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Full text of "Archaeologia Aeliana, Or, Miscellaneous Tracts Relating to Antiquity"

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— - -o-^a'-*^ T Ta fnir — c\-n , a -Mm T^r^ tt 4^TI 111?- C 

i-uL. 3 


In binding the Parts into a Volume, the Binder is requested to take out the Titles and Con- 
tents which are in Parts 1 and 2, and substitute the Titles and Contents given with this Part 

The Binder is also requested to place the Part containing the Anglo Saxon Coins between the 
1st and drd Parts. 


Wnm lip c. ann % iDoDffgon, anion atteet 



••• ••• • • • 

• • r 1 •• • 

• • • • • •• 

• • * • •• 
•• •«• • • 




I. Chpy of a Commismn issued in the year 1650 far inquiring into the 

Number and Value of Church Livings in the County ofNorthum- 
berland^ and of two Inquisitions taken in pursuance thereof; being 
so much of the ^ Oliverian, or Parliamentary Survey,^ as relates 
to that Cofunty. Communicated by Thoicas Hudson Tubner, 
JSsq^ of London, ------ 1 

II. BiBs of Cravings of the Sheriff^ of Northumberland for 1715, qfJEa^- 

penses incurred by him relative to the Bebdlion in that Year. 
Communicated by William Dickson, Esq., ofAlnunck, - 11 

III. An Inquisition taken at Newcastle upon Tyne in 1357, before Wiln 

liam ffedwin. Coroner of Tynedale Ward, by twelve Jurors, 
respecting certain Felonies committed by Persons residing in that 
District, in a Letter from Mr. John Hodgson, Jun., addressed 
to John Adamson, Esq., Secretary, - - - - 14 

lY. Copies of Records preserved in the Tower of London, rdating to the 
County of Northumberland. Communicated by Thomas Hudson 
TuBNEB, Esq. - - - - - - 18 

y. Bundle ofPlacitafor the County of Northumberland, No. 4&, among 
the Records in the Tower of London. Cofnmunicated by Thomas 
Hudson Turner, Esq., - . - - - 30 

VI. Cronica Monastery' de Ahewyke et quodam Libro Cronicanum in 
VOL. m. b 



Lvbraria CcUegij Regdis CantabriguB de dono Regis Henrici 
VP"' Fundatoris. Communicated by William Dickson, Esq.^ 
toith a Translatiofiy - • - - - 33 

Vn. Contents of the Charttdary of Htdne Abbey^ in the Parish of Aln- 
toick, founded by WiUiam de Vescy^ A. D. 1240, 24 Henry III. 
Communicated by Willum Dickson, Esq,^ - - - 46 

VIII. Notice relative to the Hospital of St. Leonard^ in the Parish of 
AlnwicJc. Communicated by William Dickson, Esq.^ - 48 

IX. Extracts from the Patent Rotts relating to the R^eUion of Gilbert 

de Middleton. Transmitted by Thomas Hudson Tubneb, Esq., 
to the Rev. John Hodoson, V. P., and by him communicated to 
Hbnby Tubneb, Esq., Secretary, - - - - 61 

X. Extracts from a Communication from Sir John Edwabd Swin- 

BUBNE, Bart., President of the Society, to John Adamson, Esq., 
Secretary, giving an Account of some ancient Tomb Stones 
discovered in ChoUerton Church, in the County of Northumber- 
land, - - - - - - - 76 

XI A. An Account of the Discovery ^ at Hesham, in Northumberland, of a 

Brass Vessel, containing a Number of Anglo-Saxon Coins, called 
Stycas. Communicated to the Society of Antiquaries, by John 
Adamson, Esq., M. A S. L., F.S.A. Lond. and Edinb., F. L. S., 
Sfc. Reprinted from the Archaologia, Vol. XXV., - - 77a 

XIIa. Further Account of the Anglo-Saxon Coins, called Stycas, recently 
discovered at Hea^ham, in the County of Nort/iumberland. Com- 
municated by John Adamson, Esq., Sec., S.A., Newcastle upon 
Tyne. Reprinted by Permission of the Society of Antiquaries, 
London, from the Archcsdogia, Vol. XXVI., - - -109a 

XI. Testamentary and other Evidences respecting Persons and Property 

in Newcastle upon Tyne, chiefly in the Fifteenth Century. Com- 
municated by the Rev. John Hodgson, Vicar of Hartbum, V. P., 
M.R.L.S.,Sfc., 77 

XII. Deeds relating to Newcastle upon Tyne. Communicated by Tho- 

mas Hudson Tubneb, Esq., - - - - 82 

XIII. EMracts from the Minute Book in the Clerk of Assizes Office, 

••• ; ... 
• ! • •• 



/or the Northern Circuity 1665 to 1675. Communicated by John 
Trottee Brockett, Esq.y - - - - 86 

XIV. Viscountal Bents for the County of Northumberlandj as contained 
in the Compotus of Sir Thomas Swinburne^ Knight^ for his She- 
riffaUy^ during the Years 1628 and 1629. Communicated by 
John Hodgson, Esq.y - - - - - 93 

XV. Inquisitions Post-mortem relating to Coquetdaie Ward; from the 

Originals in the Tower of London. Communicated by Thomas 
Hudson Turner, Esq.y - - - - - 97 

XVI. Observations in a Northern Journey^ taken HiU. Vaccon,^ 1666, 
by John Stainsby, of Clements Inn, Gent. From the Onginal 
in Ashmok's MSS., Vol. 834, Art. 6. Communicated by Wal- 
ter Calverley Trevelyan, Esq., of WaUington, - - 119 

XVII. A Itcyal License, by Henry VII., in favour of the Merchants of 
Newcastle to cohort Wool. From the Manuscript in the British 
Museum, 1 Bib. Cotton, Vispas. c. xix.,fol. 477, Sfc. Commu- 
nieated by James Orchard Halliwell, Esq., F. R. S., F.S.A. L., 
and Corresponding Member of the Royal Society of Antiquaries 
of France, and Honorary M&mber of the Society of Antiquaries 

of Newcastle upon Tyne, ----- 123 

XVIII. Bird^s-eye View of Newcastle upon Tyne, from a Drawing 
preserved in the British Museum. Communicated by James 
Orchard Halliwell, Esq., F. A. S., Sfc, Sfc, - - 124 

XIX. The Maner of the Kin^s coming to the City of Durham, Anno 
1617 ; a Record of the Founder and Erector of the Market Cross 
there ; and an Abstract of the Contents of the Mayor of Dur- 
ham's MS. Commuuicated by George Townshend Fox, Esq., 125 

XIX.* Memoir of a Bridle Bit belonging to William Cavendish, Duke 
of Newcastle. Presented to the Society by Robert Bigsby, Esq., 
F. R. S. and F. S. A., Honorary Member of the Statistical So- 
ciety of Paris^ in Letters to John Adamson, Esq.^ M. R. S. L., 
Sfc, Secretary, -.---- 130 

XX. On the Crocodile of Egypt. By H. G. Potter, Esq., F. L. S., 

F. G. S., Lond. ; AssocU Corresp. de V Academic Royaie des 



Sciences^ Turing and Member of this Society. Communicated to 
the Society Jan. 3, 1843, toith Mummies of the young Crocodile^ 134 

XXL An Account of Tlvree Inscribed Stones^ presented by Walter 
Galvebley Tbevelyan, Esq., of WdUington, and a Letter^ 
descriptive thereof addressed to John Adamson, Esq.^ Sec.^ dated 
April 3, 1839 ; to which are added, Mr. Nichol's Suggestions as 
to the Beading thereon, from the Gentleman's Magazine for 
December, 1830, 130 

XXII. Account of an Ea^cavation recenUy made within the JRoman Sta- 
Hon of Cilumum. By John Clayton, Esq. Communicated in 
a Letter to the Secretaries, ----- 142 

XXin. Account of the Discovety of some Belies in the Western Suburbs 

of Pons JElii. Communicated by Mr. Geobge B. Richardson, 148 

XXIV. Notices respecting the Boman Station of Habitancum (now Bi- 

singham), in various Communications to the SodeUf by Sir J. E. 

Swinburne, Bofrt., President ; Arthur Trevblyan, Esq. ; Mr. 

John Bell ; and Mr. Richard Shanks, Son of the Owner of 

the Station, - - 150 


Page 128» line 7 from bottoiD,ybr Agreson read Agieson. 

— 146, in fint, fifteenth, and eighteenth lines of list of Coins, /or Copper rt^ki Brass. 

— 146, after line 27, insert GLORIA EXERCITUS P. CONST. 


No. I. — A Copy of a Commission issued in ffie Year 1650, for inquiring 
into the Number and Value of Church Livings in iJie County of Northum- 
berUmd^ and of two Inquisitions taken in pursuance thereof; being so much 
of the " Oliverian^ or Parliamentary Survey,"* as rdates to that County. 

Copies of the following Commission and Inquisitions, certified as agreeing 
with the Original Record, are remaining with similar transcripts in the 
Library of the Archbishop of Canterbury, at Lambeth. The whole of 
them are comprised in 21 large folio volumes, each County being arranged 
in alphabetical order. 

A portion of the original returns, in bad condition, having been lately 
discovered in the Chapel of the Bolls by an active officer of the Record 
Commission*, a copy of it, so &r as relates to Northumberland, was pro- 
cured by John Hodgson, Esq., M. P., and has been printed by the Rev. 
John Hodgson in his preface to Part III., Vol. 3, of his History of that 
County. The reader is referred to this portion of Mr. Hodgson's work for 
some curious information respecting the origin of this Commission. 

The original being thus defective, the Council of this Society, aided by a 
subscription, have printed the following accurate copy of the transcript, 
from the Lambeth Library. 

From the Commission it would seem that its powers did not extend to 

* Mr. Keplingy in hb return (p. 87)» mentions them among the MIscellaneB of the Rolls Chapel, 
thus,— ^ Surveys of the Church Livings^ for several Counties, taken during the time of the Usurpa- 
tion of Oliver Cromwell." 


2 Oliverian Survejf of Northuniberlcmd. 

Newcastle upon Tyne, though in one of the Inquisitions ^ the scM parish 
of St. Nicholas, in Newcastle,^ is mentioned. The following Parilhes and 
Chapelries do not appear in either of the Inquisitions, viz. : — In Castle 
Ward, Wallsend Parish, and Cramlington Chapehy ; in MoEPBxtt Ward, 
Chevington Chapelry (unless miscalled Warkworth) ; in Glendal^ Ward, 
Doddington Chapelry ; and in Tindale Ward, the Parishes of Bywell 
St. Peter, Bjrwell St. Andrew, Corbridge, and Ovingham, with their 
Chapelries, and the Parish of Slaley. 

The copy of the Commission was furnished by Mr. Thomas Hudson 
Turner, of London, who also collated the proof sheet of the Inquisitions 
with the authentic copy at Lambeth. 

June 1, 1836. 


THE KEEPER8 of the lilStjr of Enffland, by authoritj of Parliament, TO William Lenthall, Speaker 
of Parliament, and Master of the Rollea m the niA Court of Chancery ; Thomas, lord Fairfax, General!: 
of the Armj ; John Bradshawe, lord President of the Counceli of Stote ; Bulstrode Whitelock, Bichard 
Keble, John Lisle, lord Comissioners of the great Seak of Ensland ; Oliver Cromweli, Lieutenant Generali 
and Governor Generall: of Ireland ; the Justices of Assize in the County of Northumt4 ; Edmond Prideaux, 
Attorney General! of the Cdmon Wealth; S' Arthur HaseUrigge, Baronett; Sr • Fenwicke, 

Kniffht and Baronett ; Sr Thomas Wjdrington, Sr Wiiim. Selbye, Knighto ; Wittm. Fenwicke, Balph De- 
lavaite, Thos- Middleton, Michael Welden, Gecn:ge Fenwicke, William Shaftoe, Henry Ogle, John Hall, 
f Fenwicke, Luke KilUngworth, He nry f , Richard Forster, Es^ns . and John Ogle, 

of Kirkebye,!! Gent, greeting. WiIEREAS WEE fbt diverse good causes and consideracons us at ^nt 
moveinj^, and willing and intending to pvide a competent maintenance and advancement for preaching mi- 
nisters m the sevenlt Parishes throughout Eneland and Wales, and also desireing to be certified S the 
Staine number and true yearelie value of all Parsonages and Vicarages ^sentative, and of all and every 
the spualt and Ecctiastical} benifices* liveings, and Donatives, as well unto which any cure of Soules is an- 
nexed, as without cure of Soules. WEE THEREFORE haveing speciall: trust and confidenoe in your 
fidelities, industries and pvident drcumspeccons have noiated, assigned, & appointed you to be Cdmiasioners, 
Giveing and graunting unto you and any five or more of you fiill power and authoritie by virtue of theis 
^sentes to enquire as well by the oathes of good and lawful): men of the County of NorthumtS<i aforesaid, 
as by the examinacons of Staine Witnesses upon oath, and by all other gjood and lawfUli wales and meanes 
whereby you may the better knowe and fynde out as well within iit^ties as without, the truth herein, 
WHAT and how many Panonages and Vicarages fisentative and whatsoever other sSual} and Ecctiastical! 
benefices and Liveinges and Donatives, aa well to which any cure of Soules is annexed as aforesaid, as with- 
out cure of Soules are lying and being within the County aforesaid, and any Cittie, Townes and places 
whatsoever, within the Bdncts, lymitts and extents of the said County and likewise what each of them 
are worth tniely and really by the yeare, and the names of the Bsent Incumbents, Proprietors and Posses- 
sours thereof and of such psou and psons as receive the pfittes and to whose use, and whoe supplies the cure 
and what he hath for his salary and how manv ChappeOs are belonging to Parish Churches and how Pa- 
rish Churches and Chappells are scituate and ntt to be united within t£e l;^mitts of the County aforesaid, 
and how the severali Oiurches and CbappeUs are supplied by preaching ministers, that see course may be 
taken for pviding both for preaching and for maintenance where the same shal bee found to bee needefiilt 
and neoessarie, and further to enquire what Chappells are fitt to bee taken firom Parish Churches and an- 
nexed to others or made Parish Churches and where it is fitt for other Churches to bee built, and the Pa- 
rishes devided & part of them appropriated to those new buUt Churches, AND of all and e^y other articles 
and circumstances which for the better service of the Comon Wealth in this behalfe shall appeare to you or 
five or more of you as aforesaid to be necessarie and behovefuli according to the tenour of a Staine act of this 
tent Parliament bearinge date the eighth day of June last passed inUtuled an act forjpyiding maintenance 
ror preachinff ministers and other pious uses in this case made & pvided AND THEREFORE wee co- 
maimd you that at 8taine dayes and places whidi you or any five or more of you shall appoint in this behalfe 
that vee doe diligently make enquiry upon the jBmisscHi, and that yee doe and execute all and every thing 
and tninses in the Bmisses with effect in forme amre said and the same inquisicon, and your whole pceeo- 
ings in tne gmises by you or any five or more of you to bee distinctly & deerelv made and taken that 
you or any five or more of you have before us in the Hi^ Court of Chauncery with alt convenient speede 
or at the lUrthest a die See Trinitatis oi futur in tres septimanas under the scales of you or any five or more 
of you as aforesaid, and under the sedes of them by whome the same Inquisicon shal bee made togeather 
with this comission AND WEE camaund by virtue of these ^ntes tne Shefriffe of the County afore- 
said that at 8taine dayes and places which yee, or five or more of you as aforesaid shall make knowoe to 
him, that he cause to come before you or any five or more of you as aforesaid such and soe many honest 
and lawfuli men of his Bayliwicke as well within lilStite a^ without by whom the truth in the ^misses may 
best be knowne and inouired of WEE likewise cdmaund by virtue hereof all and singuler Justices of 
peace, Maiors, Sherifis, Baylifis, Constables and all other Officers, Ministers and others whatsoever that 
they be attending ayding advising and assisting unto you or any five or more of you in the due execucon 
of the ^misses in all thinges as is requisite. IN WITNES whereof wee have caused these letters to be 
made Patents. WITNES ourselves at Westm, the sixte day of Apritt in the yeare of our Lord God one 
thousand six hundred and fifty. 

« John, t Edward, t Horsley. || Kirkley. 



9n Snqutottfon taken att Morpeth, in 
the said Countye of .Northumberland, the 
first daye of June, in the yeaieof our Lord 
God One thousand six hundred and fifty. 
Before 'William Fenwicke, Raphe Ddaval, 
WiUiam Shaftoe, Henry Ogle, John HaU, 
Luke KiUingworth, Esquires, and Henry 
Horsley, Gent, Bj vertue of a Commission 
under the Greate Seale of Eiiffland to 
them and others directed, beanng date 
att Westminister the sixte daye of Aprill, 
in the afiiresaid yeare of God One tnou^ 
sand six hundred and fiftie upon the 
OathesofWilliam HeseUrigg^Esq., £phndm 
Forster, WUlm Wetwang, John Salkeld, 
John Ilderton, Christopher Ogle, Roger 
Huntridge, John Ridley, Thomas Colling, 
wood, Cuthbert ColUngirood, William Ar- 
morer, Ralphe Wattsoo, Edward Bell, 
Geoxiee Aldisr, William Thompson, Raph 
Breadye, John Lindsey, Willm. Widdowes, 
Hugh Arrowsmith, Richer WaUis, Thomu 
Salkeld, Fnu Forster, and John Heaitm, 
Gento>good and lawfiill men of the said 
Countye impannelled and swome to enquire 
ot the severall Articles in y« said Com- 
mission wthin the three Northeme Wands 
of the said Countie Whoe say upon their 
Oathes as fblloweth, viz. 

Roihbary. That the Parish of Rothburye, in the said Countye 
is aPsonage, the kteBpp. of Carlisle Patron thereof, 
Mr. Ambrose Jones, a Preaching Minister, the In- 
cumbent, and the value of the Glebe and Tythes of 
the said Parish worth p AnB. two hundred pounds. 

Ekden. TbatthePariahof ElsdenisaPsonage,the£arleof 
Sufiblke Patron thereof, Mr. Thomas ^e, a preaching 
Mynister, the fisent Incumbent, and the v alue of 
the Gleabe ana tvthes worth One hundred pounds. 
That some part of the said Parish bemg twelve myles 
distant fit>m the s^ Church, it is ffitt a Church or 
ChappeU be erected at Rotchester. And the Jurye 
further psent that their are oerteyne Small Tythes, 
of the value of five pounds p Annu. wthholden fimn 
the said Incumbent by Sir Edward Wyddrington, 
Baronet, George Thirlewall, and Mrs. 
Selbye, wyddowe, Popish Recusants. 

Allenton and That the Parish of AUentOD and Halliston is a 
HaUistoo. Rectorye, Sr Edward Wyddrington Baronett, Geoi^ 


Thirlewall, Gent, and Mrs. Selby, Pa- 

trons thereof Mr. Starbacke Incumbent 

pro tempore, and the value of the said Rectorie worth 
p anfi. two hundred and sea ventye pounds. That two 
partes of the said Rectory is under Sequestracon for 
the said Sr Edward Widdrinffton and Geor^ 
ThirlewalPs delinquency, and Uie other parte m 
Mr. Selb ves owne hands. That Member Kirke and 
Kendland* may ffittly be united to the said Parish. 
And that there' was formerly paid to the Curate of 
the said Pish, vizt. ffower pounds thirteene shillings 
fourepence to Allenton, mr the Crowne, and fibure 
pounos by the Crowne to Halliston. 

That the Parish of Alneham was formerly a Tic- Alnefaam. 
caridfle, the Earle of Northumberland Patron there- 
of Mr. Thompson, Ticcar, and the value of the said 
Viocaridge worth twenty pounds p anno. 

That the Parish of Ingram is a Parsonage, Mr. Ingism. 
Henry O^ and Mr. CoUingwwid P^ 

trons thereof, James Gr^ Incumbent p tempore,and 
the value of the said Psonage worth nynetye pounds 
p ann. That the said Pish of Alnbam b^ns but a 
small Parish, may fittly be annexed and united to the 
said parish of Ingram. 

That the Parish of Whittingham is a Viocaridge, Whittingham 
the kte Deane and Chapiter of Cariisle Patron 
thereof Mr. Henry Tallentyie the Viccar, and the 
value of the said Viccaridge fiftv pounds p anno, be- 
side a Lease fiom the said Dome & Chapiter of 
Carlisle to the said Mr. Tallentyre, of thirty e pounds 

That the Pish of Felton is a Viccaridge, the late ^^^^ 
King Patron, John Dury serves the Cure there p 
tempore A, the value thereof twenty pounds per anfi. 

That the Chappel of Framlington doth belong to Framlingtoiu 
the said Parish, and that it is fitt that the said Chap, 
pellrye, and all such places as belong to Brenckebume 
parish, on the North of Cocquett, and Brenckebume 
itselfe, and allso that Bromshaug,f Newton on the 
Moore, Havson, and Guvson, being a parte of Shill- 
bottle may be united and added to the said Parish of 

That the Pariah of Edlimrham is a 
the Chi4>pebye of Bolton bdcmginff to it, the late 
Deane and Chapiter of Durham Patron 

^^d linghaip- 



OUverian Survey cf Nor^n^erland. 


George Belktnsoe the present Mjnister, and 
/'alue nortye pounds p anB. 

the Value ifortye pounds p anB. 

Egtingham. That the Pariah of Eglingfaam is a Ticcaridge, the 
late Bpp. of Durham Patron thereof Mr. 
Elwood Minister, and the value thereof Threescore 
pounds per anfi. That there is fowre Chappels, vizt. 
bewicke, Brsnton, Brandon, & Lilbume. And that 
it is fitt that Branton and Brandon be united to 
Inj^ram Church, and £a8t and West lilbume and 
Wooperton to the Chuxth of Ilderton* 

IJderton. That the Parish of Ilderton is a Viccaridge, the 
£arle of Northumt^land Patron thereoCJamesBroime 
Incumbent p tempore, and the value thereof sixteene 
pounds pannu. 

Alnewicke. That the Parish of Alnewick is a Viccaridge, 
and the late King Patnm; Mr. John Smith, a 
preachinff Mynister senieth the Place, and that there 
was paid by the said late King to the Minister 
twelve pounds p annu* 

ShUbottle. That the Parish of Shillbottle is a Viccaridge, the 
late King Patron thereof Mr John Falder Y iccar, 
and the ^ue of the same is thirty pounds p annu. 
That the said Church and maye nttly be united 
and joyned to these seuerall Parishes viz^ Shilbottle 
Towne, Whittall and Woodhouse to Lesbury Parish, 
Upp Burton* to Warkeworth Pariah and the rest of 
the Parish to the Church of Kelton-f 

L<N«hoaghton. That the Parish of Lona Hoittfaton isaVlccaridae, 
the Earte of Northumberiand Ptitron thereof; Mr. 
Charies Chambers serves the Cure p tempore, and 
the said Viccaridge is of the yearely value of twentye 
and fowre pounds 

Howicke. That the Parish ot Howicke is a Psonaffe, the late 
Deacon of Durham Patron thereof, Mr. MaUiew VTyng 
serueth the Cure, and the said Parsonage of the year- 
ly value of fortye pounds ; that there is oerteyne 
Gleabe Lands due to the said Parsonage w^ is 
wthholden from it of the yearly value of : 

and that the said Parish maye fittly be united & 
annexe<l unto the said Parish of Longhoughton. 

Le«bnry. That the Parish of I^esbtlrye is a Viccaridge, the 
late Bishop of Durham Patron thereof; Mr. Patrick 
Macklenyen serveth the Cure there, And the said 
Viccaridge is of the yearly value of thirty e and ffive 
pounds ; that the Chappell of Aemouth belongeth to 
the said Pish, And that it isfitt that Shillbottle Towne, 
Whittall, and Woodhouse be united and added to 
the said Church of Lesbury. 

jBmbleton. That the Parish of Emhleton is a Viccaridge, the 
donaoon in Merton CoUedoe in Oxford, Mr. Wil- 
liam Cox the Viocar, and the value of the said Vic- 
caridge (wtta two Chappellryes, vis^., Bockeand Ken* 
ningU>n,:( belonging to it) is of the yearly value of 
fibwresoore pounds. That the said two Chappellryes 
and the Vilhge of Broxfeild being remote m>m the 
*8oinM8. fPelton. ^Bemifaigtoiu 

said Parish Church are fitt to be taken firom the 
and united to the Parish of Alnewicke. 

That the Parish of Ellingham, in the said Countye, 
is a Viccaridffe, the late I&ane and Chapter of Dur- 
ham Patron thereof, Mr. Gilbert Ducye Viccar, and 
the value of the said Viccaridge is thirtye seaven 
pounds p anS. That there is oerteine Ty thes called 
Smoke Bents, paved or payable to the Patron fbrthe 
of this Parish, of the yearely value of eleaven pounds 
six shillings and eight pence. 

That Tugfaall Chappelhrie beins of the yearely va- TaghalL 
lue of six pounds, ana BeadenellChappelrie of the 
yearely value of seauen pounds, wtb the steads and BeadenelL 
pUoes thereto belonging, and hereafter named, may 
fitly be divided ana made parte of these Pishes, as 
foUoweth, vixt^, Newham, Newshead,i| Tuffhall, 
Croockdok, and Swindiead,§ to Ellingham ftrish 
and Ffletham, and Beadnell to the Parish of Balme- 

That the Parish of Balmbrough is a Viccaridge, Balmebvongh. 
Forster, Esqre Patron thereof, Mr. 
John Horsbroiwh Viccar p tempore, and is of. the 
yearely value of seaventeene pounds. That the said 
Viocar hath tenn pounds p anB. nayd him by the 
said Patron, and that the ChappeHrye of Lucker is Locker, 
parte of the said Pish, and was mrmerly paid by the 
late King seauen pounds p annfi wcb makes upp the 
said seaventeene pounds. 

That the Parish Church of Belfbrd is scittuate in Belioid. 
the High Road, and the Stage Towne betweene 
Alnewidce and Barwicke, and was formerly allowed 
by the Comittee of plundered Ministeres one hun- 
dred and fflftpre pounds d annu. And that it is very 
fitt to be contmued a Pish Church, and the Villages of 
Warden, Mattfen, Crookekw, and NewlOngs added 
and adioyned to the said Pish. 

That the Parish of Corram is a Rectorie, Mr. Conam 
Forster, of Ederston, Patron thereof, 
and Mr. Marke Murrowe, the ^sent Incumbent, who 
hath for his saUuye, yearely paid him by the Patron, 
twentve pounds, the Kectorye itselfe being of the 
yearely value of two hundred and fortye pounds. 
That the Chappel of Learmouth is parte of the said 
Parish, and being scittuate in the middle of the said 
Parish is fitt to be made the Parocheiall Chur 

That the Parish of Ford is a parsonage, Thomas Ford. 
Carr, Esq., Patron, that Mr. John Pringle serveth 
the Cure there, and hath payed him yearely by the 
said Patron threescore pounds, the Parsonage beuig of 
the value of two hundred and ffiftye pounds, and 
that it is fitt that the Pish of Brampton,^ being of 
the yearely value of sixteene pounas, & paved by 
Sr. William Helbye, Kt., be added and .united to the 
said Parish of Ford. 

That the Parish of Kirke Newton is a Viccaridge, Kirk Newton. 
William Strother, Esquire, is the Patron, Mr. Amos 
IINewstead. SSwinhoe. ^Bssazton. 


Oiiterim Swt&f of Northumberland. 

Oxiejr the psent Afinister, and k of the jreaxelj y^ 
lue of threescore pounds. That the laid Juroii are 
informed that there are certeyne Tythes deteyned 
wch is to the aaid Church of the yearely value of 
twentye and one pounds, viz*- by the Lord Graye 
of Warke, sixteene pounds p Anfi., and by William 
Burrell, of Howlett, Gent., ffive pounds p annu. 

Lowioke. That the Parish of Lowickc is a Viccaridge. the 
Earle of Suffolke Patron, and Mr. William Selbye 
Minister, and hath payed him by the Patron for his 
SaUarv tenn pounds p annu. That there is payed 
out 0^ the Viccaridfle to the Beane and Chapiter of 
Durham, in Quitt Uents, thirteene Pounds three 
shillings ffowre pence yearely, and Glebe Lands in 
Lowicke and Bowesden belonging to the said Parish 
of sixteene shillings fowre pence. 

WooUer. That the Parish of Wooller is a Viccaridgc, the 
Patron thereof the Jurors knowe not, but doe 
find that the former Incumbent was Mr. Colle, and 
presented by the late Bishop of Durham, and the 
now Incumbent Mr. Rochester, Bsented by the Lord 
Gray, of Warke. That the said Viccaridge is of the 
yearely value of one hundred pounds. That the 

ChaiypeUrye of Fenton belongeth to the said Parish 
w«b IS in decaye, the Sdarye thereof being eight 
pounds thirteene shillings 9l fowre pence, to be 
payed by the said Lord Graye. That it is fitt the 
VUlafles of Humbleton, Earle, and Middle Halt be 
added and united to the said Parish of Wooller, and 
that the said ChappeUrye of Fenton be made vacant 
and a Parochiall Church be erected att Dodington, 
and the saide Towne of Fenton, wth Weetewood, 
Horton, and Neebyte, added and annexed to it. 

That the Parish of Chatton is a Vicaridge, the Chatton. 
Earle of Northumberland Patron, Mr. James Hen- 
derson Minister, and the yearely value is three 
score Pounds. 

That the Parish of Chillingham is a Viccaridge, GhiiliDgham. 
the Lord Gray of Warke, Patron« Mr. 
Douglas Curate p tempore, and the said Viccaridge 
of the yearelye viUue or fortye pounds. 

IN TESTIMONIE whereof, as weU the ^d 
Comisdoners as the Jurors aforesaid, have to these 
^nts sett their scales the daye and yeare first above 


9n JEnqutji^ftlltl taken att Morpeth, in 
the Countye of Northumberland, the first 
day of June, in the yeare of oure Lord God 
one thousand six hundred and ffiffcye, before 
WiUiamFenwicke,RalphDelaval, William 
Shafi^oe, Henry Oglc^ John Hall, Luke KiU 
lingworth, Esquiers, and Henry Horsley, 
gent., by vertue of a Comisdon under the 
great seale of Ensland to themand others di^ 
rected, bearioff date att Westminster, the 
sixth daye of April], in the aforesaid veare of 
God one thousand six hundred and ffiftye, 
upon the Oathes of Robert Midford, Es- 

Suire, Wiihn Fenwicke, Richard Hearon, 
richolas Hearon, Robert Wvdrixigton, 
Wilhn Ainslev, Georae Marshall, EdUrard 
Camabye, Ephraim CSesswell, Robert Dal- 
ton, Cuthbert Wilson, Thomas Monison, 
Geoxge Moore, Willni> Lawson, nxAxxt 
Peirson, Robert Meg^^son, Geoige Hearon, 
George Blenkensop, and \^lm. Charleton, 
gentn., good and kwfiUl men of the said 
Countye, impannelled and swome to en- 
quire of the severall Articles in the said 
Comis8ion,wtbiii the three northeme* Wards 
of the said Countye, who saye upon their 
oathes as followeth, viz^* :.« 

Kirkhaugh That the Parish of Kirkhaugh« in the said Coun- 
tye, is a Parsonage of the yetuely value of thirtye 
TOunds. That Hilton, Esq., hath the 

Donacbn thereof, and Francis Hall, Clerke, the In- 


That the Pish of Knarsdale, in the said Countye, is Knandale. 
a Parsonage of the yearely value of thirtye pounds. 
That thefiite King had, and now the State hath, the 
Donacon, and the profitts thereof are received for 
the use of the Stote, there being noe preaching Mi- 
nister to oflidate. 

That the Parish of Lamlye, in the said Countye, Umley. 
is a Parsonadge, and the proprietye thereof, in 
Albony Fetherston, of Fetherstonhau^ £sq>«- 
That Richard Simpson, Clerke, a Resbdinff Minister, 
is the Curate there, and hath for his saJarye fowre 
pounds per annu, and his dyett That the said three 
Parishes of Kirkhaugh, Knarsdale, and Lamiey, be- 
ing small Pishes, maye fittlv be united to the Parish 
of Knarsdale, the Church being scittuate about the 
middle of these Parishes, and noe parte of them 
above three miles distant fi^m the said Parish 
Church of Knarsdale. 

That the Parish of Haltwistle is a Viccaridge, of Haltwiitle. 
the yearely value of fifty e pounds. That the Dona • 
cbn thereof was formeriy in the kte Bishop of Dur- 
hflm, and is now in the State ; the last Incumbent 
was Mr. Humfirye Dacres, ktd v discharged from the 
said Cure by the Commissiofis for the Ministrye in 
the said Couotye, And ffurther, the Jurve doe finde 
that the Rectorye of the said Parish of Haltwistle 
is of the yearely value of one hundred thirtye and 
nyne pounds and the proflitts thereof received by 
Edward Fenwicke,of Stanton, Esqi«, for the use of the 
State and Frands Nevill, of Cheate. That their is 
belon^g to the said Parish of Haltwistle, the Chap* 


Oliverian Survey of Norihufi^erUmAk 

pell of Beltmghain, aeiUiialtf about fibwrem jles ftom 
Uie said Church, web is noir allmott quite ruinate, 
att w«h Chappell those who finmerlj had the Bee 
torye of Haltwistle did miytiteyiie a reading Minis- 
. ter. 

M'hittfeildc. That the Parish of Whlttfeilde, in the said Coun- 
tje, is a Parsonage of thf /earelv value of thirtje 
poimds. That Sr MatheW Whittfeild, of Whitt^ 
feild. Knight, hath the dona&n, and the profitts 
thereof received for the ttle of the Sute, there be- 
ing noe preaching Miilliter to offidate the said 

Warden xhat the P^oish of WlTden, in the said Countye, 

is a Viccaridge of the yiAriy value of ffortye one 

pounds and fi>wre pence; abd the Donao&n in Sr John 

, f*enwicke, Knt and Bafeonett; the present In. 

cumb^Mr. John Shaftoe» t pteaddng Minister. 

^""^SS""* That there isbelongin( to the said Parish two 
"^^^^' Chappelliyes. vis. NewbroU|fa and H^don, in wch. 
there was finineriy two Cllhites maintejned att the 
cfaardge of the Viccaridgi U Warden Parish, but 
now ttie said Chappelliyea ire supplved bv the said 
Mr* Shaftoe. That the said ChappeU or Church of 
Hftjrdon is about three myka distant from the P^ 
riah of Warden aforesaid, aim it is fitt to be made a 
Parish of it selfet it being ttry hufte. Thai the 

ChappeU of Newbrou^ bdiof buttaCbute one mjle 
distant lh)m Warden Chwdhlt is fitt to beannez^ 
ed to that P^uish. and the Ohippelhye to be ex- 

That the Parish of Sjmonbuktte is a Parsonage oi 
the jearlj value of one hundrid and cagfat poimds. 
That the Bonacon is in the £tf)e of £ifioUce. the 
tent Incumbent Mr. William flUiber, a preadiing 
Minister, who receives the proAUi of the said Pa- 
rish to his owne use. 

B«Qin^>»- That their is brisnging to the aaidCbappelrve* the 
Parish of BellingfauB. whereof Mr. Jimes Fogoe. a 
preachinff Minister, is the fsent Cutfile^ and ia to 
oe pajea for his salaiTe in servuw mm said Cure 
twentve pounds p aniL bj the sai£ VIecar. That 
the said Chapnell of BellS%faam being sift miles dis- 
tant fhm the Wrish Church of Symonbuitts And the 
fiuthest parte of the said Chappellrie abOllt twelve 
mjles distant firom the said CbimpeU. It kfittthat 
the said Chappdi be made a Pariah of itaaUe. and 
the Chappehy thereto belonging to be aA&eied 
unto it. wtii that parte of Sjmonbume Pullk wch 
Iveth on the northaide of Warkes Bume bdow bm- 
Aaw Mill, and all that Iveth on the north siA of 
Shittfington Bume below' the Lynagers, wtb Haile 
hint, and Browne Leases, Except that parte of llil 
ChappeUrye the wchijethonthewest sideof Tarsetl 
Water, and the west side of Chirdon Bume, web ia 
alsoe fit to be nwde a Parish of themsdvea. And 
the Cbnnea of Hallestonf to be rebuilded and made 
the Fansh Church thereof beiiw adttuate about ax 
mjksdistante from BelUnghsm Church. And*fiir- 
"•^ Parish,"* hi Lanbcah copj« 

ther, the said Jury saye that thirtve eig|fat pounds p 
ann., parte of the saide One hundrea and eight pounds, 
is due to the Chappelxye of Bellingham. aira the other 
seauenty pounds aue to the parisn of Symonbume. 

That the Parish of Stamfordham is a IHccaridge atamfotdham. 
of the prearely value of fowrescore pounds. TheDo- 
naoon m the late Bishopp of Buriiam. And the ^sent 
Incumbent Mr. Owen, a Preachinff My- 

nister, who reodveth the Proffitts of the said Vicca- 
ridge for his salaxye. That there is one Chappell in 
the said Parish att Ryell. and the Parish Church soe 
sdttuate that noe purte of the said Parish is above 
three miles distant firom the said Parish Church. 
That the Come Tythes of the said Parish were 
holden of the late Bishopp of Durham, and are 
ffiumed by Henry WyddringtQn. £sq..atttheyearely 
Bent of twenty six pounds thhrteene shillings and 
fowre pence, and are of the yearly value of fowrescore 

That the Parish of Chollerton is a Viccaridge ChoUerton. 
woffth fortye pounds p anfi, and the present Incum- 
bent Mr. Joon Wigham, a preaching Mynister. 
That the Come T vtto of the said Pansh are Par. 
cell of the late Monasterie of Hexham, belonging 
to Sr John Fenwicke, Knight and Baronett. And 
that there are fowre Chappells belonging unto the 
said Parish, vix^, Chippchase, Ounnerton, CoUwell. 
and Birdey Chappellryes, all wthin lease than three 
m^les distant fi^ the said Pariah Church, saving 
Bnrtley, w«b is fowre myles distant, soe it is fitt and 
convenient thatGunnerton and Chippchase Chappell* 
ryes, wth Wortshau^. Carrycoates, Whitehouse. 


That the Pariah of Whelphigton is an Impropri- WKelpingtoii. 
aeon bebnffuiff to S' Edward Baddifl^ Banonett, a 
Papist and Udinquent, and being now under 8eques> 
tracon, is let wt& the Viccaridoe at threescore and 
tenn pounds, the present Incumbent Mr. 
Wakefeild. a Preaching Minister. 

That the Parish of Corsenside, in the said County. Cotsenside. 
is an Impropriacon belonging unto John Thirlewall. 
and being now under sequestraobn is lett at tenn 
pounds p ann.. the pUoe bdng vacant and none to 
supplye the Cure there. 

That the Parish of Thocfcerington is a Bectoiye ThockeringtoB. 
holden of the late Deane and Chapiter of Yorke, and 
finned bv Will» Shaftoe. Esq. att the Bent of ffive 
pounds SIX shillings and ei^t pence p anfi.. and the 
place vacant, and noe Minister to supply the Cure. 

That the Parish of Ejrkharle is a Viccaridge of Kirkhari«. 
Ihe yearly vahie of twentye pounds. That the Do* 
Mcon is m . and the present Ineumbcnt, 

mt^ William Dawson, a Preachmg Minister. And 
fitoher that the said Jurye doe find that the said Pa. 

t io In MS., bat read "< ibUeston.'' 

OHverian Survq/ of Northumberland. 

riahes of Whelpington, Thockerinffton, and Kirk- 
harle* Heaton Chappellrye» may fitUy be united and 
annexed to the aaid Parish of Kiikharle. 

Hexham. That the Pariah of Hexham ia a Viccaridge, 
whereof ia Patron. That the atypend 

belonging to the aaid Church ia twentve maxxea d 
anfi and fbwreacore pounda in Trthes, finrmerlv al- 
lowed bv the Meroera of London for a Lecture* butt 
is now vacant. 

AUendale. That the Parish of Allendale ia a , the 

Donacbn in and hath a Stipend of eight 

pounda p anii belonging to it 

St. Johnley. That the Parish of S^. Johnlej, in the a^d Coun- 
ty, is a , of the yearly value of fibwre- 
teene pounds thirteene ahiUinga foure pence ^ John 
Fenwidce the Patron, the place vacant 

Midford. That the Parish of Midfbrd, in the aaid Countye, 
is an Improptiacon, the one halfe of the Tythes of 
the said Parish belonging unto Sr* William Fen. 
wicke. Papist and Delinquent, and the ProfBtts 
thereof received for the use of the Comon VTealthe, 
the other half of the said Tythea belonffinff to Mr. 
Gibson, Mr. f aiding^ and 

others, and are in all worth one hundred pounds p 
annfi. That the said Church is now vacant, and 
hath belonging to it for the supplye of the Cure, six 
pounds thirteene shillings and fowre pence paid forth 
uf the aaid Impropriacona. 

Mddon. Tbat the Towne of Meldon bemg an intire Par- 
sonage of itselfo, worth thirteene pounds six shiU 
linss and eight pence p annu, and a Little Hamlett 
cal&d River Green may fittlye be united to the aaid 
Pariah of Midford for Augmentacon of the Allow- 

Bolam. That the Pariah of Bolam is an Impropriacon in 
the hands of Sr. John Deiavall and Thomas Middle* 
ton, of Belsey, Esq., and it is worth p ann thirtye 
pounds. The Cure now supplyed by Mr. Robert 
Lowerf, a Preaching Minister, and haUi belonging to 
it thirtye pounds p annu. 

Hartbure. That theParishof Hartburej: is aViocarid^ of the 
^earely value of one hundred pounds, and is m parte 
impropriated, for soe much thereof as belongeth to S'* 
William Fenwicke, Papist and a Delinquent, and now 
under sequestracon, and the present Incumbent Mr. 
Ridsley, a Preaching Minister. 

Nether Witton. That there is one Cbappebye belonging to the 
said Parish, vizt. Nether Witton Chappelrye, the 
Cure whereof was ktely served by Geoi]ge Forster, 
whoe had for his Sallary tenn pounds p anfi, until he 
wasdischai^^ by theCommissionersfor theMinistrye. 
That the said Cnappellrye, by reason of its convenient 
scituacon and fi^e distance from the said Parish 
Church, may fittly be made a diatincte Pish of it 
selfe, and die seuerall Townes and Hamletts of 

• So in MS. t** Lever" to RoUs' Chapel 

Staunton, Langahawes, Witton Shedes, Trewhet 
Sheeles, and Lrakiln Fdld, belonging to the Pariah 
of Horaley, added to the aaid Church. 

That the Pariah of Long Horaley ia a Viccaridge Long Horsier, 
and the Impropriac&n thereof in the handa of Jamea 
Ogle, of CauaeyParke, Esq., and ia worth p anS for^ 
tye pounda. That the Cure of the aaid Pariah is 
serued by Mr. Marine Wallas, a Preaching Minister, 
and hath finr his aallarye aixteene poanda aix ahiilings 
and eight pence, and the Earle of Northumberland 
Patron. That it is fitt in reoard of the distance of 
those places before menooned ttom the said Church, 
that tney may be taken from it, and these Towns 
and Hamletts being neare adioyning ma^ be added 
to the said Parish, vizt. Causey Parke, Lonffleeses, 
Thistle Haufffa, Easter and Wester Haugh, Bridge. 
ham« HelmSiill, Brmkheugii, and Thomehaugfa, 
formerly belonging to HebDome and Felton Fa- 

That the Chappellrye of Hebbome ia bdon^ng to Hebbome. 
the Parish Church of Bothell, and worth p ann ffily 
and five pounds, and the Cure thereof served by Mr. 
John Thompson, a Preaching Minister. That it is 
fitt that the severall HanSetts of Espley, High 
Highley, and Low Highk^, being neere adioyning 
to the aaid Chappelrie, and formerly parte of Mid- 
ford Pariah, butt nrre distant from it, may be taken 
from it, the aaid Pariah, and joyned to the aaid Chap- 
pellrye of Hebbome. 

That the Pariah of Moipeth, in the aaid County, Morpeth, 
ia a Paraonage, the Cure whereof ia aupplved by Mr. 
John Pve, an honeat, able, and payneroll Minister, 
and hath for his paynes the promtts of the said Par- 
sonage worth p anfi. one hundred pounds ; the Pa* 
tron thereof Cluu'les Howard, of Naworth, Esq. 

That the Parish of Whalton is a P^unonuK, of Whalton. 
the yearely value of ffowresoore pounds ; Kalph 
Bates, of Halliweil, Patron, and the Cure of tne 
said Parish supplied by Mr. Amor Oxley. That the 
Towne and Hamletts of Twesill and Stillinffton,|| 
fformeriy parte of Morpeth Pariah, butt ftrre distant 
finim it, may fittly be added to the said Parish. 

That the Parish of Stannington, in the said Coun. Stannington. 
tye, is for the most parte impropriated in the hands 
en William Lord Grave, of Warke, and is worth p 
anfi. fowrescore pounds. That the late Bishop of 
Durham formerly was Patron of the said Church, 
and the Cure now supplyed by Mr. 
Woolfidl the Younger, a codlyeand constant Preach- 
er, whoe hath for nis dlowance flUftie pounds p 

That the Chappelrie of Horton is belonging to Horton Chap. 
the Parish of Woodhome, and the Cure thereof sup- 
^yed bv Mr. Mepham, and is worth p 

anfi eighteen pounds at ^sent, but bath beene former, 
ly worth thirtye pounds. That by reason of the 
comodbus sdtnacon of the said Chappell itraaye fittly 

copy. • . . $ Hartbom. < II Shilrington. 

OUverian Svrvey of Northumberkmd. 


be made a Parish Church of itaeUe, and the Chap- 
pellnr of Cramlington, the towne of Newesharo, 
and Blythe Nooke, formerly belonging unto but &rr 
distant from the Pariah Church of Earsden added 
unto it. 

Pont lahuid That the Parish of Pont Island is an Invpropriacon 
beloneing unto Merton CoUedge, of Oxiford, of the 
yeaxely value of one hundred and fiftye pounds. 
That the Cure of the said Parish is suppf^'ed by 
Mr Humphrye Bell, a godly, able, and paynefull 
Minister wch hath for his allowance threescore 
pounds per annu. That it is fitt that South and 
North Dissington, and West Dissington, formerly 
parte of Newburne Parish, but iarre distant, may 
be added to the said Parish of Pont Iland. 

Newbune. ThuX the Parish of Newburne is an Impropriacon 
now in the hands of the State, and worth 
pounds p ann. That the Cure of the said Parish is 
supplyed by Mr. Thomas Dockery, an able, paine- 
fuU, and godly e Minister, who hath for his allow- 
ance twenty and five pounds p ann. 

Ueddon on the That the Parish of Heddon on the Wall is an 

Wall. Impropriacon, now in the States hands, and the Cure 

thereof supplyed by the said Mr. Bockerye, who 

hath for his allowance twentye and five pounds p 


Botbell. That the Pariah of Botheli is an Impropriacon, 
formerly belonging to the Earle of Newcastle, who 
payed to the Parson for the serveing the Cure there 
and att Hebbome Chappell, one hundred pounds p 
annu. That the Cure is now supplyed by Mr. 
John Thomson, a diligent preacher, and hath the 
proffitts of the Tythes of the said Parish worth 
fifty and five pounds p ann., besides the Tythes of 
Hebborae Chappellrye and the Glebe of Shipwasb, 
worth thirteene pounds p ann. That the said 
Church is conveniently seated, and the Earle of 
Newcastle formerly Patron thereof 

Waricworth. That the Parish of Warkworth is a Viccaridge, 
the late Bishop of Carlisle Patron ; Mr. 
Moore, a Preaching Minister, serueth the Cure 
there and the Viccaridge of the yearely value of sixte 
pounds.* That there is an impropriacon in the hands 
of Mr. Peter Wentworth and Mr. John Fountayne, 
of London, wch payed vearely to the Bishop of Dur- 
ham tenn pounds, and to the Bishop of^ Carlisle 
Thirtye pounds and Tenn shillings, out of wch 
twentye Pounds p Ann is fitt to be taken and added 
to the said Church ; that the Chappelrye of Warke- 
worthf is depending of the said Church of Warke- 
worth, being worth Twelve pounds p Ann., and pet- 
tye Tythes, and somewhatt distant from the said 
Pariah Church. 

and worth p Anfi. one hundred pounds. That the 
dona&n isin the Bishop of Durham. 

That there are two ChappeUries belonging to the Wydrington 
said Parish (viz.) Wydrington Chappellrye, wch hath Chap, 
ffifty shills* p Ann. in composicon monye of the 
I^nds of Wydrington, and Horton ChappelhTe w<^ 
depends allsoe upon the said Pish. 

That the Parish of Newbiggen is neer adioyninff 
unto Woodhome Parish, and may fittlye be annexed 
thereunto, and is worth twelve pounds p Ann in 


Woodhome. That the Parish of Woodhorne is a Viccaridge 
unsuj^lyed w^ a Mynister, and worth p ann Three 
score and eight pounds; that the Impropriacon 
thereof is in the hands of the Mercers of London, 

That the Chappellrye of Ouffham is depending upon Oogham. 
the Parish Church of Morpeth, and worth p Ann., in 
Ty the and Glebe, ffortye Qve pounds, that the Cure 
is supplyed by Mr. Addamson, and hath 

paya him by Mr. John Prye^, Mynister of Morpeth, 
Thirtye Pounds n AnB., for his SaUaiye. That the 
said Chappell is fittlye seated for a Parish Church, 
and That the Chappellrye of Wyddrington, saving 
Druridge, maye fittly be united to the same. 

That the Parish of Tynmouth is of the yearely Tynemoutb. 
value of twentye ffive pounds six shillings and eight 
pence, wcb is payed by the Receive * of the £te 
King*s fiG?e ffarme rents forth of the saide rents, and 
that the Earle of Northumberland and Balph Dela. 
vail, Est^re hath the presentacon in course. That Hie 
said Parish Church is quite ruined, and Mr. Dersley, 
a godly Mynister, semes the Cure there; that the 
Towne of Northsbeelds being a Populous place of 
itselfe it is fitt that a Parish Chureh be built there, 
and the Towne of Tynmouth, Preston, East and 
Middle Chirtons, Whittley, and Merton annexed to 

That the Chappelrie of Earsden is depending up- Eanden. 
on the said Parish of Tynmouth, the stypend there- 
of ffbwre pounds thirteene shillings ffowre pence 
payed out of the ffeefiiirme Bents as aforesaid, butt 
noe ^ent Incumb there. That the said ChappeU- 
rye is fitt to be made a Parish Church, and the said 
Towne of Earsden, Monkseaton,Backworth, Holly- 
well, Seaton Delavall, and Hartley annexed unto 
that Parish. 

That the Parish of Long Benton is a Viccaridfle Long Benton, 
of the yearely value of Twentye ffive Pounds, the 
advowson in Balyoll Colledge, in Oxford, there is 
noe Preaching Minister belonginge to the said Pa- 
rish, And that it is fitt that the said Towne of Long 
Benton, Killingworth, Little Benton, Burraden, Sig- 
hill, Weeteslatts, and high and lowe Heatons, be an- 
nexed to the said Parish. 

That the two Chappelh7es of North and South North & South 
Gosfords are depending upon the said Parish) of S^ Gotford. 
Nicholas, in Newcastk, a Countye in itseue, and 
hath a stipend of Tenn Pounds p ann pa^d to the 
Minister by Docto' Jennison, Viccar of the said 
Pish, Butt noe Preaching Minister is noweineyther 

* The remaindcfr in the Lambeth copy oniy. f So in MS., but is notJChevington meant ? t Pye. 

I No mention is made of this Parish in the preceding Inquisitions, whence, it seems, as if some parts had been lost' 

VOL. lU. C 


Oliverian Survey of Northumberland. 

of the said Chappells. That South Gosford is fitt to 
be made the Pariah Church, and North Gosford, 
Fawden, Bruntons, Kenton, and Jesmond, annexed 
to it. 

In testimonye whereof, as well the said Comis. 
sionners and the Jurors aforesaid have to these 
^sents sett their seales, the daye and veare above 

This Coppie agreeth with the Record, and is examined by 



To the Right Honobie the Lords 
Commissioners of the Great 
Seale of England. 

In the High and Honble Court 
of Chancerie at Westminster. 

Betome of a Comission for Enquireing of 
Eccticall Liveings within the County of 

No. II. — BiUs of Cravings of the Sheriff^ of Northumberland for 1715, o/" 
Ejppenses incurred by him relative to the Rebellion in that Year. 

(Communicated by Wm. Dickson, Esq., of Alnwick, Sept., 1836.) 

Tl^HE originals are in the oflSce of the Clerk of the Peace for Northum- 
berland, and are Nos. 93, 94, 95, and 96, of the Michaelmas Sessions 
Papers for the year 1717. The Sheriff in the year of the rebellion was 
John Johnson, of Bebside, Esquire. 

The accounts of Sheriflfe being made up at the Exchequer yearly, to 
Michaelmas day, it is probable that those of the Sheriff who succeeded Mr. 
Johnson would contain a portion of the expenses. It would be curious to 
see the accounts of those two Sheriffs, as allowed by the officers of that 
Court, since it cost, £104. 5^. 6rf., over and above the ordinary charge, to 
pass the account of Mr. Johnson, and sue out his quietus. 

N° 93. 


Paid John Robson 
Pd. Henry Hankin 

To John Potts 

To Tho>- Henderson 

To Wm Elliott 

To Joseph Forster 

To Tho Browne 

To Tho Johnson 

To Mr Adam Filbridge - 

To Tho Henderson 

To charge of Ben well Horse 

To Mr Andrew Kennedy 

To Mr John Donkin ... 

To Fergus Potts 

To Wn- Jackson, Sen' 










































To Wm- Jackson, Jun'... 
To Joseph Forster 
To George Noble 

To Mr. Baxter 

Disburst by y« Hi^h Sheriffe, 

Paid Bailiffs for going with Messengers, 3 

Paid y« other Bailifres p ordr- ... 9 

Expended by Undersheriffe 6 

Mr Warreners Bill 1 

Tho*- Haggerston for dispersing warrt*- i 

To ye Drummer 

To Joseph Cnspe y« armourer -2 

£. #. d. 

6 10 

16 10 

2 16 

4 1 








140 3 8 


Papers relating to the Rebellion of 1715. 

Paid Mr Campbell 

Pd. W« Todd 

Fd. Mattw Wataon 

Pd. Wm Stoker 

Pd. Bar Drjdon als Usher 

Pd- Widow Raw 

P4 Alex'- Hall 




... 3 


... 3 









... 1 






... I 



Pd. John Donktn more.. 
Pd. Dorothy Pattiaon .. 
Pd. Widow Bland 
pd- Wm Stewart 

jC. #. 

6 11 


4 11 



23 I 


N^- 94. 

Northupibr. SJ. Ad gener. quarter. Sessiofi Facie Dni. Ria tent p A^orfi amid MiMtbaJl in eoda 
Cofi. pr j scdo die Februar. anno mi Dni Georffij nunc His Magn Britan &c. tertio cora 
Johne Douglas et BoBto Coatsfortb ar. et aL SociLi aula Justic dci dni Eli ad pacem p 
Com pd conservand nee non Ac. 

Mr. Robt- Loadsman late Undersheriff Ordered That he pay all such pans as are now unpd- for 
maintaining the Posse Comitat. & that after be has paid the same he then give an ac- 
count to two or more of the Justices of the Peace of all the Money he has laid out on 
the acct- some time before next Sessions. Given under the Seal of tiie SeaHona at the 
Sessions aforsd- 

Ex. ^ Tbo : Ord Clen Pacis. 9 Cut. 

140: 0: 

Upon Examinacbn Wee find Vouchers for one hundred and forty pounds paid by Mr. 
Loadsman late Underaheriffe and that since he has pursuant to the above wiitten ordsr 
paid Twenty-three pounds one shilling and eigbtpence & produced Vouchers for y« same, 
all which we allow except six pounds eleven shillings and ten pence paid John Donkin. 
Wittiesseour hands ye27^bDay of Aprill Auno Dni 1717- 

(Signed) JOHN OGLE. 


N^ 95. 

fr C*. C'. £. #. d. 

pd. to gett my acco^- passed 63 I A 00 

pd. to Phill: Tullie Esq for service in y* acc^- passing ... 21 10 00 

pd. the Chancell"- Clerk 21 10 00 

Pd. Mr. Bradsbaw 07 10 06 

104 05 06 

N. B. The Sberiffes acc^' might have been passed in 

fourteene days but expecting a great Sume on acc^ 
of the Posse Com. was deteined nine weeks longer 
wluch created a great expence. 

Jur. in Cur. p Robert Loadsman to the above sd Sume of 104 
ordinary charge of passing his Acct and suing out his quiet"* 

06 * 6 being pd- over and above the 

* Not allowed. 









Papers relating to the RebeUion of 1716. 13 

Northumbr. John Johnson Esq late Sheriffe of the County aforeaaid for the year ending alt 
Michas 1715 craveth allowance of the Sumes following being expended &c during the 
time of his Sherriifality, vizt- : — 

Ini|p^ £. «. i. 

For bringing Thomas Hetherington & David Latiniore from Carlisle by Hah* 

Corp^— Hetheringten was tryed in NorUid* condemned & hanged 05 10 00 

For diapersing Prockmacons being very numerous in the said year 16 00 00 

For distributing the Acts of Parliament for the Land Tax and attending the Com- 
missn for putting the same in Execu con ' 08 

For Carpetts, Cushions, & other necessaryes for y« Courts at y* Assizes ... 05 

For Dyett& garding Anthony Steel & Kobt- Whitfield firom the last Sumer Assizes 
to the 14. November being 3 months 01 

P^ for returning two Knights of the Shire & two Burgesses for Morpeth ... 00 

Going to Mr. Tho>- Forster, the kte Member of Parliament wth Mr Speakers 

&tter for him imediately to attend the House 03 10 00 

To charges of Bayliffe*s & other men 3 days with the Kings Messenger to take the 

late L*. Darwentwater ' 15 00 00 

For a Bailiff riding post to Carlisle w^ an express firom the Justices of Northumbd- 
concerning the Rebellion being begun in order to secure that City firom the 
Rebells 04 03 00 

For the Sherifia Clerk & two Bailiffes expences by order of the Earl of Scarborough 

lA Livetennt- of the County in going to Rothbury &c. as Spies 00 08 00 

For the Undeisheriffe & men to goe to Shields w^ lA Scarboroughs warH- to seize 
ffreat Gunns & Arms there belonging to Collier Shipps and to take away 
ferry boats for the space of 3 days 15 00 00 

For Seamen to remove Arms and Ferry boats 10 00 00 

For the chaige of Keels 03 12 00 

For drawing Assodacon to stand by King Geoige w^ advice of Coundll p L^* 

Scarboroughs order 00 09 00 

For the tJndersheriffe & Clerk & four Bailiffes passing thro* the County by order of 

the Lord Scarborough to get the Assodac6n signed & expences 30 00 00 

130 00 08 
Charged for Raising the Posse Com. 300L out of which I had only allowed me ... 167 9 8 

Tot allow*". 297 10 4 

No. III. — An Inquisition taken at Newcastle upon Tyne, in 1357, before 
WiUiam Hedwin, Coroner of Tyndale Ward^ by twelve Jurors^ respecting 
certain Felonies committed by Persons residing in that District. 

Hartbum Vicarage^ Feb. 24, 1835. 

I beg the favour of your presenting to the next meeting of the Antiqua- 
rian Society of Newcastle, the following translation of an Inquisition, ac- 
companied with a literal copy x)f the original, which was taken by the 
Coroner of Tyndale Ward, before a Jury at Newcastle, in 1357, and is 
preserved among the family papers at Capheaton. It is useful as showing 
that the duties of a Coroner were much more extensive in the time of 
Edward III. than they are at present. 

The inquisition extends over nine years, from Nov. 10, 1348, to January 
12, the day of its date ; and finds, that within that period, fifteen several 
thefts of cattle had been committed. 

In the translation with which I have accompanied the copy of the 
original, I have reduced the dates from Saint's days and the year of the 
King's reign, into the days of the months and years of our Lord, on which 
the several felonies w ere committed, under the persuasion that they will be 
generally better understood in the latter, than in the former mode. 

I have the honour to be. Sir, 

Your obedient servant, 


To John Adamson, Esq., Secretary. 

Inquisition in 1357 respecting Felonies in Tt/ndale. 



Inquii capt ap^ Noun Castru sup Tynam die Jovib 
^x« ante fim Sci Hillar\j Anno regni Regis .£. ^ai 
post conquestu .xxx. coram "Witto Hedwin Coronar 
Warde de Tyndale p Wittm de Swynbme John de 
Swynb^ Thorn de Harle Wittm de Vaus Wittm fif 
GillSti de Babyngton Robm de Hydwyn Nictom de 
Gundon Nichm de Hoghton Hug de Eb^ngton 
Wiitm de Palicton Jotim de Bastingtbwayt %r RoISm 
de Throklawe ..Tur. Qui dicunt sr sac' m suum. 

Qd Rot(tu8 Nikson furtiue furat fliit .xvi. aSia de 
bonis Rici Scot a.^ Benwelle die dnica px« ante fm 
Oim Sco anno .? r. nunc xxviijo- 

It dicunt qd Ad fit Wilti del Dye receptauit Jotim 
Belle-Clarke cu .iiijo'- bob3 fur de RotSo del Coce 
de Acome die Lune px* post fm Sci Pet' aduincta 
a® .? r. niic .xxx®- 

It dicunt qd Henr Taillour de Birtley Wilts de 
Hay ton « Johns Comyn Taillour furt fur fur .vi. 
boves apA Whytyngton de bonis Johis de Wales v 
Johis Spendeione die dnica px^ post fin Sci Luce 
Evang anno .r r. niic .xxxo- 

It dicunt qd Witts Jakeson furt fur ftiit .ij. jumen 
ta pc .XX. 8. de bonis Patricij Bowman apud Hert- 
waytOD die yefiis px* ante fm Oim Sco ano .r r. nuc 
xxviijo- « est cois latro. 

It dicunt qd Jotis Calfhird de Thokryngtoii « 
RoJis Nikson fiirt fiir fuer .ij. boves pc .xx. 5 de bo- 
nis Johis ffbssour apud Thkryngton die Dnica px* 
post fm inuencois see Crucis a^ .r r. niic .xxiiij 

It dicunt qd ^ci Jolis v Rohs furt fur fuer apud 
Thockrynirton .xvij. a8ia ^c .C. s. de bonb ^ci Johis 


9n inqniUltion taken at NewcasUe upon Tyne, 
on Thursday next before the feast of Saint Hillary 
in the 30th year of the reign of King Edward the 
Third after the Conquest (January 12, 1357), before 
William Hedwin, Coroner of Tyndale Ward, by 
William de Swynbume, John de Swynbume, Tho- 
mas de Harle, William de Vaus, William, son of 
Gilbert de Babyngton, Robert de Hydwyn, Nicholas 
de Grendon, Nicholas de Hoghton, Hugh de Elryng- 
ton, William de Palxton, John de Bastingthwayt, 
and Robert de Throklawe, Jurors, who say upon 

That Robert Nikson clandestinely stole 16 cattle, 
of the goods of Richard Scot, at Benwelle, on the 
Lord*8 day next before the feast of All Saints', in the 
28th year of the reign of the present King (October 
26, 1364). 

Also, they say, that Adam, son of William del Dye, 
harboured John Belle Clarke with 4 oxen, stolen from 
Robert del Coce de Acome, on Monday next after 
the feast of Saint Peter advincula, in the 30th year 
of the reign of the present King (August 8, 1366). 

Also, they say, that Henry Taillour, of Birtley, 
William de Hay ton, and John Comyn Taillour, clan, 
destinely stole 6 oxen at Whytyngton, of the goods 
of John de Wales and John Spendeione, on the Lord's 
day next after the feast of Saint Luke the Evangelist, 
in the 30th year of the reign of the present King 
(October 23, 1356). 

Also, they say, that William Jakeson, stole 2 la- 
bouring beasts, of the price of 20 shillings, of the 
goods of Patrick Bowman, at Hertwayton, on Friday 
next before the feast of All Saints*, in the year of the 
reign of the present King (October 31, 1364), and 
he is a common robber. 

Also, they say, that John Calfhird, of Thokryng- 
ton and Robert Nikson, clandestinely stole 2 oxen 
of the price of 20 shillings, of the goods of John 
Fossour, at Thockryngton, on the Lord's day next 
after the feast of the Invention of the Holy Cross, 
the 24 th year of the reign of the present King (April 
4, 1350). 

Al30, they say, that the said John and Robert, clan- 
destinely stole at Thockryngton, 17 cattle of th^ 


Inquisition in 1367 respecting Felonies in Tyndale. 


ffoasour die veneris yx* post fni Sci I^uce Erang tfl 
.r r. niic .xxiiijo* « sunt coes latrones. 

It dicuBt qd Thoi de Brombop fur fuit .Ixx. bl 
dent«t de bonis Bici Scot apud Denome die vefib 
yz* a& BSl Dim Sco 99 ,f i, nuc zxiiijo- 

It dicunt qd Re de Wardale de Pa Harle fan fur 
fbut .y. vaiscas % .j. bouietm ^c .zx. i. de bonis dSi 
RoKti de Heile ap^ Kirkberle die iune px« ante ffi 
Sci M«tini in Yeme a© .r r. nuc, xxvyo- 

It dicunt qd Johns fii Rici de Biidaj fur fiiit \j 
yaccas de bonis Marger Grose de Swethope ^ .xz. i. 
die Iune fz* an fm Sci M«tini a© .1 r. nuc .zzy<^ % 
est cois latro. 

It dicimt qd Andr Moutyng Witts Sandson v Ricus 
fit Johis de Bingeswood furt fur fuer .vfj. afiia de 
bonis Alicie q^nd uiri Johis de Babyngton ap<> Puam 
Bab^ngton die D2ica pz* post £fi Set Luce Evanga** 
.r r. niic .xxxo- % sunt coes latones. 

It dicunt qd Thorns del Beraes % Johs fit eius furt 
fur fuei .uy-xx. bidentes de bonis WilH de Kodome 
apd Rodome die M^cur px* an fin Pasche a9 .t h 
nac .xxxo- v sunt coes latrones. 

It dicunt qd Witts fit Alani de Gonwarton fregit 
domu Rotti Dawson ap<> Caldene die Lune px* post 
fifi Pur Be Mar a<> .? r. niic xxWij. « ibidm fiir fuit 
▼nil eqii pc .xL i. 

II dicunt qd Johs Clerk de Oggle fregit domii Rohi 
Mileson apd Kirkheton v ibidm fur fuit vnu equm 
^ .y. m«c die Dnica yx« post (& Sci Hillary tfl ,r 
r. niic .xxiiijo- 

TRANSLATION continued. 
price of 100 shillings, of the goods of the said John 
Fossour, on Friday next after the feast of Saint Luke 
the Evangelist, in the 24th year of the reign of the 
present (King October 92, 1350), and they are com. 
mon robbers. 

Also, they say, that Thomas de Bromhop, stole JO 
hog sheep, of the goods of Richard Scot, at Denome, 
on Friday next before the feast of All Saints, in the 
24th year of the reign of the present King (October 
29, 1S50). 

Also, they say, that Richard de War^e, of Little 
Harle, clandestinely stole 2 cows and one stot, of the 
price of 20 shillings, of the goods of Sir Robert de 
Herle, of Kirkberle, on Monday next before the feast 
of Saint Martyn in winter, in the 27th year of the 
reign of the present King (November 4, 13ftS). 

Also, they say, that John, son of Richard de Bir- 
day, stole 2 cows, of the goods of Margaret Oose, of 
Swethope, of the price of 20 shillings, on Monday 
next before the feast of Saint Martyn, in the 23d 
year of the reign of the present King (November 10, 
1348), and he is a common robber. 

Also, they say, that Andrew Moutyng, William 
Sandson, and Richard, son of John de Bingeswood. 
chmdestinely stole 7 cattle, of the goods of Alice, 
fbrmerly the wife of John de Babyngton, at Little 
Babyngton, on the Lord's day next after the feast of 
Saint Luke the Evangelist, in the 30th year of the 
reign of the present King (October 23, 1366), and 
they are common robbers. 

Also, they say, that Thomas del Bernes and John, 
his son, clandestinely stole 4 score hog sheep, of the 
goods of William de Rodome, at Rodome, on Wed- 
nesday next before the feast of Easter, in the 30th 
year of the reign of the present King (April 21, 
1356), and they are common robbers. 

Also, they say, that William, son of Alan de 
Gonwarton, broke the house of Robert Davison, of 
Caldene, on Monday next after the feast of the Purl- 
fication of the Blessed Mary, in the 28th year of the 
reign of the present King (February 3, 1354), and 
there stole one horse of the price of 40 shillings. 

Abo, they say, that John Clerk, of Oggle, broke 
the house of Robert Mileson, at Kirkheton, and 
there stole one horse of the price of 2 marks, on the 
Lord's day next after the fieast of Saint Hillary, in 

Inquisitioft. in 1357 respecting Fdonies in Ty?ulle. 



It dicat qd Johs Cokson Witiis Cokaon Bo1)tu 
CokBon « Ad Bietofi fun fUr fuer vnu jumeotu de 
Willo de T/ndale pc .xxx. S. mu jumentu de Wil!o 
yonger fc .xz. i. vnu jumentu (ric) del Oiene ^ 
.X. i. vDu jumentu de Pahcton apud filekheddon die 
Na? Be Marie a^ .r r. nuc xxv^j. 

It dicut qd Rogs Thorbrand fan fbr ftiit .Ix. bi- 
dentes de bonia Rid Soot apd Denome die vefiis ^x* 
an fm Dim Sco a9 .r r. nuc •xxvyO' In cui' rei tea- 
tiom ^dc8 Coronator sigillu auu appoS. 

the 24th year of the reign of the present King 
(January 16, 1361). 

TRANSLATION continubd. 

Ako,they say, that John Cokaon, William Cokson, 
Robert Cokaon, and Adam Breton, clandestinely stole 
one beast of burden, from William de Tyndale^ worth 
30 shillings; one beast of burden, from William 
Yonger, worth 20 shillings ; one beast of burden, 
from , of the Grene, worth 10 shiL 

lings ; one beast of burden, from de 

Palxton, at Blekheddon, on the nativity of the Bles- 
sed Mary, in the 27th year of the reign of the pre. 
sent King (September 8, 1353). 

Also, they say, that Roger Thorbrand clandea- 
tinely. stole 00 hog sheep, of the goods of Richard 
Scot, at Denome, on Friday next before the feast of 
All Saints, in the 27th year of the reign of the pre- 
sent King (October 25, 1353). 

In testimony of which the said Coroner has put 
his Seal. 

VOL. m. 

18 Records rdating to Northumherlandy ifc. 

No. IV.^-^Copies of Records preserved in the Tower of London^ rdatirig to 
the County of Northumberland. Communicated by Thomas Hudson Tur^ 
ner^ Esq. 

[Inquia. p. m. 8 Hen. VI., No. 33.] 

Henmcus dei gra Rex Angl 1 Franc "l Dns Hibn dilco sibi Witto Estfeld 
M^jori Civitatis sue London ^ Escaetori suo in eadem Givitate sahm. 
Quia Bo^ Thornton qui de nob tenuit in capite diem clausit extremii ut 
accepiS:^ tibi ^cipifi qd omia ftas 'I ten de quib3 idem Ro^ fiiit seisi- 
tus in dnico suo ut de feodo in balliya tua die quo obiit sine ditone capias 
in manu nfam "l ea salyo custodiri fac donee aliud inde jPcepim. £t p 
saCTm pbo'^. 1 leg hoim de eadem balliva tua p quos rei vitaa melius sciri 
pent diligen? inquiras quantu tre 1 ten j^dcus Bo^ferus tenuit de nob in 
capite tarn in dnico q*m in svicio in dca balliva tua dco die quo obiit 1 
quantum de aliis *\ p qood ^viciu ^ quantu tre *\ ten ilia valeant p annii in 
o8iib3 exitib3 ^ quo die idem Bo^us obiit 1 quis ppinquior heres ejus sit 
^ cujus etatis. Et inqmsi66em inde distincte 1 apte fcam nob in Cancellar 
nram sub sigiUo tuo 1 sigillis eo'Ti. p quos fca rait sine ditone mittas ^ hoc 
bre. T. me ipo apud Westfii xxij. die Januarii anno r. n. octavo. 


[In dorse] 

Virtute hujus bris cepi i manu dni Regis oma ms 1 ten cu suis ptin 
in balliva mea de quib3 Bo^s Thornton infra noiatus obiit seisitus» que 
qoidoQi tre ^ ten specificant' in quadam inquisicione huic bri annexa. Et 
residuu execut istius bris patet in eadm inquisicione. 

BesponS Wifli Estfeld Majoris 1 Escaetoris. 
Inquisicio capta apud Guihaldam Civitate London in pocfc Sa Laurendi 
in Ve^ Judaismo ejusdem Civitate die VeSis px post festu Invenfdis See 

Records relating to Northumberland^ Sfc. 19 

Cruciis anno regni Regis Henrici sexti post conqm octavo coram Wiiio Est- 
feld Majore dee Civitatis ^ Escaetore ipius dni Regis in eadem Civitate 
virtute cujusdam bris dci dni Regis de diem clausit extremum eidm Ma- 
jori 1 Escaetoii directi 1 huic Inquisicioni consuti ad inquirend de div'sis 
articlis in eodm bri specificatis p sacrm Rici Clerk, Ro^i Amory, Ria 
Steven, Thome Baker, Thome Basset, Witti Rumbold, Thome Masse, Johis 
Polhitt, Thome Hyron, Thome Warde, Thome Danby, Jobis Layner, Petri 
Hoope, Robti Lorkyn, Jobis Athelard, Thome Lyon, 1 Witti FremaS 
pbo'2}L ^ legai hoim ejusdm Civitatis, Qui dicunt sup sacrm suu qd Ro^s 
Thornton in dco bri noiatus obiit seisitus in dnico suo ut de feodo de uno 
mesuagio in subuib dee Civitatis situate in Secolane in pochia Sci Sepulcri 
ext* Neugate in Warda de Faringdon ext*, 1 nichil valet p annu quia vas- 
tatur. Hm dicunt Jurat ^dci qd ^cus Ro^s obiit seisitus in dnico suo 
ut de feodo de uno mesuagio cu suis ptiii in diet Warda 1 pochia Sci Se- 
pulcri sup*dicl, aitua? in Tumagaynelane 1 valet p annu in olbj exitib3 
ult* repris decern solid. Dicunt eciam Juratores ^dief qd dcus Ro^us 
obiit seisitus in dnico suo ut de feodo de quatuor cotagiis \ una pva man- 
sione cu suis ptin situatis ibm in Tumagaynelane quo':^ quodlibet cotagioi;^ 
valet p annu in oib3 exitib3 ult* repris octo denaf , et j^dicta mansio valet 
p annu in oib3 exitib3 ult* repriS octo denaf. Et dicunt eciam Juratores 
pdci qd ^fatus Ro^us obiit seisitus in dnico suo ut de feodo de trib3 P^^^3 
unius mesuagii cu suis ptin vocati Tannsheld situati in Chepe in pochia 
B'ate Marie de Arcub3 in Warda de Chepe ejusdm Civitatis. Et qd 
Jobes Ca^enter ^ Ricus Osberii \ alii seisiti sunt in dnico suo ut de feodo 
de quarta parte mesuagii jPdci. Que quidm tres partes valent p annu in 
omib3 exitib3 ultra reprisas quadraginta solid. Que quidm mesuagia, co- 
tagia, mansio ^ tres partes ^dict tenent' de deo dno Rege in libum burgag 
sicut tota Civitas London tenet'. Et dicunt Juratores pdci qd ^dcus Ro- 
^iis Thornton non tenuit aliqua alia tras sen tenta in dea Civitate nee in 
suburbiis ejusdem Civitate in dnico neq^ in §vicio nee in revsione de did 
dno Rege nee de aliquib3 aliis die quo obiit, ac ulnus dicunt jurat ^ci qd 
Pdcus Ro^us Thornton obiit tcio die Januarii anno sup'deo, Et qd Ro^s 
Thornton Armi§ est filius *l heres ppinquior §fati Rb§i Thornton in bri 
^dco noiati et est eta^ viginti 1 triu anno'2}L \ ampUus. In cujus rei tes- 


20 JRecorth r^ing to Northumberland^ Sfc. 

timonium Juratores ^oi huic InquiBicioni sigilla sua apposuerant. Daf 
London, die VeSis ^ anno sup'dic?. 

HenricuB, &c. Escaetori suo in Com 'E^}o% saitm. Quia Ro^ Thorn- 
ton, &c. &c. 

[In dorso.] 

ResponS Robti Mauleverer Escaetoris dni Regis in Cofii Eboi;; patet in 
InquiS huic bri consu!. 

Inquisi£6 capta apud Gastnun Ebo'2}L xxi\j. die April anno regni Regis 
Henrici sexti post conquestum Angi octavo coram Robto Maul^yerer Es- 
caetore dci dni Regis in Coni Ebo'^ virtute cujusdam bris ipius dni Regis 
de diem clausit extremum eidm Escaetori direc! ^ huic Inquisic6m consul 
p sacrm Witti Riplyngh*m, WiSi Coverdale, Wifli Aterbergh, Johis South- 
wyk, Johis Fylay, Johis del Wodde, Witti Fulshawe, Witti Kirkby, Thome 
Birdfatt; Robti Daubeney, Johis Ryllyngton \ Thome Grene Jural, Qui 
dicunt sup sacrm suu qd Rogerus Thornton in dco bri nolatus obiit seisitus 
in dnico suo ut de libo tenemento ad terminii vite sue de mai^io de Kirk- 
leventon cum ptin in Com ^co ex dimissione Johis Ducis Bedford rev 
cone inde post mortem §dci Ro|^i dco Duci "X hered suis spectante, et 
tenet' de dno de Fawconberge ut de Castello 1 manio suo de Skelton p 
que svicia dci Jura! ignorant, et valet p annii in omib3 exitib3 ult* repriS 
xviij. ii. Dicunt eciam dci Jura! qd ^cus Rogerus non tenuit aliqua alia 
terras sen tenementa in dnico nee in Vvif& mc in rev cone die quo obiit de 
dno Rege nee de aliquib3 aliis in Coih ^co. I!m die dci Jura! qd ^cus 
Rogerus in dco bri noiatus obiit tercio die Januarii ultimo ^terito. Et qd 
Rogerus Thornton Armiger est filius 1 heres ejusdm Rogeri in dco bri 
noiati ppinquior, et est etatis viginti "X trium vjaaoT^. lamplins. In cujus 
rei testimoniu huic Inquisic6ni dci Jura! sigilla sua apposuerant. Da! die 
'\ loco sup*dici 

Henricus dei gra Rex Angl 'I Franc 1 Dns Hibn Majori ville Novi 
Casti sup Tynam 1 Escaetori suo in eadem villr saitm. Quia Ro^s 
Thornton qui de nob tenuit in capite diem rl visu <'t.tremu ut accepim 

Records relating to Northumberland^ 8fc. 21 

tibi ^ipim qd omia tiras \ ten de.quib3 ^^^^ Ro^us fuit seisitus in dnico 
6U0 at de feodo in balliva tua die quo obiit sine ditone capias in manu nfam 
1 ea salvo custodiri fac donee aliud inde ^cepira. Et p sacrm pbo'2f 1 leg 
hoim de eadem balliva tua p quos rei vitas melius sciri pent diligent in- 
quiras quantum tire T; ten ^cus Ro^us tenuit de nob in capite tarn in 
dnico q^ in ^icio in dca balliva tua dco die quo obiit !l quantu de aliis ^ 
p quod sviciu ^ quantu Ire 1 ten ilia valeant p. annii in omib3 exitib3, ^ 
quo die idem Ro^s obiit 1 quis ppinquior heres ejus sit 1 cujus etatis. — 
Et ]nquisi66em inde distincte 1 apte Ibam nob in Cancellar nfam sub si- 
gillo tuo ^ sigiUis eo^ p quos fca fuerit sine ditone mittas 1 hoc bre. T. 
me ipo apud Westmv xxij. die Januarii, anno r. n. octavo. 


£In dorso.] 
ResponS Jobis de Rodes Majoris et Escaetoris dni Regis in villa Novi 
Castri sup Tynam patet in Inquisic6e huic bri consul. 

Inquisico capta apud Villam Novi Castri sup Tynam xxvij. die mensi^ 
Marcii, anno regni Regis Henrici sexti post conquestum Angt octavo, 
coram Jobe de Rodes Majore ville jpdce \ Escaetore dci dni Regis in eadm 
villa virtute bris ^usdm dni Regis de diem clausit extremum eidm Majori 
"X Escaetori direct '\ huic Inquisiconi consul p sacrm Jobis Pray, Thome 
Penreth, Wiffi Pray, Wiiti Stodert, Nichi Gabefore, Wifli Whetwortb, 
Wiffi Gray, Robti de Akt jn, Thome Dumley, Robti Hawson, Witti Reede, 
\ Jobis Fourbour Jurat. Qui dicunt sup sacrm suum qd Rogerus Thorn- 
ton in dco bri nolatus obiit seisitus in dnico sue ut de feodo de omib3 me- 
suagiis, terris, tentis, redditib3 1 advocac&nib3 subscript cum suis ptin infra 
dcam villam Novi Castri, videit de uno mesuagio cum ptin jacent in le 
Bradechare in quo idm Rogerus inbitabat tempore mortis sue, qd valet p 
unnu in omib3 exitib3 ult* repriS j xl. 3. Km de quatuor pvis mesuag si- 
mul jacenf ibm ex parte Australi ostii dci mesuagii quoTf quodlibet valet p 
annu ulf" repriS j vj. S. Ibn de duob3 mesuagiis in le Bradechare sup le 
Westrawe quo']^ utrmnq^ valet p annii ult* repriS w x. g. < Km de trib3 me- 
suag simul jacentii)3 ad finem Australem del Bradechare quo'^ quo dlibet 


22 Records rdating to Northumberland^ Sfc. 

Talet p annu ulf" repriS v vj. S. viii. d. Hm de septem mesuagiis simul 
jacent in le Narowchare alias diet Colierchare qao'2}L quodlibet valet p annu 
ult* repriS y x. S. I!m de nno mesuagio cum pomario eidm meS adjacent 
ex parte orientali del Pampedenburn qd valet p annu ulf" repri3 j v|. g; 
viy. d. Ifm de uno meeuagio ppe finem borialem del Bradecfaare qd nichil 
valet p annii quia vastat'. Ilm de uno alio mesuagio cum ptin subtus 
finem orientalem Cimiterii Ecciie Olm Sco'2}l qd nichil valet p annu quia 
- vastat'. Hm de quinq^ mesuagiis simul jacent ex Australi pte ^ci Cimi- 
terii quo']^ quodlibet valet p annu ult^ repriS v v. S. Ilm de uno gardino 
jacent infra Pampedenyate qd valet p annu ult* repriS y ij. d. Ifm de 
duob3 aliis gardinis jacen! ext* Pampedenyate quo']^ utrumque valet p 
annu ult* repriS y xij, d. Hm de trib3 gardinis jacenl ext* le Sandyate ad 
finem orientalem de Sandyate quo'^ quodlibet valet p annii ult* repriS ^ 
iiij. d. Hm de uno mesuagio in Philipchare quod nichil valet p annu quia 
vastat'. Hm de septem mesuagiis jacen! in vice voca! le Close ex ut'q^ pte 
de Langstare ibm quo'^ quodlibet valet p annu ult* repriS y v. S. Ibn de 
trib3 messuagiis jacenf in eodm vico ad finem occidentalem del Close quo^ 
quodlibet valet p annu ult* repriS y vj. S. Ifm de uno mesuagio jacenf in le 
Side voca{ Lyleplace qd nichil valet p annu quia vastat'. Hm de trib3 
mesuagiis disparism jacen? in le Side subtus Castrum dni Regis in ^ca 
villa ^ nichil valent p annii quia vastant'* Ibn de uno mesuagio cum ptiii 
in le Clathe Market ex pte boriali Cimiterii Ecdie Sci Nichi juxta le 
North Kirkstiley ibm qd valet p annu in toto ult* repriS ^ xx, S. Em de 
uno mesuagio in Skynngate qd valet p annu ult* repriS^ vj. S. viii. d. Km 
de duob3 aliis meS ibm jacenf quo^ utrumq^ valet p annu ult* repriS j iij. S. 
iiij. d. I&n de uno mesuagio jacenf ex pte occidentali de Melemarket 
qd valet p annii ult' repriSc- ij. S. Hm de uno mesuagio jacenf ex parte 
orientali de Melemarket qd valet p an nu ult repriS ^ iij. S. iiij- d. Rm de 
duob3 mesuagiis in le Melemarket quo^ utruq^ valet p annii ult' repriS y 
V. 8. Rm de quatuor mesuagiis simul jacen! in Dentonchare quo'^i quod- 
libet valet p annu ult' repriS w iiij. S. Km de uno mesuag in le Netemar- 
ket qd nichil valet p annu quia vastat'. Km de uno alio mesuagiS ibm in 
le Netemarket in quo Bobtus Singilton inbitat qd valet p annS ult' repriS ^ 
XX. 8. Ifm de ^. mesuag simul jaceni ext' le N \^;ate quo^ quodlibet 

Records relative to Norihumberland^ S^c. 23 

valet p annu ult* repriS j iij. S. Itm de duab3 ptib3 unius Clausi ibm que 
valent p annu ult* repriS^ ij. S. Km de tribj mesuag ibm jaceni exoposito 
Gapelle Beate Marie Magdalene quolji qupdlibet valet p annu ult* repriS y 
iij. S. iiij. A Hm de uno mesuagio ext* Pilgrymstrete yate qd valet p annu 
tdt* repriS y x. S. I&n de uno mesuag ibm qd nichil valet p annu quia 
vastat'. Hm de una selione terre ibm vocaf Leyrigg que valet p annu ult 
repriS J xij. d. Hm de duob3 gardinis ibm quo'^. utrumq^ valet p annu 
ult* repris j xij. d. I&n de una selione terre ibm que valet p annu ult* re- 
priS J xij. d. I&n de quatuor mesuag jacen! in Pilgrymstrete quo'^ quod- 
libet valet p annu ult' repriS w vj. S. viij. d. Ibn de uno mesuagio jacen! 
in Pilgrymstrete juxta finem occidentalem del Alhalowgate in tenura 
Thome Duche 1 valet p annu ult* repriS j ij. d. I&n de quodam redditu j 
xvj. 8. viij. d. exeun! de illo tenemento cum ptin in quo Thomas Penreth 
drap nunc inhitat in le Clathmarket ad festa Pen? \ Sci Martini in yeme 
equis porconib3 psolvend. Ibn de uno alio redditu j x^. S. exeun? de uno 
mesuagio cum ptin in le Netemarket nunc in tenura Wiili Aysmyth ad 
feflta ^dca equis porconib3 sohcnd. Ilm de uno alio redditu decem solid 
exeun? de uno tenemento cum suis ptin ext' le Newyate nunc in tenura 
Jobis Halton ad festa ^ca equis porconib3 solvend. Ibn de uno alio red- 
ditu quinq^ solid exeun? de uno tenemento ibm nunc in tenura Elene Sa- 
vage equis porconib3 ad festa ^ca solvend. I?m de advocacone Hospitalis 
Beate Katerine vbca? Thornton hospitall in dca villa Novi Castri. Ac de 
advocacone Cantarie ad altare Sa Petri in Ecciia Oim Sco'^l in eadm viDa. 
Necnon de advocacone Cantarie ad altare Sci Eligii in Ecdia Sci Nicbi ia 
eadm villa, ac eciam de advocacone Cantarie ad altare See Trinitatis in 
eadm Ecciia Sci Nicbi. Et dicunt dci Jura? sup sacrm suii qd ofhia^ca 
mesuagia, terre, tenementa, redditus. 1 advocacones ^scrip? cum ptin te- 
nent' de dco dno Bege in libum burgagiu ut tota villa Novi Castri pdic? 
tenet'. Et die dci Jurator qd jpfetus Ro&is in dco bri noiatus non tenuit 
aliqua alia terf seu ten in dnico nee in yvico nee in revrone de dno Bege 
neq^ de aliquib3 aliis in dca villa Novi Castri die quo obiit. Et dicunt qd 
iAn Bo^ obiit ?cio die Januarii ultimo jpterito. Et qd Bogerus Thorn- 
ton Armiger est uos 1 heres dci Bogeri in dec bri noia? ppinquior, X est 

24 Becords relative to Northumberland^ S^c. 

eta? viginti 1 triu aimo'2}L ^ amplius. In cuj5^ rei testimoniii dci Jura! huic 
Inquisiconi sigilla sua apposuerunt. Data die ^ loco sup* dici 

Henricus dei gra Rex Angt 1 Franc 1 Dns Hibii Escaetori suo in Com 
Northumbr saitnL Quia Rogerus Thornton qui de nob tenuit in capite diem 
clausit extremii ut aceepim^ tibi ^cipim? qd omia was 1 ten de quibj 
idem Rogerus fiiit seisitus in dnico suo ut de feodo in balliva tua die quo 
obiit sine ditone capias in manu nram "X ea salvo custodiri fac donee 
aliud inde ^cepim^. Et p sacrm pboTjL 1 leg hoim de eadm balliva tua p 
quos rei v^tas melius sciri pent diligent inquiras quantu tre 1 ten ^dcus 
Ro^s tenuit de nob in capite tarn in dnico q*m in ^vicio in dca balliva 
tija dco die quo obiit % quantu de aliis 1 p quod sviciu, ^ quantum tre 1 
ten ilia valeant p annu in omib5 exitib3 ^ quo die idem Rogerus obiit ^ quis 
ppinquior heres ejus sit 1 cujus etatis. Et Inquisic6em inde distincte 1 
apte fcam nob in Cancellar nram sub sigillo tub 1 sigillis eo'^ p quos fca 
rait sine ditone mittas 1 hoc bre. T. me ipo apud Westm v xxij. die Ja- 
nuar anno r. n. octavo. 


[In dorso.] 

ResponS Witti Strother Escaetoris dni Re^s in Com Northumbr patet 
in InquiS huic bri consut. 

Inquisic6 capta apud Castrum dni Regis de Novo Castro sup Tynam 
Becundo die menS Marcii anno regni Regis Henrici sexti post conqestum 
Angt octavo coram Wilhno Strother Escaetore dci dni Regis in Com 
Northumbr virtute bris ipius dni Regis de diem clausit extremum eidm 
Escaetori direc! "^ huic Inquisiconi consul p sacrm Thome Lilbum, Johis 
Midelton, Nichi Turpyn, Johis Mitford de Ponteland, Robti Musgrave, 

WiBl Lawson, Johis ^ WitH Musgrave, WilH Benet, Jacobi Buk, 

Wifli Rotheford 1 Johis Mitford de Nunhous Jura I Qui dicunt sup sacrm 
suum qd Rogerus Thornton in dco bri noia 'I tenuit die quo obiit in dnico 
suo ut de feodo in Coin ^ dco conjunctim cum Jotle de Fenwycke capel- 
lano adhuc supstite medietatem manii de Magna Benton cum pttii ac 

Records relating to Northumberlandf Sfc. 25 

medietatem manii de Stanyngton cum ptin^ ^ sex terr husband in villa de 
Trenwett cum ptin^ ex dono "X feoflBsi,mento Thome Gryffith dni de Wyche- 
nore p quandam cartam ipius Thome cujus daf est ^apud Wytton' decimo 
octavo die MenS Julii anno regni Regis Henr quarti post conquestum sextos 
inr alia ^fatis Rogero ^ Johi de Fenwyke ^capellano' ac Thome de Chestre 
y inter jam defiincf hered ^ assign suis inde fact 1 ^dcis jurat in evidenciam 
ostenS p nomen oim terral^f "X teiito^ reddituu possessionii "X svicio'^i cum 
suis ptiii que ^fer Thomas Gryffith huit in Stanyngton^ Benton^ Kyllyng- 
worthy Belesysev Shotton^ Plessyse 1 Trenwett^ vt alibi in Coffi Northumbr 
cu omib3 libtatib3 comoditatib3 1 aliis ptiii suis. Et j^dci Jurat dicunt qd 
^cus Rogerus de statu ^co obiit seisitus conjunctim cum ^faf Johe de 
Fenwyke jam supstite. In qua quidm medietate manii de Magna Benton 
^dicl est situs manii y % nichil valet p annu ult* repriS.^ et eciam sunt ibm 
decem mesuag quo'^ quodlibet valet p annii ult* repriS y iiij. d. Itm sut 
ibm duo cotag quo'^i utrumq^ valet p annu ult* repriS j ij. d. Est eciam ibm 
medietas unius molendini ventritici ^ nichil valet p annu quia totum mo- 
lendinu illud vastat'y et eciam sunt ibm quadraginta I octo acre terre dnicat 
qua'2}L quelibeli acra valet p annu ult* repriS j ij. d. Et sunt ibm xij. acre 
prati quAlj. quelibet acra valet p annu ult* repriS j xj. d. Itm sunt ibm 
quindecim terre husband qua'^ quelibet valet p annu ult* repriS y iiij. s. 
Rm sunt in eadm medietate maSii div^ reddif 1 svic exeunt de divS terris 
1 tentis in Com ^co^ que quidm terf 1 ten div^si holes sepati mtenuerunt 
de ^fato Rogero die quo obiit ac de ^feto Johe de Fenwyke adhuc supstite^ 
ut de jPdic? medietate maSii de Magna Benton^ vidett Thom's Hesilrygg 
tenuit de ^M Ro^o die quo obiit ac de §&l Johe de Fenwyke adhuc sup- 
stite ut de eadm medietate ^mami mamu de South Wyteslade cu ptin in 
eodm com sibi 1 hered suis imppuii p homagium "X fidelitate 1 sectam ad 
cur ^cF Rogeri 1 Johis de Fenwyke apud Benton ^dic? de trib3 septi- 
manis in tres septimanas^ % pSviciu j iiij- 3 iiij. d. ob. annuatim solvendad 
festii Sci Jacobi Apli. Hm Thomas Pityngton Capellanus tenuit de |Jfa! 
RoSd die quo obiit ac de ^fa? Johe de Fenwyke ut de eadm medietate 
manii unu mesuagiii T; Ix. acras terre cum uno molendino ventritico in villa 
de Benton j sibi 1 hered suis imppuu p homagiu 1 fidelitatem ^ p sviciu 
iiij. d. annuatim solvend ad festum Scl Petri ad Vincla. Rm idm Thomas 
VOL. ra. F 

26 Records relative to Northumberland^ 8fc. 

tenuit de fifato Bogero die quo obiit ac de ^fato Johe de Fenwyke ut de 
eadm medietate maSii^ unu mesuagiu 1 vj''\ acras teif sibi "X hered suis 
imppuu in dca villa de Benton p homagiu 1 fidelitatem '\ p §vieiu ^ yj. A 
. annuatim solvend ad dcm festum Sci Jacobi. Ifm Adam Kyllyngwortll 
tenuit de jpfato Rogero die quo obiit ac de ^fato Johe de Fenwyke ut de 
[pdca] medietate manii medietatem unius mesuagii \ vj". acr terr cum ptin 
in villa de Kyllyngworth in Com ^co sibi ^ heired suis imppuu p homagiu 
^ fidelitatem "X p sectam ad dcam Cur ^ooli Rogeri T; Johis apud Benton de 
. trib3 septimanis in tree septimanas \ p sviciu ^ xxx\j. S. ix. d. annuatim sol- 
vend ad festa PentecosJ 1 Sci Martini in yeme equis porc&nib3. Ibn Robtus 
de Kyllyngworth tenuit de ^fato Rogero die quo obiit ae de ^fa? Johe de 
Fenwyke^ ut de eadm medietate maSii unu mesuagiu 1 1x. acras terre in 
villa de Kyllyngworth jpdca sibi 1 hered suis imppuu p fidelitatem 1 p §viciii-/ 
iiij. g yj. d. annuatim solvend ad festa Pen! T; Sci Martini in yeme ^ict p 
equales porcbnes^ 1 similit p^ciu dua?^ Whr^li. pipis annuatim solvend ad 
dcm festum Sci Martini in yeme. Ihn idm Robtus tenuit de ^M Rogero 
die quo obiit ac de ^M. Johe de Fenwyke ut de eadm medietate manii unu 
mesuag \ xv. acras terre cum ptin in dca villa de Kyllyngworth sibi '\ 
hered suis imppuu p fidelitatem 1 sectam ad dcam cur eorl^ dm Rogeri t 
Johis apud Benton de tribj septimanis in tres septimanas ^ p ^ciu j ij. §. 
vj. d. annua! solvend ad dca festa Pen! ^ SS Martini in yeme equis por- 
c6nib3. I!m Margareta que fuit ux Johis de Asshton militis tenuit de 
^fato Rogero die quo obiit ac de ^fato Johe de Fenwyke ut de eadm me- 
dietate manii medietatem maSii de Northwyteslade cum ptin in Com ^dco 
sibi 1 hered suis imppuu p homagiii \ fidelitatem \ p sectam ad dcam cuf 
eo^dm Rogeri 1 Johis apud Benton de trib3 septimanis in tres septimanas 
"X p sviciu sexte ptis unius feodi militis p ofhi §vic&. Et dicunt dci Jura! qd 
^dca medietas manii de ^Magna' Benton tenet' de dno Bege in capite p 
homagiu "X fidelitatem ^ p sviciu vij. d. q* p homagio \ eciam p sviciu 
xviij. d. ob. p finib3 Curia'^^ pcipiend annuatim ad ^cm festum Sci Jacobi 
p manus Vic Northumbr p tempore existen! ad opus dni Regis. I!m di- 
cunt dci Jura! qd in ^dca medietate manii de Stanyngton sunt Ix. acr 
terre dnicai qua^ quelibet acra valet p annu ult*" repriS y ij.d. Et eciam 
sunt ibm quatuor acre prati dnicat qua*^ quelibet acra valet p annu ultr 

Records relative to Northumberland^ 8fc. 27 

repriS y vj.d. Ibn sunt ibm xyj. terre husband qualj^ quelibet terra valet 
p annu ult' repriS j iiij. g. Km sunt ibm y], cotagia quo^ quodlibet vdet 
p annu ult' repri§ y xij. d. Km sunt ibm Tiij. mesuagia quol^f quodlibet 
valet p annu ult' repriS y ii\j. d. Van. est ibm quedam placea brusseti que 
valet p annu ult' repriS y ij. S. Ilm sunt in eadm medietate maSii de 
Stanyngtoii divBa redditus ^ svicia exeun? de divsis terris 1 tefitis in Com 
^coy que quidm terras \ tenta divsi holes sepatim tenuerunt de ^fato Rogero 
die quo obiit ac de ^fato Johe de Fenwyke ut de dicta medietate manii de 
Stanyngton videit Johes Widryngton miles tenuit de^fato Rogero die quo 
obiit ac de ^fato Jotie de Fenwyke ut de eadm medietate manii mamu de 
Plessyse ^ villam de Shottoii inCoffi ^co sibi ^ hered suis imppuu p homagiu 
'\ fidelitatem \ p^ciu unius paris calcariu deaurato':^ ad festu Natai dni an- 
nuatim sol vend ^ eciam p 9viciu j xx. S. p warda castri domini Regis de Novo 
Castro sup Tynam ad festum Sd Jacobi ^dic! annuatim solvend. Ilm Johes 
Belesise tenuit de ^&to Rogero die quo obiit ac de ^&to Johe de Fenwyke 
ut de eadm medietate manii de Stanyngton medietatemcujusdam placee terre 

arabii .... pasture in villa de Stanyngtoii in Com 

^co sibi \ hered suis imppuu p bomagiii ^ fidelitatem ^ p servieiQ medie- 
tatis y xiij. d. ob. ad dcm festum Sci Jacobi annuatim solvend. Itm dicunt 
dci Jural qd quelibet [terra] ternf^ husband in villa de Trenweft^dict valet 
p annu ult' repriS j ij. S. Et dicunt dci Jura! qd ^dca medietas maSii de 
Stanyngton \ ^ce vj. terre husband in villa de Trenwefi tenent' de dno 
Rege in capite p homagiii 1 fidelitatem 1 p yviciu y xviij. d. p warda castri 
dni Regis de Novo Castro si^ Tynam ac eciam psviciu ^ xiij. d p comagio^ 
pcipiend annuatim p manus Vic Northumbr p tempore existentis ad opus 
dni Regis ad dcm festum sci Jacobi ApU. Et ^ci Jurat dicunt qd j^dict 
donu ^ feofl&mentu de ^cis medietatib3 manio'2^ de Magna Bentoii 1 
Stanyngtoii cu ptin ac de ^dicJ sex terris husband cu ptin in villa de Tren- 
wefi: ^dict jPfel Rogero Johi de Fenwyke 1 Thome de Chestr p ^dict 
Thomam Grjrffith fact faerunt licencia regia inde non optenta. Set dicunt 
dci Jura! qd postea dns Henrieus nup Rex Angt avus dni Regis nunc p 
has suas patentes ^&{ Jura! in evidenciam ostei^.^ qua^ da! est apud Westih 
tricesimo die Januarii anno regni sui septimo j recitans qd cum ^dic! Rogerus 
de Thornton Johes de Fenwyke capellanus 1 Thomas de Chestr vynter nup 
adquisivissent sibi hered \ assign suis de j^fa! Thoma Gryffith dno de 

28 Records relating to Northumberland, Sfc. 

Wychenore int alia oinia terras ten redditus possessiones svicia 1 feoda 
cum oi5ib3 libtatib3 comoditatibj ^ aliis ptin suis quibuscumq^ que ^dic? 
Thomas Gryffith huit in villis de Stanyngtoii^ Benton^ Kyllyngworthy 
Belesysey Shotton^ Plessyse^ I Trenwett vl alibi in Com Northumbf ^ T; ilia 
ingressi fuissent licencia ipius nup Regis sup hoc non optenta^ pdonavit 
^fat Rogero Johi de Fenwyke I Thome de Chestre t'nsgressione faci in 
hac pte Et ulterius de uberiori gra sua concessit eisdm Rogero Johi 1 
Thome qd ipi die? terras 1 ten ac oiBia alia ^dic? que de ipo nup Rege 
tenebant' rehaberent ^ tenerent sibi hered T; assigna! suis de ipo nup Rege 
1 hered suis p svicia inde debita I consueta imppuii. Que quidm terf ten 
reddit p[ossessiones svicia] I feoda ^dca cum or5ib3 libtatib3 comodita? 1 
at ptin suis quibuscuq^ in ^dcis villis de Stanyngtofiy Bentoiiy Kyllyng- 
worth./" Belesyse^ Shotton.; Plessyse ^ Trenewett in ^cis fris patent ac in 

^dca carta jPdci Thome Gryffith ^icf medietatmamoljLde 

Magna Benton 1 Stanyngton cum ptin ac ^dcas sex teir husband in viUa 
de Trenwett cum ptin supius specifical. Et sunt eedm medietates et sex teif 
husband '^ . . . . Et dicunt qd j^dcus Ro^us Thornton in dco bri 
noiatus non tenuit aliqua alia tras seu teii in dnico nee in ^cio in Com 
^dco de dno Rege nee de aliis dco die quo obiit. Et dicunt dci Jura! qd 
^dict Rogerus in ^dco bri noiatus obiit tercio die Januarii ultimo |)terito^ 
Et qd Rogerus Thornton armiger est filius ^ heres ejusdm Rogeri in dco 
bri nolati ppinquior^ ^ est etatis viginti ^ triii anno']^ ^ amplius. In cuj^ 
rei testimoniu dci Jurat huic Inquisic6ni sigilla sua apposuerunt. Data die 
1 loco capconis huj^ Inquisic&nis sup*dicJ. 

[Rot: Pat: 6 Hen. IV. pore 2n<i* m, 16.] 

[^ Rofo Thornton.] 
9^. Omib3 ad quos 1c. salfm. Sciatis qd nos considerantes bonu 1 fidele 
§viciii quod dilcus nob Ro^s de Thornton miyor ville nre de Novo Castro 
sup Tynam nob impendity tam p salva custodia ejusde ville nre cent* iniqum 
ppositum Comitis Northumbr ^ alio'^ rebellium nro'^ qui in ptib3 illis 
erga nos jam tarde se levaruntv q*m p magnis depditis dampnis custub3 % 
expensis bono^ suo'^ que ipe ea occ6ne sustulit 'I sustinuit/ sumam mille 
marca']^ 1 amplius ut dicit attingentiT de gfa nfa spali in recompensactiem 

Records rdating to Northumbeviand, 8fc. 29 

^misso^i^ Dedim^ % concessim^ eidm Bo^o mamum de Kjrkleventon in 
Cleveland cum omib3 membris quod quidem mamum nup fiiit ^dci Com- 
itis 1 p ^fiEttum Comite Wilto Lasyngbj p tmino vite sue dimissumv revsione 
inde aide Gomiti 1 heredib3 8uis reservata^ aceciam quandam pkoeam que 
Yocat' le Fouchertious com oSUbj membris \ ofaib5 &i8 ten 1 p^ que 
fderunt ejusdem Comitis infra dnium de Whikham jacenii aceciam ma&um 
de Aklome in Clyyeland cum omibj membris que fiierunt Henr de Boyn- 
ton militis^ que quide mama placea tre ten pHa ^ possessiones cum revsione 
^dca ad manus nfas occ6ne forisfcural^ jpdco'^ Comitis Wilii Lasyngby 1 
Henr de Boynton deyenerunt \ valorem quinquaginta libra'^ p annii non 
excedunt put informam^ Hend^ tenendeidm Ro^o ^ heredib^ suis imppm 
de eisdem dnis \ p eadm ¥ricia put ilia ante forisfcuras ^dcas tenebant'. 
^viso semp qd si mama placea tre ten pM;a 1 possessiones j^dca valorem 
quinquaginta librai;^ p annu excedant j tunc nob ^ lieredib3 nfis de sup- 
plusagio respondeaf ut est justum. In cujus ^. T. 9^ apud Westffi ^ xxviij. 
dieJulii. Pbredeprivsig. 

Rot* Pttt: 1 £dw. IV^ pan. 4t>. m. 14, no: 124. 

{9 Bo^o Thometon Armi^.] 

9^. omib3 ad quos 1c. saltm. Sciatis qd cum p qnandam supplicac&em 
ex parte fidelis ligei nn Ro§i Thometon de Witton in in Cofll nro North- 
umbr Armi|l nob fisentatam accepim^ quali? pater ipius Ro^i juste *l 
pacifice seisitus extitat in mamo de Neweham juxta Bamburgb in Cofii 
nro ^cow quousq^ Henr Comes Northumbr ipm inde i^juste expulsit T: 
disseisivity ac postea fit suns nup Comes Northumbr similir tenuerat jpdcm 
maxuitm omi tempore vite sue. Jamq^ pdcm manium cum ptin int alias 
nras ejusdem nup Comitis Northumbr ad manus nfas devenerunt. Nos igit^ 
tarn ^misso'^ consideracfie q*m fidelis 1 acceptabilis ffvidi nob p ^fatum 
Bogom impen§ 1 impostumimpendend^ de gfa nfa spali Concessim^ ei&n 
Rogto mamum ^cm cum ptin quod de valore viginti marca'^ vel infira p 
annu existit^ ITend \ tenend ^cm ma:Sium cum ptin ^firix> Ro^ juxta 
tenorem evidencia']^ sua'^ aliquot statute actu ordina£&e vel re8tric£6e 
incontWum fee? non obstanl In cujus Ic. T. 9- apiid Westm xvj.^ die 
Fcibr. p lire de private sigillo 1 de daf *tc. 

VOL. m. a 

30 Records relating to Northumberland^ Sfc. 

No. V. — Bundle of Placita for the. County of NoHhumherland. NoJ 42. 
Among the Records in the Tower of London. Communicated by Thomas 
Hudson Turner^ Esq. 

[UIO. 11 Hen. IT.] 

Dns Bex mandavitbre suu clausmn Majori Vic \ Coitati ville sue Novi 
Castri sup Tynam in hec verba. 

Henricus dei gra Rex Anglie 1 Franc 1 Dns Hibn Majori Vic 1 Coitati 
ville nre Novi Castri sup Tynam saitm. 

Supplicavit nob yenabilis par Thomas Epus Dunelm p petif6em suam nob 
in ultimo pliamento nro exhibitam \ coram nob in Canoellar nram autori- 
tate pliamenti ^dci nninand missam^ ut cu ipe \ omes ^decessores sui Epi 
Dunelm a tempore quo non exstat memoria Com 1 libtatem Dunelni infra 
aquas de Tyne 1 Teyse ac medietates ea'^dem aqua'^ eisdem Cofil \ libtati 
adjacentes cu franchesiis jurisdicc6e 1 jurib3 regalibj^ ut de jure ecciie 
sue Sci Cuthberti Duneldi^ buerint \ tenuint pacifice et integre^^ excepta 
medietate cujusdam pontis vocati Tynesbriggseextendentisult* dcamaquam 
de Tyne inr villam nfam Novi Castri sup Tynam ac villam de Gatesheued 
in Com 1 libtate Dunelm ^dcis, de qua quidem medietate pontis eidem 
ville de Gatesheued adjacente cu franchesiis, jurisdcoe 1 jurib3 regalib3 
sup eandem medietatem ve§abilis par Jobes Fordham ^[de]cessor ^dci Epi 
1: omes ^decessores sui Epi Dunelm pacifice seisiti fuerunt usq^ ad annii 
scdm consecracbis ejusdem Jobis qd Witts Bysshopdale Major 1 Ballivi dee 
ville nre Novi Castri sup Tynam tunc existentes 1 Coitas ejusdem ville 
quandam Turrim sup dcam medietatem pontis eidem viUe de Gratesheued 
adjacent in solo ipius Jobis edificare ceperunt, quam quidem Turrim Major 
^ Ballivi ejusdem ville Novi Castri "X Coitas ejusdem tempore venabilis 
patris Walti Skirlow ultimi ^decessoris ipius nunc Epi compleri fecerunt^ ac 
etas petras in medio dci pontis nup jacentes^ tanq*m metas 1 bundas inr 
dcos Com ^ libtatem Dunelm \ dcam villa nram Novi Castri^ ceperunt \ 

Records relating to Northumberland, Sfc. 31 

removeri 1 in eandem villain nram asportari fecerunty dcam Turrim ^ sup 
solu dci nunc Epi sic edificatam vos adhuc ocupatis^^ ^dcm nunc Epm 
inde ac ad utend frandiesiiB jxirisdiccbe ^ juribj Tegalib3 sup dcm pontem^ 
a loco ubi mete ^ bunde ^dce fore solebantv us% ad finem ejnsdem pontis 
vsus dcam villam de Gatesheued^ ^tendentes totum ^cm ponte ext* com 
I libtatem Dunelm ^dic? existed 1 totu ^dcm pontem in Com ^ce ville 
nre Novi Castri 1 infra dcam villam Novi Gastrin quam vos here ^ de nob 
ad feodi firmam tenere ^tenditis^ Vom^hendi'^ impeditis'l pturbatis ad g've 
dampnu ipius nuncEpi acEcciie sue ^dce exhereda£6em manifestam^Velim^ 
sibi de remedio in hac pte grose pvideri ; Nos volentes in hac parte fieri 
quod est Justus Vob ^cipim^ qd in ppriis psonis vris vel p attomatos vros 
sufficientem potestatem in hac parte bentes^ sitis coram nob in Gancellaf 
nfa a die Sci Micbis in unu mensem ad respondend sup oSaib3* ^ singlis 
articulis in peticoe ^dca contentis 1 ad faciend ulnus 1 recipiend quod Cur 
nra consideravlt in hac parte. Et beatis ibi tunc hoc bre. T. me ipo apud 
Westm J xviij. die Junii anno r. n. undecimo. 

Ad quem diem tam ^fatus Epus in ^ria psona sua q^ jpfati Major 
Vic 1 Coitas p Ro^ de Thornton^ Wiihn Jonson^ Robtum Gabefore^ 
Jobem Watt-r WiBm Redmershifiy Jobem Paulyn^ Robtu Whelpyngton^ 
Thomam Smytby 1 Nicbm Wymbyssb attomatos sues in Cancellar ^dca 
comparuemnty ^ ^ci Major Vic /I Coitas optulerunt se in eadem Cancellar 
cii ^fato Epo 1 consilio suo de articlis in peticoe ^ca contentis amicabilir 
tractarey petendo sibi diem ^ licenciam p Cur in hac pte dan. Et sup 
hoc jpce 1 instancia attomato'^ ^dco'^i Maoris Vic 1 Coitatis axj de 
assensu j^dci Epiy dies datus est §fatis M^jori Vic ^ Coltati ac ^fato Epo 
a die Pasche tunc px fiitur in tres septimanas. Ac postmodu bito traetatu 
inr ipm Epm ^ ^fatos Majorem Vic 1 Coitatem de matiis in peticoe 
^ca contentis^ ^cus Eps optulit Witto Langtoii tunc Majori ville ^ce^ 
Ro^o Thomtonw WiSo Jonson^ \ Jobi Paulyn^ Burgensibj ville ^dce-^ 
qd si ipi una cu octo aliis 8ufficienciorib3 Burgensib3 ejusdem ville jurare 
vellent singillatim 1 ^cise qd jurisdiccio tempalis ac libtas ipius Epi 1 ecciie 
sue Sci Cuthberti Dunelm se extendebSt de villa ipius Epi de Gatesheued 
in Cofii 1 libtate Dunelfii sup pontem ulf aquam de Tyne^ inr dcam 
villam de Gatesheued et ^cam villam Novi Gastrin ad aliquem ctu 

32 Records rdoHng to Northumberland^ 4^. 

locum p ipos juratores limitand ^ assignandii *l qd ult* ilium locQ huj^ 
jurisdiccio ^ libtas nuq*m se extendebantii idem EpuB jtiri8dio66em soam 
tempatem ult* illu locu sic p j^dcos juratores limitandl assignand sup dcm 
pontem vsm eandem villam Novi Castri durante vita sua nullo modo 
excceret. Salvo semp in oiiiib5 J^^^^^ Ecctie sue ^ce. Ac iidem Wiihi/ 
Ro^i/ Wifls ^ JoheSif una cu octo aliis Burgensib3 ejusdem villew yideit^ 
Johe Byweft^ Witto Esyngtony Robto ChirdeSy Wifto Redfishittw Robto 
HebburBii Witto Midilton j Jobe WMj 1 Robto Swynbuifiii venerunt coram 
^&to Epo ^ consilio suo in domo Capitulari Ecciie ^dce xxt. die Marcii 
anno ejusdem diai Regis rciodecimOii ^ optulerunt se paratos jurare singilla- 
tim 1 ^cise sub hac forma vbolj. — 

* I say be myn othe yat ye ffiraunchis ^ jurisdiccion temporeH: of Seynt 
Cutbert of Duresme And of Thom&s Bisshop of tbe Kirke of Seynt 
Cutbert of Duresme ^ of his ^ecessours sumtyme Bisshopes of ye same 
Kirke extendes hym out of ye to& of Gatisheued toward ye ton of ye 
Newcastett in ye hegb way yat ties over ye brigge to a plas yat is calde 
Jargonhole 1 no ferrer on ye same brigge in ye way toward ye ton of ye 
Newcasteli fro ye forsaide ton of Gatesheued And at ye pdecessours of the 
same Bisshop ne yair ministres in yair name has no farther right fully used 
jurisdiccion temporeH: on ye same brigge/ 

In casu quo o5iib3 articlis in dca peticoe contentis ^ eo^ cireOstanciis 
ac oblacoe dci Epi cu matura delibacSe ponderatis 1 intellectisw videat' Can* 
cellar Angt qd ^ca forma juramenti sit licita honesta 1 expedi^ buj^ 
cause oportuna sicut tarn ^cus Epus p Jobem Thorabby attom suu q*m 
§dci Major Vic 1 Coitas p ;Pdcm Robtu Whelpyngt<m attorn suu cotam 
dno Rege in Gancellaf ^ca cognoverunt. Et quia visis ^ diligent eza» 
minatis articulis ^cis *l eolji circustanciis consideratii fuit p dcm Gancellaf 
qd injustis de causis buj^ juramentG non est p ^fatos Burgenses in hac pte 
^stand nee p ipm Epm recipiend set offiino dimittend, et qd iidem Mi^or 
Vic 1 Goitas ul^us respondeant Et ideo dies datus est "tc. a die SS 
Micbis in xv. dies Ic. 

Ckr&nides of Alnwick Abbey* dS 

No. VI. — Cronica Monasterij de Alnewyke ew qwodam Lihro Cronicarum in 
Liiraria CcUegij Regdis Cantabri^ue de dono Regis Henrici VJP^ Funda- 

[MSS. Hari. Mus. Brit Ko. 69£— Art 12— fol. 195-SOa] 

Incipit Genealogia Fundatorum et Advocatonim Abbatiae de Alnewyke 
primo scilicet de Rico Tisonne Fundatore Capellae Sancti Wilfridi 
Monialium de Gisnis. 

Ai^o Domini 1066. Adventus Normannorum in Angliam. Haraldus 
Dux Godwini Ducis filius post mortem Edwardi Regis occupavit Regnum 
Angliffi fiucto foedere quod pepigerat cum Willino Duce Normannorum 
quando captus fiierat in Pontinno unde &ctum est quod Willmus Dux 
Normannorum dictus Bastardus associatis sibi Dominis Yyone de Vescy et 
Eustachio fillio Johannis militibus congregatis undiq^ populis Normannorum 
et aliorum populorum valida manu transfretavit in Angliam et conserto 
prelio cum Haraldo et exercitu suo eam obtinuit et sic Regni diademate 
insignitus est. In hoc prelio Willelmus Tisonne corruit cujus frater scilicet 
Richardus Tisonne fuit fimdator Capellse Monialium de Gysyns circa Annos 
Domini 1000 quorum pater dicebatur Gisbright Tisonne fundator scilicet 


Chronicki of the Momutery of Alnewidee, out of a certain Book of Chronkkt in the Library of King't College, 
CamMdge, of (he Gift of Kkig Henry the Vlth., the Founder. 

Here begins the Genealogy of the Founders and Patrons of the Abbey of Alnwick, that is to say 
First of Richard Tisoune, Founder of the Chapel of St. Wilfrid, of the Monks of Gisnis. 

Ik the Year of otur Lord 1066. The arrival of the Normans in England. Duke Harold, son of Duke 
Godwin, after the death of King Edward, possessed the Kingdom of England, the agreement which 
he had contracted with William Duke of Normandy when he was taken in Pontinnus, being broken, 
from whence it was that William Duke of Normandy, called the Bastard, associating with himself 
the Lords Ivo de Vescy and Eustace, son of John, with knights assembled together from all places, with 
the people of Normandy and other countries, passed over the Sea with a strong band into England, and 
having joined battle with Harold and his army, obtained it, and so was adorned with the Crown of the 
Kingdom. In this battle William Tisoune fell, whose brother, that is to say, Richard Tisoune was the 
founder of the Chapel of the Monks of Gysyns about the years of our Lord 1000, whose Father was 

VOL. ni. H 

34 Chronides of Alnwick Abbey. 

Abbatiamm de Malton Walton et Bridlington. IsteGosbright deditBichardo 
filio suo Tillam de Shilbottell nnacum Ecclesia de Gisyng, &c. Iste Rich- 
ardus genuit Willielmum Tisonne et Willielmus genuit Germanum Tisonne 
et Germanus genuit Dominam Bone de Hilton que fuit uxor Willielmi 
de Hilton hie mutatur cognome Tisonne in Hilton et Willielmus de Hilton 
genuit Alexandrum et Alexander genuit Dnm Robertum de Hilton. 

Predictus autem Rex dedit Yvoni de Vescy militi suo pro servitio suo 
filiam Willmi Tisonne^ unicam in uxorem in predicto prelio occisi cum 
Baronijs de Alnewyk et de Malton quae fuerunt ante illud tempus Gisbright 
Tisonne patris Willielmi et Richardi Tisonne. Iste Yvo fuit quidam miles 
de secretarijs predicfi regis in quadam villa in transmarinis partibus oriun- 
dus quae dicitur Vescy a qua villa cognomen accepit quern secum duxit 
prsedictus Rex in Angliam. Iste Yvo et uxor ejus habuere unicam filiam 
nomine Beatricem quam mortuo patre suo Rex dedit Eustachio filio 
Johannis uxorem militi suo de Normannia adducto viro strenuo ac nobili 
licet monoculo cum prsedictis Baronijs de Alnewyk et de Malton et etiam 
multa alia bona contulit rex eisdem. 


Iste Eustachius et uxor fuere primi fundatores AbbatisD de Alnewyk qui 

called Gisbright Tisoune, the founder, namely, of the Abbies of Malton, Walton, and Bridlington. This 
Gisbright gave to Richard, his son, the village of Shilbottell, together with the Church of Gisyng, &c. 
This Richard begat William Tisoune, and William begat German Tisoune, and German begat the Lady 
Bone of Hilton, who was the wife of William de Hilton. This changed the surname Tisoune to Hilton, 
and WiUiam de Hilton begat Alexander, and Alexander begat Sir Robert de Hilton. 

And the aforesaid Eling gave Ivo de Vescy his knight, for his service, to wife, the only daughter 
of the said William Tisoune, killed in the said battle, (1) with the Baronies of Alnwick and Malton, which 
before that time belonged to Gisbright Tisoune, the father of WiUiam and Richard Tisoune. This Ivo 
was a certain knight of the secretaries of the said King, bom in a certain town in fordgn parts, called 
Vescy, from which town, he whom the said King brought with himself to England, took his surname. 
This Ivo and his wife had an only daughter, by name Beatrix, whom, her father being dead, the King 
gave as wife to Eustace, son of John, his knight, brought from Normandy (2), a brave and noble man, 
although having but one eye, with the aforesaid Baronies of Alnwick and Malton, and also many other 
goods the king added to the same. 


This Eustace and his wife were (he ftrttfiundert of the AVbey of Abiwkk^ who gave to Baldwin, their 

(1) Fought on Saturday, Uth October, 1066. battle of Hactingi. He could warcely be the aame person ; if 

v8) This Euttaee wac *' bromghi fnm Normamd^»'-pr<MtAj m, he must have been above 100 when he and bis wife fbanded * 
grandson of the Eustace, son of John, who came oTer at the Ahiwlck Abbey In 1147. 

Chronicles of Alnmck Abbey. 35 

dedenpt Baldwino clerico suo ad Abbatiam fiindandam Ecclesiam de Leste- 
bery cum capellis de Houghton Alnemouth et de Alnewyk cum omnibus 
appendencijs suis in perpetuos U8us Anno Domini 1147 scilicet Regis 
Stephani 13* 


' Mortuo Eustachio successit filius suns WlUielmus trahens cognomen de 
matre scilicet de Vescy qui accepit sibi uxorem nomine Burgam suorem 
Robert! Funtinell Domini de Knar^sburgh tunc Justiciarij Anglise. Isti 
fiiere secundi advocati iiri et dedernt nobis tres Ecclesias in perpetuos usus 
et confirmayit omnia bona patris sui nobis collata. Iste Willielmus re- 
quiescit ante ostium Capituli mi juxta sponsam suam Burgam habitum 
nostrum circa finemsuum sumendo. Iste Willielmus genuit filium de Burga 
uxore sua nomine Eustachium qui hereditarie successit patri suo. 


Willielmo mortuo successit filius Eustachius qui confirmavit omnia bona 
patris et avi nobis collata et insuper dedit nobis quandam rare partione quae 
dicitur Quarelflat pro ilia terra super quam fundavit capellam sancti 
Leonardi pr6 Malcolmi Regis Scotiae anima sponsi scilicet sancta Margarets 

cleit, to found the Abbey, the church of £.efltf&fffy»(l)wUA tAecAopebo^/^^ 

with all their appendages in perpetual use, in the year of our Lord 1147, that is to say, the I3th year 

of King Stephen. 


EuMaoe dying, his son William (3) succeeded, deriving his surname from his mother, that is to say, 
de Vetcyt who took himself a wife, named Burga, the sister of Robert Funtinell, Lord of Knaresbui^h, 
then Justiciaxy of England. They were our second patrons, and gave us three Churches in perpetual 
use, and he confirmed all the goods of his fiither bestowed on us. 

This William rests before the door of our Chapter house, near his wife Buiga, by taking our habit, 
when near his end. This William begat a son of his wife Burga, named Eustace, who hereditarily 
succeeded his fiither. 


William being dead, his son Eustace succeeded him, who confirmed to us all the goods his father and 
grandfiither had bestowed^-and moreover gave us a certain country portion, called Quarelflat, for that 
land, upon which he founded the Chapel of St. Leonard, for the soul of Malcolm King of Scotland, viz. 
the husband of Saint Margaret Queen of Scots, who was there (4) killed with his eldest son, Edward, 

(1) Now called Lctbury. burgeiMt of Alnwick, is now in the poncMlon of the corporation 

(9) Now called Longbougbton. of Ataiwick. 

(S) The original grant of common of pasture in Hadon to bis (4) King Maloobn was slatai on the ISth of Norember, iOSS. 

36 Chronides of Alnwick Abbey. 

Reginse Scotorum qui ibidem occisus est cum filio suo primogenito Edwardo 
amio Domini 1093 anno scilicet Regis Willielmi Rufi filij Bastardi 7"" Ista 
Sancta Margareta obijt eodem anno quo et yir suus quse genuerat Tiro suo 
sex filio^ et duas filias quorum tres reges fuerunt Edgardus Alexander et 
David et tres alios scilicet Edwardus Alredus et Edmundus prima filia 
fuit postea regina Anglise scilicet Matilda, secunda autem scilicet Maria 
nupsit Eustachio Comiti Bononiae in partibus transmarinis. Hoc autem &hno 
Ecclesia nova Dunelm incepta est Episcopo Willielmo et Malcolmo Rege 
Scotise et Turgone Priore ponentibus primes lapides in fimdamento. Huic 
autem Eustachio filio Willielmi de Vescy dedit Willielmus rex Margaretam 
filiam Willielmi Regis Scotise filij Malcolmi in uxorem ex illegitimo tamen 
thoro progenitam cum Baronia de Sprouston pro fundatione capellae Sancti 
Leonardi quam prsedictus Eustachius fiindayerat pro anima Malcolmi Regis 
Scotiae ibidem letaliter vulnerati juxta quondam fontem eidem fonti nomen 
suum relinquens usque in perpetuum. Undo fons iste vocatur Angliae 
ydiomale Malcolmswell. Iste Malcolmus Rex fhit vulneratus ab Hamundo 
tunc Constabulario pnedicti Eustachij de Vescy cum quadam lancea eidem 
lanceae claves Castelli de Alnewyk ad cautelam superimponendo quasi eidem 
Regi Scotiffi Malcolmo Castullum cum omnibus inhabitantis subjiciens. Hoc 

in the year of our Lord, 1093, viz. in the 7th year of King William Rufus, son of the Bastard. Thi> 
St. Margaret died in the same (1) year as her husband ; she had borne to her husband, six sons and two 
daughters, of whom three were Kings— Edgar, (2) Alexander, (3) and David ; (4) and three others, 
viz. Edward, Ahred, and Edmund. The eldest daughter was afterwards Queen of England, viz. 
Matilda ; and the second, viz. Mary, married Eustace, Earl of Bologna, in foreign parts. And in this 
(6) year the new Church of Durham was began, Bishop William and Malcolm King of Scotland, and 
Turgo the prior, laying the first stones in the foundation. King William (6) gave to this Eustace, son of 
WiUiam de Vescy, Margaret, daughter of William King of Scotland, son (7) of Malcobn, to wife, she being 
unlawfully begotten, with the Barony of Sprouston, for the foundation of the chapel of St Leonard, (8) 
which the said Eustace had founded for the soul of Malcolm, king of Scotland, there mortally wounded, 
near a certain spring, leaving his name to the same spring for ever, whence that sprins is called, in the 
English tongue, Malcolmus WelL This King Malcolm was wounded by Hamond, then constable of the 
said Eustace de Vescy, (9) with a certain lance, by placing on the point of that lance the keys of the 
castle of Alnwick, for a pledge, as though submitting the castle, with all its inhabitants, to the King of 
Scotland. The deed done, the same Hamond returned with a quick step, sound, whole, and unhurt, 

(1) A. D. 1098. (5) Vi«., A. D., 1098. 

(2) Edgar's reign began 1008, and ended 8th January, 1107. (6) William the Lion, King of Scotland, began hii reign 9th 
(S) Alexander began his reign 8th January, 1 107, which ended Dec, iitt, which ended 4th Dec, 1814. 

on the i7th of April, 1 1S4. CO Orand.daughter of Malcotan. 

(4) DaTid began bis reign 87th April, 1184, which ended on (8) Within the maaorof Ahiewyke. 
the 84th of May, I15& (f) That is, Euftaoe, son of John de VeMy. 

Chronicles of Alnwick Abbey. 37 

&cto redijt idem Hamundus cocito gressu sanus illesus et incolumis tran- 
siens yadum aquse immencebilis et supra modum tunc inundantes yoluntate 
Divina nomen suum eidem vado relinquens unde vadus ille ubi transivit 
dicitur Anglico ydiomale Hamondes Forde ab illo die et deinceps. Huic 
Malcolmo mortuo successit Duncanus filius regis in regno Scotorum. Iste 
Eustachius genuit Williehnum ex Margareta conjuge sua filia Regis Scoto- 
rum. Et isti fuerunt tertij advocati nostri. 


Mortuo prsedicto Eustachio successit filius Willielmus qui [confirmavit] 
omnia dona patris et Avi et Proavi nobis collata et insuper dedit nobis 
Boscum de Scrulwood et multa alia nobis bona contulit. Iste Wilinus ac • 
cepit sibi in uxorem Isabellam filiam Willielmi Longespen quae nee filium 
nee filiam habuit hsec requiescit in Ecclesia nostra Conventuali post cujus 
discessum prsedictus Willielmus accepit sibi uxorem aliam nomine Agnetem 
filiam Willielmi Comitis de Ferers de qua genuit duos filios scilicet Johan- 
nem et WilUelmum. 


Prsedicto Willielmo mortuo successit ei filius suus Johannes qui con- 
firmavit omnia Dona collata nobis ab antecessoribus suis et multa majora 

passizig over a ford of impaaaable water, and beyond measure, by tbe Divine will, then overflowing ; leav- 
ing his name to the same ford, whence that ford where he passed over, is called, in the English tongue, 
Hamond*8 Forde, from that day and thenceforward : Malcobn dying, to him succeeded Duncan, (1) the 
King's son, in the kingdom of Scotland. This Eustace begat William, of Margaret his wi&, daughter of 
the King of Scots. And they were our third patrons. 


The aforesaid Eustace dying, his son William succeeded, (2) who confirmed all the gifts of his &ther, 
grand&ther, and great-grandfather, bestowed upon us, and moreover gave us the wood of Scrulwood and 
bestowed many other goods upon us. This William took himself to wife, Isabel, daughter of William 
Longespen, who had neither son nor daughter ; she rests in our conventual church. After her decease, the 
said William took himself another wife, named Agnes, the daughter of William Earl of Ferers, of whom 
he begat two sons, that is to say, John and William. 


The said William dying, his son John succeeded him, who confirmed all the gifts bestowed on us firom 
his ancestors, and many greater he would have bestowed on us, had he survived a longer time, whose 

(1) Duncan IL usurped tbe c» WD of Scotland from about May, Veici,'* oonflrming the charter of Lord William de Yeaej, 
lOM, until about the end of tbe year 1005, when he lost his life. hU grandfiither, to tbe burgeaaet of Abiwick, is now in their 
(«) Tbe charter of *< WUL de Vewri fil et hes Dni Eustacii de posscBsion. 

VOL. m. I 

38 Chronicles ofAlnimcJc Alhey. 

nobis contttlisset ei diutius supervixisset cujus corpuB in Eccleaia nostra 
Qonventuali cum magno honore est humatum 4^ idus Febuarij Anno 
Domini 1288. Hujus Johannis ossa Abbas Alanus de Alnewyk fecit secum 
asportari de Y asconia. Hi\jus Johannis prima uxor fiiit filia Memfredi Saluz 
Agnes nomine nutrita in camera Beginse Angliae sponse illustris regis An- 
glise Henrici Tertij quae audita Domini sui incarceratione prae doloris 
augustiae a seculo migravit inbrevi. Post cujus discessum dictus Johannes 
aliam accepit uxorem Dominam Isabellam de Beaumont cognatam Beginse 
Anglise quae quidem Isabella post ipsum vixit et multa bona fecit. Ipse 
autum Johannes proficiens cum Rege Angliae in Vasconiam ibi apud mon- 
tem Pestulanum aegrotabat et decedebat. Dominus autem Willielmus frater 
ejus successit ei in hereditate qui feofevit Dominum Antonium Episcopum 
Dunelm in Castro et Baronia de Alnewyk. De isto Antonio Dominus Hen- 
ricus Percy perquisivit Baroniam de Alnewyk. Hie desunt nomina Vescy. 

DE DOMINO HBNRICO PEECY, primo pquisitoro. 

Iste Henricus Dominus de Percy qui perquisivit Baroniam de Alnewyk 
fuit Tir magnanimus quia noluit injuriam pati ab aliquo sine gravi vindicta. 
Iste Henricus ita strenue gubemabat servos sues quod in toto regno Angliae 

body was buried in our eonveniual <^urch with great honor the 4th of the Ides of February, in the year of 
our Lord 1288. The bones of this John, Allan, Abbot of Alnwick, caused to be carried with himself fin>m 
Gascony. The first wife of this John was the daughter of Manfi:ed Saluz, Agnes by name, nursed in 
the chamber of the Queen of England; wife of the illustrious King Henry the Third, who, hearing of the 
imprisoning of her lord, departed from this world, in a short time finom the pressure of grieC Alter whose 
decease, the said John took another wife, Xisdy Isabel de Beaumont, allied to the Queen of EngUmd, 
which Isabel survived him, and did many good deeds. And John himself going with the King of Eng- 
land into Gascony ; there, at Mount Pestulan, he fell sick and died. And Sir William (1) his brother 
succeeded him in the inheritance, who enfeoffed the Lord Antony, Bishop of Durham, in the castle and 
barony of Alnwick. From this Antony, Lord Henry Percy purchased the barony of Alnwick. Here 
end the names Vescy. 

OF liOiu) BBNRT FBBCT, the fint purchaser. 
This Henry Lord de Percy, who purchased (2) the barony of Alnwick, was a magnanimous man, 
because he would not suffer ii\jury firom any one, without a heavy punishment. This Henry so gallantly 
commanded his servants, that they were feared in the whole realm of England. This Henry had to wife, 

(1) " Willmi deVoej Arstr. et herei JoUf de Vewy,*' by char. (8) Puicluwe deed dated IMh Morcuber, 1800, Sd Ed. Sd* 
ter <Do«r in poMeulon of the corporatkm of Alnwick) gave and (Rymer, VoL III., pi 188), oooflimed by the kiDff 8U Januarj. 
cooflmed to hli burgetice of Ahiewycke, an the Ubertiei, dec, 1800-10 (lU, p^ 199). 
at U contained in the charter of WiUiam de Vee^, hi* iktlier.-i 
Dated at Calthorpe, Sunday alter the faaet of 8c Michael. 189a 

Chfmides ofAhmck Abbey. 39 

timebantur. Iste Henricus habuit uxorem Alianoram filiam Comitis 
ArundiBl de qua genuit Henricum secundu de Abiewyk cognomine Percj. 


Mortuo isto Henrico successit ei filius suus Henricus Tertius Dominus 
de Percy sed secundus Dns de Alnewyk. Iste Henricus prae ceteris 
mitecessoribus suis fietmosissimus et potentissimus erat. Hie in adole- 
scentia sua in tomeamentis et hastiludijs semper exstitit ita potens ut 
cum summo honore. Inde abiret et recederet Tempore quoque adolescentiae 
SU8S inter Begem et Proceres et Magnates magna dissentio molevit ita 
ut in diversis partibus Angliae fere nuUus auderet Deminum suum con- 
fiteri. Isto autem tempore prsenominatus Dominus Henricus licet juvenis 
ita se habebat fideliter et prudenter in omnibus et ad omnes ut a nullo im- 
poneretur ei reprehensio sive crimen sed ab omnibus amaretur. Iste autem 
Henricus cum Bex Angliae castrametabat circa Villam de Berwik ut earn 
obtineret per potentiam yi et armis inter ceteros exstitit ita potens et in 
beUo de Hallidonhill ante recessum Begis a dicta castrametatione commisso 
per Scotos ita viriliter se habebat ut captis villa et castro de Berwyk Bex 
dederit ei et hseredibus suis custodiam castri de Berwyk et 500 marcas 
annuatim de custumis de Berwyk, Iste etiam Henricus ^uisivit de done 

Eleanor, daughter of the Earl of Arundel, of whom he begot Henry, the second of Alnwick, surnamed 


This Henry being dead,(l) hla son Henry (2) succeeded him the third Lord de Percy, but the second 
Lord of Alnwick. This Henry, beyond all his ancestors, was most fiunous and powerful He in his 
youth, in tournaments and exercises with the lance, was always so powerful that he came off and returned 
fiom them with the highest honor. Also in the time of his youth a great dissention prevailed between 
the King and the peers and great men, so thai in divers parts of England none almost dared to confess 
his own master. And at this time the aforesaid Lord Henry, although a youth, demeaned himself so 
fidthfiiUy and prudently in aU things and to all, that blame or charge could be laid to him by none, but 
he was bebved by alL And this Henry, when the King of England encamped about the town of Ber. 
wick, that he might obtain it by power, with force and arms, among others appeared so powerful, and in 
the battle of Hallidon Hill, fought by the Scoto, (3) before the retiring of the King from the said encamp, 
ment, he behaved himself so manfuUy that the city and castle of Berwick being taken, the King gave to 
him and iiis heirs, tfaie custody of the castle of Berwick, and 600 marks annually firom the customs of Ber- 

(1) Hedtod A.D.,lS15,8Ed.IL,uidWHlmriedtaUkeAb. (8) He wm 16 yewi of age on the death of his ftther (Ew. 8 
tej of FeoatalBS, In ToikaUre, befora the high altar. Ed. IL, m. 85). 

(3) On the »d July, 139S-7 Ed. IIL 

40 Chronicles of Alnwick Abbey. 

regis Baroniam de Werkworth pro suo bono et crebro servitio. Iste etiam 
Henricus excellentissime tempore suo reparavit castellum de Alnewyk, &c. 
Iste Henricus disponsavit idoneam filiam Domini de Cljfford et genuit ex 
ea Anno Domini 1320 Henricum quartum et tertium Dominum de Alne- 
wyk et alios plures filios et filias inter quos erat unus Thomas qui postea 
fuit Episcopus Norwicens prsedictus prseterea secundus Henricus multum 
laboravit p multos tractatus et trengas patriam et marchiam servare inte- 
gram et illesam tandem Scotis nolentibus formam pacis sed Angliam des- 
truentibus et depredantibus Rege Angliae cum suo exercitu existente in 
partibus transmarinis Dominus Henricus excitavit Archiepiscopum Eborum 
et caeteros Dominos Boreales et oes cum suo exercitu convenerunt in Perco 
de Aukeland et oihnes per prsedictum Henricum et suum exercitum tam 
robustum tam confortati quam primitus excitati in Scotos apud Nevil Cros 
impetum fecerunt et eos devicerunt Scotorum rege capto in dicto praelio et 
abducto. Hie Henricus circa finem suum magnum affectum habuit dictse 
Abbatiae sed heu quasi modica infirmitate detentus in castro de Werkworth 
obijt insperate et in dicta Abbatia honorifice est sepultus. Obijt autem 
Anno Domini 1351 tertio kalend Marcij. Hujus Henrici Tempore scilicet 
Anno Domini 1350 Johannes Abbas de Alnewyk decessit in coi mortali- 

wick. Also this Henry obtained, from the gift of the King, the baronj of Werkworth, for his frequent 
good services. Also this Henry in his time most excellently repaired the castle of Alnwick, &c. This 
Henry married Idonea, daughter of the Lord de Clyfford, and begat from her, in the year of our Lord 
1320, Henry the fourth, and third lord of Alnwick, and many other sons and dau^ters, among whom was 
one Thomas, who afterwards became Bishop of Norwich (1). Besides the said second Henry, laboured 
much by many treaties and truces to keep the country and marches whole and uninjured. At length the 
Scots, unwilling to keep the appearance of peace » but destroying and committing depredations in £ngland, 
the King of England with his army being in foreign parts. Lord Henry stirred up the Archbishop of 
York and other northern lords and all came together, with their army in the park of Auckland, and all 
being by the aforesaid Henry and his so powerftd army as well strengthened, as at the first stirred up, 
made an attack upon the Scots at Nevill Cross and conquered them, the King of Scots being taken in the 
said battle, and led away. This Henry, near his latter end, had a great affection to this abbey, but, alas ! 
detained, as though by slight sickness in the castle of Werkworth, he died unexpectedly, and was honour, 
ably buried in the said abbey. He died in the year of our Lord, 1361, on the third of the kalends of 
March (2). In the time of this Henry, that is to say, in the year of our Lord 1350, John, Abbot of 
Alnwick, died in a common mortality. 

(1) On the 3d January, 135^, 86 Ed. lll.«died 1370. («) On Feb. 80, 1351-8, 26 Ed. IIL 

Chronicles of Alnwick Abbey. 41 


Anno Domini 1351 mortuo Henrico de Percy tertio successit ei filius 
SUU8 Henricus de Percy quartus sed tertius Dominus de Alnewyk vir 
parvffi staturse sed fortis fidelis et gratus et dominio sibi a patre suo relicto 
contentus nullius terras sen possessiones voluit obtinere. Hie habuit uxo- 
rem Dominam Mariam filiam Comitis Lancastrise sororem illustris Henrici 
primi Ducis Lancastrise anno gratis 1341 Henricus quartus genuit de Diia 
Maria uxore sua Henricum quintum sed Dominum quartum de Alnewyk 
et natus est die Sancti Martini anno prsedicto et post alium genuit filium 
de prsedicta Domina nomine Thomam postmodum militem strenuum et 
£Gkmosum. Defuncta est autem ilia generosa Domina prime die Septem- 
bris Anno Domini 1362 et sepulta est in Abbatia de Alnewyk. Mortua 
ista Maria Dominus suus accepit sibi uxorem aliam Johannam scilicet filiam 
Domini de Orby de Comitatu Lincoln de qua genuit filium et filiam, sed 
filius vivente patre obijt filia autem mortuo patre supervixit. Iste Henricus 
dedit nobis in obitu suo 100 librae et multa alia beneficia nobis crebro con- 
tulit, Obijt autem iste Henricus 15 kalend Junij Anno Domini 1368 et 
sepultus est Abbatia de Alnewyk juxta uxorem suam primam. 

C!ompleto tempore quo Walterus Abbas Alnewyk amplius noluerit villi- 


In the year of our Lord 1361, Henry de Percy, the third, being dead, his son, Henry de Percy, the 
fourth, but third Lord of Alnwick, succeeded him (1), a man of little stature, butbraYe, fiuthfUl, and grate- 
ftii; and content with the lordship left him by his fiither, he wished to obtain the lands or possessions of 
no one. He had to wife the Lady Mary (2), daughter of the Earl of Lancaster, sister of the illustrious 
Heniy, first Duke of Lancaster, in the year of grace 1341. Henry, the fourth, begat, from the Lady 
Mary, his wife, Henxy, the fifth, but finirth Lord of Alnwick, and he was bom on St. Martin's day, in 
the year aforesaid, and afterwards he begat another son of the said lady, named Thomas, afterwards a 
braYe and fimious knight. This generous lady died on the 1st of September in the year of our lord 1362, 
and was buried in the aOey qfAbtvidu This Mary being dead, her lord took himself another wife, Joan, 
viz., the daughter of the Lord of Orby, in the county of Lincoln, of whom he begat a son and daughter ; 
but the son died in the father's life-time, and the daughter sundYed the fiither's death. This Henry 
gBYe us at his death 100 pounds, and frequently bestowed on us many other kindnesKS. And this Henry 
died the tbth of the Kalends of June, in theyear of our lord 1368 (3), and is buned im the abbey of Abmidt^ 
near his first wife. 

The time arriYing when Walter, Abbot of Alnwick, would have been unwilling longer to manage 

(1) He wmSO jMHof age at bit fttber*t deaUi. (3) Died on Tbundaj, being Aicenaion Day. A. D., 1368— 

<S) Lady Mary PlanUgeneC, daughter to Henry. Earl of Lan. 49 Ed. 1 II. (Em. 48 JSd. HI., m. 48). 

caster, son of Edmund. Eail of Lancacter, lecond ion of King 

Henry IIL 

VOL. in. K 

42 Chronicles of Alnwick Ahb^. 

care successit ei Robertas Anno Domini. 1362 sed yarijs et anxijs hujus 
mundi replicationibus conturbaCus supplicantibus fratribus et hp^-tante 
patrono gratis cessit et ex licentia superioris sui sibi succedentis in officium 
ad stadium Oxonias adijt ibiq^ per quatuor annoB laudabile trahens moram 
argente tandem pestilentia ingressus est viam universe camis. 


^uic Henrico successit filius suus Henricus quintus dictus quartus de 
AlneWyk. Hie in adolescentia sua nutritus aliquando in Curia Regis ali7 
quando cum avunculo suo illustri et prime Duce Lancastrise et ei dilectug 
et fiainiliaris extitit valde. Hie yivente patre suo in partibus extraneis 
multum laboravit.' Hie etiam a Scotis vivente patre suo timebafiur et. prop- 
ter suam fecimdiam intractalibus aliqualiter amabatur erat enim bene litera- 
tus et bene expectabat et sapienter mature et facunde ad proposita respoU' 
debat. Hie duxit lixorem Dominam Margaretam filiam Domini Radulfi de 
Nevil de qua genuit tres filios scilicet primogenitum Henricum de Percy sex- 
tum Thomam et Radulfuin natus fuit Henricus sextus de prsedicta Domina 
Margareta 13^ kalend Junij Anno Domini 1364. Prsedictus Henricus quin- 
tus post obitum patris sui in honoribus fama et Dominijs crescebat valde. 
Iste etiam Henricus Abbatiam de Alnewyk supra omnes antecessores 

affidn* Robert succeeded him« in the year of our Lord 1362, but being perplexed with the various and 
anxious changes of this world, the brothers humbly entreating, onA the patron adviting, he retired freely, 
and, by the licence of his superior succeeding him in office, he went to study at Oxford, and there, for 
four years, led a praiseworthy relaxation. At length, by a raging pestilence, he went the way of aU flesh. 


To this Henry succeeded hts son Henry, called the fifth, (1) the fourth of Alnwick. He in hia youth 
was brought up sometimes in the King*8 Court ; sometimes with his uncle, the illustrious and first Duke 
of-Lancastery^and he was greatly beloved and fiimiliar to Imn. In his fiither's lifo*tinie he labouied mufib 
in foreign parts ; also in his firther*s life-time he was feared by the Scots, and by reason of hia.elo^ueiioe 
in treaties was somewhat beloved, for he was well learned, and watched weU; and wisely, maturely, .ami 
eloquently answered to things proposed ; he took to wifo the Lady Maigaiet, daughter of JLonl.Ridphide 
Nevil, of whom he begat three sons, viz., the eldest, Henry de Percy (2), the sixth, Thomas, tiad.Balpib* 
Henry, the sixth, was bom of the said Lady Maigaret, the 13th of the Kalends of JuQe« in the yieair of 
our Lord 1364. The said Henry, the fifth, after the death of his fiither, increased much in. honours, 
fame, and lordships. This Henry, too, beyond aU his ancestors, tenderly loved the abbey of AJowick, 

(I) He WM 86 years of age at his fkther's death (EM. 48 Ed. flnt Earl of NorthttmtMrlaad, ao created at Ihe coKenattoo^ 

III., m. 48). In the 50 Ed. III. he granted the hospital of St King Richard II., on the 16th July, 1377, where be attended as 

Leonard, at Alnwick, which was of his ancestor's foundation. Marshal of England, 

to the abbot and convent of Alnwick, to hold for ever in pure (2) The celebrated Henry Hotspur, 
and perpetual alms (Pat. SO, Ed. III., P. 1, m. 84). He was the 

Chronicles of Alnivick Abbei/. 43^ 

suos tenerius diligebat, et confirmavit omnes doimtiones antecessorusi 
suorum et super hoc fecit chartam et sigillo 8uo sigmavit. ; Iste etlam Heun 
rieus Anno Domini 1869 mare pertransijt in Franciaiii cmh DuceJLancas^ 
trise et aJijs magnatibus Anglian patriam vastando idllas comburondb 
homines resistentes occidendo, sed in hoc itihere dictus Dominus tactuaJo? 
finnitate coactns est repatriare citius qiiam vellet. . Iste etiam Heiiricu9 
Anno Domini 1372 secundo kalend Februaiij accepit fratemitatejn capituli 
nostri cum magna devotione et cum alijs militibus et anhigeris, Iste etwn 
Henricus Anno Domini 1373 mare pertransijt cum exercitu magno emn 
Dacibus Lancastnae et Britanniae et alijs magnatibus Anglifl^ et regnnm 
Francie pertranciensstrenue se habebat patriam destruendo, reaisteBtes oe» 
cidendo yillas et civitates comburendo et supra cseteros omnes. siimo, e^er^ 
citum optime gubemando cum honore et fama nobili repatriando. Eodem 
anno Henricus sextus primogenitus Henrici quinti accepit fratemitatem 
capituli nostri unacnan duobus fratribus suis Thoma et Badulfo. Iste siqui- 
dem Heniicus quintus Anno Domini 1877 factus fuit Mariscallus totius 
Ang^se per Dinn Begem ante Natale Domini. 

Ad instantiam Walteri de Hepescotes Abbatis de Ahiewyk peritissimi 
patr^s ac famse vemantis religionis nobilis advocatus uoster Henricus quin- 
tus Dominus de Percy Anno Domini 1376 in die Assumptionis Beatie 
Manse in refectorio nostro conivavit cum 13 militibus quorum hsec sunt 

and confirmed all the donations of his ancestors, and in addition, to this made a charter imd 8Jgn0dLit "v^h 
his seal This Henry also, in the year of our Lord 1369, passed pver the sea into Fiance with theDoke 
of Lancaster, and other great men of England, laying waste the country, burning the towns, and killing 
those making resutance ; but in this excursion the said lord bein^ seized with sickness, was obliged to 
xetum to his country more quickly than he wished. Also this Henry in the year of bur Lord 1372, the 
second of the kalends of Februaxy, took the brotherhood of our chapter with great devotion, and with other 
knights and esquiies. Also this Henry, in the year of our Lord 1373, went over the sea with a great 
army, with the Dukes of Lancaster and Britany, and other great men of EngUmd, and going through the 
kingdom of France he behaved himself valiantly, destroying the country, killing those making resist. 
ance, burning towns and cities, and, beyond all others, governing his army well, he returned to his coun. 
try with the highest honour and noble fame. In the same year Henry, the sixth, eldest son of Henry, 
the fifth, took the firatemity of our chapter, together with his two brothers, Thomas and Balph. And 
this Henry, the fifth, in the year of our lord 1377> was made Marshal of aU England by the king before 

At the instance of Walter de Hepescotes, Abbot of Alnwick, our most skilfiil fiither, and flourishing 
in religious fiime ; our noble patron, Henry, the fifth Lord de Percy, in the year of our Lord, 1376, on 
the day of the assumption of the blessed Mary, dined in our refectory with thirteen knights, the names 

44 Chrmides of Alnwick Abbey. 

nomina Dominus WUlimus de Acoii,D8fl Bichardus Tempest, DBs Wafteraa 
Blount, Dns Alunus de Heton, Dns Johes Corners, Dns Johannes Heron, 
Dns Johannes de Lillehuram, Dns Thoma de Ilderton, Dns Thomas de 
Boynton, Dns Ingramus de Umfravill, Dns Johannnes de Dichaunt, Dns 
Johannes de Swynton, Diis Badulphus de Viners et multi alij nobiles 
Patriae, Impleto Claustro Parochianis nostris et comunibus Patriae compu- 
tati fuerunt in Claustro comedentes utriusq^ setatis ad illam refectionem 
1020. Vui in Refectorio vero 120, ad secundum refectionem in Re- 
fectorio 86. 

Iste Abbas Walterus Hepescotes multis et yarijs mundi anxietatibus ir- 
retitus et maxime ex caristia frugum insuper et pestilentia animalium quae 
ultra modum suo tempore invaluit. Quia fere omnes boves et oves ad 
Ecclesiam suam pertinentes in ilia pestilentia perierunt. 

Hac omnia ex pre&tis Chronicis de Fimdatoribus Advocatis et 
Abbatibus Monasterij de Alnewyk, quae extant in Biblio- 
theca CoUegij Regalis Cantabriae. 

of whom were these : Sir Willam de Aeon, Sir Richard Tempest, Sir Walter Blount, Sir Alan de 
Heton, Sir John Coniers, Sir John Heron, Sir John de lilleburum, Sir Thomas de Ilderton, Sir 
Thomas de Boynton, Sir Ingram de UmfravOle, Sir John de Dichaunt, Sir John de Swjnton, Sir Ralph 
de Viners, and many other nobles of the country. The cloister being filled with our parishioners and 
the commons of the country, the persons eating in the cloister were computed of all ages at that repast, 
1020 ; the men in the refectory, 120 ; to the second repast in the refectory, 86. 

This abbot, Walter Hepescotes, was entangled with many and rarious anxieties of the world, and par. 
tlcularly firom the dearth of com, and pestilence of animals, which unusually prevailed in his time; be- 
cause in a manner all the oxen and sheep Idongktg to hu dmrA perished in that pestilence. 

All these matters from the aforesaid chronicles of the founders, patrons, and abbots of 
the monastery of Ahiwick now extant in the library of King's College, Cam- 
bridge (1). 

(1) On an enquiry at Klog't Collage, Cambridge, for the enquired after, is not in the library, and if nippoeed to taaT« 
Chronicle of Alnwick Abbey, by tlie Rer. John Hodgson, Jie been stolen out of it very many years ago." 
received the following answer. Not. S, 1880^** The manuscript 

Chronidei of Alnwick Ahbey. 45 

* ^^ 
♦»* The preceding article (No. VL) teas sent to the Council bjf Mr. Dick- 

S0N9 of Alnwidc^ one of the Members of the Society^ accompanied hy Let- 

tersyfrom which thefoUowing is contracted. 

Dodsworthy in 1638, made extracts from the original Chartulary of Aln- 
wick Abbey (Arch. JSliana^ VoL ii., p. 214) ; since then, the Chartulary has 
been lost. These extracts, or part of them, are to be found in Dugdale's 
Monasticony vi,, 867 and 868.). 

The following references may be useftil, as relating to this Abbey : — 
Cart. 2 John. Pro turbaria 24 acrarum inter Yerlesseter et divisas de 

le Morton et Edelingham. 
Plac. in North*. 21 Ed. I. — de Communr^. past, in Edelingham. 
Cart. 35 Ed. I., m. 26. — Confirmat. donationam.* 
Pat. 1 Ed. n. — ^Ecclesia de Wollore concessa per H. Graham. 
Pat. 3 Ed- n., m, 7. — ^Pro Abbati de Alnewyke. 
Pat. 5 Ed. XL, p. 1, m. 22. — ^Pro Canonicis B'e Marie de Alnewick — 

Ecclesia de Chatton. 
Pat. 16 Ed. II., p. 2, m. 1. — Pro Abbati de Alnewyke — de terris apud 

Chatton et in Falendone. 
Pat. 3 Ed. III., p. 2, m. 17.— Pro Abbati de Ahiewyke. 
Pat. 8 Ed. III., p. 2, m. 10.— Pro Abbati de Alnewyke. 
Pat. 50 Ed. III., p. 1, m. 23. — License for Henry de Percy to grant 
the Hospital of St. Leonard to the Abbot and Convent in Mortmain. 
Pat. 9 Rich. II., — ^Pro Ecclesia S. Dunstani in Flete-strete, London, 

Pat. 2 Hen. IV., p. 4, m. 9. — Pro Abbati de Alnewyke. 
Pat. 35 Hen. VI., p. 2, m. 19. — ^Pro Abbati de Alnewyke. 
Pat. 37 Hen. VI., m. 4. — Pro Abbati de Alnewyke— Ecclesia de Laken- 

feld, approprianda. 
Mr. Dickson has copies of the charters of 35 Ed, I., 5 Ed. II., and 50 


* ThiB charter of confirmation supplies the place of the lost cfaartularj, up to 20th March, 1307, when 
King Edward, at Carlisle, confirmed, hj inspeximus, seven charters, by which the Abbot and Convent 
then held their property. 

VOL. in. L 

46 Hulne Abbey ChaHtJary. 

No. VII. — Contents of the Charttdary of Hulne Abbey, in the Parish of 
Alnwick^ founded by Wm, de Vescy, A, D. 1240, 24 Henry HI. — Com- 
municated by William Dickson, Esq., qf Alnwick. 

The original Chartulary of the Carmelite Friars of Hulne Abbey, written 
upon vellum, was with other Chartularies in the possession of Lord William 
Howard, at Naworth Castle, in 1638, and is now in the Harleian collection 
in the British Museum, No. 3897. It is too long for insertion here, but the 
following table of contents contains an accurate note of what may be found 
in this ancient munument. 

The Patent Roll of 4 Ed. H. m. 2, contains a full confirmation of the 
lands and liberties of the Carmelite Friars in Alnwyk of the gifts of John 
de Vescy and others. 

1. Carta Johannis de Yescj de loco et aliis libertatibus. .Fol. 1 

WWtout date. Piinied in Dugd. MonatU vL 1674. 

5. Item alia carta «ft]0dem Johannia de egadem Fol. 3 


3. Carta confirmationia Willelmi de Yead carte Johanma de Yeaci fhitria sui de area. FoL 4b 

DaLapud Tlighal l6Jmie, 1296. 

4. Carta duo decim marcarum doBiini Johannia Yeacjr Fol. 


6. Mandatum Johanaia de Yesey ballivia aula pro adutione. FoL 8 

DaL^biewycinfittoPuH/. S. V. Maria. 1277. 

6. Carta ^usdem de peii8ione20 Marcarum FoL 8^ 


7. Confirmatio domini regis EdwardL FoL 9^ 

Dot. Serewycum super Tvedum, 12 Dee., 4, on. reg. (tic, J 

8. CarU Willelmi deYescjde XX. Marcia FoL 10 

Dai. Tughal, 16 June, 1295. 

9. CarU Willelmi deYescjde liberUtibuaetExactionibua. FoL 11^ 

Dat. Tughal, 16 June, 1295. 

Htdne Abbey ChartuUny. 47 

10. Carta confirmadoniB domini HeDrici de Perd prima de cartu pnecedentibus. Henricus 

primus. FoL 12 

Dot, apud BridelyngUme^ 5 May, 1312. 

11. Indpit confirmatio domini Henrid de Percy secundi, qui dioebatur inter sapientes sapientis- 

simuB Fol. 16 

DaL London, 1 i^^., 183M. 

12. Carta [Walteri] de Wjtvil de vj • el octo denariis in Howyk Fol. 18 


13. Carte AlexandrideBrcAeaffelde. Fol. 18^ 


14. Indentura Thome Herynge de Hovyke - Fol. 19 

DaL at Alnvyke, in FetU Jttump. B. ilf., 1339. 

15. Confirmatio domini regis [Edw. III.] de xxi Thomae Heryng. FoL 20* 

DaL Wett., 5 May, 14 Edw. [///.] 

Id. Confirmatio domini regis [Edtr. IIL] de cartis pneoedentibus. FoL 21 

DaL Serwyk, 14 OcL, 9 Bdm. [III.} 

17. CoBfinBBtio domini Johannis Papae de redditibus de Howfaie. FoL 83 

Without date. 

18. Bulla Bone&cii octavL FoL 24 

DaL Borne, 5 id. Jun. PonHf. Ann. 4. 

19. Outa Johannis de Clyfford. Fol. 24* 

DaL NewcoitU, 1347. 

20. Carte confirmationis et concessionis domini Henrid de Percy 3 •• FoL 25* 

Dai. Werkworthe amnmc. B. M., 1364. 

21. Conoesaiognidosa [Henrid de Percy] pro piscaria in aquis de Aine et LokynfenborSe. 

Not paged t^Ut <Aif . 
Doit. Alnwyke inJktL B. Barihokm., 1376. 

22. Confirmatio domini Johannis duds Bedfordise. 

DaL fVerkeworthe,lJan.7Hen./F. 

23. Confirmatio domini Henrid de Percy seztL 

Dat. Odd. 3 OcL, 6 Jffen. V. 

24. Copia restitutionis obladonum ablatarum per canonicos Alnwici. 

Dai. 7 Nao., 1355. 

25. Carte Henrid Percy comitiB Northumbrise et domini honoris de Cokermouth concedens herba- 

gium pro 8 bobus infira parcum de Hulne. 
Dat. apud Lekyngftlde, 5 Apr., 1 Hen. VJ. 

26. A classed Catalogue of the Library, in which the Names of the Donors of the Volumes are fire- 

quently mentioned.* 

27. A Ust of the Stoles, Palls, Daknatics, Ac., belonging to the House. 

« 9m a Copy of this Catalogue printed amoog the publicatloiu of the Surteei* Sodety.—VoU I. , i^ 128, 18S6. 

48 Hospital of St Leonard^ Alnwick. 

No. VIII. — Notice relative to the Hospital of St. Leonard^ in the Parish 
of Alnmck. — Communicated by William Dickson^ Esq., of Alnwicik. 

There is very little to be found in the local histories relative to this Hospi- 
tal. It appears from the Chronicle of Alnwick Abbey ( p. 36 ante. ) that 
Eustace de Vescy, who succeeded his father, 31 Henry II. (A. D. 1185 ), 
acquired the land, upon which he founded this Chapel, for the soul of 
Malcolm; King of Scotland, by exchange with the Abbot and convent of 
Alnwick ; and it further appears ( p. 36 ), that William the Lion, King of 
Scotland, gave to this Eustace, the barony of Sprouston, for the foundation 
of the Chapel of St. Leonard, which the said Eustace had founded for the 
soul of Malcolm, King of Scotland, there mortally wounded, near a certain 
spring, leaving his name to the same spring for ever, whence that spring is 
called, in the English tongue, Malcolm's Well. 

This Hospital was founded between 1185 and 1216, by Eustace de 
Vescy, for the soul of his wife's grandfather, Malcolm, and his eldest son, 
Edward, — ^the former was killed upon that spot, on the 13th November, 
1093, and the latter there received a mortal wound, of which he died three 
days afterwards. 

This religious institution continued a separate foundation, until the 50th 
year of Edward III., when it was granted by Henry de Percy, the first 
Earl of Northumberland, to the abbot and convent of Alnwick, in pure 
alms ( see note p. 42 ante ). 

A copy of the charter of annexation is appended to this account : — 

[Rot. Pat. 60 £dw. III., p. i., m. 23.] 

D' licentia ponendi ad manu mortul p Henr de Percy. 
9^ oinib3 ad quos Hic r^ saitm. Licet de c5muni conciUo regni mi Angt 

Hospital of St Leonard^ Ahmiek. 49 

statutu sit qd non liceat viris religiosis seu aliis ingredi feodu alicujus. Ita 
qd ad manu mortuam sine licentia nra aut capitalis dni de quo res ilia 
immediate tenet' de gra tamen nra spali 1 p centii solidis quos ditcus 1 
fidelis nr Henr de Percy nob solvit concessimus 1 licentiam dedimus p nob 
T: heredib3 nris quantu in nob est eidem Henr qd ipe Hospitale S'ci Leon- 
ardi juxta Alnewyke quod est de fundacoe antecessoCJ ipius Henr T: de 
patronatu suo \ quod de nob non tenet' in capite sicut p inquisicbem inde 
p dilcm 1 fidelem nfm Gilbm de Culwen escaetorem nrm in comitate 
Northumbr de mandate nfo captam ^ in cancellar nra retomatam est 
comptii dare possit ^ assignare ditcis nob in xpo Abbati T: Conventui Abbie 
de Alnwyfe que de patronatu ejusdem Henr similir existit ffind 1 tenued 
sibi ^ succes8orib3 suis Mn puram ^ p petuam elemosinam' inppetih \ eidem 
abbi 1 conventui qd ipi hospitale j^dcih cum ptinenciis a j^fato Henr recipe 
"X idem hospitale abbie j^dce annecte \ unire ^ illud sic annexii 1 unitu in 
usus proprios tenere possint sibi "X successorib3 suis Mn puram 'X ppetuam 
elemosinam/ Ita qd ipi elemosinas ona cantarias hospitalites ^ alia 
pietatis opa in eodem hospitali ab olim ordinata ^ stabilita sustentent feciant 
"X supportent imppm tenore ^sentium similir licentiam dedim^ spalem sta- 
tute jPdco non obstante. Nolentes qd j^dcus Henr vel heredes sui aut j^fati 
Abbas "X conventus seu successores sui rone statuti ^dci p nos vel heredes 
nros seu ministros nf os quQScunq^ inde occonent' molestant* in aliquo seu 
g'vent'. Salvis tamen capitalib3 dnis feodi illius sviciis inde debitis 't con- 
suetis- In cuj^ \c. T* 9: apud Westm decimo die maii. 



The king to all to whom, &c., greeting. Although by the common eounsel of our kingdom of England 
it be decreed that it is not hwiul to religious men or others to enter the fee of any person, so that [it 
come] to mortmain, without our license, or of the capital lord of whom that thing is immediately holden, 
of our special grace, however, and for one hundred shiUings, which our beloved and &ithful Henry de 
Percy paid to us, we have granted and leave given for us and our heirs, as much as in us is, to the same 
Henry, that he may give and assign the Hospital of St Leonard, near Alnwick, which is of the founda- 
tion of the ancestors of the same Henry and of his patronage, and which is not holden of us in capite, as 
. by an inquisition thereupon taken by our beloved and fitithfiil Gilbert de Culwen, our escheator, in the 
county of Northumberland, by our command, and returned in our chancery, is found, to our beloved in 
Christ, the Abbot and Convent of the Abbey of Alnwick, which is in like manner of the patronage of the 
same Henry, To have and to hold, to him and his successors, < in pure and perpetual alms,* for ever, and to 
the same abbot and convent, that they, the hospital aforesaid, with its appurt^enances, from the aforesaid 

VOL. 111. M 

50 Hospital of St Leonard^ Alnwick. 

Henry, inaj receive, and annex, and unite the same hospital to the abbey aforesaid, and hold it so an- 
nezed and united to their proper uses, to them and their successors, < in pure and perpetual alms,* so that 
they sustain, do, and support the alms, burdens, chantries, hospitalities, and other works of piety, in the 
same hospital of old ordained and established for ever. By the tenor of the presents, in like manner we 
have given special license the statute aforesaid, notwithstanding. Being unwilling that the aforesaid 
Henry, or his heirs, or the aforesaid abbot and convent, or their successors, by reason of the statute 
aforesaid, by us, or our heirs, or our ministers whomsoever, should thereupon be troubled, molested, in 
anything, or aggrieved. Saving, however, to the chief lords of that fee, the services thereupon due and 
accustomed. In witness of which, &c. Witness the King at Westminster, on the tenth day of May. 

The well above referred to does not now exist ; but the spot where the 
Hospital stood is marked, by the erection of a cross, which bears the fol- 
lowing inscriptions : — 

[west side.] [bast side.] 








The pedestal of the cross stands upon a platform, having an ascent of 
three steps — on the north side is the Crown and Thistle, and on the south 
a Lion Rampant. 

The pedestal and capital of the old cross are still remaining among the 
adjoining trees. 

The site belonging to the Hospital lies on the east side of the turnpike 
road, one mile to the north of Alnwick, and is in the township of Denwick, 
in the parish of Alnwick. It would appear to have been separately granted 
out by the crown, and formed part of the possessions of James, Earl of 
Derwentwater, upon whose attainder, in 1715, it passed to the Commis- 
sioners of the Royal Hospital at Greenwich. His Grace the first Duke of 
Northumberland received it from them, with other premises, in the parish- 
es , of Alnwick, Embleton, and Warkworth, in exchange for lands at and 
near Corbridge.* It is now the property of His Grace the present Duke, 
and is commonly called the Ratcliff Closes. 

• An Act of Parliament was passed in 1778 (18 GeallL, c zxix) to empower the Greenwich Hot. 
pital to make this exchange. 

Extracts from the Patent JRoUsy Sfc. 51 

No. IX. — Extracts from the Patent Rolls relating to the Rebellion of Gilbert 
de Middleton. — Transmitted by Thomas Hudson Turner^ Esq., of 
London^ to the Rev. John Hodgson, V. P., and by him communicated to 
Henry I'urner^ Esq., one of the Secretaries oftlie Society. 

Hartbum, Feb. 3, 1838. 

Dear Sir, 

In a conversation here with Mr. Turner, last summer, 
respecting the great sensation that the Rebellion of Gilbert de Middle- 
ton excited through all England, in the reign of Edward the Second, I 
showed him, in the Calendar of the Patent Rolls, the great number of 
references to grants of lands, in the northern counties, that were made in 
the succeeding reign, in consequence of the forfeitures incurred by that 
rash but chivalrous enterprize ; and he very readily and kindly offered 
to copy me, from the original Rolls in the Tower of London, every such 
grant as could be useful to me, in my History of Northumberland. These 
I have now, with Mr. Turner's permission, the pleasure of requesting you 
to do me the fevour of presenting to the Newcastle Antiquarian Society, 
with a hope that the Society's Council will deem them worthy of a place 
in their Transactions ; and, in doing so, I trust it will not be suspected 
that I am seeking to evade the insertion of unpopular matter in my own 
work ; but that in it I am desirous to refer to important evidence, in the 
Archaologia JEliana, where, with other similar documents, these might, 
through the zeal and industry of the Society, be very naturally supposed 
to have found appropriate places. 

I am, dear Sir, 

Truly your's, 

To Henry Turner, Esq., Secretary to the 
Newcastle Antiquarian Society. 


52 Extracts from the Patent RoUs relating 

[Rot. Pat., 32 Edw. III., pars. l"*. m. 9.] 

$ Rogo de Mauduyt. — ^5^. oinib5 ad quos ^c. if salfm. Sciatis qd de gra 
nf a spali dedim^ % concessim^ ditco ^ fideli nro Bo^o Mauduyt Castrum vil- 
lain 1 maniu de Esshete ^ oinia alia tras % ten cum ptin in Coin Northumbf 
que fuerunt Ro^i Mauduyt pris sui defuncti^ ^ que p eo qd idem Ro^us par 
suus Scotis inimicis 'X rebellib3 nris ^ similit: Gilfeto de Middelton nup 
pditori dni E. nup Regis Angi pris nri adherens fuit^ ad mantis nras tanq'm 
nob forisfca devenerunt^ ^ que valorem quinquaginta libral^ p annii ut dicit' 
non excedunt:^ hend T: tenend j^fato Ro^o filio ^ heredib3 suis imppetuii 
una cum feodis militu % advocaK)ib3 eccKa'^ ac oinib3 aliis ad dca Castrum 
villam maSiii rras 'I ten spectantib3i/ adeo plene 'I integre sicut ad manus 
nras devenenint^ de nob ^ heredib3 nns ac aliis capitalib3 dnis feodo'^ illo?f 
p eadem §vicia p que ^dcus Ro^us pat' suus ea tenuit ante adhesionem 
sup*dcam. In cujus 1c. T. 9:. apud Westnii/ x, die Maii. 

P bre de private sigillo. 

[Rot Pat., 32 Edw. III., pars. 2da. m. 5,] 

P Witto Heroii.— 9:. oinib3 ad quos 'Ic.:' saltm. Ex pte diici 1 fidelis nri 
Wiffi Heron consanguinei 1 unius heredu Ade de Swynbourii nob est osten- 
sum qd licet idem Adam toto tempore vite sue erga Celebris memorie tam dnm 
E. quondam Rege Angi avu^ q*m dnm E. nup Regem Angt prem n?os bene 
^ fidelir se gessisset^ 1 ad fidem dci pris nri ab offii suspicoe mali immunis 
obiisseti/ Witts tamen de Nessefeld Escaetor nr in Com Ebo'^ Northumbf 
Cumbr ^ Westira ^tendons dcm Adam Scotis inimicis avi ^ pns nro'^ 
^coTjL ac Gilbto de Middeltoii pditori ejusdem pris nri cont* ipm prem nftn 
adhesissse^ % cu ipis inimicis de guerra equitassOi/ incendia \ alia mala q'm 
plurima ppetrandOi/ omia tras \ ten que dco Witto Heron ut consanguineo 
1 uni heredu j^dci Ade post mortem ejusdem Ade jure hereditario descen- 
derunt in Simundesburn^ Esplywode \ [cum] quibusdam ten in villa de 
Nunnewyk in libtate de Tyndale "X Gunwarton ac Chestrehop in Com 

to the RebMm of OilbeH Middktm ^0 

Nottbdml]9^ iSiniul cQ quadam ?ra vocata Shutlyngtmi qua dca» WiibH^ron 
tennit in litifate ^ca^ asaerendo Adam de Shtitlyngton militem jaw de^ 
functu eandem mtm dudu tenuisse '\ dcis inimicis adhesissey ac cu quibnsda 
aliis 8fis 1 ten que jPfetus Witts Heron sitiP tenuit in Gosden T: Harelawe 
infra libtatem sup'dcam^ asserendo ea de adquisicbe Joilis de Stokhalgb 
fiiisse 1 ipm Jotiem inimicis ^cis adhesissey ac cu quibusdam aliis tVis ^ 
ten que dcus Witts Heron tenuit in Devom in dco Com Northumbry 
asserendo Jollem de Devom militem defunctii eadem &as 1 ten tenuisse "X 
ipm Johem inimicis pdcis adhesisse^ necnon cQ quibusdam aliis tris ^ ten que 
iteus Witts ^Heron' tenuit in dca viUa de Nunnewyk ^ Hedreslawe in dco 
Co&i Northumbri^ asserendo quosdam holes qui ea ante hec tempera te<ra- 
erunt inimicis ^cis adhesisse«» eepit in manii nfam^ p quod ^&t^ Witts 
Herofi nofc supplicavit ut sibi sup hoc de remedio congruo pvideri faciam^:^ 
Nos considerantes bonii gestii ipiu^ Witti Heron erga nos hiis guerra'2f 
temporib3 ac g"ta T: utilia obsequia nob p efi in eisdem guerris multiplicir 
impensay ac dampna \ jacturas que occ6ne eandem guerra'];^ sustinuit^ 
ac Tolentes ^inde 1 p ducentis sexaginta "X sex marcis octo solidis decern 
dena? 1 uno obolo quos nob solvet,/ securitati \ quieti ipius Witt! Heron 
pvidere in hac pte ^ oniia tras ^ teii ^dca cu ptiii in manfi nra ut ^mittit"" 
capta^ licet nob ex cansis ^eis vel aliis causis quibtiscuq^ forisfca faint ^ 
eide Witto Heron cii feodis miUtu advocacoib3 eccKaTjL svieiis tenenciu tarn 
libo^ q'm native^ revsionib3 \ om^\y^^ aliis ad 9ras 1 ten ^dca qualircoq^ \ 
ubicumq^ spectantib3 adeo plene ^ integre sicut ad manus nffas deTenerant 
restituim^r hend ^ tenend eide Witto Heron heredib3 \ assignatis suis de 
capitalib3 ^^^ feodoO^^ liikrif. p §vicia inde debita 1 consueta imppetaSs^ una 
cQ exitibj \ pficuis de &is 1 ten illis tarn ante q'm post ci^coem eo'^dem 
in manus nras pceptis. Remittim^ eciam ^ relaxam^ ac quief clamam>^ p 
nob 1 heredib3 nns ^feto Wifto Heron heredib3 1 assignatis suis totfi jus 
1 clameu ac omimodam acconem qtfe nos )lem>^ sen hereponm^ vt heredes 
nn ^ci here ponint in tVis 1 ten Pdcis«^ oc£&nib3 ^ds seu aliis causis 
quibuscuq^. Ita qd nee nos nee heredei^ n?i jPdei aliquid juris seu clamei 
in tris seu ten feodis advoca65ib3 revsionib3 ffviciis aut exitib3 seu aliis 
^missi^ exil'ld vel vendleaFe ponm^ vel porant ullo mode. Nolentes qd 
^cus Witts Heron seu heredes eni ocfftnibg j^dcis in Sris ten feodis advo* 


54 Rfftractsfrom the Patent BoBs relating 

cac6ib3«^ wviciis revsionib3 seu exitib3 vel ^cuis ^cis p nos vel heredes 
nf OS seu ministros nros quoscuq^ molestent' in aliquo seu g'vent'. In cuj^ 
Ic T. 9^. apud Westfit y xx. die Decembr^ 

P ipm Regem. 

[Rot. Pat, 32 ¥a\w. III., pan 2w>* m. IS.J 

P Johe de Coupland. — 1^. oinib3 ad quos Ic:/ salfen. Supplicavit nob 
ditcus vallettus nr Johes de Coupland ut cum ipe nup revsionem medie- 
tatis maSii de WoUore cum ptifi quod de nob tenet' in capite post mortem 
diici ^ fidelis nri Radi de NeYiil qui medietatem illam jam tenet ad tminu 
vite sue«^ et eciam tria feoda militu ad eandem medietatem ptinencia de 
Johe de Lilleburii ^fato Johi de Coupland 1 Johaune uxi ejus 1 heredibs 
ipius Jobis de Coupland de licencia nra adquisivisset^ et jam p inquisic&em 
p ditcm nob Witim de Nessefeld Escaetorem nrm in Com Northumbf ex 
ofScio suo captam sit comptu^ qd dca medietas post mortem pdci Radi et 
eciam tria feoda ^dca ad nos p eo qd ^dcus Jobes de Ldllebumy Gilbto de 
Middletoii pditori dni K nup Regis Angi pris nn in pdic6e suay ac inimi- 
cis nris de Scoc cont* dcm prem nrm adhesit^ debeant ptinere,/ velim? dcam 
revsionem ^ eciam tria feoda pdca^ j^fatis Jobi de Coupland ^ Johanne 1 
heredibj ipius Jobis de Coupland concedere de dono nro. Nos ad g'ta ^ 
laudabilia obsequia que j^dcus Jobes de Coupland nob impendit "X in dies 
impendere non desistitv considerac6em bentes^ ac volentes eo j^textu ^ p 
finem Centu marca'^ quam idem Jobes fecit nobiscu ex hac causae in- 
dempnitati ipo'^ Jobis de Coupland 1 Johanne in hac pte pviderev de gra 
nra spali dedim^ 1 concessim^ p nob 1 heredib3 nris ^fiatis Jobi de Coup- 
land 1 Johanne dca tria feoda cum ptiny bend ^ tenend eisdem Jobi de 
Coupland de nob ^ heredib3 nris p vvicia inde debita "X consueta imppm. 
Concessim^ eciam p nob ^ heredib3 nns qd dca medietas manii ^ci cum 
ptiii quam ^dcus Radus sic tenet ad vitam suamy et que post mortem ipiua 
Radi p foridbm pdci Jobi^ de Lilleburii ad nos ^ heredes nros tanq'm 
escaeta nra remanere deberet j post decessum ejusdem Radi ^fatis Jobi de 
Coupland 1 Johanne 1 heredib3 ^?^^ ^^^^ ^® Coupland remaneat.*^ bend *\ 
tenend una cum dcis tribj feodis militfi de nob 1 heredib3 ii?isp§vicia inde 

to the BebeUion of Gilbert Middieton. 55 

debita 1 consueta imppm. Nolentes qd j^dci Joties de Coupland ^ Johanna 
vel heredes ipius Joilis de Coupland p eo qd rev^sio medietatis ^ce^ T: dca 
tria feoda militu ad nos T: heredes nros occone adhesionis j^dci Johis de 
liilleburn ^feto Gilfeto vel Wal?o de Selby aut aliqiub3 inimicis dci pris 
nil seu nns de Scocia aut alicujus alt ius forisfcure j^dci Johis de Lilleburii 
quovis modo fcev p nos vel heredes nros aut ministros nros quoscum']^ 
impetant'y occ&nent' molestent' in aliquo seu g^rent'. In cuj^ \c. T. ^. 
apud Weslfnv x. die Novembr. 

Inde solvit quinquaginta marcas in hanapio. 

9 Johe de Coupland. — 9. oinib3 ad quos Icr' sattm. Supplicavit nofe 
ditcus vallettus nr Johes de Coupland^ ut cum ipe nup rciam ptem maSii 
de Byker cum ptin^ una cum revsione dual/ pciu ejusdem manii quod de 
nob tenet' in capites post mortem Juliane que fuit ux Bobti de Byker que 
dcas duas ptes^ ad nninu vite sue jam tenets de Johe de Byker^ ^fato 
Johi de Coupland 1 Johanne u5d ejus \ heredibj ipius Johis de Coupland 
de licencia nra adquisivissety ac eadem rcia pars p eo qd ^cus Johes de 
Byker^ Gilbto de Middelton pditori dni E. nup Regis Angi pris nri in sua 
pdic6e cont* dcm prem nhn adhesit^ capta sit in manu nram^ velim^ dcam 
rciam ptem cum ptiny una cum revsione dualjL pciG ]Pdca2f cum accident./ 
j^fatis Johi de Coupland 1 Johannes ac heredib3 ipius Johis concedere de 
dono nro. Nos considerantes grata ^ laudabilia obsequia nob p dcm Johem 
de Coupland multiplicit impensay recolentesq^ nos ante hec tempera de nra 
^ eta' sciencia ^fiato Johi de Byker quicquid ad nos ptinuit occ6ne adhesionis 
^dce,/ pdonasse^ ac volentes pinde cum j^fatis Johe de Coupland T: 
Johanna a^e grose ^ dedim^ \ concessim^ p nob \ heredib3 nns eisdem 
Johi de Coupland \ Johanne dcam rciam ptem manii ^ci cum ptin^ hend 
"X tenend^ una cum advoca66e Capelle dci manii \ sviciis libo^ tenenciu^ 
1 oinib3 aliis ^ficuis ad dcam rciam ptem ptinentib3j 1 cum oi5ib5 
exitib3 ^® eadem rcia pte^ de toto tempore ^rito,/ pvenientib3 \ ad nos rone 
forififcure ^dce spectantib3^ eisdem Johi de Coupland ^ Johanne "X here- 
dib3 ^W^ Johis de nob \ heredib3 nns p svicia inde debita ^ consueta 
imppm:^ et eciam concessim^ p nob 1 heredib3 nris qd dee due ptes ejus- 
dem manii que ad nos rone forisfcure j^dci Johis de Byker post mortem 

be ExtfikiU ft(m the Patent Bolls relating 

^ee Jufiatie remanere deberent^ post decessum ejosdem Julianie j^fiitis 
Jo)i) d& Conpland 'I Jobanne 'I heredib3 ipius Johis de ConpliUid rema- 
neant:^ ti^d 1 tenendi^ una cam tda pte jpdca ac advoeac6e dee Ci^elle^ 
9vicii8 Mbolf. tenenciu 1 omib3 aliis pficuis.^ ad idem mamu speetantib^ de 
note T; heredib3 nris p f vieia inde debita ^ consueta imppm. Nolentes qd 
^ci Jolies de Coupiand ^ Johannay vel hereds ipius Jobis de Couplandw 
1^ eo qd dca rcia pars yel revsio j^dca ad nos vel heredes nf os occone adhe- 
sionis ^dci Johis de Byker ^fato Gilbto^ ant Walro de Selby vel aliquibg 
aliis inimicis nris de Scocia^ vel France seu aliunde^ aut rone alicujus air ins 
forisfcure ^dci Joflis quovis modo ptinentv vel dici potunt ptinere •^ p nos 
vel heredes nros impetant"".^ ooconent^ molestent' in aliquo seu g^ent'. In 
cuj^ Tic. T. 9. apud Westm ^ x. die Novembf . 

P bre de private sigillo. 

9 Jobe de Conpland. — ^9^. ditcis sibi Thome Heron ^ Bobto Heron :f 
saKm. Cum p bras nras patentes dederim^ ^ concessim^ ditco nobis Jobi 
de Coupland ^ Johanne uSci ejus tria feoda militu cum ptiii ad medietatem 
manii de WoUore ptinencia que ad manus nras tanq*m nob forisfca ex ctis 
causis devenerunt^ bend "l tenend eisdem Jobi ^ Johanne "X heredib3 ipius 
Jobis de nob 1 heredib3 nris p svicia inde debita ^ consueta imppm put in 
iris nris ^cis plenius continet' :f vob mSdam^ qd eisdem Jobi 1 Johanne 
de fidelitate "l aliis sviciis vris rone dccflf. feodo^ debitis put moris est 
attometis J ^ eis inde intendentes sitis ^ respondentes. T. 9:. apud Westm y 
XXX. die Novembf. 

[Rot Pat, 32 £dw. IIL, pan. 2>m>«- m. 19.] 

f Jobe Darreys. — 9:. oinib3 ad quos ^c.j saltm. Sciatis qd p bono vvicio 
quod diicus vallettus nr Jobes Darreys nob impendit ^ impendet infutuf :^ 
dedim^ 1 concessim^ p nob 1 h6redib3 nns ^fato Jobi oiiiia nas 1 ten cu 
ptin in Swethop 1 Crokdeii in Com Northumbry que Aierunt Wffli de 
Si^fethop senioris 1 que p eo qd idem Witts Jobi de Clesby 1 Gilbto de 
Middelton pditorib3 dni E. nup Regis Angt pris nn adhesit«^ cum eisdem 
pditorib3 ^ Scotis inimicis ejusde pris nn cent* ipm prem nfm vexillis 

to the EebeBion of Gilbert MiddleUm. 67 

^xpUcatis de guerra equitondoy p forisfcm ipius Willi jam ad manus nras 
devenerant.^ que eciam ad sexaginta 1 tresdecim solidos \ quatuor denarios 
extendunt' p annu sicut p ctificac&em ditci nob Wifii de Neseefeld Escae- 
toris nfi in Com ^co^ no15 in Cancellar nra missam est comptuy hend 1 
tenend eidem Johi ^ heredib3 Buis de nob T: heredib3 nris ac capitalib3 
dnis feodi illiui^ p eadem svicia p que tre "l ten ilia tenebant' anteq*m ad 
manus nfas sic devenerunt imppm. In cuj^ "Ic. T. 9:. apud Westm w yij. 
die Nov, 

[Kot. Pat 33 Edw. III., pars. ], m. 8.] 

¥ Bo^ de Wyderyngton.— 9:. oinib3 ad quos 1c. r' salbn. Sciatis qd p 
quindecim libris quas ditcus nob Bo^us de Wyderyngton nob solvet:' 
dedim^ vendidim^ \ concessim^ eidem Ro^o oinia \m& 1 ten cum ptin in 
villis de Westhidewyny Apirley 1 Elmely in Com Northumbry que Robtus 
de Westhidewyn nup tenuity que Witts de Nescefeld Escaetor nf in Com 
pdco^ p eo qd invenit p inquisifbem coram ipo ex officio suo captamy qd 
dcus Robtus qui tras \ ten j^ca in yillis ^dcis nup tenuit in feodo^ Gilbto 
de Middelton pditori dni. E. nup Regis Angt pris nn "X Scotis tunc 
inimicis ejusdem pris nri dum ea sic tenuit adhesitj cepit in manu nfam^ 
hend 1 tenend eidem Ro^o 1 heredib3 suisj de capitalib3 ^s feodi illius 
p eade sviciaif p que tenebant' anteq'm in manii nram sic capta fuerunt«» 
imppetuu*/ una cum exitib3 \ pficuis^ que ad nos de ms 1 ten illis occone 
adhesionis |^ce ptinent sen ponmt ptinere. Nolentes qd ^cus Ro^s vel 
heredes sui occone adhesionis ^dce sen p exitib3 aut pficuis ^cis p nos 
vel heredes nros sen ministros nros vel heredumnfo'2{L quosqumq^ occonent'^ 
molestent' in aliquo sen g^rent'^ nee qd tre 1 ten ^ca de exitiM vel p- 
ficuis JPdcis licet exitus 1 pficua ilia ad nos potunt ptinere aliqualit onent^ 
set qd eadem tire 1 ten de exitib3 1 pficuis ^dcis erga nos 1 heredes nros 
exoSent' imppetuu. In cuj^ 'Ic. T. ^, apud Westm y xx. die Mail 

P 1pm Regem. 

[Rot. Pat. 33 Edw. III^ pars. 1., m. 6.] 

$ Thoma de Bretby "X Witto Gascoigne. — ^5^. oinib3 ad quos '\c^ saltm- 


58 E^radsfrom the Patent BoUs relating 

Sciatis qd de gra nra spali 1 p bono vvicio quod dilci nob Thomas de 
Bretby "l Witts Gascoigne nob impenderunt^ necnon p quar viginti morcis 
nobp ipos Thomam "X Wiflm solvendy dedim^' 1 concessim^ p nob 'I 
heredib3 nfis eisdem Thome 1 Witto oiiiia Pras 1 ten cum ptin in Disce- 
ford in Com Ebo'^-^ que fderunt Witti de Pokeford defimcti^ T: que p eo 
qd Petrus de Pokthorp fit T: heres ^dci Witti in Scocianatus fuit^ 1 ibidem 
morabat' Scotis inimicis niis adherendoj 1 omia was 1 ten cum ptin in 
Hewyife atte Brigg juxta Rypon in eodem Com^ que fuerunt Robti de 
Westhidewyn defiincti^ 1 que p eo qd idem Robtus Gilbto de Middelton 
pditori dni E. nup Regis Angt pris nri in pdi66e sua adhesit necnon omia 
ft»s ^ ten cum ptin in Dissyngton in Com Northumbr que fuerunt Witti 
Russeft defimctiy 1 que p eo qd Witts de Dissyngton fit 1 heres ^ci Witti 
Rusett Scotis inimicis nris adherens fuit^ necnon omia tras 1 ten cu ptin 
in Dyssyngton-^ que fuerunt Jobis fit Nichi de Dissyngton 1 Ade de Dis- 
syngton in dco Coni Northumbr^ et eciam omia tiras ^ ten cum ptin in 
Neubiggyng juxta mare "X alibi in dco Com Northumbr que fuerunt Alen 
fit WalVi de Neubiggyng^ "X que p eo qd j^dci Jobes fit Nicbi,/ Adam "X 
Alex jPdco Gilbto "X Scotis inimicis nris adheserunt :/ p diicm nob Wilfan 
de Nessefeld Escaetore nhn in Com jpdcis p forisfcm ^co'^ Petri*/ Robtiy 
Witti de Dissyngton^ Jobis fit Nicbiy Ade ^ Alexi capta fuerunt in manu 
nram 'X sic in manu nra existunt j bend eisdem Thome "X Witto Gascoigne 
1 heredib^ suis de nob 1 heredib3 nns^/ ac aliis Capitalib3 dnis feodo'^ illo^ 
p eadem svicia^ p que tre ^ ten ilia tenebant' anteq'm ad manus nras sic 
devenerunt imppetuu^ una cum exitib3 "X pficuis de tris "X ten illis tarn 
ante q*m post capc6em eo'^dem in manii nfam^ que ad nos ex causis ^cis 
potunt ptinere. In cujus "Xc, T. 9. apud Wesni^ xviij. die Maii. 

P ipm Regem 1 consiliu. 

[Rot pat 33 £dvr. III., pan. 2, m. 26.] 

$ Johe de Coupeland '\ Johanne uxe ejus. — ^9:. oinib3 ad quos'lc.:' salbn. 
Sciatis qd p bono §vicio quod ditcus nob Jobes de Coupeland nob impen- 
dit^ ^ p Centu marcis quas idem Jobes nob in hanapio nro solvit^ dedim^ 
1 concessim? p nob 1 heredibj nris eidem Jobi duo mesuagia^ 1 centu acras 
tre cii ptifiy que fuerunt Witti de Benley in Hibbura^ ^ unii mesuagiu 1 

to the Rebettion of Gilbert Middletm. £9 

viginti acras fire cii ptin que fiierunt Witii fii Nichi de Hibburii in eadem 
villa de Hibburn^ ^ quinq^ mesuagia T: duas carucatas Ire cum ptiii que 
fuenint Ro^ de Holtbale in Holthale^ 1 que p eo qd dcus Witts de 
Benley "X Adam fit Nielli de Hibburn cui dea ten que fuerunt ipius Witti 
fit Nichi de Hibburn jure hereditario descendisse debuerunt Gilbto de 
Middeltoii pditoriy ac eciam Scotis inimicis dni E. nup Regis Angt pris 
nil ^ nris 1 j^dcus Ro^s de Holthale dcis Scotis inimicis ^dci pris nri 1 
nfis adheserunt p diicm nob Witim de Nessefeld Escaetorem nfm in Com 
Northumbr capta sunt in manu nram^ tiend ^ tenend ^dco Johi ^ heredib3 
suis una cu svciis tenenciu tam libo2f q"m nativo'2f ^ oinib3 aliis ad tras 1 ten 
^ca qualircumq^ 1 ubicumq^ spectantib3 de nob 1 heredib3 nris ac aliis capi- 
talib3 dnis feodo^ illc^^L p svicia inde debita "X consueta imppetuu^ simul cii 
exitib3 1 pficuis de tris "X ten j^dcis^ tam ante q'm post capc&em ea^dem in 
manii nram pceptis :f dedim^ eciam 1 concessim^ p nob 'X heredib3 nris j^dco 
Joili 'X Johanne u5u ejus tresdecim mesuagia "X trescentas acras tre cii 
ptin que fuerunt Elene de Panbery in Holthale^ tria mesuagia "X centu 
acras tVe cu ptin que fuerunt Ro^i de Wyderyngton de Dentoii in Shottoiiy 
tria mesuagia 1 quadraginta acras tre cii ptin que fiierunt Johis de Trolhop 
in Shotton T: Palxton.^ quandam pasturam vocatam Colpenbop cii ptiii que 
fiiit AWiis de Kelshowey quartam ptem ville de Akyld,/ T: quartam ptem 
Hameletti de Yenere cii ptiii que fiierunt Henf de Prendregest in dco 
Coin Northumbr.^ "X que p eo qd ^ei Johes de Trolhop "X Ro^us de 
Wyderyngtoii de Dentoii ^fato pditori 1 eciam ^dcis Scotis inimicis dci 
pris nfi "X nris ac ^dcus Abbas de Keshowe "X quidam ^decessores sui 
Al^es ejusdem lociy Henr de Prendregest '\ Elena de Panberry eisdem 
Scotis inimicis ejusdem pris nri ^ nris adheserunt^ "X similir p eo qd quedam 
de &is T: teS ^dcis in Holthale que de pgenitorib3 nris tenebant'^ sine 
licencia regia alienata fiierunt p jPfatii Escaetorem nrm similir capta sunt 
in manii nram r^ hend 'X tenend eisdem Johi ^ Johanne ^ heredib3 ^F^*^ 
Johis una cii quarta pte advocac6is Capelle de Akyld^ sviciis tenenciii tam 
liboljL q*m native^ 1 oinib3 aliis ad eadem tVas T: ten qualirciiq^ "X ubiciiq^ 
spectantibs de nob lheredib3 nrisj ac aliis capitalib3 dnis feodo^ illo2^ p 
svicia inde debita 'X consueta imppm simul cii exitib3 ^ pficuis de tVis 
1 ten illis tam ante q"m post capc&em eo'^jidem in manii nram pceptis. 

60 Ea^tracU from the Patent BcUs relating 

Remittim^ insup 1 relaxam^ acr quietu clamam^ p not^'l heredib3 nris ^dcis 
Johi "^ Johanney ac heredib3 ^ assignatis ipius Joliis totu jus 1 clamiu \ 
omimodam aofbem^ que nos tiem^«^ vel here ponm^y yel heredes nn j^ci 
here porunt in ms ^ ten ^cis occbnib3 j^cis^ seu aliis causis quibuscuq^. 
Ita qd nee nos nee heredes nfi ^ci aliquid juris yel clamii in ms seu ten^ 
quarta pte advocac&isy sviciisj aut exitib3y seu aliis ^missis exi^e vel 
vendicare potim^ vel potunt ullo mode in fiitur. Nolentes qd ^cus Johes 
de Coupeland^ aut jP^Etta Johanna seu heredes ipius Johis occ6nib3 ^cis 
in rris vel ten advoca66e sviciisy aut exitib3 sive pficuisj vel aliis ^cisw 
p nos vel heredes nros Justic Escaetores^ aut alios ministros nros«^ seu 
heredu nro']jL quoscuq^ occonent'y molestent' in aliquo seugN^ent'. In cuj^ 
T:c. T. 9. apud Westni,^ vj. die Julii. 

P ipm Begem ^ con3. Et ^dce C. marc soi sunt in Hanapio. 

[Rot. Pat.. 34 £dw. IIL, pan 1., m. 18.] 

9 Henr de Faudon. — 1^. Omib3 ad quos 'Ic. ^ sattm. Sciatis qd p ctifica- 
c6em diici not) Willi de Nessefeld Escaetoris nn in Cofil Northumhr in 
Cancellaf nram de mandate nro missam sit comptu qd Wilb de Faudon 
1 Johes frar ejus qui duo mesuagia^ q^nq^ tofta quarriginti \ sexdecim 
acras tire vaste "l octo acras prati cu ptin in Thropiii \ Mitford in feodo 
tenuerunt^ quondam Gilhto de Middelton pditori dni E. nup Regis Angt 
pris nri ao Scotis inimicis ejusdem pris nn in pdicoib3 suis adhesenmt p 
quod eadem mesuagia tofta^ tra ^ p*tum cu ptin rone forisfcure jPdco'^ 
Wilh \ Johis tanq'm escaeta nra capta sunt in manu nram. Nos p bono 
svicio qd Henr de Faudon qui ten ^dca ante cap£&em eo'l^fdem in manu 
nram tenuit nob in guerris Scocie impenditw ac p dampnis ^ depditis que in 
eisdem guerris est ppessus'l p sex marcis quas nob solvety volentes ei gnun 
face spalem J dedim^ "X concessim^ p nofe 1 heredib3 nns ^feto Henr oiiiia 
mesuagia tofta 8ras 1 pratu ^dca cu ptin una cum reditib3 ^ciis 1 omibs 
aliis ad eadem teii quoquo mode ptinentih3r hend 1 tenend sibi \ heredib3 
suis de nob ^ heredib3 nris ac aliis capitalib3 dnis feodi illius p eadem ^cia 
p que tenebant^ anteq'm in manu nram sic capta fuerant adeo plene "l 
integre sicut ^ci Wifts \ Johis ea quondam tenuerunt una cii exitib3 de 

to (he BebeBim of Gi&ert Middleton. 61 

eisdem mesuagiis toftis nis ^ p^ de toto tempore ^to pceptis imppetuu. 
Bemittentes p nob 'I heredib3 nns eidem Henr totu jus 1 clameii ac ac!oem 
que ad mesuagia tofta^ tms "X p*tum ^ca cu ptin yel ad exitus eo'l^dem 
hemus vel nos aut heredes uri here ponm^ occ6iiib3 ^dcis vel aliis causis 
quibuscuq^^ salvo jure cujuslibet. In cujus ^c. T. Custode ^co apud 
Berkhampstede^ yj. die Mali. 

P ipm Custodem ^ conS. 

[Rot. Pat, 34 £dw. III., pan. 1, m. 18.] 

9 Patrido de Middelton 1 1S uxe ejus, — 9: Omibg ad quos tc« :' sallm. 
Sciatis qd cum p ctificac6em diici nob Willi de Nessefeld Escaetoris nfi in 
Cofii Nortbumbr in Cancellaf nfam de mandate nro missam sit comptum 
qd Wi& de Croxton qui unu mesuagiii 1 novem &a8 .busbando']jL cum 
ptin in Bradeford qua*^ queit lira continet unum toftu ^ yiginti ^ quatuor 
acras ^ vaste in feodo buitv quondam Gilbto de Middelton pditori dni E. 
nup Regis Angt pris nn ac Scotis ininucis nns in pdi^ib3 suis cont" fidem 
8uam adbesit p quod eadem mesuagiu 1 tn cum ptin tanq*m escaeta nra 
rone forisfcnre ^ci Witii capta sunt in manu nfam : Nos p bono sv^cio 
quod Patricius de Middelton qui tras 1 ten j^dca ante capcoem eoljLdem in 
manQ nfam tenuit :/ nob in guerris Scoc impendit ^ p dampnis 1 depditis 
que in dcis guerris sustiiluit^ ac p Tiginti ^ sex solidis 'I octe denaf quos 
idem Patricius nob solvet volentes ei gfam &ce spalem«^ dedim^ "X concessim^ 
p nob ^ heredib3 nns eidem Patricio ^ Isabelle uxi ejus ^ heredib3 suis 
^ca mesuagiu 1 ^ram cum ptin una cum redditib3 1 9viciis ac oinib3 aliis 
ad mesuagiu "% nram ilia 8pectantib3 y bend "X tenend eisdem Patricio 1 
Isabelle 1 heredib3 suis de nob "X heredib3 nns«^ ac aliis capitalib3 dnis 
feodi illius p eadem svicia p que mesuagiu ^ trailla ante capc6em eoC^dem 
in manu nfam tenebant'^ adeo plene ^ integre sicut ^dcus Wilhis ante 
adhesibnem j^cam ea tenuit una cum exitib3 de eisdem mesuagio 1: ttb, 
de toto tempore ^to pceptis imppetuu. Bemittentes p nob 1 heredib3 
nns ^fatis Patricio ^ Isabelle 1 heredib3 suis totum jus 1 clameu ac 
ac£6em que ad ten j^dca sive exitus ^ pficua eo^Jjidem iiewP^ aut nos vel 
heredes nn here po^W^ oc£6nib3 ^cis vel aliis causis ^tis quibuscumq^ 

VOL. ra. P 

62 BLdracts from the Patent BoUs relating 

salvo jure cujofiit. In cuj^ Ic. T. GuBtode jpdco apud Berkhampstedi^ 
sexto die Mail. 

P ipm Custod 1 conSi^ \ dci. xxyj. S. viij. d. solut sunt in Hanapio. 

[Rot. Pat. 38 £dw. IIL, part. 1, m. 17.] 

f Thoma de Bretteby. — ^. omibj ad quos ^c. i salfm. Sciatis qd cum p 
ctificacbem ditci nofe Wiffi de Nessefeld Escaetoris nn in Com Northumbf 
in Cancellaf nram de mandate nro fcam sit comptu qd oinia tre ^ ten qui 
fuerunt Wiffi Whitelawe^ Wiffi Erne de Newebiggyngy Rogi fit 'RxAj 
Wiffi fit Jotiis de Newebiggyngy Johis Thoraldj Ivonis Shonte^ Henr 
Baty Joiiis Colyn "X BotM^i Shont de Newebiggyng in villis de Newebiggyngi/ 
Lynemuthy Hereford X Cramlyngtofiy X ofBia alia tre \ ten que fiierunt 
Joliis de Useworth Wain de Clifton y Robti fit Alicie^/ Bobti fit Hugonis 
de LangewuttoSi/ Wiffi de Echewyky Thome de Biadefordy Wiffi de 
Leghtoii \ David de Bicheburn in Caldeton in Redesdale^ Westwodbum^ 
Langwuttoiiy Echewyki^ Hankwett^/ Greneleghtonj Caldestrother^ Bradeford 
T: IngewOi/ *! oiiiia ire X ten que fuerunt Ria de Morpathi/ Wiffi Boule</ 
Petri de la Lewe^ Thome de Caphope X Jotiis Pantil 'I Constancie u5as 
ejus in Morpath \ Heppescotes p eo qdfJfEiti WifiSi^ WiflSi^ Ro^us^ Witts j 
Johes^ Ivoy Henry Jolies 1 Robtus^ Gilbto de Middelton pditori dni E. 
nup Regis Anglie pris mi ac Scotis inimicis ejusdem pris nriy 1 nns^ cent* 
ipm prem nrm "l nos adheserunti/ rone forisfcure eo'^dem tanqu'm escaeta 
nra capta sint in manu nram : Nos p bono Svicio quod ditcus nob Thomas 
de Bretteby qui rnus ^ ten ^ca adquisivit ut dicit' nob in guerris nns 
Scocie "l alibi impendit \ in recompensa66em dampno'^ \ jactura'^ que 
idem Thomas occ6ne guerra'^ nra'^ sustinuit^ ac p viginti libris quas idem 
Thomas nob solvet^ volentes ei gram face spalem dedim^ \ concessim^ p 
nob \ heredib5 nns j^fato Thome oiiiia tras 1 ten ^ca cum ptin una cum 
redditibj 1 Wiciis "l omib3 aliis ad ^ca tras 1 ten quoquo mode ptinentib5y 
bend \ tenend sibi ^ heredib3 suis de nob "l heredib3 nns ac aliis capi- 
talib3 dnis feodi illius p eadem ^cia p que tenebant' anteq*m in manu 
nram sic capta fuerunt^ adeo plene \ integre sicut ad manus nras deyene- 
runty una cum exitib3 de eisdem tris 1 ten ^dcisv de toto tempore ^ito 

to iheBdnMim of Gilbert Middletm. 63 

pceptis imppetuu. Remittentes p nob 1 heredib3 nns eidem Thome totu 
jus \ clameu ac accoem que ad rras "l ten ^dca^ yel exitus eo^dem hem^ 
vel nos aut heredes nn here potlm^ ooc6mb3 ^dcis vel aliis causis quibus- 
cuq^. Salvo jure cujusit. In cuj^ Ic. T. Custode ^co apud Bedyngy vf . 
die Maii. 

P ipm Custodem \ conS. 

[Rot. Fat., 34 Edw. III., pars. 1, m. 16.] 

P Edmundo de Wydryngtoii. — 9^ omib3 ad quos Ic. :! salfm. Sciatis 
qd cum comptii sit p ctificac&em ditci nofe Wiffi de Nessefeld Escaetoris 
nil in Com Northumbr in Cancellaf nram de mandate nro missami^ qd 
Ro^os de Wydryngtoii de Dentoii qui decem marcatas annui redditus 
exeuntes de villa de Denton ad tminos sci Martini 1 Pentecostesy \ p aliam 
§tificac&em diici note Wiffi de Strother Majoris viUe nfe Novi Castri sup 
Tynam ac Escaetoris nri in eadem villa similir de mandate nro in dcam 
Cancellaf nram missam qd Edus de Selby defunctus unii Burgagiu valoris 
decem solido'^ p annu in dca villa Novi Castri in feodo tenuerunty dudii 
Gilteto de Middelton pditori dni E. nup Regis Angt pris mi ac Scotis ini- 
micis nns cent* fidem suam adhesit^ p quod eadem redditus \ burgagiii 
cum ptin tanq^ escaeta m^ rone forisfcure ^ci Bo^ capta sunt in manu 
nram : Nos p^bono svicio quod Edmundus de Wydryngtoii ad que ^ca 
redditus 1 burgagiii ante capc&em eo^dem in manu nram ptinuerunt ut 
dicif note in guerris [iiris] Scocie impendit^ ac p dampnis 1 depditis que in 
dcis guerris sustinuiti/ 1 p viginti libris quas note solvet ^ volentes ei gram 
face spalem dedim^ ^ concessim^ p note 1 heredib3 nns eidem Edmundo 
redditii \ burgagiii ^ca cum ptiiiy una cum ^ciis ^ omib3 aliis ad eadem 
redditu \ burgagiii quoquo mode spectantib3i/ hend \ tenend sibi "l here- 
dib3 suis de note \ heredib3 nris^ ac aUis capitalib3 dnis feodo^ illo'^ p 
eadem ^cia p que tenebant'i/ anteq^ in manu nram sic capta fueruntif 
adeo plene "l integre sicut ^cus Bo^us ea quondam tenuity una cum 
pficuis de eisdem redditu 1 burgagio de toto tempore ^to pceptis imp- 
petuu« Remittentes p note \ heredib3 nns eidem Edmundo totu jus ^ 
clameii ac accbem que ad redditu \ burgagiii ^ca cum pti,p ^ ad pficua 

64 ^a^trax^ from the Patent BoBsrehiifig 

eo^^em liem^ seu nos vei heredes nn here po^^ oc€6nib3 ^ciSi^ vel 
aliis causiB ^tis quibuBcuq^. Salvo jure cujuslibet. In ci\j^ ^c. T. Cus* 
tode ^co apud Berkhampsted,^ t). die Mali* 

P ipm CoBtodem ^ consiliii. 

9 Ro|^o Corbet. — ^9^ omib; ad quos ^c. :f sallm. Sciatis qd cum p cer- 
tificac6em ditci nob Wiiti de Nessefeld Escaetoris mi in Coni Northumbr 
in Cancellar nram missam sit comptu qd Walrus Corbet qui quedam tras 
\ ten cum ptin in Leyerichild ad valendam quinqua^ta solido'^ p annu 
quondam tenuiti^ Gilbto de Middelton pditori dni £. nup Regis Angt pris 
nn ac Scotis inimicis nns cont* fidem suam ^ qd Robtus de Paxton qui unii 
mesuagiu % unam carucatam Pre cum ptiii in Abberwy^ 1 Johes de Use- 
worth qui unu toftu \ triginta acras tre cum ptiii in Hertlowe quondam 
tenuerunt dcis Scotis inimicis nris cent* fidem suam adheserunt ^ qd eadem 
mesuagiiiy toftu^ rre ^ ten cum ptin tanq'm Escaeta nra rone forisfcura^ 
^co'^ Wain Bobtiy 1 Jobis capta sunt in manu nfam : Nos p bono svicio 
qd Bo^us Corbet fit jpdci Wain qui mesuagiu j toftUi^ rras \ ten jpdca cum 
ptiii ante capcbem eo'^dem in manu nram prius tenuit nob in guerris Sco- 
cie impendit 1 p dampnis 1 depditis que in dcis guerris sustinuit ^ p 
viginti marcis quas idem Bo^us nob solvet Yolentes ei gram face spalemi^ 
dedim^ \ concessim^ p nob \ lieredib3 nns ^fato Ro^ oiiiia mesuagiai^ 
toftiii^ tras 1 ten ^dca cum ptiii una cum redditibj ^ciis "l omib3 aliis ad 
eadem ten quoquo mode spectantib3 bend 1 tenend sibi \ heredib3 suis de 
nob \ heredib3 nns ac aliis capitalib3 dnis feodo'^ illo^ p eadem svicia p 
que tenebant' ante capc6em eo'^dem in manii nram^ adeo plene % integre 
sicut ^ci WaltuSi/ Robtus^ \ Jobes ^dca ten quondam tenuerunt una cum 
exitib3 ^ pficuis de eisdem mesuagiiSi/ toftOi^ rris 1 teii de toto tempore 
^nto pceptis imppetuu. Remittentes p nob % heredib3 nris eidem Ro^o 
totu jus 1 clameu ac ac£6em que ad ^ca mesuagia^ tofta^ rras % ten cum 
ptin bem^ aut nos vel heredes mi bere porim^ oc£6nib3 pdcis aut aliis 
causis ^itis quibuscumq^. Salvo jure cujuslibt. In cujus ^c. T. Custode 
pdco apud BerkhampstedCi/ sexto die Mali. 

P ipm Custodem 1 ConS. 

to Ae BdeBiM ff OiOert Jlftddlet<m. 95 

IBM. Pat, U £dw. III., puB 1., m. 14.] 

9 Wifio ^6 CdUaiiWQod-*--^: 0[&ib3 ad qtios Ic. z' sattm. Sciatis qd oum 
p Stificadiaa diiei qoD Wifli de NessefeldEscaetoris nH in Com Northumbr 
in Gancellaf nram de mandate nro missam sit oomptmn qd Thomas de 
WoUore qui quedam tmB ^ teS eum ptin in Wollore qne talent p annii in 
effiib3 exitib3 ju^a Tern valorem eo^dem^ centum solidos^ quondam 
Gilbto de Middelton ^itori dni E. nup Regis Angt pris nri ac Scotis ini- 
mids nns in pdicoibj suis eont* fidem suam adhesiti^ p quod eadem tre \ 
ten rone forisfciire ipius Thome tanq*m escaeta nra capta sunt in manu 
m^m : Nos p bono ^cio quod Wifls de Collan^ode qui &as 1 ten ^ea 
ante capc6em eoi;^dem in manii nSam tenuiti^ nob in guerris Scocie impendit 
ae p dampnis 1 depditis que in eisdem guenis sustinuit ^ p decem marcis 
quas ^tus Wiib nob sohet r volentes ei gram &^e spalem^ dedim^ 1 con- 
cessim^ p nob 1 heredib3 nris eidem Witto &as 1 ten ^dca cum ptin una 
cum redditib3 sviciis \ omib3 aliis ad eadem n-as^ ten quoquo mode speo- 
tantib3 bend 1 tenend sibi 'I heredib3 suis de nob ^ heredib3 nris ac aliis 
capitalib3 dois feodi illius p eadem svicia p que tenebant' anteq^ in manu 
nram sic capta fuerunty adeo plene sicut Jobes pax ^cii^ Thome ea dudum 
tenuit simul cum exitib3 ^ pficuis de eisdem n-is % ten de toto tempore 
j^tito pceptis imppetuG. Remittentes p neb 1 heredib3 nris eidem Wifio 
totnm jus^ clameiu ^ aef6em que ad nras 1 ten ^ca 1 ad exitus 1 pficua 
eo!^dem bem^ sen nos Tel heredes mi bere ponm^ occonib3 j^dcis vel aliis 
cBuais jPntis quibuscumq^. SaWo jure eufustt. In cuj^ ^c. T. CSustode 
^dce apod Berkhampstedi^ deoimo <ye Mui. 

f Bioo Hunter.^^. oiBib3 ad quos tc. r^ saKmu Sciatis qd cii per ctifiea* 
6&em diici Bob Wiifi de Nessefeld Eseaetoris nn in Com Northundtf in 
•CanceDar nfa de mandate mo feam sit comptum. qd offiia ne ^ ton qtie 
ftierant Johis de Hoiseleye 1 Jobis l^orald in HirBt^ Newbiggyngi^ Eljmg.' 
tefii^ Ksshendoiij Lynemutbv Neuton Underwode'% Neuton j«xta Bywetb 
^ eo qd iidem Jdbes 1 Jolbes Gilbto de M iddeltofi pcStori dni E. m^ 
Rj^gid Angi pns nn ac Scotis iadmieis ejusdem pris ari ^ niis cont^ dcm 

TOL. m. Q 

66 Eadractsfrom the Patent Boils relating 

prem nrm Tt nos de guerra adheserunt rone forisfcure eo'^dem Jotds Tt 
Johis in manu nram tanq*m escaeta nra capta existant : Nos p bono svicio 
quod di}cus nob Ricus Hunter qui dca rnus \ ten tempore capcois eo'^dem 
in manu nram tenuit nob in guerris Scocie impendit^ ac in recompensa^m 
dampno'^ "X jacturaljf que idem Bicus occ6ne guerra'^ ^ca'^ sustinuit ^ p 
decem marcis quas nob solvet:^ yolentes eidem Rico gram face spalem 
dedim^ Tt concessim^ p nob T: heredib3 nfis eidem Rico omia rras 'I ten 
^dca bend \ tenend sibi 1 heredibj suis una cum redditibj sviciis'l omib3 
aliis ad eadem rras 1 ten spectantibj de nob 1 heredib3 nns ac aliis capi- 
talib3 dnis feodo'^ illo'^ p eadem ^cia p que ante capcbem ecl^dem in 
manu nram tenebant'y adeo plene sicut pdci Johes ^ Joties ea dudum 
tenuerunt simul cum exitib3 inde de toto tempore ^rito pceptis. Remit- 
tentes \ quietuclamantes p nob Tt heredib3 nns ^fiito Rico \ beredib3 suis 
totum jus Tt clameu ac acc6em que nos hem^,/ seu nos vel heredes nri here 
ponm^ in rris \ ten pdcis occ6nib3 ^missis seu aliis causis quibuscumq^ 
imppetuu. Salvo jure cujuslt. In cuj^ 'tc. T. Custode ^dco apud Westfii^ 
quarto die Maii. 

P ipm Custodem \ con3. 

[Rot pat 34 £dw. IIL, pan 2, m. 81.] 

4P Johe de Stryvelyn. — 9:. omib3 ad quos 'tc r' salfm. Sciatis qd cum 
nos octavo die Octobr anno regni nfi Angt nono p bono Svicio quod ditcus 
*! fidelis i& Johes de Stry velyn nob impenderat^ concesserim^ p nob *! 
heredib3 nns qd mania de Belsowe 1 Neweland cum ptin ac ofnia alia ire 
T: ten Tt reddit^ cum ptin in Belsowe i^ Bumeton^ Preston^ Wamdham \ 
villa Novi Castri sup Tynam ac alibi in Com Northumbr que fuerunt Jobis 
de Middelton qui cont* dnm E. nup Regem Angt prem nrm Scotis inimicis 
ipius pris nn adhesiti/ et que Jobes de Crumbwem Thomas de'Baumburgb 
cticus tenuerunt ad tminii vite eoljAem ex concessione ipius pris nri *! nra 
que eciam post mortem eo'^dem Johis de Crumbwett ^ Thome ad nos ^ 
heredes nros revti debuerant^ ^fato Jobi de Stryvelyn t heredib3 suis 
remanerent imppetuii put in his nfis patentib3 inde confectis plenius con- 
tinet',/ ac jam ^fatus Johes de Stryvelyn nob dederit intelligi qd dcus paP 

to the Rebettim of Gilbert Middkton. 67 

nr tcio die Aprii anno regni sui duodecimo p tras suas patentes Maniii de 
Burneton medietates villalf de Prestoii \ Belsowe T: omia alia tras 1 ten 
1 redditus cum ptiii que fiierunt ^fati Jotds de Middeltoii in villis de Bam- 
burgtij Pesestede'l Blakmyddyngmore^ Utlawes,/ Stranewodei/ Bechefelde^ 
Bakstanside^ Newehami/ SpirideUi/ Heton^ Bistraly^ Caldestrotherei/ Wal- 
lawCi^ Fiselbyi/ Cramelyngton T: Novo Castro sup Tynamy in Com. jPdco 
jPfato Johi de Crumbwett sibi Tt heredib3 suis masculis de corpore suo p- 
creatiSi/ et qd nos decimo die April anno regni nri Angt tcioy oinia tras ^ 
ten cum ptin que fiierunt ^dci Jotds de Middeltoii in le Neweland "l 
Wamdham in eodem Com ^fato Thome ad rminu vite sue hend dedim^ % 
concessim^ 'I qd idem Johes de Crumbweil quedam de ms T: ten ^dcis sibi 
sic datis videh de dcis villis de Bamburgh^ Blakmyddyngmore "l Utlawes 
p nomen oim tral^ T: ten que dcus Jolies de Crumbwett in eisdem villis 
liuit ^fato Thome ad rminu viginti anno'^ hend dimisit que quide dimissio 
p nos coniirmata fuiti^ dcusq^ Johes de Stryvelyn post mortem ^&ti Johis 
de Crumbweft qui ante dcm octavu diem Octobr obiit sine herede masculo 
de corpore suo exeunte^ dca maniu de Burneton medietates villa'^de Pres- 
toii \ Belsowe ac rrasi^ ten Tt redditus in dcis villis de PeestedCi/ Scrane- 
vrode^ Bechefeld Bakstanside^ Neweham Spirideny Heton^ Bistraly^ Cal- 
destrotherey Wallawe^ Fiselby^ Cramelyngton ^ Novo Castro sup Tynam 
1 post lapsu dco^ viginti anno^ dca trasy T: ten in Baumburgii^ Blakmyd- 
dyngmore T: Utlawes ac post decessu ^fati Thome de Baumburgh dca tras 
1 ten in le Neweland T: Wamdham virtute dee concessionis nre jpfato 
Johi de Stryvelyn de revsione oim ttra'^ \ ten que fiierunt jPdci Johis de 
Middelton ^ que ^feti Johes de Crumbweft *! Thomas tenuerunt ad tminu 
vite sue ex concessione dci pris nri *! nra j^dco Johi de Stryvelyn p nos sic 
fca ingressus :f ea semp hactenus occupavit p quod idem Johes de Stryvelyn 
ppendens dcas faras nras de revsione jPdca sibi fcas continere j^dcos Johem 
de Crumbweft ^ Thomam dca maSia de Belsowe \ Neweland ac oinia alia 
tras ten \ redditus cum ptin in Belsowe^ Bumetoiiy Preston^ Wamdham 
1 villa Novi Castri ac alibi in Com ^co que fiierunt ^dci Johis de Middel- 
ton dco octavo die Octobr^ quo die dca revsio ^fato Johi de Stryvelyn 
concessa fiiit ad tminii vite eo'^dem Johis de Crubweft 1 Thome tenuisse 
1 rersionem illam ad nos post mortem ipo^ Johis de Crambweft 1 Thome 

d8 E4pbracUfir(m the Patent EoOi rekUng 

fkinvaem ciun idem Johes de Grumbweii dca Bia&u de Burnetoa medie- 
ttte« vilkc^ de Preston % Bdaowe ae omia alia tna tenet reddituB que fiie- 
nmt pfiiti JoiliB de Middeltoii in dcis yillis de Baumburgti PeBestode Blak- 
mfidpigiaaoTe^ Utlawesw Scranewodei^ Beckefeldw Bakstaoside.^ Neweluu 
4^ririd(m Hetonv Bistraly Galdestrotherew Wallawe^^ Fisdbyy Cramelyng- 
toa ^ NoTo Castro sibi \ heredib3 suis masculiB de oorpore bud pcveatifi 
^x conoesBione del pris nrii^ ^ jpfatus ThomaB dca traB ^ ten qne fuerunt 
$&ti Joiiis de Middelton in le Neuland 1 Wamdhun ad nninu Tite sue. ex 
conoesBione nra tenuissenty ^ idem Johes de Cnimbwei]: ante confec!oem 
tral^fi nnf^ ^ca2i jpdco Jobi de Stryvelyn de rev^Bione ^ca ^ca'^ obiiset "% 
sic omia mania tre ten ^ redditus ^ca que jpfatns JolieB de Grambwett sic 
tenuit in posBesBione nfa p morte ^dci JotUs de Grambwett extitissentv 
metuenaq^ ipm Johem de Stryvelyn ooc6ne ingresBUB Ht occupac^fioB ^doo'^ 
poBse de facili impetirij dcm maniu de Burnetoii ac alia ^tm ten ^' red- 
ditus ^oa que ^fotuB JobeB de Grambwett sibi 1 heredib3 BuiB maBculis in 
fbniia ^dea tenuit % que idem Johes de Stryvelyii poBt decessu ejusdem 
Joliie de Grambwett sup posBeflsione nra ingreBSus liiit reddidit in manus 
nSa8«^ Bupplicando nob ut p statu buo ordinare dignarem'. Nob ad g^uita 
obsequia nob p dcm Jollem de Stryvelyn in guerris nKs^ alibi multiplicity 
impenfla necnon dampna ^ depdita que occtoe guerra^ ea'^dem in svicio 
nFo Bustinuit conBideraf&em bentes ac pinde volentes gHius a^ cum eodem^ 
dedim^ 1 concessim^ p nob ^ heredib3 nris ^co Johi de Stryvelyn dcm 
MaSiu de Burneton ac medietates ttaay ten \ redditns ^dca cum ptin que 
patuB Johes de Grambwett sic tenuit hend 1 tenend eidem Johi de Stry- 
velyn heredib3 "i assignatis suis una cu homagiis Bviciis % redditibj libo^ 
tenenciu 1 native^ ac sequelis nativo'^ eol^em ^ oJnib3 aliis ad Mamu 
viedietates ^Us ten "X redditus ^dca qualiPcumqs ^ ubieumq^ ptinentib5 
de nob 1 heredib3 nris ac aliis capitalib3 dnis feodo^ illo^ p svicia inde 
debita ^ consueta imppetuu^ annul cum exitib3 1 ^cuis ind^ a tempove 
■UNTtiB ^ci JohiB de Grambwett qualiPconu^ pceptis. In cujus 1c. T. 9:. 
apod WeBtfiii^ xi> die Juaii. 

F ipm Re^m 1 conS. 

to the RebeBion of Gilbert Middleton. 69 

[Rot. Pat. 34 £dw. III., pan. 3, m. 12.] 

Bobto de Herle. — ^9^. omib5 ad quos'tc.:^ saltm. Sciatis qd cum p ctifi- 
cacbem ditci nob Wiffi de Nessefeld Escaetoris nn in Com Northumbr in 
Cancellaf nfam de mandate nro missam sit comptu qd Alex de Herle 1 
Johes frar ejus qui quedam tras ^ ten cum ptin huerunt in Westherle ^ 
Hatherwyk in Redesdale que Thomas de Herle nup tenuit \ qd Witts de 
Eemsyng^ qui quedam tras 1 ten cum ptin in OVlem 1 Cresswelle^ Leghes in 
Redesdale in Coffi ^dco nup tenuerunt dudu Gilbto de Middelton pditori 
dni E. nup Regis Angt pris nn ac Scotis inimicis suis in pdic6ib3 suis conf" 
fidem ipius pris nri adheserunt p quod j^dca tre ^ ten tanq^ Escaeta nra 
rone forisfcura'^ ipoCJf Alexia Johis ^ Wiffi p dcm Escaetorem capta sunt in 
manu nram : Nos ^textu boni *! g*tuiti svicii nob p ditcm ^ fidelem mfm 
Robm de Herle tam in guerris Scocie q*m alibi multiplicir impensi ^ p decem 
libris quas idem Robt^ nob solvet^ volentes ei gram face spalem dedim^ ^ 
concessun^ p nob ^ heredib3 nfis eidem Robto omia thw ^ ten j^dca cum 
ptin una cum redditibj ^ Sviciis 1 oinib3 aliis ad eadem tras T: ten spec- 
tantib3 sive ptinentib3 hend \ tenend eidem Robto ^ heredib3 suis de nob 
"l heredib3 nns ac aliis capitalib3 dnis feodo^ illo'^ p eadem svicia p que 
tenebant' ante capc6em ea'^dem in manu nram adeo plene 1 integre sicut 
^ci Alexy Johes ^ Witts eadem tras \ ten ante adhesiones ^dcas tenue- 
runt una cum exitib3 de eisdem ms ^ ten de toto tempore ^ito pceptis 
imppetuu. Remittentes jP&to Robto tottl jus \ clameii ac acc6em que ad 
ms t ten ^ca sive ad exitus ^ pficua eo^dem hem^ aut nos vel heredes 
nil here potim^ occ&nib3 ^cis aut aliis de causis de tempore plto quibus- 
cumq^. In cujus Ic. T. 9:. apiid Westmy xx. die Nov. 

P ipm Regem Tt Cons. 

[Rot. Pat, 34 £dw. III., pars. 3, m. 8.] 

$ Witto de Hesilrig. — 1^ omib3 ad quos T:c. :f saltm. Sciatis qd cum p 
ctificacbem ditci nob Wiffi de Nessefeld Escaetoris nri in Com Northumbr 
in Cancellar nram de mandate nro missam sit comptu qd Johes de Weteg- 

VOL. in. B 

70 EspiracUfrom the Patent BcXU TdaHiy 

lade qui quedam ntus ^ ten cum ptin liuit in Weteslade Souths que Wiiia 
de Heselrig nup tenuit dudum Gilbto de Middeltoii pditori dni E. nup 
Regis Angt pris nn ac Scotis inimicis suis in Codi ^dco cont* fidem ipius 
pris nfi adhesity p quod j^dca tre ^ ten cum ptin p dcm Escaetorem tanq'm 
escaeta m^a rone forisfcure jPfieiti Johis capta sunt in manu nram. Nos p 
bono svicio quod flatus Witts de Heselrig nob in guerris nns Scocie im* 
pendit "I p dampnis ^ depditis que occone guerra']^ iUa'^ divsimode susti- 
nuit^ ac p decern libris quas idem Wilis de Heselrig nob solvet Volentes ei 
gram face spalem dedim^ 't concessim^ p nob \ heredib3 niis eidem Witto 
de Heselrig oinia tiras \ ten j^dca cum ptiii una cum redditib3 1 ^ciis ac 
omib5 aliis ad Iras \ ten ilia spectantibj sire ptinentib3y tlend^ tenend 
eidem Wilio de Heselrig "l heredib3 suis de nob "X heredib3 nns ac aliis 
Capitalib3 dnis feodi illius p eadem svicia p que tenebant' ante capcbem 
eo'^dem in manu nram adeo plene \ integre sicut ^cus Jobes eadem ms 
'I teii tenuit ante adhesionem ^cam una cum exitib3 de tris 1 ten illis de 
toto tempore ^nto pceptis imppetuu. Bemittentes eidem Wiilo de Hesel- 
rig^ totii jus 1 clameu ac acf&em que ad &as 1 ten ^ca sive ad e^tus \ 
pficua eo^dem bem^ vel nos aut heredes nri bere ponm^ occ&nib3 ^cis 
aut aliis de causis de tempore ^ito quibuscumq^. In cuj^ 1c. T. 9:. apud 
Westfiiy XX. die Novembr. 

P ipm Begem \ conS. 

[Rot Pat, 36 £dw. III., pan. 1, m. 17*] 

P Bico Bauland 1 Gilbto fit Laurencii de Stokesfeld. — 1}l omib3 ad quos 
1c. r^ salbn. Sciatis qd cum p ctificafbem ditci nob Wiili de Nessefeld 
Escaetoris nri in Com Northumbf de mandate n?o in Cancellaf nram mis- 
sam sit comptum qd Jobes Forester de Corbrigy Alanus Forester de Cor- 
brig^ 1 Adam de Ayden qui quedam trasy ten toftum 1 burgagia tenuerunt 
in Corbrig,/ ByweSi^ ^ Ayden' Falderlegh 1 Henyngton que valent p annii 
in oinib3 exitib3 juxta verum valorem eo'^dem quindecim solidos 1 decem 
denarios Gilbto de Middeltoii pditori dni E. nup Begis Angt pris nn in 
Com jPdco ac Scotis inimicis suis in pdic6ib3 suis cent* fidem ipius pris nK 
adheserunti/ p quod ^ca ttej teiiy toftum 1 burgagia cum ptin tanq*m 

to the lieMim of Gilbert Mddletan. 71 

escaeta nra rone forisfcura^ ^co^ Johis^ Alaniy 1 Ade p dcm Escaetorem 
nrm capta gunt in manu nram : Nos p bono svicio quod Ricus Bauland ^ 
Gilbtus fit Laurendi de Stokesfeld nob in guerris nfis Scocie impende- 
hint ^ p dampnis "l jacturis que occ6ne guerra^ illa^ divsimode sustinue- 
runt ac p duab3 marcis quas iidem Bicus^ % Gilbtus nob solverunt volentes 
eis gram face spalem^ dedim^ ^ oonceesim^ p nob "l heredib5 nfis eisdem 
Rico ^ Gilbto omia tnsj teUi/ toftum 1 burgagia ^ca cum ptin una cum 
redditib3 % sviciis ac omib3 aliis ad eadem traSi^ ten^ toftum \ burgagia 
spectantib3 sive ptinentib3y hend ^ tenend eisdem Bico % Gilbto 1 here- 
dib3 suis de nob % heredib3 mis ac aliis Capitalib3 dnis feodi illius p eadem 
9vicia p que tenebant' ante capc6em eo'l^jidem in manu nram adeo plene 1 
integre sicut ^dci Johes^ Alanus^ ^ Adamy ten ^ca tenuerunt ante adhe- 
sionem ^dcam una cum exitib3 de ten iilis de toto tempore ^ito pceptis 
imppetuu. Bemittentes eisdem Bico "l Gilbto totum jus ^ clameu ac 
ac£&em que ad ten ^ca sive ad exitus 1 pficua eo^dem hem^ aut nos vel 
heredes nn here ponm^ occ&nib3 j^dcis aut aliis de causis de tempore ^to 
quibuscumq^. In ciy^ \c. T. Jt. apud Westm y xxv. die Febr. 

P ipm B(egem. 

];Bot. Pat 40 £dw. III^ pen. 1, m. 4S.] 

9:. oinib3 ad quos Ic. :/ salfm. Sciatis qd nos considerantes grata ^ utilia 
obsequia que Johes de Coupeland defunctus^ qui in obsequio nf o inrfectus 
fiiit nob dum vixit impendit ac volentes pinde cum Johanna que fiiit ux 
^ci Johis a^e grose tf dedim^ 1 concessim^ p nob 1 heredib3 nns eidem 
Johanne oiiiia tras % ten cu ptin que foerunt Johis de Clifford inimici ^ 
rebellis nriy \ que p forisfcuram ipius Johis de Clifford de guerra in regno 
nro equitando dcm Johem de Coupeland in 9vicio nro existentem inmciendo 
^ Scotis inimids nns adherendOi/ ad manus nras tanq'm escaeta nra deve- 
nerunty hend 1 tenend jpfate Johanne \ heredib3 suis de nob ^ heredib3 
nfis ac aliis capitalib3 dnis feodo'^ illo'^ p eade svicia p que tre 1 ten ^ca 
anteq^ ad manus nfas sic doYenerunt tenebant' imppm. In cuj^ 1c. T. 
^ apud Westm^ x. die Febf . 

72 Extracts from the Patent Rolls relating 

[Rot Pat S4 Edw. IIL, pan. 1, m. 17.] 

P Rico de Doxford. — 1^. omib3 ad quos 'tc. r^ 8al!m. Sciatis qd p quad- 
raginta solidis quos ditcus nob Ricos de Doxford fit ^ heres Ade de Dox- 
ford deftincti qui quedam rras ^ ten in Framlyngtoii tenuit de herede 
David de Strabolgi nup Comitis Atthott tunc infra etatem \ in custodia nra 
existente 'I de aliis quedam rras ^ ten in Doxford nob solvit pdonavim^ 
eidem Rico t^'ncigressionem quam focit eadem tras \ ten absq^ liba66e inde 
^ p ^ pcessum in Cancellar nra fcm put moris est optenta ingrediendo :f que 
quidem n'e "l ten in Framlyngton oc^ne t'nsgressionis illius capta sunt in 
manu nram sicut Wifis de Nessefold Escaetor nr in Com Northumbr nos 
in Cancellar nram ctificavit. Et concessim^ p nob \ heredib3 nris qd 
^cus Ricus dca tras \ ten heat 1 teneat sibi \ heredibj suis de capitalib3 
dnis feodo^ illo'^ p svicia inde debita % consueta imppetuii sine occ6ne 
vel impedimento nri vel heredum nfo'^ Justice Escaeto'^y vicecomitumy 
aut alioi;^ ballivo^ seuministro'^ nro'^ quoC^cumq^. In cuj^ Ic. T. Custode 
^dco apud Westm,/ quinto die Maii. 

P ipm Custodem 1 consiliii. 

P Jotle de Trewyk, — ^9^. oinib3 ad quos 'tc. r' saltm. Sciatis qd cum p 
?tificac&em ditci nob Wifli de Nessefold Escaetoris nri in Com North- 
umbr in Cancellar nra de mandate nf 6 fcam i/ sit comptum qd oinia tre 1: 
ten que fuerunt Henr le Proktour de Trewyky \ Wifii de Morpath in 
Southmiddelton^ Trewyki/ Cramljngton Whitlawe^ Hertlawe ^ Morpath 
p eo qd idem Henr 1 Witts Gilbto de Middeltoii pditori dni E. nup Regis 
Angt pris nri ac Scotis inimicis ejusdem pris nn ^ ims cent* ipm prem 
^ nrm' ^ nos de guerra adheserunt oc5&ne forigfcure eo^dem Henr \ Witii 
in manu nram tanq^ escaeta nra capta existant : Nos p bono ^icio quod 
ditcus nob Johes de Trewykj qui dca tras Tt ten tempore cap66is eo'^dem 
in manii nram jure hereditar \ alias ex adquisic&e sua tenuity nob in 
guerris Scocie impendit ac in recompensac6em dampnoC^ ^ Jactura^ que 
idem Johes occ6ne guerra'^ jpdca'^ sustinuiti/ 1 p viginti libris quas nob 
solveti^ volentes eidem Johi gram foce spalem^ dedim^ '\ concessim^ p nob 

to the BebeUion of Gilbert MUdleton. 73 

*l heredib3 nris eidem Jotd omia tVas \ ten^dcacuin ptiSi/ hend \ tenend 
sibi 1 heredibj suis una cum redditib3 sviciis "l omib3 aliis ad eadem rras 
T: ten 8pectantib3i/ ac cum exitib3 inde de toto tempore fJtito pceptis de 
nob \ heredib3 nris ac aliis capitalib3 dnis feodoT^ illoi;^ p eadem Svicia p 
que ante capc&em eo'^dem in manu nram tenebant'y adeo plene 1 integre 
sicut jPdci Henf 1 Wifls ea tenuerunt ante adhesionem sup'dcam. Re- 
mittentes \ quietii clamantes p note T: heredib3 nris ^fato Johi *! heredib3 
suis totum jus \ clameu ac acc&em que nos hem^ sen nos vel heredes nri 
)iere potim^ in nis 1 ten ^dcis occ6nib3 ^missis sen aliis causis quibus- 
cumq^ imppetuu. Salvo jure cujusit. In cujus Ic. T. Custode ^co apud 
Westmy quarto die Maii. 

P ipm Cnstodem ^ conS. 

[Rot Pat, 34 £dw. III., pan 1., m. 15.] 

9 Johe de Euer Milite. — ^ oniib3 ad quos Ic. r' saitm. Supplicavit note 
Johes de Euer miles qd cum ipe toto tempore vite sue constant in fideli- 
tate tam dni E. nup Regis Angt pris nn q'm nra semppstent \ dampna "l 
depdita magna p guerras Scocie divsis Ticib3 sustinui it ac tras ^ ten sua 
cum ptin sibi tam jure hereditario q^ ex pquisito delata hacten^^ semp 
pacifice tenuitw nichilomin^ Wilis de Nessefeld Escaetor nr in Com Ebo'l^y 
Northumbr^ Cumbr ^ Westrat ^tendens Johem de Euer prem ^ci Johis 
defunctum quondam Gilteto de Middelton pditori dci pris nn ac Scotis ini- 
micis nris in pdic&ib3 suis cent* fidem ejusdem pris nri adhesisse^ maSiu de 
Stokesleye cum ptin ^ duas acras tre cum ptin in Grenhou \ quedam ten 
in Ingelby ^ Eseby una cum homagiis 1 sviciis divso'^ liteo']^^ tenenciu "X 
alio"^ dco manio 1 ten ptinentib3 in Com Ebo'^y ac maniii de Crikelowe 
cum ptin*simul cum quibusdam tris *! ten in Parva Berewyki^ Threpift 
Neuton Underwodi/ Mitford^/ Benrigy Lynemutli^ \ Calverton Darrays cum 
ptin in Com Northumbr una cum homagiis ^ sviciis tam liteo'^ tenenciu 
q'm alio'^ eisdem manio "l ten ptinentib3 que fiierunt ^ci Johis pris 1 in 
seisina ipius Johis fi} rone adhesionis ^ce tanq^ note forisfca cepit in 
manu nram^ velim^ j^fato^ Johi fil Johis manias tras "l ten ^dca cum suis 
ptin restitui jubere. Nos licet eadem mama tre ^ ten note sint forisfcai^ 

TOL. ra. s 

74 Ewlradsfrom the Patent BcUs relating 

confiiderantes tamen bonu gestuin ipius Joilis hacten^ penes nos fidelit con- 
tinuatmn ac dampna "l depdita sua ^cay yolentesq^ pinde \ p quadrin- 
gentis libris quas ipe Johes nob solvet ac in recompensacbem dampno^ ^ 
depdito^ suo'^ ^dco'^ gram fieice spalemy dedim^ concessim^ \ restituim^ 
p nob "l heredib3 nris eidem Joid fil Johis omia manias tras 1 ten ^ca 
cum ptin una cum feodis militum 1 advocac6ib3 ecclia'^i/ ac quibuscumq^ 
redditib3^ homagiis ^ Vviciis omib5q^ aliis ad eadem maSia tras ^ ten qua- 
lircuma spectantib3 sive ptinentib3i^ ac eciam omia alia ttras "X ten sua cum 
feodis sviciis 1 adyoca£6ib3 in manu nfam non seisitai/ tam ea que tenet ^ in 
dnico ' q^ alia que sibi in futur sunt revsura in dcis Coiii Ebc^ ^ North- 
umbr ac infra libtatem Dunofan ^ alibi ubicumq^ fuint unde penes nos vel 
heredes nros rone adhesionis ^dce vel cujuscumq^ alrius forirfcure tam p 
ipm Johem prem q*m p ^dcm Johem fii vel p alios quoscumq^ fca'^ ad nos 
de tempore ^ito pont impeti in future hend 1 tenend sibi ^ heredib^ suis 
de nob 1 heredib3 nns ac aliis Capitalib3 dnis feodo^ illo^ p eadem svicia 
p que prius tenebant' ante dcam capc6em in manii nram adeo plene \ 
integre sicut eadem tre \ ten in manu nram sic capta ad manii nram deve- 
nerunt simul cum aliis ms ^ ten ^ suis ' feodis \ adyocac&ib3 non seisitis in 
manu nrami^ ac eciam cum exitib3 \ pficuis de tris ^ ten ^cis de toto 
tempore ^to pceptis imppm. Bemittentes p nob \ heredib3 nns ^dco 
Jotd fii Jotds totum jus ^ clameu ac acc6em que ad ntis \ ten ^ca feoda 
^ advocaf6es sive exitus eo'^dem hem^ vel nos aut heredes nn here ponm^ 
occ6nib3 ^cis vel aliis causis quibuscumq^. Salvo jure cujuslibet. No- 
lentesq^ qd ^dcus Johes vel heredes aut assignati sui rone ^misso'^ p nos 
vel heredes nros Justice Escaetores^/ vicecomites aut alios ballivos sen 
ministros nros quoscumq^ occonent' molestent' in aliquo sen gVent^ In 
cujus ^c. T. Custode ^dco apud Berkhampsted^ vj. die Mail. 

P ipm Custodem ^ conS. 

f Johe de Waltoii. — ^9^. omib3 ad quos 1c. i! sal!m. Sciatis qd cum p 
ctificafbem diici nob Wiffi de Nessefeld Escaetoris mi in Com Northumbr 
in Cancellar nram de mandate nro missam sit comptum qd Warinus de. 
Swethop qui unii mesuagiu duodecim Iras husbando':^ cum ptin in Beche- 
feldy in Com ^co^ qua'^ quett continet unu toftum 1 viginti 1 quatuor 

to the Eebettim of Gilbert Middkton. 75 

acras tre in feodo tenuity quoDdam Gilbto de Middelton pditori dni E. 
nup Regis Angt pris nn ac Scotis inimicis nns in pdi£6ib3 suis cont* fidem 
suam adhesity p quod dca mesuagiii "l num cum ptin rone forigfcure ^ci 
Warini tanq'm escaeta nra capta sunt in manu nram. Nos p bono §vicio 
quod Johes. de Wotton qui mesuagiii T: tram ^dca cum ptin ante capc6em 
eo'^dem in manu mam tenuit nob in guerris Scocie impendit ac p dampnis 
1 depditis que in dcis guerris sustinuit \ p decem marcis quas nob solyet^ 
volentes ei gram fee spalem^ dedim^ t concessim^ p nob ^ heredib3 nris 
jpfeto Joiii mesuagiii ^ tram ^dca cum ptin una cum redditib3 ^ sviciis ac 
omib3 aliis ad eadem ten quoquo modo spectantib3y hend \ tenend sibi "l 
heredib^ suis de nob 1 heredibj mis ac aliis Capitalib3 dnis feodi illius p 
eadem svicia p que tenebant' anteq'm in manii nram sic capta fiierunt'y adeo 
plene \ integre sicut ^cus Warinus ea quondam tenuit una cum exitib3 
"l pficuis de eisdem mesuagio 1 tra de toto tempore ^nto pceptis imppm. 
Remittentes p nob \ heredib3 nns eidem Jobi totum jus ^ clameii ac 
accbem que ad mesuagiii 1 ttram jpdca ^ ad exitus ^ pficua eo'l^dem hem^ 
aut nos vel heredes nri here porim^ occonib3 j^dcis yel aliis causis j^ntis 
quibuscumcj. Salvo jure cujuslibet. In cuj^ 1c. T. Custode jpdco apud 
Berkhampsted^ yj. die Mail. 

P ipm Custodem 1 conS. 

76 Account of some ancient Tomb Stonei. 

No. X. — EMract from a Communication from Sir John Edward Swin- 
BURNEy Bart.y President of the Society^ to John Adamson, Esq.^ Senior 
Secretary, giving an Account of some ancient Tomb Stones, discovered in 
ChoUerton Chwrch, in the County of Northumberland. 

Nocember 8, ISSfl. 

In making some recent repairs at ChoUerton Church, two ancient Tomb 
Stones were discovered, of which I send you the accompanying drawing. 
They are now placed in a situation to keep them from destruction, and are 
nearly similar to some found in the old ruins of the Cliapel at Cambo, and 
placed in a wall there by Sir John Trevelyan ; but on these the old armo* 
rial bearings of the Umfbavilles are .distinctly seen, viz., three Cinque 
foils, two and one, which are the present arms of the Swinburnes. 

The estate at ChoUerton was granted to my ancestor by Umfeaville, Earl 
of Angus, and confirmed by a royal grant of Henry III., anno 1268. The 
Swinburne arms were, previous to that, as appears by a roU of arms of the 
time of Henry IH. (Adam de Swinburne) De Goules a trois Testes de Seng- 
Her cT ar^^^,'— that is, Gules three Boars' heads argent, which arms are as- 
signed to one of the Knights Swinburne, in the RoU of Carlaverock, which 
is supposed to have been compiled between 1240 and 1248, and the two 
leave no doubt that they were the antient arms of the family. 

On the north side of the same church there is an inscription on the 
stones forming the two upright sides of a small window. Some of the let- 
ters of this inscription are difficult to make out, but the rest is plain 
enough, and is, on one, " DAME ELISABETH C. f on the other, 
'' PRIEZ PUR SA ALUM." The inscription, being in such old cha- 
racters, and in French, indicates an early date. The window is a common 
plain window, probably repaired with stone from some antient tomb in the 

Account of Angh^cuton Siycas, Sfc. 77 

No. XI. — An Account of the Discovert/^ at Hewham^ in NoHhumberlandy of 
a Brass Vessel^ containing a number of the Anglo-Saa^on Coins caUed Stycas. 
Communicated to the Society of Antiquaries, by John Adamson, Esq., 
M. B. S. L., F. SS. A., Lond and Edinb., F. L. S., S^c. Reprinted from 
the Archaeologia, Vol. 25. 

Xhe accidental discovery of a number of these Coins, greater than any 
hitherto made, having been communicated to me by the Reverend William 
Airey, the Perpetual Curate of Hexham, I am enabled to lay the following 
account before the Society of Antiquaries. 

On Monday the fifteenth day of October 1832, the sexton and his as- 
sistant were employed in preparing a grave, at the west side of the north 
transept of the present church of Hexham, about three yards from the 
wall. It was in that part of the church-yard now used, which is called the 
Campey Hill ; and which many years ago was an eminence, but has since 
been levelled ; and though not originally any portion of the burial ground, 
has been of late years appropriated for that purpose. Why this place 
received its name of the Campey Hill we have not at the present day the 
means of ascertaining ; but the hill would appear to have been principally 
formed by the ruins of part of the church, and the consequent accumulations 
of soil and rubbish since the time at which the Coins were concealed, which 
was prior to the erection of the present building. 

From some local cause it was desirable that the grave should be made 
about seven feet deep ; jet, although it was so dug, there is no reason to 
believe that the person who hid the money went to any such depth. 

During the operation of making the grave, the vessel containing the 
Coins was struck. From the appearance of several of them, the persons 
employed imagined that the treasure contained gold and silver, and their 
first idea was to secure as much as possible before the event should become 

VOL. m. T 

78 Account of Ang^Saapon Stycas 

Mr. Airey, actuated solely by a desire that the best advantage should be 
taken of so important a discovery, by his prompt interference secured the 
great bulk of the Coins. Thus much spoliation was prevented. A very 
considerable number, however, was dispersed ; a circumstance much to be 
i^gretted, as had the whole been preserved the means of investigation 
would have necessarily been more complete. 

Supposing there came into the hands of Mr. Airey a few Coins of 
Heardulf, 2000 of Eanred, 2000 of Ethklred, 100 of Bedulf, 60 of 
Archbishop Eanbald, and about 800 of Vigmund, to which adding about 
2000 dispersed on the first discovery, and several which probably remain 
amongst the rubbish, we may estimate the total number at nearly eight 

It was at first contemplated that a perfect series should be deposited in 
the Cabinet of the Antiquarian Society of Newcastle-upon-Tyne. That 
idea, however, was abandoned in consequence of an application on behalf 
of the British Museum ; to which Institution, as the National Depository, 
it was properly urged that the primary consideration should be given. To 
this Mr. Airey, who had reason to suppose that by virtue of his office he 
was entitled to the Coins, readily consented ; and proceeded to make ar- 
rangements accordingly. Subsequently Mr. Beaumont, one of the members 
of Parliament for the Southern Division of the County of Northumberland, 
claimed the articles found, as Lord of the Regality and Manor of Hexham, 
and substantiated his right to the satisfaction of Mr Airey. Mr. Beau- 
mont, however, fally appreciating that gentleman's views, immediately 
signified his desire that no deviation in the intended distribution of the 
Coins should be made. The country therefore is indebted to those gentle- 
men jointly, for the great addition which has thus been made to the na- 
tional collection of Coins at the British Museum, amounting to about three 
hundred specimens. 

* Five hundred aod forty-two were in 1808 turned up by a plough in the parish of Kirk Oswald, in 
Cumberland, vix, 99 of Eanred, 350 of Ethelred, 14 of Redulf, 15 of ObbEbcht, I of Eakbalo 
with the title, 58 of Viomuvd, and 5 of Archbishop Wulfbere. The next discovery of any moment 
was of the Coins of Ecoprid in the year 1813, in the Chapel-yard at Heworth, in the County of 
Durham. See Ruding^s Annals of the Coinage of Britain, vol. L p. 228. Archspologia ^liana, vol. L 
p. 124. 

foimd at HeshoMy in Northumberland. 79 

Hie Drawings which have been kindly and liberally contributed by Mr. 
Gibsone, and which are as faithful as they are beautiful, greatly increase in 
number the Coins sent to the Museum. The originals of those which 
differ are in the hands of private individuals. 

In offering an account of this discovery to the Society, I do not pretend 
to do more than to furnish materials, from whence perhaps very interesting 
deductions and facts may be drawn ; and it will be a source of gratification 
to me if these materials shall call forth the attention of persons, to whom 
the subject may be more familiar. I shall continue to have drawings made 
of any varieties, which the advantage of my local situation may enable me 
to inspect, and, if successful, make a further communication to the So- 

The Vessel, in which the Coins were contained, was seriously injured by 
the blows it received. It does not seem ever to have had a cover, nor 
were there found near it any remains, which could have had any connection 
with the concealment. 

Perhaps not the least curious fact relating to these Coins, is the variety 
of dies which have been used in their fitbrication. The dots, which so 
frequently occur upon them, render it not improbable that they have some 
meaning beyond being merely ornamental. 

The dispersion of so considerable a number of the Coins on the discovery 
being made, the destruction of the legends of many others by the operation 
of time, the false striking and blunders of the moneyers, altogether prevent 
any very accurate account being furnished, either as to the number of each 
king or prelate, or of their respective moneyers. I propose following the 
plan of Mr. Ruding, taking the monarchs and archbishops, and noticing in 
each reign or prelacy any thing which may appear curious or interesting ; 
previously giving a description of the vessel in which the Coins were con* 

Plate XXXIII. fig. 1, shows the size of the vessel ten inches and three 
quarters high, exclusive of the handle, which rises from the rim four inches 
Fig. 2, is the section of the vessel showing its construction. The width at 
the bottom is nine inches and three quarters, and at the top seven inches 
and a quarter. It is made of brass plate, and at those places where it is 

80 Account of Anglo-Sason Siycas 

least corroded, is from one-sixteenth to one-twentieth of an inch in thick- 
ness. The upper part is ornamented with twelve frames rivetted on the' 
body of the vessel (see PL XXXIV. fig. 1), each formerly holding a piece 
of latten brass, stamped with the impression of a plait, only two of which 
now remain. The body is divided below by three rows of double beads 
stamped in the brass. The bottom (Plate XXXIV. fig. 2) has a circular 
bead in the centre, of similar description, but broader. It is not soldered 
in, but is fixed with rivets, as are also the handle and its ornaments. The 
upper edge and bottom of the vessel are bound with brass, as shown in fig. 
2. The handle is fixed by two heads with pendant draperies (see PL 
XXXIV. figs. 3 and 4), and two brass plates. (See PL XXXIV. figs. 3 
and 5.) 

The ornament round the top is given of the foil size, Plate XXXIV- 
fig. 1 ; part of the bottom, fig. 2, to half the scale, the bottom being com- 
plete in the original. The front view of the handle, fig. 3, fiill size ; a 
profile view of the same, fig. 4 ; the plait on the inside of the handle is 
exhibited, fig. 5 ; and as in the profile, fig. 4. 

The Coins were found very dry and covered with dust, which, when re- 
moved by washing, left them generally of a blackish colour. Some, how- 
ever, varied from this appearance, which led the discoverers to imagine 
they were gold and silver ; and so much do some of them assume the ap- 
pearance of silver, that they would without an examination be decidedly 
supposed to be composed of that metal. It is worthy of remark also that 
this distinction applies to the coins of different moneyers ; in some cases 
the coins of one moneyer having the silvery appearance, whilst those of 
another give the brighter or golden colour. 

I am indebted to the kindness of Mr. Johnston, the newly appointed 
Reader of Chemistry and Mineralogy at the University of Durham, for the 
following analysis of some of the Coins, which he says appear all to be 
varieties of the Corinthian brass of the ancients, though it can scarcely be 
supposed that the Saxons made these mixtures from any previous know- 
ledge of the effect, either as regarded the beauty or the durability of the 
Coin, which would result from the respective quantities of the metals em- 
ployed. It is supposed that those metals which exist in small quantities 

found at Hexham^ in Norihumberhnd. 


were often derived from the impurities in the copper. The large propor- 
tion of silver which they contain, in Mr. Johnston's opinion, forms one of 
the most interesting circumstances connected with the composition, and it 
is his intention to analyse a larger number of them in the hope of throwing 
light upon some other points connected with their history. 

From the analysis Mr. Johnston finds that the vessel itself is a true 
bronze, consisting of tin 10*91, copper 89*09. 

A Coin of Eanred of the moneyer Monne, weighing 16'58 grs. much 
crusted and of a brass colour gave — 

Tin coloured by gold 4*34 

Silver 6-11 

Copper . . 7014 

Zinc 19-24 


Another coin of the same king of the moneyer Eadvini, weighing 20*35 
grs., and of a dull white colour, but in remarkable preservation, gave — 














The Zinc, owing to an accident, was determined in this case from the 

Another Coin of Eanred of the moneyer Fordred, weighing 18*68 grs. 
gave, of gold 0*48, of tin 3*24 per cent. 

' Towards the bottom of the vessel, where the principal weight had 
pressed, some of the Coins had become cemented together, and the round 
figures of some of them are marked by this pressure upon it, but they have 

VOL. ra. u 

82 Account of Anglo-Saxon Stycm 

not become masses, as was the case in some discoveries before made, and 
particularly at Heworth when the coins of Ecofbid were found. The 
present show merely two coins adhering to each other, and, on detaching 
them, beautiful minute crystals of copper of a ruby colour are disclosed. 
These are red oxide of copper, in modified regular octahedrons. In these 
cases also the Coins are nearly covered with a green coat of carbonate and 
muriate of copper, and in many instances the legends are entirely de&ced. 
An interesting account may be seen as to the changes which take place in 
ancient alloys of copper by consulting the paper of Dr. Davy, published in 
the Philosophical Transactions for 1826, pt. 2, p. 55. 

It was most probably about the year 867 that the concealment of these 
coins took place, for the reason assigned at the end of the account of the 
supposed Coin of King Aella. 

There not being any complete chronological list of the Ejngs of North- 
umberland, I have thought it not unappropriate to give the present, which 
my researches on this occasion have enabled me to compile, and which may 
serve as a general table of reference to any one pursuing the Northumbrian 
Anglo-Saxon History. In this and in other respects I have been materially 
assisted by the kind co-operation of Mr. John Trotter Brockett, jimior, 


547 — 559. Ida, 1st King of Bemicia. 

500 — 588. iBLLA, 1st King of Deira, and, on the death of Theodobic,. 
King of Bemicia, A. D. 587. -^la united the two provinces of 
Deira and Bemicia with the kingdom of Northumberland. 

500 — 507. Adda (1st son of Ida by his Queen) 2d King of Bemicia. 

507 — 572. Glappa, 3d King of Bemicia. 

672 — 573. Theodwald. 4th King of Bemicia, brother to Glappa. 

573 — 580. Frethtjlf, 5th King of Bemicia, brother to Glappa. 

580 — 587. Theodoric (3d son of Ida by his Queen), 6th King of Ber- 

587 — 588. -SIlla, Ist King of Northumberland. 

588—593. Ethelbic, 2d King of Northumberland. 

found at Hexham^ in NortJiurnberland. 88 

593 — 617. Ethelfbith, 3d King of Northumberland. Scut. Chran. 
Ethelfebth. Matt. West Ethelfrid. He was slain by Reodwald. 
617 — 633. Edwine (son of -SIlla) 4th King of Northumberland. Sao;. 
Chron. Eadwin. He was converted to Christianity by Augustin's 
vicar, Paulinus, in 627, and was the 4th Anglo-Saxon who held uni- 
versal sway over the whole island ; " majore potentia cunctis," as Flo- 
rence of Worcester has it. Slain in battle against the Britons in 633. 
After Edwine the provinces were again divided. 

634. Saa?. Chron. Eanfbid, 7th King of Bemicia (son of Ethelfbtth)* 

634. OsBic, 2d King of Deira» son of -SIlfbic, the brother of King Ed- 
wine's father. 

After whom the provinces were united. 

634 — ^642. Oswald, 5th King of Northumberland. He was the 6th 
King who preponderated in the Anglo-Saxon octarchy. 
In the following reign Northumberland was again divided. 

642 — 670. OswEO, 8th King of Bemicia, brother of Oswald. He is 
ranked by Bede and other Chroniclers as the 7th of the preponderat- 
ing Saxon monarchs. 

642—651. OswiN, 3d Ki^g of Deira (son of Osbic the 2d King of Deira). 
On the death of Oswino in 651, Osweo, King of Bemicia, seized the 
throne of Deira, and ruled over the Northumbrian kingdom for two 
years. In 653, Ethelwald, the son of Oswald, became a competitor 
with OswEO for the crown of Deira ; but it is not known how long he 
continued in his disputed possession. 

670 — 685. EcGFEiD (son of Oswy), 6th King of Northumberland. Sax. 
Chron. Ecverth. He was slain in battle against the Picts at Drum- 
nechtan, and his body was taken and buried at Icolmkill. 

685 — ^705. Alcred, Alefrid. Sax. Chron. Aldfmth, Ealdfeifh (eldest, 
but natural son of Oswy), 7th King of Northumberland. He died at 
Driffelda, in Yorkshire. He is distinguished by Eddius with the epi- 
thet of the " most wise.*' 

705. Eadwulf was a fleeting monarch of two months. He seized the 
sceptre on the death of Alfred, but was driven out by Osbed. 

705 — 716. OsRED, the son of Axcfbed by Kenburg, the daughter of 

84 Account of Angh^Saaon Stycas 

Penda the Mercian. He was assassinated near the Southern Borders 
in 71 69 by his two kinsmen, Cenred and Osbic. 

716 — 718. CoENRED or Cenred, the son of Cuthwin. He was a de- 
scendant of Ida. 

718 — 731. OsRic, son of Alfred. 

731 — 737. Ceolwulf, the friend and patron of the venerable Bede, dis- 
gusted with the perils of monarchy, took the cowl. 

738 — 759. Eadbert, Eadbryght, Eadberht (the son of Eata), followed 
the example of his predecessor, and retired to a cloister. 

759. OsuLF or Oswulf, was slain at Methelwongtime on the ix kal. 

759 — 765. Moll Ethelwald or Edelwold. 

765 — 774. Aldred, Alured, Alchred, Alhred, " suis destitutus mutairit 
reguum exilio ." 

774 — 778. Ethelred, ^delred, son of Moll Edelwold. He was ba- 
nished in 778 ; or, according to the Chron* Maihros^ in 779. 

778 — 789. Alfwold, Elfwold. He is called " Rex innocentium,'* by 
the Chronicle of Mailros. He was slain by his patrician Sigan, and 
his body was buried at Hexham. 

789 — 790. OsRED, " nepos Alfwoldi," expelled in 790. 

790 — 794. Ethelred, son of Moll Edelwold, was again restored in 
790 ; but his subjects, disgusted at his deeds of blood, assassinated 
him in 794. 

794. OsBALD. He was deposed at the end of 27 days. 

794 — 806. Eardulf or Heardulf, Ardulf, Aldulf (BromptonJ, the son 
of Eanulf. 

806 — 808. Alfwold or Mlfwou), " per biennium regnum tenuit." Sim. 

808 — 840. Eanred succeeded on the death of Alfwold, and held the 
sceptre for 32 years. 

840 — 844. Ethelred, Edilred, Edelred, Aeilred, Mdelbed^ Elred, 
son of Eanred. He was expelled in 844, and restored in the same 

844. Beadwlf, Bedulf, who ^^ confestim diademati insignatus," was slain 

fmnd at Hexhomy in Northumberiand. 86 

in- battle against the Pagans at Aluetheleie. Matt. West sub anno 

844 — 848. Ethelbed was again restored in 844, but slain in 848. 

848—862. OsBEBCHT banislied in 862, but restored in 867 to share the 
throne with Aslla. 

862 — 867. Aella, ** non de regali prosapia." 

867. OsBBBCHT and Aella. They joined their forces against the Danes, 
and were both cruelly slain at York on the 12th April 867. After 
the death of Osbbbcht and Aeu.a» Northumbria was again divided 
into two provinces. The Danes took possession of the andent Deira, 
while the Saxons ruled in Bemicia. 

867 — .... Inguab the Dane reigned a long while in Deiia, and died with- 
out issue. 

867 — 873. Egbert. ** Quidam genere Anglicus, sub Danorom potestate 
regnum adeptus," was banished in 872j and died in 873. He was 
sovereign only of the tract of country between the rivers of Tyne and 

873 — 876. BicsiG (of Bemicia). '' He died with grief at the distresses 
of his country." Turner. 

Halfden, a Dane. In 875 he invaded the whole of Northumber- 
land. *^ Nee multo post (accessionem Bicsig) Halfiiene rex Danorum, 
assumpta de Beoppandune ubi tunc sederot plurima parte prsddicti 
exereitus, multa cum classe Tinam ingrediens, circa Tomemuthe hy- 
ematurus applicuit totam ad aquilpnalem plagam prsedieti fluminis 
provinciam, quae pacem eatenus habuerat per acta hyeme depopulatu- 
rus." Sim. de Dun. Ecd. lib. ii. c. 6. Will. Malmsbury makes this 
in 876. It would be prior to the death of Bicsig at all events. 
Halfden died in 876. 
876 — .... Egbert ruled " super Northumbros ultra amorai Tynam." He 

was reigning in 883. 
883 — 894. GuTHBED, son of Habdecnut, ^^ regnavit super Eboiaoum." 
See a curious legend in the Chronicle of Maibros^ sub anno 883. The 
same is repeated in both the histories of Simeon. ^ Ex servo Actus 
est rex. 
VOL. in. X 

86 Account of Angh^a^on Stycas 

GuTHRED died in 894, in which year the Danes, who inhabited 
Northmnbria, made a treaty of peace with King Elfred. WiU. 
Mahfmbwry. Sax. Chron. 
901 — 904. Athelwold, brother of Edward the Elder was chosen chief 
monarch of all Northumberland in 901. The Chronicle of Mallros, 
sub anno 901, has '^ recessit Northumbriam, et ibi Bex et Princeps 
Begum eorum factus est." A number of petty kings, whose names 
have not come down to us, reigned during this period in Northumbria 
which accounts for the expression, " Princeps Begum.'* The language 
of Henry of Huntingdon (lib. v. ad finem), is " confuse autem regnave- 
runt Daci, ita quod ibi rex unus erat, modo duo, modo reguli multi.,' 
Athelwold relinquished the throne in 904. 
...-^14. NiELL. I do not find when he commenced his reign. He 

was slain by his brother Sihtrio in 914. 
914 — 926. SiHTRic, the son of Inguar, and grandson of Badnar Log- 
BROE, slew his brother Niell in 914. He married Orgiva, the 
illegitimate daughter of Edward the Elder, by Egwina, a shepherd's 
daughter of great beauty, in 925. Sihtric afterwards repudiiated her» 
and returned to Paganism, from which he had been converted. He 
died in 926, meditating a hostile expedition against Ethelstan. 
919 — 944, Beignwald or Beginald. From Simeon we leaiii that " qui- 
dam Bex Paganus vocabulo Beignwald" came with a great fleet into 
Northumberland, gained possession of York, and occupied **totam 
mox terram Sancti Cuthberti." He made peace with Edward in 921, 
and was banished by Edmund in 944. 
926 — 927. GuTFERTH or Godofrid, the son of Sihtric, succeeded his 
fiither, but was expelled in 927 by Ethelstan, who annexed North- 
umberland to his own kingdom. The Saxon Chronicle has ** 927. 
jieji etSelftan cymnj pojibpap rru^FjiitS cynj." 

In the reign of Ethelstan's successor the Northumbrians again 

swore fealty, but soon broke their oath. 

Circa 927— .... Eric, Eyric, Yric. Mr. Turner (vol. ii. p. 201 of his 

Anglo-Saxons) states from the Norwegian Annals, that ** Athelstan 

placed him in Northumbria, to reign in feudal subordination to him- 

fownd at Heaham^ in NorthunAerkmd. 87 

self. Eric was baptized, and fixed his habitation at York-" "In 
the reign of Edmund, perceiving that this King, or his unquiet sub- 
jects, desired a new Regent, he hastened to his beloved ocean and its 
splendour." Ibid p. 229. He was again chosen in 940, and banish- 
ed 950. 

939 — 941. Anlaf. "Anno dooccxu. Northumbii fidelitatem, quam 
Edmundo juraverant, postponentes, Noreganorum Begem Anlafum 
sibi elegerunt in Begem, qui Hamtonam veniens eam obsedit, nihil- 
que profieiens, vertit exercitum ad Tamewrtham, et, vastatis omnibus, 
cam rediret, occurrit ei Bex Edmundus, et mox committeretur prseli- 
um, nisi sedassant eos duo Archiepiscopi Odo et Westan. Pace igitur 
fiGu^ta, utriusque Begni terminus erat Wathlingestrate. Anlafiis, incensa 
et vastata ecclesia sancti Baldredi in Tiningham, mox periit. Filius 
vero SmrrRici nomine Anlaf regnavit in loco patris sui." Citron. 

The division between Edmund and Anlaf was made in 939 \Sifne' 
on de Gest Reg. Ang.'] ; the latter died in 941. 

941 ? — 944. Anlaf, the son of Sihtbic, " regnavit in loco patris." There 
is much confusion in the authorities with respect to this and the pre- 
ceding King. In the place where the passage quoted above occurs 
it is uncertain whether the " in loco patris" means immediately subse^ 
quent to hisfaAer^s decease^ or merely "in loco," i. e. " in regno," dating 
his accession from the decease of the Norwegian Anlaf. I should 
prefer the latter explanation. He made an attempt to gain the king- 
dom in 937, but was defeated by Athelstan at Brunnanburgh. He 
was expelled along vrith Beginald in 944 by Edmund. "An. 
DCOOCXLnr. peji 6abmunb cyninj jeijobe eal NojiB hymbjia lanb 
hmi to jepealde. •] aplymbe ut tpejen cyninjaj*. uSnlaj: 
Syhtjiecej* pmu. •] Be^enalb IjuBfejiBef pmu." Sao?. Chran. 
" 944. Bex Edmundus, Anlafum, et Beinoldum de Northumbria 
expulit, quia pacem cum eo factam infregerunt." Chron. Mailros. 
Simeon [de Gestis Reg. Ang.l makes this event happen in 945. He 
says, " 945. Edmundus Bex expulsis duobus regibus regnum obtinuit 
Northanhymbrorum." Edbed succeeded to his brother Edmund on 

88 Account (^ An^oSium^ St^cas 

the throne of Bnghmd ia Q4&^ and ^* NwtluuBbciam aibi rebeUantem 
coaqiwmt." Mofiiiros. 
947<-**d4i8. An]»af» who hsd beeu ozpelled in d44» xetimed with a fleets 
aind was xestored 947. He was again banishAd in the jfoUowing year, 
and the Northumbrians swore fealty to King Edbed ; but they qpeed- 
ily broke their oath, for in 949^ (the Saxon Chronicle says 95S) they 
agam setup 
(949^— -960.) Eyrio, Hebic» Huth, "^de stirpe Danorum," the son of 
Haeolp. Him, however, they expelled in 960 (Saxon Chronicle 954) 
through feair of Edked, who had devastated their territories^ and burnt 
the fionotts monastery built by St. Wil£rid at Ripon. Eysic made a 
fruitless resistance. Being betrayed by Osulf, he was slain^ and was 
the Ifeusit of the royal line of Northumbrian ^ nam el successerunt 

'' 948, moxque (this must refer to a following year) Northumbriam 
(Edbbpus) circui^is totam possedit, sed post juratum ei fidelitatem 
Northymbrenses quondam Danum Eibjqcuh prssfaciunt regem." Sim. 
de GeHis Beg. AngL In the year 95% Simeon has, '' defeoerunt hie 
reges Northanhymbrorum ; et deinceps ipsa provinda admini strata est 
per comites.'* In the following year (953) he adds ^ comes Osulf 
suscepit comitatum Northanhymbrorum." 
Subjoined is an epitome of the subsequent history as to the govern- 
ment of Northumberland, taken from the Chronicle of Mailros. 
950. — Anno dccccl. Bex Anghrum Edbedus Northumbriam devastat, in 
qua vastatione combustum est Monasterium quod sanctus Wilfndus 
construxerat in Mipun. Northymbrenses timore coacti regem, quern 
sibi fecerant, abjecerunt Eybicum, filium Haboldi, qui fuit ultimus 
rex illorum ; nam ei successerunt comites, primus Osulfus qui postea 
socium habuit Oslacum, quibus successit Wallevus senior, post quern 
Uhctredus filius ejus, post Uhctredum Edolf Cudes frater ejus, post 
hunc frater ejus Aldredus : Uli successit Eapulfus filius Cospatrici 
filii Uhctredi predicti. Eadulfo successit Siwabdus ; post eum Tos- 

* Cfaron. Mail. Sim. de Gestic Beg. AogL 

f(Mnii at He^fhaiOy m NorOiumberhnd. 89 

Tius firator Hafaldi regiB ; Tosto Morkarus, qui comitatnia commisit 
OsuLFO filio Edulfi Comitis, cui expulso sucoessit Cospi ; post eum 
CosPATBjcus filius Maldredi, quern Cospatricum Maldredus habuit ex 
Aldgitha fiUa Uhetredi ComitB et Elfgivse filise Ethelredi regis. Iste 
Cospatricfus erat pater Dolfini, WaUevi, Cospatrici. Post eum datus 
est comitatus Waltheyo Siwardi Comitis filio. Gapto Waltheuo, 
commissa est comitatus cura Waltheyo Episcopo. Quo interfecto 
Bex dedit comitatum Albio ; eui reverse patriam, successit Bodbkr- 
Tus DE MuLBBEio : sod 00 capto, ipsi Beges deiniceps tenuerunt comi- 
tatum in manu sua, Primus Willielmus junior, deinde Henbicus, 
postea Stephanus, et post eum Henbious Secundus. 

Before describing the Coins found at Hexham, it may not be irrelevant 
to notice the discovery of some stycas appropriated to a king who reigned 
long antecedent to the first of the present series. I allude to the small 
number of the Coins of Ecofbed, which were found at Heworth. 

The Bev. John Hodgson, the author of the History of Northumberland, 
and then the Perpetual Curate of Jarrow and Heworth, in a paper printed 
in the first volume of the Transactions of the Antiquarian Society of New- 
castle-upon-Tyne, after stating the probable connection between this King 
and the church of Jarrow, proceeds to give an ingenious explanation of the 
reverse of the Coins, which he observes are all from the same die. The 
legend on the reverse, however, instead of lux, as was supposed at the 
time, appears to be rather lvn, at least on the Coin in my possession, which 
may either be the name of the moneyer or the place of mintage. The u 
is formed like T, and the N is very indistinct. The' ornamented cross has 

VOL. ra. Y 

90 Account of Anglo^Sa^on Stycas 

probably its meaning, and none more likely than that assigned to it by the 
reverend and learned gentleman himself. 

EcGFBiD ascended the throne in 670 in preference to his elder, though 
illegitimate brother, Alfred. He invaded Mercia in 679, and in 684 
made a similar inroad into Ireland. His invasion of the Picts in the same 
year was fatal to him, for his enemies, by stratagem entangled him in a 
defile, near Drumnechtan, where he was slain. 

Our series commences with Heardvlf. 

On the flight of Bang Osbald, the Patrician Heardulf* was called from 
exile,! and invested with the regal dignity. He was consecrated at the 
altar of St. Paul, in the church of St. Peter, at York, " ubi,** adds Simeon, 
" ilia gens primum perceperat gratiam baptismi,*' by the northern Arch- 
bishop Eanbald, assisted by Bishops Ethelbbrht, Higbald and Bade- 
wuLF, on the vii kal. Jun. 796. 

Ethelred, the predecessor of Osbald on the Northumbrian throne, 
among innumerable other enormities, was the chief party in the intended 
assassination:^ of Heardulf, who in the year 792 was dragged to the gates 

• " Ex semine regio.** JohamUt WdOkngford Chnm. 630. 

t The year of his accession is stated variously by the Chroniclers. The Saxon Chronicle has the 2 
id Mail 7»fi, and adds that he was consecrated and •* ro hif cine-frole ahopen," vii kaL JuniL The 
Chronicle of Mailros makes it 7W. Simeon of Durham " de Gestis R^um Anglofum," has the fol- 
lowing, « Anno Dccxcvi (796) Eardulf filius Eabduui de exilio vocatus, regni infiilis est sublimatus, 
eC in Eboraca in ecclesia Sancti PetH ad altare beati Apostoli Paidi, ubi ilia gens primum perceperat 
gratiam baptismi, consecratus est vii. kaL JuniL*' Matt Westmin. says 797. 

X Both the Chronicle of Mailros and the Monk Simeon make particular mention of this act of 
Ethelbed's cruelty. From the letter we learn that it happened in the second year of Ethelred's 
reign, that is in 792. I subjoin theur respective accounto: "Qui (Ethelrbdus) iftirAi^fcm ducem 
capiens, et ad Bipum producens ibi eum occidit extra portom monasterii : Dilato autem coqwre ipsius, 
in ecdesiam, et psaUentibus circa eum et pro eo fiatribus, post mediam noctem vivus inventus esf* 
Chron. MaUrot tub anno 190; under the year 794 it adds, «« EarMfiu vero filius Earkulfi, qui ut supn 
dixunus post occisionem revixit, de exilio revocatus. Rex est constitutus." In the " Hbtoria Simeonis 
de Gestis Regum Anglorum ni." we find, « ciyus (Ethelredi) anno secundo (the same authority makes 
his reign commence in 790) Eardulf dux captus est et ad Ripun pcrductus, ibique ocddijussus extra 
portam monasterii ^ rege pnefiito. Cigus corpus fhitres cum GregorkuA$ concentibus ad ecdesiam por. 
iantes, et in tentorio foris ponentes, post mediam noctem vivus est in ecclesiA inventus.** 

found at Hexhamy in Northumberland. 91 

of the monastery of Bipon, and there left for dead. The charitable monks 
however, finding the body so near their precincts, carried it into the church, 
and were the means of his safe recovery before the morning. Heabdulf 
escaped, visited Borne, and sought the protection of Charlemagne, '^who 
in conjunction with the papal Legate, assisted him in his efforts."* to gain 
the throne. 

In 798f the murderers of Ethelred conspired against their former idol 
Heabdulf. The King met the rebels, and, after a severe contest, and 
much slaughter on both sides, the royal army was victorious, and the in- 
surgent leader Wada was obliged to fly.:|: 

Two events stain the government of Heardulf, but they were only in 
accordance with the character of the times. One, the death of Moll, is 
thus recorded by Simeon: **Moll quoque dux paulo post (799) jussione 
tergente Eabbulfi regis occisus est."!) The other is the massacre of Alc- 
MUND. The same authority says, ** Eodem anno (800) Alchmund^ filius 
Alcredi regis, ut dicunt quidam, a tutoribus Eardwlfi regis est apprehen- 
sus, ejusque jussione cum suis profiigis occisus est." 

After these transactions, the Northimibrian King turned, in 801, his 
arms against Kenwlf of Mercia; who meeting his hostilities with equal 
alacrity, soon raised an army, and was quickly in the field. The Clergy 
and " Principes Anglorum," however, interfered, and with their advice a 
reconciliation was effected, and peace agreed upon by both parties ;^ the 

* Turner, Ang. Sax. voL L p. 400, who quotes Ann. Franc ap. Duchesne, yoL iL p. 46. 

f In this jear the great Synod was held by Eanbald at Finchale. See after, in the account of the 

X Anno Dccxcviii. Conjuratione fiicta ab interfectoribus Etheldbxdi regis, Wada dux in ilia con- 
jurationecum eisbellum inierunt contra Eabdwlfuh r^em in loco qui appellatur ab Anglis Billikoa- 
HOTH juxta Walalxoe, et ex utraque parte plurimus interfectis Wada dux cum suis in fugam versua 
est, et Easdwlfus rex victoriam regaliter sumpsit ex inimicis." 51m. Dun, de GaHt Begum Anghntm, 
** Anno nocxcnn Inter&ctores £thelbbdi Regis cum duce Wada bellum inierunt contra Eakditlfum 
successonim apud Billangaho juxta Waleleib, in quo multi ceciderunt, sed, duce Wada in fiigam 
verso victoriam habuit Eakdulfub.*^ Chnm. de MaUrot tub anno. ** Peridem tempus rex Northanhum- 
brorum £au>uli8Us, in loco qui Bilimgbho dicitur, prelium commisit contra Wadum ducem, et alios 
quosdani conspiratores suos. Sed demum multis hinc inde interfectis, rex regaliter victoriam obtinuit 
ex hoatibus supradictis.'* Matt. Wettm. tub anno 798. 

II De Gestis Reg. Anglor. lift— sic etiam Chron. de Mailros sub anno 799. 

§ Sic Matt. West et Chron. de Mailros sub anno 800. 

% Anno Dooa. Eaadultus NorthunOronm Rex et Kimewlfus Merdorum ad bellandum convenerunt. 

92 Account qf AngbhSaaon Sfycas^ 

two kingB swearing ^^ in evangelic Christi ut in diebus eorum quaaidiu vita 
potirentur prasenti, et regni essent infolis sufiuki^ pax finna veraque inter 
eos amicitia inconeussa et inviolata persisteret." 

In 806* Heabdulf was deserted by his subjects and banished the king- 
dom ; '' et deinceps," adds the Chronicle of Mailros» ^* Rege ihu carebat." 
The limits of the diu was two years ; for in 808 Alfwold was chosen his 
successor.! Of Alfwold not any coins have been found, and the cmly his- 
torical memorial of him is, that he held the rdns of govemmait for the 
short space of two years. 

The Stycas of H£ardulf4 which are unnoticed by Mr. Buding, and a 
very Umited number of which were found amongst the Hexham Coins, are, 
in point of execution, similar to those of his successors EiiN&ED, Ethblbed, 
and Bedulf. The legends differ from the mtyority of them in the omis- 
sion of the title Bex, which omission however is not unusual in the Coins 
of the subsequent reigns. The only moneyer which as yet has been found 
amongst the Hexham Coins, is Hjsbeetcl 


After the expulsion of Alfwold, the crown was worn by Eanbed for the 
long space of thirty-two years. || During the reign of this latter prince, the 
sbperiority of Wessex under its King Egbert was fully established. After 

sed Episcoporum ac Principum consilio pacem inter se jurejurando confirmayeruni, quamdiu viverent 
tenendam. Chron. de Mailrot tub anno. In Simeon (de Gettis Reg, AngL 117) we find, *< 801. His tern- 
poribus Eabdulf Rex Norlhanh^nthrorum duxit exercitum contra Kenwlfum regem Merckmm propter 
suaceptionem inimicorum ejus. Qui et ipae congregans exercitum aecum aliarum promovit auxilia 
Provincianyn plurima, longa inter eoa expeditione &cta. Tandem cum conailio epucoponim ac princi- 
pum Anghnim ex utraque parte pacem inierunt per gratiam regis Anglorum Factaque flrmissimae pacis 
Concordia inter eos, quam sub jurejurando in evangelio Christi ambo reges oonfirmaverunt, Deum tes- 
tem et fidejussorem interponentes, ut in diebus eorum quamdiu vita potirentur pneaenti, et regni 
essent infiiHs suffulti, pax firma veraque inter eos amicitia inconeussa et inviolata persisteret'* 

* An. DoccTi. ** peji ye mona a)>i]ic][iot>e on krSejrr. ^ Gsptjpulp. No}i]»anhymbpa omn^ . psef op 
bif juce X)7upen." Chnm, SatL, tub anno. 

t MattWestm. 

X Sir Andrew Fountaine in Tab. x. at the end of his Dissertation on Saxon Coins in Hickes*s 
Thesaurus, gives five Stycas of a king Heardulf, all of different moneyers, amongst which are Odilo and 

II *' Post Alfwooum Eanbedus (sucoessit) qui r^navit xxxix. anms.'* Chron. Joan, WaXSmgfbrd. This 
is a mistake which a little further down the same Chronicler corrects ; his words are, *■ qui xxxn. annis 
regnayit in Northimbria.** 

fom^ at Hewhamj in Northumberland. 98 

conquering M ercia» whose military strength had been completely exhausted 
by the imprudence of the usurpers Beornwulf and Ludeoan, EaBEBT 
moved his army beyond the Humber, and assumed a hostile position to- 
wards Northumberland, at this time in a state of internal weakness^ the 
fruits of many years of anarchy and misrule. Eanred knew full well his 
inability to compete, in his present situation, with the successful Egbert, 
and aware that none but peaceful measures could safely be adopted, he 
met his opponent at a place called Dore ; and there, to use the words of 
the Worcester Chronicle, whose account of this transaction I have given 
in a note, "occurrens pacifice, ei concordiam humilemque subjectionem 
obtulit f and, as we find in Matthew of Westminster, " regem Eandredum 
statuit sub tribute."* -' 

Although Northumbria was, on this, as on many other, occasions, reduced 
to a temporal submission, yet she still preserved her position as a separate 
kingdom. It was not until the victory of Edred over Eric in 946, and his 
subsequent partition of it into counties under the government of an Earl, 
that she lost her independence, and was inseparably annexed to the realm 
of England. 

Eanred, unlike many of his near cotemporaries, finished a long reign 
without being banished, and died in 840 in possession of his throne.f 

The moneyers of Eanred, as given by Mr. Buding, exclusive of the sil- 
ver penny, are : 




* <' Xnt) f e ecsbjtjhr liet>«e pyn^e co Dojie pilS Noji^anhjmbjie -y hj him ^vsji ea^met>o but>on 
-j se)> psejinen*^ 1 l>t ^° l*'^'^ co-hf upfan." Sa»m Chroiu tub amo, Dcccxxm. 

** 827. Eodem anno Bex Occidentalium Saxonum Egbertus, expulso regno WiglaJfo, regnum Mer- 
ciorum suo abjecit imperio. Deinde suam movit e^peditionem ultra Humbri fiumen. Cui Northim- 
brenses (in loco qui Dore vocatur) occuientes pacifice, ei concordiam humilemque subjectionem obtu- 
lere ; absic ab invicem divisi sunt magna mentis alacritate.*' Flor, Wigom, 28a *' Anno gratise 829. 
Cum Egbertus rex Occidentalium Saxonum omnia austndia Angliae regna obtinuisset, exercitum gran- 
dem in Northanhumbria duoens, provindam illam gravi depopuktione contrivit, regemque Eandredum 
statuit sub tribute.*' Matt, Wett, tub anno. 

f ** Anno gratise 840, defuncto rege Northanbumbrorum Eandredo, ^Bthelbeoub fiiius ejus septem 
annis successit. MatL Wut^ 

VOL. m. z 


Account of AiyloSaa?on Sfyeat 








The following have been found amongst that portion of the Coins disco- 
yered at Hexham, which have undergone a careful examination. 





















Being, with the exception of one of the readings of Heardulf in Rud. 
ing, all that were known to that author ; and shewing as new moneyers of 
this Bang, or readings of their names — 


BROER (with all its yarious daexberct 

BRjrpMR readings.) eadvni 

























^ pro 




















fmmd at ffesham, in Nortiiumberland. 




























Of Edilvard, Edilvead, Erdred, Hearethi, Ieadvine, Teveh, Tid- 
viNi, and TiDUNi, single specimens have only hitherto been found, which 
may be considered as most probably unique. Several of the other money- 
ers, as Cvnwlp, Eadvini, Fordred, and Monne, aflTord numerous speci- 

The drawings render any particular explanations of the Coins unneces- 
sary. The peculiarity as to the dots may be seen in several of them. On 
a coin of the moneyer wlfheard, we find a very singular distribution of 
the legend ; the d, instead of being with the other letters in the usual 
manner, usurps the place which is usually occupied by a cross in the 
centre. Folcnod and Odilo are the only moneyers in this reign, who 
have added their designation of office. Thus, in all the Coins of Folcnod 
we find the letter m after the name. In one Coin of Odilo we have the 
letters mon, and in another the letters mo., abbreviations of the officer 


The moneyers Broder, Heardulf, Herred, and Wintred, according to 
a practice not uncommon at the time, have in some instances abbreviated 
their names by leaving out the final vowel ; thus Brodr, Heardlf, Herrd, 
and WiNTRD. 

The Runic letters on a Coin of the moneyer Brother, and also on one 
of Wintred, are worthy of attention. In the inscription brjtPmr, the let- 
ters BR and p are common to both the Saxon and Runic alphabets, but the 
F and m are peculiar to the latter only ; the one being an o and the other 
on E. In the other inscription PiNTRM><i , the first five letters are also 
common to the two alphabets ; the latter letters e and d, however, are 

96 Account of AngfoScupon Sfyccu 

peculiarlj Runic ; see the '* Litterarom Runicarum varietas univena eol- 
lecta," given in the first Yolume of Hickes's Thesaurus. On the knowledge 
which the Anglo-Saxons possessed of the Runic characters, Mr. Turner 
gives a very interesting account in the fourth chapter of the Appendix to 
his work, vol. i. p. 232. 


Ethelred, or as his name is variously exiled Aedelred, Aidklrkd, 
Aeilred^^thelred, Athelred, Ethelred, Edelred, Edilred, Elreii, and 
Ethered,* the son of King Eanred, mounted the throne at his fether^s 
death, in 840.f Of the transactions of this reign no satis&ctory informa- 
tion can be gleaned from our early Chroniclers and Historians. The com- 
parative beauty of various Stycas of Ethelred's coinage, are however so 
many evidences of improving taste and execution, if not in the kingdom at 
large, at least in individuals ; and shews that the arts were not totally 
neglected. The long reign of Eanred, and the undisturbed state of the 
country after Egbert's hostile visit, had perhaps tended in some degree to 
soften down the ruggedness of the Northumbrian character ; and to pro- 
duce a few shoots of that intellect, which had flourished so healthily during 
the reigns of their Kings Alfred and Ceolwulf. 

In the year 844 Ethelred gave offence to his people, and was expelled 
to make room for Redulf ; on whosh death he was recalled, '^ et tunc iterum 
regnavit.^t He was slain in 848.|| 

* The preseni is onljr one amongst the many instances of variations in the orthqgraphj of An^^o- 
Saxon names. In a note in voL L p. 472, of Turner's History of the Anglo-Saxons, that gentleman, 
speaking of the different modes of writing the name of Ethslwulf the successor of Egbckt, says, 
'* The name of this king has been disfigured by that variety of orthography which prevailed at this time, 
and often confiises history. Ethel wlf us, Ethqlfus, Athulfub, Adulfus, ArniiTLFUs, Aoheholfvs, 
Athelwlfus, Atwdlfus." The cause of this fluctuation was no doubt owing In a great measure to 
the writers of mibsequant ages, having, In the absence of contemporary originals, to depend so much 
upon oral tradition, received perhaps thsough the medium of a vitiated or provincial pronunciation. 

t Matthew of Westminster makes hun reign ttuen years. In the Chron. Joannis Wallingford, 531 
we find Atheleedus qui regnavit ix annis. 

t Matt. West. 

II <'Anno gntiae 848 Atbeleedo rege Northanhumbrorum interfecto, Osbeetus succesnt pro eo 
annis la** MaU. Wut, ntb anno, Simeon the Monk, in his History of the Church of Durham, lib. H. 
cap. V. makes this event happen in 849. His words are, ** anno ab incamatione Domini noocliij. imperii 
antem Oibbrti, qui occiso Ethblredo in regnum lucceaserat anno quinto.*' 

fofwnd at Hea^ham^ in NorthunAerland. 
Mr. Ruding gives as moneyers of Ethelbed : 






























In the Hexham collection have been found : 







































Therefore we do not find 

amongst them, 










But we have as new, 







• A single specimen of this moneyer*8 coin was found by Mr. Airey , and has been unfortunatelj mis- 
laid or lost. 











98 Account of Anglo^aaon Stycas 






Single Coins only have occurred of Ceolbald and Hnifvla, differing in 
each case from those figured by Mr. Ruding. Those of Coenbed, Eadvin, 
Eafdvlf, Eanbede, Evdeteda, Gadvtes, Hvvlaf, Leodegn, are unique, 
so fieir as the examination has proceeded. 

The same peculiarity of dotting runs through the money of this reign. 
Some of the Coins of Alghere shew curious instances of it. 

The moneyer Leofdegn appears to have been a man of infinitely more 
taste than any either of his predecessors or cotemporaries. The beautiful 
devices upon several of the pieces of his minting, particularly those where- 
on we see the figure of a horse, probably the first deviation from the usual 
marks of crosses, circles, and pellets, will not fail to obtain for him the ad- 
miration he deserves. 

At the beginning of the money of this King we have placed three Coins, 
and in the supplemental Plate will be found two others, having on the re- 
verse the name and title of his father Eanbed. We might have been in- 
duced to give them this situation, under the idea that they might be the 
first Coins struck in his reign. At the end are two Coins, both of which 
have Edilbed Bex on the obverse ; the one has very distinctly Aielbeda 
on the reverse, the other is not so distinct, but the legend appears the 

We have again, in the coinage of this King» some of the moneyers 
adding their designation of office. Odilo, as in the former reign, having 
the letters mo on his Coins, and Leofdegn, on some of his, monet. This 
latter moneyer has also gone through all the various ways of spelling the 
name of Ethelbed. 

In the centre of the obverse of some of the Coins we have the Saxon 
CD, and, in numbers 193, 194, we also find an a in a similar situation. Had 
the M occurred on the reverse, it might have been supposed an abbreviation 
of the word Monetabius ; but, placed as it is, we are at a loss to conjecture 

found at Hea^ham, in Northumberland. 99 

either the meaning of it or of the a. It may be proper to observe, how- 
ever, that these letters do not unfrequently occur upon other Coins of the 
Saxons. Had this not been the case, we might have hazarded the conjec- 
ture, that they designated the places of mintage, and that the m might 
stand for CDun£U[£ast£B, Monkchester, the present Newcastle-upon- 
Tyne ; and the a for Agustald, one of the Saxon names for Hexham. 


Redulf* or Readwlf, on the banishment of King Ethelred, succeeded 
in 844. The only chronicler who notices his possession of the sceptre is 
Matthew of Westminsterf, all the other historians assigning it to Os- 
BEBCHT, and passing by unnoticed Ethelred's expulsion and subsequent 
elevation. Here the value of the Northumbrian Stycas, as historical mo- 
numents, is strikingly apparent ; for, had no money with this monarch's 
name and title been discovered, the Monk of Westminster's testimony 
might have been destroyed by a host of other authorities, in point of au- 
thenticity and fidelity equal to his own. 

Redulf was scarcely seated on the throne when he turned his arms 
against the Danes, then making one of their frequent inroads. At Alue- 
theleie, his enemies were victorious, and the King, with his general 
Alfred, and a great part of his soldiers, were left dead in the field. 
Ethelred reigned again in the same year. 

The moneyers of Redulf, according to Mr. Ruding, are 




The Hexham Coins afford of this King, 



• Mr. Rudiflg writes that he had not been able to disco7er the date ot the accession of this king. V ol. 
i. p. 243. 

f *' Anno gratise 844.... Eodem anno rex Northanhumbrorum ^thelredus a regno fligatus est, cui 
Readwlfus successit in regnum, qui confestim diademate insignitus, cum Paganis commisso pnelio apud 
ALtETHELEiE, ipse et consul ^LFBEDUS ceclderunt cum parte maxima subditorum, et tunc iterum 
JEthelredub regna7it** Matt. West, tub anno. 


100 Account of AngUhSduton Stycas 



Of which are new, Hvaetndd, Hvnlaf, and Eoedred. 

Very few C!!oin8 of this reign were found, in comparison with those of 
the others. The shortness of the time which Bedulf held the sceptre, 
sufficiently accounts for this circumstance ; and it is only remarkable that 
the variations should have been so numerous. Of the moneyer Hunlaf 
only one Coin has as yet occurred. Of the others there are more than 
single specimens. 

On the death of Ethelbed, Osbebcht was invested with the regal dig- 
nity in 848; banished in 862, and again restored in 867 to share the 
throne with Aella. 

Of the Coins of Osbebcht not any specimens were discovered among 
the Stycas found at Hexham ; but Mr. Buding gives several in his work 
on the British Coinage, and enumerates the following moneyers, Eanulf, 
Eanvvlf, Monne, Vinebeght, and Vinebeet.* 


Aella, or as we have his name on the Styca, Aela, whom a chronicler 
styles " non de regali prosapia," usurped the throne in 862, on the banish- 
ment of Osbebcht. This reign witnessed an event which was chiefly in- 
strumental in provoking the great Danish invasion. The celebrated north- 
em Vikingr Bagnab Lodbeok,! on one of his roving expedition, was wreck- 
ed on the coast of Northumbria, and immediately on landing began to put 
his fevourite plans of plunder into execution. On this, Aella, the then 
King, marced against him. The native army was victorious, and Baonab 
remained in the hands of the conqueror, who, in accordance with the bar- 

• Buding, Plate XI. Nos. 1 to 10. Plate XXVII. Nofc 1 to 3. 

t For a detailed historjr of BAOVAa Lodbrok see Mr. Turner's very learned Historj of the Ang. 
Sax. vol. L p. 445. 

foand at Heshamy in Northumberland. 101 

barity of the age, tormented his prisoner with a lingering death. Bao- 
nar's sons, burning with revenge, collected an immense host of neigh- 
bouring chiefs, and sailed for Northumbria. A storm, howeyer, changed 
their destination to East Anglia, where they landed. The spring succeed- 
ing their arrival, saw them at the gates of York.* The civil discord which, 
says Asser, ^* diabolico instincter orta fuerat, sicut semper populo qui odium 
incurrerit Dei evenire solet," was still raging in Northumberland, and it 
was not until the Pagans had gained possession of their capital that the 
contending parties were appeased. They joined in one cause against their 
common enemy, and marched ^* in die Palmarum" against York, near which 
place they met the Danes, who immediately retreated within the walls of 
the city. They were closely pursued by the Saxons, who found no diffi- 
culty in breaking the fortification and entering the town. " Non enim 
tunc adhuc ilia civitas firmos et stabilitos muros illis temporibus habebat." 
A general conflict ensued, and the Danes, driven by despair, redoubled all 
their efforts against the now broken ranks of the Northumbrians. Of this 
juncture I transcribe Matthew of Westminster's account : " Tandem in- 
gressi civitatem pugnam contra paganos, sibi nimis damnosam, commiserunt. 
Nam in ilia pugna ceciderunt reges Osbertus et Ellaj et cum eis 8 con- 
sules, in die palmarum, cum turbarum multitudine copiosa. Deinde nefan 
dissimi victores Dani, totam Northanhumbrorum provinciam usque ad 
ostium Tynse fluminis depopulantes patriam sibi, victis hostis, subdiderunt.":!: 

* ** An. DOCCLXTiL pe]i poji f e hejie op eafc-enslum opeji pumbjie mu!San ro eopo]\)>ic-ceaf e]te 
on Non^-humbjie." Sax, Chron. 

867. '* Paganorum exerdtus de Orientalibus Anglia ad Eboracum civitatem migravit, quae in aquiloni 
ripa Humbra fluminis sita est.'* Flor. Wigonu 

*< Anno gratie 867* Eodem anno Danorum nefimdus exerdtus, in die Omnium Sanctorum, ab Orient* 
alibus Anglia ad Ebor. dvitatem migravit. MatL JVett* 

'f Sic Chron. de Mailros sub anno 867. 

% [An. DCccxLvn.] Xnt> ]»8e]i peermicel un-se)>p8e)inef ]»e}ie ]»eot>e becpeoz him f elpum. *] by 
h«|:i>on hiojia cynin^ a]>0]ipeQne Of bjijhr. *] un-2ecynt>ne cynin; unxj^ji-penjon ^Uan. Ant> hy 
lace on seajie co )>am ^ecyji^on. [The passage in connection with this is given in the preceding note.] 
*] hy [Of bjiyhr -y ^Ua] pi!S ^one hejie pinnent>e ps]iun. Ant> 1 y )»eah micele fy)it>e ses«t>e)io«)on. 
•3 ]>one hejfie f ohron sec eopojipic-ceaf r jie. *] on )>a ceaf C]ie bjiecon. -^ hyf ume inne pu]it>on Ant> 
]»a p»r un-^emerhc pael ^ef lesen Noji^San-hymbjia. f uine binnan f ume buran. -3 )»a cymn^af bc^cn 
Of-flesen ]fmfi pujit>an. 1 f i > 1 F pi^ )>one 1 e]ie p }iit> namon. Sax, Chron, 

The respective accounts of Asser and Florence of Worcester bdng so verbally alike, I refirain from 
giving both. I have added that of Asser as being the older historian. There is a balance of authorities 
in &vour of the date 867» which Asser has 866. 

VOL. m. B b 

102 Account of Angh-Saofon Sfycas 

Mr. Turaer, quoting from northern authorities, says : ** The sons of Bao- 
NAB inflicted a cruel and inhuman retaliation on Ella, for their fitther^s 
suflferings. They divided his back, spread his ribs into the figure of an eagle, 
and agonised his lacerated flesh by the addition of the saline stimulant.** 
This is a refinement of cruelty scarcely to be expected from a people in 
the vilest stage of barbarity. 

Of the money of Aella, which was, I consider, entirely unknown to 
former writers,* and is therefore unnoticed by Mr. Buding, one styca only 
has been discovered, and which I think may be with safety assigned to 
him. It has on the obverse the King's name spelled Aela, and his title 
Eex. The reverse bears the name of the moneyer Hedeiv. The Coin of 
Eanbed No. 95, has the name and title similarly placed. The workman- 
ship is rude, and approaches nearest in execution to some of the worst 
struck pieces of Archbishop Vigmund's mint. 

We may fix the date 867 to the concealment of the Hexham treasure ; 
and the reader need only glance over the account given by our Ghroniders 
of the Danish ravages, subsequent to the battle of York, to assign a very 
cogent reason for the caution of the owner. There can be little doubt tiliat 
he perished in the general massacre. 

Eanbald II. was the tenth Archbishop of York. He was Presbyter of 

866. Anno dcccxlti. ... £o tempore maxima inter Nordan^ifin^nt diacordia diabolico inatinctu orta 
fiierai, sicut temper populo, qui odium incurrerit Dd, evenire aolet. Nam NordtmkymbH eo tempore, ut 
diximus, legitimum Regum suum, Obbbichtum nomine, Begno ezpulerant, et tjimnnum quendam 
Aella nomine, non de regali proaapia progenitum, super Regni apioem constituerant. Sed, adrenien- 
tibus Fagania, consilio divino & optimatum amminiculoy pro communi utilitate diacordia ilia aliquantu- 
lum aedata, OflBRiCHTua & Aella, adunatia ▼iribua, congiegato ezerdtu, Eboracum oppidum ade- 
mit. Quibua advenientibua Pagani oonfeatim Aigam arripiunt, et intra urbia mcenia ae defimdere pro. 
curant. Quorum fugam & payorem Christiani oementea^ etiam intra Urbia moenia eoa peraequi et 
murum frangere instituunt quod A feoerunt. Non enim tune adhuc ilia dvitaa firmos It stabilitos muna 
iUia tempoiibua habebat. Cumque Chriaiiani murum ut propoauenmt fi^iaaent, & eorum magna para 
in dvitatem aimul cum Pagania intraaaety Pagani dolore & neceaaitate compulai super eoa atiociter ir. 
run^iunt, CKdupt, fugant, prostemunt intua & extn^ ilUc maxima ex parte omnes NordanhjmbTvnaium 
capti, oocisia duobua fiegibua cum multis Nobilibua ibi occubuenmt, leliqui vero, qui evaaerunt, pacem 
cum Pagania pepigenint. AmiaUt AtterU^ p. 159. 

• The Stycaa called AxLA'a given in Sir Andrew Fountaine's work at the end of Hickea's Tfaesaurua, 
cannot be appropriated io this king, and the legends have probaUj been mistaken bj that authcnr. 

fownd at Hej?ham, in Northumberland. 103 

the church of St. Peter there, and was elected immediately on the death 
Eanbald I. in 7d6» and the second year of King Heardulf. He was or« 
dained on Sunday the 15th day of August, at Socbum, in Durham, in the 
presence of Adelbebt, Bishop of Hexham, Higbald, Bishop of Lindis&me, 
and 3iahop BapwiiF ; and in the following year (797), having accepted the 
pallium from the Pope, was solemnly confirmed in the Archbishopric by 
the Northumbrian nation, on the Natiidty of the Virgin (8th Septem- 

In 798 Eanbald presided at a Synodf of the clergy and great men, held 
at Finchale, in the county of Durham. It was convened for the purpose 
of settling the disputes about the observation of the Easter feast, and for 
other ecclesiastical matters which needed regulation. I have subjoined a 
very fiill account of this meeting in the notes.^ 

* ** An. Dccxcvi. peji pojit^-pejfilSe 6anbiil% Ajiceb on iv. it>af Aus* *] bif he h^V on Bof^^pic, 
Ant> }»ef ilcan s^ajief po]ilS-];e)it>e Utolfulp bif cop. -j man jehal 50t>e o>eji 6anb«lt> on j»«e]r o^jief yztX 
on XIX. kaL Sepc." Sax. Chron, 

" An. Docxcvn. Ano eanbalti on-pen; Pallium on vi. it>u]r.Sepc.*' Ibid. 

" Acoepto ab Apostolica sede pallio, in Arehiepiscopatum confirmatus est Sept 8, 797-'* HovedeUf 233. 

** Anno gratifle 797 ... hoc quoque anno Eanbaldus £bor. Archiepiscopus deoeasit, et altet Ean- 
BALDDS succeaait, quo utique anno Eakbaldus Ebor. Ardiiepiacopus, accepto pallio, per antistitem or- 
dinavit Eadbbduic, a£(juncto aibi Hiobaldo Epiacopo, ad pontificatus honoTem.** MatL Watm. 

*' Anno Docxcvi. Eamsaldds Archiepiacopus Eboracenaia obiit, cui auooeaait alter Eapbalddi ordinan. 
tibua eum Epiaoopia ETHSLBEBTOy Higbaldo, et Badulfo." Chron, de Mmlrot 

** 746. Et paulo post, id est iiii. Ides Augusti Eambaldub Archiepiscopus obiit in monaaterio quod 
dicitur EUete, corpuaque ^ua magno comitante agmine ad Eboracam dvitatem portantes, in Ecdesia- 
beati Petri Apostoli aepultum est honorifice. Statim vero alter Eanbaldub ejusdem Ecdeais Presbyter 
in episcopatum est electus. convenientibus ad ordinationem ^us Ethelbebto et Hygbaldo atque Ba- 
DULTo episcopia, in Monaaterio quod dicitur Sochasburg xviu. kaL Septemb. die dominica. Anno 
Dccxcvu* Eanbaldqs, iUe posterior accepto ab apostolica aede pallio in Archiepiscopatum genti Northan- 
hymbrorum. Confirmatus est vi Idus Septembris, qua die ceiebratur, id est, nativitas Sanctae Maris de 
qua poeta ait : 

Splendet honore dies est in quo yirgo Maria 
stripe David r^gis procedens edita mundo." 

Sim. Dun. d$ GetHt Big. Angl. 

f StubbSy in his Chronicle of the Archbishops of York, writes, *'congregata est Synodua non fturva^ 
in loco qui vocatur Pincfuunhdkh^ cui ipsi pneddens cum magnia et sapientibus personis quamplurimsi 
quorum prudentia et justida status regni Northumbrorum illis temporibus incredibiliter redolebat" 

t The Chronicle of Mailros barely mentions this convention, <* Anno Dccxcvni. Congiegata eat 
Synodus apud PinkenhaOit praesidente Eanbaij>o Archiepiscopo ;*' a similar entry occurs in Matthew of 
Westminster's History, "Eodem anno (798) Eambaldus, Ebor Archiepiscopus apud Fikchals 
Synodum congregavit.'* 

The following is an extract from Simeon de Gestis Begum Angbrum 79S. ** Eodem quoque anno 
qui est annus ui Cenwlfi proedicti Regis (Meiciorum) Synodus congiegata in loco qui appeilatur 

104 Account of Anglo^aaon Sit/cos, 

The exact year of Eanbald's death is not mentioned by the Chroniclers ; 
but from Simeon of Durham's letter, de Archiepiscopis Eboraci, we learn 
that it happened ^* Eanbedo regnante," that is sometime between the years 
808 and 840. 

It was during this prelacy that the Coins bearing the name, and fre- 
quently the titles, of Eanbald, were fabricated. 

Mr. Buding has engravings with the following moneyers. 


The Coin of Eadvlf having the name only ; and that of Edilveard 
having his title Abep. 

Amongst the few Coins of this Prelate found at Hexham, are 











Of which are new. 










of all which more than single specimens occur, except Cj^nvlf, C+anvlf, 
and EoDvLFi. 

Respecting the two first I entertain some doubts whether they may not 
be corrupt readings of Eanvvlf ; the second is in the supplemental plate. 

The first gives the title aref, the second afer. 

We find amongst the Coins of the moneyer Eadwlf, some with and 

Pincanhalth, pnesidente Eambaldo Archiepiscopo, aliuque quamplurimis piincipalLbus et ecdesiasticis 
yiris, multa de utilitate Sanctae Dei ecdesiae gentbque Northanhymbrorum omniumque provinciarum 
consiliati sunt, A de observatione Paschalis festi, A judidorum dlyinorum atque aecularium quae in 
diebis juBtorum regum et ducum bonoram atque sanctoram episcoporum aliorumque aapientum, mon- 
achoram scilicet atque dericorum, quoque pradentia, et justitia, atque dirinis artibus status regni 
Northofihymbrorum suaviter & inedicibiliter redolebat his temporibus. Rationabili vero consilio provide, 
bant, ut de bonore ecclesiarum Dei servorunique gus necessitatibus disputarent et servitium Domini 
augerent, ut pro his mercedem setemse retributionis bonam perdperent. Prsecepit dominus antistes 
Eanbaldus recitari quinque Sjnodorum fidem." 

For a cop7 of what was commanded redtari by Eanbald, I would refer the reader to Simeon of Dur- 
ham de GetHt Reg. Angk sub anno, and also to Stubb8*s account of this occurrence. 

fotmd at Hesham^ in NorAumberland. 105 

others irithout the title ; where the title does occur it yaries, in some being 
ABEP, in others ape. 

The moneyer Eanvlf gives the title arkp, and the name ENBiXD, 

The moneyer Eanwlf gives aer and aeep. 

Eodwlf's Coins are principally without the title ; where it occurs we 
have AB. 

In EoDV VLFi's Coin it is ab. 

Edilvard gives it v and ab, the v being an a reversed. 

The Coin of Edilveabd is without the title. 


Eanbald was followed in the Archiepiscopate by WuLSius, who died in 
881. Of this Prelate no stycas have been discovered, and we therefore 
pass to his successor. 

ViOMUND. Wtmund, or Wdcond, accepted the Pallium on the death of 
Wulsius. Nothing occurred during his prelacy of importance sufficient to 
warrant its being recorded in the pages of history, and the Chroniclers are 
therefore uniformly barren of all information. He died in 854.* 

Mr. Ruding gives the following moneyers ; 



Amongst those at Hexham, are 



not having Edilhabd, Evlphelm, or Froinne. 

With respect to Edilhabd we have probably the same in Edilvhabd, 
both being corruptions of Edilveabd ; and I am strongly inclined to think 
that Eulphelm has been misread for Edelhelm. Of all the moneyers 
there are numerous specimens. Where the title occurs it varies : thus 
we have on the Coins of Coenbed, ibep. abep. and some are without any 
title, as are all those of Edelhelm. On the Coins of Edilveabd we have 
ABEP. APEP, IPEP. ibep. ibeb. and ebep. and find none without. Hunlaf 

* Anno gntue 854, defiincto Wymondo Ebor. AzdiiepiNopo Wlfenu sucoeaut MaU, WeH» 

VOL. m. c c 

106 Account of Angh-Saxon Stycas 

gives the title IB, and in some instances the Coins have only Vigmund. 
One of the Coins of the moneyer Edelhelm is curiously struck, haidng 
part of the Archbishop's and his own name on each side, and two Coins of 
Vigmund shew the curious circumstance of the Prelate's name and title 
on the obverse and reverse. We also find a Coin having the moneyer^s 
name Edilveabd on both sides, which may belong to this Prelate. 


Although the series of Coins found at Hexham closes with Vigmund, 
yet, as money was coined during this prelacy, the following short notice 
respecting Wulphere may not be uninteresting, more particularly as he 
was the last Archbishop of whom any Stycas are known. 

Wlfhebe, Vulfheeb " pallium suscepit,"* on the death of Vigmund 
in 854. In his prelacy the great battle between the Northumbrians and 
the Northmen was fought at York, during which, as we find in Simeon's 
Letter on the Archbishops, ^* Bemotius se agebat episcopus Vulferius apud 
Addingeham in occidentali parte Eboraci in valle quae vocatur Hiverver- 
dale, super ripam fluminis Hwert, inter Oteleiam et castellum de Scipe- 

In 872 the Northumbrians conspired against Egbert, whom they had 
elected King on the slaughter of their sovereigns Osbercht and Aella, 
and drove him, with the Archbishop, from the country .f On the death 
of Egbert, however, in the following year, Wulphere was again restored 
to his church,:^ which he governed until his decease in 892. || 

Mr. Ruding gives engravings of three Stycas of Wulfhere, with Vvl- 
FRED as moneyer. 

Amongst the Coins are some which I have not been able to appropriate. 

* "Anno Dominicae incarnationis Dcccliv Wlfere ArchiepiBCOpus pallium succepitV Smetmde 
Gcttii Reg. AngL 

t " Anno Dccclxi\j. Northumbri suum regem Eobertum et Buum Archiepiwopum Wlfeee ex- 
pulerunt** Ibid. 

t "Anno Dccclxiij. Eobeetds rex Northanhymbrorum moriens succeasorein habuit Ricsig qui 
regnavit tribus annis ; et Wlfere in suum Archiepiscopatum receptus est.*' Ibid. 

11 *<Anno Dcccxcy. Wlfeae Archiepitcopus Eboracensis obiit anno sui ArchiepiscopatuB xxxix.** 
Ibid. *« Anno 892. Wlfere Archiepiscopus Eboracensia obiit anno pnesulatus sui xxxix. Chnnu 

found at Hesham^ in Northumberland. 107 

These have, therefore, been placed at the end under the head of uncertain. 
There are two, however, which may claim more particular notice, and 
about which some doubt exists. On one, the legend on the obverse reads 
Atwvlf, and, unless we consider it as an orthographical variation of 
Eabdvylf, we cannot assign it to any Northumbrian King. 

The confused manner in which the letters on the reverse are placed, 
renders it impossible to decypher the name of the moneyer. Should it belong 
to a King, Ethelwulf,* who succeeded on the death of his father, the great 
Egbert, in 836, is probably the only one who could claim it. He was, 
however, entirely unconnected with the Northern Kingdom ; and if this 
really is a coin of his, the discovery at Hexham will be of much greater 
importance than hitherto imagined ; inasmuch as it would show that this 
description of money, heretofore considered as confined to Northumberland, 
was coined in other parts of the heptarchy. Ethelwulf was deprived of 
his dominions in 856, and died in 857. On the obverse of the other, we 
read EBELB.AP, evidently the name of an Archbishop, with his title. 
The moneyer^s name is Eanbed. 

If the name could be considered as a contraction for Ethelbald, the 
coin might with much plausibility be given to Ethelbald, who succeeded 
Wxjlfheee in the Archbishopric of York. From the state of the coin, 
and the relative positions of the letter l and its immediate successor, we 
may safely conclude that the last letter is the remaining half of a b, and 
not a D, as would at first sight appear ; such being the fact, any diflSculty 
which might have attended the abbreviation edeld is overcome. Our 

* See remark in a former note upon the modes of spelling Ethelbed. 

108 Aecount of AnglO'SaMn Stycatf Sjfc. 

fonner conjecture as to the date of the concealment of the coins wonldt 
on the establishment of this appropriation, be of course oYertumed, and 
the period fixed twenty years later. 

Amongst the uncertain Coins three are found with the legend evdi bkx 
on the obverse. From the remainder, nothing in the least satisfactory can 
be made out. It is not improbable that the practice of counterfeiting the 
Coinage might exist, and that these may be the work of forgers. 




Further Account of AnghSason Siycas, Sfc. 109 

No, 'XII.'*^Further Account of the Anglo-Saxon Coins, caUed Stycas, recently 
discovered at Hexham, in the County of Northumberhnd: communicated 
by John Adamson, Esq., Sec. S. A., Newcastie-upon-Tyne. Reprinted 
from the Archaeologia, Vol, 26. 

In the account of the discovery of these Coins,* which I had the honour 
to present to the Society, I signified my intention of taking advantage of 
my local situation to have drawings made of any varieties which might 
come under my view, and of making a farther communication to the So- 
ciety, if my researches should prove successful. 

Through the valuable assistance of Mr. Fairless of Hexham, and the 
willingness shewn by parties to submit to my inspection the different Coins 
in their possession ; and most particularly by my friend the Rev. Anthony 
Hedley, of Chesterholm, in the county of Northumberland, lately deceased, 
I am now enabled to add representations of 214 Coins, making together 
with those engraven and given with. the former account, the considerable 
number of 941 : being 3 of Heatdulf, 318 of Eanred, 402 of Ethelred, 37 
of Redulf, 56 of Archbishop Banbald,f 80 of Archbishop Vigmund, and 
45 uncertain or undecided. 

In these subsequent inspections we have not found the Coin of any 
other King or Archbishop, but the following new moneyers or readings of 
their names occur : 

During the reign of Eanred : y 



C4.wprF rpro cvnvvlf eodWlf 


* See former account in Archaeologia, vol. xxv. p. 279. 

f It would appear that more Coins of this Archbishop had been found than the number at first sup- 

VOL. III. D d 


110 FuHher Account of Anglo-Siuton Stt/cas 



Of the reign of Ethelred we have as new : 


During Redulfs : 


Of Archbishop Eanbald : 

Cvl/AHVLF ■\ 





And of Vigmund : 


Amongst the Coins now given the most remarkable are Nos. 35 and 82 
of Eanred ; the former in having the letter a in the centre of the obverse, 
and the latter the letter d in that of the reverse, which d is the conclud- 
ing letter of the name of the moneyer, but differing from a Coin given 
with the former account. 

In my observations on the Coins, I did not notice the peculiarity at- 
tending many of the Coins of the moneyer Eadvini, in the reign of Ean- 
red, where the curved-backed Saxon 6 occurs. Not any other of the 
moneyers, with all the varieties of die, gives this letter of this shape. The 
H in the name of the moneyer Cudberecht, is also singular in its formation, 
differing from the other letters. 

In giving, as this and the former Paper may be considered to do, an ac- 
count of all the Anglo-Saxon Coins of this description which are known, 
it may be proper to refer to the engravings and memoirs which appeared 
in the Gentleman's Magazine for 1832, but which came under my notice 
only a short time ago. In the first memoir* the author, Mr. Wright, 
claims for a Coin then in the possession of Mr. Clarkson of Richmond, in 
Yorkshire, the rank of being the earliest Coin of the series of Archbishops 

• Gent Magazine, April 1832, p. 304. 

found at Hexham^ in Northumberland. Ill 

of York. His belief, from the legend and view of the Coin, is, that it was 
struck during the life of Egbert, who held the see of York from 735 to 
767, and was a predecessor of Eanbald who stands first in our list. The 
Coin, has the legend on the obverse That on the reverse is* 
in this first notice, stated to be lost, or rather illegible. 

In the second memoir,* an anonymous writer communicates the opinion 
of another antiquary (Mr. Gordon of Richmond) who had examined the 
reverse, and gave as a reading " +adealwin, probably the name of the 
moneyer who struck it." The engraving here copied accompanies this 
second notice. 

Should this Coin be genuine, its pretensions appear very strong to rank 
it as the first hitherto known to have been issued from the archiepiscopal 
mint of York, 

In regard to the statement in my former account, that not any com- 
plete chronological list of the Kings of Northumberland existed, I beg to 
observe, that neither my late lamented friend Mr. Brockett, jun. nor my- 
self, was aware of the Table given in Sir Francis Palgrave's work, which 
will appear evident on the slightest comparison of the two lists. 

• Gent Magazine, 2d. Supplement 1832, p 601. 

Flate .XXXr\' Vol XXV p 282 

/;// ? 

/}</ ./. 

Details oftAt- Vessel found atlfea'/uim . 

Ful>li^ed In iht- Sarriri- i*/'Jittt,ptttnW or'/.o/n/nn. -.Kin^Jpi-ii uf.i./. 

yx/. p. .'*' f^. 






fU ■^^i' 

-C'- ^-V), 


t- Ir'l^ 








/lit'asf't- i .|i ,v/.- .vaVi) .>r'Wr,'i\,'u jr-is jr'Z^-ruL'n. <^-'^'A:!ni. j'M- 



J1 n t ( > XX X V\ '7ol . XX' '', p C'rf^, 





I'sAtj.^hfJ by efu Soa'fty of yfrnx^Ti^mfs jf Zjndt'n, ^* '^W/'nV. :%.^j.. 

PlateTZZOTL .7oLlZV:p 3 o 6 


>:ArT]RE]L , 



.. /r^^ 





S^.blishid b/ ike. Sodttf cf Jntiquantr of Ijmdfln. i{''Ai'r': •- / 


Plate :"X7VITT !-j11l7-^ lot, 









ls2 -r C^i —•(S-r''^ 



-"? 1 0' "* 



4^ ^^ uo^c r^j 



<^ ^ jus -^ -^r' j 


GAin-TK S 

; ^^viy 




JiAhshsd hv ^u. Soeugr a^Antufuarves a/^LfTndon. "ij^April.iSyi-. 

run p3o6 

















.5'^"^;^ 3 

fXrM'.'Jcet^ iiv fJ>K Jocury /ff jLnu^uartts of J.ond:^^ 2}^JpriJ.i3Ji. 







•5 1^^ OJ 

■^'4' ^'-''- 

^>. /c''?:i 


i-4^'/, ^i^'"-^^^ Dt'^'^'M f^"^^ 






^ . #^^ 




/hMs/i^/Ai iAt SiH»4fv of'Jn/i^uarMS tf" l^mJrm. :fJ:'*d/m/ /Xft. 















l\iMU»fud M the Soa^iy c/'AnH^umnm ^I<m*>uJar:^.^^J*S4. 




'■^-\ ..g*>x .^^^ 





/iiMsA^ S% tAe Si>d4^ ofA/Ui^u^ntf (f£oMip*i.2.'ir*JpniiS34. 

■ vi.Ty/'-.ave. 




So \p^ 








,-7' oUo <S^1 3* ^cd^oOOj 






.44 te^ 


« «Ti» awj 






■#*v=. i^'ig*^^'' 


■Hi'", iLi 


/L,V/./>/^/A«- /•!«- .C-.v/tV ^-f'A!,n^uaH^;^- or l..'nj/>n ^.ri-y^/r/ y.+.'-f. 









i^ %S^ %%f ^y" 



S& ,n\ >=^> M 
















i".ir^ y.;." ■',■.. xr: T .'■■!'■■ 







^U^^> g'?'' 






- ,10 5 

Ml)-' m^ 


L^y Kd 

1^ .Qf#A 


a:^v /^^' 




■* 7/>/.<- ^iw/ />t't',>n,}S fi' ?'i;ftriif. ,in,f f/tri/Jif /'fr.-i (nn.'fuKft tJ/- (i^rnj c^ t/ujt A''fiii J A 

/WM.rA^/ /*r fA/" . V', »y* < •/ . /"//y.v-//7/i- ,'/" Z»//./. '.'? 'J'^ jCf"7/. ///.>/ 


H.ate^EVI.'VoL.TZV. ■£ 3o(i 



#^v. /i\?- 



•jW wa 







'%^ ^^ 



iW ^^ 




Jhtbshed by tfi£ S^ "tr or.-in*? ;uam^^ crfZcmabn ^■r^Af>r*lJ8.'i^ 


■pJcttt- XL"11.V^.: TT^/ r.5o6 



7^ - -..«■- '..-. 


Rtblirhed. bjr flV Socv-ty vf Antiquaries afZondon tJZiiprJ.jdS^ 

\ . 

HatelEin. YolJWp 3o6 









— » wSj '"^i^ ^'H ^^i^ 'M 







ii ■L vO],,: ,^^ Jv. -^ 

... ^^^ 

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"^ ^^ ^W '^P ^^ ^^ 

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Plate LV'IXXV-D. 306 









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AA'/I-^a/ Ajv .-^i- . >a>5V afJtnhAruariA^ ,-^f London Z3^April Ifi.M. 


Plate LivoX Txrv ?oe. 













J\ihtjrhri bo .-Ajt S.-' 7>A/- .^'Ar^uariesofLondcn Zj^'^ApiZ L^M 


Pla-t e LU. VblXXTp. 3 06 . 












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Jiikhshsd fy iks Sadtibf afJbttifiian^s ofIonden,£3nprU>2834. 

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llate. L\r Vo] 1X.V p, 'iOC. 


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Hate IVl."WajK\' & iOe. 


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FubUshtvl b\- theSocutv ot'jintujiuiri/ts afLjndim.l'^'^April, WJ6. 

^nmte L7IL.YoLXr7:p.306. 







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.h'va -rivi To: 11' n p 34a 








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FiAte YYYITVolZISClp 34.1 









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■0>^^j m^§/ #^7 -^"^^ 





Tub&Shed by the Sfcirty cf Antiquaries of Li'ndi'n 23^* April JM6. 




%> '/^ 


Platf H Vol HTl p. 54fc 













%m \.wo" 'Q/l 60 '^ ; o , =^1 



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'"lU'usluil by t/u- Si'ruTv «'»■ Antii^xauif^s or Loiuitu, _',<'*' //<;-// /S.Vi 

Tiaxf U^VfiLIIST p. a4a 



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i:i)F I. a >. L>5 


^K/ rw ^1^ %&^ 









it>N 4"^? 






Tublish£d,h\' tht Socufy afjint^uariu ofZtmdimiZSrtiffHlJSSS. 

Evidences respecting Persons and Property^ Sfc. 77 

No. XI. — Testamentary and other Evidences respecting Persons and Property 
in Newcastle upon Tyne^ chiefly in the Fifteenth Centwryy communicated 
by the Rev. John Hodgson, Vicar of Hartbum^ F.P., M.R.L.S., Sfc. 

JBtotttttt sit vniQsis qd Steplius de WresQ ville Noui Gastri sup Tyn5 venit 
ex libera voluntate sua die CD^is px post Octab Pascii anno D'ni QTifiio 
ccc""* nonogesimo rcio et regni regis Bieardi scdi sextodecimo corSL Wifio 
de Byshopdale tunc QQaiore dee ville Noui Castri in i^sencia Wain de 
Swinhowj Wiffi de DuresmOi/ Thome de Bysschopdalei/ Joiiis Conyers^ T: 
Gilbti de Eluet T: alio'^ circustancium. Et qd dcus Stephus dixit 1 pnun- 
ciavit coram dco QDaiore in ^sencia oim ^noTatolf qd Isabella que fiiit ux 
Wain de Tindale venit tepe estat px post decessum ^dci Wain vsq^ ad 
dcam villa Noui Castri ad hospitiu dci Stephi 1 ibidem ^dca Isabella locuta 
fuit cu vno medico voca? Magro Philippe Carcles eodem tepe ad mensam 
da Stephi existente. Et in quidm Philippus post intlocucbem ipo^ Philippi 
T: Isabelle dixit dco Stepho — * Cognoscis banc mliere' : " Etiam', dixit dcus 
Steplius. Et tunc Magr Philippus dixit ^dco Stepho — ' Ista mulier sine 
dubio est pueipa 1 cu filio 1 vult dare michi quadraginta Solidos ad inrfi- 
ciend 1 ad distruend pueru infra ventre sua^ quid dicis ad hoc' ; Et tunc 
dcus Stephus respondit dco Magro Philippe T: dixit — * Absit! Absit!' quitt 
puer est de creac6e ^ formac6e Dei \ ad potestatem nee ad voluntate meam 
nemo interficiet pueru in hospitio meo." Et sic dca Isabella transivit sicut 
venit In quo'^ oim testioiu ^dcus Major Sigillum Officij sui in ^sentia oiu 
jPnoiatoljL ]Psentib3 apposuit. Da? apd dcam villa Noui Castri die '\ anno 
sup'dcis [1393]. — (Ea? orig. in Thes. D. D. Dunelm.) 

Walter de Tindale, Lord of Dilston, according to Surtees, died before 1 Ric. II., 1377, leaving by 
his wife Isabella, two daughters, Joan and Isabella, and settling his estates, in case of these two daugh- 
ters dying without issue, upon Sir William Claxton, grandson of his grandfather's sister, Dyonisia de 
Tindale, by Roger de Herez Lord of Claxton— a disposition which caused great disputes between 
the issue of this Walter's Uncle and the Claxton family ; and probably, in spite of their strife, the 
above deposition to be made. 


78 Evidences respecting Persons and Property 

IDfe CCPcurij vicesimo scdo die CTensis ffebruar anno D'ni ODifio ccc"'^ nona- 
gesimo septimo. Hec fdit voluntas vltima Wiffi de Byschopdale burj^ens 
ville Noui Castri et in hec verba. %tt Dei nomine. Amen. Ego Willihs 
de Byschopdale langaens in extremis compos mentis condo testamentii 
meum in hunc modmn. Prime comendo animam meam Deo oipotenti et 
corpus meii sepeliend in ecciia fratrum minoTji ville predict Itm lego 
Elizabeth uxori mee tnii lectii chonchide de Jupiter wark. Km lego 
Rofeto de Swynhowe vnu gladiu meu de argen?. Em lego Willo Swynhowe 
vnu doublettu de fente. Km lego Rofeto Butbe vnu doublettu de serico. 
Km lego Joh*ne ^ ODargar filiab5 meisv videt3 cuiit ea'^ vnu par de Beedes 
de argen? 1 vn5 duodenam cocliariii argent Km lego Johi QDounford vn5 
zonam de argen?. Km lego Thome de QDounford vnu bastardu deargentat. 
I&n lego Elizabeth CDoxmford vna duodeni cocleaf argent Km lego ecciie 
de Bolton sup Swale vnu Jak de panno cerico deargentat. Km lego Johi 
Barbo' vnS togam fiirra? cii calebaf. Km lego Wifio Dees suienti meo vnu 
bastard deargentalv cum mambrio nigrov 1 eidm Witio do et lego xiij s. 
viij d. annul redditus ad tminu vite sue capiendi/ videl3i/ de vno pvo ten?o 
meo in Northallerton v. S.^ ^ de omibj terr T: ten meis in Mundby 1 
Kirkebywiske viij S. iiij d. Km volo do 1 lego Cok Cuke suienti meo vnii 
tent meii in villa Nouicastri jpdci situa? ex orientali pte alte vie ambulando 
versus le Newyate. Hend eidm Cok Cuke ad tminum vite bubj Reddo 
anuatim assignatC meis xvi. d. Km lego Elizabeth uxori mee jpdce vn5 
duodena cociaf argenb de melioribj coctar meis^ ^ etiam volo do ^ lego 
dee Elizabeth vxori mee ad termiii vite sue illud ten? meii in villa Noui 
Castri predic? in quo iam inhito cum 6ib3 suis ptiS. Km volo q omia terre 
T: tenementa mea in villa Noui Castri sup"da simt cu omib3 reu8ionib3 
sup'dcisv vide3v de tento qd dedi Cok Cuke ^ de xiij §. iiij d quos dedi 
Witto Dees ^ de illo ten?o cum ptin quod dedi Elizabeth vxori mee ad 
tmlu vite sue ac oihia terf et teiita mea in civitate Dunelin ^ in villa de 
Northallerton ac in aliis villis ^ locis in Rychemundeschir predic? remaneant 
Johanne "l Margaf filiab3 meis predcis 1 hered de corpib3 suis legie pro- 
crea?. Et si contingat predic? Joham et ODargar obire sine hered vt jpdcm 
est tunc volo q die? terre et tenta simt cum dcis reusionib3 integre remanent 

in Newcastle upon Tyne. 79 

Isabella sorori mee ad nniu vite sue ita q post decessum dee Isabelle 
sororis mee oima ^dicf teif ^ teiita simt cii dcis reusiomb5 remeaneant 
Jotii de Pykbo'ne filio dee Isabelle sororis mee sibi et hered suis de corpe 
suo legitle pcreatC. Et si contingat dcm Joliem de Pykbo'ne obire sine 
hered de corpe suo legie pcrea? tunc volo q ofhia die? terf T: ten? siml cum 
dcis re9sionib3 integre remanent Rico de PykVne filio dee Isabelle sororis 
mee ^ fri dci Johis de Pykbo'ne. H'end 'lev dco Rico 'tc v imppetuu. Ita 
q dca terf T: ten? "l reusiones predce nuq* deveniant sen remaneant Thome 
de Pykbo'ne p4nogenito filio dee Isabelle sororis mee q"mdiu aliquis alius 
filioZf ipius Isabelle junio'2f vel hered snolf. vivat sen viuant. I?m volo qd 
dno Robto de Wycliff fidelir psolvanf xxt quas debeo ex causa mutui de 
pficuis rmlj. 1 tento'2f meoli in civitate Dunolm predic?. I?m lego fribj 
ordinis QDinoris ville Noui Castri predic? vn5 Jafe de fente. I?m volo q 
residuum oiu bonoT^ meoTj. remaneant in custodia dee Elizabetii ux'is mee^ 
Gilbti Elvetti/ Henf de Byngfeld et Thome Dees quos constituo executores 
meos ad disponend p aima mea "l debitis meis sicut eis visum fuerit melius 
expedire. Hiis testib3 dno Thoma de Lauendeft ^ro^ Niclio del Parker 
1 Witto Dees. Da? die "l anno suptict. 3ln dorso. Probatum I appro- 
batu fiiit jPsens testamentu in ecclia beati Nictii ville Noui Castri sup Tyn5 
rcio die Januaf anno d'ni QDittio cccc"'' p'mo verum &c. — (Edr orig. in 

Notum sit omib3 me Ricii Pykbo'ne filiu Robti Pikebo'ne de Scaweby 
concessisse Rico Cliderhowe ville Noui Castri reusionevni^tenemen?quod 
Willnis Coke tenet at tminu vite sue ex concessione Witti Bischopdale in 
eadm villa. Da? apd Nov Cast? ^dcm p*mo die April a"" r. r. Hen. 4ti. p. 
c. A. 4to. — (Ibid.) 

Nouit vniusi me Ricm Pikbum fit Rob Pikbum de Scawseby in Com 
Ebor teneri Rico Cliderhowe ville Noui Castri sup Tyna in 200 ii Ic. Da? 
Stapf am ville Noui Castri sup Tyna 24^ die April a* r. r. Henr 4** p. c. 
A. 4^. In doTso. Sub tali condic6e qd si ^dcus Ricus Cliderhowe gau- 
deat tempo future vnii capitale mesuagiii Willi Bishopdale de Novo Cas* 
tro &c. — (Ibid.) 

80 Evidences respecting Persons and Properly 

Sciant — nos Henricus Cliderhowe frater Rici Cliderhowe 1 Jotles Lacy 
consanguine^ eiusdm Bici executores teSti ^noiati Rici Cliderhowe yirtute et 
effectu eiusdm te§ti concessim^ Hugoni Cliderhowe de Kingeston sup Hull 
capitale Mesuagiu nrm put jacet in villa Noui Castri sup Tynam p suas 
metas T: diuisas in vico vocatur Pylgrynstrete &c. H'end &c. Hiis testib3 
Johe Rodes tunc Maiore Tille Noui Castri sup Tynanii^ Jotle Clerk tuc 
yic^ de ead^/ Thoma Papede^ Wilio QDidylton^ Thoma Penreth de eadm. 
Da! apd N. C. s, T. 2*° die m. Januarii. a" D'ni 1431. Et a° r. r. Hen. 
6** p. c. A. decimo. — (Ea? orig. in Thes. D. D. Dun.) 

Oinib3 Willms Merryman Vicarius ecciie de Tynmouth 1 Robtus 
Hutchinson capelius saltin. Sciatis nos dedisse WilHo Haysand totu illud 
Mesuagiu in villa Noui Castri sup Tynl jac in vico vocat le MelenPcaie in 
longitudine a via regia ante ex parte orienOi usq^ PvddyngcKare retro ex 
parte occidenOi \ in latitudine inr ten Robti Hesilden quod tenet de Jobe 
Dent ex pte australi \ ten Jacobi Cowper quod tenet de Wilio Eure 
Milite ex pte boreali^. Habend ad rinu vite suae. Et post decessum dci 
Wifll Haysand remaneat Witto Werdale \ Margarete vx°i ej^ filie ipius 
Witti Haysand \ heredib3 de corporib3 suis legitime pcreal,/ sub hac enim 
condicoBi/ videiti/ qd immediate post decessu ipius WiiH Haysand soluant 
Johi Brokford de London draper triginta \ quatuor libras Wilio White de 
London draper septem libras \ Henrico Brice FvUer \ Jotli Bulman de 
London octo Libras. Da? lo** die Augusti a° r. r. Edwardi 4^ p. c. A. 
\\^\—j(E.v orig. Int&rl Brand \. 234.> 

Sciant presentes \ futuri qd ego Wiiimus Wardal de Villa Novi Castri 
S. T. Mercator fit et heres Wifll Wardall de eadem Villa Mercatoris 1 
Margarete uxoris ejus filie \ heredis Wifli Haysande de dicta villa merca- 
toris dedi Jacobo Lawson de V. N. C. predci mercatori vnum mesuagium in 
dicta V. N. C. et QOolendinum equinum sicut situal sunt in vico vocato 
MeyttnPket in longitudine a via regia ante ex pte orientali usq^ venefl' vul- 
gariter nuncupata Puddingchaire retro ex parte occidentalii/ et in latitudine 
inter tenementum nuper Roberti Hesildon defuncti nunc in tenura vid Mair 

in NewcasUe upon Tt/ne. 81 

quod tenet de Bogero Dente ex pte occidentali ^ in latitudine inter tene- 
mentum nup Jacobi Cowpere modo in tenura Edwardi Penreth qnod tenet 
de Badulpho Eure Milite. H'end ^fato Jacobo Lawson heredib3 ^ assig- 
natis. In cujus &c. Et quia sigillum meum plurib3 est incognitum sig. 
V. N. C. &c, Dat apud dictam v. N. C. 8*" die m. Apriles a"" r, r. Henrici 
gvi i4mo [1522.]*— ("^cr arig. Interleaved Brand 1. 234.; 

* Part of the Seal of the Town of Newcastle remaining. 


82 Deeds Bda&ng to NewouSe vpM Tyne. 

No. X[L—J)eed$ Bdating to NewcatOe upon Tyne. Chmmumcaled hy 
TaoMAs Hudson Turneb^ Esq. 

(fBOM MU8. BBIT. XXIX. M. VO. 7). 

Edw. L— 1800. 

Cauta Ricabdi Fan Jacobi Tannatobis de Novo Castbo. 

Uni^sis xpi fidelib3 ad quos ^ns carta p veSit Bicardus filius \ heres 
Jacobi Tanuatoris de Novo Castro Bup Tynam saim in dno. Nov^tis me 
dedisse concessisse ^ h*c ^nti carta mea confirmasBe Henrico de Neuton 
\ Matildi uxori ejus mat' mee totam illam tram meam q*m habui in ^dca 
villa Novi Castri de dono ^dci Jacobi pris mei in tneofari que jacet inP 
tram Wilfani de Bolmere ex pte una 1 mm Johis Schethyng ex altk 
Habend 1 tenend totam j^dcam tram meam predds Henrico ^ Matildi et 
eolf. assignatis a die dominica pxima ante festum Sa Marci Euangelisto 
anno dni millessuno trecentestimo :/ usq^ ad nninG viginti annol^ pxio 
seqntiu plenarie completol^jLi/ libe quieten integrey bene 1 in pace Reddendo 
inde annuati durante nnino predco m' ^ her meis vt meis assignatis unam 
rosam ad festum Nativitatis bi Johis Bapte p omi servitio 1 demand secu- 
lar Pro h*c ante mea donatone^ concessioner ^ hujus carte mee confirmafone 
dederunt m' predci Henf ^ Matilda ad urgens negotiu meu pre manibus 
sex marcas steriingo'^ Et Ego predcus Bics 1 her meiy 1 mei assignatis 
totam ^cam ?ram cii suis omib3 ptinenc ^fatis Henf 1 Matild 1 suis as- 
signatis warantizabimus aquietabim^ 1 defendem^ cent* oms gentes p totii 
raiinum supi^ noiatu. Et post finem predci nnini r' voloy doy 1 concede 
p me 1 her meis T: assignatis q jpdci Henr 1 Matild 1 habeant 1 teneant 
totam &am ^dcam cu omibus suis ptinenc s' "l suis assignatis inppetuu 
Beddend inde annuatim a fine nnini sup^dci m' ^ her meis 1 meis assig^tis 

Deeds BdaHng to Newcastle upon Tyne. 88 

ini^tuG ^ octo 8oIidos Bterlingo'^^ dno Begi servitia inde debita consueta^ 
% monifJibiuf pro^ee Tille Novi Cast^ vigiiiti % duos denary p omi Vvitio 1 
demands pro quo quidem redditUi/ Ego dcus Bicus \ mei he? \ assig^ti mei 
totam ^dcam &ain eu sois ptinenc predcis Henr 1 Matild ^ win assig^tis 
inppetuu con* oms geptes warantizabim^w aqmetabim^ 1 defeudem^. In 
cttjufl rei testimoniu huie ^senti carte sigillum meum apposui. Hiis testi* 
bu8. Henro Scot,; Nicho de Oarlioiy Thoffii de Tyndaty Petro le Grapery 
\ Wijhno de Ogghei tfic Ballivis Not! Gastrin Botito de Borughdon^ Ad 
de Donolniy Petro Tin^ore*; Hugoii Hangord \ Aliis. Da! apd Noyu 
Cast*' sup TjnmiJ anno domini supradieto.* 

Sig. desid. 

(from MU8. BUT. 47 1. 5). 

Bdw. IIL—1878. 

Hec Indent'a fca In? Johem del Chambr de Novo Cast'' sup Tyn5 ex pie 
una T: Marjoria filia Gilbti Flemyng ex pte alra testat' qd eu ^dca Marjoria 
dederit ^sserit ac suo sc^to ^firma^t Jolii del Chambr ^dcs quemd*^ 
annuu redditu tresdece solido^ ^ quatuor denario^ argenti ad festa Sci 
Martini in yeme ^ Pentecost annuati pcipiend de toto illo ten suo cii 
oihib5 ^^ P^^^ ^^ Novo Castro ^co jacenf in le Fisschergate p suas 
divisas hnd et tend ^co Johi heredib3 suis 1 suis assign ^dcm annuu red- 
ditu tresdece solidoi;^ et quatuor denarioi;;. argenti imppetuuy ^dcus In Johes 
Tult ^ concedit p se heredibj 1 assign suis qd q'^ die ^dca Marjoria hedes 

* This deed corrects an error in the lists of the Bailiffs given by Bourne & Brande : — 
Brande says— «« In the year 1297 John Scot was Mayor, and Thomas de Tindale^ John, 
son of Adam of Blagdene, William de Ogle, and Peter Draper were bailiffs. 
In the year ISOO, however the Bailiffs were — 
Henry Scot ? 

Nicholas de Carliol, Mayor 1SC8 
Thomas de Tyndale 
Peter le Graper, Mayor 1S04 
William de Ogghele or Ogle 
See above tesies. 

84 Deeds Relating to Newcastle upon Tyne. 

y\ executors sui inf* quatuor annos px sequent post dal ^sentiu solvat sol- 
vant vi solvi feciant ^co Joiii del Chambr heredib3 aut assign suis in 
Novo Cast° jpdco quatuor libras argenti qd ex tunc ^cus annuv^ reddit^ 
tresdece solido'^ ^ quatuor denarioljL argenti ^dce Marjorie hedib3 1 assign 
suis integ* revtat T: remaneat inppetuu et qd dcm scriptu ejusdm annui 
redit^ eidm Johi p j^dcam Marjoria confec? nuUi^ sit virtutis in quascuq^ 
man^ deveSit Et ^dca Marjof vlt "X ^ced* p se ^ heredib3 suis qd si ipa 
yi ipi non facient plena soluconem j^dca*^ quatuor libralJjL argenti ^co Jotli 
lieredib3 executorib3 vt assi^ suis infra jpdcos quatuor annos px sequent 
post da! j^senc ut pdcm est qd tunc ^cus annuu^ reddit^ tresdece solido'^ 
^ quatuor denario'^ argenti integre remaneat ^co Jolli lledib3 suis ^ suis 
assign imppetuii. Ad istas convencones ex ut* q^ pte in omib3 bn \ fidefa- 
observand tenend 1 pimplend ptib3 hujus indent'e ptes jpdce sigilla sua 
alrenati apposuerut. Hiis testib3 Witio de Acton tuc Major ville Novi 
Cast* ^dce Johe de Bulk*m^ Johe de Howden^ Robto [Plofie?] tuc Bafiis 
ejusdm ville Rico de Stanhopi/ Jobe Stanhop ^ aliis. DsX apud Novu 
Castru jSdcm vicesimo die August anno dni mifimo trecenlesimo septus 
gisimo. rtio.* 

A^ 8^ Enw. III. 

Au consail nf e Seign' le Boi moustre Bo^ Maduy t ore viscount de Norhmnbr' 
q le chafitel de Noef Chastel sur Tyne est si deschaet 1 si lesse a nounchaleir 
qil nad en tout le chastel une soule meson entiere ou len puisse avoir 
recept ne nulle porte qe puisse estre close. De quel le consail nre Seign' 

* This Deed also corrects Brande and Bourne : — 

Brand says — ^*<In 1369 Robert Angreton was Mayor, and John Draper, John Ruffim, 
John Bulknam, and Stephen Whitgrave, were BaiUiffs ;" and in fivt fMowing yean. In- 
correct—see above te$ies» 

William de Acton' Mayor 
John de Bulkram "x 
John de Howden > Baili& 
Robert [Plomere] ) 

Deeds Belaling to Newcastle upon Tyne. 85 

le Boi Be voille aviser de ordeyner remedie desicom tout le pais est ore 
com de guerre. Auxi moustre le dit Ro|^ qil ne poet aler en le pais p"" 
faire loflSce de Viscount si ceo ne soit aiforcement ove gentz darmes. p 
quel il prie q le consail voille ordeyner qil puisse avoir gentz darmes des 
issues de sa bailie p' maytenir le ce dit office. 

In dor so 
Coram Rege 

Eit bref de mettre xx. ti. de issues de sa baillie en le repaillement 
du dit chastel p vewe T: tesmoignance 'Ic. 


To the Council of our Lord the King sheweth Roger Mauduyt, now Sheriff of Northumberland, 
that the Castle of New Castle on Tjrne is so decayed and left to neglect that there is not in all the 
Castle a single room wherein one can be sheltered, nor one gate that can be shut. Concerning which 
the Council of our Lord the King will please to advise for the ordering of a remedy, seeing that all the 
country is now, as it were, at war. Also sheweth the said Roger that he cannot go into the country 
to perform his duty as Sheriff, except by force, with armed men. Wherefor he prayeth that the 
Council will please to order that he may have men at arms out of the issues of his baiUiwick for the 
maintenance of the said office. 

Before the King 

Let him have a writ to expend 20^. of the issues of his bailliwick in the reparation of the 
said Castle, &c. 

VOL. in. 

86 EMractsfrom the Minute Book, 

No. XilL—Eatra4As from the Minute Book, in the Clerk of Assize's Office, 
for the Northern Circuit, 1065 to 1675. Communicated by John Trot- 
ter Brockett, Esq. 

In the office of the Clerk of Assize, at York, the Minute Books of the 
proceedings at the Assizes for the Comities of Northumberland, Cumber- 
land, Westmorland, and Newcastle upon Tyne, are not preserved, in a 
regular series, from an earlier period than 1735. There exists, however, 
a Book containing Minutes of Gaol Deliveries held under Commissions 
directed to Justices of the Peace for the Counties of Northumberknd and 
Cumberland, respectively, from 1665 to 1675 inclusive. These Gaol De- 
liveries took place at irregular intervals, sometimes once, sometimes twice 
in the year, and were omitted altogether, so far as regards Northumberland, 
from 1668 to 1674, although they twice occur for Cumberland in the in- 

In the History of the Borders, prefixed to Nicholson and Bum's West- 
morland and Cumberland, no mention is made of any Special Commissions, 
in the Border Counties, later than the reign of James the First. They 
appear to have been discontinued durmg the time of Charles the First and 
the Commonwealth, and to have been revived after the passing of the Act 
for the Prevention of Theft and Rapine on the Northern Borders, in the 
13th and 14th of Charles the Second. 

For the following list of Commissioners, for the County of Northumber- 
land, I am indebted to the kmdness of Christopher Newstead, Esq., De- 
puty Clerk of Assize for the Northern Circuit, who has also furnished me 
with the accompanying "Articles of Agreement for the suppression of 
Theft on the Borders,** which are entered in the same book. 

in the Clerk o/Amzifs Qfioe. ^7 


3d October 1665. 17th Chas. IL At Morpeth. 

Most Noble Charles Earl of Carlisle. 

Waiiam Lord Widdrington. 

W" Fenwick Bart. 

Richard Stote Esq, 

And others their Fellows, Justices & Conuaissioners of our 
Lord the King assigned to deliver his Qaol of the said 
County of the prisoners therein being. 
7th March, 1665. 18th Chas. IL Hexham Gaol DeUvery. 

Charles Earl of Carlisle. 

William Lord Widdrington. 

Edward Widdrington Esq**. 

Ralph Delavrf ) 

Edward Charleton ) 

Richard Stote Esq. 

And others &c. &c. 
»th October 1666. 18th Chajs. IL At Morpeth. 

William Lord Widdrington. 

Cuthbert Heron Bart. 

Richard Stote Esq". 
17th January 1666. 18th Chas. IL At Morpeth. 

William Lord Widdrington. 

Ralph Delaval 

Cuthbert Heron .* 

Richard Stote 1 ^^ re. 
Thomas Denton j ^ 
15th April 1667- 19th Chas. IL At Morpeth. 
Edward Widdrington Esq. 
Thomas Horsley Ent. 
Humphrey Mitford ) p, „,, 
Thomas Denton ) ^ 

88 Eairactsfrom (he Minute Book^ 

16th January 1667. 19th Charles IL At Morpeth. 

Edward Widdrington Esq. 

Thomas Horsley Kn*. 

Richard Stote -i 

Humphrey Mitford ^Esq**. 

Thomas Denton ) 
22d March 1668. 20th Chas. IT. At the Town of Morpeth. 

William Lord Widdrington. 

Edward Widdrington Esq". 

Ralph Delavall 

W-Fenwick j""^* 

Thos. Horsley Knt. 

Richard Stote ^ 

Thomas Denton [•Esq'*. 

Humphrey Mitford J 
Ist December 1674. 26th Chas IL At Morpeth. 

William Lord Widdrington. 

Ralph Delaval Bart. 

Thos. Horsley \ 
Richard Stote 


Edward Widdrington 1 p, ^ 
Ralph Jeneson j ^ 

22dFeV1675. 28th Chas. IL 

Richard Stote Serjeant at Law. 
Ralph Delaval ^ 
Jacob Clayering >Barts. 
Thos. Loraine J 
Thos. Horsley Kn*. 
Ralph Hebbum 
Ralph Jeneson . ^ 
W» Christian ^^^ 
Thos. Denton 

in the Clerk of Assizers Office. 80 

Morpeth Articles of Agreement made and concluded between 

8^' f 5 1665. the right honourable Charles Earle of Carlisle 

William Lord Widdrington, and the rest of the 
Comissioners for this generall Gaole delivery and 
Justices on the part and behalfe of the Borders of 
England ; with Henry Mackdowgall of Macker- 
ston ; John Rotherfoord of Egerston, and Robert 
Pringle of Stitchill, for and on the behalfe of the 
Borders of the Kingdom of Scotland Comissioners 
for the said Borders for the suppressing of Theft 
of both the Borders. 
1^ First that the Acts of Parliam\ shalbe put in Execution made for 
that purpose ; and that the Act of the Seventh of King James, for rede- 
mandinge shalbe duely observed, and that the manor for the demanding 
and delivering of Felons shalbe soe often as conveniently it can, according 
to the direction of that Statute ; that is to say ; at the generall Quarter 
Sessions of the Comissioners for the Gaole delivery, and in the intervalls 
upon Information given to the neighbouring Justices, or Coniissioners of 
either Kingdome of any person or persons that have comitted any Theft or 
other oifence punishable by them they shall upon fourteen days notice, 
doe their endeavour to apprehend the said persons and bring them to some 
convenient place upon the borders where four Comissioners or Justices of 
each kingdome shalbe prsent to informe themselves touching the truth of 
such accusations, and being satisfyed of the truth thereof, shall deliver y"" 
said persons soe demanded, to be prosecuted according to the law for their 

2. It is further agreed in case any English man, shall comitt any of the 
aforeSd offences in the Kingdome of Scotland, and fly into England, that if 
any Scottish man shall have Information whereto the said person is fled, if 
he doe pursue him and apprehend him and bring him before the next 
Magistrate, he shalbe coi^tted to the next imediate Assizes, generall Gaole 
delivery. Quarter Sessions or other meeting of Comissioners which shall first 
happen or come there to be tryed or redemanded as y^ case shall require. 
VOL. in. Y 

90 Extracts from the Minute Book, 

3. It is also a^eed that at any Assize or Gaoledelivery where any per- 
son or psons are brought to his or their trjalls for any of the offences 
aforesaid that then noe pson nor psons that shalbe pduced as Witnesses 
against such offend', or offend"- or shalbe otherwise concerned in the 
managem^, or psecution of any Evidence touchinge to the conviction of 
him or them shall not at that time be questioned for any offence, or of- 
fences of his, or their owne, during that time of Assizes or Generall Gaole 
delivery, but that he or they may safely retume againe to his or their re- 
spective kingdome, and place of aboade. 

4. It is also agreed that in all the particulars herein expressed, that the 
same method, and care shalbe used by the Ministers of Justice within the 
Kingdome of Scotland for the attainement of the ends aforesaid. 

5. It is also agreed that the Comissioners of the Kingdome of Scotland 
authorized for the suppression of Theft, shalbe carefuU to apprehend all 
such persons as shall endeavour to escape from us through y^ Kingdome 
into Ireland. 

6. It is further agreed that the Comissioners of either Kingdome upon 
application to them made, and satis&ction given that such person or per- 
sons as they shall then nominate to be suspected guilty of Theft, or any 
other offences punishable by them and thereupon declared demandable, 
that then it shall and may be lawfiill for the Comissioners of that King- 
dome to whom the persons suspected doe belong, to apprehend, or cause 
to be apprehended the said persons giving Notice to some Magistrate of 
that Kingdome after they are apprehended of such their apprehension. 

Hen: Macedowgall 
Rob: Pringle. 
The Names of those who were remanded by the Comissioners of the 

Borders of Scotland. 

Roger Hangingshaw of Harehaugh 

Gyles Hall of WoodhaU 

Alexander Rotherfoord of Peeles 

John Charters of Woodhouses 

WiUiam Hall in Wilkswood 

in the Clerk qf Assize's Office. 91 

William Hall of Eardhope 
Anthony Pott of Eashop 
Adam Brown of Leeme 
Roger Hall Soldier in Berwicke 
Alexander Hall of Woodhall 
Parciyell Pots of Amdhonse 
Andrew Bell called the Cheife Bell 
Thomas Hedley Elsden 

Hen: Macedowgall 


Ro: Pbingle. 

Carlisle 29 Aus^ Additional Articles of Agreem\ (to those concluded 
Ano Doihi: 1674. at Morpeth the fifth day of October Anno Domini 

1665) made and concluded by & between the right 
HonV*. the Comissioners of Gaol delivery and 
Justices on y*". part & behalfe of the Borders of 
the Kingdoms of England & Scotland, for the 
suppressing of Theft, and rapine upon the borders 
of both y* said Kingdoms 
First. That every Constable and pper officer in every Constablewick 
Parish or Barony within the Counties of Northumberland Cumberland 
Westmorland or any Parts or members of the same and within y* pts and 
Places lying on the Northside of the River Tyne, comonly called & known 
by y* names of Bedlingtonshire, Norhamshire & Islandshire, the Town and 
County of Newcastle upon Tyne, and the Town of Berwick upon Tweed 
with the bounds & liberties thereof in y* Kingdome of England. And 
within the shires and villages of Roxborough Selkrigge, and Dumfrieze 
and Stewarty of Annandale within y* Kingdom of Scotland shalbe autho- 
rized by y* Persons having Power for that end to make diligent search in 
all suspected Places or wheresoever they shall be desired within their re- 
spective Jurisdictions, by any pson or persons having a Warrant under the 
hand of any one Comissioner or Justice of y^ Peace dwelling within either 

92 Ea^tradls from the Minute Booky Sfc. 

of y^ said Kingdoms for any goods stolen or for any suspected person and 
to conyey the same before a Comissioner or a Justice of the Peace of that 
Kingdome where such person or goods shall be apprehended or found to 
be proceeded against as the case shall require. 

2*^ That every Person dwelling within any of y* Places above s** that 
shall receive againe any of his owne goods after they have been stolen, 
shall give account to any Coihissioner, or Justice of the Peace how they 
came by y*" same 

3'^. That the Comissioners or Justices of y' Peace or any one of y*" with- 
in y* places aforesaid shall with all expedition binde over by Recognizance 
or bond all such persons as shalbe suspected to be guilty of Felony ; or 
shalbe of known evill fame within their respective Jurisdictions. 

William Scott Tarras 
Waltee Scott 

Jo^. Scott 

Ja: Johnstonn 


Viscauntd Bents, 8fc. 98 

No. XIV. — ViscounUd Rents for the County of Northumberland, as con- 
tained in the Compotus of Sir Thomas Swinburne, Knight, for his Sheriff'- 
dty during the Years 1628 and 1629. Communicated hy John HoDCh 
SON, Esq. 



S' Thomas Swinburne Knight high Sheriff of the said County to John 
Swinburne and Francis Frankland and to either of them greeting Theis 
are to authorise yo" and likewise by virtue of my Office to comannd yo" 
that forthw*** vpon receipte hereof yo" do collect levy & receive att the 
seuall townnes ^ places herevnder written all such sume and sumes of 
monye as are hereafter expressed being the Bent€ of Assize otherwise 
called the VicountaU Rent€ due to his Ma*** for this ^sent year 1629, and 
levyable by the Sheriff for the tyme being. And where they shall refuse 
to make jpsent payment thereof, that then imediately yo"" distreyne, 'I the 
distresse soe taken, to sell rendering to the owners the overplus And I 
do lykewise authorise yo" to give acquittances for the same if they be de- 
manded they payeing yo"" for the same. And I doe also charge 1: com- 
mand all T: euy my BayliflR£ to be aydeing ^ assisting to yo" herein. 
Given vnder my hand 1 scale of my Office this twenti*^ day of September 
An"" B 9: Caroli Anglie 1c. Quinto 1629. 

VOL. in. 


Viscountal Rents for the 

Northumb'r. — Declaratio Thome Swinburne mil vicecoih com ptt 
Computatis de exi? Officij Bui a festo Sci Mich'is Archangi anno 
regni dni nunc Caroli *\c. tertio usque idm festum T:c. anno regni 
Ic. quarto . Scit' . p vno anno integro tam de quadam ffirma 
xxvj\ V*. v**. de rein firm com post terr dal ac de c\ de firm p 
pfic Com qu5 de dius at firm exact sub noie eiusde vicecom — vt 


06 yitt de Ripplington 
De Einge meadows . 
De vitt de Whalton 
De viti de mickle Benton . 
De yiti de Black Callerton , 
De viti de Cowpen 

De viii de 
De Titt de 
De yiii de 
De vitt de 
De Tilt de 

Stanton . 
Earsdon . 
Langhirst . 
Newbiggin . 

De vitt de Halton 

De yiil de Vlston . 

De Till de Heugh 

De vitt de Heddon snp mnra 

De vitt de West Swinburne 

xxvj.8. viij.d. 

. xl. s. 

. zliiij.s. 

. xl.s. 

xxvj.s. viij.d. 

. xiij.s. iiij.d. 

De viii de Cramlington 
De viU de Hartley . 
De vitl de Jesmond . 
De vili de Throckley 

. xj. B. 
vij.s. ix.d. 
vij.s. ix.d. 
xiiij.d. oK 

Sum x.l. xviij.8. iiij.d. 0% 


. xlviij. 8. 

. X. 8. 
. XX. 8. 

. xiij.8. 

. xxiiij. 8. 

. vij. 8. 

. XX. 8. 

xxij.8. xj.d. 

. Vj.8. 

. x.t. 

De vitt de Ellington et CresBweU 

De vitl de Woodrington 

De viU de East Chevington . 

De vilt de Iladston 

De viH de Toggesden . 

De vitl de Morrick 

De Cockle Pke et Hebbome . 

De viii de Wingates 

De vili de West Chivington . 

Stun xxvj. 

• iij.i. 

vij.s. ij.d. 

vij.s. vj.d. 

viij.s. iiij.d. 

. xviij.s. 

. v.s. 

. xviij.8. 

zij.s. iiij.d. 

. xxiij. 8. 

t. XV. s. iij.d. 


iiij. t. 


KXX. 8. 
XX. 8. 

De viii de Devilston . . . . v.s. vj.d. 

De viii de Inghoe .... vj.s. viij.d. 

De vili de Chopwell et BjweU . . ix.t. 

Sum xix.i. xij.B. ij.d. 


De vili de 
De viii de 
De viii de 
De viii de 




Little Ryle 

Glanton . 


Thornton . 




iij.i. vj.s. viij.d. 
ij.i. xiij.s. iiij.d. 

. XX. 8. 
. XX. 8. — X.S. 

. vj.s. viij.d. 

• iij.s. iiij.d. 

. uij. 

. v.s. 

. ix.s. vj.d. 

. xij.B. 

De viii de 
De vili de 
De vili de 
De vili de 
De viii de 
De viii de 
De vili de 
De vili de 

Hayson . 
Snitter . 
Lurbottle . 
Hedgley . 
Beanley . 
New Bewick 
Olde Bewick 
Hebbome . 
Harevpp . 

vj.s. viij.d. 
vj.s. viij.d. 

. X.B. 

. iiij.s. 

. xyj.s. 

iiy.s. viij.d. 

vj.s. viij.d. 

. vj.s. x.d. 

. vj.s. 

. ix.8. 

Couttb/ of NorihunAerland. 


De yiVt de 8k)ath middleton 

. X.8. 

De yitt de Essling^on 

. yij.d. 

De yitt de ChiUingham 

. . yiij.s. 

De yii} de North middleton 

. X.8. 

De yili de East LUbarne . 

. y.8. 

De Yil} de Edlingham 

. ix.8. iiij.d. 

De vitt de Birdey . 

. XX. 8. 

De yii} de Rothbury 

. . Xiij.8. 

De yili de Mikle Tossen . 

. xyj.d. 

De yilt de little Tossen .... xyj.d. 
De yii} de Bickerton . . . xij.t.— xij.d. 
De yiii de ffamelawe .... iij. d. 

De yii} de Heppell .... xiiij. d. 

De yiii de fflatterton .... xyj.d. 
De yiii de "Warton j^ • . , . xyj. d. 
De yiii de Oyer Trewhett . . . yiij.d. 
De yiii de Netlier Trewhett . . . yiij.d. 
"^ Sum XXX.}. yj.8. 


De yiii de Babnebrougli et Slioston xxxj .8. yiij. d. 
De yiii de East Ditclibume . . . y.s. 
De yiii de West Ditchbume . xxyj. 8. yiij.d. 
De yiii de South Charletone . . ix.8. iiij.d. 
De yiii de North Charletone . yiij. 8. yiij.d. 
De yili de NewBted yiij.s. 

De yiii de Wameforde .... yij.d. 
De yiii de East Bradforth . . . xiiij. d. 
De yiii de Moulsfen .... xxxj. s. 

De yiii de Beednell xxj.s. 

De yiii de Doxforth . . . iiij.s. iiij.d. 
Sum yij.i. yij.s. y.d. 


De yiii de 
De yiii de 
De yiii de 
De yiii de 
De yiii de 
De yili de 

Warke . 
Preston . 
Pawston . 
Kelham . 
Howtell . . 
West Newton 
Kirk newton 
Langton . 
Akeld . 

, xyj.d. 
, xyj.d. 
, xyj.d. 
. xyj.d. 

xiiij. d. 
. yij.d. 
. xj.d. 
xij. d. 
. yj.d. 
. yij.d. 
. yij.d. 



De yiii de Crookeham 
De yiii de Hethershawe . 
De yiii de Forde 
De yiii de Skremmerston 
De yiii de Bowesden 
De yiii de Barmoore 
De yiii de Howick 
De yiii de Howbome 
De yiii de Ditchant 
De yiii de Middliton 
De yiii de Milnefeild . 
De yiii de Copehmd 


. yij.d. 

xyj. d. 
xiiij. d. 
xiiij. d. 


xyj. d. 
. y.d. 

Sum xxyiij.8. 


Sum totalis iiij-xx.xyj.l. yij.s. x.d. oB. 
Exonerates allowed Reste Su 75.}. 7.s. 10. d. oK 

The pticuler places out of wd> the is.}. yicounteU Rent issueing forth of B3rwell cu Chopwell in 
Tyndale Ward. 

Black Heddon 
West Heddon 



Heddon on the Wall 

Little Swinburne 


Shortflatt « Hameham 


Sum tot of all my receipts for 1628 & 1629. 

n leyied of y« Eing€ writte out of Sir Tho : Fanshawe % Sir Peter Osborne office 21 . 1 . 8 

Ittleyied of the post fines 12.1 12 . . 

It!receauedoftheyicontelLi 75 . 7 . lOotS 

108 . 9 . 6o« 



Viscountd Rents, Sfc. 

Tho: Swinburne mii vie codl 
Northumbr 1628 et 1629 annis 
iiij^ 4^ et S*"** nunc 9: Carot Ic. 

Moneyes Becd and Accomptable for 

Levyed of the Excheq^ writte theis last two' 
years out of Sir Tho. Fanshawe and Osbom's 
offices for which I am accomptable for f some f * 

The Post Fines for theis two last years amountC^ 
to 24 1. whereof I have rec*. and am accomptable > 121. 
for 3 

Some Total of y* vicountall rent y* exoSatC ) 
being deducted and allowed restC . . . ) 

Sum Total of all theis BeceiptC . • . 

Km pd to M'. Prosse in y* FruitC Office for) 
yf^ I have his Acquittances ) 

Km pd to Sir Myles Fleetwood K^ Receiu^ 
geSall of the Court of Wards for y* last year of 
my Sheriffaltie M^ Richardson 1 others haueing 
y* black book y* yeare before by Comission I say 
pd to y* aforeSd S'. Myles Fleetwood being but 
one halfe years Collec6n for w^ I haue his ac- 

751. 7 s. 10 d. ob. 
1071. 9 s. 6d. ob. 



InquisUians PosUmortem, Sfc. 97 

No. XV. — Inquisttwns Post-mortem relating to Coquetdcde Ward; from the 
Origincds in the Tower of London. Communicated by Thomas Hudson 
Turner, Esq. 


n. di gra Bex Angt Dns Hibn Dux Norm Aquil 1 Com And diico ciico 
suo Henr de Wingham saim. Mandam^ Yob qd in ppia psona vra 
accedatis ad singla mania que fuunt Bog fit Johis in balliya vra 1 p 
sacramentu pbo^ 1 legaliu hominu p quos rei vitas melius scrii pont ilia 
extendi faciatis q"ntu yaleant p annii in omib3 exitib3 tre^ 1 cuj^ etatis 
lies ipius quos fca fmt nob q^cicius pot^itis mittatis 1 hoc bre. T. me ipo 
apud Windj xxij. die Jun a. r. n. xxxiij"*. 

Werkewrth. — ^Extenta tocius manii de Werkewrtli 

Nomina jurato^i/ Thom ad Crucemj Bofes Clicus^ Henr de Botelesdunei/ 
Henr Piscator Bobs fit Anning Witts fit Alicie 1 Bob Scot. 

Dicunt qod ibidem sunt in dnicOi/ iiij. caracate tre continentes xv". 1 
xj. ac"s 1 est ^iu acre v. d. Su% vj. lib. ix. §. vij. d. 

Ibidem sunt xv.acre p'ti ^ciu cuj^ libet acre, xviij.d. cii quibusdam 
placiis ad capita bladi. Su'' deii xxij. sot. vj. d. 

n de firma burgi de Werkewrtli cii firma nove ville p annu^/ Ixxviij. sot. 
vij.d. ob. Et debent de qualibet dome burgi 1 nove ville invenire i.hoih 
p ij. dies metente in autump ad cibu dni vt dare j. den p ij. diebj. Su' 
jPdci svicii in den. v. sot. 

Item toUoii burgi 1 ?vis valent p vjmuj x. sot. Ite de furno p annQ 
XX. sot. 

Item molendinii valet p annii. xl. marc^; un P'or de Thinemue pcipit 
iij. marc p annu p cartam 

VOL. m. A a 

98 Inquisitions Post-mortem 

Piscaria valet qnq^ plus qnq^ minus 85 hoc anno valuiti/ vj. lib cu quadam 
pva navicla qui vocatur Cobel 

Ibidem sunt. iij. saline que solvut p annii viij. q*r salis 1 est ^ciii euj^ 
libet q*r xvj. d. T: est Su* deii x. sot. viij. d. 

Item dicte saline reddunt p annii p i. placia continente c^ca dim ac'm 
xl. d. 

Ibidem est i. pva placia ubi ij. vine? sunt herbagiu 1 curtellagiii valent 
p annu ij. sot. 

Ibidem est i. castru p cuj^ custodia Dns Rog dedit quolibet anno 
XX marCi/ 1 iij. robas 

Ibidem est i. pvus boscus rotundus qui vocatur Sunderland qui tit dmi 
leucam in ccuitu cuj^ herbag ptinet ad dnicii 

Sum* ^dicte villCi/ xliiij. life. xij. sot. xj. d. ofe pfe:^ In valor ^j xl. s. 
q**s Por de Thinem pcipit. 


Ibidem sunt xxj.bondi quo'^ quilibet tenet^'s tre ^ quilibet 
reddit p annii de firma. iij. sot. vj.d Et dabit per anniij iiij.q'r bras 
ordei vt ix. sot p voluntate dni \ dat de Stallag p annu ij. d. £t dat p 
custodiSL 2^011 dni p annu iij. d. 1: dat ad natale dni i. Gait vt i. d. Et 
opabitur qualibet sep? p iij. dies n' festum impediat vt dabit p §vicio ^dicto 
p annii v. sot. p voluntate dni. Et metet in autump p v. dies cum ij. lio- 
minib3i/ scit p iij. dies ad cibii djod 1 p ij. dies ad cibum ppWii/ ^ciii istius 
svicii vj. d. ofe. Et ^terea cariabit ad castru i. carratam bosci de bosco de 
Aclinton vt dabit i. d. 

Sum* jpdco^ reddituii T: §vicii in deny xix. life. xj. sot. iij. ofe. 

Item jPdicti bondi dant p annii p i. p*to quod vcatur Rumedu v. sot. 

Item Rofes Annig tenet iij. ac*s tre \ reddit p annO q'r bras ordei de 
ven mensuTi/ vt ij. sot. 

K Rog Wansbe tenet xx. ac"s we de dnico p cartam in vita sua^/ p pco 

n idem tenet iiij. ac*s tre p ij. S. vj. d. p annii p omibus 

n ibidem siit x. firmarii qui tenent viij". T: viij. ac*s ?re \ reddunt in 

Behting to Coquetdale Ward. 09 

den p annu Ixxv. soi xj. A. Et feciunt p annu xl. opa p i. hoih iu die scit 
quilibet eolj. iiij. opa ad cibum dni T: valent Sdicta opa xxv. d. p annu ^cibu 
Ibidem sunt ij. cotar qui tenent v. ac's nre 1 reddunt p annu ij. s. ix, d. 
de firmai/ 1 faciut opa que valet v. d. Item Witts Faber tenet ix, ac"s tte 
p ferns caruc de Werkewrth fieiciend T: ferura aflfrol^ 

Item ibidem est i. pcus qui lit in c^cuitu c*ca q'tuor leucas in quo sut hac 
die scdm estimac6m c*ca vij". bestie scit dami Tt dame juvenes set nits 
raagnus damns ibi invent^ est. Et sunt ibide vij.bisce vt viij. ^ i. cervus 
de ij. annis vt iij. ^tea ibidem sut ij. pvi bosci quo'^ libag est ^munis pastura 
ville de Aclintone. Et debnt ex eis pcipe husbote et haibote p liberaQim 
forestar Su^^dicto'^ bondo'^ in den iiij. life. x. sot. viij. d. 

Sum* tocius ^ce ville de Aclintone in deiij xxiiij. life. xxj. d. ofe. pfe. 


In villa de Birling sut x. bondi quo'lf quilibet tenet xxx. ac"s tre 1 solvit 
p annii de firma iij. s. yj. d. Et iiij. q*r braS ordei vt ix. sot. ^ h*" p volun- 
tate dni. Et fecit alia Svicia que ^putant' p yj. sot. i. d. 

Su* ^dce firme T: braS T: aliis sviciis in deny ix. life. v. sot. x. d. 

Ite Henr le Messer tenet i. pticlam rre p xyj. d. ofe. p annu. 


Ibidem siit vj. cotaf quo^ quilibet dat p annu de finnai; viij. d. Et fecit 
alia svicia que valenti/ ij. d. 

Ite Witts Gustard tenet i. cota^u p iiij. d. p annu. Su* yj. sot. viij. d. ofe. 
Su* ^dicte ville de Birling i deny ix. life. xij. sot. yj. d. ofe. pfe. 


Witts fit Walri tenet medietatem ville de Butelesdune T: reddit p 
annu xyj. sot. \ dat p custodia i. equi 1 i. canis xiij. sot. iiij. d. p annuy 
^ p stallage ij. sot. 1 arabit p i. diem cil ij. carucis ^ fexsiet iij. ^caf in 
autump quolibet die cu v. hominibj ad cibum dni que §vicia valent p annii 
xj. d. ofe. 

Witts fit Lambt tenet aliam medietatem ^dicte ville ^ dat de firma p 

100 Inquisitions Post-mortem 

annu xxx. soi. Et dat p custodia i. canis % i. eqni vj. soi. viij. d. £t £acit 
alia ^vicia que Talent p annu xj. d. ob. Et dat p stallag ij. sot. 
Sum* ^ce ville de Butlesdon in den Ixxj. sot. xj. d. pb. 


Quarta ps ville est de feudo de Werkewrtti 1 Wifts de Togesdene 
tenet earn p cartam ^ reddit p annu zx. 3 p omib3. 

Placita de Werkewrtb scdm estima^m valent p annuj xL sot. 

Sum* suma^ tocius maSii de Werkewrtti iiij". 1 iiij. lib. xix. S, iy. d. ob. 

De quibus debent' Sac^ste Ecce Dunot p cartam dni Bobi fit Rog xx. sot 
p annu ad iiij. cereas sustinendtus c^ca corpus bi Cudberti Et Diis Rog 
consuevit dare p annii p custodia cast' ^1 mami p annuO xiij. lib. vj. soi 
viij. d. T: iij. robas^/ 1 fenu 1 aven ad ij. equos. Ita rem de claro in bursa dni 
Ixix. lib. yj. sot. yij. d. ob. Prerea panagiii yix valet p annu iij. sot in . . 

Eps Karleot tenet Eccam de Werkewrth in pp*os usus que valet comu- 
nib3 fti^i^is-' c. lib. 

Roubire. — Extenta manii de Roubir 

Nomina juratory Witts Absalon^ Hug Forestaxj Henr Gralun^ Hug 
pp Troptuy Witts de Brigehamj Alanus fit Alani^ Adam fit Waldef^ 
Herlewinus filius Alaniy Edmundus de Snither^ Adam fit Johisj Adam 
fit Alani. 

Dicunt quod ^ibide' in djoico xj." 1 vig. acre tVe ^iii cuj^ libet acre 
vj. d. Su* in deSi/ c. *l xiiij. sot. 

Ibidem sunt xxj. acre p*ti jpciu acre^ xv. d. — Sum* in defij xxvj. sot. 
nj. d. 

De firma burgi p annu^ Ixx. sot. ix. d. 

Molendina valent comunib3 annis^/ xxij. lib. 

De tollon 1 stallag 1 fumo posi! ad firmam p simuj xx. sot. 

I^rea de quibusdam firmariis que tenent quasdam tras p pticlas de dnico^r 
xxlvij. sot. vij. d. 

Libe tentes 
Witts Absalon tenets xxg. ac's tVe in Roubir 1 reddit panntii^ i. lib pipis. 

RdaJUng to Coquetdak Ward. 101 

Thorn fit Bog tenet iiij. ac's tre ^ dim Ht reddit p annu ii. soi 


Alanus fit Edger tenet i. pticlam ti-e 1 reddit p annuj xx. deii. T: fecit 
alia ^cia p annu que valent j iij. d. ob. 

Ibidem sunt ij. Cotar qui reddunt p annu ij. sot. ij. d. % fexsiut alia opa 
que Talent p annu^ Tij. d, 

Ibidem est i. foresta de longitudine iij. leuca^ "l de latitudine ij.Ieuca?^ 
1 est comunis pastura tocius maSii de Roubire. 

ThefoUowing Instrument may refer to these Essarts at an earlier Period : — 

Canonici de Brikeburn dat dno Jt xx. marc T: i. palefx q Hug de Neviir 
For redd3 p eis ut sint quieti de wasto 1 regard fores? de c. acr we de 
Essarto q's tenent. Pig Joh Vic de v. m. Nicot de Marewic de v. m. 
Alan^ de Eslington de iij. m. Ada de Lemptoii de i. m. Wift psona de 
Bobir de vj. m. T: tit laic feud Hug de Tessey de ij. m. 

Rotulus de OUatis (f. 2. Johannis. 

In dicta foresta sunt ij. essarta que posita sut ad firmam Canonicis de 
Brinkebume p Ix. sot. p annii yoluntate dni. 

n Rog de Daltun tenet ij. assarta in dicta foresta ^ reddit p annu xxTJ. 
sot. viij. d. ad voluntatem dni. 

Villa de Roubiri cii aliis vilt ad maSiu de Roubir ptinentb3 reddunt p 
annu xiiij. sot. ut possint libe int^e in ^muna sua in dicta foresta p xy. dies 
an festil bi Johis Bap? \ p xy. dies post sicut "l in alio tempe anni. 

De tumatorib3 \ fabris comunib3 annis,/ Yiij. sot. 

Herbag 1 pquisita dee foreste Yalente p annUi/ xxvj. 3. Yiij. d. 

Panagiii dee foreste Yslet communibj anniSi/ xiij. S. iiij. d. 

Sum' tocius exitus Yille de Roubiry cu foresta 1 dnico xlv. lib. iij. sot. 
X). d. ob pb. 


Ibidem sunt Yij. bondi quo^ quilibet tenet xxx. ac's &e 1 L toftu 1 
VOL. m. Bb 

102 Inquisitions Post-mortem 

i. croftu 1: reddit p annu vj. soi. viij. d. Id den ^ facit alia opa que valent p 
annu viij. d. 

I! Adam Blundi tenet q^nidam rram in dicta villa 1: reddit p anniiy 
xviij. d. 1: facit alia opa que valent p annQ viij. d. 

Ibidem sunt viij. Cotar un quilibet eo^ reddit p annii xij. d. Et ^rea est 
ibidem i. Cotar qui reddit p annii ij. sot. Et i. qui dat p annu iiij. d. Et 
est sum* dco^ Cotar in deii x. soi. iiij. d. Ht faciut alia opa que valent p 
annu ij §. viij. d. ob. 

Sum* Ixvj. sot. vj. d. ofe pfe. 


Ibidem sut ix.bondi 1 quilibet eo^ tenet's Pre T: i. toftii 1 
i. croftu 1 reddit p annu yj. sot. viij. d. et &cit alia opa que valent p annu 
viij. d. 

Ibidem sunt ij. firmar un quilibet eolj. tenet xxx. ac^s tre ^ dat de firma 
p annu ij. sot. "l facit alia opa que valent iiij. d. 

Ibidem sunt alii ij. firmary uii quilibet eo^ tenet xxx. ac*s tre 1 dat p 
annii de firman xviij. d. Ht fietcit alia opa que valent p annu iiij. d. 

n ibidem stmt v. firmar un quilibet eoi;^ tenet xxx. ac's tre 1 dat de firma 
p annu xviij. d. % hxAt alia opa que valet viij. d. 

Oihs isii firmar ^dci dant p annii vj. sot. p breirbj portandis inr Tynam 
1 Tuedam 

Ibidem sut iiij. Cotar qui oms dant de firma ij. sot. iiij. d. p annii 1 faciiit 
alia svicia que valent xj. d. ob. p annu. 

F^dci homines de Snyther tenent q'mdam pticlam Pre que vocaf" Cherland 
1 reddiit p annu de firma vj. sol. viij. d. 
Su* c. T: i. sot. iij. ofe. pfe. 

Nova villa 

Ibidem sunt viij. bondi un quilibet eo^ tenet xxx. ac's tre "l reddit de 
firma p annii vj. sot. viij. d. Ht facit alia opa p annii que valent ^ viij. d. 

Ibidem est i. firmar qui tenet*s Pre 1 reddit p annii i/ de firma 
x. sot. p offiib3 

Ibide slit iiij. Cotar qui reddiit p annii ij. sot. vj. d. p omib3 

Relating to Coquetdale Ward. 103 

Onis ^dicti bondi 1 firmar dant Merchet 1 Heryotei/ 1 debnt talliari qn 
dns Bex talliat dnica sua. 

Sum* Ixxj. sot ij. d. pfe. 
Placita ^ pquisita Cur de Boubif no sufficiut ad sustentacom batii 

Sum* suma^ extente ^dci mami de Boubir cu vitt ^dcis ^dco 
maSio ptmentib3 Ivii. life. ij. sot. ix. d. ofe pfe. 

De quib5 dns de Roubir debet redde ad Scaccar dni Reg p quadam tra 
que vocatur Chirland xx. sot. Et i. forestar cu i. equo capit p annUi/ xl. sot. 
p svico suo cu roba sua. Et iij. forestar pedites capiiit cu robis suis Ix. sot. 
pyrico suo ....Et sic rem de claro ij.sot. ix.d. ofe. 

Ecca de Boubif yalet comunibj annis c.marc \ est in donacone Epi 
Karliot ex coltone dni H. Beg Angt phui. 

Extenta rralji dni Bog fit Jotiis in Comitatu Norhumbr. 


Inquisicio capta apud Novu Castrum sup Tynam coram Escaetore dni 
Regis ult* Trentam die yeSis pxima ante festum Sci Dunstani Archiepi^ 
anno regni Begis Edwardi filii Regis Edwardi tercio^ p breve dni Begis^ 
videlicet q'ntum terre Bofets fit Bo^i tenuit de dno Bege in Capite in 
Balliva Escaeterie ult* Trentam die quo obiit ^ T: q*ntum de aliis 1 p quod 
ffvic T: q'ntum terre ille valeant p ann in omib3 exitib3w T: quis ppinquior 
heres [ejus] sit T: cujus etatis^ p sacramentii dno^ Jolinis de Oggib Johis 
de Wyderington 1 Bo^i Mauduyt Militum^ Ade Baretti/ Bofeti de Bihille^ 
Hugonis de Haisandi/ Witii de Botelstoiii/ Thome de Bikerton^ Thome de 
Ingeh[ram] Wiffi de Tokisdene^ Ade de Kynton 1 Johnis de Plesciis. 

104 InquisitioM Post-mortem 

Castrum et villa de Werkeworth' cu meb's 

Em predci Jur dicut qd predcus Robtus filius Rogeri tenuit castrom 1 
villam de Werkeworth* cum membr subsc*pti8 in Cofii predco de dno Rege 
in capite die quo obiit p §vic ffeodi unius militis. Dicut eciam qd est ibi 
quedam placea continens in se unam ac^ 1 dimidiam terre sup quam 
Cafitrum est situm^ 1 ^dcus Bobtus fit Ro^i dedit herbagiu ejusdem in 
ffeodo Constabulario ejusde Cast*. Ite dicut qd villa de Werkeworth* est 
Burgus de antiquo 1 f4na ejusde valet p annu xlvij. 3. vij. d. ofe. Hm sunt 
ibide quedam tenenta de novo arrenta? que vocant' villa Novi Burgi 1 
firma ejusdem valet p ami xxxvj. s. iiij. d. Hm sunt ibidem^/ c. xx. acre 
terre arrabilis in dnico qua"^ ql3 p anniii/ vj. d....lx. S. Item sunt ibidemi/ 
xl. acre pHi in dominico quar qlib3 ac* valet p annu ij. §....iiij. ii. Item est 
ibidem quidam ffumus cois qui valet p annu cum tolneto Burgi cu accidit 
XX. S. Tbn est ibidem quedam piscaria tarn de aqua de Cokett' quam de 
mari q valet p annu. vj. ii. xiij. §. iiij. d. Item sunt ibidem due saline que 
valent p annu^ x. 3. Ibn est ibidem quedam Cur ad voluntatem dni 
tenenda cuj^ pquis valent p ann. xx. S. Item est ibidem quoddam molend 
aq'tic qd vocat' molend de Werke worth' i/ 1 valet p annu ix. ii. vj. g. viij. d. 
Item est ibidem aliud aq*ticum qd vocatur molend de Brothirwyk' 1 vab3 
p annii xxx. 3. Ttra est ibidem quidam Boscus qui vocatur Sunderland "l 
hbagium val3 p annu. viij. 3. 

Bondag de Byrling 

Item dicunt qd in Hamello de Birling sunt decem Bondi quC^ quilibet 
ten3 unu meg 1 xviij. ac"s terre 1 reddit p ann xij. g....vj. ii. Item sunt in 
eodem hamello./ v. cotar quo^ quilibet reddit p annu xvi\j. d....vy. 3. vj. d. 

Bondag' de Aclingtoii 
Item dicunt qd in Hamello de Aclington sunU xlvij. bondi quo'^J^ quilj 
ten3 uniimeSl: xvi\*s terre "l reddit p ann ix.s....xxj.ii. iij.3, Vtm 
est ibidem quoddam coliibare quod val3 p annUi/ iij. 3. Vtm est ibidem 
quoddam molend ventr qd val3 p annii cvj. 3. viij. i. Item est ibidem 
quidam Parous qui continet in c Wtu p estimacionem tres leucas 1 n* est 

Relating to Coguetdale Ward. lOS 

in eodem parco nisi fera 1 pc sustentacoem fere ^ castas claosture ejosdein 
parci pastor ejasde yal3 p anii xx. S. 

Libere tenetes de Werkeworth* 

I?m dicant qd Witts de Botilston tenet medietatem de Botilston sapiori 
de Castro de Werkeworth' ^ ^ reddit p annam eidem Castro^ xxxij. s. de 
Alba fma. Ibn Bicus de Botilston tenet altam medietatem ejosdem ville 
de eodem Castro i/ 1: reddit eidem Castro, xxix. S. Tiij. d. de alba f *ma. 

Item dicant qd Wittus de Tokisdene tenet quartam ptem ville de Tokis- 
dene de dco Castro T: reddit p annam eidem Castro^ xx.s. de Alba ff^a. 

Samma tocias Extente Castri 'I ville de Werkeworth' cam membr 

Ixix. ii. xiij. 3. ix. d. ob. 

Maniam^ villai; 1 barg^ de Roathebif 

Ibn predci Jar dicant qd ^dcas Bobtus fit Bo^i tenait maniu et villam 
de Roathebyr cu membf sabsc^tis in Com ^dco de dno Bege in Capite die 
qao obiit p svic feodi anias militis. Dicut etiam qd est ibidem q°ddam 
capitale meS "l tlbagiu gardini ejasdem valet p annuy ij. s. yj. d. Item est 
ibidem qaidam Bargas T: fW ejasde val3 p anny Ixx. §. iij.d. Rm est 
qoidam flSimas cois *l valj p annu cam t6lneto Biirgi cu accidit xxvj. s. 
viij.d. Ite est ibidem qaoddam molend aq'ticii qd valet p annuj x.ti. 
Itm sant ibidem^ cclx. acre terre arabilis in dnicoj qaaf qlg ac*. valg p BJin^ 
viij. d..-viij. li. xiij. s. iiij, d. Ibn sant ibidem xxxij. acre p*ti qaar qlg ac* 
valg p aniiy ij. s....lxiiij. §. Item est qdam Car ad volutatem dni tenenda 
caj^ pq^sita valent p amu xxvj. S. viij.d. 

Libe ten in Boathbyr 

Itm dicant qd sant ibidem dao libere tenentes qao^ qailibet tenet anii 
mesaagiil ^ qalqae ac's terre ^ reddit p ann ij.soi de Alba ffirma...iiij. s. 

Sokem in le Nevireton 

Rm dicimt qd in Hamello del Neaton sant novem tenentes qai tenent 
in socagio qao^ qailg tenet unii mesaag ^ xjsjl. ac*s terre ^ reddit p anniii/ 
VOL. Ill, c c 

106 Inquisitions Post-mortem 

vj. g. iij\d.,..lvj/s. iij.d. Em sunt ibidem tres cotaf quo?^ quil3 reddit p 
aniiy iij. S ...ix. §. 

Sokeih in Thropton 

Kn dicnnt qd in Hamello de Thropton sunt septem tenentes qui tenet 
in socagioy quo'^ quitt tenet unu meS 1*s terre 1 reddit p ann^ 
vj. g. iij.d.... xliij, g. ix.d. Item est ibidem quidam qui tenj in socag unu 
mesuagiu T: xxx. ac*s terre \ reddit p annu ^ xviij. d. Km sunt ibidem 
octo Cotar quo^ quilj reddit p annuy xiij. d, 1 unus cotarius qui reddit p 
annu XTJ.d....x. g. 

Sokem in Snyttir 

Hm dicut qd in Hamello de Snyttir sunt novem tenentes qui tenent in 
socag quo'lf quil3 tenet unu meg /I xxx. acras terre /I reddit p ann^ yj. g. 
iij. d....lyj. g. iij. d. Ibn sunt ibidem novem tenetes qui tenent in Socage. 
quoTf ql3 tenet unu meg T: xxx. ac**s terre T: reddit p ann xviij. d....xiij. g. 
vj. d. Ite sut ibidem duo cotaf quo':^ quiit reddit p aimuy viij. d.,..xvj. d. 


TXm dicunt qd est ibidem quedam fforesta ^ agistamenf bestia']^ in 
eadem val3 p ann viij.g.. Et pannag Porco'^ val3 in ead p ann xiij.g. 
iiij.d« Et est ibidem quedam Turbaf de ffocali tam in mora quam in 
marisco \ val3 p ann xxxij.sot. Itm est in eadem fforesta vaccaf de 
Grenehelay que val3 p ann xl. g. Itm vaccaf de Pappeworthhalugh valet 
p ann Ixij. g. viij. d. Km vaccaf de Thomihalugh val3 p annu xl. g. viij. d. 
Km vaccaf de M^leye val3 p annu xl. g. vj. d. Km vaccaf de Mirihildhyrs? 
valet p ann xxx. g. Km vaccar de Brockeleygehirst valet p annu^ xxij.g. 
Km est ibidem in eadem fforesta qMdam p*tum no mensural cuj^ hbag val3 
p ann xiij.g. iiij.d. Km est ibidem q'dam Parous continens in c^cuitu 
unam leucam ut estimat'w ^ ^ter sustentac&em ffere existent in eodem 
libagium ejusde valet p annii,/ vj. g. viij. d. 

Summa tocius extente maniiw ville ^ Burgi de Broutbbyf cum ffi)r 
\ aliis memVs li^.K. viij, g. ij. d. 

Relating to Coqmtdak Ward. 107 

Ibn predci Jur dicut qd ^dcus Bobts fit Bo^i no fiiit saisitus de aliq* 
advocacione Ecclia'lf in Com ^dco die quo obiit, * * ♦ j^ 
dicunt qd dns Johannes de Claveringg ppinquior heres est ejusdem Bofei, 
Et est etatis quadraginta anno^ ^ amplius. In cujus rei testimon ^dci 
Juratores tarn milities q'^ alii hnic Inquisiconi sigilla sua apposuerunt. 
Daf apud Novum Castrum sup Tynam die ^ anno sup'dcis. 

Extracted from the Inquisition taken upon the Death of Henry Percy, 
26 Edw. Ill— .(21st March)— .No. 52 A. 


Dicunt eciam AA Jur qd ^&t^ Henr tenuit de dno Bege in capit die 
quo obiit in doico suo ut de feodo ^talliato' Cast"* T: manor de Werkeworth cu 
Tillis de Birlyngy Aklyngtofiy Bothebiryy le Newetoiij Throptofij 1 SnyttrOi^ 
ptinenc ad ead Cast* ^ manor in Com ^dco p homag 1: fideli! ^ p feodo 
duo^ militu:^ Et dicut qd edificia in Castr \ manor ^dcis nt valent p a"" 
ult* rep's r' Dicut eciam qd hbag mote Cast* ^dci valet ^1 reddit' p a"" ad 
tios Pen? 1 Sci Marti xviij.d, p equates porcoesr' Sunt eciam ibid 
xv". xiij. acr terf doic q*?f quel3 acr" valet p a" vj. d. ^solvend' ad fesf 
Pen?1 Sci Marti in hyeme p equales porcoes...^Sm* vijMi. xvj.S, vj.d/ 
Est eciam ibid quedam pastur^ sepalis vidit Wollemerw 1 valet ^T: reddit' 
p a"" KX. g. ad ^dcos rios. Est eciam ibide quid reddit^ divso^ burgag in 
eade villa qui so extendit ad cj. S. p a"" ^solvend' ad duo festa Sci Cuthbti p 
equales porcoes:^ Est eciam ibide quid annuai reddit^ singlis a's pcipiend 
de villa de Ourebotleston q* se extendit ad L §. p a"" solvend ad Pios ^dcos. 
Est eciam ibid quid annuus reddit^^ xL S. singlis annis pcipiend de vifl de 
Ourebotleston \ Toggesdon ad Pios Pen? 1 Sci MarH p equal porcoes^^ 
Est eciam ibid quodd molendinii aqua? ^ valet p a"* x- li. solvend ad rios 

108 Inquisitions Post-mortem 

Pen! 1 Sci Mar!i p equai porcoes. Est eciam ibid quad piscaria in aqua 
de Coket 1 valet p a" xiij. ii. mj. S- viij. d. ad eosde rios ^solvend/ Est 
eciam ibid quid bosc^ voca? Sundreland cuj^ hbag valet p a" v. 3. ^solvend' 
ad ?ios Pen? 1 Sa Marfi p equales porcoes. Dicut ecia qd pquis Cur ibide 
valent p a"" vij. S. iiij. d. 


Sunt eciam apud Birlyng decern bondag quo^ quo*lib3 valet p a"* x. S. 
solvend ad festa Pen? ^ Sci MarB p equai porcoes.. ..S* c. §• quo^ quodl3 
coni unii meS ^ xxiiij. acr tre. Sunt eciam ibid viij. cotag quo^ quodl3 
redd p a°* ad r los ^dcos ix. d. Sm* vj. S. 


Est eciam apud Aklyngton quid sit^ capital meS^ 1 val3 ^T: reddit' p 
a™ iiij. §. solvend ad festa Pur be Mar 1 Sci Pet* ad vinclar' Sunt eciam 
ibid Ixx. acr ?r doicai 1 valent p a" xl. S. solvend ad festa Pen! 1 Sci Mar? 
p equales porcoes. Sunt eciam ibid vij, acr p"ti q*^ quel3 ac* val3 p a"" 
xiiij. d. solvend ad tios ^cos. Sm' viij. S, ij. d. Sunt eciam ibid xxxv. 
bondag ^q°?f ' quodl3 cont3 unu meS 1 xyj. acf tre de quib3 xxyj. afBrmant^ 
quo'*l3 p xij. S. p a"" ad rios ^dcos ^Sm* xv. ti. xij. 5.' 'I ix bondag residua 
jacent vas? 1 inculta p defec? tenenc q°^ hbag val3 ^1 reddit' p a" x. S, 
solvend ad rios ^dcos. Est eciam ibid quodd molendinii ^ventri?' 1 val3 
p a" xl. §• solvend ad rios ^dcos Est eciam ibid quid pcus cuj^ hbag val3 
p a"" XXX. s. solvend ad rios ^dcos. Km pquiS Cur ibid vocq.? halmo? valent, 
p a" iij. S. ij. d. 


Est eciam apud Rothebiry quid sit^ capitalis meS T: valet p a~ ^in fcbag' 
iij. g. vj. d. solvend ad rios Pen? T: Sci Mar?i p equales porcoes. Sunt 
eciam ibide vij". ix. acf terr doic qua^ quel3 acr* valet p a" x. d. solvend ad 
Pios ^dcos ^Sm*vj.ti. iiij.S. ij.d.' Sunt edam ibide x.wS p'ti cii quad 
pastura; 'X valet p a™ Ij. S. ix. d. solvend ad rios ^cos Sunt etiam ibid t'a 
molendla aqua? T: valent pa™ xj.ti. solvend ad eosde rios. Sunt eciam 
ibid xx.skalinge in ffbresta de Rothebiry que valent p a"" cii libag ^u$4 

BekMng to Cbquetdak Ward. 109 

foreste xx. li. solvend ad eosde rios. Est eciam ibid quid 3nuus reddit^ 
divW^ burg q' se extendit p a"" ad iiij. ii. xij. d. solvend ad duo fk Sa 
Guthbti. Est eciam ibidS quid annus reddit^ vocat^ ffeusil9 q* se extendit 
ad xiiij. S. p a"* solvend ad f "* Nativil Sci Johis Bap? fm. Km pquiS Cur 
ibid valet p a™ ix. §. ij. d. 

le Newetoii 

Sunt eciam apud le Neweton viij, bondag 1 redd p a"" Iiij. U. iiij. d. ad 
duo & Sci Cuthbti p equai porcoes:^ Est eciam ibid una tra vocal 
Storeland:^ 1 solefe valef p a"" xx. S. ad eosd I. T: mode vas? p defec! teneni 
^1 nichil valet p ann' ^ Sunt eciam ibid duo eotag que vat ^1 redd' p a™ 
v) §. ad eosde rios. Est eciam ibid quodd molendin ffiillaticw quod val3 p 
a"* xl. g, solvend ad fe Pen? 1 Sci Marfi. 


Sunt eciam apud Thropton iiij". xy. acr terf doic q*]jL quel3 acr^ valj p a" 
xij. d. solvend ad festa Pen? 1 Sci Mar? p equat porcoes. ^Sm' iiij. ii. xij. 3.' 
Sunt eciam ibid x^. acr pti qua^ quel3 acr^ valj p a™ xviij. d. solvend ad 
eosde tios ^Sm' xxiiij.g.' Sunt eciam ibid viij. bondag q°^ quodl3 cont3 
unu meg^ 1 xxiiij. acf fte *l p'ti 1 reddut p a™ xlviij. g. ij. d. ad duo festa 
Sci Cuthbti. Sunt eciam ibide qued opacoes dco^ bondag debi? dno in 
festo Sci Michis quol3 wmo:^ 1 valent p a" xj.g.:' Est eciam ibide tmu 
bondag 1 redd p a™ ad f " Sci Mar?i ?m viij. d. Sunt eciam ibid tria cotag 
q**^ quodl3 redd p a" iij. g. v. d. q*. ad duo fa Sci Cuthfeti p equal porcoes^ 
^Sm* X. g. iij. d. ob. q*.' Est eciam ibid rtia pars uni^ cotag T: valet p a"" xij. d. 
solvend ad tios ^dcos. I?m p opacoib3 debi? de dcis cotag p a"" in festo 
Sci Micids iiij. g. vj. d. tin. 


Sunt eciam apud Snyttre Iiij. acr terf dSic q*!}. qlib3 acr^ valet p a"* xij, d. 
solvend ad fe Pen? 1 Sci MarH in hyeme p equales porcoes. Sm* Iiij. g. 
Sunt eciam ibid yj.mcl iij. rod p"ti 1 valent p a" vj. g. ad eosde rIos. Est 
eciam ibide quodd aliud ptu quod voc' Brademedwe quod valet p a™ xx. g. 
ad eosde Pios. Sunt eciam iWd xviij. bondag que valent ^1 reddiit' p a"* 

VOL. m. D d 

110 Inquisitions Post-mortem 

Ixxiij. S. yj. d. solvend ad duo festa Sci Cuthbti:^ Et p opacoib3 debif de 
pdcis bondage xxij. s. solvend annuatim in fo Sci Mich fn. Est eciam 
ibide quidannuus reddit^ de yj. S. singlis annis pcipiend in fo Sci MarB de 
quib3d bondag in ead villas Sunt eciam ibid tria cotag quo'^ quodl3 Tal5 
p a" XV. d. q* solvend ad duo fe Sci Cuthbti. ^Sm* iij. s. ix. d. ob q*.' I&n 
p opacoib3 eoTjji debi? xviij. d. solvend annual in festo Sci Mich ha. Est 
eciam ibide quad plac rre voca? Thirland 1 val3 p a"" yj. s. viij. d. solvend 
ad duo fa Sci Cuthbti. 


Sm' valor castri 1 manii de Werkeworth 
cu hameletf de Ovbotilleston 1 Tug- 
gesdeii p annu ut pat3 in inquisic 
pdca •.. ••• ••• ... xlij.ii. viij. S. 

Sm* valor de Byrlyng p annu cyj. 3. 

Sm* valor de Aclyngton p annu ... xxij.ii. vij.g. iiij.d* 

Sm* valor de Rothebury p annu ... xlv. li. iij. S. vij. d. 

Sm* valor de Neuton p annu iiij.ti. xix. S. iiij.d. 

Sm* valor de Thropton p annG ... ix.ii. xj. g. vij. d. ob q\ 

Sm' valor de Snytre p annu ix.ti. xij.3. v.d. ob q*t. 

42 Edw. 3. 

Extract from the Inquisition taken, at Newcastle upon Tyne (after 
THE Death of Henry de Percy le Piere)^ on the Wednesday next 


Ibu Dicunt qd ^dcus Henr tenuit de dno Beg in capit die quo obiit in 
dnico suo ut de feed talliaf Castru 1 maSiii de Warkewortti cu vifl: de 

Relating to Coquetdale Ward. Ill 

Birlyng,/ AcIyngtoSi/ Routhbery^ le Neweton,/ Thropton,/ 1 Snjth ptin 
ad eadm Castru ^ rnaSu in Com §dco p homag ^ fidet 't p§vic duo^ 
feodo'^ mili? 1 dcm Castru 1 mamu nichil vait p anu ult* repriS 1 herbag 
mote Castf ^dci redd p anu xij. d. ad rios Pen? 1 Sci Martini in yeme. 
Et sunt ibid xv". iij. acr terf in dnic qualj. quelibt acf redd p anu vj, d. ad 
eosd rios. Sm' vij. ii. xvj. S, vj. d. Et est ibidm qued pastuf sepat vocaf 
Wolemere 1 redd p anu xiij. §. iiij. d. ad eosd rios:^ Et est ibid quid 
reddit^ div^ burgag in ead vift 1 redd p anu cj. §. ad fes? Sci Cudfcti. Et 
est ibidm quid anuat redd de L §. singui annis pcipiend de viS: de Ov^otil- 
ston ad fes? Pen? 1 Sci Martini in yeme. Et est ibidm quidm annuus 
redd xL S. singui anii pcipiend de vifi de Ovbotilston "l Toggesdon ad eosd 
rios. Et est ibid quoddam molend aquatic 1 redd p anu x. ii. ad eosd 
tmios. Et est ibid quadoi Piscar in aqua de Coket ^ vait p Snu xiij. ii. 
yj. g. viij. d. Et est ibid quid boscus voca? Sunderland cuj^ hbag redd p 
anu./ V. g. ad eosd rios. Et pquis Cur ibidm valent p anu vj. g. viij. d. 


Et sunt apud Birlyng./ x. bondag in manib3 tenenc ad Yolunta? ^ quoit 
bondag redd p ann xiij. g. iiij. d. ad eosd nos. Sm* yj. ii. xiij. g. iiij. d. 


Et est eciam apud Akelyngton quid sit^ manii % redd p anii iiij. g, ad 
fes? Pur be Marie vfe 1 Sci Petri ad Vincui. Et sunt ibidm Ixx. acr ?r 
de dnicC in manib3 tenenc ad volunta? qua^ queit acr zr redd p anii 
vj. d. Sm* XXXV. g. ad fes? Pen? 1 Sci Martini. Et sunt ibidm septem acr 
p*ti qua^jL queit acr redd p ann./ xij. d. ad eosd rios...Sm* vij. g.;' Et sunt 
ibidm xxvj. bondag in manib^ tenenc ad volun? qnoTj. quodlibt redd p ann 
xiij. g. iiij. d. ad eosd rios*..Sm' xvij. ii. vj. g. viij. d. Et sunt ibid ix. bondag 
qui jacent vas? ^ redd p ann in tibag./ xx. g. ad eosd rios. Et est ibid 
quodd molendinu ventritic 1 redd p ann xxx. g. ad eosd rios. Et est ibidm 
quid pens cum feris cuj^ ilbag ult* sustenta? fera^ valet p ann xiij. g. iiij. d. 
Et pquig Cur voc halmote vait p anu iij. g. iiij. d. 

Et est apud Bouthbury quid sit^ capital meg 1 redd p ann in tibagy 

112 Inquisitiom PosUmortem 

iij. 8. iiij. A ad fes? Pen? 1 Sci Martini. Et ftunt ibidm vij". 1 ix. a<* ?r 
in dnic€ in inanib3 ^i^^^c ad volimtaf qna^ queit acr reddit p annv x. d. ad 
rios jPdcos Sm* vj. ii. iiij. S. ij. d. Et sunt ibidv x. acr patC cum quad pastur 
1 redd p ann Ij. 8. ix. d. solvend ad eosd ?iob« Et sunt ibidm tria molen- 
dina aquatic cu tolne! \ fumag uni^ fumi T: redd p ann xiij. ti. ^. S. viy. d. 
ad eosd ?iosy Sm* pat3. Et sunt ibid xx. skaling in fforesf de Bouthbery. 
que redd p ann cii tibag ejusd fforcstv xxj. ti. ad eosd ?ios. Et est ibidin 
quid annuis redd div^ burgag qui se extend p ann ad iiij. ti. xij. d. solvend 
ad duo fes¥ Scti Cudbti. Et est ibidm quidm annuus redd voc ffeusilver 
qui se extend p annii ad xiiij. 8. solvend ad fm Sci Johis Baple tantu. Et 
pquiS Cur ibidm valent p ann ix. 3. 

le Newetoii 
Et simt apud le Neweton viij. bondag in manib3 tenenc ad volunt 1 
redd p anny Iiij. 8. iiij. d. ad duo fes! Sci Cudbti. Et est ibidm una teir voc 
Scorland 1 redd p ann xiij. 8. iiij. d. ad eosd ?ios. Et sunt ibid ij. cotag 
1 redd p ann yj. 8. ad eosd rios. Et est ibid quodd molend flfiilretic quod 
redd p anil xxx. 8. ad fesf Pen! 1 Sci Martini. 

Et sunt apud Thropton iiij". xiiij. acr ?r in dnicC in manib3 tenenc ad 
volunta? qua']^ quett acr redd p ann xij. d. "^ad eosd ?ios' Sm' iiij. ti. xij, 8. 
Et sunt ibidm xyj.acr p'ti in manib3 tenenc ad volunta? qual^ quelibt acr 
redd p ann xij. d. ad eosd ?i08y Sm* xyj. 8. Et sunt ibid viij. bondag in 
manib3 tenenc ad voluni 1 redd p ann xiij. 8. vi\j. d. ad duo fes? Sai CudbtL 
Et sunt ibidm quedam opacoes ^autumpna' dcoi;jL bondag debi! dno que 
redd p ann xj. 8. ad ftnin Sci Micbis. Et est ibidm unu bondag T: redd 
p ann viij.d. ad ftnin Sci Martini. Et sunt ibidm tria cotag quoO^f quodlt 
redd p ann iij. 8. v. d. q\ ad duo festa Sci Cudbti p equales porcoes. Sm* 
X. 8. iij. d. ob. q\ Et est ibidm ?cia ps uni^ cotag \ redd p ann xij. d. ad 
Pios ^cos. nm tenen! dco':^ cotag redd p ann p di^ opacoib3. ii^. S. yj. d. 
ad rinu Sci Micbis. 

Et ^dic qd^ sunt apud Snitite liij.acr Pre in dnicC que sunt in ma]iib3 

Behaing to Coquetdde Ward. 113 

tenenc ad Toluntaf qua':^ quelibt acr redd p ann xij. d. ad rios Pent ^ Sci 
Martini. Sm* liij. g. Et sunt ibidm 8ex acf ^ iij. rod pti qui redd vj. g. ad 
eosd t los. £t est ibid quoddam p'^tii toc Bradmedowe qd redd p anii 
xxj. s. ad eosd rios. Et sunt ibidm xviij. bondag qui redd p annv Ixxiiij. 3. 
ad duo fes! Sci Cudbti. Et p opacoib3 debi! ^dcis bondag xx. s. in fest 
Sci Michs tantu. Et est ibidm quidm 3nus redd de vj. S. singui annis 
pcipiend in festo Sa Martini. Et sunt ibidm^ iij. cotag quo'^ quodlt redd 
p anii^ XV. d. q\ ad duo fesf Sa Cudbtii/ Sm* iij. S. ix. d. ob. q\ et p 
opafoib3 ^^^^ ^ ^^V- ^- ^ ^0^ 3ci Mich tani Et est ibid qued plac rr 
voca? Thirland 1 redd p ann vj. S. viij. d. ad duo fes? Sci Cudbti. 

Sm-valoris maSio^ de Warkeworth ' y.g.^.d.ob. 
Bouthebery cu membr p annu ... ) 

iNatnsrno ad quod dampnum. — ^21 Hen: 6* 

Ecclesia de Rothebury. 

Henbicus dei gr5 Bex Angi 1 Franc 1 Dns Hibn Escaetori suo in Cofil 
Norhumbr saitm. Precipim^ tibi qd p sacrm pbo'^ 1 leg hoim de balliva 
tua p quos rei rtas melius sciri potit diligen? inquiras si sit ad dampnii vel 
pjudiciu nrm aut alio']jL si concedam^ veSabili pri Marmaduco Lumley Epo 
Karliot qd ipe Ecctiam de Rothebury in ^dco Coni que est de advocac6e 
sua ppria ut dicit' appropriare T: earn sic appropriatam in pprios usus tenere 
possit sibi 1 successorib3 suis Epis loci ^dci imppm necne et si sit ad 
dampnu vel fijudiciu nrm aut sliolj. tunc ad quod dampnii 1 quod fljudicium 
nrm 1 ad quod dampnii 1 quod pjudiciu alio2f 1 quo^ 1 quali? T: quo 
modo 1 quantum Ecctia ilia valeat p annii in ofiiib3 exitib3 1 de quo vel 
de quib3 ^fata advocatio teneaf Ip quod §viciu 1 qualit^'l quo modo. Et 
inquisiOiem inde distincte 1 apte fcam nob in Cancellax nram sub sigillo 
tuo 1 sigillis eo^ p quos fca fQit sine ditone mittas 1 hoc bre. T. me ipo 
apud Westin./ viij. die Julii anno r. n. vicesimo prime. 


VOL. in. E e 

114 Inquisitions Post-mortem 

BesponS &c. patet &c. 

InquiS cap? apud Castru dni Regis de Novo Castro sup Tynam coram 
Wifto Heron Esc dni Regis Cofii Northumbr septimo die Novembr anno 
r. r. Henrici sexti Ticesimo scdo virtute bris dci dni RegC eidem Esc inde 
directi 1 huic Inquisic6i consu? p sachn Jotiis Fenwyk JuSw Slois Weltdeii,/ 
NicW Turpyn^ Robti Musg've Juii^ Thome Weltdenw Wiffi Benet^ Wiffi de 
Killyngworttij Johis Dent^ Wilti Tongw Nictii Rodofii^^ Robti Langwathw 1 
Jotiis Gar de Biker Jur. Qui dicut sup sacrm suu qd non est [ad] dampnu 
vel fljudiciu dni Regis aut alioi;^ si dcus dns Rex concedat VeSabili patri 
Marmaduco Lomley Epo Karlioli in eodem brevi nolato qd ipe Ecciiam de 
Rotbebury in ^dco Coih que est de advocacbe sua ppria put iidem Jur sup 
sacrm suii dicut appriare 1 earn sic appriatam in pprios usus tenere possit 
sibi 1 successorib3 suis Epis loci ^dci imppetuu. Et dicut qd ^dca Ecctia 
yalet p annu in oib3 ^^^^^^5 xx.ii. tantumodo no plus hiis dieb3 ppt 
sterelitatem patrie ibm^/ ac pauptatem pochiano:^ in pochia dee Ecctie resi- 
denciu Dicunt insup ^dci Jur qd ^dic? Ecclia 1 advocaco de dno Rege 
minime tenent' set de quo Tel de quib3 psonis ^dca advocaco tenet' vel p 
quod serviciu iidem Jur dicut sup sacrm suu qd penitus ignorant. In cuj^ 
rei testloiu huic InquiS ^ci Jur sigilla sua apposuerut. Da? die anno 'I 
loco sup'dcis. 

Foresta de Robir 

Rot: Clans: 12 H. 3. m. 20. 

P Johe fil Robti. 
Rex Hugoni de Nevitt saR. Sciatis qd concessim^ di. 1 fi. n. Johi fif 
Robti pte ilia foreste Northumbi;^ q est de feodo Ro^i de Merlay 1 qua I 
manu nram capi ^cepim^ eo qd dicebat' qd no fuit ptinens ad foresta qua 
ht I maSio de Robir qd Rob fii Ro^i pa? ejusd JoWs cuj^ lies ipe [est] 
tenuit de done dni J. Regis pat*s nri, quia ppendimus p fine fcm tepe ^ci 

Rdating to Coquetdale Ward. 116 

J. pat's nn i curia sua cora ipo 1 Justic suis int Bo^m de Merlay pe? 1 
^cm Bobm tenente de ^ca pte foreste qd pars ilia ptinet ad jpdcm Johem 
T: qd voluntas ^dci pat*s nfi erat qd Ippetuu remaSet eide Bobto \ tiedib3 
suis. Et io Tob mandam^ qd eid Jobi de ^dca pte foreste taq* ptinete ad 
^dcm maniu suii de Robir plena saisinS bre fac. T. me ipo ap Westih,/ 
xvij. die Nov. 

Et mandaf est Vic Norhumb':^ qd id p totam baltam su3 clamari fac^ ^ 
qd nlis de pte ilia foreste jpt voluntate j^dci Jobis se inf^mittat. T. ut s'. 


Fkcita in Com. Norhomb : 19 Edw. 3. 

Edwaedus dei gra 9:. Angi 1 Franc \ Dns Hibn ditcis T: fidelibs suis 
Johi de Moubray \ Petro de Bichemond Justic suis ad inquirend de morte 
Jobis de Denton nup apud Novii Gastru sup Tinam inrfecti % ad quedam 
alia in cdmisBione nfa vob inde fca audiend tminanda \ faciend assign^ 
sat&n. Supplicavit nob Thomas Gretheved ut cu ipe nup coram uob de 
morte j^dci Jobis indcatus 1 ea 6cc&ne in exigend positus fuisset ad 
utlagand in Com Northumbf p quod vos tras 1 ten ipius Thome vie nro 
Com ^dci in manu nram seisire demandastiSi/ ac idem Thomas postmodu 
coram vob apud Novu Castru sup Tinam de morte ilia allocutusw p inqui- 
sicoem in quam de bono \ male inde se posuit ibidem acquietatus fuisset i/ 
velim^ manu nram de eisdem rris 1 ten jubere amoveri.*' Nos ea de causa 
sup tenore indcamenti ac inquisicoes jpdcte ^cciorari volentes' necnon ob 
quam causam tras 1 ten j^dca in manu nram sic capi fecistis quo tempore 
quali? 1 quomodo:' vob mandam^ qd nos in Cancellar nra sup tenore indca- 
menti ac inquisicois j^dco'^ necnon de mode causa T: tempore mandati vn 
capcois rraT; 1 ten eo'lj^dem sic in manu nram sub sigillis vns aut unius 
vfm distincte \ apte sine ditone reddatis ctiores hoc bre nob remittentes. 
T. me ipo apud Westiny xxvj. die Octobr anno r. ii. Angi decimo none r 
vero ii Franc sexto. 

116 Trial of T. de Oretheved. 

Respons Johis Moubray ^ Petri de Bichemud Justic dni Begis cui bre 
istud directu fuiti/ patet in cedula huic bri consuta. 

Tenor indictamenti ac Inq'siconis de quib3 in bri huic cedule conButo^ 
fit mencio patet in fonna que sequit'. 

Ptita corone tent apud yillam Novi Castri sup Tjnam coram Jobe Mou- 
bray T: Petro de Bichemud Justic dni Begis ad divsas felony t*nsgfy 
extor?^ ^ op^ssiones apud villam Novi Castri sup Tynam fcaSi/ aud 1 
rmiand assign die racuf in fo Sci Barthi apli anno anno r. r. E. Scii post 
conquest xix. 

Thomas Gretheved veii in Cur coram jpfatis Justic ^ reddidit se p*sone 
die 1: anno sup'dcis qui comittit' p*sone in custod Vic Qui quidam Thomas 
Gretheved statim ven coram ^fatis Justic p vie duct^ p ^eptu ^co'^ 
Justic qui est indcatus coram ^fatis Justic de eo qd idem Thomas simul cii 
Rico de Galway nup Majore ville Novi Castri sup Tynam ^ Gilbto de 
Dolfanby qui tractat^ ^ suspensus est 1 aliis die Jov px post ftn Sci Bartbi 
apli anno r. r. E. nuc decimo octavo pp? invidiam 1 sine causa cepunt 
Jobem de Denton apud vitt Novi Castri sup Tynam 1 ipm ibidem impW 
naverunt T: ^dcm Jobem de Denton false ^sedic6se' 1 malic&se detenuerunt 
usq^ ad diem martis px ante fm t'nslac Sci Cudbti px sequen? quo die 
^dcus Jobes de Denton coram ^fatis Bico de Galway v Gilbto i/ Thoma 1 
at allocutus fiiit ibidem quatr se vellet acquietar de eo qd idem Jobes de 
Denton deberet recepisse p manus Alani le Noble scoti inimici dni E. nup 
Beg Angt pris dni Beg niic maximam siimam pecunie sub condicione qd 
idem Jobes de Denton cu aliis pditorib3 dci dni Beg E. pris ^ci Begis 
niic traderet j^dcam villam Novi Castri sup Tynam in man^ Scotol^f vidtt 
in vigit Natal dni anno regni ^dci Beg E, pris dni Begis nunc sextodecimo 
Et de eo qd idem Jobes de Denton deberet apuisse quamdS portam que 
vocat' le Westgate p tres noctes continuas ut ^dci Scoti ibidem ingre- 
derent' p quemda contractu inr dcm Jobem de Denton 1 dcos Scotos p^us 
initu. Et eciam qd idem Jobes de Denton tempo quo David de Bruys 

Trial Gretheved. 117 

jacuit apud Hydwynlawes cu excersitu suo debert deslinasse ^dco David ^ 
aliisScotis yictualiapquemdam Adam Palefrayman svienf suu die dnica gx 
post fm Sci Bartlli Apl! anno r. r. £. ilucj xv. Qui quidem Jofaes de Den- 
ton ad ea sibi impoita noluit respondere set mutu se tenebat p quod ^dci 
Bicus de Galway Gilbtus de Dolfanby Thomas ^ alii §Acm Jotiem penitencie 
judicavint \ eciam p'sone ibidem moratur^ quousq^ moreret' nt ille qui 
legem tre recusavitr' in qua quidem p^sona ^dcus Johes Dentoii moriebat^ 
Et sic felonice dcm Jotiem de Denton inrfecerunt sine warrant 1 sine 
causa ut ^dcm est. Et ^dcus Thomas^ allocutus quah* se yelit acquietare 
de morte ^dci JoMs de Denton sedicione ^ felon jpdcisr' dicit qd in nuUo 
est inde culpabit 1 de bono ^ male pon se sup patW Et deinde pclamaf 
fiiit si quis vsus ^dcm Thom loqui voluit de morte ^dei Joiiis de Denton 

*l felon ^dcis Et nullus veii T:c. 18 fiat inde Jur Juf de villa Novi 

Castri sup TjnSij scitet Johes FrismaraySi/ Johes WodmaUi/ Rofcts de 
Angerton^ Nichus Scot^ Wittus de Actoii seniori/ Johes de Beryi/ Wittus 
Blaklambe^ Johes del Chaumbrv Hug WodmaUi/ Elias de Tyrwhit,/ Johes 
de Duxfield 1 Gilhtus Scot^ ad hoc etci triati T: jurati die sup sachn suum 
qd ^cus Thomas Gretheved in nuUo est culpabit de morte ^dci Johis de 
Dentonw sedic6ne nee felon ^dcis sibi impoitis. lo idem Thoni eat inde 
quietus \c. Jur quesi^ de bonis 1 ca? ipius Thome:' die qd nulla huit bona 
sen cateH Ic- 

Et tre ^ ten ^dci Thomse in manii dni Regis capta fSnt eo qd idm 
Thomas poitus fuit in exig ad utlagand in Coin Northumbr occ6ne indca- 
menti ^sc^pti p eo qd non venit coram nobisw dno Regi inde responsur^ 
anq'm exig ^dce f uint considerate. De quibj rris T: ten ^\ eciam de boii 
1 ca? ipius Thome' inquisitum erat die quo exig ille fSnt considate scitet 
die Martis px post fm Sei Bamabe Apli anno r. ^ nuc^ xix. juxta tenorem 
comissionis dni Regis nobis inde directi^ cujus t^scriptu huic cedule est 
consutur p quS inquisi66em comptii fuit qd ^dcus Thomas huit ^dco die 
Mart nte. ^nulla bona sen cah set' terras ^ ten in villa de Glantle in Coni 
Northumbr que valet p annu Ixiiij. 3. 1c. Que q*dm ?re 1 ten jussa fuer 
capi in manu dci dni Regis ^dco die Mar? px post fm Sci Bamabe T:c. 
Et cap? filer in manii dci dni Regis de mandate nro pdco^ p Rob?m 
Berfm vie dci dni Regis Northumbr die Ve&s px post fm Sci Bamabe 


118 Trial qf T. de GreOmd. 

apli anno r. 9:. nuc xiz. que ad hue in manu dni Regis existutw et jpfiitus 
ViCif ejufldin Cofii dco dno Regi ^inde^ respondere debet "Ic 

Commission de cursu directed to Henry dePercy^ Ralph de Nevill, John 
de Fenwyk, John Moubray, Peter de Rychemund, & Adam de 
Bowes. Dated at Westminster 4th May» a^ 19. 

Observafions in a Northern Journey. 118 

No. XVI. — Observations in a Northern Journey 9 taken HiB. Vaccon. 1960, by 
John Stainsby, of Clements Inn, Gent. From the original in Ashmole^s 
MSS., Vol. 884, Art. 6. Communicated by Walter Calverlet 
Trevelyan, Esq., of Wdlington. 

At Doncaster in Yorkshire. 

Upon a graveston in the North Isle of the Church this inscrip65n. 
How ; how ; whoo is here. I Robin of Doncaster, and Margarett my fl&dre— 
That I spent, that I had, that I gave that I have, that I lent that I lost 
Quod Robtus Byrkes whoe in this world did raigne 67 yeares and yet lived 
not one, Obiit 1579, 

Newcastle sup Tyne— St. Nicbas. 

Upon the ffont stone in the Church of St. Nicholas a carved coate 
quartered 1 pty p fess int. a Greyhound coursant & 8 Annuletts 2 & 1. 
2. A Cheveron betweene 3 Martletts in a bordure ingrayled. 

All Saints. 

In the Church of All Saints a ffaire Marble Tombe of the Thometon*s 
his figure inlayed in brass with a Coate of Annes (Sa. a Chev. ar. a chief 
indented, with an Annulet in base.) Obiit 1420. He was reported to come 
to Newcastle a poore lame pedler's boy and from soe poore begininge be- 
came a great Marchant, had the Castle and Lordship of Nether Wilton* 
mortgaged to him which now his posterity enjoy. They have this old saw 
of him in Newcastle. 

With a hopp, a halfepenny, and a Lamb skin 
At Westgate came hedge Thometon in. 
Upon the ffont stone in the s^ Church a Coate of Arms. He beareth a 

♦ Nether "Witton. 

120 Observations in a Northern Jowmetf. 

feild argent 3 Martletts in chieffe sable, a Shield in fess point sable, charged 
with a Star gules. 

St. Andrews. 

In the Church of St. Andrews a graveston inlayed with Brass and this 

Dominus Adomarus de Atthett* miles & dna Marie ux ejus obiit 14 
Januarii, 1387, with two Coates in brass. First, — a fess chequy surmounted 
by a bend engrailed — second, paly of six. — He gave a piece of ground 
to the Towne called the Towne moore where the fl&ire is now kept. 

Mumbudgett's f Tower in Newcastle, a flSunily in Northfeland of that 
name now extinct, one of y^ name a high sherrife in the County about Edw^ 
3*^ tyme, 

It is reported of one Andrewes X a Merch* in Newcastle y* lost a Ring at 
the bridge and found it in a fish mouth at his Table and now gives 3 rings 
n theire Coate. 

Morpeth in Northbland, alis Murderpeth from the many robberies 
and murders in those parts committed. 

In the Church there the monument of Hen. Gray of New minster Abbey 
in Morpeth obiit 1597 ; hee beareth a Lion rampant in a bordure ingrayled. 

In the Chancell the monument of Walter Darly, Rector of Morpeth, on 
y* stone ingraved a Coat, a Cheveron betweene 8 Martletts. 

In the East window of the Chancell a Coate reported to belonge to the 
Grunthorp's, a ffitmily now extinct in those parts. He beareth barry of 8 
argent and azur floretty 3 annulletts rosy or. 

About the Mace of the Towne is engraved the Armes followinge, Morley^ 
Lord of Morpeth Castle at y* Conquest — 3 Martletts : Dacres, 8 Escallopps : 
the Graystock 3 Dyamonds or Lozenges : Grunthorps, y* barry of 8 as above : 
the Howards, the Brothertons, 3 Lyons passant a Lambeaux : the Mow- 
brayes and Warrens. 

* Adam de Athol. See Bnnd'0 Hisi. vol. i, p. 189. 

f Bertnm Moxnbowoher^ Tower. 

t Thif ge&tlemaii't nine wai Andenoa. Bee Bnnd't Hiat. toL i, p.p. 46, 46. 

Observations in a Northern Journey. 121 

The Leadger booke of the dissolved Abbey of New minster in Morpeth 
now in the hands of John Thometon Esq" at the Castle of Nether Witton 
5 miles west from Morpeth. 

A custome in the towne of Morpeth (but since the warrs omitted) to 
choose one out of y* young men in the Towne to be St. George, and all the 
rest of the young men to attend him, and upon St. George day all to come 
to Church, and at the rehearsinge of the creed the St. George to stand up 
and draw his sword. Another custome in the s"^ towne to have a L^ of 
misrule chosen ag^ Easter, and to continue till Whitsonday, and hee to keep 
a barrell of ale upon the Bridge and make all Passengers drinke thereof, and 
to collect money of them for repaire of the high wayes, and give a just ac* 
compt at Whitsonday. 

Mittford Castle. 

Humfiy Mittford, Esq** descended from the Mittfords of the same place, 
from the Conquest. Hee beares a fess between 3 Moles, but quere if y" 
Moles ought not to be quartered, for a Mittford marryed with the heiress of 
the Moles, a fi&mily now extinct in those parts. 

Middleton and Selby in the tyme of Edw. 3"^ robbed the Bishop of Dur- 
ham, as he came from London to be installed (of great treasure) and secured 
themselves in Mitford Castle, but after tooke away from thence and hanged 
at London in the Bishope's presence, the Castle demolished and the char- 
ter tooke away fix)m the towne and given to the towne of Morpeth. The 
old charter of Mittford is now in the hands of Robt. Mitford, Esq" in Mor- 
peth, ffiither to the said fiumfry. 

In the hands of the ^ Hxnnfry Mittford, now inhabiting at Mittford, are 
several ancient Deeds, Charters, and Grants, of the Mitfords from the Con- 
quest. Alsoe a list of all the high sherriSs of Northbland since the Con- 
quest. Likewise a ancient survey of all the Lordshipps in the County, and 
what every manner p^ p' annum to the kinge and to thdr parliam^ men. 

Itt is supposed this survey is not in Doomesday booke^ the county at that 
tyme being in the Scotts possession. 

voL.m. Gg 

122 Oiservatiom m a Nerthem JaurfkSf. 

Netherwott^i Castle. 

The seate of John Thometon, Esq"* descended from the Thometons of 
Newcastle afore menctoed. In the Chappell of Wootton is a bnTyaU place 
of "f Thometons & a very faire Tombe, but Chappell and Tombe strangely 
demolished by a storme hapned in Jamuffy 1668. 

Amongst the ruins of the ^ ChappeU belonging to the East Window of 
the North Trie, I found a coat in glass— a fB^A aigent three spread Eagles 
in Annuletts 2 & 1 or. 8 Cross Crossletts bordurwise of the second, wfaidi 
Coate Mr. Thometon promised to preserre and place in the hall window of 
his Castle, conjectured to be the armes of Wootton of Wootton. 

Joyninge of the arch in y^ great hall of the Castle^ ingraven in stone, a 
Coate, Yiz.—^ Chev — a chief indented with an Annulet in base. 

Excuse my unskillful blazonry. Att the Castle of Narwood,* in Cumber- 
land, the present seate of tfaeEarle of Carlisle, are most of the Ledger bookes, 
ancient deeds, and remaines of antiquity, ooneeminge the County of Nor- 

• NK«rotth.Gii«Ue. 

LUense by Hewy VIL, Sfc. 128 

No. XVII. — A royal licence by Henry VII. in favour of the Merchants of 
Newcastle to e.vport Wool. From the Manuscript in the British Museum- 
1 Bib. Cotton. Vespas. c. xiv. fol. 477, Sfc. Communicaied by Jambs 
Orchard HalliwelLj Esq., F. R. S., F. S. A. L.^ and Corresponding Mem- 
ber of the Royal Society of Antiquaries of France, and Honorary Member 
of the Society of Antiquaries, Newcastle upon Tyne. 

Henby by the grace of God King of Englande and of Frannce and Lord 
of Irlande. To all maner of officers, ministers trew liegemen and subgettes 
hering or seeing these our lettres greting. Whereas we for certain causes and 
consideracions us moving gave and graunted licence by oure lettres patent 
undre oure great seat unto the merchants inhabited within our towne of New- 
easteD upon l^^ne, that they by theymself or their factours, seryauntes^ and 
attorneys, during the space of yi yeres next and immediately ensoying the 
date of our said lettres, shulde nowe provide and bye al maner of wolles and 
felles of the growing of the Counties of Northumberland, Cumberland, 
and Westmoreland, the Bisshopryke of Duresme, and the Lordships of 
Bichemond and Aldreton, And the same by theym bought to cotne unto the 
poort of our said towne, ther to ship and fiirther to convey it into what parte 
or parties it shal best like them, paying unto us therfoT our custumes sub- 
sidies, and other devours as apperteigneth. It is soo as we bee enfbwrmed 
credibly that by the grete repayre thider of strangiers and other our subgjetts, 
the said wolles and felles be gretely bought and importunately engrossetf 
and conveyed from thens into Scotland, Irland, and other contreys, wherby 
oure said custumes be not oonly diminished, but also grete losse and hin- 
deraunce bathe growne unto our said merchauntes and enhabitauntes of the 
contrey ther, whiche we ne wol suffi'e soo to contynue, Wherfor we straitly 
commaunde you and every of you that, during the space of foure yeres next 
folowing the date of thes presentes, ye suffre no maner parsone or parsonnes 
to convey or carye any of the said wolles and felles oute of the counties, 

124 Bifi^-eye View ofNewcoMle upon Tyne. 

bisshoprike, and Lordships aforesaid, but that ye see the same to be reserved 
and kepte for the said merchauntes and suche other our subgjettes as wol 
applye theim to make cloth thereof within the contrey there, And if any of 
our said subgjettes or other wool presume tattement anything to the con- 
trary herof. We upon your certyficate made unto us of the demeanure of 
the said parsonne shal soo prowvide for his sharpe punicion as shal be ex- 
ample of alle other herafter like offending. Not fedling thus to doo as ye 
wol answer therin unto us at your perill, Geven undre our signet at our 
Manoir of Grenewiche the xxvi.** day of Marche. The seventh yere of 
owre Reigne. 

^\ No. XVIII. — Bir^s^e View of Newcastle upon Tyne. From a Drawing 

preserved in the British Museum. Communicated by Jambs Orchard 
HALLiwELLy Esq., F. R. S.9 fyCy SfC. 

This view of Newcastle, of which a fiac-simile Engraving is given herewith 
was found in the MS. Augustus 1, vol. i., No. 4, amongst the Gottonian 
MSS. in the British Museum, and was copied under the superintendence of 
Mr. Halliwell for this work. The drawing was made about the year 1690. 
In the same volume are contained a nmp or plan of the River Tyne, and a 
plan of Bambrough. Together with a " Platte** or Plan of Tynemouth, 
described in vol. i. of the Archasologia, p. 217. 


The Manet of the King's Majesty coming to Dwrham^ Sfc. 125 

No. XIX. — The Maner of the King's Majesty coming to the City of Durham 
Anno 1617. — A Record of the Founder and Erector of the Market Cross 
there ; and an Abstract of the Contents of the Mayor of Durhanis MS. 
Communicated hy George Townshend Fox^ Esq. 

Upon Good Friday being the 18^ of April, 1617, Mr. Lyeabome one of his 
Majesty's Gentlemen Ushers, spoke unto Greorge Walton, Maior, that it 
was his Majesty's pleasure, to come in state to the City and that it were 
fitting that the Maior and Aldermen should be ready upon the next day 
following, being Easter, and to give their attendance upon his Majesty in 
some convenient place within the City, and the said Maior to have his foot 
cloth horse there ready to attend, which likewise was done upon Elvett 
Bridge, near the Tower thereof, being impaled within railes of wood ther 
then made for that purpose— at which time, his Majesty's said Gentleman 
Usher standing by the said Maior & Aldermen, till his Migesty's coming, 
when there was a speech delivered by the said Maior to his Majesty, to- 
gether with the maces and staff, and as time fitting in the same speech so 
made, a Silver Boule gilt, with a cover, was presented by the said Maior to 
his Majesty, which speech appeareth as foUoweth : 

'' Most gracious Soveraigne, what unspeakable joy is this your highness 
** presense unto us your loving subjects, our tongues' not able to utter, nor 
** our means to shew your welcombe— your gracious Majesty at your happy 
'< coming hither with much peace and plenty, found this City inabled with 
'* divers liberties and priveleges, all sovemignty and power spiritual and 
'* temporal being in your self,gave unto us the same again, and afterwards 
'* of your gracious bounty confirmed them under your great seal of England. 
^^ We humbly beseech your Majesty continue your fiivour towards this City, 
^* and in token of our love and loyalty, crave the acceptance of this mite 
^ (the cup ddiveredj and we shall be ready, to the uttermost ezpence of our 

VOL. m. Hh 

126 J%e Mmer of {he King$ MajeOif coming to Dutkam^ Sfc. 

" dearest blood to defend you and your royal progeny here on earth, with our 
"prayers to God to bless you and yours in all Eternity.** 

After which speech the Maior was called by his Majesty's Gentleman 
Usher, to take his horse, and to ride before his Majesty, and immediately 
upon which commandment made by his Majesty's Gentleman Usher, there 
was at the same place, about 40 yards distant, certain verses spoken by an 
apprentice of this city, to his Majesty, as followeth, after which the Maior 
was placed in rank next the sword, and so ride forwards, carrying the city's 
mace to the church. 


'< Durham's old olty, thus salutea our KiDg» 

** Which entertainjnent she doth homely bring ; 

<< And cannot smile upon His Majesty 

^ With shew of greatness ; but humility 

** Makes her express herself, in modern guise 

*^ Direetedr to this north, here to your eyes— 

*^ For the great Prelate which of late adored 

** Her dignities, and for which we implored 

** Your Highness* aid, to have contenance 

*< And so confirmed by your dread Severance 

<< Yet what our Royal James did grant herein 

'< William our Bishop* hatii appugnant been» 

*< Small talk to sway down smallness, where man's might 

<< Hath greatec force than equity or right. 

<' But these are only in y* breast included, 

** Your subjects know them not, but are secluded 

«« From your most gracious graunt; therefore we pray 

*''Tbat liie fair sunshine of your brightest day 

<< Would smile upon this City with clear beams. 

<< To exhale the tempest of insueing streams, 

<' Suffer not, great Prince, our antient state 

» By one forced will to be depopulate ; 

^ Tis one seeks our undoingi but to you 

^ Ten thousand hearts shall pray and knees shall bow ; 

* Winiam James was Bishop of Durham at this period but died on the 1 1th day of May following. 

Abstract of Contents of the Mayor of Durham's MS. 127 

** And this dull cell of earth wherein we live 

** Unto your name, immortal praise shall give. 

'^Confirm, graunt good King, Durham's old city 
« Would be more powerful, so it had James' pity.*' 

A Record of the Founder and Erector of the Cross now situate in the Market 

Place of the City of Durham. 

To the honer of Almighty God the ornament of the City of Duresme 
and Comodite of the people frequenting the market of Durham the Mar- 
ket Crosse now there extant was framed with twelve Stone Pillars and 
covered with Lead at the sole charges and expences of Thomas Emerson of 
the Black Fryers in London, Esquire, in the year of our Lord one thousand 
six hundred and seventeen, and in the 15*^ year of the Reign of our Sove- 
reigne Lord James^ by the Grace of God of England France and Ireland 
King, Defender of the Faith, &c. 



1.4. 4 Oct. 1602.^Riil6B for regulating the Eleoiions, &c. James Farrales. 

5. 6. 11 Sept. 1603d— Letters patent for constittitiiig a Recorder— W. Smith. ... Do. 

6.7. 4 Oct. 1603.~Order8asinNo. 1. • (Not signed.) 

9. 4 Oct. 1604w— Orders for such as are infected wth the Plague, Edwd. Wanles. 

11. Do. for the Corporation of Slaters, Do. 

13. 3 Oct. 1605.— Do. for no Alderman to absent himself on 3rd and 4th ) «« ^ t>^«^„ 
days of October— the days of Election, J ^^^- I'earson. 

15. 4 Oct. 1607i^Order for exempting Freemen firom Tolls, Robt. Surtees. 

17. 4 Oct. 1608.— Hugh Wright being elected Mayor and refusing to take office ) rr «^^, 

is fined £20, &c., j n. nucnewra. 

19. 9 Dec. -^.— Order for the Mayor havs Com during his yesr, John Patteson. 

23. ■ i Do. for 2 Magistrates in their course sitting with the) j^ 

M^ayor, &c., •.• »•• ••• •«. ••• ••• ... ) 

25. 3 Jan. Orders about the Pants & Pant masters, Do. 

27. 9 May 1609.— At a Guild day— Affirmation about 2 foreign Weavers, ... . Do. 

28. 3 Oct. 4 Order concerning Mr. John Lambton>s contempt, Do. 

29. . — Do. for appointing 4 Aldermen, Solicitors, &c*, Do 

30. 8 Oct. 1609.— Order concerning Mr. John Lambton's absence, .,. .•. EdwardWanles, 

128 Abstract of Contents of the Mayor of Durham's MS. 


31. 8 Oct. 1610^— Oath of All^anoe admin^i by Mayor to certain of the Cor-) ^ hW ' hi 
poratioiiy ••• ••• ••• •• ••• ••• ••. ..• j o ^ ' 

33. 2 July 1613.^Bichd. Watson, appd. apprentice to Mr. Richd. Wright, ... Bichd. Wright. 

— . 8 Nov. 1614.— Robt. Barwlck, do. to John Lee, Hngh Wright. 

30. 18 Ap. 1617d— The manner of the King (James I.) coming to D">- with the) /^^ ^ar i* 

Speech of the Mayor, J Geo. Walton. 

37. — — . , T he Apprentice's Verses, Do. 

39. —^ 1617.— A Record ofthe Cross in the Market, (Nosig.) 

40. 26 Oct. 1620.— Petition of Corporation to the King for M. P., Tim. Comyn. 

41. 20 Jan. 1620.~Letter to the Bp. on the same sabjeot, Do. 

42. . .—Do. of Attorney to Mr. W. Hall, Do. 

43. 24 Mar. 1621.— The Bee*- of £6 from the Execntors of the late Mr. Thoe. ) xr:^ T]cn.:*i:^i j 

Cooke, Aid., to buy a Cup for the use of the Mayors, ... J «»• Whitfield. 

44. 4 0ct.*'1622.— Fine of £20— Mr. J. lambtoo. Draper, for Tefofling office, ••• Do. 

45. .—Ditto do.— Mr. ThoB. Pearson, do., ••• Do. 

46. ■ .—Fine of £5— Mr. John Heighington, do., ... Do. 

47. .—Adjournment of the meeting for Election until the 11th Oct., ) /^^ ^^ \ 

not being able to get a Mayor to stand the office, J ^ ^'^ 

48. 21 Oct, 1624.— Mr John Lambton fined £20 for refusing office, | ^teTfayor! 

49. 4 Oct. 1625.— Mr. Thos. Pearson do. £10 do. ... ... Big. by sundries. 

60. 12 Oct. .—Mr. John Heighington do. £10 do. H. Walton. 

51. 24 Mar. 1627.— Lease to Gilbert Stott of Premises, ... P. Phil^Mon. 

62. 26 July 1628.— Do. Do., Do. 

54. 1629.^Draft of Lease of Shop under the ToUbooth to Bichd. Whit* ) 

field, son of the Mayor, during the Corporation interest in > (Not executed.) 
the term granted by the Bp.,. ) 

55. 30 Sept 1630.— Counterpart of preceding Agreement for a Lease of Shop ) ^^^^ giirned.) 

with Chappel, «• ... ... ... ) ^ ^^ '' 

— . 3 Oct. 1630. — Further assurance about do., (Do.) 

56. ' ■ — .^Do. do., (Do.) 

58. 10 Mar. 1639.— Order for a Petition to the Bp., Hugh Walters. 

69. d T he Petition to the Bp.— Thomas (Morton), •• 

59. 17 Mar. 1637.— The Bp.'s Answer and Lease to the Corp"- to be joined with ) rw»^ ti»^w«*«:„ 

the Freeholders in petitioning the King for Members, ... J ^^*''- i^resemis. 

60. 8 Ap. 1640^~Leave of the Corp"- to Nicholas Joyce to set up as an Apo- ) ^ Walton. 

thecary, at the recommendation of the Bp., ) ' ^**'^"* 

60. 21 Oct. 1642.— The appointment of Frans. Tempest, Esq., as Beoorder, with ) ^^ Allenson 

salary of £4, ... ••• ... ... ... ... t.. ) * 

61. ■ — -^ — The Ball of the Market^ •• • 

62. 21 Aug. 1647.— Omnibus & per fidelibus, &0., Mr. Turner, the Beoorder^s ) ^^^^ sisned 

Patent, «. ••• •• ■ ••« ••• •.. ••• ) ^ '^ 

63. 4 Oct. 1649. — ^Purohase of Tolls, &c.,.. JohnAgreson. 

64. 12 Ap. 1660.— Order about the Tolls, Salary to theMayor, Becorder, Clerks, ) f^ . nimAd ^ 

Serjeants, Ac, ) K^oisigDaa.) 

65. 3 Ap. 1663.— Order to pay Mr. Turner (the Becorder) £30 a-year for 7 ) 

Years, on account of the £150 which he is bound to the r „ rpu^^m^,.^^ 
now Bp. of D. (Cosins) for the Lease of the Tolls and Pro- r ^' -"-aw^PX^- 
fits of the Town, ... ... ... ••. .«• •••) 

Abstract of Contents of the Mayor of Durham's MS. 



66. 22 Not. 1663.~Fetition to the D. and Chapter to confirm the above srant 

by the Bp. Petition to be signed by Mr. Oeorye KiMy, 
Clerk to the Corp 

67. 10 Feb. 1663«— Richard Toward, of Wolsingham, Tanner, haying brought 

certain hides to the City to be sold, not sufficiently tanned 
and dried, ••• ••• ••• ••• .•• ••• ••• 

68. 15 Feb. 1663—- Corp. indebted to John Tomer, E«i, £118 10<, 

69. Ap. 1664.^-John Harrison, of Wolsingham, Tanner, bad hides. 

70. 19 Ap. b — To borrow £20 to repay Mr. Tomer in full, 

71. 23 Ap. . — Forther order about do., 

72. 12 Sep. . — ^Do. do., 

73. 3 Oct. 1664.— Trostees (6.) 

74. 4 Oct. .—To borrow £30 on the Tolls, Ac 

75. 6 Ap. 1665d— Mr. Tomer's Beet, in foil, for payment of Eirkleatham, ) 

York, Becorder, ••• ( 

76. 13 Jone 1666.— Articles of Agreement for Arbitration in difierence betwn ) 

Mr. John Hall, Senr., and the Corporation, " ) 

77. 22 Jane 1666. — Do. to extend the time of Do^ ... ^t. 

78. 10 Oct. 1666. ) —Petition to the Bp. against one Mr. Edw. Parkinson for ) 

79. 3 Noy. 1666. ) planting on the Freemen's Moor, ( 

80. 12 Dec. . — Order to Recorder to consider the right of Parkinson to plant ) 

Corr. Berries, &c., ... ••• ••• ••• ••• ... ) 

81. 10 Noy. 1642.— Mr. Fras. Tempest's Patent. 

83. 7 Oct. 1644.— Election of Mr. Richardson, Alderman, in place of Mr.Thos. 

Tonstall, dec<<* 

84. 11 Ap. 1645.— Mr. Wright : Patent of Recorder. 

86. 3 Oct. 1646.— Order for the Mayor & Aldn- to meet once a month to con- \ 

fer together on matters for the good of the City, &c., each > 
memW to forfeit 12 pence for non-attendance, ) 

87. 7 May 1650. — ^Agreement respecting the porchase of the Tolls, with refe- ) 

rence to a former order of 12 Ap. 1650, which see aboye, ( 

88. 23 Oct 1651.— Payment by Mr. Thoe. Hotton & John Bochett, Farmers,) 

01 avXl/, oLC, ... ••• ••■ ••• • • ••• ... } 

88. 31 Jan. 1557.— Mayor to be paid £20, 

89. 26 Mar. 1657- — ^Agreement of Mayor, &o., to maintain the right of the Cc«p. 

to the Collieries & Seams of Coal in the moors ' * 

to the City of Dorham, Findon Hill, Harley Home,~ani 

Brafflee Moor, ••• •<• ••• ••• 

90. 1 Dee. 1^58.— The demand of the Boroogh Rent, 

91. 2 Ap. 1663.— Bp. Cosins' Prohibition to the Inh* of Darlington, ag^ hold- 

ing a Market for Cattell from the day before Xmas to 
Whitmonday, addressed to the Sheriff of Dm 

92. 7 Bfar. 1663.— Mem. respecting the Loan by Mr. Tomer of £150, 8c leaye 

to the Mayor to raise and pay him £30. 


Matt. Bailee. 

Matt. BaUes. 

J. Tomer. 

J. MarshaU. 


John Hall. 

J. Agieson. 

Anty. Smith. 

Jo. Dier. 



180 Description of a Bridle-Bit. 

No. XIK.'— Memoir a$toa Bridle-Bit bdonging to William Cavendish^ Duke 
of NeweaHle. Presented to the Society by Robert Bigsby^ F. B. S. and 
F.S.A.9 ffonorary Member of the Statistical Society of Paris. In 
Letters to John Adamson, Esq., M. R. S. X., Secretary to the Socisty. 

Bepton, near Derby, May 15th, 1840. 
I beg leave to offer to the Antiquarian Society of Newcastle uponTyne, 
for deposit in their valuable Museum, a Bridle-Bit, formerly belonging to 
the celebrated William Cavendish, Duke and Marquess of Newcastle (upon 
Tyne), Generalissimo of the Royalist Forces, north of Trent, during the 
grand Rebellion. This interesting relic of a very distinguished character 
fell into my hands in 1832, having, in the preceding year, been separated 
from the equestrian statue of that Nobleman during the Reform Riots, when 
the whole of the interior of the Castle at Nottingham, together with the 
statue, which formed the chief ornament of its main front, was destroyed 
by fire. 

Should the Society consider this addition to their collection desirable, on 
your acquainting me with the circumstance I shall with much pleasure 
transmit it, for the honour of their acceptance ; and in the meantime I 

ROBT. BIGSBY, F,R.S. andF.S.A., 
Hon. Mem. of the Statistical Soc, Paris, &c. &c. 

Repton, Burton on Trent, Staff. 
June 4, 1840. 
The Bridle-Bit which I have the honour to present to the Antiquarian 
Society of Newcastle upon Tyne, for deposit in their interesting Museum, 
may perhaps be considered as a suitable addition to that collection, being 

Description of a Bridle-Bit. 131 

a memorial of the celebrated William Cavendish, Duke, Marquis, and Earl 
of Newcastle^ Generalissimo of the Royalist Forces, north of Trent, during 
the grand Bebellion. It was recently attached to the equestrian statue of 
his Grace, which adorned the front of Nottingham Castle, and which, to- 
gether with the interior of the edifice, fell a prey to incendiaries during the 
Reform Riots in 1831. I may take the liberty to observe, that this relic 
is rendered more interesting by the circumstance that it exhibits a specimen 
of the Bridle-Bit invented by the Duke (the peculiarity of its construction 
being comprised in the jointed bow in the centre of the porte) ; engravings 
of which, under the designation of the ** Newcastle Bit," may be found in 
various treatises on Horsemanship, since that period ; and it is generally, 
though erroneously, known at this day as the " Pelham Bit" : — a mistake 
of very obvious occurrence, the family of Pelham having succeeded that of 
Cavendish in the Dukedom of Newcastle. I enclose a small print from the 
Treatise on Horsemanship by the Duke of Newcastle, which contains a re- 
presentation of the Duke on horseback, using the same kind of Bit. The 
statue referred to was erected by his successor, Henry, on his completion 
of the castle ; the erection of which was commenced by himself soon after 
the Restoration. The present castle was built upon the site of an ancient 
fortress supposed to have been erected by William the Conqueror, or rather 
by his natural son, William Peverel, which, for the most part, belonged to 
the crown from the beginning of the reign of Henry the second, and gave 
entertainment and residence to the monarchs of England. Great part of 
this castle was pulled down a little before the civil war ; yet there was so 
much left of it, that King Charles the First choose to set up his standard there 
in 1642 ; but soon after it became a garrison for the Parliament, and so 
continued till the execution of that unfortunate monarch. After the Com- 
monwealth was established. Captain Poulton, the last governor of Notting- 
ham Castle, had orders given him to pull it down ; but it was not entirely 
demolished at the Restoration. When that event had taken place, the 
Duke of Buckingham, grandson by the mother's side to Francis, Earl of 
Rutland, who had a grant from King James the First, both of the castle and 
park, sold it to the Duke of Newcastle, who pulled down what remained, and 
erected a stately fabric in the place of it. Of the present edifice I find the 

132 Description of a Bridle-Bit 

following brief notice in the only book of reference immediately at hand, 
and as it alludes to the statue in question I shall transcribe it. ^* In our 
description of the town of Nottingham, we made some mention of the Cas- 
tle» but as it is now one of the finest mansions in the kingdom^ it will be 
proper in this description of the most remarkable seats in this county, to 
give some further particulars concerning it. The situation is on a lofty 
eminence, or rather precipice, to which there is only one passage, namely, 
from the town. On passing the lodge, we ascend by a noble flight of steps, 
on each side of which is a road for coaches, extending to the uppermost 
part of the precipice. The whole of this magnificent edifice is built of free- 
stone, with a rustic front, adorned with pilasters of the Corinthian order ; 
and in the centre is a noble statue of William Cavendish, Duke of New- 
castle. The whole precipice upon which this stately statue is erected is 
surrounded by a fine balustrade faced with stone." To these particulars 
may be added the following genealogical notice of the Duke and his imme- 
diate descendants : William Cavendish son of Sir Charles Cavendish, of 
Welbeck, Co. Netting., by Catherine, daughter and heir to Cuthbert Baron 
Ogle, afterwards heir of that house, and in 1628, 4 Car. I. declared Baron- 
ess Ogle. He was advanced to the degree of Baron Ogle and Vise. Mans- 
field in 1620; and on the 17th March; 1627, 3 Car. I. was created Baron 
Cavendish of Bolsover and Earl of Newcastle upon Tyne : he was also, 
Oct. 27, 1643, created Marquis of Newcastle. On the 16 March, 1664, 
16 Car. II. he was created Earl of Ogle, and Duke of Newcastle, and died 
in Jan. 1676, leaving issue by Elizabeth, daughter and sole heir to William 
Basset of Blore, Co. Staff., Esq., Henry his successor, and three daughters, 
whereof Jane was married to Charles Cheney of Chesham-Boys, Co. Bucks. 
Elizabeth to John Egerton, Earl of Bridgewater. Frances to Oliver St. 
John, Esq., afterwards Earl of Bolingbroke. Henry, who in 1676 succeed- 
ed his father, married Frances eldest daughter to Wm. Pierrepont of Thorsby, 
Esq., 2nd son to Robert, Earl of Kingston, and by her hadHenry,his only son, 
who was styled Earl of Ogle; and he marrying Elizabeth sole daughter and 
heir to JoscelinePercy,Earl of N orthumberland, thereupon assumed her name, 
and bore her arms, but died in his fieither^s life time, 1680, without issue; and 
his father dying on the 26 July, 1691, without issue male, his honours be- 

Description of a Bridk-Bit 133 

came extinct^ and his five daughters became his co-heirs. I am not \nth-> 
out an impression that this account maybe considered as uninteresting, but 
it will occupy a few moments only in the perusal. With many thanks for 
your personal kind attention in this matter, and with every wish for the long- 
continued prosperity of your valuable Institution, 

I remain^ sir, your faithful humble servant, 


VOL m. X k 

184 On the Oroeodik of Egypt. 


No. XX. — On the Crocodile of Egypt, by H. G. Potter, Esq., FX.S., 
F.G.S., Lon.; Associd Correspon. de VAcademie Boyale des Sciences, Turin ; 
and Member of this Society. — Communicated to the Antiquarian Society, 
Newcastle, January 3, 1843 ; with Mummies of the young Crocodile. 

The word Crocodile is derived from the Greeks, who gave the name of 
KPOKOAEiAos to a lizard, in their own country, on account of its timidity.* 
On their arrival in Egypt, they found a huge aquatic animal of a similar 
shape, to which they applied the same name. The ancient Egyptians 
termed it Savak, Sovk, or Souchus ; and the present inhabitants of Egypt 
call it Temsah. In the Old Testament we find it mentioned (Job chap, 
xli. V. i.) under the name of Leviathan, derived from lavah coupled, and 
ten, a dragon, i. e., a large serpent, or fish. The compound leviathan, the 
coupled dragon, denotes an animal partaking of the nature both of land 
serpents and fishes, and in this place signifies the Crocodile, which lives as 
well under water as on shore. — Cokeys Comment on the Bible. 

The Portuguese term the lizard el lagarto, and hence is derived our word 
alligator. The Crocodile (Lacerta Crocodilus. his. J of the Nile varies in 
length from 40 feet, or more, to a few inches when young. Those on the 
table are about 12 inches in length. 

This animal was worshipped by the ancient Egyptians, or rather, I should 
say, in certain parts of Egypt ; for, while some of the inhabitants worshipped 
it» others made fierce war upon them for so doing. Such was the cause of 
quarrel between the Ombites and Tentyrites described by Juvenal, who 
tells us, that to such a pitch did religious hatred go, that even the prisoners 
taken in battle were 6aten.f 

* KPCKOZ Saffron, and AEIAOZ timorous. 
f Maeotis first did impious rites devise. 
Of treating Gods with human sacrifice, 

On the Crocodile of Egypt. 135 

The Crocodile was worshipped at Coptos, Ombos, and at Arsinoe, or, as 
it was previously called, the City of Crocodiles (Crocodilopolis). At Thebes 
also this animal was worshipped. The people of Ombos dug tanks for 
them, and taught them to come when called. At Memphis, the priests 
kept one, which was perfectly tame. It was adorned with jewels, and led 
about in ceremonial processions ; and at Crocodilopolis, they were so tame, 
that they would take the food from the hands of the feeders. Strabo speaks 
of one which his host at Crocodilopolis took him to see. He was a man of 
consideration, and in showing Strabo and his party the sacred curiosities of 
the place, conducted them to the brink of the lake, having taken with him 
from the supper table a cake, some roast meat, and a cup of wine. They 
found the animal on the shore of the lake ; and while some of the priests 
opened its mouth, one put in the cake, and then the meat, after which the 
wine was poured in. The Crocodile then took to the water, and passed 
over to the other side, to receive the offerings made to it by other parties.* 

Various reasons have been assigned for the worshipr of this animal. 

1. Because it afforded protection from Lybian and Arabian robbers, as 
none would venture to cross a river or canal where so fierce an animal 
existed. Thus the Dutch filled the ditches of Batavia with Crocodiles to 
prevent desertion, as most of their soldiers were enlisted by force. Certain 
it is, that the Crocodile of the Nile is the most ferocious of its kind ; and we 

But savage Egypt's cruelty exceeds 

The Scythian shrine, where, though the captive bleeds, 

Secure of burial when his life is fled. 

# * • # • 

Can men, or more resenting Gods invent, 

Or hell inflict, proportionate punishment 

On varlets, who could treat revenge and spite, 

With such a feast, as famine's self would fright ? 

Juvenal^ SaL xv. 
* Hospes itaque noster, unus ex honoratis viris, qui nobis sacra commonstrabat, ad lacum 
unft accedens, placentulam et carnem assam, et quoddam mulsi vasculum h coena attulit* 
fiestiam in ripa lacus invenimus, ex sacerdotibus alii ejus os aperuerunt, alius placentam 
ingessit, postea carnem, deinde mulsum infudit: ille in lacum desiliens, in ulteriorem par- 
tem trajecit: cumque alius hospes advenisset, et similiter primitias attulisset, cursu lactim 
circumeuntes itidem invento Crocodile obtulerunt." 

S&abomi Oeograph* Liber Deeimus-iq^iimut, p, 811. 

136 On the Crocodile ofEgyji. 

are told that in places where they were worshipped, their numbers increased 
to such an extent, ** that it was not safe for any one to wash his feet, or draw 
water, at the river ; and no one could walk near the edge of the stream, 
either in the vicinity of Ombos, Coptos, or Arsinoe, without extreme 
caution.**— ^/ea«, X 24. WWdmm, Vol. 11. 280. 

2. M. Pauw, and others, have supposed that as the Crocodile could only 
exist where water was to be found, there would of course, be a necessity 
for keeping the canals open, and that the worship of this animal would thus 
ensure a plentiful supply of pure water, where the towns were at some dis- 
tance from the Nile. 

I might notice other opinions on this subject, if time would allow. I 
shall, therefore, merely mention what has seemed to me the most probable 
reason. If we look at the habits of the animal, we find that he devours 
nothing but putrid animal matter. Thus, on seizing a man, or any other 
animal, he drags him under water to drown him ; then placing the body 
under some ledge of rock or mud, does not devour it until putrefiu^on has 
taken place. Now, when we consider that the Nile is the only source from 
which water can be derived throughout the whole of Egypt, how wonder- 
fully adapted does such an animal become to destroy the most disgusting 
matter which water can hold in solution, viz., putrid animal substances. 
It is in fact the great scavenger of the deep. Whenever the Egyptians 
wished to preserve any animal, they immediately made it sacred; and 
there can be no doubt that they were well acquainted with the habits of 
this animal, and understood its utility. But what in the first instance was 
merely intended to protect, soon constituted it an object of worship, — a 
God. And so in&tuated did the worshippers of this animal become, that 
mothers rejoiced when their children were devoured by any of them, be- 
lieving that great honour was conferred upon them by the god, who con- 
descended to feed upon their offspring. 

The Crocodile was not, however, venerated in every part of Egypt. I 
have already stated that it was the cause of war between the Ombites and 
Tentyrites. Old writers tell us, that the inhabitants of Tentyris, AppoUi- 
nopolis, Heracleopolis, and the island of Elephantina, &c., held it in parti- 
cular execration, looking upon it as the emblem of the Evil Being, or 

On the Crocodile of Egypt. 137 

Typhon. In some of these towns the Crocodile was eaten. The Croco- 
dile is now only found in Upper Egypt, though in former times it was even 
common in the Delta. Manfaloot appears to be the most northern point 
at which these animals are now found. 

The bodies of all sacred animals, aa soon as life was extinct, were wrap- 
ped in linen, prepared with oils and aromatic substances, and then deposit- 
ed in a sacred tomb. The linen used to envelop the mummies on the 
table, appears to have previously formed portions of garments, and most 
probably, priests' garments, as in some cases we find various devices em- 
broidered upon it, such as hearts, rings, &c. 

The most extensive Crocodile tombs at present known, are about five 
miles from Manfaloot, on the eastern bank of the Nile. From these ap- 
parently interminable caves, the present specimens were brought. 

'^The Grottoes of Maabdeh" (so called, from a village near them of that 
name), are entered by a perpendicular cleft in the limestone rock, of about 
12 feet in depth. After which, you creep on your stomach, through a 
passage so small, that I nearly stuck fast, and almost fainted from the heat 
and exertion. As soon as we had crept through this narrow entrance, we 
found ourselves in a good-sized chamber, from which passages ran in vari- 
ous directions. Along several of these we proceeded, at one time crawling 
flat on the ground, at another merely stooping, and then scrambling over 
large masses of rock. The heat, dust, and the odour of mummies over 
which we frequently walked (and which, in many places, formed the floor of 
the gallery), were offensive in the extreme. Thousands of bats flew around 
us, coming every moment in contact with our faces, hands, and torches, 
thus threatening to involve us in perfect darkness. We had almost given 
up our search, when we found our further progress stopped, by thousands of 
Crocodile, and human mummies. From this immense collection, the pre- 
lent mummies were brought. 

Each young Crocodile is wrapped in a piece of old linen cloth, and then 
formed into bundles, by fastening 5 or 6 together with thread. The large 
ones are single. 

The human mummies frequently consist of merely parts of the body, 
thus we find the upper or lower half, separated from the rest, and forming 

VOL. III. L 1 

138 On the Crocodile of Egypt. 

a distinct portion. These portions are wrapped in linen, and then bound 
round with palm leaves, which serve as an external covering. In no in- 
stance did I perceive any wooden case or coffin ; many of the human mum- 
mies had the skin covered with gilding. 

Whether these mummies were deposited at an early period of the Egyp- 
tian empire, or in later and more barbarous times, it is now impossible to say. 
It is evident from such extensive tombs, that where Manfaloot now stands, 
or near it, there must have been some ancient town, and as it has not been 
noticed by either Greek or Roman writers, we may conclude existed at a 
very early period. We may, therefore, reasonably suppose that these 
tombs are very ancient. 

An Account of Inscribed Stones^ 8fc. 


No. XXL — An Account of Three Inscribed Stones^ presented by Walter 

Calverlet Trevelyan^ Esq.y of WaUington^ and a Letter descriptive 

thereof addressed to John Adamson, Esq , Sec.^ dated drd Aprils 1839 ; 

to which are addedy Mr. Nichols' Suggestions as to the reading thereon^ 

from the GenUemaris Magazine for December^ 1839. 

My dear Sir, 
I shall, in a day or two, send to you the Inscriptions herein mentioned, 
which I shall be obliged by your presenting for me to the Antiquarian So- 
ciety. Mr. Hodgson gave me lately a printed list of Roman Altars, &c., 
in the Collection of the Society ; in which I find four without donor's 
name, or locality. Excepting one, they were all given by me ; and were 
all, I believe, found at or near the same place, Walbottle. They are those 
numbered in the list 85, 86, 87, 88. I find a note also of another, which 
does not appear in the list ; but of which I sent you the dimensions, that 
a place might be prepared for it. It may possibly be one of those, which 
Mr. Hedley had given to me ; but which, when he was forming his collec- 
tion at Little Chesters, I returned to him, under the understanding, that, 
on his death, they were all to come to the Society. No 85 of the Soci- 
ety's list most certainly is not Horsley's No. IV. 


! C':':^:slilJ:vRH:OC:OS'P:R^^^ 

140 An Account of Inscribed SUmes^ Sfc. 

This inscription was found many years ago at the Roman Station of 
Bremenium (Riechester). Erroneous copies of it have been published in 
the Archseologia, Vol. VII., pJ 83, and in the Transactions of the Royal 
Society, Vol. XLIV., p. 344. The Cohort of the Varduli is mentioned 
in two inscriptions given by Horsley {vide pi. 81, fig. 04, and pi. 57, fig. 26), 
the former was also found at Bremenium, the latter at Epiacum (Lan- 

The erasures in the last two lines have certainly not been made for the 
purpose of making room for bars, as suggested by Dr. Sharpe in his com- 
munication to the Royal Society, but probably were caused by the erasure 
of the name which once stood there, on the disgrace of the bearer of it. 

Calpumius Agricola was Propraetor of Britain under Marcus Aurelius, — 
{vide Horsley, p. 226, Northum. No. LIII.), could hia name have been 
erased from this inscription ? which, according to Mr. Nichols' account in 
the Crenilemairis Magazine^ December 1830, maybe decyphered as follows : 
— " Imperatori Caesari Marco Aurelio Severe Antonino Pio Felici Augusto, 
Parthico Maximo, Britannico Maximo, Germanico Maximo, Pontifici 
Maximo, Tribunitise Potestatis XVIII. Imperialis III. Consulis IIII. 
Proconsuli, Patri Patriae, Cohors Prima Fida Vardulorum, Civium Romano- 
rum Equitum, Antoniniana fecit sub cura 

Legati Augustalis Propraetoris.*' 

Mr. Nichols states the inscription to be a dedication to the Emperor 
Caracalla, whose titles are all here set forth at full length. Its date, the 
eighteenth of his tribunitial and the third of his imperial authority (for III. 
instead of II., it either is, was, or should have been), answers to the year of 
Rome 068, and the year of our Lord 215. 

A fragment of a monumental stone from Little Chesters, found there 
near Hadrian's Wall, in 1818, and given to me with several others, since 
returned to him, by the late Rev. A. Hedley, the owner of that station. 

An Account oflmcribed Stones, Sfc. 141 

Mr. Nichols further describes this inscription thus : — " It is 15 inches in 
width. The inscription is too imperfect to form the grounds of safe con- 
jecture ; though we might imagine that we have found again the VarduloR. 
Civium "ELomanorum 'Equitum: and in the fourth line the letters MVC 
answer to a small stone, found at Walbottle (Horsley X.), inscribed 
> MVCIEN (Centuria Mucieni/\ He carving at the side of this inscrip- 
tion apparently represents a military standard. 

The above is a " third fragment, which is 14 inches in width, and had 
been for some time in Mr. Trevelyan*s possession ; and he rather believes 
it was found, with the preceding, at Little Chesters. It appears to comme- 
morate Centuria Cohortis VHI. dicta(?) Vecili Clem [ens ?]. Another me- 
morial of the same cohort was seen by Camden at Bangor, inscribed 

«^ . . . VIII.'"* 

* Mr. Nichols, in Gentleman's Magazine, December, 1839. 

VOL. m. Mm 

142 Account of an Ea^cavation 

No. XXIL — Account of an Ejtcavation recently made unthin the Roman 
Station of Cilumum. By John Clayton^ Esq. — Communicated in a 
Letter to the Secretaries. 

Chesters, 6th November, 1843. 


Understanding that a statement of the results of a recent excavation 
within the Roman Station of Cilumum is desired by your Society, I will 
endeavour to supply such a statement, begging, however, that it may be 
received as that of a very unlearned antiquary. 

The Eastern Rampart of the Station of Cilumum (the sixth per Uneam 
vaUi, according to the Notitia Imperii) ranges nearly two hundred yards 
along the right bank of the North Tyne River; the station contains an 
area of nearly eight acres, and though the surface has been for many years 
grass-grown, yet the whole outline of the fortifications is still distinctly 
visible. About the middle of this rampart may be traced the gate through 
which the military way, sheltered by the wall of Sevems, passed from the 
camp down to the bridge across the Tyne, of which the massive remains 
still cumber the stream ; vrithin the rampart and to the south of the gate, 
the surface of the groimd was somewhat elevated, and formed a green 
knoll, which seemed to invite antiquarian research, and on the application 
to this elevated spot of the pickaxe and spade, the baths and Sudatorium 
of the station were discovered. The removal of the earth on the west 
side of the buildings disclosed the entrance by a flight of steps, much worn 
by the feet of the passenger ; these steps lead into a saloon or vestibule, 
from which passages diverge, to the right and left, into other apartments. 
In the room on the left hand was found, in good preservation, a Bath 
lined with red cement ; beyond this are two apartments (apparently a Su- 
datorium), the floors of which are composed of two layers of flags, with a 

made at the Roman Station of CUurnum. 148 

layer of red cement between them, and are supported on pillars three feet 
high ; some of those pillars are of stone and others of square flat bricks. 
At the east end of the Sudatorium are the remains of the furnaces, and the 
soot in the flues was found as fresh as if it had been produced by fires 
lighted the day before. In the room on the right hand of the saloon — 
which seems to have been more disturbed — ^there are less distinct remains 
of Baths, with flues communicating with them ; but in the room beyond it 
(a Sudatorium) the floor of flags covered with plaster, and supported by 
pillars of stone two feet high is preserved entire, though pressed down in 
some places by the weight which has been upon it. When this station 
ceased to be used for the purposes of war, and the Roman legions had per- 
manently left the island, it would seem that the inhabitants of the country, 
in order to make the land productive as soon as possible have thrown down 
the upper part of the walls of the buildings, which have fiEdlen inwards, and 
they have then levelled the surface and covered it with earth, under the 
protection of which, these remains of Roman luxury have lain undisturbed 
for 1400 years. 

I send you a ground plan of the 
buildings so £ar as they have been 
explored ; you will observe that, 
though on a much larger scale, 
they resemble in shape and ar- 
rangement the baths described by 
Sir William Gell as having been 
discovered in Italy, amongst the 
ruins of the ancient city of Stabise. 
In the room in which the Bath 
is, was found the Statue of a River 
God, whether representing the 
Tiber, or Tyne does not appear ; 
the figure (about 4 feet in length) 
u ' \/ |. ■ ■ ■ ■ is i^ ^ reclining posture, and 

M ill ]( 1( Tnt )1 i_BI though executed in coarse stone. 

is not without some gracefulness of attitude and proportions. On the next 
page you have a sketch of it. 


Account of an E^cavdlion 

There have been likewise found in the buildings and the passages com- 
municating with them a stone, with the Oenturial mark on it, and the 
name SIMILIS, and several other relics of their former occupants, which 
I will briefly enimierate, viz. : — 

A Fibula of the ancient mixed brass, similar to that in Gordon, pi. 50, 
fig. 9, and here drawn of the fiill size. 

Fig. 1, the Front. 

Fig. 2, the Back. 

made at the B(Hnan Station of CUumum. 145 

A massive silver signet Ring, with a cornelian stone, on which is engraved 
a cock pecking an ear of wheat. — See fig. 3. 

A Stylus of brass and two of ivory, two Javelin Heads, and upwards of 
fifty Coins of various Emperors, from Hadrian down to Gratian^-none of 
them of any value or rarity, but, nevertheless, I subjoin a list of the seve- 
ral varieties, as exhibiting the ordinary cuirency of the Roman camp dur- 
ing the last 200 years of the sway of that people in Britain. 

I am, Sms, 

With much respect. 

Your most obedient Servant, 



A. D. 119. Copper. Head of Hadrian. 

The Beverse defaced. 
A . D. 207. Silver. Head of CaraoaUa. 

Bevene — ^The figure of a Soldier standing with a Spear in his right hand, 
a Club in his left, with three captires at his feet, 
A. D. 218. Silver. Head of Heliogabalus. 

220wrsa— The Emperor sacrificing to the Sun, with a Patera in his right 
hand, and in his left a branch of Laurel. 
[ Each of these Emperors styled himself ^Antoninus Pins."] 
A. D. 262. Copper. Head of Victorinus. 

Reverse defaced. 
A. D. 268. Copper. Head of Tetricus Proses GrallisB. 

The Reverse defaced. 
— — Head of Tetricus the Son. 

Beverse — Figure of Peace. 




An Account ofnn EweaioaiMn 

A. D. 268. Copper. 

A.D. 276. 

A.D. 288. 

A. D. 312. 

A.D. 312. Copper, 


A.D. 337. 

A.D. 355. 

Head of dandiuB GothiooB. 


i2#wrw — ^A figure of Jupiter, with a'Tfaniiderbolt in his right hand, and a 

Spear in hia left. 




IS^MTM— Figore of Jiutiee, with a Balance. 


Head of Caransiiu. 


jR#MrM— A £gaxe of ProTidence, in her right hand a Globe, in her left a 



S. P. 


Head of Constantine. 


Bwff ig.. A Tower. 


Head of Conatantine, with the same Legend. 

JB^wn^— A Cippos, with the letters VOTIS XX^and a Globeonthe top of it. 


Head of Constantine. 


i2«Mri»— Two Soldiers, with Spears and Bncklers, and a military Standard 

between them. 

Head of Constantinei Jun. 


R m m "Within a oirde of Lanrel, YOT. X. 


Head of Constans. 


Bewne — Two Soldiers standing with the Imperial Standard between them^ 

on which is the letter M. 



A Head, helmeted, looking to the left. 


Jtewn^-^A Sh&-wolf, snclding Bomnlns and Bhemns. 


Head of Helena, daughter of Constantine the Great, and wife of Julian 

the Apostate. 


made ai the Boman Station qfCilumum. 147 

A. D. 355. Ck>pper; JS^mtm — ^A Female figure, etanding with her right hand extended holding 
* aSta£PyandaSpear in her left hand. 


A. D. 364. Head of Valentinian. 


iS^MTw— A figure of Yictoryy walking, with a ehaplet of Laurel in her 

right hand, and a branch of Palm in her left. 




A. B. 365. Head of Valentiman. 

D.N. VALBN...... AUG. 

J20MrM— -The figure of a Soldier, dragging a Captive by the hair with hia 
right hand, and holding the Imperial Standard in his left 
A. D. 377. Head of Gratisn. 

d:n. gratianus p. f. aug. 

JS^MTM— A figure of Victory, walking, with a ehaplet of laurel ia her 
right hand, and a branch of Palm in her left. 
8. TR. 
— ^ — - Head of Gratian, with the same legend. 

R m rm A Soldier standing, with the sigfat hand npgtaHBg m i 
bearing the monogram of Christ, and the left resting on a Shield* 

148 Account qfsome Roman Belies^ 

No, XXin. — Account of the Discovery qfsome Roman Relics in the West- 
em Suburbs of Pons JElii. — Communicated by Mr. Oeo. B. Richardson. 

On the morning of December 30, 1843, as the workmen of Mr. Amor 
Spoor were engaged in the demolition of White Friar Tower, part of the 
town walls of Newcastle, which was situate near the foot of South Street, 
and overlooking the river Tyne, they found at about ten or eleven feet 
below the surface of the floor, and immediately under it, the bed of an old 
water-course, which has, in former times, run down the side of the hill to 
the river. Lying in its bed was found (with a quantity of Roman roofing 
tiles, &c.) an altar, almost wholly shorn of its inscription ; but, fortunate- 
ly, the part bearing the name of the deity, has been spared. The altar 
(which is sixteen inches in height) has been well carved in a reddish 

In digging, the top of the altar was accidentally broken off; but the 
other defects are coeval with the erection of the tower. It is evident that 
that it is dedicated to Silvanus, a god to whom dedications in the north of 
England and Scotland are rare : two having occurred in Cumberland ; one 
in Scotland ; and this is but the second which has been discovered in Nor- 
thumberland. It is evident that until the period of the erection of the 
tower, some Roman building (the western suburbs of the station of Pons 
JSM) had remained, and in order to form a more advantageous site, and 
to obtain a substantial foundation for the tower, the clay raised from the 
moat a little to the northward, together with the altar, bricks, tiles, &c., 
from the ruined dwellings have been thrown into the bed of the water- 
course for that purpose. 

Where the erection was made, the direction of the water-course was 
easily discernible by the difference of the soil, fragments of coal, pottery, 
and other deposits washed into it. 

found in the Western Suburbs of Pons JEUi. 140 

It may also be mentioned, that about two years and a half ago, there was 
found, at a short distance from the wall on the inside, a British urn, in a 
coffin-shaped chamber, a few inches below the present surface ; a circum- 
stance which would lead us to conclude (what has been before advanced) 
that these banks had at least been a British residence, if not a fort^ before 
the Roman occupation thereof, particularly as the military tactics of the 
latter generally led them to erect their stations on the sites occupied by 
their predecessors. 

N. B. Another altar, of the same size but without any inscription, was 
found in the same place, on Tuesday morning, the 9th January, 1844. 

VOL. in. 

150 Notices respecting the 

No. XXIV. — Notices respecting the Roman Station of Habitancum (now 
Risingham)^ in various Communications to John AdamsoNj Esq.^ Secre- 
tary to the Society, by Sir J. E. Swinburne^ Bart^ President^ Arthur 
TreveltaNj Esq^ Mr. John Bbli^ and Mr. Richard Shanks, Son of 
Mr. Shanks, the Oumer of the Station. 

Extracts from Letters from Sir X E. Swinburne, Bart., addressed to 
THE Secretary, in January and February, 1840. 

I HAVE just heard of a very recent discovery, which, if my information be 
correct, and not exaggerated, appears to be highly interesting ; and I shall 
request Mr. Sopwith to go and examine. On the property of Mr 
Shanks, at Bisingham, near Woodbnm, in digging for some purpose, at a 
considerable depth, the workmen came to the walls of a building above 10 
feet long, and during the excavation a quantity of coins, said to be silver 
and copper, and several Boman altars were found. If so, it is well worth in- 
vestigating, and might be worth the attention of the Society of Antiquaries. 
Mr. Walker has been at Bisingham, and sent me some very interesting 
details, which I will forward you as soon as I have seen Mr. Sopwith after 
his visit. 

I send you the epitome of Mr. Walker^s observations on his visit to 
Bisingham, and what I gather from Mr. Sopwith's notes. One altar, or 
part of one, has been brought to his brother's near here ; and I will go and 
see it. l%e two accounts corroborate each other in most points. Before 
any regular account is drawn up for either publication in our Transactions, 
or to lay before the Society in London, it will be better to wait for both 
these gentlemen's second visit ; but they may be shown to the Society in 
the mean time. 

The area of the station is about 183 yards square^ comprising what 

Roman Station qf. Habitancum. 151 

appears to h&ye been buildings. The excavation is not carried on over 
a tenth part, of where the recently discovered buildings are visible, about 
18 yards square. The walls are covered with a kind of plaster, which 
appears to have been exposed to fire, and there is so much burned sub- 
stances amongst the rubbish, it is probable the whole has been set fire to 
when the Romans abandoned the station. What Mr. Walker noticed 
were the altars and other articles. 

1. An altar, handsome in form and finish, the inscription not very clear. 

2. Another altar, not so handsome in form, but the letters more perfect, 
and the following inscription both on the altar and pedestal or base. 


There is channelled on one side a flat-shaped figure, on the other an 
ampulla or jug and a hatchet. Dimension of both altars 3 feet by 1 foot 
8 inches ; pedestal 3 feet by 1 foot 10 inches ; both seem to have under- 
gone the action of fire. 

One silver coin very perfect, Greta. Two not so perfect, copper or alloy. 

Seven smaller brass and copper coins — Augustus and Antoninus on 
some of theuL 

Two brass medals of some of the emperors. 

Two brass ornaments as if for belts or caps, an iron scrs^er, a knife, and 
a writing stile. 

Amongst other fragments were various pieces of urns, and the bottom 
of a small lachrymatory with the word Victoria upon it. 

Nails, clamps, &c„ a piece of opaque, and a piece of coloured glass. 

The small apartment, hastily explored, may probably, have been part of 
a bath establishment. The Hypocaustria or Sudatoria. 

Mil Arthur Trsvelyan's Letter addressed to Mr. Adamson. 

Wallington, I7th March, 1840. 
On the 11th inst« I went to Rtsingham and found that an excavation, of 

162 Notices rwpedtmg tk$ 

no great extent, had been toade (by Mr. Shanks, the eon of the o^mer), in 
one of the angles of the station. Several different articles were founds of 
which the following account will take notice :-^A wall of 9 feet in height, 
built in regular courses of masonry, but not its full height ; as much must 
have fallen down. A large water tank, lined with a mixture of lime, 
pounded bricks, and charcoal ; the lining is at least 2 inches thick at the 
bottom. Two altars, very perfect, with large inscriptions (only slightly 
damaged), a good deal of ornament on the upper part of them, and on the 
sides are sculptured utensils used at sacrifices, such as an axe to fell the 
victim, a cleaver, and incense holders. One of the altars had formerly 
stood on a large flat stone, raised on a square hollow pedestal of masonry» 
the flat stone projected beyond the altar, and had an incense holder cut 
out on its top in front, and a single line of well-cut letters. On its front 
edge a much shattered small free stone figure dressed in armour. A drain 
was opened close to the tank which was nearly filled with sand. One of the 
altars has a wreath of leaves round its top^ Four silver and six copper 
coins, which Mr. Shanks said were concealed in shells and built into the 
masonry below the flat stone. The shells were a cockle, and oyster, a sea 
muscle, and two river muscles. Of iron, a spear head, a hooked knife like 
a small sickle, and other articles too corroded to make out the use of. Of 
copper, a clasp for a waist-band, a writing stile about 4 inches long, a thick 
small ferrule, like those used for watch chains. Also were found pieces of 
pottery, glass, and the tusk of a wild boar. 

Mr. Shanks does not seem inclined to part with any of the antiquities. 
He has a taste for collecting, which induces him to look keenly out for the 
antiquities, and afterwards to take care of them, I would recommend 
your Society to send a Draughtsman and Antiquarian to view them, as 
their account and sketches would make an interesting paper in your tran- 

I am, Dear Sib, 

Yours very, &c, 



RisiNCHAM Inscriptions 

J>rawaT^af the (yriginal Sjy.e 


\VR* aVA R'h' 

i-Ac VIX^XN 
!| POSY IT Fl Lit 
*|AE*SVAE i 











A ■ i i tfi i f il UMllJjti ill > I J MypiJ II P 

' P* H Q N ORAT V3 
/ I 4 V ( X I T A /^r |\ 

[ 1^1 m s .V- A^f- \f 
1 SibV s VIII 

^^- ^ ■^■"""'^•^ . >.< Ji« . 

N'^ 1v 


M 1^ 



liiliiiimif I I I iuMi ; ''iili mi '■i.i,nMiM..i 




D M S 

D 1 O N YSI^S 

If' ' 










.Min. .A.'// {'.,ff*'tfhr4ld 


CfnOKt.T 7f^f .Sir.-' 

Roman Station of HaJbitancum. 


Some short time after these communications had been laid before the 
Society, Mr. John Bell applied to Mr. Shanks to be favoured with draw- 
ings of the Altars, or rubbings of the inscriptions upon them, describing 
the manner of doing so ; and sent an account of the Roman remains al- 
ready in the collection of the Society. To this Mr. Shanks immediately 
replied : — " With regard to the taking of the inscriptions on the stones in 
my possession, there is a much better way than that you speak of, and which 
I shall do : that is, to send them all down to you, to be deposited in the 
Society's collection." And soon afterwards the Council had the gratifica- 
tion of placing Mr. Shanks's donation of the whole of the inscribed Stones 
found by him at Risingham, in their Arcade. The most interesting of 
these are shewn on the accompanying Plate, and are here given, with their 
supposed readings i—^ 

No. 1.— Inscribed Stone, 2ft. 7in. by 1ft. lOin. 
D. M. S. 


Diis Manibus sacrum Aurelia. Quartilla vixit 
annis tredecim, mensibus quinque, diebus vigin- 
tiduo, Aurelius Quartinus posuit Filise suae. 

No. 2. — ^An Altar, 3 feet by Ifl. 7in. inscribed. 


TRIB. EXPLicrro 


Fortunae Reduci Julius Severinus Tribunus 
explicito Balineo votum solvit libens merito. 

VOL. ni. 



Notices respecting the 

No. 9 — Inscribed Stone, 2ft. Tin. hj 1ft. lOin. 

D. M. a 








Diis Manibus sacrum. Anreliae Lnpulae Matri 
piissime Dionjsius Fortunatus Filius. Sit tibi 
terra levis. 

This Inscription is curious in shewing the 
centre point holes in the letter O, in the 5th 
and 6th lines, as if thej had been made hj a 
pair of compasses. 

No. 4.— An Altar, 3ft. Sin. by 1ft. Sin. 


Fortunae sacrum, Caius Valerius Longinus 

This Altar had stood upon a base raised upon 
sixteen or seventeen hewn stones built up in 
the shape of a square pillar, on which lay the 
base stone. No. 4 a ; and above which had stood 
the Altar, making it about six feet in height. 
Between the bottom side of the base and the 
stones it stood upon, were deposited the shells 
of an oyster, a cockle, a sea and a river muscle, 
in which were found deposited fift)een coins. 

No. 4 a. — ^The Base of the above Altar, Sin. by 3 ft., with the same in- 
scription as the Altar in two lines on its front edge, and on the front part 
of its top is the focus, or thuribulum, about seven and a half inches in dia- 
meter, neatly cut, with a smaller and more rude one nearer to its right 
hand comer. 

Roman Station of Habiiancum. 165 

No. 5. — ^Inscribed stone, 3ft. 3in. by 1ft. lOin. 


HONORATVS Diis Manibus. Satrius Honoratus vixit annis 

VIXIT AN quinque mensibus octo. 


No. 6.— An altar, 2ft. 4in. by 1ft. 2in. 


RIB VSHVXV Dis Cultoribus hujus Loci JuUus Victor Tri- 

LOCI. IVL. bunus. 


No. 7. — Fragment of an inscription 1ft. ^in. by 2ft. 2in. 


SIG VIX AN Julius Victor, Signifer, vixit annis quinqua- 

1 ^ ginta quinque. 

No. 8. — Fragment, llin. by 1 foot. 

IMPCAES. M Imperator Caesar Marcus AureUus, 

ANTONINVS. F . . . Antoninus Pius 

ADIABENICV Adiabenicus 

The Emperor here named was Caracalla. Adiabenicus was a title of his 
&ther Severus, but is here applied to him. 

No. 0. — Fragment, T^in. by llin. 


The following articles were also sent by Mr. Shanks: — ^A copper or 
plated coin of Geta ; three third brass coins of Gallienus ; a first brass 
coin of Hadrian ; two third brass coins of Victorinus ; a plated coin of 
Valerian; a first brass coin of Antoninus Pius; a silyer coin of Ditto; 

166 NoHcei respecting Ae 

four silver or plated coins of Julia Domna ; two third brass coins of Clau- 
dius ; a first brass coin of Faustina ; a brass or bronze writing stile ; a large 
brass, and a blue glass bead ; two brass rings ; two brass ornaments, and 
part of the stand of some vessel ; some fragments of glass vessels ; and a 
most beautiful and perfect fibula. 

Mr. Jno. Bell's Account of Risinoham. 

By an invitation from Mr. Richard Shanks to visit the remains of this 
Roman station, and under the expectation of examining the baths he had 
opened, where the altars, &c., were discovered, which he afterwards pre- 
sented to our Society, Mr. Clayton and I went there in the third week of 
last October; we were disappointed in finding that the remains of the 
baths were removed, and the excavations filled up, — ^Mr. Shanks inform- 
ing us that he was obliged to do so, because that after the Redesdale Iron 
Works were laid in, and the workmen unemployed, they came in such 
numbers to the station, he was glad to get rid of them, which he accom- 
plished at the cost of demolishing the object of their curiosity. To com- 
pensate, however, for our disappointment, he gave us leave to make what- 
ever excavations we pleased ; and, at a place close adjoining to the site of 
the baths, we saw a quantity of coals ; Mr. Shanks informing us that he 
had led away and burnt above a cart load, and that it was near to where 
the coals were, he found the beautiful fibula, which he had presented to 
the Society. Mr. Clayton left me, and during my stay, I closely inspected 
the immediate vicinity of the station, and found that the river Reed must 
have run much nearer to it when the station was first built, and when the 
bridge was standing ; and that there had been an outbreak of the river, 
which threatened the destruction of the station, causing the occupiers of it 
to make a wear (the largest I ever saw) to defend it from the water. 
How long it had been done so can never be known ; but the river, in an- 
other outbreak, has come round the north end of the wear, and sometime 


BJSlNGffAAf Platen JT. 



.B B . ^ufapojed. Oovrat. of the Jtit^er Jtu/i. 

i^heiv lAjt Jfrtdffe^ eutcCJtxUufn/werf, buiZb. 
C C. An- at4Zbre€t^^ of tAe JUver whtjchl^irta/Bn^d. 

of Ttvefvc Ouuhs ft? Oru. /nxh^. 

D XaT^li%txr7na/ie'byi^Jivm4au1^ 

E A ,ff4unul Ot4thre/ik. ofUie. Jtu^er rvund. 
ihe, Jt^briM. otA of the TfMr tnui 

t/ohjv SfZL, 

CA^tAofi.*. Zfjuxf^ r 

JRoman Station of Habitancum. 157 

or other broken into the north west comer of the station. I waa kindly 
favoured with the use of the Tithe Plan of the parish, from which I made 
such an extract as has enabled me to state the irruptions and changes of 
the river more clearly to the Society, On this plan I have marked with the 
letters B B, the supposed first course of the river, when the station was 
fiilly occupied by the Roman Lemons, and the bridge was standing. The 
site of the bridge is at A, where the foundations of it are still to be seen. 
The outbreak of the river, which threatened the destruction of the station, 
is shewn by the letters C C. The wear, extending almost 90 yards to the 
north of it, is shewn by the letter D : and, were it opened out, I have not 
the least doubt but it would be productive of vast quantities of stone ; and, 
more than likely, many inscriptions, as two of the monun^ntal stones sent 
by Mr. Shanks, in his second donation to the Society, were found near the 
south end of the wear, where they had been used as walling stones. The 
station has been excavated in its eastern and southern sides for the purpose, 
I believe, of covering the earth over the stones which compose the wear, — 
which excavation led Sir Walter Scott to term it " The Moated Mound of 

The letter E shows the second outbreak of the river, which must have 
run very deep under the north-west comer of the station ; near which it 
left a large and deep pool of water, now greatly filled up ; and most likely 
this second outbreak caused the disappearance of the bridge. The princi- 
pal entrance of the station has been on its westem side, between which and 
Watling Street, here raised on a considerable embankment constracted 
for a level access on to the bridge, there must have been another bridge 
crossing Chesterhope Bum, of which there is not the least vestige. The 
road from this entrance to Watling Street has been paved with large stones 
which are still to be seen amongst the grass ; and on the southem side of 
this road is the dunghill of the station, which I have no doubt would also 
be productive of numerous Roman remains. From the land being designed 
for a crop of hay next summer, we could not examine it fiirther. On the 
embanked part of Watling Street, near where the road to the station turns 
oS, are the grass-grown lines of a square building, most likely a guard 
house to protect the road. I employed three labourers to open out some 
of the numerous grasa-covered remains of buildings, the walls of which I 

▼OL. m* a q 


Notices respecting the 

found standing very perfect to abont 8 feet in height. During these exca* 
vations there were many indications of burnt stone and fine earth, which 
had been burnt. There were two silver coins of Julia Domna, wife of 
Antoninus Pius, and four or five first brass Roman coins found, but the lat- 
ter were so much corroded as not to be made out. Many fragments of 
earthen ware were every where turned up, several of them appearing as if 
the vessels had been used on the fire for cooking ; and two different pieces 
had been oramed ; and, in the excavation made in the remains of a building 
in the centre of the station, a curious carved stone was discovered built 
into the wall. It is of the dimensions here shown. 


4^^ . -Jl „ S p 


The two side pieces of what appears like the middle of an hour glass are 
raised about half an inch above the top and bottom parts ; something like 
a step or raised part went round this stone. T made a correct survey of 
the station, shewing the most prominent of the grass-tufted indications of 
buildings, the site of the baths, and sudi parts of the outer wall as can be 
seen without excavation, and found the contents to be 4a. Ir. 20p. within, 
and including its outer wall (see plate). I understand that it has been the 
custom whenever stones were wanted for building or draining purposes, to 
set workmen on to tear out some of the standing walls until they got 
what was required ; but from the quantity of stone got by the workmen 
I employed in excavating the rooms, without meddling with the walls, 
I have every reason to believe that they will be suffered to stand on 
the eastern side in future. 


October, 1843. 

P. S. — ^I forgot to mention that there has not been an entrance on the 
eastern side. 

MISIATtj^JlAJl rfAtbe. UT. 


\ n^sinre^SAX 


—fT-^^St^^ oJtTrJrve n^ 

ABC Shje*9 pvh.ere tht 
Altars tverf^ ftm^td,. 

Th^ Eardh^ has been, ejccayaled. o/l t/u^ Sule . 


of oi^ Chcrji7 do a/vf/ic^ ■. 

Ll i i i ii l i'i -' -iiii i t i i x^ 

./oTfcn BeZI GaJUshjtaA . 

(Ttafiotf iCtjjra^ *' 

Roman Station of Habiiancum* 159 

Letter from Mr. Richabd Shanks to Mr. John Bell. 

Risingliam, Jannarj 3, 1844 

As you desire an account of Bisingham, I shall, as for as I am able, fur^ 
nish what I know of it. Bisingham wals^ the property of Charles Fenwick^ 
Esq., of Woodbom Hill, near East Woodbnm, in Bedesdale, parish of 
Gorsengide^ and county of Northumberland ; and had been the property of 
his ancestors time out of mind. It was used (Bisingham) as a park by him 
for keeping entire horses in until it passed by sale from him to my father, 
Thomas Shanks, in July, 182% who now holds it as his property. It was 
when he bought it, in a very desolate states, being partly covered with brush- 
wood, and a renowned refuge for vermin, such as foulinarts, polecats, &c. 
These have, however, lost their place, as the brushwood is now all taken 
off. and remaining as you have seen it. 

On my going to Bisingham, which was on Mayday, 1889, there was lit- 
done in the way of discovery that year. In January, the beginning of the 
next year, from a sort of cement, which was in abundance on the south-' 
east side, and from its greater height than any other part of Kisingham, the 
thought struck me that this was the place to begin any labour in the way 
of discovery; and having stored myself with the Boman History and Anti- 
quities, I set to work on the north side of the aforesaid hillock. We had 
not gone for on with the work until we discovered a large drain about 18 
inches high and 1 foot in breadth. This we followed until we came to 
the altar FOBTVNAE SACBUM, from thence to the bath in which were 
found the coins and other curiosities. From thence we went on till we 
found the other Altars, which are in the collection of your Society of An- 
tiquaries. Going farther on, we discovered the large bath, which was 
cleaned out, and then gave over for that year, Ne^t year we began a lit- 
tle frirther eastward, on the other side of the wall, running in a straight 
direction southward to the bath (which wall was left standing from 
the year before) and there found two rooms, which had been heated 
by flues (as sweating rooms) underneath. This closed our labours for 
1841. Next year we discovered the other bath, with the place where the 

160 Notices respecting the Reman Station of HabUaneum. 

furnace had been for the water. We still went on in a direction south- 
ward, but not finding anything, this part is left unexplored. Little was 
now done until the spring of the next year, when we opened the place 
where the coals had been deposited for the use of the furnace, and in this 
place was found the Fibula. Since then little has been doing until you 
came. We have now resumed our labours in the southern entrance into 
the station and have discovered the position the walk have stood on each 
side of that entrance, together with a tower as usual. Some things have 
been found which will be forwarded soon to the Society. A plan of our 
place of working is sent this week to let you know how we are going on« 

I remain, 

Dear Sib, 
Yours, &c., 



• ♦ The reader is requested to obserre that there are two series of pages in the third y<^[^^S^^}f«^^!i 
with page 77. In the Index, when a follows the number of the page, the first series, befaig Mr. Adamson s 
Paper on Anglo Saxon Coins, is relened to. Thoa^Adamson, Esq., John, 77a. 

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VOL. in. 




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Coins, Anglo-Saxon, discovered at Hexham, 
77 A. 

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Cresswell, Ephraim, 6. 

Crispe, Joseph, 11. 

Cromwell, Oliver, 3. 

Crocodilopolis, 135. 

Crookelaw yilla^,5* 

Crookeham, De vili de, 95. 

Crookderk Parish, 5. 

Croxton, Witts de, 61. 

Crumbwett, Johis de, 66, 67, 68. 

Cnlwen, Gilbert de, 49. 

Cumberland, County of, 123, 148. 

Dacres, Hnmfrye, 6. 

Daltone, Bobert, 6. 

Dalaval, Edward, 12. 

Dalton, 96. 

Danby, Thomas, 19. 

Darreys, Jotie, 56. 

Dauberey, BolSti, 20. 

Davison, Bobert, 16. 

Davy, Dr., 82. 

Dawson, William, 7. 

Dees, Witti, 78, 79 ; Thome, 79. 

Delavall, Sir John, 8 ; Balph, 3, 4> 6, 9, 87, 88. 

Denwick Township, 50. 

Denton, Thomas, 87, 88 ; Johis, 115, 116, 117- 

Dente, Bogero, 81. 

Dent, Johe, 80, 114. 

Derwentwater, Lord, 13 ; James, Earl of, 60. 

Devom, Johem de, 53. 

Devilston, De vitt de, 93. 

Dickson, William, 11. 

Dichannt, Sir Johi de, 44. 

Dickson, Esq., William, 45, 46, 48. 

Dier, Jo., 129. 

Dissyngton, 58 ; Witti, 58. 

Ditchbume, De vitt de East, 95 ; West, 95. 

Ditchant, De vitt de, 95. 

Dockery, Thomas, 9. 

Dodsworth, 46. 

Doddington, Chappelry, 2, 6. 

Dolfanby, GUlSto de, 116, 117. 

Donoaster, in Yorkshire, 119 ; Bobin of, 119. 

Donkin, John, 11, 12. 

Douglas, Mr., 6 ; John, 12. 

Downham, De vitt de, 95. 

Doxforth, De vitt de, 95. 

Doxford, Bico de, 72. 

Draper, Peter, 83 ; John, 84. 

Dresemis, Thomas, 128. 

Drummer, 11. 

Drydon, Bartw., 12. 

Ducye, Gilbert, 5. 

Duche, Thome, 23. 

Duke BLarold, Son of Duke Grodwin, 33. 

Duncan, King of Scotland, 37. 

Dugdale's Monastioon, 45. 

Dumfrieze, 91. 

Dumley, Thome, 21. 

DunelS, Thomas Eftus, 30. 

Durham, Dean and Chapter of, 4, 5, 6, 7, 129 ; 
Bishop of, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 121 ; Deacon of, 6 ; Lord 
Antony, Bishop of, 38 ; the manner of the 
King's Majesty coming to the City of in 1617, 
also a Becord of the Founder of the Market 
Cross, 125 to 129 ; Elvet Bridge, 125 ; William 
James, Bishop of, 126 ; Abstract of the Manu- 
script of the Mayor of, 127. 

Duresme, Bisshopryke of, 123 ; Witti de, 77. 

Dury, John, 4. 

Du£&eld, Johes de^ 117. 

Dye, Adam, son of William del, 15. 

Earsdon Parish, 9 ; De vitt de, 94. 



Echewyte, 02. 
Echwyte, WiUi de, 02. 
Edlingham PariBli, 4 ; De Titt de, 95. 
Egerton, John, Earl of Bridgewater, 13S. 
Eglingfaam Parish, 5 ; De ti« de, 94. 
EffTpt, on the Crocodile of, 134 to 138. 
Elephanta, 134. 
Elliott, William, 11. 

Eliott, 92. 

EUingham Parish, 5. 

Elryngton Hugh de, 15. 

Elfidon Parish, 4. 

Elwood, Mr., 5. 

Eluett, Gimi, 77, 79. 

Emhlfiton Parish, 5, 50. 

Emerson, Thomas, of the Black Fliers, London, 

EslingtoSi, Alan de, 101. 
Espley Hamlet, 8. 
Esplywode, 52. 
Esslington, De yili de, 95. 
Esjmgton, Witto, 32. 
Ewer, Johi de, 73. 
Ewre, Witti, 80 ; Radulphe, 81. 
Eastaoe, Earl of Bologna, 36. 

Faher, Witts, 99. 

Fairless, Mr. of Hexham, 109. 

Falder, John, 5. 

Fanshawe, Sir Thomas, 95, 96. 

Famelawe, De vitt de, 95. 

Farrales, James, 127. 

Faudofi, Henr de, 60. 

Fawdon, 10. 

Felton Parish, 4, 8. 

Fenwiok, Bart. WUliam, 87, 88 ; Charles, Esq., 

Fenicke, Sir John, 3, 7, 8. 
Fenwicke, Edward, 3 ; Greorge, 3 ; William, 3, 

4, 6, 8 ,• Edward, of Stanton, 6. 
Fenwyke, John de, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28, 1 18. 
Fenwyk, Johi, 114. 
Fenton Chappelrj, 6. 

Fetherstonhaugh, Albany Fetherston of, 6. 
Filbridge, Adam, 11. 
Findon Hill, 129. 
Flatterton, De vitt de, 95. 
Flemyng, GillSti, 83. 
Fleetwood, Sir Myles, 96. 
Flitham, Parish of, 5. 
Fenrother, De vitt de, 94. 
Fogoe, Jamee, 7. 
Ford, Parish of, 5. 

Forester, Johes, 70 ; Alanns, 70 ; Hag, 100. 
Fordham, Johes, 30. 
Forde, De vitt de, 95. 
Forster, Joseph, 11 ; Ephraim, 4; Richard, 3 ; 

Francis, 4. 
Foster, Thomas, 13 ; Mr., 5 ; George, 8. 
Fossour, John, 15, 16. 
Fonntayne, John, 9. 
Fox, Esq., (George Townshend, 125. 
Frankland, Francis, 93. 

Framlington, Chappel of, 4. 

Freman, Witti, 19. 

Frismarays, Johis, 117. 

Fnlshawe, Witti, 20. 

Funtinell, Bobert, Lord of Enaresbnrgh, 35. 

Gabefoie, Nichi, 21 ; BolStnm, 31. 

Galnn, Henr, 100. 

Galway, Rico de, 116, 117. 

Gaol DeUyery, 86. 

Gascoigne, Wilio, 57, 58. 

Gateshead, 30, 31, 32. 

Gell, Sir William, 143. 

Gibson, Mr., 8. 

Gibsone, Mr., 79. 

Glanton, De vitt de, 94. 

Glendale Ward, 95. 

Gose, Margaret, 16. 

Gonwarton, William, son of Alen de^ 16. 

Gordon, Mr., of Biohniond, 111. 

Gosfor^ North and South, 9, 10. 

Gray, Witti, 21 ; Henry, 120. 

Gnuiam, H., 45. 

Graper, Petro le, 88. 

Gregg, James, 4. 

Grendon, Nicholas de, 15. 

Grenewich, Manoir of, 124. 

Grene, Thome, 20. 

Gretheyed, Trial of Thomas de, 115, 116, 117. 

Grunthorps, Family of, 120. 

Gryffith, Thome, 25, 27, 28. 

Gunnerton, 95 ; Chappelry, 7, 52. 

Gustard, Witts, 99. 

Hadrian's Wall, 140. 

Hadston, De yitt de, 94. 

Haginshaw, Roger, 90. 

Ha^rston, Thomas, 11. 

Haisand, Hngonis de, 103. 

Halleston Cbappel, 7. 

Hall, of WoodhaU, Gylas, 90 ; Alexander, 91 ; of 
Wilkswood, William, 91 ; o£ Eardhope, Wil- 
liam, 91 ; of WoodhaU, Isaack, 91 ; Soldier in 
Berwick, Roger, 91 ; W., 128 ; John, 3, 4, 6, 
129 ; Alexander, 12 ; Francis, 6. 

Halliwell, 8 ; James Orchard, Esq., 123, 124. 

Haltofi, Johis, 23. 

Halthale, Regis de, 59. 

Haltwistle Parish, 6. 

Hangard, Hugon, 83. 

Hankin, Henry, 11. 

Harrison, John, of Wolsingham, 129. 

Harley, Home, 129. 

Hartley, 9. 

Hartbum Parish, 8. 

Hartley, De yitte de, 94. 

Hareypp, De yitte de, 94. 

BLarle, Thomas de, 15. 

Hasellrigge, Sir Arthur, 3. 

HaseUrigg, William, 4. 

Halton, De yitte de,94 

Hawson, RotStns, 21. 



Hawick, De yiii de, 95. 

Hayson, De yiH de, 94. 

Haysand, Wittio, 80. 

Hayton, William de, 16. 

Heathpoole, De vitt de, 95. 

Hearon, George, 6 ; John 4 ; Nicholas, 6 ; 
Richard, 6. 

Heaton, 9. 

Hebhum, BolSto, 25. 

Hebbome, De Cockle pke et, 94 ; De viii de, 94. 

Hebborne Parish, 8, 9, 58, 59. 

Hebbnrn, Ralph, 88. 

Hedgley, De vitt de, 94. 

Hedley, Reverend Anthony, of Chesterholme, 109, 
139, 140 ; Thomas, of Elsdon, 91. 

Heddon on the Wall, Parish of, 9, 95 ; De vitt 
de, 94. 

Hedwin, William, 14, 15. 

Heighington, John, 128. 

HelmehUl, Town of, 8. 

Henderson, James, 6 ; Thomas, 11. 

Herle, RolSto de, 69 ; Alex, de, 69 : Thomas de, 
69 ; Sir Robert de, 16. 

Herynge, Thomas, 47. 

Heracleopolis, 134. 

Herez, Roger de, 77. 

Heron, Cuthbert, 87 ; Sir John, 44. 

Heron, Witto, 52, 53, 114 ; Thome, 56. 

Heron, RolSti, 56. 

Heppell, De vitt de, 95. 


Hesilrigg, Thomas, 25. 

Hesilrig, Witto de, 69, 70. 

Hethershawe, De vitt de, 94. 

Heton, Sir Alen de, 44. 

Hetherington, Thomas, 13. 

Hengh, De viii de, 94. 

Heworth, 82, 89. 

Hexham, Monastiy of, 7 ; Parish, 8 ; Graol Deli- 
very, 87 ; Town of, 77, 89 ; an Account of the 
Discovery at, of Anglo-Saxon Coins, called 
Stycas, 77 A to 108 a ; Further Account of Ditto, 
109 A to 111 A. 

Hibburn, Nictii de, 59. 

High Highly, Hamlet of, 8. 

Hilton, Mr., 6 ; Sir Robert de, 34 ; WUliam de, 

Horsbrough, John, 5. 

Hodgson, Esq., M. P., John, 1 ; Reverend John, 
1, 51, 89 A, 77, 139 ; John, Junior, 14, 23. 

Hoghton, Nicholas de, 15. 

HoUiweU, 9. 

Homleton, De vitt de, 95. 

Hoope, Petris, 19. 

Horselye, Joljis de, 55. 

Horsley Parish, 8 ; De viii de, 94 ; Henry, 3, 4, 
6; Thomas, 87, 88. 

Horton Chappeliy, 6, 8, 9. 

Hospital of St. Leonard, 45, 48, 49. 

Howdon, Johe de, 84. 

Howtell, De vitt de, 95. 

Howick Parish, 5. 

Howbome, De vitt de, 95. 

Howard, Charles, 8 ; Lord William, 46. 

VOL. m. S 

Huchison, H., 127. 
Hulne Abbey, Chartulary of, 46. 
Humbleton Village, 6. 
Hunter, Rico, 65, 66. 
Huntridge, Roger, 4. 
Hutton, Thomas, 129. 
Hutchinson, RolStus, 80. 
Hydwinlawes, 117. 
Hydwin, Robert de, 15. 
HyroD, Thomas, 19. 

land J 
nderton Parish, 5 ; John, 4 ; Sir Thomas de, 44. 
Inghoe, De viii de, 94. 
Ingehram, Thome de, 103. 
Ingram Parish, 4, 5. 
Inquisition taken at Newcastle after the death of 

Henry Percy la Piere, 110. 
Inscribed Stones, an Account of three presented 

to the Society, 139 to 141. 
Islandshire, 91. 
Jackson, William, 11. 
Jakeson, William, 15. 
Jennison, Doctor, 9. 
Jeneson, Ralph, 88. 
Jesmond, De viH de, 94 ; 
Jesmond, 10. 
John, Oliver Saint, 132. 
Johnson, John, 11, 13 ; Thomas, 11 ; Mr., of 

Dnrhain University, 80, 81. 
Johnstonn, James, 92. 
Jonson, Wittm, 31. 
Jones, Ambrose, 4. 
Joyce, Nicholas, 128. 
Jurat, Johis Fourbonr, 21. 

Keble, Richard, 3. 

Kelham, De vilt de, 95. 

Kemsyng, Wiiio de, 69. 

Kepling, Mr., 1. 

Kirknewton Parish, 5 ; De vitt de, 95. 

Kirkhaugh Parish, 6. 

Kirkby, Witto, 20. 

Kirkharle Parish, 7, 8 ; De vitt de, 95. 

Killvngworth Walti de, 114 

Killingworth Luke, 3, 4, 6 ; Village of, 9, 25, 26, 

Kimber, William, 7. 

King's Meadows, 94. 

King Henry lY., 30 ; Stephen, 35 ; William 
Rufus, 36 ; Edward, 36 ; Edgar, 36 ; Alexan- 
der, 36 ; Aired, 36 ; Edmund, 36 ; Henry III., 
38, 46, 76, 97 ; II., 48, 131 ; Edward III., 14, 
15, 48, 107, 110, 115 ; Richard II., 77 ; James 
I., 86, 131 ; Charles I., 86, 131, 132 ; II., 86, 
87, 88, 132; Edward II., 103; Henry VII., 
123 ; William the Conqueror, 131 ; Henry VI., 
18, 20. 27, 33, 113. 

Kingston, Robert Earl of, 132. 

Knights of the Shire, 13. 

Knaresdale Parish, 6. 

Kyllyngworth, Adam, 26 ; Rot^tns de, 26. 

Kynton, Ade de, 103. 




Kenton, 10. 
Kennedy, Andrew, 11. 

Laoy, Johes, 80. 

Lunbeth libnir, 1. 

Lunbton, Johi, 127, 128. 

I^mley Parish, 6. 

Lancaster, Earl of, 41, 42, 43. 


Laniwath BolSti, 114. 

Langhirst, Do yitt de, 94. 

Laniwutton, Hagonis de, 62. 

Langtofi, Wiito, 31 ; De yitt de, 95. 


Latunore, David, 13. 

Lanendett, Thome de, 79. 

LawBon, VTM, 24 ; Jacobo, 80, 81 ; William, 6. 

Layner, Johes, 19. 

Leamondon, De vitt de, 94. 

Learmonth Chappel, 5 ; De yiit de, 96. 

Lee, Richard, 129. 

Leerchild, De yiite de, 94. 

LegbtoB, Witti de, 62. 

Lenthall, William, 3. 

Leeborj, Church of, 36 ; Parish of, 6. 

LUborfi, Thome, 24. 

Ulbnme Chappel, 6 ; De viite de East, 96. 

Lilleburam, Sir John de, 44. 

LIndsey, John, 4. 

Lisle, John, 3. 

Littlebenton, 9. 

LitUe Cheeters, 139, 140, 141. 

Little Swinburne, 95. 

Loadsman, Robert, 12. 

Longhoughton Parish, 5, 36. 

Longshorsley Parish, 8. 

Longbenton Parish, 9, 25, 28. 

Longleeses, Town of, 8. 

Longwitton, De viite de, 94. 

Longspen, William, 37. 

London, Mercers o^ 8, 9; William Estfield, 

mayor of, 18, 19 ; Fleete Street, 46; Tower 

of, 61. 
Loraine, Thomas, 88. 
Lorkyfi, Rol5ti, 19. 
Lower, Robert 8. 
Lowicke Parish, 6. 
Low Highley Hamlett of, 8. 
Locker Chappelry, 6. 
Lnmley, Marmaduco, 113, 114. 
Lurbottle, De vitte de, 94. 
Lyeabome, Mr. 125. 
Lymkiln Field, 8. 
LyoB, Thome, 19. 


Mackdowgall, Henry, 89, 90, 91. 
Maclenyen, Patrick, 5. 
Malcolm, King of Scotland, 36. 
Malcolm's Well, 48 ; Cross, 60. 
Margaret, Queen of Scots, 36, 36. 
Marshall, Greorge, 6 ; J. 129. 
Marcus Anrelius, 140. 

MasM, Thomas, 19. 
Malton, Barony of, 34. 
Matfen Village, 6. 
Mauleyerer, RolSti, 20. 
Mandayt, Roger, S4, 86. 
Mepgison, Thomas, 6 ; Robert, 6. 
Meldon, Town of, 8. 
Merton Village, 9. 

Merton CoUedge, Oxford, 9 ; Deacon of, 6. 
Mepham, BCr., 8. 
Merley Rogi de, 114, 116. 
Merryman, Wiihns, 80. 
Michaelmas Sessions for 1717, 11 ; 1716, 13. 
Middleton, Thomas^ of Belsey, 8. 
Middleton, De vii) de Sonth, 96 ; North, 96. 
MiddlitoB De yiit de, 95. 
MidiltoB, Witti, 32. 
3Iiddleton, Thomas, 3. 
Midelton, Johis, 24. 

Middleton, Rebellion of Gilbert de, 61, 75 ; Gil- 
bert de, 62, 64, 66, 58, 66,69, 60, 61, 62, 64, 66, 
69, 70, 72, 73, 76 ; Patricio de, 61. 
Middelton, Johis de, €6, 67, 68. 
Midylton, Witto, 80. 
Midford Parish, 8 ; Johis, 24 ; Robert, 6. 
Mileson, Robert, 16. 
Mihiefeild, De yili de, 95. 
Mittford Castle, 121 : Hnmfiy, Esq., 121 ; Robert, 

Esq., 121. 
Mitford, Humphry, 87, 88. 
Monks of Gysyns, 33. 
Monne, 81. 

Moneyers Names of Eanred,as giyen by Mr. Rn- 
ding, 93 A., 94 ▲. ; as fonnd on the coins diacoyer- 
ed at Hexham,94A.,96A., 109 a., 110a.; of Ethel- 
red, as giyen by Mr. Ruding, 97 a. ; as found in 
Hexham collection, 97 a., 98 a. ; of Redulf, as 
given by Mr. Ruding, 99 a. ; as found on Hex- 
ham coilectien, 99 a., 100 a. ; of Eanbald, as 
giyen by Mr. Ruding, 104 a. ; as found on Hex- 
ham collection, 104 a., 105 a., 110 a.; of Vig- 
mund, as giyen by Mr. Ruding, 106 a. ; as found 
on Hexhiun eoUection, 106. 
Moore, Mr., 9 ; George, 6. 
Morton, Thomas, 128. 

Morpeth, 87, 120 ; Inquisition at, 4, 6, 8 ; Parish 
Church of, 9 ; Buigesses of, 13 ; Ward, 94 ; 
Newmittster Abbey at, 120, 121 ; Walter Dar- 
by, Rector of, 120 ; Morley, Lord of the Castle 
of, 120. 
Morpath, Rici de, 62 ; Wiiti de, 72. 
Morrick, De ritt de, 94. 
Mortmain, Convent in, 45. 
Moutyng, Andrew, 16. 
Moulsfen, De yitt de, 96. 
Monnford, Johi Thome de, 78 ; Elizabeth, 78. 
Moubniy, Johi de, 115, 116, 118. 
Murray, Mark, 5. 

Muwrave, RolSti, 24, 114 ; Wiiti, 24. 
Mindram, De viii de, 95. 

Naworth, 8, 46 ; Qtftle, 122. 
Nesbitty 6. 



Neasefeld, Willm de, H 57> 58^ 69, 60, 61, 62, 63| 
64, 66, 68, 70, 72, 73, 74. 

Netherwitton Chappelry, 8 ; De vitt de, 94 ; 120, 
Castle, 122. 

Nevilly Francis, 6 ; Lord Balph de, 42, 118 ; Grou, 
40 ; Hiigoni de, 114. 

Nevilt, Radi de, 64. 

Newcastle, Earl of, 9 ; St. Nieholas* Parish, 2, 
9 ; Colder Chare, 22 ; Pandon BiirB,22 ; Broad 
Chare, 22; Pandon Gate, 22; Sand Gate, 22; 
Close, 22; Side, 22; Cloth Market, 22, 23; 
Meal Market, 22 ; Note Market, 22 ; New- 
gate, 22, 23, 78 ; Pilgrim Street Gate, 23 ; 
Chappell of Mary Magidelene, 23 ; Thornton 
Hospital, 23 ; Town of, 27, 30, 31, 32, 66, 67, 
68, 91, 103, 107, 117, 123 ; Tyne Bridge, 30 ; 
Testamentaa7 and other Evidences respecting 
Persons and Property in 77 to 81 ; Padding 
Chare, 80 ; Deeds relating to, 82 to 86 ; Castle 
of, 80 ; Inquisition at, in 1367, 14, 16 ; Anti- 
qnarian SodetT, 14, 61, 78, 79, 123, 130, 134, 
139 ; Mayor of, 20 ; Joliis de Bodes, Mayor of, 
21 ; Memoir as to a Bridle bit belonging to 
William Cavendish, Dnke of, 130 to 133 ; Wil- 
liam Cavendish, Dnke of, 130, 131, 132 ; West- 
gate, 116 ; St. Nicholas* Chnrch, 119 ; AU 
Saints' Chnrch, 119 ; St. Andrews' Chnrch, 
120; Bartram Mambowcher's Tower, 120,; 
Family of Andrews belon^ng, 120; Whitie 
Frier Tower, 148 ; a Boyal license by Henry 
YII. to export Wools in favour of Uie Mer- 
chants of, 123, 124 ; Bird's Eye View of, 124. 

Newbiggen Parish, 9, 94. 

Newbi^yng, Wal^ de, 68 ; Willi de^ 62 ; Joliis 
de, 62. 

Newshawe, Town of, 8. 

Newlongs Village, 6. 

Newstead Parish, 6. 

Newsted, De viH de, 96. 

Newbome Parish, 9. 

Newbroogh and Haydon Chappehries, 7. 

Newham, Parish of, 6. 

Newton, Henrico, 82. 

Neweton, 106, 107, 109, 110, 111, 112. 

Newstead Christopher, 86. 

Nichols, Mr. John Gongh, 139, 140, 141. 

Nikson, Robert, 16. 

Noble, €reorffe, 11. 

Northnmberiand, Earl of, 4, 6,6,9 ; Dnke of, 60 ; 
High Sheriff of 11 ; Under Sheriff, 11 ; Bill of 
Cravings oftheSheriffof,for 1716, 11 ; Quarter 
Sessions of, for 1717, 12 ; Copies of Records in 
the Tower of London, relating to the Connty 
of, 18 ; Bundle of Placita, among the Records 
in the Tower of London, 30 ; Sheriff of, 86 ; 
Yisconntal Rents for the County of, 93 to 26 ; 
County of. 123 ; Josceline Percy, Earl of, 132 ; 
Chronolo^calTable of the Kings of, 82 a. to 89 a. 

North Dissmgton, 9. 

Northsheelds, Town of, 9. 

Northern Circuit, Extracts from the Minute Book 
in the Clerk of Assizers Office, 86 to 92. 

North Tyne River, 142. 

Norwich, Bishop of, 40. 

Norhamshire, 91. 

Nottingham Castle, 130, 131 ; Town of, 132. 

Nova YUl&y 102. 

Nnnnewylt, 62, 53. 


Observations on a Northern Journey, taken in 
1666, 119 to 122. 

Oggil Johanis de, 103. 

Ogghel, Wilhno de, 83. 

Ogle, Catherine, Daughter of Cuthbert Baron 
Ogle, 132 ; John, 3, 12 ; Henry, 3, 4^ 6 ; James 
8 ; Christopher, 4. 

Orby, Lord, 41. 

Ord, Thomas, Clerk of the Peace of Northumber- 
land, 12. 

Osborne, Sir Peter, 96, 96. 

Osberfi, Ricus, 19. 

Ougham Chappelry, 9. 

Ovingham Pansh, 2. 

Owen, Mr., 7. 

Oxley, Amos, 6 ; Amor, 8. 

Palxton, William de, 16. 

Palefrayman, Adam, 117. 

Palgrave, Sir Francis, 111. 

Pantil, Johis, 62. 

Panb^, Elene de, 69. 

Parke, Nicho del, 79. 

Parkinson, Edward, 129. 

Papede Thome, 80. 

Pattison, Dorothy, 12. 

Patteson, John, 127, 128. 

Paulyn, Johem, 31. 

Pawston, De viH de, 96. 

Paxton, RolStus de, 64. 

Pearson, Thomas, 127. 

Peirson, Robert, 6. 

Penreth, Thome, 21, 23, 80 ; Edwardi, 81. 

Percy, Lord Henry, 38, 49 ; Henry de, the 
Second, 39, 118 ; the Four|l^ 41 ; the Fifth, 
42, 46, 47 ; Henry, Inquisition taken at the 
Death of, 107. 

Peveral, William, 131. 

Philipson, P., 128. 

Pierremont, William, 132. 

Pityngtofi, Thomas, 25. 

Plescus, Johis de, 103. 

Plessyse, 26, 28. 

Plomere, Robert, 84. 

Pokthorp, Petms de, 58. 


Pont Island, Parish of, 9. 

Potts, Fergus, 11 ; John, 11. 

Pott, of Eashop, Anthony, 91. 

Potts, of Amdhouse, Percivell, 91. 

Potter, Esq., Henry Glassford, 134. 

Poulton, Captain, 131 . 

Pray, Willi, 21 ; Johi8,2!. 

Pteston, 9 ; De vill de, 96. 

Pk-endei^st, Henr de, 69. 

Pringle, John, 5 ; Robert, 89, 90, 91. 

Prideauz, Edmund, 3. 



Proflse, Mr^ 96. 
Pury, Thomas, 10. 
Pye, Thomas, 4 ; John, 8, 9. 
Pykborne, RolSio de, 79 ; Johi de, 79 ; Bic de, 
79 ; Thome de, 79. 

Radcliff, Sir Edward, 7. 

Ramshaw Mill, 7. 

Rawlinf?, Mr.,8. 

Raw, Widow, 12. 

Rawland, Rico, 70, 71. 

Richardson, Mr., 120. 

Richemond, Lordship of, 123 ; Petro de, 115, 

Richurdson, Greorge Bewsher, 148. 
Redesdale Iron Works, 156. 
Beedmerhili, Wiiha, 31, 32. 
Reede, Witti, 21. 
Reform Riots in 1831, 131. 
Ridley, John, 4. 
Ridsley, Mr., 8. 
Rihille, RolSto de, 103. 
RipplingtOQ, Yillim^e of, 94. 
Riplyngham, WiHi, 20. 
Risingham, 150, 151, 153, 157, 159. 
Biyer Green, 8. 
Robson, John, 11. 
Rochester, Mr., 6. 

Rock and Rennington Chappelries, 5. 
Rodes, Jotie, 80. 
Rodo& Nichi, 114. 
Rodome, William de, 12. 
Rotheford, Witti, 24. 
Rotherfoord, Alexander, 90. 
Rotherford, John, 89, 90, 91. 
Rothbury Parish, 4 ; De viii de, 95, 107, 109, 110. 

Roman Station of Bremenium (Riechester), 140 ; 

of Cilamam (Little Chesters), 142 to 145 ; 

List of Coins and other thin^ found in the, 

145 to 147 ; of Hahitancum (Risingham), 150 

to 160. 
Roman Relics, an Account of the Discoyeij 

of, in the Western Suburbs of Pons ^lii, 

Rnchett, John, 129. 
Ruding, Mr., 79, 93. 
Ruffan, John, 84. 
Rumbold, William, 19. 
Russell, Wilti, 58. 
Rutherfurd, 92 ; De yiH de, 95. 
Ryal, 95. 
Ryell Chappell, 7. 
Ryle, De vili de Little, 94. 
RyUyngton, Johis, 20. 

Saint Cuthbert, 31, 32. 
Saint John Lee Parish, 8. 
Salkeld, John, 4 ; Thomas, 4. 
Sandson, William, 16. 
Saluz, Memfredi, 38. 

Schettyng, Joftis, 82. 

Scarborough, EbtI of, 13. 

Scot, Richard, 15, 16, 17 ; Henr, 82 ; of Tarra« 
William, 92 ; Walter, 92 ; John, 92 ; Sir Wal- 
ter, 157 ; Nicfcus, 117 ; GUUtus, 117. 

Scotis, Adam, 52. 

Seaton Delavall, 9. 

Selkrigge, 91. 

Selbye, Mr., 4. 

Selby, Mrs., 4. 

Selbye, Sir William, 3, 5. 

Selbye, William, 6. 

Selby, Walf^o de, 55, 56 ; GillSto de, 55, 56 ; 

Seyems* Wall, 142. 

Sewarty, 91. 

Shaftoe, John, 7 ; William, 3, 4, 6, 7. 

Sharpe, Doctor, 140. 

Shanks, Mr. Richard, 150, 151, 152, 153, 155, 
156, 157, 159, 160 ; Mr. Thomas, 159. 

Sheriff's Account in 1715, 12; Messenger to 
Shields, 13 ; to Carlisle, 13. 

Shilbottle Parish, 5, 34. 

Shilyington, 8. 

Shipwash Glebe Land, 9. 

Shotton, 25, 28. 

Shortfall and Hameham, 95. 

Shoston, De yil) de Balmeborougfa et, 95. 

Shonte, Johis, 62 ; RolSto, 62. 

Shutl^gton, Adam de, 53. 

Shytlm^n Bume, 7. 


Simpson, Richard, 6. 

SingiltoB, RotStus, 22. 

Skirlow, Walter, 30. 

Skremmerston, De yitt de, 95. 

Slaly Parish, 2. 

Smith, Anthony, 129 ; John, 5 ; W., 127. 

Smyth, Thomas, 31. 

Snitter, Edmundus de, 100. 

Snyther, 102 ; De yitt de, 94, 107. 

Sokefi in Snytter, 106, 109, 110, 111, 112. 

Sopwith, Mr., 150. 

Sonthwyk, Johis, 20. 

Spronston, Barony of, 36. 

Spendelone, John, 15. 

Spoor, Amor, 148. 

Statistical Society of Paris, 130. 

Stainsby, John, 119. 

Staunton, 8. 

Stannington, Parish of, 8, 25, 26, 27, 28. 

Stanton, De yilt de, 94. 

Stanhop, Rico de, 84 ; Johe de, 84. 

Stamfordham Parish, 7* 

Starbacke, Mr., 4. 

Steyen, Rici, 19. 

Stewart, William, 12. 

Steel, Anthony, 13. 

Stote, Richard, 87, 88. 

Stodart, Wilti, 21. 

Stott, Gilbert, 128. 

Stokesfeld, Lawrence de, 70, 71. 

Stoker, William, 12. 

Stokhalgh, Jotiis de, 53. 



Strabolgi, DaTid de, 72. 

Stryvelyn, Johe de, 66, 67, 68. 

Strother, Wiiii, 24, 63, 65. 

Snffolke, Earl of, 4, 6, 7. 

Sunderland, 104. 

Burtees, Robert, 127. 

Swethop, Witti, 66. 

Swinhoe Parish, 5. 

Swinburne, Sir John Edward, 76, 150 ; Adam 

de, 76 ; Sir Thomas, 93, 94 ; ThomaB, 96 ; De 

vitt de West. 94. 
Swinhow, WalVi de, 77. 
Swynbnrn, RolSto, 32. 
Swmbume, William de, 15 ; John de, 15. 
SwintoD, Sir John de, 44. 
Swynhowe, EolSti de, 78 ; Witto, 78. 
Symonbome, Parish of, 7> 52. 

TaiUonr, Henry, 15 ; John Comyn, 15. 
Tallent^, Henry, 4. 
Tannatoris, Jacobi, 82. 
Tarsett Water, 7. 

Tempest, Francis, 128, 129 ; Sir Richard, 44. 
Tessey, Hug de, 101. 
TbisUehaugh, Village of, 8. 
ThirlweU, John. 7 ; George, 4. 
Thompson, William, 4 ; John, 8, 9 ; H., 128. 
Thorband, Roger, 17. 
Thorraby, Johero, 32. 
Thornton, De vii) de, 94. 
Thometon, of Netherwitton Castle, John, 121, 

Thornton, Roger, 18, 19, 20, 21, 23, 24, 27,28, 29, 

31, 119. 
Throcklawe, Robert de, 15. 
Thomeheugh, Town of, 8. 
Thompson, Mr., 4. 
Thorald, Johis, 62, 65. 
Thockrington Parish, 7, 8. 
Throckley, De yili de, 94. 
Thropton, Sokefi in, 106, 107, 109, 110, 111, 112. 
Tindale, Dyonisia de, 77 ; Watti de. Lord of Dil- 

ston, 77. 
Tinctore, Petro, 83. 
Tisonne, Richard, 33, 34 ; William, 33, 34 ; Gis- 

bright, 34 ; German, 34 
Todd, William, 12. 
Togesdene, Wilis de, 100. 
Toggesden, de vitt de, 94. 
ToMsdene, Wiiti de, 103, 105. 
Tossen, De Tilt de Mickle, 95 ; Little, 95. 
Toward, Richard of Wolsingham, 129. 
VTrewyk, Jotie de, 72. 
Trewetsheeles, 8. 
NTrewhett, De viH de Over, 95 ; Nether, 95. 
Trevelyan, Sir John, 76 ; Arthur, Esq^ 150, 151, 

152 ; Walter Galverley, Esq., of Wallington, 

119, 139, 141. 
TreUmgton, De vitt de, 94. . 
Trollop, Johisde, 59. 
Tughill, Chappehie^ 5. 
TnUie, Phillip, 12. 

VOL. in. 1 

Tunstall, Thomas, 129. 
Turpyn, Nichi, 24, 114. 
Turner, Esq., Thomas Hudson, 2, 18, 30, 51, 82, 

97 ; Henry, 51 ; Mr. John, 128, 129. 
Twesill, Town o^ 8. 
Tyndai, Thorn de, 83. 
Tynedale Ward, 94 ; William de, 17. 
Tynemouth, Plan of, 124.; Parish of, 9. 

Ulston, De Till de, 94. 
UmfraTille, Sir Ingram de, 44. 
UmfraTille's Family, 76. 
Useworth, Johis de, 62, 64. 

Vescy, Lord Ito de, 33, 34 ; Lord Eustace de, 

33 ; Beatrix de, 34 ; William, 34, 36, 37, 46 ; 

Eustace de, 35, 48 ; John de, 37> 46 ; Edward 

Viners, Sir Ralph de, 44. 


Wakefield, Mr., 7. 
Walt, Jotiem,31,32. 
Wales, Johem de, 15. 
Wallsend Parish, 2. 
Wallas, Marke, 8. 
Wallis, Richard, 4. 
Wallington, 151. 

Walton, George, Maior of Durham, 125, 128. 
Walters, Hugh, 128. 
Walker, Mr., 150, 151. 
Walton, Johe de, 74 ; H., 128. 
WalbotUe, 139. 
Wansbe, Rag, 98. 

Wardale, Richard de, 16 ; Wymbyadi, 18,21, 24. 
Warrener, Mr., 11. 
Warton, De Tilt de, 95. 
Warden Parish, 7 ; Village, 5. 
Wameforde, De Till de, 95. 
Wardale, Willo, 80. 
Warkworth Parish, 5, 9, 50. 
Wark worth, Castrum de, 104. 
Warke, De Tilt de, 95. 
Warkes Bume, 7. 
Wark, Lord Graye, of, 6, 8. 
Warde, Thomas, 19. 
Watlingstreet, 157. 
Watson, Matthew, 12 ; Richard, 128. 
Waulee, Edward, 127. 
Weetewood, 6. 
Weeteslatts, 9, 25. 
Weltden, Sidis, 114 ; Thome, 114. 
Weldon, Michael, 3. 
Wentworth, Peter, 9. 
Werkworth Castle, 40 ; Barony of, 40. 
Werkeworth, 97, 99, 100, 105, 107, 110, 112. 
Westerhaugh, Town of, 8. 
Westhidewyn, RoUus de, 57 58. 
Westnewton, De Tilt de, 97. 
Westdissington, 9. 



Wefltwodbmrn^ 62. 

Westmoreland, CoiiDty of, 123. 

WetWe^, Thome, 114. 

Wetwang, William, 4. 

Weteslade, Joties de, 70. 

Whalton, De vitt de, 94 ; Pariah of, 8. 

Whelpington, Parish of, 7, S« 

Whelpyngton, Bol5ti, 31, 32. 


Whitfield, Nicholas, 128. 

Whittingham, De vitt de, 94. 

Whitelawe, Wiffi, 62. 

Whitgrave, Stephan, 84. 

Whitley ViUage, 9. 

WhittiDgham Parish, 4. 

Whitehose, 7. 

White, Wiift, of Loudon, 80. 

WhittalL Parish of, 5. 

Whittfeflde Parish, 7. 

Whitfeild, Sir Matthew, 7. 

Whitfield, Richard, 128 ; Robert, 13. 

Whitelock, Bulstrode, 3. 

Widdrington, Esq.. Edward, 87, 88; William, 

Lord, 87, 88, 89. 
WidrvngtoD, Johis, 27. 
' Widnn^n, Sir Edward, 4. 
Widdowes, William, 4. 
Wigham, Johan, 7. 
William, King of Scotland, 36 ; the Lion, luog 

of Scotland, 48 ; Duke of Nbrmii,ndy, 33 ; Earl 

Wilson, Cuthbert, 6. 

Wittonsheeles, 8. 
Wingates, De yitt de, 94. 
Wodde, Johis del, 20. 
Wodman, Johis, 117 ; Hugo, 117. 
Wollore, Thomas de, 65. 
Wooperton Chappel, 5. 
Woodhouse Parish, 5. 
Woodrington, De viit de, 94. 
Woodbamb 160. 

Woodbnra, East, 157 ; HiU, 159. 
Woodhome Parish, 8, 9. 
Woolfal, Mr., 8. 
Wooller Parish, 6. 
Wortshangh, 7. 
Wotton Johes de, 75. 
Wresil, Stephns de, 77. 
Wright, Hugh, 127, 128 ; Biohmrd, 128, 129. 
Wycliff, Rofti de, 79. 

Wydrington Chappelrie, 9 ; Henry, 7 ; Sir Tho- 
mas, 3 ; Robert 6. 
Wydryngton, Edmundo de, 63. 
Wyderington, Johis de, 103. 
Wyderyngton, Rogo de, 57, 59. 
Wypbyssh, Nichm, 31. 
Wyng, Matthew, 5. 
Wy tvU, Walter de, 44. 


Yetlington, De vitt de, 94. 
Yong, Witti, 114. 
Yonger, William, 17. 
Yorke, Dean and Chapter of 7. 




Date. Donationt. 

183IS. An Impression on Wax of the Seal of Southwick Priory. 
Feb. 1. A Tuscan Vase- 

Spedmen of a '^trified Fort. 

120 Volumes of Journals of the Houses of F&rliament. 

1£ Sulphur Casts of Ancient Seals belonging to the Neville 

and Scrope Families. 
A complete Set of the Allen Tracts in 1 Vol. 4to.; A 
Plan of Edinbuigh in 1742. 2 Views of Liverpool in 
July 4. Archseologia^ Vol.^ XXIV. 

The 39th Year's Report of the Literary and Philosophical 
Society of Newcastle. 

Account of Cholera Morbus. 

Several Acts of Parliament relating to Boads in the County 
of Durham. 

The 8th Year's Report of the Mechanics' Institute, New- 
Nov. 7* 16 Roman and other Coins.— >1 5 Pieces of Roman and other 

Antiquities. — 13 Antique Spear Heads, &c, found at 
the Roman Station at Brou^h. 

Observations on the construction of old London Bridge, as 
discovered m 1826 and 1827> with a Plate. 

The Parochial Topography of the Hundred of Want^se, 4to., 
Oxford, 1894. Copy of an Ancient Confirmation Deed re- 
latins to certain Land formerly possessed by the Abbey of 
Shdtesbury, 4to., Evesham, 1818. A Book of Glamor- 
ganshire Antiquities, 181^. 
Gibson's Map of the Collieries, 1788, on the Rivers Tvne, 
and Wear, and also at Blyth, Bedlington, and Ueurt- 
The Rev. T. D. Fosbrook's Encyclopedia of Antiquities, 
and several Volumes of Books, Maps, Plans, &c. 
Dec. 5. Three Silver Coins of Edward. 

1833. The Tour to York ; being a circumstantial Account of His 
Feb. 6. Royid Hi^ness the Prince of Wales's Visit to that City in 

1789, 4to., York 1789; Plans, Elevations, Sections, and 
other Ornaments of the Mansion belonging to the Corpor- 
ation of Doncaster, by John Riine, folio, London 1761. 


Mr. John Bell. 
Mr. Wm. Doubleday. 
W. C. Trevelyan, Esq. 
John Hodgson, Esq., 

Mr. John Bell, 

John Hodgson, Esq., 
M. p. 

The Sodety of Anti- 
quaries, London. 

The Society. 
Mr. J. Sykes. 
Mr.Thos. Bowes, Dar- 

The Society. 

Mr. John Ramsay, 

Mr. Wm. Knight, As- 
sistant Architect to the 
new Bridge. 

Sk Thos. Phillips, Bart. 

Mr. Crawford. 

Miss Peters* 

Mr. Turner, 

Mr. Robt. Thompson. 


March & 

April 3. 
June 5. 

July 3. 

August 17. 

Sept. 4. 

Dec. 4. 

Jan. 2. 
Feb. 5. 



June 4. 

Nov. 6. 

Feb. 4. 

Cartularium Sazonicum Malmesburiense, folio. 

A false Roman Medallion of Comroodus. — A Brass Shilling 
(Irish) of James IL-^A third Brass Coinof Posthumus. — A 
Penny of Edward— A third Brass Coin of Gallienus. 

I^7e ancient Irish Coins. 

Buck's Views of the Castles of Chillingham, Prudhoe, Botbal^ 
Belsay, and Horton, and Brinkburn Priory, A. 1)., 17^- 
Tracts relative to the Newcastle Election, folio, 1741. 
Tracto relative to the Civil Wars, 4to., 1641-2-3. Ban- 
nister's Life of Newton, Bishop of Durham, 4to. Debate 
between the House of Lords and Commons, on the abdi- 
cation of James II., 1695. Political Pamphlets, 1680. 
Poll Book for Northumberland Election, 1722. 

Two Swords brought from the Siege of Lewisburgh in ] 756. 

Vol. XXV., Part 1st, Archaeologia. 

An Impression of Queen Elizabeth's Great Seal. 

Archseologia Scotica, Vol. IV. Part 2, and Papers on Buth- 
well Monument. 

A Map of the Roman Stations and Buildings within 15 Miles 
of Woodchester. 

Various Roman Antiquities discovered in making the Ex- 
cavations at Housesteads. 

Three Chinese Copper Coins. 

A Plate from a Basso Relievo at Wilton. 

The Weymouth Guide. 

Litho^phed Signatures of the Members of the British As- 
sociation for the Advancement of Science 

One of the Compartments of the Mosaic Pavement at Harles- 

Brief Account of Durham Cathedral, 12mo., 1833. 

The Ichnography of Whitby Abbey, with an Historical and 
Descriptive Account of that ancient Structure, illustrated 
with four small Views. By H. W. Benson : Two Copies, 
lai^ and small Paper. 

Report of the Committee appointed at the Midsummer Ses- 
sions 1833^ to examine into the County Expenditure of 
the County of Durham, folio, 1833. 

An Impression of a Seal found at Whitley. 

A Steel Breast-plate ornamented round the edge with Brass 

Outlines of the Plan of Education adopted at the Grammar 
School, Newcastle upon Tyne, A. D., 1793. 

Archseologia Vol. XXV., Part 2. 

The English Compendium, or, Rudements of Honour, 12mo., 

17^0 ; Commerce d'Estaropes, sous les articles relatif \ la 

Gravure, k la Lithographic, die la Pduture et aux Arts, 

8vo., Paris, 1830. 
An old Spanish Silver Coin. 
A Pair of Gloves said to have belonged to James, Earl of 

A Diurnal of remarkable Occurrences in Scotland since the 

death of James IV., till the Year MDLXXV. 
Parochial Memoranda afforded by Charlton and Shilbottle 

Church Yards; MSS., with a Portion of a Leadl'ipe from 

the latter place. 

SirThos. Phillips, Bart. 

Mr. James Thompson 

Mr. Falla. 

John Hodgson, Esq., 
M. P. 

The Council of the 

The Society of Anti- 
quaries, London. 

Mr. John Bell. 

The Society of Scottish 

Mr. Robert Liddell, Bill 

Mr. Henry Turner. 
Ralph Naters, Esq. 
Mr. John Bell. 

Mr. John Bell. 

Mr. W. Hutton. 

Mr. Liddell, Felling 

Rev. J. Raine. 

The Author. 

G. T. Fox, Esq. 
Henry Hewitson, Esq. 

Mr. Bone, South Shields. 

Mr. John Bell. 
The Society of Anti- 
quaries, London. 

Mr. John Bell. 

Mr. J. Taylor, Elswick. 

Miss Elis. Weallans. 
Mr« Thomas Thomson, 

Rev. Jos. Cook, New- 


Date, Donations. 

1835. Eight Plates of Monuments of the Howard Family. 

Three Election Medals of John Hodgson, Esq., M. P. 

The Ghost of Joseph Robson, Engineer, South Shields, 
1819. O Friends ! no Friends to Sang, Church, and State, 
or Thames, Tweed, and Tyne parralled with Rome's Tiber 
and King pysoning Po., 4to., 1648. A list of the Society 
of Antiquaries, London, April 52, 1832. 

The Works of Sir David Lmdsay, knt., ]2mo., Edinburgh, 
1670. Heroick Life of Henry the Fourth, King of 
France, 161S. Life of Alderman Barber, 1741. History 
of the Art of Engraving in Mezzotinto, 1786. Duchess 
of Marlborough's Last Will and Testament, 1750. 

A Print of Mosaic Pavement discovered at Frampton, in 
Dorsetshire, in 1796. 

Catterick Church in the County of York; or, a correct Copy 
of the Contract for its building, 4to.y London 1834. 
March 4. Shoe Soles found in digging tiie foundations for the Gaol 
at Carlisle. 

An ancient Cannon. 

Annual Reports of the Sons of the Clergy. 
June 3. Two Vases found on the old Roman Road (Watling Street), 

near Stoney Stratford, in excavating for the Birmingham 
and London Railway. 

Various Roman Antiquities found at Chesters. 

General Introduction to Doomsday Book, 2 Vols. Pro- 
ceedings and Ordinances of the Privy Council of Eng- 
land, Vols. L — IV. Rotuli Kormanice in Turri Lon- 
dinensis. Vol. L Fines sive pedes Finium, Vol, I. Ex- 
cerpta e Rotuli Fmium in Tur. Lond. Vol. L Rotuli 
Select! ad res Atiglicus et Hibernicus, Pt. 1. Rotulus 
CanceDarii, vel Autigraphum Magni Rotuli I^pse. Magnum 
Rotulum Scaccarii, vel. Blag. Rot. Pipas. An Essay 
on the Authority of the Kin^B Council. Cooper's 
Correspondence with Thompson, 8vo. Lettres sur la 
Coeur de la Chancellerie de Angleterre, &c., 8vo. 
Memoria de Commisao de Arquivas da Gran Bretanha, 
8vo. An die Altenthum fershen Deutschlands, und 
des Nordlichen Europas. 8vo. C. P. Cooper's Speech. 
Acts of Parliament of Scotland, Vols. II. — A I. Calendars 
of Chancery Pro. in Reg. R. Eliz. 3 vol. Par. Writs of 
Mity. Summons, 4 vols. Inquisit ad Capell. Dom. R. re- 
tornat, 3 vols. Rot Quit. Clauser, in Tur. London, as. 
servativa, Vol. I. Calendarium Inquisit post. mort. sive 
Escaet. 4 vol. Placita de quo warranto temp. Ed. L, 
IL> et III., in Curia recep. Scaccar. Westm. asservata. 
Rot Scotice in Tur. London, et in domo Capit Westm. 
asservata. Vol. L et IL Registrum Blag. Sigil. Scotor. in 
Archives publicis asservaturo. Catalogue of the Harleian tne British Museum, 4 vols. Valor Ecclesiasti- 
cus, Hen. VIII. . 6 vol. Testa de Nevile sive Libri 
Feodor in cnria Scaccarie. Rotuli Hundred temp Hen. 
IIL et Ed. I. in Turri Lond. et in cur. Scaccar. Westm. 
asserv. 2 vol. Rotulorum Original, in cur. Scaccar. 
Abbreviativ. 2 vol. Catalogue of Lansdowne MSS. 
in Brit. Mus., with Indexes. I^onar Inquisitiones in 
cur. Scaccar. temp Ed. III. Placetorum in domo 
Capituli Westmonas. asservatorum abbreviatio. Ducatus 

Henry Howard, Esq., 

P. Fenwick, Esq. 

Mr. John Bell. 

Mr. Robt Thompson. 
Mr. Robert Liddell, Fel- 
ling Shore. 

Rev. J. Raine. 
Mr. C. Hodgson, Car- 
Joseph Price, Esq. 
Rev. Robert Green. 

Robt. Stephenson, Esq. 
Mr. John Bowman, Cor- 

DaU, DonaHoHi. Dattors. 

\9i5. Lancastris, pan prima Calend. InqtiiBhioram post 
mort. &c., 3 vol. Questions drculated under the 

authority of His Majest/s ComoiissioDers on the Public The Record Commia- 
Reoords. aoners. 

A Stone Coffin ; and a Marble Tombstone with old inscrip- 
tion. R. Gndnger, Esq. 
A Statement as to Ballast Quays let by the Corporation to 

Messrs. Smith, folio, 1831. Joseph Crawhall, Esq. 

The Directory for 1801 of Newcastle, Gateshead, and Places 
adjacent. Mr. John Taylor, 

Aug. 5. A Chinese Pass, or Chop, granted to the Ship Brothers of 

this Port, being the nnt that loaddl a Ongo of Tea in 
China. Henry Mitcalfe, Esq. 

Six Phamphlets relating to the Accounts of the Treasurer of 

the County of Durham. William Loraine, Esq. 

A Specimen Number of the Numismatioal and Glyptioal 

Cabinet. Mr.Wm. Garret. 

A Collection of the Reports of the Dispensaiy, Lying-in 
Hospital, Fever House, and Infirmary. Mr. J. P. Church. 

Nov. 4. A Description of the andent Vessd recentlv found under 
an old branch of the River Rotter, in iCent, London, 
1823. Mr. Edw. Chapman. 

Landseer's Sabean Researches, No. 9. Ignatius Bonomi, Esq. 

The Accounts for 1834 of the Treasurer of the County 

of Durham. G. T. Fox, Esq. 

A Collection of Phamphlets relating to the Charitable Institu- 
tions in Newcastie and Neighbourhood, and a MS. Copy 

of the County Rate for Durham. Rev. Robt. Williamson. 

Dec. 2. An Abstract of the Accounts of the Chamberlains of the The Stewards of the 

Corporation of Newcastie. Incorporated Com- 

A Collection of Reports relating to the Charitable Institu- 
tions of Newcastie. Sir M. W. Ridley, Bart. 
1836. The R^ter of the Electors for the Kortiiem and Southern 
Jan 6* Divisions of the County of Northumberland. Antiquarian 
Researches, extracted from the Newcastie Journal of July 
4, 1 835, and Jan. 2, 1836. William Dickson, Esq. 
Biay 4. A Collection of Antiquities brought by Miss Davidson from 

abroad. BGss Davidson. 

R^rts of Committees of the Town Council of Newcastie, 
since the commencement of his Mayoralty. Jos. Lamb, Esq. 

June £. The History and Antiquities of the Round Church, at Littie 

Maplestead, Essex. William Walker, Esq. 

Parts III. to X. of a History and Description of the late 
Houses of Parliament; and Part HI. of a Dictionary of 
the Architecture and Archaeology of the Middle Ages. John Britton, Esq. 

July 6. Arch«ologia Vol. XXVI. Vetusta Monumenta Plates LXL The Society of Anti- 

to LXIX., being the completion of the Volume. quaries of London. 

History of the Western Highlands and Isles. Donald Gregory, Secre- 

tary to the lona Club. 
Collectanea de Rebus Albanids, Pfeurte 1, 9, 3, and Transac The Council of the lona 

tions of the lona Club, ParU 1, and 9. Club. 

A Catalogue of Portuguese Books in the Library of John 

Adamson, Esq. John Adamson, Esq. 

Rules and Reports of the Gateshead Dispensary. Mr. Featherstonhaugfau 

A Drawing of a Tombstone, found on opening out Old 
Trinity Chapel, in Gateshead. Mr« John Bell. 

Dec. 7- The remainder of the Reports of the Town Councilof New- 

castie during his Mayoralty. C. J. Bigge, Esq« 



Feb. 6. 

March 7. 

April 4. 
June 6. 

Copies of the County Treasurer's Accounts for the County 
of Durham^ for the Years 18^ to 1835. 

One of the Medals distributed on the perambulation of the 
Boundaries of Hareshaw Common, 19th September, 1836. 
A List of the Free Bui^gesses of the Town of Newcastle 
for the year commencing 1835. 

Printed Extracts from the Newcastle Journal relative to the 
value of Inquisitions. 

Reports of the Natural History Society. 

Indications of Memorials, Monuments, Pfdntings, and Engrav- 
ings of Persons of the Howard Family, and of their Wives 
and Children, and of those who have married Ladies of the 
Name, and of the Representatives of some of its Branches 
now extinct, as far as they have been ascertained. By 
Henry Howard, Esq., fol. 

A Plaster Cast of a monumental Stone, found in Monk- 
wearmouth Church, and now in the Library of the Dean 
and Chapter at Durham. 

Catalogue Raisonn^ of an unique Collection of Books on 
Cathederal and Architectural Antiquities, 8vo. 

A Receipt dated '< 1600 and Eighty 8^' for Hearth Money. 

A Chest with the original Padlock and Keys, formerly be- 
longing to the " Maison Dieu" of Newcastle. 

Copies of the published accounts of the Corporation of 
Newcastle for the years ending Michaelmas i^i2t and 18£9, 
to 1835 inclusive. 

A small curiously carved Desk, date 1614. 

A London Groat of Edward IV., found near Medomsley. 

A Pass in Turkish for the ** Emma'' of this Port, on her 
Voyage to Constantinople. Reports of the Dispensarvfrom 
1894 to 1834. Report of the Fever Hospital for 1834. 

An Exchequer Tally. 

Reports of the Jubilee School for several years. 

Six Sermons in the Madras Language. 

The General Account of the Treasurer of the County of 
Durham, for 1836. 

Report of the Gateshead Dispensary for 1836. 

A drawing of an ancient Cross found at the old Trinity 
Chapel, in Gateshead. A Map entitled " A Survey of the 
Country between Newcastle and Carlisle, &c./' in 1 750. 
A drawing of a Stone Mantle-piece, taken out of a House 
on the West Side of Gateshead, belonging to Mr. John 
Barras, and lately pulled down for the Brandling Junction 

The Life of Sir William Wallace, 18mo., Glasgow, 1736. 
Witt's Recreations, 8vo., London, 1668. Record's Arith- 
metic, 8vo., London, 1668. 

Stemmer fra den Denske Kirkes, Reformations Tid. Odense, 
1836, 4to. 

Old Tapestry from a house at Wallsend. 

Catalogue of the Furniture and Library of the late Robert 
Surtees, of Mainsforth, Esq. 

An old Sword. 

Proceedings and Ordinances of the Privy Council of England, 
Vols. V. VI, and VII. Kalendars and Inventories of 
His Majesty's Exchequer, Vols. I., II., III. Excerpta 

C ♦ 

John W. Williamson, 
Esq., by John Dunn, 

Mr. Thomas Bell. 

Mr. Wm. Dickson. 
Mr. W. Hutton. 

Henry Howard, Esq., of 
Corby Castle. 

Rev. James Raine. 

J. Britton, Esq. 
Mr. Bell, of Manchester. 
Joseph Cookson, Esq., 
of Bristol. 

John Brown, Esq. 
John Buddie, Esq. 
Mr. Geo, Southern, of 

Mr. Robert Pearson. 
Mr. John Garret. 
Mr. Robert Pearson. 
Mr. J. C. Walker. 

G. T. Fox, Esq. 
Mr. Henry Featherston- 

Mr. John Bell. 

Arthur Trevelyan, Esq. 

N. Faber, Esq. 

W. F. Peacock, Esq. 

Mr. Wm. Garret. 
Mr. Joseph Dixon. 



July 4. 

Aug. 1. 

Kov. 7. 

Dec. 5. 

Jan. i. 

Feb. 5. 


e Rotuliii Finium, Vol. II. Rotnli de Oblates et Fintbus 

temp. Johan 
An ancient piece of Workmanship (of Brass^) found in the 

Peat Moss, near the top of Boltslaw, Derwent. 
A Collection of Curiosities from Buenos Ayres. 

Drawings of a richly-chased Brass Dish, found at Corbridge, 
and now in the possession of Mr. Kitchen. A Drawing 
of a monumental Stone found in Oakwellgate, near the 
old Rectory House, Gateshead. 

A Roman Altar taken out of a wall of the Rectory Garden, 
Gateshead. A Carved Stone found in Oakwellgate, a 
Drawing of which was presented at the last meeting. 

A Calendar of the Prisoners for trial at the last Newcastle 

March 6. 

The Berwick Museum, for 1785-6-7, 3 vols. 

Reporto of the Widows' and Orphans' Society. Report of 
the Newcastle Association for the Preservation of Life 
from Shipwreck. The ^d, 3rd, 4th, and 6th Reports of 
the Royal National Institution for the Preservation of life 
from Shipwreck. Captain Manby's Practical Illustrative 
Essay on prevention of Shipwreck. A new Phm for 
fitting Boats as Life Boats. Description of Dennett's 
Rocket for preserving Lives from Shipwreck. A Plan for 
the construction of a Steam life Boat. 

Reports of the Mechanics' Institute. 

Rraorts of the Newcastie Dispensary. Reports of the Fever 
Hospital. Dr. Clarke's Letters to promote an Institution 
for the prevention of Fever. 

Quadro de Gugraphia Numismatica. 

Drawings of ancient monumental Stones in a Cellar in the 

Roy^ Grammar School, Newcastie. 
Catalogue of the Library of the Rev. John Smith, kite '^car 

of Newcastie, 1836. 

General index of Parliamentary Papers of the House of Com- 
mons, 1801 to 183£. 

A Set of Papers relating to the Savings' Bank, Newcastie. 

Reports of the Newcastle Town Council for the Year of his 

Archaeoiogia, VoL XXVIL, Pbrt I. 

Eight Impressions of ancient Wood Cuts. 

Papers relating to the Society for the Promotion of the Fine 

Two Years' Reports and other Papers of the literary and 
Philosophical Society. 

A Collection of Tracto (in Swedish) by R. K. Rask ; publish- 
ed after the author's death, 2 vols. ISmo. 

Researches and Conjectures on the Bayeux Tapestry. 

Fortv-five Silver Pennies of the Reigns or Edward, of 
Alexander, and John of Scotiand. 

Plans of the several Estates and Farms belonging to the 
Greenwich Hospital, in the Counties of Cumberland, Nor- 
thumberland, and Durham ; from an actual Survey, folio, 

Croft SpaW| a Poem. Trial of Jane Jameison. 


The Record Commis- 

Mr. J. Dolphin, Hunter 
House, Derwent. 

John HaU, Esq., Black- 

Mr. John BeU. 

Rev. John Collinson, 
M. A. 

John Adamson, Esq. 
Wm. Weddell, Esq. 

Robert Plummer, Esq, 
The Society. 

Mr. J. WiUde. 
The Marquis Charles 
Strom, of Florence. 

Mr. John Bell. 

Mr. Robert Pearson. 

Mr. John BelL 
Mr. A. Bolam. 

Jos. Lamb, Esq. 
The Society of Anti- 
quaries, London. 
Geo. Rippon, Esq. 

The Sodety. 

The Society. 

The Royal Society of 
Antiquaries, Copen- 

Bolton Comey, Es^. 

John Hodgson Hmde, 

Ccmimissioners of Greeo- 

wich Hospital. 
Mr. John BelL 

Date. Donaiumi. 

1838. Fever Hospital Report. North Tyne and Reedwater Associa^ 
tion for the prevention of Poaching. Plan for conveying 
Live Stock trom the Coast of Great Britain and Ireland, 
&c. Extracts from the Commission of the Peace, County 
of Northumberland. Order of Sessions about building 
Gaol, County of Northumberland. 
June 5. Two Roman Stones taken out of the Garden Wall at Heaton 

Flint Mill, Ouseburn. Two Fragments of carved Stones 
found in an old Fence, near Low Heaton Farm House. 

Transactions of the Natural History Society, Vol. IL, 
Ptort L 

^Statement of the Accounts of the Keelmen's Society for 
1837. An Act of Parliament, (1788) for establishing the 
Keelmen's Fund, and a Copy of the fiye Laws. 

Drawings of two Ofiertory Dishes. Copies of Lease and 
Rules of Ball&st Hills' Burial Ground. Letter to B. 
Hawes, Esq., M. P., on the British Museum, by Edward 
Edwards, Esq. The Isle of Devils, printed in Jamaica. 
Notice des Tableaux exposes dans la Galerie du Musde 

Reports of the Morpeth Dbpensary for 1830, 31, 33, 35, 

August 7- Documents and Records illustrating the History of Scotiand^ 

EDstory and Description* with Graphic ^lustrations, of Cas- 
siobury Park, Hertfordshire, folio, 1837* A Dictionary of 
the Architecture and Archeology of the Middle Ages, 
Part 4. 

Nov. 6. Reports of the Westgate Cemetery. 

Drawings and Account of a Roman Villa, discovered Nov. 
1837, at Newton, St. Loe, near Bath, on the Line of the 
Great Western Railway, together vdth several Fragments 
of the Pavement in it. 

«; ^ Archasologia, Vol. XX VII., Part J. 

A Suit of Armour. 

Two Bronze Vessels (Roman) found near Haydon Bridge, in 
May 1838, in an excacavation for the Newcastle and Car- 
lisle Railway, 

Letters to King James the Sixth from the Queen, &c. ; print- 
ed by Sir Patrick Walker, of Coates, Knt., for the Mait- 
land Club, 4to. 

A Drawing and Description of a monumental Stone, found 
at Hartiepool, Oct. 15,183a 

State Papers, Vol. L to V. 

Dr. MoUer's Work (in German) on Gothic Architecture. 

An Index to Archssologia ^liana. Vol. L 

Views on the Newcastle and Carlisle Railway 

An ancient Matchlock, and an ancient Gunlock. 

A Pile Shoe from old London Bridge. 

Six Roman Moulds for Coins, found at Lingwell Gate, near 

Copies of the Pipe Rolls, for Cumberland and Westmorland. 

A small old Cannon. 
March 6. Copies of the Reports of the Town Council, during the year 
of his Blayoralty. 

Feb. 4. 


John Adamson, Esq. 

Sir M. W. Ridley, Bart. 

The Society. 

Mr. Thos. Fairweather, 

Mr. John Bell. 

John Adamson, Esq. 
The Record Commis- 

John Britton, Esq. 
Mr. J. Finiay. 

Mr. Thos. Chas. Bell. 
The Society of Anti- 
quaries, London. 
Mr. W. S. Hawks. 

Mr. Wylam Walker, 

Miss Walker, Edinburgh. 
Rev. Robt. Taylor, Har.- 

The Record Commis- 

Edw. Swinburne, Esq. 

Miss Dickson, Alnwick. 

The Directors. 

Mr. John Bell. 

J. A. Longridge, Esq. 

Wm. Wanley, Esq., F. 
S. A., Lond. 

John Hodgson Hinde, 
Esq., M. P. 

Mr. Thomas Bell. 

T. E. Headlam, M. D. 


May 7. 

June 4. 

July 2. 

August 6. 

Sept. 3. 
Oct. 1. 

Nov. 6. 


A Roman Stone found at Bremenium, and two others found 
at Little Chestera. 

A Roman Figure of Hercules found in the Garden of the 
House in Pilgrim Street, purchased by the Newcastle and 
North Shields Rmlway Company, of Mr. Peareth. 

Three ancient monumental Stones taken out of a Cellar in 
the Royal Grammar School, Drawings of which were pre- 
sented to Mr. J. Bell, Oct 1837. 

Copy of the Pipe Rolls for the County of Durham. 

One of the Medals struck for distribution on the perambula- 
tion of the Boundaries of the Manor of Blanchland, on the 
ie7th&IS8th of June, 1839. 

A Treatise on Wood Engraving, Historical and IVacdcal, 
Royal 8vo., 1839. 

Notice sur T Institut de Correspondence Archseologica, par 
Th. Panofka. Notice sur le Mus^e Dodwell k Rome, fiul- 
letine dell* Insdtuto di Correspondenza ArchaM>logica per 
1' anno 1838, Rome, 1838. 

The Occasional Miscellany for 1748. 

The Eighth Report of the Westgate Hill Cemetery. 

Calendars of the Prisoners for trud at the last Assizes for Nor- 

A Third Preface to his Treatise on Wood Engraving. 

Description de la Ville d* Anvers, 8vo, 1830. Itineraire des 
Bateaux k Vapeur de Bordeaux k Meumande, 12mo, 

A Narative of the Proceedings relative to the Establishment 
of St. Luke's House. Bv John Hall, M. D., Newcastle, 
1/67. The Basis of Freemasonry displayed, &c., by 
Brother Robert Green, 8vo., Newcasde. A Sermon preach- 
ed in St. Nicholas' Church, in Newcastle, on occasion of 
the late dangerous Insurrection at Hexham, by John 
Brown, D. D., Vicar of Newcastle, 8vo., Newcastle, 1761. 
Mr. Mylne*s Report respecting Tyne Bridge, with his Plan 
for a temporary Bridge, 8vo., Newcastle, 177^ A true 
Copy of the ori^nal Letters which passed between John 
Hall, oi Monk Hesleden, in the County of Durham (an 
eminent Quaker Teacher) and William Walker, of East 
Thickley, 8vo., Newcastle, 1725. A Sermon preached in 
the Country, &c.,by T. Welbank, late Curate in Northum- 
berland, 8vo., Newcastle, 1751. The Honest Man's Com- 
panion, or, the Family's Safeguard, 8vo., Newcastle, 1736. 
£piscopas Ptierorum in die Innoentium, 4to., London, 

Reports of the Literary and Philosophical Society for the 
Years 1838 & 1839, and List of Members. 

A Medal of the Botanical and Horticultural Society for 

The Newcastle Chronicle Newspaper for the Years 183IS, 
3, 4, & 5. 

Rule for the government of the Gaol and House of Correc- 
tion for the County of Durham, 1819. Additional Rules 
and Regulations for ditto. 

One of the Medals struck for the perambulation of the 
Municipal Boundaries of the Borough of Grateshead, 24th 
May, 1836, but which were never issued. A Set of Ad- 
mission Tickets used on the laying of the foundation Stone 
of the Literary and Philosophical Society, 2nd September, 
1822. Catalogue of the Sale of Coins belonging to Jona- 

Walter Calverly Tre- 
▼elyan, Esq. 

The Directors of the 

Rev. J. Wood. 

J. H. ffinde. Esq , M. P. 

Mr. Thomas Bell. 
Mr. W. A. Chatto. 

W. C. Trevelyan, Esq. 
Mr. John BeU. 
Mr. J. Finlay. 

John Adamson, Esq. 
Mr. W. A. Chatto. 

Mr. John Bell. 

John Adamson, Esq. 

The Society. 

The Society. 
Mr. J. T. W. Bell, Cas. 
tie Eden. 

Mr. J. Bell. 


Dec. 3. 

Jan. 7. 

Ikiie. . Donations, 

1 839. than Ward Sanders, in June, 1819. Catalogue of the Sale 

of Coins beloiuring to Sir Cutb. Sharp, in December, 1819. 
Report of the Charity for Poor Married Women Lying-in 

at their own Houses, for 1838. 
A curious Brass Bell. 

Bara Mathematica ; or, a collection of Treasures on the 
Mathematics, and Subjects connected with them ; by James 
Orchard Halliweil, Esq. The Laws of the Cambridge Anti- 
quarian Society. 

Illustrations of the Anglo French Coinage, taken from the 
Cabinet of a Fellow of the Antiquarian Societies of Lon- 
don and Scotland, of the Royal Societies of France, 
I^ormandy, and many others, British as well as Foreign, 
by General Ainslie, 4ta, 1830. 

A Map of Northumberland, begun by the late Mr. John 
Horsley, Author of the Britannia Romana. 

A Second Brass Coin of Vespasian. 

Reports of the Town Council during his Mayoralty. 

Reports of the Newcastle Dispensary for the years 1838-39. 

Drawings of old monumental Stones found in St. Mary's 
Church, Gateshead. 

MS. Copy of the various Reports relative to the building of 
Tyne Bridge. Six Drawings of the different Piers of the 
old Bridge made by her late Father. 

A Drawing of two monumental Stones lately found in Choi- 
lerton Church yard. A Drawing of an Inscription on a 
small window in Chollerton Church. 

An ancient Jetton of the year 1527> found in dredging the 
River Tyne. 

Further Observations on the Coinage of the ancient Britons, 
4to., 1839. 

The following ancient documents on Parchment — Tythes of 
Blanchland Abb^ with the Great Seal of Queen Eliza- 
beth. Grant of the Manor and Town of Wylam, 1630, 
with two Seals. Grant of the Tythes of Heddon on the 
Wall, in Queen Elizabeth's reign. Leases of Ovington 
Mill, 1634, with the Earl of Northumberland's Seal. The 
following ancient documents on Paper. — Boundary of 
Whetstone House and Woodburn Common, folio sheets 
with Signatures. Boundary of Whelpington and Reds- 
dale Lordship, one sheet. Copy of a View Survey of the 
Barony of Bywell, one sheet. Translation of a Lease from 
Queen Elizabeth to George Mason, Esq., of the Tythes of 
Heddon on the Wall Paper relating to the Manor of 

The History and Antiquities of Carlisle, 8vo., 1838. A Ser- 
mon preached at A{^leby, April 14, 1676, on the Funeral 
of the Right Hon. Anne Clifford, Countess of Pembroke. 
Trial and Execution of Col. Townley at Carlisle, 1746. 

One dozen 8vo. Portfolios, to hold the Society's Pamphlets, 

Feb. 3. An old Spear and a Blade of a Sword, found in Kirkwhelp- 

ington Churchyard, with a short Memoir by the Rev. Mr. 

Walker, of Whelpington. 

March 3. lafe of Sir Philip Musgrave, Bart. Life of Thomas Coppock. 

Guide to Naworth and Lanercost. 

Weaver's Audent Funeral Monuments, folio. 

One of the old Cut-purses, from the Town's Hutch. (See 
'* Gardner's England's Grievance," cap. 39.) 


Mr. John Bell. 

Mr. Henry Turner. 
Mre. Windham, late Miss 
Emma Trevelyan. 

J. O Halliweil, Esq. 

Capt. Francis Ainslie. 

Thos. Walker, Esq. 
Rev. Geo. Hunter. 
John Fife, Esq. 
Mr. Thos. Humble. 

Mr. John Bell. 

Miss Jane Harvey. 

Sir J. E. Swinburne, 

Rev. Mr. Hunter. 
John Geo. Akenhead, 

John Adamson, Esq. 

Mr. S. Jefierson, Car- 

Mr. John Bell. 

Sir J. E. Swinburne, 

Mr. S. Jefferson, Car- 

W. E. Surtees, Esq. 
The Corporation of 



Date. DonaHofu. 

1840. Fac-simile Drawings of the andent Altars and other Roman 
Monuments belonging to the Society, arranged in a Book, 
with the various Drawings the Society previously possessed 
of some of the same. 
The Assize Calendar. 

The General Account of the Treasurer of the County of 
Durham, 1821, 23, 25, £7, 28, 29, 31, 33, 34, 35, 37, and 
38. The Registers of Electors for the County of Durham 
thevears 1832 to 1839. 
May 8. The Hand and Club of the I^re of Hercules, which was 

presented on the 17th May, 1839, and which had been 
found in the garden of the house in Pilgrim Street. 
Reports of the Savings' Bank, Newcastle, for 1838 and 1839. 

June 2. ArchsBlogia, XXYHL, Part 2, 

The Annual Accounts of the Treasurer of the County of 
Durham, for the year 1822-3. 
July 7* Catalogue of the Subscription Library, Sunderland. 

An Historical Description of Westminster Abbey, 1827. — 
Memoirs of the Life of Sir Stephen Fox, Knight 

Architectural Illustrations of the Temple Church, 4to., 1 838. 

Observations on the Anglo-Saxon Stycas of Northumberland, 
12mo., 1840. 

The Bridle Bit belonging to the equestrian Statue of the 
Duke of Newcastle, which stood in front of the Castle at 

Six small Coins of Gallienus, six of ^ctorinus, ten of Tibe- 
rius, four of Hberius jun , and two of Claudius Gothicus, 
which were found, with others, on the 21 st March, 1832, 
in a Roman Urn, at Thorsby, in Wensleydale. 

The forty-seventh year's Report of the Literary and Philoso- 
phical Society, 

Several of the annual Reports of the Yorksliire Philosophical 

A bronze Medal of the Pol^echnic Society at Newcastle. 

The ancient Laws and Institutes of England, folio, 1840. 

A Fragment of the Cover of a leaden Coffin, which had been 
discovered in opening a burial place in the nave of St. 
Nicholas' Churcli, Newcastle. 

A Provincial Penny, " Bowes Castle." Eighty Provincial 
Halfpence. Six Provincial Farthings. Three Durham 
(silver) Pennies, viz., Wolsley, Tunstal, and Sivier. A 
Crown, two Half-crowns, and three Shillings, of James IL, 
Gun Money. 
Dec. 1. Memoria suttoe scopeta del America nel secole demico det- 

tala in lingua Danese da Carle Cies teano Rafer e tradotta 
de Jocope Graberge da Hensio, Pisa, 1839. 

Three Tradesmen's Tokens of the time of Charles IL, coined 
at Bristol. 

Curious Remarks on the History of Manchester, 8vo., 177L 

Statement of the Letting of the Ballast Quay at the Limekiln 
Shore, North Shields, 1831. Farewell Sermon, preached 
at Gateshead, by the Rev. John ColUnson, 1840. The 
sixty-second year's Report of the Newcastle Dispensary. 
Rules of the Newcastle upon Tyne Commercial Club, 1 833. 
Epistle to Prospero, by Jose Maria de Pando, by the Rev. 
H. Salvin, 1 828. Five Reports of the Newcastle and Car. 

August 4. 

October 6. 


Mr. John Bell. 
John Adamson^ Esq. 

G. T. Fox, Esq., and 
Walter Scruton, Esq. 

The Directors of the 
Newcastle and North 
Shields Railway. 

The Directors of the 
Savings' Bank. 

The Society of Anti- 
quaries, London. 

Mr. John Bell. 
The Committee. 

Mr. John Bell. 

R. W. Billings, Esq. 

H. Brandreth, Esq. 

Robert Bigsby, Esq. 

J. T. Brockett, Esq. 

The Society. 

The SocietjT. 
The Committee. 
The Record Commis- 

The Churchwardens. 

J. T. Brockett, Bm|. 

The Royal Society of 
Antiquaries, Copen- 

J. T. Brockett, Esq. 
Mr. John Bell. 


Date, Donations, 

1840. lisle Railway. Three Catalogues of different Exhibitions 
of Paintings in Newcastle. 

1841. Annual Report, for 1840, of the Savings' Bank, Newcastle. 
January 5. Report on an Enquiry instituted by a Select Committee of 

the Town Council of Newcastle on Improprieties in the 

Corporation Works in the River. 
First Keport of the Natural History and Antiquarian Society 

of Sunderland, 1836. 
First Report of the Sunderland Literary and Philosophical 

Society, 1835. 
Feb. I. Narrative of the Siege of Carlisle in 1644-5, by Isaac Tullie. 

DescnptioD of the Antiquities and Curionties at Wilton 

House, 4to. 
Ifistoria College Jean, Cantabridgienses, 8vo. 
Bohn's Catalogue of his Books. 
A Collection of twenty-dght Roman Coins and Relics, said 

to have been found in St. Nicholas' Church Yard, New- 
May 1. Observations on the Heraldic Devices discovered on the Effi. 

gies of Richard IL and his Queen in Westminster Abbey. 
A Catalogue of the Library and Pictures of the late Sir 

Richard Colt Hoare, Bart. 
An ancient Stone Chair, found amongst the ruins of some 

old buildings on the shore of the Mediterranean. 
Nine Volumes of Newcastle Newspapers, and thirty-four 

Volumes of London Newspapers. 
June 1 . A Set of the Reports of the Mechanics' Institute, Newcastle, 

for 17 years. 
A Bronze Medal of Izaak Walton ; a small Medal of Buona* 

parte, struck at the tnrth of the King of Rome. Three 

Provincial Farthings, struck in Bristol. Two third Brass 

Roman Coins. 
The Newcastle General Magazine, 4to., 1747, and thirty-six 

Volumes of London Newspapers. The Crentlemen's 

Magazine for 1747, and various odd numbers, &c., &c. 
An exact Abridgement of all the Statutes of King William 

and Queen Mary, 1701. 
The Archseologiay Vol. XXIX., Part 1. 

Remarks on the Coins of Ephesus, struck during the Roman 

Dominion, 1841. 
Parts 1, 2, 3, and 4, of the Publications of the Cambridge 

Antiquarian Society. 
Twenty-nine Anglo-Saxon Coins, found at Cuerdale. 
A Paper presented to the Society of Antiquaries, London, 

on one of the Inscribed Stones in the Society's Collection. 
Catalogue of the Library of the Society of Friends, Sunder* 

Sept. 7* An ancient Brick out of a coloured Pavement discovered in 

August last in making an excavation near the entrance to 

Tynemouth Barrack Yard. 
A Letter, with a lithographic View and the printed Account 

of die Proceedings of two Meetings at Hexham for the 

Restoration of the Abbey Church there. 
Imperii Caput et Reum PuJcherima Roma, 8vo., 1831. 
Report of the Proceedings for Treasure Trove in the Borough 

of Wark; Biographical Sketch of Joshua Marshman, 

D. D. , Recollections of Ann Fenwick ; Obituary of 


John Adamson, Esq. 
The Directors. 

Mr. John Bell. 

The Society. 

The Society. 

Mr. S. Jefferson, 

Mr. John Bell. 
Mr. J. O. Halliwell. 
Mr. Bohn. 

Mr. Joseph Gramett* 
John Gough Nichols, 

Sir Hugh Hoare, Bart. 

Mr. Geoige Clementson. 

Sir M. W. Ridley, Bart. 

The Society. 

J. T. Brockett, Esq. 

Sir M. W. Ridley, Bart 

Mr. T. Roddam. 
The Society of Anti- 
quaries, London. 

Mr. J. Young Ackerman. 

The Society. 
The Earl of Clarendon. 
Mr. O'Callaghan, 4th 
Dragoon Guards. 

Mr. Thomas Mounsey. 

Mr. Thomas Bell, Tyne- 

Mr. Edward Glynn. 
John Adamson, Esq. 


Date. DonaHoru. 

1841 . Charles Newfoy Wawn, Esq. ;— all bv John Fenwick, Esq. 
AlsOy Kinmont Willie, a Border Ballad, with ao Historical 
Introduction by Sir Waiter Scott, Bart. (Reprint 1841.) 

Report of the Newcastle Dispensary for 1840. 

Various Calendars of Prisoners for Newcastle and Northum- 
berland for various years. 
Nov. 3. Britton*s Account of Toddington» Gloucestershire (hirge 

paperV Report of the Committee of Management of the 
Art Union of London for 1841. 

The ancient Laws and Institutes of Wales, 1 vol., folio. 

Dec. ?• A Collection of fifteen Roman and other Objects of Antiquity 

found at Risingham. Two of the Anglo-Saxon Stycas 
found at Hexham. 

1842. Rules of the Durham Quarter Sessions, 1825— ld£8 (two 
Jan. 4. copies). Fourteen annual Reports of different InstitutioBii. 

Three Roman Altars and five Roman Inscribed Stones found 
in the Roman Station at Risingham. 
Jan. 31. The Proceedings of the Numismatical Sodety of London for 
November and December, 1841. 

A full-faced nlver Coin of Henry VIII., a side-fiKsed Shilling 
of Edward VI., which had recently been found in the bed 
of the Thames, and presented to the Natural History 
Society by Mr. Johnson. 
March 1. Six years' Lists of Persons entitled to Vote for the Northern 
Division of Northumberland, firom 1832-3 to 1838-9.— 
Seven years* Lists of Persons entitled to Vote for the 
Southern Division of Northumberiand for 1832-3 to 1840-1. 
The Treasurer's Accounts for the County of Northumber* 
for the years 1837-8 to 1840-1. 

Reports of the Natural History Sodety for the years 1832, 
1836, 1837, 1836, 1840, and 1841. 

A Boai^s Tusk, a piece of Metal, and a piece of Glass, found 
at Risingham. 

Calendars of Prisoners at the Spring Assizes, 1842, for 
Northumberland and Newcastle. Three Portfolious. 

Various old Newspapers. Reports of the Newcastle Dis- 
pensary, 1837 and 1838. Report of the Eye Infirmary for 
1839. Adjutants' Reports of the 2d R^ient of the 
Northumberland Militia for July, August, l^ptember, and 
October, 1799. 

An exact Plan of the Skirmish on Clifton Moor in 1745. — 
April 5. Fraginent of a Roman Inscription. A piece of a Roman 
Millstone. Two fragments of a small Figure, and six 
articles of Iron, found at Risingham. 

A Proposal for ooncentratinff the Terminus of the Newcastle 
and Carlisle Railway, by Mr. Richard Grainger, 1836. 
May 3. Fifteen full-sized Drawings of the Roman Altars and Inscrip- 

tions found at Risingham, and presented to tlie Sodety. 

Several additional Plates, to add to the Howard Memorial 
presented by the late Henrv Howard, Esq. 

Catdogue of the Books of the Bodleian Library, for 1841, 
with the Account of the Coins. 
June 7. Catalogue of the Library at Balmbrough Castle. 

Part of a Roman Quern, or Millstone. 

July 5. Five Fragments of Roman Inscribed Stones. Fhre Fragments 

of Roman red Pottery-ware, one of which is stamped 


John Fenwick, Esq. 
Mr. H. Turner. 

John Britton, Esq. 
The Record Commis. 

Mr. Richard Shanks. 
Mr. John Bell. 
Mr. Richard Shanks. 
The Sodety. 

The Natural History So- 

Charles Wm.Bigge Esq. 
The Sodety. 
Mr. Richard Shanks. 
Mr. John BeU. 

Mr. Henry Turner. 
Sir BL W. Ridley, Bart. 

Mr. Richard Shanks. 

Mr. John Bdl. 

Mr. John Bdl. 

Philip H. Howard, Esq. 

Rev. B. Bandinell. 
Lord Crewe's Trustees. 
Mr. Russell, of Willing, 




Oct. 4. 
Nov. 1. 

Dec. 1. 

Jan. 3. 

Feb. 6 

May 2. 

June 0. 


PRIVATIM. A curious Article in bronze, and three 

Coins, all found at Risingham. 
A Corbel carved as a Human Face, which was taken out of 

a BuOding formerly a Chapel, standing in a passage behind 

where the Scale de Cross formerly stood, in the Side. 
A Roman Altar, four feet one inch high, and a beautiful 

Inscribed Fragment, found at Risingham. 
Two full-sized Drawings of four Fragments of a Roman 

Inscribed Stone, and two full-sized Drawings of the Altar 

and Fragments presented on the 5th July. 
The forty-ninth year's Report of the Literary and Philoso- 
phical Society. 
The ori^nal Poll Book for the Election for the County of 

Durham in April, 17SS* 
A Groat of Henry VI., coined at Calais. 
A very beautiful Hbula, found at Risingham. 
*'Hyperanthraxis;" or, the Cholera at Sunderland, by Dr. 

Clanny, 1832. 
Incumabula Artis Typographice in Sultia, 4ta, 1842. 

Lusitania Dlustrata ; or, Notices of the History, Antiquities, 

Literature, &c., of Portugal, 8vo., 1842. 
Obituary Resolutions of ttie Committee of the Newcastle 

Bible Society, 8vo., 1842. 
A number of die Transactions of the Northern Sodety of 

literature, Copenhagen. 
Verses to the Memory of Grace Darling. 

BIr. Wm. John Shanks. 

Mr. Joseph Gamett 
Mr. R. Shanks. 

Mr. John BelL 

The Society. 

Mr. Martin Dunn. 

Mr. Richard Shanks. 

M. John Hen. Schedar, 
of Upsala. 

John Adamson, Esq. 

John Fenwick, Esq. 

The Society. 
Mr. William Gill lliomp- 

Proceedings of the Numismatic Society for the years 1841 
and 1842. 7 Numbers, being 12 to 18 of the Numismatic The Numismatic So« 

Vends of Coal on the River Wear for 1820 and 1821. 

Mummies of the young Crocodile of Upper Egypt, accom- 
panied with a Paper on the Crocodile of the Ancients. 

Remarks on the Restoration of St. Mary's Church, ReddifiJ 
Bristol, 4to., 1842. 

Impression of a Gold Ring found in harrowing a field near 

Numismatic Chronicle for January, 1842. 

Mr. John BelL 

H. G.Potter, Esq. 

John Adamson^ Esq. 

Electro-type Impression of an andent British Com in the 
possession of Mr. John Bell. 

The Gathering Ode of the Fenwyke. Report of the Jubilee 
Dinner of the Literary and Philosophical Sodety, 1843. 
Bioeraphical Sketch of the late J. T. Brockett, Esq. 

Calendar of the Prisoners tried at the last Northumberland 

Heads of a Bill prepared on the Part of the Burgesses of 
Newcastle upon Tyne, to be presented to Parliament for 
carrying mto Execution an Agreement and Order of Court 
made last Assizes, 8vo., 1774. An order made at a Com- 
mon Council hdd the 6th of January, 1777, on the above 

The Resorts of the Literary and Philosophical Sodety, for 
the 48th and 50th Years. 

Remarks on Pauperism, its Prevention and its Relief, 1843L 

Catalogue of the Coins of the late John Trotter Brockett, 


Mr. John Bell 
The Numismatic So- 

Mr. Alfred BelL 

John Fenwick, Esq. 
Mr. Henry Turner. 

Mr. John Bell. 

The Sodety. 
Mr. John Taylor, Edin- 
burgh, H. M. 

W. E. Brockett, Esq. 


IkUe. Donatiaiu. 

1843. The Numismatic Chronicle for April, 1843. 

July 4. Biographical Sketches of Joshua Bbrshman, D. D.» of Seram- 

pore, 8vo., 1843. 
The Forgeries of Public Money, Svo., 1843. 

The Mayor and the Monks of Tynemouth, small 4to.y 1843 
(not published). 

Plan of the Hartlepool Coal Field, 1843, showing eye|y 
Estate in the District 
August 1, Two old Jettons, which were found a short time ago about 3 
feet below the Bed of the River Tyne, off Hillgate, Gates- 

An Answer to the Proclamation of the Rebels of the North, 
1569 ; (Reprint, 1843). A Declaration made by the Ear! 
of Newcastle, Governor of the Town and County of New- 
Newcastle; (Reprint, 1843). A Declaration of the Lords 
and Commons assembled in Parliament, that no ships 
bai^s or other vessels shall from henceforward make any 
voyage to Newcastle; (Reprint). 

Collectanea Antiqua, No. I., being Etchings of Ancient Re- 
mains, 1843. 

The Numismatic Chronicle for July, 1843. 

Sept 5. The Regulations issued by the Corporation of NewcasUe on 
the Building of the Gunpowder Magazine at Wincomb Lee 
on the River Tyne. Motice from the Commissioners for 
Building Tyne Bridge, 1789. Eighteen Mountings from 
Newspapers relative to the Literary and Philosophical 

Two Petitions presented to His Excellency Lord Fairfax • 
(Reprint, 1843). A great Discovery of the Queen's pre- 
parations in Holland to assist the King in England ; (Re- 
print, 1843). An Ordinance for raising Forces to reduce 
the Town of Newcastle; (Reprint, 1843). 

A portion of the Plan for the Carlisle Canal, as designed by 
William Chapman, Esq., 1795. 

Fourteen half-yearly Reports of the apportionment of the 
Rents of the cultivated parts of the Town Moor, Newcas- 
tle, amongst the Freemen. 

A rubbing of a Stone found, last month, in an old grave on 
the South Terrace at Hartlepool. 

Plates XXV L to XXXIX. of the Vetusta Monumenta. The 
Archaeologia, Vol. XXX., Part L 

The Pitmen's Pay and other Poems, 12mo., 1843. 

Calendar of the Prisoners for the Summer Assizes, 1841. 
Report of the Newcastie Infirmary, 1 843. The 39th year's 
Report of the Fever Hospital. The 12th year's Report 
of the Mendicity Society. 
Nov. 7. A drawing of a Stone, with a Runic inscription, found in 

making a drain at Hartlepool. 

Rubbings of two large and four small Roman Inscribed Stones 
in the Collection of Mr. Clayton, at Chesters. Rubbings 
of a Carved Stone found by Mr. John Bell in the Roman 
Station at Risingham, together with a Plan of the 

Three fragments of Millstones, two Tiles, a flue Tile, and a 
piece of Iron Slag found at Risingham. 

Plan of the Baths at Cilumum upon the Chesters Estate) an 

Feb. 3. 

The Numismatic So- 

John Fenwick, Esq. 
John Yonge Akerman, 

William Bainbridge, Esq., 

the Author. 
Mr. J. T. W. BcU, Cas- 

tie Eden. 

Mr. Thomas Bulcraig. 

Mr. M. A. Richardson. 

Charles Roach Smith, 
Esq., F.S.A. 

The Numismatic So- 

Mr. John BeU. 

Mr. Bl A. Richardson. 
Rev. William Hawkes. 

Mr. John Bell. 

Mr. Edw. Moises Taylor. 
The Society of Antiqua- 
ries, London. 
Thomas Wilson, Esq. 

Mr. Henry Turner. 
Mr. E. M. Taylor. 

Mr. John Bell. 
Mr. Richard Shanks. 



Dec. 5. 

Jan. 2. 

account of the operations there, and a list of Roman Coins 
found there. 

A copy of the Act of Parliament for regulating the Corpora- 
tion of the Borough of Berwick upon Tw^d. 

A Sonnet address^ to John Britton, Esq., and Britton's 
Essay on Topographical Literature. 

Report of Messrs. Johnson and Wood on a Central Line of 
Railway into Scotland. 

An ancient Bronze Mortar, with the word '^ Amen" four 
times repeated on its outside. 

John Clayton, Esq. 
R. Weddell,E8q. 
John Britton, Esq. 
John Adamson, Esq. 
Mr. John Adam Bacon. 





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