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Full text of "Archæologiæ Atticæ Libri Septem: Seven Books of the Attick Antiquities : Containing the ..."

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I'MIII llllllllilillllt:: 

liiiiin i iiii i ii i iniin i iii' nnnniii 





TllK TAI'PAN Prkkiiv- 
T K R I A N A HHOC ' I A T 1 ON 

jiiiiiitiliillinuliiiiiiiiiiiMtifiUii iiiiiKitttiiitniKii 







^A T T I C K Antiquities. 

The difcription of the Cities glory, govern. 

incoC9 divifioo «f tbe People, •adTowoeiwithia tbe 
AthaoM Terricorict, tbeir Religbn, Saperftieioa . Stcri 
fioM, Acconntof their Year, tfiiUMlttioaof ibeir Jo- 
dicitoriet. B^ FRANCIS ROV S Scbolir of 
Mtrf» CQllege vaOXOX. 

With aa Addition of their Cuftomes in 

Mtrriegei, Boriali, Feaftiog^ , Divinatio!is,.&c« in the 
/ooriiOt books, ^yZ AC HART BOG AN » 
Scbolar of C. C. C. io O Xt9 N* 

The Eigch Edition Corre<5tecl and Enlarged, 

with a twofold Index ^ Rerum & J^oeabulorum. 


Printed by Hhm J Haij, for Ric: Davis. 1675. 



J u J •^ " 








Sr Hathamibl Brent Knighc^ 
-f^\far Generally 4ttd the mtft <oigUant 
Warden of Merton College 
inOXFORD,Hw///&, ; 

T is cbe cuftome df mofL 
to impofe a patronage ox 
their enours^ upon (bnoee* 
minenc perfbn. JButit iliali 
be fiiy ambition in this my 
Dedication to manifeft m^ 
obde^aasife. Others make 
their fhoiee of potqnc mea^ thereby to 
ihun t)ie darts of envy : it (hall be my 
glory to t>e thought worthy ofinvidency. 
whok ignorance is not fogreac , but well 

fa knowes 



knows that ever Come will bice in (ecreC; & 

fcourgc thefc errours of roy youth with pri- 

vate reproaches.But fuch nialignant tongues 

r will cpunterpoife with the wi nd , ^nd fer 

as lightly by as they are vain . Andalthough 

I am confidently per(waded that the covert 

ofyour wings bee Tufficteotly able to fhelter 

my faulcs;yet had 1 rather to exprefle njy du- 

. ty towards you inthele naked infirmities,'. 

whole goodnefle truly knows- how 4( to 

lumignoicere pardon thc Doid ftdventures of Leammg. h 

tSi%T prcfent you therefore With Mens^ whofc 

deplorable raggednefle my papers weUre- 
(cmble : which may challenge this excufe| 
that they affimulace chcmfelvcs to the Trea- 
tile itr them contained . Which of all men^l 
my felf amcooTciou^moftunfidy to have 
handled. That City once the * nurieof rea* 
•S^2& fon;*which flonrifh'd in eloquence^& brave 
^>f^i h atchieyements more than all Creect , could ' 

not , unlefle in bet miferabk ruincs , have 
without hei dHgrace been Ipoken of by me. 
That ^ri^M/ whence the learned Fathtfrs of 


dbqiience, Kas^inxen his ftrength^^ others 
their flowing Oratory : That Mhens which ^ 
who bad nocfeene is hy^Liftp^tu accoun-Lifdua 
t^d a block. Accept, Hb»oare</ 5/>,thefc Re-SllSS^r 
hqncs of that famous Vniverfity, chough by "'^x©- *'• 
meofl^red, as DcvocionpaidcQ Aiid<^uic)^» 
by you well efteemed of, chough, among 
moft of thefe our daycs accounted dirt; 
whole labouric is cp (eek new fafliions, and 
like noughtjbut what may be accounted no* 
vclty-. Rclembling the brute, of whicb(7(r«« 
rOy ^d id folttm quod adefi^ ^itodqj prdfenstft/e 
accommodate paulum admodumJentiensprdterU 
tunty&x, never caring for what is paft. Euc 
you weigh well the excellency of talking; 
with thoprChamptons of Learning , hun- 
dreds oGyeafs fihce gathefodto their former 
duft, /^M«?hofc pcnfils we fee drawn the 
lively images of deceafed Monarchs , the 
forms of gover nment,& very lives of ilaecs. 
Out of which patternes ,.if you^pleafe ta 
dceme tht leodf part of this to have been ta*^ 
ken Jt fliall heap to my joy that the follow- 
ing^Trad will notfeem a fpuiiousand de« 

*}^ generate, 


gctttracie efspriog . Upon - prefu mpr ion of 
which I fear noc, as the £agles do their 
young,to expofc my brood to therjiyes of 
the op€h Sunne. Thus with coottnuali 
wi flies for addition to your ^happineCTe, I 
take leave, From my Study in Uttt^ri 
C4>Utg(t Jun. p. 1 tf J7. 


X^m J/hrpixp in 4&lmmiUty 

Mh cmnntndeS 


\ « 

i * * 



To the READER.. 

T U mt a thirS of emplj glory 
that mih" mt run the hni^ard of 
your ceitftire, hut a confidernt 
tioH of the aiakneffe of School- 
MaBersi uho uniertakt to read the Greek 
Orators to rav Scholars, themfilfes heing not 
ripe in the Attick ^uflomes, J hafe therefore 
fofarrs eniefyourti m you fee. If any thing 
may apvdn finifltta tag; ht -pM-tt^ige 
met thai ItiHiiqiurt fatUfaSim,' If anything 
feem amipe, it shall he taken hy mee at a fa- 
yottr to hear of it from any. For I am not of 
iboff^hofe tares tnflopt , .wben-their errourt 



4re told tbem, // tbis flea/e^ itjhaUaJHef^rres 
to the fimffirtg Bf this cour/e itttenied\0' as 
0ccafiOH may ^ive4ea)fejjiott JhaS hal^e the reji 
ihatmaj he ^iketu 


Contenta LibroramrSccundum Capita , Diftribita. 

L'lR I. 

Cap. i; Javan,fai,famef^'Jo»id, 
Ahtmw.A'ct* i-b, K^n^ Athena inlA^ 

€a,Athtn£fubC^cr9fe^ Cerumen 
FikllaiU & NeftHnij Plutdrchi td 
At nftnttntU^ABfnhEJrtnhUiWo^ 
innt mmifNirf:^^fiin9ttf»b Amfhi- 
afonc,^lem, Stliw^ SsMdt fit^ 

pbifta. ^ : * ^ 

2 4thenarHmfitiiStti^,9ikH.Kr 

eircui^H^vettru f&Ud^ ^ »^4^ n 

HS pafftm afui Serif toresX^ephifMs 
finviHt. '-'- Pag6 

MierkiUferunt a veterHmssy& 

4 D^ fofnli divificm, Ef'wTei^ 

Atbeiifenlilms ^m^i^^ftiU cm^ 

Jiint^utiirummmMiAugmtup ^ ^ ,^ 

6Grjtc$A vicatim bMuu^^iyL®* 
fiid? Athsnienfihus frfprpem hahre 
J'n^tu ^Q$XemfU& fders p* 
^»4. pag. 22* 

AtheiiUnfiMm^Atfis\wmuU0^ hfJL*c 

S<irT»f »!«• M«.;a'< «^'§*, pag-2tf 

J .'LTb^2;Cip i'^' . J 

' Hmdecim Dii Atienienfilm^Idcm 
U»U f€ftif4ri4m eommifd. Vii 
4fcriftitii,0iU Jiytt^&' I ^ag.34.' 

. OapV 2 fftfiier ^€fthii(^JN'mt&^ 

TeJfershfpitkUs tfiu^jmbolum. 

tA^^m^^iQ- ?J£^f^ & tjms verbl 
mga. MermtUi tXA<ift&9$\(^ , 

' 3 De S^tHYna^mlc^ttfii , iyfc^/ii^, 
i«tf,M4r/f. HercuU K^^iMtiA p.40 
, 4 2> Jifimrva.Cerere. . (^^Prar 
iuStt^dte^jnnone^Pronietheo ohr; 

Cbntenta Librorum&Capitiim- 
P^^}ittk4mU . pig, 44 4l)«[ Ai«wi> Ifnmiis lurg^i^^ ; 

' 7X^\f.¥^^Mj^i^ . Bg.49 ^^eHiUm&hwitamefttir^i^S^: 
Gap. S.DeSactrdotiis p3g.5 i Cap; 6 D^ *!/*wrp nmtfigntfim . 
9^DeS4criJdoy^ P^g- 53 CAtiMhwsrem. ; p^, lyj- 

10 Z)f Ai*»<? A/irw-#> pag. 56. 7; D^ N ft ft as pag. 15^, 

11 D^ Tr^^dia^ Satyrs C^ 8^>yo temfm oftime dncatur 
Cint^^. . :j. fag7S, iwrw - ' , \ ^^ j.74. 

< , Lil B. .3 ^ i.: \ . ^ . ^, ij^tfJ^mfftiranttfr w Aiarif^ 

^XjSLfiuf3tehg0mUt$ri&MsJit^ -« . » *. P»fr 17CI 

^tcpet^UfoCihiv^, DeSanckndlt . pag, ijy; 

C A Wi I^K)&EC]r. L 1 3 D^ mulkrfim. honefiioribki 

.; C^Pj Il}.c5EG,T; 4I1. . fiumJi,^ U- .,, -^ .pig. i€i$ 
Ekr J(ir4^^A ^^dyujm npel/tfU^el ^ , JSJ)iihdidiitri(i , . ^g^g, ^^ 

Dp jH£fi0'*iffrj ^tttu^Aj^U 4^g-taci; jii^e o*^r*( . r« ; . pag. 19^ 

t - .GAP..i*ni\s^BGR.'srv -;hj »a|ff«wffV<ntvo' ' .•;•.;• ipig* 19^. ■ ' 

Tf i)«(»rir^Bc^f rtX'*^'**^**''^*''^^* ^^ ^' ' 5 D{ irtfantis gefiifitione circa fc^^ • 
ij!i«f/,»if, Mmx^ '//i{^rij/cy ey Ap^e?.^ fkw&dcnomimfmpofiiifif^itp, j.98 

.^ eapk^;Odii>Ws?li«^«M'»^WWif^^^^^ I \ .;: ; t|)«^g<;tQQ 

: ; f; T i / S. 4. ' *;: S I> (XptfitUne infant^H p 2455 

tk>^i4iU^i^ihlifihfik$faf^^ ,. ,9i^V^iitlrP^riipeffi44te^206. 

€i9^j^,t,10evenire&CHfidmp,^^ ' '^^xtx>ihL{iaMi€dMi4imeiP^A0^ 

'^-^SPfAnfor^mllcrm. p^i4|j* ^f.-' ' pag. 209 

Contenta Libioroifli & Capirum 


13 De afcriftkm in Efhehorum . 
'finfum & in alhtm JUxinrchtcttm. 

J^, jilimenta fmntthns & A* 
Imn^is frdiendn P>g'2tl 5 

i^.De ^d^thne/Tefiamtnto ^ 
HdVeState P3g. 217 

26^ DtnucJpiMU Jefmltntdt^^g. 

17 Deter vocandi nnimdy&ce^ 
yf$UfhiM . ^ pag. 22a 

18 De mortmt MHtiUtione & its 
q$(€ hHonricidiif penfol^hntpsig. 

' 222- 

' 19 De clduifndis ecnliSjfUlfdndis 
^mh V4fis\&miciend^^rfm pag. 

• . • 225,. 

. 20 '2)ecfaCirhri^,&'NauU 
"Oharimtif pag- 2 27 > 

♦• 2V Dt alflutlont " Mmnorum , 
ZZ pe AblHtione a mortuisJe co* 
ronis f/fi^ut corpora ornabmtury de 
lafBo & CollaCAtione-^ P^g. 2 3 O • 

•> 2 J D^rihi afferendic^ P^rta^'^ 
diCorforU pag 232 

►24 De A^niRsYiojuutrarHmc^':'' 
filicinnm pag 233 

25 Decafillifin LaHntomden-^ 

• 16 De ritn Ingepdi in funere ' 


^ 27 De ■ vi^ Per qtram tff'ir 



pag, 24 1 

29 De rltu cremandijlve etmkm' 

rendi Ccrporis. Deiffcu/u (^'rtli^ 
(JhUs pag. 244 

30 DeTttntalis pag 245 

31 Delnferiir pag.248 

32 De Cdronofidis THmnlis l^ 
de Phjllobolia pag 2 5 O ' 

31 De C^ltimniSf de Qramne^ <S* 
l$tdm Funehribm & die Aqailis pag* 


3\ De Lnfttaeiim domus Fune" 
Jht^&de parent atitus pag. 253 s 
LIB. ri. SECT. I. 

Dtf»pplicatiMibnt& furnmentm 
Cap/i. DefuppUcilms Sacris.c^ ' 
deafylii e^ oris pag. 2.5 6 * 

2 De t4mgendis genu , minibus ^ 
gimbns pag. 25 8 

3 De^entribfis & tocisfacrifcicm - 
rum pag. 26 1. 

4 Dtgenerilms& formuUs jtt* 
randi pag. 264: 

^-De ritibusinfuramento Aia^ 
gKo pag. 266 ' 

6 DejwranHntt parvo & i]m ri^ 
tib^s pag. 257 

7 DepiTjmirtligiMi pag 269 * 
§. 2 ^r fiiu cpnvivandi. 

Cap* r Z)^ Lefchis & de tempore 
vIQhs cApiendi ■ P^ g ^ 7 1: 

2 De ritibffj G^ ^uriij moiiis C(m^'* 
vivandi • •• pag 273 

3 ^ De more falMtandi^Sympafiar' 
\ho^;Co¥oHis/ijngHefJtis\ modoav" 
ttfmbendi^ C^ de wcn^u pag.2j56 

^^ Z^' " ' . " ^' Dt^ 


Contenta Libro' 

4 Decio&fom pag.279 

5 Di iis qM a ^fctimbenfthsfi- 
erifolet^nt pag ^B 3 

45 De omtH unvivMi & Scdiii 

pag 284 
Gap ; 7 De feregfinis. exclpfendis, 

pag. 288 

ST>e HofpitihHS cxcipiendis pag. 

p De pdHprikHf fMHevandu p. 

^ 3. He rhibtts BelliciSf 
Cap. I Di militihsts pdg# 294 
a Dt armis qnibus yim propttt^ 

fabant pag. 297 

3 Dc 4rmh quibMi vim inferje* 
tant pag. 301 

4 De.r»//ifi5i:c//wifA*/«^4m, »V 
Jicendihllumf Confulendi Deos^ob- 
fttvanJA dies, & trajiciendi Fl^vioi 

pag- J03 

5 DeritM comwitUndi pr^fiHrn 
&deH[9$ Tnbarum pag. 1 04 

;o ^r CapitUffl. 

6\H Sqts^t^M Mititum pimifZ 
Fr^niis & SifultHY^ pag 306 

7 De tfph^id pag. J08 

Lib. 7. §. \. 
Di ritu divinafidi pit wotum furen^ 
urn & SoniniAntem pag* 311 

Cap; 1 De Oracsib Pjthio p. J 1 J 

2 De Tetn^lo DelphUo^de Thearis 
& Oraculi ce^ath»e pag/ 3 iS 

3 De Divinationi per/pmniMttft 
fmpirMeleUsjH Templh cum cbftf 
vatione diM4 p9 g. 3 2 2 

4 De d^idbfis fortis fpmnUrMm p^ 


5 De Somnkrum variis generlbeti 
(^ de ear urn lufiriitme, pag. 329 

§. 2 De Divittaeione Artijuiojd 
& yprimif de OrnithmnntU p. 3 3 I 

C^^i iDeSxiiffichdi^qMim 
bufdamdiis ""pagSSS 

Z De ritu divifiMndl eX vocibtii 
(^ rebus vminatis pag 340 

DeSoYtibus^ t^c. ' pag. 345 

'V *4 V* ■ . . , • 

5 . 


K. '^ 



A R C H /E O L O G: I S 

• I • • 




f4V4n, fa$] f defies, fmsL Mi^i^ AkUU, AtH. Athene im. 
^a,CeeropU,CranAa. Attb$i^Auk4^ Athene fab Cfcrofe*; 
Certamen PalUdid & Neftum.F/ftiduhi eA dt refintentis. 
Aliiffih EreHheovohn^nminM^mfihmffih Amfh^J^/^ 
m. Saknct. Stlines. Ssthu, Sethhs, 

* ( 

BY the Sons of NtkA* were the Ifles of tbe Geotilei 
difided |n their lands, every ooe tfier bis Tongue^ * Gen. h. s* 
wfaea by tbetr ftt|dattoos f€% ibey wmld Ittf c 
nio(mtedDpcoHeaVen/sbuiki0g»>left^ea mm«? , 

to Po{lericy,t>y bnildiog Cafi(e$ in die Air.FrotaffMcb u^: 
ten)pc proceeded tbatwbiebf^eforecbey were jeatDm of, 
namely a fcmerhg abrond u{)on tbe face of the eartbtbe bap . 
ving f poken it ,whofe breatn alone affords a fair wind^boifl; 
then cbeymufttbeirSaiMnd bidding adieu to tbe fta^n Jo • '- 
tbe Land ofShindr^ feekout fome new^babtwtoa Tsaiy^ 
Icn tbey waic of yore, and yet fiill muft jkmmeyJEaf hf Mf 
in as drtferent k of a diVt rs lanfoage TbcrSoiji 9f 
Shem their way, tbe \!ooi of fufht tbeiw ^ommMii M^f 
^oifin6Madid,anifav4n;v9iih wlk)tn I ptti^fe^onefuf lom 
to keep company, leaving the reft oe one £deoc Ddttn .fir 
bebtndj tookii^oniytomy f^s^^^:fi^<^fit.hw!^hi*nz 
l^ . ' A ' ' 




2 ArchaologU Attkt. tib. i . Cg^i u 

IJbfeph Awtiq. (J^.^^^.iii Dd»t$I twkt^c AM when I mjtfnffmh; hi itb. 

ofMsfi (he Rtdlm efGrecU^htrc aUboo^ the oWTranflju 
tion fenders It not f4vm\ yet it i§^ found in tbe Original* 
cDari. 10. 10. H^tbeii coming into the Countrcy, called Afterwards /fr/A 
iL Cap. II. u c4f left 4into4t hia^awn^me « M^beo^e it Vs^s teV^'C<^ J^^^. 

and J4i, i yi hUtui •* m€htrj6p Ifl>»/« at) Ui Jwi^wTe. For AtticM 

wm aHcienflj called fpnia ^nd^ fat^ In wbicb words we fliU 

retain (ome reliques oftbeRadiKoioijvichftanding tbe fmali 

f Strabo 1. 9. difference of the termination. But if we pleafe tovicw after 

pv 39^ wbat title the- fens ^f]avanvf etc fliled jaones^ we (hall coone 

nearer home. Strnh A .th^ abovie qpot^d place , O 3 «-•«• 

li^MT^wflbin bef^ies^TJf^re /i&f i?^«ri>f/ and J^^e/^^eaks-ot 
• tlie AtbmiMU4 Tiie Scbali^ ^i%Slch)U0 00 tbefe Words, 

T& ceu r^. A AT ro l^e UMdkstitnijSiif^ hc,f kfoi the A^henUns 
f In pcrGs 4,,^ rearmed jaaneSifrom one ]a$n{ he means Ihvm ) thMrroi 

^^3^ /l^aKJCii^l4titlicr;isilAr#^ 

ottt; f»r tlMm^ii be oac ^rivtei^ yet perfwaded I am^tbat 

it was as inocQ ptfOMlu^edJis otl^ 

^; fitttii{M.1i4tJBifiS:& l^eH&rc^ ijpaKQ^ ai hrpad^'asl! 

opiiiiMV 3^m iiifmih hf^k^f^f^^ ^^fo/^ jgrece.ysdaiyi « 

a^thit'Ia^iiutfdU'n^pejfpm Bahj^mU into Gnece^ but to(^ 

a Donat. in jf^^ tlnJifsm hi fs^^h ^d fhm thincef$ifi over the nejreft 

Xtr. p. 1 1 s . femfitesoi$g iektamn^im U Jpmer ifhirkimate^ findSnce m shM 

tbdriiy^fe i90ci(b|f ^ iudlcious fijyUo might ftio ve mqfb^ 
yibm ABdl^te6tl^i«lt^;|p[w;^^ (o lEar^ asai^tiqai- 

ty^Xihin»mkjom%.^lf'hifi^fS^ that it is maniteft 

• ttiit ali i7iKi6^«iw;Qat^4»^lu>(«k»(^i (umly inhabited biu 
^ that di^^ wiee oamiiniftl ^Igiimagje^iC^ Remo ylt^ of 1^ 

Jiybabkafiika f ^ 

wk^iba^aft cmffi^k^of ^ <2cicta)crcfr liy £f a ^r Lao4f each {Rf^. 
mired hit GroHn4s co bare Provecc jiloiie lo icuvc lor pre- 
fen( neceifity, defiring do iaor« tb^n from baod co tooucb; 
ic being urieertain bow fooii tbey mighcbt fompclkd tQ 

St tbem cbeaccWbereopoii tbty 4id more ^ilingly cfaangn 
irir fiiicf V not c»king grieves cb^tihAfp ^barfe^ veftrn^ '^ ' 

migtdti nlm^ B^gontyoM sHchm ^Sms^ iiue tt^e mpr^ fee 
til Soil hftd hard btcftrtdgi. Tkf0kl$A^ Mwot^i aodagreat 
parr of J^ekf^nmfm^ extt^ 4rc0i^yi2^% often invaded,an4 
lb$ oM Lordt expelled , t^' >ji> Ar7rx(<#, in Vi i9riirA«7rsf /li^ . <^ 

iffh^^iudtf tie fam men (none it feenii Ifciog willing to 
leave bis better for a worfe) -if^r 4j^(/r4ib>^ ^r/ (^r^ii^fiM^ 
Out of which peace fpniag op fo great a makitiide cbat yf ;- ^^nuca, 
iiV^ eveo now fwariniog, aod •% «it«imVm »#^ Me tc cm* - 
>4i;f and feed fo numy., i$ conftcaimd t^ teoji i^rth Cotooies 
into /9;^i/r,a region of jtfMtht kiii,tWbicb is repprterd by (be 
Xnel(rto borroW denotmoa^oairooi /^vtbe Soi^oif Xnri&Mif; 
or, ast be Poeis fay, Apollo MvACrnifa^ wboin tbe words of 
Bmifuks 19 tbovght to be f Rti nvf A^i« AS- y^^U\ the nMksr 
cr fonnitf of A^A:i^yi0t\s^tlimi4tot h I pleafe tp fay)kept 
not AiU ber f or mer fliaine^' For in ptocsdii of time^Oi^ owned 
' dif^:jk&in AStdiffi mdStrMbohsf^i^ or from A^^^'^" 
«o»fing 10 e Pm[4mMi >wbo watcfae firft acisg chereof^ Jsy,^ [n lo^e 
- fTzttzij on Ljcopkton^u&kd AGcm. Vmt^ Dim Ch^fofim T . i. p. 6 x^. 
brings a dvore natural reafoR tban tbia,' wb^tt was A&^a- 
ASta (ignifie^a yWrr, botb in tbc Grt^ aad * L^in fpeecb. 
I^wbecjteftaUbf it wiibiii^ti^ttle waa iiir#(l^ i^ifb ibe d\}b.9V-lf!^ 
*Sea,and hiKmm;\\ iiiigbt£b0Aesigriiiiio%Mf^S^-£^- ^^^^.^^^ 

* W«7^»i<»'«*^7t(^1f^«^<«tl».Het)kjK^AJl^^ b]r tbe <»£im[^/^4/ i^vVgiEn. 

Poet in bis iOafa^a is par ibr tbit Gdtuitatfy. T« tts^uSe- ^^ ^^l^ 
t44ti^k{An4)4dig^,tk4t^Uci^^ly^ St4. Apd ^ Stcfbol^jf. 

• ^^«v9^/berfetFb3r!%«#iiif«s:&id:ii it^JbiSk 10 4SE4$ frvy$4^- P* 29^* 

^^ "" A -a / tcr 

4 Aech£hloght Attic** Lli. ^...C^j^i t, 

ccr a TeaTofi, and (7f<rr#^i b^vlfig>^inrried tiiei^Mg^tfecof 

AISki0, glories in h\$CecripU(zni Aikwi^Cf^^nfis^MdCt^ 
J f^ ^^^ cropi civhoi, and after that CrdnM, from Crdnsf^ tbeKing. 
'* ' tbac fttcceeded himjcbts Cundtu among other of bii daugb^ 
tcrs,bad one / Atthii^ from whom alfo waa derived Auhk 

giig^ ' '*' , Pd//4ir.Ia tbis regkm ftood vfti!rtf«/,^wfi« i/C7rwf.^^ 

' from tbat viftory vAAcM MinifVJt%ot ovet Nt^tanf, wb^ 

Cecrdps moved wUb a Prodigte of a fuddcn ihootuig up of 

an Olive, and bubling forth of a faic fpring in cbe Acrop^lif^ 

iStrabo ft confulted the Oracle of Apo\U, who taught them tbat ibe 

■Pauf, locis one did fignifi^Ntpmne^^ni theotberAfikrV4 taking there-. 

ftxi. fore themeo into fulfrages lor Ntptnnt^ and the tvdmen Ua 

Afmrv4,\9}^o\^^i nvoft vcwcfftiould carric it^Tbe/etDjatks 

being more, the Ooddefs bete aWay the Bell Lo herea wit* 

AuguftT 8 ^yD<veltobringin:wx^ciV5t/<,Godsofhl$ownmaking,to 

c. I dc civic.* *°^^'^ the fuperftitioui in an ignorant zeal. HoweVer let us 

Dei. leave the (hado w of poetkal fid:ions^& cake the true dr ao^ 

out of Myth^hfie ^ Phtarch is ofXJ^inion that the ancieac 
Kings, driving to d^at^ away tbetrSnbje As iroQ ieafaring 
negotiations, and a deQre to live byfaiUogj^ntotiliageaod 
manuring of ground, gave occajion of the fpeecbjibac Nt* 
ftHmMAMimrVA didakcrcate about the Gity.£*«rai >^'&c. 
^iV^e^^/yiff is put for che^ea, and bufineiles thereof. Mimrva 
f>r Arts ^nd ingedioai kiad^of life, nay iaiesjO«^i|i bis Ka* 
' ti'r ; Jendcr,^/&Z)^ifj^ j/>ifi^tti,<heisGodidcfs#f^lQOOT^^ 

Others fay that the City w'as confecrated to her by Amfhi* 

( fljo»y& fiomen civhati Athenoi didit. c ffifiht. Othert in the 

time of EreBheut^ among which it Hercdotm^ will have this 

» ill Th;it!; nime given, yf^k Author d MarcUnm H(r4ciepf4 doth foj- 

?• ^T\ \^^ • ' low, v*^ ^wi 5 ^S*^H.£^iix^^a4 # ^Wf «y««5^^n W *? A^t^f* < 

<rfui^ «e^tr»>petiir A<ft^Kr«Thii wal that Srr22^i^,wb^ 

of drought over 41 the wocUexcepte>£|;p^ brought Cora 

' to A/iEre^fi^and taught the EletifinUn/l^yftgriuAtholiing this 

« Lib. •• City hath been to t^gjpt for other Kings; to wir^ e Ce^ropi 

'. "' ' ; and Metk^htmyi^ m Ea«ber fitt^ .ww an vSgptian. In 

' il^tliasfi^f pji^^;Ji0«t/«^^ |9[ai ja ceceiv- 


cd opioioQ tbac hiking wis peopled by the t/£ifftl4$u. 
Ssii in cbac tongue anfwering to hthefnc in Grtil(,^$ T^iJLu dUdtd - 
out of C4M!ir; Nay jtfaac they (hould be of the inhabitancy of »>*«^"* 
4*4^ i they ar|(tte from thii, Becaufe that the SmIu and A/A#* 
Miim/have divera cudoms alike. Witnefs Diodorns Sicklas. 
BiKitjpleafes not me.I coojedare that fir^l it was called A- f Arlftoph. 
^&^i«/, when the people came more ferioofly to addid them- fch. y%^. rf 
lelves to civil Government, and ftudy of good Literature ^ ^zcix m 
j^DOwlcdge and art being afcribcd to A^Uerva, rn ^ tiUui ^^'^i** P* *^ 
^ivifiyiJbMwkAin^%4iii ^mrix*\w^ ii'^t%fAriilotle. Nay her 
Name being derived from tb^nce* Mjn Tkna in the Ch^lij ^ 

tongue figoifying C0>?W/ pr /Mrm from w<^^ comes Thi»Mf 
and with an article Hdtfhtndzsg Hein^ius the mod learned. 
As for the conceit oiG^9fiHt BtcdnStoi^^ 4»4 the number of 
tbree«wbich notes eternity, and fo from hAt-htt^ana. hthen^. 
Becaufewifdomdothconcain Eternity I let us fend it back 
ixMGirtnMy. Loe now Kthii^ named from learning,wbich 
was once ihthfijofoflcitersMd theMufes.whcreof it is now/'poGt, Izx ^/ 
deplorably de{licute;baviug loll the glory of former A^ikif4» , ' , 

nay the name it felf for if we believe fome , they tell as 
that now it is SoIcmos or Stlmes. To whom I accord not^be- j^ ^^.^^^ 
caufe that I have read StUites iotM<£dr4 callediVi/if4>wbich^(^5y„( ^\ 
is not. many miles from hthtnsn Furthermore in difcourfe 1. 1. pag, x/. 
with a native oi Pil^^ntfus ^who lived many years in that 
City, I hid no other appellation fro him than ht hen 4, which 
otbtrs write Sat 19^4 corrupted as Por$uj and Miurfiuj truly 
;tbink for «'* A9ia.f . Nay 4 Hujo FavcUut who was there ^ ^^^^: 
himfelf, even to the fame pur'poTe.names it Sitbina. 
Vf$dl^uefic miCtYA njohiiffiiiantur AthisM^ 
I)MJ4f4^HM Pallu/f/eColMiJfc mgArct, 
. J^jt$^Ntp$H»g^f4tir^ntmqH4mtH4m4m4iicM^ 
. • inSffnt SHhiA4V^44t. —^ 
. WejPvretcbfd^iiEieiii round do veiw, which now» 
Though once ingenuous PslioJ love 's her fhame. 
And t'bave been thine, Neptune, would'ft difavoW) 
To which the homebred give Setbina name. 

4 In Hoclarpi 






CAP. n. ' ' 

'Athtnm$m Aim* h^unikif. hx^it^K.iSettt^liictmtiyMn^ 
' rm^7eUJgkHS&Cimimimi^Qfl\z^. Circf^tm vtterii' 
mrb^t&ntfoa. hif^^md-r^nihH. Pirdtrihracbik. Mtirtu 

fbifm Fifivim^ ■'"' ■ ^^ « ' 


Reecf,hy%h^rtfiiieti bpkccdiRtlreinUlfiofcbe 

wbole Earth ; and in the mdO; of it ftands Atticoi 

the navel whereof Ji Athns^ hy which aH Gnece^ 

clofeted in the womb of tmiejeceired noanfhineot 

before an happy birth bad brotgbt her forth tmo^the light. 

fte is feated upon a very bigh Rock, which habitations d^ 

hscompa^, as c Strah : on ilie top of which flands that re* 

-Downed Fabrick even to this day, which Cecrofs froni him- 

felf names * CecrpfU ; of oW ^^y , Tie^ cifj, by a kind of 

excellence, in a bravado of thilr Antiqftiity, concerning vr<=^ 

b inPanath. .they were in perpetual contention with the -rf^m'. Witneft 

p. 1 7 1^ 1 7 1. rf P^nfmnMi e Terenf. An in afin venit f Donat. Sk Atkc. 

fihnfts Hrhem fu^m ^tabmt , nnii ifji inc$iit **rrf Voca»tur. 

Sojaith be,che Atknidjfs called that City, whence the Cicf^ 

^zens cbeinfelves are called 4/w:after tfaae they Icalled it itif^tf 

fP^fdmai. Which in his time was called hKti^><u or the 

€ Llb.9. p.)f d.^ high City, although it be often interpreted Arx; t GidHe; 

which ever were facred to Minerva^ as g AriJUJcs. Who 
» Plin. Nar, therefore is b^Carmtimin his Argina0ticil(f fi^mtA Divd re* 
hifl.l.7.c.5e. fi^^yiffjf^^^iy^^ctsxTfK Gffddefs that kpfs the 

^TMrrets of Ckies. This only now remains the fuccor and 
d In Art. p.. 1 }.. (hclter of the barbarous At himans, being ftrongly for0i£h* 
^Eunuch ^ ^^^^ ^^ ^^^ Arms,in which alone dwell janixarks to 
aa. $ ; Cc. tf. tbe number of feven hundtetf tboiiiand ttChHJhph^rtH'An' 

gelo tM ipe, and avouched it, I fcaritrg lekft Beiad' mtfta- 
/'Attic ip. H' ^^^ ^bc ntrrobcr. As for the Forces tbcreoi^r Hmio P^vM^ 
^Ml. iftf (hall thus inftruft you, 

Arx tantum cclthh hoc tcfHfcre month eoienf ' 
^At\nt inifo^a jttgo (fl, V0jt4t froffiitdt h nndat 

»-• *• 

«♦ »• 

JrclMhgU Attica Lib. I. Cap. 2. ,j 

i^^^H^'i'm^Kfl fir 

X^Mn^inJUgiusi mem tuutur ab hofie, ' \ S Orjr. in Mi 

:. j[ifo6iti$.Ar:c^$Qta qM4noi^d} altera Grah ' ntrr. To, i, 

, N^famatu regn^^valiSJ^ue InflrMor or mis ^ h^u 

Jgnivim^qMc magis tormentorum impete tut a. 
A Cafile only famoosac this day , 
Set on an Kill, below which views the Sea . 
Thefcauered^bat<;htihcds that ftand it about, „ 

T^Jqrtdiefjce^dsaad keeps Invafion out, , , p"j f* 
And Natives fafe. AForc, none noted more - • • i*. 

In Gritce which hath a be t te r Warlike ft ore. 
Or U for fiery Canons goes before. 
Upon the top of this Turret Hands the falhions o( Half- 
liiSoon&0K»li rarely gildi;d.aiter the manner of the IJhmae- 
liieji^ who have the Moon in no Imall honour , as my much 
hooQored Mr hSeldcn hath obfer ved. Of which Lunuleta ^ 
thus fpeaks F4W11M. 

ChJ0j inmratis Itmit rntiUntU Lmis 
Afc^ c^ivagM firiunt faHigia mhcs. 

Whofcxop with gilded Moons afpiring high , 
5)0 knock the Qoudes the Pilgrims of the sky . / 
Neither may/itpafsobfcurely which I have taken up,being', 
lecfail ir& the mouth of an eye-witnefs-namely.tha t on the 
lide this HiU. 9 on which the Aerofoils is built , grows a 
certain kind of herb , that farr off, inthe nrgbc feafon, 
,giv€S4mpIlihining.aodgjftteringlightj to which when ^ - ^ 

/ fioan ibalUpp£oacb,be (hall difcern nothing but the herbh 
feU. Ctf which matter i ferioofly wilh that I could tcftifite 
, the trwIjJt was deliv^ered to mc>^<i J5^e,with good credit^ ^ P^ ^'* 
. The WAHsthatenvirpn this arc none now,faies J^avoliHs^J['^l^^^^^ 
hm/m former time it hath been well fenced, fomepart 
.. thereof eroded by tl^e two Tufcan Brothers jwho leav/ng 
ibek Cofimrf y Jlv^d hereunder the Aerofoils, called 7n\<t^^ 
^4, Feii^giy Stox)U^ J)i tIm ^^dvlw3 for their wandring,'4 
StfiAo. y Plinie fays theirnames were EurlatM and Hyfey^ 
tow^The two that firft bqijt houfes of Brick at Athefis-^vuh^a 
fo»tt«^y||^£iia4Xavei for dwelling places But by the. 
■jr., ' ' ^" '-' •' ; anihority, - ' ' 

S ArcbsoUgU Attics. Lib. 8. C^. 2^ 

' ratbority ofP^/i/kiil^r .though thefrioters add Stifihef hiT« 

done both tlutt Author and the perfons wrong in putting a 

fiUe name upon one of them, I will do tbem hone. Read 

a V^^ 9 ?*g ^hcn LMierarm iomus confiituertrnt frimi AgroUs^ Hjfer^ 

.97 b Nar. kimff4i$ru Atbtnit, tie. c PdnfAnUs^^'^^ )3 c^y^Jhiu ^ Teif . 

htft. 1.7 c.^ J- tfi^f. Prom tbcfc was that part which they edified^calted P«- 

liatgicHm. 4rifi9pbanes in Avihf. 

The other part of the Acnfolis which was left naked ^Simon 
the Son of MiltUies doathed. faufdnUs in the fore quoted 
place«Tbe{e walls adtnicied no gate but rarely beaur> 
tified with that coftly PropjUttm or porch.on which fericks 
InAnc. p. isdikornmcndedby JD^w^rnir/ PhalMreus for disburfing 
1^.1' < 4. fQ gr^j^,. ^ iQjn of money, e For wbicH be was not fmally 

troubled bow he might give up bis accounts to the people ; 

His Hcphtwhltihiddes therefore feeing Him fomewbat fad, 

and demanding the caufe, to whom when bis ankle replied, 

that it was about giving bis accounts.feek rather, quoth be, 

^ how you may not give them. By which couafel the hihtni^ 

c VaL Max ^^* ^^'^ ^^^^ entangled wit^ their neighbour War againft the 

i I C.I . LdcedemonUns ,in which tbeyfoand not vacancy foraii audic. 

By the tr^y it (hall be fie to acquaint yt^ now thus mucb^tbac 
f%»i\wt%. ^^ ^^^ ^^^ permitted to a dog to enter into the Acrofufia, 
pa^. 1 7 f / &< f Pifff^ch J^ u akokJ^ ig fvaml^af , it may be, for bis beac 
g Dc re Ruft. in Vcnery and ill favour. Goats likewife, fays^ yarr&, came 

not thither^ ualefs for a necefTary facrifice once, left they 

(hoald hurt the Olive , which is faid firft to have fprang up 

there. The circuit of this ^rropo/iir is faid to be threefcore 

* rive feet ftadia Now a Stadium is about (ome^fix hundred and twen- 

^^l^^P^^^^ ty five feet,eight ot which make a mite, it being the cuftome 

VfSr ^^^' ^^^^^ «°^'*«°^ ^^^^^ ^^^^ meafure the length ordiftancc 
Ifidorl Orig. \ ,of groundsor Cities, by the 9x^:0*. The firft City then is con-. 
15. c. i6. tained in feven miles and an balfe. But to this* were added 

more boufes, able to make a City of themfclves. And fo itf*. 
deed were they diftinguilhed by h ira & i nir» yn\tf. "Xht up- 
per and iowcr City. hPlmtdrchy ^ ^Vig m^ib^Kj^m 

k In phoc. ^f'ty%9ni tLjh aw wsAf i Jirtf va«C^ Notc her* flooie^^ver^in tfte 
M4^i-47. reading 

criv^c i;bfchigher*patt,if it^bft H »»^, tlte Ipwcr^^ Th^cydideA ^ ^** '• P*S- 

#jcai;r. ' Affdrhey prepd upn tatih 9thtr^ a^d am»g the refii mhf 
wmyiefiiddified to the Scs* J^ livtiMt^^i.nx4%xl^^nimfM 

Mj(s^.-w kiuc togettKr, m^t hat qnejQy/it.cqfpiHr^tionihoik 
fliicmreretimctng Pirdtm unco cbefnfeIve$,topk up^as i Dit^b Orac. ^ 
^ir Cibrj/oSonf wriccSytwo hundred St4iU^vi\\ich is abpuc fiye 
and twenty miles. Upon wWcb place, MmUm producci a 
-^rW/>/?tcftifying that tbc walls 'werie^*/fl|f<i im^^ ^^ iV> 
-fifteen mtki fave one fnrlong. V\ here :i •ponder tbac the 

learned man bad not fobn perceived the puiober CD baiic ^^ 
beencdrriipt,andwfiuenx»ii>rii«CA^Ctity:five (or fiftceoi 

4or foic OD^c cabe.Knchef i$k ftrange cb9t ic bad fo Jarge 
abound. For confider chiC from Pir^np^ to Kthtm were 
reckoned five miles, iteyouTOy-ifc«inrj/?/w/,from^^ *^ 

to /^i[^^/rl^)M^andfata(tie<>tber^e oiPirmnni, fouttfite U ». c.'a'j; ; /^ 

and ii quarter: TbedtinofljvviUofwJ^c^ ^^j:-., i \ 

inch€fecohdBoofc,confiftfi4^|iyeR3fle&|iqNarier«4d^ - y ^^^ ; 

rtlie girdle of /^tr^urn atid M$mfM^ bad fevep iQJIes and^ao 
half mote; All which bdbgiHictogecbflr,m9kea op hue twenr- 
x^twonUlesoneqaacteciod onuforia^^ $iai DmCUjfy% ,c 
ftom mnft bt bcrif ondcrfldoidiaAd tt b«ti^e$;j2S toteog^ej^ < > m 
|hac be fpake not bardy of th<riial6^.4;i»il|s»for then iccannoe '^ ^ i * 
fcoMj buc I ^ppofe fome hQufe$«) \mt bito wi th0i|c 4 ^Hi d Uca^m:^ 
';^4^il?oA«r9asbe£iies,'9ictri&-> mHjww ^ aaXd* i^ 7«t«Ttt^i^ .^r .* > 'ii 
aiAr^rln vrtikhiatppi^Ed coimoc^e judicious. beadS; Mevher. cm 
i Bleqcly )ps^ by tfaed|MnioQ i>{}9bitMfmfmMho;tf^iog i» ' r . i 
#/^jSM/i»thefc.iBcnrdr,Afthw»^v»t^^^^ . '''* 

: t -^ 

■ ■ . t 


Phalericfiris hiitcimtaty ^ddUt OriWO: myiC,afuJt4M?lijilS U j^rtU,^' '• 
When mdeed he^meai^Qothiiie4^; fof fpe|iicii>|r€^4it ' ; '^ . ^ 
4%ingg,whiehbeca&.3«iAifc«vw/pittT/e» bcXfeDW^i^i^yoliiflB .^ ^ q^'-^^ 
^X8l^dtairi^^^pr|bQjobn^^ ihfSm^ n Fpr V^i^lb b^ .f : .i 

^(iO'^>j~^^ ~ ^" B ' writes. 

rd ACth^H^is Attic4i. Lib. i« Caf. i. 

iVriM, OftbiikidiOlwen, Km^nftht KthinUm^ ihSei 
whkh comes mf mdr Phdlerttf ^ u Sfinntffom the Citj hi^ 
H^emftddiaiu the meft^ qoocb be. Wb^re KmsfsMS bttik 
tboi ftrafigly doced hthemei PMen iAfuntf^iU handrnm^ 
flhsxsc. Andcbaccbii wtiche meaning of tbe Author, 
pTWti tbat wbidi foMowl. He might have likenrifie confix 
ttcred tbat wefi wkb a Dative cafe, figoifies not only /ifjrf» 
' tnd frofe^ as I bave tranflated it, bnt ]Hfra fometitnes, wbich 
will now ferve better. And Menrfins indeed blinm die 
number, bat fees not into the wordi. Now it is not needlefr 
that the two waits , which Joyn PkdHm and hthens at fa 
long a diftance, he foinevvhat ipoken of, ftdng they are rtc* 
a Lib. 9 1. ^<^^^ h^aLivie afaiong the mwitd tf^enia^ttif things wot- 
I L*.' /. Elcg. tby of fight ^tKthtns. Theft are the fx€t^ rft-j^m b Profits 
%9.^.i9%. thsXiitfiM tfi^dibU hiiga tfiitt € ApfiaiB of hkxdndrU fiftc^ 
sin yclio ^^i^,, ^ 31,4 ^ pi0farcb in Cim^ne. One lying towardk the 
jWup.fiy. North^of which ePto^r*. The other toveardi the So*b, 
/^. 1^9- Hi bii^ abode forty CntritSiis/Ap/KbrM tefti£es. Tbefe^re 
\.i%l ' cailed^«V<WfW^b$20i>irC^J^^ 
t In pericle. leg at btt efrd/ikid ^I'rMf it the otber, thefc were dhtwn 
l\"iJ;V*" forth betw^tti. Afld«rbeiiW*iwnsfpehkofN*7Ky^fcAi-« 
Im LuV' "^^X&M itf^ybfcfcdnfedtetdkbat'tis&rdiRmaidnof tliht 

{ O'rac. f^' -V^inof rnx^Wi tbt tk&^iM Wifkh Cimm 'buil€,i<r witta€& 

h I Actk. p« ^P^}^Mik».KP^^ffmis fteios t^bvim authority for an o(!i^ 

kfi^n Whii^hbisllLSdiolfiftlaffirfnsiTdi^ fim^itiS^quta xh tt^A- 

A. «oi 1. ^^^ ^ iarSAw. J^er Thm^ntei^ added Pit^aim u tbe€4ty. We 

f T n *^^^ i^ ^ /^Am^ ibat'be was the onely A^nt m^fsaHit^ the 

^inThemp^ Ctty^lBf that b^f^M^Md tbe aommti&ing^^ 

^' , laintobe asic wariSamkgioiis^Wniakeiifeei^J^ 

. : ; 4 M fktMtflyebiffecmed^to^ edifying o^Ttoplea,ftndM 

. rK tnisniff i>filie^d^.-Bvirl^iirej^ 

liPiu(.in ' ^dnf6^tbc<Sty*andiPirM»», a<-fdp»tcbe Land totate 
Cim. p. 355, Hifeqtialntftr^ ^Ai the Sea^ It feem famew^t Ibnmid^ 

#r.C)ipisyf tbc fon ol AfiUi4^;miix:^Qqk. Vox wkb Sconef 

o£$ t^ w^gbc, wi iimC} ^ mside tbe Earcti ib /irm tba^ 

it coald DOE^gjivc^N^ be was fo liberal^tbat be did out of bis 

Qwn $:[^pco£n fogrc«t favoon to a People^ tbac fome year^ 

4^(C^ gr^tlfyfd bim wkb f xile. Neicber did he only mend 

thi breg<sbei^bq[t in after time o fioilbed wbole ivork,fo # piuc. p. . «^ 

tliftt be «[)4y tniiely bip (aid co be cbe founder of tbem. Let '• ,i i. .»«frA 

•UinQW4:oai«totbcGat^soi*tbeCity. ^Meurfu^tbtiihQh^'^^^^pe^i 

fcrved tw . but I fear ibcy will fcarcc fnfiice to facb a vafi ffi^Jf '^' 

City. Take tbcn tbefe, Difjionw Tbrisfijf, tbc faircft of all, ^h^!fi^l 

mtlut k 9r9 mUf fofiu » {diuxd ai it w^re in (I^e. front of the viawy at 

iomeofibore tbat 0ied in figbt «r^ tbe KmK^ns in tbe tune wfivr dudw 
<^(Thefitfis. qjlp$4arch. If m Ai, Hiff^Jiis ^ wbert tbe bones ^ A^afr *« 
ofHffmd^tbt iaoaoaa Orator reft witbKf Pxfogenitori iiZaJJ!^*!^^^ 
wb9 being racked onderAii/ifd/r^cbofe rarber to bite off hit inicia'^^ 
tengiie, tbap to divulge tbe fecreti of Ui countrey . hifX^ p Dec. 4. t f ; 
Jjicrie,tbeSacr€dGfiie.We rai4 of tbis in IfTln^pttri/ttt^jChd^ p* 1 1. a. 
r^f^^/^bot to my ^eat adqairatio tbat tbc E«gte*%bced Cd- ' ^" Thrfetp" 
/Sair^aff bad nQtelpy'4 ^faultror tboug^ it be true Hiat cber« 4 J'j/^^^ 
were fucb ^tet at hfkns as ho^^Jl^t is tbere any tbat ever 2c^;, p. ^^ 
ttid ii$-m nis U^i 7r>*hm i^f iSxiP/^ mf v; > tbe j^^ad to bave h 97ieii^fw 
iH^fiCtfried opt %o bsrial tbriipgb tbe facred gatePIt malces ^^^i«f •4f.' 
not any thing thas it was ffK^en to a llupid ielTow, for tbey 
fpake QQt as our vulgar do^ foicb a$ 9i?iEvj^ Cihri}?0f^^ 
nfWdismtm tbeo^ge^^tf are tbe gates at wbicb tbey went 
ferib «rit|itbfirir<Mrps at tf^elblemnizatians oftbeirobfe- 
<fom^ tbe ceafoniof which <hal}^fpoken.hict;<;?ftcr. / ji^"f pag. 7,<l' 
wAfihm/ , thyfinK^ • tbc.gaies of vSgtus. It fecms to num. ^f. - 
have been in Dtlj^mkm where he dwelt^ wbencp tbe ^er^ 
msot Imaj^ toKrardstbeEaft end of tl^ Temple vHias caned 
W B^^s fcr* Aiyw Thefim^^ the gmt pf t^m^ ^ j pi^ rhe^ 

iMhijiAiMfiiiidts^ w*€f? !?€$ rj^^ff#/ the ion pf J;;;^; .Jr 

1 2 JrcSa^logh Attics. Ltii h t^api 2#»' 

Ohm thar wrote cbe hl6fhn^ji^i'^^}^}i6 fXUftAAt^t^ 

turn into hli toaatfey^otn ^nifttnehD,witrtte«tfa«tM(IV^ 

tnurtbered^hisSepolcftreftati'di rieet^ibeftgitef f lU^^^* 

c Att-cis ?• 4/ Kf ^<?j,wijc«e;,Crr*i»ir#ttbcfc arc ctHcd by Xm^km di \j^ nS^ 

II . 1. 4 !• ' Ktg^xA-* 9n;A«< 71!v idles in CiTAmicut^ wbcre many of the* 

tactiemonUns werel>Qtitfd, w^b died in the feditiooi War,- 
f EWkto/xVf tbat Thrafihtilui made againft tbf TUrty Tfrsntr. fXtm^ 

bavenougbt to fpeak. Aya^^tnci 7ri\fu^iht Kchm$df$^4fii. 
I foppofe tbey were called fo from tbe Town or Vitbige 
neer, named hcharnd^ to whtcb it is probable ic looked.I^ 
fo did tbe andenti name tbeir Gates from tbe Town to 
. wbich tbey were neer. Tbe R$mdntibt\t p^td CoJUiind , 
from Colldtid\% Bridge not far btf And bappily It is fo herci 
Mwfitts hAt}9 ai alfo in A/St*«<» VUm^a-, j&r jE>/(w^:f is a pe<^!e of kthenr^ 

nff ft^«» -n "^^ *"y g^^^^ ^^"^ *^^' ^^^* ^^^ Gicy.^^^K /ai, rAr4- 

Atcicis,%nbV^^*^- Thcfe are all tbat tmet with nameiOthers there are 

WW /k'w umi obfcurely pointed at by g /'4 ii/4»i4/,as that nccr tbe Galle^. 

ihUmUttn ' ryiwhich^rrom its Va^ioos dtaagbts,tljey<iiH P^Tri/^^ 

Mspucp^ is the effigies of JJ/f^i:/<f/^^ Andothetta- 

S^e? iT-^out the leginnirig o^ bU Ar/iy4;of ^^^^ Hiad better botdmy 

iei»Any^9uid pcacc, than fpeak as gooifl a$ nothmg^. Tbiis have we found 

ibink vbive twelve gates which being opened , enter , fuck that fweec 

fiilnmtf Urn, air^ wboTe excellent parity brought forth foch acute wits, 

y^f^f^fA2iid happ* bbdnl^ Oftdcfftatarfiag^ 

i-M-4Caffiod!7»Jgroerits fSr.cohtproplatibn. yvh^ttE^rifidefmsf. well' 

Var. 1. 1 %. ff cein to this note,that fenfts ficring nttf idff idornlftgitfw' 

*Mticap.4tfo,fclf, fends forthc'ontinttallyCi^/^i^rijfXvtimff^i t«*»/ii^ 

4^x. cMcd. ,»»jgTH^|eu>2p>Sf. Well may be Were fiiflirelimc flifeg it,, 

Praf ^ad cha- ^ ^ft«pfiS«7^r ctJ^if^, wbich !hath been the bothet of the 

«ft/e Tom, i.Mfifeslhy the leave of Mf^tmffnt) ,«iJ'tt4«ft' tbe Jtorfe w 

^ 173^ theiB^for there aife tbey teid to Wc traWM*d^ with fl^m^ 

^ nidi^ as if there were no fdcfa melodiour concent , » ai in xj^ 

Sciences. Let not d Tbeophmfiuf affert all Ghece to Urttn- 

der tbe fame temperature Stdifpofttion of the bea vens, when 

' ' at this day it may be fpoken^ts once KrifHdis did of it^^ No 

coadfo truly void of all^eartU^ dregs^ and pacticipitiiig 

Areh^kgia Atilcf. Lib* u Caf^il ^31 

mtt of ibe «iI«fttiiJ Und dcrecited tir. Not nitwonhUy 
batW*; Wwteen l«yi(h in tiwtl^a»,fFiimM$MThe mefl /^*^Pv?7 
reimntdy h Hsfff, iSnerti KxJht»h PiiuLrHtJw*ndtr. |Ocd. Cou 
>/»I wMkffoi^mof^mNtM, &c. To the making op of her ^o'd/col. 
ileligbc come* to ail the ttvtt Ctfhifftn ^ wfaicb i< able to p. 1^4. 
b«ac Veffcl* of a go<k[ barthett,as I bavc beeftiDfornied»bttt i Aia. p. 7t: 
tbc Tmip tearing knik ic migbt b« adVancagioai (o an ene-> Vi?'i9^ 
my tbac migbc Invade cheniibave cat it into man; &fundry 
Uttic ftreafi)i,damn}tngap with an innaoMrable qaantit3r of 
&)>nei tbe month of the river for t mile in length. Tbioliing 
they have infficiently prevented tbtt > which they did btit 
Aippoft co«Id^ba{^« 

CAP. in. 

■^ m 

' tarn haiumi differ unt i veterihts-^ fu^ltm vlu raUmtm 

-^^ Bchtkenidiftlay J Dtudfchui lire divided into two ^ ^ ^ exu^ 
; J ^m Ml^ch, httkos^ and MtMHunt. C^wbicb, {though j^q,^ ^ ^^^^ 
there were no difference in latter time$,yet certainly of old 
there wh. lofomnch as one of the pBntftiments , which 
ih€h4be^4ifs are ftid to inflid upontheit women ( for tbc 
9LfpkkRhg4(NepfMnei btin^ng in an inodatton upon their 
f^ldi to the tr gttit dainage, in anger conteited fov iofs of ' - ^ 
tbe^Titlextfl&eCity ; was tbii>«i That ifon^-Aould after wvaffo^# 

^cialltbem A^la»eif»rf,ArWit»i,biK Muif^hmcos.h revenge ^^^Lrxt c.^i' 
tfiipi^feopprobions4mougb.]fortbus writes my Ambor. . ** ;.' 

• Oi ^* «^£*«j^itfll?f A«eMflS<iJ^iiX«lj ^HJ»$dJfrsiS'H(y ttL^tn^^Toir 

^vtri'nftUlkiei §f fir^gm.Uidit^^pi ^^^ ;irtXwJ<..A fnffi^icnt 
' witnefrof tbif is 4 Sc £*ite jthat i^k^^XhijiU regard mthing / 

* mrt ihaniQ'henrdndff^Ai^ni^iiti. To which end they of- <^*** *^ 
ten met in Barbers (hops. Where all news, that was gotag 
mtbofe days, were/cnrranta Hence fey we, ver^4 in ton- ^ Jn PIii«o gi- 
^Hk j»??cyl/i^^«tfl ifi» GlCeiC hd ms wf «-«/f KiyQ-, b f^i-^ 3 ^^ 

lib. J. c. 7. , 

t In PIuc, 


p« i7i«l* xo» 
ib pluco p. $0. 

if,a72.1« 19* 

14^ 'jkeU$U£Ut Attics, Lii. f; {^^jj^. j, 

Tbcythitkccm Barber I flio|«4i4ts^n^ mm 

fnddcQiy grMrn rkli.Tbe ScMUft ftf QW to cake ibc incas«> 
m%M iftfir CofDcdito bad qvifl^ ^® '^ tafortiag w 
Barbers, and ocgtcAiflg Barber Cbyrvfiiofiit of bcfiar cec;« 
diLBut I iceao reafoaJbeymec tpbQWioprattle,^e^4». ' 

/lij^f nu.Sictiofito aCbymrgioos Au)p,fcandalQiif|aod tbix^ 
fty to fpeal^ ill by all vm»Jff^^^ , nmk luliaMcedi wbo 
can (mile even when tbey cat yonr tltfoatSttcb uThn^ifim* 
l^Hs bath in bit C bara Aen drawn oiit,wbo can be affable to 
their EneEnies»and di^ife (heir hatred in cooMnendatien • 
while tbey privily lay their (narei^ that faints with oKMrtal 
EmbraceaientMadcla(peyaointbolcarmei» which ibey 
mean to embrew in yonr deareft Blood Jn fun, fair with* 
ODt»bat rotten witbin,Hke a Wound which is healed above 
and feems found, but patrifies under cbe ikih. And fo much 
the word doth m^tLX^wfffi^T^^f^ 1 Given to ftbfe accu* 
fations.The^SclKriiaftof Arijf ^4i«f/ wiites , That it being 
lorbidden to carry Figi out 01 A^^^^iand ibme» oevertbcp 
i^ the Decree bang abfolutc agaiaft it. prefiiming fo to 
(dottbey fet RAgufs in she Gate i chat did appeacb t&eni(aa 
fFlm4rch\i!UfiUk») Hence caaie tbii mird to be uftd m 
any crafty Knave that gees hi6 living by proipoti^, g imf 
mimdMrimZ^r. One tmt meddles inev^ry iQiniamira,nnii 
ihcitfore b Arifi^fhams bath fitly brought one iq^ tbc 
Sta^,teamiQgbtiafeiran^dt^^/tf^ bothofprivateiuidptt* 
blick matterstlf then fucba perfon bad efpid any trippirig, 
and gotien bim on the hip , he wo«ld ai fWe have fiptchM 
liiai over for bis Coyn^as any S$immmr dotba perfon de- 
iinqnent towards the flefii,or uny Lawyer nCreduloof CU* 
«nt>and having »cl plumed him^afterwards give him a Di- 
fiiiffory. EKjSin^Sj<Qfhmt^) tA^fi ^ »9 XfVi^^ Ko^Cdnmi 
^§p ii*9t9.X€nofhon. Such were noany in Aiiroir, iofiuuucb tbac 
Affiffor/^^cif^askfidwhatAiW vnmjo^miw^iitjM^ 

$e4miifuhittiit Sjirfi WUn y^e^Qt Wjww r I •/ fi,*«tf»,ifi t f erie 
t>( 4 »90f e^ it) etic delbription of AMff$m bis Gardtn, but 
pears grev(r rij^after ^its, ftad'fifgs after fi^gs, mctmng • 
tonttoatl fncceJBIofi offycopbanes^tbil made mcratts the O ' 
rator to comparethe city to a GartiKAH w<^' wbom fipw tbere 
^rere bat wookt have t6 do,yei none dare take ta wifeiaffir^ 
filing it cbe beft^tace eo fojaarn io,bat the word to iaoalMtt 
By teafon of their Sycophants and treacheriea^f nimble ton- 
goed prators. n« 9^miFt4«< W ^i»iwff0 fimu I wss once half 
in an opinion that chefe words were to ha?e been pm to the 

former, thus; mfitPfdinJ^Hi m^n^viml iff ^iPhiSp dm. And I 

abiok the fence will mn well, MSHous cbfervtrs tfthe livtt 
ipfflrmigers. TheAtllirm'ii«/Wtrea/A}|ff0/, and held hofpi- 
talfryfacred,«ndIdoQbtnocbat they bad chat Law, Tb^ 

te Xemfhon. t^ow he 4ifeommenda the Amwi as ready n^f^^^ 
to troaUe and vex ftrangen in law, doly marking & bearing ' ^ ^ ' 
mn eye onto them to take then at {an advantage. As for the 

ypn^i f^hmMfjBravt ffiriudipngh^e^mi,& UUhfml ffknit. 
Bat as the words were at iengcb confonnded , 10 did their 
lDannerS;4^|r;f f y^re growing inco dtfutukhlaM rh v^tnui^n It* 
ngiUdrity cftktntn as t A/fW»/.No,^>fli>.i4uxf < afcerwards, , 
. but haaghtinefsof fptrit,magnanimtty now falien. And when ^ ^^ "^ * 
d Livj fays. Ex PttrnfrntmA mhUfMer animus ferv4rtjtic ^ jy^^ A^p r" 
meansytbey bad nocbiog left hot thofe prood fpirhs; which ].. i^ ^ ^' ^* 
their ancient ftooriflifi^ fortune bath puffed up.No «* w^iom 
or fimplicify ,if^e km^hkf imncencyjst miUmfi-^hut zifPlth ^ /vriflopb. 
furch fpeakf , fe^fh tMfilj Mngrj^ fim fiitifui, nuhr inclined pag. ^94. 
finrfly t^t^G^nkn, thm ^meitf u be Enformed. hnd at fmkir.Tmffr^A 
the J are reaij to Utf bafe mi jtkjed fenfnnts , fa friendly do V*l^7* 
they enterNiin ehi/d^ nnd i^icklent ttjes , rejoycing in their 
wnfrnifes,^^ned neihingwoved wiibjiMrfUiiy^ Eenrfnl mid 
$errmeeven to their Gcvernors^hmnnne teimsirds their Enemies » 
Not unfitly tben^ Vnlerins Mntimns, ^antdm ergo refre- S ^'^ ^ ^* i • 
henp^nm merentur^ &c. How defer vc they to be blamed ?*2- »07^. 

who tbofigb they bad juft lawi^yet bad moft wicked difpofi. 


-• \ 


e Ifccrac. rn 
Pan. lo^. 

:t6 Jrcb£do^i£:Anic/. l.ik. i^ t^l^ 

tiommod chofe ather co uketbek oWn coMrfe^^t^imippuj^ 
rpilaAice tbeic;ftiicttcc$? As for tbei'f i|Ki{mdc!l»(rfi, (q greaw w^ 
Mj that CO e J^prcd a coviteHMce ¥<^ 9f l^ajnc. ^ Cooks? 
^>^' ^'9)S« diao bachfnt Ai7#ft0r 0^4T@-iAn'Af^f^llf|i h^^nixN^Mmu 
Lib. 2. p. ^y.j^ttt yfwim pi^tti , So. accouruf d uv xh^ (imc of 4 PAttr^ 
^klm^ tba|i«:bac was^one in Cmcetkywi fiilbful troft,^ 
:Rmim$ would fay it ii^ss pcKi<Km<ri,/i4pj/Nrfir^, witbian 4* 
thtmn\o^9\vji . F^ar^fid p^wer migbt: iQake tbfm truftft 
but bow tfaey broke xbm Lcagfici , took.pai^c witb^^tbec 
Iflatidcn againft coflfe()eniCfaiand violated th^Laws of arois^ 
HiftoriaDs are not domb. As for tbeir wracb^ic was « ftV^'n^t 
ever mindfut 9 as b Fitg$lmmcT ira, A(vd che batred (bey 
profecuced tbe Barbarians: wuballtwaifpunqueijcbabie^tbac 
it burned againft c\z\\ SArhm^ms for tbe Ftrjhtnt fake*, an4 
. ctiey forbad tbem tbelr Sacrigcei ^as tbfsy ufed co do murder. 
ers afnong tbetn;, VV bere you muft note, tbat all tbat were 
not Gr4ci4fis were called of tbepi Burbmj^h £iuc loe I bow 
are tbey now become all b^rbmml j^b^tbor Oriio p^ple ^ 
Africa fix fome of theC^^/^milcannot fa%.teihi^(ari9f- 
$ans alt^poor and niTeicablejtiving b/ rapine^or fifliii^or tU« 
ling tbe earth, d Fd^ofi^* Dur^qt ^^^i :. . 

PMferie ^mmm vUam tcUrate rapift^.. 
Ant fdffim infe^niu fttrtc, rsptpqi f r^pinfftd 
tjSqmra piraid ^fed^ud pan 4fiii^^ b^n^ y , : . ; 

Fallif intfcAtoj tewi [nb 4r0»di9e pifc^s* - . j : A 

AMt di'filatds^exerenvgmert Urr44^ • .t' 

Semper inopt^ miferd^ itfjelix^ rerum $mnUfi^ei4M^, . , : ; 
Oppreft with neiMl^ tbey do their life fulteia 
B3[ rapine, and annoy tbe neigbboor main < 
W i tb pillaging. Who are moce jaft and g9od^ , , . ; 
With angling do tbe filly jiflj delude- , -t 
Or plou^ t;he gcounds m^e 4ejtbiate befor^i^ 

4 Hodocp^ 

. ;UQbappy, w^etchedyiuif'fable^ftiUpoaiF,* 

• > 



^. ., i < ► ■- 



Afchitthgue Mtic*. Lii. i%Cgf. 4. 1^ 

"CAP. IV. 

^iJmfrne 9 "hvmffi^tu. T%0ii/^t. £^$mfpi. UirmiK^ 

^^ Here urcre »c iir ft two kinds of Ffiople in Athens, e two ^ ^* ^^/j^ Di% 

. . jI orderly 9/fi^ inter g^Mim SgrntMiAfmrtttnaq^dliqutA °">^«» Hals 
imurlmcekdt , in which tbere was difference of dignity and j^i^^^' 
fortune: Ibcbas at tbisday arc in FrMMct , either Peers or /«#. ^'^ 
Peafancf^ or asrin iFVii»rrt P-4uricimuzxyi Phbciam. And al« ^^aTr//^ 
tboogb Pe//«Ar calls them r^'a oJ|e'«^tbree'forcs,yet 1 make btH ^ ^yioU^^ 

' t svo^becanfe the y^i^t^t were not any way more gentik for ^*^' *• "• ^• 
bioodyfofpsiling for ricbet^or happy for life. Bttc becaufe he 
hath fo fee chem, take tbeoi thus , as be (peaki, a^fU^U" ^°'^»«- ^- *•' 

^riV^e, were focb as were defceoded from the ioyns of thofe 
Htroes^ famous in Grte\^ Hifiorj ;wbok families were ever re* 
ndwned^and pofterity propagated cotDany generationsjech 
as Pramergidk, Bn^Mt^^dfememddfijniJuB.Cirjcts, &il 
whom we may term Nobles^ or inen of good birth- ut^ioh 
gioworij may iiot ftem unHke eur Yeomen, who bad land of 
their ownr and foibined themfeives with the frait and com- 
tnodityx>ftbefe their pofleffioo. ^v^atf^pt, DemiMrgi, were 
menx>f fome handy;craft» Tradef-mensfach as Tent- makers^ 
$hoo-makers,Orpenters,Mafom & the like.Bnc Sol<m made 
another divifkni. for wbenlbe Diacriiy which were thofe 
that lived in tl» upper part of tbeXity, m ^ m&^ fays Z)/V ^ j^ ^^^ ' 
jpveiZoirtms'^ and the PididhVifbicb iikewife are m^m, focb ^* 

as lived in the middle of the City, or tbe Plfiin. Ar^ the P^ 
ralii who lived near the Sea, were at contention about Go- 
vernmencTbe Diacrii leanifyg to aDemocratie,as e Pht^ch ^^^ . j 
writes, the PtdUi to an Oligarchy , and the p4rM between soloncm/ 
both, and bad chofen SoUn to arbitrate and determine rbe ' ' 

matter; be make thefe four ranks. vnpTunAJfoiJttfi^vH^y iV^'«f, 
C<^} ireti^'ifai^ PeKtaccftom(dmn(is^EqmtcSiZ(HgiteSyThtai. 

C Ptntaco* 

1 8 ArclutologU Mtica. LH. i. Cap. 4« 

Fentdet^trntHmni were thofc who U ^tit^li ii^i ig «'x»T^ 
rfplttcf. »5* could make five hundredfricarum In wet and dry commodi- 
ties alike. What Poffurdm chen1>ring$ ooc of Varro eon<« 
ceroing midium^btib no place here^for be fuppofos that Pfw^ 
$M€$(i^meMm0m was be ibat.bad as much ground as fifty i9^« 
* iimni could f uffice co fowr ; but here I wili confute bim wi cb 
ft wet finger,«i» •>^<tt For be feems to fow upon the waters. 
Tbb is be wboin tbe JBkivirii pr tsted 2K Lqitn^ An. 1 6 3 5 . 
ooder tbe name oi P^f /i^Mi, wbo was fometim^ a Profeflbr 
' of Tongues in Tr^nct^ and Author of the Treatife ^e M^fj^ 
PtM%hm Aibimenfum* E^uka were fucb as wene of ability 
CO keep a borfe« or bad tbe quantity of three hundred mea- 
iures in dry» and as many in wet : . called bkewife Uitijk i%<-/ 
%ifit%iJitm^ks^v9tU fucb as could of wet and dry taati make 
but three boiidred.Aoy of thefe threecould beat office in the 
P1U rck Common wealth. A fourth rank wbicb is called e Qmteu^ The* 
-lwopr«di. ^^1 * ■*"** fr^*" fcrvility, wbich bad no power in the rule of 
Aou the Weal pubtick. But it bad not bee? amift if I bad (hewn 

bow ttffi vSg^ftims bad dirided, their people into three 

DaiTes as the A$hmsiu did, as I bavt fpoken above. For cbc 

firft degree otEufsirids addiAed co iearmag and fludy^wbo 

were bad in greater bonor.anfwer to tbe t^^jftiam Prie9«; 

PI ThcT /^y ^'^^ ^^^ bontes in AAim bad Prieft hood by foccelk 

T^\ x8. * fion^as Emw^ddjCirj^es^Cj^mdd. For out of tbe Crock were 

nlim/t^4!^ €hofenPri(e(b^encel«fsHru2»iie#ft>i9Vf ioj^ftMM^ilrmr, Tba 

I Pag. 741* Gwrnri iHk> had lands afigoed totb^ forcbemainto* 

aasice af the War» arrnoc diflike tbem in tAEgf^t who bold 
pofleffioos on tbefe aearoif , namely 9 To provioe Soiildsera 
wbeu need (hall require to fi^. Tbe Z)viitfV|i rtfasdtfer 
^fe Plebeians, who ikitfiii^iii ^c Ait^ fet out dieir iig 


'ArchoihgU Jttici* Lib. i. C^^, .^ ' t9 

Cap. v. 

Tribm^HatnsrftdfCicrife^mHtardeirifmnifimii A$igt^ - 
ACliftktfu: dMS^iU. ^oiTgj'c. fej57»fff. TcxHvi. thO^ 

IN Atknsihttt vrttt but four Tribes omicr tbc mte^of 
Qecrops. Cf^rafu, Aatelthcfr^ ABs^ tarMth • wbicb bad 
jocbcr oames pot to chcm, CmnM, Atthii^ Mcft/gMd, Diacru. 
2 fuppok fifom the parts of AnicM, it Jying partly nctr tbc 
Sea, tiience ABad, partly bHIy, tbcnce Di^cfif, partly Medl- 
cerraoei thence AiifngJtMytht other name from the Kin| that 
WJBtbtn} whether the King would hononr that Tribe fe 
much, or the Tribe glory irt the name ofr the King. I know 
nwi It Improbable that it was an honor to tlittr Gdvemor, 
fdr as Orn^ff gave the firft names, Cr^irnw tbefecond, fdch 
^hminga tifle rd himfelf. PriRhmm called thein after the 

^ton^f, H?i<M^\. But when fon came to riJle, they were nam* 
Cd after hi* four ioraJSehontts^t^gic^tit^Arg^es^Hi>fht€f% 
as A H^uiotm aiMl b Emipides. Though TlntiKreb faics that 4 In Terp: 
they were fo called , e W ^ •^•r wc « AnpOif«^» «i ^/•z n fich. p. 147. 
frpeTw, from the courfes of fife which they fitft took- B«"jJ^^^ 
CUfihen^s, t man faftious and wealthy,is faid by theCouncel /in s^^ 
%>id AfBllo^ Ahm49n being Archon, to make ten of them, 4^^ 
cbangiAg tbc ancient titles, uml taking new from fome De» d Arifiiiles 
tttigods or Hmes born in that land , all except Ajm whom J i; p. ti^. 
thought ftrattgcr,he put to the reft as a neighbonr and com- "^ *-^ P-^** 
panioni^ HeP^iami.lkbtlt then were calIeaE'r(wnie«<-,tsyoff ^ inTim. 
would Ay,gif iflgMmes; tbe word fo figrftficifomctmies^as (^h. p. ij^. 
MifkfPM H faid By Dim Chrjfoftom^ hTTDSvufA®' MUuSr, who 
give the namet to Atbtntto thefe were ereded Statues neet 
the Couiicefptace of the Senate Their names ate thefe, os 
fP4f$fMiai hath them, fRp^oftirfWf , Antiochm^ Aj49fTetmo^ /Ij Are^p: 
'mm^tt9, ireahemihitfkwImwdrdAts the Son of £ar»rb/* 4$^ 
fm mti^ £k0fimin^ Wtr,tJ£xem^ Otmni^ A€4mi»^€itriffr^ 
• . - . C z £4»dm^ 


I • 

» neJiAU 
neli'nud a* 
wumg the If 9* 
nym^t in 

tues lUmfe. 

L I* Pi 60 

< , 


20 Jrcb^dlogU JHic^. Lit. I. C^. 2} 

rsmSm* Ftom cbefe l^indoifr/^ i ^mx$u Aw7ir» Af^t^^fr, 
0/riiK» K««f#iri<, sntf/yoflv To. wUcb cbcy poc twomorC) 
one called tfttvAntig^^Ms.tht other tktxDmttrhi bit name 
10 gracitnle to cbem far ihe favoHrf^received; which 10 pro- 
ceift of time they changed into Attalit, and Pi^kwM^tt Ste.^ 
fbsMns vrrices^ //«^i;mr^V^ffi/fp>ii/flir7M^«iy'Mflif, having 
been coorceoofly entreated by the * Kings bearing tbac 
name. Which being fo^let at take heed that I,ivj deceive ns 
not, who at the time, wttcn AhmI$$s did iuccor the ^heni^ 
M/ againd /Wjp , faiea^ Tbey fird thought of adding tbac 
Tribe to the teuiin tbanl^lgiving tbat the RlnSi refcued four 
fighting Ships of the AthinUns tftken by ifKJkfacidmiaMt.tnd 
(ent tbcm home, 4 Turn primmm mentioiUdta de trihii qu^m 
AtidliJUsffiildrenf , ad. decern vet mstiribus dddemds, Tbus 
faave tve feen tha vhere were civelve Tribes in all. Let m 
lookbackto tbefirft in(Ktation.l fuppofe tbey were firft or* 
dained for the better admtniftraoon of Civil Governmcnr. 
t Ei^4tbiut writes that tbey were divided in imitatkur of • 
the year the four Tribei according to thefoor Qjiarterf; 
each Tribe into three Fratcf nities, which tbey call 7oflU or 
#£9[rei« aofwerable to the twelve Montbt^ each r^reiVor 
Tei7?(! f /into thirty ^'h or Jkinreds« equaiizjr^ the daies. For 
fo many only bad the year of old. Witneis the Riddie of 
r GlecktelMs concerning the year. . 

One Father tiad twelve Soos,and each Son thirty Daoghtert^ 
and every Daughter biacK. and white, meaning days and 
nighti. Out thefe were Governora, fuA«^4rAfr<, Kings oi 
ibeTribes^ who face upoa.Controveriies and 
party of their own Tribes. Ea^b Texiiaa atfo bad bii« over* 
frer calkd rpi^tsep^^- the Rjilcr of the Tmfip or PhrafruL 
Tbe word may (eem* to (igniiic a Society : Feilowftiip, or 
Company :. it. skils not whecber you.dcdve. it from.^reTCMh 
^Ekfiaih^QV nttTeiibi as .f«fW^i¥>r.9?ftff,.as.orherf whicb if t 
,' V/cll^ becaufe they drew wacer froca the fame Well;. Fwp 
cbcpjacebeing.fcanty.of Sgriogf where 'Af^^'»/W4s/oiiiide4 

lJerebeiiigbi^fooewtll.fpriogia ^A*w, they were con- 

ftratiiedtooftflf#*«5«ii„;j, digged d flirtttreb. dlnSo'oat 

^gg^ofn art tbc iBttiof th«c (bciety,edted h^Tmltj^CmrudtH p. 6u U ui 

ot the lame W«r4,4peakiag;of C«ii»«», wbo g*»e eomniMtd 

that hi fervanw (hooid afiord what they bad, if any L4eid, 

d*$ Ihwld come ioio bit Earm. in difcription of wbkb 

|hipg Vlutwek ufes Uv^n(,vi\Axih dicawe are not to iotei* 

pre&C«r»4/i/ (For ttutis^as teocbai «>f«V< and'wftjfAiTt*-) 

but W4rM:Thefe at Eettival day* in Athttu met in a place 

called /»Ar<ttw*,a»4 Mttfiatbiits oblervi and i p«//**^ where «iiiui ^3 

tb^ brought theirCbUdren to be engroffed in thdrBook*, pag. i lU. ft 

aslhall be hereafter fpokeoi with the reafonatbeeeof >,.9- i'- ' p. «»9« 

TiiCrti.PAr^rKw^i^froBibeoce coinei,wbich^is »kfk*< ^©''"'•a * '^''*' *' * '* 

C«a«t»«,to,meet/or fo Em^mUhi in aootber pl«e tftrtmi 

nniKtt. As for tiie yio»,or kinreds; we muft itot think that 

ibey were of one blood, but of th« ne«r conjundion which 

they btdeach. wixh other, being admitted into this Society^ 

IiVh /«*(fycry>^r®-orkinred confiiHog of tbir-ty , wbenc« 

they were oamed rtntiUAi ( ) « la^a-imfi u «« ^i.'f ntif» ivm 

^ef^ii>!^tJ^i,UQt of a ffinity fo calied.bat for their Synod 

which die GramipariacM call vO^MrMmmh a Corarounica- 

tive fami|isurity,x0.'r<k>i'ise,beingfl participating in one things 

or having an eqoat (bare in the lame Priviledges.Great was 

ih«i r care of each otber,gr8at wat their rtmtaal ktvetwhicii 

thacit might cpntinae,S9/e» their Law<gi vet ordained ccfii 

tain Fealls to be provided, wherein they Aoatd. kindly ear 

tertaiacachotlier../<i«t«^Mn«i* and9£$e7&vj>Ari&nw»A , ' 

Tiio a run SiUrfttt, ^fittmmt^i t^/it^irttud -a ^A«i?#'./rfxr* ^ ' pipa/op^" 

f eafts celebtated ac thii day. roafcets have,appoia* 
wdP>y««M&)tTf»b««tl>fi»«»f»«.fot the people drpppolar, "' 
14orepver7'i>«i^«f^fo(CoUedgetfa»PbilQfopheift for the deatK 
•of theif Grand Mafteit) and PbrMtriea for the fameWard, 
UCnce FW^«<i»ji!e««i/A«f,;and t«ix^»)' vvt^iy^g^. Ofwhicb 
m due time'. Tbereafon ofihia the Bipn^fk^ gives^ f ayi (g, 
^bat Wise hAtb j/^K/rtiriS M^rc/^M»^Q a'ttraSivtf.aod 'pec* 
ii«a4ii)gii)»9<pfirocarc ioiwaiid f(ieo<i(btf^ . 

' ' CAPi..- 


CAP. VI.. ^-^ '-»•''' 

T . - 

Aikefiietffihm fftfri^ 

i Donir, in 
Pf«f in Trr. 



ALLGrrm WiiinbaUtfd ^iiiimj^ ifTtmcjdiiei fpevM, 
by ViUages^ beiMe there were my Tiofwai ; frciof 
iHieoce contH the wiirdi Conndy.^i At Peri mo^tm c^h 
it$ 0^hm hihei$itfifikMgi cmm A^lIM Ncmi^Jdfftp F^tfrttm 

m cifcmm Anicd viect, villas, & c$mfitaftfii$fft carmen fafe^ 
mnuer C4mt0'ent : crtaeftCamctMs luit^ri njoff/J^ {t i^ •J^ht y 
qmdefitCcmw^simm wicmMnHs. The AfiSrrm4if/ being at 
yec HOC gacbereif into CorpoflratiomyW beo tKey ftmg fecred 
bymni to Ap^Uo N^mim.t)^, is.ibe Prendtflc to the Skf^ 
hedrds and i\^Wf fc^i^#,aboQt the ViUages^HMfes^^nd croff 
unyi of Attica ^ Attart being bnilt in bonoor of checdebrK 
cy^fproog up a Cofnoedy.i/m; ^ iL»fJU»Xf*9 ag « /«r) fronfrtvel- 
Kogand nngmg.Oihors will hare it Mriyed from an anciene 
-^ofhyme di^ Md^vvbea any were figured among cbem, for 
the party wronged to come to (be dreet where the dfeo^ 
iter Uf ed,and in the Ki^ time to cry aknidt 4 o Mtmdih> 

wfft ig -ni Of did t d«9r }»7ftpr> iy \ifimf. Stuh a wi d^tk wrpfig^and 

€9mmi$P fnch awi fmh Omra^^^ al$h$uik there be Gods and 

i,Aim$y by wbkb tbcfe abufes were rer<u'ffled« But tbe A^ 

mutjmm^ a Preface to Arift^flhims^ faya , [li tdputf n^txS^ 

:s^i mifd A^fo/euy a M<S /<ffAy<, that they were noc called ««« 

fitff^orViHagetby tbe^ii^rfM^i^bnt </^«fie w,wbicb tbey tranf* 

late FcfifilM^y better in my miod, effida , or Towni. Ci€ir$ 

e^b A^ti9am. Vm^ ad Firsm iet^fm magk nfreketedtttAti 

ftem, fffid homo Kmmmt firaeMfmfferim mm Fit4emm ^ 

l^rim ommi ^rrtQintiXswt) qdAm tise^d MadHderim. Nd 

e^im hec ut epfida fraf$ffekfed hP di Uea : & tamn tAetij^piei 

mfierj ejm efk mbifcnm^ & Uiciat Cetts^ non retateer offfiitm 

^e PtroiO^fid d0^iiidef^itc^hrtim Jjmdem fl eft ftctt^ttm^ ni 

a efi;^md t^m ttt de tffi^ hcmtMsfmm^fedmt it tcim fect^mf^ 

f^atfHmmn J^ct^M^iUmitiMmm mpifmtiMflMegm^mi^ 

ii- i-' Jets 


im mim mSwJL4HBitMii4ft)fiirir4i$ikim eufm fnhUg fnr 

aliqaoc adoierctataitcaiaNM 10 Vintknm^U kltsmi Mtitator 
hoc addebac capcam deSaoio. ^ftod fi J^ium ofpiia vehmw 
effect Jm ffi affUtm Sanliun jifMim Pirapetif . If fo be ve will 
lAscHy^ to be Towns, Suftium a$weil as FirJttw is a 
Town* Thcfc were forxnerly Kiiigdoroa, as c Tdhfamas u* c A tkii p. 30. 

«'c^#«f:)c"^ i^««A«rf?»j'T»'f Ki)vo«©-. Moreover, i have writ* 
teo, that fome oi the Towns wier$ governed by a Kiog be- 
fore the raigri of Cicrd^/. And 00 marvel ifor fome ol cbem 
far farpaffed 6tbcr Otics , as Arifiidis affiriDetli« Tbefe e^InPanith. . 
weretooftpecutiaf totbe AthenUm^Ukimitiy called ftfin. lut* T. i.p. i%$. 
mh as t Arifl^ifk SchJ. or Kw^^^m, asf/^s//*^, twelve be- ^^"^-P^* 
longing to every Tribe, Bat CUfihems changed ibem inio /L^'g^p. ^^o. 
MfjLiii as out oiArifiotU the Scheie of Arifipfk The number g la n.k p. 
«f tbem isj g Eufidthiw out of Strata and h Cafaubon , an iti $. 
hundred feventy four. Some whereof having the fame name ^ In Athcnat. 
are diQioginOicd accpritog tp their fituattonSi^S J«ipdif aad ""^ ^* ^* ^' '* 
ii»iftf d«r, as we may fay the upper and lower winkffkld , 
&c. AU of tbem are <tivided into Greater aad Lefler. The 
f^K^/i or lefs are tbefe, Alimufii, Z^tr ^ FnffgJtU, Aha*.^ . . . 
Ijrafii, Cifhdc^ PraSeis^ Ldrnfreii , PMyeis.Mjrfinufii^^l^^^ 
Ath€m9mu, Ac hornet MarMtbam^ Brgrnm^ Rbamnm.VDit^ 

reft were greater. Take them proifiifcaoas according t^ 
iheir Tribes. 

Pad^ttdii, EpiceiddfXjpepe^ Fithm^SypMittm$,Trinmn^Aflh 
pfonon 01 AtbmonUt AUyiu£ie$niht.Thlj0^ 


fhifh rbeupper /^ ^/«^f r^^Tbe iov^er Jitsififfi^in wbicb J^^K 



• •c 


£4 AfchxolpgUAltU£. Lit. 8. Caf- 6. 

•Mu tit A,€ftUiog one the maritlmace, the otter tbc infed^ 
'Or.which to be ooe and ibc ftmcl btvc (bewtd jibovc;^Mi- 

htddti Pe9{g4^h S)bfiJk. Pbegms^ Awdgjrui. 

:h9 , ncutffuVWfij^Mi^ffiWMfa'®^. xnitAtty ♦h^sm* Mi/ffi^S^, 

nmVf, cbe ua4er P^^nid^ Pt^okalinthiUi StirU, ?heg4M, AJjf 

fhep. , i?iire, GfAdtUHS^ DinndO^ Erelthia, Ericris, Echria^ 
Jcaria or Icarims, hmdA.C^lyttus,Cjdimtid€^?hth$d^ Tith" 
r4s. Vhtgea^VhUdddCholliiU. 

'KiVcu»*,2^jf?1tf<, XJA«tg>9-, XWf;pi, XfiKctf)Jd,^ Kff<tAif, ne^* 
^^«fl^K7<, J/gfMt, Erifidd, Htrmus or Hermi^ Htfhdfiisdt , 

Thmcm^ Itid^Cicfana^ Spbinus^ChoUrgns^ CbJargi^C4f<h> 


, Ai3«A*/dU, Ai 3«\ltf , At/flT^ee, A<f^'/fe:,EjQi\ii,Eu«yei/tfi,K»^7 

^ySthalidd, t^thalU, 'Afhiin4^ Dirades, Heca/ij Sjf^radJ, 
Citti.Crafia, LeuconiumiOeum^ CeramicumrVdonidd^VeU' 
c€s^ Pctamuj, Scambonidd^ SuniHm, Hjhs^ Hjbddd,V6redrri^ 
Jifard^hon^AliwHS. » * 

.EAtt.5f,€^iu<?^^.E^/fi6 3^», BufcoiTtU'ad ,K«efflt^rti, Kipuoft^wii;/ 
Oltfy ^^j«A,Ojm EM«^,>, 2^if«fe'^«* A^nia, Amaxodted^And* 
<dA^ AcbardhSy Ikcelid\ EUms^ EUufii, Af^eddd^ Thy- 
wc^Md y^Q^i^^d^. Ca/ryd^Um^QtmnDtc^niuw.Oinm zA 



^i}iKU 9 aV^^i AAMiic)». Aami'g^), A|^?9rt«#» Af«V»v0r ; 

Uifi Klofoct or klofeca. A^mphitrofe^ SnapUjpMS, Atene Of 
A^^m4 » i^f/T^, TiEror^e, Crica, Leua^fjrd^ MtUncid or ^ri^* 

then. Th€ciid, TrtcmthHs Rhamnnf O^ this tribe wcrt 
foine towns taken away &puc to othtr, ^fUdffd^PerfiJU^&c* 

A;t*ff «, Ttf^ti/eu. Butid^BfiiddxyEfkefhipdjThrU or 716r/#, 
HjppetcwaddiLacia.LaciaJdt Lupa, Afelite^ Oe or (^4^ Fr , 

BififiKiJ'cUi evfyufUta. Bmuiiidd^ Thjrgmdd. t^f^hn] . 
Conthfh. ' [ 

• A77<Ai<;- .' \ 

hfrcKKmfttTi, hpollcnienfes. Tbefeareall^wbtcb Autbon' . 
make mentioD of,accordiog to thetrTribes^otfaers tberc are 
fvbicb Lkno w not bow to.diftribiite,none of tbe aoctenu 
eicb^ direAtog or rurnifliiog me.Bttt tbefe are tbby . Agra^ 
AnchfmMs^ hmphUdi^I^ibilMi hftjp^UdSy AfdU9^t4/A< 
ck4^d»i JieUi»4^ Braurctt^ BritfjUm^ Enim^Ecbtliddy Zeflcr^ ^ 
TrhnjCuU^ Ctdd^ Ciibccidd, Ccch , Cjnofdrgts , Ctfdmi* 
riv/ witbont the City, tbe fame witb AcadtmU, Ldrntium^ . 
JLefi^Mmf Limns, Mumchis^ P^trnti^ Fn)x^P^rHh^^}m 
^}lAot tttnth.Stifmm,Sfi^g\lm^H^ 
fia,PkamayPb^miffiPhrii$$f^ Fbcrcn^ Cbitim^ <^/«/ T ft 

^rbicb.arepot tbe Uafidt called Phsrwscifd^t^mifmiviin^^ 

%niPjyfdlli4. TbksScboliadof 4 Ariffufh^net fpealcs as if /tff 4 In lUnis 
were a Dtmus^h^xil fay not witb biiaTbe greattft nk we p« »3f» 
Idve.of thefe arno6g Autbors^isio tbeir formoClAWjinAir. 
tera,Qi^cQntirads»and tbe Itkeitbat tbm iDich^bc u> d'0«d ' 


<^>r deceit, that none citbcr^M^Iy be taxed for anv tfaingg 
dPtas^Mdtb^.^ BHfte^'rewt'Wt oMorirv^uriAuaf cborev tii 
thdf'^iti^R tbefon^N. id^ctlmgar yikpev^^nvii^i^^^ 

* Dtc. 4. 1, f. tbefe vflligci were Templcji* of the Godt» b Livfn Templm 

fugdtm habit Antes in p^w HUs c4fklNdviif<tjnt C(kfifura$a^ 
in finam qHtdtm urbcm co^trthtti wajoretjui Jeferta re1ir.q$te* 
Ift Aitjcii ^^^^ ^ "^"^^^ ^^ tocffif tb r rdafaiim y who rfll$ uk', t Ibt 
Ji7. 1. 40. *"^ worfliipped frfmepccuKft Deity; and yet nev*nhele1r 

didTi>'A!^Vffrct>'ttrtf 77j:*M. hoHour Mm>v4. Someof tbem 
had peculiar FcftivalSjas^r^prr^H the folemniticsof Bratu^ '] 
iwiiy to DiavS' f$tpiter Dij^maM, Chinnta^ cf^if. 

• • ' I -. . . 

THe ancients had but three forts of government^ TTrrfiih^ 
wi vm ^^» Democratia, Oligofc&ijK^ d e/£/riW«f J,wbich f o/j^- 

phofitem,: p. 4« bh^cdl/fidiFi'hiky^ ^ei^^'^Adpy iliiimk^i.^tfM wbere a^l|htfugb 

tteofietiaintil it a'T^^wiev' or Tyranny ^ t^e other ttsQihi^ 
ikdt ruie^H'lSng^' yv^Mull wn noderftitKidw famd f <^ in 
oMheUbe^fili' Kicig^ Ivdse ^tfkd T^raim , as S^fvf^'AifyrgH 
bfltb^WiVved; A;ii^r3takmii^b|Ltbe^^#)ri9>« 

atldthe'Ktfore aii^fifaePoeti hoted^as^^J^ ?? m7riv9«V$f ,fov caV 

liM the iCing^ or ^^tnik betoire tbcl Tro^n Wan , tytami 

cHf 7)^W)^: B«OiDHV0t a^Kjfi^domk; is wher&obtylafldle 

iff^^ci yil1d«d*JSa^^riM|VVM S^ iidi^ice; tHaniorteiP^ar 

ifll^be;* ;^^r^«^«i!^ . AfiftdcriKis ; \vfi]^rt mt^ft -mfti ^ai«4 

]0ft^ifififitfrec)fit1y'^igrirf^ Hriliii:^che7 Weal^dbi^ 

: i^kV' A»^aift^rf(ir« 0etiidsraite ) When, the Jj^KTi^ahdciP' 

' ^ ft9m»k of tile Countre^ lA Aiacurs both teionging to Godt 

aild (Mif^^trUty obftirv^; «fi<iP that rpto the tw^ n^hidb 

illKHbr*pg^ed«fbrj^kbeg^^atti:skr^ T^Vit^^ ia^nj^^h 

1^ ^ ir faies 

\ nmiMtcb obiiecvtd ctiiagei<;b #95?r anjcoiC, uj^f ufe 

- J tp l^iBiii^pliQifig^otbe. wwft vMoearcbiQi feeing ;^qrnf<l into 
Tjraijnin,' is.wteDtbcpMi^jitcl«ia«jax;^ 

- >Uy (hill Ifty OD thetoATyr*Wiihd€cdisfaidi^i45^^ ^ 
«ivho gets it by violence* rOMrr/ >Mrrrj» & Mepttm &M<^' ^ pr^^'i^^ ^ 
tur Tjranmy ^Mi fnufiaufimt perfifHA, m <4 cmkUe.quit li^ pjg. j ^^ 

jh^ute HS4 tfi. But alLare accounted and called Tyrae^^ 
whabave perpetuail aQthority in tbat City > wbi^b &4:iBe{)y - • 
Mib enjoyed hberty .The deprivation of wbUh cajiiiQg mciirtf 
' inuring and rebeilion^briags tox^^xxArifi^cmtie^^t govern* 
ment of the bed men,facb as are well bcobgbt uf^^^xercif* 
€d in veicne. Tbc^end of an Aripocr4i$ieht\^/^%. d jirifioile ^ p^i ], ^ c •, 
bath it»^ir^«^,wbkbisofjao loogcoQtinoafK^^di^ 
generate, endKiyBLfx^itMtTf^taHaH'ifp^^i^fi rtW^lyriocJU jPol.L4,c.f; 
. ning to mOligsrchli^ot mleof. ffw.Tbefeitw t>ti96*Gboff n 

according to tbeirrichek And^becaufe that oiaiiy k]!^.S^ 
cannot be wealrbj) tb«>elbre ttM iuniber:ofdii«m asQpt j>e 

Sut. Theft arrgcciatLordsjand Utile Kiqgii^wbdie:f|pvw^ 
«iei aU, .and not tbe |:OTriv«ho un)nftly favoor ibo/e t^t 
mti partiiiily tbeiii , anNl'0^e£G&.t)»m^tbatLivoi^ (d^fimd 
tbciehVrey r^inftjUiem.AUiMi^bting«dnitti{)f«d/ 997^1 /E^{ch\ne9i 
^ rdmnM i^i^f^dmv, by tfaetriptiefidentt. Such uddHQIoiop^is in ccoC 
: taken away by^tbepeqple fee on rage t iw bMr/ogvtl;^ 
oe^^mr j(i/)x/«f,S}be ttfuries of fcbcir.R^era*Hence.f i^esin 
a TkMUfMi , inr^iclri'o/^ilr^cals c«n lol ^vAaft^Aiijf i > ' tbe 
vpower tiSz fp^Mode; ifth^feond isiffeedoiae^iieiiftlirCin ' , . 
-<qadfly{iapiiiiGeo£tiK £uaef rtvUedgfCMm .: 

are«tiiie Citi(ten»: Whence T9P^t&\\u\tJLifHsi(^^H^ 
for which the Gneki Orams have p^Tjoperly. nfiad ijie irord 
m^K$TM,^%g ?^/ftM»obfesv6tb. Bnttbe tiugar for litt rooO g la X)da<^ 
fan: fi(ai^ety4fik)leni,p«aneta .wrbog^iid ronty cobtf efpaft pa^. 5^7 > 
'agaiiifti^6ltfra;:^bftt|in%a«nfevablofK^^ J^r 

worA Und of f^^iiiiedt auod^i^yaij^tl^^^ ' ' ' . 

Da «iCr 


» Jufiin;'!. i'. 

Hi. Allthe^iftt^ir'tim4»dHl>iM^i^ 

goYcrntd by Kti^t four bdnittA^hty' feven ytati : die 

' hft of wfcicb wai Codriu , who iiva ngbc between cfae £>0rf- 

' enfes and AtbtnUm offered bimfeifivtllingly to be flain , it 

being foretold by tbe Oracle of AfoBo tbai the D^ienftr 

ihooid be conqiierotKatiiilefle the Atfamdn King were lal« 

Icd^be iberefore clotdiing bimlelf fmjtf^r j w/r nePcffet ag- 

•TttfcQ.l.u. ^^A^ fi"€« ^ Cfcertf, with 4 fcrvtnis habit left be mootd be 

known, pnt bimfetf among tbe enemies , by one of which in 
a bmwl he was murdered. After whom none enjoyed tbe 
name of King, y ^oA mem^rU nominU ejm tribntHm f/?,whicb 
was done in memory to hii name* For aAer tbic, Arebontes 
or Jfidgis ruled; in Title aVx^^'^i Archmm^ bnt in power 
Ktngs>Whofe authority was for tearm of life. Thefe contino- 
ed three hundred and fifteen years. Tb^fe being ended, u 
pleafed the State to cboefe a man , whofe office (hould con- 
tinue bnc ten years •, feaven focceeded each other , and 
made up the number of feaventy years- wbo., becaufc 
theyabufed their power, were made b«t for one year, 
c Jttftiii.Li: eallcd therefofre i: dnnm Atdgi^rMJu , yearly Magiftrates, 

Thele continued until 'Pi0rdnu for a feigned fear of the 
Seditions, begged a guard of the people for bis fafety ; 
for when tbe Fadton fpfung.tip, oi which I have fpo« 
ken tti tbe fourth Chafer; be cucting faitnfelf wkb iaihes^ 
and itbe Mules wbicb^irew^bis Ctrtrioc^ went imo tbe place 
of meetiiig , «Vef ^., aadl iiefeieicbing the people to aflord 
him £ome defence againfl obeir Violence , who did (but did , 
not)affattlchiRi, {nrocured a company of chofen^ Citizen*^ 
who armed mih chibs , not weapons , pofleifed tbe Caftte, 
and fo Tyranny came i li i- which FififiMim enjoyed d chiriy 
years j and deceafied, itaf iin^ beboid blmitwoionf t -Hiffar* 
'€hm\ and Hifpus^ whom H9tAclid§s^tz\\$ TbtfMm. fBffitrl 
thm WI& ftain by Arijhgiton , after whofe death tbe Afbt-' 
nisns lived under a tyranny four years , fcoip: whidh they 
were delivered, by tbe help of tbe LmistmmHnt^ the of- 
%ing5o6i#&as^if corrisptingitbe 0iC%Ath tof ebe end that 
^wbeofoewrihey camr for couofel iif fiiwidotlrilh theuito 

, i 1... . tree 

— r 


e Haro^onis 

ArcJ^ddgUJitic^. Lih I. Cap. S. a? 

4tfi^^ AihinUtts a^f^t jfefviecKle. The Dimwdtie cane 
Jodgbt boodced fixty tight years aicer Crrrdf/, eftabliflied 
liy SoloH, who ttciaded tae fifth rank of piebeicy from office 
^r bonoar by a la«7>afcer wa rds abrogated by Ariftidis, A fcer . 
tbif Piricki brought in an O^blocrMie by weakning tbe 
power of cbe Art^fM^cs. Tben after tbe ovenbrow in Sict* 
ijr,tbe lirfpLlptu or tour hoadred cook upbn tbem ilaie, de- 
ceiving the people , as f Arijlctlt aqd ♦ Thutididts affirm, f^^y c- 3 fi 
For perl wading cbem that they Oioold reconcile Tiffaphentes i^^^ ^* 
and AUihiadts umo tbemfelvei by that means, and that tbe ^ 
Perdan Monarch vrauid afiord^fopply for the Warjtbey nood 
willingly condefcended to this mocioii in tbe one and twen^ 
iieU) year ol the Pr^;0f»9f/«4J» War. Tbefe Princes were cal- 

kd a inf7€xjt7xMoi ^ •nr&n,(Ci6i j htiu Fi^e tboufand) though a^Ut. in AU 

not exceeding four hundred^. Tbe reafon is, becaiife tbey cib. g« 148. 
boafted that none (hoold be rewarded, but who bare arma^ 
cor any admitted to j^blick power but five tbouiand^ fuch ^ 
as with perfon and eitate coald be beneficial to tbe Repa- 
t>lique.Tbeir aothortry was granted by an^ Ad of tbe ftofh^ i Xea. E>ju' 
ao wbicb Tbergments was very forward, bar after they were /3. §74. 1, tti 
indoded, none more ready to drive them OHtv whereupon ; 

they termed bia Ki^f8» Oc^Hrmm^ from a kindof ftart up ^ ^^^ P- *7^ 
which did fie both feet, ly-^^^iit^t^- d^y^S^f ^V w maif 
dfi^^Ti^if Mh. Tbe word may fute with a Jack of botfi fides. 
Tbefe UTt^tiQin were conftratned. for fear of ^ AlcibUdis </ juftin l f. 
aorelign tbe right unto tbe pe(5pte ^ and to go into wilful 
baniflament. But when Lyfander bad overcome Atbeifs (the 
* Laceddmmam ever affcding an Oligdrchit^ as tbe Athenu -. p , 
MS 4 Ocm^rme) he ordained tbefe thirty to be cbeif. f Po- J ^'^** ^^^' 
IjifTj^he^^ CrUiM^ Mthkim^ W^l^hrn , Euelidis , Bitra , ^Xtn! E>a; 
Mmfil^iiM^ Cbrem9; Tki9hemmt\ Afifidi, Dmlei^ Ph^drigt, c. p, jy©, 
' Cbdrileas^ AtMUa^Pifo, S^fhccies^ EratQfihneSy ChdricltJ, 
OHomoch/es, Th^nii^v^Jthintf^rheegines^ Cl(4medes^Erafi* 
jfiratsM, Pbida, /prscmtidfSy Enrndthtf^ Arijioules, Hipponfa* 
rMi Mft^fithUis. Tbefe b^an at firft to put to death tbe ^ i^ <:„yt 
|»ror jl and raoft abhorred* fiiies g Sdlnft^ without trial of law, Confj^. . 
iuka£temaaJiatb$&0Q4 and b»d alike vii^li^ forfovy.o- bXco. p. %t%. 



go Archdohgi£ Attk£ Lii. % Ctf/. Bt 

thersforricb^f. Tt^efetomifce their party iftnti^i>4Mlbrtt 
bout three thoafarKljto whom alone tbey pernta«di^4ia«c 
weapons, dfranniog all the rcft^to tbejeod^tlicy m't^c cafify 
xommand their lives. But 1)y their lawcs ( ior ilicy * maie 
fome, Riled i koipo^ fi(zet, which were tmlMiell by a tfecrec, 
(as we fliall fpeak herearter)iione was tofoBet i^$ ^r«A«- 
>fi,who was Regiftred in the Lift of the three tiiourand. So 
cruel were they,that the people fled mo^Hyk a Gaftle m 
the ArlrefiMif/borders,and making a bead under the cx)n« 
4Dcro.p.4tf7. ^xx^oiThrafybHlusM laftlhook off this yoke, and reroai. 

ned free nntill the death of Atexa^Jer^ea fdurfcbre years, 
Vfbom\nnp4ter fucceedediwbo in Battiest the CiiyX^^s^/Vs 
gave the A theni^ts an overthrow^ and gave them quartets 
on thefe tearms, that they (hould fubmit to^a^few Veers^ 
whofe Revenues amounted to two thoufand Drai^hmts at 
leaftj the chief of whom ^zsDemtrins VhAUnm,^\,\\^t tbey 
fliould likewife receive a garrifon tm5»i9/«M|fci^/# for the ai* 
fwaging of riots and uproarsBot.fooryeais aftcr,A»#ifk^r 
dying,tbc City fell into the power of C^Mnder , of wfaom 
they often.ftrove to acquaint thetdfeivesiBut in vain. For iie 
trought them to fuch an exigency ^tbac they were glad to 
come to compofition And indeed bedeatt fafriy with therft, 
giving them their City,Terr!tories, Tpibnies,and all other 
tbingsfo that they would be confederates to hiro,tbat none; 
whole Revenues come not to* ten mhd or pounds, ibooM 
undergoe any fun^ion in theCommon^^weale^an^te ftioutd 
be their Overfeer whom be would be pieafed cO nitmiiuate. 
The man appointed was Dffsirmf/yrPWfrf/y/, 4 who made 
the City to Ihine in her foil hiftre,4nfomucb that they trt* 
Aed in honour of bim three hundred Statutes. Hewiy>tt 
Treatifc of the Ktheman RepfiMuft$e,V9lAchbzd n^tttmediH 
voured^would bav« given tio fmali light to my poM endea^ 
vours. After be in trouble and vexation bad fpent fourteen 
years^he was put out by DemetriHS the fonne of hntigonus^ 
lurnamed ^olhrceus.vaho reftored the ancient Cuftonies to 
them dgain;To him they afcrlbed fucb itof fliip^^ {ttfo to b^ 
Fatber^^bat they ehanged thenajsie^^eir ^^^fi^m Ar^ 


In vita J & 

liPlut. In 

^ NSi»ift>y i^^ Tht Prtfft of cbc Gods tbac faved 

i^fn,€iUk^ che.y«araher bis naiM^nd adding rtwoTribes ^ ^^^^"** ^; '^ 
sM^tbe'T^firiMiwhefliit the^iKUiecmfiiM 

li^ tofofe^ aa c Stiphmm^ But when Cdfuftder bad over- c In Bertnice^ 
etorown the Sonne and Facher, iiicb was tbejngratitude and 
kvteieofche Athtniimi , that tbey forbad Demetriw to ap* 
groacbnbrdieir City. After tbig.£4d;#ir*r plaid the Tyrant, 
aisd was expeii^ by DiMtrim^^ wb^ai tbey cuerly call off, 
a^uming again tbe irdeof Arcbon. Dmttrim dying ^^^/i^ 
j^d^fMv (7011^41 fucceeded J who in the nfneceencbyearofbis 
reignpacmprefidiaryfouldiers to ibe City , which cenrie - 
years after bee took out. The MAcedam4»s M\ kept feme of 
tbe Athm^tn forces in tbis fpace. Demttrifis A»tigchi Gm. 
F.SCAfuig^ui Diffim.cut of whole \\Bt\d$ d Aratw the Sicy* ^ pj^^ .^^ ^-^ 
0$tkin refcued^he City s and made it iland by it felf untill 
^JbiV/pjtbelaft kingof the Afa€idomdnM<,narch) except one, 
did fomewhac (hake it,as you naay read in iLivie^VMi be was 
cxpclkd by ibt Romant, ^ba took the AthsnUns into^^^**'^'*''*^ 
kagiie,with a ntauitaining ^of tbeir ancient right. Sorbey re- 
0iai«ed until the Warre between Mitkriddus and tbeif^* 
ffk^nh For by fear they were driven to Hct\)fcfAnhefir^ f Vide AppJa; 
tm , Muhrid^itesVii General , within their waA\^ againfl JV.*** '^i"' *"' 
vrbicb iS";//^ laid fiage, and captivated tbe City,whence pro- JJ^a '* ^''/^ 
€tci€d tlnKii Q^iLyii ^ a mercilefs daughter ,. fayc&^p^^, 1*3 ^.&c. 
^hat tbe^ ftreets did run with biood. But tbe Laws were ^pjuc in vita 
not ffiucb altered by ibis Conqaerour ^ and therejore tbey p« i3s* 
Jived in a near refenibiance of their former flate ^ in favour 
with tbef^^nii Emperours, JuUm CsfaryAdri^^ AntmfUy 
<?«//>tf«iii- snwbofefucceiforsti(ae» ClauSus thefccoodof 
that name, the City was canfacked by tbe<7o/i^/, who when a edteiius 
tbey liacl beaped up innuiueraWe compaines of Books to ^ap^'*^- ^ Cg^ 
burn, were deborted by tbis rcafou, Tm the Grie^kj^ fptnd- pJ|JJ*^|^ J^'"' 
■ifig fhekf time in reading vf them^ mig ht te made m ore ftr^fit /ir 
Wi^. Cm^anune tbe GreM , likcwife bad this City in bigb _.^ orailone 
cfteem^ taking to bimfclf tbe Title of 2Te«tw;pV ASi»y»ir , as ^^ conftamm.- 
JkfttUam fey>, wbicb in tb| words of r -ZVk^/^W^ Gni^as is c Hitt Rom. ' 
". : ' fl^li7.p, iC^ 

• 3^ ^h^kgid^U^. Lib. %% C^^ 8. 

It fS ^ykkt /hjdS ( ((hr^fui) tbc Gtimi DMkf 9 whom fHopt^ i& 

. tervrardf they called the i !Pivi^c i)/ JibifHs, in cbat Hiftdriaot 

^ Hift. RoBu jjju^; Emperoars have taken them wivei, CicizeoB 

f i5lc* Greg. P**^* • ^^^ ^^ ' daughters of their D^kfs have bceo 
lili«dcic. ' bytbatctnineocraok. And indeed no marvel; For ibey 

were potent. RMmriHs Ac<iajQlHs^% faid to have taken the 
/ Chslcocofi. City itomilizSpMiarJis that inhabit Arrd^on , •^^^9 :fi 3 ^ 
x«/.nCHfei snuiV^Mi «! li?ftpef>*,who having no iflUe male of bit wife Eubok^ 
im^ ^AC*\ns bat an illegitimate named Anunim^ by another woman.bc 

qaeatbed by will Bdeutia and Thebts to him , , but ^/i!7f/9/ to 
^ntheitmt ofttic \ VtnciiaMs, from wbom bis Son recovered it again* 
pietro Zani Neriuj fucceeded him in tbc Dfike^kmetVul^ thruft out CW- 
come Ambafu cocan^lM bis Father. After biro came in Antmus Nmt*$ 
iCnX^lo^ brother to the former iVr n'j^i.Now about cb» time we muft 
magetoJhe Vcp koow that Mdhomet the fonnc of Atnurat the fecond , got 
^ iiecian Scoare. Athens^ fr whofi^ beauty and building he belii in admiration; 
M. Lcukcrtor which whtu hc bad made his own , be continued the Title. 
^Ti^^iJ th ^^' ^n^ther Nerius faom ihofc above named dying, kaving 
PeneiiM ^ ^^^ ^^^^^ *^ Infant.his Mother in the childs Title exercifed 
rrmes._ Tyranny. This woman loved a VcmtUn Noble man (fonnc 
g Chalcocon. to Pttrns Palmerms^to whofe governmefit the City NsHfli* 
.10'?' ^99* urn was committed , be is called by ChaUoc^ndjLis Primuf) 

wbocame thither for Merchandixe.^ Him. by difcourfe and 
flatjDery, (he entifed into her love, promifing that (he would 
take him to her husband , and give up the Princedome^ o^f 
Athens to him. But upon conmtion^ that he would divorce 
his o^n wife. Wbereupon the young mn going to Vtnict 
flew bis wife, fweUing with ambition.and tbirfly of hooour. 
Which being done j he returns to kthtns^ Marries this wo* 
man,en joys the government of the City-,wbo being hated of 
the htheniansfixid complained of at theCourt^to avoid envy 
termed hirtifclf the Chilis Tutor. And not long after taking 
the boy with bim.wcnc to tbc Co^rt-, where Francui Accid- 
plus waited, expf fting to be promoted to the Dukedom>. 
When the Empcrour therefore undcrftood the .folly of the 
woman, he gave the title to him. Who being enftalled, im- , 


\ \ 

ArchaoU^UAttkd. Lih. i. C^'i t. 33 
prifonedtbeffoinaD *t MegArM^taitfterwirit (hjmeua 
nocknoWototbe^ABthoE) flew her, Tbit ^mkahi in time 
.:■ w« taken awiy from mea by Z(i£<« govcrooar of?*- ^^Ctalciiri^; 
iepanne/m , Muhsmet having inielligence cbaC ^ ** ^' '*^- 
ibe ^/ilMffiM/ iTODid have delivered tbc ' 
City to tbe Prince of ^xoriii. tje 
was the laft Duke. 

S Efig'' 




if In Tra£^«u 
p. 66^, 

DuoiecmDii A^hmenfium, IdolAtrU [eftifftriam. 
CQmmiffdj Dii Adfcriftitiu ^iQiiyfo^Q-. 

Er^d^t us in a Thtrpfk'horeis of offinion , cbattbe 
Greeks derived tbeir Religion from the t/£g^ptu 
dns. ^Vitb PlHUrchii(M\\i\Q\xi\^ deny it. And 
not witboat good teftimony may I dfErm that ic^ 
Icems to be a falfitie.For Or f hens i$ thought to have brougbc 
the JMyfterics of Piety xvito Greece ,^ who was bttnfeUha Thr4^ 
ri4ii^j[rom.wbom the word ^^n^Ktia is foppofed to be drawn^, 
t Sch. which (ignifieidevotiQn. c tSt? 5f tc nyiit a*«j ii(sfc\f<w ^i* 
iUceftf ^.66u<^Hf y aie>0^m(ul7niiw{^na>i^ hic$dNomHs. They called 
dStJMy Uo{. ^<nttuetf,t0wot{h\p God|&c Appofuely to which e Arijio-^ 

OrpheMs Jii»ed fts Sacrifices, and to dtfiainfr^f^JUughter^: 
Neither hf Euripides difagr^eing in Rhefih, 

EAi|«r 0,»9H% — Orphms. revealed the bidden mjftmesl 
Htrodotus names not the Gods ^ the worihip of whom^ 
the Greeks might borrow from the t^gjptians ^ Twelve in 
numoer they were , quoth he, but tbele only are reckoned^ 
ffUfitertBacchuf. Hercules* APillo. Mstrs.Pan.Diana.IfiiQt 


f p*g. t»i; 

Cfftf* Sm mc Mmervd. L^ima. Ai I liaVe gitliered; vrt^ 
«ii ar once baft bjecfl loaifc ioiown to the Hreekf , Md tbac 
%y tbe vSffftimu is too hard a taik for mce t« prore. The 
jttbtmMns 1 aaa fore bad twelve Godt in efpeciill honoar , , 
whole piAnrei they bad drawo out in a Cillery in ferM-' 
fmens ; and had an Altar erefted , called g %<»\ii fV ^Atg g Pauf. Atci«; 
*eii!V . on which a little before the Sicilian War, a tnan dif- P- 1' * •• 
membred btmfcif with a (lone - which was accounted prodi* 
'gioos. By thefe twelve would they fwear in common dif- 
<:ourfe h M« nn} «A»Ai6«-^if.Tbc Heathens thinking that ihcy /;Piut.iDNich; 
did honour thoCe Gods*, by whom they fwear \ as I have elf- p. jsr. L i4. ' 
Inhere fpokea But they were not confined to fo fmall a nam' 
ber as twelve. For how could ic be when .they ran through 
the feaven (orts of Idolatry ? Firft worftiipping tbe Son^ahd. 
jxintlhing with death the negted thereof^as you may read in 
s P/utarchin the Kfe of Pericles. Secondly , Deify tng the e^ i Arldoph. Eq. 
icA of God,as bread, &c. Vot Clement Alexandrinus inter* p. 300. A. 
prets ^iffl! , Cf rf J, 7^ ^mcorn^or food. Thirdly, the poeti- 
cal Gods , Fftries and revengers cfwtcl^edrttjsy as AUftms, t Vide Boot. 
P^Un^nai. Fourthly^thePaffions.asZot'^Fim^/^j^W^Jike^ J^j" J? ^"^ 
wife and Impudence , to whom Efimenides built an Altar ac ^'^ 
Athens. Fifthly, the accident^of growth and nouriihmenc, 
lience4^o»& Thalh two deities froni,eur^if fir^to increafe^^ 
^i^Hf to flourifli^ to Which may be put Chtbo^ Lack fix, 9ind 
Atrepenh^ three fatal fitters, and Eiu«pA(iW*«> Neceffitie^id^ktn 
ibmetitnes for death it felf Sixthly , the Theogony or pe- 
degree of their gods, able to make up the iiim of which i^^- 
vfer fpeaks, TeiV >S {tiiooi, &c. Three tbonfand. Seaventbly,an 
Ignorance of the Provideqce and bounty of God toward 
^hem^ fained Hercnles the repeller otevil, and EfcuUfim the 
god of Phyfick. And if this ferve not, I can add an eighth 
way I namely hofpitaiity and gcfod entertainment of flrange 

jg^i tkO !Hv(^ (s\t%aStrah ^ as the Athenians hveforrs^^ 4P«g*47i* 

nersj fifvrr4Jnegeds, Ou y^fMmTi^ ^iafiu7iTtf£^?fS fhSfi 

fcc * Arifiides. For they ftrve not only the moft anci» ^ in Panath.^ 

^nt Ddcies , in a peculiar manner above alt their followers, ^r *^ p- ^ ^^} . 

E2 fcut^Strab.p.587- 

y6 A-ci^ologU AtticdLii. t] Cap. l. 

tat hnt allfomcd adfcfldciottioott^ fudias 0ntumik€mfif^ 
fi^lm y andTfcht0, So pron^ were tb^jT CQ conceive S^ptr- 
/Aft AmD ^*^^^^« ^^^^ ^^^ ^ ^^' preached fefm and th RtjKntSbmi 
c. iji^z! ^^^ ^^» ^^^^ fortbwicb deemed AnsfispM^ or refurredi- 
' ' on.cobeaGod. And^left cbeyfhooldomic^nyytbcycfc-' 
r Ih Atcic Pi *"^ Altars to tbc. unknoden G^s,of wbich e Aoi(/Qr»Mr»Nei- 
1. 1. 3 f •* ^ber may we doubt of it , t be Scriptures beariog witneffe. 

Tbc caufeof tbis tbey fay to be a fearfall vifion appearing io 

Philippideijknx, Ambaflador to tbe Laced^wo^utm concern* 

/ Vid. Eurip. iog aid agaiod tbe Ferfia»s,9ind complaining tbat he CfPM^ 

Sch in Med« , from whom mt^vitiffpeiirum) was negtcAed^a nd. other Oods 

r 4<^< , worfliipped ^ promifing likewife bis help, tbey tbereforebe- 

ing vidorioiis^,and fearing tbe like event, built a Tempie,and 
Altar TO THE UNKNOWN GOD. Another, 
opinion is> tbat a Plague being at Athens bot»and tbe people 
finding no help from the Gods tbey implored/urmifing fooie 
other power to have fent the Difeafe , whereupon tbey Ice 
up tbis Altar, on which was. written e £ o i s h<nitt ^ EvpcJ- 
m^ }^ hifiCm 0t«» A>FfiJr^ ^ gir^: TOTHEGODSOF 
p^jT. 117; fi^^i MdYtjr and Occumenm. Much may be faid of cbeir 
^ ^ Tutelar Gods , both for their Cities and Houfes , much of 

their Herns or Demigods, We will vi^ them ; inorder. . 

GAP. (I. 

f^pinr ^iinKi^U Ntfxi©- IxJnS", 9ra^/5x©•,B«X»©■,(p£^T^l©-^ 
Mmiii falis ediffdii TefirabofpitMlisfeHSfwMum^ Apofh 

vtrbimgo, AftrcHriftSt mMynsf'^h&, B.^xiynQ-.'Stesf^Q'* 
• ^^. \ .4 

ABove other of their Gods piv^i/^r was had in high e- 
fteem.And chat commandedby the Oracle, (or. when 
the Athenufis were bidden to difTolve c'leir Kingdomes^cbey 
tf SA. Aciftoph. were^cbarged co make choice of Jupinr j a \a,iU-a:^ >)^4 
Pv* It • uL ' B4^i^4a. And io by bArifiophimts he.xs,caUed zis^ i^7iK(Lj. . 

n^'Jttic£.Lik2^Cap.T. 3.7 

the nani^of 7#jrjrfr c Himius (different from that Cin^'Mh ^ ^ ^ 

Hi© as fm^aof ofChies,hcQC€ voKii^^ .Him as QmrnoHr P- *^ ! • . 
anddiriliir^f^cfr CouweU, hct\ce^^K^l&. Him as chief 0/1^,^'^^^^^ 
thiirSccieiin'^\icnctf^7fi^lMiofihc\t firicndihip too, Pauf. p. tg/ 
hence ciAi®-.^and:of kindred likewile,heDccoftt>fi®-/Tol.imi. 40 «*• 
they ^tmhcdThtufiier.hmct e Zi6\ K*T*gi7H<,a$^ much as co f^^^ ^y'la''« 
ming^down in ThunderTo bim ihey thankfully acknowled. J'JJ;^^ J^r. 
ged cbcir delivery from tlie Perfians, wrought by Themifto- mept.tbJt (ifw 
c/^/,hence /^Ea ^*f«i©-i Him they confeffcd the gre at efi of all^ MfWon fwpr^ 
lience ^ w wt^-. Him /Ar cverfeer of their keying and Jelling, ^^^h flp»g t^ 
fccnce.* Ai^?®-.Tobim flood an Altar facrcd in the rwrfilj? '^^^^^ •^ 
if their hufesMmt fapiter Herani, from Ep*©- a wall,afr if ^ ^"iSJh 
he were the watch and defender of the \\o\3St.PhavorinusV^r Avid, p 6tti: 
'f^^^^i0i^fxQ^^s>m<i^jTiMeifJjtjS,eudti9^ ?!j AvMyt0 ? fSw. Plut. a: PauC 
tf4M A/l €^^f «i 7b ij>x»f . There wai alfo an Altar to him before P»"^?«- 
the gates, ofwhicb^i Ovid^^^hnteddetftabat jmt H^fpitit ^'*"^P"- 
^r4,hence /^/nVrr Xenitts^ as if he were the God of firavgers^' ^ *7* 
^;r^ hoffitality .So folemn were tbey in their entertainn^cn ts, j^ Mctaaiorph; 
that they would not receivea ftrangcr witbout^reat cere- ^ 
monicsjuch as giving of the right hand each to other #7x5^. i XuftatK in* 
OT«j «/»^«nkii^, a raoft certatn figtfoi fidelity and fccurityi as I^.-*. 
as affowaihing&cleanfing ivithfaFtjOr fait watcr,ttsi^r^ipr-^p \j m* 
:^fsonZf4^bpc», whence it is called *>>/nj< m.'>©'.Salt tbey Eoftath. 'fayer^ 
highly etteemed of^ever upbrading violated hofpitality. with that' ihej didfet 
I riaiAu^Scc. where is tbefalt ? And.yet it may be thought A^^ M»>^ aaj^ 
to4)efaid oftbe community of the table wi^iy.^•rlM^'irt^7w^J^g^^^^ . ^ 
ft« i»*«f>w 7»\3 •fwff ctjTf^if* 1^ ffvn^ufi coftomes (hewing that 3^4 1^^ ^* 
fellow commoners,andfBcfa as feed of the fame tabic, muft'i?? Tic^^el in^ 
jaet injure one.another, to wbicli the old faying may w^llt-ycopKp.ii;; 
:zgtf€,,n mnltos nfodior fa/is fi^niedeHdoteffi\utamicitUnft$- ''•^'^p^^u'* 
^j (Xfletiiftt, Men muft eat many toihels of fait together, "f^^l^^X 
before tbey can be perfeA fricndsj meaning tbat friendlhip hetdle^^ love 
is not. to be foon eftabliflacd.Butl take^altjfor iHe luftration, permanent fop 

, >. -V . *^. -".^ to M^ prefeYveSi. 

And as it h ■ 
made of mtny Utting% in ofmnr , fothej wi'o^ um from diver $ //;ffs byh^uSlyf 
toftmndeoueA^iAtiif* lOo. 

3? ArchMflogU Attics. Lih 2. d^. ±. 

to whicli tVy iMb tddcd fire;ftiyoariiay fee in Kf4pVf^iL 
ire/.Neiiber was cbis tU,k>r tbey.facrjficcd morMvcr.cklHng 
fufittrto wiuicri and iififlg tbdie word«in the ttine of facri- 
ficc. p EW Af* nin^^u^THf^U p^tfSj^iH%^ Let my frtffifs h 
st^4infi)0fUer Xtnim^ ifltfftni^ cmtmn^ ^ negliR firdn^ 
^flfi^nd for (be cootinuation of ibi$,evco to cbejr poflerity 
tbcy were wonc to cut a bockle hone ia two, the one party 
keeping one picce.tbe otber party tbeotber balf.fliat when 
occ^fion or nec^ffity (hould make eidier of eben^ Oand in 

needof other, ^irtf^ictVeirsilMinf (/s-^iA/or, 6?/«ii7fT0 Tt» 
^ivtAP^briftgin^ with them their half buckle hne thej might re^ 
new their hofpitality. This they call o^Sf^Sthof^SymiclHm^t to* 
ken, which fometimca they would fend to chcir acquain- 
tance in others faj9n in Eurifides offers to Medea 
to do riiaTwr 7^ iytt^ g.vyL^^K" u A^iTtsfi s'iv. And to fend a 
Sjrnbohm or token to ftrangcrs that fhall courteoufly en- 
tertain you. Bot of this enougb,af alfo of /»^i>cr,whom cc- 
brated in a other Epithets 1 know by the Athetnans. Afolh 

t^Mooh. ^^. ^^^ "^*^ '" ^^^"^^ '^ f i^p/>«^,invocated in danger wfuMin 
\.%6. events, httict b A w«Te/*«9^, from iimfiv tit yio turn awa^^as 

if he (hould deliver ihtro from eminent evil /or which- 1 ea- 
fon be is called Alex\cActi$, c k^oUinem 4pelUntem waU in- 
telligas.^mem \thnienfes*hKt^tU%\paf>felUnt.Vkvi;zs one of 
the fir ftGods tbey had,bcnce be is tearxoerf d vttTf^&ihxit e 
others think becaufe hi-wat the ikiher of /<w.l Mtert^i/es U 
Of opinion, becaufe the ^^ii,tbefanie with AfidioM the Au- 
thor of progenerating all thmgi.tjkadfil htmerlim txiccath 
progtnerandit omnibus frabuif CMufant.l^him ftoodAltars in 
their ftreets, hence he is dytj(ibXz% if be were fet over tbcit 
way5,g J Hi enim vias.que intra fom^eria fnnt iyviiu this 
hgyeus was a (harp pillar, i tUp 3 Sy®- bS u^ ^u* Ky^yii. ^A1- 
though the Grffi^/,as i -*6irro^'^j,fays3did worfliip hitrt as 
^jefiiep, (xitfis & isar<ii^s fotentew, one that kept tbe doors 
oftheirboufesjyetlfind no inoniiment of that Title in 
,P4/ir>«iW.- Famous he was for the name of Paan j of which, 
though 1 have taken occafion to fpeak elfewhere,yet this is 
41 rnoft proper place, I will not trouble you with the trivial 



paR- 414- 

"Vide Sch. 

p Euftack iiv 

II. A, 

pag. 446. 

If As ir»\/A'f 

P^ufan. .&c. 

\t Macrob. 
Sac.i.p. i<j. 

Nub.p. loj. ' 


/Satur. I. p; 
g Kfacrobtf 

l;SchoL Cu, 
rip* Phj^. p, 

"% Sac* It c. ^* 

4ematioDs eftbe(?mi^, which yon read \nk.AtbiihtmJ^^'^^ 
When the AthenUm asM bt\p Ot the Oracle ac' Delpbes ^^* ^'^* 

agaf nil the v//»4«0ii/, in cbe days of 7%r/^w ; The God bid ' 
ahem implore fair Jbccor in thefe fiords , IV d^ mV^ / Hmmc ^0* . ^ 

-' cem, id eft, li new«r , cmi^miffe ftrtnr QrAcmlum Delfhic$im SaU. ^ c. i -' 
^tbcnien/litu, petenfUfiit^opem Deiadverftts AnutzjOKos^Thefeo ^^j^^*^^ ' * ^ 
Tignm^eMAmqm init^ros btUum juffit hii ipfis Vtt^hu fcmetip* 

^ fnm annilUtorem i^vocariy hifftdrt^^e. I doubc no,c but ihe 
. words arc changed fomf what , especially ifwc conflder cbc 
anciiefit /a Pmh. P^n^ fayes the m Sch Haft of Ariftof banes m InPiut. 
is a ioQg or by oin praying for tbe ceaHng of a Plague , or pag. 68. 
war ,nay,for tbc prcvcncing of apparent faurcTbe original of ^ 
Jo n Scdiger batb aii.eady foand;74# & fo being contrafted n Gr«c. Twg, 
by the Gnekf (or Jthova-^ PiiAu^ihta comes from n J ;3 coloolc 
fo chat ff PMtt is in for^ fehevah Pench. Lokd Look 
UPON u s « ic being a crafc of the Devil to conoe as near 
as poffibk be may to God, fo co bereave him of his dear ho* 
Dputsif be could.Th^ remnants of thcfe words the Sjmront ^ ^. j^ 
a peoi^ of the Weft Indies ufe, who in their fighting dancc^ p^ \>t%\!t, 
and Icap^aod (ingTo Pth^'M this day Mtrcurj is hallowed by 
tibe nam^.of ^ ^^h^yn^mK^ot q EfAf^dScs, deemed to be the p Arifioph,;9A.. 
God, wbofe favour could enrich Merchants and Tradefmen. p* i tb. Arch. 
Ha is the Godofcraff, fo by confe<]pence he that is cunning ^^jF*.!!'^; 
toxbeat may foon jgrow Rich. Wherefore this God is termed Jjll. J*"'^^ 
Buifi©-, verj frcfiul^f^ irom ie/| an augmeotiflg word, and ' ^* 
•f tt.caprofic He bad a Sracuc ereSed to him ia Uie Market . .^ . 
olace, called 4.EfKSf*Ai#|i^%r. The entry <*tbeir>ufeswat J^^*j7^^ 
lacred to bim>»from. which h^ is mmed b ne^v vVoi® , as jikc- ^ pauC p. i«;. 
wife sr^iir«( irom qiw9t lauirn, becaofe he wasfetii|pU3$, 
bebiod the dpor to imp away theeves « that arert wont to 
lajrkt^efc;abo|i( , ja^d tbeu afterward comoait their viUaqy. 

^Sdweof bisiuuncayou may ijcad in € Ariftofh. Schoi. « «& ^••i' 

I > 

ImL ^ ' " •■' . c . -« ,. «, *. CAlP«. 

CAP. ra. 

Si SMfrm^ Vnhim^ Niftnno] 'Mmrth 
Hercahi ifutnu 

SAturn was worshipped by tb< AtiwnMfiSi witnefs the 
fcafts kept in honour to bim.calltd Kp/#M,wUncfs a Tymm 
H PauTf. 16. f^//? d which he bad in Athens. Of his anciqaicy I camiQC imich 
1.^1 affirm any cbiog. He fceros to have been of old-, ai 1 coO' 

jeffiare one of 1 ^u%ii yfSiA^, Sstumm anim^, pot for do« 
c Ar'iCloph.9A. tfige proverbially. VhIcm likewife bad bis honour tbere^and 
Wg-^ ^- a Tetnpk , of which / Demfihena : ffhcti was one of the 
/ f. 5 J 6.n.i6. jf^y^i^^ prifoos-, fomc concroverfies in law in it I 

gather one of ^ DcfMj^hefus. Neftme was a& ancient I^tron 

g««€«'-^<s?V of this City, which he loved even CO ftrifc. Hewasfeared 

fc Aiifto^h. fofT fecority in Navigation, bence h hru^HQ-.i Mist^ lliSxi 

p. 40 J / had bis Wor&ip , and Temple, and HmnUi too-, whoin a 

i paur p,7- Dream appeared to S^Phcehs^ revealing onto bttn the Sacri- 

^' ^7- . ledge of ooe who bad (toUen a fjAdtn Cnp 001 of bis Tern- 

* Sfc iT" P'^ • ^*"^* therefore ^furitotJnde^ Hereules,9iB\T^Uf. 

^io»^ • Neither were they contented with foch a quantity^ but ca-< 

. nonizing more daily , as the Sonrof TjndstMs ., Caftmr and 

' ^n I z^ l^ollf^ • naming them ivAK-ni. lUfmuh jS l^w w\j imiukH*AH%% 

I H?tJPM ^^*^ ^^^'^ ^*^ ***^^ * ^^'^^ and watch of any thing do dilw 
p. 5'^oQ. gently obferveit,*r*K»Mx^. For which Kings perhaps arc 

» liKia*. (£.' called « r(£x,Ti(, as keepers oi their people, m The ScboUaft of 
p In Avid. Euripides teaches us chat * i^ng properly (ignifietb a Saviour. 
|P- 57.8- So P4ii isfaid to be AMe|Kw>^«w, ^Ir^ tHUlar God of Cjllcne. 

^ Euuo. bcn. p. ^^^ ^^^n^ j^ ^ ^^^^^ ^^,^^ J^/«W<viir. The word is ftnpfy 

^5 In Athcn. but for Godin hsuifiAf'bdneSrf 7»\>'5r S*tf# Aiwxwr «^2Mbrf 

lAtc.L^c. X. KA?Sf^. To thefe md^y htpat Hdtmonim znd Ari/togiioifm 

A 7 , . Lj€H4.Thefesu. KUn. HefjchUu. SrifiQm4chmx!btWym»n. 

r Pluuain. ^^^^^^ ^^^^ ^#^4iffr4i. And many more(of whom ice qMtnr* 

p. *a. 4-. jfir/jmadeof Mcn^s Sitsnkn and /'rrn|/&vi that made the 

Statue of r r*f/fw* : ^* 

^cbxofoghe Attica. LiS. 2. Citf^ 4. 




f>iMM/, Hecate, ftifune^ Frot>setheo,&c. 

MlHervs the efjpttiai Deity of tbe ^^*,» W , had the , ,„ p,„„fc. 
Feflivtis called Panathenta, of which you may fully ^ 
rew in il/.«f/?«^ Next to htt.Ceret and Froftrvitm, Whofe 
ntcf /w^js w<*i»» c^ wtnldfrnii xeremmtis ccntmntur , 
j«j«<j,0«« were greaicftand moft hidden J therefore cal^ , r„ p,.,,L ■ 
led «,;Ar/* from V*-^, to hide-, c death and a cnrfe lying ^ Non„„ h 
otthm^whoftouiddirclofethofe abominable fecrets. See Naz «*. * 
Afctn"" »a h» ^ -B/<*/fBiV,, of the initiation in thefe ftews. « v.d. Pjw. in 
They were of two forts. « Qreater to O rw, iefs to Prefer- ^il'b. 

'^^^ /'?. .•/° **"^^«" of^«'" ^<1 b« Temple allotted 'i?*^ 1* »^^ 
anda double holy to him:Z>««;f 4 f p-rrt..,afld g n..g,a. Jet J'S^ 
VtH^h&i her honour and facri6celn which they oflFcret to fA l!\xx; 
fter ^jnony the price of a. whore. » JEunxnUet were firfl a- C "• P- »»»• 
dored by «?«)?« after he efcaped the >^?»^« ac jithetn in * *^^*'"- AJ«. 
-rfmwf«, for kilKng bi> mother Cljummflra. Ihefe by ?v!l;*fri, !. 
k H.yl<>J. re called £W««;„.by the .#>fc.«M«Vs.^,«>3,«,the E«.J «1f sch 
venerable Goddcffcs. To theietbey offered drink offeriigj. sihSSiS: 
wuhout wine tboogh ac midnight : a cuflcroe peculiar to ♦^Thc.^,.. 
Ulieni alone, as tu t^fchjlm wiireffeth though 1 am rot ifl. ?if • , 
norant that » Bafchtu his feafts were kcp? intKe nieht. .?"/*-P-*'- 
Whence be i, calUd NjaelUw. iBut the Tragadian. ^ * iU„„e«; 

ScMMft.i, ,3 V *««»w»VW»«w EwruVir «*• »'. v, f » , By p J». "'• . 

al'.;;?nw' "*'?"'• »h« woiftipper cughttodrawtut ii'£\^^^. ' 
a running fountain, water, and having filled three cups with 1 ^^^m^ iW ' 
water and hgney (hence termed f n,»-V«),fcAf\«70 the *" •''*^ -;-.- 
monthef aadearsofwbicbaretobeccvered with the wool - 

ott young Ihecpiiuriiirg bimfelf towards the Eafl.hepowr.' ■ 

<a out foniexif two offtcir, tat the third wfcoly, then with 

f both 


bocb bands fetting tbrice nine branches of OHveon 

place where he cafts bis W<iN metered one his eonceiyed 
lupplicacions. Other (acrihcei they bad as (hall be (horcly 
VWc intcrp. fpoken.r Htcdit was worfhippcd by thenvinrnvw, wbwe 
Hor. in jiiud.^ ^^^^^ ^^^^ jj^^^ fuppofcd to bc the MooB in Heaven^^MM 
/A^tftoph.s2hf ^^ ^^ eartb, and HtcdU bebw. /"To ber the richer fort c* 
p. 63 . ' very new Moop n^de % {ead in tbc crofs w^i fetcifn; 

I pj^. 64* bread aad other proviHon, which the poor gr^dily fed on* 
n In Orjrt. j^j ^^^ ^ f^ ravciious afcer, that t Peni^ in Ariftuph^mfi^ 
p^^i^n-T^. complains that thpy, before it could be ♦ laid 
,*iii Nubff. * dqwn. Referenge to thishjith,E^7tfi(t<^7i;&f<^ytocatthfr 
p. 176. cates o(Hec4tey in ^ Demo^fihcnes^ which h( fecms to objeft 

as a forbid or wirked thing. lodieed fiatu^ ix@:f which iigpi- 

ii^tb one that privily taketb away any of the facriHces from 

theAicar-importsfome iimcimpiofis^^t^t^chox*!^ ^'f^CAuSclu/. 

9 In Plat, ii* xAfiftofh.Kni yet the fame Scholiaft teU as tba£ the needy 

* fuftained thecnfelves by cbe facriHcp«.7 imi ^ hxm -^ c\ ^m- 

vi^K^O^ ^4^if A rices were pei;forme4 in great pomp with 

hair over their (houlders and down the hack, 4n a vcfture 

that fwept the ground, their arms bedecked with gtorious. 

#viac Schorum braceleu, their paces £0 minced, tbac dUe^^hp €aJ iC^p 3m 

Gafaub 10 A^' ^^^^^ >«rf J^w, is to gp ftately. Fr^»a(a/ir«i». wa^ worihipped 

dienx j^r. c. f 4 w^ J^^n^ of Torch dance, or ruiiniQg;witb links or lampsv it 

p. ^8t. may bp in memorial of the fire which (bpcrtlitiouny tbey 

believed him to have ftoleous of heaven > To fay isore. ii 
their Gods were needlefs either for you taread, or one co» 
write. More they bad, among whom P^n was of latttt m^a* 
king, introduced by the h fhillipi<Us, and * 'S.(^t*yi )J\s NvV-. 
h CI. Al«; ^.Sfragitiiis Nymph4^{w tte Pirfi4n Qvertbrow, 

pag. 21. • - 

^PJttt. Ar». CAP- V. 

p. 140. 1 JO. 

t Vice Hef 

iiyfium Pcwvi* npHfii*ifcf«»^^ before their doors ercigtid ftjitses: wbidi 
urn in Thcmi- X they called c ^i dv^hiuff beca^Cie they ^ecjq expofed 
'b*®* i;p the Sun.Hciiber hatfjhey thi^fci^toacabut cer^inpcbcw 


ArckdtoiogU Attie^. Lib. i. Cap. 5« 4J 

* ht&XiioMtnfii^M'^t^ from Tftrfner.Herm^^MtrcHri^lu^ 
The fWhion of tftem w^fc divers, for firft tbcy were not 
£fmnti(i(:^tt;foin^RoV€reiri>,%)atm^itdilitt thac form by 
the Atktfdns^rMo recei\^edit from the V^aff^i , « d Htro-'^ j^ ^^^^^ 
dotn$i Neither did chey wane leggs, till the Athtnimsm'lit p. 4g. ^ ^^ 
them imK^i ,« according to t Pat^fAnioi, Tbemsiniicr was t in Atcicjs. ~ 
-thi5> /^ face of Mtrturjfet upott a'pilUr df fdUf Carntts. TbC'P- ^- ^' ^ C-' ' 

bead only and Heck #<re (ha pcn,*nd therefore it m$ tailed ^^'' ^* ^ ^ *• 

Nil nifi CecropiJes^ trHncocjfie fimilUmw Herm^, 

Nullo qulfpe alio vincis Jifcrinbin^^ qnam ^uod 

Hit niarmoireHm caput r/?, tua ytvit imago. 
Tor vfhich reafon like wife the GrUks iimt th^tii^ /></i«V, ? ^^^ VIplattT 
without limbs. On the lover parts of them were certain ver- ^ GTonebro 
/e's engraven contcrning the praifes of fobe well dcfufrVing in Noci$ ad * 
men;' Bui tbe Hermdon which thcy wrote the exploits oi Lopg;nuiB,^ 
thbfe that bad merited, feem to mec to have been Ok lip iti ^^' If^'if* ' . 
tbat Gallery, which from the mitnber of thefc images was 
ctommonly known by Ef^^ ^toJ the Gallery of Mercmaii, 
At tbe confecration of thefe they ttftdfcwne ceremoiites', fie* * ' 
facrifitcd'a kind of Gruel,wh!ch wati dftio greit prepafratr- 
on ; becsmfe they wonld not IlandlOrig abbat it, liktii 
^Tstui t^vi^kttbt'f be fairfto facrificc Witb tbaft i^btth cofts 

Scbdt.Ep(4i<pfw,(ivii^itm\i(.m^dct.}!iow the tretftfirtg .:/ 
'Of their Images it wiH not be onfeafonable to add fome- 
tbing ofthe form of their GoUi • wbotb they klade flandir^ 
with their hatidsupwards, as if they were more willing to 
rfeceive than beftow any thtng,To whicb a ArifiophAHes alio- « CwKjicti; 
AAt% faying i- ^ ^ Wi >^»V«/' imO^x'^^^y 7^-4 rf>«Afc(a7»ri P* 747, 

6i/x>V rifMvt'tC?^' S7n^f7t\{i4ircu. Even the Gb^sjoi^' 
Jh^llkiiowbjthUr hands and pim$. For rphenfiftpraj them 
to give wfm? good thiH£,thejftahi^UhtMr1)4inh ^ . , 

d4 iftjiej muld not fend dmn Jorneihing^iifn rather ta{eobla- , * ' 
tiijn.lo tell yoii like*ifc;tbat thcfe Idols were doathed, is 

:M JBCili* doflbtlefs to one meaiUy Veffedi^^ 

'• *« ♦ - .- »- ,. . — ■»• ^ - - ^. , , 

x^- equities. 

44 Arcb£oh£U Atticd. Lii.. 2. Cvf- x. 

ckf. Toltychactbey wercSlK^eiKooisproUUe^wbtettr 
tliey are named 7)MPiEM^«jLcff;, from pM^Qiai^ a kind «f 
low Ihoes wbicbcbeAiib^Miii called wifro/tfr, from ftin^ 
daftf and ir«< tbe foot, becaafe tbey were neer tbe ground 

M(^/iiMi. Bat more fare I am tbac cbey were pidnredwich 
fSac,'3.T.aj(7' tbemontbeirfeec. c^ttvenM. 

Hic0liiimdfr4clMrHm E$iphrsnoru & Poljc/^fi 
fbMCdfioHCrMm vettra ^ruMinnu De^um^ 

De S0firfii:mc Athtmnfifm^ & vstlcinus. 

LOng fioce were the Atbeniani taxed by tbe Apoftle for 
fuper fticipn^wbicb tboogb it properly (ignifies d a wor » 
dDhiar. Ui ' (hipping of tbe Gods too much, yet under ic tbefeiolttes arc 

coitiprebcnded.Fttrification afccr fearful dreams^in e hrifta^ 
fifMMish^a^ ^^nii^(f*9. In which fenfe fomennderftand 
VirfkMsi NpBtm ^HminifHrgnre. Wearidg.of Rings againil 
Witchcraft as a Spell, called fJ^ttwhUi fAfuakiraf.g Spitting 
into their bofoms thrice at the Ggbt of a mad-mati -, orone 
troubled with an Epilepf$e. Of which alfo The0cr$tHS,7th iU 
ifjihi^loM MKmf* I know not whether the cuftome <rf*car 
filly people have reference to thii foppery,who ufe to Tpi t ac 
the naming of the Devil. Certain it is, tbac ancieatly the/ 
didfpitta deHance» hence r]i9ai is pat for it^rc^H*^**^ ftnd «• 
i/kft AQ;4^n9tA to C0(itemiie or (et little by»a$ the h Scboliaft 
otSopb ocles on tbefe wor da, «7 J / «< JQ^ j^Z^ n^ Walhing 
With water the head as often as he (hall go into the ftreets 
1^ u^fithiniHi ; TT^eophfsfiiif* Anointingxhe ftonea^ di« 
^ers it feems from tbofe heaps facred to Mgrcurj , termed 
E;»fA«)(ft'* This hath1>een of old done indeed as a token of 
ttiaakfalnefs by i^ J4c^ in B<^i[yf/, where he took the (lone 
c 2S| li^ that he put for his pillow,, and fet it upland powred oyle ia 
the top of it, in his jonrney to P^dM^ kram. Hennes crow* 
ingi the b^d entrance of a biKk dog into their houfeti^c^' 

Ter.p. ^7. 
c RaiHils pag, 

i74. vide at 
JfiTch. ia 


PLp^tg. f. 

h Afi(t(gooem. 


Archsoiogi^ ^tic4. Lit. :Z. Cap. 6^ ^f- 

peoti fcen «# r* oiiuft^ fayci Tlmpbri^us/3i wbicb s tii^m^' In Ph 
JMSreit in ddet 4ter dknm €smk. Angkis pr imfl$mmm dtci^ ^^ . ^* ^ 
dit de tigmlis* <J411mm cccinH.Vat to tbcic a * Cit or Wcefel ^ j^Js. ' 
(the word fignifictb both) eroffing bit way »tbc mouCe cacing Tl^oph. 
bis lalc bag. Notualike tbem now a4ayei«who(e cloatbs tbe 
iUti or Mice ihall chance (o eac« deemed not toog after like , 
to live by onr ignorant^or that be (hall have greac ill betUle 
him. Adde tbe avoiding of obfequies for fear of pullucingl 
Aptiquity wa[s of opinion tbacT facred perfonf were defiled 
with tbe fight of^be dead^ ai ChemnltiHs hath obferved.and 
c^Burifiiishnvigi ip DiAn^ fpeaking that it is not lawhit for ^ inHip.p.^ot' 
her to behold dying Hlpfotj/fus* Nay, tbe ftanding upon a vide ctiain Eu- 
grave was great religion •, imfiiiM p^tiuMtt. Fnrtbermore ob« ftaih jn u 9; 
lerving of days good and bad.of which d Hefiod^tK^fi «• wA i ^ •f^'^ ^ 
a/Aw ;J ftwTWf • thaconeisa ftepdame, anotheramotben * A- "^J^^ p^^.^j^ 
inaxement at tbe Eclipfe of tbe San, as alfo the / Moon; not ^^^ |\., |. ^^^ 
knowing the ireafon.why (he did ioofe her light at that tiitte, / piin. Nicia. * 
when (he was in her fall ludre. Baying of Medicine or en* p. 19- ^ ^>* 
chanted ftones for the quicker delivery in child- btrtb^tn^rs. 
ftoph4i9€s. $liiu7UH<irnalu!^&. Of (be vertue I fpeaknoogbt. 
g Bcemns relates, that ,in D^ritn in America the women eat S ^b, 4. c 1 1 * 
tn herb when they are great witbCbild which makes them 
to bring forth without pain. Joyn to this tbe fneexing over h P!ur. Thea: 
the right (houlder or the right fide, h Ti^f^HU^n^iSf* Qb- P- •^ ^- »J- 
fervatipn o[£!kUf7^iasfit fudden ftormf,as the iSfM oi Ari" i ig ^^^^ ^^ 
j?<^piE^4;;f/ interprets it, fnow, hail, or the like. i^Cotctog off 3^. » p. ^'14^ 
their bair^ and facrificing it to rivers, as Cffhiffus. Marking ^ ^auf. Acr. 
the flight of tbe Owle^ whence came the Proverb, />Ajur§P:,^^- '•^f- 
STTitT^ Tht pwle hdthfled. And yha2^ Ura^ for good luck. L b7 "" 
The Owle being a token of viAory to the Athenians, m i iSn* i AriK Vefpif. 

ffti iif y^^tufihi yUns cCyi,$6M^ TUi AiU*jff}p$f Itifjiii^in, i They p. $o^. .. 

ever accounting it fo, fincc the Warj(t.J^<ifw«^ wbcr^ the '^ ?^^®^*"*^ 
Greeks feeibg an Owle , took courage and beat tbe BMrba^ , 
rians^ Appendix VaMana ht ^AhAfTiPi >^ iwinf t^iMon^ 
JhL\^n(n»Tki^y^'lwu\n%vi(m* Other madneJFs qI theirs was 
iieepinjg in the n Temple oiu^lcahflus^^ho were ill at eafe, » A^^p^ p. 
*OPP?yPS *5 djity to give ,, or (hew them a remedy,^ for ,^J;iJb*^ 

which -^^, 


wbUkhi gmtiiltcloovth^y mtn Mm to offer btm «rM## 
. c< • - V,^ I mtftake not Wbftt (hall Hiy off pmcing him cb AettB vrbk 
, r c. ijT fctttti^ co^ ^«^ an Oakoor an ttoime ( «> lU^ wbkfr io 

Gr«eh is weaWi^p nay bfctakcn, I ibink ic an Ho!me)in tte 
HtroMmf and ponifliing Afuri^f/rapicaU/ Who betng dtftra^ 
d»d bad fla^tn a rpacrovr &(Md co 4^fcid^fimi Tbus farre 
have ^e gone. Let us proceed co tbeii' ratidniciofia or pro* 

• vM w p^^^y^^&^^-^f^^l*^ bring* Vromthem ott the ftage^vaunt- 
» Vide Scb. ing how firft be cau^t men * o^sit9Y.eiiriLiif.Oia>vi^koir,\i^, 

4 Awarn. «c. ^«^'.®ttT"'-^v.All wbich were praftifed among the /^/JE/fj^M^xr, 
ii)IciQ. as you. Aay read in Xenofh^n. Oifitt^n^rnuihthe ifitttftetaticn 

cfdreawiiUa reroludon of tbofe do\ib» which we'conceirtf 

•oi things offered co onr fancy in ( chat of Hecuba^ 

. dfeajming that ffae ihaold bring fortb a fireflrand', and that 

of A/0/4 before the faiiof her wnne Xtrxcs,m\\om (he faw 

ftrif ii^ to yok« the Bnrharia^^nd (Jr^fi^ Woman , oise of 

wlfrch overthrew Wm. This the ancientl? termed' S#t/Vj»/ tr 

i^ftVt^/ci[y/w,afcribing mucbto the t<uth of tbeitt,fuppo- 

flog them to be feni from a-Diety^ ^ '^ -r'^Af in Ai6f ^^ 

b Iliad; f : If Himtr. The skill irrtbcm is fc? hei^.wf ^ >§* jw^^^j^r^^w , 

c Afclvy. Pror jt-hnHm' n iTiuneAW yfwil^et^^w tcII troly the event. WhicB 

P| '1: was nofmaH art i.ccrtaiR Books are written of that Subjeft. 

.e,pag,jj/ OmrtiC9inc4^Qi(»vi^iitai9%omhfa)ingbf Birds y wheniueb or 

. * : fuch flie either before or tchindiiim , at itie^rigbt or left 

, . ^ b3odtolheW'wbatitdotbprognofiic8fteec/£/<ri^^/^.rtffe4ft». 

'^^.jtiydiyn^A ^.aauiSpicu. It was forWierly ftifed 

pag. 15. / whith the mind doth fnggeft to is pnt for a- 
- ■• ny divination in Greek Wmcrs,Battnoft prdperiy IfvwMi* 
g Nonnus mnnhriVflikh gTdegoHHt is* related to baye f6tirid"according 
^^(MAy. u 1. to iV(?fij«r/*,but according to A Tft>i>>C4r,wbcnce it is called 
« ^« C^ri/i/H»«r/rSf, looking into tbe liver or entrals , like the 

.fc^^.;iifl4.f. Laiinesf^rfTpWi^/w^oWctvingtbie colour ofthem^ x«^?ts 

iiEfcLlUoo ' si9^«M(af>A<4ffifl(i';a$UKieWifetbj6<f^ 


ftjCHro^g^A«0i<««S>^urxf9f)(c^\ tivC^/Viy£^^<A, thecitrcBUty fP'c* )57- 

01 the Tiver(like the ootaoft parts of th< Vine leafejaies //!• ^-^ '• 

^f ) noc to be feen^ or racheif that which they call the head« . . 

Ovid.Cdfimijmcapfa reperiiur in (Xtii,%imif^a markiog the 

flame of the Sacrifice mtnt^l^h•y»vi rrfu«7a,the Tragcedian imtK loco 

caiistbeni|by which they could foretei events^ More doubt^ ^'^miq. 

lefi bad they i^aies oSWitcbctait^as the other Greeks.E'o//cv 

aswhen one fhali meet yooi carrying fuch orfuch things^, 

then this (hall befall yo\x,^y£fcbjlm tearros them UtdfiH <n/5<i8«- 

Atf <, Sck Ti^ %l iT yiwinnnii. See Sv^iftr in TibnliHrn on tbefe 

words , P^^r i trivw. The Scholiaft of a Arifiofhdnes on 4 in Av p <♦ - 

guVSfl^of ofriTvthey raadei quofth he^ whom they met fir ft, aa ^ "^ 

it wert tokens of good hap. Whence it may be came up the 

Salutation which ^ i*opibr/af calk c«^»fAH ^'/^ ^^77/^a wiOi. HbOeJ. Tyr 

iiig luck as -^fiipi among the Greeks , and the Latires, e Eft^ ^^^% 

bonis 4vibHi. viftaj^c.^fifioK^p is put likewife for fneezing,or^ ^'^' ^^^^ 

the conjeduring at them. Sttrnutdmentnm being accounted 

a Ddty by the Roraansjbut £icred to^Ctrts^ as the Greeks, ^^^ y^^.^j 

whence proceeded that ziff^aavfhich we intimate in our </iwf jogo dmio.* 

helpyoH,^ often as we fee any man purging hia head. Which 

not to have proceeded from any deadly Diieafe , is fnfBci- 

ently evinced by CA^auhn on Athttum^ OiMw^nuio^f^ at - 

the fight of a Moufe, Serpent; Cat^ or the like in the Honfe, 

or when the oyl Crufe b dry,Hooy,Winc, Water 19 ^nt,to ^ j^'^^^ ^ .^ 

guefs at future things. ^Qf this X^»*(^^r<i^« wrete. 3?«e;^xio- ^g^^ 

:9i»7r«9y, Palmillry , when by the length ofthe hand, or Hoes: 

of the Table, they can jpdge of freenefle in houfe-keepingjof 

Marriage and Pofterity^of which fHelenm once, left a Monu* f Nonnus. 

ment. n«Afei^i^ gathered out of the fhakiog of the parts. 

of the body ,as th^ fhoyhkr^thigb^or right eyelin which kind: 

P^yWawwi was»an Author enpofed to the world. ^yUi^tiM^^U 

as that wherem tte Wtcch of Endcr was experienced, out of 

the loweft patts of wfaofc belly tbeDevii fpake.Tbe fixft that 

pradtfed this among the >47ibf^/4iii was £«^^ 

whoarepoflefTedwithtbiaSpiritof Prophecyingr are called ^lo vcfu pa»- 
Bvfwj^-^Efipy'tlititi^it ths g S^ihhi^f Arifitfkt}Nbo f alia this /; lb. p. j© l^ 

Inf. L n c. 
inaniar. 1. 1, 

p. 61}. a. 

wJLib, A. 
tf Nonn« in 

4^ ArchMUght Attics. Lih.l. Cap, 6. 

where after fo!emn Sacrifices they were wont to call op tba 
^fbal^oftbedeceafed, demanding ofcbem what afterward 
(hould befall. As i Wierm^znA no wonder^for tbey held the 
II. Spirits ot their Parents and Kindred -for Gods ^ qaWwfMcri^ 
ficabant (faies Bodin) & gd quorum fefnlchr 4 ^tmedth^nt^ in 
qnos Serif tHTA invehtns ac deufianiy inqmti & comtdtrunt fa* 

cri field mortmrHm^to which they racrtficed>and at wbofe fc- 
pulcbers they fed^againft whom the Scripcore inveighing and 
dete(ling,rpeaketh| And thtj eat the chUtiom gfthe dead. Of 
this \Ariftofhanes makes mentioniand mHomtr in bis Odjjfes. 
This if that which moft property is called ynrnii itomy^®- 
lamentacion« by Wierns termed dira etecratienes^ a for with 
great mourning tbey invocated f#Kiv«u< <Au.6<£f«f « wicked 
Gods for the accomplifiiment of their diveiifh de^gnes. It 
* Vid. Bopin. may moft fitly have the name of Nigra Magia^ b for fo the 

Wizards divide them into the black and white Magick.M«;€i«, 
from whence the word Magick is derived, feemstobavc 
been found by the Medu and Perfiant , wbpfe PrieRs were 
called Magi , great Philofopbers , as d LaertiHs is witnefs. 
This is fuppofed to be the good Magick. e E'lrkh^isit % Jk^ 

fl'^fvf ^ya^mrnf^ cfctitfytiK nyQ" ffvftt^9 pttfuajCfSx^ iS a giving 

of a PhiltTHm, a Medicine for the procurement of Love or 
rather enraging of Luft% by bewitching fomeching and gi- 
ving it to be eaten , which to have power over Swine is cre- 
dibly reported. KorKjfcjwrttfi , T^ricks with a pair of Shears 
and Sive, of which TAf^cnV/^i. fh^mvM9r^ft. Tpcakecoun- 
cel tf an Hatchet, taking and laying'it on a piece of timber v 
fiat-waies , which did the feat by turning rounds Like to 
which is that naughty^ufeof a key and Bible^ Af^>:iH«:^«prM'4, 
by cafting of the Dice to ask the number of Wives, Chil- 
dren , Farmes &c. Which anfwer to the quantity of the ^ 
h Delrio Dif- chance. KKuniui97Hti & A.MU£^a«ef 7»4, done by Corn^lr Ae^9« 
qui. Mig.i. 4. M»«<rv7«I tf, by taking the Letters of ifce name^ as when two 
c.q. 5. 5 fee 7. ^^re tofigbt.and by vaihe of them to judge tbeconqueft^As 

tbey faid oWeflcrs being overcome by AchiUes.Ofti^atrrM ^ 
making a circle, tbey divided itinto four and '^twenty parts, 
and on each part jnade a letter^ and putting wbeat upon the 
•^ " "" "" . letters 

e Vide Non. 
€ NoAnus« 

/vid, pjyr. 

1: Vide Thco- 
eric, in Plur. 

JrchmhgU Attic^. Lik t. Caf. 7. 49 

Itntrs they brqdgbt in a Cock , and obfcrv ing from what 
leitcrs he took up the gram, they at laft }oy ncd ibcro toge- 
ther, and fo knew their focceiTors, husbands, 8tc 2ii<;5^o(at#- 
9u<$f openinga book of //^^r. and by the firft veflc that 
they lighted upon to divine , as that of the death oi Stcrsr 
Ui^ who fa foretold it , meeting with that verfc of i/(w»rfr, 
which fpcaks of the arrival o\ Achilles within three daies ac ' 
Th^Mj. i Et HHpmdmfHmdta fra vaticiniis^ &c. And ,'wicr. <le 
liccaufe po^ms were accounted Prophecies , as Poets Pro- Magis inf. 
pbets , they were mofl bu(ie in them. * Hence in pubiick !• a. c. i|, 
caufes had the Romans reco^rfe to the SibyiUne Oracl§i,tnA 
the private Grecians to the terfeaof Hc«w- And that Sm 
was pat for writing of Oracles , is manifeft out of the worcb 
Sprtts Delfhic^^ for foretelling or divinationl 4 I know the 4 Viic Sch. 
ihe Prieft of AfolkXiting infpired with a kind of holy fury Ari^japiut. 
fpake to thofe who a$ked counfel. Whence tbe word 
i iM»wA at this tin» read for Southfaying , was anciently h Arttii. T. s« 
called tmui madne6. And yet that their cunning men bad psg« >f« 

''y'!^}''^\^'?'y ^ ?« ^!««/ as day, the c J. W^4)? of £11- ,i„Hlppol> 
r$ptdes teftuymg-, done itieemsm matters of queilion, 10 pag. 580. 
^S<f^ ^^^ may intimate as much as totindergo trial* Prx* 
didions there wer^ ^ J faith Et^ih. Out ol iigncs and ^inii.a^ 
wonders, as alfooithe noife that leaves make when they pag. ^ ^«* 
are burned. To- which fome adde «fte^«MfrW« or divination 
by tbe ay re , quoting for it Arifhfhms in NfiMw^ which 
I noyr remember ispt« 


C4P. viw 


THeir Churches were of two Ibrtf $ facred to their Godi 
in Greek, uiifitU^, And facred to their Demi-gods 
inoft propnrly mmt But tbe word is promifcuoufly uAS by 
tbe Tr^cedians Clemens AUxanMnm is of opinion that tm 
£rfl 0[igiual of their Temples was tbecreding of an Ediicc 
$0 the Boncur of the dec^fed # n»> sJ^' i^^ilftrnJ^f^^H^ « Via. f\ %i 



fid TfaeodU 

{•In Oed. 


€ Schol* 
Arid. p. 1 1 5« 

ifLib. !«€• t. 
7/4. y. 

Tin p. It »• 
Tide ad eum 

5^0 AxtJoh£U Attiui Lib. 1. Cgp. 7; 

buried in the Acfsfdu^ EriSthonim in tbc Teqapte oiMimir^ 
VMy P#/i4f»tte daogbiersof CWmm in EUnf^is^&c. Tbey were 
divided into cwo pares, tbc iacred and prophaoe^i tbts calkd^ 
3^9 ^t»PP<u^vitlm4 tbe otbcr in.f Cannon (els us tbat imiffm^ 
Tiifi/ar was (bac holy water fee at tbc door of (be Tempk^wicli 
wiiicb etery one tbat entered into tbe Temple befprinki^ 
btmfeif, or waa befpriokled by thole that facrificed 4 of 
wbicb in the next Chapter. But others have written tnt ii 
fioodat the entrance of tbe iilij/r^tffff^ into which it was ooe 
lawful for any but the pritfts to come. Tbe r Scfh olS^b§* 
c/f/tbttidefcrtbescheCburcb. H^Ut quotbSe, ia^ - 
where tbe Akar ftaAd§.Biif«iV»cbe Akar on whkb they eSeiw 
cdxheir oblations^TiWiae-^wbere tbey t>laced the Idol which 
tbcy worlhipped^in ancient time a rudeTAbleor Stock,« ««if iV 
Clemens AkxMdrintu jcalf itt as ititxj>ij0n§ SamU , .i^cr* 
ward made, ia tbe oiag^cacie ofProcJes to be a ftatfie. At fir ft 
tuuned^.^a, Ai n im^its^ i v/M^ from tbe ihavidg of it; 
bat wten art began to be fo eiq^t as tio (natae it refe^le t 
OKin, they termed it $^Tfi(, from Bepfii ivor/4/iy, wbofeAape^ 
11 bare. At tbe fettiogup thereof tbey joied theieCcremoiues: 
That t woman nestly trtmaied and deckt in purple veftore, , 
fhoold bdngonhi^iieadapotoffoddeB pidfe, as beans, 
peafeand the Uke» which tbey Sacrificed in tbankfoloeft for 
ibeir firft food; lu)(timm0t. ^^^k^tft-m ^ t^thm imi^m. for , 
as much as I conceive out of Pollux i tbey prayed not where 
this was coofecrated, or did divine bonours.bnt in the ue/ or 
r«i»r, the body of the Church, may be gathered^ 
their geilure towards it d <Ac;7« ^ £ ^^£9fj»fi,dyl?^jmi;n^ |d« 
iv«,f (Af dfofr^ &c. Furthermore belonging to their Temples 
there was a kind of Veftry, in Greek Ap;^o/ by fome tranf*^ 
htti^fwmmttm^emplMh 4s i^ it were at tbt upper en4 Tfois 
ieems to have been the Treafurte both for tbe Church, and ■■ 
any focver who fearing tbeiscusity of bis wcaUb^ would . 
commit ittQ the cudody of the Pri^l^ e Xofephm is repor* 
aed to have done h cfae Temple o^Diami mSfbefitf^ AfartU 
^points fttthift when be iakv, . . * 

• •• • • - 

So revtreotly did they eft eem of tbefe bonfes <^ theirGods, 
that to do tbofe offices of Nature,! mean venting ofExcre^i 
nems too fliamele(!y feen among us^tn the Chnrcbyardf , 
as I may caHtbem,waa an abomination, puniihed feverelf 
hj ?ififirAtMs. Vor when he bad taken tritnjte of all that tbe 
Atficl^ Ground bad brought fortb| tbey fo hated him for 
that Taxa tion^as that tbey made tbe meip^fytM of tbe Tem- 
ple of Apollo Py thins a jaket i wbidi although forbidden 
never was redrefled. And yet fo iecretf y was it doncthac < 
be could apprehend none, fave at M one Stranger , wbooi 
he caufed to be wbipt , with this Proclamation , T H A T 

DICT HE SHOULD DIE Hencetoamantbac 
foundly fmarced for bis wickedneft, tbey were wont pftH 
verbially to fay, Ht hdd htter have t^ftd himfilj in tbe /^^ 
theum or iftbere were more in the plural number. Kfit;^ - 
h 9J^nli ^ rd uMffSamrmtMmji. Nay fo honourable hdtt 

^ tbey tbefe Churches , that to tbem tbey grantedpriviicdge 
oiSMnEludry , to wbidi wfao would flie , ffi^ floc frmR 
thence be drawn out under a Titfpaft upon ReligioD. Of 
thiskindwastbeTempkofitffii<f^4ara7%f/f«f, tbe AW 
ters oiihtEiminiies and ^efc;r,4 whofe Image ttey would 4 Vld^I^ofiimi: 
not ^ve erefted any where in their City , akfaou^ so tbe fr Poiyd. Vii;^: 
midft thereof (be bad a GiofCi^Tfae lirft Afjitm ammg in Eurip. ihn 
theHeathens is field to have been in jlib^ns , built by tfat %iX 
fitr4cliii^ ' 4wW. ^ 

c AT. vnx. 


^#^F holy Orders among then I conceive to have be ei 

'^^ divers forts. n^^ww^Vior^fiti, a word bad in latter 

times in great^dirilion.exagitated aitnoftin everyCcn^oedyt^ Tmar! 

put for afhatk or fmelKreafi,^£^4;tf /^^r^/itf/ .But l'€l4 Ofice 

in.goodeflcemjipf wfecn tbey M Ux apnt fucJDf aparcei^of 


' 52* ArcB^logU Attic^t. LiB» 2. Cap. %. 

Iaad4s they thought the revcnacs thereof would faffice fotf 

the Sacrifices of facb and fuch Gods^they chofe certain meo 

a Second. A«. ^^ flu>nld receive or gather the Harveft. CrMts^ 6\bm9vi 

0ialca. apud. * U^Z nu ixTioytua al^itSiiu. With the incomCf of this were the 

Achen. p. » i ^ cbargesof tbofe publick Sacrifices defrayed. Hence ^ga^M 

wyiKiL intnitm magm , great yearly Subftance , is ofed for 
ff Avid.p. 5^31. gre^it Sacrifice to e Arifiofhdnes ^ho\h&i »?» H ihtptp W 

w^myA^iU TDii d«oii dv^tf< Kipvuf. CetjceSt the lam e fignifies 

a Crier, but in facred Fun^ions a Mtnifter , who flew and 

/Apud Acb. ofiferedthe f^iQim. S AnsbtMio the Comcedian afcribes mucfi 

L 14, p. ^ 1. honor to them.asif they liad firft taught men to feeth yido- 

als, the flefhof (heepand Oxen, while before ibey devoured 

{Vide Salor/tn each Other raw. They take their name from g OrjA* tBe fon 
nfcripciPolIu. <^ JIdiirctfry and PMd^ffU. £0C h Cdfauton, W A Kf>Ai?9r@'» 
Tt"' A I' ^ ffsiiantiere parte tffunerif ^hpJL obihnt^fic diEli: Idem nam^ 
\.\tTli ^^^-^ ^^^^^ maffdtane, adoletsfft^ae, &c. They in thi time 

of Divme Rites, craved the filence of the people in thefc 

words, ^nnyLH-n. s/jtt w ^igu^%ui. Be wbift all ye people* 

i Caufaub^ in G<^^ words,for ioj evasfifTr Hgnifief ,as well as to fay nought, . 

Theophraft. which ifsr4rr iScly interprets, when he, i)/4/eom;r4/Ar 

F- S^i* PdrcUe verbu» When facrifice wai endedjtbey difmifled the 

Congregation whh tbefe words, A«»r i^m. To which Cc^ 
fiom be unfitly looked W;bo derived the Mafs from il/ij(r/i'y?, 

ilnnb/qucm ^>^]^tterfetjt io W«i hyA^WiehtlinshmMaf^^^^ 

fcripfitdc isd, Hebrew, which availaai ^ucbAstopraiic. » Uu^y^yn, the 
cramenc. fiime witb. k If ^pctf 7«i,wbo; >ni{iaced them who dcfired to be 
JMcurfius admitted into the fociety of the fuperfticioufiy xealous(wbo 
^^ -^^^'^'^^ after they wcireentred, were not under a yearc complcat, 
cStel d P^'^'^^tted to fee their BibIp)r^rW; Naz.. Uem^'^'^^ 
• ^'P* *• TiU^lttpaipHf. Hierophanu fo called from U^tumv T^tit^ 
dL. Mountac Opening the holy thjngs. Eir* ;3 w U^^up;./. ^ The Learned 
•f cbiceiku Biihop,upon the place ofAT^^d/fji^eif.notes tbat^^^i/f J among 

(be JfrdelheswBi an Hier^hant^ (hewing ut^to them what 
they were to do in tbofe facred DuHneflfes. nuf ^of o/,tbey who 
lighted the fire of the Attar , whofe office made tbem fafe in 
war amd danger, Hepce of bloody figbt we fay hATw^ifOr^^ 
Xe igffifir qftidfm p there efaped not be thai fenrcd at the 
r^ ■—'■'■'' ■'- Altar.. 


Mm. iter^oiy The Prtefts in the VftM Aiyfiihif^ ten in 
^number. NtWe^/ whom e Nicdnder calkC*w£^' from/wfWr ^ j^ AIcza)>fa.\ 
T^ ^v^^sn^Hr, CO be decent, bectafe tbey keep cbe Tepiplei p. 144. 
dean, and f wept tbem as An in g EurifUis fpeaks- Tbefe / Arifloph, Sei 
were the y«p^tfAtfxi; , whofe charge icwas topreferve chat P'^^^ 
which was found in the Church, and to fee that repaired S^'^^P-^*'" 
which went to ruine, fates h Ari^otU. And yet we read that . , „ .. . 
the Par^ti did foroedmes look to the mending of it. There ^*'**^**' 
being a law enaded that what they laid out ilK>uld be redo* 
led again. U^vi in i Arifioplkntis likewife termed 49^«:7i^«i. jiniPiur. 1^.71. 
Tbefe are the Priefls erer waiting on the Gods, Xl whofe i^ Cifaub. ia 
prayers the ancient required at their facrifices^ out of which Theopb, 
(hey had a fee, / the trotcers and skins, as the m Cerjcti the . ^^^^ ^^^ 
tongues. . And indeed there was no nece0ity,for there being ^ Arift. p,ioi; 
ubies in their Temples^as CaftmbM teaches us, whereon they 
might lay their oblations/aad perhaps fometimes depart)of 
' .which the l^ieft according to bis ftomack did (bar •» Weil 
known to nArifiaph.yffho relates the like of the Prieft of^-.„ j^ pju^, p y^; 
fcuUfUa. It was requifice to this fundion that they who \m^ 
dertook it (hould be found both wind and limb, they being 
askedtf/tfecAM^ before their creation,, whether they were^ 
whole in every member : which Ceremony to have been 
ofed among holy Orders of later dates is well known, their 
seighbours wives hearing record, layes, a Chri(iiaMHt xii^t ^j^ Ariftopfc. 
they have not taken in|Q'their focieties^jsriij tntailumj^h^xt 
were moreover (he Priefts astheB^ei^MARi, \n Demofihenef.^ 
and the Ktoftitio^ whom in all things b DmjC^m Halkur'najlt^ h Anciq« ]. x^ 
m compared to the veAl Nunnen n. 3 .. 

• , GAP..1X ' ^ 

T}i E father of Phitofophy is of Opioion,thac Sacrifices^ 
firft began after the Ancient hadeoded their harvefi^ 
f 01! jtbcn being itfc from care,.they found time for mirth and^ 
3^Uity. In which they diSered their firii fruits called aVct?;^',. 


ftom wbeace i^i^^^ tf tetd^eoefally to do any SacrSdb; 

Neither doth aV'^i^^iinpo^K^^^- For r ^i figoifi» cte. 

tVMt Schot ijcod, or grea* cbcft of the gamer, wberctn they laid up the 

lEur.^yi iMiaen. |jarycfttbrc(htand winnowcd;«V.the.firaor bcgiimiogjs 

^* * V if when they began to crea(ttre op their ftorc,they firftcf aH 

liberally paid fome devotion to their Gods .The Anick, obia* 

tion6|C ven to Dr4C9,vrcte nothing elfe but the earths bencfi- 

d Pluc; Pi6<. ^^^^» but before Sohns age, bornt offerings^ who willed in 

- It6. fbey called his laws.tbat they (hooldtbe i jcx^/tu ap^k^chofen and feledcd 

iWtrUM )ml* facrifices. The rights performed in them were not different 

ifm ties^vi ^ from thofe in the daies of Hipmr^bat fomewhac reforaied. Ic 

ymnov, horns bcboved ihcm that wooldtakein bandtbefc holy things to 

.»<»rfrf'I//e! pnrifie tbemfclves fome certain dayts before, i oe^ii^«ir 

Artft. p. /s 4. mf^^ A'ei^fii¥i the number of them is not fet down. I take 

e Detnoa. pag ttjim^^f here to abflain from carnal delights. ( TUmlL Difet^ 

^00. 47^. Jiifg f^y ^y,^^ 6^Q^ f^ii^ hffierns g^dia m£ie Venm) To wliicb 

purpofc Theana being asked when it might he lawful! for a 

. WQman,from the company of a man to go to facrifke^anfwe- 

red> from her own at any time, but a liraxiger never. Being 

thus prepared, tbey came and Rood round the Altar, having 

wich them a basket » ib which was the knife hid (covered 

with flower and ialt in f^ri^cphanes o^a/\in gHonw if^ m) 

ff In Pace. Aivith which they cut the throat of the viSime. Then they 

^*^9^' . . purified the Altar ^ing about it with the right hand to< 

L^^/*' 'ncK ^^^ ivhjiripp^f$ef.nteiSmA^eiff^f^ TWi 

ill^^y^Jf ^^y luftration was made with meal , and lioly water fprinklcd 

began /tfcri/icr, thereon.Tbis water is called f;((ffi4,Ul which they qaencbcd 

'thi^omaiis, a fire brand taken from the Altar- wiffi which they Ibedewed 

Far, Djonyf ^jjg ftanders by , accounting it a kind of deanfing, ( Hence 

Tl«o Uud?"*' * ^''''^*« '^^""^ ^^* forbiddw him whom they took for a 
i Athen. 1.^. polluced andforlom rogue) then they caft fomeof the flower 
p. 409. ' on them^ And having thus espiated, they cry out i Ti< 7\i^ 
« SopKoclcs y[^h0 u here ? to wlfich they made reply, »# li^o/ «^yi,Many 
^kxilonh *"^ 8^^' ^^^ they, prayed, c Hmer, Ef «J»f i'ww ivJ'/4Mp9 

:ClA/tf(/\ae. ^ iS^fwV. Xifvt^ctm /• sflr«^, )g t;Af^'nc( iff lveiT» , *T0i«r» Jj 

Xtw(h<; ^>4a.' X';t«n» ;;gt7e^< «»«t#;^ir. Amoug the Utec tbcy 
fpake with a lowd v<mc9 it/aK^icia*, before ihey began^Zi^af 

Jirch^ohgid Attics. Lii* I« dip. 9I ^^ 

^4f!SiippIicatioiULCnded,tl]cy drew the viAime fo as ( if ie 
'^cre CO cbe Gods above ). the head might look upvvar ds, 

iiU^fu7fA^\99m^tt9§f^9ti^tUi'iesi(9if,l{ it vere to the* 

HiToes or DemJ^godf^ wttbhis throat downwards. Tbea 

they flew biai and tkioned him , aod cuciing out the * buck ^ ^ , 

Ihip tona and iiancb. they covered tbenr wuh fat, which is ^ ^^f ''• 

called tftQQi (tieoee the gods of the heathen are deciphred 

by i NdziMut^n^t^if^ X^f ^nr,rejo]^C9ig. in the fat,)CO the e In Std. 

end that the/roi^t burn all out in a ffC9xBtmt.fiw:^f^^^^P^' 

For the Grecians connted it milackie if k did not conimnei 
Sc thooj^thac it was not wAi«pib«;iipofi the fuifi^ ibey caR 


I Loco Utt4 
«t they might 
^ feemtoconfuraeali, whiilitbe A^iM^iiidid not, beiog 
commanded by law to carry fome of the Sacrifice home. By 
realonofwchin]Qndton,tbeydidibftraincoArtejQe of their. . 
Gods^tbat the illiberal andnigardly fort'0fpedt>le«woold fd 
Aac which was left , and fo make gain of their devotioa b^ 

w fAir liftftt »x«» W i$fW im'.ftpM iK9i(Jh^<u fayes Tifecfkrdfi. b Th. Characi 
Where > CafAnbon noits^Coxitim fere ^irebsnt, m$ in$ifiind, TtitC^ihd^, 
Mf 4li$id nan rnafn^ rei pcrfdfe. They offered the hanch ?*^^« 
bone^or cheentra^^ or fomewhacof no great worth, where * ^*8*^3^»' 
by eatrals you are to Mderftaad the fpleen^the lirer, & the 
heart, which H^mer calls ^9\Jiyx9d^(ot though the word be 
saken for the bowels, yet it (igaifies tbt heart too, imwhicb » 
lence we ky AamhAyx^Q- «> »f ^a polfiUaimnoas man^and V 
^itAtyx^^^ coaflagioiisa»the4iSchoL^fi«;'iEr0^^ teaches us,*ii In Ajacemr 
and i^(rx^yx^^^^^'^f ^be boweU of compaffion« Thefe the L<>i^sriusn« . 
Mciencs^did divide among them at facrifice to feed on, and 
aterwande cut out the reft to ron;.F or when they bad fini* 
A^d their devotions,tbey kt tbe reins loos to ail manner of 
iK^loptuoiifaiefs^luttony and drunhenefe.For oft times tbey 
k&iioibiqg^ci:beir.iae£ifioe,^pcdaily wbra they. oSe«* 
'^^ ^ ' ' r«4i 


S6 JrcA^oUgU Attk£. Lib. 2. €^4 9^ 

red CO Kr/?4,wbcoc€ the provetb Ef 77V ^(/»^ jc if to eat ii|i 
all, Kke ttie Roman ^uri/dcyi/tr^rr To fay cbac pubiddy 
they began co Vejld were more than I could w^eli prove^boc 
tbac tbey did lo is plain. In cbeir boufes ibcy bad Aicari, 
and fo I fuppofed once All' Ef /«r <i''p;^><u to be taken; but 
tbis wa» done in Likumimtm M tbeir drink offeringt^ta be 

t Vld«p« (S X. on t Kriftcphana. As for tbeir meat offerings it was req«j* 

red cbat cbey ihoold be c found and witbont blemi(h,wfiei» 

€ ?idc PMlu- j^jg,, jj ^^g 3Q ^j^g^ Ihcep, goat, fwine,calf:te facrifice they 

rin Bucol Amply termed tfJ^ap wbicb ouc Latines hate rinterpreted fit* 
licis. ly.FdceriJ Virgil/iviff /4Cf4a» t'i/is/^.Wbofe poverty was fo 

great that be coold not afford a Iheep « or the like « tbey 
thougbc tbe Gods would be well pleafed if be offered Mo^ 
s e Cafaub. m ^^W'bich the Greeks call e dykifit^rA meal^ydiich by the ri- 
Theop p« cber was mingled with oil and wine as tbe/S^boliaftof ^* 
^37^ Jfofh. Tbe more wealthy inftead of this did cad franidncenfe 

/Pag. 70i. ^jj jjj^ AUars.For tbe facrifices oiP^lUt the tithes were fee 
£ Pag« j7S« * P^^^^ ^ gDtmo^htnesAKx tbetr oblations tbc^flt>e<poi ix cooks 
li Scho*. Aciit. give the h 10. part to tbe PryiantsSo £AKi'rd^r& ttrai^,pae 
f^ 1Q4« . for iQi* where tile Gods cannot bate tbeir allowance. 

SchoL Ariflifh. on dJi^JliorH^ iV BiSrU^i^ix'^rtanMhUu 
E>0' j nyjf vii Jii^'rttf ^ 9bafiii»9 7j7f Upvif^HQif ^ ^«}«|« 

' C A P. X. 

THe ancient Greek year confided of three hundred and 
(iacie daies^eath month conftfting pf tbirty.Rude An^ 
tiquicie ignorant of celeftiall con templations , deeming the 
Moon to finifli her cour fe in that fpace: Which according to 
tf DeDoft. d Pitaviii^ iecmshlfcLMnaru enimnmfHitJtd ejus mtnfu 
Xcmp.1.1/ trkenii dkhm cenfiubsLnt fingulu By which reckoning tUd 
xa,p. I. they notufedimercalations , tbey bad foon found amain 

difiere nee in the times, when tbey ought to have celebrated 
their feft i?ais.Tbey made therefore a TamtGrU ^ in which 



• « 

ArchMhgU Attica, Lib. tlCtipl^ I x>. 57 

whcathcy fonnd 7 <J«icf deficient, they fupplyed them by ^ 
adding'* wbto ewery cmJ oCthc year, calted ^^a^ys^ t^>t(e5«i> ** Ncgar Pc^ 

Becaufe for cbofa two daies Athens wa$ without Magiftratfs. J;^*"^^ ^^^ . 
But the laft^fihefe four had but 359 daics, befidcf ^^^^ bU.iilitf.* 
two tt^^rf'Muw, in refpeft ofthc Olympick Games, c- iaA^^parac, j 
vcr kept io the * fuH Moon , which could ndt have hap* ^^ Grxco 
penned, had they not began the Tttr^ntnrU with a ncvv ^p'^^'** 
Moon. Nevcalieiefj the San and Moon appearing 14, »i]ch,ri[?« 
dayea odds in a Tf ^/-^f rrw , they madfe every eighth year ^^^f^^i:^ ^^^ 
jUi'infer}edion of one Month , that thi*^ time being end- T. 1. p. 4. 
cd » the coarfe might ftill return the fame. This all Grtm ^^; ^ J.^"^- 
obberved iayes ?tt^m\,\i^^^AthinMn5 t^^^^^ z^'^ct^-' p.f!.^5^/pct\V 
e**.> by ibe people of £» an OljwpiaJ. What kindof ^ocy»o/V«'flwe. 
Luoary year was in ufe among the Grandiires of Greece^ is Lib. dc deft. 
not truly icnown^by Frfi'mt delivered to be of D. 347 €ve- Temp. i. c. ^. 
ry Month 2pD.except one, wbicb like our February had but 
28 D. Every cwo yean one Mdntb was tnferced h ode of 
Z9 D. tnotbertime of 28 D. fiat becaufe in two years this 
. f mdgfim atinmi^t paifcd the Moon 1 5 D. iraqtte Tetrartey i% *^^^^ ^ ^^p^ 
JUftamnu TbiiGoofiftedof 1445 ^7n icyii make 1445 SJ^^^ '^ 
fo many days 3 S4 f<3«r times dcmbled batb, if ^ou {)leafe to n,^ f^//^^ 
adjoyn zp* Of tbiii fort 6f catculatioti dotb be underi^and verceDs^ joy^d 

iGtmwm Ti^ iJiMC TC^^w^iuif «i V^ , 7»0 5 i^AMi^i^ ^j.innu* ma^ttoj;' 

immiir ihemmaki m if they wert 3 o D. ir ^r »^ nDtwit^andifj'^ \^ 8^ p/ ^ ^ - 
/^ W^ai^ 291* g Pf/Mwr ismberwift conceited,wbo takes ^'la AuaarU. 
the Scboliaft of Arifl^phAnes iii that fence^ , as meaning -' 

apD.* fuU ones, wbeu indeed esadiy^ taken according to ,; 
b <;0imf «M you nmy accouut Z9 J ;. andtt^//tftf*,ftWuy.rf« r^Ldtockaro. 
^f4i#v.;t9 ;. And yet arew^notdeftitute oi aUtbority;tbat fiaArg.Orac. 
a )^taiicb^i7iiis fuppnt^ 29. D- kXh^n, yfnffi'^ A$>wvr76V*^°*'^^And* 

Boi tbftc the fragments were left out, the ^ords^ are plain, (c„, p,^y^\ 


gS. whom I 

tgurutt tbtt 

mA$ tht Cl« 

fiits* HeitCe 

Mcions year 


Mil the wmath 

jjiu may /«r ^ 
in Scb0L AtU 
fl0fb. Aciur. 

f. 4i*.«- 
rGefli.p. ift*. 

d Laertius Ia 

f PolUix* 1. 1« 

^7^ « 

dgf thffdct 9f4 niijln 4mi d dtfj^n' dC€9fSng tofmch Mmtht 
^dtkef Uminifier their civil ilffdt^^ Awi nm ituinrt- 
t/Hef dWMig msnj cftbi€r9cl(/. Bat of chii cnoogb. So<» 
wai the Tefrseieru found faulty » therefore wsi made t Ka« 
lender of eight years, in which doubling eight tioies the dif- 
ference of the Sun, to wit, X I D* ;, made up three nontbf^ 
iflferted every third, fii t,and eighth year. Bott be (cruplcs. 
corotDiog flioctin iiKceen years 3. TX they intercalated 
three: And feeing ftill they could uot make it even. 4 Enlft^ 
mim and Philip fm made an Almauack of nineteen years,' 
which hy Cdliffm was produced to 76. Months 640. of 

them 28. iit^iKtuAt^ 1« 5 W^H fff if40*AK<«>y ^iflK f^^pmf rt, 

{dMCtminm ^ Tbiswai the progrefi of tbeit* reforayitiott. 
But we muft look back again and coofider that ibty eounteit 
their year two waies. Firft of ^ CCCLX, aafaath been alrea- 
dy fpoken, next CCX^LUII » when they made the Months 
interchangeably wKn^m ^mU^^fMll md dtficitttty that is^ one 
ap, (he otbej: 3 o dates, yet both Lunary. For thacis proved 
even by the names of their days«The firft wherein ttie Moo^ 
appeared new , caHed by a Syn^phs or i;oatra Aiefi of the 
words ftffc&4»U. Thefecond/4«i^ The e^tb A;^'/imV^or 
half fail I the fall ^UiuiO^. The laft 7Mi»f,W «Mt9 
n^&aipo/l®- , becaofirtittt is the daiea cid irktUr Mikfiu^^ 
who was the Author of tbattefme,ibeMoo^bad3oandm> 
more» but ended^ whence I fuppofie r «£ lAif /t ^teno^'Af ,%nt- 
fit dtie the dead, the period oi wfaofe life has btm eom^tfSi 
Though Dic^emm gives other retfona. And by the way we 
mgft not think, that they had no regard to tbecpurfeof the 
Simj ifU umn Ht dunm^eHt SaUtii 0^* But newrtbeleft^ 
that fl» year ni^c be corre^poudent to the Ssrnie^ (bn 
put five daies caikd i^yimm tft£kd ^ totbfc iaft mohmn 
SdrropimM^fot the fupj^hig of tbedefeft. And fo the year 
bad i 65. VX which was the true and juft meafope. But he 
might hive added fometiibes 966|by realen of that ; wMrtr 
gtminm achnowledge9thc(7f^i^ to haver tekoned^eitbou^ 
Aey accounted their Mob^ \MCit>, \X This b that annm 
imUsitm^^iimlid 4r0$mMsi Todiispoinr 


Arcisdoght Mticd. Lih^ tl <€f. lo. f 9 

fte Gt*k Atubori idliqg ibeir mr by feed time. V f •* ( In A^t ipii 
fhocUs — EiAiffttfiit A^irotf It®^ %\%%t^. For tbe andentii P* ^i ?• 
Ikies r Tibf«ji,took the year three wraics •, titticr by ibe Sua ^ '" ^^^ 
or feafom ^ ts fprtng,fiimffler,tarainn, winter, i {S^fhcc/cs 41^^ oslif. 

B^ SfQ" i}< ApJtiSef 1^ iufthvf xd'^t* 'XtftJuivi /' i/Vt (or tbirdly Tmn. p; if |J 

by cbe tbe Moon:.whofe ttrtgaAtntyS^lofth reported hyFJm- ^ ^ v^ca pag. 

t^cb firft 10 bave marked. Obferting t&erefore tbac flie 00 ^^- '- < <* 

tire £uae day overtook and farpaffed cbe San^ f •/ Mrm #(<* 

e^c ig i07«Aflifc0«ram 1^ ««ff rx^4» If r^ Smay, be caafed tbat to f Pluctrch-' 

be catled^ i^« r^ pU tbt M gtU nm , becaufe tbat remnant f -If^^ ^ 

wbich was before tbe con jonftioui be thoa^t bcfon^ngto ^^ 

tbeprecedent Mwtb, and tbat remnant wbtcb was after tbe 

conjimftion appertaining to die fabfeqtient. (Tbete pieces 

h Afium calls ^t^htrnf Mtwfffvme^-m ) in which matter he . . -._ . 

ist boughc to bare bad Hmir in fight , who in bis 1 Odjffei J " ,*{7'**- 

terms dbe thirteenth day ,as Didjmm expounds it,TS i^u p9i- 1 Wi/iilr. ^. 

wrQ- fdJbuiu A ^* i9^^$9' * Wnere we may note that then p« 1^4* 

Aey bad no n^ffyr^ ,bot counted from one to twelte in tbe 

^Snsi mtmhn^ nfed by i^ Damfthtnti in one Oratioo, sr A«f - 1 Contra Tl« 

Tf »st cAmA^tv ^p^n^$mi9&. V^i patting the Icffitr to tbe mwaim. f ^ 

greater, they JEiid ^lu im A^t.^ t%fitrn ii^, tbe tbiri nhnft ^** ^* *^ 

tint ibe femrtb dtwe te$f^ and 16 to twenty* * Bot when at the 

one and twentieth day tbey perceived tbe wane of tbe ^ ^^'^ ^i^* 

Moon to be great^d tbe Hgbt abnoft feft,they changed tbe j^^ ^ 

order, and nfed A^^V^.^iftrr &,eiifi»TfJccrihr fembcftbe it* 


Tlftt f^tf^n&^befi^eied frm the iecrnfeM frmt^ tie end^going 

lower m number ftill, ts tbe fpieodor of tM Moon was ifimi* 

ailhedibitt the 3 otb tbey call'd in 4 m« for the eanle abovti' 

Here bkiewtfe tbey take tbe reafon why tbe Monetb ending 

caole tbe dayes and Moons do as it wore die , accoriRng to i>^'^ ^^^ 
afaat t>( Her0ce.N0V4jMe fergunt intitin Luekem Afi^rMeei. mMmUMi 
fHfV ^Md mfi illmtf f^hofmt. dieit, e^jm f^tlmm dtfkiet$eu Spci c.i<i 
J0ffmt4th in nomen depnit fecntttri : c^ JsttV^^a^ iUnm^^ni pr£% 
€editnnmernn^ fnceejuremf fieri indefiSnm meanii'hfifit'Qr 

fiamBng to (nppty. i& place of the departisg M^^netb-, fixed 

'Ha an* 

66 ^cb£9kgUAtticaj.Li^r^f;S^^^^^ . 

...^ . ♦ .1 c ^n^ ^iU waiting tiytb€;JMoM4ha^;.^^ 

r . foaipteacing aoi ending'df cbe pcejredeAC (itiie. jbus. the laft. 
jt/Eii:Vd. 10. clayotourliv^5iifaidtoflaRd.rfrjji//o.S/<if j^^ 
p. 2po. ' ?i^ unco which we mud pafs through all the reHf^and once ap< 

proach. Thus fquared they their cime9» and date matters co^ 

the Moon. Hence, read w£ yil£(H h^ ^e Air /^, to count the. 

Month at they do, who m;&nage politick budxif (r(q>»or belong, 

ii^g to government. In which courfe they made tiieiryeac 

of CCjCLJ-Vdaycs, which divided into ten parts, make ten 

nArgutD. Or. ' times 35, which fpace each a ^uTupti* ruled in its turn- the 

Dctn. contra, four that abounded were called ur/c^<ifi^i in which they;, 

Androt.p. jgo. ^^f^ Magiftrates,being for that time deftitute of them. The. 

year thus difpo(ed,the months qauf} of neceAuy h^MKii,H( «; 

)^ 9nA./y ty-^m ciAXAfie^ oJ'^i^tw :?^Mf«j )^ imhou ffA ro t^uJ 2«* 

iLttrtuic//,62a;«.4««f»ir|2)^^', If a. Month have 29. D* !• two 

^ \ hav« 55^v ^^j^^ dberefore t]ie two balfe& tpight be made 

/ one whole, they foprdjered it, that^ndwitlhouldbezp.D. 

cMie^b.L iv tben.30 1>. the v^/ib^iffW/ counted their day from the letting 

Sar.c.^. Plin. of the fun on thi^day until the going down of tlbe next. la 

na^hifl.l**. refpcftfO; which :JiVi^4ii^rpia.ybj5 thought to fay of noon 

rflVThfitiac ^^?P' T ^V**^®" ^*Aiv,T^ ia^e ths. refi at, the hgimtinjr^ of the. 

'^^' tf;?f^;»vrkty>wibatth^X^cients\vrougbci^^^^ 
i Lib. 4. Ep.8. ^y* ^, \M^^M ^JiexUMkiU^sf(.f$imk^ erp}, Which 
/In u. ad i>EHfiatl^,^JS^tf^% ia ^Goobmentary 6n Hoi»^r. An<l there- 
iTyt^' ^^ ' Tore z. Hf ®* U were the notes of the 7,8 9^' i o. hours, which 
f^^ ^^^^ )oyned make zSfl^.as if they (houldhave faidto the laborer*, 

fcChronol. 4>? f >g*»^ii f*!« » ^*f^*' tticy cv^r accoijpted tnajtgjje 
EcH^Pi^ i'^ ' tbft,&!ft .l^gntti. |a. which 4^4^ I have fQiia4 tbeiQ^et; 

^rcb^logiie Attic^. Lib. i . Cap * i o# ^ i 

t t 

Uctytui^, TlisiyiQ-*' 

In which Tablip, aicbougb HH^omUon he compete A to 
AcfHlianlAoMihfanuarjfi yet ic appears not that H^r4- , . 

twnbdon was ever fo removed oot of his 4 Fetitus ^ _ ^^ 
will have it; JEpiphaniuj comradifting^of wbitb by and by. ^^ ^^^^^ 
Indeed when the Cbriftians in honour of ihwEafier began 
the year in jifril, they called hfril Hecatmtd^n -^ a« he 
bimfelfTefiifies. "Rxxi i\\^t Htc4tcmbA9n was alwates the 
firft Month is not probable. For when the hthenUns under ^loco tauA 
the dominion of Alexander the Great's fttcceflbrSi changed 
the head ol the year from Jmly to the fe venth ofO^o^^Kit is 
like that they began at M^m^motk according to this ^ 



t Ix M$.BibKt 


5 / . 



m 4.. 

.J^f—JT .- 


<2 Arch^hgid Jttii4l. Lib. 2. Cafi 1%. 

*^J^* d Cerctmttii cbic tbe Iwnt Aukk Mombf art ibiiK> 

m Epipbia f. ^g^ Looar;^ fomctimei oocboc of 30.D.or f iv&iii^vlm 

* tbcy ate Loiiary cbay lit?ciio fare feac» bac are sow atthii 

tinie»tbeoat anmhcr. And cbii bath Wen tbereafon why xbe 

ftme Monthi ha?e noc been faced to the fuUm^ by writen. 

. ^ ^ « VlfiM on Demoftbtnn paraflett HecMt$mi^m (O « Jpmmj^ 

f ^as* 11^3. M<< ^i' ^^ Oration for CtipfbM,to M^trckjuod again to/il. 

f U oiymh. j; pfj/^ g Msrcb, be calls B^edrmmw^ which alfo be interprets 

i P9g. X40. petrnsrj) and I Dtcemier. m TbMgdi^n. Afril. MmncbhM, 
j^ III' fmmirj. Scirrofhmm^ Manb. Which errors are carforily 
•Pag. i6f. noted by n Peth. in pirt,to 00 great fatisfadion. Botwhea 
II Ho)e(r. chr; by the decree of AMgufim C^^r they were charged to cob- 
^'.li'^.;^'*^^* Mm tbeir year to wlulim^ tbey a dius oombred. 

lafiftpnio. ii/fij/i/ Attid. Menfei Joliant. 













ii Atiflaph* 

Bat of this, fo mocb onely. We Bttft baodie thdr Iimarie 
year, becaofe according to them were their feafts kepcftooi 
whence fomettmct they woald count, as 4 nAnf j£ Snt e« 
Aiiruaw. SomocbyandaikmgfinGed^eirj^dSMiMi/^fpcak^ 
ing of the age of a |trle. B>r a more compendious way «f 
comprebendiog their holy dayei, view cUi Alfuunack* 

* Teiw 

ArtB^toio£t£ Mtics. Lif.- it Cap. lo. ^) 

2 Tefni. 

3 T«»tijT«» 

5 E«i». 

6 E/S/«»*» * K«*4Ar •ii»l*< l/t kVtitat. JC«pt in mtmorie of 

tbe retoro ^iThftm oat ofCm/,after he bad 

7 * 0^|^.fl4yathe^Ai«;4w>i*,bP/«r«r«*.Thefo!cmm- 

tie e €hiid fceo» to defer ibe: N$itlm ErelfhUtu j i„ ^ ^ ^ . 

8 ^ Er«?Tif. firtur etltbrMwr iUo,Illiix)ft iiw.dv. the eight Meumorpk** 

9 ^i(^7« dayoicyer7MoiitbwMra€redtot>>in.Hebadl.7.Hab.a|; 

tlfo a feflivakalted Theftia^ in bonoor of ga- *'>^ <Uuin 
ihering together the dJfperW people ofi*Mif A J"«*^5' 

1 2 Tf /rn. KeoViat-ot tbete,alfo of the day,» '^' ,. ^ 
ij f iT-eTK. ii»#fc«iM. Then did the mafteu wait on JJe iSSi* 

14 nijtsS*, tfaeir ferwott.aa in the Roman SttBroaIs,SKj.i.e.7.w; 

16 -Ef/ffflr. <?• NMAriiii^ A/i«i»4 Cti^ciimt fstrs . 4M ?''•*? "^^ , 

1 9 »*». f;«/« Imt^fmuhl^ pmmr^t ^mflii (kn ««"«. P)ut. ^ 

» 1 E»««, wM thii month caUcd by the ancient hthe- |«'b.7 fX. 

** ^*** '»*«*'i'»»»®^J»fiEerwtfrd$HrMww^««»,fromPiut»initJo 

»} E^A^H, |«««v«^«7«, fecrifices to ?«^«><i' or Aftlh , Them. 1. 1 «» 

24 Et7». fometbiiik with the blood of an hondred f Meiaaerpk 

35 n<f*^i,. beafls: For fo, were tbeypr«fufc in their *^";** 

27* t4Af9 7r»y*^vmcb /.TTk Scholiaft of fl««r 
^ . , ■ . \. BB that Hccaiomh may 

15 aa&We^ be Dfcd for five and twenty beafla, w^ofe feet« 
«?. "^''tfi***. raake up the nambcr of an hundred.** 

. • Ta Mmmm^ P««eftre* of thek ciric^u hath beeik 

fe -^ _ " ' ~ bcfoae 


64 yArch^ologU Mtic4i Lib. 2 . Cap. i o. 

before fatdiihftrcnccd hyTbefcus^z^ hTlutsrch^ ^ w^fA^itM 
ibla Vita p. 8« ^^^itt^ iiiiiUn nonbJ. At iirft they bad the name A^loftuA^ by 
Vilu I. JSrHlbonhsfit Orfheus. In the time oi folemoization there 

were rare (hevvt (xbibiced to the people.fucb as horfe rases, 
wreftlingfdanciog in annonr, called ^pppiKM, from Pjrrbm 
that inventedit; Then carrying in proceiBon the Pep/m.or 
robe, in which was wroQghc the figbt of the Gyanis. All 
i In Ptnathc- ^bieh you may read in i MetirpHs at large,and kAsiftofuir 

iff/hisSch(riia(l # 

Tbe fecond of this month is called 9|>jfi, becaufe it bath 
but 19 daies ^and fo al waies in eavis. 


♦ Pag. 140 
1^ 180. 

5ao. djo* 

JHfet a^itmon AugivR. 
From the facrifices of AfolU called M< r«> ^ifun. 



¥.\}^ctlKKKv\(ncci </l. 



7 npuospj'fia HbtiQuit* 







• t' • 

AftMtii4AtU(£, Lik t. C<^; 




' ' ■ V* ... 





t ■ 




- f 




« ' 







KvQji% IxxKnQU ^ 









. * Botirmion. September. * f row ^fcif 

' "^ • M^ntb'cme the 

Peafti BoediQ. 

N/«» iv Tikarojuue ^^ P^ttf^Ut mi Arlfiidtt «#t««S$ 
i bis Geoertdncac SlsiM, 9 cicie ofSxttid, 4 Htrodotiu^ Piur^9 «rioR 

d -NT' • M - %r MilMdtt leader of the^«iV;^SXr 
5 N.xfle.'Mafa^H. force, got the upper hand of ihJ IS^^Il^, 

z V ' • •. f2' f >*<r7?«i»/. In which battle when /#«ifi««»/«ni 
t Jitfe««""eA«(;/«y. cjuegirm purfued the flying ructgtt, tbey 

7 enemies to their (hips ^ he caught bold of one with bi« X'fftlJi . 

8 right hand , which loft , he made ufe of bis left ; that e,j, j^ \ 
^ V > » \ '^ A' cut off , be in token of bis Luciio. , 

9 ttwe^* sxkAhot* <r . prowefe fpared not hU teeth , imnguR&iu, 

c^ I B> ^' to the eternixing of SJ;;;^**^ -> 

* • 

lai gainft his enenuM. 

?j^ SJntfttnkfutac&forthedtiite^^^ 

k Tow; x.f. *i^ ^y^ jj^itts and his fleet went homeward, t AriflU 
Mz.fecPlur: , j^^ dclcribes the joy at full, and the ctcftmg ofan Aj-, 
i"sch:Affi^^^ tar to f.pi^.r that freed tbcm. , 

p. M7. X 9 * The greater In which they were made rj^o^tfi.or a<t, 

20 raitted to the fight of that tbey worftiipped. The firft, 
ai day was called «>f«*'**, perhaps from the confluxofthc 
, , / , peoplc.Tbe fccond « ArcA ^.u$«^, 

HMiMw ^^ Kufi/A gjcKAwtnx a. becaufc tbcCrierthert warned 
Meorfiui /or 23 them to goc to the fea. The third 4lay they facrificcd* 
brevuUs faie-y 24 g Barbie , becaufe it devours the fea hare, an cnem^ip, 
butirpM pieafe jj tO 0^an. The fourth, two Oxen drew a basket rc;. 
h!fie AtlS^X ^^ prelenting Proferfine gathering flowers . which wp-, 
Sch. p. %^. lz\ 27 men following Cried yju^ Aww»7€f , Hail Ceres. Th^ 
I ji. i?S,4j J. 28 fifthjthey rann with torches Hence xtff^Ttfc/v^e^fititf.and 
519. ^i^7.i4t« 29 \tyt,vkJUf Spi^. Thc Rxt^Bocchus was carried in pomp, 
ix8.zi7.»*«* hence it is termed I«V>^©^. The fea vcnth. day they exercifed 
III. lu^lll 5^ ^**t$ of adivicy , and he that overcame bad wheat give©- 
Ariftid. T. I. ' him. The 8tb vf2i$Epid4firia from v^fcMlapiw his comming^ 
p< 3 2. } . Cletif. from EfidMurm to i^/ A<9/ to bp iniciated.In the ninth chey^ 
Alex, in Pro. gjj^j ^^^ ineafurcs of corn/ ind fettingooc atBift^nd the 
trcj. p» 10. ^^^^^ ^^ thd Weft , they powred tbem^puc, one lookingto ^ 

bcavtn and crying 'qttne dther to the gronnd,f^ying,Tflxy'f, * 
Thus ^(ff^r/?/^. That day was. 5i»t<«X^if. "• «: ^ - 

flSympor Q;i. The fccohd Jdf this M<Jnth Was tefii put cycr, fai^s.^ P/«* 
9' p. ^. ft in 1. /4rrfe,inftead of ivhich fome are perfwaded, the name onely 
«fe* ptkaM" ;^a5 omitted , as rgropTH for TcIth, .which WAsjrecempeoied I 
P'iV bylt'cft^^ViKpfl^f ©•, ori5ttiM%.V Asjn^a defcftivcMonth^ 

AkItjJ ^^vV^rr^, for the ' twentTeth, Of^this'judgmen t Js^ uic . 
hL\b.dc h worthy P/t4Vim. ' .\ ' '] ' >.^>.-^Ji.r . ...... ^ • jT 1. 

*m^*^a'"^' • Py/f^f/lSfl^. -Oftober, 

isub!^hSt7 '^**** *^^"^^ ^^^'^ denomination 'from thc Feafts Pya^fef^ - 

ben. -•* P* Fc* mingling thcTemain^er of t^ir.fpftd.^^ 

arrfving thfey put it into one p6T,ancl feethtng it,i^erc Jovial 
altogether at the fame. ^ . '^>'i \-..'^ tx 

_ ► ^ » •*" . « . ' , 

' " -' ' ■ . I.: • * -. . ^ ,"~ fit* 






* , c f/4irt« calls this Feftivai r»^/Vi«t t iwAul. 

14 - Qio-fAofoe^Xi Ctrtrit , which the At tick. Dames 




J, /( After that 7i&(f/«*hi<i hurici bis father, 

*^"** ~ he paid the vow made at Z?f/o/, to wit, if 

be returned i^^ ^i^oin the death of the Mimutare , be 

would facrifice ooto him a pot of fodden beans. Henc^ 

7r/iti4i*, «s it were, u;«|m4««> For the ancients called 

Avoi'o: eU TO, ^eQiJio(^QsJM.-> C hemes mim. 




kept moft fober «od chaft, ftrowing their beds with ri- 
ii»«4 lor that parpofe, it being an enemy to luft. They 
prepared therofelves with fafting, but after that , took 
,■ , their liquor freely. Thennmbct 
P/)WT«r8i«</l. ofdayes were three allotted, ai 
ibmei Of four, as others^ When CalhllMMs faies tfat 
Ovfd makes them nine, tu feif«ifor that was the Myjtf 
^. n4,«w«aboTe haw (hewn. They were done in Jfe- 
* Z3t noor toOm , that gave taws &t&, 4s ihe ii teroMd 
2 J Amitnt 9iir¥**h^. , Of thcfe you may read d Ariftf ^ p ^,j^ . . 
vfuMfxandbisScboUaff. ... _. mn^,ji %,•%%", 

♦ Km»iieM Kept this Montb.Whcn ibeParenti Mooght g ,,. g^.ti,* 
their ^hildr^o to their Tribes, to be inroled, I ftpptoft 
for fear of deceit in p«rim6nie$.Theri tb*y made mer- 
^ ' * ^ n< X ry for four daicfkTbe Brft wa$ 
K«ca*«kxAj»C*«*. ^j,jfc Tbciccood Af'fftO*' 
The thjrd iuftSm. The foqrth E«'^A. ; 

X4t^*ete.- ^^ ^.j they were celeliMted tbfe i^ Of Vu. 1. 1. 






fWf Month , but fttim hatl^ thiuplaccd then 



4S AreUoh£i4 jittJcd. Lib. .2. Cafr x^« 

MdrnMllifUn November. 
This Month 11 to be placed before PjdneffionyZs I have «* 
bove given notice,bat in this Almanack I foHow Pttitm^vtbo 
fo hath fet it,tbough mnchagainft the opinion of c^ber lear- 
ned: as Mr Sddcn^ Petavim^zxti others, whom I would bave 
yott Reader to accept as for moft approved. 


3 ■ 

5 ^^ 

6 I 


IQ .... 

4 1 ' \ r * • 

.14 . .^ •- 


rr t 9 ^ ' / p//t//rrfe in etc life 6f-/fi*r- 

1 7 Kve^cL exiLXn^Tiit . 5, . ^..^^^ ^ ^^y^ ^i^^^ j^e ^«. 

1 8 /Mn / ^ nay and gnelif fend yearly fome to facrsfice to 
' : 19 . the memory of tbofe that died at PUu£ , and every 
rp* 141. ^o fifth year thcy.have grc^t jfattimes ; wbicb t be ffw 

21 down the manner of. - • ; . i^ . ; 0^ 

«-. n ^-' j\' This Month i«d(frifred frojp f if ft- 
23 nparetm*. cA,- ^,^^^^^flf,,, lor Ilpppofp they 

.24. ^^rft^fonnd Gods V afierward!s fefUvals to tbetti. Noc 

^t^ft^^z *if^.S* ^^.^^*«. 

roMtoii Decemhcr. 


•2.1 e3n.:i^'.::'Mtr' rn^-'f 

•. » f* 

4 Ku^» tJCK^WK^x*^ : ..2- r.r.,: '^r •:.>:',•.• :^ , 

5. , . .Anw*. ^ijj.gjj mVt^iMm gatbcrtdiflVin-' 
« 'tage . tod ptefftd ifctf lispi^\-Aiii'Titi'uYi^\ Thetf 

7 were tbey moft jocond , u. may appear out of ttuci 

8 Lik* tbt vtjtt if thtm that trt*d the Winifrefit fodiff . , 

9 cOppidn. 'cmKht* x^fHr. Oil Whftb'iiWraf «JIN)**/«* J^.''J*^; ** 
JO Sitt/trffitfuid takes a{u>««V to b« fMmtry. l-< i d Pagiu. i> 




i>jtfPag.7«i i 

2 3 Kw e/ct 0X9tA}} 01 a. >r . 




8 s 

f » 





i9 'Tfpuram'ct. s'. ' " 

(74 Wm« January. ^ ^ 

From the Marriages filrft made by Cerr<7;/,of wbom be-^ 
fore we have fpoken^and more you may read ia T^t* 
^s 00 Ljfc^hlm. That Month wtottia tM^*{«^te coa^^ 
pled,beoce willed GsmeUt^fiom U^Q-^nuftitXt is fa. 
cnitofjm, WhoWtbcPd^w is called ^yw«i^ and 
^*^/if^to,P|c(i4cnt ofWedilingi. w4 the Marriage bed« 














•f - - • 

Ku^/m a96»?tiia'iObt^\ 


Kti^« Ik»A»OW, >« 

A> - 

V •. 1 

*. ■« 

1 r 




'4' ■ 


9 - 








A..^^^,^ Kept in great rair^h for three daiciia^^,.. , 
A.^p,e4^ the honour of Ri^.W. The firft -.^tl*!* S aXH 

iz from 9riJ®-thc tubsjaod Ji>«r to open.for at the bro»4 ^9^ ^inifl 

T3. c^iogofcfaeir vefle}s.tbey<lruitkftiffelyr Thefecon((L42:fc.&i;u. 

14' X^*** fr W Ci^a^wAwpicious ^eiftf . la tMs hi thit .u- . ' 

,'#i ir ^i/ * ' .w i .-' could drink down the reft cp 

1 5 Kue^a 656 jj A»(r/ct,,«- hj^ companions had a goldedirfe i/^^ »f 

^ 6 crown. The third ^Jre^r , I fuppofe different from -^f^^^i X^n^^ 

17 x'Jjyoi. From this feftival the fl^Qwhiss^haincd., Thcv^'*f?^'» *^ 

.1 8 twelf h of which T^Unyfi^ in iL;i»»itf were kept, called ^»rW«* 

2 9 fes;«A(( ii ifxjfAm^ : The 1 3 tb ^^ere aded Gorooedie^;^ lo Tcrwic. 

20 began the j^year of the 93 Olympiad, when CMi^s^g- as^. ' 

21 was Arci&(?». Bat after they were taught as 4 Don^^ ^" Dciaoft, 

22 and^U//>Mwwitnef$,and ^ jirifiaphanes^ in ^f^n^&%^^l^^^^ 



% ■ 

5 ' 

^ „ , , 


'14 ■ ' • ■ • ' ' ■ ■ 

i GMtii Y^ A',^\i,:ri,t'iiJ vflTf' i^^fi Of t*<fc f t^fcld»et makes 

17 . •> ' cbeio Q^yioai every. where 

18.. ., in Creek Authors, " 

ai- .. , . . 

•■•- . aj '; . -■...••■■ 

':. .a* ■.-•■' ' ■ ; 

■ . ' f6 ■ ■ ■ • 

Mtmelnm April 

1 . • 


a ■' . 
3'. . ' 

\ $ 


^ 8 






I. ■ 19 



I' 20 


; 24 


I 28 

^ 29 



Ank^lU Attics, Lit. t\ Ctf, 16. 



10 Kogji^ iKxAnWcft. ec!» 

13 Ku^os «9txA«^i«« Ofr^ 

wbo was fo called aii4 bad a temple in MmjcUm , by 

AihniJ. Tbe moocb beart the name. louiifinontD 

^ A 'r ^ were the caafes oi (kaagen adjpdg^^ 

greateii day tbai the A$H4 rout wai kept ia» See ^ Pac.'/iZT' 

- '- ^ flfiiie.» 

I > 

^w^oL ixiiKwi^ ^ 

• • K 



« I 

t ^ 






^ ^ /.To if ^9//0 and D/ifir# { holding it to be 
- * GapynAi*. their Mtivitic. On tbtj day did they «- 

7 mate for the fins of the people. B>r they were wmc 

8 to nonriOi tocne bafe men » and of no accoufit ^ at tile 

9 publick cbar«, whom intime ofpeftilence, or (be 

10 like , they lacrificed for the fins ox the Cicie ^ two in 
n In Bqttites 1 1 number, laiesthe 4 ScWi4 of Arifiaf banes ^ whence 
f«a* 3f I- I z they w<re ailed J^yAitim: bat mere proporly ««94ru«i«< 

H^; n ZLffff^i^\yArifiofh4msm^ ^ 

r8 KveiU ixKAanC<> «^* 

« -■ 


( * 

-i ../^ ' T»' PfV>»44 ^h& i^ tfce TV^TMf/ IS' 

' ' . ^ ' / tSot'lBltich different from the- 

M ' nw ♦«ii^ /«ti€l*^ g^rtr; see Ar^«r/?«y. 

' , Fniff^ places it on the Z4 day $ otb^ ^ 

24 n^ui'Tne/a '. ^iji hgYC the z$ * To Aiintrtfa , 00 » 
25. which they takt off the ornaments of her ftatuc, a^di 

Sskf^tkQtm Jopcr 

^ •* 


^ V 

Jc€&i^&gU 4tiic4, X<ij^ ^ C4f , r a 75 











To MmrvA from C«*c^» * Canopic, under 

' ^ which her Priefts did walk io pomp at riiat 

time :' or from the ft^cue oSMintrvd fonnd in icirus 

cfch^LMiM^' €?i9. H97: 

« ' . It was not Jawfulancicncly to kill an-yi/* 

^ Oxc : wherefore when one had feea 

that baft racing (be meal provided for the Sacrifice , 

be new him and fled|in njemory of which this day wai 

kept. Afterwards they did mitigate the Law, and gave 

licence to butcher an Oie^lo that he was not for tbe 

ploufih.To whicb Jfwirif^/ may allode. Vp vittUms bcs i sityr. t«: 


Where Petitut makes tbe fow fir ft Tribes to gorem 
_^ each his day,on thofefour that abowided above the 
fo year* Ji£0rf#/ feems toagreet mhI* MMMffucwt ap^ * Aihcn;jlqf: 
proves it. Neither is it miflHced by* ?i(^i0K* Scdliser }; f^^- J; 
batb faKely taught us otberwife,wbo maketbeacbPiywiwM hJ^^*/* 
to rule 96 dates,which none are ever to bavc4ooe» except ^ ^; 

G A »• ^t 

empLL A« CriV 
'* De emeod 
Jcmp,l. I* 

De ttdgmUd, Sat]iriip& CmwUdi 

•_ . . t « Ephoch.Mar.' 

ITis taken for granted awong the Ancients, tbat iJ^j^ir Amwlp^^y, 
v^livcd » 907 yrait before Cbr liR^was ttrfirft tMt 

fiioq. Metfu 

Eoftath m . 
fxxt ad Ilird. 

Trae. fil Co, 
Bioed. I^rxfat. 

76 jtcbdohgU Atticd. Lih. 2. Caf. ri. 

^Hermeg^dc cattgbt^ if*}injSt hiyHf^iO fpcak io Tragoedy-^comprebending 

gitacftnd many maicers in few words and very cdnctfely, 
being more large and uHog circatniocactons in matters of Ids 
coflfequMce^wbich f/rritv^^^iffi acknowledges to be tbe pro- 
perty of a Tragoedian. This foundation being laid,fo&)wing 
ages ftill boilt (though md^y) a ftrufture to firiall perfeAi- 
on.NAm f^ft iUius tale tanttfmf.documnttHmp'c fajs cDonM. 
For after thatf/««wr by tbe Iliads had tef>r^fefttcd a Tragi: 
dte,by the Oiy^ts a Comccdy ,moft ingenious imitators took 
tbofe Poems ah4 fet them in order ,and divided them^wbich 
at that time were inconfiderately & without judgment writ* 
ten,impoliiht and in the firft rudiments riot fo neat and trim, 
as in procefs ot time they were raade.For PocGc was a great 
while in her' minority ,and very rude, <ftcr ttie firft publifli- 
ing of Plays. ^ For we fee Kttle or nothing oXA Sftfaridn, ttic 
firft Comoedian, worth our time ; fome few verfci onely,and 
fofew as may but witnefs fuch anAuthor.Tbe original of the 
word Comoedy is fuppofed to be taken from divers reafons: 
Firft, becaufe in their r^vclUog. kept in honour to Bscchfif^ 
they fuogtheai,andfo it may be derived fromA^'f*^^ com^ 
Hfi^Mtio'^ e JW»M*C''r,fignifying <^ ui^wf at^i<(jiStif,i6 fingbafe- 
eSch, mNuz. jy j^j the cup Secondly ,from jwTuMi.flcep, becaufe when any of 
1^1, C.4. 10^, ^jjg ^^//ci^huibandmen had been injur€d,it was tlic cuftomc 

(as before hath been fp»ken)foc the party come in 
tbe night feafon into tlie ftreets, and with ^a loud voice cry, 
fiicb and fu(;b rejoyce in wrong, cojihtiit (am £ 'outrages, 
' though there be Goi^ and La w^^And^fter that . proclaimed 
the parties oame^wb^ on iht morrow wat fought out by the 
husbandmen and much (himed;by whicfa tbeiewrpngswete 
re^reflcd. Thirdly from Jom,^ ftreet,bccaufe when the old 
Athemant would note a wicked mans life out to tbe world« 
- meeting merily in the ftrccts.aBd'hf^ways,the/tayd open, 
^ every mans life, and concealed not his name, ( lHvicos& 

T^^ &'Com'. ' c$mfita ex ofmiibfu UcU Uii,4l4cr0fijf$€ v^hiehnt : afnqnt cam 
r Idem ibid. Hdmini^^fiHiHlor/irnvitampfil^Ucabdnt:, Thefe verteswere 
BtnS7n6\)fi. .firft lunj ^ in chsgrfca Nteddovs, i!iabou^/the beggining 
vjtje Ariftojr. ^j ^]^^ rg^jgg y/faeo cjic. buiban4m«Q >kepi the Feftijrals; ot 

d Martn^' A* 
rund ft «d 
ca Seld. CL« 
Pra^fixa etiam 


%^ ^ 

X4i^kw .cbcQ<iHiQf Wifliew to vf^omnh^'UcpB^^ Goat; 
b(icap(c bii biting is aucfi^ipy to t b« ViA«',ibe ^lun i^f w^c^ 
tbey cook ai3dfawc4(ipck)(c^fillcdt?iiKwin^».an<Janoim'e4 -' 
it wuh ojflc to make ic (lippery, and foiit>ppc<J wiibonc leg 
upon fc • oMking thcmfejvei Uu^bcer at the falls. tlq' often 
took. This fport ihcy jcall aVx j*Mcf{«» from « *5tV< la skin -and 

*<V^..<L^>ii/ hacb j^ityfetrtouti . ., :. ' > %Gcom. 

NoH4li4moifC:ittf0m Bdc^ht^ €gptr ompi^t^ 4irii., 
C^dU^r^d* vttereiintum prcfctnnU Indi : 

PrdmUnne^ ingtntts Pagct^ & €omptacinfim /Ifa.Txctmri 

Th^[tid£fofu€rt: atquf tmer pctddUti ,•^ 

MoUUfMi in fr4ti4^ nnSl^s [Miirt ffr^^trts^ *> » P^"'- ^^^^^j'- 

AUcr J«/4r/#«f,fprang upTilw/'^iitte firft tbat md^ Tragoe. P^«* «^^^ , 
dies , which by H^r^ct *r< termed L^itjm^f P^^fm^Uy fad ^^^ ^^^** 
Poems^ bccanfe tbey rcprefenc baaaane tniferies, tbemisfor* 
taoes of ICiflgs and great men efpecially »there being no place 
for a poor man,but only to dance,M mArriim batb obfcrved. ^^ ^ . -. . 
VTbich thing gave an occafioft to ii.(^rviif /, wfaeahe faw the ^^^^^ ' 
nioft worthy and rich put to dc«b under the thirty Tyrants; ;, ^^ia^. yjt; 
to i^y to Antifltn^s^ dotb it not repent thee that we in our l. %t<. i u - 
lives never did focne famous exploit ? So in Tragcedies we 
mark that focb as AtrtHStThjtfits^ and A^^mtmnw^ are flain; 
bat what Poet was yet fo impudeat as to bring a bafe fellow ^* 
on tbe ftage facriflccd?Nor fopermtfiierary ii tjiac oiEuri^ 
fiifs (otfC.Ar:cSefatts^idimg that bet vonld wcite ^ Tragoe- ^ 
4y oi liim, who prayed that vb/otbitfg proper to ^ Ti agtedy * 
migbc happed to him; meani(^ iottiiw and lameoution. For 
fois rpty»iiA ufed, j^is o ice»^ye/>'a for joy and miy tb, and glee ^j^ j . 
conceits. The firft Tragedy tfaatTAi^UUgbti was that of p ^^^" * ^' 

^/^f,^ reprieving he^b^baaii^fWiiicatl^'^y^i^^ r^*^ 

tMr j?r/^isba<)bjCon)e<aur^d; Tbii 7:heffiu wi«l forbidden ^ ^^ij^^\^ 
y Jftf/wrto.aa.lfls TragoBdiesi, ,a§..^.*r«fi^il U<*AaV^ » « Arund. 
frtticle£iiy}Qgi:^friic^ol>biiii t^^$f|ieakf* . qLam. m 

ttgan which words iome have written, that bis Poems were 




78 Acthdt^hgi^AuiC4t.Lih.t\Caf* ir. 

fo'^volbmiflottf, ihu fem>conft rifled to brfflgfliefliQpftrk 
wami.Boc siasia poor cotiftit ! r 7^^«^(/r«rXiv^^ 
rin Horiili yf^, jj of opinion , V^tThtffu carried tis ftca^upon carreiv 
^"*** and ^rrw^ , That the Chrtt$ carried about in W^ncs adcd 

Tragcedies. Ckcrifidtffiri circMmdffili Tr^^otdidt dgtbdnt. 

< /Schoi. Afxfi. /I avouch that at the fir(l the Poets aAedlilone their own 

p- 1 4^* Fablei. And to roe itfeean a ground for to ftand on , the 

. Greek Authors by the word CovK^iTiftiocimating a Poet. Of 

rInDemoft. ip^oi xnsmifii^iic. The anc ten t9| fates t t^/^iVur^called the 

p. 40* Poets Hjfocr%t(y^ MS$r$ ^ which we now terra Tr4ffitdifMth 

as Emfides^Arijhfhana, &c. The place in which they fung 

their Poems , was t faene upon a Wain drawn in Proceflfion 

to the honour of their God Bdcsbf^t as among the Greeks the 

<tci C p I or ^^ ft^^^* ^^>» f«ys theScboliaft of N4K.i4it!Ufi.O( tbc manner 

^^iipslivKu.'^^^^^^^ ancient times, ^ fltMrch ftiall tbuf inform >yoQ« 

;p. 345* huf-^titfH i^txfiuMvt^ Ac. A pot of wine and a^ine twig, 

then one drawing a Goatincxt another with a basket of figs, 

and iaft of all the Phdllm , In which S(rfemnity the poets in 

Wains foltbwing the pomp , might withoot cQMroal laqgH. 

« ^miq Rom. fcorn,and deride any they met,laier;ir Dionjfim ft^lkmm^f- 

1. 7. ftusyW were wont, ias ttie f SchoL of NaKtsm. to rayl upim 

; Uco laud, ^ach other. Whence w^v/nr^is as mach as to convitiate im-* 

. ^ .pudently , ( though in good fence fometimes « to celebrate 

•M«hTc^- * ^^ P^"^P» ^ 8^ iaproceffion in bononr to the feftiral) and 

loqucntia, c, ^ ••/»#<•, a fcandal or teproach, j0M^KHA^M.lffbencc like. 

%^ p. 1L9. wife came the Greek* proverb,^ «% 'ef^t^(U^mMK§ff,idf9qH4m 

a Dzm. pro t^fUnflro loqni^ andoflc^e^ ^pf/iZmtf^i^tie toHfUam ix fUsf^ 

'Cwroo. p. firoconvitim, to give r<ins^to ibe tongue,to beiree in vbaft. 
t s^hol. Arid, which that they might do the better withont (hamc > or 
p. i4t.*. ' 'i>lu(hing, fometimes would they aooiot their faces^npsivKr^i 
c uipian in ip/ei f4ce, with the dregsof oyl, faies IX^ii^r. or of wine (for 
^^^wt^K^^"* fol'interpi'et^>a>fromWhichPoet*by dAri^^phdms arc 
P.V4, '■ called jr(/>p/4t*Fi#. «wx«y. Ffr#^J/rrffc»ia^4.Sometimei 
f vipian in ^ou'^ they put on mafds»# Which leaft tbeyihoaki hurt the 
Dcm. p.ijf4. bead were deftfided from the skin widi a woolled capnt* 
f De faira mcd m \ lAcf. A word elegantly txki by Demftbents , in a 
-^^^'^^* Metaphor drawn ftOffl fbelibeny aoidlinpantik of (be per< 

• - • ■* • ^-"^ , "'• 7" ? |- , J ^ " 

i» * 

, uSitcil^togM Jktic£ Lui.i, Cef, ' c^ 79; 

^Am^W M^M^fAff >t«i2<>> W7{i»^)(i^«iJli!; .il)irk Qbt tot- 
4c•pefc<>^fi'C€f6r fuch viltanit^boHgbyoogct^ Vittf/m on 
y^ bead' We may apirif it in tbreaimog co any flanderer 
a^f whom «re fiirthr; intend ta be rcveoged^ Boc I feem to 
forget tbe Poec«wbile. I fpoAof the ftijge, I will tbcr^foce 
xttutb cobim. ThffitM Lfaid^ was tbe Hrft thai invented 
TragG^lies^Io c$i\td^%DoniitMl% becauf€(leaft tbere (hoold 
berewards waoting^by wbicb good wits migfat be Oirred 
&!> (owritc,andinenencoiirag|ed to get tbem tunable voices 
4kt dmiceiinem c0P$n$^fHi4tUmj)ili^y gave tbe A Aors aGoae. 
C^ermm^fH fr§ MH9.bui iikhitur.i^y'^ is a Goat.aiid mJ\i 
4L long. Hiif4ct^ Csrmwi qui Trsgicp vilcm aridVit ct hir* 
C4fm,Bc{oTc ibat tim^ feme fay that Epi genes tbe ^icyonUm 
mad^Tragoediei but the mod received opinion is this wbicb : 
fitntce bath fee down of Tiftjpis • Before bim tbere was no 
act o| poetic Tragical^bui: at tbeir feLUvaU,wbeD tbey afcri- 
bed all tbeir m^vcb-and delight to tbelr Gods, tbey did efp,e* - 
milly io£4i:<i^»i(and (oa^ward»wben tbe AAors arc caU- 

9t4i. -At(/Jw.Tbeword is ufedfor Joglers, aivdfacb as//d« e^^-PMs- 
kfH P^k^ks mTh^hrafins )tbey would fcaft ond afterwards r f iJ?*'^'^ 
fcoftaudderide^jeacbotber^wbicb grew afterward a part of ^* ' 
«liei4rlokmmtie.Tbey wottid ^loreovef dance at rode. Mo* * 
Sckg Sc(tom tbepce fuppofe they the Chorsis to have fpang . 
up^ Tbcywdttld likewife caft forth win^AiifriiJlAas they 
term tbem^in ifitiUs languagc^r^ryXri hcomftet^k Nushtrti 
UHmtiHras tB t§mf(nrifundijelit$s (^ fine AHe.iot tbey bad of *^^^^'^\ 
iddbiat two fort^ofvetfcf, Hc^ wbicb they'fwigthe 5^^ ^p^g 7,^ 
fratfeofGods^nd^ble meD,& from tbist&aAion time ^ * * . ! 
witb toaU care grew, a TiM^osdie^tbe other fort was Um^ 

from b€Mc<(came a Comtoedk. At iitft fmaU was tbe diffe* 
jCWw;< between a Tragadie and Comoedie / ^onfintfani fru ' 

Pf^MfH9f^f^JgnGr^m f»ifft SfcrimeninierTragcsdiam & ^ ^^*" •*^' 
C(mmiam^ an4 the rrafon is bficaufe tH'^, Tragcedici teid 
I^Hfil^Wj^QumneftudpetniaQ^^ At&ft Uiey fnog in bo. 



80 Arcb^^UgU Attic£. Lib, i . Ci^i lu 

bim tbcy ptatfed their Dcmi-godf , which whco the people 
ftw they cryed dowo, with QiHmM^^u^^^ wbeace 
our proverbial adverbii fitly ufed mm^lnviQmJlGt nocMog 
to the purpofe.Bat to give content to the people^ the fatyn 
did pTdtuderiJ^t after that , when a Tragcfedie took fiate 
cbey excluded the Satyri,and were only for £id and ferioos 
perfonS) by which rnoornful poems the people were wont 
to be cafl dowa, fymphathiziag with the perfoo leprefen* 
ted, therefore to cbeer them up a Cbcr^s of wamoo Satyrs 
were brought in by Tbifpit as m HmMt. 

m t>c site Poet . ^<^^ '^ mi» ^frtfttt SMtjros.nMd4vU . ^ 4^ fit 

Ifico/)imi gf4vh4te,jocmm ttnuvit^ ei quid 
Jllecitrir eraf, & grata novita'tt wwaadtis 
SpedaUr, funSufque factis^ & PotHJ^ & txUx* 
In a Satyrickplay, Satyrs have a cUrnt {dace , oc elfetbe 
perfoDs are Satytick and ridiculous.and for the eafing of the 
mindes of the fpeftators, they would bring in Satyrs for 
fports fake.and many of their Tragoediesbad ibme misctttre 
of Satyrick fport.faies n Cafanhm. I^mfealiqitand^fhritftM 

Sat.P«fi. Tragids Dramatis inter jtaa$ SatyricatfaMas. Of tbis I fey 

T'iE^^^^'i was the firll invencer-,wbo likewife to eafe the Ci^. 
. riit{$ for that adtedonly)brottgbt oneador upon the ftlge* 

§ L«crt.ft|i 0. ^^ ^i^^ v^[ch)hs added one,and SopbcUi iaoother,fo tbe 

number was tbree^v</!:i&y/^/ is J^i^rt ^jt^^^hf ^' S^pibariSry ia 

TP#y*>«jrif Jf ,a word put for an obfciire&bale fellow in p27r* 

p 1 84. wfihenes^Vlfian^e^iJJ'otiiia 7*7®- ^ v'awnaet^jijpeaking 6f 

ty£fchinet,i{l renficmbcr,7V/// cals thetti hGt^t^feettndarH 
q^^ dlviott & tertUrum jartinm.h Vt in oBwihns GroM fieri viiitmui 

[aft ilUm qai ftcttndarHn^ & tertiarum fartitw^^am pcjjt^ 

aliqHannclarius dicers q»am ipft primarftm^takltimfitntmt' 

iirt^ Ht ille princepiqu^m maxim eJLstllatrBxxi let me fpeak 

e Pltttarch, m what J have to f^y of a Tragcsdie. a Node waa pertnitted 

vita X Rhcr. once to aft ^chlus^EnripUesfiv S^phocJes hisTragcedies, 

r. 45 *• ^- but the/ were to be recited by the Scribe*^ that the aftoi* 

might (as I conceive) repeat them. Td9 •jffoMflit >^fca7r« 

i«9at, And CO thispnrpofe Iqr a Inr of Ljct^im tbe Oritor, 
were tbey cMMModcd to m craiifcfibcd,aDd kept nndcr ca- 
&#dicifiMff. Ycccbfi^ABtborof theltfeof e.£Al7teUttMB^ 
Bfritci thtt (lie pcopk mtde a decree, cbte be (hoold receive 
facba fooRine offold. thac would /^/t^jti/rtbe grates ^f c/£/l 
ch^lm aftn bis tleatb. t piic tbe w<M:d lAcAtf Jtur s^^r^r^Becauie 
TragqpdiaMat weliai tbe Gomcedians were faid nV J'tikyUM 
Srm^fjittw ^9aC4«V«<s tolaboor io ceacbtng tbe people. And 
for thiMod did cbeaacieiitt lay out fo amcb mooy upon tbeir 
Tbcauars« c Sed immMt qu»s ^namQfqm fumftm^ in Thtssrn, c Heinnus 
im Comm^mnm ar Tr^fmM»mm refrsfefttdtmem fecerit an* ^{f'^^fj 
tiqfdiMi* Cmm wn WMtts> ntntmrn ok mrifjMi imtnddri^& P^^"^^^^^ 
gkmiiam c^nftrfi^fed&fcriftM a/fihrnffims c^formoi ibipa- 
ktic0^ MC vitam md^ifir4t»$m» cum frnmrnpffeBaurmm fruhi^^ 
in C^mosdU exsmimsri^ faHwnf ccmfoni, ac grgvifprns fubin^ , . 
dcPmt/ijcofitffediimenJerintccMpIisf. Notonficly therefore 
di4 ibe P^ reply to tbe people cbat carped at ittin in the 

Hence of a Trigo»lie or Comcedie the Greek wricers lay , 
^ S^J'idwm ifiMmrj^nU, and ^tli^tHt^ docerey^%ioa!iti\mt ^ Aihcnxd« 
jAwn!««f,aiyouaiayfeein eAtbtnMs. Tbe following Poecs Dip. v^.6. 
did not atwaics reprefent tbeir own Fablei , but olc-timei p^« ^^^« 
their predeceffora: fo faica/^janrf/iw^the people ptrmicted ^*"' C«Ciua. 
tbe work of t^fchjlm to be deak with , becanlein many ^[^^^ ^^* 
pUcti bii verfes werejiot fet in order. He brooj^ great 
grace to the fiage^d firft uuf^ fxbifdyc^^iir.tbe painting 
of the S cenes, wnicb fome think HafMt to aim ac» when be 
iaicf J M^Stn in^tMvH fnlfiufifnu. Wbiicb becanfe it .waa 
prrfe^ed by iTofiifii^/, irtboD^t (nay fpokea aflkmatlT^^ 
p^ fo-me) to have bateiavented ijy mm. if a^br/iM iodeeA 
^ did7niMib«uy«f}«i#»hrf08tQ:maiiy new things : fuchas lea?* 
' ving oat ^e aAion of cbe Poet (for before tbe f^oet himfeft 
a^ed) by reafoa of tbe badnefa of bia own voice*, he fouo4 
cat wbice fiiooet which tbe Aftort and Dauccera wore *, he 
niade the omaber of Danecrs fifteen, before but cwdte \ fie 
lit((d Ukewifo bia Tragoediea to tbfe ntnnea iof the A&a^i, 
jcci put that lMiiayentc4<»((^(^eiritfr I cannot fifictSame-- 


y . 




I Hciofiui In 
facrum. *^- 

CQnc Ccdiph. 

8^^ AahM^^Avikiod^ ^l»i£,<Ii^^.#K. 

- « amy obfer ve*, kadbg cbc ALudkuri^M it tpefe^by tfae hiiiAto 

i^c Uft and principle poincof ifatc om siAin wbicb b« wooM 
]%pfefeiir,wbtcb by the gtory ^wxsxi»3Cn/fkh%tfhii:SiiMij 
is noc pifl: by as friVirfoas^Mmbo^ tbefe tbreeivcre 

cbe Princes of tbr.Ttaf;ickftik,wtii> exbibmd tocbe^PcMflc 
every year at foioe certain foicmtiiittf tbek* pMflos, fttiving 
wbo (bottid gee tbe vi^ry . by che appiobattoD of )adge«)r 
cb<^ for tnc purpofev ctikd i t^^^iwmmk t^mtaml k %- 
7«t CM tkt»ntmfh^ Tien ia mmbef » .thlok fomc at fii^ft,gfttber- 
.ingouc <£¥kui»<k^x^^ds^\^^iCI^^ Be- 

caai# wbcfr bebad broH^c the .Reliqqes'Of T^/i/f^/'^iitef 
SjVm^ Afheffiffn tbe At^dmM ^toU^ioo to-binHCboCe not 
the Judges » Coon as the Theatre was Blled, afiifpedacors 
placed : . but presently ofter Cimcn encred tlie Theatre i^itb 
nine more of hisfeUo^v Captains;, ^f each l|ribe one> after 
aacttlloKried faetificefatiwore ebem jQdge¥,wbo give tbe vi« 
. Aoryise^jff^d^/^butthesiyaaiig^Tor tiO^ 
< xmgvfttotintoSkiUi , .ivhet^bedied; aiNt watbtiricd ne ar 
lGtl4$. But out of this, place vA! cannot prove tb<it tbe nvm- 
/Pkit. Cimonc ^eroftbefcCririct Judges was. al way e« len. Tbis^weac^ 

koowkdgf^ftimony.of btgb acceptation ^tCim<mi 
^ffiioe. Addtyeciio fiidgiBientuponllrag(Qft4kias,tb€ ir^ 
' n»^ biiftgrkatt l fior ttbeic iMktm t^^ be a differ cfnce^bet 
twieen jiie Jadges^ o£ itagaiiplies ihJt Cof^fttli^ T^be t^unk 
berieffi»gKk^dges9g^aflrwe'b^9iy:ti>Se foe fpeafc; 

Aeipowsrtadotttrol^ie^utf J^aitf^wh^ was no appeal 

Goitoiidu|adges^^|rei% ia^iasfote 

thii Greek ^caverb, h a^^i 'hc^^S^^UyiiWfft'^^tff. ^^ ^in'ijm 

whj^t UQorrcaiiu ^ Jodgea, quoUi > btf^ (^si ^le^fiim upon -Ae 
Q6ipraaditDsv<<AodiitMy> who^bai^ W>M^ weis h#p^y, 
Daa&^wtdt idi^^osafi dike^b&di»s«nMefNf^ert»'^'iit 
woaiiUsad]»Bdeadtht'i^»^{beli|Q^» wlUtfe^al 

Cflal voices. For the odd gavei great flroaki Hence wiflies 



n M 

m He'mfius 
€0 Uudaco, 

n Zeoobius. 
i>A4 Avcs.p 


4r,0S^e$h^^Ati€d Lii. z. Caf. tr. . 83: 

be VJ<ftptL;l^ od^toice ondyr* :Anoiber ^difftreacc i»duc j^j 
ittMms the Tra^ |a(j(gffs^hi^irterlibertyK>f fiififtgetb«1^^ ^ 
yond tfaepowef of tbet«opl^ibe^p>ri#|;ihtds2ot: Sertfrbed^^ . . 
Aripofimwtf taogbtbit Nt ^Ua«^ ; tfafcy fe moch took chepea* 
pie, that cbey applauded the Poec^rifd him op Conqnecoar^ 

fHf yfaks p €/£U4n,^nA comdiiiidcddie Jttdgescowrite >fri« ^ vn. H. i. 2. 
/«^iriiir#i uppesmoft (as cbe fadbo m», which ^ Arifi^fhur^q Avid. p. 51;^. 
iffi calls 9^)i<ltB9 c§ mf^idiU^ the oioQ excellenc^rfi^ihe bcxc 
to him feeood^and cbe nest to bi m tbtr d(wbich vav oq fmall 
prai fe^according to that of '^intiliM^u I reioeoiber, Hone'^ 
JlHmtfiinfrcundk terttifve canf^fffey and 00 Other. For 
which cairfe I foppofe the ^oet» befiort victdng , wec« woac 
toikcnftce, ^ndpray for. tbr'fiMr0Qr o£ the Judges and fpe- 

ftatours, r ^rii?of fciw. -r toco laud. 

0^tf(^' i/tntinm 9SQ49i4($* roJkzfJTtuf 

Ka<^r07( ^f«r^< 93^1 ^Wbere theScboiiaft ioterpf ell 

i^fVfju truly «s ft is to be imdeirfboodi Ux^^* ^<^ foppltcare. 

And good reafoQ, For if tbty pteafed «o t the {stopkr in ' re< 

dciiig, they weie ovetvHteimed wkfa^ftones. «Td which lift 

fAriftofhaites points, iayinf^w iaifimuo-^ oiyv fometimes /Raais ^, 

would they bift tfaem, wtiica they term itx<»^««r and mttiiM. 418. 

^ SOffiecime ftamp tbe« oat <rf'thc Theatre, wfeach they call 

va^^fow^srHf hpPol/ux incerprecedltfiiUiiK W( 4«fy«tfV 4^7*1 r^cia. < t**^- ^; ^-^ 

AnoAer difeiMce is cbacn cfactTow/^ltJiidges were ponifiied ^^^b^"» 

if they lodged nocright>rbe7V4i|snl^iiot (o.And for cbcfe rea^ c^Sph. 

fombavie fome toaJcAoi^nay pdhi^eljiwncien,thattbek pag. ^ii 

Judges were oFtwo foics^ old and new^ in wbkh tnatiAr, if 

there be pia^e for a con jc^e.iiiiiie is.that tbty coufbunded 

both, tflalcidguooddeiC«twee«tbeOtticJk}ttdgetofTra- 

goedieaidhd Cojigoedies : Botof ibi^ 8<ader,yeu«iay detcr- 

«Mne air your AQthpri iSulUfltord atnbotlxy JB^tote Jadgoa^as 

I fjrid,ihe Poets 10 ejiiiilatio& pf eleiikeB their tabo^fs;fici ibey 

who irrthe^ opinion lofttbe day, frere faid *'Uwmtir^ by » pi^-uj;^, 

X C^fMhn interpttMdlio^/^rr.TKe time of exbtbicing their Pfoicgom. 

{IV^dediei;w$re the holy daie» of Suc^fmpWlkdJ^i^jfM^'in x Sac Pocfi^ 

' ' "^-' ' '^ X ^ ^^ ' ~ /U^^* ' 

■ — *■ I 


flag. >i#« 


d Lxrtius 


t Author virac 

84 Arch£olcgi£ Atic^* Lit. t. Caf. i U 

Agrkfit Ltndd^xn the montK P^fiJeBw , on the jUntbeif^k^ 
or i^ftujf/Sjin Limnii. in theniancli Ant heft iriott'^'Ot his^j" 
fid in iKT^, 10 tbc montb ElsfbeMkff^ ca which 1 find mMdA 
^ PdiiM^hendshf Tbrafflm in ji Z4frrii«r,whkhfotQedcny;\ 
ycc the fttne writc,tbac when ScfbccUs exhibited hoc one, ic 
was at rhii feftival. I fay hoc one^becaufe ic was a cudome a- 
tnong the Poets of ancient day es to entertain their people 
with more playes then o«e» Mos atttem Trdgicorum Grkco . 
rum fftit Athcnii, ut moJUfingulai tommhttrent fab alas, nfjt{& 
fluref, fayes z Cau^aubott : jfometime in the fame year three^ 
and then was ic called )riA«^^«^foroetiaies four* and iben they 

ftilled It Trrg^K5>i»v S riij -nHfc^ Ag^'xar* oKfleAfTvt T E r P A*. 

A o r I A.Wbereof fayes mine AutboF,tbe foortb was a Saty- 
ricai play , the three other now creating of the fortunes of 
one and tbefame aian>aithofe ofe/fp/^liw^named therefore 
Orcflia-^ to wit, ^-AyiyLmf. Xmi^^i. Eut^ihi. Which are aA 
extant; the fourth was Protm Sdtjfwm* At other times they 
were not of the fame fubftd, as that of JSurlfUes. Meded. 
PbiUileus. Dliljs. The foum^ was eio/ois fayes the Author 
of the argument to AfeJga. Where the incerpreter feems to 
ne not to reach to the eafnreiiion of tbe Greek word &ipti^f, 
:s^n/f&\ M(§9reff Sdfjrpsfic ought to have rendred it tbus^ 
Mff^ii^ Drama Sd$jfktim. For that the word bears this 
fenfeis fufficientty dilucidaced by b Cafdnbon.lbd^t thegrea- 
lelft task of aAion lay on the C^$rm is as apparent as tbe Sun 
at noon. The number of them in Comcadies were twenty 
four,andnz7«j;4i^eachj«|iiMi confifting of four ; but stt^o^i 
four, each (Si^*/ m men) in Tragjoedits fifty ; unttl ch^ tkile 
ofj£fchytfuhk EHmcmie^;^^ numberofwhicbfo terrified 
the people, c that the children andyounger fore fainted,ani 
the women ia^redabottioo; for which reafon/ties f 9//««, 
tbe number wasteffeoed (which fome deny) b^Jaw. tbfi^ 
were by that AA brought to fiftcen,five jjs^^s: Kay j^gd,h(^ 
caufe they were divided iotO ^n/jftWi (</}«• Zt^fiih$ ^hen 
the Chofw enutd by threei and then it was called kpi^yl 
'vA^oi'&Jby file«S7oi;^®-,when they came 00 the flage in ranck 
five at a time- and this they term 9^ cljx«^1SQfflecime$ one of 



AfchMhgU Atiicd. Lii. 2. C^. tJ. t$ 

AfemeBcredalonCiuAiicbcbeyfayiiyyirtf.. Ofincerlocator* 
cbe inciencs for cbe mod part ocver bad above chree^buc ifa 
fourth fpake^thu cbey named •^^p^ipirn/bi^^and iftbeCb^'m 
fupplyed cbe part of a foarth AAor^ tc was fttled w^txHh^v. 
To fpeak of tbe fevera) verfcs ofTragoedies, is aEimm dgm t 
andLl bad riicher fpeak oftbe aAion, than cbe arc in compo* 
fing, and ycc ooc mofih, only this of their m<>ck>nn cerroed 
Ti^Ani^*fnt^jpia.%7fifii fays the ^tho\M ofpinddr^ h tk 
tarntng from the right band to cbe lefc, in Analogic to the 
rfiocioti of the nniverfe i3 ^rw ri', from tbc EsB to the iV(fl^ 
bccaafe H^mir calls cbe EmJI the r Igbc band.tbe Wffi the leh : 
Contrary to the //^^reir/.wbo term the S^tah Uminy wbtcb 
fignifies cbe right band.and cbe Nmb they eouoced cbe left. 
Af o^^pjt was a corniag from cbe WtFl to tbefj/.tbat i^/rom 
die fefc hand ;o the rights as the Planets move. Another pa* 
ftmre tbey bad in cbeir Efodesjor (ifk be fo in Tragoedies,! s 
ta Ly rick Mufick, wbtcb I believe) co eaprefa cbe immobility 
ofcbe earth they ftood Dill. Tfacyufed Mf^Jes for cbe roofl 
part at cbe ead oi cbeA fts.wben the players avoided the Rage. 
Tbas much of Tragoedies^ the authors of which were highly 
^old eQeemed of^tnfomnch as after the difmal diftomfeit of 
cbe d Athtm4ns\tkSicilUy chcy were relieved, who could re- ^Pl^. in fine 
peat fomewhat of £/vr;f mJc/. Nay ,by a law made by e Licmr'^ ^^J* ^^^^ . 
gm,toA f ftaWiChed in Athen$,u£[chjlm,ScfbHla,%XiA E$tri- [:K'Xuh 
fidejbnd Statues erefted in brafs for cbe continuation of Attuu.f.ii; 
their memory AfcerTragcs4ies had proceeded to perfcAion, 
Comcedies were wicfa greac applaufe taugbCj n%fH$race^ 
Suaeffii vetw his dmadia, noiffing mnhA 

Heftys, vttm CvmttiuJ(xtv^it a Comcedv was divided in- 
to three, or if you pleafe fo to fpeak, two fores, the 0-d^and 
New.I faid three fores, becaufe ** cbe old waa difierent from a CrAmmat; 
it Wf. The meaning is, that cbe old Comoedy, of wbich Sn. w n<\«i- ^ 
f0np0(hy fome nao^ Sa»»yriw,) was Aticbor, cended only i^ns ^*f tp*^; 
to laogbter.being without order and decency, por cheCi^ 
rm now walking, now dancing abouc the fmoaking Altars, 
fiuig^/iiflix r^risfM^fomic flaked verfes^fayes Otfff^r. Which ^ 


f De nte 

Acraliter ad 

Bci qOt me^ 
fortunes a* 

tf Achen..Rcp. 


ad vitas p. %• 

Mcurf, Att, 
rLeft. 1. 4. 

.c. Ijllt, 

S6 Jrc&^dgi£ Attics Lik 2. de^- i f ^ 

by Ctminm vmttAitfkiM be Ocdtiitid^bi««,Ai%wi}:8e * 
mingled whfa bti fport profit,! tnetji for iafim AioouEoe 9ik^ < 
dcf the DrY^^riifji it wai lawfiiU CO exagicikce m4 propofc . 
for a laughing Rock Opctim end corrupt Jadge$,Citixciift: 
giTcn to bribery , and lacb as lead a diblntelile 1 naming 
the men opon tne ftage^and fiutog the Adors with vizar<U 
beafig the (hape of tbofe whom tbey intead to deride. But 
as cbe ftace grew to ao Oligarchies thaclkence was takerv a* 
^zy^Eufolis being calbima cheiea by tbofe againd<wtiotn 
be wrote bisCotDcedte B4fU^ and fo drowned* Nav» cbere 
was a law enafted. not 4 iu^tt^i X^^^Phv , to name any 
wbocn they wrote the Comoedie of* Of which Hnr^ct^ 

S^Jinvi$iMmUbert0tex€idit,&pim • 
Bignam iegt rtliJ^^ffi Mcctf$A,Ckorj$fy/te 
Turpiter'ohUmtfubUtaJHre nocenS^ . ^ 
But when Mex4i$der o( M^cedcn grew potent and a terror 
to Greice^ the Poets fearingleaftanyof their abuGve wit 
mighc difpleafe the greati1/4Cf^«0i4;f, tbey changed the At** 
gument of their p1aics,aQd inQcedof abunog.[laces&peop!e 
they fell upon ancient Poems , or fome part of Uiftorte oat 
truly written^perfonatingtheAdorsfoas to be mod ridii^u* 
lous • ^ fometimes Scoffing on the ftage at mean men.& tlus' 
they termed HU K«(c<v/u.the newGomqpdie* But afterward 
it was a piece of their Acbenlan golicic to iorbidtbacibe 
people (hould be tolCed on the ftagCjunleft they wdbfd thsm/^ 
felvesjaies c Xem^fhcnjinowing that none were wont to«be 
brought thither but cbe wealthier fovt.wxiQi&.i^u^^Jim^' 
ii;S/j9. Somt areof opinipsi that no player came 00 the ftage 
until tbirtie or fortiej difpute not the matter^forelam thac 
Sophoc/es taught his firftTragocdie at twenty etghc^o^wbich 
doubtlefs bimfelf came on the Stage. It being among the. 
AthenUns no difgrace,as xixtRm^s accounted jt,totappcar 
there. ^ ty€mtim Pr$bm. I^/catamviriff^diretCf^fVfmh 
jfffe ^ctacfilonemm ineifdem ^mitMS {Gtmcu) fkife tmfif\ 
t^dini c ^fit omnia of mdfidi partim infdma^ fArtim bHmliM^ 
Mt^ue ab hane^ati rem<M^p(m$mttirJXht place .wberethe peo^ 

,p|e beheld tbefe pfaies iK;f aftimes was mttemarkf t {dace; 

•mjenc time ^y hadDO Theatre «f ftpojC^ooly of wood » 
;r which ibey call icfil** f Aw)?«^Mr#.. ' 

.•*A4i? ^ Way .' rThcrmophj 

Tbefe were built i>y ibi»e# wboyponfooiecODGderatiooof . 
. isony adoiitced SQy to a feac»oafned therefore^ ^iAtfSiiu. % Cafaub. 'm « 
Opce It /eem places were not bired^ Bac there gr^w great ^^^^ ?• 
enormities aod abafef.Fdr ftrivipg to get pli^es, there rofe ^^^' 
wraogliog andi>caw]eMod figbas wherefore the ht$ickM^ 
nateof (bined that each filaoe fiipuid be hired for two ^bAi 

wbence f^ the Proverb^ -Acfx^' :tf^«^ i becaufc at the '^' 

cftabliihtogof itjthere fell bail; This mo^y they called^#- 
whtof^bomi%Afmi becanfe with it they did ^w a;^(«<rjbtiy 
a feat to behold the (hew exbil^ted* Now becati fe the p^or 
people M flotto.^Yiefctkfo were dcprivedof the fpeAack, 
PiricUsAtGtm% to be popular,ini9(ie.aJaw that tbey (hoold 
receive outj&f the Cities revettgef«t\«o.^^tf/ieacb laan,/ Eor 
the right of exifting w^^ mcny., they yrerc to produce the J^®*^' ^^^T 
Mthority of xbeZf^inf^hiALHolUs, ^« appears oat oJ Df* «, j^* ^ ^^ • ' 
m^'thenf>s. for the this. were certain officer^ 
app'V; named ^Uw flf«^«er. BntAftcrii^ards f^dkd^H^ 
tlrove cliac in warr and pablick neceifity^ tbefe fumroes 
might be imployed in military affaires^ but he endeavoured 
in vair!5 E/jM^s in flatcery lo the pcoplej enafting it capital 
for any tb^c frould attempt xJ^i^hicb A folUdttrpts did-, 
Wbicb makes 1^ Dtinoflhtnts dcfift,wiUiDg%yet pot daring to . ^j ^^ . 
perfwade lo convert the mony totbt ufe of tbe Armic, But pa^/^, 
fee the ioiiv of them, /For they fpentasmuch on tbefe /Uconapud ? 
fporcs,asin i>bc^ining'thcina;ftcric, &UbcrucofGrf/^e*And PlucMor. p. 
^ ^t eni>%as ut: uirAbk; fdr.tbey becanjextfeetninatejand fo ^**- 
put their HvCks under ihtM ace dionUn yoak. w J$tjiin of the 
4t^thy^£fami$Df/diis.Si:}mJemami^^ cewul^i cmfue' w l.*»tf^«cl . 

ms^^piffahm^'aiml^t^ilws n^M^mSff^ifqHc the- 

* • * ■ 4/r^- 

-» . 

ytHfgd fMicmjnJiM^ 4»U4 milites & nmifu skbmtm'i€Hm 

Mrh4$^ fdfuU dividi ccefit$M eJl.SmAs$s rif$is t^eElum efi^ m» 

inttr ctU Gr^corktn/irdiiHm & 9hJlc$ttHm dn$e4,M4eedo»um 

ff$mcn em€r^ertf,&c.O(tht Theatre I ^\\\ fay iicci<, as alfo 

of the ftage : ooiy that the places in the Theatre were hoc 

promifcuoas. For there was a diftkiAioo between the Se- 

n Anlloph ; oacors aodyojangcr fort. The Senators were natned^ C«ai£- 

Pa;;. 57^. titiS'^ amoog wbtcb it is probable tbe Judges bal the firft 

tfL\b.4.c.i9. place, as f ly/Z/vAr. The feats for the youth were cslfed 

^' ^ ^ ^; E^nSiw. Ooe part of the ftage was Orcbiftrg^ in which was 

ev^^fi , etcher a TcibonaltOr an Altar. That Dpoo all their 
i^gcs there was aft Attar facrcMl to Ast^Imi/is apptrent qoc 
of Dcnat. he faies it ftood on the fide of the ftage; before . 
tbedoors, P0//jii4rs who names it AW^ There was more* 
over a TaUe called EUik ; on which before the time of 
Theffis fosne body afcending in the Poets place, did aofwer 
t Dc Mufici. ^^ Cborti4. p Ptntsrch cUnks et«^0f to be derived from 
p. 44 2. * eiWi becaofe that before the boiiding of Theaters the an- 
cients embracing Afuficl^only for inftitution of youth and 
praife of their Gods,fong the commendation of good meo^ ^ 
Md honour of their Deiciesin Temples. 


G A p. I. 

* Wfe.A^.>r. /f S 4 fufiin hath been too forward in relatingtlie 

mu^tation oi the AtbenUn govemmenc paffing by * 
the perpetual and decennial CoQiols» andmmii^ 
only the yeaclyifo btth he erred in the orkimd oC 


Afch^oUgis Attics, Lii. 5. Caj^. i; S9 

ftek Law, ttiiking $okfi the Father of them. But it fecmi 
oefaec#ife. For, M^GifArdus bath obfcrvcd, Thefeus gave ' 

Laws to' the AiknUns. - Aftd c Plhurch witneffetb , ' that * ^^^^- ^^^- . 

whco be congregated the y^mVijf PtofU ^ *°^^^"^^^"'^^* Tin Thefco 
2ic99iw:ratie , he refervcd only to bimfelf the government of p^ 5^ j ^^^ 
' watdfidcaHodie of the Laws. Utimtftiidi ( s^Tcivftir ) cu/TaJ 

(ASnf i'f^T? m?iifjL^ )^v(uiiif ^JAdtK$^}/i:raifj9iSbjj, Add tO tbi? , 

that before tlie khowledg of letteWnd wrtcing>it was a cu- 
.ftoine among the ancieiics CO fingtneir Laws, lell they might ; * 
forget them. ufed in che-daiesof J/^r>i?df/^ by the ^l^^^Pp^^^tohkm 
a people near to the Scythians, Whence after wardj the ^^9, 4^x«. 
rules of MaOckr for the true keeping oftime, finging, and foj. ig^.b. ' 
playing, are iiippbfed to be caMedNiui^;^ Neither may it be 
fhoi3^ti>cberwire;becaiifeallth^ notes- of the eLydian.Uj* ^ Vi^c Afyp»* 

jH>ljiiian^dCC. Doncl^^Hjfodorick^y&i'' P ffypephri" wm'itxlhgogc . 

gUn, lifiwkfi^e ion^s, ^€tt diftinguiflied by the Alphabet, ^^"fif a. 
ynfP/Htarch isof opiniprijchat they derived the word from 
4bofe bcyonds/wbich the KftiHcians of old preforibed, for the /la libio 4e > 
lowing of jvoices or inftrtmicrtrs Jea ft they m igh t be confoun- ^'^^^^ 
ded* and therefore he caHs ft oix^'flc^ TtcVir. ^/^/^. NdW^/ 

^^i^i-d&imi. Iht Greeks i^jc^h Cicero, think the caufe V«4i7. 
' oftbis word, jusfwrn ernqne tribmndo , intimating Mf*«r, ,^ foi, i^b 
which fignifies to diftrtbote , becaufe the Law gives every * ' * • • 
man )A% doe. Thos we fee,tbat there were Laws of yore^ lee 
ifuftin fay, NitlU cMtati leges tnnlkrant^ fuia iUido regntn 
p9 UftbmhidkbiitUf : That the Gtty was without Lawj-^bc- '' Loco Jawl. 
caQlecbewiHs of Kings were Laws. In (occeedtng ^es, an^ 
before Stdon too, Dracc ^ave Laws ; living abM t the three 

il^baodredaiid niftihO/jfiwpiWHis Adb fay*« '«^/«»>were^Clcm. aIcx 
called 9t^f«K E«itA>f n J^* Mt^ui d^t ff^i. Now dt^M^? , by *p: ij^.* 
w 2///%>ff iVinterpreted >o(^ 97a;e$(fci^^ J^S r«»wi^.''/Variar hiff; 

7J& : f A Law giving tti precept ho^ to maktf a Law; And yet - ^' ^ c- 10. 
'H j^Njior/^callsthem r^^nf^, giving them this commcrdation/^^,n|'^^^^^ 
iliat tbeyirehW worth r^mtinbrance^but for tfeeir|reat 9e^„ Poijt Ix'iJ; 
vcrity.^biib fiave occafion to A^endctns t6 fayitbar they 'a AriftligiJ^ ' 
weie^«inlMl^LM^s ^XmtrS^^^^'ituf^y \t a double fenie^^- ^\\it ' .:< 
ltd: J4 4)f ^ 

('PlttC hi SbkK 

Plutarch iit 
Hnngth. In So* 
lose pa((. #^« 
Auf^ sftemirds 

iElian. Var 
hift.i i.f.ta. 

tf{««S t^m« far 
Iriief eorporgl 

fin Timaeo. 



1^6 lit t^ 

fo' Arci^hgU Attics. Lih )• df^.i. 

of dK word^wbich b alfo pat for i Dngoa Afad^DmiH^ 
that ctM^ were oot writccn wich Uftck^bm bioedtFor be pii# 
oifhcd cf cry |>ecctdiUo ilmoft with deacb. Tbofe that imrcl 
convided of idlenefs^ or ftcalii^ofpot^bcarte, alike to ite 
facritegioos and man flayecs. Wbereiore tbey were roade^ 
none eSed byS^M.ltot be abrogated aUsfxtept tbofe wbidi 
concerned muctber, imtinled ♦onikoi nomol Htia - 
fuceeeded * Sd^i a mai/oHeU ccflopered, jindcqiud fac^ 
cwixt tbe Commons and cbe Pecn , that be was brioved <tf . 
bo tb,tnving {till a care ^ left wbik be fliooM fide witb^me, 
he mi|^t difpleafe tbe other. Wbomi for his oprigbcnefei 
c fmvtniU ftiles ^nfinm ., and for tbe^are of tbe Rep&tiqM^ 
TfYAAiDem^pHmt averres be bad in aU bis Lawi, ^Ari^ 
ftofhsms terms- 9<A(iA»KDf,. a kiver of tbe^poofte; / /"/^r^ 
bring! him leamtnghts Laws from a Rart^aw /-And g PJu-- 
riirrir telb tts cbac be tf avelked afterwards ittfOe/£^7^. Bse 
ic feems by h AmmUnmM^KrctlUnm^ tbatin tbe makingof 
his Laws be iiad the approbation and judgmient of* tht t>£- 
j'7p^M« Ptiefts. £i S0ioi$ aJjutm liiMmik tyEgyftiSa^ri^t^ 
tum^ Utisjufi4 mQder^mine hgilm^ Ronuim qtt^m ^uri w4t$tU 
mum addidh firmamcfUtm. iDU(krm Skidm relates cwo^ 
tbio^ brougbc Irom thence to i;be Ati^n^ms by bim. Firft^ , 
that all tbe <j£g^ftiM0$, were coa^>elIed to bring to tbe Go* 
vernwrsoftbe coiifitrtes.(bfir oimea wrticea»and by what: 
meana tbey faftaivid iAi(«ifaWe$i wberein ii any w«fer 
i^od falfe^or thattimdfcy nnjnft aigainjic Ml inio^^oiger^^ 
oflife.S^p«41y,tt w^a op^oipe among tbtm^tlAt.payiiieiiec 
fliOQld be made only wkbtbegotMisiif tfaedebtor^ and that 
tbe body (hoold noi foffetpot they ibongbt tfae-eftaee aton^r 
cobe fttbjcA to the ccfidkoTi tbe.bo4y addif^ «>. dteCitiia^^ 
in wlndi tbey livedo Ncitberis it it that SpuWieca^ aeba> 
were «p nndergo hazard far ^tr cooveiy^iiidfoc ntejF: 
he coomittad to Pi^ifon, or t^^^onntq^ be i» yeopapdy: fftr, 
tbe avarice of foQve one maa Which induced £rf»*coiBake- 
tbn firft decree,a$ 4tZ^4ff^i«^^ftn4 /.f Asrifvflrfayf oCfaeeiog tbii. 
bodies^ which, if th!n;e weve pof wfei«|pmiiM UoirAwifif tbcr 
€(aiung.lQaa«(» wci«coa)pell^tQ((«nrfe HstbdNhtcMit. 


drduaUoght dttiM. LA. 3. tap. 1. 91 

i»t;iilg ic iMre»od€niM byUs Law ^Nft^T^d^i* c facalfed ^ ^'''^''^*- 
IMBI^^H HTf to flttke off ftod ^V^^an heav y wtigbt. Fdi^i* 
VM^tti«UC&A, r« £4eniiit« feven ulcms; or, ati/Zir rtoroiaud. 
iinefc, fiyf . Bttc thk (eems co bave b^en dooe lio^ the svoi- i p^k. ^2/ 
itoigofcbca^arfimvcafi; opMbim aitccefltry^oiteinia- ff^^f^ys 
ii^o(bm^ «r{x> hiving an tnklitigof bis inteac» borrowed .f^)!:^'"^ 
QHKbaiOQy mcb bo^e ol never muking ttC6tmon.$<:dM» e in Laeir. 
i4»ii€QaGeiied,duc tUs was not bis £rft expbiUilit bngaf* p. ,4. 
fir be had (ate 4C the &era of ibe Weaie^pablick« Yet it 
fMmspcobftbie; TbeoehebgnomorecoaipCBdioBi vayco 
m)» a inan pOfmkirttbMi to give liberty to the cocntoon peir 
f^/r. ^bicb be» to bring in an innovation of Laws, did wiU 
HfZlgly tnvmc', a^^d they afterwards lovin^y accepted. Eoc in . 
ttitiniony of ihetc apptobatioa, they kept a Feftivat named 
fsmmlx^^ Here like wife yoa inajr obferve the ancttnt flat^* e^^^^ ^^ 
cery-ot the Mlnmsni towards cbetr own vicesi potting gii- 1.43/ 
4ed narnei on tbofe tUags, which themfttvci were aftiimed 

'^I'Ctbing^ iri^fH^i-mL^^ p^tt^vw^^m. ^vaaqi^^^ii^V^ gPiucardi. 

mpikim^ iwp^miMf fik^dM ^ ta owr blades name drsnkenoeifi^iocoiauaatoi 
good lellowihi^ whofCa^Aeiionefi^attd niggftrdife, chrif- 
f tnetfe ^ fpringing froaa tbii^ root of S^mi^ wio atlcd jffik 
linm^vlui , Xfiifix^<t»^ b To tbefe Laws two ends were paor i, Demoftk. 
r^pofed^ mnttiali coBinieree I aad^tireAion oflMcfaaviMftOr p .477^« 
W9fd$ the ftaac. i To cnrb wickedn^^and uejaftfee*, «d to ' biem p. Ai^. 
pm(h otfenders that cbey might he bfoaerod. iUddtboogh 
ihty were tbe ordinances of Br4€^ aad Si^m ^ yet may wn 
-fitly call tbmiiiCjitkmiMnOifH Law. Each Oiy, ts ^ fm XUSk^li. 
fihimt ee«cbc», gtvinga dfoomination niKo htr Sciuiitt ^-iem dtU^ 

.,Jifkfmcfffifim,9mHt0»irii^. They were iiigraven. in Tahiti civitate appel* 
Df wood, caiiedV ^mt » triai^ar , If wc m^ believe tbe lacur, Ydnci ^ 
:m Scho&aft of Arif^kms, who <}uot0a Arifi$fU and JfMh f^}^'^^ 
i^rm^ witoeifing that they were called niplUti $i(o m^ nr isr ^^^ ^^ ^ 
Mmi^^^li^i&mf^^rm^of.kiom cbceieyaMiitvSnoieare ^laAv^qs 
f«(^^0atbat ihe Bites pe rtamifig to ^eiQoda and their p. 4^ 
%«oi:A»prwerewriiienfatbtC;fri#/»:^^ : : 

Mji' am 



num in N^z. 
# In Solooe 

f. 408. 

men ta tbe? ifAvVrr /. Ap^MntMi ftyts'^iiitt iH^dttilcter^ ftffe 
caUedC>rfc/, bccdsfethey were vriicten in^Oonerattlfo^ 
upt4 tvbicb from their ftanding , were ceroid m^m l KMvr 
that decreei»aierits, praife and difpratfe coo^ were wriccea in 
ftone : Whence b hi^^ oix'rdtrmof may be pat for a TceocMe 
tending toa^maos difgrace. fiitt this by the way>. TbefeTat- 
blca were kept in the Acrofdis^ craoflated afterwardi cotbe 
Prjt4H€Hfn by EfbUlns ^ wfacreco cbedayeaof r Btttt^^b^ 
fome reliqnes oftbem were to be feen. Tfae Amugrofbon or 
copy written with his own band wainot removtd^but tfaofe 
that were tranfcribed by tbetn. Beciofe in niatters of doabc 
and coflltroverfie they m^bt have recoarfe un«o tb$m. 
^l^or tbe diftindJon of wbich«fome think chat h «^'n»d#f ^^9- 
if ofed in Demo^iues for- that in the Frjun^^m. Otbert for 
tbe.Law in the lower part of the Tabk ^ hot to cne it feema 
improbaMe , for then the nmnber of the Table ciu^ht m he 
cited- and indeed, one Tabfe fometimes could not contain < 
Law. For we read in dPhtarch, tbat-tfaeeigfatb Law waa^cat 
in the thirteenth Table. I anii not averse from the gntfs of 
Pititns^ who fttppofes the Oracor to' mean the Law which 
afterwards he quotes^ nor ignorant of the Opinion of fome, 
who tbinktbat it iaxo he anderAood of the under line« Fof 
the Laws being written ^tt^PfuJit^ $onverfofive retro^rad9 
Tn 19 r 11' iMramm ^rS$u , iaies e Syltmgiof ; which / PsHf^pnas ^^ 
fi\xt PJ^^fl^i b7irnK^';u.i^4^f,.kom the right hwidito the left^ 
/in EliacU ^or marc fignificaotly, \t» n^mi*r^ A%»u ^iirtTfXitHV i^d^ 

W S^Hri^f iaj% » tf hvlA% /^',x«, VVhen the iecoad veefd be« 

gins at the end of the for^mer , as^in the vace which they ealC 

pi^nis , or if I ihatl fpealtneateft to the word; aa hiitband^ 

men turn ^eir O^eajwheo tbey^pknigh; as^fei^exiimpfe.. - 

. E K A 1 ^ A p. See thofc chat have written of dJ* 

V^H^^x vcarfewayesof wfiting. 

They therefore take the iower;that ii tarde<$ ^i^^^^'^'-^^^t 

After this miciaet were the La^s written v and doiri^lefa 

there were fome cafiaities aa firing as La w?. For althoogh 

thzLutd£m^ni44 f g ivernei by ti^aditton t)f caftome^and i£e 

JiiiruVir, », A^mm by writteii ftatuccsi as b f^fif^Mt\ ycc (ooety had 

rf Solon: p. ^.3. 

p. I74« 

ft Contra A>. 

{ionetn« Vld; 


imiim ^ >^^f»iAi'or f nrff s ^'M^* n i3^.. . SCMiid tW: ^ gritkf'4 Vide Jufti\ 

divid«(bcic Ltm 'in(o4rK«f«<:^;^ ftV^^c^ wmijeii and im* fliamm). 

fr^^h, ufc^ Ttor Ifiterpf€ceff ^iS§fMis ihWiNpft^ «f ir c Iq auccsv 

cca coDome. aod a cvftooieaaiiiwrimii law* Befidf s tfacfo 
d^r€ vrtrc decrees , wbtditbcy cermed 4iif J9ut7«, pfifbif'' 
m4t0jz word ofed by i< Ck^^ ootUog diffsrenc, ^vrK^ecloM* ^ ^^ q^^^ ^ 
««*w A«^»«ji i# r^tfi. * Dim^bem$^ wbo, means ta ¥Cf- Fiacco. 
tueandpovBen For cbey differ imcb s'/A Law QMuuaiqs jun e Conr. Lepc. 
fl^e once foDQd , coiniDon for ever. ^ Pfephifms foUowf p* ^9^- 
the flei:eificy oftbe liine , ic differs in events t it diie^s iidty^^'^*^"- 
warlick affairs, but is applyedunto the occafion of trmSf and ^^^f* ^a^ 
giiaws.can be abrogated I fo decrees changed^ And here 
oughc we to note, g cbatno decree is grater tba0 a law.Of ^ ^^^ . 
decrees cbere were, two foru$ il^wB«ABf4»#J<rpw1«, ft>^ •*)[?' Dtmofth, 
the Seoaceby it ieireflabUflM y wbicb were bat of tweive h3^ Aecro- • 
months ^ODMfuai»:e^ to the coniir^Qg «f wbicb^tbe people 
were notconvocaced^ot riieir confenc reQaired,termedi mfih t^^r^u f. 
%M(^ii#«7tf, ^i\!k\(i\\DcfM^hines proves (0 be U%7M^vt//^Mif* 419. 
Wi^ituSMv. Like to the'edids of ibe Roman Praetors which 
laQed :bne a y ^r . kCicer^ ^i finri^^m trilmHn^ ^diihi i^ la Verr, x • • 
Br4^m idiSum 4$g(manfmm tfjt M^nnf^ In o^het d(i:re^ 
tbeiopfoiottacid good liking of the people was asked, hi liM 
giving oi cbe aiiihority onco tbtm^ whicb endured in forie^a 
longeciimc /7wif,%5??o9i4%« ><ri4i^«, «^ - 

Andtlmef<ii:e:wea»y eafily.knaw a* froMu^a^ B-^s ''*/VWan loc«r 
^i^Jb only gives -ttSv^^wii, ijiatiifis a fr^hnn^ jlir^m j» jj^y^^o^ 
jkifi^ oi tb9 peoples xon^irming^by thit^ pbiervatt^. ]^^^6 tH m vlp in 
J^#H94n the beginnwg pf a decree^ (^ews-it cu J)€ 4yiW9fCfl5 ^ Arg.orot. 
(^ ^iika /we©- UiA^m* The Senate aWaiesfaie in cj^nfi^tar ^^^* ^ ^•«* 
tipn abooc that which was labe enaded, whether any dans^ p ^s^ ^* iS; 
mage mightaccrew to the Stacje by it prno ; the Law com^ v i. Plut* so^ 
mj^nding cbatno decree (hoold go iorib without d^iiberati- rot^e. j^^s. 6^; 

y /• 

tfSch. In. 

t Ulf . m Don. 
. p«. 140. 

-^c Vid. Dctn' 

Sutk^fmiki^ dtfiihm fmb 0$m€^thn fi*$tH kM4^ew^ 

U 9mfmif ^fil^ ^ thift ^ik$ ; flfld thit tbey catira « oe^« 

>^9r!i^ Wlwn cbeDtbcy were rffeaMed.and €be pceple pui 

rified, ^(dtam was fjwi ; wbicb if tbe pMpleallowed of, 

ih>od ! 4f MC^f csfid«Ic was foHrtddeomt^ny <^ 

oac^ Decrc€ of any ^aUc. Aod be was broe^e in qtieAkm 

* ofJife, wfaaflioBid fCflkxsm lamMifiig a dtcrtt eo pmend a 

fittiacte. NofT becaofe fiictif e rime mtght bapiy pcreenro 

^feme iacoavenieiicfiia^arife bf overfig^ in tbeLaw-gitfr^ 

aiid ibac as abaftt AoiiM bapfMcn , wbicb to bit dties were 

'flOt Afeefmd; fo cbectwcnM be a nccefflcy of fliaktog tiew 

'ftatoMi: Ic was ordained fbepefoft that every yeafcbere 

fllOUUl ^ e4rr^;4f ri« »V«4» ; wbfCbf h ZJlfidn CXpOtttldi 

Aijtfki^if ,1 7/ fit m$fHp W 72V ¥'mu9, A eoofidcraeton of wbat 
oagbc co'be done coifcerfiing tbe Law$. c Tbe ftiamer w^ 
tbos. Every eierencb day of ftfly in die afleinbly.atcef cbc 
Cryer badmadebia pfayera^at «cbe faftiion wa$, & fliaH anon 
be fpoken of, the Laws were read over in order, Firft ebofia 
which concerned cbeir Senate^ neit their weaipublick, arf^ 
thinfty tbe nine Arek^m^Si dfcerwardi cfae other MagH^acet : 
Tbeo waste demanded iftfiere we^ Laws enoogh for tbe 
Senate, and fo for tbe Coimnoo^weat , ftc. If any of cbe 
: Laws in force were to be abrogated, is was ^djoor ned onf H 
ibe laft of cbe tbreedaierof die tbreeC»fts^ar4r>9»/;on DMA 
thm Frj$m0t^ appointed Ibf tbe ^ tovifing aod reciting of die 

d Yf\if4A7tCHr ^*^« ^^'^^ '^ '^* tbematie* m hand. Tbe Pr^eM iMf 

Demofth. ofcbe AflemblyjWere coW acquaint cfaem Widi tc. Five aseii 

Yif 0(xmi4^ 'SC the firft meeting t were cbolen ooc df aH die Afbmsmr 

'—'''- wbaAoBidpacronraetbeLawtobe^A>oKftied-^ atidaccor^ 

disig CO the Jaclgeaaenc of tbe ATawofHiff^^ cboftn. oniof At 

Cotincd of five bandf ed) was tbe boGof^ urried; that tbo 

..tawsihovMbeofnoneefflArorfiillftrengcb. Whofoever 

vronid bring in a new Law 5 was to write ic on eTabie t J^ 

e Ciwij:, Ti. ^g^^,^^ Denf^0h.ih§ htm diereof, and fee ic opat tbeStar 

f SOToftIv* **"^^^^*** f/^rofi befi>re 'Ipofcen oh f^^^W wnwi^W, 
F* ^97* tAiick ftanding in a phice confjricaoos , dm ioaie eercdM 


to ref0. 

tm be bMdkdiftcMbtf Mjr hfli^/kAjtmm^ m tfatfrofiaM^ 

idttoflX^f 4oclftfe fail BitocUidici: £ar er «9pkift it,n ic cto 
prefcrtifg ^i^MU m i!«r %Jk?«mi 4f Pditiumeni^ wbtre ir 
it not 4ciiy«4 sof JMrgM^or JTiii^ oft fiLirf^ ffok Imh^* 
pMiioa fri Of c«ji, cid^Jfor a«f .wpbcieBitl , oc iooie parr 

irkcwtfe ihit be iriK> acttiapc^^ 

fi»on}4 take caie for <ke itsfwoltiiig* oi tbfe^oM »^ ibat ntgbr 

ctotridid; ic \ ocbecwiCc be ctmt wiifemttfc cottptfioif 

waaoft«fofotti» Ftrft^wAentiaeitiioioUiimrediawrira ' 

tbemt ^^^IcTfiiMirflr x«^t«t. |sl«|(iffisfa tneii.flitdr^yj .^ , 

tbat> edi^rCctoafassiec^ADdifk fo bafocd^chai; aisy.pfr<!y ^^ ^* 

ftrtflkdibje people loaiake a Lan^thar w» not conkaodlr 

ousM tbe . weaie^p&blick^ tie^ coigbi be ^lliaoed withiii a 

^yc^rs fpace^ rbac if eke time Ams espied, be cMld-sot* ^p^^^ Onu 

d Nay tfacy flew Ei^9^, ^Cyi^MhtMUmi for briogmg ie e f if; ""' ^^^• 

Law cbey liK«d J20C V liwcediiereoi: in cbai oaeexa«}p|t^l4p^^V.^* 
from 1^ JLficrH aoiMgraibfUalie'tbat imokl propeDie a Lair ' - * 

(hoahtdoit^biiiKekadofiielwitb alttJicr^ tkiciflm'ra^eGellittsi.f* 
qn^ frfeafrd not, he flrai|^cway*pMrred osc bit iool tuuk^ <' i ^ if. Cal- 
tbe hands of cbe haiognmn.* Thair Oacoia wtich are called ^'^^^ A*c. 
e.iiMA'^U beeauft cacy kad (be paafte mib their Rhecot qubsuiir ^'^ 
rick m& &mtt:^h vmtt JJawa • and decraei, . ume Itaro OM^ </>^/Ma7a»^«^ 
o£/Z>ii»^/^^titiv.emi therefore are ebey dectpbfvedbjr'i^^^ appeUani;. LWi^: 

^ V thcns ubi Ort* 

/^' . r» TT • ' tio plurimum 

uAPi' liU polkt favorc. . 

Tm AflteUiet urete. ealled:hf rim Pwf$4mes fow/ pil'g'iX^ 
tknoi in five aod thirty da^s^ /io the fir £k they coofir^-: n. ^ z 5. 
ned the Magiftmct tt cbeit officn^aU tbingi vtre oianaw 1: DipnoC l.x a; . 
gedirelLby thooi^thermfe shay: put thai oec : Tbay heard /^^'^^"^•Jv^f! 
P9^«Ae4B^ iMk^^ ud poffeffiom '^^^^l ^' ' 

* •>• 

1 « 


r^ln Achar* 

bin Deal. p. 
44 T« 

f6 .ArctMd^UMuim.LU^^.Cltl^ ir^ 

<hy.gaYC:aiidi€«efi#iftLfet»fia3dor8» wtb bgfert oo^lcdK' 
dcbvet cbcir leccersto tbei^xrjFi^^iJti tbe^fourcb^cbey trei« . 
Md of ^uoiy .tbingijradi as belonged to tfaeirGodsA w<>rfiiip: 
^f thm.Tbefirft fBeeciiig^i9ft£heelrve|}^ day ofcbe/^r^-* : 
iMM^tbtfccoiidjdiGtwwiifi^ ducdtbetUnietb ^dbc 
fsmidicbe tbite:aftd dnoieik* jliiod a ( dlfl[et«Dse<«beivr€M t 
tbe^ Scboliaft of Ari^i^mis.imA VlfiMn-^ iiv cbedaiei^oi^'^ 
wbkb ihffj: dmecfigetber % one mal^jfig the £rft day of tbc 
MpQtbftohetbediya&wbieb cbeErftA0^ tbe 

^lli^rsbe elev^mboEc^he /^/;^4fftf4,i^kbfeemi troeft .Aiidt 
wb^reaa tfaey«b0cb^A;cfme.tbi^«vecy liifont^ there vkre cbre« 
AMfioX afiemblietit? wu ^Qntbeficjl^'tenil^iovibirteeocb^c ; 
teDib^twencietb^cteroectt^wearie tmt fo to reckon them,inir ■ 
aecordifig co tbe Btyanuk , it being (be /^///4i^/ cbaige io 
rcoagregace tbe peeplcTbey feem co have been called K&elcu 
E<% Mtriasibeeaafie iaitbenitbey did a^n 4irai^f4tt7v,e{labti(h 
M'cxi^tt^'lix^i^ ^ Otber ai^einbUec. 

tbcrc wore wbjch ace^tersbedi^ tn/ >»AM;s»^t wbee war, or any 
ArH^^c. iauiir fitdden accideac ttOoUKd tte people were 

called cogetfaer dre^^drabeve thofe four tinm ifi a ?rjuineiu 

They are ftyled (R/Viimv^i^ becaufe^tbepeopk of tbetr own 

accord iDet on tbe4^f«4^Q ^ i^btn tbey«woi>ld batt 

a Gonvoaetoff iome'^wehc abottr tbe City an^cairedcbeBu 

Tbere it Ukesf ifer tu^wf^nQia^ when tbey«(&ecefatrimoneid 

out of tbe fields !(o«go^^.t9^ti^ Airetnbly.;k^e«fiia,to«ini»4haf^ 

; tbeCrier in tbe ftreets on tbcir lawfal affemblies gave fome 

.token when cbey fliouldlbaften-^andiTo much dArJfi^fbanef 

iWkneiTei , bringing in tbe women fpeaktDg that it is bigb 

•' time to bcAij^fiiig^beiisiilt ibeOy er J^d!7^$$mt^MMeMkvjML4 

^cryed cbe fecond time.; And indeed need^wat there of fome 

V vKacbisg^^d coinpull^0nitM'Jot:>fo flow^i^ete'^titey fivdcTo^'^ 

ing to Affeoiblies^tbat tbei^«^jj?.ie wece^io totbong tbem 

^ td cbe (Rectings^af^ibeSdiol*^ w#ri^d;^ir«re/^an tbefe wo^a, 

\1k J^ ^twa-naM AeQie«>. u^ifimifnes they tookar^pe . 'a»d 

4yicig j£W|tb;red €9at\tjfk&iiemtmo SkY€^in»tki^vMBiet 

2Ui flacv 

4 IcitAcham. 


ief la cofic^O' 

e 1^ : A;lur. 

^ace,wliofliorid€«ieion tfae one:fideof rife way ,& tbe other • 

of the oppo(iee,pttrfue tbe peopte^^ad to wiiofe chance ic feif 

CO be marked wicii rfae painc; paid a cemin piece of money. 

Hence in tbe/Ce^needian ^ K^ «;> ^Tt» n<^ivU¥ %di y^^t n f AriflopK. 

<MfiiX7(D/4V. Up^aiiddownchey(haoctiecord(hiinedwiib ^>^^Ar.p.37t 

Vermilion. And again — iifeUr©- a ZiJfi\7«re riAwt 9^«^i- 

5l«'»' oa^ifiXdfn aitx^. f»pitir, tiefedeattb whicl) flew 

abmit made laughter, g Sometimes would tbey take bardies, g schoL Anft« 

and batracado all rbe ttreets'-excepc tbolc that led c6 tlie rocohudaio. 

E^eiejia Sometrmes take away all their fateable wares which 

they brought into the Market, left people intent on their 

traffique (hoald abftnt themfei vet from the Aflemblies. W bra 

tbey bad met) oft-times the company would be difmiffed at 

lofne prodigious (igne-as thuoder,lightnifig,tempe{t,afld.tfa^ 

like, which tbey called JEr<i<<?(n»fAM«: ^ and earcfacjuakes , or bVidcAilft. 

other occaHons, deferring the Affemblies meeting, until the p. n^* ^ 

nttt day. When they werecome together, and the Senate ' **!^^* ^* ? * 

ready to fit , one manSacrificeti ;. which rites were called ^'^^ * '^^ 

a £i7/ne/«,becaufe they were done at the entrf of the Ceftncel, a Dcmofth. 

will not jtfftly fay that it !^a« the'portfication mide with a^^.v»<l« * ^^* 
young pig . before the bench was fate., and yet I may pre- P'*" P- 35"- 
fume^o averreit; the Grammarian tbatihteirprets c 4rifio^c In Gondcn; 
fhnnts wttneffing tbac immcdtatly precediilg t^ Seffions ibiaTp. 7 z8. A. . 
cuftome was d>Krved byone^wboin tbe^ earned «%^/c^^, 
from 4^Vi«', li ^^a |>()i<i)Whicb €gmfies clcanfing^becaufe by / /. 
tb|» be purged the Aflembjy , '^Mcatre, and congrefs of the . , . 
people. A fter tbey were fate, d the Cryer did pray for the- d Dcmoflh; 
good of the people, f and curfed thofe who fhould offer to* ^^ ^* ^i^; 
deceive the Senate orfeople. After tU^^faefpeaks wiA a UwA ^Vf P* ^**' 
. voice f»\«V?al?«ir^S^i«. ^l^»l«^iinl^kealpeccb^wb^rft.Xriflo^^^ > 
ttpoaoneofthe; Bders^aroiiewbolgaire bis*ver^:It betg^ ^^v DioT ' 
nor permitted^ to any to utter -htsopinioo, before thcfr^V^t Sic 1. 1^/ 
rend.boary bead had fpent bis jodgmeot, Whence by h De-'i^^^"^^^ ^ 
»^i&/;^ii they art ftikd#i«^siw,tbofe that were wm tti ^;*f;*^^^** 

orate. After tbey badflniifaedtbeir faying^otberitbad IcavccrV iak^oj 
coiieclare tbeiQ|ielves.Neiiberini^if eomi&itit ^tonilo^sf; phjiip. 1. 

,. ^ ■ >• 

^S Atch^^gU AtiicM. Lib. - 3, tdf. )« 

bad CO excluded priMteiiien ftomtbetr Afbmblia, ibtne-f 
times when the Senate alonef^ce, » the Ape^ghksl coon* 
id; fotBecimet cadtbar all (ervams) ftracrgen^aAd men de« 
prived oi chctr Ubertieii^ff om-cbeir con^emf , which at other 
>Fiar p« sKu times cbey admitted, and then was ic called i v^Tgdf^cpfin^m 
1m 11. 17. * ig n'9ic^9r , an Open Theatce to all comers. , The place ol. 

meeting was C2Xi^Cl9i^^P)$yXfi/jn.vs mTn^x vS^hu ^pjjm'u ffifr^; 

from the freqaent conconrfe oi people there; It flood on a^ 
rock and therefore by Anfi^fhiinef'\% called -mi^. ^45 Sch. 
if§ifh >9 bS. There wara tlipend for them that came co'tb'e 
Affcmblies , as you may fee in Deimfih. Centra Time. Aods 
oe;^Bot«7«^ .^*09afA«r&. Becanfc they might be atleafure 
wttbouc damage. ;^)Ni/^. F9L i. c 13. They^affemUcd alXa. 



€ A P. III. S EC T. li. 

» • . - 

... ... 

H€A the mutiny between the Fadion tlMtiacfe^ 
and C^y^difturbed tbe i^ftid^ CommbnweaUh^ 
S^M perf waded thepeople chat tbofev whom for tlietr aa « 
dacityindFawin^away cbefnp^ana finam tfae.Aisars/they4 
named'Me)«ii{fliMiid ^indsrgoe jadgeinjcm^ chert were €ho-- 
Sakne ^^ i(('tbrcc bondred men^V^i'/foi ^iccor'ding so their imtb.^ 
fuifir^J. }!• tolitopon the csfe.BtiDtbeie were notaparpecaaljodtcaii^ 

ry; For wben the people fv»iirmatedmt the cutting ofEof the 
ttfury money ,tben wastbe gtand Comet] bi^n^^oa t of e-? 
?eryTribe»(vdiicb wiire tfan^hiic fqurllrereBa; bdadred cho-^ 
; fen.wboby^'tbeirad^ctilhoiitd^^^ WtboAr 

tbingi tirHMl (^t re to b<£bandied,leiiranyitbtrigaioQldibe in«' 
diiAedyor prdpdTed aotbe AffmiMy wifhew d^e coaiidisra«: 

' ^aa«mOftpropelly'ca4fed^»i^4^bBlf:wbefetbe^ootro^^ 
B^nO^.Biii wben Ci^hms, (^kdb& f /i^/m-^ii^ievftied & jr«7*^ 

hiid ' ' /».. ." " Tribes* 

vferireceiv«d)fartiitdt theaombcr five boodrc^tiktD^fty 
j^cfCf y TiYbe^wbkb doubled ten timci,inake up cbe Aimme. 
This Councel ^y AriBotle is dckribed i tUAivm u^t, ^^-rm. 
The Aftftre^t cfMl thi refiy and I am not of opititon (bat if «>« 
^vKtliii M tiuurch is eo be onderftood o^the Areppa^i aiif 4 In Solon. 
tfaac were aboue the Senace,.bac as ioftUtited fir l\ by S^im^ ?' ^h 
ind to related by the Atehor; And yet 1 kaow i one wrkes, , „ ^ , . 
T^am SpiiUte,famayqnam ^cio/etM»d$m pofi AnofsgitiU /#• f^if^}^J^^' 
ri»/» >^^ia«^*. To this CouBcei none was cbofeiionder thirty paufawas eaik 
yean of age, which time ia Riled Bux^oan i^uUhy cLikmuut* k fuy/^K in 
And d^uklefs d PlHtm-ch juilffks^ir, fjpeakmg ttmc Dtm$ibe^ ^tc p. if . 1. 1 f; 
«f»f> wrote his Oration againA Anirotum^ TimKfAUs^ Arifi^. c l» Ar^orat 
erstts^ »>w T? Titx/TH tf q^(n7u*\w3w^, wben he bad not attained ^dviu^zlm 
CO the managing of ft ate bii(kie£iy becaiife be wanud two or j^her. p/}f t. 
three of thirty years. Agreeing to this is e funim^ wbo fayes e ScoIkvus 
that Solc9i admitted none very young, though very Wifetto ^f<»« ^la- 
Magiftracy orOouncel. Nay the/Schdltaft o( Ariftophaiw fu nub, 
tells us ^ cbat green beads were f>ot ptrmitied tafpeak pub- j>. i f// 
lickly.Tbe Law prohibiting any to attempt it under ferry ,or 
ats fame lay (which is troeft j thirty, on shefe werds^ 

K(^yti ^of^fQ- ^i7*lw^ tHKi^nlfm ^t nniif. . 

yfbk^ to be othef wife nndcurftood by fome , is act biddM 
from me. They were called likawiic hamW^ as wcH is asr- 
niiC^ifiLvA their Tribunal BMdu<»ifoom tbe word^ JAi^t^to, .y|^; supcai. 
which frgnilies to throng t<^tber> becaile tbepeq>le ware p; 44^. 
irequent there. But tu more probable realon it , h,U &•- h vip. locr laiu 
vjtu^^^f 7t) ;?. Ti^RMT <; -^ »^^8r 4wK it Ai ^Be^«MfA , bacatife the <la\2f !S?' * 
|)tacemsopeaa&dexpofedtotbeS«ikilndiQn(f^ o^Sf.^ 

j Arifiofk4$fum$im that coldiCoaceitlarftiRM bjf .Ofti^aMir, f ^ 4Stf[ 
Ei*yiMJT'tfp3sp»p»VitflwrsiC^V»Mr. Ai tki mrnkF^aimm fiitlf 
Utai^w in the Sun^fliine. At d^ir< adm^ffion ibey l)ad this 
0«h given them. kA^^Hum ^ wi rJ|i«, -c^r. J wi// ffPt - 

xSemmce 0(»^di9^to-thi.Lm$^dDemti§fphiff§fh^h' ♦^■L^""* 

^4 i k 

\ - 

k^ 9fc ti4t^ib4^fi4U d^ihe tbt Upmc^my 0fkAm$ -hj^^f^ 

'^ ^«r BeeruitJwiU $m cut tfffrwi$tf wfi^or fttftr ^ dM^9$ tf 

tki dthtniM Land orHanfes . / will nvt bring bAckjxWiAiin^ 

or ilnfe thm are condtmrnd. I will not rhrnji out of the City Any 

inmfunt, ni^tin^ the LiC^^nd Statutes of the Atbeni^ns^ 4nd 

* . Stmtu of five hundtndineitkfr b] my feify or. fuffer ^m/ «/w. / 

will not create n Mggifftrdtt^mbo hiahnot given nn tttamnt </ 

ik former Off$ee^ whether the nine Anihont^ or Agmrj f$r the 

bo/j etingSyOr they;mho 4t the fame day ^re ehofen with the nine 

jirchontbjiUt,Kmba(fad(^rsdndA0!ftants. Neither fiidl tbt 

■ fame Man bear t he fame Office twice ^or two in nhe Tear, I wiU 

nci tal{e Gifts for fadgment^ neither mjftlf or othtns farme^or 

ethers with my frivafy>b] fraud or deceit Jam not j4tsHgetihnn 

thirty J will .hedr both Par ties, the • hccnfer and . Defendant at 

^ifltYMfgrefs likg'lTtnllfafs^Hd^ment aright onth^ thing frofecnted Ifwear 

an} of tbtfeJet bj Jupkcr , Nepcunc , Ceres, f There id alfo another Oath 

meandmy honfe lybicla they took^fomjc Ctaufos whereof.we have left in Re- 

T'ST'h cord. Thratifie the Laws 6fi^n. ^\ii2iXC\kiwio\iX\^ ^fa^- 

tXc/JZ 6^<rogiPeCc,enfaforshehHtbePeofU.Ta^^^^^^ acc^. 

t$ my oath, let ding to the Laivts. I will not btnd anj hthtnianwho/iaUgkVe 

us be hcf?j and three fnreues of the fdm&^jvenHes^nnltfjfforTre/^onicr he con^ 

r^^miii^ . ^pl^g thefnbuerfien of State fofular^or buy Cnfiome \ or be i«- 

DeiR. p. 470. gagedfir gather fnblick. Money and not faj it. twill fit in tha$ 

riOrderwhkklQtfitalldirefimetaJwill nHfermif anttenlsfs 

fjij:^^^^-'*'^ ikniJied^toM aocnfed orimfrifmdftr what ti fafi. TWsialit 

•^u!uii.Ph;i. wa§ n9la4caJier the driving oat of the so : Tyrants , jvheo* 

ber ancient wrwg*,iv<;^ tbey call *V»«CTi i^.Tbe Aa^bority 
of thii^.Councel Was griBac«tock bandied caufes pfWafiTri- 
httic^^niaking oSLtwa^i vif boiideffes &e ventt^aliairs bfCon* 
ledenuesr/olleAi0iis of )9(ony ^perforsiaajireroCfacfed Rice$, 
a^ouics^jof Oikeiidffthargcd^appoiming Keeper»ioV Pri* 
fooerk md; /iwif^/n of OVpbans,as Xenophen. ^ Refernbliog 
:eiir Court ofiPfirlkfnent 19 England, by wb<>fecoarent.all 
hi^m Aseahiogaced^nisw nude^rigbt and po^feffiom af pri- 
MteiBbfta xbanged^f^i^a of^elij^ cEbbUflied? Suhfidief;^ 
T^^ai^and ifl^ti^nf ipj^^^ acMcafmei 

1^ alfeced.. 

1. Velleittoi 
ar« p. 84. 


h Acheti. 

See Sir. Tno., 

mdlth of ^ 

Artkieologjie ^tiic^. Lli. 3# Ci^: j. rat 

jjAterMtlcK Al hot unticke itfo theFevttUn Gtan Ccnfiglhfit 

Stnacc of wrbich tftc C^htarene, d 7>^f m Ai r«M J^/ Gdvertfo 

dttU RtprAlied affertiene nl Stn^to, &t. Iht whole manner chfrb^And*. 

aftjhe Gommo&nrc»kh$ Government bclongcth toiheSc- 1 m?Lfc * 

nwe. IPttat which the Senate determinech is held for ratified trar.^at€d u. 

aitdinvio>able.Sf their Authority and Rule is Peac^ confirm- i*^- }• ^o^. 

ed and War denounced. The whole rents and receipts of the ^^' **• 

Common wealth at their appoimment colteAed & gathered 

ifl^a^nd fifeewife lay*d^ut again and defrayed, tf-c. In a wof d 

1 may fay ol the Five hundred, as Bad^w of tlie Parliament ^ In Pao<fca, 

O^Ffann: AmfhJlimam earn cftriam,C4Hfaruwqm dmfte ^enw^^uo. p. i- g^ ., 

M^eftAtrictmJH^4m ac legnimm efe ;^ that thac Court was* 

Unoft ampte- af)d juKlly, and equally decided alt fort of Con* 

rroverfies wbatfoever. i Totbeir charge wascommitted the ^ Dcm. p, ^ 3 ^ - 

making of new Shlps,for which a t the yfrars end they were to 

be rewarded by rbe Pcopfe, To this alludes c ^fifirfbAn^s; ^ Avj. p. y^^^ 

^without their confent ceuldthe people do naught, as indeed '^ ^^. Arid. 
ibey made not any things Sanilum again^ft the Peoples P•^^ 

wills. Hence ilt t Demefihtnet, ^ ^H>^Uji ttBtrnrnvt©- rJ S'iuM ku* t Pjigi ^j^^ . 

ei<u^. In teftimony oftheir pre-eminence- arethey termed ' ^ 

fKvei9t ihti. and vi eUtiidt^.; The Lords of Sencencer In/Dcmoilh,. 
rime of VVarr they would fend Commiflions to their Gap- ''^s'^AwlS. 
tainf , ai they thought requifice.- h Such as in the battle be. ^HT ^ 
tweefi i\it Lfteedampnians and their Country men in Tma]j ^\J^^\^r{. 
jfr"4,where fearing left Ci^ft^baniihcd by Ofiracifmefi^iiH^ monc.'p, ^5^?^ 
betray them to'the Z4r»;jiVtw/,tbey fent to tbeCommanders 1. $0. 
not to entertain him in. the Army. This honour was not 
during term of life, but every year changed. Af^ftoUfu. 

n'fuV iff 'TnftAfifi^lff Ji^ft' Ih0'^09 Kjftsui^f yjiti^uf/Avn B»Xdt«r* 

VfinckAfmpi^^ in Atg. Onan cmttA «Jf itfiirdi.expreflcs by 
mTi9tiw7\^p ff^ijf^ro, Themannerot choofing tfhemia ttus 
/The chief of every Tribe on an appointed day before tht 
beginning of thie Month Hcc^tvmbaon , brough: the names *^^^^ ^* 
of all their Tribe that wis capable of this digmtie, andcaft fcr"<R?p.^ 
lii^m written imo a veffel^and intaanother they put an bi^« ^(h^n, 
dred wbiiC'beanr^ and. ttt cbci rtft. black ^ Theadrawing 


1*02 Atch^UgUAtti^Lihj'iX^^'i* 

one t Nunc ^ wtA tbea a BeiQ, to whife chaoctilMf vrhilft 
Beaii fdl to be mrtdcd with bi» Kttnc, W99 4^g|Q«d Scm^ 
con This they did when they b^d biic four Trite , mi i^ 
four bnndred Senators. Bat wbeo they bad eenn Tribes« 
there could be bat fifty white Beans , to the niaiiifig up oS 
the tenth part of five baodreid. This ditf^rs not from the ele* 
^ItO^maren. Aion obferved by the kj^etiehans tjSpott^b^r&ymtiidsy oi 
L iJol. 1 1, b. Deamt. when the names of all the yonitginen that have n€fC 

by lot obtained the right of Citizefls . nor pafled 2$ years 

^id.are put into a pot,aQd carryed unto the Prince^a^ cbejre 

the fame fee before tbe Councetlors , with wbom there #§ 

an other pot, wherein are round balls equall with the imm^ 

4eroftbe names written with the firft, every one having hit 

marksube fift part ol thefe balls is guildcd with gold,the reft 

with fiiver. The Prince taketh out of the firft pot the hat|» 

which ific be of the golden (ort,tbe young^^man wbofe name 

js drawn is prefently admitted to publick authority j they 

to whom the fiWar chance> lofe it for that, tlme^ wptAing ic 

" the enfuing year ; unteft in the mean fpace th^ accomphfli 

twenty five, at which age all the young Noble men partake 

of theCities iiberties.So every year the fift part of the yong« 

fters ti<hofen to give voice with tbe other Citizens. The ufe 

in choofing I dean the fame^and ^all untill I find au thentick 

Writera^rontradid it. But the number , as augmented by^ 

Clifibenef ^cording to tbeir Tribes^ fo faf bis fucceffors. Foe 

when they added two , the number was encreafed an bufi* 

dred,by^reafoA of the 'Vriht^migonUdtDemetrias^zktt nu 

med Attal» Sc PtUsmaU^xn honour to the Kings of that name 

VI StetAiaiiiifi which were Benefa4S:or8' to the Stat€^4 •,»« i^i# Cn/iiir wi»1«. 

-Wbi «M. YMaf itftut *cf^€M9Un i7nin<ru»^ b Out of thefe Were ciieir Jud^ 

^ Mrft. S€h« gcf chofeuibnt fiicb as were above tbreeftore f ^fa otdiSojr 

#• I r* although Juniors were admit teditito this company , yet noM 

fudged undei' ihat age. ^^i^^fn fj^ »'( ottxAir^iitr %% U^iv^^ 

9* To thefe was any bufinefs referred 9 of which (be Se« 

e 1 fi Vefpir ^^^^ ^^ people were in ^ fnfpeofe what to determine ^ A^ 

fu 471. ' ri^fh. EfTi r, i Buxj ^' PiyL®^ Itat Kph^ ^ytk n,^^ ^i^fi^ 

0^ E 1^^ psi afiml^m run JimQhSf mn^w^m. When 


.tlAGoiifldf&Peq^ tre Jo donteliow ctf jo^c a grctttntt* 
ttr»ibey decree 10 deliver ercr the gutliy co the Juidget^And 
BO iRsrvelf For the office of a Judge is lofcM* nfimf, prerog> 
tfve m fefltence^iaks li vf riy?or/rf tbat is, CO fltce ibofe Que* «^^fH ?^»ji 
ftions wbicbihc Um hath not decided. 1 he order of their ^^ '^^f*' 
giving feotencc before the third year of the ninety &cond *.^^J" 
. Olympiad I know noc Afterwards they face by turn in their ' " -^ ^' 
own Tribes,eyery one as bis lot fell, ^for^here being for* 
merly tex) Tribes laAthcnfyihc'^ chofe oat of each five men, 
ft CO w^ one^f chem the chance bappened^be lace Jjudge. I 
^nnoc fay that the manner gt Eledion was like that ot the ' 
eSyrssHfans concerning the prieft off i^pirer^wbo taking the ^ ^.^ .^ ^.^ 
iiaflfies of fo many as were nominated^nd cadtng them into rem Aa,^.^^^ 
8 pot,creaced faini who(^ namefbould be firft d)'awn,of that / Atiftopb; 
&credFund:!on.BotpfoorowoinuftI (peak./ When then '^'^^P* s^ 
they were appointed^chey met everf Qf ifaem bringing with 
bim a Table and a Wand, oh w^^ wis written a Letter that 
did betoken foeie Judicatory. (For there being loTribaoali 
f Very one of them was noted ixritb^ read Letter^^^B^n^i^^Fy 
tS'iPi co,K>over the door jtime calling thero to fic, they drew 
lots^and be co whons. A^was taken out Jaie in tfaeCount no* 
ced with A>and B with B^and fo coK-Tbitdone^tbey (hew* 
ed tbeir lot to the pr^sc^of the Jodicacory, who gave themv 
t^eir^Wand and Table.This they didlcalUny fliould ra(hly 
atceraptco &i Sc pervert JufticeJ know not whether Imay* 
better call that Rod ot Authority a wapd or ftafi 4 becauie 
that g BflexiMi(«.ig ^yj(^^ ifiCmticv li vtuiCoK»v, wss a Proves b* 
uled m derifion of t^ Judges, h This Aaff at the daycs end §> ^^^» prv* 
tbey brought to the Prytaffes^viho gave them their wages^ r^^; . .^, 
But the n Scholiaft teaches us othcrwayes , feyiog that ibc ^;, '^ •' 
Ikmdgogi paid tbem,it being numifeft out ^tciton^j words a In Ec^uitssi 

fml£ei phich I ft^. Thirir pay was not alwaies the fame 
*>C*u**^*» * faici the Interpreter oi'ArifleflmnisJ^itfk^ they b In Nubci 
badp^/;iflW5wbichC^/i)?r4^ir/vfurnarnedP^i»^/itf, wasAo** P*f- ^^J: 
tiior of.. Hence the Proverb c05«^^»^fSfJi-<eM«W. After- vSna^* 
mrdric was a«gmett$d byd>W^>4»/,atid£0oin btoi grew << Zenobiw. 


'f Srfi. Anft, 

r/VVp. in 

I Afinatia 

:xe4 jkchMhgi^ Attic£. Lih 3* Cap. ^ 

the w<^d uVe; W K<&7^u£^V«(^t may be for a^ pretty fiHBiiv, 
of fQony«Nay/iccbangcd>for now I read of o^o\«f HM«riic«< 
onei& anoQ nt^^^hof cbree a « Drachm fit two And cber^fai:^ 
may we conclude that ic was fomecime more ^ fomeumes 
iefs. Tbas baviog (poken a liule of iheir Judges, 1 proceed 
to tbeir cafca of Law, in wbicb 1 (hall add. , 

When any bad received wrong in htbns^M was thelr<u- 
ftom to make tbeir cafes known to a MagilUace,' whofe of- 
fice it was to report the Judicatory, i^nd tbisr tbey did Jby 
- a Table in wbicb it was written, icawp/'ff*' «£A i^ cre<Mi:^Krft« 
Unf J^ a cTcTi oi »'« 7$ hu^rie/pu I ^ccnfe H, Butftdcitehifff 
to thtConrt hj W^NJOiOt unlike the Sioma»$ proceeding wbo. 
brought tbe name of tbe delinquent to the Magiftrate be*^ 
fore tbt accufatioD^to wbich^ Plauttu ^WjnitsJhe^gcadtnT 
'vires vefird^M ibi nomiiMFuxQ ^j»»^-wben tbts note was gi- 
yen lip.tbe Magiftrate asked tbe Plaijiitiif , wbetber be bad 
wiitnefles and would profecute tbe matter-wboanfwcrii^g 
liiat^e intended it.bad tbc^reppon authority to fummon.the 
Defendant to bis at]|>€arance-aiid this be did either by bim* . 
felfor otber^called tberfforc <A«7i| for *aiW 't%i^ 7<a^ /|. 
4g(/< V^aT^ii^a bringing toto bkvt,nsf^v7.<u >^ ff'ii/k^0ief«< The 
word figntfies a witoefs al(o. For when tbey warned any to 
tbe TribynaUtbey bad any that ilood by to tejRiiie tb$| tbey 
bad admoniihed ib€m>>Kxif99fi(!5«i >3-hiy'nim7i,^n§^tin. 
♦^V-m^.tfw^ctfif « iJ » hi^ii ^ ^ fw^iu^. You may ufc «A»T«|i for 
an Apparator,Serj€apty Baylj^^or the like. Spmietiroes.^bey 
would run flreigbc to tbe Court > as U were bfadlong » in 
tk}m rjfpa^l^' k^Dimcfiheneshn phrafe,fom,etim€s the Suiter would tortbif 
•*'* ^1 ^pff^' with draw the Defendant,if he were loath to come, ai you 
'^^ $ n I taay fee out ofl Arijlophanes^K^y ^?,xj^u,ao%f-- Bnt Vftfee 
f in^Vcf^is ^' P^^^^y ^^^^^ P**^ *« ^^^ « 6<i;^i«^iufficient toBailjbewas dif- 
p« 487* milTed . Hence io the ^ Comccdian. A^x* i^^uiim^ ««/ n^-nt^*' 

.m Ar\^ Con. tm «A/«A|4<?;>§£(i;tf. I mil p^ocurt ihee accHpleof ^U SurHuir 
cjo.^7^^ ' ^Somepmes th^wouljd appoint a day of appearaince, tfant 

might be a Week or more , after the vccatnnem:mjm.i ac 

wbicb time if ^e Defendant were not pet(onaiiy at tbt 

Ju4gmeot-fcac^ hc€ainewithinjCQin^aMaf£p^i^ft.4J^^^ 

Scb. •^fifl. 

p« 44 1« 

f§pMnm^i$fm;t^Mt\ to come in an4 anf^f r» Which m^ 
uroiitdby fuing for a (<it •^ in teone daycs alter. <For When 
cbeparcy CO defend W8f abfeac. be was condemned indiiii 
cattfa, fo 4 B^d^m expoiinds '(^ if ii«i«r girtt/^««^r4i , by thii a \ n prorU ic 
cbereforc the calc wai renewed^ and:ftoQd,ai at ibe fir(t^ tha P^^- ^^- a*' : 
fcfltCBC^ cbac before paft,bemg made of no fori)e,and> for this ^*"'^' 
vrasic tiprmed(*w »*« , Hn m^i%e^f «^<»«S) j^ n^wati^ ^T??-.^ vip.'m Dcm. 

p»r ^V ri f/» iSf) «fet/'«t» , hecdufe in thtbcpnnini it feemU to pag. j4 ;• * . 
0Mrry forii f$»(r;^Mt At Ufiit^as nothlttffm Tbe bnfineri then ^ 
made a*new>che party that was cafl by an ifiilciji^afcer cbat be 
bad oktiotd a «*•? » « , was c within two Niontbs to fee the ^ p^jj^^^ ^^^ 
Laivonfooc , which thcjr term tf^jt^iet^f jIkIw.ot elfc the p. j*©/ * *;.* 
ftncen^e.gtven before was ratified. Whofoever (hould offer 
to call wy roan to the CourcunleJTs opDn good grounds.waa 
liable to 44 A«Mf7f«'a<(//M« a WricofMolelhtion for a lalfe ' 
* caofe. Having thus far proteedcdi the Impleader gave in a 
LiBel; which held the contenca of bis aAion, and the furnn^ ^ r»Hbave a 
of the Defendants anfwer.Tbit the Greeks call d Arri>^^fU« fff,,„ ^f^^i^ ^ 
Antlgfofhtn. Though I know alfo,tbac all cafes in Law were DemoOh.d. ^> 
wmede^y(x(tta,tc[9Tty£fi9cu\ Tbey took ibis cour(e be* ^^J. 
caufe the Deiendant might know what to anfwer.- And be ^ ^^'^ ^h*^' 
caufe it was ordinary in Attkm for koavet to accufc oat Of * ^^' ^ * 
cnvyTwhich ir«rtf»^flW77fli, ibey made a f Law. that whofoever /p?voftk. ?. 
«i^(ed,and bad noc the filth part ^thf ^oitcissihoiild hitrfi* ^7'^' ^:^^ ^■ 
fled a tboufand Drachmes. And be tbatxatddnocpiov^Ma ' V '\ ^^ 
objedion was ftlfopudilhed in the purfc a certain ftttpme^ 
f which if be paid not at the conftttiKcd time, wasto^rfotd; ^ Armi $ibnU 
«nd if his ability reached no€ fq far ^ be IMered imprtfoa^ vfr. t^o. 
weoe> At the prefetutpgof the Amigmfbe^ teflimQnicf ^tre ^ V«wm coh-^^i 
alfo deii«red (formes of which yon ihaU often meet with M ?^^jf ^''^ ; ,; 
b Demt^hmer) andti eopy of an Oath wbicb the Snijtr:gatet^ ^2 1. iifclj, -^ 
. iiitbef€iicord«/f/^»ia»ir*t>^e<flttr;, that be, wenM jHOIyacr 61^. ^i^. -* 
cafe. iaV»d{fibi9Aii3^onid;,tbatbe'WOuld according to Trmb ' ^cho] /i>i(i; 
make bitApoIogy;and thii tbey name i^d»*iN«^^/*^^^^^ Yf^^^^V" ,, 

tertiaio coffer^foiibcomingratocMfion ;^^:^^^^ ] 

ttfl^atnere caAinto a tertiaio coffer^foiibcomingratocMfion ][^y .^^^^^^ 
^eald retiree AH#faid^/.yf/il?t;]&4jrr/ jnone^oetfeootiir ^^^^tfp:£ 

' . J ' b T.bcy -^^^ 1 


They foyaed ot put toother oat1fis,d ta tiofii, ft rifUiMfim* 
I fo ifiterprec ic agaiiift the Scholitfts inind , who wffl have 
mefn\6aHi to be Exhortations given to the PUntiff and De* 
» 1; f. * ft ftndamt to come to compoficion. But I know that mvc^^km^ 

. X.a. - Ki!^vjt^ IS %«}1i;irp8?f» «I^AM/y, to aC(2UlC, Ut frilM0if$$9 ^k jm M^ 

v'Ueoi p. 1 9 5, jferf , if and ^a^T^nn&tUy ^tipta^f^av ^hit'/piv^^A: Tbt cbeft 

or coffer was caHed ip^ir^; and of this are the words oftbt 
ilhinoftli; Greek Orators tobe onderftood o %U i^foi gi»9^M. fThe%^ 
6i%.n. \i. .fhrifim of a mad mm that wonid e^ttMngle himftliinwsf 

4i9.M. 8«. thing, J;:^«f i^f^^ c* nl t^i»><m» ,|J lfi4M^i< y csftufLintiTnP <* ^nui 

JSin'JT. aj^rf'Haviflg an Se^Wnw in hUlappe,and a bundteof HbcWii. 
46]ln[ S6[ ^^ hznds.PoUfiJt make a different e^pdiition of thiroatb from 
^Ckiraet tbatwbicbotber GramAoriansdo^ confonndingi astsmoft 
mei**mf$ii ^ probab!e,tbe Afc^/owi & dJfuuarl^f^hb It^wCU. Tor w»** 
F«B' *^- * ^^i*!s that firft Oath which the PlaintifTgavc to profecatc- 
^ the party projfecmed to anfsrer *, which on the Deifendants> 
fide was called d/rou0C''«i, and generally on bmh. ^j^/MM^/it 
was a SacraoKnt taken by both , the Impteftdet^^tbat tedid 
aSphoL -A^:ift. 4 is^fa^rtf iTiiecfv, foIlow the Delinquent in Law^thei!)efefi>. 
?Infkmofth: d»f«C*''***-5''sW?i'^^i^*'»*'»'» td fhmiaftifty to ftthathe didv 
^287. nottrefpafie Andyet ib t;/^MiKDakes both tfce#e one. After 

eVidc VUian this Were the/ that foedoile another, adoiicced to the Judi^ 
in D(!fnifVj47. wtory, it bfeihg fitft d^ittded rftbe fairer, rl^berKlrrhe 
IV^'a' a «rottlii?i*fffW;folk)Wfthef(iitittnd'baa 
noScUd"* eVidencc^idcaoles-oipitaJ it Wis asked iftbertr were need of 
Pan. p. 341. My wbo Goiitd) Aoc^eirbrjp^f($ttti ftiis 4nterrogattblft w<tt^ 
e,yipian:ia termed ^ A* JeV^/^^^ If then any thing was deficient > di^ 
Dcm. ^ *i^. J^^^^ ^''^'* pfiirogned by an r owo^At oroatb> wlricbv 
ArioS* the*tentiriook . that for theppcfem he could not pei^^w 
jda^it %i i^ * ^^ teraiidy "WoiiU;/ perhafv for^risat time pret etrdtig : 
fam mb fidtnicf9i iteadi 6f frindy ; >or-£Gmw trgtor neceHicf « on • 
i^/i^(^< whteb'tbetr foiiunes inighttie^endiWhettcbeto aUtttngs^ weni 
a*.ffg.7>* r^sdy, tnd'^rhand, they proceeded towards, the Tril«i» 
DSfth^w. "*'• the Judges firftlwearing^fihattibey wwWd 'gtW'fen. 
^t^bii^j. 8^ ' ieneeaeeoriHngi^1be>Las^i> aMinihofei:faiA^}con«ci!Qrm: 
p.49i;* ' i0iaob there i^iwe^'P^l^aitfr^jVd^^ 
h0.>ciioftV. «)aity» fwhictrr^ QriBCks caU7t^^vi/^4|;iMt^^>toidi|f 

ihofil thwgiMiyimeHQ^ wbi^ ebey did d$Wt€« Tbtji 

Cftcy bf 0i^|hcihfM5 licile ilA9ie%C9ft^ by. »od $y) wUi( 
wbicb tbey |pkV€ £»)t«e<ft. i F^rck ^%09 iti Mi pkf^u^'i P^s- 1 ^- 
Tb^ Oi(bi U c^lkd <tV««W<- Then went the jadges to. 
ifaftir fisat i^a^tjy iprcadi with mats , in Gi^ck 4/«3« > and ^ AclA«pb. 
4/<<^$ And »ll otb^s be^ag iffa^ncd by the Fr^a . (p goe sdu p. 1^9. 
wlkb^^r tb« hftra lAfcbifi for^ ^ «^i»^» i^ tbey fet/e ^^whv.^^^^^qi^^ 
f9c wf Jnuft kmovY cb^t cbe 4them4» . Judicacaries wci:^ cii- ; 
Tiironcd m, at cbc SLojoaoesi i)^|b lauice I fuppofey b? cb^na 
QlitediifK«yiuAara« Cifftc^lUt^t by (be Qr€c|;s xiyju/Af 9 ^wPollux.l. c 
cjtKiiyigb xo't^iii mace properly j^ doqroTthc ^M-p.407« 

fW^bcfore wblcb was # a rope ot jofe^io i^igtb drawn^Ac » P^Uui iac# 
pibUck ftrnms fee , tbai none opiigbt enter , bat wbo bad ^'<"Jp*. 
lwfiii«rs. Tbe parciiioo I tbiok wa% bat weak^aod tbecefore ^^!^\^^^^ 
ky D^mofibents called m^ii Kiy^^U^ Witbin wbic^ nooe Poii^. * 
was permiued to cowie.btt tbe Judges. And cberefore wbeo^ p«g. 4l^ 
4^«<»j?iiw«M^didlongto,hear,C4//^r4Ci« plead conceroing/ Plucarcb. i« . 
OnfmM over emreac^ I4t P^i^ijg^ tbac be woi^d bnog ^^^ 
biin wbf re bQ migbc bavf tbe happin^fs to be an Aodkot; 
Tbe P^mui tb«refore acqoaiiite4 with tbe publi<)ue 
Officers tSac op«ii|dcbe dgqprs) $v^tl99i)09m wT Jiza^fttk 
AcMifif , i^ocured bin) a* placet wbere be migbt be^t and Qot 
bjefeeq, e#i^9iUiV^«^</VV<«*iUii»i«i. Wben tbe Jods^ 
i^4.^4P« «||lbi9 tb#B(irref^ Ifflt ^i^u^ 
i?i<4^ aied ^J^iiifdu^pfif H/u^^>.,4«'0i^» If ioy JadjgftAr'tflo^* 
'b«.wittK)m tbe <i^r oj^ tbe pifce pf jQdgnieQit • let liipi p«« 4f 4- 
.eitfcarv c liiKtxfy if ^f^^^^ tbe Gifc began to Ik^^^^jli^. > 

pkjidedjM^^ could not bare «4<nii9^ Being then f«tcd,tb?gchol. ibii.' 
Qtkt r^d tb« Indit^ipeiV. t >iayM4 («^Qpy of fopie part of 

M^ tbeoldf^lff^^jtr, ,wiprf gi^tjeA ly j^o ibe Co?(p^4p wrK ' ^72«% 
ti^atl tbe rwjoi^ of^epiiuipfi»«be mong ti?cciif jw^^p*'^ 
tbi«ai4nner of it, wi^b an eftiiBa|ion of tbe dappi^ i. Toe. ^i^Jlr' 
feveodlicadf ofwfai<;b^kdgifswrp^edo»^^^^ ' - 

ro 8 AiAMfigU Alic£. Lib; 3, ' Caf. >: 

h hantt. Then ftoodisp ibeStrttet in4 fNrtpic bo dirleft band 
of the TriboDal, and {pake an accofnm^Or^tkin^ niadil £04? 
ch^ moft part by fooie ef tbe^ AttUk: Oraumri t wbicfa ofe 
'^Arfft'Rtet. brought in by* Anfifhon ibc Rhdmjmfi49t^ fCltmms %{ A^ 
1 1, c. ?!• ^ lixandrU calls cO^ruvs ^/>in h'j f»Arif >^#*r. g'Ciceri, feri* 
f Strom. -u^ig.^^y^ ^/^-^ r/r*r/ki ; (juihi^ h jniiiiis titerentur , focb as /^^«4r 
rinBruto it rcpoficd to bavc done for J#cr4/f/ .• Wbicbfefth ihoofd 
■ exceed in length, was limiced to a cenaio liine^ ' by r veflcj. 
in the bottome of wbicbtras a (mall bole for water to rua^ 
as fand doth in our bonr-g)afle$ , tbeoce called 'Ai^t^/^i , 
lAto which was poured an eqoatl ineafiirc of water- and letft 
there (hould, beticccit there was an officer made for >tba&' 
b Wllua I. •; porpofe named b Etw^j » I m^^vK%'/lt^v ¥ i^r^Twi* *? K^i^uV/c^ 
^ vlTn JO fttfing^fike for the imptead^ and aofwerer. i When cbere'^? 
- P*'"' ' fore the glaft was rnn , ic was not Uwfni for them to (peak 

fanber. i^Nfay for fcantnefs of time* they were compelled' 
to pais by many things*, and for thai reafoo were they- 
chary of their water*,brdding that ii (hould be flopped at the* 
reciting of Uw^> or the like; wbieb Dem9jlhmtsmimsLtci' 
in tv^: c/mK*gi 79 SJ^ft^ifrk ihkm^fi^ h to fioptbe iidf^' 

in / Airifi^fhAnts. m \ Aftfteiw'. At tm hterim ^um hgit ^-a-* 
^uamfufiine. PancirelM Ni ^Hefuk intefim ffflkxiget «, am^ 
fiimfibl dicenJi pr9hiHtd f^ret fucmir'M , lead be migbmoc*^ 
b^Ve leave to fpeak any more/if the water were ij»ent if any - 

w6^fd ifot pcrihidty fit bid^tRe#ril^(racaftitJf<»t%5 

jj^^ftopli! p'tadin^it grewintoi proverb if Se^V « t>%4^J^dt C'C4ctro, , 
pag 617./ ddclevfjitdm^ tofpeakby the bonr OP allotted- time. Hia' 
e; Tiite Qp* fpbtfclibcinr ended be tatcf dpwn.' d Tbe^ifcftridant tb^o^ 

It Deinofth. 

/If! Pluto. 

» Apologia,; 

^\ c/^^^/.ftjiOon tor ^hlsiraffdnfafifsf^ bh^iiife thby «<fdd!4 

cJf^.^ *•- ni^kc^bbtVpaittes eqaa!;^' Tbr jibeSiiftei-baVih^tbt >^W^ 


tf tb^refort^e goafd ftaod;6n the rigbc html'; ^lie diefco^ 
idkdt llood tlicr«alfotThcflcetbeh b« pteiiied fdk* bittifeJf;iii< 
I'vticfa plea bcAfM only to wipe om tfaofe acctiftcio^^ 

•TV, and in tbat bad cbt plaimd^ prerogaciYcfor he might Dcmofth. 
ob/eAwbac be woiitd^nay,andai r ArifiatU,((x^cc%R ati be« p. t$t 
fore be commenced hn fuit, and nrisne tobimretf wiurc be £ Locoiaudato.* 
pleired.Tbedefendant, perhaps imiecem^wat at tbkc inflant' 
to clear bimfelf , ib etcher by wttnelK; br probabiKties , of ^ Dcmoflh. 
a!I doubts what foerer the planciffeould caft in. Sometkner ^^9» 
the Plaintiff and DefendanrwMfd-dtiifeadtocaces'orcbe* 
jQdges 2vr«;>/|)^<5 bencei iij^VO^"^ C^nipfSr^-t^ plead for a < Clcmeni: 
Fee. In the timi' of their Plesidihg Hrkneffes were ^^^''cd, :^*«V'^- 
Who came in and gave their teftimonie$;aBd ifm they ^^'^alf^tir^ 
ittcered yihu they had to fay;tbey weAtcotbeAltar (as it unde/tbeilnhlt 
feems to me either irt , * or very high to the jadie£rtory)and admiHinrtd tlw 
fifrore. kCtcerc hthtnir mi^t'tmmquidiimdfttdiOsfA^jne l^^^ and farms 

Gracorum efi,jutiifndickftsi^^a^^ *'^^*'^^ ^•^-^Mmihomiaei 

Judicej,neujuraret,rtcUmi^e. Thfcy fepdrcthat-in i</4riii^crceduia ad- 
whcn acertaimnan(/ Xemcratisjhffhfy tid lived Godly and tiuai miniflroi . 
gravely among tbem, had given wicneft, and as the faflrion^ f^ P^^^nt in 
cftbe<JrecJerii, approached to the Akarto take oath, all-i"°',^^^^^ . 
tftie'ludger with one Vbicecryedtbat be Iboald imt (They g^a^'^^ "^"^ 
t^iuld not it feems, h^ve belief rather be boiand with re*^ 'mes^yf^Jltkii 
ligiontban triitb)Fit to^his is^tbeaofwer of P&icleif to a vocantur. 
lricnddfblsdtBringhtm/**?Tvp«r 4^v^^i to tcaifiea liej *^^f"^>^^nt ^ 
which he wai t6 avouch with an oath , lanryonr friend , fj^Iu^P^^^' 
qaothbe,tQche'Ak'ar^thatkasfarrarconfcience, religf* /vi<icLiicfti. 
bri and bon^^'fhall permit; hence ^x^ C^ixSpihO' ^ mfifki uoi la vka cjus^^ . 

I dcHverirt^ Aeir teftioionies they were 
wbfl t to' tou^b tl|c tips dPtbc ea ti (fof rcafon to roe on- v ^. 

ktibwh) cUnSi ^i eA trftm ^af/ B^f^i Enmdogic^^ (Botl- 

iJjoi^j^ ^' " -- '^ " Plaintiffi 



.A^Vlpita in. 

tb'm 4mrem vetlit ($^04fffith^ £fU§' 6*,) wd a< _ 
thereof wiflbi ^llde^riii^^pii cp ib€iK9JCplyci,^d bovfc. if tbcf 
dealt faUly. . >a<bi«hi0b^jr4idfSH«¥fWW 
'Ui^iiAtmfiSt^t ofialfiQ wUpeCs an4 Pf ittitfuVbroicd tbciq^ 
«ije#7«;^,i;N . S9«]/c(i9^Qft chg ^icne& wdi Qavpr^^PUt the 
doing 9fibewJi«!g,:Ml9ok«frw^^ kjf N^fjkjf, 

wt^icb the Grfiek Uwyqn cc^roi «£iio4, 9a m «W nHu^iibT^Ua^ 
whea (bey caM W(rom cbofe iba( «c^ 4^ad which wc^c (#> 
corraatand w« allowal^ :^ Boc (o bring a tefttmoay from 
ibe moiicb of oik that vraa alive, an^. within the Tertitoti^ 
of Aphtfu J U would qot: ffA. Aa neicter tbcirs wb9 wierf 
di&arded (he liberttei K^^he <3ycy»4n(M/; or f<erv:aQCi^or^w^]| 
raaO'ia hta owir catifi^ 4 The maoo^ of witneis waj$ tjUVQ- 
lDmlafl^38. fold^citb^by perfQ«ialappaMt4ace»»ndtefiifyb^ pf^t^^^ 

7iiK,aad tbea be was called mpn/^t, in no caje lyable to tb<^ 
'Law» ySmiMQ-,: or file by wrkix^b^ xfihxch be, oft^ed biqpir 
ielf to bia qQefliooa or atqi^cJgnsq^ in law » aglinft, wboia^ 
;bawHae(re4,ifhewtfciK)CffCQ^aDdtbifis/4<«f»W<^^^ Bptli^ 
i{^rttea being beard,and the altercation ceafed>the Pr^nctj^ 
'Cd. TV )rWi«i i?. K, hath fumed u violate ri|ii^ (fo tbey iOf 

4tQ0ir tbatapciently tbe Qreeks gavetbeir fenteocet Witli 
'*Atifta*^i8 black and white pablei,. called * ;«i«;»«i (wbisb thcr Ei;civ^ 
rMccamoiJh. ' «wbliWy ttxm fmelUnes ofn& ^QremyOpiA . ; , , 
j5,tF,i. M^s^miiittl^Hii^ niveuiUri[q$Htafil)^ ^ 

'Hk i$timi0re ws^ '^^^^ ^tjolwe ctilf^. / . . ^ 

the aiitiqiie failiioq wai \)94tb whiti^ ft)^9^|COr4^^ 

bbck tovcondemn, tbi^ accirftd. Pf^io^ to wbi<;^^^ (^5 

fiBiy ipg of 4Uil»$ds$im\^u be waa i^lUd oi^t ^1 ^k% to jgjp. 

rf iEiitn Var **°^™ •'^^ *^^ >ufwcr foj hji life, coQuti^it fopHm ^|» 

lib.,j.c. js/ tt>itb«wbpnccbi^waf?|C??r|ilfcto eiJca^j wb^p^oqiilr 

•Piuc.Mor.f. ked^i«i>ii4f<^v#iiW!^':/>a^ WiU ftK»4.noi;j;r# 

fM kktb , fef I fear ieaft flic being ^emiiir, Md not «ofi.. 

€tivinig riic cnitb,fDift»ke cbc bhwk for tbeivbtte ftooe. Xbc 

biMkfRft4em/^jii»rir«iJ^i»$Mdwt»lo» ibeia4< 

icAceftcr, tfae wbice mnMcmi or topisciBg. Tbey ukil itte^ 

irife bhck and u4iiie kmrn-^ 'm rci^rft^of wbiGli Pythagm^ 

k tbottgbt to baw fpokcn os^Riddte xoi^^y iii 4Q^ aot to 

etc beaiMs by r JV«jw«^iQtcrpreted> fA» os^n>/69m <ri //««.«v f in Ni«^ 

Ar^^fTdw ;tjeM(ic«m, Not CO ttfldermsQC jbfticrwitfa bfibei^ &tcnt« jf, 

dur cbtc men (hoQld get by cbe perverting of equity /I fte no 

feafoD^bot that Imay tbtnk be aieans mto^ongbt not to be 

loofroirard in gcttiogflacef of Judgment For ftu^^fmiZ 

m Apifiophk by tbeScboliaft expoonded //««rW,&:/ xx/i/^»i / P^'m %fo^, 

ffmymf l9 ofed foT a ipdge, wbicb properly fignifies an eater * ^^^^^^ 

of beam. Bnralterw&rdstheyhadlitttipeilctft of 6r«ft ;T* ^ 

Tbebioody onciof tbem vvcre pierced through > tbereficN-e 

iernifcd, h niff^v^if^ v: tbe faVing were iiiiix>te, J'wprm. of 

tbcfc cv^y ont took,of«acfa,one frcta tbe Al tar « a$ I htye , „ .\ , ^ 

ftid^JwhercfoyiDgtbeif hMidsopofl tbe 4iJ^«K,or ballf, they p.^t?' 

ilitiiiiacedby^tfanfpoficionoftbeni»(aifromtbe bfack td vipianin 

tbe ifHiiteitftd from the white to tbe blaok again) that tbey Den^o^ 

woiild'not for-envy -or bf refptdi^at iaditterently & tru:'_^lp*»« '« 

^'jiidgeWberi then they werercadictc paft iteteoce^nbe^^LT^^ 
FrdcptmtticiAtfiatt the i€ra^d%or K^/iWr, n cereatn pitcher ,g^.. ^ 
ijftfor fo J^'JWirtf^Avjf caHs it^uJ'eTcLfJhwingon the month of tc ^ Wg, i^l^. 
ft4K>nvieilniGe like a Tandel; named v»MoV^bat tbr top there* 
of Waa covered cfOfev^Mept ah'ttfefaoIeforonepeHeta^ 
ii time CO be put tn^made foravoydi^g of deceiclfuppofe; 
fetft oneinatt' nolight cafi in mdre^ & t&refore u^ere chey tc^> 
tonch the ^iii only with their foieAngcr , middle , and 

wemaftjQsow^chat the bhitk & whitie peltm were not pro* c P4^4^^ 
Biifo^oufly caft into ote pot , but two- ^Tht one which vid^choi. 
treed wai made or BfUft GaHed *fi-n9^ whecher bocaafc^^'^iH'^' 
thififft thre^itiae^tWr voice^.<)r*ecaufritvay fig^^ ^"""^ 

fbebttter^knoviriK^iiiTb^^ 1:ieing 

*• " ' wooddeoi 




D^oodtn v9tf®*. After the Girkr bftd|}on 

l^ccaiife fome would kftp their bftllf^nii for favour ooc^ive 

ciieir .voice againft a frieod or great perfoh.thercrore becri^* 

, e Anft«|»k: ed I i{i%4,ipt^u ^ft^^.vuhobzih not caft tn h\i hall ? Ler 

\Wci^i%. hittt rife. So tic rofe aod tbrcw it io. 1 beo tbey took tbc«gi 

out aod nnmbred tbcro^aad in mauetef Landi^^oiooy or tbe 

like 9 wbofe v€£rel(for tbere wti msmaiKy fec»as tbe nua^r 

ber of cbe littgama come tojbad moft , got tbe upper baodt. 

Ac the cooAting of cbetua Ntagiftrate (food with a Rod, 

:9c laid it over thofe tbat were toid jeft ibey (hoold miftake 

the one for tbe otber» or wilHi^ly do it. I^r fo grere they 

'/'Scliol.Nax.iB^^^^^^<>*» tbcocc named/ 4«wa4t5. Wbicb^ 7Vr«f 

Qnh. objefts to MimUm about ^;#^jWbeu hy bis deceU ibe ac« 

^So(>li#des ntour was given tdVlyS^sjmA therefore be calls Urn aa^^^ 

lI^'k Ta^I' t(«; 4h^3»j#i. Scb, Jiht9Pxpi79J^^ uot amifle 4.n^c)aiTTtai. 

b schoi. AiHft, , ^ ^fjg^ ^^ number was known j if tbe white or folid balls 

were more, they took their Tabies,wbicb tbey bad in tbeir 
ha<ids,and drew arfhort line,as a token of abfolution y if tbe 
^. . biackorbolioww«remore^tbey4rewalopgerlin,e d^5C€^ 
lAriftopL deiiinirigHen€e/*atftfiTifA«»wi<K^Vfnay be ufed.^ fpr to 
Vcfp. !oc«. cic. condemn every body.Tbe thing it fell ibey tenoned k. A«- 
^ Pa^. 491. XI ^<Nr as ArifiofhMit. By this the pnc party being over« 
/ Arrftoph.p. tbrowsn (I as none ever was without tbe feotence of theju4- 
tleim W S^^ **'* advtrfary wrote.dowo>wha 1 4amm*ges^ he fhppld 
p. 4^4, ' . pay,wbich tbey term cflnx:^ip«v. f9ifht$^chH^ lii^va^^^ 

. in a»A. p. 50. for thofe tbat went to law to make agreeinents^I know i^ot 

wfaetber by oatb,for tbey did (wear by three Gods Ue^tfi?, 
K4dtt?Vi^i;,.E§<t]urHe<or,and puc ^t\v^tfil\\^Ec^^inm tbat .tbey 
wot(td Aand to fucb and/ucb conditions i befo|e f^cen^^ii 
that he that was traft flu)uldr^unjderga.€ lomewba^; fiid ^ftec* 
wards c^:)/{f9e;»v>than is, fet down what joft of ltmbB»pr lifei 
or mcans,&c. for although tbey did crt ;)(y^*^«^fiC4^ive tbeic 
$ Schol, Artft. eftares ai pledgee to afifwer,and meet at tbjt Court > yet i t 

., t 740. t ' may be that may |be lelTe^or more than tbe fine. TtiercM^a 

in caufes capitia) ah other proceeding, lik^ jcpj tba( in the Ci^ 
jy of i^(r^'0f|Wbtte tbeygav^ (woi(Qi;;o^ei»Jq the ^^thgr 




Jrci£oUgi£ Attud. Lih. j. Cap- 5., ilj 

ietisrmined ' Wbei^er chiy Aoul4 coitdemn , or fra^^ 
tbefifft hewas eondeismed, the manner of paftKhofeeot was ^CtflttrcftA 
ordained in tht fecohd : but if in the firft ihcy fdifbd no ^«P- ^«^f; 
caofe of death , they bad the accofed co fine bitnre%''wWb 
y Xen^hkn tntlomces by (aazv^^t^ and if it were co little tbC| ^ Ao^iog. Socri 
Judges doobclefs made it more, as the Schaliajf of jilri^9^ p, 1^5, ' 
fhdfiet. If Jforget not : the cuftomc is fct down by c Cicero^ c6c%w.iJiL 
q^eaking oiSocr^us \ Ergo tile quci^nc damnattts cfi,&c.A^d ^^*^^i 
be too was condemned \ not only by the =firil fuffrage?, but 
alfo by thofe , which by appointment of the Laws , wcrt 
to gtve the fecond time. For in jithgns the aceufcd being 
found g«ilty , if the Offence were Capitalf, they weighed 
mi confidered the Penalty. When tbe fentence was to be 
given by the Judges , they asked the Defendant! what he 
thought himiclf to have deferved to forfeit; &c. (In the T*- 
ffftian Common- wealth this is notoSferved.) In Trial, if 
i^re be more for the prifocers liberty »than a^aioft him^^he 
IS ftreight acquitted; butifmorethan half be in i!he .po( of. 
C9ndemnati$n^he {viitT$. d Socrdtes at the firll bad two turn- d L,acrt» \m S*^ 
dred eighty and one more againtt him than on his fide; and cratp.rr$« 
at the next eighty more were added to the former/b jo all 
be bad ihree hundred threefcore & one condemnatory luf- 
frages. But fewer might ^ave don a^ much . Tor we retdin \ 
€ Depfofthenes of Cimon tike to be ptmi(hed with death, ^I^/ P«fi 41^ 
^i7< </V4Kf«f, if bad there not been wancihg. And iigain . . 
fvfSi l^rod '^^ppt MJ%ytdM ri (xi ^omclt^ rtiisaii, Hay ooe/^^g.^jo. 
was fufiicient. j[ Demcfthtnef. Ut^yiiw dhcS^v<u ^li^y. 3ut X//- ^P»g. .j ja» 
' fidn on the place »Vi /uix#ar ^iPifM viAj»6aM ^i^xts that he was 
lightly puniflied. A If the voices were equal, then was i;hc? Ariflophe p; 
prtfoner loofed-,becaufe fometimes hf niighfbe accbfcd^up' -^^^ 
on fofpitioto ,ror of thofe things' whicli be did not willirigly^ ^-^ .. 
^ commit ; or perhaps was fucd out of mvyvend many other? 
" reafons given by i Artfiotte: therefore fiid the Lwgiv^ ' ProW. fr^. 
leave fane place for piety and coonpaflBon^ Tovihich.the!^^- ' 
Judges were often moved . And therefore would^cluy pitad' 
the \deferrs of their arfceftorSjtBetr ov^n-livc5/6'^it<;r(y W< f ^ ^c- - v f * ., 

Jed. -/Sometimes th^Wtd'tht^Bfecrfv^un^^^ * i^ 

.« t « n 

$€iUlf>b9.-- . children 41) their ar«^$ , ibcyhfl^ t^«uf ^Pt^jh^j^gfi 
« fiti^f. 4^9. view^ or catjfed cbem 4 to C9i^ i3|i i#(o,|^e i^^^npn^f-, 
499- ^n<j iupjpIicatewiibccf^rs:wbicb\vr<^}^fic>Q$il(^^^ 

€Sch/i^TBo J!^^S^5*^hat^i<r*/«fW/mafjcaffpceffi^^ 
i2$,^^' rii 7[u/ yniiilui » drowning bis fcnicoce in weeping. Tbfaifi 
f . 1 1 ^ * compunAion woul4 tbejudges fpeak to the Prifpaer^eduW*^ 
r ^liah. Tar. 0<t, Ktt-jJi Ca^ wi(hiog bim, to go down froni the Sv^A,9i tcj^eo^ 
? V'^ V^- often of Mercy -^tboogh now and then ti proved otberwife. 
i % Tiw7' ^*y '^ ^^* a word of difpleafnr^ too^as when dPUto w^oukl 
ttJ nh^iJ[€f b^vc been Advocate for So^rAten r^ciiAr®- £f, iaHt^ti A*» 

fjMt^of^ n n ^UKXJCf,^ cm n$Sf^t^ c%ei^4r7arr,tbey tbutidred 0QtK«7a^Ki^ 

*^'"^ ^^^*" •wr,TjiTWMaw^»»3/. Neither may IkirgcCtf/4ir(;W4it<hefbro« 
e#r7©-. ijj^ oi^^fcbflm the Tragcsdian*, who, when ibe j)A)p1e 

JTpoTi'ocr. ^«^^'^ have ftoned lii$ brother for fome impiety troogbt on^ 
initio,' ' ^ tbt ftagc^beld op bis elbow^and arm without a band, loft id 
h Athcn, Rep. the fighc atX4/4i^^.by wbiqb fpe^aclf tbe Jtidgo; calttng tOt 
^4o^• . ; mfndthcracritiofylw«4i;di(miflp4 the Pofei, Neither 
TU^^nu^ may I omi? what fXittQfb9n objedixotbem^tbaf th^ carei 
7hfym '^trm^ not fo tDuch tot^jaftice, as regarded, what qiigbt condtscie 
fared foofffijl/ moft to tb<^ir own profici^d be convenient: g At that they 
iM^ utifie. condemned innocents, & fpaied offender^^ that could fpeak 
hli^lhe wf ^^^' Fuf tliermore^^pptbcr fawU p£ i|heiw, wm>the prolor^-- 

jwtfulif in ^ Cg^\i^i^4. Now w,e do not t»nd)e fiiits of. abovA tbftetf* 
pr<Mu0wi»/ fcoreye^rs^bttt we arc pt*c off till the next daylr^^ t* 7rfr. 

#f wC'" 3^ ^^MiK^'^s Ijot.we^comc to triall vwtiif^ewenty. 

pIpymentsVA? Ng a?{th^.qife tamgin fpfp^oife^tAie Mine af> 
Pand n!^ "* tlie ^ccafe,d^t^?;>^ ^mopg tbie(/E(?w4*/<wbeflii^iff i; FtvKdm% 
^^^*R' P^J«. /i)expofe4 coa pnblUk.Xablerto the vifwpfalli^en;, wbikh t 
' Denioa. in ^hcy term ^it^oj. Dctp(fihcu9St «i«6 <i«tK.*oiT* i»^^* ^ Bftt^Jptvp^ 
Mid. J47. ^ VlfUn ^,#p7i^Hii ^T?Ci,c^Wo TO. Ypn (ee:bfeefbc^>ace 

too. m attheSi;2(Cue$pTtb|;t S;^9^fV/^.; Beforcit man was / 
convided^ all chat cbey obiededt^o Ki|;|(^«vr{i$iMiic«<VU . tec' 

I ^ 

Atch4tologUJkticKi.Lih. J. C<^. ?• '^5 
ml>mo(tUfksvtmAAf\ix\%y&'»^^tttTt^ tat after •f^^*** Ar*. 
,proel iViyx^' ?**' ^^^^ •^•i»tiV, >g t»M»3i'* Jf/J ^/5«. After ^ ni« m 
judgment pift, » V/f k"».|m<. Ati inditcment of facrilcdge , * • '' .^ ; . 
theft, tnurdcr, trcafon, is but «7-tU •, the and c6ii- 
vin(ftioQ make, it Jm^x®*' ^^^ fcntence 6Vi/.jj/jt r. 

► • • . 

ON tbc tiil!,on wbidl the AerofMs was built, flood the 
AreefdfH4\\xi the old Trandatioa of the Ads ot the A- S E C t. II. 
pofHes rcudcrcd Vicus Martim^ by our Engl»(h men, Mrfi'i 
Mr i^r^^^falfly. For m riy9 bears not that ftgniiication,biit 
what ^ JFa;/?!* Mwrm interprets* o/4aA»f rf »©^,an eminent * ^^'» Tulliiu 
|)Iacc. Er>2 5xd<y.tJr«[uJ'4i«7r#Tifft/®fvW. For thatjudica. *'f«'/'^'^^J,. 
lory was on a high rockTberefore named by c^fchylmH klmTdZibii 
d Eur pUes, "A? f^ tj^^Q-, by i Ovii^Se^fHlm MitwtM , ji fei/^j ^i pUcei 
fEnnim^ AreBfa.gitit4 fttfM : focalled, bs found Antiquity t^nipta hjw^ 
would have it , /from the judgment O) the twelve GodI '»'f» Jf^*T^***- 

BmiE»fff/?i;iif/jfrr;^,becaufebe was there am«ied ot a- ,r^'^.v^ 

dultcry; ^^X'^^v '^^^^ '^t*'^^''^'^- But alike true k |)tedfev Dion.HaU, 
HJe w^ to conilder tbe fuperOition ot the ancients,that cofi- H^t stif ir^. 
iecrtted high places to their deities, and ereAed the ftaiue» J'^'^ ^ . ^^i* 
of their Gods upon bills. As i Paryrtt, HjmMm.hpi^heffhHif pllZt;!^:^^ 
whence fupiter fametUm, HjmtUim^Knehifmiiii. And as gus ijUla ruttsca 
id htbcfts^Wept^fieh^i aHillndrw/wi^^fr o/:>^0')«$Vkr^^M^' ^^w^* /"ww 
iherKe/^ ir^>.®^ip4iiaftotber,n«tr^^ ruy^^rettff^ another •»>* ^«^/« 
E^f*5 «>t»-,fo if/nfjhis Artfip0tm k e/f/rA^/^^ givef it a ^^jj/p^'^* 
iiofDtttfttion from the ^•^^^^/i/jTacrificing to il/^n there ^ .VAaa^^ / 
when they came and ftyught agaiftft Thtltm. Or, iCMi^ 
you #ill receive the opiiHon of other r, it tal^a ibe^ Euaicakkf; 
name from the cftfes ia it handle4, of Wood wilfrn^^J^^v. \ ^J 
ly ibed: fo Htj)t\^m, 'Af«^ lori^Sli that- ^^M^J^-\lSi^i^- 

/VidsScatlg^in cen}^ gDcaiail. p. 41^ PauC p. t^. Sla^coo. Mer. ^^^^^ i« 

Pa vtnd 

m Afchylai 
Ad Atuc.Lt. 

p Dc bcllo 








onyCoperalE >.' 

in vjf» Dioii.t 
cPachymr, ;. 
iMTo^viit-Ac^^ • 



ri6 Atb^oJogUAiti^di Lib. 3 C^. 9^ 

vtm^lttU \tCmm MateU, yoo maj^ lOterprec ilt'?5lr 
Cot^t iff Mftrthtr , buc wiUiogly commiued. This is tCTf- 
med by the m TrAgctdtun^ tht mofi unccrrmfi^JiArf^nvarntd 
CoHnctl\ cbao which nothing is more conftaDC/^faics^ TuUj 
comparing to it the Romaniicnatc'nothing more fcvere^ 
by cPftudo DiBjsCretcnfuixus flillcd Judicium ftvtriffimtem 
fer ontntm Cr^utidmi Than which ooriC Jodged beccer- 
more jaft,or honed, faics f Xinofhbn. q Plutarch writts that 
diif Court was ordained by S^on\ and rC/rrro received the 
like opinionvbuc that Teems to comradid \u wticb flurarcb 
prefently brings^qooted in the cbirteenih table • chat (bey 
who bad lofl (heir liberties (hould beretiored dgata, aidcft 
they were condemned by thtyirfopagit^SjBfheid^Prjt^^nes^ 
^i^//ii,of murther.flaaghter, tyranny^wtcn that Law wps 
enaded. And by and by,/T^«<i^ ?«» ito& s<ja«x©- ^ &c. , 
Who w«re condemned xuAnpfagm befereJ*<//«ii/. tihie?(if he 
firn infticuced i\\tAr(9fAgua)t.Qi\itxszit of opinion, that 
SoUn added the Arff^giht to the Efhetd (Judges fo caUedj 
becaufe when formerly the M4f$U^ mad^ inquiiitiim aftce 
iQortber unwillingly (ommitted^Z}r4P0 made ic if W^i^i that 
is,trMflated ic to tl)e£^fie,tbeir op,mt>er wa^ bac fifiy one 
•od (bough they jtidged in five Courcsonce,yet by little A&. 
little tbey became ridiculous.) upoff^ird^ faies^he aboUfhcd 
tbcir lever itfy<& fnbfticuiedlche^jropf^'if/^ Bxiia Vrt$£m^ 
mim more probablyitbati(tf/oi^ was not tbeAutbor of this Se- 
natc.bitt brought it into a better foj|:m,m2de k more ftrong, 
Md firm and augmented tbe power of it.For Dtmco it fee^i^ 
leflencd the authority of it, deriving it to the Efheut-^ SqIob 
reAoredths^t authority and made it greater.^ To this com* 
piny none wer^admitted^buc wife,w9^ltby ai][4 nobli? a^o^ 
tfifamQW fpr goodlift^i^ndirwQcen^y^i^ ^' t^p «i i<r<A«spi»f , 

wbojodjaomanjcould jMftls.fWig^iof juifd^mewior. >^»f» 

men wMe b^hatrjoui; was iRt^jkrahJe^ 4 ^f^hri^Mfs a^V 
fMa^^tHTi h-ni 9 after they were chofen Into theColledg(i 
o£< the Areopagitisi abhorring and. bkbflbi qp at tbcir for mtr 
^fpolJfiobi,^:icifSv7^'^M^^Vf4 ^fS^SuiCbab^ed-tbetr an^turoB,^ 
embraced, vertoe. The immber of tbcm is uncertain^riVJr^- 

_.. . % 


£ A 

Arch^oldgU Attk£. Z»/iu J. Cap, J. ri 7 

f iarK4 / /'^t hymtrim fifty and «e. But what M^ximm pro- ^r|»u b^tio" 
3uccs atter,is fomcwhat,that they confifted of fifty and one, AFdrotia. ' 
feefidti' the Nobifi^y moft wife and x\th.7t^\jj} V^ v^vrmitiM* ^ *'^l^ y»m tf 
v^irfl.j.c, bi» 5toV<yw c^>3tt€ef'7w^ By which words he {ttxti%^^^^'^^^i'^[^^^ 
to aycB ac the nine Arcontit ^^l who when they bad gover- ^t^^^^^ ^^^ 
ncd one year, and given an acconnc of cbeir oflSccs^and had Archon.Thc-- 
admioillrcd all things juftly,werechofen yearly into this fo- r«nothcrar, 
ciecy. For which ele^ton apn»a), the nupibcr wa^ doubtful. I^afircus. I'o^ 
For (ome might die in that fpact or all live, and in the next f^^^^l^^j^r . 
year be increafed.f^^/n/^rriiif) out of an old infcription in A- pcricid ^^m' 
€rrtff*/iii,faic$ that they were three hundred, Ta A.-.MnPOtA $f[]jat mmhtf 
'i'iij&c.To the moft famous ftufimFeJhu.froconJfil cfGuece ytctufthauver 
Mi AHofdiin the counsel of Areopa^w cwp^ing of three hun- ^J^^'^p/* '^^^* 
^cdi^nd the people 01 A then* fet up this monument for a pcrU:!p m!" 
. tfjfimovidl ofhu f^oodwUlani benevolence. But that tni^bc on- h Anonymus 
^ iy happen wbep this wasereded. i!i They continued all tht\t\^^o\z^6u( 
life time in this dignity , and were never ptii out, ot ^mt wt- J.^^ ftatu lta» 
>»AWiUi<«p7r, nnlcfs for fome grand ofience, i Bc^f eels us Mjch]^^.* 
i; bowtrne 1 wot not) that they were ait ?nt^.Atbe§iienjes 
ilimi0'c. The ^li^^mW, quotb be did ftrire to clialknge to 
tbemfelves the prerogative ofwifdome ^ and to them is it 
bene what the Apoftl^ faics. The Grukffeek ^fter wifdome^ , 
Nevertbelefs their AreofAgtu , who had the power of alt 
fbiogs confifted of Judges that were Prieft J and the High 
Srtd^ief all that askedeveryof their fentences took the fuf- 
ftages. Their authority was unlimited. Foi i^ they were Or f PKtarth, 
fHwieers of all ; / Judges of wilful murthers > wounds given .^^•^^* 
put of pretecfdcd Doalicc: which would make lome,baving-a j, , ^c* r//' 
defirerto drive a man out of Athnsi go to a Chirorgion and Dem.p.4«tf*. 
inakewanriflcilioii in tbetr. heads, tl^c they might fue him «» Demoah. 
wb#in they hated upon aniftiw of Jbattery ,a$ wMantitha^ *^" f^^- 
nif agaiafti?«rp(JM.Tbey fate upon jincendi^ries.&impoifoners !1^**. 4 «iL 
if the^party dyed xx^t took tbeurdofes. m They faw that the a Dcm/p: 44 j. , 
lawi ihbuld hie t>uciti executiot),fuch uConMren would have b Pachymer. . * 
mKmceto fce Guardian^ tontbeir Statutes, c In a wprd^ all ' iniSympof. 
^^t^k^tm^iWkt Bpder their cenfurcs-TJucy iMuircd ^I'J^ iJZifi'' 

g Anon. Arg* 
h De AAtuc^ 
peorum i. 
i Eft cnln\ 


I iS ArchMlogUtAttkd. Lib. 3; ^^/^»5« 

/itftii//e fc; A- (harply reproved a young man for bit loofc livtog. Ai'<»i^ih- 
' 1.4. p. i^T. ^^f^^^p^ nf T^J h9Hora}t7f»f,iccA!aL\t$iheD$pnoftpmff^^^ 
< Lib. i.c, ^' r/i^i Cy1^^A-iw»/# £/? C^ ejnfdem mrhis { [anRiJJimtim C9nfilium 
fhuViitu ' Ar«p4^i«i,i^r.Thjercislikewifc in that City thcmoft ik- 
3^V ^ ?ip^* crcd Gouncel y^rr«^4|i/i, where they were worn moft dili- 
AMJ/X^' * iW 8^°^'y ^^ cnquire,wbat every of che -rf^^f www did,by what 
T/^r(f 7«w i^ gain he maintained himfclf, and'whac.bis irade,and adiciis 

were, tbac men » knowing and rcQiembringcbac once cliey 

mud give an accouncoi t&ir Uve$,ipighc embrace honefty. 

I The Greek author eels ut tbac except in great cafes ofne^ 

cefBcy tbey medl^d not with Rate aflaires ^ but it fecms a- 

therwife. For if any gne fay,(}uoth jb ThUh^ that ihe hui^ 

bdlum ^dftum Repubiick can be well governed , without tbe.c^ncil oi 

conGlio Scnatus the Jreopi^itts-^ he may ai weil fay that the World may be 

Off u^^' governed without the Providence of the Gods, when the 

k Plutarch. In Medes and Perfians invaded Greia, 1 by the advice of them . 

ThemldocU was the war waged^whereinT'i&f »i^^0c-/ejr purcbafcd in ever* 

pag S4 ^* I • laning noemory of a vidory^And when their pubUck.Trea« 

/ P«ll. L5.C. 4. fury ^m b^j^e, tbey ftfrnifhed each man with eight Dnab^r 

mes^tkd ftored the (hips with Mariners. Which advice^when 

they had wonne the day^was a caufe faies lAnfiotU. <fb»?#* 

fmri^f *&#m«r/ 9 ^n^/TH>Jto give fltengtb and fincws to tht 

Arc«p p* 111 Commonwealth, m Under their fight were all the youth of 

/ ' * Athm* For this reafon efpecially , becaufc that when tbey 

were reckoned among men, & were come to age they iiee^ 

ded more care^to be bad of them,than when they were cfatff 

dren. (not obferved by our Countreymen in fending tbdr 

fons young to the Inns efCtnrt) Youths and beat of bloody 

unftaidnefs in fudgment^raftinefs in adventure»^and{Kroti^ 

iiefs to vice , 4eadiilg, ot ratber carrying beadiong, leiidfif 

years to their own deflnidioa. To tbetn apptertainQd 

blafphemies againft their Gods^ violating of Religiom ft di^ 

volging Myfteries/aswben Mttrjfclidesxbt Htcrophdntaia 

«dUerrlib:i.itt anfwcr to the queftion of Tk$dcrHs, Tint ftQ^ J# «Vti8f#n( 

Ariftifip. »5l. ^i^j, ^ pwrfewj wbooffend«d4igainfl: the myflerie ? Ol^ik 

ttgtiiisp (oSn cftf i^rsf, tf(ityed| fitcb^tt^o tbfffi 40 'fin^ 

. i i" WTO 

m Ifocraf es 

«liat9tiioftiQCttiitfil. Tii^ffoi^ %il0tb the Pbiipfibpluir^art, 
tboti^impioii9.Far vKcKcriM.bad noL D4mtrms PbahttH*, 

it*^X^M$cf4 ^f>ty/af,40iln^ bcftn brougbc before tbe Comicil 
eS J^^f^s By vertiit c^t which aucMricy ^J^ahI was here 
jixdged for tcacAilng ftn^ng^ God$ (a« they fuppofcd.^^^ For ^ Sireccf* 
altbougb chat tbe Athini^^twett under the Ktwaus . yet Mcaphrail^ 
vheir tords mtde tbem.vfroi^f^ /«i ]ivrrj-,& permitced tbe 
to ke^p cheir ancient cttSoines. Tbe manner of proceeding 
in thisCourt,wa«thn». After the fellony coramirted^ihe ap- 
pellant brciigbc bis indi Ament tatbe RafiJcus^ who i;iving 
tbe prifoner andbis.accufer aodstiencconcca monib^ac (bret ^ p^^j^, I ^^ 
feveral times toi debate tbe baiineff, in the foonh montb.« ' * . 

brings' in the acculacion to tl^e ^rt(fagkayi and puctiog off 
tbe i:rown wbicb be was wont to wear, fate down as fudge' 
with the Are9p^ites inthcdark;for ihcy judged by nigbt^ c Ihttnmlm. 
faies c LucUn tbac they might not regard tbe fpeaker, but p. 505. 
what was fpoken.k being tberc forbidden.^ ir^ctyLtil^\^iu i^;*^ P«iiwf3p.405 
iiKTi(iisu,to roovc CO compaffionjandufcfri&ems^as in other ^ ^^^ ^JP* 
Coiifcf,wbei-ein they craved tbe Judges lavour and atteoti« pag/^j^.* 
on, which by Dsmofihemtzxt termed »-^tfy5rif.This f An- ^e: Pollux loro^ 
fie tie tails 't^« ?Y ^yiidL-r^ ^i>ftV) to fpealLbendetbe roat* ^^udaco. Dcm . 
tcr.Betore the trial both parties Avear(wbich they ftile gi'u,.^^^ ^»ft- 
, f/«^i«f./Tbe Appealer fliandingiip^n tbe ^y?^/ of a Goat, ^TplluTanJas 
Ram, and mBalirufiiall to the ffwi^^as Tyndarus fworc tbe Lacon p. 1 r j, 
Soiters of l/«/fif4,tt»ttI)ey(hould revenge any wrong done iUcm Mefla. . 
iober,and her prcdeftinated hmband>^? rS i»a» * 7«^*i', "^55*»' P- "<• 
&/y^rrirfci to the children of /ife/r^c^^'iS Tf/ji:^t<»'^)took Jo^^*"^ ^* 
<»itb>tbereiorenamed9pft9^,c/7rM02:</ar,in which be niamtain- j-ji^^y^ ^rt'*/, 
ed^tbat be dealt juftly.an4rigbtly , and that he was joyned pya Poflard/ 
in affinity to the flain man,i^ which if Ik were not,*bc could -^^^^t the jit^ 
not profccuee^tbeLaw forbidding.The reafon why he ftood ^#?'»^ «^- 
WB* 79pJ$nf^l fappofeis^bccaufe they are the inftruirients of ^*J^'*^^J!^^^^ 
generation, &.in that oatb;if be were not truc,he wifhed an cched. Dt 
fxtirpation of bis boule^bimfelf and his pofteMty. In which Athcn. Mag. 
Jfebp were perjured, he waslyable to no pum&menr, as a- ft^V^^?; . 
njong tbe kQmui9^i]^jMritindt mnmffA n^ili^t [^^ ^^ rcb! crcd 

mm ultirem hdbtt. Forfwearing is pQriiflied by a ref eogifig 
Godjbat if any fworc falfe by the life of the Prince , befell 

oer Tworc^v^bich among m will notbe allowed .Then laiwg 

'. , each of them open * two-filver ftonc$,one of which was nu 

^iz^^tt.^ mcd > :&& V^e««s the ftone of injury , the other A»ai/*/i«,by 

AirianfHnius thought Artfiri'eti of innoceuce,not.impudeflCfc 

A ^**^° *^ appealer asked the prifoner tbree^ucftions,wbich 

lSS!*S». *«^/^fc;/w calls Tcitf^^^xfc^erm. Firft, whether be were 

\t Ibidem.* goil ty or no,c #/ i{^tw7»r*<-,to which he ani wered, 'ix wr* or 

. ¥* *4x Hif :f,yca,or nay'.fccondly^owJ JufrTU^nritf; for what rca*\ 

ion he did the more hcr?Tbirdly ,T<V©- Rts^ ii/V*C';^*"^ were-. 

. the Abbetors ?Then arofe there certain taw^ers/tgii>iiTa*\' 

i /Efcbylui who (hewed whether the Mnrther was«oram«ted«*Gi»*f i'U^ 

?«R. 19;- in Juftice. (e For in Athens tbefe were fach CoBt)tctioiir$,to 

e DcmQft.vii. ^jj^n, j^ niattersof difficnlly they had rcforc)By Ca^^ctf^jf^ 

f BciDoft! pag. y^'^ ^^^ underftand thofe canfcs/m which fCkMco thouj^t 
ii%, ' '.it lawful to kit a tnan. As taking him comaaitting uneleane&' 

with wife,tnotbcr,fifter,daughtcr,or concubine, or any wh^ 
•he accounts among his ctiildrcn-, the party fo offending 
might be flatnin the manner by him .againft whom he had 
^%^^''^' trefpaffcd. Likewife,in the defence of a roans goods, if the 
conrra ri . j^eifwere killed impunity was granted. After this inquifiti* 
Vide Sylvium ^^/'^^Y Puffed to lentence,wcH was given very privity , as /#* 
iirOrat/ pro Wif4/ intimates. Ergo occulta teges^ Ht Curia Martii Athenit^ 
Flacco. withoutipeaking (as the Tabellares lennntU of the Romans, 

g Tsrcmiuj. in which they wrote C.if they condemned, A. if abfotved,N« 
y ^f/^'l!\j''' L'^^thc cafe were not manifcft)henceA2«0TO>#T««)«ti'» /If S-j 
7^'t^ Kin^fTi. ^^ ^^^ ^^^^ i* ^^^^^ *°^ filent; and Ap«o»ay m; for one that 
'i^fif, is grave, and whp can hold his peace, and iii whofC'Counte*^ 

'Pach*imcrlu». mncc Ug*tr ifl is feverit OS cm t 9KuTifiv7mf i§ ^J&tjwiarini )l <ri»»»- 

iDem. ct>n» ^^^ ^ What foever they concluded of,ftood irrecovera^Ie,Gri- 
Af iHocrat. p ^^^^ kould there be an y a|)peal to anbtherTribunal. And no 
k Afiftii.Tom. raarvcl.For fo upright was their fentence,s that none,eitberj 
jL. p. xa J, Appellant or Prifoner, could ever fay, that be was unjoftly 

cmidemned. Nay both parties,aswdi 
.ch^y that ca{l» are alike contented^ kjkgi^i ^fy^Cf9 o^w 
■'"'• •' " '~" V to7$ 

jiirchMdlogU Jittic^. Lib. 3* Cap] g. 1 2 r 

jb?<«ixe^mfti^fr;AfifrdQomtfaeprtft>iier waito intferdcaclL - 
In which ^icjcntim «ifo the AnptgiM btd a cafe left the 
nm6centlhk)tid1)d^afii^ tbc gniky. /When there^/ ak^d.v^; 

fore ther had rondeAihedii woman for poy foiling another^ Hift Ls.'c.xj. 
they deferred the Exccetton, becanfe (he was great with 
cfriid^aad ftraight way after her delivery put ihc mother to 
death. Whieh cuftotne is by us alfoobferved at our Aflizes. 
ffflcwillnocbe^^niifs to relate one memorable thing done m ValerM^ 
in the time ofDo/^JeZ/k Proconful 6f-rfj{4;Who,whcn a danie P* i "• 
eiSmjrfiA was brought before him, for killing her husband 
and fon, who had deprived her of a hopeful youth, begot of 
her by a former hnsband^referred the audience of the matter 
to the Arc6f^gites\ who commanded the woma n and her ac* 
ctifertp appear fomefaundted years after ^ that by fnch a 
Eottome of time , fcareeabfe to be unwinded-, they might ^ • 
fliew, that they would neither condemn nor acquit the wo* 
man. One thing more 4 .^Wf/Mntelsus^that tbey^Mririi^» «Likquiac«. 
ire J a boy putting outtheeiesof Quailes. Becaule it was a 
fign of a mind, likely to prove moft pemitious. Their power 
was (haken and famewhat ptnckt down hjbEfhidlmfi (bre h Plutdrchj, 
enemy of OUgiorchieaU government , and more inclioihgvir.^.^5$. 
to the people,who was fecretly flain by c Arifiodicm oiTa. * ^^'^•l ^»- 
jy^r^.They fate three daiei every raonthtnTsVy ^ifoi?®-, f.fuy'^^J^' 

-^. ' » 



Rer the fiegeof TVi^^fomeof the Grecianacame with 5^^' V^' 

Di^mtdes^ d who kept the Palladia, to the coaft of * fj$ //bX 
ditties \ and arriving by night at Pkalerumi (uppofing it to XrojanaJ. 5* 
be anenemys country ,wenttomakeaprey.wt)ereZ>/ffrtffi!r6if a, 140. 
Ignorant that they were Grecianss came to aid and defend 
his own,and^flew many of the Jrgivi'^ which they caft out 
unburted^whofe bodies when no beafts had toucht(f i/sr «rc^ ^ ^**^ •^^^^ 
^i^Avi ^(J»p faies PoilfiXi^ibt Incerpreter^if jy//m z^ivm^l bet* ^*^^ ^ 
ter think it no creature either foul pr fieaft ) Aamsi 
(hewed that they were ^irj^iRi having t)irP4//4^#/^^.B^^ 

Q warned 

wtfocd chcii bf tbe Orack(wte MMdibcm kj^fS^^ijdmt 
fSdWStpiii if,f»«hcrkoawing,WKkiiowi)i^fJwW 

t joiikatory for Divrtbers wMriUingly coanmiced, and cai-* 
•iiisfmpiy kdit * «^* a«a€/«i* jjprrj PsUsdiMm^ asfoinc. Hcrcwas 
/# rifrbf P^i« Dewmfbm firft tried, who ramroUig from this bauaiUiUcd 
WiB« ^l«a»withbifliorfc.f ' ' 

^^A%^ ^' '^'■^^ ^^^^ ^^*^^ ^ fiKis6cd tbe Laiv^or sqierally f<i>r ihe 

So^(# -^^*vi- k If any had ftriken a man or a woosaiMtDd tbe par- 

nAM«/i.7. ty cbaooed co dte,be was jadged ia tbif Court sin (acb ofea 

g Vdui* Akc* ibe Law wa« very faronrabie; for tbe party offending w» 

^\^7* HOC poniflied laicb perpetsaU exile - in^tQ/tt , u in wijfall 

727.Ti(Lp.^47.wberetbegoilc:y bad biskfespoooatb, tbat be would oer 
tDem a? 19. ver tetarn) but be did k'^^)i^^^ ^ gentler term J For ir 
IDemoaheoa, ^f^ ^ coftome of oM, to give a ccruin iomme of mooy^tbe 

JeS.?ii II I. ^''•^^ ^^ >?**^'" '^'"'"' '" wilfaitall wasconfifc^tc ) ta 
U&Lh^i the kinred of tbe fliin tbat tbey migbi noi depart their 
Ut ^99d^^i{\H coaotfy.bat i( tbey coold not parcbafe anaboad^cbey went 
m&'OC' kMne where dfe. mOvJU.C4tJefmarf4aiPMnflmpftfBts 
r ^?^"^^^ rr/ifwif. Tbcir difcoatimiance was Wt for ooe year, «M«rf 
ni'tiinttt S<no«rteo'i£\ iwKit^mi,^ iMa^'^^fS. The ooney di£. 
Drmofthen. borfed OH fucb occafioos was property catted «a'»^f M)f ut* 
lt0( cer' tutHn^fi^ from »«f ©- mortber^u if it were tbe price of blood* An4 
f»<77# ^ c# the Scbaliaft onSffb^cks telk as tbat wni is (poken only hm 
Vl^o^^^^' »«n»^aAS<>5tfttJiorf of payment of wony^bac abnfivcly of 
Umllhtab' any panidioient. 4 If tbe party woaadedbad forgiven the 
uind remfflf^i offender before bis deatbgor tbe allies of the man deijperaie- 
fnmfme^the ly hurt* none coold afterwards compel bim toflce» other* 
^T^^'^ wife he fted. And to tbe flighr, he betook bimlelf to fome 
4 Demofth. ftcqaaiounce^by wbosi be was cleanfed from the g^H^ witli 
I Faftorum %. certaifi ^eremontes of wa&ing t wtucb tbe Romans call 
ln!cia. Fikr»4. So was Fmr^lw^ Pehm^Mide^, Ahmmn pttri£^ 

ed; kOvii. 

' o C4dr 

Arch^tdogU^iut. Lit. ^.Caf.$. i2j 

C4de M tMm9»%M folvh AfMffiU a^um. * . , 

fe&am ff^nati fir imae ^4cmhm t/£fem 

" Crtinlm immerita Phafids f^vit oft i 
AmfUdTMiJiti Nd$tfii£t49 Acketf§ 

Ak nimiftm UcUes , qui triflU erimin^ atdU 

Flumnei toiU f^e fu$Mii 4^00 ! , 

ftitbtf ceremony they did^cf«i, facrificc, faies c Dm^^^'^'^ ^^* 

/*wri which ciiftomcrikewife was obfcrvedby ibeiirr^- 5*J!^/f^'cW 
«fW4i»itnihe loilracioo of Orr/?«i from the blood of hit rinch.p.7'4. ' 
Mother) which I gather by the feaft which they prefcntly Kcteifp«i/f 
celebrated there , and yearly obfcnred afterward. Twi P^^ ^^^K 
fnanner was done with water , as yoa may read taken ont %f]|)^^^^^ 
of the well Hiffacune . made by the foot of Peg^fm j the * ' 
fprtnkltng was with a littk boogh of La wrcl , as I (appofe, 
(by the words following perfwaded to it, whkh teUsos. 
that when the oiditf^iii were buried) there fpronted out of 
<hem ft Bay tree)andafter that K^Wf hi^ , dvm, r^ nt^ofUuSgu. 
This> as I fiud , was in his flight » K ct7i#»6' wip 1$ vWf 1^ 
^•fiifmfin^. The proceeding iti bis Conrt , was fir ft , Hit* 
m$U , fadt as before I mentioned , an oath of each party , 
accnfer and defendant t fecondly , \t>@* , their fpeectiet 
on both fides: thirdly, y^S^u trng^^t ^ Jadgmentr If the 
priibner were found entity , that is, unwiuigly to hare 
morthered , then had be a time appointed him , how long 
be (hoald flee , as above faid » until be be h|td made peace 
and gotten pardon from the Coofins of the deceaftd. 

T Athens there wasaTem{rie ereAed bv ct^^nfsStCX.Wi 
. C who Kftd in lkiphhtum)to the honor i^Afoih Del- ^ Plutairii. i 
fkhmsuA DUtu DtlfmnU ^ 4 where was the Tribonal na- ^'^to Arifli^ 
ined «• AsA^irif otim AiKfni^ AKifsitim.^ln this Judicatory ^^^ j. . "^ 
wore heard cafes of murtber, urtieo the party confeffcd the * AiiaWvar; 
faft , but pleaded that it was legitimtte. k for the law re* 1*5^* > r« 
quired nopcmifliment Of any man that Ihonld kill another '^f'TlSli ^ 
fikiog htm coimnitting adnlicry with bis Wife > or unclean^ H^mT^ 


_ ♦- 

Ir24 ArckMhgikAttic^e. LiL 3. Cap. p. 

ncfs with his Mother, Sifter, Daughter, Contjabioe, or ftce* 

Childreti* Likewise in prefervatton of bit goods, or owtt 

defence be fpilt blood, it was not capital. The (ird that was 

arraigned here was Ti^f/^Mi^aincaining the rVght he bad co 

fir»b<t.;> 4«^. fliy the Theevcs, faics e polfnx^^ ( I know not- wbetb^r- hfc*' 

riPaufaw, u^^gj^ Sciron^tid Erocruftes &c. ) ntiiP^l^ with biixbil- 

^«.P4»7^ drcn who were Rebels. Before this trial of The/ens ^ ^ wbo- 

foever had flain any body was compelled to ftee the Coiui* 

try,or (laying die; werethe caufe never fo fuft Ev nV>mrfl», 

Here they fote on things inanimate. As ii a (lone,timber| 

• iron,or jfuch like fall on a manj and kill bim^if t^ie party tfaac 

flang this be not known , fentence «a<$: pal] on vthat ibing . 

/*oHtt« l6co whiai flew him jand ibe/^y^&^<«^H«*^ tbat *^ere tbe-Maftf rs 

^^^^*' ■ of this Court^were to fee this thing caft out of the Territo* 

ftThTi!. • '^' "» of jidens; to which g t^feUnts ailudes. T« i;^ SJa* ^ 

'dm%7^fi \iar«£fei^o*«iy^- The firft thing that here was jcidged 
was an Axe, wherewith the Prieft. i^bpm they call b* ^ir^, 
. had flain an 0& on the altar i^f^fkefP^Uftis m tbe,|inie jqf 

the Sea , Js a place which they name: ^iwdvli (tontPJjrefftms 

a^ Hir^s, fooie think^ not becaufe k Hood in a pit^ whence 

fc/LiWoaan yPoUfiM names it ci^fiam. Here they were judged who 

?!Dciiiofth coa ^V*"S ^^^ ^^^ of' a.n^6ber country for unwHf»l mnrther 

Artfi 4i</ ' f^^^"^ ^^ UCfixiv'mf fwih hJi^pWo^fitbey tba^d^ove bint one 

Ape acquitting him/if in iheipace of tbia exile itbappened 
that h^ittingiy flew another be anfwered here. Tfaepxo« 
M? jT h*^* ceeding was in this fort, the Juflges affemHedi# ^f €«7?ar,ia : 
GualtcrC^^ a place feated on the Sea , XriTit^v imK^Ki^mv im^Kdilf^ , 
0/ WUiik lit where the gf^Ufj drawingjiear tn^a^^^^ar ^iir^wat to make 
ierpr^Un ^ . his apology, i>»< ittd^flitv^ ftot coming to /liM^ or tonchr 
Scalaw tferijK iog it,ocither cafling anchor,/ ojfe moaringbiahafji^endathc , 
mnm^u w^*"^ ^oandgQilty*e underwent defer vedpunifluDent: if 
Uddirytin h^ were not found gmlty . they clearied him ot that Jad^ not, 
Greek . " > = ^'^f'f ti^glpS '^iPl Qf ^be fymtt mfdi 3 Mj^w w« f*«» •fi'* 
-^oTiMe^^: \ ^U» H>';^;I knqw ^ot urbethjer I laiLy i>e.of <faailj^WMtbM 

a»J*Bi^fa^. Others are^jhis^t^baUfft^ w«je;«»ttii||h«i*r.y^lj bewfV 

' ' ' ^ ; v^rr ---^■— -- expofcdi 

taftqnoted Wd* fe«n «o contradift i%, Tbe fif ft that ^ver 
«ifweredhcrewMrf«rtr, innocent ;jjf« 


laaaeappealto ihisGwrt Wlucbgiyw light w^4vfi*tk *poiitit.4.«.i7 • 

Tl't» (wnJI»J .ft«»cii«i»; Jadlcatories concernii^men flying fot 
iBUf ihcc.ibat care for tbeir bringing back again , fucb a$ in 
Athns, ii it f M*f f ♦. Wben tb« p^ktty profecoting will not 
ftdiiut' ofteponciiiacion,. ■ .:. . . ■ j .-. . ... - . .. ' . 

' - "* ' 

Efi<kithcfeGdiirtsof:Woo4«k»^<iuiif«f^^^^^ v . 

••Jwcjc forc'ml mactcrs Yhe Btfi^s of w^^ before 
for the ewxHeiKyofitlweiwil. ^a^^tf^. OftbU name 
tbece arc two ob^iu^f'^C*' 5 f**Cwi thc^catcr and the 
middie. In cbU CoBTt were bandied matters, laies Fetpt^ 
that exceeded not qhc dr acbm, to wt)i<;b i? A nfiotU migbi ^ poijt iib.4;<.c 
l«4;boBgbt to lookv i^eakiog of Ja(}H:ww^»i '^ ?f^ f^fyf?' /7. ' * '' * 

of/ PsmfAn'm, Ba*iA«V^«flWi^>7vf ;»tV«iVi??; Suing bc?e ^^^.^..^^.\ 
for the leaft occaGom.TheC^)»Jftf»Wri were Judges of the i , ^^ 
Court which made PtHf. to fuppofc tbat it was not w be 
■ reckoned among the iUp^ h^^^m^lt flood c V *'M^« «^«: ^ Faufanias: 
Aii0^9 ift ah oMcuiie place of the Gityvwji^ce ?c* ^^esf^i^^^ 'Ji \h\AtxQ. 

tak^ frocr thefif uatioa of tbeiudicawy>orgT^?£^wMiK^« wv 
^ c# T^^ «iJw%M«i?ir*r, ^ xpJ^* 7i ^p^vf^i^ , from goods 
fecfetly iiidden. Et ©^ffrf^^o-'m tS a*s?*, TeiTA^voi' • irom { AriftatUi- 
Aeforniofit^wbicbfeemsto^h^ve.bjeen, triangular. b*» Athcn.Rcp, 

9^^;E3diif4nA#9/iiiis4&> /from the,.cola,pr? tja?? were. painted S wcT/' 
Sf3i^T^w??W«at»yf^<^t(l»;ugor\ |e)^ poft of ih^ entry ^anf wet- -^ TS * ' 

S3-. ?^'5^ 


1 ' 

«M€ to wbkli tlief e mt% t fttff g^fcn to ibc Judftt t ib^ 
diey tni^t know vA what Coarc to fie f er ihcy prefemly 
wnt to tbftt Court wbicb bad thcfifooe ixHow with their 
ftitf. T« cm Aox9», (rom tbc (lacK of i^jfciM an //^rii, wbicb 
was cbcre fet up, baviog tbe tacc oft woif^ wberc U(ewi£p 
the ftatM of /nMTtf flood vifaged in the fame laaiiiier.Bac wc 
. maft not omit thatt tbeunage oiLjcm was ere Aed ia e^ 
irenr Court, hence b iw'a« /t^V, Luiiictm^ for fy copbaotp 
Ir ZeaoUiti. and fuch as conapt judgineot > Decaofe that fodlperfene 

were every frequent tod bufie there • And fo tUnk I ?«/- 

Ihh is to be read, ^ Wam d (^luMim •! «t/f /^^cf tii W (AjK^weMS 

, ( underRand m^i %» or the like ) at wbicb tbey who hrjted 

the Jttdicat0rieimet.2r#MMisi helps my coojedure, trdai f ! 

4t;^b.s£Uf9, Ac^***'^ ^ iw^f wi 1^ /itts }i>f i«fr»# iMfirf Wsrw. Tbe A 

p. 40^. ribe * Scboliaft of Af^^fhmm urtites that this iK^ie Ljns had a 
fiatt h ejr- Teazle neer the Judicatory ^ where the Jqdges divided 
ireM/y csrri^ cheir money for pay , three oholt to each a day. c mstij^k 
M\imk^27^^^^*^^ WW a aeat Judicatory^ fo named from 
fai[t Gmk. ^^Mbi$s an artificer vmich hailtic. Here^ wbohad psifed 
b Veff . p. 45T. thiny years of hisagejaod w»s well and Nobly defcoEidcdi 
t Poiiua. h 8. and owed nothing to die pubHck Treaiiiry , mi^t bediio* 

fen Judge. F<n: of Aicb they all confift ed, s r Ap/irl^i. ^ttm 
have faifely fiippoCed that there was a Tribunal fo called ; 
neither did i MHtrfim chink otberwife when he tranfliied 

it Achen. Ac. theft WOrds , off P«//mv i» hfHrr^ iinM^f, dfttd trUm90l 

i.v c. IX. p. Ardemm. The fiwlt crept in by tbe n^ligence of tbetcaou 
lith a pae. ^i^^ber ^ ibr the place b thus to be read, m^p(»9 U Af/arr^ 
40^/ ' ^a«vTwi«, The Judicatories were wont to take Oatb or bo 

iwQrn m Ardeimt^ hrMttm is a place neer the River Ilif- * 
yW/, fo named ironi drJenm a Peer, who iwore tbe people* 
being iaiedittoo aadjaotinteito Iwe and amity, wiereaf* 
f h'Toi^Bf ter wards, as is rooft probable, the Judges eoek oadl ( ) can- 
nA7fm$fy ^ tiot juftiy fay prefcotly after their deftioo) to give fea« 
AifAniftiMf ^ tence according to the Laws, and concerning thiq|sfioi 
ii/« B^^iAitf. ivliicb no laws wereeoafted , ioe^yand^ftice,fif 4^ 
t^yau]»9g> folio Fdtrint^ Cmi^ and f^fiter Rex. : And this toefiqf^ 

p. x47t ibplesift affirmS) fpeaktag of hrd^fm^inftiff h.^fd^ 




Ar^MhgiMAtthdi. Lit. J. Caf^ ^ 1 27 
%!$}H^t%9m^h^^^tij^ Tlicj^aeilafhirpliftiocyi^ 

#ficiittiSitiiong rt^AnciMu*lli€li «r would fr#frofly (wMTf 
Wtre Mlfed i^ ArJktii^ provetbitlly I » tiie tbofe «»bo ^'Cafinib. 
were ptr joriouf and forftvorne. K«i' Af/4ih# c«i^xyf. This rhcoph. 
bite wet iewed the Atbcniaii Jvdtctiortet iti nsmber teas* f EiVni'Vto 
F6r Mortber, Ati^fAgm:^ FidUtmm^ DifyUniMm « ?i7/if Idco lauditoT 
»«iiririr, and Fhrestrp: for odle r RUHCcn l/Wb'A^ Tripnmm, 
fdrMbj/fitm ( not the i)^d(iir«» bac iM^ ) Mt/iiripj /yrimy , ^ 

i«^iH now fpeak; Oat oiFefery Ttibc wave cfaoTen ifr forty m vipian. i» 
fbor iDeh> fi abore€breefcare^tif§eld> who ^ged m k^ Dcowp. }4i« 
tieml Tribes, su it fell to them by tot. And if asy lefiilfd » P^»w» I »v 
to fit according to his lot, be wit depriired «f the prtvited# I'v^t^' ^ 
gei of an KthtnUn Qicixen. • In former tiant there arte no ""^ 

cootroverfte into the CoQrt§» whicfh had not firfl paft 
tftroogh their bands •, ( if it exceeded ccnne dfachoics; Ai. 
thoagh p Vlfian teflsus that they ^eiertnoe^ of petty bofi- -^^ ^ 
tiefles;bnttbacfeenwtobe,^4rM/f, holy matiera, iffoS^SaS^ 
fW/«Ar be To ro be read, for fome tbn^a there were whieb 
came not under tbetr ]of irdiftion. VThatever the Atuwrm 
txtipa tA judged^if the Plaintifi and Defnadam, or 6iher of 
them liked not the award, thty tnighc referre it to the. St^ 
oate (as appears out ofthcf Argument o( Demofi. Ordtr p 
^MtrdCMpfHrnj^^r PcffuxyA #bkb rernof ing of the fuit f J^'^^p^^* 
they were to caft their fuflfrages into a pot , as ihey gave •r.4«r. 
them on what fide focver ^ for the Ftaiocilf by themfclves^ ^ . j. 
and for the Defendant by tbemfelvcs. T When they were ^ijf„|^2J! 
appointed for the hearing of a cafe, they weretomeei atvipianln j1» ' 
tbe place lor them ordained, theret0ex|^A both pakiies ium.p.}44^ 
nht ill the even; n which tfttk^ ii neitber^ or but one was 
prefent. it was in their power to fine then according to 
the Law. At the time they entred the fuit, aad wrote tbe 
aecqfation^with tlie fine which was required for dammagts^ 

they n^ceived U a fee froim ite plitimiff. one dracbme 




i«8 Arch^^^U Attn*. I^ii^ g. Cdf^* $. 

e.iop.4o». fcttdtnt,t^bentlicyeiwhi»Wif»hr T^i$rOppevr|» .>Qt 
o -iiBtt ailittMJ;'An*bcftiifir«ib^ *j(»W^r¥«Ft j^fticCi ( a» <^ -0#- 
SJro JoTe! »^^^* t« •wiinrfC?, * altbongbthcy wcfc not to judge ter 
* idem pag. forc tbey bad ffMrne ) gi^ Sentence according to tav<mr » 
<9 cflvie, or for gaine, therefore « at iho years end they ssadc 
X Vlpian loco tn accoant eftbeir fuQffti#o ufKin tbc If ft c($y of jf Thf^g^f^ 
S^M^fcc?' /^•^^onwbicbitwaskwfulfoie.any ta(pp4)t.wbatbc cooUl 
jl.1.p.iax. * olHeftagainft-thenttitodifafly.wtrc/auity.tbcy WW 

Tbus rnncb of tbe ^^joinrm^ kmi^ W. vTbere were otber /^mm 
WM7CU iikewile , ibcb as oor CiviUaos call ArUtri cpnfromif^ 
farii , and wein Eogliih AtAitC9!tQ}$^ : wbom two parties 
chofe with 41 ttMmon to ftai|d to ^ir deti^rinmation ^ 
wbetber io matter of debt^ coirenant,ora(bcr costrpv^i:* 
fie tbc Amck. law any might Miequcft., 
but with 'a nec^fficy of abiding at their judgment. ;&Eoc 
tbey coQtd not appeal from them to any otber court. To 
ireferre matters to •their Af btcremeot , the Greeks terme 
ih^ifm J^'canu. And it will not be fuper fluous bere to 
relate the Ibry of J?«riMirjan Afhtnitm » - wbom when tbe E^ 
lii add CMlydonH badchoffn arbritrator in a difference ^- 
ter be bad heard both parties , he prolonged tbe fentence . 
mitilatl&ftbedied, Wheaceitgrewtoaproverbe, 4B«- 
9m /m(fi^Bt^dsjitdicdft Bungs judgetb, of thofe that defer 
CO pafie fentencei and bold a cafe long in furpeofe. 

C A-P. IV.- .. .. , ■'. 

1 ft 


Oe N^nihm luScidibHS. 

H!^ATii^ dmt treated of tbe i^^/ifii: Coarts, it ioUowea 
;tbac I ibealf of their 'TecKpes of Law, Writs^aod Accu^ 
fetiotis. Thele'were oft^olJo^is^priyate^ and pablick. The 
pttblick were properly termed ^ft^myumSi^t^ ^Emmifu.Ot 
r^. ^ . . K«7ti>ff ft^r ttere were divers (ores. Te^ti^^iinf, h^i^u^ « »*!i>^ 

€ in yi^ a^JH>iC/<,«/c/>«Mf4i'«* •i«')S'«*/«. r^*»>, feies c Vlfian im 

* Cwna.p.i. 9.^ ^^ia«y, of aay trjfpMifc againft the Law,by wbicbibie 


» apud Dcffl. 
P* 244. 

.j4 .ZeaoUut* 

/* Dcfcilp. 
Re p# Aih, 


SfaCotcs of d>e€oiBm<»w«tWnie«WiM<l; •«* noft V^. 
dcrivi ifqaotti be. dfewhere , k (igBifia«n Mxefiitioa maiK ._„,^,. 
ucordtnc eo^dielAWior to cone nearer ,k is the fame wbicb « suc T.smUh 


. „«..- w, «^ - „ . — g Hm i« • mnfl ot an imormauwi inauc -^ p^|j^ j^l 
tgamft toy for t^fes in the Min€f, or Oiftomehoofcs. fof ^p, ^%j^ 
coDvming Tribotc mwy td • roanf own uf€, or the like. 
Which offences were brought to the Apchen in waiting, wiih 
cbe names ot the accufcr and accQfed, and chc fiDC,wbkh the 
parties convinced, (hoald undergoe, to be paid lohini to 
whom the wrong was offered. Bot if the Inforcaer bad noc 
the fifth part of the fnffrages, he was to lay down the fi« , 
part of the finc^wbtch the b Orators call i?fwftM'«f,frora Ji^oAi* conSci 
becaufe itfignifies the fixt part of a Drtcbsi. At the |md of p,^^^ „ ^. 
the accnfatton , the iniosiner was tofubfcrtbe the names of com.EvergiK 
tbewttndTes that were prefent. logeneral, all difcoverics & MncfA p. 
of prif ate in juries arc caBed a-ViC; which in Latin yea may f^^^^f ?" 
iiameifc/-tti#»«i. For which the Romans allotted the fourth ^^Z. a ?• 
part of the forfeits notice they arc ftiled ^^tirnfUtms ; ^ ^ p. ^ ciatra 
but among the AthcnisMs not fo , if i PMnt fay right; i^ n Onctora. 

theamercement fell to the perlbn injured, although another ^^* ArfiVtf. 
accufed f<Mrbitn. Ifthe fine wenewrittea down a thoiifiindp,^^!,^,^,!;' 
Drachms^ the Accafer had not the fife part of the voices , i onomift U 
he paid two hundred and one Drachme ; if it txceeded^^'* 
a tfaoufand/our Imndred and one. ar/fi^frisa Writagaioft ^ # 
tbofe that owe to thee City Treafury , and yet go about to 
bear office, fates kVlp^m^ which by the AHii\ Law was ut» ^ oeaiafth; 
terly forbidden. The / Sdioliaft of Arifhflmnes takes it for p. ^^i. 
the accuGng oi any that did am'^ in publick ijbm. andihe / in Bqult^ 
III Inttrp]neter<>f />afffai?iEiriiri in another i^ce, im ^ i4iui» l^^- 
for men diffrancbifed.;But # P$lhx caches ustbat it is «^c-?or^.l8 p; 
claraiion made to the Arfbm againft^one taken in tbe man* jsg. 
lieir,w^h the^rrel;^ termed iw$i»i9p»fi^9S€M.N4fMm4'm' nTu.^ In Stditju 
rvfEaetrJ, f#/^;relipreflesby ift^kryufjiiH^/htiiMrQ'p V9hta 

theoffspo: is coofeued/ Secaufe men f0 appreheaiM were 

R foccad 


•f fiogU.i. 
f L«coloii4; 



- /^i 

J- < 

« Hail cent. 


forcKif ' to<Andc0» ibeiBfirlver \ m teviMr 9v J^Me riqjpAr 
red chaa itot0ilKh:aQim«ombs* 8y aImI^i^^ 
of their failMeft, wichost gcMierttoAU ^y MccUrcd ib^r^ 
doom t fasammgvi wbea a pcitam «ia:iign<d»oMfc^Q|{ 
bis Indiftfneiit to bettue, ao twelve men gi»«ipoA \mi x\m^ 
. reRechbac the ludgcariemeocc of ibf ptia.<it(dc%tk Wbfipc« 
gre5voiirProverb,CoiiO^»amlir^aiii[^ ^PoUtt^m^KP^ 

tbat made his dedamtton, was to fobferibe bit Bieie, chat if 
be were faUe, be might be liable to.the Writ, 4^/v( uJi^^^ 
The declaracioa wa» agakift men who were netprefcvrc!. 

ATntyayi, is a carrying of a oiaD before the Magi&raie, betsgr 
taken in tbefaift, wboin^itherwilie be was tottocsfe by decla* 
ration in his abfetice; Bf which a tbo«(iuad> Drachms wen:; 
endangered. In thta^'m^o^^M, they brought not alk>flfieiidei»i 
to the lame Magiftraces , hot according as cbey 417 era madei 
Jadges of fnch and fucb offences ; r fiomameatotlleekven^ 
fomecimes to the fThefnmthct^ ^^ ibmetimes tp^^ .4^i»«,. 
Now ifaman bad found out any indebted aaibe (sihtidbi 
Treafiiry ; or bouflKli forttefe places ok^Cowtries ipvbcre it 
was not permitted for him tp go;or doe wbobad conHmKeclr* 
Mnrthenif by reafonoi weahnefe be dnrfi not viiitttre to ap* * 
prebend the perfbn,and«?xKt>e#r, he weidd perhapa letch. tl|e 
4r&lmt9 the hoole where iiicba pariy lay bid , which ihe^ 
Antek Lawyers cerm A^fUbcu. AiJ'd^xi^tt'yitwhee mMkm 
bach commiixed mnrther^aod Hies. for fnocor Co anyi farther 
*Law fiaitfered any to.receiire him ) if «the> knred of the fiaiQ^ 
ordtberafaadre(iiur'dd)ei9/if&/a3tfri^bedelt^^ ^ 

and the proteftor wonid 90t, it waa tawfol to enter twtobia^ 
hon(e;afid4?arryaway any tfasee perlbns^as fometooKfiatQ it,: 
or a]l4si¥e tbi^ee^<^)^6e^«K,«as othtaa» who wetcxosuiww* 
fdr the oatcage door But wt»ofaentfodiMijoftiy^.4W»iior t#^ 
efcapt dapnnTflscd. EkHr>4A Joc; (aies * :t^/^/4if ^ isanac^a^. 
tioh cfooceromg great and poblidt mat tersi iecbas areife* 
wher'e he (peaks Sf, to wit rheislitfblation Of the DemocrM* 
fih', OP if an Orator bad^ipoken what wasnor for the benefit 
of ihtf #ei)e {^irilft«ia tf any «tflt toJA^ambeforeitoy ianeKk 

'- *'>i ' • r fantj. 

JwwtwfiacdKifcwIiutd-DncbmSiMid loft theprivile^etof 
ftOuzcttia thiilw wu uncoDtrolable. But in ifcer timcbe- 
fAofe nen fnnM acnfe prefsncty for nonc^or fmall offences; 
dwctfOK mtttatce* Lair MaAed, iHi whorocver accafed 
1g^Jtm\i^U, kdiNiadTtettbe fifth [nrc of voices onhisfidC 
jmtfinedjt.tboBfaodDracfimsBltftoflgb'faelofl'obttbt'prii- ^ ' 

.vile^es'of aCitizfti. Tfcit^»;«r>*'-fc'coiltliEe(I nowrfcrtn 
:miDe«,biit waf only by bare wtord of inoutb,3nd at tbe accli*- 
.iuion wu given, lonaitbirdfrence mRde according to tbi 
Law called Km»i)it«J'; 'Tbe Senate w» ' fadg. ( i'«/^w^ 
/aim that Mte ndei dionnnd totit'oh this.ana PMMrtit 
-i5»o wherttbel«M(w*W«fi;ftfabV'n'«»?wf irjfio ~ 
Lta;cbRBtaiQ(lna^tmS«we^'>ej,lindfomwhat'[hare')an(l ' 
xriioai tbcy f<>aad ddinquent, if m fmatl' tllDlcs.cbey fiDed^btu 
■if tbe offence were btineoSi tbtj c'erntmitted bim id ptifori. 
ThMiKicbfc(!p«blitiiadiAi!f,?rifii»wett tbefe fhift (<ih 
ilow,m«w-pro|Mirtyrtll'/fci«' ■''■■■''-■■■ ■■ -'■.■' 

A#«;rf(/'.Mana*onagafnftiim«Tti-who, whentffoflttll?l>?'"JMi*>^ 
<Cn«c» giwitbe fitft'Mow , wMi* the ^ Greeks -call -^gf't^TjJj^ * 
y *Aii>S't.VJ'/M». « The Rwttof'TWiB. beard brfbre ihcJa^BE,^;^^!,"' 
'and cbao^ the Lsw ofdained'itot'any ' fei fflm of -qionl; Tot' ^sck Aiift,' 
. ^■aottgu.yecKfiM permiiCffd-lFdr tlrt party (mltttrf.tb CwIe.^r4^■ ! 
wriec^down wh« be; tbiwj^r''(hiH^. 4 Tbe ^Icw toB»'^*-,«'H; | 
*WB*aion*»erefoftriftlJ«l(i(ft«l*i?iW,'*a*lcaft any nrft'-"^;''-*' ' ^ 
sUccod«ftfiidfijinfcU«lt6'faivhMdr,ftofa»lecktbreyenj;iE '.., . -. 
fatnakjf irii;bftoafsiorotbcrbi]Ttfbl<(veapon, ' 

. .*Krf|»5«^/'. S6mewb»rnAfMir|*rOVifoi " " iUdcaib'J;- 

tyr^ ieftb; MBfldbg MKhkprotfe^l nrords, ft 

llid<otlo«-v»JiB#f K W wbi^Sny Brae i .eftn(.Ots^'- 

ng&fcfaikiurt iB cgtui by aii^Nr ^an. i As ^clmdem/ ' 

jotoiUpKtaodv'by w»bki*»Hn(yj«d\iTe UDwi. c^«tqi 

nMoy wwde U ii ntqaircd / orteghe it. to a >Ciiiip.p. H<t. 

, {mrnift CO J»c«r vrtcnebM a ftHcandtbot liot be prefi^t, tly "•**• 
«bHb UwnftjfiMc*ettte.''n«fi^^W'"f( ^- Ab6ut paWfli^' g;*!^ 

■■'ino,-!'" ------ Hi ""■ ^ith 

iC^ai Phor. 

X yi ArcHMUgid AtGcA Lih. ^ tapr '^. 

Kykhtheofofen^, fiicJfiftdM; >o0(Koldftitf, .tr€;<>^alMr 
.8|€|9^':pac CO tbc ^if«rit> W^icb-tte cscbangeciuKil Miplo^ c^ 
tbc advaocajge of tbe ownrrsvairgicberofttor; Drw^fe^ 

. - ms^ The won^Tmpoxts both. ts^^^yLwii /. ©f divorce 

•V. Cu jacium. \^ pQ|. |j,gy \ycr^ ^Q^t to put away thtii? wives., in fonmr 
*' ' ' ^' amc, upon difcontienc or bopeol greater portbm; wbfi^<&v 
Yorce^ cbey called nm^%^mhS^ aiid as-Z^^iarAiSii^fr oh tbfe 
JjUibands iide ; andoffitbeiviv»cs:2iii^<4/r: Iod ;be did" atlt 
vBtr< corn bet away, (he w^ laid to for&ke«bhii. iut»Qkii\$. 
Qf illttfageof Parents as not relieving ibem if tbey wene* 
gbor: or wives againft busbanda; of Pupilt againfk* Toeora. 
j|f:A«TS< of tbeft, after wbat mamier foever } Wi)icb4f it were- 
by day;>; wa> notcapical .. bo^bjr, i^hc vat deadiy. Xf W i^ 
^c& as oar Adiof Pariiirocoe \mi^ alhmcdfor mortiott; ic 
Icihg by iXaw provide4 lo Mhtns cbac none OiotMtite too 
muchUfe, altbougbonce oUowedrby S^nn^ cbatany migbc 
nuke tbe beftof bismony : wbicb he terms kt^ti^%% i^yim 
u^u OfUjiiry I ih^fl ffeak more ii|<be Cbapner- df nxmyu' 
S(/ftj?oAAf»r. >. Wben menbad bargaiticd and wooldnet ftaod' 

4V.CaEiiib» )« ' x</t9fl«n; J^^Qim c/i.^TiRo men broke tfacf Aftidersriiith < 
.*b?©plif .191 they made to each other, about dividing <rf inheriuncc be- 
i^Aaorojie '^^^ ^*^ *" *^*"' ^^ between City and City ; coatcroii^ . 
/pQli;.u!^/, /rce trading; as tbacofd^e C4rriM^jiiM4 wi€btfae>JE8iMir/. 
m D^aiN^fiL !/fr#/?rP#/.3>.6.orthe}ike»f Tbeie. OftSkta were jarfdelff 
^^%y.\ M -^ cQonfmed by oatb to e^bocbcrv i^nJ^i W« A«4Hdd**««- 
» yip.inDcawvji^j, ibbut Wafmgoiicc,4n4vbicb4hey foetSto*i«fc a 
Yf i-«j o apppintcd,w&en a man (Kali ^nter intoit fiorthe-^difel 

whereof tbey are CO prove biei fit. larn^K»»^i d'h Wben 
l^rdusdkd & left tbeirdaugbMtii«befiarimrtl^ 
wai wont. to iuc. each ptbfiTv tbnvkeit «ppeif;i»V.d^Jatt 
ijeai:flTj^yncd4a blood ,i:ijiat:be,inigbt mtryiifcibiie^ 

Virginyiqwhom aniohecit4nce»fii|iRsif eriledic2ic(M9'iiM&ii^ 
'C;49fthv0rf4.' U4^7%miiiiic »,A' Abooc ietcifigof llafi£ef.(foc 
Berohtm. terms tbat M/«raf» wbicttocbcriGdeek !«rntecf 
V i^^^dfow^/^t is as w/eilco fee tP;bir(tgs^rtyMial(ti1t^fff at^ 


nei amongtbi 
L*aws v^kh 
were made feff 
frivate mes. Defii.p 



..•^■■iArf* . i 

wer tbcir d^f^ at W9 P(e (Q 4o ». fl^l^is l^ftufis t0.lD be ]lc(. 

Whlclv Cuftom /Uiffff/^rffii/M in p Terence expccikf --Jufcripfi . vicaut AA i^ 
^/#^^ , JEDES MERCEDB ) This writ was properly againft sc.i. 
Goardiani oiCkfkuBS ( not copcffrping men of years ^ f ucfa 
as iflaimdiatly iii.bdara. feokm) i«^o faaving.ihectkarge 
upon cbmi afi4iii»oiikrW«^^ (o imfilpy for ibe li^Qcfic, of sbcir 
J^Is wbai jurat. kfX tbeiQ: ihcj, cb^^^orf < otak^ .knowa co 
tbjC jfrch^m tbHibcba bou(t was to be let* b« toeopm it one 
upon foiDC. pledge for fiecgrity. BuciUbeboofewcrelecuft* 
der the yearly rcnc ic could bring in* pr m^ iuSTered to re* 
main void of a Ten^eoc, to tbe lois of tbe Papjl ^ (faea was. tc 
lawful fo&any mM to fyt tbe (3iMrdian io xj^nhotu, coorr, 
iifH)a^a Wrkof K4i^^«|$ai(i4«M. iifJuii^Sf. .l|iave bbfervcd ij: ^ 
H) ba ve been a i»fiom asQQog tbc AKU^fiC|» wben tbey parr 
cnived tbcrofelves to draw near to death, tocaUior tome 
one, to whpfe care they wouI^.conunit tbeir cbildreii, & de- 
li veringtbem into tbeii^ |«iidsjbefeecb tbeoi to have a lender 
•ye over tbe^ 9l to (irovidc lor than what (hoold be mo& 
convenientiittcb as OeSfm^it^ ^J^kccUs entreat* ot Thifm , 

iii.b€half^.hia.dattfibt€rs.^a ^^«^^. a^ fioi x«<^i QirJ. gj^? 

m^^Mifme r^ilf^* U<^^y t\kh9 S^Ul i9M%>^ifi:qie^5v JTy^llM^itp rTer. Andr;. 

t' tt4»V«< <• ^s Not unlike is {bat of the r Cmoediati under Aa.r .Sc» f ! . 
tbefiBrfa(3i4>fCiir;y{/>i:omn)itcing(;/;r<ri^aa to the Tuition 

. Ac€effi^v^fim9i^€> nesjolh ineifU t 


J^if tUm H efii^^im illi^nmc u$r€qt^ henliUs ; 

£9 dd'fHSdti4my& ti$t4»dfim remficnt. 

£^!fd:eg0^te h^ncfer de^trdm ar^t fir in^mi^m iMHrn-^ . 

Xt ^efi^r n^^s te ImefegrB^o^ non deftrsu . 
Si te H$ Ger^nanlfri^rii J&ltxi /ccp.^ , ^ 

'^ Sivi'hdc u fflueit fetiifer pcit maxumi^, ^ . 

SieHtibk$0«r^if£rA{mti»rebtu omnibfes.. 



I v.* » _ 

' R3. 

4 •-• • « 



X34 A-l^i^^htMtkdtJUkyC^ii^ 

JiMcmhilVk MANUM Bh'^^mmsmHntmiffkim 

But tmoag the AAenum^ tbe ofc wti to fiOmiime in Am 
Teftaoraiti tnd laft Witti» wbem: dwy -wwUi havetete 
iniirditiis. Wbicb ^ce tftcr diey Nd uadci$akefr ^ if tbey 
ihoold <MrAii4 the Orpbaofof cbcir p«<tiisk»lit^ #rM/p«ft 
/Pl«c. !■ Ttta thereof, they were foed wicb f^wrk^o^b^Si-ili/ dai;9fj^M^ 
^]"^' ii«#didroehif iifoOhi«b«cetteMiige«- iai ifelie'dMk<^ 

were net qnefttonedivichifi 6?e yc^ai^ eltcs iht Papii weii 

ednditted tfnoBjgthe fmmbef of cteoiby the »^|tbeGsec*- 

I Demoft p. 4^^g ^^^1^ BotXrtaied. A^«^/«> of « Ma«er ^Iftift « 

7^^^*' * Serveiitii^raterfiifethirfiMramifSM MrdelBg*hit dbef 

ePiK 4^f. to4riiMAMi<^9(cfttifM««»'I)lr;i^«9^^ 

nitiire oi Sefvantt^ifMe tnlde frtt^aec ocriy^ btf^iagretefiiF, 

tut elfo to here their MeOers inoltdf iiH^^fy , ai tboftMrbo 

bad hecB confcioiis to their ferykode. It wti emAed ther^ 

^ Lib ft c, 1, ^^^^ ^^^ vrhofoeter wetcokivi^ of itigriiiiciide Aoufd'a^ 

P«g, tf 7oi * f^ifl ^ inade a bondfleve. *F^itrM Mdxktm. -jtir^iii^ 

A fMnuo /HiTtm iitgrmmt, pm f^ertsfm-^xmm^ The *Kif^ 

mam did not ;onty acquit them of the libeity of the Gicy 

( wbicb the AfhewUns gave not ) but cmrde them atfoile^ 

4(7uftln IdR. ^^^ Pun^^^^^ they tenner i9/4JrifliiMfr4m dmfhmtuh' 

laXii. ' '•'*"'• ^"'•* if «^y «W-pttt away hi§W*h^be^aae0«^ 

ftore her portion again; if be refufed, be wai f«^frrik^9^Mtf< 
Dcroofth »*«^'f*<*'i ^hat is, every month ferooiepeemdtdipay'nii^ 
I'.Tjj- /i, which the c//w/V<[i term; it C/«^tftr op^wi^W, theKitenac 

x^Den.p.'i^rr ofher dowry. The writ whetej^ hewaslued was2^d^«9, 
«.>5«. for tbc repayment. « ai^orttfu, if aay wetfttoLtw^areky- 

ming mie of all boufls^he was firft to^ferve bhn that ^hiMblled 
in it with a ^ff tit mni^j bjr which4ie dem«fl^tlKI|jhtr^ 
the time cbe Befendantbad tbe bopRivif it w«f€ffbif#ny'^a^^ 
eel of land^tbere was x writ rc^^i given out, ^ ibirpMveae 
and fruit thereof^ afterwards /tn both cafes^iike) jtpley pce« 
ceedediio an m'tn jf Ktr, in Which they daidi^d^ti^d^fltte 
CO the boufe CH:1tQd. A!i$oo|gh%ihefb^ 

#n« cftft;^tt toifkrbekeip )«Aiy cithtf I1911A or hmds tac 
iWii B^r* ttW^bicb tfccy cttt 4giMK, lie were omtbowii, 
liewaf€ompelledtorelksqt^bispoAeffion.Tbii'i^ttMi ali# 

is aWrit agt iiift a*l rfeofc thii worid eaft an inhabicanc out ©f 

teltoofejit bcfes tcnactl from %?4wifir,to throw forth. 4 It is a vipiao ;« 

ittoafWrit of Bxccofitm agaifift aay overthrown in thcDc».p.}4o. 

€otfr,an4 fintd a ibouf andDraebtBcsjWbicb at foch a day be 

#as to pay, and if belaid it not down«pon ttienaile , there 

went fortba Writ ^ISMf, to malfce entry ftpon the tandi and 

poflelBons of him fo call. It is aifo a Writ againft any wiio 

i»ai not fuffcr bim,wbobath boit^t any thing of the pablick 

to reap the Irnit thereof. Who ei Aer withholda any thing 

from tbeowner ,6r yiolently takes from acy , *c. Ei« ^7f ^ 

*t?p«^. When two bad been partners in ettatcs, and one of 

them would have a xltridcocenwrde, if the other reftifed , be 

Might be conftraincd to it by the Writ. Bi|itt(/(w<w , Btcture 

tfaeMarket j*ice among tbcGwi^i^ was tbefittcft to cheat & 

eofen in,a8 Knachanfis was wOnt to fay, therefore the Ktkt^ LT';^^^'^' 

^^^ienaftedtbatnoneflionldbayil^theMarket-^acej to* ^' ^^' 

wfticbtbe ScytUdHVuikm^h pointedfikewife j faying , tiiat 
thty fcrbad to fpeak faife,and yet did ^ # ys^m^<^ 4^^- Ij J""* *' •• 
tf^ny man ba^incd for any thing, and another fned and * '^'r '* 
doubted of the fight ofitj r be might reqph^e the feller to , 

confirm thelawftilncffeoftbe thing fokf , and maintain it Lc|r^7j' 
againft all controverfii , otberwifo tbefeHer was liable to, j„ ThcVh* 
B^i<n&i J'txif. For although its jithens they boughtfor the cfxar.p j i %. 
mbft part (T^^rijf^f, with ready mony ; » d Sc^tiffr, ittCa^f Admfari«# 

ibmetime gave they (Cartteat onety to make the thing fure , J^j^^ '^^m, ur 
which the Greeks and Latines call £tfpp<5i>, from the #&• rcliquum red, 
Brew 2hy .Thi^ fccms to me to have been the hondrctb part Tcr; 
oF the mony which was to be paid for tbc thing boogbt , 9$ Hcaucaa.j, 
iStoUus out ofTbiofhraJhis, Where you may read likewifc ^ ^.5^; ^.. 
that it was the cuflomc , when any thing was to be fold , to j^ gafil. id. 
bring a note thereof to the Migifttate fome thrclcorc daici,* scrmonc 44. 
before. B]^ 4;x?*r«> JB>7«Wir, For the laying open^of any jt o«oiiia J 1. 
BcrningwKchwasafait inLaWi by; /^^/>if* bw»-^*^P 5'^ 

MiDg.idfieerningwDicnm8a»ait inLawi py7^^w,lr* «» 

1^6 MchMhgis Atks.Ui^^. Cap.^.' 

vrordil may copjedfireygoodf or mM^ f rivily itteii vnf. 
Bf Mp^t«< /Im. When any fiiMld offer to take anochcr mat 
ftrvanc and make bim free againft the wiU of the Maflcc 
I Deifioft.». which the Greek term / fid /um/ok \hdi^ti^ in^m. 
7 iJ.n 19* ' hii9iffiinC*i IS a fuit abou oearneb of biood^ matter 4f 
inSjitid. Pno. inberiunce,wbena maodici witbootifliieof biioiirn bodf« 
^*T^' c n«^J9wM J* When a naan went to prove chat be ipraa m 
n^r*^ ' diallengetbeiDbericaoce of rights as oear of btood^ or spoil 
Berefdlmetb fome Other coodicioiis: from M^iM7*^'A^M<y^bccanfc he laid 
the ttms pr». dowo tbc tenth part of the inberitan€e;wbtch if be were caft 
mlfcHousy pr^ ip Law , be was to pay , if the caofe were private, fayei 
rl'iilh^ri ^ BudMi : hmif ^hlick , the fift, » ai«f*«^w€Ac. Wbcn 
Jlfbhck and •oy ^^U protefttbat an iohertcaiKe dotb bang io co&trof ec* 
Imfulforany lie, and ift 'i^ieOK®- s asatro^ heir being ft til i^ve ; of wJiicb 
t§ fr$fecuti. thing chiefly treats tbe Oration of Dem$Jthefi^ agatoft Lu. 
See f Mux f. fh^ns. B«a»«4if Whenany (haUtry tofalfifie the V>*fi«f 
^^^ m/tf. Afup^t^jl. When men went to Uw abonc kinred* as 

to prove themfeWes qf ftich and Incb boofes. 

h^^wltiJ". Allftrangers in Athgvs were compelled by 

tbe Law to get tbem PatroQs ) as my mpft worthy Scbogl- 

mafter, the ^ory of his time o Mr MMthm Mfibath obfer- 

lj« ^P** , Ved, whom for bonooraiake I name ) or cl£e they might jbe 

S«nfi pr«- qMftioned.and4f tbey wcrccenviacd tbcir^oods were ibid 

ifiifta4Kichar and put into the. City Trcafury. ATd^s^uit of ingratitude a- 

C^tuarienfem gainft tbofe wbo ihewednox cbemfelves tbaokfuil to tfaofe 

jkFcbicpircoi^u. wfaoihad well deferved of cbem.^fr^s^ the fame with ttw^^ 

giuo9 1 when any will reckon bimfclfe among tbe nomber 

of Cicixcns who never bad been made free, by whiah be 

pnrebafed imprifonmenc , until fuch times as there was a 

Court kept,. and then he was fold. M«pr»er«whepam4ais 

eye witntfTeof a matter, h^iittfrvel* , when another wit*. 

neffes from tbe report of bim tbat iawit. - 4<^^«pue^ 

f^lfe witneflfe, which to profSecuteinXaw they term imn^z 

4a^ ^JbAiffiJtA99* AHwi^fiCeic9, when one was eje-wit- 

ne((e , and promiledto teftifie, yet would not appear at die 

rappointed time , which they were wont to compel them to 

<dQ» whicbtbey calla«7it'f«r.| after which citation t^e Jpacty 

' - ' "^"" "'■ ^ " -was 

' 4rchMlogU AUiC£, Lib. 3* Cgf. 4. 137 

Wiorcabe at Gmcc , or forlWetr toat be faw not the mac* 
tar> or was hoc firefenc ; otberwife he was to pay a thoufaod 
drachms, in wbiAfumine to be fined the Atticl^ Lawyers • 
give the iqppettatiOQ t»txna%&tut. Aalp»r yesfi^i^ V^hen the 
Jttdjgei were Gdrmpced Wkh Bribes. Sin^Cy.': ^ ^%^\n\}i iholt 
tbat did corrapc tbem. h^^ of a man convinced of idle- 
nefs; which once taken, Dr^c$ poniftied the delinquent wicb 
lofs of the City privitedges : S9lony not unlefs be were thrice 
delin^ent. CkHrgMmtU^ When any of tbe Marriners ran 
away, from their (hips. Kfmjtm^<t , When the Marriners 
tine ftayed in cbe Ships would not fight , if occafion re- 
qairf d. 4^ A^ptf^tr^ , when one would falfly accofe ^ there 
was HkfWiIe againft cbem^a ^nt im9nKJS(j®'. ^d^Jhtxn-^ 
Ttia^, Againft thofe that anjaftly cite to tbe Court. J^zf^ 
^•»J4{ when anyis accufed of encroaching into the number 
of Citizens, and gires gifts to efcape free. Tm^fouuf^ wbea 
laay was accufed of making a Decree or Law contrary to 
former fiatHtes* This accnfation was called v^^vecMitf, becanie 
(be accufer f wore that ic was againftthe Lawes, or unjuft, 
or inconvenient for tbe Common- wealth. diOKiaa^U , was an 
cxamtution of tbe Magiftrates whether t bey were fit to go* 
vern w ao. Whether tbe Orators were not given to Lull , 
. and Inconinency ^ whether cbey bad not fpent their patri- 
monies, o^deaic unkindly with their Parents, or led a life 
My otberways blameable *, whereupon they were difcarded 
tbe priviled^s of tbe City » and not fuffered to plead , or 
ipeak publickiy. E'idvM, Anacconet of the publick offices 
liorne, laying out of mony ,and difpatching AmbafTages, ^ 

made to the Tenne L^gifi-d , ( For the breach of which went 
onta Writ, K^oyU ki^f i'tJitoA^ Rdthnem reddere ) if concer* 
ning injuries given to the Judges. n^^Kn an accufatioa 
again ft thofe who are ill-afTeaed toward tbe Common* 
wealth , made by tbe, decree of the people, and fuch as arc 
well witters to the Rate. neoB(iKau Itkewife are accuiations a* 
giinft men in]uriou$/ci|(<er^<tf n<,pand fuch as are delinquent ^^* ^^£* 
agatnil tbe feftivirais^ as the oration of Dcmo^btna againfl: ^^°^* 
MidiM. np»ftf^/V, An oath which the Acculer topk, tbat 

S ^ ^ he 


TjS ^n'iieologi^ Attic£. Lii» '^» Cap. 4I . 

, ^.Yipian/in hc wodM janty icciifc. q Aifiw^toC'* 'f The dcfefidariti. owlr 
Pcm^iid. tb« he bad done no wrong. E$w//O'*»"otthof Aifthilft^i. 

dors or men chofen for ftace lervice, tbu by rcafon ^ {irk«r 
ijcfs tbey cannot give attendance:* They miy do it by a proiJ 
%ic , if tbey pleafe. It is iikevirife tbe Oatb of one called t0> 
• , witncfs, wberetn be (wears that he knows notbtag of the 
bufioefs. fiT^iioCldt, wben others ihal] fwear that (Hretvnded 
weaknef9> was only a Ihift to pot of tbe bHrtbcp of p'ublkk. 
office which the State laid on tbem. JmyLOfU , as actuftk 
tion of a Law or decree unprofitable, againft the motioDer^ 
as above faid , mffy^tti $ snd tttp^yLttftu^i , wben a faaa* 
ihall objed a cafe not to be entred rightly , that tbe wrk 
ought tobefacb andfuch, andnotas itis^ear; pi fofa 
man that runs away from die Armf , which laaHart^Mintf. 
and I accufebim of leaving bis racck, to wit h^w^iti^U^ 
or obj^SioB of the time paft > ' within wbkh (pace tht fck 
was to be commenced ^ or that it flioutd be bandied itr fitcli 
a Courts and not in facb* at wilfttt -Mnrtber m Arttpg^ 
gHs 9 not PalUd^m : by which evaHon if tbe cafe feli , te 
was tttmtily^TilQ'. iim^^jra), wbenbetbae isfoedpvta. 
a Bill againft tbe plaintiff in like manner. Bat If the defeats* 
dant ( I call (^#r/>^^^4«(^0'fo)were cad , he pud iit»C^ 
f'Vlpidnih Aii/r. r Mfi Sf« , when a man is fummoned to anfweip be* 
Dcai.jj4. fore the Arbitri of a controverfic , if he fwear that be if- 

fick, or pretends a journey from home, and appears not ar 
the day appointed y he was cad in i^^'V^ Erm^Mcii ^ aa^ 
if he fcorned to come^ or were obflinace : he ougbt with- 
in tea dales to lue oat fx^i •fftM *, wherein ht reproved tfit • 
(entence and made it of noelfed, fo as tt came to its firi} 
Hate again. Butifbcconld nouobtatna /»» •^^,having be» 
fore fworn that be w6uld ftandto the award of tbe Judges, 
their determinatioo flood in full firengtb and power , and 
/io Dcnh he was conftrained to pay 100 Drticbms ( as / VlfUn ) 
i*^?4p. which was the roulft ap^poinced by the law; for the dtf- 

cbarge whereof he put in good fecurity. AynKny^fetp A* 
ft&o , When any was abfent from the Court^or heard hot bit 
name calledbyche Crier to anfwer thereunto ^ he wasfi^ 


- -v — 


«e4 ^- .iii:ra(ciaai of Eremdiaum-^ mil if wnbio tbe fpice 
of two MoQthtte didnQC reoew'the fiiic ( wbicb is i/liUy- \ 
^^ffkm^tMm^ ^ wai fnie (a pay the fine. tfitkCKH^i^^ -- ''■ "^ 
;vfam any mail will cfatllenge out of goods forfeited , aitd 
wUicidyioldt fofMsrtm as debt to bin t or fay that pare 
MoRgs to biffl, the fiatc woald narrowly fearch imo ic-^ 
itbich tbifig ^k^ lerm iHmQinufMi. n^fK^jHnf^ is a citing one 
ibe&Nrecbe ^drflm in controverfyaboactbe inberitancc,or a ' 
Vtrgtaieft inberetriz. Now if tbe j^intiM did not warn tbe 
defendant ¥ymMi^$^<if^ tbe fnit dyed ; and fucb aAioos 
arc calkd dw^i^Mi^ J'inm* t i^txngjf, is as letting a cafe fall, < Beai.p«9t?« 
«€T dtfifotviog it upon foanc witncfs , oatbor confeffion ez« 
sorted by teim^tS|and tbe bkc. Essf i ir, is an appeal from one ' - 
Coort totbeotber, as from tbe Senate to tbe people, and 
<ft0m tbe people to tbe Senate again, or from tbeir Jadi* 
dories at home to fome forrainers in another country. 
AiuafQ- *im wbtA tberc is no more fine laid opon a man 
Cbiii^i^tbtaadverfary did hmyj^^^p^ write down at tbe 
lower end of bis Inditement > orwiicb caftoin fomewbat 
bidb beftvebeen^peken. 4»M't»J^Mw', Agiinftfucbaftole 
OzHlfing out of tbeic oeighbiNirl lands -, wbence of ^hofe 
Aat arc pat in tlie Court tor trivial matters the Proverb 
#BtAfr»//jtttfi.-AnCW<« of impiety againfttbeir Gods , as^* »AriiLS€h.p.^:' 
riJMte for bis bymn^on Hnmuu^ Tyrant of ^ilrWirrir-^^«^ni»vit. 
fes 9 wbicb be engraved on a ftatue at Del^s. For reveal^ 
fttg myftffies 9 or imitatii^ tbem » as AUUnaJes. fOf which 
ii a mas were convifted be was pot to death , as on tbe con- 
trary tbe accufer , if be got not tbe better. 9r^Af/tf(,of be^ 
ing faife to the ftate , tbe panifiiment was death ; and after 
chat, they flaiOQld be caft out of tbe Territories of jitheni an- 
buried. * myf^u , If any owed to tbe City Treafory , and « Dcm.e«iic; 
bfsname were regifl:red> and before the difcharge oftbeThcocrp.7. 
mony his name were b!o:ted out, theyiaeidbim before M°*7^-77« 
the Thefmotbeta ^"yti^i^ ; but if bis name wis never ente* 
red , he was profecuted by an tr J^|/^ MimM/xi/ proper on* 
ly to fuch as dealt in tbe Mines, tike toS^nnariesintbe 
Cauntjf of CorfmaUtay Country, and I>iVimfiirfhtt (iften 

Sji lyaWc - 

140 Arch^oUgia AttUd^ Lib. ^.Cap> 4* 

if Dcm.ceiie. ^Lyable io this, cowtwttt tbey who (hoQid cbai{l acy 
Pentje.p.5 67. mad frotn bis work > j»ho. ihottl4 tligge wicbin anotbec mam 
• )x> }>• liberties; 4vt)o (hould brimg tnroapoas thither, iftifi^ijc CO 

take away Minerals by violence ^ wbo (hooUl kindl^eany 

fire in the Mines ; &c. Who Shoaid offer to cake away th< 

^ props chat upheld the weight of the incumbent earth ; 

yln Ticts Deem which CO do was death ^ asj^ Pltttdrch - iieUs tti« There wfs 

^•^"•P- 4 5 J*' like wife •^V^^^M'^V'^againft tbeiaboncers in the Minea, 

wbo if they intended to begin a new work / were to ac* 

ooaint the overfecrs appointed for that end by the people, 

chat the four and twentieth part of the new coin t^ighc 

come to the pubiick Treafury. Now if any. prefomcd co 

' work who had not nntdeit ino^n to the. officers it wufi 

la,wfun for any to, accafe \k\miuyti(^4 ^lAna^t.] Ap^mh A 

^Argum About itionypucouc toth^TRiwy changers.' «. For atftf^i) 

Pherm.Orat. smong the Attickf is the fame tb«t i«9n<ii in the Lawyersof 

^ 5f4. \ziw timej in Jutt Grdc Rom. Sometimes indefd they ufcd 

a Sch.HurtR. ^' tf9*p/^ for tncanes, and fuftenance 4. ^sa£»hi nt ^ ^loT. K{|i«» 

b Mcd.p ^69. j^rjffdi and x0.'mTii»(Rii^^^. t^v e thi^ : dUferefice 9 that^6 ^^p^r 

m5*° ^2«' ^^^'^^ ^-* Jtt<lg€ *at giwcs f eocepce ,• -K^T-iiA^^^-®: it 
Mcdp.^e . h^jiy[|;,pa5 iij^ljjg ^ontroire;rfie f t^ibccbe means^thattbe 

€ Uem 'inD:m* fentence pad agatnft the defendant, c k^O^ \^ when 9 nan 

F-450* ^fcply iodebted pretends, that he is not able to difchargc 

, ail ; and therefore de(ires the People chat a p«rc tbcreoi 

©iglube remitted. : ,> 

' . > ■ 

• • 

•' ' . / . 


w * 

I IB' 


J Al 

C 141 1 

• t 

♦ » 


* ^ 


C A p. I. ' 


iHB People ol" >l#ArMr btd ifaetr faiMcacion too near 
the Sea, to keep tbeir affediooi far from her that 
rofe of tbe F§dm. For ibac tbey. were devoted to 
tbe (tryictoff^enmh tbe cwo Tempfef wberein (he 
was courted ; and tbeover ^Yoarabte naintof imlt^^ will 
fatRcitxkiy teftifie. Oaeof tbofe Temples was for Finut 
OuV^ie a (JS Mis fUctf) a name better becoming one of che . ^ 

Mofcs. * or the play wttb the ball, iWin ben and theother, yf^^'i 
for yinm nJfJ'npL^- •, wbkb two names pat ^ne in mind pii^^fo^iucd 
of an excellent faying in %/tckUks Tmm concerning kAh^ 

ii^mf f- and' lUAiUg- rndfJ^tsfiMr ^t^a yi iyd iiyA>^« 70^ , 

WiTsrip g3 ^atAAic- oi $|f if«;/li' ^i«'*« Aaa* ^i fcin i^^wfi i;^3t 

A faying good enongh fori CbriRian, and a Bifhop fucb 

z% Sm4u reportecb bim to bay e b<rn- But iMvitftUnio. 

THe.facrificcs of the fir/l Tcinnj>le , were A.>ri7i^, with 

a little more (late and'jcbaflicy than became bcr; ))ut ! 

tbofe of tbe laft, hJ't^^yoTte^ * as fn/Tr, and ai wicked as hcc 

fclf : For every farthmg Suompct , .might by Solo»s own 

appointment proffittitc hcr*body in the very Temple, aa 

wcllasinthe,K«?«(/Ht^f;f.or che SxiV (tbofe K<:7JtM|ci AJ^Piunmla*. 

ppi^tiU) or lahy other of the places abufcd to luft Nay thofe 

f$pkf^ (d bcfidcs ft fifes for the purpofc ) had" goMments alfo ^ Cloacar;. 

for tbcpurppfc,and flowers on tbcgarnaems too, r« Av''^ii'«» ^ 

flor'idod ve^es , apparel fit for fuch f/or^'s aV wore tbcm» 

Tbe Rites jof her fervice the Kth:nUvs^vc faid to have re* 

l:cived froin the PhanHunh the Pb^nicians from tbe C/pri- 


142 Arch£6l9£i£ Atii€*. Lib* 4. Caf* I. 

e C<»L Rhod. ii«/,tbe C^frums from the AffjrUns ^Fides ferns Antlwfm fit) 

The fiihion of bet Pi^rc tbey^ bad frofOQ t^ CjfrUns ( viz) 

witb a bead , an4 all like a roan ai far down as the girdle , 

and all tbe reft like a woman ( to (hew (he bad a place in the 

. T>itch(s too /as well as in the SiM^snA pati:onizd tnft Co ei- 

/locer ^raci* ^^ o{xht Sexes ) iplomuch thac many have been fcrapulons 

"wSi^s whether they Oio^d ^aU ber Aiinif or Zl^ffy ; f«^ 

Juvcii,S«t. 1. one that lays, 

«*— — «- P^UiiHtm^^t Di0m Vmmmt Wi^cb MsenHm him* 
(df comitnendii tor tha beft^ aotf tber^tee in Vitiih «^#. s* 
v^ii. readc 

. fo^^^i^Mr *<* and . not '^m, andfo^yfriJl^p^Mri caUs her 

A^^V/rof,iiithefii4yM{«fi^^ffl^r«Biit^oww^ moce 

work,aadtbefffe0Cf:taplmfUrtiivow^ potfiill 

« Ph*r« h«. ^ plai&ering)diey made it a cv&om^ifMcrifi^tm* faare vL 

Macrobius, { <1^ fiBemtnd k^immtur^ /«r tht men tofmrijUtu her h w^mtm 

4lffMtilymd }if9miM in mesUiliit be fo^yoa may hyAfbr$dh^i 

m HtrfMphtodiitu/\[yim ipltt£e. I rc|id of nofncb tbing 

concerning al/iWM : one^ thej; Poec( becanfe (he was 

g Arifteph. fucb a yimgo ) bononrs tbe Manhood of the Goddeft wkb 

.Aft.5 fc^^ In a Adt¥ ; as Theocritus b does Hecate, with id%U U n^AsQe 

f*f(A«»«V. s. jan apdclldtive of the msfculme gender. Nor is it enough 

that tne Mother is thus reKgioufly wooed and adored , but 
tbtilindfMtiltfj Bey will be cryiof for a temple too. And if 
Her due be a Cw^ certainly Hii cannot be left than a Cdf^ 
neither was iCy 

rfayes Thtoci^itns : and Ame^l Lit4ri to facrifice .to Atf^ or 
<:npid is common in Afuleitee^ Mctbinks he^ mifiht h^ve 
!been content to fit itiil in'bisMothtos Tempk ( where he 
Was lovely Pourtraifted by <?^/yAr^/»ahd jrrowneo with floo^^ 
* AlidHf: *^^^) ^"^ ^^^^ foard* with his wings no tiigber. But the 
^ Temple of Ef «> and Arrif «< in tbe way to the Academ) , 

and the fimoas title of >)^/avf®-y do more than whifper wba( 
aufe he bad to be foprond^ ipd hot7 amorooi , his People 
baStecn. *- ^ CAP. 


Arck£^logU Attics. Libi 4* Caf. 2. 143* 

« # 

G A p. IL 


TO omit the Te^^Aiftn^ tbe Abottioitiom of tbc Wo* 
ineii one with another-, cbangiog lihf ^miv i xSf^^i «V i Bp^icm.%t^ 

j|ive me leave to fpeak a littleof their iraiAf«fai» or mmlif- ^ i^*v,%7* 

»?w9andtbeA^uo^%«,i^praAificdby Meaopon their own 

Sex. The firft chat ever taught 

^ Kimnm 
httner^ ttimsfmrt wmw/-*— — 

Cifwe may believe OvM) was 0rpiWw. Howgooda^holar 

of hit the Kfmdftyim^Liffis & T^nfifihu nvmm. And Ibr the 

Qrteks^ Wi reported by HtrodeHfi^ ihat the tnnRgns deriv'd 

toe infeftioD from tbetfi^ vHii^ I an apt enough to believe , 

when I read tbofe #ordi of CirNf tin/ 1 iVifp/ , LamS it^\im»a,jii 

(hdcUdMciifir ad0tefc€nt9Ui$,qHimflurimoih^i Ammms^ £x£iL imp. 
in one place , and tbofe concerning AlciUnda in another. ^ ^iLFr$t.^ 
Imnnie aJoUfcentiA dmafmsefi X mult is more Gr^eorMm^X^t to !^c**^'^5f/"'^ 
tell yon bow be himfclf afterward* was more then PurAi- tCinSk - 
CMS in that double- CApparogHtry as wdl as as Fdufanm , oto Menam, 
n Socfgtis^ or anv of his Wag-tail * SeBaries. The Gnciaus 
(:wbatevir Strode coromeods of tba t government) if hr^t. 
fay true, made a Law for toleration of it. The a Mcgarenfes \ 

bad their KiJJing- matches , when he that conld kifs 1 weeteft I 

was led away in pompVoroRi^ omflu^\ onVf tbss moch is faid« 
in commendation of the Lacedammdns & the AriE^^4a/,that 
ibey confinejl iheiuft to the perfonof a flaveNay p t>£lian ^ y^^ 
( who makes bold to vary from other amhors in feveral re* Hij?.f.i t. * 
lations ) goes Aither^and faies srap? cTn; ^S^a < Sjy^-^v h tiht^ 
but how true that is, I know not; I am fore tbeir W ««<• 
//i^ nnds/ n<ahu\ if^iQi^ fell in plain fcni, what they loved : 
tboujgb I confefs I have found no fucb feats among them, q L;c0^K 
as that of q AMles in Murthering Troilut for refufing to 
"^ * - > fttbmit. 


r Ufa vicn 

144 jkcbJfahgU Attic^.^Liy. .-4 C^^.j.. 

fabinic tobis Ittft. One word more oind I bavedone.He ibat 

pras infpired wicb fuch a love as cbis, ( as if tbey bad ufed the 

trick of r Pyramm aod Thisbe) among cbc Lacedamonians bad 

- the name oiti^wpiKQ- or H^wfnK&'OtrsiibttMtipiKnftZt 

By wbich word) fay tb the Etymplpgical DilH^Mrj) is dcnoc* 
eho'Cimpi 2p«r®- ( or ratber iiS9T&') tSx^Mofcty®^ ^ one iir* 
' . j^/Wil.lhall I fay, or if loved ^ for fo (ignifieib tbeword at 

45y4r/#f ( 1^1% ) CO love a boy fo perdiu^ as to thm i/t his lower 
end, ( as we fay ) 10 j^it in h^ months or give bim M^fum €JC 
ere, take tbe Authors oWn words for'c in the place abbirc 

<}UOted. ktffri^p<M9f7^tW i^^mPeigprf^vpjJrelf, A«icfJ^«f^cr- 
fimp^i 1^9 i ^»fi fe^y J'flf hifyum , aod fo Hefjchif^ faiCs . of 

*ilAV9Hf COO, '^lAVfifiMH, '<^^v» «r^(Hfci,Tbis was all (as be faies^ 

or^aslfayjicoughttobavebeenalli for a roan maj tove 

. hu he fife wtU enough, though he do not ride upon the ridge. HpW* 

ever, I muft confefs tbey bad fo mucb care ftill of tbe Ccm^ 
. monwealth^ tiOtwi%h^^ndin§the\t frivpue ple^nreijZs not to 

give a voice to one wboro tbey koew to be guilty of fo 
inucb Moliiiiee^is to f cratch his head mthom finger.\i^onm€h 
tbat if any bad fu^ fot ah office co give a teftimony of 
bis t^jf^ifir and manlike difpofition, be was fain to lift up bis 
flrois^andfhewbisbabriobis Ara-pits* ^ 

r l^^pjdi^M ^'jii%t9ft^oiA. f$kc% Arifiofhdnes. 
And good reafon for tbis praftice, for; 
. Dura ferMraehia [eta 

fp^mittunt atroam animum ^* * ii\t%fi^enal 
therefore tbe Woman /tbacdefired to be taken for a Mao, 

Wbereas on tbe contrary , tbofe tbat bad tbe fore-bead to 
feem^^i tbey mr^, effeminate, ufed tbe fame tricks wbicb tbe 
Romans are faid to bave ufed ( for wbicb fervice tbey bad 
their J)n»9aiugif, or alipilarios ) to pull away tbeir bair , and 
be as fmootb as (bey could, But 

* Sat. %: 


Archdohg^h^ Attica. Lih. ^ Cap] 5. ^45 - 

But Ihivi Caid ;oo mucbiof fo odious ^toYC oijSo^Idn^ 
Indeed be nsmed among w. I will now proceed to fpeak of « 
chatter Tfww ( rfocwicbftanding that Memlntmrnt Ackilies / Acb'iLT^t; 
prcfetcd the former ) ^<f frimii rernm txordiid [exnum di" ^'^P^** 
verfifdtemgenerAto dmorcfociauit ^ zs m /Ipn/eifu faid in bi$ *^"*"^«l: '«• 

C A P. III. 


De ,Amore MttlierMm. 

Hen firft tlicy lifted ttiem/elves into the fcrvicc 
^ , (tor 2litUt4t Qtnnis amans^ and Cufii is painted like 
a Souldier } fome of them made it fuch a folemn bufioefs^ aa 
CO be formally initiated like fo many Priefts. 

hf^^JlAAi }i^e^h yLvsa,ytyi(j I faies Clitofhon to t Achil.I.i. 
LtHCtffe. E^%? Ci^K^ xsf'7%iirn^¥ «J-ipft,nr, faies I/memMf x to * E"fta**^»l. 
bisMiftreG > alluding ( it may be ) to fuch Books as the old 
fellow brought forth to AfHliius.j Littris hnoraiiMu/ Pr*- ! ^?~ *^^ 
maw, ' I **"**«^- 

Wcll,it feemi yeftfts bad her ^ {ivheM too, as w^ll is Ceres ^ ^Hicrogly; - 
for her Pricfts, chough thcy were «iot under an enjoyned fi. ?**»'«• 
lence ,^$ the others were, yet tbe greatcft part of their tat- * 

ling was under the Rofe. 

Confcitu omnii abeft.NHtufigmfqHc Icqmntur.Knd therefore ^ OvM, Mcc. 
Cttjid bad not the name of t Wl^ifferer^ ^l^oQ- , for no- ^*^-4 fab.-f. 
thing; feeing fpcaking tbrougb the tceth.and whijfering tbo- 
row the walls, like fyrmn^ b and Thisbe, was fo commonly \ ^'t' ^^*^ 
Qfed by bis followers. Sucb as that ^iffto^Soi in EHrifidet, ^^ ^^^ 
fuccrotilU vocula Faminina fdbMUreeff^ccrotilU vo€mli,t%k% c Titiniusj 
one. ^^ii^^mlintiti*¥')fi\^ti'i;^%^t^^ji^ ^faies ano* ^Bwftatl^ 
tbcr, of l[m:m. And no^only their wordf, but every thing 
tbey did was by ftealtii, for what were all their pleafures but ' 
fart a: Wliatis Cupid but a Thief} No wonder then if Lovers 
Hied to worihip the Moon •, and the Nfgbt be the blind ^ Theocritus 
boyesHoJyday. f\^n^if ^iu^^^ faies one Hike that of [' '^ ''^ ^/^^^ 
the Scholiaft upon Theocritus <Myim7gi>at;oti t'^i^Q' ffyt!,, ^ Jf.^J''"'*^- 

9^K7ii ) for the greateft part of thjpir employments were aoc fiatk 
^ I able 

M^ M look upon tte Sun. ^ttPinist at I cpkeit, lucMlr 
caOom wat . for (he Maa to worihip cbe Sun « and the Wo. 
^ mto cbe Moon, It may be the ntos atne g was to have cbe 

5|^^^JJJ^ Suns help in bringing Adalcerics.and ihe:Woiiian$4hc MooWi 
ih.OvidMct. in bringing ber A Cfe/74rfii to light. 
.^.'fab.^. Bcfides thefe, 0tU ifiiv i^mmU. i Poft had bis^vrorihip 

hLuHAparim^ too. Bot for any tbingl c^n perc«hF4^ (cboogbfoflit of chcm 
inubui adefl j^ ^^^y ^ ^ ^^^^ Qf /Thgocfitm bis mind , 

1^4 it — 0:3 Qiif iliJ^ Xind^eip )whatfocver tbey pretended 

CO the Sand of ReHf^kn;, they took the liberty and loofnefs in 
iuch bufinede^ iofmar and /^/Wir , as faft as tbty JiAed.,. 
whiks ffifiter ftood by and Uugbc«-P/r/«rM rUeiamdntim, 
infomucb that h^StuQr o^k^ ,a LoV€ Oaih^ became but a 
proveibat laft^ as being accounted ^^ if<vWjvft9'>notdekr< 
ving panifliraentiif it were taken; nay if PUu^xn Efhtio)(tj 

trutb| if TuIiiJhftUi luh^s^lrd A^ep^tiitatJ^riimifrjSv m0y$m'* 

0Jw H\np% ^f^^f f the Gods gave themleaire: as having 

done bdi tsdim fuvenes^ the famt themfcivis cna: 4KdMone am^ 

♦ FrcnckProi t^df thekkfave htPcr thm a» AUit ibat'b^^ aMivkk 

C A p. IV. 


Dt Amorii fftJhiih 

"0:w to know whether (gch an onewefe in liove or 
_ ,. not(thoii^ they lay^ Lm snd^hi C^|A cmm s^vtr k 
hid) at the keeping of a feaft, they ceok fpecial notice of the 
smsjing of hit qurldn^zsw^ uCe CO do of the Garter)mAkinffi 
it % fore nipner of that of the Zoma^ Bm I take too much 
qpon me to determine fo^foonof the reaibn« for 1 Atf>e»mr 
]^^' ' ^* fai^s it b^b Uf n a riddle a tbonfimd; y^Mfs before hia cujpc^ 
7>etfn9i. 9Qd propoandedttt their mercy meetings- n^AiK 99«»4^(a4« 

-909 idf^yn^} Hhi^y%efv ki^m, and hc faimfelf bathferifcd 
up no left than e^t other realbns » but ] know never a one 
better than another to give you a talle/ Another ggne thai 
(bey were in love was the tiwk/ikg of tbi f^tr^wheiice that of 

. Jlrddiohgid Mtic4i Llk 4* C^. 4. 147 

TmU§uki^ imrui ^-^ T^ know whether the 
f arty \m% <S4 lof « agaia y.tbey took a leaf f whether oC 
.P^ffify oc what It was I know not J they called ic •ki^^p 

fw^ JWxb/A«r im"fdiiKS9m ¥ tixiir ^ and pQttiog it oo the ^ 

foetfiMer, and ti3€ tboinh of the left band ( as our children 
ttie to£> wttbtti) ftruckit with the rigl^t- If it gave a crack 
they re jay ced^ if not a (igb^ out alafs I 

^ Tbe9critm liflL 3 . So at their Feafta they had a tricky to " /^5»M- 

iaftea a long fikk in the grosod with^ooiber «pon ic ( in ^^^"^ ^^^' 

the gifliiod of the croii Beam of a Ballance ) with a. pair of 

Scales hangiagtait. Under the Scaleiilood a conple of 

fiowbiilled with water, and under the water a ftacae of . 

Brafi, guilded and<aUed hy the name 0f Mtfiv i f n once the « li ia A^Mbm^ 

namt of a Servant ) now the manner was for inch, as were 

mXovc ( with ahefanie woman as I think / and wooM wi^ 

liogly know their fortnnew'hoAiM^carry it A^ lotakeeach 

his pibial oCBraA ( i^ wa^$n ) to fiaind a f rfetty wiy off^ 

and having drank as modi asheH(led> with iai fiiddra tunf 

of the haM ( ifwi^iiut ibey caU it ^ fiMi csbenct KiUmem^' 

x;Si»79»j to throw ihe reaainder into the ScalMi the re*^ 

mainder thos thrown » they alted Kmniyiw (com xiw^^ the 

4tldi or the found that it gave in the fiiU^ Now b&that couUl 

no this fo well ^ as 10 make hia fcale fink^ add Ibike^e image 

bardeA 00 the headf f/f^;^!^^ ni«V« »40 that feme of t& 

WioeJeapt ant upon ldni» iaith the Scholiaft , pre^Kned 

|»efctiily npon thelov^ofbiaMiArefs^ and had his K^^/^i^r 

or his (>ake ( the nfual revkard o£ Vidory in moA ol their 

Ftaye$) forhisJabonr , fomciimea they tung the liquor on , 

the baregrQnod|.aadtf • it^ve a geodiiafli» it was counted 

ashKkf^fbraLov^, as ttlemfc^^.cfliff/r4/^Thw to drink 

and play, they ealled K9i?«iSX^Kf ( atK^jS^ was; the name 

ci the cup and the play toa.^ and feldom a drinkibg match 


IT — 

748 Arch^dlogUAtti$4t„Lii.J^Cap.^>. 

SdictrtiiePoet. JhtitixtrnionofM^tsrhrM Gambol chqr 
arealhamcd coowAcbem(elv<s,itnd therefore ramd it off 
upon the people of SicUr. Imig^ fpeak motcotKCiu^Q'^ 
were tccUhtr* fitter fbrtbe^rdTentdifcpurfe, or ooefpo* 
ken of fo (argely, aod by io many , as AtktM4H»^Rhcdi^tnm^ 
and others already. Let k fufficeoniy to baveniiitded you. 
of the folly fo ufaal among Loversio d)ofe times according 
CO that of ddlimdcbu. 


C A P. V. 

U T what if (he could not be wooed over by fair mcaiHr 
wai there then oevcr an arrow Jefc in the Qoiver to 
woond ber with ^ or -^ ju^ling trick to bewitch \Mi Ycai hvn 
firft they mttftgec fometbiog 6r«oelier oi hen }fikatbeinp6C>r 
feffion, aod v^Ork apoo that, according to- the NiciiBs adt ic^ 
to^Pi£^4 in wooing of ///p^^/j^iMr. '. . 

Hipp.T. 51^; Stfi^or, w Ao>Ai'4Pii?* jj wiarA^ Aw* ' > •■ '^ 

. And rf tbey coold come to tbe fight ot ber , yoor ilBcft t€mli 
( br tdftJwu) there's notblnglike ik Cora falcinatioa.d}^(^i^. 
i7y« (lUtiA»99 mftrnfftL-m , be threw a Jinfi e^e M ier ( faitb 
* HeU^darHt ) Tbe Proverb that Ltuve cema$» Mt thewinJav^, 
nMdgw out at the t>oer , may not ahTordly be :aoderftoQd 
of tbe Eje t , which Maxinrnt Tjfi^ cafo ftv ^rf iF 4^x^f »^be 
Doors of tbe Soul, wbieb feem to be tbe way^and tbe pf Aagc 
by which the two loves go in and out.«^d«^fio$^ <a': o/c^ '^2iis 
faith Mufsm : or if you will the eyes of either party arc 
* Lib. ). a Torch I ighted by tb e others, to kindle the fire in tbe kurr. 

^S *" ^^^^ tbe/[j*^ tbe firft ftep * in lipids Love. To 

•Lib. 4, 


M OTia. de 

, try.tb<r€rorevba^(tbi^«ard.€€«U[ dOj^^th^ weidd go a> 
tbe boute wbere^ihe Itv^ ^ MiM^ tsfliioo being for ibc 
Dfiiigbur ^ir«;^f tafilhdriok ca tbc Stranger^ ( «» S^/thews 
commandfd bit daugbctr ce <to 19 Jfrnemiu ) after ibe old 
foFk bad dri]|»k^ wbcoucamctotbcirMiflrcfles 10 drtf»k 
ta them , tbejr ^bferved at what pare of tbc c«p (he drank, 
to belBfccodirink at the fame » according to tfaatof tbc 
♦Foec^ \ ^^^^ ^^ 

Fdrlboth tbey tbengbt tb«i to have a kila muiiMi at tbe ft^ 
' cond baiMt waAed^ ov^r in tbc<i]p;i^mt«ir«» 7^ ^ihnm>4ri04^ 
mtims callf it, not Mkfjs ih cufi but cwp tht kffi. 

N4m irdnfmiffa fMU ^ mi fnt fi^vU l4krif 
S^ih SciUiier tranftaciQg that verfe, 

they ,a(cd to call •i/]MPAif4ar«f Uhn^AXmffiVffm^9^0m,^^% 
kifs coflte^bed in a cup . lik^ w^rds 10 ;a liftter j 0s 4iotl| 
AcbUlthfiiAEHUiuhiiii io^ And by tbis time; tbey baveleea 
wbcibJMr tbey^ can do anj, thing or nothing by tbe ij'#» Nen 
4bey will' try what they can do with the Tongue^ by tn^bdn^, 
tingjwgt 0ud tales : et by tbe Hand , wkbGifir/vaQd PW^, 

arci I «« «nt^ ' 9oM0»» *iKff»¥ 71 ig cL'9|i<A»y ) ^ iiJ^y<»i' , ^y fit 
JffNfr^ii^rLVfnfvoreefpeually iitbeoafne ol a Bird^wbc**. 
iber It htt^rqmilUyQt nj^Mfhs^ot f^ffereHlu4 ; the.laft iKmo(L 
likely4iecanfeaf itifaiacicy) wbofe loagnc th^ na^jleuiieof 
to fucb purpofes, potting ic wdcr the Kpapcl her Ring with 
4be partly of her nfile$«, 

And wccao tbapk MJ)ody .bnt^7^a(> foi: Aicfe a naoghty. 
Bhni f. for baving betn formerly a Wcmin» and tbe Daugh- 
ter c£Pm and Vj^ i- iffBctM i^ics CMUinif^hs)h€Cdnle (he 
bewitched ^ji^^ireri^o tne loving of I$rjun$ tmntd her into a. 
Bird ofvt^eJame n^me, ard ofaniakingvery (uiuUe u^^ 
her forjner co^ditiyn, and the ufe$ for whic^j^he feiy^i. For^ 
(according, to t|^ Sf jW?>J*i3poo-^7f,^;^4^^ a .iBird^wKJ^i 
aloo£,heck;a^'d tonjg|^,.£otui^ua»ny wagging bo^b tbe^hea^i 

1 5^o ArciMhgi^ JttkAr I/I;. 4. C^.>5. 

fyM hit im n¥h flr#x« ^^ t ir€cf "( ^i Itlmk /andcbatt- 

ted t Ams ftt riicy» whiiHi ie twnd. Ummtxinf h kift 

ttie entraitf } to t ir^ft oT #M , ctfofin^ boib' fegeifair to 

^onfiimemtlie-Jtre. Btitvltftc*fltyett fty , if all this ivblte 

ie be Bettrio^. bvt aif ioQTOfnfiiie f Icifimcly cm^i and 

. . playd f as lomc fa; it is , and that it ii therefore cooMoiiy 

! Dfed for any pleefaistlbifi^ er ifiticcM 

. f aioa ♦ Pindm^jomyo^Btr Mtigicil Love toy ,lbcb as Z/nguu^ 

^Xhti^0^ niiifeeKvr«<tbedHie«$,tair,«iitf' bandaof tsrifftd woor, 

mmM.ufSrM tiid dbefv Other gatnboti of the faiDcbf«D aMordteg tKKbit 

fr$f: fMtm. which I have kthti^tnAim ut$XHitM-99^r - 

TiroeUfciii, Zh^Mts^Ui^ 
hmruiy Illicfsikmilm. 
With no ftronger cbainrthan thofeoP tw^d-' Wifd f ^ imttt^- 
W V ietif ^ Ptkisrcb odb it ) is Satmrn reported to bav^ beea 
yot'nvrit. ^oKgnad by fkfktr wbeti heiffaing him domi. IcunuAei^ 

♦wif* Twrn/A. ijgii^g jh^i^ jI,^ Gods had timers feiff^WMlen^ftit;^' the 

proverb^lkfcs they bad , than that any i)f them Hioiifdfaavt 
L0fMs pSeas^ wtMm fetters. Aii4yer that dkiM^alKlI ' tazte 
^Hhdotard , €9iitd be content to lie fafHn tbofe hknik alf 
Ae year 'long ^ tHi the Month Dteetnkr, when be hid fi^ Ir-* 
ilert^,becaofe of the JVr^;vr9f4/i4,wbbeh Paphim tfa^peforeei IT 
S^itrm<$mfedem efcHntmnvl rirftr yoafbr ttte rcaiofi coi^Hr^ 
rrohita Satgfn. i.r.S.Thoagfa I befiere^ey intended n0 
other than abfagtcaH tie upon the affeiSftonoPtte party*. 
Vet tley fetftn to hare made nife of W<»0/v rather than^efff 
other thing ,. becaufe it was fp much in faflnon-infttcb linS 
ofnttHen^ fMirftytbe girdle the iramSiniifedto Weaf, was 
made of n^W^twifted and tyed with an Hrrwifr, ^or d Tffit^ 
L&ffm kAbtinot to be tintyed'bat in the ^hmnLted: Tbenr 
ibe'doors of tbe Bridehoiife , and the- p6fts of the doors; 
#ere bound aboQt wtthwoolen filletdngs ^ and die Wift wat 
cdf!ti;^n a iTecce for a,Go(hion. Yet how they nkS 
tAH'^KiKfSfttxtfl cannot tell ^ whether tfaeyf^^Jt kb(5tic 
cbetnp wherein cbe^ pbtion was giVetivatcor dfin^ tb^tfiaft. 

•■ ' 

Or jifcotiube Bay wbicb they .b^rdt » mU i«MtiMikdrjMyu ^^mmm 
Bat %bm muck 1 tew oUiecvvd ef tbtk ^ritaaiy ' pndikt 
in foch RbgBcrici ( coatoaMnao widi cbe wofloM in tbcfe 
M^ei ) tbi€ w&at t^r was dope (o the tbiaga ^hicb diey 
fifcdV tbey tmprccajced tj[ie fame; ^^r tba Kkr ^ fotbe parckt 
vyfagiiii tb^ icpagtA(4 clietfai'^ co rtprf fci^ Tbiiaa AA a Ovid.Mi* 
0^ jwffft A^kaffft out in t^e bcao4« Jbm ^mt tkd op (i^*s»i^^-4- 
^AUmeusu wom%Pigitis i^ur fe fiHrn IkflOlviiot J|^ ^^*^* 

bow.^ Tbus <^ iiMRfilM ( to come oearcr booK j angry wicfc ^ ilj^ ^* 
Z)k^fpixM for wMC (^bis ^vc, woul4iiaM f€aic«rf4Jiit bones ^barm^ 
in tbe meal,, bupu bia fleCb in the Bayi mcktdbtm rvpf m 
tiie W•l^ or b^ve ba4^ ti^bie ta ber door in (be ^razca 
Soivii^ ^^ bave lilkd bif« ipwiab kindteft^ ifiyery one 
ofwbicbpadikiwaftAcaedleidwttbprayii^ to H^iUrtnA^ 
tbeyl^ji for fiiac^ , aatim^ tbat. were fie toie done 
ncitber byV^.iioi: sl^vtgrmnili^^nitt more were ibe cricka 
cbey uM 10 inak€ a loan to kiM tbed^ fiich M 
fy^9k%Mm bis £^/iftT^ 9 ai^«^ni« W^« ^ >^ '«&ft7o^i ^'''"''^*' 
j^ai ^ib«Hi^#« *^ai«ff la^ ^M«»i ^ii^co^j^ Ssu/i^^ aj AaKay^iftK v 
^Attii^ fmf^m^^ Tbc mcf \ may bctboa^ to bft tba. Cf-^ 
m#l» 7i i«e^T^^^r»oabetwtfoiiiabit^»v3 or n^wUm^Ad^ 

tbat bid cbetb0dy fi^ihaaib^ia^t bifatniiiM»</!<r^^|^ ^^''''• 

_ . P0i0kwlr(A ifmlyiims mrk^ la/ 6* 

ItbadibeMme2^*7&T4fifn>«it j^ii«i4^cj|^sdHiriiiiMi&)ip#/4^) 
^M^E^if^fviw l$«m^ aa ftie P^/zi/iisf/mi' 

iftr^SM^/Afs^ouUtba^ettMiaftaf^ IhaiiraGbcf ^iAPf«5^« 

t^Jie tbtfmt^'^Ql^ tbcj^^ciwotia ah«n^ tbb wtlfts sw^^f«r^ yVer««»^ 
and tbe golden fetters I fuppofe ipt Uq Ananger tban wbol"- 
Ien» But befideti^li ibefe ; tbere wa»;M^eC?^ff7,r> feats to be 
done fff^ tbe^|owit)g'of an ApffiekCfdMiu^m^mh^ I iriean, 
reported to grow m tbe gardekolf/anf , .^andf fad^ at Wed- 
dings ( as {hallilpribM«ihtnielftft«f . ) Tbui; wtMaCQt^>^ was i ^riflanMh 
fitting in tbe Temple of #DiV«^<e, Aimins threw in bis ap»» ^h 10. 



^^.• i 

. ^\tw^^\%\vSm^^^ or 

Jun tin f^it fir imy/tkd fdcnt Didndi : ' ' 

M^ iibiverifuram c^mitem fpenfam^fie ff/far/tm. ' 
Aod fe made her chiDk (hce h^y whe0 fi^ did but rr^j} the 

l?Jffii! iflgofhisAppJw. hhiy,iftbcybk<)ffapJe£c;ah4thrtwicr 
fc.Ariftiib.i.' it WHenougb; ^bkhmacte <;^ /'Ai/fw/, britig jealotiJ ot her 
op. 2^ fiftcr 7lbr/xi^9e ccmplain of /'4m^^i/|fl^btl cfaroiviiig apiece 

^ ^^tII* fl-*?' ^^ " ^Pl^'* *° ^^^ '*P' ^ **^ ' women of Thejjalie arrefpecial. 
vcndk PJ^l^^^ being able ^ u 

Juvenal. Vpefayes.) ^^km^^ni Sw^ «?« f*fc Vifjtiri^fti^ ^ if^9^9f to- 

xxir^ ?«^^*S^A4Si &c. And To for cbe wonen of £gjp$ ( I tbk)k 
. cbelexiiatb ftill t|ie MOMpoly of Kta^ck ) bowtvercbe 

/ MiyftUn pf ^fit^icc tame to loiftake iii tbe Ehfis , wfaert 

m Corgiasapud be^ve Lf^ciffe tbe potioo^ IFor iofteadof pbctiog herinto 
-^ ' afitoflovef hej^tbercleanoQCofherwics, as C4e/(^itf4cHd 

ber Hnsband nC^igitldw'iA^n 0^09»4ffe/.Ttiofe^iV<^a^or 
Love-potiians, wereconutfooly ffiatteof cbe jtiyce offodt 
l^etbi as difpofed tbe bc^ to yenene» facb aa tbe sKfv^Yp& 
( rendered P^ftinacd ) caiUed by v^ay iof eiccdlency , li tM- 

tmrth ( if I mtftake not ) in hU r«fMi^ «!^7^iAf««ni , expreficr 

biidiflikeof kbefecoiKfea. Batu^? was there never a 

way to unmhch cbe par (y^ again ? ( for I heard of fome ctiac 

can do tbif who cannoi do cbe otter / yes. mher Jiy '^taking 

counterfeit Pbyfick (^s Lencifpt did j or by wafbiog it away 

in the River SeUmnh, a§( Pimfanm faics ) they nfcd Co do in 

jtchaid •. or eife by Sacrifices or Cbarmes9 according at they 

Votid.Mk icQagined Ae caiife* Whence tbofe words of the ^-Nvrfeto^ 

1. io.fab.9: Aiyrrhd incited by the furies, and not b^ C«f i «{ > torthe miii^ 

v-j^7- ton lovcjof ber owit father* ^ - 

Tat 1.4* 
a Suetooitts 


Seu Fur^r eli, buteo qn$i Cdrmim ftmet^ & herHi r 
SivesiifMs rocuitf Magics ImfirAtftrnu ^ 
; IraDiXmfivt^fiffdcfit ftiwAiwrns irdik. 


Arcks$ltgU'Jiticdel\LU: ^»'Ca^. 6. tS) 

D€Zffu4tp more fimpcandi amcrem. 

rf F.ibc lxHfe<cifiN^ of itt ourn tccord , and were kindled > 
Jiwiiliia^ mcofal i)eaitf<iat indeedthe Son! if /MturtUy in- 

ju> cfaeidve 6f anodier (>yott «riU noc think wb^t a ccndcf: 

ci^c cbafe Grecttn W^tn bad of their Sweet^hcartf. \ 

Infomich , t^atif jiHicaflt'omtnd feme of their cboiceft. 

cxj^effidns tbAreoMeijpc^My tbac cf Ariadne to Tht^ ^tl^- 

ftiis) youcaifaorbacAerf* ?Af*-irfA/ wind; in approving' *^* viwThrf. 

ciKdcfottiM^ttobyiiMneof tbe.old pbflofopben, who 

fatd cbao h it ^'.^^f ^jffitff«^ «e^ • imf^KHiut j^ mmHoir .vi»f^ 

Not to ccU yoa V (bat fomecioi^ they fene t wodng to the 

nicn^ prty take^at a tafte of thtir caftomes in tbia particotar 

ofespreffing their lovei To trim nptbeir bodies ai they did 

their wn 4 with floweri ( like a Miff'^miAi ) or bang up ^ Euftttli, lb; 

Garlands at their doors (m^ utivt^ tiie))arts of the houfe 

eipofed to light vrbeo the doorsf were open , ch^^kp in- 

10^ iff Wiorwr , fayes HiffMus ) was an ordinary careff, 

aboogh indeed (uk Athmam fayet ) tbcy intend ' it chiefly fr L. s t« 

CO. the honour of b^^ • A ^' >3 i><»ie- ^^citifiof iy^ua , tvtm J 

5 iFcM» Vim' Tiui Atn9Pi n^^i , as making the body of t 

Sweet- heart the Image, and bis houfe the Temple of Love. 

The tokens tbey u(oatty feni were Oarlands and Rofes , -m 

^^ti^i^Hi^Jkmyi^H (fays Pitdt^ to SimaUon xn Al^ 

0fhHn) and (it may be j lometimes bitten pieces of A pples, 

im8a« ^^&U%M^a ( as LuHm tails them ) tokens irery well 

pgrecing with ifaofa expieffions in fafiiion among tne Rd* 

ttaoM^bentbey fate at Tabie,t4«:. leaving drink in the cup, 

ind giving moridsof meac^fsebas c M^rti^U would bav< '^•^P-r* 

1^#«IJ4 fend htm, rather than a whole legge, or the like » or '^ /Unor;UE1.4r 

fiub aaddw^ fpeaksof. 

But I mod tell you S. Hhrmse cenfure() itif^^rnHkoi iUiH e De vtci Cic- 




t54 Arci£9hgUAl^icie$XU.-4^€^V^^^^ 

Matkfdc dntcts literfddi [knBtiS gmor ncH bahfi it $Mgbi Mot k 

be Jo amonifiyotf, Sjmmdclms tl^i^tit words of the Sirdi 

. in Arifiofhams ji^%iQt9 l^SQ ffottQu^,(ty%, ikty were wont 

gratify one anotber with Birds, fodi as Dovei, and ihe Wjfv 

and the like. Bat tbefe expreffion* I weiglitet Ucde^ at^btfn 

I obfef ve that fcarce a W«tt or a Tite , wimitm^itmtU 

■: -"■■ ' ( ir^ lu^ faith the SchoIUfi) wai fntki by mikeiig Wf jtuig 

fO\tg.UtT. /thereon thename of the parcy • m tbia ibrfii<l fUfkMiu^^ 

Ififtead whereof ffay ftrae ^ yo^^fluiU mad it«fti&^ ki^dit 

entfedinn #4^^; iMt Xfeen»fiiKb nced4if;«cciiM6Hfl^ 

for he fpeaks of tht Lawyer ibae was fo much in Im« 

««i wtiEhthriafployntitt cif the Ckmrt , dbr tbenSiiifi^ ii(^ 

cofer of cba poifor the cdlmliy or «oe fncklhing^ Dtfaet 
ran {\iU in Us mini, and tberefbt t ( faith he^ 

U9futfiye0^4*w^ni^'tS^m^^ ■• : ^ L. • ^^ 

Inttke quinoer the mendeak widltbe MCiei ofiheir^^ 
firefif, wlifich they wrote foMtmtff opoo ite niry fatMCi 
ef the Trees aec&rdt^g to that 4»f CMmstdtt^ : , 

'. Let ontbeieaves f0maoyicttenlie> - 

As iny C/^i>;a J4i>inay f^ify-^ 

- • ' • ' ■■•»-. 

wMch piH ftie in dwdolvbat Lioim in hit Emiriap 
of one dist was ready to die wi^2|)Mr4one^^ €mdmfygm% 

^A^ &«Hf«a9«r, mtdVsHmHt imt whitt r^yuiniigiMftttwitk ^mt 
;si4ri^s/ 4 ITM^^ wWfrrsrItfJasfiV EN US F A I R^ How 
glad would they have been, if they could fa«fewriitMjhcai ' 
upon paper , r and haw worn them intheir. Uaiftu jire do^ 
hat no wonder they did^at they #d , hMisgA c$f; wrictca 
" to^aiiyN«t«i;f^(Ai> ^. 

*" *^ > V ^Igjerifti 

' . I .V 

Nsfcimftir fi^a^ -r-««. ^ and to exdmplt giveq 
Aem by AfotU lumfelf* who when ne tamed Hjntimhiu in- 
to t flower of tbe ftoie Mine (o keep bis mcfmrj tlive^ wbeo 
lie wts dead tod oot cooteoKcd with clitc» 

, If ft fm9s gmh^ f^Uk ii^iHi^ & Ai, Ai^ 

Flu Mtt ififmf$/m — icFab. f . 

Thm Ms rhe laem^fy of AyM prefer ved • todooe half of 
^iitaie,tstbe£ine Auit|Dr batbic. 

J^itrdMimmm^imdm^riqMevir^ut Lik.t3.fab.x. 

fiittheivdMMC U9t^ M9fiskmxo Bim$ bis. deceafed friend 
fliOMI^tthafe iifiMMiiBe4o|er jedums 100 litf te» aolefs there 
pmc^ wriolea » kAp(^ nii^f bcfides Wjf^ the lame flower. 

Kt^kfor Jiim« tod tbfki for her was fiire to be writteo , for 
Mmrjtm'i Mifhefs fi^nt MdPrifidfair.iut for ber|^t if 
Ihe wereKi«#ti[p«r«.ar bad black eje-brows (he was coun- 
ts fliir iQdeed>«cordii4to that Cjf Gnfih^j NySen^ Sifno Thcwiu 

fiiieit theybs4#ici(^K4<^«!v#irM\if|^f to black tbem: or . 

iMttlhia Rbciorick p«a 7)^ iA^t ta^ par; oT ^be A^ sri 1^ 

iaf<aT0-, Jts be dodliraii(tyM#(U» ^«Mf >bL for CM Vfoil COfll* 

meodtMevictvet of bet fl^iod Ww toe womto of other 
tiiQcaeQMBed to be the tl i/ixO* of t mstd I know oot. ft 
toUm io Arift^§i tioie ik wn cqpnted xooft commendtble, 

Bs0a /Ibr. a*^. wtm\ iA« fief^«r>'M«if it . ^ Ibtre ttlkt too 
ioqiof Lbvf ; er W R^inJi^^ ibtt never l|iot in bis bowi v j^. ^ 
Ittcf tbe Rjeadcff uttU ^tome i9e f. for £?6ii^ awty ib muck 
effe Mil bife!oiMr.«ip(m foch t SaSjea,an<rfit inajf bej give 
bls€aifncr»tbtii?f*4ra9<{} vtikmi M/avf. But tbofe that know SeflecaBp.ii<^ 
■M' wSUibiteiiA bitj^ly 6qgqp«qr>for d^i^ .tbe, teppcr 




tacir; - w*M cot, ftick. buc pr^^fr^ fi^tii^ftie figei mboart* and pr4>» 
cced CO the Nbptiab tbemfeiveil 

• t 

C A p. VH; • ■ - 

• • • ' • i . I 

TH E parties betog bocb agreed , unkfi tfae Weocb vrere 
ai yet Actrta ( as Varri> calls her / or ^a^vAir V^itxi^v^n^ 
bat a fower grape ( as En/tdthiM) and not yet ripe MatmrM 
piro (ia tbe words of Virgil) they were tbu^ betroatbedand 
yoaked toget^ier. The man did id the praAocse of otric^ 
i^efDss; frmife btrnfiif after the mit^^Oi ^ La^r fcni^/tf 
fyohfiffn pefi ctmcuUfjmhVitga^'nm^'difertHr^ andlofaw 
her one fu'Sr^r or other in earncft : bat tbe woman (lofi waa. 
defponfata ^ p.romifed Or bcftoived upon him by the Parent 
or tbe Guardiao *, as if the proaai£es oif- a Woman were falfe 
enough to make the faying aaiongifiei^^^^J? coilie. ccue. « . 

And yet ( it feetns ) tboagh ibey feared (he msghc beeak % 
Achil,Taf.Kf« promife , they tbongbt att dath to be ftnMig-en^^giiiQrhoUl 

oev : FoYTotacttthei' at-thf^Mn^aftiaMiM^ i)f 'j^Mititfs v 
ibey wentrb6fh'it!tblttf7^^.:^««rt Mga^ib<mMi^ii 
nmtdaliy by ^atb,<9iit:i# |>k>ba6le by '^befraft ife. ti-CtU 
tofhon tnittftcipfi; ^fpttie feltipl^oi ifi^^miMt^iW^^mm 
fwore 2e^«iiW f^/Aair»iitidtbe woman «'#/^'^»siiMte2riUi»>);^ 
'm9Ttit ^^ If ^ Am^iiwi^ 1 do" iK/t remember tliat:^ ibei iA^iba 
m4ii/ bad thit^dbdfdlQWt ti%k 

f AkiiibAlca: feari^V^'««^J^W^ 

*•" ^ foned :^«dni< whoM flie pretinded'ioMiifi^ ) &r*iffii^ 

, \ fierifasband^Ortbafthey lifed^tbc cttftoniofiSc^i&aiA^ 

' * -"'^'^ifians of cmtitigaLoaFintviMbetween' ehaYiiWitb ft^mcdi; 

.... ^ f^l^edby^^^^fiM^i'iri^^ 

ii # ^ j: "/ - - -; ding 

■pirtly liieftt, Tbcp^aughEcrbd^gbftrcL^dj^ y^fleqi^^ 
(licr'I^Rms.iaCO'the teir>pleof'<^i«frrii,.'4swaoifGuLduy^ 
.toMkefccfleaveof ihC(/ Wtgi»; Befidci'ihii, before &«''''*?**"<• ' 
.-an c«fe to be of ibc M wt^^";*i V?^st^.e l>fcd q* Ji"""^' 
jymrJ3W<wiU,lTcdwioi}joXpaciefi^j^jP09,tiay£)aot,a, *. , ,-. « 

^^iii^f ^d is jbe f^cter for tM Waid ifiacglv^i J., aad tfae 
oiaid tbic takes ) and t crop dflbe^ bait beitdcs'^ ifcocdtpg^ 

tothaotEK^piden- ■■'.,, 

A^V'(A. .... ,,:'..-■"*'-'■ ■ "'^ (Eurlpid.In 

Aidfthw^fijr6f7/;(/wiw?M (fpealringorbcr dpngmer.w^ 
tiKy>pKte(4?<4toiQirry to keiUlts X ddri^acfs of ber l^nl^ ' 

.:■■ .ff'«'^«*.^'t^»«'')|«, '*«f*2?^3:'.*>. . ..... ..■- - ,,... ■ 

Wbeih8i-hehadi«ntiic.lSicrifice,perforir)'d? 'Butalaspobr '**■''•*** 
y^^glMJij fe-had'fo Jifliftij tp. /i*.,.?Mo,feea; /wrjfife lopZ- 
iWi* tlScjgp^j&ifjry#W«^nd lo benjafle a G^If h^^^ 
«,^^r WptpiW* isw*!' '^)^V*^?'^i^H!^^ P I?*'*!*';?')' . to jpi^4 . 
^ ■god4frfi;of,?^wx»««) J ibflt js, ^iyc' her a basket fqr* .' - 
flTefcBttoftopbcrmoiith^foBJecHrioiij needle'-worjior 0- 
^^r,wi^^.prayer bejjdes to tbispurpofcf AfT^j.(i j/fl riFit* ' 

j|(«g\t^lyou^(b3t ^fid5VtJwC?J.'E,«.'o^^^ 
;W:ereo^ber(«Iolemnafthcyj6'^beobftrVeo! ipp, if evc^ 
iheytboBgfttw^f)btaintbegpod"w,flJof tJie Go^^dcls. Tbe 
manner oi thepi^. wid iHc occftfioa you ba«, related by 
. .S»iJ«i^tj .Itba'Rpj^edupop,ft'jifn 

.iPMjKb jba^. ?f;;fengii Rirlj 

ofherfirothcriftioitbeS , .,, \^^ 
tbw«herei»9|)i!^(!ed a yerf gr!K Ptf^il 

,1. n '» 



cV^^rie in \ht't iirpr AtStniXotnitmt of ^^ 

t^ yeah d! ^ie tod Ttd of her ' ige , dail^ in i- T^fitaffU wf 

^ d^tDti. cdtoQr garmeot / did offer tnd tfetoie btr ftlf i:b 

Jt^i, ibr ttiakt tmeodi for tteBear ; and t&ereflstt t gkhe 

v^.; T >chb$ e6nf edited, wasi her felfcalted «>td^' tht'^Beari ui 

a Ariftopli. 

» ' 

b Paufaiu in 
illaPtuc. : 

- •» 

cfilnk^yd veit ahftnogf6r> Mai^^ ^etimer a^ 
fioi^r; becaAfecomttOfirydiey defd^tedUt^ftbekfty^ 

' ^ . K«ri;^iKM «;^^£«7«r,cf B£^ypa>woi; 

ttf itt^n^ii <he nyes , becaufe icv^as to £r ddAi^ th^ iK^ 
teafttff ^i»4«rii/ki4keptiirtfae KbneA t^J^$mUkkHtiClf»k 
honour oicbe fame Dmm 9 who « is reported to baveteei 
delighted Yery Aocb with ^^^Mr^ii a Village of ^^nW where 
r4MfaiU4i($n 4tiicit jfayea that Iibage of hers tAkmphigh 
iM brought froiA thctkMrhwHi (^wtttidany ke|«,tlf^XrfM# 
took it away , infomndi thutftietant ttf be caHcd4i|^ the 

ti^tn€6tDi0f4^Br4ftrMiMKt^ytt((^^M tl^, for ^KtigbC 

(bat I can Itcfikt ntbi not to have bcfen fo (crfipdiom for tfift 
^teafii^ I know not ^9AkM, if (he had Cemfslm owift Um 
for warrant* virtio firl|t idftitated the contrift of Mfttri^ 
mony » and wis therefore called by tbe aame ofJ^t; iaith 
^JSMftsubim ; or ejfe (according to the SthofkftmpdnJjf^ 
00flumis ( f «4^ 5^/i r '4rf « r tJ^ /t; # ttW tfr it M^>f > i^i iri| 

juiqr Wibecanfe he bad in a naoner iMtnud tbe two naturi^; 
of a Fadier and MotberCai toKmwhiutxA in tbe way oft 
<^/4ii^aNipie) or ratber.ifyoo will, m djittirerirf'a JFniribr 
tod a ^M ; for before » Neither the (<tlre^ toold Mf UkMMk 
>y the Son, nor the Son by the t^atbeir. Bit. (otne ilgiiir %, 
bebadtbisn^tme^ $ecaafex)fbiihavik)d'tb^ t^ olt#b 
diftin^ natures ixtk the upper part of a ntatL iltid ia thelMH^ 
jCr of a Dragon, as he fays (inl^ejfit) ; , 

:An3 others* ^ecaiitif of (M iaifiy excelfem ta^sr" Wb^ 'ble 


4|M^ Mt^i^H ia cbcT^i^t^^ the ftooci, lu ve hte^hid: 
to be tornd iota Meo^Md the Treci into Lovers of Ktefick*. 
OfaHthereifwicbKaregiveo^ ) like that bcft wbkh likei ;. 
e &MiiMt¥^mbo £iys»be was called ^ tbii namt^ becaiHe i Lib««, if^ 
ttitisiMrm^^^^ to be JtfmtAm o/itpo^ wfaeveas 

before C ffCMSJbc any one codUi,proye ) they mi^ bebiie 
mm^ f the Sqcii of a Mpthn onj^^ nay , hardly tbat^ot linb 
taMoe ardbe ftCbiOD wis to be ray W#r fnv$i$jio hnriiog to 
Btaii «d WobttMd the }ike,£iic eiioi«b 0^ tbif.for J bave 
inae^Kwkfocitiie.Woii^oyet Sbeenift 
Mtditefikjrirferihipaft^ aadiofpefM manner to /iwa 
fi^U^mvdvauik Ptimksfot ibepttrtfK^ ft a ^^mnn >oc 
• JMh«^.jW/ibr( f»heift» ?4m«i calls her) Air the fnbire. ^ , . . 
AnordioinrytbiiigitwaiananficbelkaibeQtoi^ ^,^7*' 

Goda,whentbeycbai5!i^d their a»dafik^ 
gfidif wf Cfa'JjSW/cam tf^gmbfi tethis ^paitica* 

lar^ being eM y one o£ it too* coavcMy Vi>f lifgir Ac fai 
iiM?«rA uyt inkii^,JSt^t^o]^t a ntv^SfmwkmBmm l . .«, . ^^ 
Cfery day « tbe leaft. TbeSafcstficei perfornSed top»ii»^^'*''*^^ 
WEencvoder.the feveeal names of wojm^tM ^ m^tiK$m ^ and 
•e^rUfMi i»'x«i« ii^WKcMt,an.d K^jijfAMr ^^ , indeed the two ^ 
frftteefonetiaiestbe fame that %3vi^<e, tbe^fts (ent l>e^ 
Ihrethe wediBirg,:aod the weed v«7i amu is nfed /atfb <bme^ ^ 
CtaMinttUcioii tooffettaaweHAs^^to^sMb^ 
In tlM.verfe«ff £#»rif»iM abrsdy c^d* And therefore iki « 
iMtbtt«ph^of cheiame Tragedy-, yon hare the Grefi^^\^^^' 
SoMknst dfiHt.whtnd^y {diw JJ^pMk bronght thiifacr 
injiNvpcial potinp aios fpenking ^ 

.Andfo^fottietitBef totbeW /^^rr^r^ wbomtbey had leafbO ^ M P^l. 
to^fnerhber^tf tbey mieanccobe/jS^r'^J.orco fpin ont their ^* ^ ^* ^ 
tltet to the fongeff r 'Bat Y^f$im(l iHr\k ) was in a great 
deal more reqdi^ amm^g Loven y tbat^any of therefi , be? 

tiatofe they had heraame fo oft in tbe^r^montte* Tor kwmz 

.;;>.'.'.• the 


% ^ 

afieAionate loanner tbft )n^t ^ifbcf UTtfil tti Mtt>iMranO^ 
tber by t&e ^HiTe'k)r7i^p{/&Wi7W^ , as fise^M doCit^ 
« f lur. in ^^^* '^^^ Cii/7if4, in tbc P«tt * by tbe name of ?!»»#. 

5c. §; • ' Addetercilnto tbe^'cUKbTH^T4»^4/*^f as tbctfe bulfo^ ZiiTi 

vTAf^ ) under ^Vii^ fhe wa^ wbMhi)»ped,i wbUfo( M^cibde 
wicbthe^ord ^^ffihH^yaia^ bef<>1atd; ^tber^ ftoi»1%ji@» 
aaclehtly pAt for^tfc^ ( as'^rf'.#'8-5^ WaS fot ^tfeniKi^ ) fioiB 
whence totoei r^A^ii^ bocb cbe Sacrifice and ^e i^av^'Ot 
firom 9^nA«^r to #m Aa«» M'froni ri^iH&r^^Mtm^ mUwiffi 

4 Aiifloilfi ^^^^ ar wrtre oNge ( & it -iJiV"7i;i«V) "tttigbtjbei fihSoied .to 

iiave At b^ffi^tfsw tRitty. Now; J«(i» uMm aid ji^iM ^ 
sduhniif w<k« tbdtmn t«il^U^tifly.W0^wadU'ftd) a:^ tiunii 

a manner of Prjumdi and ov^rfeersof tbct wedding Hereof 

a great d^al of crj thoaifucrififn^Uit yod'l fey thM^Pol is co 

ddme-.'.only (i>mt^$9^di,ibttt moftbe^ left att/ Rotnafi 

. fbocild gradg ttie Woman cbenaxite of a Sp^. Now tii 

;w . ^. 1 caofeXit inaybe>iIfetyM a Jeogingupd 

- t^fiHft), I will fpeak a. word or two more^of tbeoa. Tbe gifc 

caited by Dmofih€ne4^X€yinxU^!9fz% cbatwbicb they lent ca 

tbe^^*np€(for tbemakingofafeaft, when tbey were to 

be'admttced into th/e Tribe of their Husbands. Tbe gift .^ 

. eicbeif party to the other at tbe time of the Noptiiils >. tbc|t 

called tihm ( as tbey^ did alfo tbofe which tbey. gay ^ . wlwi 

. . ; they went a wooing ) Bui; tbe ^U^m >; r Jr was a garmf OC 

bellowed upon tbe Hofbaod by tbe wife ( giving of appac'^ 

fA wis very ufaaTonce both with tbe Jrir f & the Gtmik >> 

aGcii.c.14 $. and^yoQ nmy not wonder at ber lor; Uboiarity ^ : it^fii^'jiiw 

' aCMl^tohimth4fhidt^F4flfifi4heQvf»'^ iox }i.(iit krotigkt 

her ^f prie< , (he bid bet 0909^1 1« t(> earrj away. Nor can yea 

< ^- • MelmeUerforimmodeftyiB giving, who was to be gi%i^ 

her (elf^ for elle ( ic may^be ) oefore it was come thus far^ 

Aie might bear the blame of xbe ^roH^th ffepmi€/^f 4/^0^ , 

^\da9dni9f 5 fie tbd$ jivv ufoan goiten. Tbe;F^tty ^if^ thm 

ji^n by thcparfflts .tb«y caM fiff^^iii 9«»pwf>'«i» werp tbofp 


^ '» 

- / 

iwbkb wefc givta 4^^ the WtflNtiflg. The dowry bcRbwed 
^pon hcf bjr her Father tt the firft, r^i'f : tb^r which wai 
Afterward added to improve ic , ianmem ( thus fomc bate 
thought good to diftingaiOi , and look their .gifts in the 
moath^ bat they mtf be too frcie of there diftinaionij At 
^r fieft coiRittg to^f hosbaod, (lie had be(}owed opon her 
bf "btin aod her Friedds 7« ifftxd^w^iM ( which was alfo 
Ibe^iiame of the day U fdf ) ottierwife caUed ^a,>fr« . l^i* 
fm^ii^mvt^ %xA ^9C^^tyK7ift(i , and alitor the faisie reafoti 
w«« beeanfe thofe gifts^ weee gtten, ntUUpMUreturfevu 
deri, faies bFiRmmrio ntalcc her take off her veyl,and ^ yar. ^ect; 
Ae Ceeo \ iti liicb a^myfffpkir it reported to have beftow^ 15. c. |. 
upon er$firfi$m\ht Gity of Tlbf*^/ f according to thofc 
vtrfei of E^ufhorkn , as they are cited by the Scboliaft npon 
Emifidgs in Phmmgis^ 

tihvwtfw friefbe,ori8iA^«9rtf' according to /. PolhxSot aU 
choDgh (he might now (hew her face, and be modefl nerer- 
cbeiefs) yet ^ffor^the ftood behind a red vey 1 or hood , with 
which (he hid her fcif, and fo deferred the name of HD Vy if. cI. ^^y^ 
it were nothing dfc 4 but for that. Thii LmteoutstyX isrcafon in. 
ocherwife called i«r2(, in latine J^Ummeum, 4 in Hcfc ffpoi Prsv. j. ip. 
Jich atbing as /Zf^r^iji had when (he met with her Hof. ^ J^v^ac* 1; 
baml , gm. 24. 65 . or JTWi^^r when (he met with a worfe 
tlin& s. 3 8r 1 9. The reafon why tHey were not nnveyled till 
they came to be c^eft B^on{l mean at Athefujot at Sfma 
they fay. it was the clean contrary) is by Chmld$is{ cited 
hyfCai. ShoMghus ) delivered vejtd under thelc words * ^^l* 4^» 

"tfltftT-jr the fcope of the man, or the true reafon of the cn- 
flom though I cannot eafily hit , yet I may give a very great 
aime when l (ay • jua^ fuga ftfrms r/l- 

(as Ovi^ faies of Peneii when jtpolh piirfued her ) or when 
1 expreis my felf fm the words of N^nnHn 

X Mco 


^^ Menl<Hig,tofetaiKftliat'fiiid« tbeom^ 

Indeed the ijafc WIS ocbcnvtfc mtb tbc Shifter Hiw^ 
grsies, who having a Wife^ chat wm ooM of the bandfonieftg.. 
pat apoo hiin by tha Emperonr Si^trm , aad being dcoiaft* 
ded fan «mt«Atr4iei« , very bindfoiMly anfwered ta put tC: 

give her frmiw i mi utii bjT Vijl Mwb^^ meiefsitrmre tat^- 
tlfMfie it. Whether tbefe HsmmeAmttt ot ^ Ume mtkiiig: 
that their ordinary sbVah werc,I caaooi wett ti^l; hoc U they 
wciT (" as I have TofDe eaiife fo to think , by. tbofc vonk ^ 
A&Aui V ^t^^^'^ff^^^ a$ flie was going- to he married «£y»' J asi#^ - 
• '^^ J*^ i^ vAiii«u'«.» Bx»#*- )ihen I muateU yon they wett 
is thin that their factrni^ well tttve beea dUcovered^and: 
the covering been let atone^rte Helm it feens, okM ier thr 
flOweii^ through them. 

T%i5«. A^mAMVSMintarx«9- 

Bst tSs may be eaGly anfwered «, lor ai Clo'aijmi)tm»mei^ 
tmm that is fo &r off 1 may be bid by patting but tho liulo* 
in^rbetweeot foafiaio, one man is aUe to (ce anoi^icr 
piamly: thorow that which is fufficknt to tdde hiw^Uf. AAd« " 
(0 much (or the ^£^at prefeot • pierchaoce yoa may have \ 
.moreano«« Nowthe coQome wa&for the Bride tobe air« 
ryedfroa ho (V^d«i«r j Chamber to ber Haibomd jo «% 
Coach or (bmefuch kiod^of thing v w^icb the poor Grte {^^ 
*UAnrti^% *c* Poetfcomplaiflingto A4«fj«r«othef abufej roiilifc 
n 37^ ftc y^^ littlebettec than hox^ftmedv^^CpMr^m boat,. 

TO'PZai^ not^o^P^/rmVJtba 
Yon would lie then haye amriedi 
When DM to Uoody Naptials 
.loGoafb^and Fraud youarricd.;. :*'..' 

Tbe^ellow that WM the Coachrtqans^ carried a TorUi ^^ 
llishind^ ifwciqayg^^lomwbbj^t^^ 

* "^ ~ thflf^ 

—-»•-••— — -» — ■ 

Ar^iMhgid Attics* Lii. 4. C^. 7. 1^3 
thcr Tragedy, for be Caiet« be&ad 4oM.cbis office for Jiftfcw 
'biflifetf. ' „ . " 

^ I make Md co trouble yoa wkfa £0 much Greeks becaufe 
<H explains the cuftoiM^ fally. } Jhe foog which ibey fimg 
ii ibey went aAmg > they cMcdJi^uiwcp^iih^ from, ir>cMi 
the Coach ; the Axlecree whereof they buroc as fooa as they 
came CO che Bridegroosa^door , m^ fignarem ilUm iki ptrpt^ 
tM9 ttumfnMm^^tqmindi nU^nrnftSsie * ruefur^mju^ fhew * Akx.ab AI«, 
ibaa (he was never to retura from thence again : jod aa 
Wiltkm die Conqueror burnt bis (hips at PiVinftj^ that fo 
IdaSoBtdiertliking their return to be defperatc,migbt Fight 
tbemorc<<f/^r4i^/;(asweafe to fay) or with the better 
courage* The p^iAPAyiyhiiVviJLtd^TM ^ or ^^fv^ipQ- that 
was fentto fetch her , either face by his fide in the fame 
Coach|Or elfe went ak»g by her C^sebfs Gde in another^ and 
wasthere&lre called W^^x^t ^^^ ^X®*; unlefs that (he 
ipere eitbenri^ni, or e^njhmUm f^srit; for then be could 
ht\fK:fi^Mni^Pcdie. This cuftome for the faofband t9^|^Hoi„^^-|r 
,i«ad bis wife home by the band of a pro&ie ( yet in fii(hion c. 
MMttg Kinf^ and Princes ; was fare to he obfetvcd at histL.j.crf. 
f^mA MmnMiu for then ( faies 4 Et^Mhim ) i di^ac ( i nvk 
§99^ faies i Ppllt0f ) 'i^ fviAfl^ umUm.r be might not do it 
bimfdft . perhaps out of jSiame, bccaofie they accoanted it « 
difparagement for a man to Marry the fecood time, yea 
(tboQg^ his former wife were dead) as it may be I fhall 
haveoccafion to (hew yon hereafter. fieHdes the vvfifd^rif, 
or the BrUtmOft^tfid fomf of her own friends, there went th 
Iq^^ wt th her e « v^f 4W( > or a Sridt' m0m4» to Mke off her 
:i^| jud dtefij^and iindiiels»and do otheriacb offices aaihouid 

•and jewebrefpecially about her bed,fachas .4 Harmioni had sSuup,!^. 
in tbe Tragedy. Kcw/aIh pi mi^^ M,^ii ^ufid^ 3c^/J^*<. Her itoii),Y.i474 

'W9i^0fl60itment was all of purple favctaone place ( where 

;hrttither^arniitBCi«rereio>a.Qf that cok)Qfi.andno whcrt 

1 i'va /* Xj, ■ " elfie ) 

blfiX). I. 10* 

C.L. 3.MCI. 

i £urip.Eph'.|^ 

16^ Arch£ologi£ Attkd. Lih. 4. Csf.l. 

im , and clicre was goU * which agrees very well with time 
of Hi-ylfi concerns ng a r/rj[#« , 

Who never yec ibcWodnof GoldemvinMskmcw. 
I chink I might venter upon this coRome to mrrprer id 
9f9»i^ f ««f9ir/a« ( io ^ Eti^Athint) in an'orher fenfe than 
oiherahave done. When ihecafncco ibehoufe.fhefonnd 
the D^ors all bung with Garlands already, D^mms rf/4 Aitf-- 
reis ctpd, (aies< AfHltiusi it feeos they carried not tiU 
i Jitvenals tiffifc — ForikifS fmffinJk Cn$ism 

J dm pdierts^ Neither was it any wbic flrange t<y 
her to fee thofe ornaments upon ihtHoufefor (he betfeli had 
the faaie according to thofe Words ofCijumm/trd to AikUks 

in Aui! V. Vofi And ( I think) her Husband too ^H naMtK, fitf/i o^i/«»c 
a Dedaffi. 39. |J^« rufitUpy fays 4 Ljifdnias, fpeakingcotbe Father , whefc 

work it was co triin the Husband ; as it was the Mothers t» 
adorn the Wife. The caftome of adorning the Hcufe vmh\ 
Garlands* was very much in ufe among the Romamtoa, 
ft as much deteQed by the Cbriftians Cibri7?f4««/ ifec LattreA 
janMdminfdmabip^ (zyKsfTeriulIUti. Thofe Garlands have* 
been made either of Virkend^ confecrated to Vfnus , and lb 
they mad<; them in lulj, or of Affdrdgus^ and fo they made 
cbem in Bdot id, or e!fe o[ the leaves oi the bearbs StaJfifist^r, 
"sAmwff, and M^titsryand ib they made them at Athms^xit^^ 

fays tbeiScholiw, tbe leaves bad the name of theHearb* 
Arifti^blnPa. incbe plural number. Tbc Gdr/dnd mzd^ of Sefdmmmbdvis 

bad tbe name of s»^f«!i or Siff&(4i<,biit the Cdk^ which- they 
made of the grain was called ZnaafiSi. For Cakes they ufuiily • 
beftowed upon them at their day of Marriage t as well di^- 
a Arlflopli,Psc. Garlands « as H$ (ayes in the 4 Comedy ( tdliog iKMr att' 

ibingr were no w ready for the Wedding ) ^ 

And made they wert of Sijdmum rather than iny otbcr* 
ibiDfi^<i79 7i\s'^w ((ayes the Scbdiaft ^iiific^wcre tfaei 



a Upon 


Avih^6logi£ Atti€£. Lih.\^. Cap. 7. 165. 

htxh Polygtmnm, ia name Very <yinindus to tbc new Married 

^opte, Wl^cther the cttftomeof kcmbing bcr batr vi itb a 

Spear ( fuctt as bad been kept by a iencet wicb cbe lofs of 

bis it e ) were in ufe among tbe GrtcUn women too yas feme 

i fay it was ) I cannot determine ; Bot among cbe Romans b Alex A alci; 

it waSiand tbey called iucb a fpear hitfiam cfzlihnmJtht rea- ^* 2^ ^ 

ifon wby tbe Woman made ufe of iucb a comb , ^ made this 

ufe of a fpear, is tbeoght to be. either ^n^fi fmts ea dt cAujk 

%4ri^j ft pmuriwiimturybecMifi Iht omijidted that hy this meat 

fkjbould ksvefinng men to bcr children , or qnod J^onfl difch 

flip4 {efniditsm fateatkr. Becanfe jbe Mckj^v^Ug'd htt Jtlffni/ 

jeS to h«t hnshands difaifline. tk% t^bc woman went for d) of het^ ' 

^theri hexife,(he was to be lifted^^t over tbe tbrefliotd.jaS 

as tbe Emperoors were wont to be lifted by tbe Souldiers at 

^e time of tbeBledion , to pretend a conftraint. You fee ^ 

*tis dnttre ( Vxcrem ) almoft every where, and yet they fay, 

that Love willCteef when it cannot go. As ihe etitred into hci^ 

HBsbands faouie, tbe ^ Boys and Maids feli a throwing of 

Figs and Junkets upon the head of the Bride, not to upbraid 

• him off^cophancfyhut^sM omen oi ^rniffntnifj ytf9eeia4 n'' 
liSc9^({2iyBRhodiginmonto{Tb:opcmpnj)^Ut!h*pui% me in 
iiftindofafootiih caftomeoncein iaftiton with fome 6ffi$,t^;^. 
ttpdfi Ttftlft-'^E^e (z% ibey caH*d it)to put part of their tof^ed 
AriTir.r^iprttponbfic of their Trees, and fo id crf'Whatfdir:' 

^ and linga CdrnfenSot a fruitful year, ^hi if ut)ipef y thuii * 
thiKiwti^ pOuried 6ut,th*ey'caiicd ^'nyiQp.ii^%;-%^ the worrf 
istifedll)' the Poet mMsCoaoedy ot Plnto^ where he brings 
in the Womanimdy n> do the like upon bim,and fo to give^ 
bim the f */ for his new bosght eyes • fays ihc^ ' • ^' 

Uppi^whiiibw^^ to b^ve been tbe^ 

cuQfome'alio^'irlofjisr fecVahtV atbis firft^xorhibginto the" 
honfe^to haveiiini to^be fice fi4c>^axrd(cbiBre xop^itv \x^t^id- 
lieadie»^Atf/$4,i;;^/4r»WriiMiv^Jmke(;s>^ Ftg«;aadr&^«vA 
IbrftQcfaei^ afid^ tmodredoibervW^tM BgrtlMstl'tfflitMi^ 


■ lU ArckMlt^U AttUit. Lib. 4. tap 7, 

;oiake ic tn mtn of fcattfuloeri (u tbey bad done to \m 
* Mader before ) buc atfo for chc beaefic of {be old ^;df vantf » 
wfao wheothe Scamile was nade , gathered upaD that wat 
tbrovrn.aod deoiandedic for their doe^s Sempn (in Oxford) 
do the Frtpmens ^dudies. AU thb white the Gods were 
not forgotten neither , but fome h^fi or other wu be- 
ftowed up(^ $him for a viSim. In (be cutting of it np ( c^ 
: (hew that in Wedlock all bitter neis and cboikr muft he caft 
altde ) they took the » .Gall r and ilttng it with a moft eii« 

.irCarURhod, gcr loathing behind the Altar daring the time of Sacrifice. 

i.>a,c, riu i(i]^^x^ happened any thinga^/rew or unlucky, the Nppti- 

ais were diflfoiv'd; aod thus it happened to ^ CRffb^n, and 

* Acb.Tat.1.2. c4ii^.^ Eagle came and foatcbt away a piece of the 

Sacrifice as tc lay upon the Altar, Now Uitt Sacrifice n^at 

^nfuaUy performed by the Fathers (and none fo fit tobdcbe. 

Priefl^ pf tbcbr own family ) as may be gathered frem cbe 

pradifj6 ^i^ Agmmenmn -, v^ when bis Wife calFd apoo 

cC^vxVffi, ipb. in bim io makfi roidy the WedSng char, very religioutfly niade 

A,v.7^i. apfweryaa^r. >..: 

Wbffi t bare done mf Wedding Saerifiitel 
As alfo by that wbicb you may read of the tike praAtfe i» 
MbUlesTaiimj9f\3itxt be fpeaks of cbe Marriagea oiLem^ft 
and Callig$Hi. In thia Sacrifice they dtritfted'tfaeiir Prayers 
ia a more eipecian manner to f)vfi/£r Ojfi4y9i& ^ wd fnfftm 
>LUwrtAjs Dct 5»^«^iii, ais itmay appear by that oSlihmim , nl^ ^MSfW It*- 

. dam. ;^r ^aci^ ig •fci^yftff a/«, j|g h^^ 2utfti>/tf» inVan sre/rr^. By f et«N 

fonof (bif, and other folemiiitiei of tbetr Weddings, yoa 
will not ima^ne wtat a Propbanation they made ic to^ 
diftorb the bufinefs never fo little ^ pt to offer txtf incivility 
CO either of the partles^TpeciaUy^totbe Wtfe.^asfor ioftance- 
Q0f CMclti C el'whom you ma^ ^cftd the^'ftofy^in '' PhMik^ 

illciiflioiikL hift^ to make Hitap^eai ance^ at tbe Court to an* 
^fwattbbcrin^e^ btt,cbt/Sar|e^nts'tba£wtrefenr (fattbimy 

%ljfti%w^%h^^f')^mi^ loon Bt' tbejf (few Ifot the 

/X^QU;We44iii&.C the (^rlandswbkh bung 9t the dcor) 
4k were k^oroicd of a Napiiil Sicrificc; becaule chcy would 
not tttih id ttocivilly upon tbc oj^w Married Wite« they 
> p%deoo.morc€oqQiryifcertbe(Dao» but retorned prtfenc- 
ly back again, and the Court wascontcnced with tbe newf. 
iic) like wile in th(R Wars wkb King fUlif^ having intercepted 
fi^vfral: Leittiers ofbisfiobisfriendr, and amongft tbe reft 
one ttmt wai dircftcd to hii Wife OtymfU^ wbca tbey caone 
to reading oi the Letters in tbe Court , tbey no (boner caft 
tbeir eye upon that to bis Wife » butprefently every one 
^y*d ottc fAfiTi Atfiyf ftitlf « M}^f f i»mif ) tbat it might not be 
read, nor fo much as broken up. * n^*« jS y^Hh^ yu9iu%m ^ „. . ., 

cv^sv^f S^ f becanfe they tboogbc ic a tbing no way be« 
ftdntog tbcm to divul^ that nioft feeret converfe by let* 
(ers betwixt a raaa aad his wife. Prom tbe fenrice of their 
t?«// , they made ha&t to the feryice of their Geninih^in a« 
midft a great deal of good clieer» tb<^ man and tbe wife were 
always aotei • for a great deal of tanpttrancc cob. The ^ . . ^_. ... 
Bread wbicb they had was carried; about in a basket by e*^«^«««J*^ 
Boy witi) bis Garland of Thorns, and bo ii^s of Acorns « 

fiogiflgat^ be went b- tno^^y^en'tfr • tv^H'it (^M^jr / (or they) b Zcnobias;. - 
h0ue dPtided 4rff$rftrevU, mi mei-mth^ htftft^, Tf be fpeak in 
clie^^oo of tfaeman^ te meant tbac be bad ffiet i^ntb 0^1^ 
mm rnahmm^ the belt of cbe thrt^ eviis at the teaft; & fo it is 
not io bad ai o^ iffibr J^i^^ f^n^n^o thtfin ( Mfels you wiH 
proe the finding of a Wifcs after the raccof leofiogbcr , 

for fa( tbiy fey ykfthat haibltfihidWifeiiftdJix fence Jioth 
ftm§^lefiif^nf^^ TbeMufidtwfai^h'tbey.teid was longing 
ttfji^ifitim^^ iwtm^^ ( as the Ko* 

mam mupwTM^ ) *-i^(^rr^ T|/2rcfi«, S riAh itaitatcd - ^ ^ , 

And diii* tbey did.* wm a thavki^l amttewprnttin of one 
of tbat name.wbo had fometiBies faved tbe M^i of Athens 

(torn a Kft^rt^fcvfAttiKw . 

...'. ' Sashes )i 

g In Caiioam 


SAhinn }i)x eUe ia a^»»M0if«/ a^fifmhf^^^oi^MK^i tfciit 
faappen'd to be killed by th)t falloC a botfle tbac very day 
tbac he Married-: Whatever the it<4fi was,cbey feem ta^ have 
given him the honour O^a God, and therefore to baVe beed 
very loath to give Urn diQafte » io omitUng any parcof the 
l>luptial Ccreaionies. . - , - • t 

^id fl ttiam cffendam HjmenMm} • *^- • 

faies he in 4 PUutm^ And this it waa chat made them keep 
futh a noyfe in theStreets> as they did writb theic h ffjmtn 
HjmeMf , as foon as ever jQie was out of her Fathers boofe. 

faies C/;/^i9;He^r4 ;> which agrees with that of the otbcf 
* Ef |P 1 W ^. Poet 10 the fame place. * 

Age tibieen, ium illatn edifcunt hue mvam aaptam foroi^ 
ShavI 04ntu€fnceletr4 0mem hsmc fUt€4m^Hjmen4e. 
Whether ^were the fafiiion in GreMioi^t the womap firH 
in tbelapp of PrUpm^ I cannot tel : but (ii I miftake noe) 
L^sntifu lias fomewhat of fucb a things and I might (peak— 
mort of frUpm too».if it were fitting, Aa the woman was 
led into the Chamber ( ^ ^hn^iA^ or ^ vn^aVW j to (heiv 
whereto (he rnuft^ there was a (ieve carried along with heir ^ 
and a peftle bnng at the door ^ tn^HA 0ti»*7«p>}«« ( as / TMux 
faies ) or to figame that hereafter (he maft leaoa to fm hr 
htmi to any kind of labooo When the Man and the Wo- 
man were both in (for the Woman was in firft,as the fa(hioa 
is with Zfs ) according to Salens own order , |hey wec^e 
10 uke ^ ^ince spfle ^ and eat it, between them, St1/m 

faith Pl/tf/4r^iEyintbelifeof «f0/9it,to(ignifie the flesfsnmfi 
gMi harmony thatJhuU be in tbtir ialk^ atfirfi. And yet npt- 
witfaftanding now they arc in^tbe very Bedicbamber tu if a 
Chough would come and fcold ( gra^e cm^icairtiHt for^ 
footb ) 'twas enough to make them part for that time ( ac 
leaftj and leave the ^ivi/^ffVrj^Vp^r/^^ \ and this they called 
^nwl^wr J'S^tt : or ytfAop JriKn, bccaufe by this means 
^'^CMJHXwifemtfiUCdj^^ \ 
LinqnUnr ^ frimo pfrnm /l^fff^fiM ."^f^ith .\ 

tfVala. Fla^ 

- -< 


ilfflA€ I raid C or if yoa will <m<»eJ^i^ fpcak a little finer ) 
J^TM 9 for this word is many ttmei tifed by ic felf for ^ce- 
x«fA®-) asicieems cobe by Ftmo in bis third book dt Vit^., 
f^sftkiDg of fnpter tims, ^9 i-m^ UTH^vyit-nt 1^0 f» r Hes^Vf ^9^ 

tnSi^r Andyec I think iIIgfiod( without anv wrong done ^ ^syXu 
im ^ mky be anderftood of any other bafincls left E»Milr- 
Jl^wff^ MMfolifl'd^ or noc Jone §f^er again, when be faiei. 

elfmemm applies le indeed to ootpurpoft^ bat now to rApiMl£uft;Li^ 
prorent fuch an omen as this , tbey fet the boys to^ cry Kipr ^ 

^KifH ^(tiftw^ in nabner of a Scsre^ety^ as it they bad been 
fet to keep off tbe Rooks from the corm n^ittw ( I fiyj) and 
Mt Mfipoi^in the plural number: for herein the ScMtafi up- 
on Pind4r\% fuppofed to ba^e miRaken^ becanfe neither that 
bird , nor the Turtle at the making of their Aniurj (which 
wat commonly the day before the Weddit^ ) was ever 
wont to be lookt upon as unlucky ; tmlefs it came in the 
lingular number^ and then the birJis being fingled & divided 
one frtfm the other, could not poffibly be a good (ign t^ 
tbofe that were to be conjfPd^tnd )oy n^d togetber .But fome 
notwftbftanding bkc tbe Choughs for very good Ue^iirds(u 
wc nfe to fay ; let them come bow tbey will^ c'lcber becaufe 
^ey are m9ki(a0oi(u Homer calls them) long liv'^jOr becaufe 
iM nhicum focUtoi ejt (faies a one) mex dnntMs Soeiu^nlufli ^f ^f***^ 
ixtinas^viduMdlferdferpetiiMmanm. Now in the Chamber ^*^*^*'^** 
where they were to lie, they had two beds,t^i^. K^ irtw ytpu* 
%rif^ and tjJttlw Jf^$»^9 or a fide-M for a change , or \j^if ti 
9bi meuJk fiim'ibyifjtSim faith Hifjchim. If the parties tbat 
were married were very young, their Poets would term tbue 
bedxvpf/)fir A&x®") ts Ariftofbaf^s dots (in Psta ) and fo 
xwhop * jSfUt for the boufe, and KvtuJ'U for tbe wife, Before * Homcc, 
dse woman could lie with the man^ihe was to have her hatb 
df water heated of purpofe to wafti her body in, ytf/^/xVir aS« 
lysf they called it , according to thai of tbe Comedian in 

And in P^e^ you bi¥C Trigmm when lie intended to smrryr 
0^^4, giving order to bisfervant. at f4»on as be bad broii^t 
her to bii fawfe, firft to provide bim a ppt of Water \ u^ 
afterward ta make tbe bed. 

This w^ter at firft was fetcbt a» far as from CalUrbce r^d^, 

4ii;ib.^ c\i. BMT^^iaies 4 iPa//jM^, from Mnne^run^, which was ib Ulled: 

heeabfe it bad i^ine ff veial ^^i^i^ ot fifiulas, ot Jglientes,, 
where tbe water f pr^ng opi and fo you mi^bt allow one fof 
every Mafe in the City, But what if Cdllirh^ and Evnt^crHi^ 
nm were but two dift ind naoaei of tbe fame Weli : Tbe omur 
esfreffiflg what idr matr it was » or bow weU ftfd clear if. 
nm^ arn^tba other in how many placea: foe it may very 

fcWicb. 1: ^^ ^ thougbt fo by jrha; verfc of t Smim 

tiiyyThMciSdci faieipoikively « they wete tbeiime Ooely^* 
that wbenr tbe Well was repaired by die Tyrantif/ asit wa«* 
ttfnal when tbey new inade a tbiiig to gi¥e ic a ^ew iiMPe } 
it received tbe nan^eof EwtAcrHnot^ Wbicbif italic A^^ 
. I thtnk it may. be no offence to PUlu»^ wbep I coi^t^^^ai^: 
{dace of bis foimerly cited, to. read it thus ok ^tS^ k%^ 
fAi , «?7* «?df; THf ilml^ivt tkuf^i^^uu^ From Cailhlm after* 
ward named EwmacrMHUt^ Tbe woman whom tbey im|pioy\i< 
ca fetch this water, was commonly called tbtA^ffo^^z. 
When the wife was ready to nadreft, bft K^tber took b» 
iatrlace and'windiing tt about ooe of tbe Tmh^ ( for thef 
had <M<P^i rvft W< too ) burnt ic out,, and made up ber bale 
with a new. The JHuhdr I fiiid, Tor fit commonly would 
JkS'u^y , carry ttvetocchcs , or b$fd tha<afklh to ir » or any^ 
ather work which tb^ F^«i»^«'/ ufed to do« 
'^NonuJnxH inthnlmQS fmns 


9rnwit Hes^^K fH0 Utm fms 

Vkm nvimch'^ . faics * 7<«^^ * S«>ec.Tlicb; 

l^or the maccer of tbef e T<af ches , or oi wbac kto4 of wood 
tbcy were made» Unaoc affuf'd; wbeiber ic were Gcrjr 
i#/, tormoonly a(ed for fucb purpofcs» according co PUiyf-^ox 
dj0res, or Sfifid Ai^^fvUch cbey ufed amongft cbeRomani: 
and fo likewife for their number ^ whether ibe cuftom were 
to bibve jaft five according to the number of the Gods 
wbtch tbey pray*d to, wc, fftfiUrAdtihus^ fun§ Adnlujl^e^ 
mm^ Sm^hfiL LMeina^xbey have not given me ligbt enough 
CO dircorer >,a Uttle gtiminering I bave^ind fome caufe co coq- 
jeftttre^ thu cbere wata certain number required* OtMei*- 
"wifewby fliould tbecoyetous {^tber in sLihrnhi complaiii ^Dcclain.^^ 
io heavily ( among other charges be was pat tp in marif - 
jng his dau^tea ( that he could not hi kSx^^ ^ fif^tw 
dydihh^ light the Bride to bed winh one and no more. But for 
the bearer that it was ttfnally the Mother, will appear Jijir 
the difcour fe that paffed between QlnmmFhrd andber HujE- 
bandia the * Poet,, for when her Husba/ad hidii^r gobafka- "* EuripJiA. ki 
;^n to Argus fie leave her dangbter with bim^flieaskt hiln ^uUvc7..}4* 

-B< ^' ^^^*N ^Kiyi. Jmt wh$ fkdl ^Mrvy. 


^tht Ttrchts then ? and being anfwered iy^ nuf^c^ fiU ^ % rvfA' 
fi(yt^ ^^9*^ that he meant to do U hipoftlf ^ nay q«oth 4hie 

iX ^ ^i^Q'^f^ ^9v *} 9«ux' iyf^J^r fhAlwOi m 4h riv- 
ficm/ieither iojpuyoMrftlfthi^ it t^iih^^^fm^ mlfitti^ 
^od indeed, I a^ifikgCljiumefirs wai wrong'dt. for it ffeflu 
to have been reckonednot fo much the ^t and tfac^^r^ 
;49.tbe Prmhd£€^ and the h^noitr of tfac Grecian Womais. 
Andi therefore Medes made it one of the fad confeqaentl 9f 
her banr(hmenr/roai tbexompaM of: herCbildren, to be 
•dtterredthe bearing of the.Terw* 4tv ^^'M^.W^dding^ t9 
WfJ'^ chiidr^A^:^^4loJlfe,n>h4P, a^tiit^h^ i-i^io^f^^ 
JkftvgjoH hfm / Miijj the Z^ </. /> "; * a^utiftA^ 

$iBf^Mii{ ^4pttr^>4de^^ OriJx tp4jav« iigbtfMt 

^ . ^ z ^ Torches^ 

''' ::u 

Torches, (he iriight very u ell hni been bUmM for her paC 

(ion , be^aufe theabe bs^ done no mcr^tfcin other fet^rs^ 

ofed to dbc. c/J* A< >A^iixitf( »/Wr«4r7ir J / lighted the T(^p^. 

t Dccl. 3.^ ' chts ^ fftyfr be in * LUfMim. Bbt this office neither of tbefin 

eonld efaaHenge from the other, btot they ^ar'd ic between, 
tbem/for the Mothers flfitgbt do it too^ if we may befteve 
^ Autbonr intbefe words which bepufs in iVu^ifej moath 
( bat took tbecn oat of McdtkU ojpon the death of ber chil- 
dBren } i&ji pLhsty.nviJa yt^ihiof ij^ 'wef<«4«'' ( oor onely 

Ughteda Tcrch at ihe Wedding &c At Spat^a there was none 
of thcfe doings, only the Primnba Jhatfediht woman C^wbe* 
f her becauf^ (he bad vowedxo be benceforcb ber Hosbandi } 
and fo delivered ber up to tte man ( if (he had gone among 
JDcuMj;ii^*.tbe * /yr4^/i/f/ when ihe wat thus ufed, certainly the people 

cbete would have takea her for a caftivt Wife ( the Zma 
which the Woman wore was^untied by the Husband in the 

d9l^i%myn9i9TtS^y$ ihtScholiAff'ujpm Euripides in Helefrai 

' ecrtalcly: the name 0f Av»(iin might be given to Dia$i4 aa 
feafortably then ayatfte time of Child bcafiog, aiidwdt- 
Aipped (he was then as weUa» at any other time; But at 
■ whidiof the timet ic was that they gave her the Zima, oi 

l^bether there were toother yet- cohennty'dbefides this; 
'«r whether it was tyed andunryed again ; or whether one 
' too? wer^ nntyed af firft' tiine , and^anotbernt the fecdad, 
there's the kf^f of the qoeftion (if we may queftion for knots 
in balni(hes.)indeed that there was a Zona untied the Wed^ 
tling night , I think it may b* proved by thofc words of ^ 
iejres% '•<'.. 

K^pdJfi^r'UvirhetJtaV.- ': '.. .' \ 

; Aind {hat there was another feft to Be unded^iit the t^ oi 
«hild- bearing, I have reafon to con jeAure from the fierrirw 
liMMs w^w formerly mentimed • becaiife( I (uppofe^ they 
calPd it by that name in allafion not fo much to HercmUs 
!*!f ?*WgjSb, ftfif 6ey wogIifaavcitthe/4j?ir , ib«tis the 

7 '^ ' ftronger. 



Ank^^oigi^ Mticde. Lai* 4« d^. 7. 173 

Jfrmiger tfd \ as to bii btffTs^ft in oakiog of cbiMrcn, a^ 
iif chey would have it (he falter itnt-y'd^ as iafl ai ever U was 
by HercMleSyWho bad fc;y.cxity cliildreo joft. Afianbey were 
both in bed, the Boyes and Maids ( whom we may caJI ibe 
Children of the Bridegroom ) ftood at cbe chamber door, and 
fi]ogtbeiro^d«A4i<««r>xfCNAi«^ wUb as great noife as pof- 

flbly tbey could, {r« im ^mf^pu 0i<i^^OMS'Jint ^ tS avtfjfii 4' : 

fAinii f(» i^*Mlau ^ iiks cbe Scboltaft upon Theoeriim, fo that 

if tbe Wife ftioold Crj ottt ( as^ we fay ) before her (ime« ihe 

0)igbc ooc be beard. Wbicb cbey bad no fucli need to doe ^ 

if chat be crue which cbey lay, that one of cbe RnU/ friends, 

whorn cbey called the dufm^i , ufually did hitn chat goo4 p 

ofBce,co>ttand Scncinel at cbe doer, and keep tbe women off ' ^•^•^' 

from coratngco help her. All this while cbe roan was noc fo 

much 'meddU CO bis pleafiiri^zs CO beclean divorced from bis 

friends ; for befides tbe teafi which he msde alcogecher for 

the woman ( called Bif^jtoiitt* , by Ifem in his oration for 

Fjrrhm)h^ made another for the ^e^repi^^as his father in law 

had done betore him. This making of Feaftsai: Weddings 

was> properly called /Jnu tvv' 7aVk<>as it is in the Tragedy- 

And a liciie before , ' ^ 

liJeicbei^ was the Woman and her Motber behind hand at ibis ^P'*'<5^ Aul. r. 
kind of worki for cbey alfo kept a f caft of purpofe for ch* 707.«n»* 
jwoipan be(jdes< Atid tberefore^iays C/j'/effi;^/j?;'4 in the place 

The faying aH]$Hrdhuj marih^ & dewain ;x;4rri; CO day Wed* 
ded,ajndco morrow (added^ would fcarce hold crue among 
them. For the day after the \Vedding, tbe Mirlth ran as 
: f relh as ever it did {>efore« and cb^ gifts were carryed to the* 
fiouipeinpompyaBoy ina whice.coat walking before with 
aTorcb in his hand, and thebearers in cbe rear ,- with fuics 
ofClotbe*s andall fores of Houfhould ftaffc^as Spoones, and 
Cups, and tbe like , a cuftome obferved by the Lacedamcni4ns ' 
wJch lb mucb pride and excefTe, that Solen was fain to make 

rr74 Ar(A£oiogi£ Attic£. Lib. 4. Ca^. B. 
^LiwpreftftifttbrSftiU to the fittitiberaftlirce; tndcte 
reft of cbe things coa kmerprice. Tbe ^fu tben beftowcd, 
tbey ctHed « »«/ am < ts tbofe wbkb I prefcmed jod before, 
were called *9v«jAffli j and foroeciine /M^^i^difM, as beti^ 
tbat wbicb ( to fpcak in ftn^ernds word* ) 

FrimJ^ fro ntfh ddtm^-^ and (ocb gifts AfediM 
- bnce lent by bercbildrcn to gldncd. BorfowUb aveo^ 
aace, as (be mide them ««%pft iAvV, kilfitig ber witb tbe Spfc, 
ffOiD wfaisb (he gave her the roaft. 

^EariiMca. NpV#» ?4efr74i«CC. 

i.P#Uiixj,|. And tbis pats me in mind of fome tbtt reckon tbree dates 
.€. I. * for a Wedding, allowing wf^ht^ for tbe firil,c trduTAfftCwben 

tbe garment called ^^aokifhiM was given by At Woman to 
tibe Man ) for tbe fecood, and \*ibfum for tbe cbird* 


'^u9 tempore oftimi itiMftr Vxor. 

THe time of the je^ which tbey deemed mod lacky 
to marry in ( for almoft everv Nation bas bad their 
XefafioHs times and daies ) was the hrft Month of tbe Win- 
ter. ( Qean contrary to the cnftome of tbe Per/Uns , who 
tboogbt itfitcer to follow natures example » and let upon 
tbe worke of Generation in tbe Spring. ) But tbotigh tneV 
i^Wi^^iJ bat one part of tbe year, I hope tbey^ did not mark 
Q ., J jj^all tbe reft witb acoul^ neither can I think they bad the 
* "' fame opinion of all the other Months » which the Romans 
bad only of tbe Month of ^9/47, a Menfe malas Aiaii nuhen. 
. it may be md$im by ^ Plutsrches confent>The bell day of iht 
I Ou«ft Row" ^^^ » ^^^y ^cckon'd to be tbe middle or tbe Full of the 
a.^" * *Moon ; that they mig\kthtirofig(f$tobed(9t8 we fay ^ tbe 

f ooher, and grow tbe falter tfaemfelvei But tbe hc& paft 

of the i^/wasthelaft, or tbe next to the oigbt^aod fe 

they might^p tohd ihe fooner. Jull at thefc feafons The* 

• jgjyn^ H, WA» in * Pindarxwouid have Theti to bt married to T eleusfA 

^PP^t^'^^^tbofewordiof bees (and tbe Poets ) ' 


Be t i make bo qpefttOD»(ai ezaft'as they were in Mkrr^ifgf)' 
ipany oftbem bad the fortaae to be kom c# nn^f* ^4rta . 

fabrtbdayCand IbeHcve be meaQSft«inisaixO« ofcbcfirft 
third part of the Month ) was a very good day to be Married 
in, fo tbat no Ofcinous bird did thicdvssrtot 9ccin(n^fing m4* ' 
therfing to the contrary. 

Whereas tbeScTv i/^nAi Us be calls the eighteenth day, if yor 
reckon thirty dayes to the Month } was b bis judgment alt 
as bad again, efpecially for the Woman. But I mud eon- 
feffe, 1 rather incline to tbe judgjRientottbe Goddefle, c. 
fpeciiljy^baving^ Agememnontoo (a man) on my fide, ^j^^ j ,,, , 
who when tbe quefiion was ask^d •-• 1194 // witif ^ t^h; ^ . jn /vv;/ 1 7. 
loade aoTwen - . * 

When that bleffed feafon of Full Moon flli^i cooie; 
I do not find the Koiiui«fi to have be^n fo (crupMilous as co^ 
think M^jrriage to be imferfeB , unlefleit wereat tbf/»//» 
or never to be as good as ic fliould be^eji^cepc it were in Afc* 
.^•, like the vcrtucs. 'Tistrue,theCi^e«i/;and cbe iVojf^/,and- 
tbe /<j^i, were dales of an Kiur^^W. black and uofmcablc 
with the mitch of a Wedding-,, and fo wcreall Holy-dayes 
whatfoeYer,and the rcafon you bavegivea by ^Mscr^b/MS in b L.i.Sar.c.i fi. 
tbefe words ^FmA^ afnem vim cuic^m fm p^cMUn efi\ iJk^ 
tmc vitdniur nuptU^ in qaihfts vUfierii vii^Qnibm* vide t ftp ; 
To whom if you ohjeft chat theNoncs were no. Holy^days , 
he will reply »tbat neither were tb^ Nones Holy days to any, 
neither Religious days/as they caird tbf m j to focb as inten- 
ded to Mar^y ,bat only tbus.*all your fcfiridf/^i dies , tbat is, 
the firA days after t^be Ides, or ibe Nofies ,< or the Calends , 

being accoanted 4tri,werc>Q0C taadouc of ^ny Sacrifice. Now^ 



every new married Wifer cbc day after dbe \(f«ddtng waa Co 

offer a Sacrifice, which ihe could not dp iflhe married upoo 

the Nones. *Tis true a Widium might bc^Xuffiered to Many 

.upon a Holj-day*, ( and Vdrro will t^tt^yoo the reafoajtot ia 

the Pdrentdiid in Fehudr j ^* ^ndtht ^eaft <}ftbe«fA//r in 

Afarcknoo^ at alLBefides bavictg oiamMctt dayes, cbey had 

a caftome CO 1/Iarry onety upon fucbada^^as % ibe }ttdg- 

ment of the Aftrologcc ( to whom they im^t)^c9f»lm m* 

pf idles dffirmcf. But fo much may fuiSce concerning, the time 

of Marriage. I proceed to fpeak the qualifications of the 

perfons to he Marriei 

c A?, rx. 

J^M rtqHirdniHT in MdriU, 



h I. poU.:ii \ 

THe Condiciofts required in a Husband were thefe»Firft« 
he muftbe no ftrangervfbr if be couldbeprov-J cbat he 
was ^ both bis goods and be too were fold ; and the third 
part of the price went to the informer. Secondly, be fflelt 
be no kffe than five and thirty years old , according to the 
£411^; and according to * Anfi^tU two years elder.. But ac- 
.cording to Hefiok a little youn|er, or a little elder is lieafonaa 
ble enough. 

Ma n ffmnAfiuf \7%»f uAka m^* imK^iwf 

Thirdly if the Woman with whom be was to Marry, were 
fWicAiffd-, fole Daughter and Heir ( fucb aronc ^^Arifiofhd'^ 
Hfs id Vtifk cails im^*(4,ni/b^ pr 9t^Hj(69 } he muft be one of 
tte fame boufe, and the pext of the blood. But then there al- 
wayes were, and ( it naay be ) there ought to be (as I have 
.known the like in other majcters ) tome others of the Kinred 
(if they were to be gotten )tocontrovert die bofinefs with 
him and plead to the fame; and then fucb Women were called 
ft^r/fKsi, I and the whole fuit ta^^^C^hnm : The queftion was 
. wont to be decided by the Prdtor^ Laftiy, he m«ft not be one 
Jkitat had another Wite yet Jiving with bim^ at kaft beioigbc 

' not 

OM he fo vpDD paid of bfeiog accounted a felloi^ ^ m 4r- 
€9$mt , or repute amoog the Citizens; por Chdrcnddt baviog 

made this Law , Wir^ivJ^Kitai^i^n'tn fin-n^-mhiyu ^f^ mi - . ^ I 

1lo^l?Ml( Q mijhiuifSfjLViTft^f \miy»fi whofotvtr fi^tt fnftr indM* 

€eri nfivtrcdm, let Urn be iny.Q'^ &c. BeHdes tbe burt doae 

€0 the Children ( it being as ^o6i to h^e the Viveli to their 

Dm»e^ Si d Stffddmt ) gave one pretty^afoo more agaioft ; 

fceiog tbe Hfisb/ind of two Wives in tbislenlei by way ofJi' 

ttmmd : yoa fliaU bave bis wordi> as I ^ound tbem in d Arfe^ « Moemnbafix 

mm]x» Aw9pdifiAd'nt ^h9^pM(^€. faiies be, E(r"fpnn/;^( >S Ai^^^i^if^i 

i^!JMfi9 d^eipnivtifS^fifP if J^^ff^tpi foftt^fiu. If ^koM Mfigooi 
le^k^in thffirfi Wife, thou flfOtdd' ft him keft tbet well while thou 
fM)f well: if thoet hdJtft not , thou drt little tetter thd^^jt Fcol 
§r M Mddmtm, uftHmth dgiin m the fdmtftm* 

Cap. X. 

f - • » 


TH a . QoaltficatioD, required in a Wife, were tHefe.FicA 
file maO^jbej^^beforc (he putliet neck 10 tfa^/^n^Tdr .^ .; ^ : « 
lOtberariie tbeMarriage was counted n^fv^ ratber thia>^ 
fe&,and ybd migbc call cbe Woman fin the words oljHefiod) 
^iU$ VjA^Tdiu T^ If Oie were a ftranger 1 (be muft pay . / 
fonndty for it, no left tban a tboufand J^e^^^tf i co tbe City. . . 
Tbis Law cbougb it were for a time iet defwn h^ Periclet bif 
tU exampte , yet it was hrottght ttf again by Arijfofhon. Se- 
condly, flie muft be iSxand twenty years of Age.T And yet 
^driftetU «t<a in k Tolicj can be yisty well contented to let ( W^^^ft 
tbe Woman Marry at eighteen » Out of indulgence to th^ 
Seze furdy .* for elfe be toinks it very sfafitting tbey (hould 
Marry foyoung^botbbecaufe et m$ 7imi vonuj4>^i, , 9cc. 
tbcytravellftitiva greats deal more btbouft and labour for 
their travel wUhiagr^eiM; deal inore intemperance | and alfo 

Z ilo * * 

,?l. i 

tfcc in«>ft part were Mind , »ot fo pcrfcft , lyrMK lo iifgge 
JHcficdOpcr.olftttijrcdsclfc tbey wovldbc. Btit tfccn tbcw n^amnter 

who would be willing to Ut{bcin M«try a year^xr tw^ £»»• 

»Ettnp.inHcI. ArnTii another foowr yet ( if 1 4o not wiflakc > E t7?f i/l' f If «;3(Aa M\dt^ »£^/»*^ ><t««^. 

Thirdly flic nmft bc^but one, and no more accottling t^ 
» 1- lu * iff Af ;?ia«i jaod yet about Sf^ri^s bia tttne^^y rcaiw »(tbe 

fcarcity of men to^ make the more bafl:e iw a Tea«it , • tbty 
msAt at! A^ for toleration of kce ptng^r Concubine ; wbon 
they made ufe of only n^ con(mmkmiimitlS<iit x\sc prefeni «c* 
cafion ) aiKl that Children begotten upon fucb a Wmmo 
w ere accounted for ^^itj^h ^ t^^ ^ thei^* And whaMrall 
you fay, \{ Socrates himfdf made ufe of this liberty ? For I 
have read be did^and thgthcBd^Xknthippe the (hreW|bc bad 
another named ^rf(? , the daughter of Ar^idts, of which 
iwo it is faid , that upon a ttirfe tbey^felf 6pt» and were pre* 
fently rieconcird again hy theb husband , who told tbem>^tt 
^as a fliMiC ^twovbaMfof^ 
*Rho(t.PiiM> M joittr for fane ttnhifAdlqme Maci; :^Biit "^ ooOnrfa .d*re be 
ciuK ' agai«^tb&e^c»^y tke>wbite.®Qfii^^ 

ftofir theBty»«logy coWtf Md ^cec^^W^flfe^*** 
alttiif. An, Ihflefs you will tnwthe tftiw^ to»*itt4 ^mt^dtinmi^f bar 
dionu^ J77« ftlf, though Awwere^/i^i^i^i*'** wer jMi^mitfh^i bea^ 

Sid altogTibfr^diflKtetlie iiiercfiAfeof thekomber. 


ArcB£oltfgU Atticd. Lii. 4- Cn/* i oi ^^^ 

in coftf^iilg tb^ detth of JndrmMchu hat by tbe ordioary 

pfaftice<^ othct facb Wives amoi^tbe Greeks^efpccitlly in 

cHe Coantry of Bpirm^ wbch one to bring tbe Husband one 

of tovc If ith tbe otber^made ale of Magical devifci,cfpecially 

focb as migbt btadct her bearii^ Children to him , and fo 

confeqoentiy bis bearing affedion to hentbere being no bet* 

cer way cban 4 f4tt$M ntintrtmsariM. Thus N^oftoUmm was « JuveiuSac. u 

made to bate bis W tie Htmune, as (he foppos'd, and fo flie 

t<rid tlie other* 

VTbenfttcbconrfesiastbefe are taken. 

bTMfgidM ntm frodtft e^nMtkfmdiLiie . Neither tbe ^ Jmrea. ifc. 
keeping of a fj^ider in a box , nor the lafli of a naked Lufti^» 
€m willdoanygood. Fonrtbly, (he might be batfea fifier 
CO thebusband , fo it be meant not i|<o|LtN9e«®-, or v^c^eiO-^ 
mnttrwAs biit only »f40M*9erO-, by tbe Fathers flde,or^€r. 
i9MM« as the word is ttlcd by €^»ito»Prrf«; (Whether in 
its ftrmuftnlk 1 Jcnow not Jwbetc be fpeafcs of Cfmn^smu, 
rying his SUler Elfimtt^U^uit 4itttm in M^rimeiU fir^tm 
pmmimfMms nminc Etfmktn, n^ maiu amite^ ^mmfd- 
tri$ marc iiSm : nmm Atbgnnt^lm lien t$Jkm fMH nMM 
, Z^xmi dHctr^ This tA of Cimn's AthcMmt thinks to have . 
been done ^yiim contrary to the Lawe » and (0 in a clan- ^ 
calar way. But Ptmtdrck faies bedid it in a pubitck naiiner« 
cot only by making berfcifconcttbine to lye with bim,m«V«r; 
(as he teafins it; which agrees with that which I told yoo be- 
fore concerning £0f»tf/ie,bot tn/rsMS>,(!akifSg bbr into hisboiife 
to five with bim^ and thai for a lawful ca«fe,(as he thought) 
^^. becanfe (he was^to fHk of a Hosband lit fot ber coMdi^ 
tlon. Bat for Mi this, 1 do not f«e liow4]e codd by a^McMii 
#dl be excus'd. fbr Htrmim ( in (bef lade abo^ «0fttaefl^ 
4edrma<teaa(like*4r*^aii^ - •- 

When Son ti jayn^d^WttbMotlKr^ > 

. -OrS»cri<ij6tltffotherv^'^^ ' 
^ ^ Z» Udeft 




1 So Atchs^logU Attics. Lit. 4. Ca^, to. 

lMie& yoQ wUI naintain the goodnef^ 6/ tbe ! ptt6&^\ 
theu;^ byjcbe greacnefs af tbe Perfoo cbac ufed kbcfi^EC; I 
mean f^piter and f^no^ who bad but one Wonob,- ^one birtb 
and one bed » ( wbea they pleas'd ) Fifibly , Jl ^e ipuft be 
no Baftard , anlefs ibe were intended fpr i Baftard- maker, 
and in zPraietaTum manner, on]y,fpr^^r/f^, I mean for a 
Con€ubine:ror fucb I take tabe bttle better than what T0U 
thikm once faid poor CaffdnHra was like (6 be made by A'^ • 
#luTlpl la g4wnf»nim^ viz,, 4 xj«9rav (min^ ivyLtdjimn-t and tbe CbiJdrea^ 
TrQad.v.i{z. little better than Siti/itfi, if tbe Father were more In the W^ri^* 

As for tbe Portion or EHate, flie was either hmnKf^®- , one 
that had no BrotheV , and waa Heir to tbe whole Bftate: ob 
oil v^ft^; that bad a Brotber^and no more than her part ^or 
^fortkn. Tbegreateft diAindion between aV/^ife and a. 
Conoibine, was the having a ^s^'f,^ or a portloa Infptnjucli 
|hat if any married with a Woman, that bad none, but was 
9^7%^'^ yet be would baye r^im^, tbe Writings^ formally 
drawn ^]^.however , to make tbe World believe tbebeflL 
ThQl^:Writings were.dgoM and leal'd in. the prefenceof^wit* 
aefles, and the man did i Mp(y^V n ^'li^j^.t^ makf over to the 
Wonmi fojxie Houfe oc Land in excbangf^ , aqd this tbej 

' » < 

iTl) nowtbit tbey are Married »: tbe Hasband was to^ 
..lytwitbtbrWif^jthricein aflapnib (once for ^verj 
^t^^r^bey 4iv&ted *beir>4onrti^ia;|brse ^ 
flWiWfi)e#n |*%Mrs®''Ae flifgh^gp M (w^ife^jnlefc^bewerci 
aW(ftM#»c^C W»felf|)y> Wfw^fi*! imp^iroent. Such ^ com?, 
mg from funerals is accounted^ jbg^t^'/jfif/i^^/ iii tJu^c.^jKr^fda 

of bis • lAiJi^ijTti J\fspnfMit^ll^^^m^si;m^u^ 

Or by any other jB«^jftm^|?rt{rf off »^^ tbey 

UiM^t fome timet more*^^^|j|;ti|ti^ fooie 

fitter to beget Meo-cbitdrM cban Womeo^ fl98y appear by 
the words of the fame Poet ; fpeakicgof tbe 6xt day .of ibc. 
middle part of the month. , . ^ 

Aad a little after of two other dayet. 

But if they were about any folcmoe Sacrifice to the Godur 
bt the time what it would^ it could never be lucky for either* 
And therefore at fuck times tbey filed ( as well as the Ifrae* 
lices ) to abQaifl altogecher^or iytSs %x^> f ^^^ hdbenjn the 
Poet call'd it h Apnurh. 

Sifmi fHu vtUt habtrt Sxtrit. 
li a Wife that ivas an Wx>«^«< were overlaid , or any. way t^ 
bus'd by her Husband, (he might have a writ i %^MQimi ? 
&nx9i^c^» other wife called nnyyihUf^ and be fuffered to 
kave him ^ and this they called^ imKtiwHf : whereas if the ^ S(boi/'i« Ari 
Husband would part with hr^, it was call'd Imwi^ivstv^ be- ftoph,id EquiiC 

caufe he might tarry in his own houfe, and be rid of her 
company never tfielelTe. But one thing J mod tell you too» 
cbattbi^eiiber party to Itave, or tcfmi awmj the other, was » 
thing always very much dctcfled among the Grecians. Itu 
fomuch that at Sfart^, even tbes when the cnftome was for 
fo many men and Women to loeet in^ tbedarke« and every 
one to ifty his fig in the fdkSi the Ephori iropos'd a mulft up- 
on Z//4;fW^rhimlelf for putting away QRe, that be did not 
like, for a better. But Im^tt^M, for the Woman to feperate 
from the Mafi/twas a tbpufand times worfe than ^Tit^;jfh¥^ 
even JBUt rebetliongpr dttinq^mncj at the beaft Hear buc what: 

Where flieputs it for one of the priviledges wlilciltfie jvlaa, 
enjoys before the Womeq, lo leave w^ere he c)innot, like j,' 
whereas tbc poor FFife if Ihc |>c wcllus a'tia true, |«^fl»1ic,. 

is 910 remedj km sled$bcvfi$ bad kiUer n^tjsfths (tit. On tb^ 

Mber fidc» what ain honour. ttieycoiintedk to livt^ content 


i Eurlp. Kt:4!r 


AtchdoldgiM Attici. Lib. 4* €a^. tu 

itritlioMPWife. oif one Httfbanrrt all : tod w&at a dif|)a« 

rigeai€DC k was to Marry a SecoAdj ttoc otiely afctr the Dt^ 

1 A I A' vorce, boc even afmcfae death of tbc tormer, #fiyH>f^r/ 

j^oAicco^.T, ^jij jril you in the words of Ac Ch^rm to Alceftes, tbac 

tbreatnii^ her Husband , if be married again, though (lie 
. were dead. 

Bat was it fo indeed ai Afidea complained, and wat the VTo- 

- man to be miferablc (Hil without any hopes of redreffe / no; 

for at length it was provided by the Law , that if (he found 

the GonjQgall yoake too firait , and bad a nfind to flip the 

Coller , file was to make her complaint to tbe drchn : who 

deputed other Judges totonfider if tfae caufe were lawfu) ^ 

and fo to give her a Bill of Divorce With ctiis condition /that 

file engage he felf to be bovad , ncfver to retnrn to her Huf- 

bands houfe again ; and when tbii was done, flie might d* 

, tber have her Portion back agaid from her Husband, or eife 

' fervehim with a Writ v3( w^n.U ^Irv « or allow her maiote- 

since, and fo much a }AoDth for nfe , ai long as be dcttine4' 
the money. 

c A p. xa 

Di MHlitrHmfeUrdipgUjlSr fetvUitm mtrnfifii. 

BUT now whether the Woman reckoned it fafllicienc 
caufe to complain , to be put to fer vile em'ploymentf ^ 
I know not, fucbabofes as tbefewere many times offered* I 
do not fo mucb ftand upon keeping of the Keyea, or mi 

ft hfU Eari^ ^^ ^^ Bread; ^whatever « Htcnid has complained of ttiac 
Tt0ad.v.49l« * inployment) out die bafer fore of fervices, fuch as fctcbing 

o( wkter upcn ibeir beads : which the poor old Maid in the 
h U ia Ekft« ^^^^ ^^ ^^% makeone of the faddeft parti of her (la- 

' : • ^ ' ft 

41 ^019 theGiwiinjW^flmi tbtir fafiiioiv of tarrjktg wa* 

mf^ wai the Jhcnc tbtc oiiri is now^ nay Md tbe Romad too, 

for c a^f^iiaaof tbe Vcftall Virgin her UM(SjlvM mean) 

(when (he wentxo fetch Water^od flcpt away, her Miideii- ^ L. j. Fafc. 

Ii^d, A good Oiveat forall fl^py fer rants) 

Aad fo likewife Idid once conjeAure ttutt the men amongft 
vtheiD ufed to carry Water and other tfain^ too o\ach in the 
fame manner «stbey do with ns^ I mean with things pnt a« 
botit their necks, becanfe of that which the Poet faies of t;- 
ifJS^es 4m Martinets, wiiea they took in ftt(h Water b Si€tfj. 

Now whereas I mentioned bnely fetching of water, I might 

indeed have added, any other worke witnout doors , whicb 

belonged to the Men ^ for to them on the other fide , it was 

reckoned neither a duty , norMbtng^fecmiogto meddfe 

with any thing withindoors^ or fo much asto know what ' 

Hlifaa Ame there , mi jS >3:«Vi^) ti t# *; W«A( ^i^tsf^itH^^ •/ A'r «* 

m^9iu ItnAriflctUsomnO^c^mmickfJUL fcaft tip # A:*'- 

j^w , .though not n?» * *4|^# f tonfethe wordt of Tnf^nt 

fomeiimes proicffor at P^is , who tranflated into Greek a- 

gaioi that part of the BooVwbkh concerns maft and Wife , 


Jtfbetin€u left :) And vwy good re^foifi -you will fay there 
is» brier co'be excisa^ ffom tabonr abroad, that maft keep 
to doit ati«me,and y et rr#f ^ coo: which clofe confinement 
jtiade J/ Jfii thus lieflnK>an^ the Wives condiiien. // dny ilnng 
;gr»<frriirr\ftithhe ))5i^ Ummo mvreetmfdftftojn^ kntft^ni^ 
ime(ft0t9i, tk0^* iJLi^4^x^^^^ ^^ P^ P^^ • f^^ wktrr4s 


. tTfUih^'^^f^i^ V #Eurfp. in 

v.^th«lifiiestobt)lrm>(lHtfd :' s '^' : io»5k 

ViXhr«»iWitcsr^fe thMk» ihto on^ ttf l^r^ ctf^^ 


; -» » 

l"!»jv: ^ 

And ytt ac borne coo^ the liberty of cte WUe ^ vtrai wont & 
be more or leffe» according to ber Fatbcts. liberality in ber 
Poriion^«nd chereforeH^r^iiW told AnJrmdcke tbat ia tbis 
ibe came behini her, tl)ougb(he vi^reotberwife tbe firft 
\i\it:mj F4thcr(\l\t!^{!lx^)ftniwHJmktrin 

aiom.v.ts). With mdnj d go9i thitt£, Tbdt having hen fra ofmj hmtJi^I 

mightbifru9fmj$4ngi$ttM\Onlyjou that bright nothing 
withjOH mi^g^ cu0${dQ9rei^ hnifk that caunpt fay,m»fi b€ 
jMTi to f rjy.Tbis argument of bers, ber waitii^ maid tftcr- 
jvard b4nifi back to ber again , to put ber pvt of ber ^r 
chat her Hasband woald pac ber away. Pfr^^faies (he J be did 

.. • ^^^ taksyou m a Caftivejir fh bat ^ Qui w$KK$h i /iwri» he bad 

Ib.YJ7i. f,^,tbiHg with m, , 

C A P. XIII. ^ 

Di MalHram kiaejUmbas cpifimtt 

THeemploy meats mod ofa^lt andleaft dlfiiOMiiraiife 
were feeing tbingihandfomeand neat in tbebottfe«an4 
froviding for tbe workemen abroad, ake it in EkQrat ovm 

41: Polhr.c <Mr elle working at any kind of Laai{ice,either at d idJlt%\ the 
19. eoziog ((hall I fay) or tbecarding of tbe ^Kfool? or p^Pfrmi^ 

wben tbey went to fpione out the ;»f««r otfiameni wad A«^t- 
^^ C as tbey call'd it) to divide it, and part it from the reft 
of tbe Wooll; or laft of all at fff^nii the Weavtng,aB4 
joyning tbe ^ifimi Mother with tbe help oi the Kif«W« ( tbe 
ftScn or tbe fley like a comb ) and the «>rt;di<, or the hiU^ 
fmooch ftones ("like our fmootb lace- Aicks, tbat tbey might 
not wear )^wbicb bung at ibe end of tbe threads. Tbe po- 
fiaw iSMLt ^'^"^ ^° WeaYi^jg .wa$ more anciently » Handing , but at 
lSw,aa length f wben tbey were weary ^ it ca*ie CO fitting ( with 
jtlie^lLomitis at Leafti ^cxcepttegwhea they made pbine 
.>^. C -,-•-.- - - - . - - . ijorke 

<AtchjioUgU Atlkd.Lil. j^.Cafi r^^ i &5 

^orke , reH4 as the Lacines callM it, down right with one 
cbred t croflc and no more) fortbtccl^as imxAKwi too^and 
» great deal of variety in feme well as feveral lores 

^otworkesiD the trade -which was tbeca^e why bjon to ^V. i4.'tit, 
£ ffripide J when Creiild told him of a Bearing cloth ot her 
own Weaving askt her of what fore of making ic^vas. 

Hnteffe you will confine tbii voimkmi to theVirgins (, asyoo 

nav (cem to havecaufe from the words bat now produced) 

and the Wives and Mothers ( or their fervanu for themj to 

. the plainer work. As it is faid, they were wont to be among 

; the Romaos/or refits f annus htmi ^minis tOMfa libtris cotifiei 

€HrahM: , faies Feftm the parents among them would make 

tbeJr CbiMren none but fldnClosuhes^wfkitvi tbey moft uft 

ibcmfelves to 7/4111 dedinf^. And feeing weaving was % 

worke. well befeeming the better fort/ asappeares in 

iCrtufa the daughter of no worfe man cbtn EriSbem a King 

oi Athens juA that noble Lady PeneUfe)\ cannot but wMder * 

tLtEliSra . . if ;flie have put itamong her>c< chic 

■ycrfc. ■ ' • n' :» 

Sliatflie was kept to weaving^ For ( it may be ) her com* ' 
plaint was rather that fhecouNI not be her own Woinant - 
and weave for her felfe , but muft be (till winning and ae^ ) 
vver wearing, and flarve in the Cboks (hop. I * junft > tclUicr: i ^ - 
thus much from s AriJ^^tle^ if Ihe Inr'd in a (Htcof levelliag a Pofit.U;s; 
penoccacy, though Die were a aarried Womio (asflie was ^^i^ 

ibut in^uxe^ri^ ^:^G- ) that or any work clfe woBld bav:e 
'been tboHglit too tnacb to little pdrpofis^^For faicsbein fnch 

a cafe* vTi Mc^a dUyK n ^^tu 1^ yufmf^ ij^fmmf Avsfif x0a£- 

^H M^ AVuXydr.fiie mail be forcM to4lo cbiogisber feltie 
ifbr wane of Servants, and fo there cootdpbc no fncb thing at 
all as Gyndcmmj^ wljicb might give the Wifeaoyprivilcdge 


. . . . . Asa .... <CA.ffj 


tU- AtKlkil(fiUMUu.LiS.\,Calit rj\f^ 


€ A K XIV; 

JH Vmrum & Filin^um Otcm'm 

'Ow the Wives heQ to their >uf«icairrwj ( their Bcifc 
_ chamber (hall I call it, or their AtttrtDgrooiD,or thdr 
Difiing-rQotn, Juftar the men liad their ctVi^fine ) had thdcr 
*r.P6lU.itcJ. h*«V<t|«)r ij»r toOi to work io^ a$ the Virgiuf hiad then: «i^ 

d»4vr«ito:pfay iojorl fear m^^vuifki ch^mbmfmt Jkm^ fU^ 
/f/aBd^jSii»rriffif»Ai$.of mymindi 

ffiiVi?:^ ' That Mfci* 41 foiiMihonldiiot be left alone. 

Tk troe they werrkept bom\giiJi^^64dln{omskb thatl-iii 
ipaa \»o|M think they had . Sentinels hi at tfaeir Chamber; 
dMrci^ l^ t]^ wosds iBimediaccly fblloWing tbetormer I 

And.if^tbefrDii#iter$^n0tyee^f&ifiiD Wediod^, weriih 
keptifoih^ferpftody «< aa4asiit:weredA. pEifbn( f<H* wfaicb^ 
their 9\tim^. thin© which their Parents gave them to 1^« 
thetti quiets was a imall abends > what flrong^tfds think. 
yOB;WDdd they put npomthcirWivt ti, whf^r theywr/ij/Aiii»* 
'nf f aq(094 a»i»rec an^ lSi^ixi:Efim \mi to ktepbis dangb^ 
tcr^ weroiy Wieve thftCQsapJftiiitlof onftof ditir Womcp^, 
rAVift«pH.ja' iaiwt0£ their ^iPoAsiii . • ^ . - i : • * 

.^_,. Jl^^^inay mor^ flieir^MatoKCuri 

•nity .k^j^to^Webi a4ol«rers-a«»y;r ^-> ; ' 
N6 wonder then if the Houle- keepers of Athens, were cJx4«£4> 
Hoofe-dogs ( as we call them ) or Khf-houfes, when it was 
f6 bard a matter to get abroad, , if it \tf ere for nothing but 

the:in)ible.and the charge!. In which fenfe you may well 

* -., .. _ . -. •^ • — - _ - takc^ 

i- . " - -' 


Jirci^0^ogU Jittic^. Ziii. 4. C^« 14. 1S7 

Thke thac of (^e fame Pocc in Lyfiftr^un aju^mI 9vi«i)(Jr ft*'$<H 
fAd*. for if ac at)/ cime they got forth ( as a great many of 
)(hem were ^xi^A/, of a gadding Goffiptng biunoar ) cbey 
voiafi: be &irc 10 have the atcendance of Maides,and their >«>- 
^mui^nisfmi , all the ^roatnentf that belongM 10 the Wo* 
sncaaboatttum land if they were found defeftive berein^ 
lliere were ytHuttKo^fm (as tbey cali*d tfaetnj officers of pec- 
^pofe, whobad powertoimpo(ea malftopon them forir, 
^ndtbemolftwasiipofted up apoa a cecuin plane- tree » aLPoiu.f.c.fc» 
i^btch they bad in tbe Gcrdmkm for every one to read. But 
Hftrbat do I calk of gcing , when as Fathers and Hnsbandf, 
«Fere fo bard orfo jeakms , as not to fuffer their Wives and 
•Pau^tersfo muchas to i<»0i^abroad» or if cbey were fuffer'd 
iby them, they (hoald be fore to foffer tbemfelves from o« 
imrs^in their good name, as if they were wanton and tbe 
liike. Hence It was that Hermmis waiting maid took up 
berMiftrefs fo lhort» when (he went forth at doors in % 
l^ffion* *' 

lW^/ds«f«»ftifW*«ijgVJtu KlUi.|7<. 

Bttt» pray.^et in, andihew not thai y oar hit 
. Before tbe boufe, &c 
^bere, I dare not (ay ^ the tranflator was fbdnt^fii^^ to 
render poMTi^tt, Imngln^ii i hoc whateverbe laies, I canooc 
^bat imagine it fit for my purpofe.Nay lookic^ opt H f wia<^ 
dow, was almoft as bad as looking outatdoore; ^9-^1^ 
ei/d- fn^w^^iJp (as tbe Womea.complain in Tbefmcfkroru 
.4^ fa"* where yoa may read more of the grievances )if they ^ 
^id hntfeefOMt » they would be tbotigbt to do it, as other 
Vomeaus'd to do^and to draw in their bead again>tbe'be(* 
«ter to draw out the atfedion oLtbe bebolder,iMay fanberyec 
I fear me , Xorae of the DaQghtei^s hadfcarce tbe liberty to 
:gpe out of one room into another, for (0 it was with AnhM^ 
0e , when (he went up'to tbe top of the houfe to view im 
Army, as may wdl be cou jedsured by tbe Words of bos JPia- 
•f^^i^C^ Iut9r»fuch as to whom they committed tbe hrin^ 

r^8 MriUdoh^^AitiU. Lii: 4; C4^.i4* 
iQgwPf rf their CllWtcn , Mtid^ or Bojci) 

BimpPhxnir.. ^^^;^, 

^ ^ Whether the Wivct could tKangc their* Chambers withbit^ 

Udve, I knovv not ; I believe ihty could hstrd^y do it without 
- ctmfanj, and tbie attendance of their Maids, as if they were ^ 
going abroad > for fo I rememKcr Ftnehpt wentup-ttK bet 
Cbambtr , as Homer faiei ; 

The Womansown private chamber , gypi^conHw, Gyn^ccnlr 
ttsfiii Gyn4cen,{ call ic what yoa will ) was ( ftith Didfmm) 
Jm^& two (lories high, Hkea ncft, to make it the harder to 
cltmbi? op to them -. forto tell you in his words)« jS « jx*^ 

The people of ancient times » built their \^£(t their uppec 
Chamber for the nonce: fi« and l/ix^ they called them tbto;^ 
infomucb chat Hekna having been atwaies clofe bred up ia 
fiich a Chamber, is thought by fome to be (aid to be bacche 
ofanEgge, either frortr the ov^/Zfafhtoaof theRoome, or 
^'^ ' ' the like Hgnification of the name in the Greek. Whether they 

went up by the Ladder, or a pair of ftairs> tis not fo eefie 
to determine , aiit was to get up- for whta Tcall to mind 
what adoe the PieJdgogMe(w\\om { laftly mencioh'd ) bad to 
<ttelp up bis piipi j by tK^t hknfd ; ! am apt to tlirnk that uAiuet^ 
I frotti the Fitr^A^Vw? Vndtte' other- to ff^^^ to have 

iMefi a laddbr, liiid nbia'ilair6<aft i ^ear bow Ihecries foe- 

Tfelp:' : - 

•Sttth a ^kl^^i bad ^Peittiofe mHomr.h^ttio ftfch need of hclj^j 

t?ow a Weroan if (he went about any work that requirM 

expedition, herh(tii(mwt%9iU'yitv^a<nL^wci%4The€critii0 

aU:-i4* sfaiei , 10 htnkJttgenu, to pin op her coat tober kriees, but no 

ftptber, for fear of being taken for i doxtc. SutB a one a^ 

itt Hifi^U i* atkd j^ti -mf^s^K^l inc* thinks r^not fa weM 
' i v' ., rendred* 


Oiort CO become cbe modefty of a Woman, or cbe uie of the 
w«rd among tbe Latins. I might here tike occaHon to 
ijpeak a great deal of their apparrd, and tbe other many or-; 
tsamentf which they ufed aw^t their heads , their necks , 
their eirs^ cbetr arms, and their fingers, and twenty other 
forts of this kind , but becaufe there bias been pronrifed a 
draught thereof from a pen able todo it , I think it better L. i.c.s/ 
to hold my hands. B«fidcs;lam of/. fvUf/x * bis mind in 
this, that fora good many ofthofe names which we find in 
Authorsi where they fpeak oftbis kind of things^ « p///OK mV 

d^^ofnfy' %ht mai^HUi ;^<5*t«i T#f ^ IfiyAct^ 'tis hard to know 
what faflnion the ^ibjjv^/ were of ; becaufeitis bard to telh 
nbetber the Anther be in jeft or in earneft in the namu. 

cap: xy; 

Di Ainhemi 

11 Fa man had plow'd in another Mans ground, tbbugb'not 
; asa M^chw msnifeflsrim, * but by enticestehts, and in • piq^^rcb 'i^. 
II clanculer way, and were izktnuify^ (^% they caird it ) Bacchid. ^ 
in rl^f/ifi- it was counted fo much the worfe , and he that 
found him;might abtrfe bim af much as ht pleaf 'd; y^a & kilf 
bim too, if thti^Cuckoid dfddefireTt,andnodoubt, but 
fometimer be had % i^ hid h^ne/:) If the fejiow bad no 
mind to meddle with him himfelfe, he might hiive bim be- 
fore the Thefmethtu^ andcaufebim tobe puniflied at tbe 
pieafure of tbe * Judges. The ordinary Jmanner of panifhing ^ p^^ ^ ^ 
an adoltirer', has'arlittle modcfty jis* the crime it felfc, * 
It was tailed eitSer tm^fh' »«it»f or ^f^^ia^aCiifjnecdot hcalljl 
the part K)r the whole-, forbisiving pluckc off the hair of bis 
privities, they threw hot aihcs in tUe place, and tbruft upa 
Raddiih or a Malletinto bis fundament : according to thit 
€AJuvenAl;^osAam machos ^mugiiis vnratx Infofnuch tbac 
erer after he was difgracefully cill^d iwfj;V'.x79^. A pu« 
iMftimeni little enough for fo great a vice , fo great I fa^y; 
that<f0/0J9 is thought to have tolicrated the publick ufe of: 
' ' * Aaj^ harlotas 

il9« JM£9UgU Jttifi^. Lib* 4. Ci^ l^. 

barlocs, (as I ffiraierly cold yoii ) ef purpofie to .prcvfotit 
Apd for (be Wcnunibaviog thus violated tlie Lawea of cfae 
•Gods ( or tbc tnen catber , for thej were bett€r).(he WBi 
J20C ocety forbid to go to tbe Templet , but if ibe weoc any 
4«berc elle with tbe oroamentsaivd acttre, wbicbocber Wo^ 
jsea wore , it was lawful for atiy tbac laet ber to take tbemi 
jnd teartbcm; andifberflusbaDdlaywubherafcer^ he 
Was branded for AT^H&y « b^fe c$fpp4nia9$. On tbe other fide, 
iif tbe women were forc*d, and openly abos*d , the A- 
dnlterers paniftiment then was no more thanajSi^^. And 
you will not fo much wonder at tbis maimer of iealii^ 
with bitn, if you conGder bow the others commit Aduitei* 
ry wicb tbe^ntfid too, as well as wiA the body of the Wo- 
man I and is fo iwcb die more daojgcf ons of the two, a« he 
that workes by ^lAmc\ or canget in a private way , than 
be that muft break tbe doorr' for proof whereof, if the 
Adultery of ^/Egiffkni and C//ffiifi^0/r4»wbicb proceeded to 
the death oiAg^mimmn be not fuftcientj refer you to that 
praftife of <fr)4w/ ; who having onea timereceiv'4 an af- 
front from Drufmst had no other way to be reveng'd. Cnn^ 
'^V. 4.Anasl. untmi (faies * T4citm) ^imftiffinMrntfifumJid ux^im §fm 

LivUfnconvmvre rhdne^Htdm^re mipfut^adutttrio ftlhxit^ 

amjugii ffem^Cjonforpium Rtgm, & mam murifi imfuliK III 

like manner, if a Man^bad ravilht a young Woman^ ( foflie 

h Ihin pro ^^^^ ^^^^ y^tn) bis ^ puni(hment was a ifiiA, viz^ a tbooland 

SjiiK Drachma : but then befides that , he was to marry her too 

( unlefs it could be made appear ihe had taken foniethioig 
ofbim in confi^eration ) which puts me in mind of a ftory 
of the AiijfenUn in iP4^/4»Mr,wbo to compell Ar43§derfmt to 
give him his Daughter to wife , pleaded that be baa broogbe 
her with child i whereupon he to evidence ihexontrary^ 
kil'd her with hiaown band, and cut up htt belly worfe than 
FirginiHt. There was a time when a raviiher of a Virgjii was 
to be fton*d (hall I favjor preftM co deatb , for they called 
iucb a pun ifliment a/ #r@* ^9»V» ^ iome upon thefe words cf 

II B. 5. 



G A P. r. 

HtFktrftrMitmRtUftwtt&c. . 


TH ^.Athenians ( fates Fltttmch in bii MunUg^i 
exhortations ) bad tbrec Ikcrcd ploveiogs. Onc^ 
in tbe Sciron , aimbcr ia the Rma^ and ano* 
tbcr called BtMtfjkni hat yet , iakf^ be, I m^ 

(^» , tbe plowing, for Gb&ldren ii tbe btft Husbandry. lo 

tibat he calls it flowing ( a vMMrd very fuiuble to a C^jnfd ^ 

condition ) be agrees wiib tbe expreffionr commonly oled 

by tbe; Greeks of^d^r, and Ap«3i> and Ai^«^^9 concert 

ning tbe Women^ For as * AHSUHhUXt^ in birP«/u^/« 9^^ ^ _ ^ 

Trgf^' asaJfo wicb ibenre of tbe tmrd Jilviox to ttgttt asyoo 

ba^ve in Sofkodtt bis^ OiMfms Tyramuisifmd'iiiSc in bis Amiio^ * 

ne £«V«(f»tJWin the fame fenfe. So>4r(/?4ifrf/Vi^inoneofbisE''.* t * » t^ 

pifttes^fpcaking ofa Woman tabeMarried ) faiast.* .rV w * ' 

vi|fVttK» And M^chis bs&biBn Efi^nm of pnrpofe upon E|)a}| 

AtM<^£p«^Tbe Latin word «&t^^aolwccs very well to i&and fa* 

wmMi Jt^fiM^ iQx\»wxLiip<Ji^iha&^ and (A<69B^fetfr,fo com* 

mmiy i)fedia£«pW/ei,andotiiec Ambtors intbefaoie feofe. 

No^w for a WoD^an wtcb cbiid , it was fometime tbe en** 

flomeJor about forty daifiibtfioee bedtime, to abstain* 

from going to tbe Temples^,, aodrpray attome) But tben jft*- 

r»/?cr/^ v.* advice could notJba;foHo»{ed|«shavaonldbavea > ,^. 

La«r ,^aa4e to comj^t W^mfiUwiA cbiW, togp every day ^® pr«d^j, 

in Pilgrimage a certain journeys ^ femriceto'one or o-^ 

ther of tbe GodsofGcncratiooj|.^i*^«X^'»*Tilr«i*if }4h. 

M«( 1/{A)fr , and bis reafon war. that tbey mrgbt not Mv^ft'V 

gfow mlu^ihy, fUtingftiU^bot b^ tbia icmioif rr4«rr//ii»j( pre^ 


19^ ArchdologU Attics. Lib* $. Cap. i. ^ 

ipare their body foca fvorfe, as PUtaychSi\t%,Lycm'i$$f caoi 

.fed the Maidsof S^ ufe tbecxerciies of wraftifog, and 

. coycing, and (hooting, and tbe l^ke, that by tbis meanes ba- 

^ving coniicn) d their own health and [IrcDgtb, they mi^t 

make the ftronger Cbitdren,and might tbe better e^yifi^9im 

«vo« vii ibJ\?pti , v^reftle with the throat/. The principal God 

whom they pray *d unto^ elpecially in the timcof traveil wm 

Diana, czlki by them Bhsi^iaLami j^U^hv «irom tbereadi- 

nelTe to come to tbe Woman at a call, or a crjingMt. - 

-Saec. ' fLenii Ilithjiar" 

SOfthat from the office of iiiiahd.woman, •ndikhaotfy* 
nefle or dexterity ^zni wiffingtteffe to perform, (he was wor- 
(hipped by tbe Kemaf$f under cbename of EgerU , quenimm 
fHdvent facile CoMceftdm alvnm egtn , -^aies Ft fins » and 
fometimes aoder tbe name of f4rJ/iM. 

, .. , ^FadlinatemfUDiand,^ 

;A5ii w. Eiibcra/irf, becaufe (he was painted with a Tfor A in her 

: band-, ( as. if (he iMhathldthe C^nMe coicjand fo was //a* 

thjtA by tbe greikl^ ?n,>cir«u0y ov %^ t^ ^rv; «/^ir ai • ^m,(faief 

P^nfimias in Arc4uli€is) becaufe tbepaines^Travell are 
^ lo^fot : or elfe (tomfacilis y eafieani withont idifficfdij t^h 

'^GntvUtsfftcilitljicitmfMillii.^ * being 

i cOvicl.Fa&«Us.n)(ewife for the facte rcafon called by tbe Greeks wg^n^fmrnz 

$M,hj Orpheus , by wbom'(he is affo termed eeKumP'sAimese.^ 
and a^iniopy l^v^V^®*} ud onvi^xi^^, becaaf^(he (tooA ftHI 
ready as it were 4rrib^ ibpf *, and was always at W^ to do 
cbeworkeofa hani wman^tu vote pareurieHtis odes* Or 
laftly itomfaaliseafie]ani witheut pam ^ becanfe ^(be ^T€ 
- tbe woman/krjiir^ par turn ^ as be fates. 

For tbe fame caufe, tbey gare her alfo the title of rsfi^MiB;, 
a&tbe Latines did that of (j^iM/ij. 



{Totbis purpofe I remember a jeft related by Cicero of one 


Arfheohgiie JttUd. Lib. 5. Cap. r . 193 

TimsMs » raa4e apon the barniog of ber Teoiple at Ephefas 
neeraboQC the time tfaac Aitxander was born : Nen ejfe mi* 
randMm^ tjnidDimmocc^fMtMinadjttvandaOijmfii Altt^n* 
•ibro gravida dom9 ^ffet : that it was no wonder, htcanfe Diana 
wm t^n a fin kdfing Oljmpia. And ycc th's jeft^'as drf as it ^ 

is yPhtafthii fofar from likings, tbatfae faies ic was cold tr 
jpougbco bave csctmgtnihc tboK Aames^ Laft oi all (he was 
iJfa called p»ap9^<y^fiafi ftU^ipiii^^at&^t^Cfipiivi^^i^ 
i^mthtMS^olioB, as much as to fay Lneiferax>r Lutina^ a Axidn^hin 
£or by tbts name (he was oioft of all adored by cbe Kooianf Lucift. 
too f according CO t bac of Ovid : 
. JDiciit, tmnoU$/Mcem, Lucina, JfSJli^ " 

Difiiej tm voH fsnnritntu adtu 
Now this Lkeina f faiib h CUirc Was notbiog bat the Moon: b L.i.<Ie Kat. 
L$ma aiu^nin n$mnMa tfi^ eadim efi enim LfKtna, And ibe ^/®*^' . ,. 
MiMMi bdng(as FarT$ im^imfiintim ^jr,was tberefore wor- ^;^' "^^ ^'^ 
fliipped by tbe wooien in tm^ftl^nadfartuj nuuunfcimt ftfm 
iw^sMnmnmajum^ neuemLnns iurfibM : orbecaoie tbc 
Mood by xh^filHng and t>pening tooiftnre. of ber iafiocnce x 
grMidkatfi t!r farfms affirat, mainritait/iine gigmndi^ as tbc 
Orai^ laid to tbe faae friace If yob chance to meet with a 
PlftralnMmhrf as yo« tM?e in H^mtr '^tajkoMiiiM^tltUyMd 
in Ariiiotle it^€ v^^tKw^at^&c. yoQ may take it to be ia re* 
Ikrencc oaely to feveral names of one and the fame Diana. 
mA in cfjpcctal manner to tbofe three^i^/«.Zirn>4 in Heaven, 
Diatui above ground, and Preferfina beneath , ia regard to 
VdhiA tbe Women among tbe Latins ofed to call ber Diva 
orifornM'^ in their prayers at the time of Child Rearing , 
^aa Uhranus ater^ fi^tloi 


Diana (honkt be a Gentle* woman by the number of ber 
osmes. Diana^ I (aid • for that was tbe groandiOr tbe prind* 
pal name : all the other names feem to be but the defcant, 
M fo many ^piibtfes.tnd Samames oponit. So in Emifida 

Tif J^* 9ihM^. Oy^it» 

Bb V^^ 


V, / 

In another Tragedy. iW^f ' A^rr^r f^rxjUmt ti^ 

--f^vfi^^^^fff^S. Af-nftH or Dimk$&M4$ ftiff th 

fubftamive, andallibereft hang like f o winy Ad jtAi^^. 

■ Btlidcf tbefe to the Moon, ibcy ttlkc of other Sacr^ces of 

they know not whom tbemfelves , whom they worfhipp^ 

hy the name of TciftWfcfir^ C$ttm, Gjgti , and Jhidrem 

4 ETtrioLDi. £iy foma So many wiod» fays one # ( ibac which k tboogtai 

^ion. to be meAnc by the Gyants in the Fabiea ) Hot x(fk$t 

have women to do with tbe Wind ? ic caa htow tA^m 
no good , but t^Tymfimy | and (b puff diem i^ with the 
conceit of a Child. Or^im ctib cbcar by the nattwmf A- 
mdlciJef^ PpntoclMf^zn^ f ibidmAlv^nd Mikehrm kies^iikf 
were the three firft mcti that were* bq|atteiv Aad heiel 
muft tell you of fomt whaeco be done by tbe lipband qm^ 
for te wat to facrifice ce tbe Hymphr, mod «y loary taditta 
' then fof* tfle bri)iging fercb eCche ebild|fg»bewai«iterwflrds 
to give them thsrnks lor bringing ic^,. And thnastiwh I 
ConjeAore by tbofe words of Ortftn ^ wfatn one toid iNtt 
diat be faw c^fffffbem^liKt^ing tadieNympfai. 

y.6i6, for breedinfWiiiiVpr for bringing ^6hf 


■' ■■•■€- A P. •If* - • 

OR the place where ihey ky in whtA^it wtre a 
Chamber kept of pni'pdfii ft)rtba« ufe Kcaoaoi relT^ net* 
ther darft I conclude as moctrby tbex<S;^i ^jActuct in t £m^ 
ri|p»Vr/, where fpeaking otfufinruA Ai^iv, be iaiei» 

At Ae ttffie of trave),tb«y irai^wolltiacabe /^t/bi bpaiNhta 
and bold tb^m in their hacds, as thinhing cbey had a tmurt 
either to rnqmr the pain, f for a Pakne brancfa^was a token 

oiConqi^i^ ) or CO make tbcm har uf under the burtbcn the 
better , ( for no wei^t wi|l iDtk^a palm- branch go down- . 
ward ) accordtog co that of Tbc^gmu ; 

^Hfimi hJ^m ygffh 4t«4«f*»»« • 

f^^do n6c.riad.thr<vtf tetof irav4«bey ftood in fear o^ 

kch thingi al JiiriiAi, #nd JFMMKtnd X;/v^^ 

Ad, wbo<ai it ^ylwftintnm) foppoiM tbofe Hobgoblin^ ^D:Or.I>cil. 

c^ncubitH, Of that after the delivery, they kept three men of 
parpofe to f^ttpaU nighty ovkemtb ao Axe, and another 
witbaPfiae,«Bdailo^r«wihaBi.ooairCiitung. and bea- 
cing, and fwtepii^ tc the thaeiboldi to ke^p 4 SjlvMwm off "^ ^'<l*^ <:* 9* 
he^t I hope dtiey^J»d o^ie mt. When the Woman waa 
Mirered , if it happened 10 be a Male; then what joy and 
confidenccof d» kmlStft^ their bonfe ? ( as the Hebrew 
phftfeia ; for fmmvmfKUmifmilidm, faiei * Afi^em^«c. 
lboli&onetb0y«cMDii(daiaPi/Artberc( ' 
JL/C9fbr$n ol H#a#r,and r^m «|w»^r «•?*, 
fame. /j^%fifMberfeUe, when (be dceao^ cnc laii 01 n 
iioaie,Goiild ioe^prfetthe BiUaai ibr fe many Sona. Fte fiuet 

The Malei are Fitlan of a fanily. 
' And very good rcafon the men (kouUkhetr ilie name of tbt 
riUm of CM faoofi^ if ch^Bdlan of the bopfe can beare tte 
nam* and tbe^fignaes of the mm. At they domavy of tfaeoa 
CO tbia ^. Nmtes ibey madecboice of the beft , ibeh aa 
^ribii^Mi^noBgthe Gmaka', «dJr</Miw«i among the La^ 
ctn^t bat indeed ibe j^^^e' waa commonlv of the wor^ 
iwttii tihxfoA back, bowing under the w^ofjot, and therefore 
jtb^fwoee ci^d (?^ 

BefiAesin ancient time , 'twas an ordinary thing to eceAm 
4HUar in fltead of % Sum,<fi tbt image of a man. 

'- t 

if^ AcMloghti^i 



2>f Infamiikm Uvtmta^wiffmtif. 


Tl) E < Child T(h'R>M'a#^^h wtttemt ;m»'Wdhttir.Wk<^ 
C€r ( or elfe ki^W ine;if ^bcy fotlmr'<d*4he J^MCiJaminimA 
fafihioD, and defir'd* t6 ^r^f ,» Outl i Af , or to ^ impr^t die 
ftrrogch oi the Infamt ) Of cbis w'aftiiDg cneniion is made ior 

#l^'iit.o« Ly« Pi^^^ his Amfhytriw chos ^ : 

curg.. Poflfnam fefefii fueroiyUv^e \ujJJt-; msoc^ofimtuk 

Sid ffierMle qmm ego lavi^t ^aptm ^ySs mtUt^m v§Ut I 
And fo likewife inI.jc6pkr^(^§Sc :l ciMfeu may i)C - flneane 
^f ttia childv iis wella» the M«lbec')wb«fe>befyariis^oif Pru 
(mm bis putting to death* the Infest Aimippm^M be did bis 
Mother CHU^dith^t tba^ H^fibd btr (iOe^ftitd bjci f(M|iie A^ 
iex^ftier) tboogb the Onicle*M«ied«io boity, , but ody bid 
bimkill W 7it?#«fr^W>md«V^ iibeMocbcf«dibt )GbiM;. 
liedtdtc&itrs bf} 

foib trfiich verfif (after I ba?te ftart^d the qoeftion bmbt- 
cunc to be called Mnnlpptu^llht Wi not long enOBghMki 
be named ) I have occafiongiveo tc tell yoa imxt oHhtt 
matter. For the SchoJiaft notes upwi the wordrxrf??iflSw, tbac 
titer they bad waflu tbe body wiri» Water ( boated Utajg^ 
pofo it mas : aod ufeit ond y for <be cleadfio^ olxbe b^ody) 
f bey aooimed k witb^oyle ^ kcpcin t;);Jr^sif» :w;st; vcflfeiifo 
called • u^bich they bad for thsspiirf^fe. The rftfoii I h^ 
lie ve to be the fame, (at witicb itey dSd4t at mbnk i^s^ tff 
^ooiibe elder fort^ vfe. &*.•} n^^i ^M ^^%v9^Hv)c¥^trt 

nut. it ) tddo(€]ip the pores agMie^rafter they bad; beessaRQild 

by the bpt water ,. ind tcriceepoot tbe.cold^ This thing of 
AMintiflg , was fo coaftaittly nftd . ^ft after . the wafliiof, 
that yoa (hall have ^m^tA )(^3iSnii^' Um^wx^ ^ed: t» 
figniHe the fame ,. as it is in GMtimMchus- bis Hjmfn upon 

•- • «^ 

lo.allufio^lO'tldi ^TJamu ^^^MntfrcaHkibehtrrii of &ff ri^ 
i^1^«rti'A«^i2^.Fos€omiAgtrQa^fi|icl€anea^^ ai fmfi^J^^^ Dltm^fi. 

,.. I'i' •• ^ 

rtnfyc thr{»irpofe by the tnotbet ia the iknc of ber 
Vii^niry,a» maiy be confcduredby that wbicliCnritf/^made 
for /0i«^ incbiscloacb the £rif ^fibft£irwtOBgbtcbetaiage0( 
Ike G«r|«ii,eiui tbrSnabet of b«rliead,as nw^sia-Adinirtuts 
Aepii by tbefael(> «rbereol Vtrfemh$A cut it off. Bdider tbt 
KkeMfle i^ rao Dragooi dba«rii;tii<gi4d» by Mimwms oofci 
CMOfliaBd, addin m^aiory of ErUtfwM^ fwhabem^bwit 
of not faiog but rir/p4»'i iieid fpilt on kbe gr^uid in • fsrdng of 
tbegoddcde, andbavtog feet like uE^agon wafiexfioied 
and commuted by ber.tb tbecnftody^ofiwDvi^lant'Dra^ 

goni* ' i r. ') .^ s -'/'. "■ . si,' u . .' • ':•' J . : \ 

: ! i«Tf4|u«y.W«»#. ^ • Saicitbd^ogtzandiTdm 2J.8C i4*fy^. 

tbence tame the cuftomo I tp^kt of* And yet pcrtept neif 
ifaer tbcfe Dragonr, nor the others in imitatten of tbetn » 
mdotMff ihing^Ue^t emMem$,n(Vd by tbe aiscbon to* eaii 
{KifflC^ tba mkitar^W aisd vfaccteul care .that was I tt obghcr im 
beifeflin tte1>feedlng bi^ibe cvhild^Lfcr.&xthey are ; like^te 
iamkaxniSffaid fot ^keoperf oIotfaer:tMo^too | as of (b^ 
9^fksH>lthtHi[feitidis&'!t:eti^n beeaQfe of their qoicicaeft 
6f iig^ti adcbrdirig to F^^»i\DftMcmk$ JiSi ialAufy^^ ^p^^fiud 

ji^ahfl^llw6wd?afjaBingtatt mi^'nadlr^iavat ei^ei^ lay^4 '^ ^^ 

y Bbi uBonj 

V, ■ 

ttpoD a Cljfem^ ai tti dMeo df fMiimdt In tinie^vf ^Ufarre i 

Scraba L7. ( & cbovwas Hercules bifli(4f,ia4 tlie Xtii^i^MrtffMts^^ene* 
My afe<t^ cbos alfo cbe *Celu nkd the cbil^lren when tbey 
cbrcw diem ioto cfai: ibeMt.}ct A(t iipoii • VMimhrymiUi^ 

bant^ faUs Khodigitm^Mtn otem of fqia wdl ptotf^ 

►•;• I 

CIA/^.; V. 

Be infant $0 leftmk^i woi (immt & it M$minit imfofiiUnt. 

\A / ^^ tb<j.i^l^ waafif e dsiyet 0!^. tfiiey took It ^ 
V V carried Uab<me the heanbninfiiiigt |iercbanceto 

oiicitte Aim t^ tbe Ukn, aod make bkn dntiof the faimfe 
AC tbe fame time tb^udoi^e was for tt« Midlives to waili 
ibett bafids. Now to. token ofjo/fot having a fduld.tbo Pui 
icou. bedecked ti)ctr boofewitb Garlands ; aodiii €viwr4kf 
ud^kmtbe ktor^ ibat iaceiided'^ 10 be at tbe mnmig Ja^ 
fcottbctr >«Hd m'<« /i^««>(af i<f/rl^ji»f ealftbcsoticCivii^ 
before,ai tbey bave trfed eo dowitbus at Chrifiptmis* Tbt 
. tb^ wbicb tbey feot, were coflomocty P$lyfode^^M AfU^ 
wbetber ai xaridei , or for ^at reafon^^I am yet to (eefe 
Tbe vertes ot^EnbuUs ctced by Atbenans c. 2. fpeaks at H 
tbofe things were not kept till the feaft , hvn os^ tte fame 
day, as likewife Doves, asd Tbruflics and colewortr witb 
r • ; oyle, iod tpfied pieces of Cherjhntfus Chee/e»thi J kndw not 
what : tbe wbcrfe folemnky of tbe day i$ called hiA^^^^nil 
and fo is tbe (7fW«i, or >«r4SK/& '^ii» dti$ iiiin4^ipJ&^, frMi 
tbe ninfiing about the bearth ( which it fetmt wa« ^iuM ia 
abemtdft of tbe roome ) or as wee may all it, Dmfmkg ihm 
^uruidfiu, for we' read of no more but tbe^ntb^ot ftrcL 
iy there mud be a fire,for Htfphiut bk% tbofe tbae asftal 
the child muft be naked. ^Tbe naming feaft which I men* 
tion*d » was kept apon tbie fevtnth day after the Birth ; Aiei 
% dr^^U :and his reafon \s% becaole tbaidiy wia •biepv*4 
rL«7-4c Hkft. ^Jie v^ critical to c^ihinm/ 'id. aX^^^^^Wj^^ 

j1rch4?hgi^^ttiA- Lit. $. Of. S. 19? 

if^y f^f »ivcd ttw ^4 to be mdli » tlnn thtf frefnciy 
g^vf icaiume,«?ifvifif0f7f(|»«^A#/. 7jr^fl4<e^ at prtfiasiing 
U woiild coQiiime fa. 60c ( with, ir^vq^nce 1>e it tpokm )l 
rather believe it c^ have been upon the tei^ithday f onbe 
tenth »)(giS^^ rather jbccaufc the fcaft wbicKtbcy kept watcal- 
led W«»«andchore which then facrificM fftrthatwasto be . 
done firfl:)were faid AKxtln da w, or Mtrtw i^ti^cu:ic at the 
(ame feaft (^ (aies Smdat ) were the kinred wont to meet all 
Cogether,to be witneCTes fas we call it) t0 tb^ naming of the 
child, titer the manner ofche Romans at the NomifuJU. A^ 
gain, beiides tbc authority of a Scboliaft upon the word 
^«;ii Od AvUhs ArifiavbMnu^i, I have ibeplaiae teQtmony 
ofthePoS^tbimfelfeinthefame Comedy ki another place ^ 
where b^ brings in f^ketvTQS thai fpeakiog of Atbeos^ in att 
^hiiioa tothe cttftome ^ 

K«iT«V#fi* •Wsp -Ttfi//^ »u5/li 3ii*t«'. 

. Now a 'Father might give what nan>f be pleafd to any of 
tiia^ildren : but ufaally the eWeft fon« was cattCd by the * *^«f»' '« " rf 
ntmeof ihe Grandfather. 1 canoot fay tUat tbey kept tWe 
name Md bad no more : for many tinfiei tbcy i:ba0g*d chett 
Daipe» aitheychaeg'd their condition. Tbttf tjKdati^ter 
of rtpf^ts when Oie came to be eWcr and wtfier.aUMied die 
ntme QlTTArwwi * thus Lttmfft when (he wa» brorigbcwaa Bur.Hd v i|; 
i^ti^m'ALasMii',tnA Ifmeni^.AKrMcisyaim hfc Weamtf •Ach,iT«i.j. 
fniikv'd. And indeed for thtSeryant^ it was mA ordiflary «^"«« i-^- 
Mng to give up their namci, and aU to tlicir Maflerr ^ yihm 
prefently gave ibe».new, foch aa they though fie. Btbefc 
fcoqitbeC^Anilry^ isCpi^, or tbe colour andcompleiion^ Phec.BibHoth. 
as ^9,im or imU'M ^ or Ibriie good cjualicy in bim ^ as 5 «i- Co<i. 17. >• 
tI( , and h J)>'^(i9^tOt elfc from the day or (be time whereon 
they bought him, as i n«.<{aii»iV^ At Rome the Mafter gave - 
, ibem a name of their owne:? bttt %was when rfjey feu them 
>^andfoa.ivewj|%mcwas.atokonof liberty too: of of 
' &BpiefcWng better ,_ as of an adoption , ( when the adojwrs g^^ ^^^ ^^ ^^^ 
n^ waf the fetter <>f the two } or fome other good for* 
V9MI lsbi(<bAia^ i^^wVw.whcn anlft«€ Wl iohm, 
M . " •'- ■ ' -to 

200 ArehtthgUAitkit. Lih.^^ C^. 6/ 

to cbftBge tut name frgm Simnyx> SiuMiu^t tod^tlMk t^f 
took ccw fiaints when cbcy came to be made Kiogi i its ar 
moog tbc Perp/mfUcot G^s,a$ every wbl^re befules^iivMcli 
appears in ihoic tittnc$ of P^Umm ^ni ]^Hirinm , aed t 
igreat naDy more. 

. -C A P. VI. 

' * • . ■ • . . 

Di Fntrftrm'Hm LiifirAlionibns\ 

» • •• 

TH s Mother after ber delivery ( though fome 6jf it 
was done aftet the Hrft nsgbcs lying with berHasbaod} 
Imogup ber ZfMto DidMaAvQiZif^i \ ( C;»;irij yo« may tall 
faerin Utiae ).afid her cloches toe ( faies CMlHmscbm). to Di* 
and xtrJyn. ilotill (he were punH :d , (he was as caretaUi 
fliunM, as any Woman of the Jev.i{», infv^nuch that reckoof 
ing her among the ftiJeV'*^^ (he Lathed togoe iiko the 
lioufe where (he lay, as much -m ii frr? bad lay en for 4cad- of 
if they bad happened CO igoe m anw^uii >^Iv or by condr^ia^ . 
when they eaae forth again, tbcy woiiicfbe furc'to wafli; 
, whence diat of Dio^ '. Laernm in the life oi fyrhM^drm^ ^ n 

nilui 1^ xi^^if ^ {jutt^al®- Wi«( :. which X aci» roe ' in mind of . 
Ifbigtnuiti Bmr^iHiS'^ when bemoanu'.g chc conditioo of O - 
nfiest whom the ScjthiansdfGgn^d for a Sacrifice to bhind J 
Ihe fpeak her mind fo plainly in relation to her curtoofoelTe; 
to haveoo ho dy come neer her ; chat catifie from a Womatf 
ifv Cfai}d^hed> or a flaughcer, or a luneral, &c; Idife. ( faici 
fte thi kyfixrifiitfthatGoUeffc what ever fit be^thm fiM u^ 
4iHghtintb€ mHrthermg of men, and yet notwit^nnding mtof 
ftfrititf fpffaatbfiallfinSfd fiich &fnch to ctm$ nr^r thtAhnri: 

« '^ * Stv^tS'r «Wp5^«, lAvrnffffii iytso^n. 

ti fayifig (b cutting to the folly of the heft of the Heatbeo 
Theology , that it would have founded very well frorb fix 
mouth of a Chriftian. For Thneydides (aies, that the Mbtni* 
MHt, (br fear the holy Ifle of Detos (hoald by ib» mfcaoa W 
<^: " Polluted, 

r _ 

.^MJiifologU jittits. Lki.%.' CtfV6. izor 

,{>oniM^, mtdeitiiir» thac no Woman (hoaldlie io for 
^14 ibcre , bttc (he mnft be reroov'd to UbinU ^ an Hand 
j^er adjoyning. What day (he was purified in, I cannot yet - 
^eitroiine, and I remember the que Dioopuc in EMri^^^^ , 

Whether it were ac'the time of the naRe^W<« the feaft that 
was kept at the forty^dates end ( for (0 many dates (he was 
takeep in after ber delivery, as well as before ) or whether 
litverc u ^ry nKiSrii «Ki:rb<,whcn the child wasa-Zin^cr-jvi^ii^ 
old « X ^ ^9 ^^y ^ f^^urn* night , jcounting nothing butthe 
loigbcs; for I'dq not think ic is the crnth yf/^^vfib ) 1 ^pcnoc 
IB^eUknowi :bttt£/#^7r4fai^S.itwa&i!6r ^ ' 

^henfoever the time was, the Woman, after (he bad wa(h'd 

away htt hluMMA in the river ( as/flifii did hers in t^e ri« 

«er Lym^x (ocalled firoin ^ thence ) (he her felCe was toi^ # Paufaa. ia 

crificc to DUnifyiQt hielping ber to a child: and beriHosband Ack 

(0 die It^ympbcif for helping biro to (iicb a Wife : or both (\£ 

jfpn wilt ) to. return their thanks, that the child can^ ia 

Its due time. And this one calls wJ\$ iej^ydv ithmScf^ dv^r. 

It may be in cafe of weakncfs , or if (he were ignorant of 

rit^s ( as (he might be at the £urft ) another did it for her»as 

ClytmnefirA didfor£/f£^r4 upon ber reqaeft. But indeed 

j^ (hoiild be the iMmik by .right , z%Cljttmnt/hrMhti fcUe « 4 


Doriog ber lying in » the greateft part of ber food Wiscole* ^'* - * 


•K' \ . o'i /; 

^ NtttrUikm. . 

IH E Norfes darit^ cbe thnc of fnckiog , were tailed 
.«r|>>i ( from n'i^it the fame cbac m«ib« the pappet ) bat 

Cc Norfef. 

MufH. l4ow tfi« cMftotne n^ fb# (ht Niiifti'r (belMivd'Dh 

hMdea the Cbildrtn «/» /tf^rwri* * -•''i , "• »d »«k^ ri% 

•RW5g.e^ xj{ax{t» the more neat jind cleanly ) to be often tarrying ilit 

children abroad b tbe waie> , and in the flreeta : and in^i^ 
they (hoBld be unqniet, the SchoHaft o^Ofi ttlolfe words «£ 

Saies.they were front to haveafpongefuH #ffioBt«, ht 
htele pot alwaies ready lor the purpofc- Of «H Woineik. 
they coonted a LMtdmtnumt the fitteft for a Nftrie, f ^ fodb 
i (me ^IcHUdtt bad bimfclfe ) Ot rather indeed the 'l^iki^ 
mVnr Women were fo proud,ihat they counted It a M^\ti^ 
'^ ment to them, to bel^orfes tbemfeJvea. And iherefore the 
Woman in tttmofihmi.'vihtii it wa« objeaed to her, that HMr 
Bud fometiffles ttfcdthi»hafe im^loyRient, «r«B fain to e«i 
ale St by the neceffity oi the p4n>i*ie, wBl<* «#*$ in the:CS£. 
ry at that time. Andfo likewifty«tt flia»ilad.lfi*fc*^n' t*- 
HpUtt coflipWflingof her *nhat>ptadfc,th«t 9m mofl^ji'fbti 
d«d CO fuch an office as tbit Wis. When tb«y wotoM m% n 
vt€ all ii) or Ml» child aflftep.they tfed Mh(f» to tffjr.VAir, 
«r/t«m<(A^, to Gh^ fbngttoir. Their AMt|tF (h%y cafieds 
iiitt«)J^*i»K«)ii{«f, and Io«eciibe*»r» ri*. ( for fo «* »>**** tfctf ijwi 
the tatine too, at In Atnayim HH-.f. Smn^hiHtfM */ /<«!fei? 

Uvu MdituM fumnaiit^ -) fiKfr ft ktHd-omnf is.^^l'^tf 

TbtoeritHt. ■ . ' ^ ' " '^ 

hieep-my little foales, &c, 
I<er thu tbcy were wooc no iGsMitf^^^ to the clnld, calling; 
italfo IbmetiBMa- vft^wr oc fr»davW«.oc CH*f<A'v^<>. aod ,U>e 
' Ulse. ... 


Jk^ih^i^ AttkM. £Ji. 5* C^- 8< 203 



iiv. ,1 

> ^ 

I I 

BH T m (liaH ba vc no need co crooUe d«f felva to get 
f Narfo, if the chM citlicr 4yc of it |€if«,or be tKf^fed to 
4ye by tbe f^teiitt* If it 4y e in tbc thie of its Inimcy ( be- 
Ibft it bad teeth , Cntt F/in^ ) it «ipas to have but a coM bu- 
rnt wtdiouc any fire , oraoy funeral fiicrifice' or Meffiihtj 
in Mourniog 0t otbcrwfCe. As being ( m tbe words ci^fit^ Sat. 4^ 
vtnd ) miMT^igne Hop* Which praftice is by flmatch in his 
CMf^mim H to m^ prodoced for an argamem . to per 
i^de her n^ 10 grieve fw die death c< her cUtdifdits be. ;»/r 

1^ ^l^^MUDi <f hvxvtWiV mmitYftmi 4^ Hi^^ 7«^. The COUOOi 

0tiKf^fhg cbUdrcn, utiich tbe Grecians dOl. S»7/M6{ ^ 
wiib the people of ancteit times was tcry afoal^ it wtf 
rwrnitfA upohtbidi Cbildrea as were lame, or deformed, or 
defeaiveinanvof their Members. We «rad indeed tbtiExo^.^ 
M(feims afed thu$| becaufe he was 2i» or a goodly child? 
b«tbe was rather bidden from PlMr4«lr,-tbaa e^f^fid to tbe 
ciirer. TUsfr«fticewis inmdft ^eesat the f4eadiire of t6d 
^aieoLBat at Sp^idyl read,that they took better ad^iceifoij 
theve fhey bade Coimnitue of porpdfe called by them Aijgi 
appoiosel to ettmine every ebitde; whether it were £vikt>i^ ^ 
J94L^i$9 fimd, otjoot. Tbe places where they expofed tfafeni; 
were (onetiflies EUvetaend Lakes , focb as M^fa was pat 
in by btt Mother , and Rmulm t^AHmmhy their Unkle 
^^miliusy fometimes a finlK or t^jgurtcr, according to that 

.If Mffmendi^i^iMiMs/ . Sometimes a decfiffc ^ 
fioch a« the JU^s4ffw»aMai ilad ift ri9|«fii^ia:cofl^ 
IbmetimesAVodds^fnd defers pbMt, fischaslM^faad,^ ;i 

end fibmecSmes the wide Sea,as ^$4m (aies €fcmHdidei, (if 

thitbebboame^:) ^|4r4£I^MiM i9^»ttivi/iW^ 

V - ;• r . Cca frijici 


rS. ^ 

j}ci JHJji$. If ft child ixrere czpofcd any where oponthe lao^ 
"after cbey bad fwacbed it ifiia^fy^nnfiifiiu, tbey pnc ic^ 
in an earthen pot. Such a pot fome would have to be meanci 
by thcCdmharm \n Ttnnc^ lus Andris. ^ 

^ ventm via Cdtithsrum. 

SitffifirHnMtMm. Af ific w«re^iirj|^f4riva9.Whereas?o^ 
theriixroald have youread it Cantharsm^ for 'an old Wqmm 
of that ngxnc^tndjMff0^cii$0t4fff9 for as smch 9sfiU€i$i^4m. Ic^ 
if fometicnes called 2?ai>e«r«as>by. 4r(/^«^4ifei»tn f^iriyi.wherei 
be fpeaki o{ Or<ji>iM tbu>r . ^ 

Xnd fomecime ;)^r«9t i fates* the Scboliaft opos .die fame? 
place, whence comer ;^rei^««'^jrjff<?itf#r<. What kind ofitbic^^ 
tbatj/fnsnS wai,. whtreio Crfiv)^«xpos'd her BalUrd in g. 
rock in the Acraf^lk^ <xr whereof it wM-madei I cannot fo> 
«^i decermifle. Emrifides faies it w^ ify^- %Jtfilcl and tbto 
Ion the child waa wrapt op. ut% akin, or a ieafberjand put iii^i 
to t(» according: to tbair ' 1 ' ^ 

. — 'i^t<i9vg<»«xi>r®!5 .. . . ,^^^^ . '-r''/; 

)$S tbinkf it might te^rendred'^rm , and^moreproperlv to' 
Ihljil iM^fu^hk ran ctn be : for firft he faiet tbcfe was' 
f^f&'$hi%np$kmot leather ^roUVl orfolded up; fucbas 
fome of our Cbefti have. 2. It waj iaften'd or lock'd of one 
fide : d^v^ froai M and myfv^ \ as our troaks are. 3 . its 
iwroand alfo/aod jfk to>e tombUdas beiaief> 

And for *»©"» that will terve well enough^ for 'any fucfr 

tbmg, aswellasviir,orav^i^/. If thecWW wen expofed^ 

ott7*c>Water, it waa«fually put inacb«rg m^^ likeabaf. 

ket^iQadeof oziaf%or btilruflic^,^wb'd and ctesM^^iih (limd 

♦set ijwv «*P»tchJucbuihaiJweMaddf ii>*\E^w;BnttboogIt 

thejrtbii$lechitn>«Moibe.«iar€y of fortune, they would 
bei^retofeabtoiforctitoo, incbe bcft manncttheycould^ 
??««?««iWdj?irc!i,«irf prccidQs oc^ 

- -* oaments^. 

MmeatSi ciiber in a ^y of moai^nqigi p^4ou- ^f4id r* 
;rfj€.(lcad, according jpihat 0.. I. : .r: ^ ^^ , 

Or in a miy of care and providcoco , tbst if ic litr^d, amfao^f 
oocbappeo'dco find ic fo lying, and woaM ^ukfU Mf ( it#TeUer'Ck 
ibcy call ic ) be mi^clif ve bi$;^«#«^«»^r ^i ivvene^ Ks* char- 
ges CO breed btoi 94^rnc'd co bU band : aqd if ic dyed|:tbere 
0>igbc beeaoa^ ifor tiim» tbut wocdd beftf>w ttie painei^. co' 
bettow tbe c4lt coo in cbr burying ^r according to tbnc in^ 

J)9PrMh0y& turn utim^ cum ffiellkpefin^tt s ^^^• '• 

tbdTe ^a^ric, JOt^fMt^^ flaoA cfM^ifnonly were Mneda*^ 
boiu cbair ncckMod urere t hereforccalled •! b/ie^tt,aii ibey 
verc iikctvife called ^r^eiVfiAT* , , forcbey were maoytioiesy. 
l>ottleMi}d bells^ and fiicfi like coyec. ( and fo yoa oioft idir 
fiingttidi betwixt oraamencf &markes)becaQfe tbey were for 
mocber end y«c befides tl)ef for^ec^v/s^ Ui i^i myfch^i ( hm^ 
^one ) not to adorn bim , bat to mark bim fo arco know 

bim again, and co.fec* tbcpireman)mietherein«aiwe ttfe«]XaChry(otli 
CO faften collars and fucb like tbinks, about tbe necks of out 
dogs : and ic may be tht jra/cde btlr were taftnc4 6> fiod b^ ^ 1 

by tbenoife, as we do our Hfiwkes. Fary/cmmyft kPoWt^, 
every cbiid tluit was exp6fed> was.npt exppfisd wiib:\tbjs m*; 
cent to b^ killed ( a| forpe. won id t^Va exfmnn aad ntcli^t to • 
fce little difi(crefit}for many times tbey did it to bide'tt only., 
out of fear it would be killed^ if it were not ezpofcd ( as ic 
was witb. Ai^Jesj^y^n^ fomeumes ;if i; were a Baftard j tbey 
pat it ont of (larppfe to hare fomc body nnrfe it , far if , (he 
lured it np^r Mfe,every bod^ yroBld.knqw i t^t^de^, wben 
t1iey,w^erp expof ej| wUli tbat in teoi^tb^ patents for the moft ; 
part bad not tb'eir ends*, for none have proved more famoua.; 
men than facb as were expoted, as might be made appear by 
fandrv examples. Atthebefl:« ezpofiog in my mind was^ 
¥crjt.nar(l deaiing^a^d ttier efore tbe^f^^a; ( w/iom t/EtlA^' 

rt - ■ QQy/ commefidaj- 


MiMMMM? fdr €fa^ biintnity ) imtle « Law to forbid it^ 
and fo did cbe Romans coo sfcerwiAk^ anxfng whoftrito 
^cxpored child coold be free ^f the ckjr.. Ajtd yet ArUhtle 
coold afford to prefcribe ic>{^ if jftO* fxi/i? Tn«if«f«ir«r ^f nr. 
Bat be urate cbeii inF$liticl(r , and Ait made hitn fer^ te 
.fhjfic^f/i.e. bk natural aficd]on.Oaf;^iirf#iif|o«ri' cUMrcn 
CO . NnrA ^ 'ffiaflv timet proves Ifttlfc be^er tfaan eit(r£fin^ 
Another ^ay cMn #81 of carnptftg-^tbUdiflto ilnother 
Counary^ wbere it mij^irreifi {eeiet,ifnd jf^clrre fr^to an e^ 
<nemy , mOrefhf4iiiPiH», fnm ^ rage tiftMfffUmi. 
And therefore <ftfpW/f/fpcaking of bis manner of life in bia 
youch calls it K^vrn^ Hh^U fo you might have ciAled Mm Siir 
^'\t^tuii\M^f^yS'^^^h^^ enotr^ ofexiH^ 

fing. I wSU t^oeetd cci fjpealrwriie cikftban cbey dfed m edii* 
catiinKr oaely, beea«ft tfieir (yrafttrib'wks 4tferenc acterding 
CO the Irirth of the &M, it will be neceffiiry to ipeak a word 
BfSi of cbe fe? eral fores of diiUfaren , in regard ojf tbefar Birtb 

Ccor^lo tbe Scboliaft upon Hmer, there wcrie 

four iMfsofSonnea. i. O^fiOO-B ctiotejwh^ hi 

lavina Legirimm ,.i UyihaiKitt^ ^T^i^Vk, the Soti cf s' 
ooarried free Woman. 2. d rJ^^&, ^fmtwfint ttdJi nmpte^^ 
laies ^ ^iWf7i4if , the fon either of a forr eign Woman » or 

^M*«a- ^ Concubine ^ (uchaSon, ifhis Father were bntaprivace 

man* mighc have nothingto do with tbe name , or the krn* 
ltd of bis Bcbtir, *-JrfTBlf/^»f*i»?5e^yx'5w^ faics Ari-^ 
. - .. fi^flumeiiami rfthecafeweretbos when the Atoffur was* 

ii« iwiifc ^ Rranger, bow j«ft a canfebad Imia the R)ct, t6 compUW 

ashedid? . r «^ 

»Bttftheftthcf wereafrincc,orfo^ Totntacefif 




are mf kiiM»£t0difkm t^&m MH t i m n <• * » >» t kif i rtwi^i ^ ^^ '^' 

Uffitlif bbrn,an(l)^bft«n»liehi in at greu tfttem ntf 
etber,aodeii]'o]r'd bU iqbcriaMiie. emrfmr«S*»MegU ftit up 

Sfm«f . Whereas the other muft be pep'd aloog. with a ftr- 
ti«H onely of a dioulaa4.)|r«cilw4>at4he mod : * cbis portion l^'-p"'* 
they called li ubH*, which tbey^ iuulin the natare of |;ifts ,. 
Uiierunp which ^^ii^mibii^eivewtBe-CboDt of hit con> acn.«j.c. A 
cnbioes x it wai the vahieof mrvi laSi of five min* faies the^aft i^on «#>^0fl«M M A90iia-t mMx* I^rMaembd 
bow*HfFfM^j<|«f«V4inftafd'^ j<AM«iK4Atov^d»fifiii^ 

tbe> oanldoM lay daint' ie«fae Itaftfai^itClila fi£ 
tfaei!ieftiMK<iBak«aniiirer tfav^ j. . > ' ■ 

yiMir?Bdt the other reply'd agiAMiidiiMrfiiii)dM»flrilifi;rer,by 
vrgiaf '^^ SjiTv «fe»ch «NieM tddcedii tUlt' t)l(^«r^< 
lho^^4«M ? Tm^i/iim, ha^c dw eflMelhwtd^fliioiDg thieni> 
in po|Ci«»^ fWibieiiBlift ht wKjiy fiM^Mt of l«gi(iM»c'e 
cbiidrM^ a|idiPOMiihQM)i£fc Tli»£ai»kidlmioi)«d% ik^ 
mftbnfs; mki*. ^je^Mw^^lar^kitrJ 11ri«dty'^^S».^9- ^*tf 
«f/«^^^l»tlofeEMiiM'wc \noviwmiM'VOam^Mii^ 
o^ .^«BMnr^ arif lie were notMn^uMiHrw ^j^ rifkig 6ttif 
c|tlie^srQaii4^«hciri»«K6rmr i£iit w«rt irMMyf» tf tiit 
i»^ (jirl|id| tQ'JckMtniak fiKmvbit»pit«'«7tM<«aftb ie 
CMpef^J[.TitboiM tlwMpbef><a «n*nr^ tiHtht'^^^ ihi^b" 
ts9ekca))V^i(u«s nardAhf dife|aMr!i«iia6MlMb« (iclf M"die 

l^(j)iijC^tb6w ^M»dbi«tteh«A)»w^«f fiMM\|ttt ^;^«roftbe' 
W^^;,,jgr,44QFnMMw. nM iliilMNn 4(9. o <ikii»(^iW . %f 7n tmf 

r « , J » 

frff I #iid chiiLdly i<iAii/difa&'>M);iMjiraM/the font of Vit/^v*^. 
Any foabegoctcfl by atEi^inUiMAdtige ,^ '«v/cht'^«^.d.T 


,;>'.- - * ^ 

» * 

:,; ' ,x.i •.:>'• .: ..<J*A#-^*<Ki-*'' -^ ' ^ 


I '"• ' * ,r..-, 

t.4^« iiidioS ;GQ(ecai>?Aft it took cte ktfft cdfirfe m t^^; 

Ei«(^ tUt£$n4piJis tMUaiiMjc diMglicWfaiiTe^tteh U tbc 
%iibfQC<<^iCit^frti9-*^y wayofcMcUeaq^ft^ t!ie feft. 
£oc bow U tc (hco that tfomr^f €9.[€lii ttfinc to jMum, h 
:Ofi»r0 does cbtc of a NiMn^pi AriftcffMiH\k» Tktjm«fb$» ' 
riMa>/^, the Fr<c«,callingopon the Woaiantj^'fa ptfoVidc- to 
iaj^%«<A &d) MdOvfA tS9ii^ taiiD8.the iti&briflj^'4ii ' 

Bpt wb^thei^ tl)U yiCtlCG^ 7W/«t w ^tAcfii , tbt yb^htt 
iodtbe ]^^prfei)£ilteO«al]li»f9 oc w^ittfacr it he w\yTe1l$n 
4$iic4^ 4flHnt m^^ji^u»^ beft Nvtfed^ciieArjfJ kQ0# 
n9i;slHKtl)aiimsi4li0 delivii^ that' fWfifiri- 
my tVie,,pQor ii:kiHil'd 4:biid x>f fWriMi t iartf «baBkAin ac- 
koo^kdgpaeiKof liif fidaeaitoa in that hBod , Aik fgeriHced 
to this rS Kv^fie^aad bavtsg built an Altar of porpofe 
to her » 4 made a Law dut wJboibcver woald fiicrifiee to any 
other Qm^ (boukl fA&t^ir^^m^ait^wbcr'lirft WeU ietos 
fee a littla, whttjtliair fnHUMfr bftodoMiM Ma. Tbey^lfirjr' 
the Children wttajMtitMUy isiije^t3 igfJWiiaMitAiUvv /irvn^i^* 
')iii^MTti^fitfitpfmmlk^siiUS6^^ g<k^d 

method. If the Eaib^c wai poor . 'he- was Imngbt op to a 
trade ^ if able and rich ^coVtttlofoptqr, Mofitky-G^mnicat 
cj[«rcifes»hiincing,Md the Jike. . If he were brongbtnp to no 
calling at al)» in c^ifis hU Faibee Amild coaii^co' poterty ,^hr 
. w^f m% hoyj^ tgt\iBaiatuoMuiflh| as iti^Mmk te «r«L^ 
^^ ■ : Many 

Jtrdmohgi^ Mtk£. Lit. §. C^. ii. 209 

ihff "tttiQi die boycs were t^ksftn iip» %x4 maintaiilM by xh/t 
•graHcrim in % itifiiidi.jBitiiiier ( at itiey ba?e been by t\fi 
^omtXi%) and were.called ibeir infi^^^tf4igesftl\ bxthCst^i^ ^ 
jpi^ or (r4/fj!«»irir/ were afualiy called • TO*«f, thocB*^ 1 Hcfjch. 
Jwow, TniT^O^ and 0%«ftrd< too, are frequently nfed by Siffb^^ 
€lH and otbeca, in no Ut meaning^c ail. 

C A.^. XI. 

I Fa boy at any time were refradory , and ftobborn in 
coaumcing a fauk , the bed means cbe Mother cOnld nfe 
i% periwade bim £o leave it , was to (hew btm ber breafts , 
pflf «tf mKi f M«e«<»f» £ites tbeScboliaft npon Emfidesj^ tbe 
A<^ powerfal moctve (he bad. tBnc tbe Fathen and the 
Maften cook anoiber conrft wub bim. If a boy had de- 
ferred t^bewbipt, befliould be {ore enoagb of bii wagei 
ifomthm^ for they tyed faitti ftft inf ^v 1^9^, toa ^/Ki^,to make 
km kjfi tbtftfii or ryi McmK^, H 0fiMk,e ^ QtufitmCf andfo 
itlnpt him. And tbm to be pnoiflied they called it //«M^«r , 

is jrendred by FrifcUin, Dtfimfm , ^ffigiu humi , as if they 
firetcbt bim oat every way "ji mnch as tbey coold, and tyed 
his neckj tc armes,and leg» topins&ftned intbe ground for 
chat purpofe^to keep bioi from ftrivipg. i know not whether 
this were cbt fame lap^ they called h rvfiw0»((%^; or \brp' ( ip ad. Hebr; 
mfy^wfJ(idm3at I tlttnk that tobavebetn rather the ftretcb- ci i.v.3 5. 
kg or palling off tbe skinne^onely/Si&jii/iir with little cords, 
10 nitkett as tight as tbtc ina dmmme.Of which perhaps the 
Poet fpeaka when be faies. h fit/f^m Qi ^^v^omci, from the 
^e^&^ot tbe.ftooie^wbereon they ftretcht bim or beat him, 
•s they wontd a skin or a ' hide. That tortnre of one of the 
leaven brethren in the c Afatch^ts^ polling bis skin off bis 
bead, may very well be reduced hither. And indeed I doe « l,i cf.r.rl 
rather think thetn^ 4^ jmfanif mi to have been a torture 
<M;a.cackexeraiAd npan any b||Tyrants , rather than a pu- 

D d nifliment 

2IO ArckMltgUMtUa.Lik ^.Cafi^ tffc 

ailhmentof boyet and childimby tlwr lflflicii;^FOT4»wlK 
itls.i;c.tcr }t. rin$^te io'the fecoftd book of hb ^RlMorick , Um^im^jtwf 

fifh^n tbc Po€^ was nftd hy Z7/0w//iiw the Tyrani And bttei- 
Tu ft4 ^^tb ** Chapter of the fame Book', fpeaking of the want ofi 

^ til fear , in fucb ai had already fuffcred the excrenity ol ^ 

Tib, be inftanccs in tbofe cbac are thut iifcd % Mnp el immi/^ 
vnMi^iJittu. And (o Plkt^chxn bis book iie AduUtiene , cries* 
out apon tbofe ihtterer^ of F^i'^ix^^ibat even lUfi.Trm^ofiQ'^, 
when be WMtbmr Mekong jmd tw taring of men, ddrft not opea^ 
tbeir nouths to^dtflWade him. Em yec I betiieye alfo^ that- 
ther'ewaian eafier kind odTtfiJ^aMUfjuii when they wouJd. 
but beat a fellow with ^bs . wbicb they called 9i;V««f«« ^Jfv 
cfaat be not ratber the word foa tbc bk>ck, npon wbicb tbiy. 
fttfTered , for the Schoiiaft on cbele wordi of jlrifi9^m$t 
in TlHt9f n lipLTfuit «g K»VN<-~*fa«ef botb ip* (7i • a» wbkti^ 
and rff, with which tbey beat Urn. ) And- tbiac« boyci wtettr 
panlfhed with fiich a tbittgt I bare canfe (o tbinfc^ fmrn cbcfe • 
words of Phtareh i5TOn;^tr<«w« -r?¥«i*w cSre, Buice rcmrn to* 
tbe pnniChment with ibtP^lmil kmw cbe wwdimm^Q^ 
hi that Poei i^ mote of^A a£id to ccpieiifc aiiotber nminetr 
of handling a fnan,by »y bodyctftas weUasaMiAer. RWr 
MBrice/\nTheffj»oflMrMZHfs, v/hea one kept a great deater 
of noife,and would not befitcnc » aootbar. threatens bim to • 
pQt a^etAjttXfv in bis fnoutb.1 

Wbere tbe«diofiaft faiiK beiathidtdti^tbt «ridB< iiled.i^ 
m atfo ) of thrditki^ a (Mckin a Hl>gs nionsb^ wbes^ tlfcy:' 
would fee whether ic badW><i^)^(«C<«« the BaUtj or tMt- 
Meazles or no t nay in tbe Foei bimftlfein JSf M/^^yoo faaire 
one tbreatmng to nfe another in tbi»^ T^jrinsoncr. Ibac&t 
filion of tying the boyf s* to a flak^tft win^tkens , I umiMm 
hex mction'd by Themifii9U,\xfki^f tbe nameof ^^^ojm^^Jiem^ 
ia bis firil Oration , where f^tWt^%M^^'Pl4g^mjOtki^ 
lim% that ufed loy^j^ tbrpoop and Hcbef4e0e cMdren to > 
tbe purpofe, becau(e tbey cooki pay^^Vno better-, faiea be; 

ifcoycothr RodBii ' ^ 

WbcT^hrprtfliily pktdibif rcakife ,.M if;{)e bad jbc^n too 
ifcardly 4ealc vkk i«c:l6faiaU:a mttcir. Nay the powfir of 
irFacWoveracbiidwciiriifther )KC : Tor firft, ( bc/oce 
tfboLtSoUn made « Law MC co4(> ir» oolciliru were fowd jin 
itheaftofadalceryjlaay one nigbc fell his cbiid wben be 
<4i pieafed* z. Tbe f acbcr^ if cbe Soaac bad beca faulty * ^ PIuc.!* «u 
«)fsbc ;iBv»«»^'f «i^ i|Vv ^ httUfcerei fiUMmftmm^ tprq bim ooe ^ Lucias. 
«£aoofs.80€ not tUkcbe jQdga bad cbc bcjMing 0I (be ca«fe, 
laiei^ DtmaiuBist -mmi chfn cbeicif^i^ cbe Crycfi wcat «d/«^««'«r« 
•boae^mdctyedtbaH^^^ Ittctiaofietid devyWrJ^Mtei 
'fiifph a one to^ behii joaoe tny looger • He that wh tb«i 
iifed, was iatd ^ff^t« A9«K>r^ to-be rejefted out of tbe Fa* 
Diily.aodwascaiM aiiai^T#. )£, fac were reeeived into 
wmtifgkm^ litrnia laid ^fnJioi^f^Pm mTi^fQ^ t to be . . 
«lienintatbeafiMnUiagaitf& aiidi>tbeQl«eo9l4MV(eri«*«b^ 
4licatedany;iiiocfw • 'i :■ -.^ . ••"' 

*nr*Hm Smaei vlwa Acy <»in( t«i<)« iIirfiefVHi ofii n 

4ii<irFatlMn tftjbe «^if«(, vod r«tift(«l m the TtibfuBpt 
•be£(»E*4faey,40iil<ll>e ffgpftttdtcbc l^lwi were ¥) J^«M ^^ir 
4)atlMrthfk{Ciw4bifaiaai:were tJw^t Miif^t nptwi^hOqod- 
<^ the )Qatb« , : ihtXb JhMdi «^ 4)Ct Jribe if. they liOfS^ , 
.night qoeftiofitbe qUKiet »: Md put ikm (Q )l f«K in * Law. '*I>«mR>', >^ 
fVbe tiiM^M-wbiohfehn WM afotUfr^f , wm t^ third ^»y ^^Mtntrei. 
aof thcf«aftA««w«Mu Whkb <;ai|«d >. ^(hf jr »ccor- 
diDg to thf> fitymok^qdididiviMf y,VK«9fe t]^;£pof 1,-^bidi 
Iterore might be dMHi|(kityW«4«<^;to.b»Ve40iv^ did ■ . .{ 
*K . . D'da " now 

212 At^k^hgia 'A$tic£^ Uh. $. C^«^ 1 2« 

noW iDiike it ippear , ^i9lk> tte Fitbrr'mt.MOr acccirdldg (ig| 
L f ixfiii ^ opitiion of JCMNflM» bccaofe tt iImc ittft, •imm^nfH A 
>• K«^>^« 0; |ci»<f Mf liftO ^^ f^nTu the fatben iiitc>ikogetbcr:aiid 
fo ic maft be caiTd kt^tiprnjoi ibac maoner as a wife if caird, 
£mxhS^^ •fUAixr^^v.ot i^MMvitfor OfA jxcovc.wbere A is thwtk'^^ 
arftif^and not a privatUre^ as likcwtfe to VaitiiiA mady otlicf 
fiicb wordf.Tbc tbird day of cbe l^ft was caiicd by the natnd 
of Ktf iSnty M <^ »)>(;^, $$ ^6 wooM fay a Shtmng^ftMfi be? 
uofe ac tba( time they afed to tuttMr hdk* Tbe bair wbidi 
tbey cott tbey catltd fA^^xU^ or pumIp^ or ^rwne^p ^.ingfup ^ 
io oppofition to «f95»Tife/«#,tbat which tbey cot at a fvncfaL 
Tbif /<7ri^ ( as I tbtnkit was ; tbey^d noBrilfaedoi purpofe 
tiU tbit time, aad tonfecrattd(o tbeJKmoar of t)oe of tbaia 
Gods; asmayappeariy chrpra^ct of ^irrrtebiaifclts 
for wbeo Pentbekt tbreatned' to cot otf bisdamty Iqck » be 
bad oothkig elfe to dtfTarade bim , bnt to teU bim itwat/its 
Nttmx^f;j,3^«;</,(Iikethclo€kof the* i\r4Mn>f/. • / 1 . 

Paccb.494. Aad tbw TMtfem it btd-tebaYC coiifemrttd bis b^iiMo^ 

fdilditlfths/The biiritbiif cue, ^beatvff 4t vastbe fitfknam 
that ever tbey cut it» and becanfe it was doaeiby way trfjasi 
offcring^cbey aXkdniiiinim^i^ the firft frmin of tbe bair^ 
( for tbe word botb Eo^ifii, Gredcraod Hebrew, is applica* 
ble to aoy tbiog that is firft. ) Sncb iirft fruits of bis Beard 
k iVcrs pat iato a^ 6(rfdt0 4k>M V wbiitli be adorned with 
pretioQs jewels, aod laid it up in tbe Capitol. - 

IfthicMhtren wirobf a iiobleUoodv tbey^wbisidrg^fiai 
far as Dilfkos to give it to >p#//s« But if otbers, ibiue to one 
God«and focne to anotber ( I tbink tbey- bad theift cboice, for 
tbere were Godi enough ^t confcieace ) at Xtme* > tcfide jt* 
fdU, wboiA ftill one or other wu c«refut to bif^ (^nrntrttb* 
flsndbg bisd^m Intanfikm sajHU^i bis long hairy bdames^^ 

H9sriki^P'Mi^'t00e$uM4Wimictcfims^ i- ^ ' 
t^cdhfim was remembred 100: for Jij/iatrf peaks of.diMt 
EMrinm^ that fent bis hair to bim to Ptrumm , in a cot ion| 

tebefidirsj^.:* ' 





• •« *wm 





' «. 


-Hovmbk tfieq ctiai^cDe;Vdn»Wiicmtf bung »p ibeM np^ 
)Ona Tree: whiA^Fr^ faies chey^keprfor tR furpo^^, hf 
cbe Dame o{ CapUlmufTbe Nuni^che Vcflal virgins of thcfe 
f iih€s ba?eno fucb need, tfaey bfire Gddt and Saints enoogb; 
%n&i CO one f^ tbeoi'thcy beftow « k^ hcl( for entrMttc , at 
i faaif^e fietrd h icportiBd. > Boi let me'hocrita on #hfa irijr 
.empty:dart>and^cal^B04M>dceoftbscli&diia^f^^ b# 
ibme,con trary ae whstc 1 imve deltvert it CdTi Si^pmm afid 
diven.oibers (ay »tbac ebb regiftringin cbeTrsbe bool^ , and 
thai: vrbicb tbey catted the Semitkingxo^ \ w<» MCdoM ci8 
cbeiib^cswcrefiftiecAyearioldv tndibe eavoHfie of cbefli 

^fim^a^bu if^Mliack^vMc^im faiei; thst4ifterv«bey wer€ 
eigbceenyeiurs old » diey} wcdrenbttoffty aetsykirid of 
platcsiwitb boyi any longer. Bavtf yet; t dare be fo bold 
as CO be of a concrary mind: For :firft,^ar^j kp$n Fiai$^^ Tim 
mkttfy faics, tfaatwheBtbey irtrittOLbeiregiBrcd^-cbey were 
TfUfMiV n*«80«c,i dant •cfomvyefn:dUb,'8nd;tbetf6 k iiiy 

ilbofta$ ba wenc'to&cbool/ twbicb fluiike>€0(ibaveKeii-foo^ 
tocr than ae fifcecii^ytars loUr ; ai)4*tbere is oi^ example. 3ly 
k if agreed upon by ail, tbarittbe^ime of Regiftrtng tbey 

jftrjt flio^^lectt ddse7!tdkrfiftfceniiy9B^ acSdirtieri 

is^oty f caafo^) , 'Sut, Sb^tAmsMSii ii&miiiic^' it. is all iOM 

CAP. KIJi ; . 

-.:,%' ;i :* »iA':: * ::- ' ^ r-'*^ • ♦ ;, .t^- '.;. "j f/?^o:)ui■ 
Hen<t^yx;fln)stoo bee'^ceiryeai^oldrHVfTliQM' ^^€ 
M&tfrtbey wefejiOfd.fimpogjthe nom 
thac W4sre.f99^«<:piy^rr/. And to (ht^ puf po(e- tbey bad . cer? 
tain Ofiicers apjppim^ to fearcl^i^em to feev whether tbq( 
were fp oi; na foft p proye tbas^iyihctbti: t^cy wcfe^ableifai 
^ '-•*- -^ -- ^^ ihey 

^4 Jlreh^ihgidJlUicfii^ Uh^ta^. i^ 

tb€j cidkd ic )inumnibA:i''ii3k9^ or doe 

if svictii^ ^Uf ,e(0«Ci«bilbtffdBfi«h> Ths ^istrrii dr 
namtoadM wis ciil^d /^imcii^« ^ i^f cbcjf wcce found to 
bs p^f^s » Iwod mod abd Itmb^ Atid like to iproTe Souldi* 
crs^itt^^ wf r$ lkidiQCb>^it)|;lr 0l Jlrgnim , where tbcy 

ipok^^ tokoim: ottkK^miff m ^fo4i{Aoi^ trot toi the Oodi 
M^ ti^OomvB^B : ^riSli ti*Qe Ulbeobdbif if^ai done war i^)oli 
^*irrAtllMl« tirildi»c iiky^etliMocaBoa ;tf^^ di£^enoe 
;iUcdly ({Mkc oC^ :' Ntitbetlrefecfetfie hrttet sitcsperforincd 
wicbpqtputctQg «of bair toiH: Boc .commonly ifae ^firfludn 
|f(ras,4Wtbcir>tfacn»'or M aoy h^t tiiiiefaac the firft ^ to coiy* 
.oKr^i ;»ii«mi fccmtc ih^rbtir.j^iob to ijifii ofiiba^ l»t lo^ibe »► 

sthoi. ^ ""^^ y^,^^(pecM,y^(whjftU)(iBgid CQ%che (Sonnti^ tberBved ia 

* P4afan in att W Vy V^*««^«f«*** 3** «taEll*iy4>egaiWr«d bhml^^ 

UmM^^vm toconftcrace fata, hanr to che River l^^riAM^ \ M 

•mi.., A ^ckilk^ MCarflted ia^fifiiy »iod « Mtmwms ixtrlorimiee ef 

S rS t« ^^ '•^^^^ *^ ^^^ ol K«/ai^;ib (ai^ • ?p«r/ A»v<d bis hair ac 
* ^myUi^'^oa tfae Itkaioccafioiii ) Tiie Mazafkes^wbeii liif 

Mum^cj: ^m tbfir UMife^^ r^N^^mnMn; mere to«nke afe of tl»com 

•iraryBtemem;aBA<othfo#4tii^tb)efiae^v3^e ammjjffiftfac 
Gr^tbecofteoeof paying iriboae lovctta^ 

tbey iot it, to the yyjMUr ( aa to a prinapatbeaiife of life aai 
;^rowib j WH very afciallbotb to men & iv bmeii^ofpacfilly m 
umea of flBoormiig;^beiithey«dBfeH^j^ 

'faM&i i£arri|»^K/; wbneADO bMiMtttJ tbes mMma 4>p tlie 

.poor:&94«/,andsheiad frbtU'O^fd^Waarfti ffttd^ofifitdi 

. a thing done by the Vii^itts at the river Scmkmdtr. > * ^ j 

t'EuripJHclcn. lE^rw riir»»r#i »ii^ •• -> 

«lQlef e^foo gfttf )^-b^ ebiiik^^^ ffie 

euOome /to the dead'bodies of their friends, (hat lay there* 
ila^ (i4t^\ljt tekV« i«iayott fbaVbefdreHbejf -tt^ ^At ^JF^ 
( I^eanwbefftheyWebt oQt £fhl»iy\i\ty€t»tbokz fe^ 
ifel of Win:d ('furc^r 0ifisr^i«s 1^^ 
ie4 it Wrbehdnour 'orm4iW^} 'they bi^g^ 'a' ^altb^ i A^ii: 
io.tbei:o^gQy i4i^prtf«lt ' Wii^^ikmhf, ihc^M^t 

li^iJfiriM from die Wioe» Aii4)t^«u»ipMr'be:tiM0c^ 
t«4Dq)fci6|i the diftinAioo^bkli^yl^^fllftU fi^ fO' tte Pcctu 
9i two (evcral w^ferofcvtcingcji^jfi^air^ iooife tinoiig' 
the GreckstTbe one was KS^re-^wben they did biitpice^factr" 
hair I at tbey would do cbe borders in a gankn : tbe ocber 
called i0pt«^r , wben tbey ihaved it focloff^cotbe ikiiine, 
that chey oiade cbe bead look like » Q^ph^ f^Sl(^€^^ a boac: 
Wben tbey came to b^ (V^o years f«for/ , cmrnlu iHifm^, 
( ^BDemofihuksic^t Ui)^ or twisty yean oHin't^yJ^es^dw* 
^ai^^imy the; mytim^^^ or tbey became /»i;«w » and ibVnf 
oainea were regiftred by xixDemyfkMs in his \»^Z$»r)^f At/V 
rnm^i^ ^^^ I'txisTfUcoz book wbereip he kept ttecmmev 
of j^l tbofe that belonged to bis D««0^« It bad thi^ptkc^^ 
11 \»^,( or 4 <iA(ip«#}.ii€XfyfvbecaQfe atA>on «$ra^y oii^g 
oaoie was writtep cberein « be might be m^& ii^ fth^€ftat« 
himf^lfi if be bad i(.Befides this booki, there iiiras«rHixi«' «»tie« 
ttaUepfboXrWood* wherein every one was tote ^lown- o^ 
mh^x^Dfrnns be w#% together wicib th^oatne ol bii Father ^ 
Now a^ for the womeo,tbey were not wont to be entred in-^ 
MMyiCrihe^till %\» lim^ v^bi^itbey ci xw lo be married^aml 
tibtt k) th( Biontbof G^^/isn^ wbetfts thcimen wfrremire4i 

Gap. XIV. 

AUmt9i4 fmmhfis &4lumm pr^jtnd^^^, a 

i . * . C ', i " t *" ' 

Hen tbe/Father <;atae tasgti or niiejpiy^ if the Sori 
. .w p. rffu(iBd to foppor t bim( sfkjQiiie w^rc \:n^hui, or 
bad not been breed up to a^^^ia^ i b^ plight be ferved ivtth 
aWo^itTSf Jt^jtw/ffiK SV >6v<a»r , and tf be were coDvided, his 
panidiment was to be excomflaunic^ted all Society , both \ 
acrtid. add ayil., ^vA to lM:J»aedvat.>9ul^V:btfi4^; J>i> 
matficenaoce ahd.focoour, bp wai& •liii^of So^w 
ftakiagj to aflikd.nDC oneiy co his {fareais^^biit .tp {iny friend : 
cU e^ o whom h% wKi bisrcducat iot|/ aij[4 ibe Ace.ic was c^* 


13)i»tfebithcf r«dmi*4tftei!iftIvefto Vcw^ ^^iiiisi 
pt^^Att4)hcy abomitttt€tf»4eprec4tcd, Hfid ^vkd^i^ 
^xngio abcb, as to die before ic wai patd.tccordiiig to cbtt 

i j rtxhQi 

^ ^' ^' ' ErAi^^ -• rcndred by ^4/. * FUccut ilmt*' 

u Mj 1 ™^®"^** ^lM»t the Parent might very well (ay to bii diil^ 

Andimtedlmuftneedsfay thus m«ch for tbcray I haw 
fottiadtbcip for the ttioft part , very careful toWp out of 
debt in this fciddi dad viry tendariicaited to tbeir parents , 
ai nlayrbe gathered by ibii One j^radice df tfaeirs in ule i^ 
#;ioArift.Vcfp, moDg thea!,w;c. If a Father bad been anty time abroad, when 

be came 4K»iie igaio » the DauglKers cbemlelvei , prefemly 
felt to. wafhiog bit leet ^ ^nd anointed them with oyle , imt 
Hnt^f Ag|r wG. wri^s jg wi yi^^vmi faith the Scholtall , info. 
. much tbaafif^^inM/'faidi be)tboo^Ubati/(90ffr bid uf^ 
Epitbete h^d^i for the ieet ; in alluiion to tbia anointing: 
(" it may be ) tbey ufed to kifle tbenvxooC asM did^ie fece 
of oar Sayiour ) lor fo faith be of his Daughter in Arijlofhi^ 

for the Children thus to maintain their Parenu oot of ao 
Ant ifeldrgf find 16 feed the old ontt like the birds «it was CO01- 
monly termed in one word >»cffontHf,^ and fo JiOdt4 oies 
the word to her children at parting. ^ 

Next to the chaises of 19^41^4^^^ the parent when be is 
tf^are tbofe oih(rpng him » when be is dikd % and tbofe to 
be borne by the Sonne too. And therefore Admnus rnoniiw 
oat upoh bis father » for not offering to lay down ^at iiic 
in his room , wbicb being then very old , ' he muft flionly 


That will yon fie^^ and fliroM ybiir btad , 

And £4; j6Mf9rth when 700 are desd. ^ 

I Afi^now that we have brongbc chc man fo Actr bis end: 

we will Oicw bin wbac coarfe he it co cake for cite difpoffi^ 

QNf hisena»;only becatkfe ifhe{houId bave ho icbitdrcfl ac aH, 

^or none fiicbas tbey (hcmld bie^cbere oiigbt be a dOttbc vAac 

401-^1 Will (peak a wotd of cbac firft. 


Be adepime, te^MmMo^ ffi' htrtdimfe, 


IF t man badeicbcr no cbild at alt , or mo€ tbat was 
}$in&9 jirr^iTM^ be bad power * to adopt hiitt t iMfeb^f^ile'^Itt* 
•or aoy onedfetAiitihthti waa to be dbocafccr the nimier tf 
4 Wili^ figa^d todfeaUd in tbe prefenet of ctelilagiftritei tk - 
iibeir wills were woiic to be Whotevtr «af tbtii ad^pteilj 
ma& firft bt made freeof cbe€icy # itid tbeft be -ilforib'i \ 
into tbe Tribe ( or fhitcfnity ) of bim tbae adopted H^ 
Sue tbii taft was to be done opon tbe feaft of «^kW iHf tM 
monib oC ThMfvelkst^ and not ai tbe ordimty titfie. llivltoj^ 
ll^Qs left bis ^/7 tribe ( wbicb tbey weA not bnttnd to d9 
ftmoi^ the BjOBdana/be was<n6t ' co mtifd to 1c »|^i^ Xitl -^^ : 
jie baa bebotten «. cbildlia tbe nw. Af for tbe iotkM t&km 
it paibd to afipiber^eitber }(^}«i»^ i^ Aj^^^ or t^ JMiif!lj»i 
hj virtnc 0^4 wiU. N6w by S$hm iawi(for before tllttr eftaM ^^b^*^* 
coald not »be e^Mtey'd bdtto^Okiife of dfettwetf*) t«itt 
might make any body bis beire of any cftMO^'^bd ^tofti^ 
which was not tnconuoverfiefbucwitbtbefefixqualificati* 
ons. firft he bimfelfmon benofoolnor Mad man. ^. No . 
^prifoner , fo as to make bis will againft bis will : for then it 
Midd be no Wilt 3 No ftranger : for then bis eftace went to 
ibecommon treaiure. 3. No adopted man : for fuch a 

£« -ones 


•iWcoftt. O- 



2i Z j$rctd$hgU Attics. Lik S<^afK. rj; 

ones eftate if be wanted a child ,. wtfs to pafs to the * fi^tc 
of the iWopterskinred. 5/ Not perfwaded tbtrcimto hy^ 
bis Wife: forfucb a onc( feica my* Author) MiAafp^j^^Tr fthff^ 
H little better than d nfad wan. 6. Not bavinga male cbildi 
of his own« for then the tnberitaoce (hould go to him^. 
And if there were more males than one, they were to i^^. 
irfd^&f, cpfortnert, or joynt-tenants. Bm in cafe^be fatodibo 
male child at all, and.died without a Will » the efiate feUto 
the next Male of the Kinred. If be had but oneiDaogbter 
ioail, or if tbeSons that he b^iii west not yfiMt, free hrm 
0^d legitimate: the Daughter was xo be bmxxvi&'^ or feot^Miy* 
eir^ft®-,foiebein And therefore ibf in jtriftef hopes Avilmjtoldi 
Hercules^ Minerva could not [^ffibly be bmUhvt^ to fufiterf^ 
if Mars and Fte/can were bis legitimate fons ; , 

Ivfay thit Dangbter was the heire , and the n^t of the kfn^ 
«ras to marry her- t>r the next of kin who was to marry faei^ 
jbecame thebeureby themarrtager A Woman or a Boy , if: 
Aey made a WiU» could not go beyondn^i/if^r^^ ut'bir. *fii 
Mhc'i^ r'tbeyfayttis.)orchevalneofiuch amtafqre <^ 
fiiriy, He to wbom«cbe eftatedtd pade, by what way foer 
yer it wer> » was forthidtbri to make his claim to ic befor^ 
the Pr^tor.^ , which thing they ; called ^n$^f ^- x^pw, or 
ccncAitsp'^f^ A x^9p.«. Andifaoy one^ould >«?^97^9ee3>Hy, lay 
in ^ny tbiiig 1^ dcftai the daiai ^ he was to profecute hi*, 
title, AhdiQOw. the man hath made bis will, the next care- 
be has is how. to be buried when he dit s : I ihall therefore 
cndeavonT tofliewWm how to ^have that done too in tbc^ 
ffnipleft ig^nnsrvotscty^ &fti I^wilLfttisfie bim^f the nec^iity 





'Dt titcejjime fefulrnrd* 

I'R^emembigrCir/ftf in iErArTd/^id^f , divides judite into \hx«t 
-VinAit^mnafln adftifens^alftram odwkiHes^ ten lam Md bomi^ 
mes pertineMtem: ot the (econd kidd of jufticc vi^. to the i^^iX ' 
do find eveVy wbereiKmoog'tbe ancients lb religious a care* 
%iA lucb facred efteems ot ^hunM^^x, fepolchers were cal« \ 
iep tcmfU^ and Che rite of a funeral acknowledged co be ri 
r^/ft« by cbe'Greeks , as well tajniia by tbeLacini; lnf<>«i i 
ntacb thar tbe t^i^etik^s bad a Law , thac if any one ham i 
pened^tec by chance ttpon cbc carcafc ofaaocber,Ur[H)foever : 
iic were^ be uiould^ bound to ca(^earcb'upon4c three cimca 
coeether, and gi»e it a rooutbfnll of Turfe^ ^,. ^ 

^ ^tC4fitiiHhHmi^ti^;.. 

TfteR^adf (ftfeemsfc^ ^mUiWi'Jkctmi.ii^ietHti^joi^^^^ 
tMicnftome ejKceeding well for ( SGstyts be ) l^notu^itJikvim. 
kut bmnnm €mfgefiwm ^ & infefultMm ^modlHet £(^m nuMfk: 
.^^^^jl^Andifan^r oneoaiitced*tbe4uty;benoiuil makeiasis^^ . 
^ftdioflby {acrificitig^«Sbv^pig'^4P'''^^ F^fius:ci^; 

called it ) CO Orf^« Bur the Scboiiaft u|r>ii Jo^lwc/#i in /iniU 

^pil^iitt Ibi&'^nh. mu n6t 9mW a1>reaker of dip Law,/ 

^VLtMyik^ %fc(lHSy w 4e€ititfi^ldiVoud\iftlU»Jmie4tte»it^^ 
^(for vbit fiuxild the body do any longer in the aire,wbitb ic 
iis not able todraw f )US[t&re{ttr^xtuey accounted li am* ^ 
f4$ aitti«Cf*t»*^ faics the Scholiaft upon * £uripUcs , md^^^^^^^^* 
^K^TtfXdoyiW^,^fia'Si«<^/i^f ^ fearcid ^hat the 

Gods under ground would be angry , it any. belonging to 
tbeitf wieretbove|^und;No greateriflBprecacioiixo an!*iiE^? 
i«y aiMngft' i^m^g ^il^lmliaHt ^^sti^i^ that be m^nohh 
4;^mtd:w^4biJSm1i* > ^thinks lice ^ Hdtor^ iipdnbi^'* Hoato^ 
^"> Ee 2 " knees 


^Sophpct. kntc§ to ^Acbiiessis bcwais ready to (lab biro ; aad * Ajmx>: 

in bis pra^ ers to JupUer ( bcf<(^e if^ fdi qpon bis Xwor d/ ear* 
neftly befeecbing them not to faffer tbeir bodies, wben cbeir^ 
fottles were removed £0 be left bebJDd in the lurcb, to be- 
meat f^ the doggs and the hirds^ Hence furely it wa$^ that tbe.^ 
aaoients jftood k) (isjcb ii!^ ^ar af a dcaib opm ib<, $f i^ qr ar 
fliifwrack.bccaufeof tb«4«dtb: f« tbcfg ihey cook fi^YCtf^^ 

laiei O vf^« In(oniuth that when tbey ihf^oi to Sf •» or .«( leiifti 
wbea they feared to be ^^fi am^y ) as ure call it, ^ cbeM iJf^ 
tbc Soul be gonei we bave lofl tbe b^dy tpo ) tbi^ir cji»(loiner 
wascofaftentoooopart or other of tb«Acbodief; $;i;fiws4 , 
foe him , that (houhi find it» and bocy kk\ix% v/fix^<%^ %m 

Chore.. ^b<9L'^'J^nt^ ifttii^t'tiv ist^YO^/s^yU ntLolrj 6 $«^* 

of bis Epiftle^. Moreover not ^fil j|. jf t. cjBips were not 
bailed axial^ liiit if t£ «<M JM(^bQC4i4r4« 4Q0n i^ p^Uy jrr 

thtmAM ; whprcaa ptvdM.coPiiai^y , iL k w«r^^i«Miir«b< 
ou Mt^^ tfaiBy ibougb(it^«W h ^^.mi dm tbey Jtoi • 
doaathmA plftAmvYoi^lMvv jtbofMWQ wQNki«^^ Iqrt^: 

lUi»]0WiaLia:J]i^iOiba(ve been aQgry 9tk^d^fM^itfi^\^ 
JSjict <toyi; Andhwtt*cfcbwbi(:b:9Mifcyef> tbau: tbe v Mi« } 
•^^^•i > ^f ^^^j^ijg keptfoBftecftdtyesMd 6)Qfitfiai«ig||Ci:4 }m^M ; Clfipy 

ivirc.biMiid«Iio|i<i(Xtcifi4(lt ^ r . /_ ., 



• • i . . • *•■ 1 J 

Srirap v$C4nd4;4mm4,XhtkCMMpifik 


Btt "T aei« ta thelMppifldr^of ^i^ tmnl^ wmdntoli 
heit^httHedim t)mr owf$ ComUrf^ iofi»JBilicb "tdhatrH -i^ 

>fm du|d?o iar«e ftaai;b(>a6^ thaLcbeyvaoald m^ ^dnttth- 

^ ') -^ : tbe^ 

Anhkdigui Attics Liil 5- Caf- ^ 7. 2J i 

^kd)^ tbey were woot wild folenm tiul frcqucni invooi-^v 
ciMs, Jriamtng km ibiicc at f very tinier ^twi&j^in^MJSf^ lUii "Fi/* 
ylj^l-^m^mis ter mc§ v^0h ( •* I nsay fay ) ugj^viihMmf^ 
th SmI X wbitb tbcy cbofigbt was fliU ^9iVi^ ciKmgh to come:' 
to fhem. a Pindar fayes# that fbrixas.wh^n he was a d^ing^at > 
C$lMit 4eAr^/f/^ to fee thif office performed for biro, 4 Thpyth: 

*c^r M^it« f fig®- 

And (^Vfyfffs, after fat baAlofttbreefiroFeafld twelve of bit - 
company among the CUmns^ prefendy made ic bit b^finefle 
(fiq?e§ Jicmer ) * • Tfh 4(*r»» *V#» 4* to jjive 0wbi op for -^ 

•Vm. Ia^iVjf//beisnamedbQit|iri€e» 

'^MfismfWff^^foniirilillMm' ^ 

Clm^tnt : im# Immo Hy/n, f/}/4, ««» i«< /ijt4r#i : ^"* ' 1'^*^^ 
Beibtiefle th«y would liaivc been glad\ to believe cbeir h^ 
dks alfft iDtgbi be rolled tmdcr the groufid , inco ibeir native 
Country, ai fomeof tbe frw^/jdotbiakcbeir^ihalL into 
cbe land oidM^an.kpA yet a great many of tbem knew.ehac 
iftbey cry- d their bearts oat to tbe ik)iies Ibeqnfelves > it 
coBid be to little piKpofc For at 1 remember, one in^ ^/fr'^o- 
ffon^f'/ iByiiMi fates concerning . cbe dea4 

Hiey 4ire god fo&ir^^M., / v)^ tcgt ti nfed alC^ ior ##/ 
^ wefftf a^man is i/r»^,^Wj^m ) that you cannot reachr^ 
cllMiaetbvioreiHingi ^^ 

' ' BdC nutt tbis be tU f can tbere beno way elfe ta booonr' 
theman^ nnleft yon can finger the cztczf&ii yeS| be Ihall be ' 
kept fafe in a Grave and aMonumtnr>thoagb benever be bu* 
ned.Sucb a Monument they called Kt ra7«Voy < and to bury a - 
man tbns in tffijiie (t% I may fay }cfioT«9Hr,as m * Enrifiies.* 

OV'TvjiJkeifintliSA' i/wo'v-mrAy^Tii^H, Helen, t;^. 

TbeScboKaft npoa cbefom fottin HejcMta, gives a fall te^^ is^^. 
Ibmony of the cuflome, fayt#g chat ) ini^siv ol EMmi; nj 
imam f# «^7if^«|wa7« , jt^'V'sw* »>^?1f yC ff»^im^ ^nun 
mmom^^ofi^rV^^i i f^rAfttf , though $bs: Ifo^ T^rtkirud #« 

'222 Arch^ilogU Atdcd. Lih.^. C^.i% 

i^9f a ^pukbenSucb a thing a< thisc/£irf4f made lorlris Fa* 

^Orkl.l.^1 * C^nfiitnu' ^ Pr0g tie (ot PhiUmda. 

ifab.J. •^(fi' in^nc SefulckrHm 

CenJtifHth* fbc Pythdrgoreanihtthofc 

'qui a Vhilojpphia fna de[civijfleMt^( ^^^counMg rhcm as bsdas 
^departed one of cbe life, thac bad deparred from tbeir ^nW* 
ft§s ) The AtheniiMs fair all cbofc thac died^pon tbeSea. 

.e^4tfc'* fay es the Boec concerning Helen ^rs 

bttsband. Tis^wortbmr labour comd cbe flory. wbacat 
^pudder the Woman, kept about putt'mg a iuit of clothes in a . 
h^tu as if bis body wtre there; and bedecking it with flov7« 
ers, and carrying it out into the Sea to drown it* Ifit maty 
not be grievous » 1 will produce the words which pa fledge* ^ 
cweenirlr^tfc/jfffififMiand/fir/eiiconcerntogtbe cuftotne. 

If a man died fighting in the Aeld , and bis body could uoc ' 
be found , be was honoured witb the carriage of au emfij 
beer^in pomp,snd a burial ^ in the drM/ie^^viith Pillafs and 
Epitaphs in tbe fta^BlieftifnanneT that might be* For witliv. 
. this proviHon for his l^rial be in * Arift^fhmu comforted; 
f lo ivibi s. iiinjicif and bis friend * Kw^f-« JV/tf*?^ riS. what need J fay 

more of this? It was a common thing every where as * (Mi * 
t L. I liataa. jgy^i, £f /dps in tttmulujlne c$rf^e nemitia lilL 


.. vC A p. KYUI. 
Di mortMi nmHUu9ne^& iu ijmt m homiciSis fieri f$M4i$t. '^ ' 

7 He cttftonief ufed io Athens upoa the dead body w«ic 
different,accbrding to tbedifferent wayesby which be • 
to bis endj viz,. Violent > and Na^uraL And fiift of . 


AircUotogiM ^ti^ Lik $. CafiX^. 223^ 

lib«ai(loirc§ nfed in a viofent dcacb. If cbc iMn ted kilN 

bimfdf («07t;)^) cbey cue off the faaod wicb virbkb be d^^ 
aod buried it in ji plate apart from tbe rdft of the bod^. So 
faies C</r iEWiVJiMtf ,buc I know-not wbo cold tim fo. In 4i* 
ing (or faiting down) Men and Women » boc efpecialff cbe* 
Women were exceeding carefol, tbac tbey mtgbc not difco* > 
Tcr any cbing that was not to be ften » bae i^ttiftm mQ^p w^ 
, jBurifHies{M&oi p0ljx€9d^ lfi^«/fer killed a man, be tbac 
killed bim, if be tbougbt tbat be badMlone it jmfWy and in a« 
good canfe ,. tbou^ he waflied bif bandi after it( at they 
would do after killing any other Creature ) yet be ufed to ' 
take the fword tbat be did it with , and bold it up towards 
the Sua witb the blood on it,?vfAi8o/«r tS > if>Qi/«> mt dv^xtVoi , 
(faies the Sch^iaft upon £i»rj^j^f/ InOreffis ) to fliei^r that' 
he fear d not if heaven were witnefTe^ & all the World knew 
of the fa A. Ifhebaddotyeicunjuftty, inHeed of^^wiir^ the 
bloud , he wip'dit off in the hair of the ptfrty flain : aVo^ 

'iSm^'aeuo(iiAi®'7^(ASffQ*U 7j.^^rei{h\C$ thcSciolinfl Upon* 

\ S0pb9cles in EU[lrd)4verruncareiio abominate^Mi wife nv^y ' 
the ^Aominstion of the faft. But if it were i/c^f o^\@- and nyyt^ 
$iKU %i9& ( as , he fayes ; i.c. iftbt forty were ane of his cwh 
Xrihi orkinred : he could never wipe it fo-xlcan , b^t fomc 
would Qick- And therefore fearing it would draw the Foriea 
CO revenjge it, they povtded amulets and fpelU to keep them > 
off. And what better thing than a part of the body it fclfe?" 
foe having their power as a bodagc, to do what tbey 
would with it , the Gboft oi the party would not offer to 
meddle witb them , or elfe would (pare tbe.bearer for love 
ot tbe carriage. And therefore as foon as tbey had (Iain hini>, 
tbey cutoff all tbefArrr^m^or 0i^ri0oj7f4ri\r of the ootmoft 
memWrs^and/ewingtbem, or tying ihem>togethcr wore soph. in p^ 
them under their arine pits. Tbe imrmitks thus ufed tbey ftra . 
C2(irdciVc^(»7^6iMn^.fotoafethe*body ci'*?«7ife#«^f«ir , as tbey 
CaU*d itlikewife, if they did but cut the -tofs of the eans 
when a man had committed a fault , faies the EtymoUgicall 
J(ii£liQniKry;wii\i\\ flwy more properly be called k&ss^tu^ from 
im^n thelap,of tbe eare. Tbouq^ tbatword^ndAt/fiiift^u/^. 

^" " bee 

^24 AriiM^hgid AtiM^ Isik^tif. r^. 

(.U4lf[)t(cdforasbadttftgc1n^/^i«ei«^f«0Mlrire y6i 
L<44« fay cbii was properly '£iidro it iWe, whra tfacj kiMed Ac 

-party qtii:c. Thofe i^(A!\eM^ttt fom<f imt^catfc^ ^v!fyptmTf^ 
or 'c/f*>>fi5T«3 as ui* Afollmmj where be ipc»kiOl Ahfjrt^m 
hisbtir.gcfaosufedbybts^nfter Afedtt, 

.And fcinecioQes 'ytit^>^tTfi»rm f ro^ ^^ <C^» ,tbefaitie{batci^ 
T^iCw . becaofc oicimes cbey bai^ tho^ pictei of tbe b<Nijr 
^^ fctf <^' «4? CO Ibtthr armehoies^of wbitb Sofkoths fpcihs chilf ^ 

^But ii be bad kiilfd tbe man by creacber j, he bofig thofepie- 
4ces about bis »0r^, andtafcingfoipeoftbe Uoad, (piccbrce 
itimes in bis mootb. This iafliion of mutAtxin^^ot Ldaratkm 
^gsibey call die, and cutting of pieces from tbe Nofes^ and 
tbe eares, » and the bands, and the feet, was in tife Itkewife 
.lamong the Romans : not onely -upon men 'Jlain,(^$ ^infUi' 
M kyts^tPMncuj fdrtibHsfHM mmbfMt) but when tbey did not 
:ki!l tbem oBt- right ; according to that in Virfil ^m6. 
Jitntfs hU Priamidm loHMtrnm C0itf9fi $ct0 
Deifhibumt/idilaeerttm ermiilittr»4^ 
Ora^ nfAnnJjue mfht, fofnUtaqtie ttrnfra t^ftis 
Amilmsy & ti^ncas inbomfio vuhen narcs. 
That pradice of hdehihz.ekl» which we read of in tbe book 
(C.i^ir7. *o{ fudges^ incntcing the fingers and toes of tbe Kings j may 

well be called hcrmriafmus, as this was. 

The ufuaH paniihmenu to be fuffered by bhn cbat had 

killM another were thefe. If be had done it nnwillki^y, be 

snuft fly bis own Country and get into anotber, ( as ibe tfra* 

^ ^elites were to fly to the Cities of rtftt fey V^xt^^ tber6,be muft 

Jtthuj c. 10. i^jjike himfelfe (faiib tbe«b6riaft>%1#f>f ViUeui Acl)J}f^Air'Ktr, 

♦ eg Homer, ^i^g^ fopie qrcat n^^nshouft that was aWeto'protta bim 

( for rejaft bim be m gbt not coming as an i<m<, or PetitiD- 

. . .^ ncr; and there fct him covered by tbebearcb ( a place which 

iBurip. H'p. they counted hoIy)fgt)«eC^«' i/^flftae-^coctpiaie thefadi aiM 

\ ' .purg€ himfclf of.tbe pollutMrL Iftbe patty wei^eOtffCffbif 


^qpi^ T^ibf ^ojf kihr<d ^ be moil ttrry out ctf bis Cdwtriy 
i> wM^ yctr it- tbc * leaft, 4 E$f34ibim feyt s, antiifisidv ^ 
tbcjr futfcrcd ttem fomecuncs to redeem liieic hbctt^ wicL! ^* •^l^ 
tJttoc of two T^I<ncs of GoM. But afccnvarcH nitim% t6 ^ "ijf js'^' 
ha;ve bc^eo cicberwife : Infomucb that a Mortherer. was oof 

^k S0cr4fi^$ himfelfi tBac every ;Body. elfe (of bU own 
Coancry ^;as forbid to receive bits into bis boufe.' Nay 
Ibey mig^t allowed toj^^k to btm ; as tbinkiog him 
a9iQo9j^C^,^s^nJ[o^ti\o\jtLtbijn^^ ^inigbtnoc 

'UkKS.'T:\St Scboliaft Dpon Homer, qyt ii, CdHmmhmt km 
ibtt amoog tbc; Thfffsii, tbey nfed to 4i»g bim <abouc tbe 
fgrsye^ 'ffberet^, party was buried wbom^t badvQatii i^. M 

"^ S^m^n fortillii)gbis'bfotbcr7iEiir4!/;«^.: 

\ I 

J[ ft «m tbe Cu1locn«jiiiioog tbe Greeks , fsi9<relL lattioiv 
[^ t^Jfi^^MUfd^tlifiRocnaos^ «licn4iniasrasi<iyi«g«-or 
s Sdn was a fetting(as tbey ufed teiay, — )ii$njmw^Mii ^. 
icMf )to bare bis eyes cla&d by thfe Ftareouiy m aba «ext:#f tbe ^ ^!^.oa*. .1 
kuBrdk#fid;Mi«y;i2iaf d k:;S(;>uW«fri^^ .^UeifMrlidfrikf - <"' 

ingot tbUccMniaiiy byibe ITiirfvJ, \il»a foc tMCb- yatM « 
that it was bewaii' a very great aobappinefs , to dye in .• ^^ - 
faeb a place wbere a mans fFiendst€oiild>iiot be firofent to do ^I* ^' 
Ja^aa ^'^/bi^'ikiea^ "••. «•.-■*'! ' - ' *»' /. ,« 

IHfffdH died fuddainly;«riiE«n ( (ales tbe StboltaA upon Ho- : ' • r 
i«fer ;it wv^ttjribttted t6 jffolh^ih Winm* to :0m#4;I know IL ' ^ ^ 

not wbetber 1 may bere venture to tell ycu , from an old 
'Scboliail upon Theocrhm^i!titi jaft at tbe timeof deatbjtbcy 
M cc^ome likewife to make a great riPiing witb vej^eh 

^ irifi^ ( Mills foot tmdtrk ) CO Tttgbt ctWay^ HMO 
lobUfip « tfid ftariei froti the S^tif. For fodi A jfol of 
Aimai ( be Aitt ) ii ks^^ t^^mK^^nti^ iV fo^fjut^tif^ ^ «t 
fpecial f ircac for fach cffejb. Boc elfe I ftould mtor kot^; 
giiie ic to<bave been done for ihe famc^nd ^ ttJtt a Romttf 
Cwclmi$dii$n\w^^ vht. tocry whether the party were but: 
^eadd-fkif fnoc isU^dgm )ikoA(oX0 aW4fcttitei '#ftb the 
iioyfe> ai tbey w»re wont to do to the Moota in an Bcfypfe^ 
wbeft tbey cboogbt ber afl'^p. The cyea^ beiog-ccnw'd with, 
ibe lidf; the face was iioct covert wicb a cloach.«Md tbat by; 
abe netc of the Kio tooj for £?/;pi»/jtf M fet he iaf a dyid^,tlMtt 
alli&oiMslaiber€o4oib ' > ^ ^ 

14?^ iftndiiideedcht^wbotetiirfia^sftof fimctaiAg^ta^ 

din^dkc hody«beiongcd afpecitfly lotbet^^ioftbfrKio. Airil 
therefore C^st^drd in EgripiJes^ endeavouring to pn)ve tber 
condition oftbeTV^'iMttta^ better iban that of the Greeks 
that befieged cbemi faies, That thf, having the bappineft to 
dye athomijimotigvbdir ^ieoda^ndl^iidAsd, >riire^ 

Skfwd^d tj whom they oMfht^ thiir.Kin^ If a Father or a Mo^ 
lb<r>iKid4 WidDvMbr€BiMpeirdfdie.!iiid fi»^ 
CbiMiciiiihe imd^oca bopte k ibroidb htfye IMM iidnt b^ 
... tlMiiioteiil&- // ■ " ''iy^ ' ;- '■ -i '• ^ ^^ « J- ^'^ 

iO{fs }f ibtMiibaiid^iMK the WUe^vr^ Wltile»faa)^pfnite tfi# 

Gi««k SoiiMiKri<cbildtiobatiitti, jT they dyedatTroy. 

Ifabrotber , the nfter.Wbtcb made Orr^l^thlie^td 
foflfec 4eath among tb^ SsyMofj^^ \ a^grm^way oftirom bif 
ho«e» ay out fo pktifully, - . v> vO 
Id. Iphig j iflh «iv, ^(«N p^ Vi^f»( ^^if ''ifein /x^t «Vs ^ 

!^»f«' iWlKdi! bowifl»Ml my Sifter ibrbwttttii^^ 

V . ' 

*' ' 1 


^tdl4n9<iil^U JUtu4t, Uk 5.€^. %o. «S7 

1. ' . « i . ' 

!•.-. . - • -C A P. XX. 

TU jK body bcmg 4c«4 ^|to from tbervcc to be SurnM, : 

/iuAtJ^^^vvctcbemfelvei^fyr^'jfsSA'by %r»jifafii»!ai<foQttiai ''^'* 
'the body Wis ixv i$iicirej< Uajr^chatk not to be infn^^im 
cqqugb |fOfa<|ip{;, lAfoBttieb cb>t if t miA had biK coscbt it, 

9!m^ ^h^ »^ { ^ 7^ ^^ roMl it fttrctdy /be onM mc 
meddle writti any h^j thing after , till be ba4 mdkmd^TnyiiSi 
as a U^tTmi^h 4kl I f«yf wheo lf»^(i^«i. tafia dying, Di«t 
j!r4 woold not foiMcbas fiajr aod/i:^ bim 4cadv A^ ^ o( 

The fame may ht faid of the graVcti^^«o/a T«'^tr,fates ffffinlt 
ifor «7ya cbey were noc^bw 0ttly4n cbia^fiapfti that they were 
i%tfm^, not to be neditd vtisb^ at iome would hkKt it aoM 
aneaotiytliatof thefaroePoett ^ 

lofomncb that P/irM/ri in liii <6w,,^Mtf/.Caief.t1iiti!bc!(ei|ir.f|t^^ 

tnei^tbatoatof pri<k.woiiid make tfaioirlNiryiDg place, and i4ff« 

f roviie the ftinerall pomp,MQic ibey dye4<» weae notiit to 

tieuMfai tfaiK of id^Mi^^ibomfeliei^tbeai^ fevfMiante of 

the ceremonies wiitcb ■fed to prepare ^e ^y'for abe lm« 

«iaUtMbKytcd(fiiief cbe JdhtA^vpontidE/Uf^^^ 

m the oMw oc cacM^g ferth^, waa olttd Um^ptk Ibt 

^rfmooieaiNcetbefe YrtS^ ibi&i cook a piece laf oeny a«» 

fbove aiiiatf |icaoy(tfiaiuieafer afettae^o at ilbwe)aiid pncvc 

itiM tita mouth for/pto<rto/iiy¥ to the mr^nf^or farriaiaii; 

C4iiiy^ thof^oix pf «moj imacaUaA by ite 

iKcwfeat taaaflivcn ia/< ^kniTu which^giifieftbeifadLfrem 

«iaii ^jbecpm ot thcie dtjfhm. I moeniber AeScboliaflr 

«pou»4»tfcphiMwini{^ (wlMre CAwrwMibeaDiitim 

f f » ■ ^^' 

22 S ArtlkhlijgUjttUM* LiS. $• C^f . 2id. 

'^-T^tAimtukfy^ ) (ties tbat cherc wai a fiooe vrhkll. 
efface fm'd to be is JEf^Mjhcf/M^cftke dead, €all*4by. 
cbe name of Jm^mm w^ n cmc »\i 'f e^ f^Jktcditfttln h^dica 

Tc^ctber wich cbc fDoncy tfaejr tbrew in a iBorfcl of pnd« 

Mugmt pafl^orCheefe) to gife ioCerttrm to flop 4iii vndc 

' ' ' jiiom)«vbcQbe1ttdbkbi»todcatbalrci0<l^.1cwas^^^^^^ 

-^ «iadebf flower. €ei*pfr*d witbboncy ( cMgood for a^tfe^ 

and ^dicrrfiorc called moR pu:otiarIycciKii7«T»«'itod ui^i^ni 

mtindaf^chi^gvfw^v is Cud co baveghrtn bim,wbm be Wfi- 
fed.,tbe4iead :. . t ^ 

^ ^/Wmu fpeaks of more pieces tinoone, tffM f^/dit^mulf^ 

r0»nY#4r. & (aies.tbeyvrerecocariyapiece^ in cach^tiandj 
«^^^l>Q^,j^^ The Poet in * Lu^rsit Bs*d it bat in ^fare fiogidir namberf 

Irlniayibe tbe lamei PoelaUQded/to^thtt<cilftoilit*4irtb^ 
words of bisinPjrf. .: " . ^ \ , jj ..> >. * • j. i . 

Ftbe party deeealed werie free of the^ Gity y tbei^f^i^ ' 
("yxm may reader it P^lUnS^tr) took but bi$boWclijaD# 
wicbtaitQi \f atef ,.ivbioli th^ pos into ti'^iuAmmktp^ki a* 
*Aas c.^4^y. Tiemplefo tbej)firpollt,fBeaadbihe bedyt ttttaf* tddtd^ifair 
17* ^y^T4i^«rir4befosetlMsyba4betf9>ii«ir^ 1^ 

If&tV^^' AS««^«tii^T«<a^;;fUfkAiBall'dik*fnahe!p^ 
tffaPbxJone. SMWtU^foncGeflaicy.tbat^f^cr^fri (u ith ipmUiUc) viAm 
* bfe tdtebdetf tQ llriQk^m own^^dttth rna^ iiealoki .-tboiigtio ti 
I^tfiffet fttam^tc ^qirek6dfi»qeItand|:and)fiMMi<^Wai^ 
a«.laboQt : n^ r^^^^ ir^i^ r ^Sref/ , Am :^nAi CixMa^ 


^k^UgU MtiU Li^- '2U9 

nvip^iw. Wbicbputt'iEfeintitnllo^tbe \ikt [^adice <tf 
, ^/»/u.wben flic intended 10 die for tier Hasb^nd. Sajct tbe 

,E*ii«T' . ^ . „ ^ 

When flicpcrceiv'd the da ji)i'ppoimc(I bearer t | 
Sbewafh'd her fdf in rivefitfaiCT cleat''".' f" 
111 tllufioi) to tbil caHome * Ifhi^mia^nhef di^^m.'felf'i *aput|' Earip. 

wafhingontofthe pilWn ofthcriiincdlioiiR, iffTteftflw fafi- 
cifidtofee. _ ' *, J , ' 

TJjiciini/iiuvit af Sttif^li./' ^ , ' ., ' 

.. iDCcrpreui^ tbe PN^r'fbf i S(W,afad c^rfeloding tbc dut'tt ' 

o£tb«t fon*y'fflfcWflbirgxrftheTrtlirV''t^ 'Km W^ 

( it m^ I>c ^ ft^ader tbit ei'prdBofi 6f StWlMt^ to bb to^ ' 

m Arijufhini't HlAih/i^" i' ■' ' "*^ '' , flv.*^ .; • .1; i ^ 

Htcdfittb^fpirftom ffftn rh-j Ufi , aifdifajhah'aiija iflwert 
**f*i.Tbi«work watlna«dpropfir'fot&ctVomeD,batincafc . ,^;' 1 
of neceffity otbfttimighc fe/f^.Xfld'ffwrelbr? In ^Gi/fn yflttf;''^''^ , 

fcecau(eiitlljaiifci[berwifiE;r&C thild,-iltir thick' iJfhS own' " '*' 

tfl doit.Having w*(hcd the 


.thev toolntnl 

it witb OillC- 

aKott,tt]dpoured / 

!• 1 1; 

,. ■.. .i!i*«l»'l-f 



■*«»<■■* iMy'bf; 


■■VI , 


John-t II. 



Mtun.l. !•('■ 

Gceciini, bat black wi^i toc^Laniin.;, 

ia In 

3:ii-is''i jtii" 


^(fiUjdJ flilsraiJ 

Ik MmtUm i Mihtm. J>e cwnus^ (jffHm eisrf^ie^^ JMiiAm^ 

JljL bis 9%wKA:ntu tWy trimM him with QasI^^ . 4/ i^it 

with the Kke iigoificacion, I have tfaoogic they p«c ths cak« 
ifi bit mootb^ for cbe ftmc rcalbn: for caterwcrc giyea A>r 

imy fee in Emtipi4n**w}it^tT4l$bikm fpcaki toHcttttd to do 
ij,CQ ^/j^^« i0 ^ absence oi b^^^ 

iffi ttc u**^^^^ rfoAC tbf$,tbc5^ (tt hffliqtj i)]esro«ii4;nrttbAS 

( Vf ''r o«Far4 twarOjtli^ijf^fir; v Wpfincycr to pui bit Tom' 

ia the Qoufe , zgi^^ Then tbcy took bim and piii bim imo %- 

conch ar a <>ed (t) hw^fl^J to be in a rcadincl6^ (o he ctnaDd^ 

CO bis bed, (or lo Xye^phrj^ calia thcjrajre o<<Mfifci^ i(s ieiiU 

. ' ^ like wife termed KaifinrifeiPr, and lb dtedeadtre called fi7i/brr«r9 

ihortdwb: Tfoicg^^h wMaMo adorncil witt« jSaiteidftr 

-. „ , made oTaU forts ^fHcarbs & f fowctt. (^ai* J^mifiJe^^Oia^. 

**• *"• |f « x^»^ v^* <?i^«^i3A«ri(ww^ buttiipeciallx of Qftre . whicft^ 

; ibey ttfed itf viAoriea. Haviog thas ailorped ic»c))p,jft/Awfitifci 

. ctfitit forth ^$ht ^r/^ f^f^Ui iaHpmrmi^ -..-/■ K^ 

Tibis ptacifig of biai they called ^erS^^B cdlMrt^ ^P^ 
fmk{HWCct\\k )u it Htn Ak^if. 

Dariog tbc afh^i^ and all the tioK tiO the taft^ { tf tbey 


•aird ftjtill th< body^wti carried fortb,fj^fAtiwr>f^tit^;('^ 

aiS. £irMaitb,XwfafetbtexKicls^ftW&nieor ibeCicyjtbtre^^^ Bhi^<J^ 
ftood at tbc doof » a great eartbeo Telhl fiHed wkh water , 
wfaictr they fetcbt fhimM^tfadr hMft,JUrtbe people to vrafli 
ffi« that came in jind'auc This veflel jt ciiw»^ hy Uththins ^ ^« 7;y. i ^ 

Efface wfaere be ^«Msof tbe A<xiud»i too , tbkt fl^ebf 9>ti . 
for oj'mments , frtieitwitb tbcy antmited tbe ted^t tfi «*»«cici. 
Iifcetvi(eorftrewingofdrix4iriiMi( tbey fay it is for g^ 
Imrtf (KtiiipHm tutri ) andof Vioebnitidite , ftt^iMiiit^l 
laiowr nm/tmltfiib tc wtre tolay tbe 0»pi tifpitoitf %lieP4fi^ 
of aaoiming , ot dft to make &sc Torches {)F tbierii : . for of t , , .. - 
fiscb ftiiffe T<>rcUerwere qf mtxMilV matted al ;£%yP4kMjv^ faiea . / 
©• *rt>if^ was^^ c*, jawfjMiTiM Aii^mtj. A^d fir l>ttr Poet in Zy/S^ 
Brate ta% Jt ^aT^x^Ky f or^rrpray takebis </wttiir(rrdi;foirtbb: 
gmrt pot oT'^^uier^Aeltffef pottof o^mtattft^isbd thtVhhi 

'tboi't VefiiAtilfet4n £^W}^'A'^)ffi^t%^ 

ried,as*tbey laid (he was;becaure he cotdd nof%lhny)^^^%; 
wtter^^^T'f'^lpr/iSiCttti^ 1^ ic«for foc^ it fl^oqld be^fland*^ 
ifigat tbedoorauhcpita6tii.^«»*^^^ :';;''':^^ ' ;:' ^ 

SmShi<tHm,afeffmmUg9fti^to^^^^ mf\^^ the 

wbde botife polloted, wbef e tber^ hy^fft V:0hr4' 1><% by < 

tli« wMUA^d fo did tt)< Gjeelu too^ aTtgini': appear by tbofe^ 

Oar boBfc is cicanj for MemlMs\^t . , ^*'^ " ^ *^*^' 

G A^P.'. 

■' .V 

^ ^4 lhO$:^'^V^)')^ A^<^^if-1 gH^^'i' by.tbofc-woqls 
.in thp Poetj wiicrein Cdj/Wr^ jtbe Feccu;n^teileE,[bttatq'uig 
TdlihiliiiUt t<Adhmhition]^ap Co be. buried in tbe pigbt, 
^.^eap'Coqcctr^fo the ja^^eacof mafly DOW 2 dajet, who 
^kqju%hoiy)Of,jfQEtbc,bejCerIors,,)f^ies flj6 ,;; ,.,... 

iaiei T^owr in.-tbefontrsl oi Hea»r)/it ire*k.«f lUj ^, up 

iDa .I^aii. it were intended for a/htwi Now it, w^s, carried ( laifj'the 
ScboJiaft npon H*gHi^i>t'wlit]f^,^s[iu\^ n« 

ininy LitierorCoi(:h,atf*llfflt<^i(m(nefl|ih9Hldcriap^lo9f 
, i'fjilu*, «J«r»/#^joa|l(it.JpMkipgof 4Usfiit, frhcFC be 
.fc««r»jh>a be^ftfoostofttif ki^ risjjprj^htt ibm «b. 

9fc«tbcword «ii£j?/^ iftwptbec Tffgs- 
^of^W*/ hi* iwing/r^j'JawayJtt) ^ 

i'Eutip. ftii. a _ ■'t'vtd'i'cnt deatbi.f fafciaily inii'^K|d«y; . Qfjj (0 carry fMth Spean- and o(herfr|>|i «iid aiqp^r a- 
.;;„v:i I J. •! long with tbe Corpr, »tbe >*rcj(^ii#*(Jid«tfl!cfw«ralof 
--.■♦■' /4//« ?;irfvJ.« .." -fi" ■ -■■ : ■".■■v- ^ 

— H^mmt^lAitgmqKsftriitu-^ •■; ■ , r ■ 

^ itisliMely thef ^U tbofeSpears ucbe wrong end too^ 
» rf^e^ftotnkls wtcti tti at tlie teritl of t SraMicr, and at 

At the Corpi Wit a carryiog fortli from ibe Poftb^ it feftm 
ibat tbey.vfed fomc fpeecfa or to cbt party deceafed, 
^tfaer fe commtfid Mm for bis rirmes, or tocofnmcod bin 
to tbe priBftcAtoh of the tRrernal Gods, to whom be weoc.or 
CO bemoah bis dtpartcire ; for ic may well beconJeAnrcd by 
the wonb of Aimetm co tbe people of Fherd conceriiiog bk 

Tbofe ibat iccpmpamid tbe Gorpfe^and were invited to iKe 

fanief athfetinedmef went op foot, f if itwere one whom tbey 

ftoriOBred ifttj oiocb) aiidibmelimef id a Coach .Iftt were t 

jpaUkk f perion, or one of great note, they were all dad m tDSof^ Ueiv. 

wbtte^d adorned with Carlabdi . Tn going to tbe grave tbe W-to.] 

f^aotier was for tbe Men to walk ftateiy before the Corps» 

jlHiA tbe r Woiten ( bit not nnkfTe they were tbrefcficore^ 

¥ein Of ag2,orof KSn to dMTpiif ty }to com e wbintng belwid« Maort. 

f very ont wiA a 9«tvAw atoot her, wbatfoever tbat mi$. ' 

' . » « • • • ' . . 

€ A f . XXIV. - : 

^ .. ... .. .1 

i> t *,*'''"■ .* • . . • . « . 

TO kt ibnti the moonring with « bctcier ghk»if, is tAt ^ 3^ j„^ ^ 
|ewtlM4ni31^ and tbe Rbmaot f n(/S(<«r : fo'^f9.T.t7. 
iMb bad tikic fingfaijg Womca of porpofe to lead tbe 
lli^,iM/w,oifafiy«r^e^^M, •• *:H6mer calll tbcta ; or ^ IL a. 
jiwdf <jf/«( i< ilTMiMir. Aha fince vocal Maficknaigbc be allow* 
cdt'^Iirhirvdv^ omctiwby i^^im/Wflt^ott cb^'deatb or 
kirWH«4iK«ldbefo ftnft aglinft ao/ iaftranKntai ^ dthic 
fHthtbeHatportbePipe. - . . 

£^ially coiifiicripgtbe vinoc fufi^cd lob^^nic, «i!a^ 
l^u^oy /ccording^io ibat of^scr^msi Ai^rims ^^9^/^ 
fuhursm profe^tti •f9rnrt cmm cMmtm fimrimd^tmfiwuttm Vil 
reglimum inftitmu fmxerunt perfsfsficttibac^fMid f^fi €vfm kni* 
mmAdorigimmdidttdinis mftfiCMM efi^ tidcmhm rrdir$ sreds^ 
r/tfr.lndecd for the Harp.l have read^cbac tbcy migbiDOc firig 
m^4 hyf^t^in iacb cimca of mourzvii^bectule U wa^ m^'iniho- 
mtot confeccated (o tbc ktrict of Api^Uo i fpr P^^'j^ and 
fiidixnerry iongi (as ^lereafoo is. given ^y tbe Scbo^ft 
sgoa ibofe words of cbe Poec in bis Pk€piS^»i*^w ^ f^i^) 
But for cbe Pipe. I never knew but tbac tbey might Rng^ 
ttuVav : for tl f e why were there luyiBop*^ Pifcrj among t be(n? 
. as there were 5if/^j)sfiainbngibe.Ran>aqs. '^ ,. . 
4d:ntdy as came tatbe f aoeral^-i^AMig^ aloiig wkb t^eqi 
i-ni0i0f^B^. fine thing or otberyto/^arf y 4q {beif Jiandsi <Mr %^ 
«laAic.f ^. JO. ptH «^ the corpfc^ (uch as Aimi$m ia4^£MnfiMs dciikd 

bis Father tbieliberty to givetojiii Wif<;i,vfi4mi4dltbBC0Bi« 
^nybefidesbad given before* :: ) ;• > . ; ]* 

,1 haye-fofiie caafe to tbiiik (bat j^^^fn^i, pf tbQ^ >» 4UMi]fi}^ 

they cawiedfWere the /w4;^e/^;(be 4]wMt^,^^^ 

the. party de€eafed{for Xocb ft^y.wqr^e worn eo W^ao;^^ 

the Romans ) the more to honoar die Fonera). And tf fo 

* ih.y. 5i V ^ben tbofe rep Hsoiy < ^a^« * Queer tii« place above quoted) 

faid to be carried by tbole wbicb followed the corps.may be 
f f anflated fmdp»ei,%% well.)|S£jf^4 inrntHwifLCHil U ^uft needs 
be;r4M mnnerAin mu(( l^e meant to tbej^f^ofdbe dead, and 
frtftbc^^themfelves.' ; ; -m r : [y^ , •-} ; «i 

. *Btt( yet M^cer aU tbii^, yon d<> wcU 4:0 take iiotkc,^ 
greacdearjlpf digference in the .Ppmp, acipordvag W ibe 4gf 
./((!- of the, «ar>y deceaferf:for fuch ashad.tijp^e ag^bad m^hs>s 
iij^ur il^p QtberSiATJdtbercfore^ep /)^fi^i&,t?>i Apmlu 
^ wasipt^ce^ing Jor the Kfeaf,^/c^f ).- %i, h^dm d W 
toore^glory-^o-^ gotten by tbf^^eadi of the ymspii^f$^ 
replyed.bynomeans.; for ; .^^ :> .^ \ J.. • 

x^ lf^ldJftiedie,(he will be richly T)priedL ^.,3 


If . - 


jLod 'Iwe* btcftufe I hvtt foch an ocrtfie»givm the, before I 
go uy fif iher wicb tbc Corpt » ImitU jnefceioU c6 cattle a 
Uccie mor£ cban I cfaoogbc co have dooCt concerning the co- 
fiomt Qied in nEMraroing at funarals « cmt any other tine and 
firijl^of tbecutttsgof tbchatr. ' 

'I • ' * • ' - r. 

> CAP. xxy« 

_ « . 

ikCsfiii t9$dinJik mLnHih 


'nPH^ Greciana> Qpoo any extraordinary occafioa of 
X ioffimwiMsihefi ( ak: tbe Hilnrewthj ) Qfedto cue 
tbeif bair;cf 45«r ( at cbey cidl'd i€)or to (haTe ic clofe to the 
akin. For fo fliacb may b« gathered Vf Afoitwotitofljifim^^i^^'^^ 
< cited by ^ff)?or/# in bii * Rbetoricka) which be had in hif 
ipeecb for the Coriothiaiii , that died in tbe f^bt with the 


AiC|jN,7f\^ii0i^ m^Om iLiftuaiJkJi kgd keen m lefs $hm 

Mjii^,if4dl gnnehikikiniflM^ 

ftmiSm tbm J^i se thtfj^ ^fSaimmiiibit feffice dot,y oia 
nay taketbe teOttpony: of Mmrifiiis « iMiewouUl haftthr 
vmM Conncry of tbe CycU^mi to 4o tbe like. 

Si/a^r intt k^w nSti^ icie4^cf9 

^tid betitmfelfiirfaen be dyed(af SiUmmrt^ta) was moofri 
ned tor after tbi&naaiiner, by aoworfemaii than ^pehei4mr 
tbc King of ihtMs^tdmu. In reference to tbi$.aiftooie,« 
«f ir^fo fpeaks of a Town in CMfpad^cis called Cewnmjrom 
tbe murning kairfi^ intbtt place by Orifinztid Iphigmia.^ 
Sp you (hiUtneet with the tike praftice ot feViwtn tbe hefcaU« 
of Pknetmt Uki ofS^chm theXiodfasitvi^Ww^Jf ir4i)> 
ibr^Io&af his wife: (4ay^ yoa (hall iftid 7«^ hhnfetf at *'« -« <^ 
this vesy work upon the news of bis ChUdrens deatk Aiikd^ 
io tbePropbecy i^^finmy yos may read Cat ^§ thj hmt; 4mi» Cr-^. s^: 
€i^ it awif^nd ukf vp 4 Umem4ii$f$. Tis tnie, they^weretM* 
he blamed for tbefe foUkii.and in i)C4tr^yoQ*iteU «mbft Turc.Qj.|, 
yri^ a (fiying of ^io»bifnfelf i^; iler^dtn that nfe of ^faii^^i^ 

G g z ftome 

.* /^ 

9^ AFcU^gUj^l(M*IM,r;.Cif^^Si- 

Ualwifi minor /r#4rf^Mr,«$^ff.he#fgriS 
vatcd the former ioftofbti rrico4% wicb iMcber crfMi bair» 
Whitif kbcobjcdcdtottt tbtfi ( whicb weccmftii lo bit 
trM coo J «bat it wata cnftomc to cue tbt hair kv toke» M 
^yf For firft amoogtbe ]eus« if you look mco the BibIc,yo» 
fbtll find J({4fhc\iivi1i% bis bair^bcii be came oac of prifoo;, 
and Jondthdni SoB, wfa^n he tncc wicb Daxfii, for joy doing 
ibelike. Nay that aAtoii of ?#(uCeli^ by Orv^^if (^ the ^//f« 
g^ried Interpreter ) thonght to have been an expreffion no^ 
of ferrow^ bfic ofa kmd:i»f jia.y , or a^ebaeriii^ patinke t^-^ 
der biaafltiAoo. kIm^ AflMiflcbc Rofiia«a,-^oi»ki!^Wtbetc- 
ffiMi frifsmriMt thenr biir haag^wa \6mg , tiMfe th^ 
' Might look the moni^ifhdi mA fo moat che jpdgbr t9 
|iat)r whan they came to be trie4 ^ 
;^ . ..^ t* ^ ^i|i^^ Jimifis tufiwm nmt ctfUki. • 

^M^&piR. vi^net^^^f^er their abfohmofi or rdcafeiMnt^tbey p^kftnc^ 

Vf etc IcAiidtharafbiie Ptviif\tk )ane3»f b» fipiAitr ii^ftfppt)^ 
biMfaaib'of the cnciial^oft fait htyrvM iv^tok^ of iiiiVlett^ 
.,. wranee frMiftHneotaao^4anei^^ 

Optah l ihAhfetwa^hwchty kr Aelr hair gww&fcpgHi ^i^^ 
of fadneff , ina]^ apptaai^ that :0f i^^ 

MrNfJoi -mh^imf tnfii^0* UVf fufV»r«. 

And chH ibay 4ra#t^ifttifiiei oTjb^^ 

IK beUaveifr/ijmlirai^iiteiaiaakhate}^^ 

laipjri^ /iv/«i^ /cr CMtiiMgjhi bdtk To reconcile tbefetbkiga 
pCfhapitiRiay^fict m> fay ^ That tnttt^^ttr hair ^lortet- 

ctf'ioy^biiiAiavkif iial0fe,CMft to iM/^^ inrrow^iidida^ 

iir/rfr«ri»|oyQed CQgacbee. I know there af^^fofae^rbn cbtak? 
. tf^aecoadtaiU^y ^]^8g«a^ MWtfrrj^4aieafM 

^ ; ^ I ^thtt afpi aiikirjataffYD^i ibriirfmmif anting thtlr^^^ anA 

ak«M^^VcMtrifla£9i^,1f^i€b'iilfly1)f likely »fKn}sb.W 

; .'i ■ : ■: caufe 

f. appear as ttobaodfomc as may be, and cMcrarf to? (be ufetf 
fafliion : now ic was accounted a baadioinc thing, ( and I9 if 
wi^ ^^e coflooie too; aroongtbe Gretks^for women to inrear 
llKir^bairlon^aBdriKincatowearttiliort. Boc bowjs i€ 
l^nrtbat tn ^ TmmM there ii mcntioB made oft ^oma« in ^ in ^^ 
BOttraiiigwithlotM^baif? aft.M«-l>- 


. ; \» ^ 21ti ir%s J^piwKtii/iMffrr. 

WHen mq^ difiiftcr befell fecbjiwtre neer of kqs onto* ^ 
tkem , il d#uf «»)(f a^ ii being a eiiiie for faflnefi, tfccf 
ffcbaee to if ink My Wkm^ f wbichiiatba pr^peiri^^ pake' 
iMogia^aadconfincdibMitl^te^ that Orfifeb the Schd-'l 
Kaft calls <'Af iW xuiSf^c; a BM^'^ii^i ( Ale^ i^a fike^:; Bur 
ibrrow mnft be more than nMame;aiid i|bfrefore,Firf}, they 
vfed to tear their dotbs and their tatr ; after the manner of Eurlpi. 
live Hebrews^ CometmM to Bmg tbiiiv Vatles in the fire/ 
( Jioc in healthy bot m fobs and (igl&) at ii4s4n JUv>^^ 

2.Tothrow.theii'facesiotbe.dii(ViOrtfaedttft*io their firaes,. OraAMci-Ut 
as the Romans did after them. - ^b.y, 

Fmigt hmi fufm ^ 
Ot fonaet^nes aihei,af il<:^/<^did,wbeo be mourned txA" the 
deat^ of tattHlML^mi the Arpsk \Al4mwv(ee the death ofi fiurip;Sttppiir;. 
their Sons at the Leaguer of Ththi^. U6^ 

}« Kt #n^ (wbiebisnfed for 7i|f a»#t) ro-beat their brefttodymymTu^j:: 
their tbigbi » and cut and tearehe flcflilike a Jew : aa one 

Itiiia . ^ ' ■ • ''^ • 

Cg J. Making; 

rm Avib« 


£Mripi^A »fcs the Wor4 !i«V«!ffwj . ' ; . . ♦ ; 

4Todraui»an44rawau^a«lcngth, aijd repeat the iRftii,- 

jeaioo ^s, «,« ,.;aijd, fiop heoce C it ne may believe iIm 

Scholiaft upon } ^ri^ogtuffttf J coivei tbe trold »iii> e^ ce^ 

ijreaforarongoflaincnuiionw?,.>.5irf,TOA<),fr^j,. .. ». 

But at a Foneraljo iai||ip<j[erace wretetheyf^fpecially tbe 

WomcB)in tbcfeand ibclike czpreflSoni of forrqw,tbtt St- 

Itn was fain to makie tbb Law ofparpofe to reftrain tbem 

dttegib Mttlmis gtnat nt rMdrntt^HevtltfimfHtttrit trto ha^enttjet 

m Wtmn, &c. Their cndonts tbey uM at iucb timet wert 

tbef6 Firft, wbeatbqr caoM forth «> the boufe ( tod not 

onely at tbe grave) every one lop'd off a lock of bis bair,and 

it it noted by the ^Tr*gfiim for a very ordtmry pra^e I 

Eutjf. Ale. T. Habere be (hew* howr it cdaM hardly be bdieved,tbat^icw|tf 

•*• TC9I indeed borifd, w they iavd ihe was »beca«fe nettber tbe 

pQt qj Holy ffiitet^iMr fo siucb at a Io<:k «if hair could be !««»: 
ai^|J|edoQr,actbqrw$ci:.WMC tQhc^ . , 

2. At tftey wm ^oflg with tbe cor pt, tbey keep tbeir hea4 • 
«. i: nt '^'*^'^ cover^d^anfltiitwir facet, as other people do. And ibcr«i 
s«cEafterc.«, foreO^^w, when he bidl iJ/jilM leave mourntot <aie» he • ' 

Be uncover'il; &c. 
In the like mzviTLtiThtfiiu{^% it is in tnother^tragedy of i^be 
fame T^^ec) wbea. Adr^m came to pcciuon bit help itcrl^iff 
X^Aui'Uu^W bempilfid and qivered is (be babitof a MdHiw 

. ncr, faid CO l(im . > > . » . . ./i 

Tbey ufed IVke wife co lay tbeir bands en tbeirbeads ( at we 
«M.Hcl.r:j7tf. d^ our bef ils upon obr hands >So c mitn faies of tbe Tro^atis 

3 . Tbeircianner o/j^cm;, was to tread as foftly as tbey corftf ' 
. 1 wicb tbeir feec^and make oo vmi/^ witb Uyir tODgaes(]inean 

M' tbe 


''«>:' « it 


,Saif s{l»e C^rMi .te the bodc^ «Kings,tts ft i^ dbt Jhd ftf 

in Sackclock ^k iSnn^ad wtnt frftly'^ and fo ^JfaUkh\a, f ^- »♦ ^ »».t.«7 

tbottgh I know fome Trandition 9 redder kotbenwif^^* *h '- 

4. When cbey come co the fk^t^ksfi^ ( fyc I mean t^ 
tnd the Mourniog fird , and iheo cocMie coihe reft ) the/ ^ 
would tut off all tbcf b^i locks (^ their iiak ( 9> ^0,^99 or R^ 
^l^X'^O ft^ la>y tbem on the grave^w caft themicutatbc ^ra; 
Andihis dbey caUed 'o^ifi^' .«»^r^aiid^94£ii9724«i9|»%ai^(asc 

€sfn^9if ^KtJ'h (asm Sofbifckf "yotivat:^^ lA^ ^^ ^ 
every where. ) All their hfi locks t (aid^for I rcraembef howr 
Elellr^in Sofhoclavf^%y^^tnff^yj\\}^ for dealing 

«ayvp>»< deccitftHlj^ and bidmg the beft'Of her bak co fare ic 
at the bori^ ^i^ljtenmefird, foe itl^ietd I^Ih TtfN? «fi/A*A»^««r 
tpifK3FMr;A&7«^ «A8)(^t^7'^^'r;^;Ki^ tbe 

Scboliaft upon. that Poet r who Vo another place has g ven a 
ffCafonK)r two:lorthrf^mV''^'Kfft t^ iiake ^fxK H^Hi 
(qoallid, catcfefiTe, and com^iioptihk «, v/bcrea$ fockt A^f^- 

l«^M« A^. wrf jfctt**5^s6^^5a»*^ *?y ) the IMrmj^ •f$im 
l^ofp.) ^^feeKw ko^ww jthiic i*i^.ifif«k« were itaf ««%^«i«r%rf| •' 

f^iyV* ifai^ ri^iS*hcllUft>Jbwtbw ;4ci^ (hm:fjwkk^^^-^ 
fr^jff $htip mmef, Hfcy^tbey ipo^rfuch a ^1^ i«t^>»MB^ itt? lltj. 
i9yt^ttt^.S^i^tiQi^n%:kw^^9*i,t^4,{^3fh as ciK ir^oeftiowt 
^l9(yf!fi^i^% k«t«^> .QgnWy iE>g td «ie^r|^« jQ«g»baa. bttn^iiled 

4€(f|gnige,|o%fJi^^4^^-J :>; ib'^^.. ... ^i ./.f. ^.L^ -n 

wm of the ieiuifU f0tf, ^Mni Uie]M^O. boiiie)a|iiflf^r4?^ 
ijakyjt W4> df ae ^y nooc hue a Fa{9>Ci ^r a Feftcr-4ather , of ' * ^ 
M<>(hMbitbewayaCtbafik$Totth^reda^ \ 

call'dit -^izj^citt Tjo^f) «^m72D^;vAi Ta^AiflCTe^f^^f^ £iit wh^ 

t74Mi»f4f.Laft of all,4uring cbe whole ci{QCi«f Mramffi^ Ht 
the 4ctd ( whkb Ljenr^iMAa^ (6 tfat . (^ce cf tScvea 
dtiet) iliieWonica«tr€ii(Kto«ictrifiy« Jcwds^ acitlM 

tf lyctphiu watctereci.bc lire orOBMOe-Ug^c (which cwomt firft were 

W«nie thing. tKJc ^Woodiof test an4 lidic coo* ) f^v^w 

wistdL /m ,4«fi, it 911^ ^^^{titba&oki Gtoffe g ana to this nifltme 

•jvjtTic* fomc'io^wfcrthatioUitSaiyrtff; - 

fofcn'sat. 5. ' ••' — tmc $dimm fgtam. .; 

if die fnowfliag were for a pofalick calaltai^^all the fd^fif^^ 
rndgj^mmfa, mud be flMit vp, together with die Saihi an4 
die Shop^aod the templei tbMifclves.Biic it is time to reitim 
ao dieG^, ao4 (ae ttburicd as fooii »l cao i lor idor of 
|^vio^o(l^e( u I lokl yoatMefore. ) 


« « • 

- ' 

£)^ »ii jyr\f f fm ffyfxjkifm iwfui^ (f- ^ hffi^h^rd 

fT Hs hrdiiiary way by w^ theci^rpi was catried'W^stte 

' 'A^ |ace called iTei«7«(^»fo€ftlled becaule they led co.cbe i^ 

i rixcQfV the ^^ttfeiiOT xhtC^mmwflMi 4 ^^rinh Thit gate it fone* 

^« ^\^^- fiimes cattedli^} ^w^ ^tuJ^f4ifritf^u,^fAii^bitr m offoftton ao 

i.Foiu«. the:j,^Mi^fe^v<iii«irtiw^)«i^^^ 

iasay fender it die G^rfvtf ^l^/Jirthe Scrip€dref4iMf«, M 
^cdkniii^Hd icathe Rotems^) hy wbkh they ^dragged ibe 
MflSefiiAdfi^, f aaa yet ^o feek: foi* M^kfaftofs wereto fttfdr 
deaflh witfaccic theOatet,^ no odiert were to beboricd'With- 
iiu It^nsthcy^thoifl^facdKi^CadhyUwiWdtbelead^b^ 
oiture alike tmcleao, and fo took tbelikei dire to «roidtbd 

coittagkoA^feithetc ' - 
AfCiofrsatrrn*' *The'pla^e ofihiirial to aociemr times fMraKiog, erf 
«c$arcf«c8llc4 ff'^at, W8S woflt to brChe foot of #hHlK totiewthat*^ 
ififJl'riX ngbtciotbe^ J»MMAi « for eftr) aocoidifie to that « 

' « .< ' * * 


» '* 

Jlrc6M>gia JtHcJt/Lt^.' ^l Ciff. 27. 241 

^iArrv/JMy liies of Xing Avtininm Sjhitti^ttMit}\^wufifMt-^*MtOr]^ 
tm'^rtgnSca Montu , eui e;c ft$o^omen deMf\ onlrfs y<m ^»«*«n. 
vrtlliRiy Aac tbo(e^i)^0«rf / were liocbii^ brit /&rf in a latter . , 1 

fieze ) which t/^if /vfc* were in die ifimVu/it/Kand fo the mils 
inoft be made by tbe burier , as ^ Lftcdn faies 

^ E't RigMmcinertsertPHlltmtmteqmkfcimt. '^•*- 

Xetfor men of alowerrank; tilltbedaiesof King Cetrofs^ 
it wenttto. higher than a V\i or a Cave, accor4ing lO Uia t of 

' *Tiicrue, that in deer tiroes chert wtre tWig^ommoa 
Chiiroi^yafds (as I may fay ) a{)poinced for tbtporpofe^ 
Afled by the name of 01 Kf^fcndi , Fitters fields jp fi tn^l^ , 
i^m f iit{Ki(^, one within the Walis^ and the other withcot,. . . 
AriftifhaHesm^lUnd,€tlUt}ftiiimsT^^^ tbe BMri4ti ot 
die ifiiri^r/vTbat bniial place wii!bin ^Otlverw^fe called ^»fi;» 
^•r tfN|ue« by Th/tcj^dides) was for tliofe tlat made an .honoa^ 
tttble entfin tbe field for the good of tbe CmmoHwedttb: the 
tnanhtr whereof lihall mention perhiips in anbtber place; 
iRie Alter C&mnkus was diftingnilhed into feveral iiclds,and 
€tttfofiiref. And jtierefore we (hall read that fbme times 
cTtifeto the 'Gater,foroe times by the wajiidci^accordiDg to 
^hiC of Hea$r in * Bssrifida. In Kbcf vXI^ 

' •-' ^'' Bi^iw UKdiiif kai^hue m^i S« iJ^J"*, 

C A?. XXvilL 

Di Cfrporii crenuiiUne. * ; . 

NOw for tlie i^fage of tbeWiesi when tVey vine to tbe, 
place of burialjaics tbe Scboliaft 'upon Hemer^ ^^ ••- lU A. 

U h ^«4f 

iheB;acxocili^t0ciiacoriSH>fi/i«. />gfi^y< i %|*J « ^ 
t^ ftia iMtr 4tm. KwixiKttihm^ ift^^biTf dlftti^Choliift,. 
t$ mih^gSBtt %bitcnnopfCyl worn hoc for>wh|jr^itt(pp|jiM^ 

^^ (Ifeare nc morcfor the farihifiaaf dbiog dlS^^uid ^^i^^ 

fore ac lciqU> it came CO be kflic ofai , fo « fo^piaics'tb^ 
ffOoUlmrn cboi^ . aa<L temtumR oody^ covo 1^11% iMgiit 
^artb. Wbkh it ^ooogb UK^roTC, ibcuicccii.j|p nfo^S^- 
tbu TJ¥3Q' 9€rit9tfiios\A come boff^tplM^m^'im^t H^ifii\ 
nkmm^ as cbe Scboiiaft upon Anfi§fluoHs moMliyiciu 
Bo( for opgbc, Icao^fiod cveo io after dmcs, ajooiis die 
G^ks^ Wri il by Voroing « washftili cflccgied i^icmbre tpor^ 
ncttirable and (faytcly. way of the tw^v air^^^Ppai: ^ff 
ui^iui^lHjgocBtjto tai1»kcopa^^ tb^ dcai^d, 

^bey Aed^ at leaftiofeinc (Kcq)iai; p^eq yvc ; ftimMt 
t^fe rtetHangibeiprdm^^ ^^^^^ m^C^mim. 
ij5liota«hc-4r^<«4;f/ fl«D^5q.dca^^ 

wafiffa finftiTOf?? «^^ 

imagipcd him tob^^^ b?fplJMit^^<^rt !k7^^ "Wfc 

iice*bcbdned;^ei<yr«r>j»i to^4!k^^mK^^J^Mi^ 

H ;i|iie/^ lifli^f <»^ fttfiv. ^tt^oi 9»A«f .^ 

Aodlaftty to Tradeoff ^ on wbQQtliej^isi^re^^^^^ 
ftow ' aay Borial ac all. IdfoinaeVcbat Tbmi09chs having 
been deM Jong before ni Magmps^fbt ^beniam in time of 
a peftikoce^ tboogb they ^ad expreilr coramaod from the 
Oracle, to fetch hti b^Qf $an^brjag|beifi, to jit k 0s, ceald 
by no meatA be permit ced b/ the Magi ftiates to do it , m rer 

mii^^^.^^]SVi^^^^ A«r<:w9»y^: 

nd there fore havjo^; obtained i^cy dat^i.tune tf) cel<^i^^ 
^ste jppwrai,^ t^^e^ Was ( ai I may'iayj wi4)»^^,- 

' - ' haying; 

^^iUik^ii Atikd. til s. fc*>. 2*^. 443 

-mi ma tbeUiir^e grdiuid. Tfa^Ctngitiil ofthillawr Ac 
-*icK)IM(ia^H««»^fetdifeirFbb;]^f^^^ Who in tbe time 
Of ty m)ee of rr«;Vtbreiched wfaoMoe^er t^cfotitid l(«Tii« 
Hii i^l«c« tircWfcheroufly in cbe ^hc « tOkBt fiiih biiiifcU; M- 

tTj^oft wbi^tt W(^df yott have this Scboly. E^Hv^dtv »vb^ 4 

>C^/Sr&ii fill ^^ii^ i ^%J iV f ♦/w^T^f w cn/pidn, ffekci 
itiifht ifo X^f^ilfccBot f rhuft tell ^'oa tfter ill (bi^.cbat hoiv« 
iwiMmn^Sc hurfif^ ih footbHh cbetr RWnds cbty ba4 
«ei^ itr eiipogli dtftint iAiMi heing • at itaft iii foft)^ 
€&iAitH^. Tor a^ X^f tt ^ nbc tifetl in ^f/^f r«l//& fiil 
iedibl'^ATDong tfie ic^f^iiMeedk may be Ptther cb&6^t ti 
mii^cn idctin^mit^Mj 4^n (fi»ike, t&in Hoc t^bi^e 
<|)ceD begun wbenic watnotiifett. V6r Gtkofifkdi ( i ktloi^ 
DOC bis name ) £binkt.c|g cbc^rc J[ wbkh cbcycftecmed pore 
and lioly ; to be polWtediy «hc4eAl bddy , wblcb ic was to 
|)arifiejsrej;Kircedby a ScboliaQ^pon Hmtfr, to have <tytA 
aldod 10 mmi^ks mix tbbfif ^drdif . t ^if^%i. fi^i^m^ 

wbntjoMlMd ^«Tbe firft tbattver gave cxamplc^in this kind* 
ii itportM t€i be iJirc$aei^'^b64iSTib^ of Li^mkiiis tofeotf 
KH Ms A*^wf t6 belp Kim, in the sii^t viAtb Za^ineibli for 
tb^hoifes,^ga^ hiffifdrby anio^^ hbii Hbikitm' 

to hU FatM ag^ih ^ bur tbe S6n bting kilted in tfie^Wart 
1^ t^lbinandjmmtbim . libd carrledbrs bones tbSti fa. 
tbdr, ffv0i^^<Sfi&$^73i, fMfiUX ^f^l^J ^f^^ f^f 8s' if he bad 
bis fon indeed / llrben chtoe #ai ifotbiog left but theWre 
li6ft».AW ^etlic&fed*tm &tt<?r tbanQ^iV*/^^ 
M^ekelaks , who, taYtrSgpt^omifed brm^ fifty fiii^'s witl^ ; 
iiienr> ftnt hfttt'onfi true fii^^ahdpope^bini aloii^' ii'xiii 
Aipi^ndaieir made ofday for ^bereft, Ttfe ftol^ 1$ Kkelyr 
enough, but he that told me faid be did not belte^reit, «W« ^^ 
tlwrcfoW leaving the «gument of in example, gives a Tea- nf^^ ^ 
tfohor twoof thenfe of the cuflome, either bccattf* wiv '* ' 


244 Afxbd^togU Attics. Lik $: Ci0ff^^%l. 

' » be poriScd :'aiid diejntber b]^ fire ^ Mcaafe ^ fizt cooi. 
nxmly afcd to foch a purpoTcLas oeiog Wi>rnrniU>»l^leiQ inJie 
cbtc pare and chaft, which before was adulterated with^fi«- 
ioi^fff€«m abaieracots^and alloy s:. whence £«nfiV(r/Xaie$ of 
CljiemwefifMs body ^sref « v^ii^r/se^. Or elfe to (hew, bow the 
difiye aod parcr pare of the osan i»carried in the fire^as in a^ 
Goach to be joyMdiii Cxiety with the godsaboTc^o fe ^fi«9 
A«y3p»«>«v«ftf«Mffcrr^ct^'«a37; tbI ^1 ( how nett this 
goes to expreffe the fiery Chariot ofEtiat) o^^^ti wt i^'^ 
fUn. Which Prioces^had none^ of^if they coold be carrie4 
upon Exiles winisi as l^^! ^<U J^ anon.Thus ScjlU in£«. 
cofhr^ isfaid ^racn^Svoi, tah wfitdgtin by the fire^aml \^ 
to become «r^< i^^jf^TS^ a^Jife callUt? Thus the nal^dL Sg^ 

•CicTufc. immortality, which they deftredof . AUxsndcr^ whcnhie |^. 
Q; t. j^ them toask wbattlM^ wooW.. ; 

THimanAerpf bumingiWM toroateapyle ofwood^and- 
. hayings laid the ct>rps onthe top,to let it otL&(cjtLif,oi^y 
»PglOlb«of ^»fr,i«rf)erebefpeakiof £^ . ;.. .; "^ 

- Ite wood was not alwaies pf obe fort, ^ut (bmetiines Oaks 

Here RiT, n *'^^ * Ettrifiitt , . where 700 (hall read of vi^f^^f /ciSf/>4^i . 
»4i- ^*//^^/, at the funeral of //frfir/^i his childreo. Soraetimfa* 

4 fa Trstb.. Qlive, as in ^ Sof hoc/it. And fooQietiroes % Pineal as ^iii . ^/ir» 
^^'^S* »W: UQkflTeihajfllfjy. tbk.beconiined'ihc.ufeql>^ to. 

tbeburiajof Virgios^ If the party had Iqft'bis. life/ in (hip. 

wrack^lhiiYe read that theymadexbefireof tbcphnki of the 

_ ^ 


Et eolUad lUgum fMrtni fn^mtnfk tSmm^ M^o^li' I«4i 

about tbe.Bc^^jGu'^^u^ tlie Wttid»co:Jik>w, ( for ^ j , .: . * 

i6^c/M//^/iQi!f4min»lmtQrte^ of' 

9Mu^fm ^(^ m^k; i( Inkq il^ebetfcMltdot idipat tiie A^iAF^ 

iufa^^ed ic, ai:ai\ ,ci9(C()icfit j0m4 *Mi0i|i'« :>Stftt(ittief«vv #ii^ 
&r to meddle wi(ii |t)«>flon«: . ^j^m legits f km tbcROi^ 

"^* ViJt^^.i!i?w« * ii? ^K«3^£*fcPf iiptl»flflw« tcfiStohii ^; 

ted tVcjpn^Witb^^^fl^^ i)fir . uV' 

tfichi ij? fjfii; Ub^i^ a)fid4^bi(:tK&ey^€ak^^ 

Tiic vrnct/ Whatfocvcr it w^h W J4tci$h(t>P ^imIM kpoM^^f 
ai|fitwetC4.B(H:anjiip4^^^ .. „J 

wdnttotW^^^ "^ 

is I6ngift a rotting,and is therefore called futfit.^tin, ^k If ft: . . 

of the dead. Indeed whether it were ordinary to have (iicb .Ji 

Goilins, or only for thofe ^^ hadr Sffntfhra , and Vaults of 
-perpofe under ground to iet thtni in,! cannpt well tell. But ^ 
that there was foeb a tbing;^xbarit was made of Cedar, 
the word Kf/>9- , ufed fomettaies ior the cheft it ftif dees 
fi^m to 4<clarc. in tbpfe w^ds 9f >^^(^/«J^de(?ring lo )yf 



'^iviOHite ter«g(MMlildyfltef tlit t6ibg«^9^^^r(^ 
«1 both ainonsthe Gredu and the Kmadit^}ik:% 

ilM wWith«fite ME)iwer»Ml|e(l«'4r^.(Wof <R%i^i>' 'AiM 
.cUcfMncnaiMiiufC tikh- cfat<Scl|Maft Mf6h mtrhiMia 6^ 
^ f^»r^»«Md;«9c«ef<^Ji)Athcfiafdiiii4i«^i(i>tM 

«i^Cowmlj .rJ)if boief or«ii •AMiAM«h»«rfiW^tt)lrii 
,th»C«<M.aiidtpaalMpajr fli4«rid«iid aii>nMi4^t>ia!6id|ii«f 
i» every tl*c«iDlmtMtfta^ MMfdhi^«»t^atiqlif'0 

After cbeyliad laid ittip among tbeMoiidni^bct, tpey ^ci^' 
thep artv (bFce timeaCirwaa i nomber itt^ kffcmitk^f 
ivJkdhj atf iscciom)'(6 lo^kt hit appearafitei' "^^ ' . . 

r4a4r.)Hdi»'tba flaw #fael^ Htk^Ct^kupaitMtet'i ^i$u1^^; 
<<tii»^c«aiiMii MAttnlfiertflfcfrttfefiditljidhly^fa irpri>ved \ 
a im6rir(r,W«rtittcdf«inaiiic4ced by Uifr^iifaif b^^i'i^ wiA 

V ! 

! f 


» / 


* DiogjLa 
♦Hat poor* 


:•»' -^^^ v-^ ^;>t: A>'-.KX^; '':^'^' 

y^,^ ':o-S> ■• ■. Oerfrtmili: \ ' ; "•"" ^■ 

nr^ H<«tifto*e«'tifed[ mjr vj»^.1>iiiial were iWi ; ( tnl 

'1 fome of them ufed trc barning cocnits cbe SacHfice,tfie 

IjfztdMs and tbe plaiei. } Itit jpecitfiir {date ' of bliriaf wti 



• i .0 

tthally choI»bcfof^li6^tltffl,J> ^ 

And wben they amof^h^'lvfie^l'^Wf^tii^lMbrofrQ' 

(in Hict$iM Bnrifidit^) ftjgrceabie wberoco , is tbtt phrafe of r 
cbe fame Pocc in znodokt ^ace ¥A\*^ 'Qiiyw 7»Vf & cbe La- 
tine word Ttmulm a Ueaf era tnnte. Bat ( I think ) for the * 
better forC) tbey made it biglmjinitklitclebjndfoBienwitb 
fiones^fomewbat after the fa(bi«n of oar Tombs.For fo The^ 

thou d€£ft||«» bMiiit ^ted^iiaaicQitaJDigbt b^ 61^'m^i 
a TilfjiHop i»iu^ li9^y faies tbe^ fame P#ft^4iii .... 

dure wbicb the body afaally bad in the ^rav«rii)rafiiMftbe- .It ^'^ 
faiDftiOiraffids abe^Batt faifc» Afi^iadri^affa. iaJDiaaif r»ft» y tb^ 

wards jtbafirdft^iiafes/iAc^f^taitt^ Ontbe fitt^^t 

wbtcb.i*«wicaoiie47«)^s'Vn^ tbe condition 

orfihep^:4ioia&di;iittkk;thi¥lM UP 

verfe. PUao was for jviQ four Heroick vmIm a^ BCtiDOvewi 
Sucb Epttapbs tbey f^aUe4^>;f4f^|A^ri^, b«caa^^ 
l^of^B tbe party : as tbe Romans did Mmmiftid^wA^U^^^ 
ri^fhtt^teiliMBiytsaadetl^Vtm^^ iNaelofli iM\ 

Z4r^itewiAii£S»iiUier»^fidts ^i^w^lifettMi tpa tiihffwh^^i ^ 

natfjt ahnvt ibtic«wifisi<q f^Aai&i^offiriiatf €Qd4piMicfiey > 

vi«(!0t tb«\iA'^aaiM{^ tbe)^ ijsigbir 

bMTQ JuBnaHatod a Kfemi|(n^|stiacsat)(lkift i^ 

viffg^tbraiwl tbe eartbi>p9a.baii^hMei^^qrk(9iraaxo4i!acr^ 
fif^Atpray thiitJD mtgbt i»ql]^.<^^ 

W^|»Hfifias aiKlfyiibi^bCIQftig(«at^^ 

El/ 4*^?^? ^ ^^* 

.' ".jr^i^ r 


f v: d¥M^m^(^q|ifj(ff^tktnp4f!9fM* 'f'-' v'*'^ <inl^ ..;,v 


'€baD€e,co£ctxii€n£ar£rtoibcm)accordio£jto tbacpnftice 

oiyflf. XI. y,:iSmmfMcit.. 

n iEn. 6. Tb^ VcAime cbea Aaifl;iratf «rclier a BatceaCMr /»s%. JiinMir 

r In Oedip, v. Jj^tpd fock w^it^A fptekt of ^ iV^o iiiiiil»rJe«/lfrr>fl^^ ^ 

rafe>io. aa Ox , titUcwK^foiiMdcko byXo/Mi. Wbctticcic ' 
riac. in^L i^cr« Sheep Mfitiiiodi^'^^^og: m \t was befl^ iifit^oDC^a 

fplaMlpr:a toceo fcMuf^^^^^'^^^^^^^ te ftatn ^iiAfr 

i>LitirfKf 'tf^^;e» « Ay«« tbe ScbdiMt ; and tb»c for ^e fame 

reafoA < as be fakb ) ^ for wbich ac tbe ii^ time they offe- 

' f edidovm both cbeir titf re, «iul ibe BHftfe t»irc of tb^ Braft, 

Hooi. 11. 4« gutf/ov A";dfii{Mitot\ that they might ndrgWtU^ i{r4if»tiito^ '■ 
« - fibai which bad Ii& in iiwt,^^ ibt wbicb^ld beget itin 

! ^'■" . ' ' anoiba 

iae|l»«^hiag« T,b6fe>it>;«r ^MftHOartrc^f ^Min i ptemn 
ttHaasr tarmcd iti^ySt , aiwl tbe 0<^ag4terebfj-4fWp^9e»; 

n ■ --AM*#r@«'e».'^i'"^ It' ■■ ••• ; ■ i',-;j:';:f.i:.«.\i- • 

Yea not •nly cbe 1]^ 4rt)Mii>!^jlltt}biiC'sB iho reft \i»tiich ^ 
tbey filtered to live, inrtlMi^irtii<»r-a paUiqueTttncrall. 
■came oadertbe bandrpf dM>fevbei^| KS'V^lf^s the men: As 
tppears by the pradice ofMardenim and his Army .reported 
'by HeriAitM, to b^e iiitia'i thdt lloi^s and Ballocks^ and 
all at tbe koerai of MaSfiiu/. In the likx manner Aitxtauitr 
«t the funeM(^i^J¥(^li<^l^dtyri#iibthef«l^itSi and tbe 
Iklales, and tbe walls tbcntfalvcs ofthetowa of ScbttM* 

ctfkwkhnKe »if W««E»ftinii»i lpi(ilMibtft«M«liicr> thvkitnm 4}^. 
llP7»iik>Q|id«Q4«f amiSkm^hm6nMtin^iM4kf^i^O 

litt iifinl{y'MMa0r«iv^cAiy/intf:Mfft;<Md^l^ ,^^<wni 
tbey4iiied€afce«iiftbe(toi(k{bti^<jkwfi^!MgtQ^»<' - 

li< --:. t4<l(t«6^r ^^««e«;: to<#v£«»^MttKMlftM(>^dlTng'» Hd.v. f f 4. 

liiewliq(Joi?nwii<fit<ft WM«MMd^<fcik«b«eri^,9 {!W(vt«»- 

one kmej»titejMm«m^^(l»'^^^^^li^ id. in EieA.iK. 

«maiftfpeccbi$M»ftlie; ifiny >dMCiil«(^ fifdM AM Wih\ ' ^^ 

Tdgttb<r wttb fM^ctouftie:gqd^£^^^bipllH4^b» 

tobe propntoK taiiei!h»*id.tbeT«{ot«%b«fe^;^kt(|«»di<ttfl^ 
«lty termed ii/tt»rJie'«<, and an «*«£(•*, and i^wi^^i)^^n# 
•they made.'cfaoke of s«be moft' fcoper ti(imitf f to iVNt^eti' • 
«a^ fi^c>tiMiQ.i Swh a;pray,eraitbaC' oit^Mf ^4>iw <)«- 

Thofe Sacrificing office^vert d^cially ift^ilo/pie&Ktttit 
by the Kin<c4tQQ (:9»*inoft^ lti« rn^l w«r<^^^Md tlicpcfore 
CMlf4ndr A (ctmg forcb the M eooditfjQii of tbr Lcfgurcs at 
7V<»7,and tbeir friends at b^Qie, %«» ft^s Tibr/M /!4miU.ili^ 

> •(1 t / . • ^ 

W •^' 


ir ». . -^\ . . , • I- -i-' 

i V* A 

!.,.i-6 A*i>..XX;X.Hi 


• 4 


•<; «-y.-\. ••■Wf::fiiiT. .-.: ifl'n! .;■.-'''"-■ •. ..ij> .it.: v.-i' 4.'. ! ) 

ol the for^r^ M iMcmg n0i(8(|i9^^^9NCKl^ made o£aC0^ 
M|(:#h^«4tl»J)«e fl|te«»M>ji^fi(irt:^ «|M<(&«jff««Ji^'' 

proverb- of oo9i^^km^ Sitki JSam4»*iif» ^ that 
.0 1^5 : i, ttilnic«^ 

crrablc , <iV9;c^<7« iyi^tiftH • $^^9^ ^t^i^Mf^r. But I tratihtc 

ibiok wicb tbe Kcbatitfti9po» Kttvtifidt^y ai I lia¥e formerly 

<oldyoo* cbac tbey^ioiefiicd it ^H^^^^juir W^f«t^i^^«^ 

ff it^^lpl^^ iiMMiibbiUad Ik tbt^ tifei<i dii ibt Imoj^irlSB 

1 (bey won At^Gmmt^ #iiribtfaiiie i^aiiMi^ dotttltfibt ivif^c 

ibM tbty dUf&9fe#u» ( ai'ihiy matted it> fiUm tlrowhis^f 

. bougtx »ftd ictva upiB ibe grtta ^ fti SmlfiJif kytit^iy 

;4i4 la P^//«r€i^ wbctiihrdyM ( for in kiter cimterif^ Qifui 

JMkd woo Ji race or ibe Mtet; ittoy ted i oiftim^ to biidcck ins 

i^»yMi4Sorpt Aritb bmgbs knd ieaTcr)yoQ bif c ic^kxM fay 

4iB0ld£cllgwiiSjf2»t'i>{^wtcfaMyrtie. 4Elf&Tfi^ 

V? heiber wit tbcre itiy likifira tbt fci o rt tlit gUdmh^gh 
•«r M ?. I chtoktMic 1 4»e ^if yoo iritt; yob nmy ^ rtad^irorf^f 
^(!lK>iigfa.hif^4J^i tiid'm doMi ttt)OiiAiiii:>'«c ^^-^^ 

iccma ibaeiii liiir/tbefteMfe/MMcihftMid: 'fM^fkils 

^4fi $$pcn $he de4d. And tbat diey took tbepaini wwa^ 
<SarUadttoo<wHltfp«arby>ilioieiMrdi<Mi^ fEe/K* to 
tiiUuimt e^tfmm tttiim fifiMifU d^eiMrttti nkf iitMifik 
0iffCffhm Immjamfty tMb»^wy^$mc Wiim\mcMk 

C A K XXifl 

1 •••••* .i . »( }i» >' A* « ^ 

T]!f tber upon , or tkrfeliy ^e|>rtve, ibfy'^ wcri wont to 
JCereaaMar, cb^bti|bt«rtaeir«ofwai dot «>^ be above 
dum cubtti by ifatf Law $ To ^t Piltat iMMfriinU tbcy ad. 
^kd.eitbcr tbc Isatgt ^ tbe Mttf , «r of feititwla t <lfe (o 
fifanbic bin.. TbM Z}^|«irAiiai faoMtiiredWitbilfeliJiitfi 

?9¥g.% ctiri0t>%f(M^^; abd bi w ilk lye ioftbe btd^wiib tniit^. 
\|)frplfcc;forfo ,;— . n 

. wsficitbtr hyjfisimt diKouirfii^lttiiotnciit 4be ^aibor |^*a. 
r pobHcpie fpeed) in cbe earmmctu.W lucb ffcecb, if tne party 
dyed 10 ftbattcl/was to be niadeby oorappointed by cbej^a* 
rgiftriHD^/f ordinarily the jatbei> orroncof the^^Kia ^asd tl^c 
t liot jofa^K attbc^mt "of budal^bu c cKery yeara&enois Chtt^ 

•fiijb,- deOf at; f*^^ *'^ pntliohttt intMfi^lli - f nr^/i^r- frai'4& tM^^kwitj^iiu 

nis^utfci^;iiiUidiencitArimce^t*fiti "... 

^iRietfitft tbat b^gao tbis coRomtof oifliitDg fprechiei.fofDe 
^ :lrel!efllillWtbe^7ff/^MMl^ 

«Uct^erair(md^Mh^iiad[^^ wn'ttjS^it ii^ 

; v ^? wtwUfoth ifacf^aivl^^iK^a^^ under j3i^ 

. A/cff \h\n tbifi veied yba^rjwttb ii «6dtl»p$ company of 
ibiJtfwries^ Aie ttiibap^j)€Opl^^th^ietime^,^eL 
.%ch3in{biwiaia,:;^Hrten^c^ ba^Q m#je mit mbn ^^mm 

yoa fay, if I bave that yet lefu w.^ici»: «ili ffe4fi^«tiiiar^i| 
nxxclkiVvcs That even they themfelves for the moft pirt,eflee. 
tned cbofe pradife9i]^t^impr«<ir9i)l<;io the dead, and vaio« 
and fooltfh in the living,as may appearrin tbe.words.of H^r«, 
^Barip.Tro, Aibcrfctf;>t;lht • fi0tisjS;>rber-i^^ ^^ . / ./.;. 

— .; uirfMoMcboot$tbt.dcadchejeaftof all;. . 

.. 7 Hwricbo^iJooribeybayeAtbeirfUoeral,, 

oj !>i > . Tii»tb*Iivkig5fyanky,ifortbi|ito.<»ll : :; ^ . ; 

IteilgAatiliir^ of^belMyy ^b^y rt wirncd homfe. fbt 

.-^■» . w. 

Jtch^o^^U^Atica. Lik 5 - Ci^. 3:4. \ X^ 

firiMe^wbofe ^des tbcy imagined i^f ^ ^ be Cirriei) Into 
, hmttn QpoQ £4 j/ri i^ini/ s and tberdore was it^ ttiat ibty « 
-were « want co honour tncmwiih ihcpidur^f of Eaglet. So ArcimiiJ,j,c;. 
Jit Rome when tbey buried an Empcroor^chey uibd colec flv }o. 
M£agle overibe grave* In zMRoq xo th\$ Ljc^hron C9\\% . 
jdtr^^/ ^iff anE»gIe, becaufe he carried alK>mi/«E?mbo^ 

.li^ifd a C0a(^*' 


t' I 

. " » . ■ i . 



- \ * 

^ i« 

BEing come boine, th«y ftll a t^orguig *"•* LnflyMttuj^ the 
i^M/« with brimftonci aod thet»ltlvts,hy goitog throogh 
rfie iire.or fome other luftration ; for there ^ere Tcverci forts 
thereof and iO hav? leafure, I may diance toJpcak more of 
it.Tbo&I teifaerober in the Poec, 'tk faid tfcoy diU wiheKinga 
houfiB^wbo was (iaio by Hercules: rouBding,the Altar with a 
Basket j and dippingtbc</k^er in tbeiioly- water, and I know 
not what more. • 

itfk?Pthi*thef kept a'feaft.f? «©!*««•» SUictmtmfitcir' 
emm'M»tii>im,» the mariner is wkb fome ot v»\ Tbofc tiat 
weieac »«yw*e Gftrlaods. as Cim» feytt, quM tmbrnpiren^ 
rttumnti: Tbecolour of theirapparrel was wbite:(^ ^/"'MrJIriJinm' 
,M$fMmcen4tit Mtr4t^t.hy€t ♦C/fwBut how 1$ tt then that „'"*«'«"«»• ' 
»)«eriaikes7l»«*« to go all in Wack to 7i»p»«r about the»Xic.;4x„ 
dcacb of bet Son So 1 remember Admetusxti *Evrtpdei bids 
cUmiiHntffftOT ^r«/aiir,i*«ix**kWWK^f.»f , m black: and 
^MMi ta7^*^Nw celeteated the faacral otui^^oiw* *o«»»sr*.'9- 
IB a *At f •tair»»*f#ir». ferebaoce tbey wore black no longer 
ttath oU'it came to thrftaft^ This feaft they renewed, again; 
not only nine day e$ after , whea they called it ir»*7« ^ an* 
thirty dayes after", when they called u ty i*«»i- A« (when 
Acy ftcrifided to /WiriJiir^, that h^mighteatry their fo»lca 
WkbejfcW*')bo^*Uo uponithe <fayi.o£bii deait'JBves^ierjceU^ 

<4« k 

3$4 Arc%{i(dt^gi^^Ufi>^.tih^^ 54:. 

i&^ k %%tiO^^ ifid upon ttic day^f biibirdiclUing ic xmifjuk, 

« Tl^e cotanQOci nanrn for ail the fea ftsyor ct^ cQiini»oa feftiifall 

' for ail the infernal fices,and for all perfoDs^as t^^i^nt^ afti- 

.ally kept in che Month o( jimhefleriomliS this Pi^mtuiU Men 

^t>y che Romabs in the Modih of Febtit^ryp mqtiiim ^eMt 

JuntHf m^fl^ mth'ttfortm^^htn ibe kiortd cf^dtiaUy^ f ^ 

f 4rfiri ) did iacr iHce both to the earth and tlie ^Q4^ad«r j^ 

and the ghoft^ of their Parents , or their Aoceftors above 


/. Of ail thefcf funeral rites that I have named , none that had 

been an eoeniiy to the perfon dt chafed, Aigbc be l«fiereid to 
tbear any part' as appears by the words ^{EicMrsto Cbayfir 
/ifttfwftf forbiddifeg-facr tofacnficd, • r . * T^ 

Hoi lo much as come deer the grave . as Vtjffes ia Sofboch 
lsiorbidtodototfaegriive'6t 4;/Mr. Nay Iiicb was <rr/»/v/* 
xhraliifanSu^if (i'ttes TmUj) that ho frdffffr alight be £i& 
fered to do ir, fbr fear fie m^ be aii encmj. Moreover i 
law was made to forbid any one to take away from, or adde 
any thing more to the monuments, than what wai already 
And now it is bigb time to leave tbe \afiiy to the Jl^i^k 

f il- e- . H0f death, C for fo * Hunter calls the gravJ^O ^ hegtismm iU^ 

^Aeef , by the never Catisfied teeshof Nogry "WS^ . JFof, 

PfaL4f • ^ 4* ^^j^ct/^j/f f ®^he that is buried^and Jaid in a Sarifhfkng^ m the 

Mj of the earth,is as properly laid to be devooced » as wbae 
is devoured and inelofed in the ftomack of a Wbakot a^ivA^ 
tffr0\ ot any ravenous creature, is coounooly faid 10 be bMH' 
td TjfifA'itm,fQt fo the ViUtmrn ace called ? Mmne^^i^ 

Hermog, vhg grouts - thy the Metupbot is cofiimonly iaa<te tttiA cd^ 

laeu sheinfdv€s«fome of wliom«evcii #fofr. mlmH^^ ^m ft* 
f0U€hersy as well as the beUyestave beM of otbeff^ As chat 
ofr^r^MwhenheeatbtsSoQ. : 

And «f SMmn when he did the like« Nay betog bunedi aoA 
b6tig devonred^bav e been i^ouoted fo fy nooy mobs, duic;(« 


iaFI antim i^\t% ) .f^/^rii wis tboogbc (o bave bcea faid to 

bave rat^ bjs Soo$>bc<aul« b^ buried tbftii where tbey iriight 

not be foen.WeIl,it cannot be hdpt^tbcle greateater$.Deaih ^ '-^'^ 

tndthe^ Grave arc till raootb^Q^oo eara^lite the bctiy.TbereV 

no ftopjping nor fillisg their moutbs> A/k «« ^ Civ^W , faies * 

vSfehylftSy Pinto hu no slltma^ He is-inexoKable, and tbere* 

forecailed Viror/@^ ^V. tnfjtfrffrVAf.Neitber^faiesa" Scbp*^ Od.Hooi^IU 

liaftJW-as^ Dcatb^ver known to bave aO' Altar but at(74iiV^l> 

know not where. Let us fee therefore that bit Wife be 

ffae more made of, now be is'gone. 

VS$ Wife,tf (beleemtd to be with cbiM^wai taken intoibe 
Cife 4i {HTote^os of the ArthmiHukfk (he might be cunning- 
tlTfpettwadttf Qftwiarry fitkfe wtem fti#ftouId not^and if aiif 
iMQ «(B^i»d tor wcoDpilior y the pujit&MMnt was arbitrary. 
Bm fibiI4tCQ:wereeofiMiitte4 bmni'fp taa Tufot: Heibac' 
wtS}c^r#^«iviyr^obeovcrfeef ot^ (SMaiian,waf eulier not ro» 
be^f l^n at aU^i « elfi&fo far off^iihatlf the child fhoold bap*^ 
pei^McdtevWhisnoiiaagr , the inbiricancf could not fatt^ tO' 
N«l) .>jlk TttioftwM^ ticber K^wsU, 09 hf appoinanent of* ffbit 
^alNM4^.bicik ifvfto^mi il^w^t^yfM^/^J^f }uikA®(iM%* 
^^ikma^ atKlvi!fl4^hciniMf^ tiM tley 

cafltie* iii*W.t^«!i«ty yiearxAi:^ tfa«etabcr they tftcnrfeSvefk) 
or any 'elfetbao.W6tll4 might I^jouc JUL$f hrnvt^'^U^ Wrir 
jy^^k^l^iftifi^^MfX^^^y ^ndbavebim b^re i\xt ^Archon. 
But tbit wiil b tiAali^ ltthiiit iiye^eisafifter' tbb f «f il earner 


'•n I Mi'. 

i.»;' • " . •: i ii'. ? 

•56 Ar$hd9hgi^Ji)tic£».'LiiTkiStB. iXaf^t, 


•?• C AR I. 

HAving taken this care to fee the Marriage of Jircr 
ielf, the Bdocation of bis cbildreii , aodthtelK^ 

SECTIO. I. J[^ Jl nourablcJtariidoftoBoay^ iiiwilt*eeKpdacd, 

that nowJt/ay fomdwbac ip coniintiidi^t^ of 
bii condition ^aiMl con^rniKg bisicnantter'^olLxie^ iwhtt 
towards tbe gods , or cawards Kftn. OCbis>^afrriage «H 
wards tbe ^Gdds bcMUfe tbcre bas been fiMoetbing aires- 
dy done in tbac kind , I (hall not fpesk / fo iargel^o oidf a 
word or cw0.| or loore of tbe co^ms vd^dm ^fflhMtiM 
to, andiilSwear4ngJ^j|&e,godsi:a»dtliaif Ihall j>i^ 
to bis aAionsiowtfOsiMen V erbetber lits » frfiends in miki^ i 
mer'ry with bis eqaalls ^ mA giiring to tbe Poor; ortwBiit 
tni^s in waging of War. , Tbis-Treattle, becanfe' of tbe 4i 
verQtyofiubje^/ I have 4tvidedi|^ibrce«fcirer«ll 
AioD«^ tbefirft of SQppliaatiQn,^alUd«tiei 

Tbe perfonof a diftreffed Petitio^V as aMb^fedllM^. 
•or tbe like) whether 9e addrefTed bflmdlf to men, or to tbe 
|[ods,butefpeciailyirtotbegods, was to be lookt upon as 
iacred and inviolable* as appears by the Oracle, knt frofs 
V9dw4*s Vocall Forreft to the kthtnUm , related by PahI-h- 

B^'/xtf i:/^jr, on ^ htiM<hufjunt6\\%ki\v(m^ 

Tor it be came flying to (bch or fuch Altars as t((|(re ap- 
pointed tOhcAnf^o^.^one might touch bim upon painofexile- 


Bt And tbcrefcw it it Out F^yJofmin JEmripide^nkk^ 
it focb a^grouad foc.bis'coiifideacci :*kit% he 

fkr of. So in aootber Tiigedyi, prben fitlendv kcpc iuUi^£ ''^^ '' ' \ 
opon the Bed for her rcfiigc , JUtmtldHi *^ K^ondf in^ thcrcatT *^ '^ "^ 

^nd no wonder tktj %\m fled to^ Al<^ , \cr cbat ffib^ ^''*^ 
feared to meddle with, or co fliy aoy b(^«icer tbein t ^c4& 
Becaufecbey tbougbctbe blood would heapon tbem Ibac 
fliould do icyea tbwgh tbe Soppticants were already dead ift 
Ibe ta w>For fo tbe Chtruf in Im teUi Ct^i^gi, tlithm ^Uds 
4mj P^titi^nfT $tti pMP to dMh ?%we (iatel l^J lmr^1<iBJkh^ 
gBdifuMjonekjUMfet'^erff - v » *\\ 

tby blood fliall^e Bpon bfiiL ^ ' ' 

^Inrpmudi ttuitagreat many eVcn amoqg tkiMiBCfng>ttte;> 

£idors tbui prme^d irom tl^e Zjw; anditimfiBqoent^efii* 

cougi^ad to the irymfif^jffhny were bold : to > comptarin vi itUo 

liQJttfticeofit , as yon bare iM m tbr7r4^^^/;tbtit > /^ t it 

, tldariuf • Stiff W JwW yitt/AVf nptkt 

(1 fetid befcure^ /W^ib^r/iirrir.' becanfe 'cis tbougbt that nor any « 
of tbe Alurs Or 7/iK^^/r/tiaitbia privtledge,l>at^taly fix,t^r«, 
Mifericirdsd, Mimrv^e, Etmenidum^ MnnkbU, and two of 
7i^/^ Teiqplef ^ooe witbtm «nd ocher^ithoac tbJQiWlllir. 
Tbe firftof tbefc fQaiefay>was riieiirft A(:jiims ibattyeAwli 
mwi^i crefied ^y Hmules his Grand- cbildrtti ; to 4>refiervfe '* • O ) - a 
ijiem from tbeii! enefif)iei, according to ihiOoi Strvimidd 
:t/£nS . Pofi^MamJfircMlts wiirm^il i terrid^mpottt tjnt timt$h 
Hi i»fi^ ttrii qmQ$ avus ^ffUxeraty Athenufibi primi Afjlit^ '* 

dHci.ktk example imitated by oifeer: peopU, :i8lfnoft 10 ewjr 
^Country .B>r cbey cbc^t that other wife a beaftifaad a fafer 
f Ifkk -'--- condition 



?S8 Arci^gU^Mi^ilt.^Li^t^SiSf:^^^^^^ 

fiaiuii ^Sf. Buc is be now-fefefof eiret^ yei, ufvltfi t%ty mtde 
AAre^^nd buiiu htiaouD of t^e bole^as wc ufe lo do E^les.&c, 
In Rqd, M-J- 4nj^ttau lie is */d*ii« c hre»ta^ t* 40v ^ 

Zkr^aire'<n^'<9P jS^-^ wwttch cte Scholia^ tl^e^, E5@- 
JtteIf.^a»^Ji*«ut»ftuVw^^»€5yq^^ And yet aillxinci 

IN: Pedt'roMcn were not fio^ffani of ai^re, as appeartby>he 
Aaite^BVirri V«^nA th^y fcftv^f tv^fifr flying to hmfih^ iht 
t\^iot*^\^ for tldrogc'^s T^if ^i^^> <^ Wb«n Veittg 

lojpioT fliekerOtberMrife none tbfc il^d thiVher coJBHd be fo 
- :.;.: . wicked , bat they counted brm wdrfc that flioald meddle 
With him. Infomucb rim tboft' ^Itc^ kiii<?d cbe Toiloweri of 
G!||ii^i^^]cti«^ xb^pbiadineibcfaiC -Tffn^tei $f it/i^f^^ ) |feJ 
ct«f^th09{k3tabdififfl jMc^gj^tCDbe Atauti«r^rt>ei^^amr 
ilkhifthiriqrTiaidali Ltebee ftitb. Txnir^^ ^e^ 

them, calleditV/riSdiwV^^^ fttontdfay , hhlid^'&s '^ Av^S^^/ 
fufflicamn. Prophaooii laid,for it was no better than pro- 
fanation according!^ thfi Fo^t^^ ^^,ium% m/^dbeGariands are 

G A-P; ir.- / ■"■' '''^ 

mertiOfed to go whfr jf^flS 
'JEvittfi OaarianAvahoot^iir iwcks^or gretA boughs inkReiif 

011 ^/»i!^^&r/t^tO'bdget refpeft,aiid atmift tbit bebolderf.Tbo^ 
green boiigii^ are caittd by the. feirerat namef of;ddy«^o^ mt^i^ 

I In Attl, Vi A» iJt r ifjis^^^ i xf/ijae^i x3l %Jii^ a^ fotMti mCS^tintei*; for h Ifhigt* 

**^^* njifs wahi»fi^ thmr, cdld^ b« Father five wooM flttkr W owft 


Ifl ttliafe bos^ cfaey.{M:,w^^ 

tailed AmMi^^^k^t^ff^ Um^* ;. a ^ . . :; , 1 k a 

. . htyal'f.jjL^^ The ^oolwasnotty'd 

mnd fofaftned to cht bo^^s^ hoc pmiy wreathed tnd wr^P* 

. iped «ip in them: tnd ( it caay bO tbe rcfpre it : WMf ibaf, fe^ 

f^r^in tbe Tragedy o(ibe T^f^^jjr^ff^ 
^ •calledit i/^<7»i /Mw«r >v>^«/£r tb$ 7)!jft^^fwibf*lr^^j^/. ^Tjc 
. Jtmiums afed facb bougba (00, fif tticems, fop Tir^^ faies. 
famdjHt orntPKfs ademjtf^ iff , Vrbe f^tiM ^ ..... \ 

Aod £it/jf j^aki af lihe )ik< pra^ftiK^e gf ]tbc4)co{)Ie of iUEyi^^ 
th€bai!ghsivcr«ctthicrof;4WrW^.i;>/^^^^ -.ijl; -^t • > 

f ii;fi, becaatfe botfatbofe kinds iaiTB.jt^a*^i!i^;jai»/<^ra/P m- 6Su;fket<4.i» 
:^ermg.tni iberefiwre 4£iMni^Ww givca the tetter thcEpit^c ^^^•«-V't4J< 
idaitne^lQ'* 2ly« Becattfe tbc Laorfl waa a jSgQ of frtvaiUnj^^ 
andtbe^ivcof pease %jdA gpoi wUL49:i^4^4ii^f^^^ici^cr 

thofeb6iigbi,ifitey(ifrei«doU^AiUo^j^cAY^ili^ M^o^(<^ ^ 
Lbat tbie kptti^ of cbe o^tf ^^ooi (1^^ {^{;]i^op«f^ t»: <4 the ua- 
- me or tbe God^jaft at ;i Xiutrum 4id,i^9pt¥ wS'K^$^iii9^\xt 
ifbopdb&ntb^ bsmU i *Ki(%iTd^^A\^ 6(^\ 3i)««r, And if coa. * I>loii,HaIlc; 
5fidtDtv^lcbcrA/i»^aiid^beifJk^fe,^V^^ It is fej^ by J|; r ^^^ ^ 

fto touch itA<»i7bit b«»ai Mrb^n |)e Mai^^ifti^ K <?4/^ of fijjj. racU 

«efiGe fortbe t^ginttA} that wlteo t b«^ ddKni^ .^be par clc^ 

tonftnt^ they touched the bead to have Jt ^iv^/vrr^^ ^ wbenl^s 

help, bis ib^/^iW band; when fiicceire, the knee. The laftl 

know no great rtdfon for, but Hij^orj enougj^vcn fi^om the 

JVjUkm/ ffifipfihn bii9&4^' H^mfffs g^^i^Jgu^dam rejligh r 

ftbandance of fpirits io tbeboUow of the J^nee ^ ifru^e wU 
$f^fu£iAt» And therefore Homer mallet the iJuMc PmioF 


- 23Bb • 4rckeohgU AttiM. Lik 6. StH. i ; €iifr, t, 

ptiiiontrsGcds f ie good is tifat ofH^^nt if«w in w <ef 

iFthcPtttttohcrtwfrc very fearfiH', acd tbie perfons of 

very great quality , cbey would Itow lb low. ai to kifle bis 

Xtaoph.1.4. • 'feet: as ihole dW toCyrks^i^H iL'mpoi^k¥^i^ ^^% ^ ^tu%, Jc 

^ was cifh^t tins kiffe.or a kiHe of tbteir o^ti^band, wbisb ibey 

- ttii\wfyfxttmfA^ it f/Avotf'^iigf- 
p^tk) r, $ iik^^Khr^^dLisiKw. i i bavi^ read of a' kifife of the Ittod^ 
when tbey* didtbeir reverence to the Godsywiebpocciog the 
fpre;finger over the tbuntb (perbdpr upoiMhe middle ]oynr> 

-Hirbich tbey trfed ia<(tisi rating*' tbt nuinber of tea ) and tbto 
givihgatin'fvonthi^Jf rijght l!aiid;as4tista^f/^^^ . . 

. ^~f, ThifaMpIacteforiiPefieioderwfoentoo, as4wc^^ ib 

' tb^ Gods { as I have ali^eady told ybo< ) wa t theiieartb or tbe 
fifie, whether thfcy prefect ly fah^, when <tbpy came^ to any , 
^Hrahge place itf ir^h^el^OF exitetiiJefii,^ to; tbeiuiely -Altkr of 
^ tbb heaft , «M ^ gods f 6r^eo(HFoF \ nccordisrg t o : t bat of 

^ V i^/iffrj^i9f/4Jr/;rv«Whepd)iy(badoii(ic«f^^ 

in tbe imc9, tit as idoabfttf a fibfloreai^Yn^Iitrbc^'^cbey ««! 
liot tfen thifr HuHth^fot piViy V<^Mitbefl wlis^itlfit^iiilomeiD 
lib do : For tbofe- i0Uny4^^)& - lotid enotijgb ;» bad an gy^ 
w«ould ferve for bearing. 

L!4 Arm. itits wa^^b^iptadiceoFt^/jr/ff/ attllil^idofitf of ^^/a^Mund 
jOdyfcr. bf Tben^ifiockyttihe hbukot Adiif»kf ibnt fo as firftiby ttic 
.Tbwydid. ihftrudidn oF thfc Qaeeh; be toolrtbe Kkjgs fitt4c fon along 

Wltll bim for bis^gtkaf d^ Hu^dia (ikyhtw i^ fiottov «^/o9 cfyc^nj^jiN. 

, 7»r "iytijif 099 m<Adjf ^NioxftwaTr , the Oflly way ii ar/r 4^^;!^ ifc 

Jftt^hgU^tic£. Lih. 6« StH. i . C^. 2. t6i 

> If tbc^ iScd C0 thegSds for refbge or (or be^,ilieir fafliicta 
^ii7as%0 epitrowi) libcAUartwitb Gariatidiiand i)ic&to jpray 
?(l»ciJb€ti defirn migbt be'crowned wttb focccflc. 

, Tbeir u^faall geftoce in praying , wat to bold up: tbcir ^m 
tight toward Heayea, at c^M/f« faicf ^ , EuririHcIei^ 

N Pnfity^ 

Bistt towreft (beir&rtf^/ as ftr ai tbcy^cold upon their 
wrefts^ AccordiQgtocbatofcx£/p4^/w» where he faiei of 
PromtthiHs^ that though tbei gods bad tyed him fail to cHe 
biil.bift ftotnacb was fo greaC|tbat b# faid he fcorced CO fab- 
xnit Of ^wivHmibmfmfinis^ mih kinded hgitds likeWometi 

apd chi/dren s TofeuHfiP^^BH ^niayidtm ^fSr. 

Hpw fometimei if they obcatnedtheir reqacft, and it were« 
inattcr of confeqaence , yoaihould have them relate it to 
the Srie(t of the Teiople to be regiftt ed .*, or write it down 
wjn 9 "Btble ,;aod:leair^it befaind^faein ^ to ikew for a - tefti«' 
49ony_.: . 

c Kv. Ill; 

A NpnowweareinJetVcvcnout withanttlfmoreof 
Jt\ that which we have obferved in readiog , concerning: : 
their manner of iervtngcbe ir Gods. Their divine fenrices in 
rCfprft of the canle oroccafioni w^re i. lA)%rtuaw x^^^h^^* 
p^A fj^if'tpilt offer ifi£Sfiti\ku^om\^^ and paid for a vp" 
^t^ry^ortbelike, : i . ^ * ' 

znii$ommani^d bj\t\Ora€le^ , 

Ip,re^^pUb«ob}td( tbatistowbich of the- gods they Trach. 
.;^n;i ^ ' ' were 

<. .1. 1 • K 'h, »ibcr with the » Image oiVnlc^ ma 

^6-2 ArchdologU Atiii^^ Lih 6 SeB. t . Cuj^i^ 3. 
werie formfli ) tbey were (tout tkber i. ^Sv«x^^^^' ^^ the 

plowed upfor tbac purpafe. The I^tincsxttltedWiylM^liicb it 
they ufed when they facrificed to the HttHs^ ( for whom 
:they had alfo Hf«s>, Temples and PlaieS) and what not ). to. ^ 

made of clay , to fee tt 
mfQH grmtii^ mttcfa ia 
the fame manner. And 3 W To'c «^« Urf , to the ^oda- giMv 
ground , imCmyL^ » opon >Q AU^ rftif^d op bigb from the 
ground, which the LMina therefore called Altitre , and the 

*Soph;mTrtch:f «' V ^ i=^*^ ^ej^nd c >c»{*rifc^.as U it were a ^f;^«^^ 
c //vif»,or n^^^f.made op 01 earth caft up tog^thenTbe diitiafti- 
HeracU ' 00 betwixt C<»f/oi and i;^, is fet down by tbe SiMi^ on 

* ° ' cffivtrdfiefsi\^^s^4sirwere9nefiefUJe/f4fSft$^ 

\n of fome hearths tn the figure of a quddrofigle. ( Joft as they 
..... made their Ae^Vt»< ^wDefemtoeypowredfomeoyle& wine 
if h iaSF* ^^^ tempered it with the duft, to make cakes for the pivell) 
^^ * * .The occaHon given tbcm to make this : diftiodiM , woi tbe 
word fi vfuot **^y^i in ib^ AQibdr : wbercd poo faf iiotek ttut 
U^fix$ was there ufed in a large fence^for thehole^n mhit^ dt 
tbe concavitie in the top of the i«i^i^i^ for the fire. At the ma* 
king of a ^afiii at the makiag of a ftatoe to be wot* 
(hipped ) they bad a cuftame jn^eS^r % ^nyibfar ^*n^ c^ijnfb. 
m£\^^ for women in {garments of £(Y^rall colours, to carry a* 
bout pots of leverall lorts of boyled polfe , and offer tberco/ 
• L I . A • tp the t godf. » . 

floph.mPluio rr?*^'''^!l**^f ^ . 

They made ic comn^only of earth heaped together , and fo 
it may be called ^ii* or tHm$dui, as it nfea to be fonMitkiies 
oi afhes ; feme times of earth and blood tempered^ ttfgpthtr; 
fometime$offtone,aBdfometimesofwood. For tbe figure, 
it was fomctimes long»and fometimes fqusrej hot rttoft of- 
- ten <J Jt>t>c7Tf!iround: as tbe Tbcatret the market*plaees^ 

rfOdyfs. f . ^^^ iheirTa bles be.Tbe places where they made their 

AlcarSjWere ufuaUy M9iMMiet:^ihiglitflMi^{i^9iUf^oh* 

^fted to the beatbcoifh lfracticcs)roraccording:co cbe Scho« 
liaft upon tbcfc virords ^ 1 ScphaU^ff- O/vk Znf'H V'i.isf99 Wi^r . 

ftpittrs $tdme, or con/ecrated t§ fufittr^kecaufi the joi hting'tn 
kigB pU^e ; ' if Wat fit UfMrifice U him in a high flMC^^ CO be 
kcitd cbe betrir ; a» it waito tbe icrtdHaH godi 11^ a tso^ ,. ' 

tacome marer to chem. Befides tbe Altar in fucb a place , 
wa$ tbelefle in^ danger to be got up upoo, and profaaed^ aa^ • 
being kept ( astbefaineScholiaftfaics) Vi'^iiSiiAftf^ «/3£?a^'. 
' Tbifdiy> tn refpefi ^ctine; i^m do&y tbat tbcy bcr\&^ 

feiftOtbe2irr0fV«&rJbC^'9w«f cM^Vj^ f>. 1 ,-.. 

ibers in tbe tnoriiirtg. ^ ^^ ^ ^ P'^J^- ^Wfe- 

Laftly,. i&refpcd of tbe matter or the ibir^facrificed, it 
was eitber ^ {»ft>r of /i Wi^f cr eatures , properly called ^H f , 
or elfe oftbiogs infh$ftt hTe>aB(l thofeekber ^p«» corn , ^. . 
ami flower, or r u?(*yr wee , a«- Wine, ot Mflfce, or Hony ufu-E J^p ^* "^ 
ally called by ibe name of ^tu ^be firft /^)m Ao^as could not 
<ndare,a$ tMiiking it inmaiiiran to kill-atiy tbieg^ and fo waa^ 
ail for bis </>» « 9vV(rr«, wbereinr t^ere was no blood^or y ^^ r«r 
^uojf { as Thucidiits calls tbem> wbert tbcre was no Imodk^ 
w « tiiW Af^ »v(;:i*, wberc tberc was^no wine. Bat every one 
^Ite atmoft Uk*ckto<^ well, ^nd no Ibcb glorioBa a bu/ineffe^ ^^^^ 
i^'M'WttKii^QUya vfhelt t^fsrni fdcrijku Somotinaes greater 
Aan a SMt^etduralid ^ and conflHinffof a Sowv a ^\l\ » 
Ramme, and a Goat : and fometimes rat are<^p% of a Sow,v 
Rammeand a Goat. I bardly believe tbey ever went fo high 
asanbandrednotwitbQanding-^7iMfARt< i^^r^iC^ Our of 
every facnikeonep'^weniforafeefo tbe Prytanes, or 
Comffliffariea, unlefle tbt^y were robbed crf^tbeir doe: as ic 
feemstbey werefoftvcimes, bybimintfae Poet , tbreatning: 
10 complain of one tbat did fo ,. 


a£^ Areb^loj^U Anient. LH* 6iSeH. t Cafl 4. 

•• • ... ■ • • . 

De j^itmribm^ & fbrxnulu JMrsfiM; 

r ', -> I 

•• Hcftod. l^P*©- an OMtb. (che fon !pf :jffri, wdyH Aeen^ ^fM 

♦Ep.adHeb.^. \J conUritien) ^^% of twofort?,^/^* ;^w<»&*4 f<»v*« » ^^^ 
*^' greater andtb^ leffc^ The greater oath wai either of men by 

Idem.mThce. S)e gods^or the god$ tbemfelves. by the StygUn Lukf. 

Which is the caufe why fome fetch che word ef^^ /fif path, 
. from Or^4M H^//.This Oath was then invented by fupwjLnd 
prefcribed by bim to the reft of che gods,w,ben be b$d the af*^ 
fiftance ofSfjA^^zod bis fons againft the Thdns ; or when be 
dranke of tiie water, to quench bis thirft in the figbt. Servi. 
MS fay es (out of Orpi^^irxjtbat if any gpd bad fworee (alfe, or 
jbrokeniiis oatb when he fworeby 4f//«v,be was to be ppniftr 
cd for it in bellnine tboufand yeares. W^hipb order^ even fuf, 
fiter bimfelfe fubmitted to,and ther efot e cook the more cara. 
l^ow htSw^rt,^s MinMtiM tilf^s i DeftinaUm enim fibi €um 
[m QuUmbus peeitam frnfcius perhrrefcif^ .He that fwore ei- 
cber of tbefe waycs wasproper ly iaid to 'cf^vv «9,and to yeild 
bimfelfe up to tbe^niercy of tbofe that were able to puniftt- 
biro^if be called them t<) witnefle tbac which wascoptrary tO: 
bi% kp$ivUiilec^ bit jifMffilai^. Sotbatibmetimesitwas cbe 
cuftome to adde an imprecation of fomeevill) wberewith he 
knew tbero able to punilh bifn,if ibcy iwore falfe: As Tthmsir 
4;hMf.doc% in Homer. 

1^ Jovt^andtheforrtfrnj ofmyFdthtr. 
€ InElcft. Tbe ly^fv^ff/ oatb jwas commonly by fui^j^xid bj my Uify 

^Una, as * Cljtemneflra ufes in Buripiits ^ ](jtJl^viw JimnnrAi 
HT^fMf, much like the fuperfticious oatb of Bj my Lddy , a- 
mong fome of us.Tbe gojls,by wboip the mtn were to iwearc 
by the appointment of «f0/tfif»were three (or if you wili , 9be 
Jupiter o:ki > with three names ) vU. UUt& , KieVpr/O- > 
«af2d EJax«'»«©-.JFor that jf^pitar was the proper Csiffis jurn- 

ArchMhgU Atk^i. Lih. 6. Se3. I. Cap. 4. 2^ ' 

mnt^rum^ (m I may call bim } if ic do not appeare, ( u (omt 
lay it do«»)in tbc word JMsjttrdtHl^m^ ^udp 'fo^u jttrandmm, ic 
m\\\ fofficiencly be proved by the plaine teftinaony of cbc 
Pocc, thatfaks, --2S»«t ^* •« frx^r Eurip.Mrf.' 

B«t fo farr^ vktt tbey from being contented to fweare by 

Hone but ^^f^er^^baMOt only any Piher of the ^oJf, but any 

of tbeirown men lately dead, and thoagbc tobedefiled» did 

ferve the torn t at when Demofihtnes fwore by 7»\9 &# u^^ 

hSft t th^fe that vdlientlj Seit in tin hftU 9/ M^rsthtn. 

So^etimci for over macb bafte or confidence , or fome focb 

iftafon , cbey left ic to the party ,to whom tbey fwore, to « 

cbofe any of the gods, whonfoever be pleafed to be tryed 

by : ifl jtbif manner, tyiftj^t S -ini ifl di»»,af we lay , lie Uj 

«#ia -mhii^ y$m wiil. This forme you oiay find nfitd in Plmo 

]mFhcgdr$i and Afifttnttm \n\A%lSif\^koi^Etixitbim to 

\Fjthe4s. Somecimes the/ fwote by many gods together in «IL. i.Bp.a; 

the plHrall number, without fpecifytng wbojB they meant. 

And fonetimei by all their twili^e gods^ ( ai the Ldcedim&ifh 

MS Mhy their two i^itii.Cafli^MdP^Unx ) b|<rf flr\J lb Ariftooh. 

J& A«« ^^(- by the while ietry ejthegeds. ( neither tf^OBu j 
tioneft,oor ttoe^ooly they thou^ tnem to hcAfajeram gen^ 
item fit the higher ho«fe,and Doee conjentes^ and fo tbey pac 
them together- J Other times again; tbey i wore by this or 
:^t god in parttcolar^co whom either the affaires tbey hand- 
Jed > or the place wnoreio they were, efj^ciatly belonged ; 
cxpreffing his name.For fo in the Market in buying and fel- 
ling , or the lilce bafinefTe, cbey commonly fwore this Oath 
;fi^ Erf4u»* f* A>#f«ror, hj Atergftry. Bnt then yoa (hooid have'' . :^^. . 
fome that oat of meet deifUUmnjive^M fay no more than jjml ^'* 
W * Sj&s. l^K^&Wp^sa fwlpi^ifSf^i^ with a c religtoqs 4 piiJ,Ncai. 
uefoppfis , forbearing ta name the God* Hitherto yo& may 
ttdwtihtc^tbhi^M^^hitfelU^ d^<I^W»M0r im with 
ntl before it, in the Poetf^ was for aa afirmattve oatbiand fiif 
for t negative. : ' .,^ 

^ • *• • * r J . 




r iM(|i^^jjr^r.cQi)^i}C Iwir.coliti flr!tiipi«^eolwc;90iild gee her 

. wsficitlftr by^hrivite ititfou8fii^tittetneiit>^he feaft^ort^'a. 
i* pnbii^efpeed) in cfae €a^mkMi.}lsil^ck fpeecb, V thfe party 
^yed indrbactcl/was to be ^ade by onrappointed by cbeMa* 
r gi&rjfic;/f Qrdbarily UieJ^tbei> offrdnt of tbe^^Kia /and tl^c 
t jtotjofai^ aitbtibtna:o£ biu!i^^,lliac teiicry'yearai&ef i^i C^^ 

nis^ut fci^^iuA die rccitArinece^'e'fiti - .. . 

.iRiCjfitft that b^gan th^ wftom^^^f malttng fpeec*'cs,foinci 

< :lreiieaai»i0tbc(2^^/^ofMry^^ 
«fiict^era| fpecdtosMh^ 
>.' ^^ iPi(f«»Jfotb^fac¥^aivdiitoiEi^ ttixler dft 

, : Kim Ibvf^ ^ik vexed ybn^^iwiih 1^ ttodk^ns company of 
i»ppMriea^(>radifed bv ifee iiabappypc^pJcirfrfiof^ime^, iL 

yoQ fay, if I bave cbat yet lefcc wl^ici^: miA fftMfi^y^niHMr-ii 
muchiViZu That evien they thetnfelves for the moft part,ef!ee, 
mcd thofc praftifes^l^t^impr^^it^tt^io the dead, and vain^ 
and fooliih in tbe may appearria ihtfioxdsof HetMs 

ad.vvii47, AmS i mi ^ y5ff|»4|4p«Jt, fi&0(i 9 • 

- '. ; (i I tWnK it boots tbt .dead ibeteaft of aJI ; - . 

I Hw rkb 05|jpor$bcy baTC/tbeir ftinaal^^ 
cj si^ .Ti%|h*^(vki^Siyanks,fop^ciiiiito,call : :: - ■ . ; 
IteMfAli «idiiP9(«d of ^tbe bpd/y i^bcy mqrned hamk. fbr 

m§MM^^ AtK^ «9!fi9t i( few i^ Kni^ o^a 

^' ' r^ } ^ " " Pxiacc 



,wbore 4iiki they imagined J^*^ ro ht cimied lino 

.btarenQpoa SagltsmMiJ i and tberrfore was it; that they ^ 

were • wont to honour them with the piduret of Eagles. So. . .,, , 
jitRomc when they buried an Etnperoor,they uM to let fly rj^'™'^-*'**^^ 
«fl fiagle o wr the grave. In allnfion to this Ljufbrtn calls 
a<r|^'<&/ ^JiK ao I^le, beauff he urried abotrt i7ie?ori b^ 


» • » • . . . 

I - 4 

B' Eing come hotne, they fell a {mrging And Lufirating^ tbc 
6omje with brimflojbe; and themfelves, hy going through 
the fire,or fome other luftration • for there v^ ere fcverfl forts 
thereof and if} have leafure, I may chance toipeak ofiore <rf 
it.Tbn&I remember in the Poec^ 'tis faid tl^cy did lotheKings 
honfiD^bq was {|[aso by Hercules ; rauoding.the Altar witbt 
Basket^ttud dippingcbe(/^i^or intheix)Iy-waceri and I know 
not what inore. f 

Aftet^thi^ tbe^ k^ a Vcaft, »? Vce£^!AiT#a# Stlicermum.ot cir' 

emm f0$Mfii^im^m the maimer is with fome ot us: Thofe that 

weA! aeiCyW^e Oftrlands. as Ciau ikyes^ ^^4;^ w^^iir fMrin* 

m HlfeiiJirK The colour rf their apparrel was white:c?' quisOiy^tf:. ' 

fnufMm cmnsnnt 4tr4tHs,hyt% ♦Cwro But how is it then that *^" vatidinwi, 

/ifowfrroakesT1^**rtogoallinbiack to Jufutr about the »^[^'^'_ 

deacb of her ^ $0 1 remember Admitusm "Evrifida bids 

tbam nHNifif ^ ^^e/!&<r, Wutx^viWiS^K^ r^^f , in black : and 

ffikm WrikUtitm celebrated the funeraj' oi Adonis w%99^^^ 

in a ikjc9imt($i^'g(Biwn. ferchaoce tbey wofe black no longer 

domh tUMt eame to thefeaft: This feaft they renewed again; 

not only nine day es after , wheatbey caUellitftfftfTii^ and 

thirty day'es after, whm they calted tc ^siAn^^i^ii^ (when 

thtjr (iienfioed to Miriur^y that hi* might carry their fDHlea 

m the jb/^#i)bn^aUb upon*the dii>o£bis deathtevesjafcer-caUw 
^;;v A 113. ing; 

t$4 ArcifMgidj^tfC^. tih^tdp^l^^. 

iiig k nialC^9 tod upon the daytof biibird>€iUing k C^tiOk. 

. Tbc comnion nanrn for all the fcaftsyor ibk cciiDSKra k&iftdl 

' for all the infernal viccs,and for all perfoiMiivfts Ki^i^rHt^ ufii- 

.ally kept in the Month oi Anthtfi(fion\t% the P^mtmiU Mcse 

')>y the Romans in the Modth oiFebrn^rji mpfuUm pMreM^t 

Jnintm w^f^ m^ttrcrtm, iviben the kifirtd e^^etiaiijjri { 4»t 

fdrcMs ) did {acriHce both to the earth and cbe^a4Oaadtr.JR0 

and the ghoft« of their Parents , or their Aoceftors above 


'. Of ail theft funeral rites that I have named ^ none that had 

been an enemy to the perfon deceafed, ttiigbt befaAereid co 
•bear any part- as appears by the worda 9f£/cBr4io Chyfiz 
;ii&tff»Af forbiddingiier tofacnftcd, / r : . :" 

Nor lo poQcb at coine deer the grave . aa Vljfes m Sofhodn 
ii iorbid to do to the gr&ve Ot Ajax. Nay locb waa SefuU 
•thrdii^faHSudi, (fates TmUjJ that no ftrdn^r oiighc be ^ 
fered todoit,fi>rfeaf Ke miht be an eocmj. Moreover i 
law was made to forbid any one to take away from, or adde 
any thing more to the modunieatii than what waa a4ready 
And now it is lugh time to leave the body to the Af^gtk 

f il« {' 4if death, f for fo * Hoitkr calls the grav«) (o ^/Mina iil^ 

^Atef , by the never fatiified teeihof Nogry *3ME^ ; ^^09. 

PfaL4^. J 4* iu(JtSivtiiif&bt^t k buricd,and Jaid in $, Sdr^(hfk4ffH m the 

My of the earth,ts as properly {aid to be devowed » as wbic 
is devoured and inelofed in the ftomack of a Whdk or tfml'^ 
tMre\ or any ravenons creatnre, is cooamooly faid lo be Imri'. 
«d TJiitlW%Sfwt,fQt fo the V$UtMris ut ailed * viU^ifixi^ei^: 

Hermog. vhg graves * Nay theMetapbot is commonlyjnaderMidi t&\ 

iae& shemfdvecfome of wbomicves ^biir.molfiHiM^st^ vfm /r 
fmlthtfs, as well aa the bellyes have bees of otbefa. As that 
of Tcrem when he eat bis Soo. 

hxA^^SMmn when hedid Che liice. Nay bdog buried^ anA 
hm% devonred^bave been fouated fo iy Dooy oiokis^ dbac.(at 

Wiiote<l<>me;to>bare bu tttke,a (offlMl ottii odctiyftlL, tod ^ 

iitvinfi written ibeiDstb in a tabk.toftiiH iirivaMr opjEO^tbe 
ihiaMi,whli tlK cable abooc ber ofck. If ihe were duft,and 
had fworoc trae , dife water reeMioed ai it wat : bat if nor, 

-.'■■:• ■ 1 . ■ • 

2k fnjttrtireli^Bik 

- ' . ' ' . ' ■ ' ' . ' * 

If t mtn imidc i cmfcieici oft fwcarioc trifbt / &t wM 
coHbted rrligioni io(lccri,lnfemn€bti»t«u«f49, wat 
comroonly ofcd for ^oiiiSfc, ,il»Ku«. } 

Wbcrcif onthc«hcr 64c,wfc«thcy e»rc(fc4A ytry wicfei 

ed mM,t^ made oft df iHe *ord V»f*^ f^j^lmif. And» 

therefore Arifiephancs {h ntAUm Jf^zkitig of /ifiVw light* 

nings and cbnnderbolcsi^wbkh fome faid^ tHat they did more. 

barf t0}btii^ickfd than lo others, ftiei he. iI«h ^i^a »\i. e«}; 

itum^f ffriMredmin art 6n(f IjaUf^ H klfir^tl^ fcWv^Wf/ it l^ 

fMJft $ba^^€:feinjmmA'^4Tbf^dirmAfc^tij[^ *%t •r r^ th^ • 

p&rOdkf trie id fc often hurt t-^ JfU i^i^tH^^^^^ ^f? 

t'fr ^f prjurU^ Socb as were common and cnltbinary fvirea*^ 

rers,tor ijl well as ill keeping of oatbes, were bran* 

ded with the name of tmSiiiloi from h^J^H^t {itxihHtfjchim) 

the place where tbe oaths nfed to Seadmimftred.Now for 

^% poniftment of fuch vile perfons.tbey Itappofcd the furies 

every fifth day to have a vifitation , and to walk the ronnd* 

for that purpofe : according to that of ^ Weftod. ^ Did^ j 

Mid.tberefore Atrntmnw, when he Iwore that he never bad 

Ll$ w 

• \ 

L I B Ell 5 EX TVS 

• 3. 


C K% I. • 

'?-''. • . ^ :\ f* • M^V :>' 


AviDg taken this care to ire the Marriage of 4irfxr 
ielf« the Blocation of bis cbildrefi , andtttokio** 
SECTiO. I. J[^ Jl^ nourablcJteitloffcif Body^ itwilt*ecxp«a€dv 

that oow.l/ay fom^wbac ip .coniKit&dtTttKif o^^ 
bii conditioD , and collar oi^g faisioiaoiietiicri Lxfe^ ^ekheri 
t4>wardftfaegods, or cairards Men, 0£bis4:arrriage (<o* 
wards tbc Gods becanfc tbere has been lomethixig alrea* 
dy donein tbac kind » I fiiall not fpeak rib iarfely.^ ^^f^ 
word or tw#.) or more of the ciiflbnis vM'm SufpIhstiM^ 
to., and in SwearingJ^ ihe^gods^: tod thai f Ihalt •pro^acd- 
to bis aAionsiowai^Meni #betberliisi friieods in mJUiidg' 
ner'ry ivitb bis cqoalb ^ «id giving to the Poor; ottmBot^r 
tni^s in waging of War. Tbis^Treattie, becaafe' of the di* ' 
verQtyofiubjedt/ I have 4ifvidcdiq|p' three* ^qra4l Se^/ 
&iom^ the firft ofSoppliaatiQn,<al]ddi pthem JMitftl>i^. '' ' 

Tbe perfonof a difireffed PetitiooM *( as atKabstiM^tlSe^; 

or the like ) whether 9e addrefled bnmdf to men, or to tbe 

gods.but efpecially if to tbe gods , was to be iookt upon as 

lacred and inviolable! as appears by the Oracle, lent frofft 

[ Dpd$n/s Vocall Forreft to the hthtnian9 , related by P4$$td' 

Tor it be came flying to fuch or fuch Altars as ^reap- 
ipointed to he A^\o/.4ioae migh t touch him upon pain of exile- 


peat And ibcrefcm it jc tbit Toyiofmin JEmripideijAim 
ii focb a^grcmiid for. bircoafideace : *i«(es he - 

^fkif^m J"* i^iis^i m^i/^i wipnQt i'-Thii AlMrsmre^mi . , , . 
f4r 0jf.So in another Trtgod/., joviien Hilensv kept bai^^ 
npon the Bed for ber refiige ^ Mmilsmt v. wondf injg^ thereat, '^ ^^ "^ 

ft^»^ii4r(^faieft be) i^ /f /^4ri ¥fMntj^- tiittbe Bmrh^n m$dt? ^ Hitnp. Hti^ 
Jlitid 00 wonder ^ife/jbos fled feo^Al*^, tor that frfca^^^^^ 
feared to meddle with, or to fli}r any bdS(^«ieer them t^^c4i& 
Becaufetbey thought the blood would heopoii.tbem that 
fliould do it,yea though the Sopplicants were afarciiy dead ift 
ibe l«aw>For fo the Clmnt^ io Im teHi Crrii/^ il9e3mrfithits 
mjP^M^mr ube fUPto dunh. Ttwe (Aieil \^yimt^i<mBfiiH 
kjJUdif ihijdme LsmN^ jm/»^r(tct)ltet}beCboiiis>^r j^ 

Thybio0dfliali%eaponbfflci. ' 

ilQfpmucb tluitd: great many even iiin6qg^ifa^n|M4(& 

furors tbuiproteAed iromtlfeZjir^ aoditnfiB^Qenily en^ 

coa^fi^ to tfae tfsimfii^ffmy were bold : to coaipbrin :df idto 

> iQJuftke <Mf it , as yoa bare Jmi ia thr7r4^e<;(f ;tba$ > : ^ . ' t 

eiafr^H^r >«ie«. ! : .j • ::> 

(I faid before^ /Wr^^r /i^rlr: becaafe 'cis thought tbac not any $^ 
* of the ^/Mr^ or 7^a^f /r/hadthi» prWiledge,l»at^l3ly (ix,t^i«. 
Miferic9rd$£, Mimrvt^ Eftmenidum^ A/MmbU, and two of 
X^f¥^ Teniples ^ooe withm» ind other^ithoac tbaiWltk* 
Tbc firllof tbefe (QiRe4ay was tlie^firft Afjims iba(*veAW^ 
Biad^f creSed kfffercuUi his Grand- ehildren , to prefiemt -''^ *^ ^' ^ 
tbem from their enemief^ according to thit^ oi Servimiad 

ta infidiiu Hri q^s dims iffli^irai^ Atheniifibi primi vf/)/ir, - '^ 

h^ ^JW'^^^ mifericfrdidjr/dUcdrHntt mtdcn^llfts f^H. gbm ]; ^ ■' 

^)yrj« An example imitated by otberi people^ :ialfnoft in evirrjr 
^xmntry .for tbey t ho^ig^ tbac other wife a beaft^ad a fafer 
f~ X k " ' condition 

272 ArcbMhgU JttiCJl.Xii. 6.SeBf2^ C^fl ti 

coorfe. For there It £u«v)iir «I^ a^^mc faiei The$fhrsfim] 
gnd theif m Wjor4s » iit«{cll at in iDCtc Md IhriilL ^rf)f ^ 
f Imum calif it ^%yii9 71 fii(Am^fiuiftg ^ ^^ris^fU^um^ctmtim 
fermoms.hnd it may be tbeymigbc be made fomeciinei co eac 
their words indeed , if tbey parted with fo much ai by all 
mens report tbey did. Fortbey wereroA«>#2iwoi ( ai the 
Theopr* Charafter terms them ) fo imployed i» r^ 09pfHP 7»t KSyt$. 
in diffimindnim a^ ff^ge^dis rummbHS •, aod were fo orach 
given to fpend tbeir lime in nothing elfe , but either is fe^r 
• Aft m"ii ^ tellfome new Mng^ ♦ that I wonder with what face , tWty 
" * ^* ' coQldcaflSt F4Si<.S«iffMA{;ir. Though I know fomc do ra- 
ther cbttfc to fetch theword&omA{>«irr0j^4ilvr ^ is the 
Srh«liaft on Jrifipfh. iatarprcts haj smff^Kiyui to be i«v> 

fk^^tm'^lJL'jf^tJiA ^vt'f%'^^fJim9tK9tfmi jy^ £11^7/0 ^tf^ifl^tf 

Tw m9mk$yiii9ui , fHchasw0Ubf^l^ofi things thsU drpp ^m sf 

^Mrringit, nndgMikirtbemnP. The places wherctfHsy net 

«nd difcoorfed werf eitber tne Batbs , or the Vaults , and 

the Porches for the better fort : or Trades mens ihopa for 

<€ht meaner , like the Roman Tdems ; NmiU Tnkrn^ mi^ 

<«/ Meat, mc pfU UM$t. Their meetings in this kind^boc 

efpecialty thofe in the (hops aid pkcea thcmfelves ^ afid die 

confabuiationf therein, thq^ called as^i, ut^tmit ^tjj^i iaitb 

EarifUis. And yet Sofhxlti in jtmsi^m durfl call the 

. conveficton indifted by tne King , by the name of Ai^^ too. 

Now ibofe ihops were commonly Perfiimera or Barberi 9 

whence the proverb KicMui h^xU nfed by PdjUns i.c 

Jiarbers tslke 9 {iMVffchy )Ljf likes tMb dnmeK Bate^ 

' f peciaily Smiths , and foih as made ufe of a Fire '^h6ng free 

for any that would warmc. themfelvcs , and withottt asiy 

40orc< I as the SchoUaft. upon thofe words in Hifi$d. L a. 

> Gooterntng.;t^t&rB^x)iv tLt^ri inhmiv ( &ith be) nuy^j^wU 

€0 this belongs that of //oasrr. 

CV/i OiA«t< ivAiv ^fiMiw tfi t/H/up 'sAl«r * 

Tbc4ikoiirfe wasfottfaemoft fart Jf ZmJ Csfrim^g 

tbey called it)^Jt<!^6^^ifiMtA^i^iOM^ii^ 

'^. /. ling 

Aii/« («>»V». WW**** 'isiftM^Iw , V A ^IchyUmEu* 

Af>«^F*«»'' The if?oolwa$notty'd 

Md fo ftftM4 w th€ boughs, but onely wrettb^d «nd wrv 

Acdao in them: and ( U.nay b^J ther«fpr« it wai tb«i«#- 

• iAr#lnth€ Twgedy ot A« Thtb^iWtmfn.femim^iWi;} 

- ^aJiedlt JVpii -M^.. ♦v>;.«Vgr tfa? T^JVSlmtf^ffJ', J* « 

/r«ii4>(/ oftd fach boueht <oo, pf U lecms, fof Tirj*/ laicj, 

fiOMltttordttKtSMiffi^.Pf.'Prbel^tiM,:,, .... 

VtlMirmis ottdV^tnt^ffertgMtn. . 
And £»v^ ^»ki of *e lik^pradiBC 9f jthc |>cople «f iJ*(i4t«. 
the b«ogte"*reK cithier of )jCf«»"'*/«r^ C>/*w. . .;,i,; • ^, . , 

■4ftmM;.aBd therefert *£«»»?«« g«»M the Utter the EptOjef e 
■ o£-'«M^. aly.flecaufe.ibe Lant^I waa a ago ol frtvmU»s, 
«nd tbeOliw of peace »od ^fxA.^iil^Ji^^^Jfff^^H' 

-thofeW^bi.if«bey.Wt«fdoab|.fiiU9£f:«Y*UiqgiWcf^ ^ 
but the kfni of the o^atf \«*on» ih?y |iwMon?A» w o| the fta. 
.^me orthe Godijuft a» < ZinfrwM didj*r/^ «/» is4M»»*»t ^ _. _ „ ,. . 

keomitiepr'a^on '*'''^«»^''''^' (•w»« w.^* ""J^W* « ButipjnHe.; 

fto tonch.»A«^b» haw. jwbenbe 0flak»/(» «i ff<^ .«f «fi- ' a*'- 

,cefle fortbe *y£iin9t4 ) that Wtieo ib«s deOf^ .*be ;partj«f 

ro»/w^ they touched the head to have it^n^utrt 4 when ^ 

help his i^/p»« band; whenfucceae, the koee. The laftl 

know no great rtafm for, but Hi/icrj enoogii^yen fi-om the 

lNiitms4t tfVW«» WnaWA if»*»>?* ^f»i*w ^f m^4* r<iJ«/w .... . ^ 

infi4bftrv4tmt&*t'imM[4f^*'*"H^M^ : 

ftbaodance of Ipiriis in thfrboljow of *«.Hn«e . /5r*^jff« .W«f 
iJfufiM.hnd therefore Hmtr mal^w tb^^*^*,?!* f ft^t»^ 



274 Aifcb£9bgi£ Jttic£. Lih. 6 StSf. 2. Cdf, % 

jk^Snt mhnSwmi.^9 wai wbCRtbey foyned or cttibM forii^ 
tod tftty one brougbc hb SjmUltim, bb f^rt, on die Iqp ia^ 
bii Symklum^ his fawn, or his fdrmfiwnh the snaflcr of the 
feaft. The earned was commonly a rinf'^ai Trf rim faiei^iUf 
4innmliJocm,umfu$ctfifiitntmm. And lomeCfOieaany othef 
thing: Which he that laid out the moR^y for the feaft, if be 
were not paid, or the p^ny did not ccene, bad power tofdtv 
or do what he would with ic The reafon why it was not fo; 
(oftly ^and cbofe that were at it.did eat fo fparincty-y^S JU ita. 
«r t^rrlu^ic^rS^yWas becanfe every one brougbc SisQwo prCir 
vender wtcb bim.and from tbence tbey were called w^tMum^ 
e <fo^4/f/; Sometimes tbey eat! fuch a feafting ndt^09h9i^, ftom 
p>)ning^t% we fay, Or chUini, or cdfiing every one bit ^f into* 

VtfjTi^f «Oifaies Tz^fttt ppon f Hefioi And fi> Ukewife foflkC* 

times ^ vstiit^ c/v?Trr#f,from amtf^f , becanfe the chargee 

came ftgttered:^ pr [mn by (everal bands , ^whicb is rcfem- 

bled. very we^^by tbe^Tfortr/^ toftitocedby Ntt^ Laftly^ 

'^b6a.La. *^e<<iC&(tbqr £e^y)bas been nfed for the binnxfiwfimfw the 


Of this way» of Feafting you baire t briefc and large comf 
acndation m Btfioi, 

Be not avaafe from common feaib; for there; 

The charge the leaft is, and the moft the cbeer;^ 

Sometimes yoaihouJd bavea coveconf fellow make bis jafuw 

his very wedMng dinmr \ in the manner of an If^vG- : and 

every one that comes muft bring bis part with bim , and be 

^ n%i(ri\9i ( aa Pltitarcb caBs the SouMier th^t gM 4 WMrfitre 

. , ^f fcV wn cojt,) This kind of feafti ng(l thinkvnay very well 

bi p)^e?"l ^ M»«d •*r /i«C;*. for ♦f fcrMs either when there is meat of 

at /fr/i,or when it is brought to ever/^ nom^ or when tbey fir 

*^ f^/f ,and every one takes whrfrc he likes. E**A<i*n»(fbr 

omV©- we have fpoken already ) nfed to be a little more 

coftly *»Ay7»Ak It was t^ cafled dtbar i. ftomhfwhif 

the foffhtg and rifling in it , or x From their gathering to<* 




Arcki^Jo£^ut Attics. Lii. <. Seff. 2. Ctp. t. 275 

^tber^ orGccingin c&mfmihs*^ in j^iiai?) i i{ii uxiiAfi^* 
i>paf , or 3. From tifAflu , tbe vntiginei or funds nfediii 
dances * r^f «^m tV acsi, The compaay at focb a feaft were cal* 
led ilA«njr«fq[}. Contrary co cbe manner of the BLomanf » cbe 
|K>or Women were left oy cbemfel ves alone in the ><fr«i^i* 
T/Af , unleiTe it were to accompany fome of their very near, 
Iriends : according to that QiComdim Nef^s^ in the begin* 
fltngof bii Book: NdmmqHi in cpnvivi/m adkikfur mfifr^ 
fin^H^rH^ncquefeJii nifi in inieriore fitrte ^HW^qiu ffttdcmiU 
tii AffilUtnr^^mmo ncceJ&t^ffftnquk c^iniui9nt f^jim^ 
(Imi. The ufi^I cuftomeiin featting were tbdfe. 1 • Tl^ nuin* 
hct bf the company wai not above thirty, and if there were 
more, there were certain oficen appointed for the piir* 
|H>Ie to dtfcommoii them • And to tbem the Cooks were |# 
repair , to be examined concerning the £ime. Befides thofe 
OfRcers, there was an ^irt^^s^ too, to fee bow oft 9 lod 
how macberery one drank. And if it appeared that amao 
wasany wzy i^^^te- orinteQiperite,be wh to beponifli'd bf 
the jire§fdffti. Which perbips gave ocafioQ cotbe Draor 
ken onthriftt of thofe times to call tlie Greeks (Kii^f^vi^w 
mad sv>Aviiw>^,.asif they were niggardly 10 their diet. &u; 
if diey wore indeed fuch biteJgge^ and commioHcbtters , as 
tbey makethem^ how cameit to pals tbatC^7 wasfo 
mach to requeft among tbem • ( mifip ^ • f*dyHej»ii « it is an 
liMOiirtble proieffion faica JUtumtus) or that tbeskill to 
.^byGck^Aflamoiny.aodCeometrytwatbwgbtforeq^ ^ 
€0 that art : or that in ancient tiioe, the Cook Ihooid be ode 
^f the cbtet officers at i Sacrifice, as they fay he was? the laft ^ 
Indeed, was very con? enient^ liftce a Sacrifice and a feail fo 
well agreed that commonly either the latt<r followed the 
lorinjer.or inftead of i0(ifitati9n$,tbey lent tfaMnr friends a pei<» 

«4s fooa as yon 
Xoi:hcNymphibaveptfier*d,gt¥e^to Mwfmto^. 




2y 6 ArcA^okgra Attica^ Lii. 6 .SeS. 2 . df. 3. 

C A p. ILL ■ • 

* , • • - - i 

... . . i. » •« 

' a ' ' ' 


Hcntheguefts wcrc*cbmc,tbe nuaripfcr of falucatiin 

for little boyes ( if any xime;^ was to take Aem ty 

Mlui.l.^.c.»4' the eafe5,as one would take a ^(#r,OTd*iffe them, at^rf ftcHa 

*kifle as this they called ^'rfA'-afot. The fSftiioii of kfffing ibc 

' Mps was but of latter daies, and ofcHlum tnay htcfcnlunt Dp(Jn. 

, any thing fd it be from the mouth\ Anciently they ofed to 

lay their mouth upon the jjycs^and fbftietitnes opbn the head 

or the (houfder, or tbe«cS!Uke the Jiw^es. Sometfrfjes they 

' went ho higher tnah the hari4, wHW zH \mbu6tl^oi the b^ 

<rnn Ar-a ^u Enihr acini was " the'moft ufoalt faitiiatioh. liifomuch tftit 
pSc,"* • rif you wHI Relieve the ••,!;cho!^^^^ 

' coriipellatlftfltO-i^cb'as they rtf|)ifted utas Tifua?ly«^;*-t^/r 

^TTiil the meat caime t p;t he 6tarfftS fjpenr their imei m oBftr- 

• ^ * ' "ving add comdcndingtbe cb^Viiijiehcfciof Ifie houfc;and We 

bouOiQld ftnffeV ?rf(f cfiefik^^'i^ . 

tfie c(^/i*vi^-xi5 t^Kthe Itlafter Oftlte bottf^fliall I Ay, Wtlie 
»<*ix,l.z.c.i. Matter of the Feaft .? or ra.tbei^the founder of the fca^Vt'^f »r 

Sw^worfjz^X®' rt^e MiflKF^*^ tffany tfmos nohwore than a 
Matter fti{\i5rarH/ofr^W/JiiSi»^rf%S^^ cbofenby 

a compact ^C a; Collation^ j'preferuly. had bi5'>f««ittci7/Ad^ 
|)rf ught bim in by th; Cookyi.e. a ptote containing the feveral, 
focjsofdifliis which they* were to expeft. Now in fomc! 
" -' ^ " ^ - feafts. 

Ifeiftf ,co caroore !fr>(3tcordifi^ ttd'the mflnnMrofi^^ 
Modiftrm^^zviA tbc iaihion ]^ic in %i€m, hMy i '^nd atnong 
us oofTmlf^JiMy ) tbcy threw !• ts who llibuid be Btf.(;rKtoi 
JCfVf^. tod be to wbofe lot it fell, was to baye the whol^ com • 
V maod of ali/dr matter oi drinking,or ceremonies, without a- 
. fiy, re{lraiDt.VJ[bvcb prov'd too tir*iini§M^i% it did * ' 
in tuoLiaZ^fa^* (sMpftint ^vnho commanded a ifeHow r.Mt^^ ' ' 
, ^;i<7<3tti# jc*f«^S» to^tJks ^ drink in bi mtmtb^ or'ba'^e ttfinng ^' ^ \ 
:i»hufs€e. \ - . > ^.. * 

All tbii while that (be fcafl* Mtd . - tbev kept .btirAing 4f 
fraokiflcenlcandMfrrhefifQiitbei^tartD. Eicber that tHe 
feeie of rooefiing tCOymigbt bg? e ^m^ dPtbe mrrtb'^} ^tWfL^ 
i?/^i for ^fmtll fisft) or elfe to ftop tbc jnoutbs, and'tfec WA . 
'£rf:pp[fs : of tbegodlWwhoW*^ '^fyceiiky eir'akf thing ^^f'^^n^rMs, 

iliemfelves, they^ulcd to oflei'iiftaft <^f Ib^ bel\ of eviek*y^^ifK. 
Euc bow tlEiey did it I know D0t^Qnle(^e cbey cbrewh -iti- tlte 
fire (as f ^^rocArrdidv , : • ^ \ '^.: , 

Tb6,GM(U hefore:afiey fiicci;<hpwtt ^ lifed CD CF0#fH^ls4r 

beads w>i^€af&ndsj33Aadc f<flriii)ea)oft>paTt t)i^Myrth<,> «i^ 

fo I remember the bold gueS id JEii^r^itiqp^iBI^I&og.antf^^ i / ^ 

manding for his iutik^ k^«»*>^4n *^:xp«9ii ju0(W».«i< x>./'/(/^/^ 9 * » ^ 

ioi^i-his b.ead mth -Mirtle^ houghs lo/ccHre' h^iroro akf hg f 

and (be R,eman9 it:Ieem& agree with tbem. hecci^^^^^iie^ x^nt j^'I^^miit^. 

'lb? »|ie^tb€fcGBjhHa[4^w»tOTO^^ a- 

ieftr^inc tbc beat of the VVinefNciibei- did.ihey mwn ibtk 3*^'""*"' 
M^daooely^ but4»(^>fe(hemto6;asifbeh^^ igoiog. <0 

U(ing it as theyv did ^ 9HNrto Klep tbe vfamea and vepdirs 
.frpm^comir^ al|<)^i^tb,ejc ,..or>iQ20^^ kr tbcTQ^ 

^^{oQn^;(t)cX ^^^^ -'\:$or cb^lam^sfid wtk-^ai-ibst 
.3wi\'r V ' Mmj. - "" ^>efb» 

. ' 1 

licrbmiii4r«rttfoiiiiKlio(ediiitbdr feafli, uk wutifo 
«inoog the if^sy pciaM ;| and very likely it is to have a virtue 
tbac way 1 in r^ard of cbe antipathy fatd to be in the na- 
ture of tc» to the oatttreoftheVine^ to greats tbac ic ifiti 
DOC endure to grow neat iti which aocipachy ( fay tbcy) hai 
* ccK On A- been in ic,ever fince ^Ljcnrgm (a King of Tirsa ) Hot cjit* 
nftn|>h«iii ^ ling down aU the Vines in bit Kvngdooie 10 prefent dronkt* 
£quicAft*i: xitSit^ being bound, by ^cck^ wiib Vine^twiggs^ to be 
^^*'* thrown into the Sea, in crying « let drop a teacc i^on ^ 

ground* ontotwhicbte»teprelieiitly%«ngtbe crslmt^ fe 
malted f«4|f{ ic#^(A|AfJrom K/ftt»or PiifsV^ cbe i^f/c^^ 
IU^j;i(aiwef8y)in.tbeeyef , cowbKbicia tbosghc to be 

ImrtfiilL ^ ' 

Ikfida anoincing, cbeie if»i wibmg toOfbocb brf^ 
after vntAt\thiU before^d a peorilar name of iTiAy 1^ j^^ 
I the other cbey call )Miri4«^« 
.4rPoII.Ue.a. Their fp/ivrr at eating was lying upon WMfci6(' Umiaced 

by the Roman /r£N)witb 1 4i4^& a m4$^ dole by^bich bad 
bodcloacbesiandaUcoflcepttpoii. TbofexxfrMwereoftally 
covered with skitioest accocdiogtodiac m the b Pott of ont 
*Ar-.6oph;m thai Uy Ippcitog upon a foU belly • ^ 

And fometimes with Tapiftry , for the becccr ibrt: for with 
locb ^fl^Afrxbis Embaffadon arecaeerui&edio« tf#M#r 9 
^M**^- — Wwinwa^niffiSC'* ThemaiMW 

of tying was on tbeir fides^ ond leaoing^ttpOB cbeir elbowcs r* 
and therefore SiUnm^ in JBgnfiJeit bida£ju?Af / Cwfaeii fhiey 
late ac meat upon cbe g«onnd)akj7lr JynS^ i^i^tn, tp 
f/4cr hmeltm bmtdf^elj. They roucd their feet upon a tfi^ 
»#f > or a fo0t-fieti I facb a one as fuM wonld beftow upon 
^0^i9Mf tor the famjB ufe. 

And yet I remeoKber one in cbe Poeta Fij}M$ »ktaglKmbe 
Ihonld (ic^was bid >/t«r «ii7itf •#• toJhficb^Hthiil^ities. The 
taUe was ordinary TW^iw^Unkfle the onan were ^a bi^ 
^x^mMcbtbuibt^MtiidJhmikimenf^iriftii forcbenic 
iaigbc be oi anochcc fafhion. , Bat sfuaHy it wii n^de with 
. : three 



dhrce lcg«.«n*tri imi^ff opoo it, ctfM Z^uQ- (10 inn»tion 
of the Trifm at ^ttflns) to be taktn offhand ftt on» as tbey 
liad occaliocLOf what fifluon fecver k wat, dity ofal to !*• 
Terrace it with a great dial of rdtgioD** foaanot ta bave a« 
ny tftetvilor propbtee or iamodeft di{coiit(e,ai loog tf tbey 

fete at it. Forwby(faiCfr^«^0«*^*»(r «n* e^n/gerMi 
tofii^^i^ro/Ai^^afidSJf/®'. Which gfliveoccafiiMi to thatti- g^ ^ 

And to fttvinah rifPeretftU mmfi$.Xht t firft that etcr dared Sat.i. 

to profane the tMe^vnrt tbe Womeo that kilied Teivff^ hb 

fco, and fir? ed tim op m the diOu p^^j. j^ p,^^^^ 

Ih Ciio & Pun. 


THa Greekf ("they Uf)\u aiii;ieot times^as wel! at other 
people -, were oomeotedwkh Mftftaand Acornei: for 
tfteir bread at leaAi if not for t|ietr Meat« And there were 
$^^i^9f^ people iniptoytdof purpofe tosaihtr thea^. There virg^Ah^ 
was noCerMle [olnm^ in tb<^ day ea^no fear ofmenfs^ ccnfrt^ 
mimm. *Twas enoiigb (br the lo^ary of^ii/«f dayet, lo^nake 
piijiifr^fffi#/4i. tables or trencberi of bread. Inailofion to 
tbe life of this food * A. Get/Uishm that tbe Romans iPade L. j.c.^tf. 
ibeir civk^ cwotmoUiMkfn hm^.^ft^mtm cibuf^dEtuff^^m^ 
ti^jfldfimms qfttrnus cspifitHtftsfitJa rimHrm$ce of$ktir ffdkfn* 
diet. After maft, tbey lookt lower aodfoi^nd better food in 
hiriy.f or chat kind of com was the * firft in ufe. Afterward, ^ ArtemlJor U 
whmiiaeWbeacaodteechcttmeQpaitwasniadca po'niih. ,.071. 

Their way of u(bg corne at fkfi^, before that Milies came tip 
( mi^LVA^^ faid to be invented by Mjlas ) was>to xoR it in 
hot embers, or IP parch it upon tbe beartb:and then ^iV/rre- 
to kdt i<,and l^adkjnto bard lamps or hsves. Tbdfe that ^ '• 
Ad jthis^e Romans called fiftfires , w<^h afterwards came to ^ Sam.c«i7. 
jif^rtij^ers. W« read of •^p*f<irfAfJj?ur/f among the If ra- ^'^^* 
#tttca tooscvta there where we read o( ftowar^Sc-fo tt was not 




^o jtcbdklogU Atth^ Lib* 6. S^S:. z,C^, 4. 

foroccdthat tbeyiofedit. > In limric cateci^iFariecici: ais^ 
I alio inif^ la.y m great 4cti0 jcoBCtrnkig tbem^as likewife oi 
ibetr nfMldiftifsat fci^ftst'tM^tfe fifii and llcih/ But you 
may iiavc enough in JtheMt^ with iittle {laincs and kk pro- 
fit Only I dcfire to obffervc one^faing, that of dl cbe parts 
ofabeall, the braine migbc by no mestnes be feen upon 
a cable. fortheytoatbedco€3cic»as mocb as a Fythago^: 
rfsnwQQid t(y€Htke49^: and tbougbc r tbac none but be 
.. tbac bad loft bis fenres, Wooldofiler CO devour cbac, from 
wbicbail tbcy^j»/r#hadtbei(/i/r> Nay iyu^^^f^^ ihc hrdii^ 
migb ( not be in tbeir moucbs to ffCMl{ ic , as well as lo eace 
it. And tberefore Sefhocles, when be fpeaks of Ljchat bis 
rnTracliln.f tbrowiDg from the rock incoib^ fca , and dafliing out bis 

brainesybow gingerly docs be relate iC|Calling tbe brain whhe 
niMTTov of his heid. . I 

Uecuta in Bur if ides f peaking of jlffys^MX bistbrowit^ 
down from tbecower by tbe.Greeks^elatea it after tbeiaot^ 
.manuer^calliogic 99loyf^>ir7«rr^f«Mdding widiaU; h* V^^ 

But as for tbe Entrals « it^^^ut • no di(h fo commoa as 
tbatyinlbmuch tbat you (hould have fome covetous fello\!(res 
make a feaft of nothing el fe» Such a fetft c&ey called more 
peculiarly ht^^ or f<a>««eiftor ref^O^^* ^^^ meat- w^ fervcd 
up in didiea of wood , or braiTe ( for tbe better fort ) aod 
every ones porlfion at bis place. 

The ^ri;«/|»., wbich tbey bad at feads during meal e time, 
was ufually wine mingled with water to allay tbe llreogth 
of it. And tbismixtute tbey fay was tbe invention of Am^ 
p^/£Fipif (bimwhortitbeyvreporttobave firft inlticuted the 
mcctifig of tbe f c^en Cities cMtiCwcUhmAmfhiBianlcMnij 
but I have another (lory for you from * Athtn^m^ who bad 
• L- J y. it from one Phihnides a pbyfitian, and it is this, Wbeo Ri^- 

chiu firft brought his Wines from tbe RedfeA \tktlb Greesex^ 
peop'e came prefenti/ flocking to the Sea (ide , and iell {0 
. immoclerately to tbe liquor « tbatfome became dead drunk,? 


ArcbdSlogUf Attic*. tih^^^SeSif.C^.^. a»x 

•way by a {adden teffltfeOfioas uowrf^^Mif Wy;.i^tiMni49 
a^aia.ioa0dfo(lit of.ffb^wi>«#N>f/fi^^iAMV^Il4^|eh 
tftey M l«ft W iM tW|»r»oi drinkiagfj^ely pf . ifcin&n/^ «p 
K'M/nr 't^M^iin A«vr<',nowritb(U&ding tqand n9fii(4e|^^;M 
the former did, bac coticioued foper* This ( cbeyfay;^is 

dw pcricncMt *< tl>* ^i^^ iKi?g'08'.i":9/ (^ x*>!o«e^{r*r, or 
«i««^ IIWW.CO! ^ table, th(;y,4i^d iq cei^fffaj^ a^^mh^ 
jfififfl' tb^ foiHKleFi»f fbcjraini and^be Wf 9. t(M»}4€| 
|t^y.addedtbe,i»f4//j^xailcd4i(K p^«(»W«« iFi^f<a|bt\||«fiii 
^^«r«feail*,aad^ei(^7iff(^iiiti^;iaWcddiqg)fk(ttiqg:(bc' \ 
Bftne of the hejiltb , accordiog to^ occafipf:pf tbieiiti{i;i> 
Aodyec Sofhtel^ Imo^ «Q, ,ra^e i^^ ttwi^jrpMMl tOil)e,f^ 

Prefcncly tfocr mcale came in «it»«(nr the Winc-Nf )Mn]^ (TWM* 
m£I^, whereof (U may be .) be/MiM, frmdfit^ :0(i*fili^h * 
tb^fi/fi tMfi bef<»«-tltey went coeatti^oCed^bie/rM^teii^ 
Cr^ircfticiog filled, ^.Sjwuefiitreji, .b^n!i(^e^«,fHb«!4» 

XM<i//|qa tha?.inyentedAeliq|»«,, Jhiib^b.i%«iM*|k' 
eidim not Chmtgtitt bat «V^«A<(m»(9'>: aiB;A>(p[ todXvHwif 
£:nf^Mir if )*35! A^(#M®-i foaktn^.jt are \kppn% ^^aei< ♦ M "^ 
it w«rc«i;>^4r»««or a drinkrofferiDg,-a»VfW»!S«»»^«^';*«(l^ 

<rytflC <«»,SJkim» ifdi'^m^vy^ify^titiimm^i^Hi *.•*«*:.■. 
^iSrti of tbe f!»». 8w,^hfa? ^d,bitt|p3|,mrf«# rfi«»ftff ^^^^ 

JSt/jthim interpreti *y3»A.#wfw l^ri?w5(»«iflp^<»r'^<)*««(lr 
^«f(r. ThfUft health pfalUwtwcb tbfy.dwk jp8:^fciftfy 
<iinmctoh«iwasto A^ircmy,,utotiKf%9^iQ29gvf^§t4^,^. 
drcames ' ' . ■. - ,Aj)«i^y?»-, v ......•:.,«.-< •sr. (iieii '* 

,liir tbatwjwt^ reafofio^'faif? ;:jfr^5«Mf«j j^Tggeii^^^ 

motln*^. Yet fooMif^.tt wa» A*^..»'^'^ A^^tlf^^m"*^ 
or veflel out of wbicb-tbey filled the WioerfasjQfu^ijy^cude 
lof the^ki^weof a Boare. An4 the^jfote; '^ fyM^Ji ^f 
.fiMu) it ii/<^l^,by ibft name oSl^vt^, andt ibc Yiip^* 


ihitlfiAA dir^irrii)^ <M: myt^ fAttl^nr^ » iv if tbtt Goit 

f'^^ifrkttunx fticfld tfnnk W M<>t^, ibc^ )c«]t«d ic »*JHf^ 
t i(/A'>tf,or^\ktt«f'iU-4/i»^i^^<«<JfWr)^/'hai^ facbkrriA of- 
<iprtffioiit-A^Mi>M, M^i»j/,«r^/Mf|>i(j|i: according to that 

grne man HufttVt feafl,«(rb^n b^arahit to Hl^ ft v^tttHcir br 
gavebtln tbetta|^rokee(i.' ' Bat^iFbetdritrik'iiheaitbtoCHi* 
wlMM'He lpir«^»M!^ji or riy bit friMd^ 6i< CMtmte)^ 
iriiflr^ bitaftlf, anid beffowtd tbereft ttpon tbegf&dfiiK 
Sottitinief%flMrStrp{<et',tH«y woat<f lie up drinking for a nira* 
g«^ir thViiigUti dndbe tb^t'^dtfldkc^ tHMfelf wakiiig till 
morning , hada ^]^tfn(;iiakt made of flbwii^att^ bomy ftit 
bit labour , juft as the t^otfien ufilib'hiVe' in in Thifmophe^- 
fMIB AMd lbK^€tV£iWfe, tHif/ «<t^eW6nt io bav« >&««( 
«ftMka:p»t)pofe4V iMiieblie tbit eouliTD^c ink^pret, Wattd 
iMift offbH e«b^ AMTIf imy one wef e- weaty . be m igbc hot 
«b|»li/f iSnkfd^MtflllldiWVf )>erba^»ieWa« otilHft be rMJ^ 
1(lm&\wX«&im4irft^{(jf)lhef«aft:'AfM<hb^^ I might «aBiy 

ifcjft'^tb* i Ifilt^oAtf aJrearfyi - 3 -- ,• t . ... 

^'Nov tlK^j>f Wiilijcid tli<4 draitkin aAei'«Bt ttmie iret« no* 

^ng bnc Btft tfdi'fle(«;»fnr<xi'9r«r,raih fte Stboliaft apanNk 


t • < 

t; » 

ifif^hi^ (Ke'if>f>t*/-mide bis ptAtkiJ Wi Botl , which 00. 
^Nilibae& Jb^t'co Ctt!rhim>d6w»right b^ tbeiiameof rMran 
iCBdltJ And theretironi^tbofe phancie^ fh»i fitMttbf Soboii 

liaft) 'ii£i^T4Uif»t)iC»^ -myitirtr ^'rMfi •dui'i/Tri riwtMi t^ 

for the (lraoge( faies hejbr rather t^%ffM//Vo«<2 carriage of 

«^ftt»fti»^Kt lWhfitte^«'l^ff^i(.<K'» i^w nlnihidth' 

'^dMfAiil^ AfteyWardtlftyg^^wMry of hornet; and 

'c(aTrfetocfatlif cjfnnet, wBicfa they leeA to bavcmade htVtj 

Bor'ifcAkfi 't^ ^(C^Hj^y^bo iike f66 no <}a«ftion , to wbom tilHtoodi 

,1^1^" " n.'i CAP/ 


. ^ikffk^ ^icn, f.i^4^S0^ 2*;P^kS» .P««f 

.t ; tr.\» 

2>r ik f M i difcMmkntikm fifi foIiidHt. . 

FOr tbeir bebarviDOE tc a ttbl<, 4if(^S^(^d cpcS^i^^* M^ 
fpeakiog toad, wtr4:99Pt<!4 unpribsffiy^boi: a (i^i^ 
iaa«(at wc by in the llQimrHy,cha(,4loi|lii« isi^t(Ji,if^|a^ 
mor jand to hin it wai i^ ^0|y /r imh^* a9i!V uUm pawtf^ t0 

QpRgua for great men to jit aod faicareleQ^. ^f^i^^ 
fuiUi wti Iticii a ffttiU tUog \ ,ihat no genciiitv couldbeat^c 
^Mjlefkd(^ tis tboQghc)iong QnusBmlf94$t^ ^^^Iff^^ 
.^wbaii)vllIciUii»tobicbifmeafikignf . /^.r ^« 

Tbe^ f^xa)dafm i«a%«v)n94Nif^^^^ 
j»rlionidKy«le46o4eliv«: ?a'^^mi^ ciNf}ig^M»# . 
daiaciet as they lifted beft , to keep , or to panry bfiitat wi 
tbeiD I bat I moft confeffe it was eoonted fomewbat is/i 
and therefore clancalariy done , except it were a very 
biib feaft indeed , and 9fem hoijle. -tbofe boyei or fenranti 
were commonly Bluek^tMara , after the fa(hioa of the &0r 
flsaoi, ■ \' ' ' ■'] '-V , '^' . . ' 

CitMlmMitfmttMigri wNmm ^^Mfmn. , ^^ 
. Yoar uMu/if ff^rtiw, vub'^^wt rcid QCvcifC:ahofbe^ thing, 
^ a iM«cc,of*he,yi^imc at a^crifij^i? | ^ci ptrt 9f^fihwr 
^9^ftdiflies ata ifaft , feot by^aU tbe^qiop^qx in « 8H*l!^f|i^ 
^jnann^ to friea^^ ttatn^re abCent; For rfucb. ^It^tarcJUft^^ 
jfora tohave beien feot to ArMfm by King jtntigonm^ wben 
^ facrificed at drimb: and ^r>/c»/i64;i^/ (iniiis ^c^mma) 
|j^/tb^Bcid^at a Wedding, 7 ' 

f"^ Mn2 

And indeed not oaelv^jcbc Greeks , but cbe Romans and tto 

Jewcs too , are co be^cothmeiKMi for reinembring cbeir 

itSivk 1. 4- friends in this kind : forthe Jewcs both ac Sacriiices(as*£A> 

k/mdk did to bis VTife* ) and alfo at feafls ( as tb'6fe were bid* 

«.Neheai. c S< tO do by 4 Neheffii^b-) ufed to fend niTO portiens H thtmjur 

M« ^^omntmnl wM^^VfiittJi' Wbtrn cttey bad greafed their 

*¥if)geri ^ tb^y wb§Id' tttk^ * piece of fofc ^cad , and nrb 

tbAA Wt^it , ti^^ciW^h CO tbe doggs , aDd irdm tbencc 

vaidtetbe {irbvef b tmifUdm cMfifs4i^ens evtagd^lik, or rather 

( if yon wiH /4/ja^4f^ii/M , forfe they called (nth a piece of 

bi^d-^frbin ^^^.^ '^0 wifk -, fueb a thing as tbeit Cooks 

^it^ bif'jiHe^ftAii^i i i pffece^f t^h brui', ivbicbtb^had 

*or VvmixA*. The ^/^r/ confifteficrfViirl/ and^Wf ,afid M? ferts Bfjin^eti i 

tbey called this feifvice by the feveral namesoif ^ rinux;^«, g^^tt. 

fCttr^oas Con fick, which ^^ii^ci 

^mctfpe^imdmiaitiii^ ^Boldto fpktiL 

■l4lttIc|bemor^inrelatIi^k;. ' 

\::r i- .0 tK/ ^ :•'»• ::> , ; ^-i •(! .: ^' • . ^■■'\ . ^ -. ^ 
•kyy^^t'iri'lO is--, d -;»u£fC AvP**-** Vl*''-' . ; . t: jK'vi ^ > \ 

-o*Iadalono»^Ki j:^-'ii/:i •!.:• . ".,/' : r:.. . / 


*. Lthongtf ifirM/^in W*/:r P>^ftiffdr4W,f(ieakie againft tht- 
"l\ i^e WMOfitk at i FeaftM Eurifjdes fay» it were bet- 
^i«gf ' tit dfedat zFMi^iili to-mal^e ibfeMotir nefs mferfyr yet ydia 

Him ( \nH9Wief% prMli/i^ tfit fatten *}ow tile coftoroc^waa 
,Whcn tbey catne^ to-dancio| and tbie Mnfick (^ wfatreas at 
M/Mt'tim te(K cups viroald ihyt)thin to have greater ,andii 
frejh bowle ( tLftine^ ) to begin with, for fncb a one thiey had 
at every ch0iit^ if CD^bbi|i]tted that f^&ion we read. of. in 


Tbc fong 010ft cofliQioQ amoog them wti Hdrmcdim : * S6 ^!B>fi.T/i iff 7 
ctllcdi riw ai [i.jmm4m is from a mao of the fame oame , 
aod as we call our foags Chlmk and the like^ becaufe it wai 
fsfig tQtbebono<lro^if4rJlr^^4ir ztA Ariji^ftitim ^ the two 
famoiis .7/r«^^^^<' that put ao end to the tyranny of the 
P4fiftraiid^^ by patting HyffMtchm to dea th:and of whom ie 
if reported that the ftrompet Z^ieM.^as bt^iy a name as Ltt^ 
w ) io faithfully jQYcd. their bodies* that when (he was racke 
y the Tyrant^ tpdi&overtbeir coofpicacies', (he bit off a 
fuece of her toague with her ieetb.and fpic it iin bis face. The " . 

beginning of H^nntfiiMiwai thus, *Ur49s^A^Mii S ni m% 
7{99ntaiSti You ha ve mention of i^ in Jri0ofhaues his j^^ 
iluirntn/is » 9jidbi%yi/})t. Sometimes they would have up 
Aimettu^ or a the praife*Qf AdfifttHs^^iot moftof 
thtir fong», aiwell a9 thp{e oi. the B^mtius , tended to the 
pc^tffe Qf one fampoa Worthy oc other ^ (^ It began thus» A/; 

w]iere you may ahfejrve the oppdlinjg«V<»i( to fiiki^ for fo 
you ihall Bad «««i<»comroonly form Coward ibHcatben wri^ 
cera»whore€koBedr>t'ir/iiririff<as they called it ) x^^/oiir ,and 
jpctkuJkji^oiit!^ wl/yr worthy tbename^Bcfides thefe two 
Hfj^cb I have naiBcd^ y^tt^ikall find a 9^at many more fucb 
vEk ^Atbors,Bndcrtl)e^oame of &i^i«. 1 (hall only give you 
00c whole onc» madf .byvJimif^rifir, a Poec oif /tJbo^/^againA 

Tbofe kind of fonjg$ which they called :s,^kktit^ wereHrOin' 
vented by one * T^pAndtr^ They wercfo called either fir ft •i''"t«th.Jc^ 
^m ¥ 9ui9 ;V p.if29 ij»\M ( Caies tbeScholiaft upon Ri^M, ) ™"^* 
ft99.themfi^if^pl«fimgofthebeds> and the lying of. rbf 

^-"^- ^ -Nn33 " gueil^j 


Sefts upon tbcm. Ordfe z. (at the Scboty fates upon the 
jQC Poet infifiiu)irom ihcfieMMou^kfoicdttly oianner 
in the finging. For tfaere were to ufe amoog the GtjBeks(fiii€f 
* Dic44y€lm dtt fcufnuHf A^i^tt^ ) tbiec wayei of finging 
f Schol.»r.Ra». f^^ ^^ j^^ij mcctiflgi, the fit& <a^ wji^^, by all togtthtt, 

tbt 2. ft«d'Svtf,by one afcer another in order as tbeyfate,tbe 
3. one after another^ but tBf«xxftc» <>oc in ordcTi and iSvi 
nf%7mmju, either by locfa as bad bed skill. Of by fa ch a he 
that foog laft, (hoold pleafe to cboofe. I fay to cboofe, for 
in lingtngairfo/i¥ai,astis properly ofed,this wastbectiftoaie: 
He that S€koiied fird took biin a Myrtle rod, called ^trnxjO- 
bom ^<wi and \x*i9jk fadding it in b'ts band liken tkjrfm (for . 
all the devodon nour vrasto huechm and to yefim,)bi%jm in 
any place of SimcmdesAX Sufiekrwsfif «/£/c^/«tf , where he 
bad a mind, and contioaed arlong as be pleated. The ▼cr- 
ies which they {ung, they called by die name of {n^^^U^ vi 
;«j3/«»//c<,or ripe^/^ £rom the fiV» or sbe^ rods, as being 4f m 
I'iV^tf, in tbe words of AfAius. When be bad do0e;be de* 
livered his bough to whom be thooght fie : tad he to wkom 
ibebottgb wasdcUveced,«ascO'gooowfaere«tbe otber iefe 
off; and thus it went round dll ail had done. And then be 
that was fudged by the company to cone off beft, and Ittve 
tdft tbe reft , bad bit # J^«W ( as diey called it) l.i.% CMf^ or 
€ufla.b.ll. t. £^0,^ f^£I| cbioglor bis reward. Unleffie chey fung tome ^ oC 

Homers wrres,for the? both the boigb was£iDm/» and tte 
prizea £4^^,frem whence they were alkd^t^f^jMi^itSl id 
H$merifis^ Others fay it was the cuftome prdent^y after tbt 
taking away, to hate a harp to go from one to another ^ %bA 
ever y one as be was the beft able» or as bis tnind gtvie him^co 
^aftoph. fi°6 ^^^^ Harpiwith a bough iri bis baadibdides. A third 
I Nub. reafon of the name is given by ^riiif a GrainmfrianO^^i^. 

becaufe tbe tp » and the HfuUrfimSng of thofe that fuog , 

« uK 'nOei ^^^^ ^y ^^^^ ftfoug dfiuk bccome m^yH^ ^tf»irf«i^«ro# ^ 
^y*^ * - ' di(iorted,t% they are in Mad men (••^u^'w /jS^ ft *«p^»? t pt. 
k la R smls. f «^»right eyes and a fight mind,are put « together in AtFiet.) 

4, Tbe fong was called £«oA/sf , (fates the ^ SctfolUfi) by the 
fi^viH4mifhf4jiif^>v»ute it was leaft diffiailtof any,8nd fit. 


\&UkryfKiw, c(mp0in§bHt^Mfmfi^i»9i. BotthHetymoIO'* 
gjf 4n aoother^Ucfie of tbe faoie bookii niieriy d)flHKd>W )S 

thm fi^itte AnUfbr4fifJi4lw0lf$ kj W4f9f Emyhemj^ to give if 

badtkini 4 good mme^kut neutru>givt sgnd things ksi mann, 

Orignt( thty fay) wrote a Poem, wherein be briefly compriz. 

ed ail Atch tbin^.as feemed cobeiacrkateand perplex^and 

gave it the title of 4fr^iit ^ /'rrjr/f / is faid to have made bi*c^;^.Arifli»i 

£awes,in the maniBikf of Scclkh I timk not for any obfcurity RapV 

in the meaning, but Poetry in tbe making. 

T# s«f A /«r. It net oppofed fwfaacefcr it> may feem to fee ) 
fO that which they uU^i ifii^ ijAaQ (which might be fcing by • 
enc aione^ whereat the ScdUs conid not Jfo caltt d^noc betauuF 
it wat fuQg Uik eloDg aad in-order \ ^ b«t either heaofe tbd 
perfont (mg S^8^tbacit/af S^iVm^wpdividi i\) MUAtf" trt 

ifi vo€iM^h ^ifwi kU^y ( like 'tki:^M$m9ii 4* Ji$dgi$- 0^ 7,)f. JT 
or be caufe it was fuog ytt $^pLCf oV$i^,wiiic|i I know not what; 
way it was, bot ebat Hefodtnus &ki Jtriad plaid after that 
way upon the fliip^ and E^4$himtxi^ ^mdoi fky that Tim9^ 
Aifis pUl^ivfg aftccthartviamcir UP'(jHlekmie^^ ^n^n Afi% 
%rAiim 8Nn' S9^m^tdl9i0^fiuu^th9lf\l^lt4t^ flh 

big am^iMt^il^Wf^tff^o'fix'^ InRead ol Stitie^\ fer»e« 
tStnei^OQvJhoutd have vftoitCmidk/ aded> and then none 
fof^M u AftMndersk 
^ Soeainkift ali':tbi» jollity , tof^t thetnln itiiihdbf' the. 

cfaiitiSbey faf watxhe^nfefhey made^^tbeffl^^.tbeyhailtheir 
9(ii*^y4/cHU^ or »p^$ii4;'\i\ic^ cbofr whidi tMy Qfe b^IMM 
it the ktA^igillmrfA, or {wb*Md Angnjtm n (aid to baV4 
^utwifih (tdudim^cmlidUidAkt:: iy^iir^jm'//jtbingsrQ'ai:* ^ vuec, 
tificiaUy^madev(rtrtif(vyms4i«4)pimVtbatihfo f^ailyl t . 7 

Ibity vfoiiM ]^d yw^ 

jri«r#iioirbamg)aeificerc|ail fe^ft^ tfa^ie things 01 tbt 
t«bk;(ire&ntiy d^yied <mi npot) morpility, bua with an ill inr 
tnt)t^ to be merry tbef efore w^le he mtgbc. 

SH€rimm.cnnUifofiquimno$M^mt etc us. 


And joft focDc i£g^pcito»iitfdi( Icafls , . coliringiottiepi;> 
Aare of | dead man in a Coffin t for be ibai brought bim^io, 
bid every one «/ri ^ nV^ Vy 3^ >bi^fi>% ff/S?i9; , /ei4/ ^ 

G A P. VH. 


It Iiir Helen. 

^trmtger^ whelbec you uke it for a Gu^ or f or 4inA7i« 
tfn^jTo tc were nou G^«^, wj9 alvratcs bad info religioos 

tfteemac hiknstiiirlfm ]ga««>Sf /^miv '^a^^l^ffjr iiaii»0ni'j^ 
Si9or«iii4i^(liitbe i'^i^i^^ticbopon ^^mpiifs ) if .dny m 

^ nr ^t ^"^'> according i;o tbe^Poccbimfelfe bn atoocbec "^ place. 
^;ra«r.vvl —Lltgocbeftrangersbanda, 

Which teing^fMrcidaay not beiirbafl4s. 

Md good rCilbn» for rr!«iW^<»<«<'^'y«'a<!S7^^ n r « 

H W ^ aU ftranger« Jb«ye7^^«; oiTJt X«tterf f of f ro^^ 

<%ion : and therefore^ afic4b(^ .fo mdHnu^ ^Siifm^^ Nov 

tbif efieem tbey bad^ . ipttft in obedience to the Laivea. cf 

^ _ • . - ?<*^^ giM® ,pr ^wJirSbyon may call him fapiter haifts: for bQi 

/fcLae^Fab ^. ^y j^ ^j, Magmorfh^fis fpeaks of ^m/ kJjSWi gra, an Ato« 

of his in'Cj'frjyj.wbere the junbofpi tall people^foriMr Ar#i!/i 
if^humsni^iUt tiiid CO haiee beentum^ intQC]0r^>^^^;baj9oekk 
' fMfmrXim$,t% iQQcb ai be watfor the firMgvrt^ \ Walnott 
witbftanding Ntter 4««irii4bd ibonouved than any pf tbef/v* 
fiUrs be&des«accordiiig to tlttt of i flnt^rch^ i^ui« daU wmei 
^ ut>«^flv» ai»tf be badcarednKMCc for them than other .people 

I .cemembier indeed once.tdjlfa^ar hoN:.<i«el be wa&pleafed 
fi^Ijcb tb^t virtiie 6f hofpttalky».bdngin:bia txaveb. j^ Phf 
f}n ,witb ^^rrarr/ylovitigty entertained bf -ffMrir ^isd P/»&r 
n>$n^ when no body eife wmld receive btffl>iH re^uitt] theeet 
of, be preff^ved theboiifc from^be Earth ^uake, ju^imide it 

Virg.*i». I. 


Arct^UgU Jilticd. Lih. 6, SeB. 2. Cuf. 7. 289 
alyi lo obedicoc^^to the Lawi of cbc Cicy,wbicb exprcfly 

fOffimioded them im} ^^ti^^mh%S^^w% t9'mrwi4ftrMHger^ Xe«oph.l4; 
And (hit made AriftifpHS, npon f^rr4ff/ bis tfifaroiatioo,pr«« A«^. 
fentiy to remove to Atkins and dwell tbcre. Nay faiei TmUj j^^^ q^^ 
Exeeraimhns fMicAfmchtm eft &c. ( fpeakingof refotall 
CO (hevi a ftraoger the way ) thac command was enforced 
wicb cbe penalty of }Mi^m mecranons. 

If iftrnngn bad received any wroag(becaafe tbey migbt 
not be fo Umlunr as to do it tbemfelvesjtbere were w^-nt^ 
aUowedx)r porpofe to plead for tbero , at well as «|i9^ir«i 10 
^teccain them. Unleffe yon will fay tbat tbefe laftofficen 
were not for ^w •# tbat is hofphes^ focb as tarcied a wbiie and 
away \ batforfti«tbatiS(i?fMBif, inqmlMp focb at fetnp 
tbdr habitation in tbe place where tbey come. For tfaofe 
ffirctnade to pay their a«T«/xi0r , an yearly rent to tbe City, 
tbe men twelve , and tbe * Women fix Dfacbmet , which * iGrus conn, 
if tbey did not pay tbey fold them , and pot them into the Kip«s<«« 
fliipt for Gaily (laves , as not reckoning them r/^4M cofne, 
and erne Citizens , any more than * Ariftctle.'^ boc ooely * L.3.^olic 
(fin die words of Ariftoflumtj) ihv^ ifft^^fffy the cmeafts 4M 
'€h^i, and no more. Even the grecUm tbemfelves ( as eviU 
tid^s as tbey were ) feem to have bad humanity enough in 
this refped. Otherwife what meant their ^i? i^) Tfim^efh two AchcAxin; 1 
4iftinft Tablei^and a Ghanber kept a porpofe for ftrang^rs^ 
The very Soaldiers at the Mking of Try , fo «auch valued . 
the bofpitality ihewed by An$eMr to MunelMi , as to fpace 
bis bonfe alone. 

I mttft ronfeffe indeed die LaceJitminUnj liear but ill for 
theic gff«ii«W4 , and Ljcw^gus bis Law ajgainO: admittance of 
ilrangen>Dt npon certain dates^and their dealing deceittully 
wichxbemthen 100. Which made the Poet ( even in p^ce > -^ 

brand them with the pame of </>H^»«&^v<f. Nay it is faid how 
tbat they never made any \%eCmrkf%i^{zs they called \i)fTee sf 
their City, bat onely two^ vit^ Tijdmtnus (be poet ^ and his * 

Iwother HegiM. But 1 ftill hope, their ^ifosftrsngers^^ctc aU 
one with 4 fiti^C'ta* Burtarinns^ for whom the word is often 
ttCed^faies Hetpdff^Mi, and the Scholiaft opooa H(kffHrXoxjtiS% 

Oo* certainly 

\ . 

f 90 Arch^ohgU Atticd* Lib. 6.Se{{. l.Cap. 8^ 

certttnty Fl^o woatd never baye gt? en fucbconnienteidns 
of their /'o/ir^^tbeugtaf ic be as proper to tbe i$Mure of (^% w« 
ifttilly take \i)ftHcy,^%\i isinconfiftentwrth tbe mimeolw. 
hi utii^xo care jnoft for ones frivate good, 

€ A ft VIL 

•i • • « - 

IF the Athenians were fo kind tw 5i'«'^> to mrj firattffrl 
properly fo called, what were tbey ( tbinkyoa^roif )/#^i. 
m^ totbeif oirnj^r^x^^r/rasweofeto call it ^ or totbefr 
fftOTngneftsf Thofe bad their J^iyaK^ffiT tpiiiB^KOf^cxtifftrS 
i^fpini, fomettsing or other like a ticket , to fliew for cbeir 
f aarter when they came : fuch as fa/on in courtef; «ofl^(Hl 
Meded to help ber in the tinie of exilement. 

So farre were tht^wfi^ff , thofe that entertarned gbtfli 
- ( yoa may call them ^i^it t(>6j for it is a^me for both, Kks 
hefpes, pernapi to (hew their nelifrelation ) from To modi at 
fufpefting a retttrne of hatred for kindneflen that it toft Dh 
no lelTe than his life. Who though be were forewarned )>f an 
intention o(Cdliippm bis goefl: to mortber bim, took no pare 
(0 avoid him, ai>*dtV^ hinj^nfi4med{(iif» Pff'^td'cMnfk 
eharter de Vifiofi pni9re(foK^iQ(,t^9f^Prmj^^r^ to te^ 

wdn of one tb^t wasbilfrlendandx^/^tcfO'C i%Mthat were 

more. ) 
The manner ofentertaining* Grangers was tbis. As loon at 
iinailar. ever tbey faw him «<Af?ivr«y'm>%^09r0iaie^r0r, the firfl care 

tbey bad, was to have fomewhatfor him to eat^. E^fidiefh' 
tfklfiHeauc. it0Hlic$€ ndvi ddiuxh ddecendm^ faies ^Ttrtntt. When 

be came CO tbe doore ( as fome ky) tbey both joyned 

ft€t on tbe tbre(ho]d,and there mutaatly engaged themfelvetf 

• ^ tobetroeandtrufty. ^jnrecipiebaHt^ &^in recipitl^dntfit 

Utiu» Dlftioo ^^^^^^^ ^^ 9^inm, &p9ntkdnt pedem in t$ , . (f^con^rmdidnt 

* 4iu$i unm non deciperet dlium. And tberrHbre Hafpef h hid to 

l«Ld(fived from MUm^i^t ofiimJi dm,%xA.vts ^fo$t WbeA 


i/kiii4obgi4 Attka.Lih. 6. Se^, 2. Caff. 8. xjt 

*e ^m in. chey cnHed foe tlw Stnttgm (uttltiC as be f?ici in -., 

« £/<ar4i , i^«;» %f ^« |t(«i< ) and drank to him in a cup of i^'^-^ "' 
Wine,b«{6re c«er c^ey uked bis nnoic ( faiet Athtntm ) ttt 

liut^utM itt'ilii VftAint, «')*' i 7«\) c» (Utn^ givinl Urn hcnotfr, 
ktcMtfc hewtu ajranger^ not btcAftfe htwit thu tr that fArtir 
tttilw Mr>M>How they af«d Wine ratbec than any otberjiquoc 
<iraies the4me Aiitbor)hecattfc they took it to be i^iwritti-.n 
■o't »«A w. ma^^fuU,^ ¥ 4,v^Ui Ac. P^tKrfuU tt wtrmt the gj. 
nfftElun ttt m will m thtjlomdeb. 

The next thing they prcfented bim «rith , was Salt : inti- 
mating tbeir friendflup oiuftbe feafoned with good carri- 
age, asitmightke^ long and fvreec All the time of b* 
being in theboufe, tbU refpeft be bad. Tbey made their 
own Dangbters to attend upin bim , to fill drink *n^'^5 
like ; nay and to bring bin water in * Bafon , and walh bis 
feet with tbeic own bands. As may be proved by feveral pUr 
ces in Htmtr both obferved andapproved by Athtn4M, who *l. t; 
makes it to be an ancient coftome miG Ofu&t ^t rit »*£« 

•1^ Tit -yuMumn tMim tw) gi»«f j tltX'*^ 5 «" *"*'* J "'r 

be, ) 1. They allotted €«^;;««»Cbambej:s a part/rom the re«. 
of pnrpofe for ftrangers. Which pott me in mind of Adwti^ 
IB the Poets Aleefiu, who when lkr(»ltt coming to b«^vj4f. 
iioufe in a time of Mourning ( a tbiog accounted <uC')&*j\ ^^ 
t0»fitto h fctn kf'tbejacrti tps tf aftrMtg(r($»ht there f«es) 
tra* tberefiwe about to be gone again, reply edj n* ftteh netdf 
ttod Htixukt, mmkhn^mSni the mm^^g in the hoHje, 

yLmtit^StuudtJi9'ti«ilgiftf Ftrmbaoe 

Chmbers on tht •therfiie- of the ho»fi which wee kge} ontlj for 
firtmiert, MtijoH p>*U it there.' ., ,, 

jiy. When they fate atMeales, Aey bad a table alio to 
themfelves. as may be uojedurod by that which Orefiet bad g^^.^ gj^^, 
at bit being at ^Athens* 1 49. 

.La% they bad mN K«rK/<at(//4f<iaUoiffed tbem i^tbe/&«»'«/» 
4n(Hintcd by i[p^ra»4(i;MW. Therefore to return, refpe;^ a- ^ 
•eaios fodw peoplcof the boofe , as at bit;f odii^g 'vdxa U^ : ■ 
^~ . OoA ' Country* 

292 ArcisohgUAiti€Jt.Lib.6.Se&,2.C4iif.%. 

OmaayJtKC MSJbt to do reverence aad Sacrifice co ihet/cate 
of die place , fainciog cbe groood with a kifle. 

Csdmmi dgiigrmes^ fercpindfmt •fcmU ierrd 

OtAMtai. Fedi,(^igM9iosmMes^Mgrcf^fMlmi0S^ 

So doriog all tbe time of Us being witb tbem, be warco w 
Divtoe Scr?ice,T»i« imj^ti^ :^t uoro /Mrgods efpecially ,or 
die godt of tbep/iire: as jHexmidtr did at Us being at Tr^: 
andas cbey tbcinfelves, if cbey bad been from borne at tbeir 

d Hercf^ £oQ wturae. were to do ^1^ 7» i* i(p siy^u Heremia calls tbem) 

•^* to tbe Penates , tbc gods of tbe komft. In likCLinanncri at bis 

going out of tbe Coantrey , wben be came the borders he 

kifled tbe ground » and fotookiiisJeeve of tbe Gimm:: as 


^JUnt ofcmld terrd TftaiiS'^ 
Wbenfoever tbe party bad a mind to be gone,tt was conn, 
ted an incivility to deaine him. Mintlsms accoidtngly pra; 
Aifed, and left it for a role. 

And parting they afaally gaTe^«f4ice Jis?^, or »* C*^»*f fomc 
thing or otber for a remembrance ,. or to bear tbeir cbaigos 
Ky toeway. Befides et cry mans private benevolence, there 
was ^TBf ^x.^^^ * ^<>^"^^ Hofpitsll maintained by the City« 
Where if any ffrangera , to whom it belonged>were denied 
entertainment, they might complaine to theMagiSrate and 
Be righted. Indeed a murtherer cm: foch like perfon , tbey 
might not by any means -ptud /<>«aw(a$ he calls it) entertain 
bim, and give him meat and'drink, as hfXngaefM.^ igni imr 

G A P. IX. 



Di FiMfiribm fiMtt^miui 




A NT) nowinihelaft pkce, Ibave a word to fay alfo 

. /\of the good will which the Athemans bare to the poor i 
SKJ^^^Aiid certainly if tbey im more than tbe^^i^sirrsf 

Dcof £., ^ 4. their Ciij , the/ wpnld be loath to fotfer any 



Arcl>sologU AttiC£* Lii. 6. StS. 2 . Caf. 9. 293 

Ty tj^i^thdt be it 4 iifpardgemini to the City whtrein he /m#.To 

prevent tbc difgracc^every ime^m orSedetj^\6tpt a poor mmr r-ir« 

kox^ or a contnon Tf eafvry*, for the reliefeofftichu came •m3%|^Im^ 

feo poverty .andtbe'ranfome of the Capcivtf. Into that box \ ^Tm^^ 

#ncc every montb . they ofcd f^C^ipw *«€^y«9» conferre erMnnm ^ "^ 

(t%PImttuki€ser^nHmamici€69ieiilerHm)tofVit evbry manr 

contribHtion; and from tbcnce were tbe concribocers called 

by the name of ^ffrmi or %^'ra»r vA«f «rai\ He ibac cbus came 

to a gathering (eawt call ie ) wai faid euf^^iynf or x^/Cid«u * 

S^tor, as in Jmjf$tle ( AtrMtlzs. 5. j whcrcbe makei tbt^"^ 

foftance of a cbios vSJ luxi^ithMthsffened kj^cbstice'^ if a ere- 

dicor,{fi«^ ri vjnKaCiif tI m^ySei$v tAdtr dv x0f<i(0]tAt\ii j^. 'i^t^y , * 
i^iVi i&AT Boni inJ§ie hdndficttU ccme toJm ddm^frt m^nej , 
T^ben be mtb bis rtllim bid hand^W4s ceme $9 ibe fdrifik ( as we 
£iy^/#r 4 e$tle8ieM.Such another contrihiuion was ibac wbicb 
tfiey called- 'ie^f^r vtkmvSow^ appoioced by ArifiiJ$s(ox tbofc 
rfiac affifled bimin the Warreagamfttbe Medes^. ofwbich 
Anftides in His Ljpfirdte. If chere bapned any controTer* 
He in this bufinefle.tbere were/iW*^e9t<^f{»i,I;aw€s and Wri» 
made for theparpofe. 

F/4to fpe^ks very well ofcbii * cu(loflae, and' Tr^dnm %h't "^L.^.de Lcg^. 
Emperour in his anfwer to F liny approves it, permitting tbe 
ufe thereof to tbe Amijeni < for other Cities bad it as well as 
Athens ) ec faciliks^ p tale CMdrioni &^w 
- Other proviiion there was bcfides ctlis erdipmJ^X tbtine^ 
Befe. For the richtr fort were wont ever^ new iqoon • ta 
make a gjreat feaft of Bpead,& other co$trfe:farefdflbis por^ 
gofcWblcbfeaft being chiefly intended tathe hoaoor ^iHe^ 
M^r, gave occafion to them to call every courfe, bcggttly 
ftafl:,by the nameof H#r4iri ccedd Boi as bad 41s the fare was^ 
tbe fff/ff lip P/i^a Atifiofbdnui too)c \^\% argtin\enc eveo from 
fhencfltoiiotpiqeod the condition pf.^bep^ 
t}ie ricb» !$iies iie — ru^]i, %iim 'i^; m« ]w£^ , ; 

Asl^ Hecd^e, dudfiemlluUjw wbicb ie htfi. To conclude ,1 
bave read that cbey bad %Lticdr^v»t4^ allowed tbem out of 
i£ie.T)rcafuf3^ %q paj, tor fldies at tbip. W^/f / *94 ibewfs. 

294 Arch£oUgU Attua. Lib* 6. StH.^lCaP. t. 

' . .' ^ " ' * ^ . 

CAP. I. 

,-, H. ,• .ii */»/»a»i»i*"w». 

Dt Militi 

* < 


''».-.• . •>. 

SECT, "^--iir ^ ATingfjpoketioftbccuffomei^ofcdby t^^ yf/fc- 

uMii/iroottgfl; themf elves , ic will be fictiog in the 
nccc place co fay fomecbiog oi cboije wbicb tbej 
.V ofiNi' t0t)^ards cfaeir effenftee j. and after tbitc of 
tbofe comrds ckbCTi or boeb in £}ivhiatiOT^^ 

Tbe WaffrkrpitMriflon wbicb ttieytnade for the defence 
of the City, waf partly this. The young men being lifted 
infer Bfhchj^mhich was as I told you it the age of eighteen) 
wereiromtbai time till twenty ,£# 79h ^rlKoiu(^ tbey ca^ 
ted tc } tbacfe, Ctiey mv&'ht clrcmrei Bt fraxgttrei. Or tbej[ 
mud f^ra^fTr ta ^ v'mv p^itiA ftaiia ftntio'etl atid )sfitp 

wfpocf. Guards ixTi^fm^i 'atxT hi enipibyedlh tjje making of 

WorkMnd tbe4ike accor^hg to that oi^Ttftnctyiieohri^, 

♦liiEunuch. ifff^jiii^^ mimnm hue iedvenlre'.Miror^mi et flrso dbierhl 

num ibi vMice eft nnn^. The firft of tbetwo yearei t>iey 
kept wubmtbeCiry^ but the fecondthev jproceededf to the; 
Suburbs i< antd in t6ken of ttfe degree diey' bad taken t tt)ef 
reccivedof the peopft a fbeild , and a Spear « and a x^^*^ 
orCoat for a Livery. During thefe two yeares, they could 
not be compeRed to fight \^f ^Jsi, without the Liberties. But 
ever after till forty they might. And both the fityc^ land e- 

ni«- .« ^A n- ^cry year aft^f»till tbe end of forty two veircsXtt i take it) 

£ ^ the^bid tbeir (Mimhames . ' tdgethe; with tb^ iiaibS; of tke 

EW»(;((@-, t«giftred4attiis rtttfiner, MV^u ^^ r^rv tni^vi^u; 
Such 4 one in fAj^eVerfince fucha one was ArchwEfonjvamxp 
fhew bow long every man had been ioTervice.Of thefe E?n/« 
rc/f(«i,th€re were twenty cwo/accordidgco'ibt number Ojftl)^ 
yeares frpm eigbceen tofl^ttyTbirf ireeb1te$£m f »^^^ k(^. 




rfrom (be M^<s(f^«ivM«<¥««r^0v l 10 .ivMcb tbey liatd .ithdi 
a«mei after ibcy weic twenty yean Qid^tnd (oioaeimttE;?*- 
»ifAN i»MXi£r»becaufe chey tbnt kepc a aame of every isaM agei 
in oppofirion to ^-mfvaoi */ f w^•r , who were but to keep a ^j-.d^ ^^ Rex 
ooicdf ibeir rW^f/^Now fomc there were that were txem- Aih. 
fted^gnd feme that were ixcludedkom that ferviec: tbe for- 
mer were facbas C.ttAoinf boldrcs $1 fi rUO* 9f^tk^^,^ jigbo 
tbeireione bad tbe priviledge i iT%Mm ^ or tbe ^^d^n!i , i, 9^ 
fl 7$ A/o»Cr« p^f X'tfrTif, But^Imi his Salii^ta ddMncing Pri^i. 
The latter were n ^nlu flayesi and all fuch frtletdrims Peo« 
)c,wbo were not to be iqployed but in cate of nccf flSty nor 
ad the honour m i^Jl^ffyu, vaf^td^' ^^ wbicju^lbe otbcri 
bad. i9tthei^ as ibon a» they bad ^^^ ^^^ ^9^ iA . ^bf . 
Temple otAir^nlm k v^t^^yVr f» ^ir/f^ti were J iftcd by . tbes 
tu^iJL*X^ * ^^ Generat fas many as be K^riM^ir ift^^ cirstiap 
off after tbe inaqner ef the Romap Dtlelius) in tbe «p7» a«^* 
>&ipr Muder rolciwhicbfae kept forthe £ame {^urpofa^ ba^ 
vingbtfide that another. xi/»«f or table hook «> ior ft^ aa; 
werie Emeriti^ ch$ of^r^M.tnd difcharged. . After ihey bad 
been lifted by cbeOenerid , tbeywcr^ to be Ii(lf4 a^ by 
the under officer^ tbe i^Ai^ ^ or the foot by the vfiidfxoi , 
and the Horfe; men by the ^o^wngi. the hf^jva wfre of 
three forts. Firfttbofe more efp^iaUy fo cj^lled-i focb aa 
ttfed miKb armour^ ^d^vW^ »,, ffwhi^ &; w^r^ g^w.^ffmittf^ 
mli^es^ with their wide Sfeield* aft^ )^%\ SpWCfc i2.l jl :?i^^i 
LevH4frm4t9tu milifts^fv^h ^s had ItCcicLQr AO ^r jmoiir;)buc 
carried Arrowes, and Darts,and Stones fpr the fling. An4 
} fy^nft\nt5tti,a middle for t bJBtween both^witb fbeir «rf p^-mi or 
•fjgfft^Ot « , . li^rdii*: fiiUdf , rji*i /^^?r^ ife^jh : Socbjas they^, 
fi9l4Jk,cboy ce of for,ttprfep)f n 3 «icre if^^be J^^ym v^ja/^ rtiVi ^ . 

aod therefore wereeo be examined firU t^ the .f ^if^fr of5oo^ 
before tbey ^^ujd be lifled-, and Jo were like wife tbe Hprfea 
tbefnfe^ves^totry whether they were h^K..f(ofTUJkj^ttJb^ or 
4<?«»'^ ( .as the Scholia^ talis it ) Npjfe fmft, , And this 
thcj dirf.f5»f6?%© .4i^<i», wi|i|a.-ffW/, qtip Kettle. irufi^or a 

jPm, Iknow hot which 1 (hall render it. And now I am pyc 

K«ei«V< xi$&. The thing or the part wfacrctn, or whereto it 
B«Mcr. ^^1 faftned they called C^ixtf/xtc, and ro faften it spixim. 

The Graft was dotiUe or treble, according to the quality of 
the perion. For if be were an km it to^t be treble , faici 

h In Ore*. ^ Euripides ^znd (ftnUrufh^ faiei c AfolUmiui. ^ 

The ftoSe whereof it was madJe, was uRiali j^ feathe^tfid tb^. 

hair of a Hoe fe ttUc^and tbeoce ic is that it if called irvHc:?!^ 

• I *<^d UwiiAuAi TfutikiidL in ^ TheoeritMSt, a nd (bat it is (ai4 1 rfr. 

fi£ifto bPacc 5tf«wi7f wbeo the hair fell off. The other pares of the HcliBec 

^ * bare the ttsme of that partof the bead to wbkb cbey htUmgi 

asif^f tbe f^^raw/^aml the reft, except ibe Penth^f^ji 7» ySr 

M#r. Of the Shidi^ both the mottr^zni the /arm»wasof leva* 

ral kinds , for fometimes it was made of Qutvi wovea 

together^ according to that of Vir^U. 

' ■ tfmkmm cfmes.^ (hoc thea tbef 

'^T'\ clMed it i n dr ) and: ffnetimea of wood r b«i t raoft cosmeon 

1/ of raw Oxe* hides ^ or of ffece%c(f Ldiftber, doubled oa 
laid one Bpoir the other. (MdaMA^Axh^iSaptemflium 
ctyptumf a Bockler chat bad feveo pieces et foldinip in i^ 
8M JkUlUt anotber that bad tea . Neit hse was this all, for 
it was done over with Bcaffe befides, as that o£ AchiUt^^ 
was, ^& at & froxims ruptt 

TirfM mvtHA ioum^jepim0 timftn* crh monuum ffi. 
tSri^t.i^lt A^nd therefore in a Enfipidej it is called ^^clffiir^ aW. 

Tor the forme of tt^ ic was fometi«es long, fometimes roond, 
and fometimes fquare. the names of the feveral parts oJf 
ic yw ibay have in L Pdim^L. r. c, i«r; Ctoely t||ps imich 
1 maf telt youfjfirfV for th#. tiakingof thrnuibat it waa wont 
aobe dosie w«b a great deal joTcorioik]^ both iQx^A^mi^ 
for life, as haTing^s>^;^«( €irifameat&ao>br kn, ; aa4 nn^^ii 
t4Mrm little holes loiee others byjfet 10 the /n/r, or the-border. 
AiKLxly, for die inveocibnidf tbeoH' ^ handle by wbiclr 
riiey beldit^ ealtdd ^d^c0ycKir4iM^,pr i^^ctrtf^waf .inyepccdl)^ 
tbi^CIiiNir,aadiiheare fcwaothat AttMtcon caMil ^ikW^ 

Ardk^hgU Attics. Lit. 6, StB. }• C4ip. z. 199 ' 

^i^9§9 : and fa were likewUe tbtmmbUicm^nA tbe srmes^ Siroto Li4» 
mod moft of cbe reft. In memory of tbii invcncioo • wben 
iliey bttried aoy man, they ofed to poc a Shield tnd a Creft 
into tbe Grave along with hiau The Arms^ ( ji nmn ^ or 
cflii'iiaA)«rere ditferenCitccordiag to tbe quaUcy of cbe Imf^tr. 
Viijfu bad bis AKfir^j»(cor ) iJimnuntm Grand- cbild to «f«/a 
Jlm^-rari^ tbe ^fffsmi c$MriMrto the Sun: fiat the Herpes BOr « 
€ieQtly4|Eid for tbe moft part^afed to bearEagIes,«WiAvf mV Ran. ^ 
inUx^'^^^^ ^ ;^Aii\«T<^. To tbe Arms > tbey added v^r^* 
//mconuMfidauoaof tbeprowc&of tbe Perfoo by w^icb 
liedeferved tbofe Armcs, aod tbe names of tbe maker^ fucb 
^mfMim relates upon tbat of UQmimm, The ^ 4/i or Thccs la ElUcr. 
iMiereintbe Sbidd was put, tbey called dy^^ , a name ( \% 
my be) for aoy other tbe Kker^/, according totbat in 

Sb$iiginm fates , tbat in tbe ofeof tbe (hield, there were 
fome tfauig» which (bey obferved to be mninour, for if it hap- x«, ^.c. i^* 
fpcud^toftriketbetrkoee, tb^coontedic lucky ;bBt if tbey 
jgciiefc It with their Speare, 'twas aoillrGgne. Tbem<^fa^ 
inous fliteld that ever I read of in heathen writers » was tbae 
of fmfiter Aipoebm^ oaaMd A};«<ii»eGattfe be covered it with 
tbe skin of his no rfe tbe goat called Amdlib€4';Lhi% (hield be 
lieftowed npon AHmrva \ who ingraved upon ft tbe Sune^ 
ms^i^g ots^oBifinng bead of Afedtfi. Whether that Scutum 
f4€rum which AUxamJirvB faid to have ftolne , and to have 
csrricd ahraies before him, were tbe fame with this or no. I 
know not. Their (htelds when tbey laid tbem up b the Tern* 
filcsf'as the fiiAuon was tlfo for the other forta of armes)tbey 
ftidered ndc to have that nif^tuuit hdudUj, (ot fome f ach pf • 
ceffary appiirtenanoes)tbat fo in cafe there (hoold be any ia- 
fnrceaioii , tl»y might be the leffe rcadv for nfe; which waa 
ebe caafe why be in tbe Poet cry ed out io as he did/wben be 
law it otberwife. 

^ (aies another a Kttle before. 

Tbe Cms of Mdil were of three forts ; the firft ^aT^*, which 
' reached from the navetl to the knte»:tbe fccond Hfn^a^tu^, 
which covered balfe the brefl:, fuch as P^janta rejHirts to 
have been much ufed by tbeSooldiersof «^/f^Wft?tbeGrC4t:. 
The third ^g^^^ , wbtcb reached from the (boulders to tbe 
Eiyoiok navel, focalfed >kor &f7o^a?iJr, fc om prtftrving the bidH, 

and tbe bred : from which p^ultar oflSce of it, Arifi^bmi 
in AcharmnfibHi , borrpwrthe word d^^^A&flu, for to figoifie 
to be well nigh drunks ( as we fay when we have well eaten 
ordrttni^en, that we are well armed againfttheeold) and 
ttKp^^ejanat, toGgmftCetiefu^^^H^f itHnkjo thrtof. Now a 
Thorafc was either t;a7h(aU of me fiue , flain like^ ^Tri^Ttlp 
rella rnnied^ or elfe ih\*QiM&''^ with Hmwcs or plates of txoii 
^ put between the leather ( as it is in our Coats of Mail.^ 
che/f/i/ibfr I fay, becaufe it was ulualiy made of a bide (rJ 
C'"' '®^) ** ** *^^^ were ,^ 

Atittoph. in So they fey that tbe Latt^iCLUVord hmn cones from L^r^nm 
Picc» the dryed and tannedhide, wbireofic was made. AGcording 

tothatofriViri// . ^ 

Gui fdlis Utot humeros exem]Hajjtvenc& 
The Mts vrhere tney put oat ihcir armes Arifiofhdnes calM 
dieAeeJK<ift\,by a Metaphor from ch^ boie.of a bdat, where tbey 
put out theOares. 

The Colour moft in uf e upoir their Annes, Cloatbes^or crefta ^ 

&c« was crimfoniredieither to make tbemfelves tbe leflTea. 

fratd^if they fa w their blood, being ufed to the col0or;or elfe 

Ariftbpfa? n ^^ ^^ inemy might be the leffe:able to perceiye it, if they 

^^ ' ' ffionldebance^tobe wounded. From the Phoeniciini^olovx ^ 

the LdceJemonUnf called their Coat/ or Cred, or what is it) 
p9iff%tfk. In allttfion to whofe rtikUodj cofour , the Poet in 
t^chdrnenfes fpeaking of having a few beaten till . tbe blood 
came,thas exprelfes it 

Ltis cdrd him ^d mrk, him^ 4nd hUkfHr him, 'iM w$ mke: 


To carry cbcPr0V//Mijn,ev<ry«Mo bad bit yikspf^ or ^^em. 
W^if«tt« 9«nd^i«ta^' a kied of ^4ii^^ ( jE/Vfff4»)mtde oSOtk^ ^^^^ 
crs (^i^im) with a long narrow neck. And therefore tha 
?occ baYiDg^ofed cbe word yjsjt^jio (^nifie fucb a thing, in 
the fame Comedy ufes the word }ou«ux*'^* (o (ignite nftn 
that bdJa mcl^ 4/ U^g as ibd$ iMv^. Their ordinary proYifion 
was Cbeefe, &^ OIivef,aQdOnionsbTbeir quantity; commonly 
fo much ai would- fecve for (hree dayeti^ iccording to that of 
the fame Poet flill^ind in the fame Comedy, where fpeaking 
againft the troublcfotne life of a Sonldier^amorg other trou^ 
bles be reckons in vlz^ 

Tbpfi: coo often repeated prdirsfit thru dajts ftmfmk 

, e A Pi lih 

Dt Armii qHitHsviminfirtbauti -2 

7Hb Armes^ or the FfiMf «jv/ they nfcdto ^bc with^ 
were in ancien^twtclttbs(ufcd alfo for puuiog of 
Male! adors to death jt called by ^* Hama^ f 4Ait)>u, according 
to that of Horuciy ?il- 4» 

Vnimkus & fMgnls,dein fufiihufj atque it a ftmi 

Pftgitdhint drmh qt/fcp^juhricaverst ^[ms. 
Bnc afterward they cjiiQe.tQSpear^ ^ a weapon 'fo highly 
efteemed^ that fome wonldnOt flick to adore it; as inay^ be 
gathered by the wordt otEwfiathimv^ Jtp^i^^C^ mi^mt #/« V 
^09 m /jTierdior tSto oc^fl%7ii|fr «*ei'>/x«r. Where cLejt^y.Hft fome 
fay fignifics to wor(faip;and fo they fay of the word mumtrd^ 
rf ,u(ed by Cicef;$^ in hisfeopk Dt Nat. D^arnm. N^vi tgc Eft-- 
fnrtos omnia figilU rtum/r0teii}JbsJii\t is rdported ot onc^if- 
ram hiexdnder a Tyraw> /that paving killed his unkle Po//- 
fhron with his Speare,J)c;tpp^it a«d crowned it with Gar- 
lands^ and caofed it to be adored by the name of 'n/;^if. One 
wonfd have thought it fufficiently honoured, to be afed by 
Kings inflead of&epters, jk:^>vj(F^ faith it was^ or at mod to 
fy^^i^fl^cem the Temple: or elfe to have htcn dedicated to a 

3©2 Arch^togU Attics. Lih^ i*SeB. f . Cap. 3^ 

iwper wor4 for A^ftiJ/} ^ CO be joywd CO die ftame of 0^ 
god: for fo ic coinmonij^ was aaiong tbc Ltciaes rfpecially « 
wbtfice ic ctme ctutc hdHamn^Jftdking of the fftmres, fo of« 
ceofpokeaofby Livj andothen, waf accounted fiicba 
gxtvAfr^iigiHm. If cbcrc were none Of this, yet the re** 
iigK& tbey g^e co cbt ai wilt fofficie&cly appear , in tbe care 
tbey took ^cbe keeping cbem. Tor while tb^ flepc ia tbe 
ieldtbeyfaftoed itfiirMif»7iif:f,wbicb PMnx iocerpretf , tbe 
Ifutt^tni o£ tbe Speait n»de ( ic may be ) witb a crcffe for the 
better bold fad, fM/f^fAupol;;^ firoai fav#/f. But MmftMihh 
m faieb it was ah iron witb a iharp tail lil^ a fnake, to be. fee 
in the groQDd« ind Hollow bead, to fee tbe fpeare in , from 
ggS?®- Liuerf4,t £i«4ri,whicb it refeiablcd.When tbey came 
bome^tbey fet it in a long woodeft cafe^mgit ofparpofe by a 
€)lfi pillar of tbe boufe. 

bitttf^Mr^aadfTffii.bastbpake. [ ^ 

£xi» qms mtiiis inffnti ^ttixa totkmns 

''^' the cuSiomt Rt&mimif to vihstf the Speare before tbey 
ufed it»totry the fireogth oftc, was fo conftantly kept tbac 
Vyx%^««v&T a/&4^'i^r4i«f, came at tength to be an ordinary 
word botbin Hmter and^n otbetf Poets to (igoifie zSiMitr* 
When die Greeksbegantbe ufeof feowesj know not;bat it 
frems . tbey bad fucb tbiogi-,and {iifjckUu in tbe word ! mwU^ 
iaies tbey made x^btftrings ofHcrfes hnir. Swords likcwife 
tbey bad, which tbey uled to bang by their fides, Aje i^K^fiJfea 
by i#///«or ftring^ of leatber^as tMy did the (hiel(h; and tbe 
ftrir^ tamemrer t^e (hoolders M diirs do. 

^ on Ul> ^bg( 0|hcr ofienfive artties tbcy^bad I know not. But the 
llefiM. Schoiiad upon Enrifides^xn one place reports* that about ihf 

time ot tbe Thebao Warre,tbey excelled moft in tbe defenfitf^ 
aDd chat tbc Barbarians were beteto at the offenlire. > 




Jk rhn excifitnii Itgdtos^ inMcenii fUJUm, ctnfmUnii diat ^ 

^ftrv^nS diiS, €^ trujicUnJUfiuvios. 

AS carcioli and ai cunning as tfaey were ia Warlike afr 
fai{e$,l canaoc fin4 but cbac they did fuf$rejkqm f m fi^ 
fet iHcboittr^Jkedri a greater affedion ta Pe^r. as ma y appear 
m their honourable rfceiyiBg of EmbafTadors^to ivhofli they 
gave hmnx in no worfe place than a Temflt;, * and their f ^ g Dcmofr. 
9trtiiitimff^fittibfPfy$4wefim,'lbc}iiiv^\l enfi^ carrytdbyir.^Tfi^j^fC 
Greek E«baffidorf , ^ai lutf v»i«r» cMd^it^tMS^ a rigi^ ft 4^ of ^ 
wood witJi foakea tirii^ed about it, •i»d:lofi|;u»g:onejatMit \ 
tber in the tace. Whether thtt was (a affright them fronv dif* 
cord,and to pot tbam in mind of the S^rptwu tutb ( a fee d of 
diffentioo fioineciQefown by Cadms BXsxoDQDt^u^^s frienda) 
^iU bnt f #;^(;f d^my c^f^pR^ifilwA^ Mt t^b^ifiteofeipt^ 
to bit tbe markc . An' £cnhaffad«ttr6 allowance V waaiw0£tytn. 
j>«XH» a day, y$^\th ihejf;: nfiMkly c2^^^,%^^tKfir^ vifdm : ; 
Peace icookijiot l>e il^f /^ , but ihey> mui^, needs iiave warrcti 
' yet tbey^ffpcniid be fare to give waroufi^ and fair^e play^ and 
ipaltte ^fo^lattiaiionsof iheif intenuosiitft)>eforetb^y marcbtu 
JJip mfw^t in ptodaiwiag.Warre, was ft);fc,nd a. feWowv.crf^ ^^^^^ .^ 
porpofe, either tacaft a Speare , "or- let teoffi a Iav^ intf B«rvch«B, 
ibe borders of the Q^nf jy ^ or jnco rfie City it fctfe, wbe- 
abe^ they ' were fDar)cbiiigf(vi^bicbH€/)ri;/^^^ racber thinks tc^ 
have been lihe (^gpall. bf fope a battle; thereby fiiewing them ^ 

fA9hilion9 ttu 7»f tUju kflaiM '^in^tfi ^ ^^ mUt^^lbztvtlut Was then ^••g^nian^. 

a babftattonforiif^i^ihoQldbefliortty a pafture for fieept 
and what Was then paftiir^ fojr their )cwn flieep, (houid be 
Shortly turned to the afe of their ^urn^rfj.Before they fet for- 
ward uponaMarch^ yo» will not think bow exad they 
were in preparation') confiderin^^and examining whether it 
^erecon)fCfii9|it or not;, 'tbe Q)ds itinQ be facrificed tor the 
P):opi|ei^.aiid Diviners foi|gbt to» a«d all the aid Oracl/s and 
Bcpft^<if|frj(M6eutng the City fearcbt into; fox ihistoiu^e 

ihr . 

V 90 

fft4 AtcUohgU Attic£. Lit. ^.SfS."^ Xap. 4. 

.«« cbe i» Tragoediao makei ca have been takes by Diimfbon^ 
^ neAi* / ef ^ ^i^^ni^ op^u the cofDing of Enrifihem. Then befidcs tbk , 
^TV^ ^^'* *f^^f ^'^ manner orocbers Nations, Jcwifh» Lacioc, and Per- 
^ »?t/f*<.«*«- (itn^cbcy ufcd to vow one thing or otber to be devbted and 
'*jE^*'» /**confccrated to the gods in cafe ihcy prevailed : fucb as waa 
;^ii7tfS« 71^- ib^j qJ jhc Titbe ol ibe nlicn to Afolloj^A many otber vowa 
li^tfi Si^r, Qf the like price. Nay rbe Aihenidns were fo over-Iavifli in 
^wtKfiW ^jjjj k|n(|;ilin; once iberc came an Oracle from fmpiter Hsum^ 
•^'**^«**''^''»w»,teRiiyiog the gods drflikc of fucb cxmrfea^ and commcn- 

**v)(^^*} i In like manner were tbey fuperftitioai in tbe obfervatfon 
^'^^?^*^'^dA$f - f or^vM fhe J&4^iM0»i4ii/ thongU it iKft good td 
;^if^(i»r )8 mzTAU7kmw^9^im ; tilt tbe /ivtfoftbeMoone rCMieitbeir 
*H** SC* *<* ^'^cy *»nk ft lucky either to inarch 4t7iili8/^^iK ^^ taiiW 
HM>&t4;'^t-/'^'*'^^y^^^'^W^ ortomakeanyComrnandcra till 
iSiTAtf ^ )u the rnw of tbe MMn. In marching ^ the Generail ^nfed 
M(V£ifiiv€LAiya alwayes U^f^ ^^ ««^< /ig^^f to («r^ himfelfe ott the righ 
mahaxiin 3 in^'ip^^ ^ nm^j. i^fae SoMdiera bat newly «itred(«| kwKtntfi) 
n.^^Tiifiiit. kept themfd Vis c# 7Wf^frfff«w*WxiifJbWr, iMilkfef4^is^ or 

tboieC<??f^4r( as the Romans catted them >wbrcb were lefle 
mdadger , fucb kind of fervice was from tbtnce- called i7«. 
7114 c# fui ^0in » and fometimes 7iy> W«. When they came 
co'aRiver, before they went over they woofd be inrc to 
Sacrifice by it , which they caUed^^«!e«9 w-M^^no^. Ne 
paffiogwttboat a prayer, - ; 

The Romans aHvaies obferved the like cnftome , When tbejf^ 
came to ?ttronU , ( a River that mns into Tiber) commonly 
^calling the tftion ?eremne Mtffitm^ 

#5^ Ariftopli 






> , ,♦-..■ 
^ DirhMCmmii$mdifr4lium^&de0[iii^0iim. 

\]\7 Hen tbey fonght a Battle^after tbey bad killed a 
:- V V Bimetv4 lookt npon^the gall^then away toibeTor^i; 
^thiixfot wvtt^o* ^ «aKiRya7wr« inftead^fevndiDgt^TrBnu 

Wore with t€dr€bcs»afid cbro wi^g them 4oww in cbe fuidft 
becwecfl the two Amiti gave the (igae. 

trims, manu rtttilmn JU vcrtice LdriJfKQ Stiiius Tfc 4. 

Qbtr$$iu BtUmMfscm. 
Lwfhrw in bii ix^d^- ^ '»wf>Cksaiid /ini^ in pf^fm^ wufoiif 
fccra to aUode to toU incemiyt or ine^ndUrj^ Now ibis bufi* 
nefle tt^v oatght do fafcl}% aad witbouc any daogcr^si't %^^ 
^Mr^MiEort^Torrih^r^rirj were pccttliarU protcAedby 
iM;r^iandaccountcd/icrf^, * ite^i?:^^: iniomuch that it ♦jr^/m Eucif. 
became a provexb, when any Army was totally defeated,*/* f^^ * , 
a^Tvef^fS-iSU. Thofe Tonhu EuHpies in Rhefmzt\H ^u-^^^V^^ 
.PjfK^ai^^ where be fates that the Acbivi jtvdded tbei»,^V7ii*W? 
dial i% rdiiCed the fight. \ ^0979. 

♦A'>«ir Aofw»f. 

^m eJ4tHS ftf^diens fiices 
Fngtre Achiv9s. ( better in my mind than 

^ MSem ignii fscerdctenf^ sUsftif efi , ui credat fuftri 
^r.;Nay,not only when they would fignifie their inteotioni 
tok^wi\it^ttMWfitQtbtimmyhfm[tlf\ butalfo "^^ ^.hi^t^ctK 
they won\d fignifie hii approach to othtrsy to have, their am- ;#, 
ftaqce, tbry made ofe of torches too, which the y calldt^x- 
Vi^tbf wprdii rcndred /4r^/, ^ndyou may render iti?w«i/, 
*or JSpf^Jii if you will . fortb(fy arc made of dry wood i or 
fticks^hat would quicii j take 4re, a'l our Beacons are. Ai|d 
ebey had men ftil! who did fp»*^#rr kftf f fwnroft/ai WMchs in ^ 
the • Towcrs.or Forts, as we do at the Beacons. If tbeene- ^"'X^v 
mjc came in d« nighty they fired die Brands , if he came by ^^^ p,i^^o(ti. 
day , they railed a Craoke. But I muff tell yon . there were ^n Atib, 
*?Mw *f P* ni^ Torches or Brands , to be iightcd qpon ih<; ap- 
preach of their jfriends too,as well as ro^i^o/. But, with this . t 

diftindion. that ^Ihm were held, or let lye ftill: but the tw 
jfuzi were tdffed and (haken to and fro, 

But thofe Torthes Ufitd not alway cs, Tor afterwards they in pcrfi*. 
iamc to make ufc of Trumpcts,;|£cotdi(\g to that Qft/£f(^jhs 

^q T« 


U w McctnMi Ai11,pcf fktpi ma tncnrpfi(yr frdm ilk Wti oHftt 

Ti^€he$ odce in ofe. The firft Itrvtoh'oft <rf" tbc TrtimjJct % 

U Wurnl aicribntcdby.tbc Scbollaft upon -Eiim>ii^/ totht Tyrrhmfi 

from wbofli u is c6nceived to bave bccD (irfi brought lote 
Greece by one Archiddszn affifttnr to tbe HtnuHU^ a§ cbe- 
f ime Scboli^ft frporti in the fame jrficc, . ai^o^T©- i'AfcjiJJkf 

Swui AndtbtteibrthceaHsthcTrompccf.A^r/>tri?,wi: from'tlit- 
XdKTnyjri^^ inventers ^ Asibe Poet btmfelf bad done before, botbinhil 
0ajAl<» « A' Th€fnjj4, and bis Heraclid4. where be faies it was nfed wben 
>Mh9fifMx^y they joyoed Battle, and that then it founded k Sfthov a /^rf 
iJl^: ^/4jf ,like that in tbe bock of fihlfes(h}ft of rfi« word I fiart 

^ ^' fpoken before.; There was a timewfien fliiclds did fetVfe for 

Trumpets c^nclutque fonantu: and then you might eafif^ coifi 

firue cbat riddle of 7i!v<r;if2tf. 

lanos. in tormcao cnne cnoictnat wereac Dome.anaconti^ 
niially looki for newti^ nfed to faci^fice to tbe ^dt in tbe 

Waies,6»V KpH*a}a9i cTVr, imfivpfttJf tax; nuSa » ;j 7»vtfi'7/0i', l/gt* 

I Fit went wcfl with tbe Army in the figbt , ihe^ ro^ilht^ 
gertbat was fent Witirtln; qewerWas adofned witb cGaf« 
ff^Ssi/^tA! lands. Intbe'meantrmeA^tbit 


ftbpk Eq. t^lH^^Ifit were gaoiyto hrlnl it along the y^dj t9 thein^fnotj9 - 

htkre in the way clofe conveying ofihe intd^* 
jigence I foppofe tbe^ bad feverall waies. Wbecber tbey midt 
nfe ^hlitLactdemdnUnsacyiaKifl} know noclif you pIeafe,yon • 
may read the difcription thereof in k.GeHih at fulhor in tbe 
Scboliaft ttpon Ariftofhunes in \i\% Aves* Where be faies, that 
they made them two ftaves or toi%\tnyLitjtu oiaUnrtb^ one 
CO be kept at homeland the other to be carryed by tb( ' 

ti 11^.9* 

ral atong with him. Wben they meant to fend brni any 
(jfivatc mcff^jgei tbey took a piece of r^i!]^ a skin, or parcb- 



^(^s&l^gU Mtiiui.Lil. 6. StB. 3. Ca^. 7. 307 

jMnt,;ipd wrote «pon t^fotf it coul4 not be onderftood,Qn- 
teff it «^cjfe rolled upoi) cbofe ftayes, and the pftfcliment aod 
the ftaffc one applied to the other. Tb« Lacedemonian trick 
( as it fcems by the Poet, whether he fpakc in jcft or in ear- 
ucft,! cannot tcH) wat imitated by the Athenians , among a 
freat many other things, ov^o(^LdconomAny^ as he terms 
Ic^or t bumoar like that of the Eoglifli towards the French. 

If any pne corned M/r^^oA®*, trans fogd , or betrayed the 
place committed to him , he fnEfered death* If he had been 
tts^TWT&piOidwtiuldnQtf or Ai^o( and co«/^ not fight for 
fear ^ m if MA^iWf ^ vm^ik. or }l^Mnf^ be bad left his r^iii^ v|j^f„ * 
or ty^a^n ii^wn his Jtrmes. he was regtftred and delivered to dkhma^ 
the HdUfi^ to be punilhed as they pleafed^and not to come conrrsi Cte^pd 
tOtbe Temples, till be bad fatisfied jttftice. If they had takeo £ur ip. Ac. 
foy man alire , they were not to kttl hioi afterward. '^•*^'^" ^^^^ 

Sdch as were maimed, were to be allowed two Vs\o} Jaies 
HtfjfUm X ( bat (mt (ayes HmocYmkn)tHtt^ day out ofthe 
^Uck Treafvy : but firft tney were to be examined by 
the Parliament of^vfihvff^^^, whether they ^txt <iJinrt VidSffpc; > 
iiow/^v4T#i were uinli n*st9 ^9mf t.wnt^l^^i ^ faies H^rf^ 
cratioB, thofe wh^e eftates came not to lo much as three m* 
#4. Sach as wereyZiiJM, their (Children were maintained out 
<of the pablick Treafiift^ tf lUhey catnf to be twenty years 
<fld» and then they bad a va9ov^M»^ a Smt of Armu btftowed 
upon them 9 tivt^At^rifftMm^ «if ni -vaifh cm-mHtJi^Ttif to 
fui them in mini of tlmrfatbtrt exploits » and to keep them 
iroffl degeoera€ing.Tbey Did tbeiiqnofr aUfi ^^t f/^inf » of ha* pj^^^ 
Yip|tbP fOriMftfeit at/^tfA If they buried the party ^flfiln 
jd tSe feme ptacefis they 4lid all at Mmrsthn JSght ) the fa^ 
JSUon wat then to make a ihield his iitr , as t was before co 
make it his ersdle^ accocidiflg to thofe words of the Lacede« 
jnwian t^ir^tO ber^j asihe was helping on bis lhield« 
fi inj $ W m r 9 cither do thou bring tlnJikUhmtHfiht^r ' .," ' 

rArma fa • 


308 Ar^h^BhgU Anient. Uh.6. SeB. 3, Ca^^y. 

hi the fiiild bring ^ ttke nay tnd to mtfkt it hii'Coffiii {66 
ftfmccime^as ic feemes by cbe faying ^Tdlfhjl^im m^Emff* 
Jei conxxtniDg jlfiUridx. 

At tbc bariajl ,.tbc reft of bis company MarcBed in in{a& 
Irage tbrice about ibe Pjrafitzkit\g tbeir Armes and tbi^w^ 
ing cbetr fwords,bridles,bctis, or one thin^or otber, into ihe 
fire or cbe grave after hioi. But for cbe moft paVube y were 
allowed a publiqde burial opon the common charge^at borne 
in tbe Gri'4/y'iVi« all cogctber. Andtbentbree dayes before 
tbe burial, the bones being i&id up in Tents.opon tbeborjal 
day ,evrery Tribe brought a Coffin ofCypreflTe wbod;abd car^ 

TbiicjcL 1-j. *'y*ng ^'^^y ^^^ one tbeif bones^ put them In tbe ground 

with feveral pillars and infcripciohsi and one folemne (pttci 
for all. Such as came otf with life and bononr , were allowed 
to have tbeir Arme^in tbeir Shields.or eHe placed in the- ig^ 
and honoured wicb the natne o{CtcT$fi4it-^CmKe$is0ftbctf9U 
Mbl9oi: according to that ' " 

Sometimes fuch as had ihtfirfiffMhs (6t the frime)oft^t 
fpoyles, were adorned with a golden ri^ttr® : 




• I 



C A P.^^ VIH* 



Ik t^ofhdih * ' 

FOt mem(ftii![tr otAt y\€bry,kVi^ihi^^^^A itbfytfiS^' 
Tropketi ( you tnay write 't^nrKe, if you hatmtbft 
follow tbe moK 4anciencv. than that Which is Mwift-id fa^ 
(hion. ) Trophies were nftiaHy piftir/ of brafTe, or ftone , <* 
wood* And the wood fomecimes «/#»«( r/ Tj^amM Urhttkl 
TtttKeurgt ^A^aw^^UmDhffy^pf^) tod fottKciftn^ tbt fivnkdf 
an Odht' * ■■ .' . *-' ''' ' '• '• -^ ^' ;'^" ^• 

4rch^logi44nhd. Lib. 6. Sell. 3. €4^. 9. 369 

I. Tboft PUIari amoag^Arfli mT Mitd 10 (be m^ fAkiifbdr 
^Xi;^ among cb<: UnoSetl Only ih4^ a)i|hc be ortr (brown| but 
4htlf fn'vghc ncicber be ukcn away, nor rtftorM a^aiiil 'tl 
coniuincd widi ageor tbe like, Vft mvf»i «»«^«^i9;VHv ^ n^nz^ 

m^iHw im*^9if^ iC^ pi^^mx^^f^ l<aft they fif$stU thereof rut 
mftj^oU fori sndrmvt the ffmdgi mith l*vir' MrwNVijt And piut. in* 
jlfa^e|pr^laycsihtfAmAmholr, (/{#&} S«Jvi(;ir3i x"'^^*^'^*^'^ Kvmui. 
wTit^ftf'wtidf 4w*W«i rii^ r{M^ wMle4hemiTr(^fhirs'$f]f^f9i 

upon the Trophic, ihey bgravcd an c/!.f>|4«^« , dttlaring^the 

faufe of cfaeWarre and tbc manner of the ViA^fy^ ftich aStc^arusde: 

one as Q^tj}AdtsyHtoitm\iX%ihcMi>^^\^^ the i^e^tunah 

jikr infcri^dcns taany ^imcb v^eire«driiteQ uj^on-o^^r riMBgs. 

^or.7^^4ii/iijbg\(hy^conqaared Af^rJmm it-PUffy^iii'iUyt 

i)n|y at 4^j'(^«/ifM9 wrice i^x)n ihe l?«^' 'Wbittt^ cdnfe^rf a>i 

ted CO tbe godt of tbe place, ( tt AfUndws tcpbriiw hit dip • 

Euife for bis arxogance;)but aHb upon a triftis beflde#,whiif h 
^ e cavCcd^ io;he niadcLjorGbldiaiidTemcOiP^fibi; wtiMbii 
inltription : r !i i< isVitr;::'-^ ^*" .\\ tns 

Wherevfith the Ln^iiemoiikiHJf being'dtJ>leafod^'UQtted it 
deafi one luHbinfiesid thereof, engraved Wnarnes Oiie^y <xf 
tbofe Citics,by wbofe help they^obj^iiicA tkk vf^O^iry ^^A«d 
fo when they ovcnhrew tbe A^td^^i^sMmfki^xi^t^ cau- .»t , 
fed an infer iptian\K>^l«c tiftiJi>itfeVtQll(^<atte^'A^jn^t»An. a 'Ei^K^y; - 
•: In (iicAf^yi Qibe/.(pi'«tti^) tWraflior*|W<ifacfiiiiigi^o- ^«^?c?rw 
pbies fviLsJcTi gflfw Jijnd tbcrefomhe f5iyc«,tba(i ^heirA«<*»« ^^''^'f '^i , 
were accufed for ereAing if trophy ovtPihe iMit^dtj^toniiBn 2^2" 
Batinfleadof tbeni) they ercAed fomctimes altars, Cas A- ^ .,\^^ ^ 
/fX4iiifrdidupon tbe bill hmanus ) and foniCtimes Imagea^^nPi^og-r^. 511 
to fupifer Tr/rtfi®- ( fo called fro© caufing the enemy Tfivi^tu J^^ : .lA 
to turne their ^<if<;/: a^ the Romans did to f^fttcr StMtor ^\ ..^"^ * 
i^Eir canfiilg their own Souldiers to ihnd to their ground){uch' '* • 
aone as ffjUw and •.*&>!)$ (as^ 1 told you before ot Mxi^ [Qod cEurip in* 
tr valianf Jolaas et^&td. Hciaclvii ; 

ThadcLL u. 

- V 

: i 

>^ r; 


. Tb6*^^/AAi^bic4i tiley Cfi^k:(mrAwftain eke <ead, ind 
\ffom itom i\i9U9hi ) iktf liMiy defaced to &t go^, 
fpd u^niCM9ip9<0:9C toem toDtlfhs. Tbe comoidn otnif for 
fiich cbingsMvas x4gjndUtt,ijM4fi <i^^Jv9Sz\t% E$ifmhim\f%)i 
itwest^^TinnbaM^vpuiyr^rmii: cbe famenime which 

• ^ : tbcygtvis^cacbofegiiQdsw^KtfaeMercbatitscofifecracc^fer 

_/ delivery from^(hip«rr4Cl((only lim cbcn there i$ ^ 

f» ;6«f'dii:Uai^9«^,becaa(eihetlUngs:werei^^ frooi being 
caft oftjf0r$j But I father iodine to cbe SchMnfl upon S^ 
fh9ck$ Tr4€him4, who faies tbofe i^^K^ » <>f tb^firfi frt$its 
. #/?jbe/f»«;£!/ wbiobtbey Sacrificed to the ga 
re^^'^WaQfe t^ynfedM lay tbeipqyies^ wbkb tbey had 
faken jtogccbec. oa a hea(ii| bud fdieiixV /icfir « Sir W , they 
akiBHnM aurty tbeCrr^iiif ^aa I may (ay, ortbeCrof, Mtbe 

• Ch9jci to be giveo back for tbe. godi that gave them« In al- 
Itifioo wberettnto^^£4f4 in J?#i^pjife/,rpeakiDg what choyce 
9f KiyAB(lMrba4maaefbrbcrfofis out of Atbm^ Thhs^ 

^. [ 1 . 1 »d Sfiirt4^ expceffes it tbui : 

The Armes which they tookj i(r(&<n»they hungup da tbe 

^ ifiioft pirt io tbcir Templerf and fonetimeiia their owd 

ra Kltf< i^^ti' « hoofed aa tb^y^iid cbelr wn^ whenihey left liieferf ice^as^ 

MHtijiTWf*- '^ ' " ,'7' **^il"1V^0rmit , ■ :. I-'. ■■■■ •■ 

'^ff. SDiQeo£tb«ip«ylc»tb«yniii%tip«ndieTfOfliiti, fciK 

wrMt ttan i> aU.Bor cbst w« ttw caftoinc* n Qtukm 9«1( «r*- 

.«r t;^m a«- 

fturip. HeracU.. 


• J: 


L I: ^ B R ^ B P T f M' VS. '! 

• • ' • • • 

* _ ' 

' lJ>$rUu Divimndifer rmumfurmUm \i\ 

istfsmnimiUm* -» i « » 

I i 

». ■ ,• • . ' ■ ' 

TH kH E w«re mt maay thm^ in ofe among the sect. l;: 
Jewres cbe People of God, wbicl) tbe Geotilei imi* 
utvmm penu , do noi feeia to ba ve imiuced » and 
fa ^UiVj^fii Soeb ai cbe Propbfu were ai|H>ng 
tbem, Ti|£b:wececbev9/4jiaiiipj^tbe Perfiariv (heCt^W^ 
^i among th^- jijffri^ffj • (ijm4vln^ amongibe tadiaiMt 
tbe G4h9U^vaoti^i^ Sicilians , .f&d cbe Httrttfci arooo^ 
the Icalians. Neicber was tbe hottfurotcredif of DivinatUn 
JtlTe t()ao cbt hi/!?* For ii we may beHcve/* StraboQl j futV- 

^«^ bitm th^Hgh^ mr^hj to ^r-^Tffij^/i.Toa Pfcfiaaki^g il: 
w^ mcefgrj 9 JX) day o(i;uer cowinU^t. Afnfhilochm^ mjl 
^op/fu Kings of tbe ArgM^tttAygfin too. /ii/^w^ aod 
XiaJiAnirA Cbildren of a King ^ one wos^n Augur , md tbe 
§^t%Sjbm. BHrt6a.PJb^r/ji«,itwiwriecta9ned fo necef^ 

jf^^pktt, owt for tfief *itr^wbicli'i9a4^,^<^/^iir^|.W^ ofsAf 
^P^^ilaace, to fF^Witf4»7»'t«for a 4;yf3Ctrr: Jbff^^cbcrfjaft ipp^ 
Hmir fpeakt of two mfn, A^iii»pi)fl;r^nA;gf/^i*ii ^fttiWfir 
excellen tin both P rafe(gws. Credit i| b^i«XQ(W^ (bc^bcft 
Ehilolppherf ( c^qtHy tluit^Di^m^mil^Jfif^/?^/^^^ 
; lnaint»n^<d)l)jf . W4<» W**bfr*oc«iiic^?)^??P;an4fthe.JiWci^, . 
AriHotle and tte Pcripat€i!ck$./*jf/fc4g»f^ itni^^lw^dgaioft 
#«f/^ia^.l^]ifination by.entpillsijawi^aJ^-ifi^^'^^Vaglin^k^ 
thatandalltberctt. . ^ •tVyMr:: > /i 

prediaion i>t ibipg^ to CQffi^, JlWSf it^ frorai^fir, calltjd - 
>l<an/«: or from the (fO^^,,prop^rly calif d^n^i; ob OvAck. 
^^^i^4/iVtpih?t,ofihe*$c|»oliaft ^K>W:,iSf/»wifft^i?><^4c*». j. ^ . ^^^ 


be th^^enHSftnd j(f»f{^tc the Jfecies.lht ficnc Prophefy wbicb 
twben.jic.WAS|fpokcn l^y agod^ w<i.a xfN^ic^i vibcn u was de- 
iivered by ^incn waiV'ti^rfl!*/ loibc OrW/^/tbewbrdwat 
E '^J ««• iFm(ni^9ii wt KplUfstk fdnSs dtmenttm invit^m cieijmbtpi ^ 
•I in the ptbtr ic could be but frs{£giit ac che vifaft« Tbefa* ' 
colty in tbc firft » f(tf9m«(at we. now call ic» <^ i^at^^hui tV 
cPlaia. TV5<t*o»7»jorj5^*ri«J as P/^rocalfeditCfor^asT'irf/J^/ ftid, 

1^ 7a uAuSiii in^Ui f^MM^nlui *ix^j IS divided h^ PlMtmrcki%'^ 

': Cicero, in nx^i^^^ amficiofs mt that wbicb is acquired by 

obfervacion and experience, vhfervatis Imigottmfcrt pgnifi' 

'Eirrip. idBacC'T^hW^iii/ ^t. And 2ly, knx^^^ a</fA«nr nstMrakm^ ^f 

^99* wbicb we cake Kccle orno patnet. T befe two Jpfcies are faid 

tobcS dfdab^re^<A/^^VwWmW** tfae^iVx, or double le« 

f^cy ^ iK^fiicb A^oUc begaektbed to iMnms bii fenne , and to 
is Fafnily after bim. ;Tbe natural or ihfuiedTacQlty of IM« 
> vinacibn , rood properly called yL^rlui , proceeded iirft 4 

motuftirtMH^ (tomKFrsfiiielf^motioH. 'Wbicb though tbey 
•cook it for a betp to protobefy ; yet it feems rather to bare 
hew a puninimenc fentAbm God . wfab hi ibcf Pfophely eif 
Jfilidb. c 44. V. 25. Said he woi^ld i^4i(e ti!yfiV Svintrsnradn 
4i^dCidtr^\AVR(t\iU\i%*tx%yt^ fen^ 

fmsmiftrit. dhimjyiffecHtMS £t^ that he $hat hath kft hu cvn 
fmfe^onld h Me $0 knvw tbejtnje of- the gods. Hitherto yott 
4nay Kcluce the Propbetick fpeecbiftofcj^tng men » fucb jl 
<6lit of^ho'^m inCicerp, «^ho fore£<:*d fhedeatb- of lis m^ 
^vsiret^eof the iaroc^age, which diDuM be 6rft, and wbicb 
^ttt tod foak>bg.6^ effe it proceeded a MtufmnUntiSxoia 

^td($t4i|^ direattiii^ motion. And then they called ic V M^r^^^ 
U'/i/^ , iihikck hectfafe it helps nature forward when ic is fipiog 

already, 4^ diactiftditls by P/Wr^rift compared to < a floife 

mmitinj^'&^Hthe Mir ^ • ' ^ 

7I t.Xb^ ntik W\ad ik>lsnm^y Bmhufidfme (Pi in(^^ wai 

either of le(reauthority>fuch as Cajfandf^^ btii%, or ?^1n$tt 

♦^fopbcfying'histoni-dfeath; «shewent tofroy^ or Sohn 

.ioreceiling the tyrannyOf ^.tlfeof^reater^fe H cpcommand 

^ o ! itbeUetet'liKti^^ theSybitI Women h^^iWihePjehiMwench^ 

^wbonM^ercd the Oraates^ wbicb was nothing but a cunning 

-* trick. 

ArciMhgid JltiC£. Lit. J^SeH. r • d^l i • 313 

ibr gaioe.The differeace bettrecA tbofe two Propbeu coc^* 

SttjU4m.^FjibidhMdh$nffirid arttow» inu her m^f the ^'^^^ ^ 

e^mwd^ihltks SiMkf W it ij 04rxrrr*Now,bccaaf(e the iram^ 
r of Qrac1cs,andcbe faperfticton was greacer in Crtece and 
ia Athens than m any other pare of the world, It niay not be 
antffeto fpeak foinewhat of the moft noted of them , vixm 
Pjtbmm, DcdQn€um. and ft$fiter Himmcff%. 

G A P. I. 
Be OracmU PfthU. 

THE moft noted of tbe three Orulei was the firft. Ic 
wai called Pjthiam , for the fame reafoa that the Wo% 
mu was called FytbU* i. e. either from Pjthon the ferpent, ' 
that lay in the pit • oat of which the Oracle came,afterward 
killed hy A Pol l$,who peflfefied the place by conqaeft.Qr irom 
Pftbo artotDcr mmt of Ditfhos the place of thb OraclCyWhick 
came from Pjthm ib€ fonneof Dttfhi, th€ ionne o( A folli. 
Dei f his was as fit a place to diftrtbote Oracles to all the bo* 
dy of Greece as the n4tvit is to diftribote noui ifliment to the 

b3dy of a child* And therefore .Ta^W/e/ calU it fAi^V^"'^''^ 
fuEf TiTtff \ becanfe it was tiip€h& the Nmnllfit VtnMksm the 
tnid'ftof (7mrr»/Xaies <f^4^)and not of the WorliuOvU 
would have xxOtbe in medio f$fui. And this they came to know 
forfQdtb»by the two EdgUs (faies Pind^,)Crmes faies fome» 
and othen S^dns which being lee tiy by fnpUer , cnet both 
id that place. Nay in alluGon to that name of Oft^ceA^ ( by 
which U was commonly calJed ) Pds^fdmds faies diere wai to 
be ken in the Temple a Navill m^ide of white ftone , with a 
Ribband banging co it for the Navill firing. Bat L^antias 
bad rather derive it from 'tuf tithe Oracle. And Varro would 
by no means yeiid to have it derived from -the NaVitl, fivam 
am neqtti hem ssfitrerrarum msdins^ rnqne amMicm pt in hi 

miitrmMffs. Soc the latter reafon is defeated by Vinuvisss^ 

R r or 

As I have 
Chr'iftiaa ifi 


Pluarcb. de 
c Attd Eu' 

ihar fMne* 

^i^ Arfh^t^hgU Attics, Lib* ySe^f.iX^. I. 

trh; wy eoe elfc^Thefirft bc|iiincr of tbcOrMk(tom(ii| 
If ti Tii^nSf m^rif$gi7u yuA: tad fotnc Tk0¥. 

Tbe 6r(l iM^ginmng of the 0(K-e, wai aicer this mmoer* 
When the pla(;e w^s a Commoa , tb« Goati tbuUti tbt rf» 
commingto a den very brgc betowi wkb a liitle cncntbat 
(be Tqp, and looking in^oo a fu^ldain felt a leaping and ma^ 
king a ftrange poife. He tbac kept cbem ( Phfur^h caRi hm 
Cpret4s) feeing (bi(, ran to the pla^e to know what tbe nrnt* 
ter was. and fell into cbe fame frolicke ^ bm prophcfied tea 
And tbut ic fared wicb divers others, that came tbitber to tbe 
fame parpofcNay a great many, with tbe bnatb a*«OfxA Ai^ac- 
9$opfiir anhetUus terra '(9$Cmr^ calls ic ) that casie oat of 
ibe c^nb^expired. Infomiscb that afterward they fet a Thrf$^ 
fioti^floot upon tbe bote., and % Maid upon itconfecrated 
for a PriefklXe , wb49^^ comtQon name was Pjthia, aad ber 
offct CO piu tbie CKacIei i4ia verfe and deliver it oih« Fqi 

i^'^'* »a^<4f fM.VfX<^«^<^i^^^ » ^^^ ^ wdet Mowbg 
i|itb t|bi« b^Oii;^ to fee b(tt a pettfAii or a whifpmh^ Hkr 
(boff o'flX^KQ in //W/fik c. $. v* 1 9 Wbere be ijpeaks of 
fncb V^re^iM^T^r > or /^/// Piopbtts tba/t ftarf and nMftf^^ ; 
iHcb.aa tbe f;rriiSrM was » owofwbofe belly tbcDiftf^kt 
bif pn>pbe(^ wUb a fosaii pef piog voiae liks n cbiUi. BoK 
tJia^Pr<H(b(K kianoiJierplKe conges neercc towMii9g,Tkit 
JMrfp.iJl{ ^^ rfthff^^fidf Md d$j^ fpach JkM h hm sisr^f 
$hi J^ mitkf vmfiJkM kemimi tkn hoik a f4mUmr/pirit, 

fomp fay (he 7Vi>M^wber:e9f I f(i^ was a po& fiilM wiifr 

4$^^ tboranf wbicbtb^i #k^/) tbe wickied fftfpiMtknv^ekVi 

l^d^ iota tbe b^l)$i of (be Wcndi, and fo to go for tb at bar 

mo^tb for aOtOraf^/Vndubarcfore it iaibaitfaoM Frophen^ 

wbicb in tbofe tinrn^hada famiiitr ^rit wttbitribem » wef« 

conuQOQlyQalled by tbe nameof t^^rareiVv^iaiid ci^tfM r^^ 

as wcdlas 7nf3»?s«» > aod 4 E/pvaiK^tbe maanerof berfitting^ 

ci'^.wben jfhe.took the f piric: iQibecaQfc it nuiy: not fo fitly be 

cauKcffedinr^tigliaaj da^re co glfayoii ic iaohc wordtof tbe 
• ^ - -- sMisffi, 

ArchsohgU Attics. Lit. y. St fin t . Cef. i . 315 

m 'h9/)>I7» Sbe was no fooncr iAfpiredjbuc (he fell a ceiriag 
ber btir/uid rnnning round/oaming at cbe motitb,& cmtiog 
ber flefli as bad as ever cbe PropbeCf of ifiM/ did. Lulimnim 
^ Cbus fpeaks of their geftures.«f rffiir ttumfue humeru & mrMq-^ 
msfm difiri&0r ^Isidm exeftnits ctirrmnt^ iffiftmtMr^ iwfMniimt, 
But this peeping may not make ine prepolteroot ; and there* 
fore I wilt tetl yon more of cbe Wracb and tbe Trifm, Tfcc 
firft Maids name ihac propbefied in cbac piactiWtf Pk^mi* 
ni^h\\ cbe reft were young Virgins,as (he waa,tiH Eche^ntiesp 
aTbeffaIian,defiowredPiMr^4y, and cbeo cfaey madecboice 
of Women of fifty years of age, but made diem g^ in the ba« 
bic of a Virgin. The ^coftome of tbofe Virgins wit, b^<^€/,^ ^* 
cbey went to/«s/: u> wafii their bodies , and cfpecially tbeir r]fjtbxm. ^* 
bair in cbe foancain e^/fslim ( where tbe Poccs, a people of * * 
lie ifiK infpfratioo.aad ^4rf# too imre ofed to waOi) 

— x#fc«i Ufjtii^Pffm--' when tbey fa(e fitfti 

diitbe ffool, tbey ufed to Ihabe ^tbe Laurd-tree that grew ^ gy^^a^iau 
ctofe 1^ tbe Trifw , and fomettmes to take the learei and flej3C 
chew in their months, as £iirM»rratcffi«nfiM»« J^mU/ffy fer 
fo other fach Women ufed to do » and therefore Lj€^fhrw 

the urfl that came to receive as Orade from tbeoi / was 
PsriMffMi, ffiom whence ( fomcf fay ) the place took ira mittie»i 
ivbereas before it was hurm^m from lUf^ Ik$$^Rn9> 
^i^tbac reftcid tbeit ; fida fms Mtonm. As for 7ri^io 
( CfUed by the tatiaes Cirtiim, wbence C^ttmf^tns for ^-^. 
folU^ tboDgh PruAntins made it bttt the e^ver tmiiiefCtr* 
iSmi^tegit ) Itis tbonghtby tbe^boliaft' n[M)n Ari^i^nuwci 
ZjfifriUetohmhtcn^tJlhn a f^r( as I told you befonrojf^ 
. With a wide moutb.and miade of Braffe» bot fitted witfrvftmi 
or calculi^ cfttf or Lottery- pdlets ( nfiiatly pat id liacbfotS'/ 
whereof tbofe dbat leapt out of the pot , ( S^wt$ ) or teaj^i.' 
and danced in it, when any one came ttf^ akkf ; afitordingi: 
cothefignificationtbeybicr, miMleoptb* iO^Nir; BBCaa) 


3 r« Arcbiiokgl£ Attic*. Hi. j.^^Seft. x\ Up. i. 

U ratber tboogbt to have bceo a tbicg with ibrcc tegs (afiter 
the falhion of the cot&Bion fore of Tables) with a ronfid 
cover like a cable* bord called Sn^^- , < as tbe table- bprdi 
were ) wbence Apollo h by Sofktta caUed i HAf/& , ird his 
Wcoch If «Afii^ 

I wonder that ever people could fo mwcb icofethmftlvMy 
as to go to ber that would be fare to ptit the bttfioeife in a 
greater queftion b/ tbeftnfwet.and make them more to feek^ 
than they were before. But that they were refolved to be 
fooIed> becaufe forfooth Afoilo is > o^Ji cf cH^r^ there too, is 
Yit\\9%'inihtZodiAck, undheniikft -f^ar^il^Hr , be crablted 
10 fats dtlivery, as well as in bis gdte. * TH bis ufe 
ScaecOed. AmbAgt ntxk Deifhico mos tft ito ; 

Aod indeed if we may believe the Seboliaft rpon e/C/. 

^0, in aocieot time they made their verfes in riddlci 
Now the Oracles were delivcredcoinafKU)ly in verfe, as he 
ffies. V 

nfiially called tliero,and the Verfe tor the moft part waii/rjr- 
4irre/#r, iofomacb that this Oracle. 

Av^tS'r Jjittr-Twr X««p«^^ ♦"^^^^> ' 

Wat thought to be ntfneof PjthUX becanfe ii; waanot br 
OtiZ w<^^n^»8htolieeoffi* the Author; ^fhtarch hm fotpe 

were of opinion,that there were Poets kept of porpitfc io the 

Oracle place f({7fee ly fft^isMitHo^iiyyriet nli yi^C(^li «fei«?ijetvn<, 
U cstch the Of4tles m dey fell, and wrap them »f in verfe. Bnt 
one reafon why they delivered their. Oracle, in >erfc, or in. 
bfief , and fo coiBinofily io obfciirity,.was, becaufe the god. 
tfV^'^Vff ^« ^iM TiVAM3j<,. not willing to cdnceale the 
^ > cmth altogether t nor yetdefiroustomakeit koown^ was. 
faine to haveit delivered in fuch manner, as no body might, 
cake advancige to hurt the fpeaker» if that anfwer were not 
a^ordii^ lO hit mind. *Tis true in later times it fell to profe 
(Wbeait)M^n.t9f|Um.t^ reafon thereof 

ArchMhgiA At t ice. LiS. 7. C^f. i . SeR. 1 • j r 7 

has been fufficjcndy difpuced already by Flnunh in a Trct- 
Cife of purpofc. 

The efteem which they b&<| of thofe Oracles, was foch • 
that in times of Warre , when no other Divination could 
prevaile, it was an ordinary thing to fainc an Oracle, to per, 
fwadc the Souldicrs to fight. For they might very well be of ^^ y"*" ?••• 
7f>f/i^/ his mind^who thoagh be were an Entrd f^^z^r htm* 
fcir. yet in Eur if ids s you Qiall tuive him conieffing 10 Crew ^ 
that men W€ref9 4fi to f^ak^cpntrary h n^hstthey ^ffi^^ either 
cue of Mi »»/A t^^firfear^9r f^r f^iMT^hsi there W4S little ^er np 
€redii t§ be given to any ether Prefheey^ hefiJii ApoUo^f own* 

And yet iciscteare, that the Woman or Ipme body elfe 
/Was oaogh t,and cermfted very often. TnBy when be bad thus 
commended her for a tell- troth, nunquAnt illud praenlwnm 
Del f his tdfnctUbre & tdm iUrHmfni^et^ neqne taniie donUre* 
fertmm omnipm fofmlerum 0te[ut regun^ nifi omnid nenr erdCM'- 
l§rmm iUornm verttntem.efftt etpertn, afterward comes in with 
a famdite idem nen fecit : But indeed, fie hnsnee keen thus a 
hng time. Nay lor three hundred years (I think) before his - , . 
time Demofihenes could complain ftie di4 Miw#ij;f*f , flatter h^^c. ^ 
and fpeak , a& Vhilip i^outd have her. Thus one time (he was 
bribed by CljFlhenety to perfwade the Lacedemonians to free 
the Athenians from the Tyranny, and another time by Cttp^ 
nunef, to perfwade them ro deprive bis Colleague Demarafm 
of his pla^e. Neither would Lycofhron c^W Apolh (Cif/»er dt«r 
for nothings 

Bm yon will f^y fome other body might play the knave , 
' and puc it upon her. And likely enough. For fo Cicero thinks 
tbey did in that anfwer reported to be given by ApoJU ca 
Fjrrhus, Jio te t/£a€Ua Ro^Mnos vinctre pojfe.htid that, Fitft i^ ^ dcDivin, 
becaufe 4poUo did not fpeak inLa: ine* 2ly,Becaufe none of the 
Greek writers mention any fucb thing. And ^ly, Beraufe the 
Oracles were not given in vcrfe in Pjrrhtu his time« 


Rrj CAP* 


/ ' 


Ath tbit «bile I bavt faid potbuig of tte Temple ^ ht 
feare of lay iog too litt4c So famooi and fo rich at tc 
was wicb cbe gifa or «f «^i(^<*r« , of mod of the Frincei or 
people in tbe world ; infarottcb ibat Jfhet&rU cus , fo fatd 
froin Kpkr^ the name of 4p^ * who was tm^or OracmU* 
tmm » hatb bees ufed its a proverb for ^nddftce of wealth , 
I have read oi five Temples ereded in the fame place at fe« 
vertl timei Ibe firft was of Laurell-boogbs fetcht from 
Temfefields.Tht fecond of fT^Arand Pe^hersfit elfe fanned 
CO be made Sa whfSf (£wi^pf becanfetbemaositame was 
^tefM tbai boilc it. Tbe (bird of Braffe ( as tbe Temple wat 
ttSfsresMMervd x«AKitt«».)Tbts,fome (ay.was motten to tbe 
^ gro«nd;Otbers,tbat it was fwaBowed up by Eartb qoakr T 

PMiTia m j^ g^^jj^ ^f ji^^^ deftroyed by fire tbe firff ye^r ot the 

^^' fifth 9ijmfidl Tbe fifth, boUt hf cbe AmfhiSicns oat of the 

holy treafiire to a very deep place, with bnc one oarrovr 
way for tbe eatrtoce-Morc m^bcbe faid cOflccrningtbe tern* 
pkiand cbe EJio cbe frontifpice , cbe retfoo whereof is dtf* 

r t •» e / pttced by A Unuaecb. bac I doubt cbere ts coo much already ' 

^•T ^I't];: I will proceed co che Cuftoms. which tbe Athemmee ( cbe dc. 

r» ir iiK%ini. ^^^^eftfcrvants ol Afolh) ofed in fending cohim: either co 

Ihipbos^ or CO JDe/AT, co do bim honour, or co ask his adhrice. 
The occafion of fending co the Oractei was eitbet for help to 
performing fome ardoons affaires ^ or for delivery ftom &k« 
nefle^or che tike. Wbes chey wcoc chicber . chey were laid 
JUmfidJmh when they retamed ag^io ^rmfaifHu Tbe cere- 
monies ofed in fending EmbafBearir/nifrviEN^ Delfb$t^ 
were neer the lame with chofe chac rnGtardinmh ofed tncbe 
DiliM^fidft once a year,and they were thefe. Tbote thac were 
fenc were called fometimes /nA/Afa) , from cbe feaft ; Ibme- 
cioies dw^l (like Hebrew /r^r/ ) a came ffiitable to that of 
AfoIU liuwii to ?ii$dm^(?jiib.y.) which foine nocwichftandiog 



Arci^tigUAtticd. Lit. y. SeS. uC^,2i ji^ 

interpret to be his lodes, or bit Anpl tbe ^nrn. He that 

bad (be orderiog of tbe bofioeffe fpes celled ^>f W«er«Tbere 

were alfo iimt aloog witb diem Ki^m& Mv^«J#,cwo tbtt were f '^^^« ^ 

nVt^^^tfitEfHhm^tiDilosbftihix yetre. Tbe <htp 'M^)^fiim 

k wbich ^7 wcnt^wat fir ft to be adorned witbGarlandi by "^'^^9 vdu^- 

tbePrieCkofifpi//^, and fo were tbe meflengerf coo on cbe*'*^^f'«'*^''r 

^bead« the brow, and tbe neck, vidu^/i^'f TE^if-is^;^^^!^"**'"*''**" 

to alluGoo $0 the three fioru $f thefiMl. Tbe fliip wai Ukewife ^"^ 

caUed dWI^y and rometknei Mizt. It was wont to be Ttr^ 

ftm bb» in which the Bovei were brovgbt , that w^re to be 

paid to tbe/l/i^4i^r,ac iucb timeas retombg from Ctm to 

hsbtn$y be inftitmed tbe plaies, and tbe folemoky celebrated 

by tbe aforefaid DflU^d^mhtn they came to Z)ir/iii.Tbif very 

(hip tbe Athtm4Hs kept for bb fiike,cill the lySM^iDemttrim 

Vhdleretu^ « fi ^ rut ffx«nf«»( im W# «»$«# iiO«f A/^f mi^^Jh^i^ 

ii€uivH Mj^vmr, Infemmch^bki Vlntmrch) tkiH PbiUfofhers t$ft 
u illmfirdti tbdt cfinioft,thdt the hJftemmMs fiill the fgrne h^k, 
wiihfi4mliM§ the eetuinad iu^J^ bj thUfimilUtukJBl^fidtM tbil^ Jkmi I ^ 
there werefour more navtsfMrs^vi^ the/^r^/Af, jlmigent^ ' 
tt^lenueie^^ni Ammof^s* The cbingi that wcttftniht ibe 
keeping of the teaft. and the Sacri6ce,were called TtfcTAitf.For 
wbeA ibey came tbtcber.ftrft they « Sacrificed : tnd then the 
Maidafcnt thkhcr ficom favcral piaces^feU a dancia^^a Grange -i g-^^,^-^,^; 
kind of dance aboac the Altar . which xhey caflcd Ti^^ 09 , n^^^iitA^ ei 
Cruem the Crsnei wherein, cbeir motiofts being crooked like 'P > ^^ ^ >^- 
tbe Cranes neck when he holds ic in, they imitated the tar- ^^)^* ^ 
nings and windings of the Minotauri Labyrinth^ beating the 
Aia&r^nid biiiog at a bu(h> of.Oli ves, with their hands behind 
them (as ear boysdo at fr^f-^fflt) if fo much be imported ift 
the words o( Call imdchifs. 

The Altar was K«^r/a^ i3afe)(,and thfrefore caHcdK«t«'^> 
bec2ofe it was made by ^fcllo at four years old; of the 
iMTfts of the Gogu ^ which bis filler Disnd Killed a bonting 


In HifpoL 

a Fulchcr A- 


ftfntibu« aras 

«poii Cjmkim bill. Tbe borm were ail ort^ e left Gde , ftitii 
^ Plm. m Th^i9. And yet in bii book Jd SdtrtU jtni'mslhm j 
"^ikiV A^ft3«. Whether it flioold be rendered of tbe n^tfide^ 
4n right tihn it fie or bandfotneil know not. But fo ftrangely 
were cbefe bornes joy ned together without any Cen)ent,gliie 
Qt tye.that it was reckoned toe one of the Je^enftrMfiie fight/, 
Bf ni %rU u^ ufiiwi dflt^fAtt^]/, as Ovid faies ^ 

Miror & i nnumtfis fir nil dm it cwrnibm 4»4m. 
During all tbefe boly dayes 00 malefador was to fofier poi' 
niflimeotBy wbicb meaoei 50^r4rri bad tbe bap to be repriei 
yed for thirty dayes,i«c«Vif dt^eia o« 2iffA» UmAfihim, faith Xe^ 
nofbonMihta the Thtitri retoroed^tbey came with their Gar* 
lao^s about tbcm , and tbe People ranne all forth to meet 
tbem^ opeiung their dooresj and making obeifi^ce as tbey 
paiTed by« wbicb made bimcomplaine fo in Em fides. 

Ou*^ fi< fx' di !Ho$of <t ^97 /ifi®- 

How the Oracle at Df/fk/ came to ceafe^is nncertaine:Some^ 
fay, AUx4nitr rat it down. Bot it appears to have flo6ri(h« 
cd after his dmeP/isMrri& thinks it ccafed as fodn as fben had 
wit enoDgb to adfife themfelTes,withoat feeking to htm that 
fliade it his bofiaeffe to coztn them. Dimt faies» it was Ntro 
martbered the men at the hole. When it left Del f hot it went 
to the ^ Hjffrhreim Scjthiswsi for Ahms a Scythian one of 
Ap9llo*s Priefl:s» wrote a book of bis Oracles, and his coming 
thither. The hthiniam when all Greece was infeAcd with 
the Plague , hadun Oracle from thence, to make vows and 
prayers in tbe name of the reft. And it was their faibion to 
fend gifts and offerings thither, as they bad done toDclphos^. 
But what need we doubt of the time or the cauife ^ fince w^ 
doubt not of that which Pmr^Miitf afierts , 
^^Ex qno homimit Ykfn indtie arfm » 
Qelfhica damnath UcmetHnt fmibue antra* 
Non Trifodas C<frti»d ttgit^ fi9n ifumae OMhhs 
Ptrdidit infant mtndax 1[)cd99i4 vsfgres 
Ncc rcfporfareferi LjhieisiB Sjrtit^Hs hmmw. 


4rci4^ogU AtjtU^* Lib. j.S^cl.i.Caf. z. 321 

H^mmof^t istb0ngl|(iM»l)aw bec^ntcfirft %tini of School 

fQr^cbe iamity ofCiiiiflv^ 9r//iiM^buc afcerMc4 abiiffd by x 

tbe Daf il to cbis dduGoti of Orsclu. It was io y(/riM 

among the G^rsmAntes in a place almoft inacctifible foe 

^Mt^as cbac place at Delphos was for height. DoJons'o Grove 

is tboagbc to bave been Xucb anotber School^ vk> for tbe 

off-fpriog of Dodoti4im,iitp\)€m to fufbet. Bat for tbis t^ere* 

i| a Vable of ft p&ic of Doyes , tbat flioald come from 

^gypt,one of wbicb pitcbc upon a Beecb uee in £^irar/,and 

there uQog tbe voyceofa isant among otbtr good inftra* 

ftiont , gave order for tbe building of a Temple in tbac 

place, rwbicb was done by Dtncalion a&er bi» (hip came 

tbitber (while 1 fpsak of tbefe tbiogi^ I cannot but tbink 

upon Nosh and his Arke# and bis Dove )bc(ides tbe building 

of tbe City D^don^, nigb unto which this Oracle was. Tbeft r 

two Oracles are reckoned tbe moft gncient of allvand of tbefe ^ 

two, tbe laft. T# >8 i^df 71 lor Ai» mijjug^i uf:^ci ^790 Sff cf E^« 

hofi ^cm^^ Aad.tbereforc a word or cwQ.more of u tbaa i 

I thought. Jt is CQucjcived by mqA» cbac tboie Dovos wer^ 

cer uin VVomen prieCks or Prophcti, feccbt fr^m t^gyf^ ("the 

Martof fuperdition) by tbe Phosnicimis firfl, and from tliem Herodoc; 

convey'd into Thefdlj. Now in tbe TbfffdUft iangnage^tbc 

fame word which ngpifics a Dove , tsufcdalfotofignifie a 

propbe; efs« 11 ynK*tiu E$i^4thiHt fayes^ -(bat in jtbe Thej4i4^ 

longMold Women were called inKMoi^ ^nd old i4en mh!^o\. In lil,^* 

and tbat thofe PropbetclTcs being three old women, wbofe « 

Dames were FromtnU^TimArmJU JSticandre^ either by mi* 

ftake of the word,or the fiAion of Poets were commonly fup« 

pofed to be Doves.The faqoe Aatbor alfo f^yes^th^^ perhaps 

thofe women being f ^^4r/4«/ ^C jf hqo^j;^^ 

fcarce allow to be men & women)ifor their rude brutifti Ian- \ 

gnage might bive bin counted as^^p^y ;^i^.J^ it ieei^ 

to have been no (uch (Irange rhij^in anciept times, For Prb- 

pbetelTes to have tlj,e nafnc. of Doycs, And ^^Jf rcfpre ^ XWi- ^fl 

fhrm Calls CASiindra\>^^ Df^me^^AW Palumhesi thbp|^ iyti 

aaotiicr jRlacc-ihc luvt^cn^^ 

fin Ins Tr^fn€ ) IM^ anoc^ c<m)eflkire inore/Mtfel 
thtc wbicb I nttted Itift^ W«. TBn thefc Prophetellb W^ 
. Ae Datnc of fiiK««s*«^( • or rather, tVfw vilt the old womei), 
therefore had the name of ^^«t«^,1>e€aofeibey wtre aire/ ton 
^'«gfay- haired and aged: ^ ^ 

' Strah ffeaks of four PrieftscaTted fi^x^i'^ Uwr w -** » ' 
i^eW, from the ff i« necr the Tftnpltf . vi^. of f i#^W firrnatred . 
Td^Mrmjwhkk was a flame common Hlfo to ttiePricOSi* Iff* 
M^^rcans them Sf »«r, fa)*tng 

TheJ nfednot tt wa{b' their fttty^nd fay kfvn th gf^nd wki^ 
4hejflefp. When ebcygave anfwer,chey got^tbemamtd'fl the 
^dughfi and fo the Orabjrwas tboogbt to come from ibt. 
Oakes^wbeft it camt Btf t from Uh^teen ihem Tbey are callfd: 

#CacoTomu-*<^'"^^^^*^i*"^^*'^'**"*^^*» atrtlcbe j^rgo f«po«ed tO 

ri joYisaugure be made of the timber Lyeefhron called « A^Vw^^r «4««r. 
Itico Arbore Robnld about fht Timpfe- flood fiMona^fBraflV, one fiift a* 

•raffagarabu^ ggjaft the other- J^^AA^ribt/f^ 

KS «^yoti arwi but oneja?! cBe reft wboMcry.and make ikha 
Gkuim. noyfc.tbat zt}^ngthoSt DadofntHmhtcgme a Proverb- Be- 

Kke tbey ilfed to ftriketfae fiifom as they ufed to do otIief> 
Bifons and Pots , wAh a Ring hetd by * thread m Ae haodii 
lindHrHcMij; the &^ of: the vtiTd fo fsany times , to make. 
Ii>tf matton by chefoiiflds. • - 

C A p. Ill; 

Tlemff^if cmm ^ftftfMme di^u. 

.' . • / 

jt^of a Dremtr iyftfrcMms » or ^puroKpitHConpSlorit ^ of 
ftn Ai^rr^f^rof Dreams^ fikh ar /7rn»^4fpake of, when (he^ 
faiibTritai )cj/i^i»C*7K\}/we»^-The latter of tbcfe furely belongs 


\ « 

Atchdol^U Attics. Lii. 7. Seff. i . - C^i^. $. 3 23 

j$n Artn p wcU a« ftoy other fort of ArioUMm. For U tbsc 
flull objedt chat {peakiag hvufmetimtt true, docs not argue 

ciro'% opinion may bcanfweted with ibii quellion , ^1^4 Lib.i.D;yia. 
umdem id 4rs nw Mnt i BcGdes if it were no Arr, wbat calk 
we of Xenofhons Dream in bis f er vice with Cj rm -, or bow 
came it, that there were fo many booka wriuen of this fub* 
jeft? For, to iay nothing of ^eleven more that wrote of por. ^^^h^- 
.pofc of it,nor ot the Treatife ^iivwfim reported by ^ Plm- Tin ptm © 
t^rch to be found among MUbriidta his books , Arumon ^^l^^* 
MiUfm wrote two and twenty books of it bimfelf ; and 
there is a very pretty copy of about foucfcorc Senarii Ver fea « 

in Greek , touching the ugnification of fuch or fuch a (ighc 
in a Dretm. But the Dreamf you muft underftand) was not 
every "oMf, or m/h dream ( for fodoes the Etymology imt 
.port^^^'i^^ fSJof r9* « Aa^Sf £^i y Jaics E$ifi4thim) but Cmmf^ 
or 9 9Hf&^ a asdmiW drenti^ frcfli and failing, fuch as iT^^e i>* 
t^i(hri?aap/r,wbicbtliey derive*i^^^ i^pu ipQun^ which 
comet about wi^iQg tioie^ or «V#fp@- which they derive ^ 
9ifi9 ii|«<p, and of ftich istbacof Or^win^he Hjmm^.^f^^Vj 

Ay>M lu^frm, ^tnUi »nc^ 5f*Mft. I bflicyc few tb*« a£, 5^?^7,^- 

reidmcfrefttcbas Flni^rch$ Tbrafymdi^ot P links Atldm- m^^mV^^^* 
#r/, tbajtoeyfr dreamt of a dream, and ttHMrffore I wfiU iMkf Homiodyff! 
*bold ttf df^ta tjhem fhtilongec* K ja v«ri<H^y .<{0f» jej^urdd ^; .. 
whO;W»tbefirftr^|i«s^i* this kiiKk*/«»f (aicfc.rfW% cm c * 
Jljm^Deiit4K^n%ion\ PUUftiJUfSi^ AhdlumiTntift^^sPope ^ ^''* 
jfiiM^ frfefb ; P^mfmim would have it to be Amfbi^ortuui 
whom he reports to hive beoi deified foe bit ikiU^ and thai 
tbey ttfedto li€»fi<« to biPf wfacirtbfy Ioi!ke4^ 

tbey|attt^i»t,|he|)«0Blec>iafgve4«cf4wl^ . /;,;- 

C?-i^4lWfltwt*H«it it *hit wospkj a«4fo w^are tbf>fc ^ Hi!; *p "^^^^^ 

ved at the ^ HihU^wo Cities fo i|t««^i7;.BuMmona^-['2E/I 
alj, tbe^/^ivnu^woiMris were heft at tt. - 

tioltatbey would facrifice a Ram tfi Amfkim^s , and flieff 
opoo the fleece. For ikm^Pmii wA tfi dQ 19 the tern- 

S/2 ^ flc 

524- Archdohgia Attica. Lii. 7. Safl. i] Cap. 2. 

c Er«>/^»^i 5 P'^ ^^ ^ Chdkhas. Se Vikewife the GdUbri ufcd ibcir »ff/«>r4 
Mini ^lAAf tf ^f^p* xVf'^^^ fleeces ,co fleep upon ac the Sepulchre ofPodiH' 
KPtQm fjLurdd. rtHj. And it feecBt» it was t common prafticc both for dica» 
't^'*^*"^ iniflgi torrir^i/alfofayes. ^ ^ - 

1^0 1, 6. reatbfii tncnbuU prafU^yemnolPitie fettvit 

Cx\ Rottlg. And alfo fof pnrifjini a poltated pcrfon 19 the Eltfifimn and 

other facrificcs : for they cook the skins oJ beafls that had 
been facfificed to Jufmr ( which they calfed by ibc natrc of 
Aif jttJ/i*; and laid them under their fcer. Nay there was no 
fmall ufc of fleeces and skins infeveral other buffneffcs. 
ts in Mourning , and at Weddings , when ite\<^ife (as i 
cold you ) fate upon a fleece for a cushion, to (he w her pur* 
pofe Lanificio intenitre of fpioning and carding. The Scj-^ 
fhUns play'd mad tricks with skins* For among them , if « 
ffian bad been wronged , and need of help to revenge him- 
fcif, be would facrificc aa Ox , aind cut the flefti into pieces 
lind boyi it , and fit upon the akin with Ui hands befend 
.^ him , anS-fo beg forbclp. Theo cameU|< Af<b<l^, kndere* 
ry one taking a piece t>f the flielh, ind ftttirig^his right /oot 
im the skin , pifotnifed either men or arms, c^ what be 
beft could. Such'Ceremonies as'thefc , they accoudted a faft 
engagrtftctiMbd 6rtiicb ebndSciiig to tlic fucceffftSometiirtei 
- ttey w^iRfgaiijd fltep Ik the -Wtnplil.with LSiiteli orfom* 
frtdj ftciditflf ftttf! tyed* ihWttt «h«if beads /'antf tac^lfice tb 
« :ffrwi:*egoddeff«?^fctieW^(f4^W, fo called ftoto Hei%r 
aA^T* ^ iit9 i tofletp. The£4r^^«^irf^»i^kept*ieilof pufpoft to fleepm 

i fi*jft;«W/<» la ^riff ^iyifi' did f^i ; i x> f. i*'- 

And the like Wis wont to be done iUt^Win theTemDie of 
^S9Tgfi$. But jHfutnkt bii :f«ffiWm»y declared ihb vm ' 
•a thefe dolttgslh fa!!yiii|», ^ i^ ^ ,! , v\j/^n 


S9dfibi ^MififMc, fdcii. 

BcHiies all chis they t^lda fpeciiill «aire of cbeir diet, fo $» 
cofad for onf day before » aodabflain from wine ior thrie: 
as likevvife co forbeare eating Beanet or raw frotc jlriftitle 
faief , there it 00 credit to ht (jiren idifomtipQit 'ovwfJ-M^ to 
Jr.-'a^ in the Antumn. Bui JP//vfir\^ qitedions that agaia » 
and fayes if w<; eac good and ripe friiit,3r7»9 •'^m^myi^ 4«i/« 

they counted very good, or very bad. For wben they facrt« fyUfOf. i.^. 

(iced to BriK^Qy they offered boats full of all manner of tbtogi 

but FiQi , whether it were to pleafe tbe goddefTc with the 

fpariog of the beft thing, or the rejeftion of cbe word, I can* ^ 

not tell, ^ Pi«;4ir^i!i obfervj^stbit the .bead (rf* 9l* PUjfnf is 

as foure in cbe dreMm , as 'cis fweet in the tajli and tliertfore y c^l. Rfiod. 

compares Foecry toic/wben it is not modcntciy afed« Some Li/^c. 10. 

choice there was alfo of the cqUw of their Qoathes. For 

tbe wbiceft and cleared was beft»r0A(tb^ Aii»xU n^'na^tf i» v^ryp 

fiffir^fay ts iWiiai :^ ifDreamaandVifions muft neodt be 

tbevr/^Kir^n The vcatOt dreams»^ !af iMu^ef cnj or tbedeareft 

^ifions, were either a Utile dtftar ic was day ; oir towirdtbe 

corning ( tbc^iormer time.» Homtr ullls t w^f ^^i^hyU , the 

Wilkin^ time in the Alwning^ in oppofition to i^{^i ^{i^hyh » q^ uh^yi^ 

the tnilkfngtme in tl^i Evening)' *^9h^¥ ItAgsu^ 


(a^ Thc9critHf^n'i>> DwJwwoftbc laaieimnd.F//ii; fayd^ N^p^y^ fui> 
t dream i; never troe preiemty aft<?c eatmg & drinking. Bot aurora jam dor. 
ArtemedorHJ fayps 'tis all one for that, iJ^Jt «* ^'^fi 7t$ui «icincc lu^cma 

4lfii0i^,n0PtrtX4kc^0mHi^isrryiUU .\ taaloUn^ 

• , ' V ■ , - . . . . C A F# 

i» » 

r.'. i)*!''' ' - T .nii.i: '.0103 :i-'i-i* ] liu v - ... . ,;> ? «. 1-,.- 

ft I * 

i r 


3^9 Areb4ulo£U Atticd. LU, 7».SeS. i, Cf. 4. 

CA P. ly. 


SOgreat diSereocc ihtft was in Dreamt , (Iiat tbcy were 
faio CO make two diffind dows for cbem to come in by , 
0^ of Horn^aod fmocbcr oCi vot yi For cbos mocfa PtmUfi 
ber feir could cell Vljffes ( wbca (he dbfired bunco iflscrpiec 
oa)lI.T, herdreams; "^ 

t.Wtm^ ^^p«av£ueiaiffiiidi^jeUii^yoirwiiicha^^ 
m^bcmcr ulydi chc fiUfe , 

J?/ ffmMMt ttrnmr s fertMnfim fmwict ittrnm 

And Phafe beard ofibideChri&aaDscbat have belie^^ Ac 
iame: PUk/trvim tucK (bat in allQfiotuco tbefe doon.cbcy 
.ttfed CO piAore a dream widi a wbice^garmenc npoo a Mack, 
and a M»f-ji ia bis band. Tbe4oor for the srm dreams .irai 
:N«iflai. £a0. of Hom. 

(Sorely tbis was made of cbe horns off<be Ram wbcn 
tbeyflepcopoo cbe fleece; Of wbkb before ) the door for 
a^falfi woA j^n>/W/ dreams, was of lYory* fiicb as dM 
wbercwicb /l/«rrlKrav was cozened withia cbe PoeCr 



Xi^Ma cbercfosc jeem cbe cbtccoin A^tfilm fyt wHh» 
ingbisirMasritfirwcreof (?oU^ whereas cbere were hoc 
cbolie cwo in aU,as may be gatbemi by tbefe words ia^Pidtp. 

The reafon of cbofe names, I find very prettily goeifedat 

by the Scholiaft opon H^mer at the place above commendedj 

and I (hail defire yoar patience to tell them. Firff, the tW 

(. faycs be ) comas by the Horn- dooi^.or U m^t 0- .* becsute 

JrcJbfJogitMtk^. Lit. f. Stff. i.C^s^.^. 327 

^iwi0tua^MCh« V^Vii(V;diit if, f^ffimrr^»Mbcy fay 
HO cDore ttiao owes Cd f liTr, wbcrcaa thcfh tbtc ohm in by 
the Ifwy doaf,,or U^iKit^^rQ-^ \f^i$tifstpwt , of Uk^mtt^m,. 
dtludc the dreamer w'nb t fraitkfle bopeofcratb. zfy u* 
^^lirii coniStii the r^^MN^ i» i;;^ /k' f/«rif is as much at com- 
ingcUirlj , lor one may fee through born , if ic be made 
thin: Uhk^atif^ tluto^ti^ conf$ffe^y ^ (or one cannot fee 
ebroD^ Itofff , norahf qtber fudi white things, as milk or 
tbe lilGc>ifiliey be never foiittlt » and (6^ /HmtMhs ^oes ^yp^^^.^g^^: 
Interpret it toa |ly, By tbeiEier^ is nieant'the eye , by the n cpfaht he. 
figure SyntcMcht^w fjkf^yn¥ji'hK')^Tif^C6fmdtnnic4 » the firft HocvtUmen 
rcnf of the eye. And by tbe V »h«s the moucb, or ibc Itoty ^^» »'» ?««f'^ 
€9U0rfi tcetb, Vffet f/^^^vTv ^c^rTtf^and lo the meaning muft ^"j^^-^^ 
be,tfatt which is to be/rrff with the tjt is Kktlyer , than chat fnmSTcimk 
which isbttt /jfi^ tobc io from che tettk Aod this \n% aifo admitit Je cor- 
the opinion of Ar^iW concerning the fiaroe fuft ion , upon Mc^m^'^ttyi^- 
thofe w^%li of f'ir «/, jusfftamtsra 

4I9. By tfae Horn-dore, mey 1$e meant tbe^peilage for the fi^cumauttma 
snare Heavenly and Di'finer foirbof dreames,(^#iji %rr«f«r, vero habitat ac 
A»wutfsri by 'file otbtr , the entrance for the x^Ui'^ : the refcUlt, ohtu- 
mofrecmrtUy^groffe^and confnled, Becaufe the Elcplnncs /<^;^f|^^^^ 
Fr^fe/firturnesdownewatid towards the earth, wbereastbe ul^^lnSomm^ 
liorots^totberbeaAf loofet u^Wffrd toward Heaven sly.E^^ um.'sdf. 
fmT9 lis cbe door of the faUe breams, beaufr , there can be 
no other tot fisKedreaxns <x{»cft€d,wben (be Uith have eitcn 
toamodi. ^ 

Tbe Gueda which are to come in by #thefe doors , were 
tbMgbcto be(;ir0;/riandfp>rif/ from Hell. Vmha/jb^^ow^ 
libcy alight weU ber-ao^ ifuch as afcend ia ^fumt too like Fu- 
ries froni^dieisiesber.fkt of tbebody. Agaioe, asGboto.aiie 

— /Sf*©- *«rMf'iv Jaid to fly in and out like dreams, ^ Homers 
and daatbis a fleep} fo dreams iite faid to fly inandoai like OJyff. 4V 
Ghofts.andfleepisadeitb. 2/jcaf<7r«if calls them MiUum 
I^tSuJ^f Night'W^kjng B0g*-hares. fly they did with blaekt, 
'tfi^ings , like Bacts of the night « and therefore EunfUes 
ttUsadfeam44i\Kr«r?itti^, Orfh€»sU9o&iSiv^$ Ltuun^nrhp. 


32 9 ArchMhgU Attics. Lib. j^SeH, r« Cap*^ 

If ibifbcfo^tbcccHoiiywJty btforetlMy w^nt to bed, when 
they iiif4iu to drcain , tbey.ufed to facrifice a Vidime. coi 
^^fTiM^;, nas, it may be« doc fo coach becaolc of his RU-^ 
with wlucb be brought people afltep, and awakened them 
again, asbecaofebe wai Geodeoiao-Dfiierof the Gbofti : 
for what reafon foeyer it waa ,. it feestt Mircmrj was moll 
in their minds « when they were ready ^ to fleep : and there- 
f^re as at feafts, fo at other trmcf> tbcrlaft of their prayers 
was to bim»and the Uft bcajcb that svent f QQnd wat his. For 
fo we find Cdldfiris in Hclkdorus^M <r2r/r 3 &c. After be bad. 
prayed to all t^e reft of the gods , calling upon Mfrcurj for 
1. 1. ^mta9 iv'i^m^ M tugbt of go^JbriMms, tieo^e was it that tbey 

^uiciat ufed to fafteo mi i^i^iu Images of Aimnry to their bods feet^ 

wbicb from thence had the name oi Epptii'cr. When tbey fa* 
b0-;^.ra oayff.crificed that t^ȣf (nff , they ufed to take^e.tongueand bburo 
1 »• it in the firei as in honour tohtmto whom tbey thaiigbt all 

tongaes and fpccchto be conteccaced, Ji 7« Kvyn^ j^ ifuniMn 
Plur. Vo/'f'^ faies the Scboliaftupon Krifiofhamt. With whom 

^'^.Otbers who did hot tbink dreams to be Ghofts, yet 

would have chcm to be pot ioto the heads by Spirits » aa 

PUti who thought the air^ to be full of lucb things. And 

In OM. /J fo DimocntH${^% the Scholiaft c epoi:u,who fayes that he bad 

it from H^w^rbimfelfe) thought that men dreamt this or 

r l»ilof. the fame taw)/p^$^ni 4 ffl ^Mhtiu^ccrUng to this or thdt 

compofition ^rfeparation of Imnga or Ghofts, or Phanciet , or 
Somewhat. But indeed I think tbofe /•/ J^«x*» (hould not be 
fo much I mages as Iroaginationa, nor fo much ttmtrd Gbofls, 
as adkmhdtiones^Imdges and<fffrif/inibe pbancy proceeding 
from the spirits wicbm;tnd not fsorathpfc: witbmb. . . : 


1 • 

Jrclsokgid^ Attica, Lih. T£e&, u:Capl 3. 3 29 



t ^ * J 

GAP. V. 


9e S»tH'*«'»'*' 

FOR tbciri(r/2reii#,tbey cboogbc tUdrcaas to haveW 

^ff/^/. Aa4tb«Sfcliaiia(lfl^ponhimgtvaiC^i^o^ i^ 

caofie from the urtb corns m^^ f^<» '^^^(If^f-p^f^idfrmJI^ f 

^Av/. Sooie indeed ihoiighCi they were from Hctdn^ ( aa4 « 

fo ibe/ may eome from cbe earth ftill. ) And feme froa the 
>f/yai», which wai aU ooe^ aad iiiic^d 907 ure)! wtbc time qff 
thctircoiBiii^thc^mgSf^j I : ,; .- • ,,3 

. jjtocbtlieiriajiof I?rc»ma^ ' 

^cbera divided (ben loito *^}hji^u ftDddf»e4««r/»^ o^V«<w 
^^«;r|((«rMBM wereW T^MipfSf ^^U tt^^wmAm^ when tbingi sf^ 
fiored in fbeir mn likfneffu KKKtiyfiu) . were ^hcn cbey.iip* ^ 
peared in the likcnefleitf oeA^.thip^ 4 wheti^.one «tbing was 
dreamland aoocb<M! nieaok , Such a^^i^'^rvw^V when be ' ' ^ 
dccMthpUywKb^MDcbfr, j)(i4^:^f»«f^^ '^ ' 

rJM» orhiiUrtd ffi^tinJi^qttd tmEi$rmm fivanidpi^r p n^Pit), 
that the whole ^arch.che mother oi evfnry livitigibi|ig.W»»tf 
be M^ him. Nay the dinin^roo ot;dr<;an:^ waa lo accu- 
rate t chat in the mai^og afil^mil^i^i wa^ faiqed to have 
m leffcthan |hree leryanHio^niW ^|K«^>m'<¥^.tfM)i%MM 
bareadrcame thatihoaldcooq?raf^b^i)[i»4ei4i^^ ^^*^'^^?:'|t "^ 

fhim, ifhdfij,o{Ph$teu^{^s min cn\Uihiffk),^t Jc^ls^oA the ^^•'^s''''* ' 
goib calle4bim ) Fit ferajfit volHcm*^ - \ . 
if inanirnate cteatures ( ^u^f #f vd€4M luiNiii. ) « 
of him that bad the name of Thin^K (-4. w^dder bow be 
4C0Ald r^BembeciaU tbc;(h?fiCf, ^1^p!:r\y$f^^]l4^j^tig 
in bis boufe,and bis boufe be as darke a den ^ v j^^^A^^jp^g 
the CJ^'''^''^^for fo it is fained to h^O . ^v. . 
But after all tbis doting about a ^r eamtia tlv:re imii^ remedy, 
if I meet with none of tnc beft f Yci^hy tU/meads, as foon aa 
ju<i Tt "- lariil^ 


\i * • » 

t ' 

Is EleAr.S 

ti^b j^eMagf* ^kca. Lih. 7. Sell. r. Ctf. $. 

I trtfCibefaree^ tell It tor«^tf.or fprafe other bonfhold/*/. 
^tuf fenstiht. ..... 

Of i^ yoa thick tbitcoo little,te,U it to the SunfitAfUttivtr* 
Altec**, eattid Sy tBeBri*w»S«m«€^/t|«»i?fe^,o*a6 
becaafe bis Inige afed to flftttH to tbe fitrtihr/. SomrbMl 
Hdm t6 tftlfc^ii to^ H&'ciHtt v'tnd^fonw- i^J ^ii^<»*;^««.. Vfc 
it^<iftf/tfWw.*Bae tbeft>i#1sett«ti<ealoa «lff (hey (kould 

lr;<^<i>«, tit: SiCMftik 9m$ ttHiijnntrgrf H mtiijiU^^h 
iuii^fov&^^lttt4t/&t, or txftlt *^)e^h br«H^ kjthcf*me^ 
'7'h«y ftK^ehtf «rMdt oftheSchoR^ft dpon that of Stfhoeltt 
Eitrip.inHcc^ —SKlpJ'HKtvn r*" Krci^,&c. Tbeycalletf^~adiofi'Sra4-l^'»n9a'» 

>«iff f>oet , mrbea (b<r6ad^tfi«ttnt of iliefiiU of thdboufe : at- 
tliei^ flie f Off the Pbtt ) f»l (oiMctl wit a^ tMfaiak it to> 

•Itfco-Htrfei^rt**- ' '''' : 

' !f yMtlhiatat tl»t<tm «riU HM'd^ 
aedy» |o« ttttk« f {(rrfer ttUt^ttlffik yMr (eli»io{Hfy ta< 
^c«il(lK$tF«('t9f ydit-SlMiic. 

idcm ill' 




ArchjiolilgU ^t^vJt. Lii. 7. Siff. ild^ 5. 53? 

^Bvt firtopi noieiiUI lif /V-^ ^ttt h Rrwj^ tAt^ y yeb 
my ^ welt chdreforie cv ttfM th^iojkk there iNe^ufcidw 
iraiibittny «ot only che evitof t dmimA^iurt^fit 'Crimean Ar 
feafe', or any ebifi^elfe) Ci»t^mtrtfoUki^\M^dkkipn^9tMpf^ 
he went PMb' Mm^ into^ ^^^^tA^tbdng tfOubkIL whh tbe 
falling fickofft.wu kidbf tMRm^^iVbacbfaiaaftlf in cbe 
fea, and teii^by tbac ncMCs turcAi^he prefesN^are this 

. ; Sor 9 irempmb^ Pimm in t&e I^fis^ieillto die Sti ^.^ ib^ 
f CMitoryoftiis B^twAlmimirtberi^fibrQjDKer^fitas di0^<(alrc^ 
^boBgbi* great ^tiM^),t9'€i^hi ib^tfir 'a»f rE^ceifabo 
tli:^Ai^&, ao^tUeniiia^feav of 'tbedilTpleafiifiie sdf a^go4 Xerjibf 
ioiitre»!c! .. f • jT-* T '^ :.^ .^^- • • •' [\ -i 

• . « » "• 

diMCic€r$ caUi it, confined efficieUr i»ttb4^ 
j^?ebferving.(iPbhfdtjiii»tbfc«ifi»abN#BiMMBcri^^^ 1. ^ 

(.astbeSeboliftftTanb'i]poiri^M^)1nfiiimW ILi 

lb<ft*o fitll wM cvcfy \KMre: inoft tn aft^vgM^i*4W^i* 

mAtJmimm p^Mi^m^miimipA^ i^^WKhi^^ 

te Aifgpi* to adf ifebtfin^ ai wMl u tbe^«e««ftil lin i^aw'firft 
inventtid, (Mth^Uf^) \ffm^e^,Af^0riMih&M/tif0iimi ^•7*<^* 

OrpAj)m !)impa0^ tt^^yiimv flKtdb byCWrfcuiiilitfaipbb 
l^vejdre xeecUing^ifefiit tb^tbrOtveki'm^bfi l^oljaiittpf iL 

T t2 


.J * - 




' '1 ' 

332 .: AfHit$KgU AltkA Lik^. Se9.z,r 

iethwSog ibe fhtps tc AnUfi ind JfM$ tflliAtBg the fcifk 
with • PcRilcnce , tmt cclfing cbc nombcr df yem tfet the 
wkr flioald iaftjby dM nvmber of Sorrow* defifoytdby tta 
SKpeot uMibeQcA^a^ Ctctr^ rcbdcrstbe vcr As. ' 

-TdM.MdTnjkm-hUiiXMuildUmfismMUi u 

ilnd yec is cuoniog ai be urat , be died for grief, bromfe fie 
could D0( Ml boW many' Pigi werd in ibe . bdiy of a Sow 
$<fii); fiue'^^or Iftuif man^jFigs Dpon che Tig; srec fHiibBf 

ielLTht Damecbey ealicdie By iwas, ^fi^nwT^aior ftWrm«4; 
k'Wiit^^ti^iiii ix fiiA.wicbifao4rwtfii^MQordiQ|| toi'iiiiiviat 

being. 99 ii pi ]y Jhufoidti ft^etl^fin^n scVSf<ftoj»y §naH i bot IT^tt^ 

( faith ArifUes) they WVite it Wkhbairja^a S'^ifxrvfof-m^o 
live the better ftdct t^ tik w^rjhi^ MhWH>^Ud as the old* 
word was^fonany kind ofd1ytcation-,afSpfi(,and'«W«( a bird^ 
areTorany otlii^on^oil^ibiiag;IBom*iaQ»ifij^ti!t tbe Neckt- 
ie was the/fn^i/vrVfafhidrlM w«a<4i^wbl(e garment( wberrst^ 
it was Purple; or Scarlet, among tbe Latinci. ) and to have 

IN^AntlfPfi ' %dl#io^rioAEhrfitb0 Sibottaftiifmi Ibr wwd)d&^ in Eff 

zA .;: w(ddtMik'^:d9iiicu\Wbcn tbiy mtniJ39 icifi ViJfWTx^ki «f 
JXf^im'tio^mi¥i!t^'n^m^1(kit^ doubting 

Sirit;e«ri^O!my<bi<«tefe^ rb^/m«^^ 

if tbmgi ai cbc F W49e.ti>ld iiim> waf iiin ta bare binlaogQ* 
^r ta*4»|p&b*«Q'» -by wbich:ia«aiii (he borfctfi It • ie»ftb^ 
tf«r dHEulfBaib of Jter iiitbci«».bfielii[w mcy f^roiottf ate^an^^^^/ 
Irnlltr4killiritb»rt .Yflaisotoiialy ttesbi^cpfiitKr'GrecA 
J^^p$ft.^P^ ^^^^ malmeror bbferiitogwasi itiAreilt frofS 

? .^ 



Arub^bgut Atti c£. Lik 7. StR. a. 33 3 

Creeks accojomed thd^iibtfiji tbc lackicft, Grsiit & hsrtd^ 

ru M*tr4 Mf |Jor4 : ibc Koauns the kfa, Ahbough ^co fpenk. 

tp€ ijfuA C the fiJt wat cbe faoie, only the f^mn of cbc A«* 

^es wat diffceoc , For the Grecians looked cowardi tbd 

I^^orib^aod (be Romans coward the ibul^ j& :he mot4f$j9ifirtti 

ifit lMfl(f V £i^^fifff^% came not fo roucb i JliuSif^ ir. ^m 

from tbcib4«i^ being left; as zfinemdo, from cm uMii'i being 

kfc to bb plea&Hretaret upon bis ezrerpr ize if be would: So 

lai^s F^fimX aad GUero thus, ^untfM^m hamd ifncr^ ^h4 h} 

m(f^ pt^firMMQs ^isifte: ainm'fi dtxtrd:fiM$% But ye'C^tbli ^is^ 

tbe Dtfaoner of (jpeeeb^vioFor tl»Gr0eM,ta calUne kirky Uh^ ' 

keos alwaies * d\luriihL (and tbereforo Stmi^u may f^m to ^ 2tvf fi T$t 

bave miftakeo, wben be fpake <if a Grecian Atrgury, ' «p0»i^» ^J'iT 

kSign$fmu levufiftie /liii«/->tbe Rom^nMbftte- ^s^fifMrnm 
cinjcf 0k»tr4 • 4nd.iomeiime hva*^ but Ac<^M^cre{w Md ^oiirM^ 
t-he otW wrf<7nttri. &W/^d^i^ thirds (a wont ofed among^^**»«*^i** I 

m for an nabappy wx^be? caEe4*4«*-Jfci.<,6r'c^4//»»riWhenN*!5!u ' 

tb^yUled QO^or^p^ri^r opt in cbeir ufual height or place.TMs 

lift word pois* me in mind of that faying o£ Hifplkm ^er-* ' 

fiipi in aUufioo to it« - • 

Sooi^imel tbtyare called ^^MdufUM, otnji^hotitui ofln^iS',. ^o^^^vri^mppok- 

who would irjno^finijbr^ or mnfiMniia , at t toM yb« be- • ^i^^^^^'j!^' ' 
fore.. And fqcb tbey commonly connted thofis that had iong'^7( ^^^^o/^ 
Uions or*(cr^tcbc tbeirbeadsasthevfied.fuch(aitbey £iy i^;ni^ ^^eu# 
wfre/e;%iif)Oo.(;4^^ Us Tenthctorebisdeicat.* tb»La* ^^^^ n^trf^. 
Ci0|ts call tbem Vidfir^uy Bat what? is tbcreno ii3Wi>/^/«iii,oor ?*^^^rchyiu4.- 
remedy f^ainft afew paltry birdi? yes I bsvore«dHn * i^ •Metaw if. j. 
'kiMS^9^ itriek to killoce or two of ihcWorfer ft>rt,andbang^ Opir ;^«'r 
cbem up^^ the door ; as we ufe to doc dead Crowes iip6n ^''* j* *«'««*^* 
ailick in the fteld^jw fcare tbe livingaway : Saiea he, /y?4^ '** '*"* 


were aUcd olC'^^tf tMi, tbu b/ttcb fts wti« ifdtVi«<^ 
feur5p.ift Hcc fg^ij^Qf nn^kly as we Jif 1 1» («y ilnit tppcsftil" ^^m 

^ «/<y^C«f (as ^^y£ffbjlm bas k>n their {wopifr /pi!r«Mi^e ^r/^ji^ 
(ych tbty couoted Dovcf ^nd tbe rnJiS ia ma citf r# df- Ldttf^w^* 
$tk ibejr did cbe .Cocka , li they kept i contimtaJU^it'if^* \^ 
mauers of W«r- ior hcreopoojtbc Aogiii^ct 000^ {5f ei^ 
the Tbet40$ a iiftory, Prtfttrea ^nod ^tpis UU viifafiliri f^ 

n Lib. I.e. J. '^»'^^ <^«ire4 fivicijiiu Cock fightingt indacdl were afiially' 

r#ril cButithcQ you A^nft except the Cock puinltes kep%MM 
a. year jiube Theatre ,i tod ujOirfiiitedby ^Th^miftt^le^^M' 
b j^isuL Vin ^*^ «*Aary ^occea aver i!be ?^r /f 4ai ^ froitttbeift < the Cock? 
Hiftix^c^is.* firft came toco AiiEvifi. <Tbif bird beiflgalwayes^ very muefaF 
c4tlicnU4. loakt opoir in nrnceri €£ Warre w.was ibe octafioo that 
Rofin M0riifn$ pUiwred with e Co€k:infoflitt<b tba ( it wii Adf 

" ' • Offdinany facciftce (o ^AlUy*!: « aiid tberefore .Anjt^pmnei 4k 

• ♦ i 

^^-"•^'"•'^ one ) were other f^wxi^^, or fAiiC#irf^ot^W«««^ ^ti<ify(I 
* ^^'* brii^ve ) were aoc many befidei Crow^ , and Ea^€i'« %tii\ 

Deves, and Owles the mod noted of all. Som^oiiiKmVft^ 
thought to have had a kind of laQgQage>^ which t he Augores 
came to underlland bj being Kckt by SoakeT,^dr fome fach 
▼eaeimovftaiRd veoeneficall nifknes t .^k indiiiJhtCtiU^ 
, Pih/^ Jliilii»podiff^4SodHmJjmken<l^ 

Ub/to,e, 49. Mvmmfermmi DrdcoHts nonabnuit^ vilqiks D9m4rk$U' trif- 

\ f iM jE ^mifijuam tdtrit^ inulleQurns fit mfium ioiUs/uid. ' 'EP'; 

« * ft4il»mh\t§ , that Hdtnns and Ci^Af^dirA were chof^ Ktked'' 

^ ' ' cieanfrJAto Augoresn&Atrv ^ fH^t^p^&i^ fft^"" Ani^^Qh %^' 

tfBrrivdk fcmi fmi fit s«»r fi^um Cuhii^ I am^jid I 'ain fived^ 
the bd>oor to reprove thofefeliowfiM//^//. For it ftemr' 
that the wiferCort even aoiongft them » did give but litcte' 
heed, ^to the wagging of 1^ fearer, or of a titrd'i tail^; wBen * 
they.badamindtabeferioDsXookem/?b0»en andyootfh'aitf 
iiad i&£far; thus chiding wich f^/^MfiiitheTftehao Ait'" 



tjrWwho M di(&mded biiD fron flgbtiflg>y retlbn orfomc 
diifig or othcf wtttdi be bid obliervfd ia tbe fiirdi) fditt bee, 

iillj^rtyes h ter, for mj^ f^rt this A my cfimon. 

In Arifi^lkmes you find the bfrdt tbemfelf ei •fcinintes t 
9kkfw^ na ji^i^jf tbeir {pcAttori ef tbeir fu^rflkioa. 

C A p. I. 



\ , • 

Dftxtifflilns^ft^ ^mhiifd^mnllk. 

DltiMdon bycbe Bnctils of Beafts » taExiifflm (ITor 
fo AriffficinMfDivindtionin SMcrlfices g itdenominatcd: 
# f^/jpfi from the beft pate of it ( wa^ more common than 
;bttlbf iMria«ll p!a€«! (E^tmrmftre Mt^f4itHr U\t% Cht^ 
n I X'afid/ripctnilty ^t frOwtiefe irwas^ by tbe two femt1t» 
Ci of tbe f 4ii»j^)0, ahd ^« ^^Ctyid4, and ThtlMtJIfii in Ckir»tf 4 PUi4a«^ 
nuKh itinrpf ovedii 'TittjlMt' bad fo gr>dt ^kill in cbii aiTt ( I 
cannot fay i^f/i^ilif ^becaofe 7^^'^^ g ate bimibe skill to re^ 
MBi^entr fail ttMnefi ) that ereii tfttr bis death , among 
kbeOh^eberewetenone ^t ^bkV ^//iT^jbimfclf was^nJ^T^,^ 
fiawce^ttteble bisfonf to^omeb^ckaBaiit to give bfm lid* kSts »i»9 v^ 
ttfev^ TbeWbolebdfift6ffe^fOivinin||9c the offering of a ^^^n^^iM /i' 
tidittitf^l fortbere waa fometbingelfe to doe beBdts poriiig yf^m^oj. 
in tbe ^iitr>v7a9 citied u^kptU. And fl very folemn bu^ Horn. oJiya.tu 
fiaeffe ic «rii 9 being afaaHy attended with a ieaft,a€i:ordlng. 


€btr»*if,w tllae pkit ol It io^i^7/ji^; >and'cnlting it fip^, ia * 
ttlledby^af{r»ir/fi hu^Jt^^o A4«aAd tbeadoflutttng^r(v(«^;ff^ ' 
7>fae ligilef obftfved^ were m oft properly called nipif?ft , and 
ibecmertera n^konna). If tbe beaft were dr«wn by fofc« 
€94befla«gteei^, ifuefaa^ed bytbt vkaVjavoidti* tbe UotKr, 


' leU i30t 4owne quietly, bted bsc littk y mttt fegrg« a ijyi8g^' 
i«fc tieatta^tbe groaad»they wece aH itl^ns:^ For the tino 
iaicet of tbm ymi bave faiiy ej:pcdii|Kt in cbe CaciriHit #f 
t>£fffihem. ^, >? '*. i. 

Illfiinft I fay tbofe were ; and fo wjs aoy cbifig elCb ite 
ctcbervrai coacrary eo natiK^ or itfe, or puc cbtrnfcires to 
My (Poubie^ Wtereai on ibe contrary M was. weB , tvhcn 
€very UMogiraidone mkh eafe^ tbeb^ not ftrtving, an d 
che blood prefeocly darciog out , as it is faid it did in cbrSa* 

Idem.?. 1*0}. Ei< *Ufi* 'Hwjwi'n^^i' Jec* • ^\ 

Somewhat there was too , which they obferve^l in the very 
if4i{AtkrcL or WAgjing of bis tail, wbencetftatin tbe Pi^ ' : 

The j)eafl:s that Were tbos nfed were anciently flietfi, and 

Goacs^and Calves. The Cjfna^K^y fay )madc vU, oi&jw% 

and the famiJU oi Dogt^, which was the reafon why « Thnt- 

.c PauCifi E' phi^ one of the pedigree was pi Aored i% , Qljmpf with a 

Jiac. X)og tying by him differed, and a Weez^le (an ominous itw^^ 

tore^ creeping over bis (honldcr. \ . ,-* 

In fifficiiUtUn or cuitinixt abroad « tbey took noftaioi 

tioe of the Liv^r , wbich i PhUcfiramiAm ibey iaci:oimed 

fi^t^iMTi 00.' xhe Trifm (as it were J or the cib#r,ao4 the i^/ 0f fbe work 

*** ^.^^^ '^r For they thought if the Liver was naught ^vbdibofae blood 

V^lfZni ^^ ^" ^^* ^^ ^^^^^ ^^y ^^^ °^^* ^ fotoat infoinuch 
T«»7iJ ^' ^''^ ^^^^ ^^^^^ flU the bowels was called ««knrv«r/i(, a 

iM>^M^ into the /mr. The concavous part 0/ tbe Liver, was 

called kiftf {ami/inri , becaufe the (igns^hicb they i^ei^ 

ved there^conctrned thtmfilvo and tMrfrieMMi, tbe Giihms 

Hcfych, ^de/i^cMii«or vt$iiw^^J(ufiilii^^ becaufe tbe tolMm. in it e»n. 

cerned their immies (as it was with the Romans) The .pllct 
^ ^y ,^ Orat.'^'^ f^^ in which all tbe parts ol tbe liver -lay , was 'oMed 
iDeinofl.Coroni /4?/« or ^x^i the place between tbe partji in the middle ^g^ 

^<u«,ftnd^£^iu;^«^&rj(;cik^^^^ Uhfit^mn^^^ii^Rmti^ 

,dfS ifvhiim, «rwA»s 

Jrcheoiigid Attk£. Lib. 1. StH. t^Cuf. i^ i^T 

If there were A 4-< ( a» they ctlledic ) too much dryth , o» 
A#f4i< t tjt hetmtn the farts , or cfpecially tf jrwcrc **•;««» , , 

or mcboQt a /^ivi • it was a very til lign according to that 

mi^lf^r^. This and other fuch figna becaufe they were 
fo bad 9 that ihcy feared to go anf father in it ., they called 
Jnikd^Sk. When they cane to handle the heart, they called ie 
nay/ii&iijOr ^ J^/«MuTr. If it were little, or palpitated , much| 
itwai anillfign. Fat inanypartof the bowelt was good 

( itr i«ni »J x^^m mfyng^kS'st^) Aies t/Efchytm^juA fo Were SaMft ? 

p^T«y tHj^^ ftaits a iid foldings t (aiea Enrifidii* 

^ When they came to ^^ritni^ , then they were faid aaore jicfycfci^ 

properly cf/ I^ttuV^^ iid^tXt^. At Dehhos ihey had ^rx'a^ 

0|^rrri of parpofe for the work. The fire which they made 

mk of for this oceafion , was in moft placet made of fome pe- 

fttliar iiswel^indkdiby Che beams of tbeSiio,and kept in a pe. 

cQliar place^Tbtti in Egyp they had the SerofUm^nnd amorg: 
the Perfians, the fire which tbey worfhiped under the namo 
oiOrim4fdd. At Athens they bad a torch ftiU burning to the xcno fr^ 
Temple ofJUfinerwPoUss^oJii Virgins conaaotly there to fee ' ^ 
U renewed ^ jail as it was at Dtlfhosjivd at Bmwh io the Temj 

pleof Tf/^. 1 

In barniogtbey obferved e<pcctalty the flames; wfaktevet 
he in HtUnn fay to the contrary, where he fpeaks aga'mft all y ^ ^ ^^ j 
other diVinatioof too. 

Good figns in the flame were theie , 'd it went mprigbe 
without a noife , ifti contkiued till all wereronftmied ,: or 4i 
ft faddeoly began to hare ibr laetee fign , it^dead of ^'^4fc . 
cleft wood t which they sled at other time , tbey would get 
isnall dry Kicks that would foaoeft take fire^ t* aFif'>tr«,4to* 
cording to that, - . ^ ,i .i.iui^ 

Now iiid<edmaoy limes.? J^«U«fiifMi ^ij»t» .^ioAtoiSfi^ Ar.ftopb.i* 
^pjlAifr«|Tif,lhwjt^«^rPfi«(b^i^^ jj^. fnEurif. J 

c SiLInU c FtammMTtiMt iivv^U hy the kirmng, whetubenwsf Witbiitg 

(eettrnthecmmngi aodtberefoic they u>ok the b&Kkter, and 
iNndiHg the neck of it wkii wool (for which reafoo Spfhdc/e$ 
, calls the bladdtn fui»;^t/ftn7< ^^m ^ put 4c into the fire , t4 
MXr w nl*^ <^it^^ in what pUce it brake, and irfcVt f»4ji k durud the 
•41ftf/i)!i- rlUiae, jg »; » ^^iwr « <cN?/{«. Somecimes they took ptcboS 
Wfii r'^ik\iiUi the Torches^aod threw it toto the fire , aod if tbejre rofe b«t 
Vi^Hi i^d. one enctre Bame, it was taken for a good figiH In faattera 
.««/ ^?<*^f of boftHicy, they took tnoft notice of the jj4// ^ and the l^ 

^^unj^M^ ******* "* ^'^ ^^"^^ • ^^^ ^^y S^^ reafon , w«f ci >8 4x^fi?V» 
dfcjwtftbW. f^ inemies are m bhttr m thegM thtj bmnt. Of the Afliea 
d In Ocdip. too they cook fonie notice fA«f tim cqtpV* i^^ S^f bodes, lo 
^7^'. / tlie fmoak they obfenred if it went uprig^ and fasdc of the 
^•f^**^ ileib.And fo it other times they ufed to tbrowr firankiBfencc 
AifJs/hU^^ •^^ Poj^cy,and other fcYerai things in the fire , for eotbiog 
r^^r/ i&.titv^yiw 'eUe bot to obferve fuck things, «d to/^r// the /w^^KBefidea 
ic^vrn. thefe there were infinite mor^e />fVjr/f/S^ forts of Divibati^ 

Vp^^ oos: have the pacteocejto cake notice of ^woror three of tbt 

jinore notorious. KfKc^|i«ir>«« or NSK(itaiivW« , was fomck 
times by the maj^al irfeof 4 knt ,or a^sn of adead body 
after tbefafliion of theT£f/4/iif»/, orel&by powriog hot 
blood into the carcaife , to fliakt it anfwer a i|iieftkni> aa 
£nSF0 does in Zjfrwa, 

^DMmvocemde^unEloineorfsreqMrit - | 

Pir0imusfiriil0s C4ttatcrfmti$trafmfcvk 

Now becaofe the (Pi^;^ 6r the SmIwu tbos recaikd to tbr 
Iwdy ( '^'^Hfimm njfonfa ddtMrns ) it was therefore foine. 
tioiel teriMd:4(^4MivI(<«s <Mr Sxitfiisrn&se , JMni^^ fy Hbe 
JSQuh t>r cfae (?i^. foe fticbai expefttd any anfwcr tbaa 
frobi die §aolLtbif$^wisSi be five to be kind t» the body ^r/^r 
vi^rmk \ Ml ^^ Jfftlifd 9 the Wifeof tnumiet^ refiifed to anAf er him^ 
r^^ * ' lieattte bebadsot boned her body as be (hoeld. Bot Tact. 

}y there was fome what worfe than a fonl« ciff what need of 
Ittfir shift of the partyPSucb as THrefiwi ofed to the ^ 31k^M 
iai%, CO ke^ him iro» receiieia^ hatm; HfSemmimk 


• ,r- 

Jtcht^l^U Attic4t. Lib. y.SeB.2.Ca^. i. ^39 

gfitmtiunt and fo was called ^wvftflVTiiV It wai done feve* 
Tall waycs i .By drioking of cbe Wactr^bnougb co make many 

liici ArifiiJis'in hif Orat. it PmU9. ziy. By tbrOwioB things 
fBCO It CO try whether they woold (ifik or fwim , as they 
didc4ibf'in tbc well of /«#. 3iy , By fmni $he InMgo of P'ubn. in 
Acb cbtngi at they fought for^efpedaliy to tb« Wdl cfAf^llo ^^^^ 
ThryMim'm Achm. 4ty. ^ihfing dgUfe m the waten 
to koow what woold become 01 a/Eril; man. For aa he lookt 
well or ill in the glaffe » accordingly choy prefoffltd of bii 
intttre condition. 5ly9By throwing tnilrrfy?9irf#« and ob» 
ierring the rotiMd tbey made in the (inking. Somtcimei they 
gwdc ttfe of Oy^iOr of Wine inftead of Water : and foit waa 
aemed }gt^m^ at wbtt- it waa done in a Bafmi) xiwa^ ^, 

^V^ Af5ifi^/«»waibya Jn^ar, a kind 9( h^dfhmi 
which if they wafflic inSpring- watcr,woald fpeake like a child 
With focb a one HtUnm if reported to have divined the 
deftmftionof Troy. THi^m^ymrrM ^ waa by a Sire btli 
vpbyaThred^apatrofSheen. and torabg roood at the 
naoiing of the party that Sole the thing oi the like. Oi Aik 
TbtH. Idyl. 3. And I have feen it ufed by fome woaDen» na« 
pM frandij or unili fufetftitime , I cannot tdi which, i have 
aiotkafure(neitber indeed is it idmi ) to tell mnch of other 
waiei of divining t of JkvTvAi^f]^^, with Gygtsbkri$tgi 
or of ««rctiii/ci wkh Egp, wbieb^ Smddi faycs Orfhem wrote 
9 book of« Or of i^idB^eMi^W with tgrfy » or of Au^f»^afifr«^ , '^ . .' t 
iffthtimmingofdCimdkjmmimtdlifPKij mhiMNktMriU^' i^*^\^^^ ^ 
Hifi^ t Md by Ar4tu$ in bis Prog^fikkf. To which yoa 
may adde their common bid wives* Sdwa concerning awa^ 
Cher or the Hke , facb as this C/arM Su Pmli Ihm itmf^ddi^^ 
iMUt imni^ not 10 difparage tbofe more Afir^U^p^ud Mm 
timit facb at that oiVpfgU.- ~ * ^\ v 

Xmii £<fvrraarmj(^4i with Ac reft. 


y fif 


340 Arch^okgU Attics. Lib* 7* StB. z.Ca.fii 


CAP. It 
Di ritu Dhindndi tx v$€fkw, & nhtts mindtbi 

AIL this wbicb ! bftve fpokeo is t6 confedure by thhgf \ 
but there is t way hy words zMo^^ which according ai 
the wordi were good or bad; they prefeged fuch and fuch e^ 
^entf.'Sticb words were called xMr/trK or ^Sf^o/^from f>mfm{ifA^ 
table CO the name ^ProplHtin)9L9 omen comes from (^remt, tjnig 
t*xDi>ifl. pf orff quoth Feftttt )You may render ic voices (for fo we ufe 

to call tbofe prophecick fpeccbcf, which we bear we know not 
from wbeoce^ai the Scripture alfo doe$)and TMj called tbeni 
tiy tbe name of ^oasi Pjtbagsm n$nf^s$m vices deortfm obfe¥m 
mmmnt.fei t$i4m homtnmm,hny words that eitherboded ilf^or 
figniiicd that wbicb they dtflikcd,tbey called ii>n*^uM: and be 
that ufed tbem to another^ cither to hurt bhn.or to* vex bim, 
was raid to BAtf^fymr jsiw to UMfpheme him odv^i^^^A^^* 
eV(ECf af £Mripidts ciBs it , where be fpeaks of certain ominoui 
ipeechtslet fiiUata feaft byafcryantijuft asoneof tbecomj 
paoy was going GO drink 

The Latioe» call xtohfc^nMn, and tbe words them fe!uet itiafi 

mttmu vgrts ( at it is in Horace ) we may engli(h it hg^e^ 

nMifpMbes. Such svordi as thefe they had alwaies a fuper-^ 

l^^ft'ii** ftkioBs cafe toav4Md >infomBcfa that they wouldfty infteid 

^ lciN'iA<;«adSi/iVtf4^3MJ:for«id*i®-,iC9]^cei: foff/u^®-,*^^ 

and tbe iik«. For there is a kind of words/ wbicb ( asTW/Zf 
iates "of NulUifpes Reipubtied) won Hat , C to fpeak in tbi 
fbcale of /7«r^i>^^ Ji Rclighsfi dictre , ^they mads gfcrnptcH 
'ff?id^^ and therefore in time of Sacrifice, or any other bifff* 
ndTe with the gOds , notbiiig;piras more .^ridiy commanded 
and bbferved, than ^^fiiTr ( asic waaamoog the Romans in 
the Proclamations for keeping of holy iizyt9)$o4void allowu 
' Plsia l;7ic ssMW exfrefms , or r^ir^N ;^«« ( as they called them. ) Which 
''^S* .if they were fpokeo by abrotberior one very n^^x of kin to 


Arch atJogU JttiM. Lii. 7. StB. 2 • C4tp. 2.341 

tbu party w^aft |>urittefft w«s dien ia hand ^ tftey cook tbe ' 
greater nocicftoi them , and ^oi;^bc thcifi kriniicb rtie^ 
worfe.. W^at ^rdi mce cfpecially CMAted for oininoii», 
you might give me aaaccoonc » if you could g^vc'me S0efo:^ 
nim bis book> of which we the tUte, vi^, De vocihns. 
waliminAtu. Only thai muck lowytdi yoo^ tbatwben 
tbey iirll {et above ^aybafinefleoi ic^^adenimeoi , t&ey bad 
a fpecial care to be^* wUb a PrefM^^Ai titts w l«Mr«Mf(f ^ 
oxjiy^ 14.19 hJA^^tQP€r/imbiglmiem"fp^ ftth4¥ old tl^read^' 
bare wo^d of tbe latines^ £M»djthuiim,figtix,firt0n4tHm^^ 
fit.Somt words there wtre»aad proper iiathes of fucb a figtii* it WMcoumiedahip^labiiiaoubeiia them Ipor 
ken. For fp p^rbwjiiiijw badfaid ,,> :i /. i- '^ r . :.! ^^^ 

facby bid bola ^ (be irar^ and \mfaraatf tbe omien, ^ 

%i}^otjc\ui^^^.fitifik,}» .ddired sof t..f^ciim4if bis affiQancc 
agajnfl the PerfiMiiy asked what bi» qftiilei^ai«<tMid being at)4* 

or Hyjf^^^/^^ji'T* •^i;fl^«" '^. ^«<*»*!' btJk)g^:^ ••/•i»ir, 11 the fame " 
mihfhfmjfbH0ceiptr0 ^omn is wit^lC(lle•X^nVf /; that is , to 
makf laoiMiutpiia ipfficbiin <irAtn indi^ya tfd 4ji^ It to i^y * 
ifjl.f or iod^(b4tbc^y €9iiric(4fH;r||)9^J9iiM£te powcbbf t b>b^' 
xer, (0 niake kcMio^int;? pr^fvot a;ii^m<A;^i^/««<e»i»ff&^nr>i#^ 

Now the way,t<|4^^/9i/>?4tf/r«n i^'^^a^S'^ HUts ]ei^£ taflilig '^3 
flone at the things if ic were an ominous r^^f 4l#i^, ^ra Cat , 
or tbe like ; or^clfe if it nitxt\mUJoi^ckf/fe/€is' fh retort it 
back again with hV ^p^9, m^ tibii\(^ftu fc^^ty^ it re tarn 

rpwWfroq^jf^cqft^ qf ^%s<*?^^««&', iWiPnly -fl^iOngt 
tQdth.bac among thc^ ^gypf {3Us atfo > wbo^wb^en they fpi(i j ■ 

aby thing of ttc viusms:,^ |J&at,fceiped^ tQ PWepd ^1 to tbfK, : 
C9uatry ,urc(j ta pf ay *iV ^Uht^^^ r^ 5«eiSf ,t^»^ M »^1^ 

r^ifekfipoit}^ M #f M A;li^ W«^»y ^jpf^^' »>bfc 
' *'* "^ \r} Hebrew, 

i 'f** 


T 44^c. 

MoTch. la^l. 



>« ^ 

Vlutarch. de 

342 Ardk^obgla Attics* ^^^« 7* '^^^« ^ ^i7^.2t 

Hebrew , ^t»ii«*. jj*na 3tt?ii^ fef cril placei of the Scripture : 
ajidic 9»u mf to mioA of cbtt laying in iTciff t4 , ^s neit ji 
sim^msim' mi di fifk t9fim,}Urti»4mS¥nm emkn refptuit^ & 
im e4fii4 In^mktiritm f^Mttffm iMiempiJUvi m^mfuru Mn ilk 
^nbuif. Inftlid o! cbif fosKimei chty would f gy ^U dV^ir 
^^Sini9iHi,irh^mi/i^rm» SofDettiiiefO{K»fQcbtQ uniockj 
(pecctiI)ardwbilc>diqK^it4f£iitk«tlMf^ they would do ic 
4\n$thtr wdp or 4pUS|;^: :z(aMiwJS0irifidfs, trponfome- 
l^y if etkingdy no^Hvy word Ji^^ay kittinidng, threw 
ibc driok on^cbc gcoonidv tndctned for tnoifter citpi. 

Thif^s ominoiis , fome of them were io the partiei own 
^ bpdya, and (bofowffdtitiMfi; x. J^fsr^^, teebms Uh^i^ffots 
* likeoyie.2.nfliAcaf 3. nrtff|C6i.4ra\«^^ 'erHfirfienij^were focb n 
tbc pftlpitatioBi of the :hcvr€;or cbe eyv^oftey of tbemurdet^ 
oiled in lAmcS4iD^fmesjmi^0&'^^ timit§^ ^urutm t 
wbicb if 4C were the tingling of tbe pi^ht ear , ic waf as good 
lis tbe palpiutiott of cbe ^rigkf ijt. Of theft cbtngr Mdum^ 
fms tbe greu Fortune teller wrote one tortc to //^/^nvieis/ 
fbiUdeli^^s : ftod Fiifibnh^isa^tlbMt ( ($yt$<S0idiu) wfiicbi 

rMr«^kfirrf9&iii[f;w«s fofoperfUri^ 
itcame at lengcb to be coanoul hvzgodt ^9(7«ff<)r d«ir iyi^ 
lAtbm^ fales ArifMt in bis Problenir; Whicfar w4s tbe reafon, 
faitfa AtkiMmt , ^ tbcy abftained frotn Mtttigf tbe irmn » 
011& of wiMch tbe fnecztog cttnei a^tftf tM^QHife of tbat^ 
itfaal prayer of fahieatlM ziv <m9kf at timtM^ f atcordtog^ 
CO tbat |eec of^^iMsiiHii^ifcUowvriib klorig iM^, 
tsiftc badftoodfofarott; that he eoiild ndtbear bimfclf 
when be ftieea^. 

' Iflffoflrach' tfaat ifa man fneeze(| at mcb4k iifhi^ or 00 Ineil 
zfide , they werfc either perfiradtd to , ' bt^diicotai^aged from 
the biifinede andertaken. Swittes{ as mfmifA nmris as be 
was>b8dfo little/efr/fbitnfdf, 'ascd fetch advice from a- 
ift^er itaa»8 mfc ^ and to tnake a Sdecxe ferVe ibOc^d of a 

" '-:i V'^ /■■ ' " for 


jbf It 4i4!boih, tccordiflg co cimmiSia^f . Ut .i^aB SncexH 
40 che dfurmv^n it was a good omen : ^c ill in ibc morniog^ 
ind the reatoa if difputcd by Arifipt/e in his FrcS/ms. Urn 
inan Sneezed actable while they were ukiiog away ^ or if 
. anotber bappned to fneeze on the /t/i baod^T anmn ; ifaai 
bewarct^alt u not rigjbc^ Bat iiAt happnedoa the other band^ 
all w«as well. If 1 may take Ef$fbraniiJis hm l^gtmcnt^ 
eocouraglog ThtmiFlocles bis Souldiers ca $gbt » upon no o^ 
the r ground than fucba fnceze/^M Si^Affi^r eik,Aigf(Srti^'iy(«,rt: 
Such a fnceze while Xen^fb^n waa mktng bii fpeech , waa 

fnoagb cp dnake bini a General But another, while be per-* 
waded the ^poldieri to fi^bi,waa ao them fecb an omen of il( 
lack^th^t (hey were fain to nuncupate a p«blick vote for the 
expiation of it. However (" I think)arij;f4ri7/ it waa reckoned ^ 
lor^^^o^ias uiHomer th%toi TtlmMbus^u^^tbJMXyfiStttz 
focech made of VLjS^u biarettira | and reven^ag bimfelf of 

took it ( for fi^ea,(he kugi^iig a»d rejbyciag ); O/x *f«4 
ijAH ^i ••mT7*ff wif/y 'irrwa, f^xii the reafon may bc btv^ 
Cade faceting is commonly bedibj ^niwholefcme ^ #»iipr^ 
i^Hz which perchance was wderfteod by the aforefaid Emw 
'Ambits, when he added Sii»gS^^«»Wrt«^ n ^-vUf^ \(j^ ^m 
EicKif^/.. Bnt now Al laft .Im9^ teUyouof/irArwa^Ofdi*^. 
fining too ( aa IdULof tht jformesr) ibat it wtstong ag<^ 
flighted even among the Grc^Misiby the wif^ fort » for ex^ 
ample, Thmotbeus^ when one of the Sooldiera happned to 
(heeze^ake was going on (hipboard being theretore diffwa. 
4.€dfrom going |]^ the Mader oi the &ip^ borft out a laugh' 
ing and faid» vnW ^3 tiitn^tM^ ft .ns{t7V9 «^ffKieoi»v in *4^tit^ ^ . ., 

lVh4$tiff^iStOmii$ C4m k bt fwj^^e mam tofnttm^i^hinikm ^[i^ ' 
nMnj togeiber. Bat among the Jiamanta great deale niore g 
for Cicer<f put it among the oth^r {o^tmi^nfififfcifiamM^ 
C^ fedis offenfi^ 0$tis^& conigU iArMfM^ & ^trmtiUmtnu t* 
runt obftrvanid. 

Ominous 4Elmsot iccidtnfs^ were fqcb as tbejefoUowtnj^ 
f aft «t a S^triBct » it was as adioa^imtb bfcd , to take a 


. 344 sAttb^^hgU Jktic^T Lri. j.SeB.2.tap. 2# 

Iffiecr^df ibctcjt^e or ani otbtr tbi pgi tod int}/ ic boinc h^ 
Mfi^N^jtslht ai wc lay, fm' tbe iHc^tJdkf. Thii piece of 
, « cake, or pudding , or wbac (hail I eall it, cfacy called by tfae 
»^?****'^*/-nameof«uVU/^^^^ IfinfacriBriDgtbc Prieft did Jet 
meir?o*t{ J "y *">g WI one of his bind ,- it wai lookt upon at an iia- 
«tty t2 UA iQcki# lire J^/tr.Tlrisobrarrat ion clieFloroans called, r^^ivciyMi 
^S rfe^/A«\4iv^^^ffr*Se(t^d);f,attFf#(j>yi^^^ 
•in7AwV«r,«»7i ^h^ ^^np ^pnh a Garland ^ ' faterdwqMt Cmma injbit. 

Schius ''^•'^ "^^^^^^ ^'^'^ EuJtiuhiHi oat of ^/fc^^/ir/ / was this, be 
iolUm ifiidL^ caufc a Garland reprefents a circle, -m' j rtitZn ^iiara i$ ti- 
fij t*" >5©r/«- KHj^4^^P9M^TfiyWhH^is th mcfi corff f hat figure rfall^MnJ 
MAmimS'ii Wi#jii(^/ Unlucky 4miir#ff/ Were iticb as cbcfe, t^ic. The 
•pn"'^ r f*S* coming Id of a ftrange black d(^ge, the tracking of a: table, 
ChtySom' **>« i^Mog of wittc , ( of which Xiwcratesh^d no more wic 
MnAriftoph. tbantowrite a book) taking away while one was drink- 
Af. ^uidai. iog , or a fuddain (iktice. In potcing on of the cloathes 

the right fide muft be fcrved (irft; and therefore if a fervanc 
bad bot giten hit nrafier cbe:ir/> Ihooe fiirft , he was fare to 
have it. And tbua ibtfch tt Home.'' Aire^d they had' for 
cheiJr Oaiens^w {/f«x* tyih^fit^^^iKti 'ifudtif. That is(faiej 
the Scholiafi) wu iwe^r* J^hfai^frm^ oecmr^AcuU^^nj thing thai 
met themfirft. Of foch as thefe one named Hiffocrdtesin^ 
the Pbyfitian ) andanbtber named Fo//oir wrote their boolfk 
3Fa SnUke lay fo Ui the wH/, n to part the company r or if 
cbey met with a Hare , or a Bitch witb whelps. Or t f ixod 
witbCttbs: Obi thefe thin^ were <Aj^%n7i ^<79ft»r/^ {^imm 
vfMTmtti^Ksnf^ aiominanda & averrttneanda ^ abominable 
fights. So if a man happened to meet with a Black^more.or an 
Ape, or an Eonueb, ykiniJk <V«<7i9«, fekb liudatt , hct muft 
fiani fartjfoot of Nay If we meet with a Wccxie or fuct^ 
t cmnire id cbr crofle-way^ we wil) tmve no Comitta fit for 
all this d^y. KtA"^ Ammidorut vf)\\ give ]^0h a reafoa. 
wby>4»Sftouidbe fo much taken notice of , in his d Mx,^ 
^^^%0T moAing by iketaufe ( forfooib) it is ^m-ifn^Qrioik ir, 
that is, ( as I thmk) the lettcri in each word will fignifie the 
^anfioniimfief^t^U 4^>^ti( if ir befb,bo\^ came (he to be fucb 
anentfliy d&W^/,ft940li]tecrii^c tbf cwrfe Qf;is/9iVf ?perbapf 






^ ArchJHhgU Attics. Zih.x:i:Seti.^.i:t[^^ 2, ^f^ 

i c was ondy tben^whea tbcy omiuei that nftial certmony^oS 
ieadiog ber abouc tbe boufe for a lufirAtm, to purge ic of 
mnluckie tbiagi« Infinite many more fores of Divin^cioDs 
migbc I mention of cbis k'md » but ic will fufficiently tcftifie 
wbac regit d cheGi ecians bad of facbBables.lf I tdl you bovir 
Itbac at Tbebff Aflh SpcnMfn bimfelf bad bis jilutrs^and bit 
prophecy iog by Omens ^dinttdj! W EXftJ^iw^f. So like wife ac 
Smyrna be bad bis xxnJ'hvv Ufi" his Ttmp/t for Omens too 
(> fayes PsBfdnist) wbere cbe falhiod was for him tbat came 
for an Omen, firft to whifper bis qaeflioain tbe /^/i jearesp 
Md tben.prefencly ftopping bis own, to go fortb of tbe Tern* 
fit , and tbe firit voice beard after be came out rouft go foe 
lbe Oracle.And fo mticb of Oivioing by aconjeAuretiy arc* 
One word or two of Iots» and lie bave don^. 

CAR MI. . ' 


THis way ofDii^ination h clean different from tbe former 
becaufe in i(( as Cicero {t^t%)tenfmtdi & csfni/^ f$m 
-ik & c$nf$HHm vdet. f or tbougb there might be caf^ oi thi 
things in tbe former , yet cbere was skill witbiU i|i> the ' ' 

^rry^itogiTe Qgnification, It was invjmtti hy J^mcrva: 
ooely fnfinr took away her ereSt ; ^o make the better tra^ 
ding for Apollo. Cdfiing, or Drawing lots^ was. ettber with 
ipmyiKcf^ or tali €4^ tnto a box : or wUh uffira {^uit^Obk 
riMtMTih calls them ) little wooden tabjeswith./^/rr/up^ UFabio, 
00 them drawB out of a pot ; or calcH^ little^// ofrleartt|| 
with marks upon them for tbe names > fometimes cakert oat '^ 

^a pot, and fometimes thrown into a well ) whether to fe^ 
ivbicb came upfirft, or bow it was I cannot tell ) Panfatrioi 
fpeaks of tbe wooden tables, that they were ufed in tbe teon^ 
pie of Herenlts Bv^it #» in AchdiM. ^nd the like C Cbey (ay 1 
Wereafd by tbe ParlumM tf five hnndrtd » with tb^irbara^ Deili fopra. 
fters of the ten firft letters upon them, to Ihew to ^bicb«f 
she tea Couru every Judge was to go f togptbcr wuh tbej* 

Xx ' ' mage 


J4^ ArcJiMohgU Atticit. Xih. T^Se&.t\ Cap'. 5. 

frngt of t tod tlie enfigo Of AArfMrj, the god of Lets ) be 
^t bad the ^!pha»wenc to that Court which had tbciign of 
Alfk/^M they had the reft co the Coarti tbdt bare the namtt 
of the lettecf^Oiff of thef^ ivaies or M ( which I know not ) 
was fo rtsttcb afed by the Thrid (thcit^ft Njmfhu reported 
to have been the norfei of Af^lU ) thzt atkngtb the wor4 
• thria came to be ufed (otJorta.UtSt according to that 

Calcmli were much ufed in awe lent times in fudging cfcMtfei^ 

uA'xfk-mn^tiwg mg$ches ^ and the like: though ( it feems) 

ki Cicer^s time not fo much, ^u tnm magifirdfHf^ 4Ht fnm 

ti i. DmOb vir illuftri$r utitur f^tUmf, extern ver$ in l$cu fl^ni rtfri»c0f 

9um. InthtixWrtfiliftgmaubej / have read that they had a 
filver fot cal}ed the tiKmt , into wbkh they pot little feUfts 
about the bigoefsofabean> according to the number of thc^. 
men, two with one mark ! and thofe that happened to draw 
tht fdme mark were to Wreftie together : or if there were aa 
odde man. hc/that ha<l thelock to meet with the odde petlct 
( whom they named inJ^ ) was to come in at JKhgSyM we 
lay ^ or to wreftle at lad with him that had the mafter^. 
How^y ufed them in fuJging ofCa$tfes , has been (hewed 
by another already. But tbatthey wereuledairo byper^*^ 
loArcondtmsted to dy CrDMy be gathered out of Arifiofhdnt^ 
in^M^. tot by reaibii that one only was to be put to death 
in one day^andfemetiaKs the fodgecnent was reverfed 1 the 
Prifoners did caft lots who 5vas to dye firfl^and be that drevd^ 
ficft*, was eommonty called by the name ofBffm the iV/irr 
^py^ ' Thus in the (hipv in a ftorm^ they oled to caft loia 
who (houki be thrown over board for a «tdi^<h Thus Eti^ 
fUthifU fayei,tbe lot felt to * Ifmeae^yaH as ia did to the Prow 
phtc f0nMk. And fo in moft of the Temples , that were rt^ 
ibrted unto tor Oractes, there were •lioS^ Lots and a ubie 
of poFpofe to tbrdv^ for it ^ after the receiving of the anfwer; 

for s<t> CA^vTfiiyn H^ *%«|8;, iK>nMSx*tn^ rl 3) m'^V> ^ ^"^ 

9sx«.»»ffW ( fnies tiie#:^ upon Fi\Uar ) if I tknvp^fuch 4 cm^^ 
i^btfr0fhe/j wtUhfrlfiUid, If J if not, i4 will not. Nay in the 

Uoei^ and the Streets » and ||f ao^ iraies tbey had tbdi^ 



ArchMhgia Attic£. Lii. y.SiB* l.Cap. 3] 347 

forNs vUlt$(M9tJiM$(nf^ihmMj£feb)lm calls tbem,«fid •.% j<A9- 
ii a Tieic of Mtfcury ) %% wdl at the RoAans. Fm: ttic 
party that wontd know bis fbrcane » carried Co fnany coca 
about him, with fevecannfcripctonsvAndtbtiieJccboy be tnec 
witb in ctie way as he went , be bid him draw ; andifthat 
Mrbicb came forth , agreed with that which he bad in hiSi 
oifld : it went for as good a Propbefy as the bcftj according 
to that of THhUhs EUg, :. 

' JUifacrmfneri fines tiff mfiiJit'^illi 5 

ArtmUm^Ms in bis Prommi»m fpeaks of ^ ••. ftV^f ^^nn^ 
Diviners in the Mdrkf$. The original of this divination 
fltUdrcb in bis book tk JftJi^& Ofiride. fetches from theey£«* 
lyffisMt^tot when Tffh$ bad fixcOfiru in a cbcfltand throwa 
Dim into the Sea , Ifis, as he wu wandering loo and fro (6 
leek him, happened upon a company of bojes at pUy.and a(; 
king of cbem, ibey fliewed bim the place, U rtvK W nmd^tm 

wm^hi^U kou^ f^ry^Um Sri ^v '»;^rr. Bcfidcs thcfii 

wayes already taientioned^tbeyfaad anotbectby opening fiicti 
h Foet in one or more phices,add takbg cbeitrfl: verfek difif 
Dec with for a prediAion: which way of predidbn fthey cat"? 
kd suxMiJLarnlt9^ or pa4«^^7iAif . And of tUs arc meant tbt 
S^ug HmsHfie* we read of. And Vtrpliafus wbiA tbeyfay 
AviTus AltximJkirvDaAtuft of, when be met witb tbii XKm 

Tm ng§re imfipio f$pi$kst R$i04m^mm$9itt^ iilz,li 

Nay ibe Cnrifilani thcmlclvei baw Mt fKcki^ |v:aAi% 

the like upon the BiUe » according to tltoi of NUefkv^M 

imaSv. Aod thus H&cmtfs h9tpontAhyCeiine$ms, to .have 
isktconnfel oot of tbeNewTeftament^ i^^wimmt^^tm 
la kk^fvm^fxjfipMn^.znd tobavo bfcen tlieM^ pedttonf f 
to Winter in ^/^4M4. Somecimestb^wwidimkt dtmcc 
of divers fatidical verfes^and having written them upon little 
.TAks,pQt them into a pot and draw for it.jlufth.t,^.Confef. 
€dP.3. Makes oieotion of thcfelotterieff. Si txim M fidiM^ 


jg.Tn Eurip, 


l^S ArcbdohgU Attics. Lit. r^SeH. i.Cap. ^ 

nii foftd ttijnffUm Unft alimi caneniu Mttjut intenientif, atm 
fir fern qnid ccufmlit ,. mirMliUr*confcnm ttig^tkfdpi vetfm 
ixira^ And tbii way chcy fay that S^crsttnfcxaxAA the day 
of fail death. BQtthusinuchcDay.fQf{i€eofxAP^^i/if/f/, for- 
by jtASpd* \tiihc finitiUrnumhct ^i% many times meant the 
bint, or occatioo given Divineiitoipeakiicbat tbey did/ 

f ortfae Diviners thefnfdv^ti^F4/>/,^r iJflm as tbey did but 
little betc€rihanf4iirltke Poets «, fo they did imitate tbera 
coo in many other things , as in eating of teara and tivers, 
and tying of Laurel about their heads, as. the Poet'fayes: 
^iC^S^ndm ^ XAa»PiKefif» %i^iif¥ ^f*^ tMym^H^m^ For wby h 
^tftnturifTdfeU Uwrm. The Laurel tbey took to be a ibing 
of fpeciat and foverai go rcrtne ^ bo(h to feta man aPro^ 
pbecying ( and therefore Egrif,^zVi%it^im^i$v ./^Vtlar) and 
CO ^efer ve h'mi from any evill ; aid therefore very mncb 
ufed ia Lonrattona , infomtich that they would commonfy^ 
have the ilavcs. tbey carried in their bands , to be made o£ 
Baorelwckid/ They bad tbtir dyet^in iht PrpioieMm Xikt 
ff^iici{:pcthuuyt9ioif^^)0t, vm!i)^ 7rr «• ^vroMip »ifiifw<9fayer 
cbeScboKaft XL^QfDrrAriftffbmn 'Thei^wias one more iMfr^i 
fi^ternity of t)»em, called the nw/iK,ftJ'if n ^ 9f^7$iA tUfh^ 
#r,Tayes Ui^dt. Three Prophets there wer^ of very great 
feflM #.«fcicy^oe;. called, by ^he nvMoiR^u » Tbc ddeft 
was of Ehon iu B^otia ; the next oiAthns ( be chat ciireA 
the LactdetMnmmoxQiax of (biir oiadmiTe'). ^and fJbe youn« 
§itbsaiCitfhiBM. Arc^iig, oifhktH foQAe-«)f h6y,:oitberviire 
caHedfcJ&f and Nninu; htfymXr^gifi ^hefet three men, ^ 
Scholiaft^ipon Arifiophsf$ei ( in /reise) fayes there were three 
Wimef^ ProphetfVcr^iiy one pCwboxi^ vas caiied by the name 
^fSjiiH^yvi^^(fll^c4,fErphnM,tn:d S^nlUci^ But tiie firft 
l^litoUeve) faadiriail ot^tho Spirif^^ IpbM^4Md kfc^^^ie^ 

; •. .r» 

■ * f 

t . 



t • 

.. '/.'i 

« • 

^cS^otogU Attics. Lib. 7. SeH. 2. Caf. 5. 349 

A^d noyPyCourteous Rtadtr^ thattghltaotdofle Jh^ 
mttchfoillallrfady , Jntttfl be forced to domrejetx". 
emdextufe one faalfv^ith another. Tor my de five is to 
leave t bee f ally fatis fed jfitb my reafons ipby I did 
it at almond why J did it no better. The cords that 
drew me to do it ( and drawn 1 79^05 ) were three i 
fuch as twified together I could by no means break^^iz. 
Firfl tie importunity of my friendl 2 ■. The necej-^ 
fity ofthekflowied^e of Ancient Rites and Cuftomesi^ 
fir th^ understanding of Authors :and 3. The hopes 
which I had , by Employment (^as by an Jffue ) to 
divert my humour of Melancholy another way. The^ 
caufes why I did no better , are as many viz, FirSi^ 
want of years and judgement ^ having done them(^ 
part of it in my Tirocimum ( whenltook^ more de- 
light in thefe Siudies^as appears by thenumberofthe 
Aathorf which /'have cited. Secondly y want of health. 
And thirdly , want <f time and ieafure^ being called' 
away by oc^clefions , that might not benegleiled^ and' 
hy friends that could mt be difobeyed. If yet I have 
given thee but little light , and my labour andoyle 
he not all /off, 1 have as much as I de fired my f elf 
andihouhafino more than I owed thee. 

^ ^ V «- - ■^ 

■e * ^ 

- -> t- 'Z^BO'feiirN::^ 

^Iplp^ipp^^ii ^ 

•■!■ IfBl 

k. WARRE, 


\. J 




*r tifUn^^ nftir fffume* 1 1 5 

Alcibiadisdiattm 1 66 

AA/7»e/9; unde ^ 15^ 

ft /A«3oi,?y»\9/9 Ganymedes 

Ax^^ wA/i. ^8. ci rcustus ejtis. 
Aft^^i rid, fx'jfdf^^pi 

A>^9r« /jjiit, quomodo jifferc ab 

Ainorii inclicji .14^ 

Aoiatof 'm philcra 14^ 

A^fwSa Jusjuranduoifin ^nn^iKsf-^ 
HnQiMf , 100 

Airjeii^Avs^ifeifle ' ^ i^i 

' :i^y9pit^tu,ipABed S7>5^ 

AfdjjfJM^itK^ J'Unl i37 

AanusAtrieur ' 56 

Aff7p{dt«^ ' rj6 

hfTi\cty^9Hf J[hfhu 1 35 

Af «d iiiMm Delphki 3 18 

A«tt7ie<« 21 i 

Awjp^ , «rf;ii|j |«e before the 

differunc i|i 

t^f»//0 38. Azif9fA$9i^c 8» 
A;7;^jrAAi«i,;^^V«*it'i$F ^ s«& 

Af«w ^ 14a 

A0fjp/i«< J>x«, feu ii^Mir^« ibuU 
AartA(tV/« ig •f A)fi&^i« ^ I ^. 
AfiS^ir , numcrtrC) /# w^rfhip. 

Arcfaf^aguf, Arcopagidk nf 

AfW«>/tir9iydlajC7fp®- iio 

Ef (i^tAiUfihif^^iextf. 1 26 

AfAh^i idj^ 

Af rA«^V Hcmcriftof 18 6 

Apfe«7i7eyf<§'AO* i^| 

A(JC7#f, Af *7^iii,^ Ap»7t/«y 1 5t 
Arma dcfenfifa^ij^/ ^irffies offeu* 

*A^7e^ triplex ipt 

^rcri;tio in p^Tf^dii^ albuttlcxi«- 
archlcum ^r. ix t 

Aja7a^ii!°h3C(yunde 27^ 

Asv jj^T^e^i j^tc? yro AthcDia 6 

A^laAiheiijcnrium ^ 49^ 

A77/KW «b AxtJ. 4. AtTlxi^^ A- 
duviuffi diff. 1$ 

Arliicir fihimt* Jmpuienci 1 6 
Actlca fidci 1^. 

^ AdfTroc 5, CuxiKtus earUidetn A 


y \ . •* 


Xi8 I CofuriTanc'tum (^Of 2^^ 

3S Ciipido^ ^41.1 4 ft 

5^1 Cusabula ip^ 

1}^ CcciD4ci« corpteun.ft rsois ere- 

109 ouunU 241. Mf 



^iCfUa0§»i Iff 

BftAirv jYx(u# Pror. i 19 

r'wgfenieMCi. 1.2S 

^l^nm^ pills §•« diflun pcioi^ •»- 


CBpliirus tnak 13 

Qjffet (vet BopuC AAeoi« 
cnfis ll AQrptir xS 

•Cafaubonui reprchenfus ft Thc- 
e^'hrafti CbauAetes cmendac} 

De CapiUii tasJendis a g 5 

•Cana^Hecacei abefgertyfeA^-x9i 
C'tbui & potus Crafcorum J17 9 
rei(f iir called H«f ^r ^•11 .14 5 

Cotncedia unde dida Ji.276 

Comitia Attics 9% 

^CcBvirluin crif ta « Ii^f^- i yet- 

2>f wmiivi Ffaalareui. 309 SacuU 

•raatui ' * ^* 

Vemi^benU i\&um, 171 

' /i4<0ipriutdiAiKiuixAi^eiii. num* 

flOMt^a^ eormn .ylde psig.i4,2f, 

Dtacrii i^ 

thmjmu^ ArbUratm usde. iVlr 

fiJkfiXHf dicuDtur f «ec« 

\ ^* no 

j J)«^rite(« iCSii^^Au decen i ^7 


DiYinationes .Tariac ^fer^fjccr, 
perfoinifuiii ftc j^2» 

Divinarto arcificiofa per Oiaicba 
, Maateiam d^c. 3 1 1 



fcWorrta Grteorum i«o; tm^ ^ „ J^^ 

J>fu»f Cecrojps <ur tic Jifioi x j8 JCip^if ««•/ , '.^ «Mf «vm) ot# 

ncs / Jir 

£ftiti<<Stte . ^ ix'4 

^^</l&r«(i« wo £11911^1^ . ibid. 

pleader mi j^^A^-m iim*iv^^ 

PrflCoics oir ifieuhiiicef Tbcfau- 
ris £nguficar,M9^ tS ^Auif vu 
•idcrc ip7 



'^ ZyKKnftM^ indUUnnH ^ 117 

:Hf<u$fCKji^Hfj IttfiOiiiiw iMce* 

dere 41 HeioTtfi 140 

E^XA^AA®-. ^ »•< to fe C4(M or M. 

writ , , ,*'o 

7£i/ «AtJVf7or «fpfrff . 131 

$ic Ef^erla ab egereiulo partus. 

lactlina I facilit. (p^^^if& 8e 

Lucifii I luccBi fereAdo^ibid. 

. ,£i<vdvn^, Seniwet qtiare fie' 

. dial ^ 11% 

, afie)ifaYit in t (^ )fe4r M^/iax« 
mASfORAtr €1 

..pKftAH7<i'i9tet ; M kj^Md pr^mt 

Ei^rdim feaSt 

E5«Aiif ctfxii,abJ5i'A«» I *^2 • 

U^ax<i^H9tifiitfrri0m^ i» 

lB,mKAuCtlfH9 vJ^«,pi»* lot 
Ewoc^7$ xSo,^»75ew^»pr««x^t 

Epithalamium,ii*y /«»j wAtf r'^t 
•w&wB^, Tutor, W&mww» d*t* 

P^ )t«pl»#<^ Ao;^c »« 

Ew;^ptwrl< f fcu^ ^ \;9.^ 

EquiiaiT3iv> i« 

EpJfaf facero,Sicrlficirc. ^ 5t 


.4:1 Hcrba qu«dam, mUabilil -AJi^tli^ 

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