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Full text of "An Arabic-English vocabulary for the use of English students of modern Egyptian Arabic"

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Iprcsentc^ to 
of tbe 

\nnt\>er0it^ of iloronto 


Hugh S* Robertson Esq* 



















This Vocabulary was originally compiled for my private use in order 
to retain a grasp on what, after ten years' practical experience, I con- 
sidered to be the most necessary words of the Arabic language. It 
is now published, after two years^ careful revision. 

The following plan has been adopted in its compilation : — 

1st. Taking Frey tag's " Arabic-Latin Lexicon " as a guide, I went 
through the volume, selected what I wanted, and drew up a skeleton 
list of the most important verbal roots and their derivatives. 

2nd. I then read carefully through the Arabic text of the Egyptian 
codes of law, line by line, adding words with their modern meanings 
to the skeleton list. This task supplied me with hundreds of terms 
relating not merely to law, but also to public and social life, 
government, commerce, crime, &c. ; moreover, it showed how the best 
Egyptian authorities translate good French into good modern Arabic. 
The phraseology of a code forms a high standard of the common 
language of educated natives ; it is unpedantic, simple, accurate and 

3rd. I collected numerous words by a systematic course of reading 
of oflBcial MSS., decrees, circulai's, annual budgets, reports and 
journals. I also added some colloquialisms, and a few military and 
scientific terms. 

The entire draft was then revised with the aid of native clerks. I 
would read out an Arabic word, and ask them to explain it ; I would 
then translate my own explanation, and thus verify or correct it. 
The MS. was then submitted to the scrutiny of my native colleagues 
of the Court of Appeal, and it is to their never-failing kindness and 
assistance that I am most deeply indebted for all that is of value in 
this book. While, therefore, I alone am responsible for any defects 
or shortcomings, the student may feel confident that this is a serious 


professional attempt to furnish him with a concise ahridgment, a 
coherent synopsis, of the vocabulary which is daily used by native 
officials of the Egyptian Government. 

I would advise him to master this book almost in its entirety ; 
to read carefully' two or more pages up to ten or twenty a day, 
according to the time at his disposal ; to select and note down in 
a blank book two or three words from every page; and to try to he 
accurate in his Arabic spelling. If he will take the trouble to go 
through this Vocabulary in the manner suggested, I am confident 
that in the course of a few months he will have gained a sound 
knowledge of modern Egyptian Arabic. His notes will have formed 
a short vocabulary of his own selection, and in addition to what he 
may remember, he will be better able to guess the root of a 
derived form, and to find it in this or any larger dictionary. 

The cross-references should also be examined for synonyms, or for 
contrasts in meaning or in spelling. For example, i_J(!j talifa, 

it perished,^^ [see i-LAlij>]. Reference to cLJIa halaJca, gives 
us one or two more useful words for " ruin/' " danger ;" and 
halaha and talifa should be connoted in the student's memory. 
Again, jA^ tarnr, means ' a dry date,^^ but j*^ tamar, means 
" fruit.'^ 

As a specimen lesson in the use of this book, let the student take 
the three roots i— i^c 'arafa "he knew," As. 'alima, "he knew," 
and ^^Ai- Ixhahar "news." They unite in the main idea of 
" knowledge," but each differs from the others in its derived forms. 
This connotation of allied roots, by contrast and comparison, is the 
best way to attain accuracy in Arabic. If he will then look for 
'arafa and 'alima in a large dictionary such as Kazimirski or 
Steingass, he will see how this vocabulary has been abridged for 
practical purposes. 

One great obstacle to our progress in good colloquial Arabic is 
undoubtedly our helplessness in the hands of Berberine servants. 

These Berberines are foreigners, whose native Nubian dialect {rotn, 
or non-Arab) is very limited and barbarous. Yet for our daily 
purposes we are obliged, not only to learn their pronunciation, but 
also their grossly inaccurate patois, which some of us innocently 
suppose is good modern Arabic. The Berberine despises every word 


which he does not know as '' ndhwiy," or pedantic ; and if we submit 
to his dictum we shall never make mneh progress beyond the familiar 
hata'a and shoof. 

Those among us who speak the best Arabic are invariably men who 
have had to deal with fellaheen (soldiers, policemen^ or peasants), and 
with junior native officials. Not only is the pronunciation of these 
Englishmen good, but they can speak Arabic intelligibly^ and in 
connected sentences, upon matters which require a little thought to 
explain or to understand, even in English. 

In conclusion, this book contains the result of twelve years' study 
and experience of Arabic in Syria, Egypt, the Soudan, and Tripoli ; 
and I sincerely hope that it may not only encourage English resi- 
dents and officials in the study of that language, but also prove 
useful to the numerous Egyptians who are learning English. 

D. A. C. 

Novemhey, 1891. 


The Arabic 


▼ — 

ABET consists of 28 letters :— n 


imerical value 
' ahjad," Jfsl). 



a, as in father. 












ill, as in tliinli ; or s ; or t. 




j, but commonly g, as in ^o. 




A, a strong h, as in hurl. 




kh, a harsh aspirate, as in lorh. 


Dal ~ 






d; or z; or //t as in that. 




















s, a double s, as in hissing. 




dh, or strong double d, or ;z. 




t, a hard emphatic t. 




dh ; or strong double d, or z. 




'a, 'e, 'i, 'o or 'u, a guttural hiatus. 




gh, like the French r grasseye. 



( j 





<j, a guttural /u 










Me em 










IV, or ', ov 00. 


He 8 

or a 

h, a soft h, as iu head. 




ij, or cc. 




Thus there are three letters for t : — 

c:j - Ly tdha, penitence. 

tjL> - ^y toh, garment. 

L - L»^ tdha, brick. 

Three letters for s : — 

cL> - d;yj sohoot, proof. 
f^j^ - «.A_»« saba', seven. 

1^ - c'jus sohcia', finger. 

Two letters for /; : — 

liabha. he loved. 

s - c_^a) hahha, the wind blew. 

Two letters for A;.^ .^ ^^ k'<u//r. 

jj - C-.J>3 ga/??,' lieart. 

(^ - c^K /i-f/?>, dog. 
Four letters for d : — 

d - y—jd dithh, a bear. 

J - ^j'Jj dibbdn, flies, 
(ji - (*wi darar, damage. 

li - rf-li fZo/tr^ midday. 

Four letters for z : — 

J - /^j zakiij, sagacious. 

; - ".^- zakiij, pious. 

^_^ - La^ 5:o6i, seizure. 

ll? - jSi'^ zdkir, apparent. 

The Vowel Sounds are as follows : — 

I. Long. 
1. ft as in father. 

^2. „ pole. 

3. 00 „ fool. 

•4. ee, or /_// ,, feel. 
b, ai „ pain. 

II. Short. 


a, or ii, as in cai^, or a<p. 


0, or «, ,, 2?mZ/. 


/ ,, inn. 



I. Long, (l) 1 a, as in father-, c. g., v-Jo hah, door. T ad, 
double a, as in haa ; e.g., JT aal, dynasty. 

(2) J 0, which in Arahic words is pronounced 
usually as v in pole, although the ow of 
fowl is more correct ; e. g., Jy qol or qowl, 
speech ; but in foreign words invariably as 
o in pole. 

(3) J 00, as in fool ; e. g., J J fool, beans. 

(4) ^ or ^_^ ee or iy, as in feel ; e. g., (Jji /<?e?, 
elephant; ^^/^^ masriy, or masree, Egyptian. 

iLi iya, or eeya (feminine termination of adjec- 
tives derived from nouns), e. g., ^i,^^^ masriy a^ 
masreeya, Egyptian. 

(5) ^ at, indifferently pronounced as ai in pain, 
or as i in pine ; e. g., ^j^s. 'ain, or 'inc, eye ; 
but usually as ai in p«m ; e. g., ^jXi hain, 
between, ^^jJoj\ ctnain, two. 

II. Short. (1) Fat-ha, h:£<s — _, a or u, as in cap or c^lp ; e.g., 
yj*'j^ jciras, or jiirus, bell. 

(2) Damma, llj>, — , o or u, as in pull, booli ; 
^- 9-) ej^l oclon, or udun, ear. 

(3) Kasra, 'iju*S, —, i, as in pin; e.g., t— 9^ sorifa, 

it was spent. This Jcasra, or short i, is very 
common in the spoken dialect, and often usurps 
the place of a ; e.g., ^ij haJca, is usually pro- 
nounced hihi, he wept : ^_^!i^ ma.^ha becomes 
'iidshi, he walked ; <^'x^ hataba becomes kitih, 
he wrote i 


There are five letters — --, s, c, ^J and \Jj — wliich must bo 
contrasted together. 

1. -. Jeem, j, g as in gin, but colloquially as g in go. 

2. c 'Ain, a hiatus^ or peculiar guttural. 

3. c Ghain, gh, a guttural usually transliterated by the French 
r grasseye. 

4. ^J Qdf, a guttural /^ or g ; or hiatus ; or, very vulgarly, 
as g in (/o. 

5. lL) l-ef, h. 

a. Compare ^s^ ^^CLjj) pilgrimage, with JLiLiJU- haqeeqa, truth, 
and jP^-fl-i 'aqeeq, cornelian. js^ is colloquially pro- 
nounced liogg. LsLysL-s^ haqeeqa, may become ha-ee-a, 
and also, very vulgarly, hagheega. j^^ac 'aqeeq, may 
become 'a-ee, and very vulgarly, 'agheeg. 

6. So also fjls>~ halldq, barber, may be confused with ^21=*- 
halldj, carder of cotton. And ^J^j Zaqdzeeq is Zaga- 
zig, or Za-d-zee. 

c. Again: c|^ fardgh, emptiness; ^j\J firdq, separation; 
(^Jji faralia, he rubbed, require to be distinguished. 

The student is therefore advised to retain the simple 
transliteration adopted in this book, and to consider : 
•jr Jeem as j, or g in gin ; a 'Ain as a hiatus, apostrophe 
'a, 'e, 'i, 'o or 'u ; c Ghain as gh ; Jf Qdf a.s q ; CJ Kef 
as h. 

I have carefully avoided any elaborate system of translitera- 
tion with dots or strokes under certain letters. Experience has 
shown me that everyone likes his own ideas on this subject, and 
spells words {e.g., hwhash, dahahia, Ismailia, haicab, &c.) accord- 
ing to his fancy. 



The New Egyptian Weights and Measures, 1892. 

By Khedivial Decree the metric system is officially recognised 
in Egypt according to tlie following Egyptian and Englisli equi- 

I. Measures op Length. — Jl^^l ,^i\A^ Maqdyees el-Atwdl. 
1 Dirda' Baladiy, (J-J^L; cKJ . . . 0'58 metre . . . 22"835 inches. 
1 Birda'Mi'amdriy, ^j\a^<c.\j^ . . . 075 „ ... 29*528 „ 
1 Qasaha, ic-x^-i' . . . 3'55 „ .. .11 ft., 7*76 in. 

1 Fedddn, J'>y—^ - ■ • 4200'833 sq. metres ... 1 acre, 6 rods. 

II. Weights. — ^J.>J]^.^ Mawdzeen. 

. . . ^j^ . . . "003 kilo. ... 176 drms. Avdp. 

. 1*32 ounces „ 

. "99 pounds „ 

. 275 „ „ 

99-05 „ „ 

. -037 
. -449 

1 Dirhem, . . . 

1 Oqqiya (12 dirhem s), Jaijl 

1 Rotl (144 dirhem s), J-l?^ 

1 Oqqa (400 dirhems), Li^l 

1 Qintdr (100 rotls), /^ . .44-928 

1 Qintdr oi ) (112 oqqas), .139776 
Alexandria ) 

1 Hamla (60 oqqas), iU^ ..74'880 

1 Himl (200 oqqas), J>«>*. .249-600 

1 TonaldtaiTonneau), 'MiJi 1000*000 

1 English Tonaldta (Ton), 1016'047 

Weights for precious metals : — • 
1 Mithqdl (H dirhems), JJL!U 4-680 gram., 72"22 grains Troy 
1 Dirhem (16 qeerats), ^^!bjd 3 120 „ 48' 15 
1 Qeerdt (4 qamhas), blpj^—i' 0"195 
1 Qamha, or grain of wheat, ^'♦^ 0048 







III. Measures or Capacity. — iX^}^< MakdyeeJ. 

1 Arclab (12 kailas), «-— '^J;! • 

. . 198000 litres . 

. . 5-44 bushels. 

1 Waiba (2 kailas), ^— J; • 

. . 33-000 „ . 

. . 3-63 pecks. 

1 Kaila (8 qadhs), "kAy^st . 

. . 16-500 „ . 

. . 3-63 gallons. 

1 Rub' (4 qadhs), hj^] «j, . 

. . 8-250 „ . 

. . 1-81 „ 

1 Malwa (2 qadhs), iL-lwc . 

. . 4-125 „ . 

. . 3-03 quarts. 

1 Qadlo (32 qeerats), _.i>i' . 

. . 2 062 „ . 

. . 1-81 „ 

1 Nusf qadh . . . —ji" t_a.^- . 

. . 1-031 „ . 

. . r81 pints. 

1 RuV qadh ... _jJ» f— J . • 

. . 0515 „ . 

. . 3-63 gills. 

1 KJiarrooha . . . i_j^ _i- . 

. . 0-128 „ . , 

. . 0-90 „ 

1 Qeerdt . . . ^'rH' • 

. . 0-064 „ . 

...0-45 „ 

1 Dareeha (8 ardabs), ^.j^ 

1584.000 litres . . 

. 43-58 bushels, 

1 ParcZ (large), . . . jJj^ <iJ 

115-500 „ . . 

. 3-17 „ 

1 Fard (small), . . . jjJ>^ dj 

57-750 „ . . 

. 1-58 „ 

1 Litre = 0-005 ardahs. 

1 Hectolitre = 0'505 ardahs. 

1 Kilolitre = 5050 

1 Decilitre = 1-551 qeerdts. 

1 Centimetre = 0-172 dirda' 

1 Kilometre = 281-69 qasahas. 

1 Gramme = 0-320 dirliem. 

1 Metre = r724 dird'a haladiy. , 1 Kilogramme = 320-5 

320 Rotls = 1 Ardab, beans. 
300 „ = 1 „ wheat. 
270 ,, = 1 „ cottou-seed. 


The Moslem Calendar. 



. 30 



Safar . . . 

. 30 



Rabee'a el-Awwal 

. 29 



Rabee'a et-Tani 

. 30 



Jamadi el-Awwal 

. 30 



Jamadi et-Tani 




Rajab .... 




Slia'ban . . . . 




Ramadan . . . . 




Sliawwal . . . . 




Zii 1-Ka'ada . . . 




Zu 1-Hijja 



The Moslem year consists of 12 lunar months, or 354 days. 
It is thus shorter by about 1 1 days than the Gregorian year ; 
or 34 Moslem years are about equal to 33 ordinary years, or 
100 Moslem years to only 97 ordinary years. The Moslems 
reckon from a.d. 622, the date of the Flight {Hijra, s^s*) of 
Mahomed from Mecca to Medina, and therefore 1892 a.d. is 
1309-10 A.H. (Anno Hijrge). 



The Coptic Calendar is used by Moslems and Copts for 
ao-ricultural purposes. The names of the months appear to 
be taken from ancient Eg-yptian mythology : — 

1. Toot 

2. Baba . 

3. Hatoor . 

4. Kiahk . 

5. Tooba . 

6. Am sheer 

7. Barmahat 

8. Baramooda iiiyoji 

9. Bashans 

10. Ba-oona 

11. Abeeb . 

12. Misra , 

13. Nisi 

2jy!i begins about September 11. 

October 11. 
November 10. 
December 10. 
January 9. 
February 8. 
March 10. 
April 9. 
May 9. 
June 8. 
July 8. 
August 7. 

>^wJ intercalary days September 6-11. 

The year consists of 12 months of 30 days each, ^ 360 
days, and 5 intercalary days at the end of the year, with 
6 in Leap-Year. The reckoning is from 284 a.d., the era 
of Diocletian, so that 1892 a.d. is the Coptic Year 1608—9. 



1 Allf. Valuo = 1. 

\ e, interrogative particle placed 
at the beginning of a sentence. 

L_jl Ah, Syrian month of August. 
u_>l adha, he returned. 

l_jUJ or ^-^jl oh, or iydh, a return. 

L_;l_^_l _5 (__>'jtj dahdh iva iydh, a 
going and coming ; there and 

L_>U mdh, source, origin, focus. 

»j1 _ L_->1 dh, father (see ahoo) . 

isXA — " <^l.jl Ahhddiy, pi. Ahdhda, 
Soudanese Arabs of the Kena- 
Assouau-Kosair district. 

Jol ahad, future eternity, [cf. J;l 

)jol ahaddn, never. 

Aj] ahhada, be perpetuated. 

Ijjj^ mo-ahhadan, perpetually ; 
for life. 

^y:f^ ahjad, the scries of the nu- 
merical values of the letters of 
the alphabet (.st-e Introduction). 

^jJbljl Ihrdhcem, Abraham. 

'iji\ ihra, needle. 

Jj.j1 Ahrrcl, (European) April. 

*j ;j1 ahzccm, buckle. 
LIj 1 _ \nj\ iht, pi. adhdt, armpit (see 
hdt, kl^). 

ij ! adhiq, fugitive slave. 
(Jjl ihl, camel. [J"*«?" 

i;« Ihlees, Devil, Diabolos. 

ibl ahlaq, piebald. 

,.,j or ,.,jI ihn, or hin, son. F,.,^ - .-aj 

^J^i or ^j»i; or Ajj] ehnd, or hanoon, 
or (in construction) te??,/, sons, 

^L>1 ^Jb &e/iLlf?ft»r, the human race. 

(_A> V*. ^Ju Z>c'«i Soo-ff, a town and 

province in Upper Egypt. 

c:^ or iij] ihna, or (commonly) 
twi^, girl, daughter. 

cu[h handf, girls, daughters. 

juax. hj] or ^.A ihn 'ammoli (femin.), 
ihnat 'amrnoh, his cousin. 

^^^i;l cdjanos, ebony. 
^1^1 ihhdm, thumb. 
'ki^i\ uhJta, pomp, magnificence. 
.^1 ahhar, artery, aorta. 
^_j1 or ^1 ahoOjOv a ?», father ; pos- 

iKi 1 adhd, fathers. 



( 2 


\iJ\ ahoond, oiir father, title of 
the Coptic priesthood. 

iiyi uhowa, paternity. 

jjljfS »j| ahoo qlrddn,v^\\\te" Y'^^^j- 

5.'i.ill »j1 ahoo n-nadddra, the man 
who wears spectacles. 

AjjJI yl ahoo n-nom, father of sleep, 
poppy. [^1=^^ 

J»J1 y^ Ahoo l-lwl, father of terror, 

the Sphinx. 
jj3 yl Ahoo qeer, Aboukir. 

^'j1 _ ^1 aha, he refused ; ihd, re- 

v,.^jol ^fee^Z>, Coptic month of July. 

^Ui'l Athdi, mountain desert near 

^Sii] aics/( (Persian), fire. '^'^Fire"! 
as a military word of command. 

^^iiol __ js^' ateshji, -pi. ateshjiya, 
(Turco-Persian), stoker, fire- 

^'U (Jl atem) , mditam, mourn- 
ing, funeral. 

.^^1 Atmoor (Soudanese), desert. 

^[) _ Jl ata, he came, reached ; 
ydti, he comes. 

^^Ijol iiydn, arrival, consummation. 

^1 or C1.J I adti, a comer, coming, 
as follows. 

ijul ji) l^.^ Kamd lioa adt, as 
follows, viz. 

J'.xj _ cu ^/, come thou ! (unused). 
See Vadla. . 

|,i'U' tdatta, it resulted, became 

;__> jjt flia Z>t, he came with, 
brought. Es-'^ 

uLj'oI asds, furniture. 

^'Jl — y! asav, pi. adsar, trace, 
scar, monument. 

i J>\ ^_5^' iqtafa as ar alio, he pur- 
sued, followed up its track. 

ijji'l atariya, inheritance ; succes- 
sion to an undivided inheritance. 


Jl assara, he influenced, left a 
trace upon. 

^iu ta-seer, influence, efiect. 

^»y^ mo-assar, aSected by, influ- 
enced, touched. 

Jly td-aftsara, ho felt himself in- 

^VLo— x,.'Ui masara, pi. madsir, 
trace, event, monument. 

ijoc _ Jol ail, tamarisk articulata; 
also called 'ahL 

Ji^ ithm, sin, crime. 

^s^l _ 'ijs^] ujra, pi. ttjar, hire, pay, 
fare, salary. 

^_^^1 njariy, workman, hired 
labourer.! ijdra, rent, rental. 

^5^1 or ^».l ajjara, or aajara, he 
let on hire. 

.s.liwjl istdjara, he took on hire, 

.IrsrJ or _^>^U' td-jeer or ce;Vn-, a 
letting on hire. 


srJl! liJ-ccjdr, for hire, ^' to let." 



.ls::^-^^' ibfeejar, a taking ou hire. 

j^J-o tno-ajjar, let, Lired ; ino-ajjlr, 

.i*Aw^ mostajir, tenant^ hirer, 


'i.jycy.»-\ Ajirrooniiya. Grammar, 
an Arabic grammar by Daood 

j_)s-l ajal, fixed time or date. 

jjs^l ajjala, he deferred to a 

fixed date. 
(J'^P* mo-ajjaJ, deferred to a fixed 

date ; a form of dowry. 

(J-s.-] ajl, cause, reason. 

{J.»-^ II- ajl, because of. 

Xrij -J^^^ ajwciz, pi. of joz, 
couples (see zoj) . 

^S»-\ — tio-1 aJtaJ, (femin.) ihda, 

one. [^^j 

^j^ SsA I a/mcZVti7i«7'a, (femin.) 

'iJ:^z ^.^=^1 3 i}id,aj ashrata, eleven. 

Jij:. ^t>'>2>- hdcU 'ashar, eleventh in 


ii'.=^ I _ iX^l ahad, pi. adlidd, unit, 
individual, some one. 

ii'.^ rJi^'js- U m(t jd-sh had, (col- 
loquial) no one came. 

Jws^^l ^y. yom el-aJiad (yom cl-lidd), 

L Jvs^l ahadiya, Divine unity. 

^■s*-^ or i\2^1 ahliada, or wahhada, 
he unified. 

i3>:^l ittahada, he united himself 
to, agreed. 


jl^srl ittihdd, unity, unanimity, 

i\;sa^ Ditdtaliid, ally, allied, accom- 
(J.j.Ls.! ihled, urethra, duct, passage. 

•1 a/i7(-, alas ! 

^■>-\ or -1 alxh, or alchoo, brother, 

fellow of a pair. 

'i^s>-\ ikhivat, brothers of a family. 

^Li-1 ikJiicdn, brethren of a com- 
munity or confraternity, col- 

ci;Li-l _ c:.^i^l iikht, pi. akhivdt, 
sister, fellow of a pair, 

i .i-1 uklioiva, brotherhood. 

&J^^\ - s^i'l akhooh, (oblique cases) 

aklieeh, his brother. 
Ai^U _ Jo-1 akhaza, he took, began ; 

ydkJioz, he takes. 
j>i-l akhz,Si taking, commencement 
^iLcl. 1^2-1 akhz lua i'atd, a taking 

and giving ; trade. 
'■6Ss>-\j^ _ i>i-l adkhaza, he blamed, 

mo-dkJiaza, blame. 
^<is~^Ui' U) md towdkhiz-ni, do not 

blame me ! 
j,i:l ittakJiaza, he undertook. 
j'j^l ittikhdz, an undertaking. 
L>»s>-V^ mdkJiooz, taken. 
Ji-U mdkhaz, place of taking, 

source, manner. 
^_j i.^ -js^'\ tt'</.7iar, (femin.) akhro, 



( 4. ) 

ji-lJ _ .=>-l adlihir, pi. aivdJiJiir, 
eud, last days. 

adlcltira (femin.), end ; life to 




^i-1 aJcJicer, the last. 

.i-l alclikhara, he adjourned. 

fjki^l: td-lilicer, adjournment. 
-Vj ta-alxlikhara, he was late, in 

arrears, adjourned. 

J^i^ ino-al;hliliar, delayed, ad- 

..~-l al-lidr (Persian), stable. [^Jjila^l 

v__>li3l _ <-_>jl adab, pi. adddb, 
good manners, culture, morals, 

t ^_t)l adech, courteous. 

^.x.ol adahlya, education, culture. 

( >jl addaha, he educated, cor- 
rected, punished. 

t .jjlj td-deeb, education, punish- 

/tjutiVj td-deebiy, correctional, dis- 

5 .jl or » .ti or ij .t)l idurra, or durra, 

or izurra, maize. 
^•<ii _ ^jUjI idmaUy perseverance 

(see damana) . 
^^<d ! _ At> I Adam, the first man ; 

ddamiy, human. 

^t)l i^L &en.i Adam, human race. 

culj^^Ol cidamiydt, women. 

ei^l_jt)l - Jslvil addt, pi. adawdt, tool, 
instrument. [iij>i 

>1j1 af7(7, payment, fulfilment. 

^jrjl adda, he paid, fulfilled. 

^jlj' td-diya, fulfilment. 

'aaj.!?. tS'^3^ oivaddl wazecfti, I 
shall do my duty. 

jl ?z, lo ! and then. 

^ Ijt or Ijl 12 ft, or izd hin, if. 

.1 j ! Adzar, Syrian month of March. 

H, J or ii^, jl izurra, or durra, maize. 

(J.>f*j <x! ^jjtjl azina laJto bi-'amal, he 
permitted him to do. 

^Jti\ izn, permission, licence. [Lai^. 

^^ jl l::^^^^ ^J'vjijk^ lianibidla talit izn, 
bill of exchange payable to 

dJdli «stil t(Z/ii' li-iznihif pay to his 

order ! 
^^t)l« mdzoon, licenced, delegate. 

ijtil!Lw! isfdzana, he asked leave. 

^1 j 1 _ y; jl 0(?on, pi. adddn, (femin.) 
ear. The singular is usually 
pronounced ividn. 

^J\d\ cddn, cry to prayer (from a 
minaret) . 

f^dj-o mo-addin, crier to prayer. 

^jLo _ AJii^ maidna, pi. maddin, 

hS] or (__54)1 aza or aziya, torture. 

^IajI _ ^^(3 1 aaza, he tortured, eezd, 
a torturing. 

^jXj .1 arbiya, groin, root of thigh. 

c_>.l irb, limb; desire, cunningness, 

C^,. _ L±ji,l n"5, inheritage, suc- 
cession (see icarisa) . 



CLj.^I ^s>- Aofj'^ (^^-i^'s, I'iglit of suc- 
^jl^.l orjoicdn, purple. 
^ .1 arralcha, he elated^ chronicled, 
i-j .ly _ ^ijlj tdreeJih, pi. taivdrcehh, 

date, chronicle, history. 
^Xik"^ .li" aO 2/OT?i tdreelclioJi, of the 

same day^s date, 
"is: .U tdreckhiy, historic, ancient. 


^ jj< mo-arralcli, dated. 

^!j< oiio-arrikh, historian. 

«__>ol.! _ S-'t\l ardah, pi. ardclih, a 
measure of capacity, 44 gallons, 
200 litres, h\ bushels; 7A-8 
ardahs to one ton of boat- 

^_^4).^1 or J J, I oorf^i (for Turkish 
ordoo) , army- corps. 

;. or j .1 aruzz (i3ronounced nt.C5;), 

j.l arz , cedar, fir, conifer. 
^1.1 _ (_^.l a?v7, pi. arddi (femin.), 
earth, land. 
^^1.1 arddi, landed estate, lands. 

"^.1 ardiy, earthly. 

ij.^,] ardiy a, floor; tax for ware- 
^>j ,1 arcelia, throne. 
/lLe.1 Armaniy, Armenian. 

<«-^l.l _ '«--^->tl amah, pi. urdnih 
(fcniin.), hare, rabbit. 

t >:^ or ^_>;1 a.zaha, or luazaha, it 

L_-.'hju or Iw-jI^Lo maizah, or mcezdh, 

gutter, drain. 
J>j J _ 'i'J'^jl izdiydd, increase (see 

'i,j 1 _ .1:1 tea?', pi. adzira, white 

cloak worn by girls and nc- 

cut, ;Vj tdazzaret, she jDut on the 

'k^j\ or Jjl azaZ, or azaliya, past 
eternity. [cf. tio! 

.j^:l Jsw^eer, Smyrna; small crow- 
bar, chisel. 

^;lj or ^_g\\ adza, or ivdza, it was 
opposite, parallel. 

^Ijl i^a, in front of, parallel. 

^-.1 ads, myrtle. 

j^jwl wss, basis (unused in singular). 

i^^jjjI or (-vU.! isds, or usus, bases, 

jwwl/^! _ ^--.Awl asas, pi. adsds, 
foundation, basis, depot of 

".«.l/^l asdsiy, fundamental. t^^J^^ 

^**.l*«l ^^y^' qdnoon asdsiy, the law 
of the constitution of a coun- 
try, " regJcment organique." 

^■^-.I assasa, he founded, based. 
^J^J.^\'i tdsces, a founding, basing. 
' ^^^^J^ mo-assas, based upon. 
ijilUj^l isbitdliya, (European) hos- 

( 6 ) 

d^v^*.! ist, anus. 

A._ky>^l _ j'jk-.! nstdd or nstu, pi. 

asdtecz, professor, master of a 

craft, teacher, " boss." 

k-.] n,sta, vulgar spelling of the 
above word. 

ci-'J^-C*.! isJcont, (European) cs- 
coinpte/' discount. 

s,'>-*ju.i utinidra, specimen, official 
form, schedule. 

J»aj','jL«1 IstdahooJ, Stambool, Con- 
stantinople, from the Greek 
et? T?;i' ttoXlv, 

"^JjajIjIawI Istanhooliy, Stambooline, 
of Constantinople. 

aj'J*w' asitdna (Persian), threshold ; 

ijlz 'Jj'j^^\ asitdna 'ally a, Imperial 
threshold or court ; Constanti- 

j'wsw 1 _ A^'\ asail, pi. adsdd, lion; 
Leo in the Zodiac. 

jM.\ asara, be bound captive, [^j^ 

.-1 asr, a binding captive. 

Aj^\ - .J^"-! asecr, jdI. usard, cap- 

^a^'.j hi-asrihim, the whole, or all 
of them. 

.j^^.^ _ js,»«^l< md-soora,])!. mawd- 

scer, tube, drain ; gun-barrel. 
{^J^^f^^ Isrdycel, Israel. 

(J.j.b'.«-1 - J^kw-l ostool, pi. asdtccl 
(Greek), fleet, navy. 

I Ju«l asaf, regret, sorrow. 

< £~.w ta-assaja, he regretted. 

^Um*G/.w1 asjilcsiyd, (European) as- 



JiA/vj or J^l isfinj, sponge. 

I siiLw _ I aiLMl nsquf (Greek, ej)zs- 

co]}os), bishop (see under saqf) . 

iiC*.l 'isA-e/e (European, Turkish), 
scala, small seaport, cchelle 
dio Levant." 

'AaC^] islccmU (Turkish), footstool, 
low chair. 

h.S>L^\ Islcandariya, Alexandria. 

, J'.jJk^^i IsTiandardniy, Alexan- 

A^ - jy^A^Lwl - ^}y^l^] Isldmhol 

and Lsldmboliy, corruption of 

Lstdnhool (see also silm). 

L; 1-* - t__;»Ljl usJonb, path, me- 
thod (see salaha). 

.<'.<.« 1 or A 4^] _ ♦•^l (sni) pi. asmd, 
or asdnii, name, [»>♦>*« 

*«.^J1 J^£s^ maj-Jiool el-ism, of name 
unknown, anonymous ; passive 

(J jwc './♦ojj 1 Ismdyeel, Ismail, Ishmael. 

ijlAc'.A>.wl Ismdyeeliya, a port in 
Svicz Canal ; a suburb of Cairo. 

'Ji^l Isnd or Esnd, a town and 
province of Upper Egypt. 

Icjuwl Asioot, a town and province 
of Upper Egypt. 

^L.1 _ ^/*.l asa, grief; /s((a,remedy. 
.^1 ashshara, he put a visa upon, 



j.*i,u' ta-sheer, annotation, visa, 



( 7 ) 


j^il yoicashshir, Le annotates, 

^^xCA,] eshkecn (Turkish), amble. 

^'.jLi.1 oshndn, alcali. [^^is 

^^Jo\ asho'a (femin-), finger, toe. 
(J.j.k.c>l istahl (Latin), stable. 
^}yc] - Jw^l asJ, pi. osoolf origin, 

principle. L^^/*' 

Oyc\ osool, principles, manner, 


A.-*fli-* Jr*^ osooZ wa khosoom, de- 
bit and credit. 

]SS iLc) asloh Icida, (it was) origi- 
nally thus. 

J-cl asliy, fundamental, cardinal, 

Ltfl asldn, never. 

^1^1 asdla, permanency, firmness. 

(J.x«dl aseel, firm, strong, noble. 

^^ytfl Asicdn, Assouan, Syene ; a 
fort and village near the first 
Nile cataract. 

^i**!!^! atlas, smooth; satin; atlas; 
the empyrean. or 8. lis I itdra or tdra, circle, 
round piece. [.^b 

cul.Ul _ lil aghd, pi. aghdivdt 
(Turkish), squire, subaltern, 
captain ; eunuch. 

^^^2^] Agostos, (European) Au- 

h\ adfa, calamity. 
CJ^J^l or z'' Jl of ran j or afranh, 
Franks, Europeans. 

i^G-s! or ic=?^il afranjiy or afranMy, 

^J^^^*s\ afsoon (Persian), exorcism. 

^^lil _ j_j«i! af'aa, pi. afd'iy (fem.), 

ijil _ ^il q/(/, horizon ; o/v//'?/, hori- 

CJ'.i! - dil ifh, lie, a^a/r, liar. 

Jy! q/bo/, sunset, decline. 

i/AJil _ ^_jJai! efencli, pi. efendiya 
(Greek av6evTq<i, through Turk- 
ish), a respectable person, Mr., 
Sir, Lord. 

UjJasl efendeend, Our Lord, the 

jA<iSX>\ efendimiz (Turkish), Our 
Lord, the Sultan, or Khedive. 

^j^i! ajiyoon, opium. 

^j or ^3.1 or ki'l oqqa, weight of 
2 1 lbs. avdp. ; 400 dirhems ; 
r25 kilog. 

l^.i* or ^i}\ or ijxil oqqiya, ounce, 
1^ oz. advp.; 372 grammes.; 12 

^jl»s*' oq-lioodii, pyrcthrwn imrthe- 

>_xllil _ ^\Ji\ iqJecni, pi. aqdJeem 
(Greek), climate, pi^ovince. 

^>^^ jf^'-i^ aqdlcem masriya, pro- 
vinces of Egypt. 

^Jjl nqnnora (Grcch), principle of 

J -J 




^Jil OHohcr, (European) October. 

j^j or t\^l ahhada, or ivakhada, lie 

strengtlieued, assured, iutcu- 

ciai'U td-l-eal, a streugtlieniug, 

tX-x^l akeed, certain, firm. 
:>^j< mo-akkad, confirmed, certain. 
J^lj _ J^i ahala,h.e ate; ydkid, he 


Ji {'i tdakkala, it was eaten, eatable. 

J^l aid, or «7i,7, food, eating. 

ci.j^LU.« mdkoolut, eatables. 

l^] adkila, itcli. 

n -a 

J^j or J^l akkala (or vulgarly, 

wakkala), lie fed, gave to eat. 


J^ _ (JjJ^l ikleel, diadem (see kull) . 
^o ^^1 _ *^1 akam, some, a few ; 

akam yom, a few days. [*3 

J^l _ JT adl, dynasty, possessor 

(see aivl). 
Uic jT adl 'osmdn, Ottoman 

Las^I JT adl el-kldbra, professional 

expert. Vu-^^ 

^f\ _ 2~\ adla, pi. adldt, weapon, 

tool, musical instrument. [Jsljl 
LIx< C-'dT aa^ai motriha, musical 

"^i\ adldt'iij, musician. 
jT _ .!.l ooloo, possessors ; \)\. of 

}\i _ 'il cdd, be failed in ; ijdJoo, be 

fails in. 

^_jLj — j_5! I adla, lie swore off from 
bis wife ; yooli, be swears off. 

^li) ccld, a swearing off, a form 

of divorce. 
Jl al, or cl, tbe, of tlie ; tbis. 
^1 d Id, is it not? 
^'j _ ^1 Hid, except; lua ilia, or else. 

^Jlj^^jJ laisa Hid, nothing but that, 
merely that. 


^Jl illi, (colloquial) he, she, or they 

'Jo\ _ ^_J^!i\ ellazi, (femiu.) ellati,\\Q 
who, she who. 

i'ljlll _ ^^JAil ellazeen, (feniin.) 

cUawdtl, they who. 
cu'Jl.jJI _ jjlji^li aldiwdn, pi. aldi- 

wdndt (Turkish, eldiven), glove. 
( til alif, the letter A. 

( j'^l _ I al! alf, pi. adldf, thou- 
^1 or ( all ilf, or lolfa., intimacy. 

I jJl or ( fij^n aleef, or a/oo/", in- 
timate, friend. 

( ail allafa, he comjDOsed a book. 

[> — flAc 

( ajJ U _ I s.\]\.'i tdt-lcef, pi. tadlf'ff, 

authorship ; composition of a 
book ; book. 


(__a]^-o mo-allif, author. 

,_orii] or ( aJU ta-aUafa, or ecia- 

/^/a, he became intimate, fell 
in love with. 

Aallj^ or ^K>1 eetildf, or mo-dlafa, 
intimacy, love. 


( 9 ) 



( J^U) m aloof, intimate, conversant 

^(j J' a lam ynlcon, was it not ? 
^^! _ Jl alam, pi. adlam, pain. 

>>!' aleem, in pain, painful. 

Jly tdaUama, lie felt pain. 

i-v'w*]' ahnds, diamond. 

^'»»J1 Alamdniya, German Empire, 

^1 _ ail ilah, pi. adliha, a deity, 
false god. 

ill ^?/(7/;, The God, Allah. 

ill ^Sl ill \ Id ilah a 'ilia Allahv, 
there is no God but The God. 

'ixi\ ildlia, goddess, female idol. 
ijj&Jl oloohiya, divinity. 
ci^U^I _ ^1 ilaliiy, pi. ilahiydt, 
divine, theology. 

*^1 Allahomma, Oh, my God ! 
jj'aj.11 _ JuJ iVi'a, pi. iliatdn, buttocks. 

^^1 aha (Persian), regiment, 

meeri aldi (Persian), 


j_j^l ^J'AJ^ maid an aldi, military 

^11 _ ^1 ila, to, for ; ilaya, to me. 
iz ^ 11 {la iva aln, for and 
against ; pro and con ; credit 
and debit. 

y^l ^\ ila ail, until that. 

^J >1 _ J am, or ; am Id, or not. 

cu'^^1 _ A umm, pi. ummahdt, 

"I WW. , 

<!,<yo\ - ^^] ximmiy, maternal ; 

omooma, maternity. 
iXl^l ^t umm el-walad, a slave who 

bears a child to her master. 
*U1 amdm, in front of. \.f*'^ 

i^f' - aUI hndin, pi. ayimma, 

leader, king, priest. 

i^.<Ul imdmry, follower of the 
Imam ^Ali, dissenter. 

♦^1 _ 'k-c\ umma, pi. umam, nation, 
people, sect. 

cij\^^\ _ l<jl ama, pi. amawdt, 
female slave. [^.;W" 

s.x^\ Omaya, the dynasty of the 
Omiade Caliphs of Damascus, 

Ui amma, but. 

l< ^jl _ Ul immd (for in-md) , if, 
when, or. 

^1 _ Lol immd-aiv, either, or. 

ix^ _ :'>>A^1 imtiyaz, privilege, 
concession (see mayyaza.) 

^y^l amad, eternity, space of time. 

«_j .-cl a))iara hi, he ordered, com- 

^'jl _ j^^ amr, pi. awdniir, order, 

.yol - j-cl amr, pi. oinoor, affair, 

i\Ul imdra, principality, post of 




( 10 ) 


5^,U1 amara, sign, trace. [i.^Jl,] 

^ , ,ts, , , ^ 

ei^J^w<l ammarat, the carnal pas- 

-*j/*l -j>>-el ttJ^cer, pi. i(7»araj Emir, 

prince, chief, lord. 
^j^ ?)icer (Persian for ameer), lord. 
i^j^ or ij^ffXcl ameeny, or tneeriy, 

of the government, relating to 

government property. 

j_<^A^l el-meeny, government pro- 

^' jj^^] Ameer el-hahr, Admiral. 

^\j<i\ jj<x\ ameer eJ-umard, chief of 

chiefs, a civil rank of Bey or 

Colonel equal to Meeri AJdl. 
^Ji\ jjyc meeri aldi, Colonel, a 

military Bey of the highest 


jyi\-< mamoor, an official with and 
under authority ; prefect, di- 

L . »^U mdmooriya, office or place 
of a m,dmoor. 

^jAm] iatamara, he met in congress. 
j*^j-o mo-ataiuar, congress, con- 

^Lm-< _ ,^j>*^\ ams, yesterday (see 

^A^l Amshcer, Coptic month of 

JUl - (J.^] amal, pi, admdl, hope, 

(J-<1 amala, he hoped. 
(J^^j _ J-«'j 2/awo?, he hopes; t/ooma/, 
it is hoped. 

Jj.«U mdmool, thing hoped fcr, 
desire. [^^^ 

(Jv«\.i td-ammala, he thought over, 
gave his mind to ; hoped. 


^ul or ^.^\ amn, or aviniya, 

security, safety. 
^Ul amdn, mercy! quarter! alas! 
^U' amdna, fidelity ; hence a 

pledge, deposit, cash department. 

j-^<l ameeti, trustworthy; cashier. 

i_*^.<! J)jj»Ju^ sandooq ameeni, 

treasurer, in charge of the safe. 
(^juol advieen, amen ! 
jJLa^I ameena, lime-kiln, [<Li»^ 

jjAjLjI or jjol amina, or iatamana, 

he trusted in. 
^.■s.^ ^j*Jo^ 0-otomina fa-Tihdna, he 

was trusted and he betrayed ; 

legal phrase for '' breach of 

trust,'^ abus de covjiance ". 
^j<] ammana, he assured, gave 


jjjw«b^a.-?nee?i,assurancp, guarantee. 
^~k\ admana, he believed in God. 

^^vJUw) istamana, he asked for 

mercy, " amdn " . 
^j'^J eevidn, faith in God. 

^^_ _ jjl-^J aimdn, pi. of yameen, 

^-XAJ _ ^j-«jl aiman, right hand 

side, happiness (see yameen). 

^j^J-c inoo-viin, believer in God, 

^X^Ja1\ jj^^] Ameer el-moo-miveen, 

Commander of the Faithful, 

the Caliph. 


( 11 ) 

jj^\_<i riuhnoon, safe (place or 

person)^ trusted. 
^^iJ■^ ino-atainan, trustworthy. 

[cf. ^AJ^fi^ 

ix^\ _ Jiyc\ TJmawiy, Oniiade (see 
omaya) . 

^jl or ^J\ an, or anna, that ; in, or 
inna, if. 

'■^1 - ^J^ (j^ ^'^ A:a?i, if ; innanid, 

however, but. 
1^, J y;l w /a7)i yakon, unless. 
i^jjl aneen, groan. 

jj^* - Ul ana, I; nahno (vulgarly, 
alina) , we. 

jxxc or .'oj) anhdr, barn, magazine. 

^j.ju^Jl _ *^AJl anbeeq (al-amheeq) , 
alambic,'''' chemical retort. 

Uojl _ (w->jl enta (femin.),c7i^i, thou; 
cntomd, ye two. 

(jiijl _ ^*ijl entom (femin.), entonna, 


lIjUI _ jju' unsa, pi. iwas, female. 

[cf. ^l.) 
Ll;i'Jl . jJd zoTx^or lua inds, males 
and females. 

L'ju nitdya (colloquial for unsa), 

cl^jl anees, effeminate, soft. 

\JL^\ annasa, he made feminine in 

(..l^jjlj td-nees, a putting into the 

K.2^ij^ mo-annas, feminine gender. 

^'-jJL)] unsiydn, the two testicles. 

\y^] or lylLsrI Inghilterra, Eng- 

JjJ^I Ingleez, the English (in 
general) . 

w . 

^J:^^^' Ingleezy, English, an En- 

J.J.isrl Injeel, gospel, evangile. 

ii«Jl i^s, mankind. 

i^j^ J iH^ "^^ ■^'^f^ j'ijui, men and 

^^'J _ ^^[j\ - ^J^^ insdn, pi. unds 
(or colloquially ?ias),man, homo; 
pi., men, people. 

j-jjti yjl«*jl insdn el-'ain, pupil of 

i;A.jl«j! insdniya, humanity, hu- 
maneness, culture. 

^Jy^ or s^«J or A*wJ ?ma ovniswa 
(or commonly niswdn) , women. 

^*wJi or ,K.Ji '?*".«, or unsrya, social 
life, domesticity, cordiality in 

t«*jJl anees, tame, docile. 

ij>*i\ annasa, he tamed. 

L**^^J^ mo-dnasa, mutual intimacy 
or cordiality. 

MjJ] unsiy, a medical term for 
inner, internal. 

I JliT _ ( — a;l anf, pi. adndf, nose, 

point, anterior part. [^jS-'jl* 
I ftj I adnif, anterior, aforesaid. 

Xx^\ istdnafa, he made a nose 
at ; he appealed to a higher 

j'JajLul isteendf, appeal (in law). 


( 12 ) 


, h\!L>j~^ mustdnif, appellant; vrus- 

tdnaf, appealed agaiBst, re- 

>'jju JIajI injloocnxd (European)^ in- 

^lo t y 1 f " oonsm a, (E uropean) , 

Aju! andqa, beauty. 
^Ijl adndm, creatures, men. 

_i3y«Jl onmoozoj (Persian), sample, 
pattern. [—<:iy*i 

^' i\ and, moment, delay. [cf. ^j;I 

^ViL-l or |^<IJ td-anna, or (more 
commonly) istdna, lie delayed, 
acted with deliberation, waited. 

jIjL,) istdni {stdni) (imperative), 
wait ! 

^Ij! _ -f'ol ind, pi. awdni, vase, 

^;.l _ jjl adn, pi. adwina, mo- 
ment, season. 

^^Jl el-adn, now, this mon.ent. 

[cf. t:>. 

ixi)^ ahha, preparations. 

I al ahliaha,\\e prepared,equipped 

?. . . 

L— .^^IJ ta-heeh, preparation, fitting 


L_,^iU' td-ohhaba, he prepared 

j^'-al - (Jal ahl, pi. ahdh', a per- 
son, possessor ; capable of; 
wife ; family (as a unit) ; pi., 
population. [_^[z 

^-i^:^^^ {J^^ f'^<^ ^l-baif, household. 

Vk=^' j_)it)l a/(Z el-liliibra, a profes- 
sional expert. 

ijbl a//Z?7/, domestic, native, ' in- 


Ajxia>l ahliya, capacity, aptitude ; 
relevancy, relationship ; femin. 
of aliliy. 

jJuJl (j'al flAftZi el-haJacl, popula- 
tion of the town. 

Jjt>i alihala, he gave (a girl) in 
marriage, married (her) to. / 

(Jjtli' td-alihala, he took a wife, 
set up house. 

il^ ^ lifcl ahldn wa sahldn. Wel- 
come ! ^^^j^ 
(J.ii'Jwjl istdhala, he deserved. ^ 
[cf. J'^~>-1 

(jJt'jUfc^ mostdhiJ, deserving, meri- 

J.ji»] iJileelij, ellipse. 
jl ait?, or. 
(^jj _ ii^Ij-j! aivhdsh, mob, ruffians 

(see bosh). 
^*«l.i aivdsi, large landed estates. 

_.l o/, peak, apex, apogee. 

^'>».^1 oy«g (Turkish), stove, hearth. 

t>jl _ iij^l odd, pi. owacZ (Turkish), 
chamber, room. 

" Ajjy^l _ 'o. .jl Awroba, Europe ; 

Axcrobdwiy , European. 
,j.] _ ■^'^j^^ ourdi (for Turkish 

ordoo) , army-corps. 
iis.^1 orfa (for Turkish <)G'.^1 or/a-, 

centre), battalion of Egyptian 



{ 13 ) 

J»c,jl oorgJiool, flute. 

lUo,.1 oornak (Turkish), sample, 

ij^ or 5:.! iwazza (pronounced 
wizza), goose. 

jj*.ljl _ ^A^jl oosia, pi. airasi, large 
landed estate. 

jds'jl Of/a (Turkish), chamber, room. 

^vltilrjl odaliq (Turkish), chamber- 
maid, ^' odalisque. •'' 

^^ijl . jijy oggo, oqqiya (see <xJi\ and 

'iJj\ oJira, handle, bell-pull. 

(Jiji - J' °^' Jj' *^^'^ attainment, 
becoming, arrival; a a/a, he ar- 
rived ; yaool, he arrives. 

^Jj] ailoola, a becoming ; title- 
deed from the Cadi, giving 
probate or inheritance. 

J.l _ J I cicil, possessor, pi. ooloo. 

Jol adyil, arriving, resulting 

(' _ Jj! ainraJa, he interpreted ; 
tdweel, interpretation. 

'jl - Jjl mvwal, (femin.) ooZn, 
first, previous, before. 

_ .IaJI J.l awwal ambdrih, day 
before yesterday. 

J.<!',s Jjill al-aiuival fal-aivivaJ J one 
by one in their order. 

il.l awicaldn, firstly. 

^Sjl or /J^l awivalty, or awica- 

Idniy, first, preliminary. 
Jj^jl awdyil (pi.), first, early part. 

dJiJ^l or f^Jjl oold, or oolayik, those. 

J.1 oo/oo, possessors [cf. s-'.jJ^' - /J^ 

Jc ^^1 oolooiya, possessorship, right. 

h^i» or ii'jj iydla, or wi/aya, govern- 
ment, province ; guardianship. 

J U madl, meaning, signification, 

,_jJ awa, he took shelter. 

^. 1 adica, he gave shelter, re- 
ceived into his house. 

'i\X^ or ^_c^l oowiy, or mdwdt, hos- 

j_jjl<i _ ^_5A.< mdioa, pi. mudivi, 
place of shelter, fixed abode, 

<-^>^ yjjAj (J^j rajil bidoon mdwa, 
a man without fixed abode ; 

(_fj ' {^^ ^^'^ adwa, jackal. 
^_^-l ai, that is to say ; i.e. 
\i\ or ^j ^1 ain'am, or aiwd, yes, 

^ aiy, what ? which ? what, 

'•'*(-?'- LvT* <^ ' o/y mart, whoever; 
aiy md, whatever. 

^^ /«?V^ '^^^^y ^ 

bl (7?/a, come along ! 

Ci^il^ U.l ai7/a Jidnct, whatever it 
may be. 

>>zJ.>} - ^T adya, pi. adydt, verse 
of Koran, a sign from heaven. 

LjJ iyyd, particle prefixed to per- 
sonal pronouns. 


( u ) 


»o! _ ,_«lj. 1 iyi/ui, me; ii/i/dh, liim. 

cXajo CJ'o I ij/i/dk n'ahodo, Thee do 
we worship. 

^}] aid, force, power. 

iiol ayijada, be strengthened, con- 

firmed. [ji^l 

liojU td-yeed, a strengthening, con- 

el-mustdnaf, confirmation of the 
sentence appealed against. 

liuJi* mo-ayyad, confirmed. 

.UjI Ayydr, Syrian month of May, 

j>) air , penis. 

^j^ - (/^J;! aisa, there is (used 
only in the negative form, laisa, 
there is not). 

, «.jj ayasa, he despaired. 

^U^h - LTV. 
jr"'^; 'iyds, despair. 

, ^51 adyis, forlorn, in despair. 

if-^}-^ rndyoos, despaired of. 
■i^ ^' for i^i/j. aish (for aiy shay), 
what ? what thing ? 

. ;j./j laiah, for what .'* why .^ [^^ 

{Ji>) aiddn, also, likewise. [^^^ 

J.jl %a/, stag. 

^s^. e/ji (for Turkish elclii) , am- 

JJbl Ailool, Syrian month of Sep- 

(J.l _ ^JljI ailoola, title-deed (see 
awl) . 

^^ _ *Lj! ayydm, pi of 7/om., days. 

^^j (J-* - (i^^J f'i'i^ where? mi'n ain, 

whence ? 
^^J j^ Ji ain (fain) , where ? 
UJoI ainamd, wherever. 
^jlyj ccwdn, saloon, hall. [ijU^-J 

L-jyJ Ayooh, Job. 


L_> i?e. Value = 2. 

The letter p is wanting in 
Arabic ; it was added by the 
Persians, thus «-_>, and the p 
sound in words derived from Per- 
sian, Turkish or European lan- 
guages, is written and pronounced 
as 6 in Arabic. 
(_^Jo _ (^ hi (colloquial), sign of 

the present tense (see hiddi). 

*-r' ^h by, with, in, at. 

ill. hillald, By God ! [iilj - aJdo 
jmoaj hi-masr, at Cairo ; in Egypt. 

<xibc hi-haqqihi, with regard to him. 

L_.-s»^^>«j hi-nwjih, because. 

, K*^*5'j hil-^aJcs, on the contrary. 

u-J |«^j^ mahoom hi, responsible 
for, bound to. 

L_-> ►<! anuira hi, he ordered, com- 

aJJI *«*j hism-illahi, in the name of 

J^yj.s'' *«j'o hi-ism el-Khed'iviy, in 

the Khedive's name. 

( 15 ) 


t— »lfcjl _ c—j'j hah, pi. ahwab, door, 
gate, chapter. 

^'jLW het'bdn, gates, tunnels, shafts. 

h]''ji hawwdha, large door, gate. 

»__>iy haiowdh, doorkeeper. 

\j\i Bdbd (Turkish), father, old man. 

h\j Bdha, Coptic month of October. 

(Ji.jb hdhoosh (Turkish, impoosh) , 

^^i - cub hdia, he passed the 
night (see hiydt). 
.Urj'o hddinjdrij aubergine, egg- 

.Ijl . jii beer, -pi. ahidr (femin,), 

jWi hayydr, a professional clearer 

of wells. 
Oj.lj bdrood (Turkish), gunpowder. 
Hj. .'j bdrooda, musket. [jyiityij 

'iXi hdra (Persian, pdra), bit, 
piece, 40 paras equal one 
piastre, 2id. L^^ 

j\i baz, drum, tom-tom. 

.Ij'o bdzdr (Persian, also i:)dzdr), 
market, bazaar. t^ij.?*^ 

^jXi bdas, harm, calamity. 

,-.l> ^ Id bdas, never mind ! no 

^\j bdsh (Turkish), head, chief. 

^>ib bdsJii (Turkish), its head, 
chief of it. 

C ^^ ^j^\j bdsh-Jcdtlb, chief clerk. 

, ^*i» J >xCs»- halceem-bdshi, chief 
doctor, surgeon-major. 

^>iU ^^^1 on-basJd (Turkish), chief 
of ten, corporal. 

^ilj :y yooz-bdslii (Turkish), chief 
of a hundred, army captain. 

^g/ilj lLAJu bmg-bdshi, or bm-hashi 
(Turkish), chief of a thousand. 




Ij bdsh-takhta, desk, chest 

of drawers. 

tSj'.'Jib _ Li,b hdshd, pi. hdshdivdt 
i^Qvs.pdslid), pasha, ''bashaw.^* 

lajl _ 1:>U t((i (vulgarism for iht), 
armpit, a big armful, embrace. 

c^lsU Ci^^' taht bdtah, under your 

»jij _ cU hd'aa, he sold (see heea'). 

cjj or clj ?;rt'a, or &o'o, fathom, ^W 

stretch with both arms wide 

Jb ?>aZ, heart, mind, memory. 

<LXi[} ^Is- Jchallee baldk, take care ! 
keep in mind ! 

^Jkijl V^ bdid efendi, (Persian, 
bdld, high) , a civilian official 
corresponding in rank to our 
Right Hon., inferior to a Mu- 
sliecr or Vizier, but superior to 
a Farccq or Bounieli Beylcrbcy . 

jX'il'j bdldsh (colloquial), never 

mind ! 
^'j bdlta (Turkish), axe, hatchet. 

Jb bdio (European), bale ; dance, 

iiiJlj hdJoza, pudding of sugar and 

starch. [jf'^^'j 


( 16 ) 


^UL«lj hdniia, a small vegetable, 
hibiscus, or ahelmosclius esciilcntus. 

j^'uo - ^j'j hiina, it appeared (see 
hey an) . 

^j'j 6a?i, weeping-willow ', nut 

tree ; moringa. 

■a -a 

iujjl or Uli hetta, or olhetta, of course; 

not at all. 
ll» hattdn, for certain, decidedly. 

J'xj hatara, lie cut, amputated. [Jis.) 

»Xs) _ c'joor ^L Lata' (colloquialism), 

of (see mata') . 

Jyj hatool, Virgin Mary. 

uL^j hassa, he prompted to evil, 

told a secret. 

ijX) hasra, pustule, carbuncle. 

c:^^ halit, pure in lineage. 

L^^ halis, inquiry, search for. 

L:L--jsr haliasa, he inquired after, 
searched for. 

C--v.=>-'j hdliasa, he discussed. 

iuU-U-« mohdhasa, discussion. 

l:;:^:^.* mahltas, subject of inquiry, 

.'jsrl - ,^ hahr, pi. ahhdr, ocean, 
sea, great river, canal ; space 
of time. 

(Jj^j!i\ j^, hahr en-Ncel, River Nile. 

JazV .:sr^ haltr eJ-aazani, Nile, or 

greatest canal. 
, i^^ j.2sr hnlir Yvsvf, canal of 

Joseph in Upper Egypt. 

^j'JaxiJI ^ hahr esh-shaitdn, DeviFs 

sea, mirage. 
jA^\ jss: hahr el-aJimar, Red Sea. 

la«-»jL«jl .jsT halir el-motaivassit, 

Mediterranean Sea. 
laAs-fi .rsT hahr mohect, surrounding 


iij>.«JI ^^ s fi hahr el-modda, in 

the course of the interval. 
^cysT hahriy, maritime ; a sailor. 

^j^^ ^^y>^ el-ivajh el-hahrly, Lower 
Egypt, the part near the sea. 

^ ,s^ hahriy a, naval affairs; sailors. 

i^jS^^ (_>^j harriy -hahriy, amphi- 

H^sr hohaira, lake. 

LLsT hahrdya, depression, hollow 
place, sink. 

Lj-:^ or ^J^ hahaira or hohaira, 
Delta of Nile as a whole ; 
especially the N.W. province, 
of which Damanhoor is the 

\ J . Lss: hahrdn tva harrdn, by 

sea and land. 
.»aklj hdhuor, dog-days ; Sirius. 
^J^J^, huhrdn, crisis, delirium. 
c:,^ halcht, good luck. 
Ll^>sr halihcet, lucky. 

jss: halihara, it gave out smoke, 

bukhdr, pi. ahJihira, 
exhalation, odour, vapour. 

b^ - / 


( 17 ) 


<^sr bakJioor, incense. 

j=-^^ - i^'ji-lj hdkhira, pi. hawdhliir, 
steam-engine. t;»^S 

.rsaj' tahakhkhara, he perfumed or 
fumigated liimself. 

^^J^isr hakhs, very low price, mini- 
mum price. 

jJij^/ikST hakhsheesh (Persian), gift, 
" tip," reward, bribe. 

iJ^kr . (J,;^' hokhl, avarice ; haklieel, 

Okj hadda, lie dispersed. 

Jo 1i III hodd, no escape, inevitably. 

JJ.J baddada, lie squandered, made 
away witli. 

<^iSx'i tabdeed, extravagance, mis- 
use or misappropriation of 

jsAJUwl istabadda, lie became abso- 
lute, behaved like a tyrant. 



oIAjlL.1 istibdcid, absolutism, ty- 
ranny, autocracy. 

^tiljjul***! istibdddiy, tyrannical, 

Sxx^^ mostabidd, tyrant, autocrat. 

\sh\ or IlJo badd, or ibtadd, he 

'^\s^ or ^Jo &ef?a, or beddya, a be- 

^j_5j'j 6af7?', a beginning, beginner. 

j^V -*^(_ft>lj ?>ac?i el-amr, the begin- 

111 no; of the affair. 
\s'L\ ihtidd, a beginning. 
" j'jvjLl ibtidd'nj, preliminary ; first 

'k>S\Sxi\ 'k*!i^o viahkama ihtiddiya, 
court of first instance. 

^^_£,\'xx^ mubtadi, novice, a be- 

*^t)U^ _ \sx^ mabda, pi. mabddi, 
origin, first principles. 

\x>\ ahdd, he created, put forth, 

..Jkj _ jS,) badr, pi. bodoor, full 
moon. [ JJU - »AJ 

.Jo badara, he came upon, sur- 

.j'o bddara, he undertook, hastened, 
set about. 

Ji.jU^ mubddara, undertaking, 

ii.ljo baddra, basket, niarket- 




in staiif fi. 

^/.'jo baddri, chickens; i.e. early 
hatched. ^tt^j' 

.J.JO baidar (Syrian), threshing- 
floor. [^^ 

^.J^j badri, early. 

cJs^l or cJj bad a' a or abda'a, he 

invented, started a novelty or 


iccJo bida'a, innovation, heresy. 

cljol ibdd'a, invention, imagina- 

x.iSi badec'a, strange, eccentric ; 

Jj>) badal, a change, exchange. 

.0 or ^c liSi hiidaldn 'ou or viin, 
I instead of. 




lUljj hadaliija, substitution ; fee 
for exemption, e.g., from con- 

'HiSi hadla, change of linen, suit 
of clothes. 

Jj.j haddala, he changed, ex- 
changed, substituted. Ljii 

(JjAjJ tabdeel, a causing of change 
or substitution ; disguise. 

Jj'jJ or Jj'o bddala, or tahddala, 
he exchanged, interchanged. 

Jc!jIx< or J'li^ hiddl, or muhddala, 
mutual exchange. 

J'ci^-*.! istihddl, rotation or roster 
of officials on duty, change or 
relief of garrison or of time- 
expired men. 

jj'j.jl _ ^^\i hadan, pi. ahddn, 
trunk of human body, bulk. 

iiliio haddna, corpulence. 

^jjo hadaniy, phj^sical, corporal, 

^'jsrj'j hddinjdn, aubergine, egg- 
plant, [(j-^*" 

^'jj (sjj had ah) , haddha, sud- 

^^Sj hadeehiy, obvious, evident ; 

^j j'j or .li.} hadoo, or hddiya, desert, 

waste place. 

^j-^i hadawiy, Bedouin, desert 

W _ Iaj Bedd, or Bcjd (Soudanese), 
The '' To-Bedawijet " language 
of the native non-arab tribes of 
the Eastern Soudan — Assouan, 
Berber, Kassala, Suakin. 

(-jj _ ^jo hiddl (Syrian), a collo- 
quial unwritten expletive 
marking the future or present 
tense. This, in Egypt, is 
shortened into a simple h 
prefixed to the present tense. 

[see J^ 

^^-^JL$^l ^Jo L)! and hiddi ahtih, I am 
going to write, I wish to 

I jS[i Ijl and hiktih, I am going 

to write, I am writing. 

I >yt.ju hi-tashoof, you will see, 

you see. 

(J,4otjj hi-yamU, he is doing, 
making'. ^ 

.jj hazara, or hadara, he sowed 
seed, threw down. J 

.^3o - jij hazj; pi. hozoor, seed for 
sowing. [.Jj 

jS) hazzara, he squandered, was 

Ji>j hazala, he was profuse, 
lavish, generous. 

^Si=^ Jij hazala jahdoh,he strained 
every effort. 

^jj baziy, obscene, 
^j &in-, innocence, virtue. [sl^j 

.L;! _ .'o or J.J hair, or Jcmt, pi. 
abrdr, pious, virtuous. 

...Aj taharrara, he was or became 

..J _ f.j harr, pi. horoor, main- 
land, land. 

I .s^ . \j.i ha)'rdn ica hahran, by 
land and sea. 


( 19 


\jj harrd, or hurra, outside, out of 

^I^j barrdniy, foreign, an out- 
sider,extraueous; false (money); 

^.-j harriy, wild (birds, animals); 
of land. 

^_c^J) - i>j-i harriy a, pi. hardri, 
desert, waste land. 

^.^joI el-hardri, the waste lands 
near the moutli of the Delta. 

jj-y^l - \ji hard, he created-; yahro, 

he creates. 
■*(_j;.L> hdri (God), the Creator. 

IjKj _ h jj hariya, pi. hardya, 

^^ji haria, he was innocent. 
\j.> harrd, he acquitted, absolved. 

\ taharrd, he showed his inno- 

\jx'Lu\ istabrd, he asked for exemp- 
tion ; abstained. 

i] jj harda, innocence (see herdt). 

isiXm i\.j harda sdhii, innocence of 
status; legal term for acquittal 
of a crime. 

Ljjo tahriya, an acquitting. 
\jX^ moharra, acquitted. 

•^•^j^' ~ uf/-^ hariy, pi. ahriyd, inno- 
cent. [ .J 

ei^Lj or 'i\jj> herdt (innocence). 
Used in Turkish for a brevet, 
diploma, or royal commission 
from the Sultan, declaring that 
the holder is of high chai^actcr, 
rank, &c. 

LjkjLwl istihrd, the purification of 



jsUl-jL^ 'iuohdrdt, mutual release ; 

ir*. _j harhakh, small culvert for 
drainage or irrigation ; aque- 

!.jl.j _ i^j>y> herheriy, pi. hardhrd, 
Bcrberines from theWadi Haifa 

jjji Berber, a town on the Nile 
near its junction with the 
Atbara River. 

\jiji Berber a, a British protectorate 
on the Somali coast. 

hji hirha (Coptic), ancient Egyp- 
tian temple. 

J.A>.j hortuqdn, Portugal ; a Seville 
,'aW,^ _ ^.iIaj'j hortamdn, or ma'ta- 
hdn, jar, ewer. 

^J_j J bariton (European), peri- 

^y - ^jj borj, pi. horooj, tower, 
" burg ;" a sign or constellation 
of the zodiac. 
.^1 ^LaLJU mintaqat el-horooj, the 
whole zodiac. 

\^liV—^,> borooj el-aflah, the signs 
of the zodiac. 

Jiv^j hcrgel (Persian pergdr), com- 
J haraha, it passed away. 

^.Uil el-hdrih {emhdrih), the day 
that has gone, yesterday. [^k-<1 

^h bardh, land not vet built upon. 


( 20 ) 


t}ji haradaf he felt cold ; he filed. 

li^ hard, coldness^ cold. 

iJ*^i horooda, coldness, freshness 
of weather. 

'idji harda, a thick cloak. 

tfUiiUj harrddiya, a cooler, porous 

^jlj^ harddn, feeling cold in body. 
J. I J bdi'id, cold to the touch. 

Jk) J hareed, official name for the 
postal service; express, courier; 
four leagues. 

djX^ mibrad, a file. 

'^>ij-i hard'aa, humped donkey- 

»ti,_j hardoh (colloquialism), also, 

^tS.j hardi, cyperus papyrus. 

•jji haraza, it came in sight. 
•.ji\ ahraza, he showed, displayed. 

:. J ?;oroo;5;,appearance,conspicuous- 

\ U hdriz, apparent, conspicuous. 

j\ji\ ibrdz, a displaying. 

^J ;Kj _ ;Kj hirdz, sewage ; hirdziy, 
of sewage. 

^jji, harzaldi, isthmus ; space be- 

J.«y hirsdm, pleurisy. ^^jy^ 

*j>«j^j harseem, clover, green fodder. 

A-j^-^'ji hardseemiy, seller of clover. 

ipj] harsh, opium- paste for 
smoking ; aphrodisiac. 

ij^y, borsh, mat of palm-leaves or 

iXxijyj barsheed, clods of earth. 
jfijji hursham, wafer ; soldering. 
fjOji baras, leprosy, skin-disease. 

sl^ _ (^j^^ ahras, femin. harsd, 

fjOj) bors, house-lizard. L^Si'^^:^**' 

iS^fi — iS^y. bartala, he bribed ; 

barteel, bribe. [}y^j 

J'-ls-j birtdl (vulgar), carrier, 


'^\jj hard'aa, perfection, excellence; 

cjx'i taharro'a, free gift, generosity. 

d,^!.^ _ i^j^tji harghoot, pi. hard- 

gheet, flea. 
J) J baraqa, it lightened ; harq, 

'ij) harqdt, fringe ornament of 

sJ>]j-> — f-*y-J horqo'a, pi. bardqi'a, 

Egyptian woman's veil. 
^^^Sj^i barqooq, apricot. 

Ay£^ ^i,> harqd misrd, anethum 

CJj baraka, he knelt. 


^j-i barraka, he blessed, con- 

CJ,l i hdralca, he asked God^s 






Cjj..j harooli, herd of kneeling 

i^ji bar alia, or (in Turkish) her elect, 
prosperity, blessing, abundance. 

k^ji hirlia, pool. 

CJJ-juo or lIJ. ._A_o mahrooh, or 
mohdraJc, blessed ; a euphemism 
for syphilis. 
.^j hergdr (Persian per gar), com- 
/ \ J harama, he twisted, 

Mj)^ ahrama, he twisted, strength- 

Jj^] . (_^io iifl-^fZ ^(;rt ibrdm, cas- 

Mj-x^ vmhram, strengthened ; in- 
j,\ji hrdm, earthen pot. 

i^j harma (Turkish parmaq), spoke 

of wheel. 
i^^ri hareema, a twist, corkscrew, 

screw, gimlet. 
(J.jw<.j barmeel, barrel, cask. 
5j^«,j Baramooda, Coptic month of 

^Ji^ji Barmalidt, Coptic month of 

ij^'iji humus, burnouse, cloak. 
^kjJ.j hornaita, hat. 
(__3jj harnoof, conyza dioscordis. 
ibs.j horlia, moment, a unit of time. 
^ji harhana, he demonstrated. 
^j.aiL> — ^J^ji hurJidn, pi. hardhcni, 

argument, demonstration. [(J^-ii 

\\j-i harwdz (Persian perwdz), 

cornice, frame. 
^jj hara, he cut a pen, whittled. 

^^.jLo riiihrd, pen-knife. 


^^uJ. J hrotesto (European), a legal 

•.]b or \\ji\ —\.) hizz, pi. ahzdz or 

hizdz, teat, breast. 
J^j-i — J-i hezz, pi. hozonz, cloth. 
rji hazara, the seed sprouted. 
j^jj _ jji hizr, pi. hozoor, seed for 


.. pu mahzoor, sprouted, a growing 

l3^! or Jjji hazaqa or hasaqa, he / 
spat. [(Jij 

^j^Awj or 'k^\'J hczcliya, green peas. 
*ol or ^iii hizeem or ahzecm, 

buckle, hasp. 
(i*<j fees, enough ; that will do ; 

that is all. 

^j''.*«j _ ioU,*o hostdn, pi. basdteen, 
park, orchard. [jcaj-Asi- 

sr'ji«*j hostdnji (Turkish), gar- 

lxu«*j hastindj, ammi visnago ; 
trihidus tcrrestris. 

.jv*«l»j - j^'*''"^ hdsoor, pi. haicdsccr, 

piles, hoemorrhoids. 
k«*j hasata, he spread out. 

IoawjuI inhasata, it was spread out, 
he was glad, amused himself. 

L.waA-c mahsoot, glad, spread out. 

L'.«*AJl inhisdt, gladness. 


( 22 ) 


L,«j _ W^ hisdt, pi. hosot, carpet^ 

^*«j hasta, a landing on tlie stairs. 

^Imjj _ kj^>**J based, simple, easy ; 
hasdta, simplicity. 

J^'o hdsil, good, pretty good, in- 

^!'-wj hasdia, courage. 

iz-hj or a1>*«j haseela, green peas. 

il>j] >^kO hism-illahi, in tlie name of 

iU^jJi cl-hismila, the plirase 6ism- 

^*>jjj or *-^ hasama, or tabassama, 

lie smiled, 
i^'^ bashdsha, cordiality. 
./iU; basJiara, lie skinned, peeled. 
5.AJ basliara, epidermis. 
'^-^ bash aril/, epidermic. 
.Aj basilar, tlie liuman race, 
^•^j basharly, human. 

s.'JUj bishdra, good news; the 

j^ basliara, he rejoiced. 

.^) bashshara, he announced good 
news; he announced the rising 
of the Nile. 
j^^^ tabsheer, preaching the Gos- 
pel ; announcement of good 
J._^l j-jJL-xJ tabsheer en-Neel, 

announcement of the rising of 
the Nile. 
.>^j basheer, evangelist. 

^'j bdshara, he undertook, set 

about. '^ 

8^1ju mobdshara, an undertaking. 

'i.Ji^^ mobdsharatdn, direct, without 

^pJl_«.LaJ tabdsheer, good news; 
(Turkish) chalk. 

<xii/i.j bashqa (Turkish), other, dif- 

^Aj bashcen (Persian, pesheen), 
ready-money, cash. 

^ywiAj Bashans, Coptic month of 

^>j^ baslineen, nymphcca lotus or 


j_^j bassa, it shone, glowed. / 

'^j bassa, a live coal. 

^Laj bassds, eye ; spy. 

^>=JU2J basbasa, he courted, flirted ; 
looked for, searched. 

j^oj basara, he saw, perceived. ^ 

.Lfl;l - t-<^J &asar,pl.a&S(ir, eye, sight. 
..AJkJl ( fi>a>^ Kafeef el-basar, blind. 

almost blind. 
^\ .Lajl absdr ai (colloquial), ' and 

what not," * etcetera," '' and 

80 on." 
2^^U bdsira, the eye. 

s.A^j baseera, intelligence, percep- 
tive faculty. 

'■L^ Basra, the town of Basra or 

Jfj-j or ^*aj basaqa, or bazaqa, he 

;l^ lusdq, spittle. [ j;j. 




'iLni _ (J.-^j hasnl, onions, bulbs; 
hasala, an onion, bulb. 

^*wsIj _ ^) hasama (Turkish 

hasmaq, to stamp), be stamped 
his seal on, imprinted. 

^A^j hasvia, imprint of a seal. 

^^JUi mabsoorii, stamped, imprinted. 

mJii hada'a, he cut into pieces. 

icjt.*aj hida'a, some, a few pieces, 

a share. 
«5Laj _ ic'>-flj hulda'a, pi. haddy'a, 

goods, merchandise. [Jcxa^I 

ijx^l ^ «j1^a1i ( jj^ zoroof el- 

hiddya' wa aiua'ya, " tare " of 
weight, I.e. the cases and vessels 
containing goods. 

l=j hatta, he flattened ; flat. 

LLj,^ mohattat, made flat, flattened, 

^Lj hatta, wild duck. 

>ll3j _ ^^^=^i hatl, slow ; /;iYrt, slow- 

^kj hatalia, he threw (a man) face 


)zxi\ inhataha,}ie lay prostrate on 

his face. 

[see ^oi*. 

• aIoj or okLj hatcclih, water-melon. 

C • c ■ 

Jaj hatara, he lanced an abcess, &c. 
^jls'vj^j _ t'•k:^^ haitdr, pi. haydtara, 

veterinary surgeon, 
"-^laj^j ^_x_C3». halccent haitariy, 

veterinary surgeon. 

• -k) hatrahh, dry roes of fish. 
^ .jiaj hatriarh (Greek), Patriarch, 


Xi i;^^->, hatasha hihi, he perse- 

cuted him. 
if^, hatsh, courage, strength ; 

attack, violence. 
t^k'iaj batdtas, (English) potatoes- 
JLj hatala, it was in vain, futile, 

(JLj hotila, it was spoiled, annulled. 
^Ik^ hutldn, nullity, voidness. 

jj>kjl or fj^ai hattala, or ahtala, ho 

J'kijl or tJ.>laJ^ tahtoel, or I'i/a?, an 

annulling, nullification. 

Jkb ?>(t^i7, null, void. 


JI3J battdl, bad, useless, altogether 

(_,lkj hatala, he was out of work. 
^Ikj hatala, idleness, vacation. 
J,Lj hatola, he was brave. 
i^i,Lj hotoola, heroism. 
(Jkj or Jlkj hattdl, hero. 

iil'Lj^i (^^ 9iw?i el-ahtdla, one of 
heroes, a hero. 

^ikj _ ^loj 6a/ji, 2?!. hntoon, belly, 
womb, hold or hull of a ship; in- 
terior ; section of an Arab tribe. 

^k'j hdtin, internal. 

j^jukj hateeiviy, glutton. 

^j^k^ hateen, corpulent. 

^j'.kj hatdna, lining of clothes. 

^>klkj or ti^Uilkj _ ^J^J^J hatdniya, 
pi. hatd}it'ydt,orhatdtecn, blanket. 

kjvj or .kj hazar, or haizar, clitoris. 

ijaxKj ha'hasa, he tickled, Uicd 
his finerer. 


( 24 ) 


».v*j hoa'hoa', bugbear, '' hogej." 

( > (.l^xj ta'fa hi, he sent, caused. 

».i^£'o hd'yis, sender, cause. 

d^yuu mtihaoos, person or thing 

sent, envoy. 
Aso &«,'c7, after. 

\Sfii ha' dan, or ha'dain, afterwards, 
S^ ho'od, distance. 
4X>jo ha'yeed, far, distant. 

O^c'jJ or Sc-^j hd'ada, or tahd'ada, he 
kept himself apart, separated 

^j| aha'da, he kept it apart, 

tiUjl ihd'ad, a keeping (something) 

X.jj'^1 iha'ddiya, or ahaddiya, a 
parcel of land "/.-(.^'i apari '•* 
from the land-survey, i.e. un- 
registered (originally) and free 
from taxation (1829); now it 
means a country-house or estate, 
large farm. 

jUjjujI istiha'dd, a being far from; 
distance from; a rejecting. 

^L»tj _ ^J^ ha'yeer, pi. ho' ran, 
camel. [iJ-^?- - <^;^'^' 

j^tfyo ha'd, a portion, some ; a 
certain one. 

Jo^l ^>fi*j ha'd el-ayyam, a certain 

i^ «^ ma' Z^a^f/, with one another, 

Li*o LJ.^J ha' dud ho'ddn, cne 
another (of us). 

La*; ffi'^'^. hadlioni ha'ddn, one 

another (of them). 
^«j \z f*-*-^*: ^" dJiom 'ala ha'din, 

one over the other (of them) . 
ij.xj ha'l, husband, spouse. 

ilki haghtatdn, suddenly. ['i^' 

j^_^l»_s:*^ hagjaicdnjl (Persian 

hdijchaivdn) , gardener. 
f})ski Baghdad, town of Baghdad. 
:'wC»j hoghdz (Turkish), throat, 

strait, channel. 
ij^i haghada, he hated; hoglid, 

JU.' _ (Jjo hagld, pi. higlidl, mule. 

JUj haghgJidl, muleteer. 

ij hagha, he desired, oppressed. 
iJoSi yanhaghi, it is necessary, 

^i haglii, iniquity. 
ijjo^ haghiya, aim, desire. 

'i^Jo _ ^Ij hdghi, pi. hoghdt, wicked, 

^!ii'j _ ^jkAj to/If a (Persian hdfta), 

woven ; cloth, white cloth. 


I; haqri, lice. 
'isi^. or ^V to^ja (Turkish hocjrha), 

,^i^Ss.i haqdonos, parsley. 
jii haqar, cattle, kine. 
.^ _ SJL) haqara, cow ; tor, bull. 
/^cJb ^' ?rf //?)<■ haqariy, beef. 
LJij hoqa'a, stain, patch, piece of 
land ; a district in Syria. 

J^j - J«^ ^"'i/> pi- hoqnol, gerui, 
sprout, vegetation. 


J'Jij haqqdl, grocer. 

IjHib haqJdicd (Turkisli), a sort of 
pastrjj " galette." 

iiib haqla, broad-beans, 

^Ub haqala, large boat, barge_, 
dhow ; " hitggaloiv." 

Jaj haqam, red dye from wood ; 
campeacliy wood. 

j^aAji _ jJi; haqia, it remained, re- 
mained over ; yahqa, it remains. 

^Ub haqd, duration, survival ; how- 

^liuJt .1i) ddr el-haqd, Heaven, land 
of eternity. 

i-j'o hdqi, remaining, balance, 
surplus ; the Eternal God. 

lj_'Ji> _ di^sLi haqiya, pi. haqdyd, 
remains, surplus. 

jjij] ahqa, he made endure, per- 

^Uj tahaqqa, it remained, remained 

^^■^■i or lL)>j Bey (Persian Beg ; 
often written in Arabic as 
Baik), Bey, Colonel ; a civilian 
of the same rank as Colonel. 
There are three ranks of Beys: 

(1) Mntamayiz, " selected •/' 

(2) Sdnia, a second rank, or 
Meer Alai, Colonel ; (3) Sdlisa, 
third rank, or Qdyini-maqdm, 

^j hal-ara, he rose early. 
J[i or LG hulira, or hdkir, to- 
morrow : dawn of to-morrow. 
\S\i hdliirdn, early in the morning. 

ly^'j S.G Jjiila'a hdlcirdn, early to- 

ij.Aj hdkoora, first-fruits. 
,Ki] _ .C biJir, pi. ahlidr, virgin ; 

is.l^ hal'dra, virginity ; hymen. 

ZjX^ hih'iya, primogeniture. 

'ijLi haJcra, pulley. 

~^j-^i hah'aj (Turkish), pail ; 

coS'ee-pot ; especially a pot 

with a lid. 
Xj haJiam, dumbness. 
>'i^G_*^^l ahJcam, fem. halcnid, dumb. 

i^Cx) _ Ci halca, or hild, he wept ; 
yibJii, he weeps. 

s-Kj hulcd, a weeping, tears. 

'i^ _ ^J^J hdJci, pi. hoJidt, a weeper, 

(J.^ hel, but, on the contrary. 
^1) heli, yes, certainly. 


(J.J holla, he wetted, moistened. 
J^U^ mablool, wetted, wet, soaked. 
^JiL) halldna, a bath-woman, mrts- 

J,jL haldhil, anxiety. 

(JjL _ (JaJo hulhul , pi. haldhil 
(Persian), nightingale. [(».;_-^>!jic 

b halah, fresh dates. [i. ^L, 

-pl^b holaihha, luteola tinctoria. 

yjljjj or t>l> - aIj halad, pi. hildd, 
ovhv.lddn, village, town, country. 

ii^.> halda, a village. 

,_jti._Lj haladiy, native, rustic ; 

8,5' J 

( 26 ) 


^jJl) silj ddyira haladiya, muni- 

liJjljjJj haladiydtali, thy com- 
patriots, fellow-townsmen or 

tJuJj haleed, clown, rustic, stupid. 

'iiih haldda, stupidity, rusticity. 


.Ju halloor {bannoor), crystal, 

i,jyjj balsam, balsam, balm. 

^Lm*1j balasdn, balsamodendron, 

"^oJL balldsiy, a species of earthen- 
ware jars made at Ballds in 
Upper Egypt. 


j_^<3jJL _ fjcii ballds, pi. baldlees, 

same as balldsiy. 
\sL or ILb balta, or baldt, piece 

of rock ; paving-stone, 
^y'j or Jdai^ &a7^a (Turkish), axe, 

hatchet. \.ir'^^ 

LJ-j ballata, he paved; (vulgarism) 

he stopped work, cheated ; (the 

boat) ran aground. 

lL^.jIc laJij ballata 'aleik, he has 
cheated you, kept back a deposit 
from you. 

lajJaj" tableet, a paving ; pavement ; 
cessation from work. 

isJij balloot, oak-tree ; acorn. 

Juul or «Jlj bala'a, or ihtala'a, he 

«jjly - c^'j bdlooa', pi. bawdleea', 

sewer, sink, drain. 
*5*.)l) bola'oom, oesophagus, pha- 


j_Lj balagha, it reached, became 
adult, ripened. 

(Jib balaghani, it reached me, I 
heard of. 


jJj ballagha, he made reach, in- 

«Jb bdlagha, he exaggerated. 

c Jj boloogh, a reaching, arrival at ; 
puberty, a becoming adult or 

iJ'j bdligli, adult. [minor = .<j'i* 

ciLj baldgh, information, letter, 
news j petition. 

eipj'uJLxlju tableeghdt, information, 

iJuu moballigli, informant. 

iUlljL« mobdlagha, exaggeration. 

J'j^ - *]uui mablagh, pi. tnabdligh, 

amount, sum of money. 
Ich balagha, eloquence, rhetoric. 

«_jlJj balcegli, eloquent ; severe ; 

j^^aAj —jS- jorh baleegh, a severe 


^l) balgha, or bolgha, native yellow 

Jh balgliam, phlegm. 

Ai\ - Jj balaq, piebaldness; ahlaq, 

aOj or ^Oj &eZH (Persian), per- 

haps. [I'V; 

laL baldha, stupidity; naivete. 
<xbl ahlah, stupid, naif. 


( 27 ) 


j_^^!.»1j - s.Jij hloora and hloordwiy 
(European), pleura, pleurisy. 

L hnlia, it became worn out, 
used ujj. 

^'j ?^a/a, lie was anxious, took 

jjjol ihtala, lie afflicted. 

^Jl) or ^li held, or halwa, affliction, 

\Sh - iuXi haliya, pi. baldyd, cala- 
mity, disaster. 

iuJj haliya (colloquial), lazy. 

'iA> ij^j rajil haliya, a lazy man, 

good for nothing. 
y^'.ju mohdldt, anxiety. 
Uu^ muhtala, afflicted, insane, a 

prey to. 

^!'j 6ftZi, worn out (dress, tool, &c.). 

1^ 6if?m, coffee-berry. 

Jb hinj, " bang,'^ a soporific, jus- 

js:^i banjar (Turkish), beet-root. 

OJb — sij hand, pi. honood (Per- 
sian), paragraph, article, sec- 
tion ; aqueduct, reservoir. 

jSXi handar (Persian), town, sea- 
port, wharf. 

.iyju_^ shahhandar (Persian), a 
Turkish Consul. [(J-^aAji 

a^jJu handiera (Italian), flag. 

JfjJLJ or ^JJJb hunduq, or funduq 

(Turkish), nuts. 
(JjJb hunduq, Venedig, Venice. 

;'J'Jb _ 'XjjiAju hunduqiya, pi. hana- 
diq, Venetian ; gun, rifle, which 
came to the East, perhaps ori- 
ginally, from Venice. 

i^Aj hinish (Turkish), robe, loose 

^^-ab hansar, third or ring-finger. 

^*wiju hanafsajf violet flower or 

I^ssJo _ CJJu &anl', pi. honooha 
(European), money bank, bank- 
ing establishment. 

\,LXX) hing, or bin (Turkish), thou- 

^i,U_Ckj hing-hdshi, or hin-hdshi 
(Turkish), major, chief of a 

^jLo _ j^L hana, he built ; yahni, 

he builds. 
iyjbl _ AX} hind, pi. abniya, edifice, 

a building. 
<Ljl:: ^Ub hind an 'aleih, founded on 

that, for that reason, therefore. 

^Uju or Lib hindya, or bonydn, 

construction ; a building. 
hdj binya, build of human body. 
LujJl ^yf qaiviy el-hinya, a man of 

strong build, 
""ju^ mabniy, built, founded upon; 

an indeclinable noun. 
Luj to;u"a (French iioing, poignet), 

fist, wrist ; a blow. 
Ac ^ix— Jl inhana 'ala, it was 

founded upon. 
>lx) hannd, builder, mason. 


( 28 ) 

.=>- *l»j hannd Jioi'r, freemason, 
j^'oju hanidn, Hindoo trader. 


^JuG tahanna, lie adopted a son. 

^1 or .J bin, or ihn, sou, 

ly: or y;vV 01" ^'>^:'' ahnd, or hanoon, 
or 5e?«', sons. 

t4i^*'jij _ c:^Ju or ^ij' i'inrt, or hint, 
pi. handt, daugliter_, girl. 

^Ju hanawiy, filial. 

( h,^ ^Xi Beni Sooef (for Btni 

Yusuf), cliildren of Josepli ; a 
province and town in upper 

^.! ^1 ihn dwa, jackal. 

i/^j^ (^;'l ihii 'irs, weasel. [ivM.c 

ij^ (ji^'Ju handt n'ash, tlie con- 
stellations of the Great and 
Little Bear ; a star in tlie 
Great Bear. 

^■'Ju L_^ 'anah handtly, pipless 

JUj hanndni, pigeon-liouse. 

^»jjj" — Ub Benha, a town in 
Lower Egypt, " capital of the 
Caliouhiija province. 

^J^ or O-fJ 6«/<^j or hohtdn, lie, 

J JuJ halidala, he shook, ill-treated, 
used violence. 


yj bah it, pale, wan. 
^l^j halidta , pallor, anoemia. 
^*? halija, gaiety, jollity, buxom- 


j^\ ibtahaja, he was gay, jolly. 

, Xii hahdr, s^iice, condiment. 

I .ti] ahliar, artery; aorta. 

J&'o hdhir, evident, bright, beau- 

ji^ baliz, heaviness, seriousness. 

laJbU hdldz, a serious or important 
matter ; improper (conduct) . 

(Vlij or ^i) hihaq, dartre ; vitiligo, 

(JJi^) hahlool, idiotic, foolish, silly. 

^1 Jij bahlawdn (Persian pehlevdn) , 
athlete, gymnast, acrobat. 

Lc'-^ balidma, stupor. 

j^s.i\ ahliama, he hid, left vague or 

^1^1 ihhdm, doubt, incertitude. 

i«^x< muhham, left vague, doubtful, 

*a>'j or J.^1 ihhdm, or hdhim, thumb, 

great toe. 

*.4-il ahham, inarticulate beast, 
dumb animal. 

^'^ _ ^^-M) haheema, pi. hahdyim, 
beast, cattle, "behemoth.''' 

Ijj hahd, beauty, brilliancy. 

lu bailee, beautiful, bright. 

u_>'j _ (-^Cj hawwdh, door-keeper 

(see hdb) . 

_»> hoh, an appearing. 

—}S\ abdha, he permitted, made 


( 29 ) 


^'o! ihdha, permission^ licence. 

'jU) mohdh, lawful_, allowed; free 
(land) . 

h>-[j bdha, a courtyard. [^>-l,*. 

li'j _ ^Jj hohh, rottenness ; hdyikli, 

vile^ stinking. 

J'j j-i^jJi taziucer hdyiJch, foul 
perjury or forgery. 

.»j hor, waste land^ ruin. 
J'k^ jyi hor sdllli, waste^ but fit for 

J'j hdyir, waste, uncultivated, 

.'y haivdr, loss, ruin. 

s,.U or s,^j haivara (Englisli), 
bower anclior. 

AJj«>jj ^-^^t^^ Sori Sct'eed, Port Said. 

^,o ioori (Turkish), trumpet. 

^^j»J^> horoozan (Turkish), trum- 

'i^.i or 'ijyi hoo::o, native beer, 
beer-shop ; reeds. 

jfcj hooz (Turkish), ice. 

;*j boz, muzzle, or jowl of animal. 

^.■c \%-i — jy} hawwaza (Turkish 

hozmaq) , he spoilt. 
iLw^j or I -^y boos, or boosa, a kiss. 

ii*.jk)_ _ r7~'.J bcisa, he kissed ; 
yahoos, he kisses. 

Jlc^) or A/jjj; 6oosa (French, ^'^pouce"), 

<>d2Aw^) or j:jLw»^ bosta (European), 
post-ofiice, post. 

jJiv hosli (Turkish), empty, non- 
sense, ' bosh.^^ 

^'jjl _ ij^^i bosh, pi. oicbdsh, mob, 

j^^kj 6oos, reeds, thatch.' 

ijo or iciio hooza, native beer, beer- 
shop ; reeds for seating chairs. 

c'.j or cij boa', or iaa', fathom, a 

stretch with both arms wide 

JjL;l _ ^y 6002, pi. ahivdq, trumpet, 

iJ\> bawiiki, colonnade, arches. 
J»j hoJ, urine. 

(J ^AJ' or JIj bdda, or tabawwala, 
he pissed. 

^icLa^ mibivala, urinal. 

^^jf^ (}<^i bol suliJcariy, diabetes. 

Shi hooidd, steel. \<^_ 1^ 

,i*aJo holccs (European), the 

M^j^Lxii (_^Aj>c 'aslcariy el-boleeSj 
a policeman. 

i^jJo boleesa (European), a policy, 
bill of lading. 

lLJJ^) holook (Turkish), company, 

jixol ^^^^, holooh anieeni (Turk- 
ish), quarter-master. lJ;^ 
*y _ ^^o booma, pi. boom, owl. 

ici/jj Ba-ona, or Ba-oona, Coptic 

month of June. 
»b or !Jkj booh, or 6a/«, copulation. 

'jo or Lo 6o?/(Z (Turkish hoyci), 
paint, varnish, blacking. 


( 30 ) 

i^:5-ljio hoydji, slioe-black. 

CLj'jo hiydt, a passing tlie niglit. 

CI^ojUi maheet, niglit's lodging. 

Ci^jju _ dj'o hdta, he passed the 
night ; yaheet, he passes the 

Li_>i,jj - 0^:fJ &a/f, pi. hoyoot, 
house ; recess, pigeon-hole ; 
couplet of verses. 

LL^'ajl ahydt, couplets of verses. 

cl.>^aG»1 ei^J^^ hait el- anTcahoot, 
spider's web. 

UJl d^>j bait el-md, water-closet. 

^lU _ (JIaII d-^J^ &a;'i el-mdl, sa- 
cred Moslem treasury for re- 
ligious legal matters, such as 
inheritance ; as distinct from 
the Mdliya, or Finance. 

tiaj or Cl^ji-j heet, or 6ee(7, or haid, 
ruin, dilapidation. 

tiaj tJo'j had heed, a bad part of 
the bank of the Nile or a 
canal ; the danger of scour- 
ing ; whirlpool. 

rost heed, a reserve 



bank, behind the threatened 
bank of a river ; a reserve, 
extra, a substitute. L^j^^ 

sjUj hiydda (Persian ijiydda), in- 

jj^^ hairdq (Turkish), banner, 

ijj^j heera (European), beer. 

i^CJo heesh, aconite ; a hole dug. 

(_/jIjj baydd, whiteness, white of 
eye, or of egg. 

v^j _ ^jaXi] abyad, femin. haidd, 

i/iJ<> haid, or heed, pi., white 
people or things. 

^iJjo hayyada, he whitened, white- 
washed ; wrote out a clean 
copy. [^'Lj 

/^jU,-<i mohayyid, copying clerk. 

d.^lj' hddet, (the hen) laid an egg. 

^jj _ La>j haida, pi. iaiVZ, egg. 

^^>x< _ ifl-ajkj haidiy, oval ; ma- 
?>ee<:Z, ovary. 

^^ - j'-^l^ haitdr, veterinary sur- 
geon (see hatara). 

«jo heea', or haia', sale. 

jJUJu »>j &eea.' mona'qid, complete 
or perfect sale. 



^ «jU 6eea' saheeh, or 
jdyiz, valid or lawful sale. 

(JIjIj or li^'J »J0 heea' fasid, or &dh7, 

defective or invalid sale. 

Li-j'o «_M &eea' &ft^^, definite sale. 

\;^ fj^ Z^cea' qahriy, forced sale, 

^'j^l »jj heea' el-wafd, " veuie a; 
remere," '' pacte de rachat," sale 
with option of re-purchase 
within five years ; a species of 
mortgage or pledge. 

JiljoLjj^'o ^i heea' hil-istighldl, a 
" vente a remere," in which tbe 
seller (pledger) retains the 
enjoyment of the thing sold 

«jJO _ c'o hda'a, he sold; yaheea' he 


( 31 ) 


c'jij! inhcia'a, it was sold. 

cUL) _ «Jij hdya, seller ; haijyda', 
professional seller^ tradesman. 

htj^ heea'a, ancient name for a 
synagogue or church. 

c'jto mob a a' , sold. 

«ja^ mabeea', sale ; place of sale. 

«jjk>»J U-maheea' , for sale. 

icioU^ 7)101) ay a' a, sale ; contract of 

CJo - ^-Ll^i-J &tu'^^ a Bey, Colonel 
(see Bey). 

^jljUu.U) or ^j'jL«,1>«jlj beemdristdn, 
Sindmdristdn (Persian) , hospital, 

^J,JJ heydn, declai'ation, a showing ; 

(^j^. - {J^ hdna, it was separated ; 
was clear -, yabeen, it is sepa- 
rated, is clear. 

j^jo bayyana, he showed, proved, 
made clear. 

/ ^J:^^ tabayyana, it was evident, 
was proved. 

^jjIa-UiI istabdnaj it became clear. 

^1j1 abdna, he showed : it was 

ijjUi' or ^jjtlj bdyana, or tabdyana, 
it was different, distinct from, 
it differed. 

^^ &atji, separation, space be- 
tween ; between. 

^j-x^U> ind-bain, that which is be- 

^Jl) or ^l> bay in, or bay y in, clear, 

^j bayyin, a witness. [jJbU; 

L:i.>lijo _ k'xj^ bayyina, pi. bayyindt, 
clear proof. [eu'^1 

^5*0 bdyin, irrevocable divorce, a 
divorced woman. 


.j^-jokj tabyecn, demonstration, 
a jDroving. 

^_jk_A-« mobecn, showing ; clear, 

^juui mobayyin, showing, j)roving. 

^_'ju mobdyin, distinct, separate. 


cl; Te. Value = 400. 
J'-jo - cij ti, come thou ! (see ta'dla.) 
islllj _ L=j tillahi. By God ! 

^J _ L_->'j iftta, he repented (see 
toba) . 

Cjuj'o tdboot, wooden trough ; a 
kind of sdqiya, or water-wheel ; 
coffin, tomb. 

.U"'o ^ftfar (Turkish) , Tartar, courier. 

J _ 'J ^aj, crown (see tawwaja). 

Xi tar, small drum, tambourine.' _ js.lj ^ara, once, a time; tdratdn, 

at times. 
* ,1 - f-j^ tdreekh, date, time 

when (see arrahha). 
a;'J iaza (Persian), fresh, new. 

UJlaj bainamd, while that, during. L'o /f%», reeds, rushes. [ 



( 32 ) 


<);jo _ <jj'j" tdyih, gone astray (sec 

^Vj tdma, ho was born a twin. 
'w<) J _ >^ J taivdm, twin ; taicd- 
mdn, twins. 
c:^jOi ^itrf, a tind of cloth. 
,'jj tahdr, ruin, 
^^'wo tahdshecr (Turkish)^ chalk. 

jt.jol or «^'o or «.xj taha'a, or tdha'a, 
or ittaha'a, he followed ; was 
subject to, dependent, conform- 

jtjGl atba'a, he made follow, sent 
in pursuit. 

^yjj tatdha'a, it was consecutive. 

cUjI _ «Ai" ia6o^, pi. athd'a, result, 

'k)ai*or cUi' _ »^U tdhia', pi. tuhhd'a, 
or taha'a, follower, servant, de- 
pendent, subject, annexe. 

»^'J _ Xjo'J tdhia'a, pi. taifdhia', 
result, dependent. 

^>xjb taha'iyrij allegiance, nation- 

c»juLc mathooa', king, master, he 
who is obeyed. 

jo'JCLo mutatdhia', consecutive. 

^_ju i/5?i, chopped or threshed 

U\-X.'i tahhdna, straw - market ; 
sellers of straw. 

ysTj -j^ tajarciyhe traded; yatjor, 
he trades. 

8,1^" tijdra, trade, commerce. 

ZfJ^ tijdriy, commercial. 

jlsr -^^'o tdjir, i^\. tujjdr, trader, 

j-=fy*^ sir tiijjdr, President of guild 
of merchants. 

y:^^ matjar, trade ; merchandise, 
subject of trade. 

;_Sj^^ _^^l i'stildJb tijdriy, usage 
of trade, a trade custom. 

£s^^ _ jjlsT tiijdJi, in front of (see 
icajh) . 

^m _ >i[^\ itiijdh, a turning to- 
ward (see wajh). 

e:^w!s: taht, under, underneath, 

j'Jl:^ taJitdniy, lower, inferior, 

( arsT _ ka:s: tolifa, pi. tohaf, a gift, 


( Qjc tohaf, (in Turkish) funny, 


I ft:^l at-hafa, he bestowed. 

t.:i->2C ^aM^ (Persian), throne, 

(Jxk' tal-Jita (Persian), plank. [_J 

ir-^ ^j^ takhta-hosh (Turkish), 
hollow planking, scaflfolding, 

^^1.. <xjLsr taJcJita-raivdn (Persian), 
a palanquin for women carried 
by two camels one in front of 
the other. 

j^^s^ _ m££: toliJim, pi. iolcJioom, limit, 
frontier, boundary. [j*^"- 

iuisT tokJima, indigestion. [*-^ 


( 33 ) 


hji\ - <-r^]/ torah, pi. atriba, mould, 
soil, earth, dust. 

^iju\j3 tordhiya, grave-diggers ; 


1 ij> _ Li torha, pi, torah, grave, 

tomb. [.AS 

|M.ljp' terhds, bolt of a door. [Jc>^ 

^s»-i tarjama, lie translated, in- 

'i^*-s^Ji tarjama, translation ; bio- 

^jUik-y tarjunum, dragoman. 

^=>-^ imitarjim, translator, inter- 

^.ai-jLo mutarjam, translated. 

^j\Ji tardzi (Persian), scales, 
balance. [ej|/:f-« 

i^lfji'l _ (i^y tiD'tf, pi. ntrds, round 
buckler ; tirs, a wooden cogged 
wheel of sdqiya. 

(^j*.IjLc - i/^X* mitras, pi. matdris, 
rampart, trenches. 

(-.Li tarras, one who lets donkeys 
on hire as beasts of burden. 

tj^y J L/tV^ ^a/*as it^a tar as, a term 
of abase. [, 

'kc\'xA\ .1 J 

^LjJ tersdna [origi- 
nally the Arabic phrase ddr es- 
sanda'a, which passed into 
Europe and became tersana 
and darse, and has returned 
as an apparently Italian word], 
dockyard, arsenal. 

cy _ icj lira' a, pi. tor a', canal 


Ijh^ - t 

,li' td 

pi. taivciria', 

cadastre ; the ordnance survey. 

Hji tirfa, a delicacy, early fruit or 

'i^Ji tarqoa, clavicle, collar-bone. 

cfJ^il - iJjji turli, pi. atrdlc, used 
in Arabic to signify Turk ; 
but the Turl(s only apply the 
word to Turkish peasants or 
Tm'coman Nomads, and call 
themselves Ottomans, 'Osmdnli. 

^_jSJ turhiy, Turkish. 

^Ji taralia, he abandoned, let go. 

^j"i tarlx, abandonment. 

^J3 tdralia, he left alone (mu- 
tually) ; made a truce. 

'i^.\x< mutdralia, truce, mutual 

<^^JLc matrooTc, abandoned. 
^Ji tarika, legacy, inheritance. 

ir*'*j^ tirmis, lupin, lupinvs terniis. 

J J turunj, large lemon. [ij^-*:^^ 

J[l) J tirydq, (Greek), antidote, 
electuary ; ancient elixir. 

«A«J" tosa', one-ninth part. 

«»*o _ mst^'i tiaa'a, femin. tisa' ,mi\Q. 

^XfiMi^ or jj»*N»*y tisa'oon, or tisa'een. 



li tdsia*, the ninth in onlor, 

\CyJS Ay, 

( 34 ) 


Vc^wjlj ^y yom tdsooa'd, ninth day 
of Moharram. 

fjb^ Teshreen, Teslireen I. and II., 
Syrian months of October and 

^yiJ Tishri, Jewish month of 

ta'iba, he was tired. 

lol ata'ba, he made tired, 
wearied, bored. 

u-jUi'l _ L_^3u' ta'ab, pi. ata'db, 

L-->Ujil ata'db, a polite word for the 
fees of a professional man, 
lawyer, doctor, &c. 

^^U*j" ta'bdn, tired, [snake = ^J'^i 

i^^^-xc'J^ _ ^.,.^*Lc mata'b, pi. ma- 
ta'yib, annoyance. 

i»wUj" or ijt»fo ta's, or ia'dsa, ruin, 
upset, muddle. 

He _ ij'jo tslSI _ (c^ltj ta'dla, in the 
phrase Allah ta'dla, God ! how 
great He is ! (see a'ld). 

'i] - cu _ JUj ta'dla, come thou ! 

for the imperative ti of ata, he 

tafa, he spat. 
(JiJ tafala, he spat. 


-.Uj tojj'dh, apple, apple-tree. 
jJij tlqv, nature ; intelligent. 

^ftjl atqana, he perfected, made 

^Ujl ilqdn, perfection, solidity. 

^'JU mutqan, perfected, perfect, 

|Jj _ ^_^.AJ or j^ai" io^a, or taqwa, 

piety, fear of God (see ivaqa). 

|JiJ> taqiij, pious. God-fearing. 

^jliij taqdwi (Coptic ?) seed corn. 

^Ji'i taqqa (provincial), he sowed 

ZjJiis or i^so taqiya, small cotton 
cap worn under the turban. 

kj^i or i^i telce, or tekiye (Turkish) , 
dervish monastery or asylum. 

'dSd or Kj tikka, or diJcka, waist- 
band ; string for fastening 
skirt or drawers. 

^J^ - i_$jxf^ takrooriy, pi. talidma, 

Black or negro pilgrims from 
Central Soudan. 

Jl/«^ _ i^A-Ci takmila, complement 
(see kamdl) . 

^j^$ _ ^,^i takween, Genesis (see 
ko)i) . 

Jili' tj.i tell, pi. tildl, hill, mound. 

j^-xS^\ ;J.jIJI et-tell el-kabeer, the 
Great Hill, on the edge of the 
desert, E. of Zagazig ; battle- 
field of 13th September, 1882. 

jjj _ t\j.ij or j>ij teled, or teleed, 
birthright (see ivalada). 

i^]^ - sl3 tah'd, she bears a child 
(see ivalada) . / 

< bIj" talifa, it perished. [CJli 


( 35 ) 


I ftlj' talaf, ruin, waste, destruc- 


ci.?Ija]J talafiydt, losses in battle, 

or from fire, &c. 
< aJbl atlafa, he ruined, destroyed. 

I fijy _ ial'J tdlifa, pi. tawdlif, 

waste lands. [.^ 

1^ _ >la)o i%a, in front of (see 
laqia) . 

i.,^ ^'^' ^^ 7?im tilqd nafsihi, of 
his own accord or right. 

t^JJj - lLUJ ^//A;, femiu. of zalik, 

i^i^Jli' _ iij..»Jo' talmeez, pi. taldmiza, 
pupil, disciple. 

Xh _ ili' ^a?rt, he read aloud ; yatloo, 
he reads aloud. 

'i^'ki tildwa, a reading aloud. 

jjL" ^oZ/rt, it was read aloud. 

Hi' irtM, it followed, came next. 

i^lj" tdli, the next, the following. 

jJljlil ^^51 el-yom et-idli, the next 

^jliJ tatdla, it was consecutive. 

jJljuLc mutatdli, consecutive. 

*j tamma, it was complete^ came 
to an end. 

*."! or >^ tar.imama, or atamma, 
he completed. 

*Uol or >J^^" tatmeem, or itmdin, a 
making complete. 

(Xvta-vlJ tatmeema, amulet ; comple- 

^IaJ tamdm, all right ! complete, 
completeness; geometrical com- 

^Ia'aJIj hit-tamdm, completely. 
*lji' tdrnm, complete, entire. 

jjji.« _ Jli^i timsdl, image, statue 

(see mi si) . 
.j4o - jaS tamr, pi. tomoor, dry 
date. [cf.^/to 

J^-jJa^i' iftwr liindiy, tamarind. 

:j>«o tammooz, Syrian month of 

_Lm./»o timsdh, crocodile, hypocrite; 
name of a lake in Suez Canal. 

tZ^ _ LiUj' tamdshd, promenade, 
sight-seeing (see maslia) . 

'ik.^d or aA^V tamgha (Turkish), 
often written and usually pro- 
nounced damgha; oflficial stamp; 
bill stamp. 

kkA^i jV.. ivaraq damgha, stamped 
paper for petitions and official 

Jv^" tamal (Turkish ?), basis, per- 

i^iU) tamalli (Turkish), always, 

Ji.kjkJkj" tanhoora, lute, guitar. 

^[xxi or «.lL.Aj tunhah (Persian), 
tobacco ; Persian leaf tobacco 
for narghilehs. 

jJaJIj tanhal (Turkish), idle, lazy. 

jSi tannoor (sometimes pronounced 
tandur), brazier, oven ; mutton 
cooked in the oven. 





KXi tanaJca (Turkish) , tin- ware ; 
metal pot. 

y^y _ ^j)y)3 taniveen, the final sound 
of n (see noon) . 

^Jjls> _ <idll^" taJilika, danger, ruin 
(see halaJiu). 

'ix'^ Tahdma, lowland coast of 

>Jt!. _ k*,{y fuhma, accusation (see 

wahama) . 

*^1 or ^i\ at-hama, or ittahama, 
he prosecuted or accused before 
a criminal court. 

J^i'l ittihdm, indictment^ an ac- 

j^x or ^^ rimttaJiam or mut-luan, 
the accused man^ j^^^isoner at 
the bar. 

!J taivwd, now, simply, merely; 

hy toba, penitence to God [^j,j _ 

»— _>^Jo _ (_jli' tdha, he repented ; 
yatooh, he repents. 

v-^U tdyib, penitent, 

c:^Ji toot, mulberry, mulberry-tree. 

C->y Toot, Coptic month of Sep- 
tember, beginning the Coptic 
year, Sept. 11th, 

ljo»i' tootyd, zinc, zinc ore, 

J J or _J tooj, or fM7y, bronze, 

_ J tawwaja, he crowned. 

.jyij" tatvjeej, coronation. 

^jl^s^j" - _lj» tdj, p], teejdn, crown, 
diadem ; large turban. 

'i\j^ tora, Pentateuch, Mosaic law. 
jtC> or j,^i torn, or thdm, garlic. 

^j^iy toonus, Tunis ; coarse rope 

of palm-fibre. 
.Uj ^a7/yar, strong current of river. 

i/^^ - i^j^ tais, pi. toyoos, he- 
goat, buck. 

Hxi _ ^yXi teel, or teela, jute^ hemp ; 
whip ; flogging. 

.Uai' teemdr (Persian), care of 

i^Siy'^j-I teemdrji (Turkish), hos- 
pital attendant. 

^^S teen, figs, fig-tree. 

^Jy^ 1^ teen sliohiy, prickly pear, 
cactus fruit. \^jJ<j^^ 

dSi teeh, error, going astray. 

jjjj _ ssU tdha, he strayed; yateeh, 

he strays. 
xf3 tdyih, gone astray (animal). 


lLj Tlid. Value = 500. 

Th, as in " think," but usually 
pronounced s or t, without any 
fixed rvile. 

L-J»«'jki or L__;lj" thdba, or tathawaba, 
he yawned. 

.U ^/iar, vengeance, [*a^ 

c:^ sabata, it was firm, proven, 

ci,^j1 or Kj:^ji sabbata, or asbata^ 
he proved. 


( 37. ) 


cijljol or ci^ijo' sohoot, or ishdt, 

proof, proof positive. 
LSj'Jbul isbdtdt, good proofs. 

CL-o'Jsa^nY, proved, firm, enduring; 

real property. 
i •• - . AJL^ c:_>»juu masboot, or mosahbat, 

c:_j'wkjl > ks:-* oiiaho iva isbdt, erasure 

and substitution. 
ilJs.^ or jjisr" fikJian, or tokJioona, 

thickness. t-f*^^^ 

ijj>ir taliheen, thick, gross, coarse. 

}j\ss: taliJidna (for tokhoona) , thick- 
ness, calibre. 
li>o' thadd, it bedewed. 

-^IjsJ'l _ ,_jsJ tJiadij, pi. athdd, 
woman^s breast. [j^ 

" Jiij' thadiy, mammal. 

8«j' sanva, wealth. 

Uj J Turayyd, the Pleiades ; chan- 

^^j^al taqeel, heavy, unsympathetic. 

Jjj'jU - J'JijU riiitqdl, pi. onatdqeel, 
standard weight ; also 1 1 dir- 
hems, 72 grs. Troy. 

Jajuu.1 istasqala, he found it heavy, 
i^. _ ^" ^/(^a, worthy of confi- 
dence (see wasuqa). 

cJo' iult, or .-i/i.^, one- third part. 

cLjJIj - ^'ij' taldta, femin. ia/tt^ 

^ili' or ^jJij taldtoon, or taldtetn, 


Cl^Io tdUt, the third in order. 

Vilj]] *o ^>m et-taJdtd, Tuesday. 

l:JJ' tallata, he tripled, cubed. 

CLJuU, mutallat, tripled, cubed, 

" iL* toldtiy, a triliteral root. 

jL>^'J ^a/oof, the Holy Trinity. 

U . ■* i _^ \ Jj^ sulsiy, an ornamental style 

'-''^^ ■■ ofhandwritiug for official docu- 
^jiii" tathleeth, a tripling, cubing. 

li^^'jo _ v.»^l*o' tha'lab, pi. tha'dlib, 

.jij' _ jjo' thatjJir, pi. thoghoor, front 

teeth ; sea-port or frontier 


, ;.«^^' thaqtibd, he jjierced. [i.__^ 

(_jyij" _ li io tJuiqb, pi. thoqouh, 

(Joo' ihaqola, it weighed heavy. 

J'Jol _ Jiij' ^/y, pi. f'^^'i/, weight, 

i; ^o/aja, it snowed, froze. 

X talj, snow, ice or frozen snow ; 
an ice for eating. 

Jb' tili'm {talm), furrow in plough- 

!■> thumma, and then. 


'.^1 . .a; tamar, pi. atmdr, fruit. 

( .38 ) 


.-♦jl atinara, it was fertile, bore 

.■•si* mntmir, fruitful, productive. 

ij-w tumn, one-eighth part ; a 
parish or district in a town. 

^L»o _ ^Iaj tamdniyay femin. 
tamdni, eight. 

j^jJl^o or y;y''-'*J tamduooji, or 
tamdneen, eighty. 

^3 tdmin, the eighth in order. 

^J^'] - ^j*^ taman, pi. atmdn, 

price. [^^-^i 

^j^S iammana, he estimated, fixed 

a price. 

(jj^^J tafhmeen, valuation, a2D- 

(^-♦J^ or (jJ^i tameen, or mutmin, 

\'yi\ - ^^ thiny, pi. athnd, a fold, 

,Jlo_ ^i thana, he bent; yathni, 

he bends. 

^JuLil inihana, it was or became 
bent, swayed. 

j^juuLwl istasna, it formed an ex- 

iJuiiLiI istisnd, exception. 

'.ajCLjvo or jJJuiAAwl istisndiy, or 
mustasnd, exceptional j ex- 

iuAjl _ lAj" sand, pi. asniya, praise. 

^Jj sanna, he praised ; used the 
dual form. 

\ij| esnd, during, midst. 

\^J\d VJol jJ j'l esna zaZt'A;, in the 

^jJbl or ^j;lJul etndn, or etnain 

(masc); two. 
^^jjub or (^^JoLiil or jjIjujI etnatdn, 

or etnatain, or tintain (femin.), 

^x>^! ^v> 2/o/n, el- etnain, Monday. 

^J3 tdni, the second in order ; 
another, other, next. 

aO_ ^Jlj' ifa?ii' yom, next day. 

^jkjJUil et-tdnyeen, the others. 

^JIj tdnawiy, secondary. 

^Jl'^o motanna, dual ; the dual 

^/ik* J J ^ftTioo masha (colloquial), 
he turned and walked away, 
he walked back. 

^uJuij" tathniya, Deuteronomy. 
, jy tdh, a robe, toga, garment. 

l_;Ijo or *-:->lyl asivdb, or tiydb, 

i_j1jj' thaiodh, reward of merit. 

ij.y sora, uproar, revolt, agitation. 

&J^}jC 'ij^ sora 'ardbiya, Arabics 


.Ai _ ,[> sdra, it was excit-ed ; 
yasoor, it is in a state of ex- 


( 39 ) 


.IJl asdra, he stirred up a revolt, 

sJIj sdyira, a state of excitement, 

jiJyi tatweer, a driving mad, excit- 

^^Lxj _ .y for, pi. teerdn, bull ; 
Taurus in the zodiac. 

A.* iom, garlic. 

Vi^^jj sayyih, legal term for a 
woman who is not a virgin. 

(Or colloquially G hard, as in get) 
<r~ Jeem. Value := 3. 

r _ \». jd ighe) he came ; yiji, 

he comes. 

M»- jum iglmm), they came (vulgar- 
ism for jaoo). 

^W. jdiy, a comer, coming, future, 
next. [cu ! 

j_^W ^^J] j^\ esh-shahr illi jdiy, 
the month which is coming. 

^^^s^ maji, arrival, act of coming. 

i^W jdh, he came with, brought. 

I— «;>^sr yajeeh, he brings. 

.lys. _ j^s- jdr, neighbour (see 
jkvdr) . 

i_s}^ - '^..j^ j'^^'^'y<^> pi- j(fivdri, 

female slave. 
js^ _ .lr>- javr, lie who pulls (see 

jarra) . 

Jiji'lsu _ hj^s*- jdziya, horizontal 
upper beam of sdqiya. 

jdmoos, pi. 


jawdmees, buffalo. 
t—jLsi- _ i—Jjlss- jdwctba, he answered 

(see jmvdb). 
.•Ls- -J^^^ i%''^> lawful, licit (see 

jawdz) . 
sls^ j/a/i (Persian), honour, majesty. 

'^..^s'-jahha, he lopped off, castrated 

L—sa- jw&Z', well, pit. 
'i^.». juhhttj loose outer robe, 
ujy^s^ majhooh, complete eunuch. 
jXs^ jaharaj he forced ; cut ; set a 
bone, put the pieces together. 

jX^ jahr, violence, pride ; cutting 
of a dyke. 

jxs>~] ajbara, he forced. 

^Jiss. jahriy, forcible, violent. 

<Xj jijs- sy qotviva jahriya, mam 
force, arm of the law, "force 

^^" Ac 'ilm el - jahr, Algebra, 

science of putting fractions 

Xj^jahbdr, violent, proud, tyrant, 
giant ; constellation of Orion. 

.jXs-* majhoor, forced ; a set bone. 

»Aar* mojahhir, bone setter, quack 

J.joLa2^ Jahrdyeel, Angel Gabriel. 
^ljk>> /a?/raw, man's name, Gabriel. 


( 40 ) 


^^A=^ jibs, cement, gypsum. 
Ja-- jahnhi, Le created, moulded. 
iUa- jIhi'Ua, natural constitutiou. 

w u 

Iat^ jihiUly, natural, innate. 

J' A=^ - Ja=^ .?V'6r/?, pi. j/6a/, moun- 
tain, desert. 

"X^ jahaliy, mountainous ; of the 

lxxs>. or ^ys^ pbn, or jihna, clieese. 

^A»- jiheen, forehead. 

^J^ys- jahdn, coward. 

ioUs- jahbdna, cemetery. 

iixs.- jrihlia, forehead. 

h[xs^ jihdya, tax^ rent, collection 
of rent or taxes. 

^Ui- jdbi, rent collector. 

fJL.,jis>. _ ^5- jussa, pi. jtisas, corpse. 

^^'..♦jirs- jusmdn, bulk, body. [^^Uw*s- 
jcsr?" _ li'ssT^ jaJicala, he denied ; 

johoorl, denial. 
^JisT" jaJifih, foal of an ass, young 

u_fisT^l - [i— flsr^] [johafci] _ ojhafa, 

he slandered, injured. 

^jkar^ jahfeni, hell-fire. [f»-HT^ 

I-w jidd, seriousness, earnestness, 

Vs-s- jiddnn, in earnest; very, 

j[». jddd, serious, earnest. 

'i1s>~ Jidda, newness, Jeddah, the 
port of Mecca ; a shore. 

jltXs-1 _ Jo^ j'ldd^ pi. ajddd, grand- 
father, ancestor. 
iijo»- jadda, grandmother. [«»::,^*« 
sjlso. jddda, high road. 
i3J^^ jaddada, he renewed. 
ii.^4i>:^ tajdeed, renovation. 

jo^«jl istajadda, he came out new, 
suddenly became, was newly 
appointed. -^ 

jkS^/**^ mosiajidd, recruit, newly 

j6.s>- jadar, jider, pustule, boil. 

^jSs>~ jidiriy, small-pox. 

jSs>- jadr, root, square-root, base. 

.i\»- _ .ll^:^- jiddr, pi. jndor, wall, 
garden wall. 

.lii,K' '..***> tasawivur cl-jlddr, esca- 
lade ; a French legal term for a 
form of burglary. 

jiXs.- jadeer, walled, firm, capable ; 
small canal or rivulet. 

cJ^ jada', mutilation. 

Jj.»- jadala, he twisted, plaited. 

'^)Ss^ jadeela, plait, tress, fringe 
of hair. {^ij^h^ 

Jii'<^ jadala, he quarrelled. 

jcljls-* or iJ]S£^ jiddl, or mojddala, 
quarrel, dispute. 

i^^\Ss-. _ J'Aa^ jadival, pi. jaddwil, 
groove, channel, schedule, regis- 

^i^'^ jada, gift, utility. 

^Ss- jadl, goat, Capricorii in the 

( 41 ) 


L—Jii—^ jazaba, he attracted, 

.»- jazh, attraction. 

u-jj1^ _ hSl!i-jdz{ba,i:>\.jaivdzib,at- 
tractiou, attractiveness, charms 
of beauty. 

L^jils-* _ L_j»«J»s^ majzoub, pi. 
■majdzeeh, insane, demented. 

,Ss>- or .i\s^ jazara, or jazzara, he 
got at the root, extracted the 

.jAs- _ .Ss>. jizr, or jidr, pL jozoor, 
root, root of a number ; trunk 
of a tree. 

cd^ jada', a fine fellow ; sapling. 

cAr^ jida' , trunk of tree. 

*'j>^ jozdm, elephantiasis, leprosy. 

'*.s^ jarra, he pulled, dragged, drew. 

js^js^ jarjara, colloquial for jarra. 
j~-j'>- or yS- jV"''", or jarjnr, a pull, 

ijA- jarra, " kesro," or i vowel- 

\»-j^ jcii'j(^i'<^h ^goiiy of death, last 

J;"?- - =G^ ifOTO, pi. jirdr, jar, 

yj»- or X»- jarr, or jarrar, he 

who pulls, pulling. 

s.l_^s^ jarrdra, traces of carriage- 

^sr) injarra, it was dragged, towed. 

.I.r^l injirdr, a towing, towage. 

j*ij^ map'oor, drain, water-course. 

^uSj'?- - ^ W ji(i'(('(i, bravery ; jari, 

^f^jX^ _ \Jxs>-\ ijtard, he dared; 
mvjtari, daring. 

|lc ^^jj\s: tajdra 'ala, he ventured, 
had the impudence. 

Ai.wj i^lc •Pj_^.lsr tajdri 'a J a sariqa, 
a venturing on theft, a com- 
mitting (the crime of) theft. 

JcjjJoKai- jaydbandh/a, knapsack. 

tj^lrr" - *-rir^ jarab, mange; jarbdn, 

'-r-'lr=^ ^'Va^, leather sack or case ; 

i--?^». jarraba, he attempted, ex- 

i—j^s-* mojarrab, enured, tried, 

i-_?,'jsr _ ^^as* tajrlba, pi. iajdrib, 
attempt, experiment, experi- 

^yj^ jorthooma, root, origin, 

l=v^ Girgd, a province and town 
in Upper Egypt. 

jj.s^j=>- jarjeer, cress, eruca sativa. 

U'*-^'^ ^U - ^J'*^ 

Girg is, George; 

Mdr Givfjis, St. George. 
—js>- jaraha, he wounded ; he 

accused. [f^*^ 

_j) .5^ - -.js^jorh, \i\. jorooh, wound. 

'T'^fF^ 01* fj^ jiireeh, or majrooh, 



( 42 ) 




_,i^a>. jarrah, surgeon ; 
jirdha, surgery. 

— ilj^ _ ^.l:»- jdriha, pi. jawdrih, 
hands, feet, limbs ; bird of 

-.!,£>- > jbs^lys^ jirdh a,^\. jirdh, -mound. . 

i>y^ or djs>~ Java da, or jarrada, lie 
stripped bare,deprived; audited, 
made an inventory. 

(iys^ jard, nudity, a stripping 
bare ; audit, inventory. 

4>^Ij ^yos- has ar oho hil-jard, he 
entered it in the inventory. 

Si,s>- jareed, rib of palm branch, 

t^l^ _ i'l^J/r" ja.'u'eeda, pi. jar ay id, 
rib of palm branch, lance, 
newspaper, schedule. 

d\j>- jardd, locusts. 

Jj^r^l _ iijs^\ ajrad, bare, stripped ; 
ojrood, beardless. 

4\j ,£s: tajreed, deprivation. 

'is>j^ tajreeda, military expedition. 

i^jSf tajarrada, he was stripped j 
quit of. 

J -S-* mojarrad, bare, simple, sole, 

^s- li^^^ mojarrad haqq, "droit 

if^j^- jar as, bell. 

i/^js^ jarrasa,\ie revealed another's 

vices, faults. 
tl^j»- jaraslia, he crushed grain. 

i^j .U- jdroosh, hand-mill. l^^j 

[U*^./^ ^arees/i, crushed or pounde( 


jJi^jl^ jardweesk, sweetmeats 

sweetmeat paste of opium. 
'^c.s>. jora'a, potion, medicine. 

I Sjss^ jorf, bank of river or canal 


I J »— »- i«''''f'/aj he embanked 

shovelled earth. 

Jiil^^ jorrdfa, spade, hoe. 

jtjs- jarama, he cut. 

^yLs-l or ^/?-l ajrama, or ijtarama 

he sinned, was guilty. 
*..a.- _ ^5^ jorm, pi. joroom, sin 

crime, harm ; jirtn, bulk. 

*.s- 'i Id jorm, without fail. 

^ .s^ jarrama, he imposed a fine 

^.<iLs.- jardma, fine, penalty 

*5Lai- _ ^.1^ jareema, pi. jardyim 
sin, crime ; fine, penalty. 

^jAs'* or A/s'"* nmjrini, or mujtarim 
sinner, guilty. 

A.K'* mujrirti (colloquial), barefooi 

icj^^ 5 .s-l Ajirroomiya (Agroomiya) 

^jjs>~ jarana, he threshed corn. 

^JJS>. jorn, threshing-floor, heap o: 
corn for threshing ; woodei 
pestle. - 

Ci^^li.»- - J^^ jorndl, pi. jorndld: 
(European), journal, newspaper 



( 43 ) 


i^Srf.. - u^?" i^''*^^ ^6 1'**^^ ^^ flowed; 
y«}Vi, he runs. 

^j'j,5w or fO^ y«>'* or jar ay an, 
course^ flow ; a running. 

^cJ^^^ p;'^! asra'a bil-jari, lie 
hastened (with running) ^ he 
ran away. 

(C^^'o pj^-< mosria' hil-jari, run- 
ning hastily. 

^,ljs^ i<^''*^ current, runniugj flow- 
ing ; being in the act of ; pre- 
sent (month, year, &c.). 

^cily?- - ^.\^ j^'^^'i'V^} pl. jaivdri, 

female slave. 
LLa^ jardya, ration of bread, wages. 

i_jjs^\ aji'tt', he made take its course; 

set about, carried out, put into 

>Li^l ijrd, execution of work. 
Jl jsk.1 vjrdiy, executive. 

jCjlsr* _ i_5r?* majra, pl. niajdri, 
course, means ; duct, urethra. 

is^ jazza, he cut, cropped. 

1 '^^ jazd, he took a share, divided. 

^'Ks^\ - •^>- juz, pl. aj-v<t, part, 
particle, atom ; in pl., drugs. 

i;^.- juziy, relating to small mat- 
ters ; petty. 
t-l"s-l ajzdji (Turkish), chemist. 

jj',i^U»-l ajzdJvhdna (Persian), clie- 

mist^s shop, 
^cla- jaza, he rewarded (good or 

evil) . 
f]:»~ jazd, reward, retrilnition. 
jc;l=.- jdza, he rewarded, punished. 


^;^ joozia, he was rewarded, 

ij'l^. yojdzi, he punishes ; yojdza, 
he is punishable, is liable to 

ijhls-^ or -p]^ ji^d, or mojdzdt, 

hjA- jiziya, tax, imposition. 

jj^ jazara, he slaughtered. [^.j 

.Ij^s- jazzdr, butcher. 

i^ - jj^ i*^''^ ebb-tide; madd, 

jj^ jozar, carrot. 

Ji^j^ - ^j>J^ jazrera, pl. jazdyir, 
island ; Ghezireh, the island 
opposite Kasr en-Nil, Cairo. 

s^Js'' El-jazeera, Mesopotamia. 

J]j^' El-jazdyir, Algiers. 

cjs- jaza' a, he cut, broke up. [c J^ 

I jbs^ jo^-df, in the lump, as a sale 

of goods in the lump, roughly ; 
" achat en bloc." 

iJhjs^ jazdla, energy, superabund- 
(J,jjjs.- jazeel, abundant, generous. 

^jb;»- _ ij\/^ juzldn (for Persian 
jizddn), pocket-book. 

^.>. jazama, he cut, shaped. [^^ 

^ j,\s>- jazm, a cutting ; the mark 
^ over a letter, also called sohoon. 

^:=^ _ 'Lo's>- jazma, pl. jizam, boot. 

J^i'l«;s- or j^s^^ jazmaji (Turkish), 
or jizamdtiy, bootmaker. 


( 44 ) 

jw^,r». jassa, he touched, felt. 

ij*»Mks-' tajassasa, he felt his way, 

■ m^jUmI^si- - j«,ysw'.£«- jdsoos, pi. jawd- 

sees spy. [j_^l^j 

li'^Aw^l _ Awj.:s^ jasad, pi. ajsdd, 

human body. 


^iXuj^ jasadiy, corporeal, bodily. 

jMwrs: tajassada, it became incar- 

^igj.&. jasara, he dared. 

ii,l.*rf-s^ jasdra, daring, courage. 

j^***j^ jasoor, daring, courageous. 

.««'^ tajdsara, he had the impu- 
dence to. 
jjgls^-< mutajdsir, impudent, auda- 


,»Aw.5^ -^"^T^ j^^^^} pl- josoor, bauk 
of river or canal ; dyke ; cause- 
way, bridge. 

^Uwjs-l _ ^»j.s^ jism, jil. ajsdm, hody, 

^ substance ; the human body. 

f„,^'ic *>jj^ jism ^alib, solid sub- 

^J.^ ^u*s^ marin, yielding, 
elastic substance. 

>,Mj,s^ (*■:^^'*' saleem el-jism, able- 
bodied, sound in body. 

^.«'.*M.s>. _ *Awj-5^ jaseem, bulky ; 
jasdma, bulkiness. 

^jUmi^s.- jxismdn, bulk. [^jl^-^ 

U^=- P'^-h gypsum. 


iWi- ja'd, crisp, curly hair. 
^J'^f*^ j'ardn, beetle, scarab. 

.0*^ j'afar, canal, rivulet. 

(Jjis.- j'ala, he did, made ; began, 
set about. 

Lj,^) (Jjts>- j'ala yiktih, he began 
to write. 

A,*jJ6 (Jje=^ fala nafsaho, he made 
himself out to be, pretended 
to be. 

(J'f^ j'ol, wages, pension. 

'k^.i^Jks^ jacjlirdfiya (European), 

I jlfts- _ i_As^ j(^ff(^} it was dry ; 

jafdf, dryness. 


I j'ss^ jdff, dry (as a dead body, 

flower, &c.). 

I 0,0 js. jaffafa, he dessicated. 

*-i^T^ ji// (Persian cliift, pair), 

^fj^A^ jafeer, sheath, leather case. 
cJ^^ - J""^ Pf'^' V^- j'^foon, eyelid. 
-flfls- j'/(t, cruelty. 
ijjs>. jalla, it was grand, illustrious. 
(Jii^ jallala, he revered, extolled. 

jjjj^ jaleel, royal, majestic ; the 
Turkish epithet for a Ministry 
of State. 

'i\ls>. or ^Is^jaldl or jaZaZa, majesty. 
^J^ jill, grand, illustrious 


ij.s>- juU, horse-cloth. 

'kVs^ jilla, flat round cakes made 
of dung, and used as fuel. 

( 45 ) 


ils-* majalla, book of Moslem 

Jurisprudence^ or legal axioms, 
irfc. juUa, a serious matter. 

jalaba, he drew, attracted,, 
made come. 

JaZ&, a making come, at- 


^^ls>.jalldh, slave-tiunter,or slave- 

t-jlLs.- jolldb, julep, molasses. 

^aI^ jilha, clamp, iron-fastening. 

(, ^Jjil*- - i—j'.jd;^ julbdb, pi. ja?rt- 

beeb, smock worn by fellaheen 
men and women, and generally 
called ' galabiya." 

ijols- jaldhiya, vulgar form of 

^JJ^ jilbdn, pease, pulse. 

(^ .W^'' istajlaba, he procured, 

drew to himself. 

A~J^ ji{j^h small bell (worn by 

0»U- _ i^ls^ jild, pi. jolood, skin, 
hide ; leather ; leather bound 
book ; volume of book. 

KlXiiiis^ ^Ji\ ibn jildatah (collo- 
quial), your compatriot, fellow 
villager, one of your own flesh. 

^^ jildiy, of the skin, leathery. 

J^ls- jalada, he flogged. 

jkjJissr _ t\l>. jallada, he bound a 
book j tajfeed, book-binding. 


liJis^ mojallid, bookbinder. 


*}!:>. jalldd, executioner ; flogger ; 
skinner or seller of hides. 

<yAs^ jaleed, sleet, hail ; strong, 
thick skinned. 

^Jis^ jalasa, he sat up, mounted 
to a seat. [cf. S^'i 

(^ »!:». joloos, act of sitting ; ac- 
cession to throne. 

(«JU- jdlis, sitter, seated. 

cijl«j.!l»- _ ^-*k)l»- jalsa, pi. jalsdt, 
a single sitting ; seance or 
audience by a Court or As- 

,^J'.sr< _ i^j**ls-< majlh, pi. majdJis, 
council, assembly, tribunal. 

J^] lT*^"^ ma///s ahkdni, Final 
Court of Appeal. (This title 
is rarely used.) 

Jl»- jalam, shears, large scissors. 


.lii^ jollndr, punica granatwm. 

iLsw jald, he polished. 

jls- or ^'is>. jald, or jalo, a polish, 

sJls^ jahva, fete, marriage feast. 

-wiljs- jahiji (Turkish) , polisher. 

Is- jalla, he made clear, showed. 

"ir^ jaliij, clear, obvious, bright. 

Jis^ majloo, polished. 

.Wl injala, he was glad, his 
heart was brightened. 

^s^ jamma, it was abundant. 

yj^ 'ls>~ jamm ghafcer, a vast 


iAs*^ jomjoma, cranium, skull. 


( 46 ) 


S^sf or <y«^ jamada, or tajain- 
mada, it became solid; froze. 

i)..*^^ jomood, solidity ; torpor, 

X<[s.. jdmid, solid, hard, firm. 

(J.5lyjj . S-Ki^ys^ jaicdmid iva sawdyil, 
solids and fluids. 

^Sj*^ jomdda {jomddi) , Jamadi I. 

and II., tlie fiftli and sixth 

Moslem months. 
i$j,A=s\^ Si^tifaicdyid mutajammida, 

compound interest. 
iy^ jamra, live coal, carbuncle 

(disease) . 
siMks^ jommaiza, sycamore, wild 

fig ; ficus sycamorus. 

jygj.^l»r»- _ <!C*lycl»- - rj*5^..S.- J (11)1008 , 

femin. jdmoosa, pi. jawdmees, 

(«<»-< 'o- ijs* f(f^i^ jdmoos, a fine 
(male) buS'alo. 

».Ks^ jama'a, he added up, col- 
lected ; formed the j^lural. 

«4>s^l ajma'a, he collected, agreed 

j^>^ or f«>iii!^l ijtama'a, or tajam- 
ma'a, they assembled ; the as- 
sembly or crowd formed. 

«-«ls^ jdma'a, he copulated with. 

a fc^s- - »A»- jama', pi. jomooa', 
plural; addition; crowd. 

*.^a^l or »>«>2.. jama', or ajma\ all, 

the whole. 
. c'^»-l ijmd'a, a collection or 
agreement of opinions on Mos- 
lem doctrines. 

cUxs-l ijtimd'a, an assembling. 

cU:s- jimd'a, copulation. 

»^1^ _ t*'"^ j'^^^^'^') P^- jawdmia', 
mosque, as a place of assembly 
for prayer. [iXs***^ 

%-^A^ jameea', all. 

i*A^ jama'a, reunion ; a week. 

ij«^«.sP' ^^ 2/0772/ el-joma'a, day of 
reunion in the Mosque, Friday. 

'd.j<xA^ or jL:l>«.^ jamda'a, or ;aw«- 
a'iya, assembly, society; crowd ; 

troop, squad. 
c»>«>s^ or ^A>sr< majma', or ma/- 

mooa', the united whole, total, 
collection ; collected. 

JCjxC**- jamaMya, monthly wages, 
pay. [ijJfcl^ 

JU.S- _ (Jv*.^ jamal, pi. jimdl, 
camel, male camel. [^'li 

jCia^ jammdl, camel-driver. 

Jl-*^ jamdl, beauty, kindness, 
good conduct. 

(Jx**:^ jameel, handsome; kind; 
a favour. 

(J.j.As^ laa-^ hifz jamcd, gratitude, 
memory of a favour. 

(J.<sf or (J-«U- jdmala, or ^aja- 
7na?a, he repaid favours, was 
kind in return. 

J.>«>2^ _ iUs^ jomla, pi. jomal, the 
whole ; a phrase ; several. 

.1.^ iUs- jomla mirdr, several 


( 47 ) 

^cIas'U hil-jomla, in short ; collec' 

tively ; wholesale. 
J.-KSI.1 ajmala, he added up, sum 

JIa»-1 ijnidl, summary, addition. 

i^ {jmdliy, addition or total 

of accounts. 
(Jas'* mopnal, added up ; the total. 

^y^s- jommal, the numerical value 
of the letters of the alphabet 
when added up. 

^jjdUs^ ^ j^s^ jonihoor, pi. jamd- 
htcr, the public, republic. 

.»^>»«A^ Ui*i«-« ii;4'i-^ U-yalioon ma'- 
loomdn lll-jomlioor, Be it known 
to the public ! Notice ! 

'Lij^^y^s- jomhooriya, republic ; re- 
publicanism, democracy. 

^A. janna, it was obscure ; he 

hid, covered. 


^s- jonna, he was mad, silly, 

j_.L_sw jannana, he bewitched, 

w w 

Xs^ jinniy, a g-enie, spirit (good 
or evil) . 

w w 

^J[s^' or ^js^ jinn, or jdnn, genii, 

^^^Xs^ jonoon, madness. 

^Jo'^s^ - ^Jys•< majnoon, pi. majd- 
ncen, mad, possessed of an evil 
spirit, cracked. 

(jjJLa.- janeen, a hidden thing", 
foetus, embryo. 

u! 'S! 

ci^lLs.- _ 'kJxj>. janna, pi. janndt, 

j-JLLs- _ ^J^:^J^ jonaina, pi. jand- 
yin, garden. 

^JiiUa- jandyiniy, gardener. 
(__;ykrw _ ^i_-%JLs^ janh, pi. jonooh, 
side, flank. 

i. .isf or C iJLs-l ijtanaha, or 

tajannaha, he avoided, kept 
himself aloof. 

(^^i\^ _ C^^il^ jdnib, pi. jaivdnih, 
side, flank ; also (colloquially) 
a piece, some. 

^ c— «JU- jdnib qamh, some wheat. 

L__>U2^ jandh, vicinity; Excellency, 
Highness, Mr. 

^_^^i\^' L__>l_JLs^' el-Jandbel-Khe- 
clewiy, H.H. the Khedive. 

^«,j»2»- Jutj.^ t__>'Js^ jandb Mister 
Jones, Mr. Jones, -Jones Esq. 

iLxyj^s- janabiya, vicmity, along- 
side ; sides of the embankment 
of a railway-line. 


^jJisw jonoob, south. [iJ^' 

<, AiUwl -^jua>-I (ijnabiy, Y>\. ajdnib, 

foreigner, foreign, stranger. 
i^j^s- junub, impiTre, unclean. 

h^s- jandba, physical pollution 
(a gross term of abuse in 

jUjU. jdnhdz (Persian), acrobat; 
military extension-motions. 

Jc_£^*:s.-1 _ ^^X^ jandh, pi. ojnilia, 

wing ; minion, 
su^ _ ^\Xs>- jondh (Persian, yyon- 

ndfi), sin. 


( 48 ) 



Ajs>- _ h^^ jonha, pi. jonah, tlie 
French " delit " or misdemean- 
our, as distinct from the French 
" crime," or felony. 

cij'jll:^ . -i^ jonah iva jindydt, 

'^ del its " and "crimes." 

L*>Sjs^ mahJiamat eJ- jonah, 
" tribunal correctionnel." 

jJis- _ Ais^ i^'i^^ pl« jonood, troops. 


^jJL». jindiy, a soldier, horseman. 
8jU=s- jandza, funeral-procession. 

ji Uxs>- jinzeer (for Persian zinjeer) , 

(^Us-l — i)**^s>- jins, pi. ajnds, 
species, kind, sex. [cJ 

^*»jjL=- jinsiya, sex, specification, 



»- jannasa, he specified, divi- 
ded into species. 

,^j«aJi:^ tajnet-s, specification ; (in 
Turkish) pun. 

■ «*iLs- jdnasa, it resembled in 

,^'JLs- jinds, similarity in species ; 

j^As: _ ^J^s- jana, he plucked, 
gathered ; yijni, he plucks. 

j^^irs:^ _ ^Is- jttrt'tt, he committed a 
crime ; yijni, he commits a 

^^^ li^ tajanna 'ala, he accused 

iJ^ jana, the fruit or crop which 
is gathered. 

'i\Xs>- -_ ^'■^ ^'a?i{, pi. jondt, com- 
mitter of a crime ; guilty. 

ci^blAs.- _ ^Ujs- jindya, pi. jindydt, 
"crime," felony; crime. 

ci^jIjUs^ . Jl>> jonah jindydt, 
" delits " and " crimes." 
Jis-* majna, the crime committed. 

<)LxLc ^JLsr^' el-majna 'alaih, the 
victim of the crime. 


LlW'o LjjJujUj mutalabhisdn hil- 
jindya, caught in the act, * en 
flagrant delit." 

<JL>Wd:J' Ji^^ ii^y''' 1<^'^^>'Oon tahqeeq 
el-jindydt. Law of Criminal Pro- 
cedure,' instruction crimineUe." 

(jijl^Ua:^' '^A^'* mahJiamat el-jindydt, 
"tribunal criminel." 

Js^jLp-l or S^ jahada, or ijtahada, 
he exerted himself. 

L>'.^ls^l or i\^ jahd, or ijtihdd, exer- 
tion, efibrt, zeal. 

j^cyi t)l^jL».l ijtihdd shar'aiy, legal 
opinion or deduction in Mos- 
lem lawj "resjponsaprudentium." 

jJtUi- jdhada, he exerted himself 
for Islam, fought the infidel. 

jI^ jihdd, exertion or holy war 
on behalf of Islam. 


,_^jl^ jihddiy, soldier, military. 

iL/_*)l^ jihddiy a, military (afiairs), 
war oflBce. 

iJ^^_s-< majhood, result of efibrt, 


( 49 


j[^s- or^^ jc'^t^') ov j'tlidr, publicity. 

K&2W jahrdn, publicly, iu public. 


J-fi^ jahhaza, he equipped, fitted 
up, fitted out. 

c:->h>^_air' tajheezdt, preparations, 
equipments for war, &c. 

jJbU- jdhiz, ready, equipped, fitted 


:l^ jihdz, equipment, outfit, ap- 
paratus; trousseau of bride. 

i/sa^ jahada, he thwarted, used 

f^q»-\ ajhada, he caused abortion. 


(jil^a^l ij-lidd, a causing abortion. 

jwix^rs- jaheed, embryo, or abortion. 

'^[^ or J.^*. jaM, or jahdla, igno- 
rance, stupidity. 

(J^ jaliila, he was ignorant. 

(Jftls^ tajdhcda, he shammed igno- 

Jl^ _ (Jj&U>- jdhil, pi. johJidl, igno- 
rant, stupid. 

icj>jj&l2^ jdhiliya, ante-Islam, Arab 
ignorance of the true faith prior 
to Mahomet\s revelation. 

JjJtlar* _ J^^sr* maj-Jiool, pi. majd- 
heel, unknown. 

^♦IjmJ! . J^^=^^ d-mdj-hool tva el- 
m'aloom, passive and active 
voices of a verb. 

**^^1 J^^sr* maj-houl el-ism, anony- 

>-L,^-j>- jaJtannam (femin.), hell, 

iLj»».| « S-'U?- jcm'db, pi. ajiviha, 

answer, reply ; letter. 

«__jI^ j JI/'^ soodl wa jaivdh, ques- 
tion and answer. 

culil^ jaivdhdt, letters, postal 

v.^1^ jaivdyib, current news, 

L_j»jl». jdivaha, he replied. 

t_jys:\j* 1 istajwaha, he interrogated, 
asked for an answer. 

L— >I»s:\*m1 istijivdb, interrogatory. 

i-_>li^l ajdha, he answered, com- 
plied with. 

i-_;lrsr_^'j ^-jU^l ajdba bil-eejdb, he 
replied in the affirmative, con- 
sented. [^.^Oi-^ 

<*«^%LJlj c_;'-.:>-l ajdba bissalb, he 
replied in the negative. 

Lls^l ijdba, compliance, consent. 

^.^^rr^ mojeeb, compliant, con- 
senting, [cf . C.^^^ 

-;-»js^ jolih (Persian choha), cloth. 

iJJys^ joda, excellence, goodness, 

ti^ jood, generosity. 

t>»:»-l _ tiW jawdd, generous ; aj- 

ivad, more generous. 
jljLs- - ja^^ jayyid, pi. jiydd, good, 

i)^l ajiuad, better, more excellent. 

ti»^ jawwada, he made good, im- 


( 50 ) 



jy>- jov, tyranny, injustice ; un- 

ii.jlsr* or .l»aw jiicdr, or mojdwara, 
vicinity, nearness, a being a 
neighbour. jdwara, he was neighbour, 

^.Lxa^ _ .l*. jar, pi. jeerdn, neigh- 

..Ls^ mojdivir, near, adjacent ; 
student of Moslem law. 

i_jl.^_5.- jordh (Persian cltordh) , 

^^j _ 'ij^s^ - j^ joz, femin. joza, 

vulgar Arabic for zoj, femin. 

zdja, spouse^ pair, couple. 

J : _ j^ jaivivaza, vulgarism for 
zawicaja, he gave in marriage. 

. jj" _ : .ST tajawivaza, vulgarism 
for tazawwaja, he married, took 
a wife. 
:^ pz, middle, kernel ; walnuts. 

ij^ joza, a walnut ; a cocoa-nut ; 
hence, a " hookah," or cocoa- 
nut-bowled pipe, for smoking 
hasheesh, tumbak, &c. 

Aj^ jozd, Gemini of the Zodiac. 

:W jaiudz, lawfulness, permis- 
sion, right of way. 

jjsr _ ;'^ i'<-Or it was lawful; 
yajooz, it is lawful. 

jU-1 or ; W jaiuivaza or ajdza, he 

ijU> jdyiz, lawful, licit, permis- 

jJl^ _ '^jS\^ jdyiza, pi. jaivdyiz, 

prize, gift, reward. 
SjU-] ijdza, permission, leave of 




j^^ tajdwaza, he gave himself 
leave, dared, overstepped a 
right or limit ; it exceeded, 
was more than. 

j%sXm\ istajwaza, he asked leave. 

:1s-* majdz, passage, metaphor. 

^ :l_s^ majdziy, metaphoric, un- 

jfsr* mijiviz (vulgar), doubled, 

:.'^^ tnotajdiviz, transgressor, 
overstepper ; more than, ex- 

siic^ jeeza, shore ; river bank 
opposite Cairo ; town and pro- 
vince of Ghizeh. 

'ijJ^s^' * fib liaram el-jeeza, pyramids 

of Ghizeh. 
cU- _ c^»- jooa' hunger ; jda'a, 

he hungered. 
^jUas- or jjlcys- or Jls- jdya' or 

jatv'dn, or (vulgar) jeca'dn, 

h.\sr* majda'a hunger. 
^1_^1 _ cJ^ jof, pi. ojivdf, a 

hollow ; belly, cavity. 

t_i»s^ jaivivafa, he hollowed out. 

I i^jst* or ( j»»-l ajivaf,ov mojawicaf, 

concave, hollow, hollowed out. 

a^ joqa, crowd. \diy*t 


( 51 ) 


^Jiy»' or J^ jol, or jaivaldn, a 
turning round. [..j 

(Jjsf tajmviuala, he made a tour 
(of inspection) . 

J'.^ majdJ, circus, arena, place 
of turning. 

^^ss^ joon, gulf, inlet. 
yb!^ - ^^ johar, pi. jaivdhir, 
jewel ; atom, molecule. 

^jSi^ joharii/, jeweller ; atomic, 
molecular, substantial. 

-^-.Jfcj*. johar ji (Turkish) , jeweller. 

.»- jmv [jow), atmosphere, air; 
the inside, 

Yi^ jood, inside, at home, indoors. 

(^il}2>- joodniy, internal, inner. 

-»- ji, (Turkish) suffix signifying 
the doer, actor, seller, like the 
English, -er, -ster, &c. 

^aw]j»-l ajzdji, chemist, seller of 

i^y^ or ^^'i^ qaJnvaji, seller 

of coflFee. 
i/f.j- or ^^b-'kijZ 'arahaji, cabman. 

t-juj-rs- _ (w^». i^^'^^j P^- joyoob, 
pocket ; sine (geometry) . 

^l«.,^J^ J^ tanidm jaih, cosine. 

^ajuo^ JUvJ nisba jaibiya, log : sine. 

jJ^ jeer, lime, mortar. 

Ji.'a*. jayydra, lime-kiln. [iJu^l 

j^ - [J[j-t^ jeerdn, pi. of jar, 

;^ _ ij^^ jeeza, shore, Ghizeh 

(see under joz). 

(^kjj5>. jioos, instaccia vera. 

l^^T^ — i^Vt^ jaish, pi. joyoosh, 

i-Sj^< ^fiJ^ jaish wasriy, Egyptian 

J£i^^! i/^J>^ jaish el-ihtildl, Army 
of Occupation, 

^JJlj^s^ jayashdn, violent agitation, 

i^XLxisr _ i;^'^ jdsha, it was in 
commotion ; yajeesh, it is in 

ii^Jt-s- — lA ^^ javjivasha (collo- 
quial for jayyasha), he stirred 
wj) strife, disputed. 

u_aj>^ _ isLX^ jeefa, pi. jiaf, carrion, 

^j^ jeeni, the letter j. 

JU»-1 _ (J. As- jeel, pi. ajidl, age, 

ci^'^AJo- _ dixjA- jeenaih,])l.jeenahdt 

(European), guinea, pound 



(a strong aspirate), 

Hd. Value = 8. 

ci;l-^'j>- _ ii-'j- hdja, pi. lidjdt, 
necessity, thing needed, thing ; 
afi'airs, baggage, clothes. [^^=^ 

i-^'^is. (1^0^ 'v< md feesh hdja, there 
is, or it is, nothing. 

»t^ haicdyij (another pi. oHtdja), 


baggage, effects. 


( 52 ) 

J ^^^^ ilitdja h\ lie had ueed 
for, it was needful to. 

-^IjJ^I ihtiydj, need, indigence, 

i^j)T^ Tt'^"**"^ i'/ift^aj darooriy, 

urgent necessity. 
J T^'-^"* Muhtdj h', iu need of. 
_l»- /irtj, a thorny plant ; nlhagl 

x^Jo- _ Js.U- hdra, lane, narrow 

street (see haira) . 

^^ _ k>'.5»- /zaia, he guarded (see 

L'.-a-l ahdfa, he surrounded ; 

warned, informed. 

ilsl».| ihdta, a surrounding, inform- 
b^ hawwata, he surrounded, left 

a margin. 

L/»^' taJnuecf, circumference, land 
enclosed or embanked ; dyke. 

^jUaJ-a^ . L^,r>- Itdyif, pi. lieetdn, wall. 

\sKxs>-\ ilddta, he took precaution, 

kcjot in reserve. 
b'^A^I ihtiydt, precaution; reserve 

of army. 
^isljjL>-] ihtiydtiy, precautionary, 

in reserve, provisory. 

^_\sLj^_s^i i/**^^ hahs ihtiydtiy, 
precautionary imprisonment 
(before trial). 

^^DSxs>-\ ^J.*yc daman ihtiydtiy, 
" aval " in French law, or 
additional and precautionary 
guarantee for a bill of exchange 
by a third party. 

kl.AAs.^1 u-jl_j ^.< min hdh el-ihtiydt, 
as a measure of precaution, 
to be on the safe side.'' 

Isjjsr*^^ _ iaJ^-* vioheet, surround- 
ing ; hahr tnoheet, ocean. 

isUr* mohdt, surrounded. 

'kiKs- hdfa, edge, brim. 

Jjs- - JU- hdl (femin.), state, 
condition (see hdl). 

L^^^-l or !»-— ^=>- Jiahha, or ahabha, 
he loved ; preferred ; wished. 

[cf. CUa] 

iJ./«oo L— ^s>- Jiahha y'amil, he wished 
to do. 

(-_>ljsr tahahha, he loved mutually. 

kssi-o or t_^s>- hihh, or hiihh, or 
tnakahba, love, preference. 

^If.©- huhhiy, affectionate, relating 
to love. 

>U»-1 or L_>'j^^l _ ^«.^j.jr>- hdhci'h, pi. 
ahhdh, or aJiibhd, frieud_, lover, 

^AJ.jks^ _ ^jlUj>- haheehi, femin. 

habeehati, my dear. 
lJI-O"-! ahahb, dearer. 
t«.^N!sr< mohihb, lover. 
( '^j-s:-* '>Ma/;7>oo6, beloved; obsolete 

gold coin used as an ornament. 

u-jls'* mohdbb, mutually loving, 
and beloved. 

ci,>Ij^2>- or 4-^^^=^ - ^-^^ habb, 
pi. Jioboob, or hohoobdt, grain ; 
in pi. cereals. 

'il»- halba, a grain, l-48th of a 
dirhem ; pimple ; pill. 


( 53 ) 


jXs^ hihr, ink. 

ijy»- habara, lady's black silk 

yk»- habr, rabbi^ Jewish priest. 

^A»- hahasa, he put in prison^ 
sequestered. \-ij^ 

jw*jtf>- habs, prison^ imprisonment ; 

<)J'.s***^ hahs-kJidua (Persian), a 
prison, gaol. 

(«*jul~^l ihtahasa, he restrained, 

(i«Jij'.s* _ («.»jk=r* mahboos, pi. 
malidhecff, prisoner. 

, ^xs^ haba^h, Abyssinia, the 

^Aa-*. hahafthiy, an Abyssinian, 

ijj^xs- Jiabaka, he made lace, inter- 

JU^ _ J,jk». Jiabl, pi. hibdJ, cable, 

(JJUrv habdyil, cordage, nets. 
(Jjka^ habal, conception, pregnancy. 

c:^j.-i- hahiletj (the woman) con- 
ceived. [(J.Ai>- 

JIa*- _ ^JiJ^^ hihla, pi. hahdla, 

«.^i^A». _ Hrs. /r?'ifa, pi. A?7a/, piece, 

Jx'>- hattama, he made obligatory. 

/is^ tahattama, it became obliga- 


^;s»- or 

hatmdn, of necessity, without 
fail ; " de jd&m droit/' 


is*, hatta, in order that ; until, 
even then. 

hajj or hijja, the 

Great Pilgrimage to Mecca at 
the end of the Moslem year. 

iis=^ .j zoo l-hijja, the month of 
pilgrimage, the last lunar 

^.r^ hajja, he went on the pil- 
js^ - &s^ ^io/'/rt, pi. hojaj, good 
proof, sound argument, title- 
deed of pi'operty. 

^ls=^ . ^U hdjj, pi. AoyVy, pil- 
grim to Mecca. 

^J^^^»■ hdjji (Persian), pilgrim. 

"asvI iJitajja, he relied on good 

lsr*=^' ildijdj, reliance on good 

w«.^s^ Jitijaba, he veiled, guarded, 

cut off, disinherited. 

i»_;ls^ Jtijdb, veil, amulet, dia- 

t AS^W _ (..j^^s-ls^ hdjib, pi. 

hawdjib, eyebrow. 

^_;ls^ _ I •?-^»- hdjib, pi. hojjdhj 

guardian, beadle, usher, con- 
stable of a court. 

\^ysr=^ mahjooh, veiled, timid, 

_^s*" hijr, bosom, lap. [u-^ 

ic js*" hajr 'cda, interdiction 


( 54 ) 


j^^^ - rs^ liajar, pi, ahjdr, stone, 

^►s*" hajarir/, stony ; mineral 
(coal) . 

s^*" hujra, cell, closet ; the grave 
of Mahomed. 

.K^"* tnaJijar, stony place, quarry ; 
rocky bank. 

J=r^ hajaza, he barred off, seques- 
tered for debt. 

Jsr- hajz, sequester, seizure for 

Js^' T^t^i tawqee'a el-hajz, the 
imposing of a sequester. 

Js^lsw hdjiz, sequestrator, barrier; 
septum, diaphragm. 

jysr^'* malijooz, seized for debt. 

;ls=^ EI-Hijdz, Hejaz, or Arabia 
Petrgea,, the mountain barrier 
between the low coast of Arabia 
and the Najd or plateau. 

{J-sr^ Itajal, partridge. 

I»s==" Jtajm, bulk, mass, volume. 

<x«',s^ hijdma, a cupping, bleeding. 

^^^^ mihjama, a cujopiug instru- 

W Hi 

(iSs>- or iX:>- hadda, or haddada, he 

t)jiX»- — iXsw hadd, pi. hodood, edge, 
point; prohibition; limit, fron- 

j'o»- liddd, sharp, pointed, vehe- 

i>1a»- hiddd, grief, mourning. [*> U 

sjw-.. hidda, vehemence. 

tJo<W iC*) _ Jj_J>^ hadced, iron ; 
sikhet el-hadeed, railway. 

Jo^cks- _ iSiSs^ hadeeda, -pi. haddyid, 
pieces or tools of iron. 

d\ss- hadddd, blacksmith, iron- 

lJoAsS" tahdeed, delimitation. 

(-_;t\s.- Jiaddaba, he made convex. 

^iXs.- hadaba, convexity. 

i-_>tX&.I alidab, convex, hump- 


L-J>yssr* viohaddab, convex. 

hadasa, it happened, befell. 

alidasa, he made happen, 

>jU^ hadasa y he conversed with. 

haddasa, he narrated. 

LijjJ'S^ hodoos, appearance, occur- 
rence, birth. 

Li_>t>L»- _ ^'jl»- liddisa, pi. liaicd- 
dis, accident ; news. 

JU)^5 'k'id\s^ hddisa qahriya, " cas 
fortuit," accident which could 
not be helped. 

^Ijesw haddsa, newness, youth, 

\iS»- _ d^jiJo^ hadees, pi. hodasd, 
new, new-born infant ; young, 

i^«j.ll iJi^Ss^ hadees es-slnn, young 
in years, child. 

|t>'.2^1 _ (..l^jiXs^ hadees, pi. 
ahddees, conversation ; tradi- 
tion ; the traditions of Maho- 


( 55 ) 


djjkssr* mohaddis, story-teller. 

^i^ls^ mohddasa, conversation. 

^Ss^ liadaj, colocynth, wild cu- 
cumber, [jf'^*' 

iSs- hadar, descent^ slope. 

i^j^i^s- liads, a guessing- ; intelli- 

( JtXrs- hadafa, lie threw, aimed 

at. [' — issi 

i'iSs- hadaqa, eye-ball. 

iiijtks- hadeeqa, orcliard, garden. 

(JlJo- liadaq, aubergine, solanum 
coagulans. \_^J,:s:^\i 

Jis. t_jOL>- hcidi 'ashar, eleventh. 

8j<\»- hidwa, horse shoe. [.iS^ 

jSs- hizr, caution, care. 

.AA=*.l ihtazara, he was cautious, 

took care. 

.ji\s-<| mahzoor, object of caution ; 

J) jls- _ tji^ hizq, sagacity ; hdziq, 
sagacious, piquant. 

hSi>-] _ 5-1 lis- hizd, pi. ahziya, shoe, 

LIas^ liazdya, dress, costume. 

j>- harra, it was hot, ardent. 

.. .-^ _ .S" harr, pi. lioroor, heat; 
haroor, heat, especially heat of 

.Is- - ''^j\/>- hardra, heat ; hdrr, hot. 

- harrara, he wrote ; freed a 
slave. \_jjJi 

:Lj\jijs: - ^,j^ tahreer, pi. tahrce- 
rdtj a writing, document. 


jj^^ or IfJ^ tahreer dn, or ')no- 

harrar, written. 
. ..s-* moharrir, writer, author. 

.lp-1 _ ^s- horr, pi. aJtrdr, free, 
free-born, honest, genuine, real. 

..»- [xi hannd horr, freemason. 
liorriya, freedom. 


hareer, silk. 

(_->.-.»- _ t— ^— s». /i-ar/^, pi. horooh 

(femin.), war. 
I iXs- or t— ^>- harcd)a, or hdraha, 

he made war. 

^j.lsr* _ hj[s^ mohdraha, war; 
mohdrih, at war, warrior. 

Lj.»- harha, spear. 

U^ hirhd, chameleon. [^^.. 

icLki' _ u_>Ls-< mihrdb, the qihia, or 
niche at the end of a mosque, 
pointing to Mecca. 

^Jl^ or 

harasa, he tilled, ploughed. 

.^s- /;a?'s, or hirdsa, til- 
lage, cultivation ; field. 

Li->Lsr< mihrdt, plough. 

-^Ls». hardj, auction. [t>lf< 

;^2>- //tV2, caution, care. [j'^s- 

jj^^ ihtaraza, he was cautious, 
guarded himself. 

jj^ haraz, purse ; a valuable to 
be guarded. 

: -s^ taharruz, care, precaution. 

\j^s- ] tar as a, he guarded, es- 


^1^ or irif'' hars, or Idrdsa, 
guard, escort. 


( 56 ) 



ir-JJ'^^ ihtarasa, he was on his 

(y*,L»- _ LJ*;'*^ hdris, pi. horrds, 
guardian, military escort ; 

iT'^y^'^ mahroos, guarded. 

jLj. .sr* CJJU^ mamdlik mahroosa, 
" guarded dominions/^ an offi- 
cial title of Turkey. 

'i^^js*^' j^^ masr el -mahroos a, 
Cairo the Guarded, the usual 
title of Cairo. [ic-*ytf'x 

,--Jcr< mohtaris, cautious. 

tp'j-^ liarrasha, he excited, pro- 
voked, incited. 

ij^i^- hareesh, coarse to the 
touch, prickly. 

^^-.-^ Mr slut, a species of cu- 

(joij^- - (jOj^ Itirs, covetousness ; 

liarecs, covetous. 

fjcjs- harrasa, he excited ambi- 
tion, tempted. 

(jcZs^ Jtarrada, he debauched, ex- 
cited to debauchery. 

u^. .s^ _ ( j.2s- liarf, pi. horoof, 

letter of alphabet ; a gramma- 
tical particle or part of speech. 

\^\ <-J^j^ horoof el-hijd, the 

u-i^ - *—£/»- ''f"/> pl- hiraf,edge, 
point ; deviation. 

,_„ip. _ iip- //i?/«,pl. hiraf, trade, 
profession. [^ILa 

1 '&^j-»~ hareef, artisan, fellow- 
artisan ; often as a term of 
contempt, " fellow,^' " chap.*' 

|Jp- harjly, literal, word for word. 

( ii^_jjs>- _ 'ii\js>- hard/a, piquancy; 

harrcef, piquant. 

( ij.s- harrafa, he tampered with 

the letters of a book, altered; 

( i^_jS^ tahreef, alteration, trans- 

( i^ir^l ihtarafa, he followed a 


( j;:^] inharafa, he deviated, was 


t__ij=r^ munharif, oblique, indis- 

(-_j^ /io?/, a species of cress. 

[jj!>- harq, or liaraq, fire, com- 

Jcib^s- Jtareeqa, conflagration. 
rp^l or ,JV»- harraqa, or ahraqa, 
he set on fire. 

Jfjl*-1 ihtaraqa, it was on fire, 
took fire. 

^^1 inharaqa, it was burnt. 

^_j^ tahreeq, a setting on fire ; 
arson ; the burnt up state of 
the soil during low Nile. 

Ji'. .s^ malirooq, burnt. 

J)!jL=!-1 ihtirdq, lowest water-mark 
of Nile ; a burning ; a catch- 
ing fire. 

'iSj>- haralia, motion, movement ; 

action ; agitation ; a vowel- 

9 - 
point -, -, -. 


( 57 


yjjj.^ taharraJca, it was in motion. 

^j-=>- harraka, lie set m motion^ 

excited ; marked the vowel 
i^).:^ tahreelc, a setting in mo- 
tion, exciting ; marking the 

'ijiJj!>- harJcasha, agitation, com- 

^j>- harama, he forbad, deprived, 

^tcj>. or ^js- hirm, or hirmdn, de- 
privation, outlawry, prohibi- 

^Ls^ liar dm, forbidden, sacred ; it 
is a sin to do it ! 

liAjIc As- hardm 'alaih, shame 
on thee ! for shame ! 

^y»- harima, it was unlawful. 

^-»- harrama, he forbad, ren- 
dered sacred. 

*\jS-\ _ Aj-^ haram, pi. ahrdm, 
sacred, harem, wife ; female 
kindred ; a sanctuary, Mecca 
or Medina. [cf. ^ 

'Lejs>- horma, Moslem woman, 

cIpjUj .s>- _ ft^,j=^ hareeni, pi. liaree- 

mdt, sacred, harem ; in pi. 

^j>-] ahrama, he went on pilgrim- 
age to the sanctuary of Mecca. 

aI^I ih'dm, rites, duties or dress 
to be observed by a pilgrim. 

&x^]js>' _ ^e^\JS>- hardmii/, pi. hard- 
miija, robber, outlaw. 

^!i»-l ihtarama, he respected, vene- 

A,jX!s^ _ A^rJ^s^l ihtirdnb, respect > 
molitaram, respected. 

f,js^ moharvam, sacred ; the first 
month of the Moslem year when 
war is forbidden. 

A^js"* mahroom, deprived. 
'L^jssT^ mahrama, handkerchief. 

\^i Es-sitt Fdtma hdnum, haram 
el-marhoom Ahmad Bey, the lady 
Fatma, wife of the deceased 
Ahmed Bey. 

(J^s- harmal, the herb rue. 

^^^js^ haroon, restive, vicious horse. 

^CJ£>' hariij, worthy, excellent. 

^^ taharra, he sought out (the 
good) ; he investigated. 

iJiJoj^ taharriydt, investigations. 

j\js>^ hazzdz, lecanora ; hatred, 

spite. [\X:>- 

t—jhsvi _ *-r>\i>- hizh, pi. ahzdh, 

part, section; confederate. 

,\s^ hazara he guessed ; hazr, a 

^jjjis^ hazeerdn, Syrian mouth of 

mJs>- hazama, he girt. 


( 58 ) 


j^y>- - Jjs- hizdm, pi. hozom, girth^ 


*jjs^ mahzoom, gii-t ; waist-cloth, 

ajI»- lidzim, firm, resolute. 

u^lr (*y''*^ lidzim er-rdy, a man of 
sound judgment. 

^JJs- hazina, he was sad; huzn, 

^j^s-l alizana, he saddened, vexed. 

jjj»" or ^jijs- hazeen, or hazin, sad. 

<xjhr>. litizdna, family cares, main- 
tenance of a young family. 

[cf. JuLfls- 

^^». liassa, lie felt, perceived by 
one of the senses. 

^AwiJo |W*2>- hassa hinafsilii, he felt 

himself to be, 

«... , 
yjus****' istahassa, he detected, 

became aware of. 
^j«M*»- hassasa, he groped, felt 

for, manipulated. 
j-„»- A/ss, voice, sensation. 

LL^Mk»- - jlls tall la' hissah, raise 
your voice ! 

ii*,w***>- or (W*j«M*->- liasees, or Jiassds, 
who feels ; sensitive. 

(^1^ _ iui',>. Jidssa, pi. hawdss, 
a sense ; the senses. 


iu>*il»- hdssiya, power of sense, 

j^yw.s'e maJisoos, jaerceptible to 
the senses; real. 

L«.*\*M^ hasaha, he counted, cal- 
culated, reckoned. 

L,^M*^- hash, a sufl5cient portion ; 

<icUI IjUaaws- hashond Allah. God is 
our trust ! 

i^«*s'' j^j^ls-* _ (^^J^Ak^s- hashiy, re- 
lating to shares; Majlis el-hashii/. 
Moslem Probate Court. 

L;— %«A5- hasah, quantity, ratio, 
proportion. [i^uwj 

u--s*w.r!^ ,^_^ or ^.^->A^^s^ hi-hasab, 
or •'aZft hasah, according to, in 
proportion to. 

eL>ljL>j&- _ (-«>'vA*j^ hisdb, pi. /iisa- 
Z^rt^, calculation, account, bill. 

l-)Im>.s" Az. 'ilm el-hisdb, arith- 

5^ hdsaba, he kept accounts, 
reckoned with, was on his 

L-'VA.U- hdsib, (imperative) look 
out ! 

c««*Mils^ mohdsih, accountant. 

d^Uwj'js^ _ ijuwls-* mohdsaba, pi. «?o- 

/«asa&di,accounts, book-keeping. 
^^^JU^lsr* mohdsabaji (Turkish), 


L^mJ»-1 ihtasaba, he considered, 

<iulc >w<^j<.'is-^ mohtasab 'aleih, put 
to his charge. 

iXam»- hasada, he envied, was jealous 

JgjA>- ha sail, envy, jealousy. 

( 59 ) 

t\wjU- or JjAw.-^ hasood, or hdsid, 

s^MO- hasra, sigh, gricf^ regret^ 

^y**>- hosoom, bad days^ name of 
an unhealthy wind. 

^jwjls-* - ^J'*>^s- has II, pi. viahdi^iv, 
beauty^ excellence ; in pi. 
good qualities or features ; 

i_aAuv>_ tj'^^ hosn yoosiif, white 
powder for the face. 

^jUj.>. _ j^»j*s^ hasan, pi. hisdii, 
handsome^ excellent ; the pro- 
per name Hassan. 

^iJuj^s- or i'xuj.»- lias an a, or hasjid 
(femin. of Jiasan), beautiful 
(woman) ; a good deed, act of 

^jisM>»- _ ^«j.»-l alisan, femin. hosnd, 

better, more beautiful. 
\.:u\xxm.s^ - 'x^n^jiosna, pi. hosna- 

ydt, good deed, charity. 

(j^.**-^ hosain, (diminutive of Jta- 
.san)jthe proper name Hussein. 

^jlA*M.s^' El-Hasancm , the two sons 
of Ali and Fatma, Hassan 
and Hussein. 

j^Ajj.-^ or ^jWAis- liason a, or taliassana, 
it was or became beautiful. 

^M*s- ha^sana, he beautified, ap- 
proved of. 

i^Ajj.-sr taliseen, praise, approval, 

jj_M*_»-l alisaiiK, he bestowed, 

^jL**-] ihsdn, favour, bounty. 
i^Mki^wjl istahsana, he approved of. 

^Ia**^\^! istihscm, approval. 

^*M=s^ mohsin, benefactor. 

(Jis- hai^hsha, he cut grass. 

i,jCj^»- haslieesli, grass, herbage; 
an aphrodisiac prepared from 
hemp ; cannabis indica. 

^l\^■i^~ ItaHhslicish, grass-cutter or 
seller ; seller, or smoker of 
'^ hasheesh." 

1JL-jS:*.-=s-^ ruahsJtasJta, ' hasheesh " 

jiLs^ or ./i».»- liashara, or hashshara, 
he collected, loaded, inserted; 
tampered with a document by 
inserting interlinea. 

.j./i»xsr tahsheer, insertion of inter- 

JLs^\ inliashara, it was inserted, 
thrust in. 

JLs>- hashr, resurrection ; assem- 
bly, swarm. 
LUjltAs^ A rt.s/iflrfti, insects, swarming 

.lAsv hishdir, charge inserted into 
a gun. 

iiAs- hnshfa, glans, gland. 

J!Ls>- hashima, he blushed, took 

Ia^iLs- hlshmn, timidity, bashful- 
ness ; modesty. 

>.AjUi.-1 ihtashama, he showed re- 
spect, was awed. 

^Is-* mahdshim, testicles. 


( 60 ) 


<K*JL^ hashma, pomp, ceremonial^ 


A w. '* mohtashim, venerable, 

lA*. hashd, he stuffed, filled. 

»iii.»» hasho, stuffing, wadding. 

^lAs-1 _ Uus- hasha, pi. aJishd, 

entrails. [15*^ 

^iiljs^ _ iuoi-ls- Jidshiya, jdI. Aa- 

lodshi, border, margin. [, »;0^'jt) 

^-^ks^ *s:^ Jalim malish'i, stuffed 
meat ; stew. 

yiss^ mahsJioo, stuffed. 
liU^ hdshd) excepted. 
^1 Ul:^ ^a.s7H( Allah, God forbid ! 
^_^.<a5^ _ Jc^<2i^ hissa, pi. hisas, 
share, portion. 

*'vX,fls^ _ kx^fls^ hasha, measles; hashd, 

L_j»j-fls^ mahsooh, ill with measles. 

ti«fl*- hasada, he reaped. 

ii'-«as- hasdd, harvest. 

J^s^ ti'.4fl»- Jiasdd el-mahsool, 
a gathering in of the crops. 

iSJ^»- haseeda, a crop. 

j^as>- hasira, he felt constrained. 

^.A»- hasara, he confined, restrained, 

Jfs'o ^-osv hasaraho hil-jard, he 
entered it in the inventory. 

12- hasara sJiuhhatoh, he 
suspected, he limited his sus- 
picion to. 

.^s«- hosr, retention of urine. 
jy^s"* mahsoor, taken ill. 
yos)- hasr, restriction, constraint. 
^l&. hasara, he besieged. 
s^'>.K^ mohdsara, siege. 

.l*a»- hisdr, castle, fortress. 

^^». _ ^xo&. haseera, pi. hosor, 

mat, matting. 

* -tflrv Inisrum, sour, acid fruit. 

jj.^£!»- hasala, it happened, resulted. 

d^Jufls- ^"j'.s'' el-hddisa hasalet, 
the accident happened. 

(J.05^ hassala, he obtained ; levied 

^^y^2s>- liosool, event, a befalling, 


(Jj^^a -^ tahseel, success, attain- 
ment ; collection of taxes. 

.liiJiX^a^ tahseelddr (Persian), tax- 

(J.^lj^ _ (J.--tf'.:»- A as (7, pi. hawdsil, 
result ; end obtained ; advan- 
tage ; barn, court-yard. 

jjic (J..A£S' tahassala 'ala, he ob- 
tained, attained ; it resulted 
from^ was realized. 

Cij^y^a-s'* - f^y£Lj:s'< mahsool, pi. 
mahsooldt, result ; crops, pro- 
duce ; revenue. 

^^^^ - i^f^=>- hisn, pi. hosoon, for- 
tress ; chastity. 

ii/tf'o»- or ?'Jua^ hasnd, or hdsina, 
chaste woman. [cf. Aa 

iuuos-* mohsana, chaste woman. 




Jj-i- _ M^=*- - u^^ his an, pi. hoson, 
stallion, horse. Instead of hoson, 
the pi. in use is khail. 

,^5^ - iil^s. hasclt, pi. hosiy ; 
and ^-fls- - iJ^-25*- hasiva, pi. 
/lasftj pebble, gravel, calcuhis. 

^^&-l a/isa, he calculated. 
^_^jv,«2r^ hadeed, apogee; aphelion, 
furthest point. 

.-iujs- hadara, he was present, 
ready, he presented himself. 


.■■o,jw haddara, he made ready, 
prepared. ahdara, he summoned, made 

..^jU^I ihtadara, he prepared him- 
self, was on the point of death. 

..-ar^Nwl istahdara, he sent for, 
asked for the presence of, he 
brought forward (his witnesses). 

ij^s-hadra, presence; Excellency, 

^JjJij>- or «^Aj'.-a.*- hadratah, or 

hadratkom, Thy or Your Excel- 
lency ! Yom* Highness ! Noble 

*OLfls>- hadrdtikom, Your Excel- 
lencies ! Gentlemen ! 

ijjJiXs:'' SjwLs^' El-Hadrat el-Khede- 
wiya, H.H. the Khedive. 

^jLjjJis>- hazretleri (Turkish), His 
or Your Excellency. 

y^^^U*. _ j^^o- hddir, pi. hddiroon 
(or hddirecn), present, ready ; 
domiciled (not nomad). 


hadara, settled Arabs (not 
.l.4ft=^I ihddr, a summons ; a bring- 
ing forward. 
j^asr* mohdir," huissier," summons- 
^[is'* _ ..^js-* mahdar, pi. mahddir, 
report, minutes of proceedings, 
' lyroces-verhal." 

jjj-a_s^ _ .^-jw Zt/VZ)?, pi. hodoon, 
bosom, lap ; interval of time. 

LJLas- hiddna, maternal rights. 

^j.*aJis^l ihtadana, he embraced, 

took to his bosom. 

Ls- hatta, he placed, put down, 

la-csr) inhatta, it diminished, sank, 
was put down. 

)a.s>- hatt, a putting down ; re- 

Ll»- or labU- Ziaii^, or hdtt, he who 

LUasr] inhitdt, decline, decadence ; 
a sinking. 

A_las^ mahatta, place where a thing 
is deposited; railway station. 

^-k-s-*^' (JjL^Sj ivakeel el-mahatta, 

L__>'k£>-1 _ tn^^^vkc^ hatah, pi. alddb, 
firewood. Distinguish this from 
khashah, timber. [L; .•isi- 

Ais- hatama, he broke in pieces. 
los^ hazxa, he was delighted, glad. 


^y}a-->- _ ia_2^ ZiO-.^^j 1)1. hozoo::, 
delight, pleasure. 



^y^is-^niah.zooz, gladden ed^ pleased. 

iuli^las-* vializooziya, happiness, joy. 

j-li-s^ hazia, he suceeded in_, ob- 
Sjlasw liizwa, success,, advantage. 

Ij'ia*- _ 'LjJ^3=>- haziya, pi. hazdyd, 

'iSA^ - SJ^s^ hafeed, pi. hafada, 

jhj>. Jiafara, he dug. 
UlAijS.^ _ jks^ hafr, pi. luifriydt, 

a digging ; excavations. 

^_A-Si- liofra, hole, pit, hollow, 

^l.*^ _ S.=>- ^tdjir, pi. hairdjir, hoof, 


.lfl;»- ha far, digger, grave-digger. 

jSisr* iniltfar, spade. 

^kj^ or lai.-- hafiza, or tahaffaza, 
he guarded, protected, was vigi- 
lant ; reserved ; learned by 


iair!»- liaffaza, he taught (the Koran, 
&c.), made learn by heart. 

^J)\s- Jidfaza, he guarded, watched 
over as a ruler. 

laasrv^jl istahfaza, he sought pro- 

Ifl.fls^ liifz, guard, care, protection ; 
faculty or power of memory. 

iLjljv^ ^ lai.»- liifz wa siydna, guard 
and protection. 

ijjk/*^ la-Asi- liifz jamcel, memory 
of a favour, gratitude. 

lail*- Jidfiz, guardian ; knowing by 

k-laiU^ lidfiza, faculty of memory. 

lasls'* mohdfiz, guardian, governor 
of a town. 

i-laJls'* mohdfaza, guardianship ; 
township as apart from a vioo- 
deeriya ; " governor's office or 

]sySisr^ niahfooz, guarded, reserved. 

A-laass:-* malifaza, portfolio, case. 

lafl.:^Mjv< mustahfiz, reserve of police 
or of army ; national guard. 

(JijU^l or i_).A»- hafala, or ihtafala , 
a crowd collected. 

(J-a_K-« or JI-aJU-1 or (Ja^^ ^^f'f , 
or ihtifdl, or malijil, crowd, 
procession, public ceremony, 

Ilfljlr^l {Jitifdliy, solemn, ceremo- 
nious, pompous. 

Balis^ hajiata, nuisance, bore, em- 

\ks- _ ^J>■^ liajia, he went bare- 
foot j liafdn, being barefoot. 

^Ic^ lidji., who is barefoot ; un- 
shod (horse). 

x^is^^^s>- haqq, pi. /io^oog, truth j 
legal right. 

^jUc i9- haqq 'ainiy, real property, 
'droit reel." 

^_»- i> ts-* mojarrad haqq, personal 
property, ''droit iiirurporel." 

(^j.ic _ viJjt^ 


d-haqq m'ak. 

( 63 


you are in the right ; el-haqq 
'alalh, you are in the wrong. 

iuill-*]! ^^s^ haqq el-malaliiya, right 
of property, " lyropriete." 


cIaju^!^»- haqq el-intifd'a, usufruct. 


^laLil ^»- haqq el-irtifdq, sei'Yitnde. 


;ljj-«^l i-^ haqq el-imtiydz, privi- 
.UUil ^j i~^ haqq rahn el-'aqdr, 
hypotheque," mortgage. 


.Ujo ^Jo\^)^\ ^^s- haqq ikhtisds bi- 
'aqdr, "afedation." 

, NwAs^' ^-s- haqq el-habs, " reten- 

^J'Jir^ _ JciLxA*- haqeeqa, pi. haqd- 
yiq, a true statement, truth. 

/lij>ib^ haqeeqiy, true, real. Vfi^ 
k-ixsLs- haqeeqatdn, truly. 

^.ils- haqqaqa, he verified, inves- 
tigated the truth ; held a legal 

c:->'JLxA^ _ ^>A5^ tahqeeq, pi. to/i- 
qeeqdt, verification, legal in- 
quiry, ' instruction." 

^y-j.,,'R-!rc\Jl jc^^ ^f^^*- et-tahqeeq, 
examining magistrate, " P^9(^ 
cV instruction." [^jkiuui,^ 

w w 

Jp-I -i^ ^"^'I'l) worthy; aJiaqq, 

j^s-l ohaqqa, he obtained justice. 

^^JL^" tahaqqaqa, it came true, was 
proved correct. 

^I2S\»*j1 istahaqqa, he deserved ; it 
fell due (as a bill, debt, interest, 

s'jJr^A*,! istihqdq, merit; the falling 
due of a debt, &c. 

^^:^Uu^ mostahaqq, deserved; fallen 

^iis^ inohaqqaq, verified, shown 

liii*- _ ^s»- hoqq, pi. hoqaq, small 
box, snufi'-box, casket ; Indian 
" hookah." 

Lj^^s- Jioqb, epoch, centiuy. 
kxxis>- haqeeha, cameFs saddle-girth. 
,Sas>- hiqil, envy, malice. 

yi^A*»l or .jus-l or ji>- or Ji»- liaqara, 
or haqqara, or ildaqara, or 
istahqara, he despised, treated 
with contempt. 

jJ<'s>.s>- - 'ij\a.»- haqdra, contempt ; 

(Jjis«- haql, cornfield, field. [la>i 

^jlas^ _ Ixis" hoqna, clyster, enema; 
mihcqdn, syringe. 

^is^ haqo, waist, loins. 

C-U>- haJika, he scratched, rubbed. 

'L.C=^ _ c^»- halik, a scratching ; 
hiJclia, itch. 


*^^-« mihakk, touchstone. 

Ja».l or ^»- haliara, or ilitahara, 
he monopolised, bought uj) 
and held back corn, &c. 

.\^!is^l ihtiJcdr, monoply. 


( 64. ) 


^C». Mkr, a waqf s ground-rent ; 

a real right in favour of a 

legatee ; quit-rent. 
^LL.s>-l _ *Xjs- holcm, pi. alilidm, 

judicial sentence, judgment, 

decision, order. 

Sj!" hakama, lie judged, passed 

,»j^{i juic *^=«- haliama 'aleili 

bil-liahs, lie sentenced him to 

f^S^ J\»- hdlcim, pi. /ioA;fcam, judge, 

governor. [(^'^ 

^Is^ _ ht-iss* mahhama, pi. malid- 

him, tribunal, court. 
iJ^jljoj) iU^=c^ mahhama ihtiddiya, 

Tribunal of First Instance. 
ij-iULUMil Ia^^-^ onahhama isteend- 
fiija, Court of Appeal. 

'iils-JL 'kAiss.-* mahJcama shara'iya, 
Court of Moslem law. Cadi's 

^j-Jj&l - HiLiis^ ^UCs^ malikama 
mukhtalUa, mixed tribunal ; 
mahkama aliliya, native tri- 

Lk/ls-* onohdhama, trial, bearing. 

>.^j1c - xAc A^^sr* maJikoom 'aleih, 

pi. mahhoom' aleihim, condemned 

S-s^ liakem, wise, arbitrator. 

J^ lialcJcama, he arbitrated, or 

sent to arbitration. 

Ss-^ - *J^^^ tahkeem, arbitration ; 

mohakliim, arbitrator. 

t.C»- - '&aLs>- hikma, pi, UiTxum, 
science. [^.Ic 

sXaLs- _ >jX^ hakeem, pi hokamd, 

i^/itb >JvC»- hakeem hdshi (Turkish), 

chief doctor, surgeon-major. 
S^^^ui] istahkama, he fortified. 

^.:L>\*,C^^>^^>^ mustahkamdt, fortifica- 

^ks-* molikam, firm, solid, well 

iS-^., - iS^ haka, he narrated, 

said ; yihki, he says. ^1^31 

iJ^^^ lidki, narrator. 

jc_jUw»- hikdya, narrative, tale, 

|i^s^ mohka, spoken of, mentioned. 

(J.». halla, he unloosed, solved, 

absolved; alighted, descended; 

it was lawful. 
^w -c; 
jJLs^ J.5^ 7ia7?a mahalloh, he acted 

in his stead. [^''.^U^ ^li" 

w I 

(J&. /laZ/, an unloosing, solution. 


Jjs- hill, lawfulness. 

JiL&- /laZa?, a lawful thing ; lawful. 

Als^ holool, descent, alighting ; 
arrival of a date. 

oUjuJI J^i>- holool el-mee'ydd, lapse 
or end of a fixed time, ''echeance." 

^ilLs>- or (Jls^ /io/aZ or holcdiya, 
robes, attire, cloak. 


( 05 ) 


(Jl». _ lis- holla, pi. hilaJ, saucepan; 
area^ threshing-floor. 

ibis- _(J,j>i5- lioleel, (femiu.) haleela, 

lawful spouse. 
(J.>l=v.' ilileel, urethra, duct, passage. 


tjis- hallcda, he analysed^ rendered 

J.j.Lsr t aid eel, analysis, legalisation. 

jJoli^ tahleeliy, analytic. 

JJ.S-* mohnlUl, legaliser ; he who 

marries a divorced woman only 

in order to divorce her after 

consummation, so that he may 

thus make it lawful for her first 

husband who divorced her to 

remarry her. 
Jjkrvl ihtalla, he alighted, took 

up his residence ; (the army) 

occupied (a country) . 

JJ1jI>-1 ihtildl, residence, occupa- 
tion Ly an army. 

JSUs^^l fJij^ jaish el-ihtihll, Army 
of Occupation. 

u u 

Jls^ - Js-* maliall, pi. malidll, 
place, alighting place ; district. 

Hs-* mahalla, village. 

/y>rs^ mahalliy, local, relating to a 

J,:sL».^ mosfahill, the same as 

JAs^ maldool, unloosened, ab- 
solved, solved, vacant. 

<»..^.^ halaha, he milked. 

v^ .j[s>- haleeh, mi'ked, milk. 

^i.«^J^l»- ^^jJ lahan haleeh, fresh, 

new milk. 

\s^ halab, Aleppo ; milk. 
► hdlib, duct, ureter. 
h^ liolha, fenugreek. 

,e*is- halahiy, native of Aleppo, 

gipsy, tinker. 
L_-Jis^ mildah, milk-pail. 

!»■ halaja, he carded or ginned 

ic».il»- hildja, cotton-ginning. 

_^I»- haleej, carded, ginned. 

ils- lialldj, cotton-ginner. 

—JLs:'* milddj, cotton-gin ; carding 

^j. :1s- halazoon, snail ; deep well 

in a spiral ; auger. 

IjLm.j (_-ai=«- or c— ftL=»- halafa, or 
hahtfa yameendn, he took an 
oath (as a witness, &c.,in court). 

i_J_l5- hallafa, he swore in, gave 
the oath. 

( flls- half, oath. 


( ajl-,. lidlf, sworn in, under oath. 

f^^Jils- lialfd, esparto grass ; rushes. 
^lal»- j_5J*j Wddi Haifa,, valley of 

rushes; the southern frontier 

town and province of Egypt 

on the Nile. 
A:>. halaqa, he shaved (the head, 

iliv _ 'jjil:>- hUdqa, a shaving ; 

halldq, barber. 
JfJis^ or ^i^ holeeq or mahlooq, 

shaven, shorn. 


( 60 ) 


"a1»- _ lU- halg, throat; halqiy, 

As>~ _ iials- halqa, \)\.halaq, bracelet^ 
enr-ring*, ring, circle ; ring of 
luen at an auction. 

i^Uwj^l iiiLs- halqat el-asmdlc, fish- 
market, or ring where fish is 
sold by auction. 

^Jil»- bolqoom, throat. 

^»als^^ 'ks^\j rdhat lil-holqoom, " Rahat 
lakoum,^^ peace to the throat, 
a sweetmeat. 

J^-^ liaJama, he dreamed. 

^iU-l _ *U- holm, pi. ahldm, dream 

j^As-- fX»- hilm, gentleness; haleem, 


As^ liaUama, he showed kindness. 

^.♦Jlrs- halama, teat, nipple. 

^txs"] iJitildm, puberty. 

iU- Jiahc, it was sweet to the taste. 

i^^e- _^i»- haloo, or haldwa, sweet- 
ness ; freshness of water; 'bak- 

ji»_L-^ _ j.L»- holo (femin.), Jwlwa 
(usually pronounced haloo, 
halwa), sweet, nice. 

'iAs- -^'i-^i md holwa (mwai haloo), 
good water. 

^.JU- - i_$^^ holiva, pi. haldwa, 

^_*.Jl=>- hahvaji (Turkish), con- 

^I»_L-*. halwdn, fee, perquisite, 
" tip " ; Helouan, a suburb of 

^_Jy^^s>- - icii*-' alila, (femin.) holwa, 

j-ls>- or \j>- hala, or Italia, he 

adorned with jewels. 
,Jls- _ ^J.*- hall, pi. holiy, jewel, 

a a 

*A»- or *=*. hamma, or hammama, 

he heated the bath. 

!*_»- homma, he was feverish, sick 

with fever. 

^:^**j| istahamma, he took a /^o^ 
bath ; (colloquially) he bathed 
(in hot or cold water). 

<:u[j<A>s^ _ 15'*^ homma, pi. hom- 
maydt, fever. 


Uo^ hammdm, bath. 

*U»- hamdm, dove, pigeon. [a'-'V, 

A»Aa5r< mahmoom, ill with fever. 

(\a^ hamida, he praised ; hamd, 

n^ A^s^' el-hamdo lillahi, Praise be 

to God ! 
LIaas" el-]iamdila, the phrase '^el- 

hariido lillahi." 

li^-^ls-* - 'iSA-sr* mahmida, pi. ma- 
hdmid, a praiseworthy action. 

iX/fsr* Mohammad, praised, praise- 
worthy ; Mahomet, pronounced 
in Turkish, Mehemet. 

^i.J.A.»- liameed, praiseworthy, a title 
of God ; Hameed. 

d^As-\ ahmad, more praiseworthy ; 

d^As-* mahmood, praif^ ed; Mahmoud. 


( 67 ) 


i(ijA>s- or Jk«^U- hdmid, or ha- 
mooda, names for men, similar 
to Hameed, Ahmed, Mohammad, 
Mahmood, &c. 

ijA>s>- honira, redness ; red brick 
powder mixed with cement. 

AjAs- ^jAo-] ahmar, (femin.) hamra, 
red, brown. 

jA^-'i) iJi^y»il el-mot el-aliiuar, red, 

bloody, violent death. 
.>«,2^^! .:^J1 el-hahr el- ahmar, the 
Red Sea. 

.>Ks- lioinr, pi. of all mar, red men, 
or things. 

_Mc^ - jIas- himdr, pi. hanierr, 

ass. [(Jis?" 

.l*s>- hammdr, donkey-boy. 

i,J^*£^ homaira, measles, red rasli. 

.La>-1 ihmirdr, a turning' red. 

,_^^A=*- himmyariy, Himyarie, the 
old language of El-Yemen, in 

'i^j^s^-* mahmara, machine for mix- 
ing homra " cement. 

jAs- hnmaza, he pricked. [j-*^ 

J>^-^ hamz, piquancy. 

LAa,^- hamdsa, bravery, energy. 

fjaAs>- hammasa, he grilled, roasted 

peas, coffee, &c. 
(jdAs^ hommos, roasted peas. 
{jaAz>- horns, or hiins, the town of 

Emesa, in Syria. 

^jjJl ij£i^^*^^ tdlimeos cl-honn, the 
roasting of coffee-berries. 

fjct^^csr* mohammas, roasted. 
j^^As»- hamida, it was acid. 

<Ci»^2>- or ^^a: 

himd, or homooda. 

acidity ; an acid. 
!^]^ - /^l»- hdmid, pi. hawd- 

mid, chemical acid. 
(^j.^2^ Jiomniaid, oseille, sorrel. 

LsIas- or ^^s>- liomq, or hamdqa, 

crass stupidity ; insanity. 
^j'JUs- or ^.♦o-l ahnaq, or haniqdn, 

utter fool, thickhead, one who 

flies into a blind rage. 
Jv^ks- himl, load, burden ; 550 lbs., 

or 250 kilog., 200 oqes. 
iJ,As^ hamala, he carried a load, 

bore; attacked; incited, caused. 

eul>^=- hamilet, she was pregnant. 

(JvAs- /(a?nZ, a load, freight ; act 
of carrying, pregnancy ; woollen 

J^=- hamal, ram ; Aries in the 

LL«s5- hamla, attack, onset ; a load 
of 60 oqes, 75 kilog.; octroi on 

Ji'.As- _ ill-«o- Itimdld, pi. hamdijil, 
sword-belt, sash. 

Jl^o- hammdl, a porter, carrier. 

l^JAs^ hamoola, cargo, freight, bur- 

^L^s- himaliy, water-carrier. 

(J^li^, bearer (of a bill of 
exchange), carrier ; pregnant 
woman ; cause, incentive. 

tJ.As^ hammala, he loaded. 

( 68 ) 


CM^ tahammala, ho endured. 

(JaI^I ohtomila (passive)^ it was 

lUW* - Jl>»jlsvl ihtimdl, pro- 
bability; mohtamal, probable. 

cUs^ mahmal, litter, camel-load of 
the sacred carpet from Cairo to 
Mecca, and the return of the 
carpet of the previous year. 

«U=^ _ ^As^ hamo, (femin.) hamd, 
father-, mother-in-law. 

i^^jAs- hama, he defended. 

,_5-cU- lidma, he defended, pleaded 
as a lawyer for his client. 

I>U»- hlmdya, protection, consular 
protection, hence a foreign pro- 
tected subject, not an Ottoman. 



[cf. Ixc 
^cxk=- himija, diet for a sick person 

^Ua»- haniiya, wrath, anger. 
j^ls- /tami, defender ; hot ; potent 

i^ ^^=s-< mohdmi 'anoJi, his lawyer, 

'iWx-* mohdmdt, defence in court. 
^^;jJ^ haneen, sob. 

I the four great Sunui schools 
of orthodox Islam, and the most 
fanatic and austere of the four. 
780-855 A.D. Baghdad. 

^_Ji-*~»-»- hanhaliy, a follower of 
Hanbal ; relating to his sect. 

c:-^l_5»- _ ci^y'.2^ hdnoot, pi. haiud- 
neet, shop. [^\^j 

d^is- .C^>- /ims, perjury; hanisa, 

he broke his oath. 
L^-^ hanjara, larynx. 

^j^^l - ^j^:J^ hanash, pi. ahndsh, 

snake, reptile. 
d^sXs-^ liinta, wheat. \.^> 

laU=- Jiindt, balm, aromatics. 

la-is- hannata, he embalmed the 


j^jLy.s- hdnoot iy, a washer of corpses 
for burial. [J^^^ 

L-si:^ lianafa, he leaned, inclined. 

<!yaA&. kanafiya, tap, water- cock ; 
metal jug; bath-room. 

lianeef, sincere in his in- 
clination towards Islam, a true 
follower of Abraham. 

^JS^ or ^y-. hanoon, or hanndn, 'iJ>.j^L=>. Haneefa, Aboo Haneefa 

sympathetic, tender 


•^'J^ hiiind, henna, lawsonia alba ; 
a red stain for the fingers, hair, 

--J*- Hannd, John. [cf. Us: 

[^M^Hanhal. The Imam Abdullah 
Ibn Hanbal, founder of one of 

Na'man the Imam, founder of 
the most popular of the four 
great Sunni schools of orthodox 
Islam. 700-770 a.d. Baghdad. 
^_jajJj^ haneefiy, a follower of Aboo 
Haneefa, a Hanafee. 

lLALs^ hauak, palate, jaw, jowl. 

( 69 ) 


LUs^ or Jls- hano, or hindya, curve^ 
i-fiS" or igJLd- or Uis^ hand, or 

talianna, it bent, was bent, 

^»~ hanna, he made bend, curved. 
^Ji^l iuhana, it was bent, curved. 
^L2£A< munhani, bent, curved. 
t_j^.=»- /tot, sin, regret, anxiety. 
ci^Ls^l _ c:-Jj»- hoot, pi. ahwdt, fish, 

large fish, whale ; Pisces in the 


^1»5^ hawwdtiy, fisherman. 
Ci^J'.j^- howalt, cunning, cheater. 


/«?/, necessity (see 


\c j»s^'*'i _ [jj2-] (/to.s) ; istahwaz 
'ala, he obtained. 0^ 

j^ haiuar, or Aor, poplar-tree. 

,^ _ l.^>- _ .•ss-1 ah war, (femin.) 
hord, pi. /loor, possessing beau- 
tiful black eyes. 

^jj«51 .ys'' el-hoor el-'a'in,, pi., black- 
eyed (damsels) of Paradise, 

1) ,_j»- hooriya, (colloquial), houri, 
a black-eyed damsel of Para- 

^.k». /loori (Soudanese), '^dug-out " 
canoe used on the coasts of the 
Red Sea. 

s-.ts-*- .jU^ lnhvara, he conversed ; 
mohdwara, conversation. 

i^j^y=>- hawdriy, apostle, disciple. 

.Us-* mahdr, oyster, shell- fish. 
.^ss^mihtoar, axis, cylinder, rolling- 
iJjU-v. or ;k=>. hoz, or hiydza, pos- 
session, enjoyment. 

h^ hoza, sheep-fold ; a kitchen, 
or other enclosure ; possession, 

\^s^J\ or ;l>- hdza, or istahiuaza, he 
possessed, obtained possession 
of. [i^J^ 

j-^U- hdyiz, possessor, holder, in 

^/iL»»- _ ^J[tL^ L/^>*" Jiosh, pi. 
heeshdn, enclosure, courtyard ; 
hosha, open space. 


jJtj-s- hawwasha, he collected, 
lumped together ; put by 
(money), economised. 

".«w' iT'^^ ho ash li-hardmiy, 

seize the thief ! stop him ! 
jcl^^s- hosala, bird\s crop, vesicle, 

^jo^j^ or ^[Jus>- _ (_/?j>- hod, pi. 
heed an, or hiydd, dock for ships, 
reservoir ; piece of cultivated 
land banked in for irrigation ; 

\s\=>. _ ^ls»si- hota, care, guard (see 
hdta) . 

CJU- _ [^^^] (Z"^/''), /;aA-a, he 
wove. [^*^ 

J»2i- /to^, power, power of God. 

iJUs- or J^=>- /<J/a, or hawdla, 

around, round about. 
^J^^s>. or Jl^s- hawdl, or haivaldn, 

transition, change. 



( 70 ) 




haifdia, transfer; bill of 

exchange, money-order. 

"^lyv- haifdliy, changeable, versa- 
tile, cunning. 

J»^l _ Jk&- hawal, squint; ahwal, 
one who squints. 

JL»-^ _ J'v»- //'t/', pi. ahwcil (feniin.)j 
condition, state, circumstances ; 
trance, ecstasy. 

ix^as^ J'^^' rtA«t'(t^ sliakhsiya, 
" Statut Personnel.'' Moslem 
law of marriage, successions, &c. 

Jljs-ill ^Ji^ji qardyin el-aJnvdJ, pro- 
babilities, circumstances of the 
case ; circumstantial evidence. 

Ci^lj'.rs- _ £'.». hdla, pi. hdldt, state, 

^JJb £'J' el-hdleto hazihi, now, in 

J'.s'^J _ ^'.5^ hdldn, now; fil-Jidl, 
now, in fact, actually, at once. 
rJ',&. hdlii/, actual. 

Ji'.s^ hd'/iJ, changing ; impedi- 

{Jj<s>- _ "jJl^ heela, pi. Jni/al, ruse, 
trick ; legal fiction. 

J'v».l ahdla, he referred to, endorsed, 

3'.s>-l iJidla, reference, transfer. 

J *». havjiuala, he transferred, 
endorsed, converted, moved ; 
turned aside. 

c:>>ib^ - Jj^ fahweel, pi. /a/<- 
weeldt, transfer, endorsement, 
bank-note, money-bill or order. 

^4^^ tahiveela, reserve-bank of 
canal or river. 

J^jac^ tahaivivala, it became trans- 
ferred or converted. 

(Jj'.^" or JU^l ihtdla, or tahdyala, 
he was cunning; cheated. 

ijj'.^ or J'^JoUw! ihtiydl, or ^a/<«- 
yul, fraud, swindling. 

JIjos*.] ihtiydliy, fraudulent, of 
false pretences. 

J',2SUm1 istahdla, it was absurd, 

(J.j«rsW< mustaheel, absurd. 

[cf. (J.»\jLm^ 

J',s^ mohdl, absurd. 

(Jjar* moheel, transferor, endorser 

of a bill. 
^■]»s- Hawivd, Eve, the first woman. 

^Ic (_f*A^l or ;_j^ haiva, or ilitawa 
'aJa, it included. [(J.>»^ 

jJic ,_$yi>s-* or t_5'«'o>- lidivi, or 5?to/i- 
iflit;i' aZa, including, containing. 
ib»»- liawiya, pad, camel-saddle. 

C,--^ ^^-^JL^-j<s^hais, place where, 
whereas ; ?n/?i /lau', whereas. 

ii^J^s- halsiya, relevancy, status. 

Jy>- or tm^£>- hayyada, or hawivada, 
he made turn aside. 

^l.x»- or s»A»- hair a, or hayardn, 

.j^^" or .Is- lidra, or tahayyara, 
he was astounded. 

or ^.: 

^^^^i■s>- or ji.»- hdyir, or liairdn, 
astounded. - 

usj !•'.£>- _ 8.'.^ lidra, pi. hdrdf, lane, 
narrow street. 


( 71 ) 


f^aJ^sT^ or ttoJ^ haicl, or niaheed, 

haif, injustice. 

ijj^ hail, strength j a standing 

C*lJj>^ jJic Ji ^om 'ala hailah, 

stand upright ! stand up ! 

jjUd-1 _ ^JJ^ Keen, pi. ahydn, 
time, moment. 

liU*-] ahydndn, at times, some- 

liJuurs- heenayizin, then, at that 

^U»- hay amy (colloquial), ripe 
(fruit, dates, &c.). 

f.^ - 15:^^ /mi/rt, he was alive; 

yalia, he lives. 
iyJ^ or iil,^ haydt, life. 
sUs" lioi* jJ ^ 5'aiVZ el-haydt, alive, 

in a state of life. 


/tai'7/, pi. aliyd, alive ; 

haiya, hasten ! look alive ! 

'l^J^ - ^^^ hayd, modesty; Jiaiy, 

modest, chaste. 

„■& , 

^^L>- _ <1U£>- haiya, snake; hdwi, 


Zsyi:^ haiwaiy, vital, pertaining to 

Cl>UI»ji.». _ yjW*- hanudn, pi. 
haiwdndt, animal, beast. 

'osi-l or Us>- hayyd, or ahyd, he 
vivified, reclaimed waste land. 

*U^1 or iosT taheeya, or ■aVi^/a, 
a vivifying, reclaiming waste 

1^2^ I istaha, he felt ashamed, 

*U^u.l istihid, shame, modesty. 
^^^\g*/o mostahi, ashamed. 
^_js^ mohee, (God) the Maker Alive. 
-^'UflsT or ^>sj; Yahia, John Baptist. 
J'>J! j^_js». AaiT/ el-'adlem, semper- 

vlvum, calanchoe. 


J, KJid. Value = 600. 

^j^yli- l-hdtoon (Turkish), lady. 

(_^^ _ (jo[s- hhdcla, he forded 
(see Mod). 

I Jjs- _ ( sUv. hhdfa, he feared 

(see A:/i(?/") . 

^Jj)^ I'hdqdn (Turkish), Sultan. 

'^\i- _ ^j[i>■ khdl, (femin.) l-hdla, 
maternal uncle, aunt (see 'amm); 
suspicion, cloud; mole on the 
skin. [^ 

JUi*. _ JU»- Jchdla, he imagined 
(see Jchaydl). 

J>S- khdm (Persian), raw; calico; 

ijLeli- jlyo - i<«^ lihdmiy in 
mawddd Tchdmiya, raw materials 
or stuffs. 

^j»i- — yjU»- Tihdna, he betrayed 
(see A7io?0 . 

J'.s- Jchdn (Persian), a title of the 
Sultan ; prince ; iuu, hotel, 

( 72 ) 




'Jb . ^i\ 

Jikdnum (Turkish), lady 

(sec hdniim). 

<):j'.s^ 111) ana, bouse, shop; stall, 
pLace, compartment, pigeon- 

i.:i^J'^ lihdnorit (from lihdua), 
shop. [or c:_jyU^ 

ixjli- Txlidniya, small canal by the 
side of a railway line, [^juls^ 

\ys>- or -^ijJ^^ lilt aha, he concealed. 

f- ^jki^wjl or ^jc-f^ tal-hahha, or 
istal-hba, he hid himself. 

iclxAs- khahceya, a hidden thing. 

^li- klidhiya, jar, vat, dye-tub. 

Us-* maklihd, hidden; a hiding- 

C^Ai- l;ltahu>'a, he was base, be- 
haved vilely. 

C^ji-^ _ Aj'jki- khahdfta, infamy ; 
/iliahecs, infamous. 

j[x»-\ - jXs>- hhabar,Y)\. ali}ihdr,neyvs. 

jj^ Ac 'ihn-hhalar, receipt, in- 

jj-xi- lihihru, experience, expertise, 
survey.'^ <— ^^)' - <W^ f'^*^ el-hhibra, 
pi. orfcal; el-Mihra, a professional 
expert or surveyor. 

jXs^\ akhhara he informed, an- 

.Ui-i ilclihdr, information. 

, 5 j\^ .^\j j'^*-! ?7r/t7>ar hi-amr kdzih, 

legal term for publishing a libel. 
jks-* nnilclihir, informant. 

^_^j>*t jX:s.-* mukhbir sirriy, secret in- 
formant, police detective, spy. 

.;li- khdbara, he exchanged news, 

^Is-^ iiioklidbara, correspondence. 

.A^^Awl istakhbara, he wished to 
know, inquired. 

.IjjI~-1 ikhtibdr, probation, on trial ; 
the examination of candidates. 

jxs- khobz, bread. 
jxs- kliabaza, he baked. 
jU-^ kltabbdz, baker. ^u^ / 

ijxs^ maklibaza, bakery, 
sjjuki- khobaiza, geranium; mallow. 

^Ja^^ khahasa, he mixed, muddled, 
trumped up, slandered. 

(^Ai- khab>t, vice, bad conduct, 

\s.xs- khabata., he knocked, made a 

iiaAsv khabta, noise of knocking; 
knock ; noise in general. 

kja^ taklibeet, a making a noise. 

Joi- khabal, imbecility. 

As- kliatama,, he sealed the end 
of; ended. 

^LjL~-1 _ (^s- khatm, or khitm, pi. 

aklitdm, seal, signet. 
J\^s>- - *i''.i- khdtim, pi. kliawdtim, 

JCAjli- _ J3J>- khitdmj or khdtima, 

end, finis. 
^.<lii. khitdmiy, final. 




<Ua~^ Ichatma, recitation of the 
Koran ; the Koran. 

A'xs- hhattdm, engraver of seals. 

^J>^ hhatana, he circumcised. 

^J3^ kJutdn, circumcision. 

^j^Jis^ malclitoon, circumcised. 

jjlLs*- _ (Js*" Ixliajcd, blush; liliaj- 
Idn, bashful. 

^1=:=*- l-haTxlidm (Turkish), Jewish 

JjAi- _ i\s^ Txhaihl , pi. liJiodood, 
cheek. \j^^ 

Si^s-* milihadda, pillow, cushion. 

ic:^_c3os- Kliadeeja, the first wife of 

.tXi- Madira, he was torpid, be- 

■ L^i- Miaddara, he made sleep by 

a soporific. 
.J^sr* moldinddlr, a soj^orific, or 

strong liquor. 

i^tSo- Txliadaslm, he scratched. 

cJo- kliada'a, he deceived. 

icjOii^ or ^kcSJ>- or cljej^ lihidd'a, or 
hhoda'a, or Idiadee'a, deceit, a 
ruse, trickery. 

c^ics^ milihda', alcove, bedroom.' 

AiXi- hhadama, he served. 

aJ^^^UwI istal-hdama, he employed, 
took as servant. 

*t\i- _ iLcti>i- or ^-<ljo- IJiiddma, or 
Jihidma, pi. Ichidam, service, 

^ii^i- hhadddm, a servant. 

iuAi- _ At>li^ lihddim, pi. Wiadama, 
servant ; (in Turkish) eunuch. 

*i\ikw« mustahhdam, employe; an 

AjJ.s'* mal'Jidoom, master, the per- 
son who is served; (in Turkish) 
a son. 

ylSs- hhedcev (Persian), prince. 

t_^»j_cio- KJiedewiy, the Khedive, Khe- 

^_J^J(^s^' i__>lJis:^' El-jandh el-KJie- 
deiviy, H.H. The Khedive. 

L yj^s^' ^AJ^ss^'i 'iJi^^ el-liadrat el- 
fakheemai el-KJi edeiviya, His Ex- 
alted Hig'hness The Khedive. 

hlnid (imperative of 
aTihaza), take ! 

o.»- Idiareer, murmur of running 

^]ji^ _ * 

^_f.^^ liliaria, he went to 
stool; liliird, stools. 

liliariha, it was in ruins. 

or <-r^^ Idtarib, or Idiarhdn, 
ruined, in ruins, spoilt, out of 
JU.S- liharraha, he ruined, devas- 

liJuti'dh, ruin, desolation ; a 


(^._i- kharroob, carob. 
^i^.js- l-liarhaslia, he scratched. 
,LL)js>- Ixharhasha, a scratch, 
ci^j^ Idtarata, he pierced. 
^ js- Ixliaraja, he went out. 


( 74 ) 


^.»-l ahhraja, lie took, sent, or 

drove out ; exported. 
_i^u«l istalihraja, he extracted, 

^\j-s^\ — ^r-^ hharj, pi. akhrdj, 

expense, outlay. 
_^ khorj, saddle-bag, wallet. 
_Li- l-]t((rdj, land-tax, tribute. 

s^lp- l-hardjiy, land paying' the 

ordinary tax (see 'oshonriy). 

r "" ••• 

^ji^ kharja, outlet, balcony. 

_. .»- hhorooj, a going out, issue, 
exit ; exodus. 

_ .U- hhdrij, he who goes out, ex- 
ternal, exterior. 

^£ ^j^ hhdrij 'an, outside of, 

abroad ; exclusive of. 
i^a^.li- khdrijiy, foreign, external. 

JU5*-.'js^' iJ.llaJ nazdrat el-khdrijiya, 
Ministry of Foreign Affairs. 

^jsr^ maliliraj, place of issue, exit. 

jsjwj-*. khareeda, a virgin, un- 

pierced pearl. \.^<^.i> 

culjiip^ _ 'iiij»- khorda, pi. khor- 

dawdt (Persian), small ware, 

pedlar^s haberdashery, trash ; 

copper money. 

^^s^dfS- khordaji (Turkish), pedlar, 

Jiip- khardal, mustard. 

jj»- kharaz, chaplet of (glass) 

ij*'j»' hli irs, hard bad soil, inferior 

t^j*y»- kharas, dumbness. 

^i^js-] akhras, dumb. 

^l^J-s>'] ikhras (imperative), hold 
your tongue ! 

^^jj-s>- khoros (Turkish), cock; 

u-i^.i- kharshoof, artichoke. 

isJ>- kharata, he turned on a lathe. 

]o\j^ kharrdt, a turner. 

hs^ik^ mikhrata, lathe. 

Isj .sb* makhroot, turned, cone. 

^^j^ makhrootiy, conic, conies. 

^.L»- or <^>p- khareeta, chart, 

A^j=>- khortoom, proboscis, snout ; 
the town of Khartoum in the 
Soudan where the two Niles 
meet after forming a narrow 
spit or snout of land. 

c^jB^l _ cjs- khara', (or better) 
ikhtara'a, he invented. 

cj^l»-l ikhtird'a, invention, story, 
good idea. 

cj^i- kharwa, castor-oil tree. 

I J Li- kliardf, a gathering of crops 

or fruit. 

u yi- khareef, harvest-time, au- 
^jUri- _ t— Jju^- kharoof, pi. khirfdn, 

h\js^ khordfa, nonsense, false no- 

^jj»- kharaqa, he rent, tore. 
rj&- kharq, a rending, rent, tear. 



( 75 ) 


Hi^ khirqa, chemise; rag^ ragged 

jtjs>- Tiharm^ or Tiliorm, a short cut 
acrosSj hole, a piercing". 

c— »jj^ Jiharnoob, fruit of acacia 
nilotica. [lij' 

sJl>^jS>- liharwasha, rustle, rustling* 
l~^ lihazz, coarse silk. \_jj> 

jjs- Mkizar, Caspian. 

jj^^ - ijl)j-t^ hhaizardn, pi. 1x1 ta- 
ydzir, caue_, bamboo. 

JcJocji- lihaza'bla, quackery, hum- 

Jjs- lihizdm, nose-ring ; twitch ; 

^<■<]}=^ Jihozdma, lavender. 

^JJ^ hhazzana, he stored in a ma- 

^l}^ - ^J^ khazeenaj pi. JiJut- 
zdyin, treasury, cash or pay 
department ; wardrobe. 

jjjlss^ _ ^j Js^ mal-Jizau, pi. mahhd- 
zin, magazine ; cesspool under 
a house. 
s:jsr^ maTchzanji (Turkish), store- 

Lji- lihaziya, humiliation. 

(i^i- lih ((>(>( a, (the Nile) fell ; the 

liquid sank or decreased in a 


(JoJJI ,i-*i^ khass en-ncel, low Nile. 

ij'*^ I'hass, coss-lettuce. 

;^j*-Ws>- kJiasees, miser; mean. 

<)ix!wi- khastalca (Persian), sickness, 

C^Jomnsst* mokhastik, sick, out of 

j>*ts>- khasira, he suflPered loss ; it 

was damaged. 

J\m*J>- _ Ji.L*-^ kliasdra, pi. kha- 
sdyir, loss, damage. ^jj^ 

^jLm*^- khasrdn, one who has suf- 
fered loss; profligate, bankrupt. 

u-ivMi^ khosoof, eclipse of moon. 

iiJJli- khashsha, he entered. LlM-'^ 

i-_)'wij>.] _ <*_^>i>i- khashab, pi. akJi- 

sJidb, timber. [cf. Lj,^kirv 

ixj^jZss: takhsheeba, wooden hut, 

iJI^Ai^ kliisht, dagger, pike. 

i^ls**^ khishkhdsh, poppy, opium. 

«Ai- khasha'a, he was humble. 

I i^JLi>- khuslidf (Persian kliosh db), 

a sweet drink. 

*Ai- kkasham, loss of sense of 

mJLj^s- khaishoom, cartilage of nose. 

^^i- khaskin, coarse, rough to 
the touch. 



kltoshoona, coarseness. 

^J!*cs: _ ^5*^^^ kliaslda, he feared ; 
yakhslia, he fears. 

JLj^=>-\ or ^.Jl.^ takhashsha, or 
ilclitaxhd, he felt ashamed. 

^>iJs^ miM^is/ii, bashful, ashamed. 

1j.jLs- k/ia!<Jtia, shame. 

j^_/iU_i- khashsha, he terrified ; 
growled at. 


( 76 ) 


.Ull ^J^ ^uAo- khashiatan min cl- 
a'dr, from shame of tlie dis- 


{ja»- Moss, hut of straw ; sentry- 
box, [.{j^^^ 
ijas>- Jihassa, it was special. 

(j^yas>- hliosoos, specialty ; point 
in question. 

^^yos^ lihosoosiy, special, private 
(as a letter). 

(jo^^ kkdss, special, private; privy 
or royal. 

'Lo^^ 'ij\d (Jdyira lihdssa, the Khe- 
dive's private property, house- 
hold, or affairs. 

{j^\^ - ^\s>- Jihdssa, pi. Ixliaivdss, 
specialty, virtue, quality. 

^J£S^^ns>- _ ^Uwtf'vi- liJidssiya, pi. Ma- 
sdyis, faculty, a special quality. 

^JC^^sr* malihsoos, special. 

L^^-.^^' malilisoosdn, especially, 

^j£i^^2^ I'liassasa, he designated, 

(ja^cs^ mokhassas, set apart ; al- 

fj£i'^] ikhtassa, he was, or thought 
himself, competent ; it apper- 

(_^'.-,ajU^! ikhtisds, competence (of 
a tribunal), special jurisdiction. 

jiflAsT* mukhtass, competent. 

kiy^is^ or L_^v«ai- kJiish, or khosooha, 
fertility of soil. [ci^j^ 

c ^.,ai^l akhsaha, it was fertile. 

or <*j»,Owfl.i. khaseeh, or 
onokhsib, fertile. 

^1^^ - »;^li- khdsira, pi. kha- 
ivdsir, waist, or narrow part of 

j.'OJ^] ikhtasara, he abbreviated, 
was concise. 

.Liii-1 ikhtisdr, brevity, summary, 

^"JLsr* muklitasar, summarised. 

Jl.oi- _ Ai*ai- khasla, pi. khisdl, 
nature, quality. 

^.,as- kliasama, he deducted. 

^>o\s>- khdsama, he quarrelled, liti- 

Jw<fli-I - (*.*ai- khasm, or khism, pi. 
akJisdm, enemy, opponent, ad- 
versary in a law- suit. 

^jl/K*25^ or l/K-fai^- _ ^:^^•=- khaseem, 
pi. khosai)id, or khosmdn, oppo- 

^».^i^ _ if^s>- khosm, pi. kliosoom, 
side ; share. 

'Loycs- khosooma, enmity, rivalry. 

ijol/K«as- or ^l.o~- kJiisdrii, or khus- 
mdniya, enmity. 

^ *^s^. yokJtsam laho, it is to be 
deducted for him, he is entitled 
to the deduction. 

*y^s- . J^wsl osool iva khosoom, debit 
and credit. 

^ai-1 or tj-'^ii- kliasa, or akksa, he 

^b-^ai- _ .j-^as^ kltasly, pi. khisydn, 


ijuai- khosiya, testicle. 

( 77 ) 


(>^^iA > ^ khadh, verdure^ vegetation. 

L_->'«fli- Tihiddh, stain or dye from 
henna, &c., for the hair or 

isj-ai- liliodra, greenness. 

f\j.As>- ^jJis>-\ akhdar, (femin.) kha- 

drd, green, grey. 
CLjLLai- or .1..^. or ^r^ai- kliodar, 

or khoddr, or khoddrdt, greens, 



^^J<ai- khodariy, greengrocer, 
^^.^i- kliadir, St. George, Elias. 

j^ii- khada'a, he was humble. 

c»-ai- khodooa', hnmilitj. 

«^li- khddia', humble, obedient, 

L? »iii- _ ki- khaff, pi. kJtotoot, liuo, 
Hue of writing, handwriting, 


^jiJJw^J) k-s^' ^Jlc 'aZa l-khatt el- 
mostaqcem, in a straightforward 

s-ljLw^l Li^ ^7irti^ el-istiivd, line of 

JliXic^l kiv /i7irtY# el-ia'tiddJ, line 
of tropic. 

^>«ai^ . .lai^ khaftj/ v:a khitmy, 
my hand and seal. 

i_ia-i^ kliattiy, linear ; of hand- 


Llki- khattdt, calligrapher; a good 

k>. khatta, he drew a Hue, wrote 
in lines. [ ^^ 

^Qaiw khatd, error, accident, [laic 

^'wla-i- khatd' an, by accident, by 

(^I»_^ _j ■»Lla-'^ khatd lua sawdh, 

corrigenda, errata. 

'.jlki- _ }1A:ls^ kit at iy a, pi. khatdyd, 
error, sin. 

(w-'vlai- khataha, he preached, ad- 
dressed a speech or letter; asked 
in marriage. 

^Aks- khitba, betrothal. 

jLi-k-i- khotha, sermon, bidding 
prayer for the Sultan ; be- 
trothal ; speech. 

jok'vi- _ i»_^L'js- klidtih, (fern.) klid- 
tiba, betrother ; preacher. 

t .>_j._la_r^ kJiafeeh, betrothed ; 


L^i^'o'.bi- _ L__jlla~- kliitdh, pi. klii- 
tdhdf, speech, epistle. 

L_^U^ khataha, he made a speech, 

^k'ssr* mokhdtaba, correspondence. 

C».,^_i2'_sr< mokhdtah, the person 
spoken to ; 2nd person (in 
grammar) . 
.Lis-i-l _ ^la-i- kltatar, -pi. akhtdr, 

danger, risk. 
Jai^l akhtara, he warned,reminded. 

Jissr^ or Ji^=>- khatir or mokht'w, 
dangerous, risky. 

j\s\sr* _ Jiiss^ makhtara, pi. ma- 

kJidtir, a danger. 
Ijlji^ _ ^'vi- khdtir, pi. kJiaicdtir, 
mind; idea, pleasure, sake, me- 


( 78 ) 


sJs'^ khdtiroh (colloquial), as he >Lai. _ ^^J>Ai- Tchafeer, pi. khofard, 
pleases ; nevei' mind ! 

S^'Jai- khattdra, bed of river; en- 

(-J^iaiw khatrafa, he was delirious. 

night --watchman, village pea- 
sant police; ghafeer. 

,y'»>- khdfoor, oats, rye ; avena 

[ .jU jjfc (./s^ khafada, he abased, hollowed 

1 ftlsAi-1 or ^_oia^^ khatafa, or ikkta- 

tafa, he kidnapped, eloped with, 

I ^g.VT^ khatf, elopement, seizure, 


I j'iii- kltattdf, a large hook. 

>kLi- khitamiy, mallow, double 
mallow, ''guimauve." 
'i2s>- kltatd, he took a step. 

d^l^ks- _ 'iyzs>. khativa, pi. khativdt, 

a step, stride, pace. 

•- 1" 

ajj^ kJiifa, lightness in weight, 


v_£Ai- khafafa, he lightened, re- 
lieved, lessened a weight or 

u«aAfl^ takltfeef, relief, indulgence, 

^— oj>a-^ kli afeef, light, trifling, slight. 


i__Ai- ^'^^uff, slipper, shoe; cameFs 

i-xJi-i- khifijja, lightness, light- 

( j'.aisUul istikhfdf, a desire to al- 

kliafara, he guarded (espe- 
cially by night). La£ 

a_»- or^^a_i- kliafar, or khifdra, 

guard, night-watch. 

<K-^-o,-r>- khijda, kesra, or t 

vowel-sound. L^-?- - V*^ 

^fti- khafaqa, it palpitated. 
^j'Jw.i- khafaqdn, palpitation. 

^=»- or lai- kh afd, it vanished ; 
or kliafia, it was hidden. [Ui- 
^ai-1 akhfa, he hid a thing. 
^jli-1 ikhtafa, he hid himself. 

'.jiloi- _ 15^ ^^^^fill) pl- kliafdyd, 
hidden, secret. 

kjii- klujiatdn, in secret. 

^2js^ makhfi, stealth, by stealth ; 

^J^} Id y akhfa, it is not hidden, 
it is well known. 

Jli^ _ JJ.*^ klialel, pi. MiYa/, injury, 
vice, defect, 

L_j(J^! akhalla hi, he caused injury 


Jii-l iklildl, a doing injury. 


L— »(J,s^ mokhUl hi injurious to. 


{JJii-l ikhtalla, it was injured, dis- 

JlUi-l ikhtiJdl, confusion, disorder, 

.k«jjl (Ji^ mokhtall t'sh-sh'o-oor, 
deranged in mind. 

Jj^ kit all, vinegar. 


( 79 ) 


JJU- Tihildl, tooth-pick^ a pricker. 

iU- hhill, sincere. 
^^ ' ' / <^ J 

(Jjili- hhaleel, sincere ; Charles. 
■a ^' 

ili- TchiJla, prickly shrub ; hhalla, 

quality, nature. 

l-halaba, he tore with the 


%lls'* _ LH^isr* miklilab, pi. makh- 
dlih, claw, talon. 

^>^yAs>- Tchalhoos, liar ; buffoon j lie, 

^jls^ !*s:i^ ^ArtZeeJ, pi. lihuljdn, 

strait, channel ; Golden Horn ; 

Canal of Cairo. 

—ills.-! ikhtildj, commotion of mind, 
nervous prostration, palpitation. 

(J.A~-iU^ _ Jls^ Jihalkhdl, pi. 
khaldkheel, woman's anklet ; 
convict's ankle-ring. 

liJ'^ _ dAs>- MtoJood, eternity ; 
khdlid, eternal, a dweller in 

(iJuLs^l _ ((vuU-) (khalasa), ikli- 
talasa, he defrauded. 

i^j*,JLii-l ikhtildsj fraud ; '' detour- 

i^Jois^ muklitalis, swindler. 
^wjiU- khildsiy, mulatto, mixed. 

ijo^ hhalasa, it was pure, sincere, 

safe ; was finished. 
^JAs>- Tiliolos (colloquial), it came 

to an end ; was completed. 

(_^JU- klialds, end, safety. 

*/^*j5^ klnddsa, essence, pith, gist. 

[jaSs>- kholoos, sincerity, salvation. 
^_^U- khdlis, pure, safe, thorough, 

(_^>flU-/i:Aa?/as«, he completed; saved. 

^^ f)£^ss: takhallasa min, he saved 
himself from, got out of a 

j_^U^ khalasa, he discharged a 

^Jois^] Hildas, sincerity. 

(_^>flLs^ mokhlis, sincere. 

^>aisr* makhlas, means of salvation 

or escape. 
'LA\s.'^mokhdlasa, receipt, discharge 

of debt. 

kli^ khalata, he mixed. 

k>li-l _ kli- khilt, pi. akhldt, mix- 
ture, humour, 
iciaii- khalta, mixture. 

yjLi-l ikhtalata, it became mixed, 
it formed a mixture. 

isilii^l ikhtddt, mixture, compo- 

LUi^ miikldalit, mixed, complex, 

IsJjs^mafe/i-Zoo^, mixed, adulterated. 
Jji- khala'a, he undressed. 

Jii- khalla'a, he sprained, dislo- 

Jiicl inkhala'a, it was sprained, 

'iA». khila'a, robe of honour. 

cJii:- kholooa', a sprain, dislocation. 

*U>- khoVa divorce, repudiation. 


( 80 ) 

«jii- or Jwi- l-halia', or M alee' a, 
shameless^ profligate. 

^^\J^ Malafa, it came next, suc- 
ceeded to. 

t_iU^ Tihalf, after, next. 

,_plA.- hhalaf, a successor, next 
man after. 

v_aL5- Mzy, different, opposite. 

s-'ili- _ icfljli- Mialeefa, pi. hhulafd, 
" Caliph ^^ or Khalif, successor 
of Mahomet; vicar, agent in 

hh^ Tildldfa, Caliphate, successor- 

t_jLi- Tiliildf, contrary, other, 
besides. [^c 

<xJiU- 5 two- TchildfoJi, etcetera. 

l.U_~^ I'hilfa, a second crop ; a 

uJiiU- IchdJafa, he contravened, 

'&}^[sr^ moTxhdlafa, opposition; coii- 
travention," or petty offence. 

uJillss-o niolikdlif, opposing, con- 

u_ali>-! iTihtalafa, it differed from, 

uJlii^l ililitildf, difference, varia- 

( aJjs-* mukhtalif, Ya,rio-a&, different. 

'ii^J^ makliloofa, camel-litter for 
women. l-'jr'^^* 

iU^ TiJialaqa, he created. 

i'JLs- or ^'^ Txlidliq, or lihalJdq, 


il-htalaqa, he lied, trumped 
up a story, invented a tale. 

JfllJLi-l ililitUdq, lie, humbug, 

iiiii- or i^i^ lilialq, or hliilqa, crea- 
ture, people. 

^^^ ti^ A'/iaZ^ kateer, a great 

crowd, mob. 
(J'iU-l _ ^ii^ Molq, pi. akhldq, 

character, nature. 

CL^l—iyJiK'* maMlooqdt, created 

^Jil~^ MaJqiy, congenital. 

^jIU- Ixhaldyiq, (in Turkish) con- 
cubine, female slave. 

ili>- Jihald, it was empty ; he was 

1^1=^ MioUa, he was stripped or 
robbed of. 

1=^1 or li- I'll all a, or alihla, he 
evacuated, emptied. 

(J.jj^M*ll .J^ liliaUa es-sabeeJ, he 
cleared the path, /.e. discharged 
a prisoner. 

^}3J>■\ ilihtala, he retired into pri- 

isili- or ^JU^ Icltald, solitude, open 
deserted space ; suburbs. 

As>- Moloo, emptiness, immunity. 

isJls^ l-halwa, retirement, inner 
private room, chapel. 

(Jrs^Jt ^,^^ liltaldyat en-nald, bee- 
hive. - 

^lli- Midli, empty, of no occupa- 
tion ; free from. 


( 81 ) 


iM- Jihallee ! let it alone ! never 
mind ! 


LLJvilj ^_Jl>■ Jihallee hdia k ! take 

care ! look out ! 
jjiic:. _ ^Is- liliala, he cut forage ; 

yaJihli, he cuts. 

jji^s-* miliJda, scytlie, sickle. 

UlLs^ milihldt, nose-bag for horses^ 
receptacle for forage. 

liyA^s- lilhomood, numbness^ debility. 
jA^ oVjA^ Mamar a, or Jihammara, 

lie made leavened bread^ caused 


•AAi-l ilihtamara, the leaven rose ; 
it fermented. 

s^aas- Jchameera, leaven, yeast. 

^As>- or ijA^ Tihamra, or Miamv, 

"wine, any fermented liquor. 

S.Ui- Jihammara, tavern, hotel. 

|W*Ai^ klioms, one-fifth part. 

(^j*,.A»- _ ^Ai- liJiamsa, (femin.) 
khams, five. 

^M^[^ lilidinis, the fifth in order. 

^^*w^i- or yjyM/«>i- lihamsoon, or 
lihamseen, fifty. 



^y, 2/^m el-hhamees, Thurs- 

^jJ^\a»- hhamdseen, the fifty days 
between Easter and Pentecost ; 
a hot sand-storm which blows 
during Spring. 


^J^^ hhammana, he guessed, sup- 

^^^J^*^' taTiltmcen, a guessing, ap- 
proximate idea. 

LxA^*^:^ talthmeendn, approximately, 
at a guess. C^'j** 

cIjULs- _ jJLJLi^ kkunsa, pi. Mi- 
vncfe-, hermaphrodite, efieminate 

Cl-Jlisr takhannasa, he was effem- 

(Jl^Jls-* mokhannas, effeminate, im- 

jC^s^ khanjar, dagger, cutlass ; 
hence our word " hanger.^^ 

J)'t)Ui- _ Jf'^-J'^ khandaq, pi, kha- 
nddiq, ditch, trench. 

j>..j^^ - r^.j^ kJiinzeer, pi. khand- 

zeer, pig. 
i_^ ;Ui- Ai^ dd khandzeeriy, scrofula. 

jAiiX^ khunsur, little finger; pen- 

^^j^.xi>~ _ IsMjui^ klionfasd, pi. klui- 
ndfis, beetle, scarab. 

^jj^ klianaqa, he strangled. [^A/i 

iJ-i-=- khanq, strangulation, as- 

j;XU-I ikhtanaqa, he felt choked, 
was strangled, died of asphyxia. 

J)'-A.i. khiindq, throat, larynx ; 

JfLi-i^ khindq, quarrel, scuflfle ; 

^1^ khawdja (Persian, khoja, 
professor), Sir, Mr., a European 

As-1^ khoja (Persian), professor, 

^^ khokli, peach. 


( 82 ) 


&s^ys^ Wwkha, a wicket-gate or 
small door cut in a big gate, 
" guichet." 

J i ~jy^ Hor, pi. aMwdr, dry 
•water-couj-se, uuUali, ravine. 


^jy»- khooruj (Syrian), Christian 

i^^ys- Jihooti, palm-leaf, palm straw. 

(>ysJl A^l ''Had el-klwos," Palm 
Sunday. [^:;:^^'^'i 

(jo^ Jchod, a fording, being ford- 

(_^U- Txlidda, lie forded, waded, 

Lffls-* makhdda, a ford. 

aij-i- or ( — 'iys>. kliof, or Meefa, fear. 

I — s'^. - I — J'^ khdfa, he feared ; 
yakhaf, he fears. 

< — sui^ or ( aj'^ Till ay if, or Tchiyyaf, 


I — Jo^l or ( — j^~- liliawwafa, or aA'A d/a, 
he frightened. 

ki'^l or i-ijj^ takhweef, or ikhdfa, 

kilsr* makhdfa, fear. 

< !u^^ moTtlieef, terrific. 

J^ liliawal, a man dressed up as 

a woman, an obscene dancer. 
^J>Jp- _ ^^ Tiholiy, pi. Mioliya, 

bailiff, gardener, 

<xj.j.i- or ^^%i- Iclwn, or khiydna, 

(^^ khdyin, traitor. 

^. ysr - fjs- Ichdna, he betrayed; 
yahlioon, he betrays. I 

1^"==^ i:;'*^^^ o-otomina fa-khdna, he 
was trusted, and he betrayed ; 
a legal term for breach of con- 
fidence or trust. 

i-x^s>- Jchaiha, disappointment, 
failure in hopes, 

(*-_^ow khdyib, disappointed, un- 

jJ^ khair, goodness, excellence, 
happiness ; good, excellent ; 
better, best. 

<^yJ^=^jjS kattar khairak, Thanks ! 
May your happiness increase ! 


i^j^ khairiy, good, happy; pious, 

jj<s>- kltiydr, choice; cucumber. 
^Ui^l ikhtdra, he chose; opted. 
^Lui-1 ikhtiydr, choice, option ; 
an old man, a venerable senior. 
j_^lu^l ikhtiydriy, optional. 

Jj^-< mukhtdr, chosen ; a village 

jj^ or ^jSs^] akhyar, or khair, 
better, best. J 

^J^ ^ ^J^i j-i^sr* mokhayyar lain 
iva bain, he who has the option 
between this and that. 

jj^^ - ij^J^^ khaizardn, pi. kha- 
ydzir, cane, bamboo. 

■^j^x.s- kliaish, coarse canvas or 
goats^-hair sacking ; a sack ; 
Bedouin tent. 

IsUi^l - k^i^ khait, pi, akhydt, 
thread, - 

LLU*- khiydta, needle-work ; a 





l3^A^_ _ )s[s- T-chdta, he sewed ; 
yakheet, lie sews. 

Ljki- Ixlxayyata, he sewed. 
isljAi- Txhayydt, tailor. 
iJsLjL_s- khayydta, sempstress ; 

la>i^ milxliyat, needle. \j>ji} 

Isjjv.s'* or iaAss^ moJchayyat, or 

makhyoot, sewn. 
jUi- Txliaydl, shadow, phantom, 

spectre ; imagination. 
J'wj^i- Jihaydliy, imaginary, unreal. 
Jlsr _ Jli- Mala, he imagined ; 

yahJidl, he imagines. 
J.jii^ tahliayyala, he imagined. 

J'^ /i7ia?, suspicion, cloud, mole 
on the face ; maternal uncle. 

Jjj.i^ _ fS^ Ichail, jjl. kJiuyool, 
horses, cavalry. 

J.j>i^ _ ^J'>-«a:^^ liisdn, horse ; pi. 
khail, horses. 

^Ui- _ JlXs- khayydl, pi. TiliayydJa, 
cavalry. ^^J'T^ 

a!-J^ - ^^'•':i^ khaima, pi. khiydm, 

i».j.=r< mokJiayyam, tented; a camp; 
covered with cobwebs, as it 
were spiders' tents. 

4> Dal Value = 4. 
s-ljjl _ f-]ii (Id, pi. adivd, disease. 

LiJ»Uil pIj (-?a el-molook, gout. 

iijlj fZacZa, nurse. 

..J - 8^b _ ,1 J c^ar, house ; ddyira, 

circle (see dor). 
clfc> f?a(//i (Persian), brand for 

*l.ti _ t^!j _ *lj ddma, it endured; 

ddyimd, always (see dawdm). 
^Ii) f/ay (Turkish), uncle, senior, 

governor, " Dey " of Algiers. 

Llj ddya, midwife. 
iJljt> dabha, it crawled, moved the 
feet, kicked, made a noise. 

(..^nJjJ dabeeb, noise of footsteps. 

c— >J c?z5&, bear. 

iJl;1.t5 ^.>!j ddhha, pi. daiudhh, 
quadruped, beast of burden, 
cattle. [^^1^^ 

'ksJ.xid dechdja (Persian), brocade, 
ornament ; preface, illuminated 
preface, or opening chapter of 

I )S)d dahdaha, he made a noise. 

^_->^^Olio tadahdaha, it was pointed, 

c_;JjJc< mocfrt&fZat, conical, pointed. 

Jot}l - jid duhr, pi. adhdr, pos- 
terior, end, finis. 

jj] - .Jti dahara, or adhara, he 

turned his back, fled. 
.lji>1 or .'jt> dabdr, or /(?6ar, ruin, 

^jljiiJl Aldabardn, a constellation 

in Taurus. 


( 84 ) 

U H 

jjj dabbara, he administered, 


J Si tadahhara, he plotted, con- 

^jJo tadbeer, management ; in 
Moslem law, freedom of a slave 
on the death of his master. 

ji>^ modabhir, a manager. 

jjtXo mudbir, turning the back, 

S.ljt> dobdra, string, twine ; trick, 

(«.^) J dabboos, pin, mallet. 

, »^jj dahsh, rough blocks of build- 
ing stone, '^ moellons." l^y^^d 

4jti dabaglia, he tanned. 

cb d dahbagh, tanner. 

«_.>tX< madbarjh, tannery. 

^d dibq, bird-lime. 

diid dibia, finger-ring; tumour, 
' boil. 

yjb j or ^;Ut3 dibbdn, flies. 


-p.'..»-t) dajdj, pi. dujuj, fowl. 

^ p Ul. 

J^i> dajala, he deceived, played 
the quack. 

J'.2^J dajjdl, Anti-Christ ; false 
prophet; charlatan, quack, 

^cls-i) f7(;7a, river Tigris, HideJcel. 

_.^p-J dahraja, he rolled, revolved. 

_.^»-ii^ modahraj, globular, round; 

(J^d daJchala, he entered. 

J»i-4> doJchool, entry, entrance. 

^IJjvj doliliooJiya, octroi at town 

(Ji-J dakhl, income, manner. 

icii-J dahhla, right of entry, foot- 
ing, interference. 

H_i.4i dukhla, consummation of 

(J>jXi-iS dakheel, enterer, guest. 

(J^l J ddJiMI, enterer, entering ; 
interior, internal. 

iali-lj ddlxkiliya, (ministry of) the 

(J.i-j! or (J.s^i5 daTcliTihala, or ad- 

Jihala, he made enter, admitted, 

brought in, imported. 

J^ljvl or (Ji-lj ddl-hala, or tadd- 
Tihala, he interfered, inter- 

LL~-1Jc« moddliliala, interference, 

J^tX* madJihal, place of entry. 

^s-fc> dakliana, it gave out smoke. 

j^U-J dulilidn, smoke; tobacco. 

^jli-ti •—yi' sharaba duMtdn, he 
smoked tobacco, i.e. inhaled it, 
drank it in. 

'y^ls^d daTihdkhiniy, tobacconist. 
ixs^ii^ madJiliana, chimney, funnel. 
,^i-t> doklin, millet, panicum milia- 


jjd _ 5 ii> dorr a, pi. dorar, pearl. 

^.J dorriy, brilliant, flashing, 





ijd or » .t>l ichirra, or durra, maize. 

l,i> dard, he repulsed, refuted. 

L-jjiJ _ S-';'^ ("?«?-&, pi. dorooh, 
roadj path, custom. 

jj^l.J dardhzoon (Greek trapeaa) , 
long desk, long counter j rail- 

K»j1.J dardhookha, native drum. 

^.t> darhalia, noise, uproar. 

_.J daraja, he inserted, inscribed, 
entered in the accounts. 

_.Jol indaraja, it was inserted, 

_ .t> ('?«/"j, insertion, registration. 

_^ .«5 darraja, he graduated, made 

go by degrees, 
^j ,iio tadreej, graduation. 


J .tiJLS'j hit-tadreej, by degrees, 

^j?;'^ - ^v 

d dorj, pi. dorooj, drawer. 

box, casket. 
c:_>';*.,t5 _ ^ii> daraja, ]A. darajdt, 

degree, step. 
iLs-.J Jjl awwal daraja, first step ; 

(court) of first instance.> ddrij, common, in common 

_.1o ^j'^ //scm ddrij, common 
dialect or language. 

_1 .J dorrdj, francoliu. 

-j-,lJw« mvAraj, roll of paper, scroll. 

_ .JJU mundarij, contents, con- 
tained in. 

'[^J.J dirdiy, sediment, mud. 
,\iijd dirddr, elm tree. 
:..J _ i^Jjii druziy, pi. dorooz, 
Druse, a warlike pagan race 
in Mount Lebanon and the 

(^.J darasa, he studied, threshed 

(^jfc) d arras a, he taught. 

i>*>^jd _ ij^v*^ r/rtrs, pi. doroos, 

i-wjl.ii dirdsa, teaching, educa- 
tion ; study. 
u»j\x< _ JLw .i\^ mad rasa, ipl.maddris, 

, wxjJco modarris, teacher. 

,«,1.J dirds, a threshing. 

^jA*j ,ii f?ree.§, hay, dry herseem or 
clover ; chaff, husks. 

h.]jii or c .t) dira', or dorr da' a, 
cuirass, smock. 

c j(X< or c .1j ddri'a, or modarra'a, 
ironclad, cuirassier. 

( ij^ _ Li, J darafa, pi. diraf, 


^J.ii daraq, Adam^s apple in the 

B'.t) daraqa, shield. 

^j\.d or jK^ti dordq, pitcher, ewer, 
long-necked bottle. 

Jc^'.jJ doorqa'a (Persian), depres- 
sion in floor, a sunken floor. 

CJjd darah, supervision. 

cLl.J _ K.t> daraka, pi. darak, a 


( 86 ) 


watctmau's post or beat ; a 
fixed station. 

(_^'jJl kJjti claraliat el-hdh, ves- 
tibule (see dirlia) . 

(^.i)l adraka, he caught at^ per- 
ceived, understood; arrived at 
age of puberty or discretion, 

\JJ\,d\ idrdk, perception; age of 

j^.Jco ■mudril; intelligent_, adult. 

<^ .Ijo taddraJia, he provided for, 

SJ.J dirha {for Vev&ian der-gy all) , 

doorway, vestibule. 
j^\.d - *Jb.«i dirlicm, pi. dardhim, 
(G-reek drachme) drachm, dram, 
48'1 grains; 3-12 grammes; 400 
dirhems equal an oqqa; an old 
name for silver money. 
^Jbl.i) dardhim, money, cash. [tiyiJ 
y..i3 dirwa, parapet; shelter-trench, 
low wall. L^JJy''^ 

(jiJjl.J _ ^J^.)J^^ darweesli, pi. 
dardwccsU (Persian) , beggar at 
the door; monk, fanatic. 
(^ ^.d dara hi, he knew, 
^.iil adr((, he informed, explained. 
h\jd dirdya, intelligence. 
j_j] ^,S\ U tnd adri ai [madri e) , 
(colloquialism), "l don't know 
what not ;" " etcetera.'' 
^.d.< rnidra, bar, pitchfork. \.i_sj^ 
^ j4> dozeena (European), dozen. 

,^«.J dassa, he hid, spied, touched, 

(i*jJl_j hid-duss, by stealth. 
^«.5Uj .XA*a«Ji> daseesa,ip[.dasdyis, 

intrigue, plot. 
i«.^^1j or^j^awjJ dasees, or ddsoos, 
spy. [(^'«'fi:> 

ei^^^J (?as^ (Persian), hand. 
^A^t) f7asf a (Persian), packet, quire, 

jJL*,d dastoor (Persian), permis- 
sion; break oS" ! (military drill) ; 
register ; code of law ; corner- 
stone, foundation-stone ; cut 
stone in general, 
^i) dasam. Shrove Sunday, Quin- 

^«jj Desemher (European), De- 
L,_jLi*«t> discnteriyd (European), 

&^A>i,4i dasheesha, bruised corn ; 

inferior wheat. 
c:^J dasht (Persian), confusion, 
waste paper, rubbish. 
Id dashshara, he dismissed, 

jjv/ii^ tadsheer, a getting rid of. 
ifMcd da's, a treading, trampling. 

(^£,1^ da'lia, he rubbed. 

IcJ da'd, he cried out, invited, 

prayed, named. 
»cJo. yada'oo, he cries out, names. 
^jxJl _ ^Icti ^?o'rt, pi. adVyia, 

SjcJ da'wa, invitation, exorcism. 


^clj (^ci'It/, he who calls, prays; 

a cause. 
j^IjJ li-dd'iy, because, for the 

reason that. 
j_j-yxi) _ i^y^^ (la'wa, pi. da'divi, 

^Ic i_s^ii fXi^ (uidiiia da'iua 'ala, 
he brought an action against, 
r jl idda'a, he asserted, claimed. 
^Ujl iddi'd, assertion, claim. 
cJJu/l istada'a, he claimed. 
^li\j tadda'a,\\e called to another; 
he went to law. 
xj^ modda'y, plaintiff, 
<icjdc \cS^modda'd 'alaih, defendant. 
lcX< mada'oo, named, whose name is. 
^-cJk-j yoda'a, he is called, his 

name is. 
^clja-c motadda'y, a party to a 
law- suit. 

cJ. _ icti da'a tranquillity (see 
iuada'a) . 

cAcJ daghdaglia, he bruised, pum- 
melled, [cf. 9J-^J 

j_j^aL _ (_f/;J dooghri (for Turkish 
doghroo) , straight, direct, honest. 


i jyj _ cJj daff, pi. d of oof, flap, 

shutter, drum. 

hti daffa, rudder. [(ji^*^ 

^^Jj dafia, it was warm. 

liJ daffa, he made warm. 
Vjfc) dafd, warmth. 
>^J or -^^Jlj ddfi, warm, tepid. 
,i'jj _ ^iJ daffiya, pi. dafdfi, 


warm cloak. 

i_jlJfc) daffdya, stove, warming- 

JlitJ _ jjjii daftar, pi. dafdtir 
(Persian), register, account- 
book, ledger. 

■ lj,lkiJ daftar-ddr (Persian), ac- 

<oli-JUt) daftar' - lilt dn a (Persian), 

b Jljt> difteriyd (European), diph- 

«ij dafa'a, he pushed; paid. 

cljUsJ _ Ljj dafa'a, or dofa'a, 
pi. dafa'dt, a push, payment ; 
one time, once. 

«sJ dafa', a pushing, a paying. 

».ilt) ddfa'a, he defended, con- 

^1<X< or c'jJ difd'a, or moddfa'a, 

^aj j^ clij difd'a 'an nafsihi, 

c JA-o madfooa', paid ; jDushed. 

*JltX< - «icJ^ mad fa', pi, iiiaddfia', 
cannon. Cs-'n^ 

^J dafana, he buried, 
i^i) f?rt/?i, burial. 
iJUiJ dafeena, buried treasure, 
^jJii^ madfoon, buried. 

JfJ daqqa, he pounded, knocked, 
hit ; tattooed. 

^'t> daqqaqa, he ground, made 

fine ; ascertained accurately, 

went into minutiae. 
ii'J daqqa, tattoo-marks. [ji.^ 

( 88 ) 


ii'i) ili</(i(i, linciicHS, oxuclitudi', 
ciifd ; (lii<iii<(, licrli-ciiko. 

^jj'j il(ti/<rij, lliiiir ; lino. 

Jj'U.O (Iix/i'k/, r]\(':\\} nalivo S(iii|). 
liUi) -xLxsd il(i<jii(jii , |)1. il(n/di/i</, 
iiioinciil', iiiiiiiilc. 

^jA3j.J' liiil<ii<ii, |»rccisi(iii, acciiriic.y. 


^j'A_o viiitl<i<ii/(ti/, exact, sliowii 

ij^ti - Aj'i^'ti ildi/sliotnit', siiiiill hI.oik) 

Ini- l)nil(liii^', siiuvllor Uiaii tJiihsli. 

'■Sjyai^ - i^i^sJ l)(i(/-li.(ili'i/(i, a, pro- 
vince in llie Delia, of wliicli 
Mditsdiird is tlio eapilal. 

iii't} (//Vr/ivr, l)eneii, plat form ; waisl- 
band. I iO" 

^j^l^J _ ^J^^ (Inhlcav, pi. (hiLd- 
kriii, shop. 

(Ji) (lallti, lie indicated. 

J._xJj tiahil, guide, indiciitioji, 

jcjjl or JjIIj <l((li'ii/!l, or adilla, 
j)ro(>i"s, indicalioiiH. [jj'jb,J _ ^>.^ 

J^J (lalldl, crier, iuiciionecr ; iui 

ilinovjiiit iiiictioneer in a ba/ar. 
'Md (liilldid, l'enial(> l)roker. 


Jli) (hdl, \\c wlio indicates, sliow- 



JjjLjI idadalJa, it l)ecanic cvideid, 


J^iiO/wl istidhil, iuduction ; simple 

i iiformationjUot sworn evidonco. 

i^ .^W^d - t '^«(3 doldh, ])1. (hiwdlcch 

(Persian), cliost of drawers. 

\var(h-ob() ; ma,cliine ; wIkm'I 
ap|)aratuH, ti'ick, macliiuation. 

ij^^ii or (k.]l> iI((J(Ih(i,, (jr dalhisa, 
liu derraiide(l. 

il«,-x!jij l,(till>rs, Craaid ((;.s|)ecially 

" w 

in baid<riiptcy), 'ilol." \-tr*^ 
^lUJc) '/((/^f.s-Ar/ (collo(piial), lio tlirow. 

Ji3 ddllidd, lio spoilt, pamporod, 


Jj..« 'iihoddlla' -.1 spoilt (child). 
Jt) (///r// iiisi|)id. 

CJSii or CJ.!ti dahtha, or daUa/ca, 
he i-id)be(l^ ns(ul ttntsscKje." 

CJwjJaj iiidlcfk, mansaijc." 

]d - ^!j r/a/o, pi. ^/w/i'v/ (feniin.), 

bucket; AquariuB, in the Zodiac. 

j-<it> _ Ai) <■/'/'»/', ])lood (sec damn.) 

.Ut) <l(tvidr, I'uin. 

'ij^^ii dn'iiKtira (Soudanese), rise 
of Nile. 

,u*^t> dlintf, uslies IVoMi tlic oven ; 

A/*kA)J,.« madmasa, diist-lieap, asli- 
lieap, dung-heap. 

(w^-olj ddmis, dark, cloudy ; pitch- 



^A^ii l)lmesh.<i, Damascus. 

cyci) - hi^d damn' a, ])1. doviooa', 
a tear. 

«..<t) dania'ii, lie we])t ; yadma', he 
weeps. Cis^V 

mJo tadamma'a, it drizzled with 

i*c<ii dimti'a, sauce, gravy, dripping. 

( 89 ) 


sJi^d\ - cU«i dlmdfjh, pi. admifjha, 
brain. [t< 

"kn^d damrjlia (Turkish), stamp 
of a seal ; impres.sion. [see AjL*.) 

aji^d iij^ warnqd darafjho , stamped 
paper for petition.s and official 

j^c) damagha (from Turkish), he 
stamped with an oflBcial seal. 

J^Ut) - (JJ<*) dummul, pi. damdmil, 
boil, pimple. 

,^jl or ^.<t> damann, or more 
commonly admana, he per- 

^J-^^\ idmdn, perseverance, as- 

^^i>^ mudmin, persevering as- 

iJ-A^c _ „^d DamanJioor, a town 
near Alexandria, capital of the 
province of Bodiaira. 

.^Uj _ Ai^ or ^J damo, (or com- 
monly) Jam, pi. dirnd, blood. 

>Uj ^'U or ^Uj CAa«j Hoflidimd, or 
Irdqat dimd,B. shedding of blood. 

Atiil ^. j or Ai^! ^y^' awliyd ed- 
dam, or zaivee ed-dam, owners 
of the blood, i.e. nearest rela- 
tives of a murdered man claim- 
ing vengeance. 

isljL<J Damidt, Damietta. 
Vjj dand, it was vile, ignoble, 
j'-pjj dandya, vilenes.s. 
-f'Jjl _ ^^iJo (7an/, p]. adnd, vile, 
base ; glutton. 

IajJ J'jt.i.1 ashghdl daniya, hard 

'Ji3 dana, it was near, he came 

^Jj dania, it was vile ; low, 

&>'Jj dandya, vilencss, baseness, 

^'-ojl _ ^_^J do.niy, pi. adniyd, vile, 

base, low. 

Ixiti JXil ashghdl daniya, hard 

^J danna, he came near, ap- 

s.ljj dandv;a, nearness. 

fr'joj' _ ^d dardy, pi. adniyd, 

Jji (, nearer, viler, lowest, 

Jjij Jj] a<:?na daleel, the slightest 

^Jj _ '^JJ d.v.nyd, pi. c/ona, this 

lower world of ours; the world; 

M^ '-JJijJ' ed-dunyd zaldm, (it was) 

a dark night. 
J^j«j iJ dunyavny, mundane, 

Jj cZa-nj (European), dengue- 
^•jjj dindieh, necklace. 
^jjjj dandana, he hummed, sang. 
}-<,J,J or iU.iiJJ dindirma, or J<V- 

</trrna (Turkish), ice cream. 
, .^Jj doriina, it was filthy. [<^^ 


( 90 ) 

iUj*a^ J 


, K*it> - AwjUj dandsa, filthiness^ 

danis, filthy. 
LaJJ Donqold, Dongola in tlie 

idjljJ _ t/ji^*^ Donqoldvjiy, pi. 

Bandqla, Dongolese. 
JuJlijJ dondnma (Turkish)^ fleet 

of ships. 
(JCii) dinghil (Turkish), axle-tree. 
. JbJ _ Jiti f7a/i/-, pi. doTioor, epoch^ 

age, century. 
^Jtiii dahruj, materialist, atheist. 
, i«i&J dahasa, he trod, trampled, 

ran over. 
^JiaJ dahisha, he took fright, was 

jJiaJ dahhasha, he frightened. 
jLiJtc> dalisha, fear. 
^Ll2&t) dahshdn, afraid, timid. 
^^4X« modhish, terrific. 


icla4> dohulla, native drum. 

jA:t>ii dihleez (Persian), gallery, 

^J dahm, a blackness, dark mass 
of people. 

j^d\ adham, a black horse ; man\s 

^d daliana, he anointed, be- 

.'jbt> or ^o-**> dohn, or dahdn, 
ointment, paint, grease. 

^^\^ ddhana, he flattered cajoled. 

iualiS^ moddliana, flattery, humbug. 

f-Ut) dahd, shrewdness, strategy, 

j^aJ or ^^\^ ddlii, shrewd, deep, ^ 

,«aljJ _ ^ali) ddhiya, pi. dawdlii, \ 

(_j>jt) b 1/ft (^^6, almost. 

^U^jJ dawalxlidn, giddiness, feel- 
ing sick. 

ks^^d dokha, giddiness, feeling sick. 

^\d ddl-ha, he felt giddy, sea-sick. 

Jlj ddyikh, giddy, sea- sick. 

^^J daivwakJia, he made uncon- 
scious, stunned. 

Jjti _ StJjL) dooda, pi. dood, worm, 

maggot ; madder. 
sjlj'j dawwdda, she who extracts 

.I.jI _ j^d dor, pi. adwdr, turn, 

circuit ; story of house. 
..uJslb bid-dor, by turns. 
^1 .^fc> cZawfl )"fm, rotation,circulation . 

^j ijlj or ^. t^i) doriya, or ddwariya, 
a patrol, going the rounds. 

..Jo _ .1j c?ara, it turned round; 
yadoor, it turns round. 

. jj dawwara, he made turn round, 

wound up, rounded, turned 

himself round. 
,1 .J daum-dr, a (round) place or 

enclosure ; block of farm build- 

ingS; out-houses. 
.'ot> - j\d ddr, pi. diydr (femin.), 

house, province. 
'^j^a^ .bp diydr masriya, Egyptian 


( 91 ) 


^JLJ! .Ij ddr es-Saldm, House of 
Peace ; Heaven ; a moslein 

L_>^'' .It) ddr el-harb, House of 
War j tlie infidels. 

ice Dual! .Ij ddres-sand'aa, workshop^ 
arsenal. [see tersdna '&^\>*4ji 

ij^i^ -ji^i^ dair,]')\.doi/ooni, convent. 
Jl.O _ JiJIj dd>/ira, pi. dawdi/ir, 
circle^ circumference^ depart- 

L jJo 8^1 J ddijira haladiya, muni- 

JcjJui ^Ij ddijlra saniya, royal 
department ; administration of 
certain Khedivial estates mort- 
gaged to bond-holders. 
JljJ dnwdyir, districts^ provinces. 

.Ijl addra, lie governed, adminis- 
ij\d\ iddra, administration. 

^1j1 iddriy, administrative. 

jXc mofZeer^ administrator, gover- 
nor of one of the 13 provinces 
^ of Egypt. 

^.ji^'^* niodeeriya, office of an ad- 
ministrator ; one of the 13 
provinces of Egypt. 

ij.liioiwgl istiddra, rotundity. 

jiSLu^ imistadcer , round, roundish. 


i^iXxi mndawwar, round, circular. 
.'a-c maddr, pivot, axis; means. 

Jll^jti dordq, loug-ucckcd water- 
bottle, ewer. 
(U-ji) dosa, a treading, trampling. 


Mr>J^J - 


'j ddsa, he trod upon; 

yadoos, he treads. 
^^lii..< madds, shoes. 
^j;J dosha, row, a whining. 
K^ti dolca, quarrel, uproar. 
J^ J c?o?, a turning, return, change. 

J.O _ c^jJ daivla, pi. doival, king- 
dom, empire, power, state ; 

JJl^J or J;!jA1! \,_^s^\^ sdh'b ed- 
daiuJa, (or devletlu, Turkish), 
His Highness, a pasha of the 
highest rank. 

J.J.J _ JIj ddia, it followed in 
turn; yadool, it follows. 

J^lt) ddwcda, he deliberated with 
others, spoke in turn, dealt 
with questions in their turn. 

iiljU^ moddwala, deliberation. 

J.ljJ taddwala, it was current 
(coin) . 

J^IjJ.* mtitaddwil, current (coin); 

A^d - *;4> f?o»i, or daiodm, dura- 
tion, permanence. 

Jb ddyhn, constant, enduring. 

l/«ilt> ddyimd, always. 

^l.jJl Ljifi ft'Zaef^-^rtw^am, constantly. 

'kS^d dawwdma, eddy, whirlpool. 


^.b ddivama, he persevered. 

^.jj - f*^"^ f^rt/ua, it endured; y^'" 

doom, it endures. 
Jj to W(t fZ(t»i, while, as long as. 
Jjl a^ama, he perpetuated. 


( 92 ) 


)J ki. 

&<yX< moddwama, perseverance. 

^l^M^ mustadeem, continual, pro- ■ 
tracted. j 

(jA^ - M*i^ doom, or dom, a species 
of forked palm tree, Cucifera 
Thehaica, with edible fruit like 
a cocoa-nut, called moql hy- 
phaene. i 

jjyi3 doon, lo"w, under, less than ; ' 
mmM.5, without; vulgar, common, 

^j^jiij hidoon, minus, without. 

'Jjj^ii doonak, on with you ! for- 

i:^^ J^ Ui'^ doon saba' saneen, 

under seven years old. 
f , 
ijXz ^j^t) doon gliairoh, and no other. 

^J^^ dawwana, he inscribed, put 
down in writing. 

y^jiX.^ rnof^aiwwaw, inscribed, written 

^Jtli\ addna, he accused, abased, 
held as vile. 

&»li)l iddna, accu.sation, indictmentj 
committal for trial. 

^.X* modeen, accuser, accusing. 

^j^ljk/e moddn, accused; guilty. 

(jrjj dawia, he was ill. lu^r* 

^^J ddwa, he attended the sick. 



^I^jI _ ^.d dawd , pi. advjd, illness. 

^jt)^ - ^Iji) dawd, pi. adwiya, 
medicine. [ Ic 

«yci^ modaivat, medical attention. 

^)1.J dawdya, inkstand. 

ui]yt> _ ViiJwJt) f/ee/r, pi. doyook, cock, 
male bird. 

^Jyi^ _ (^J f7a('/?, pi. doyoon, debt. 

jj»j<Jj1 <— -j'j;! arbdb ed-doyoon, cre- 

^!j ddyin, creditor. 

^^}|^ moddyin, creditor. 

j^iiw* madeen, debtor. 

^^y)y■< madyoon, indebted; debtor. 

^'.)t) _ ^J^>,ii dayydn, pi. dayydna, 

^j'jfc>l _ (^_J fZeen, pi. adydn, faith, 

(^_jJl aO 2/'^'^ ed-deen, day of 

ij'jt) diydna, piety, creed. 
jJ^^ii -j'-V.'^ c^eena?*, pi. dandneer 

(Greek denarion), obsolete gold 


i±^»Jt) dayyoos, pimp, cuckold. 

U^Jy*^ - uV-^ deewdn, pi. dawdween 
(Persian), hall, ministry of 
state, office ; divan ; poems. 

^_^l^t> deewdniy, imperial (as coin 
of the realni); a style of hand- 

jJlv>p or p^ ■^Ji qirsh sdgh, or 
qirsh diwdniy, a full piastre, 

^loj iai- Maff diwdniy^ a beau- 
tiful style of handwriting used 
in Turkish official documents. 


( 93 ) 



(Or th as iu them.) 

J Zdl Value = 700. 

liiJli - !i 5;ftj this ; zc'tk, that. 

>^.l - Ij zft, this j pi. ooldi, these. 

LlAiljl - viJl j zcik, that; pi. ooldyik, 



cLUJ - v^JJ sa^iZ;; (femin.) tilJc, 


I I 

8JJt) - Ick.* 7iaza^ (femin.) fidziJii, 


f-^ji) Jiowldi, these. 

.3 dee (vulgarism for zd) , this. 
J.i dol (vulgarism), these. 
^^d or l^J dik-hd, or diik-lidm 
(vulgarism), those. 

1 jU mdzd, what ? 

CAllii^ or IJ..^ or Ijs.^ ?cft-sa, or 
hakazd, or kazdlik, thus, like 
this, like that. 

• j _ C->1J zdt, self, personality 
(see ?.'oo). 

jj'vjj _ ^j'jfci dohdb, pi. dihhdn, 

^(3 dahaha, he slaughtered, 
—jj cZa6/i, a slaughtering. 
^_f_j J dahet'h, slaughtered ; for 

slaughter, a victim, 
ji.^ madhali, slaughterhouse ; 

altar of sacrifice. 
js^d zakhara, he stored grain. 
Ji^^d - SyJ^ti zakheera, pi. za- 

kJidyir, grain, store of grain ; 


priming or pinch of powder in 
pan of flint-lock musket ; am- 

s.jI or H.J zurra, or durra, or 
idurrn, maize, sorgho. [s^jl 

jS - is.j zarra, pi. J^arr, atom, 
a grain. 

C w 

<^_;.j zorrlya, posterity, family, 
c.jl - cl.j dird'a, or zira a, pi. 

adru'a (femin.), fore-arm, cubit, 

pic, ell. 
^tjJij cl,3 dird'a baladiy, 23 inches; 

*58 metre. 
/lUJ cl^ j dird'a neeliy, 21 inches; 

'53 metre. 
LjIjJO) or yjlciJl or J^aJLI^I ^l^ti 

dird'a istdnhooUy, or enddza, or 

henddsa, 26 inches; '66 mefre. 
J^.W< cl, j dird'a mi'amdriy, 29^ 

inches; '75 mefre. 
j$. .3 d/irwa, apex ; parapet, shelter- 
trench ; low wall. 
^_<,j c7ara., he winnowed, tossed 

^c,1a* _ ^j^^ ?WK?ra, pi. maddri, 

pitch-fork; fan for winnowing. 

yj zifr, bad fishy smell. 
^j^liJl _ ^^'3 dacian, pi. rtt/'^aJi, 
chin, beard. L^y^ 

^■j ^^1 ahoo daqan, a bearded man. 
J^ zakara, he remembered. 

-^i zlkr, mention, memory; recital 
of prayer, act of devotion. 


,/iJI cJlL. 

( 94 ) 

jU), ( )ljfci 

jijJl (««ft!Lw sti^i/' ez-zih'j above- 

j^^< mazlioor, above-mentioned. 

jiliS zdhir, mindful, remembering. 

^a zahkara, he reminded. 

J]S zdJcara, he consulted, dis- 
cussed, studied. 

iijsltk^ Tnozdhara, discussion, in- 
terview, study. 

.l^JJ tezlidr, a souvenir, memento. 

.^Ijo _ S^tki" tazJcara, pi. tazdkir, 
ticket, letter, certificate, pass- 

ijSS,-^ inozakhara, note, letter, 

^jo tazakhira, he remembered. 

.»^J _ j/j zahar, pi. zolioor, a 

male ; penis. 

Ll.>lj| ^ .»^(3 zolioor iva inds, males 

and females. 
■a ^ 
S^ zakhara, he fertilised a female 

palm-tree ; he put it into the 

masculine gender. 

jSd^ tazkeer, or taclkeer, impreg- 
nation, fertilisation ; putting 
into the masculine gender. 

^X^ mozdkkar, masculine (gender) . 
'ij.^^^ inuzkara, virago, amazon. 

^^■i^S\ - jc-^j zakiy, pi. azkiyd, 
sagacious. [cf. ^Jj 

>l^i zakd, sagacity. 


Jj zill} or zull, vileuess, abase- 

JjJj zalccl, vile, cringing. 

(J^iik* mazlool, servile, cringing. 

I J _ Vi^j zdlik (see zd) . 

j,<^_ - ^ j zamma, he blamed ; 2/^" 

zomm, he blames. 

^j zamm, blame. [*J 

*^ti _ ;X^J zimma, pi. ztmam, con- 
science, moral responsibility, 
hence a person under one's 

X^J zimmatan, conscientiously. 

L« j ^Ic 'aZft zimma, for the sake of. 

^^ti zimmiy, Christian subject of 
a Moslem power, whose safety 
is guaranteed by the honour of 
the Moslem ruler. 

,^»^ck-e or i^t) zameem, ov mazmoom , 

v_->yj J _ C .i J zanh, pi. zonooh, sin, 


L-^JJ! adnaha, he committed a 

i_^iA.< modnih, guilty. ^f^f^ 

L_->lJjl _ Lj^J clanab, pi. adndh, 
tail. [(J.-'P 

lii,a _ jsjjb _ 55 j .v?7i in hdzihi, femin. 
of lidzd. 

sJbd dahaha, he went away, 

AaJ dahdh, departure ; act of 

;Ij1j v_->lftJ dahdh loa iydh, a 
going and returning. 


( 95 ) 


Iti^ _ c^-ai^ madliah, pi. 
maddhib, religion, creed. 

V_«. — a)j dahab, gold, golden, of gold. 

L_,.^j h.[?jj sd'aa dahab, a gold 

»«-^^J dahhaba, he gilded. 

JcjukJb j dahabiya, Nile '^house-boat,'^ 
sailing yacht. 

dahabaJc wa dahdbak wa madha- 
baJc (proverb), '^ Conceal thy 
gold, the object of thy journey, 
and thy religion. ^^ 

Jytj zoliool, insanity, half-witted 
state of mind. 

(JjbJJi or (Jjbj zahila, or inzahala, 
he was astonished. 

^j'jb ji _ (ji j zihn, pi. azhdn, mind, 
intellect, prudence. 

^^3 or ^J^^j - jj zoo, pi. za-oon, 
(or commonly in construction) 
zawy, possessor, endowed with. 

culj j _ cl;1 j ;^a^, pi. zawdt, femin. 
of zoo, mistress, possessor ; 
essence, personality, self. 

ijlyw .j zoo saiudbiq, a man of 
(bad) antecedents. 

^-AJ^l J j zoo l-qarnain, the two- 
horned man, Alexander the 
Great (?), a legendary hero. 

^j.j or j$.^(3 zawooh, or zaweeh, his 

i^jti _ Ij ;:■« and ;.v'e, accusative 

and oblique cases of zoo. 
^\A] eulj ^^ ^»j_ 2/ow 7iim zdt el- 

ayydiii one day, a certain day. 

aIjJ ci^lj zdt laila, one night, a 
certain night. 

a:J'lo zdtoTi, himself, one's self. 

li'lj zdtdn, personally. [l-asr^ 

<icjlj (»« .S-* mohibb zdtoh, self- 
lover, selfish. 

iXAjj' ci;'t) ^Ij^i-l ashid zdt qeema, 

Jijv*fiJI jJ zoo Z - Qa'da, eleventh 

Moslem month (of Eepose). 

Jcis^' J j 4 00 ^JEfi^jfr, twelfth Moslem 

month (of Pilgrimage). 
^jUjJ zaivahdti, liquefaction. 

v_->j Jo _ u_>l J zafeft, it melted ; yazoob, 

it melts. 
u->j j zawwaba, he melted, fused. 

Ojt\^ _ t)jt) (fZof?) madwid, manger, 

J)j<3 zof^, sense of taste, taste ; good 
taste, refinement. 

J)jiio _ J)ifc> zdqa, he tasted ; yazooq, 
he tastes. 

^13k^ mazdq, palate, seat of sense 
of taste. 

'i _ ^j f?ee (vulgarism for zd) , 

^J (J»2>-.11 er-rajil dec, this man. 
'«_^Ut5 « L-.^Jj cZee&, pi. diydb, wolf. 
Llf (3 zoowdba, tuft, mane. 

jcjiyj J j S-^^ /La.w/i;a6 ;.oo zoowdba, 

JIjJ! _ (Jjj f?rti7, pi. adydl, tail, 
shirt-tail, skirt ; codicil, a})- 


( 96 ) 



J Be. Value = 200. 
JuoK rdteenej, resin. 
_lj. _ 1. r((7ia,liewent (s,eeo-awdJt.) 
J), _ _j. _ _lj. - ics-1. rdha, repose 
(see raivdh, rooh and reeJi) . 

promontory ; bridle. 
Jl-«J1 (1"^ *''^s el-mdl [rasmdl) , 

capital stocky capital (of money) . 
^l«.J. _ i;«ji, rdyis, pi. ro-osd, 

chief, president ; captain of a 


^b , riydsa, presidency, cMefdom. 

iwvli tar das a, he took the lead. 
jiA^jjpLo m/utarayyis, a leader. 
ij^^jj^ maro-oos, a subordinate, 
iuo^^j tarweesd, heading (of a 
chapter) . 

i^MK-jLu/il. rdshitism (French), ra- 

chitisme, rickets. 
i__9U rdfa, he was merciful. 
ki\j rdfa, clemency, indulgence. 

I Lj, raoof, clement, merciful. 

^Lj&K rdhwdn (Persian), roadster, 

hack ; hence amble, quick walk. 

lI^jcI, Ed'ooth, Ruth. 

^^^j>- y^\j rda, he saw; yara^he sees. 

-fl. 1 _. ^l, ray, pi. aara, opinion, 

hjj rooya, inspection, supervision, 
sight, attention to ; looking 
for the new moon of Ramadan. 

^Jj _ [^Jj rooyd, pi. rowa, dream. ^ 

jo^l - jc,l ara, he showed (vul- 
garly written and pronouced 

j_^U' tardaa, it appeared. 

sl^l._^ or >l_l '%ft, or morddt, 

^\j^ mora, a hyprocrite. 
CLjli, _ Jcj. n'ya, pi. riydt, lung. 


^^j i^Mi sill rkuaiy, pulmonary 

CljU, _ h], ray a, pi. rdydt, flag, 
jsl.^ miraat, or miraya, mirror. 
jJij ,^ ivarreeni (colloquial), show 

me ! 

jj rahh. The Lord God ; pos- 
sessor, owner. 




rahh el-adlemecn. The 

Lord of the Worlds, God. 

t-_^ b 7/a rahh, Lord ! 

^..l.^^^Jl t_j. raZ/6 el-hait, master of 

the house. 
^jJl i--j». rahh ed-dain, creditor. 
(--j'o^l arhdh, pi. of rati, possessors; 

owners. IlJ)'^ - «-r^^s^' 

^4_j_jJl l_.;Lj».1 arhdh ed-doyoon, 

'■Lxsi''i^[ij\ arhdh el-hhihra, experts, 

professional experts. 
i_jL_M*_ll (— jLj.I arhdh es-sawdhiq, 

men of (bad) antecedents, old 


U/ , ruhhamd, perhaps. 


( 97 ) 


kj, rabha, feniiu. of rahb, mistress, 

c— jlj . rahdh, violiu. 

jJU . rahhdniy, rabbi, rabbinical. 

_L> .1 _ -J. 7'?7>/;, pi. arhdh, profit, 

money interest. 
^ji or ^ . rahiha, or tarahhalia, 

he profitted. 
j1. rdhih, winner, gaining. 

S .Imistv 5 ^. ri6/(. wa Jchasdra, profit 

and loss. 
^Ja^J r abas a, he expected. 

/>2jjj' tardbbasa, he awaited his 

A-«y . i/s^Ji tarahbus wa tarassud, 
a lying in wait (to commit a 
crime), a French legal term 
" giiet-apens." 

)aj,rabata, he tied, bound, imposed. 

ioji rabt, a binding, tie, connection. 

JL^^l kj . rn?)^ cl-amwdl, imposing 
of taxation. 

]a),t » isjk^ 2:a?)^ 'zyni ra&i, seize 
and bind ; " organisation ; a 
grip on (business) ; public 
security, police administration. 

Lb. or ^ . rabt a, or n6a^, tie, 
bond, station ; head-dress. 

L^lji. _ ^il. rdbita, pi. rawdbit, 
rule, ordinance. 

iajki",! irtabata, he became bound, 

l^Uj.] irtibdt, lien, dependence, 

l^j^murtabit, attached, dependent. 

l3»j^ mar6oo;{, bound, tied; attached 
to a religion, fanatic, "mara- 

ia-j.-.* marbat, stable, place of 
fastening cattle. 

^j roba', one-fourth part ; Egyp- 
tian peck of 8t litres, or nearly 
2 gallons ; raha', apartments. 

^j] _ Hftij] arba' a, {femin.) arba' ,iouT. 

-*l>o,l A^j yom el-arba'd, Wednesday, 
fourth day of the week. 

^\j rdhia', fourth in order. 

.1^1 JcjoK rdbia't en-nahdr, broad 

noon, noon-tide. 
^^jo.l or ^j^«J,^ arba' onn,ov arba' een, 

ci^IjJujo.I arba'eeniydt, forty days 

of winter (9th December cc 

] 7th January) . 

j^j.^,1 ^ ^.1 arba'a wa arba'een, 

forty-four ; centipede, 
i^clj. robd'aiy, four-lettered root 

of word. ' -^ 

«^. Babeea' , Springtime ; Rabeea' 

I. and II., the third and fourth 

Moslem months. 
%lPiJi - %^,j rabba'a, he squared ; 

tarheea', a squaring. 

%jj^ morabba', squared, a square. 

^j^ marba', pastvire-ground, j^lot 
of ground. 

G^j>. yarboa', desert rat, jci'boa. 
dJOj rabqa, lasso, noose, h liter. 


( 98 ) 


(Jj . rahaJ, pvh'caria tindulata. 

^y .1 or ^^^ J rahoon, or arhoon, 
earnest-raouey, "arrhes." 

b . o-ahd, it grevr up. 

^ . rahha, lie trained up, disci- 

^ J tarhiya, education, discipline. 

^J^ mordbha, preserve, jam. 

^ JLo motarahhi, trained, disci- 

»ji rahoo, asthma. 

9\j. rihd, usury. 

sUj^ mordhdt, usury, a taking of 

^L<, tnordhi, usurer. 

L-^. rataha, it -was firm, settled. 

i*_^. vattaha, lie organised. 
(»_,.>»j^.J tarteeh, organisation, 

system, plan. 
C^j. _ h3j rotha, pi. rotah, rank, 

t.j^l. rdtih, pay, allowance ; a 

certain spot, fixed. 

^Jtc i*-^^" tarattaha 'ala, it de- 
pended or resulted from ; be- 
came organised. 

tw^"!.^ - 'i)3j^ martaba, pi. mardtib, 

rank, higli place, 
cljIjG^ mutarattahdt, allowances, 

jjio, ?vr/s/t (vulgar), bad, wortli- 

xji. rataqa, he sewed up, repaired, 

..^^1 £ii ^ rj. rai'/ -jra /ai(/ el- 
omoor, shut and open, {i.e. 
management of) business.^' 
k^U. ratdma, snaffle, bit. 

^. ritldlta, old clothes, rags. 

^1,^ _ >Ij. rithd, elegy ; mardthi, 





rajja, or irtajja, it 

trembled, shook. 


irfijdj, commotion, shock. 

^.^..>5sy Sajah, honour, respect ; 

the seventh Moslem month. 
^£^. rajah a, its weight told, it 

leaned. J 

^ . rajjah a, he m ade preponderate, 

^!>2J^ morajjah, preferred. 

icT^i^-^ marjaiha, swing, see-saw, 
an Egyptian '^ merry-go-round.^' 

^j^J tarjeeh, preference. ^ 

A. rajaz, a kind of rhyme or 



(M^s-, rajis, vile, abominable. 

^'w2^. rajdsa, vileness, impurity. 

«,5w. raja'a, he returned, turned 
back. [jy: 

^»- . or c^»-i rojooa', or raja'a, a 

return, recourse. 

fT*v '^'W^'^} ^® ^^^^ back, made 
return, repeated. 

«i.-l. raja'a, he turned towards, 
had recourse to, referred, read 
over, controlled accounts. 



( 99. ) 


«a^!Lwl istarja'a, he claimed back. 

<K*t».]^ mordja'a, control or inspec- 
tion, recourse, reference. 

*sJ\j rdjia\ returning, intermittent 
or remittent (fever). 

^^^*J*~J t'aja ^y, reversionary ; re- 
vocable (divorce). 
«sv^ marja' a turning point. 

0-sy\ _ tJe^ rijl, pi. arjol (femin.), 
foot, leg. [.jj; _ jL 

Jls^ - (Jt^ '>''^jih pl- >'(/'(t/, man, 

iols.^ rajjdla, men, troop, a band of 

<*;jJjs^ rojooliya, virility. 

ClJ^LmI istarjalat, she wished to 

be a man, mannish. 
i^s-Jx,^*^ mustarjila, virago, amazon. 

^j rajama, he stoned to death. 

*A5w, rajeem, the Devil, (worthy 
to be stoned) ; in contrast to 
raheem, God the merciful. [^j.s-, 

law, ro/a, he hoped, begged. 

f''^ raja, hope, request. 

^Jr^J> tarajja, he implored. 

;^^ marjoo, (it is) requested ; 
the favour asked. 

^"r^^j rahiba, it was spacious, 

there was room. 
iUs>'j rahha, open space, courtyard. 

^—^s^^ or ^-^-2-, rahliaha, or 

iarahhaha, he welcomed, made 
room for. 

Ijk-w^ marhahd, welcome ! 

c-jIs^I tarhdb, a welcoming, 
/^s-. rahada, he cleansed himself. 
j_^j5^L-.« _ ^Ja^^=>-J^ marhdcl, pi. 

mardhced, latrine. 
(_!>■. rahala, he migrated, was 

iS^j ''■«^'(?^ nomads, Bedouins. 
Jds^. rilda, a journey, day^s march. 
ijj^^j raheel, a good mount (horse 

or camel) ; a bookstand. 
(Ji^ .1 irtahala, he migrated, died, 

passed away (to heaven). 

Jdrs-^ marliala, resting-place. 

^3-J or j^S", rahima or taralihama, 

he had pity ; (God) showed 

*5»-^jLiI istarhama, he asked for 

ju-s-j^ or kA2>-> rahma, or marhama, 

lAs-fJl Er-Rahmdn, Er- 
Eaheem, (God) the merciful, 
the compassionate. 

^Ay*-s^J or (^'♦'^ rahmdn, merciful. 

^^.^ marJinnm, deceased, at the 
mercy of God, the dear de- 
parted one. 

^Ui-.l _ ^s^j rilim, or rahim, pi. 
arlidm (femiu.), womb, uterus, 
blood relationship. 



( 100 ) 


aU-.I arhdm, blood relations. 
J^^l ^^ j zawi el-arhdm, kindred, 

distant relatives. 
^^s>~. or -sU-. rahci, a hand-mill. 

(_^,oi., rukhs, cheapness. ClT'^. 

[joJ^j rakhees, cheap, trifling. 

iUis>-, rukhsa, permission, leave of 
absence. [^^^jl 

iUl-L-ai-. ruhhsandma (Persian), 

licence, trade-licence. 

^_^i»^ rahhlihasa, he held cheap, 

permitted, authorised. 
fjos-y.^ raurahhlihas, authorised, 


Lflis-y^ marJiJiasa, bishop, dean. 

A^j rukharu, marble. 

j^. rakhm, vulture. 

j-i-. raJxhia, it was loose, flabby. 

^i-.l arlilia, he loosened, let go. 

sr,l irtaliha, it became loose, 


jsjU-. or -p'^. rakhd, oi ralihdwa, 

"-»-. raWiiy, loose. 

fc). radda, he restored, sent back, 
repaid, pushed back, answered. 

J. radd, restitution, reply, re- 

tXj.l irtadda, he turned himself,' 
became a convert. 

OJ Ji taraddada, he went to and 
fro, repeated, frequented a 

.^.jlm] istnrnddn. he claimed baH'. 

jljyuil istirddd, a claiming back. 

cVj^ murtadd, convert, apostate. 

JjJ,.^ mardood, repaid, replied, 

id, radda, refase, bran. 

ii.lj. raddiva, badness. 

>ljj.l _ *i_5J. ra(7'/, pi. ardiyd, bad. 

It).] arc? a, worse. \-(J^^ 

t-_>t>l.l _ t-r^i>;l ardah, pi. arddib, 

measure of grain, 5 2 bashels ; 

198 litres. 

ad, rada'a, he pushed away, pre- 

IJ^l _ 

Jii, ridf, pi. arddf, 
crupper, haunch. 
u-cjJ. radeef, militia, army reserve. 

^♦J. radama, he dammed, mended, 

^J. radm, a blocking up; ruins, 
cj, raza'a, he threw down. 
^11 J. razala, vileness, basenesi. 
(J.J j. razeel, vile, base. 
j.l or ; . rw22, or aruzz, rice. 
s:-< marazza, rice-field. 

JjJ ~ ^y'./ ^'^^^^^ pl- ■'■^^^•^^ hinge. 
^hj—o - *-J;t (ra2&), mirzahha, 

pounder, beater, mallet. 
^Jjj razaqa, he provided. 
J).-, roziqa (passive), he obtained; 

he was blessed with (children, 




( 101 ) 


^j\jj razzdq, (God) the provider. 
OiJT^ ??ia?'.^oo5, blessed, provided 

for (by God). 
j,jj . ixj, rizma, pi. rizam, bale, 

parcel. [t\ic 

^jj _ h\jj rezdna, gravity; razeen, 

grave, serious. 
L-jyjj. rosoob, sediment. L^c 

c«,^M(l, rdsib, cliemical precipitate. 
u^\j rdsiJih, firm, solid. 
i.^, rusgh, ankle, wrist. \^t^^*-< 

JJLu. _ LJlsu. r'lsdla, pi. rasdyil, 
something sent; message, mis- 
sive, mission; means of trans- 
port, navigation. 

A>*i, _ iS^j Taseel, pi. rosald, mes- 
Jj**.. rasool, prophet, bailiff. 

jdJ! J^*"; rasool Ullah, the prophet 
of God, a title of Mohammad. 
(J^.l arsaJa, he sent. 
JU.l iVsa/, a sending. 
(U>< mursil, sender ; mursal, sent. 
J.^1. rdsala, he corresponded. 

(J,wjL<, mordsU, messenger, corre- 

hjJ\j^ mordsala, letters, correspon- 
' *A*j, rasama, he delineated, traced 
a plan, prescribed, ordained. 

,13 , , . 

aU. or *Aw). rasim, or rassam, 

painter, artist. 

t A^*j^^ marsoom, planned, traced ; 
official order. 

^^ui, _ s>^j rasm, pi. rosoom, plan, 
"tracing ; tax, usage ; address, 

ci^U»^w. rosoomdt, taxes. 
J^aaw, rasmiy, official, of govern- 
^♦o^. ^jii ^/latV rasmiy, unofficial, 

Iaa*^. rasmiy dn, officially. 
^Mj. or Lu. rasa, or risi, it was 

steady, at anchor. 
Sti.»>«JI J^Jic ^wj. risi 'and el-maw- 

rada, he moored at the quay. 
.XjIc ii\:A^\ ^«j ) ?*m el-mazdd 'aleih, 

the article at auction fell to 

^^1. rdsi, at anchor; successful 

bidder at an auction. 

Jj^l el-mozdyada 'ala zimmet 
er-rdsi ' aleih el-mazdd el-awwal, 
" foUe-enchere/' French legal 

^j] arsa, he cast anchor, came 

s'v*w»^ mirsdt, anchor. ^hn'^i 

^^*^J^ - i^y^ marsa, pi. mardsi, 
port, anchorage. 

^1. raslisha, he sprinkled water. 


|Ji. rishsh, sprinkling, drizzle, 
small shot. 

U^'^ i UZI '*''^^''''^' ''^"^ l-'n!^, water- 
ing and sweeping (of streets). 
^j rashaha, it oozed, sweated. 

( 102 ) 

J^j rashshaha, he formed, exer- 
^j-i- J tarsheeh, formation. 

iJs**'^ mirshaha, pack-saddle, felt 

Js^. rushd, righteousness; adult 

SJJ:^, or A/i'. rdsMd, or rasheed, 

pious, righteous, a true guide 

in faith. 

JsxiJ! ^J-J^ Haroon el-Raslteed, 
Aaron the orthodox, " Haroun 

SJ^j Rasheed, Rosetta. 

fcj«w.l arshada, he showed the true 
path ; indicated, pointed out. 

j'J:..! irslidd, indication. 

^Jlj^ murshid, indicator ; guide ; 
teacher in faith. 

<__R^. rashafa, he sipped, tasted. 
^>i,. rayliiq, elegant, graceful, 

^i, raslim, halter, bit, nose-strap. 
l-i.. ranlid, ho gave a bribe. 
^Aj.1 irtasha, he took a bribe, 
^il. rdslii, he who bribes. 


rnurtaslii, he who takes the 


'iJ:^j riHlnva, or rashica, bribe. 

i^, raasa, he arranged, placed in 

^jc^, rasas, lead, bullet. 

l/>'-^j Jj' qalem ^-asas, lead-pencil. 
^Ji2^.^3 tarsces, adjustment, ar- 

^/Cj rasada, he watched with at- 
J>a9J tarassadayhe lay in wait. \.^J^J 
S^j rasad, watching; observatory. 

&>'S-i3..c. rasad-Jchdna (Persian), 

S^j^ marsad, place of watching, 


«p. rassa a, he set with jewels. 

^r* ^J^ nishdn mora^sa', order 

or decoration set in jewels, 
icxx*. rase'eya, a set jewel. 

iisuc,\ _ t 2J>a5. raseef, pi. arslfa, 

quay, wharf, pavement, rail- 
way platform. 

^■^j - ^'.-^1 rasdna, gravity ; ra- j 
seen, serious, grave. [Jlilj 

^jo, radda, he bruised. 

^jo], rddd, who bruises ; a hard 
weapon causing a bruise. 


{j^yij - {j^j radd, pi. rodood, a 

«^. o'adia', (the infant) sucked, 

c:^^*^il or (jiL'O*^. radda't, or ardat, 
(the mother) suckled. 

«j^^. radeea', a suckling ; a babe. 

iccl^ radda'a, nursing. 

is«^_« mordia'a, wet nurse. 

^^) _ ^w5. radio, he was con- 
tent ; yarda' he is content. 

^.-fi.l a/'fZ«, he made content or 

jjl^. or ^'.-i. n'(?a (n'2a),or radwdn, 
consent, contentment. 




( 103 ) 




— s-[^j ridd dimnin, tacit con- 

h\. rddi, he who is content or 


^-aji.1 irtada, he became content, 

^^lylllj hit-tar cidi, by mutual con- 
sent^ " a ramiahle." 

L^^is, rath, moist, fresh. 

L^-^ls. rutah, ripe dates. [ Ja 

L-^^b. ratceh, moist fresh. 

h^j rotooha, moistness, moisture, 

(Jlsj ratala, he poised, weighed in 

the hand. ^ii)ji 

Jlis.l _ {^0, rotl^ pi. artdl, pound 

weight, 144 dirhems ; 15*85 

ounces avdp. ; 450 grammes ; 

3-g- gills liquid measure. 

iolL. or ^L. rofn, or ratdna, a 
strange lingo ; patois ; impure 
Arabic as spoken by negroes, 
berberines, &c. ; foreign. 

Lj-^jo,! or f*--^ ra'ba, or irta'ha, 

he trembled with fear. 
L-^£j ro'ah, fear, trembling. 

Ac. ra'da, it thundered ; ra'd, 

J)_» ^ j^. ra'c? wa harq, thunder 

and lightning. 
dMj\ irta'da, he trembled with 

c jCj ra'ra'a, he refreshed himself 

(with a bath\ was fresh, alert, 


(Jjjo.' or i/^i ra'slin or irta'slta, 
he shivered. 

'i^J^\ iJLcJ] er-ra'slia el-kooliya, 
delirium tremens. 

I j'j:. I'o'df, bleeding at the nose. 

Joy:. ra'oona, culpable carelessness, 

^j] ar'an, careless, flabby person, 

|X j_ -i^j I'a'a, (the sheep) browsed; 

yara\ it browses. 

^Zj\ ara a, he led to pasture, 
tended sheep. 

jxl. rd'ay, shepherd. [^Uc 

^\j rda'a, he guarded, showed 
respect or care for. 

'i[c^.< or h[cj r'idya, or mord'at, 

respect, regard. 

u_>lt>lli JiUl.-* mord'afan Ill-add dh, 
out of respect for morality or 

^]j^ mar d' ay, pasture ground. 

\i\cj _ iur. ra'iya, pi. ra'dyd, sheep ; 
Ottoman subject; Indian ryot. 

h\^s- } <)y^i ra'iya iva himdya, 
Ottoman subjects and foreigners 
under (Consular) protection. 

c«^%£.. raghiha, he desired. [■*'^j 

djkij raghha, desire. 

u»,«£l. rdglilh, desirous. 

i^»i_« marghooh, thing desired, 

laJ:..] _ I a>i:. raghccf, pi. arghifa, 



( 101 ) 


j^j raglim, aversion, dislike. 

s.''c Ux, ragJimdn 'anoh, in spite 

of him or it. 
^. ragha, it foamed, bubbled, 

(hot or cold). 
».£. raghiva, foam, froth, a boiling 


»— j^^ - «_J, raff, pi. rofoof, plank, 

«^l_i, rafrdf, splash-board of 

i_5^i, rafroof, bandage, band. 

s-\sj vifd, peace, concord. 

li'. or li. rofa, or ra/*a, he con- 
ciliated, put straight. 

c:^ii rafata, he dismissed, sent on. 

d^i, rfl//, dismissal from employ- 

^ujU. raftiya, Custom House permit 
for transit to another port in 
the same (Ottoman) country 
without repayment of dues j 
Customs^ receipt. 

\j:^^j.^ marfoot, dismissed, dis- 

fjcSj or ij*^^j rafasa, he kicked 
out backwards ; the horse 

(jc[^j raffds, kicker, screw of 

jwsi. rafada, he rejected, refused. 

jwjj. rafd, rejection, refusal. 

»J, rafa'a, he lifted up, carried 

off elsewhere. 

( jUajL-^I <xJc *ij rafa'a 'anoh el- 

isteeimf, Ic appealed (in law). 

^\j rdfa'a, he contended in a 

»flj,l irtafa'a, it became high. 
^j rafa' a raising, lifting, carry- 
ing off; the damma or '' o" 

vowel-sound. [iX^ 

Ijdj ri/a^a, rank, position in society. 
^CxfSj rifa'tlu (Turkish), a title 

for minor officials; honoured Sir. 
c'vflLl irtifd'a, altitude, elevation. 
hd^j^ mordfa'a, hearing of a case 

in court, proceedings in court; 

legal procedure. 
"^-y-ij rafeea', or rofaya\ thin, 

slender, high. 
«i.^ maii-fa' , sideboard; carnival. 
'^\jA^\ Joe 'eed el-mar dfia' , Fete of 

i^j '>'afgh, the groin. [hjj\ 

jjj] or ri, rafaqa, or rdfaqa, he 

accompanied, helped. 
^JflLl irtafaqa, he leaned on his 

elbows, relieved himself. 
^) rr/g, gentleness, help. 
^\j^ or ^jLi. rifdq, or mordfaqa, 

fr'Jii, _ ^j-i^ rafeeq, pi. rofaqd, 

comrade, accomplices. 
slai^ J ti./fs^l Ahmed wa rofaqdh, 

Ahmed and his fellows (& Co.). 
iil^ mordfq, comrade ; lover. 

sir* - jy* mirfaq, pi. mardfq, 
elbow. [c»^ 

Luliii-"^ mortafaqdt, latrines. 


( 105 ) 


iSj rafaha, he lived in luxury. 
hb^j. « auj, rafeeh, wealthy ; rafdJia, 

'j^ rafd, he mended, darned. 

Ijj riqqa, fineness, gentleness, 

^jj*. raqecyj, fine, delicate, com- 

a newly-caught slave ; slave in 
a slave gang ; as distinct from 
'ahcl, domestic slave. 


Ji^j or Jj. riqq, or raqeeq, slave- 
trade ; riqq, tambourine, 

jJ.jLw1 istaraqqa, he caught, or 
traded in, slaves for sale. 


Jli: J). 7-i'22 gliazdl, parchment. 

_^'. raqaba, he observed, watched. 

^^'1. rdqaha, he controlled, in- 

iui'L* mora^afco,, inspection, control. 

Lj^i'l^ inordqlh, inspector, con- 

L__>'i. _ ^3. raqaha, pi. riqdh, nape 
of neck ; yoke. 

^^AJ). raqahiya, horse-collar. 

hijW (.iJJ'wo mdlik er-raqaba, owner 
of property which is held by 
another in usufruct ; ' nu- 

di\j _ A3, raqada, he lay down ; 

rdqid, recumbent, 
jijjl . V^ mft rdqida, stagnant water. 

Ssj raqqada, he planted slips or 
shoots. tiry^ 

^^'ij raqasa, ho danced ; raqs, a 

(^^'j*. raqqds, dancer; main- spring 

of watch. 
cU, _ hfjj roqa'a, pi. riqda', patch; 

letter, note. 
ijejj . roqa'a, patch of ground, 

J>, or J), raqama, or raqqama, he 

wrote, dated, numbered. 
J.5.1 _ |«.i', raqm, ^\. arqdm, figure, 

Ji'^ or ^j.3. raqeem, or nioraqqam, 

dated, numbered, 
^j-i^ tarqeem, enumeration, dating, 

A^j-< marqoom, written, aforesaid. 

u'j ^^ iii^J ^'^'fZ'^^^f'^ 01' raqqana, he 
wrote, engrossed. 

i". raqia, he mounted ; raqa, he 
used magic. 
^^■. roqija, magic. 

^i taraqqa, he advanced, was 


i'J taraqqi, promotion. 
sL^ _ (V;-* marqa, pi. mardqi, a 
step forward. 

1^1^ or lL). ?Y7i7i;, or ralidka, fine- 
ness, weakness. 
CJkj.$. ralccek, thin, weak. 

^. raJiiha, he mounted (an 
animal to ride), rode, embarked. 



( 106 ) 

^.^%^ ralclcaha, lie organised, com- 

posed. ^'"-r^'^j 

I ^dj\ irtal-aha, he committed a 

crime, sin. 

L_^^j taralilcaha, it was organised, 

; ^Js^J tarJiceh, organisation, com- 

t ^^. _ ^A^. roliha, pi. rolcah, knee. 

I ^i". _ i-r'^t rikdh, pi. rulaih, 

.^J.A^ riUbddr (Persian), rougli- 
rider, horse-breaker. 


<-J^< - S-^^') rdktb, pi. ruJclidh, 
rider, passenger by a train or 

u-jJ". rahooh, an animal for riding; 
a " mount. ^' 

( > J", 'k^j ^ 'arahiya raliooh, a car- 
riage (not a cart). 

t ^\j^ _ t. ^j^marTiob, pi. mnrdhib, 

ship, barge ; (in Asia Minor, 
ass, donkey) . 

V— ^nJ^L^ _ S^^r-c marlcooh, pi. 

mardkeeh, shoe. 
<, .^ murakkah, composed of, 

compound; (in Turkish, r/i/i:). 
v«j_^%_CJ_< niurtakih, a criminal, 

sinner, guilty. 
j^. rakaza, he set up a post, fixed 

a point, pitched a tent. 
jjSj rakeez, post, nail, peg, j^o^^' 

set up. 

J^l/"* ~ J^r* markaz, pi. mnrdkiz, 
centre of circle ; arrondisse- 
ment, head- quarters. 

:^^1 )v«Ui mdmoor el-markaz, 

prefect of an arrondissement. 
^Jjj>s^' i^-ij J^j^ markaz riydsat 

el-jaish, head- quarters of an 

jjj rokooz, reliance, belief in. 
i/^j rakada, he ran. ^^jz" 

^^, raka'a, he bent in prayer. 
Lx_^. raka'a, a prostration; a 

fjj rakama, he heaped up. 
^].'i or ^G.l irtakama, or tardkamat 

it formed a heap. 
^} _ ^^. 7'o7i")?, pi. arkdn, a solid 

corner or support, a corner, 


i_->rs'' ^^\^.! arkdn el-Jiarh, staff of 

il^*. _^.i'. ro/t'oona, solidity ; rokna, 

proof, support, 
^ji. rakecn, solid. 
Ic ,^>il irtakana 'ala, he relied 

upon, based his argument upon. 
^^1. or IjS, rak'ia, native oven, 


*^, or I, ramma, or ramma7na,h.e 
Z J \J 

mended, repaired. 

k'^y^ or f^*j> tanncem, or maramnia, 
a mending. 

^^j _ i<. 7-/mmfl, pi. ri»ta»i, rotten- 
ness, corpse. 


,( 107 ) 


^-k^j rameem, rotten, decajcd. 

'i^j romma, halter, bridle. 

^rcjihirommatihi {hromto), entirely; 
i.e. (an animal sold) halter and 

^^j ramalia, he speared, galloped 
^ off. 

U.l - ^-«> romh, pi. armdh, spear. 

tX.*. ramad, ophthalmia. 

d\-cj ramdd, cinders, ashes. 

Ui. ramaza, he winked at ; ramz, 

a wink. [j'*>j^ 

ip-y*) - (A*) rimsh, pi. romoosli, 

eyelashes. [u-jj^a 

s\^<, ramdd, heat of summer. 
^^.Jl.^, Ramadan, or Ramazdn, 

ninth Moslem month ; the 

month of fasting. 

r^ ramaq, dying breath, last 

J'.^ _ (_U, rami, pi. rimdl, sand; 

JU, rammdl, fortune teller by 

A^.^ marinala, sand-pot for drying 

(J^^l _ icLe.] armala, pi. ardmil, 

widow. {\^j^ 

^l-o. rommdn, pomegranate. 

LS'tf-- ~ L^"*; '"'^^^'''> lie threw ; yirmi, 

he throws. 
j^^. rami, a throw; jetsam. 

j^-«K rdnii, he who throws; Sagit- 

tayius in the Zodiac. 
^.«^ manna, distance of a throw ; 

i^j^ marmiy, projectile, thrown. 

^j. ranna, it tinkled, re-echoed. 

\^j °^' cJ^; rindn, or raneen, 

tinkle, ring, sob. 
J)j ranavi, a song. 
>i.i" or J, ranama, or tarannama, 

he sang. I-l5^ 

^Aa. raliha, fear, shyness. 

^^.^. rahliaha, he terrij&ed. 

^,x^JJ&.> tarJtceh, a terrorising. 

^«_.^j{.]ti. rahceh, terrible. 

^IjkA. or *. aS)!. rdhih, or rohhdn, 

monk, recluse. 

ijJlu*. rohhdniya, monasticisra. 
_a. ruhaj, arsenic, chemical pre- 
cipitate, ^^'^bj 
:.a, rahaza, he shook, trembled. 

ka. rahat, leather fringe apron. 

, pjjb. raheef, slender. 

^la», rihdq, almost, very nearly. 

ia)L« mordliiq, almost adult youth ; 

*Sij< . (*»,) [raham] marAam, oint- 

^. rahana, he pledged, pawned, 

^jjft. _ ^^a^ rahn, pi. volioou, pledge, 

^j^ u*; 

( 108 ) 


..'Jb ^j rahn a'qdri]/, ' J^ypo- 
theqiic," mortgage of land. 
iUJcb. rahniyn, pledge, bond. 

^3^j^ marhoondt, things pledged, 
or mortgaged. 

^K rdhana, lie betted with. 

1^.1 irtahana, he bought a mort- 

.liUU ^^J-o f^}>^< moddyin mortahw 

lU-'uq^dr, creditor of a mortgage. 

(jlyt, or jj^ytil; rdhiudn (Persian), 
roadster ; ambler. 

&.>^, _ \^, raivii'd, he pondered; 
raiviya, attention. 


.jj. roh, curdling ; rdyih, 

^1^, raivdj, circulation, currency, 
briskness (trade). 

J^j rdyij, current, in circulation ; 
brisk (trade). 

J^l C»-^***c^ ^Ic 'ala hasah ar- 
rdyij, ad valorem, market rate. 

_^^ . raicwaja, he put into circu- 
lation, made current, caused a 
briskness of trade. 

—}», rau-dh, a going. 

_, _ ^^y;. - «-J; rah a, he went ; 
yarooli, he goes ; roll, go thou ! 

_r^ raivwaha,h.e went; (provincial) 

he came. 
'^=^\ rdha, repose, rest; fallow; 

palm of hand. 

^1 - ^..j rayyalia, he set at 

ease, convinced ; taryeeh, a 
setting at ease, quieting fears. 

^jly tardweeh, prayers of rest; 

night prayers in the mosque 

during Ramadan. 
—IJumI or ^^'ij\ irtdha, or istardha, 

he took his ease. 
j^Aw.^ or ^^j-o murtdh, or musta- 

recli, at ease, in repose. 
__^Wo mustardh, water-closet, 

lieu cl aisance. 
}:.>.] j^\ istlrdha, repose, a taking 

one's ease. 
-^Ijj.l - _jj. rooh, pi. arwdh, soul, 

spirit ; chamber of a revolver, 
or charge of a gun. 

s^^j rooluy, spiritual; spirituous 
(liquor) . 

JjiU^j^ roohdniy, spiritual, eccle- 

■5-'Vy' - ^\j ^'(^(^^h pi. riydh, or arydh 
(fcmin.),wind, evil spirit, ghost. 

^j iXjJr 'aleih reeh, he was an 

evil spirit. 
fX/^ ''^''-^^"^ooJt, bewitched by an 

evil spirit. 

T^-J ^' ^^^^^ riydh, scarecrow, 

J], J - 'is^'j or icsr reeJia, or rdyiha, 
pi. rawdyUi, odour, scent. 

is^tyK - T-'^t-o niaricdh, departure ; 
mirwalia, fan. 

^j'jsr raihdn, basil-plant. 

J>.1. rdwada, he lusted for, dis- 

]a;, . roweeddn, little by little, 


( 109 ) 

jl.I ardda, lie wished. 

ixiu) 'id\\ - 'id\.] inula, desire, 
will, decree, fiat; inula saniya, 

imperial decree. 

d\j-^ murdd, desired, a desire ; 
Miirad or Amurath. 

i^lj^ tnorecd, desirous, candidate. 
^s}3 J» roz ndma (Persian), calen- 
dar, pension, ofiice. 

u.y naw-roz, new year, autumnal 

equinox, Sept. 11. 
^«j'j \^j roz qdsim, feast of 7tli 




roz Jihadir wa 

Elids, St. George^s Day. 
jJLj, rdshan, air-hole, sky-light. 
^JO^J _ ^j . r5da, pi. rdd, garden ; 

island off Old Cairo, 
iic^'j . or {jc^i riydd, or riydda, 

training, discipline, " regime." 
c:_j'wo'j , riydddt, mathematics. 
&], - cj . roiva' , awe, fear j rda'a, 

he feared. 

J-^!; - Jj; '^'^^> limpidity ; rdyiq, 

^4. rawivaqa, he clarified. 
JfU ardqa, he poured out ; shed 

, (blood) . 
^i, reeq, saliva. [j"'^:* 

Jfljj. rowdq, gallery, cloister, porch. 
<)Caj^ .■>' tarweeqa, breakfast. 

^^^j or "^^ji^ role, or /-(j/cf?/ (Coptic), 
general, common ; undivided 

Jbi". . rolciya, the mass or total of 
an estate. 

J., ry/ (French), "role," list, re- 
gister. Uj'^T^ 

^. . rom, desire. 

^^ji. --»!. rdma, he desired; yaroom, 
he desires. 

*L< viardm, desired ; a desire. 

*. . room, Byzantium, the Roman 
Empire of the East ; Asia 
Minor ; a part of Asia Minor. 

|JjJ ^j. room ecli (Turkish), Rou- 

^jj _ Xj\ M^j room, pi. arwdm., 
Greek Christian ; roomiy, 
Romish ; Greek Church. 

^. . 'ji farlih roomiy, a turkey. 

^jJ'-^5^ roomdtizm (European), 

ijj. ronaq, splendour, beauty, 
t^fj. ravja, he nai*rated. ^l/'^ 

^_J^J rdwi, narrator, story-teller. 
LI. . riwdya, narrative. 
J^j raiy, irrigation. 
^4 .1 ariva, he irrigated. 
h J rayya, a canal for irrigation, 
il riya, lung. 

L-JSij\ or t— ^.) 5*("'?>, or irtiydh, 

doubt, suspicion. 
i__;'J.I or « '1. rdha, or irtdha, he 

doubted, hesitated. 
L—j'Jf-o viurtdh, doubtful; suspected. 
i^^ jJ _ c:^j rait (vulgar for laita) , 

would that ! 


( no ) 


T^}J - <ti^:j '"'-'e/ij wind (sec p. 108). 

feather, plume. 

< — j'h;^' - ' ^-?.j ^'^-^f, pi- (i-i'yAf, 

riverain land^ fertile land of 
Egypt by the Nile; the pro- 
vinces^ ^'in the country.^' 

Jfjy -J^lj reeq, saliva (see also roq). 

Jlj, rial, dollar^ talari, Spanish 

(f^ji - i*J' I (reem) taryeem, humbug, 

*^,y ^ hild taryeem, without ex- 

d^'jiK _ h\y ray a, pi. rdydt, flag. 

J Zahi. Value = 7. 

—h zaj, vitriol. 

iijlj): _j!: ^'ac?, or zoivwdda, victuals. 

iXj ; _ jlf zdda, it increased (see 
za?*fZ) . 

JJj'jV^j - 2ti^ zdda (Persian suffix), 
born, -fitz, son of, as hcyzdda, 
a bey^s son, of good family. 

.1: zdr, negro incantations. 

'ij\ij _ .h zaro, he visited (see 

( su; - I ifj zdyif, bad (money) 

(see zaif). 
L_^.^j: zaheeb, raisins, liqueur 

from raisins. 
'iSjj zuhda,OT zihd a, hnttev, essence. 

j^ij zahoor, Psalms of David. 

lajj zahat, mire, street mud. 
"kn^y, zoha'a, sandstorm, whirlwind. 
»Aj; zaibaq (Persian), quicksilver. 
(_/>; zihl, pigeon manure. \_s.\j.m 

JIk zahbdl, dustman, scavenger. 
LIjUi mazhala, dust-heap, dung- 
^l^: _ ^jy: zahoon, pi. zahdyin, 

client, customer. 
:|^' _ T-'-s*-; z^'iaj (colloquial = giza2), 

glass; bottle. 
js^j zajr,prohibitionj liquor licence. 

J-s^j zajal, vulgar tongue, ungram- 
matical speech, faulty metre. J 

(J^j l)^^ himl zajal, vulgar lam- 
ri-^j zaliccr, dysentery, colic. 

^is-; zalizalia, he carried off, re- 

(J.^^: zoliaT, planet Saturn. 
d^si^J zalilaqa, be slipped, rolled 
over. \.^j 

^j - L«c5-: zahma, crowd; zahhama. 
he crowded. ■ 

*s^ljj or *i>-<^jl izdaliama, or ia^a- 
hama, a crowd formed. 

jiifi-: zolihrofa, ornament. 

L^s-j zokhma, thong, strap ; 

.: zer (Persian), gold, gold or- 

J: zarra, he buttoned. 

•l.jl _ ": zirr, pi. n^-'mr, bud, tassel. 


( 111 ) 


JK: - fl. ; zordr, pi. zardyir, button. 
•— ->.j zaraha, he penned cattle. 
ixj.: or Jc-w.j zarhiya, or zareeba, 

cattle-pen, walled enclosure for 

cattle; lager, camp, night de- 
hjj zorha, guardians, watchmen 

of cattle. 
J.. Lo _ J.: zard, flashing, choking; 

mazrood, red in face, 
c . ; zara'a, he tilled, sowed seed. 
icl, : or c .; siV'a or;:;iVaa^a, tillage. 
c .;Jl inzaraa, it was tilled, 
c .L< mozdri'a, farmer. 
^1. : zordfa, giraffe. 
jjKU) - J).; zavraqa, he pierced; 

mizrdq, spear. 
^'.; zorqa, blueness. 
\j),j _ J)*.jl azraq, (femin.) zarqd, 

i'.U muzriq, bluish, black and 

blue (bruise). 
if^^jj zarhasha, he embroidered, 

tf^jj^ mozarkash, (gold) brocade. 
•jJ.j zavncekli, arsenic. 
8.: zlrh (Persian), mail, armour. 
j_^.Jj - i_fy ^ai"«> he despised; 

yazri, he despises. 
t_> ^.jl azj'o. 6i, he made des- 
picable, injured. 
^_Sjj-* mozvl, injurious, bringing 

into contempt. 
i:r»j,r: za'boot, cloak, woollen cloak. 

xjl _ x: za'aj, anxiety ; aza'ja, 

he annoyed. 
c^ mozia'j, annoying, embarras- 


cj-cj za'zaa, he shook, made 

^^ za'faydn, saffron, 
^^c: _ ic; za'qa, he cried out ; 

za'eeq, shout. 
^Ji-::■J - aLLc: za'ala, vexation ; 

zaaldn, vexed, angry. 
(JvCjl az'ala, he angered, vexed. -^ 

^c; zftVi, idea, notion, conjecture. 
'Lo\c\ za'dma, authority, ancient 

feudal estate. 
i^cyc maz'am, doubtful, conjectural. 
stj zaghada, he pushed, poked. 
jtj zagJiara, he scrutinised. 
\,^:^j[tj zaghdreet, shrill cries of 

cj-i: zagJtzagJta, he tickled. 

i.kc; zoghotta, hiccup, belch. 
f^tj zaghala, he adulterated. 
(Jc: zaghal, bad (money). 
Ale: zagldool, young pigeon; large 
yellow date. 

, jli: or kij zaffa, or zifdf, festive 

procession at weddiugs, &c. 
Ci^i: zift, pitch, tar. 

v.::^!! rj zaiy ez-zift (colloquial), 

like pitch, worthless. 
yj ovjj zifr, bad, fishy smell. 
'iij\ _ J'ij ^o^a^, pi. aziqqa, street, 



( 112 ) 


\j] ^("J'lO) lie pushed. 

Kiiyi _ ^ ;'ij Zaqdzecq, Zagazig, 
capital of the Sharqiya pro- 
vince of the Delta. 

Hij zoqla, cudgel, staff. 

Vi_^j\^: - ^>^j zalceeha, pi. zalidyih, 

^\^ zul-din, influenza. 
>\^' zalid, purity, piety. 
H'^j zaTidt, alms as a religious 

.fljij! _ jV; zakiy, pi. azTciyd, 

pious. [cf. J^J 

■fi - 

^j zaH-a, he purified, recom- 
mended as good. 

LijJ tazkiya, certificate of good 
character, recommendation. 

^j zalla, slip, error, false step. 
Jl- zoJdl, slippery; albumen. 
J^j or 2Jyj zahala, or zihdl, 

JJ:_) tazalzala, it quaked, shook. 

icjx/i; zaldhiya, galette, greasy 

sweet cake. 
/jUj zalabdniy, seller of galette. 
LJj zalt, nakedness; bare. [laLo 

LJj zallata, he stripped bare. 
^- 2a?a^, pebble, 
y.- zalata, he swallowed. 
^ zalaa, urn, large jar. 

^: zalaqa, he slipped ; za/g-, slip- 

^JJsllj zcdqdn, slipped, out of place, 


^J^a.\yo mazlaqdn, slope, slide, slip- 
pery place. 

^j\ - ^U; zimam, pi. azimma, 
bridle, reins, area within a 
bridle of control, hence con- 
trol, arrondissement. 

<lL«j zamta, gravity, seriousness ; 
closeness of atmosphere, no 

'iJCcj OTj^j zamr, flute ; zammdra, 

double reed pipe. 
,U; zammdr, flute player. 
.U^« mizmdr, glottis, flute. i 

j^\}-* - jy^ mazmoor, pi. mazd- \ 

meer, Psalm. 


j^j - S^- zomra, pi. zomar, gang, 

jj^^j zommair, oats, rye. 


zumurrud, emerald. 

jtycj zamzam, a sacred well near 

ix«;<^ zamzamiya, leather-bottle, 
pilgrim^s water-bottle for fill- 
ing at Zamzam. 

«<jl - t*;' (^«^^') cLzina'a, he was 
constant, decided. [j,jc 

^yc mozmia' resolute ; thing de- 
cided upon. J! 

^J^C<j zamlxdn, angry, cross, vexed. ' 

*iU; - {Si-oJ zamecl, pi. zomald, 
comrade, colleague. 

&i<j z ami a,f amil J ,reu-nion/^ smal a ." 

^Ujl _ i^j^ zaman, pi. az'irtdn, time, 

}X.<,j\ _ ^;Uf zamdn, pi. azmina, 
time, epoch. 

u ■^' u^ 

( 113 ) 


jjl-cf ^J^ mill zamdn, long ago, 

long since. 
^^J^ mozmin, clironic (disease). 
j^j^j zamliarccr, intense cold. 
,^j zonboor, wasp. 
iJO| zanhaq, lily, iris. 
(JwUJj zanhed (Persian), basket. 
^Jj _ Jj zanj, pi. zonooj, Ethio- 
pian, negro. 

sTj zanjvij, Ethiopian, an Ethio- 

.Iast; Zanjihdr, Zanzibar. 

tJ.jjis^' zanjiheel, ginger. 

ji.J^=^ -ji^j ^myecr (Persian), chain 
(often pronounced jinzeer) . 

SJ>j zand, wrist, forearm. 

Oljf zindd, gan-hammer, flint and 
steel. [Jiik/i 

.li; zunndr, girdle. 

C^s^ zanzalaliht , wild apple. 

^jJj zanaqa, he squeezed, held 
tight. /' 

^iUi maznaqa, necklace. 

iiiLy zanqa, gonorrhoea. 

jJ^^^J - j^sjj zanqoor, pi. zandqeer, 

recess, niche. 
^J)Jl - ,Jj zana, he committed 

adultery ; yazni, he commits 


^U| zind, adultery, fornication. 
5lij - i^j^- ;:((.it/, pi. zondt, adulterer. 
^J^^^J - ^AJl; zdniya, pi. zawdni, 

Xij zina, a weighing (see ^^j^. 

J^ij zinhdr (Persian), Beware ! 

Attention! (military). 
Aftl; _ tiJbj zohd, celibacy ; zdJiid, 

celibate, ascetic. 
AjAJbj zahced, few, trifling. 

,s^ zahara, it bloomed, shone 
with brilliance. 

ji J&: zahra, a flower. 
.Iftjl or .^a; _ ^3>j zaJir, pi. zohoor, 
or azJidr, flower; orange flower. 
'ijibj zohra, beauty; Venus. 

^_jj-^J ^b dd zoliriy, venereal 

Aj!bj _ ytj] azhar, (femin.) zahrd, 

brilliant, lovely. 
jbjV\ f-cW' cl-jdmicv' el-azliar, the 

brilliant mosque, mosque of 

" El-Azhar.^^ 

XiV^ - ^^V - ■^>V ^"^^^ (femin.) 
zoja, pi. masc. and femin. 
azwdj, spouse ; husband, wife ; 
pair, couple. (In vulgar Ara- 
bic written and pronounced 
joz.) [j^=^ 

l:i.>'.=^.; zojdt, wives; pi. oi zoja. 

4L_A»2^j ; zojiya, fact or status 

of matrimony, matrimonial 

(affairs) . 

_'jk3jl or _ljy zaivdj, or izdnvdj, 

^ J ; zawwaja, he gave in marriage. 

—jjj tazaivwaja, he took a wife, 

^j^.x-o 'iiioiazawwijy married. 


( lU ) 

.. : zor, tliroat ; zoor, perjury, 

forgery, violence. 
jtj IS^ sJiaJidda zoor, false tes- 
timony, perjury. 

,. ; zawicara, he forp-ed, falsified, 

jjj_J ^axit'eer, act of forgery; per- 

^*■\-< mozawivir, forger, perjurer, 

.ji^ likJLw sanad mozaivwo,r, forged 

^^.j _ .»:1 azu'ar, (femin.) zord, 

oblique ; a name for Baghdad. 

.. i< viazivar, made oblique, slant- 

^jl.^ ; zordq, boat. 
5.'.j J ziyara, visit, pilgrimage. 
..V _ ,1: za/'a, he visited; yazoor, 

he visits. 
.1. ; -^r^'j zdyir, pi. zoiuwdr, visi- 
tor, pilgrim, 
s^jjj tazyeera, lady^s visiting dress. 
,]^ mazdr, place visited, shrine. 
I". : zinviuaqa, he adorned. 

JLj zaxvdl, decline, end, lapse ; 

J. Jj» _ Jh ;:a/rt, it ceased ; yazool, 

it ceases. 
J J J or Jh I* 9?7(t ca/«, or lam 

yazol, it did not cease ; not 


;jjl: zdyil, decadent. 

LjI^ : _ A_^jl: zdwiya, pi. zawdyd, 
angle, corner ; chapel, hermit- 

,_^ii1jU) munzaivi, hermit, repluse. 

d.?^) : _ Ci-^j ; a'ai7, pi. zoyoot, oil. 

l::jO ; zayydt, oilman. 

i^yij J zaltoon, olive, olive-tree. 

Jo :.« _ iXji : zaid, or ma^eerZ, growth, 

surplus ; Zaid, a man^s name. 
ijjl_j ; zlydda, surplus, plus, more 

jioU J'j hiz-ziydda, quite enough, 

too much. 
Jo ;1 - iXJh zdyid, superfluous ; 

aziad, more abundant. 
Jj^ -_ jl: zdda, it increased; y^*- 

2eec?, it increases, exceeds. 
Jjh-i' or j'jjl izddda, or tazdyada^ 

it increased. 
Ju : or Js;> ; zayyada, or zawivada, 

he made increase. 
jajjJ tazyced, augmentation. 
HjoIUc - jU< mazdd, or mozdyada , 

J*.) V< mazecd, augmented, complex; 


jljjj! izdiydd, growth, increase. 
.Ijjl _ -J : zeer, pi. azydr, very 

large pitcher. 
L': _ ^.> ; zaita, uproar ; zdta, he 

I ij.ij — ( aJlf or < a_»; ^a(/-', or 

zdyifj pi. '^oynof, bad money. 


( &.■> ; 

( 115 ) 



J . zayyafa, lie adulterated ; 

rejected as bad. 

Llljl _ JM _ (J.-^ ; (zail) azida, lie 

destroyed, ravished ; izdia, de- 
struction, [cf. Jljjj 

^j'j jl - ^j-J. ; zain, pi. azyd)i, orna- 
icJu ; zeena, ornament, decorations ; 

tattoo-mark ; fete. 


^ J zoyijana, he adorned. 

^ Li' or ^J■li;l izddna, or tazayyana, 

be adorned himself. 
^; U mozayyin, barber, coiffeur. 
^.«^ : Zainah, a woman^s name. 

^_^ : 266, or zaiy, aspect, fashion, 

dress ; like. 
j_5 (3 (_>-; _ ^j 1 e-zaiy, how ? xa?"?/ (^ee, 

like this ! 
^_^-j«_^ j_^: 5rrt?"y fc\a7, like one 

i^'.jl1! j_^: zaiy en-nds, in a human 
manner ; call of nature. 

LjJ-J tazayyd, he dressed up, 
assumed a dress. 

U :_jL« mutazayyd, dressed up, 
dressed in. 




Value = GO. 

jyw _ (^^ s, particle, prefix to 
aorist tense marking future 
signification ; a contraction of 
sdf, afterwards. 

jj.,^ajM sa-yaaecr, it will be. 

jM _ s-^Mj sd, it was bad (see sow). 

_Imj sdj, platane, teak. 

ci^'.s^l>jj sdjdt, castanets. 

^'»>A. sdha, area, courtyard ; status. 

i»>l«i 'i\.i harda salia, innocence of 

status, the legal phrase for 

»j'«*. sail a (Persian), simple, pure. 

csjIcImi — ^'-AM sd'aa, pi. sd'adt, 

hour, the time, watch. 
V ^Jbj ^cl_»jw» sd'aa dahah, a gold 

t^ i.c'.«JI es-sd'aa Icam, what is 

the time r 
jccl«j *^1 aJiam sd'aa, a few hours. 

ijo.l ic'.»Jl es-sd'aa arha'a, four 

ci^'-cIaw f— ')^ ar6'« sd'adt, four 

^i'xLw sd'dtiy, watchmaker. 

icc'^^ lis-sd'aa {lissa), up to now, 

not yet. 
J)'a*« _ J['u>w sdqa, he went ahead, 

drove (see siydrj). 
jJLj .srt'/ (feminine), leg, shank, 

stalk (see siydrj) . 
\JJ^^ _ uiJL. saA-a, he cleaned his 

teeth (see suit). 
JLj sddla, he asked. 

JIm*ji yasdJ, he asks ; yosdl, it is 

(J.A.*. soo-ila, he was, it was asked. 

^i«.l _ Jlj/^ sooa/, pi. asila, ques- 


( 110 ) 


{J-f.M^ - LJlw« or UV«*^ masdla, 
pi. masdyil, question, topic, 

Jj***^ or ^^ J^i-j.-* masool 'an, 
asked about, responsible for. 

iyjfvx^ or ijJ»l*iw* inasooliya, re- 

(Ji'^ sciyU, asker, beggar. 

Ju.1 or (J.AW so/, or isdl (impera- 
tive), ask tliou ! 

Jjia^o _ JL. sdla, it flowed ; yasecl, 
it flows. [contrast jL. 

(JkjkMj _ (Jj'Aw sa;7, pi. soyool, torrent, 
flood, flux. 

^ilA*M sayaldn, flood, a flowing. 

(JU*« or (_)j.A.M sa^y//, or sayydl, fluid, 

(Jily*. sawdyiJ, essences, fluids. 

^'ukAw sayydla, pocket, fob ; small 
Nile canal, brancli canal. 

iJLjl isdla, a making flow, pouring 

(Jjo*i^ maseel, gutter, water-course. 

jS.>M ndyir, otlier, remainder, rest ; 

L*»'a/^ _ 1,'-^'-^ sdyis, groom, run- 
ning footman (see siydsa). 

<*JUa*i sahha, lie cursed, insulted 

salb, a curse, cursing, foul 
.-oa«j sahech, borse-liair. 

>'jkM.i _ ^^'^J^ sahah, pi. ashdh, 
cause, reason, motive. 

L_^A«*j hi-sahah, by reason of, 
because of. 

L^^^j'wJ tasahhaha, be caused 3 sold 

t ^j^mJ.-* moiasahhih, causer, insti- 
gator ; a pedlar, seller. 

h\j^ sahhdha, first or index finger. 

d^xut « \^:^x>^ sahat (for Persian 

sajxid), basket. 
u:-.jk*Jl A%J. or c:^^ salt, or yam 

es-saht, Saturday, the Jewish 

c:J.xm soldi, lethargy. 

juju^ Sehtcniber (European), Sep- 
ju« sabalia, he swam. 

Im sahhaha, he praised God. 

^—Ul 4j'-:sa*jj sohlidn Allali,Vrsii&e be 

to God ! 
jujJ or hs^M sihlia, or tasbeeh, 

eulogy or praise of God, hence 

rosary of beads. 
^_i>_**, sihdl-Ji, manure ; artificial 

'a*w - i^sx^ sahliha, pi. sihdl:h, 

saline infiltration up to the 

surface of land, salt crust ; 

shallow lao-oon. 





ijjoujj tashcckh, a manuring of land. 
kJUw silt, son, offspring, fruit. 

^'a>w sabdta, cluster of dates or 

iJj^\jjm\ Is'juu] ash at Is r dyed, the 

tribes of Israel. 
cUaw _ »ju< saha', pi. sihda' , lion, 

beast of prey. 

t.juJl iiji 

( 117 ) 

«j*J' K^ Birhat es-saha', tlio lion's 

pool or lair. 
«A>« suha', oue-seventli part. 
jjum _ JjOaw saha'a, (femin.) saha\ 

«;'^ sdhia', seventh in order, 
^j^aijuj _ ^;y«JUi saha'oon, or sahaeen, 

»j.;Lwl _ cvuwl oshooa' , pi. asaheea' , 

week. [<*>-'«^ 

jjLail ii^li - »wi1 iJ'jtAJI cl-masdni 

es-saha', the seven eulogies 

or titles of God in the first 

chapter of the Koran, called 

the Fdtiha. 

Ji'^juw or jfJUw sihq, sahq, or sohooq, 

priority, antecedence. 
.L^^l ^^jkwj sahq el-isrdr, priority of 
determination, premeditation 
(in crime). 

^xuj sahaqa, it preceded, was pre- 

^^'^ sdhiq, previous, last. 

jVjuwI ashaq, more previous, last 
but one. 

ijl^ « ^Isu sdhiqa, pi. sawdhiq, 
an antecedent, precedent, (often 
in a bad sense). 

^}y** "ii^'^^ 'andoh sawdhiq, he has 
(bad) antecedents, ' this is not 
his first offence.'' 

^i'^l^ '-T-''-^jl arhdh sawdhiq, men 
of (bad) antecedents, prisoners 
with previous convictions. 

^JjLm sdhaqa, he vied with, raced. 

iiJjL^ or ^J{x^ sihdq, or mosdbaqa, 
rivalry, race, horse-race. 

^JJ.^.^ sahaTia, he melted or founded 

iGou. saheel-.a, ingot. 

i^Lllx^ sahhdk, founder, plumber. 

lLJju>-« mashaJc, foundry. 

(Jjum _ JoAxw sahcel, pi. soZ>o?, road, 
path, means ; fountain. 

et - ta'weeddt, in the way of 
damages, as compensation. 

<xi]l Jjju. sa&eeZ Z7?Za/i, God's path, 
for the sake of God, charity, 
a giving of water to thirsty 
Moslems ; hence a fountain, as 
a pious gift erected in the 

jJuju. ijdik' or pis>~\ ihhld or talih- 
liya saheeloh, clearing his path, 
releasing a prisoner. [^ _j^l 

'iixj^ sahla, dung of horse or cow. 

Jjk^ sahal, ear of corn ; indistinct- 
ness or dimness of vision. 

^xm saha, he took captive. 

b'jui J^«. sahiij, pi. sahdyd, cap- 
tive in war. L^rf^' 

La_«j sa6a, Sheba in Yemen of 
ts t; * " , 

sj^ _ 'iSJ^^ ci^'J-*! - e>.'*' sitt, pi. 

.sii/a^, (a corruption of se.yyida) , 
lady, Mrs. ; a term of respect 
applied to a grandmother (col- 
loquial for jadda). 




^-1^^ _ xLtj sitta, (femin.) sitt, six. 

^j.L^ _ yj^l-j sittoon, or sittecn, 

l^iXw su(7.9, one-sixth part. 
,^i^l*« sad is, the sixth in order, 
^y.-*^ _ ^M sitr, pi. sotoor, veil, 

veil of decency. 
_^ satara, he veiled, covered. 

jX^ tasattara. he veiled or hid 
himself, concealed the truth. 

, [r^ 

j)\\m _ 'ij'j^ sitdra, pi. safdyir^ 

s^!Lj .?//r(f, tuuic, frock-coat. 
jJ^jg^ mastoor, veiled, covered. 

. — ftlLwj or v__fl!Lj satafa, or tasat- 
tafa (colloquial), he took it 

O-^A^l or <lLu siYa, or jsi (femin.), 

ii^s^ sajada, he prostrated himself 

in prayer. [^^ _ s^s^ 

0*s*" sojood, adoration, prostra- 
tion in prayer. 

sj'js*^ sajjdda, prayer-carpet, rug. 

A5-..W-* _ 4\s**** masjid, pi. masdjid, 

mosque, the word from which 

mosque " is corrupted. [»-tls«- 

ji^"*" - Jiy'-s*" sijdra, pi. sajdyir 

(European), cigar or cigarette. 
Sjs**' _ s^*" sajara (vulgarism for 

shajara) , tree, 
^j-s^ or ^s*" so/ft', or tasjeea', 

rhythm, fine prose ; cadence 

and rhyme in prose. 

J)^'*' sojooq (Turkish), sausage ; 
slow match. 

Ci^ls*" . J>=^ ^'j'h pl- sijiJdt, 
scroll or roll of paper; register, 

(J-s** sajjala, he registered, in- 
scribed. [js>3 

(J-J^***^ tasjeel, registration, in- 
scription ; registration of a 
letter by post. 

i^zs'**^mosajjal, registered (per post, 
&c.). This word is vulgarly pro- 
nounced musoguv. 

j^s*^ sajana, he imprisoned, [,-v.j.s.- 

^J^l=s^ - tvT?'*' '^0'^^ pl- sojoon, prison, 

' detention." 
^J^^ sajjdn, gaoler. 
(^asi-Iaw^ _ ^^ys***^ masjoon, pi. mn- 

sdjeen, imprisoned, a prisoner 

in gaol. 

u.^^s'*' saJtahaj he drew, dragged; 
drew a cheque. 

i__>ls*" _ h[s'*' sahdha, pi. sahdh, 

C —si"*^ tasahhaha, he withdrew 

himself, was absent, had left 
a place. 

^_!l»s^' \,.^!>-[m sdhib el-haivdla, 
drawer of a bill of exchange, 

^ .s:***^-*' istas-haha, he fetched, 

wished to fetch. 

^s*** sahaja, he excoriated. 

—Is*" siVift/, a raw wound, excoriation 

— ^s***-* mas-hooj, excoriated, raw. 



*" Sahara, he bewitched. 

( 119 ) 




sihr, magic, sorcery. 



• jcJ-Mj sdJiir, or salihdr, 
.■s*" salir, luug; saJiar, dawn. 
.»s^ saJioor, meal before dawn. 


H.Lse" sahhdra, a large chest, 
trunk; witch; siphon of canal. 

iijXs*^ saheefa, flood, rise of waters; 
a swamping. 

^_s^ saJiaqa, he rubbed hard/ 
rubbed into small pieceSjbruised. 

is'*'' Is-haq, Isaac. 
('»**. _ (Jvs^Ui sdhil, pi. saivdhil, 
coast, river-bank ; the culti- 
vated banks watered by the 
Nile without canal irrigation. 

jJ,s^Lmjj1 j.>ax ghafecr el-sawdhil, 

<" Si7(?!'v/a, lizard, garden-lizard. 

.s"' salihara, he tyrannised, im- 
posed corvee." 

.s**' sahhkhara, he subjugated. 

s^s'*' soJchra, tyranny, especially 

.j.s'*'^ taskhecr, subjugation ; legal 

■**•« mosalxhlchar, a thing obtained 
by tyranny, injustice or legal 


'ijk***-* maslchara, ridiculous ; a 

las**" saliliata, ho turned to evil, 
debased in shape, spoke ill of. 

^'cji'^-< masliJioota, ancient Egyptian 

statue, idol, supposed to be a 
man changed into stone as a 
punishment for sin. 

(Js**" sikhl, kid, young goat. 

J^s'^ salxham, blackness, smut. 

L-A-s*" solikmat, soot, ^' smut,^^ 

ia>«cs:*" sakhmata,\\e was licentious, 
he fornicated. 

^j-s*« solilm, hot, warm (food, 
water) ; fierce. 

<o^»*' or iiJs^ sokhna, or soklwona, 
heat, fever. 

^Js^ salih kh a n a, he heated, warmed. 

,j!s^\ asklian, hotter, fiercer. 

i$y.s*'' or *ls'*' sakhd, or sakhdwa, 

yj^'*' sakhiy, generous. 

Jm^ sarlda, he plugged, dammed a 

JjcXwj _ uXajj sadd, pi. sodood, bar, 

dam of river, 
4ilA*>j saddd, payment of money. 

dSj^ saddada, he paid a debt, paid 
in (money). 

S>Sj*j.'i tasdeed, payment ; paying 
off of debt. 

Siji^ sadced, just, honourable. 

Stilj^ siddda, cork, plug. 

s jk_*« sudda, bench, threshold ; 

i.j;jL>'o SlXwj sudda Bdhdiviya, Papal 

iju _ .A«j nidr, lotus-tree ; like 
the n(d)q, ''viola arhorca." 


( 120 ) 


,j>.sM sadar, vertio'O. 

a!u, _ ^«,Ju>« siit?*', one- sixth part 

(see sitta) . 
<M,iilA*j sddis, the sixth iu order. 

^]Sm sadi, the hanging down of 
anything flexible (curtain, veil, 
hair, cloak, rope, &c.) 

t__j^AAw sad ah, the herb rue. 

A=^1A/^ saddja, simplicity. 

i$-AjJl (Jas^ - 'ij.t*i surra, navel; hahl 

cl-surra, navel-string. 
J.M sarra, he gladdened. 
'ijM*.^ or j^jM soroor, or masarra, 

joy, delight. 
j^f**-^ masroor, gladdened, glad. 
'L^>j^yj^-e masrooriT/a, gladness, a 

being gladdened. 

jM sir (Persian ser), head, chief 
of a guild, &c. 

^]^«.l _ j-M sirr, pi. asrar, mystery, 
secret ; drinking a health, a 

.L^l asrdr, secrets; hasheesh or 
bang smoked in secret as being 

J,s«^l f-^JJ\ if slid el-asrdr, revela- 
tion of (professional) secrets ; 
breach of confidence. 

.\y^V *J'i^ kdtim el-asrdr, concealev 
or keeper of secrets, a confi- 
dential secretary. 

^j'*^ sirriy, confidential, secret. 
"ijijj Jkss'o viulihhir sirriy, secret 
informant, police spy, a detec- 

JJ^ ~j^-j^ s<^i''-'(^i', pi- soror, bed- 
stead, a flat desert plain, not 
sandy desert. 

j_^^^«j _ '^.j** sorriya, pi. sardriy, 

u_jKa*i1 _ S-V" sarah, pi. asrdh, 
pipe, drain, conduit. 

^^IjI^ sardhdtiy, cleaner of cess- 

L_>^»*i sa/raha, he slipped away, got 

^_j;-»*»-i tasarraha, (the animal) 
escaped, slipped away, took 
its course. 

L__j^-j sardb (Persian ?), mirage 
of desert. 

L_>.'*>-< masrah, path, course, pas- 

^^j^ - ^;*« sarj, pi. sorooj, saddle, 
horse^s saddle. 


AW or 

—,j>*j saraja, or sarraja, 

he saddled (the horse). 

_lj*M sarrdj, saddler. 

^..wj soroojiy, saddler. 

_l-«i sirdj (for Persian chirdgh), 
lamp, illumination. 

—jM saraha, he roamed, went early 
to the fields to work. 


ki sarraha, he let free or loose 
cattle), led to pasture; combed 
out his hair. 

^^aoj or ^J^'jj.i tasrech, a permit, 

pass, licence. 

J^ S(tr/A, pensive,absent-miudcd. 
jyjj sarceh, vagabond, pedlar. 




( 121 ) 


t- ^"i 

<X;sr Mj ^'^M^ sof/a, or saivcK^a sarevha, 

pedlars j mob. 
tij^\ or J^NW sarada, or asrada, lie 

narrated^ set fortli in order. 
«--;1J;_*w sirddh (Persian), vault, 

secret passage. 

serddr (Persian) , cliief, 

leader, petty chieftain ; in 

Egypt, Commander - in - Cliief 

under tlie Khedive. 
w,_«rf sarsaha (colloquial), he 


^^j>^ sarafan, crab. Cancer in the 
Zodiac ; disease of cancer. 

c^ saro'a, he was in haste, quick. 

&ZjJM sora'a, haste, quickness. 
Aj.xcm sora'atila, (Turkish suffix 

ila, with) with haste; quick 

march ! 
^jM saree'a, quick, speedy. 

c^ sora\ reins for a horse. 

ay>.wl asra'a, he hastened ; was in 
a hurry. 

^^s^'j p^-'*'l asra'a hil-jari, he 

hurried away, running-. 
^c;=E^lJ c fMfc^ mosrla' hil-jari, hastily 

running away. 
(— 5;**il or i ijM sarafa, or asrafa, 

he squandered. 
( — J^l isrdf, extravagance. 
( — ij-**-^ mosrif, spendthrift. 
(VjA«j1 or ^jj^ sara<ia, or istaraqa, 

he stole. 

.. •( .. ^ . 

^_^^f«jjl or (j^ soriqa, or insaraqa, 

it was stolen. 

iXJ-Mj seriqa, theft. 

cJ^.-^ - ^jlwj sdr!<2, pi. sorrdi^, thief. 
i^.wjwo masrooq, stolen. 

^^i^A*. serghi (Turkish), a govern- 
ment bill of exchange or order 
for payment. 

J^«i sarmad, eternal, very long. 

^jM sariu, or saroo, cypress-tree, 
.'yoi, _ Jl^^^ sirwdl (for Persian 
shahcdr), loose drawers, pan- 

^]^ _ '^i}y*i serdija (for Persian 
serai), palace. 

^^J»^ sara, he travelled, it spread, 
was in force. 

X-Ac ^,5/**^ yasri 'aleih, it affects 
him, is of effect against him, 
injures him. 
^■'^ sari, (a law) in force ; .con- 
tagious (disease). 

L|^ sirdya, contagion, infection. 

JiiiM or ,L^jj sataha, or sattaha, 
he spread out flnt, flattened. 

_Ja*M _ ^la-sM sath, pi. sofooh, flat 
surface, flat roof, deck of ship. 

^^s}^^ sat-hiy, superficial, on the 

^Isamaj or —jLaw-^ mastooh, or mosat- 

tah, flattened, flat, 
.io/*^ or _lla*w.^ viistdh, area, sur- 
face j threshing-floor. 

^Ioa**^ mosattah, note showiug area 
and limits of a piece of laud. 



( 122 ) 


^Lmj or Jom safara, or sattara, lie 

ruled lines, wrote out. 
,^-n _ .Lm* sat)', pi. sotoor, line, 


.yisLAw sdtoor, butcher's knife, 

ioMj^ mosattar, ruled (paper). 

b.k**jw< mastara, ruler. 

^2m sat a' a, (the sun or moon) 

(J.laMj satl, " hasheesh/^ lozenge of 

sugar and opium. 

^V^i:'.>*.1 _ ii'fck^l ostowdna, pi. asd- 
teen (Persian; from Greek stoa), 
cylinder, column. 

la»**j _ 'iswj satd, he attacked, in- 
vaded ; yasti, he attacks. 

ii^\2>*i satica, invasion, attack. 

}L«j sato, attack, burglary, brigand- 


s'^iaM. _ ■J=''^ sft^^j pi. sotdt, brigand, 

&Az ^J^^^ masti 'aleih, victim of 

attack. [for inastoo, tk^j.^ 

«N«j _ h>.^ sa'a, capacity, width 
(see ivassa'a). 

JxfM sa'tar, herb thyme, penny- 

Stuts sa'd, good fortune, help from 

t}j.*«j sa'ecd, fortunate ; a man's 


iXj^wjI asa'd, more fortunate. 

SJ;jf^ "--^^ -Z>or/ Sa'eed, Port Said, 

named after the late Said 

Pasha of Egypt. 
... ..c . 

^_j J _ ijs. _ !$jl»^su sa'ddet, felicity ; 

His Excelleucy,a title of second 
and third class Pashas, and 
also given by courtesy to Beys; 
inferior to dcvlet, superior to 

jii'tj'otM. sa'ddetlu, Turkish form of 
above title. 

detlu efendim, Turkish title for 
a third class Pasha, i.e. Lhva, 
brigadier, or civil ineeri-meerdn. 

dethi efendim liazretleH, Turkish 
title for a second class Pasha, 
i.e. a Fareeq, general of divi- 
sion, or Boumcli Beylerhey. 

jxlwj sd'ada, he assisted. \-c);^ 

iij^lw*^ mosda'da, help, goodwill, 

Jsc'y*. _ Ac'^ sd'yid, pi. sawd'yid, 

fore-arm. ^F^j'^ 

li^fuu.^ masa'ood, happy, lucky. 
.'^*vj1 _ j»jM sia'r, pi. asa'dr, fixed 

price, legal tariff, rate. 
«/*. so'r, intensity, rabies. J 

^jKx**< sa'rdn, mad (dog.) [L-^IT 
( sx^ s«y, palm-leaf or branch. 

'ikxMi sa'fa, ulcer on the head. 

v_ic'^ sd'aftty he came to the 

( j'.^<*m] isVdf, aid, rescue, relief. 

JUwj so'dt, cough. 

^>p J'^ 

( 123 ) 


^^C-iii jU-j so'dl deeldy, wlioop- 
ing-cougli, coqueluche, cock s 

^nwj so'an, goatskin, bag. 
stoi sa'a, he ran, exerted himself. 

jjsAw say, effort, a run. 
xLjw< _ ^js*«.^ masa'a, pi. masd'ay, 

ji'^jtwj _ 15''^ saay, pi. so'ai, mes- 
senger, courier. 

( j^Lw or li^M saffa, or sqfoof, dry 

grain, powdered stuff, especially 
medicinal powders. 

^»*. 5t(^<*, basket of palm leaves. 
i.*w safaha, he shed blood. [(^Ji.>« 

Ianm saffdli, bloodthirsty, name 
of a Caliph. 
-SsiMt sifah, debauchery. 
iii.«j safada, (the animal) leaped. 
.'ij*,l -jkuj so/ar, pi. arfilr, voyage, 

journey, departure, travel. 
.i'vwj sdfara, he set out, departed. 
j'^ srr/ir, traveller, departing. 
•jIm..^ mosdfir, traveller, guest. 
sJLj.^ mosdfara, travel.^M safdra, mission, embassy. 
f\.h^- _ j^Smj safi'cr, pi. sofard, 

.IaawI _ i./*. sj/r, pi. asfdr, book } 
one of the books of the Old 
jOmj] asfara, the sun rose, came up. 
js^wj sofra, table, dinner-table. 

-^8,a>jj sofraji (Turkish), butler, 

waiter at table. 
_ .Ia.«j _ (_)»-^a**i safarjal) pi. safdrij, 

i,L^Juu safa]ia,he shed (blood) . \_J^ 
^Lod CJsOmj sefk dimd, bloodshed, 

J.a«*. sufl, lowness, under part ; 

/lioAM sujliy, low, inferior, under 


^kIIa^j _ iiA*M sijla, or safdla, under 
part, baseness. 

ili.-*! _ (J.jl**. sft/?^ pi- safala, low, 

JiU.1 _ J.a**.l a^/aZ, pi. asdfil, lower, 

baser, under part. 

IM.UJ1 (jiUwl asdf,l en-nds, the 
lowest classes of people. 

J.J(.*il - lJ.*w sojla (femin. of 
asfcd), lower. 
i-JlAwj sifdq, toady, parasite. 

^.A^w or ^ja>*i - ^aaajj safeena, pi. 
sqfon, or safdyin, ship, a smooth 
carvel-built ship. [(w^^.< 

-JLaM.1 or .LAaw .'i/jhj, or isjinj, 

t C 


sam safilia, he was licentious, 

ialawj safdha, libertinism, insolence, 
jua-j safeeh, insolent, licentious. 
JLw saqar (femin.), hell-fire. 
La-, saqata, he or it fell, it lapsed. 


( 124 ) 

&J^-o 'LxJs^ 

IryiM, soqoot, fall, lapse (of a riglit) . 

loiLwl asqata, lie made fall, tlirew 
down, annulled, transferred a 
riglit, discounted ; caused abor- 
tion ; deducted. 

WJLjjI isqdt, Sb causing abortion, 
throwing down, discount, trans- 
fer, annulling, deduction, sub- 

lajilji/w _ jiL'Jiv^ saqqdta,ip\. saqdqcet, 

kii/j*^ masqat, place of falling, 

place ; Muscat. 

^jJ) ioAwj-* mosqat iJeili, transferred 
or ceded to bim ; "concessionaire." 

(_JjiLg _ I o.tU) saqf, pi. soqoof, 

ceiling, roof. 

I'sSLm saqeefa, roof, roofing. 

I ail*, sacqqafa, he roofed; he clapped, 


u-fiji>l«*j - <JCftjJl«*j tasqeefa, pi. ^asa- 
qeef, general repairs of houses, 

( ajl<**l - I — ftiUjl usquf, pi. asdqif, 

bishop, episcoqjos. 

JjuJ\ - ^a.*j saqam, pi. asqdm, disease. 

^jJLw saqeem, ill. 

j^yLjj or i^iLu sn^ft, or saqqa, he 
watered ; gave to drink. 

^-.1 asg-a, he watered (land, or 

Ji.iLj _ f^^.^ sdqi, pi. socqdt, cup- 

i^^'^_M. - iiLjX_j"l_,jj sdquja, pi. sa- 
i^agr, (femin.) cup-bearer, water- 

LjJ«J1 ijJLj saqiyat el-gliait, water- 
ing a field. 

Li* _ >Ui**i saqqdy water-carrier of 
a cqirha, or goatskin of water on 
his back. [(J^^ 

^AJk/*rl istaqa, he drew water. 

JCAAMkj tasqeeya, irrigation. 

frliiMiawjl istisqd, dropsy. 

is'^i***^ misqdt, small canal, artificial 

^^Iamiw* masqdwi, land irrigated by 
a sdqiya, or water-wheel. 

cLAwj saTcha, he slammed, hit hard, 

barred ; shut. 
lLA^«j - Kjm sikka, pi. siheh, road. 

, « . ^^•^'^ 

tX>^' <)cC*; sihhat el-Jiacleed^ rail- 

tiJ>^a«j _ icCw siJcka, pi. siheh, 
coined money. 

ci^i^ylj,*^ mashoohdf, coined money. 

(^jCw.^ mashooh, shut (door). 

(».j^.Cm sahaba, he poured, founded 
metal. [».^jkA« _ ^-^^ 

t«.^^«*jl insahdba, it was poured. 

ei^oj sahata, he ceased talking, 

became silent. 

c:^^ sahhata, he silenced (an- 
other) . 

CL>»Cw so/coot, silence, reticence. 

Cl-^^ sdhit, silent, reticent. 

icjjsr* iu-Cw sahta muhhhhiya, apo- 
plexy, brain stoppage. 


( 125 ) 


d^^wj soJcdt (vulgarism for solioot), 

JLm soli.r, drunkenness. 

,ji_/^M saJcnhi, drunk, intoxicated. 

^■M saldra, or sihira, he got 

^«j1 asliara, he made drunk_, gave 

d^Lw^ musldnit, intoxicating 

jCmj salilcara (in Syria), he shut a 


J^M^ suMcar, sugar. 

^^ L»-^.*a5 qasah suliliar, sugar- 

^CwsH rJ Xi tah'ecr es-suTikar, refin- 
ing of sugar. 

i_sj-^ J^^ hoi sulilcariy, diabetes. 

^^1^1 or I jI^ saklcdf, or iskdji, 

^>u saJcana, he kept quiet, dwelt. 

1^^ salclcana, he pacified, settled 

a colony. 

jJk^sM or ^^ salcan, or sukna, 

^^^Cm soTioon, rest, state of rest ; 
the mark ^ over a consonant 
showing that the consonant is 
at rest, and not followed by a 
vowel. Lj:^ 

fj^ - ^J^^ sdkin, pi. suhJcdn, 
dweller, inhabitant ; a conso- 
nant marked with the solcoon. 

^J^>M suM-dn, tiller, rudder. 

|.^)»/jj Sawdkin, Suakin, a port on 
the west coast of the Red Sea. 

i^'s«*< - (^Cajj-* maslcan, pi. rtiasd- 
hin, dwelling-place. 

^^SMJ^ maskoon, inhabited, or in- 

lJL^«j^ maskana, wretchedness, 

^^^La^ _ ^^aCw.^ maskccn, pi. ma- 
sdkeen, wretched, pauper, "mes- 


^jil^Mj _ ij'i^ sikkeen, pi. sakd- 

kcen, knife. 
AjS^ sakdkeeniy, knife-maker, 

J.AJJ saUa, he unsheathed. 


(J./*! sail, an unsheathing. 

JLj or (J/*, sill, or suldl, phthisis, 


JJLw _ (Jaw sell, pi. sildl, basket. 

'Mm suldla, posterity. 

JJ.w*^ maslool, unsheathed ; con- 


icLi.^ viisalla, awl, bodkin ; obelisk, 
e.g. Cleopatra^s '^needle.''' 

^ Iw*^ or ^luj slid, or masli, 
clarified butter for cooking. 

(. .Imi salaha, he pillaged, stripped. 

L_^%Lj salb, pillage, nudity ; nega- 
tive answer. 

t—^^wlb »--''.:s-l ajdha his-salh, he 
answered in the negative. 

L-JjUwl istalaba, he pillaged, 


( 126 ) 

4^'-^=^ O^;^ 

<aLrf salaba, tlie Lucket-rope of a 
■well ; rope. 

<»— -^'^1 - v__>jl«<l usiooh, pi. asd- 

h'i'h, path, metliod. 
*Ali or ^^'^^ saljain, or shalgham, 

turnip. [<^L^s] 

iss"^' _ _iL, sildh, pi. asUlia, arm, 

i^U isA'"' asliha ndriya, fire-arms. 
-,)LJ1 (J.-cl»- hdmil es-sildh, carry- 
ing arms, armed. 

J^jsalla/ia, he armed, gave arms to. 
Lj.J tasaUalia, he armed himself. 

^LJU) or Ju*^ mnsallah, or muta- 

sallih, armed. 

•IAs^ silihcldr (Persian), armed 

isA'*' solhafa (pronounced ziVi/jJa), 

1,1*. salakha, he skinned, stripped. 

i;l*« sallili, the cast-ofi" skin, the 

peeled skin ; the end of the 


SJ^^ Jui or <xjls^ salJch-Tclidna 
(Persian), slaughter - house, 
where dead animals are sJcimied. 


vl««J' tasallukh, a raw wound, 

^,J^ saZ/s, easy, gentle, suave. 

a^Im saldsa, suavity, facility of 

^).^.xu^MJ salsaheel, the fountain of 

(J.«J.«*. salsala, he formed a chain, 


(JwaLwo' tasalsala, it formed a 

series, ran on in a series or 

consecutive numbers, 
jj.-*.}!**! _ ^*Jlmj silsila, pi. saldsil, 

chain, series, zigzag, dynasty ; 

jJ.s«*wX^ mutasalsil, consecutive, 

in series. 
tiJiXs^lj (J«*L*^ mosalsal hil-liadeed , 

(a prisoner) in chains; chained 


LLj saluta, he was imperious. 

klwj saUata, he forced, urged, in- 

kLj.j tascdlata, he lorded it, was 

^^LLj tasaltana, he became ruler 

or Sultan, 
iikl-j or aL1«j sidta, or saltana, 

power, empire, tyranny. 
Jiiiila^ ikl-*j sii/^a mutlaqa, absolute, 

or discretionary power. 

Bal^ salta, woman's embroidered 

^j^sIm _ yjUaLj sultdn, pi. saldteen, 
dom.inion, power, proof. Hence, 
as a secondary meaning, power- 
ful, Sultan, Sultana. 

*j.Lm ^jllaLj Sultdn Seleem, Sultan 

^jlLL*. ^aLU Fdtma Sultdn, Sultana 

j^lLl*« Sultdniy, imperial. 

^JlkLj ^lj»s tareeq sidtdniy, the 
public highway, the " King's 


( 127 ) 



kjj'SsXMt suJt'dniya, vase^ bowl. 

v__aL*i sahifa, it was iu advance, 
previous. Ll?^ 

( jLul » I qLm salaf, pi. aslaf, pre- 

^iii- ^ (c^^ sa7f(^ tt'o. Malafi, 
my predecessor and my suc- 

( ftl'jjj sdh'f, previous, prior. 

8^>^j I ftJ^vJI es-sdUf zikroli, above- 

^iL** or u-al^- salaf, or sulfa, ad- 
vance of money, loan. 

ci.;'-A.iLw salafiyat, loans, advances 
of money. 

« ci**. sallafa, he lent, advanced 

money. [(^jf 

( ftJ-JUwl istalafa, he borrowed, 


I jillLvl J t_jyJL--jJ tasleef wa istildf, 

a lending and borrowing. 

i__iLj .9///-', brother-in-law. 

^—i^ salaqa, he cooked by boil- 

^A**.^ maslooq, boiled, cooked. 

^\jM salq, beetroot ; green herb. 

iLjo tasallaqa, he climbed. [. wjj" 

,J^ salqa, he threw another down 
on his back. [^iJ 

j^aJjUiI istalqa, he lay on his back. 

^Jysl^ saJdqoon, red-lead, minium. 

tiJlsM salaka, he followed a path. 

CjwL*. solooli, course, conduct, 
behaviour, path or duty in life. 

lLIJuJI ^^eM saiy es-solook, a man 

of evil life. 

l1J»L« _ lLALj silk, pi. solook, wire, 
line, telegraph wire. 

v.iAL*^ viaslak, path. 

KL*-<! maslaka, drain-pipe ; tube. 

»aLj or »CLm salka'a, ho slapped, 

Ju« silm, peace, quiet, orderliness 

of life. 
i^y*^ J^ sihn 'omoomiy, jDublic 

peace or order. 

JL» saldm, the peace of God; 
salutation, a military salute. 

v.lJJuL>j saldmlik (Turkish), men^s 
reception-room, " mandara." 

Lcl-j saldma, peace, soundness, 

jLu _ J--SW sillim, (or sullam), pi. 

saldlim, ladder, stairs, steps. 
Juu salima, he was sound, healthy. 
k^Lj - J'.«j sdlim, pi. salama, 

healthy, sound; name for a 

man, Salim. 

UJl«j _ ,«-jX*. saleem, pi. sulamd, 

healthy, sound; name for a 
man, Selim. 

*A**s'' *J>i>*« saleem el-jism, able- 
bodied, sound in body. 

Am] aslam, sounder, better, more 

Am sallama, he saluted, paid his 
respects; surrendered,delivered. 

^jJu«.j tasleem, surrender; payment, 


( 128 ) 

Jj^\ istahuna, he received^ took 

j^jLxm*! istlldm, receipt^ a taking 

-J^wl aslama, lie surrendered to 

God, became Moslem. 

I«JLjI islam, submission to God; 
Islam, the religion taught by 

^^jXaL**^ or ^j^A^Ln-K _ *l/*i-< Muslim, 
pi. MusUmoon, or Muslimeen, 
he who has submitted to God, 
a Moslem, Mussulman, Ma- 


>_i_wj.— « musalUm, surrendering, 
agreeing, yielding. 


JLamjU mutasaUim, responsible, a 
receiver of a trust; local go- 

^jIajJ^ Suleiman, Solomon. 

/^Jl-«^Lg suleimdniy, sublimate, 

(JjjuLjud - Jj_JuJL>l Isldmhol, a 
Turkish corruption of Istdnbol, 

^-J^U»wl _ Jj^jk^^l Isldmboliy, 
Arabic adjective for Istdnholiy, 
Constantinopolitan; applied to 
Turkish tobacco and to " Stam- 
bouline" coats. 

<uJ^}L» saldmoniya, small crooked 

Lj salla, he amused, consoled. 

Juw.i tasalla, he amused himself, 
consoled himself. 
^j-l«J tasliya, amusing another, 

sJUj saliva, consolation. 

(_j»l»*i saliva, quail, small bird. 


*>»wj or ^*w samma, or sammama, 

he poisoned. 
>.^Mj _ *wj samm, pi. somoo77i, poison. 
*jU.*j _ f»^>«>^ samoom, pi. samdyim 

(femin.), a hot deadly wind. 

^Ljw or ,c-'««*M sammiy or sdmm, 

*-.A_«*J' tasammama, he poisoned 

himself, became poisoned. 
Ci.>UeL*.o _ ^'vwj.^ masdmm, pi. '??ta- 

sdmmdt, pore of skin. 

c^.'*^ samt, direction, locality, 
address, conduct. 

u:..-s.*.«*i! es-samt, azimuth. 

i;^\ jH C1..S/**" sami er-ras, Zenith, 
point overhead. 

SJ.AMJ or d^J'A'j- samcet, crisp 
biscuit made in rings ; a sort 
of flour, " semolina. ■'' 

^^^ or ^4mj samaha or sdmalia, 
he pardoned. 

__U/*» simdli, forgiveness, pardon. 

^*.mjU\ istasmalia,]xe askedpardon. 
simdlih, interior of eai', 

'La^mj sumra, brown colour. 


asmar, (fcmin.) samrd, 

Xa<m samdr, fine reeds or rushes 

used for matting. 
j>^M sammara, he nailed. 


( 129 ) 


jA^'.Aj*^ _ j.A.-u^ ntlsiiidr, pi. masd- 
meer, uail, P^o' 

rAsM samar, night talk. 

.-«'«*( samara, he conversed confi- 
dentially at night with. 

j-y>*-M ov j-^^^M sdmir, or sameer, the 
highest title of the Grand Vizier, 
applied to him by the Sultan 
as his confidential friend and 
sharer of his anxious nigld 
thoughts for the safety of the 

.^^w- sammoor, marten's fur. 

'i.M.A^ samsara, brokerage (Italian 

sciiseria) , 
'i.-^^sA.Mj _ .\»j.A^ simsdr, pi. samd- 

sini, broker. lfJ.j.AX. 

itM,.A^ simswiy sesame, millet. 
«.>»^ satm'a, he heard, listened. 
»-«ju,l istama'a, he listened. 
c'.-«.A*. or ^^Mi sama', or saiud'a, 

hearing, sense of hearing. 
^J^^ _ «^l«j sdmia', pi. sdmia'oon, 

listener, audience. 

^J[A^ sommdq, porphyry, sumach. 

cfJwA^ santlx, thickness, solidity. 

uLJ>j.awj samct'lc, thick, solid. 

(«^Ua^1 _ L^.*^ samah, pi. asmdk, 

viJU./*. sammdli, fisherman, fish- 

i.lJ'^^^Jl iiilsv halqat el-asnidh, fish- 

l:i.j1^.*«j or ei^^^AW samalcdt, or 
somlu/idt, ornaments, trinkets. 

^jAsM itamn, fatness, lard, butter. 

ioUwj samdna, fatness ; calf of leg ; 

^^^x*«j sanieen, fat, stout. 
i^^Awj tasammana y he grew fat. 

^aa*. somoo, elevation, highness, 

^^'^ sdmi, majestic. 

^:u\yAMj » >'^sM sanod, pi. samdicdt, 
sk}-, heavens. 

^£-^U^ samdiviy, celestial. 

^x«wgg somoo, a naming. 

^->«v«j samma, he named, gave a 

name to. 
4X_jw>»^ tasmiya, nomenclature, 

giving a name. 

j^-kAwj yosma, he is named j by 

j^IawI _ *'v4>*wl _ 4^1 ism, pi. asmd, 
or asdmi, name. 



i?/s77i i7/a/t in the name of 



.0 hi-ism cl-EJiedewiy, in 
the Khedive's name. 
^-♦*«^ tnosamma, named, by name. 

i^ww. sanna, he sharpened. 

^jll*. sanndn, knife-grinder. 

^^Aw^ misann, grindstone. 

^j'wL*! _ (^^ stw?i, pi. asndn (femin.), 

tooth ; age ; apex, point ; 

powdered charcoal ; inferior 


iJuw sin HO, point, a tooth. 


j^^i :,' 




(JaaJI ^«j sin)i el- feci, elephant's 
toothy ivory. I-tt'"'^ 

" Ai*il Cl^^cX-^ hadces cs-siiin, young 
in age, 

r^Il ^ jjtlo iVwm fis-sinn, lie 
was advanced in age, was an 
old man. 

iX/iJl \m Sinn cr-rusJiJ, mnjority, 
age of discretion. [:j.j.A.'i 

^«*^ mosinn, old, aged. 

^vw _ h^Xm sonna, pi. sonan, Moslem 
custom based on sacred tra- 

^Jua-« mftsnor/n, customary, ordered 
by sonna. 

sjuJuu sanaihra, necklace. 

CJjoUwj « fJJyxLu sanhook, pi. sanci- 
heeh, dliow, sailing-boat of tlie 
Red Sea, &c. 

jjj'ji-jj _ lixX^ sonhola, pi. sandhil, 
ear of corn ; Virgo, in tlie Zodiac. 

juLw sa7/ti (French), centimetre. 

"^j'j^wj sinjdb iy, grey, like squirrel's 

^j'.:sn.**» sanjdq (Turkish), banner, 

province. [-^1^ 

.Gy^ _ hfX^ sinja (for Turkish 

sooncjyoo) , bayonet. 
JLi _ A:^Uj sinja, pi. sinaj, shojD 

• 'Ji/^1 _ ijA^ sinhh, pi. asndkh, 

root, alveole. 

j'i.^1 _ J>i«j sannd, pi. asndd, sup- 
port, prop ; proof. 

CL^'jJuw _ aA-*j sanad, pi. savaddf, 

proof, titlo-deod, voucher, docu- 
ment, bill of exchange. 

ci^ljsJUu^ iJ'V^^ oiwa^ •?<;<,{, sanaddt, 
papers and documents. 

i\JL, sanada, he supported, helped. 

tjJi-*j| asiiada, he made lean upon, 
propped up; imputed an oflPence 

Joj'w^] _ i^'vAawI isndd, pi. asdneed, 
argument in support of a plea. 

^Ic i\Juujl istanada 'ala, he relied 
upon, based his argument upon. 

i.:i.j'<Axi«*/e mustanaddt, bases, or 
arguments in proof. 

tSa***^ musnad, rest for arm, seat; 

js.jJl«j sandara, garret, attic. 
JljJl-j or yjlj^ju. sinddn, or sinddl, 

^[jSXm sindiydn, oak, " yeuse." 

S.U-^ sinndra, fish-hook, fishing- 
tackle, [or 'iXx>o 

Lie or kJi>*i sant, acacia, mimosa 
nilotica; acanthus; wart. 

I^^sAmj or j_^Xju« sanJcariy, tinker, 

maker of tin-pots. 
LcU»Ai sandma, camel's hump. 

j^j^ju. _ ^^^j^ or ci-jl^i**j _ ^«j Sana. 

pi. sanawdt ov sinoon, or sincen, 

^j.jiJlwj sanatain, two years. 


arha', Mams,sitt, saha', tamdni, 
tisa', 'ashr sincen, 3, 4, 5, 6, 


( vn ) 


7, 8, 9, 10 years, i. e. sana, 
being feminine, takes a femi- 
nine numeral. 

Zsy'^^ sanaiviy, annual, yearly. 

^5y^/^ c -j''. rdtib sanawiy, salary, 

annual income. 

^'JLw sand, majesty, grandeur ; 
senna, senna Mekki, cassia. 

J/^ saniy, majestic, royal, Klie- 

<x^Aw 'id\j\ irdJa saniya, imperial 
will, fiat, decree of Sultan. 

LaJLvm 'ij)\d ddyira saniya, royal 
department ; an administration 
of certain private Khedivial 
property under mortgage. 

-JuJ tasanna, he felt at ease, 
found it easy, ready to be done. 

y^ saJtira, lie watched by night, 
sat up at night. 

j^Mj s altar, vigil, 
s^*^ sahra, evening party, ball. 
jjKiAW or .^'aw sdldr, or sahrdn., he 
who keeps vigil. 

J^wj saliula, it was easy, went 

t';L«Aw solwola, facility. 

■(J>^'*» •''0^^^ easy, smooth. 

"iz^ . JU' alildn wa salddn, wel- 
come ! ['■•^^r« 

the way. 

(J-j-^AwJ tas-hcd, facilitation, help. 


jj^^j" tasaliliala, it became easy, 
he found it easy. 

jjjtl«*i" fas a/taZa,he made mutual con- 
cessions, was accommodating. 

J'.^»wl is-hdl, diarrhoea ; giving a 

(J.&«*-« mos-hil, purgative ; a purge. 

(J_JL^A*( sohail, constellation of 

J^M _ ^iM sahm, pi. silidni, arrow, 
gaming with arrows, casting 
lots ; a share ; share in a com- 
pany ; l-144th part of a feddan 
or acre, 8f sq. yards ; cosine. 

^l*w sdhama, he took shares in a 

L^-a)'.-A.w-_< mosdJiama, joint-stock 

(company), ' comiiagnie ano- 

nyme." U^j'^ 

y^M saho, error, negligence, forget- 


W«j saliwdn, by mistake, through 
negligence. [^'ki^ 

Ami - J'^ soiv, or soo, baduoss, evil, 
bad ; sd, it was bad. 

ijMj satuat, vice, the worst part 
of a thing. 

^^^M saiy, bad, evil. 

ci^'Xj^/jj _ Hj^wj saiya, pi. saiydt, evil- 
quality, sin. 

4>,^1 J'M soo cl-qasrl, evil intent, 

iijoi^] or J'..«.*ji«v'i!l j«j soo el-istia'- 
tndJ, or soo el - mo'dmaJa, ill- 
treatment, cruelty. 

^wj fid rlafa' sow, a driving off of 
evil ; scapegoat. 

'iAn*^ masdt, evil deed. 



( 132 ) 


or Jaw jJ:;*-, ''f'j'^ soiy (or 
saiy), a bad man. 

iij'-*^^ siydJ.a, chiefdom, a title of 

C->li3'o*( _ 6j^>m sayyid, pi. sdddt, a 
descendant of tLe Prophet, 
aristocrat, lord, chief; master, 
Sir ; the "Cld " of Spain. 

ja*w seed, vulgarism for sayyid. 

y,;:^^ - 5Ja^ sar/?/?VZa.(shorteuedinto 
slit), lady, Mrs. 

L_/wi-j ; is-^ ■> Sayyida Zainah, 

"Lady Zainab,^' the daughter 
of Khozaima, and wife of the 
Prophet, by reason of her chari- 
ties called '' the Mother of the 
Poor "; a mosque and district 
of Cairo named after her. 

^j'ji>*. _ ^Sj^mj siyddetkom, your 
excellency, your chieftainship; 
distinguish this from sa'ddet- 
Tcom ; your felicity, excellency. 

^\yM sav:a.d, blackness ; a black 
shape, shadow. 

^'j»— .M _ t)k->wl asivad, or iswid, 
(femin.) soda., black, dark blue. 

i}y^ sood, black men or things. . 

f]^yM sodd, black bile, melancholy. 

j^bfc«j Sooddn, the blacks, black 
men, Soudan. 

IjkAu t Jt J dahaha sooddn, it went 

wrong, was futile, in vain. 

^J^_ - d.^ saivivada, he scribbled, 
wrote a rough draft; blackened; 
bayyaJd, he made a clean copy 
from the rough draft, whitened. 

8Jo»*wJ tasiuceda, a rough draft, 

sJfcM*^ masivada, rough draft, memo . 

,lk--l _ .»>*i soor, pi. asu'dr, wall of 
town, a boundary wall, garden 
wall. [ j^*^-?^ 

,y*u3 tasawicara, he climbed over 
a wall. 

.^iW' .j*«j tasawwur el-jiddr, "es- 
calade,'^ a French legal term 
for a form of burglary. 

^,y^ Sooriya, Syria, Sham. \_JJj 

,y*i _ 'i„Mi soora, pi. sowar, rank, 

series, signfromheaven; chapter 

of the Koran. 

.«L.l - .'»*« siivdr, pi. asdicir, 

bracelet, bangle ; linen cuff. 
^.U^u soivdri (Persian), cavalry ; 
also a captain of a man-of-war. 

j-s-l.^ sooraA;7ti (Persian),decantcr, 

tr^j-^ or i^. .'y*i sawdreeJch, fire- 
ZJjUi siyasa, the art of governing 
a nation, or a horse; diplomacy, 
w^'^ sdsa, he governed, controlled. 

1/^1 t-j - I/**''*" sdyis, pi. sowwds, 
groom, running footman. 

^^Jj^siydsiy, diplomatic, cunning, 

^'_jJlU' »-_.>'-.' .^ arhdh es-siydsa, 

statesmen, diplomats. 
LjJl-j _ ir-r*' soos, pi. sersdn, 

worm, ring- worm, caries or 



( 133 ) 



^l^^M^] fjjC or <;*y*' sons, or 'irq 
cs-soos (corrupted from tlie 
Greek), liquorice-water, a fa- 
vourite summer drink. 

|U,M^ t as aww as a, it hecame rotten, 

^m.1mx^ mosawwas, worm-eaten. 
i^y^ soosan, lily, wliitc lotus, 

^i^^JW Es-8owayis, Suez. 
\:ytj sot, whip, flogging, [cf . \JUya 
p,^ saicdglt, lawfulness, fitness. 

c'^ schjlia, it was lawful. 

<)d iywj yasoogh lalio, he has the 
right, it is lawful to him. 

i5'.»>j sdyifjh, lawful, proper. 

(__jyjj sof, afterwards, later on, in 
the future. 

iciLi.^ masdfa, space of time, dis- 
tance, interval. 

t_J.^^:^ Balir Soof, Biblical name 

for the Red Sea. 
i-'a*>j siydq, course, driving ; con- 
text of words. 

d^U'u^ siydqdt, conduits, drainage. 

^Jy**i - J(*-^ sdqa, he drove, pushed 
on; yasooq, he drives. 

^^ sooq (imperative), drive on ! 

be quick ! 
jjl_;*>j or ^J'w sdyiq, or sawwdq, 

driver, drover. 
^jliLxwj _ (3'-/jj sdq, pi. sccqdn 

(femin.), leg, shank, stalk. 
J)'.*«l - Jf»*^ sooq, pi. aswdq, market, 


^5«j sowaiqa, small bazaar, fair ; 

Li'j-/*) soqa, or sawaqa, common 
people, mob. 

&^j»j AJ'.wj soqa savccha, pedlars, 
vagabonds, mob. 

^•yw.^ maswaqa, stick for driving- 
cattle ; cudgel. 

lL)1»wj siwali, a picking of the 
teeth, as a religious cleansing 
of the mouth ; tooth-pick. 

i^^wj or ^\m^ sdlia, or saicival^o, 
he cleaned his teeth. 

i^Uwjw* miswdh, tooth-brush, tooth- 

v-LJL^ saifdli, edges or sides of cut 

Solid j, a town on 


the Nile in Upper Egypt, in 
the province of Girgd. 

i^j^Mj or s-U^jiaw seemyd, or seem, 
magic, conjuring. 

Aa.j^^ seemd, face, physiognomy. 

^y» sawia, it was worth, equalled. 

j^5*wj yaswa, it is worth, equals. 

^j^M sawiva, he made equal, settled 
a debt or claim, did, accom- 
plished, smoothed. 





sdwa, or tasdiva, it 

was equal to. 

;_jJ/>j1 istaiva, it was ripe, properly 
cooked, smooth, flat, equal. 

^LjL.1 ist'md, ripeness, equality. 

\J^^V\ lai^ Tihatt cl-istlwd, line of 
the equator. 

L^A^ tasiviya, equalisation, pay- 
ment, settlement. 

i UUAk^ 

( 131. ) 

U_AJ^1 J.^ 

sl^'^Mfc^ Diosdwdt, equality. 

^_s^_!w_<i mistltvi, ripe, smootli, 

cooked ; of common gender. 
^^.w*li^ or j_cjlw*^ mosdwi, or mufa- 

sdivi, mutually equal. 
-fljAw or ^cjAw shva, or sawd, equality, 

equal; other; either-or; botli- 

and ; except, same. 

^Umj s-]y^ sawd sawd, together, 
with one another ; the same, 

A/yw sawiya, equality, totality. 

i^Aw seen, equal, similar. 

'w/0>«j^ or Lo /jj^ /(t-seeai)ia''notliing 

is equal to it,'^ i.e. principally, 

'^..^^^M sail), a flowing, being left 
free to move. 

L_;lwj sdha, it flowed, wandered, 

(.- — .j./^ sayyaha, lie let go, left 

<XA^«j seehoh, or sayyiholi (impera- 
tive), let it go ! never mind ! 

to; i'/." sdyih, free, at large. 

^^./.w seeja, a native game like 

^'^^ siydj, hedge. 

-j-wj saih, a flowing, melting of 
butter, &c. 

^'.«j sdJia, (the butter) melted ; 
he roamed, travelled. 

is-^^M siydha, travel. 


_x>>j sayyalia, he melted (the 

butter) . 

Jl«j sdyih, melted (butter). 

-^1^/^ or -p.U^ sayyah, or sawwdli, 
traveller, tourist. 

-_lj^j*-<i tnisydli, melting-pot. 

^«*^ _ ^Xs^L*^ masdlia, dimensions, 
survey, area (see also masaha) . 

j^j^f*^ _ .^/.w 5rnV, pi. soyoor, pro- 
cedure, course, voyage, strap, 

y^«j _ JLj./*, seer a, pi. siyar, course, 
conduct, morals. 

lLJ^sJ) or 5.A*J1 ^Aw.5.- hasan es- 
seera, or es-soJooJc, a man of 
good conduct or behaviour. 

^/*kJ _ .Li sd7'a, he proceeded ; 
yaseer, he proceeds. 

,j.Mj sayyara, he sent, made pro- 
ceed ; took out a horse for 
^JO/^j tasyeer, a sending, mission. 

^Li sdyir, he who proceeds ; other, 
remainder, rest, all. 

s.U/ij _ fl>**i sayydr, (femin.) say- 
ydra, wanderer, planet. 


jj<'^'i tasayyara, he relieved nature. 

'ijX^^ or jJ^fjj-^) maseer, or maseera, 
distance, course ; mode of life. 

cij1.»12a11 j.^'-o maseer el-qotoordt, 
train-service ; railway guide- 
AH.J./*. setsi, pony. 

( ?»jvM< _ I fiXv* saif, pi. soy oof, 

sword, [cf. 1 fl-XwT saif, summer. 

( s.Jmj]\ il^l or 1 aj^wJi (_)*« S(f// cs'- 

sfl/y, or isli-ltdr es-saif, a draw- 
ing or unsheathing the sword. 


( 135 ) 




'Kxm saiiydf, swordsman, heads- 
^J.»G.^M silioorta (European), se- 
curity, insurance. 

(J.jw«j sail, torrent (sec p. 116). 
VJuuj Scend, Mount Sinai. 


^Ji Sheen. Value = 300. 

^ or iP -s/i, or -sit i (colloquial) , 
negative snffis to a vei'b, like 
tlie Frencli ^' pas.'' 

jj! Lo md a\irlfsh, I do not 

fSi dixLJi Lo md sJiuftooh-sh, I did 
not see him. 

^iLi - ^li shad, bo wished; 
yasJtdd, he wishes. 

^1 fl/i U) md shad 'Udh, the will 

of God ! Bravo ! How fine ! 
J. _ 
<dll ^[^ jjl in shdd 'Udh, if God 

will; D.V. ; I hope. 
JSjJLk mashiya, wish. 

^'ijJlI _ f-^^ shai, pi. ash id, thing, 
something ; in pi. goods, bag- 

5- >i. lAi^ '*^ '"^^^ /ecs/i s/m/, there 
is nothing. 

i\j^\ _ <ri'Vj^l ashidtoh (vulgarism 
for ashidho) , his things, his 

h^X, shoicaya (diminutive) , a little 
thing, a little of, few. 

L».i ibyio hi-showaya shoivaya, 

little by little, slowly, gently. 
.j'oi shddir (Persian cltdJir), tent, 

jl*i( shdzz, differing, apart, aloof, 
(lil/i. shdsh, muslin. 

u-i»<io _ I J'^ sJidfa, he saw ; 

yashoof, he sees. 

1 R/i s7(«/ (imperative), see thou ! 

look ! 

( jj.Aj' tashawwafa, he " showed 

off,^' bragged. 

jjibv/i- _ J'.^ sAft/ (Persian), pi. 
shecldn, shawl. 

kLx/i sUaila, small head-shawl. 

(Jj^/Ij _ Jl^ shdla, he carried, bore 
off; yasheel, he carries off. 

Jlxi. shayydl, porter, carrier. 

J'>/i^ mashdl, removal, act of 

*l^ Shdm, Syria, Damascus. 

Jyjt _ ^^■<^ Shdmiy, pi. SJiawivdm, 

Syrian, a Syrian. 

*j>/i _ Lel/i shama, mole, beauty- 
spot (see shaim). 

jtS^^ or ^f/ii shdm, or mashoom., 
left-hand, sinister, of evil 

^j.^-i, - kJ^"* shdn, pi. sho'on, affair, 

9 9 9 , 

.1^ .1^ or .l/ii ^^ or ^J<^, hi' 
shdn, or mill shdn, ov a la shdn, 
concerning, because, for. 
jc<,.l-i, shdnmrma (Turkish), a lamb 
roasted whole. 


( 13G ) 


i^Jj shda, sheep, animal. 

sl/i shah (Persian), Shah, Kino-, 


l».l A 

shdhdna (Persian), royal, 

^Jb[jZ shdhdniii (Arabic adjective 
formed from shdJidjia), royal, 

j_^'wi» sJidJii, silk stuff. 

,^^'J:. shaheen (Persian), falcon. 


&^^^M _ (i^j. vii shawcc'sJi, pi. 

shdwecshii/a (for Turkish cJtd- 

ivush), sergeant. 

^'s^ shdi, tea. 

^^-^^^ shabh, alum. 

^^^/i sJiahha, (the horse) reared 
up. [c:^U 

^jo^ _ u-j'-i. shdhh, pi. shohhdn, 
lad ; young of cattle. 

>-_>'^ _ L'wi shdhha, pi. sJiaivdhh, 
girl ; young of cattle. 

^Aj^xi or <— j'-Avi shahdh, or s/ia- 
hoohiya, youthfulness. 

C^^^^/i, shihshih, woman's slipper. 

L:;;^A>i:o or Ll^A^i. shcibasa, or com- 
monly tasJiahbasa, he stuck to ; 
set about, undertook. 

^A/i s/ti&7', span of hand. 
'ij^^-^^ sJidboora, morning mist, fog. 
)j^ SJioohrd (Coptic), place, vil- 
lage ; a suburb of Cairo. 
i-^jX^ shahriya, camel-litter, cacolet. 

(ji^LA'j^ shabdi'dsdt (for Persian 
sipdrish), things ordered, debit 

lcU*i Shuhdt, Syrian month of 

«A<i. shaba', satiety. 

»xi,l ashba', he satiated another. J 

^J^i>^ shaba' dn, satiated, cloyed 

[cf. ^J.Xti^ 

(j^A/i, shabooq (for Turkish chiboolc), 
pipe, tube, rod. 

^jxi. shabaq, lewdness. 

i-LJa/i. shabbalca, he intertwined, 

^>a/i shabaJia, net, network, en- 

lLAjjIa^ _ Cj'^ shubhdh, pi. s7ta- 

bdbeek, window ; gridiron. 

^JJJJl^ mashdbik, a jjress, vice ; 

l^lA/i - i_).A/i, shibl, lion's cub ; 
shihli^ species of cloth. 

^^^_A_,i, shebeen (Cojatic), place, \ 

ij^Jx^ _ ^.CJI j^j^U/i 8hebcen el-Kdm, 

the cajDital of the Menoojiya pro- 
vince in Lower Egypt. 

^l^..* or (KA^ shibh, or moshdbaha, 

i-i-^ or <o.»i( shabaha, or shdbaha, 
' it resembled. 

^uAj" yishbih, it resembles. 

<U/i, shabbaha, he likened to, com- 
pared to. 

Jol/i*.^ or ^Ojui- shabeeh, or moshdbih, 

like, similar. 
CLjI^a^ _ ^^jk>i, shiib]ia,Y'\. shllbilhdt, \ 

doubt, suspicion. 




( 137 ) 


^CA^ y£»- Jtasara shubhatoh, he j 'ij».\j!L< moshdjara, quarrel, brawl, 



^ AxjLil isldahalta ji, he doubted^ 'kz^js^ sliajda'a, courage, bravery 

s'jkli! islitibdli, doubt, suspicion. 

&x)JL^ mushtahili, suspicious or 
obscure (affair). 

(Jl^ sliatt, dispersion, separation. 

(jl^^li shattata, he dispersed. 

^xZ _ t^ , ^ .jjL^ shateet, pi. shatta, 

diverse, sundry. 

jLi; e^t>'.-s- hair del is shatta, mis- 
cellaneous news. 

(jXi shati, a plant. 

JLt shatama, he insulted. 

r P w . 

aJLi, shatm, an insulting. 

>j.ii _AA>li, shateema, -pi. shatdyim, 

an insult. 
Avliil or ^JLi shotoom, or ashtoom, 

gap, entrance between the sea 

and a lagoon. 
^JLi, _ s-lli, s/d'^a, pi. shotiij, winter ; 

rain, rainy season. 
IjpJi^ shithoiy, wintry, winter crop. 
1^ shatta (colloquial), it rained. 
JL shajja, he wounded, fractured, 

split open. 

J-s^^ -j^'^ shajar (vulgarly pro- 
nounced sagar), pi. ashjdr, tree. 

ijsA shajar a {sagara), a tree. 

jsA shajjara (saggara) , he grafted. 

^'-iJ or j»-^-'^ shdjara, or tashd- 
jrtra, he quarrelled, had a row •" 


^s^ shajjara, he encouraged, 
c'^.s^ _ c'.s'*' or «J^s^ shajcea', or 
shajda', pi. shijda , brave. 

j>s^ or ci^s^ shahata, or shahada, 
he beo:e:ed for alms. 

xi^js^ shihdta, mendicit J ; a man-'s 

CLi^^ shahhdt, street-beggar. 

*»!s^ - ^^ shahm, pi. shohoom, 
grease, tallow, fat ; pulp. 

>j^ shaheem, fat, plump. 

^s^ shahana, he loaded, put in 

'ixsA - ,^r^ or shalin, or shohna, 
cargo, load, burthen. 
..s'*^ masli-hoon, laden. 

I , " i l ; .-g->^ mash-hoondt, cargo. 

^^ j'j _>^>.>»ii ^)ji^ sanad el - mash- 
hoondt, bill of lading. 

."cs'i or iis*" shahna, or shihdn, 

a quarrelling, 
^►'wi shdhana, he quarrelled with, 

1^ shahhkh^i, he relieved nature. 
• '«s^ shikhdJxh, foeces, urine. 

ikU».s^ shuhh-shai'kha, skylight 
for lighting the central court 
or well of stairs in a house. 

(>j'>i^^ - o^s-^ shakhs, pi. ash- 
l-lids, person, individual. 


( 138 ) 


L2s^^ shalihsdn, personally. [tj1j 

^j^^^ shaklisiy, personal, indi- 

^xoi^ shal-hsiya, individuality, 
identity ; medical diagnosis. 

(L.j^-^£Ljs^ J!^l ahiudl shahhsiya, 
" Statut personnel," Moslem law 
of marriage^ successions, &c. 

(_/:'ws**'' ^j ivacla' asAA7i as, imper- 

^JO±**' sJiakhJcJiasa, he identified, 
personated, attributed to a 
particular person, acted (on the 

^Ja^±^ tashJcJiees, identification; 

las^ shaJchata,}ie repelled, expelled 
in anger. 

i\^ shadda,'h.e tiglitened,intensified. 
Jj._/i shaddada, he intensified, 

c^xil isldadda, he or it became 

intense, firm, tight, vehement.- 

isjwi, sliidda, tightness, severity, 

J>->c3wi, skadeed, intense, tight, - 


sJ^\ asliadd, more intense, tighter, 

c>o J^ tashdeed, intensification ; 
reduplication of a letter ; the 
mark «- over a letter. 

uJjjLi shadoof, lever and bucket 
apparatus for raising water for 

I — 91 J^ shadddf, the man who works 
the ahddonf. 

Jf-^ shidq, jowl, corner of mouth. 

JfbiiJ; shidiydq, (Syrian) priest. 

ci.Ji^jJ;, shazrdt, sparkling atoms 
of ore, scattered beads, mis- 

s^ ov j.^ sliarr, or shirra, rage, 

wickedness, enmity, 
jy^' - j^.j^ shareerj pi. aslirdr, 

wicked, hostile. 
^_yl^ sliarramy, wicked, naughty. 
^j\/^ shardra, spark. 

^-i. sharra, it dripped, dribbled 


«-->^^ s/ntr?i, or shirh, a drinking. 

Jo^ sliorha, a drink, draught, 
potion, sherbet. 

&-jj-i, shorha (Persian, chorha), 


^jj^] _ t_->|;>i sJiardh, pi. ashriha, 
liquor, wine, syrup. 

L_yi, shariba {shiriba), he drank ; 
inhaled tobacco. 

<^j^\ ashraba, he made drink; 

he accused. 
<^-^i^ _t— j,Li, s/iariJ, pi. shawdrib, 

moustaches. [l^-^1,-;-, 

L_ j,/!^ masJirab, source, tempera- 
ment, disposition. 
<::Jj^jj!Lk mashroobdt, drinkables, 

.■■a , ., ^ . 

^.f**^ or ^J/i^ mishraba, or mush- 

rabiya, a corruption of wn/s/i- 

rifiya, a projecting window. 

-.^*i. sharj, anus; crevice. 


( 139 ) 



^A sharaha, he cleft opeiij ex- 
_^^ sharraha, lie dissected ana- 



insharaha, (his heart) was 

dilated ; he was glad. 
-.^.li shdrih, pleasant, dilating 
(the heart) ; explaining. 

_^ sharh, explanation, commen- 

iKs.-^ sharhoh, used like our word 


'' ditto.^' 
ji ,/iJ tashrceh, anatomy ; di 


iusT /iJ JIacI a'amdl tashreehiya, 
anatomical operations. 

__A_xi mosharrih, professor of 

anatomy, surgeon. 


>yt^j sliarkha (Persian, clidrlili) , 

dJ^ shard, intense trying heat, 
with simoom. 

i^*i. sJiarada, or sharata, he fled, 
ran away; especially of animals. 

^J^'^ shir^h, a bundle of vege- 

jijJ:^ sharshara, he reaped, cut 

»^l.*<^ sJiarshdra, scythe, sickle ; 

j^yi shar sheer, wild duck. 

I — a/i.]^ _ i fl/i^ sharshaf (Persian 

charshaf), with Arabic plural 
shardshif, bed-clothes, sheets. 

)cj^ sharata, he cut, slashed ; in- 
dented a contract. 

Is. -^ - \dJ^ shart, pi. shoroot, a 
cutting, indenture of contract, 
contract, conditions. 

^jl \sj^ hi- shart an, on condition 

ij.l3.>i. shartiya, a written con- 
tract, deed. 

LjLi. _ h)jjl> shareet, pi. shardylt, 
string, tape, cord, braid, fac- 
ings of soldiers' coats ; silk 
lace ; rail of railway. 

\djX^\ or \sjJL shdrata, or ishtarata, 
he made a contract. \_S^z _ jJL; 

L|.jLil or iL.lA-o moslidrata, or 
ishtirdt, a mutual conti'act. 

t; ... 

b..;i;, sharrata, he made incision, 

scarified, bled. 
\sJl^ mishrat, scalpel, lancet. 
^ e j-^ shara'a fi, he began, 

jJ cjj/i( sJiorooa' fi, beginning, 

cyi. shara'a, he made a law. 

icio ,/i, or c^»ip shara', or shariya'a, 

Divine Moslem law, the Sheri, 

or Sheriat. 
"c..i. shara'iy, legal ; of Moslem 

cJ:< ^.^l^ iw56 shara'iy, legal 

medical science ; i.e. medical 

h-cJi L*.Cs^ mahhama shara'iy a. 

Court of Moslem law, a sheri 

c .lyi^ -^j-^ shdrl'a, pi. shawdri'a, 



( 140 ) 



c .-i - cj^ shirda', pi. shoroa', 

^Li. or ici^ or (_J^ sharnf, or 
shurfa, or shardfa, honour, 
nobleness of character, nobility. 

( — >^1 or li^ _ ( 8j .>i:, shareef, 

pi. shurafd, or aslirdf, noble, 
aristocrat, descendant of the 
prophet ; honourable, honest. 

.aa!) (__3^ sharaf el-qamar, full- 
ness of moon. [.Aj 


(»_j^ sharrafa, he ennobled, 
showed or did honour to. 

K::J^iJL3 tashreefdt, court cere- 
monies, levees. 

^^^^Siij^ tashreefdtji (Turkish), 
Lord Chamberlain, Master of 
the Ceremonies. 

i j^-iJ tasharrafa, he felt, or was, 


i^'f^ - " J/i'las/i^'«/, (femin.)s/iW)|/'a, 


I — ij^] aslcrafa, it was eminent, 

< — iyL< muslirif, imminent, pro- 

k)^'>jJL^ tmishrifiya, a projecting 

window, mushrahiya. [^^^ 

LjiLujl ^Iz i^,Z^ \Ju bind mushrif 

'ala es-soqoot, edifice threaten- 
ing to fall. 

(V^ sharq, sunrise, the east. 

^Jjj^ /S/iar^i^/, Eastern; (Saracen.^) 
i:j j'jj - A>5^>i, Sharqiya, the eastern 
province of the Delta, of which 
Znqd-/.erq is the capital. 

^J^A' shorooq, sunrise. 
iyi sharaqa, the sun rose. 
jj'-i-l asltraqa, the sun shone. 

J'Li» shardqiy, land exposed to 
the sun (without water) ; land 
not naturally watered by inun- 
dation of Nile, but requiring 
artificial irrigation. 

}i\j^ shirdqa, female slave or con- 
cubine given in marriage as a 
present by her master to one 
of his courtiers or dependents. 

J)^] ishrdq, kindling wood, small 
pieces of resinous wood. 

^jj^-< mashriq, place of sunrise, 
the East. 

^j -^ sharraqa (colloquial), he 
went eastward, to Syria. 

t^ji shirk, association, metayage 
or farming with share of profits; 

Klj>i. or 'iiyt shirha, or sherika, or 
shardka, partnership, business, 
company, association. 

^^1.^1 i'^Jj sJiirka et-taddmun, 
" SociHe en nom collectif." 

^a»Lj^ K^ shirka mosdhama, joint- 
stock Co.; " 8ociete anonyme." 

ij^yUl iLi'-^i sliirka et-tawsiya, 
"comma?i(?i^e," sleeping partner- 

v.LLi sJtarak, net, snare. 

s^y^ - <LXij^ shareek, pi. shurakd, 

partner, accomplice, 
sl^^ » Aas^I Ahmed v;a sliurakdh, 

Ahmed and Co., Ahmed and 

his partners. 



( 141 ) 

CJj^ sJioraik (Turkish clioorelc), 
pastry, cake. 

\JJjj1,] ashraha,h.e took as partner; 

he accused (another) of being 

his accomplice. 
(.^JyLi,! or LfJjli sJidralca, or isJita- 

raJca,h.e went shares or partners, 

was an accomplice, 
CJLLi,] or K.Li.^ moshdraka, or 

isJitirdli, partnership, complicity. 
fjjjjj*^ or \JJ}JL* moshdrih, or 

musJitarih, partner, accomplice. 

ijjyi^ nnishrili, idolator ; accuser. 

^»>i sharama, he tore open, cut, 

f^^A - *»^ sharm, pi. shoroom, 
creek, inlet, gulf; a cleft; an 
opening in a coral-reef. [L--^^*^ 

ia.<Ji sharmata, he tore. 
la<^^ onosharmat, torn. 
Lj.^Li, _ ^!hycj^ sliarmoota, pi. 

shardmeet, rag, tatter ; whore. 
hi]Jj shardha, gluttony, craving, 

^bb^ sharhdn, glutton, lustful, 

Jl.yi sharwdl (Persian, slialwdr), 

loose drawers or pyjamas. [J'^^ 
5-Li. shird, a buying, purchase. 
*Lj, ^ «jo ieea' ^(;a shird, selling 

and buying; trade. 
i^jJ^ shdri, purchaser. 
^JLil ishtara, he bought. 

^jiJL^ m«s/t/nr/,purchaser; planet 

^_^JJL<l mushtara, act of purchase ; 

^jlyii _ ^J^„J^ sJiarydn, pi. sJiard- 
yeen, artery. \J6S)j^ 

iXjLfl^ sliodaliya (colloquial), quar- 
relsome, rowdy fellows. 


Iskla^ _ ia^ sliatt, pi. shotoot, shore, 

bank, coast. 
?-^}s\yij _ ^(^is'-^i s/ux^/, pi. shawdti, 

shore, bank, coast. [J,^'-«w 

^..^^o/i. shataha, he ran his pen 
through, crossed out, cancelled. 

i.»,.4a^ shath, a cancelling, crossing 

^ki/i- sliatalia, he wandered as a 

j^aJi - JcJL shatr, pi. shotoor, half, 

part, side,^ shatdra, cleverness, skill. 

.Ik/ii - .b'J:. shdtir, pi. slioftdr, 

clever, cunning. 
Jh^ shatranj (Persian), game of 

iaiii shutfa, flint of flint-lock 

^jdsU^ - ^;'.^:^^ shaitdn, pi. s7«rf- 

ydteen, Satan, devil; a cunning, 

deep rogue. 
IjHo^ shaziya, tibia, large bone of 

c'jt^ sJio'da', pi. shi\ia\ ray of 

light; bars or trellis over a 

L_^N«;^ sha'h, coral-reef (on coasts 

of Red Sea) . 

( 142 ) 

<)L3 -JM i) \3tM I 

t-_>^)ci, _ «*«,^«>t sha'h, pL sho'-ooh, 
people, tribe. 

^j-^_*^ _ t»«^5*>i _ <kju»^; sho'aba, pi. 
sho'ab, braucli, hroncMce; slioa- 
bi'y, bronchial ; of broncliitis. 

^Ujui Sha'bdn, eightli month of 
Moslem year. [cf. J^fo^ 

j^^ ' j*^ slia'r, pi. sJio'-oor, hair. 
'ij)M shia'ra, small hair, down. asha'r, hairy, long haired on 
the head. 

/jjyxi sha'rdniy, hairy of body. 

^_^|j»^.x masJia'rdniy, hairy, shaggy. 

^,'jui sha'driy, official term for 

goats, sheep &c. ; animals with 

hair or wool. 

jjjwi sha'yeer, barley, 

h ,j^ slia'yeeriya, vermicelli. 

j>.tJL _ SjOit^i sha'yeer a, -pi. sha'dyir, 

religious rite. 
j.x/i.1 _ jx>i shi'ar, pi. asha'dr, 

knowledge ; poetry. 

slii'ari hazd ed-dunyd li-men, 

would that I knew to whom 

this world (belongs) ! 
f^j*.^ _ jc\i, shd'yir, pi. sho'ard, 


^j>^ sliVra, Sirius, Dog Star. 

^uwi slio'-oor, intelligence, faculty 
of mind. 

jowll (Jis^ mukhtall esh-sho'-oor, 
deranged in mind, insane. [iJ}J>- 
j*Jl sluCrn, he knew, perceived. 

jjl ill j5tA> Lo ma yaslio'r ilia an, 
he does not know except that; 
before he knew (where he was) 
it happened suddenly that. 

jt/il aslia'ra, he informed. 

.'joiil ishi'dr, an informing, in- 

jwl*i) istaslia'ra, he inquired, it 
dawned upon him, he perceived. 




JjJ/i-l or (Jjt/i sha'la, or isJita'la, 
it blazed, flamed. 

(Jjt/i,! aslia'la, he lighted, set on 

^Ijui shea'la, torch. 
(JwcLA-^ _ (Jwjw.* niisha'l, pi. 
mashd'yil, torch, brazier. 

,^jj'jt/i slid'dneen, branches j Palm 

.U^ shiglidr, marriage by '' com- 
pensation,^^ where two men 
exchange sisters or daughters 
in marriage. 

jcLii slidgliir, camel pack-saddle. 


^jj^ shaghartiya, attendants of 
a singrer. 

shaghaf, vehement passion 
of love. 

J'.i^il _ tjA/i- shogld, 2d1. ashghdl, 

work, labour. 
icj^jAC jU/il ashghdl o'maomiya, 

public works. 


^■'wi Jl^il ashghdl shdqqa, penal 

^j.Jt) JU>i/l 

( 143 ) 

^JJ Jlivi,! ashghdl daniya, v\\e, 
hard labour. 

'i^^JJ^ - J'ot>i shaghghdl, pi. shagJt- 

gJidla, labourer^ navvy. 
Ji'wi shdghil, engaged in, occupy- 

(J. A./ii sliaghghala, he employed 
labour, caused to work. 

(JwJ'JLiJ tashglieel, a giving or 
making work. 

iJjcLil isJdaghala, lie was busy, 

^}*kj!Lk maslighooJ, busy, occupied, 

J^Li. slidghool, main-sail; main- 



( j'>a*i sliaffdf, transparent. 

.la*i,] _^^ s/??/?-, jil. aslfdr, edge, 
rim ; labia. 

LA^ shafata, he sipped. 

^jta^ s^q/'«'a,right of intervention; 
pre-emption : {e.g. of neigh- 
bour's land if for sale, accor- 
ding to certain conditions). 


»aAj tashaffa'a, he mediated, inter- 

^liLi. Shdfa'iy, Maliomed Idris 
Skafaiy of Caii'O, d. 820, a.d., 
founder of one of the four 
great Sunni schools of orthodox 
Islam. [ki-Us^ _ (Jjui^!- _ CLAI'w* 

«^/i, shafeea', pre-emptor, who 
has a right to pre-emption. 

<);iLa,i shafaqa, compassion. \jii\j 
yjj^ or (^a/ii shafccq, or shafooq, 

s'iJ: - ia>i, sit if a, pi. sJiifdh, lip 
of mouth. 

U>'^ sliifdhdn, verbally, ^-ivft 2;oce. 

d^l^i/i, _ ^A/i shafa, pi. shafavjdf, 

j^^xii/ijl csh-sJcifatain, the two lip?. 
^lfl>i< sliifd, cure, convalescence. 

i^>i, _ i^^A/i, shafa, he cured ; sliofia, 

he was cured. 
^a,t."i^l istashfa, he consulted a 

^JiJLL^^^ mustashfa, hospital. 

jj/i. shaqqa, he split, caused pain. 
J'^Jli, _ j;^ shaqq, pi. shoqooq, 
split, crevice ; pain, toil. 

iili shiqqa, piece, part; pain. 

JfliLi _ ia^i, sJiogqa, pi. sJiiqdq, 
piece, part, set of rooms or 
flat in a house ; note, memo. 
ixa^ sliaqeeq, (femin.) 


- O' 

shaqeeqa, split in half; a full 
brother or sister by the same 


^j.ili, sliaqdyiq, anemone, peony. 

(j'Jli sliiqdq, a split, quarrel. 

JfJiLi] ishtiqdq, derivation, ety- 
(j'iliul inshiqdq, schism, dissent. 

ij^iXc munshiqq, schismatic, dis- 
i-'Ji sAa^S'; splitter; toilsome, penal. 

ils'jL (JU/i,l ashghdl shdqqa, penal 

Jl'JLxi _ <uA-.^ niashaqqa, pi. -jna- 
shdqq, difficulty. 

JfUifc-^ mashdqq, tow, refuse of 


( 144 ) 


I JA_A— ^i shaqdaf, camel - litter, 

jLz] _ aJLi shoqra, redness of 

hair; ashlar, red haired, roan. 

^CAjJLi or iaiti/ shaqfa, or shaqeefa, 
bit, morsel ; coarse salt, nitre. 

{_^\ji^ shaqlaha, he upset. [(.--.^5 

^UlLi, shaqlahdn, changeable. 

H.'JLi or s-'ili- shaqd, or shaqdiva, 
"wickedness ; naughtiness ; (in 
Turkish) a joke, chaff. 

>Uili,l _ ^JLi sJiaqiy, pi. ashqiyd, 
•wretch, wicked, brigand, out- 

,. -a 

^'»jk_a_*i.l . &-^—<K.s^ hardmiya iva 

ashqiyd, robbers, brigands, 


<lJ».Ci, _ v^-i sliel-li, pi. shohool:, 
doubt, suspicion. 

yjj.^ (JJ'^ ^^'^^0^^ sh^li^h uii' 
doubtedly, of course. 

jJ Ci/i shakka fi, he doubted. 

lLJ'J: or LLX^'-i. shdkiTi, or shdklc, 
he who doubts, hesitates. 

IjJij - v-LK/i- sliukuh, on credit; 
naqcldn, for cash. 

lLJXI.^ mashkooh, doubted^ doubt- 
ful (affair). 

-^yC:: shakooj (for Turkish cliekij), 

^JlZ or .C*i- shakara, or tashakkara, 

he thanked. 
,»_C^ _ -C/i, shukr, pi. shokoor, 



.^Ci _ ^l^ shdkir, or shahoor, 

i^yifcCi, shakshooka, coquette, loose 

Jl^l _ (J^ sJiekl, pi. ashkdl, shape, 

form, figure, sort. [ yJts>- - PjJ 

^c^»^ _ K^ shekldn, formally, 
technically, on a point of law, 
(as apart from mawdoo'dn, on 
the merits of the case) ; " a, 
la forme," and not ''au fond." 

^X^ shikeliy, quarrelsome, touchy. 

(J.J^/i, shakkala, he fashioned, 
organised, composed. 

Si "Ci 

(JjkCiJ tashkeel, composition, or- 

fji^ tashakkala, it took form, 
was composed of. 

(JCili.] islitakala, it was ambi- 
(jCi.^ muslikil, difficult, complex. 
Jl^,i shikdl, foot-rope, tether. 
Xi shakama, he slapped, flipped. 

'iLXs:*^ shakmajia (for Turkish 
chekmeje) , chest of drawers. 


^IAj or 15^^' or ^ shaka, or 

more commonly ishtaka, or 

tashakka, he complained. 
^JjiJ^ - ^1^ or j^^'.^ s/(«/ii, or 

mushtaki, or mutashakki, com- 
plainant, plaintiff. 

LK/i shikdya, complaint. 

j_j.K^ _ t_fXi sliakwa, pi. shakdivi, 


( 145 ) 


(JJui, shalaJ, paralysis, withered 

c^Hj:. _ Jli filiaUdl, pi. shalUldt, 
Nile cataract or rapids. 

^Oo^ slialahi (for Turkish clulehi), 
a European or foreign gentle- 
man^ refined, polite. 

d^JJ: shalata, tlie horse reared, 
bucked. [(*_,-%>:!:< 

^JLi. shaldti, species of native 

Jjj shalaha, he stripped. 

vjl,..Al>i. sliaJfata, he smudged out 
(fresh writing). 

t^jji^ slmlai'k (for Turkish c/«7e A;), 

*!li<l or ^ shamma, or ishtamma, 
he smelled at, sniffed. 

^tij sliamm, a smelling, sense of 

^^x*Jjl li shamm en-naseem, ' sniff 
the breeze ; " the Egyptian 
general spring holiday, which 
is celebrated on the Greek 
Easter Monday. 

JJi^ sliammdm, musk melon. 

CL;UU-i' sliammdmdt, perfumes. 
*>i.A/i shamsJiama (colloquial), he 
sniffed, smelled at. 

^AAAi shamhar, circle, flange, ridge 

d^/**'^. sliamata, he rejoiced at 

another^s misfortune. 
tj^iL shamahha (vulgar)^ he sniffed 

a pungent odour. 

• ^A/i sJiomool-Jt, height, haughti- 
i^l*i; shdmikh, lofty, haughty. 

jaJ:, sliumar, fennel. 

.LA_>i, shamdr, porter's knot, 

shoulder cord, 
^/♦wi sliammara, he girded up his 

loins ; set about. 
^^X*^ _ j'^f*^ shamrooTih, pi. 

shamdreeJih, long slender staff, 

stalk of bunch of dates. 
^^yK^J _ i^**^ sliams, pi. shomoos 

(femin.), sun. 
i^*w.A^ shamsiy, solar ; certain 

letters of the alphabet. 
<)LW>««1 sha^nsiya, parasol, umbrella. 

■ ^U>i. shammas, acolyte, deacon. 

(Ws*>«J:J tashammasa, he got sun- 
stroke. ' 

(^A<1^ moshammas, ill with sun- 

iia^ or ^l>«ui shamata (Turkish), 
noise, uproar. 

c^A>i, _ «*/i. sJiama', pi. sliomooa\ 
wax ; candle. 

cl/««i shammda' , candlestick ; pegs 

for clothes or hats. 
^1a.«_>»-^ sJiama'ildn (Persian), 


«>»,^ moskamma' , waxed ; oil 

cloth, waterproof. 
^^^A■^ Sltama'ool, Samuel. 
(J.^ s/ianiJ, the whole, reunion. 

(-_> J%A^ shomooJ hi, the including, 
inclusive of. 



( 146 ) 


iz (JaL^I or (J^ shamala, or 
ishtamala a'la, it included. 

, Jx. (J^li^ or Jv^li. shdmil, or 
muslttaniil cCla, inclusive, in- 

L_j J^'«J;,^ inashmool hi, including, 

JI4J:, sliimdl (femin.) left hand 
side ; north. Vy**^.. 

5'wA^ sliimdliy, northern. 

is.cbJU/i. shamanclora (Turkish) , 
buoy, beacon. 

^LM-i shimya, scouring of a stream, 

" • r" 1^ 

whirlpool. L^^ijJ 

^^ slianna, lie sniffed. 

t_,vli shanah, upper lip, mous- 
tache. [^_->,'^ 

^JS^jJ!i shintiydn (Turkish chinti- 
y an), women's loose pantaloons. 

&\z'x^ or *JU/i shanta (Turkish 
chanta), bag, valise, knapsack. 

Jui shanaj, colic, gripes, convul- 

Juio tashannaja, he was in con- 

^jJLi shineesha, hole in the wall. 

«jJui. shaneea', infamous, heinous. 

^lli shanda'a, infamy, depravity. 

^jo _ i__aJJ^ shaneef, large coarse 
net for carrying ii?)?i or straw 

on donkeys or camels, 
, ai^i. shannafa, he amused or in- 
terested by talk. 
zjjL shanaqa, he hanged (a mur- 
derer). [See iA£ _ iii- 

Uxi, (Jjj qatl sJianqdn, death by 

isuJL^ mashnaqa, gallows, place of 

Jili shankal (Turkish chengel), 

(_j'^*i, sJiihdh, brilliancy, ardour, 

zeal ; meteor. 
L—,^! ash-hab, brilliant, whitish, 

Sa^ shahida, he gave evidence, 


SSt^Ji shdhada, ho saw, witnessed, 

S%>^\ or ty^ALwl istash-hada, or 
asJi-hada, he called witnesses 
to prove. 

iij'a>i, shall dd a, evidence, written 
or oral ; certificate. 

ti^ - iJJb's/i shdhid, pi. sliohood, a 

^>ill Jj&'^/i. shdhid el-a in, an eye- 

..: liJfc'.^ shdhid zoor, a false wit- 
ness, perjurer. 

..: 'id^^ shahdda zoor, false evi- 
dence, perjury. 

\S^ _ 'V^ shaheed, pi. shohadd, 
witness for the faith, martyr, 
Moslem soldier killed in battle. 

SS>Jij shoohida (passive of shdhada) , 

he was seen, detected. 
Sq^ mash-had, funeral procession, 

shrine ; publicity. 
jJ^jS j^ ^^i^^^ li-mash-had khalq 

liatcer, in the presence of many 




( U7 ) 



sjjfc'JLo moshdhada, a seeing, in- 

JU^ shahddnij, hemp. [L;^^' 

^^1 or ,^ -A'^ shahr, pi. shohoor, 

or ash-hur, month. 
^^ - 'iy^ shohra, fame, notoriety; 

shahcer, famous. 

.^1 or^^ shahhara, or ash-liara, 
he made public ; unsheathed 
(a sword). 

'ij%\^ mos/za/iora, a making public. 

jXSik^ _ j%^^ mash-hoor, pi. 
mash ah ec r, f a m o u s . 

.1^1 ish-har, publication, declara- 

^M^ shahecq, grunt, hiccup, sob. 

(JfA^j _ {J^ shahala (for sahhala), 
he facilitated, carried off. 

ktl^^ _ *.^ shahem, wdse; shahdma, 
wisdom, valour. 

»_LjUl.f*i sJiahdmetlu (Turkish), 
valorous, royal. 

i^/i/l or [^ shahd, or i htaha, he 
longed for. 

*U*jLi.l ishtihd, appetite, a longing. 

^ shahiy, eager. 

is.^ shahwa, carnal lust. 

i^ilj^ shahxvdniy, sensual. 

^^i^^-< mnshtaha, desired, appetis- 
.../iJ . i_s<y^ slioora, pi. tashdifur, 
council, counsel. 

i^^'yul uf;;'*' shoora cl-qaicdnccn, 
legislative council. 

ji y^ shora, handkerchief ; a desert 

shrub called the Avicennia 

jj'J: shdwara, he consulted with. 
'ij^j^^ moshdwara, consultation. 

ijyL.^ mashxvara, consultation, de- 

.U,l ashdra, he pointed out, indi- / 

S.'-i-l ishdra, indication, sign, ges- 
ture ; demonstrative pronoun. 

j^=.-s Li,! ishdraji, signaller, signal- 

i.j\\ ^l,il^ musJidrun ileih, a polite 
way of expressing ' aforesaid " 
when referring to high officials. 

j>J^ musheer, leader, field mar- 
shal ; a Pasha of the highest 
AALuI istashdra, he asked advice. 
ii.l.iju.1 istishdra, an asking advice. 

j^JlL**^ mws^as/mr, he whose advice. 
is asked, councillor, adviser. 

}yl>~i> mishivdr, errand, course, 

^J^ shoosha, scalp lock, tuft. 
lyJilyi shawdsh, disorder, confusion. 
i;ij/i, shawwasha, he disordered. 
, Silj^Ki tinishawwash, disordered. 
(JijviJ tashwcesh, a throwing into 

disorder ; syphilis. 
^siJL shawivata, he cooked up 

Alsly:! ashu-dta, a mess, humbug, 

cooked up affair. 

( M8 ) 

I A 

jjlj^l _ jj;«i slidciy pi. ashwdq, 

^^ shawwaqa, he excited desire. 
yj-\*'^ tashweeq, an inciting or ex- 
jj'Ji/il islifdqa, he longed for. 
iUlil islitiydq, a longing for. 
Ji^JJL^ musJitdq, desirous, eager, 
^j^ shayyiq, desirous, eager. 
LLJly:! _ LLJ^/i, sholi, pi. asliwdh, 

point, thorn. 
^\yl _ ISyl. sJtolia, pi. sliaicdh, 

fork, spur ; power,, ro\-alty. 
ySSj^ sJievketlu (Turkish), imperial, 

^j*^ ^i teen sholciy, prickly 

pear, cactus fruit. 
CJ^ _ CJ'Jl slidlca, it pricked, 

"was pointed ; yaslioolx, it pricks. 

J».i shawwala, the horse cocked 
its tail. 

ci^^il^ _ J'r** shdwdl, pi. shawdldt 

(Persian), sack. 
Jl^*i 67< awicdl, tenth Moslem month. 
Jk/i,! asliwcd, left-handed. 


-i/ sliom, a hard wood used for 

*.^ ^j eo^/a shorn, a cudgel of 
hard wood. 

^Jy^\ or ^jj^jj'i' — ^'.^ shona, pi. 
slio-on, or ashwdn (Coptic), 
storehouse, warehouse, barn. 

y^l/i - ^j»^/X slio-on, pi. of slidn, 
affairs, things. 

it/ij" _ x*-^ sliawali, deformity, 
tasliaivivalia, it was deformed. 

j_^.>il or ^^Jl shaica, or ashwa, he 
grilled, roasted. 

^»JL^ mashwi, grilled (meat, fish, 

5-' J: _ ^1$^ sJtai, thing, (see shdd) . 

<.^^^ shaib, grey hair. 

«*_^xl.l or ^..^Ji shdyiby or ashy ah, 
old, grey-haired. 

v_~xij _ L—j'J:, shdha, he grew old; 
yasheeb, he grows old. 

^.^.-Jlyi -LJ'JL shdyiha,])!. sJtaivdyib, 

petty vices or defects. 
Cl^-^-j^-^i sJieet (Persian), calico, 

-jJ: sheeh, fragrant desert plant, 


o'-i^ or ^yi^ - ^^ shailch, pi. 

shoyooJch or maaJidyilih, chief of 
tribe, elder, senior ; a term of 

jJult .jJ!j shailch el-beled, the head 

of the village, the officially 
recognised chief of a village. 

A^'i] ^^ Shaikh el-Isldm, the 

highest ecclesiastical dignity 
in Turkey; a Moslem Primate. 

k>i^»^/i shaikhooJihiya, old age, 
office of shaikh, 

i-f-'j^^ sheydkha, shaikhdom, office 
of shaikh. 

rjj^ _ -^Ji shdkha, he grew vene- 
rable ; yashcekh, he grows veuc- 
' ruble. 



( 149 ) 

■ fijj:. sheesh (Turkish), skewer, 
thin rod ; cross-lattice blind ; 
Venetian shutters. 

^'js**^ sJieesh-Mdna (Turkish), 
needle-gun, breech-loader. 

(XJLiLA^i shecshna (Persian cheshna), 
sort, sample. 

^xi, sheesha (Persian), bottle, 

cU^l _ ^jtxi sheea'a, pi. ashyd'a, 
sect, dissent ; Persian sect ; 

•j^^iUj - c'ji slidaa, it was spread 
abroad; ijasJieea', it is spreading 

«j.*i shayya'a, he made public ; he 
saw (a friend) depart; escorted 
a funeral ; sent, forwarded. 

«ja^ tashyeea', a seeing a friend 
off; attendance at a funeral; a 
sending, forwarding. 

cli,l asJid'a,\ie divulged, revealed. 

i^^Jlj _ jj^ shdyia' , pi. sJida'a, 

i«jJ^ shdyia'a, a female animal in 

heat. [^/i^ 

c'wi^ muslida' , divulged, public; 

a rumour. 

J'-i _ Jl^ shayydl, porter, carrier 
(see shdla). 

A.xi sliaim, a being marked with 

a mole. 
*j^ _ <Xa^^ sheema, pi. sJnam, 

cLar.icter, disposition. 

Lo'-i shama, mole, beauty-spot. 
iujJL* masheema, placenta. 


^ S'a't?. Value = 90. 

jjfc^'.^ sdhoon (European), soap. 
Ijjus^ mashana, soap-works. 

^^'jLo sahhdn, maker or seller of 

_L« sdj, sheet iron, oven plates. 
'wX^ _ _'.^ sdha, he cried out 

(see siydh). 
jJ^^i - I'w* sa/*a, it was, became ; 

yascer, it becomes. 
'ij»j~j^.c sairoora, a becoming; 

change of state. 

jXAo maseer, fact, matter of fact; 

j_c.'^ sdri, mast of ship or boat, 
«j'-o _ c'v^ xrta'fl, lie wandered ; 
I sdya', vagabond. 
' c'w^ ^^l^ — c'^ 6-ay/i (Turkish) , 
right hand, sound, well, excel- 
lent ; qirsh sdgh, a full piastre. 
^^'i:' J J c'^ sa^/( 2<?Z a^/idst (Turk- 
ish), the aglia, or chief of the 
right qol or wing of a batta- 
lion; senior captain, or adjutant 
i^ _ c'.a9 saglid, he fashioned (see 

sdgh) . 
A».o _ J-c sdma, he fasted (see 


( 150 ) 

<jy^ - ^J^ sdna^ lie protected (see 

c^- j^Lc sdyigh, jeweller (see sdgh) . 
^_^a9 sahha, he poured out. [^^^ 

(..j^^^o* masahh, place of outpour ; 
mould ; river-mouth. 

_.Aw9 _ A^:^yc _ ^xo 6'o/>/i, or sohhlya, 

! ^ . 

or sahdh, morning. 
y.^ S(t6//i, matutinal ; fresh (fish). 
-^^5) sahooh, morning drink, 
^s-'wt^ sahdha, freshness, beauty, 
—'.j-o^ mishdh, lamp. 
j^^, patience ; aloes. 

j^-i~^ or j-i^-^ sdbir, or sahoor, 

jj^ tasahhara ,he showed patience. - 
^j./* sabhara, ho embalmed. [LJl=^ 
s_xj^ _ ,lxo sobar, and sohhaird, 
cactus, prickly pear. 

»^'v^l _ »AoI ashoa', pi. asdbcca, 
finger, toe. 

«^'.a:» or c'-A-c sohda\ or sdbia' (col- 
loquial), finger, toe. 

i^*j.«? or ^c^'-;U? saba'iy, coarse 
reeds or rushes for mats. 

jxo sahagJia, he dyed, soaked, 

cU.^ - c-^^ sibd'jh, dye; sabbdyh, 

iixo sibrjha, a dyeing; baptism. 

iijua^ masbagha, dyer's yard or 

'jU3 S(t6(t (femin.), zephyr. 

^J^■^ - ^_^^ sabiy, pi. sobidu, lad, 

blju? _ icja^ sabiy a, pi. sdbdyd, girl. 

^ sahha, it was right, proper, 

^^_ il Zrt yasahh, it is improper, 


JC—s'*' sihha, health ; soundness, 
sanitation ; accuracy, validity. 

».^-LjLs:'^ sihhatak (usually pro- 
nounced sahhiialc), thy health. 

JLJw<»_^«u-c k_s^ sihhat 'omoonoiya, 
public health. 

W Ul '7 7 • 

-is^ sin my, sanitary. 

^=s-^ sahceh, true, accurate, valid. 

^s'^ _ ^r^ sahhaha, he rectified, 

tas-hech, rectification. 

_Us^' as-hdh, chapter of Bible. 

^Ujs-^ soJiba, society, friendship ; 

L_-j'js^' - <w^s^l.^ sdhib, pi. as-hdh, 
possessor, master, friend, com- 

L; — .s^-**"' or L_.^\s^' istahaha, or 
istas-haba,h.G accompanied, took 
as companion. [J. 

^.'..s^ - s^ssr^ sahrd, pi. salidri, 

desert, Sahara. 
I as^ salt of a, he drew back, made 

room for. 

v_Jis-^ or I sS.s'^ _ ^J^"^ sail erf a, 

pi. sail ay if, or sohof, leaf, page 
of book. 

1 ss^^'' el-mos-haf, the Koran. 

yjjs-^ - jjssr*' saJtu, pi. sohoon, 
metal dish ; dish. [tti^ 

«.<.3:^' ,^/s^ sa/ni cl-jdmia', court- 
yard of mosciuc. 


( 151 ) 


,i ,La« 

ijs^ or Is^ siJti, lie woke iip. [laib 

LS^ or i«sr^ salilia, or as-Jia, lie 

awoke another, 
ys-^ salivj, sobriety, clearness of 

^»-L^ sa/a', awake, sober, alert. 
L»,-^s^ salchh, uproar, tumult. 

s^s*' sahhra, rock ; sacred rock 
of Jerusalem. 

dS^ sadad, design, aim, object. 
JH^Ajiko _ ^_'^'^ sadeed, pus ; sadee- 
diy, purulent. 

^_^S-'a _ IA-.^ sadd, rust ; saJi, 

^cX.<i« mosadda, rusty, rusted. 
^jJ^ siV/a, or sada, echo. 

j_^i3^' tasadda, he undertook, took 

tiXtf sadara, it issued. 
.jJ>^ sodoor, issue, source, emis- 


ii.l tXo safZara,source; pre-eminence. 

.i>U« sddir, issuing, outgoing ; 

.jjiy^ _ .\^ sadr, pi. sodoor, chest 
of human body; source; seat 
of honour. 

Ja-cl jLisJO sadr aa'zam, highest, 
noblest source of power ; the 
Grand Vizier. 

jS^\ asdara, he made issue, pro- 
mulgated, exported. 

jS^£K tnasdar, place of origin ; 

infinitive mood. 
^jiS^ sodairiy, waistcoat, bodice. 
clj^ sodda', headache. 

aX^ sudfjh, temple of the head ; 

t JJuO sadaf, oyster-shell, mother- 

<xjj^ sodfa, chance, coincidence. 

<xiL^-^"J his-sodfa, by chance. 

( — Jt)'^' or ( — jji'.^ sddafa, or tasd- 

dafa, it chanced (mutually), he 

met by chance. 
^\Sjc or ^Sjo sidq, or saddqa, 

truth, sincerity. 
^Sjc sadaqa, charity. 

J^Sas or jjj'w^ sddiq, or sadeeq, 
true, sincere. 

yjS^ saddaqa, he believed, ap- 
proved, held to be true. 

jfji^^aj tasdeeq, belief. 

^^ fjd\^ sadaqa 'ala, he corro- 

,jJ^' tasaddaqa, it came true, was 

<L<j'>-(a^ or i<t\^ sadma, or mosd- 
dama, shock, collision. 

*t>'>-*aj" or A jL« sddama, or tasddama, 

it collided, 
^y^ _ H^.c sorra, pi. sorar, bag of 

money, purse. 
j^j-^^ masroor, folded up in a bag 

or bundle. 
,\jO _ j^j^ sarecr, creak, squeak, 

sarrdr, cricket, cicada. 
j\j^\ _ "jjc] asarra, he persisted, 

isrdr, persistence. 
^^<i TOosw/*, persistent, determined. 
^^^La-< masdrrcen, bowels. 


( 152 ) 

( — Sj^H^ 

^yc sarolta, it was clear, evident. 

^L^ saralia, clearness; explana- 
d^jjc sardhatdn, clearly. 
—V..^ sarah, pure, clear; freedom. 

^ijjc sarech, clear, evident, cate- 

^j—'O sarraha, he explained ; 
licensed ; allowed. 

) -o) fasreeh, explanation ; per- 
mission, licence, diploma, pass- 

_^^ mosarrah, permitted; licen- 
'^^ sarakha, lie cried out. [-^'^^ 

o -tfi or ^If^ soralxh, or sareeldt, 

cry, scream. 
•^,L^ sdroolih, wailing spirit, 

ghost of a murdered man ; 

^> .ly^ saivdreehh, fireworks. 

j^j^ sarsar, cricket, cicada. [ .L 

\sj^ _ \s\.'a sirdt, pi. sorot, path, 

road to Heaven, 
c.l*? _ cjo sara'a, he flung down; 

sdra'a, he wrestled, 
c^ .-^a-^ _ Cj-< sara', epilepsy ; 

viasrooa', epileptic. 
'icj[^^^ mosdra'a^ a wrestling. 
c]j^.< misrda', valve, flap, shutter. 

I ij^ sarafa, he spent, changed 

money ; turned (a thing) aside. 

..jC .^aJJI i__j^ sarafa en-nazar 'an^ 

he disregarded, abandoned, dis- 
pensed with. 

I 9j^ sarf, turn, outlay, change of 

money; discharge or drainage; 

ysr ^ u-j;^ sarf wa nahw, accidence 
and syntax. 

( ij^ sir/, sheer, mere, utter ; 

pure, unalloyed. 

k_»i^ sarrafa, he inflected, &c. (in 
grammar) . 

i__a_jj*ai* tasreef, accidence, gram- 
matical exercise in inflections, 
conjugations, &c. 

^.Uw9 or ( '^j^^ - • '1^ sarrdf, 

pi. saydrif, or saydrifa, cashier, 
paymaster, accountant ; pro- 
vincial receiver of taxes; street 

kj<SjjL^ saivaji.ya, duty or oflSce of 
a sarrdf. 

t__il.flj tasarrafa, he enjoyed as 
master, ruled, disposed of pro- 
perty, dispensed. 

culil^ tasarrufdt, rights of enjoy- 
ment of property or of its 

c_i^P«ajL-« mutasarrif possessor ; 
ruler ; in Turkey, governor of 
a second-rate province under 
a A^ali or governor general ; 
(in grammar) relating to in- 

(__j^Jl insarafa, it was spent ; he 
departed, was absent. 

u-fij .La< or ti-?lij.^-« - (— J. .-^■e 

<X.J..OJUc U— fi^. y'O^ 

( 153 ) 


roof, pi. masroofdt, or masdreef, 
spent ; outlay, expenses, costs, 
^i-^JU) i^Jij J ^^masdreef iminsayafa , 
expenses incurred. 

(—i^-s) niasraf, outlay ; drainage 

j^jUjO — j,j^ sirm, shape, shoe ; 

saramdtiy, shoe- maker. 
^jkla«a<i _ ti_^la.o (satah) mastaha, 

dais, platform, bench. 

Lj^^jt^ sa'oha, it was difficult, sa.'6, 

^^ju? so'ooha, difficulty. 

/js. L. jt^ yasa'b a'laya, it is 

difficult, hard for me. 
L;^^'.-a-< masdy'ih, difficulties. 
Sff^ sa'ida, he ascended. 
Jyco so'ood, ascent, the Ascension. 
Ac'-<5 sa!/\'£?, ascendant; henceforth. 



7?n'?i al-adn lua 

sdy'id, from now and in future, 

Jox^ Sa'ecd, Upper Egypt, to the 

South of Cairo. 
^SJ^ji^ Sa'eediy, a native of Upper 


icJLc'-^ sd'yiqa, thunderlDolt, cala- 

^JJ^J^AS so7oo^\beo;o:ar,a^^calendar"' 
in the Arabian Nights' Enter- 

^!.ji.^ _ jJi^ si'tjhar, or soghrdn, 
smallncss, infancy, youth. 

I j'Juc _ »AjLfl sagheer {soghayir) , pi. 
; sighdr, small, young-. 

i f^ji^ - ^^1 asghar, (femin.) 
soghra, smaller. 

^A-oLwl isfasgJiara, he made little 
of, depreciated. 
i^l or '.ic? sagha, or asghd, he 
listened, paid attention. 

-*'— i_-tfl isglid, a listening, atten- 
tion to. 

I — J^a.o _ I su> sa^, pi. sofoof, row ; 

rank of troops. 

dSL^ soffa, shelf, mantelpiece. 

Jl^ safaha, he made flat ; par- 

'J.-^ _ ^}>~^ safah, pi. sifdJi, a 

flat surface. 

^jo^ safeeh, tin in sheets. 

J'.lc _ iLsri-Lo safeeha, pi. safdyih, 

tin plate, tin box ; can. 
^O/ifi safaha, he clapped hands, 

applauded. Ctp-^ 

^j^LaJ tasfeeli, a clapping, applause. 

^a^ Safar, the second Moslem 

.'jL>1 _ ^fl^ sifr, pi. asfdr, cypher, 

*l^fl-c _ 8,.a»o so/ra, yellowness, 

safrd, bile. 
^I^flx? _ ^a.^1 a^far, (femin.) safrd, 

1 ww^wiJl .'-A-^ safdr csh-shams, 

yellowness of sun, just before 



( 154 ) 


Jl^ safara, lie whistled. 

S,'i-c _ JJl^ sqfdr, cry^ wliistle, 

t>affdra, wliistle (instrument) . 
.ji-tf safeer, sapphire; cry, whistle. 

I j'.^a^ slfsdf, willow. 

'c^^'x^ safsata, verbosity, balder- 

ip^ scffaqa, he slapped, clapped, 
applauded . 

^j'^^ sifdq, peritoneum. 

^L« sofn, bag, scrotum. 

JLft-£> or yi^ sa/iy, or safiua, purity, 

?'.a^ ^''rt/ftj purity, peace of mind ; 
bliss, SBstheticism, vohiptuous- 
ness ; woman's hair ornament. 

i'^fl sdfi, pure, clear. 

iia^l istafa, he chose ; was pure, 

became pure. 
Ju? sofa, he purified, filtered ; 
liquidated, or settled accounts. 
'k^■su3J tasfya, liquidation ; filtra- 
i^Jt^a^ ruisfdt, filter. 
ala*a<, mustafa, chosen, pure ; a 
man's name. 
t_fl<:. — libc sifa, quality, attri- 
bute (see was/). 

JLo saqr, hawk. 

^'jtiLtf _ Iffsuc saqn'a, intense cold, 
frost j saqa'dn, shivering. 

Jji^ saqala, he polished, rubbed 

Jji^^ or ^J•:^*'* saqeel or masqool, 
polished, glossy. 

uiJ^^o _ lL^^ salxl:, pi. solcoolc, 

authentic document. 
L-jiLtfl _ L-^Lfl solb, pi. asJdb, 

loins, lumbar region, i. e. the 

solid part of the body. 
Lj^Ji^ solb, steel. [o^J^ 

LLtf saldha, solidity. 
L_^L« salih, solid, firm, hard. 

i*«.^ALtf saleeh, thwart, cross-mse ; 

a cross. 
^UjJlo saleeha, transverse dam or 

L; ^Lall (Jj&l a/iZ es-sdZeeJ, crusader. 

L:i.>.jltf salhoof, crucifix. 

cijujiJuall ilnAai- joiua'a es-salboot, 
Good Friday. 

t^^Lff _ L-.^L£i sa76, crucifixion ; 

sail aha, he crucified. 
lo salolia, it was good, fit or 

good for. 
JLc saldh, goodness, morality. 

}.j^s>-l^ saldliiyali, fitness, validity. 
\\yc - JLs sdlili, pi. saivdlili,good, 

fit ; profit, one's advantage or 

<Ks''-*a) li-sdlihilii, to his advantage. 
icAiiiis^ y\yc saivdlih inuklitalifa, 

conflicting interests. 


Icl or Le sail all a or aslaJia, he 
rectified, repaired. 
JLcl - ^li^'^ taslceh, repairs ; isldli, 
reform . 
l^ sdlaha, he made peace with. 


\^ solh, peace after war, recon- 


( 155 ) 


is'Ua^ mosdlaha, mutual recon- 

Ikcl istalaha, he made peace 
with, adapted himself to ; was 

i^.lrsr lUaol istUdh tijdrhj, com- 
mercial usage. 

ciJ^s3^^\ istildhdt, adaptations, 
usages, technical temns. 

Jufl^ iiioslih, reformer, corrective ; 
hence, salt as a corrective of 
food. [ J.-* 

J'..^t<; _ is^-* maslaha, pi. niasd- 
lih, attention to one^s interests, 
transaction of business ; a pub- 
lic department or administra- 

Jl<c1 — JkAS sola', baldness ; asla', 

ls-jIJu!? _ isLtf saldt, pi. salawdt, 


^uJlc 1^ _ j,!^ sa/Za, he prayed ; 
salJa a'JeiJt, he prayed for him. 

wa sallavi, May God bless him 
(Mahomet) and grant him peace. 

axLs a written (not pronounced) ab- 
breviation of the above phrase. 

^.-tw^ saDimamn, he determined, 

ft^^^^i tasmcem, determination. 
ftJ^A.^ sanieevi, interior, heart, pith. 
^^*^ _ Aa.^ siiudiit, valve ; saviam, 

1^\ asamiu, deaf. 

el^^y♦>^ saiunta, he kept silent. 

c:,^>-«^«« samcef, crisp biscuit in 

c:^'*-*^,^ masruat, cook-shop. 

• Ia.^ simdkh, cavity of ear. \_jJ^m 

tXA^ samacl, eternal, God. 

k*.^^ or kjt^K^ soma' a, fellaheen^s 

grain chest, bin, or recess in 

«*^ sarngh, gum arable. 

il»>«.*? samoola, rivet, nut of screw. 
f^y*^ samooli, soljiers^ bread. 

jyltf sanohar, cone, fir, pine-tree. 
A^] _ ^JL^ Sana], deafness; asnaj, 

SjjlLo _ Jf^i^io sandooq, pi. sand- 
decq, box, chest ; safe, treasury, 
cash department. 

JjU.o _ Ji^Jio sari(lal, pi. sanddil, 
large boat, sandal wood. 

s.'Juu or ii.'.JLo sinndra, fish-hook, 

kJ..o sant, acacia, mimosa nilotica ; 

acanthus, wart. 

^^IJaLff santdwiy, species of small 

«-JL.^ Sana' a, he manufactured, 

made. Ll)'*' - l)>^^ 

»lo sanna'a, he invented, fabri- 
cated, trumped up. . 

-Juai' tasanna'a, he shammed, pre- 
tended to be. 
«il2.ol istana'a, it was artificial. 


( 156 ) 


«x<aA*«l istasna'a he ordered to be 

*S,'x^ _ ^\Xcf sanda'a, pL sandya', 
tradej profession. [^»s- — j^ 

<)x'wLa!l '— ->'o il _ (Jjbl a/i/ es-sanda'a, 
pi. arbdh es-sanda'a, artisan, 

&'xcj^ f^^'^ ta'dta sanda'talw, lie 
exercised his trade. 

^lx«a!l .Ij ddr es-sanda'a, work- 
shop, dockyard, arsenal. 

[See ici '«*«.! tersa^ia. 
i^w^uc sanaya i7j, artisan. 

/x'JvCi sanda'ly, artificial. 

»j^i" or »J.J-<ai' tasncea' , or tasannoa', 

artifice, intrigue. 
«Jkk^< mostana', artificial, false. 
>'.sti^ Sana'd, town of Sana in 

( — j'aol _ ( Rji-i5 s/?r/ (savf) , pi, 

asndf, species, sort, kind, 
( — jlxcl asndf, goods of all sorts, 


y — ftl* sannafa, he sorted out, 

compiled a book. 


< aJua-c mosannif, author, compiler. 


iJ.oXtf sanfara, emery paper. 

Ja-^1 - *A^ sanam, pi, asndm, 
idol. [^. 


»i..a^ iJt^) iy'j(7 mosannim, a pen- 
sive man, one wrapped up in 
his own ideas. 

»xc si'no, nephew; part of a whole; 
sapling, shoot; like to, fellow to. 

jytJl Jlo s mo eZ-?n(32, young banana 
plant. m 

^jl.Ju9 siniudn, pi. of smo, also 

j^ stVrr, son-in-law, 

'ij!b[..£u, mosdhara, relationship by i 

marriage. I 

J^ _ ^„yk^ salireej (Turkish, 1 

sarnij), cistern. 
J.>^ _ (J.^-0 sahala, it neighed ; ' 

salieel, a neigh. 
y—jyo soh, the side which is exposed 

to view; aim, object, direction. 
Lj.^ soha, camel pack-saddle. 

S-vC sdyih, right, straight; proper 

thing to do. 

]yc sawdb, rightness, accuracy, 


saicdh tea l-Jiafd, the 

right and the wrong, corrigenda, 
errata of a book. 

t >'^1 asdhn, he hit the mark, 


h\^] isdba,& successful hit, accuracy 
of aim ; a shooting, wounding. 

^j.jJl h\^\ isdhat el-a'in, the evil 


.'a*l! &>f^ sdyihoh el-'iydr, wounded 

by a shot. 
L_j'.-a< mosdh, he who is hit. 

L-^.J^-.^-^! moseeh, he who hits, 

< i'-.(2^ _ 'ixj^^moseeha,ip\.masdyib, 

blow, calamity. 

L_jy<aJUwl istasu-aba, he approved, 
thought it right. 


( 157 ) 


e:_3Lol _ cu»^ sot, pi. asivdt, voice; 

Ci.)Lw9 saivdt, a crying out. 
d^j^ sawwata, lie shouted. 
i^Jy^ sofartj buffooUj vulgar fellow. 
^IjkJ^ J .^ (Soor tfrt Saidd, Tyre 

and Sidon. 
.yd _ iJ,»-o soora, pi. soivar, form, 

manner, copy, picture, face, 


."iws sawivara, he depicted, drew, 

.tviflj tasaivicara, he imagined, 
pictured to himself. 

j>.y-^'> -ji_»^i tasweer, pi. tasdweer, 

(^«A/l!l tJ.;^^ tasiveeo' esli-skams, 

photograph, photography. 
/^^o - jt-ao mosaiviuir, artist, 

mosawivar, painted. 
^\».,a« mosmvicardtiy (colloquial), 

artist, photograjjher. 
iJ.A».^ saivsaiuO) murmur, coo. 
cya sogh, form, similarity of form. 
at^ or c.[^ sdglia, or sawivagha, 

he fashioned, made jewellery. 

i.>.^ _ kjLfws seegha, pi. siagli, 
formula ; shape ; jewel. 

cU.^ or jj's^ sdyigh, or sayydgh, 

jeweller, goldsmith. 
c:j'x'w.fl-« _ c'...fl^ masdgh, pi. masd- 

glidt, jewel, jewellery. 
«— j)..^! _ I iy-o soof, pi. Ojswdf, 

wool ; woollen goodd. 

^^a9 soo^y, (1) woollen; (2) (Greek, 
sopMa, wisdom), Soofi, Moslem 
mystic, theosophist, quietist. 

( ji^ tasawwafa, he became a 

^jli.^ soofdn, tinder, touchwood. 

J.a5 soZ (Turkish), left side; lieu- 

^^'-cl J»,o sol aghast (Turkish), 
quartermaster, lieutenant. 

LL_^ sola, authority, influence, 
violence ; rust. 

j,[j<yc or ^»/tf som, or siydm, fast, a 

*j-a) _ J.o samo,hekeptfast,?/a.sor)m, 

he fasts. 
J'wtf sdyim, he who fasts. 

ijU-c or jj».«<5 son, or siydna, a 
guarding ; chastity. 

jj»..fl^ _ ^jUs sdna, he guarded, 

yasoon, he guards. 
^..42^ _ jj^-o masoon, guarded ; 

masoona, chaste woman. 
'ii\'^^ saivwdna,, granite,pebble. 
^^1.^1 Aswan, Assouan or Syene, 

on the Nile, near the first 

cataract; a rocky place, granite 


^-<2)_ _ _'vc _ -.Ij^-'fi siydJt, a shout, 

sdJia, he shouted, yasceJi, he 
S^.^ said, the chase, sport of any 
kind, fishing. 


Juuc ,^, rishsh said, small shot 
for a sporting gun. 

( 158 ) 



oljLtf sayydd, s'povtsma.n, fisherman. 
O'Jool or Sx^'i or li'^c sdda, or 

tasayyada, or istdda, he went 

out to shoot, fish, &c. 
Sj.>^« misiada, trap, net, snare, 

,»w9 . 5-1aj>^ Saida iva Soor, Sidon 

and Tyre. 
til^jsA? saidla, science of pharmacy. 
/j^Jaj.^ saidldniy, pharmaceutical 

chemist. [^^a-]j£»-l 

,1^ _ '^j^r^ sairoora, change of 

state (see sdra). 
cvc - ik^^ seegha, formula, jewel 

(see sbfjh) . 
I JU.^1 - ( a>A? scuf, pi. asidf, 

summer. [cf. < — sa-j 

"ju..^ saifiy, summery, summer 

J,jijJ' I exo saif en-neel, a canal 

not dry in summer. 
( axo sayyafa, he prepared for 

the summer crop ; he gleaned. 
^c^J<^ - ^.o 6V.'ej?, land of China ; 

Seeniy, Chinese, 
^jl.^ _ iu^^ sceniya, pi. sawani, 

large platter, tray. 
^jl»j^ seeivdn, large reception tent. 

^^j^il ^^l^;^'^ sccicdn el-odon, outer 
shell of ear, the concha or visible 
part of ear. 


(Sometimes Z) . 
J> Bhadh. Value = 800. 
-^^ _ c'.-i dda'a, it was lost, mis- 
sing (see daia') . 

I axo _ ( jLs rZa/a, he was hospi- 
table (see daif). 

yjl/i _ (^'wi ddyin, pi. (7a»., sheep. 



^'wi *ss^ Za/i??i cZciji/, mutton. 

c^^^ £7a6&, lizard. 

L_>'jJl Lx^ dahhat el-bdh, door-latch. 

ibUvi dahdha, fog, mist. 

y»^^ dahha, he seized, guarded. 

Ljk^ zabata, he seized, arrested ; 

recorded in writing. 
Lxo 2a&i, arrest, grip ; drawing up 

a report; organisation, police. 

Ljua!! fj^s^j rijdl ez-zaht, men of the 

iaj. . Lx^ zaht iva raht, ' a seizing 
and binding/' public security, 

kj<\^xJ) zahtiya, police,police-station ; 
a policeman. 

iaU^ _ Lj'^ zdbit, pi. zohhdt, ofiicer 
of army, navy or police. 

LjU.^ - iLjl^ zdhita, pi. zawdbit, 

rule, regulation. 
Ljuaj] inzabata, he was arrested, it 

was recorded. 
\s^x^ mcizboot, arrested, recorded ; 

firm . 
Lj'-a* _ iinji^ mazbata, pi. mazdhitf 

police report, document; written 

icatiUl ksxi ^* mahdar zabt el- 

wdqiaa, police report or ' jn'oclf! 

verbal '^ of a crime, 
c'.xi _ *^■^ dabo'a,iA. dibd'a (femiu.), 

is-^ dajJK, tumult, groan. 

( 159 ) 

jsr^ (Jajar, anguisli, anxiety. 

^-s^a^' or ^-^ Jaja'a, or idtaja'a, 
lie lay down, reclined. 

j^jlc ulAs'^ dahika a'la, he lauglied 
at, swindled. 

yJj^»X.i ddhaha, lie mimicked, 

i^s'^' ad-haka, lie made laugli. 
(^s-2'* modhih, funny, ridiculous. 
j^ss^ or jus-^ or >ls^ dahd, or dahu, 

or (lo/m, morning sun, forenoon. 

s'^' _ isls-^' ad-Jtdt, pi. ad-lia, 
sheep for sacrifice. 

s^^J! ^»j yom el-adha, dayof sacri- 
fices, feast of Korban Bairam, 
10th of Zil-Hijja. 

.••C5 • 

Aj.s'^ daliiya, victim, sheep for 

s^L^ _ }j<=>-\^ ddhiya, pi. dawdld, 
outlying districts. [cf. ^s>-li 

^Is-^ _ ^s-^ dalchm, pi. diliJtdm, 
gross, obese, bulky. 

l<ils^ dakhdma, corpulence, bulki- 

4$^ fZu/f^, versus, contrary, against. 

a jLfl^ or jLflJt tadddd, or modddda, 
mutual opposition, contrast. 

L_> j.^\ or ^..^ darra, or adarra hi, 
he injured. 

•j^l - i*-^ darar, jjl. adrdr, damage, 

.1^] idrdr, a doing injury. 
JLflJl indarra, he was injured. 

.Ja^] idiarra, he felt injured ; 
was compelled. 

SJ^,c\ idtirdr, annoyance, compul- 


■S3 ... 

jj"^ tadarrara, he complained of 

injury. [^lliy 

s^j^^ daroora, urgent necessity, 
essential point; a call of nature, 

i^JiJ^ ^^^'''ooriy, essential, indis- 
pensable, urgent. 

(— ->^-.«ao modirr hi, injurious. 

jl-fl^ _ s^^^ madarra, pi. maddrr, 

_jij^ dareer, injured (in sight), 
blind. [v_sj.a^ 

^jj^^ - 'ij.^ darra (or dorr a), pi. 
dardyir, fellow-wife ; udder of 
cow; parrot. 

S-^:> - S-^-^ daraha, he struck, 
assaulted ; multiplied (in arith- 
metic); struck coinage; imposed 
a tax ; played a musical instru- 
ment ; yadriha, he strikes, &c. 

^ij^ - <-ry« darh,^\. dorooh, blow, 
assault ; multiplication ; coin- 
age ; manner. 

.lAll •— J;^ darh en-ndr, musketry fire. 
L_>,l/i ddraha, he exchanged blows, 

t-_>,l.43J' or hj[^^ moddraha, or tadd- 
ruh, conflict, row. 

t—jfk^l idtaraha, he felt beaten, 

^...^]j^ _ ^.^ dareeha, pi. dardyih, 
tax; measure of 8 ardebsof rice. 

u-jp4a^ midrah, mallet ; weaver's 


( 160 ) 


i_ji. .^ madrooh, beaten. 
Cj^Js^c modtarib, anxious. 
^.j^ dareeh, tomb. 
[^Kc\ - [jy^ dirs, pi. 
molar tootli. 


\zj^ darata, he broke wind. 

c.^ . c ,-i dara', pi. dorooa , udders 

'kz-^j^ darda'a, humility, 
c .La* moddria, aorist or present 

_ft«w9 day or do'f, weakness; di'f, 

the double, 
^ije^ _ ^^lx»^ da\jeef, pi. doafd, 


^'.a^vi doa'fd, pi. weak, poor, foot- 
men, infantry, not mounted 
Arab sheikhs, hence '^ zouaves." 

^.Sf<^\ ada'fa, he weakened. 
uJic'^i or ^_o«.^l or t_ji)ci da' a' fa, 
or ada'fa, or dda'fa, he doubled. 

»__a£' tadda'fa, it doubled itself. 

lfl.£'..A<) modda'fa, the double, a 

I ficLa* modda'f, doubled. 

Li-ij dacjlud, crush, squeeze ; op- 

^sLtfJa^/a'na, he bore malice, plotted 

(o5'j«^ - IJlajL^ dagheena, pi. f?a- 
ghdyin, malice, intrigue. 

cji^ dafda\ frog, toad, 
jfl.^ dafara, he plaited, tressed. 
Jlfl^ _ ^V^^ (^(<ifecra, pi. dafdyir, 
tress of hair. 

J..O dalla, he went astray, sinned. 
jLfl daldl, j)erdition, error. 


(JLs f?tt/?, sinner, gone astray, 
lost sheep. 

<xLi dilla, error, loss. 

^Lsl or c J-^ - (7//a^, pi. dolooa\ 

or adioa', rib. 

«.>Lo daleea', strong, well ribbed. 

*.o damma, he collected, heaped 
up, added together ; reaped a 

1^ damm, addition. 

*.AJl indamma, it was added up, 

collected, annexed. 

-^ *fc>««i<> - X«wi damma, short 6 vdwel 
sound j mndmoom, a letter 
marked with a damma ; added 
up, collected. [o^ 

J.s5r*^' or J-s^*^ damhala or iVZ- 
mahalla, it faded away, he 
grew weak, poor. 

6^^ damada, he poulticed, ban- 
JU^ -ji>*-^ dameer, pi. damdyir, 
conscience ; secret thought ; 
.>«vil admara, he pondered, cogi- 
tated, plotted. 
.^A-i domoor, atrophy, skinniness. 
H.U^ dammdra, female fortune- 
^^ dimn, the inside, contents, 
^.♦wi ^^ min dimn inclusive. 

"A>«..i dimniy, inclusive ; tacit, or 
understood, taken for granted. 

( 161 ) 

^jaAa^ ^A/*' ^^'f"''5^^ dlmniija, tacit 
conditions of a contract. 

^j-A-^ clamina, lie went bail, 

guaranteed. [c3^^ 

(^A^ (lammana, (the magistrate) 
accepted bail ; (the accused) 
offered bail ; lie bailed out ; 
he inserted, included. 

^y««2-j tatlaiiDuana, it included, 

kV^/K^ or ^J.A.^ clanidn, or clamdna, 
bail, guarantee. 

^J^y*^ - /^'•'^ ddmin, pi. dovimdn, 
bailor, he who goes bail ; re- 

jjjM^^a-S tadmeen, a bailing out, 
letting out on bail. 

ci^'Jlx>«^J tadnieendt, damages in 
law, '' dom mages interets." 

^^'^.^ taddmun, mutual bail or 
solidarity in liability for debt, 
or costs. 

jj^^LsJUl hjj^ shi'i'hat ef-taddmun, 
'' societe en, norn coUectif/' solid- 
arity of partners. 

^JyAJl^ mndmoon, context, contents 
or tenour of a document ; the 
thing which is guaranteed. 

Ai'JLi dandka, narrowness, weak- 
ness, poverty. 

A^k-i! or i3^ dahada, ov idtahada, 
he persecuted. 

iXjla^-o ruodtaJiid, tyrannical, brutal. 

^f^ dahly, similar, like. 

jJb'^ ddhd, he, it resembled. ^ 

Jsl-aL.«2-« moddhdt, mutual resem- 

jjfcl-fl^ vioddhi, similar, mutually 

f\y3i\ — Jji do (daw), pi. adtvd, 
brilliancy, light. 

, (*.^«J:..]1 J^ do esJi-shams, sunlight. 
p'^JUs did, brilliancy, light. 

JiV^l idat, illumination, a giving 


* . ^ . ,.. ,. 

^-.^jwo or icy-^ doiij, or modi, 

c'.j.^ or ^-Jyo daia' , or daijda', loss. 

«^^j _ c'vi dda'a, it was lost ; 

yadeea' , it is missing. 
cLil or it-J^^ dayya'a or adda', he 

wasted, spoilt, lost. 
«)l^ ddya', lost, missing. 

clxo _ kjtxo day a' a, pi. diyd'a, 
village ; lands. 

u_3^.^ _ I SU.O c7«)7, pi. doyoof, 

^Ij^ diydfa, hospitality. 

■ __oj^-/^> _ I ;'wO dcifa, he was hos- 
pitable ; was a guest ; yadeef, 
he is a guest. 

( j'o^ or u-aJ^-a-c modeef, or mididf, 

hospitable, host. 

( j'..^l addfa, he joined, annexed, 

added to. 

^'vil iddfa, junction, grammatical 
relation ; conjunction. 
si nldfiy, relative, showing 




( 162 ) 


Lii^U'w^l idiifdt, minor details, acces- 

( JL42_< modaf, added, annexed, 


j;_K_o deeq, or daiq, narrowness, 
poverty, discomfort. 

^j^ dayy'tq, narrow, strait, severe. 

jJijus _ ij^^l adlcvi, (femin.) deeqa, 

i>.42) _ ^y^ ddqa, it was narrow ; 

yadeeq, it is narrow. 

2>^ dayyaqa, lie made narrow, 

constrained, compelled, showed 


^-jL^J taddyaqa, he (mutually) 
annoyed, blocked up (a road), 

Vj'.^ _ 'isi.j^^'tnadeeqa,\)\.'r)iaddyiq, 
embarrassment, straits. 

L Td. Value = 9. 

L_^j!l3 - K-J^3 tdha, lie recovered 

bealtb {seetayyib) . 
h[\s tdha, cork, stopper, ball, 
J}i2 tdjjoo (Turkish), title-deed. 

j^i'Ss tdhoor (Turkish), battalion; 
used in different words of com- 
mand, such as. Fall in ! Deploy ! 

ljj.\s tdhoona, bakery, oven. 

}j<i^io tdhia (Turkish), redoubt, fort.^ 

.Js % tdha, it was blown away 

(see tawwaha). 

_^^_ .lb tdra, (the bird) flew. (See 

iJSs tdra, round piece, circle, orna- 

d^Lw'-ls _ ijJ^s ids, pi. tdsdt, cup, 
bowl. [(^^^ 

c»L _ jcr'is tda'a, obedience (see 

^J^s - LiJlJs tdqa, window ; endu- 
rance (see toq). 

i«..j'Jr> tdwoos (Greek), peacock. 
t-J^ _ iii'lj ^ay/fa, guild, crew (see 

^j<\s - t 1= tuhh, medical science ; ^ 

tuhhiy, medical. 
/lAs ( a/iJ" hash/ tuhhiy, medical 

report, inquest. 

^jis Sj'^ shalidda tidihiya, medical 

s\j^\ - L-^-'ls taheeh, pi. atihhd, ^j 

physician. [(^*- 

^^Uia tahdsheer, chalk, crayon. 
^'jds or ods tablxli, or tabdlilia, 

^jjkW tahakha, he cooked. 
• Ula tahhdlih, a cook. 
ijia-* mathalih, kitchen, 
i-juls or ^*Ala« mathooJih, or taheekh, 

C«^n13a17 tahtaha (colloquial), he 

tapped, patted. 

.aIs taba'a, he printed, impressed. 

-jds ^a?)a', stamp, imprint, form, | 


( 103 ) 


^Jois tdbeea'a, natural character. 

jjojkls tabeeaiy, natural, innate ; 

T^^ - j-^'-i^ tdhia, pi. tawdhia', 

^Jklajl intabaa, it was printed. 

^*Ala^ matba'a, printing-press. 

L:i;lc^Ala* - Pj-J^ia^ mathooa', pi. 
matbooa'dt, printed ; (in pi.) 
prints, publications. 

^jio tibq, conformitj, coincidence ; 

(J^31 ^^\s tibq eJ-asJ, a true copy 
of the original. 

^jJUil UbL tibqdn Jil-qdnoon, con- 
formably to the law. 

JJIaIsI _ iiuW or tjkis tahaq, or 
tabaqa, pi. atbdq, layer, stratum, 
storey of house ; pincers ; dish, 
disk ; earthenware plate. 

^SjIL tdbiq, valve, lid. 

^b tabaqa, it coincided, fitted, 
conformed to. 

^^!b tabhaqa, he made coincide or 
conform ; applied or adapted ; 
shod a horse. 

^jjkkj' tatbecq, adaptation, applica- 

i^liaj or |^'Ji> tabaqa, or tatdbaqa, 
it coincided. 

^kj] intabaqa, it was applicable, 
was made applicable. ^' 

iiAi\W<, _ Jfj'ia* motdhiq, coinciding ; 

motdbaqa, a mutual conformity 

or applicability. 
Jw^is _ Jjkls frt?*/, pi. tohool, drum. I 

jjjais or aJois tahla, or tabliya, 
plate, platter ; drum of ear ; 
small table. 

^^\A2 tabdn (Turkish, sole of foot), 
tire of wheel. 

k:^j]o tabanja (Turkish), piitol, 

_'j.I ^«*Aj^_ i^sajkla tabanja b'l- 
Jihamsat arwdh, i*evolver with 
five souls, i.e. chambers. 

^a^'is tdjin, small saucepan. 

J'^^ tiJiJ^l, spleen. 

j^b tahana, he ground (corn, &c,) 

^jJ^^ taheen, flour, ground corn ; 

^jJ<s>-\^ _ ,j%^Us tdhoon, pi. tawd- 

heen, mill. 
lis tarra, he snatched, pilfered. 

yJso tarrar, pickpocket, thief. 

jjo _ s^ls torra, pi. torar, tuft, 
edge, border. 

'ils Toora, a village near Cairo, 
site of the chief convict prison. 

1^ - LL tard, it mischanced ; 
yatrd, it mischances, happens 

(_^1^ UkJ J yjl f;i /a»i tatrd 

a'lvdrid, if no accidents happen; 

if all goes well (convalescence). 
^jOUs trdbizoon (Greek), long 

desk, railing, 
lyjjiia Tardbolus, Tripoli of Syria. 
L_JfAll .^j^ii^Jh Tardhohis cl-gharb, 

Tripoli West (in Africa). 





L_j^ — is tarlha, he felt emotion 
(especially the effect of music.) 

»^._L farah, amotion, delight ; 
tcmh, moved. 

L-j^l atraha, he excited (pleasant) 
emotion, by music or song.* motrib, musician, singer. 

hj]a^ ci^^ ! adidt motriba, musical 

,^\^i}Jis - \^^y-i.J^ tarboosh, pi. 
tardbeesh, red cap, fez, 

i^/i^jjKla tardbeeshiy, seller of tar- 

_,\s taraha, he flung; put up to 
auction ; subtracted (in arith- 
metic) . 

—Ja tarh, a fling, glance; subtrac- 
tion; pronunciation, an uttering. 

iisya tarha, woman's light veil. 

_ .'ia-o _ 7v^ matrah, pi. matdrih, 

place, spot. 
^^^s^JlD tarlihoon, estragon, artcmisia 

dj^ tarada, he drove off, repelled, 


Jj.L _ djo tard, dismissal ; pi. 
torood, parcel, piece of baggage. 


S\j^ tarrdd, repeller; breakwater; 
longitudinal dyke of canal. 

dj^ai^\ istatyada, he pursued. 
lNj^s* (arced, repelled; tracked, 
object of chase. 

J -Vs tarz, form, stylo, shape, man- 

j^J\a tirdz, embroidery, fashion. 
j^ .isl _ lAr^ tarash, deafness ; 

atrash, deaf. j 

[^j-^ taraslia (colloquial), he V 

vomited. [^iV I 

ji.^ tartoora, cone, conical cap ; 

fool. J 

'ki^Jo tartoofa, apex, point; ground 

,~x-i^-L tarteer, lees, sediment ; 
tartar or deposit. 

( Ji^l _ ( ijs taraf, pi. atrdf, 

side, edge, point. 

( jLL?! atrdf, side issues, digres- 
sions, extreinities. 

'i^Jb _ u-S/ls i(^'>]f} glance, wink ; 
turfa, novelty. 

s-'i,!^ tarfd, genus tamarisk. 
' ^.]s taraqa, he knocked, struck. 

Isjh tarqa, a blow ; once ; pay or 
hire for a job. 

Jjjh _ ^^ijs tareeq, pi. toroq, road, 
way, method. 

'ill^Sxs*-] ;• It toroq ildiijdliya, frau- 
dulent means. 
ijKL _ ^.J^ tarecqa, pi. tardyiq, 
sect, mode of life, course. 

i-.iyi (J,Aa- jV'ieZ et-Tdriq, Tarik's 
mountain, Gibraltar. 

Jj. k^ 'initraq, hammer. 

J)\.la^ p;'''^ s/hc/'/o' matrooq, beaten 

or freqxiented road. 

;'Uo ^(.n-(''2 (Turkish), hoe, rake. J 


( 165 ) 


<UaU? _ hjjo toronha (for Turkish 
tulumba) , pump, fire-engine. 

&\^jjjJ!ld tronhaita (European, trum- 
pet), drum. 

ik!^ or ^\s taria, or tiiroa, it was 
fresh, moist. 

'^jU^ tardwa, freshness, moistness, 

^Jo tariij, fresh, moist, damp, 

,_jj\s tarra, ho refreshed, seasoned. 

iPJs tass (colloquial), downright; 
at one blow. 

Cl^'viJs* or ci-w*!? tist, or tiaht, 
metal pan, tray, wash basin. 

a,»lr'l3 tdtoora, datura/' stramo- 
nium, a poison. 

^k\s ta'ima, he tasted, eat. [jfj'^ 
A^jJo > ^>^ ta'rii, pi. to'oom, taste, 

*xl3 to'm, bait for fishing. 

^-^xlsl _ J>f^ ta'dm, pi. atia'ma, 

viands, food. 
*_>«_l3 ta'a'ma, he vaccinated ; 

budded, baited. 

>j>>tl2j tata'eem, inoculation, vac- 
cination; a budding or grafting. 

ij.>«.*k> ta'iniya, bean-paste, meat- 
ball. [(Jj^ - '^'^l^ 

^L ta'na, ho stabbed, accused, 

^«*J1 i ^j>^ ta'na fis-sinn, he was 
advanced in age, very old. 
ill? tda'oon, plague, pestilence. 
iL tugJird (Turkish), the Sultan's 



cypher or sign-manual as seen 
on coins, public buildings, 
firmans, &c. 
^-Ais or 'J^ tagJtd, or taghia, it 
burst its bounds, was out- 
rageous, iniquitous. 

j_5»ils or y;lj^l:> twjJtiydn, or taglncii, 
revolt, iniquity. 

JiUL - tji'^ f'^^'J^'i, pl- togJidt, rebel, 

impious, tyrant. 

1 QAflL tafeef, slight, trifling. 

^j^Ia^aL _ i/Ci.^ tafasha, he ran 

away; tafshdn, fugitive. 
> -flla ^oj^ti, the fire went out. 
jSL^ tofoo, extinction of flame or 


Vslo or Vaisl atfd, or fa^a, he extin- 
guished ; slaked lime. 

laisj] intafd, the fire was extin- 

5-^k< ?/iof/?, extinguisher, he who 

ijj'.aiao mitfdya, instrument for ex- 

_laL ^/a/), overflow, eruption on 
skin ; vomit. 

JloLl _ JflL i//?, pi. atfdl, infant. 

"ials . ^>^^L tofooUija, infancy: 
^v]/?/?/, infantile. 

Jlab io/rt/, clay. 

^UaL tnfa'd'uj, fawner, cringcr, 
lick-spittle ; parasite, parasitic 
(disease) . 

Ifli: fafd, the water rose, over- / 
flowed. [iiL>s'- 


{ 106 ) 


<ukAio or iia\s ta(_[qa, or taqtaqa, 
crack, crackiug noise, cracking 
of knuckles in shampooing. 

J|k)l intaqqa, it cracked, burst. 

\^j^^'^ - i^j*-'^ taqs, (Greek taxis), 
natural order or arrangement ; 
weather, temperature, atmo- 
sphere; pi. iogoos, rites, liturgy. 

>.JLlo _ *JLb taqim, pi. toqoom 
(Turkish), set of tools, gear, 
accoutrements, apparatus; har- 

&j^ or ^i^xiiis taqiya, cotton skull- 
cap worn under the turban. 

Jlc (JJsl or (J-L talla 'ala, or afaUa 
'ala, it was higher than, and 
dominated in view, looked out on. 

jjk£ (< <JJ,jJL shahhdk niotill 'ala 
a window looking or giving 
out upon (a view). 

L^.-'J.kj" or ^^Ir talaba, or tatallaha, 

he asked, demanded. 
ci^'jdis _ <»»..,Jl\s talah, pi. talahdt, 

request^ demand. 

'iA^a folba, (military) fatigue party. 

^..jk_L_\s _ L^ .JlJs tdlib, pi. talaba, 

claimant, student. 

jJLf^\ ijJlia tdllbat el-i'shdr, bitch 
in heat. 

L;«.^UaJl intalaba, it was asked, 

L; — J'Js tdlaha, he claimed repay- 

ijJ'is^ moidlaba, claim for payment. 

»*--^'.la<i - ^ .ik^ matlab, pi. matd- 

lib, problem, query. 

(.:i;lj^lla^ _ v__j^ila^ matloob, pi. mat- 

loohdt, thing claimed, debt. 
^is^ or Ji? tal-ha, acacia seydh 

(_j«l\=l _ (rils {tils), atlas, smooth, 
satin ; atlas. 

^'iio _ ^^jJ^ tilsam, pi. taldsim, 


^ tala'a, it rose, ascended, turned 
/ out, turned out well, succeeded, 

iy »li?l itla' foq, go upstairs ! 

c^b toloo'a, ascent, appearance. 

^«*/«jJl cS^ toloo'a esh-shams, sun- 
rise. [J/. 
«iis tal a', pollen, pollen of male palm. 

JIL tdli'a, ascending, star in the 
ascendant, good fortune. 

^Ds taldi/'a, skirmishers. 

«_1_L talla'a, he made ascend or 

appear, raised. 

s^t,,."^ jLk talK'a hissaJc, raise your 

voice ! speak louder ! 
^li Jiisl or J'.b tala'a, or ittala'a 

'ala, he studied, read. 


ic ciUal ittilaa 'ala, study, peru- 
sal, [cf. l.ti \ 

'kfQ^^ motdla'a, study, attention, 

ilL talaqa, he delivered. 

ills talq, parturition, discharge of 
a gun ; eloquence. 

illL _ jjilL taldq, divorce ; tdliq, 
divorced woman. 


( 107 ) 


^^iL tallaqa, he divorced. 

kalis talaqa, discharge of gun, pull 

of trigger. 
^ILl atlaqa, he drove out, fired a 

gun, generalised. 

^.U .Uc ^i^l atlaqa 'iydr ndriy, 
he fired a shot. 

Jfiisl i7/ag', a driving out, firing a 
shot, generalisation, phrase- 

^jt^V\ Iz a'la l-itldq, in general, 

lalla* _ ^j\^ motlaq, absolute; mot- 
laqdn, absolutely. 

kiiila^ kLLj sulta tnotlaqa, discre- 
tionary power. 


iiijjja* motallaqa, a divorced woman. 

icjuiis or ixills tuJumha (Turkish), 
pump, fire-engine. 

lis or ^IL tola, or ia7/a, he 
anointed, gilded; was soft 

fhs tild, varnish, gilding ; pitch. 
Ci^^fL tarns, impurity, menses. 

if^A^ tammasa, he inked over, 

blotted out. 
Js'wJr tomdtum (European), tomato. 

«.>fL tamia'a, he coveted ; tama', 

^^ tamn, tranquil. 

<kjU ^ji^-t^is tamdna minoh, he relied 
on it, rested from. 

<JL}J1 ^o^^' itmdnna ileiJi, he relied 
on it, had confidence in. 

^JjS^] itineendn, confidence, trust. 

^^jULwi motmayinn, confident, tran- 

^j*^s or \a^ tama, (the river) over- 

i^y^L tamiy, mud deposit left on 
fields after the subsidence of 
high Nile. 

(^^JoL taneen, tinkle, ringing. [^^J, 
(—-^'Jisl _ 1*,^ — 'Kh tonnh, long rope ; 
itudh, prolixity. 

jy*j^ tanhoor, tambour, guitar. 
ys^L tanjara (Turkish), saucepan. 
<iLikUo tantana, noise, edat, pomp. 
^ ^J:=t^ tantana biJd, he sang his 

<Uj^£ _ Ikiis Tanta, a large native 

town in the middle of the Delta, 

capital of the province of Gltar- 


,5) is - ^ Ta-ha, the two letters 
ta, ha, the title of chapter xx. 
of the Koran ; used as a man's 
name like Ya-secn. F « > 

'ij^ OTj^ toJir, or tahdra, purity ; 

J^ talihara, he purified, circum- 

jJ<j^ tat-heer, purification, circum- 

jfclis tdldr, pure. 
Jtx^ ^^ tahaqa ma'ho (colloquial), 

he became disgusted with it. 
(— juls _ LJo toba, pi. toob, brick. 
l—jI.L tdii'wdb, brick-maker. 


( K>8 ) 


h^ Tooha,CoY>tic month of January. 

( >Js tool) (for Turkish top), ball, 

cannon, artillery. 

ij.^" jL _ , ,^.-^ ioohji, pi. toobjiya 
(Turkish topji), artilleryman. 

aj'.;sr»i3 tooh-lchdna (Turkish top- 
JiJidva), ar&enal, artillery. 

^ Jis taicxcaha, he whirled, fluno- 

—IJs /((/if, it was blown away, 

.Llsl _ jAd tor, pi. atu'dr, manners, 

.Iji? taicdr, area; circuit. 

^jki toslia, noise, fuss, trifle. 

jJitis taicicaslut, he castrated. 

^j^'^ls _ ^-i-Ui^ iawdshi, pi. taivd- 
shiya, eunuch, 

cAs faw', obedient, willing. 

ic'.bl or icUs tda'a, or itdaa, obe- 

c'isl at da' a, he obeyed.* motdtuaa, obedience. 

-_jii< moteea\ obedient, obeying. 

c.[\^niotda\ person or law obeyed; 

clJaJL^l istatda'a, he was able, 

^'iaju.1 istitda'a, capability. 

j_c rCti - (_f^^^ dooghri (for Turkish 
doghroo) straight, upright, true, 

( jA: fo/, turn, tour, patrol; raft. 

««J.i9 fo/"^, he patrolled, made a 

I iyio tawwafa, he patrolled, made 


ii^yo _ ( iV^ taivwdf, pi. tawwdfa, 

patroller ; a patrol; chief of a 

^^li^ls toqfdn, deluge. 

I s^Lls _ <x.fl.5'^ tdyifa, pi. tawdyif, 

guild, crew, corporation ; sex. 

J)1..W1 _ J)»ir ^^2^ pi. atwdq, collar, 

^'drl or Xs'lis or i"^ /o</, or /a^a, 
or itdqa, power, power of en- 
durance, capability. 

Cl.>ls'i3 _ ^"'i? tdq, pi. tdqdt, arch, 
vault ; layer. 

kJ^Jis tdqa, arched window, air- 
hole; a "piece,^' or roll of cloth. - J*!? tool, pi. atwdl, length, 
height, longitude. 

J»_kJ'wj or ^J^ tooldn, or hit-tool, 

J '.Is tawdl, duration, length of 
tim e. 

Jji3 f^/, power, superiority. 

JLis _ J-J^ taiveel, pi. fiwa/, long, 
tall ; metre in poetry. 

^yis - J^Ll afiya/j(fem.)i(??a,longer, 

J^ _ JUs /a/a, it was long, en- 
dured ; yatool, it is long. 

l/ti'ds fdla-md, very often, for long 

J^ timwala, he lengthened, made 

long, was prolix. 

isl o/(<c'a eJ-lisdn, he put 

out his tongue, abused. 



( 169 ) 


^Ic (Jy^i tatdwala a'la, he was 
rude to, insulted. 

JUail intdla, it was lengthened, it 
stretched ; it reached, was ad- 

(Jj»iai" tativeel, prolongation. 

(Jj'Js tdyil, profit. 

(Jj'L jj^b. ^Ic a'la ghair tdyil, in 

vain, without profit, 

^.Us tawla, table ; backgammon ; 
stable, trough, manger. 

3jlia< motdwala, insult, oppression. 
(Joklu*^ mostateel, oblong, 
^ili^ tonaldta (European), ton 

^f^ - ^^ tawa, he folded, rolled 
up ; yahvi, he folds. 

(Js taiy, a fold, roll, enclosure. 

<Uas (J.WJ;-* mursal taiyoh, sent (here- 
with), enclosed. 

&j»i3 tawiya, conscience, heart ; 

^jL ^awa, rolled, folded. 

^»li« matwa, penknife ; folded, 

iJJa^ matwa, penknife. 

<.-.^L tayyih, good, excellent; well 
in health ; honest ; all right, 
very well. 

j^L _ <»i.; .Ai\ atiah, (femin.) fooha, 

«*^_^ki tceh, perfume. 

i-jUls tiydh, the pleasant north 
wind in Egypt. 

L^^\^> _ L-_>'.ls {aba, he recovered 

health; it was excellent; yateeh, 
he is doing well, recovers. 

(*- ^L tayyaha, he ameliorated ; 


jj^s tair, flight, act of flyiug ; 

jAs or jyj<\: _ ^'^ tdyir, flying ; 
pi. toyoor, or tair, bird. 

jJ^Lj _ .lis ^ara, it flew ; yateer, it 


.Ijio tayydr, volatile ; pedlar who 
has no fixed shop. 


H.Uio tayydra, child's kite. 
ij^jAo or a^L taira, or tairoora, 

inconstancy, lightness. 
Jjds iees, rump, buttocks, 
^yljis taish, lightness ; a trifle. 

iJULL tdyish, silly, trifler. 

( fljio ^ai/, ghost, spectre ; prism. 

^jlj.l3l - ^JJ^\3 teen, pi. atydn, earth, 
soil, land. 

^j^Ulsl atydn, lands, landed pro- 
perty. [^^.^^1 

^xJuds teena, earthy nature of man. 

■a -6 

LjUIs _ ^J'^\s tayydn, pi. tayydna, 

hodman, carrier of mud, mor- 
tar, &c. 


^ Za. Value = 900. 
L>li zabt, vulgar inaccuracy for 



( 170 ) 


iis'jkAw _ i^'jkli zahdta (vulgarism 
for sahata), cluster of fruit, 
dates, bananas. 

( s.ii _ <— J^ "'^<ii'f, pl- zorooff en- 
velope ; saucer ; space of 
time ; preposition ; incidents 
or circumstances of an occur- 

^^1 ( jJi ^ fi zarf esh-shahr, 

in the course of the month. La^ 

i^-l t— '5 fii* zoroof et-tohma, cir- 
cumstances or details of a 

^ilii zardfa, elegance, delicacy, 

I lij& zareef, elegant, refined. 

I via-o mazroof, envelope, port- 

Ji^ zafira, he conquered. 

•oii zafar, victory. 

Jiioo mozaffar, made victorious 
(by God) ; a title of the Sultan. 

j'iil _ .Ali dofr, pi. addjir, nail of 
finger or toe ; paw, talon, 
claw, hoof. [/'>»- 

s.aii> zafara, weakness of the 

Jilubl _ (JJi (?///, pi. adldl, shade, 

(J.lla^ or (< modiU, or modaUil, 

shady, shaded. 
»»_5'.jJl la]}L3 dalfat el-hdh, wing or 

fold of a door. 
JUi « Jdi ;:o//?i, tyranny ; zdlim, 


Jilj zalama, he tyrannised, de- 

*jJ'la^ - A^^-* mazloom, pi. waza- 
leem, victimised, victim of 

(^ Jilaj" tazalJama min, he sought 
redress, complained of tyranny. 

iJili zohua, darkness, obscurity. 

J^] azlama, it was dark. 

Jiia^ mozlim, dark, obscure. 

^Uli zaldm, darkness, dark. 

^ Uli or f'^^*^ zamia, or zamddn, 

thirsty, eager. 
"J^_ ^ zanna, he thought ; 
yazonn, he thinks. 

^J^ - ^^ zffw?!, pi. zonoon, 
opinion, idea, thought. 

^J^ zdnn, thinker, thinking. 

jJU? Ul a7id zdnin (colloquial for 
zdnn), I am thinking, I think. 

^jJdoo maznoon, thought of, pre- 
sumed, suspected. 

.^laji _ jtlb zahara, it appeared, 

seemed ; yazhar, it seems. 
.^] azliara, he showed. 

.j^ zohoor, appearance, aspect ; 

jS)% zdhir, apparent, visible, ex- 
terior ; it seems. 

djl.*^ zohoordt, emergencies, un- 
foreseen ; provisional. 

j^'< mazhar, place of view, or of 

.?b'.l3J" tazdhara, it appeared. 

( 171 ) 


jyi^ - j^ dalxr, pi. dohoor, back 
of the body, &c. ; menses. 

jl^ dihdr, a revolting form of 

}^\ -J^ dohr, pi. adhdr, noon, 

^^1 liAc a'nd ed-dohr, at mid-,day. 

^lall Joo ba'd ed-dohr, afternoon. 

icj ,^li doliyiya, the afternoon in 
general ; just after mid-day. 

'Ain. Value = 70 


(A guttural hiatus with any vowel- 
sound, as 'a, 'ee, 'i, 'o, 'u or a'i.) 

_y: _ ^Ic a'dj, ivory (see oj) . 

t3jC _ sj'x a'dda, habit, custom 

(see o'd) . 
j[c a'dr, shame. [ /d'^ - ;;* 

ii^ _ liSikz a'dha, calamity (see 

a'wivaha) . 

^Uc or y.jkc a'bdya, warm cloak, 
^^^-xc a'bha, he packed up, filled 

up a sack, 
sfj-c o'boiva, sack, sacking. 

Cl.^ a'bes, a trifle, nonsense; cause 
for regret ; error in judgment. 

i^z a'bdda, he worshipped, slaved 

sJIat i'bdda, worship. 

lijlc adhiJ, worshipper. 

^AjIc a'dbidcen, pi., worshippers ; 
a district in Cairo, containing 
the Khedive's palace. 

tioju: _ S^c a'bd, pi. a'beed, domestic 

(negro) slave. 
Jkjija>*il ista'bada, he enslaved. 

Jo'jto _ Ajj«^ ma'bad, pi. ma'dbid, 

place of worship. 
J^ju^ ma'bood, worshipped ; idol. 

jxc a'bara, he passed. 

Jc a'bbara, he defined, 
^joxj ta'beer, definition ; style. 

jxjc] ia'tabara, he considered, esti- 
Xxxc\ iatibdr, consideration, re- 
spect, esteem. 
s.Iac i'bdra, phrase ; affair, matter 

in hand. 
^ s.'ju: ^jb Ilia i'bdrat a'li, it 

consists in, of. 

^A*t< ma'bar, place of passing, 
passage way. 

jujt^ moa'tabay, one who is re- 
spected, respectable. 

jLjkc or j_f.Ju: i'biriy, or i'brdniy, 
Hebrew, hebraic. 

"V^Ijlx » i/-'^ 'Abbds, (1) the 
uncle of Mahomed, whose de- 
scendants founded the great 
dynasty of the 'Abbdsiy or 
Abbaside Caliphs of Baghdad, 
750-1260 A.D. ; (2) a pasha of 
Egypt, d. 1854. 

<Lj^Uc 'Abbasiya, a suburb to 
the N.E. of Cairo named after 
'Abbas Pasha. 

Ljoc a'bcet, young ; foolish, im- 

iL'-jui^l ia' tihdtdn jhlinUX)^ J foolishly. 


( 172 ) 

^j'axz a'hqariy, excellent, hand- 
some ; falsehood. 
iSj^ a'bal-a, ba^e of cloth, parcel. 
(JjI _ ij-xz a'hl, tamarisk (see atl). 
v__>Uc i'tdb, blame. 

l__)'jL:1 _ hlc a'taha, pi. aatdh, 

threshold, foot of throne. 
i__!»jU^ matooh, blamed. 

(^ JL: a'trasa, he snatched, carried 

juc! or ^j!ic a'taqa, or aataqa, he 

freed a slave. 

l3^^ or ^JyX)^ ma'tooq, or mo'taq, 
freed, enfranchised. 

Jj'.Xc i'/rtr^, enfranchisement. 
f^JaJc _ ^xic a'feeq, pi. oHaqd, 
ancient, antique. 

^iilc a'taqa, Ataka, a cliff near 

'iljs. a' tola, iron crowbar. 

;j!ic a'tala, he carried. 

J'Ji a'ttdl, carrier, porter. [J'oJ:' 

^uJc a'tma, darkness, obscurity. 

Ju.< mo'fim, dark. 

<ai: or ^'.1: a'tdJia, or a'tah, mad- 
ness, dementia. 
!jy«.« matooh, mad, insane, de- 

2<'^^a, pi. u'tat, moth. 


-A-i aHara, he stumbled over, 

groped or searched for. 
jj'w4jb 'Osnidn, (1) the third caliph ; 
(2) the founder of the Ottoman 

jjij'ju: 'Osmdnll (Turkish), a Turk, 

^J\aj£. 'Osmdniy, Turk, Ottoman. 

"LxAaIc iuic JcI.J dawlat 'aliija 'Os- 
mdniy a, the exalted Ottoman 

Jis^ ■? Jj^<; omelet. 

L.^^*" or C_-%s^ a'jlha, or ta'ajjaha, 
he was astonished. 

L;„^%s^' aa'jaha, he preferred, it 
pleased him. 

u.^5'^ _ ^J^ a'jeeha, pi. a'jdi/ib, 

(„_^s*-^ motaa^jj'ih, astonished. 
.»s^ a'joor, long pumpkin. 
^ Js^ a'jaza a'n, he was wanting 
in, incapable, weak. 

;.s-Lc a'djiz, wanting, helpless, 
feeble, blind. 

j^^ a'jooz, old, feeble. 

js^ c^V^j weakness ; deficit in 

:'.s^'_j!s^ ii'jz, pi. a'ajdz, buttocks. 

ijs*'* mo'ajjaza, deficit in accounts. 
iL's*^ mo'jiza, miracle. [^j^^ 

(J^s*-*^' or (Jjs^ ajila, or istajala, 

he was in haste. 
(Js^ a'jjala, he accelerated. 

(Js*^^ or (J.=^lc a'djil, or most a - 
jil, in haste, urgent. 

J»s:^ _ ^cis^ a'jala, haste ; a'jool, 
impatient, hasty. 

J^s^ _ J.s^ ?\//, pi. o^oo/, calf, 
young of animal. 



( 173 ) 



(Js^ _ ils* a' Jala, pi. a^ja/, wheel. 
^las^l _ .^s^ _ >^^ a' jam, foreign, 

non-Arab; Persia, the Persians; 

ajamiy, Persian, a Persian ; 

aa'jdm, Persians, 
^s^ a'jami'i/, novice, foreigner, 

^js^ a'jana, he made paste, 
^s^ ajeen, dough. 

^j»s*^ majoon, paste, hasheesh 
paste ; putty. 

^J^^ e'jdn, perinaeum. 

8js^ a'jvjttj date-fruit paste; dates 
stuck together. 

i\£. _ iij<c i'da, a promise (see 

iva'da) . 
C^ a'dda, he counted. 

fc)J>_«J taa ddada, it became nu- 


t)Jx a' ddada, he numbered, counted. 

43.*!wl istaa'dda, he was ready, 

t>lj>»ou.l ish"a'(:?(X(^, readiness, fitness. 

J^Ac! _ Ji\c a' dad, pi. aa'ddd, 
number, quantity. 

Oj>c - iijs£ i'dda, pi. i'ded, number, 
several ; equipment, tools, ap- 
paratus ; period of purification. 

.L< isc i'ddet mirar, several 

times, often. 
4J0J.C a' deed, numerous. 
4>iixjl« mutaa'ddid. numerous. 
iX^Xm*^ musta'idd, ready, capable. 

jjc< moa'dd, or mvi'dd, ready, set 
apart for. 

dAl JJ J^Jl (Js^" el-mahall el-moa'dd 
U-zcdih, the place set apart or 
used for that. 

d^Sft^ ma dood, counted. 

iJJA«^ moa'ddida, a paid female 
mourner, who counts up, or 
chants the praises of the dead. 

d\Sfo taa'ddd, census. 

. wi\c a'ds, lentils, vetch. 

IWjx. or ^}sc adl, or a'ddla, equity, 

^ItXc a'dliy, relating to justice. 
Jt^c a'ddaJa, he modified, rectified. 

J.jA«J' ta'deel, modification, recti 

^js'xc] iatadala, he was moderate. 

Jlt^icl ia'tiddl, moderation, equi- 
librium, symmetry ; equinox, 

J.ti>c a'dooJ, rectification, change. 

J.tJ.c _ Jt)U aWdU, pi. o'dool, just, 

iJjSc a'deel, brother-in-law. 

Jcy«^ moa' ddil, recii^QY ; average. 

ilLi'ot^ mo'ddala, algebraic equation. 
S^ a' dim a, it was nil, non- 
J>£ a'dam, nil; non- ; un-. 

.jjjj' ^<^c a' dam sohoot, want of 
proof, no proof. 

.J> --^ ^Sc a'dam hodoor, non- 
presence, absence. 
itjSc or |»j'.c a'ddim, or a'deem, 
non-existent; lost; 77i/?m.s with- 



( 174 ) 


mSc\ aa'dama, lie annihilated, put 

to death. 
Jsz\ laddm, sentence of death. 

^Sxi\ inadama, it was destroyed, 
was used up. 

^JSc 'Ad an, Eden; town of Aden. 

^j^j'jto _ ^jS^^ ma'din, pi. ma'ddin, 
mine, mineral, ore. 

ci.Ju_f-ij.jK ma'diniydt, minerals, 

^J^^'^ o'dwdn, hostility, enmity. 

]sc a' da, he was hostile ; he 
crossed over. 

iijltXi a'ddwa, enmity, hostility. 

Mi^\ - mS£. a'doo, pi. aa'dd, enemy, 


k ^Sk, ta'adda aa'la, he showed 
enmity, annoyed, opposed, en- 

^jlc ^iX*j taa'ddi a'la, opposition, 
annoyance, trespass. 

^_J^\x'X< iiiutaa'ddi, annoying; tran- 
sitive verb. 

^_$Sz.\ a a' da, it was infectious ; 
passed across. 

^*<^ or i^Sz a'dwa, infection. 

^_J^Jl^ mo'di, infectious. 

hs9>^ C/'lr*' at^rdd mo'diya, in- 
fectious diseases. 

(_^c\c i'da, shore, bank. 

^_J^\fl^ - ^_^Sf>^ ma' da, pi. ma'ddl, 
ferry, place of crossing. 

La«^ ma'diya, ferry-boat. 

^1^*^, mo-a'ddi, ferryman. 

Ijx Ui md a'dd, except. 

<-_>ix a'zh, sweet, delicious, 
u-^ljx a'zdh, torture. 
L_?Ac azzaha, he tortured. 
t«^ jjti" ^a^zee&, infliction of torture. 

. jwT a'zara, he excused. [cf. ,j£. 
ijSc or .^ o'zr, or i'zi'a, an excuse. 

. Jvlicl iatazara, he excused himself, 

.i.*!l 1 JJi> .iJcl ia'tazara haza el- 

d'zr, he put forward this excuse. 

v««-^jJJl ^~< ^\ .jwxil el-o'zr aqhah 

mill ed-danh, the excuse (is) 
worse than the offence. 

..lS^sc* ma'zoor, excused, excusable ; 
allowance should be made for 

f\j^£ _ 'ijSc o'zra, virginity ; a'zrd, 

virgin, Virgo of Zodiac. 
L__jlxl _ c—>^a^ra&, pi. aaVa/>,Arab. 

^J^>rC o'rhdn, Arabs of the desert, 
Soudanese Arabs of the hills. 

u->fC ^ji\ ibn a'rab, son of an Arab ; 
hence, in Egypt, a free-born 
native Egyptian. 

^jC a'rabiy, Arabic, Arabian. 

JiijC - ^>J^ a'rah{ya{TuTkish. a'raha), 

cart, cab, carriage. 
s^SijC a'rahaji (Turkish), cabman, 

sjjx a'rahada, row, uproar. 
^Jj^J^ a'rboon, earnest-mone j,arrhes. 
_jC a'raja, he climbed, ascended. 


fuo mi a' raj, ascent of Mahomed 

to Heaven ; ladder. 


( !■ 

_, .c a' raja, he limped, was lame. 

jcl aa'raj, cripple, lame ; knave 
in cards. 

irj^ ^''^' spouse. 

{^j*y^ u'rs, gaiety of a wedding. 

^i*<j,c a'rees, bridegroom. 




i.^ _ if^^f- a'roos, (fern.) a'roosa, 
bridegroom, bride; "fiance, 

jLw.y: a'roosatoh {a'roostoh), his 
bride, his 'fiancee." 

^'.>ijjj«JI el-a'roosain, the newly- 
married couple. 

i^-jt* mo-a'rras, cuckold, pimp. 

'i^jC i'rsa, weasel. 

ij^j^ a'rsh, throne. [jdo,l.^«i^ 

ij^,j^ a'reesh, shafts of a carriage. 

^^1 El-'Arecsh, village of El- 
^Areesh on the Syro-Egyptian 

LcjZ a'rsa, open space, court-yard. 

{jOjC a'rada, it happened, came 

(jOj\£. a' arid, happening ; cross- 

j^.ly: _ l^j^ a'drida, pi. a' war id, 
accident. [ij'j'.^ _ Aja 

{jojs- a'rada, he presented a peti- 
tion, pleaded ; exposed, showed, 
set forth. 

jjC u^J^^ aa'rada a'n he turned 
himself aside, abandoned a 

(_/5^'.c a'drada, he objected, opposed 

(in law). 

(j^y^^ iatarada, he objected. 

{joj^ taa'rrada, he put himself in 
the way, tried to thwart. 

(yo]jfJ^] isfia'rdd, review, parade. 

^JCJC a'rd, ofier, plea ; (vulgarism 
for i'rd). 

(_^^£l .^J^ci' rd, i^l. oa'rar/, honour, 

(jisj)^^ cLXlift hath el-i'rd, indecent 

assault (legal term). 
(j^ a'rd, width, breadth. 
{j^r^ a'reed, wide, broad. 
<Lfljj: a'reeda, petition ; officer's 

commission of rank. 

U^*j^ a' rood (femin.), prosody, 

J'js-"^ a'rduhdl (mostly used in 
Turkish), petition. 

,^_js^'^-^ a'rduhdl ji (Turkish), pro- 
fessional writer of petitions for 
illiterate persons. 

{j^jf^ ma'rad, place of showing, 

{jo^y^ ma rood, petition ; half- 
witted, cracked. 

6.^X31^ mo'-drada, opposition (in 
law) against a sentence rendered 
in default. 

c_J^ a'rafa, he knew. \_Ar. 

^J^J^ i'rfdn, knowledge. 

h\jC i'rafa, fortune-telling. [ii'.JX 


( 176 ) 


its. a'rafa, vigil of feast of qorhan 
or adJia, on 9th of ZU-Hijja; 
liill, crest. 

ei-jli^c a'rafdt, hill of recognition, 
Mount Arafat, near Mecca. 

j^— iy— c o'rfiy, arbitrary, unjust ; 
customs not based on law or 
piety ; private, unofficial. a'drif, knowing, aware of, 

I. ijX. a'rrafa, he informed, defined. 

v_^jo t a' reef, definition, tariff. 

kij.^j ta'reefa, tariff. 

i__iyL:l ia'tarafa, he confessed. [ i'l 

( i\y£.] ia'tirdf, confession. 

( ijM ta'arrafa, he came to know. 

L_i,*jLMl ista'rafa, he recognised, 


I iijC a' reef , school-monitor. 

lilOi »— J/^ o'?/ el-halacl, local custom 

or usage. 
( jV.*^ _ ^«^ ma'rifa, pi, ma'drif, 

science, knowledge ; means, 

ij^yA\ 'iJijx^ hi-ma'rifat el-holees, 

by means of the police. [B^m.!^ 
Ju^jAC ( j.jt^ ma'arif o'moomiya, 

public instruction. 

u_jpjt< mo-a'rrf, inspector ; toll- 

u-i)»»v<i ma'roof known ; kindness, 

( Jj r*^ tJ'^^il aa'inil ma'roof, -p\ease\ 

do the favour ! 

icjjt.< ma'rafa, horse's name. 

J).£ a'riqa, he sweated. 

J|\c a'raq, sweat ; arrack, dis- 
tilled liquor. 

ijJ^ a'raqiya, skull-cap. 

^J^y^ a'l'qdn, in a sweat, perspiring. 

fibre ; beam. 

^j*.»>^!l iVfC i'r^ es-soos, liquorice- 

^'Jj' (J^r^ o'^ooq esh-shdm, beams, 
poles, rafters, Syrian timber. 

ijC JfLc iWdq a'rahiy, Mesopo- 

lL)^ a'valia, he rubbed. ^ 

\^Jx. a'draka, he fought with. 1 

iSj*^ _ K.lsc^ mo'draka, battle, 
ma'raka, battle-field. 

*J!c a'rrama, he heaped up. 

*fC _ 'LojC o'rma, pi. aram, heap. 1 

Ix a'ra, it happened. 

jCficl ia'tara, he seized, afflicted. 

(_^>o^l ^J ri*^ mo' atarihi el-marad, 
his being afflicted with disease. 

jij) .c o'rioa, button-hole. 

^c a^'i, fellah's smock frock ; 

^jC a'ria, he was naked, it was 

^jC arra, he stripped, made bare. 

i)rC o'ria, nakedness. 

ijIj^ o'ridn, naked. 

j_<,l_£ a'dri, bare, devoid, desti- 
tute of. 


( 177 ) 



j_c/t« moa'rra, stripped, bared. 

Jc a'zza, it was noble, miglity, 

'ijz ov jc i'zz, or i'zza, nobility, 

power ; prime, intensity. 
fKx^\ jc i'zz esh-slhitd, depth of 

Jj'jliuu _ SijZ i'zzetlu, Turkish title 

for tlie lower rank of bey, 

inferior to sa'ddetlu. 

\i\c a'zecz, noble, mighty, pre- 
cious, beloved. 

yi^c a'zzaza, he ennobled, corro- 
borated evidence. 

jyc* moa'zzaz, corroborated (evi- 
dence) . 
Jcl aa'zz, nobler, grander. 

L_^c a'zah, unmarried, celibate, 

Ljjc o'zooha, celibacy. 
jwJlc - S-y'"^ a'dzib, widower ; 

a'dnis, bachelor. 

Ljlc a'dzib a, unprotected female, 
divorced woman. 

L-_>;c _ hjc a'zha, pi. a'zab, hamlet, 
village, farm. 

.Jc or jjc a'zara, he blamed. 

[cf. jd^ 
jjc a'zr, blame. 

J ;*o ta'zeer, blame, reprimand, 

(JJUjc A'zrdyeel, the Angel of 


( jjc cizf, music, sound. 

iLiJ-*-* - yjj^ a'zaqa, he dug; 

mia'zaqa, hoe, spade. 

jijc a'zeeq, a digging, dug. 

Jjc a'zala, he dismissed ; removed 
to another house. 

Jc!^ _ Jjc a'zl, dismissal ; ozla, 
retirement, idleness. 

^c a'zala, family furniture for 

Jj!icl %'atazala, he dissented, kept 

J^jj«< ma'zool, dismissed. 

^jc a'zama, he decided ; invited 
a guest. 

*;x Ijl and a'dzim, I intend to. 

i^jjc or iyt^>jc a'zeema, or a'zooma, 

invitation, incantation, banquet, 

evening party. 
^JC^ a'za, he accused, imputed, 

jjc or f_jjc a'za, grief, accusation ; 


^_^Jc. a'zza, he condoled with. 

L;«j ta^ziya, sympathy, condo- 
lence ; funeral. 


wa'-ca, mournius: for the dead. 

..**£ a'sara, it was difficult, strait. 
!$.vj,c o'sra, difficulty, restraint. 
jJ^***^ a'seer, difficult. 
j,*^] aa'sara, he became insolvent. 

.'ju*c! iasdr, insolvency, in straits 

for money. 
.AwJt^ moa'sir, insolvent. 
y>j.^ . .M*jt^ moa'sir %va moosir, 
insolvent and solvent. [^*^'. 

^^'s«*c _^C«*c a'shxr, army ; a'sdkir, 

A A 



( 178 ) 

^^C**c a'shaviy, military, soldier, 

^LmC a slier, (in Turkish) a soldier. 

^,Cjj«51 - ^^CiJ lashliar (Persian), 
army, " lascar, " probably 
origin of cl-d'skar. 

^C*ot< moaslcar, camp. 

jj«*c 'asal, honey. 

/*^ asa, perhaps ; I hope so ; 
it is possible. 

.■^[jLc _ 'ijLc c'shsha, pi. i'slisth, 

straw hut ; nest. 
L..-^_A-c o'shh, green vegetation, 

j^ _ 'iJij£. a'sliara, (fem.) a^shr, 

^^jJl^ - ^^^JJl,-c i'shroon, or 

(colloquial) a'shreen, twenty. 
.lAcl or .^^ _^^ o's/ir, pi. o'slioor, 

or da'slidr, one - tenth part ; 

jJls. o'shar, asclepias gigantea, 

calotropis procei'ci. 
_^l£ a'dshir, the tenth in order. 
1%,.^; o's/iooWy, land paying tithes. 
I^JJi^] aa'shdruj, decimal. 
f-\jy^\£. a'dslioord, Feast of the 10th 

day of Moharram. 
ijy^y^c adsJioora, Arab plum- 
jK^ _ 'iji-^ a' sh cer a, ipl. a'shdyir, 

small tribe; family. [<i'J^ 

'iJ!L£. i'shra, gaiety, intimacy. 
Jl^^ a'dsJiara, he was intimate, 


8^U^ mo'dshara, intimacy. 

.1/i.c i'shdr, pregnancy of animals j 
being in foal, &c. 

ij^^ilc i'shra, an animal in foal or 

in calf, &c. 

^/ifcC a'shiqa, he loved (sexually). 

lAc i'shq, sexual love. 
Ji'.>lc or ,^'vi or i^J^^ a'sheeq, or 

a'dshiq, or ashshdq, a lover. 

JcJ>Jto«^ ma'shooqa, the woman be- 
loved, sweetheart. 

^*lc a sham, hope, longing. [J.^! 

(^jo or *^x a'shima, or ta'ash- 
shama, he hoped for, coveted, 
longed for. 

>jiki: a'shshama, he made hope, 


>A»tjLo mota'ashshim, hopeful, 
lix «^s/^a, supper, evening meal. 

iuAc or \JLc i'shd, or a'shiya, 
nightfall; after sunset; evening 

^J!jm ta'ashsha, he passed the 
evening, supped. 

'iJJ:*£. a'shdwa, dimness of sight 
by night. 

^JCi9i^£iZ or (><a.«ai o'so's, tail-bone ; 

( >'„a;l _ (•.^ a'sah, pi. a'asdh, 


^Uac i'sdha, bandage. 

k_^s.,flc a'saha, he bound up, 

t „o>o ta'assaha, he bound him- 
self, became rigid, fanatic. 


( 179 ) 


<)Luac a'sha, woman's kerchief. 

L-^^ac _ JCX.AC o'sha, pi. o'sab, 

clique, gang. 
^<rjuai o'shaji, a ruflBan, one of 

a gang, 
culx^ac _ Ju^flC a'saba, pi. a^sdbdt, 

father's relatives ; agnates, re- 


^x,ai a'sahiya, relationship of 

aJuL-ot a'secda, paste, starch ; 

j^c a'sr, afternoon ; 3 p.m. 
.Lacl -j^ac a'sr, pi, aa'sdr, epoch, 

^'ot<i mo'dsir, contemporary. 
«cc a'ssara, he squeezed, distilled. 
_|uac a'seer, juice. 
j^<r>^ _ ijj-fljt* ma'sara, pi. ma'dsir, 

u-A-^Lc a'dsif, violent, high, 

.a.«3C o'sfor, carthamus. t/*%r* 

OiLac _ .^A.,ai o'sfoor, pi. a'safeer, 

finch, sparrow. 
Ju>-.fli: i'stua, chastity. [^ 

JuLk-^c i'smatlu, chaste ; being 
the Turkish title for a princess. 
^o'j: a'dsim, chaste. 

iUc^'x a'dshna, chaste woman; 
capital town ; an untaken for- 
tress, ' pucdle J " a title of 

^^Aa*t<i ma'soom, infallible ; above 
suspicion ; not an outlaw, but 
in the enjoyment of civil rights. 

i*o'.*«^ _ ft-^of^ miasam, pi. ma'dsim, 
wrist. ^?T"^ 

^^<^ _ t^c a'sd, pi. o'si'y (femin.), 
stick, cane. 

JcjiLac or JiV^oc asdya, stick, cane. 

jj-ac a'sa, he revolted. 

jj'a.,ai 'isydn, revolt, mutiny. 

JiLfli _ L5^'^ a' as/, pi. o'sa^, rebel. 

^Jaz a'clda, he bit. 

1^ adda, a bite. 

^JOy£»^ madood, bitten. 

jl.^1 _ A-flc a' dud, pi. aaddd, 
upper half of arm ; help, 

J^Lj sdyVd, fore-arm, help, suc- 
cour. ^?'\'^ 

dL&z adala, muscle. 

JLflC u'ddl, incurable. 
y^ac^ _ yoc a'div, pi. aa'dd, limb of 
body, member. 

jyjts^' f'^^>a£.\ (^ y& ^'0^ *'"'^i aadd 
el-majlis, he is (one) of the 
members of the council. 

Ajc _ Aac ^'fr, pi. o'toor, perfume, 

otto, attar. 
^2c a'ttara, he perfumed. 

.'iac a'ttdr, seller of perfumes, 

spices, drugs. 
J.'iac o'tdrid, planet Mercury. 
jyjai a'tasa, he sneezed. 
^^«'.la£ u^tds, a sneeze, sneezing. 
jJily: a'tash, thirst. 
^l^Jai aHslidn, thirsty. 
, flkz a'tafa, ho turned aside, 



( 180 ) 


idkc affa, side, by-street, lane. 

iolslc a lit if a, sj^mpathy, leaning- 

<)J^lac u'toofa, benevolence, con- 

^^Lc utoofatlu (Turkish) title for 
Ministers of State and civilians 
of Bi'dd rank, condescending-, 

(Jlic o'tl, delay, obstruction, idle- 
ness, deprivation. 

Jk; a'ttala, he hindered, ob- 
structed ; took holiday, pro- 

(jwAiaxj ta'tecl, holiday, off-day ; 
injury caused by obstruction 
or delay ; workmen's strike. 

iJ.l=j«^ mo'attal, deserted, idle, 

shut up ; rendered useless, 

inj ured. 
^J\ac a'tana, it became spoiled, 

went bad (e.^/. wine, water, &c.). 
blla; . 'j.^}az (2) or 'i^c] _ -«^liac a'td, 

pi. aa'tiya; or (2) a'tiya, pi. 

a'tdyd, gift. 

frUocl _ ,^-\ a'afa,he gave; tV^a, 
a giving. 

^'iacl ^ Jovl o/i/ta; ivaia'td, R taking 

and giving-, trade, business, 
i^kjtx) mo't), giver, God the Giver, 
^^'.jJ tda'ta, he exchanged gifts ; 
disputed, quarrelled, under- 
took, exercised. 

<i'j^[La jjii'vjJ tdata sanda'taho, he 
exercised his profession. 

'iu)az a/zama, grandeur ; great- 

J^ _ ^_iJac a'zeem, pi. i'zdm, 
grand, splendid ; great, first- 
rate, capital. 

i»j.l3«Jl aJJI^ walldhi el-azeem, by 
the Almighty God ! the usual 
Moslem oath. 

,e*^ - 1*^''zam, (femin.) o'zma, 

greater, greatest. 
^-^dixll l^UaJ.j Britdnid el-o'zma, 

Great Britain. 

Jail jS^ sadr aa'zam, the noblest 
source of power, the Grand 

>2j£ a'zzama, he ennobled, mag- 

>.>lajJ ta'zeem, an ennobling, mag- 

Ja>t^ moa'zzam, exalted, imperial. 

^.♦iijt-o moazzama, magnifying- 

j^z _ Jac a'dtJun, pi. ia'dthdm, 


Jiy«.« mo'zam, majority, greater 

i^ilSx. or (— su^c - ^ ?^a, chastity; 
a'fcef, or a'/oof, chaste. 

^^ afara, dust. 

Ci^.lac _ e:^_^^ afreet, pi. 
afdreet, demon, cunning. 

^_/Ac a'/i-A, baggage, luggage. 

^^^^isar: a-ys, gall-nut. 

(_^fli: a'fasa, he seized, flung, 

iT^ f'/ft^rr, he seized, arrested. 


( 181 ) 


iXJ^Ac or ^kc a' fan, or o'foona, 
stencil of mildew. 


i^^Lxi ta'affana, it smelt rotten, 

i^Jic a'fin, infectious disease. \_^^i^ 

^'jAc oyooiiiy, malarious, pesti- 

^fljo _ j^ 'ir a'fd 'an, he pardoned ; 
ya'foo he pardons. 

J>x. a'fw, pardon. 

Ji^ a'foo, merciful, pardoner. 

^^fljsLwl ista'fa, ho asked pardon, 

begged to be excused, resigned 

his post. 
lajJ-jl istce'fd, an asking pardon ; 

^>ilc adfi.ya, good health. 
s'jU^ mo'dfdt, exemption. 

^fljt^ or I f[)^ mo'df, or ma'foo, 

pardoned, exempted. 
J^_j.JLc a'qeeq, agate, cornelian ; 

a harbour near Suakin. 

Lj^^c a'qaha, he overtook, trod 
on one^s heels. 

^'iz -L^^^ o'qh, end; o'qha, retri- 

i—j'Jbl _ L; .flc a'qh, or a'qih, pi. 

aa'qdb (femin.), heel, axis, 
pivot, hinge. 

^uib a'qiboh, its heel, immediately 
after it, thereupon. 

lUAc o'qha, once, oue time. 

<..^^^>ii; or Lj^'lc a'dqih, or aqeeh, 
next after, successor. 

W_^.3lj£ _ ijJiU a'dqiba, pi. a'wdqib, 
end, result. 

<uib a'qaha, hill ; A'qaba, a place 
at the end of the narrow gulf 
on the eastern side of the Sinai 

Ljk.iLc a'qaba, A monster barge 
dressed up as a ship at the 
ceremony of the cutting of 
the Khaleej or Canal of Cairo. 

l—jIac o'qdb, eagle. [ f«*J 

v^^j'lc a'dqaba, he punished (by 
legal sentence). 

3^ o'oqiba, he was punished 
(by legal sentence). 

'i^^yo' dqab,h.e shall be punished, 
is liable to be punished; it is 

iji'jt^ or L_j'.ib i'qdb, or mo'dqaba, 

Cl-jbyii: _ ioyb o'qooba, pi. o'qoobdt, 

c:_>Uyu!l y^yli' qdnoon el-o'qoobdt, 
Penal Code. 

J^ a'qada, he knotted, contracted, 
made a contract ; (the priest) 
united in marriage; (the liquid) 
congealed ; it hardened. 

i>yic _ jJb a'qd, pi. o'qoocl, knot, 
contract, agreement. [j^ 

^i^c Aa£ a'qd o'rjiy, private con- 
tract, sous seincj prive. 

jJu: _ 'is'kz o'qdd, pi. o qad, knot, 
plexus, joint, ganglion. 

Sac i'qd, necklace. 

jUc a'qqdd, lace-maker; knottcr, 
maker of fringe and tassels. 

iSiijib aqccda, creed. 


( 182 ) 


jj'jo ta'dqcuJa, he made a contract 

jj JjiUi* inota' dqidcen,\h.Q contract- 
ing parties. 

liAicl ia'taqada, he tied himself to, 
believed in. 

j'Xic] ia'tiqdd, belief in, reliance 
upon, " bona fides." 

AaxJ] ina'qada, it was knotted, 
assembled ; it congealed, co- 

, ,*.Ls'^>'' jlaxjl inia'qdd el-majlis, tlic 
coming together of a council. 

jAC o'qr, sterility. [Jic 

i''j; a'dqir, sterile. 
csjUJic _ .'Jic a'qdr, pi. a'qdrdt, 
landed property. 

^,UU!1 CJJuJl el-hank el-a'qdriy, 

land-bank, credit foncier. 


^jilii .lie a'qqdr, pi. a'qdqeer, 

drug, herb ; simples. 
L— J.liic - '-rV*^ 'aqrab, pi. a'qdrib, 

scorpion ; Scorjno of the Zodiac ; 

hand of a clock, or watch. 
J Jb _ J,AC a'gZ, pi. o'qool, mind, 


lis. aqldn, with reason, in reason. 

lac a'qliy, intellectual, of the 
(Jjic a'qala, he could think, con- 
ceive an idea ; he tethered an 
(Jiju 'i Id yo'qal, it is inconceivable, 

JUc _ (Jj'U a'dqd, pi. o'qqdl intelli- 
gent, clever. 

Jlic o'qqdl, Druse priests, initiated 

JyU^ ma'qool, intelligible ; meta- 

JLsLc i'qdl, halter ; foot-rope, 

tether ; head-band. 

li'ic o'qla, a knot in bamboo or cane. 

^I'Ac _ (JacI aaqal, (femin.) a'qld, 
more intelligent. 

♦AC o'qm, sterility. [Jic 

j^jkAC a'qeem, sterile. 
lie or>l^^'fc/i-(t,Acre,aportin Syria. 
jKc or_^ a'kar or a'kdr, sediment, 
dregs. Es-y^j 

cij>«^ a'kroot, cuckold, pimp. 

^w^ a'A^s, upside down, reverse, 
wrong way round ; back again. 

^^j^Ca^\i hil-a'ks, on the contrary ; 

vice versa. 

, ,*^Cj6] in'akasa, it was reversed. 

,«,»JL>«_« ma'koos, upside down, 

i^^U a'dkasa, he opposed, ran 
counter to, annoyed. 

i_Ji^l _ . 2^lc a'dhif, persevering; 

ina'kafa, he persevered. 

I l^JLc] ia'takafa, he prayed in 


JSx. a'kkdm, head camel man, 
leader of caravan. 

Lol^ o'kdma, muzzle, bridle. 

^JSs.\ - ^^ o'kan, or aa'kdn, folds, 

wrinkles of the hips. 


J-Jx _ ^z i'lla, pi. i'lal, defect, 
disease; excuse. 


( 183 ) 

(J^it a'leel, unwell. 

(JJjo taa'llala, he hesitated, made 


(JJx^ mo' tall, diseased, weak. 
«-_?}L _ Lie u'lba, pi. i'ldb, casket, 

small box. 
C-Jj: a'lasa, he fought, beat. 
Jx. _ Jic {a'laja) - a'dlaja, he 

treated medically. 
jcar^'ji^ or ^Iz i'ldj, or mo'dlaja, 

medical treatment. 
i_ali: a'laf, fodder, forage, hay. 

[grain = jjIc 

( jIc a'Udf, seller of hay or forage. 

Ac a'liqa, it hung, was in suspen- 
ci^'oic. a'liqat, she conceived. 

dc a'llaqa, he hanged up; (j:i/t) 
islianaqa), he ha^nged (a mur- 
derer) . 


d«J ia'aZZafjr a, he, it was attached, 
belonged to. 
L'Jlc i'ldqa, affection, attachment. 

die i72, unnatural love; sodomite. 
^jlc _ &!alc a'laqa, pi. a'/ag', leech. 
JfAi o'looq, conception, pregnancy. 

ijde a'lecq, grain for horses. 

[hay = i_-fllc 
Aalr a'Z^rt, a couple of camels ; a 
good flogging. 


d*jl ta'alluq, property of, belong- 
ing to. 
/iAf^i ta'leeq, a hanging up; style 
of handwritinof. 

dl*oU) mota'alliq, belonging to, 

Jilc a'lqam, colocjmth, bryony, 
momordica elatcriwn. 



Jlc a' lima, he knew. 

Jxl a^a/a7ua,he informed, delivered 

Az a'llama, he taught, drilled. 

JkjJ ta'allam,a, he learned. 

J.jtiL.1 ista'lama, he inquired. 


*^ _ Jlc i7m, pi. o'loom, science ; 

jXi>- Ac i'lm khabar, receipt, memo. 

^ Jl«J! jiii ddr el-o'loom, the eccle- 
siastical college at Cairo for 
students from the El-Azhar 

^[aIc _ ^Ac a'leem, pi. u'lemd, 
learned, wise. 

>l>«Jw£ u'lemd, Moslem priesthood, 
learned divines. 

Jlc a'dlim, he who knows ; wise. 

Jl»£ _ X«Jlc a'dlima, pi. a'wdlmi, 
learned or wise woman; but 
only applied to a woman clever 
in singing ; an " almehj" or 
singing girl {not dancing girl). 

Az\ _ Az a'lem, pi. aa'ldm, flag. 

Ac ^\ ism a'lem, a proper noun 

(grammatical term). 

cljUJL _ lAz a'ldma, pi. a'ldmdf, 
sign, mark. 


( isi ) 


'iJL or Ac a'lldm, or a'lldma, 

very learned, a title of divines 

or " u'lemd." 
^^J-^ (•iLr.l ia'ldrii shara'iy, a 

judgment pronounced by a 

Sheri' tribunal. 
^yj'x - J'^ a'dlem, pi. a'dlemoon, 

tbe universe. 
^jlxS" ta'leem, teaching, instruction; 

* drill. 
cij'^>Lj ta'leemdt, instructions. 

J^ mo-a'llim, teaclier, foreman. 
V«^ ma'loom, known, of course ! 
active voice of a verb. 



ma'loomiya, information, 

Ac a'lana, it was publicly known, 

open to the public. 
Ail oAi'lana, he announced, ad- 
Ail o'Jina, it was announced. 
cJ:ilc\ _ JL\ ia'ldn, pi. ia'landt, 

ijJlc or liii a'landn, or a'laniyatan, 

Jiic a'laniy, public, in public, 
"j'jj or k a'/tt, or fa'a/a, it was 

j'^ <sJil Allah ta'dla, God the 

«-5 TT • I 

High ! how great Jde is ! 
iit or ^Ic a'ld, or o'loo, grandeur, 

JL a'liy, noble, high; Ali. 
itic ^S.ii daiclat a'liya, the exalted 

empire, Turkey. 

Jli or Jlc ft'ct/i, or a'(t/, noble, 

sublime ; first-rate. 
J'.c or ^J'x ^^1 amy a'dli, high 
order, Khedivial decree. 
J'x t_jb &(i'> a\Ui, Sublime Porte. 
'i^lc i'ldiva, surplus. 
Ulc _ J^c\ a'ala, (femin.) u'hjd, 
higher, upper. 

ic aHa, upon, at, against, ac- 
cording to. 
(jij _ J'jo ta'dla, come thou ! for 
ti, which is the unused impera- 
tive of ^_^'l 
^ a'mma, it was universal, public. 
,Jj^'\ i^'^ - P"^ a'am.m, common, 
public ; a'dmmat en-nds, the 
general public. 
^%*£- - *y^- o'moom, totality, 
generality; o'moomiy, general, 
^At a'meem, public, general. 
J,AX. _ i^Uc i'mdnia, pi. a'mdyim, 

Ic a'mm, (ferain.) a'mma, 
paternal uncle ; aunt ; patron 
or master. 

^] ibn a'mmoJi, his cousin, 
uncle's son. 
^Aw tameem, generalisation. 
Aac a'mada, he propped up, in- 
tended, purposed. 
Uac _ Aac a'md, purpose; a'mddn, 
on purpose. L*^-^ 

Sam ta'amviada, he intended, de- 





( 185 ) 


Ic iyAj^£.\ ia'tamada a'la, he relied 

upon, confided in. 
t)»-<ilc or iiy4>z or til^c 'imdd, or 

acimood, pillar, column. 
iSfcXAc! or Sa^ 'omod, or 'amad, or 

a'amida, pillars. 

tV^KC _ iiA>Ki 'omda, pi. 'omad, tlie 
officially recognised slieikh of 
a village. 

^<3*-olc a'dmoodiy, iip right, per- 

<olc cJ^^^Lt^ moa'tamad 'alcih, trust- 
worthy, trusted in. 
AacI - ►^c ^o??ir, pi. aa'mdr, age 
in years j lifetime. 

Sj^c 'omra, minor pilgrimage to 

^jA^ _ •>♦>£ 'Omar, and 'Amroo, 

names for men. 
^l.>».c 'omrdn, culture, 
is Iac 'imdra, cultivation, signs of 

life ; fleet, expedition ; edifice, 

_<'x a'dmir, flourishing, pros- 
Jic 'ammara, he repaired ; loaded 

a gun. 
^>A*J ta'mecv, repairs ; loading a 

jA^-<, mo'ammar, repaired ; loaded. 

j[AJt^ mia'mdr, architect. [,^^o.a^^ 

.>«>xju.l ista'mara, he colonised. 

ci^l.-»jJ*w^ rmista'mardt, colonies. 

^Ji^cl _ i^c 'ariiash, blearness 3 

aa'masJi, blear-eyed, 
^j^r _ ^*.c o'ni'j, depth ; 'ameeq, 

deep. [jf-^^ 

J.4.C 'amila, he did, made. [J*3 

J,Acl a a' mala, he caused to be 

(J,<U: a'dmaht, he treated or be- 
haved to. 

(J^jtlL.1 ista'mala, he used, em- 

J.Jjtj ta'dmala, he did business 
with, contracted with. 

JUil _ J.>«x. 'amal, pi. aa'mdl, 
work, act, deed. 

1x1a=. 'amaliya, work, practice, 
experience; surgical operation; 
medicine, purge. 

^c _ (JJx. 'admil, pi. 'amala, 
doer, workman. 

ici^c 'omla, cash. 

J'JJU 'ammdl, doing, in the act of 
doing ; 'ommdl, workmen. 

i}j<A.c 'ameeJ, commission agents 

2^c 'omoola, commission, percen- 
tage, brokerage. 

(J^U.* - (J->^*-o maa'mal, pi. ma'.dmil, 
factory, workshop. 

iUj(>o mu'dmala, treatment, con- 

JU>J>j-l istia'mdl, use, usage, em- 

J.A*!w« viosta'mal, used ; second- 
hand ; boatswain. 

Jy^^ lua'mool, done, executed, 
carried out. 

£) J»-^.-c ^Jylj> qdnoon ma'mool 
hiht, a law in vigour. 

^Uc 'Omdn, province of Muscat 
in E. Arabia. 

B B 


( 18G ) 



^c 'araa, blindness ; 

'amydn, blind. 

_ *wlU^ _ , ^>KCl 

aa'ma, (femin.) 

'amyii, pi. 'ami, blind. 
AJto mo'amvia, enigma, mystery. 
.£ 'an, out of, from, instead. 


Uo: _ U ^i: 'aii-md, written 'avimd, 

from t'lat which. 
jJb _ ^jllc 'ivdn, pi. 'onon, reins. 

i<lJu: _ jjJ^-i- 'ineen, impotent ; 

'andna, impotence. 

»__>Ui:l - Lj>-Ju: 'inah, pi. aa'ndh, 

grape; vine. [^ 

*__>lJLc 'onndh, jujube. 
jJu: 'anhar, ambergris. 
(CfjkJL: 'anhariy, aromatic ; raki. 

JSz _ jxxz 'anhar, pi. 'andhir, 
barn, magazine. [.Ixil 

^jULc 'antariy, bodice, sleeved 

S'xc 'and, at, near, with, upon, 

^^Sz 'ancli, with me, I have. 

cLJaAi: 'anrlah, with thee, thou 
hast ; stop ! 

^tfla'-l J.i:: 'anc? ed-dohr, at midday. 

A^jiii Jkl£ 'and el-lozoom, in case of 

jLii 'indd, obstinacy. 

tXi'x or <^-^ 'aneed, or a'dnid, 

Jj'Ji _ L-j^^jJjJir. 'andaleeh, pi. 
'anddil, nightingale. [<J-^ 

Jic 'avz, she-goat. 

(i*J'.£ ( waXc) ('a?ias), a'dnis, 
bachelor. ['-r-'/^ 

j^\Xc _ -^ic 'onsor, pi. 'andsir, 
element, principle of nature. 

S^ic 'ansara, Pentecost. 

I '&Xz 'anf, cruelty ; violence ; in 


( aj^Jii: 'aneef, cruel, violent. 

(j'Ju:! - ^ii: 'onoq, pi. aa'ndq, neck, 
throat. [cf. Ui' 

^Uj or ^i'c a'dnaqa, or ta'dnaqa, 
he embraced. 

^'.x^ or i3*'Jli: 'indq, or mo'dnaqa, 
caress, embrace. 

J»iui; 'onqood, cluster, bunch. 

i^^^ilXc _ ci;>^AOb 'anJcahoot, pi. 
'andkib, spider. 

c:.^"^jkCUll CI^J^J &aiY el-'auTiahoot, 
spider's web. 

^jl^ic 'onit"a?i, frontispiece, address 
of letter. 

^jy«^ ma'mvin, addressed (letter). 

AC 'aiia, it meant, signified. 

^Aso or jJc] aa'ni, or ya'ni, that is 

to say; viz.; it meant, it means. 


-Xfi..-c ma'na, pi. ma'dni. 

meaning, rhetoric. 

|JU>«>!I Jx 'i7i?i el-ma' dni, rhetoric. 

iiiil ia'tana, he was careful, 
anxious for. 
iAir 'indya, kindness, caro for. 

^_i^X3t.< ma'nawiy, allegoric, unreal, 

,^^z 'aliida, he made a treaty or 
contract. [jJlc 


( 187 ) 


J»^c _ dyt^z 'ahd, pi. 'ohood, treaty 
contract; will, testament; Old 
or New Testament of tlie Bible. 

A^l "!j ivaliy el-' ahd, heir- appa- 

sJ^i: 'ohda, responsibility, charge ; 
also sometimes, the person 
responsible, as a sergeant of 
ghafeers ; obsolete form of 
grant of lands in fef. 

i^itiUj or js&lc a'dhada, or t a' aha da, 
he made a treaty (mutually). 

i3>^j ta'ahhada, he made a contract, 

jjyic .ci^l^fjo taahhuddtiva 'oqoud, 

contracts and obligations. 

ii..^lLo muta' ahhid, a contractor, 
responsible under contract. 

isJJb'jto mo'dhada, treaty. 
li^^t^ma'hood, contracted, provided 

J.^«^i ghairma'hood, unexpected, 

not provided for, unforeseen. 
.al»c _ ijblz a'dhira, pi. 'aivdhir, 

_^c 'oj, curvature. 

— 'tfii or —yc 'aiuija, or ta'aivivaja, 

it was bent. 
^yc 'aiuaj, curvature, curve. 

_j_cl aa'ivaj, cripple, crooked, 

_lc a'dj, ivory, hent tooth of 

^isT^i 'aivaija, a kind of drooping 

maize, or millet, [», j 

dyc '5d, a. return, repetition, rc- 

cidive in crime. 

'iiiyc 'aivda, return, coming back. 

^J\'^J^ - ti^£ 'ood, pi. 'ceddn, guitur, 
baton; a piece of sugar-cane; 

t}[c a'dda, he returned, came back ; 
he did again, repeated. L^j 

jLl a a'dda, he came back, sent 
back, returned, repeated, re- 

J>j.£l oo'eeda, it was returned, re- 

t> jc 'amvada, he made accustomed. 

J^«j or jUcI ia'tdda, or ta'atvivada, 
he became accustomed. 

ci^liilc _ jsj'c a'dda, pi. a'dddt, 

custom, habit. 
^jU a'ddiy, usual, customary. 
jU!icl ia'tiydd, custom, use, habit. 
^J-t)LJJLc] ia'tiyddiy, customary, 

'id\c\ ia'dda, repetition, a making 

SjUc 'iydda, a visiting the sick. 

li.j'x a'dyid, returner, repeater; 

recidiviste in crime. 
j.;Lc _ HjJ'x a'dylda, pi. 'awdyid, 

tax, fee, profit. 
jlj^l _ A>c ^'Cf?, pi. aa'ydd, fete, 

jl!U^ moa'tdd, usual, customary. 
<dJo iy; ^oa hiUdhi, refuge in Grod. 
J5J0 ta'aivivaza, he sought refuge. 
jo»>o ta'wecz, refuge, protection; 

<jdSl Jl*i^ 7?ift'(t;a Alldh, God forbid! 
.j£ 'aiuar, loss of an eye; iujury. 


( 188 ) 


j^z] aa'war, one-eyed. 
y.z aiuwara, he injured, spoilt, 
s.y: 'aivra, nakedness, pudenda. 
_ji^_-^ - ,U a'dr, sliame; a'dyara, 

ho put to shame. 
^Ul _ .Ul aa'dra, he lent (money)j 

ia'dra, loan. 
j_^^ly: _ L.'j: a'driya, pi. 'awdriy, 
■'ooLmI istaa'dra, he borrowed, 
.Ajouww* mosta'ycer, borrower. 
;y: 'aivizd, he needed; wished for. 
jj'^ or j^c 'aiouz, or a'dyiz, he who 
needs, wishes. 

j^ orj^sC Ul a?ift a'dyiz, or 'aivuz, 

I want, I wish. 
j_^^_£ V^, or 'iivad, exchange, 

instead of. 
CJ^d ^^c toy: 'hvaddn 'an zdlili, 

instead of that. 
^jax. a'dda, he gave in exchange. 

^JO kC 'aiuwada, he indemnified, 

ci.>'»^^«j ta'weeddt, damages (in 

law), compensation. 

{^^^-^ a'diuada, he exchanged. 

^^'jto or i^'y: 'iwdd, or vio'divada, 

j_^»jCLw1 ista'wada, he appointed a 
substitute; rej^laced, gave in- 

t_j»i ^Jf, chance, condition. [( aji; 

^'.>c '{yd/a, fortune-telling. 

Jfy: _ ^.c '(5^, obstacle ; 'awivaqa, 
he hindered. 

Sfj^jo ta'tvecq, a causing delay, 

Jjj.ju or Ji'lc (I a^a, or ia aivivaqaj 
he loitered, was late. 

^^JLc a'dyiq, hindering; rakish, 

J^ ^6*/, shriek, moan; misfortune. 
J^ 'iwcd, confidence; cry for help. 

J^ or Jj»c 'u-ool, paucity of an 
inheritance, insufficient for all 
the heirs. 

^Jx. Jj.c 'awwala 'ala, he relied 
upon, believed in. 

(JjiyJ ta'ivcel, confidence, belief in. 

JIj^ _ J.^i 'o.yyd, pi. ■'i?/ftZ, family, 
child. [Jjbl 

^'x a'dyila, wife, family. 

aJJ'jJI ijjj.1 arshad el-a'dyila, eldest 

of the family. 
i*y: 'dm, a swimming; river in 

flood, not fordable. 

Ac a'dma, he swam. \^*^ 

(- , ^ ^ ^. _ JwC a'dm, pi. a'axudm, year. 

^^i»c 'o», aid, succour. 

^jc ^onrt, aid, succour; euphemism 

for corvee. 
^y.c a'divana, he assisted. 
^jIjco iHo'dwana, assistance. 
jj.U^ vto'divin, assistant. 
^Jx] aa'dna, he assisted. 
U'xl ia'dna, assistance. 
^IxJUwl ista'dna, he asked forheljo. 

Hl*l*,l isti'dna, an asking for help. 

^»jU or «)[j.x^ nia'oona, or luacjhona, 
barge, lighter. 


( 189 ) 


d'Ac a'ihui, pubis. 

j$»i; 'mvwaha, he injured; was in- 
^'x a alia, calamity. 

8^*^ mo'awiuah, deformed, injured. 

^_Jyc 'awa (the dog) barked, howled. 

s-]^ or^y: 'awi,ov ^owa, howl, bark. 

i__j^j.i: _ ^-^;f£ 'aih, pi. 'oyooh, 
vice, stain, shame, defect. 

tdJulc L; .AC 'aib 'alaih, shame on 

thee ! 
^^j.c 'ayyaha, he stigmatised ; 

stained, dishonoured. 
JcA>i& or icAJ^c ^at6a (incorrectly 

haiba), valise, saddle-bag. 

L-jt^Ajco ma'yoob, disgraced, vicious, 

O.r. _ li'v^^l - t>>;^c ^6(^6^, pi. aa'ydd, 

fete, festival (see ^0(i). 
jJlxfJl SJ<c'oed eZ-TOeeZat?,Christmas. 
-^1 J^i 'eed el-fas-h, Easter. 
d^^\ Sj^ 'ced es-so'ood, Ascension. 

(Jl^jdjLi!! Sj^c 'eed et-tathleetli, 

>U!j^l %J^=^ i^->^ 'ecd jameea' cl- 
aivliyd, All Saints. 

ULj]X^c _ j[j.c 'iydr, pi. 'iydrctt, 
legal standard of coin, measures, 
&c. ; calibre ; the usual charge 
of powder and shot for a gun. 

^.'J .Uc 'iydr ndriy, a shot or 
discharge from a gun. 

,U£ 'ayydr, crane for lifting 

weights ; cunning ; rogue. 
.U a'dr, shame, ignominy. 

J.C or jjs. a'yyara, he put to 

shame, dishonoured. 
^j>*o -tic ft'cMYt (the horse) bolted; 

ya'yecr, it bolts. 
.U«^ nvi'ydr, legal standard ; law. 

£ J:< )'^6*-* ini'ydr shara'iy, Mos- 
lem law or standard of right 
and wrong. 
i^*wj.£ s-.ii^ or ^g'^^ 'Isa, or 
Hadrat 'Isa, Jesus Christ. 
,y*kj,i: 'Isawiy, Christian. [ Jl^i 

^£^*wj Yasooa'iy, Jesuit. (N.B. 
Mark the transposition of the 
letters .«*ac.) 

i/i.j^c 'aisJi, life, existence ; bread. 

^Jij^^j _ i^'i a'dsJia, he lived ; 
ya'yeesh, he lives. 

UjiXAil ij^^_ Ya'yeesh Efendeend, 
Vive le Khedive ! " 

^Jij-jo ta'ayyaslta, he lived, gained 
a living. 

(pUi a'yydsh, seller of bread in 
, the streets. 

1j!lS^ A'dyisha, the favourite wife 
of Mahomed, and the Virago 
of the early Caliphate, after 
the Prophet's death. 

iJLJ.>i^ via'yislia, means of life, 

LC^LiU^ _ ^[.f.< ma'dsh, pi. 
ma' dsh dt , mams of life,monthly 
pay, wages ; (in Turkey espe- 
cially), pension, annuity. 

LUi: 'iydt, scream, cry ; uproar. 

ia>£ 'ayyata, he screamed, shouted. 

' }crj 

( aJ-c V<//-, flight of birds. [i i^c 


( 190 ) 


«xiU£ 'hjdfa, fortune-telling, augury 
from flight of birds. 

Jji: _ jUi: _ J.^c 'ayyil, pi. ^iydl, 
family (see 'ol). 

jj^k^ J'a£ 'iydl saghecr, infant, 
small child. 

iiilc a'dyila, family, wife. 

J^c\ or ^jz\ or ^j^sc _ ^j-z 'ain, 
pi. 'oyoon, or aa'yun,a,jxd aa'ydn, 
(femin.) eye, hole, source, foun- 
tain, essence ; evil eye. 

^J*■i^ 'oyoon, arches of bridge j 
spectacles, glasses. 

a1j31 ^jl>i:i aa'ydn el-halad, provin- 
cial notables. 

<s;!^iLLc ^J^c■\ aa'ydn manqool a, move- 
ables, furniture. 

AjLajo or £Juc 'ainoJio, or hi-'ainiJii, 
he himself. 

^ys. 'ain, self, same; the thing sold. 

<^Ly*-^l ^jJ.JO hi-'ain el-ashdh, for 
the same reasons. 

l^ij^ u—jU/ij^'j hll-ashdb 'ainihd, for 
the same reasons. 

hy'a^] ^^£. 'ain el-'oqooha, the 
same penalty. 

ixj^^] |^ji£ 'ain el-mo' ayyana, the 

identical thing. 
Uj£. 'aindn (payment) in kind, 

" en nature." 
^:^x^c or ^jc 'ayyina (or 'ainiya), 

specimen, sample. 
^^x^£■ 'ainiy, self, same ; real. 

^XjJux Vtmya, self, same; sameness. 
iXjijAi J)^^ lioqooq 'ainiya, real 
rights, * droits reels." 

^j^c 'ayyana, he appointed, de- 

i^^jo ta'yeen, appointment, de- 

d^UjXjjtj" ta'yeendt, appointments, 
rations, allowances. 

(^jo ta'ayyana, he was appointed, 
it became evident, resulted. 

^^Ic 'adyana, he examined, saw 
as an eye-witness. 

(^U^ mo'-dyin, eye-witness, scru- 

JuuU^ mo'-dyana, inspection, visit 
of the police to the scene of a 

^fi-e mo'-ayyan, appointed, desig- 

ci.?'w_jL)»_c 'owaindt, small eyes, 

^j^L*^ ma'dn, visible ; Ma'dn in 
Arabia Petrgea. 

,->£ or ^c 'ayya, he was weak, 

ill, incapable. 
l>c 'ayyd, he fatigued, made ill. 
*Uc ^i7/(tjillness,disease. [*! J . ;_^ .^ 
y^Uc 'ayydn, ill, diseased. 


(a hard guttural G). 
c Ghain. Value = 1000. 

(__jUi _ «— j'i ghdba, he was absent 

(see ghiydb.) 
u_;l£ _ JCjU ghdba, forest ; ^A(i&, 

reeds, rushes. 
3 ,1jL< or .li gh dr, or maghdra, cavern. 
j,i _ ^'i: ghdra, a raid (see (//((Jr). 

( 191 ) 


'i,j^'z _ .'x ghdra, h.e was jealous 
(see gliaira) . 

^UJ: or ici'i: ghdgha (for Turkish 
ghoghd, or qavga) , row, tumult, 

J^ . i/^J^ ghdyish, a male dancer, 

Jy: _ ^'x ghdyUa, calamity (see 
gliol) . 

Ui _ L)i glidya, extremity (see 

<.JL^£ ghihh^ end ; after. 

^JIaJI lI^c ^/ti'6& es-saldm, after 

^iri r .5.^ l«»^£ ^7u'&6 moroor taldtat 
ayydm, after tlie lapse of 3 
days ; 3 days after sight (bill 
of exchange). 

jjki:] _ j'jx gliohdr, dust ; aghhar, 

BaJx ghihta, Beatitude ; title of a 

laj^j^i ghabeet, dromedary-saddle 

for riding, 
^jki glial n, fraud, deceit. L,^^ 

^Jis-ls ^^Ai ghabn fdhisli, gross 
fraud, lesion." 

^'jx ghahdniy, cashmere cloth. 

a£ _ js.l'i ghahdwa, stupidity ; 
ghahiy, stupid. 

^l-s^^ _ ^^s^ - j=^^ ghajar, or 
ghajarhj, pi. aghjdr (Persian), 
fortune - teller, gipsy, cheat ; 
shameless buffoon. 

use ghudda, gland, tonsil; "goitre," 

jSc ghadara, he deceived, de- 
.lix gliadr, fraud, concussion " in 
French law. [ir-i - f^j^ -ijj^ 

'ij\st. gliadddra, pistol. 

I aj,lj>£ ghaddreef, vertebrae. 

Ijx ghadd (provincial, Bedouin), 
he came. 

lii. or Ijx ghadd (or gliad), morn- 
ing, midday meal. 

\si ghaddn, to-morrow. 

^j^ taghadda, he ate at midday ; 

lj.i gliazd, he nourished. 
^jxl _ ^lix ghizd, pi. aghziya, 

food, nourishment. 


^isjo tagliazza, he took nourish- 
. .£ _ s\i ghurra, pi. ghurar, beauty ; 
new moon, first day of lunr.r 

Ajb. _ ^£l agliarr, (femin.) gJiarrd, 
shining, glorious. 

>1 jJl £^_j^\ esh-sliariy'a el-gharrd, 
the glorious sheriat, or Divine 
Moslem Law. 

j^ji - j's- gliarra, he deceived; 
glioroor, deceit. 

^.yLo magliroor, deceived; self- 
deceived, vain. 

jib] ightarra, he was deceived. 
.1^ gliirdr, sack. 
L_^ gharaha, he disappeared, 

went abroad, or westward ; the 

sun set. 
L__jj^ ghorooh, sun- set. 

( 192 ) 


L_jyi gltarh, west- ; salivation. 

j^ (jharhiy, -svestern. 

<-jJ^\ cl-gharh, the West ; Algarve 
in Portugal. 

t >JJ1 ^lJj]Jo Tardholus el-gliarh, 

Tripoli AVest (in Africa) . 

IkiL _ ^j£- Gharhiya, tlie central 
and largest province of Lower 
Egypt; capital, Tantd. 

^'ji: _ ^i— ^^ ri gliareeb, pi. ghorahd, 
strange, foreign, extraordinary. 

h]jt. - u—J^i ghordh, crow, raven, 
bolt ; ghardha, strangeness. 

ii^tagliraha, he was 

u_yU maghrih, place or hour of 

sunset ; west. 
^.'-A_< _ -Jpjt_< maghrihiy, pi. 

magJidrha, Moor, Moorish. 

J'j.i _ (Jj-c gJiarhaJa, he sifted; 

ghirhdl, sieve. 
t>^ gharrada, (the bird) warbled. 

.•pC gharaza, he stuck, it ran 

iJ^f- - iry^ gJtarnsa, he planted ; 

ghirds, a planting. 
^^|i:l _ iryi gliarSf pi. agJirds, a 

plant, shoot. 
^Jii _ it^^tii gliroosh (Turkish for 

Arabic qirsh), piastre, 2^d. 

(" groschen " ?) . 

(^.£ g]iarida,he desired, aimed at. 

cj£;[j:-\ - {j^f- gharad, pi. aglirdd, 
desire, aim, object in view ; 
malice, prejudice. 


^ Jt-o moghrid, prejudiced, partial. 
'ijtjt. - j^f- gliargliara, he gargled ; 

gliarghara, a gargle. 
i__i;i gharafa, he ladled. 
(__iJ: _ ici-c ghorfa, pi. gJwraf, 

pool, cell, cavity. 
^^iJLo miglirafa, ladle, scoop. 
r.c ghariqa, he sank, was drowned, 

or wrecked. 

»jc\ aghraqa, he made sink, 
drowned ; flooded a field. 

JfJol ingharaqa, it was flooded, 

(jJciwjl he Was bverwhelmed ; it 
was exaggerated ; it occupied 
much time. 

Jiy: gharaq, act of sinking, drown- 
ing, shipwreck, flooding a field. 

2j> i: ghareeq, drowned. 

^"..Ic ghdrooqa, a ruinous form of 
mortgage ; ' antichrese," aban- 
donment of the usufruct to a 

'^1 gliorla, prepuce. 
j,jb gharlma, he owed money. 
J^z gliarvama, he fined, made pay. 
*j Jo taghrecvi, imposition of a fine. 
iULc ghardma, money fine. 
A^jt. - jfijZ ghareem, pi. ghoramd, 
creditor ; debtor. 

J-t ghardm, passionate love, 

^^jjb. gharta, he coveted. 

^c.J:l aghra, he excited desire, 
tempted^ seduced. 


( 193 ) 

jjliaj^l sLcl aghrdho esh-shaitdn, 
the Devil tempted liim. 

p]jt] ighrd, temptation^ seduction. 

>L£ ghird,gum, glue; covetousness. 

IcJ-i or Ji: gJiazza or gliazghaza, 
he pushed in^ plunged, thrust, 

i$Ji, Gaza in Palestine. 

S.Lc ghazdra, abundance. 

ijj-c ghazala, he spun (wool, 
cotton, &c.) 

Ajc ghazl, spun yarn. 

iuJ^ gliazliya, native stuff of silk 
and cotton mixed. 

J 'jLo mighzal, spindle. 

Jj£ ghazal, courtship, love poem. 

J j'jo taghdzala, he flirted with, 

^Jh-i^ - Jl^^ gliazdl, pi. ghizldn, 

tJl/^ (JO '''-/? ghazal, parchment. 

hi gliazd, he raided, attacked the 

»lj_£ or isjjc ghaziva, or ghazdt, 
raid, razzia. 

ShJ: _ v_f;'-ii ghdzi, pi. gJiozdt, 
Moslem raider, champion of 

^_5jl)i: _ ^) ;li^ ghdziya, pi. ghawdzi, 
a professional dancing girl of 
Upper Egypt ; an obsolete gold 

(J.*«x or (J.-*J; ghasala or ghassala, 
he washed linen, a corpse, &c. 

(J^kXil ig]itasaJa,h.e washed himself. 

(J,*j*i: gliasl, or gliusl, a washing; 
a religious bathing of the whole 
body after certain pollutions. 

compare ivodoo. 


Jy*(i: gJiasool, washing a dead body 
for burial. 

(J— a_»jjx ghaseel, washed; hence, 
clothes for the wash. 

^J'w«*ji _ J'.^c ghassdl, (femin.) 
ghassdla, washerman. 

(J^wjJLc maghsal, laundry, lavatory. 

(JJlA^7»or//iassi7,a washer of corpses. 

|Jlc ghoshsha, he cheated, adul- 
terated, falsified. 

^jZc ghishsh, fraud, adulteration. 

(p^AJU) maglislioosh, adulterated 

(article); bad (coin). 
^U>Ac _ ^xi^c ghasheem, pi. ghoslia- 

md, novice, awkward; recruit, 
a numbering off in drill, "by 
numbers. ^^ 

^o^ ,^_^Uli almds ghasheem, rough 

*yiJ: ghashoom, ignorant, naif." 

'ixJU:.\ _ s^\^ ghishd, pi. aghshiya, 
membrane, sheath. 

*isc ghushia, he fainted. 

ijIj.A£ ghashaydn, a fainting. 

^_^_*2_i ghasaha, he used force, 
violated, ravished. 

L_^N.*ai: ghash, violence, force. 

^c U^ai qhasbdii 'an, in spite of. 

i-__>Ua!iil _ <-^ .-alf:! ightasaha, he 

ravished; igJitisdh, rape, 
c c 


( 194 ) 


^^y^ - u^^ (jlinsn, pi. gliosoon, 
branch, bough. [c J 

iw^-ii fjhadiha, lie was angry. [J,; : 

L.-'N-iac gliadah, anger. 

(-_?}-fli or ^J^■>^ ghadhdnor ghadooh, 

^ii K—j^k^ maghdooh 'alelh, object 

of wrath. 

L-^^il aghdaba, he provoked to 
anger, vexed. 

J: gltodroof, pi. 



7> t^ 

ghaddreefj cartilage, vertebra. 

^»Ji _ (j-^^ g^Kidau, pi. ghodoon, 
fold, wrinkle. 

^•:'^' e^j 

•J / ' " 


1^? ghodoon esli-sltaJir, 
in the course of the month. 

Ljiac _ Li ghatta, he snored; ^//a- 

/ee^, a snoring. 
(; ghatrasha, (colloquial) he 

connived at, shut his eyes to. 


i«*iai or ^jJ^ ghatasa, or ghatta sa, 
he plunged (another) into water, 

^wwjisAj or (T-'^ ghifds or taghtees, 
a plunging; baptism; Epiphany. 

jwJsA^ mightas, tank for washing. 

ki or Uai ghatd, or ghatta, he 
covered, put the lid on. 

I2A) taghatta, he covered or veiled 
Likkil - -^'iai gh'itd, pi. aghtiya, 
lid, cover. 

\2jc< moghatta, covered; having 


a lid. 
ftc ghafara, (God) pardoned. 

^^!i.*.l istaghfara, he asked (God's) 

J. ^ 

a;iJl ^fA-i-lLil Astaghfir Vllali, May 
God pardon me ! Heaven for- 
bid ! You are too compli- 

'i.xk^ or ^j^ai glwfrdn, or maghjira, 
God's pardon. 


.'oi or .^oi ghafonr, or ghaffdr, 

God the Pardoner. 
_j^ Is-jaynm ghafeer, a vast crowd. 

ji.lic or ^ gliafar, or ghafdra, 
the system of night-watch by 
peasants; post or beat of a 
night- watchman. 

Alb. _ ^a£ ghafeer, pi. ghofard, 
night-watchman. This word is 
officially spelt JcJiafeer. [»:^j-=^ 
iJU mighfar, helmet. 

,Jsi£. ghafala, he was negligent, 

(Jj'Jo taghdfala, he was unready ; 

shammed carelessness. 

Zsic or (Jii ghafal, or ghajla, 

iljiAll ^ic 'ala l-ghafla, suddenly, 

by surprise. 
(Jili ghdfil, negligent, careless. 
'iJac ghafvja, a doze, nap, siesta. 

Jilil — (Jc i/^'i?^ spite ; ighJdl, 
fraud, deceit. 

Jili _ idi. ghalla, pi. gh'ddl, corn, 
cereals ; revenue, crop. 

J^AjLjI istighldl, enjoyment of a 
right, taking the crops, SiC. 

( 195 ) 



^Ic C«.^ii: ghalaha 'ala, he con- 
quered, got tlie mastery over. 

L«^Ujl iv ghalaha, h.9 was con- 

^u: e_JiAJ taghallaha 'ala, lie in- 
fluenced, mastered. 

hit ghalaha, victory ; jabber, 
dLdi gJialahaliq (in Turkish pro- 
nounced qdlabdliq) , row, crowd, 

^-.'jklc glialahdwiy, a jabberer, 

^Ulc ghalhdn, conquered ; wrong ; 
poor, pauper. 

l.«^'.£ ghdlib, conqueror; proba- 
bility, majority. 

L»^!'Jt!I jJ or IjJ'si ghdlihdn, or ^ 

I- ghdlib, probably. 

v_^li:l aghlah, more probable ; 

ijaiil aghlahhja, majority, pre- 
^sAc] aghlahohom, most of tliem. 

^1.^1 ^ualil aghlabiyat el-adrd, 
majority of votes. 

i-Aj Jjc* _ «_->JjU! maghlooh, defeated; 

maghloohiya, defeat. 
wwOawjuJU ghdleehsees, lamium i^ur- 

(jAt or i;«.l£ ghilis, cad, snob, 

vulgar fellow. 

iL«>^alii ghalaama, uvula, pharynx. 

Lli: ffhalita, he made a mistake, 
Wits in error. 

^laii or Lli ghalat, or ghalta, error, 
mistake. [s-lla=^ 

^Uali ghaltdn, in error, mistaken. 
iLli ghilza, coarseness, vulgarity. 
iliHi ghildza, coarseness, thick- 
Iblc _ lijic ghalecz, pi. ghildz, 
coarse, thick, massive. 

jcaii _ ( JJlc ghildf, sheath ; gltulfa, 


Ai\ or dc or ^jii: ghalaqa, or 

ghallaqa, or aghlaqa, he shut, 

closed. [J^ 

lix ghalaq, small basket, pannier. 

di< or .Jii^ maghlooq, or mogh- 

laq, shut, closed ; dark, 
dA^ maghlaq, enclosure, barn ; 

JUli: or At ghalam, or ghulma, 

sexual lust. 
J^A^t - ^ic gholdin, pi. ghilmdn, 

lad, small boy. 
iJuli ghaleena (Greek), calm ; 
gentle wind. 
I'x _ ^ic ghald, dearth, dearness ; 
ghdli, dear, expensive. 
^lio _ ^ic ghala (the water) 

boiled ; yighli, it boils. 
icl or ^Js- ghalla, or aghla, he 

made boil, he boiled. 

..Ijii ghalaydn, ebullition. 

LJU ghalldya, kettle. 

JJi^ or j^ji.* nioghalli, or maghli, 

boiled ; a decoction. 


( 106 ) 


j*^^ - *J= glianun, pi. ghoinooni, 

j*^'*^ maghmoom, saddened, sad. 

<Aac ghamada, he siieathed; ghimd, 
a sheath. 

^f>»^ ghamara, he covered over. 

^;^ ghamra, abundance, great 

J^^' or j^ gJtamaza, or taglid- 
maza, he winked at, connived. 

s^c ghnmza, wink, hint_, conni- 

:l^ gliamdz, trigger. 

,^,«-*J: ghamasa, he soaked, dipped. 

j_^a£ gliamas, blearness, weakness 
of eyes. 

^Ai ghamada, he shut his eyes, 
. kept dark, connived at. 

U^K^ ghdmid, dark, obscure, 

^Jxki: gJioTnq, depth, 
i^'i: ghdmiq, deep. 
^a£ ghamma, he covered, 
^i ghunj, indecent posturing or 

(.^:,^s^*J tagliannajet, she solicited 
by her gait. 

jSXc ghandar, foppishness, co- 

ij^^b. - J ^SJs. ghandoo)',f o-p ; ghan- 

doora, immodest woman. 
,ci.JUj taghandara, he flirted. 

«xl)^iAi ghanghareena (European), 

*x»il or Jlc ghanima, or igldanama, 
he took booty, profited by. 

*i'ac _ ic-«aJi£ ghaneema, pi. ghand- 
yim, booty, spoil. 

^Liil _ At ghanam, pi. aghndm, 


AXc glianndm, shepherd. [ xl. 

Ji or s-lii; ghand, or ghina, 
wealth, luxury. 

>Lucl _ ^^li ghaniy, pi. aghniyd, 

rich, wealthy. 
j^c ^Jiixw! istaghna a'n, he was 

rich enough to do without, he 

dispensed with. 

.. . s _ 
j^'xl _ \a£ _ jiyic ghinwa, or ghind, 

pi. aghdni, song. 
13 -c; 

j^Aij or jJi: glianna, or taglianna, 

he sang. 

^JU^ onoghajini, singer. 

(.IjUc or (JLjȣ ^7i(98, or ghiyds, 
help, succour, salvation. 

io'i:l _ lL-'vcI aghdsa, he helped, 
rescued ; igJidsa, rescue. 

(JLjU'juwI istaghdsa, he cried for 

sVx _ j»c (ghor) gJidra, raid, in- 
cursion, [hi 

S.U-c _ .U ghdr, or maghdra, cavern. 

cljI^jJ: gliowaislidt, glass bracelets. 

\^f- ghawwasha, he jabbered, was 

i^yc ghos, a plunging, diving. 

^yc ghot, a depression, hollow. 

Isl^ ghdyit, fooces. 


( 197 ) 


\sJ6 taghawvmta, lie weut to stool. 

Lj^ (jliaweet, deep. 

^lk>i: _ kj^ rjhait, pi. glieetdn, 
field, lowland. 

^'i: or 5-lc.£ ghdghd {gdgha, gavgd), 
row, tumult. 

^jJUi: _ J^i: r/ZzooZ, pi. glieeldn, vam- 
pire, foul demon. 

(JJly: - Jcli.i ghdyila, pi. ghawdyil, 

j_5-.£ ghaiva, he lost his way, 

j_^.i:l aghwa, he led astray, seduced. 
'i^c glicey a, desire, error, seduction; 
flock of decoy pigeons. 

L__>U£ or v.--^J^ ghaib, or gliiydh, 
absence, alibi. 

^jui gliaiha, or ghecha, absence ; 

V ^Uj! ii or ljy.£ ghaibdn, or 

a^/a l-ghdyib, a knowing % 
heart. [liars- 

t_^5x glidyih, absent, absentee, 
defaulter ; third person in 

IjoUi _ ^gi}~yb. gkiydbiy, or ghiyd- 

biydn, by default (legal term). 

L_.OLij or i__>U ghdba, or taghay- 
yaba, he absented himself, dis- 

L_.%jja^ mutaghayyib, absentee. 

v_,^i: gliayyaba, he made dis- 

L__>li: _ Lli ghdba, forest; ghdb, 
reeds, rushes. 

Ll^i gJiais, rain as a blessing 

from God. 
'ijj^t ghaiva (or gJiecra) , jealousy; 

j^j-c ghayoor, jealous, zealous. 
jUj or .U ghdra, or tagltdyara, 

he was jealous. 
.l>i: ghiydr, otherness, change, 

fXi. ghair, other, another, different ; 

not, except, without. 
^y^ jXt ghair saheeh, not true. 

iXc i! J wa Id ghair oh, only he, 
and no other but he. 

CJUj jSb ^^ or ^^ bi-gliair (or 
min ghair) zdlih, without that. 

'i j^ jsh. ghair marra, more than 

->£ ghayyara, he made change, 

^jJoia(//ift2/?/ara, it became changed. 

y\jf^ moghdyir, contrary, opposed 

^llajki _ \2J.c ghait, pi. gheetdn, 

field, lowland. [b^ 

liU£ or ^'c ghaiz, or ghiydz, anger. 
l^'Ji! or liliJl inghdza, or ightdza, 

he became angry. 
AliU! _ li'xl aghdza, he made angry ; 

ighdza, provocation. 
liLoil ightiydz, anger. 
Kxc gheela, guile, treachery. [^J^^ 
Jjly: _ illvi: ghdyila, pi. ghawdyil, 

calamity. LJ;^ 

wi - ♦J'i^ ghaim, pi. ghoyooin, 

cloud. [ifls**' 

( 198 ) 


^^■k< moghayyam, clouded over. 

Ui (jltayya,, he set up a staff, flag, 

h\c ghdya, limit, extremity, aim, 
eud in view. 

i>_lAj hi-ghdya, extremely, exces- 

C-Wj h]J^ U-gJidya zaJiTi, as far as 
that, to that end. 

(-J Fe. Value = 80. 

jUii _ ( — j fa, and, then ; faqdla, 
and he said. 

CLjy _ ti^'j /a^a, he passed (see 

_y _ _li fdha, it exhaled a smell 


.^ - j^' f^'"'^} it began to boil 
(see for') . 

^|y_lj - }"^ f^^'"'} pl- f^^'^'dn, rat, 
mouse ; a carpenter^s plane. 

^ _ "j^sfdrr, a fugitive (see/arra). 

(-.^ji _ (^y*li /as, pi. /o-oos (femin.), 
pick-axe, adze ; the town of 
Fez in Morocco. 

^J^ - ^j'i fdqcty it surpassed (see 

J^J _ JVJ /aZ, pi. /o-o?, a good 
omen taken from a good name, 
word, book, &c. 

JI-aJ tafddla, he sought a good 

joi _ iijjli fdyicla, advantage (see 
" faid). 

j-i}j-*^ Fehrdyir (European), Feb- 
ui^i fatta, he broke up small. 

\^i^j3ifateet, small, tiny, fragment. 

Cl^JiJ' tafattata, it was broken up 


.xJ fataha, he opened, began ; 
ULil iftataha, he opened (an 
assembly), inaugurated. 

—jjli _ Jii fat-h, pi. fotooh, open- 
ing ; victory. 

_^j .a ^ij . (icJJl ^j^j^ naRTun min 

Allah iva fat-hun qarecb, Help 
from God and a speedy vic- 

h^fat-ha, orifice; vowel- sound 
of short a, the mark -^ above a 
letter. [h^ 

jjLLo or -_Us or JiS fdtih, ox fat t ah, 



or mofattih, Conqueror; God, 

he who opens salvation, or a 

conquered country, 
yia^ or Jli ^^y^ Ion fdtih, or 

maftooh, light tint or colour. 

VlflJl iX^i^s:-* Mohammad el-Fdtih., 

^ Mehemet II. of Turkey, the 

Conqueror of Constantinople, 

A.D. 1453. 


L_^l»j^l Jk< mofattih cl - abwdh, 
God, the opener of the doors 
(of salvation). 

^'li fdtiha, the first short or 
opening chapter of the Koran, 
corresponding to our Lord s 

•( 199 ) 


JuJs:'^ —.^'xi\ iftitdh el-jalsa, the 
opening of a sitting of a Court. 

—'Jaju-I istiftdh, the opening of a 
clay's work; a shopkeeper's 
first sale or money taken in 
in the morning. 

J'i^ _ _'ju-« iniftdh, pi. nuifdtih, 

«_JLia-<2_o -»,'ju^ miftdli V lost ana' J 
false key. 

Ji^ niaftooh, opened^ open, light 
tint ; a consonant marked with 

Jxi fitr, half a span, from thumb 
to fore-finger. \-j^ 

JlJ fdtir, lukewarm, tepid. 

s.o'i fdtoora (European, fattura), 
sample of cloth. 

(Ji-i—i fattaslia, he inspected, 

^^^'^J>.i _ ^JCJoaJ" taftecsh, pi. iofd- 
tecsh, inspection; the area of in- 
spection, duty of an inspector. 


jJiji.i^ vbnfattish, inspector. 
^ii fataqa, he split open. 



lii fatq, rupture, split ; hernia, 

Jf'Jli fifdq, hernia. 

.»<:^1 I'ii ^ ^. ra/r/ tt/'a fatq el- 
oiiwor, the shutting and open- 
ing, i.e. the transaction of 
business. [cf. k;. . La^ 

c_-> i^iAJLi fatal-a hi, he attacked, 
wounded, killed. 

clAlu /(f/A", violence. 

(J_i_i fatala, he twisted, made 

JJ'.jLs - ^Jluj fatecla, pi. fatdijiJ, 
thread, wick, cord. 

1^1 or jjii fatana, or aftana, he 
excited to revolt, stirred up, 

djli fitna, plot, sedition. 

[sagacity = icALi 
(jjlfl^ moftin, plotter, demagogue. 
djji fotna, acacia blossom. 

^^yJ^J>.^ maftoon, excited, seduced, 

Am fata, youthfulness. 

J^ - ui"^ M<^f: V^' fi^y^^n> lad, 
boy, brave youth. \.i<'^'^ 

\:u\-^JxJ _ iJui fatdt, pi. fataydt, 
girl, maidservant. 

f^^y^ - ^tj fdtiya, pi. faicdti, 


..■fi.. . 

i^ fotoowa, youth, brave exuber- 
ance of male youth. 

j^Sxs] y^yJ<> fotoowatlu efendvm, a 
Turkish title applied in ad- 
dressing letters to junior offi- 
cials, captains, lieutenants, &c. 

j_cj'^ - c_^V^ fatwa, pi. fatdwa, or 
fitdwi, a jurist's decision in 
Moslem sacred law, 
"Ulq/'i^a,hegavea decision or/a^w«. 

^ia^ mufti, Moslem judge who 
delivers the fatwa, jurisconsult. 

jjiijuwl istafta, he asked the mvfti 

for a fatwa. 
I? fijh unripe (fruit) . [see ^^* 
"jfW^ ravine. 


( 200 ) 


W'J or Vs* f(ij''h or fdjd, he sur- 
prised^ caught in the act. 

jils:^ fojdfdn, suddenly. L^^i 

'^.j^ or^/pjV, or fojr, or fijrhj a, 

dawn ; aurora ; bugle-call of 


j^^> or J.S? fajr, or fojoor, de- 
bauchery, libertinism. 

y>-^-> fdjir, debauchee. 

JlJ* _ cM fijh radish; fajjdl, 

O O 

^^\s^ fajjdla, greengrocers; market 

gardens; a suburb to the N.E. 

of Cairo. 
jss^ or C-^s* or ci^ss:* fahata, or 

fall asa, ovfahara, he dug. [^»- 
li^ or ^_/i=:^ foltsh, or f ah slid, 

lust, prostitution, 

^j^[ifdhish, outrageous, glaring, 

y; ~^ l, ^ Mf'*^ taman fdliish, an 

outrageous price. 
^ji.s^li ^J^s. (jhahn fdhish, gross 

fraud, lesion. 
|Jis.l^ - i^.>-'j fdhisha, pi. /awft- 

/n's/t, prostitute. 
^Jexs^ falls, scrutiny. 
ijc^'" or ^jos^ fahasa, or tafahh asa, 

he scrutinised, inquired care- 
fully into. 
J^* _ {Js^ falil, ])\.fohool, stallion, 

he-camel; male palm; fine and 

large specimen. 
(uw.-cla- (J>s^ fahl jdmoos, a fine 

J^' Js' /(//// basal, a large onion. 

icLs* fohoola, virility. 
*^^- ^fah7n,'p\.fohoom, charcoal, 

^cfT^ f^ falim liajariy, mineral 

^»-li fdliim, black (hair), black as 

^\yjs.> fahtvd, sense, meaning of 

£d^ faliliklia, a trap, snare. 

ic-jLi-lJ fdlxliita, a cooing dove, 

jl=jl - A_si faUd, pi. afkhdd 
(femin.), thigh; leg (of mutton) . 

'ij\^ fahlikhdra, pottery, china. 

8,^'J fdlxlioora, a pottery, place 
for making pots. 

'ijj.:^ faklieera, hole, pit, depression. 

y^^ or >=v.'J or^k^il or js^ falihar a, 
or iftaliliara, or fdkliara, or 
tafakhkhara, he boasted, took 
pride in, showed off. 

.lik^il iftiklidr, pride, boasting. 

v-ft-s' fakhfaklia, he bragged, 

L.v)Us* faklidma, illustriousness, 
pomp, pride. 

jluULs* faklidmetlu, Turkish title 
for a Prime Minister; Grace or 

^s^-* or *J.s* fakheem, or viofakh- 
kham, illustrious. 

'^Ac ^.t>_^As:^ ii^J daivlafakhccma, 
official Turkish title for any 
European Power, " the illus- 


( 201 ) 


trious state/' in contradis- 
tinction from claivlaf 'al'nja, 
Turkey, the Exalted State. 

^jjJIjJ or L'jJl - jjlc^j fedddn, pi. 
afdina, or fadddeen, Egyptian 
acre, a little larger than an 
English acre ; i.e. 166 rods 
instead of 160; 4200 square 

^Jiyi fidn, one feddan. 

<Sj<Jj or Iji Jidd, or fidlya, ransom. 

^ ji fazlaJca, sum total, summary, 

jAj-jjfarra,'heQ.ed; yafirr,\\e flees. 

.l.j firdr, flight, escape. 

.Li or Jj fdrr, or farrdr, a fugitive. 

Jjs\\ ^J^ walla el-jirdr, he fled, took 

to flight, 
u .U jJ farra lidrihdn, he fled as a 
fugitive {e.g. from justice). 

^Ji-r!.-J _j ^s->\j.i Furdt iva Dijla, 
Eujjhrates and Tigris. 

^JJi]J-aJi] El-Furdtdn, the two 
Euphrates, i.e. the Euphrates 
and Tigris; Mesopotamia. 

—.jjifarraja, he opened, laid bare. 

_.^ tafarraja, he opened his 

heart, amused himself, walked 

about sightseeing. 

&Xc ^J>\ (ifi'fjj'^i' 'aiilio, he released 
(liim, a prisoner), set him at 
liberty. [jdjuk**j iU-1 

ica^i J ferdja, Turkish lady's cloak. 
ij.s^]jsfarajiya, a Cadi's loose robe. 

Aj^? - ^'V f'^^'''^^h Pl- fardreej, 
chicken, hen. ^t'^ 

^=s..j^ fardrjiy, chicken-seller. 
i=>-fi forja, a show, sight. 

^;y - ■^Z /'*'7'^ Pl- fofo^j^ fissure, 
cleft, vulva. 

^^faraj, joy, relief. 

—I^ijl infirdj, a being wide open. 

ic-rv^JU ^Jjh zdiviya munfarija, 
obtuse angle. 

_^i fariha, he was glad, gay. 

_^1 or _J farraka, or afralia, 

he gladdened. 

-,^f avail, gaiety; wedding fete. 

^j'.2^j or —jS far ill, or farhdn, glad, 


_^Lc mofrik, gladdening. 

•Li _ j^jifarlch, '^l.firdkh, chicken, 


• l_i.Jl (J_^«^ maa'mal el-Jlrdhh, 
incubator, oven for the artificial 
hatching of chickens. 

^),flj tafreckh, a hatching. 

^Jj^ 'ji farhh waraq, a sheet of 



farrdkh, poulterer. 

Jji or ii\ji\ - t^ f"''(^} unit, odd 
number, one piece, bale, basket, 
half- load; pi. afrdd, units, 
forood, pieces. 

j^ . J^ fard u joz, odd and even. 
hfiAs 0>Ji fard tahanja, a pistol. 
Si\j - i'^iji fareeda, pi. fardyid, 
pearl; quire of paper. 

D D 


( 202 ) 


d^jLj] infirdd, isolation^ solitude. 

J-iLc or djk^ mofrad, or monfarid, 

alone, solitary; kept apart; the 

singular number. 
^j^d\jJ _ \^^^'^j-> frddics, pi. 

farddees (Persian), Paradise. 
jjfarz, choice, selection. 
; i or .y faraza, or farraza, he 

chose, picked out, distinguished 

j-Lc otj^Jlk, mafrooz, or mofarraz, 

chosen, elite. 
(-.Jkil or ^-.i farasa, or iftarasa, 

(the animal) was ferocious, 

spirited ; (the dog) flew at. 
L^ji fareesa, prey, victim (to a 

wild beast, &c.) . 
^JiM - ^^jyifaras, pi. afrds, mare. 

J-*^J - (,J^;'^-^ /t^''*'^^ pl- forsdn, 

cavalier, good horseman. 
iM^sfardsa, skill in horsemanship; 
jirdsa, sagacity. 
^1 i^s faras en-nahiy, the 

Prophet^s mare; mantis insect. 
irvV ff-"^^^^} cavalry, 
i-wi JPors, Persia, the Persians. 
\»,[> fdrsiy, a Persian, Persian. 
^f^jXSLK, moftaris, fierce, spirited 

(animal) . 
■ jii faraslia,\\e furnished a house, 

laid down carpets, bedding; 

spread out articles for sale; he 


U^;j-^ - UV-' f^'''^^^> P^- foroosli, 

bed, bedding. 
irj - [^'\/ fifii-s^h ip\.forosh, bed; 

a wife ; fardsh, moth. 

i^i^j-s fan'dsli, sweeper, . valet; 
upholsterer, decorator for fes- 

Ltjifwsha (Turkish ^rcAa), brush. 

ci^Lijj_Lo mafrooshdt, furniture, 
especially soft furniture, uphol- 
stery, carpets, &c. 

Lis*'' i^^ fardshat el-'ajala, 
tire of wheel. \-{J^ 

fjc^ - l^ji forsa, pi. /o?*as, oppor- 

'Lcj}S\ \^^ intaliaza el-forsa, he 
took the opportunity. 

j^)'^l A)Cj^ onorta'yid el-fardyis, 
trembling with fear. 

j_^jy _ ^JOJi fard, ipl.forood, Divine 
precept; moral obligation, duty, 
share ; tax. 

Li J forda, notch, inlet. 

jwsj' .i _ Lij J fareeda, pi. fardyid, 
inheritance, share of inheritance. 

j_^.jLs1 or (_/=f5 farada, or iftarada, 
he supposed, allowed a supposi- 

{jc^Jii] iftirdd, hypothesis. 

^JC^JSL< mafrood, supposed, hypo- 
\sS farata, he surpassed. 
\sifart, excess, negligence ; death. 
ir|jlif;-a^, excess, abuse of authority. 

k.) r^> tafreet, omission of duty, 
falling short, imprudence. 

\dJlo niofrit, excessive. 

\s^\ ^i \sy farata f hi el-fart, he 

met with a fatal accident. 
cjj! - cjifara', 'pl.forooa', branch. 



( 203 ) 



^y fara'iy, incidental, minor 

(detail) . 
'i'xc\J» _ ^^f■f Fira'oon, ^l.FanVyina, 

Pliaraoh, tyrant. 
kj-'i faragJta, it was empty; lie 

was at leisure. 
clJ fardgli, emptiness, leisure, 

c:,[ifdrigh, empty, idle, bootless 

cj.i or aji\ afraglia, or farragha, 

he emptied, ceded, unloaded. 

kjs3>J\ istafragha, lie vomited. 

Jj. j or jjy faraqa, or farraqa, 
he divided, separated, distin- 
guished between; distributed. 

J) .U fdraqa, he withdrew himself, 

difference, line of parting, se- 
paration; synonym. 

liJ-Lo or J)]^ /'■«'/, or mofdraqa, 
departure, separation. 

^j-'i _ ^y firqa, pl- y^5*'"Z> division 
or corps of army, sect, con- 
gregation; set. 

^j fareeq, General of Division, 

^Ufj forqdn, distinction between 

good and evil; the Koran. 
I'^iJU) mutafarriq, various, dis- 
persed, scattered. 

^iii or -^jS farqci'o., or faqaa, it 
exploded, burst, cracked. ^ 

If^ji farqa'a, explosion, a crack- 

'^j3 Jirqilla, a whiip of twisted cords. 
uiJj faraka, he rubbed, rubbed 

to pieces. 
lLU fa rli, f r i c ti o n . 
i^y firli, conjugal hatred. 
»»1Aj* ,s fareeh, corn-cake. 
* .i farama, he minced, chopped. 
a].^ farrdm, professional cutter of 

f>,jjSi-< mafroom, mince. 
cu'Jto J -^jUji fanndn, -pl.farmdndt 

(Persian) , Imperial order, brevet, 

or letters patent. 

^Jijj _ ^JJ.s forn, oven, bakery ; 
farrdn, baker. 

<LXij!\ or Jijs] or J^ f^'^^nj, or 
afranj, or afrank, Frankish, 
European, Europeans. 

L*j,i _ t_fj'v*w.j.} Fransdwiy, French, 
Frenchman ; Fransd, France. 

j_^.l»«.J J y'lh hinto fransdwiy, a 
napoleon or 20 (vingt, venti) 
franc piece. 

tS^aJ farhada, he alarmed, con- 
founded, prostrated or over- 

iijj&fS farhada, confusion, nervous 

mofarhad, confounded, 

S. .5 fiinva, fleece, fur. 
i;. J fonviya, a furry article, fur 

cloak, judge's robe. 

s-]jxi\ or hJ firiya, or iftird, lie, 

^jyi\ iftara, he slandered, [i ;ji" 

^ -ia^ moftari, slanderer. 


( 204 ) 


i. _ 'iji fira^ abundance (see wofr). 
Jxs\ or ji fazza, or ijtazza, lie 

leaped, trembled. [pb 

^js jazz a, a jump. 
jJu^\ istafazza, lie provoked, 
c^ faza', fright. 
j-< cjj faza' mdiy, hydrophobia, 

fear of water. 
^Xc aji faza'a 'cda, he rushed at, 

attacked. tij*/ 

^yjo - (j**9 /^^ /'?2^:. red cap, 

^^^ fistiq, fustuq, pistachio. 

^j'.!ws fistdn (Turkish), petticoat; 
wJ fasolia, it was spacious. 

ik=JM*i or ^:s*^ fos-ha, or fasdJia, 
an open space, or room. 

^-*flj tafassalia, he strolled, took 
his ease, promenaded. 

>>«i fasaliha, he abolished. [»«! 


fasJih, abolition, dissolution 

of contract, 
rjj^ fascchh, dried stinking fish, 
mostly from Damietta, and 
considered a great relish by 
the fellaheen. 
J'^s*^ fasalihdniy, seller of fa- 
seeMi, or rotten fish. 

j'ww*5 fasdil, moral corruption, in- 
trigue, conspiracy, nullity. 
i3-*»jl afsada,h.e corrupted, vitiated. 
S**jL-c7nofsid y corrupter, conspirator. 

jttti or .«ji fasara, or fassara, he 
explained, commented upon. 


^A*j'iJ _^jksu.aj tafseer, pi. tafdseer, 

^JLkj'r. jA^ _ L'JoaiJ Fosidt, a largo 
tent ; the first Moslem settle- 
ment at Cairo ; Masr 'Ateeqa, 
or Old Cairo near Roda. 

(—-> i«*j fasaqa hi, he fornicated 
with ; sodomised with. 

L__> i^wi j^.s^ Z>t, indecent assault 

(legal term). 
<iua*mJ fisqiya, tomb ; fountain ; 

"jet cVcau." [iJ.l_jJ 

(J«>i /asZ, vile, vulgar. 
kAy^ fasooliya, French beans. 

\JJ^Mi or <lXj<jLi or LlXLiJ Jlshenh, 
or fislieik, or fislieh (Turkish), 
cartridge ; squib ; rocket. 

LiJ fasha, it was revealed. 

j^*iJl afsha, he revealed (the 

.Lsfc,^! -f'JUsl ifshd el-csrdr, a re- 
vealing of secrets, professional 
breach of confidence (legal 
term) . 

U^-j^ - jUi fiss, or fass, pi. 
fusoos, stone of a ring, lobe of 
the ear. 

^ fas-li, Easter. 

Iij^Xas fasdha, eloquence. 
->^ faseeh, eloquent. [i^ 

s^oi fasada, he bled (surgically). 

H jLa5 Jisdda, phlebotomy. 

S^Lki 111.1/8 ad, lancet. [1^,^^ 

^jy^ _ (J-^ /«s^ ph fosool, divi- 
sion, chapter, season ; dis- 
missal from oflBce. 


( 205 ) 



^Jj'^ _ iLxAsi faseela, pi. fasdyil, 

species, genus. 
jJ-«aAS /az'sft/, decision, interruption. 

(Jwcli or (J-^ai fasala, he divided, 
decided, dismissed from office ; 
weaned ; bargained. 

J'w^i jisal, bargain, agreement on 

price ; weaning, separation. 
J*^ fas sal a, lie detailed. 

(J.Ag.3j] iyifasala, lie was separated; 

departed, ceased. 
^y^^i fdsil, a divider, dividing. 
Lii^Lx-flflj or (Jjv^'^aj _ (Jjuaaj' tafseel, 

pi. tafdseel, or tafseddt, details, 

(J-^'^a^ _ (JaoLo mafsiJ, pi. mafdsil, 

joint, articulation. 

CL>Jl.^Lo mofassildt, hinges. [sj . 

^j fadda, he broke into little 
pieces ; ended. 

„ ■** 

JLaJ fadda, silver ; one para, of 

which 40 equal one piastre or2^tZ. 

/1-ai faddiy, silvery, made of 

jwaajl infadda, it came to an end. 
^j^i fadeeh, atrocious, vile. [fJ^iai 

^jyai _ J-fls /at/^, pi- fodool, sur- 
plus, favour ; a work of super- 

I if 

CJllt) ^ JLai fadlan 'an zdlilv, 
moreover, in addition to that, 
besides that. 

jj,-ai fidila, he remained ; it re- 
mained over as surplus. 

(J.^ faddala, he favoured, pre- 

yji})3 tafifddala, he deigned, con- 

{Jf^ - '^Jii fadcela, pi. faddy'd, 
virtue, merit. 

iJ-Jii fodooUy, officious, without 

(Jvi'J fddil, virtuous, superfluous. 

cijLflj fadldf, foeces, excrement. 

Lai fada, it was empty, spacious. 
11 ^--ail afda ila, it led to, 

caused. [<»-^a^ 

ci^^aJI ^J\ ^^^■* ^j^ <^^^f^^ niufdi 

ila l-mot, a blow causing death 

(legal term) ; manslaughter. 
JS fddi, empty, at leisure, not 

s.LaJ or AJis fadd, or faddwa, 

blank space, areola, 
^l^ i5^M ctj-ftc^i fadd, waste or 

unoccupied lands. 
.lail or iai fatara, or aftara, he 

ate after fasting. 
^lyi or Jhifitr, or iftdr, evening 

meal during the fast of Rama- 
jy^s fotoor, breakfast, morning 

jLi futr, mushi-oom. 
.jiaj fateer, unleavened bread ; 

biscuit, pastry. 
J^islki fatdtriyy biscuit-seller, 

i^Li fitra, nature, constitution. 
^Jkis fatasa, he smothered. 



( 206 ) 


^^..j^ faiees, expired, dead, with- 
out breath ; carrion. 

e:^.«Jai fatamct, she weaned (the 

i^U UJja*/j sayi/idetnd {sittnd) 
Fdtma, " Our Lady Fatma/' 
daughter of Mahomet, wife of 
Ali, and mother of Hassan 
and Hussein. 

l^ fitna, intelligence, sagacity. 
[IXxi = plot. 

j^^i fateen, intelligent. 

-jiii fazeca', vile, atrocious. 

J'je or J'^i^ - J^ y^Vt/, pi. fl/a'aZ, 
or fi'dJ, the verb 3 an act or 

JxiiJ'j or h<i jValan, or hil-fi'al, 

actually, in fact. 
J«j fa'ala, he did, acted ; made, 

executed. [J-^^ 

Jjoil ifta'ala, he concocted, 

li'jJil - Jl>^^ iftia'dl, or iftia'dla, 

trickery, intrigue. 
Jjiij] infa'ala, he was affected, 

impressed by. 
^ _ Jc'J fd'yil, pi. fa'ala, actor, 

doer, agent; workman; active 

^j!ic'i fd'yiliya, efficacy, 
jij JytLo mafa'ool hihi, done by, 

j^^jl _ ^^^ afa'a, pi. a/ct'iT/, viper. 
,.s.k> farjlifoor, chinaware, porce- 
lain. \y>}^^ 
J\Ssi or df-i - SAifaqd, orfaqood, 
ov Jiqddn, loss. 

iXAil af<2ada, he caused the loss. 
cij'i fdqid, lost, missing; loser. 
tXj^ faqced, lost; especially dead, 
deceased (of a murdered man). 
JyiA^ mafqood, lost. 

jjjij" tofaqqada, he searched for a 

lost thing, inspected. 
jjiiwl iftaqada, he visited the sick. 

/ifaqr, poverty. 

Ajai ^jXsiifaqeer, pi. /o^ara, poor; 
a *'fakir.^' 

J'ls^'^jJii faqeer el-hdl, poor, poor 

in state, 
.iii _ 'ijii fiqva, or faqra, -pl.fiqar, 
tale; paragraph, clause, ver- 

^ .laJ J*^U a'dmoodfaqdriy, spinal 
column, backbone. 

(wJii /f/f/s, a hatching, breaking 
the shell. 


;^j*jiii/a22oos,a kind of gourd plant, 

\2SJ faqat, only, not more; that is 

all. b^ 

Ak-wiAj tafqeeta, the total of a sum 

written down in words. 
»9y or »A3 faqa'a, or farqa'a, it 

burst, exploded. 
^Ui - <Xa3 ^2'^^ *^^ faqdha, the 

dogmatic theology of the Mos- 
lems, jurisprudence. 
*'^j _, <)c>AS faqeeh, pi. foqalid, 

theologian; teacher or reciter 

of the Koran. 
^ fiqy or fgqy, vulgarism for 


( 207 ) 


Vi^Ai faklia, lie unloosed^ untied, 

relieved. [(Js- 

cLLCi-^ ^nafkooh, loosened, un- 


LiJ'Xjl _ i^LXi f Click, pi. afkdk, jaw; 
an unloosing. [».^Is^ 

.1^1 _^^ y?/ir, pi. ofkar, til ought, 
opinion. [J'j 

^Ci fakkara, lie reminded, made 


^^J6 tafakkara, he thought, re- 

^;dsl iftakara, he thought, was of 
opinion, remembered. 

j^\Ji fakir, mindful, remembering, 

hb^ fakdha, gaiety. 

^i^\J _ ^'i fdkiJia, pi. fawdkih, 
fruit, [ »^' 

^i'^'J fakiJidniy, fruiterer. 

(Jj /itZ^, jasmine, white scented 

j^ - {J.i falla, vulgarism in Upper 

Egypt for farra, he fled, 
oii falata, he ran away, escaped. 


ij:^ fallata, he smuggled, allowed 
to escape. [^_^^ 

8.Uc dJ'y-i-* mafloot 'iydroli, broken 
or spoilt calibre (of gun). 

\j:^M falat, debauchery. 

ij^li - ij'^ faldtiij, pi. faldtlya, 
debauchee, blackguard; robber. 

*'w}.iLi^ 5 kxKijS^ J i^-i-'i^ faldtiya wa 
hardmiya wa ashqiyd, robbers, 
ruffians, brigand's, &c. 

jLa-J^Jl-A-j tajleeta, contraband, 

Jj falaja, he split in two. 
Jj falj, split, one-half. 
J'i /ttZy, hemiplegia, pariilysis. 

jiLo majlooj, paralytic; split in 
—Is faidh, God^s blessing, pros- 
l^li faJdha, tillage. [^]/^ 

'is falldh, peasant, "fellah.''^ 
J\s fdlih, useful, beneficial. [ JLa 
jii fliz, bit, morsel. 
i'jji falozaq, pudding of sugar 
and starch, gelatine. L^^'-' 

(-.Jli _ ^j^\J fals, pi. foloos, mile, 
atom, scale of fish ; rubbish, 
^J^^^i foloos, money, cash. 


^Jlaj' or ^^^ or \^j^\ aflasa, or 

fall as a, or tafdlasa, he became 
bankrupt, failed. [ 

,»JlaJ' or, m^jIaj or ^j*)li! ?^a.s, ovtuf- 
lecs, or tafdlus, failure of a non- 
trader ; bankruptcy of a trader. 

^v*j.lij" taflecsa, a bankruptcy case. 

i/*K>l.iull (J^^j luakeel et-tafleesa, 

administrator of a bankrupt's 

^j^aoJLjLI'-j (^^Jlii ^/?tts hlt-taqsccr, 

simple bankruptcy of a trader. 
^wvaJjJLl'j i^^isl 'iflds hit-tacUecs, 

fraudulent bankruptcy. 
(J'iXc or f^^jJJLxruuf is, or mutafdlis, 



( 208 ) 


(-Ji* ^j>,<^ madeen mujils, bank- 
rupt debtor. 

iwjgJui or ka*jJi filsafa, or feeJsafa 
(Greek), pliilosopliy. 

(_»?^mJUJ or ( iy^Jflsoof (Greek), 

philosopher, atheist. 

;_" i-T ^ o "i -r mutafahif, sophist. 

jj^iUl or jj^Jti Fldtoon, or Ifldtoon 
(Greek), Plato. 

iUli - Ji5 fala'a, he split ; fila'a, 
a split, slice. 

Jftii ///Z, pepper. 

(JSlifaldJil, bean paste, condiment. 
ili falaqa, he split open. 

iciii jUqa, slice, crack in a wall, 

^jili falaqa, a cleft stick ; stocks 
to hold the feet ; hence a pole 
and loops of string for holding 
up the soles of the feet for the 
torture of the bastinado. 

^jli] _ ili falaq, pi. afldq, split 
trunk of a palm-tree ; beam. 

^Ji-« majlooq, split, cleft open. 

cLXli or dJli faJal-a, or fallalca, 
the breast swelled out. 

vUJUl _ LJdi /aZal-, pi. o/Zafc, the 
convex sky; globe, firmament. 

CJIall Ac 'ilm el-falaJi, astronomy. 

^Jls falaJiiy, astronomer. 

v^JSi fulh (femin.), boat. 

V^jHi _ KJls falool-a, pi. faldyili, 
felucca, boat. 

^SSli faldyiluy, boatman. Ll^J^K-* 
(^JjuJj Filcmenl-, Flemish, Holland. 

jJili or ^Ji» foldn, or foldniy, So 
and So ; such a one, a certain 
person or thing. 

jjjjj falleen, cork. 

jslyl _ j»i /itiii, pi. afwdh, mouth, 
orifice. [ht^s 

J.^il afmdm (as if pi. of fiimm), 
mouths of canals. 

y^^ij _ ^ fann, pi. /o)iot)?i, species, 
art, trickery. 

y^ylall .Ij f?ar eJ-fonoon, academy. 

^jJLi..j tafannana, he invented, 
trumped up ; was an adept. 

L jljus fantdzia (Italian), fantasia, 
a public show, rejoicings. 

^j-a^lii _ ^'^i finjdn, ipl.fandjecn 
(Persian), cup, vulgarly pro- 
nounced ^»^a^ ov fjgdn. 

Ji fannaliha, he overcame, made 
a fool of. 

jljjl _ Aii find, pi. afndd, species ; 

SJ^i fannada, he criticised, ridi- 

^J^Jlj _ JfAJJ funduq (Italian, 
fondaco), store, hotel; also him- 
duq, (Venetian) gold sequin; 
filbert nut. ■ 

.Ui fandr, lighthouse. 

,«*jJly _ (T-yli fdnoos, pi. fawd- 
nccs, lantern. 

i^jJlw fanaslia, he took up much 
room, swaggered. 

^i fania, it faded. 

j^_jJU /foi?', fading, evanescent, 



( 209 ) 


f[JS famj, a fading awaj^ a being 

^liull ^1 J and s-'.JiJ! ^Ij ddr el-fand, 
tliis lower world which passes 
away ; ddr el-haqd, the abode 
of permnnence, heaven. 

6-^ fait d, lynx, leopard. [.^i 

Ci^sAW^ fihrist (Persian), index, 

h*ijii fahrciiia, index, catalogue. 

ij^ faliaqa, he wounded in the 
neck, half- strangled. "^ 

^ fahima, he understood. 

j^ falim, the understanding. 

j^A^ or >j.^ falicem, or fahmiy, 

*it)'i fdhim, one who understands. 

^MfA^ mafJioom, understood; of 

^ fahhama, he made understand, 

>^vjl istafhama, he wished to 
understand, interrogated. 

A.^ qasm] istifUdm, interrogatory, 

ci^lJ or CL;y /o^, or faivdt, a 

passing away ; interval. 

*il-«-j.^l ciJ^yJ fcnvdt el-mee'ydd, 
lapse of an interval. 

CL;>^ftj _ t^jfdta, he passed ; yafoot, 

he passes. 
c:^Afawwata, he made or let pass. 
c:_5.'^ tafdivut, interval of time. 

lyl - ^^ f^J> V^- «/'^'«./^ troop, 
band, crowd. 

_.y foh, exhalation of smell. 
r-f-i - r-'-i fdlia, it gave out a 

good smell ; yafooh, it smells. 


—y fawwaha, it smelled strong, 

8AAJl _ jlyi foodd, pi. afda, heart, 
soul, spirit. 

^jl.J _ .y /J/', or fawavdn, ebul- 
lition, impetuosity. 

\j^ faivrdn, at once, quickly, forth- 

.U fdra, it began to boil ; gushed, 

ij Jy fawivdra, fountain. 

^jjS- }i fdr, 'p].fcerdii, mouse, rat. 

s.'i fdra, carpenter's plane. 

j^^ ji^ Ddr Foor, the land of the 

Foor, Soudanese Darfour. 
j^ foz, victory, safety. 

i^j^ foziy, victorious ; proper 
name for a man. 

j\i fdza, he succeeded in, escaped. 

fj£^S -^i fdyiz, interest on money 
(see fJiiS) . 

{jO'^ faiowada, he gave power or 
jurisdiction, ho loft a matter 
to another's judgment. 

(^jJl <K^»sl \'i\ and ofaiuividho iJeilc. 

I leave it to you to decide. 
^i»i foda, communism, anarchy. 

ij^iy^ tafwced, giving jurisdiction, 
delegation of power. 

<Li.lfl^ mofdivada, community of 


E E 


{ 210 ) 


\sJ _ ^J foota, pi. fo-ai, towel, 

'i^foq, on, upon ; above, upstairs; 
over ; more than, 

J^'J J fdqdnii/, upper, uppermost. 

Ci^as" jj J foq talit, up down ; up- 
side down. 

Jf'J fdqa, lie surpassed, was pre- 

s5U fdyiq, pre-eminent, superior, 

i'Jl afdqa, lie recovered healtli, 

became sober, wide awake. 
icj'il ifdqa, convalescence, recovery. 
Jflji foodq, sob, death-agony. 
J J /ooZ, broad beans. 
Jl^ fau'ivdl, seller of (cooked) 

iM^i foolaya, wild thyme, mint, 
ci^'j&y _ ^J fooha, pi. foohdt, 

orifice. [J 

ay fowioah, madder, ^^ garance." 

»yiJ tafdiuuh, interview, mouth to 

^J fiya, my mouth. 

" ^ ■* 

4jj _ slj _ >i^i folio, fdlw and fechi, 

his mouth. [Nom., Accus., 
^ /ee, in, into, at, among, con- 

^wJl |J fil-mdya, per cent. 
s./iUc ^ s^Ai: 'asliara fi 'asliara, 
10 times 10. 

injjfceh (colloquial), there is, there 

^ ,j^ lidn fill (colloquial), there 
was, there were. 

<iui fcelii, in him, in it. 

ifij^ U» - i/i ^jj U) wift feesli (col- 
loquial), there is not, there are 

>Ui) _ yJ fay, pi- f'/^ttj shade. 

CLjljJ feedt, at so much ; price 
(more used in Turkish than in 
Arabic) . 

djSfaid, endurance, disappearance. 
(This verbal root is not used.) 

JjLi - 'isf.i fdyida, pi. faiudyid, 
advantage, benefit; interest on 
money ; commentary or scho- 
liast of text ; moral to be 
drawn from a story or legal 

JiiyAjsi^^ sS^A fawdyid mutajamniida , 
compound interest. 

jlil afdda, he informed ; it bene- 

Joi) yofeed,h.e informs, it is useful, 

ji jlil ifdda, information, statement; 

iSJ.Le mofeed, informer, informing ; 
useful, interesting. 

j'.ijL.l istafdda,la.e inquired, derived 

^^ jlajU(j_ yostafdd min, it is 
ascertainable from. 

^cj^jjSfairooziy (Persian, fairooza), 

c^xi faiz, or fa id, abundance, 



( 211 ) 


^^Lfljj fayadda, overflow, flood. 

(JjJll ^J^J^'i fayaddn en-Neel, Nile 
in flood, time of liigli Nile. 

j_^,^=jij - fjcXi fdda, it abounded; 

yafecd, it is in flood. 
;J'J _ laj'J _ fj^A fdyis, surplus, 

overflow, interest on money, 

often incorrectly written lajls 

and 'iJ. 

j_^y faivdyiz, pL, interest, profits 
on money. 


^Ui or JIjjI _ (Jjj /ec?^ pi. (tfydl, 
or fiala, elephant. 

(J.j^l ^*M si'w/i el-feel, elephant^s 
tooth, ivory. [_lc 

f,yy'i Fayyoom, a province in Upper 
Egypt, a large oasis to the 
AV. of the Nile. 


J ^fi/. Value = 100. 

[Q. (1) A strong guttural, a 7i 
pronounced low down in the 
throat ; (2) sometimes unsounded, 
as a hiatus ; and (3) vidgarly, as 
a gr in go, get. Thus ^iLxiis^ " the 
truth,^' haqeeqa, becomes lia-ee-a, 
or vulgarly hageegn.) 

^^ _ (J <ii (imperative), guard 

thou ! (see ivaqa.) ^ 

>Ujij_^lj qdjOx taqayy 6,136 vomited. 

f'Ui" or 3 qay, or goT/a, vomit. 

^cJ^i.* moqayya, or moqeey, emetic. 

^^yAi^ _ ^jd^i qddin (Turkish), lady. 

A«:'i qdzma (Turkish), pick-axe. 

cjj _ ^'i' qda'a, inner private 
room (see qoa'). 

I jli" grt/, the letter qdf ; Mt. Cau- 
^'Is qdqola, cardamum. 

J»i" _ J'i ^rt/o, he said (see (pi). 

^ J» _ JJ qdma, he stood (see g^wi) . 

j,^ _ i^li* qdma, height, stature 

(see qoTYi). 
^JL^^ qdmshi (Turkish), whip. 

,-.»«'J> qdmoos, ocean ; Arabic 

^jjLj _ ^^J.'i qdnoon, pi. qaivdncen, 
(Greek lian.on), law, canon, 
code of law ; statute ; fee ; 
musical instrument like a harp- 

l^y'i qdnoondn, according to law. 

^Jlj qdnooniy, legal, statutory. 

JuJy'j" qdnooniya, legality. 

jj^'j qdwuq (Turkish), large cap 

like a football. 
j^.U qdwoon (Turkish), melon (not 

water melon). 
^y) _ J^ JiS qdyim maqdm, locum 

tenens, lieutenant-colonel (see 

Ly'i qabha, collar. [^'-J 

^^-^^'i - ^i* qtihba, pi. qnhah, dome, 

'iy\! qahwa, a little arch, vault. 

Lj^okLo moqabhah, domed, convex. 

-AJ qahoha, it was vile, abominable. 


xji qahhaha, ho stigmatised, 

• Lm 

( 212 ) 

(^j J 

'^\j^ qahdha, vileness^ fault ; (in 
Turkish law) a contravention. 

^x^' qaheeli, base, vile. 

•Jki" qahara, he iuterred, buried the 
dead. \.t^^ 

.»jj' ^ jXi qahr, pi. qohoor, tomb. 

.j'-ii^ _ 'ijxLo rnaqhara, pi. maqdhir, 

^^kj^s qihris, island of Cyprus. 

, y^jJi'l or (;**« qahasa, or iqtahasa, 
he learnt (eagerly) . 

i^/iijtii qohslia (Turkish^ ^o/'^cAa)^ hook 

and eye. 
^ ^>£■xi qahada fi, he seized. 

fJi^ qahl, seizure. 

iLfljJ) qabda, grip^ handle, hilt. 

j_^jkil)l inqahada, he was costive, 

^jc,j<L^ maqhood, seized 3 (money) 

L'jjil or LaJ) ^<7>i or aqhdt, the Copts, 
Jacobite Christians of Egypt. 

-\^- - J -V qihtiy, a Copt, Coptic ; 
Jacobite Christian ; linen, 

L.„-oJ''.jJ _ v_j'.iuj qahqdh, pi. qahd- 
qeeh, pattens, sandals. 

(Jjki qahcda, he received, accepted. 
J.jJi qahhaJa, he kissed. [ir'>^ 

jjj'.iij or jj.j'i" qdbcda, or taqdbala, 
he was face to face, met, 
equalled as a set-off. 

(J.A«1 aqhrda, it approached, was 

(J.jkAji«jl istaqbala, he went to meet, 

JjJ (^a6Z, before (of time). 

(J,A3 (^ or iUi" qahldn, or wi?i 

(/a57, previously. 
(J.jJ» (/zi&Z, front part ; pudenda. 
i\j3 quhla, a kiss. V^^^ 

JwXj qibal, power, presence ; a 

facing towards, as regards. 

Ay» ^^min ^/^aZiVii, asregardshim. 

y^\js^ _ icljkii 2i7>?a, a facing towards 
Mecca for prayer; hence the 
niche or altar-place of a mosque, 
the Tnihrdb. 

^1a3 qihliy, south, southern. 

dJ^-6 _ ^X^\ i.i^yi\ cl-ivajh el-qibliy, 
the southern part, i.e. Upper 
Egypt, or Sa'eed. 

^]yK> qabool, receipt, acceptance, 

Jvyi' ij^i 'cda qabool, on the under- 
standing that ; on his accejding 
the condition. 

JjjJ . ^^-^.} eejdb wa qahool, offer 

and acceptance. 
(J_x_j^_5 qabeel, category, class, 

Jj.AJ' _ ^AJ" qaheela, pi. qabdyil, 

tribe, "Kabyle." 
JLaJI t^&d/, auspicious arrival, 

prosperity ; an imperial con- 
J'_ua«.l istiqbdl, a welcome, a going 

out to meet ; the future. 
iJj^S qdbd, an acceptor, comer ; 

possible ; capable ; next or 

coming (week, &c.). 


( 213 ) 

ijJo'j* qdhiliya, capability, possi- 

^;Ls qdbila, midwife^ slie who 
receives tlie new-born infant. 

Jl^iU (J-A_j' *ai lioa qdbil Ul- 
wjisdl, lie can be dismissed ; 
it is possible to dismiss him. 

ji]'aj' qilidla, piece of land in a 
hod. [(_^^5«- 

;JjJUj muqhil, coming', next (week, 
month, &c.), prosperous. 

(JjJLLw.^ mustaqhil, future. 

(JjUU moqdh'd, equivalent, provided 

'LLJa^ moqdhala, an equivalent ; 

quid pro quo, a set-off. 

JjAA.<i viaqbool, accepted, received, 

(J._xuj' taqheel, a kissing. 
liji qabdna, official weighing of 

^^Ijj qahhdn, steelyard, Roman 

jIaj qahhdniy, official weigher. 

i^'s _ JijAj qabwa, a little arch, vault 

(see quhha) . 
^1t)^' qahooddii (European), ship 

L/i.l_j ^jlj»-j._5 qahooddn Bdslid 

(Turkish), Admiral. 

is^jki' qahoot (European), capote, 

C^^ls qatah, hump, load ; pack, 
(^.j '.'iH yi\ ahoo qatah, a humpback. 

(J._ij' qritala, he killed, put to 
death ; also (provincial) he 
liilt/' wounded, hit. 

UxAJ ijjj qatala nafsdn, he killed 
a soul, he killed a man. 

<iu>ij (Jjiii qatala nafsaho, he killed 

\^A^ (J.JJ' qatala 'amddn, he killed 
with intent. 

j].^'i] xjk>w »-o (Jaj qatala ma' sahq 
el-isrdr, he killed with j:»7V> 
meditation (French jurispru- 

lilLi (Jjki' qotila slianqdu, he was 
executed by hanging. 

(Jj'j ^ft^^^^i murderer, killer. 
(J,.jLjLj JJIaII el-qdtil ijoqtal, the 

slayer shall be slain. 
jjL'Jlji _ Jjvlw qateel, pi. (/a^Za, slain, 

(Jjj'JLo - J%J^-o maqtool, pi. maqd- 

teel, slain, killed. 
^y^)\ji qatala , he fought, battled with. 
J'.ju» ^iifft^^ battle, mutual killing. 

AXi quttd, cucumber, gourd, pump- 
^UiU or Oij'JU maqdtt, or maqtd, 

kitchen garden, cucumber 

"j qoldi, purity of race. 
J". _ ^^' qdia, impudence (see 

ivaqili) . 
s^js^ _ 'ij^ qaltha, pi. q'dtdh, 

whore ; cough, 
las^ qalit, drought. 
fit J \ssJ' g'n7;i i(;(t (jhald, drought 

and dearth. 
^^1 or *s^ qaliama, or iqfahama, 

he rushed at, charged on 



( 214 ) 



^J\ysP qoJnvdn, camomile. 

Ai qad (au emphatic particle), 
iudeedj in fact. 

^J^ Si qad Icdna, aud indeed it 
was so. 

*>.Ai* _ iii qadd, pi. qodood, a cut- 
ting into strips ; hence the 
human figure^ stature ; a fixed 

oi qadd (vulgarism), so much, 
how much. [.jj" 

.<j>i jJt qadd slialir, about a month. 

^1 Si qadd aiy, what quantity ? 
about what ? 

_iii qadh, criticism, blame. 
—Itiil _ -^Si qadah, pi. aqddh, 

goblet, cup, glass ; Egyptian 
pottle of 1| quarts, or 2 litres. 

.1^5 qadara, he could; it was 

.si] aqdir, I can, am able to. 
.si qaddara, he estimated, valued. 

jlSsii taqdcer, valuation, assess- 
ment ; fate, predestination ; 
meaning, hypothesis. 

jiioi'l iqtadara, he was capable of, 

had the power to. 
j]sji\ iqtiddr, ability, capacity. 
,SxL< muqtadir, able, capable. 
jd3 qadr, fixed quantity ; power. 

jSi qadar, destiny, power, value, 
quantity ; {qadr and qadar, are 
practically the same). 

*'«.^* J lii* qadar wa qadd, destiny 
and fate. 

.iXall icljJ lailat el-qadr, Night of 
Power, 27th of Ramadan. 

^Ji^i\ jSi ^^s. 'ala qadar el-inikdn, 
as much as possible, to the 
utmost possible. 

' qidra, saucepan, earthen pot. 

'ijSi qudra, power. 

jiSi ov jib\s qddir, or qadeer, able, 

ji^[JLi>-j]SA^miqddr, pi. maqddeer, 

a quantity, a certain amount. 
'ijSiLK, maqdara, power, wealth, 
ijwjj) quds, sanctity, saintship ; 

Reverend, as a title for a 

,-.4\all el-quds, the holy place, 


■ -.cJJill ^})^ er-rooh el-quds, the 

Holy Ghost. 

ij**->_Si qadecs, holy, pious ; saint. 

^«,]j>s quddds, Liturgy ; the Sa- 

ij*.Si qaddasa, he consecrated. 

(«,JJU maqdis, a holy ]3lace. 

(-.jJLo t-_j'.jii' hitdh moqaddas, 

Holy Bible, 
ijilwj _ ,w,jjlJ> _ i^jOli' qddoos, pi. 

qawddees, the jars tied on the 

wheel of the sdqiya. 
JSi\ - ^s'i qadam, pi. aqddm, 

(femin.) foot. 
^Si qidem, seniority, precedence, 

^Ijji qodddni, in front of. [>»U1 

( 215 ) 


-•^Ijj* qoddcimiy , front part, the 


A^Aa qadoom, adze. 

j».j.3 qodoom, arrival. 

*J^s qadama, he arrived, advanced. 

^cXi' qaddama, he put forward, 

c5!b ^s's qaddama haldgh, he pre- 
sented a petition. 

^t^J'i aqdama, he persevered boldly. 

*t>.ftj' taqaddama, he came forward. 

*l<Ji'l iqddm, energy, perseverance. 

-jjjjj taqdeem, a presenting, pre- 

^t)ls qddim, a comer, next (week, 
month, &c.) . 

^LoJji _ i^jj' qadeem, pi. qodamd, 
ancient. [L^:^■^ 

*Aj1 aqdam, more ancient, prior, 

X-jX_<,^'l aqdamiya, precedence, 

j^S'i^ muqdini, front part, prow, or 
bow of ship; previous. 


AiXJLo moqaddim, overseer, fore- 
man ; the old man-servant of 
a harem. 

hci^^ moqaddama, preface, pre- 
miss in logic. 

w .... 13 „ 

>lXax* or *Aa^ moqaddam, or mo- 

taqnddim, previous, in advance, 

^«*_il ^i *^£L« motaqaddim fi 

s-sinn, advanced in age, old. 

'i^s'i qidica, sample, model, pattern. 

ji. — jjji qida, combustion (see 

euli.jlii or ,3j» qazar, or qdzoordt, 

.jsi' g-aztr, fetid, drainy smell, foul. 
( sAs qaznfa, he ejaculated, hurled; 

slandered; accused of adultery. 

( jj>5 </rt^/, slander, accusation of 

u_i«JJLc maqzoof, projectile. [^-<t^ 
v^iljJUi viiqddf, oar. 
Jji qarra, it was fixed, rested firm. 
.1 J qardr, stability, decision, 

.jj> qarrara, he fixed, deposed to, 

put down in writing. [jjS^ 

ji,y^i taqreer, a fixing, deposition, 

letter, document, memorandum. 

ji] aqarra, he confessed, [t—i^icl 

.li'l iqrdr, confession. 

. JiJ taqarrara, it was fixed ; it 
was laid down as a rule. 

-£i*wl istaqarra, it was fixed, cer- 
tain, permanent. 
JU) tnoqirr, he who confesses. 
Jsuo vnaqarr, a fixed place, post. 

..a^ moqarrar, certain, estab- 
lished ; direct (of taxation) ; 
permanent (domicile). 


.iiw^ (Js:^ mahall mostaqarr, 
fixed abode, domicile. 

'ij\s ^JoJ\ _ 'iJJ ard qdrra, continent 

of land. 
\Ji] — A's qard, he read ; aqrd, he 

made read. 

^\.i qivaat, a reading. 


( 21G ) 


s\Ji _ ^^li' <iai'\, pi. qorrd, reader. 
^ L«J1 el-qordn, the Koran^ the book 

for reading par excellence, 

Moslem bible. 
IJiil inqard, it was read, legible. 
p1 Jl _ .ji ryu?', pi. aqrd, interval 

of purification after divorce. 
^LiLc maqrd, a reading, or group 

of readers of the Koran. 

J^'lj' or Jy^^y' qnrdghol, or 
qardqol (Turkish), mainguard ; 
police station. 

jS tji qara glnjooz (Turkish), black 
eye ; Punch and Judy. 

'^Ji qariha, it was near (of time 
or place). 

u_5fi' qarraha, he came near, 

brought near ; approached, 

L-J.ijj taqarraha, he came near ; 

he took the Sacrament. 
<-r^ qorb, vicinity, nearness. 
L-.-0 i qareeh, near, soon, speedy. 
<*- — Jj> ^c 'an qareeb, soon, shortly. 
^' _ V.--0 i qareeb, pi. aqrihd, 

relative, kinsfolk. 
L_J,'.J'l _ «--*;J"l aqrah, pi. aqdrih, 

nearer ; near relative. 
h]j3 qardha, relationship, kinship, 
^j'jyt qorhdn, an approaching to 

God by sacrifice ; a sacrifice, 

deodanrl ; Eucharist. 

j^s^ill ii.Ac or a'jJ'J uWr* qorhdn 
Bairdm, 10th day of Zil Hijja, 
the day of sacrifice at Mina 
near Mecca, the greatest Moslem 
festival, also called 'eecl el-adha. 

i-^^^^jsii faqrech, approximation. 

Lju_^" taqrcchan, approximately, 

t-_j^' _ hjji qirha, pi. qirah, goat- 
skin sack for water; about 14-^ 

u_J».l»s _ u-Jili' qdrih, pi. qaivdrih, 
small boat. 

^jyU) maqriba, vicinity. 

aJUjLj or I'Aj.'s qarhdna, or qarabdna, 
or qardbeena (European), car- 

jLsjij j" qorbaisa, large brick. 

r^^' " r/ 

'i qarh, pi. qorooJi, ulcer. 


'Sji\ iqtaralia, he proposed, voted 


t)ji _ dji q'lrd, pi. qorood, monkey. 

[ «.U«*j 
tiLs qurdd, a tick on animals. 
^JOJS or .•.» qaraza, or qarasa, he 

qorooslh (from Turkish gJiroosli, 
which is from German g7-oscJi.en) , 
piastre, 22d. 
^j'yj ^j3 or a[^ i^f qirsh sdgh or 
diwdyiiy, a good or government 
piastre, 2id. 


Ul i/^S! _^Jlti jci- ^a7« (Z«7//r 
el-qirsh ei-wdhid, (cash paid 
down) piastre by piastre. 

ij^^ji — iAiJ> qoraish, pi. qordsh, 
a famous tribe of Mecca, 
kindred of Mahomet. 

(yoJ qars, a cutting, piercing, 

(_^._a qarasa, he cut open, he 
pinched, pricked ; (the serpent) 
bit ; (the scorpion) stung. 


( 217 ) 


{jo\ji\ — ijCji qors, pi. aqrds, disk, 
round cake ; small metal disk 
used as a female ornament for 
the head. 

is^ji qarsa, a sting, insect-bite, 
prick, pinch. 

kioSji qarrdsa, pincers, hand-cuffs. 

iuaji i qarecsa, bean paste, [kx^^ 

^x*2;^ - iJ^J' qorsdn, "pl. qardseen, 

(jo^f-^ miqrds, pincers, knife. 

f^Ji qarada, he cut off a piece ; 

lent money. 
(j^^j'i - {j^ji qard, pi. qorood, loan. 

^yiju.1 or ijo.'ii] iqtarada, or 
istaqrada, he borrowed. 

j_^.ajl inqarada, it was cut off, 
became extinct. 

,^j!^/ ^ly^l iqtirdd hakriy, bot- 
tomry, contrat a la grosse. 

^JC^XL*^\ istiqrdd, a loan, public 

f^\JsLK viiqrdd, scissors. [(^/sJU 

Lj' qorty bunch, ring, qirf, tri- 

folium, leek. 
Lj" qarata, he cut in pieces. 

y>_,]jS - i^l/JJ* qecrdt, pi. qardreet, 
l-24th part; 175 sq. metres 
or 209 sq. yards; -197 grams ; 
l-16th of a dirhcm ; about one 
inch ; half a gill. 

,^j^\j3 _ , vwlLfi' qirtds, pi. qardtces, 
paper, documents, scrip, con- 
sols, stocks. 

j^cji qortom, cartliamus, safflower, 
wild saffron, a food for camels. 

c^' qara'a, he knocked at a door ; 
cast lots. 

'icJi qara'a, baldness. 

cj'y aqra', bald. 

k^y^ aj'i qara' Iwosa, a small 
vegetable marrow. 

'kzji qora'a, a casting of lots, 

ii^-M^c icjs qora'a 'asliariya, con- 

Lyftil : J farz el-qora'a, a choosing 
by ballot. 

IcJlk, miqra'a, whip, a flogging. 

iij! qirfa, skin, bark ; cinnamon. 

iiy qarafa, nausea, loathing. 
lAjs qardfa, cemetery, tomb. 
^J-sJi qarfdn, disgusted. 
. — ijxs] iqtarafa, he committed a 
crime. [<. ^.".1 

( ijaj^] istaqrafa, he loathed, 

< — ija.-^ moqrif, cross, bad tempered, 

'is\j3 qardqa (Italian?), hoe, rake ; 

^J-<j> qirmiziy, crimson, scarlet. 

..G .. ... 

^■J^ qirmiziya, scarlet fever, 

^^Ji qarana, he joined, attached. 
^jy'i" qarana, he joined himself to ; 

he compared, set side by side ; 

was in conjunction. 
k--> ^Jys\ iqtarana hi, he joined 

himself to, was connected with, 

{j]/'^ - {jj^ '1'''"} pl- ''I'Ji'dii, equal. 

peer, rival. 

F F 


( 218 ) 


^^j» qarcen, near, touching; a 

^5^' _ lb j' qareena, pi. qardyin, 
a near things inference, context. 

Jl^s-^Jl ^J^J[;-^ qardyin el-ahcdJ, 
probabilities of tlie case ; cir- 
cumstantial evidence. 

ij'A 5*'"'^"' auspicious approach ; 
the conjunction of planets. 

f^j - ^^1 j' qordn, the Koran (see 
qard) . 

^j^Jisl iqtirdn, union. 

&jjja.^ moqdrana, comparison, co- 

^j.i _ ^ J" qarn, pi. qoroon, horn ; 
age^ epoch ; bit, piece^ morsel. 

^>j.ii!! »d Zoo 1-qarnain, the two- 
horned one ; a title applied to 
Alexander the Great as the 
reputed son of the horned 
Ammon ( se e Koran, chap, xviii.). 

iiji qorna, corner; scullery- sink. 

L_-^.ii' qoronh, cabbage. [L; l,^ 

lajoo^ii qarnaheet, cauliflower. 

'ii^3jji qorndfa, stock or butt- end of 

(J.ajji qaravfnJ, " girofle," clover, 
spice, carnation. 

tJLjL-AjaJpi qaranteena (Italian), 

^Ji qara (Turkish), land, main- 
land ; black ; used in words 
like qaraqol, qaragyooz, &c. 

J^-j's i" qaraqol (Turki.'^h), main- 

guard, police-station; vulgarly 

qaraqon. [or JyiK3 

,_c J' _ hjS qariya, pi. qora, village. 
irj—i' qarivata, he cut, clipped, 

jjijl Jj J _ jj qazz, raw silk ; dood 

el-qazz, silk-worm. 
:Ls qazzdz, seller of raw silk. 
jS\\j - 'i-.'Ki qxzdza, pi. qazdyiz, 

bottle. I-TT^^ 

j\yi _j! loh qizdz, pane of glass. 
—Ji qozah, cloud-angel. 

■j ij*'^> qos qozah, Qozah^s bow, 

.jA.^5 or ji,<^J^ qazdeer (Greek, 

hassiteros) , tin. 
'kzji qoza'a, a small piece; dwarf. 
jt}i - iuii qazma, pi. qlzatn (from 

Turkish qdzmaq,to dig) ,pickaxe. 
^J^J^-^J^y> qazdn (Turkish qazghdn), 


^^J) qass or qiss, a Christian priest. 

i^^A^^i" _ ^j-.J'MkS qasees, pi. qosos, 
a Christian priest, a Eeverend. 

hXutjkJi qeesdriya, street in a bazar, 

yj^kj'l _ la-gJ qist, pi. a<7Srti, justice; 

share, jjortion, instalment. 

\^i qassata, he portioned ofF, paid 
by instalments. 

Ljwio taqseet, instalment, paying 
instalments ; a kind of title- 



( 219 ) 

\_ °"'-* 

i;*'vl3Ajj.i' qustds, balance of justice; 

<iuJLxl3jd3MJi Qostantiniya, Constan- 

i«.«*j' or ^^A«j qasama, or qassama, 
he divided, classified, appor- 

<idJ'o ^»wj1 aqsaina hilldlii, he swore 

by God. 
Jy^'l _ */jJi qasam, pi. aqscUn, oath. 

^^^ _ *'-«*sl - *M»J" (/ism, pi. aqsdm, 

portion, part, district ; the 
" qisms " of Upper Egypt cor- 
responded to the ' tnarlcazes " 
or arrondissements of Lower 
Egypt, but this official term 
iqism) has lately been abolished 
in favour of inarkaz throughout 

ji^^Jl .ycU or j^^\ .lall ndzir el- 

qism, former official title of 
Prefect of arrondissement in 
Upper Egypt, now abolished 
in favour of mdmoor el-marlcaz. 

i*^ qisma, share, fate, ''kismet" ; 

^'j qdsim, he who divides ; a 
man^s name. 

^_w» qaseem, a fellow sharer, 

JLJi _ ^AJ^ qaseema, -pi. qasdyim, 
receipt-foil which is torn out of 
a book of counter-foils. 

ftJ<>**^ taqscem, division ; classifi- 

*^«*iU maqsoom, dividend, divided. 
juJlc *»«Jt« maqsoom 'aleih, divisor. 
'i^^al] ^J^ khdrij el- qisma, qaotient, 

[a*J qasd, he was hard, cruel. 
iy^'s or s.L^i' qasdwa, or qasiva, 

cruelty, harshness. 
^U/^i' _ j%.i' qashj, pi. qlsydn, 

cruel, harsh. 
^S:j qashsha,h.e swept up, collected. 

il^y^'s - ^^>^s qashsh, or qushsh, 
pi. qoshoosli, straw, thatch. 


JLiJ» qushsha, a bit of straw, 
rubbish, chaff; nest. 

i/ikiU miqashsha, broom. 

jX^'s qoshbor, scurf of hair. 

yta qashara, he peeled, barked, 

..^' - 'iJJ or^/iJ> qishr, or qishra, 

pi. qoshoor, rind, peel, husk, 

crust ; egg-shell. 
LAi" qashata, he scratched out, 

erased. ^^.^h.^ 

k/ii ^asAs/i-aifa, he robbed, stripped. 
\^s qisht, erasure, scratching out. 

^Ai' qislita, cream; custard-apple; 

(pine-apple ?) . 
J^^i" qishtiy (medical), aphthous, 

of thrush, 
y^' qash'ara, he shivered, had 

'' goose flesh.^^ 
ijjjf^ qosha'reera, a shivering. 
i_Juli" '/as/ifl/, chap, chilblain, sore. 


( 220 ) 


jjliJi qhlildri (Turkisli), barracks, 

winter quarters. 
i^'i qassa, he cut, narrated. 
^Ja^a3 . &^s qissa, pi. qtsas, piece, 

story, tale. 
ija^^ qassds, a professional clipper 

of donkeys, horses, camels, &c. 
ijts^ or f>aJi qass, or ^^asas, sternum, 

^^Laj' g/sas, retribution, /ei« talionls. 

^joXi] iqtassa, he took vengeance, 

pursued, tracked. 
^Jasua maqoss, scissors, 
ic'-ito maqdssa, a mutual cutting, 

t—J^^fliil - t ^^ qasab, pi. aqsdh, 

cane, rod, flute ; gold thread or 

embroidery, gauze embroidery. 

(_^^-« -Sj*i t_^/s««3J" qasab sukkar, 
sugar-cane ; qasab muss, sugar- 
cane for sucking. 

&yu qasaha, pole, measure of llf 
feet, 355 metres. 

kx^'i qasaha (in Turkish), town, 

L_j'.^* 2«sstt6,land-surveyor. [--I***.* 

L_->'w^' qassdb (in Turkish) , butcher. 

tX^j qasada, he intended, tended 

,y^ qasd, intention, motive, aim. 

S^'ii or \x^ qasddn, or bi-qasdin, 
on purpose. 

JaoajI f-v^ soo cl-qasd, cvilness of 

^X*. tX-ai' '_/asJ saiij, evil intention. 
SciiJ^.*^' qaseeda, sonnet, short poem. 
jl-Ss qossdd, in front of, facing. 
J>-.AiLj taqassada, he intended, 

o'^jwli gh'sdf/, economy, moderation. 
tX^la^ - i^..aiU Diaqsad, pi. maqdsld, 

aim, object in view. 
J.j.^'ji< _ Jj-^JU maqsood, pi. maqd- 

seed, the same as masqad. 
pt>i3 or y.J^* qasdeer (Greek 

Icassiteros), tin. 

.-flit qasara, he shortened, con- 
fined ; failed in, fell short ; he 
bleached linen. 

.-aj" qassara, he shortened, made 
fall short ; he bleached linen. 

jyos qosoor, defect, shortcoming, 

jj^^tiso taqseer, a making defective, 
_j^-aAjiJ'.-j ^^^^'"SLil ijids bit-taqseer, 
simple bankruptcy, not fraudu- 
lent, [cf. ^ti 

s-j^fljij taqseer a, short stick. 
.l-fli" -^^' ^aseer (vulgarly qosa- 
yir), pi. qisdr, short. 

j^ _^'j' qdsir, pi. qossar, minor, 

under age. 
.»Aai» _ yoJi qasr, or qosoor, defect, 
shortcoming, exception. 

jyoi or^.oi1 -^ qasr, pi. aqsor, 
or qosoor, palace, castle, citadel ; 
.-flii^il El-Aqsor, Luxor, i.e. the 


( 221 ) 

temples or castles, of Luxor, 
and Karnak. 

Uji _ ^JuaJ" Qosair, Kosair, a port 

ou the Red Sea, east of Kena. 
^>i' qaisar (Latin), Cassar, Kaiser. 
jJi^I J^^^i qaisar el-Hind, Emperor 

or Empress of India. 
h^'i qasriya, cliamber-pot. 
,Cf^ _ .Afli'l aqsar, (femin,) qosra, 

jy^^ maqsoor, shortened, shut 

vip ; bleached linen. 

s...«aiLe maqsoor a, inner chamber; 
shut up ; a recluse virgin of 
Paradise ; railed enclosure. 

iccli' _ djt^ qosa'a, or qoza'a, 
dwarf ; qasa'a, large bowl, 

«-,aitc maqsa', stunted, dwarfed. 

« n^ qasafu, he snapped, broke. 

^Uaj" qascl, distance, the far distance. 

s-'-<^'l - ^-aji qasiy, pi. aqsd, distant. 

i^^'l aqsa, more distant. 

j^-ai'^1 L-j-i^ll el-niaglirih el- aqsa, 

the most distant or extreme 

West, Morocco. 

Ijk^ _ i^-fli'^1 As***^' el-mas j id el- 
aqsa, the most distant mosque 
(of importance, from Mecca), 
the Sakhra, or Rock Mosque of 



^] or cXs^' ic^i 0,qsi 


liadd, or aqsa cl-modda, the 
extreme limit, maximum of in- 

AjJifi) ig-ail aqsa el-'oqooha, the 

extreme penalty. 
s.L«aJi_lLv*.l istiqsd, investigation, 


ic /^iiJl - j>3J' iqadda), inqadda 

a'la, he attacked. 
h.^s qadha, wand, staff, rail. 
^jUwsii _ L-^J..^5 qadeeh, pi. qodhdn, 

bar, staff; rail; penis. 
^.^23 qada, he judged, decided, 

executed ; died. 
^xis-ls- jc-ii" qada hdjataho, he 

accomplished his business. 
-fliUl inqada, it came to an end, 

was accomplished. 

: ,e-flilil inqada nahhoJio, he died. 
j--iJii'] iqtada, it became necessary. 
AJii qadd, the office of a judge ; 

a sitting in judgment ; fate ; 

accident ; province. 
sLai' qadddn, by accident, fatally. 
,Si . s\.Jis qadd iva qadar, fate and 

^Lai" qaddiiy, judiciary, judicial. 
i.j.JL^J ij^kjuj zahtiya qaddiiya, 

judiciary police, " ^jolice judi- 

IjLai) _ h^'i qadeeya, pi. qaddyd, 

law-suit ; case for trial ; a 

iiLai' _ ic^'i qddi, pi. qoddf, judge, 

c-i, is^'J qddi shara'iy, a judge 

of the Moslem sacred law or 

^.A-asrul ts-^'^— * (Z^*-^^ et-tahqccq 

'^juge d'instruction.^^ 
j^i'jili ^$^3^1 in j^U (/(it?/, in e/- 


( 222 ) 


h7ihn el-qadi, tlie sentence ivhich 
judges, i.e. the sentence to the 
effect that, &c. 

s-'^ijl inqidd, end, completion. 

A^'is] iqtidd, necessity. 

j^-^iJU moqtada, necessary, to tie 
efiect that ; the tenour or pur- 
port (of an order). 

^Jii.'iAj hi-moqtada, in consequence 
of, because of, according to. 

iaj" qat, only, solely. [Liii 


iaj' qatt, not at all, never. 


Wdaj" _ ]a'i qitt, pi. (^;Yfi;, cat. 

^-J^kj' — (»._^ii' ^o^Z?, pi. qotooh, 
axis, pole of globe, pivot ; sanc- 
tity, his reverence ; chief, 

J^ qatara, it dripped ; he at- 
tached, towed. 

JsJ) ,Js£ qatr, pi. qitar, distillation, 

'ijkis qatra, one drop. 

Jai' qattara, he distilled. 

J^Ai taqattara, it dripped ; was 

^'Ls _ Jaj) qotr, pi. aqtdr, side ; 

diameter ; country, dominions 

of a kingdom. 

'i.>^j^a^Jlii] aqtdr 7nasriya, Egyptian 

j^i qotr, aloes-wood. 
'-^liy^'i - Jo.) qatr, pi. qotoordt, 

railway train. 
j[y> qitdr, string of animals ; 

railway train ; a file of two 


jx^jlaji qatraiueez, jar, vase. 

^J\^ qatrdn, tar, goudron. 

jJHaj" - 'ijAis qateera, pi., qatdyir, 

sailing boat, " dhow." 
^^laii.« maqtoor (boats) in tow ; 

(animals) in string ; towed. 
(-_>^3 qotrob, demon, incubus. 

«k3 qata'a, he cut, interrupted ; 
he brought ; sometimes used 
like our idioms with " get." 

tlas _ iUkj) qita'a, pi. qita', piece, 

jLi' qata', a cutting, interruption, 

^Li' qata'iy, final, decisive, in- 

I4aii qata'dn, decidedly, decisively. 

Jaiij! inqata'a, it was cut off, 

«laiijUMl istaqta'a, he wished to cut 

ofi"; he deducted part of a 

servant's wages. 

cllaj' _ ils'j' qdtia' , pi. qottda', a 
cutter, incisive ; a decisive 
(speech, sentence, &c.). 

^^yi ^[» qdtia' et-tareeq, highway 

«j>Iaii qateea', flock, herd. 

<u]aA* maqta'a, piece, syllable; 
the dam of a canal or rivulet. 

JUy.a^ moqdta'a, province, district, 

c»laitc maqtooa', cut, cut off. 

il-Ks:''o . is^'Lj qitda'iijwa, hil-jumh, 
retail and wholesale. 

( aki' 

( 223 ) 


4_Jila!w1 or L—alai' qatafa or iqtatafa, 
he plucked fruity gathered a 

I sJa_jLa-« moqtataf, collected^ 

gathered in ; an Arab maga- 
zine or miscellany. 

, fiLliU - ( alaiU maqtaf, pi. maqd- 

tif, basket. 

i__ft5'iaj _ icAj^laii qateefa, pi. qatdyif, 
velvet ; in pi. a sort of pastry. 

Ais or Jni qatama, or qattama, 

he cut. 

^laiLc moqattam, cut, sheer ; name 
of the abrupt clifis to the 
south of Cairo. 

jjaj' qatana, he dwelt. [^^'*' 


^J^ _ ^jis'j qdtin, pi. qottdn, a 

dweller, inhabiting. 
^Li" qatan, crupper, haunches, 

^^Uai'l _ ^ki' (/of«, pi. aqtdn, 

cotton. [cf. ^JJS 

ij^j^i qotniya, cotton cloth, cotton 
goods ; grain, pulse, beans. 

^jii- - ^jj^li qdtoon, house sewer 
or underground canal into the 
hhaleej in Cairo. 

S)tJ) qa'ada, he sat down (after 
standing) ; he rested, re- 
mained ; continued. Cir*^ 

Jyti' qo'ood, act of sitting, sitting 

AcU qd'yid, a sitter, seated, sitting 

iXcly _ !Jj.c'J» qd'yida, pi. qawd'yid, 
(fern.) something steadfast ; a 
rule, principle. 

sA^ii!! jj in i'Aje qa'da, in the 
phrase zoo l-qa'da, the month 
of repose before the Hajj or 
pilgrimage, the 11th lunar 
Moslem month. 

^jl^jti' _ J^'i' qda'ood, pi. qia'ddn, 
young camel just fit to be 
used for riding. 

<^cli.j taqd'yada, he sat apart, he 
retired on a pension. [cJJs^l 

(JiU^ _ i^clftS' taqd'yud, pension ; 
more commonly ma'dsh. 

Sc\slxi motaqd'yid, retired, pen- 

SfiA^ maq'ad, seat, place of sitting; 
storey, room. 

tXxiUi moqa'id, cripple, who cannot 

.yj _j*5 qa'r, pi. qo'oor, a hollow ^ 

bottom of a well, box, &c. 
•>*)• qa'eer, deep, hollow. 

iCJl 'ijcXs qd'irat es-siklca, in the 

open street. 
^— * a_.« moqa'ar, hollowed out, 

concave. [u-J^^-l 


(_iflii _ ^' gq^a, pi. qofaf, basket. 

^J"^ qoftdn, cassock, gown, long 

Ji'^ - J^> qaffdz, glove ; qafeez, 
hasp of lock. 

^|ZsJ> qafasha, he seized, collared 
hold of. 


( 224 ) 



^_^><si» qafas, cage, wicker work, 

wicker bedstead, clothes-basket, 

(J-aj qafala, he locked up, shut, 

ended, returned. 
J^ _ Jii' qofl, pi. qofool, padlock ; 

closing or " cloture " of an 

assembly, finis. 
Jj'Ji _ iis'j" qdfihi, pi. qaiodfil, 

caravan, return caravan. 

V^' qafd, nape of neck, back of 
head. [^j 

jJjiil or 'vii' ^fl/a, or iqfafa, he 
pursued, followed, 

8.^1 ,Jju>l 'iqtafa asaralio, he fol- 
lowed up his track, pursued 

^iJi _ '&jS3 ''fifiya, pi. qawdji, 


jaiU moqoffa, rhymed, in rhyme. 

Xii'-j qdqoUa, caMle maritima, 
alcali plant, cardamum. 

(J,i' ^aZ/a, it was few. 

JJis qallala, he lessened, made 

J,>la; taqleel, diminution. 

JijLil istaqalla, he was indepen- 
^' qilla, paucity. 
(JjJi qaleel, few, little of, slight. a^alZ, less (emphasis on final //). 

Jj^l al-aqcdl, the least, at the 
.\ iKiii' qillatho alisav, better 

(JJl3 _ ila qolla, pi. (^oZai, qoola, an 
earthen water-bottle ; peak, 

JiLaiLwl istiqldl, independence. 


(Jjum*-* musiaqill, independent. 

<_^' qalaba, he turned a thing 
the other way round ; upset, 
overturned. [r/*^ 

*».; .Lajl inqalaba, it was upset, 

overturned ; was transformed. 

L_^'y _ C«^'j" qdlih, pi. qaivdlib, 

a mould. 
L_>Ji _ i .Vi qalb, pi. qolooh, 

heart, kernel, gist, essential 

part, centre. 
^jIaIa-* _u_>.iJLc maqlooh, or maqlahdn, 

upset, reversed. 

4««^^ maqlah, a place for empty- 
ing carts, shooting rubbish. 

l^Ju _ Hj^^iii" Qalioohiya, a province 
in the Delta, the chief town of 
which is Benha. 

jJj'5aZatZa,heencircled,en wreathed. 

i'jiU qildda, necklace, 

iila qallada, he girt (another with 
a sword of honour), conferred 
(a decoration) . 

i\\j> qallada, he counterfeited, imi- 
ti^jJiii' taqleed, conferring an honour; 

imitation, counterfeiting. 
L__> tSJjJJ taqallada hi, he assumed 

to himself a rank ; put on a 



without it; worse than nothing. ' ^.lill ^ or ^jM qulzvm, or Buhr 

( 225 ) 

el-qulzum {Clysmn) , the Gulf of 

Suez; north part of the Eed Sea. 

Jj qahi'a, he uprooted, tore off, 

stripped. [cf 

c^' _ h^ qala'a, pi. qihin', castle, 
fortress ; square formation of 

Ijtifljl el-qol a' a, the citadel of Cairo. 

cJi- _ «li qihi', pi. qolooa', sail. 

:.^ or .>£a3 qildghoz (Turkish), 
pilot, auger, gimlet. 

»_JtlJ» qiJf, bark or rind of a branch. 

IftJj qolfo, prepuce. 

5_oi? l aqlafa, he circumcised. 

I aiii qalafa, he caulked a boat or 

IkiU) qaJfafa (Italian caJofato), 

lajli- or iflJi 5a7/a (for Ihahefa), < 

female house-keeper ; head 

woman- servant in a harem. : 

iL^iii qolqaila, clod of earth. 

I.. 7 . . I 

iJj qalaq, agitation, nervous ex- 
citement, sleeplessness. 

sJi or yj^ qalqdn, or q'^'hq, 
anxious, nervous, sleepless, 
^-.'.flii* qolqds, colocasxa, arum ; a 
sort of potato. j 

(JilSJ or (Jiiis qaJqalfi, or taqnlqnlo^ -. 
he shook, trembled. 

Ji or Ji qnlnrno, or qo.lhtmn , he • 
clipped, cut a pen, snipped. ; 

fHi^ - Jj" qalem, pi. nqJdrn, a reed • 
pen which is cut ; hence a ■ 
place where the pen i> u-rd. a 

bureau, office ; a slap on the 
j.^'i") _ 1*^1 iqhern, pi. aqdleem, 
climate, rural provinces of 
Egypt, as distinct from the 
towns of Cairo, Alexandria, &c. 

,SJl3 5 a Zen<far, a wandering dervish, 

an ascetic. 
^^ or Iji qaJd, he fried ; he hated ; 

he calcined, made alcali. 
yj>^ rnaqli, fried. 
^_jXc miqla, a frying-pan. 
^JS qily, alcali, cinders of plants. 

^A3 _ <uj qimma, pi. qrmam, crown 

of head, summit. 
^>«i qamli, wheat. 

<jjs*^ qar/iJta, a grain of wheat, 

half gramme, 
jtf-s-^ qamJiiy, ripe corn coloured, 

the usual colour of the Egrp- 

tian complexion. 

_'.^ qnmmali, seller of corn. 
J^\ _ ^^ qamar, pi. aqmdr, 

moon. [ .^ - JX^ 

i^j*i qamarhj, lunar; lunar letters. 
^j^ qomri (Turkish), dove. 
jaS\ aqmara, the moon shone. 
'i^Aji^ ^'-"^ ed-Junyd moqmira, a 

moonlight night. 

,.jj3' y*i qamor ed-deen, dried 
apricot paste. 

yc^s qdmnra, he gambled. 
jj^'Ji< or ..^J qintdr, or moqdmnra.^ 

<o^^ qimriya, hr>le for light, small 

G G 


( 22G ) 


" jLa* qintardtiy, glazier, seller of 

jaS qammara, he toasted bread. 
^r*^ qomasa, he plunged into 

water, dived. 

i-gj^Li' qdmoos, Ocean, Arabic 

iJLA^'s] _ i;i'.>«J' qnmdsh, pi. aqmisha, 
cloth, stuff. 

^Jli>«Jo taqammaslia, he dressed up 
in fine clothes. 

^J^£l*i - {ja-i^ qamees, pi. qomsan, 
chemise, shirt. 

i^^s qommos, Coptic priest. 

«^" qama', funnel, cone ; qama'a, 
he knocked down. 

Ji^^'i _ Jm3 qomqom, pi. qamdqim, 

flagon, flask. 

aUUJ qomqdin, ringworm. '^ 

^^Aji .'^Lm qamla, pi. gnm?, louse, lice. 

^J^ qommal, ringworm. 

^j^" qameen, oven, bakery. 

'Jiji Qend, Kena, a town and pro- 
vince in Upper Egypt. 

..■a. ... 

^xxM or <x.ujk5 qineena, or qonainuja, 

bottle, glass. 

C^-Jji qonnah, hemp, cannabis indica. 

(Jj'jki' _ JclxUt _ ^JLAJ qunhura, or 
quitbvla, pi. qandhil (Persian 
hJmmhara) , bomb-shell. 

^jj _ i:^ji qanja, pi. qinaj, river 

^l^XJki' qonddq (Turk), butt-end of 

(J.jt>lii' _ (J.J'AJlJf g'ajic?eeZ,pl. qanddeel, 
lamjD, illumination. 

^_^AW 5rt»s, chase, sport. 

(Jm^^'Jij' _ (J,.aii' qonsol, pi. qandsil 
(European), Consul. 

^\.^ qonsoldto (European), con- 

j\s['x> - S^Lii' qantara, pi. qandtir, 
bridge, arch. 

^fJ^ isUi' qandtir khairiya, the 
Barrage, or Beneficent Arches. 

.^L'JiJ" _ .HaJki" qintdr, pi. qandteer, 
" qantdr " ; hundredweight of 
99^ lbs., or 100 rotls, or 45 
kilog. ; the qintar of Alexandria 
equals 140 kilog. 

•ijLi'l or «.ij» qania'a, or iqtana'a, 

he became content or was 

icljj) qanda'a, contentment. 

•Jli'l aqna'a,he convinced, contented. 

»jIju< _ *JiLo moqnia', convincing ; 
moqtania' , convinced. 

sk\'i qonfoz, beaver, otter, water- 

iJi _ lii" qand, he acquired; qlmva, 

ci;y.ii» - is'JJ' qandt, pi. qaiidwdt, 
small canal. 

jy«,jv*Jl JLJLi" qandl es-Sowayis 
(European), Canal of Suez. 

^Jji\ oqnoom (Greek), principle of 

.^' qahnra, he forced, conquered. 


( 227 ) 


\j^ qahrdn, by force, by violence. 

,c^" qahriy, violent, beyond con- 
trol, "force majeure." 

jjb'^* qdJiir, conqueror; planet 
Mars. L^-'r-* 

8^'Ji]l El-Q.dliira, The Victrix, 

JlJ^i* qahqara, retreat, rout. 

X^.A-J taqaliqara, he retreated 
^^fl^' qaliqalia, loud laughter. 

»»^' qahwa, prepared coffee, coffee; 
a coffee shop, cafe. This word 
originally meant a drink, wine. 

^a.8^' qahwaji (Turkish), coffee- 

1^ ijj^' qahwa honn, coffee-berry. 

^j^i' qahdwi, coffee- shops, cafe's. 

L_jy 500&, skin disease, plague, 
dartre; chicken. 

<ju\^] _ iju^'i qoof, pi. aqwdt, food, 

ci;li> ga^a, he nourished. 

LUjJu taqaivvjata, he nourished 
himself, subsisted on. 

ijjl>ii or jy 20(7, or qiydda, a 
leading, control. 

i>Jb - jlj' qdda, he led, ruled over; 

yaqood, he leads, rules. 

jlftil inqdda, he was led; he obeyed. 

jLjJii] inqiydd, obedience, a being 

j\yji - LiiXiqdyid, pi. qoiuivdd, leader, 
governor ; qaicivdd, pimp. 

lijA-o miqwady halter. 

ii.lJ qawivdra, a kitchen instru- 
ment, scoop. 

^_^lyl _ ^^y»■ ^jJ.5,pl. aqicds (femin.), 
bow, arc, metal spring; Sagit- 
tarius of the Zodiac. 
;» ,^*.j qos qozah, rainbow, bow 
of Qozah the Cloud Angel. 

^^1 J> qawwds, bowman, archer. 

(_^l».ii qawwds, constable, consular 

LJ? - iby» qoota, pi. 500^, tomato. 

cy 2^a^ open space, depression. 

J,^ _ cli» ^tift', pi. qee'ydn, hollow, 
low ground. 

'kz['i qda'a, private inner room. 

i*j J( qoqa'a, small shell, cowry ; 

JlJl _ Jy> (^oZ, pi. aqwdl, speech, 
talk, a saying. 

Aib _ JU gci^o., he said ; yaqool, he 

Ji gzi? (imperative), say thou ! 

speak ! 
J^'i qdivala, he bargained, made 

a contract. 
^.liU moqdwala, bargain, contract. 
J.liU moqdwiJ, a contractor. 
JcJyU maqoola, category, subject. 
(JjU qdyil, speaker, saying. 
jLi' qawwdl, impromptu rhymster, 

J'JU maqdl, speech, talk. 
itJ'Jie inaqdla, treatise, discourse. 


( 228 ) 


Jj qOl (Turkish) , wing of battalion; 
arm, branch. 

i^*.xl J»» qol ar/hdsi (Turkish), 
wing commander, adjutant- 
major, [cl-o 

(J 'Jo _ jjjj' qcda, it was said ; 
yoqdl, it is said, he is named ; 
by name. 

J'Jill ^ (J^aI! cl-qeel wa cl-qdl, gossip, 
town talk ; literally, " what is 
said and what they say.''^ 

J.j's or *^' qom, or qhjdni, the act 
of standing up. 

J^i] _ *yi ^&w<, pi. aqicdm, nation, 

*yb, - *J qdma, he stood up, acted 

for, fulfilled; yaqoovt, he stands 

up, &c. 

*i" qiino ! (imperative) stand thou 
up ! 

<)c^JU) J>i qama maqarualLO, lie acted 

instead of. 
Lc'i qduia, height of body, stature. 

*^'j" qdwaniUj he resisted. 

ii.<j'JLc moqdwaiua, resistance. 

^li'l aqdma, he made stand, set up. 

1; lJ,?^*^ /»'-^' ((qdrna da'wa 'ala, 
he brought an action against, 

^^'i' iqdma, a setting up ; bring- 
ing an action; celebrating or 
exercising; a residence, abode. 

^',Ju«.l istaqdma, he or it was up- 
right ; he went straight in life. 

^-^'JjjuhI iatiqdina, uprightness, recti- 

*j Jii taqweem, almanac ; register ; 

Jtj qdyim, erect, holding ; a right 
angle ; perpendicular. 

^ J _ *'JU f^i-Ji qdyim rtiaqdm, locum 
teuens; lieutenant-colonel, Bey 
of sdllsa rank. 

J'J' _ iuj'j' qdylina, pi. qawdylm 
(femin.), erect; a right angle; 
" bordereau ; " paper money ; 
memoes, bills, scrip ; a tele- 
graph post, mast. 

^Li qawwdvi, erect, alert ; quick. 

J J) qaiuwdiii ! (interjection or ex- 
clamation) Be quick ! 

^jj" qawwama, he drew up, com- 
piled, fixed, estimated value. 

j,.ji qayyoom, the Eternal God. 

Jjkji qiydm, a standing up; prayer. 

i^^^ qiydma, resurrection; uproar, 

^'i qnyyiiii, substitute, guardian. 
^ _ ^.^jj qrenia, pi. qiyani, value. 

iu.ji* .j zoo qeema, valuable. 

i<;4.jj" \jLJ^Li ^\j^\ asJiyd zdt qeema, 
things of value, valuables. 

A'L^ rnaqdm, place, seat of oflBce. 

^jJu> moqeeni, resident, dweller, 

setter up. 
*_AjiJL*_< viostaqeevi, straight ; 

j_jrJt _ i'^'s qoivioa, pi. qowa, force, 

strength; power, faculty, scn^e. 


( 229 ) 

f[iJi\ _ ^J» qawiy, J)!, aqwii/d, 
strong ; very. 

^jJ\ aqwa, stronger. 

^y ,JJ^ Jcatecr qawiy, very mueli^ 

very many. 
jJjS j_^y qawiy kateer, very strong. 

j_j»3 qawwa, lie strengthened, en- 

LJij taqiuiya, a strengtheningj 


j_c.iii' taqaivwa, he strengtliened 
himself, grew strong. 

^_f^jL^ moqaiowa, . strengthened ; 

^.liu taqdwi (provincial), seed- 
corn ; seed for sowing. 

... *.. 
^;s _ ^> qay, vomit ; see qa. 

^w> qaih, pus, matter. [«^j'^^ 

li^j^'s _ joi qaid, pi. qoyood, a tying 
down, fettering a prisoner ; 
entering in the accounts, in- 
scription in a register ; chain, 
bond, status. 

Ji'wAs^l S^'s ^i Ji qaid el-hay at, in 
a state of life, alive, fact of 

ic.jjaii qaldiya, registration. 

(Jas***^ ^ J>jvj" (]ra/(/ i<^a tasjeel, regis- 
tration and inscription. 

i^j-i* qayyada, he bound, fettered ; 

JoJL* moqayyid, registrar, guardian. 

i^j^A^ moqayyad, registered, bound 

Joj^o J>JJls! moqayyad hil-hadeed, 

bound with- fetters. 
Isj ,lJ» _ ^s\jji qeerdt, pi. qardreet, 

l-24th part ; 175 sq. metres or 

209 sq. yards; 1'975 grains; 

l-16thof a dirhem ; about one 

1-.U3 qiyds, measure, standard of 

measure ; comparison. 

i;.*>ib _ ^J qasa, he measured ; 

yaqees, he measures. 
A^Aa^ moqdyasa, comparison. 
CL?'^liui maqdsdt, dimensions. 

^j^XLo _ ^.jJU miqyds, pi. 
instrument for 

LjUj? qiydsa, Nile boat of Wadi 

Haifa district. 
Laj_U-o or (_/JUi (l^dd, or maqdyada, 

exchange, barter. 
(^*lkjj» qaitds (Latin), cetacea, 

whale, whalebone. 
^jUajXa qcetdn, cord, braid. 

l3>.i> (/a/z, dog-days, intense heat 

of summer. 
icLbj" or ^bi (jrti?a, or qailoola, 

siesta, mid-day halt. • 
Jli) aqdla, he forgave, annulled 

a contract. 

^"j'l iqdla, pardon, remission, a 

il'j'^Jl «X' heea' el-iqdla, ' vente a 

jU'Lijl istaqdla, he sent in his 


■a -i -i 

'^^ or .xi'' or ^'. woqqa, or o^'i*^^^ 


( 230 ) 


2f lbs. avdp., 36 okes equal 
the qintar of 99 lbs. 

iyjjl oqqiya, ounce, li ounces aydp. 


(^ Kdf. Value = 20. 
CJ lia (prefix), like, as, similar to. 
fJ-^S lici-rajil, like a man. 

lLAIa^ or 1 jj liaza, or Jcazdlik, thus, 
like that. [c:^>^ 

^ -ok, (femin.) -ik, as a suffix, 
thee, thy, thine. [for ha, hi. 

CJj'a/ Jcitdbalc, thy book. 

lLUj.^ Ijl ana darabtak, I beat 

^K Jidhi, pale, wan ; humble. 

i^J _ tbl^ 7i-af7, almost, all but, just 
(see kod) . 

7f^. u^ '^^ ^^^'^^^ ^^^ i/^2'*^ ^G almost 

CL>1.1^ - .1^ Z-a?', pi. A;ftra^ (Persian), 
work, profession. 

u:_jl.'i3l u-^'jil arhdb el-kdrdt, arti- 
sans, craftsmen. 

<x>'wi-.l^ kdr-khdna (Persian), brothel. 


.U . 


o A^as, j^l- kdsdt, 
(femin.) cup ; cymbal. 

jj^ _ yj^ kdna, he was, existed 
(see kon). 

^j\^ ka-anna, as if. 

jj J^ kdnoon, hearth, stove ; Ka- 
noon I. and II., the Syrian 
months of December and 

L«^ kahha, he poured out, upset. 

(»- ^y^ kabhaha, he roasted. 

v_«>Ia^ kabdb, roast meat, meat 
roasted on a spit. 

i^ kibd, liver. 

jUi^ kabbdd, bitter orange for 

Jo\^ kdbada, he endured. 
iiJol^ mokdbada, endurance. 

j>S kibar, or A-u6r, greatness, old 

jA^ kabbara, he made great, 

declared to be great. 

J^.(X*^] or j^Ci takabbara, or istalc- 
bara, he was proud, talked big. 

'ij^ -jSx^ kabeer, (femin.) kabeera, 
great, large. 

ji^\ ~j^\ akbar, pi. akdbir, greater, 

,\jS kibdr (pi. of kabeer), great. 
jjk^ » ^_^JX^ kubra, pi. kubur (femin.), 
greater, greatest. 

jj] <xlli Allah akbar, God is greater 
(than all), God is the greatest. 

jjk^ takbeer, a making great ; the 
saying " God is the greatest. '^ 

^aCU mutakahbir, proud, haughty, 

d^jjj.i' kibreet, sulphur, lucifer. 

ic ^f^^ kabasa 'ala, he seized, 
fell upon. 
, ^jS kibs, mud hut of wattles, 
reeds and mud. 




( 231 ) 


(i*»>i Tcahbasa, he sliampooed. 

ij*'^^ Tidboos, nightmare. 
LmJ^x^ licibeesa, leap year. 
i^Ui liahhds, valve. 

Jywo^ hahsool (European), capsule, 
cap for gun, ' amorce.'' 

^fi^S hehsh, ram. 

'i;^ hahslia, ladle, a ladleful, 

^^ Jcahnsha, he scooped up with 

both hands. 

(^_A_$^ kahah, barge, lighter, 

S^J^ kaheeliaj, genus ranunnilus. 

J»A^ _ (J>A^ hlhl, pi. Tcohool, chain, 
fetter. [cXjj 

Jj^ Icabhala, he put in chains, 

(J.jk^^ moTcahbal, chained, pinioned. 

^Ijki hibbdya, a glass tumbler. 

'<m^'jS kataba (pronounced Jiitib), 
he wrote. 

Ly^ju^l iktataha, he subscribed, 

U-.^i'l^ kdtaba, he corresponded by 

L_^!b _ L— ;',A^ liitdb, pi. Icutub, a 
book, epistle, letter. 

^L:k\IL^ liutub-l-hdna (Persian), 

jui" hutubiy, book-seller. 
Lljk^ hitdba, writing, in writing, 
d^'jljo kltdbdi, letters, epistles. 

L_»'jl^ or kxJS _ L_^"'i^ lidtib, pi. 
kataba or kuttab, clerk. 

ijujL^ kateeba, a squadron or force 
of cavalry. 

L_xNJo'ji/ _ <-JjS kuttdb, pi. katdteeb, 
elementary school. 

u-;'ai^l ikUtdb, subscription, enlist- 

^jG'IC^ mukdtaba, correspondence. 

;';Co mukdtib, correspondent. 

JlCc - (*_.*aCo maktab, pi. makd- 
tih, school, office. 

kx'tL^ maktaba, desk. 

C_^jil^_^ _ L— >yLC« maktoob, pi. 
makdteeb, written, a letter. 

«"i^^ _ «ji^ kata', akta', a twisted 

^s^ or U^U^ - ^li^^ ket-khudd 
(Persian; corrupted into kidhid 
or kihia) , steward of an estate, 

( jlx/l _ u-ftjii^A:i7/, pi. a/rf a/ (femin.), 


i^JuS katafa, he seized by the 
shoulder, pinioned. 

Ci^jiljl^ - iJuJL'iS katkoof, pi. Ztfl/r/- 
keet, chicken. ^Tyj^ 

iU^ kutla, mass, bulk, lump, bunch, 
trunk of human body or tree. 

^'jS katama, he concealed, kept 

silence or a secret. 
J[^' takattama, he kept silence, 

withheld the truth. 
y^U'i^ or Jx^ katm, or kitmdn, con- 


( 232 ) 


.l.*^^Jl J^S hdtim f'l-asrdr, cone 


of secrets, a confidential secre- 

^la-s _ ^JjS linttdn, linen, flax ; 
qotn, cotton. 

iJSJS l-ateena (Italian), watcli- 
chaiu, catena. 

i_Jj^i> or lL^j^ Icatheeth, or l-atJieef, 

thick, dense (hair, foliage, 

liquid) , 
ijjS oryS hisr, or l-asra, abundance. 
.'jo -jJ^ l-ateer, pi. kitdr, manj^, 

much, numerous. 
jjS% .y.^\ aliar, more; el-aldar, 

the most, at most. 
J)S l-attara, he made increase, 


\L^jj^Ji^ Icattar Jihairal:, thanks ! 
may your happiness increase ! 

^Uo orJkG taliassara, or talcdsava, 
it became abundant. 

J'.s^ or (J=s^ Icold, or hthdl, pow- 
der of burnt fi^ankincense or 
almonds used as a black dye 
for the eyelids. 

J>j.5E^ kaheel, black-eyed, hoM- 

ilUx^ ^j^ 'ain Jcaheela, eye adorned 
with IcoliL 

'^il:^-< mil'-hala, kohl-bottle. 

Jjs^l al-kohol, alcohol. IJliJ^ 

J-jvss^ liohail, thoroughbred horse. 

iJ.s^^J - (J-s-[$ l-dhil, pi. IcoAcdJiil, 

]s^ - ^JsJ Irihia, steward (see 

S^ l;a<hl, fatigue. 

jdS liadr, grief, annoyance. 

.A^ l-addara, he vexed, caused 


.jk$o taliaddara, he felt grieved. 
.sCxo _ .J.^-* mol:addar, vexed, 
aggrieved; motakaddir, feeling 
^J^ hadam, bruise, contusion. 

\^J^^^ or lii Imzd, or IcazdW:, 
thus, like that. 

<^dS Icidb, lie, falsehood. 

ht^\ cdczooba, lie, lying. 

^SS Jcazaha, he told a lie ; (the 
gun) missed fire. 

jl^ Icdzih, or Jindddh, 




a?w7- lidzih, slander, libel. 


k-jS^ jU^ r^*-' akhhara hi-amr 
kdzih, he uttered a libel. 

<-JsS kazzaha, he contradicted, 

gave the lie to. 
i^»^L^ yo\ amr maJczooh, falsehood, 
an affair which has been lied 
.."Xi" or r.^ karra, or takarrara, it 

jj karrara, he made recur, re- 
peated ; he refined sugar. 

.|^' takrdr, repetition, recurrence. 

j),C!i fakreer, a causing of repeti- 
tion ; a refining of sugar. 
A _ 5 .^ karra^ pi. karrdt, a 


time, once 




( 233 ) 



■a . 
..X^ moharrar, repeated; refined 


s.JX« j^\^^- awdmir mokarrara, re- 
peated orders. 

X> ,1 IT Icurrdriya, bobbin, reel of 
cotton, &c. 

<-r^^S krooh (European), croup ') 

a Krupp gun. 
L__>^ karh, distress, indigence. 
t_j^ karab, yoke-pin of plough. 

'o^ korhdj, courbash, liippopo- 
tanius-hide wliip ; a flogging, 

J'j^ korhdl, vine-trellis ; raft- 
frame. [ HW^. . 

. .1^ kdro (European), car, cart. 
CL>VJ korrdt, leek, garlic. 
jl^! _ dS kurcl, pi. akrdd, Koord, 

^^J^ kerddn (Persian gerden, 
neck), necklace. 

jJ karaz, cberry. 

'ij\J kirdza, church service, sermon. 

,H*i,]S _ 'iL*X^ kori'dsa, pi. kardrees, 

folio, pamphlet, copy - book ; 

several sheets sewn together. 

c»vu^ korsooa\ wrist. [*-.flj^« - i^, 
i^mS korsof, a piece of cotton 

^wL^ _ Lj'^if^ kurshj, pi. kardsi, 

chair, throne, locus. 
^^>«^! ij^j^ kursty el-mamlaka, 

capital town. 
il^S karasha, he drove off, chased 


^^Ji kirsh (femin.), paunch, tripe; 

\^f^ takarrasha, it was wrinkled. 
^_^y^J^ karshooniy (Syriac) , Arabic 

written in Syriac characters. 
f^'^S koreishiy, a sort of muslin. 
c^ly _ c.]j^ korda', pi. kawdria', 

trotters of sheep or ox. 

^j^y'i kawdriaiy, a seller of 

\t^^ karafs, celery. 

i^J^ kurk (Turkish), fur, fur-coat. 

^JjS kurkiy, crane, stork. 
ifSS karaka, calico. 

jii^ly karrdka (Italian), dredger, 
rake. [or Jcilrj 

<w^^$^ karkaba, he threw into 
disorder, confused. 

^^j^ karkaha, confusion, commo- 
tion, uproar. 

<»« -J^^J kardkeeb, lumber, confu- 
sion of rubbish. 
■a . . 
jjj>i^i karkadann, rhinoceros. 

j,^ karam, nobleness, respect, 

favour, generosity. 
ho\j^ kardma, miracle, benevolence. 

^j^ karrama, he honoured, showed 

*1^3 _ *j J" kareem, pi. kirdin, noble, 

j^jJ *ac 'afw kareem, gracious par- 
don, or amnesty by the king. 

jtjC^ mokarram, ennobled, held in 
honour ; a title of Mecca. 

H H 

<L*j .r 

( 234 ) 



i^^r Icareema (used in Turkish)^ 

fiJ^~ tf ^^'^'^i pl- 'koroom (Syrian), 

vine. [l^^V 

^.-^]/' or ^.^/ 'kiirunh, cabbage, 

is'J^ Jivrndfa, butt-end of rifle, 
s/l^l or ^ karaha, or istakraha, 

he abhorred, loathed. 
^^j^ karaha, abomination. 
^^1 akraha, he showed violence, 

aLil ikrdli, violence. [^' 

Jo^ kareeh, hateful, detestable, 
ajj^^ makrooh, hated j hence, a sin 

hateful to God. 
^J _ »/ kora, pi. A;ora, ball, globe. 

{jOjl] 'ij^ korat el-ard, globe of the 

^_c^J^ korawiy, globular. 

\l^S karawiyd, carvi, food given 

to an invalid. 
^»j^ karaivaita, bedstead, sofa. 
^J^^J^ karaicdn, partridge. 
]S kird, hire. L».] 

^^J^ kdra, he let on hire. 
,c^l iktara,.he took on hire. 
^_£^G yokra, it is to let. 
^jS^ mokra, let, hired, 
iil.l^ mokdrdt, hire. 
^.\Ce mokdri, he who lets on hire, 

especially one who lets out 

animals on hire. 
^Co mokir, muleteer. 
t^»j»j^ Korosko, a village on the 

Kile about half-way between 

Assouan and Wady Haifa. 

j]j^ kozdz, a shivering from cold. 

»^A*J or 'ijj^ kushwa, coriander. 

til - 
i/^j kuss, vulva. 

iw-**Jil or L-^Awi" kasaba, or ikta- 
saba, he gained, profited. 

t—jwAwI^l or ^^^«*^ kasb, or iktisdb, 
gain, profit. 

jjU/wi" kashdn, he who gains, suc- 
cessful in trade. 

^ — ^Co maksab, profit, gain. 

L__>^C^ maksoob, gained, the profit 

<)cw> kusba, paste of sesame oil, 
fattening food. 

jj;U!w^ kustabdn (Turkish), thimble. 


— M*JI or ^w,.Cc (^.*k£=3 kasah), 

mokassah, or ahsah, cripple, 
maimed, paralytic. 

iJLmx^ kasdd, dulness of trade, 
nothing doing. 

i\«-l^ kdsid, dull trade. 

.«!> or ^A^ki kasara, or kassara, he 
broke, broke into, defeated. 

y«*^il inkasara, it was broken, he 
was defeated. 

.^Aiji^ _ ywkO Z:as?', pi. kosoor, a break- 
ing, fraction. 

u-jUll j*i*^ kasr el-bdb, a breaking 
in of the door (a legal term 
for burglary). 

ij^ kasra, short " i" vowel-sound. 

.j«*^^ maksoor, broken, broken in 
heart or spirit, sorry ; marked 
with the '^ kasra. ^^ 


( 235 ) 


ZS^ muTiassar, broken ; a broken 
or irregular plural. 

'ijJ<^i tahseera, a breakage^ break. 

-A^S^^l or^J.***^! eJiseer, or el-elseer, 
elixir^ the philosopher's stone. 

^mjS hasa' , it sailed down with the 
current^ came down the Nile. 

uJL*jj.iw _ i^y^S Tcosoof (see also 
hhosoof), eclipse of sun. 

j__ftM*/ kasafa, he shamed, dis- 

(_JwCo TYiaksoof, sorry, ashamed, 

iSLuS hasfa, disappointment, vexa- 

Cl^ fA) _ L2-^J^a***^ Icafifareet, lucifer 
match. Evidently a corruption of 
phosphorus and hibreet, sulphur. 

if^i^J Jcaskasa, he drew back, 

recoiled. [_/-^ 

(J^ Tcasal, laziness, idleness. 

^J!i^ kasldn, lazy. 

(J^l^J talidsaJa, he became lazy. 

SLwi" ^asa/d, a town in the E. Soudan. 

i^^ or t_c^'-^ - Ji%v»*^ kiswa, pi. 
kasdwi, or kisa, dress, style of 
dress, dress or cover of the 
Ka'aha at Mecca ; hence a 
religious ceremony at Cairo at 
the making of this cover. [^J^*^ 

^,jjj^\ iktasa, he dressed himself, 


^j^ kashsha, he recoiled, shrank ; 

it was wrinkled. 
i^ijk/iJo taksheeslia, wrinkle. 
JiS kashah, flank, short ribs. 

^j^S kusharly lentils and rice, 
" kidgeree.'^ 

^lS kashshara, he frowned, showed 

k^ kashata, he scratched out, 
erased. [L/iUs 

t__Li,J' kashafa, he revealed, laid 

bare, examined. 
t__ft/iiol inkashafa, it was revealed, 

v_JiA_A^l iktashafa, he revealed 

i_JaCX«.1 istakshafa, he inquired 

into, or wished to uncover. 
CLj'_i*wi»-J' or i__3»-A_> - I — fi-/i»— J 
kashf, pi. koshonf, or koshoofdt, 
revelation, discovery, inquiry, 
" reconnaissance ; " official list 
or report. 
JLXis c-fl/i^i" kashf tubhhj, medical 

^ii'o j^Ucl ^Ic y^Jl^ kashf 'ala 
aa'ydn sdhita, " visite des 
lieux,'' legal inspection of a 
(_Jili31 .': fi l-kashf, in the open, 

in the open air. 
(_J'-iJ kashshdf, census. [oU*j 


■_J/-.C or i_a^^ kdshif, or kashshdf, 

official searcher, superintendent. 
LiA/iJ Z:/s/t^, wheat and milk paste. 
Ji^ kazam, throat, gullet. 
^ kozima (passive), he was 

Jo^ kdzim, reticent. 
t»_j.jt^ _ L.^x^ ka'h, pi. ko'ooh, 

ankle, knuckle, dice, cube. 
h^ Ka'ha, the Ka'aba or shrine 

at Mecca. 


( 236 ) 


ly - l*,^^!^ lid'yih, pi. kawd'yib, 
virgin of Paradise. 
C-j^^jtS.^ mojta a^&, cubed, cubic. 
lLA^ A-a^it, cake. 

L_j^^a> .;_J^ leaf, pi. Ao/oo/, (femin.) 

palm of baud ; glove, slap, 

blow ; a hem. 

^ /i'{^a, platter of a pair of 

scales ; sling ; liuffa, hem, 
t— £ui/ Txafeef, blind, almost blind. 

^^ u_a^ /i-q^a 'aw, he kept aloof, 
withdrew his hand, ceased 



a^j 1 — ai* A'o^a basaroho, he became 
blind, his eyesight ceased. 


t— aa^j" takaffafa, he kept putting 
out his hand to beg, was 
a beggar. 

^Jws^i or ij.Ai ktifiya, head-shawl, 

<uiy or &ihS kufta (Persian), meat- 

icil^ kdffa, the whole, all, 

is^lAi' or ^'..AJ' kafd, or kafdia, 

^fli" kafw, equal, similar. 

^% or \i^ kdfd, it was equal to, 
he rewarded, 

'i\i^ or f[s^ kifd, or mokdfdt, 
equality ; a reward, compen- 

'ki]jS kifdya, sufficiency. 






Aa/y, or kdji, 

\^^i - (^"^ ^'^/«^ it sufficed ; 
2/aA/?, it suffices, is enough. 

^>^ or A^ kafa, or ^(tfa, it 

^si^ kdfa, he rewarded, [Vjl^ 

ai^l iktafa, he was content, 

CLJ Ul^ _ ii'jl^^ mokdfdt, pi. inokd- 
fddt, reward, prize at school. 

J^ or ^aS kafaha, or kdfaha, 

he made war, [^l-Jjs>- 

_'ji^ kifdli, mutual war, 

y>i kafara, he disbelieved in Allah. 

._a_^ Aztfr, disbelief in Allah ; 

.[sS or s,Ai _ ^K kdfiVf pi, kafoA-a, 
or kuffdr, disbeliever. 

,.1^ ghidour (Turco-Persian for 
kdfir), disbeliever. 


JiS kaffara, he expiated his own 
sin ; forgave another. 

j>.hi3takfeer, expiation, forgiveness, 

XsS kaffdr, very impious, atheist. 

jj.lai^ kaffdra, expiation, funeral 
offerings of charity. 

jJS -JS kafr, pi. kqfoor, village. 
j^^ kdfoor, camphor. 
(Ja_^ kafala, he went bail for 
another, guaranteed, [(j/«^ 

^laS _ (J.J^ai' kafeel, jal. kufald, 
he who goes bail. 

icllA^ kafdia, guarantee, fact or 
amount of bail. 

Jla^l _ J-A^ kafal, pi. akfdl, haunch. 
j^a/ kafan, wiuding-.sheet, shroud. 



( 237 ) 


^fli" kaffana, lie slii'ouded a dead 

jj^l _ (J^ ^''w^ (imperative) eat thou ! 
(see akala). 

W w 

^1^ _ J^ A'it//, all ; Tiidloh, all of it. 


(»-ii-<i J^ ^^'^''^l minhom, every one of 

tXs^U (J^ A'ttZZ ivdhid, eacli one. 

^1^ Tiulliy, universal. 

iuK liulliya, totality. 

ic>iiJb or kA.^ hdliyatan, or &z7- 
kulliya, altogether, totally. 

tkK Tiullamd, whenever, whatever, 
all that. 

(J-jJ^l ikleeJ, crown, diadem ; rose- 

(JJ^ hallala, he crowned. 

(JjJiio taMeel, coronation ; Coptic 
marriage ceremony. 

1$ halld, not at all, an emphatic 
negative. No ! on the con- 

Ia)^ _ K liiJd, (femin.) Tiiltd, both. 

L_;K - t.-.^K fce/6, pi. MaJ, dog. 

L;^Jl$31 ^1 ihn el-kelb, son of a 
dog, a term of abuse, exactly 
the same as the Turkish 
'' KyoopoV [Jc.\ ^.J 

C-^J^ kaliha, the dog went mad ; 
the man had hydrophobia. 

l__jK haldh, rabies, " rage," hydro- 

L_J>»1C« maJiloob, bitten by a mad 
dog ;. rabid. 

LK Icidldba, pincers, hook. 
^jJ^aK halahsli, handcuffs. 
\JyS or \j}i liolard (European), 
cholera. [Laj-i) 

, i«jJ^' - ^yX JciJs, lime, calcium ; 
taMees, calcination, 

I ftl^ Tcalifa, he undertook. 

isK Jiulfa, responsibility, anxiety, 

undertaking, expense. 
1 sK Tcallafa, he consigned, en- 
trusted a task to ; it cost ; 
he invited, legally summoned. 

I li.AK'i - I a>Ki" taldeef, pi. talidleef, 

burden, imposition, ceremony, 
bother, fuss ; invitation ; legal 
summons ; official receipt for, 
or acknowledgment of, amount 
of land held by a taxpayer (see 

...wfis^'j I a^Kj takleef hil-hodoor, 

a legal summons to appear, 

( aKo taliallafa, he held or made 

himself responsible, undertook, 
put himself to trouble. 


I fiK^ mohallaf, held responsible ; 

invited, capable ; summoned 



k-«a«*j» _ J.J _ ^caK< mohaUafa, 
schedule or register of land 
tax, i.e. the amount of land 
for which a man is responsible 
(see ivird and qaseema). 

■6 n 

( sJIc _ ( jL> kalldf, seller of 

fodder for cattle (see 'alldf). 

(-JKI - e_ftK IxuJaf, or Jcalaf, pi. 
alddf, expenses. 


( 238 ) 


jJ^' or *K hallama, or tal-aUama, 
he spoke. [Jy 

j^lli l-aJdm, speech, aflfair spoken 

eij'.>fK _ i^ liilma, or kelima, pi. 
helimdt, word. 

j«._JLJ' l-dlama, he spoke with, 

^H* muTcdlama, interview. 


jXU mutakallim, speaker; first 
person singular. 

I*.aK Jtileem (Turkish), carpet, rug. 

t_c^.Li _ jj^K kilwa, or kuhva, 

pi. Jialdwi, kidney. 
t_cys Tiilu-iy, renal, of the kidneys, 


l"il^ - K kild, (femin.) Mltd, both, 
jti" ham, how many ? how much ? 
w |«.^1 a/tttJ/i y5m (colloquial), a 

few days. 
Ui A-awia, as, in the same way as. 
^J^*:> Jcamdn, also, more, again. 


^J> . ^ liom, (femin.) honna, ye, 

\^ Tiomd, ye two. 
<iu*> Icammiya, quantity. 
*>4ji _ 1/ Jiumvi, pi. ahmdm, sleeve, 

^'-^ _ IT Mmm, pi. Ttimdm, calyx, 

<u'.>ki^ or ^'^ himdm, or himdma, 

muzzle, bit. 


iJl^^ liamdt, truffles. 

^Uaa^ hamhidla (Italian), bill of 

^ joyfckll («._../vs^U« sdltih el-Jcamhidla, 

drawer of a bill. 

ilUAAkJl J.j'.-j' 2^^^^^ el-Jcamhidla, 
acceptor of a bill. 

^LXkA^] {J.^'J^w hdmil el-Tcamhidla, 
bearer of a bill. 

io'aA4.Cil (J-^.sr* molieel el-Jcamhidla, 
transferor, endorser of a bill. 

jjJI ei^sr aI'^jj^ hamhidla taht izn, 
bill (payable) to order. 

^Ji>«i' hommatra, pear, pear tree. 

jaS hamar (Persian, waist), girdle, 

<UJ^^ _ \^j*^ humruh, pi. hamd- 
rlk (from Greek, through 
Turkish gyoomruh), Custom- 
house, the Customs. 

CJt-^^l j^ <.._.^ .^ tahreeh min 
el-humruh, smuggling, contra- 


band. [w^J^* 

^.l*«.>o homsdri (European), com- 
missionaire, commissary, rail- 
way guard. 

'ijL\XS hammdsha, tongs.. 

JU^ hamdl, perfection, entirety. 

(J^l^ hdmil, perfect, entire, whole, 

iJ^aS] or (J.A^ hammala, or ahmala, 
he comjDleted. 

JIa^! or (J.j>a(j' tahmcel, or Ikmdl, 
a completing. 

jjo^" takmeel, the whole. 

^Lx/«io tahmeeUy, supplementary, 
for the completion of. 


( 239 ) 



'Aa^ takmila, complement, balance. 

J^X!L«1 istakmala, lie tried to 
complete or attain. 

jcacui" hamanja (Persian), fiddle, 

long thin viol. 
,.,jUv^ kameen, ambush. 
^^^ Txdmin, a man in ambush. 
^^<j^ Jiaynmoon, herb cummin. 
^ _ ^ honna, femin. of Icom, 

ye, your. 

^ Tianna, he concealed, covered 

^Jli" _ ili" Jcanna, pi. Jcandyin, 


^^Ji^ Icdnoon, stove, hearth ; Ka- 
noon I. and II., Syrian months 
of December and January. 

:JS -JJ<^ Mnz, or Jcanz, pi. Jconooz, 
hidden treasure. 

, M»JL$^ kanasa, he swept. 

'(L*t[jS or ij^ kans, or kondsa, a 

iLjO^-o miknasa, broom. 

j«*jU^ _ i-^jj^jS kaneesa, pi. kandyis, 

i—AJuS kaneef, latrine, w.c. 

jejli^ kondfa, sweetstuff, a special 
dish of fine macaroni mvich 
eaten during Ramadan. 

'ijjS or hlJS kindya, or kunya, 
allusion, metonymy ; nick- 
name. [l_-^ 

l_>^ kahruhd (Persian, kah, a 
straw, and ruhd, snatching ; 
hence straw- snatcher), amber. 

'ktfj.^^ kahruhdiyaf electricity. 

j,,^ or ^^-<jS kahramdn, or kdrim 

(colloquial), amber. 
(__a^ kahf, cave. 
CJ~^ or iJj^^ kahk (better ka'k), 

^}yi^ _ J.^ fca/i7, pi. kohool ; middle 

aged ; elderly. 

£i^^ kihdna, fortune-telling. [^Lj^ 

<U^ _ ^^-»o kdhin, pi. kahana, 
augur, Levite, priest. 

^^^ kohna, rags, tatters. [^j*- 

i-_>l^l _ «--J^ itoo&, pi. akwdh, bowl. 

t_£^^^ feoo&rt (for Turkish kyupru), 

^S kookh, hut. 

»Aj ^1 Od _ t)^ kod, a wishing, a 
being on the point of; as kdd 
an yaqa', he almost fell. 

j'Jo (jj^ kooz), kdza, groin. 
.^ koor, large bellows of forge. 

^j^ korak (Turkish kyurek), spade. 
:1^$1 -jS kooz, pi. akwdz, pitcher. 

'i,ii\j^ Iwoz durra, a head of maize. 

Kamj^ koostaka (Turkish), long 

^L*jJ koosala, sole-leather. 
"LuSkoosa, small vegetable-marrow. 

ifJjyo\ or iJl^ kosJia, or ameena, 

\lX^S kooshk (Persian kyooshk), 

a^J\ - Q.S kooa' , pi. akicda', elbow. 

iciJ* Koofa, ancient town on Eu- 
phrates, rivalled by Baghdad. 



( 240 ) 


" i^^ Koofiy, Koofic, a style of Arab 
writing, named after Koofa. 

iSsJ Iwofya, head-shawl. 

Lj-^^^ - C-^ij^ kaivkah, pi. Tiawd- 
Mh, star. [>a^ 

J.f^l - J.J^ lio-oJ, al-lio-ol, alcohol. 

^S]] j^jiyi - J/1 - |«/ Hm, pi. 

akicdm, heap, mound, village 

often built on high ground, as 

Sheheen el-hom. 
J, J Tcawtvama, he heaped up. 
^^J Mn, existence, the fact of, 

because ; viz., i.e. 
i^^ Txdnolio, his existence, while he 

^,f ^Is- lidlet lion, although, while 

^^S ^ _ ^J^ li-'kon, because ; ma' 

Txdn, although. 
^S honiy, real, actual. 
^^j _ ^J^ Tidna, he was, existed; 

yakoon, he, it is. [.l-c 

^Jii Tiawivana, he created, put 

^.>^j" takiveen, creation, genesis. 
^J^S3 talikavjwana, it took form, 

became formed. 
^Ji^ Jcdyin, existing, he who is. 
jl ... ^J^ Mna . . . aw, either . . . 

or ; whether it be . . . or. 
^Ul - ^J^ mahdn, pi. amdkin, 

place. L(j^-« 

"J kaiy, cautery; ironinglinen,&c. 

^.^ Tcaica, he cauterized, ironed 

^<yl^l ildawa, he burnt or cau- 
terized himself. 

ijLo mikwa, flat iron. 

^J3 or ^J Tiai, or li-kai, in order 

li.^ _ Cl^J^^ •"■^^'^ ^f'*^^ ^'(^ kait, 
thus and thus (a colloquialism 
for kazd) . 

isj^y* or d^ kaid, or makeeda, 
plot, ruse, intrigue. CAj'*" 

/-.Wl _ ^h>*jS kees, pi. akyds, purse, 
bag, sack, hair glove. 

JJu ^H*J^ kees nocpod, a purse of 

^^'.«j.j.C^ mokayyisdtiy, professional 
rubber with the hair glove in 
the Turkish bath. 

M^J' kowayyis or kwice, nice, 
pretty, excellent. 

(«,»i^l akiuas, nicer, better. 

( aj^^ ^^'^"/^ liow ? in Turkish it 

has the special meaning of 
taking one's ease, dolce far 
niente ; exhilaration. 

iuaj.^ kaifiya, the howness, quality ; 
details or state of the case. 

&s^£L^S kaifinja (Turkish military 

term), stand easy ! 
i3'i_^ kiydla, a measuring of grain. _ ^yi kdia, he measured grain; 
yakeel, he measures. 

iiJo^ kaila, a measure of nearly 2 
pecks, or 3| gallons ; 16^ litres, 
or l-12th of an ardab. 

Ju/ kayydl, a professional mea- 
surer of grain. 

(JjolCo - J^^^^ mikydl, pi. makdyeel, 
a standard of measure for grain. 


( 241 ) 


jj^»!a^ Jcailoon, tlie plate-lock of a 
door or box. [(J-^i' 

jJUllj^ hawcUeeniy, lock-maker. 

.^Lmjv^ or i^A>J^ hccmuja, chemistry, 
perhaps derived from liem or 
Jill cm, an old name for Egypt ; 
alchemy, rational magic as 
opposed to seemiyd, false magic. 

t_^^U>>^ heemdiviy, chemical, 
^^l/^j./ (J.jJ.^ tahleel heemdwiy, 

chemical analysis. 
viA-^-^J" MctliTi, Coptic mouth of 



J Lam. Value = 30. 

till _ <)d _ J Za, to, for ; lalio, to 

him ; lah, to thee. 
^ _ J li, to, for, because of; in 

order to : lee, to me. 
^ Ullah, to God. 
iJi . J>»-^ Zi-ajZ, because ; l-diy, 

why ? for what ? 
«-_;Uwj^] »4^ li-liazihi 'l-ashdb, for 

these reasons. 
8,k^rv j,Sf^ li-'adam hodoorihi, owing 

to his absence. 
^5^ Zt-fcon.,because, for the fact that, 
1 JU5 U-mdzd, why ? for what ? 
«jjk^J _ )^^.^ lil-eejdr, for hire ; 

li-mabee'a, for sale. 
iccLjA! Us- s da' a {lissa) , up to now, 

not yet. 
Uijij<-« i^}'^ li-yalioon ma'Ioomdn, 

lot it bo known ! 

J _ J law - li, if - then (coordinate 

conjunctions) . 
<icj.l2i] f-^^ J law jd li-nazarfoh, if 

he had come I should have 

seen him. 
il Id, not. 
l^jX.*.^ Id-seeyamd, nothing is equal 

to it ; especially. 

dSU - ^U . ^^J {Idha) maldh, 
pi. maldyika, messenger, angel 
(see also i^i^). 

^ J _ A lama, he blamed (see lorn) . 

Ji Idma, he repaired, joined the 

pieces together. 
^IaII iltdma, it collected, came 

^IXill iltiydm, a coming together, 

^XiLo multayim, collected, joined. 
_J _ ^^ Idyiha, note, circular 

(see Zo/i). 

> J^ _ fifl looloo, pi. ZftaZi, pearl. 

(wJUaJ _ L_^! Z?t&6, pi. luhooh, pulp, 

kernel, heart. 
JbU! libdba, crumb, gruel. 
L«^j^jJ labeeb, gentle, sincere. 
i_^ labab, jjiartingale, breast 

^>1 libba, necklace ; labba, bosom, 

(-_?!U1 labldb, creeping plant, 
jkbJ lehlcbi (Turkish), parched 

Indian corn. 

iy^.] labiua, lioness. [t^'-i 

L^^ laidab, metal spring, watch 

spring. [t^lj 


( 242 ) 


C^ lahita, he remained, stayed. 

isa! lahJiha, poultice (Turkish ? 

Idjm) . 
Jj lahhalili, the common acacia of 

Egypt; alhizzialahhalihi; acacia 

lijJ lahada, he lurked, lay in wait 

sjjJ lihda, felt ; peasant^s felt cap. 

Jsj'Jj lahhdda, felt horse-cloth. 

^j*.jdji _ m*a] lahisa, he dressed 
himself; yalhis, he dresses. 

i^J 7i6s, clothing, dress. 

^aJI _ (1*,LjJ Z/&a.s, 2^1. alhisa, 
drawers, clothing. 

i/*»jd^ malhoos, clothed ; inspired, 
devotee ; mad, epileptic. 

(J«jLo or (j:_;1-*.jO^ malhoosdt, or 
maldhis, clothes. 

ji^*juJl iltahasa, it was muffled up, 

t«»ljuol iltihds, ambiguity, doubt. 

(Uv._A-lLL_< muUahis, ambiguous, 
obscure in meaning. 

j-yoli" ialahhasa, he was implicated 
in, was in the act of doing. 

ib'J^'j LjoU^ (Aa«i. sliooliida muta- 
lahhisdn hil-jinaya he was seen 
in the act of crime ; he was 
detected jiagrante delicto. 

,^«_j._J « mulahhas, sweetmeats, 

jJijJ libsh, bundle of brushwood 

for dams. 
^Jj^Ai talhecsha,embsinkmg a canal, 

or making a dam with libsh. 

^aJjJ lahliba, piece of soft stuff, 
dough. [^Ia) 

^ I ah an, milk. 

^•.....NjAis- (^ I ah an haleeb, fresh 
(milked) milk. 

^^IjJ lahhdn, milkman. 

^^yiilahoon, milch, giving milk; also 
a suckling, young camel, &c. 

jjIa] luhdn, gum mastic for chewing ; 

resin for pastilles or incense. 
^U) libdn, tow-rope for boats. 

^UaI J.jk=v Jebel Ltdjndn, Mount 

lLLxjj lahbaik, Lo ! Here I am 
before Thee, Oh God ! " Ad- 
sum " (pilgrim's ejaculation) . 

iiy:jJl ^0 labba ed-da'wa, he died; 

he said "Labbaik,'' " Adsum,'' 

to the call of God. 
<iujj_j talbiya, the phrase " lab- 

bailx," &c. 

c:^ latta, he bruised, shook. 

4.y or Jl! latama, he slapped 

iuJki lathma, a kiss. 


^li! Uthdm, woman's veil over the 
mouth ; mask. 

13 1S 

Jdj' or Jil laththama, or talaththama, 
he wore a mask, muffled his 
face (brigand, robber). 

K±Jj\ - }j\ lis a, pi. Lisas, gums of 

the mouth. 
J Zcyj'a, he persisted, repeated. 

Js** or Jls^ lajlaja, or talajlaja, 

he kept on repeating, faltered, 
hesitated in speech. 


( 243 ) 


is:' lujja, sea ; large tract of laud 
inundated by the Nile. 

Isall or P-ls^ lajd, or iltajd, he 
sought refuge. 

W' (djd, he forced, induced. 

Vs^ inaljd, place of refuge. 

p saLc muUaji, seeker of refuge. 

aW lijdm, bit, curb. 

iuis^ lajna, comrDittee. 

\\ _ J {lahha) alahha, he insisted, 


_W' illidh, insistance, an urging. 

4^s' /a/if?, niche inside a Moslem 

ji^^sr' laliisa, he licked with the 

ij^ lahs, a lick, licking. 

lasJ lahaza, he glanced at, observed. 

Bass:^ lahza, a glance, a moment. 

lite-^ Idhaza, he inspected, super- 

las^lo moldhiz, inspector ; petty 

icias-Lo moldhaza, inspection, re- 
mark, supervision. 

d^'Jr^s^ - Is^-* malhooz, pi. 
malhoozdt, observed, seen ; a 
remark, note, annotation. 

uJ'.=s^ /iVitt/, bed-sheet, wrapper. 

^s^ hih'qa, it reached, was in 
touch with. 
iK^ alhaqa, he overtook, reserved. 
Aas'^ ilharpii, Help ! reach me ! 

is^ mulhaq, annexe, attached, 
belouo-ing' to. 

is>^ Idhiq, attacher, in possession ; 

next in turn. 
^As' lalima, piece of meat; flesh. 
A^W - *s' lahm, pi. lohoom, meat, 

^ flesh. 
>^s^ moJahham, fleshy, obese. 

'.ac^ lihdm, solder. 


^s^ /a/iu, sound, melody, accent, 

>'.s^' _ s'' fl//;a, he sinned; ilJid, 

sin, bad conduct. 
^s^ _ '<Lk=J lihla, pi. /i'/ja, beard. 

Bajki' laMthata, confusion, mixture. 
bxsJ lalxhhata, he mixed, confused. 

kji^^ talaWibata, it was mixed, in 

(>2s^ _ (_/2s' (laMasa) , lalilikliasa, 
he picked out the pith, sum- 

(jaJ<^^ talJihees, summary, epitome. 

j_^^^ molaklililiis, epitomiser; re- 
porter on a case. 

J.s^ htlchlahha, he made shake, 

jD^ _ L*^ laJiJima, embarrass- 
ment; talaldiMama, he embar- 
rassed himself. 

J, _ iijJ Ztia, birth (see ivalada) . 

^^>^ or jj^ /ftf/ou, or lada, at. 

m presence 


;]ciJ _ Scil /a.v.v a, pi. /a.??.«</, pleasure, 


( 244 ) 


AjiJJ lazeez, delightful, delicious. 
iXJIiJ _ iij^JJ lazeeza, pi. lazdyiz, 
pleasure ; delights, charms. 

s\\ alazz, more delightful. 

Ji\ij or jJiJI iUazza, or talazzaza, 
he delighted in, enjoyed. 

CjIiXLo i}ialazzdt, delights, sensual 

pleasures, ^' delices." 
^^jlazza'ala,\ie pushed, pressed. 
^j-J or ^Jjl or jl lazija, or laziqa, 

or lasiqa, it stuck to, was 

^^J lazzaqa, he gummed, pastedup. 
A^b _ *j.! lazima, it was necessary, 

attached to; yaham, it is neces- 
*jjj lozoom, necessity. 

*jil Idzim, necessary. 

a;1_j1 _ hcj'i Idzima, pi. lawdzim, a 
necessary article. 

cl;L^"IjJ Jaivdzimdt, necessaries, 
stores (for army, &c). 

*jJl alzama, he necessitated, held 
responsible, adjudged (costs) 

^ji Idzama, he attended upon, was 

hcj'Lo muldzama, attendance upon, 

^:Lc muJdzhn, subaltern, lieutenant, 

^Jj^\ iltazama, he undertook, con- 
tracted for. 

*j^!wl iliizdm, responsibility, con- 
tract, lease, feudal grant of land. 

>J_liLo m%iltazlm, contractor, lease- 

L__? f»^A-* malzoom hi, responsible 

^jk^ji jl-« malzoomiya, responsibility. 
iu^i^ malzama, quire ; clip, vice. 
^jLo molzam, responsible. 
hfjJi lasa'a, sting; bite of serpent. 

aA/JI _ ^^l*J lisdn, pi. alsina, tongue, 
language. [^ 

-^^Ij jjUJ lisdn ddrij, vernacular, 
or common dialect. 

J'^s^' jjImJ Zi'scm el-hdl, day's doings; 
news, topics of the day ; i.e. if 
things could speak for them- 

^jL*l ^^z 'an lisdn, from hearsay. 

^/i-ili' _ IaI (I ash a), talasha, it 
was ruined, spoilt ; taldshi, 

(j^yA - fj^ hiss, pi. losoos, robber, 
burglar, brigand. [jJ.Im. _ j-^l.*- 

^^ . ^.<al lasiqa, it adhered ; /as- 

sa^o, he made adhere. 
1^1 or ^-c^ Idsaqa, or iltasaqa^ 
it was in contact ; adhered. 

^^A-L.* multasiq, adherent, con- 

>-<25 ladama, he threaded beads, 
a needle, &c. ; joined. 

^>^ lataslia, he slapped. 

u-Jlkil - ;_^y Zo//, pi. altdf, kind- 
ness, grace. 

jciiy latdfa, grace, elegance ; wit. 

( fij^y lateef, gracious, courteous, 


ftj^y _ icaj>y lateef a, pi. latdyif, 
witticism, epigram. 


( 245 ) 


( a>L)o talteef, affability, a slio wing- 
^y latama, he slapped, beat. 

j^Jsllj taldtum, mutual collision, 
dasbing togetber. 

C_^ la'iha, be played. 

V ^'i Ida'ha, be fondled, played 

with anotber. 
L_j'jJl - L_^>«1 lia'h, pi. ala'dh, a 

game, play. 
L_->'j»l Z0V1&, saliva. 
^^-^J»l.o mala'h, playground, circus. 
, y-jJ la'sa, be bit, cbewed. 
^>] laicia, be licked, sucked. 

i::Lo _ JciULo mila'qa {mala'qa), 
pi. mald'yiq, spoon. 

(JjJ laa'U, perbaps. 


(J*] Za7, garnet ; ruby ; carmine 

^ la'na, be cursed, blaspbemed. 

^^[f>.] Wan, imprecation ; a form 

of divorce. 
<iUJ la'na, a curse, cursing. 
^jyeLo mala'oon, accursed, damned. 
^jj^f^ la'een, accursed. 

J'.k^ - ^^1 ala'n, literally, more 
accursed, but used in Egypt 
merely for " worse,'^ as tbe 
comparative of hattdl, bad. 

Jj«5 lugliz, enigma, mystery. 

ki! I'ighf, noise, uproar. 

»__fl^iJ lagJieef, receiver or con- 
cealer of stolen goods. 

Aki] _ *ii lagliam, pi. logJioom 
(Turkisb), sewer, drain ; mili- 

tary mine of powder ; blasting 
cbarge for quarrying. 

L^il laghmata (colloquial), it was 

smeared, stained, 
jj laghiv, nullity. 

x^ Idglii, null, void. 


^\ algha, be annulled, abolished. 

>'j«i] ilglid, a making null and 

jgiJi* miilgha (or maJglii) , annulled, 


cij'jj.* onidgJidt, nullities, errors 

Lij'jil _ L<] Jugha, pi. lugJidf, lan- 
guage, phraseology. [^;''^5 
iiJJl _ (—j'jL^ fc?'fa& eZ-ZM(/7m, dictionary. 

^y«! laghawiy, linguistic, pedantic, 

I a] Z«jfa, be wrapped up. 

<Ki'iJ lifdfa, wrapper, bandage. 

( al laff, a wrapping up. 

1 2J.iJ lafeef, complex, wrapped. 


( >'.aJ laffdf, professional roller of 


u_Jj-AJi_< malfoof, wrapped up ; 
vague ; a cabbage. 


( aLc milaff, envelope, cover. 

Cl^Ai lafata, be turned to look. 

<::^Ji 1 laft, glance, a turning 


C>a!iJl iltafata, be turned bis at- 
tention to, took care, paid 

ci^Uo-ll iltifdt, courtesy, pains, 
attention to. 


( 246 ) 


multajit, painstakings 

^fl.-l_lL/*(l istalfata, lie asked 
(another) to pay attention^ drew 
his attention to. 

lift, turnips. 
_'iJ luffdli, mandrake. 

laali' or liflj lafaza, or talaffaza, he 
utteredj pronounced, spoke. 

li'i.11 _ laa) lafz, pi. alfdz, word, 
phrase, pronunciation. 

^jaI lafaqa, he hemmed, sewed 
together, trumped up a story ; 

J^j<h]j talfeeq, humbug; a trumped- 
up case, a false accusation. 

jjflLc molafaq, sham, trumped-up, 

L-->lii]l - Vw^-siil Idqah, pi. alqab, sur- 
name, nickname. 

W-^aLc moJaqqah, surnamed, alias. 
it Jil laqaha a'la, he ejected at, 

uttered abuse, insult. 
_lii] or Jd laq-li, or laqdh, j)ollen, 

^_iL) laqqalia, he impregnated, 

vaccinated. [**i2 

LaI laqata, he picked up by chance, 

itlaiil Zo^ia, treasure-trove. 

L^ laqeet, a foundling, exposed 

e-aJii laqifa, he seized, caught at. 

u-AftLo malqaf, air-shaft on roof, 

^jiiLl laqlaqa, he made shake, 

jliil laqldq, stork. 

*al « i^iij loqvia, pi. loqam, morsel. 

^Ui! Loqmdn, the Oriental ^sop; 
a fabulist. 

>~*.iilS talqeem, ceiling, panelled 


laqqana, he instructed, 
prompted, suggested, dictated. 

^ya^talqeen, suggestion, a prompt- 
ing ; funeral oration. 

(Jii^ molaqqan, iproToaipted (speech); 
not one's own genuine evidence 
or ideas. 

*'JiJ liqd, the face ; a meeting face 
to face. 

iull or ij] laqia, or iltaqa, he 

found ; met with. 
jJiJI aZgfl, he threw down, charged, 

jilj or i'^ Idqa, or taldqa, he 

met, interviewed. 

^jiU talaqqa, he went to meet, 

^'JilJ /i7(/ft, in front of. 

^*wAi >Ia]o u^ mm fiV^a nafsihi, of 

his own accord or right. 
S'iLo muldqdt, a meeting face to 

face, interview. 
^Lc mulqa, or mulqi, thrown 

^L*, _ aIjL,) istalqa, he threw 

himself down, reclined (see 

also salqa). 


( 247 ) 


4.^ _ t»lAl lak, to thee; laJconi, to ye. 
iS^ or J] laJictha, or laliada, he 

'slapped, struck. 
*^ or jJ3 laka?:a, or lalcama, he 

struck. [^lal 

ijv^I or ix<l^ lahamiya, fist. [^:^A^ 
*jil^ lakaTieem, blows with the 

^11 _ ^ laJcin, but ; laliunna, to 

ye (fernin.). 
jj^] _ 1^1 laldna, he stammered ; 

alJicin, stammerer. 
Zi/ia/, in order that. [ / 

^1 Za,??i, not (past sense with aorist 

tense) . 
^^ J lam yciTvon, it was not. 

jjjj J J aIj J /rt?ii yalid wa lam 
yoolad, (Allah) did not beget 
and was not begotten. y 

^.-^^jIG J Lo ma lam yihtih, unless 
he should write. 

UJ lammd, when that, since that. 

J lamriia, he gathered, picked up. 

Jkll iltamma, it formed a crowd, 
they collected in a crowd. 

a^aLo malmoom, gathered, collected. 

^ lamaJia, he glanced at ; it 
shone, sparkled. [».«J 

^>«J lammaha. he hinted or alluded 

^ to. 

hs^ lamha, glance, sparkle, hint. 

j^j^\ -'♦J lamh el-hdsir, an object 
clearly seen, distinct view. 

^Jy*^ tahneeh, allusion, a hinting. 

, M*/^l lainasa, he touched, handled. 


I^^aI lams, touch, a touching. 

^M,^t Jdmis, he who touches. 

iuw^^ 'i^ qowiva Idmisa, sense of 

ijt*^ Idmasa, he touched mutually. 

^Ujw^SU middmasa, caress, fondling. 

^«*>*JiJl iltamasa, he besought, 
asked humbly. 

^j«.1_>»_jLJI iltimds, supplication, 

Jqj!^\ ijjlrl («,l«all iltimds ia'ddet 

en-nazar, Requete Civile, plea 

for a new hearing of a civil suit. 
«a1ji _ ^ la ma' a, it shone, sparkled ; 

yalma', it sparkles. 

«^^ Idmia', brilliant. 

«aLo molamma' , diverse ; mixed 

Aa] landavi, atriplex halimus. 

'iyt,] luma, help-meet, wife ; equal, 
one of a pair. 

Jai3 (j5 - ^^ Ian, not ; Ian tanzor, 
thou wilt not see. 

v»«^ lahiba, it flamed. 

L«.^l iltahaba, it was inflamed. 

h^ or «.-**J>^ laheeb (vulgarism, 
lahlooba), flame. 

«_->l^l iltihdb, inflammation. 
L--«^!iLo multahib, inflamed. 
As?' lahja, tongue, language. [^J 
(^s^ or 1^^^^! lahasa, he licked 
with the tongue. 

I ft^l lalif, regret, complaint. 

« ft-fli" or I a^ laJtIfa, or talahhafa, 

he longed for, regretted. 


( 218 ) 



A^] - ^ {laJiinia) ilhdm, divine 

inspiration. I^t5=^J 

*^Lc muJham, inspired by God. 

^^ laliharua, lie passed on^ handed 

^^1 or '«.^ lakd, or iltaha, lie 

amused himself. 
»^ lahw, play, amusement, [c^^^nx! 
^allj talciha, lie amused himself. 
JbJl^ _ ,,^U milJia, pi. malcihi, 

plaything ; musical instrument. 

J _ ^ laio - li, if - then (co- 
ordinate conjunctions). 

f 9 

iXJ jlixJ <xLkc J law a'malaho li-nazar- 
toh, if he had done it, I should 
have seen it. 

^ .i Imu Id, unless. 

^ ^ wa laiv, although. 

^U; J or ^ J loohiya, haricot beans; 
dolichos luhia. 

«JLjp lawwasa^he soiled,besmirched. 

(JLj Jo talawwasa, it became soiled, 

^S^\) (JL>»i.< violawiuas hid-clam, 

(clothes, &c.) stained with 

_]J1 _ _J /o7i, pi. alwdh, tablet ; 

sheet or piece of metal ; plank, 

board; pane of glass ; wooden 

shovel for grain, 
i^ J loha, one piece, a plank j 

notice board. 
_..b talawwalia (colloquial), he 

sickened, grew feeble. 

SM - is^'i Idyiha, pi. lawdyih, note, 
circular, decree, statute. 

j^ - s;^ loza, an almond; tonsil, 

gland ; loz, almonds. 
LJ Loot, the patriarch Lot. 
^L! _ ^isJ 7ooh'y, sodomite; Uivdta, 


i__ftjJ _ ( j^ 7oo/ (see ?e<?/"). 

Ji J _ ^jJ (Z(j(/) laiuwaqa, he sowed 
seed and then smoothed and 
beat down the surface of the 
soil ; sowing after the inunda- 
tion, in soft soil. 

'iiiS^^ locanda (Italian), hotel, 

*Lc or ^J lorn, or maiden, blame. 

^ Jo _ A lama, he blamed ; yaloom, 

he blames, 
jyjj: jX< raoldm 'aleih, fault, for 

which he is blamed. 
^.lU or ^.Lo middwama, or tald- 

wum, mutual blame. 
^U] _ ^JJyi Ion, pi. alwdn, colour, 

tint, hue. 

^y laiuwana, he coloured. 

y^po talaivwana, it became coloured ; 
he was shifty, hypocritical. 

^j^Lo molawwan, coloured, false, 

^Jo _ ^J laiua, he twisted, bent; 

yahvi, he twists. 
^_^pj or ,_^yiil iltawa, or talaioiua, 

it became bent, twisted. 

j_^»aLc or ti'^'^ malwi, or midtawi, 

bent, folded, 
i^y liwdya, pad, or fold for the 

head as a rest for the water-jar. 


( 249 ) 


h^\ _ f\y\ liwd, ]3l. alwiya, flag*, 
brigade flag ; a small Turkish 
province under a brigadier^ 

sanjciq. [ijlrsa**. 

lib Ayi liwd hdslid, brigadier, a 
military ofHcer of the third or 
lowest rank of pasha, equal to 
the civil Meeri-mecrdn pasha. 

Ll^jJ laita (vulgarly rait), would 
that ! 

^^>«J UjcXil l^a f__sj*-^ ^"^^-i^ laita 

shia'ri haza ed-chtnyd li-mcn. 

Would that I knew to whom 

this world belongs. 

Cl^jJ laith, lion. [JswjI 

v.:i-%«J - / N-'jJ laisa,']ie, it was not; 

lasto, I was not. G r*^' 

^1 i;/*^ /fMsa- aid nothing but, 
mere ; that is all. 

yb ^)**^ laisa ho a, except him. 

(__s.J^J leef, date-palm fibre, of 
■which the finer quality is used 
for sponges, and the coarser 
for ropes. 

iciJ or ( >^ loof, or lonfa, a plant 

like a cucumber, of which the 
fibre is used for sponges ; ser- 
IJentaria ; arisarum vitlgare. 

jiA leeq, cotton in Arab inkpots. 

icj'jj liydqa, fitness, propriety. 
d^ Idyiq, fit, becoming, proper. 

L__> ^J^b - J)^ Idqa hi, it befitted ; 

yaleeq, it befits. 
aUS laila, one night; 
'k\.j\ J ^ u-flJl a// laila iva laila, 

1001 nights, the Arabian Nights. 

^IjJ _ (J>.xl Za/7, pi. laydJi, night. 

1 .1^' J SIjJ laildii ica nahardii, by 
night and by day. 


^ ^Ji - 111' Hall a, contraction for 
li-an Id, in order not to. 

^^^AjJ laimoon, lemon, citron, lime. 

^jjLx«._jJ leemdn (Greek limeen ; 

Turkish), harbour; hence the 

hulks, or penal servitude in the 

Turkish code. 
^a1 or ^jJ leen, or leena, softness. 
^jll layyin, tender, soft ; bowels 

open. \-{ji:^ 

io'>jJ laydna, sofa, soft cushion. 

^jA>^ - ^Ji Idna, it was soft ; yaleen, 
it is soft. 

^\ layyana, he softened, made 

^jj.j.Jj talyeen, a making soft or 
supple ; gymnastics or exten- 
sion motions in drill. 

^JA^ molayyin, softener ; a purge. 

^J\>}\ or ^jW leewdn, raised dais 
in a room ; hall. \.ij^^^] 

i lai, pipe or long tube of the 

'kjS leyya, fat tail of sheep ; meat 
containing plenty of fat. [icjJ! 


A Meem. Value = 40. 

[N.B. — The following short list of par- 
ticiples, &c., is only given in order to 
assist the beginner in his search for 
the roots of derived forms,] 

l«3l'« or Le via, or mdzd, what * 
1 j'./f] li-md^d, wby ? 

K K 


( 250 ) 



U md, tliat which ; as long as ; 

(as a suffix) -ever, -soever. 
U V jL^ ^1 ^^ mill ai sahah md, 

from any reason whatever. 
^ U ma &ai'H, between, that 

which is between. 
Jd U md ddm, wliile, as long as. 

^1 ^ti. U md slid 'Hall, what God 
has willed ; how fine ! bravo. 

^.t\ U - U md, not; ma a'r?/, 

I do not know. [^ 

* ... U ma ... s7i or slii {md 

" before the verb and sh or slii 
after it, like ?ie . . • l^as), not. 

^i cl U ma cerifsh, I do not 

\sz U wia 'flf^a, except, not count- 

J U ma lam (two negatives), 


/.•ana minoh wa Hid clarahani, 
and the next thing was that 
he (suddenly) beat me. 

jsl^^l or sU^ _ L ma, pi. miydli, or 
o7nj(;a/i (sometimes femin.), water. 

^U or ^^Lrnat/;;?/, or 7)id/7/, watery, 

h.^ mwaya (colloquial), water. 

e_}T _ L->X< madh, source, origin, 

focus (see adha). 
c^^ . c:_jU wafer,, he died (see 

mot) . 
^] _ ^_jX* mditavi, mourning, 

funeral (see atem). 
1* . JiSU mddda, matter, article 

(see mad da). 

^jl _ jj. JU maxooji, licensed (see 

izn) . 
^.Lc or .U mar, or mari (Syriac), 

^J^*s>..s^ .U mar /iVjis, St. George. 

i^.^U mars (European), montli of 

^^Lj^_-^,1--o mdrtstdn (Persian), 

asylum, hospital. 

^j'V - KjiJ''^ Mdrooniy, pi. Ma- 
wdrna, Maronite, Catholics of 
Mount Lebanon named after 
Bishop Marooni, 6th century A.D. 

j^\ _ 'ij^J.^ mdsoora, tube, drain 

(see asara). 
U.[-^ mdslia (Persian), tongs, 

J^l _ dj^y'U mdkooldt, eatables 

(see akala) . 
'iiS'^^ mdldna (European), machine, 

eno-ine ; adla is also used in 

this sense. L*^' 

J^^ _ Jlj^l _ JU mdl, pi. amu-dl, 

property, personal property 

as distinct from real property ; 

goods, wealth (see mdl) . [v^JJ.^ 

J.>^ _ JU mala, he leaned (seemail) . 
t_iilL^^lU mdloof, familiar (seeilf) . 

^] _ ^ycU mdmoor, an official, 
prefect (see amara). 

J^l . J^'U mdmool, hoped, desire 
(see amal) . 
.^1 _ ^j^-^V-o mdmoon, trusted 
(see amn). 


( 251 ) 


^a'w« mdhiya (from Persian mdh, 
montli), monthly pay. 

^-x_a'^ mdhiya (from md, that 
■whichj and hia, she is), actual, 

j_^^l _ ^.Ui mdiva, place of shelter, 
abode (see awa). 

ci;lLc _ Ho or ^Lc may a, or miya, 
pi. miydt, hundred. 

Ci-sJ^ 7nee^ (colloquial for may a), 

J^^mdyo (European), month of May. 

Sjo'wo mdyida, table, large dinner 

tray. ^ 
(«.jj - ,-.»jU> mdyoos, despaired 

of (see ayasa). 
_»j _ -i-'ju mohdh, lawful (see holt). 

JL) - s^'ji^ mohdsharatdn, direct 

(see bashara) . 
jjSj\xk mohdshir, usher of a court. 

«jo _ Jcxj'.JUi _ c'.vo mohda', sold ; 
mohdya'a, sale (see heea'). 

^jj or ^j'oj _ i^^'jui mohdyin, dis- 
tinct (see hey an or bain). 

>ljkj _ ^iXijL< mobtacUj beginner 

(see bad a), 
fli _ 15^^^ mubtala, afflicted (see 

fce/a) . 
Cl..^isr _ Li-^^-o mabhas, topic (see 

&a/is) . 
L>j^ _ k^^^ mibrad , file (see barada). 

C^tj _ ijLjjjix* mab'aoos, sent (see 

«o _ jlju mablagh, sum of money 

(see balafjha). 

(Jj _ J»ix« mahlool, wetted, wet 
(see ball a). 

^Ju _ ^gV* inabnhj, founded, built 
(see bana). 

ci^'.Jo - \,s^xyo maheet, night^3 
lodging (see biydt). 

«>j _ ^j^Tnabeea', sale (see beea'). 

^jLjj _ j^^JJUi or jj^-o mobeen, or 
mohayyin, showing (see beydn). 


i^J\ _ ^iJU matadtti, resulting 

(see ata). 
»jJ _ jj'jui^ mutatdbia' , consecutive 

(see taba'a). 
iU _ ,JVJuu mutatdli, consecutive 

(see tald) . 
j^ _ j^^^ mafjar, trade (see 

jks^l _ S:sx<, muttaMd, ally (see ahad) . 
^S _ («-»-rjU mutarjwi, translator 

(see tarjama). 
, v.'jU _ ir-TjU Tidtras, pi. viatdris, 

rampart, trenches. 
.11^1 _ jjJU matro, pi. amtdr 

(French), metre. 
^ : _ ^^J^ motazawwaj, married 

(see zoj). 
^j _ Cj!i^ mutazayyd, dressed up 

(see zee) . 
t._^%ji_>« _ w-^%J.A>*JL< motasabibh, 
causer, seller (see sabab). 

«v«. _ «.-*l< mottasia', wide (see 

ifassa'a) . 
i3 J:, _ J-^iljlo mat ash ar rid, vagabond 

(a newly invented legal term) 

(see sharada). 


( 252 ) 



( — Sj^ _ I ij^x^ mutasarrif, posses- 
sor, ruler (see sarafa). 

i__j!^. _ t__su2jL« muttasif, qualified 
(see wasafa). 

(J^j _ (J..<2lo muttasil, contiguous 
(see wasala). 

.c. _ ^-flli-'o mutt ad ih, clear, evi- 
dent (see ivaddaha). 

■^Lo - ijJ^ motaa, pi. niota', 
profit, utility, the enjoyment 
of possession. 

iH^o^] _ c'Jto matda', pi. amtia'a, 

property, goods. [jccl.^ 

L_J ^Xvluuj or «.jk/»oi" tamatta'a hi, or 

istamta'a hi, lie enjoyed, pro- 
fited by. 
cyj _ ^r-lL _ clL hatda' , (fcmin.) 

hatd'at, pi. hotooa (colloquialism 

derived from matda' , to supply 

the place of " of"). 
jcclL u->Iax11 el-lxitdh hatda'y, my 

book, the book (which is) my 

&"xc-'jj 'Lcj^] el-Jiorma hatd'atoh, 

his wife. 

LlA^^yij Lj^A^l el-koioh hotoo'aJc, thy 

c_ja!l c'Jj —Ua^Il el-miftdh hatda' 

el-hdh, the key belonging to 
the door. 

S'siz _ j^jAa'jtLc mota'dqideen, the 
contracting parties (see'flf/acZa). 

L_^.«a-c _ (*^ — ,Aaji_X.xi mota'assih, 
fanatic (see 'asab). 

Jjic _ Jflji!*^ mota'alliq, belonging 
to (see a'liqa). 

A^£ _ A^jiiU mota'ahhid, contractor 

(see a'liida) . 

^^..^.^^J^ -^'..j^j;.iij^<6Viotarjliayyib, absen- 
tee (see cjhaih). 

^j^ij _ ^^i'ilo motafdlisj bankrupt 

(see fall asa) . 
JjjS - Jf^.AjU) motafarriq, various 

{see faraqa) . 


^jSj _ (j/ij^ motqan, perfected (see 

^J^-^^JJi^mottaqi, pious i&eewaqa) . 

^Us'Ij Ia»*aJuLc inotalahhisdn hil- 
jindya, caught in the act, en 
flagrant delit. [tr-^ 

^J'J^ or j^yLc main, or matdna, 
solidity, solid contents. 

^jyuJl ^'Lo matn et-taqreer, the 
contents of a document ; its 
text, substance. 

j^jjLc matecn, solid. 

cy _ C.J1L0 mutanawwia\ various 

(see now'). 


^^■^ _ ^^jLc or 4^1Ui muttaJiam, or 

mut-lunn, an accused man (see 

tvhma) . 
jJLc mata, whenever, at the time 

j_^ j_jl ai?/ mata {aimta) , when .^ 
c:^Aj « civui^ mashoot, proved 

(see sabata). 

J'Xol _ (J>l<i -irt/.s/, like, similar; 
masal, pi. amsdl, simile, pro- 
verb, maxim. 

(XIjUI _ JUUi misdl, pi. amsila, 
example, sample ; form of cer- 
tain Arab verbs like J^j -y*^. • 


( 253 ) 


^yi<il omsoola, example, sample, 

(JUUJ timsdl, statue, image. 

J-JLo massala, lie compared, made 

. similar. ^ 

jJ_jwi-.4^" tamseel, assimilation, 

analogy, portrait. 
(J,j'^' or jJjU nidsala, or tamdsala, 

it resembled. 

(Jjl>*^ momdsU, similar, analogous. 

(JxiLcl imtasala, he obeyed, fol- 
lowed, complied. 

(JjjU) inaseel, similar. 

J.jUi mosool, a standing humbly 
before a superior ; levee, recep- 
tion at Court. 

Cl-^ij - l^]jU mutaUat, triangle, 

tripled (see tult) . 
jA^ _ .a!Lo motmir, fruitful (see 


L'JU masdna, urinary bladder. 

'j^.'xLomotanna,di\x.a\ {seesanna). 

:!ȣ.- _ ;'<s-* majdz, metaphor (see 
jaivdz) . 

.IkS*. _ ;»'-=?^ mojdivir, student, 

adjacent (see jiivdr) . 
Js-^ majrJ, glory, majesty, pomp. 
AJ^-* Majeed, (God) the Glorious. 

li^j.s:'*'" SJ^c 'Ahd td-Majeed, slave of 
the Glorious One, name of a 
recent Sultan, d. 1861. 

Jui^j^s:-* _ ^AJ^sr* majeediy, (femin.) 
majeediya,TuTki&h gold coinage, 
and decoration named after 
Sultan 'Abdul-Majeed. 

,-1- _ «— ;>5As^ majzoob) demented 
(see jazaha) . 
Jjs^ _ j^j^'^ - !•=?'* majarr, and 
majroor (see jarra) . 

HjS*-'^ el-majarra, the Milky Way. 

^j-^ - L_>..s-< mojarrdb, tried, 
expert {see jar r aba). 

djs^ - tij-^-^ mojarrad, bare, simple, 
incorporeal (see jarada) . 

^js- _ /».=:-* mojrim, barefoot 

beggar, guilty (see jarama). 

^ .£>- _ (os-o majra, course, duct 
(see jara) . 

i^ls>. _ t^is-^ mojallid, bookbinder 
(see jild). 

ifS^ - (y-wLs-^ majJis, council, 
assembly {see jalasa). 

^A.:>- _ f^*^-* majma', total (see 

jam'aa) . 

icLfSi. _ J-As^ mojmal, total (see 

jomla) . 
^s^-^^^Xs^majnoon,^oaad. {seejonna) . 


majjdndn, gratis. 

Ji~^ _ LcJ^'* majna, crime com- 
mitted (see jana). 
jjs^ -jfs:^ mijwiz, double (seejoz). 
"_^^^ majoosiy, magian, heathen, 
hindoo ; magician. 

f\s^ _ ^%s:'* majl, arrival (see jd) . 

i__.>'ja^ _ L^^J^s^ mojeeb, compliant, 
(see jawdb) . [cf . ^ — •'r^y* 

.Iss-c mahdr, oyster, shell-fish. 


( 254 ) 


i..»^%vj.£>- _ ^Ua^Is-* mohdsaha, accounts 
(see Jiasaha). 

^isj>- _ lails-* molidfiz, governor 
(see hafizct). 

J»». _ J'.s^ mohdl, absurd (see liol) . 

ij^s>- _ i^^W-* mohdmi, lawyer (see 

Ll-^rs- _ L—Vks-* _ lI^s-^ onohihh, 

mahhooh, lover (see hahha). 


- cr^ 

A_s-* malihoi 


prisoned, prisoner (see hahasa) . 
^a-'.s- _ r-'-J^s-* vuilitdj, in need of 

(see lidja). 
,Ss>~ _ .jjss-* maJizoor, danger (see 

t_J,2^ _ c_;Ks-^ mihrdh, part of a 

Mosque (see harh). 
el^ss- _ cLjUs-* miJirdt, jDlougli 

(see harasa). 
ij^jS" - Jc>jjj .S-* mahroosa, Cairo, 

tlie guarded (see harasa). 

^j=>- _ |*_y"s:'* Moharram, first montli 

of Moslem year (see harama) . 

(J-in^ _ J^^s-^ mahsool, result, 
crop, revenue (see hasala) . 

Las'* or (^s-* mahd, or mahddn, 
sheer, mere, quite. 

j-^ - .-^s-* moJidiy, uslier ; mah- 
dar, report (see liadara). 

ks>- _ kkis-* maliatta, railway station 
(see hatta) . 

jS.s>- _ .as-* miJifar, spade (see 

k afar a). 
w a 

^Jss- _ ^^=:* mohaqqaq, verified 
(see haqij). 

4.Cs^ _ IaiCs-o onahlcama, tribunal 
(see hakama) . 

(Jjs- _ (Js-* mahall, place, spot 
(see hallo). 

^cis-< ^ fi viahaUoh, quite right, 

in its right place. 

S^»- _ Aas-* Mohammad, praise- 
worthy (see hamida) . 

(J.>».r!^ _ jj^s-* mahmal, litter (see 
hamala) . 

j^rsa^l or ^jsr* inahana, or com- 
monly, imtahana, he put to 
the proof, examined a candidate. 

^l:sn^1 or iisr* TYiihna, or imtihan, 
trial, examination. 

^s:^.*^ mumtaha^i, candidate, on 

^-0 _ 1^-* mahd, he obliterated ; 

tnalio, obliteration. 
js^-* or igs'*'-* mamhee, or mamhoo, 

Lis- _ Lj-s-o _ Lis-* mohdt, moheet 

(see hdta) . 
jys^ mihwar, axis, cylinder. 

j^s- _ igS^ mohce, God, the Maker 

Alive (see haya) . 
Jy&- _ (J>^-* moheel, transferor, 

endorser (see hoi). 
•Is-* _ r,-c molihlih, pi. mikhakh, 

brain, marrow. 
Is-* makhd, Moka, or Mecca, in 

S. Arabia. 
^Lls-* _ L'^-* mokhdt, mucus; 

mokhdtiy, mucous. 

^ ^Li- _ **.; .Lis-* mokhdtah, second 

person (in grammar) (see 
khataha) . 


c— ftJ^s'' 

( 255 ) 

( ali- _ I al'.sr< moJchdlif, contrary 

(see Jihalafa). 

jyit. _ j^=s^ mokJibir, informant 
(see ichabar) . 

jjki- _ i^y^sr^ raakhhaza, bakery 

(see Jihohz) . 
Xj^ - .'^-^ molihtdr, chosen (see 
khiydr) . 

fjai*. _ ija'xsr^ mohhtass, competent 
(see Ichassa). 

'ijyc[9- _ ya'xs^ mokhtasar, sum- 
marized (see Tchdsira). 

w w 

(J,li- _ (J^-< _. fjlrt* mohhtall, and 
molchiU (see hhaleV) . 

,i/*ii- _ ,p.Jjls^ moTchtalis, swindler 
(see Jchalasa). 

Ll»- _ kJOis^ mohhtalit, mixed (see 
klialata) . 

^y»■ _ sJvs^ mikhadda, pillow (see 

hit add) . 
j,S,s>- _ ^^cXs^ makJidoom, master 

(see khadama) . 
^^Ji- - tijr^'* makhzan, magazine, 

insulator (see kliazzana). 

<)c^l!w5^ _ i^AA^ks^ mokhastik, sick 

(see kliastaka) . 
^A»- _ j^^Ils-* miklitislii, basliful 

(see khashia) . 

^^kii- _ ^_^^s^ makhsoos, special 
(see khassa). 

c:^-as^ makhidat, she was in 

f^s-[x> - (_^'^-* maklidd, parturi- 
tion ; mdkhid, in labour. 

\a=>~ - ^ftss^ makhfi, stealth, hidden 
(see kJtafd). 

,^_^U- - ^^J^^■^ mikhla, scythe, sickle 
(see kJiala) . 

jj.i- _ iiils-* mikhld, nose-bag for 
horses (see kliala) . 

J^»- - L2_5'jysr< 'niakhlooqdt, crea- 
tures (see khalaqa). 
(J J-s-* ruakhlool, cracked, insane. 

,Ui- - tJ-s^ mokhayyar, he who 
has the option (see khiydr). 

( Jji- _ i__JUs^ mokheefj terrific 

(see kliof). 
s^ madda, he extended, it reached, 


lis^ maddada, he made extend, 


i^a] amadda, he helped, aided. 

i\jU)I imtadda, it reached, was 

i\aXaw1 istamadda, he asked help. 

L>jt\^ _ jk.« madd, pi. modood, 

reach, extension, flood-tide. 
.sail .js- J A^ madd lua jazr el- 
hahr, flow and ebb of the sea. 

\\ - 1 itX< madda, (in grammar) 
prolongation of the voice, the 
mark " over the alif, instead 
of a double a. 

Jw«mocZc?j measure of grain; one litre. 

t)Jc« _ jsjc* modda, pi. modad, in- 
terval, space of time. 

JkjJw* madeed, long", extensive. 

jJiXiJ^ iJJ^ modda madeeda, a long 
period of time. 

ibjL Jsj.^ rs-^-* inodiy modda ia- 
lueela, " lyrescription " or legal 


( 256 ) 


limitation, lapse of a long 

«iljw«l or JA-o madad, or imddd, 

succour ; invocation. 
^ti!A.<l imddd iy, reinforcing (as 

troops in reserve) . 

,i\ye ^ isj'wws mddda, pi. mawddd, 
matter, article of a code, item in 
a list. 

^Jl»- d\y< maivddd juziya, petty 
affairs, "justice sommaire." 

^.ijU or ^t)'wo mdddiy, or mddda- 
iviy, material, real. 

jliia^l imtiddd, a being extended, 

t>AA^ or t>ji\4^ mamdood, or mo- 
maddad, stretched, extended. 

i.ii - j\i^^ maddr, pivot (see dor). 

iu/jti _(^lcy.< waf?as, shoes {seedosa). 

yji.t> _ ^J^S< moddii, guilty, accused 
(see doon). 

(Jjt) _ ^j^j^ moddwala, delibera- 
tion (see ddl). 

^J _ ^jj1j>« moddyin, creditor (see 

jid - Jj J*-« onodahhir, manager (see 

i^d - i^A^ madbagh, tannery (see 

_^=^J _ —js^^^ Tiiodahraj, rolled, 

circular (see dahraja) . 

^i-J _ «XAi-cX-« madkhana, chimney 
(see dakhana). 

jS^ madar, clay, building material. 

^i^ or ^^,ly< rnidra, bar, pitch- 
fork, [^^j 

_ii.!i^l or —S^ madaha, or imta- 
dalia, he praised. [cf. S.a^ 

^XamAj _.tX^ rnadoha nafsnho, he 
flattered himself. 

^j^- 'TJ'^ modraj, roll, scroll 
(see daraja) . 

\^j*'j<^ - A-j^<^ madrasa, school (see 
darasa) . 

<^j>i - ^j^< modrilc, intelligent 
(see darali). 

Ic4> _ ^£<Xo mada'oo, named (see 
da' a) . 

''XJ _ ^^-K modda'y, plaintiff (see 

^t) _ ^JXc madfa\ cannon (see 

do fa' a). 

^d _ ^j^S^ modmin, persevering 
(see damana). 

ii'15'^ - 1^)1"^ modecn, accuser (see 
doon) . 

(jjti - ^_i^ madeen, debtor (see 
dain) . 

^\s^ or ^jX^ _ 'kh\^ madcena, pi. 

modon, or tnaddyin, town, city. 
«u.Jl.v.>«J1 El-Madeena, Medina in 

Arabia, the city of Mahomet 

2>ar excellence. 

w . .... . . 

^^S^ madamy, civil, not criminal 

(law) . 
^■iS^ ^Jy■^' qanoon madaniy, code 

civil, civil law. 

iUiS^ ijy^ ^loqooq madaniya, civil 
rights ; claim for damages in 
a criminal case. 

^jk^ maddana, he civilised. 

( 257 ) 



jjj._^_i' tamaddana, he became 

(jAVxvi o)iotamaddin, civilised. 
• »c\^ modawivar, round (see dor). 

U^'^ - ^J;JA^ mndaivwan, inscribed 

(see doon) . 
hs^ or j_ji\^ mada, or modya, limit, 

interval, reach, range; as far as. 

.jt3 _ ♦J'.Jv^ modeer, mndir, admini- 
strator, governor of a province 
(see do7-). 

^jt) _ ^J%J<J^ madyoon, debtor (see 

dain) . 
Sx^ or A^ 7)iW^, or munz, since (of 

time) . 

^^J^ _ ^.i\-< midra, pitclifork (see 
darn) . 

^j _ .»^A_-« mazhoor, above-men- 
tioned (see zalcara) . 

Jt) _ J^i.^ mazJool, cringing (see 

^ — .aJ _ ^_^sajv^ madhah, religion 
(see dahaba). 

t)^t) - Jjj^ madwid, manger (see 
dud) . 

^-<i marraj lie passed, went by. 

> > ■ 
.J .^ vioroor, passage, lapse of time ; 

a name for the market at Cairo. 

.U mdrr, a passer by, who passes ; 


^t) .l^tJ! el-mdrr zil-foh, aforesaid. 

j\j^ - ci^l ~« _ iyo inavra, pi, marrdt, 
ovmirdr, once, a time, [^k*i^i _ L,j 

S^aIU hll-marra, quite, emphati- 

\}j'o mirdrdn, at times, sometimes. 

.1.^ Jcl/«.aN. jomla mirdr, several 
times, often. 

'ij^ jj^ ghair marra, more than 

>^ 7)iamarr, place of passage, 

.Aj<^\ istamarra, he continued, was 

.4JU.) istamirr (imperative), Pro- 



ceed ! continue ! 

j\.ASm\ istimrdr, constancy, con- 

jaJmj.^ mostamirr, constant, con- 
tinuous, permanent. 
j\j^\ _ _j^ morr, pi. amrdr, bitter, 



mardra, bitterness; gall- 

j\j< mardr, centaurea calcitrapa, 

^_J.^ _ j^] amarr, (femin.) morra, 
more bitter. 

\j^] or ^^ mara, man, male (rarely 
used) . 

'ijj.< morooa, virility, humanity, 

'i\yo^ or y,-^ ■juara {hurdt), woman, 
wife. [s-LJ 

^_jj-ti maria, oesophagus. 

^\j _ L< 'niora, hypocrite (see rda) . 

^ .? . , 
^J\J - •&\yK, miraat, or mirdya, mirror, 

. (see rda) . 
[>, - ^gi\j^mordln, usurer (see rihd) . 

«.»-i _ ^«a.-l.^ mordja'a, control, 
inspection (see rdja'a). 

L h 


( 258 ) 

<Xm|J j^ 

ti.K _ S\j^ mordd, desire (see 
rdwada) . 

^j _ SLcL* morda'a, respect^ 
regard (see ra'a). 

«.s . _ htj^.^ morufa'a, legal pro- 
cedure, proceedings at a trial 
(see rafa'a). 

L^ij - hJi]j^ mordqaha, inspection, 
control (see raqaha). 

ij^^^ Marakesh, Marocco. \_^j>jk'<, 

yj-Hij - ^p^j-c mordhiq, young man 
(see rihdq). 

«..», _ %-Jr« marha', pasture ground 

(see roha') . 
C^^j , _ « 'U' ^ mortdb, doubtful (see 


_!.. _ ^^^ mortdh, at ease, at 

rest (see raivdh) . 
<»._^j. _ hSj^ viartaha, rank, higli 

place, mattrass (see rataha). 
Li. _ ig^J;-* murtashi, taker of 

bribe (see rashd). 

lij _ t:i^'Jiftjy^ mortafaqdt, latrines 
(see rafaqa). 

<.^^j - L^Cj.^ murtahih, criminal, 
guilty (see rakiba) . 

_^»^ — ^j—* 'iyiarj, pi. morooj, 
meadow ; a village in Cyre- 
naica, site of ancient Barca. 

\J^j-<> tnarjdn, coral; wkite coral 

stone from reefs. 
m^j — r^j< marja', turning point 

(see raja' a). 
U-. _ "y^^ niarjoo, requested (see 

rajd) . 

s^j _ 'if.^s^j^ marjaiha, swing, 

see-saw (see rajaha). 
j^j< or —j^ iiiavaha, he anointed, 

i^»-j — i^^^^j< inarhdd, latrine 

(see rahada) . 
<».j^%s»-. _ Us^^ ma I'll aba, welcome ! 

(see rahiba). 
^»-. _ *^ro - &^*>s-j^ marhama, pity; 

•JuarAoor/t, deceased {seerahima) . 
—y<, or ^j^ marakJia, he anointed, 


.i^ inarlch, tinder, broom-plant ; 
leptadenia pyrotechnica. 

ifljo mirreelih, Planet Mars. 

{j^^-j - (_/i=>-j-« 7nurakh1chas, autho- 
rised (see Tukhs). 

iii*j^ or i^j^ marad, or morooda, 

iij^ — dyo\ amrad, pi. mord, beard- 
less youth. 

dj[^ or JJ* ,-< marreed, or mdrid, evil 
genie, rebel. [c^^-i^ 

lijA^'i tamarrada, lie revolted. 

^^^.Lo or ij*y^ marasa or mdrasa, 
he practised, tried, made a 
contract with; soaked, steeped. 

i*fc..lA^ momdrasa, facility from 
practice ; a private arrange- 
ment or contract. 

Ljj, _ ,c«Jr< - iil/jj,^ mirsd, anchor; 
marsa, harbour (see rasa). 
*jjj^ mireesi (Coptic), hot south 

iLo r< mareesa, Soudanese wine of 
dates steeped in water. [ili^j 

^r< mars ah, theatre^ ball. 
i^J^»^ marseen, myrtle. 

( 250 ) 



J!m _ hs^j^ mirshaha, pack-saddle 
(see rashaha). 

<X<s, _ S^ 


marsad, observatorj 
(see rasada) . 

j^l^l _ (_/^ marad, pi. ainrdd, 
illness^ disease. 

(J^. _ ^U,-* marmala, sand - pot 

(see rand). 
LS^J " i_5'1/'* ^''^"'"^-'I/j tlirown, jiro- 

jectile (see rama). 
^i*»x«.-* mirmees, rhinoceros, 
yj^^ marana, it was supple, elastic, 
^j^ marin, supple^ elastic. 
^1.^ marana , elasticity. 

sick, ill. 

vj^ mareed, pi. marda, 1 ^jj-* marrana, he made supple, he 

[ .jlX: I made practice, enured. 

^^UJ tarndrada, he shammed sick, j ijJ^>»^' tamreen, exercise, practice, 

«^. _ I)t,o^ mordia'a, wet-nurse 
(see radia') . 

ij^j^ 'niarfahdn, jar, ewer. 

^-o mar a', pasturage. I^ts^' 

c-* maraglia, he hesitated, de- 

Ij^ mirfd, quay, port. 


&J - Jlr* 


mirfaq^, elbow (see 


^L< _ ^iiyc marham, pi. mardhim, 

uA; - uJ^^* marhoon, pledged, 
mortgaged (see rahana) . 

*j^ Mariam, Miriam, Mary. 

_L, _ ^^j< rnaryooh, bewitched 

(see rawdh). 

J.^ mazza, he tasted, sipped. 

S^ mazza, a taste, relish, appe- 

: i< miziz, acid taste of lemon, 

unripe fruit, &c. 
tJj : _ sjol^c - i^\}-< mazdd, or mozd- 

yada, auction (see zaid) . 
'ij\jj _ ,|j-o mazdr, place visited, 

11 r I. shrine (see ziydra) . 

j^j^ marmar, marble. '-(•^j ^ ^ ' 

, , ,, _. ' , i e,: _ c,!;^ mozdria', farmer (see 
■^>^<^ marmasha (.colloquial), he j C^ C>-^ 

zara'a) . 

mazaja, he mixed. 

1^ mizdj, mixture, humour, 

ijij^ maraqa, soup, broth. 
J)\^«w< meiuraq, skylight. 
<«- — Sj — (wj>j^ — t._,^^ marTiah, 
ship; markoob, shoe (see rakiba) . 

ji\ _j_/p^ marJcaz, centre (see 
*, - <x.<^ maramma, repairs (see 

winked, screwed up his eyes, 
gnawed. [or , -^i" 

ia<^ marmata (colloquial), he in- 
jured, spoilt, knocked about. 



( 260 ) 


i/^]}'* ii^i''^'^\l^ll} kercliief. 
^jju\ imtazaja, it became mixed, 

—jLo or _J^ mazaha, or mdzaha, 

he joked, chaffed. 
_.:U - ^\r* '>nozdh, joke, joking; 

mdzlh, joker. 
dj^ inczd, or me^2 (Pei'sian), yellow 

leather slippers. 
»__>KUi mizrdb, gutter, drain. L'^jj 
^jjj « Jflff-o raizrdq, spear (see 

\^^j] - ij^jj^ mozarkash, brocade 

(see zarJcasha). 
Oy _ 4>^|J^ mazrood, flushed, red 

in face (see zard). 

t^jj- i^jj-^ mozri, injurious (see 

^cj _ ^j^ maza'm, doubtful (see 

za'm) . 

Jjj^ mazzaqa, he tore to pieces. 

^ V»J tanizeeq, a tearing up. 

^JJ^>*^ momazzaq, torn up. 

il: _ eJ^/^ inazlaqdn, slope, slip- 
pery place (see zalaqa). 

j^j - jyoj^ - .U;'-« mizmdr, glottis; 
luazmoor, psalm (see zainr). 

^j _ [j^j^ rnozviin, chronic (dis- 
ease) (see zanian). 

^'ij - isuj^ viaznaqa, necklace (see 
zanaqa) . 

j*j -jjj-o viazivar, oblique (see^w*). 

J3j -J^j^ mazavnvir, forgerer, per- 
jurer (see zoor) . 

A; J _ i^i}< rnazeed, growth ; com- 
plex (see zaid). 

(j^ ; _ (j-ij-* viozayyin, barber (see 
zain) . 

UL'^ viazdyd, advantages, merits, 

^j^^ massa, he touched, handled. 

,i«juj^ or /t*^ inass, or masees, 

touch, contact ; insanity. 
(v>.'w<i DidsSj he who touches. 

(-.'.^♦.j taindssa, he touched mu- 
tually, fondled. 

..•0. , 

^ajjI/k-c or ij-xlow.^ misas, or mo- 

mdssa, contact. 
(»*y*k/»^ mamsoos, touched, maniac. 
Am)^ masd, evening. 
,i**^l rt»is, yesterday, eve of to-day. 
^^*>^^\ amsa,hepassed the evening at. 
J>jt*w _ Jii\cl*M^ 7)iosoa.^(?a, help, favour 

(see sa'd). 
^M» - ,-cIm»-< masda'y, efforts (see 

jSm _^Ljw< mosdjir, traveller, guest 

(see safar). 
( j)«j _ Jls'.***^ mcisdfa, distance (see 


i«.*w _ A^-w^ Diasdinm, pore of skin 

(see sanima). 
JVm, _ ^cllwi..^ or <)dV»M..x> masala, or 

masala, question, affair (see 

.y^ _ ^X*^^ inosdwi, equal (see 

*^^ _ ^aa'-w*^ mosdhama, joint- 
stock (see sahin). 



( 2G1 ) 

mf ft**-' 

»,=..1_^»-ILjjwo mostdjir, tenant, liirer 

(see ujra) . 
(Jjbl . (Jal'jUi-o mostdhil, deserving 

(see aid). 

Oo _ j^jL*^ niostabidd, tyrant (see 
hadda) . 

jJo _ Uuw« mostasnd, excepted 
(see thiny). 

s»- _ ^ii^Ajj^ mostaJtaqq, deserved 
(see haqq) . 

Jj~^ _ J>j.^M,»< raustaheel, absurd 
(see hoi). 

aAs>- _ ^jJs^wj^ mustakhdam, em- 
ploye (see lihadama) . 

^<y^ - .lAwo inustaslidr, coun- 
cillor (see sJioora) . 

J^ _ J>>k!w^ ruostatecl, oblong 
(see tool) . 

(J.s^ _ (J^-^***^ mosta'jil, in haste 
(see 'ajda) . 

iXc - JkjJ^^ ntosta'idd, ready (see 

a'dda) . 
(J,AC _ (J-AxlisM^ mosta'maJ, used 

(see a'mila). 

(JwjkJi _ (_j,_|iia*jjw« tnustacjhd, the 
future (see qahala). 

Ji _ JJi!w^ mustaqill, independent 

(see qalld). 

jtJi _ >jJiJUi^ inostaqccm, upright, 

straight (see qom) . 
«iu _ «.ftxw^ mostanqa' tank (see 

L«^^j _ L^_^=.. jjLi*^ VLOstaivjib, caus- 
ing, necessitating (see wajaba) . 

s. _ j^»yjL*»,* mostairji., sufficient, 
completing (see iccifa). 

Ssj - iXjJnm-^ rnustciwqad, furnace 
(see waqada) . 

^yM - ^_^*Lu^ mistiwi, ripe, cooked 
(see salvia). 

laiu _ laAJvJLx^ mustaiqaz, awake 
(see yaqiza). 

S.s:'^ - As*^-< masjid, mosque (see 

sajada) . 

(Js**^ _ (J>s***-* mosajjal, registered 
(see sijil) . 

j^s*" > ^^^s'^-* masjoon, imprisoned 
(see sajana). 

^*ww< masaha, he measured surface, 
surveyed land. 

^»-L*^ masaha, area, surveying of 
laud, surface, dimensions. [^J^ 
_l«*^ massdh, land surveyor. 

^»«-o masaha, he wiped, purified 
by laying on of hands, anointed. 

^^\ El-JSIasceli, the Anointed, 

j^aiWc maseehiy. Christian. 
ijwjwo mashh, metamorphosis into a 
viler shape ; buffoon. C^**^ 

ijsw'^ mdsilth, insipid, stupid. 

.s*" _ ^^^-^ mosalihiihar, tyrannised 

over (see sakJiara) . 

'i. s*"-* mashhara, ridiculous, 


^\c yk^*-^ tamaslchara a'h(, he 
mocked at. 

Ls*** _ '^ys***^ maslxhoota, statue, 
idol (see salchatu), 

u-^ _ ^_j,w>^ masrah, path, course 
(see sarah). 


( 262 ) 


c.j>*> _ 9-j>**-< mosria hastening (see 

sar'oa) . 

is .. - 

^.Mj _ ji;'**^ - »y.w--c masarra, joy ; 

masroor, glad (see sarra). 

,_c^«j-< Misra, Coptic month of 
August^ the first month of high 

_Jsm _ ^'JflMj^ viistdh, area, surface 
(see sataha) . 

Ua-j _ <X>li: |Ja*«^ masti 'aleih, victim 
of attack (see satd). 

l^A^w _ ^1 kiL**^ mosqat ileih, ' con- 
cessionaire " (see saqata) . 

( jyl**^ or < aiw^ Tnosqof, Muscovy^ 

iLw _ ^^^Ju^t^ _ ii'.i5rfjj^ misqdt, 
small canal ; masqdwi, lands 
irrigated by a sdqiya (see saqa). 

^J CJ.'-j.-o inanalia (colloquially 
tnislk fi) , he seized, held. 

lLA/^k^I amsaha, he held back, re- 
^Jj^Mj.^\ imsdk, restraint ; fast. 

fJJJltXi tamassaJca, he clung to, 
relied uj^on ; opposed. 

Vi^«*^j tamassuh, reliance, opposi- 
tion, lien or obligation. 

l^-Lj-< masJi, a grip, catch ; a 
goatskin of water. [hJi 

tLA«j_< mish, musk perfume. 

di^i^ misZ;a,dung-cake for fuel. [icLs- 

CJwv'.^ rudsiJi', holder, tongs. 
\Jj^j.u.A^ momsili, restraining ; cou- 

jCm _ S.M*^ mushlr, intoxicating 
(see soAt) . 

^i^i _ i^jXm*^ _ ^jCmj^ viashan, 
abode ; masheen, poor (see 
s alcana) . 

lIAa*. - CLJ^yCjM^ viaskooJcdt, coined 
money (see sahJia). 

L-^Lj _ (__>jLw..« maslooh, pillaged; 

weak in intellect (see salaba). 
—Lm _ Jt»**^ mosallali, armed (see 

sUdh) . 

'S! tj 

fJ.^M-iSMj^misaUa, obelisk (see salla) . 

(J.M _ J Awj^ maslool, unsheathed ; 
consumptive (see salla). 

^Lm _ rJi*w^ masli, cooking-butter 
(see sild) . 

A>*i _ Jujj-< tnuslim, Moslem, Masul- 
man (see sihn). 

jA^ _ .l^k»w-< mismdr, peg, nail (see 
sammara) . 

jc^vu _ A^^ tnosamma, named 
(see samma). 

^ _ ^J»*~<l misann, grindstone j 
mosinn, aged (see sanna, sinn) , 

<kJu. _ ^j^Aaj*^ masnoon, customary 
(see sonna) . 

(J>^ _ (_)•?'«>-< mos-liil, purgative 
(see salnda) . 

i^\y*, - Idy**^ maswada rough draft 
(see sawdd) . 

J\.Aw _ Jj**<w« masool, asked, respon- 
sible (see sddia). 

jS.M .jjM*.^niaseer, course (see sail). 

j!U mishsh, cheese, curds and 

moshdjara, quarrel 



(see i-hajai\ 


( 2G3 ) 


i_$jy^ - <Xjill j.>iL« rmishdron ileih, 
aforesaid (see shoora). 

J'Ji - J'vik^ mashdl, porterage ; 
removal (see shdla). 

^>*i. _ tr-^l-if-o mashdyikh, pi. of 

Jiyi- i'lA/iL^m-us^i^a^^^^gsr (see s/io^) . 

-«=l.*i _ ^JiA^ muslitari, buyer ; 
Planet Jupiter ; mushtara, pur- 
chased, a purchase (see shird) . 

^ss^ _ ^j^s^ 7nash-hoon, laden 

(see sliahana). 
kjSJL^ - LxiJU^ 'maslirahiya (see 

^Djij - )cjL.^ misJirat, lancet (see 

sharata) . [s^s 

c-Syi - &j^>j'^ mushnfiya, a pro- 
jecting window, generally called 
mushrahiya (see sharaf). 

r^ - iV/"*-* mashriq, east, place 

of sunrise (see sharq). 
^JL - <L)jJ^ onoshrih, accuser 

(see shirli) . 
la,*^ _ la^^>i/w« mosharmat, torn 

(see sharmata). 
c^ _ p»j^ mashrooa', begun ; a 

written contract, project, draft 

of a law (see shara'a). 

L/iLw* mashata, lie combed the hair'. 

L/i.^ might, comb ; instep or fore- 
part of the foot. 

iloAiil* mdshita, she who combs, 
female barber. 

j3t.i^ - ^JJ^xa^^ masha'rdniy, hairy 
(see sha'r). 

(J.*/i, - (Jjt.i^ misha'l, torch (see 
sha'la) . 

j_)>i/i, _ J^/i^ maslighool , busy (see 

shoghl) . 

iA^ mashaqa, he tore, pulled to 

ii/i, _ iaA^ mashaqqa, difficulty 
(see shaqqa). 

J.C:. _ (JCivo mushMly difficult (see 
sheM) . 

^y*A^ _ ^j«.A>i^ moshammas, sun- 
struck (see shams) . 

^l^4^^ mishmish, apricot. 

,Ji._^/i»< mashmasha (vulgarism), 
he beat soft like an apricot, 
pummelled, thumped. 

^.♦«i _ ^.aJL<, moshamma' , water- 
proof (see shama'). 
JUJL* mushmild, " nejie/' medlar. 
k'jJL^ mishanna, rush basket. 

^xi. _ "ksaJL^ mashnaqa, gallows 
(see shanaqa) , 

S^ - Si^^ mash-had, funeral 
(see shahida) . 

j^^ _ jy^^ mash-hoor, famous (see 
shahr) . 

tjr.ui _ 5.»^ - j^JL^ mishicdr^ 
errand; mashwara, deliberation 
(see shoora). 

^yi - f^JL^ mlshivi, grilled (see 

^J^ masha, or mishi, he walked. 

^A^l imshi (imperative), off with 
you ! get along ! 


rnashi, act of walking. 

( 264 ) 



iilA-c - t_s^^-o ')n('i-^l>h lie who walks, 
moves; on foot; pi. onushdt, 
infantry. [J^i^V^ 

^i:,!)^ _ iuJiU mdshiya, pi. mmvdshi 
(femin.), she who walks ; (in 
pi.) cattle. [JW 

iJL^ mashsha, he made walk, 
exercised a horse. 

l»i.UJ or ij^Uj' taindsha, a prome- 
nading together ; show, public 

i^JT" ~ j-i*^ muslieer, Field-Mar- 
shal (see slioora). 

f^M - Iaj^^L^ masheema, placenta 
(see shaim) . 

> Li -HjJ:*^ mashiya,wish (see slidd) . 

i^^ massa, he sucked ; mass, a 
suck. [cf. ^^^ 

fJoA^i] t ^^' qasah el-mass, sugar- 
cane for sucking. 

j>sJiAa< _ ^jJ^ao^ massds, sucker ; 

masees, cement. 
f^'x^\ imtassa, it absorbed. 
fja\.^zLc\ imtisds, absorption. 
K^yO - y 5'w.a< mosdh, hit, wounded 

(see sol) . 

:'w,i2^ masd'yih, difficul- 
ties (see sa'ola). 
iyO) . c'.^^ ruasdgh, jewellery (see 
sogh) . 

masahl, embouchure. 

mould (see sabha) . 

m^^ - iJfX^£Lo masharjha, dyer's yard 
(see sabaijha). 

jj»j''.c - kJuua.-c mashana, soap-works 
(see sdhoon). 

v_As-» _ ,_isr^^l El Mos-haf, The 
Book, Koran (see sahofa). 

,A-c - .ck^-« masdar, infinitive, 
source (see sahara). 

^S^ — J)L^-a^ mosaddaq, believed ; 
double guarantee (see sidq). 

.La^l -j.,a^ masr, pi. amsdr, town. 

yo^ Masr, ('" Mizraim '') Egypt; 
Cairo ; in Turkish, 3Esr. 

L«j».s^' j^.\) Masr el-mahroosa, 

Cairo the protected, the capital. 
'i}j^^ - ^j^is^ masviy, (femin.) m,as- 

riya, Egyptian, 
ij -^^ («■:^^'^'' 01' j^^^l 01' )V.'^ diydr 

(or aqtdr, or aqdleem), masriyaj 

provinces of Egypt. 

,_^.La< - hj^-^^ masriya, pi. masdri, 
(Syrian) pence, paras. 

•il^ - tjr^fl^ - r-o^ mosirr, persistent; 
masroor, folded up in a bundle 
(see sorra) . 

^,1.^^ - ,[^<n^ - jJ^-o ma seer (or 
masdrr) , pi. masdreen, bowels, 
intestines. T^^j*^ 

c.^ _ Q}j^< - cK-o^ misrda/, valve ; 
niasroon', epileptic (see sara'ci). 

masraf, masdreef, masroof, out- 
lay, expenses (see sarafa). 

L^ls^- Lda^.^^ 7uasfri&a,dais, bench 

(see sat ah). 
Juc - ^jflLiAa-c mustafa, chosen, pure 

(see safw). 



( 205 ) 



^^^^ inastalii, gum-mastic, a 
liqueur flavoui'ed with aniseed ; 
raki, arrack. ^CJj^ 

^La «.ila.*2^ luustana' artificial 
(see sana'a). 

»Aw9 _ sliio^ vtisfdt, filter (see safiv). 
J.^ - is^* _ J^-^U: viosllh, salt ; 

maslaha, businesSj &c. (see 

salolia) . 
Cl^^tx^^* masruat, cooksliop. 
ii,».o _ j^-^o mosawwir, artist (see 

soora) . 
c^« Masowa\ Massowah ; an 

Italian settlement on tlie Red 

Sea coast of Abyssinia. 
^ya - ^^y^:i^ raasoon, chaste^ guai'ded 

(see san). 
Jo^ - iSJ^K misiada, trap, net 

(see said). 
.'wc - tJ-*a< maseer, fact, matter-of- 
fact (see sdra) . 
t__;~i _ hXjLK moddraha, conflict 

(see daraba) . 
c.yc - f\-^ moddria', Aorist Tense 

(see dara'). 
4_Rjci - ^AcLi^ modda'fa, double 

(see di'f) . 

( aj.^ _ ( j'w^c moddf, added (see 

daif) . 
" ^ _ Jilal-i^ moddhdt, similarity 

(see daliiy). 
L-Jk-wj _ ^kjk^^ viazhata, written 

report (see zabata) . 
fjj^s^ - uLAs-^-'* uiodhil-, funny (see 

dahika) . 
j^ - v__) j^.* modirr hi, injurious 

(see da rra) . 

«__>^ _ (_^-i< modtarih, anxious 
(see daraba). 

S^^ - i^^la-ii* modtahid, tyrannical 
(see daliada) . 

iJuK, madagha, lie chewed; madgh, 


.A.^ - ^.4.-fl< madmoon, contents, 
guaranteed (see dimn). 

madniada, a gargling, 
rinsing the mouth. 

yc - ^^o modi, brilliant (see do).. 

j--a<i Diada, it (time) passed. [,_jii.^ 

"-a^ modiij, lapse of time, 

^j^yi iiJ»«Jl tj-^x modiy el-modda et- 

taweela, lapse of a long period ; 
■prescription " ; Statute of 

^^U mddi, passing; passed, past, 
past tense. 

i^^l amda, he signed his name. 

AJl^] inidd, signature. 

AJl^\ _ d^Ji^ irnddtoh (vulgarism 
for iniddh), his signature. 

^^Aa.^ momdi, signer ; momda, 

a^s _ c'ia.^ irw^aa', obeyed (see taw') . 

L.^\\s - ^aSIIs^ motalaha, claim for 

payment (see talaha). 
^\s - 'if^[\s^ motdJa'a, study (see 


• aIs _ _^xla^ matbakh, kitchen (see 

^x\s _ A»Ala.<i matha'a, printing-press 
(see taba'a). 

.Ik^ol -J^ matar, pi. amtdr^ rain. 

M Hi 


( 2G6 ) 



jia^l or .la^ mafara, or aruiara, it 

iLj-LL-* Matdriya, Heliopolis; a 
suburb of Cairo. 

^^■< innirdn, metropolitan, nrcli- 

c-jjL - v-j-^la* motrih, musician 

(see tarih(i) . 
—yio - — ^-o onatraJi, place (see 

tar aha), 
fjjis - Jijia-o mitraq, hammer (see 

ta raqa) . 
(Jla<, matl, delay, adjournment. 

(JL - ^Ic (J-la^ motill 'ala, looking 

out upon (see talla). 
^iis _ lalL^ moilaqan, absolutely 

(see talaqa). 

^^L - (^^ia-o motmayinn, confident 
(see tamn) . 

^^ _ ij^la^ matwa, penknife (see 
tawa) , 

c^L _ f^-* moteea'j obedient (see 

taw') . 
&As^ fnatiya, borse, nag. 
*lli> - A^lla^ - J^^ mozlim, dark ; 

ma^ Zoom,, victim (see zo??)^). 
U.« - «^ wa', witli ; ma'd, together, 
ii^t) ».-o wia' zalili, nevertheless, 

with all that. 
^|1 «^ ma' an, although. 
^j^Ss «_^ ma' hun, with being, 

^*i^ ma'iya, withness ; " suite, 

privy department or household 

of a King, or of the Khedive. 

jjc - all! jU.o ma'dz Allah i, God 
forbid ! (see 'oz). 

{^^j^ - 'k^\.*-o vto'-drada, opposition 
(see 'arada). 

, K*>^ - i^^'^-o ma'dsli, means of 
life, pension (see 'aiftJi). 

Jic - { JU.o mo'df, pardoned (see 


< .AC - j;jksU^ mo''-dqaha, punish- 
ment (see a'qaha). 

Ic _ &s^l»uc mo'-dlaja, medical 
ti-eatment (see 'alaja). 

J.^c _ ^UU^ mo'-dmala, treatment, 
conduct (see a'mila). 

^j.£ - JOjU^ mo'-dwana, assistance 
(see 'on). 

L.U^ Mo'-dwiya, the first Caliph 
of Damascus, a.d. C61, founder 
of the Omaya dynasty (seeiu.<l) . 

^c _ JuAjto mo'-dyana, inspection 
(see 'win). 

Jokc _ Sx*.< ma'had, place of worship 

(see 'ahada). 

jxc. _ .jjt,« ma'bar, place of passing 

(see 'abara). 
d^ - jUji^ mo-a'^ac?, usual (see o'd) , 
jxc - j3^x mo-a'tabar, respectable 

(see 'abara). 

Ix _ ,_£;!U^ mo-a'tari, afflicted (see 
'ara) . 

6 w 

jdc- Jjl*^??to'^a?Z,diseased(see'i7Za). 

SA^.SA^ijt^ TOO-a'Zama(Z, trustworthy 
(see a'niada). 

Jl'Xc - JfJ«^ ina'tooq, freed (see 


( 2G7 ) 



<U£ - 8»1U^ viaHooh, mad, demented 

(see a' tall). 
i_^s^ _ <.».^^*^ mo-a'jih, pleased, 

gratified (see a'jiba). 
jfs?^ ma'joor, basin, dough-pan. 
js^ _ 'ijs.*^ mo'jiza, miracle (see 

'ajaza) . 

^s^ - ^^yf^'^ riiajoon, paste (see 

a'jana) . 
S£. - Sx-^ 1)10-' add (mo-'idd), set 

apart for (see a'dda) . 
^iXc _ M'^'^'^ ma' din, mine, metal 

(see a' dan). 
"jj^x^ - 'iS)t^ Diia'da, stomacli ; 

mia'diy, gastric. 

Iac - ^Jjt-* mo'di, infectious ; 
ma'da, ferry (see a'da). 

jSc _ tj^i>*-<i ma'zoor, excused (see 

jC - ^]/^ mia'rdj, ladder, ascent 

(see a' raj a), 
{jcf- - ijo,^»^ - {jOjft^ nia'rad, 

exhibition ; lua'rood, petition 

(see a'raJa). 

i__ifC _ I i^f-^o - ki^ ma'rifa, know- 
ledge, means ; ma'rafa, mane ; 
ma' roof , favour (see a'rafa). 

^.c - ^jf^ mo-a'rra, stripped 
(see 'aria). 

jcLc -jJ;*-< or jft^ ma'z, or ma'yecz, 

goats ; mdy'iz, a goat. 
s a 

jc - ;>•« nto-a'zzaZf corroborated 

(see a'zza). 

jt**£- -M*ji^ mo-a'sir, insolvent (sec 


JL*kC -jCu^x, mo-a' sizar, camp (see 

'i-A-^-c - A%-«a-*-<i - *-<2«^ mia'sam, 

■wrist; ma'soom, infallible, above 

suspicion (see 'isnta) . 
^'dac _ (ia** mo'ti, (God) the Giver 

(see a'td). 
^^c - J^-o - A^Ja*^ mo'azzama, 

magnifier ; mo'zam, majority 

(see a'zania). 
»Ai _ kij»^ ma'foo, pardoned (see 

(Jjic _ JJU^ Dui'qool, intelligible 

(see a'ql). 
cL^x^ ma'aha, he rubbed. 

if^^sKc _ ^j^^^s>jt.^ riia'koos, upside 
down (see a'ks) . 


Ac - Aji*^ - J>»<--c Tiio'aUim, teacher j 

ma'looni, known (see a'llma) . 
jAx. - Xa^^ mla'nucr, architect 

(see o'mv). 
(_!>♦,£ _ fJ.A.'i.K ma'aiual, workshop 

(see a'rihila). 
AC - ^A.ft^ nto-a'iuma, enigma (see 

a' ma) . 
^»rl^ _ ^*^ {iua'n), mdo'on, utensil, 

^] Ju: - jjji*^ ma'nivin, addressed 

(see o'nwdn) . 
xc - [Ji*-o ma'na, meaning (see 

a' no) . 

S^ - 45%^«-<i 'ma' hood, contracted 
(see a'hida). 

.'jo: _ fUx^ vti'yar, legal standard 
(sec i'yur) . 

( 268 ) 



>' _ «^ ina'iy, or rnVaj pi. 

ama'a, intestines, 
(^cyt* riia\viy, intestinal. 

i^^Jx _ ^A«^ rna'yisha, means of 
life (see a'ish). 

^^jj^ - ^;J^*^ ruoa'yyan, appointed 
(see a'in). 

J J: or sVjUi maglidra, or ^7(rt/"j 

y;J.s^ - s^i'jU maghdza (Turkish for 

makhzan), magazine. 
Jj^ - ji}^ mofjlidyir, contrary (see 


<-r>j^ - >-r-^*-< maghrih, west^ sun- 
set (see gharaba) . 

v__i^ _ }j)jx^ mighrafa, ladle (see 
gharafa) . 

,t^t - i/i^^i^A^ maglislioosh, adul- 
terated (see ghashsha). 

(^^< maghas, colic, gripes. 

ifJac - j^LjU might as, tank (see 

llai: _ jclajLo tnogliatta, covered 
(see ghatd). 

At. _ ^'Jt^ rnaghlaq, timber-yard, 
enclosure (see ghalaqa). 

(-.-jic'JijL* magkndtees (Greek), 

^'-ii _ ^J^ riioghanni, singer (see 

gliind) . 
iiyU maghona, lighter, barge. 

^^•_^j'^-« mofdivada, community 
of interests {see foda). 

JU - -Jj.slk miftdhj key i&eefotaha). 

hj9 - ^JXLc moftarl, slanderer (see 

friya) . 
ij^ji - i;*j_lLa_^ moftaris, fierce 

(animal) (see farasa) . 
^!ii _ (jifl-o ruoftin, plotter (see 

fatana) . 
^Ji _ iJifl-vi mufti, Moslem judge 
(see fatioa). 

dji - dJ^K, mofrad, alone, solitary 
(see fard) . 

\djS - \sjk.^ mofrit, excessive (see 

farata) . 
^jtji - JsJbi.^ mofarhad, confounded 

(see farhada) . 
i)l_*».J _ S**>SL^ mofsid, corrupter 

(see fasdd) . 

S^i - S^'x<, rnifsad, lancet (see 

fasada) . 
(Jw^ _ (J..Aa^ mafsil, joint (see fast). 

^^Jii _ ^mJlLo omtfis, bankrupt (see 

li _ »_Lfl._< mafloQJ, paralytic^ 
split (see falaja) . 

,^ _ ti'J^ mrfeed, informer, useful 
(see faid). 

i W 

Uj _ t±j'-Ji_o maqdtt, cucumber 
garden (see quttd). 

i^^Ui" _ oLu'Ji^ maqdsdt, dimen- 
sions (see qiyds). 

^jdi _i^'Ji< maqdssa, compensation 
(see qnssa). 

J»ii _ ^l.'JLc - J'.iUi viaqdl, speech ; 
moqdwala, bargain (see qol). 

^y _ ixj'Jl< - JJLo maqdm, place ; 
moqdicama, resistance (see qdiii). 


( 269 ) 


J^ji _ iLxa.-^ inaqbara, cemetery (see 

(Jjj _ J^J^-e - J.AiLo nioqhil, coming; 

maqhool, accepted (see qahaJa). 
Cl^J^iU _ d-^^iU viaqf, hatred ; ma- 

qeet, detestable. 

^^i' _ jc-^^ moqtada, necessary 
(see qada). 

jiii - jSx!Lo _ .IajU miqddr, quan- 
tity ; ribuqtadir, able (see qadara) . 

aJJ> _ mSa^ muqdim, forepart (see 

( jjj' _ ( jItiJLo miqddf, oar (see 


jS _ t t-A-* - Ta'O moqirr, confessing; 
niaqarr, fixed place; moqarrar^ 
certain^ direct (see qarra). 

L-jj'i _ L.fl^ maqriha, vicinity (see 

hji _ < }.a^ moqrif, cross, bad 

tempered (see qarafa) . 

jJii' _ ^iLo miqashsha, broom (see 

(_^' _ (_/2iU viaqass, scissors (see 

qassa) . 
Juos _ (X«aiU maqsad, aim, object 

(see qasada) . 

j^'s _ Ji.j^iu> maqsoora, chamber 
(see qasara). 

( filai' - ( aLii^ maqtaf, basket (see 

qatafa) . 

2iss - *iaiLo moqattani, clifis near 

Cairo (see qatama) . 
is5 _ jjiaiU raaqtoor, towed (see 

Sft-s - ii>*iiU» viaqn'd, seat ; maqa'id, 
cripple (see qa'da). 

^laii _ ,<aA^ moqaffa, rhymed (see 

(Jji-o moqJ, fruit of dom . palm, 
hyphaene thehaica. 

is _ ^U^ maqli, fried ; ruiqla, 
frying-pan (see qald) . 

jA^i _ .>«JLo moqniir, moon-lit (see 
qamar) . 

«Ai' _ «JuU moqnia', convincing (see 

liJi . fc) Ji^ riiiqwad, halter (see qody 
As _ ^Jto maqoola, category (see 

jiji _ j_f»it« moqaivwa, cardboard 
(see qoiviva). 

i^ljj' _ i|*Ua^ miqyds, instrument 
for measuring (see qiyds). 

iJu^a « A^A-* onoqayyadj registered, 
bound (see qald). 

*»3 . ^j.A^ moqeem, resident (see qom) . 

Aj _ ^^jA^ moqayya, or nioqecyy 

emetic (see (/a). 
icCc Maliha, Mecca in Arabia. 

"Xoor ^^^^ MaJxlidiviy, or MaJcMy, 

CJ^Lo makkooJc, weaver's beam, 
lio^ _ 'iSi^ mokdhada, perseverance, 

endurance (see kibd). 
\J> _ jil.l^^ mohirdf, hire (see lard). 

^\sS _ slil^^ mokdfdt, reward (see 

^j^^ » ^jl^.< vu«/tYtyi, place (see kon). 

C^ ^A^^ 

( 270 ) 


J»^^^ _ {, aIICo inaldah, scliool, 

office (see hataha). 

tl,X<i tnakasa, lie remain ed^ passed 
time ; mulis, duration, stay. 

(Js^ _ ^*^ viilc-hala, kohl bottle 
(see Jiohl). 

ji^U _ sCo raakada, he remained; 
mdkid, firm, constant. 

jCc makara, he deceived ; makr, 

trickery, deceit. 
.^ vialikdr, trickster, deceiver. 

JS - jjL^ molcarrar, repeated (see 

'ij, _ 8^ X^ iiiakrooh, hated (see 

ijS^ maks, octroi ; Mex. ['iA^sa-ti 
i/S^ makkasa, he levied octroi. 
^jJ6^ makkds, octroi official. 
C-p^wji" _ L»,.-v«*^^ maksah, gain (see 


uJAwi" _ t_jyjX« riLCiksoof, sorry (see 

has a fa). 
{, jt^ _ t ^^C-c Vioka'a'b, culjic (see 


C_^ _ ^_>AC« ruaklooh, rabid (see 



(_JiK - (__iK-< mokallaf, responsible 
(see kalifa). 

KCc mukna, or mikna, power. 

\^rj^ or ^^l-« riidkin, or vtakeen, 

^U^ _ ^jlCc makdn, pi. mndkin, 
place, spot. [^^y^ 

. iM^?. - (o^-*^ amkana, it was pos- 
sible ; yomkin, it is possible. 

^ji ^J jj^-*"^. 01' ij-^^. yomkin-ni, or 
yomkin li an, I can, it is pos- 
sible for me to . [.J-i* 

ij] <ii ^jS.Aj or iOl^ji yomkin-oh, or 
yomkin lalio an, he can. 

j.iv>«^ momkin, possible. 

^jjlCcl imkdn, possibility. 

^J^^V. jdS ^It ^a/a qadr el-iiukdn, 
as much as possible. 

1^^ makkana, he made possible, 

i^j-^'w^ _ ^JJ^^ tamkeen, pi. tamd- 

keen, licence, permit. 

^ jjCaj" tamakkana min, he could, 

succeeded iu. 
^/^ - ^-*a^^ Diiknasa, broom (see 

k anas a). 
^ -i^C^ mikiva, flat-iron (see kaiy). 

SjS or 'i\xC^ makeeda, or kaid, 

'^'jk.$ _ ^y.^C^viikydl, grain-measure 

(see kiydUi). 
(JLo malal, weariness. 

JI.O _ (J.-* raalla, it wearied, an- 
noyed ; ma//, wearisome. 

(Ji^ _ ^ milla, pi. viilal, sect, 
nation, religion. 

^L^ _ i^ maid, he filled ; malia, 
it became full. 

Hl.«o - Lc malld, he filled ; faru- 
/tya, a making full. 

lLo\ imtald, it became full. 
iiiU or Lc ?>ia/rt, fullness. 
SJ.^ maliva, measure of 33 quarts; 
nearly a gallon. 


( 271 ) 



iuLo mildi/a, -woman's plaid or 
check shawl. 

(Ji^aJl ci^'jJLo vtildi/dt el-farsh, 

fi-*^ _ ^JLo mal'idn, full ; mamloo, 

i^jj _ i/^jiU maldhis, clothes (see 

aj1_ ^jaLo-a jJl^ mwZtizim, lieutenant: 
liiwZfo-^iJH, contractor (see Zaawita). 
?'JiS _ 'iULc muldqdt, interview (see 

J^^ _ *Lo maldni, blame (see loni). 

ijiJ^ - ^M,v^ - i/^!-« mulahhas, 
sweetmeats ; malhoos, clothed 
(see labisa). 

^uJi - ^^f^xjLo muUahis, ambiguous 
(see labisa). 

d^aJ _ ^N:^^aAi^ multajit, attentive 
(see lafata). 

^W - W"< maljd, place of refuge 
(see lajd). 

Xk, milh, salt. [-c^-^-* 

_H.<i malldh, sailor^ mariner. 
J'v<, vidlih, saline, sea-fish, &c. 

'is)-*^ or Jc».Lc malldha, or mam- 
laka, a saline, lagoon, salt-pan ; 
mimlaha, salt-cellar. 

i=>-}l^ maldha, beauty, excellence. 

—ho - ^j1« maleeli, pi. mildli, good, 

excellent j salted. 

Ul amlah, better. 

^^ _ ,js^-^ mulhaq, annexe (see 

lahiqa) . 

las' _ li^s^ malhooz, observed (see 

Jl-o malaJcha, he plucked, spoilt. 

^>_~!-^l^ onaloohhiya, mallow, a 
favoui'ite dish of vegetables in 
Egypt, corchoi'us olitorius. 

*jj - *i^ mahoom, responsible 
(see lazima). 

fi^-o malas, chemise, thin blue 
smock, or veil. 

ifJUjl _ JCwjll-* maldsa, smoothness ; 
iinlis, smooth. 

,HwLo7;ia7/asa,he smoothed, stroked. 

laLo malt, sheer, quite. C^^/as^ 

iyU Malta, Malta. 


^ _ ^^^ mala'oon, accursed 
(see Vana). 

^iJ _ ,JJU) malghi, annulled (see 

w w 

1 ftl - ( j^ai-* - I fll^ milaff, en- 
velope ; malfoof, cabbage (see 
I a fa). 

jfi! _ |V^ mulaffaq, trumped up 
(see laffaqa) . 

dl.«J or d,^ maliqa, or tamallaqa, 

he fawned upon. 
^^ _ ^jLo malaq, open country ; 
in Upper Egypt, undulating 
surface of lands covered by 
high Nile, called in Lower 
Egypt, rdtib (^^^jU ; malqa, 
or malaqa, distance, league. 

( aaJ _ ( ftaJl* mulqaf, air-shaft (see 




( 272 ) 


>'JiJ _ j^U mulqi, tlirown down 
(see Uqd). 

ti)Lcl - CJlo muJli, or mr/A-j pi. 
amldlc, riglitj property ; real 
property, freehold; roj-altj. 

Jl»^l ^ v-L^Lcl amldk iva amwdl, real 
aud personal property. 

ij,_j._< (^L.«] amldlc meeriya, 
government lands, " domaine 

iJ!lLo mulkiya {malahiya) , right, 

^X* onulkiy, belonging to govern- 
ment ; civilian employe, civil, 
not military. 

CJ^iXel - <LXLo malaka, or imialaka, 
he possessed. 

ViiALc mallaka, he transferred pro- 
perty, gave a right. 

cLAj1>».Ji" tamleek, transfer of pro- 
perty or right. 

C^JXJ ori^ljLcl Imtalaka, or tamal- 
laka, he appropriated to him- 
self, took possession. 

v^>L»jL(I istamlaka, he wished to 
possess, founded a colony. 

CJLo - dS'w<, vidlik, pi. moUdk, 
owner ; king. 

<^^<i _ ^JJL< malik, pi, molook, 

iLCLc malika, queen ; malaka, 

icQ-«J! ^ilsi. jaldlat el-malika, H.M. 
The Queen. 

<L)i _ CJJU ?na7a7i-, angel (see /((Ay(). 

^U . ^^U iU"«/i"A:, Abdullah 
Malik ibn Anas, founder of 
the Mdlikiy, one of the four 
great Sunni schools of orthodox 
Islam. Medina 715 — 795 a.d. 
(see JvJJr^ - ^Ajjl»- - i5*i'-i') . 

CJ»1a-c momallik, transferor of 

CLAIUxi _ Ki^^ mavdaka, pi. mamd- 
lik, kingdom. 

(*LUi'w*^ _ (^^i>«^ mamlook, pi. 
viamdleck, thing or slave pos- 
sessed ; Mameluke. 

<:iJ^^*^ manilookdt, possessions, 

lLA1.«Xja^ mustamlak, colony. 

Lijy _ i±j^U molaivivas, soiled, 
stained (see lavnvasa). 

^_f^ _ i^^-c malwi, folded(see laiva). 

^_jl-« or Lc mala, he walked. 

i^jL<l aiula, he made proceed, 
dictated writing. 

s-lUl indd, dictation for writing. 


jJLo milli (French), millimetre. 
^jJ _ ,Ji^ molayyin, softener, 

purge (see leeii). 
^j^jJuo mdyon (European), million. 
ei;i.^_ei^'.^«^ ?ua»i«^,death {see')ndt) . 

^^ man (usvially pronounced meen) , 
who ■ he, she, or they who. 

^_^ mil), from, out of, than, 
since. [^ 

J'jtll ^j< min el-a'dl, of the best, 

Li^j^s- ^^ min hais, whereas. 


( 273 ) 


cLAJj ^^ jS\ ahtar min zalik, 

more than that. 
U> ^^ - ^-^^ mim-md, for min-md, 

from that which. 
ii..lJLo mandwara (French), ma- 

nceuvre, trick. 
"%« maun, manna, gift, favour. 

^JLo - ^ minna, pi. minan, gift ; 
reproach for ingratitude. 

^^iJu manndn, benefactor, God. 
^Ja^ mamnoon, favoured; glad, 

i_j>JJ/«w< mamnooniya, delight, 

• U^ mandhh, a place where a 

camel kneels. [J and ^y 

IjJ _ ;_^jIjU) monddi, public crier 

(see nadd). 
.J _ s.ljUiWawa)*a,minaret(see')ioor) . 
L , ^ ^ _ ii .wjLLo tnondsih, fit, 

suitable (see ??as«?>). 
(iJiiiJ _ ^j'Ju "inondqasha, quarrel, 

dehats (see naqasha). 
A J _ JJl^ mandm, dream (see nom). 

hJ _ JOjlx* mondwaba, alternation 

(see wofca) . 
iji^i - ^•Ixo mondwasha, battle, 

quarrel (see nosh). 
LL_>l>J _ ci^JJUs inonhit, fertile (see 

nahdt) . 
jiJ-jxLooninharj-pnl-pit (see nahara) . 
«ju -^jj^manha, source (see naha'a) . 

<uj - <tujLo montabih, attentive (see 

mihh ) . 
I suu _ I fiAaxLo munfasif, about 

half (see nnsf). 
jjii _ ^jaLc muntin, stinkiDg (see 

naiana) . 

jll _ .»il< manthoor, scattered, 

prose (see nathara). 
J>sr _ (Ji^< mhijalf scythe (see 

JU tnanalici, he favoured, granted. 

i^ _i^^ ndnha,'p\-'>ninah, favour. 

.j^ _ .',isx< ruinhhdr, nostril (see 

jjikr _ tjisn.^ monlcJiol, sieve (see 

L_jjJ - L__>.JJU) viandooh, nominee, 

delegate (see nadaba) . 
,S'.Le - s.lXJLc Dbmidara, pi. ma?ia- 

cZi'r, saloon, outer hall, rooms 

on the ground floor. 
J jJlJl I— Jr^ darb el-mandal, practice 

of false magic ; magic circle, 

square, mirror, &c. [>'u./«aM» 
jJjjlJUi -. jJjJvl< majideel, pi. mand- 

deel, handkerchief, bundle. 
JXc or tk < munz, since (of time past) . 
(h! _ JjJu rna)iziZ,house (see nizila). 
hJ\j - ^<fJJ^ inunzawi, hermit (see 

cLAawJ _ «^>«ji^ mansalc, rite (see 

j-*w.i _ ^«JU mansiy, forgotten (see 


|JSJ - <ciJU> minashsJia, fly-flip (see 

nashsha) . 
Jl> _ jUJ^ _ jJlXk, manshoor, 

ministerial order ; minshdr, 

saw (see nasliara). 
j^ - ^,j!Lx^ inunshi, tutor (see 

'i^JiXo or LxJ!iS-« mcnshiya, or viin- 

shdt (Coptic), place, village, 

public square. 

N N 

( 274 ) 

is J, I 


^.^-iflLo iHa?2s/Z), officG; post 
(see iiash). 

j-oi _ jtei)^ mansar, gang, clique 
(see nasr). 

j^l - 'ijy^AW el-Mansoora, the vic- 
torious (city) (see nasr). 

< — a^j _ ( — si.^jUJW^t?ls^f, just (see wws/) . 

^iaj « jSkJu mintaq, zone; mantiq, 

logic, speecli (see nataqa). 
Aaj - .lai^ manzar, point of view 
(see nazar). 

JaJ - i*;^^ manzoom, arranged, 

verse (see nazm). 
«Le mana'a, lie prevented, forbad. 
«jl< mayia', prevention, prohibition. 
«jl»^ _ «.>U ludnia', pi. mawdnia', 

preventing, obstacle, objection. 
c JU^ mamnooa', forbidden. 
ijC Juul mitana'a a'n, he abstained 

from, declined, refused. 

J'JUu or J'oixo onanghdl, or manqdl, 
brazier, pan for charcoal. 

«__ftJU Jlfan/ (Coptic), Memphis. 

"*' . . . ^ 

^jJ^jLc Manoofiya, a province of 

the Delta near Cairo. 
Jij - '^JlLo minfdkh, bellows (see 

nafaliha) . 
jaj _ Xil-c manfaz, passage (see 

nafaza) . 
i^flj _ (^ftJui mivfas, air-hole (see 

nafas) . 

^Jai6 - LcaLo ma7ifada, ash-tray 
(see nafacla). 

»flj _ iJtax^ mavfa'a, advantage 
(see nnfa'a). 

J6 _ ^e^-o viavfa, place of exile ; 
manfi, exiled (see nafa). 

s'so - t>liU^ minqdcl, beak (see 

li^ . jUu^ monqdcl, docile (see qod). 

Jo _ .UjUj ')}dnqdr, chisel, pickaxe 

(see naqara). 
(Jjij _ J»aJu> manqool, moveable, 

moved (see naqala) . 
hfSi _ L_.,XLo manhih, shoulder 

(see naliha). 

jJ.,^S^,minwdr, skylight (seewoor) . 

Ly _l2.A^'/^i«?iooi,dependent (seeno^) . 

J J _ (J'»jU> 7Hm?^'a/,manner(see?io/). 

<^ _ ^j^ 'tnanliaj, road, track 

(see nahj) . 
'x^ Mina, or Moona, a valley 

near Mecca, scene of the Korban 

^Ju.Lxi<mw7iia, wish; mani, semen. 

.iUl — i^Jui umniya, pi. amdni, 
wish. [cf. amniya, security, 
^-1 p. 10.] 
^Aj tamanna, he wished, begged, 
saluted a superior. 

[j.Lo Minid (Coptic) , place, town ; 

a town and province in Upper 

(JsAi^ Minyal (Coptic), a part of 

Old Cairo, the island of Roda. 
L,>a _ L'v^ mahaba, majesty (see 

liaiha) . 
.s^ ^jsJ^^ mohdjir, emigrant (see 

StiLa _ !St5j'.^-o mohdwida, moderate 

(prices) (see hawdda). 


( 275 ) 


Jjkf* mahhil, vagina. [(J:^ 

^•e nLihajj, socket of bolt of a door. 

i\f« mahd, cradle. 

iX.f< mahhada, he spread out^ made 
smooth, facilitated, prepared the 

^Jo^' tamheediy, in holan. tam- 
heediy, " jugement interlocutoire." 

^_^Aa) _ t_^J^^ Malidi, led (by God) ; 

" Mahdi " (see hada) . 
.»4^ - ^ malir, pi. molioor, dower 
settled on the wife by the 
husband at marriage ; bride's 
wealth at time of marriage. 

(J-s-J^ >. ij^^ j^ mahr mo-a'jjnl, 

dower paid down quickly at 

marriage; mahr mo-ajjal, dower 

deferred, and payable at his 

death or on divorce. [(J-s^l - (J<^ 

.1^1 _ .f< niohr, pi. am/mr, colt, foal. 

j^^ muhr (Persian), seal, signet. 

'iK^ mahdra, skill. [ij-lla/i 

'ij^ .Jb^^ m ah ir, -pi. mahar a, expert. 

^J^y^ malLrjdn (Persian), fete, 
autumnal equinox. 

^J[;i^ mahrdn (Persian), military 

ij^< mahaJa, he went slow, was 

J,^^l amhala, he deferred, granted 
a delay. 

(J^ mahl, gentleness, slowness. 
ViiAlf* ^\z. 'ala mahlah, slowly ! 

Go slow ! 
B.f< mohia, delay, interval, respite. 

^ _ i^^-K mohiriLin, important (see 

hainni) . 
La^-« vtahmd, whatever, whenever. 
IXi^ mihnaj service, skill, profession. 
JUj^iJkJb _ (yyJJl^ mohandis, engineer 

(see handasa) . 
J^a _ J»f« mahool, terror (see liol) . 
Ua _ U^^ niohayyd, prepared (see 

hay yd). 
jv-s) - 3l»< mawddd, matters (see 

')nadda) . 
io-1 « 'iss>-]f<, vio-dhhaza, blame 

(see ahhaza). 
Jol _ Ijo^^* mo-ahhaddn, for life 

(see ahad). 
j_j:). — ^b')-* mowdzdt, equality 

(see ivdza). 
^jj _ Zj\y6 mowdzana, equilibrium 

(see wazana). 
^/l^ _ fe^\-< mawdshi, cattle (see 


li. _ j^iU'* moivdjiq, ally, con- 
senting (see wafq). 
ci^.^ mot, death. 

c:_>y«j _ L2-j'w< vidta, he died ; ya- 
moot, he is dying. 

cu»-<i inawwata, he killed. 

c:_jjl,^ tamdwata,he shammed dead. 

jLo mdyit, dying. 

j^« or c:-)!^-*' - c:^!!^ mayyit, pi. 
ainwdt, or mota, dead. 

C^L^ maxcdt, dead, uncultivated 
lands without an owner. 

^yU^ or Li_j'.^«^ 7>i,a>ua^,or maitootai 



( 276 ) 


j-^ - .a3j^ mo-atamar, congress 
(see amara). 

tiT*' - ^o-«o/-« mo -ataman, trust- 
worthy (see amn). 

_'}^1 _ _^»^ moj, pi. amwdj, wave, 


-J - ^^ .=^yo moojib, causing 

(see ^vajaba). 

L>.jo moojiz, brief, concise (see 

4\s^. _ t^^j< inowjood, found, pre- 
sent (see wajacia). 

■a ■iS 

L-^j^ _ L-jJyc moivaddab, jfitted 

up (see ivaddaba) . 
ct>j P'^^-* moodia', depositor (see 

ivada'a) . 
0^ - 'iiiycmaicadda,loYe{seeivadda). 

jjljl _ ij'^J^ rao-addin, crier to 
prayer (see eddn). 

^ ,1 _ ^"Ko moiuarralili, dated (see 


Hj^ _ 'itijy-^ mawrada, landing- 
place (see warada) . 

'ijy« Mora, Morea, Peloponnesus. 

j»^ _ Stye moza, pi. -JHO^, banana. 

^J!!l_,Mw*jJ^ 7no-assas, founded (see 

M^ _ ^"'y* inoosir, solvent, rich 
(see yasara). 

i«.>*jj _ /♦."'yc mosim, season, monsoon, 

fete (see tcasama) . 
[^y-* or ^^^y« moosa (vulgarly, 

vioos), razor; Moosa, Moses. 
'^^MK^mooseeqa (European), music. 

_,'«i,. .. ks^»^ moivashshaha, lyric, 
ode, hymn (see wishdh) . 

ij^^yo Mosid, a village near ancient 

i^jv^. _ {^Y* ''i^oosi, testator (.see 


«^. _ C)^)* - f-^)-o niaivda', place; 

maivdooa', placed (see wada'a). 
^CAjlij _ I sli»^ mowazzaf, employe 

(see ii-azeefa). 


Cl^j'j - \jL^'syo - c:^S)^ moivaqqat, 
temporary; Tuoqit, fixed time 
(see ivaqt). 


I 05^ _ u_i^yo - i fii'^-c moqif, place; 

matvqoof, arrested {seewaqafa). 

(»«^^ maivliib, procession. [^— -^jj 

■a -c 

j>5'^ _ li^i^^ mo-aMad, confirmed 

(see wahJcada) . 

Jjo. _ J^j-< mowalihil, principal 

(see wakeel, agent) . 
^}yo mol, a being rich. 

Jlycl - JU wftZ, pi. amivdl, wealth, 

riches ; personal property, 

J%^^l Jl)-«1 amwdl el-meeriy, taxes, 

wealth of the state. 
J'w^Jl ^j^\, rds el-mdl, capital (in 


Jl^l «-^;^^ ^^'^ ^^ " ""^^^ Sacred 
Moslem treasury, under the 
Sheria't law. [see Ci^J-^ 

iJU mdliya, financial, finances. 

'ip^] iJJ^ nazdret el - mdliya, 
Ministry of Finance. 


( 277 ) 

^L'o • J^JyLi-e JU-ol amwal manqooJa, 
moveables ; amivdl sdhita, real 
property, immoveables. 

s...iU J 'vol amwdl ^noqarrara,direct 

(^)1^1 _ Jl_j^l aiiiirdl, goods, per- 
sonal property ; amldh, lauds, 
houses, real property. 

Jj^j _ ^^y^ mawwaJa, lie imposed 
a tax ; tamiveel, taxation. 

J..AVI momawwil, creditor, the State 
as the possessor of amwdl, or 
imposer of taxes. 

^y%*^ momawwal, debtor, taxpayer. 

jj. « J J»^ - tXU-c mawlid, birth ; 
moivlood, born (see walada). 

; sJ! _ v__ft!f^ mo-allif, author (see 

all a fa) . 

Jl _ Jj^ moolim, causing pain 
(see alom). 
1. _ ^^.« iid-oZa, master (see ivalia) . 
^yc moom (Persian), wax. 

^^<\ . {^J-^ "moomin, believer, 
Moslem ; insurer of property ; 
mooman, trusted in ; property 
assured (see amn). 

^^<j-< nioomiyd, mummy. 


^'i\ _ Li^ij^ mo-annas, feminine 

gender (see unsa). 
'ii^^ moona, provisions, rations ; 

cement made of lime, sand and 

powdered red stone. 

i.««^j _ <-_.j^!byc mawhooh, given (see 

Si\ - *y->J-o mo-ayyad, confirmed 
(see aid). 


\^ _ hyo mivaya, water (colloquial 
for md) . 

Ci^x* meet (Coptic), place, village. 

^5U) - Cl^J^-o meet (vulgarism for 
maya), hundred. 

^jU^ _ jj^cS^J^-* m^aiddn, pi. mayd- 
deen, open space, a common ; 
public square. 

c/^' c;^'^'* '^'i^'^^'^ddn aldi (Turkish), 
review, march past. 

^' jl _ (XJJX« maidna, minaret (see 

pA^I - ,x< meer (Persian for Arabic 
ameer), lord. 

jys>-\ .x< meer-i-alcJior, Master of 

the Horse. 
^^\ jX^ meer-i-aldi, colonel. 
^IJ jX<i meer-i-liwd, general of 

^Lx^ .j,^ meer-i-m.eerdn, civilian 

Pasha of the third or lowest 

rank, equal to a llwa. 

jCfj^ meeriy princely, relating to 
the government. 

,_5^>«>11 ^hc) amldh el-meerly, 
government lands, domains of 
the State. 

i>jJ^ '^<S-s>- hJiidDia meeriya, 

government service. 
cLj,« - \JL>\yy-< meerds, inheritance 

(see warasa). 
;jL<, mayyaza, he separated, dis- 
tinguished ; was of years of 
iMj tamayyaza, it became dis- / 
tinguished, selected. 




j'JUl imtdza, he was selected^ 

j'vjjLol imtiydz, selection^ privilege, 
concession or grant for public 
works, &c. 

j'Jyk^ mumtdz, select ; elite, privi- 

jXMo tamyeez, selection ; discre- 
tion, age of discretion ; (in 
Turkey) Court of Cassation. 

Jj^*-^ mumayyiz, arrived at years 
of discretion ; lie who sepa- 
rates, discerns. 

Jj<a1< mutamayyiz, selected, of 
select rank, senior rank of Bey. 


->X - ^> 


meezdb, gutter (see azaha, 

UJ3 ~ a)!/:^-* 'meezdn, scales. Libra 
in Zodiac (see wazana). 

y*^ - V^-* tnaisara, solvency 
wealth (see yasara) . 

J^^ « isl.«2j-o raeedat, mosque-tank 
for ablutions (see wocloo). 

'ift.x^ maya'a, balm, perfume. 

Ss.^ _ t>'.«Jwo mee'ydd, fixed time 
(see lua'da). 

CLi^j - d^'JLx-* meeqdt, fixed time 
(see waqt) . 

JU^I _ (Jjl^ mail, pi. amidl, inclina- 
tion, leaning, liking, partiality. 

^^—^.—^ mayaldn, inclination, ob- 

(Jj./«j _ J'.^ mala, he leaned ; ya- 
meel, he leans. 

JJU mdyil, who leans, stoops ; ob- 
lique ; symjoathetic, inclined to. 

(J.J..*! aniial, more leaning or 

jJjI^' tamdyala, he leaned towards, 

JLj.^1 _ J.J^ oneel, pi. amydl 
(European), mile. 

jjj - lilj^meeldd, birth (seewalada). 

|jj _ 1^'^ or (J^ _ \Xx< meena, 

pi. tniydn, or mawdni, harbour, 

port (see wana). 

UU^ meend (Persian) ,enamel . [< is^ 

}^< _ il-o meea, or lueei (for tndya), 

^^jju _ IaIx^ maitama, orphans 
(pi. of yateevi). 

^A.i _ IXa.x^ mai7nana, felicity (see 

(«,yV^ or j-^fj^ mayoos, despaired 


^j Koon. Value = 50. 

hJ _ L_j'J ndba, it was instead of 

(see ndba). 
t, .j3 _ t >'J ?ia6, canine tooth 

(see neeb) . 

^^ _ ^:^=>''-' ndhiya, side, place, 
village (see nahw). 

.J _ .U ?ia?*, fire (see noor) . 
rJ or culii'J _ Iji'j ndqa, pi. ndqdt, 
or ^loogf, she-camel ; star of 
l^ytU ndqoos, clapper, gong. 
^y - J.i ndma, he slept (see 7W7)i). 


( 279 ) 

ij-y*^ ndmoos (Greek nomos, used 
in Turkish), honour, reputation. 

i^^.<lj ndrnoos, mosquitoes. 

*jv«j»^lj ndmoosiya, mosquito-net. 

^ljwa?/(Persian), flute, reed. \_^}^,^ 

^ or ^_^'J nai, or nee, raw (meat) ; 
unbaked (brick) . 

Lujl - ^o nahiy, pi. anhiyd, 
prophet, Warner. 

^vo nahaiviy, prophetic, of the 
prophet Mahomet, 

^j»jo JcAk>'j ei^wj si/f Fdima naha- 
wiya, the lady Fatima, daugh- 
ter of the prophet. 

lyKi nuhowa, status of prophet, 

>'jkil anha, he warned, pointed out. 

^Ijul inhd, a warning, hint. 

^1^ nm)i7)i, pointing out, warning. 

L2-;'ojJ - tjiJ^ nahdt, pi. nahdtdt, 

plant, vegetation, 
e:^! anhata, it sprouted, grew ; 

the land was fertile. 

ei^AJi^ munbit, fertile. 
e:.^j'.j 7id6/i, sprouting, growing. 
•ji^joIjo _ c:-'^AJ nahoot, pi. nahdheet, 
pole, long staff. 

^ nahaha, (the dog) barked ; 

(the wound) throbbed. Lo^y^ 
_UJ nihdh, a dog's bark; throbbing 


sjoul - iujJ naheet, pi. anhida, 

wine ; date-wine. 
•aJ nahara, he rose up, it grew. 


jkj nabdri, crops of grain (not 

cotton or sugar), a word in 
use in Upper Egypt. 

.IjJI anhdr (Persian), barn, pantry. 

^aLo minhar, pulpit. 

^JiAj nahasha, he dug, scratched 
the ground. 

Laxi nahda, pulse, pulsation. 

kjj nabata, it resulted. [Jo istanhata, he deduced, 

hjjnnbhata,h.e scoffed at, criticised. 

«jo naha'a, it took its source. 

»xLo manha' , source, fountain. 

cvuu Yanhoa', Yembo, an Arabian 
port on the Red Sea. 

ijj nahq, wild apple ; zizyphus 
spina Christi, lotus. \.j<^^ 

Jju nahl, arrow. 

(J.5UJ nahdyil, bracelets (of silver). 

^Ui nahdla, ability, capacity. 

auj nubh, sagacity, alertness. 

aj.i nahhaha, he warned, ordered, 

<k>.aJ nabeeh, intelligent, alert, 


ijSi tanahhaha, he took care, was 
on his guard. 

JuuJl intahaha, he took care, was 

sUjoI intihdh, care, attention, 
^jilo muntdbih, careful, attentive. 
c:_j'.^>.jji.) _ <Jc^jdJ tanbeeh, pi. tanbce- 

hat, instructions, summons. 
^A) notoo, swelling, tumour. 


( 280 ) 


jJU ndti, protruding, swelling out. 

Jo nataja, it resulted, was the 

ViiA!j 1^ Juu yantoj min zalili, 

it results from tliat. 

Ll^— sr'^ nataja t, (tlie animal) 
brouglit forth, foaled, calved, &c. 

^jjl antaja, it produced, gave as 

Juuu,! istantaja, he deduced, in- 

—li) ?»7 ft/, parturition of animals; 
issue, calf, foal, whelp, young; 
increase of flocks and herds. 

Ifs-'jLi » iLj^<'^ jdmoosa wa nitdj-ha, 

a she-bufi'alo and her calf. 
Ji^6 ndt'ij, resulting. 

Jjj _ i^^i nateeja, pi. natdyij, 
result, summary, precis ; pocket 

^Jili nataslia, he snatched. \.j^ 

< g'JLI natafa, he plucked out hairs, 


«_JaJ 7m//*, depilation. 

ij'J ndtiq, a fertile dam, she-animal. 

^juuu,) istaoitaqa, he vomited. 

[see also ^kxi^' 

j^l or fjxj natana, or antana, it 
stank, [^jOr 

AJ'ju natdna, stench. 
^^JiJLo viuntin, stinking. 
li nathara, he scattered, dispersed, 
"t Ju nathan'y, diverse, sundry, 
petty (expenses). 

^Jilo mantJioor, scattered ; prose; 

t*^ — j^sr najeeh, noble, aristocrat, 
of good lineage. 

h\sfnajdba, nobility, purity of race. 

_jiL'^ najdhetlu (Turkish title for 
the Sultan's family), noble, of 
pure race. 

najalia, he prospered, sue- 


ceeded in. 


—Xss^ najdh, success, prosperity. 

^^=-1) ndjih, successful, beneficial, 

J^sT _ s^ najd, pi. nojood, bul- 
wark, buttress ; firm cushion 
or mattrass. 

(.i^Jl El-Najd, the high inner 
plateau of Arabia. 

Jvrsx< monajjid, maker or stufFer 

of cushions. [^^ 

ii«r^l anjada, he helped, rescued. 

^^S.-:^\ injid-ni (Imperative), 
help me ! help ! 

Xi,_Lw] istanjada boh, he asked 
for belp. 

y^ no jar a, he planed wood, car- 

J^ najjdr, carpenter, joiner. 

srl or js^ najaza, or anjaza, he 
fulfilled, carried out. 


yj:^] or 

najaz, or injaz, com- 

pletion, fulfilment, execution 
of duty. 

u^nijisafit was impure, unclean. 

x*.lsr najdsa, impurity, defilement. 
ij**sf nnjis, impure, defiled. 


( 281 ) 


wi'js: Najdsid, Negus, Negoosa- i ^j^ nahis, of evil omen, unlucky, 
Nagast, the title of tlie King | unwelcome. 

of Abyssinia. 
»rsr _ i«^ naja'a, pi. nojoa', village 

or pasturage; a word in common 

use for Bedouin hamlets in 

Upper Egypt. 
Isisf najafa, heap, cluster, group. 

(J^ najala, he begot, produced ; 

cut open. 
J'us:l _ (J.:^ iwfl, ph anjcil, son, 

posterity. [(J-*^ 

;J.:^xi minjal, scythe, sickle. 
I**sf - *^ iiajm, pi. nojoom, star. 
ij.lj.wj /♦y?^ nojoom sayydra, planets. 
Aji^! Az 'ilm en-nojoom, astrology. 
tLAiAll Az 'Urn el-falah, astronomy. 
^sXo monajjim, astrologer. 
[ssr najd, he escaped into safety, 
j^srl anja, he saved, rescued. 

ji'.::^ najdf, safety, salvation, de- 

^^^U 7idji, safe, saved (by God). 
<.-_.-^:^ nahb, time, lifetime; sob. 
f^^^ v_5-2aj1 or ^^-ii' ^ar7a, or inqacla 

nahboh, he died, his lifetime 

was over. 

t»-^N:^ naliaha, he sobbed. 

i^^J _ ei^sT ?ia/i^, hewn or dressed 
stone ; dabsh, rough unhewn 


'jsr nulids, copper, a copper 
vessel, brass. 

^^'.s: nahhds, coppersmith. 

( ftAsT naheef, thin, slender. 

J.^" _ 'H^ nahla, pi. na/iZ, bee. . 

(J^l LiU- lihaldi/at en-nahl, bee- 

»^' nahw, syntax. 

^Isrl _ ^sr nahiv, pi. anJid, side ; 
intention ; place, vicinity, ten- 

^:sr nahw, about, nearly, towards; 
like, as it were. 

^^ nahiroh, like it, near it, such 

^»ac naliiviy, grammatical, syn- 
tactical ; high-flown, too ]3e- 

js^Ji tanahha, he withdrew him- 
self to one side. 

--I J _ ^Us^'J ndlbiya, pi. nawdhi, 
district, village, place^ direc- 
tion, side. 

^_J^ 'ij.s^[xi\ cn-ndhiyd dee (collo- 
quial), hither, to this side. 

J nahhliha, he grunted ' naMMi," 
as a sign to the camel to kneel ; 
he crouched, knelt like a camel, 


• IJU mandkhkh, place of kneeling 

or halting of camels. L^y 

j^.j^ -J^ ^'«^"% thorax; nihreer, I ^^.^ nokhba, the choice part, elite, 
skilful. pick. 

^s:\i!m^a/tarf(,he committed suicide, s .s^'.^ i)ital-Ji'ihn,]\e elected, chose. 

o o 


( 282 ) 


K^^^ssX)] intikhab, clioice, selection. 

t.;^-NiiU.< muntaTchah, elected, chosen. 

'i,}^ or Sj^V> ndl-Jioda (Persian), 
captain of a sailing sliip or 
dhow in the Eastern seas. 

j'j^ naliheer, snore. 

J^^Lo minlihdr, nostril. 

j^^lLo viandlilieer, nostrils, the 
nose. [v_ftjl 

c'^ — i^ nal-Jida', marrow, spinal 

(Jj^ - ^dis: nahhla, pi. nakheel, 

date-palm tree. 

jjic nakhala, he sifted, winnowed. 

^'^ nolihdla, bran. 

{Js^^ or i}f^-< inonliliooJ, sieve, 
hair sieve. 

JjJ (iXi nadcla) naddada, he criti- 
cised, made remarks, pointed 

iJotiJJ tandeed, remark, criticism. 

L_9jJ nadaha, he lamented the 
dead, wept ; nabd, alert. 

^IjJ nadddha, professional female 

\^Sx^ mandah, tears, lamentation. - 

»-jjJ nadaha, he invited, appointed 

an agent. 
l-J)jJjI« mandooh, nominee, agent, 


i__>cUJl intadaha,h.e deputed another. 

L_->Jajl ontodiha (passive voice), he 
was deputed to act for another. 

.i)U nddir, rare, seldom. 
jiiK'i naivddir, pi., rare things, 
curiosities, witticisms. 

Jaj nadala, he handled, seized. 

jJ.ji(3U-o _ (Jj(AjU) mandeel, pi. ma- 
nddeel, handkerchief, napkin ; 
bundle tied up in a cloth. 

*tij nadima,h.e regretted, repented. 
'Lc]si naddma, regret, repentance. 
i«juiJ nadeem, boon-companion. 
^sinadaha,he called out to,cried out . 
IjJ nadd, he called out, cried out. 
^43 'J ndda, he proclaimed. 
^_^jJ noodia (passive voice), it 

was cried out, or proclaimed. 
iiljllo or ^IjJ or jJo nado, or nidd, 
or mundddt, a calling to, in- 
^j'JU) monddi, public crier. 
i^S^ nadwa, club, place of meeting. 
\j<yj nad'ia, it was damp. Ls-^ 
j_jj>j nada, dampness, dew, mist. 
..3.J _ .JJ nazr, pi. nozoor, vow. 
.ioul or .i>j nazara, or intazara, 

he vowed. 
J jj nazeer, vowed or devoted to ; 

.^^ anzara, he warned, repri- 
.1 jj»l inzdr, a warning, reprimand ; 
a notice (to quit, &c.) . 

narinj, acid orange. 
i ndzza, it oozed. 
Ji nazaha, he cleaned out (a 
well or cesspool) ; dredged ; 
he lavished, wasted. 
cjj naza'a, he pulled, plucked 
awav, removed. 


( 283 ) 


ajj naza', a pull, cleprivatiou ; 
niza'a, purely, entirely. 

icA^l^l cji naza' el-ntalakiya, depri- 
vation of rig'lit, expropriation, 

c jli ndza'a, he quarrelled; went 
to law. 

'kcjS* or clp' nizda' , or niundza'a, 
quarrel, litigation. 

c :il anza'a, he evicted. 

<jji c jUuuJl ci.-sJ^a51 el -bait el-mo - 
tand?:iajili, the house in dispute, 
which is the object of litigation. 

, ajjj or I JIJ nazf, or nazeef, loss 

of blood, bleeding from a wound, 

Jjj nizila, he descended, alighted, 

J J nozol, store - house, commis- 
sariat store. 

J.jj nozool, descent, alighting. 

jclij nazla, halting-place ; village ; 
catarrh, influenza. 

JjJl anzcda, he made descend ; 

J:J nazzala, he made descend, 
deducted, subtracted. 

(J.:^ lij" tanzeel, subtraction ; to be 

Jjij" tanazzala, he deigned, con- 

^c JjlAJ"^a7i«.ca/a'a9i,he renounced, 
delivered up. 

JiLjLJ tandztd, renunciation; en- 
dorsing and transferring a bill. 

J jJLa-wjI isianzala, he wished to 
renounce, or withdraw from a 
claim, deducted. 

JjLLc _ J;Jl^ manzil, pi. mandzil, 
place of alighting ; house, 
abode, stage, station. 

isa>hJ or hbjJ nozlia, or nazdha, 
pleasure, recreation, purity. 

8^ii" or ^jl intazaha, or tanazzaha, 
he took the air, strolled. 

hbJxX-e muntazaha, promenade, park. 
*__?l«Jl _ iw^NwJ nasah, pi. ansdb, 

lineage, descent from a common 

male ancestor. 

L_^^j^ nascch, a relative, relation, 
cognate ; son-in-law, father-in- 

iwj nii^ba, proportion, relation to ; 

jj h^'j\\j bin-nisba I alio, with regard 
to him. 

A*w.j nisbiy, proportionate, pro- 

L_.^-«juJ nasaba, he attributed, 

jyJl i«^ .A^ Lo tnd nosiba ileih (pas- 
sive), that which was laid to 
his charge. 

L_.>j**JUi mansoob, attributed, im- 
puted ; attribute. 

^^.^K».ynassaba, he applied, adapted. 

^_-^JJ*Jb tanseeb, adaptation, appli- 
cation. [^Juka 

(»»^--*l>l intasaba, he attributed to 
himself, claimed. 

t— jLjJijl intisdb, a claim to nation- 
ality or relationship, a connect- 
ing one^s self. 

t- -« ■■■ J 

( 284 ) 


»-*,'JJ or C_-v«jli ndsaha, or tand- 
saha, it was proportionate, fit, 

^«.lij' tandsuh, arithmetical pro- 
portion, grace resulting from 
due proportions. 


^u*«lji« mundsaba, projDortion, fit- 
ness, aptitude. 

^i nasaja, he wove. 

\^.s^^u*i^ mansoojdt, things woven, 
stufi's ; tissues of the body 
(anatomy) . 

jjJu mansaj, loom, embroidery- 

•j«J nasahha, he copied out; he 
abrogated, effaced. 

^smJ _ 'is***^ nusVha, pi. nusahh, copy. 

^[Z'i nassdhh, copying clerk. 

"^*«j nasJihiy, ordinary current 
hand, usual style of calligraphy; 
nusakhiy, quack druggist. 
Juiwjl istansakha, he asked for a 
copy to be made, ordered or 
took a copy. 

^Lsr^'Jio or r^^Si tfoidsulih, or mund- 
sahha, succession or uninter- 
rupted inheritance to an entire 

^s«.ii' or ij'^j'J^ tandsulih, or tanas- 

st<A7i,transmigrationof souls,me- 
tempsychosis, metamorphosis. 

.y^ _ .**J nasr, pi. nosoor, eagle, 
.jwj'j ndsoor, fistula, wart, corn. 

*_«*J nasq, ordei", arrangement, 


i«*j _ ^/aO nasaqa, or nassaqa, he 
set in order. 

^V:^'**j^j tanseeq, ordinance, arrange- 
lLAawJ nusli, rite, devotion. 

Vii-L^jlxo _ lLJ.>«Xo mansaJc, pi. mand- 
sik, rite, ceremony. 

J'w«Jl _ J^ 7ias?, pi. ansdl, pro- 
geny, generation, posterity. 

jJ^Uj" or (J*jjj nasala, or tandsala, 

he begot. [oJ. 

^Lo nosdla, fluff, loose threads 
or fibres. 

>_wJ naseem, breeze, zephyr. 

*_ju«w._jLS! jf^ shamm en - naseem, 

Sniff the breeze,^' the great 

spring holiday in Egypt, which 

is held on the Greek Easter 




i^y*wv**kj nisnas, ape. 

^«J nasia, he forgot. 

^jlj^ nisydn, a forgetting, forget- 

i^smJU mansiy, forgotten. 

s- «J ?ias/, the 5 or 6 days inter- 
calated at the end of the Coptic 
year, in September. 

iy^ or ^J^y**i - -=-1*^ nisd, or 7i?'s- 
wdn, or nisiva, women ; the 
plural of mar a. \3\r^^' - ir*-*' 
i'^ Nasdiy, 'Abdur-Rahman Eu- 
Nasaiy, a great Moslem jurist, 
died A.D. 900. 

^1^ nasJisha, he drove away flies ; 
he absorbed. 

*AJU minashsha, fly-flip, fly- whisk. 





iU^'./iJ or UJ naslid (for Persian 
oiishdsta), starch. 


j^AJ nasJisha, lie starclied (linen). 

J^i naslio, growth. 

aVAJ nashdf, growth, result. 

^i^/i-'J ndslii, growing", resulting 

I-iJ naslid, he grew up, it sprang 
or resulted from. 

l/iJl or ^j^AJl anslid, he created, 
caused to grow or result ; he 
built; composed (writing). 

V/Ul inslid, creation ; building ; 
model of style, delectus or 
book of exercises. 

> Jj^^ rnunslii, tutor, teacher of a 

iuJIoU mansliiya (Coptic), place, 
village ; a public square. 

.j'«»iKJ niisKddir, sal ammoniac. 

i^AJt or aAj nashada, or anshada, 
he recited prayers, or verses. 

J>jj;,Ul or j\/iJ^l Ja^ nasheed el- 
anshdd, or nasheed el-andsheed, 
the Song of Songs (of Solomon). 

^j _ i^/iJi« munsliid, a reciter of 
prayers, or the 2?Z:r. 

^^* nashr, publication, diffusion. 

^Ai nashara, he spread out, aired, 
published ; sawed wood. 

-^jl intashara, it became spread, 
dilated, diffused, or dissemi- 

iJ.LiJ noshdra, saw-dust. 

.yiJ noslwor, the resurrection. 

.wx< minshdr, carpenter^s saw. 

jiyisJLc manshoor, published ; espe- 
cially an oflBcial circular from 
a Ministry of State to a minor 
department ; regulation ; di- 
ploma ; prism. 

H^lj ndsliiza, a rebellious wife. 

)a^JL^ naslidt, liveliness, alertness, 

k-i/'J or laj^ nasheef, or ndshit, 
loose and free of limb, energetic, 
alert, gay. 

I — 2/t.j nasliifa, it absorbed water, 
became dry. 

I a/iJ naslishafa, he dried, made 


^'.Ai nashdf a, dryness. 

1 fi*i.U ndsJiif, dry. 

( Jl>iJ nashshdf, a dryer ; blotting- 

^flAJLc minsJiafa, towel. 

lAJ nashiqa, he sniffed at. 

i/ijuuil istanshaqa, he inhaled, 

JfyiJ nasJiooq, snuff (tobacco) . 

(J^ nasliala, he pilfered. [ "b 

JLiJ nashshdl, pickpocket; an 
'' Artful Dodger.^' 

jjjJl'oJ _ ^JJLi nishdn (Persian), 
pi. naydslieen, aim, mark, butt; 
target ; badge, medal, decora- 
tion ; nisJidn dl (Turkish), 
present ! take aim ! 

^s^l^iJ nishdn ji (Turkish), marks- 
man, sharpshooter. 

( 286 ) 



j.-iJ nashshana, lie took aim at a 

^J^y^ nashaivdn (Persian), intoxi- 
cated, lij^j^ 

^joi nassa, he defined, pointed 
out, designated. 

(^k^j _ ^_^ miss, pi. nosoos, an 
exact quotation, the exact text 
{e.g. of an article of a Code). 

^J'^1 ^J^i nass el-qdnoon, authority 
of law. 

^>.t^ {j^'i nass sareeh, a categorical 
or explicit statement, a dis- 
tinct order on a definite point 
of law, &c. 

^J£>ya'xK viansoos, the sense con- 
veyed by the oiass or text of 
an article of law. 

L_->'^! _ L_^^^> oiash, pi. ansdh, a 
setting up, a mark set up, sign, 
statue, idol ; calamity ; vegeta- 
tion which grows ; nasab, 
fatigue ; iiisb, share. 

^A-fli nasha, fat-lia or " ^l" vowel- 
sound; cooking-niche. 

L-^v.^ nash, fraud, embezzlement, 
swindling. [i^j*21a~-1 

L_j'wA) nassab, swindler, rogue. 

l»_^^^j nasaba, he set upright, 

erected, swindled, planted. 
L-^N-aJ nusb, idol, statue. 

li j-^ nasecb, portion, share; 

fate ; hence lottery or chance. 

L; >J^'y. ydnseeb, lottery. 

L;^.w«aJ nassaba, he aj^jDointed, 

V«^<?'jio _ ^.^.^jLo man sab, pi. 
mandsib, office, post, rank. 

^ nasoha, he gave advice. 


f^i _ &ss\^ naseeha, pi. nasdyih 


-aj nasr, help, victory, from God. 

(.«l^ji i' lli ^ i]^\ 1^ J.<^j nasrun min 

UUah ivafat-hun qareebun, Help 
from God and a speedy victory ! 

,-fli nasara, (God) gave the vic- 
tory, helped. 

-j-^J or -clJ ndsir, or naseer, 
helper, auxiliary. 



i^j^ nasrdniy, pi. nasdra, 
Christian, Nazarene. 
&j<'i\y^ nasrdniya, Christianity. 

L -x^aj Nosairiya, a pagan sect in 

-ojul intasara, he won, gained the 

.'-«2Jbl intisdr, victory. 

-olJlo muntasir, victorious. 

,yax^ mansoor, rendered victorious 

(by God). 


AA^i'ti _ il.»Aai^l El-Mansoora, the 

victorious (city), site of the 
Moslem victory over the Cru- 
saders in the 13th century ; 
now the capital of the province 

j,c\x^ _ j^aLc mansar, pi. fnandsir, 
clique or gang of thieves or 
rowdies. [<Xjuai 

jX^ tanseer, baptism, making (a 
child) a Christian or Nazarene. 


( 287 ) 


( j'-«2J] _ c_a^ niisf (vulg. pro- 
nounced 7i7<.s,s)^ pi. cDisdf, half. 

1 a^l ansafa, lie bisected, was 


« j'-oil insdf, equity, impartiality. 

I JuaJL* munsif, just, honest. 

ia^'JLo mundsafa, a going halves, 
sharing equally. 

I a^juL* munfasif, in the course 

of, about half-way. 

jJjJJI I 2^!ij^ i ^i muntasif el- 

lail, about midnight. 

(J.-i2J 7ia.sZ, that which is detach- 
able, fits in or takes out ; head 
of arrow, haft of a knife. 

j^ ij.^xi tanasscda min, he got out 
of, escaped from an embarrass- 
ment, detached himself from. 

kj natta, he jumped, leaped. 

Li natt, a jump, a jumping. 

y^'i naitdt, a jumper, light of heel, 

iaj natalta, it butted with its 

is^ nat-ha, a butt with the horns. 
^..Lj natron, natron, nitre. 

••laj nata' , leather tray for meals 
or work. 

icaki nut/a, semen. 

klaj nofg, articulation of speech ; 
the pronunciation of a word. 

tki nataqa, he articulated speech, 

ikl) ndtiq, articulate, man as an 

articulating animal, with power 
of speech. 

r U u-^l istantaqa, he elicited 
speech, interrogated a prisoner; 
(vulgarism) he vomited. 

^J>Asr . ji'lkJui-*.! istintdq, interro- 
gatory of a prisoner, inquest, 
instruction;" istintdq is used 
in Turkey, and tahqeeqin Egypt. 

^jJi^^!! jc^'J' or ^kxw< onus t ant iq 
(legal term used in Turkey^ 
for qddi et-tahqeeq in Egypt) 
juge dj' instruction," inquisitor. 

^IkJ nitdq, girdle. 

iiiilajLo or ^ilaJlc mintaq, or mintaqa, 

-..J jJ' ijiaJLo mintaq el-borooj, the 

^^X^mantiq^logic, the spoken word. 

<u'.j ^kJLo mantiq-ndma (Persian 
ndma, document), a legal term 
for a confession, especially a 
victim^s dying confession. 

i\kLo mantooq, uttered ; signi- 
fication of a word. 

(JkJ nntaJa, he wetted. 

iclliaj nattdla, an instrument for 
wetting or irrigating the fields, 
a bag made of rushes used as a 
bucket, and swung by two men. 

.llaJl - rkj nazar, pi. arjza?*, a look, 
glance; a look of favour, hence 
a gift, kindness. 

\Jai nazardn, with regard to. 

iaj nazara, he saw. 


( 288 ) 

.IoJuLmI or ilalll intazarn, or istan- 
zara, lie expected^ looked for, 
waited for. 

«julj\la> nazariydt, views ; theory. 

jjia'i nazeer, like to, regarding; 
nadir (astronomy) . 

yj^laj ^J^'^J hicloon nazeer, sanspa- 
reil, matchless. 

.Uaj « .Itoli ndzir, pi. 9i02z«r, lie 
who sees ; inspector ; Minister 
of State. 

jlliuJl ir^=^ majlis en-nozzdr, 

Council of Ministers, the Cabinet. 

S.Uai nazdra, Ministry of State ; 

office of inspector. 
jj.Uai nadddra, spectacles ; telescope. 

jlaJLo inanzar, point of view, view, 

.^laLe manzoor, seen, provided for; 

foreseen ; a schedule of Returns. 

ejilaj naddafa, he cleaned. 

icillbi naddfa, cleanliness, cleanness. 

u-AJ-lai nadeef, clean. 

Jai nazm, order, arrangement ; 

J^ nizdm, rule, organization ; 

regular army. 
*UJ1 ^llaill en-nizdin el-a'dm, public 

i r 

order or security, 
"^^'iaj nizdmly, organized, regular. 
&^i J,\^*^ 'asdkir nizdmiya, 

regular troops. 

^fe'j ndzim, ruler, organizer. 
Jai nazzama, he arranged, put in 


CLj'v>»alaAJi' _ ♦J'.laAJ tanzeem, pi. tan- 
zeemdt, regulation, organiza- 
tion ; rules ; vestry of a town. 

^iaijl miazama, it was in good order. 


*»laA<i manzoom, arranged; rhymed, 

c:.^*j nat, description, explanation, 

'^_ &s*> 7ia^ja.,pl.7a'aj,ewe,sheep. 

ij.jfi'j naoora, water-mill ; water- 

(^Uj no'ds, sleepiness. 

^^Lw-xj na'sdn, sleepy. 

i^jti na'sh, bier, coffin ; the Great 
Bear (stars). 

^Jijo ci^lJb handt na'sh, the Great 
and Little Bear (stars). 

Jl>o _ tjjti na'l, pi. w^mZ (femin.), 
horse-shoe, coarse sandal ; sole 
of foot. 

^ na'm, yes ; (as an interroga- 
tive) please repeat, I did not 

J^l _ 4J0 na'm, pi. ana'dm,giii, gift 

from God, cattle, flocks, herds. 
^ _ L^ ni'ama, pi. niy'am, 

favour, bounty. 
^iJl ^j ivali en-niy'am, Lord of 

Bounties ; the King, Khedive, 
^_jol an'auta, he made happy, 

bestowed favour. 
^xJLo viona'im, benefactor. 
^*i> tana'a'ma, he was in luxury. 



( 289 ) 



^'j nd\jim, soft, tender, smooth, 
even; weak; powdery. 

^^jjo na'yeem, bliss, blissful; Para- 
dise of bliss. 

*Uj na'dm, ostrich. 

^Ujo no' man, anemone. 

cU*o na'nda\ herb mint. 

^joio naghs, annoyance, trouble. 

Jo nagliama,hG hummed, sang. [*j^ 

kAiiJ naghma, tune, chant, song. 

( fij naffa, he blew his nose. 

A<^1 Li^aj Tia/s ed-clam, a spitting 
of blood. 

JJ nafaha, he dififused; (the wind) 

vflJ nafaklia, he blew out, inflated. 
Juj\ intafakha, it swelled. 
• lalll intifdhh, a, swelling out. 
^^JiLc tuinfdTi-h, bellows. 

Saj or tioj nafada, it disappeared, 
was consumed; he escaped, 
saved himself. 

jjj or iiaJ nafaz, or nofooz, in- 
fluence, penetration, efi'ective- 
ness ; authority. 

jij nafaza, it penetrated, was 

iij or tiAJl anfaza, or naffaza, he 
made penetrate, carried into 

jj^" tanfecz, execution of an 
order or law. 


.^Ll aivdmir tanfeeziya, 
executive orders. 

si^Xi tanaffaza, it was carried out, 
put into execution. 

4\slj ndfiz, influential ; (a law) in 
force; a penetrating (wound). 

JaIUj manfaz, place of penetration 
or efi'ect ; passage ; electrical 

JiJU monaffaz, put into execution, 
carried out. 

.\s6\ - _yflj nafar, pi. anfdr, in- 
dividual, a person ; private 
^ nafar a, he was shy, afraid, 
hated, kept aloof. 

.»Ai or .Iflj or 'iJ6 nafra, or nifdr, 
or nofoor, a shunning, aversion, 

^j^'l or ;^j-_jfli - \^j^ nafs, pi. 
nofoos, or anfos, soul, self ; in- 
dividuality ; person ; appetite. 

ij*Ji,i nafsoh, he himself. 

L*ai nafsdn, personally. [U'!j 

^«JJ >ljjjj ^^-« ?niji ii'i:7<jf« nafsihi, by 
his own right, spontaneously, 

Jc***iJ (J.JW qataJa nafsaho, he killed 

l«*Aj Jjkir' qatala nafsdn, he killed 
a man. 

,«.^a.Ail jIJoo ta'ddd en-nofoos, cen- 
sus, a counting of souls. 

(Wv'iJl - ^^J^ nafas, pi. aiifds, 
breath, respiration ; style, man- 
ner, taste. 

^i**aj! _ «*J.aj nafees (comparative 
anfas), precious, exquisite, 
p p 


( 290 ) 

^^\sj nifds, child-bed, parturition. 

^^liAIl ^e'*^^ hoinma en-nifds, puer- 
peral fever. 

\*J6 nafsd, or nafasa, a woman in 

jJ'wKwiJ nafsdniy, sensual, selfish. 

^'«^ nafsdniya, spite, ill-will ; 
selfish motive. 

j»*i'J ndfasa, he quarrelled, was 

^:*«jULe mondfasa, quarrel, rivalry. 

■ /-aU tanaffasa, he drew or took 

breath ; he cried out. 
(^^^'Xo _ ,^sd^ ininfas, pi. niandfis, 

fjiAi or (^ftj naffada, he shook 
out, dusted (carpets, &c.). 

^j£:^\ intafada, he shook himself. 

nJikLo 'nianfada, ash-tray. 

Lai naft, naphtha. 

«AJ nafaa, it was useful, of ad- 

mkh yanfa', it is of use, serviceable. 

«ili ndjia, useful, beneficial. 

•flJLIl intafa'a, he profited by, took 
advantage of. 

cliuiJl intifda', profit, advantage. 

c'ijuUI ^Srs- haqq el-intifd'a, usu- 
fruct, right of use. 

ji'JU _ iUflXo manfa'a, pi. mandfia', 
advantage, benefit, profit. 

iuiUU) or ^lai nifdq, or mondfaqa, 

li'Ju mondf.q, hypocrite. 

^j nafaqa, alimony, maintenance 
of a wife. 

jfij nafaqa, (the beast) perished. 

J'iji _ (J.flj ?if(/?, pi. avfdl, super- 
fluity, supererogation ; booty, 
spoil ; trefoil, clover. 

J.jU ndjU, unnecessary, superfluous, 
of no avail. 

Ji-ij tanaffala, he did a work of 

^^ or Us nafa, he drove ofi", re- 
pulsed, exiled, denied, repelled 
an accusation. 

j^aj nafi, negation, denial. 

i^a31 ijjl^ sJiahddat en-nafi, evi- 
dence for the defence, rebuttingr 

^^flJ nafa, or naji, exilement. 
^^J^ or ^^ nafiy, or manjiy, an 

exiled man. 
^^A^ manfa, place of exile, 
i^lb _ j^U ndfa, he disproved, 
contradicted; ?/ona^,he disproves. 

t-j'-ail _ L-.^ Tia^&j pi. anqdh, a 
hole pierced. 

L;^^' naqaha, he bored a hole. 

(_3^jUJ^ la5l»- Lj^Jo naqaba lidyit el- 
manzil, he made a hole in the 
wall of a house (legal term for 
a species of burglary). 

^jS. i««^*5 naqqaha 'an, he examined 
carefully, pierced or penetrated 
a difficulty. 

<— ->Uj nhqdh, veil, mask. 


( 291 ) 



V_-%jJL> naqeeh, chief, leader. 

Ju naqqaha, he revised, elaborated 
a book ; reformed. ^ 

^jJUj tanqeeh, revision (of a book, 

code, &c.) ; reform. 
AJLi naqada, he paid cash, tried 

good money. 

4>yl> _ Sfij naqd, pi. noqood, cash, 
good coin. 

d^ (T*:!^ ^'^^s noqood, purse of 


liJ^Ai naqdiya, cash, money. 

j'jii niqdd, a quarrel, breaking off, 

i\AX'l intaqada, he tried, saw. 
ti'JlJU) minqdd, beak. 
iJiJ ?iags;, safety, rescue. 
JsAJl anqaza, he rescued, saved. 

Jij naqara, he drummed; hol- 
lowed out, pecked at. 
'ij6 or Jii nagr, or noqra, a hollow, 

iU naqara, he quarrelled. 
.Ub* niqdr, a quarrel. 

'iXsonaqqara (pronounced naggdra), 
drum, large drum for cavalry, 
or on camels. 

ja naqar (pronounced nuggur), a 
boat hollo ujed out ; name for a 
Nile boat above the Cataracts. 

JjiJix) mlnqdr, chisel, beak, pick-axe. 
^^,so niqris, gout. [(^^.J! Ad 

(-.y'J ndqoos, clapper, gong. 

^JiiiJ naqasha, he painted, de- 
lineated, cut a seal, engraved. 

^^'J naqasha, he disputed, liti- 
gated, argued a case in court. 
^^yii _ ij^ naqsh, pi. noqoosh, 

design, engraving. 
^^laj naqqdsh, engraver, sculptor. 

i^''JLo onondqasha, the arguing of 
a law-suit by both sides in 
court, dehats. [^1^ 

(_^ai naqasa, it became less, it 

lessened, was deficient. 
(j<£~S-J naqqasa, he made less, 


(j£S\i ndqasa, he called for tenders 
in order to obtain lowest prices. 

y^l^aj noqsdn, deficiency, deficit, 
shortcoming. [jsr 

j^Ui ndqis, deficient, imperfect, 


<w3j'ju _ Jia^AJ naqeesa, pi, naqdyis, 
defect ; a large sack. 

^>iaj tanqees, reduction, deduc- 
tion, subtraction. 

Jc-cJi"U.vj mondqasa, a call for lowest 

fj^ naqada, he pulled to pieces, 
demolished, refuted a judgment 
of a lower court. 

ij£SJ naqd, demolition, refutation. 

JJ\ » itaAi naqd wa ibrdm, Cassa- 
tion, the final Court of Appeal. 

jwaJ'Jo or />ai>Li ndqada, or tand- 
qada, he contradicted, he dif- 
fered emphatically. 


( 292 ) 



^JoXi\ - ^j£^ noqd, pi. anqdd, 

beam, rafter, 
.kaj - iiaij noqta, pi. noqat, poiut, 
vowel-point ; spot; watchman's 
beat or station ; drop. 

L»flj noqoot, presents, eirennes. 

..JixL.! or mA) rtaqa'a, or istanqa'a, 
it became stagnant. 

^a'i] foi (/Off', stagnant water; hollows 
where water collects. 

«5iJLWo riiHstanqa', tank, pond, 

Jaj naqala, he conveyed, trans- 
ported, narrated. 

JjSJ - JJu 7?a2?, pi. noqool, trans- 
port, narrative; tradition, trans- 
fer ; noql, dried fruit. 

"laj naqliy, traditional ; noqaliy, 
seller of dried fruit. 

julai naqliya, freight, means or 
cost of transport. 

J.Ai)l intaqala, he moved himself, 
went to another place ; it came 
down by tradition or inheri- 
tance; he died, went to heaven. 

JyiiU) manqool, moved, narrated. 
cr^^^.jLLo manqooldt, moveables, 
personal property, 

djj^ . icLjlLo manqoola wa sdhita, 
personal and real (property) . 

Juj] or Jij naqama or (more com- 
monly) intaqama, he revenged 
or avenged himself. 

^Uail intiqdm, vengeance, revenge. 

'^sj naqma, vengeance, revenge, 

S.liii or ydj or ^'Jii naqd, or naqoo, 
or naqdwa, purity ; quint- 
essence, pith, marrow, kernel. 

f'ljXAJ^ _ jjl) naqiy,^)!. anqiyd, pure, 
pious, choice. 

AJlj tanaqqa, he pruned, sorted, 
picked out. 
Lj^Cj _ JCJ.G naliha, misfortune ; 
nakah, deviation. 

L_^i'UU - C»^jU) manhih, pi. mand- 

liih, shoulder, 
ZiCi nukta, wit, epigram, criticism; 

a witty fellow. 

Jo nahalia, he married ; con- 
summated marriage. 

jcs^l - ~l^ nihdk, pi. ankilia, 

—t^Ai! JAc 'aqada en-nikdh (the 
priest) tied the marriage knot, 
solemnized the marriage. 

1s-^Jl^ vianhooha, married woman. 

.C naldra, he was ignorant of. 
^] miliar a, he denied. [j.s*- 

.l^j] inJidr, denial. 

J\j or ^G^ inunkir, or ndlcir, he 
who denies. 

^0 »oAt, cunningness. 

^J3 tanakkara, he denied. 

i«*C nakasa, he upset, turned up- 
side down ; he broke his word. 

, ,*.G inJrs, relapse, upset, 

i^XJU mankoos, upset, relapsed.' 

(_^i nakasa, he turned aside, 
broke his word. 


( 293 ) 


iaii nakfa, tonsils ; the mumps. 
{J^ nalcala, he recoiled^ drew back. 
J^ Ho7tOo7^witlidrawal^ retirement. 
<^G nak-iia, breatli, odour of tlie 

h)^ nikdija, malice, injury done 

to spite another. 

J nanima, he spoke ill of, was 
a backbiter. 

^kj^aJ nameema, a bit of slander, 
evil gossip. 

jA.i nimr, leopard, panther. 

^j _ ijAJ nimr a, pi. nimar 
(European), numero, No. 

jaJ nammara, he put numbers to, 


A.Le tnonammar, numbered. 
1**^ nims, ichneumon. 
i>jUl! _ L*^ Nemsd, Austria; Ala- 
mdnya, Germany. 

^jl/«J nemsdwiy, Austrian. 
^^J^yo\j ndmoos, mosquitoes. 

••13 ,. , . ., _, 

^Uaw^'j namoosiya, mosquito-net. 

j»*»^'o ndmoos (Greek novios, used 
in Turkish), honour, reputation. 

^/♦J namynaqa, he wrote, copied out. 

iLXAJb tamueeq, a writing down, 

Jl>«J _ (J»»i narni, pi. nimdl, ant. 

JuJ no.mnama, he muttered. 

^d^\ or ^d^i namoozaj, or on- 
moozaj (Persian), sample, model, 
specimen. [^Sp;^^ 

^AX) - ^^ nama, it grew; yanini, 
it grows. 

VAj nama, growth. 

t*-^^' nahaha, he plundered, pil- 
laged, [....^l-^ 

L--%^' 9ia/<?;, pillage, act of pillage. 
d^'j^^Lc raanhoohdt, things pillaged, 

^^ nahj, road, track. 

^ULo or ^i^ manhaj, road, track, 

course marked out. 
J»^* _ J.^ nahd, pi. nohood, rounded 

breast, a maiden^s swelling 


i\-|_AJ tanahliada, he sighed, his 
bosom heaved. 

is kXa'J ndJiida, a maiden with swell- 
ing breasts. 

jl^ nuhdd, about, nearly. 

j^] _ y^ nahr, pi. anhor, river, 
stream. [ -^ 

.'.^ naJidr, daytime. 

iU! ^ K'v^ nahdrdn ica laildn, by 
day and by night. 

^l^All ^1^ 1^ jf? rdhi'at en-naJidr 
(colloquial), in broad open day. 

.l^'ijl intihdr, reprimand, repudia- 

J^' naliaza, it was near. 

'iu>jsS\ \^\ intahaza cl-forsa, he 
seized, or availed himself of, 
the opportunity. 

f^a^ nahada, he arose, stood up. 
(^y^ nohood, a rising, getting up. 
^^ nahaqa, (the ass) brayed. 
^^^ naheeq, a bray. 


( 294 ) 


CJi^iJl or <^LX^i nahaTca, or intahaka, 

lie injured, violated, 
^j _ ^J^ nalia, he forbad ; yanha, 

he forbids. 
^j nalii, prohibition. 
j^i\ or ^i nohia, or intaha, he 

arrived at, it came to an end. 
^)1 anil a, he informed, hinted, 

V^l _ Ll^' - .^ naJnv, or nilidya, 

or intlhd, the end. 
^^^iLe or y.fiil or J^j'^ nihdiy, or 

intihdiy, or muntalii, final, 
fj j/aze, rain, storm; hot south wind. 
LJ Nooha, Nubia. 
" ; J _ *__jy JVo?) or iVoo&, Nubians ; 

Noohiy, Nubian. 

t—J J _ L J w&a, pi. nowab, turn, 
alternation ; a time, once, &c. ; 
attack, fit, " acces." 

hJndha (military term), bugle-call. 

ijs^j^ noohetji (Turkish), sentry, 

^ i-->U ndha 'an, he, it was in- 
stead of. ^U^)^ 

^jiJjo or t--?jli ndwaha, or tand- 
waha, he took his turn.«7>iowaiya&a,alternatioD, in turns 

LIjJ niydba, substitution, jDroxy. 

<tjb LUaJ'u hin-niydha a'nlw, instead 
of him. 

i>.<j4.c ibUJ niydha o'moomiya, Par- 
quet, ministere iniblic ; ofiice of 
the Attorney-General or Public 

L_->ly _ C^^lj ndyib, pi. notvivdb, 
substitute ; a member of the 
Parquet ; a judge supplearit or 
vice-judge ; " naivab." 

^ «j_A_c Lj^%JlJ ndyib o'moomiy, 


c-pJlJ naicdyib, vicissitudes. 

ijJJ _ ^JJ 7i(9^i, pi. notlya (Latin 
nauta) , sailor. 

_y NooJi, the '^ prophet ^^ Noah. 

ic».l>j or jIs^J iio/ia, or niydha, a 

lament, groan. 
^y «oA7i (see nahhlcha). 

.IJI _ .»i woor, pi. anwdr, a light. 

.»i«fMyi(;ara,he lighted, informed. 

j»Aj' tanweer, a lighting up, illu- 
mination, enlightenment. 

j^-j<-^ tanawwara, he was en- 
lightened, informed ; it was 
lighted up. 

,\A^ wa?^Mt?ar, skylight, hole in wall. 

JU^ _ 'i,\x.< mandra, pi. mandyir, 

minaret. Eij'i' 

'i.Ji noora, a depilatory of arsenic 
and quicklime, &c. 

^Lw _ .U ?iar,pl. 7ieeraw (fern.), fire. 

_.y noraj, threshing-sledge. 

JlkL*. )> f^y o^' j?;y naw-roz, or 
necroz Sultdniy (Persian), New 
Year ; vernal equinox ; in 
Persia, New Year's Day (March 
21st) ; in Egypt, the autumnal 
equinox (Sept. 10th). ^ 

jC/i.lJu) _ iT^y (nosh), mondwasha, 
battle, quarrel. 

\s^i not, suspension, dependency, 


( 295 ) 


L^Jb-lr'J ndta,h.e]iung up; yanoot, 
he hangs up. 

lajo wee^a (jjassive), it was hung 
up, depended, was attached. 

ilcAs'lj <ii=lju yondt-ok hil-hhidma, 
he is bound to serve, his service 
is obligatory. 

isJU manoot, hung up, dependent, 

clyl _ cy Ho'i^, pi. anivda', species, 
sex, manner, style. 

^^^.-flJLJl c^Jo hi-noiv' en-nash, by 

cpLtc mwia?iatt'iyift^,of various kinds. 

t jJ ?iof, summit, prominence. 

1 ftAJ wa//*, surplus; p/ws, more than. 

iijUJ niydfa, eminence, title of a 

t—JU ndfa, it surpassed, was pro- 

««_jJu or ( fijJlj yaneef, or yanoof, 

it is prominent, surpasses, ex- 
ceeds in amount. 

^/♦.iJ nof ember (European), No- 

iu'J _ Jiy liw^, pi. of ndqa, she- 

JlJl _ J J 9io7, pi. anwdl, gift, 
fashion, weaver^s loom. 

yjjjy noloon, freight, nolis. 

JJJ or JU ndla, or ndivala, he 

J^Ui tandwala, he took (a gift), 

received, ate. 


{J>juU) minyal (Coptic), Island of 

^Ijj or ^J 7?(?7?i, or niydm, sleep. 

^Uo _ aU ndma, he slept ; yandm, 

he sleeps. 
JJ ndyim, asleep, sleeping. 
>.jj or A J nawwama (vulgarly 

nayyama) , he put to sleep, 

made lie down. 

^.Ui' tandwama, he pretended to 

be asleep. 
a'JLo mandm, dream. 
i<DU mandma, tomb. 

AyJl»jl a&oo %-wJm,poppy. [,^Jils'***' 
^^^ noon, the letter 7i. 

if s a, 

— — — _ ^^^ nawiuana, he 

marked or pronounced the 
final n [namely, on, an, in 
or nominative, accusative and 
oblique case endings of nouns 
and adjectives]. 
^ Jo tamveen, marking the final n. 

5p naivwaJia,he called, mentioned. 
!$j-Lo monaivwah, stated, mentioned. 
^_5•J nau-a, he intended, proposed. 
^Jb_ yimvi, he intends. 
CijUJ _ijJ niyya,i)\.niyydt,iiitention, 

^_fAi ndivi, he who intends, in- 

^^^J _ ijly naiodt, pi. nawa, date- 

^ 7iee, or wa?/, raw (meat) ; un- 
baked (brick). 

L^.^ naib, being old, long in 
the tooth. 

( 296 ) 


v»_^Jo or t-->'j ndh, or neeh, canine 
tooth, fang. 

U.J _ j^j^ neeroz (see naivroz) . 

^j^.Lj.j.j Neesdn,- Syrian montli of 

( >y _ 1 ftjJ naif (see nof). 

lIAjo jmiVr, copulation. tf*W- 

J J _ tJ.511 - (J.jJ nail, success, at- 
tainment ; ndyil, gift ; be wlio 
attains. [cf. nol 

kijSi or f^x^ neel, or neela, indigo, 
indigo dje. 

(JjvJjl^s: or (J.J.J1SI En-Neel, or 6a7ir 
en-Neel ; the Nile, the sea, or 
Great River Nile. 

jJ.jJi]l ( nJL^ saif en-neeJ, summer 

of Nile ; summer canal or 

H (a- light aspirate). 
8 « ^ Ke. Value = 5. 

la» _ s -lio, or -oh, him, his ; -ha, 

her, hers. 
Ui&'j6 or >'j& /ift, or hd-hond, here ! 

take ! 
Jjj'i" . (J:i^^ Hdbeel wa Qdbeel, 

Abel and Cain. 
L2jU 7iai, bring ! give ! hand 

over ! [ci^a 

.JU Hdtoor, Coptic month of 

AJk^Jl ij^j^ Hdroon er-Rasheed, 
Harouu al-Raschid, Aaron the 

Orthodox, the Great ^Abbasi 
Caliph of Baghdad, a.d. 800. 

^i'jt) hdla, halo, areola. 

hoJb hdma, summit, crown of head. 

*il»- _ JiU hdnum (for Turkish 

hhdnum), lady, princess. Sul- 

jtSJj] *j'j& hdmim efendim, my lady ! 

^j^la hdwan (hdoon), mortar (for 
pounding) . 

L.Ub hdiviya, hell, abyss. l^j^ 
^«.,*o> hahha, the wind blew. 

[of. ^ 
i-ji^ hohooh, blast of wind. 

i__?U!fc/ia6a6,soot, smuts, smokiness. 

L--AAa hahhaha, he tore, ill-treated, 

Cl^J^ or Jokjb hahhada (for habhata), 
he flung down. 

^AJb habara, he seized upon, tore 

to pieces. 
(■JiAa habasha, he scratched up 

into a heap. 

lajUb hahata, it sank (in price, &c.) . 

Isv^ hoboot, fall, decrease. 

LjU) habit, falling, decreasing. 

(Jjk^ _ (Jjka {habala) ,mahbil, vagina. 

Jjkftl ahbal, stupid, idiot. 

(Jjo^ iahbeel, vapour-bath, fomen- 

«w...Na. _ ^ /ii'^a, gift (see xcahaba). 

d^a hattayhe slandered,frightened. 

,j^y^ or Jo) hatara, or hatrasa, 
he raved in delirium. 


( 297 ) 


J'j ic I a'jO) Jiatafa 'ala hdli, it 

occurred to my miud. 

ulAjCb hataka, he tore off a veil, 

(_^j«Jl v.^Xa> Aai^A; el-'ird, criminal 

assault, iiij^^ry to (a woman^s) 


Jla! _ Ja> hatam, toothlessness ; 
alitam, toothless. 

^jljjfe - ^jUa hdtain (femin.), these 
two ; (masc.) hcizain. 

^^ hajara, he emigrated, aban- 

'■Ls:^ hijra, flight of Mahomed 
from Mecca to Medina, a.d. 622. 


lr.^ ^ r=E* <u«j Sana hrjriya 1308, 
year of the Hijra 1308, a.d. 1891. 

^jI^s^ Jiijrdn, desertion, abandon- 

y5^'^ viohdjir, emigrant, refugee. 

.ys^< mahjoor, absent, abroad, left 
the country. 

.W* hijdr, foot-rope, tether. 
L: j^ ha jama 'ala, he rushed 
upon, attacked. 
*f^ hojoom, onset, attack; charge ! 

(^^ _ j^;J^ hajeen, pi. hojon, 
M (colloquial meaning) drome- 
' dary, a camel for riding. 

<xj'.s^ _ ^J•s:^ hajjdn, pi. hajjdna, 
camel rider ; troops mounted 
on camels, camel-corps. 

jjsf*-^-* Ji^ kaldm mustahjln, a 
silly, improper speech. 

^'js* hijdj, satire ; spelling, syllable. 

^Is^'i ( j.^ horoof el-hijd, letters 

of the alphabet. 

^'^* ^_^jG;.j tarteeh kljdiy, alpha- 
betical order. 

^s^ or j^s* kajja, or taJiajja, he 

Hts*' ohjowwa, satire, lampoon. 

6^S^ - t>JJ& haddada,h.e threatened; 
takdeed, threat. 

jsx kodoo, repose, quiet. 

f■^_c^\si kadi, gentle (wind) ; calm^ 

(wJ^ti^l — (— _)AJb liodh, pi, akddh, 
eyelash. ^\J*-^J 

.iXJfc kadr, impunity, especially 
impunity in bloodshed. 

I ju^ib kadaf, butt, target. 

1 ii^Sb kaddafa, he aimed, threw at. 

(JjA kadila, it dangled. 

^tU) kadama, he demolished. 

^A» hadm, demolition. [cf. *-ai) 

^j^.jJJti hodoon, rest, repose. 

ijlj>S) or ^JJb hodna, or koddna, 
truce, armistice. 

JJbJJb hudkud, a cooing bird ; lap- 

^Aa kada, he guided, showed the 

Ll^a or y_$S2b koda, or kiddya, 
guidance (to salvation). 

'oljJb - "kijSSi kadiya, pi. kaddyd, 
gift, sacrifice. 

^liJt] akda, he offered a present. 

^j.^^ Makdi, guided, led by God ; 
a leader in Islam^ the twelfth 
Q <4 


( 298 ) 


Imam, forerunner of the Mille- 
nium ; the Mahdi of Khartoum, 


f^jSi _ ^ss> _ li\a hcud, femin. 

hazihi, pi. Jiowld, this. 
jS9> - jSS) liazar, nonsense; hazzara, 

he talked nonsense. 

jj'jjjj) hazaydn, nonsense, jabber ; 

.^1 ^£. _ Jb Mrr, cat ; a'in el- 

hirr, cat^s eye. [Li* 

L_>^ haraba, he fled, escaped. 

^_j»yti Jwrooh, flight. 

jj'jJt) or (»_>.la> hdrih, or harhdn, 
fugitive, runaway. 

b.'jb J farra hdribdn, he fled as a 
fugitive, escaped (from justice). 

u-J^fl) harraha, he put to flight ; he 
allowed to escape; he smuggled. 

^s^' ^j^ i. aj t^ talireeh onin es- 

sijn, the allowing a prisoner 
to escajDe from prison. 

CJ,A$3i j^^ t jj{i tahreeh min el- 

gumrul-, smuggling through the 
custom house ; contraband. 

(w^ Jb hars, a crushing, smashing. 


i^ J6 harrasha, he incited, set on. 

aJb hara'a, he hastened, ran. 

Al.Jb hartvala, a kicking up of dust. 

^5) liarim, very old, decrepit man. 

Aal or j,\jb - |»,a liaram, pi. hirdm, 

or ahrdm, pyramid, pyramids 

of Ghizeh. 
jC;i6 /^ort'f, granary, magazine. 

;:a or la hazza, or liazzaza, he 
made shake, agitated. 

.•^i' or ;jal ihtazza, or tahazzaza, it 

shook, quaked. 
^^;a^ or s^ hazza, or hazhaza, 

jjb or J ;a Jiozoo, or hazd, mockery. 
j^>^l istalizd, he ridiculed. 
.ja hazzara, he joked, chaffed. [.-^^ 
.ha Mzdr, a joking, '' chaff".'^ 
J^ hazl, satire, lampoon. 

(Jjja - JU'» /io^a7, feebleness; liazeel, 

feeble, slender. 
jjjb hazzama, he pressed, drove, 

put to flight. 

^^1 inhazama, he was routed. 
*h^l or icAJ 'a hazeema, ovinhizdm, 

rout, defeat. 
j^ Azis, or Ztoos, hush ! silence ! 
fi^ hashsha, he brushed away 

(flies, &c.). [(^/-^ 

j,jS:jb Tiashama, he wounded, slashed 

J>/i»a _ JUJb hashim, generous ; 

liishdm, generosity. 

j,^ hadama, he digested ; hadm, 
digestion. [cf. ^JJt) 

XA^^Jb Ji Ji' qowwa Jiddima, digestive 

Ci^sV - d^^aa {haft), tahdfut, 
annoyance, attack. 

8 Jia haftua, small mistake,slip. [hS^Jj 

likCa hahazd, thus. ['j 

(Jjfc /(e/, interrogative particle at 

the beorinnin": of a sentence. 


( 299 ) 


J$^JS (Jjt> Jiel tatazahkar, do you 
remember ? 

(JjJ'jbl _ Jila hildl, pi. ahdleel, new 
moon, crescent. 

i-XJUa £iMj Sana hiJdliya, lunar 
(Moslem) year of 354i days. 

Jl^l or JlUl ihldl, or istihldl, 
beginning of a lunar month ; 
new-born infant's first cry. 

(J-^1 istohilla (passive) j the new 
moon beo'an. 

(Jl» hallala, he praised God by 
saying the tahleel. 

^! ^Jl *y ^ _ (J.A{> tahleel, the phrase, 
^' There is no god but God ; " 

Id ilaha illd xilldh. 


(Jia» hallala (vulgar), he jeered at, 

icJ*^ halhoola, rag, thin cloth. 

tw^lij) holbj hair, bristle. 

<w-Nlib hallaha (colloquial) ,he hopped 
on one leg. 

Ij-ial _ Jiit) (halj), ihleelij, ellipse. 

yJisi _ ^tJjb hals, nonsense, balder- 
dash ; hallds, braggart. 

iuwJia halicasa, hallucination. 

^\si halaka, it perished. 

\^ho haldic, ruin, destruction, loss. 

LfJ.lal ahlaka, he destroyed. 

CAJ^ mohlik, destructive, dan- 

iki^ tahlika, danger. 

^^JJ^-LmI istahlalca, he consumed, 

lessened a debt by a sinking 


<L)%^x>J\ istlhldk, consumption of 
produce ; sinking fund, " amor- 

LlJjia halooh, bean-blight ; tares. 

Jias halomma, come now ! hullo ! 

'.aA _ (^a . ^ /<o»i, (femin.) honna, 
they, them, their ; dual, homd, 
they or them two, their. 

yj^jJjt) halyoon, asparagus. 

>,^Aa _ >.» hamm, pi. homoom, care, 

■fi. . 
I»JaI ihtamma, he was anxious for, 

careful for. 
^l_>»wJL2>l ihtimdm, anxiety, fore- 


^aS) _ a;-tJ& himma, pi. himam, en- 
deavour, intention. 

*it)\ ahanim, more important. 

^>«»ftl ahammiya, importance. 

*^ mohimm, important, urgent. 

(jl;L>«^-.< mohimmdt, important 
things, military stores, muni- 

aI^ mahdmm, serious, important 

\\^ _ ^^U) hdmma, pi. haivdmm, 
reptile, insect. 

jj^Ujt humdyoon (Persian), Im- 
perial, of the government. 

J[Vjj^Ua» humdyooniy (from Persian), 
Imperial (as a law). 

jAi) hamaza, he spurred, stung, 

s^Jb hamza, the mark ^, placed 

over ^ or j_^ and over or under 

I J a short a over a vowel when 

it begins a syllable. 



( -'500 ) 


jyi*^ mahmooz, marked witli a 

hain::a ; spur. 
jIkj^ mihmdz, spur, goad. 
J.-/«._a)l (J'^a) {haiitl), aJiniala, lie 


J>^H< - J'-'*^! ihriidJ, neglect ; moJi- 
mil, negligent. 

^ _ jtjS) lionna (femin. of horn), 
they, tliem, tlioir. 

^'JO) hand, good health, congratu- 

^'Ja hannd, he congratulated. 

icl^S taliniya, congratulation. 

p^ia hani, joyous, jovial, healthy. 

UjiAa haneeydn, to your good 
health ! 

f\j^xi mohannd, congratulated. 
UaU or '.JCb /m?ut, or 7ttt liund, here. 
y& Ua /ii'jHt Jio, here it is ! 

tiJJ'-xa) or (^Ll'Jka) Itondk, or liondlik, 

Jyla _ Jaa> hind, India ; honood, 

[[_^tJji» hindiy, an Indian, Indian. 
,i.'x^\ .^^.3 Qaisar el-Hind, EmjDress 

(or Emperor) of India. 

.fbiiaa hindihd, chicory, endive. 
Sf'jJl _ LMi^haiidasa (from Persian 

enddza, ell), ell, measuring; 

geometry, engineering. 
^«,Jaf<i mohandis, engineer. 
^_JX>^J^^ f^J^i^ mohandis mia'md- 

riy, architect. 

is^^^J i^j^'^'H^ mohandis riyddiy, 
engineer, land-surveyor. 

i^-j.Aa honaiha, a moment; trifle. 

^Jb _ ^& hoa, he, it ; hia, she, it. 
i}y^ or i)^a /loof?, or yaJiood, Jews. 

iijLa) haivdda, condescension, in- 
J.l^^ mohdwid, moderate (price). 

(JjJJl i5^a haivwid el-lail, sinking 
of night, just before dawn. 

_t)^_a howdaj, camel - litter for 
women. {^ksS'sr* 

».»» JiaV'i-a, danger, ruin. 

■a ..15 

.».^j -;5-^ haivwara, he injured, at- 
tacked; tahawwara,h.e annoyed. 
tl^y^ hau-as, desire, passion of 
love ; madness. ClJ^j* 

^vN.-iy9> howuis, dock for ships, 
canal-lock. [^»»- 

i/i»y& hbsha, confusion, tumult. 
^yt) _ Jyt> 7w?, terror ; hola, cholera. 
J.^1 J\ Ahoo l-hol, the sphinx. 
(JjIa hdyil, terrific; terror. 
Jjjt) haiowala, he terrified. 
Jjtf^ _ tj.^^-^ maheel, terrible ; ima- 

liool, terror. 
jj»» hon, rest, peace, seriousness ; 


eJ?^. - U^ hdna, it was easy; 
yahoon, it is easy. 

^^yt) hawwana, he made easy. 

li,jj& heena, facility, repose. 

^J^^'i iahdivana, he took it easy, 

^yt)! - Lv>^* hayyin, or ^aitr, easy^ 
light ; ahwan, easier, lighter, 

jjlal ahdna, he treated with con- 
tempt, ill-treated. 


( 301 ) 


ijlal ihdna, ill-treatment, insult, 

j_^.lai or ^»a> haivia, or lidiva, lie 

loved, desired. 
>lybl _ ^yt> hawa, pi. ahwd, desire, 

passion, love. [i^^* 

XjjAJ ^j:y& ic 'aZa haiva nafsihi, 

at his own (sweet) will. 

^Jb! aliwa, dearer, more desired. 

Ljbl _ ^l»a Itaivd, pi. aliwiya, air, 
atmosphere, weather ; tune. 

5lyb liawdiy, atmospheric. 
^.U hdioiya, hell, abyss. 
^5) _ ^ Ilia, pi. homia, she, it ; 
they. [j.2> -_ja 

CUj^ib _ HjJb haiya, pi. liaiydt, 
form, shape, body ; astronomy. 

, mJis^' itijJt) haiyat el-majlis, a 
council or court regarded as a 
single body. 

V^ft hayyd, he prepared. 

^^ tahyeea, preparation. 

U<j^ mohayyd, prepared. 

Llf< or ^A>» haiba, or mahdha, 
fear, awe ; modesty. 

L_^J^ or ^—Jj^* mahooh, or mahreh, 
feared, terrible. 

c:_>la> - LU^Jb (halt or heet), hdt, 
bring, hand over ! 

^l^a hayajdn, commotion, stir, 

_*4> _ _U hdja, it was in com- 
motion ; yaheej, it is excited. 


ia hayyaja, he stirred up, excited. 

"Wj tahyeej, a stirring up, exciting. 

"Jls:\a) ^J;JA=:'< majnoon hayajdniy, 
dangerousmadmau, raving mad. 

^JijJi) heesh, reeds, brushwood. 

'(LaJJt haida, cholera. 

J^Ua _ (JijA haikal, pi. haydhil, 
temple, chancel, large edifice. 

^Ua hiydyn, passion, love. 

CLjl^jJfc haihdt (colloquial). Indeed! 

Is it so ? 
^J|*^ii hayooli, atom, molecule, 

matter ; atomic. O^J^ 

W, or or Oo. 
. Wdw. Value = 6. 

. wa (often pronounced oo), and. 

jt^ _ b'j wdyyd, with (a collo- 
quialism for 7Hft') . 

L^IjiJ. _ t_^W.^j wdyydi, with me j 
wdyydh, with thee. 

^Ij Wallahi, By God ! 

lLAj'^j.^.- . w;a liaydtalc, By thy life 

I swear ! 
^ , wa law, and even if ; although. 
^1 . for ^ . wa Id, for wa ilia, unless, 

or, or else. 
,_jl. tvdiy, alas ! 
.»j]} wdboor (European), '^ vapem^," 

" vapore ; " steam - engine, 

steamer, train. 

c:jI-^1. _ __1. wdh, pi. wdlidt, oasis. 

i^T - c^ fS-'j wdkhri, late (collo- 
quial from adkhir). 

^'j.l . ^l). wabd, pi. atytrt, epidemic, 

( 302 ) 


•fj^ wahbakha, he reprimanded. 

ijJoJ taivheelch, a reprimand. 

.Ij.l _ ^j wahar, pi. awhdr, hair 
of goats or of camels, used for 
making tents, &c. 

ji^] (Jal a/iZ al-wabar, nomads, 
Bedouin Arabs, i.e. owners of 
camels and goats, or dwellers 
in tents made of hair. 

^j^,^ wahooriy, coarse native cloth. 

J'jj wahdl, unhealthiness, danger. 

j'o.l _ Sl^ ivatad, pi. awtdd, tent- 
peg, stake; slip of plant, shoot. 

.J. watr, or luitr, an odd number, 
single, a prayer ; chord of arc. 

jlj^] _ J^ watar, pi. aivtdr, chord, 
arc, tendon. 

K)^ watrdn, one by one ; odd and 

.Sy tawdtur, constant repetition, 

<.»^^ _ t—^j wathaha, he attacked, 
flew at ; yathib, he attacks. 

^ju _ tjj wathiqa, or ivasuqa, he 
relied upon, was firm ; yathiq, 
he relies. 

iijj thiqa, or ^t'^a, confidence, worthy 
of confidence. 


;>j . or 


wdthiq, or ivatheeq, 

firm, constant ; Vathek. 

dUj _ <S^iLjoj watheeqa, pi. wathdyiq, 
valid title-deed. 

—Ijjjil ci^ ''^^^j watheeqa a'qcl el- 
zaivdj, marriage certificate. 

ijlj^ withdq, bond of union; tether- 

^i^J^j] istatvsaqa, he assured him- 
self, relied upon. 

^IJjl - ^Ji^ wasn, pi. aw;sa)i, idol. [ Jt*? 

^ .sr_ _ L-^xa^^ umjabti, it was a 

duty ; yajib, it is a duty. 

iXl "^.^-^sT Lc md yajib laho, his 

rights, due to him. 
IlAc ^ .::^ Lo ma yajib 'alaih, his 

duties, due from him. 

L-_5»aw_5 ivojoob, necessity. 

ci;lAai-l_j - (»-_^=^!. ivdjib^ pi. IV dj lb at, 

t^>lc ^..^o^lJ! ^^ onin el-wdjib 

a'laik, it is your duty. 

C_^i=^^l aujaba, he caused, necessi- 

L_?'jsrJ eejdb, causation, answer in 
the afiirmative; proposal, ofier. 

JvJi . S-j'^j eejdb iva qabool, ofier 
and acceptance. 

L_^vs^»-o nioojib, causing, a cause. 

'w.'va^^; bi-moojib, because. 

L_^».yL,l istawjaba,ii necessitated, 
called for, caused. 

J^ _ i\5^. ivajada, he found ; 

yajid, he finds. 
<As-. wojida, it was found, it existed. 

^ysv-y yoojad, it exists, is found. 

Jjs^j ivojood, existence; a finding; 

presence at. 
J^j^ moivjood, found ; present 

at ; existing. 

ci^lj^^ motvjooddt, pi., things 
found or extant. 


( 303 ) 


jjljkis^. or Ss^j wajd, or wijddn, 
conscience, emotion, ecstasy. 

ii.»-.] awjada, he created, invented. 

S^} eejdd, creation, a bringing 

to light. 
Ujkr^ly tcnvdjadoo (pi. 3rd person), 

tliey found themselves (mutually) 

present at a meeting. 

j^ Js^^ xvajaza, it was concise ; 

yajiz, it is concise. 
;>£^^ u-ajeez, small, short, brief, 

jLsf} -Jt^_j1 awjaza, he abbrevi- 
ated ; eejdz, brevity, 

j^^^ moojiz, brief, concise. 

«:>-»j - «i>-. waji'a, it ached ; ydja', 

it aches. 
cU-j - «^j ivaja', pi. ii'ijd'a, ache, 

pain. [Jl 

«j.Sk. wajeea' , painful. 

ijU-_jl . jjU-^ wojdq (for Turkish 
ojdq), hearth, stove. 

(Ja^j wajal, fear, emotion, anxiety. 

iiJla-j wajna, a plump cheek. [j>~^ 

^jl or !S»s^j - <Kav.^ ti'ajh, pi. ico- 
yoo/t, or awjoh, face, surface, 
side, reason, manner ; unit ; 
paragraph or section ; a har- 
bour in Arabia on the Red Sea. 

i_^y^, - ^^' ^^j wajh qibliy, South 
(face); wajh bahrly, North, or 
Sea face. 

^»A«11 <)Cr!.-. ^c 'ala VKijh el-o'mooiu, 
in a general way, in general. 

^.^1 ^j^! li-hazild 'l-av:joh, for 
these reasons. 

jj^Uil ^ jj^ai.^ wojooh wa aa'ydn, 
grandees and notables. 

ic^sv.. wojJia, direction, destination. 

Ci.>l^;5^ - 'ii^s>~ jeha, pi. j''hdt, direc- 
tion, place ; reason. 

ic—ZbL*-. ivajdha, respectability, 
honour, good repute. 

jjlr»-j wijdh, about (in number), 
in front of. 

slrsr tojdh, in front of, facing. 

^^^ ivajeeh, seemly, proper, 


sli:^! itiijdh, a facing towards, 

<lC:^-. VHijjalia, he faced, imputed, 
put a question, bestowed favour. 

c:_>l^.»-y tatvjeehdt, promotions, 

<t»>y taivajjaha, he turned towards, 

went to. 

^^^ wdjaha,he came face to face, 

L^\y< or sU-j wijdh, or mowdjaha, 

Axi 'k^s^^Ai] iu^J^\ et-tohma el-moivaj- 
jaha qibaloh, the crime im- 
puted to him. 

iXs>-l. or j>>. tvahad, luahid, or 
wdhid, one, unit. [a:^I 

jsA».lj or ijj^s>-^ wahada, wahida, or 

ivdhida (femin.), one, unit. 
^_j4\&.i _ Ss>-] ahad, (iemin.) ihd a, one. 
^L^r^. ivalidi, I alone, by myself. 
'iS!>- Jiida, unity, unit. 

SJ.»-^ waheed, unique, incompar- 

( 304 ) 


iXs»j ivahhada, he unified^ declared 
tlie unity of God. 

Jos^y tawhecd, belief in God's 

unity ; unification. 

tyr>-».-c ^)i3 dnin mou'ahJiad, unified 

debt of Egypt. 

A»"j ivahhid (imperative), say God 
is One ! the cry or challenge 
of night watchmen. 

Ss^'] ittahada, he united himself 
to, agreed. 

S,s^\ ittiJidd, unity, unanimity, 


jsTsA.^) muttaMd, ally, allied, ac- 

kJL^-^ wahsha, desert solitude, 

(Jij*-^ _ iri=^; waJish^ipl. tuohoosh, 
wild, savage (beast). 

^/ihs-j ivahshiy, wild, savage ; as 
a medical term, exterior surface. 

(Ji^ J taiuahhush, savagery, bar- 

jJ^s^jl awhaslia, he made (us) sad; 
did not visit us, left us in 

l_i»_jLA.^l aifliaslitoond (collo- 
quialism), you have made us sad 
by your absence ; Welcome ! 


(J.S.J VKilil, clay, mire. 
jj.sfc5 ivaJiila, it ran aground. 
J.s^j ((*^^) wahhdm, superstitious. 
i^^ tcahi, divine inspiration. [^'-^1 

Ji-j ivakhaza, he pierced, pricked, 

.^.i-j - (♦•J^j vxilcheem, noxious ; 

ivakhdma, danger. 

J^ _ t>j u-addu, he loved, desired ; 
7/aii7rt£Zrf, he loves, [i .s^.^Ac 

ijt>j^ or J. ividd, or mawadda, 

(Jlj v)ddda, he loved mutually, 
j'j. vji'ddd, mutual love. 
iJ.Jj ivadood, lover, friend. 
tJjfc)^ viawdood, beloved. 

^_^S^ or ^li^ hiiuqoddi, or hiddi, I 
wish to. 

(*- — .A^l ^J«j hiddi aJitib, I wish to, 
or will, or am going to write. 

i-:>Jj C^AJil-c 'ildqdt ividdiya, 
amorous bonds or relations. 

t__>J^ v:addaha, he fitted up, pro- 

\_^^J^_j iawdeeh, outfit, outfit- 

I— _>j^^ mowaddab, fitted up, put 
right ; (in a bad sense) 

_ljj widdj, jugular vein. 
aSj _ CL>j uada'a, he put, de- 
posited ; yada', he puts. 
^J (7a'fl., tranquillity. 
cIl). v:adda\ Adieu ! 

«5'i>j - ^*:>y_j ivadeea'a, pi. waddy'a, 
money deposit, or thing pledged. 

ci>jl or cJj wada'a, or ai'.'da'a, he 

deposited, delivered over ; es- 
corted, saw ofi". 

Q^iS^) or fJi5y tawdeea' , or eedda' , 
delivery, deposit. 


( 305 ) 


cdy^j] istawda'a, lie kept in re- 
serve, entrusted, said farewell/ 
retired from service. 

cli^j-iwjl isteedda' , a bidding fare- 
well ; retirement. 

cJjAwj.^ mustaivda', an official 
en disponibilite/' on the re- 
tired list. 

cii^ moodia', lie who makes a 
deposit ; mooda', tlie thing 

JiJjlc etJ^-o mood'a a'ndoh, deposited 
with him ; depositary. 

ct>j wada\ cowrie, small shell. 

_j_^Jj wadda (colloquial), he gave, 

handed over. [-f'lil 

^_^^^ wada, he paid the ' diya," or 

price of blood. 
lid diya, price of blood. 
hii^\ - (_5fc>'j rvddi, pi. mvdiya, 

valley, ravine, bed of river. 
^'il>- ^^t>lj Wddi Haifa, Valley 

of Rushes ; Southern frontier 

town and province of Egypt 

on the Nile. 
^ju^l ;_^.^U1 el-Wddi el-Kabeer, 

the great river Guadalquivir 

of S^^ain. 
i^y (-5''^'^ Wddi Moosa, Valley 

of Moses, Petra. 
jl.. _ s-],^ ward, behind, beyond ; 

icardniy, hinder-part. 
(-/V " cJ^-Ji tuarreeni (colloquial, 

see rda), show me! 
«__>.. tvarb, obliquity, slanting. 
Li_> J _ '^^ji u-arisa, he inherited ; 

yaris, he inherits. 

ijK^ or (.±^1 irs, or wirdsa, heri- 
tage, succession. 

ijL>,^1 ^s^ haqq el-irs, right of suc- 

^.^ - cl^'j wdris, pi. warasa, heir, 

L^_^,l^ _ cLjLjoo meerds, pi. ma- 
ludrces, estate inherited. 

Li>>l.J>^'j 2 Jl aa?« Za/io h'd- 
meerds, it came to him by 

(jL?^j warrasa, he named his heir. 

CL-^J* I J iaivrecs, appointing an heir. 
<Xj-Jj.^ i'y^^ hoqooq tawreesiya, 

rights of succession. 
CL?.»^ tnotoarris, testator, legator. 

CLj.IJ tawdnis, sharing an inheri- 
(Jl... _ J., ivard, pi. ivorood, rose. 
^_^t),^ icardiy, rosy. 
J, .^ moivarrad, reddened, rosy red. 

ifl._;.la'l J .. w/rc? et-tareeqa, watch- 
word of a sect, password of 
initiation into a sect of Der- 

i3l ,jl _ dj^ ivlrd, pi. aivrad, schedule 
showing receipts of instalments 

of taxes paid monthly. [HliC.o 

sJ.. luarda (colloquial for Italian 

guarda) , look out! 
t>. .• _ JJ ,j wareed, pi. ivorood, vein, 

i}ji_ _ i3.j ?(;a?-a(/a, he arrived; yarid, 

he arrives. 


I. ,. v'orood, arrival. 

K u 


( 306 ) 


J .Ij ivdrid, arriver, arrived ; in- 
come ; importation. 
.4>Ltf . «5.1» tvdrid iva sac?ir, in-come 
and out-go. 

Lii^b.l. ivdriddt, income, revenue, 

0.^ warrada, he made come, paid 
in, entered in the accounts, 
supplied (see wird). 

iJj , J tawreed, entry of payment in 
the accounts, supply. 

J.y tawarrada, it was entered in 
the accounts. 

4J..I awrada,\iG made come, paid in. 

ci^lt>]^l _ d^ji] eerdd, pi. eerdddt, 

( i^f^^ ) t>|rJ'J cerdd wa masroof, 

income and expenditure. 
d]ji'i] <JLj\3 iis^-*^' el-maslaha zdt 

e?-ee>-af7,Department of Receipts 

of Revenue. 

'idj%-^ mawrada, landing-place, 
quay ; arrival. 

, w,^ _ L>i.. warasha, pi. warash 
(European), factory, workshop. 

\:>j^ ivarrata, he flattered (another) 
into committing a crime. 

aIo.^ vmrta, abyss, precipice. 

Lj ,y tawreet, flattery for a criminal 

c .J wara\ piety, abstinence, mo- 

icj',^ waraqa, leaf of tree, sheet of 
paper, layer. 

ob^^ _ ^jj ivaraq,ip\.awrdq,\ea,Ye3, 
sheets of paper, paper, docu- 

Ci^ljJui . i5b^^ awrdq wa sanaddt, 
papers and documents. 

\Sji ^^ ^h *^'^''*"2'^ ^^ wareeq, a 
tree in leaf, in foliage, 

J).y tawarraqa, it became leafy. 

CJl.jl -1^.^ wirTc, pi. awrdh (femin.), 
ischium, hip-bone, haunch. 

A,J> - *,j v)arima,\i tumefied; yarim, 
it swells. 

J\.^ _ ^..ifaram, pi. a-?t?ra77i, tumour, 

tubercvilosis. {\}^ 

^iy<j viowarram, swollen. 

'ii,» or ^JJ» ivaran, or ivarna, cha- 
meleon, [-^''^r*- 

jjl or :. ?i?n'z, or awizz, goose. 

[^ duck. 
;j ivazza, he incited, urged. 

c—^. wazaha, it flowed. [s-V;' 

L_j]^j..< meezdb, gutter, drain. 

jjj _ . :^ ivazara, he bore a burden ; 

yazir, he bears. 
. :^ %vizr, burden. 

'ij\u ivizdra, responsibility of a 
Prime Minister, hence Vizierate, 
rank of Vizier. 

^1. :. _ j_j ;. ivazeer, pi. ivozard, 
Minister of State, Vizier, a 
civilian Pasha of tho highest 
rank, equal to a Military Mu- 
sh eer or Marshal ; a rank like 
that of Privy Councillor. 

Jail .^^ ^•(((?>• a'(ua?n, Grand Vizier. 


( 307 ) 


j^jye - jU ivizr, sin, crime ; maw- 
zoor, guilty, sinner. 

c jj wazza'a, he distributed, appor- 

T^Jyi tawzeea', distribution, appor- 

jj j_) - ^jjij. luazana, he weiglied an 
object ; yazin, lie weighs. 

^jj or ijj zina, or ivazn, act of 

cjI/J^ - jj;^ ivazn,'^\.awzdn,Q. weight 
for weighing ; metre of verse, 
grammatical form of word, para- 
digm of verb. 

^ jl^ _ jjUj./c meezdn, pi. mawd- 
zeen, scales, balance ; Libra in 
the Zodiac. 

iLxSl^ i_xj!^x* meezdniya mdliya, 
Financial Budget. 

'i6j\y<, mowdzana, equilibrium, a 

^^\\ or ^_^j\^ wdza, or adza, it was 
opposite, parallel. 

j^j'J taiudza, it was (mutually) 

^jlkLc or ^_$j^i-< moivdzi, or mota- 
wdzi, parallel. 
wasilxh, dirty ; xvasalth, dirti- 



ness, dirt. 

vjasdkha, dirtiness, dirt. 

iijl^wj wosdda, cushion. [iij.=s-< 

\rUu.l _ \^M%irn<!it, or i/.-fflsfl/, pi. awsdt, 
middle, centre, waist, mean, me- 
dium, average ; among, midst. 

^'JoMi. or jJs^j wasatiy, or luas- 
tdniy, central, middling. 

laj'^j _ ^cl2>*,lj wdsita, pi. ivasdyit, 
means, instrument or expedient, 
an intermediary, go-between. 

j«*>LaS1 ik/ijlv hi-ivdsita el-holees, 
by means of the police. 

JcisLu. u'asdta, intervention, 
laju^^ waseet, mediator, interme- 
diary ; go-between. 

Law. icassata, he put in the middle, 

was the means of. 
Law J tawassata, he intervened ; 

became the average. 

L*»»jU> mutawassit,va.Gdad\, average, 

Law^I aiosat, most central. 
•Mj.I or »MJ^ wassa'a, or aivsa'a, be 
widened, made spacious. 

ic*AU^ or Luw sa'a, or ivosa'a, width, 
amplitude, capacity. 

JU/*r) tvasa'a, an open space ; a 

«ju^. or «>*>1. icdsia', or waseea', 
wide, ample. 

«*vj1 ittasa'a, it became wide, 


cLiJi ittisd'a, width, amplitude, 

*«jji-« moitasia', wide, extensive. 
«A«.l aii'sa', wider, ampler. 
jJ,jLj« - ^:^'*'j waseela, pi. icasdyil, 

pretext, device, means, affinity. 
^A^^ irasdiua, he stamped, branded. 


( 308 ) 


^'^^•c - ft^yo mosim, pi. mawdsim, 
season ; local fair or fete ; 
hence monsoon, rainy season. 

^^^s^j icaswasa, {the devil) promp- 
ted to evil. 

^^y^y'i taiuasicasOjhe doubted^felt 

j^l^^il El-Waswds, the Devil as 
PromjDter of Evil. 

<iUj^«jj %vaswasa, scruple, malice. 

Ll.^^ tcisdya, back-biting, sneakish- 

^li^ wishdh, belt, girdle of 


ics^^^ moivashsliaha, lyric, ode, 

^^ ivasJia', willow. 


wasJnn, tattoo mark. [^ 


*/ij v:ashshama, he tattooed. '' 

^^^^ ivashivasJia, he whispered. 

^_ij luasha. he embroidered, 
coloured cloth. 

I — fi^ _ ( — £Ui>j ivasafa, he attri- 
buted, described; ^/as//", he 

( — s'.^jl _ ( — sujj wvY-s-f, pi. aivsdf, 
description ; quality, epithet ; 
adjective, attribute. 

cljUo _ ifl-c si/a, p\. sifdt, qualifi- 
cation, quality. 
..IS .... 

^-^^j <Xfl-o si fa rasmiya, official 


u_a.,fljl ittasafa, he assumed a 
quality, personated or pre- 
sumed, took upon himself. 

( i\^\ ittisdf, assumption of a 



iu^AMjj &SL^ ( ft.^') ittasafa bi-sifa 

rasmiya, he assumed an official 
capacity ; pretended to be an 

( 'iyo^.<, maicsorf, qualified, de- 
scribed, possessing attributes. 

I fl.,£ju viuttasf, qualified, assumed. 

(J..O; _ (J«^j vxisala, he arrived, 
joined ; yasil, he arrives. [t> ,j 

J..^j wosool, arrival. 

dS.'C^ or (Joff. ifas?, or wasJa, union ; 
conjunction, receipt. 

(J^^jl or (JJij ivassala, or awsala, 
he sent, made arrive. 

Jl.^] or (J-Tf-^y taiuseel, or ecsdl, a 

Jl^eaJl _ (Jv^il ittasala, he reached, 
was in contact ; ittisdl, contact. 

ii (J..^J tavassala 'ala, he at- 
tained, succeeded in. 

jj.w9l. wdsala, it was contiguous. 

iL^l»^ or jj'wcj u-isdl, or motrdsala, 
continuity, meeting. 

ij^y< Mosul, Mosul, a town near 
the ruins of Kineveh. 

Jmsi^ mosool, united, conjunctive. 

^y^j^ onuttasil, contiguous. 

*.^. ivasm, defect, disease, vice. 

^cjl or ^«?j u-assa, or awsa, he 
^ bequeathed, recommended. 

tULcJ tau'siya, recommendation. 

^ji^»JLJl kJjJi^ sliirlca et-taivsiya, 
"societe en commandite. ''■' 


( 309 ) 



<o'-cj vsasdya, guardianship, tutelle. 

bl-^j _ ij^-sj waseeya, pi. wasdyd, 
will, testament. 

Ixtfjl _ 15-^^ ivasiy, pi. au'siya, 
(1) testator; but (2) more 
commonly the executor or 
guardian under the will. 

i^y-o or ■y*^ moosi, or moicassi, 

do j^-^v* moosa hoJi, legacy, thing 

<d t5*syc 'nioosa laho, bequeathed to 

him, i.e. the legatee or inheritor 

by will. 

jJ>^ vjocloo, ablution before prayer ; 
water of ablution. 

j^-oj w'«(7i', clean, joure. 

\j>y tawaddd, he performed his 
religious ablutions. 

slio-o meed at, tank (in Mosque) 
for ablutions. 

^^ or ^. waddaha, or avdalia, 

he made clear, explained. 

_^^j u-odooh, obviousness, clear- 

^1^ vmdilx, clear, evident. 

—'-42^1 or ^'^^ tawdeeh, or eeddh, 


Ci^'.s-Lajl eeddlidt, explanations, 


\ ittadaha, it was, or became 

clear, evident. 

^aLc muttadih, clear, evident, 
showinsT itself 

«-iL) _ «^j icada'a, he put, placed ; 

yada/ he places. 
c'.^j! _ «^j wada' , pi. aivdd'a, a 

placing, form, manner, [j^^^*^ 
J^ly ^ p'-^j^ o-y'dd'a loa qaivd'yid, 

forms and rules. 
^xyi da'a, abasement. 
*^ da'i (imperative), put thou ! 

<uxo^ ivadeea'a, tax, deposit ; bag- 

«^]^ _ %^y6 maivda', pi. mav:ddia' , 

spot, place. 
^yi-^ maivdooa', placed ; subject 
I of a discussion ; the fact or 

merits of a case. 

hJj j U^.^ maivdoo'dn xva sheJi- 
Idn, an fond, et en la forme,^' 
on its merits, and technically, 
(legal terms). 

«^j tcadeea', humble. 

«^1 J or ^'wi. icadda' a, or taivddua', 

.'sftJ! |lc ju.!l «^^ %fada' el-yad 
'aJa cl-'aqdr, he appropriated 
the landed estate. [L-^^acI 

Vlaj _ Ijj ivatia, he trod, copu- 
lated ; 2/*^^^^^ ^® treads. 

V^ or -flsj watd, act of treading, 

/-is. 7<;a^t, low, depressed, under. 

^i=. ^j'-^J^i fayaddn xvati, a low 

flood (of Nile). 
UslJ or ^isl. wdtd, or iaicdta, he 

couuived at, deigncJ, favoured. 


( 310 ) 


fbly or iiUolyc maivdtdt, or tawdtu, 

connivance, accord. 
^^^i^yo maivtee, trodden upon. 
Llj^ _ U3y« maivtd, pi. maivdti, 

low land. 

isUsj or 'i^ tda, or v;atda, a tread- 
ing smooth or even. 

iXic. ivatada, he consolidated. 

JUkVr^ wateed, firm, solid. 

yj'visjl _ ^j ivatan, pi. awtdn, na- 
tive land, iJcdria. 

^AL. wataniy, native, national, 
indigene. [ "iibl 

^Jlls. ,5^^ hoqooq wataniya, civic 

^!b»S' tawattana, lie domiciled him- 


fjoyc mowattan, domiciled, natu- 

Isl^L?. wativdt, the flying bat. 

Aj-lbl^ or t-r'^i'j wozooh, or 7?iowd- 

zafta, perseverance. 
«_ajlli^ - ^W-jA^^ ivazeefa, pi. wazdyif, 

duty, function. 

iXAAjdi^ ^Ji^^J td-diya xuazeeftoh, 
the doing of his duty. 

( filij wazzafa, he employed, took 

into service. LiXs-^1 

I al?J tawazzafa, he served, was 

«^-li^_^ tnowazzaf, an official, 

Ajo - iXc^ wa'da, he promised; 
ya'Jd, he promises. 

J^Cjl or Ac^" tawa'a'da, or aw a' da, 
he threatened. 

iljkC. or sj^ t'fZa, or loa'da, a pro- 
mising, term of delay. 

t>»cj _ 4\C) iva'd, pi. ivo'-ood, pro- 

jacj wa'eed, threats. 

iX^clyc - jU>.o mee'ydd, pi. mawd- 

y'eed, a promised time, fixed 

time, season or delay. 

liy:.^ maw'ood, promised. 
la«o - lac. waza, he preached ; 
ya'iz, he preaches. 

iclacj or lacj or itlac ^i^a, or w^az, 
or w'aza, a preaching, sermon. 

lacl. wdy'iz, preacher. 

(Jcj ^oa'l, antelope. 

iyxjl _ *Lj wi'yd, pi. aivy'eea, 
vase, utensil ; heart, 
so - Cj ivaia, he was on the 

alert ; ya'a, he is alert. 
Xj . wa'a, cry, uproar. 

i^Cjl ooa'o. (imperative), look out ! 

^Ij wd'iy, guardian, watchful. 

Kcj wa'ka, illness, disease. 

(Jc J _ Jxj (waghala), tawaghghala, 
he entered, hastened in. 

lioj; _ Ai. vjafada, he attended a 
levee or reception at Court ; 
yafid, he attends, &c. ; wafd, 
attendance or crowd of courtiers. 

JJ^ _ tiJl^ wdfid, pi. wofood, cour- 
tier at a levee. 


( 311 ) 


J^ or j^^ or ^. wafr, or wofoor, 

or j^ra, abundance. 
Jy tawaffara, it was abundant. 

j^ waffara, lie economised, made 

-xiy tawfeer, economy ; good 
management so as to have 

J^l -Ji^^ ivafir, abundant ; aivfar, 

more abundant. 
j^^ wafq, suitableness, success. 

^j waffaqa, lie made suitable ; 
(God) made prosper. 

^j^^ tawfeeq, success, prosperity 
(from God), Tawfeeq. 

^y'i taivaffaqa, he prospered, was 

^'^ or ^Ij ivdfaqa, or taivdfaqa, 
he agreed, contracted with. 

<tai]^ or Jflij ivifdq, or moivdfaqa, 
unison, concord. 

J^l^ mowdfiq, ally, consenting. 

j^^ mo^vaffaq, successful, blessed 

by God. 
^js6\ ittafaqa, he agreed ; it hap- 

jlail ittifdq, union, concord, co- 

liUjl ittifdqdn, by agreement, by 


^^iUil ittifdqiy, accidental. 

L5^- " ^y^ ^<^^<*, he accomplished ; 
ijajl, he accomplishes. 

su J lam yaf, he did not accom- 

jjjl or ^J^ "^vaffa, or aivfa, he 
fulfilled, paid. 

( — jy J Za?)t yoivivaf, he did not 

Ixjy or ^UjI or >li. ii>fl/a, or ee/a, 
or taiufiya, fulfilment, execution, 
payment, sincerity. 

Ai^\ ^ heea' el-ivafd, " vente 
d remere ; " " ])acte de rachat ; " 
a sale with option of repur- 
chase within five years. 

L2->'.jj^ _ Ji'J^ icafdt, pi. wafaydt, 

-^'^jl - iSy '^'^fiy> P^- Oswfiyd, com- 
plete, faithful. 

^yy*Ml istawfa, he completed, ful- 

^Iajom.) isteefd, completion, fulfil- 

^UjJLwl isteefdiy, complementary, 

^^A*w-< mustarcji, complementary, 


^^ toiouffia (also tawaffa), he died. 
^^ mutuionffi, dead, deceased. 
^Ij wdfi, fulfilling, abundant, 
ij waqh, cavity, vessel, utensil. 
i^UjI - \j:L^^ xvaqt, pi. awqdt, time. 

L^^\ ]sii _ ^yj or ^*:i.^yJ fZeZ- 
wa<^^, or dd-u-aqii, colloquial 
unwritten corruption of hazd l- 
ivaqt^ this time, now. 


( 312 ) 

I ft3_j 

j£U"^ tvaqti-izin, at that time, 
tlie time when. 

^X3^ ivaqtiy, temporal, transitory. 

Cl^iye moicaqqat, temporary, pro- 

\jJfyo mowaqqatdn, provisionally, 
temporarily, for a term of years, 
not for life. 

c:^^j'lj.< _ Li-,3^^ or ci^lflx^i meeqdt, 
or moqit, pi. maivdqeet, a fixed 
time ; time-table for trains or 
the post. 

Jj waqih, impndent. 

^s* or ^Ijj waqdlia, or qiha, 

^i^\ or Ai^ ivaqada, or istawqada, 
it was on fire. l^iJ/^ 

s^i" or t>yij woqood, or ^iVZa, a being 
on fire ; combustion. 

lii". ivaqad, fire, combustion. 

i^jjj waqeed, fuel. 

tjjy aivqada, he lighted a fire or 

i^J»^_jL>jj-^ mustawqad, furnace of 
Turkish bath. 

.lij ivaqdr, seriousness of demea- 
nour, gravity. 

,yj ivaqoor, dignified, serious, 

jy taivaqqara, he was serious, 
dignified, patient. 

Ss^ or jij waqaza, he thrust at, 
poked. tj»-j 

^ « «sj waqa'a, he fell, it hap- 
pened ; yf^qtt' } he falls. 

c^j ivoqoo'a, fall, event, occurrence. 
olj wdqia', falling*, happening. 
^xi'lj vjdqia'a, event, accident. 
^Ij^ _ JU>.5^ waqee'ya, pi. waqdyd, 
event, news. 

o. waqqa'a, he made fall ; im- 
posed (a tax) ; registered, 
fixed his seal or signature. 

T^'iyi taivqeea', imposition or levy- 
ing of a tax ; signature, place 
of signature (L. S.) 

oy taicaqqa'a, it happened, came 
to pass. 

^\^'wdqaa,]xe fell out with, fought. 

^'L< or clsj wiqd'a, or moicdqa'a, 

battle, conflict. 
«j'!yc - ^yo mawqia', pi. Diawdqia' , 

place, spot. 

ti'^Lo mutawaqqia' , happened, taken 

( aiiji _ I cVj waqafa, he halted, 

stood up ; yciqif, he stands. 

, fij'l 0(2of (imperative), stand up ! 

i__jy». ivoqoof, standing posture ; a 
halt; knowledge, experience. 

(^^J(»JI t_>l_j .1 arhdh el-ivoqoof, 
experts, men who know. L^j^ 

( fti'lj wdqif, standing, in suspense. 

( j^j or L_jljy _ t__&3j waqf, pause, 

halt, mortmain ; in pi. aivqdf, 
or woqoof, pious donations, 
estates in mortmain. 

( jliu^l !i.Lla_J nazdret el-aivqdf, 

Ministry of Mortmain or Reli- 
gious Donations. 

( 313 ) 


( i\j)^ iraqqdf, lio wlio constantly 

stands ; overseer. 


^_o*y or v__2J. waqqafa, or aicqafa, 
he detained, arrested, made 
stand, stopped a performance, 
&c., gave as a ivaqf. 

u-J'JbJ or I aj.i'J taivqeef, or eeqdf, 

detention, arrest ; a giving to 
mortmain, or tvaqf ; suspen- 
sion, abeyance, deferment. 

u-ftio tawaqqafa, he stood, hesi- 
tated ; it depended upon, con- 
sisted in. 

v^«iL<i _ i__aj^ moqif, pi. maicdqif, 
place of halt. 

v__3y.^ maicqoof, halted ; property 
in mortmain. 

|Jb_ _ ^"^ ivaqa, he guarded ; 
2/rt'j"', he guards. 

Jf ^i (imperative), guard thou ! 

L'jj luiqdya, guard, restraint. 

AJ'l ittaqa, he feared God, was 

^ajLo inuttaqi, pious. 

^Ufli'I _ ijj taqhj, pi. atqiyd, pious. 

j_<yij" or iij" ^ofj^a, or taqwa, piety. 

^^iy tawaqqa, he was on his guard. 

i2 A i3 

^"1 or &s^\ or ^^ oqqa, a weight of 
21 lbs. ; 1-25 kilog. ; 400 

^■55 ^13 ^13 

<U3i or <05ji or <XA*^ oj^'^^j ounce ; 
14 oz. avdp. ; 37^ grammes ; 
12 dirhems. 

Ic l^i'l _ l^j [u-al-d] , ittalul a'la, 
he leaned upon, reclined. 

> JILc muitahi, reclining ; on one^s 

<,._^$'»-< _ I ^^j {wakaha), mawlcih, 

propession, cortege. 

6-^\ or A^j luaJikada, or aklcadu, 
he strengthened, assured. 

^yj^^U" or Aj^i^i taivheed, or td-keed, 
a strengthening, assuring. 

cJkA^» or AJ^i"! alceed, or wakeed, 
certain, positive, firm. 

dSj^ nio-akkad, confirmed, certain. 

, w.^^ waks, loss, damage ; eclipse. 

f'K^ _ Jji'^ xvalccd, pi. wokald, 
agent, attorney ; station-master. 

s!xz [^jS^ ivakeel a'nJio, agent for 
him ; his attorney. 

(J^^^ il[> hash Fa^*ee/, head agent; 
title of the Turkish prime 
minister when the higher 
dignity of Grand Vizier is in 

^^j ivakdJa, agency, procuration ; 

hence a block of buildings^ 

' okelle/' in charge of an agent. 

Ji*^ icakkala, he appointed an 
agent, gave a power of attorney. 

(Jji"*: tawkeel, a giving a pro- 
curation, or appointment of 
attorney ; act of procuration, 
power of attorney ; direction ; 
ag-ent^s office : station-master^a 


(J.r..< mowakkd, the principal who 
appoints the agent. 

s s 


( 314 ) 


s.ic iJ.^yo mowalilial a'nlio, the 

agent who is appointed. 
^\z J.^J taifaJckala a'la, he relied 

upon, entrusted his affairs to 

an agent. 

^i!l .> 

-IS^i tawal-l-alto a'la 

'Ihih, God is my trust ! 

jjil _ (J.^^ waJiliala (vulgarism for 
akliaJa), he fed another, made 
Jl> _ Jj tcalaja, he penetrated, 

entered ; ycdij, he enters. 

J. wolooj, penetration, entry, 

aivlaja, he thrust in, made 

li\ eeldj, a thrusting in ; pene- 
tration, forcible entry. 

aIj - jJ^ waJada, he begot; yalid, 

he begets. 
tiJj _ cuj^lj waladet, she bore ; 

talid, she bears. 

4\S.j J . iXL J ^11 Allah lam yalid 

lua lam yoolad, Allah did not 
beget and was not begotten. 

Uj!.! awladaha, he made her a 

t\l J tawallada, he was born ; it 

sprang from. 
a1»ju«] istaidada, he acknowledged 

his paternity. 
iSl^ or JijJ lida, more commonly 
luildda, birth, parturition. [,^j-.'-aJ 
^USl^ _ xj^l^ _ jJL 7r((//(7 (fcmiu.), 

irdlida, (dual) valid an, father, 

mother ; both parents. 

Si^ _ s\y walad, pi. aivldd, child, 
son, boy. 

jjyi ^1 wmm el- walad, the child^s 
mother, a female slave who 
bears a child to her master. 

^jljJ. _ AjJ^ u-aleed, pi. wilddn, 
born, child. 

d^\yo - J'l^ maid id, pi. maivdlid, 

AjJ'»-o _ i^y^Y^ maiclood, pi. mawd- 
leed, born ; births. 

*! ti}5^ maivlood laho, born to him; 

j>L^ moivallad, born-slave. 

Jk>!l^ _ iiiLx^ mecldd, pi. maicdleed, 

jJtj^l Jar ^ee(ZeZ-7?iee7af?, Christmas. 

JLjjil>^l ^^!l , J fis-sana l-mceld- 
(/^'?/a.. Anno Domini. 

sJ.-LjLaw._aj mustaivlida, mother, 
especially slave-mother. 

fJi, wils, fraud, humbug. 

J. ivala , burning passion ; jaiece 
of live coal. 

cJ^ ivolooa', a being on fire; love, 

J.l or Jj u-alla'a, or aivla'a, he 
set on fire, lighted. 

Jj^ moola', passionate ; consumed 
with love ; amateur, aspirant. 

J^, _ 'i^A^ waleema, pi. waldyim, 
banquet, feast. 
,U. _ a!. «•<//«/*, saduess ; wallidi), 
wild with grief. 


( 315 ) 

^ -Jb, 

JJ. wahraJa, ho screamed, la- 
mented, wailed. 

^J. wahvala, wail, lament. 

lJ^. - lJ} u-alia, he ruled over ; 
was near, friendly ; y<^dh lis 
rules, &c. 

^<1. wald, nearness; ivild, sequence, 

h}^ rvildija, government ; a large 
Turkish province ruled by a 
Wdii or Vdli ; guardianship. 

ii^. - ij^3 tvdii, pi. v'oldt, ruler, a 
Vdli or Turkish governor - 
general of a province, 

^1>U _ ^. rvaliy, pi. aivJiyd, friend, 
master, saint, possessor. 

iJl. u-aJij/a, a polite term used lu 
addressing a Moslem woman. 

ill. Ij Yd loaliya {YowJiya), Oh 
woman ! 

iSv^l '\]^u'aJiyel-a'hd,h.eiv apparent. 

^Jji j^!. loalii/ en-ni'am, bene- 
factor, King or Khedive as 
the source of favours. 

^Jsll ^^}^ aicliyd eel-dam, blood 
relations ; relations claiming 
vengeance for blood. [jJ^l 

^\.^i *U5^1 awliyd esh-shdn, the 

interested parties in a case. 

J. ivalla, he appointed as ruler. 

i>!j tawliya, appointment as ruler; 

accession to the throne. 

j]jh.\] j^ ivalJa d-jirdr, he took to 
U awla, he approached, favoured. 
ili\ ecld, favour. [c:f. ^^'\ 

I'.j xcdla, he was friendlj^, assisted. 
'iV^yo moivdldt, friendship. 
5'J tawdla, it followed con- 
^VjLo mtitaivdli, consecutive, [ti 
aIjU^ _ ic^^y^-c mutau'dU, pi. matd- 
wlla, " Metuali/' a fanatic sect 
in Syria. 

^y'i tau'alla, he ruled over. 


^^yy■* mutawalli, ruler. 

^Iz ,j»J^-*>l istaida 'ala, he seized 
the power over, seized, em- 
bezzled, influenced. 

flju^At^] isteeld, aggression, seizure 

^L^ _ ^»^ mdla,Y)]. mmi'dU,mas 

ter,king ; friend; Moslem priest 

[iLo manld, doctor of laws 

i.;»Jyo _ t^%-5^-< violaifiy, femin 
molaiviya, a Dervish sect, kinglj' 
'L}Jiy< molawiya, sovereignty. 
.Lai) 1^^ mowalli C'/-/rar, fugitive 

dJi\ U^-xi - Uj] _ U;} iivavid^ eemd) 
moomd ileih, aforesaid. 

j^^. u-amasa, he rubbed, handled 

JUt-<j-< moomisa, prostitute. 

;f^^ ivamiqa, he loved, doated or 

^'J^ luand, fatigue. 

^1^ u*a?u*; fatigued, feeble. 

ilj tawdni, delay, slowness. 

^o or ^_yl^-« - ^^^J^ meend, p 

maicdni, or meyan (femin.] 

harbour of rest. 
;._ .sj _ v^ ^!bj wahaha, he gave 

yah ah, he gives. 

( 316 ) 

L—;'.*. ivahhdl, God the constant i 
Giver. I 

i^jlibj Walihably, a fanatical sect, 
followers of Abdul- Walihab in 
Arabia, 1691—1818, crushed 
out by Mahomed Ali of Egypt 
in 1818. 

1^ hahoo (imperative), give ye, 
grant, suppose that ! 

kjJ& hlha, gift. 

^.^itlj' taahhaba, he prepared. 

(»-.-.^»^ moliih, donation, gift. 

^5 c_>Jbv* viaiohooh laho, given to 
him, donee. 

cJj*^ TFa/iro;i, Oran in Algeria. 

ila. u-aliJa, fear, anxietv. 

^. J^i annual ivalila, at the first 
sight, or thought. 

^§i_ _ ^. loahaina, he imagined, 
had a notion, suspected; ya- 
liim, he suspects. 

*ii.l awhama, he deceived, alarmed. 
^'.ijij eelidrii, ambiguity, deception. 

*a.j' tawahhania, he imagined, 

J.Jfcjl _ Jr^» IV all m, pi. awJicim, 
idea, notion, instinct ; pre- 
judice, alarm. 

/l^^Jb. irfl// /;; ///, imaginary, false. 

dj'^^' _ i^' tuJima, pi. tuliiudt, 
accusation, charge against a 

^i) or ^^\ at-haina, or ittahaina, 
he accused, prosecuted a charge 
in a criminal court. 

J^'! Ittiltdm, accusation, indictment. 

^WJ! ^ii,. ivaraqat el-lttiJidm, bill 
of indictment, charge - sheet 
against a prisoner. 

*^A^ or >.^jLo muttaham, or mut-ham, 
the accused man. 

^a>^ tvaJihana, he weakened, tam- 
pered with. 

^a. loalina, feebleness. 

jJt. walii, feebleness,unimportance. 

jJb'j ivdhi, trifling, unimportant. 

JJ. ividm, cordiality, concord. 

kjkj. ivaiha, a measure of capacity, 
about 7 gallons ; 33 litres ; 
■^th of ardah. 

(J.JJ or <»--^j*j ivaihf or ii;m7, Alas ! 
Fie ! Shame ! 

^G. waika, hamia cooked in a 
peculiar manner. 

»^j loirlioo (Turkish vergJii), pro- 
fessional tax. 

lLJ^^ wr/Vi: (corrupted from xvirlcoo), 
fee, perquisite, commission 
paid for work done. 

^^, or (Jjj Tra?7, or waih, Alas ! 

for shame 1 



Y, or ee. 

^ Ye. Value = 10. 

j'jo _ ^ - i (fiual suffix), my ; 
liitdbi, my look. 
^JpS\ - ^ - i (feminine suffix of 
imperative) ; ildibi, ^Vrite ! 
(oh woman !). 

( 317 ) 


i^.^- hj (femiu.), iya, ad- 
jectival suffix. 

^_^j'a^ -j^-o masr, Egypt ; masriy, 

^o _ '.; yd, oil ! ydlci, get along ! 

^^j'lj ydtara (colloquial) Query ? 
Is it that ? 

i__>.j'j yd doh, almost. 

ytiU yd hoa, or yd lioo, Oil He ! 
i.e. Oh God ! 

j«.Vj yds^ despair. [lT"''?.' 

ih\-^1 - ii^, yci-isa, he despaired; 

yayds, he despairs. 
■ -.kjl^ _ (/*j)^ mdyis, despairing; 

mdyoos, despaired of. 
^j^-*i\^_ ydsmeen, jasmine. 

'wirU ydshd (Turkish), live thou ! 
vive ! 

l,i,b (j%^ \A.ijS,jS\ Efendimiz choq 
ydshd ! (Turkish), Oh, our 
lord (Sultan, or Khedive) live 
long ! God save the King ! 

2A/ib ydshmaq (Turkish), lady^s 
gauze veil covering the lower 
half of the face. 

^Laj_ or iisU ydffa (Persian), pla- 
card, sign-board, label. 

[h or iui'ji_ ydqa (Turkish), collar 
of coat or shirt. 

ci^Jb ydqoot, ruby, sapphire, topaz, 

^ywJl;' ydnsoon, aniseed. 
..Ij y dicer (Persian), assistant. 
v_-j.sM jyi ydwer el-Jiarh, aide-de- 

d^blj - ^^'^,ydy, pi. 7/%ai (Turkish), 
metal spring,springs of a carriage. 

^f^xJ^{ - {j^l yahisa, it became dry; 
yaihas, it is drying [i — si=- 


'o or ,f*^i yabis, dry. 

i«j^ ynhoosa, dryness. 

^T'^'^-'i tayahhasa, it became dry, 

i1 _ iJ"Uj_ yatd-atta, it is possible, 

it results (see ata) . 
^'.ij or *'ju_l _ *xu. yateem, pi 

aitdm, or yatdmaj orphan. 
Jo _ ^ajLa^ maitama, orphans ; 

yotm, orphanhood. 
J.^ viootim, widow with fatherless 

^sT or -^'.J^. Yahid, John thf 

Baptist. [^_<:^=* 

t.^:^jc 2/aA7ii (English), yacht. 

Xkryakhni (Turkish) , stew, ragout 
^j'jj - ^^Jol _ Jo ?/e(7 (vulgarly 

^eeff or eed), pi. aiV//, or aydd\ 

(femin.), hand, handle, power. 

^jj^l or ^j'j^' el-yeddn, or el- 
yedain, the two hands. 

<KjJo ^j^^ hain yedaihi, between hi.' 
two hands, in his presence 
i.e. in the presence of a superior 

jISa.^\ ^cJo ^^ jj\ aqarra bair 
yedai l-modeer, he confessed ii 
the presence of the ISIudir. 

J»^ Si ^ic a'la yed slwhood, ii 
the presence of witnesses. 

'kii^ ^Si yedoli taicecia, his hanc 
is long ; he is a thief. 


( 318 ) 

&j Z^'U Jo yed mutamarrina, a 
^ . " 

pi'actised hand. 

c o^ ya rboa', ^erhoa, desert rat . [^ , 

iiilj yarda'a, glow-worm. 

^..Lo - jjj'JV yaraqdn, jaundice ; 
mdrooq, jaundiced. 

^>*'j _ «vj yd-seen, the two 
letters Y and S, the title of 
chap, xxxvi, of the Koran^ used 
as a man^s name, like Taha. \_d\s 

.**^> - jMj.} yasara, it was pleasant, 

easy ; yaisir, it is easy. 
'Hm^ or j^ yosr, or yasdra, facility, 
ease, comfort, wealth ; black 
j-**o yaseer, easy, slight, trifliug. 
^^j^l or ,'-j*j' or jt^\ aisar, or 
yafdr, or yosra, left-hand side. 
ijjMjj t^ji borha yaseer a, a short 

moment, Lrief interval. 
r-*o' aisar, easier. 
y^^. aisar a, he was solvent, rich. 

ij^^-< or j'^, yasdr, or maisara, 

solvency, wealth. 
j^,^ raoosir, solvent, wealthy. 

,/*ot< • M.*^ raoosir iva moa'sir, 

^ J J J 

solvent and insolvent. 

.***jj tayassara, it became easy, 
was possible; he was successful. 

^^.amj yasooa'iy, Jesuit, [cf. ^^'*^ 

(V'.>*Y yasdq (Turkish), forbidden, 
s* ..,.«-> yasdqji (Turkish), consu- 
lar constable. 
L_--v.^j or <,^^ yaslib, or yash, 

^Jli yashm, agate, jade. L}i^ 

L^-Ub _ i__>^A30 ya'qooh, he follows 

as a younger twin, Jacob (see 

a'qaha) . 

'xs. _ , ^> ya'ni, that is to say 

(see a'na). 
kij Ydfa, Jaffa or Joppa. 
ci.-»JLj_ ycqoot, ruby, sapphire, 

topaz, jacinth, 
ii'o or '^« or laj yaeia (Turkish), 

collar of coat or shirt. 

laLuA*.! or iiiLj-J or )oso yaqiza, or 

tayaqqaza, or more commonly 

istaiqaza, he was awake, be- 

: came awake or woke up. 

' lii;! aiqaza, he awoke (another 

; iclaib yaqaza, vigil, watchfulness. 
' Mj'iiSj yaqzdn, awake, on the alert, 
laibuk.**^ mustaiqaz, awake. 


^fljJ or ^h yaqina, or iayaqqana, 
he knew for certain. 

'.JuJb _ -'i^H ycq^^'>i) certainty; 
yaqeendn, for certain. 

^^yc mooqin, being certain of, 

easy in mind. 
^G yegen (Turkish), nephew. 

lJj'*'-^. *^^ (_C/^— • y^i^^'j^'*'^ (Tur- 
kish, yeni-clieri) , new troops, 
janissary ; consular constable. 

y-Dli yileJc (Turkish), waistcoat, 

*».♦.) _ ^i yamm, pi. yomoom, sea. 

I j^*.yi tayammaraa, he rubbed his 

hands (for ablution) with sand 

I or dust for want of water, {j-^^ 


( 319 ) 


^ajJ taynnimuYii, ' aLlution^'' with 

J.4J yanidni, wild pigeon, [^'"As^ 

^>«uo _ ^/♦o yamana, he or it was 
lucky, it came from the right 
hand side ; yaiman, it is lucky. 

^Aj yomn, luck, felicity. 

.^A>«j yameen (femin.), right hand 
side ; oath. 

^J^^} - m;J^-*J yameen, pi. aimdn, 
(feniin.), oath, a lifting of the 
right hand to swear. 

iJU^j s_8l.^ halafa yameendn, he 
took the oath. 

^A-*,'*- ij^-^. yameen hdsima, de- 
cisive oath, serment decisoire. 

^*.i\ or ^cUo yomna, or aiman, 
right-hand side. 

^>«sji! El-Yemen, Arabia Felix. 

IxAj^xi ?na.n;iaim, felicity, prosperity. 

^kAX< luaiinoon, lucky; monkey. 

«jo _ 9^'^i Yanhoa' , fountain, 
Yembo, an Arabian port on 
the Red Sea (see naba'a). 

|jo _ ^JoSj yanhagld, it is neces- 
sary (see hagha) . 

d^i _ lJ'^^. yahoodiy, a Jew, 
Jewish ; yahood, the Jews. [j»5) 

ij^^Jy^. - J;.-> l/oo:: (Turkish), a 
hundred; yooz-hdshi, captain 
in the army. 

I suuo Yoosiif, Joseph. 

,_^JaJl ( 9a«^^ yoosuf efendij small 

mandarin orang-e. 

^>Jy or y^^ yoolio, or yooUa (Euro- 
pean), July. 

*'.jl _ ^o_ yom, pi. ay yam, day. 

^''««j nalidr, daylight, day-time. 

^^1 el-yom, to-day. \.i_s^ri^^ 

Le^ji l<y yoradn fa-yomdn, day by 

J-<;?. 2/0'"'>; t^aily. 
^y^^.j yomiya, day's pay ; day 
book, journal. 

ii^V ^y) yom el-ahad [el-had], 

^^_;jJjill j,^ yom el-etnain, Monday. 

5-oJliJI ^^ yrJ/zA et-faldtd, Tuesday. 

^'jo^^i ^»j ?/OT/i e7-aria'a, Yrednesday. 



" w y<y/'i el-Jihamees, Thurs- 


kfiA^ ^yi_ yom el-joma'a, Friday. 

; c:^^A^«.ll ^y yom es-sabt, Saturday. 

(josr.'.i' ^o yom tareeJcltoJi, this day's 

date, the same day mentioned. 

1 ^.viJ! *y. yo'/?i ed-deen, the day of 

I Judgment. 

! (•V.' f'y.Vrt'H, days, Chronicles of the 
I Bible. 

yjLj»_j Yo/ia«, (Greek, Ionia), 

Greece, the Greeks. 

^_jj'jo yondniy, a Greek, Grecian. 


«^»j 1 oo/u'.s, Jonas. 

<K>J»j> or %xv yoonio, or yoonia, 
(European) Juuc. 


Page 40, col. 1, ^j'.i- x.(»- jehd-lchdna (Persian), ammunition. 
„ 54, „ 2, k_y.As- hadoota, anecdote, story. 
„ 55, „ 1, h]s=>- hiddya, hawk, kite. 
„ 60, „ 2, (J^.^;«jl istahsala, he acquired, obtained. 
,, 61, ,, ^ , '..j,^-i2-=^ ^ jyJi.s>- hodoor, presence; hodooriydn 

(legal term), " contradictoirement," a case heard 

in the presence of both parties. [cf. ^^^^z 

„ 63, ,, 1, ^^.Jis^' aliaqqiya (legal term), a better right, 

i. e., success in a civil suit. 
,^ 64, ,, 1, j\sa.C-!>- hohndd)' (Persian), governor-general, 

chief of police. 
69, ., 1, j%s>~ hor, coarse leather. 

73, ,, 2, *ii>~- li'hadam (pi. of ^S.s- JiJiddira), servants. 

74, ,, 1, ^l/S^ I'lmrdj, abscess. 

79, „ 2, «is- lihalaa, he wrenched off. 

80, „ 1, j^c ( filsT talc] tall af a 'an, he absented himself. 

92, ,, 2, ^^o jsJot) deeda-hdn (Persian), sentry. 

104, „ 2, J)'.flJ,l irtifdq, servitude. [see i»- 

„ 108, „ 2, '.J , rayydh, canal, relief canal [see ^ , 

,, 109, „ 2, i^o .Kj ^Jbl *^ . Room-eeli Beylerhcyi (Turkish), a 
civilian pasha of the second rank, equal to a 
military f<(reeq. ^J^-j' 

,, 109, ,, 2, ^'■■<*j Toomis, trellis^ raft. 

T T 


Page 110, col. 1, * ^ , rce'a, growth, increase; (legal term) income 

or revenue from land. 

123, „ 1, '^i^Jutj Jj.j haded safariya, travelling expenses. 

147, „ 1, i^.i^ shahiya, appetite for food. 

150, „ 1, y<> Sahara, he was patient. 

150, ,, 1, ij..jl^ sdhoora (Italian), ballast of a sliip. 

156, ,, 1, «iL^ sdni'a, artisan. 

158, ,, 2, La^IIj hiz-zaht, precisely, with accuracy. 

184, „ 2, Ja^jti' _ Js.>«^c 'ammada, he baptised ; ta'meed, 

213, „ 2, (J,"a3 qatl, a killing, putting to death. 

244, ,, 1, ^ ;i! Idziiu (intransitive verb). 

279, ,, 1, ^JSAJl - <-~^i {nahha) - onbooJc, reed, tube. 

281, „ 2, jjsr nalLiio, (vulgarly ahna) we. 



Page. Column. 

1 1 11 jol abbacla. Tor he read he perpetuated. 

(') 1 11 j^\ asara, for be read he bound captive. 

10 1 7 For^il _^.«1 read jsi^^j^\ ojneej- el-bahr, cidmivii]. 

15 2 3 For ^\i CiLj read ^U dl^j hing-hcUhi, major. 

27 2 G, 7 For f^ read ;^ iiw^r, or bin (Tnrkisli), thou- 
sand, and ^\J\^ bing-hdshi, major. 

37 1 10 For '\Si\ ascld read tjS:\ asdi, pi. breast.'^. 

38 2 12 For ^^jjL'Wa?ioo mas/ia, &c. read iU ^Wi'mwf) 

mdsM, he Avent on, continued his course. 
47 2 11 For (-jjo. jonoob, read janooh, south. 

82 1 11 For or read 2)1. Jchiyyaf, afraid. 

104 2 12 For j,9^1 read ^J^ rdfaqii, he accompanied. 

108 2 10 For was read /?«s an evil spirit. 

113 2 7 For ja^ ready*; ^a/ir, flower. 

117 1 7 Fov eulogies and titles of God, read couplets of 

2-)raise and prayer, &.c. 
W^ 1 19 For m^ or sis."* read jt-sr*^ or as.*" saja\ or #ff5- 

jeea, rhythm, &c. 
150 1 7 For _j.jfc read _j..« sahooh, morning drink. 

152 1 16 For c^ read c.^ sar'a, epilepsy. 

153 1 1 For roof read masroof, &c., spent, &c. 
168 1 9 For ImJ\o read ILjio toslia,, trifle. 

178 1 7 For JiXls^ ishseh read ishesh, pi. of 'eshsha. 

192 2 9 After j . 4 -r... ! insert istaghraqa, he was over- 

whelmed, &c. 
220 2 7 For masqad read maqsud. 

235 2 9 For jLljU read iL;.)LJi sdbita. 

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