l?jjjj i^jjb ,'»0>»j 

to blame a. o. for. 
To fall short of; to neglect 4_, ^s'j'}' 

a. th. 
To contemn. To disparage a. o. ^ — 
To undervalue, to 5 Jjln-llj <S'j^'X 

scorn at. 
Disp.irager, slanderer. 'Oli^J jC 

Dispa"aged. Middle-sized (water- ;*jjj 

Contempt, scorn. 
To buzz (fly). 
Indian tribe. -^ Gipsy, 
To shake a. th. (wind 

To urge (camels). ■> To tickle a. o. 
To be shaken. pJ^j' 

Violent cSs-'y^ji ^bS^'ji '^^'S'^'ji 9-'y-'j 

wind, gale. 
Shock, shake. Squadron pjjij rr *^3^j 

of horses. 
Storms. Adversities. ^JMJ 

To fill (a water- Hj A C*j a ...ej -tt- 

skin). To carry (a skin) full, -if- To 

upbraid a. o. 
To pour forth its water (skin), ^'j 

To be flooded ( ravine). 
To be overburdened *i;.>-j. w^^jb v-.frj 

in walk (camel). 
To cut off a. th. * »:-»^jb ~ 

To croak (raven). C-tj a v-O 

To get angry. To be brisk. ^y 

To eat or drink to excess. j — 

To divide a. th. together. A - 

Allotment of pro- ^j j *^^jj *i^3 

Floodiag (torrent). Good guide. ^Ij 
Croaking of a raven. Humming ^.^'j 

of bees. •<>- Upbraiding. 
•^ Soi"b, service-fruit. Azerole. i-j^icj 
Short and vile. ^I'j ^ h'-pj v« <-«pyi 
To hoax, to cheat a. o. je jni-'j -^ 

Imposition, hoax. «^j -^ 

Humbug. Juggler. '^I'i^j'^.j -ns'j^ •♦■ 


Desperate foe lit : blue-eyed J3jl joe 

Violent death. J3j1 cj'y 

Aqua marina, beryl, pre- 3j'ji\ J^^ 

cious stone. 
Sky. Wine. .Qjj 

Elephantiasis. :i>iUJI 'Gjj 

PL Blind men. Spears. jj^^' 

Crow, jay. jj^^ ^Ij ^_'Jj 

Dish of milk and oil. Cat. *^jj 

Skiff, small boat. jy/j 

Sect of heretics. *-»j,Ol ir '3,33^ 

Short spear, javelin, JijXj^ ^ Jljj^ 
Intensely blue \^\'/j ^ {m. f.) ^'Jj ^ 

Serpents. ^Oj 

To be naughty (child), fe^j a i)j, j -ii- 
To squeeze, to press 5 fe^J o iljj "^ 

against a. o. 
To harass, to tease a. o. » J^j "^ 

Pressure, crowd. *^jj '^ 

To make brocade. fi> jJ^'Sj "^ 

Brocade, embroidered cloth. J^'jj P 

To stop, /ft ^3jb ^jjj , C33 i ^33 -»• 

to cut a. th. short. 
To be stopped (tears, 'jAjj^jS^jj a v»j3 

dejection, speech). To be annulled 

To swallow a. th, fit ^jijl 

Restless. Straitened (man). ^j_j 

Scanty. Avaricious. 
Cat. yjj\ 

Egyptian willow. Locust-tree, ^^/j -^ 

Fern. Saffron. 
Arsenic, white arsenic. 'V^j, ^ 

Realgar, sandarac. J^\ '^,'jj^ 

Orpiment, yellow arsenic. jLa] "k^'jj 
Aristolochia, birthwort. jJjIjj ^ 

Zodoary {idant). ^^^jjj -V^JJ ^ 

Curcuma, kind of turmeric. 
To water (the earth) with » ^'jj -H- 

furrows. To set a shaft on (a well). 

■^ To spirt (water) into o.'s mouth. 
To buy upon credit. To draw Jj33^ 

water for hire. 
To clothe a. th. a — 

To clothe o.'s self with. i_) — 

Debt. Excess. Perfect beauty. <233 


_-,-'. „ & i •'. 

Xfctcj -ft- 

To I'eaoh bittor water by digging, j^j^ 
To fear by night. To harry jpjji 

(beast). To move forward (horse). 
Cry, call, yell. OlS^j w- *2pj 

Fearing by uight. Brisk yet jtj 

Quick- walking (horse). jiij 

Bitter, salt (water). Scared away.jtj 
Bitterness of water. 
Chicken of the par- 
Plough. Quick (walk) 
Scared away. 
Delay, stay in a place, 
To be brisk. To prance >lp3 a Jtj -ti- 

without rider (horse). To be restless 

(sick person). -^ To be sorry, angi-y. 
To discontent, to weary a. o. » jlj -^ 
To render lively. <>■ To vex a 
To remove a. th. from (its 

To be brisk, sprightly. 
Ostrich. -^ Discontent, weariness. lUj 
Lively. Writhing from o^Ujj ^y^^'j 

hunger. -^ Sorry, grieved. 
To assert ^ C^^J O0,j C^j o j^'j -U- 

a. th. true or false. To relate, a. th. 
To become a o ^itj.) '^3 o a — 

surety for. 
To covet a. th. j Ct j a ^3 

He thought so. I XT jTj 

To press, to straiten a. o. s ^Q 

•^ To compete with. 
To become possible (affair). ^j! 

To become excellent ( milk ). To 

sprout forth (ground). 
To render a. o. covetous. i — 

To make a. o. to guarantee A » — 

a. th. a. 0. 
To obey a. o. Jl^ — 

To become the chief of (a party). jc — 
To pretend falsely. ^j7 

Assertion. -^ Pretension. Pride, J,'-j 
As'he pretends. kS'j ip 

I do not iXJSJj Vj lift', dl£U3 Vj s'jJ. 

partake of thy opinion. 
Truthful. Mendacious. - J^'j 

Nobility. Chiefdom. Choice S^'ti-J 

part. Share of a chief. Weapon. Cow. 

C TAN ) j,3 

Coarse woollen smock.L->lij ^ J»>i*3 ° 
Thyme. .See j^ . jj^j •^ 

To cry, to yell. G»^3 a r^'j -«■ 

To disquiet a. o. To Aj » ?i*3b "" 

expel a. o. To snatch off a. th. 
To be disturbed. To be snatched. T-^'j)\ 
Restlessness. Anxiety. r-i*j^"lj "^^'j 
Restless, discjuieted woman. ' ^tj>» 
To be scarce jiijij J^pjij , i^tj a ^,3 * 

To swindle. ^j -^ 

Malevolence, ill-nature, tj^'j -t^j SjtJ 
> Fur-tippet for females. J lij ^ SjCpj 
Scanty-haired. Ha- _^3 ?- **3^3 ^ ^^Ji 

ving few plants ( soil ). /^ Rascal, 

Medlar, ^ ^jii^ ^ j/J-'j ^j jj'J.'j 

three-grained medlar ; azarole. Ill- 
natured (man). 
To bray (ass). (Jas-'j a ^j -ft- 

To strangle a. o. s — 

Quick-killing (death). Jatlj 

To kill s wipSjij , ._i*jij , Cicj a o«p3 "^ 

a. o. on the spot. 
Quick (death, poison). <^yj ^^'j 
Dangerous places. <-»^j 

Snake. Xslpj/^ 

To dye ; to season a. th. ^ J^j -ft- 

with saffron. 
Saffi'on. jfs.'j ^ Cj^'Jts-'j 

Rust of iron. Tritoxyde jjaSJI 013^^*3 

of iron. 
Curcuma, turmeric. y;j.iiJI ol^jll 
Dyed, seasoned with saffron. J^'-y 

Sweet porridge. Yellowish (lion). 
To shriek. To cry out. Cacj a jtj -ft- 
To frighten a. o. To drive ijj » — 

away, to cry out to (a beast). -^ To 

call out a. 0. 
To raise (the dust : wind). To jfj * — 

sting a. 0. (scorpion). To salt (food) 

to excess. 
To be bitter, unpotable Utj o ^3 

To be active. To fear ijcjj CSpj a Jpj 

by night. 
To frighten a. o. To salt *_, i jcjl 

( food ) to excess. To hasten ( the 



4- Shrill, trilling cries of joy. 
Hiccough. ^jj <^j ° 

To be plentiful (water). dSj a ^'j -H- 
He added lies to his nar- Aija> j — 

To spear a. o. with. o » — 

To take much of a. th. 
Discharged cloud. Full 

and long (coat of mail) 
Lai'ge coat of maU. 
Chip.=j of wood. Slender extremi 

ties of a tree. 
Covetous, greedy. ^\yi 

4- To squint (man). "^'j a ji'j -ft- 

To pour forth (water). » ^}i-'j\j — 

To spirt (a beverage). -^ To adulte- 
rate (money). 
To suck (his mother ; young one), a — 
To feed her chickens (bird). 5 j^j'i 

To suckle (a child). 
To gush out blood (wound). j,ji\) — 
•^ Deception, cheat, adulteration, jtj 
Mouthful spirted, jet. vS'j 

Sucking greedily. J^tj 

Squint-eyed. jtjl 

Nimble. Child, baby. J-;!(p3 fr J^3 "^ 

■^ Young pigeon, a Yellow date. 
To counterfeit, to cheat a. th. J^ jj ■<>• 
To cheat (man). To be jtljjj ji jjj 

Counterfeit, cheat, trickery, xli^^j •<>• 
To groan repeatedly ^jj — ^j -^ 

(camel). To speak angrily (man). 
Stammerer. j'j^'jj j'^'j 

To hasten Ci^jj Ci-j jj Lij i Ci j -^ 

(the walk). To alight ; to expand its 

wings (male ostrich). To blow gently 

To s Ciijb , ''Sj\i , CilSj _) Lij o 'S'j 

conduct (a bride) to her bridegroom. 
To walk quickly. jjl 

To hurry the walk of a. 0. 5 — 

To carry (a load). tf> iliijl 

To carry a. th. away (water ).^ L»ln-^i 
Fine feathers of birds. 
Fine plumage. 
Troop, band. 
One time, one action. 
Nuptial procession. oii^j ;dj 

( TAT ) ijc-j 

Surety, answerable. 

Chief. Spokesman. 
Pretension. Object ^\'y> ^ ^^'ji 

coveted. Object of debate. 
To deck (a bride). » ^'j -ft- 

Short. Extremi- ^>3 ?- "^^'xi *i^'j 

ties'of the body. Refuse. Hem of a 

vestment Scattered party. Calamity. 
Fins (of fishes). Promiscuous ou>3 

To speak faintly. >M60I i^jij ^ 

To conceal a. th. □ To tickle Sj fin — 

a. 0. 
To scoff at a. 0. i_, — 

•^ To use foul play. i^' f.^j 

Lively, sprightly. ^ fTj-'j 

To become Litijlj , ^jj , 'Cs.'j a.^j-^ 

downy (boy, chicken). 
To become sappy and leafy (vine).»_,tj1 
Downy hair or feathers. ^^'j 

Softest down. li^jj *i^'j 

Downy (man, bird),^j ^ ^(J.j j> ^j\ 

Downy fig, cucumber. Dapple (horse). 
Fruit of the Phillyrea^ wild ^j -R- 

Villousness, nap of cloth.^jj j^'X ^ 
Whole. Thin-leaved marum. J^j 

He has taken it altogether.e^jj iail 
To groan loudly (camel). \ji.'j a Ji-'j -S- 

To swell (river). 
To squeeze (a water-skin). fi> — 

To squeeze the throat of. » — 

To rouse a. 0. by (words). i_» » — 
To suckle (a child). n jS'j\ 

Butter spouting from a skin j^tj 

when squeezed. 
To be abundant. To \^j a ji-j -ft- 

swell (river). 
To snatch. □ To scrutinise a. th. ^ — 
Abundance, redundance. Excess, ^tj 
Brach-hound, setting- jj\t-j ^fj J-'j 

Small. ( for jj*^ ) j^'j -^ 

To re- Jailjj Jaifrj "^-> -^S^J ^i ^'J'J ^ 

ciprocato his groans (camel). <• To 
quaver, to sing wedding-songs 

Strong-ribbed j'j ^ -iyi ^ j>'j\ 


Big camel. Great chief. ^\/j ^ -^'j^y-j 

Bow. Tribe. Supporters of a. o. 

Female water-carriers. Rib.s j»y/j 

of horses. 

Deep sigh. -A'^l>^-» J^y 

Outburst of anger. jaj'i — ji j -«- 

Party, company. jjjlj sls'jl 

To push, to thrust. To Gj i ^'j -M- 

dance. To kick. 
Dancing-girl. Lame (she- ^Ijlj^ oyj 

Booth, tent on a terrace. ^ij^ 

Swift (camel). -^ Fruitless o^jij G 

sorb-tree. TiVw, linden-tree. 
To twang (bow). Cdjj C-aj i j'j ^ 

To expand the wings ( male ostrich). 
To raise (figures; looming). To /fc — 

drive (the clouds : wind). To expand 

(the wings : ostrich). 
To carry a. th. /fc j-j\ 

Frightened. >Jln*j 'J,!>^ 

To mute (bird). ■> To slip.' h'j o'o'j^ 
To feed (her chicks) with the j — 

•^ To push. To extract, to carry fi> — 

To skin (an animal). •& jSjj — 

To clip (the hair of a skin). a ^j 
Nux uo»«'ca, poisonous "seed. '3'j y. 
Wine-skin. o\ljj JlUj ol»jl cr 3J, 
Bellows of a hammersmith, iioijl — 
A.scites^ dropsy of the ^'j 'U1IJ,I 

Wine. itgj ^ ;;;53 

Kind of plungeon. ^j ^ xjj 

Ring-pigeons. sUj 

Drinking with the mouth full. jjj 
By-street. Lane. olljj *ij,1 ^ o^»j 
The strait of Gi- jij^ii ^;_, , Jl?^)| 

Gold-finch. j'siajj S^Jjj js:?^^ -^ 

Shaven (head). Skinned (beast). "jl^; 
To chirp at dawn (bird ). j^3 ^ 

To mute. To laugh coldly. To be 

lively (man). ^ To crackle. 
To dandle (a child), n (J\'Jjfj Ujjj - 

AD y3 

Ostrich. Svdft (she-carael). ji^j 

Swift. Flight of a bird. jiSjj cj**jj wi^ j 
Having fine and thick feathers ijjl 

(ostrich). Swift. 
Litter for a bride. <-^yt 

To run at full speed (man). ojJj "W- 

To dart down ; to expand the wings 

(bird). To quake. To moan. 
To make (plants) to rustle (wind). A — 
Ostrich. Quick. Blowing vio- ,J\y>j 

lently (wind). 
To fill (a vessel). Sj A Bj o cij -ft- 

To rouse a. o. To expel, to hinder. 

To anger. To weary a. o. 
To tar (a ship).-^ To defile a. th. Ai'c-ij 
Pitch, pine-resin. Bitumen used ^j 

as a remedy. 
■^ Colophony (resin). inxili^] cij, 

•^ Cade-oil. cJ»j3' c:^'3 

Bitumen, liquid pitch »_J»'j CJJ, 

Pissasphalt^ mineral pitch. ^\^ — 
Pitch-oil, coal naphta. cij\ ^i 

Lamp-black. cJJ\ o'i^ 

Smeared with pitch. ' z^ji 

To fill (a vessel). fi> loij o oSj -S- 

To give much barley to (a horse;. 5 — 
To send forth a \j^/jj lyj i ^'j -S- 

deep sigh. To begin to bray (ass). 

To crackle ( fire ). To send out hot 

fumes . 
To carry away. To draw fi> s'jt'j — 

■^ To eat fatty food. ^^i ^j 

<>• To give fatty food ; to Aj 2( jt'j 

grease, to soil with greasy food. 
To carry (a burden). *_^^jI 

Heavy luggage. Water- jijjl ^ y^ 

skin. Party. 
Tree-prop, -tf- Fatty food. Jij 

Lion. Brave. Generous. Sea. Jd'j 

Large river. Bulky camel. Lord. Con- 
siderable gift. Porter. 
Misfortune. Beginning of the jA 3 

braying of an ass. Deep sigh. 
<• Greasy, filthy. Obscene'tj_,sj _, j'j -^ 

•^ Crystallised alum. s^'j xli 

Deep sigh, moan, ol^'j sr Sy'jj e'J>j 

Middle part. ^ Scum of boiled meat. 


( TA 

■^ To tickle a. o. S 6Jj 

To take up arms, -if- To be ^ji^jj 

To strike a. o. Jf li'j a iTj ^ 

To pay (a due) readily to a. o. * 5 — 
To take refuge to. \ — 

To collect (a debt) from. ^ A k.iX 
^Vealthy, paying ojlll stTjj 'iTjj Ifj 

To fill (a vessel). ifc C/'J o wJ' j -{^ 
To be diked (river, sea). ^'S^\ 

Sack for grain. ^S^'j ^r ^-^Tj ° 

To fill A cTJb C.^jj,fcS'j cTj ■»■ 

(a vessel). 
To relate a. th. to a. o. fit n zS'j 
Filled. Concerned. Chilled. Cj^'y 
To fill (a ves- a> ^3j , S'J'j o ^j -»- 

To become fat (belly). To ^'j^i j^'j 

be filled up (vessel). 
Small (wine or vinegar- ^j ^ s^'j 

skin. -^ Navel. 
To afflict 5 ^jlj , » CiTj J'3 -«■ 

a. 0. -with a rheum (God). 
To fill (a vessel). /b - 

To eject (a liquid). To bring ^ — 

forth (a child). 
To have a rheum. ^'j 

Rheum, coryza, cold. Sii'Jj ^t&>i 

Harsh man. Last born child. XS'j 
To mind a. th. To /to CTj a ^^'j ^ 
^understand, to consider a. th. To 

think of. 
To suspect, to doubt, to it ^^i j 

i think about. 

To near a. th. or a. o. *_, 5 ^^Ij 

To remind, to inform a. 0. * s ^'j\ 

To guess a. th. To inform a. o. /b — 
True estimate. •Q'^JJ -^O 

Retentive. ^j 

To X'j a X3j,>j^jj *'^6»j o ro ^ 

grow ( plant ). To be righteous. To 

thrive (man). 
It does not suit him. <i j^ jj V li* 

To make a. th. to grow *_, 5 Ja'j 
Tor thrive. To pui'ify. To improve. 
» -^ To justify a. 0. 
To collect pooi'-rates from. n — 

t ) lJ/3 

To feed (her chicks) with the bill 

(bird). D To tickle a. o. 
Quickly done, despatched Jj^J^ 

■()■ Ichneumon. *-5lj*j 

To frighten (a j A Cij o i_ij ^ 

mole) into (its hole). 
To enter (its hole : mole), j k^jilj — 
To twitter (sparrow). ^'j 

Lane, strait road. Neigh- yji'j ^ ^"j 

bourhood, proximity. 
To chatter '^^sjj ^3 a t^'j ■«■ 

To crow (cock). (tV»jj Cisj a /5j -ft- 

To A kjsijlj , <Ji»y>J , CiSj o wiSj -Jf 

snap up, to snatch a. th. away. 
To clap the ( for jj<^ ) Ja'jj Jaj <■ 

Robbers, thieves. J5j — J3j -fr 

Cudgel, mace. ^pj ^ iiSj d 

Lane, narrow road. *^3 

To let down the ends of a J^'/j -tt- 

Ring of hair around a turban. J^\jj 

To glut, * ^ijij , J;;^j , Cjj J3 * 

to gobble a. th. 
To give a. o. a deadly food. ^ ^3j 

To make a. 0. to gobble. 5 ^j1 

To eat cream and dates. To ^jj5 

drink to excess. 
Infernal tree. Deadly food. ^^j 

Food of cream and dates. Kind of 

A. time, one time. Plague. *i5j 

To carry (a burden), /b Cij o^3 * 
To help a. 0. to carry (a load). 5 ^jl 
To hoot Cij i t/jJ ,'^^3j 'y3 o ls3 "^ 

Speaking. PI. Cocks. ^jijj ?r ^oO 
Heap of coins or of any thing. *3j 
To totter (S-S'jj (£^3j ^J i ^3 "♦^ 

(old man, child). To run (child, par- 
To obtain a. th., to persevere jp 5)31 

To take up arms. i&"J 

Young ring-pigeon. ^'j 

Weapons, arms. Xi^X 

To totter (old man). iJ^3 ^ 


( TA 

Sweet pancake. llVj 

To hasten CGJjj ^'jj ^J ' rJj * 

in walk. 
He spoke uucouside- ;>>lr *^ ^a ^J 

To bolt (a door). a> r^^jb ,(?jj o ~ 
To precede a. o. s Oulj — 

To slip, to slide 9:i'Jj,^^'j a ijJj 

He lived in a niggardly way.^^iiJI ^'j 
To render (verses, speech) >><feOI — 

To addict o.'s self to (wine), /b ^!j^ 
Slippery place. ^^sJ.Jj rCi'jj ijjj 

Bolt, sliding-latch. ir^Jj-'J ^rVJ, 

Quick. Slipping (arrow). Long ^J'j 

Paltry (gift). Intruder. Nig- ^ji 

gardly. Interested love. Ummanly. 
To taste a. th. fi> ^'Jj , Qj a n^l'j ^ 
To set a. th. apart. -^ To ^^sij ^ 

To retire apart. liitljlj ^»jj^ 

Turtle, turtoise. (/"or oU>.'t-) sV-b, •<*• 
To become fat (cattle), ulj & ■ri'j -^ 
To slip (foot) ; to slide. ^j^j i ^'j 
To thrust a. o. with (a uj » iVlJ — 

To advance forward. Cu-jjj ^''^'^i'j o ^^.JJ 
To smooth a. th. fit ^Yj 

Slippery place. ^!jj ■^'j 

Sliding-place. Pain in the back, xij j 
To be anxious. Ijjj a jJ, J ^ 

To walk quickly. <■ To CkJj i Uj -^ 

To strip a. o. of his clothes. 2( jjj -^ 
To strip o.'s self of o.'s clo- Ja!j7 1>- 

<• Small coin worth 30 paras ijajj -^ 

(about 3 halfpence). Pebble. 
Nakedness. JaJj -^ 

Stark-naked. JaljlO.,) IJJ;^ <► 

To pilfer a. th. To* ^Sjlj , Cj j a ^Ij ^ 

swindle a. th. -^ To globe, to glut. 
To rise (sun). To blaze t^j o /J 

To bui-n (o.'s feet) with (fire). ^ a — 
To be chapped, crac- ^'jj , CJj a ;J, j 

ked (skin). To be corrupt (wound). 

O ^3 

He gave the tithe on his iJ C. \"^ 

He praised, he justified hlmself.iliJ — 
To thrive. J'j^ 

To give an increase to. fitj i — 

To become just. To give alms, ^jj 

To grow. 
Even number, not odd. d^'j 

Purity. oi;^Jj (&.'; ^ slT jj S^iTj 

Obedience to God. Poor-rates. Legal 

Pure from 'is'-J\ ^ ^ Jj , SlTj ;, iJlj 

sin. Righteous. Compassionate. 
Excellent earth. -C^'j ja'J\ 

^]'j) '^yj v;)Jj'^L|3j v3 a 'Sjji d'j -«■ 
To slip (foot, tongue). To pass away 

To pass quickly. <5j3jj 5Llj - 

To be deficient vcoin). y^'jj — 

To receive (food). fi, \ — 

To be thin in the hips. ^jj a 'Si 

To make a. o. to slip, 5 Dlrw Ij Dji 

to err. 
To grant (a favour) to. ^^\ fi> — 

Slippery (ground). Uj 

Slippery (ground). Deficiency (in jjj 

weight). Sinfulness. 
Stones. Smooth stones, {un ;!_j_ ) ijj__ 
Slip, sin, error. Nuptials. o"5j 9. ^'j 

Banquet. A good deed. Food sent to 

a friend. 
Carpet. "Woollen blan- "JjVj ^r *^lj P 

Deficient in weight jjjj ^\j'j ^ ;;j)j 

Pure, sweet, Jj'jj j^ljj JjVjj JV^ 'C 

cool, light water. 
^ White of eggs. ^pi Jvj 

Swift. Lean in the Uj tr "Vj j" 133^ 

Slippery ground. :djJij ^jf 

To iS. vijjjj vijijj sioU J x)j33'Jj'3 ■»• 

quake (the earth : God). To frigh- 
ten a. o. To urge (camels). 
To quake (earth). Sj'j^ 

Earthquake. Jjv3 ^ ^'J'jj JljJ3 

PI, Calamities. 
He cleaved to his J^^j Q'j a.^/j -^ 
mother (child). 

Smooth rock. Mirror. 
Swift (she-camel). Remote 

Abortive foetus. 
Smooth ( un. ti^'j ) jjy'j ^ j^'j 

peach, nectarine. 
Glossy and hairless (man), 'ijjj j> j)j1 
Gaiters. Jjjy "^^ 

Sliding-bolt. Casting her young jvj;^ 

usually (mare). 
Slippei'y, sliding place. iSJjJSj ji'jA 
To gobble a. th. ^jj ^ 

Windpipe. Snout of a dog. ^^Jj 

To maKe a mistake. CJ j o ^'j -i^ 

To fill (a vessel). A — 

He made him a scanty ii\h£ J'jj — 

To cut off (the nose). 4> Ji'j\j — 

To pare. To soften a. th. To a J'j 
ill feed. To round (a mill-stone). To 
spoil (a dish). 
To dismount (hoi'seman). J'J -^ 

To scamper off. To be set up- 'Ji'j{ 

Hyrai, rock-badger. ^vjl ^ J'j 

Cloven hoof. Divining ^Vjl ^ Jj 

Exterior appearance, tjjj xSji **)j 
He looks like a slave. 'xji'j alil '^ 
Wattle of sheep and ^Vj ^ x'Sj 

goats, -tf- Man. Foot-passenger. 
Well wrought (arrow-wood). ,! j 
Having the ear slit and ^y^ J'j\ 

hanging, (camel, ewe). 
Mountain-goat. Calami- ^jbJI J'ji\ 

tons time. 
Female hawk. Mountain-goat, -i^j^ 
Spout of a pot. Elephant's v'jJj •♦• 

Little lively man. Gi-eat and jy 
strong (horse). Small-bodied. Lop- 
eared. Wild cat. Scanty (gift). 
To be greedy. CjtJ a JJ ■«■ 

Basil-blossom. People. jj, 

To tighten (sandals) Jfj A C»3 o !.J ^ 
with a. th. To fill up (a skin). To 
carry away (a lamb: wolf). To out- 
strip a. 0. 

C YA"\ ) j)3 

To inspire a. o. with the ^ s ^jjl 

desire of. 
To rob a. o. of (a right). a ^ijl. 

To cut (a tree). 
Malignant wound. -^ Jar. ^j^ 
Chapped in the feet. 
Chapped on the heels. 
To be dense (cloud). Liljl. — v_-)j -ft- 

To dash (waves of a torrent). 
To swallow a. th. To tj Ht ^;jj -^ 

throttle a. o. 


Throat ; gullet, ^^y'\ ^ ^/Sj ^ 

To rise (sun). To blaze ^J'j & fij -H^ 

To grow again (hair). Li^X" v^J * 

To become covered with feathers 


To sJiij\j ^'J>j ,C»^Jj Cijj i_i)j -^ 

advance, to draw near. 
To amplify (a narration). j ^'j 

To near a. o. or a. th. To finj s .jOjl 

collect a. th. To trouble (people) in 

every stage of their march (guide). 
Degree, rank. Near- Jijj Sfjj JCj 

Garden, meadow. S^j 

Dig- iljUJjJ v^^Jj Ouljj J j jr *^' j 

nity. Nearness. Large dish. First 

part of the night. 
Filled tank, cistern. Dish, ^j ^ uJj 

Green urn. Oyster-shell. Smooth 

rock. Hard ground. Mirror, -^ Spoon. 
Remote (journey). ^^'j 

Advancing forward. _ij j 

Village on the confines ^Xy ^ <ily 

of the desert PI. Steps of ascent. 
To slip (foot). Csjj j3jj a j!,j -«- 

To slide. 
To loathe and quit (a place). i_> — 
To cause »j s j) jlj , J'jj , Ci'j i jJj 

a. 0. to slip. To shave (the head). 
To anoint (the body). To shar- a j!j 

pen (iron). To render (a place) slip- 
To become smooth, slippery. ^'J 

To have a glossy, shining face. 
Slippery place. ;5VJj Ji/jj J'jj jJ3 
•^ Lapse, slip in words. 7^j 

To shriek, to make noise. 
Flute ; sound jj»C»jj j>\>^ 

of the flute. Shriek, sound 
To be proud, haughty, ^'j a r^j-'j -S- 
Proud. Full (measure). -^Xj ^ ^.aj 
Hard, long (stage). ^^jj ^j 

To roar (tiger). To bud J^'j ^ 

To grow louder (sound). y^'j\j — 
Long flute. Dense, entangled j^Vj 

(tree). Hollow. Soft. Eminent (man). 
To play ^jj , jj >S^3 i o >j -W- 

upon a reed. 
To fill (a skin). * J^'jj , \y.'j o - 

To divulge (an event). i_j — 

To stir a. o. against (another). i_) » — 
To be scared (gazelle). ^\'yj o — 
To cry (o.strich). \j\/j \ — 

To have scanty hair. To i^ij ^ y.j 

be faint-hearted (man). To have lit- 
tle wool (ewe). 
To have the eyes blood-shot 

from anger. 
Song, sound. -^ Flute, pipe. j_^j ^ J^'j 
^ Bind-weed. o^kiiJI y-'j 

<• Bell-flower. ^iUll y-'j 

Having little hair, wool (man, _,/ij 

ewe). Faint-hearted. Nice-looking. 
Handsome boy. y:j'jj j^^ 3^ j^^j 

Small in stature. Sweet- jCO -^ ~n/tj 

Scattered party, gang. yj-^ o'y'j 
Art of a flutist. s30»j 

Cry of the ostrich. jC.j 

Flutist, piper. jC'jj y\'j 

Flute ; double pipe. syy-'j -^j oC»3 

Iron collar of a dog. 
Alisma plantarjo^ J-yj>\j\f'yi Vj/j 

medicinal plant. 

( YAY ) ^3 

To advance. To speak. To grow y-j 




Smyrna (town). 

Musical reed, fife, 

Hymn. Psalm j^\'y 

(of David). 
Green emerald. '^[yji ^[/■'j P 

Stufied i jSO-jj ^j ijjCjj iy^V'j P 

balls of meat and flour. 

\fyj o - 



(camel's tusk). 
He erected the head ; he ^ajlj , *ijl< ^j 

strutted; lit : he lifted up the nose. 
To bridle (a camel). 
To be filled (skin). 
To oppose a. o. 
To fasten (sandals). 
To be fastened, tied. 
To carry away (a lamb 

Rein, halter. Thong of 

sandals. -^ Bonds of friendship. Con- 
trol. Sincerity. 
He is the main spring _y.' vi yj^j 'yi 

of the aflair. 
He is the leader of his ^^ y ypj yi 

He has thrown ay\ y^y cjS j ijl 

his aSair into his'hands. 
My house is near to his. oj li \) jj li 
To resound from afar. To >3*j -^ 

peal (thunder). To whinny (horse). 

To crackle (fire). To hmu '(singer). 

To mumble (magician). 
To roar (camel). j\yy 

Abundant (water). Well near 

the Caaba. 
Roaring of a lion. Ciap^J,C»3 ->- 'iJ'y'j 

of thunder. Crackling of fire. 
Company of 50 men ^j uj w -^ j^X 

and camels. 
•^ Small water-skin. ''^/y'j 

To have a gra- c^jj, , ;7Uj o d^'j * 

ve mien. 
To be showy, gaudy (plumage). c}j'\ 
Grave in mien. c—» Ji.j, 'U>j jr <^-^j 
To sow discord ^nJ ^j r^j -^ 

To intrude upon a. 0. 
To be angry. 
Reddish falcon. 
White dun-diver (bird). 
He took it altogether. 
Root of the tail of a bird. 
To storm, to make a loud 

To roll his roai'ing (lion). yJ-Jj 


b«^j a rr^j 


( YA 

To wi-ap, to conceal a .o, 

or a. th. 
To wrap o.'s self ^j Jfi'j\j J^ jlj J^y 

in (clothes). 
Weak, cowardly. j5jj j>jj j>3 

Party. Companions. iUj 

Family, household. tXi'j 

Limping from fieriness iUlj ^ jA'j 

Beast of burden. JAjj ^ ^(\> -^f-j iUlj 

Fellow-rider, Colleague. Jr'i j 

Weak. Coward- :jCijj jC»;j 'H^'jjS'J'j 

Confused sound. J-^Ob J^lj^ ;r J^j^ 
The whole. Family, iL'jb ~ 

Spout of a cooler. 'ii'yj^ ^y' j "^ 

Shoemaker's knife, Jc>rlj1 ^ jsVjl 

chisel. Gluttonous. Weak (man). 
Green cooler with a silver is%'y> 

To drive (camels). 5 jJj3 ^ 

Active, brisk. (J>l>''jj ^^'j ^ 

To be para- 7j\^jj 't^jj ^'j a j^^j -^ 

lytic, crippled. 
To last long. To be old. ^jl 

To afflict a, 0. with palsy (God). » — 
To delay (a gift) fi*om. o* * ~ 

Time. oC«ji ^r *^Jj c/^j 

Time, long or short, li^jlj ^i'j\ ^ oC»3 
PZ. Seasons of the year. Tenses :ci» j] 

of a verb. 
For some time. CC»j 

Palsy. Crippleness. Love. xJCij 

Cripple. Paralytic. J^3 ^ on^jj ja'j 
Indetermined cArj <s-L^j 'CjJj'j XtC- 

Old, chronical disease. ca!?" <j^S^ 
He made a bargain with si»lj> iLit 

him for a time. 
To become intense (heat). a o j -fi- 
To be blood-shf't from y^'jj J^'j -U- 

anger (eyes). 
To be intensely cold (day). To ^j(^ 

shine (star). To be contracted (face). 
Vehement cold. Moon. jlJ^'j 

Enraged. Having a smiling face.^^jsji' 
To dry up (sinew). <• To uj o3 ■»• 

buzz (insect). 

•> To scamper ofil To Ck'j Jaij ■»• 

slip (ring). 
To be perplexed, flur- (".> j a ,-;j -»■ 

ried by fear. 
To escape swiftly (horse). Cli/^j a v3 

To go slowly. 
To keep steadily ^_,j jtj a ^Jb ^j 

to. To determine upon. 
To be uneven, knobbed (plant). fj>'-}. 

To have large knobs (vine-stock). 
Shudder of fear. Rivulet. ^.C^j^ ^ ^j 

Lowest class of people. Knobs, gems 

of a vine. Scattered plants. 
Steadiness, perseverance. pC.jj — 

Hairs behind the p,C.j j fj^'j^ xiJ'j 

Energetic, resolute. ^'yi 

Hot-brained. Niggardly. Crafty. ' J3 
Quick, resolute ; of good 'U^j ^ f^'j 

Swift, quick (hare). ^yfj 

Stingless hornet. ^J^ 

Accident, misfortune. ^,^\j\ ^ ^'j] 

Shai'p man. 
Imminent, impending (event). ^'^ •> 
To pluck (the A CUj i j^'j -tt- 

beard). To open (a lock). 
It does not avail him xii j *it J^l U 

Plucked (beard), Xjja'j^j ^Uj^ j 

To fill up (a skin). fe^ij o ifA>j -ft- 
To incite a. o. against. it ? — 

To be tight (clothes). cU^^ -^ 

To be in a rage. ijt;j|^ 

Anger. ^3 

Hot-tempered. Short and XfciJj 

Root of a bird's^ tail, ^A^ J j it; j 

To limp (in running). vC»j, i o Jij -ft- 
To run in CSUjj VCjj iUjj >Uj - 

leaning forward (horse). 
To carry (a load). a — 

To follow a. o. » "ijAj — 

To mount a. o, be- ^ J;'|3j,^>»j J^J 

hind. To counterbalance (a ri(ter) 

on a camel. 
To wrap a. th. in o.'s ^j 4 f> ^\%'j 


Jji3 C TA\ ) 

Polyrjonum hydropiper, V^*^' Jc-vi 

■water-pepper (plant). 
Kind of Carline thistle. ^^^\ — 

To fillip, to snap the thumb, ^'j -fi- 
■> To be covered with ^j~' ■^j — 

verdigris. To be in irons. 
Verdigris, crocus. jVaJj, 

Verdigris green. ^jj^l 

Fillip. Nail-parings. jj^Jj r--^?Jj, P 



^ Book-keeping by 

double entry. 
White spots on child- sSnaJj j Jiot^j. 

ren's nails. 
Cinnabar. Vermilion. J^^j j Jo^'j^ 
To praise a. o. To » GJ j a 9^3 -ft- 

repel a. o. 
To straiten a. o. ^ ^'Jj — 

To drink (water) re- a -tJj^j -r-^'j 

To become proud ; to speak ^; j7 

without restraint. 
To be rancid (oil). 6jj a s^Jj -J:^ 

To cleave, to stick. d-y'j i o ^>j 

To grow proud. To lift the head ^j^ 

(suckling ).^To speak out o.'s heart. 
Rancid, altered (oil). ^j^ 

To^snuffle, to snort. _r^'3 -^ 

To strike (fire). ^ Jjj,\'jjj i jJ j -«- 
To fill (a vessel). jjj_j q — 

To be thirsty (man). |^ j ^ _ 

To punish beyond justice. To lie, jjj 
To increase, to exceed. jjjl 

To relapse in (a pain), J — 

To become angry. To remain j.!'J 

He straitened his family. ^ul ic- — 
Fore-arm, wrist. i\;j1j oJjIj :>i;j_ ^ jj j 

Upper^stick of a' flint. <■ Fire-steel. 

Thorny tree. Maniple of priests. 
Two sticks for striking oIj^jj olio" j)I 

fire. The two bones of the fore-arm. 
Flint-stone. jti\j iUjII y>^ 

Baffled, Disappointed. Miser. iUjii Jir 
Successful. :>\j'J] ^j\j 

Stingy. Tight (garment). ' Jjyi 

Paltry (gift). 
Huge elephant. j^ jj'^j j^^j- 3 P 

To pi'ofess dualism, JjJjj — J jj j -fr 

To think evil or ^r- J^ j^. « ojh o j 

good of a. 0. To suspect a. 0. 
Kind of chick-pea. Darnel-seed, jj^ 
Baboon, ape. ^Jj ji ] 

Self-seeking, self-sufficient *j Jj j^j 

Narrow, contracted (shade). 'C'jj oUj 
Small, scanty. ^'j 

To seek refuge Ji^ \ij'jj *\-'j a I'j ■«- 


To ascend (a hill). j — 

To contract (shade). To bf.; u^ 

cheerful. To hurry (man). 
To straiten a. 0. ip \j 3 

To force a. 0. towards (a Aj 5 'li j1 

place). To make a. 0. to ascend (a 

Bulky and short. Narrow. Kee- «Uj 

ping in urine. 
To become fat, plump. CJj a w4j -fr 
Waddling of a duck. ^'ij 

Fearful, faint-hearted. ,_jjj 

To behave proudly. Icjij^ — -nJj -tt- 

To frown at. 
Hornet. Wasp. Quick in^;lJ 3 ?r Jj^j 

answering. Strong ass. Large rat. 

He took the whole of it. 

sj,^t' Ji 


Wasp. Kind of plane- jjjj j jUX 

tree. Sweet fig. 
Metal-spring ; cock of a ^jvj Ts 

White lily. Oil of {un *ilj 'j ^ J^ 'j -^ 

jasmine. Wine. <■ German iris. Night 

jasmine. Flower-de-luce. 
<■ Hyacinth (flower), l»lj> jJj 

To strut. -^ To be jiJ jj — Jvj -H- 

insolent, peevish. 
Distress. -^ Insolence. e^'j 

To contract from thirst Gjj a '^rJ'j -J^ 

To requite a. 0. for evil or 5 ■}>u\j 


Ne- (un. Iljfcjj, ) 9r^J «■ n-^J,J r^J 

groes, Ethiopians. 
Zanzibar, j'W j 

A»iomM?rt zinziber, ginger. J^^j P 

Inula, ele- ^jo; J-^jj >liJI J-^ 3 

campane (plant). 

j*3 < ^ 

Adulterous, adulterine ^Juj j j^X 

(child). ••' ' - 

Particle of admiration. Bravo! e^ ^ 
Part of goods. -^ Am- "Cajj ^..ij. -ft- 

To abstain, to be free from wordly 

desires. <► To get tired of. 
To devote o.'s -x* jjj , SiUjj la*j — 

self to God's service. To be an asce- 
To appraise A jJ>'j\j ju» jj Ij^ j a — 

roughly (a palm-tree). 
To make a. o. to shun, ^^^ej J J( oaj 

to abstain from. 
To impute avarice to a. o. s — 

To have little property (man). ja'J\ 
To despise, to make little of. ^ jS\'Ji 
To reckon a. th. as little. it -^a^jI 
Take as much as <^-S^~ ^ -^3 ^ 

suffices thee. 
Abstemiousness, ju»jjj siu^j -Uj 

Legal alms, poor-rate. iUJ ^ si'j 
Abstemious. a^'J^j, juSj iG»j ^ oaIj 
^ Poor (man). Ascetic. 
Little, scanty. Poor, niggardly, a^j 
Abstemious. jiTVI — 

Content with little ; disinte- d\ii>\ — 

Having little property. Poor. ->j»Jj> 
To shine (moon). To \'j^'j a_^*j -H- 

glow (fire). To be glossy (face). 
To have a «3>* j o ^'jj , ly^j ^ JtJ 

bright complexion. 
To blossom (plant). 3*jb ^jl 

To make (the fire) to glow. A — 

To shine (lamp). ^*jl 

To take care of. To mind. ^_i jAij\ 

Blossom, yellow flower. Choice part. 
-tf- Difjitalis, fox-glove (pZ).cri-.illfei!l j^'j 
Lichen, rock-moss [plant). J>^\ — 
■^ Primrose (plant). rci'j^ ~ 

•^ Chrysanthemum [floiver). fCiJI — 
•^ Honey-suckle [plant). jUJI — 

■(f- Phalangium [plant). cj^isC:2\ — 
•^'Da.hy iflotver). j'O^' — 

Marvel of Peru [plant). jJbl — 

Manicheism, atheism. To misbe- 
Dualism, Manicheism, Magia- sJjJj 

nism. Atheism. 
Miser, niggardly man. *J jJjj Joj j 
Magian Ji^^j} *5ilJj ^ Ji/JX ^ 

Manichean, dualist. Hypocrite. A- 

To put a belt on a. o. S \'J 'j o J j -ii- 
To fill (a vessel). fi> - 

He looked intently at. Jl, i^_Jj 
To put on a belt. To be thin. Jy 
Non-Moslem's j0 j ^ 'j^'jj jb'3 G 

girdle. -^ Waist-belt. 
PL Small pebbles. Little flies. ^?jj 
Azedarac, bead-tree. c^'J'j P 

To be angry. .Ju'Jj , v'iJ j a wjj j -^ 
To put a ring to the » CUj ^ J^ J "^ 

rein of a horse. To shackle (a mule). 

<► To straiten, to squeeze a. o. 
To ill-feed o.'s (people), ip jjjlj j* j^ — 

To be niggardly towards. 
Lane, by-street. -^ Straitness. Zmj 
Halter. Shackles for J^j-r o^X 

mules. Necklace. 
Ring of a halter under the jaw. xlljj^ 
Sound intellects. jjj 

Firm. Sound (judgment). J-i3 

To look angrily at a. o. J ^' j -^ 
Recess, corner. _r\5u j -r jyj j -^ 

Wealthy, i-ich. J-feJj "^^J ^%^'j Ts 
Stirrup. cA'^ij «• 'j'^'j P 

Skilful, clever. ■<► Swindler. "^feiiO 
Ochre, red clay. o'^o). P 

To send a com- Jl. s ^' j — ^3 -)1- 

petitor to a. 0. 
Part of the ear slit and lopping, xj 'j 

Wattle of sheep. Sign, token. 

ving the ear slit and hanging (ewe). 
Outsider, adopted. Ignoble. ^'j 

To look intently upon. ^ Jl jJj j -i^ 
Beware. Look out ! j\^j P 

*Vjj,j S^O* JOj , ^^Xj 'j, j. i J J -^ 
To commit adultery, fornication. 
To charge a. 0. with adultery. 5 ] j 
Adultery, fornication. jj _, .Jj^ 

Adultei^er, fornicator. eC'j^ oO 

Adulteress. Harlot. oljj r *^lO 

To be altered (news). To burst ^jii':>'j[ 

in (man). To f^peak much, loudly. 
To carry (a burden). To Sj fi> — 

press a. o. 
To be compact Oy^j a j»3 "^ 

(marrow). To ba marrowy (bone). 

To disappear (falsehood). -^ To bo 

To depart (soul). To Csijj C»^^j — 

walk ahead. To overreach the mark 

(arrow). To perish. 
To be full of marrow (bone). JaJI 
To fill (a vessel). To pierce fi> j£j\ 

through ( the target ). To reduce 

( error ) to nought (God). To shift 

(the saddle) to its neck (beast). 
To hurry (the walk). j — 

To take the lead. To spring Jh^jjI. 

forward (horse). 
Flat ground, plain. jij 

Outrunning the others (horse). iSj 
Fat (beast). Lean, ^'jj jij ^ J^U 

Dry. Put to flight. 
Vain, pei-ishing, unsteady. Jjd'jj — 
Swift, fast. J* J 

Deep well. Jy^'jj <2aI3 

Nearly one year. :c^ jCa.j_ 

Slayer.' J^'y 

Straitened. 'J^j* 

To grind a. th. a Ckij a-dUj -»- 

between two stones. To grind. To 

raise (the dust ; wind).'' 
To shun, to avoid a. th.^ 5u3 o Ja3 "^ 
To be white and smooth, ^j a J* J 
Quiet, tranquil. j^tlj 

To wash (clothes). To a jLij -^ 

smooth a. th. 
To be washed. To be pure. Ji^KP 

To be fat. 
Light, active. Vehement wind, jlaj 
Fat. j!i, UbJ f, Jji^j 

To be full of ^Ajb , Ca'j o ^'j ^ 

marrow (bone). 
To inveigh against a. o. s Sj 

To chide a. o. away. ^,p — 

To suffer from indigestion C^j a "'j 

(man). To be greasy (hand). 
To be hostile to a. o. To draw 5 ^\'j 

near to. To separate from. 

Impure carbonate of soda, ^ojl yi'j 
Verdigris, crocus. ^^GuJI — 

Oi'ange-tlower water. yL'j •!> 

Dice of backgam- ( for jVj ) y^'j -^ 

mon. Luck in card-playing. 
A flower. Beauty, bright- Vji'ji »'j»'j 

Kidney-vetch, kcorus^ sweet- syij 

flag {plant). 
Whiteness. Beauty. s^j 

<► Pansy, heart's ease (pi). o^uJI Syij 
Splendour of the world. CJjJI s^j 
Aim, purpose, want. _^j 

Venus [plniet). e'ji'j 

•^ Venereal diseases. xly£ji\ ^\'y'^\ 
Strutting, sweeping gait.' *i^6 

Flourishing (plant). oj^aIJ ^ Jftl'j 

Bright, fair (complexion). 
Intensely red. _>^Oji»^ 

Bright -faced man. J^j ^ 'l^j j. j^j\ 

Moon. Friday. Wild bull. White lion. 

Milk just drawn. 
■^ Celebrated University ^j VI r^\>i\ 

of Cairo. 
Fair woman. Wild cow. '^'^'j 

The sun and the moon. d<'j»j^\ 

Large silver coin worth i!fj.lj*3 "^ 

about one shilling. •(/■ Jolly man. 
Kindling fire for guests ; hos- y^ j» 

Lute, guitar. Large drum._^|j;r ^ j^yi 
To be vile. To lie. Cjj*j a wiij -ft- 

To perish. 
To be near to (death). J)^ ^iiijlj — 
To be nimble in. J Ciaj a ^3 

To carry a. th. away (wind). A — 
To be ready to mischief. To ._ii.j1 

lie. To slander. 
To revile a. o. s — 

To overthrow a. 0. (horse). » ^^iSJIj ~" 
To make a false report to J A — 

a. 0. To thrust a. o. with (a spear). 
To allure a. 0. to (evil). To v" ^ ~ 

grant (help) to a. 0. 
To despatch (a wounded man), jp — 
To amplify (news). To carry A — 

away. To destroy a. th. 
To go away, to shun.^.t ji* i'jlj ^'ji 
To be scared away (horse). wii jjI. 


White vitriol, sulphate of 

c y\y ) 


(>»s!' 9r'j 

BUie vitriol, 'g(,l>!l «.ij!l j\ *J^\Ji\ ^0 

sulphate of copper. 
Sulphuric acid. ^Ij)) ^jj 

One of ?>o j^lj^ !!i> ViJ^J ir'iji !r 9rJJ 

a pair, a match. Class. Husband, 

wife ; comrade. -^ Pair, couple. 
They form a pair, a oW-jjj tjj ^ 

Wife, spouse. oW-jj t ^fjj 

Mari'iage. -^j -fy-j -C^/j'jj ^Ijj 

To remove, to cease. ^ G-j} o ^IJ -S- 

To depart from. 
To scatter. To collect (cattle). » — 
To displace a. th. To » %-\j\ ^\j\ 

achieve a. th. To take off (an evil : 

To be discovered (disease). -r^jK 

To supply o.'self i/^j , (Sjj o aIJ ^ 

■with provisions. 
To supply a. o. with i iijlj ^jj 

provisions. -^ To exaggerate a. th. 
To provide o.'s self with (a ^ A ijj; 

letter) fi'om. To be hit on the head by. 
To ask, to seek after iljtj, \j ilijl^ 

provisions. -^ To increase. 
Travelling- sij/jlj iljjl ^ sSlj^; <»j ilj 

provisions. Stores. 
Provision- ^j lj> ^ ijj^j Sil^j *l> 


, Ijljij Sjljj J Ijljjj jjj SjG J, jlj -tt- 
To visit (a place, a person). Sj ^ jl^Jlj 
To bind the fore to the * \j\fj jij 

hind-girth of a camel. 
To incline. To be crook- \j'/j a jj^ 

To improve. To set a. th. a jjj 

aright. To embellish a. th. To ma- 
ke void (a testimony). To falsify 

■if- To counterfeit. 
To show reguarJ to (a guest). n — 

To do good to a. o. 
To incite a. o. to pay a visit. » j\j\ 
To address (praise) to a. o. i fi> — 
To pay visit to one another. jjVf) 
To deviate, to turn ^ jUjb jJjb ~ 

aside from. 

Bad smell. Grease. Civet, perfume.^j 
Stinking fat. ^'j 

Fetid smell of fat meat. 'V^jAjj Si^'j 
To blossom. «Gkjj \je>jj I^J o \»j -tt- 
To shine (lampj. To grow, to flou- 
rish (plant). To assume colour (da- 
te). To grow up (child). To journey 
after being watered (camels). 
To lie. 1^*3 o — 

To despise, to make Aj » ^/>Jb ~ 
little of. To shake (a devpy plant : 
wind). To light (a lamp). To raise 
(a figure : mirage). To move (a fan). 
To toss (a ship : waves). 
To render a. o. self-conceited 5 — 

To brandish (a stick). To o Uj 

appraise (dates) roughly. 
To be proud, to boast of. ^ ^j 

To become reddish (/"'jb ^j* jJ ^'j 

To become proud (man). To ^j1 

grow up (palm-tree). 
To render a. o. self-conceited. » ^'i'j\ 
To look scornfully at. o j 5 — 

Amount. Conjecture. -lij 

A hundred, about a hundred. »x» »Uj 
Blossom Splendour. Vanity. j^'j 

Fresh plant. Falsehood, lie. Useless. 
Coloured date. 
Splendour, fi'eshness, finery. ^j 

Bright-faced (man). Flowery (plant), olj 
Self-conceited, proud.^j;;^ /^yj ^'j>\ 
A pair, a couple (ojop. to'ji ^ 'yj^ 

of men, ships. Overthrow, ruin. 
To sow discord ^jj Ca-jj o ^Ij -ft- 

To marry a. o. to. J^ «_pj » » ^33 

To couple a. th. with. 
To pair, to be coupled. Caiu VjJai; ^Jlj 
To mingle with a. o. 2^ ^jij 

To form a couple with. ojj srijb ~ 
To marry (a woman). To 5 ^^h 

creep in a. o. (drowsiness). 
To marry into (a tribe). j — 

To be coupled (expres- ^jijlj ,rJljJ 

sion, rhyme). To be doubled. 
Green vitriol, sulphate zJ^Vj ^ ^IJ P 
of iron. 


Gx'easy matter of the wool », 

used as a medicine. 
Gymnastics. »jjl^ 

To adorn, to embellish /b jjj — JO "^ 

(speech). To gild a. th. To paint. 
Amalgam of gold and Jj^ljj JjjO 

quick-silver. Quiet-silver. 
To move the Cikojjj fejj o ill J -ft- 

shoulders in walking. 
Proud demeanour. oVSjjj iS'jj 

M'/ji 'kx'jj '^jj'jj "^^j'jj "^jj J'3 -«• 

To pass away, to cease. To C)jj>b 

To retire o^ h ^ "^j'jji %'j o JC 

from (a place). 
May he perish! {curse). iJljj Jij 

To displace a. th. from. ^ jf i o - 
To decline (sun). CVjjj Vjjjj VljJ ~ 
To be advanced (day). Vljj — 

The shade went away 'j^\ js^j Jij 

at noon. 
To break a journey for a while.;J_^2j"~ 
He shuddered. iJljjj iijJ-J Ji-'-J J'j 

He was moved by fear. 
To remove. To A Jl^jlj Jlj^j Jjj 

suppress a. th. 
To produce a. th. ^ Jj^j Jjj 

To persevere in. fi>'i\jj,J ^j'j^ JiU 

To prosecute a. th. 
To be witty, distinguished ^j'J 

To discuss an affair together. Jji^ 
To part from. ^ JljJlj^ 

Phantom in sleep. Per- Jijjl ^ Jjj 

son. Wonder. Trial. Hawk. Brave. 

Lively. Bountiful. 
Sprightly, clever oVjj ^ <)jj 

woman. Wonderful. 
End, decay. Declining of the Jtjj 

sun. Commotion, motion. 
Emotion, anxiety. JdX J 

Falling off, transitoiy. iijjj ^ jj\'j 
Starless night, long >.^^l JJ,0 J;^ 

Animated being. JJ,ljJ ^^ :cJlij -^j x'UJj 
Hunted game. Women. Stars. JJjjj 
■^ Sun-dial. JjJlV" *r *5jj< 

Fom'th part of a. th. j,\'j — j,jj -}i- 
Party of people. oC»lj ^ *>0 

S jll^l. 

To ask a. o. to pay a visit. 

Bird's crop. Sjj jOj »'jjXjj 00 

Upper part of the {m. f. s. pi-) j'/j 

breast. Intellect. Phantom in sleep. 

Master, lord. J3j,j j/jj ~ 

Falsehood. Calumny. Lie. Idolatry. jjj 

Idol. Festivals of Jews and Christi- 
ans. Music-hall. Prudence, strength. 

Dainty. Softness of a garment. 

D Threat. Forgery. 
■^ Forcibly, by compulsion. j/y^. 

■^ Perjury, false testimony, j/j 5il4i, 
Flax. Large j\i% s^j^j j\j'j] ^ xj, 

porous jar. Visitor of women, Use, 

Leaning. Crookedness of the sides.jjj 
He visited him as a iL-ssiJl "i'jij, 'ojVj 

Rope binding the s3j,'j^ -r jQj,j jU j, 

fore to the hind-gu'th. 
Visit. Pilgrimage, Sj'^J- 

Visitor, Pilgrim.jij^j jj^j Oij<j -rj)} 
A single visit. One time. Slave. Sjjj 
Wry, oblique. j/j ^ -rj/j ^ jj'j\ 

Squint-eyed, j Wi ' 

Deep (well). Silver vessel. Bow. A'y/j 

Bagdad (town). The Tigris (river). 
Visit. Place of pilgri- cA'jCy ?r J^y 

mage, shrine. -^ Tomb of a santon. 
To urge (a beast) Aj » \t.'jj o f.0 "^ 

with the bridle. To incline a, th. To 

remove a, th. 
To cut (a slice of melon) 

To come off (flesh). 
To drive (beasts) roughly. 
Shce of meat, of a melon. 

■^ Wretched. 
To deviate, to Oitjjj ^'/j o f.\j -fr 

swerve from. To decline from truth 

(in speech), ■> To be sprained (limb). 

To become lively, foolish. 
To turn a. o. away fi-om truth. 5 — 

To pull (a camel) with the rein. 

To drag o.'s self along. CijJ o ^0 ^ 
To drag the tail (pigeon). 

Hyssop {plant). '^jjj '<ijj 

Oil made with iron- wood otijiJI cJiJ 

Olive, olive-tree. (un. v^^'j ) Oyij 
Widow- wail ( \)la nt). J^jVl o>^* j 

Wild olive-tree. v^lj ^iJI — 

Lapis Judaicus used J~J.llr»« ', J^ ~ 

as collyriiim. 
Olive-coloui-ed. Born in au- 'j^jiJj 

tumn (horse). 
Dealer in oil. cC j 

■^ Oily (blood) as in pleurisy, cj'j^ 
Seasoned with oil. Oiled.^^^'^j c^j' 
Mason's string. Astronomical i!»j J P 

tab] OS. 
To r-\y\j ,()\>'^'jj C>-jIjj (kp"J i ^0 * 

be remote, to pass away. 
To discard (her veil : woman). A — 
•^ To the give benediction of the rv 'j 

Blessed Sacrament. To rule (paper). 
To remove, to take away. ^ ^\j\ 
■^ Line, streak. ^G j1 ^ «j j, 

<• Religious bene- oUlij «• r-tj ^ 

diction, procession. 

Place of retirement. 


To do wrong ; to Gu,j jj t/ 'j i r-'j * 

be unjust, to stray. To retire. 
To remove, to take away, itj s ^\'j] 
To be reviled. ■r^^ 

To'increase, to give in CilJ/^J 

surplus. To exceed a. th. 
To exaggerate (a narration ; liar). J — 
May God load him with Gti '^t olj 

blessings ! 
To increase a. th. * ijj <>• j jw j 

To outbid another (in an auction). iSJfj 
To increase (price). To jTj 

straddle (she-camel). 
To exaggerate in (speech). J SjfJ^ — 

To exceed (a price). 
They bade xiLiil jtj ^1 J IjojI^ 

against o. a. for the commodity. 
To increase, to augmenL il^jl 

To take a. th. in excess. ^ — 

To ask, to seek an increase 2f ilji^l 

from. To complain of a, o. 
Increase ; addition. Excos.^.ij j •^_i -u J 
They are moi'e than ;i» it jj'j ^ 

a hundred. 

i) Ca) 

Juice of fruits, meat. ^Ijjl ^ ^/j -^ 

Indigestion. v'Oj oO * 

Idol. Pagod. ojj 

Short man, dwarf. ojj, j ojjJ ~ 

<>■ Tares. oljjj oUjjo'Jjj oUj, 

To discard a. th. fi> b'jj bj'j i jj'j -ik- 

To conceal (a secret). To seize. To 
collect a. th. 

To retire in a corner. jyj\j jj'Jj iSj'j 
To discard. To carry away. Aj i jjj 
To approach one another. iSj^^ 

To be contracted, folded. jjj\j ^Sj'Ji 
Corner of a house. (Geom).Cijj ^ *ij,lj 

Angle. <>• Square (instrument). Small 

mosque. Hospital. Asylum. 
•^ Triangle. -s^j^a XljVj 

■^ Obtuse angle. ^y^ — 

To adorn, to ?j a xl^'J k'j~ '<JiJ ^ 

deck. a. th. To write the letter j . 
To adorn o.'s self. To dress Cyj 4j 

in a garb. 
Appearance, dress, ^G jl ^ ^3 -^j t^j^ 

garb. -^ Harness. Fashion ; custom. 

Like, as. a How? 
a In fashion. ^3 J*' ° 

It is exactly the same. ij^'^^ Is'j a 

Like thee. How do you do? dijj d 
To agglomerate, to viJ'^v'J"^ 

heap up. 
South-easterly wind. Enmity. ^'/y^ 

Briskness. Brisk. Hedge-hog. Vile. 

Adver.sity. Devil. Fright. Stranger. 

Calamity. Copious water. 
Strong. C-4jI 

Daring, boisterous. ^*ui — 

To put oil in (food). A (x/J i olj ^ 

To anoint with oil. To give oil to. 
To supply a. o. with oil. fi>j ^ d'j ~ 

To put oil in (a lamp). 
To have much oil. oljl 

To be anointed with oil. olijl. 

To ask, to seek oil. Cj\'j\Z.\ 

Olive-oil. -^ Any oil, C)y,'j «■ Cj'J 

Linseed-oil. jG- — 

Copal, resinous substance. 3**'' c-ij 
■(f- Olive-oil. ^ «^*3 

Castoi'-oil. ?j1»?J1 — 


( T\ 

rioiis, bad coin. 
Strutting, sweepy. Lion. oCj 

To put a collar to (a fi> jl'j — Jlj -H- 

To deck herself and daub j^ 'Jj jj j 

her eyes with collyrium (woman). 
Collar of a shirt. Mason's string, jii j^ 
To cease, to discontiime.>l'j a Jij ^ 
I have not ceased doing it. iXS\ cJj, U 
Zeyd continues standing.O^l* l^'J Jlj '^ 
I iiiS j;^. \jS jj cJ X ^J 1 r'i'jl cJ j. C» 

desisted not to urge Zeyd until he 

did it. 
The always JljiVj Jjj J i^ill 

Existing (God). 
To remo- ^ fi^j H ;Iljl Jij'lj , ^l; j i Jlj 

ve a. th. from. 
To separate (people). /bj S J^'j 

To separate, to remove from, s JA'j 
To disperse, to remain J^i jt> J/ jJ 

To be abashed at. ^ j'A'Ji 

Width between the thighs. jjj 

Ingenious, skilful. JU'jJJ Si[yt 

To hush a. 0. by J Cj* J a i ^\'j * 

one word. 
To separate (horses). To be ^['J 

compact or dismembered (flesh).' 
Slice of flesh. Dismem- ^jj^ ^ *^lX 

bered meat. 
Silent, quiet (camel). .Q* j ^ ^jjI 
To adorn, to embellish.;*! Co' J i olj -^ 
To adorn, to deck fi^j 5 i'ljl, oUb c^ j 

a. th. -^ To shave a. 0. 
To be dec- Oa^jl o\'i'j\j^ %,^'Jcc'J 

ked, adorned. To be trimmed (spe- 
ech). To be allured. -^ To be shaven. 
Beech-tx*ee. ^'jj olj 

Beauty, ornament. j\l'^] ^ ^'j 

a Beautiful. 
Cock's comb. Al-^' 'k.'j 

Oi'nament. Feast. □ Feast of x^j^ 

the Nile. -^ Illumination. 
Diseases of the hair, *^'J\ u^'S^I 

nails or skin. 
Ornament, attire. ol'ji. 

Beautiful (moon). o\j'j 

Decorator. Cupper. -^ Barber. ^ jji 

o ) ^3 

<• Too much. ■5jj!<j J Si^j)^ 

Increa- jj\j'j ^ SJj.OjiOlib J^ ^ ei'vj j 

se ; excess. 
Midriff, ligament of the jSii\ ci\iX 

The augm mutative let- ciG jJI vJj>>^ 

ters included in the words Lf-j^ju 

and iv-i; j:/2\ 
Medicinal plant. oIjj'j y. 1 

<■ Auction, public sale. j,) j/i 

Derivative (verb). {fiPP' to ^y^ ) Jj j^ 
Large water-skin. jA'yj iKy ^ 'iiSy 
Yezldees, worshippers of the *i jujj 

To twist the lips of n jf'j — ^ j -fr 

(a horse : farrier). <► To put a. 0. in 

a strait, 
^orou.s jar used as strainor.jij j1 ■r y j 
Horse-twitchers, barnacles. jC j, 

-^ Strait, perplexity. 
Squill, sea-onion. jlj,^ 

Small jOj r- o J,i3j '' Ji JJ i^>;3 * 

hills. Feathers. 
To yell, to shriek.CbC j, j CJa^' 'jWaVj^ 
Shouter, shrieker. 1,^3 

To devia- '~Sy>l j) CUjJj CiT J i j.0 "^ 

te. To decline (sun). To be troubled 

(sight). -^ To be rash. 
To redress a. th. (wrong or A Ai 3 

To mislead a. 0. To incline. Aj n f.\j\ 
To deck an display herself fj^'f, 

Rook (bird), a Carrion- oU^j, ,»■ f.\j 

Declination. Doubt. Injustice. fj'j 
Deviating. 0>iJ,l jj xil3 «■ Al'3 

To be bad, ^* j7j , Ojj'3 i ol3 -K- 

spurious (coin). 
To adulterate (money). fi^ (x/'j — 

To leap (a wall). 
To strut, to sweep ^'"^'ji iVj — 

(man). To waddle (camel). To drag 

its tail (pigeon). 
To make, declare (mo- ^ ^'S>j >Ju j 

ney) spurious. To dispraise (a spe- 
ech). To let (bloodshed) unavenged. 
Coi'nice J^j j_> oC j'lj t-j'ij, t ^ J 

of a wall. 

C r\'\ ) 



To ask a. th. of a. o. /b ^ Jul 

To ijj ^S'j S "CuV—f JjU"J , *^*ll-» J*U- 

ask a. 0. about a. th. 
He is responsible for o+iJ' ^s. JUJ 

the compact. 
He granted ^f'jtuJj i;J>i j iJ^JL iful 

to bim his petition. 
•^ To beg alms, vjlj J^j ,V '_^ Jll3 
To ask 0. a. qnestions. JjCij J«UJ 
t etition, \ji y^i *^j-^j "^j-^j uj^j J>.— 

Questionm'. Inquisitive. Jj^j ^jAi Jt-^ 
Question. In- (opp. to ^\'^ ) Ji^ 

Asking, ;jUj JVj ^Au ;^ j;L, 

Beggar. X'^ ^- 

Want, affair. j; ii? ^ iLH.; jl i) ll* 

Problem, question. 
■^ Responsibility X^iji^ 

^;;>J .A ^L-_) v» V^j C»Umj l»Li; a ^,i-i -ft- 
To Joathe, to be digusted at. 
To disgust a. o. j GXl I. ^u: '\ 

Loathing, weary. j-jy^ 

To run. CU a i^U j , l^l.: o iL: -»- 
To purpose a. th. To tear (a a — 

garment) by straining. 
To excite enmity between. ojJ — 

Fatherland. Purpose, aim. Pangs, ju: 
Far-reaching aim. jllil ju«j 

To cut, to 5 ire---' C-^ L- ■»- 

wound. To hock (a horse). 
■^ To sland;^r a. o. J — 

To cut a. th. To spear in sj * Lj: — 

the anus. 
To abuse grossly, to curse. 5 LA^j — 
To find the means of. To fi> ^;L 

occasion a. th. 
To prepare furrows for (water). J a — 
To abuse a. o. s — 

To be prepared (means). To ^Jiij 

be occasioned. -^ To carry on a pet- 
ty trade. To seek a living. 

Prefixed to the aorist of a verb ^ -^ 

is the sign of the future. 
I will depart. J^S-^'C 

Cry for chiding an ass. *c -ft- 

To chide, to ui"ge (an ass). (_» li UL -ft- 
To become intricate (business). \ZAl^ 
To strangle a. o. to s CUL a ^J\^ -tt- 


To widen (a skin). /b — 

To gorge o.'s self y, CU a ,^j - 

with (drink). 
Large skin. Leather-bag.ijj^ ^ oli 
Good manager of cattle. JC^ oCV^ 
Skin for honey. Leather-skin, kjul* 

Great drinker of water. 
To throttle a. o. to ? t\s. a cX^ -ft- 

Side of the throat. ^\S, 

To strangle a. o. s iSU j iSu: a ilX -fr 
To be ill from the use of salt water. jliI 
To drink. To reopen (wound).lSlx aaJuL 
To M'alk day and night. ^121 

Disease from the use of salt 

To leave (a re- fi> JiJ.]j , \j\:i, a JC -W- 

mainder of wine) in a vessel. 
To remain, to be residual. \j\z. a _,i-. 
To leave the balance of (an ^ JCl^ 

To drink the remainder of * jll3 

(a beverage). 
Remainder of water, Jul ^ jjJ. 

residue of food. 
Remainder of youthful vigour. Sj^ 
To be CjL: a ^ji^ j , Cs*U a jL;. -ft- 

chapped around the nails (hand). 
To chap (lip). To be J>\1j\j,^:Z, 

split (palm-bark). 
Palm-branch. Hair of the tail. jui 
Chapped. - {J:, .r. ^ ^j^^^ 

Fine sand at the foot ^ \'^ ^ liJC-. 

of a hillock. 

5"5TJj $jIj:j x3X:j ibj'Ji^ a jU-w- 

To question a. o. on. ^j^j ^ 


pn-sed away for over. 
Wiue. Purchase of wine. tXx^j '11-. 
Wine-mei'chant. 'CI. 

Remote journey. s'UJL 

Sloigh of sei-pents. x!yi 'j^wJi 

Mountain-patli. 'ill;; 

To take rest. To vxl^ i o ^^-^ -S- 

cease from work. To enter, to keep 

the Sabbath (Jew). To be confused. 
To cut, to stop a. th. To shave fi> — 

(the head). To behead a. o. To let 

(the hair) hang down. 
To be lethargic ; to swoon. ^---^ 

To die. 
To enter upon Saturday. Sab- C'\L\ 

bath da)-. 
To torpify a. o. (drug).s\::4-^"<^J ^^'^ 
To be stretched. To be oblong z^'i\ 

(face). To become ripe (date). 
To keep the Sabbath. c.-l^l 

Sabbath-day. c^^\j Cj/^ ^ ^-^ 

Saturday. Week. Excellent horse. 

Bold child. Artful. Addicted to sleep. 
Space of time. *:!;.::_> cX^'-^j *5I^j c-I^ 
I remained some time. C:;;I.:-j tu-i- 'c^'\ 
Kind of marisli-mallow used as ^L! 

a tan. 
Any tanned skin. c4- 

Basket. ^A^'P 

An'ithum gmveolens. dill {pl(i.)-c^^ P 
Rest. Lethargic slumber. Time, o^-i 

Th ^ day and the uight. cj^^ UjI 

Club (at cards). J'C-- <► 

Bold. Leopard. Cla- cX^^ ^ J.:xl 

morous (woman). 
Motionless, lethargic. Entering c^-^' 

u^jon the Sabbath. 
Dead. Shaven. In a swoon. cyil-» 

Soft, ripe (dates). ^ilji ^Qj 

To put on a black gown .^4-^~r-~-' "^ 
Black globules of jet. Pitch coal.^JLX P 
Black gown ^'.^ ^ Se^^-^j S?cr-i 

without sleeves. 
Seller of black garments. wC*-- 

To swim <j J j XiC^j C>.::: a rCJ^ ■»■ 

in (a river). 
To busy o.*s self in o.'s own &.J^ ^z^ 

] To be the cause of. ^ — 

To use a. th. as means foi". ji_ o — 
To revile o. a. To cut o. a. IjUJ 

To a. o. to reviling. J u^i^ 
Insult, abuse. *j{L1'j t^C^j ',^ 

Reviler. Woman's veil. <~jj^ t '>-^ 

Turban. Peg. Piece of thin stuff. 
Space of time. Pei'iod. nJlL 

Anus. Much reviled (man). -C^JL 

Shame, disgrace. 
Fore- finger. A week's time. :i_ 

Rope., occasion, U^^Z,\ ^ .JkZ. 

means. Road. 
God has cut his life. yJ^\ *; ik\ /Jas 
-^ War ammunition. '-JJ^^^ oC-J-l 

Means, trade, livelihood. t_,\.^vi ^l^U^ 
On account of that. ^ 'i ijk~j 

P13S. of hair. Hair vl^'V- t v-i->-^ 

of a horse's mane, forelock, tail. 
Piece of cloth. Plait i^jd ^ '^■^ 

of hair. 
Sword, lit : liamstringer.»_^i^;!) i_,lJ» 
Fore-finger. v-^j *^'r-- 

Abusive language. \\^Z.\ 

Reviler. SlL-'j ijlllj "U^-^j *<~iJ v-^ 

•^ Gross abuse, curse. a21>J 

Choice camels. ijiLi Jj I 

■<>■ Petty tradesman, pedlar. ^JiHJ^ 
To give vent to (water), fit ^',\',-- -jl- 

To discharge (urine). 
To be poured (water). ■<► To ^^1^ 

be curled and dependant (hair). 
Extensive. ^-..0-1^ ,^L^ 

Curls of hanging ^a^C- ■<► 

Palm-sunday. ^.. 

To fi> \'JiZ.\j X-h 

purchase (wine) 

To flay (a skin). 

shake (the hand 

skin : fire, heat). 
To strip off (a skin). » j * tl, 

To submit to. J tj,l 

To take a false oath xjiufovj-j U — 

To give o.'s self up to (evil). jc- — 
To be flayed (skin). 'Cl'il. 

Tribe of Yemen. U-I. 

iC^j \y^ a \'.z. -«■ 

for personal use. 

To flog a. o. To 

). To alter (the 



C T\A ) 


(shaven hair). To leave off the a- 

nointing of (o.'s hair). 
To comb and let down (o.'s hair). A — 
Wolf. Misfortune. Black iCj.'\ ^ al_, 

garment. Heads of the thistle '^^a'j • 
He is a sharp thief. j't--1 Ju-- 3* 

Little of goat's hair. jZ^ 

He does not possess juj Vj alJL iJ C» 

Remains of herbage. ju-L 

Linen-stopper for a olol-- ^ jl-^ 

tank. Bad omen. Wild swallow. 
Tall. Daring. sjjCjLj jJU:: ^ i^Jt'L: 

Cuttle-fish ; ink-fish. r'^^^rf-- ^ 

To probe (a ^ Jp^\j S-jy^ o Ji^ -8- 

wound) ; to sound (a well). To try ; 

to determine a. th. conjectui'ally. 
Lion. Brightness of the face. jlZ, 

Root. Colour. Beauty; jC-l-l ^ -^,j ~ 

fine appearance. 
Enmity. Likeness. jl^ 

4-Thou art treated as I am.^^^y^ ^'jy^ 
Cool morning. ol^P ?- S^j-^ 

Fine cloth. Coat of mail of good C? v.C 

workmanship. Excellent date. 
Writing-tablet, slate. Sjjr-- 

Internal state of a. th. J^ 

Handsome, good looking. J.>~-' 

To beg, to be destitute (man).cJ?ll -8- 

Poor, wretched. 
Bare desei't. Little, zj^jis. 
Beardless boy. 

To be loose, lank (hair). 
To be abundant (rain). iSg 

To be liberal (man). 
To suffer from fever. iAalZ. Ja,- 

To cast her young ones (ewe). i^Z. 
To remain speechless from fear. Ja;.^1 

To fall motionless. To be weak. 
To cleave to (the ground). ,_j ial-'l 
To overlook (an affair). ^p — 

Grand-son. Jewish tribe. Lu:;.! ^ ial-^ 
Lank, not cri.sp (hair). J,C-- ^ Ll^ 

Abundant raiu. 

Probe for wounds. 

- Cjjjy- 

'm o )a'.Z> 

Good -SiC. 


way. To sleep. To be at rest. To 

spread (tribe). To run (horse). 
To dig (the earth). To glide J - 

in (the sky : star). To travel far in 

(a land). To be profuse in (speech). 
To praise, to glorify God. Jj 5 ^^ 
To make a. o. to swim. 5 ^1J,1 

Leather garment. 
Prayer, -r^j^i , cjW^ j ^-t 

Invocation. Moslem beads. 
The majesty of God. ji\ 43! j ob--— 
Natation, art of swimming. *i.u.j 
Glory be to God ! God is far Ci\ oi*I-i 

from such imperfection ! 
Swift-running horses. 
Ships. Stars. Souls of the 

Good swimmer. 
Great swimmer 

The All-Glorious (God). ^_^Dlj ^^iij) 
Hymn, canticle. ^w.Cj ^ x'>.^ 

Strong (garment). 9-4--' 

Fore-finger. :cii^lJ 

■<>■ Beads used by ^v^^J* 5- **=?■-■; 

To say ; Glory be to God. j>Jj:_, jil:: ^ 
To be fi'ee from ^4-- J , ^-^ o ■rC^ -Jf 

work. To sleep deeply. To go off. 
To be saline (soil). ^L^S^^^i^L a -r.^ 
To abate (heat). To cease ^.IX 

To allay (heat). To wind (cotton ).* — 

■<>■ To manure. 
To dispel (fever, evil) from. ^ * — 
To reach a saline soil (by -rC^^ 

To cool (heat, anger). To be ma- ^t^i 

Saline (land). iCS^i ^-^ 

Saline. Swampy ^C- ^ X-^C^i <54-- 

ground; lagoon. Green water-moss. 
Manure. j^W "^ 

Loosened i^x^ ^ {un. xU^ ) ^^^a-^ 

cotton, hair. Scattered feathers. 
To shave (the A jCJAj ^S'X.Z. o jC.L -^ 

To grow feathers (chick). To jL^ 

shoot forth (thistle). To appear 

Seventh part. y,UJ,1 ^ ^LL 

bii'd of prey. Lupus (conv<e//).-^Lion. 
Arfwnfttm, maiden-hair (;j/a.).jji»yvi_^.:L 
Cuscuta epithymiim., kind oG:^:^) — 

of dodder. 
•^ Dog. j:l)| - 

Female of a wild beast. :;!:._> xil:!, 

Seventy, seventieth. oji^ 

The Septuagint. *d^r^l *i*j^il 

Seventh part. Arabian tribe. ^ij: 
Seventh. o>ij.U-j *ilX- ^ ;.jC-« 

Seven-lettered. Seven spans high.;;;^CJL 

Enormous (camel). Born at the se- 
venth month. Full-grown (man). 
Wedding-feast. p^il a 

Week. ^d ^ p,_^j,t 

Seven times, sevenfolds. ^yj^\ 

Land abounding with beasts of *;L1? 

Forsaken child. Bastard. Slave- ^l/ 

To be full, long ^h'^ *^ f^ ^ 

(garment). To be abundant (wealth). 

To extend (rain). 
To direct o.'s self towards. J| — 

To cast hairless foetus (beast). ^ 
To perform the rites of ablu- fi> f.^\ 

tion. To enlarge (a garment). 
To fill a. o. with goods (God). Jt * — 
Wearing a long coat of mail.^^j ^ 
Abundance. Easiness of life. tjLZ. 

Trailing (clothes). Long (tail). ^_u 
F. Copious (rain). UglyoU^.L, ^ :Uj'Cw 

(garb). Complete (benefit). Ample 

(coat of mail). 
Mail of a helmet ^117 ^ :i-lj j ^-17 

protecting the neck. Tail. 




» - 

To precede, to Jl^ s lol.; 

outstrip a. o. to. 
To overcome. To outstrip 

a. o. in. 

To cast abortive young (ewe). ^_^ 
To receive or to give a wager ts — 

to a, o. To shackle (a bird). 
To race with, •& xh\Lj>j GC-. j?U 

compete with a. o. 
To hasten towards. , J| jlj,! 

Bountiful, ^a3l jl otpl Ji.:Lj Jail, 

libei-al (man). 
Of a fine stature. j,l?J.I itj-^j -J*^ 
Lank, not crisp (hair). Tufted U" ' 

(tree). Thistle '^^ when green. 
Fever. l,Cj; 

February (month). J9i,jl S 

Abundance of rain. ;kU.' 

Loosened haii'. Sweepings. :ikCJ- 

Dang-hi!l. -^ Cluster of dates. 
Shoes, boots. Ja-vUl ^ tU-^ •♦■ 

Corridoi', oll^QUj L-jt}.:- ^ l^CC 

vaulted passage. 
Air-cane, pea-shooter. sJlLl:: a 

To lie down. To be ^:j.| - ^^a^- ■«• 

extended. To hurry (camel). 
Daring. Springing ciy}^ w j^ 

forward (lion). Long hanging hair. 
Lying on the ground (camels). cSJS n'r-- 
Proud, sweeping gait. lS^^^-j 

Heron. Tall. _»i«sf- 

To be the seventh Aj 5 ul^ a ,-1^ -S- 

of. To revile a. o. To devour (sheep : 

wolf). To kill; to scai'e (a wolf). 

■i)- To frighten a. o. 
To steal a. th. To make a seven- ^ — 

stranded rope. 
To bring forth at the seventh ^ 

month. To complete 700 men. 
To reward a. o. sevenfold (God). J ,lx 
To make a. th. septuple. To A — 

divide a. th. To give an heptagonal 

shape to. To wash, (a vessel) 7 ti- 
mes. To reiterate an action seven 

To revile. To "6 (s-C^j 'xZ^Li ;JU. 

bite a. o. 
To be seven in number. To have /LI I 

flocks attacked by a wild beast. To 

be infested by wild beasts (road). 

To water (camels) every seventh day. 
To feed a. o. with the flesh of a s — 

wild beast. To neglect (a slave). To 

give (a child) to a nurse. 
To steal, to rob a. th. fi> r^^i 

To be seven (people). ^JXll^ 

Seven. /^^ j> *il.i 

Serious (affair). Place of the last ^.IX 



(r- ) 

HavingjlJj jll^j jlLij jjj/ji:,1 

long mustaches. 
Long-lashed eye. »>U_: oi^ 

Veil of black silk. :C^ — uj— -ii- 

To -wear a veil of black silk. cnJ.1 
The leopard. 
To dote (4^1 Clj , Cj^-l 

(old man). 
Dotage of an old man. 
Apoplectic fit. 
'Dotavdly (old man). 
Spahi, cavalry. Sepoy. 
To take ^ J>A_l|j,fU-j ulj, i^ 

a. 0. captive. 
To captivate (the heart \ fi>j i JJ, 

To estrange a. 0. (God). To I'each 

(water) by digging. To carry (-^-ine) 

to another country. 
To make one another captive. jTUj 
Wood carried by a '^j -^j ^ 

Captives. Women. Slough '^ ^ [^ 

of snakes. 
Captive (man or CCj: ^ (''i-/0 J;- 

Sea-pearl. Exported wine. X^L 

Woman taken as captive. 
Secundiue. Numerous ,},\'yZ. ^ *U;C. 

flock. Produce of flocks. Camels for 

breeding. Earth of a mole-ho!e. 
Unseemly language. Vice. 'z^ -«- 

Six. 2^ jt ;i_. 

Lady, ( for zj^ ) ot-- ^r C-- •♦• 

mistress. Grand-mother. 
Sixty. Sixtieth. 

Yellowish turtle-dove. 
Master, i^cJj SoiL-l ^ itJ-t P 

professor. Doctor. 


To veil ; Aj s 
to conceal a. th. 

To be veiled. To 
conceal o.'s self. 

Veil, curtain, 

J{Lj ,\y{Z. o J\~ 

J^zJi\j JiLi\j JLJi 

jiixJ, ]j jjiL ^ J{^ 

screen. Covert. Fear. Modesty, 
God has manifested his i^t^ ^\ ^~i 

Shield. j5 ' 

Jr^'j jJUlj 

To contend together 

in a race. 
To speak or act hastily 
Stake laid in JC_1' 

a race. 
He has the pre- iCu' J ^ijUj jL:. 2 

cedence in it. 
\\ 'inner in a o^iiCj Jul ^^ Ji\^ 

race (horse). Previous. 
The Angels. olijlDl 

Horse-race. Anteriority. Jesses, ju- 
Always ahead, winner (horse). jCj; 
He has the upper-hand in cj'^\p — 

his designs. 
To melt, to j* (tC^j , CsCL: i dx'^ -»■ 

mould (a metal). 
To be melted, moulded (metal). dAlUjl. 
Ingot. iUC.: ^ iSLc. 

Melting-house, foundry. dXi.CJ ^ dClJ 
To stretch o.'s self. To be' JC. \ .'- -H- 

tall (girl). 
To revile a. o. ? "^ o Jl-^ -Ji- 

To allow a. th. To dedicate 

a. th. to pious uses. 
To put out ears (crops). To 

drop (rain, tears). To be beaten 

To let down (a veil). To shed fit — 

(tears). To hang down (o'.shaii"). 
To weai'y a. o. by words. it — 

-<>■ Women's wrapper. Dung. iLi^ 

Rain in its fall. Nose. Ear of jl:; 

corn. White of the eye (disease). 
Mustache. Fore-part of JC_j ^ iiix 

the beard. 
Spike, ear of corn. :ijiZ,j TiijLij H^ 
Road, path. ^ Means jii ^ j^ 

of access. Public fountain. 
Holy war. Pilgrimage. .Oil j^ 

Desire of leai'uing. Ordinances of God. 
I have no respon- j^ \'Sa j "p. ^jJS 

sibility on that account. 
Thou hast no plea j.j^ It viO ^J 

to allege. 
^ We ought to do so.ioT JiiJ 0I CLu: 
Forlorn ti'aveller. uxlll crl 

Road, way, path. iLi.::. 

Party of travellers. 
Much trodden (road). 


'>— !r 


0^ ^ 

I Ti'ack of a road. Measu- 
re, size. 
Natural i»-j»JLli^ ^yfiLij "i^t^iJLj "i^yJL 

Gentle, meek. Easy (walk).7i;o^j 9-4JL 
Opposite. 5rU-- 

Fine, well proportioned.-b-j.-^ ^ rvn^S 
To bow down ; to bo lS_^?t_l o Jc-,^ ^ 

lowly. To lower the head (camel). 
To bow down befoi"e a. o. To J — 

wor.sliip (God). 
To be swollen (foot). loiJi a J^Ji. 

To bow the head. SkZ.\ 

To cast down o.'s looks J — 

before a. o. 
Prostration, adoration. i>?w 

Bowing, stooping. i^Jj-j j^ ^ a> V- 
/^.Languid Os-i^^j ola>.C- ^ SIa^U 

(eye). Bent (tree). 
Worshipper. i&t_:. 

Prayei--carpet. -f^ Any i-a^jj Sibt-L 

Swollen foot. oSs-Cl 

Place of worship ; a>,CS ^ j.>l>: 

Forehead. Pai-ts of j^,CjJ ^ oi,!.;; 

the body prostrated in prayer. 
To prolong her 1 j^UJ^j \'JkZ. o ^ -«■ 

groans (she-camel). 
To heat (an oven). To fill (a * — 

river ; water). To put a collar to (a 

To give vent to (water). To fi> j%.2 

heat (an oven). 
To swell (sea). _^J, 

To have friendly intercourse ■& ,»u« 

To follow in a file (camels). jW'^K 

To be filled (cup). 
Bloodshot colour of the "a'Jr-^i J^.^ 

Water filling a river. Jy.,L ^ o'J^J^ 

(rM ) 

True friend 

Place filled by a torrent. j->S^ 

Iron collar for dogs. j^\'^ ^ jy>. C- 
Bloodshot (eye). Clear tank. J^^\ 

Heated. Filled. Swollen (sea). 


Covering, screen. J,l ^ i'jU. 

■^ Turkish single-breasted coat. 

\ eil, jS^ "k ej^-*-;.' ,-n— 5» jii-- 

Vespers, evening-service. jUi:J| ;>\.^ -tf 
Pudical, chaste. j<:Z 

The Concealer (God). jL. 

Buffoon, droll. jjt'^j s?J,^--- ° 

Four. Weight J ULlj jjiUl ^ jUu:i. P 

of four mithcals. 
Covering^ veil, curtain. Sj(::J.l.j jtl.,; 
Understood {pronoun,. JiilJ' 

Pudical, Cji'jy^ i J^-^--^ 5r iy^ 

(woman). •<>• Not well-off (man). 

C a; j\Z. \ Gs 




To stow (goods). 

Spui'ious silver. jj^-^j o/'-^ P 

To come out in j:l1;j , ycZ^ o JiJL -ft- 

a file. T6 ^1 in drops (tear.s). To 

escape successively (beads, pearls). 
To follow a. 0. 5 JjL^ j , ycZ. a Ji- 
To follow one another. J^l 

Water-spring. d^^j oy^ 5- J=-^ 

Rubbish of a. th. 
Narrow I'oad. 
Root of an old tree. , 
Constantinople. s 

To track a. 0. To 5 

strike on the buttocks 
But- oC::Jl1 

To hurry, to hasten, i J.^j , i^rj: o Uil* 

^1 xjvx^^l P 

•li^-'U 1 *^^J *^J 

To lay out the warp 


of (cloth). 

Warp of cloth. 

J- , ^ ** ^ 

To plaster, to coat 

A L. 

.:- r^ -ft- 

(a wall) with clay. 

Milk mixed with wai 

;er. -^^^i *A~ 

Roofs covered with mud. 


Virtuous souls. 

Wooden trowel. 


Mild (day, air). 

ijt.latl^ -ft- 

To coo (dove). 


a "rJfJ^ -K- 

To insinuate a. th. 


J "r-^^j ~ 

to a. 0. 

To be even and soft 


- J b-.3t-^ ~ 


To be gentle, forbearing. 

r-Jt-^b — 

with, water. Bountiful man. Great 

udder. Gift. Present. 
War has vai'ious chances. J^^ ij^'JI 
Writing-roll. Deed, oy?*- ^ !>?»-- 

writ, judicial record. •<>• Archives. 
Archivist. Cjy?»43l c^A 

Tearful (eye). Abundant J^?^.^ 

Share. Hard. Large (udder). Jc?^ 
Stone of backed clay. Jc?5^ ^ 

Flask-case. Jj>LI.j iL>^j J?>- 

Allowable. J?^ 

Mirror. Gold, silver J>C:^ ^ J*ii-^ P 

To flow ^.fcljlj , Uisfcr? J '"V?'--' o >»?^ "^ 

(tears, water). 
To shed A Clii-lj '^.>?«-^j (^^ i o — 

(tear.?, water). 
To be dilatory in. ^ ^yr-^j ^'J>.^ — 
To shed (tears). A ^i.-'ij ^-ii 

Water. Tear. Leaf of willow. ^1, 
Shedding tears (eye).^i. ^ ^yr-^ cnt 
To imprison Aj j> Ck-^ o ^^^^ -5^ 

a. 0. To restrain a. o. from speech. 

To conceal (grief). 
To split a. th. To dig a (trench)* ^%..Z. 

for a palm-tree. 
Gaol, prison. o_y>J' t o^tr 

Gaoler. olW^ 

Prisoner. J^j 'Ui--J. ^ o^*^ 

Stream coming down a hill. 
Perpetual. Violent, Hell-fire. cruJ— 

Trench for a palm-tree. 
To be quiet, calm. To l^iJL 

prolong her cry (she-camel) 
To shroud (a corpse). jf ' 
To touch a. th. To treat (au fi> 

Calm, quiet. ^^l. 

Gentle wind. Still (she-camel). '\'^ 
Natural dispo- oCot'-'J Q)^ 

To pour forth jj fit ik^ 

(water). To flog a. o. 
To flow down rJcJlj , (y 

(water, tears). 
To be vei-y fat 


G^ ^ 

T^ -«- 


Strung ( pearls). Milk mixed with 

much water. 
Loose, hanging (hair). j>!^i ,^<^ 
To be altered, turbid Ci^ a o-?^ -R- 

(water). •<>• To be stirred (people). 
To stink (water). <>- To Zj fi> ^jJ^ 

rouse (the people). 
Stir, disturbance. <>■ Riot. ,j-^ 

Turbid, stinking ^j^j u-i^J a^-^ 


I will never go to him. j_,_3tAfr ,j_i3s..lj 
To prolong her groans C^-.I- a ic>jL -Jt- 

(she-camel) : its twang (bow). 
To pursue (an aim). A — 

To use rhyming prose. To coo^l,_j — 

Rhyming, asso- /tosJJj , ^>^'\ -r i^ 

nant prose. 
Piece of ^c*-,^--^ -r *f>?--—'J» 

rhyming prose. 
Using rhyming prose. Straight 

forward. Handsome (face). 
Aim, pursuit. 

To fii wi?i-llj ^jipe-i^J 

let down (a cui'tain) 
To be thin-waisted. 
To be dark (night). 

Veil, door-curtain. 
Portion of the night. 
Curtain. <>■ Fringe of a 




^ ^ > > r * r • 

Udb^ a 




To pour out, to » y^ J?t-^ ^ 

spill (a liquid). 
To pour down (a liquid), o ^}%J^j — 
To register a. th. fii jat-i 

To record a sentence (judge), jc — 
To vie, to con- s Vbt--j h^\lJ J^U 

tend with. 
To be rich. JiJ.1 

To make large (gifts). To fi>j s — 

forsake a. o. To fill a vessel. To speak 


To leave (an affair) to a. o. J * — 
To compete, to vie together. J>0 
To be poured. J?«^l. 

Bucket filled Jj^j JW^- ?- J?«-- 

s r 

^ To pare the eaiih in riuming j;^^ 

To be scratched. trii^'j ?!o-.l^ 

Running gently (camel). tt*^— 

Wont to swear (wo- j-Ulij ?r^'i-^ 

Plane. Running gently. ^Gw« 

To fascinate, s ^t:Z.j , 1^^ a jk^ ^ 

to bewitch. To wheedle a. o. 
To turn a. o. away from. 
To gild (silver). To spoil 

(clay : water). 
To wound a. o. in the 

To rise, or act at day- 
To feed a. o. at daybreak 
To be, to depart at 

To eat at daybreak. 
To crow at dawn (cock). 
Witchcraft, sorcery. Eloquence, p.^ 

S3U-J jU 
He has overstrained 

Beginning of dawn. 
Daybreak. End, edge 
Dawn, daybreak. 
Wizard, oj^j^j jb-. 

Learned man. Deludei 
Willow tree. 
Meal eaten at day 

Hei'b fattening cattle. j\a^{j jU. 
Great wizard. ji^_ 

Children's play. •<>■ Cup-^>G..^^ 53(;^ 

board, chest. 
Having a complaint of the _n?i. 

belly. Big-bellied (horse). 
Spoiled (food). Wasted 

To .slay s LkkLj'j (J^^ 

a. 0. To choke a. o. (food). 
To put water (in wine). A — 

To slip down fi-om. ^ iaki^i 

Gullet, throat. LklS 

To peel (grease). a, 0^^ a J^^ -j^ 

b Jj^— rr j^-^J ^>-^J j*^ 

jr"^ W jy— 


iai.1 -»■ 

i^ Tough, dry dates. 
Air, atmosphere. 
Giving much water (cloud). 
Teai'ful (eye). 
Blood-horse, good runner. 
To come down (water;. 
Court-yard. x5vlii.l_j ^-litl. 

Vehement rain. yXJr^i 9-.- ?--l 

To trail, to drag /b C^^ ;, ^j. ^ 

a. th. -^ To draw (a sword, lots, a 

bill of exchange). 
He sweeps, he walks proud- ilJi v_.afcl3 

He overlooked his <.jU^ U ii]i ^i-.— 

To behave familiarly with. \s, ^IcJi 
To be dragged, drawn. •<>• To ^\'\ 

withdraw from partner.ship. 
Dimness of tht sight. xli._i 

Remains of water. XJU-JL j — 

■^ Drawer of a bill. sll^^l ^_o-C 

Cloud. (coW.) sJ^kZ. ^ i_)U-' 

A cloud. Space of time, y-jiae-l ^ :J''>J1, 
We have w-alked U^]^ ^G-J. ^^t", 

the whole day. 
-<)■ Drawer, chest. 
Name of a man proverbial 

for his eloquence. 
Wide valley. Large (belly), 

make unlawful profits. 
To destroy, to extir- a c^JiSi cJ:^j — 

pate a. th. To .shave utterly. 
To peel out (the grease) from ^ fit — 

(the flesh). 
To be unlawful (profit). c^JlI 

To lose o.'s wealth. c>i_ll 

Worn out (dress). Unavenged ^isj: 

(blood). Puni.shment. Vehement cold. 
Unlawful ti'ade. c,Vi>J.1 ^ cJ>-J^j cJ>-Ji 
Lost Cjj^^J c^^ 

Worn out dress. 
Unsatiable (sto- sIuUlj j'_^' 

mach). Suffering indigestion 
RaggeJ garment. Soft c,_^J. •♦■ 

desert •<>■ Farthing. Little. 
To scratch s ■t^^^^j , >^- a r-*-^ ^ 

a. o. To abrade the skin. 


,-0^.-J C->fc-« 

smooth (silver). 
To be fluent in speech. 
Cash, i-eady money. 

Cloth of one thread. String. 

Leveret, young hare. iSkL 

Sea-shore. Sea-coast. J>G-- «■ J^'— 

Bit of a bridle. Jbt_- 

Braying of asses, mules. y\^J^j Jli-Jl- 

Filings of gold, silver. Husks xJbtJ, 

of wheat. Refuse of naen. 

Single-stranded I'ope. i!^~>^ 

LizarJ. JG-Jl^, :;!ik- n 

Tree used for tooth-picks. JG-JLI 

-•-,., -, • . ■-.,'• -> •*! 

Long-haired (youth). 

Places watered by a stream. J>C-1 

File for wood. \\'ild as.«.j=»C^ ^ J'tl^ 

Tongue. Brave. Bouatifulness. Bridle. 

Cheek. Copious rain. 
Salep, dry ( /by ^iJLil ^'^i ) ^Jb-j: ^ 

roots of orchis. 
Tortoise. ^,u-: ^ (/"or:aiL:; ) <Iuj: ■<>• 
To become o ^i-^j , Ci-^ a >y^ "^ 

To blacken (the face). * ^^ 

To pour down rain (sky). ^>-^^ 

Blackness, black xi^^ ^ j'\^~^j jS^.^ 

Smith's hammers. J^^ 

Black. ^.JL y. ci^ >. >■— j 

Horn. Idol. Woman's nipple. j^--^'^ 

To break, to crush v^^ a ^y.^ ^ 

(a stone). To rub off (wood). 
To examine (cattle). a ^Si>i j>\^ 
To meet a. o. To ti-eat kindly. 5 ^C-, 
AppearaDce,'C^j:j 'Vj^J^i -J^^i "Ci^ 

colour. Softness of complexion. 
Pounding-stone for cJ^S-J' rr ^-l/* 

stoneri, gold. 
To scrape off; a G-.I- a i o U.-1. -^ 

to shovel (mui). To shave (the 

To bind (a book) in * jis-lj t-JLj — 

thin leather. 
To shave (the hair). a jcZ.\ 

Thin leather( ?<«. 3!^ ) ;^►._:l ^ 'G^^ 

for books. 


] To shave off (tbe head). To bura a 
To di-ive the clouds fi, ^^._:1j SyJL 

To sell (grease). a SyJ-\ 

urease ^jiiuw ^ Xj^j^i—j >_sC>t— ^ <i9s- 

of the back. 
Con.sumption of the lungs 
Clack of a mill. 

Sweeping rain. *Jy-J^j xL^.^ 

Kind of bean used for sciatica. oUk^i 
To pound, ffi jtj:,j,(j^^ a jk^ -^ 
to crush a. th. To sweep (the earth : 
wind). To wear out (clothes). To 
I soften a. th. by rubbing. To crush 
I (an insect). To shave the head. 
I To destroy a. 0. To let fiij s jas-ltj — 
down tears (eye). 
To be remote. ujt-i j^-^ j , a j^J^ 
To be lofty (tree), \ik-l o jk:^ 

I To be threadbare ^^i-^h , ^_ji.Z — 

j (clotlies). 

I May God estrange him! 'cH ii>JLl 
i To be crushed, brayed, jail'jij jk^y 
i To be emptied (bucket). To be ji^'jl^ 
widened. .<>■ To be contrite (heart). 
Shabby vestment. Thin j/, 
I cloud. 
Remoteness, distance 
May he be far off! 
Tall (ass, palm-tree). 
Remote (place). 
F. Heavy rain. 
Streams of tears. 
■<>• Contrition, sorrow 

for sin. 
To make a single- A %iZ. a Jk^ -^ 
stranded (rope). To make the warp 
of (cloth). To peel, to rub off. To file 
(a metal). To poimd a. th. To pick 
out (coins). To cash (money). 
To pay a. th. cash. To give fi> s — 

(100 lashes) to a. o. 
To revile a. 0. s — 

To shed tears eye). 'i.'yj.j 5u_L — 
To bray (mule). VU-ij ^L^i-^ — 

To come to the sea-shore. j:^u' 

To find a. 0. reviled. j J^-LI 

To be scraped, pared. To be jiljl 


0^ Cr 

To be weak-mindecl. ij\»^Z. o ^k^ -tt- 

To burst (water-skin). To be thin 

To act foolishly with. s wiiC 

Weak-mindednes3.;J(i._:_, ^i-lj .^k-i 
Emaciation of hunger. *litj,j *iii-l 
Weak (mind). Thin (fabric). ^,9iZ^ 
To banish a. o. fi>j s ^^ a Jk^ -H- 

To take a. th. by deceit. 
To find fault with a. o. fi>j y jl-j: 

To shake down (dates). 
To put off (a business). * j^-^l 

Weak, worthless J&..J,j jt^ ^ jj.^ 

(man). Imperfect thing. 
Lamb. 6>U-J-j JU-..-.J ji-J. ^ xli-.- 

Unknown, obscure. J^.>J-i 

To blacken, to ifc ^ji, — ^y.^ -i^ 

disgrace a. o. To heat (water). 
To irritate a. o. oj 'jJa», — 

To hate a. o. jp ^»-.^ 

Blacknes."?. *ik.ij ^'^^ 

Black colour. Coal : soot. Agreable^ii-JL 

wine. Black (night). 5 
Black. J..Z, ^ 'likJl j> JJJ\ 

Blackish. ^cCi-J, 

Hatred, malevolence. ^j(i._j; ^ C-i-.^ 
To be lewd, besmeared. iajy-.^ -if- 

Filth. ^ ^ ^ J=ikJL> 

To be hot. •<>. To suffer ji^j Ci-J-j 
from fever. To be ill. 

lO be X^is_ _j Cj_ji5.-<j Uii^ ijlt a (Sii-^ 

heated (by grief : eye). 
To warm (water). s^ * oi»-llj ^1^ 

> To cause fever, to render a. o. ill. 
To heat the eyes i. e. oil. j iilp ^i,,:.! 

To afflict a. o. (God). 

*Jl9s--_J <j^it.wj *ii5..»;J *.o:.wJ *-»iI- 

Fever, feverish heat. 

OVJUs—J (il.Xii.JI.J OUit—J (jO,aiJl_) •, ?: . 

Hot. {Opp. to ijU ) i 

Hectic fever. 

Hot. •<>• Fevei'ish, sick 
Warm, heated broth. 
Hot. Inflamed by tears (eye). 

Painful (blow). 
Thin gruel of coarse flour. 
Shovel. Butcher's oi^-Vi:!- 


*iL43 "^jy^^ "^ 

e ) ]^ 

Open court. Region. k^ ^ s^U-- 

Thorny tree. Bat. 
Scrap of paper. Filings. Meninx. ijj^ 

Part of a cloud. Shovel-making. 
Sweeping stream, rain. *^u. 

Shovel-maker. 'Ch^ 

Iron shovel, hoe. ,5rCJi ^ siiw; 

To stick its tail into UiJ: o '-rJi -H- 

the ground (locust). -^ To strike. 
Soft ground. ^L.iJLj ^'^ 

Plain necklace for ^'^J. ^ ujU— -5^ 

Tree alike to the sweet-ru.sli. ^ji-J. 
To be reduced c.Vi-.~l — c.i:~. -ft- 

Strong, vehement. c^^i-.— j c-i-— ^ 

Dung of hoofed animals. c>^ 

Mnro.^co leather. oC;k-ij >^''='?^-~ '^ 

Tanned goafs skin. 
To agglutinate ( leaves).ji..JL — j^.^ -ii- 
Warm. Ji-^ 

Yellowness, swelling in the face, ji.^ 

To constrain a. o. to forced work. 
To have a good wind \'jUZ. a jU^ 

scoff at. 
To humble, to abash a. o. -<>■ To ? _,li.X 

appoint by law. 
Forced work, task imposed %jiji 

without pay. Laughing stock. Com- 
pelled to work. 
Scoffer, mocker. fji-J^ 

Forced labour without J^'^^j ''■ij"-^ 

Ridicule, scoff, derision. ^o^-* " 
Kind of Hijosciamui, narcotic. jtj. 
Laughing-stock. jh^^ ■f '"'J^-'-^ 

■^ Mask. Buffoon. 
Advocate appointed by law. jLL^ J^J 
To be s lIi13j , Jtj i Gak- a Jai-.- -^ 

displeased with. -^ To curse. 
To discontent, to anger a. o. ^ l^yj.] 
To find (a gift) paltry. * Sak-l 

Discontent, iaULij ia^^J iak-^J JaiwX 

Hateful, a Idol. 1*^.1? 


To feign ; to lie. 9r^J ~ 

To lay with the face on the ^oljl. 

Liar. sr'^ 

To kill and lay (a s G-aJL a ^-'j^^ ^ 

baast) on the ground. To prostrate 

a. 0. on the ground. To make (a ca- 
mel) to kneel. To fill (a skin). 
To kill a. 0. i ^j^j — 

To be prostrated with t'-^X 

parted legs. 
Rich. -r^^ 

Lying prostrate. ^-j^xUj -rj^^ 

To rend (a A 0->'j-^J O'^ ^ J->^ ^ 

garment). To loose (o.'s hair). 
To be perplexed Sj'^'j 0^ a joJ, 

(man). To be dazzled by the heat 

To go down a declivity. To j^aIjI^ 

hurry. To hang down (hair). 
Lote- ( ja_j5f un. "ajJ^ ) jjj-^ w J-"-- 

Vertigo. jai- •♦• 

Perplexed. Heedless. Sea. jj_: 

Fresh herbage. Castle of king ^o.:. 

Two veins of the eye. olj^VI 

He came back with ijjjJLl i~>J^i '(»■ 

empty hands. 
To be the sixth. To Clxj: i ^oi- -8- 

make up the number six. 
To take the sixth part s C-luL o — 

fi'om a. 0. 
To make a. th, hexagonal, * ^-j^ 

To be six in number. To water ^jjJ\ 

camels every six days. 

Sixth part, a sixth. 

Watering of camels every ^'-J^ 

sixth day. 
Tooth gi-owing ^'j^j ^'jJ. ^ ^'j:L. 

before the Jj i; . 
Sixth. l_liU- J, u'^i^ 

Six and six. l^^j^j ^lo-i 

Brownish cloak. Lamp- ^j-j'jJ.j ^-jJ-^ 

Six-lettered (word). Six cubits '^^\JJi 

long (veil). 

Boots. Cooking- oj»Uj ^ o'^tljj o'*--' 

Witty, jolly, facetious. u>-~* "^ 

Caldi'on. oh\-^ t *^»5-^ 

\p>J'j ^^j «L>^ a ^s^^J o li-Jl -S- 
To be liberal, bountiful. 'c^^J-j 

jjiiJIj jUl CisJL a ^^j:ij ,\jii^ o Vii.^ 
To give vent to fii'e beneath a pot. 

To withhold o.'s self from. 
To show munificence. j^LIjj ^/--^ 

Munificence, generosity, sjikilj -li-Jl 
Bountiful, liberal.'i^^j '^-^'^ 5r ^- 
Soft plain. j^A-J^i ^SS^-^ -^ -i^Jlk^ 
To .stop (a flask). To A iS.:: o ^ -fi- 

dam (a river ).To close up (a breach). 

To supply (a want), -tf- To balance 

(a debt). To shut (the mouth). 
To hit the right point. J iSlo-i i — 

To speak, to act rightly in. 
To be rightly dis- 'jSJk^ , li 1l1 a 'j^j — 

posed, well-directed. 
To direct a. o. aright. To fi>j s ijji, 

point (a spear) at. 
To hi set aright. aHj 

To be stopped, closed up. 'j1:.\j olJt 
To be right, well directed. aiU.1. 

Barrier, obstacle; iloJ,! ^ jJ^j :uL 

dam. a mountain, a screen. 
Vice, defect, blindness. sa_.l ^ — 

Black cloud. Dam. The ajlul ^ XxZ. 

great wall of China. 
Rocky valley retaining i^XL ^ — 

Right, true (word). x- 

Rightness, truth. il^xXj ij^ 

Milk coagulating in (un Siio--) i\'j^ 

the udder. Stopper. Means of living. 
Obstruction in the nostrils. ilojL 


•^ Ob-struction of the ijiJI 

Door, threshold. Seat, ijj, ^ %j^ 

The apostolic see. zl[^'J\ ;!lLJI 

Affected with cataract iixJL ^ SiC- 

(eye). Old (she-camel). 
Right, just. :jJ ^ Du.1_> juo,:; 

He has fiUed his place. ijuj: IC 

To suspect a. o. of.^_, 5 iUlc o ^ilui -ft- 

To be altered from stagna- ^juLj — 

tion (water). 
To covet a. th. To be addicted ^ — 

Grief, anxiety. ^j,^ 

Spilt ^(aJ.1 ^ j,'jj.j ^oJLj jtJ^j j-'jJ^ 

Altered waters. ^lliJ, Ij ^lul oC; 

Grieved, repeuting. oC«a.::j ^iU- 

Illustrious (man). Mist, ^jul^ v-'^ 
Sodom (town). ^j^ 

To be door- ifc ^Jl^-J '''^^ o o-ui^^ 

keeper in a temple of idols. 
To let down (a veil, a garment), i o — 
Veil, curtain. cXj^j o'-^j olu- 

Keeper of a temple. H'jJ^ ^ ^.^C 

Fat. Blood. Wool. Veil. ' cj a:- 

Plain, of a single colour. oiC P 

To ajl| ^SJJJL,\J L? J-^b , ''»^ o laJL -^ 

stretch foi'th the hand. 
To play with j^ij^ ^s'-^i^\j s?^-b - 

walnuts (children). 
To direct o.'s self iLl: o \j^ 

To become tender ^sJd^J 

To ascend on. To follow. 
To sweat (horse). 
Sixth. ( for 

To A jlxljj jjJ.\j jj<Z, — jj^ -S- 

make the warp of cloth. 
To do a benefit to. J[ yjjj.]j ijj^ 

To moisten the earth (dew), fit j^ 
To forsake. To get a. th. fi> ^s'-^\ 
To make peace between. ojj — 

Warp of a tissue. Night "iJjjSs ^ c?ju. 

dew. Honey-comb. Benefit. 
• Green date. 'IJuLj — 

Forsaken, of no avail, i^S-JLj i^aJL 

Warp of a fabric. 4-^\i t?^t 

Warping mill. ola-L/> 

Rue (medicinal plant). u(i^ -»- 

Galega^ goat's rue. ,_^!l ^(j:^ 

Simplicity. «: llil -«- 

Simple, good-natured ; oiU -fy-j ^iu P 
(man). Plain (colour). Unmixed (wine). 
Malabatkrum, Indian ;;jj.iA ^iL. 


Sixth part. Six years ol<l ur-i.-^-' 

(beast). Six cubits long ( veil). A 

certain tooth. 
To slaughter and Sj fi> (t-'jZ. a pjul -ft- 

throw down a. o. To hurtle a. th. 
He was smitten by asojai. ScJ.. poJ, 

God save thee from i^lu: [^ jj>2ii lliiJ 

all misfortune. 
Leader, guide. p-j^ 

To be dark (night), ^jj^] — jo— -ft- 

To shine (dawn). To sleep. To be 

dim (sight). 
To light (a lamp). To open (a A — 

door). To raise (a curtain). To drop 

(her veil; woman). 
To depart from. ^ — 

Darkness. Night. Light. Dawn. ^jj. 

Object seen from afar. ^jIlS, ^ 3j^ 

Curtain. :;jla- 

Blackness of the night. Door- ;iju' 

Fat of the hump. ^-^ 

Black. Dark oJuL ^ 'VjJuL ^ ^iJuil 

(night). _ 
To be addic- ^_, li^luLj Q=.jJl a ^^ -^ 

ted to. 
To set (dates) regularly. A iJju' 

Addicted to. Dexterous. Spear- iljuL 

To let * Ja-llj J!»-^ J .Vlul. i o Ja.C- -fr 

down (a curtain). To loose o.'s hair. 
To rend (a garment). VaJL i o — 

To hang down (hair). Jju_jIj J!uJ 
Pearl-necklace hanging on the Jlu. 

Veil. JIuL'Ij Jjl^-ij JllC'l ^ Jai._j — 
Inclination. JaJL 

Litter-veil. J|a-l t) J'J^J J^ ?r Ji,-*-^ 

Door-curtain of a tent. 
Kind of sofa, stuffed bench. J^;u. P 
To have long mustaches. Ji^~ 

Mustache. J^>-i 

To shut up, to bolt A C.1l:l o ^o-l -fr 

a door. 
To be grieved, to repent. C»jil. a ^jl^ 

•^ To loathe food. 



'«r- T ^JLj"^ 

'l^lj 'I^Dl 



jLli ^ — 




Secret. Heart. 

Female slave. Con- 

Happiness and misfor- 

Lines in the fore- 

The best part of a race, of a j^^ 

Last night of a lunar month. J^j — 

Choice part of a race. j\^ ^ aj^lr" 
Bottom of a valley. 

"Worn-out (fire steel). Galled in yJi 
the bi3ast (camel). 

Cause of joy, gladness. S^^ 

Stems of sweet-smelling 


To sharpen (a blade). 

Skilled manager of 

To lay eggs i 

(locust, tish). To be prolific (woman). 

To be at tke time of laying ]y:S\ 


Eggs of locusts, fishes. s1>-j '^.-j '>'.- 

Oviparous. m%j 'j^ ,r ')J^ 

To pasture freely ^.jj^ o ^'Ji- -M- 
(beast). To flow (water). 

To go at random into ( a 

To overflow (vessel). C^'- 

To be injured by the fume of 
molten silver. 

To dig the earth on the right 
and left, -if- To go back home 

To moisten a new water-skin. 

To send parties of (camels, 
horsemen) against. "' 

To enter( its shelter; j i^S^'j v^--^ 
beast). -^ To escape. 

Camels. Cattle. Road. Breast. yjj^ 
Way of actiug. 

Herd (of gazelles) ; U('j^\ ^ kJ^th- 
party of women. Collection of palm- 
trees. Way. Road. Heart. 

Den of wild beasts. v'S-'-^ t vl^- 

Underground conduit, drain. Flow- 
ing water. Frequented (road). 


2^ — 


jpjlJuL P 

oSJuwj oGJ-.^_j ^\Ji^ " 

A) ^ 

Armlet. Ring of shackles 
Heart. Sparrow hawk. 

Sparrow-hawk. JJjSj-j jlli>^j 

White falcon. 


i olr^j Zj\^j \Slr^j ^j^j ^JJ^T" o y^" -^ 
To cheer up, to rejoice a. o. 
To cut the navel-string to (a 5 1^ — 

child). To wound a. o. in the navel. 
To have a complaint of the 1^ a — 

To rejoice at, to i_, yJi^\j 0^^'- ^ 

be glad of. 
To rejoice, to gladden a. 0. s ^1j j^« 
To speak *;'ii j Ijl^r-j SjU~i jC 

secretly to a. 0. 
To conceal (news). To divulge fi, y^\ 

(a secret). 
To manifest (a secret) to a. 0. Jt A — 

To show (love) to. 
To take a concu- 'J:^Jij\j tjl^j xj^ 

To reveal secrets to 0. a. jU_i 

To take delight in. Jl^ — 

To hide o.'s self from. ^p V-a-^I, 

Secret. Heart, conscience, jl^'-'l ^ ^-, 

Marriage. Origin. Choice part. 

■()■ Mystery, sacrament. Health, 

Provost of merchants. Jj^, 'j,^^ 

First secretary. w?ir >- P 

To weary, to trouble a. o. i^ ^iol 
i>- To your health. iJ>j 

Secretary. : jllr^Vl ^ilT 

In seci-et and openly. ''••'^S^i 'Si- 

Mysterious. Sacramental. '^'j^ ^ 

Lines ^j,tl.1 t-»- J''J^\ -r Sj-x'.i Sv 

of the hand, of the forehead. 
Line of the hand. jj^i SJ^ 

Navel-string, jj,^^ yj^^ , s>j ^ J^ 
Navel. The best ol^-^'-j jjL ^ S^ 

spot of a valley. 
CoUjledon, navel-wort. tr'jVl "Cj^ 

Joy, delight. j^^^ j/Ji. 

Bedstead. Throne, j^j s^J ^ ^_r'-, 

Royalty, authority. Litter. Base of 

the head. -^ Cradle. 





Natural behaviour, x^j. ^^ 

Manure, dung. 

To go alone, to <>jj^j (>-JL 
pasture on mOrning (flock). 

To drive (a flock) to finj s ^^L — 
pasture. To manifest (o.'s thoughts). 
To send a. o. away. 

To attend o'.s business (»y:^ a ^^ 

To pasture (a flock) at Aj ? ^^ 
leisure. To send (away). To repu- 
diate, (a wife). To comb (her hair : 
woman). To free (a slave). To faci- 
litate (a business). 

To send an express to a. o. Jl^ ^ — 

To be dispelled (grief ). ^'JJi\j '^yj 

To go at a gentle and quick ^Ir-'J, 
pace. To lay on the back in stret- 
ching the feet. To undress o.'s self. 

Flock pasturiug freely. Any ^^ 

thornless tree. Plant of the Pente- 
naria class. 

Swift -paced horses. ^'j:^ jli 

Divorce. Ease. Haste. ^\ 

Wolf. o^\yL.j ^l>,-j ^^Vj 
Lion. Middle of a tanli. 

He does not possess o^J \j Vj 

Naked hor.^e. Easy. Quickness, ^.j 
Quick, -(f- Vagrant. 

Strap. Narrow pas- 
sage in a thicket. 


JMeadow, pasturage. 

A poetical metre. 

Quick-paced (hoi'se) 

Jackal. Long- ^, 

bodied (mare). Tall of stature (man). 

Rocket, squib. i'jj}'^^ -riJ^-- ^ 


Fern. ^Ir" ^ 

To stitch, to A )3i:^j \i-ji, i i>'- ^ 
sew (leather). 

To pierce a. th. To weave |S>'- o — 
(a coat of mail). To coordinate the 
thread of (a di.«course). To read 
hastily. ^ To sift (flom-). 

To continue )S;^ a ^^'-j »^1 - 




Flock of sheep, b:rds, >J'J.^ -^ iJ^'- 

women. Way. Row of vines. Seam 

of a water-skin. •<>• Great umnber, 

Short journey. Seam of a .skin. "C'js. 
Mirage. sJCJ^. 

Going straight on ; heed- ^^/JLj ^jS^ 

Drainer of cess pool. 'J iji^'^ 

Black lead. Molten L»^'j ^^'-l P 

Road of a beast. Bed ^j il>: ^ 'Sj^ 

of a stream. 
Pasturage. Canal. ^j\-J ^ *;lr^ 

Hair of the breast. i_»j UJ; ^ "jIt-^j — 
Long. Swift (stream). i_)_r'«i* 

To walk at noon, to walk rtj^r^ -S- 

leisurely. To be sprightly and active. 
Far-extending desert. ■^^.Ir" 

Straightforward, frank. cIj^,- Ps 
To clothe a. o. s Jilr'" "S- 

To clothe o.^s self ^ To be J>'^-i 

Shirt. Clothing. Breast j^.;t^ «■ J^!/~ 

Strong, sour (taste). olr^ Ts 

ir^" "^ 

A — 

To he. 

To plait (her hair : woman). 
To be beautiful fface). Q-lrC- a 
To embellish, to adorn fit 

a. th. To plait o.'s hair. To forge (a 

■<>-To whip (clothes). To saddle fi> ^^'.. 

(a horse). To register (a letter). 
To saddle (a horse). s ,-^1 

Horse's saddle. tjIt- ?r -rin^ 

His business has taken a i?^^- Jt» 

bad turn. 
Lamp ; lighted wick. Sun.^^.. ^ s-l^n- 
Glow-worm. iUDi ^\'^.. >j j^l - 
Mandrake. Lychnis, i^^^aji\ jt'S^- 

Sesame-oil. rVi^J ^r^ 

Saddlery. ■<>• Farcy, (horse *^i>- 

Liar. !r'!r- 

Saddler. '^^-.j'J^'^JT^lr'' 

Oil- lamp. srJ^CJi r *? .r-'^J *?Ir'--» 



Speed, readiness, quickness. st^'^j ^'JL 
Make haste ! f:jtJ\ <;.'Ji^\ 

How %Jj>- li y^J^i Ci^j^i iSs-j^ 

quick does he come forth. 
Foremost people, horsemen. otlr- 
Quick. fXlr^^ 9r **ij^^ ^ cJ^'j'-' t ^iy 
Ninth poetical metre. Aiv^' 

Prone to good ^j,C'^ ^ f'lr^j f-^^r^ 

or evil. 
To feed (a child) well. 5 ^s-'j^ -«■ 
To be well fed (child). ^s^J^ 

To eat grapes. li.^ a p^rC -Ji- 

Vine-Lranch. pj^ ^ ^.^1 

To eat up (tree- A Cslr^ o j^ -»■ 

leaves : insect). 
To suckle (a child) to excess. ^ — 
To be neglectful, /b Cj>'- a iJ^^ 

ignorant of. 
He is addicted to wine. jSi^t. 3^ 
To squander o.'s wealth. fi> o^rJ 

To act immoderately in. J — 

Squandering, lavishment.oi^l j ^'JL 
The tank has O^'- J^j»d\ 'C« 

Red black- headed caterpillar. 
Negligent, unmindful. il^l 

Ground fall of catei-pillars. i^Ji, ja'J\ 
Severe, teri'ible (day). <-9j^ 

Row of vine-stocks. >-ii^- 

Lead, pewter, o^-l P 

Angel of death for Moslems. J^J^Li 
Seraph. ^.jjLl H 

To steal i fi>j ^ f> 3'J^\j , tijj^i 

a. th. from. 
To be concealed. To O 

become weak (joints). 
He is hoarse. i7^^ j_/^ 

To charge a. 0. Avith robbery. 5 j^ 
To look stealthily at. Ji^ J^\ j^C- 
To steal little by little. j^/j 

To listen, to look stealthily. 
To glide away sti^althily. JS-^l 

To hear stealthily. ';.;'ii j:Xll 

To become languid (joints). Jj\J^\ 
Theft, robbery. *Jlrwj *J>r-j *Jy- 
Agrostis, bent-grass. j^'^ 

Piece of silk-cloth. 

j To perforate a. th. To sew 

* iV 

a J_,^ 


To bear green dates (palm-tree). i^l 
To follow uninterruptedly yjij 

(pearls, tears). 
To overcome, to get the » j'^J'^^ 

best of. 
Mailed fabric. Consecutive (stars). i_>C 
Hard green date. il^'- 

Awl. ■^Ir^J -'iy-'-J ■s'vv 

<>■ Coarse sieve. ;>j r_> ^ ^Ir^J , •»^'- 
Coat of mail. oij'_r^j ^Ir^ 

Underground ^il^r- tt v'^lr- f* 

vault, tank. <► Subterranean passage. 
Tall, strong, blood ^i(>'- ^^ r-''^>- "^ 

she-camel. Grove of acacia trees. 
Commander-in-chief. j'^lr- P 

To set a pavilion, awning. * Ji>'- -S- 
Cloth-tent. Awning. c.^j.»ijr>-' ?- Jpl^- 

Whirlwind of smoke or dust. 

Little saw. 

To sprinkle. 

To hesitate ; to feel 

Scruple, hesitation. ^L'JJi •> 

Vertigo, brain-disease. j,\L\r-, P 

To swallow a. th. A i»j^-l.lj itl/^j 
To be swallowed easily (food). I»^rUl 
Way, road. ^^'^pj •J»lj-- 

Sharp, cutting (sword). Jsi;^ 

Cutting (sword). Swift (horse), ^i^'* 
Great eater. Ja-1» ^-j •i»IJ^-j •I'lr-J ~ 
Swallowing quickly. J»l^-j x^^ 

Crab. Craw-fish. Lobster. ol^>'- 

Cancer (zodiacal sign). Cancer, can- 
ker (disease). 
Gullet. Wj^J \»'jLj' 

To be scared away at full j^J^^ ^ 

Eloqueut. Large-gulletted. J^'j^_ -S- 

To li'lr-J ^*IrsO *^^-' O Pv~ "^ 

hasten, to be quick. 
To hasten towards. 
To have a swift beast. 
To hurry, to be quick in. 
To bring a. o. speedily. ^ — 

To hasten to. oj Jl. pjCjj ^^rlj 

Young tender vine-twig. ^^j'i ^Ji- 
■tf- Rein. p'Cr--^ rr 9-r^ 

Middle of the 

'V Back. Middle of the oUlr'- t sC 
day, of the road. 
The leaders of the people. ^^1 CjV/JL 

Manly, magnanimous. Choice part. 

Generous lord. 
Generous, of a Ql>-j o^iyC ^ l?^'- 

maiily temper (woman). 
Locust just hatched. «ilo,'J S'ij-- 

*— il^^J *j_^j *i^-J i^../- i iS.r-' "^ 
To i/>tJL)j i^lr^Ij , L^.r-'J OC ^'-j 

travel during the night. 
To make a. o. to k_y 5 (^Ir'-U »-> ~ 

travel during the night. 
To creep along (roots). To tJlr- 

circulate (blood). <>■ To be contagious 

To creep in a. o. (poison). J — 

To load (a beast) with luggage, fit — 
To send forth (a detachment). ^ j^'^ 
To free a. o. fi'om cares. aJS ^s. — 
To walk in company with. ji ^'j\^ 
To repair to an upland. (^^"J 

Night journey. <ij^3 CiClr'-J <s'J^ 

Night-traveller. Jlr^\ ai 

Highest point, summit, oljlr- t «'^'- 
Tree from which ( im. tVJ,^ ) A'J^ 

bows are made. 
The lion. ^sA'J^\i Jj,^~^b s?jJ-5l 

Night-cloud. Column. ji}j. ^ :: j L, 

■^ Mast of a ship. 
Castle, oUl>- «. C l>'-j *il>'- P 

palace, seraglio. 
Trench for oIj^-j *i_n*.1 ^ ^_n- 

watering palm-trees. 
Body of troops. l^'lr^ ?r *i -rC 

Rounded spear-head. 
Syriac. ^'ilr^. 

Tree foi' making ^-^--J v-^- "^ 

Cassia. Dolichos sesban. oUli~L ^ 
Ebony. Tree for making bows.^^C -{:{- 
Long-legged (man ). 'J^^l - JaJa^^ ^ 
Tow, oakum, stuff. . *lia-ll G 

Stone-bench. Black- ^^1j11> ^ :ul3j_>i 

smith's anvil. 
To expand fi, ^S^j , fstL:: a ^.L-L -«■ 

(dough). To flatten (a terrace). To 

spread out dates to drv. 

( r\\ ) 



(6»^ a iJ, 

jir;^-, P 

Thief, robber. 
Female robber 
Weak. Listening stealthily, 
Sour wine. 
Dung, manure. 
To pine away. 
To walk sluggishly. 
Court of a prince. 
To exile, to banish a 
To be exiled. 

Money-order. Bill to order. r>'^ Ts 
To put trousers to. 5 Jilr- "^ 

To put on trousers. di.r^ 

Full ti'ousers, drawers. 

Feathered on the legs ( pigeon). Jj^^ 

Black-legged horse 
To cut a. th. to * ^^1 — j,^^ -n- 

To be cut, cut off. j'tr-^ 

Anus, end of the rectum. ^.^ 

Pain in the anus. 
YeUow or black wasp. 

Boots, gaiters. 

Long (night). Perpetual. 

Eternal (God). 

Atriple.i\, orache. Androsce- 

mum^ all-heal [plant). 
Minium, red-lead. 
To feed (a child) well. To 

cut (a camel's) hump. 
Fat of a camel's hump. 
Fat (hump), well fed 
To lay eggs (locust) 
To strip o's clothes. 

l^'-j Sjllo'-J b-r^ a (^y^J,0 jj^j ~ 

To be magnanimous, manly. «l^-j 
His cai-es have ^^11 iXs. iJ^'Jb s?yi< 

cleared away. 
To show bravery. J^^ 

To choose, to take the best * i^OvJ-l 

Cypress. Merit. ( un. sj^'^ ) /j:^ 

Magnanimous. Plant-insect. 
Little arrow. '1^^ ^ "ijj^j »3^,-J ~ 


1, o 1^'- -il- 



To be long-necked. iT.h " a 

To raise (dust). To ij fi> 

mark (a cam-1) on the neck. 
Clapping of hands. Sound 

of a blow, a faU. 
df a shining white. J'Q' f^^ 

Longest pole of a tent. Mark ^ik^ 

on a camel's neck. Huge camel. 
Dawn. Long. ^j^ 

Long-necked. ^.k^l 

Eloquent, fluent in .speech. .u :.» 

Element. c\','lh'\ -r tr-|i*-l ^ 

To intoxicate ; to delight a. o. > jkl -^ 

To be iutosicated jisi^b , jIiIjI 

with hemp. 
Copper- jLlJj JjiJ-j J\JaJ.1 ^ jL- P 

pail. D P iste of hasheesh. 
Intoxicated with hemp. 

■if Idiot. 
Squadron of men- JJsL:L.1 

of -war, fleet. 
To shut (a door). ^ C /^-:, o JaL. ^ 

•<>■ To steel (a sword). 
Sharp edge of a sword 
Stopper. Fire-poker. 
Roots, origin. 
Abyss of the sea. 

Column; portico. OjljCl ^ aJiVlJ-I P 

Leg of a beast. Cylinder. 
The Stoics. vI^Il^Vi JaI 

Firm columns. X^ t' '<> iAa\J\ 

To b3 plentiful s;^I,j |'.k:L o Us- ^ 

(water). To step widely ; to go head- 
long (horsf ). 
To assault. To overpower. i_ij Is- — 
To treat a. o. harshly. 5 Cc. 

Assault. Severity. ol^^k:- ;- "ii^Z. 

ISIight. -tf- Burglai'y. 
Wide-stepping: raising X^sK^ j>. hC 

the tail (horse). Tall. ■<>■ Burglar. 
To rope (liquid ). ^_,i:j — ^■^, .. -ft- 

To flow in a continuous stream ^_,5lj 

Ropy threads of honey. >_^i\Z^ 

To caU out (goats). ^. ^r,.;:.. — ^^.1 -i^ 
To totter (old man). ^-Ji-5j ;>l.i.^ 

To be broken down. 


To prostrate a. o. To make 2^ ^jj.1 

(a camel) to kneel. To set free (a 

To be flattened, levelled. -j-JalJ 

■fy To stretch o.'s self on the back. 
To lay on the back ; to be 9-.kljl 

spread out. 
Flat top, roof (of a ^>^ «■ r-^^ 

house). Area. Plane. 
Lying wounded. Cripple. •r.^a^ 

Water-skin. K>:Ja:^j — 

Creeping plant. ( un. lilLjL ) ^iL-. 

Leguminous plant. 
Level place. Drying-floor. r-ilJ* 

Pole of a tent. Tra- ^-.tsCj; ^ ^.kl/i 

Roasting-pan. Rolling-pin. ^ilal>.j — 
Flattened. Flat nose. Mai of ^Jxl^ 

dwarf-palm leaves. 
Lying dead. Flat-roofed (house) .^_,iil.;! 
To write a. th. 4> _^iJ,f .l^kJi o _,k:^ -S- 
To throw a. 0. down. 5 — 

To cut a. th. with (a sword). »_, A — 
To compose (history). To (fc ^4*^ 

rule (paper). 
To teU stories to a. o. J^ ~ 

To make a slip in reading. _,k.Ll 

To pass over (a line : reader). /b — 

Row, line. Hand-writing. jjlsC-l 

Wish, desire. s'Ja-L 

«k1sU.I ^ _nlajll^j oj^iaJLIj jVliiilj jLk-ll. 

Legends, stories, tales. 

Butcher. jvL-ij _^C 

Butcher's knife, JsV'S-- 5r J>^''- 

Paper-ruler. j^yiji ^ fJ^L^i o'Ja'J' 

•^ Sample. Black-liues. 
Must, new wine. Dust ej\LL/j J^Li^ 

in the air. 
To oversee ; je J^V.-fij JaiZ^j J>j^ ^ 

to be set over (people). 
Inspectoi", overseer. _^lJUj ^u'.-, i 
Mason's trowel. cijU3-l>» ° 

To spread t_^j Ck- a ^ia::, -R- 

(smell, dust, sunrays). 
To clap the hands. «>lu)t — 

To be perceived by a. 0. (smell), 'a — 

-tf To touch a. 0. 

C r'\r- ) 

To be blasted by hot wind. To ^^J, 

b;^ furious (camel). 
To run swiftly ( Cl^^a ^^ 
To lis the price of goods. ^ _^ 

To be lighted (fire). To burn ^XJi 

To bsgia (scab). To rage _;ixJ-l 

Rate, current price. jVi^i ^ _,i— 

Heat. In.5anity. Vehement _^ 

hunger. Contagious scab. 
Insanity, madness. _^ 

Insane, mad. Jj'm^ t ^*— 

Beginning. Cough. 23«— 

BIacki.?h colour. i'j^ 

Fire, blaze. Kindled fire. _^ ^ ^v^Tv 
Heat. Hunger. Heat of niglit. jU^ 
Oven. Fire. j>^t- 

Fire. S3_^U 

Thin, emaciated. Blackish. _,;j,1 

Fire-brand. ji;i>j ^il» 

Mischief-maker. Long (neck). ^il>i 

Running with parted feet (horse). 

Mad (dog). 


Insatiable. Furious (camel). 

Daybreak. Sun rays j/y^lj I'JCJ^ 

entering a loop hole. 
To inject ^ n Jalllj , Cla;.! o a iai- -«- 

(a medicine) into (the nose). 
To spear a. o. in (the nose). ^ n ialkzS 
To inculcate a. th. into the C-i* 5 — 

To sniifFin (a medicine). jfc Jaii:.!. 

Pungency of odour. ia-j,I.j 1»U-1 

Snutf-medicine, errhine. -<>• Suutf-I»^i^ 

Dregs of wine. Oil of nutmeg, Ja..*-: 

of inustard-seed. Fragrance. 
SnufF-pipe. Nose-syringe. Jail^j JaSl^ 

To manage ^ s ,jj^'\j , Qui- a wii.:: -«■ 

business of. 
To be cracked ^i'Jj (i'.Z- a ^«I. 

around the nails (fingers). 
To be ulcerated on the face 

To mix (perfumes). A 

To help, to assist a. o. 2^ ^i^lj ^tU. 
To be at hand (affair). ^;j;,l 

To be within reach (game^. J — 

>i\^^ a -^— J -W. 

Jfc H -^iJLlj opL. 

it - 

O/if/anuiii, marjoram, ^i'j) A^ -i^ 

Wild thyme. 
To be auspicious iS^j Gil a -uJl -fr 

To be happy. To 

thrive (man). 
To help, to assist 

a. 0. in. 
To render a. o. happy (God;, s j1^'\ 

To a.s8ist a. o. in weeping (hired 

To seek for fodder. 
To bode well of. 
To ask the help of. 
Good ( opp. to 

omen. Name of several stars. 
The two planets Venus and olli-.l!l 

Mayest thou he happy dLTa^-j diilj 

and aided I 
Happiness. ( opp. to cj\2i ) ci\'.J. 

.<>• Your Excellency (title). d)r>':>\kZ. 
Fore-arm. Chief. at-l^ ^ acC 

■^Fiddle-stick. (7)ua/j The two wings 

(of a bird). 
Shaft of a pulley. -^e>>- t SJ^^t- 

Armlet. Lion. Pi. Ducts of milk. 

marrow. Affluents of a j'iver. 
Neurada procumbens^ prickled c^J^'- 

plant much sought for camels, 

■if- Monkey. 
Pigeon. Callosity of a camel's "CSjIZ. 

breast. Areola of the nipple. Knot of 

the thong of sandals, in the ropes of 

a scale. 
I praise and obey Him. *3ljii^j *;'G>jIi, 
Ci/peni'i, sedge, ( un. z'y.^S,) (iil..JL 

galmg.ile (plant). 
Happy. Canal of irriga- 'loil,^ ju*.:. 

To kindle A> ^]j ^iz.j , 1^1. a J^ -> 

(fire, war). 
To spread scab to (others : , 

To do general mischief to i' 
To run about for (an atfair). j 
I -svill circumvent as he c^ 


ifc - 

s - 



To slander a. o. : jji; ^ (;^j *i^-r' ~ 
to traduce a. o. 

To outpass a. o. J ^C- 

To cause a. o. to -work, earn, s ^;j.l 

To seek a. th. vj — 

To enable (a slave) to free i J^>'^\ 

R'in. Endeavour. ^^ 

Slander, backbiting. Work ^-i"^ 

imposed upon a slave for getting his 


Inspector. Chief of Jews sUJl ^ f.C 

and Chi'istians. Messenger, runner. 
Run. Eudeavour. ,p^^ !r J«-^ 

To shake (a pole). A ^' i-i — ^ -J{- 

To season (food) with grease. To 

anoint (the head). 
To roll a. th. along in the dust, j a — 
To enter underground. J j.'-X~ 

\.SZ/j Xi^jiJLj Ui.^ a w-fl-j o »--i^ ^ 
To be hiuigry. wJJ^j ijilL-j 

To suffer frOm hunger. w-ill 

Starved, u^ ^ ^IL >. oC^j v-4— 
Lawful, permitted. ^ ^' il 

To be swollen. loi.:- jul, — oi- -H- 
Slight rain. SmZ. 

To be lean, little, :^ a J4- ^ 

Lean, small, mean. jiJL 

To give a. o. (water) as ^^ —^^^ 

to drink. 
To be satiated (child). .v^--'-? .v'-- 

To skim along iil,1j ,(i^l o ZXL -^ 

the ground (bird). 
To weave (palm- a lil-lj , \xL — 

To take dry, a lif.:.^ , U.:! a 11: 

parched (food or medicine). 
To drink much without *(J| ixi. 

quenching thirst. To eat dry food 

To pursue trifles. To forsake IX^X 

companions. To be near the earth 

(cloud, bird). 
To look steadfastly at. To ? j A — 

give dry food to (camels). 
To bit (a horse). A j — 

To apply a medicanaent to A A — 

(a wound). 

Ml ^ 

To come to o. s house. To y^ 

be near to. 
To assist a. o. in. ^ ^ ~ 

Palm-boughs. Pi. j^ii, ^ oul:!. 

Drinking cups. House furniture. Na- 
tural disposition. 
House furniture. Vile man. ^'^ 

Ulcer on the head of childi-en. ix'^ 

■fy Assistance in money. 
\^'hite in the jilj. ^ »Ui.^ j> w«i— i 

forelock (^horse). 
Near, neighbouring. ^tC^i 

Ulcerated on the head (child), j^ilji 
To cough. iiii-j Vii^ o ji:; ^ 

To be sprightly. 
To render a. o, brisk. To cough to. 
To become a termagant 

Cough. JULi 

Hooping-cough. 'JS'^x'J^ -^ 

Windpipe, bronchial tubes. JUiJi w-i§ 

CjV.Jjl~yJ Jul- ^ oX»--_) ij^-^J '^^L^ 

Ogress, witch. Termagant. 

Colt's foot (medical Jiii) I iLi^^j J-UI, 

Thi'oat. Jilo JtC 

To walk quickly C , ; '- a _^Zj -^ 

Walking quickly (camel). ^jiJi, 

To erect (a pavilion). ^^^1 
To be fat (camel). 
Fat. Pure wine. 
Skin for drawing water, t- 
Of good or bad omen. 
He does not possess ^^ Vj tUI- Li C« 

a farthing. 
Tent, pavilion. ^iL ^ Xui. 

iQl'tlOn, •Vjju^j S^^iL— >J yit^ — y^ "^ 

hour of the night. 
Candle, was. o'j^!L 

Hlnduring patiently (hardship, ^j_lii. 

To act, to go, to run. CJLl a J^ -S- 
To betake o.'s self towards. Ji — 
To be a tax-gatherer. To LjU-- — 

prostitute herself (slave). 
To busy o.'s self about. 'i^\^ j — 

To exert o.'s self in (an affair). J — 

Ceruse, white lead. ^)juill^_j w^^s^--' ^ 
To set out on a journey. \jjjlL i ^^ -tt- 

To shine (dawn). To suteide (war). 
To unveil (her face : ^ ^-1j — 

To dispel the clouds (wind). fi> '(JkZ. — 

To write (a book). To sweep (a 

house). To sell the best of a flock. 
To bridle (a camel), s jkl\j jL^j — 
1 settle cjy, \jjJ^j oJO^^j »j\jC^ o i _;*-' 

a difference between. 
To send a. o. on a journey. To s jts. 

pasture camels between morning 

and evening twilight. To kindle 

To set off. To tra- IjCl- j ^jtCJ' _;SC 

vel. To die. 
To shine (dawn, face). To enter ^^1 

upon daybreak. To be hot (battle). 

To be stripped of its leaves (tree). 

To be bald on the forehead. 
To pasture by morning or eve- _,llj 

ning twilight. To come in evening. 
To ask (a woman) to lift^,ili:.,l_j ^Lj 

her veil. 
He has got part of his 4,:iu. ^/^ (LxL — 

To fall off (hair). To clear off Sll\ 

Mark on the skin. Tra 

Book. Sacred book. 
Departure. Journey. 

Dawn, twilight. 

Leather used as 

<• Table. 
JNose- ji\x^j ^JL^j e_^-»l 5r ^J^'^J J^'f 

bit of camels. 
Without j^j "aJL^i jUll ^ _^u 

veil (woman). Lean, (horse). 
"Writer. %'Jc^ ^ ^C, 

Travellers. Nomads. s^U- j.'^ 

■^Sparganium, bur-reed (plant). s',5C- 
Falling leaves. _j^ 

Mediator. Ambassador, '|_^JL ^ — 

Gold or silver necklace. J u.1 ^ Sjiil., mediatorship. SjClLj SjU- 


) Sjl^ 

He could not get o(b. ii> li^l W 

anything from him. 
To be altered in i4»j li— Ij LiJl. 

Speckled serpent, winged lil.j li- 

Basket of palm-leaves. Handful ill. 

of wheat. Hair-band of women. 
Dry medicine. Medical J|^ilj — 

Devil. Skimming of a bird. wi-ij 

Plait of palm-leaves. il,^:,^ — 

To sift (flour). Ajlil-tt 

To patch a work. Ji.^)) — 

Bad (poetry). Bad affair. Inco- oCJ-l 

herent (speaker). -^ Powder for the 

Wind raising the dust. 7,i...i'..i 

To drink much without (-1;.. a c-fL -«■ 

quenching o.'s thirst. 
Unwholesome food. ^i, 

To draw a bill of exchange, ^iiz, -H- 
Bill, draft, check. r-i^^.^ 5- *?t-i-- P 
To shed * GJi.:;,^ (>jiL a rii- -J^ 

To spill (blood). A b._L:L — 

To flow (tears). i^y-Sz^j ^j^j (>iL^ — 
To work without profit. ^Jz. 

To give o.'s self up to 

Foot of a mountain. 
Do race without wager 
To take (a woman) 

Blood has been shed 

between them. 
Generous. Eloquent. Shedder 

of blood. 
Coarse vestment. Large sack. 

Arrow having no share in the game. 
To y jiCj Jcj 5 \i\ij^ a -U—j i -U-^ -^ 

leap the female (beast). 
To put (flesh) upon the spit. fi> jSS. 
To make (an animal) to jc 5 jli!\ 

leap (the female). 
To mount (a camel) a jSiXL\j -Ul7 

from behind. 
Wooden or iron spit. jujCU. ^ i^ 

^jLljj ^L.; 


(r^•\ ) 

^ ijA^'j , *^A— O ^Jj^ "S- 



^ O jji-" 

To shut (a 

To slap (the face). To strike 

hands in a bargain. 
To be coarse (cloth) 
He coaclued a bar- j^-,J 

gain with him. 
Thick, coarse (cloth). 
Gold or silver leaf. Wooden 

roller for mats. 
To po'.u' (tears, a> CS^Jj^ i dXJC ^ 

blood) To be profuse of (words). 
To be poured (blood, tears). dUl-'it^ 
Little food taken before meal. T^ki. 
Bloodthirsty, cruel. 'C«aU 5(aZ, 

Great liar. iJ^l-j >»>V5Cjl; iiiiZ. 

V u-j "^jiL o j-i^j a jii,j o ji::. -ii- 
To be low, mean, despicable. jl_ij 

VU.^j ML-j ^lil< JiZ«j slu.^ o ji^ 
To be vile, base, inferior. 
To descend to the J v/aL o jii, 

lowest of. 
To lower a. o. To put down. ^_, i jLl, 
To be inferior in j ^}lzL]j jl'Ji 

(science, character). 
Lower, lowest part of. jULj ji-- 

V lie, jX— •f^ *ii^j , *ij^j iJc4-'-' J4-^ 
lowly, inferior. 

Baseness, abjection. Lower x](aS. 

Base, humble. o^jCj xll,:: ,^ jsC 
Lower part of a spear. But- «Iiu 

Men of the lowest 

Low, inferior. 
Low. Lower. 
Old age. Perdition 

Error. Hell fire. 
To blow upon t 

the surface of the earth (wind). 
To peel, to pare a. tli. fi> CiL A i — 
Rough skin. Polishing- t^i.:: -^j ^iZ, 

stone. Wedge. Adz. 
Blowing on the oJ^j,ji^j^ «• '^i'^ 

surface of the ground (wind). 
The saphena vein. >>i3V— 

Eaves. oO'i^ 


Kind of prickly fish. 

Writing tablet. oj^a^ 

Ti'aveller. ^?C» 

Great traveller. Enduring jUl^j JkLi 

Broom. ^S-^ -^ S^^—? 

Asparagus. wO^--^ ^ 

Quince Jj,VCj ^ j (i:- 9^ Jf>^-^ -f^ 

Anona, custard-apple. ^jJa J*^!:^ 

Broker. s^lL-j -'>r''^ ';■ -'5-r*r' ^ 
Steward. INIusiciaa. Skilful black- 
Sophism. ;la-.i^j *3al.I- G 

Sophistical, sophist. ^I»^i-- 

Streaks, glitter of a "i„ , v-j ^y , i'.. P 

To be kind, beneficent, s^u;:. o Jail- -tt- 
To stop up (the chinks of a jfc V il'- r 

To exhaust (the contents A Jair.:,!, 

of a vessel). 
Basket. Chest for JsliJ-l ^ 1*1:1- 

articles of women. Fish-tin. 
Generous. Lowly. ^^ 

Furniture of a house. l\3\iL 

Big-headed. u-l^l iall^ 

To slap with the wing 5 Ci:: a /.il. 1^ 

(bird). To .«lap the face. To mark. 
To drag a. 0. by the hair. jji-tfCj. — 
To parch the face (hot A jXz^i — 

To drive back. To slap a. 0. •& ^i^ 

To embrace. To fight a. 0. 
To warm o.'s self at (a fire). 
To be altered (complexion). 

p^"— ^ ^■«-" 

*.MA^J ;uL» 

Mark of fire. Dyed 

Blackish spots on the 

Colocynth-seeds. IkL^j ^ 

Damage caused by Satan. ;;i_: 

Falcon. Buffalo. Reddish black. ^1 
F. Black. Brown. Iron- ^.Ll ^ -x^JcL 

Stricken by the evil eye. 9>ilj» 

Having sunk eyes. ojJI — 

To be swift in I'unning 

or flyiutj (animal, bird). 
To be scanty-haired *J^j Jil. a^,i^ 

on the forelock. To be chapjied 

To lose its prickles (gi"ain). To ij.'l 

become lean ( she-camel ). To be 

To i-ender a. o. heedless. s - 

To ill-treat a. o. wj — 

Dust. Leanness. Prickly grass 

Good walker (mule). M^X 

To raise the dust ^ ij.'|j .Cil 

To be scattered (dust). 
To turn the face aw'ay. 
Dust. Wind raising dust. 'U4L. 

Dust raised by the wind. 'iZ. 

Scanty haired in Li, ^ 'iji^ ^ "ijL) 

the forelock (horse). 
Slanderer, backbiter. ^L^ 

J >_. 2 ..'..lj V;^S»w i_.2.1j V^^ a t^XL- ■{}■ 

To be contiguous, near (house). 

To near a. th. A ^;JL'l 

To be contiguous. ^IU_j 

OV^X~'J i^jX^J i_iU-«j ^..a..'.<l 7^ i_«Zw 

Young one of camels. 
Pole of a tent. ;i.iij oCi-- ^ — 

Neighbourhood. Near. ^I^ 

Near. Remote. »^iU- 

To be unhappy. tX^j (ia::^ a c-S-^ -«■ 
Baldness. ;;a:L - ^o- ■«■ 

Bald. ,^1 

To emaciate » jaj.lj -iL- - oi.- -H- 
(a horse). 

bird with red feathers. 
To scorch a. 0. (sun). ^ \'Ji'^ ^ *i- 
To bear sweet dates ( palm- JiZ^ 


Heat of the sun. jyC-j , cXji^ ^ 

Impious. Blasphemer. jdl, 

Beer of millet. ^J,L P 

To fall, to Oa2l>j 0»^ o ii2l, -»- 

He was held in c6ntempt. oj£ ^^ Jail- 
To come forth (foetus). 0»»2~o- 

^_y *-;••-• 

Y) <L. 

boat. Argo (constellation).-^ Oblong 

<► Ark of Noah. 
Ship-builder. qu^ 

Pearl. Xj&I 

Voracious bird of Rgypt. TliLZ. 

Polisher (instrument). ^^^ilj. 

Sponge. f>di^[j r^xLj z~»-;i '^-•i•- ^ 

■^ Purificatory, 
Spinage. ^b'C^l.j ^CU-Ll, P 

Perfumed must. Jailll.j LIiJ,U -^l 

Maple-tree. o'^ii~l 

To overcome a. 0. in ■& {.^ o t^ ^ 

To be foolLsh, light-watted. i^Z.?L <iZ, 

To be busy. 
To become unwise ; ii.i; a <iSj , *1^ 

to lose the mind. 
To forget, to be diverted ?j fit ^XZ. 

froui. To cause a gush of blood 

To drink without L,!^-!)! ii-I 

quenching thirst. 
To be imprudent, ^[lz.j l»\lz. o Ail- 
To deem a. 0. foolish ; to a ,.lz.j '*X^ 

stultify a. 0. 
To act foolishly with. To ? oC 

revile a. o. 
To sit by a wine-jar and oJJI — 

drink repeatedly. 
To drink immoderately. v'l^^' ~ 
To make a. o. drink without y *i:.1 

quenching his thirst (God). 
To incline (tree-branches : A *ilj 

To beguile a. 0. of (his pro- ^i, 5 — 

To revile a. o. i> To act impru- jp — 

dently witli. 
To feign ignorance, levity. ollj 

Levity, want of judgment. xk\l^j *il. 
Foolish. Badly oJ--j -lii-l -r *?j- 

woven, -if- Unseemly, insolent (word). 
Women and young children. -liiLJI 
Valley filled with watei'. *il.i 

Thirst-giving food. *il» 



Falling-place. JaiUJ: ^ ^^xLij IiOLj' 
Birtli-place. ^r^^l Jaili 

It caused jj.uj| c^\ ^ ij daiU liT 

him disgi-ace in the regard of men. 
Appalling calamity. JC>.V| daSl^ 

Wont to cast^otf her young ones. ia\2L* 
Island of jl^iJL.\j '\'JvhLi Sj^^ 

Native of jikli^j ^ji^l^iaii,' '4J^ 

To crow (cock). Cd:. a A^-J^ 

To knock (a. th. hard). To j/ift - 

eat the upper part of food. To slap. 
1 do not know 4^ i\ ^ ci\ t5j,il C- 

where he is gone to. 
To be altered (colour 
Lower part of a well. 

Country. House. 
Piece of cloth. 
Part of a veil, or of a turban 

nest to the head. 
White-headed bird with fi\J\ ^ ^\ 

green feathers. 
To roof (a a 


To be made a bishop, 
To be tall and bent 

•^ ToceU (a room). 

, US.l 

■«■ ! 

w<AmJ ._«... J 0_;.<— 7 bA<.w 

- I 

Roof. Sky. 

■if- Ceiling 
Tallness and crookedness (of 

the ostrich). 
Portico, covered ^' li: 

passage. Camel's rib. Plank of a 

ship. Splint for wounds. 
TaU. Bony. Hairless. 
Crook-necked (camel). 

Bishop. oi|C1j *i|U-'l ^ wiilij Lii. 

Learned and humble king. 
Bishopric, diocese. it 

Wild Js^t-* ^^UJ-l^j u*:-:r^ J^: 

onion, squill. 
Kind of snail 
To throw a. o. down. i ^ii:. -ft- 

Slave, Slavonian. ^P,^ -r 'Jp^ 

1 o C«ul<j Ciij UiL _„i^j a j,5— -J^ 

be diseased. 


To set (moon). To come on. To de- 
crease (heat). 
To slip in words. ^>^l J Jail- 

To alight at a. o.'s. j) — 

To stumble upon a. th. lost. ic — 

To mistake. To «-J^ J •l»'?-^b ^ tj-'^ 

repent. To be perplexed. 
To make a. th. * Cbli-j iia^ci JJl. 

fall gradually. 
To speak by turns with. 'c^_J9-^\ 5 — 
To slacken in a race (horse). Qsli- — 
To drop a. th. To cause /bj ■& Jalil 

a. 0. to fall, to slip. <>• To subtract 

(a number). 
To .cast her young (female). CJai- — 
He held an XJS' J JaSj-l C»j X<^ iaiJ-1 U 

unexceptionable language, did not 

commit a mistake. 
To learn fnews) succes- ^j n Iafr.3 

sively. To induce a. o. in to error. 
<»• To be worthless, corrupt. Jallj 

To fall one by one (leaves). jJC-lj 1^115 
To drop upon (a cushion). ^ J^Uj 

To fall upon the enemy. 
Snow. Dew. Worthless (fellow;, iai:. 
Cast off fcetus. Sparks Jai_Lj Jai-.j — 

falling from a steel. Extremity of 

Rubbish, ^^'orthless ia'aL\ ^ klT.. 

stores. Mistake in calculation. Slip 

in words. <• Cripple. Foundered 

(hoi'se). Shameful thing. 
Dealer in old stores. isiiC-j 'J?^ 

Fall, collapse. i5>i-j *k2.w 

Worthless, vile J»iiJ. ^ lL5U.,< Ja5L- 

(young man). 
{PI. of ialCi. ). Dealers in dates. ia||^ 

Fallen dates. 
Sharp sword. J»UI- 

]Mistake in calculation. Slip in i,u.-, 

words. Wing of bird. Fallen datas. 
Rubbish, waste. ikuJlij J»12.1 

•tf- Subtraction {ariih.). isliJ^l 


•^ Window-shutter. 
Bereft of reason. Hail. Ice. Dew, 
Roots of the Cyperus esculentus,i3^ 

Bii'd's wing. 

thjii^ "^j it vi^ 


ir-w ) 

eUl^J «Ul>* 

Dropsical, hydropic. 
Drinking-place ; cup, 


To stop ; to clamp ( a a ^ia^ o 2C -ft- 

door). To sink (a well). To cut off 

(the ears). To void (oi'dure). 

To be ignoble, mean. Usti,— 

To have small ears. vWfci.:^ a — 

To be deaf. 
•<>• To coin money. i^ll iC 

To be tangled (plant). To be ilrj;,!. 

deaf. To be stopped up. 

Nail, peg. Row. ill^j i)^^ -r '<^^ 

Narrow well. Narrow-ringed liLi. 

mail. Scorpion's hole. Blocked road. 

Compound perfume. 

Ploughshare. Die for dl^i^ ^ ^In.^ 

coining. Stamped coin. Row of tall 

trees. Post-office. Even road. Street. 

Gold coin. '%-r' 

Iron-nail. Post-messenger. l^^ 

Deafness. ^^Z, 

Atmosphere, air. xS\W^j i\UL 

Narrow in the ear- ZXZ. ^ ^4.1.^ 'dU:! 

hole. Deaf. 
To pour A Cvk Jj (X^ o J>il. -^ 

forth (water). <► To cast (metals). 
To be poured. ^^JCljIj i^L o — 

<>• To be cast (metal). 
Contirmoiis rain. Tall (man). ,_JC.:L 
Necessary thing. Blood-horse. Cop- 
per, lead. 

t-ij^^^j s^jsiX-i (_>_j5CiLj s-.f\~^j — 
Poured out (water). 
Aquarius {constell). -\'J\ ^fu 

,Copper, lead. (im. -.JsC ) J^Lz. 

Anemone (Hower). 
Large sack. X-^1. a 

Threshold (of a door). i:fei_-t 

Russian. -Jt^^^Clj^ 

Stew cooked with vinegar. ^C.SCi,P 
Saijnpenum^ medicinal g\xm,,^SJajL P 
Lt^Uj Oi&iJl-j Q^5Ci,j tfei.:. o cX.:^ -^ 
To break off speech. To pause in sin- 
ging. To die. To remit (anger). 
To be struck with apoplexy. cJ?^ 
To hush. To silence, i cSil!\j c^^ 
To keep silent with. i cXu 

To remain silent. c5^1 


To render a. o. diseased, a Ji-^j J"''- 
Disease. ^lj.^_j , j»liJ»i ^ jj'^^j j^'-^ 

Sickly. Languid ^ii_,j .lU:. ^ ^^ 

(eye). Faulty (language). 

Rancorous, malevolent. jJuaJl ^,-aI. 

Kind of sycamore. v}-^ 

Mackerel fish. s/-^^ ^^ 

Valetudinarian. ' ^iil>» 

Scammony. Q^iil- G 

To water (a j ^Ij , CiL i Jj:. ■«- 

beast, a land). To give to di-ink to. 

To find fault with. To traduce a. o. 

To wish the rain to a. o. 

■fy- To temper (iron). fit — 

To send rain to a. o. (God). fi> i — 

To sutler from dropsy. iiiaj i^ 

-^ To poison a. o. i s^iL ^ 

His heart is filled with sjiat illl iL 

To give to a. o. to drink. a 

To wish rain to a. o. 
To give drink to a. o. 
To farm out (a land) in part 

To give water. To water 

(cattle, fields). -<>• To poison a. o 
To be moistened, watered. ii3 

To give to drink to o. a. j\,'^ 

To draw Avater. To become J^\ 

fat (camelj. 
To ask I'ain, o5U 

water from. 
To be dropsical. ilSj-l, 

Watered land. jr;, 

God 'grant him rain ! iJ CiJLj ulii, 
Yellow serum of dropsy. 2_j i^ 

Drink. Share of water. " "i^ 

Milk, or ^JUb oCS-b 1^1 ^ '"li- 

Drinking place ; cup, tauk.xjliij JjU-. 
Streamlet. oCSUj ^ Jl^.^ ^ *I|C 

•^ Water-wheel. 

Cloud letting large drops, tlsj-l ,r 1^*— 

Palm-trees ii'rigated. Papyrus-reed. 

Water- oj^U^ 5r JjViwj sjliw ^ *U.ri. 

cari'ier. Waterer of fields. Pelican. 


Watered by rain or a stream. ls_^^ 

Dropsy. Prayer for rain. 'U11.LI. 

j 5 - 


^-^'j tS«=-^l. 


( rx 

Wine-seller. j\i:^Z. ] 

Intoxicated. j'J^^-'j 

Addicted j\ia^»j j^^j J^^-^i jisC-^ ■ 

to drink, drunkard. 
Hyoicijamui datora^ henbane. cjVjtiLJL, \ 
Cocculus Indicus. Indian- cyJjl — I 

beri-y. \ 

To insure against loss. To _,r^^ -^ i 

secure a. th. To roll a cigarette. . 
Insurance ; premium. Vo>^— ^^ ' 

Saucer. '^,_j\M=<.'~. ^ i>^^~j ^S^-^ P , 

bowl. ' 

To wander at I'andom. To slumber. 
I do not know where f<L:^ ^\ ^sj '^'l V* 

he is gone to. \ 

Ciliated Sida [plont). ^^L ' 

To mind trifles. To act reck- ^i^C-l i 

Wanderer. Stranger. ^%*-^j ^fi^ 

Misleading country. :UfeCi 

To put (a fit yj^^ij , t.UZ. a wifcu:- -^ . 

threshold) to (a door). To tread the 

threshold of. 
To be a shoe-maker. ,.AinZ.-^j UttLL\ 
Shoe-making. *i\in^ 

Lower eyelids. l,iitL^\ 

Lintel of a door uS'C 

Threshold of a door. «l6=iJ-l 

Shoe-maker. Clever in work. 
Port in the East. jrv-1 ^ *I%i.l(^ Is 
To totter about. Ci=i— o ^SC— -{f 

Tottei'ing about. ^^^ 

Monk's hood. ^-6^1 S 

Foot-stool. Low table. lU.!^-:.!. Ts 
To stop. To be still. C_,^I, o J^ -»- 

to subside. To be quiescent (letter). 
To dwell in. jj ^ .^^jUZ.j UsC:. — 

<■ To possess a. o. (devil). 
To trust to. Jl — 

To leave a. o. (pain). .p — 

To become ^SCll j , Xi^L ^^j - 

de.stitute, weak. 
To quiet, to assuage a. o. Js^.Z. 

To render (a letter) quiescent, /fc — 
To be the fellow- j C^Clj » ^'i\^ 

lodger of. 


-<>■ In a low tone. 

Apoplexy. Pause. 

■tf- Coma. 

Lullaby. Remains in a vessel. xiia.1^ 
Continual silence. Silencing z^is^!- 

(disease). Biting unawares (snake). 
He has reduced <i~>\^L\ j) *jlfcilj ib>3 

him to silence. 
He is at the eve of _,ylvi cJ^^ ^^ 3-* 

ending the affair. 
Tenth horse in a race. c-'Js^Lj z^',ia.L 

zJ^—'S C^i^r'J C.;^C«-j CjjS^^j C-5>— - 
Keeping silent. c^'Ja.l^j 

Remains. Temporate summei*- oife*-!-! 

days. Refuse of people. 
Last arrow of the game. c-^-l-* 

To patch up (a work). ;rifci^-<>- 

Provisional patch-work. T-k^'^'" 

To till (a vessel). fi, s'^iZ. o J^Z. * 

To dam (a stream). To shut (a 

door) . 
To abate (wind). Cl^SCi^j lj^^.1 — 
To be dim (sight). ji=^Li jia.L 

His eye has been dazzled. iil£ o^^— 
To be filled (tank). ij^l a j?.Z. 

To rage against. it — 

To become drunk. ^y ^\'Jf^z.i 

To strangle a. o. -^ To bolt ^_j j .feilL. 

(a door). 
■^ To candy. To become sugar. 
To intoxicate a. o. (beve- ? 

To feign intoxication. 
Intoxication, driuikenness. 
Wine. Date-wine. Vinegar. 

Dam. <• Canal. jp^^ -r ^f 

Pangs of oO^^-w- 'j.*^b ^^i" ij?^^ 

death. Anguish of the soul. 
Darnel-weed. o'J^l. 

Still (night, water). j(\^ 

Sugar. Sweet grapes. Fresh _jisiJL 

•^ Loaf of sugar. ^^•- "r-^^ 

Sugar in powder. j_s ^JL 

Candy. oCJ ^J- 

Calotropis giyantea, mudar. jiiw Jf^iL 



( rT^ ) 

^1/, Daughtpr ; filly. Slice of flesh. iu,l 

Cotton. Wool upon the spindle. 

Long fish. 
Ottl-^pi'ing. Essence, pith. ;3>L1, 

Bottom of a CJl^lj Jy.1 r- Jc^j Ov- 

valley. Stream in a valley. 
Basket-maker. Thief. -^ Horse- J^^ 

Large needle. Cjy^L^j CJl~^ :r *'i--! 

4- Obelisk. 
Consumptive, i)hthisical. JyJ_/i 

To ch;iiu, to connect ^ 4s Jl.i~ -fj- 

a. th. with. 
To trace a pedigree up to. J( ^ — 
To poui" (water) into a pool. A — 
To fall down in a stream 

(water). To become thin (garment). 
Sweet and J-.5Cj jL-il-j JlU 

palatable water. 
Iron-chain. Succession. j^y^Z^ ^ ;i-.l-. 

Pi. Lines of a book. Elongated 

lightnings, clouds, sands. 
Back-bone. y^hi\ iij[^ 

Streaked (fabric). Curly jLlLi 

(hair). Glittering (sword). Traced 

back (tradition). 
Andromeda {const). iiL\L'J\ sl^JI 

To clarify (butter). To fi> y^ a !A^ -fJ- 

extract (sesam-oil). To pluck off 

the (prickles of a tree). 
To pay (money) to a. o. To fit s — 

give .so maiiy lashes to a. o. 
To purify (butter). fn >^?^l^ 

Clarified butter. "itxl^] ^ 'SL. 

Prickles of palm-trees. Arrow- --^L 

To carry a ^L-jli j CLl^ Q::, q JL. -^ 

off forcibly. To plunder. To bereave 

a. 0. of (reason). 
To deprive a. o. of. fit js ^yj.,l_j _ 

To imsheath (a sword). A ^I, 

To put on mourning Q.1 a .^p 

To her child cJi~b 'c'-J^ 

To lose its leaves (tree), ^'c'l 

To mourn for a husband. 'c^J^ 

To walk quickly. wUjI 

Theft. Plunder. Negation. Quick ^ii, 


To lodge a. o. in. ^ ^ ^5^1 

To redace a. o. to destitution 5 — 

To humble, to lower o."s self. ui6*rJ,l. 
Inhabitants of a house. ( coll. ) JsCL. 
Abode, dwelling. J.fc»lj ^^ of comfort, ease. Fire. ^c».Z. 

Mei cy. Blessing. 
Food, victuJils. uVS^-^'l t ~ 

Base of the head. cJi^^ -r XifeCL. 


Rest. Sign of quiescence (o). 


Calmness, gentleness. J 1?^— -r *^'r%'-- 
Knife. os-f iSCl, ^ cn^i.- 

Cutler. J^lSC.:: <r} 0(^1- 

Rudder. " o^-i- 

House, dwelling. ^C_; ^ o^-^-> o^-' 
Poverty, destitution. tz^^Li 

Poor. Weak. Humble, -if- Simple, 

without guile. 
■if- The inhabited world. AiJ?iL'J\ 

■if- (Ecumenical (council). d>,^'~-J' 

Oxymel. i>-.>t.i.^I. P 

Alexander the ojj^l ji jj15Cj.I^ 

Alexandiia. "ij'jJyLLv 

Alexandi-etta. lJjjji_^.lt 

Alexandrian. <)■ Light blue -J i;;ai5C-l.i 

To draw (a sword).^* ^5 jj , "9^:^.0 ^^--J^ 

To extract gently. To steal a. th. 
To lose the teeth. y^z. i — 

To be consumptive. 'Jij^ <►_> ^ 

To afflict a. 0. with phthisis i 1}z!\ 

To steal. To aid in stealing. fi> — 
To slip, to steal away. ilJ^Jb S^ 

To slip out (shackles). 
To spy a. o. J^ ~ 

Perfume-basket. Toothless. J5*-- ^ 'JL 
Consumption, J.JI Aij jM-j ji-j J- 

Secret theft. Rush of a J>i_- ^ <!.; 

horse. Drawing of a swoi'd. Chink in 

a tank. •<>• Small basket. Awl. 
Drawn (sword). Son, J^jl. ^ JO— 

child. Colt. Spinal cord. Brain of the 

horse. Pm*e wine. 



To take up arms. 
Thin excrement, ordure. 
Juice of dates for rubbing 

a butter-skin. 
Rain-water collected in 

Chicken of partridge. ^ 
\.rmed. Affected with 

diarrhea (camel). 
Weapon. Sword. Row. 
Thin dung, diarrhea. 
Arsenal. Garrison. Look 

out. Avmed partj. Common night- 
shade {plant). 
Arcturm (star). ^!>LJI ji 

Glass-bottle. *^>^ 

Apostle. oy^X^ 5- r-_X~. S 

Reseda lufeola, dyer's ^~^.i-[j ^-:jPl 

weed fplant). 
To expand, to be LS-xL^ — ^^.^u. -K- 

conspicuous (road). 
Equerry. x/jla^'^L- ^ j\'^:^y.^ P 


Sliasl—J i>XLj *U9ii-.J eU*jL- J oUiil — • ^ 

Tortoise. Sea-turtle. o«:>>LC- ,- 

AU/ssum. madwort. :;i^.llJl ii.^4^ 

Colza. ^U -s:}- 

To come to its end liJL:. o a ■^.u, -S- 

(month). To cast its slough (.snake). 

To become green again (plant;. 
To come to the end of (a month;. fi> — 

To excoriate (the skin : scab, heat). 
To skin (a sheep). To pull off ^j a — 

her shift (woman). •<>■ To ransom 

a. 0. 
To separate the day jJi\ ^ j(^\ — 

fi'om the night (God). 
To strip off (o.'s clothes). ^» ^Jljl^ 

To its skin (serpent). To follow 

the day (night). To elapse (month). 
To recline on the breast. %-lL\ 

End of a month. ■rli^j ^^Jc 

Slough of snake. Skin of a ^j_-j — 

slaughtered animal. 
Thread on the spindle. ■^::^ 

Tastelessuess of food. ii^AI, 

Tasteless (food). -^ Acanthus ^.^x^ 

(prickly plant). •<>■ Treeless (land). 
Skinned (sheep). ^J^j — 

3^ T 


of a 

jlipjl irt-L^ 

step. -^ Spun silk. 
Plough-handle. ^JL- 

Booty, plunder. Spoils ej^U-l ^r ^r^ 

of a slaughtered animal. Baik of 

reeds. Tree-fibres. Kind of hyacinth 

(plant). -^ Moorings. 
Denuded parts of the body. xli. 

TaU. Light. ^p 

Light-handed. ci^l — 

Swift runner. ^^J}^' ~ 

Bei'eft v_xl ^ i.,.^Xlj vlA**'-' ' v^^ v-J'i-^ 

of a child, a young (female). 

Thief, robber. (>n. /. ) cjj^^j 
Mourning clothes of ^Jl- ^ 

Bereft of reason. 
Road. Manner of ^ 

acting. Neck of a lion 

•^ Cotton-thistle. 

Martingale of a horse. ' jJll:. 

To press forth Sj *> ClL< i o cJLl -{^ 

(the guts). To cut a. th. To shave 

off (the hair). To rub off. To lash. 
To cleanse a dish (with fa cJiZ.\j — 

the hand). 
To shp away stealthily. ^ cX~][ 
Thin-husked bai'ley. c-t^ 

I have missed it. ;Ll— j ;iU J^^ ^»i 
Remainder of food adhering " ^c^^LL 

to a vessel. 
Stripped (bone). OjL^ 

Having the nose cut off. ^ii, ^ ,::111 
Abstaining from dyeing (woman )..Cu^ 
Misfortune. Hard year. ^^dL, -^ 

Toothless camel. 
To glut a. th. A Cbt'U-j G-.1:L a r-i^ -S- 
To swallow easily. fi> ^Jlj 

To drink much. ^\lr^\ rJ^'j — 

Shell-fish. rrXL ^ *^si-i. 

Plant sought by camels. rr-^yC ^ rxL 
Gullet. ovWL, 

Food easily swallowed. r— P 

Rape colza (plant). ^L- P 

To void ordure (beast). (»Xl> a rrXL -^ 
To arm a. o. with (a sword). * j ^Jj: 
To make a. o. to void s ?dlb — 


Ruler. Sultan. cnW>L- ^ olia'C 

Honey-suckle (plant). j:^!l ollail 

<• Garnet-fish. jr:^^S.[ o^laLl 

<■ China-aster. J!>*I.^' uii»L' 

■^ Bind-weed, oUalLil _,aj 

Broad-leaved lepidium. oVJaiiH <ixLi 
Sultana, empress. oUaLL 

Foul-tongued oCl)l xJikUj iillai:- 

Highway, public road. -j^iaiJ. Ji ,1» 
<^ Large hollow bowl. iliiy-i, 

Tooth of a key. JaJ,l_i ^ i.>L_e 

To proclaim a. o. sultan. j ^^jWC ■♦■ 
To become a sultan. To assume ^^LllJ 

lordly airs. : 
Powex", empire. A':.y.Z. -^ 

To expand (valley). ^il.ll^ - ^--Isl— -i^ 

To lay down on (the face). 
Lobster, Cru^iU ^ o>iiaU oi«iiU. -^ 

To cleave (the head), a vVlL a /il. -S- 
To be chapped (foot). To be u-l a ;iP 

affected with leprosy. 
To split a. th. ^ .tj: 

To be cleft on the head. /n] 

To be cracked, chapped. /ix~]\j /ijJi 
Chap on the foot. ^J^J. ^ ^l^ 

Slit in a water-skin. ^^^ <f.'%J\ ^ ^iL- 

Cleft in a mountain. Simihir. 
Two boys of the ^iLlI j cuU oU>l^ 

same age. 
Bitter tree. Kind of aloes. ^LX 

Scelanlhus quadragoniu. Cacalia 

sonc/dfolia (plants). 
Senecio badiensis JiQ,\ ^ix j j^\ /u, 

Wound f-X-j cS-^C ^ X«'Uj *.U- 

chapping the skin. 
Commodity, article of mer- /^ ^ ;iL- 

chaudise. -"^-Worthlesss (man, thing). 
Scrofula. Gan- /i^ ^ xiLlj ;»l_Lj — 

glion. Leech. 

Bitter aloes. ^j^ 

Leper. Chapped ^L ^ 'UU j. .JL:-! 

in the foot. Hump-backed. 
Guide in the desert. ^lly. 

Strong, deadly poison. ^tii '^ 

Pole set with nails. oUL- -M- 

To fractui'e (the head)./i CiU a >il- -S- 

rr ) 


Nutmeg-oil. Offspring. Bastard o.-L:L 

cinnamon. •^ Acacia. 
Black cJJL-ij 9^JL._j rJlj^— J *itlU« ^ «)L- 

snake. Scab. 
Bald. Red-. skinned. Scabby. -^xlS 

Skiuning-jilace ; ^.ILJi ^ !i-JLl» 

Slough of snakes. Raw leather. ^^X-j^ 

Palm-tree dropping its dates when 

Sea-eel. j\L, - j^ ^ 

To lose its t^JU'j , Cll a ,^al -ft- 

lower bi-anches (palm-tree). 
To be worn out (wood). CJLl a ,jJC. 
To pay readily (a due) to. tr" J ~ 

To be loose. C^j H^^L} Cl-l, a — 

To be tractable (man). 
To be bereft of L-LLj C5L1 ^L 

To set jewels ; to string A ^iz. 

To render a. th. easy. /b ,_,_Ll* 

String for setting pearls. ^_^J, ^ ^z. 
Easiness. Mildness. Incontinence ^\^ 

of urine. 
Easiness (of elocution). S^SLl 

Loose : easy : meek. ^jJtS. 

Tractable (horse). iCSSI u-^i^j ~" 
Want of intellect. ^^L 

Stripped of its stumps (palm- ^5V1^ 

Easy to swallow. Wine. Js^-^ ^ 

River of Paradise. •<>■ Ornamental 

To be -..\,yiLi ^^U, Jailj a iaP -K- 

hard, shai'p. To be eloquent (man). 

To be foul-tongued (woman). 
To empower a. o. over. it 5 Li.! 

To prevail over, to subdue. jp ial_j 
Power, dominion. Jai_Jj ;LU. 

Thin and long J»y^j -laLr ?r *i»W 

arrow. Straw-mattress. 
Embroidered jacket. iLL^ •♦■ 

Hard. Sharp-tongued. Ja*Cj iaJL:- 

Eloquent (man). Grain- *Ja-jPj Ja-i-^ 

oil ; olive-oil. 
Foul-tongued (woman). *W^ 

Authority. Plea, argument. oVkLi- 


C m ) 


the neck. Past event. •<► Old tale. 
Ahead. ^..l.^ 

Middle-aged woman, about 45. ^LLi 
Cylindrical stone-roller. *«L1^ 

Harrow. Trowel. 
To boil a. th. To * Cai.::. o jii- ■«■ 

blast (the plants : cold). To grease 

a To smear (a canoel). 
To take off (the hair of a ^j * — 

skin) with (hot water). 
To peel off(the flesh) from ^t ^ — 

(a bone). 
To leave prints on (the .soil: foot), j — 
To prostrate a. o. To gall (a 5 — 

camel). To excoriate the thighs of 

(a rider : beast). 
To pierce a. o. with (a spear). ^ ? — 

To hurt a. o. (in words). To flay 

a. 0. with (a whip). 
To insert (a stick j into J fi> jU.^j — 

(the loop of a sack;. 
To prostrate a. o. on y 'Ul-- iLl •♦• 

the back. 
To shout. To run.To climb a wall.ji.:L 
<• To collect herbs. jLz 

To hunt wolve.?. jiJ-1 

To scale (a wall;. A ^y^l 

To fret on o/s bed ( from az.\'^ ip — 

grief, pain). 
To lay pi'ostrate on ^^l:.lJ v^^l 

the back. 
White sear on a camel. 
Even and fertile olii.^ 

Garden-beet. Beet-root. 

Stream of water. 
Rumex, sour-dock. 
Potamorjeton^ pond-weed. .i;j| jL, 
Wolf. ouL-j oUii. ^ - 

She-wolf. Female jL-j jL, ^ ;c2i_, 

locust. Foul, lewd woman. 
Weeping loudly ouL-> ^^^ ?r - 

Weeping, slapping her jli^ ^ :iau 

fatfe (woman). 
Lippitude of the eyelids. Pustulesj^Ll 

on the tip of the tongue. 
Violence of language. <f»%^ 

Foot-prints on a road. Jl5^ 

3^)1 .;L 

To grow (canine teeth). ^JJL a ^ 

To shed its teeth when 6 years old 

(ewe, calfj. 
Raw. Red. Leper. Vile. f\zS 

To be past (event). (iJL:, o ^l'-. * 

To outgo, to precede. Gjllj 01:^ — 
To harrow (the earth). * CiL- — 

To grease (a skin). 
To take some food before ^JiS. 

To give to a. o. to breakfast. 3 — 
To lend. To advance a. th. A 5 — 

To take the lead. ^iJC- 

To keep pace with a. o. in (a 5 — 

travel). To equal a. o. in. 
To advance money to a. o. sa s ,.AS\ 
To level ; to harrow (the A — 

To borroAv a. th. ^^ * ^ilcJ-b ^^ 

To marry two sisters. ^!0 

Leather, provision >^^\Li ^L-'l ^ JL^ 

Payment in advance. Loan j^Z. 

without interest. Good work. 
Predecessor, ijy-lj ci>Lll ^ ^1^ 

Partridge. oui--' >i^^ ^ --^ 

Skin. Husband of a us!>i^'\ ^ wiL^ 

wife's sister. ■<>■ Husband's brother. 
Wife of a husband's brother. iiL- 

■i)- A husband's sister : a brother's 

Harrowed field. Leathei* wiUL ^ rvI'C 

for lining boots. Breakfast. 
They came one after xiLi xixL lj'4V 

First juice of cJ^i-^L ^ iyxLj Ji"%L 


Vanguard of an army. ^ '^\ J>%^ 

Best wine. Choice c}i'%L ^ jJ>U-j — 

Affinity by marriage. *S^T 

Preceding. Past (time). ^'^ ^ ,^,U- 
In former times ; in ^jJI J,C- J 

preceding generations. 
•tf- .\maranth (flower). ^^ij- ^>— 
■if- Locks of hair on the temples. ^iij^-^ 
Side of the forepart of <JS\'y^ ,- ■^-'^ 

( TT 


* ^i-j 

To salute, to greet a. o. jtj » — 

Thou hadst well spoken. vtC5 ^L- ■♦• 
Thank you. God keep vi^u i Ji^ -^ 

thy hands. 
To reconcile with. s J'L. 

To keep a. o. safe. To betray. 5 ^iu\ 
He resigned to the will ^l Ji i^ji] — 

of God. 
To give up a. th. 
To be bitten by a snake. 
To become a Moslem. To 

submit to. To obey. 
To receive. To manage a 
To ba reconciled. To keep p-ice ^UJ 

To touch. To kiss (a stone). A ^?-^l 
To reconcile together. ^-^i 

To submit. To follow the ^'xlX^I. 

right path, -i^ To threaten to become 

a Moslem. 
To call o.'s self a Moslem. jX-^> 

Leathern bucket j»>L-j ^'o ,- ^'^•- 

with a handle. 
Peace. Peaceful. Islaraism. _j^ 

Payment in advance. Prisoner. ^_L 

Captivity. Salutation. Mimosa flava 

used as tan. 
Stone. Tender (woman), y^ ^ x'^Z. 
Ladder, stairs, ^ ^U-_, ^i^^:: ^ J;l 

steps : means. 
Obedience to God. Greeting. y^'^ 
G Dear me \ {Inter j. of wonder). y^K^ 

Peace be to thee. 

'a^t ^^iDi 

The Heaven. 

>.^ll!l j\i 

The City of Peace i. e. 

^>^l!l lU)^ 


The Tigris. 

^y^iw ^> 

A bitter tree. 

j^^i ^^^— 


du*>u Ts 

Security. Health. Freedom iiy>.Z. 

from defect. 

Phalange of the 

tr^^ ^ jy,L 

fingers. South ^yiud. 


oU- y\ 

Islamism. Moslems. 

{coll). y%:,\ 


Safer, sounder. Leaves 

of the ^1 

Thebau palm. 

Solomon, son of David. 

j^'=>.U^\ oU-lu 

Sword. (Greyhound, slaugh '^ Jc. 

F. Sitting-place of a pilot. "iI3y_ 
Eloquent J>L.^j J>^J Ji:^- 

(speaker). Sharp. 
A8cen.?iou-day. JXLJI S 

Falling leaves. Side (of a road;. j-iJL 

-<)■ Pot-herbs. 
Boiled (food). Natural Jj'%- ^ y-p 

Naturally. uaIJIj 

To travel, fi> \^^j fejl, d*L- -»^ 

to go along (a road, a course). 
To be current (coin). To be- .iu:^ 

have, -if- To succeed (ti'ick). 
To insert (the hand). J 4> jiiL-1_j — 
To engage a. o. in a jj 5 A dCLl-ij - 

road, a course. 
He acted as a J^.^! «^LL* »i^ 

straight-forward man. 
To clear (the way). To clean ^ dul. 

(a pipe). To wind olf (thread). 
To be inserted ; to penetrate, j duijl^ 
6'^!J\j il/u ^ ( un. XfeiU ) dll- 
String for pearls. 

Abstruse (speech). dlLul j-|i 

Young of a ulfeiU ,- *^=<i^ >• ^^^^ 

Walk. Behaviour. Ascetical life, iijiji. 
Spun iJM~b iJyi. !?t?.j dU-- ^ IfeO- 

Straight spear-thrust. J^''^ 

Their business goes right. <JL1, j,»j^\ 
Road. path. dxiC;; -^ dxU 

Border of a garment. ^^Winder.jfei'Cji 
Slender in body (man). wUl>» 

Cleanser of pipes. "jv&«,ll.i 

To be safe. ^y^Lj \'»y^ z. J^-^ 

To be free from vice, defect. 
By hi in who presei-ves thee. 'JLl^ ^s^. 
To bite a. 0. (snake). "6 tX^ o J^ 
To tan (leather). CJLL i JC 

To finish (a bucket). To ^ 5 _^:i. 

save a. o. from. 
To admit (a proposal). To o — 

consent to. 
To submit to. J — 

To give up, to deliver ^\ * J^vzSj — 

a. th. to. 

To be blasted by the simoom ^ 

(plant, day). 
To poison (food). * ^t '- 

To be angry, incensed. l^[ -^ 

Eye of a ^C-^j ^y^Z. ^ '^j >wj l,i- 

needle ; hole. Poison. 
Poison killing on the spot. <tC. ^ 
Ratsbane, arsenic. ' jiiJ) '^ 

Oleander, rose-bay. jUsJI ^— 

Cocculus Indicus, o^Jlj dC^JI >^ 

Palm-loaves mat. Rela- ^,ii, ^ :* •'- 

Holes 01 the body : oCj^< j'j^j A^^ 

mouth, nostrils, ears. 
Simoom, pestilential j^S*-^ t -»>♦•-' 

hot wind. 
Swift, agile. IVIountain-swallow. jX^ 
Person. Feather in a horse's x^lii, 

neck. Standard. 
Gecko, (kind of lizard).^^1 'j,Z.j >C« 
Day of simoom. j^yJJ'j '^^j >C- j>'y^ 
Venomous (beast). y\'y^ 5- ^^C- 

The gi-eat and the com 

mon people. 
Narrow in the nostrils (nose 
Eating to surfeit. 
Holes of the body. <► Pores. 

To run (fox). ^ 

Swift. Fox. Wolf. 
Red ant. ^r-'^ t 

Sesam. Coriander-( un. ;i--i-- ) 

Berry of the castor-oil $J^ ^ -^ '„ ■■ 

Condyle, process on 'j i^li-i Ji>£. 

a bone. 
To pursue a c-t^j , '^i^ i ci-^ -^ 

right course. To follow a way by 

To dispose speech for. J S»>^l i ci^ 
To invoke (God) upon. ic cJ^^ 

To bless (a sneezer). ' J — 

To front, to be opposite to. A c^C 
To purpose a. th. x> c.\ '~j , y^-J ci-^ 
Road. Aim, course. C)>i-^ ?» c-i-^ 

How fine is his behaviour ! isll- -.l* \ U 

?Ll)b X^U)) 

1 J*1 

Weasel. oU^ >t 

Corrosive sublimate. 'JuIUL 

Calamine {mineral). 'JdLt ji> 

Safe Regular (verb). ^^UL 

Bitten by a snake. jj::, ^ ^^ll 

Mortally wounded. 
Safe. Secure. '1^.11 ^ — 

Sound-hearted. ^Jall — 

Moslem, musulman. C!>4l.* ^ _^a 
<>■ Govei'nor of a town. ^^>" 

Tanned. Bitten by a serpent. ^jJLa 
To stretch himself L+lJ-l, — >_^| i- -fr 

in running (horse). 
Long-bodied *I*>U,j v^^ «■ w-i^ 

(horse). Tall (man). 
To be altered ^.^i — ^^^Ju- -«• 

Tall, slender. ^^ 

,^j A Oi^ii-j \ySj \'J^ o iv_;: * 
To be diverted ^ uLt a ^^j 

fi'om. To console o.'s self for. " 
■^ He forgot his cares. it^ il^ 

To console ^ » j^i,! JL:,1j J ;Xj J^ 

a. 0. To divert from. 
To be safe from wild beasts. JS\ 
To divert, to console o.'s txL3 Lj 

self. "' "* 

To be dispelled from ^ «>Lj| JLljIj — 

a. 0. f grief ). 
To be fat (sheep). t>bi,l JiJ.[ 

Comfort. J^ij <^j o'Jl^j e'Ju^ 

He leads a quiet jilil jj> ;^ J ^ 

Quail. ( U7i. s^Ll ) jj^ ^ j'^ 

Honey. Consolation. 
Solace. Shell used as an amulet.ol^Ii. 
Third horse in a I'ace. ,IP^ 

Butter. jlJ> <► 

Secundine. '^A.:,! ^ ^KZ. — J^ -i^ 

There is no hope left. >VlJI ^JiiJI^ 

To poison a, 0. -^ To a U-^ o l,Z. -^ 

angry a. 0. 
To poison (food). To scrutinise A — 

a. th. To stop up (a flask). 
To conciliate (people). Oy.— 

To be I'urning, hot C«_,4-i o — 

I follow thy very design, ditli. c4.i-' 


Bountiful ; ^iii::- ^ p^^ — ?•-»■«— -^ 

brave man. Wolf. Sword. 
To spend the \jj'^j S'J^Z- o jV-^ ^ 

night in conversation. 
As long as night- J'it-^l J*^ V>» 

wakcrs wake. 
To put out (the A i^^j yjc^L. o J^ 

eye) with hot nails. 
To mix (milk) with a J^^i — 

water. To shoot (an arrow). To 

drink (wine). 
To nail, to rivet. f^J^i , 04— i o — 
To be j;-:ij ,5^^. o ^;-j a jj^ 

tawny, brownish. 
To converse with a. o. by ^ y\^ 

To be dark, brown. 3UJ-b ^♦•^'l 

To be nailed. _,tl3 

To converse together by night. y!C2 
Night-conversation. jliJ-l ^ JJi> 

Night. Shade of the moon. Night- 
Gum-acacia- ( un. %'J^: ) J^L\ ^ y^Z, 

tree. Mimosa, Egyptian thoi^n. 
Dusky, brown coloui". Sj^i. 

Conversing by jf^I,j J^i, ^ _^u 

night. Place for night-conversation. 
Con)pany of night-talkers. s],j.Uj — 
The Samaritans, {un. Isy'L.) s^C 
Milk diluted with water, u Jun~ ji^ 

cus spinosus, rush for mats. 
Brown. Spear. y^L ^ 'Vy^l j. _,iJ 

Gazelle's milk. 
Wheat. Flour. 
Water and wheat. Water 

and spear. 
Dark, brownish. 

Swift, noble (camel). 
Mu^tella Zibelina., sable. 

Day and night. -n*-^ ^'X 

Nail, peg. Good tender j\a\L.% ^ jUJ-> 

of camels. ■<>■ Corn on the foot 
Strongly built (man). 

Troubled (life). 
Collection of the poll- X^Ji-Lj ^^i^- -^ 

Black. Shrill- ( un. o'yj^Z.') J^y^'^ ^ 

-i^l i. 


To -rt^ 

V ) ic- 

The zenith. 

The azimuth. 

The equinoctial colure. JilctVI c-i.— 

The solstitial colure. k_i>uiVl c'»'- 

To be ugly. foul. V^i-^ o ^n*- * 

To render a. o. ugly, foul. fi> ,,;i^ 

To find a. o. ugly, hideous, fit ^; X;,\ 

Ugly. <► Foul (talk). ' J^j -^l^ unpalatable milk, r— •— j !jii.~ 

To be generous. ^Jj , C>li--j \i-.i.:;,j 
To bestow a. th. ^ J u-ii^., a 

bountifully to. 
To comply with 

a. o's wishes. 
To act, to walk gentl; 

hurry on. 
To forgive, to forbear 

a. th. to. 
To become tractable (beast). 
To permit, to forbear. j 

To forbear o. a. t-VC^ 

Compliance. Forbearance.o^lii-j ^'CJZ 
Skin-tents. -r^*-^ 

Compliant. 'G-.ii, ^ !^-s-^J ^-i-- 

Smooth (wood). 
Long-backed (ass). Thin r-^U-^ ^ 

in the belly (mare). Long bow. 
Pericranium ; wound in it. JbU-— ^ 
To grow up (seeds). ^,C^ o yC^ ^ 
To wound a. o. in the ear-hole. 5 a — 
Hole of the ear. ^U-?- 

Of a fine growth (wheat). ij^Z^JtiX 'y^ 
To be perplexed. To "C^yJ. o a;.:L -{$■ 

raise the head proudly. To divert 

o.'s self. To sing. 
To apply o.'s self to. 
To manure (a land). To 

divert a. o. 
To swell with anger. 
To swell (hand). To vanish 
Unceasingly, continually. Ia4.— 

Composite of manure and ashes, id, 
To feel vertiginous. jX.^1 — j-U- ^ 
Cloudiness of the ji^^^i ji->^ 

sight ; vertigo. 
Salamander. j^.^j jiii-^ ^ 

White flour, -tf- Semolina. -i^cr--" ^ 



To listen stealthily to. 

C r-TA ) 

3'. ^'^''♦•»" 

'J f-o-r! 

Sense of lieariog. Ear. Re- ^^Clj 

port. Fame. 
Listen to me. 
I hear and obey. 
He is in a for- (a 

Ii/i'n place. 
Hearing (man). Report. Good ^^ 

Notorious thing. f,i;j, j'i j\ ^_, _,i yl 
May it be heard uL V C;--j Ca; V C.;_- 

but not fulfilled 1 ' 
Do hear, listen 1 ,fU.- 

I am j'il isli.:Lj y.U.— j *ii..^j ^i-i— 'i^ 

an ear-witness of it. 
Good fame. 
He has done it for ii; 

the sakj of being heard 
Fame. Song, harmony. 
Usual not regular (expression). ;/;L;_r 
Hearer. The Listener 'UiJL ^ f^^ 

(God). Lion. 
The two ears. ( un. •;J,f\li\) oUj^vI)! 
Liste- <s-io_w f,j^^^j v««— w J Ki^^Zi oil 

ning ear. 

The brain. ;^rj-^lj ^i-^' >i 

That thou mayest 

Ear. Handie ot 

a bucket. 
Shackle, fetter. 
Current reports 

Holes of the body: ears, nostril3.^L_i 


L.X. Ui^ 

f-^«— ; 

dx) X'^ 


^•-— ; 


•^»... - * ^ f,_j->_— • 

Ck »i.J^ iai^ -S- 

ial^y^\j ia« 


5 C.W^ ... i 



To become tall 

Pure, inei-e (lie). 

Sumach (tree). 


To raise (a buil- 
ding j. 

To ascend. To be lofty. C'T^ 

Roof: canopy of dUJ-j ■<>• dC— 

heaven. Height. Thickness. 

Fish. iU-i1j i)_^j i'C— rr '^^^^ 


voiced locust-eating bird. 
To be a broker, a mediator- 
Craft, pay of a broker. 

Broker : negotiator. 

To become sour 
I (milk). 
To keep silent 
To scald and roast 

I a kid). 
To hang up a. th. To sharpen 

(a knife). 
To fasten (a bundle) to finj ^ 

(a saddle). To put off (a debtor). 

To keep to a. th. 
To be fastened to. 
String of a necklace. J,^ 

Garment without lining. Sprightly, 

sharp. Bundle-strap of a saddle. Han- 
; ging part of a turban. 

Of a poorly condition. Ja^^-^j -Sai-^ 

' Woollen garment. Ja4-i 

Shoes of one piece. ^\:^]j L^ 

Unbranded (she-camel). 
Table-cloth. JaiJ, ^ J»li_- 

Rank (of men). Middle of a valley. 
Range of bricks. iaX-^j ia~*l, 

Your orders shall be Ckil.>^ dJ^^>- 

Hei-on (bird). J^i:^ -> 

To hear (a sound). To fi> zts^'CZ.j 

understand (a meaning). 

To listen to (speech). J\ — 

i To obey a. o. To hearken to. ^j J —