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Full text of "A Register of the Officers and Students of the University of Alabama, 1831-1901"

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A Register of the Officers 
and Students of the 
University of 

1831 — 1901 


University of Alabama 




yort Grange press 



Table of Contents 


Part I. Officers of the University, 17 

Part II. Record of the Students, . .31 

Part III. Alphabetical Index of Students' Names, . 433 

Geographical Index of Living Students, . 470 

Part IV. Honorary Degrees, Society of Alumni, 

Attendance of Students, Enumeration, 
Addenda, '..... 499 



General Index 




. • • • 


Alphabetical Index of Students* 





• • ■ • 


Attendance of Students, 


• * • • 




• • . 1 


Dean of the Law School, 


• • . « 




• • • • 


Geographical Index of Living 



Geological Survey, 



Honorary Degrees, 






Land Commissioners, 







Names Repeated, 



■ 32 

Presidents of the Board, . 



Presidents of the University, 









Record of Students, 






Secretaries of the Board, 



Society of the Alumni, 


• 503 

Supervisors of Julia S. Tutwiler Annex 

• 30 





Treasurers, ... 


a • . 


Trustees, ex-officio^ . 


• • • 


Trustees, by appointment or election, 




■ • . 

. 26 


A REQUEST in 1895 from some members of the Board of 
Trustees and the Faculty and many of the Alumni induced 
the undersigned to begin the collecting of material for the publi- 
cation of a Register of the Officers and Students of the University 
similar to the one prepared by Professors Wyman and McCorvey, 
in 1878, of the Officers and Graduates with Titled Degrees. In 
the present book the names not only of those who have received 
degrees, but of every duly matriculated student from 183 1 to 
1901, inclusive, are given. From the Register of 1878 and the 
publication of names elsewhere the list of Graduates with Titled 
Degrees was easily obtained, but the difficulty of establishing an 
accurate roll of those students who did not receive degrees has* 
been found to be far beyond what had been anticipated. No 
catalogues for some of the earlier years were published at all and 
no copy of the printed catalogue for the year 1849 ^^ts been pre- 
served. The roll of students in most of the catalogues that are on 
file was found to be very inaccurate both in spelling and omission 
of names. Consequently a long search had to be made through 
the old Registration and Minute Books. Here unexpected diffi- 
culties were encountered. The writing in the first Registration 
Book, from 1831 to 1837, has become dim with age and illegible 
in many places ; the Registration Book from 1870 to 1886 could 
not be found, and some of the others were poorly and inaccurately 
kept. Occasionally applicants for admission who were not 
admitted had signed their names in the Matriculation Book. No 
record was made of this fact and their names were published in 
the annual Catalogue. I have gone over the entire roll five or six 
times, comparing and checking it with information from every 
obtainable source, throwing out such as were proved not to be 
matriculates, and in a few cases inserting some where the evidence 
was unmistakable that they were students though their names 
did not appear upon any of the records. It is believed now that 
the list is fairly accurate, though some names may have been 
rejected that should have been retained, and zAce versa, and it is 
possible that a few may have been overlooked altogether. 

In 1897 Mr. J. H. Johnson (U. of A., 1881), Superintendent 


of the Deaf and Blind Institute at Talladega, with the aid of the 
pupils of the institute, published, free of cost, a list of the matricu- 
lates of this University from 1870 to 1897. The distribution of 
this pamphlet created much interest in the compilation of the 
present Register, and led to the correction of many errors and the 
insertion of omitted names and, indirectly, to the discovery of 
many other important facts. 

It was soon recognized that a compilation of this kind would 
require much labor in its preparation, and I felt justified in going* 
a little farther than Professors Wyman and McCorvey in 1878 
in the collection of additional data that would be interesting and 
specially useful to any one who may wish hereafter to prepare a 
fuller sketch of any students. Besides the original and last resi- 
dence, vocation, positions held in army. State or church, author- 
ship of publications, membership in learned societies, there have 
.been added date of admission, name of father, maiden name of 
mother, date of birth ; if married, the maiden name of wife, and 
if deceased, the exact date of death. 

In order to economize space and at the same time to bring out 
prominently the most important facts that are generally desired, 
the full name, degree or class at this University, vocation and 
the present or last address are printed in large type in one line. 
Below this are given in small type, in the following order, date 
of admission, home address while a student, name of father, 
maiden name of mother, date of birth, degrees from or attend- 
ance at other institutions, official stations in chronological order ; 
if married, maiden name of wife, and finally, if deceased, date 
of death. Part II, therefore, is really a brief biographical diction- 
ary of the matriculates of this University. 

An earnest effort was made to get these facts directly from the 
parties themselves or their representatives, but for the want of 
proper addresses and the indifference of many, the task has been 
most difficult. Whenever it was impossible to get the facts imme- 
diately from the parties themselves or their representatives, I have 
taken freely the data as found in the Register of 1878, Brewer's 
Alabama, Garrett's Public Men in Alabama, Saunder's Early 
Settlers in Alabama, various fraternity catalogues, general cata- 
logues or registers of other institutions and other works of 
reference and in the columns of various daily and weekly news- 
papers of the State. 


The main feature of the work being the compilation of the 
record of the students, the names only of the officers and their 
time of service and the names of recipients of honorary degrees 
and dates of the degrees are given. 

Mr. Alto Velo Lee, Jr., Fellow and Graduate Student, 1898-99, 
and Mr. William Hubbard White, Fellow and Graduate Student, 
1899-1900, assisted me in compiling and revising the lists of 
names. During the summer vacation of 1900, Mr. Griffin Lam- 
kin, private secretary of the President, assisted in correspondence 
and in the recording of statistics of Part IL Miss Helen Jones 
has made a large part of the final typewritten copy for the press. 
To these helpers I extend my thanks for their hearty cooperation, 
interest and zeal in the work. 

With much pleasure do I acknowledge my indebtedness and 
thanks to Dr. William S. Wyman for his assistance. From the 
beginning to the end he has ever taken a deep interest in the 
progress of the work. His long connection with the University 
and his remarkable memory of names and family relationships 
in Alabama enabled him to give me many facts, and, but for 
valuable clues and suggestions constantly furnished by him, the 
facts concerning hundreds of the older students especially would 
probably not have been found. 

I also sincerely thank the many Alumni and other friends every- 
where who have so kindly and diligently exerted themselves in 
gathering information about former students. Without this 
generous aid a full record could not have been compiled. It would 
have given me great pleasure to publish a list of the names of all 
who have helped me in this way, but the nimiber of these is so 
great that the publication of their names would far exceed the 
necessary limitations of this Preface. 

Much to my regret I have not been able to insert in this Regis- 
ter the names of the students of the Medical Department at 
Mobile. The records of this department were not kept at the 
University. It was impossible, for want of time, to secure accu- 
rate and complete information touching the students of this depart- 
ment. I cherish the hope that in any future edition of this Regis- 
ter the names of all students in all departments, together with 
the interesting information concerning their careers, may be 

In every work of this kind, necessarily, some errors and omis- 


sions will occur, originating in part from the careless statements 
of some correspondents and the treacherous memories of others, 
in part also from the inevitable fallibility of a compiler working 
without collaborators. It is hoped that these will be pardoned 
by the indulgent reader. In some cases, little or no information 
has been obtained, either because it was impossible to find a clue, 
or because the parties themselves or their representatives neglected 
or refused to furnish the necessary information. All corrections 
should be sent to me or to the President of the University at once. 
They will be preserved for the next edition of this Register or 
for early publication in the University Bulletin. 

Thomas Waverly Palmer. 

University, Alabama, 
July 21^ iqoi. 

Post Script. 

It was intended to close this Register with the session of 
1900-01, but the completion of the publication having been 
delayed until after the opening of the next scholastic year, the 
names of those who matriculated in September and October 
1901, are given in Part II under the date of 1902. The Alpha- 
betical Index of Part III having been printed before this, these 
new names could not be inserted in that Index, nor is the 
number for 1902 included in the total attendance and enumera- 
tion given on page 504. 

A Geographical Index of students now living whose addresses 
were obtained is also added to Part III. It is believed that this 
will prove a great convenience in helping one to ascertain 
quickly the names of students who are now residing in a cer- 
tain locality. 

T. W. P. 

November 14^ igoi. 


Officers of the University 



Governors of Alabama, ex officio 

Israel Pickens, 1821-25 
John Murphy, 1826-29 
Gabriel Moore, 1829-31 
Samuel B. Moore, 1831 
John Gayle, 1831-35 
Clement Comer Clay, 1835-37 
Hugh McVay, 1837 
Arthur Pendleton Bagby, 1837-41 
Benjamin Fitzpatrick, 1841-45 
Joshua Lanier Martin, 1845-47 
Reuben Chapman, 1847-49 
Henry Watkins Collier, 1849-53 
John Anthony Winston, 1853-57 
Andrew Barry Moore, 1857-61 

John Gill Shorter, 1861-63 
Thomas Hill Watts, 1863-65 
Lewis Eliphalet Parsons, 1865 
Robert Miller Patton, 1865-68 
George S. Houston, 1876-78 
Rufus W. Cobb, 1878-82 
Edward Asbury O'Neal, 1882-86 
Thomas Seay, 1886-90 
Thomas G. Jones, 1890-94 
William C. Oates, 1894-96 
Joseph F. Johnston, 1896-1900 
William J. Samford, 1900-01 
William D. Jelks, 1901 — 

Superintendents of Public Instruction, ex officio 

Noah B. Cloud, 1868-70 
Joseph Hodgson, 1870-72 

Joseph H. Speed, 1872-74 
John H. McKleroy, 1874-76 

1 8 Officers of the University 


Judges of the Supreme G>urt, ex officio 

John J. Ormond, 1843-47 Lyman Gibbons, 1853-54 

Henry Goldthwaite, 1843-47 Samuel F. Rice, 1855-59 

William P. Chilton, 1848-56 Abram J. Walker, 1856^ 

Edmund S. Dargan, 1847-52 George W. Stone, 1856-65 

Silas Parsons, 1849-51 Richard W. Walker, 1859-64 

Daniel Coleman, 185 1 John D. Phelan, 1863-65 

George Goldthwaite, 1852-56 William M. Byrd, 1866-68 

David G. Ligon, 1852-55 Thomas J. Judge, 1866-68 
John D. Phelan, 1852-54 

Presidents of the University, ex officio 
Basil Manly, 1853-55 Landon C. Garland, 1855-66 

Superintendents of Education, ex officio 

John M. McKleroy, 1876 John G. Harris, 1890-94 

LeRoy F. Box, 1876-80 John O. Turner, 1894-98 

H. Clay Armstrong, 1880-84 John W. Abercrombie, 1898 — 
Solomon Palmer, 1884-90 

By Appointment or Election 

George W. Owen, 1821-25 Samuel W. Oliver, 1823-31 

Henry Hitchcock, 1821-23 William Crawford, 1824-28 

George Phillips, 1821-33 James Dillett, 1824-26 

Jack Shackleford, 1821-29 Thomas Wooldridge, 1824-28 

Hume R. Field, 1821-28 John G. Creagh, 1826-28 

Nicholas Davis, 1821-31 Nimrod E. Benson, 1826-31 

John McKinley, 1821-23 John Elliott, 1828-35 

Thomas Fearn, 1821-31 David Hubbard, 1828-35 

Henry Minor, 1821-23 Henry W. Rhodes, 1828-30 

Clement C. BilHngslea, 1821-28 Dixon H. Lewis, 1828-31 

Robert W. Carter, 1821-23 Quin Morton, 1828-33 

George Buchanan, 1823-24 Jesse Van Hoose, 1828-30 

Boiling Hall, 1823-26 Thomas Crawford, 1828-31 

Arthur F. Hopkins, 1823-24 Samuel W. Mardis, 1829-32 

David Moore, 1823-28 Ptolemy T. Harris, 1830-32 



Jesse W. Garth, 1830-36 
John C. Kirkpatrick, 1830-32 
John B. H<^;an, 1831-33 
Richard B. Walthall, 1831-33 
George Starr, 1831-33 
William Richardson, 1831-33 
William Acklin, 1831-43 
William Hemphill, 1831-33 
John Gindrat, 1831-33 
Benjamin B. Breeden, 1832-33 
Joab Lawler, 1832-35 
William H. Musgrove, 1832-33 
Henry C. Lea, 1833-36 
James Dellett, 1833-36 
Thomas Riddle, 1833-36 
Jefferson Buford, 1833-40 
Thomas Crawford, 1833-40 
Julien S. Devereux, 1833-36 
Thomas Ringgold, 1833-36 
Samuel S. Earle, 1833-36 
Thomas S. Mays, 1833-35 
John W. Womack, 1833-35 
Thomas Gaillard, 1835-36 
William D. Stone, 1836-40 
James E. Sanders, 1836-40 
Lewis Womack, 1836 
Francis Bugbee, 1836-58 
Lemuel B. Robertson, 1836-47 
James H. Draughan, 1836-40 
Edwin D. King, 1836-52 
Daniel P. Bestor, 1836-43 
John R. Evans, 1836-37 
Thompson M. Rector, 1836-41 
John L. Hunter, 1836-43 
Charles D. Connor, 1836-37 
John Gayle, 1836-37 
Aaron Shannon, 1836-40 
George Hill, 1836-40 
Robert M. Patton, 1837-43 
James Meredith, 1837-40 

John Cochran, 1837-40 
Duncan W. Murphy, 1840-43 
Lorman Crawford, 1840-43 
Daniel H. Norwood, 1840-43 
James Somerville, 1840-42 
John A. Nooe, 1840-43 
Walter H. Crenshaw, 1840-43 
Edward Baptist, 1840-43 
James M. Beckett, 1840-53 
Philip E. Pearson, 1840-43 
Thomas A. Walker, 1840-43 
Isaac H. Erwin, 1840-43 
Egbert B. Jones, 1840-43 
Francis M. Roby, 1840-44 
Walker K. Baylor, 1843-45 
James A. Tait, 1843-45 
Robert T. Scott, 1843-50 
Benjamin F. Porter, 1843-45 
Felix G. Norman, 1845-49 
John W. Portis, 1845-57 
John W. Bridges, 1846-47 
James Guild, 1846-53 
Daniel E. Watrous, 1846-57 
Alexander Bowie, 1848-52 
Charles S. Jones, 1849-51 
Joseph D. Jenkins, 1850-53 
Le Roy Pope Walker, 1850-52 
John N. Malone, 1852-61 
William H. Forney, 1852-61 
George R. Hendree, 1852-53 
Edward B. King, 1853 
Turner Reavis, 1853-56 
Edward Baptist, 1855-60 
Felix Tait, 1855-65 
John J. Ormond, 1855-65 
Martin L. Stansel, 1856-62 
M. C. Blanchard, 1856-59 
Thomas H. Hemdon, 1856-60 
Newbem H. Browne, 1858-63 
James D. Webb, 1857-60 


Officers of the University 

John S. Storrs, 1857-62 
E. Porter King, 1860-68 
William S. Mudd, 1860-68 
Samuel S. Scott, 1860-65 
Percy Walker, 1860-63 
William C. Mclver, 1860-65 
John R. Blocker, 1863-65 
Z. F. Freeman, 1863-68 
Alexander B. Meek, 1863-65 
A. Wallace Starke, 1863-65 

George S. Walden, 1863-68 
Robert Jemison, 1866-68 
Benjamin F. Peters, 1866-68 
James H. Fitts, 1866-68 
A. M. Gibson, 1866-68 
Willis G. Clark, 1866-68 
John T. Foster, 1866-68 
Alfred N. Worthy, 1866-68 
John C. Meadors, 1866-68 
Walter H. Crenshaw, 1866-68 

(From the year 1868 to the year 1876, the State Board of 
Education, sitting as a Board of Regents, were the Trustees of 
the University.) 

George L. Putnam, 1868-70 
William P. Miller, 1868-72 
Jesse H. Booth, 1868-72 
Thomas A. Cook, 1868-72 
James Nichols, 1868-70 
William H. Clayton, 1868-72 
Gustavus A. Smith, 1868-70 
Andrew B. Collins, 1868-70 
Joseph H Sears, 1870-74 
John R. Ard, 1870-74 
Peyton Finley, 1870-72 
Otis D. Smith, 1870-76 
Joseph H. Speed, 1870-72 
Benjamin I. Harrison, 1870-72 
Edward F. Comegys, 1870-72 

Frank V. Henderson, 1870-72 
G. M. T. Gibson, 1872-76 
William B. H. Howard, 1872-76 
J. Percy Oliver, 1872-76 
John T. Foster, 1872-7(5 
William J. Smith, 1872-74 
Arthur H. McClung, 1872-76 
William N. Cowan, 1872-74 
Le Roy F. Box, 1872-7O 
D. C. Rugg, 1874-76 
John A. Padgett, 1874-76 
N. B. Mardis, 1874-76 
Joseph H. Francis, 1874-76 
J. N. Martin, 1874-76 

Willis G. Clark, 1876-98 John D. Weeden, 1884-86 

Hillary A. Herbert, 1876-78 Henry H. Brown, 1884-92 
John Arthur Foster, 1876-90 R. B. Rhett, 1886-96 
Nathaniel H. R. Dawson, i876-94james E. Webb, 1886 — 
William C Mclver, 1876-85 Thomas D. Cory, 1886-90 

Enoch Morgan, 1876-86 
Marion Banks, 1876-84 
James Crook, 1876-92 
Edward C. Betts, 1876-84 

William T. Northington, 1890-96 
Alto V. Lee, 1890-94 
Martin L. Stansel, 1892 — 
William W. Haralson, 1892-98 

William S. Thorington, 1878-97 John Little, 1892-1900 



John W. Caldwell, 1894— Henry B. Foster, 1900 — 

William J. Samford, 1894-1900 Thomas C. McClellan, 1900— 
Daniel Pratt, 1896— Richard Cullen Jeter, 1900 

William Richardson, 1896- 1900 Eugene Hemdon Glenn, 1900— 
Tennent Lomax, 1897 — Thomas M. Stevens, 1901 — 

Hubert T. Davis, 1898— 


Marmaduke Williams, 1835-41 
David Woodruff, 1841-42 
Hubbard P Douthitt, 1842-48 
James L. Childress, 1848-51 
John W. Pratt, 1851-55 
George Benagh, 1855-62 
William J. Vaughn, 1862-65 
Henry M. Bush, 1868-72 
Joseph H. Francis, 1872-74 

James T. Greene, 1874-76 
William A. Cochrane, 1876-89 
John W. TuUis, 1889-90 
Herbert E. Reynolds, 1889-90 
Arthur B. Foster, 1890-91 
Needham A. Graham, 1891-94 
James H. Fitts, 1894-98 
Francis M. Purifoy, 1898-99 
Robison Brown, 1899 — 


Henry A. Snow, 1848-61 Charles M. Foster, 1868-73 

Washington Moody, 1861-65 James H. Fitts, 1873 — 
James H. Fitts, 1865-68 


Andrew C. Hargrove, 1884-96 William C. Fitts, 1898-1901 
Charles B. Vemer, 1896^ Archibald B. McEachin, 1901- 

22 Officers of the University 


Alva Woods, D. D., 1831-37 

Basil Manly, D. D 1837-55 

Landon Cabell Garland^ LL. D 1855-65 

William Russell Smith 1870-71 

Nathaniel T. Lupton, A. M 1871-74 

Carlos G. Smith, M. D., LL. D 1874-78 

JosiAH GoRGAS, LL. D 1878-79 

William S. Wyman, A.M., (acting), Feb., 1879, July, 1880 

BuRWELL BoYKiN Lewis, LL. D 1880-85 

William S. Wyman, LL. D., (acting) 1885-86 

Henry D. Clayton, LL. D 1886-89 

William S. Wyman, LL. D., (acting) 1889-90 

Richard Channing Jones, LL. D 1890-97 

James K. Powers, LL. D 1897-01 

William S. Wyman 1901 — 

Dean of the Law School 
William S. Thorington 1897 — 

Professors 93 


Alva Woods, D. D., Moral and Mental Philosophy, 1831-37. 
Henry Tutwiler, A. M., Ancient Languages, 1831-36. 
GuRDON Saltonstall, A. M., Mathematics and Natural Phi- 
losophy, 1831-33. 
John F. Wallis, Chemistry and Natural History, 1831-34. 
Henry Washington Hilliard, A. M., English Literature, 

Sauveur F. Bonfils, A. M., Modem Languages, 1832-36. 

William W. Hudson, A. M., Mathematics and Natural Philoso- 
phy, 1833-37. 

Richard T. Brumby, A. M., Chemistry, Mineralogy and Geology, 
1834-47; Chemistry and Natural History, 1847-49. 

John L. Gay, (acting). Ancient Languages, 1835. 

Basil Manly, D. D., Moral and Mental Philosophy, 1837-55. 

Frederick Augustus Porter Barnard, A. M., Mathematics, 
Natural Philosophy, and Astronomy, 1837-49; Chemistry 
and Natural History, 1849-54. 

Samuel M. Stafford, A. M., Ancient Languages, 1837-56. 

Horace Southworth Pratt^ A. M., English Literature, 1837-40. 

Edward D. Sims, A. M., English Literature, 1841-45. 

James C. Dockery, A. M., Modern Languages, 1842-50. 

Benjamin F. Porter, Law, 1845-46. 

Frederick W. Thomas, English Literature, 1847-48. 

Michael Tuomey, A. M., Mineralogy, Geology, and Agricul- 
tural Chemistry, 1847-54; Chemistry, Mineralogy, and Ge- 
ology, 1856-57. 

Landon Cabell Garland, LL. D., English Literature, 1847-49 ; 
Mathematics, Natural Philosophy, and Astronomy, 1849-55; 
Mental and Moral Philosophy, 1855-65. 

George Benagh, A. M., Mathematics, 1852-55 ; Mathematics, 
Natural Philosophy, and Astronomy, 1855-62. 

John Wood Pratt, A. M., English Literature, 1850-55; Logic, 
Rhetoric, and Oratory, 1855-65. 

Emmanuel Vitalis Scherb, A. M., Modern Languages, 1853. 

Andre Deloffre, A. M., Modem Languages, 1855-65. 

Robert Kennon Hargrove, A. M., Mathematics, 1855-57. 

William Stokes Wyman, A. M., Latin, 1855-61 ; Latin and 
Greek, 1861-65 ; Latin, 1871-72 ; Latin and Greek, 1872-75 ; 
Latin, 1875-88; University Professor of Latin, 1888—. 

Archibald John Battle, A. M., Greek, 1856-60. 

John William Mallet, Ph. D., Chemistry, 1856-60. 

a 4 Officers of the University 

Caleb Huse, Chemistry, 1860-61. 

James T. Murfee, Mathematics and Civil and Military Engineer- 
ing, 1860-61. 

William L. Boggs, A. M., Chemistry, 1862-63. 

William James Vaughn, A. M., Mathematics, 1863-65; Physics 
and Astronomy, 1871-73; Mathematics, 1878-81; Madie- 
matics and Civil Engineering, 1881-82. 

Benjamin Franklin Meek, A. M., Latin and Greek, 1863-65 ; 
English Literature, 1871-1899. 

Warfield Creath Richardson, A. M., Chemistry, Mineralogy, 

and Geology, 1864-65; (acting), Greek, 1876-77; English 
and Instructor in Mineralogy, 1877-78. 

Crawford H. Toy, A. M., Natural Philosophy and Astronomy, 

J. De Forest Richards, Natural Sciences and Astronomy, 

N. R. Chambliss, Mathematics, 1869-70. 

John C. Loomis, A. M. Ancient Languages, 1869-70. 

William J. Callens, English Literature, 1869-70. 

Vernon H. Vaughan, A. M., English Literature, 1869-70. 

William R. Smith, Metaphysics, International and Constitu- 
tional Law, 1870-71. 

Hampton S. Whitfield, Mathematics, 1870-71; Mathematics 
and Astronomy, 1872-76; Mathematics, 1876-78. 

David L. Peck, A. M., Ancient Languages, 1870-71 ; Mathe- 
matics, 1871-72; Ancient Languages, 1872-74. 

Nathaniel T. Lupton, A. M., Chemistry, 1871-74. 

Algernon S. Garnett, M. D., Natural History, 1871-74. 

Telfair Hodgson, A. M., Moral Philosophy, 1871-72. 

William A. Parker, A.M., LL. D., Greek, 1871-72; Modem 
Languages, 1872-98; Grerman, 1898 — . 

Joseph G. Griswold, A. M., Modem Languages, 1871-72. 

Eugene Allen Smith, Ph. D., Geology and Mineralogy, 
1871-74; Chemistry, Geology, and Natural History, 1874- 
78 ; Chemistry, Mineralogy, and Geology, 1878-90 ; Mineral- 
ogy and Greology, 1890 — . 

Joshua Hill Foster, A. M., Moral Philosophy, 1872-74 ; Nat- 
ural Philosophy, 1874-75 ; Natural Philosophy and Astron- 
omy, 1876-92. 

Henderson M. Somerville, A. M., LL. B., Law, 1872-75 ; 
Statute and Common Law, 1875-90. 

Carlos G. Smith, M. D., LL. D., Moral and Mental Philosophy, 

Professors 35 

John Mason Martin, A. M., Equity Jurisprudence, 1875-86. 

Horace Harding, A. M., C. E., Civil Engineering, 1875-77. 

John Caldwell Calhoun, A. M., Greek, 1877-88 ; Greek and 
Latin, 1888-97. 

Josiah Gorgas, Civil Engineering, 1878-79. 

Thomas C. McCorvey, A. M., Mental and Moral Philosophy, 
and Political Economy, 1878-88; History and Philosophy, 
1888-99; History and Political Economy, 1899 — • 

BuRWELL Boykin Lewis, LL. D., International and Constitu- 
tional Law and Political Economy, 1880-85. 

Robert A. Hardaway, A. M., C. E., Civil Engineering, 1882-97. 

Thomas W. Palmer, A. M., Mathematics, 1883 — . 

Andrew C. Hargrove, A. M., Equity-Jurisprudence, 1885-86; 

John D. Weeden, A. M., Statute and Common Law, 1885-86 ; 
Equity- Jurisprudence, 1886-89. 

Henry D. Clayton, LL. D., International and Constitutional 
Law, 1886-89. 

Sterling A. M. Wood, International and Constitutional Law, 


Richard C. Jones, LL. D., International and Constitutional Law, 

William B. Phillips, Ph. D., Chemistry and Mineralogy, 

George M. Edgar, LL. D., Physics and Astronomy, 1892-98. 

Adrian S. Van de Graaf, A. B., LL. B., Statute and Common 
Law, 1891-96; Equity- Jurisprudence, 1896-97. 

James M. Pickel, Ph. D., Chemistry and Metallurgy, 1892-98. 

Ormond Somerville, a. M., LL. B., Statute and Common Law, 
1896-97; Law, 1897 — . 

George S. Wilkins, C. E., Engineering, 1897 — . 

John Y. Graham, Ph. D., Biology, 1897 — . 

William S. Thorington, Law, 1897 — . 

William B. Saffold, Ph. D., Greek and Latin Languages, 

Herbert A. Sayre, Ph. D., Physics and Astronomy, 1898 — . 

Augustus A. Persons, M. S., Chemistry and Metallurgy, 1898 — . 
Charles H. Barnwell, Ph. D., English, 1899 — • 

Charles R. Kellermann, C. E., (acting). Engineering, 1899- 

George G. Brownell, A. M., Romance Languages, 1900—. 

26 Officers of the University 


Calvin Jones, 1831-33. 

Thomas Manning, 1831. 

John McLaughlin Smith, A. B., Chemistry, 1833-34; Mathe- 
matics, 1837. 

James Francis Bailey, 1835. 

Jacob Pearson, A. B., Latin and Greek, 1837-38. 

Richard Furman, Chemistry, 1837-38. 

Arnold us V. Brumby, A. M., Mathematics, 1837-40. 

Sterling S. Sherman, A. M., Latin and Greek, 1838-41. 

William J. Whiting, A. B., Mathematics, 1840-41. 

George S. Walden, A. M., Latin and Greek, 1841-44. 

Joshua Hill Foster, A.M., Mathematics, 1841-44; 1849-50. 

John Gorman Barr, A. B., Mathematics, 1844-46. 

James Somerville, A. M., Latin and Greek, 1844-46. 

Robert Simonton Gould, A. M., Mathematics, 1846-49. 

Wilson Gaines Richardson, A. M., Latin and Greek, 1846-49 

William Richmond Flemming, A. B., Mathematics, 1850. 

George Benagh, A. B., Mathematics, 1850-52. 

Archibald John Battle, A. M., Latin and Greek, 1850-51. 

Charles Francis Henry, A. M., French and Spanish, 1850-52. 

MiLFORD Fenn Woodruff, A. M., Latin and Greek, 1851-52. 

William Stokes Wyman, A. M., Latin and Greek, 1852-55. 

Andre Deloffre, A. M., French and Spanish, 1853-55. 

Robert Kennon Hargrove, A. M., Mathematics, 1854-55. 

John Archibald Jones, A. B., Latin and Greek, 1855-56. 

William James Vaughan, A. M., Mathematics, 1857-60 ; Latin 
and Greek, 1860-63. 

Malcolm Clayton Burke, Rector of the Academic Department, 

Edward R. Dickson, Rector of the Academic Department, 

Charles L. Lumsden, Military Tactics, 1860-62. 

James H. Morrison, Military Tactics, 1860-61. 

H. Otey, Military Tactics, 1861-62. 

Diggs Poyner, Military Tactics, 1862-65. 

John Frederick Tarrant, A. M., Latin and Greek, 1862. 

Henderson M. Somerville, A. M., LL. B., Mathematics, 

John Massey, A. B., Tactics, 1863-65. 

Instructors 37 

John H. Murfee, Tactics, 1863-65. 

Samuel C. Donaldson, A. M., Latin and Mathematics, 1864-65. 

Thomas W. Clark, A. M., Chemistry, 1875-76. 

R. Emmett Pettus, A. B., Chemistry, 1876-77. 

Charles R. McCall, A. M., Latin, 1878-81. 

Henry McCalley, A. M., C. E., Chemistry, 1879-83. 

Thomas W. Palmer, A. M., Mathematics, 1881-83. 

John Buckner Little, A. B., Chemistry, 1883-86; Chemistry, 

Physiology and Physics, 1886-88. 1 

Benjamin H. Hardaway, A. B., Mathematics, 1883-86. I 

Samuel N. Lapsley, A. B., Latin, 1883-84; Latin and English, 

Carlie B. Gibson, Latin, 1883-84. 

George E. Brewer, English, 1883-84. 

James R. Burgett, Jr., English, 1883-84. 

John Daniel, A. B., Physics, 1884-86. 

John W. Gilbert, A. B., English and Latin, 1885-86; English 
and Mathematics, 1886-87. 

John M. Francis, A. B., Chemistry, 1887-92. 

James J. Mayfield, Jr., A. B., Physics, 1887-88. 

William B. Saffold, A. B., Mathematics, 1887-88. 

Reuben M. Searcy^ A. B., Chemistry, 1887-88. 

Ormond Somerville, a. B., Latin and English, 1887-88 ; Latin, 

Martin D. Sibert, B. C. E., Drawing, 1887-88; Mathematics 
and Engineering, 1888-89. 

Edward B. Anderson, A. B., Mathematics, 1888-89. 

Marcellus T. Hayes, Gymnastics, 1889-94. 

Daniel B. McKenzie, B. C. E., Mathematics and Engineering, 

Jasper L. Beeson, A. B., Physics, 1889-90. 

J. Flournoy Crook, A. B., English, 1889-90. 

Joseph B. Greene, A. B., Physics, 1890-91. 

J. CoLfeMAN HoRTON, A. B., Latin and English, 1890-91. 

Henry R. Howze, A. B., Mathematics, 1890-91. 

Hendree p. Simpson, Drawing, 1890-91. 

Julius E. Willoughby, Engineering, 1890-91. 

Edward E. Newton, A. B., Physics, 1891-92. 

John H. Pettway, Jr., A. B., Latin and English, 1891-92. 

George H. Dunlap, Jr., A. B., Mathematics, 1891-92. 

Bibb Graves, Engineering, 1892-93. 

a 8 Officers of the University 

Hugh Morrow, A. B., English, 1893-94. 

Daniel H. Smith, A. B., Chemistry, 1893-94. 

Nathaniel A. Yuille, Engineering, 1893-95. 

George E. Stone, A. B., Chemistry, 1894-95. 

Eli Abbott, B. S., Gymnastics, 1894 — • 

Charles H. Coleman, Engineering, 1895-96. 

George T. Edgar, A. B., Chemistry, 1895-96. 

Edgar Hayes, Engineering, 1896-97. 

John H. Blue, A. B., Chemistry, 1896-97. 

William R. Harrison, Mathematics, 1897-99. 

George G. Brownell, A. M., Romance Languages, 1898-1900. 

Shaler C. Houser, B. S., Engineering, 1898-99. 

William E. Hudmon, M. S., Chemistry, 1898-1901. 

Charles R. Mathis, A. B., English, 1898-99. 

Frank H. Fielder, A. B., English, 1899-1900. 

Charles S. Lawson, B. S., Chemistry, 1899-1900. 

James W. Stickney, B. S., Engineering, 1899-1900. 

Jacob Forney, A. M., Pedagogy and Psychology, 1899 — ^• 

MoTiER N. Eley, B. S., Chemistry, 1900-01. 

Robert S. Hodges, Physics, 1900 — 

Osborne J. Dykes, B. S., Engineering, 1900-01. 

Malcolm C. Burke, A. B., Latin and Greek, 1901 — . 

Frank B. Haynes, A. B., Chemistry, 1901 — . 

Commandants 29 


Caleb Huse, 1860-61. 
James T. Murfe£» 1861-65. 

WiLUAM K. McCONNELL, 1869-7I. 

George D. Johnston, A. M., 1871-73. 

Thomas Chalmers McCorvey, Ph. B., 1873-88. 

James C. Hixson, A. B., LL. B., 1888-91. 

Tredwell W. Moore, ist Lieut, 22nd Inf., U. S. Army, 1891-93. 

Walter L. Taylor, 2n(J Lieut., 20th Inf., U. S. Army, 1893-94. 

William G. Elliott, ist Lieut., 20th Inf., U. S. Army, 1894-95. 

James Baylies, ist Lieut, loth Inf., U. S. Army, 1895-98. 

Erle Pettus, a. B., 1898-99. 

Peyton H. Moore, B. S., LL. B., 1899-1900. 

James W. West, B. S., (acting), 1900. 

William J. Parkes, B. C. E., (acting), 1901. 

Vincent M. Elmore, Jr., 1901 — . 


John B. Read, A. M., M. D., 1860-65, and 1874-78. 
Algernon S. Garnett, M. D., 1871-74. 
David L. Foster, A. M., M. D., 1878-91. 
William Hester, A. M., M. D., 1891-94, 1897-98. 
William G. Somerville, A. M., M. D., 1894-97, 1898 — . 


JOSIAH (jORGAS, 1880-83. 

Mrs. Amelia (jorgas, 1883 — . 


John T. Gibbes, 1861-65. 
Benjamin I. Harrison, A. M., 1871-72. 
William H. Jemison, A. M., 1873-82. 
John J. Harris, A. M., 1882-98. 
Eli Abbott, B. S., 1898 — . 

3© Officers of the University 

Supervisors of Julia S. Tutwiler Annex 

Miss Sallie J. Avery, 1898- 1901 
Mrs. M. H. Chisholm, 1901 — 


State Geologists 
Michael Tuomey, 1848-1857 Eugene Allen Smith, 1873 — 

Assistants and Contributors 

James H. Fitts, 1849 Otto Meyer, 1886 

E. Q. Thornton, 1854-57 A. M. Gibson, 1887-97 

Oscar M. Lieber, 1854-55 John M. Francis, 1887-88 

John W. Mallett, 1855-58 C. L. Herrick, 1887 

George Powell, 1854 J. L. Beeson, 1890 

Samuel S. Graham, 1854 George Little, Ph. D., 1891-92 

Truman H. Aldrich, 1875 and Wm. B. Phillips, Ph. D., 1891 ; 

1886 1895-96; 1898 

Wm. C. Stubbs, Ph. D., 1875 Charles Mohr, Ph. D., 1892-1901 

Leo Lesquereux, 1875 J. Morgan Clements, 1892-93 

Aug. R. Grote, 1875 C. Willard Hayes, 1892 

James Lewis, M. D., 1876 K. M. Cunningham, 1892 and 
Henry McCalley, Volunteer As- 1894 

sistant, 1877-83 George N. Brewer, 1892 — 

Henry McCalley, Chief Assist- James M. Pickel, Ph .D., 1894 

ant, 1883 — William M. Brewer, 1894-97 

Daniel W. Langdon, 1883-89 Heinrich Ries, Ph. D., 1894 — 

Lawrence C. Johnson, 1883-92 Alfred H. Brooks, 1895 

Joseph Squire, 1883-90 James A. Anderson, 1898 — 

Charles H. Hitchcock, 1885 Robert S. Hodges, 1899— 


Record of Students of the University 

Note of Explanation 

THE names are given according to the year of withdrawal, 
(i) the Graduates with Titled Degrees, (2) the Graduates 
in Schools and Non-Graduates who left during or at the close 
of the College year. From 1831 to 1846 the College year began 
in January and closed in December. Since 1846 it has begun in 
September or October and closed in June, July or August. Hence 
a student leaving in November, 1850, would be placed under the 
year 1851. Part HI is an alphabetical Index to names of Part 11. 

As it is impossible to get from the records even an approx- 
imately correct list of the Graduates in Schools no attempt is 
made to distinguish between them and the Non-Graduates. 

The full name (when obtainable), Degrees obtained at this 
University or Class at the time of withdrawal, vocation and pres- 
ent address for the living or last address for the deceased are 
printed uniformly in large type in one line. Below the name in 
small type is given the date of matriculation and home address 
while a student, followed by other historical data. 

The only exceptions to this order are for several names in 1865 
and a few in other years where nothing could be found except 
the name and the date of admission. In all such cases the date 
of admission is printed in same line with the name. 

When no state is given after a postoffice or county, Alabama 

is understood. 


Most of the abbreviations used will be readily understood from 
the context. The following are explained: — ^b. bom; d. died; 
dau. daughter of; m. married; s. son of; * deceased. 

After each name in large type the following indicate the Col- 
lege Class at time of withdrawal: (Sen.) Senior; (Jun.) Jimior; 

32 Record of Students [1831 

(Soph.) Sophomore; (Fr.) Freshman; (Ec) Eclectic Course; 
(Spec.) Special Course; (Prep.) Preparatory; (Law) Under- 
graduate in Law Course. 

It should be noted that for the years i860 to 1880 there were 
no divisions into classes because the University was under the 
elective system. 

Names Repeated 

When students obtained more than one Degree in course or 
withdrew from the Academic Department and afterwards entered 
the Law School the name is repeated for each Degree or Depart- 
ment, but the record is given only once. Young women students 
who have since married are given both by their maiden and mar- 
ried names. 

Z83Z. Graduates in Schools and Non-Graduates 
Allen, Leroy P. 

Tuicaloota; b. 1807. 

Caldwell, John W. 

Ttucaloosa; s. Joaeph Caldwell: b. 18x7. 

♦Clemens, Jeremiah, lawyer, Huntsville. 

Huntsville; a. James Clemens and Mills; b. 18x4; PriTate, U. S. A., 

Cherokee War, 1834; U. S. District Attorney, Northern and Middle Ala., X838; Rep., 
Gen. Assem., Ala., x 838-41, X843-45; Lieut.-Col. in Texas Army, x 42; Major, X3th 
Inf., and Col., 9th Inf., U. S. A., Mexican War; Mem. U. S. Senate, x849-53; Author 
of "Barnard Lysle," "Mustang Gray," '*The Rivals;" Mem. Constitu. Conyention, 
Ala., x86x; m. Mary L. Read, Dec 4, 1834; d. May ax, 1865. 

Crabb, John Thomas" ; 

Franklin Co., Tenn.; b. xSxa. 

Eskridge, Richard M. 

Linden; s. Austin Eskridge; b. May, 18 xx. 

Harris, Stephen W. 

Montgomery; b. 18x4. 

Herbert, Numa 

New Orleans, La. 

♦McDonnell, Archibald, planter, Huntsville. 

Huntsville; s. Archibald McDonnell and Betsy Dinsmore; b. Feb. 14, 18x5; m. 
Mary Sophia Jones; d. Oct. x, x89a. 

♦Meriwether, James M., planter, Springfield. 

Springfield, Green Co.; s. Joseph Meriwether; b. x8xo; unmarried; d. X858. 


1832] Graduates in Schools and Non-Graduates 33 

♦Minor, Henry, Jr., civil engineer, Tuscaloosa, 

Tutcaloon; s. Henry Minor and Barbour; b. Jvlj, x8xo; Grad., U. S. 

MIL Acad., West Point, N. Y.; d. at Sea, Nor. 2$, 1839- 

Moore, Nathaniel 

Mobile; a. J. W. Moore; b. 1817. . 

Mosely, Benjamin A. 

Montgomery; b. 18x4. 

*Pinkston, Algernon Sidney, planter, Mt. Meigs. 

Montgomery; s. James Pinkston, Montgomery, and Gilley Burford Comer; m. 
Margaret Green; d. Jan. 30, 1844. 

♦Ware, James Anthony, planteri Montgomery. 

Montgomery; s. Robert Ware, Montgomery, and Mrs. Judith Greene, intt 
Anthony); b. i8xs; m. Martha Jane Stokes, Madison, Ga., May 19, 1846; d. 1867. 

♦Williams, James Madison, clerk and planter, , Tex. 

Tuscaloosa; s. Marmadoke Williams and Agnes Payne; d. in Texas. 

Z832. Graduate with Titled Degrees 
*Nooe, John Augustine, A.B., A.M., '35, lawyer, Memphis, Tenn. 

X831, Russellville; s. John B. Nooe and Harriotte Triplette; b. 1813; Rep., Gen. 
Assem., Ala., 1835; Presidential Elector, X848; Judge County Court, Franklin Co.; 
Trustee, U. of Ala., 1840-43; m. Harriet Crowdis, Nashville, Tenn., 1851; d. Dec. 
iS, 1865. 

Z832. Graduates in Schools and Non-Graduates 

♦Anderson, William G., planter, 

X831, Linden; s. William Anderson; b. x8ix; d. about x86o. 

*Ashe, William Cincinnatus, physician, Demopolis. 

1831, Tuscaloosa; s. Pasquale Paoli Ashe and Eliza Jane Strudwick; b. X815; 
Surgeon in C. S. A.; m. Sarah J. Grimes, Marengo Co., Jan., 1839; d. Dec. 17, 1887. 

Ashurst, Robert Turpin, planter, Tallassee. 

183X, Mt Meigs; s. John Ashurst, Montgomery, and Frances Hill; b. Feb. 1$, 
x8x6; Private, Indian War, U. S. A., X836; Director State Bank, 2840-44; Rep., Gen. 
Assem., Ala., 1863-65; m. Julia Francis Vickers, Montgomery, March 15, 1836. 

♦Bibb, David Porter, planter, Belle Mina. 

183X, Mooresville; s. Ex-Gov. Thomas Bibb and Pamelia Thompson; b. Dec, 
18x5; m. Mary P. Betts, Jan. x, X835; d. July 8, 1865. 

Buchanon, P. 

X83J, Greene Co. 

Carlisle, James. 

1831, Tuscaloosa; b. 1810. 

34 Record of Students [1832 

♦Colgin, John, planter, Gainesville. 

1831, Tuscaloosa; b. 1812; m. (x) Harriet Lawrence, Feb. 19, 1839, (') Mary E. 
Neville, Dec 24, 1849; d. Dec. ao, i860. 

*Forbes, John Murray, lawyer and planter, Fauquier Co., Va. 

r 1 83 1, Falmouth, Va.; s. Murray Forbes; b. Nov. 17, x8x6; Grad. in School, Univ. 
of Va., 1834; Commonwealth's Atty., Stafford Co., Va.; Rep., Gen. Assem., Va., 
i86x-6^; m. Mary Elizabeth Semmcs, Alexandria, Va., May, 1840; d. May 24, 1890. 

♦Gindrat, John Henry, manufacturer, Montgomery. 

1 83 1, Montgomery; s. John Gindrat, Montgomery, and Sarah L. Stallings; b. 
Jan. 15, X817; Engineer in Constructing Fortifications, C. S. A.; Private Sec to Gov. 
Lindsay; Receiver A. & C. R'way Co.; Manager Winter Iron Works; Editor; m. Mary 
Gatlin Harris, Montgomery, Nov. 7, 1883; d. Oct. x6, 1874. 

♦Gordy, Elijah Humphries, planter, St Stephens. 

x83a, St. Stephens; s. Elijah Gordy, St. Stephens, and Tabitha Nelson; Ord. 
Sgt., U. S. A., Creek War; Receiver and Register of U. S. Land Office; Rep., Gen. 
Assem., Ala.; Sheriff, Washington Co., X857-60; Probate Judge, 1874-80; Circuit Clerk; 
m. Caroline M. Baker, St. Stephens, Sept xx, X845; d. July X4, X885. 

*Gunn, Silas L., merchant, Carthage. 

X83X, Carthage; b. 18x2; m. Lucinda Norris, 183 — ; d. 183 — . 

Harrison, Richard K. 

X83X, Churchill, Lowndes Co.; b. Nov., x8x6. 

♦Harwell, Edward J., planter, Jackson. 

1 83 1, Jackson; s. Robert Rivers Harwell and Sarah Alston of N. C; b. Sept, 
X817; Private in Creek Indian War, X836; d. Grove Hill, 1840. 

♦Harwell, Mark Williams, planter, Marlin, Tex. 

X83X, Jackson; s. Robert Rivers Harwell and Sarah Alston; b. X813; Private in 
Creek Indian Wars, 1836; Planter in Clarke Co., so yrs., then at Marlin, Tex., xo 
yrs.; m. (x) Sally Howze, Clarksville, Ala., (a) Mrs. Mary King, Demopolis, Alsu; 
d. 1865. 

♦Hill, John J., merchant, Tupelo, Miss. 

183 X, Havana; engaged in planting until 186s; Merchant at Havana, 1862-70, 
then moved to Tupelo, Miss.; m. Celestia A. Pope, Green Co., 1837; d. at Collinsville, 
Tenn., 1879. 

♦Howze, James Alexander, planter. Grove Hill. 

X833, Grove Hill; s. James Howze and Sarah Powe; Rep., Gen. Assembly., Ala.; 
Capt., U. S. A., Creek War; d. at McKinley, Marengo Co., 1863. 

Humphries, John J. 

X83X, Columbus, Miss. 

♦Inge, Samuel Williams, lawyer, San Francisco, Gal. 

X83X, Erie; s. Major Frank Inge and Williams; Rep., Gen. Assem., 

Ala., 1844; Rep., U. S. Congress, 1847*51; U. S. Dist Atty., Calif., 1853-60; Con. 
tractor for survey of Sonora; xxl Miss Hill, Greene Co.; d. June xo, 1868. 

1832] Graduates in Schools and Non-Graduates 35 

♦Jackson, Crawford Motley, planter and lawyer, Coosada. 

1831, Autauga Co.; a. James Jackson; Rep., Gen. Assem., Ala., 1843-45, 1855-57; 
Speaker of the House, 1857; Maj.-Gen., U. S. A. Vol., Creek War; d. Jan. i, 1859. 

♦Jackson, James Walter, Autauga Co. 

1 83 1, Autauga Co.; s. James Jackson; d. Jan. 22, 1833. 

Knox, John S. 

1832, Tuscaloosa; s. James Knox. 

Lewis, John W. 

1831, Sparta. 

♦Mastin, Gustavus Lyle, merchant, Huntsville. 

X831, Huntsville; s. Francis Turner Mastin and Arbela Hogue; b. Jan. x, 1815; 
Planter before x86o; m. Elenor Fearn, Huntsville; d. Aug. xx, x88o. 

MauU, John G. 

X831, Old Town Creek, Lowndes Co. 

♦McQueen, James William, planter, Old Town, Fla. 

X83X, Hayneville; s. John McQueen, of S. C, and Margaret Johnston; b. in 
Marion Co., S. C, May 12, 1812; Rep., Gen. Assem., Fla.; State Senator, Fla., 
1860-62; Mem. of Secession Convention of Fla.; m. (x) Thyrza Rambo, Hayneville, 
1834, (2) Mary Ridley Itives, Colirene, July, 1838; d. July 19, X872. 

♦Patton, John, merchant and planter, Huntsville. 

X83X, Huntsville; s. William Patton, HunUville, and Martha Hays; b. July, 
18x5; m. Louise Walker, Huntsville; d. June, X887. 

Phillips, L. G. 

X832, East Felidana, La. 

♦Pope, Alexis Darwin, physician, Washington, Ark. 

1832, Havana; M. D., Univ. of Pa.; Physician in North Miss., moved to Ark. 
in 1850; m. (i) Miss Henly, Pickens Co., (2) Louisa Wilson, Havana; d. at Columbus, 
Ark., Dec. xi, x88o. 

Pope, Alexander L. 

1831, Mobile; s. Alexander Pope; b. x8x3. 

*Roby, Francis M. 

183 1, Somerville, Morgan Co.; Trustee, U. of Ala., 1840-44; b. Aug., 18x3; 

♦Scott, John James, planter, Waverly, Tex. 

X83X, Montgomery; LL. B., Univ. of Ky.; b. x8x7; m. Anne Goldtbwaite Ben- 
aosi, Montgomery, June 4, X840; d. June, i86x. 

♦Smith, Murray F., commission merchant ' ^ 

183a, Mobile. 

36 Record of Students [1833 

♦Stickney, Edward Lawrence, clerk. Mobile. 

183Z, Mobile; s. Henry Stickney and Lydia Wells Feanon; b. z8i6; PriTafta 
Texan Anny in War with Mexico, 1836; Clerk in bank at Mobile; m. Catherine M. 
Childless, Tex., July aa, 1838; d. at "The Village," Baldwin Co., Nov. 7, 1854. 

♦Taylor, Walter, merchant and planter, Jackson. 

1832, Jackson; s. David Taylor, Jackson, and Eugenia Parker; A. B., Augusta 
CoL, Maysville, Xy.; m. Amanda Langford, June, 1840; d. in 187 — . 

Thompsdn, D. S. B. 

1833, Madison Co. 

♦Walker, Thomas Abington, lawyer, Jacksonville* 

183X, Monterallo; s. Thomas T. Walker and Feribee Smith; b. Jan. 5, x8ii( 
Jasper Co., Ga.; Brig.-Gen., Creek War, 1835; Solicitor, 9th Jud. Dist, 1835-39; 
Rep., Gen. Assem., 1839*43; State Senator, 1843-45 and 1859-65; Pres. Senate, 1861-63; 
Circuit Judge, x 847-58; Trustee, U. of Ala., 1840-43; Pres. Selma and Rome R. R., 
1858-64; Statesman, Jurist, Lawyer and Planter; m. Sarah McGehee, Calhoun Co., 
Aug. 30, X836; d. Oct 39, 1888, at Selma. 

Wiggins, L. R., (1832) 

♦Witherspoon, James Prelow, planter, Columbus, Miss. 

1833, Havana; s. Witherspoon and Grace McClellan; m. Elisabeth 

Stokes, Perry Co.; d. i8 . 

1833. Graduates with Titled Degrees 
♦Banks, Marion, A. B., A. M., planter, Tuscaloosa. 

1 831, Tuscaloosa; s. Ralph Banks, Jonesboro, and Rachael Jones; b. 1813; 
Director, Ala. State Bank, 1841; Rep., Gen. Assem., Ala., 1843-44 and 1851-53; Trus- 
tee, U. of Ala., 1876-84 and President pro tern, of Board; d. Jan. 16, 1886. 

♦Bouchelle, Francis Cummins Decatur, A. B., A. M., lawyer, 
Columbus, Miss. 

Z833, Abbeville, S. C; s. Jesse C. Bouchelle, Columbus, Miss., and Rebecca 
Cummins; b. 1814; d. 1838, at Blount Springs. 

♦Davenport, John G., A. B., A. M., '36, editor, Matagorda Co., 

1831, oreenville; b. i8xi; One of the Founders of the "Independent Monitor/' 
Tuscaloosa; d. 1838. 

♦King, William Woodson, A. B., A. M., '36, lawyer. New 
Orleans, La. 

1831, Montevallo; s. Edmund King and Nancy Ragan; b. Jan. i, 18x3; Student, 
Univ. of Va.; Reporter, Supreme Court of La.; State Senator, La., two terms; m. 
<x) Catherine M. Drish, Tuscaloosa, May x8, 1840, (3) Sarah Miller, New Orleans, 
1849; d. April 13, x88i. 

♦McMullen, Robert Bums, A. B., A. M., minister, Qarksville, 

183X, Tuscaloosa; b. 1807; D* D» Washington Col., Tenn., 1855; Prof, of Chem., 
East Tenn. Univ., Knozyilk, 1843-43; Pastor, First Pre s byt e rian Church, Knoxrille, 

1833] Graduates in Schools and Non-Graduates 37 

Tenn.; Pres. Stewart Col, ClarksviUe, Texin., x859-6x; m. Ann Triplette Nooe, Tut- 
calooM, X837; d. Jan. za, 1865. 

♦Meek, Alexander Beaufort, A. B., A. M., '36, author, Colum- 
bus, Miss. 

1831, Ttiscaloosa; a. Dr. Samuel Milla Meek, Tuscaloosa, and Ann Arabella 
McDowell; b. July 17, 18x4; A. M., UniT. of Ga., 1844; Ensign, U. S. VoL Army, 
Florida War, 1836; Atty-Gen., Ala., 1836-37; Judge, County Court, Tuscaloosa Co., 
1842; Asst. Sec, U. S. Treasury, X845-47; U. S. Dist Atty, Southern Dist., Ala., 
X847-48; Editor, "MobiU RggisUr," 1851-58; Rep., Gen. Assem., Ala., X853-55; 
Speaker of House, Gen. Assem., Ala., Z859-6X; Trustee, U. of Ala., 1862-64; Author 
of "The Red Eagle," "Songs and Poems of the South," "Romantic Passages in Southern 
EUstory, Orations, Sketches and Essays;" nu (x) Mrs. Emma Donaldson (fi## 
Slater), Mobile, (a) Mrs. EUxa Jane Cannon, Columbus, Miss.; d. Nov. t, 1865. 

♦Shortridge, George David, A. B., A. M., '50, lawyer, Montevallo. 

183 x, Tuscaloosa; s. Hon. Eli Shortridge and Howell; b. Nov. xo, 

x8x4; Solicitor, 8th Jud. Circuit, x834-38; Rep., Gexi. Assem., X838; Mayor of Mont- 
gomery; Director State Bank, Ala.; Judge, 3rd Jud. Circuit, X846-55; Mem. Constitu. 
Convention, x86x; m. Miss King, Montevallo; d. 1870. 

Z833. Graduates in Schools and Non-Graduates 

♦Boykin, Burwell, (Jun.), planter, Portland. 

X831, Sparta; s. Frank Boykin, Conecuh Co.; b. 18x3; CoL, Indian Wars, 
1836-37; Sec to one of the European Legations; Commission Merchant, Mobile, and 
Planter at Portland; Mem. GexL Assem., Ala., two terms; m. (x) Maria Shortridge, 
(a) Elizabeth McRae; d. July, 1858, while on way to Univirsity to deliver the Annual 
Address before Lit Societies. 

Bracey, John D., (Jun.) 

X831, Tuscaloosa; b. x8x3. 

♦Burke, Thomas Jefferson, (Jun.), lawyer, Tuscaloosa. 

X833, Crawfordsville, Ga.; s. Miles Burke; b. in Ireland, Feb. 16, X813; Lieut, 
V. S. A., Seminole War; Cashier State Bank; Editor Tuscaloosa Monitor; xxl Sarah 
Francis Owen, Tuscaloosa, 1833; d. Nov. 24, X857. 

Caldwell, Charles W., (Soph.) 

X83X, Tuscaloosa; s. Joseph Caldwell; b. x8x6. 

♦Elmore, William Augustus, (Sen.), lawyer, New Orleans, La. 

x83a, Coosada; b. Oct 6, xSxa; Atty.-GeiL, La.; Supt U. S. Mint, New Orleans, 
La.; Judge, 6th Jud. Circuit, La., 1872; m. (x) Mary Morrison, Lexington, Xy., (a) 
JuUa Minor, La.; d. at Green Castle, Penn., Oct x, 1889. 

♦Ewing, Alexander, (Soph.), Huntsville. 

X83X, Huntsville; s. Stephen S. Ewing; b. x8x5; d. 1900. 

♦Fortson, John T., (Fr.), planter, Prairie, Miss. 

1833, Tuscaloosa; s. John Fortson, Egypt, Miss., and Sarah Moore; b. 18x7; 
Bep., Gen. Assem., Miss.; m. Liazie Fortson; d. X859. 

♦Gray, William Rogers, (Soph.), planter, Tuscaloosa. 

X83X, Havana; s. James Gray and Susan Scott Rogers; d. x86o. 

38 Regord of Students [^833 

Johnson, James A., (Soph.) 

1 831, Ray Co., Tenn.; s. William J. Johnson; b. 1807. 

♦Jones, Thomas McKissick, (Jun.), lawyer, Pulaski, Tenn. 

1833, Pulaald, Tenn.; a. Wilson Jones and Rebecca McKissick; b. Dec 16, 1816; 
Student, Univ. of Va., 1833-35; Capt., Florida War; Rep., Gen. Assem., Tenn., 184$; 
State Senator, 1847; Member First Confederate Congress; Judge Criminal Court. 
x87a-73; Special Judge, Supreme Court of Tenn., at different times; Mem. Constxtu. 
Convention, Tenn., 1870; Director of R. R., 1855-93, and Planter's Bank, 1874-93; 
Trustee, Giles College; m. (i) Marietta Perkins, Dec 35, 1838, (3) Mrs. Anne Gk 
Wood, May 9, 1883; d. March 13, 1893. 

♦Lucas, William Henry, (Jun.), planter. Barton Co., Ga, 

b. 1814; Editor for several years, "Ala. Journal/' a Whig paper at Montgomery, 
afterwards planter in Georgia; m. ^x) Maria Chumpe Bradfute, Lynchburg, Va., (3) 
Frances L. Martin, Augusta, Ga.; d. May 34, x88o. 

♦Manning, George Felix, (Jun.), physician, Aberdeen, Miss. 

X831, Huntsville; s. James Manning; b. Nov., 18x4; xxl Sarah Millwater; d. x8— w 

Maples, William C, (Jun.) 

1831, Athens; s. John Maples; b. 18x3. 

*Marsh, Stephen W., (Fr.), physician and planter, Canton Bend. 

1831, Prairie Bluff; s. Bryan Marsh, Prairie Bluff, and Daniel; m. 

(x) Miss Robinson, Wilcox Co., (a) Mrs. Mary A. Burke (n## Pledger), Canton Bend; 
d. x868. 

♦Mathews, Peter Early, (Fr.), planter, Cahaba. 

X83S, Cahaba; s. Charles Lewis Mathews and Lucy Early; m. Virginia Vaughn, 
Dec 20, X839; d. Jan. 6, X856. 

♦Mathews, Thomas Meriwether, (Soph.), planter, Pensacola, Fla. 

X83S, Cahaba; s. Charles Lewis Mathews and Lucy Early; xxl Anne Agnea 
Glover, Ga., July s, X837; d. 1B72. 

♦Moore, Lawrence R., (Soph.), physician, Claiborne. 

X832, Claiborne; s. John Moore; M. D., Charleston Med. Col.; m. Sarah Syl- 
vester; d. about x88a. 

♦Reese, Joseph 9., (Fr.) 

X833, Coosada; d. x8 — ^. 

♦SaflFold, Adison J., (Jun.), lawyer, New Orleans, La. 

X83X, Pleasant Hill; s. Reuben Saffold and Mary Phillips; LL. B., Untr. of 
Va.; Probate Judge, Dallas Co., many years; d. before x86x. 

Smith, Boling, (Soph.) 

X83X, Old Town Creek, Autauga Co. 

♦Smith, William Russell, (Jun.), lawyer, Washington, D. C 

X83X, Tuscaloosa; s. Exeldel Smith, RussellTille, Ky., and Elizabeth Hampton; 
b. at Russellville, Ky., Mar. S7, xSxs; Admitted to Bar, X834; Capt., State Troopa, 

1834] Graduates with Titled Degrees 39 

Creek War, 1836; Rep., Gen. ABsexn., Ala., 1 841-43; Brig.-Gen., State Troops, 1845; 
Judge, 7th Jud. Circuit, Ala., 1850-51; Mem. U. S. Congress, 1851-57; Mem. Constito. 
Convention, Ala., 1861; Lieut.-Col., 5th Ala., then CoL 26th Ala. Reg., C. S. A., x86i; 
Mem. Congress, C. S. A., 1861-65; Pres. and Prof. U. of A., 1870-71; Author of sev- 
eral Pub. Poems, Speeches, Addresses, Essays, etc.; spent greater part of his life in 
Lit. Pursuits; m. (i) Jane Binion, Tuscaloosa, 1843, (s) Mary Jane Murray, Fayette, 
Jan. 3, 1847, (3) Wilhemine Maria Easby, Washington, D. C, June 24, 1854; d 
Feb. 36, 1896. 

♦Stone, Sardine Graham, (Jun.), steamboat-man, Mobile. 

1831, Demopolis; s. Christopher Columbus Stone and Cyrynthia Graham (or 
Graeme); Capt., Pilot and Owner of Steamboat, Ala. River; m. (x) Mary Richardson, 
Tuscaloosa, (2) Sarah A. Hawkins, Oct., 1849; d. Mar. i, 1864. 

♦Swift, Wiley Pope, (Fr.), merchant and planter, Summerfield. 

1833, Summerfield; s. John Swift; m. Mary Mildred Childress, Summerfield; 
d. Nov. 39, X859. 

♦Terrell, John Davis, (Jun.), merchant, New Orleans, La. 

1833, Tuscaloosa; s. William H. Terrell; Merchant at Tuscaloosa and then at 
New Orleans; d. at Bladen Springs, Ala., Aug. 18, 1857. 

♦Thompson, Joseph W., (Jun.), planter, Preston, Miss. 

i83x,Springfield, Greene Co.; s. Alexander Thompson, Eutaw, and EHxabeth 
Brown; b. Aug., 1812; m. Pamilla Meek, Preston, Miss.; d. Oct. 3x, x86i. 

♦Thorington, James Strong, (Soph.), lawyer, Davenport, Iowa. 

X831, Montgomery; s. John H. Thorington; b. 18x6; Mayor of Davenport, 
1843-46; Mem. 34th U. S. Congress, from Iowa; U. S. Consul to Aspinwall, Colon, 
1873-83; m. Mary Parker, Davenport, Iowa, April X3, 1843; d. June, 1887. 

Tindall, John L., (Soph.) , Aberdeen, Miss. 

X83X, Tuscaloosa; s. John L. Tindall; b. x8x4. 

Towns, Adolphus D., (Jun.) 

X833, Amelia Co., Va.; s. A. T. Towns. 

Warren, John M., (Fr.) 

1833, Western Dist, Tenn. 

♦Whitfield, Newton Legrand, planter, Carthage. 

X833, Tu«:aloosa; s. Benjamin Whitfield and Charlotte Smith; b. 18x3; Pret. 
Ala. and Chat. R. R., 1858; Rep., Gen. Assem., Ala., X859-60, 1865-66 and x87a-73; 
m. (x) Esther J. Frierson, Carthage, June xo, X851, (2) Sallie G. Bardwell, SUrk- 
yille. Miss., Nov. x6, X869; d. at Montgomery, Dec. 2, 1S72, 

♦Wyser, Jonathan M., Tuscaloosa. 

i83x, Tuscaloosa; s. Jacob Wyser and Nancy W. ; b. June s, x8i6; 

killed by lightning April 12, 1833. 

1834. Graduates with Titled Degrees 
♦Bailey, James Francis, A. B., A. M., '38, lawyer, Marion. 

1833, Perryyille; s. J. G. Bailey; b. x8xx; LL. B., Uniy. of Va., 1837; Tutor, 
U. of A., X835; K^Pm Gen. Assem., Ala., x847-48; Judge, County Court, Perry Co., 

40 Record of Students [1834 

2848-50; Judge, Probate Court, Perry Co., 1850*65; Mem. Constitu. Convention, Ala., 
1861 and '65; m. Ellen Amanda Mosely, Dec. 9, 1849; d. April 18, 2889. 

♦Clay, Clement Claiborne, A. B., A. M., '37, lawyer, Huntsville. 

2833, Huntoville; a. Clement Comer Clay and Suta2iiia Clait>ome Withers; b. 
Dee., 2817; Law Student, Uniy. of Va.; admitted to Bar, 2840; Editor, Huntsvilh 
Dtmocrat; Rep., Gen. Aasem., Ala., 2842-45; Judge, Madison Co. Court, 2846-48; 
Senator, U. S. Congress, 2853-62; Se2iator, C. S. Co2igres8, 2862-63; Peace Com22iia- 
tioner from C. S. A. to Canada, 2864; Planter; m. Virginia Caroli2ie Tu2istall, Tusctf- 
loosa, Feb. 2, 2843; d. Jan. 3, 288a. 

♦Cochrane, William Allen, A. B., A. M., '37, physician, Tusca- 

2832, Tuscaloosa; a. Hiram P. Cochrane and Nancy Stoker; b. 2827; M. D., 
U. of Penn., 2839; City Tax Assessor; Sec Board of Trustees, U. of AUu, 2876-2891; 
m. An2iie Eliza Cole22ian, Tri2Uty, Mar. 32, 2862; d. July 29, 2892. 

♦Crenshaw, Walter Henry, A. B., A. M., '37, lawyer, Greenville. 

2831, Ridge >rille; s. Anderson Crenshaw and Mary Chiles; b. July, 2827; Rep., 
Gen. Assem., Ala., 2838-40 and '43-'47; Speaker House, 2862-2865; Senator, 2852-53; 
President, Senate, 2865; Mem. Constitu. Convention, Ala., 2865;'' Judge, Criminal 
Court, Butler Co., 2873; m. Sarah Anderson Cre2ishaw, Wetumpka, 2843; ^ 2886. 

♦Kelly, Isham Harrison, A. B., A. M., '38, lawyer, Carrollton. 

2832, Pickens Co.; s. Moses Kelly; m. Miss Herbert, Wilcox Co., 2836; d. 2844. 

♦Mastin, James Hervy, A. B., banker; Huntsville. 

2832, Huntsville; s. F. T. Mastin and Arbela Hogue; b. Nov 2, 282a; Pres. 
Madison Turn Pike Co.; Pres., First Nat. Bank, Huntsville; Merchant and planter; 
221. Mary Jane Erskine, Huntsville, Nov. 8, 2843; d. April 23, 2894. 

♦Parham, William S., A. B., A. M., '37. 

2833, Courtland; b. 2824: d. 289—-. 

♦Peters, Thomas Minott, A. B., A. M., '45, lawyer, Moulton. 

2833, Lawrence Co.; s. Peters and Minott; b. 2810; Rep., 

Gen. Assem., Ala., 2845; State Senator, 2846; Mem. Constitu. Convention of Ala., 
2867; Justice Supreme Court, Ala., 2868-74; Chief Justice, Supreme Court of Ala.* 
1873-74; d* June, 2888. 

♦Read, John Brahan, A. B., A. M., '50, physician, Tuscaloosa. 

2832, Huntsville; s. John Read, Huntsville; b. June, 2826; M. D., 

College; Prof, of Physics and Astronomy, A. and M. CoL of Ala., 2872-73; Surgeon, 
U. of Ala., 2860-65 and 2874-2878; County Health Officer, Tuscaloosa, 2890-99; 22U 
Susan W. Childress, Tuscaloosa; d. Ja2i. ao, 2899. 

♦Smith, John McLaughlin, A. B., A. M., '37, planter, Artesia, 

2833, Leighton; s. John M. Smith; b. 282a; Teacher, Prep. School, U. of Ala., 
1835-37; Tutor of Math., U. of Ala., 2837; Rep., Ge2i. Assei2L of Miss., 2859-61; 
Mem., Board of Supervisors, Lowndes Co., Miss.; d. 288 — , 

♦Tait, Charles William, A. B., A. M., '43, physician, Columbus, 

2832, Black's Bluff, Wilcox Co.; s. JaAes A. Tait; b. 2825; M. D., Jefferson 

1834] Graduates in Schools and Non-Graduates 41 

Med. CoL; Aatittant Surgeon, U. S. Navy, 1837-43; Surgeon in Texas Vol., Mexican 
War, X846; Major, Tex. VoL, C S. A.; Mem., Gen. Asaem., Tex.; m. Louiaa Wil- 
liama, LaFayette Co., Tex., 1849; d. 1878. 

1834. Graduates in Schools and Non-Graduates 

♦Acklen, Joseph Alexander Smith, (Jun.), lawyer, Nashville, 

1833, Huntsville; s. Samuel Black Acklen and Elizabeth Hunt; b. at Hunts- 
vUle, July 6, z8x6; CoL in U. S. A., Mexican War, 1846-48; U. S. Attorney for Ala., 
under Presidents Van Buren, Tyler and Polk; after 1849 * large Cotton Planter in 
West Feliciana Parrish, La.; m. Adelicia Hayes, Nashville, Tenn., May 9, 1849; d. at 
Angola Plantation, La., Sept. zx, 1863. 

♦Aylett, Alfred Leonidas, (Soph.), lawyer, Tuscaloosa. 

1833, Tuscaloosa; s. William Aylett, Dallas Co., and Winston; b. 

1817; d. at St. Stephens, 1845. 

♦Baker, Jacob Herrod, (Soph.), A. M., '50, teacher, Ruhama. 

2831, Tuscaloosa; s. George Baker, Northport, and Mary Robertson; b. 1809; 
Baptist Minister; m. Martha Rockett, Elyton, 1837; d. April, z86z. 

♦Bouchelle, Ezra F., (Soph.), physician, Boligee. 

1833, Abbeville DisL, S. C; s. Dr. Jesse Bouchelle, Columbus, Miss., and Re- 
becca Cummins; b. x8i6; M. D., Transylvania CoL, Ky.; Physician in Lowndes Co., 
Miss., 1845-55; Boligee, 1855-74; ni. Maria T. Minor, Tuscaloosa, 1845; d. 1874. 

Browning, John F., (Soph.) 

1832, Churchill, Lowndes Co.; s. William Browning. 

Bynum, Oakley H., (Fr.), planter, Courtland. 

1833, Courtland; a. Drew S. Bynum; Rep., Gen. Asscm., Ala., 1839 and 1849; 
State Senator, 1857-61. 

Guneron, John M., (Sen.) 

1833, Cedar Grove, Jefferson Co.; s. William Cameron, Sr.; b. iSia. 

Casey, Harry Rosser, (Soph.) 

1832, Mobile Co. 

♦Childress, James Locke, (Soph.), merchant, Citronelle, 

X832, Tuscakx>sa; s. James Childress, Tuscaloosa, and Mary Phifer; b. x8x5; 
Planter at Tuscaloosa until X850, Warehouse, Cotton business, and agent U. S. Mall 
Stage Line, 1850-55, at Gainesville; Cotton business, Mobile, x855*58; m. Susannah 
Louisa Lydia Burin, Tuscaloosa, Aug. 15, X837; d. Oct. 16, 1858. 

Evans, Josiah Thomas, (Jun.), physidani M)rrtlewood. 

1831, Canton; a. Thomas Evans, Canton, and Rebecca Ann DeWitt; b. Dec 
19, i8xa; M. D., Jefferson Med. CoL, 1837; Planter; m. (x) Louisa Lenora Rembert, 
Jan. x6, 1839, Marengo Co., (s) Elizabeth Axnanda Rembert, Jefferson, JazL 3, X867. 

♦Fox, John Bonner, (Fr.), planter, Carrollton, Miss. 

X833, Athens; s. John Fox, Madison Sta., and Elizabeth Camel; m. (x) Miss 
PhslHps, Bladison Sta., (a) a widow, CarroUton, Miss; d. x( 

42 Record of Students [1834 

♦Frierson, James Hervey, (Sen.), physician, Columbia, Tenn. 

1831, Carthage; s. Robert Frierson and Witherspoon; b. Nov., iSia; 

m. Mary Frierson, Murry Co., Tenn., May 2, 1839; d. Jan. ^6, 1846. 

Gibson, Willis H., (Fr.) 

1833, Courtland; a. Thomas Gibson; b. x8xa. 

♦Graham, James Whitfield, (Soph.), minister, Tampa, Fla. 

1833, Washington, Autauga Co.; s. Alexander Graham, Lowndesboro, and Mar- 
garet McAuley; b. Jan. 19, 18x4; Student, Centre Col., Ky.; Lawyer, Wetumpka, 
1839-48; Reg. in Chancery, 1840-45; Prin., Lowndesboro Acad., x849-x86x; Supt. Edu- 
cation, Lowndes Co., x 852-60; Probate Judge, Lowndes Co., x86x-68; Pres., Lowndes- 
boro F. Col., 1869-70; Prin., Pleasant Hill Acad., X870-77; ordained Presbyterian 
Minister, X872; Pastor of Churches, Lowndes Co., 1874-77; College Hill, Miss., 
X 877-83; Rioley, Miss., 1883-89; Braidentown, Fla., x 889-96; retired, feeble health, 
X 896-99; iiL Sarah Caroline Smith, Lowndesboro, Oct. x8, X842; d. Jan. x, 1899. 

Griggs, Anderson C, (Soph.) 

X83X, Greexisboro; b. Feb., x8x6. 

♦Henry, William C, (Jun.), lawyer, , Tex. 

X831, Centreville; s. John Henry, Centre ville, and Elizabeth Williams; b. 18x7; 
Probate Judge, Bibb Co., 1849; m* Elmina Harrison; d. while Candidate for Lieu^- 
GoT. of Texas. 

♦Inge, Zebulon Montgomery Pike, (Soph.), officer, U. S. Army. 

X833, Tuscaloosa; s. Dr. Richard Inge, Tuscaloosa, and Brownlow; 

Grad. West Point, U. S. M. A., 1838; First Llieut., aoth U. S. Dragoons; m. in 
Maryland, X840; killed at battle La Resaca De La Palma, Mexican War, May 9, X846. 

Johnston, George W., (Fr.) 

X834, St. Stephens; s. James Johnston. 

Kidd, Wilson M., (Jun.) 

1833, Harpersville, Shelby Co.; s. John W. Kidd. 

King, John W., (Fr.) . 

1833, Huntsville; s. John D. King; b. 18x5. 

Komegay, Thomas R., (Fr.) 

X833, Dallas Co. 

♦Marr, Daniel Price Perkins, (Soph.), physician, Bolivar Co., 

X83X, Tuscaloosa; s. Major William Miller Marr, Tuscaloosa, and Nancy 
Greene Perkins; b. x8i6; Planter; m. Salina Eubanks, Jackson, Miss., x85x; d. at 
Wyandotte, Va., Aug. i, X853. 

♦Marsh, Bryan, Jr., (Soph.), merchant, Canton Bend, 

1833, Prairie Bluff, Wilcox Co.; s. Bryan Marsh, Prairie Bluff, and — — »— 
Daniel; b. 18x5; Commission Merchant at New Orleans and Planter in Wilcox Co.; 
d. x86x. 

1834] Graduates in Schools and Non-Graduates 43 

♦McGehee, Edward S., (Soph.), physician, Yazoo, Miss. 

iSsa* Springfield, Greene Co.; •. Dabney Oswell McGehee and Esther Meri- 
wether; b. July 15, 1B12; m. Mrs. Nancy D. Montgomery {nee Paul), Benton, Miss., 
June II, 1841; i. Sept. 23, 1870. 

Metcalfe, James M., (Jun.) 

1833, HuntBville; s. Bamette Metcalfe; b. 1816. 

Moore, Thomas C., (Fr.) 

1833, Moscow, Marion Co.; s. James Moore. 

♦Murphy, John, Jr., (Soph.), lawyer, Claiborne. 

1833, Gosport, Clarke Co.; a. £x-Gov. John Murphy, Gosport, and Sarah 
Hails; d. at Gosport, about 1840. 

*Owen, Joseph Richardson Nimmo, (Soph.) physician, Eureka, 


1 83 1, Tuscaloosa; s. John Owen, Tuscaloosa, and Anna Keeling Sylvester; b. 
1818; M. D., Med. Col., Lexington, Ky.; Private, Fla. Indian War and Mexican 
War; Surgeon, C. S. A.; d. May 3, 1900. 

Peete, Richard P., (Soph.) 

1833, MoresviUe, Limestone Co.; s. Benjamin Pteete; b. 18x6. 

♦Phillips, George Crawford, (Jun.), planter, Selma. 

183X, Selma; s. Dr. George Phillips, Selma, and PoUie Martin; b. May, 181 5; 
Commissioner, Dallas Co., 20 years; Rep., Gen. Assem., Ala., two or more sessions; 
m. Adoline Dillingham Crawford, Feb. 25, 1835; d. Aug. 30, 1B72. 

♦Rives, Whitmill W., (Jun.), lawyer, Sparta. 

i83if Sparta, Conecuh Co.; a. Thomss Rives; b. 1815; m. Miss Tait, 184—; 
d. 184 — . 

♦Sorsby, William Clinton, (Jun.), planter, Forkland. 

1832, Erie, Greene Co.; s. Alexander Sorsby and Rebecca Williams; b. 181 3; 
d. Dec I, 1853. 

♦Sterret, David W., (Jun.), lawyer, Camden. 

1833, Montevallo; b. 18x3; Rep., Gen. Assem., several terms; m. Susan McCon- 
nioD, Allentott, 184 — ; d. 1858. 

♦Tutwiler, Thomas Harrison, (Soph.)^ lawyer, Fluvanna Co., Va. 

1832, Fluvanna Co.; s. Martin Tutwiler and Maria Shores; b. Oct. 16, 18 18; 
LL. B., Univ. of Vs., 1842; Rep., Gen. Assem., Vs., x 858-60 ; Quartermaster, C. S. A.; 
Commonwealth Atty. for Fluvanna Co., twenty years; m. (x) Harriet Magruder 
Strange, Oak Hill, Va., 1843, (2) Caroline C. Sloan, Goshen, Va., 1862; d. July 15, x88a. 

Wallis, Amos S., (Jun.) 

1832, Macon, Ga. 

Watson, George H., (Soph.) 

X833, I>aniel8 Prairie, Greene Co.; s. John Watson; b. 18x3. 

44 Record of Students [1835 
Williams, Blakey J., (Fr.) 

1833, Akxandrim, La.; t. Henry Willuma. 

Wilson, Robert M., (Soph.) 

itja, HaTmna, Tuscalooaa Co.; ■. David Wilton, HaTana, and Sarah Withenpoon. 

Z835. Graduates with Titled Degrees 

^Baldwin, Marion Augustus, A. B., A. M., '43, lawyer, Mont- 

1833. Line Creek, Montgomery Co.; s. William Baldwin and Celia Fitzpatrick; 
Atfy Gen. of Ala., 1843-1865; b. Aug. 13, 18x3; m. Celia Pitxpatrick, Montgomery Co., 
June 7, 1843; d. Aug. 16, x86$. 

'^Gaines, George Washington, A. B., merchant, Tuskahoma. 

1831, Washington Co.; a. George Strother Gaines, State line. Miss., and 
Elisabeth Gaines; b. 18x5; Warehouseman; m. Eliza Earle; d. zSsa or '53. 

*Inge, William Bullock, A. B., A. M., '44, planter, Greensboro. 

1831, Erie, Greene Ca; s. Richard Inge, Eutaw, and Eliza Bullock; b. 18x5; 
Contributor to Cur. Literature; oil Elizabeth H. Hemdon, Erie; d. Jan. z, 1873. 

♦Meriwether, George Mathews, A. B., physician, Mathews Sta. 

X833, Mt. Meigs; s. Nicholas Lewis Meriwether, M. D., and Mary de Yampert; 
b. X814; M. D., Philadelphia; m. (x) Sarah Ann Fitzpatrick, X838, (a) Josephine 
Hortense Landrum, X858; (3) Susan Knox Bamett, x87x; d. Oct. 13, 1873. 

♦Moore, John Edmund, A. B., lawyer, Florence. 

X833, Huntsville; a. Dr. Alfred Moore and Eliza Jones; b. 1815; Rep., Gen. 
Assem., Ala., X847; Judge of 4th Jud. Circuit; Judge Advocate Gen'l on GexL Hardee's 
Staff; m. Lettia Watson, Richmond, Vs., X844; d. at Greensboro, in Mil. Serriee, 
X865, C. S. A 

♦Mundy, Reuben, A. B., A. M., '53, planter, Mansfield, La, 

X83X, Churchill, Lowndes Co.; b. Jan., x8x4; d. before X870. 

♦Powe, William Erasmus, A. B., A. M., '53, planter, Lower Peach 

x83a, Wincherter, Miss.; s. William Powe; b. X814; A M., Oxford, O., 1836; Capt, 
Co. K, a3rd Ala. Reg. Inf., C S. A.; m. (x) Jane Margaret Gregg, Lower Peach 
Tree, Jan., X843; (z) Sarah Jane Gaines, Lower Peach Tree, April 17, X865; d. 
March xo, X879. 

♦Townes, Eggleston Dick, A. B., lawyer, , Tex. 

1833, LaGrangjB, Franklin Co.; a. John D. Townes; b. 18x7; Chancellor, N. 
Chancery Division, Ala., xSsx-sa; d. 1864. 

1835. Graduates in Schools and Non-Graduates 
♦Baines, George Washington, (Soph.), minister, Belton, Tex. 

X833, Tuscaloosa; s. Rev. Thomas Balnea, Tuscaloosa, and Mary McCoy; A. M., 
(College unknown); Rep., Gen. Assem., Ark., x84S-43; Editor, Tfjr. Baptist, 185S-61; 

i83S] Graduates in Schools and Non-Graduates 45 

Fret., Baylor IJtdr., x86i-63; m. (z) Melissa Ann Butler, CarroU Co., Ark., Oct jo, 
i^o, (a) Mrs. Cynthia Williams, Fairfield, Tex., June 13, 1865; d. Dec a8, i88a. 

♦Barnes, William Keyes, (Fr.), planter, , Ark. 

1835, SuggsviUe, Clarke Co.; s. Samuel T. Barnes, Suggsville, and Malinda 
ILeyea, Washington, D. C; Private, Mexican War, U. S. A.; d. x8 — ^. 

♦Bealle, William Lambert, (Fr.), planter^ Foster's. 

1834, Foster's; s. William Bealle, Columbia Co., Ga., and Mary Simmons; b. 
x8zs; m. Martha Townsend, Tuscaloosa; d. x86o. 

Brandon, Robert S., (Soph.) 

1833, Huntsville; s. William Brandon; b. x8i6. 

♦Carson, Thomas Lynch, (Jun.), planter, Tuscaloosa. 

X833, Tuscaloosa; s. John Haywood Carson, Greene Co., and Mary Lynch 
Horry; b. 18x6; m. Sarah Virginia Marr, Tuscaloosa, April 7,x847; d. at Ne^ 
Orleans, April 17, X867. 

♦Qeveland, Larkin Green, (Fr.), planter, Selma. 

X835, Selma; s. Carter Harrison Cleveland and Mary Smith; b. May x8, x8x7; 
m. Mary Maul, Benton; d. April a8, x88a. 

♦Groom, Richard Hardie, physician, Greensboro. 

X834, Pickens Mill, Marengo Co.; s. Jesse Croom, Greensboro, and Susan 
bardie; b. x8x3; M. D., Philadelphia; Private, U. S. Army, Mexican War; d. in 
New Orleans of yellow fever on return from Mexico, 1848. 

♦Davis, Zebulon P., (Soph.), Huntsville. 

X833, Athens; s. Capt Nicholas Davis and Martha Hargraves; b. x8x6; d. x8 — 

EaLStin, Mathew G., (Fr.) 

1834, Tuscaloosa; s. Thomas Eastin; b. x8x7. 

♦Evans, John Augustus, (Fr.), planter. Canton. 

X835, Canton; s. Thomas Evans, Canton, and Rebecca Ann DeWitt; b. 18x7; 
m. Elizabeth Caldwell, 1837; d. 1850. 

♦Givhan, William P., (Sbph), planter, Pontotoc, Miss. 

X833, Selma; s. Jacob Givhan, Sehna, and Martha Ringer; b. x8i6; m. (i) BCar- 
garet Steadman, Dallas Co.; (2) Louisiana Hunter, Dallas Co.; (3) Martha Prude, 
Pontotoc, Miss.; d. in Mobile, X864. 

♦Hudson, John William, (Soph.), teacher, ; Covington, Tenn. 

1833, Belief onte, Jackson Co.; s. Caleb B. Hudson; m. (x) Sarah Netherland, 
Bellefonte, Jan., X840, (a) ; d. x8 — ^. 

Inge, Henry W., (Prep.) 

1835, Tuscaloosa. 

Joyner, William H., (Fr.) 

1834, Pensacola, Fla.; a. Robert Joyner; b. x8i6. 

♦Kennedy, Joseph Stair, (Soph.), Mobile. 

X833, Mobile; s. Joshua Kennedy; d. April 17, 1849. 

46 Record of Students [1835 
Kennedy, Oscar P., (Soph.) 

iSaa^Mobile Co.; •. Joshiui Kennedy. 

♦Mitchell, Bruce Hannable, (Sen.), physician, Mobile. 

1833, Cahaba; s. Uriah G. Mitchell and Mary Hogan; Planter; m. (z) Georgia 
Vaughan, (3) Mrs. Sangoober, Mobile; d. at Mobile, May, 1889. 

♦Mitchell, Columbus White, (Sen.), lawyer, Line Creek. 

183J, Wetumpka; a. Thomas James Mitchell, Wetumpka, and Mary Wood; 
b. 1816; Planter; m. Sarah Fitzpatrick, Line Creek, Montgomery Co., April 19, 1837; 
d. May 23, 1856. 

♦Molett, John Ulmer, (Fr.), planter, Portland. 

18341 Portland; s. William P. Molett, Portland, and Margarett Ann Ulmer; h. 
18x8; m. Virginia Susan Caldwell, Tuscaloosa, Jan., 1840; d. April 17, 1871. 

Morrow, Robert G., (Fr.) 

1835, Pickens Co.; s. William N. Morrow; b. 18x6. 

♦Percy, Charles Brown, (Soph.), planter, Nashville, Tenn. 

X833, Huntsville; s. Thomas George Percy and Margaret Walker; b. 18x9; 
LL. B., Cumberland U., 1838; m. Mary Hamilton Nichol, Nashville, Tenn., 1840; 
d. 1850. 

Pope, Charles A., ( Jun.) 

1833, Huntsville; s. Benjamin S. Pope; b. x8x8. 

♦Rhodes, Henry D., (Soph.), planter, , Tex. 

X833, Decatur; s. Henry W. Rhodes; b. 1817; d. 18— b 

Robinson, Montgomery C, (Fr.) 

1835, Madisonville, Madison Co., Miss.; s. George Robinson; b. 18x4. 

♦Rockett, Hosea Holcombe, (Fr.), minister, Jonesboro. 

1833, Jonesbcro; s. Richard Rockett; b. x8xx; Pastor, Mudd Creek Baptist 
Church, X838, and Union, Jefferson Co., 1839; d. x8 — , 

Runnels, Edmund S., (Soph.) 

X833, Madison Co., Miss., (P. C, Livingston, Ala.); a. Hardin D. Runnels; 
b. 1817. 

Runnels, Hiram A., (Soph.) 

X834, Madison Co., Miss., (P. O. Livingston, Ala.); a. Hardin D. Runnels; 
b. 1818. 

♦Sorsby, Thomas Jefferson, (Jun.), planter, Havana. 

X834, Erie, Greene Co.; s. Alexander Sorsby and Rebecca Williams; b. x8x6; 
d. Nov. x6, X869 on Steamboat on way from Mobile to his home. 

♦Stickney, Frederick Grist, (Soph.), merchant, Greensboro. 

1833, Greensboro; s. Joseph Blodgett Stickney, Greensboro, and Harriet Grist; 
Taught several years at Oak Grove, Green Co.; Planter near Green Springs, after 
X865 Merchant at Havana; m. Martha Walthall, Perry Co., Feb. 6, x8sx; d. at Greens- 
boro, Jan. 3, 189a. 

1836] Graduates with Titled Degrees 47 

♦Stone, William Desaix, Jr., (Prep.), Mobile. 

1835, Tuscaloosa; a. William Desaix Stone and Elizabeth Lewis; b. July 3, 
i8s2; Private, VoL U. S. A., Mexican War; d. Mar., i86s. 

♦Terrell, Andrew Jackson, (Fr.), planter and merchant, 

1835, Tuscaloosa; s. William H. Terrell; b. z8i6; m. Sarah A. Hagerty, We- 
tnmpka; d. Oct. 2a, 1870. 

♦Vivian, Thacker, (Soph.), planter, Mt. Sterling. 

1833, Washington C. H., Washington Co.; s. F. Vivian; b. 18x7; m. Susan 
Earle, Tuscahoma, about 1845; d. in Mobile, about 1867. 

♦Walker, Leroy Pope, (Jun.), lawyer, Huntsville, 

1833, Huntsville; s. John Williams Walker, Huntsville, and Popej 

b. 18x7; Rep., Gen. Assem., Ala., 1843-49, and 1853*57; Speaker of the House, 1849; 
Judge of 4th Circuit, 1849-51; Delegate to Charleston and Richmond Conventions, 
i860; Sec of War, C. S. A., 1861; Brig.-Gen., C. S. A., 1862; Judge of Military 

Court, 1862-65; Pres., Consti. Convention, 1875; m. (i) , Miss., (a) 

Elixa Pickett, Montgomery. 

♦Williams, Qiarles Lewis, (Jim.), lawyer, Tuscaloosa. 

1834, Tuscaloosa; s. Marmaduke Williams and Agnes Payne; b. 18x3; d. x8 — ^. 

Williams, Edward Allen, (Fr.), planter, Bastrop, Tex. 

1834, Suggsville, Clarke Co.; s. Stephen Williams, Brenhaih, Tex., and Martha 
Black, of Ga.; m. Zilpha Harvey, Suggsville, about 1837. 

♦Wood, Green Mark, (Jun.), planter, Navasota, Tex. 

1831, Montgomery; m. Mary Jane LeGrand, Tuskegee, 1845; d. Mar., 1898. 

Woods, William C, (Fr.) 

X835, Selma; s. M. G. Woods; b. x8x6. 

Z836. Graduates with Titled Degrees 

♦Bowden, Franklin Welsh, A. B., lawyer, Henderson, Tex. 

1834, Montevallo; s. Samuel Bowden and Welsh; b. Feb. 17, 18x7; 

Rep., Gen. Assem., Ala., 1844-45; Mem., U. S. Congress from Ala., 1846-5 x; Presi- 
dential Elector, State at Large, Tex., for Buchanan; m. Sarah Elizabeth Chilton, Talla- 
dega, 1840; d. June 5, X857. 

♦0)leman, Walter Leak, A. B., lawyer, Montgomery. 

X833, Butler Co.; s. Dr. James Coleman, Rockingham, N. C, and Nancy Leak; 
b. 18x3; Mayor of Montgomery, 1864-68; m. Caroline A. Bibb, Montgomery, May 7, 
1844; d. Dec 4, X879. 

♦Johnston, Richard T., A. B., planter, Mansfield, La. 

1834, Lowndes Co.; s. William S. Johnston; b. 1814; d. x8 — 

♦Marr, John Hardin, A. B., physician, Panola Co., Miss. 

1833, Tuscaloosa; s. William Miller Marr, Tuscaloosa, and Nancy Greene Per- 
kins; b. x8x8: d. Oct 33, X840, Yallowbusha Co., Miss. 

43 Recx)rd of students [1836 

♦Miller, Washington D., A. B., A. M., '48, lawyer, Austin, Tex. 

1833, Moulton» Lawrence Co.; ■. David Miller; b. 18x4; Rep., in Tex. Congress^ 
X840; Private Sec to President Houston, x84i-43; Sec of State, Tex., 1849*50; 
Chief Qerk j:»ost Office Dept., C. S. A.;Planter; d. near Austin, 1865. 

♦Pickens, Andrew Lenoir, A. B., A. M., '40, planter, Greene Co. 

1831, Greene Co.; Capt., Coffee's Ala. Reg., Mexican War; b. July, 1817; d. 1848. 

♦Roberts, Oran Milo, A. B., LL. D., lawyer, Austin, Tex. 

1833, Ashviiie, St Clair Co.; s. Obe Roberts and Margaret Ewing; b. 18x5; 
Dist Att'y, Tex., 1844-45; I^iBt. Judge, 1846*51; Asso. Justice, Supreme Court, Tex., 
1857; President, Constitu. Convention, x86x; CoL, Tex. Reg., C. S. A.; Chief Justice, 
Supreme Court, 1864; Chairman Jud. Com., Constitu. Convention, 1866; Senator 
Elect, U. S. Congress, x866; Prof., Gilmer Law School, 1868-70, and Univ. of Tex., 
X883-X89S; Chief Justice, Supreme Court, 1876-78; Governor, x878-8a; m. (1) Francis 
W. Edwards, St. Clair Co., Ala., Dec 12, 1837, (s) Catherine E. Borden, Marble 
Falls, Tex., Dec X5, 1887; d. May a8, X898. 

♦Sheppard, James G., A. B., , Cal. 

x833, Portland, Dallas Co.; a. A. Sheppard; b. 18x7; Sheriff, Matagorda Co., 
Tex.; d. x( 

♦Tate, George Washington, A. B., planter, Summerfield* 

Z833, Selma; s. Caleb Tate; b. 18x4; d. 1891. 

♦Wallis, Elijah Crockett, A. B., planter, Memphis. 

X834, Somerville, Morgan Co.; s. John M. K. A. Wallis; b. 18x4; Rep., Gen. 
Assem., Ala., X84X; d. Nov. x, 1843. 

♦Wallis, James Williamson, A. B., merchant, Memphis. 

X834, Somerville, Morgan Co.; s. John M. K. A. Wallis; b. x8z6; Planter and 
Inventor of various tools and machines for culture and manufacture of cotton; m. (i> 
Miss Ivey, (j) N. J. Gilkey; d. Mar. 14, 1892. 

♦Webb, James Daniel, A. B., A. M., '51, lawyer, Greensboro. 

X834, Eutaw; s. Judge Henry Young Webb, Tuscaloosa, and Elizabeth Forney; 
b. x8i8; Rep., Gen. Assem., Ala., X843-5X; State Senator, X853; Mem., Constitu. Con- 
vention, Ala., x86x; Trustee, U. of Ala., X858-X863; Capt., 5th Ala. Reg., then Lietit.- 
CoL and Col. of sist Reg., Ala. Cav., C. S. A.; m. Jestinia S. Walton, Eutaw, Aug. a, 
185 — ; d. from wound rec'd in battle. Elk River, Tenn., July 6, 1863. 

1836. Graduates in Schools and Non-Graduates 
♦Ashford, Augustus Hezekiah, (Soph.), physician, Courtland. 

1836,, Courtland; s. Thomas Ashford and Jane S. Elgin; b. July 6, 18x7; 
d. Sept 5, x843« 

♦Bates, Joseph C, (Fr.), planter, , Miss 

X835, Claiborne, Monroe Co.; b. 18x9; d. x8 — ^. 

♦Beck, Alfred Jack, (Soph.), lawyer, Camden. 

1834, Canton, Wilcox Co.; s. John Beck, Wilcox Co., and Margaret King; b. 
18x8; Planter; m. Laura Mathews; d. 1859. 

1836I Graduates in Schools and Non-Graduates 49 

♦Beck, Franklin King, (Sen.), lawyer, Camden. 

1834, Canton Bend, Wilcox Co.; s. John Beck, Wilcox Co., and Margaret 
King; b. 1815; Col., 23rd Ala. Reg. Vol., C. S. A.; m. Martha J. Tait; killed in 
battle, Resaca, Ga., Oct 12, 1864. 

♦Bibb, William Crawford, (Fr.), Montgomery. 

1835, Columbus, Miss.; s. Judge Dandridge Bibb and Mary Xenia Oliver; b. 
1820; Student at Franklin Col., Ga.; V. Prea., S. & N. R.R.; Pres., Ala. Insurance 
Co.; Inventor of Agricultural Machinery; Introduced use of iron »>tton tie in Ala.; 
m. (x) Priscilla Sims, Tuscaloosa, (a) Rebecca Harris, Athens, Ga.; d. May 23, 1896. 

Bohannon, R. Moreland, (Prep.) 

1836, Cahaba, Dallas Co.; s. B. Bohannon; b. i8ao. 

Bonfils, Julius, (Prep.), physician, Bridgeton, Mo. 

X836, Tuscaloosa; s. Prof. Sauveur F. Bonfils, Lexington, Ky., and Luanda 
Alden; b. 1823; Surgeon, U. S. A., z86a; m. Thankful Burgess, St. Louis, Mo., 1844. 

♦Bonfils, Sauveur Francois, (Soph.), physician, Bridgeton, Mo. 

Z834, Tuscaloosa; s. Prof. Sauveur F. Bonfils and Lucinda Alden; M. D., 
Transylvania Univ., Lexington, Ky., 1840; Prac. Med. at Nashville and Trenton, 
Tenn., and St. Louis, Mo.; m. Maria D. Whitlock, Trenton, Tenn., 1841; d. June 
15. 1855- 

♦Boyd, Robert Columbus, (Prep.), planter. Boozer. 

1836, Benton Co.; m. (i) , in S. C, (a) , 

in Benton Co., (3) Sallie Pass, Calhoun Co.; d. Mar. x6, 1893. 

♦Brown, Beaufort W., (Soph.), physician, , Tex. 

1835, Pickens Co.; Lived at Memphis, Ala., 1850-52, moved to Tex.; m. Nina 
Henderson; d. 18 — b 

Brown, Sidney P., (Soph.) 

1834, Pickens Co.; s. John Brown; b. 1819; Private, VoL U. S. A., Seminole War. 

♦Burnett, Samuel, (Fr.), planter, Sparta. 

1836, Sparta, Conecuh Co.; 9. Samuel Burnett and Harriet Harris; b. x8ao; 
killed by a horse in 1836. 

♦Cade, Ervin Easly, (Fr.), planter, Selma. 

1836, Linden; s. William Cade; b. 1819; m. Martha Ann Vaughan, near Selma, 
May la, 1845; d. Jan. 29, x86o. 

Calloway, William J., (Soph.), 

1835, Greensboro; s. Jesse M. Calloway; b. x8i6. 

Chiles, John R., (Fr.) 

2835, Jackson, Miss.; b. 18x5. 

♦Clement, Moses B., (Jun.), minister, Forkland. 

1835, Worcester, Mass; Pastor Baptist Church at Forkland in 1856; d. x8 — , 

♦Cochrane, John Hunter, (Fr.), Tuscaloosa 

1835, Tuscaloosa; s. Hiram P. Cochrane and Nancy Stoker; d. i^— . 

so Record of Students [1836 

Cocke, Edward A. R., (Fr.) 

X834, Greensboro; s. John Cocke; b. x8i8. 

♦Crenshaw, John Washington, (Fr.), planter, Marion, 

x836» Marion; •. Joseph Crenshaw; b. 18x7; m. (x) Fannie Spencer, Elytoo, 
(s) Lucy Ludington, Marion; d. April 30, 189a. 

*Croom, Richard, (Jun.), planter, : Newbeme. 

1835, Greensboro; s. Wiley Jones Croom, Greensboro, and Elizabeth Holliday; 
b. i8so; m. Elizabeth Huddleston, Greensboro; d. in Greene Co., 1849. 

'•'Dansby, Isaac, (Fr.), lawyer, Kaufman, Tex 

X835, Dayton; s. Eleanor Dansby and Martha Cowser; b. x8x8; Capt., C S. A.; 
Brig.-Gen., Tex. State Troops; Rep., Gen. Assem., Tex. Leg.; m. Seraphena Watkins; 
d. Jan. XI, X874. 

♦DoUarhide, Benjamin E., (Jun.), physician, Clinton. 

1833, DeCalb, Kemper Co., Miss.; b. 18x3; M. D., Univ. of Pa., 1837; d. 184s. 

Earle, James W., (Fr.) 

X835, Pineville, Marengo Co.; s. Joseph B. Earle; b. 1820. 

♦Evans, Charles Poellnitz, (Fr.), physician, Canton. 

1835, Canton, Wilcox Co.; s. Thomas Evans, Canton, and Rebecca Ann DeWitt; 
b. x8x8; d. Oct, 1857. 

Felton, Thaddeus W., (Soph.) 

X835, Lagraixge, Lawrence Co. 

♦Forrester, William, (Prep.), planter, Tuscaloosa. 

X835, Tuscaloosa; s. William Forrester and Martha Boles; b. 1814; m. Malinda 
Rhone, Tuscaloosa, Nov. 6, x85x; d. Jan. s5, X889. 

♦Gayle, Mathew, (Soph.), physician, Mt. Vernon. 

X834, Mobile; s. John Gayle, Mobile, and Sarah A. Haynesworth; b. x8ao; 
M. D., Jefferson Med. Col., 1842; d. July xo, X875. 

♦GuUette, John Fades, (Fr.), planter Camden. 

x83S> Canton, Wilcox Co.; s. George Samuel GuUette and Mary Ann Eades; b. 
x8x6; and Lieut, in U. S. A., Fla. Indian Wars; Mem. Board of Rev. and County 
Commissioner, Wilcox Co.; m. Rebecca Blackmon, Camden; d. March ax, X899. 

♦Hagerty, Jackson, planter, Wetumpka. 

1836, Wetumpka; s. Abel Hagerty; b. x8i6; d. 1854. 

*Hardwick, Benjamin Franklin, (Fr.), planter, Carthage, 

X836, Carthage, Tuscaloosa Co.; s. Garland Hardwick and Dorothy Kennedy; h. 
Aug. 30, x8x8; Lieut, Tarrant's Bat., and Major, C. S. A.; m. Mn. Lucy Allen (fMt 
Gray); d. at Tuscaloosa, Sept. 10, X869. 

Harriss, Robert Y., (Sen.) 

1833, Applixig, Columbia Co., Ga.; a. Josiah Harriss; b. 18x6. 

1836] Graduates in Schools and Non-Graduates 51 

^Hendon^ Benjamin Franklin, (Fr.), minister, Moss Point, Miss. 

x83S> Greensboro; M. D., Philadelphia Med. CoL; Physician until 1870; Pastor 
Baptist Church at Moss Point, Miss.; m. Martha T. T. Cobb, Sumter Co., Jan. 5, 
1843; d. Mar. xo, 2884. 

Hodges, Robert L., (Fr.) 

1835, Courtland, Lawrence Co.; s. H. W. Hodges; b. 2815. 

Huckabee, Caswell Campbell, (Fr.), planter, Anniston. 

2836, Greensboro; s. Green Huckabee; b. z8i8; Rep., Gen. Assem., Ala., 2865-67; 
Pres. Brierfield Iron Works, 2862-65; m. (2) Hannah B. Hendon, Newbem, Sept s» 
1852, (s) Rachael E. Brown, Louisville, Ky., Dec a8, 288a. 

♦Hutton, Francis Marion, (Fr.), planter, Coflfedeliah, Miss. 

2835, Hopewell, Greene Co.; s. Brig.-Gen. Joseph Hutton, Abbeville, S. C, 
later of Greene Co., Ala., and Nancy Calhoun; b. 2824; xn. Sarah McDonald; d. z8 — 

*Inge, Leonard Henderson, (Prep.), planter. Meridian, Miss. 

2836, Havana; a. John Johnston Ixige and Ann Richxnond Hill; m. Mary 
Elizabeth BuUock, Forkland, Nov. 29, 2856; d. July 4, 2896. 

Johnston, James F., (Soph.) 

2835, Athens; s. Joseph Johnston; b. 2826. 

♦Jones, Thomas Harrison, (Fr.), planter, Wheeler. 

2835, Courtland; s. Richard Jones and Lucy Early; b. 2820; Private, C. S. A.; 
m. Mrs. Sarah Pointer, Sept., 2882; d. Mar. 25, 2889. 

*Kidd, John Quincy, (Prep.), physician. Grand Lake, Tex. 

2836, Tuscaloosa; s. Judge John Kidd, Qaibome, and Adelaide Adair; b. ia 
Chester Dist, S. C, 2828; Prac. Med. in Hohnes Co., Miss., before Civil War; Sur^ 
geon, 24th Miss. Reg., 2862-3, Post-Surgeon, Galveston, Tex., 2863-5, C S. A.; m. 
Mary Howard, Noxubee Co., Miss.; d. 2890. 

♦Kilpatrick, John Alexander, (Fr.), planter. Wood's Bluff. 

2835, PineviUe, Marengo Co.; a. Alexander Kilpatrick, of Old Pendleton, S. C, 
and Judith Irene McGrew; d. Feb. 33, 2849. 

Lalande, Alexander D., (Fr.) 

1836, Lyons, France. 

♦Lane, James Alexander, (Soph.), lawyer, Demopolis. 

183s, Demopolis; Agent U. S. Land Office and Merchant; d. at Goliad, Tex., 
2849 while en route to Califoitiia Gold Fields. 

♦Lister, Albert, (Prep.), planter, Marshall, Tex. 

2836, Washington C. H., Washington Co.; s. Judge Josiah D. Lister and 
Sarah D. Johnston; 2n. Ophelia Richardson, Bladen Spri2igs, 2843 or '44; d. about 2880. 

♦Lister, George, (Fr.), physician, Galveston, Tex. 

1835, Washi2igton C H., Washington Co.; s Judge Josiah D. Lister and 
Sarah D. Johnston; b. 1827; Med. Student at Dublin; 2n. Kexiah Backfaurst, Wash- 
ington C. H., 2843; d. 1849. 

52 Record of Students [1836 

Lister, Lawrence E., (Fr.), planter, Marshall, Tex, 

1835, Washington C H., Washington Co.; s. Judge Josiah D. Lister and 
Sarah D. Johnston; b. 1819; m. Miss Thompson, Texas, 1850. 

Mathews, Robert F., (Fr.), 

1835, Saunders, Limestone Co.; b. 18x9. 

♦Mathews, Thomas Edwin, (Soph.), Eagle Lake, Tex. 

1835, Saunders, Limestone Co.; b. 1816; LL. B., Harvard, 1841; d. 1880. 

♦McAlpine, Robert Bruce P., (Sen.), planter, 

X833, Greensboro; s. A. McAlpine; b. 1817; m. Jenette Eccles, Miss.; d. about 

♦McCraw, Jephtha Hays, (Fr.), planter, Mansfield, La. 

1835, Selma; s. Abner G. McCraw; b. 18x7; m. Julina Hale, Summerfield; 
d. x88 — . 

Meek, William Henry, (Fr.), physician, , Miss. 

1836, Tuscaloosa; s. Dr. James Meek, Attala Co., Miss.; Practiced in Winston 
Co., Miss., until after close of Civil War, then it is thought moved to South Miss.; 
m, ^— ^— — . 

♦Meriwether, Charles Lewis, (Fr.), planter, Mt. Meigs. 

X835, Mt. Meigs; a. Dr. Nicholas L. Meriwether and Mary deYampert; b. 
18x6; m. Francis Celia Baldwin; d. 1867. 

♦Mitchell, Myron E. A., (Jun.), planter, Cahaba. 

1834, Cahaba; s. Uriah G. Mitchell and Mary Hogan; d. x866. 

♦Moore, Sydenham, (Sen.), lawyer, Eutaw. 

X833, Hunttville; s. Dr. Alfred Moore, Madison Co., and Jones; 

b. X817; Private in Capt. Otey's Co., Cherokee Indian War, X838; Judge, County 
Court, Green Co., x 840-46, 48*50; Capt., U. S. A., Mexican War; Judge, Circuit 
Court, x8s7; Mem. of Congress, 1857-61; Col., xith AU. Reg., C. S. A.; d. from 
wounds received in battle. Seven Pines. 

♦Neal, William Henry, (Sen.), Tuscaloosa. 

1833, Tuscaloosa; b. 1812; d. 1836. 

Oliver, Robert F., (Fr.) 

1835, Tuscaloosa. 

♦Parish, William L., (Prep.) 

1836, Tuscaloosa; s. W. G. Parish; b. x8:>3; d. x8 — ^ 

Patrick, James C, (Jun.) 

1835, Richmonu, Ky.; b. 18x4. 

♦Perkins, Thomas H., (Prep.), Tuscaloosa* 

X836, Tuscaloosa; s. Hardin Perkins and Sophia Salina Holland; d. 1836. 

1836] Graduates in Schools and Non-Graduates 53 
Prewitt, Anselm, (Fr.) 

1836, Pickens Co.; s. A. Prewitt; b. 18x9. 

*Saflfold, Robert Cade, (Prep.), Handsboro, Miss. 

1835, Nashoba Co., Miss.; s. William Saffold; b. 1823; Rep., Gen. Aasem., 
Miss.; d. 1895. 

Saflfold, William, (Prep.) 

1835, Nashoba Co., Miss.; s. William Saffold. 

♦Sanders, Asa Darby, (Fr.), planter. Pearsall, Tex. 

1835, Romulus; s. John Sanders, Romulus, Tuscaloosa Co.; d. x8 — ^. 

♦Sanders, John, Jr., planter, Romulus. 

1835, Komulus; s. John Sanders, Romulus; County Commissioner, Tuscaloosa 
Co.; m. (x) Mary Ann Windham, (2) Annie E. Morrison, x86a; d. June, X864. 

♦Shivers, Oflfa Lunsford, (Soph.), physician, Marion. 

1834, Greensboro; s. Jesse Shivers; b. 181 5; M. D., Transylvania Med. CoL. 
Lexington, Ky.; Lieut, in Texas War; Prof., Materia Med., Memphis Med. Col., 
X84 — ; m. Catherine O. Woodfin, July 27, 1837; d. Mar. 14, i88x. 

Smith, Gideon, (Soph.) 

1836, Lowndes Co., Miss.; s. Nathan Smith; b. x8x6. 

Tanner, Meredith, (Fr.) 

X835, Athens; s. Samuel Tanner; b. x8i8. 

♦Tutwiler, Levi, (Fr.) 

X834, Tuscaloosa; s. Henry Tutwiler; b. x8i6; d. x8 — . 

♦Watson, Hugh Park, (Jtin.), hotel keeper, Montgomery. 

2835, York DisL, S. C; s. William Watson and Margaret Park; b. i8xa; 
and Lieut., Ala. Reg., Mexican War; Adj. -Gen., Ala. Militia, 1861-65; m. Sarah 
Posey, Greenville, May 17, 1855; d. April i, z866. 

♦Woods, Marshall, (Prep.), Providence, R. I. 

1835, Tuscaloosa; s. Rev. Alva Woods, D. D., Providence, R. L; d. in London, 
England, July X3, 1899. 

♦Young, James Mathews, (Fr.), minister, Harrell Cross Roads. 

1835, Norrisville, Wilcox Ca; s. Samuel Young and Elizabeth Bonner; b. 
Oct. 39, X815; A. B., A. M., Miami Univ., Oxford, O.; Minister, Associate Reformed 
Presbyterian; Pastor, Harrell's Cross Roads, x 842- x 866; xil Jane Craig, Harrell; 
d. May, x866. 

♦Young, John Qark, (Fr.), lawyer, Corsicana, Tex. 

1835, Norrisville, Wilcox Co.; s. Samuel Young and Elizabeth Bonner; b. 
Oct. 29, 18x5; A. B., Miami Univ., Oxford, O.; m. Elizabeth Bonner; d. x8 — , 

♦Young, Samuel Oliver, (Fr.), Houston, Tex. 

1835, Norrisville, Wilcox Co.; s. Samuel Young and Elizabeth Bonner; b. 18x9; 
A. B., Miami Univ., Oxford, O., and M. D., Charleston, S. C, Med. Col., x84s; d. 
from yellow fever, Nov. 10, 1847. 

54 Record of Students [1837 

Z837. Grraduate with Titled Degrees 

♦Jenkins, Joseph Dunnam, A. B., A, M., '52, lawyer, Camden. 

1835, Camden; s. Rev. John Jenkins, AUenton, and Fannie Dunnam; b. 18x3; 
Rep., Gen. Aasem., 1847-48; Trustee, U. of Ala., 1850-53; Judge, and Jud. Circuit, 
1852-53; d. at Allentoa, May 7, 1853. 

1837. Graduates in Schools and Non-Graduates 
♦Anderson, James Alexander, (Soph.), planter, Clinton. 

1837, New Prospect, Greene Co.; m. Virginia Spaight, Dallas Co., 1843; d. 18 — ^. 

♦Ashe, Edmund Fontaine, (Fr.), physician, Wadesboro, N. C 

1837, Tuscaloosa; a. Paoli Pascal Ashe, Green Springs, Ala., and Elixabeth 
Strudwick; b. Nov. 30, i8aa; M. D., Jefferson Med. CoL, PhiL, 1850; m. (i) Flora 
Howxe, Mar., 1849, Wadesboro, N. C, (a) Mary Marshall, May, 1865, Wadesboro, 
N. C; d. Jan. a8, 189a. 

♦Blewett, Thomas, (Soph.), planter, Columbus, Miss. 

183s, Columbus, Miss.; s. Thomas G. Blewett and Regina DeGraftenreat; b. 
x8x8; Major-General, Miss. State Troops; m. (x) Laura Martin, Tenn., (a) May With- 
erspoon, Columbus, Miss.; d. May, X894. 

♦Bowie, George John, (Soph.), planter, Caney, Tex. 

X836, Cahaba; a. John Bowie and Sarah Harwell; Enlisted as xst Lieut, C 
S. A.; b. 18x9; m. Frances Sophia Milhouse, Jan. 4, X843; d. Sept. 6, 1861. 

♦Bradford, William Dougherty, (Soph.), planter, 

1837, Mardisville, Talladega Co.; s. Benjamin Bradford, Bedford Co., Tenn., 
and Mary McFarland; b. Aug. 16, x8x8; d. x8 — . 

♦Braly, Alfred P. M., (Fr.), merchant, Tuscaloosa. 

1836, Tuscaloosa; a. William Braly; b. Nov. 23, x8ai; d. x8 — . 

♦Brame, George Washington, (Soph.), planter. West Point, Miss. 

X837, Marion; s. G. W. Brame; b. Dec. 26, x8x9; Contributor to Press; m. 
Luey Westbrook, West Point, Miss., 1853 ;d. March 9, 1884. 


♦Carson^ Thomas Brantly, (Jun.), planter, Selma. 

X836, Selma; s. David Carson, Selma, and Ann Brantly; b. x8x8; m. Eliza 
Frances Goldsby; drowned in Ala. River, March 5, 1850, near Bridgeport when 
boat Orleans St John waa blown up. 

♦Clay, Hugh Lawson, (Fr.), lawyer, Huntsville. 

X837, Tuscaloosa; s. Clement Comer Clay, and Susanna Claiborne Withers; b. 
Jen. a4, 1823; Mem. of Staff of Gen. E. Kirby Smith, C S. A.; nL Celeste Comer; 
d. X89— . 

♦Clay, John Withers, (Jun.), editor, Huntsville. 

1835, Tuscaloosa; a. Clement Comer Clay and Susanna Claiborne Withers; b. 
i8ao; Editor HuntsvUle Democrat for forty years; m. Mary Lewis; d. 189 — ^> 

1837] Graduates in Schools and Non-Graduates 55 

*G)leinan, Wiley, (Jun.), lawyer, Eutaw. 

X836, Mesopotamia, Greene Co.; a. John Coleman and Rhoda Cobbs; b. 18x9; 
Private, Mexican War; Probate Judge, Greene Co.; Mem. Conatitu. Convention, 1875; 
d. May 22, 1892. 

Colgin, William, (Fr.) 

X837, Gaineavilk; ■. John Colgin; b. Sept ax, xixp. 

Connor, Alexander A., (Fr.), planter, Clarke Co., Miss. 

1837, Areola, Marengo Co. 

Connor, Ephraim D., (Jun.), physician, Bladen Springs. 

1835, Areola, marengo Co.; ■. Charles D. Connor; b. 18x7; M. D., Philadelphia. 

♦Crenshaw, Daniel William, (Soph.), Marion. 

1836, Marion; a. Joseph Crenshaw; b. 18x9; d. X837. 

♦Crenshaw, Thomas Chiles, (Soph.), planter, Manningham. 

X83X, Ridgeville, Butler Co.; a. Anderson Crenshaw and Mary Chilea; b. Dec 
x8x8; Rep., Gen. Assem., Ala., 1866-67; m. Lucinda Womack, Butler Co., 1841; 
d. Nov. xo, 1899. 

♦Douthit, Hubbard Peebles, (Jun.), teacher, Mobile. 

. X834, Tuscaloosa; a. James Douthit, U. of Ala., and Priscilla Peebles; b. Feb. 
IX, x8x3; m. Mary Elizabeth McGehee, Dec. 26, 1837; d. x86s. 

♦Eddins, Simeon Jackson, (Jun.), physician, Tuscaloosa. 

1835, Tuscaloosa; s. Joseph Eddins, Tuscaloosa, and Elizabeth Walker; b. 1816; 
M. D., Jefferson Med. CoL; m. Martha J. Bealle, Nov., 1844; d. May, 1859. 

Eiland, Marlboro A., (Fr.), 

X837, Marion. 

♦Elmore, Henry Marshall, (Sen.), lawyer, Waverly, Tex. 

1835, Coosada, Autauga Co.; s. Gen. John Archer Elmore, Wetumpka, and Ann 
Martin; b. July a8, 18x6; CoL, aoth Tex. Reg., C. S. A.; Probate Judge, Macon 
Co.; Planter; m. Mrs. Elizabeth Fitzpatrick Harris, Montgomery; d. Feb. ai, 1879. 

♦Fitzpatrick, Benjamin, (Fr.), lawyer. Line Creek. 

X837, Line Creek, Montgomery Co.; s. Phillips Fitzpatrick, Line Creek, and 
Fanny Tranum; b. Sept X4, x8aa; ni. Mary Ann Harwell Jones, Eatonton, Ga.; 
d. Aug., x8sx. 

Fitzpatrick, Philips, (Fr.), , Tex. 

1837, Line Creek, Montgomery Co.; a. Joseph Fitzpatrick, Line Creek, and 
Sally Tranum; b. Oct. 29, x8ao. 

♦Foster, John Collier, (Sen.), minister, Tuscaloosa. 

X834, Foster's; s. James Foster and Mary Ellen Hill; b. April xo, x8x3; Mem., 
Constitut Convention, Ala.; Pastor, Grant's Creek Baptist Church, fifty yesrs; m. (x) 
May T. Prince, Tuscaloosa, Dec 24, X839; (a) Georgia A. Maharry, Foster's, Dec. 
a3, X847; d. July a3, x89a. 

56 Record of Students [1837 

Glasscock, William H., Jr., (Jun.) 

1834, St. Helena, Madison Co.; s. Dr. William H. Glasscock, Sr.; b. x8jo; 
Student, Univ. of Va., 1837-39. 

Gresham, James, (Sen.) 

1833, Greensboro; s. Tbomas Gresham; b. 18x5. 

*Hardy, Robert Monroe, (Jun.), lawyer, Hayneville. 

1835, Benton; s. Freeman Hardy, Pleasant Hill, and Kisiah Lenoir; b. 181 7; 
moved to Ark. about 1838, but came back to Ala. a short while before his death; m. 
, Ark.; d. about 1858. 

♦Harris, Henry Lewis, (Fr.), planter, Orlando, Fla. 

1837, Tensaw, Baldwin Co.; s. Lud Harris, Tensaw; b. March 21, 1S21; 
Sheriff, Baldwin Co., 1857-60; Capt., C. S. A.; m. Sarah McDonald, Tensaw; 
d. July 8, 1891. 

♦Hill, Pleasant, (Jun.), lawyer, Marr's. 

1835, Marr's, Bibb Co.; s. James Hill; b. 18x7; Sec. of Ala. Senate, Z839-4X, 
1844 and 1855; Rep., Gen. Assem., Ala., 1843; m. Catherine J. Davidson; d. 1852. 

♦Holman, Jesse Bradley, (Soph.), lawyer, Marengo Co. 

1836, Whitehall, Marengo Co.; s. James B. Holman; b. April 7, 1819; Sec. of 
Legation, Santiago, Chili, 1850; d. Sept. 22, 1853. 

♦Hunter, William, (Jun.), lawyer, Cahaba. 

1835, Cahaba; s. James Hunter, Cahaba, and Ann Lamar Mathews; b. x8i8; 
m. Ann Amis Troy, Cahaba, April, 1845; d. March, 1854. 

♦Jenkins, Thomas A., (Soph.), Mardisville. 

1836, Mardisville, Talladega Co.; b. Sept. 8, 1820; d. Summer 1837. 

Johnson, Gustavus V. C, (Fr.) 

1837, Tuscaloosa. 

Jones, John F., (Fr.) 

X837, Whitehall, Marengo Co.; b. March 17, 1820. 

Kenan, Daniel Love, (Jun.), planter, Selma. 

1836, Selma; s. Col. Thomas Kenan, Selma, and Mary Rand; b. Aug. 25, x8i6; 
m. Victoria Carr, Selma, Jan. 22, 1867. 

♦Kennon, Algernon Sidney, (Soph.), law student, Havana. 

X835, Havana, Tuscaloosa Co.; s. William Kennon; b. 1817; A. B., LaGrange 
CoL, Ala., 1840; d. Sept. 15, 1840. 

♦Kennon, John T., (Soph.), physician, Cooper's Well, Miss. 

X836, Tuscaloosa; s. Dr. Robert Kennon; b. 18x9; Hotel Proprietor; d. x8 — ^. 

♦Lea, Vernal B., (Jun.), minister, Marion. 

1835, Marion; s. Temple Lea and Nancy Moffit; b. 18x6; Baptist Minister; 
d. x8 — ^. 

1837I Graduates in Schools and Non-Graduates 57 

♦Marks, James, (Soph.), planter, Carter's Hill. 

1837, Carter's Hill, Montgomery Co.; a. Nicholas Meriwether Marks, Carter's 
Hill, and Anne Paul Mathews; b. Dec. 31, 1817; d. 184 — , 

*Marr, George Washington, (Jun.), planter, Tuscaloosa. 

1835, Tuscaloosa; s. William Miller Marr and Nancy Greene Perkins; b. Sept. 
15, 1B22; m. Katherine Westmoreland, Pulaski, Tenn., Nov. 3, 1846; d. April 4» 1849. 

♦Martin, William D., (Soph.), planter, , Tex. 

1837, Montgomery; s. Capt. John Martin and Nancy Whatley; moved to Tex., 
1870; m. a widow in Tex.; d. x88 — 

*McGehee, Israel, (Fr.), planter, Tuscaloosa. 

1837, Tuscaloosa; s. Thomas B. S. McGehee and L. D. McGehee; b. Dec 18, 
x8aa; m. Mrs. Noble, Northport; d. Jan. 20, 1859. 

McGehee, Lewis, (Fr.) 

1S37, Tuscaloosa; s. Thomas B. S. McGehee; b. i8sz. 

*Montague, Edward Franklin, (Fr.), planter. Auburn. 

1836, Macon, Marengo Co.; s. Mickelborough Montague and Ann Ester 
Vaughan; b. Jan. 19, x8ai; m. Imogene C. Livingston, Mobile, 1850; d. Nov. 5, z868. 

*Norris, William S., (Soph.), Brazil. 

1836, Cahaba; s. William Norris; b. 1819; Univ. of Va., 1837-39; d. in MiL 
Service, Army of Brazil. 

Pearce, Benjamin W., (Sen.), , La. 

1837, Autauga Co.; Univ. of Va., 183 — ; Rep., La. Leg. 

Peters, Benjamin Franklin, (Jun.), minister, Porterville, Miss. 

i83(^, Montgomery; s. Jordan Peters, Montgomery, and Elizabeth Crews; b. 
f8i8; Student, Univ. of Va., 1838-40; Graduate, Union Theo. Scm., N. Y.; Presby- 
terian Minister; m. (i) Amanda Anderson; (a) Ada M. Frierson. 

*Powe, Samuel Henry, (Jun.), planter, Winchester, Miss. 

1834, Winchester, Miss.; s. £. PoiKie; b. 1819; A. B., Augusta Col., Ky., 1841; 
Rep., Gen. Assem., Miss., 1854-58; Pres. Board School Commissioners, Wayne Co., 
1876-78; Col. of Militia, U. S. A. Vol., 1848; ist Lieut., X3th Miss. Reg., C. S. A., 
i86x, Capt., 1862-3; Lieut, of Cav., Adams' Brigade, Forrest's Command, 1863-65; m. 
Henrietta McWillie Stover, Wilcox Co., Ala., Oct. 2, 1850; d. June 37, 1896. 

*Rembert, James Monroe, (Soph.), planter, Rembert. 

1837, Linden, Marengo Co.; s. Capt. Caleb Rembert, Linden, and Magdalin 
Michon, of S. C; Capt., Co. C, sxst Ala. Reg., C. S. A.; m. Elizabeth DeBondalie 
Poellnitz, Rembert, Dec. 3, 1840; Mortally wounded at Shiloh, Miss., taken prisoner 
and died at St. Louis, Mo., April ao, x86a. 

Ricks, William F., (Jun.), planter, 

1835, Lagrange, Franklin Co.; s. Abraham Ricks and Charlotte Meyers. 

♦Ripley, Fitz Henry, (Soph.), lawyer. Mobile. 

1836, Tuscaloosa; s. Daniel B. Ripley, St. Stephens, and Susan Brown Pitts; 
b. 18x9; Capt., C. S. A.; m. Louisa Gunnison, Mobile, Aug. 15, 1847; killed at battl* 
of Spanish Fort, Baldwin Co., Ala., April 3> X865. 

58 Record of Students [1838 

♦SaflFoId, Reuben Washington, (Fr.), physician, Summerfield. 

1837, Mobile; ■. Reuben Saffold and Mary Phillips; b. Feb. 14, i8ao; m. 
Mary Pouncey, Montgomery Co., 1854; d. July, 1892. 

Shannon, William T., (Fr.), planter, , Tex. 

2836, Carrollton; a. CoL Aaron Shannon; b. z8az; moved to Tex., 1842. 

♦Slaughter, William Harris, (Fr.), physician, Tensaw. 

1837, Tensaw, Baldwin Co.; s. W. H. Slaughter and Mary Harris; b. March, 
iSaa; M. D., College unknown; Planter; m. Harriet Hays; d. Montgomery Hill, 
Baldwin Co., 18—. 

♦Tate, Netherland, (Jun.), planter, Summerfield. 

1836, Selma; s. Caleb Tate and Mary Middleton; b. 18x9; m. Caroline P. 
Childress, Summerfield, April 27, 2844; <L June 8, 2892. 

♦Thompson, Foster Hockett, (Soph.), physician, Preston, Miss. 

2836, Mesopotamia, Greene Co.; s. Alexander Thompson, Eutaw, and Elisa- 
beth Brown; b. May 35, 28x6; M. D., Phil.; m. Florida Simmoxis, Preston, Miss., 
Sept. 25, 284s; d. Jan. 32, 2850. 

♦Watts, Simeon Andrew, (Sen.), lawyer, Cahaba. 

283s, Cahaba; s. Thomas Watts, Cahaba, and Wade; b. Nov. 5, 

2826; Planter; m. Henrietta Virginia Garland, Lynchburg, Va., Dec. 33, 1840; killed 
by explosion of boiler on steamboat, Annette Douglass, Ala. River, Nov. 26, 2850. 

♦Weissinger, Alexander Jackson, (Sen.), lawyer, Winona, Miss. 

2834, Hamburg, Perry Co.; s. George Weissinger and Winifred Anderson; 
b. April 27, 1829; Mayor, Middleton, Miss., two terms; Capt., C. S. A.; Planter; oil. 
Cordelia Strong, Marion, Ala., Nov. 4, 2841; d. Aug. 8, 2865. 

♦Weissinger, James Madison, (Sen.), planter, Columbus, Miss. 

2834, Peny Co.; s. George Weissi2iger and Winifred Anderson; b. July so, 
2826; m. AUena Blewitt, Columbus, Miss., 2839; d. May 34, 2845. 

♦Wilkins, Alexander Martin, (Soph.), physician, Pickensville. 

1835, Mt. Zion, Picke2is Co.; s. George Wilkins and Elizabeth Martin; b. 2827; 

M. D., ; Planter and Merchant; m. (2) Mary Ann Murry, (a) Annie Long, 

Pickens Co.; d. March 25, 2878. 

Wilkins, S. W., (Fr.) 

2837, Mt. Zion, Picke2is Co.; b. Oct. 27, 2827. 

Williams, Thomas R., (Fr.) 

2836, Tuscaloosa; s. Benjamin Williams; b. Jan. s6, 2822. 

1838. Graduates with Titled Degrees 

♦Forney, Alexander Brevard, A. B., A. M., '42, lawyer, Hayne- 

2836, Tuscaloosa; s. Mi^. Daniel Morgan Forney and Harriet Breyard; b. Sept. 
15, 2829; Law Student, Univ. of Va.; Rep. Gen. Assem., Ala., 2847; Solicitor, and 
Jud. Circuit of Ala., 2848; d. 2848. 

1838] Graduates in Schools and Non-Graduates 59 

Foster, James Collier, A. B., A. M., '41, planter, Tuscaloosa. 

1835, Foster's; s. Hardy Foster, Foster's, and Elizabeth Wyatt Hill; b. May u, 
1818; LL. B., ^ar▼ard; m. Jane Elizabeth Ware, May 31, 1842, Montgomery Co., (now 
Elmore Co.) 

♦Foster, John Tompkins, A. B., A. M., '41, physician. Meridian, 

1835, Foster's; s. Robert S. Foster, Foster's, and Ann Tompkins; b. April 7t 
z8i8; Rep., Gen. Assem., Ala., i86z-65; Trustee, U. of Ala., 1865-68; State Senator, 
2868-74; Regent, U. of Ala., 1870-75; m. Mollie Camathan, Choctaw Co.; d. Sept., 

♦Henry, Ezekiel, A. B., A. M., lawyer, Montgomery Co., Tex. 

1835, Centreville; s. John Henry and Elizabeth Williams; b, July 31, 1820; 
Rep., Gen. Assem., Ala., Z84Z; Judge, County Court, Montgomery Co., Tex., two 
terms; m. Emily Cleveland; d. 1847. 

♦Lawrence, Oliver James, A. B., A. M., '41, lawyer, Tuscaloosa. 

1836, Greensboro; s. William Haywood Lawrence and Mary Prince; b. Dec 
6, 1 818; Private, Tarrant's Ala. Battery, C. S. A.; m. Margarie Ridgeway, Greene Co.; 
d. in Mil. Ser., Corinth,, Miss., 1864. 

*Rives, Claudius Green, A. B., A. M., '42, lawyer, CoUirene. 

1836, CoUirene, Lowndes Co.; s. Green Rives, Collirene, and Jerusha May Pais- 
ley, of S. C; b. Nov. 23, 1816; Merchant, Planter and Capitalist; m. (x) Mary Mar- 
garet Crumpton, Sept. S3, 1841; (a) Sarah S. Waldron, Lowndes Co., July 34, 1844; 
d. June xo, X858. 

♦Rives, Samuel Henry, A. B., A. M., '43, physician. Liberty, Tex. 

1836, Collirene; s. Green Rives and Jerusha May Paisley; b. Aug. x8, x8x8; 
Capitalist; m. Jerusha Ann Cole, Pensacola, Fla., Aug. x6, 1845; d. at Collirene, 
Oct. ax, 1872. 

♦Stevens, Andrew Brooks, A. B., A. M., '41, lawyer, Prattville. 

X836, Montevallo; b. Nov. 37, x8x8; Judge, County Court, Shelby Co.; d. 1844. 

1838. Graduates in Schools and Non-Graduates 

♦Bates, John M., (Fr.), physician, Eutaw. 

1838, Livingston; s. John M. Bates; b. Dec. 33, 18x9; M. D., college unknown; 
practicing medicine in Eutaw in 1836; d. x8 — ^. 

Gary, Milton, (Jun.) 

X836, Marion; s. William Gary; b. Sept. 9, 18x8. 

♦Pickens, Israel Leonidas, (Fr.), planter, Qarke Co., Miss. 

1836, Erie, Greene Co.; s. Gov. Israel Pickens; b. Jan. 19, i8so; A. B., Univ. 
of N. C, x84J; m. (x) Elizabeth Nelson, (a) Anna Kittrell; d. Dec ms, 1889. 

6o Record of Students [1839 

1839. Graduates with Titled Degrees 
♦Creswell, Samuel Lewis, A. B., A. M., '43, planter, Birmingham. 

1836, Mesopotamia, Greene Co.; a. Robert Creawell; b. Oct 31, 1819; m. (i) 

Louiae A. Walton, Greene Co.; (a) Mra Hill, (««# Pleaaanto), Mefflphia* 

Tcnn.; d. 1894. 

Foster, Joshua Hill, A. B., A. M., '42, educator, Tuscaloosa. 

2836, Fotter'a; a. James Foster and Mary Ellen Hill; b. March 17, 1819; Tutor 
of MatB., U. of Ala., i84i-44» 1849-50; Pastor, Baptist Church, Tuscaloosa, 1853-54; 
Northport and Country Churches at times from 1855-80; Co-principal, A. C F. CoL, 
Tuscaloosa, 1869-71; Pres. of same, 1871-73; "Prof., Moral Ph., U. of Ala., 1873-75; 
Prof, of N. P. and Astr., U. of Ala., 1877-92; Minister and Planter; m. (x) Lucy* 
Belling Billingalea, Dec s6, 1843, (a) Francea Cornelia Bacon, Tuskegee, Feb. a4, 

♦Furman, Richard, A. B., A. M., '42, teacher, Tuscaloosa. 

X836, Fairfield Dist., S. C; s. Wood Furman and Hannah Bowers; b. Sept y, 
18x5; Baptist Minister; m. Margaret Cammer, April X5, 1841; d. May 15, 1883. 

♦Ogbourne, William Harrison, A. B., A. M., '42, lawyer, Mont- 

1835, Montgomery; s. Nicholas Ogbourne; b. Feb. xo, x8i8; Rep., Gen. Assem., 
Ala., 1863-64; m. Susan Virginia Farley, Montgomery, 184 — ; d. x87a. 

*Ramsey, Thomas Yancey, A. B., A. M., '47, minister, Durant, 

1836, Tuscaloosa; s. Ambrose Knox Ramsey, Sumter Co., and Nancy Graves 
Yancey; b. Sept 7, x8xS; Prof, of Chem., Centenary Inst., Summerfield, 1851-54; 
Pres., Greensboro F. Col., x 865-67; Pastor M. £. Church, South, at Mobile, Greena- 
boro, Marion, Summerfield, Ala., Columbus, Miss.; Presiding elder in Miss. Confer- 
ence eighteen years; Traveling Preacher forty-seven years; Trustee, Vanderbilt 
Univ.; m. Elizabeth Bancroft, Mobile, Feb. 4, X846; d. March 15, 1891. 

♦Ricks, Richard Henry, A. B., A. M., '42, lawyer, Leighton. 

1835, Lagrange, Franklin Co.; a. Abraham Ricks and Charlotte Meyers; b. 
March 38, x8ao; Rep., GeiL Assem., Ala., 1847-48; State Senator, Ala., x85x-5a; d. 

♦Robinson, David Henry, A. B., Galveston, Tex. 

1835, Tuscaloosa; s. Alexander Robinson; b. Nov. x6, x8aa; d. 1848. 

♦Royston, Young Lea, A. B., lawyer, Selma 

1835, Marion; s. Robertus Royston and Varilla Lea; b. June aa, 1819; Solic- 
itor, ist Jud. Circuit, Ala., 1855-65; Capt., Major, Lieut.-Col. and Col., 8th Reg., 
Ala, Vol., C. S. A.; Cotton warehouseman; d. 1884. 

♦Rugeley, Henry Robertson, A. B., lawyer, Lampasas, Tex. 

1834, Lowndesboro; s. Cot Rowland Rugeley, Lowndesboro, and Mary Ann 
Mickle; b. Dec. 23, 1817; Prin. of Academies at Evergreen, 1848-50, and Milton, 
Fla., 1857; Clerk, Probate Court, Lowndes Co., Ala., twelve years; m. Sarah Jane 
Dagg, Tuscaloosa, March a, X840; d. Nov. as, 1886. 

1840] Graduates with Titled Degrees 61 

♦Stone, Lewis Maxwell, A. B., A. M., '41, lawyer, CarroUton. 

1835, Tuscaloosa; s. William DeSaix Stone, Mobile, and Elizabeth Lewis; b. 
Dec. XI, 18x9; Mem. Constitu. Conventions, i86x and '75; Rep., Gen. Assem., 
1849*50, SI -5 a, 68-09, 88-89; Speaker, House Rep., x 868-69; State Senator, 1859-63; 
All. Elizabeth Brooks, CarroUton; d. June 36, 1890. 

1839. Graduates in Schools and Non-Graduates 

Craven, William H., (Fr.) 

1839, Columbus, Miss.; s. WilHam H. Craven; b. Oct. a, X821. 

*Douthit, Nathaniel Foster Joseph, (Sen.), teacher, 

Walker Co. 

1836, Tuscaloosa; s. James Douthit and Priscilla Peebles; b. Feb. S7, X817; 

*Elmore, Physic Rush, (Sen.), lawyer, Tecumseh, Kan. 

X836, Coosada; s. Gen. John Archer Elmore and Ann Martin; b. Feb. My, 
18x9; Capt., U. S. A., Mexican War; U. S. Dist. Att'y, Kan. Ter.; m. Susan Foster 
DnVal, Montgomery, Feb., 1847; d. in Topeka, Kan., Aug. 14, 1864. 

♦Janies, Samuel, (Fr.), Mt. Pleasant. 

X837, Mt. Pleasant, Monroe Co.; b. May 21, 1S22; d. Oct. ao, X839. 

♦McGehee, Abner F., (Jun.), planter, Montgomery, 

1838, Montgomery; s. Abner McGehee and Charlotte Mildred Spencer; 71%. 
Jan. 9, x8x8; m. Elizabeth A. Smith, Montgomery Co., 1843; d. 1848. 

♦Windham, James Alexander, (Fr.), physician, Memphis. 

X838, Tuscaloosa; s. John Roberts Windham, Fairfield, and Ann Crawford; b. 
Feb. S3, 18x9; d. Aug., 1854. 

1840. Graduates with Titled Degrees 
♦Billingslea, William Bibb, A. B., lawyer, Montgomery. 

1837, Montgomery; s. Dr. Clement Billingslea; b. March 31, i8ai; m. Ket\irah 
Guild, Tuscaloosa, April xa, X843; d. Dec. xx, 1844. 

♦Blackburn, Alexander Lemuel, A. B., merchant, Senatobia, Miss. 

1837, Huntsville; s. Francis Blackburn; b. Oct. a6, 1817; Founder of Black- 
bum CoL, Sexxatobia, Miss.; Planter; m. (x) , (2) Mrs. Sallie 

Wyxine, Senatobia, Miss.; d. Nov. 3, X893. 

♦Johnston, Stephen Burr, A. B., A. M., physician, CarroUton, 

X837, Tuscaloosa; a. David Johnston, Tuscaloosa, and Sarah Cookson Terry; 
b. May X3, x8i8; M. D., Med. CoL in Atlanta, 1851; m. Priscilla Ann Terry, Pickens 
Co.. July 7. 1848; d. Oct. 8, 1863. 

♦Meek, John William, A. B., A. M., '43, physician, CarroUton. 

X838, Tuscaloosa; s. Dr. Samuel Mills Meek and Ann Arabella McDowell; b. 
Nov. 6, 1823; practiced several years at Jonesboro, then CarroUton; d. at Tuscaloosa, 
May X, 185 1. 

62 Record of Students £1840 

Teague, Eldred Burder, A. B., A. M., '43, minister, Redlawn. 

x837> Wilsonville, Shelby Co.; 8. John William Teague and Mary Davis; b. 
Jan. ao» z8ao; D. D., Howard Col., 1873; Teacher in Grammar Schools, Montgomery, 
Tuscaloosa and. Greene Counties, z84x-46; Pastor Grant's Creek, Eutaw, Clinton, Provi- 
dence and Gainesville Baptist Churches, 1844-45; LaGrange, Ga., 2855-65; ProL, 
Mental and Moral Philosophy, Sou. F. CoL, LaGrange, Ga., 1859-61; Pres., £. Ala. 
F. Col, Z866-68; Pastor Baptist Church at Sehna, 1869-76; Columbiana, 1876-94; 
Trustee, Mercer Univ. and Howard CoL; now Retired Minister; m. (1) Sophia Nelson 
Blount, Tuscaloosa Co., 1843, (a) Louisa Emaline Philpot, Macon Co., x86i. 

♦Thomas, Lewis Sanford, A. B., A. M., '43, lawyer, Orange, N. J. 

1838, Tuscaloosa; s. Thomas and Mary Ann Hopkins; b. March 49, 

i8ao; LL. B., Harvard, 1843; Commissioner of Public Schools of New York; m. 
Sarah Porter, Skaneateles, N. Y., 1850; d. Aug. iz, 2875. 

♦Walthall, John Nathaniel, A. B., A. M., '43, lawyer, Newbeme. 

2837, Marion; s. Richard Booker Walthall, Marion, and Sally Moody; b. 
Aug. 6, 1820; Private, C. S. A.; Mem., Gen. Assem., Ala., 2863; Planter; m. Char- 
lotte Phipps, Cambridge, Mass., 1843; d. March »6, 1870. 

♦Walthall, Thomas Marshall, A. B., planter, Uniontown. 

2837, Marion; s. Richard Booker Walthall and Sally Moody; b. Sept. so, 
2822; Private, C S. A.; m. Ann Eliza Perki2is, Tuscaloosa, 284a; d. at San Anton20, 
Tex., Feb., 2876. 

♦Wood, Thomas Newton, A. B., naval officer, Galveston, Tex. 

2839, RolesviUe, Wake Co., N. C; b. Sept. 4, 2820; CapL in the Navy of tbe 
Republic of Texas; Lost at Sea, 1843. 

1840. Graduates in Schools and Non-Graduates 

♦Bell, William Alexander, (Soph.), lawyer, Eutaw. 

2839, Mesopotamia, Greene Co.; b. April a6, 2822; A. M., Chappell Hill, N. C, 
2844; Private, Mexican War; d. in MiL Ser., Camango, Mex., between Dec so, 2846, 
and Jan. 25, 2847. 

♦Benson, Thomas Moore, (Fr.), merchant, Marion. 

2840, Marion; s. Dr. Elias Benson; b. Dec. 9, 2822; Planter, County Sur* 
veyor and Supt. of Education, Perry Co.; d. Feb. a8, 2870. 

♦Byrd, Flavins A., (Soph.), Tuscaloosa. 

28391 Tuscaloosa; s. CoL William Y. Byrd; b. April 26, 283s; Privafb, C 
S A.; d. in Mil Ser., 286^ 

Dancy, LaFayette, (Fr.), physician 

2840, Qinton; s. CoL David Dancy, of La., and DeMorse; b. March 

22, 2824; hl Rebecca Wood. 

♦Dent, John Hubbard, (Fr.), planter, Mcintosh. 

2840, Tuscaloosa; s. Dennis Dent, Greensboro, and Martha Hubbard, of 
Foster's; b. Feb. 9, 2822; Capt., 4th Ala. Reg., C. S. A.; m. Susan Travis, 2843, Sitter 
of the Hero of the Alamo Massacre; d. Aug., 2895. 

♦Eddins, Joseph Balus, (Jun.), planter, Tuscaloosa. 

2839, Tuscaloosa; s. Joseph Eddins, Tuscaloosa, and Elizabeth Walker; b. 
July 28, 2829; Capt of Cav., C. S. A.; m. (2) Clementiiie Miller; (a) Mrs. Kittie 
Haley, {nee Palmer); d. July 7, 1884. 

1840] Graduates in Schools and Non-Graduates 63 

♦Garvin, John Springer, (Soph.), editor, Starkville, Miss. 

1839, Tuscaloosa; s. Robert M. Garvin; b. Sept. 3, 28^3; Editor, Tuscaloosa 
Monitor, 1860-65; ^ x8 — ^. 

*Goree, Robert Thomas, (Soph.), planter, Marion. 

1839, Marion; s. James Lysle Goree, Marion, and Martha Rabb; Private, Mex- 
ican War; Lawyer; m. (x) Caroline Nelson, Greensboro, (s) Mrs. Mary Frank 
Pritchett, inss Harrison), New Orleans; d. 1859. 

♦Gray, Hezekiah, (Sen.), planter, Havana. 

1838, Havana; s. James Gray and Susan Scott Rodgers; b. Jan. 10, i8ai; d. 
Aug., 2865. 

♦Hobson, Edwin Oscar, (Fr.), Greensboro. 

1840, Greensboro; s. Mathew Hobson; b. Jan. 22, 1821; d. at Linden, Aug. 
/. 1840. 

♦Irby, Thomas Evans, (Soph.), planter, Gee's Bend. 

1840, Gee's Bend, Wilcox Co.; s. Irby and Evans; b. Dec 

17, 1823; Capt., U. S. A., Mexican War; Rep., Gen. Assent., Ala., 1849 and 1857-61; 
Lieut.-Col., C. S. A.; m. Miss Perry; Killed in battle in Va., 1864 or 1865. 

* Jones, Elbert B., (Fr.), Tuscaloosa. 

1839, Tuscaloosa; s. Dr. Jones and Mary Banks; b. Aug. 8, i8as; 

d. 18 — ^. 

Marks, Samuel Blackburn, (Jun.), planter, Montgomery. 

1838, Carter's Hill, Montgomery Co.; s. Nicholas Meriwether Marks, Carter's 
Hill, and Anne I'aul Mathews; b. June 7, 1820. 

*Marr, Nicholas LaFayette, (Fr.), lawyer, Franklin, Tenn. 

1839, Tuscaloosa; s. William Miller Marr, Tuscaloosa, and Nancy Greene 
Perkins; b. Aug. 2, 1824; Planter; m. SalUe Agatha Perkins, Columbia, Tenn., July 
7, 1847; d. at Tuscaloosa, April 15, 1854. 

♦Martin, William Henry, (Fr.), lawyer, Memphis, Tenn. 

1840, Tuscaloosa; s.* Judge Peter Martin and Sallie Bell Burnley; b. May 28, 
1825; Att'y Gen. of Ala., 1847; m. Mary Artemissae Jones, Tuskegee; d. x86 — , 

Maxcy, James M., (Sen.), minister, , Tex. 

1838, Macon, Miss.; s. William Maxcy; b. Sept. 3, 18x9; Clerk Circuit Court, 
Noxubee Co., Miss.; Baptist Minister; m. Miss Moseley, Macon, Miss. 

♦McBryde, William Julius, (Soph.), lawyer, Troy. 

z839» Montgomery; s. Thomas McBryde, Montgomery; b. April z8, 1822; 
LL. B., Univ. of Va.; Student, Univ. of N. C, 1841-43; Rep., Gen. Assem., Ala., 
1857 and 1886-87; Solicitor, Pike Co., z888; Baptist Minister; m. Ann Boggett, Troy, 
1850; d. x89a. 

♦McGehee, James, (Jun.), planter, Montgomery. 

Z838, Montgomery; s. Abner McGehee, McGehee's Switch, and Charlotte Mil- 
dred Spencer; b. June 23, xSso; m. Rachel Susanah Dailey, Dudleysville, Oct x, 
X839; d. July 25, X874. 

♦Moore, Erasmus, (Soph.), Madison Co. 

1839, Hnntsville; s. Dr. Alfred Moore and Eliza Jones; b. Nor. 2$, 18 J3; 
Studied Law; d. 18—. 

64 Recx)rd of Students I1841 

♦Moore, George Flemming, (Soph.), lawyer, Washington, D. C. 

1839, Talladega; s. William H. Moore and Mary Garland Marks; b. July 17 » 
iSaa; Associate Justice, Supreme Court of Tex.; Chief Justice of Tex.; CoL in C S. 
A.; d. 189 — 

Moore, George H., (Jun.) 

1839, Huntsville; s. Dr. Alfred Jwoore; b. April 17, z8az. 

Penn, James Lyttleton, (Soph.) 

1840, Huntsville; s. Col. James Penn; b. May 14, 1824. 

Ramsey, James B., (Soph.) 

1839, Spring Hill; s. Ambrose K. Ramsey; b. Aug. 27, 1820. 

♦Rather, William Samuel, (Soph.), merchant, Belton, Tex. 

1 839* Tuscaloosa; s. James Rather, Tex., and Lewen, of E. Tenn.; 

b. March 8, 1824; Sheriff, Bell Co., Tex.; d. 18 — . 

♦Rugeley, William Cook, (Soph.), teacher, Lowndesboro. 

1839, LoiKndesboro; s. Col. Rowland Rugeley, Lowndesboro, and Mary Mickle; b. 
Oct 3, 1 819; Private, C. S. A.; m. Louisa Felder, Montgomery Co.; d. Feb. 14, 1878. 

Sanders, James R., (Sen.) 

1838, Kemper Co., Miss.; s. Jeremiah Sanders; b. Feb. 39, 1820. 

Shannon, John C. K., (Jun.) , Tex. 

1838, CarroUton; s. Col. Aaron Shannon; b. Jan. 16, 1B21. 

*Webb, Henry Young, (Fr.), physician, Eutaw. 

1840, Eutaw; s. Judge Henry Y. Webb, Tuscaloosa, and Elizabeth Forney; 
b. Dec. Z4, 1823; M. D., Jefferson Med. Col., 2844; Student, U. of N. C, 1841-43; m. 
Elizabeth Smith Alexander, Eutaw; d. 18 — , 

♦Webster, John B., (Soph.), planter, Harrison Co., Tex. 

1839, Tuscaloosa; s. John Joseph Webster and Miriam Brown; b. Nov. x8, 1820; 
d. 1856. 

1 84 1. Graduates with Titled Degrees 

♦Barr, John Gorman, A. B., A. M., '42, lawyer, Tuscaloosa. 

1838, Tuscaloosa; b. Nov. 20, 1823; Tutor of Math., Univ. of Ala., 1844-46; 
Capt., Ala. Battalion, U. S. Vol., Mexican War; Editor Flag of the Union, Tusca- 
loosa, 1847-48; U. S. Consul, Melbourne, Australia, 1857; d. on the Red Sea, 1858. 

♦Christmas, Felix Guilbert, A. B., teacher, Coffeeville. 

1838, Clarksville, Clarke Co.; b. July zo, 1822; d. x8 — , 

♦Cochrane, Benjamin Franklin, A. B., Tuscaloosa. 

1836, Tuscaloosa; s. Hiram P. Cochrane and Nancy Stoker; b. Jan. 28, 1823; 
d. 1842. 

♦Crawford, Thomas P., A. B., A. M., '44, lawyer, Bellevue, La. 

1839, Centreville; s. Thomas Crawford; b. March 14, 1824; m. Minerva Gilkey, 
CarroUton; d. 1858. 

1841] Graduates in Schools and Non-Graduates 65 

*Gates, Alexander Ramsay, A. B., A. M., '44, lawyer, Lagrange, 

1839, Clinton; a. William Gates, Buena Vista, Miss., and Elizabeth Ramsay; 
b. Jan. 8, 1819; Rep., Gen. Assem., Ala.; Capt., C. S. A.; Planter; m. Elizabetli 
Thompson, Eutaw; d. in Mil. 6er., 1862. 

♦King, Edward Byrd, A. B., A. M., '44, lawyer, Selma. 

1839, Summerficld; s. George Clark King, Summerfield, and Elizabeth Down- 
ing Byrd; b. Oct. 9, 1S20; Private, 38th Ala. Reg., C. S. A.; Trustee, U. of Al^, 
2853; m. Elizabeth Ann Goidsby, Summerfield, Sept. 8, 1842; d. near Uniontown, 
March 13, 1866. 

♦Walthall, Leonidas Nye, A. B., lawyer, San Antonio, Tex. 

1837, Marion; s. John Walthall, Marion, and Permelia Jones; b. March 14, 
1822; Lawyer and Planter in Perry Co., 1843- 1 88 x; Lawyer at San Antonio* 
1881-1894; m. Martha Walthall, Perry Co., Aug. 14, 1845; d. Feb. 22, 1894. 

1841. Graduates in Schools and Non-Graduates 

♦Ashurst, George Washington, (Soph.), planter, Tallassie. 

1840, Mt. Meigs; s. John Ashurst, Montgomery, and Frances Hill; b. Nov. 8» 
2822; d. Dec 2$, 2873. 

♦Baskin, James Hillhouse, (Fr.), physician and planter, Buena 
Vista, Miss. 

1 84 1, Eutaw; s. William Candor Baskin and Margaret Isabella Reid; b. April 
3, 1822; Surgeon, C. S. A.; m. Mary Elizabeth Featherston, 01calo2ia, Miss., 2845; 
d. in Mil. Ser., near Okalona, Miss., May 7, 2863. 

♦Campbell, William Lowndes, (Fr.) 

1 84 1, Mt. Meigs; s. Col. William J. Campbell; b. Feb. 7, 2823; d. 28 — . 

Capers, Richard LeGrand, (Soph.) 

1840, Linden; s. Dr. Joseph Capers; b. March 27, 2822. 

Fitzpatrick, Felix Grundy, (Soph.) , Tex. 

1840, Auburn; s. Rene Fitzpatrick; b. May 20, 2821. 

♦Gaillard, Richbourg, (Soph.), lawyer, Camden. 

2840, Claiborne; s. Thomas Gaillard, Mobile; b. July 7, 2822; Capt, 2St Ala. 
Reg., C. S. A.; m. Miss Caldwell; d. 2898. 

♦Harwell, Robert Rivers, (Fr.), planter, Shreveport, La. 

2842, Jackson; s. Robert Rivers Harwell, Jackson, and Sally Alston; b. Ja2i. 4, 
2823; Lieut., C. S. A., 2862-65; Planter in Clarke Co., 25 years, then at Shreveport, 
La.; m. Mary Olivia Barnes, Suggs ville; d. 289 — 

Inge, Francis Decatur, (Soph.) 

1 84 1, Tuscaloosa; s. Maj. Francis Inge and Rebecca Williams; b. Jan. 20, 1822. 

♦Jones, Aaron, (Soph.), cotton weigher, Tuscaloosa. 

1835, Tuscaloosa; b. Dec. 23, 2822; d. Aug. 26, 1858. 

66 Record of Students [1842 

♦Noble, JeflFerson, (Soph.), lawyer, Montgomery. 

1840, Montgomery; b. May 19, 1821; joined Tex. Navy, and then entered 
Yale Law School; d. 2856 of yellow fever. 

Owen, Robert Silvester, (Fr.), teacher, Milldale. 

1841, Tuacaloosa; 8. John Owen and Ann Kealing Silvester; b. April 29, iSas; 
i8t Sgt, Co. G., 5X8t Ala. Reg., C. S. A. 

Smith, James Lambeth, (Fr.) 

Z841; b. May 19, i8a6. 

♦Woodward, Thomas Andrew, (Soph.) 

1840, Tuskegee; ■. Gen. Thomas S. Woodward; b. June a, 1822; d. 18 — ^^ 

184a. Graduates with Titled Degrees 

*Dagg, John Francis, A. B., A. M., '46, minister, Hopkins- 
ville, Ky. 

1839, Tuscaloosa; a. John Leady Dagg, Hayneville, and Mary Fanny Thorn- 
ton; b. Aug. 5, 1823; D. D., 1874, Mercer Univ.; Pastor Milledgeville, Ga., Baptist 
Church, 1847-50; Editor, Christian Index, Penfield, Ga., six years; Pastor at Cuth- 
bert, Ga., 1856-66; Pres., Bethel Col., Hopkinsville, Ky., 1866-74; Pastor at Danville 
and Lafayette, Ala., 2874-78; Prof., Math., Albemarle, Va., Female InsL, 2878-80; 
Pastor at Gadsden, Ala., 288o-8a; m. Roaalee Helen Horsley, Philadelphia, Pa., Dec. a4, 
2857; d. Aug. 32, 2894. 

♦Guild, Joseph Conn, A. B., A. M., '45, lawyer, Tuscaloosa. 

1839, Tuscaloosa; a. Dr. James Guild, Sr., and Mary Elizabeth Williams; b. 
Jan. 3, 2824; Clerk, Treas. Dept., Washington, 2856; twice Mayor of Tuscaloosa; 
Reg. in Chancery; Capt., Co. K., aoth Ala. Reg., C. S. A., 1862-62; Postmaster, 
Tuscaloosa, 2862-65; cL July 19, 2875. 

♦Lowe, John Thomas, A. B., A. M., '51, physician, Aberdeen, 

2839, Huntaviile; s. Ge2L B. M. Lowe and Sarah Sophia Manning; b. Nov. 6» 
2824; M. D., Univ. of Pa., 2846; Surgeon, C S. A., Ge2L Loring's Division; d. 189—. 

♦Monk, Richard Furman Haynesworth, A. B., '42, physician, 
New Orleans, La. 

2840, Linden; s. John Monk and Rachael Haynesworth; b. Nov. 27, 2828; M. D., 
Univ. of La.; d. 28 — ^^ 

♦Perkins, Claudius Hardi;i, A. B., planter, Tuscaloosa. 

2839, Tuscaloosa; s. Hardin Perki2is, Tuscaloosa, and Sophia Salina Holland; 
b. Aug. 23, 282a; Lawyer; m. Hattie Earle, Elyton, Dec 27, 2856; d. May 27, 28(14. 

♦Somerville, James, A. B., A. M., '45, lawyer, CarroUton, Miss. 

2839, Tuscalooaa; s. Dr. James Somerville, Tuscaloosa, and Helen G. Wallace; 
b. Oct 20, 2822; Tutor, Latin and Greek, U. of Ala., 2844-46; Col., Miss. Reg., C 
S. A.; Editor, Memphis Appeal; m. (2) Martha G. Hudson, (2) Cornelia Barbour, 
Gordonsville, Va., June, 2872; d. 2877. 

18422 Graduates in Schools and Non-Graduates 67 

184a. Graduates in Schools and Non-Graduates 

♦Ashford, George Franklin, (Fr.), planter^ Navasota, Tex. 

x84a, Gaston, Sumter Co.; t. Simon Ashford, Gaston, and Polly Goree; b. 
Sept. X9, 182s; m. Sarah Gresham, Perry Co.; d. 1857. 

♦Ashford, John Bennett, (Fr.), planter, Navasota, Tex. 

1842, Gaston; s. Simon Ashford, Gaston, and Polly Goree; h. Nov. jq, i8ao; 
Teacher; m. Elizabeth White, Grimes Co., Tex.; d. in MiL Ser., NavasoU, Tex,, 1865. 

♦Banks, Thomas Gray, (Fr.), planter 

1842, Tuscaloosa; b. Feb. 7, 1826; M. D., Jefferson Med. CoL, Philadelphia; d. 
dron, Lowndes Co., Ala.; d. 2867. 

♦Banks, William, (Fr.), physician, St. Louis, Mo. 

2840, Tuscaloosa; b. Fed. 7, 1826; M. D., Jefferson Med. CoL, Philadelphia; d. 
Z867 or '68. 

Boykin, James, (Jun.) , 

1842, Mobile; s. Burwell Boykin; b. Aug. 8, 1823. 

♦Creswell, David, (Jun.), lawyer, , La. 

1841, Eutaw; s. Robert Creswell; b. Nov. 10, 1824; Circuit Judge, La.; m.' (i) 
Gertrude Thornton, Greene Co., (2) Julia Pleasanta, Huntsville; d. 1868 or '70. 

♦Davis, Oliver Wilson, (Fr.), lawyer. West Chester, Pa. 

Z841, Tuscaloosa; s. Rev. Noah Davis, Philadelphia, Pa., and Mary Young; 
A. B., Georgetown, Ky., 1844; b. July 11, i8a8; m. Sophia Inglis, Philadelphia, 1852; 
d. Feb. 26, 1887. 

Ellington, William Harrison, (Fr.) 

1842, Talladega; b. June 18, 2823. 

♦Gates, Charles Franklin, (Soph.), planter. Friars Point, Miss. 

184Z, Eutaw; s. Charles Gates and Rose Reid; b. Dec. 20, 2824; m. Susan 
Ragsdale, Aberdeen, Miss.; d. 28 — ^. 

♦Goree, Joseph Alexander, (Soph.), retired, Tuscaloosa. 

1841, Marion; s. James Lysfe Goree, Marion, and Martha Rabb; b. April x, 
X825; Planter and Teacher; m. Emma Robinson, Indianapolis, Ind.; d. i)ec 30, 1896. 

♦Grissette, Edward Colvin, (Jun.), planter, Claiborne. 

1840, Claiborne; s. William J. Grissette; b. Sept 3, X820; d. x86x. 

♦Hogan, John Benjamin, (Fr.), Mobile. 

1842, Mobile; s. CoL John H. Hogan; b. Aug. 28, 1824; m. Georgia Owen, 
Mobile; d. Dec. x6, 1853. 

Hudson, Edward Murray, (Fr.) 

1842, Mardisville, Talladega Co.; s. Isaac Hudson; b. April X4, 1827. 

♦Inge, John Henry, (Fr.), Pecos Co., Tex. 

1842, Tuscaloosa; s. M^. Frank Inge and Rebecca Williams; b. April 3, X825; 
1 at Little Rock, Ark. 

68 Record of Students [1843 

♦King, (Elisha) Porter, (Jun.), lawyer, Marion. 

2840, Marion; a. Gen. E. D. King, Marion, and Ann Alfton Hunter; b. A|>ril 
30, 1824; Student, Brown Univ., Providence, R. I., 1842-43; Mem., Gen. Assem., 
Ala. Leg., 1846-47; Judge, Circuit Court, 1850-65; Capt., Marion Light Inf., C. S. A., 
Z86Z-63; Probate Judge, Perry Co., 1877-79; Lawyer, Jurist and Planter; Prea., Board 
Trustees, Howard CoL and Judson InsL, twenty years; m. (i) Margaret Irwin, 
Greensboro, (a) Callie M. Lumpkin, Ga.; d. in Atlanta, Ga., Jan. 3, 2890. 

♦Miller, George David, (Fr.), planter, Canton. 

184a, Canton, Wilcox Co.; s. Abijah Miller and Amanda Bethea; b. Feb. 19, 
x8s4; Private, C. S. A.; m. (2) Henrietta Gibson, (a) Elizabeth Hines; d. Aug. x, 2870. 

♦Miller, Thomas Edwin, (Soph.), planter, Grenada, Miss. 

2842, Moulton; s. Thomas Miller and Martha Craddock; b. Feb. 20, 2833; C^t,, 
C S. A.; tn. Sarah Elizabeth Sykes, Tuscaloosa, Feb. 23, 2845; d. Feb. a8, 2879. 

♦Moore, Council Wooten, (Soph.), physician. East Pascagoula. 

284a, Marion; s. Alfred Moore; b. Sept 8, 28a4; m. Martha A. Dozier, Union- 
town, Ju2ie 5, 2848; d. 28 — b 

Robinson, Francis Minor, (Soph.) 

2842, Tuscaloosa; b. June a3, 28a6. 

♦Sayre, Bassett Moseley, (Fr.), Mobile. 

284a, Mobile; s. William Sayr«, Mobile, and Frances Baker; b. Dee. 26, iSaOt 

d. 28 — , 

Van Hoose, James McLester, (Fr.), lawyer, Tuscaloosa. 

284a, Tuscaloosa; s. Jesse Van Hoose, Northport, and Anne Eggleston Baugh; 
b. March as, 28a3; m. Susan Alexander. June so, 2849, Campbell Co., Va. 

♦Walthall, Robert Kennon, (Jun.), planter, Newbeme. 

2840, Greensboro; s. Richard Booker Walthall and Sarah Martin Moody; b. 
Aug. 2, 28a3; m. Margaret Hill, Jan., 2843; d. Sept., 2852. 

♦Webb, John Henry Young, planter, Greensboro. 

2839, Greensboro; s. Thomas Webb, Greensboro, and Martha Dickins; b. March 
6, 28ao; m. Julia De Yampert, Dec. 22, 284a; d. Oct. a3, 2895. 

1843. Graduates with Titled Degrees 

♦Brooks, Henry Erasmus, A. B., A. M., '51, teacher, Eufaula. 

2840, Tuscaloosa; s. Brooks and Mary Ann Anthony; b. Feb. 4. 

28a3; Prof., French and Math., Dallas Acad., Selma, 285a-55; Pres. Sou. F. CoL, La 
Grange, Ga., 2855-62; Chaplain, 4th Ga. Reg., C S. A.; Prin., Troy Baptist High 
School; m. Mourning Harrison, Clinton, Feb., 2844; <!• Aug. 2a, 2900. 

Crenshaw, Charles Edward, A. B., minister, Coosada. 

2840, Manningham, Butler Co.; s. Anderson Crenshaw, Butler Co., and Mary 
Chiles; b. Aug. 8, i8ai; Minister, Meth. Protestant Church; m. (2) Mary Louisa 
Coleman, Hickory Grove, Montgomery Co., April 8, 2847, (>> Lydia Grant Shaw» 
Aug., 1877. 

1843] Graduates in Schools and Non-Graduates 69 

Crenshaw, Frederick William, A. B., planter, Manningham. 

1841, Manningham; a. Anderson Crenshaw and Mary Chiles; b. Feb. z9, 
1824; m. (i) Elvira Caroline Womack, i85o» (a) Sarah i^wis, 1871. 

*Jones, Samuel Bartlett, A. B., lawyer, Minter City, Miss. 

1840, CarroUton, Miss.; b. Jan. z, 18x9; m. Mary L. Somerville, Tuscaloosa; 
d. 1857. 

♦Manly, Basil, Jr., A. B., A. M., '47, D. D., '59, minister, Louis- 
ville, Ky. 

1840, Tuscaloosa; s. Basil Manly, Greenville, S. C, and Sarah Murray Rudulph; 
b. Dec. 19, z8a5; D. D., Wake Forrest, 1859; LL. D., A. and M. Col. of Ala., 1874; 
Pastor, Providence Church, Sumter Co., Ala., 1848; zst Church, Richmond, Vk., 
1850-54; Fellowship and Damascus, Edgefield, S. C, 1863-64; Clear Spring, Green* 
ville, S. C, 1865-71; Stamping Ground, Midway, Ky., 1871-79; Pres. Richmond F. 
Inst., Va., 1854-59; Prof., Sou. Baptist Theolog. Sem., Greenville, S. C, 1859-71, and 
Louisville, Ky., 1879-92; Pres. Georgetown Col., Ky., 1871-79; Author "Bible Doc- 
trine of Inspiration," "A Call to the Ministry," "Baptist Psalmody," "The Choice," 
Sermons, Addresses, Hymns, etc.; m. (i) Mrs. Charlotte Elizabeth Smith (n«« Whit- 
field), Marion, Ala., 185a, (a) Harriet Summers Hair, June zo, 1869, Newberry, 
S. C; d. Jan. 3Z, 189a. 

♦Richardson, Austin Williams, A. B., A. M., '46, teacher, Macon, 

1840, Tuscaloosa; s. Thomas Gaines Richardson, Tuscaloosa, and Sarah 
Perry; b. Jan. 3, 18x9; Private, C. S. A.; Teacher at Dayton, camden, Selma, Ala., 
and Macon, Miss.; m. Carrie Binion, Feb. 6, 1850; d. Z893. 

Richardson, Warfield Creath, A. B., A. M., '46, educator, Tusca- 

1839, Tuscaloosa; s. Thomas Gaines Richardson, Tuscaloosa, and Sarah Perry; 
b. June 22, 1823; Ph. D., Z878, A. and M. Col. of Ala.; Prin., Wilcox Male Acad., 
Camden, 1851-55; Prof., Natural Science, Centenary Inst., Summerfield; Lecturer on 
Chem., U. of Ala., 1864-65; Pres., Tuscaloosa F. Col., 1866-68; Acting Prof, df 
Greek, U. of Ala., 1876-77; Adjunct Prof, of English Lit and Instructor in Mln. 
and Geology, U. of Ala., Z877; m. Kate Jones, Camden, Nov. z6, 1855. 

Stansel, Martin Luther, A. B., A. M., '46, lawyer, Carrollton. 

1 84 1, Pickensville; s. Rev. William R. Stansel and Jane C. Riddell; b. April 
23, Z822; Judge, County Court, Z849; Judge, Circuit Court, Z859; Trustee, U. of 
Ala., Z852-62, 1890-1902; Rep., Gen. Assem., Ala., i86z, 1896-97; State Senator, 
1856-57, 1890-94; Col., 41st Reg., Ala. Inf., C. S. A.; Mem. Constitu. Convention, 
Z865; Trustee, A. and M. Col. of Ala., 1872-90; m. Olivia Sherrod, Pickens Co. 

♦Tait, Felix, A. B., A. M,. '50, planter. Rock West 

1840, Black's Bluff, Wilcox Co.; s. James Asbury Tait and Elizabeth Caroline 
Goode; b. Nov. Z3, Z822; Private, Mexican War; Rep., Gen. Assem., Ala., z857-6ii 
Trustee, U. of Ala., Z856-6Z; M^., 23rd Reg., Ala. Inf., C. S. A.; State Senator, 1874; 
m. Nardssa Goree, Marion, Sept. zo, Z850; d. July zo, Z899. 

1843. Graduates in Schools and Non-Graduates 

♦Coleman, John Allen, (Fr.), Eutaw. 

Z842, Eutaw; s. John Coleman and Juliet Bestor; b. May m7, Z823; d. Aug. 
as, Z843. 

70 - Record of Students [1844 

♦Eddins, Patrick Henry, (Soph.), planter, Tuscaloosa. 

184a, Tuacaloosa; s. Joseph Eddins, Tuscaloosa, and Elixabeth Walker; b. Nor. 
15, i8sx; m. Harriet Todd, Abbeville, S. C, Jan. ss, 1845; d. Oct 17, 1897. 

Edwards, Alonzo Jones, (Fr.) 

1843, Livingston; s. Gray A. Edwards; b. March ms» x8ss. 

♦Foster, George Washington, (Jun.), planter, Qaibome. 

2841, Claiborne; s. Arthur Foster, Monroe Co., and Francis Elisabeth Brad- 
ley; b. Dec. 7, 1819; Capt., snd and 4And Ala. Reg., C. S. A.; m. Jane EdwardA 
I^tighon; kUled in battle, Corinth, Miss., i86a. 

♦Perkins, Constantine Hume, (Sen.), physician, , Tenn. 

1835-6; 1840, Tuscaloosa; s. Constantine Fferkins and Hume; b. April 4, 

i8s4; d. z868. 

♦Prince, John Ha)rwood, (Fr.), planter, Gallion. 

184s, Tuscaloosa; s. Edmond Prince and Elizabeth T. Lawrence; b. Oct 7» 
xSss; Capt, C S. A.; m. Arabella P. Body, Dayton, May z6, 2849; d. Jan., 2897. 

Sanders, Jeremiah Elam, (Fr.) 

2843, Mobile; s. Willis Sanders; b. Nov. 4, 1827. 

♦Tankersley, William Jones, (Soph.), lawyer, Williams Cross 

284a, Livingston; s. George G. Tankersley, Livingston, and Sarah F. Jones; 
b. Aug. 8, 2825; m. Rodna Wiziston, Columbus, Miss.; d. 2860. 

Welch, William Americus, (Jun.), physician, Alpine. 

2842, Weokaville, Talladega Co.; s. Rev. Oliver Welch, Alpine, and Elizabeth 
MaUory; b. July 24, 2820; M. D., 2848,, Je£Ferson Med. Col., Philadelphia; 2n. WilUt 
Aon Wallace, Wilson ville, Shelby Co., Oct, 2843. 

♦Whelan, Benjamin Lawrence, (Soph.), lawyer, Greensboro. 

2842, Gree2isboro; s. Charles Whelan; b. Nov. 25, 2826; d. about 2870. 

1844. Graduates with Titled Degrees 

Battle, William Augustus, A. B., A. M., '48, retired, Tuscaloosa. 

2842, Tuscaloosa; s. Alfred Battle and Millioent Beall; b. Jan. a6, 2825; Law 
Student, Univ. of Va., 2846; Private, Tarrant's Battery, C. S. A., 2861; Judge 
Advocate, I'orrest's Brigade, 1864; Planter, 1846-60; Commission Merchant, Mobile, 
1865-^; m. Su8a2ina Clay Withers, Huntsville, Dec, 1847. 

♦Forney, William Henry, A. B., A. M., '53, lawyer, Jacksonville. 

1842, Jacksonville; s. Jacob Forney and Sallie Hoke; b. Nov. 9, 2823; Lieut., 
ist Ala. Reg., U. S. A., Mexican War; Trustee, U. of Ala., 1852-63; Rep., Gen. 
Assem., Ala., 2859; Capt., Maj., Lieut.-Col. and Col., 20th Reg., Ala. Inf., C S. A.; 
Brig.-Gen., C S. A.; State Senator, 2865; Rep., U. S. Congress, 2874-94; in< Mary 
Eliza Woodward, Jacksonville, Oct., 2854; d. Jan. 26, 2894. 

Gould, Robert Simonton, A. B., A. M., '47, lawyer, Austin, Tex. 

2842, Tuscaloosa; s. Daniel Gould, Statesville, N. C, and Zelpha M. Simontons 
b. Dec. 26, 2826; LL. D., 2886, S. W. Pres. Univ. of Tenn.; Tutor, Math., U. of 

1844] Graduates with Titled Degrees 71 

Ak., 1846-49; Dist Atfy, Teac, 1853-57; Dist Judge, Tex., 1861, '^ '671 Capt., M«|. 
and Lieut.-< oL, Tex. VoL, C S. A.; Asso. Justice, Supreme Court, Tex., i874-8x; 

Chief Justice, Supreme Court, Tex., x88i-83; Prof. Law, UuIt. Tex., 1883 ; 

m. Serena Barnes, Leon Co., Tex., Aug. 14, 1855. 

♦Hill, William Calvert, A. B., lawyer, Talladega. 

1841, Talladega Co.; a. George Hill; b. Sept. 8, 1822; LL. B., Har. UniT.; 
d. X85S. 

♦Huckabee, John Greene, A. B., planter and druggist, Marion. 

X84S, Greensboro; b. Dec. 9, x8s5; m. Annie Bettie BiUingsky, Mobile; d. x86d. 

♦Lee, Richard Henry, A. B., A. M., '48, planter, Marion. 

X84S, Marion; s. David Lee and Haran Holmes; b. July s6, 18S5; Merchant at 
Mobile and Planter in Perry Co.; m. Tabitha Jordan Curry, Fterry Co., X855; <L 
Nov. xo, X878. 

♦Mason, George Lafayette, A. B., lawyer, Wetumpka. 

1841, Tuscaloosa; b. Dee. 6, x8ss; m. (x) Miss Hardwick, Carthage, (a) Miss 
Hardwick, Carthage; d. x8 — w 

♦Minor, Lafayette Mordecai, A. B., physician, Greene Co. 

X84X, Tuscaloosa; b. April S3, 1834; d. X87 — . 

Poellnitz, Benjamin Bruno, A. B., A. M., '49, physician, Rem- 
• bert. 

X84X, Linden; a. Julius Poellnitz, Linden, and Elizabeth R. Poellnitz; b. Jan. 
as, x8sj; M. D., 1847, UniT. of La.; and Lieut., C. S. A., x86x-63; Aast Surgeon* 
1863-65; Planter; m. (x) Elizabeth D. Sanders, (a) Mary M. Rogers. 

♦Pratt, John Wood, A. B., A. M., ^48, minister, Louisville, Ky. 

1841, Tuscaloosa; a. Rev. Horace South worth Pratt, Tuscaloosa, and Jane 
Wood; b. May xa, 1827; D. D., Washington and Lee Univ., 1873; Pastor, Presby- 
terian Church, Marion, x849-5o; Prof, of Eng. Lit., U. of Ala., X850-65; Prin., 
Brooklyn High School, N. Y., 1867-68; Pastor, Lexington, Vs., x 868*74, Richmond, Ky., 
1874-77; Pres., Central Univ., Richmond, Ky., 1877-78; Pastor, and Presbjrterian 
Church, Louisville, Ky., x88x-83; m. (x) Mary Grace Crabbe, Tuscaloosa, X850, (a) 
Maria Lindsay Waddell, Lexington, Va.; d. March 24, 1888. 

♦Rawdon, Richard Wilkes, A. B., lawyer, Weoka. 

X841, Weoka, Talladega Co.; a. John P. Rawdon, Childersburg, and Mary 
Wilkea; b. Dec aa, xSaa; d. Aug., 1849. 

♦Richardson, Wilson Gaines, A. B., A. M., '46, educator, Staun- 
ton, Tenn. 

X84X, Tuscaloosa; a. Thomas Gaines Richardson, Tuscaloosa, and Sarah Perry; 
b. Dec. 9, xSas; Ph. D., 1876, Hiram Col., Ohio; Tutor, Ancient Languagea, U. of 
Ala., 1846-49; Adj. Prof., Ancient Lang, and Eng. Lit, U. of Ala., X849-50; Prof., 
Latin and French, Univ. of Mias., x854-59; Prof, of Latin and French, Oakland 
CoL, Miss., X 859-62; Asst. Pajrmaster, C. S. Navy, 1862-65; Prof, of Ancient Lang, 
and French, Davidson Col., N. C, x 866-74; Prof., Latin and French, Central Univ. 
of Ky.; Prof., Austin, Tex., Col.; Pastor, Presbyterian Churehea, Staunton and 
Danceyville, Tenn.; Graduate, Princeton Theo. Sem., X883; m. (x) Louise Vinson 
Kennon, Jackson, Miss., Feb. 4, 1857* (a) Mrs. Anne Herring McAfee, Harrisburg, 
Va., Feb. xo, X876; d. July s, x886. 

J 2 Record of Students [1S44 

♦Smith, John Little, A. B., A. M., '46, lawyer, Mobile. 

1 84 1, Livingston; t. Robert Hardy Smith, Edenton, N. C, and Elizabeth 
Gregory; b. March 37, 1824; Bachelier endroit Academie de Paris, 1854; Rep., Geo. 
Assem., Ala., i88o*8i; m. Virginia A. Hemdon, Clinton, Ala.; d. May 15, 1890. 

Steele, Matthew Weaver, A. B., architect, Avondale« 

1842, Huntsville; a. George Steele, Huntsville, and Ann Eliza Weaver; h. 
Nov. 17, 1824; Private, 3Sth Ala. Cav., C. S. A.; Commission Merchant, New 
Orleans, 1849-55; Architect since 1855; Majror of Avondak, x89i-9a; m. Catherine 
Erskine Feam, Huntsville, July 13, 1848. 

Stickney, William Augustus, A. B., minister, Faunsdale. 

184s, Greensboro; s. Joseph Blodgett Stickney, Greensboro, and Harriet Grist; 
b. Feb. 14, 1834; Graduate, General Theolog. Sem., N. Y.; Rector, St Wilfrid's* 
Marion, 1847-63, St. Michael's, Macon Station, 1872-76, Holy Cross, Forkland, i889-93« 
St Michael's, Faunsdale, 1895-99; Founder of St Wilfrid's School, Marion, and 
Mission to Negroes in Canebreak, serving latter from 1863 to 1873; Episcopal Min- 
ister since 1847; m. Louisa McKinley Collins, Faunsdale, Jan. 39, 1863. 

♦Wallace, John Pleasant, A. B., Sacramento, Cal. 

184Z, Tuscaloosa; s. Judge James Brandon Wallace and Caroline Craddock; b. 
Aug. 31, 1825; d. 1850. 

♦Welch, James Eli, A. B., A. M., '47, planter, Apopka, Fla. 

1 84 1, Alpine; s. Rev. Oliver Welch, Alpine, and Elizabeth Mallory; b. Sept 
19. 1824; Orange Grower; m. Virginia B. M. Mallory, Weenoka, Talladega Co., Nov., 
1852; d. Aug. 25, 1894. 

♦Whitfield, Hampton Smith, A. B., teacher. Meridian, Miss. 

184X, Tuscaloosa; s. Benjamin Whitfield and Caroline Smith; b. May 19, x8s5; 
Capt., 51st Reg., Ala. Cav., C. S. A.; Supt Education, Tuscaloosa Co.; Prof, of 
Math., U. of Ala., 1870-78; Editor Daily Mercury, Meridian, 1883: m. Nannie Lewti, 
Tuscaloosa; d. Jan. 4, 1884. 

1844. Graduates in Schools and Non-Graduates 

♦Alison, Samuel Beekman, (Jun.), lawyer, Carlowville, 

1843, Richmond, Dallas Co.; Dist. Att'y for Mariposa Co., Calif., 1855-60; 
Lawyer at Mariposa Co., Cal., 1848-72; d. Jan. 15, 1880. 

♦Beene, William Anderson, (Sen.), lawyer, Selma. 

1841, Cahaba; s. Jesse Beene and Bird; b. Oct. 18, 1833; Sgt, C. S. 

A.; m. Miss Cone, Cahaba; killed in battle, Cold Harbor, Va., June, i86a. 

Bradley, James Richard 

X844, Valley Creek, Dallas Co.; s. F. M. Bradley; b. Nov. 9, 1825. 

♦Brumby, Thomas Pinckney Gibson, (Fr.), planter, McKinney, 

1843, Cubahatchie, Macon Co.; s. Dr. Robt Horatio Brumby and Mary Elis»- 
beth Murphy; b. Aug. xa, 1825; m. (i) Elizabeth Stratford, March 6, 1845, (•) Lull 
Colbert; d. 1891. < 

1844] Graduates in Schools and Non-Graduates 73 

♦Burt, Ninian Pinckney, (Soph.)* Camden. 

1843, Camden; b. Feb. 6, 1824; d. Aug. 6, 1844. 

♦Chiles, William Caldwell, (Jun.) 

1843, Eutaw; s. Capt James Chilea; b. April 9, 1825; d. z8 — , 

Qements, Luther Morgan, (Fr.), planter, Tuscaloosa. 

1843, Tt]scaloosa; t. Hardy Clements and Martha Hargrove; b. Nov. 15, i8s5; 
M. D , X849, Jefferson Med. CoL, Philadelphia; Ci^t, Co. P., 4i*t Ala., C S. A. 

♦Crawford, William James, (Soph.), Tuscaloosa. 

1843, Benevola, Pickens Co.; s. NeUon A. Crawford and Julia Penn; b. Oct 
8, 1828; d. July 5, 1844. 

♦Dew, John Greenwood, (Soph.), planter, Eutaw. 

184a, Eutaw; s. Duncan Dew, Eutaw, and Sarah Greenwood; b. Jan. 30, x8s6; 
d. June 29, 1881. 

♦Earbee, Floyd, (Soph.) 

184a, Livingston; s. William Earbee; b. Nov. 26, 1624; d. z8 — . 

Ellis, Francis, (Soph.) , 1' 

184a, 'luscaloosa; b. Dec 17, 1827. 

♦Fitzpatrick, Byrd, (Jun.), lawyer, Troy. 

1843, Montgomery; s. Joseph Fitzpatrick, Line Creek, and Sarah Tranum; b. 
Jan. 15, x8a4; Probate Judge, Pike Co.; m. Ann Farrior, Orion, Pike Co.; d. 2864. 

♦Fleming, James Hanna, (Soph.), Sumterville. 

2843, Sumterville; s. Pliny Rutherford Flemixig and Mary Hanna; b. March 4, 
2823; Student, Jefferson Med. Col.; d. May 25, 2847. 

♦Foster, James Monroe, (Soph.), retired, San Antonio, Tex. 

2843, Foster's; s. Robert Savidge Foster, Foster's, and Ann Tompki2is; b. Jan. 
S2, 2824; Ma;., Ferguson's Brigade, C. S. A.; Cotton Factor in Mobile; retired from 
business, 2875, and moved to San Antonio, 1882; m. Malinda Dunlap, Picke2is Co., 
2858; d. at Mobile, Feb. 22, 2897. 

♦Greene, John Arnold, (Soph.), physician, Russell O). 

2843, Uchee, Russell Co.; s. Hartwell B. Greene; b. June 22, 2827; M. D.» 
New York; d. 287 — . 

♦Henshaw, Andrew Isbell, (Soph.), lawyer and planter, Qai- 

2843, Mt Pleasant, Monroe Co.; s. Capt. Andrew Henshaw and Elizabeth 
Isbell; b. Nov. 27, 2825; Student Harvard, 2845-46; LL. B., William and Mary 
CoL, Va., 2848; Mem., Gen. Assem., Ala., 2852-52; Lieut., Cav., C. S. A.; m. Mary 
Anderson Isbell, Cumberland Co., Va., Aug. 8, 2848; d. Aug. sa, 2865. 

♦Herbert, Philemon Thomas, (Soph.) , Tex. 

284a, Tuscaloosa; b. Nov. 2, 2825; CoL, C. S. A., in charge of Tex. Brigade; 
d. of wonnds received at Battle of Ma2isfield, La. 

74 Recxdrd of Students [1844 

♦Jarratt, Abner Archelaus, (Fr.), planter, Letohatchle. 

1843, Montgomeiy; ■. Thcmias Key Jamtt and Harriett Elisabeth McGelwe; bu 
liay 31, 1827; Priyate, 6th Ala. Reg., C. S. A.; m. Emily Catherine Whipple, Hayne- 
Tille, Jan. as, 1845; d. Jan. 8, 1873. 

Lide, Cornelius Mandeville, (Fr.), planter, Talladega. 

X844, Richmond; a. Eli Hugh Lide, Carlowrille, and Mary Ann ICandeville; 
b. June M, iSjs; Private, under Gen. Bragg, C S. A.; m. Mary Hnger Dawson, 

McDow, Alexander, (Soph.), planter, Victoria, Tex, 

1843, Gaineaville; a. Capt. William Loftin McDow and Jane Ramsay; b. April 
10, x8s3; ist Lieut, Co. I, i6th Tex. Inf., i86s, and Capt, 1863-65, C S. A.; m. (x) 
Adeline Fleming, Sumter Ca, Sept 8, 2845, (a) Mrs. Harriette Posey, LaGrange, Ga., 
June, 1864; d. Feb. 5, 1892. 

♦Minor, John Lancelot, (Soph.), physician, Mobile. 

184s, Tuscaloosa; b. June 3, x8s6; d. 1854. 

♦Mobley, William Woodward, (Soph.), physician, , S. C 

184a, Foster's; s. Edward Mobley and Nancy Hill; b. Sept xs, x8s5; d. xl 

Owen, Marcus, (Soph.), merchant, Baltimore, Md. 

X84S, Tuscaloosa; s. Judge Thomss Owen and Dolly Payne Williams; b. Sept 
jx, x8s6; Private, Mobile Rifles, x86i; Clerk in the Departments, Richmond, and 
later in Secret Ser., C. S. Got.; m. Elizabeth McCabe, Mobile, May xo, 2856; 
d. Not. 9, 2867. 

♦Perkins, John Nicholas, (Soph.), planter, Rome, (3a. 

X84S, Tuscaloosa; s. Nicholas Perkins, Franklin, Tenn., and Anne Eleanor 
Patton; b. Dec. a, x8a3; xst Lieut, X3th Reg., Inf., Mexican War, 2846-48; appointed 
by President Pierce, xst Lieut in .U. S. Regular Army; Adj., xst Ga. Cav., C S. A.; 
Rep., Gen. Assem., Ga., x874-78; m. Mary Elizabeth Perkins, Fort Smith, Ark., July 
»7i 1859; d. Feb. xs, 1896. 

♦Quarles, John Mims, (Fr.), merchant, Warsaw. 

1843, Carthage, Tuscaloosa Co.; s. Dr. Moses Quarlea and Caroline Mims; b. 
Sept S5, 1825; Lieut, Mexican War; Steamboat Pilot, Miss. River; Capt, C S. A.; 
Sheriff, Sumter Co.; m. Frances Stanton, Warsaw, X850; d. Jan. 4, 1878. 

Randolph, Mickelborough Montague, (Fr.), physician and 
planter, Courtland, Miss. 

1843, Greensboro; s. Richard Kidder Randolph, Greensboro, and Elizabeth Jane 
Montague; b. Aug. 4, 1826; M. D., Univ. of Mo., 1849; m. Cornelia King Wright, 
Panola Co., Miss., Nov., X853. 

♦Rice, Frierson Hopkins, (Fr.) , Ark. 

X844, Clinton; a. Hopkins Rice and Unsey; b. Jan. 10, x8a6; m. Ci) 

Mra. Margaret Cabber, (2) ; d. x8 — ^. 

♦Saunders, William, (Fr.), lawyer, (3ahaba. 

X843, Cahaba; a. Col. E. W. Saunders; b. June xy, x8s5; drowned in 184 — . 

♦Shamburger, Peter Lambert, (Fr.), planter, Yellow Bluff. 

1843, Bethel, Wilcox Co.; s. William Shamburger, Bethel; b. Sept 30, x8a4; 
n. Helen Norris, Dec. as, X848; d. Aug. s6, x89S. 


Shepherd, John Simpson, (Fr.) 

2844, Columbus, Miss.; s. Rey. S: Shepherd; b. April 6, 1823. 

Z845. Graduates with Titled Degrees 
Agee, Noah Alfred, A. B,, A. M., '48, planter. Perdue Hill. 

Z84S, Claiborne, Monroe Co.; s. William Raiford Agee, Qaiborne, and Elevinna 
HiU; b. Feb. 7, 1827; Rep., Gen. Assem., Ala., z853-54; State Senator, i856-57» 
PriTste, Co. F., 36th Reg., C. S. A.; Reg. in Chancery, Monroe Co., 1855-68; m. (x) 
Anne C. Hunley, Nov., 1854, (s) Lavinia Robertson, Feb., 1867, (3) Lula A. Agee, 
May, 1895. 

♦Buck, Jonathan, A. B., A. M., '48, physician, Macon, Miss. 

1842, Macon, Miss.; s. David Buck, Macon, and Martha Bromlitte; b. April », 
i8a4; M. D., 1848, Jefferson Med. Col.; d. March 29, 188 z. 

♦Clements, Rufus Hargrove, A. B., A. M., '48, planter, Tusca- 

184a, Tuscaloosa; s. Hardy Qements and Martha Hargrove; b. Nov. x, x8s4; 
LL. B., 1847, Harvard; Rep., Gen. Assem., Ala., 185 1-53; m. Martha Lavinia Bugbee, 
Montgomery, Nov. 27, 1850; d. Dec. i, 1875. 

♦Cleveland, John Smith, A. B., A. M., '51, planter. Walker Co., 

1842, Selma; s. Carter Harrison Cleveland and Mary Smith; b. Jan. 7, x8s6; 
Capt., C. S. A.; -Lawyer; m. Elizabeth Tipton; d: 1874. 

♦Cook, Chelsea Monroe, A. B., A. M., '48, lawyer, Tuscaloosa. 

184s, Northport; s. Robert Cook, Northport, and Sarah Going; b. Oct x8» 
x8s4; m. Susan A. Kennedy, Greene Co., April 24, 1855; d. Z869. 

♦Graham, Charles Dewitt, A. B., A. M., '54, planter, Eutaw. 

1842, Eutaw; s. Alexander Graham; b. Aug. 39, 1S26; d. z8 — ^. 

♦Guild, La Fayette, A. B., A. M., '48, physician, San Francisco, 

184a, Tuscaloosa; s. Dr. James Guild, Sr., and Mary Elizabeth Williams; b. 
Nov. S3, 1826; M. D., X848, Jefferson Med. Col., Philadelphia; Surgeon, U. S. A., 
Z849-6X; Medical Director, Army N. Va., C. S. A., X86S-65; Quarantine Surgemi, 
Mobile, x866; City Physician, San Francisco, 1869-70; m. Martha Aylette Fitts, Mobile, 
X851; d. July 4, X870. 

♦Johnston, John David, A. B., druggist, Tuscaloosa 

184s, Tuscaloosa; s. David Johnston, Tuscaloosa, and Sarah Cookson Terry; 
b. Feb. 3, x8a6; d. Nov. 13, X849. 

Murphy, Samuel Silenus, A. B., A. M., '48, physician. Pleasant 

1842, Eutaw; s. James Murphy and Elizabeth Angeline Sadler; b. Nov. 14, 
x8s5; M. D., Mobile, x88i; m. E. M. Steele, Pleasant Ridge, 1856. 

76 Recxjrd of Students [1845 

♦Saffold, Benjamin Franklin, A. B., A. M., '49, lawyer, Selma. 

1842, Dallas Co.; s. Reuben Saffold and Mary Phillipa; b. April ao, z8a6; 
l£ayor of Selma; Judge, ist Jud. Circuit of Ala.» 1865; Mem., Conttitu. Convention, 
1868; Judge, Supreme Court, 1868-74; State Senator, 1875-77; m* Mary Ellen Browa« 
Sebna, Oct 9, 1851; d. April 9, 2889. 

Steele, John Frederick, A. B., A. M., '48, civil engineer, Avon- 

2843, Huntsviiie; ■. George Steele, HuntsWUe, and Elixa Weaver; b. July 7, 
x8j6; itt Lieut of Engineers, C. S. A.; Law Student, Univ. of Va., X85X-5J; 
admitted to Bar, Huntsviiie, 1852; Prin. of Green Academy, 2854-55; Asst Enginear, 
M. and C. R.R., 2850; Chief Engineer, A. and T. Central R.R., 2855*56. 

Z845. Graduates in Schools and Non-Graduates 

♦Aylett, William Dandridge, (Soph.), physician, Sacramento, 

2843, Tuscaloosa; s. William Aylett, Dallas Co., and Martha Posey; b. Jan. 2Z, 
2827; Supt StocKton Insane Asylum; m. Betty Betts, San Francisco, Cal.; d. 189—% 

♦Bealle, John Richards, (Jun.), planter, Cooksville, Miss. 

2842, Tuscaloosa; s. John S. Bealle, Foster's, and Ann H. Koberts; b. May ajt 
2827; Capt, Co. F., 2st Miss. Reg. of Cav., C. S. A., promoted to CoL; m. Virginia 
Caroline King, Huntsviiie, March 21, 2850; killed, battle Briton's Lane, near Den- 
mark, Tenn., Sept a, 186a. 

♦Beck, Alfred, (Soph.), merchant. Meridian, Miss. 

1843, Livingston; s. Alfred Beck and Mary McKinney; b. Jan. 22, 2825; 
Private, C. S. A.; m. Antoinette E. Hooks, St Stephens, June 13, 2850; d. in MiL 
Ser., London, Tenn., 286a. 

♦Beene, Benjamin Yancey, (Fr.), lawyer, Selma* 

2845, Cahaba; s. Jesse Beene and Bird; b. April as, x8a8; A. B., 

Univ. of N. C, 2849; d. x86z. 

♦Brevard, Ephraim Joseph, (Fr.) 

1845, Ltncolnton, N. C; s. Robert A. Brevard; b. Sept 26, 1B2B; A. B., Univ. 
of N. C, 1849; d. 28 — . 

Campbell, John, (Soph.) 

2843, Linden; b. March 8, 2827. 

♦Chiles, Charles James, (Soph.), planter, Clinton. 

2842, Eutaw; s. CoL Larldn Chiles; b. Oct z, x8a6; d. i( 

♦Clanton, James Holt, (Fr.), lawyer, Montgomery. 

2845, Tuskegee; s. Nathaniel Holt Clanton and Clayton; b. Jan. 8, 

2827; Private, U. S. A., Mexican War, 2846; admitted to the Bar, 2850; Rep., Gen. 
Assem., 1855; Capt, Col., Brig.-Gen., then Maj.-Gen., C S. A.; m. Parthenia Aber- 
crombie, Russell Co.; d. Sept 27, 2872. 

♦Clark, John Blair, (Jun.), bookseller, Selma« 

2845, Eutaw; s. James Blair Clark, Eutaw, and Mary Erwin; b. June 9, z8a6; 
d at Eutaw, 2865. 

1845] Graduates in Schools and Non-Graduates 77 

♦Douglas, Robert Franklin, (Soph.), lawyer, Talladega. 

1845, Talladega; s. Robert E. Douglas, Tyler, Tex., and Sophia McLellan; b. 
OcL 18, 1834; Private, U. S. A., Mexican War, 1846-47; d. April 23, 1848. 

♦Foster, Arthur, (Sen.), merchant, Starkville, Miss. 

1843, Foster's; t. James Foster and Mary Ellen Hill; b. Aug. 31, 1823; engaged 
in Teaching and Planting; lived in Tex. a while, then moved to Miss, and operated 
a Sawmill; m. Elizabeth Amelia Foster, Fosters, 1846; d. June, 1867. 

♦Gates, William Reid, (Fr.), Aberdeen, Miss. 

1845, Clinton; s. Charles Gates and Rose Reid; b. Feb. 24, 1828; Law Student; 
d. 184 — . 

♦Gill, William Maynard, (Sen.), Tuscaloosa. 

1842, luscaloosa; s. Charles G. Gill; b. Jan. 23, 1826; d. June 23, 1845. 

Harris, Ptolemy Tinsley, (Fr.) 

184s, Mobile; ■. Ptolemy Tinsley Harris and McGrew; b. July 5, 1837. 

Harris, William Kilpatrick, (Soph.) 

1845, Mobile; s. Ptolemy Tinsley Harris; b. Aug. 20, 1825. 

♦Hentz, Charles Arnold, (Soph.), physician, Quincy, Fla. 

1844, Tuscaloosa; s. Prof. Nicholas Marcellus Hentz and Caroline Lee Whiting, 
01 Lancaster, Mass.; b. May 28, 1827; M. D., 1848, Med CoL, Louisville, Ky.; Sur- 
geon, C. S. A.; m. (i) Mary Elizabeth G. Booth, Quincy, Fla., April 5, 1854, (•) 
Miss Monroe, Quincy, Fla., Oct. 28, 1873; d. June 30, 1894. 

♦Hunley, Richard Ryland, (Sen.), horticulturist, Talladega. 

1842, Hayneville; ■. Ransom Gayle Hunley, Hayneville, and Caroline Matilda 
Forney; b. Dec. xx, 1825; Postmaster, Talladega, x884'88; m. Martha SophU John- 
ston, Lincoln Co., N. C, July X3, 1847; d. July 3, 1897. 

Jackson, Walter Qarke, (Soph.), physician, Montgomery. 

1845, Autauga Co.; s. Absalom Jackson; b. July 14, 1827; County Health 
Officer; m. Mrs. Franlde Salfold. 

♦Jones, Samuel Laird, (Soph.), planter, AUenton. 

1845, AUenton; s. Joseph Jones, Allenton, and Mary Bonner; b. Dec. 25, 1820; 
Teacher at Oak Hill, x 846-50; County Commissioner, 1850-66; m. Elizabeth Mc- 
Reynolds, Allenton, 1846; d. at Oak Hill, April 26, x866. 

♦King, Peyton Griffin, (Jun.), lawyer, Birmingham. 

1842, Montevallo; s. Edmund King and Nancy Ragan; b. Feb. 5, X826; Rep., 
Gen. Assem., La., X851; Mem. of La. Constitu. Convention, x8 — ; Receiver of Public 
Moneys at Monroe, La., under President Pierce for 3 years; returned to Ala. in X857; 
Lieut., U. S. A. in Mexican War; Capt., C. S. A.; one of Founders of City of Bir- 
mingham; m. Mary Alabama Tarrant, Jonesboro, June, 1866; d. Nov. 28, 1893. 

♦Lumpkin, David Perino, (Sen.), Montgomery. 

X843, Montgomery; b. May 2, 1823; d. Aug., X885. 

Mason, Edmunds, (Jun.) 

1842, Tuscaloosa; b. Nov. 29, 1825. 

7^ Record of Stxjdents L1S45 

♦Perkins, Rufus Lewis, (Sen.), lawyer, Macon, Miss. 

1B42, Pickensville; s. Stringer Perldiu and Harriet Fterkins; b. June aa, zSjs; 
Lawyer, first at Mobile, then at Macon, Mist.; Commiasary Dept., C S. A.; m. 
Abbie L. Smith, Mobile, June x8, 1852; d. May 5, z86a. 

*Reid, Rufus Joseph, (Jun.), lawyer, St. Paul, Minn. 

x843» Greensboro; s. Maj. Samuel D. Reid; b. Aug. 17, 1825; Solicitor Circuit 
Court (at Selma) one term; d. 1899. 

♦Reynolds, Thomas Henry, (Soph.), planter, Montgomery. 

Z843, WeokaviUe, TaUadega Co.; s. Walker Reynolds, Alpine, and Egpj 
Gibson; b. May 11, i8a8; m. (x) Margie E. Reynolds, Aberdeen, Miss., Sept 27, 
X849, (a) Elizabeth A. Jordan, Montgomery, Dec xa, i860; d. at Nottingham, Ala., 
Oct. a9, x89a. 

♦SafFold, Milton Jefferson, (Jun.), lawyer, San Francisco, Cal. 

1843, Pleasant Hill; s. Hon. Reuben Saffold and Mary Phillips; b. March x8, 
x8a8; Solicitor, 1848; Rep., Gen. Assem., Ala., 1859; Chancellor, x859-6x; Circuit 
Judge, Ala., 1869; nu (i) Georgia Whiting, Montgomery, X856, (a) Martha James 
Harrison, Lowndcsboro, X857; d. July 5, 1879. 

♦Scott, John Randolph, (Fr.), planter, Montgomery. 

1845, Montgomery; s. Alfred V. Scott, and Mary Bibb; b. Dec xo, 1839; d. 
X859 or x86o. 

Smith, John Calvin, (Jun.*) 

1843, Providence, Pickens Co.; s. CoL Nathan Smith; b. Nov. 27, 1823. 

♦Sturdivant, Robert Daniel, (Soph.), planter, Augustin. 

1844, Valley Creek, Dallas Co.; s. Robert Sturdivant, Summerfield, and Ann 
Norwood; b. Sept xa, x8a4; Capt, Co. 6, 8th Reg. Ala. Cav., C. S. A.; Rep., Gen. 
Assem., Ala., x 867-68; m. Sophia Clark King, Summerfield, Sept. 33, 1847; ^ 
Oct. a8, X883. 

Tait, Robert, (Jim.), planter, Canton Bend. 

1843-43, X844-45, Black's Bluff, Wilcox Co.; s. James Asbury Tait and Eliza- 
beth Caroline Goode; b. Dec xa, x8a4; Capt., C. S. A.; m. Mary Jane Ervrin, Mobile, 
Dec. 3, x8sx. 

♦Vaughan, Thomas Bressie, (Jun.), physician, Tuscaloosa. 

1843, Tuscaloosa; s. Edward Bressie Vaughan and Mariah Blackburn; b. Jan. 
XX, x8a6; M. D., Philadelphia, X848; d. May x, X849. 

♦Wallace, Robert Benjamin, (Soph.), physician, Harpersville. 

X843, Harpersville; s. Samuel Wallace, Harpersville, and Aniu Ballou; b. Nor. 
X, X834; M. D., Jefferson Med. Col., 1848; xxl Ann Mallory, Alpine, 1850; d. at 
Brattleboro, Vt., X859. 

♦Ware, James Henry, (Soph.), planter, Montgomery. 

X845, Montgomery; s. Robert J. Ware snd Ann Asenath White; b. July 3, x8a8; 
XXL (x) Mary Stokes, Lincoln Co., Ga., (3) Octavia WUlis, Talladega; d. July 8, X867. 

♦Ware, Robert Young, (Soph.), planter 

X845, Montgomery; s. Robert J. Ware and Ann Asetuth White; b. March 15, 
X837; m. Catherine Molton, Montgomery Co.; d. x8 — . 

1846] Graduates with Titled Degrees 79 

White, Clement Billingslea, (Fr.), merchant, Calera. 

x84S> Montgomery; a. Thomas Otbome White, Mobile, and Sophia Reaser 
Byrd; b. July 4, 1829; A. B., Centre CoL, Ky., 1848; Aaat Quartermaster, Staff of 
Gen. Clanton, C S. A.; Commission and Storage business at Selma, 1856-65; m. 
Martha Todd, Lexington, Ky., Oct. so, 1850. 

Z846. Graduates with Titled Degrees 

♦Archibald, Edwin Addison, A. B., A. M., '49, teacher, Pleasant 

x84a, Eutaw; s. James Hall Archibald and Mary Steele; b. July iz, i8aai 
Prin., Pleasant Ridge High School, 1853-70; m. Ellen Jane Hood, Bethany; d. 
Aug., 2870. 

♦Armstrong, James King, A. B., A. M., '49, teacher, Grenada, 

1844, Black's Bluff, Wilcox Co.; s. Harwell Armstrong, Pine Apple, and Mary 
White King; b. Oct. x8, 1824; Prof., Centenary Inst., 1850-52; Pres., Marion F. 
Sem., 1852-66, LaGrange F. Col., Ga., x866-68. Union F. CoL, Eufaula, 1868-70, Athens 
F. CoL, 1873-76, Grenada F. CoL, z876-78; Minister, M. E. Church, South; m. U> 
Lucy Bondurant, Uniontown, 1850, (2) Mrs. Isabella Parish (ngg Fowlkes), June 
x6, 2864; d. Aug. 28, 1878. 

Battle, Archibald John, A. B., A. M., '49, educator, Anniston. 

1843, Eufaula; s. Cullen Battle, M. D., Eufaula, and Jane Lamon; b. Sept. xo, 
1826; D. D., Howard CoL, 1872, Columbia Univ., 1873, Univ. of Ga., 1873; LL. D., 
Miss. CoL, 1884; Tutor, Anc Languages, U. of Ala., x 850-51; Prof., Greek, U. of 
Ala., 1856-60; Pastor, Tuscaloosa Baptist Church, 2855-56; Pres., A. C. F. CoL, Tus- 
caloosa, 1860-62, Judson F. Inst., 2865-72, Mercer Univ., x872'89. Shorter CoL, Rome, 

Ga., 2890-98, Aimiston CoL for Young Ladies, 1898 ; m. Mary Elizabeth Guild, 

Tuscaloosa, Dec. 7, 1847. 

♦Browne, Newbeme Hobbs, A .B., A. M., '49, lawyer, Tuscaloosa. 

1842, Tuscaloosa; s. John Allen Browxie, Tuscaloosa, and Pattie Hobbs, of 
N. C; b. Dec 26, 2825; Rep., Gen. Assem., Ala., 1853-59 and 1872-74; Editor, 
Tuscaloosa Observer, 1852-53; Trustee, Univ. of Ala., 2859-64; Circuit Solicitor, 
X859; Trustee, Ala. Bryce Insaxie Hosp.; Probate Judge, Tuscaloosa Co., 2874-2890; 
m. Mary Eliza Prude, Tuscaloosa Co., Jan. 21, 2874; <^ March 25, 2892. 

♦Capel, Frands Coke, A. B., A. M., '52, lawyer 

1843, Pickensville, Piclcexis Co.; b. Aug. 4, 2844; d. 28 — . 

♦Carpenter, John Dew, A. B., merchant, Mobile. 

2843, Eutaw; s. Jubal Carpenter; b. Dec. 29, 2822; Cotton Factor and Com- 
mission Merchant: d. z868. 

♦Connerly, David Curtis Berry, A. B., A. M., '49, teacher, Aus- 
tin, Tex. 

2844, Hope, Pickens Co.; s. «J. R. Wesley Connerly; b. Sept. 29, 2825; Paator, 
M E. Church, South, at Eutaw, 2855, Selma, 2856; Prin., Pickensville High School, 
2851-54, Centenary Inst, Summerfield, X856-6X; Chaplain, 52St Ala. Cav., C S. A.; 
Founder and Prin., Stonewall Inst, Plantersville; m. EQen Thomas Taylor, Fork- 
bnd. Sept 2855; d. May 5, X887, at Camden, Ark. 

8o Record of Students [1846 

♦Hall, Origen Charles, A. B., lawyer, Idaho City, Idaho. 

1844, Honey Cut, Baldwin Co.; t. Charles Hall, Baldwin Co., and 

Byrne; b. Nov. 17, 1825; practiced a while at Mobile, then moved to California; nu 
Miss Randall, of calif.; d. 1866. 

♦Haralson, Alonzo LaFayette, A. B., A. M., '51, planter, Verbena. 

1843, CoUirene, Lowndes Co.; s. William Haralson, Selma, and Permelia 
Browning; b. Feb. i, 1835; m. (i) Sarah Chappell, May 31, 1849, (a) Ester Holt, 
March 30, 1880; d. July 6, 1899. 

♦Hope, Archibald Houston, A. B., A. M., '49, Air Mount. 

1843, Air Mount,, Clarke Co.; s. John Hope; b. May 22, 1823; Medical Student; 
d. 1849. 

♦Molton, Thomas James, A. B., A. M., '49, planter, Mt. Meigs. 

1843, Montgomery Co.; s. Major Thomas Molton; b. Dec la, 1827; Lawyer; 
m. Mary White Ware; d. 1896. 

♦Morgan, Enoch, A. B., A. M., '49, lawyer, Eutaw. 

1844, Eutaw; s. Rev. Nicholas Ross Morgan, Eutaw, and ]iu.ary Wilson Alex- 
ander; b. July 9, 1825; Private, 51st Ala. Reg., C. S. A.; Trustee, U. of Ala., 1876-86; 
m. Elizabeth M. Perkins, Dec 18, z868; d. Dec 18, 1886. 

♦Morris, Isaiah James, A. B., A. M., '50, teacher, Ark. 

1844, Lafayette; s. Samuel Morris; b. Jan. la, 2820; d. 1878. 

Prince, Francis Marion, A. B., A. M., '50, physician, Jonesboro. 

1842, Tuscaloosa; s. Edmund Prince and Elizabeth T. Lawrence; b. June 6, 
Z827; M. D., 1849, Jefferson Med. Col.; Surgeon, C. S. A.; m. Martha G. Jordan, 
Jan. 30, 1850. 

♦Rives, George Wyche, A. B., A. M., '52, planter, Mansfield, La. 

1843, CoUirene; s. Green Rives, CoUirene, and Jerusha May Paisley; b. June 
8, 1827; Prin. of Acad, at Sandy Ridge and in Wilcox Co.; Prin., Male High School, 
Shreveport, La.; Clergyman, Christian Church, and last a Planter; m. Mary Elizabeth 
Carter, Ky., Nov. 6, 1851; d. May 29, 1859. 

♦Ware, Edward Rowell, A. B., A. M., '53, minister, Montevallo. 

1843, Montgomery; s. Robert D. Ware, Montgomery, and Clara ; b. 

June 24, 1824; Pastor, Presbyterian Churches, Jacksonville, Centreville and Monte- 
vallo; d. Sept. xo, z8sx. 

♦Wellborn, Maximilian Bethune, A, B., A. M., '50, lawyer, 

1842, Eufaula; s. Levi Thomas Wellborn, Eufaula, and Roxana Bethune; K 
Oct. 7, 1825; Col., on Staff, Gen. Magruder, 1862-63; Judge, Mil. Court, Washington, 
Aik., C. S. A., 1864-65; Reg. in Chancery, Barbour Co., 1878; Rep., Gen. Assem., 
1880-81; m. Emma Julia Dent, Barbour Co., Aug. 6, 1857; d- May 15, 1885. 

1846. Graduates in Schools and Non-Graduates 

♦BilHngslea, James Clement, (Sen.), physician, Augusta, Ark. 

1843, Wetumpka; s. Dr. Clement Billingslea; b. Dec. 27, 1826: Private, Mez 
ican War; M. D., (College unknown); m. Mary Vvoolley, Foster's; d. Dec. 25, 1869. 

1846] Graduates in Schools and Non-Graduates 81 

♦Blewett, Randle Tscharner, (Fr.), planter, McNutt, Miss. 

184s, Columbus, Miss.; 8. Thomas G. Blewett, Sr., Columbus, Miss, and 
Regina DeGraftenreat; b. Feb. lo, 1029; Probate Judge, Leflore Co.; Capt., Co. C, 
2xid Battalion, Miss. VoL, C. S. A.; killed, battle Richmond, Va., May a, 1S62. 

♦Coleman, Daniel Perrin Bestor, (Soph.), planter, Eutaw. 

1845, Eutaw; s. John Coleman and Juliet Bestor; b. May 27, 1827; Student 
Univ. of N. C, 1846-47; d. 1852. 

♦Croom, Piatt Sylvester, (Fr.), physician, Durant, Miss. 

1846, Greensboro; s. Wiley Jones Croom and Elizabeth Holliday; b. March 
31, 1829; M. D., Philadelphia Med. CoL; m. Sarah May, Greensboro, 1850; d. in 
Holmes Co., Miss., 1889. 

*Fitts, William Faulcon, (Jun.), physician, Marengo Co. 

1846, iuscaloosa; s. James Harris Fitts, Tuscaloosa, and Rebecca Emily Alston; 
b. Feb. 14, 1829; M. D., 185 1, Jefferson Med. Col.; zst Lieut., Co. G, 51st Ala. Cav., 
C S. A.; m. Juny Annie Foster, Oct. 13, 1857; killed. Battle Murfreesborough, Tenn., 
Dec. 27, 1862. 

Foster, Robert Hill, (Jun.), planter, Sylvan. 

1844, Foster's; s. Hardy Foster, Foster's, and Elizabeth Wyatt Hill; b. Dec. 
19, 1825; Lieut., Ferguson's Cay. Brigade, C. S. A.; m. Mary Mobley, Gainesville, 
Nov. 17, 1857. 

*Hardwick, Thomas Coke, (Jun.), planter, Sherman, Tex. 

1843, Carthage, Tuscaloosa Co.; s. Garland Hardwick and Dorothy Kennedy; 
h. July 30, 1827; Recruiting Officer, rank of Captain, C. S. A.; Surveyor; m. Jeannette 
Cooper Wilson, near Havana, Feb. 16, 1854; d. April 7, 1878. 

*Herndon, Harry Toulmin, (Jun.), planter, Eutaw. 

1845, Eutaw; s. Thomas Hord Hemdon, Mobile, and Emma Sarah Toulmin; 
b. Nov. 18, 1826; m. Sarah Johnston Inge, Greene Co., Jan., 1847; d. Aug. 14, 1855. 

♦Minor, Philip Pendleton Barbour, (Jun.), physician, Forkland. 

1843, Tuscaloosa; b. Jan. 22, 1828; M. D., Med. Col., Philadelphia; Surgeon, C 
S. A.; m. Eliza Williams Perry, Greene Co., i860; d. 1884. 

Neilson, Robert, (Soph.), physician, Tuscaloosa. 

1842, Tuscaloosa; s. John J. Neilson, Tuscaloosa, and Mariah Dent; b. Jan. 
17, 1827; M. D., Univ. of Ga.; m. (i) Charlotte Warren, Tuscaloosa, Oct. 6, 1846, 
(2) Amy Parker, Tuscaloosa, Dec. 10, 1872. 

*Porter, John Richardson, (Fr.), physician and planter, Lexing- 
ton, Miss. 

1846, Tuscaloosa; s. Judge Benjamin F. Porter, Greenville, and Eliza Taylor 
Kidd; b. April 18, 1829; M. D., 1853, Nash. Med. Col.; Surgeon, Walthall's Brigade, 
C. S. A.; m. Lucy Meriwether Howard, Lexington, Miss., about 1856; killed in 
battle, Franklin, Tenn. 

Reynolds, Joseph Moore, (Jun.) 

1846, Greensboro; s. Joel Reynolds; b. July 27 , 1827. 

82 Recx)rd of Students [1847 

♦Rosser, West Curtis Hersey, (Soph.), planter, Hull'a. 

Z846, Tuscaloosa; ■. Benjamin Roner, Sr., Tuscaloosa, and Elisabeth West 
Vinson; b. June 4, 1823; Miner and Planter in CaL, 1849-63 ; Teacher a while; m. 
Emma Janie Ogbum, Tuscaloosa Co., Dec. 31, 1863; d. Jan. as, 1900. 

Smith, John Edward, (Soph.) 

Z84S, Tuscaloosa; s. Edward Smith; b. March 17, 1818. 

♦Somerville, Albert, (Jun.), merchant, RoUe, Switzerland. 

Z843, Tuscaloosa; s. Dr. James Somerville, Tuscaloosa, and Helen Glaaaett 
Wallace; b. March a6, 1829; Collector of Customs, Galveston, Tex., 1858-60; Mayor 
of Galveston. 1868-72; Capt. in Bates' Tex. Reg., C S. A.; Prca., Gulf and Santa Fe 
R.R., in Tex.; m. Annie Craddock; d. Nov. as, 2898. 

Witherspoon, DeWitt Canning, (Fr.) 

1846, Carthage, Tuscaloosa Co.; h. March 9, x8jj. 

1847. Graduates with Titled Degrees 

Banks, James Oliver, A. B., A. M., '50, merchant and planter, 
Columbus, Miss. 

1843, Tuscaloosa; s. Willis Banks and Mary Gray; b. Sept 6, 1829; M. D.» 
Jefferson Med. Col., 1850; Lieut-Col. 43rd Reg. Miss. VoL, C S. A.; m. (x) Martha 
Coleman, Eutaw, (s) Lou Young, Columbus, Miss. 

Bonner, James Isaac, A. B., A. M., '50, physician. Eureka, Tex. 

1845, Portland, Dallas Co.; s. John Bonner, Fairfield, Tex., and Eliza Ferraby 
Williams; b. Nov. 6, x8s8; M. D., S. C. Med. Col., 2850; Surgeon, C S. A., rank 
Major; m. Martha Bonner, Wilcox Co., Oct x, xSsx. 

Brown, Isaiah Chapman, A. B., A. M., '50, merchant. East Lake. 

1845, Sumterville, Sumter Co.; s. John Brown, Barbour Co., and Julana Ann 
Windham; b. Dec 31, xSss; Asst Quartermaster, 36th Ala. Reg., C. S. A.; nL 
Mary Ann Bestor, Sumter Co., Feb. 20, 1850. 

Collins, Powhatan Ellis, A. B., preacher and teacher, Columbia, 

1845, Marion; s. Rev. Jacob G. Collins; b. Jan. xa, 1826. 

♦Dupre, Louis Jarrel, A. B., A. M., '50, journalist, Memphis, 

x845> Brooksville, Miss.; s. Daniel Dupre, Macon, Miss., and Francina Cox; 
b. April ss, x8j8; Editor St, Louis Timts, Memphis Appeal; Mem., Staff of Gen. 
Wm. B. Bate, C. S. A.; U. S. Commissioner to World's Fair, at Vienna; U. S. 
Consul to Salvador, x885-89; m. (i) Amelia Jones, X849, Tenn., (s) Miriam Morgan, 
New Orleans, 1866, (3) Marie Lamb, New York, 1893; d. at Raleigh Springs, Tenn., 
Aug. a7f 1894. 

♦Fitts, John Henry, A. B., A. M., '50, physician, Shongalo, Miss. 

X843, Tuscaloosa; s. James Harris Fitts and Rebecca Emily Alston; b. Feb. 
so, x8a7; M. D., Jefferson Med. CoL, 1849; d. June ax, X85X. 

1847] Graduates with Titled Degrees 83 

♦Fitzpatrick, Elmore Joseph,^ A. B., lawyer Montgomery. 

2843, Wetumpka; t. Gov. Benjamin Fitzpatrick and Sarah Terry Elmore; b. 
June 3» 1S2S; Capt and zst Lieut, Semple't Battery, C S. A.; Judge Advocate of 
Military Court, C. S. A.; Solicitor, and Jud. Circuit, Ala., 1865-67; m. (i) Virginia 
Rosalie Armiatead, Montgomery, Dec 6, 1854, (a) Elisabeth Thornton Marks, Fred- 
erick, Md., Aug. 6, z868; d. July ay, 2884. 

♦Foster, John Arthur, A. B., A. M., '50, lawyer, Qayton. 

1844, Tuscaloosa Co.; s. John L. S. Foster and Susan Hollifield; b. Nov. zi, 
z8a8; Prin., Montevallo Acad., Columbus, Miss., Brownwood Inst., LaGrange, Ga.; 
Pres., Southern F. Col., La Grange, Ga., 1853-57; Capt, apth Reg., Ala. VoL, C S. 
A.; Mem., Constitu. Convention. Ala., 1875; Trustee, U. of Ala., 1876-93; Chan- 
cellor, 1880-93; m. (z) Mary Jane Webb, Dec. 27, 1849, (a) Mary M. Borders, 
La Grange, Gku, May zz, Z858; d. Jan. a8, Z893. 

♦Foster, Joshua Wyatt, A. B., A. M., '49, planter, Pleasant 
Hill, La. 

Z844, Foster's; s. Hardy Foster and Elisabeth Wyatt Hill; b. April a, z8a8; 
Lieut, La. Reg. of Cav., C S. A.; m. Sallie Jordan, Pleasant Hill, La., 2853; d. 
Oct Z5, z88z. 

♦Fountain, James Alexander, A. B., teacher, Bryan, Tex. 

1846, CarlowviUe, Dallas Co.; s. William Edward Fountain, Darlington, S. C, 
and Sarah Jane Lide; b. May z6, z8a8; Private, C. S. A.; Planter; m. Mary EUsa 
LiUy, Macon, Miss., Oct 2$, Z847; d. July 6, Z900. 

♦Gray, Thomas Scott, A. B., A. M., lawyer and planter, Havana. 

Z843, Havana; s. James Gray and Susan Scott Rogers; b. May 16, z8a8; d. 
Dec. z6, z85a. 

♦Henry, Charles Frands, A. B., physician, Mobile. 

Z845, Mobile; b. Aug. a9, z8a8; M. D., Univ. of Pa., Z849; Tutor, Mod. 
Languages, U. of Ala., z85i-5a; Surgeon, Russian Army, Crimean War; d. at Warm 
Springs, Ga., Aug. 22, z86a. 

♦Hemdon, Thomas Hord, A. B., A. M., '50, lawyer. Mobile. 

Z845, Eutaw; s. Thomas Hord Hemdon and Emma Sarah Toulmin; b. July 
I, z8a8; Law Student, Harvard, Z847-48; Rep., GeiL Assem., of Ala., Z8S7-58; Mem. 
Constitu. Convention, Ala., z86z; Maj., Lieut-CoL and CoL, 36th Reg., Ala. Inf., 
C S. A.; Democratic Nominee for Gov. of Ala., 187a; Mem., Constitu. Convention 
of Ala., Z875; Rep., Gen. Assem., Ala., z876-77; Mem., Congress, U. S., Z878-83; m. 
Miss Alexander, Greene Co.; d. March a8, Z883. 

♦King, William Douglas, A. B., planter. Lower Peach Tree. 

Z844, Marion; s. Gen. Edwin Davis King and Ann Alston Hunter; b. Nov. 
2$, z8a6; Lawyer; m. Rebecca Tait, Wilcox Co., 1848 or '49; d. 1866. 

♦Martin, Leonidas, A. B., A. M., lawyer, Tuscaloosa. 

Z843, Tttscalooss; s. Judge Peter Martin and Sally Bell Burnley; b. May 6, 
1S27; Dist. Atty., Maryville, Calif.; U. S. Consul at Masatlan, Mexico; d. Dec 7, Z855. 

♦Oliver, Thomas Winfrey, A. B., A. M., '50, planter, Mitylene. 

1843, Montgomery; s. Dr. Samuel Clark Oliver and Mildred Spencer McGehee; 
b. Aug. a7, z8a7; Maj., C S. A.; Tax Collector, Montgomery Co.; m. Mary Eliaa 
Brown, Montgomery Co., Dec. 23, Z854; d. Feb. ao, Z898. 

84 Record of Stxjdents [1S47 

Owen, Richard Brown, A. B., A. M., '49, secretary, Mobile. 

X845, Mobile; s. Franklin Lewis Owen and Elizabeth Maury; b. July a, 1B2S; 
Private., C. S. A.; Rep., Gen. Assem., Ala., 1853-54; Clerk, U. S. Circuit and District 
Courts at Mobile, 1857-60; Mayor of Mobile, 1879-88; Secretary and Treas., Quaran- 
tine Board, Mobile, 2900 ; m. Anne Gayle, Mobile, June 27, 1850. 

♦Washington, George, A. B., A. M., '50, lawyer, Starkville, Miss. 

1845, Warsaw, Sumter Co.; s. Dr. Robert W. Washinffton; b. Sept 24, x8a6; 
Planter; m. Miss Cromwell; d. 2877. 

Z847. Graduates in Schools and Non-Graduates 

♦Fisher, David White, (Soph.) 

Z846, Lowndesboro, Lowndes Co.; s. William P. Fisher; b. Dec. 16, 1829; 
Student, Univ. of N. C, 1848-50; d. 1850. 

♦Forrester, Lewis, (Soph.), physician, , Ark. 

1846, Tuscaloosa; s. William Forrester and Martha Boles; b. Feb. 22, 1S27; 
Surgeon, C. S. A.; m. Margaret Brown, July 6, 1852; d. in Ark. 

♦Harwell, Tshmael Sterling, (Fr.), lawyer, Demopolis. 

1B47, Jackson; s. Mark W. Harwell; b. Nov. 27, 1829; Adj., 48th Ala. Reg., 
C. S. A.; Mayor, Demopolis, 13 years; m. Mary E. Vaughan, Demopolis, 1853; 
d. Aug., 1893. 

♦Jeter, Richard Cone, (Soph.), Troy. 

1846, Oak Bowery, Chambers Co.; s. Samuel Jeter; b. Oct. a6, 1827. 

♦Johnston, William Cunningham, (Soph.), planter, Pickens Co. 

1845, Tuscaloosa; s. David Johnston and Sarah Cookson Terry; b. Aug. 12, 
1S27; zst Sgt., C. S. A.; m. Anna Martin, Pickens Co., 1859; killed at battle of 
Franklin, Tenn. 

♦King, Hampden Sydney, (Fr.), editor, Enterprise, Miss. 

1847, Pickensville ; s. Dr. Peyton King; b. Jan. 13, 183 1; m. (i) Miss Gates, 
(a) ; d. in Meridian about 1896. 

♦Meacham, Daniel Bernard, planter, Eutaw. 

1847, Eutaw; s. Dr. James Meacham; b. Dec. 9, 1830; d. about 1894. 

Pharr, George Mathews, (Soph.), planter, Canton Bend. 

1847, Canton; s. Ephraim Pharr and Mary Mathews; b. March 31, 1829; 
Student at Univ. of Canonsburg, Pa., 1844; Teacher at Canton Bend, i860; m. Martha 
Elizabeth Horsa Robins, Md., Dec. 20, 1849. 

♦Ragsdale, George Wesley, (Fr.), Meridian, Miss. 

1847, Pickensville; s. William Ragsdale; b. Feb. 24, 1829; d. 18 — . 

♦Robinson, Robert Tod, (Jun.), merchant and planter, . . . ., Tex. 

1845, Lowndesboro; s. William Robinson; b. March 15, 1826; d. about 1870. 

1848] Graduates with Titled Degrees 85 

Scott, John Baytop, (Soph.) 

X846, DeKalb, Mias.; b. Sept. 13, i8a8. 

Toland, John Francis Williamson, (Soph.), minister, Jonesboro, 

1847, Columbus, Mi88.; s. Joseph Toland, Chappel Hill, Tex., and Mary 
Meegee; b. April x6, 1829; Minister, Ala. M. £. Conference, (South), 1858-65, Tex. 
Conference, 1865-70, N. W. Tex. Conference, 1870-74; Teacher for several years in 
Tex.; now a Local Preacher and Teacher; m. (x) Lucy O. Randle, Lowndes Co., 
Miss., May 27, 1852, (s) Carrie N. Bullock, Valley Mills, Tex., Feb. 14, 1870. 

z848« Graduates with Titled Degrees 

♦Archibald, Abner Alexander, A. B., A. M., '51, teacher. Pleas- 
ant Ridge. 

1846, Eutaw; s. Jaxnes Hall Archibald and Mary Steele; b. Dec. xo, x8^; 
Prin., Eutaw High School, Pleasant Ridge Acad., x 853-61; m. Anna B. Hatfield, 
Eutaw, April xo, X856; d. April 9, x86x. 

♦Baptist, Edward Glanville, A. B., minister, Lewis Store, Va. 

1845, Dajrton; s. Rev. Edward Baptist; b. March 27, x8s8; Baptist Minister; 
m. (i) Maria E. Duerson, Spottsylvania, Va., Jan. xa, 1857; (a) Sarah A. Duerson» 
Spottsylvania, Va., Nov. xi, 1869; d. X89 — . 

♦Carpenter, John Nusom, A. B., A. M., lawyer, Birmingham. 

X845, Vienna, Pickens Co.; s. Churcherell Carpenter, Vienna, and Belvy Hop- 
kins; b. June XO, 1825; Reg. in Chancery, 185X; Rep., Gen. Assexn., Ala., X855; Lawyer 
at Carrollton, then Commission Merchant in Mobile; resumed Practice of Law, X885; 
m. Amelia Rosalie Crenshaw, Eutaw; d. Dec. 24, X892. 

♦Davidson, Alexander Caldwell, A. B., A. M., '51, planter, Union- 

X84S, Uniontown; s. John Howard Davidson and Martha Caldwell; b. Dec. 26, 
X826; A. M., Davidson Col., X850; Rep., Gen. Assem., Ala.; State Senator; Mem., 
Lower House, U. S. Congress, two terms; m. Maria Overton Price, Uniontown, May 
23, x86o; d. Nov. 6, X897. 

♦Fleming, John Robert, A. B., A. M., '49, physician, Forkland. 

X845, Forkland; s. Robert Fleming and Matilda Brasfield; b. Feb. X9, X830; 
M. D., X852, Charleston Med. CoL, S. C; d. X852. 

♦Fleming, William Richmond, A. B., teacher, Forkland. 

X845, Forkland; s. Robert Fleming, Forkland, and Matilda Brasfield; b. Feb. 
X3, X825; Tutor of Math., U. of Ala., X850; d. 1850. 

♦Foster, Robert Savidge, A. B., A. M., '51, physician, Foster's. 

X846, Foster's, Tuscaloosa Co.; s. Robert S. Foster, Foster's, and Ann Tomp- 
kins; b. Feb. 9, X828; M. D., Jefferson Med. Col.; d. X855. 

♦Glassell, Andrew, A. B., lawyer and capitalist, Los Angeles, Cal. 

X845, Livingston; s. Andrew Glassell, Los Angeles, Cal., and Susans Thornton; 
b. Dec. 30, 1827; m. (x) Lucy Toland, San Francisco, Cat, (2) Mrs. Virginia Micou 
Ring, New Orleans, La., X885; d. Jan. 28, X90X. 

86 Recxdrd of Students [1848 

♦Meriwether, Robert Thomas, A. B., A. M., '51, physician, Tusca- 

X845, Tuacaloou; ■. William P. Meriwether and Turner; b. Not. 24, 

x8a8; M. D., Univ. of NathviUe, zSsa; Surseon, C S. A.; m. Martha Browne, Tiit- 
calooia, Jan. 29, 1850; d. MIL Ser., Richmond, Va., Aug. 15, x86a. 

♦Penick, William Smith, A. B., A. M., '56, lawyer, Wetumpka, 

1846, Wetumpka; a. William C Penick and Nardsaa Bjen; b. Oct 7, x8j8; 
LL. B., Lebanon, Tenn., 1856; Private, Co. C, 53rd Reg. Cav., Ala., C S. A.; Circuit 
Qerk, Elmore Co., Z876-9X; m. Sophronia J. Bell, Lebanon, TenxL, 1856; d. Aug. 4, 1894. 

♦Perry, Thaddeus Hayvfood, A. B., planter, Hamburg, Ark. 

X845, Gainesville; a. Dr. Sydxtey Perry; b. Nov. aa, xSas; Lawyer at Carroll- 
ton, X850; Planter in Ark., 1850-59; ixl Lizxie T. Cook, Boligee, Jan. 17, 1850; d. 
Nov. zz, X859. 

♦Price, George Washington Fergus, A. B., A. M., D. D., '78, 
Nashville, Tenn. 

X845, Tutkegee; a. James Nichols Price, Tuskegee, and Garmelia Fraaer; b. 
Sept 34, 1830; Prin., Eufaula Acad., 1850-52; Paator, Meth. Church, Mariaxma, Fla.. 
185a; Prof., Auburn F. CoL, 1854-55; Prea., Tuskegee F. Col., 1858-72; Supt, Nitre 
and Mining Bureau, C S. A., 1863-64; Pres., HuntsviUe F. CoL, x87a-8o; Fret., 
NaahviUe CoL for Young Ladies, 1880-99; Educator; ixl (x) Elisabeth Margaxet 
Pooser, (a) Eliza Catherine Russell Pooser; d. April, 7. 1899. 

♦SafFold, William, A. B., lawyer and planter, Seguin, Tex. 

Z845, Newton Co., Miss.; s. Col. Byrd Saffold; b. March aS, x8a8; General, 
C S. A.; d. X896. 

♦Woodruff, Milford Fenn, A. B., A. M.,'si, Tuscaloosa. 

1847, Tuscaloosa; a. David Woodruff, Tuscaloosa, and Eliza Antoinette BeU, 
Norfolk, Va.; b. Aug. a, X830; Tutor, Univ. of Ala., X850-5X; Prin., Choctaw SexiL, 
x85i-5a, Tuscaloosa High School, x85a-57, Lowndesboro Acad., X858, Okolona, Miss., 
Acad., X859; d. at Savannah, Ga., Feb. 3, x86x. 

Z848. Graduates in Schools and Non-Graduates 

Ashley, Nathaniel, (Fr.), merchant, Mobile. 

X847, Sparta, Conecuh Co.; s. Wilson Ashley and Mary Ann McCreary; b. 
July 30, X830; Private, C. S. A.; Retired Merchant; ixu Polly Adams Stallworth, 
Evergreen, March 14, xSsx. 

♦Augustus, Nicholas Gaines, (Jun.), planter, < Macon, Miss. 

X847, Macon, Miss.; s. Hoxl George Baldwin Augustus and Mahala Colbert; b. 
June 13, i8a8; m. Mary Caroline Koger, Noxubee Co., Miss.; d. July 3, 1856^ 

Blackmon, David Levy, (Soph.), physician, Corsicana, Tex. 

1847, Camden; s. Thomas Blackmon; b. Feb. 8, x8a9; m. (i) Miss Mclver, (a) 
Emma Lindaey, Monroe Co. 

♦Cleveland, James Smith, (Soph.), planter, Selma. 

X847, Selma; s. Carter Harrison Qeveland and Mary Smith; b. Oct. ay, x8a9; 
in. Elizabeth Jane McCraw; d. in MiL Ser., Petersburg, Va., March xx, X865. 

18482 Graduates in Schools and Non-Graduates 87 

♦Cockrell, Nathan, (Soph.), druggist and planter, Sumter Co. 

2847, Livingston; s. Nathan Cockrell, Eutaw, and Nancy Williams; b. Jan. 
7. 1S271 Private, 36th Ala. Reg., C S. A.; m. Josephine Isabel Eddins, Dec. 6, i860; 
d. March a, z888. 

*Dean, Francis Reuben, (Fr.), merchant, Galveston, Tex. 

Z847. Brooklyn, Conecuh Co.; s. Aylett Dean; b. Feb. 22, 2833; Commission 
Merchant; d. 188 — ^. 

♦Herbert, Albert Benjamin, (Soph.), Montgomery. 

1847, Montgomery; s. Hardy Herbert; b. May 23, 2829; d. about 2853. 

*Hemdon, Edward, (Soph.), merchant. Mobile. 

1847, Eutaw; s. Thomas Hord Hemdon, Greene Co., and Emma Sarah Toul- 
min; b. Aug. 25, 2832; Private, C. S. A.; Commission Merchant; 211. Virgi2iia Bell, 
Eutaw, Ja2i. 7, 2856; killed at Battle of the Wilderness, May 5, 2864. 

Hinton, Rufus King, (Fr.), physician, Philadelphia, Pa. 

2847, Brookesville, Miss.; s. George Hinton and Elizabeth Susan King; h, 
Jan. 7, 2830; M. D., Jefferson Med. CoL. 285a; located in Philadelphia, 2870; Sur^ 
geon, C. S. A.; m. An2ia Barbara Hambright, Philadelphia, April J2, 285a. 

*Hogan, Alexander Perry, (Soph.), insurance^ Tuscaloosa. 

2847, Tuscaloosa; s. James Hogan, Tuscaloosa, and Sarah Johnson Inge; b. 
Sept. 20, 2828; City Clerk and Tax Collector, Tuscaloosa; Merchant and l2isurance; 
m. Caroline Elizabeth Snow, Tuscaloosa, Nov. 20, 2857; d. June a, 2895. 

*Inge, Richard Freer, (Jun.), lawyer,' Eutaw. 

2847, Eutaw; s. Dr. Richard Inge. Tuscaloosa, and Rebecca Eaton Brownlow; 
b. March 2a, 2830; kep.. Gen. Assem., Ala., 2853; Presidential Elector, 2856; Capt., 
28th Ala. Reg., C. S. A.; m. Frances Ai2ianda Brown, Greene Co., Dec 6, 2855; 
killed at Battle of Chickamauga, Sept. a3, 2863. 

Johnston, Robert Emmet, (Soph.) 

1847, Eutnw; s. Capt. John C. Jolmston, Choctaw Co.; b. Nov. 29, 28^9. 

Jones, Addison Ward, (Soph.) 

2848, Gai2iesville; s. Dr. Benjamin A. Jo2ies; b. Oct. 6, 2832; Student, U2iiy. 
of N. C, 2847. 

*Kennon, John Hendley, (Soph.) 

2847, Forkland; s. Dr. H. L. Ke2mon; b. May 26, 28a8. 

Killough, James Thornton, (Sen.)' :' | 1' . ;] 

1846, Drane's Mill, Choctaw Co.; s. David Killough; b. Aug. ^9, 2837. 

♦Martin, William Warner, (Jun.), planter, Macon, Miss. 

2846, Tuscaloosa; s. Joshua L. Martin and Nooe; b. Feb. mi, iSag; 

d. i8— . 

*Mason, Valerius Cunningham, (Fr.) 

1847* Wetumpka; s. W. W. Mason; b. June 26, 2833; A. B., Univ. of Ga., 1853. 

88 Record of Students [1S49 

♦Means, Hudson John, (Fr.), physician, Grenada, Miss. 

1847, Boligee; s. David John Means, Grenada, Miss., and Charlotte Johnston; 
b. Sept. 24, 1 831; M. D., (College unknown); d. 18 — , 

*Pegues, Charles Augustus, (Jun.), physician, Abbeville, Miss. 

1846, Liberty Hill, Dallas Co.; s. Christopher Burton Pegues, Liberty Hill« 
and Eliica Hodges Evans; b. June 26, 1B27; M. D., Charleston, S. C. 1853; Surgeon, 
C. S. A.; m. (i) Nannie Ragsdale, Aberdeen, Miss., 1855, (a) Mrs. Mary Logan, 
(fM« Danforth), New Orleans, 2870; d. Dec. as, 1895. 

♦Pitts, Arthur Bevin Dandridge, (Soph.), planter, Uniontown. 

1847, Uniontown; s. Thomas Daniel Pitts, Uniontown, and Mary Grey; bw 
Sept. 8. i8j8; d. July 26, 1856. 

♦Reynolds, Peyton Wesley, (Jun.), merchant. New Orleans, La, 

1846, Greensboro; s. Joel Resmolds; b. Feb. 7, xSag; Quartermaster, C S. A.; 
Commission Merchant; m. Margaret E. Newman, New Orleans, La., Feb. xo, 1858; 
d. at Bay Sl Louis, Miss., April 17, 2874. 

♦Shackelford, James Turner, (Jun.) 

2847, Livingston; s. Richard D. Shackelford; b. Oct 17, 1827; d. 2850. 

♦Snow, Henry Boylston, (Soph.), merchant, Tuscaloosa. 

2847, Tuscaloosa; s. Henry Adams Snow, Tuscaloosa, and Abby Hasard; bb 
Aug. 4, 2832; d. Jan. 6, 2860. 

♦Tutle, John Calvin, (Jun.), Vicksburg, Miss. 

2846, Columbus, Miss.; b. April 9, 1B27; d. June 19, 2856. 

♦Vaughan, George Washington, physician. Canton, Miss. 

2847, Tuscaloosa; s. Edward B. Vaughan and Mariah Blackburn; b. Jan. 30, 
2832; M. D., Philadelphia, 2853; 2st Lieut., Lumdsden's Ala. Battery, 2862-62; AssL 
Surgeon, Tarrant's Ala. Battery, 2863-64; m. (2) Alberta Sykes, Columbus, Miss., C<) 
Mrs. Carrie Andrews (n## Thomas), Union Springs; d. 28 — ^. 

♦Ward, Benjamin Noah, (Soph.), physician, Carthage, Miss. 

2847, Macon, Miss., s. Benjamin Needham Ward and Sallie Agnes Beamon; 
b. Feb. 2, 1829; M. D., S. C. Col.; Surgeon, Baldwin's Brigade, C. S. A.; m. CarcH 
line Harriett Dismukes, Carthage, Miss.; d. at Yazoo, Miss., March 32, 2895. 

Williams, Henry Lawrence, (Soph.), physician, Dunbar, Miss. 

2847, Pickensville; s. Curtis Williams and Patience Thomas; b. Nov. 4, 2829; 
M. D., Jefferson Med. Col.; Surgeon, C. S. A.; m. Virginia Pigeon Petty, Picke2is Co. 

♦Williams, Jesse Milton, (Jun.), merchant, Mansfield, La. 

2846, Pickensville; s. Lightfoot Williams, Ma2isfield, La., and Mary Thomas; 
b. Jan. 22, 2832; Capt., 2nd La. Reg., 2862; CoL, 2863, Brig.-Gen., 2864, C S. A.; 
killed at Battle of Spottsylvania, Va., May 22, 2864. 

1849. Graduates with Titled Degrees 

Augustus, William Baldwin, A. B., planter, Macon, Miss. 

2847, Macon, Miss.; s. Hon. George Baldwin Augustus and Mahala Colbert; 
b. April 22, 2830; Rep., Gen. Assem., Miss., 1860-62, 1878; Mem. R. R. Commission, 

1849] Graduates with Titled Degrees 89 

i88a-84; Quartermaster, 4Z8t Miss. Reg., C. S. A.; m. (x) Shadie A. Brooks, Noxu- 
bee Co., Nov., Z855, (2) Anna Clemens, Noxubee Co., z868, (3) Kate Brantley, New 
Orleans, 1875. 

Bridges, Charies Edward, A. B., accountant. New Orleans, La. 

2847, Mobile; s. John Whipple Bridges, Mobile, and Eleanor Brook Jones; b. 
Dec. 7, 1828; Lawyer a while, now Accountant; Maj., C. S. A.; m. Mary Elizabeth 
McMillan, Spring Hill, Ala., May 2, 1852. 

♦Burford, Charles Mitchell, A. B., A. M., '52, lawyer, Camden. 

1846. Camden; s. Lenard M. Burford, Camden, and Wuman; b. 

Dec. 15, 1827; killed in Battle Resaca, Ga., 1864. 

♦Cook, Walter, A. B., planter, Talladega. 

2845, Hayneville; s. Nathan Cook and Herbert; b. Oct. 5, 1827; Rep., 

Gen. Assem., Ala., 1853; Capt., loth Reg., Ala. Inf., C. S. A.; killed in battle at 
Salem, Va., 1864. 

Fitts, James Harris, A. B., A. M., '52, banker, Tuscaloosa. 

1846, Tuscaloosa; s. James Harris Fitts and Rebecca Alston; b. Oct. X2, 1830; 
City Att'y, Tuscaloosa, 1855; Att'y» State Bank, 1857-59; C. S. Depositary, 1863-64; 
Treas., Tuscaloosa, 1868-72; Trustee, U. of Ala., 1865-68; Fiscal Agent, U. of Ala., 

1866-69; Treas., U. of Ala., 1872 ; Trustee, Bishop's Fund, Diocese of Ala., 

2896-99; established Bank of J. H. Fitts & Co., 1865; organized Cotton Mills, Tus- 
caloosa, 1879; m. Mary Elizabeth Burges, Bayou Huff Power, La., May 2, 2855. 

*Fitzpatrick, Phillips, A. B., A. M., physician, Wetumpka. 

1847, Wetumpka; s. Benjamin Fitzpatrick, Wetumpka, and Sarah Terry El- 
more; b. March 15, 1830; M. D., 1854, Univ. of La.; Asst. Physician, C. S. A., 
1863-65; m. (i) Mary Bethea, Montgomery, 1858, (2) Jennie L. Kelly, Coosa Co., 
X875; d. April 29, 1 901. 

Henley, Felix Grundy, A. B., A. M., '56, merchant, Aberdeen, 
Miss. < 

1846, Pickensville, Pickens Co.; s. Darby Henley, Pickensville, and Margaret 
Cole Terrell; b. July zj, 1828; Commissary C S. A.; m. (x) Minnie Bradshaw, 
Pickensville, Aug. 12, 1850, (2) Mary B. Hogan, Aberdeen, Miss., Dec. 14, 1859. 

♦Hester, Manly Lee, A. B., A. M., '52, physician, Jasper, Tex. 

1847, Quincy, Gadsden Co., Fla.; s. Matthew Hester and Jane Gilchrist; b. 
March i6, 1828; M. D., Univ. of La., 1852; d. Dec. 24, 1854. 

♦Hunley, Peter Forney, A. B., planter, Talladega. 

1846, Hayneville; s. Ransom Gayle Hunley, Hainieville, and Caroline Matilda 
Forney; b. Dec. 30, 1829; entered C. S. A., as Capt. Co. 1, i8th Ala. Reg., Inf., pro- 
moted to Maj., Lieut.-Col. and Col.; m. Margaret Elizabeth Johnston, Lincoln Co., 
K. C, Nov. 8, 1857; d. Dec 8, 1882. 

♦Jenkins, Andrew Jackson, A. B., A. M., '54, minister. Fort 

1847, Camden; s. Rev. John Jenkins, Allenton, and Fannie Dunnam; b. Oct. 
23, 1822; Teacher at Suggesville and Camden; Pastor of Meth. Church, South, at 
Greenville and Robinson Springs; Author of "Jenkins* English Grammar;" m. 
Georgia Watson, 1859, Lowndes Co.; d. Jan. 7, 1864. 

90 Record of Students [1849 

♦Jones, Edward Lyttleton, A. B., planter, Matagorda, Tex. 

Z846, Marion; a. Robert T. Jones; b. Nor. j, iSaj; xst Lieut, under Gen. 
Lopez, Cuban Expedition; d. Aug. 16, 1857. 

♦Martin, Alburto, A. B., A. M., '57, lawyer, Birmingham. 

1846, Jefferson Co.; s. CoL John Martin, Elyton, and Sarah Kilpatrick; b. 
July 9, 1830; Rep., Gen. Assem., Ala., 1859-63; Capt., loth Ala. Reg., C. S. A.] 
Solicitor, 3rd Jud. Circuit, Ala., 1864-68; Mem., Constitu. Convention, Ala., 1875; 
m. Harriet Louisa Mudd, Elyton; d. Nov., z88o. 

♦Martin, Lucian Van Buren, A. B., A. M., '52, lawyer, Tusca- 

1845, Tuscaloosa; s. Judge Peter Martin and bailie Bell Burnley; b. March 31, 
1829; Solicitor, 3rd Jud. Dist, Ala.; U. S. Dist. Att'y, Sou. Dis. of Ala.; m. Susan 
Fitts, Tuscaloosa, 1850; d. March 22, 1873. 

Meek, Samuel Mills, A. B., A. M., '52, lawyer, CDlumbus, Miss. 

1846, Tuscaloosa; s. Dr. Samuel Mills Meek and Ann Arabella McDowell; b. 
Nov. XX, 1830; Dist. Att'y, 6th Jud. Dist, Miss.. 1859^3; Capt, Co. H, 35th Reg., 
Miss., C. S. A., Lieut-Col., zst Reg., Miss.; Presidential Elector, Miss., 1872; State 
Senator, X9oo-04; m. Mary Lotdsa Cannon, Aug. X9, 1856. 

Moore, John, A. B., A. M., '52, lawyer, Marion. 

1847, Marion; s. Wooten Moore and Elizabeth Tooley; b. Oct 5, 1827; and 
Lieut, 40th Ala. Reg., C. S. A.; Rep., Gen. Assem., Ala., 1865-66; Judge, xst Jud. 
Circuit, Ala., 1866-68, 4th Jud. Circuit, x88o — ; m. Emile Adelia Billingslea, Marion. 
Feb. x8, X851. 

♦Owen, John Michaux, A. B., A. M., '52, lawyer, Macon, Miss. 

1846, Mobile; s. Frank Lewis Owen and Elizabeth Maury; b. Oct 4, 1830; 
Editor Southern Star, Macon, Miss., X855; ^ Oct x, 1855, at Mobile. 

Slade, Thomas Blount, A. B., A. M., '52, retired. East Lake. 

1846, Tuscaloosa; s. M. D. J. Slade; b. Nov. 2, X829; Teacher, Editor, Planter; 
m. Miss Wallace, Tuscaloosa. 

♦Tomlinson, Augustus, A. B., A. M., '52, lawyer, Camden. 

1846. Conecuh Co.; s. James Tomlinson; b. May 24, 1826, Capt, 3rd Reg., 
Ala. Cav., C. S. A.; d. in Mil. Ser. at Corinth, Miss., 1862. 

1849. Graduates in Schools and Non-Graduates 

♦Brumby, Alexander Brevard, (Jun.), teacher, Athens, Ga. 

X846, Tuscaloosa; s. Richard Trapier Brumby and Isabella Mary M. Brevard; 
b. Dec. a7t 1831; A. B., S. C. Col., 1851; d. at Athens, Ga., x879> 

♦Cobbs, John Lewis, (Soph.), merchant, Montgomery. 

1847, Tuscaloosa; s. Bishop Nicholas Hamner Cobbs and Lucy H. L. Cobbs; 
b. Dec. 7, 1833; Capt, C. S. A.; Treas., Ala., two terms; m. Dollie E. Pegues, Dallas 
Co., Oct 13, 1858; d. Nov. 27, X897. 

♦Cockrell, Macklen Nusom, (Soph.), merchant, Arringtons. 

1847, Eutaw; s. Nathan Cockrell, Eutaw, and Nancy Williams; b. Jan. 29, 
X830; Private, C. S. A.; engaged in Planting; m. Permela Coleman; d. Oct. 8, 1887. 

1849] Graduates in Schools and Non-Graduates 91 

♦Fitzpatrick, Morris Martin, (Soph.), New Orleans, La, 

Z848, Wetumpka; a. Benj&min Fitxpatrick and Sarah Terry Elmore; b. Nor. so, 
1831; d. Sept., 1853. 

Greene, Daniel Ezekiel, (Fr.) 

1848, Livingston; a. William Stacy Greene; b. Nov. 13, 1831. 

♦Hemdon, Robert Edward, (Jun.), merchant. Hall's Bluff, Tex, 

1846, Gainesville; s. Miu. Edward Hemdon, Livingston, and Malvina Ann 
Cammack; b. Jan. js, z8j9; d. Nov., 1859. 

♦Hewell, John Alfred Ragland, (Fr.), physician, Brewersville. 

1848, Tuscaloosa; s. Dabney Camp Hewell, Tuscaloosa, and Ann Boiling 
Vaughan; b. Jan. z, z83s; Asst. Surgeon, C S. A.; killed in battle, Fannizigton» 
Tcnn., Oct 7» 1863. 

♦Hogan, Richard Inge, (Jun.), planter, Dubuque, Iowa* 

1847, Tuscaloosa; s. James Hogan, Tuscaloosa, and Sarah Johnson Inge; b. 
April zo, Z830; Teacher in Tuscaloosa, afterwards Planter in Iowa; d. Jan. a, Z864. 

Houston, James Harvey, (Jun.), real estate, Opelousas, La. 

Z847, Livingston; s. R. F. Houston and Ann Gillespie; b. Nov. z8, z8a8; 
Private, C. S. A.; m. Mary Aznanda Smith, Oct. a, z85z. 

Houston, John Clinton, (Fr.), clerk. Meridian, Miss. 

Z848, Livingston; s. Robert Finley Houston, Meridian, Miss., and Azm Gilles- 
pie; b. July zz, z83z; zst Lieut, C. S. A.; m. (z) Genie Arrington, Livingston; (a) 
Sallie M. Arrington, Livingstozi. 

Jones, Albert Colgin, (Fr.) 

Z848, Matagorda, Tex., s. John H. Jones, Mobile, and Mrs. Caroline Irby {tug 
Colgin), of Tuscaloosa; b. May zo, Z83Z. 

♦Jones, James Sanford, (Jun.), Marlin, Tex. 

Z847, Evergreen; s. Churchill Jones; b. April as, z8a8; d. z88z. 

Kennard, Smith Ogilvie, (Fr.) 

Z848, Livingston; s. James P. Kenziard; b. Sept 23, z8a8. 

Lake, Thomas Harden, (Fr.), merchant. Mobile. 

Z848, Livingston; s. Joseph Lake, Livingston, and Margaret Caroline Scales; 
b. Feb. as, Z834; Capt, C. S. A.; m. (z) Sarah Lane Houston, Livizigston, March a9, 
1854, (2) Sarah Elizabeth Hopkins, Stockton, Calif., Juzie 24, 1Z72. 

*Lee, John Holmes, (Sen.), planter, Marion. 

Z847, Marion; s. David Lee and Haran Holmes; b. Aug. aSt z8a8; Trustee, 
Howard Col. more than 20 years; Trustee Judson Izist, Z87Z-88; m. Winifred Ann 
Lane, Marezigo Co., Nov. 1%, Z854; d. June Z7, z888. 

Mabee, Edmund, (Fr.) 

Z848, Livingston; b. Feb. Z4, zSas. 

92 Record of Students [1849 

^Marshall, Francis Pincham, (Fr.), planter^ Tumbull. 

XS48, Tumbull, Monroe Co.; a. John Marshall, TumbuU, and Elixa Dennis 
Pincham; b. Nov. 12, 1830; Orderly Sgt., C. S. A.; m. Rachael English, Monroe Co., 
2854; d. Feb., i86a, at Ft Donalson, Tenn. 

♦McGee, John, (Soph.)» Alpine. 

1847, Sumter Co.; s. Micajah McGee; b. July z8, 1831; M. D., Univ. of La., 
1853; Lieut.-CoL, 37th Miss Inf., C. S. A.; Editor Courier^ Enterprise, Miss.; Author, 
"Articles on the War;" d. 189—. 

Mitchell, Thomas Jefferson, (Jun.), physician, Jackson, Miss. 

Z847, Eutaw; s. Cullen Mitchell, Huntsville, and Mary T. Sykes; b. July 4, 
1830; M. D., Univ. of Pa.; began Practice at Jackson, 1862, spent one year in West 
Indies, and studied one year in Paris; City Physician, Jackson, 1853; Surgeon, 39th 
Miss. Reg., C S. A.; Physician State Prison, 1870-75; SupL, Miss. State Insane 
Hosp., 1878 ; m. Annie McWilUe, Jackson, May 27, 2858. 

♦Moody, Francis Henry, (Fr.), lawyer^ Little Rock, Ark. 

1848, Mt Pleasant, Maury Co., Tenn.; s. Francis T. Moody, Helena, Ark., 
and Mary Wortham; b. June ao, 2829; Treas. of Ark., 2862; Rep., Gen. Assem., 
Ark., 2856-57; m- Arkie T. Hill, Little Rock, Ark., 2857; d. Oct, 2873- 

♦Prince, Oliver Thomas, (Jun.), planter, Tuscaloosa. 

2847, Tuscaloosa; s. Dr. Sydney Smith Prince, LaGrange, Ga., and Arabella 
Toole Lawrence; b. Sept. 7, 2828; m. Anne Stuart Clements, Tuscaloosa, 2853; d. 
in Hale Co., Nov. 29, 2863. 

♦Robinson, Anselm Paris, (Soph.), Wetumpka. 

2848, Wetumpka; b. March 7, 2829; Private, 3rd Ala., C S. A.; killed in 
battle near Richmond, Va., 286^. 

♦Stallworth, Robert Payne, (Fr.), Lott, Tex. 

2848, Evergreen; s. Nicholas Stallworth and Martha Travis; b. April 3, 2833; 
m. Pollie A. Mosely, Evergreen; d. in Falls Co., Tex., Oct, 288s. 

♦Wallace, Edward Gantt, (Fr.), , Miss. 

2848, Tuscaloosa; s. Hon. James B. Wallace and Caroline Craddock; b. Jan. 
8, 283a; d. 28 — ^. 

♦Webb, Samuel Jesse, (Soph.), Greensboro. 

2848, Greensboro; s. D. Thomas Webb and Martha Dicke2is; b. June 38, 2830; 
m Lucy Cocke, Greene Co.; d. Jan. 5, 2856. 

Whitehead, Isaac Washington, (Fr.), Canton, Miss. 

2849, Canton, Miss.; s. Isaac H. Whitehead; b. Sept 6, 2829; Student, Univ. 
of Miss. 

♦Williams, Joseph Millard, (Soph.), physician, Montgomery. 

2848, Vernon, Autauga Co.; b. Aug. 7, 283a; Surgeon, C. S. A.; M. D., Univ. 
of Penn, 2855; >&• Mary Louise Marks, Montg02nery, July x, 2857; d. Oct 1$, i9St, 
in Elmore Co. 

1850] Graduates with Titled Degrees 93 

1850. Graduates with Titled Degrees 

♦Bugbee, Thomas Francis, A. B., A. M., '53, lawyer, Mont- 

1848, Montgomery; s. Francis Bugbee, Montgomery, and Lavinia Hudaon Tar- 
rant; b. March 12, 1831; d. Oct., 1859. 

♦Cleveland, Carter Harrison, A. B., A. M., '53, planter, Selmai 

1847, Selma; a. Carter Harrison Cleveland and Mary Smith; b. Dec 7, 1827; 
Practiced Law a few years; m. Eliza Gray Jones, Dallas Co., June 15, 1870; d. 
March 10, 1896. 

♦Cleveland, Morgan Smith, A. B., lawyer and planter^ Summer- 

1847, Selma; s. Carter Harrison Cleveland and Mary Smith; b. March as, 
Z832; Adj., 8th Ala. Reg., Vol., C. S. A.; m. Caroline Pinson, Summerfield; d. 
Oct 20, 1869. 

♦Deason, Ira Griffin, A. B., teacher, Jonesboro. 

1847, Northport; s. Absalom Deason; b. Oct a, 1824; d. 1852. 

♦de Yampert, John Lucius, A. B., planter, Poplar Bluff, Ark. 

1847, Marion; s. Lucius Quintus Cincinnatus de Yampert, Perry Co., and 
Anna Overton Wingfield; b. Jan. 7, 1830; Trustee, Vanderbilt Univ.; m. Anna 
Judson King, Marion, 1850; d. April x, x888. 

♦Foster, William Lovelace, A. B., A. M., '54, minister, Ladonia, 

1847, Tuscaloosa; s. Robert Savidge Foster and Ann Tompkins; b. Jan. 29, 
1830; Prof. Math., Baylor Univ., Tex.; Chaplain, C. S. A.; Pastor, Baptist Churches 
at Palo Alto, Miss., Starkville, Miss., and Ladonia, Tex.; m. Mildred Maxwell, 
Clinton, Ala., June 15, 1855; d. Aug. 9, 1869. 

♦Gould, Ebenezer Porter, A. B., A. M., '53, lawyer, Cameron, 

2847, Tuscaloosa; s. Daniel Gould, Statesville, N. C; and Zilpha M. Simonton; 
b. Jan. 14, 1832; Capt, 4th Reg., Tex. Vol., C. S. A.; d. in Mil. Ser. at Richmond, 
Va., 2863. 

♦Hawthorne, John Jefferson, A. B., lawyer and planter, Pine 

1847, Belleville, Conecuh Co.; s. Joseph Richard Hawthorne, Sr., Pine Apple, 
Wilcox Co., and Sarah C. King; b. Sept. 5, 1830; d. May 20, 1856. 

♦King, William Thomas, A. B., planter. Kings Landing. 

1843-44, 1847, Tuscaloosa; s. Gen. Thomas D. King; b. March 26, 1829; Capt, 
44th Reg., Ala. VoL, C. S. A.; killed second battle of Manassas, Aug. 30, 1862. 

Marshall, John Alfred, A. B., A. M., '55, teacher, Appleby, Tex. 

1847, Tumbull, Monroe Co.; s. John Marshall, Turnbull, and Eliza Dennis 
Pxncham; b. Sept 5, 1827; Lieut, 2nd Ala. Reg., Cav., C S. A.; m. Louisa Phillips, 
Monroe Co., Sept 30, 1856. 

94 Record of Students [1850 

♦Meriwether, John Samuel, A. B., A. M., '53, physician, Eutaw, 

x847f EttUw; t. Dr. Willis Meriwether and Judith Pollard Childs; b. Jan. a8, 
1830: M. D., Charletton lied. CoL, 2853; Surgeon, rank of ICaj., C S. A.; m. 
Alice Coleman, Eutaw, Nov. 8, z86o; d. May a6, 1879. 

♦Ormond, John James, A. B., A. M., '53, physician, Faunsdale. 

1847, Tuicaloosa; s. Hon. John J. Ormond and Banks; b. Jan. S7, 

1831; M. D., (College unknown); Reg. in Chancery, Greene Co.; d. Jan. it, 2896. 

♦Patton, Walter Steele, A. B., A. M., '54, physician, Knoxville. 

1847* Knoxville, Greene Co.; s. Dr. William Patton and Elisabeth Steele; b. 
Sept. 6, x8s7; M. D., Uniy. of La.; d. 1859. 

♦Prince, Josiah Edmund, A. B., A. M., '54, physician, GDrpus 
Cristi, Tex. 

1847, Tuscaloosa; s. Edmund Prince and Elisabeth T. Lawrence; b. April is, 
283s; M. D., Jefferson Med. CoL, 2852; Surgeon, C S. A.; m. (x) Sarah Elisabeth 
Bohannon, Dec 24, X85S, (s) Margaret Mathews; d. June, 1896. 

Williamson, James Francis, A. B., planter, G^atopa. 

1847, BrewersviUe, Sumter Co.; s. Alex. Williamson, BrewersviUe, and Mil- 
dred Jones; b. June 3, 1824; Private, C S. A.; Prof. Math., College, Marshall, Tex., 
285S-53; County Surveyor; m. Mary Elisabeth Patterson, May 2t, 1864, Sumter Co. 

Z850. Graduates in Schools and Non-Graduates 

♦Abrahams, Edward Ward, (Soph.), lawyer, McKinlcy. 

2849, Livingston; s. James A. Abrahams; b. Oct 2, 283s; A. B., Univ. of 
Ga., 285s; Probate Judge, Sumter Co.; m. Susan Ayres, McKlnley, May, 1834; 
d. Oct, 286s. 

♦Abrahams, William Thomas, (Soph.), physician, Mobile. 

2849, Livingston; s. James A. Abrahaxns; b. May s;, 2834; M. D., Univ. of 
New York; Surgeon, C. S. A.; Physician, afterwards Merchant Broker at Mobile; 
m. Annie King Crocheron, McKinley, Nov., 2863; d. at Estill Springs, Tenn., 
Sept., 2898. 

Battle, Cullen Andrews, (Soph.), lawyer and journalist, New- 
beme, N. C. 

2849, Eufaula; s. Dr. Cullen Battle, Eufaula, and Ja2ie A. Lamon; b. June x, 
2829; County Solicitor, Presidential Elector, Delegate to Charleston Convention, 
2860; Capt, Tuskegee Light Inf.; Lieut-CoL, snd Ala., MftJ. and CoL of 3rd Ala., 
Brig. -Gen., Rode's Brigade, Maj.*CSen., C S. A.; m. Georgia F. Williams, LaGranget 
Ga., 2852. 

Gould, John McKee, (Sen.), plantert Boligee. 

2847, Boligee; s. William Proctor Gould and Ellsa Williams Chotard; b. April 
3, 2832; 2St Lieut and Capt, soth Ala. Reg., C S. A.; Civil Engineer, 2852-541 
2872-7S; Chief Dep. U. S. Marshal, Northern Dist, Ala., 1893-97; m. Delia Francis 
Thornton, Greene Co., April 6, 2854. 

♦Kilpatrick, Joseph Dickey, (Soph.), Evergreen. 

2850. Grove Hill, Clarke Co.; s. Rnfus H. Kilpatrick; b. Oct 14, 18S9; LL. B.» 
Univ. of Va., 285s; d. Feb. 12, 2857. 

1851] Graduates with Titled Degrees 95 

♦Lawrence, William Haywcx>d, (Soph.), merchant, Tuscaloosa. 

X84S, Tuscaloota; s. Judge William Haywood Lawrence and Mary Prince; bw 
July 30, 1830; Corporal, Warrior Guards, C. S. A., x86i; Capt of Inf., x86a, Capt. 
of Cav., Sth Ala. Reg., 1863-64; m. Elvira Caldwell, June 9* 1859; killed in battle 
near Rome, Ga., Oct. xa, 1864. 

McCullough, John James, (Sen.) 

1846, Mobile; s. David McCullough; b. Aug. a, X830. 

♦McWhorter, George Gray, (Soph.), lawyer, Milton, Fla. 

Z849, Wetumpka; a. Dr. Alvin A. McWhorter, Wetumpka, and Sarah Smitli, 
of Va.; b. Feb. 27, 1833; Speaker of the House, Fla. Leg., 1879; Presidential 
Elector; Chief Justice, Supreme Court of Fla., x 885-9 x; in- Mary Louise Roach, 
Wetumpka, Sept. 3, 1856; d. May ai, Z89X. 

♦Morgan, Elam Witherspoon, (Jun.), lawyer, Eutaw. 

X848, Eutaw; s. Rev. Nicholas Ross Morgan, Eutaw, and Mary Wilson 
Alexander; b. March ay, 1829; Lieut, C. S. A.; served as Judge Advocate, Mobile 
., five months; killed in battle. Peach Tree Creek, near Atlanta, Ga., July so, x803. 

♦Redwood, George Richard, (Soph.), book-keeper, Jackson, La. 

X849, Mobile; s. Richard Holman Redwood, Mobile, and Sabrina C Davis; b. 
Sept. 16, 1833; Private, C S. A.; m. Mary Louise Cullom, Cullom's Springs, Oct Z9, 
1855; d. Nov. 30, 1855. 

♦Shorter, Henry Russell, (Fr.), lawyer, Eufaula. 

1849, Eufaula; s. Reuben Clarke Shorter, Eufaula, and Mary Butler Gill; b. 
Feb. ao, X833; A. B., x8s3, Univ. of N. C; Maj., C. S. A.; Prea. Ala. R.R. Com- 
mission, X887-99; XXL Adriana Catherine Keith, Eufaula, May 9, X854; d. Nov. ay, 189$^ 

Tait, James Goode, (Fr.), planter, Nellie, Wilcox Co. 

1849, Black's Bluff, Wilcox Co.; s. James A. Tait; b. July 4, 1833; A. B., 
Harvard, X853; m. (x) Adele Augustus Barnes, Suggsville, Nov. 17, x8s6, (a) Mary 
Amelia Barnes, Mobile, Nov. 13, X883. 

♦Williams, Frederick William, (Soph.) physician, Laplace. 

x849f Tuskegee; s. William Williams, Tuskegee, and Bessie Caston, Cheraw, 
Lancaster Dist, S. C; b. Nov. 17, 1830; M. D., Penn. Med. CoL, X854; Surgeon. 
C S. A., 45th Ala.; m. Mary Henry Greenwood, Laplace, Macon Co., Feb. as, X856; 
d. Jan. 8, X890. 

♦Williams, James John Head, (Jun.) 

1847, Macon, Miss.; a. William C. Williams; b. May ag, i8a9. 

♦Williams, William Coleman, (Sen.) 

1847, Macon, Miss.; b. Aug. 29, 1827. 

Z851. Graduates with Titled Degrees 
*Beemon, George Gray, A. B., merchant. Harpersville, Miss. 

X848, Noxubee Co.; s. Whitmill Beemon; b. Oct 27, x8a9; Rep., Gen. Assem., 
Miss., x86o; Prin., Plattsburg, Miss., High School, x866-68; Merchant, x868-7x, then 
Planter, x87i*83; m. S. Jennie McCoy, Louisville, Miss., x86o; d. May xs, X883. 

96 Record of Students [1851 

♦Carter, William Pledge, A. B., planter, Furman. 

ZS48, Pine Flat, Butler Co.; s. John Carter and Frances Warren; b. Feb. 
20, 1829; Prin., Snow Hill Acad., 1852, '58, '67; Att'y at Law, 1853-55; m. Sarah 
Qementine Hobdy, Snow Hill, Feb. 11, 1863; d. Jan. j, Z90X. 

*Goldsby, Guy Smith, A. B., Simimerfield. 

1848, Summerfield; s. T. B. Goldsby; b. Oct z8, 1830; d. 185a. 

Haralson, Jonathan, A. B., A. M., '54, jurist, Montgomery. 

1848, Benton; a. William Browning Haralson and Temperance Martin Dunk- 
lin; b. Oct. 18, 1830; LL. B., Univ. of La., LL. D., 1892, Mercer; Judge, City Court, 
Selma, 1876-92; Judge, Supreme Court of Ala., 1892- 1904; Pres., Sou. Bap. Con- 
Tention, 10 years; m. (i) Mattie Ellen Thompson, Muscogee Co., Ga., April 9, 1859, 
(2) Lida J. McFaddin, Greensboro, May 20, 1869. 

♦Lewis, Thomas Hall, A. B., lawyer, Cahaba. 

1850, Jacksonville; s. Judge James L. Lewis; b. Sept. 15, 1832; Maj. of Cay., 
C. S. A.; killed in Battle of Lafayette, Ga., June 24, z864< 

♦McWhorter, Eliphalet Ariel, A. B., A. M., '54, lawyer, St. 
Mary's, Ga. 

1848, Montgomery; s. Alex. Burnett McWhorter, Montgomery, and Ellen Young- 
blood, of S. C; b. July 22, 1830; Prin., Male Acad., iilontgomery, 1851-60; Maj., 6th 
Reg., Ala. Cav., C. S. A.; Judge of the Court of Ordinary, Camden Co., Ga.; Clerk, 
Superior Court. Camden Co.; Collector of Customs, 1886-98; m. Anna G. Shepard, 
Athens, Pa., July 27, 1853; d. Jan. 16, 1898. 

Stickney, Edward Leonidas, A. B., A. M., '54, planter, Greens- 

1849, Greensboro; s. Joseph Blodgett Stickney and Harriet Grist; b. Nov. a6, 
2828; Prin. of High School "Lindesfamo," Marion, 1856-78; m. Lelia Harriet 
Robertson, Selma, May i, 1867. 

♦Wier, Joseph Patterson, A. B., A. M., '54, lawyer, Hillsboro, 

1847, Brooklyn, Noxubee Co., Miss.; s. Dr. Robert N. Wier; b. April 20, 1831; 
CoL, Tex. Reg., C. S. A.; m. Emily Catling, Hillsboro, Tex., Nov. ts, 1858; kilkd at 
Yellow Bayou, La., May 18, 1864. 

Wyman, William Stokes, A. B., A. M., '53, LL. D., '82, educator, 

1848, Montgomery; s. Justus Wyman, Montgomery, and Mary A. Stokes; b. 
Nov. 23, 1830; Student in Harvard, 1847-48; Tutor, Latin and Greek, U. of Ala., 
1852-55: Prof., Latin, 1856-60, Latin and Greek, 1860*65; Rep., Gen. Assem., Ala., 

1870-72; Prof., Latin, Univ. of Ala., 1872 ; Acting Pres., Univ. of Ala., 1879-80, 

1885-86, 1889-90; Contributor to Magazines and Periodicals; Pres., U. of Ala., X90Z — ; 
m. Melissa A. Dearing, Tuscaloosa, Dec. 29, 1853. 

1851. Graduates in Schools and Non-Graduates 

♦Acklen, Theodore, (Soph.), lawyer, Huntsville. 

1850, Huntsville; s. William Acklen and Louise King; b. Sept. 19, 1833; m. 
Harriette Martin Gooch, Valhermoso Springs, July 21, 1856; d. Nov. 18, 1870. 

i8sil Graduates in Schools and Non-Graduates 97 

♦Cochran, William Alexander, (Soph.), physician, Cambridge. 

1850, Cambridge, Dallas Co.; s. Clauditis M. Cochran and Eleanor Bainbridge 
Pouncy; b. April i, 1832; Surgeon, C. S. A.; m. Rebecca Seltzer; d. Feb. or March, 

♦Curry, James Andrew, (Soph.), merchant, Anniston. 

1850, Kelly's Springs, Talladega Co.; s. Col. William Curry and Mary Murray; 
b- May 2, 1834; Rep., Gen. Assem., Ala.; Planter; d. 189 — . 

♦Curry, Thomas Walton, (Soph.), planter, Talladega. 

1850, Kelly's Spring, Talladega Co.; s. Col. William Curry and Mary Murray; 
b. Dec. 7, 1832; CapL, sist Ala. Cav., C. S. A.; m. Josephine Turner, Talladega; 
d. 18 — . 

♦Gates, William Theodore, (Jun.), lawyer, Nicaragua, C. A. 

1849, Houston, Chickasaw Co., Miss.; s. Thomas Gates, Houston, Miss., and 
Mary Reid; b. Dec. 28, 1829; d. many years ago. 

Gilmer, George Rockingham, (Fr.) 

1850, Columbus, Miss.; s. Col. John Gilmer; b. Jao. i, 1834. 

Gunter, George Thomas, (Soph.) 

1849, Montgomery; s. Charles G. Gunter; b. Nov. 24, 1832. 

Hall, James Jones, (Fr.), physician, Orrville. 

1850, Prattville; b. Sept. 4, 1833; Private, Co. A, 56th Ala. Reg., C. S. A.; m. 
Lttcile Chambers, Rehoboth, 1885. 

♦King, Nathaniel Ragan, (Jun.), merchant, Montevallo. 

1848, Montevallo; s. Edmund King and Nancy Ragan; b. June 18, 1829; Rep., 
Gen. Assem., Ala., 1855-56; m. Salome Elizabeth Sibley, Baldwin Co., March 4, 1857; 
d. Nov. 19, 1863. 

*Marr, William Miller, (Fr.), , Tenn. 

1850, Tuscaloosa; b. April 27 ^ 1832; d. 189 — . 

*Moore, William Douglass, (Soph.), Hamburg, Ark. 

1850, Jefferson Co.; b. Nov. 12, 1827; d. 189 — . 

Packer, Alexander Hamilton, (Fr.) 

1850, Bell's Landing, Wilcox Co.; s. David Packer; b. Jan. 31, 1832. 

*Pate, Franklin Swennie, (Fr.), lawyer, , Tenn. 

1848-49, 1850-51, Jones' Bluff, Sumter Co.; s. Samuel R. Pate, Sumter Co.; 
b. Jan. 23, 1833; Lawiyer at Starkeville, Miss., 1867-70; Dist. Att'y, (appointed by 
Gov. Alcorn) ; d- 188 — . 

*Pharr, Ephraim Alexander, (Jun.), planter, Canton. 

1849, Canton, Wilcox Co.; s. Ephraim Pharr and Mary Mathews; b. Aug. 4, 
i83ii Student, Univ. of Canonsburg, Pa., 1844, Univ. of Va., 1851-53; Private, 
3rd Ala. Cav., C. S. A.; d. about 1867. 

*Player, George Cross, (Soph. ^ planter, Bartow, Fla. 

1849, Hayneville; Private, loth Ala. Inf., C. S. A.; d. 189 — , 

98 Record of Students [^852 
^Roberts, John Posey Booth, (Soph.) 

1849, Eufaula; s. John W. Roberts; b. Dec. 35, 1834; d. 186 — 

Sharp, Jacob Hunter, (Soph.), GDlumbus, Miss. 

i850» Fickensville; a. Col. £. H. Sharp; b. Feb. 6, 1833; Private, Capt and 
CoL, 44th Miss. Reg., promoted to Brig.-Gen., July 22, 1864, Atlanta, C. S. A. 

Smith, Joseph Bryson, (Soph.) , 

1850, Camden; a. Solomon Smith; b. April 24, Z83X. 

♦Spencer, Shepherd, (Soph.), druggist, Knoxville, Tenn. 

1850, Pickens Co.; s. Shepherd Spencer, Cooksville, Mj^; and Elizabeth Harris 
sen; b. July 2, 183a; Planter at Cooksvile, Miss.; m. (i) Susan E^ Fraxier, Edgefield, 
S. C, Dec, 1856, (a) Sallie Carnes, Bristol, Tenn., x88a; d. July, 1885. 

*Sykes, Solon, (Jun.), planter, Memphis, Tenn. 

1847, Grenada, Miss.; s. Benjamin Sykes, Tuscaloosa, and Lucy Burt Fox; 
b Aug. 2, 1832; A. B., Univ. of Miss., 1852; Capt., Quartermaster's Dept, 15th 
Miss. Reg., C. S. A.; Supt. Education, Montgomery Co., Miss., 1871-73; m. Margaret 
Mosby Binford, Duck Hill, Miss., Dec 29, 1853; d. Jan. zo, 1900. 

♦Tabb, John, (Soph.), Marion. 

1850, Marion; s. John Tabb; b. April i, 1832; d. July, X85X. 

♦Walker, Andre Phifer, (Jun.), lawyer, Leavenworth, Kan. 

1847, Gainesville; s. Erasmus Walker, Tuscaloosa, and Ann P. Childress; b. 
Nov. 13, 1832; m. Bennie Gorman, Tuscaloosa, May 24, i860; d. Sept 16, 1866. 

1852. Graduates with Titled Degrees 

♦Colbert, Wallace Bruce, A. B., lawyer, Macon, Miss. 

1849, Macon, Miss.; s. Hines H. Colbert and Martha Beamon; b. Nov. 17, 
1834; Mem., Constitu. Convention, Miss., 1861; Col., 40th Reg., Miss Vol., C. S. A.; 
killed in battle at Bentonville, N. C, April, 1865. 

♦Cook, Girard, A. B., lawyer, Hayneville. 

1847, Hayneville; s. Hon. Nathan Cook, Hayneville ,and Herbert; b. 

Feb. 28, 1832; Private, Hayneville Guards, 5th Ala., C S. A., promoted to ist 
Lieut.; Mayor of Hayneville; m. Miss Frasier; d. Jan., 1899. 

♦Dearing, James Martin, A. B., planter. Trinity, Miss. 

1847, Tuscaloosa; A. B. Dearing, Tuscaloosa, and Ruth Rogers; b. June za, 
1831; Capt, Miss. Reg., C. S. A.; m. Mary Eddins, Tuscaloosa, Sept. 17, 1856; d. 
Aug. 13, 1 000. 

♦Dew, Duncan, A. B., planter and capitalist, Eutaw. 

1848, Eutaw; s. Duncan Dew, Eutaw, and Sarah Greenwood; b. Jan. 16, 1832; 
Capt, 29th Ala. Reg., C. S. A.; d. Birmingham, Ala., Oct 9, 1897. 

♦Edmonds, James Roland, A. B. A. M., teacher, Tupelo, Miss. 

1850, Crawfordsville, Miss.; s. Dr. J. L. Edmonds, CrawfordsviUe, Miss, and 
Dorothy A. Wadlington; b. Sept 28, 1829; Private, C. S. A.; Supt of Education, 
8 years; m. C. N. Hamesberger, Crawfordsville, Miss., Sept., 1857; d. Jan. 19, 1899. 

1852] Graduates with Titled Degrees 99 

♦Gilmore, William James, A. B., Choctaw Co. 

2849, Sumter Co.; b. Nov. 13, 1834; County Supt. of Education, Choctaw Co.; 
Rep., Gen. Assem., Ala., 1873; d. 2873. 

♦Glassell, Johii Henry Hobart, A. B., Mobile. 

1849, Livingston; s. Andrew Glassell and Susanna Thornton; b. Oct 21, 1833; 
d. Z853. 

*Goode, James Jefferson, A. B., A. M., '56, lawyer, Grove Hill. 

1848, Grove Hill; s. James Jefferson Goode, Suggsville, and Martha Clarke, 
Ruckerville, Ga.; b. April 19, 1831; Lieut., C. S. A.; Teacher, Eufaula, 1853-54, 
State Line, Miss., 1878; Rep., Gen. Assem., Ala. Leg., 1855-58; m. Carrie £. Williams, 
Coffeeville, Dec. 16, 1858; d. Nov. 13, 1879, near Moyler's Store. 

Hargrove, Robert Kennon, A. B., A. M., '55, minister, Nash- 
ville, Tenn. 

1849, Gordo, Pickens Co.; s. Daniel Jones Hargrove and Laodicea Brantley; b 
Sept. 17, 1829; D. D., 1873, Emory Col., Ga.; Tutor, Math., U. of Ala., x852'54; 
Adjunct Prof., Math., U. of Ala., 1854-58; Pastor, Meth. Churches at Mobile, 
Columbus, Miss.. Lexington, Ky., Nashville, Tenn.; Pres., Centenary Inst., Summer- 
field, 1865-67, Tennessee F. Col., Franklin; Chaplain, C. S. A.; Bishop M. E. Church, 
South, since May, 2883; Sec, College of Bishops, since May, 1885; Pres., Board of 
Trustees, Vanderbilt, since May, 1889; m. (i) Harriet Cornelia Scott, Tuscaloosa, 
Nov. xo, 1853, (3) Ruth Eliza Scarritt, Kansas City, Mo., June so, 1895. 

Kennard, Michael Shelby, A. B., A. M., '55, teacher, La Crosse, 

1849, Gaston, Sumter Co.; s. Rev. George W. Kennard, Batesville, Ark., and 
Eliza Hopson; b. Feb. Z3, 1833; Mayor Batesville, Ark., 1858; Mem., Constitu. Con- 
vention, Ark., z86z; ist Lient and Adjt., Sweet's Tex. Reg., C. S. A.; Maj. anXi 
AdjL, McCray's (Ark.) Brigade, C. S. A.; Prin. of Wild Hans (Ark.) Academy, 
Z868-81; Pres., La Crosse (Ark.) Collegiate Inst., 1881-93; Prof., Mountain Home 
(Ark.) Baptist Col., 1893-96; Pres., of same, 1897-98; Pres., La Crosse Col. Inst, 
1899 ; Lawyer at Batesville, 1856-61; Editor The Independent Balance, Bates- 
ville, Ark., 1857-61; m. Mary Saunders, Saundersville, Tenn., Sept. 16, 1853. 

♦Knox, James Madison, A. B., planter, Knoxville. 

1848, Knoxville; s. Matthew Knox; b. May 39, 1831; d. 1869. 

*Lee, John Robert, A. B., planter, Brewersville. 

2850, Brewersville, Sumter Co.; s. William Lee, Brewersville, and Susan Stals- 
worth; b. Jan. 14, 1831; Capt., sth Reg., Ala. Vol., C. S. A.; m. Mary E. Henson; 
d. in MiL Ser. at Union Mills, Vs., Dec. 6, x86z. 

McConnell, John William, A. B., A. M., '55, merchant, Birming- 

2848, McConnells, Tuscaloosa Co.; s. John McConnell and Mary Winn; b. 
Sept. 30, Z838; Merchant, then Real Estate; m. Jane Marilla Scott, Tuscaloosa, 
April 39, 2856. 

♦McDow, John Ramsay, A. B., physician, Sumterville. 

1849, (^inesville; s. (^pt William Loftin McDow, (xainesville, and Jane 
Ramsay; b. April 15, 1839; M. D., Jefferson Med. Col.; Graduate Course in Med., 
Univ. of La.; Mem., 8th Tex. (}av.; Asst Surgeon, Polignac Brigade, C. S. A.; d. 
in MiL Ser., Harrisonbnrgh, La., Feb. 15, 1864. 

loo Record of Students [1852 

♦Meek, Henry Francis, A. B., A. M., '55, teacher, Lauderdale 
Springs, Miss. 

1848, Tuscaloosa; s. Dr. Samuel Mills Meek and Ann Arabella McDowell; 
b. Oct. 4, 1833; d. April 28, 1856. 

Patton, Thomas Jefferson, A. B., planter, Knoxville. 

1849, Greene Co.; a. Dr. William Patton and Elizabeth Steele; b. June 27, 
1831; Quartermaster's Dept., C. S. A.; Rep., Gen. Assem., Ala., three terms; m. 
Jane McGiffert, Knoxville, Dec. 2a, 1852. 

♦Peek, Roscoe, A. B., Tuscaloosa, 

1849, Tuscaloosa; s. Judge Elisha Woolsey Peck and Lucy Lamb Randall; b. 
Oct 8, 1832; d. 1854. 

♦Price, William Henry Clay, A. B., A. M., '56, editor. New York. 

1849, Tuskegee; s. James Nicholas Price and Garmellia Fraser; b. Sept. 4, 
X832; Asst. State Commissary (Ala.), i860; Capt., Co. K, zath Ala. Reg., C S. A., 
1861-63; Supt. Nitre and Mining Bureau, No. 9, rank Maj., 1863-65; Editor, 
American Grocer, N. Y., 1869-75, The Grocer, 1876, Merchants' Review, 1877-81, 
The South, 1869-75; m. Julia Arabella Darby, Auburn, July i, 1855; d. Sept. 24, i88x. 

♦Wynne, William Appling, A. B., lawyer, Greensboro. 

1849, Hollow Square, Greene Co.; s. Osmun A. Wynne; b. Dec. 7, 1832; 
d. 1869. 

1852. Graduates in Schools and Non-Graduates 

Atkinson, Thomas Parsons, (Fr.), planter, Tensaw. 

185 1, Tensaw, Baldwin Co.; s. Col. Thomas Atkinson, Tensaw, and Sarah Eng- 
lish; b. Sept. 28, 1834; Private, Mobile Rifles; Lieut., Baldwin Rangers, C. S. A.; 
m. Martha V. Binden, Mobile, Jan. 17, 1872. 

♦Aycock, Bryant Ferguson, (Jun.), , Tex. 

1849, Pickensville; s. William Terrell Aycock; b. Dec. 31, 1829; d. in Tex. 

♦Bryant, James William, (Fr.), Butler. 

185 1, Sumterville; s. Evan N. Bryant, Sumterville, and Cherry Lane Richard- 
son; b. April zz, 1834; Capt., Cav. Co., C. S. A.; m. (z) Rhoda Jane Petagrew, 
Sumterville, (2) Mattie Gilmer, Choctaw Co.; d. Jan. zz, Z893. 

Chapman, William Smith, (Jun.) 

Z848, Livingston; s. William C. A. Chapman; b. March 6, Z833. 

♦Cochrane, William Tennille, (Soph.), New Orleans, La. 

Z850, Cochrane's Mills, Pickens Co.; s. Samuel G. Cochrane; b. March 10, 
Z834; d. z8 — . 

Curry, Burwell Jordan, (Soph.), planter, Huntsville. 

Z851, Perry Co.; s. Jabez Curry, Marion, and Rebecca Jordan; b. Aug. za, Z834; 
Capt., C. S. A.; m. Bettie Hammond, Huntsville. 

Edwards, William Gray, (Soph.) 

Z85Z, Greensboro, Perry Co.; b. April Z9, Z834. 

. ** 

1852] Graduates in Schools and Non-Graduates ioi 

*Fitzpatrick, James Madison, Wetumpka, 

ZS51, Wstuznpka, Elmore Co.; b. Benjamin Fitzpatrick and Sarah Terry Elmore; 
b. Dec. 6, 1833; d. April 29, 185a. 

♦George, David Richard, (Soph.), Camden. 

1850, Camden; s. Joseph George and Nancy Warren; b. Nov. 9, 1832; d. MarcU 
9, 1854. 

Glover, Alfred Young, (Soph.), lawyer and planter, Forkland. 

1850. Forkl&nd, Greene Co.; s. Williamson A. Glover, Forkland, and Amelia T. 
Walton; b. Jan. 10, 1835; A. B., 1855, A. M., 1859, S. C. College; Capt., 43rd Ala. 
Reg., C. S. A.; Commissioner, Greene Co., 1871-73; Rep., Gen. Asaem., Ala. Leg., 
1896-98; Practiced Law, Friars Ft., Miss., 1857-61; m. Antoinette B. Malone, Columbus, 
Miss., Nov. iz, 1858. 

♦Grace, John Thomas, (Soph.), physician, Allenton. 

1850, Allenton, Wilcox Co.; s. Joshua B. Grace and Susan King; b. May 22, 
1833; M. D., College unknown; d. May 7, 1859. 

Guild, George Blackmore, (Fr.), lawyer, Nashville, Tenn. 

1 851, Gallatin. Tenn.; s. Josephus Conn Guild, Nashville, and Katherine Mont* 
goraery: b. April 8, 1834; A. B., Cumberland Univ., Lebanon, Tenn., 1855; Clerk and 
Master in Chancery i86o-6i; Adjutant, C. S. A., 1861-64, Adj. Gen. of Brigade, 1865; 
Rep., Gen. Assem., Tenn., 1871-72; State Senate 1896-97; Pres. Confederate Pension 
Board 1888-1900; Major, U. S. A., Spanish War; m. Georgia E. Thompson, Gallatin, 
Tenn., March 5, z86x. 

♦Guild, James, Jr., (Jun.), physician, Tuscaloosa. 

X848, Tusciloosa; s. Dr. James Guild, Sr., Tuscaloosa, and Mary Elizabeth Will- 
iams; b. Jan. 8, 1831; M. D., Jefferson Med. Col., 1859; enlisted as Private, appointed 
Asst. Surgeon x86x, C. S. A., X862-65; m. Margaret Bennett, Brazoria, Tex., x866; d.* 
June 18, X890. 

Harris, Mathew Henry, (Fr.) 

X851, Tuskegee, Macon Co.; s. Moses Harris; b. June xx, X831. 

♦James, Alfred Scott, (Soph.), physician, Montgomery. 

X85X, Gainestown, Clarke Co.; s. Lorenzo James; b. June 7, X832; M. D., Med« 
Col. S. C, 1856; Asst. Surgeon, C. S. A.; m. Jessie Taylor, Montgomery, April 24, 
1856; d. Feb. 28, X874. 

♦James, John Darring^on, (Jun.), Gainestown. 

x8so, Gainestown, Clarke Co.; s. Robert D. James, Gainestown, and Maria Louisa 
Cowles; b. Jan. 8, X832; d. Aug. X9, 1852. 

♦Jenkins, John James Randolph, (Soph.), planter, Camden. 

1851, Camden; s. James Jenkins, Camden, and Margaret Ann Dunnam; b. June 
22, 1834: Capt., C. S. A.; m. Rebecca Syndonia Burford; d. Jan. x8, X869. 

♦Kirby, John Newton, (Fr.), teacher and lawyer, Tex. 

1851, Tuscaloosa; b. July x8, 1832; d. x8 — . 

♦Martin, Albert Burnley, (Fr.), Tuscaloosa. 

1850, Tuscaloosa; s. Judge Peter Martin, Tuscaloosa, and Mary Burnley; b. Aug. 
ax, 1834; Private, C. S. A.; Blown up on steamboat on way home from Army, X865. 

I02 Record of Students [1852 

McQ)wn, David Courard, (Fr.), 

1851, Marshall, Texas; s. James McCown; b. May lo, 1833* 

♦NichoUs, William Charles, (Jun.), physician, Newberne. 

1849, Greene Co.; b. Jan. 13, 1833; A. B., Univ. of N. C, 1854, M. D.» Balti- 
more Med. CoL, 1856, M. D., Univ. of La., 1858; Surgeon, C S. A., x86x-6a; Editor, 
N. O. Med. and Surg. Journal, 1859-67; Prof. Med. Dept Univ. of La.; City Phjrsician 
for N. O.; Surgeon, Baltimore Infir., 1858-59, Surgeon, N. O. Charity Hospital, 1860- 
6x; Med. Director, Staff Leonidas Polk, 1862-63; m. Virginia Pollard, New Orleans, at 
Richmond, Va., Jan. xx, 1865; <L Ju^> 3Xf 1871. 

*Nuckols, Augustus Melville, (Jun.), teacher, Fayette. 

1849, Fayette Co.; s. Pouncy Nuckols and Mary Jemison; b. Oct s6, x8a3; 
Ordnance Sergeant, C. S. A.; Supt. of Education, Fayette Co., fifteen years; m. 
Lizzie Ann Hubbaxd, Fayette, Jan. 7, 1855; d. Dec 13, X896. 

♦Owen, Philip Albert, (Jun.), merchant, Washington, D. C. 

1850, Mobile; s. Franklin Lewis Owen, Mobile, and Elizabeth C Maury; b. Feb. 
aa, X833; Merchant at Mobile, 1852-55; Appointed Second Lieut, 9th Reg., U. S. A., 
1855, afterwards promoted to First Lieut, and Captain, resigned commission before 
his death; m. Margaret Wright, Oregon, X857; d. August, X878. 

♦Posey, John Caffee, (Fr.), lawyer, Florence. 

X85X, Florence; s. Sydney C. Posey and Calista De Priest; b. Feb. so, X834; 
Private, 4th Ala. Reg., C. S. A.; d. Aug. xj, x86x, from wounds received at battle of 

♦Robison, Lodowick Hill, (Jun.), planter. Forest Home. 

X850, Allenton, Wilcox Co.; s. Dr. Allen Robison, Allenton, and Sallie Hill; 
b. May 3t X828; m. Fannie Christian, Carlowville; d. Feb. xo, x85a. 

Saunders, James William, (Fr.) 

185 1, Tuscaloosa; s. Robert W. Saunders; b. Feb. 8, X836. 

Somerville, Henry Lewellyn, (Soph.), postmaster, Richmond, 

X85X, Tujoaloosa; s. Dr. James Somerville, Tuscaloosa, and Helen Wallace; b. 
Oct. 5, 183s; Private in 2nd Tex. Inf., C. S. A.; Dist. Clerk, Tax Assessor, County 
Clerk; Judge of County Court, Fort Bend Co., Tex.; m. Augusta Stratman, Rich- 
mond, Tex. 

Stickney, John Cobb, (Jun.), physician, Nicaragua, C. A. 

1850, Greensboro; s. Joseph Blodgett Stickney and Harriet Grist; b. Jan. 30, 
X832; A. B., N. C. Col., X855 M. D., Med. Col., La.; Teacher, St Wilfred's School, 
Marion, 1858-60; Medical Purveyor, Bragg's Division, C. S. A.; m. (i) Anne Grimes, 
Washington, N. C, May 27, x86x, (a) Mrs. Bettie Parsons, New Orleans, April 
XX, 187X. 

Taliaferro, Richard Thomas, (Soph.) 

X851, CarroUton; s. J. A. Taliaferro; b. Dec. 8, 1833. 

♦Terry, Edmond Townes, (Soph.), Jacksonville. 

1850, Jacksonville; s. William L. Terry; b. May X5>, X833; Theolog. Student; 
d. Talladega Co., June X7, x8sa. 

1853] Graduates with Titled Degrees 103 

♦Tumipseed, Fdix Benjamin, (Jun.), physician, Carrollton. 

1850, Carrollton; i. Daniel Tumipseed; b. Feb. x8, 1830; M. D., CoL unknown; 
m. Miss Whitfield; d. x&— . 

♦Walthall, Richard Booker, Jr., (Soph.), Greensboro. 

1851, Marion; i. Richard Booker Walthall and Sarah Martin Moody; b. April 
ii» 1833; d. Oct., 1853. 

♦Walthall, Wilson Jones, (Jun.), lawyer, Marion. 

1850, Greensboro; s. John Walthall and Permelia Jones; b. July 2, 1S32; Grad. 
Georgetown Col., Md.; m. Betty Semple, Hampton, Va., May, x86o; d. in Selma, 1869. 

♦Weaver, Philip John, (Jun.), Selma. 

1851, Selma; s. Col. Phil. J. Weaver and Anne P. Gardner; b. March ai, X83J9 
d. ifr— . 

♦Webb, Sidney Vaughan, (Soph.), physician, Coffeeville. 

1850, Marion; s. Thomas Webb and Martha Dickens; b. Feb. 25, 1832; M. D., 
Philadelphia; Surgeon, C. S. A.; d. 1897. 

Whitfield, Luke James, (Soph.), copyist, Columbus, Miss. 

1850, Columbus, Miss.; s. Hon. James Whitfield, Columbus, .Miss., and Caroline 
Dyer; b. Sept. 7, 1833; Major Quartermaster, C. S. A.; Qerk Treasury Dept., Wash- 
ington, D. C, 1868-76; Book-keeper, Copyist and Clerk; m. Elenora Harris, Holly 
Springs, Miss., April, 1856. 

♦Winn, James Williamson, (Fr.), druggist. Enterprise, Miss. 

1853, Shilob, Marengo Co.; s. John Christian Winn, Lunemberg, Va., and Louisa 
J. Price; b. Feb. 13, 1837; Postmaster at Enterprise, 1884-85; Druggist and Book- 
keeper; m. Mary Jane Smith, Marion, Miss., Dec. 14, 1858; d. at Chicago, IlL, Feb. 
JS, X891. 

1853. Graduates with Titled Degrees 

♦Adams, Robert Washington, A. B., planter, McNutt, Miss. 

1850, Warsaw, Pickens Co.; s. Dr. Talbot Adams; b. August 33, 1833; LL. B., 
Cumberland Univ.; Private, C. S. A.; d. Dec., 1867. 

♦Bonner, John Mushat, A. B., banker. New Orleans, La. 

1850, Pickens Co.; s. Samuel L. Bonner, Carrollton, and Eliza Mushat; b. Sept. 
7, 2839: Removed to New Orleans in 1856; Capt of Infantry and Col. of Cav., C. S. 
A; Judge uf 4th Judicial District of La.; Lawyer and Capitalist; d. at Los Angeles, 
CaL, Sept. 20, 1900. 

♦Chilton, Thomas George, A. B., lawyer, Montgomery. 

1850, Tuskegee; s. William Parish Chilton and Mary Morgan; b. Nov. 24, 1833; 
m. Lavinia Bradford, Coosa Co.; d. May 30, i860. 

♦Cleveland, William Calloway, A. B., minister, Talladega. 

1850, Selma; s. Carter Harrison Cleveland and Mary Smith; b. June 22, 1834; 
M. D., Col. unknown; D. D., 1875, Howard CoL; Physician, then Baptist Minister; 
Pastor I St Baptist Church, Selma, Monte vallo, and Columbia; Pres. Ala. Baptist State 
Convention ten years; m. (i) Eliza Smith, (a) Fannie Lide, (3) Catherine MaUory; 
d. Feb. 17, 1899. 

I04 Record of Students [1853 

♦Clopton, Jas. Osgood Andrews, A. B., lawyer, Tuskegee. 

1850, Notasulga, Macon Co.; s. Dr. Alford Ciopton and Kendrick; b. 

Nov. ii» 1830: d. 1863. 

♦Dailey, Franklin Oliver, A. B., teacher, Lowndes Co., Miss. 

1 85 1, Dailey'a Roads, Lowndes Co., Miss.; s. John A. Dailey; b. April 7, 1831; 
killed battle of Gettysburg, Pa., 1863. 

♦Foster, David Lawrence, A. B., A. M., '56, physician, Tuscaloosa. 

1850, Tuscaloosa; a. John L. S. Foster and Susan HoUifield; b. Oct. 27, 1831; 
M. D., Jefferson Med. Col. of Pa., and Univ. of N. Y.; Teacher, Oak Grove, Miss., 
x853'55; Surgeon, U. of Ala. 1878-1891; m. Maria Bealle, Foster's, Dec. 14, 1864; 
d. Sept. 9, 1891* 

♦Foster, George Washington, A. B., A. M., '56, banker, West 
Point, Miss. 

1850, Foster's, Tuscaloosa Co.; s. Robert Savidge Foster, Foster's, and Ana 
Tompkins; b. Feb. 22, 1832; Private, C. S. A.; m. Caroline Hasseltine Quarles, Tusca- 
loosa, Jan., 1858; d. August 14, 1889. 

Gunter, William Adams, A. B., lawyer, Montgomery. 

1849, Montgomery; a. Charles G. Gunter and Eliza Adams; b. Oct. 7, 1834; 
LL. B., Univ. of Va., 1856; m. Ellen F. Poelhiitz. 

♦McLemore, Philip Burt, A. B., A. M., '58, lawyer, Greensboro. 

1850, Greensboro; b. Dec. ii, 1830; Orderly Sgt., Co. "B," 36th Ala. Inf., C S. 
A.; m. Emma E. Morgan, Eutaw, July 10, i860; d. in Mil. Service, Gainesville, Aug. 
a3, Z862. 

♦Thornton, Edward Quinn, A. B., A. M,, '57, teacher. Auburn. 

1849, Eufaula; s. Dr. John Thornton, Lumpkin, Ga., and Mary West; b. May 
12, 1832; Asst. State Geologist, 1853-5S; Prof. Nat. Sciences, Howard Col., Marion, 
1861-62 and 1865-67; Capt., 39th Reg., Ala. Inf., C. S. A.; Aide-de-Camp to Maj.-Gen. 
H. D. Clayton, C. S. A.; Prof. Nat. Sciences, A. and M. Col. of Ala., 1875 to 1878; 
m. (i) Sallie Cocke, Marion, May, 1862, (2) Maggie Reese, Auburn, May, 1878; d. 
May 20, 1878. 

♦West, William James, A. B., teacher, Pickens Co. 

1850, Pickens Co.; s. Nathaniel West; b. Nov. 13, 1828; Killed in battle in 
Va., i86— . 

♦Williams, Charles Wightman, A. B., lawyer, Lowndesboro. 

1850, Lowndesboro; s. Thomas McCotry Williams, Midway, Bullock Co., and 
Mary Ann Shrewsbury; b. Dec. 15, 1831; Lawyer at Camden, 1858; Teacher at Pratt- 
ville, 1859, and Pcnsacola, x86o-6i; xst Lieut., Co. I, 45th Ala. Reg., C S. A.; m. 
Martha Branch Ihompson, Camden, July 19, 1859; Mortally wounded at Atlanta, Ga.» 
and died at Forsyth, Ga., Aug. 21, 1864. 

♦Yerby, John Thomas, A. B., A. M., '58, minister, Tuscaloosa. 

1850, Tuscaloosa; s. John Yerby and Baines; b. Sept. a, 1826; Prim 

of Academies; Pastor of Baptist churches; m. Mrs. Permelia Ann Pumphfrey (»## 
Miller), May 22, 1856; d. Sept. 3, 1898. 

1853I Graduates in Schools and Non-Graduates 105 

1853. Graduates in Schools and Non-Graduates 

♦Beckett, Newton Johnston, (Soph.), Aberdeen, Miss. 

2853, Pickens Co.; s. Dr. James M. Beckett; b. Sept. 9, 1834; Probate Judge, 
Monroe Co., Miss., 1859-61; Capt., Co. G, 4i8t Miss. Reg., C. S. A.; m. Olivia Cath- 
erine Watlington, Aberdeen, Miss., Aug. 10, 1855; d. at Shelbyville, Tenn., Jan. 
24, 1863. 

Brown, James Abney, (Fr.) 

1853, Hollow Square, Greene Co.; s. William Brown; b. June 21, 1834. 

♦Browning, John Bailey, (Jun.), physician, Ramsey. 

1851, Sumter Co.; s. John Browning, Dallas, Tex., and Clary Harmon Ander- 
son; b. Nov. 24, 183J; Private i6th Ala. Cav., C. S. A.; d. August, 1869. 

Qark, Thomas Christopher, (Soph.), planter, Stone. 

1853, Fairfield, Pickens Co.; s. Samuel Clark, Pickensville, and Leah White; b. 
April 3, 1833; A. B., Univ. of N. C, 1856; m. Nannie Spruil, Pickens Co., 1857. 

♦G>megys, William Crawford, (Soph.), Tuscaloosa. 

1851, Tuscaloosa; s. Edward F. Comegys, Sr., Courtland, and Susan Brown 
Fitts; b. April ai, 1835; Private, 3rd Ala. Reg., C. S. A., x86i-6s; d. from disease 
contracted in C. S. A. 

♦Craddock, James Neal, (Jun.), planter, Columbus, Miss. 

1851, Tuscaloosa; s. John Neal Craddock and Ann W. Edmundson; b. Dec. as, 
183J; Capt., 4 1 St Ala. Reg., C. S. A.; m. (i) Emma H. Putnam, Nashville, Tenn., 
June 6, 1863, (2) Alice Maude Leigh, Columbus, Miss., July 13, 1870; d. Jan. 5, 1879. 

♦Deason, Gilbert Tindle, (Jun.), physician, Elyton. 

x8si. Jasper, Walker Co.; a. Absalom Deason; b. Nov. 17, x8a8; M. D., College 
unknown; Surgeon, C. S. A.; d. 186—. 

Fisher, Lorenzo Clark, (Jun.) 

1850, Lowndesboro; s. William P. Fisher; b. Dec. 16, X833; Student Univ. of 
N. C, 1850. 

♦Foster, Adoniram Judson, (Soph.), Foster's. 

185 1, Foster's, Tuscaloosa Co.; s. Robert Savidge Foster and Ann Tompkins; b. 
Jan. 17, 1834: d. Jan. ao, 1853. 

♦Grace, Samuel, (Soph.), Elyton. 

1853, Elyton; s. Baylis E. Grace and Jane Mitchell; b. Dec 11, 1834; Student, 
Emory, Ga.; d. at Emory, Aug. 18, 1854. 

♦Harris, William Banks, (Soph.), planter, Uniontown. 

1851, Tuscaloosa; a. Richard N. Harris and Amanda M. Banks; b. Feb. aa, 1834; 
Private in Selden's Ala. Bat., C. S. A.; d. Nov., 1865. 

♦Healy, Robert James, (Fr.), physician, Raleigh. 

1853, Tuscaloosa; s. P. B. Healy, Tuscaloosa, and Mary Spiller; b. Sept 13, 
1837; M. D., Med. Col., Augusta, Ga., 1856; Capt., Co. A, X9th Ala. Reg., C S. A.; 
Killed in battle Murfreesboro, Dec. 31, X863. 

io6 Record of Students [1853 

Horton, James Edwin, (Fr.), planter, Athens. 

1 85 J, Huntsville; s. Rodah Horton, Huntsville, and Lucy Ann Otey; b. May ao» 
1833; Student one year each at Lebanon, Tenn., and Univ. of Va.; Member Gen. D. 
B. Donelaon's Staff, C S. A.; Planter in 1864-86; County Commissioner, 1876-80; 
Probate Judge, X886-Z904; m. Emily B. Donelson, near Nashville, Tenn., Oct x8, i860. 

Johnson, William, (Soph.) 

1851, Talbotton, Ga.; s. Rev. Richard Johnson; b. Aug. 4, i834' 

Lea, Robertus Kennon, (Fr.), dentist, Aberdeen, Miss. 

185a, Mobile; s. Martin A. Lea, Marion, and Afia Kennon; b. March z6, 1833. 

♦Lewis, Dixon Hall, (Fr.), Waverly, Tex. 

1851, Dallas Co.; b. Feb. 3, 1834; Moved to Texas in 1854; Capt in Emona' 
Reg., C. S. A.; m. Sarah Hill, of West Texas, i860; d. April, 1899. 

♦McCord, David James, (Fr.), planter, Avondale. 

185 J. Benton, Lowndes Co.; s. Russell Paul McCord and Elisabeth Hall; b. Sept. 
8, 1833; Private and Capt, C. S. A.; m. (x) Anna Powell, Hayneville, (2) Sallie 
Riggs, Prattville; d. Dec. 24, 1895. 

♦Mclnnis, Robert Hinds, (Jun.), planter, . Sumterville. 

1851, Sumterville, Sumter Co.; s. John Mclnnis and Anne Hinds; b. Nov. 8, 
1834; d. Dec, 1854. 

♦Mims, William Jemison, (Soph.), lawyer, Birmingham. 

1852, Perry Co.; s. David Mims; b. April zo, 1834; Tax Collector, Jefferson 
Co., one term; d. 189 — , 

♦Nott, Edward Fisher, (Soph.), Mobile. 

185 1, Mobile; s. Dr. Josiah Nott and Sarah Deas; b. Aug. 17, 1834; d. in early 
life about 1854. 

♦Odeneal, James Patrick, (Jun.), physician, Shuqualak, Miss. 

185a, Columbus, Miss.; s. Ebenezer P. Odeneal, Columbus, and Rosamond Dear- 
ing; b. Aug. ai, 1831; M. D., New Orleans; Planter; Sergeant, Army of Va., C S. A.; 
m. Callic Ballard, Nov. a6, X858; d. Dec 8, 1861. 

♦Peck, Henry St. John, (Soph.), Tuscaloosa. 

185 J, Tuscaloosa; a. Judge E. Woolsey Peck, Tuscaloosa, and Lucy Lamb Ran- 
dall; b. Jan. 14, 1835; <1- F«b. 8, x853< 

♦Pratt, Horace Southworth, (Soph.), Tuscaloosa. 

185 1, Tuscaloosa; s. Rev. Horace Southworth Pratt, Tuscaloosa, and Isabel A. 
Drysdale; b. Sept. 4, 1835; d. Jan. 33, 1853* 

Price, William Simpson, (Soph.) 

185 1, Spencerville, Marengo Co.; s. Dr. William S. Price; b. Feb. 38, 1834. 

♦Rives, Richard Harrison, (Fr.), Benton. 

1853, Benton; s. Robert Rives, Benton, and Amelia Harrison; b. March 19, 
1834; Student Columbia Col., S. C, 1853; d. Jan. 19, 1854. 

1854] Graduates with Titled Degrees 107 

*Tabb, William, (Sen.), Marion. 

1850, Mmrion; i. John Tabb; b. Dec 19* i8j8; d. Feb. J7, 1853. 

Thomas, John Horn, (Soph.) 

1851, Sumterrille; s. Wade R. Thomas; b. March is* 1832. 

Turner, Matthew, (Jun.), physician, Bladen Springs. 

1853, Bladen Springs, Choctaw Co.; s. B. D. Turner, Bladen Springs, and 
Margaret Andrews; b. Aug. 19, 1834; M. D., Univ. of Pa., 1855; Surgeon, C. S. A.; 
m. Fannie Travis, Bladen Springs, x866. 

♦Wilkerson, William Washington, (Jun.), physician, Marion. 

1851, Foster's, Tuscaloosa Co.; s. P. H. Wilkerson, Marion, and Eliza Wyatt 
Foster; b. Aug. 15, 1833; M. D., Jefferson Med. CoL, 1855; Graduate of PhiL Med. 
Association; Asst. Surgeon, C. S. A.; Pres. Board Tnistees, Howard CoL, 15 years, 
and Pres. Board Trustees, Judson Inst, several years; m. Sarah Warren Moore, Perry 
Ca, Feb. 35, 1857: d. March 7, x893> 

♦Woodruff, Daniel Webster, (Soph.), merchant. Savannah, Ga, 

1851, Tuscaloosa; s. David Woodruff and Eliza Antoinette Bell; b. Jan. 4, 1836; 
la Army of N. Va., x86x-6s; m. Rosa Fowlkes, Savannah, Ga.; d. Jan., 1866, in 

1854. Graduates with Titled Degrees 

♦Bishop, John Webster, A. B., lawyer, Talladega. 

185X, Talladega; s. s. Lewis Bishop, Knoxville, Tenn., and Susan Mynatt; b. 
Dec 19, 1831; Mem. sxst Reg., Ala. Cav., C. S. A.; Circuit Solicitor, x866; Judge 
City Court of Talladega, 1893-97; Mayor of Talladega; m. (i) Olivia Montgomery, 
Aug., z86o, (2) Ophelia Montgomery, Dec. 30, 1867; d. Oct xo, X900. 

♦Bradford, Taul, A. B., A. M., lawyer, Talladega. 

185 X, Talladega; s. Gen. Jacob Tipton Bradford and Louisiana Taul; b. Jan. so, 
2835; Major, xoth Reg., Ala. Vol., C S. A.; Lieut-Col., 30th Reg., Ala. VoL, C 
S. A.; Rep., Gen. Assem., Ala., 1870-73; Mem. Congress, 1874-76; m. Mary Isabella 
Hardie, Talladega, X855; <1* Oct so, 1883. 

♦Crawford, George Fitts, A. B., teacher, 

X85X, Crawfordville, Miss.; s. Rev. Peter Crawford; b. Oct 9, 1836; d. z 

♦Edmonds, Neville, A. B., lawyer, Louisville, Miss. 

2851, Crawfordville, Miss.; s. Dr. J. L. Edmonds and Dorathy A. Wadlington; 
b. Feb. X4, 1833; Capt, C. S. A.; d. of wounds received in C S. A. 

♦Jeffries, William Swepston, A. B., 

1853, Talladega; b. Feb. 14, 1833; d. x8 — 

♦Johnson, George Crawford, A. B., lawyer, Selma. 

2850, Selma; s. William Johnson, Selxna, and Zemia G. Phillips; b. Oct 39, 
X83Z; LL. B., Cumberland Univ., 1857; Private, C S. A.; m. Abbie H. Hill, Selma, 
Nov. x6, X859; d. April 37, X869. 

Jones, Charles Osmond, A. B., Vernon Station. 

x8sx, Marion: s. William A. Jones; b. March x, 1834. 

io8 Record of Students [1854 

♦Lang, William Wiley, A. B., planter, Portland. 

185 1, Portland, Dallas Co.; 8. W. W. Lang; b. March 31, 1834; Capt. 3rd Reg., 
Ala. Cav., C S. A.; d. Nov. aa, x866. 

♦Meek, Benjamin Franklin, A. B., A. M., '58, teacher. University. 

1850, Tuscaloosa; s. Dr. Samuel M. Meek, Tuscaloosa, and Ann Arabella 
McDowell; b. Sept. ao, 1836; LL. D., 1879, Univ. of Miss.; Asst. Prof, of Ancient 
Languages, U. of Ala., 1863-65; Prof, of Ancient Languages, Wesleyan Univ., Flor- 
ence, 1868-70; Prof, of English Language and Literature, U. of Ala., xd7i-99; m. 
Nettie Hemphill, of Tuscaloosa, at San Antonio, Tex., Sept. 4, 1889; d. June 16, 1899. 

♦Montague, Caesar Rodney, A. B., lawyer, Glasgow, Mo. 

185 1, Macon, Marengo Co.; s. Robert Vaughan Montague and Emily Vaughan: 
b. Dec. 16, 1833: m. Mary Fanny Harrison, Howard Co., Mo., Nov. aa, i860; d. Aug. 
ai, 1876. 

♦Morton, Joseph Washington, A. B., Marion. 

1850, Perryville, Perry Co.; s. John Morton; b. Oct 17, 183 1; d. 1877. 

Owen, Goronwy, A. B., A. M., physician, Mobile. 

1849, Mobile; s. Frank Lewis Owen, Mobile, and Elizabeth C. Maury; b. Feb. 
IX, 183s; M. D., Univ. of Pa, 1857; Surgeon, C. S. A.; Member of Board of Health 
and Board of Censors for past ao years; Prof, in Med. Department, U. of Ala.; m. 
Susan Norris, Selma, Jan. x, 1859* 

♦Prince, Edraond Lafayette, A. B., planter, Tuscaloosa. 

1849, Tuscaloosa; s. Edmund Prince and Elizabeth T. Lawrence; b. Oct 14, 
X834; and Lieut., 41st Reg., Ala. Vol., C. S. A.; d. in Mil. Service, White Sulphur 
Springs, Va., 1863. 

♦Whitfield, Henry Buchanon, A. B., A. M., '57, lawyer, Waldron, 

1850, Columbus, Miss.; s. James Whitfield, Columbus, Miss, and Caroline Dyer; 
b. April 19, X835; LL. B., Cumberland Univ., Tenn., 1857; Major on Staff of Gen. 
Baldwin, C. S. A.; Mayor of Columbus, Miss., 1871; Dist. Atty., Seventh Jud. Dist. 
of Miss., 1872-75; U. S. Dist. Atty., Northern Dist of Miss., 1876; m. (x) Laura 
Young, Columbus, Miss., May $, 1858, (a) Mrs. Mary Montgomery, X879; d. Sept 
30, X883. 

♦Winn, Walter Emmet, A. B., A. M., lawyer, Demopolis. 

X852, Demopolis; s. Asa B. Winn, of Va., and Ann Robertson; b. March 4, 1834; 
xat Lieut, Co. D, xith Ala., x 86 1-62; Adjutant-Gen., Wilcox's Brigade; m. Willey 
Glover GrifBn, Demopolis, May 6, 1857; ^' July 22, 1864, at Richmond, Va., from 
wound received in battle June aa, 1864. • 

1854. Graduates in Schools and Non-Graduates 

♦Arrington, James Nicholson, (Soph.), lawyer, Montgomery 

X853, Catoma, Montgomery Co.; s. Samuel L. Arrington and Elisa Nicholaon; 
b. Jan. xo, 1835; Capt, C. S. A.; Solicitor, Barbour Co., X865-70; d. Aug., X894. 

1854] Graduates in Schools and Non-Graduates 109 

♦Arrington, John Richard, (Fr.), planter, Woodley. 

1853, Montgomery Co.; 8. Samaei L. Arrington, Montgomery Co., and Elisa 
Nicholson; b. Dec. 24, 1836; A. B., Univ. of Ga., 1857; Lieut, C. S. A.; m. Nannie 
Dillard, 18S0: d. Nov., i88j. 

Beard, Thomas Jefferson, (Jun.), minister, Birmingham. 

1852, Uniontown; 8. Edward Derrel Beard and Caroline Videau Rembert; b. 
March 5, 1835; D. D., 1895, College unknown; Episcopal Clergyman, Rector Trinity 
Church, Demopolis, 1860-62; St. James, Eufaula, 1862-67, Helena, Ark., 1871-72, St. 
John's, Mobile, 1872-82, Advent, Birmingham, 1882-96; General Missionary, Birming- 
ham Convocation; Dean of Birmingham Convocation, 1896; m. Margaret Richie 
Chandler, Eufaula, Sept 7, 1864. 

♦Bennett, Berwick Austin, (Soph.), planter, Shiloh. 

1852, Shiloh, Marengo Co.; s. Samuel LeGrand Bennett and Martha Francis 
WooUey; b. Oct 6, 1834; Private, Co. I, 6th Ala., C. S. A.; m. (i) Susan E. Robin- 
Bcn, Marengo Co., Nov. 27, 1855, (s) Altona Hayes, Marengo Co., Dec 8, X858; d. 
from effects of Mil. Service, at Bladen Springs, March g, 1863. 

♦Bennett, Thomas Henry, (Soph.), planter, Shiloh. 

1852, Shiloh, Marengo Co.; s. Samuel Bennett, Magnolia, and Mary Francis 
WooUey; b. Jan. 15, 1833; Private, C. S. A.; m. Ellen Judith Wills, Eutaw, March 8, 
X855; d. Jan. 14, 1874. 

♦Benson, William Henry, (Jun.), physician, Staunton, Va. 

1852, Montgomery; s. Judge Nimrod Earle Benson and Catherine Laura Goldth- 
waite; b. May xo, 1835; M. D., Univ. of Md.; Asst. Surgeon, C. S. A.; Editor, 
Weturapka, Ala., 1859-60; Wrote for Newsps^ers in Philadelphia, 1884-88; d. at 
Philadelphia, Oct 3> 1&88. 

♦Blakey, James Churchill, (Soph.), physician. Cross Keys. 

2853, Cross Keys, Macon Co.; s. Dr. B. A. Blakey, Cross Keys, and Mary Elisa- 
beth Taliefero; b. Nov. 2, 1835; m. Amelia Parish; d. 18 — ^. 

Bryan, Charles Joseph, (Soph.), planter, Tuskegee. 

1852, Tuskegee, Macon Co.; s. Thomas Jefferson Bryan, Tuskegee, and Elizabeth 
Moore Martin; b. June s, 1836; Capt, Co. C, Tuskegee Light Infantry, 3rd Ala. Reg., 
C. S. A.; Brig.-Gen., A. N. G., 1886-94; Rep., Gen. Assem., Ala., 1859-64; Commission 
Merchant, Montgomery, 1865-77. 

♦Cochrane, Robert Henry, (Soph.), New Orleans, La. 

1849, Cochranes's Mills, Pickens Co.; s. Dr. Samuel G. Cochrane; b. Oct 11, 
1832; Proprietor of Flour and Corn Mill; d. 18 — . 

♦Davidson, James LaFayette, (Soph.), merchant, Centreville. 

1853, Centreville; s. Samuel Wilson Davidson and Frances Stringfellow; b. Feb. 
14* 1837; Caot, nth Ala. Reg., 1861-62; 62nd Ala., 1864, Lieut-Col. of Brigade, 1865, 
C S. A.; Probate Judge, Bibb Co., 1895-96; m. (i) Fannie L. Barclay, Talladega, 
Jan. 27, 1864, (2) Sue A. Powell, Clarke Co., Nov. 17, 1867; d. Feb. 16, 1896. 

♦Doby, James Miller, (Soph.), physician, , Ark. 

1854, Bell Air, S. C; s. John M. Doby; b. May 17, 1831; d. 189 — . 

no Record of Students l^^S4 

*DuBose, Isaiah, (Soph.), planter, MaooiL 

1853, McKinley, Marengo Co.; s. James Heniy DuBoae and Harriet Evans 
Pegues; b. Feb. 7, 1835; Corporal, Cavalry of Canebrake Legion; Cotton Merchant; 
m. Adele Louise McRae, "Athol" estate, Marengo Co., Dec, 1856; d. Sept., i86x. 


♦DuBose, Walter, (Soph.), planter, Carthage. 

1851, McKinley; s. James Henry DuBose, Birmingham, and Harriet Evans 
Pegues; b. Sept a6, 1833; Capt., 43rd Reg. Inf., Ala. Vol., C. S. A.; m. Matilda John- 
son, Tuscaloosa, Nov., 1854; Killed Petersburg, Vs., July ag, 1864. 

♦Flournoy, Robert, (Jun.), planter. Areola, Tex. 

1853, Eufaula; s. Thomas Flournoy and Caroline Elizabeth Rogers; b. Nov. as, 
1834; Lieut., Pioneer Guards, Co. A, x86x; Kolb's Battery, 1862-65, C. S. A.; m. 
Susan McKenzie, Louisville, Barbour Co., Sept. 30, 1858; d. July 24, 1867. 

*Fowler, Richard, (Soph.), physician, , Miss. 

1853, Burnt Com; s. Hickman Fowler, Burnt Com, and Nancy Mosley; b. 
Oct. 33, 1836; Surgeon, C. S. A.; m. Sallie Andrews, Cahaba. 

♦Garrett, William W., (Soph.), planter, Forkland. 

1854, Forkland; s. Richard William Garrett and Mary Lea; b. June ao, 1836; 
d. in spring of 1870. 

♦Goldthwaite, George, (Soph.), lawyer, Leadville, Colo. 

185s, Montgomery; s. George Goldthwaite, Montgomery, and Olivia Price Wal- 
lach; b. Aug. 15, 1837; A. B., 1857, S. C. Col.; Adj., 6th Ala. Reg. Inf., and later 
Capt of Cav., C. S. A.; Dist. Atty., three terms, Nevada; Judge City Court, Lead- 
viUe^ Colo.; m. Lucy Virginia Harmon, Hamilton City, Nev., May 3, 1870; d. Oct. 
3X, 1892. 

Hardie, Joseph, (Jan.), mine operator, Birmingham. 

i8ss, Talladega; s. John Hardie, Mardisville, and Mary Mead Hall; b. June 
a6, 1833; A. B., 1855, Princeton; Adjutant, 4th Ala., i86i-6a; M«jor of Cavalry, 
Hardie's Battalion, 1863-65, C. S. A.; m. Margaret Isbell, Dec., 1856. 

Harris, Charles Hooks, (Fr.), physician, Cedartown, Ga. 

1853, Tuskegee; s. Peter C. Harris, Tuskegee, and Nardssa A. Harris; b. Feb. 
32, 1835; M. D., Univ. of City of N. Y., 1857; Asst. Surgeon, 6oth Va. Reg., C. S. A.; 
m. Maggie Ann Monk, Magnolia, N. C, May 18, 1857. 

Herbert, Hilary Abner, (Soph.), lawyer, Washington, D. C 

1853, Greenville; s. Thomas E. Herbert and Dorothy Teague Young; b. March 
IS, 1834; Capt., Major, Lieut.-Col., and Col., 8th Ala. Vol, C S. A.; Representative 
in Congress, 2nd Dist Ala., 1877-93; Secretary of the Navy, 1893-97; m. Ella B. 
Smith, Selma, April 23, 1867. 

♦Hill, James, (Soph.), planter, Mars. 

1852, Mars, Bibb Co.; s. James Hill, Bibb Co., and McMath; b. April 

23, 1832; m. C. Caffee, Bibb Co.; d. Feb. 17, 1869. 

♦Howell, Orson Valentine, (Soph.), lawyer, Cahaba. 

i853t Cahaba; s. Dr. T. J. Howell; b. August xx, X826; A. B., S. C CoL, 1858; 
d. in i860. 

1854] Graduates in Schools and Non-Graduates hi 

King, Shelby, (Soph.), minister, Marlin, Tex. 

X853, Moutevallo; b. Edmund King and Nancy Ragan; b. May 13. 1835; Pastor 
of Baptist churches in Miss and Texas; m. Mary McClurg, Perry Co. 

Lea, Williani Jones, (Soph.), planter. Mobile. 

1854, Mobile; s. Martin A. Lea, Marion, and Afia Kennon; b. Dec 2$, 1836; 
A. B., Univ. of N. C, 1857; Lieut, Carpenter's Battery, then Capt, C S. A.; m. 
Eliza Thorn Woodcock, Mobile, April 3. 1861. 

♦Lowe, Robert Joseph, (Soph.), lawyer, Huntsville. 

1853, Huntsville; s. Gen. Bartley M. Lowe and Sarah Sophia Manning; b. July 
II, 1836; Rep., Gen. Assem., Ala., 1859; Member xst Ca, 4th Ala. Reg., C S. A.; 
m. Mattie Holden; d. 1864. 

♦Moody, Edwin Francis, (Fr.), lawyer and author. Meridian, 

1853, Jackson, Miss.; s. Edwin Moody, Jackson, Miss., and Mary Holliday 
Walker; b. Nov. 27, 1833; Quartermaster Dept., C S. A.; m. Mary E. Applegate; d. 
Feb. 8, 1900. 

♦Nott, Henry Junius, (Fr.), Mobile. 

1854, Mobile; s. Dr. Josiah Clark Nott, New York, and Sarah Deas; b. Jan. 18, 
X838; A. B., S. C. CoL, 1857; Private, C. S. A.; d. in x86x. 

♦Nott, James Deas, (Soph.), Mobile. 

X852, Mobile; s. of Dr. Josiah Clark Nott, New York, and Sarah Deas; b. June 
xo, X836; Lieut., C. S. A.; Killed at Battle of Chickamauga. 

♦Ormond, William Banks, (Jun.), Tuscaloosa. 

X851, Tuscaloosa; s. John J. Ormond and Minerva Jexikins Banks; b. Jan. xx, 
1836; d. Oct x6, X854. 

Owen, George Washington, (Soph.), merchant, Q>lumbus, Miss. 

1853, Mobile; s. Franklin Lewis Owen, Mobile, and Elizabeth Maury; b. July 
'o, 1837; Private, sist Reg., Ala. VoL, C. S. A. 

♦Pegues, Samuel Wilds, (Soph.), planter, Selma. 

X853, Liberty Hill, Dallas Co.; s. Christopher B. Pegues, Liberty Hill, and 
Eliza Hodges Evans; b. April 8, 1836; A. B., Univ. of Miss; Capt., Co. D, 3rd Ala. 
Reg., C. S. A.: m. Annie Elizabeth Sanders; d. Oct. so, 1900. 

Perry, William Green, (Soph.), planter, Nesbitt, Tex. 

x8s3> Monte vallo; s. Jacob Perry, Montevallo, and Sarah McLeroy; b. March 
so, X833; LL. B., Cumberland Univ., Lebanon, Tenn., 1856; Coroner and Sheriff, 
Shelby Co., 1838; Private, C. S. A., 1863-63; Capt. and Chaplain, 44th Ala., x864-6s; 
Minister, Ala. Conference, M. E. Church, South, X860-72; Texas Conference, 1873; 
Since 1873 a local preacher in Texas Conference; m. (i) Nancy Catherine Nabors, 
Summeriield, April 9, 1857, (s) Martha Lucretia Skains, Mt Ida, Sept x, 1867. 

♦Pierce, Thomas William, (Soph.), physician, Knoxville. 

x8s3, Eutaw; s. William F. Pierce, Eutaw, and Mary Edwards Ratcliffe; b. 
Dec. S5, X836; M. D., Univ. of Va.; Surgeon, C. S. A.; Merchant, 1893-98; m. (x) 
Emma Williford, Forkland, Sept xs, 1859, (a) Pattie Kimbrough, Knoxville, Oct 17, 
1894; d. June X, 1898. 

112 Record of Students [1854 

Randolph, Edward Brett, (Fr.), lawyer, Montgomery. 

1853, Montgomery; a. Benjamin F. Randolph and Anna Page Corbin; b. March 
4, 1837; CapL, C. S. A., 1863-65; Planter; m. (i) Corinne Albert Pickett, Dec 14, 
1858, (2) Mary Amanda Sayre, Jan. 8, 1874. 

♦Sellers, Calvin Cook, (Fr.), teacher, Steadham. 

1853, Camden; b. Mar. 4, 1837; Student Univ. of N. C, 1854-56; d. 1900. 

Smith, Samuel Laban, (Jun.) 

1S51, Wacahootie^ Fla.; a. Jacob Smith; b. March 23, 1834. 

♦Snedecor, Isaac Newton, (Soph.), merchant, Birmingham. 

1853, Mt. Hebron, Greene Co.;>s. Col. James Snedecor, Mt. Hebron, and Sallie 
Oreat; b. July 16, 1833; Private, C. S. A.; Merchant at Sawyerville, then lumber 
business. Birmingham; m. Martha J. Horton, Pleasant Ridge, March 30, 1870; d. 
Feb. I J, 189 — . 

Steele, Daniel, (Fr.) 

1853, Mulberry; s. John Steele; b. July 19, 1836. 

Steele, William Angelo, (Soph.), accountant. New Orleans, La. 

1852, Huntsville; s. George Steele, Huntsville, and Eliza Weaver; b. Feb. 16, 
1836; Cashier, "Dixie Works," manufacturing wagons and harness for C. S. A.; City 
Treasurer, Canton, Miss., 1866-70; Cashier U. S. Mint, New Orleans, 1878-80; Chief 
Clerk, 1881-86; m. Kate Murphy, Huntsville, Sept. 15, 2859. 

Toulmin, Harry Theophilus, (Soph.), lawyer, Mobile. 

1852, Mobile; s. Theophilus Lindsay Toulmin and Amante E. Juzan; b. March 
4. 1835; Private, April to Sept., 1861, Lieut., Sept. to Nov., 1861, Capt., Nov., 1861, 
to Sept., 1863, Major, Sept, 1863, to Nov., 1863, LieuL-Col., Nov., 1863, to July, 1864, 
Col., July, r864, to April, 186$, C. S. A.; Presidential Elector, Ala., 1868; Rep., Gen. 
Assem., Ala., 1870-72; Judge, 6th Jud. Circuit, Ala., 1874-80; U. S. Dist. Judge, 

Southern Dist., Ala., 1887 ; Trustee Ala. Med. Col.; m. Mary Montague Hen- 

shaw, Claiborne, May 4, 1869. 

♦Walker, Robert James, (Fr.), physician, Tuscaloosa. 

1853, Tuscaloosa; s. Robert B. Walker and Eliza F. Spiller; b. Jan. 12, 1836; 
M. D., Med. Col., Augusta, Ga. ; Asst. Surgeon, C. S. A.; m. Alice Rosser, Tuscaloosa 
Co., 1867; d. July, 1894. 

Wallace, Robert Craddock, (Soph.), Carlton, Tex. 

1852, Tuscaloosa; s. Judge James Brandon Wallace and Caroline Craddock; 
b. Oct. 6, 1836. 

♦Weeden, William, (Soph.), lawyer, Huntsville. 

1852, Huntsville; s. William Weeden, Huntsville, and Jane E. Urquhart; b. 
May 12, 1836; LL. B., 1856, Centre Col., Ky.; Capt., C. S. A.; Solicitor, Madison Co., 
1870-73; d. Feb. 13, 1889. 

♦WilHford, Meaday May, (Fr.), planter, Forkland. 

1853, Forkland. Greene Co.; s. Elijah Williford, Tuscaloosa Co., and Permelia 
May; b. Jan. 19. 1837; Private in Virginia Army, C. S. A.; m. Mary High, Forkland; 
d. 1868. 

1855] Graduates with Titled Degrees 113 

Winn, Henry Jasper, (Soph.), physician. Clarendon, Tex, 

1853, Demopolis; s. Asa B. Winn and Ann Robertson; b. Feb. lo, 1836; M. D., 
New Orleans; Surgeon, C. S. A.; Health officer, Jefferson Co.; Postmaster, Birming- 
ham. 1885-88; m. (i) Eliza Ellerbe, (a) Mrs. . 

♦Witherspoon, Thomas Dwight, (Soph.), minister, Louis- 
ville, Ky. 

1853, Pontotoc, Miss.; s. Robert Franklin Witherspoon, Greensboro, and Sarah 
Agnes Fulton; b. Jan. 17, 1836; A. B., 1856, U. of Miss., A. M., 1866, D. D., 1868, 
LL. D., 18S4; Student Columbia Sem., 1856-59; Pastor, Oxford, Miss., 1859-65; Chap- 
lain, C S. A., 1861-65; Memphis, Tenn., 1865-70; Christianburg, Va., 1870-71; Chap- 
lain, U. of Va., 1871-73; Petersburg. Va., 1873-82; Louisville, Ky., 1882-91; Richmond, 
Ky., 1891-97; Prof., Central Univ., Ky., 1891-93; Louisville Presb. Theolog. Sem., 
1893-98; m. Charlotte Vernon Ingram, Oxford, Miss., Jan. 28, 1866; d. Nov. 3, 1898. 

Witherspoon, Thomas Minto, (Soph.), planter, Myrtlewood. 

1853, Pontotoc, Miss.; s. James Minto Witherspoon, Linden, and Mary A. Dick; 
b. Jan. 22t 1837; A. B., Univ. of Miss., 1856; Lieut., Co. A, xxth Ala. Reg., C. S. A., 

♦Wood, Ashley Clinton, (Soph.), lawyer, , Tex. 

1853, Fayetteville; s. John Wood; o. July xo. 1831; Private, 51st Ala. Inf., 
C. S. A.; Rep., Gen. Assem., Ala., 1870-71, 1875-76; m. M. J. Brooks, S. C, March xo, 
X857; <l. "88 — 

Wood, Felix, (Soph.) 

1853, Columbus, Miss.; s. J. M. Wood; b. July 2, 1833. 

♦Wooley, James Foster, (Jun.), lawyer, Fayette. 

1851, Foster's; s. Allen Wooley, Izzard Co., Ark., and Matilda Ann Foster; b. 
July 3, 1833; Law Student, Lebanon, Tenn.; Private, C. S. A.; d. in Prison, x86 — w 

1855. Graduates with Titled Degrees 

Qark, Joseph Pickens, A. B., A. M., '56, planter, Eutaw. 

1853, Eutaw; s. James Blair Clark, Eutaw, and Mary Erwin; b. Jan. 29, 1836; 
Private, Co. B, xith Ala., C. S. A., 1861-62; Mayor of Eutaw, 1865, 1873-75; Oerk, 
Grcuit Court, Greene Co., 1877-80; m. Lyrene Barclay Hughes, Eutaw, Jan. 

14, 1864. 

Cobbs, Richard Hooker, A. B., A. M., '58, minister, Greensboro. 

1851, Montgomery; s. Nicholas Hamner Cobbs, Montgomery, and Lucy H. L. 
Cobbs; b. Sept. 7, 1835; D. D., Centre Col., Ky., 1872; Secretary Diocesan Council of 
Ala.; Rector St. Paul's Church, Greensboro; m. Fanny A. Avery, Greensboro, May 

15, 1862. 

♦Cooke, James Jarvis, A. B., A. M., '58, merchant, Mobile. 

1 85 1, Mobile; s. R. G. Cooke; b. Aug. 22, X833; Private, 3rd Ala. Inf. Reg., 
C S. A.; m. Annie L. Powell, Montgomery, Dec 27, i860; Killed in battle Boones* 
boro, Md., Sept. 17, x86s. 

♦Foster, Jesse Green, A. B., Tuscaloosa. 

185 1, Tuscaloosa; s. John L. S. Foster, Starkville, Miss., and Susan Hollifield; 
bi Jan. 27, 1834; Accepted as Missionary to Africa by Baptist Foreign Mission Board; 
d. June X3, 185 s> 


114 Record of Students [1855 

♦Friend, Nathaniel, A. B., A. M., physician, Lampasas, Tex. 

1 85 1, Bolib'ec, Greene Ca; s. Dr. N. G. Friend; b. Aug. 6, 1834; Prof, of 
Chem., Howard Col., 1856-57; M. D., 1857, Univ. of Pa.; Surgeon, rank Major, C S. 
A.; Supt. of Education, Greene Co., 1865-66; m. Minnie Harrison, Greene Co., May 8» 
1864; d. Nov. 27 1 1877. 

Gaines, Reuben Reid, A. B., lawyer, Austin, Tex. 

1852, WillianiB Cross Roads, Choctaw Co.; s. Joab Gaines, Choctaw Co., and 
Lucinda McDavid; b. Oct 30, 1836; LL. B., 1857, Cumberland Univ., Lebanon, Tenn.; 
Adjutant, 3rd Ala. Cav., C. S. A., 1862-63 ; Asst Adjutant Gen., Morgan's Brigade, 
Allen's Division, 1863-64; Asst. Adjutant Gen., Allen's Cav. Division, 1864-65; Judge, 
6th Judicial Dist, Tex., 1876-85; Judge, Supreme Court, Tex., 1886-89; Chief Justice 
Supreme Court, Tex., 1899 ; m. Louisa Shortridge, Montevallo, March, 1859. 

Gamble, William Gaston, A. B., physician, Guntown, Miss. 

1853, Prairie Bluff, Wilcox Co.; b. March 9, 1834; M. D., 1859, Univ. of La.; 
Surgeon, C. S. A.; m. Iva Nona Agnew, Sept. 17, 1872. 

Gladney, William Hervey, A. B., teacher, Hamburg, Ark. 

1852, Aberdeen, Miss.; s. Richard Strong Gladney and Jane Amanda 
McMillan; b. Aug. 22, 1835; Prof. Math., West Tenn. Col., 1871; Pres. Milan CoL, 
Tenn., 1874; I'rin. Hamburg High School, 1882; Central High School, Bastrop, La., 
1890; Lake Providence. La., 1892; Admitted to bar, Jackson, Tenn., 1872; m. Lizzie 
Barnes, Ashley Co., Ark. 

Jackson, Benjamin Walter, A. B., merchant, Mexia, Tex. 

1852, Selma; s. F. S. Jackson, Palestine, Tex., and Margaret Susan Gee; b. 
Sept. 16, 1835; Planter; m. (i) Ellen E. Douglass, (2) Ellen T. Robinson. 

*Jones, Jasper Jefferson, A. B., lawyer, Scottsboro. 

185 1, Bolivar, Jackson Co..; s. Charles Smithson Jones, Jackson Co., and Delia 
Jones; b. Jan. 24, 1832; LL. B., Lebanon, Tenn.; Capt., then Major, i8th Batulion, 
Ala. Vol., C. S. A.; Solicitor, Jackson Co., two terms; m. Maggie Warwick, Hunta- 
ville; d. Feb. 6, 1878. 

♦Jones, John Archibald, A. B,, teacher, Lexington, Mo. 

185 1. Montgomery; s. Amos Jones, Mobile, and Elizabeth Holmes; b. April 14, 
1831; Tutor, Latin and Greek, U. of Ala., 1855-56; Prof. Math., A. C F. Col., Tuske- 
gce, 1856-58; Sec. Cotton Mills, Scottsville, Ala.; Capt., Major, Lieut -Col., and CoL, 
44th Ala. Reg., C. S. A., 1861-65; Planter, Wilcox Co.; Prin. of Academies at Carthage, 
Havana, Uniontcwn and Faunsdale, Ala.; Supt. of Education, Hale Co., 1876-80; 
Pres., Dalton, Ga., F. Col., 1885-89; Sec. Faculty, Central Col., Lexington, Mo., 
1889-96; m. Mary Vincent Scott, Tuscaloosa, May 12, 1856; d. March 20, 1896. 

Kennedy, William Leroy, A. B., A. M., '58, minister, Beaumont, 

1852, Greene Co.; s. Dr. William P. Kennedy and Elizabeth A. Means; b. Sept. 
IS, 1831; B. D., Princeton Theolog. Sem., 1858; Pastor of Presbyterian churches at 
Burton's Hill, 1858-62; Tuscaloosa, 1868-70; Birmingham, 1870-73; San Marcas, Tex., 
1875-81; Hopewell, Miss., 1881-84; Huntsville, Tex., 1884-91; San Antonio, 1891-94: 
m. (i) Parmelid B. Hughes, Greene Co., Ala,, (2) Willie R. Cocke, Tex. 

Little, George, A. B., A. M., '56, druggist, Tuscaloosa. 

1851, Tuscaloosa; s. John Little, Sr., and Barbara Kerr; b. Feb. ii, 1838; 
Ph. D., 1859, Univ. of Goettingen, Germany; Prof. Nat Science, Oakland Col, Miss., 

1855] Graduates with Titled Degrees 115 

1860-61; Private, C. S. A., 1861, Licut.-Col. and Chief Ordnance officer, Hardee's 
Corps, C. S. A., 1865; State Geoi. of Miss., 1866-70; Prof. Mineralogy and GeoL, 
U. of Miss., 1870-74, 1881-89; SUte Geol. of Ga.. 1874-79; Prof. Geol. and Agriculture, 
Univ. of Ga., 1876-78; GeoL Expert, Chattanooga, Tenn., 1889-92; Chemist, Botanist, 
Geologist and Druggist, Tuscaloosa, 189a — ; m. Carrie Pattillo Doak. 

Manly, Charles, A. B., A. M., educator, Lexington, Mo. 

1 85 1, Tuscaloosa; s. Rev. Dr. Basil Manly and Sarah Murray Rudulph; b. May 
26, 1837; D. D., :87— , William Jewell Col., Mo.; Pastor, Baptist Church, Tuscaloosa, 
1859-71, Murfreesboro, Tenn., 1871-73, Staunton, Va., 1873-80, Greenville, S. C, 
1S80-81, Belton, S C, 1882-98, Lexington, Mo., 1898 ; Pres. A. C. F. Col., Tusca- 
loosa, 1862-64, 1869-71, Union Univ., Murfreesboro, 1871-73, Purman Univ., Green- 
ville, S. C, 1881-97; Teacher, Patrick Inst., Anderson, S. C, 1897-98; m. Mary Esther 
Hellen Matthews, Cuba Station, Ala., Nov. 16, 1864. 

♦Monette, James Wilkins, A. B., planter, Sawyerville. 

1 85 1, Hollow Square, Greene Co.; s. William Fletcher Monette and Mary 
Elizabeth Sims; b. August 5,- 1833; Lieut., 40th Ala., C. S. A.; m. Mary Clifton Seay, 
Sawyerville; d. at "Oakland." Hale Co., Sept. 27, 1870. 

♦Parker, Osborne, A. B., A. M., '58, teacher, Tuscaloosa. 

1853, Monroe Co.; s. Asa Parker and Flora Graham; b. Jan. ix, 1832; Pres., 
Tuscaloosa F. Col., 1857; m. Mary Owen, Tuscaloosa; d. i860. 

Parker, William Asa, A. B., A. M., '58, LL. D., teacher. Univer- 

1853, Monroeville; s. Asa Parker and Flora Graham; b. Jan. 18, 1835; Prof, 
of Greek, Howard Col., 185S-61; ist Lieut, of Artillery, C. S. A.; Prof. Greek, U. of 

Ala., 1871-73; Modern Languages, 1874-98; Prof. German, 1898 ; m. Martha 

English Foster, Monroeville, April 3, 1862. 

Perrin, Robert, A. B., lawyer, Williams, Ariz. 

1852, Forkland, Greene Co.; s. George G. Perrin and Adaline Burt; b. June 24, 
1836; Lieut., Fowler's Battery, C. S. A.; Owner of Sheep Ranch and Banker. 

Pratt, Richard Hopkin, A. B., A. M., '71, teacher. Six Mile. 

1852, Six Mile, Bibb Co.; s. Absalom Pratt, Centreville, and Mary Dickinson; 
b. Dec 17, 1829: Capt., 20th Ala. Reg., C. S. A., afterwards Lieut.-Col. of same; 

Supt. of Education, Bibb Co., 1896 ; m. (i) Amanda Suttle, Centreville, Feb., 

1857, (2) Arvegena Peters, Six Mile, Oct. 21, 1872. 

*Richardson, John Taylor, A. B., lawyer, Paris, Tex. 

1851, Clinton; s. Griel Richardson, Clinton, and Drusilla Taylor; b. August 31, 
1833; Lawyer and Real Estate Agent; m. Cornelia Brown, Columbus, Miss., 1869; d. 
at Lexington, Ind. Ter., July, 1893. 

*Scott, Thomas James, A. B., lawyer, Montgomery. 

1852, Montgomery; s. Alfred V. Scott, Washington, D. C, and Mary Bibb; 
b. July 20, 1836; Law Student, Univ. of Va.; Private, Co. A, Mobile Cadets, C. S. A.; 
Killed battle Seven Pines, Va., May 25, 1862. 

Tate, Walter, A. B., A. M., '60, real estate, Pensacola, Fla. 

1852, Uchee, Rupsell Co.; s. John Ball Tate, Russell Co., and Rebecca Pitts; 
b. March 20, 1834; LL. B., 1856, Lebanon, Tenn.; Private, C. S. A.; County Judge, 
Pensacola, i88o-86; U. S. Commissioner, 1880-85; Admitted to bar in Memphis, Tenn.. 

ii6 Record of Students [1855 

Practiced first in Memphis, then Camden, Ala., then in Pensacola, FU.; m. (i) Sally 
Brooks Sterrett, Camden, May 27, i86a, (a) Annie Washington Blount, Pensaoola, 
Nov. 29, 1883. 

♦Yerby, Miles Hassell, A. B., A. M., '58, teacher, Greensboro. 

1852, Tuscaloosa; s. John Yerby, Prescott, Ark., and Ann Coram Hassell; bu 
June 17, 1829; County Supt. of Education, Hale Co., 1866-74; Pres., Soule Univ., Chap- 
pell Hill, Tex., 1878-1880; m. Susan Callie Gibson, Greensboro, Jan. 8, 1856; d. Nov. 
20, 1900. 

1855. Graduates in Schools and Non-Graduates 

Burke, Malcolm Clayton, (Jun.), lawyer, Montgomery. 

X851, Tuscaloosa; s. Thomas Jefferson Burke, Tuscaloosa, and Sarah Francis 
Owen; b. July 14, 1836; Asst Prof., U. of AU., x86x-6a; Capt. of Artillery, C. S. A., 
z 862-65; Mayor, Demopolis, 1882-84; Supt. Education, Marengo Co., 1878-80; Auditor, 
Ala., 1884-88; Claim Agent, L. & N. R. R.; m. Anna Ida Inge, Tuscaloosa, Dee. 

7. i8^S. 

♦Carpenter, Samuel Thompson, (Soph.), Eutaw. 

1854, Eutaw, Greene Co.; s. Nathan Carpenter; b. Nov. 13, 1835; Killed ia 
C S. A. 

♦Coleman, John Robert, (Soph.) 

1854, Hopewell, Greene Co.; b. June xo, 1834; d. 18— % 

♦Donoho, Charles Osceolo, (Fr.), Mobile. 

1853, Tuscaloosa; s. Harry Donoho and Elvira Brown; b. April 6, 1838; m. 
Miss English, Mobile; d. many years ago. 

Gavin, Absalom H., (Soph.) 

X854, PickensviUe; s. John £. Gavin; b. May 7, 1835. 

Gavin, George Poindexter, (Soph.) 

1854, Pickcnsville; s. John £. Gavin; b. April 13, 1834* 

♦Haley, John D., (Fr.), merchant, Northport. 

1854, Northport; s. James Haley and Sarah ; b. Nov. 2$, 1834; m. 

Rittie Palmer, Northport, 1859; d. about 1887. 

♦Harris, Lee Slaughter. (Fr.), teacher, Wahalak, Miss. 

1855, Wahalak, Kemper Co., Miss.; s. Dr. Benjamin G. Harris and Louisa 
Northroup; b. Aug. 18, 1836; Private, C. S. A.; d. x8 — . 

♦Hawthorne, Richard Franklin, (Soph.), physician, New Orleans, 

1854, Belleville, Conecuh Co.; s. T. J. Hawthorne, AUenton, and K. E. King; 
b. Sept JO, 1835; M. D., Bellevue, N. Y., x86x; Asst Surgeon, rank Major, C S. A.; 
Physician and Prcf. Med. Dcpt, Tulane Univ.; d. Feb. 24, 1876. 

*Hitt, Adolphus John, (Fr.) 

1854, Gainesville; s. Rev. J. M. Hitt; b. Dec. 18, 1835; ^ iS — 

1855] Graduates in Schools and Non-Graduates 117 

Hodo, Augustus Peter, (Fr.), agent, Reform. 

1854, Reform, Pickexis Co.; 8. Baldwin Heniy Hodo and Nancy WilliamB; b. 
Sept. x8, 1833; A. B., Univ. of Ga., 1858; Planter, Teacher and Agent. 

♦Jolly, John Jefferson, (Soph.), lawyer, Birmingham, Ala. 

1854, Mt Hebron. Greene Co.; a. Arnold Jolly, ML Hebron, and Judith Pear- 
ton; b. March 18, 1838; A. M., Franklin CoL, Tenn., 2856; Capt, Co. A, 43rd Ala., 
afterwards Major, LieuL-Col., and Colonel, C. S. A.; Mem. Lower house, Gen. Assent., 
Ala., 1876-77; IP. Susan Watkins Richardson, Murfreesboro, Tenn., April 8, 1858; 
d. May 2, 1 88 1, at Gainesville. 

♦Jolly, Matthew Arnold, (Soph.), physician, Mt. Hebron. 

1854, Mt. Hebron, Greene Co.; s. Arnold Jolly, Mt. Hebron, and Judith Pear- 
son; b. Aug. 4, 1835; A. M., Franklin Col., Tenn.; M. D., Philadelphia, 1858; Surgeon- 
in-Chief of Tranr-Miss. Dept, C S. A.; m. Sarah Neely, Scooba, Miss., April 8, 
1868; d. Sept, x88o. 

♦Lewis, George Shortridge, (Soph.), teacher, Montevallo. 

1854, Montevallo; s. Dr. Paul Hamilton Lewis and Elizabeth Shortridge; b. 
Oct 23, 1836; Member Texas Reg., C. S. A.; Merchant; d. Feb. 19, 2898. 

Manning, George Felix, (Fr.) 

1854, Demopolis; s. Peyton Manning and Sarah Weeden; b. Oct. ay, 1837. 

♦Martin, Joshua Lanier, (Fr.), planter, Emory, Tex. 

1854, Tuscaloosa; s. Judge Peter Martin and Mary Burnley; b. June 7, 1838; 
Private, C. S. A.; m. Emma Blocker; d. 187 — 

♦Meriwether, Joseph Zachery, (Fr.), Springfield. 

X854, Spritigfield, Greene Co.; s. Dr. Zachery Meriwether and Lucy Meriwether; 
b. Dec. 14, 1833; <^ Sept, 1855. 

Randolph, R\land, (Jun.), editor, Birmingham. 

1854, Ointon, Greene Co.; s. Victor M. Randolph, Blount Springs, and Augusta 
Ellen Cranberry; b. Oct a8, 1835; Private and ist Lieut, C. S. A.; Rep., Gen. Assem., 
Ala., 1869-70; Retired Editor; m. Catherine Clay Withers, Tuscaloosa, Feb. s, 1870. 

♦Robinson, Cornelius, (Soph.), merchant, Montgomery. 

1854, Lo^mdesboro; s. William Robinson; b. Jan. 17, 1836; Private, C. S. A.; 
d. Nov., 1897. 

♦Showalter, Joseph Clarence Marsteller, (Fr.), physician, Balti- 

1855, Uniontown; s. Dr. E. R. Showalter; b. June 7, 1837; M. D., Baltimore; 
d. 187 — , 

♦Shortridge, George Dallas, (Soph.), lawyer, Selma. 

i8s4« Montevallo; s. Hon. George Davis Shortridge and King; liu 

July a3, 1837; xst Lieut, C. S. A.; m. Victoria E. Echols, Selma, June 8, x86a; d. 
at Montevallo, Aug. S9, x868. 

ii8 Record of Students [1856 

♦Wallace, James Brandon, (Soph.), student, Tuscaloosa, 

1852, Tuscaloosa; s. James Brandon Wallace and Caroline Craddock; b. March 
^5> 1834; d. at Univ. of Va., April 33, 1856. 

Whitehead, William Davis, (Soph.) 

1854. Middleton, Carroll Co., Miss.; s. W. W. Whitehead; b. April 6, 1835. 

1856. Graduates with Titled Degrees 

*Cockrell, Nathan Elams, A. B., editor, Livingston. 

1854, Livingston; s. Dempsey Cockrell and Millicent Carpenter; b. Sept 27, 
1833; Editor and Proprietor ^'Livingston Messenger;" d. June 3, 1859. 

Cunningham, Robert, A. B,, traveling salesman, Birmingham. 

1853, Burnt Com, Marengo Co.; s. Dr. William Cunningham, Burnt Corn, and 
Mary Cunningham; b. May 3, 1837; Lieut. Co. H, and Ala. Cav., C. S. A.; Rep., Gen. 
Assera., Ala., 1876-77; Ala. Representative Preston and StaufFer, New Orleans, since 
1877: m. (i) Sarah Stallworth, Pineville, Oct., 1857, (2) Bettie Finch, Chase City, Va., 
July, 1874, (.1) Susie Everhart, Decatur, Ga., Oct., 1890. 

♦DeVotie, Noble Leslie, A. B., minister, Selma. 

1853, Marion; s. Rev. Dr. J. H. DeVotie and Margaret Christian Noble; b. 
Jan. 24, 1838; Student Princeton Theolog. Sem., 1856-59; Pastor, xst Baptist Church, 
Selma, 1859-61; Chaplain, C. S. A.; Founder of S. A. E. Fraternity; Drowned at Fort 
Morgan, Mobile Bay, Feb. 12, 1861. 

*Foster, Wade, A. B., merchant, Marshall, Tex. 

1853, Foster's, Tuscaloosa Co.; s. Robert Savidge Foster and Ann Tompkins; 
b. March 7, 1838; Prin. Starkeville, Miss., High School; Private, C. S. A.; m. Sarah 
Bell, Starkeville, Miss., Nov. 11, 1857; d. Feb. 15, 1867. 

Garrett, James Jackson, A. B., A. M., '59, lawyer, Birmingham. 

1853, Forkland; s. Harry Walton Garrett and Sarah Sasnette; b. March 13, 
1836; LL. D., 1894, Southern Univ.; Private, Ordnance Sgt and Lieut, 44th Ala., 
C. S. A.; Prof., Centenary Inst., Summerfield, 1860-61; m. Leah Celia Walton, Galla- 
tin, Tenn., May 6, 1875. 

♦Hargrove, Abdrew Coleman, A. B., A. M., lawyer, Tuscaloosa. 

1853, Tuscaloosa; s. John Hargrove, Tuscaloosa, and Martha Hinton; b. Dec 
z8, 1836; LL. B., 1859, Harvard Univ.; Lieut., Lumsden Battery, C. S. A.; Member 
Ala. Constitti. Convention, 1875; State Senator, 1876-84; Rep., Gen. Assem., z884<8s; 
Pres. State Senate, 1888-92; Member of Commission to select University Lands, 1884; 
Univ. Land Commissioner, 1885-95; Prof, of Law, U. of Ala., 1888-95; m* Cherokee 
Mims Jemison, Dec. 5, 1865; d. Dec. 6, 1895. 

Harris, John James, A. B., A. M., minister, Faunsdale. 

1852, Tuscaloosa; s. Richard N. Harris, Tuscaloosa, and Amanda M. Banks; 
b. June 10, 1837; LL. B., Cumberland Univ., Tenn.; ist and 2nd Lieut., and District 
Supt., Nitre and Mining Bureau, C. S. A.; Clerk Circuit Court, Tuscaloosa Co., 
1875-82; Mayor of Tuscaloosa; Quartermaster, U. of Ala., 1882-98; Lawyer, now 
Minister Episcopal Church; Rector at Faunsdale, 1901; m. Margaret L. Fitts, River* 
dale, Dec. 18, z88i. 

1856] Graduates in Schools and Non-Graduates 119 

♦Kerr, John Webb, A. B., lawyer, St. Louis, Mo. 

1852, Greensboro; s. John P. Kerr; b. March 7, 1835; LL- B., Harvard CoL, 
1858; d. 189S. 

*Lee, Paul Cornelius, A. B., physician, Montgomery. 

1853, Carlowville; s. Dr. Jacob Martin Lee and Rebecca Ballard Fishburne; 
b. Jan. 10, 183s; M. D., 1858, Univ. of Pa.; Surgeon, C. S. A.; m. Bettie Scott Pol- 
lard, Montgomery, Nov. 9, i860; d. March 13, 1875. 

♦Martin, John Mason, A. B., A. M., '75, lawyer, Tuscaloosa. 

1852, Tuscaloosa; s. Joshua Lanier Martin and Sara Mason; b. Jan. ao, 1838; 
A- B., 1856, A. M., 1859, and LL. D., 1886, Centre Col., Ky.; LL. D., Central U., 1878; 
LL. D., Georgetown Univ.; State Senator and Pres. of Senate, 1873-76; Rep., 49th 
Congress, 6th Dist. of Ala., 1885-87: Prof, of Law, U. of Ala., 1875-86; m. Lucy C 
Peck, Tuscaloosa: d. in Bowling Green, Ky., June 16, 1898. 

Morrissett, Edmund Pendleton, A. B., lawyer, Montgomery. 

1853, Bell's Landing, Monroe Co.; s. John Morrissett and Frances Gaines; b. 
Jan. 31, 1837; Piivate, C. S. A.; Member Board of Visitors, U. S. N. Acad., June, 
189s; m. Katie Hutcheson, March 26, 1873. 

♦Rhodes, Josias Duckett, A. B., teacher, Green Pond. 

1853, Marion; s. P. D. Rhodes, Perry Co.; b. April 12, 1829; d. near Meridian, 
Miss., Nov., 1 88 1. 

Somerville, Henderson Middleton, A. B., A. M., '59, LL. D., '87, 
lawyer. New York. 

1852, Tuscaloosa; s. Dr. James Somerville, Tuscaloosa, and Helen Glassell 
Wallace; b. March 30, 1837; LL- D. Georgetown, Ky., Col., 1878, South Western 
Univ., 1885, Cuniberland Univ., Tenn., 1859; Editor "Memphis Appeal," 1859-62; 
Instructor in Math., U. of Ala., 1862-65; Founder of, Prof, and Lecturer, Law School, 
U. of Ala.. 1873-90; Asso. Justice Supreme Court of Ala., 1880-90; Trustee Ala. 
Insane Hosp., 1876-93; Pres. N. Y. Medico-Legal Society, 1892-93; Member Peabody 
Board Educa. since 1890; Now Chairman of National Board of Customs; m. (i) 
Cornelia Banks Harris, Tuscaloosa, March, 1862, (2) Mrs. Mary Saville (nee Wyman), 
Atigust, 1 88 1, Montgomery. 

Yancey, Benjamin Cunningham, A. B., planter, Santa Barbara, 

1854, Montgomery; s. William Lowndes Yancey and Sarah Caroline Earle; b. 
July 30, 1836. 

Young, John Wesley, A. B., merchant and planter, Jackson. 

1853, Rehoboth, Wilcox Co.; s. Henry Young, Rehoboth, and Frances Vaughan; 
b. July 4, 1835; Prin. Rehoboth Male Acad., 1856-57; Private, Co. I, 3rd Ala. Reg. 
Vot, C. S. A.; m. (i) Sarah Josephine Chapman, Dallas Co., Dec. 14, 1858, (2) Mar^ 
garet Amelia Greer, Marengo Co., Oct. x6, 1861. 

1856. Graduates in Schools and Non-Graduates 

♦Adams, Benjamin Carter, (Soph.), planter, Catherine. 

1855, Uniontown; s. Richard H. Adams, Christianburg, Va., and Anna Carter 
Harrison; b. Dec. 17, 1838; Major, Rodes Division, C. S. A.; m. (z) Maria Minge, 

120 Record of Students [1856 

Mobile, July, 1865, (2) Mrs. Sallie B. Whitehead (m« McCreary), Lawrence Co., 
June 9, 1891; d. Dec 17, 1900. 

Baker, William Henry, (Soph.) 

1856, Elyton; s. Jacob H. Baker; b. August 8, 1834. 

f ^ *Bealle, Reason Augustus, (Fr.), planter, Foster's. 

1855, Foster's, Tuscaloosa Co.; s. Charles Simmons Bealle and Caroline S. 
Martin; b. June 15, 1837; Private, C. S. A.; d. in MiL Ser. at Manassas, Va., Nor. 
s6, z86i. 

Boykin, Robert James, (Jun.), lawyer, Ft. Worth, Tex. 

1855, Portland; s. Burwell Boykin, Portland, and Maria Shortridge; b. Jan. 
3, 1840; Orderly Sgt, King's La. Bat, z86a; Adjt, 1863-65, C S. A.; County Judge, 
Milan Co., Tex., 1878-80; Special Dist. Judge, 17th Judicial Dist., 1889-90; m. (x) 
Janie F. Files, New Orleans, December, i860, (2) Mattie L. Tucker, Cameron, Tex., 
November, 1879. 

Burnham, Newton E., (Fr.) 

1855, Scott Co., Miss. 

Camak, David Barton, (Fr.) 

2855, Harana: s. David Camak; b. Jan. 27, 1838. 

*Cook, Joseph David, (Jun.), teacher, Kemper, Miss. 

i8s3> Butler, Choctaw Co.; s. John P. Cook, Butler, and Poly Ford; b. Dec. 
X9> XS35; Lieut., C. S. A.; m. Carrie Kemp, Mt. Sterling, Aug., x860; d. about 1887. 

Cook, Thomas Chappell, (Jun.), physician, Weimar, Tex, 

1853* Fairfield, Pickens Co.; s. Major Cook and Mary Wicks Jarvis; b. Sept. 

19, 1836; A. B., Princeton, 1857, A. M., 1859; M. D., Univ. of Pa., 1859; Asst Snr- 

« geon, I St Heavy Artillery, C. S. A.; U. S. Examining Surgeon Army and Navy, 

Pension Dept., 1888-93; Member Texas Leg., 1885-86; m. Margaret Jane Windham, 

Fairfield, Sept. 19, z86o. 

♦Cunningham, William H., (Soph.), physician. Burnt Com. 

1854, Burnt Com, Conecuh Co.; s. Dr. William Cunningham and Mary Cun- 
ningham; b. Nov. a6, 1839; M. D., Tulane, i860; Asst. Surgeon, C. S. A.; d. on 
Steamer "Silver Cloud" on trip from Houston to Galveston, Tex., Sept. ax, z866. 

♦Dennis, Samuel Marion, (Jun.), lawyer, Columbus, Tex. 

1854, Richmond, Dallas Co.; s. Samuel Dennis and Martha Capehart; b. Dec 
S4, 183^; Student Princeton, 1856-57; Private, C. S. A.; Captured at battle of Stone 
River, Mo., and d. in Federal Prison at St. Louis, Mo., 1864. 

deYampert, Thomas Webb, (Soph.), agent, Montgomery. 

1855, Marion, Perry Co.; s. Lucius Quintus Cindnnatus deYampert and Pax^ 
thenia Webb; b. May xx, 1835; School Land Agent of Alabama; m. Anna Maria Tur* 
pin, Marion, May xo, x86a. 

♦deYampert, William Benjamin, (Soph.), planter, Hamburg, Ark. 

185 Si Marion, Perry Co.; s. Lucius Quintus Cincinnatus deYampert and Pax^ 
thenia Webb; b. May 11, X837; Lieut, C S. A.; m. Emma T. Portia, Suggsville, May 
XI, 1864; d. July, 189a. 

18^6] Graduates in Schools and Non-Graduates 121 

♦Ferguson, William Joseph, (Fr.), drummer, Birmingham. 

1854, Stunmerfield; 8. Frederick Guthrie Ferguson, Tuskegee, and Lucindft 
Hale; b. Nov. 14, 1836; Private, 3rd Ala. and 45th Ala. Reg., C. S. A.; Drummer for 
New York houses for twenty years; d. Nov., 1893. 

♦Fitts, Phillip Augustus, (Soph.), minister, Franklin, Tenn. 

1854, Mobile; s. John Fitts and Virginia W. Aylette; b. April 19, 1839; D. D., 
1893, Univ. of South; Lawyer, z 860-72; Ordained Priest, Episcopal Church, 1873; 
Rector at Birmingham, 1873-75, Clarksville, Tenn., 1875-86, Anniston and Henderson* 
Ky.; m. Sophia Holland Cochrane, Tuscaloosa, April xo, x86x; d. Sept. 5, 1900. 

Garvin, Robert Madison, (Soph.), , Miss. 

X854, Romulus, Tuscaloosa; s. Major R. M. Garvin, Romulus; b. Jan. 8, 1837. 

Harkness, Robert Marion, (Fr.), merchant, Pearsall, Tex. 

X855, Clinton, Greene Co.; s. William Baskin Harkness, Clinton, and Sarah 
Bizzell; b. April xi, 1838; xst Lieut and Adj., 36th Ala. Reg., C S. A.; Rep., Gen. 
Assem., Tex., x 882-84; Judge, Commissioner, Supt of Instruction, and now (x9oz) 
Treasurer Trio Co., Tex.; Merchant and Stock Raiser; m. (x) Malissa Head, Clinton, 
Jane, x86o, (2) Sarah J. Rutledge, Clinton, Jan. x8, X865. 

Howard, Seymour Powell, (Soph.) 

X855, Lowndesboro, Lowndes Co.; s. J. H. Howard; b. Dec a$, 1S37. 

Jones, Robert Benjamin, (Fr.), planter, Panola, Miss. 

1855, Tuscaloosa; s. John B. Jones, Pickens Co., and Cynthia Tucker Eddins; 
b. Oct. XX, X838; xst Lieut, C. S. A.; Sheriff, Panola Co., Miss., X867-68; Tax 
Assessor, X895-X900; m. (x) Elizabeth McLeod Shelton, (s) Rosa Whitten. 

Lea, Henry Clinton, (Fr.), Galveston, Tex. 

1855, Mobile; s. Martin A. Lea, Marion, Ala., and Afia Kennon; b. Jan. 9, 
1838; Student Univ. of N. C, 1856-58; Capt., C. S. A. 

Lea, Sumter, (Jun.), lawyer, Birmingham. 

1^53, Marion; s. Henry C Lea and Serina Rootes; b. Feb. x6, X835; Adj. j8tli 
Ala. Reg., C. S. A.; Member Constitu. Convention, '875; Rer<., Gen. A)«em.. Ala., 
from Dallas Co., X884-85; m. Susan L Hill, Cahaba, Dec xx, x86o. 

*Lee, Thomas Fishbume, (Soph.), physician, Tuscaloosa. 

X855, Carlowville, Dallas Co.; s. Dr. Jacob Martin Lee and Rebecca Ballard 
Fishbunxe; b. April 8, 1837; M. D., Univ. of Pa., x86o; m. Lucy J. Foster, Tuscaloosa, 
X856; d. June 23, x86s, at Mobile. 

♦McCants, William Walter, (Fr.) 

1855* Bell's Landing, Monroe Co.; s. W. T. McCants; b. Sept as, X837; d. 
in (he early 6o's. 

Owen, William Marmaduke, (Fr.), physician, Jonesboro. 

X854, Tuscaloosa; s. Thomas Owen, Tuscaloosa, and Dolly Payne Williams; k 
Dec 4> 1835; M. D., X874* Mobile; Lieut, C S. A.; m. Nancy Lucretia McAdory, 
Jan. x6, 1S66, at Jonesboro. 

♦Pearce, Theodore Graves, (Jun.) 

x8sj, Tuscaloosa; t. James T. Pearce; b. June ss, X833. 

122 Record of Students [1856 


Perrin, Edward Burt, (Soph.), physician, San Francisco, Cal. 

1856. Forkland; s. George G. Perrin and Adaltne Burt; A. B., 1858, S. C CoL; 
M. D., Mobile, 1861; Asst. Surgeon, C S. A.; Broker; m. (i) Trim Herndon, EuUw, 
May 10, 1864, (2) , San Francisco, Cat; d. about 1896. 

Perrin, Napoleon Patterson, (Jun.), merchant, Rhinehart, La. 

1854, Wahalak, Miss.; s. Abner Perrin and Mary Carson Patterson; b. March 
x6, 1837; I At Sgt, Co. C, Jeff. Davis Legion, Hampton's Cav., Northern Va., C. S. A.; 
Teacher in various schools; lived in Ark., 1879-99; Rep., Gen. Assem., Ark., 1890; 
Examiner, Sevier and Pike counties, Ark., each two years; Planter; m. Isabella Moae- 
ley, Wahalak, Miss., June 7, i860. 

♦Quarles, William Rufus, (Fr.), planter 

1855, Tuscaloosa; s. Samuel W. Quarles and Paulina Calvert; b. Feb. 24, 1839; 
ist Lieut., C«. F, 41st Ala. Reg., C. S. A.; Med. Student at Mobile, i86o-6i; d. Aoff. 
18, 187a. 

Rogers, William, (Soph.) 

1855, Dayton; s. Enos Rogers; b. Feb. aa, 1837. 

Roper, Samuel Brasher, (Fr.) 

1855, Columbiana; b. March la, 1834. 

♦Roper, Walter Converse, (Jun.) 

1853, Columbiana; b. Dec. 19, 1835; d. April x6, 1856. 

Rudulph, John Barrett, (Sen.), planter. Pleasant Hill. 

1855, Benton; s. Zebulon Rudulph, Jr., and Mary Elizabeth Watson; b. Oct. 
xo, 1835; Capt., Major and Colonel, loth Reg., Ala. Cav., C S. A.; Tax Assessor* 
Dallas Co., 1889-92; m. Virginia Blount, of Macon, Ga., at Tuscaloosa, July a, 1856. 

♦Shields, Samuel Robert, (Soph.), Marlin, Tex. 

1854, Demopolis; s. Benjamin Glover Shields, Marlin, Tex., and Sarah Thomas 
Harwell; b. Nov. 2, 1837; ist Lieut., Cook's Artillery, C. S. A.; d. from yellow fever 
while in Mil. Service at Galveston, Tex., Sept. 4, 1864. 

*Stallworth, Nicholas Chesly, (Fr.), planter, Scranton, Miss. 

1855, Newton Academy, Monroe Co.; s. Joseph Jackson Stallworth and Ophelia 
Crosby; b. Oct. 9, 1837; m. (i) Parthenia Jane Riley, Dec. 22, 1858, (2) Emma Sophie 
Schreiber, Jan. 10, 1887; d. Feb. 20, 1899. 

Tate, John Frederic, (Soph.), teacher, Hurtsboro. 

1854, Uchee, Russell Co.; s. John B. Tate, Uchee, and Rebecca Pitts; b. June 
xz, 1838; and, and ist Lieut., Capt., Lieut.-Col., X7th Ala., C. S. A.; Teacher at Uchee, 
one year, Georgiana, onp year. Evergreen, four years, Lumpkin, Ga., four years, Mid- 
land, Ga., one year; Rep., Gen. As.sem., Ala., 1874-76, 1898-X900; also merchant; Qerk 
Census Dept., Washington, 1900 ; m. Sarah Turpic Drake. 

♦Wilkcrson, Joshua Moses, (Fr.), planter, Tuscaloosa. 

1855, Foster's; s. Pressley Hawley Wilkerson, Marion, and Eliaa Wyatt Foster; 
b. Dec. 26, 1836. Private, C. S. A.; m. John Ella Darden, Tuscaloosa Co.; d. Sept. 
za, 1891. 

1857] Graduates with Titled Degrees 125 

♦Wilkerson, Simeon Cornelius, (Fr.), dentist, Tuscaloosa. 

1855, Foster's; s. Pressley Hawley Wilkerson, Marion, and Eliza Wyatt Foster; 
b. May ii, 1839; Capt, i8th Ala. Reg., C. S. A.; Planter; m. Nancy Bryson, Macon, 
Miss, April 9, 1863; d. Oct. 15, 1897. 

♦Willingham, Thomas Wesley, (Soph.), teacher, , Tex. 

1855, Gainesville; s. Philip Willingham, Ramsey, and Frances Lee Brown; b. 
Feb. 17, 1835; Private C. S. A.; Killed in battle of the Wilderness, May 6, 1864. 

1857. Graduates with Titled Degrees 
♦Bonner, Samuel LaFayette, A. B., physician, Merrange, La. 

1854, Pickens Co.; s. Samuel C. Bonner; b. April 7, 1835; M. D., Univ. of I^., 
i860; Asst. Surgeon, C. S. A.; d. June 4, 1894. 

♦Brown, Thomas Jefferson, A. B., teacher, Northport. 

1854, Northport; s. John Brown, Tuscaloosa, and Rachel Norris; b. Sept. 6, 
1834; d. Nov. 27, 1 86 1. 

♦Bryant, Jacob, A. B., teacher, Suggsville. 

1854, Jackson, Clarke Co.; s. James Bryant, Jackson, and Whisen- 

hnrst; b. Nov. 6, 1834; Private, C. S. A.; Killed battle of Wilderness, Va., 1864. 

♦Crowell, Benjamin Franklin.. A. B., physician, Centreville, Tex. 

1854, Pushmataha, Choctaw Co.; s. Jonas Crowell, Pushmataha, and Jimsy Horn; 
b. May 29, 1837; M. D., 1861, Univ. of La.; Private, C. S. A., 1861-63; Asst. Surgeon, 
i86s-65; Moved to Centerville, Tex., 1866; m. Mary Louisa Hill, Carrol Co., Miss., 
March 14, 1861; d. Aug. 7» 1885. 

♦Hutchinson, Alfred Holt, A. B., Tuscaloosa. 

1856, Tuscaloosa; s. Joseph J. Hutchinson and Mary A. Jackson; b. Feb. 20, 
1S38; ist Lieut., 36th Ala., C. S. A.; Probate Judge, Hale Co., 1867; Pres. Female 
Acad., Greensboro, 1869-70; m. Virginia W. Richardson, of Ky.; d. 1871. 

Button, Cornelius Marion, A. B., A. M., '58, minister. Pilot Point, 

1854, Qinton; s. William J. Hutton and Ann Callaway; b. Nov. 26, 1835; 
Grad., Theolog. Sem., Columbia, S. C, i860; Pastor Pres. Church, Bethel, 1860-66; 
Chaplain, 36th Reg., Ala. VoL, C. S. A., 1861-65; Pastor, Bethesda Church, 1866-69, 

Pleasant Ridge church, 1870-89, Temple, Tex., 1889, Pilot Point, Tex., 1890 ; 

Teacher, 1869-86, m. (i) E. Jennie Gordon, Union, July 28, 1864, (2) Mrs. Laura 
Burke inee Daniel), Georgetown, Tex., Aug. 25, 1886. 

♦Jones, Bush, A. B., A. M., '59, lawyer, Uniontown. 

2853, Uniontown; b. May 12, 1836: Colonel, 58th Reg., Ala. Vol., C. S. A.; 
Probate Judge, Perry Co., 1865-68; m. Carrie Evans, Uniontown; d. Sept. 27, 1872. 

♦Lewis. Burwell Boykin, A. B., LL. D., '80, lawyer, Tuscaloosa. 

1854, Montevallo; s. Dr. Paul Hamilton Lewis and Elizabeth Shortridge; b. 
July 7, 1838; Capt, 2nd Reg., Ala. Cav., C. S. A.; Rep., Gen. Assem., Ala., 1870-72; 
Rep., U. S. Congress, 1875-80; President and Prof. Consti. Law, U. of Ala., 1880-85; 
m. Rose Garland, University, Jan. 21, 1860; d. Oct. 11, 1885. 

124 Record of Students [1857 

* McAdory, Chambers, A. B., merchant, Bessemer. 

1853, Jonesboro; s. Col. James McAdory and Nancy T. Sadler; b. April xa, 
X834; Lient, 37th Miss. Reg., C. S. A.; County Commissioner, Jefferson Co., 1874-77; 

Member Board of Revenue, Jefferson Co., 1899 ; Rep., Gen. Assem., Ala., zSSa^s; 

m. (x) Maria W. Jordan, Oct x6, x86x, (a) Lenora Richardson, Feb. 18, X879. 

♦Miller, Stephen Judson, A. B., lawyer, Tuscaloosa. 

1853, Tuscaloosa; a. Stephen Miller and Darden; b. Oct 14, iSsSt 

LL. B., 1859* Harrard; d. i86x. 

♦Parker, Lycurgus Jeflferson, A. B., 

1853, Gordo, Pickens Co.; b. Oct 26, iBsa; d. 187 — ^ 

♦Patton, Abner Edward, lawyer, Knoxville. 

X854, Knoxyille, Greene Co.; s. Dr. William Patton and Elisabeth Steele; h. 
Sept X4, 1835; LL. B., X859, Cumberland; Killed in battle near Richmond, Va., July 
13, 1863. 

♦Richey, Robert, A. B., lawyer. Mobile, 

X854. Pickensrille; s. David Richey, Pickens Co.; b. July 30, X834; Killed in 
batUe Wilderness, Va., 1864. 

♦Robinson, Samuel Williamson, A. B., journalist, Chicago, 111. 

1854, Mobile; s. Michael Robinson, Chicago, and Elixa Sadler; b. Aug. a6, 
X836; Capt., C S. A.; d. Feb. 5, X877. 

♦Sanders, Matthew Thompson, A. B., lawyer, Helena, Ark. 

x854i Clinton, Greene Co.; s. Dr. C. P. Sanders and Thompson; h. 

Not. ao, X836; Editor "Clarion," Helena, Ark.; xst Lieut, Ordnance Dept, C. S. A.; 
m. Sarah Jean Alexander, Sept. x6, x868; d. about 1897. 

♦Thompson, Newton Jasper, A. B., physician, Graball, Tex. 

X854, Tuscaloosa; s. A. Newton Thompson and Amelia Darden; b.Aug. a9, 1835; 
M« D., Univ. of Pa.; Asst Surgeon, C S. A.; d. March 31, X897. 

Vaughn, William James, A. B., A. M., '60, educator, Nashville, 

1854* Black's BlufF, Wilcox Co.; s. John PuUiam Vaughn, Chunky Station, Miss., 
and Rebecca Richards; b. Feb. 15. X834; LL. D., Univ. of Miss., 1883; Tutor of Math., 
U. of Ala., 1857-60; Instructor in Latin and Greek, X860-63; Prof, of Math., x863-6s» 
1878-83; Prof, of Phjrsics and Astronomy, 1871-73; PriiL of Tuscaloosa F. CoL, 1865-66; 
Prin. of Centenary F. Inst., Summerfield, X867-7X; Pres., Tenn. F. Col., Frantdin, 
X873-78; Founder of the School of Engineering, U. of Ala., i88x-8a; Prof, of Math., 
Vanderbilt, 1882-96; Prof, of Math, and Astronomy, 1896 — ; Chief Librarian, Vander- 
bilt Univ., 1886 — ; m. Abbie Scott, Marion, Aug. 17, 1865. 

♦Withers, William Frederick, A. B., lawyer, Eutaw. 

xSsa, Tuscaloosa; s. William Frederick Withers, Huntsville, Tex., and Cath- 
erine Hawkins; b. July a9, 183a; Lieut, C. S. A.; d. May, X869. 

♦Witherspoon, Junius McQuide, A. B., physician, Columbus, 

X854, Columbus, Miss.; s. James P. Witherspoon, Columbus, Miss., and Elis- 
abeth Stokes; b. Aug. X4, 1837; M. D., Univ. of Nashville, Tenn; Surgeon, C S. A.; 
m. Alice Smith, Aberdeen, Miss.; d. 1869. 

i857l Graduates in Schools and Non-Graduates 125 

X857. Grraduates in Schools and Non-Graduates 

Abney, Samuel, (Soph.), planter, Randolph. 

2855, Randolph, Bibb Co; ■. Thomas H. Abney and Mary Ann Gaoaden; b. 
Sept zo, 1835; Teacher at Montevallo, 1858; Member Army of Tenn., Morton's 
Battery, Forests Artillery, C. S. A.; m. Martha A. Walker, April 13, 1870. 

Abney, Zachery, (Soph.), lawyer, Prattville. 

1855, Randolph, Bibb Co.; s. Thomas H. Abney and Mary Ann Gausden; b. 
Sept 10, 1835; Capt Co. F., nth Ala. Reg., C. S. A.; Reg. in Chancery, Autauga 
Co., 2883 — ; m. A. Victoria Doster, March 31, 1867. 

Atkinson, Joseph, (Fr.), physician, Arcadia, La. 

1857, Pickens Co.; s. B. Atkinson, Bridgeville, and Mary B. Harper; b. Oct 
8, 1839; A. B., 1 86 1, Greensboro; M. D., Mobile; Ord. Sergeant, Co., D., 8th Ala. 
Reg., C. S. A.; Prin. Livingston Acad, and Emory Chapel School; Pres. Board of 
Health, Arcadia, La.; m. (i) F. L. Hunter, Greensboro, July 4, z86x, (a) Mrs. £. G. 
Hightower, Arcadia, La., Sept 27, 1888. 

♦Baptist, Powhatan Richard, (Soph.), Faunsdale. 

1856, Faunsdale, Marengo Co.; s. Rev. Edward Baptist, Marengo Co.; Literary 
Pnrsuits; Private, 4th Ala. Reg., C. S. A., and wounded in battle; d. soon afterwards 
at home in 186—. 

♦Bradford, Tipton, (Soph.), lawyer, Birmingham. 

1856, Talladega; s. Tipton Bradford and Louisiana Taul; b. April 27, 1839; 
LL. B., Univ. of Va.; Quartermaster and Capt, C. S. A.; m. Jennie Adelia Robinson, 
Selma, Feb. 9, 1864; d. Jan. sz, 1892. 

Buck, James Grarland Hardwick, (Fr.), teacher, Elkhart, Tex. 

1856, Lexington, Miss.; s. Wiley Buck, Lexington, Miss., and Mildred Murfree 
Weatherford; b. Feb. 6, 1837; Prin., Gibson Wells Acad., Tenn., 1866-69; Prof. 
Math., Brownsville, Tenn., 1871-72; Postmaster, Hillsboro, Tex., 1888-92; Tax 
Assessor, Hill Co., Tex., 1892-94; Prin., Elkhart, Public School, Tex., 1899 — ; m. 
Martha Swepson Gamer, Lowndes Co., Miss., May 21, 1857. 

♦Chilton, William Parish, (Jun.), lawyer, Montgomery. 

1 85 5 1 Tuskegee; s. William Parish Chilton and Mary Morgan; b. Sept 27, 
1838; Lieut-Col., C. S. A.; Solicitor, 9th Jud. Circuit, Ala.; Author of several j>oetical 
works; d. 1892. 

Clements, Egburt Rush, (Soph.), planter. Pearl. 

1855, Tuscaloosa; s. Hardy Clements and Maria Pegues; b. May 22, 1838; m. 
Mary McMichael, Tuscaloosa. 

Cooper, Thomas Erasmus, (Fr.) 

1856, Tuscaloosa; s. Erasmus Cooper, Tuscaloosa, and Cummlngs; b. 

Nov. 10, 1839. 

♦Cowin, John Henry, (Fr.), physician, Greensboro. 

1856, Greensboro; s. Samuel Cowin and Martha A. Evans; b. April 28, 1839; 
Serg., 5th Ala. Reg., Army N. Va., C. S. A.; killed May 3, 1863, in Battle of Chan- 
oellorsville, Va. 

126 Record of Students [1857 

Craddock, John, (Fr.), planter, New Hope, Miss. 

1856, Tuscaloosa; a. John Neal Craddock, Tuscaloosa, and Ann W. Edmund- 
son; b. Jan. II, 1840; m. Margaret Ferguson, Pickensville, March lo, 1864. 

Creagh, Thomas Bivin, (Fr.), clerk, Selxna. 

1856, Suggsville; s. Gerard Walthall Creagh, Suggsville, and Ann Eliza Davis; 
b. March ai, 1842; Private, Sgt. and Brevet 2nd Lieut., C. S. A.; Teacher in Clarke 
Co., until 1892, since then clerk; m. Zuleika Bugg, Nashville, Tenn., Jan. 15, 1862. 

♦Crenshaw, Willis George, (Jun.), lawyer, Mobile. 

1856, Eutaw; s. Willis Crenshaw; b. Feb. 2a, 1837; Atty. at Law at Hamburg, 
Ark., i860; d. at Mobile, April, i860. 

*Crews, Octavius Lycurgus, (Soph.), physician, Alamuchee. 

1856, Gaston; s. Thomas Richard Crews, Gaston, and Mary Katherine Larkin; 
b. Nov. 7, 1837; M. D., 1859, Jefferson Med. Col.; Surgeon, C. S. A.; m. Clars 
Matilda Cahoon, Gaston; d. July 5, 1871. 

*Davis, Benjamin Sugar, (Fr.), physician, Vancleave, Miss. 

1856, Gospcrt; s. Sugar Davis, Suggsville, and Mourning Solesburg; b. Oct. 14, 
1838; M. D., New Orleans, Med. Col.; Drowned in Bluff Creek, Miss., about i860. 

Dawson, Reginald Heber, (Jun.), A. M., '83, lawyer, Selma. 

1854, Cahaba; s. Lawrence E. Dawson and Mary W. Rhodes; b. March 19, 1838; 
Solic, nth Circuit, Ala., 1860-61; Capt., Major, Lieut-Col., 13th Ala. Reg., 1861-64; 
Col. and Asst. Adjt.-Gen., 1864-65; Pres. Board of Inspectors of Convicts, 1883-97; tn. 
Georgia A. Craig, Cahaba, March 9, 1858. 

Eason, Henry Theophilus, (Fr.) 

1S56, Sumterville, Sumter Co.; s. John T. Eason; b. Nov. 20, 1839. 

Fail, William George, (Fr.), teacher, Chapel Hill, Ark. 

1856, Camden; s. Jeremiah Fail and Mary Ann McNeille; b. Feb. 10, 1839; 
Private, C. S. A., 3rd Ala. Reg.; Planter m Wilcox Co. to 1874; Prin. of Schools, 
Centre Point, Ark., 1880-84; Mt. Ida, 1884-98; Janssen, 1897-00; Chapel Hill, 1900—; 
m. (i) Celestia Dortch, April, 1863, (2) Ella Dortch, Camden, Ala., April, 1866. 

Fairiss, Tecumseh Lowndes, (Fr.), planter, Alto, Tex. 

1857, Lowndesboro; s. Mordecai D. Fairiss and Jane Rembert; b. Nov. 14, 1839; 
Ord. Sergeant, C. S. A.; m. Gussie Reese, Trickem, Lowndes Co. 

*Forniss, Thaddeus Kosciusko, (Fr.), planter, , Miss. 

1856, Prairie Bluff, Wilcox Co.; s. Philip Forniss and Irby; b. Jan, 

30, 1841; Student William and Mary, 1859, Univ. of Va., i860; Private, 4th Ala. Inf., 
C S. A.; d. 189 — . 

Gachet, Charles, (Fr.), merchant. Auburn. 

1856, Enon, Barbour Co.; s. James E. Gachet, Union Springs, and Lavinia Har- 
rison Jones; b. June 16, 1838; ist Sergeant, Co. C, 3rd Ala., C. S. A.; m. Tallulah 
Kate Lumpkin, Feb. 22, 1871. 

Goldthwaite, Richard Wallach, (Soph.), lawyer, Dallas, Tex, 

1856, Montgomery; s. George Goldthwaite, Montgomery, and Olivia Price Wal- 

1857] Graduates in Schools and Non-Graduates 127 

lach; b. Feb. 3, 1839; Lieut, and Capt. of Artillery, Semple's Battery, C. S. A.; m. 
Lrucy Boyd Armistead, Montgomery, Dec. 14, 1865. 

Harrison, George Washington, (Fr.), merchant, Mt. Hebron. 

1856, Clinton; s. Henry Harrison and E. J. Higginbotham; b. July 6, 1837; 
Private, C. S. A.; Postmaster; m. E. A. Wilson, Mt. Hebron, Green Co., Oct. 3, 1871. 

♦Jarratt, Thomas William, (Soph.), planter, 

1855, Montgomery; s. Thomas Key Jarratt and Harriett Elizabeth McGehee; b. 
July 18, 1838; Pxivate, 6th Ala. Reg., C. S. A.; m. Ida Hansford, Lowndesboro; d. at 

* Johnson, Felix English, (Fr.), Reform. 

2856, Reform, Pickens Co.; s. John D. Johnson and Jane English; b. June 13, 
1834; Private, C. S. A.; Killed at battle of Atlanta. 

Jones, John Calvin, (Soph.) 

1856, Mantua, Pickens Co.; s. R. C Jones, Mantua; b. April 19, 1836. 

♦Jones, Walter, (Jun.), civil engineer, Danville, Va. 

1855, Mobile; s. William G. Jones; b. April 14, 1839; Lieut., Staff of Gen. 
Samuel Jones, C. S. A.; d. at Bladon Springs, July 7, 1862. 

*Marlowe, Nicholas Perkins, (Jun.), A. M., '76, physician, 

1853-54, 1856-57, Tuscaloosa; s. Alfred Pryor Marlowe and Sarah Henderson; 
b. Oct. 15, 1833; M. D., Jefferson Med. Col., 1859; Surgeon in C. S. A.; m. Senie 
Rice Qements, Tuscaloosa, March ao, 1870; d. Sept. i, 1898. 

Matthews, Hugh Torrence, (Jun.), merchant, Brewton. 

1855, Dasrton Marengo Co.; s. M. E. Matthews, Demopolis, and Margaret Tor^ 
rence; b. March 11, 1838; m. (i) Carolyn Craddock, Tuscaloosa, Dec. 31, 1869, (a) 
Anna C. Minis, Milton, Fla. 

*McAlpine, William Alexander, (Fr.), planter, Waco, Tex. 

1856, Eutaw; s. William McAlpine and Ann Watson; b. June 17, 1839; Student 
Univ. of N. C, 1857-58; Private, C. S. A.; m. Amelia B. Rhea, Tuscumbia, 1859; 
d. 1889. 

McCain, Richard Hallam, (Fr.) 

1856, Jacksonville, Benton Co.; ■. R. McCain; b. May 18, 1839. 

♦McCay, John Marmaduke, (Soph.), jeweler, Tuscaloosa. 

"855, Tuscaloosa; s. John W. McCay and Williams; b. April 37, 1840; 

jrd Lieut., Co. F, 4i*t Ala. Reg., C. S. A.; d. 1862. 

♦Mock, Benjamin, (Jun.), merchant, Montgomery. 

1854, Benton, Lowndes Co.; s. Benjamin Mock, Benton, and Mary Bryan; b. 
Jan. 8, 1837; Private, Semple's Artillery, C. S. A.; Planter, then Merchant, and a few 
years before death Ry. Pass. Agent; m. Ellen Wilkerson, Montgomery, 1859; d. July 
13, 1890. 

♦Newman, Franklin Henry, (Fr.), Enon, 

1856, Barbour Co.: b. Feb. 8, 1839; d. in C. S. A. 

128 Recx)rd of Students [1857 

Prowell, David Myers, (Jun.), planter, Da)rton. 

1855, Dayton; s. William J- Prowell and Sarah Elizabeth Pickering; b. Not. 
aj, 1838; Rep., Gen. Assem., Ala., two terms; m. Virginia Jones, Dayton, 1863. 

*Reese, Lewis Clay, (Fr.), planter, Lowndesboro. 

1856, Lowndesboro; s. Nathaniel Reese, Lowndesboro, and Amy Tyson; b. 
March 10, 1839; Private, 3rd Ala. Inf., C. S. A.; m. Mariah Virginia Turner, June 
II, 1867; d. March 18, 1889. 

*Riley, Enoch Parsons, (Soph.), teacher, Gainestown. 

1855, Burnt Com, Monroe Co.; s. Enoch Riley, Tumbtill; b. May 25, 1833; 
Killed in battle Seven Pines, Va., May 31 1 1B62, 

Stallworth, Nicholas, (Jun.), planter, Marlin, Tex. 

1854, Evergreen; s. Nicholas Stallworth and Martha Travis; b. March 10, 1837; 
Capt., Co. F, zst Bat., Hilliard's Legion, C. S. A., promoted to Major, a3rd Bat., Ala. 
Vol., C. S. A., March, 1864; Tax Assessor, Falb Co.; m. Lucy M. Turk, Conecuh Co., 
Dec 10, 1857. 

Steele, John James, (Jun.), planter, Mobile. 

1854, Benton; s. David A. Steele, Benton, and Julia Ann Browning; b. Feb. 
s6, 1837; Private, Semple's Artillery, C. S. A.; SupL of Education, Lowndes Co., 
1873-80; m. Mary Brown Irwin, Lowndesboro, Oct. 7, 1857. 

Tunstall, Wiley Croom, (Fr.), planter, Greensboro. 

1856, Greensboro; s. James L. Tunstall, Greensboro, and Eliza A. Croom; b. 
Dec. x6, 1839; Private, C. S. A.; Member R. R. Commission, 1885-95, 1900 ; m. 
Augusta E. Hobson, Greensboro, Dec. 12, i86a. 

♦Walker, William Robert, (Jun.), teacher, Humphrey. 

1855, Tuscaloosa; s^ M. P. Walker; b. May 26, 1835; m. Belle Gibson, Pickens 
Co.; d. 1897. 

*Watkins, John Bryan, (Fr.), dentist, Meridian, Miss. 

1856, Hollow Square, Greene Co.; s. Bryan Watkins, New Prospect, and Lucy 
Brown; b. Jan. 2, 1837; Private, C. S. A.; m. Sarah Gertrude Brown, Sumter, Dec 6, 
1859; d. March 30, 1896. 

Whitfield, Needham, (Fr.), planter, Linden. 

1856, Demopolis; s. Gaines Whitfield and Mary Ann Whitfield; b. April 5, 1840; 
Private, C. S. A. 

*Womack, Lowndes, (Fr.), planter, Eutaw. 

1856, Eutaw; s. John Warburton Womack and Ann Miller Beville; b. Sept. ao, 
1840; Private nth Ala. Reg., Va. Army, then transferred to Wright's Brigade, pro- 
moted to Q. M. Sergeant; d. May xo, 1869. 

♦Woodruff, David Pendleton, civil engineer, Meridian, Miss. 

1855, Tuscaloosa; s. David Woodruff and Eliza Antoinette Bell; b. Not. 5, 
1839; Lieut., Rode's Division, Army North Va., C. S. A.; Civil Engineer, N. E. and 
S W., R. R., 1857-62; Mail Agent, Crescent City Route, 1873-83; m. (i) Miss Toulie, 
Mobile, Jan., 1866, (2) Helen Miller,- Tudcaloosa, Nov., 1877; ^ Oct. ao, 1883, at 

1858] Graduates with Titled Degrees 129 

*W3mne, Gustavus Adolphus, (Jun.), Huntsville, Tex. 

185s, Huntsville, Tex.; s. Erasmus V/ynne; b. Feb. 9, 1837; Enlisted in C. S. 
A., and killed at battle of Gettysburg, July, 1863. 

♦Wynne, John Williamson, (Jun.) 

1854, Hollow Square, Greene Co.; s. O. A. Wynne; b. March 18, 2837; d. 18 — , 

1858. Graduates with Titled Degrees 

*Battle, Junius Kincaid, A. B., Tuskegee. 

1855, Tuskegee, Macon Co.; s. Cullen Battle, M. D., Eufaula, and Jane Lamon; 
b. Oct., 1838; d. Oct., i860. 

♦Bullock, James Atwood, A. B., planter, Cross Keys. 

1854, Montgomery; s. Dr. James A. Bullock, Hayneville, and Drucilla A. Tur- 
ner; b. Aug. 30, 1836; Private in Clanton's Cav., C. S. A.; m. Sallie M. Gilmer, i860; 
d. April 27 f 1862, in Mil. Service. 

♦Clements, Newton Nash, A. B., A. M., '6i, lawyer and planter, 

1855, Tuscaloosa; s. Hardy Oements and Maria Pegues; b. Dec. 23, 1834; 
Colonel, 50th Reg., Ala. Vol., C. S. A.; Rep., Gen. Assem., Ala., 1870-72, 1874-76; 
Speaker of House 1876-78, 1888-90, 1896-9S; Member of U. S. Congress, 1880; m. 
Laura Garnet McMichael, Columbus, Miss., May, 1864; d. Feb. ao, 1900. 

♦Griffin, John Randolph, A. B., lawyer, Bellevue, La. 

1855, Opelika; s. Andrew B. Griffin; b. Oct. 28, 1834; Private, C. S. A.; Rep., 
Gen. Assem'. of La., 1863-65; m. Otillia M. Nucholls; d. Aug. 16, 1873. 


♦Hall, Boiling, Jr., A. B., lawyer, Montgomery. 

1856, Montgomery; s. Boiling Hall, Coosada, and Mary Louisa Crenshaw; b. 
Sept. 17, 1837; Col., 59th Ala. Reg., C. S. A.; Clerk City Court, Montgomery; d. 
Feb. 3, 1866, of wounds received at Chickamauga. 

♦McLaughlin, John Dozier, A. B., teacher, Marion. 

1855, Marion; s. S. G. McLaughlin, Marion, and Irene Barton; b. Oct. 13, 
2838; Lieut., then Capt., Co. A, 8th Ala. Reg., C. S. A.; Killed in battle in Vs., 
Sept., 1862. 

♦Miller, James L., A. B., lawyer, Tuscaloosa. 

1854, Tuscaloosa; s. Stephen Miller; b. Jan. 14, 1839; d. 1862. 

♦Miller, James Weston, A. B., merchant. Union. 

1855, Union, Greene Co.; s. William Miller and Malinda Davis; b. Oct. 4, 1837; 
Corporal, C. S. A.; Cotton Factor at Mobile; m. Elizabeth Hudson; d. July 6, 2870. 

♦Parsons, Thomas Garrett, A. B., teacher, Jonesboro. 

1855, Jonesboro, Jefferson Co.; s. T. G. Parsons; b. Oct. 8, 1837; d. 1864. 

Sanders, William Henry, A. B., physician, Mobile. 

1856, Clinton; s. Dr. C. P. Sanders, Clinton, and Thompson; b. July 

9, 1838; M. D., Jefferson Med. Col, 1861; Surgeon, nth Reg., Ala. Vol., C. S. A.; 
Health officer. State of Ala., 1897 — ' 



T30 Record of Students [1858 

Spiva, Homer, A. B., Leighton. 

i853> Rehoboth, Wilcox Co.; s. E. A. Spiva; b. June i, 1837. 

♦Spiva, Lemuel Gaston, A. B., lawyer, Rehoboth. 

1854, Rehoboth, Wilcox Co.; a. E. A. Sptra; b. Oct 10, 183a; d. in Mil Ser- 
vice at Lauderdak Springa, Miaa., x86a. 

*Tarrant, James Forrest, A. B., planter, Jonesboro. 

1855, Jonesboro; a. Samuel Avgoatut Tarrant, Jonesboro, and Eleanor Rote 
Sadler; b. Oct. ao, 1838; Private, xxth Miss. Inf., C S. A.; d. Jan. xo, x88a. 

♦Tarrant, John Frederick, A. B., A. M., '6i, teacher, Danville, Ky. 

1854-56, 1857-58, Tuscaloosa; s. Edward Tarrant and Pennelia A. Vansandt; 
b Oct 17, 1838, Prin. Tuacaloosa Male Acad., 1858-60; Columbian Inat, x86o-6x; 
Private, C. S. A.; Tutor, Lat and Greek, U. of Ala., 1863-64; Prin., Dayton Female 
Inst, 1864-69; Prin., Columbua Female Inat, Miaa., 1869-72; Prea. Crab Orchard 
Springs Col., Ky., 1872-74; Prin., Caldweil Inst, Danville, Ky., 1874; Author of 
"Huguenots in America;" Teacher and Miniater, M. E. Church South; m. Sue P. 
Hale, Hale Springs, Sept 14, 1864; d. Oct X4, 1874. 

♦Thornton, Joseph Bacon, A. B., physician, Eufaula. 

X855* Eufaula; b. June 27, 1840; M. D., Univ. of La., x86x; d. in Mil. Service, 
Manassas, Vs., x86a. 

Ward, William Columbus, A. B., A. M., lawyer, Birmingham. 

X856, Six Mile, Bibb Co.; a. David Ward, Bibb Co., and Elizabeth C. A. Carle- 
ton, of Monroe, Ga.: b. April, 1835; LL. D., Furman Univ., 1S92; Prof. Math., Logic 
and Rhetoric, Howard CoL, x858-6x; Capt., Co. A, 6and Ala. Reg., C. S. A.; Prea. 
Board of Trustees, Howard CoL, 1887-96; m. Alice Ann Goodhue, Maxion, Feb. 
9, x868. 

Weeden, John David, A. B., A. M., '84, lawyer, Florence. 

1856, Huntsville; s. William Weeden, Huntsville, and Jane E. Urquhart; b. July 
ay, X838; and Lieut, 9th Ala., xst Lieut, Adjutant, Major and Lieut-Col., 49th Ala., 
C S. A.; Trustee, U. of Ala., 1883-85; Prof, of Law, U. of Ala., 1885-88; m. Mattie 
Hays Patton, Florence, Sept 23, X869. 

♦Wells, Robert Kershaw, A. B., teacher. Pleasant Grove. 

1854, Pleasant Grove, Pickens Co.; s. Absalom Wells; b. April 30, X837; Capt., 
42nd Ala. Reg., C. S. A.; d. Aug. 7, 1864, from wound received in battle of Atlanta. 

Williams, Thomas, A. B., A. M., *8i, lawyer and teacher, Clanton. 

1854, Montgomery; s. Thomas Williams, Montgomery, and Martha Jane Craw- 
ford; b. Jan. 8, 1833; ist Lieut, Co. D, 6th Reg., Ala. Cav., C. S. A.; Lawyer, 1858- 
65; Prof, of Math., Stonewall Inst, X870-71; Prin. Perryville School, 1873-73; Prin., 
Palmetto Acad., Miss., 1873-74, Roxton, Tex., 1875-76, Benton, Ala., 1879-81, Pine- 
apple, 1881-83, Pineville, 1883-88, Oak Hilt, 1889, Luveme, 1890; Supt of Education, 
Monroe Co., 1884' m. M. E. F. Johnson, Dallas Co., Jan. 4, X870. 

1858. Graduates in Schools and Non-Graduates 
*Bohannon, Drury Budd, (Fr.), , Tex. 

x857> Dayton, Marengo Co.; s. R. Bohannon; b. May s, 1840; d. in Texas, X865. 

i8s8] Graduates in Schools and Non-Graduates 131 

Booker, Edmund Webster, (Jun.), planter, Elmore. 

1855, Unxontown; s. Parham Nicholas Booker, Uniontown, and Maiy Marion 
P. Poole; b. April 14, 1837; Private, Co. D, 4th Ala. Reg., afterwards acting Quar- 
termaster, 8th Ala. Cav., C S. A.; Collector Inter. Rev. for Dist of Ala., 1885-89; 
Member Board Convict Inspectors, 1897-1901 ; m. Martha Frances Knight, Greene Co., 
March 5, 1863. 

*Cantley, Zabud Walker, (Soph.), Palestine, Tex. 

1856, Tuscaloosa; s. Maj. John Cantley, Tuscaloosa, and Malinda Eleanor Gra- 
ham; b. Dec. z6, 1839; Private, ist Texas Reg., C S. A.; Law Student; Killed at 
battle of Shaipsburg. 

Camathan, Wiley John, (Soph.), planter, Mt. Sterling. 

Z857; Mt Sterling, Choctaw Co.; s. George M. Camathan, Eutaw, and Pene- 
lope Coleman; b. Dec. 18, 1836; Private, C. S. A.; Book and Tombstone agent; m. 
Mattie Craig, DaleviUe, Miss. 

♦Davis, William Frederick, (Soph.) 

1857, Independence, Autauga Co.; s. L. H. Davis; b. Jan. 4, 1837. 

♦Davis, Richard Ferdinand, (Soph.) 

Z857, Independence; s. L. H. Davis; b. Aug. si, 1840; Student Univ. of N. 
C, 1858-59- 

♦DeVotie, Jewett Gindrat, (Jun.), editor, Columbus, Ga. 

1856, Montgomery; s. Rev. Dr. J. H. DeVotie and Margaret Christian Noble; 
bw May S5, 1841; Student Columbian Univ., 1858-60; Editor-in-chief Columbus 
Bnquirgr-Sun, 1875-81; d. April 4, x88x. 

♦Fomiss, George McDuffie, (Soph.), planter, Prairie Bluff. 

1856, Prairie Bluff, Wilcox Co.; s. Philip Fomiss, and Irby; b. Dec. 

z, 1838; Killed in C. S. A., x86— . 

Foster, Ezra, (Fr.), physician, Hagler. 

. 1857, Tuscaloosa; s. John Lawrence S. Foster and Susan HoUifield; b. Aug. 27, 

184s; Private, C S. A.; m. Louella Paschall, Eutaw, 1864. 

Foster, Robert Savidge, (Fr.), physician, Northrup, Tex. 

1857, Tuscaloosa; s. John L. S. Foster, Foster's, and Susan HoUifield; b. June 
19, 1840; M. D., Mobile, i86x, Tulane, 1895; Aast Surgeon, C S. A., X863-64; m. 
Amanda Lydia Paschal, Clinton, Sept. 13, x866. 

Gilkey, Walter Mims, (Fr.), salesman, Montgomery. 

1857, CarroUton; s. William M. Gilkey, Memphis, and Savannah Mims; b. Jan. 
X5, 1842; Private, Co. H, xzth Ala. Reg., i86z, afterwards private, then and Lieut., 
40th Ala., C. S. A.; m. Laura P. Stewart, Noxubee Co., Miss., Sept. z6, 1863. 

♦Glover, Edward Allen, (Soph.), planter, St. Stephens. 

1856, Demppolis; s. Benjamin Nash Glover, Butler, Ala., ^ond Susan R. L. 
Diven; b. Dec. 4, 1838; A. B:, S. C. Col., x86o; Sergeant, Engineer corps, C. S. A.; 
d. Oct S7, 1880. 

132 Record of Students [1858 

Glover, William Franklin, (Soph.), lawyer, Butler. 

1857, Demopolii; s. Benjamin Nash Glover and Susan R. L. Diven; b. Oct. 20, 
1841; Private, Sig. Corps, C. S. A.; Rep., Gen. Assem., Ala., x88o-8z; Mem. Con- 
stitutional Con., I0OZ. 

*Golson, J. Hodges, (Soph.), lawyer, Montgomery. 

1857, AutaugaviUe, Autauga Co.; s. J.icob H. Golson, Autaugaville, and Mary 
jSelle Broadnax; b. March 11, 1840; Colonel, C. S. A.; died from wound received on 
Scout duty near Franklin, Tenn., Sept. 29, 1863. 

Goodman, Aaron Jason, (Fr.) 

1857, Goodman's Roads, Harris Co., Ga.; s. Aaron Goodman; b. Nov. 37, 1837. 

Griffin, Houston Lamar, (Soph.) 

1857, Opelika; s. A. B. Griffin; b. Sept. 38, 1836. 

♦Hardwick, John Clark, (Fr.), railway service, Birmingham. 

1857, Montgomery; s. William Hardwick and Sarah Eugenia Caffey; b. July it, 
1842; Private, ist Co. from Montgomery, C. S. A.; Tax Assessor, Montgomery Co., 
1864-65; d. Dec. x6, 1896. 

Hawthorne, Joseph Richard, Jr., (Fr.), planter, Pine Apple. 

1857, Pine Apple; s. J. R. Hawthorne, Pine Apple, and Eliza King; b. July ix, 
1842; Sergeant, C. S. A.; m. (i) Mary E. Burford, (2) Susan Hunter McCreary. 

♦Herring, David Alexander, (Fr.), Franklin Co., Miss. 

1858, Franklin Co., Miss.; LL. B., Univ. of Miss., x86i; d. 18 — 

Jones, Edward Nathaniel, (Jun.), lawyer, Camden. 

1856, Camden; s. Rev. John Cargil Jones and Mary Ann Walker; b. Sept. la, 
1839; m. (i) Mary Ellen Blanchard, Camden, Dec. 16, 1862, (2) Mary M. Beck, Cam- 
den, May 25, 1876. 

* Jones, John Thomas, (Soph.), lawyer, CarroUton. 

1856, Carrcllton; s. Thomas Jones; b. Feb. 16, 1840; Private, "Pickensville 
Blues," 5th Ala. Reg., C. S. A.; Killed in battle in Va. 

Judkins, James Henry, (Soph.), lawyer, Wetumpka. 

1856, Cross Keys, Macon Co.; s. Chnstopher Judkins and Eliza Jane Young; 
b. Feb. 2, 1839; Adjutant, ist Ala. Cav., Rank, ist Lieut., 1861-62; Adjutant-General, 
Qanton's Brigade (Rank Capt), 1863; Private Sec. to Gov. Watts, 1863-65; Planter in 
Brazil, South America, 1867-70; County Solicitor, Elmore Co., 1872-74; Inspector of 
Penitentiary, 1874-80; Asst. U. S. Atty, Middle Dist. of Ala., 1897 — ; m. Mary Lizzie 
Johnston, Jan. 16, 1862, Tuskegee. 

*King, Frank Ragan, (Soph.), Montevallo. 

1856, Montevallo; s. Edmund King and Nancy Ragan; b. Nov. a, 1839; Student 
Univ. of Va., 1859-60; Capt., Cav. Co., C. S A.; Mem. Constitu. Convention, La.» 
1879; m. Fannie Snodgrass, Scottsboro; d. 1888. 

Lee, Green William, (Soph.) 

1856, McKlnley, Marengo Co.. b. Jan. 30, 1840. 

1858] Graduates in Schools and Non-Graduates 133 

*Lee, Thomas Scriven, (Jun.), planter, Carlowville. 

i857» Carlowville, Dallas Ca; s. Capt. Francis Allison Lee and Margaret 
Scriven; b. Feb. 39, 1840; d. Oct. 17, 1882. 

*Lee, William Julian, (Jun.), Carlowville. 

1857, Carlowville; s. Dr. Jacob Martin Lee and Rebecca Ballard Fishbume; 
b. June 8, 1840; Lieut., 3rd Reg., Ala. Cav., C. S. A.; d. Aug. 15, 1865. 

♦Miller, Calvin Jefferson, (Soph.), merchant, Moffat, Tex. 

1857, Tuscaloosa; s. John Miller, Tuscaloosa, and Melvina Carter; b. June 7, 
1839; Forage Master, Eaton's Command, C S. A.; d. Aug. 14, 1866. 

*Mobley, Thomas Barnett, (Jun.), physician, 

1855, Lower Peach Tree; s. Col. B. R. Mobley; b. Nov. 7, 1837; M. D., College 
unknown; d. 18 — . 

Morrisette, Francis Strother, (Jun.), planter, Newbem. 

1855, Bell's Landing, Monroe Co.; s. John Morrisette and Frances Gaines; b. 
Sept. 38, 1841; A. B., S. C. Col., 1859; m. (i) Annie Alston King, Monroe Co., Dec 
29, 1868, (a) Vista Welch, Talladega Co., Nov., 1881. 

♦Nabers, Edward Lacy, (Soph.), CarroUton. 

1856, Carrollton; b. Dec. 8, 1840; d. June 4, 1858. , 

♦Owen, Allions Turner, (Soph.), Jonesboro. 

1856, Jonesboro; s. Thomas Henderson Owen and Malissa Sadler; b. Sept. a7» j 
1838; Lieut., loth Reg., C. S. A.; d. Manassas Junction, Vs., Sept., x86i. 

Owen, Charles Eugene, (Fr.), Montgomery. 

1857, Tuscaloosa; s. Hopson Owen, Tuscaloosa, and Agnes P. Williams; b. June 
17, 1838; Private in Warrior Guards, C. S. A.; Qerk, U. S. Land office 4 years; 
Clerk, State Auditor's office, 1885-88; m. Margaret Jemison Walker, Cedar Grove, 
Marengo Co., June 13, 1865. 

Pegues, William Crossland, (Soph.) 

1857, Spring Hill, Marengo Co.; s. Christopher Pegues and Anne Crossland; b. 
Sept. 3, 1838. 

Poellnitz, Charles Augustus, (Soph.), planter, Greensboro. 

1857, Linden; s. Charles Augustus Poellnitz, Linden, and Mary Lucilla Poell- 
nitz; b. March 20, 1839; Major, C. S. A.; m. Mary Levert Withers, Hale Co., Nor. 
as, 1869. 

♦Poellnitz, James Alexander, (Fr.), Rembert 

1857, Linden; s. Dr. Julius £. Poellnitz, Linden, and Mary Rembert; b. March 
4, 1840; Student Univ. of Va., 1859-61; Private in nth and aist Ala. Regs., i86i-6a, 
3rd Lieut., aist Ala. Reg., 2862, C. S. A.; d. Feb. 3, 1865, while at home on furlough. 

Pou, Lewis Alexander, (Soph.), merchant, Pensacola, Fla. 

1857, Autaugaville; s. John W. Pou, Clanton, and Rachel A. Golsan; b. Aug. 
a3, 1836; Lawyer, 1859-60; 3rd Lieut., 6th Ala., i86x-6a; ist Lieut, and Capt., i86a; 
Wounded at Seven Pines and retired; Teacner at Autaugaville, 1862-63; Tax Collector, 
1863 (Autauga Co.); Merchant since 1865, (now 1900 retired); m. C Salome Robin- 
son, Pensacola, Fla., Jan. 19, 1869. 

134 Recx)Rd of Students [1859 

♦Robinson, Charles Cornelius, (Fr.), merchant and planter, 
Robinson Springs. 

iSs7f AuUugayille; t. Gen. E. T. Robinaon; Private. C S. A.; d. April My, 

Robinson, Dudley, (Soph.), physician, Robinson Springs. 

1857, Autaugaville; s. Gen. E. F. Robinson; b. Nor. 15, 1838; M. D., ooUese 

♦Rumph, Thomas, (Jun.), teacher, 

1857, Carlowyille; s. William Maxwell Rumph and Frances Jane Lide; b. Jan. 
24, 1840; Privatep 1861-65,0 S. A.; moved west and address was never known; d. i( 

Sterret, Major Donnel, (Fr.), physician, Beckville, Tex. 

1857, Columbiana; s. Judge Alfonso A. Sterret and Elizabeth M. Gooch; b. June 
ay, 184 1 ; M. D., Atlanta Med. CoL, 1866; Private, x86i, CapL, Co. C, 4th Ala. Reg., 
i86a. Quartermaster, 1863, C. S. A.; m. S. Julia Vawter, Marshall, Tex., Jan. ao, 1870. 

♦Vaughan, Vernon Henry, (Soph.), lawyer, San Francisco, Cal. 

1857, Mt. Meigs, Montgomery Co.; b. Feb. xx, 1838; Adjt., C. S. A.; Prof. 
English, U. of Ala., 1868-69; Private Sec. to Gov. of Utah, 1869; Gov. of Utah, X873; 
d. Dec. 4» 1878. 

♦Walker, Martin Locke, (Fr.), Waco, Tex. 

1857, Tuscaloosa; s. Erasmus Walker, Tuscaloosa, and Ann P. Childress; bt. 
March s, 184a; d. about X864. 

♦Watts, Thaddeus Clements, (Soph.), merchant, Greenville. 

1856, Greenville; s. John Hughes Watts, Butler Springs, and Prudence Hill; 
b. Sept. 30, 1839; m. (1) Mary Carter, Pine Flat, Butler Co., Feb. 23, i860, (a) 
Evelyn Williams: d. Dec 2. i88s. 

♦Wheeler, Daniel, (Fr.), Mobile. 

1857, Mobile; s. Daniel Wheekr, Mobile, and Rachel Murray; b. July 31, 1841; 
Private, then xst Lieut., Mobile Cadets, C. S. A.; d. at Richmond, Va., x86s, from 
wounds received at battle of Fredericksburg. 

1859. Graduates with Titled Degrees 
Comegys, Edward Freeman, A. B., A. M., '76, Gainesville, Tex. 

X856, Tuscaloosa; s. Edward Freeman Comeg3rs, Courtland, and Susan Brown 
ntts; b. Jan 13, 1841; Capt., Co. I, 43rd Reg., Ala. Vol., C. S. A.; Regent U. of Ala. 
and Member of Sute Board of Education, x87o-73; State Superintendent of Schoola, 
Tex., 1891 ; m. Susan Harris, Courtland, July 15, x868. 

Cunningham, James Robert, A. B., orange grower, EI Dorado, 

1856, Bridgeville, Pickens Co.; s. Robert Cunningbam and Mary Somerville; 
b. Sept. X7, x83s; Sgt., C. S. A.; Teacber in Ala. and Fla., 1866-72 ; m. Mrs. Rebecca 
West, CarroUton, Dec. ay, 1871. 

♦Duggar, Frederick Elijah, A. B., Macon Station. 

X855, Macon Station, Marengo Co.; s. Henry Duggar, Macon Station, and Alice 

1859] Graduates with Titled Degrees 135 

Goode Watkins; b. July 17, 1839; Tutor with Rev. W. A. Stickney at Marioui 
Attended Theolog. Sem., N. Y.; Killed in battle, Peach Tree Creek, near Atlanta, Ga., 
July 20, 1864. 

♦Fiquet, Dominique Doux, A. B., lawyer, Houston, Tex. 

2855, Tuscaloosa; a. Charles Jerome Fiquet, Tuscaloosa, and Mary Anna Fiquet; 
h. July 24, Z839; Vol Scout, C S. A.; First Prisoner of war at Washington City; 
m. , Houston, Tex.; d. 189 — ^. 

♦Greenwood, Anderson Houston, A. B., lawyer, Eutaw. 

1856, Eutaw; b. Oct 8, 1837; d. in MiL Ser. at Lynchburg, Va., x86a. 

♦Hall, Crenshaw, A. B., cotton buyer, Montgomery. 

1857, Montgomery; s. Boiling Hall, Coosada, and Mary Louisa Crenshaw; b. 
March a6, 1839; Adjt., 59th Ala. Reg., C. S. A.; d. May ao, 1893. 

♦Harris, Samuel Smith, A. B., LL. D., '79, minister, Detroit, Mich. 

1856, Prattville; s. Buckner Harris, Robinson Springs, and Sarah McKithen; 
b. Sept. 14, 1841; D. D., William and Mary, 1875, LL. D., Univ. of Mich., 1887; 
Member of Staff of Gen. Bragg, C. S. A.; Lawyer, 1860-67; Ordained Priest, P. E. 
Church, 1869; Rector at Montgomery, Ala., Columbus, Ga., New Orleans, La., and 
Chicago, 111.; Editor "Ths Living Church," Chicago, 1878-86; Author of "Sheltem." 
"Christianity and Civil Society," Bohlen Lectures, 1883, Sermons, 1889-91; Bishop ot 
Michigan, 1879-88; m. Mary Gindrat Pickett, Montgomery, Dec. 17, i86z; d. in Lon- 
don, England, Aug. ai, x888, while attending the Lambeth Conference. 

♦Hawkins, Aaron, A. B., teacher. Providence. 

1856, Providence, Pickens Co.; s. Herbert Hawkins and Armin Foster; b. March 
ao, 1835; Private, nth Ala., C. S. A.; Lieut., 43rd Ala., C. S. A.; Killed at battle of 
Chickamauga, 1863. 

♦Henley, Thomas Molton, A. B., lawyer, Randolph. 

1855, Montgomery; s. John Henley, Montgomery, and Narcissa J. Molton; b. 
"Dte. 3, 1839; Private, 3rd Ala. Reg., C. S. A.; m. Alcesta S. Smith, Randolph, May 
4, 1876; d. April XX, x888. 

♦Hogan, William Inge, A. B., minister, Tuscaloosa. 

1855, Tuscalooiia; s. James Hogan, Tuscaloosa, and Sarah Johnson Inge; b. 
March, X835: d. at Nashville, Tenn., Jan. 27, 1864. 

♦Holston, William James, A. B. 

X856, Mobile; s. J. W. Holston; b. March 9, 1837; d. x 

♦Johnston, Samuel Burr, A. B., lawyer, Tuskegee. 

1856, Tuskegee; s. Burr Johnston, Macon Co., and Sarah K. Foote; b. Dec. 
a, X839; AdjL, 3rd Ala. Vol., C. S. A.; Killed at battle of Seven Pines, June x, x86a. 

♦Jones, Daniel, A. B., merchant. Mobile. 

X855, Uniontown; b. Dec xa, 1837; Adjutant, 8th Ala. Reg., C S. A.; d. x88x. 

Jones, John Paul, A. B., A. M., '77, physician and planter, 

X856, Camden; s. Rev. John C Jones and Mary Ann Walker; b. June ao, X837; 
M. D., Univ. of La., x86x; Lieut., xst Reg., Ala. Cav., C S. A.; Asst Surgeon, C 
S. A.; m. Camilla Boykin, Tilden. 

136 Record of Students [1859 

Jones, Richard Channing, A. B., A. M., 'yj, LL. D., '91, lawyer, 

1856, Camden; s. Rev. John C. Jones and Mary Ann Walker; b. April la, 1841; 
iBt Lieut, Co. C, 44th Ala. Inf., C. S. A.; Adjt.-Gen., Bowles' Brigade, C. S. A.; 
Brig.-Gen., A. S. T.; State Senator, 1882-86; President and Prof, of Intemat. and 
Constitu. Law, U. of Ala., 1890-97; Mem. Constitu. Conven., 1901; m. Stella Hamil- 
ton Boykin, Camden, Oct. 19, 1864. 

♦Martin, Peter, A. B., planter, Orlando, Fla. 

1854, Tuscaloosa; s. Gov. Joshua L. Martin and Sara Mason; b. July 4, 1839; 
dL Dec. 18, 1883. 

*McAdory, Thomas, A. B., Jonesboro. 

1856, Jonesboro; s. Major Thomas McAdory and Emily Owen; b. Oct. 6, 1837; 
Lieut, ist Ala. Reg., C. S. A.; d. in Mil. Ser., 1862. 

*Meadors, John Calhoun, A. B., lawyer, Opelika. 

1856, Cusseta, Chambers Co.; s. Warner Williams Meadors and Nancy Furger^ 
son; b. April i, 1838; Adjutant, 37th Ala. Reg., C. S. A.; Rep., Gen. Assem., 1865-66; 
Trustee, U. of Ala., 1865-68; Mem. Constitu. Conven. of Ala., 1867; Judge, City Court 
of Opelika; m. Rebecca Cora Jackson; d. Tan. 8, 1895. 

♦Owen, Thomas Lucian Moreland, A. B., physician, Jonesboro. 

1855, Jefferson Co.; s. Thomas Henderson Owen and Malissa Rose Sadler; b. 
Dec. ^it 1834; M. D., Mobile; ist Lieut, Co. B, i8th Ala. Reg., C. S. A.; m. Sarah 
Ann Lucy Malissa Tarrant, Jonesboro, Oct. 2, 1861; d. in MiL Ser., near Mobile, 
Feb. 6, 2862. 

♦Pickett, Alexander Hamilton, A. B., Union Springs. 

1856, Chunncnuggce, Macon Co.; s. James Pickett, Enon, and Martha Amanda 
Robinson; b. Dec. 8, 1836; Capt. and Adjt., Battle's Brig., Rodes Division, C. S. A.; 
Circuit Court Clerk, 1886-98; m. Virginia Eliza Powell, Union Springs, April 30, 
1864; d. Jan. II, 1900. 

Richardson, John James, A. B., teacher, Paris, Tex. 

1856, Providence, Pickens Co.; s. James T. Richardson, DeKalb Co., and Mis- 
souri W. Hawkins; b. Aug. 28, 1837; 2nd Lieut., then ist Lieut., Co. E, 25th Ala. 
Reg., C. S. A.; Prisoner, Johnson's Island, 1863-65; Teacher at Shiloh, Paris, Austin, 
Clarksville and Honey Grove High School, Tex.; County Supt. of Educa., Tex., 
1887-92; m. (i) Fannie Goodlet Foster, Pickens Co., Sept 21, 1869, (2) Mrs. Sue A. 
Richardson, inee Neilson), Lamar, Tex., Aug. 26, 1883. 

Rockett, John Richard, A. B., real estate, Birmingham. 

1856, Elyton; s. T. W. Rockett; b. March 14, 1838; 2nd Lieut., Co. G, xith Ala. 
Inf., C. S. A.; County Supt. of Education, Jefferson Co., 1868-78; Prin. School at 
Jonesboro, i860, Elyton, 1865, Birmingham, 1878; Dept. Clerk, Circuit Court, 1883-86; 
m. E. Ida Richardson, Clinton, June 21, 1871. 

Searcy, James Thomas, A. B., A. M., '76, physician, Tuscaloosa. 

1855, Tuscaloosa; s. Dr. Reuben Searcy and M. Abagail Fitch; b. Dec. xo, 1839; 
M. D., 1867, New York; N on-Commissioned officer, C. S. A.; Physician, Tuscaloosa, 

1867-92; Supt. Ala. Bryce Insane Hospital, 1892 ; Mem. of Amer. Med. Assc, 

American Acad, of Med. of N. Y., Medico-Legal Sod., Amer. Medico-Psychological 
Asso.; m., Annie R. Ross, Tuscaloosa, Jan. 22, 1868. 

1859] Graduates in Schools and Non-Graduates 137 

*Thornton, George Francis, A. B., physician, San Francisco, Gal. 

1855. Forkland, Greene Co.; s. James Jones Thornton, Eutaw, and Anne Amelia 
Smith; Surgeon, rank of Major, C. S. A; m. Susan Pearin, Burton's Hill, Ala., i860; 
d. 1894. 

Webb, James Edward, A. B., A. M., '76, lawyer, Birmingham. 

1855, Eutaw; s. William Feter Webb, EuUw, and Martha Burwell Bell; Ti. 
April 15, 1840; Lieut, then Capt., Army of Northern Va., C. S. A; Trustee U. of 

Ala., 1886 to ; m. (i) Zemula Creswell, Eutaw, July s, 1866, (2) Mary L. Webb, 


♦Wilkinson, John Adams, A. B., teacher and planter, Sparta, 

1856, Union, Greene Co.; s. Thomas J. Wilkinson, Union, and Sarah Douthet; 
b. Jan. 21, 1837; Lieut., C. S. A.; Rep., Gen. Assem., Miss., 1875-76; Supt. of Educa- 
tion, Chickasaw Co., Miss., 1889-92; Merchant, 1879-82; m. Artie Fannie Jemison, 
Sparta, Miss., Oct. 24, x86i; d. July 22, 1892. 

1859. Graduates in Schools and Non-Graduates 

*Crews, James Buchanan, (Soph.), Alamuchee. 

1858. Gaston, Sumter Co.; s. Thomas Richard Crews, Gaston, and Mary 
Katberine Larkin; b. June 20, 1840; Lieut., C. S. A.; d. z8 — . 

Friend, John Wesley, (Jun.), Newport News, Va. 

1S58, Tuscaloosa; s. Dr. N. Friend; b. March 21, 1842; A. B.,- i860, Howard 
Col.; Lieut of Artillery and Ordnance ofhcer, 3rd Corps, C. S. A.; m. Hibemia 
McHevaine, Petersburg, Va., Sept. 2, 1875. 

♦Fulton, William Brady, (Fr.), Tuscaloosa. 

1857, Tuscaloosa; s. D. J. W. Fulton; b. Dec. 5, 1840; d. June 10, 1859. 

Glass, John Vincent, (Jun.), teacher, Birmingham. 

1858, Goido, Pickens Co.; s. Hiram M. Glass, Gordo, and Mary Coleman; b. 
June 28, 1838; A. B., Southern Univ., Greensboro; Private, Co. A, X9th Ala. Reg.» 
Army Tcnn., C. S. A.; m. Adela A. Taylor, Forkland, Sept. la, i860. 

Gordon, Thomas Jefferson, (Jun.), planter. Union. 

1856, Eutaw; s. Samuel O. Gordon, Clinton, and Annie Glenn Sims; b. Jan. 
26, 1837; Private in Cav., C. S. A.; m. Antia H. Evans, Eutaw, Nov. 7, i860. 

Goree, Napoleon Daniel, (Fr.), Birmingham. 

1858, Tuscaloosa; s. Daniel Goree and Killingsworth; b. Feb., 1841; m. 

Miss Foster. 

Hudson, Thomas, (Soph), editor, Uniontown. 

1857, Uniontown; s. Richard H. Hudson, Uniontown, and Sarah Chambers; 
h. August 28, 1841; Student U. of Va., 18G0; Private, 4th. Ala. Reg., C. S. A., and 
Cadet Troop, 7th Ala. Reg. Cav., C. S. A.; m. Kittie Pitts, Uniontown, 1863. 

Jones, Harvey Ellis, (Fr.), Spring Hill. 

X858, Mobile; s. George L. Jones and Madeline Clitherall; Capt., C. S. A.; 

138 Record of Students [i860 

Recording Sec to Gov. of Ala., 1890-94, Prirate Sec. to Gov. of Ala., 1894-95; Asaoci- 
ate R. R. Commissioner, 1895-99; State Tax Commis., 190Z — ; m. Marion Wilmer, 
Not. 24, 1869. 

Little, John, (Jun.), banker, Tuscaloosa. 

1856, Tuscaloosa; s. John Little. Tuscaloosa, and Barbara Kerr; b. June 19, 
1841; A. B., Oakland CoL, Miss.; M. D., 1869, Uniy. of La.; Prin., Prep. DepL, Oak- 
land Col., 1861-63; Sgt., Lumsden's Battery, Ala. Light Artillery, 1863-65; Asst 
Surgeon, Ala. Insane Hospital, 2869-75; Treas., Ala. Insane Hospital, 188 1 — ; Cashier 
First Nat. Bank, Tuscaloosa; m. Amanda M. Harris, Tuscaloosa, Nov. 14, 187s. 

*McAdory, James Sadler, (Soph.), physician, Jonesboro. 

1858, Jonesboro; s. James McAdory and Nancy T. Sadler; b. Sept. 24, 1839; 
M. D., Jeflferson Med. CoL, i860; Asst Surgeon, 37th Miss. Reg., C. S. A.; d. at 
Lauderdale Springs, Miss., Jan. 19, 1865. 

Taylor, James, (Soph.) 

1858, Lafayette; s. Thomas Taylor; b. Jan. 33, 1840. 

♦Ware, James Nicholas, (Soph.), teacher, Uniontown. 

1857, Uniontown; s. Dr. George N. Ware; b. March 39, 1839; Student Uaiy. 
of N. C, 1859-60; Private in Tex. Reg., C S. A.; d. at Corinth, Miss., from disease 
contracted in C S. A. 

Warren, Edward, real estate and insurance, Birmingham. 

1856, Tuscaloosa; s. James William Warren, Tuscaloosa, and Henrietta Warren; 
b. April 5, T838; ist Lieut., ssnd Ala. Reg., C S. A.; m. Vernon L. Kennedy, Tusca- 
loosa, Dec 30, x866. 

♦Womack, Sidney, (Soph.), lawyer, Eutaw. 

1858, EuUw; s. CoL John W. Womack, Eutaw, and Ann Miller Beville; b. 
May Z9, 1843; Student Univ. of N. C, 1859-61; Private, xith Ala. Reg., Va. Army, 
then Lieut on Staff of Gen Marcus J. Wright, Army of Tenn., C S. A.; Qerk Cir^ 
Guit Court, Greene Co.; d. Sept 33, 1869. 

i860. Graduates with Titled Degrees 

♦Clark, Henry Clay, A. B., teacher, Eutaw. 

Z857, EuUw; s. James Blair Clark, FuUw, and Mary Erwin; b. Dec 3, 1838; 
Private, Co. B., nth Ala. Reg.; Killed at I^razier's Farm, Va., June 30, 1863. 

♦Crenshaw, Anderson, A. B., Eutaw. 

1858, Eutaw; s. W. Crenshaw; b. Au;r- 6, 1839; Sergeant, C S. A., Feb., 1861 
to April, 1863; d. in Mil Ser., Yorktown, Va., April, 1863. 

♦Hutchinson, Joseph, A. B., Greensboro. 

1857, Tuscaloosa; s. Joseph J. Hutchinson and Mary A. Jackson; b. April ai, 
1843; Prin. Acad., Belmont, Sumter Co., x86o; Sergeant, 36th Ala., C. S. A.; Killed 
Sept. 18, 2863, battle of Chickamauga. 

♦Jones, John Henry, A. B., cotton broker, Dallas, Tex. 

1857, Uniontown; s. William Jones, Uniontown, and Mary Jones; b. June *7, 
1840; Capt., C. S. A.; Prof, of Math., Howard Col., Marion; m. Carrie Pearson. 
Montgomery, Nov. ax, 1873; d. August 37, 1888. 

i86o] Graduates in Schools and Non-Graduates 139 
♦Leach, Sidney Fitts, A. B., merchant, Tuscaloosa. 

1856, Tuscaloosa; s. Dr. S. J. Leach, Tuscaloosa, and Elizabeth F. Fitts; b. 
Not. 14, 184 1 ; Sergeant, Fowler's Battery, C. S. A.; oi. Mary Lee Peck, Tuscaloosa^ 
Nov. 24, 1869; d. Sept. 7, 1898. 

Leland, John D., A. B., A. M., '87, merchant, Gilmer, Tex. 

Z856, Tuscaloosa; s. Dr. William A. Leland and Margaret W. Ish; b. June 8, 
1842; zst Lieut, and Adjt., 41st Reg., Ala. VoL, C. S. A.; Prin. of Grove Hill, Ala., 
Male Acad.; "Arthur Small Institute," Selma, 1865; Murray Institute, Tex., 1871; 
Concord Pub. Schools, 1896; Editor, Tyler, Tex., Daily Record, 1891; at one time a 
lawyer, now a merchant; m. Laura Janie Sims, Jefferson, Tex., August as, 1869. 

Lloyd, William David Clinton, A. B., A. M., Louisville, Ky. 

1856, Winston Co., Miss.; s. Rev. David M. Lloyd, Jacksonville, Tex., and 
Martha Goodwin; Asst Prin., Male High School, Mobile, x86o-6i; and Lieut., aoth 
Reir>f Miss. VoL, 1861, Capt., Commissary, 1863, Major, 9th Bat, Ala. VoL, 1862^3, 
C S. A.; Prisoner of War, 1863-65; m. (x) Alice Bridgeford, March ao, 1867, (a) 
Alice Cray croft, Oct. a8, 1873. 

*Norris, Thomas, A. B., book-keeper, Selma. 

1858, Selma; s. William J. Norris, Selma, and Louisiana Rebecca Rutherford; 
bi August 29, 1841; Capt., 3rd Reg., Ala. Cav., C. S. A.; Killed in battle at Chapell 
Hill, N. C April, 186s. 

*Parker, John Marshall, A. B., teacher, Mexia, Tex. 

1859, Monroe Co.; s. Asa Parker and Flora Graham; Lieut, asrd Reg., Ala. 
VoL, C S. A.; Prin. Central MiL Inst., Tex.; m. Ida Prendergast, Tex.; d. 1878. 

♦Pickens, Joseph Alexander, A. E., agent, Birmingham. 

1856, Eutaw; s. Joseph Pickens and Caroline Judeth Henderson; b. March 1$, 
1839; Capt, C S. A.; Commission merchant, then Insurance agent; d. Aug. 14, 1885. 

♦Smith, Franklin Newton, A. B.. Baldwin Co. 

1856, Sunucerfield; s. J. R. Smith; b. Jan. 3, 1838; d. 187 — . 

z86o. Graduates in Schools and Non-Graduates 

♦Bealle, William Robert, planter. Sylvan. 

1859, Foster's, Tuscaloosa Co.; s. Charles S. Bealle, Foster's, and Caroline S. 
Martin; b. Jan. 8, 1846; Private, C. S. A.; m. Lizzie Wheeler; d. Oct 32, 2889. 

Boykin, Burwell, lumber business, Beaumont, Tex. 

x8s9, Portland, Dallas Co.; s. William Wiley Boykin, Portland, and Martha 
Rives; b. April ao, 284a; m. Fannie James, Montgomery, 1867. 

♦Brantley, Henry Randal, New Orleans, La. 

1859, Vernon, Jackson Parish, La.; s. Hon. G. D. Brantley, Lafayette, and 
EUzabeth Fry Hollifield; b. Jan. x8, 1844; Private, C S. A.; d. May is, 1864. 

Burg^n, Daniel Augustus, merchant, Mayhew, Miss. 

2857, Tuscaloosa; a. Thomas A. Burgin, Mayhew, Miss., and Martha Ann Davis; 
b. Sept ao, 184a; Lieut, C S. A.; m. Nancy Myrtia Gamer, Mayhew, Nov. a4, 1885. 

14© Record of Students [i860 
Burt, William Jefferson, (Soph.) 

1858, Mobile; s. Dr. William Burt; b. Oct. 4, 2841. 

♦Clements, Collier Foster, planter, Tuscaloosa. 

1859, Tuscaloosa; s. Hardy Clements and Maria Pegues; b. Aug. 19, 1842; 
<L 1868. 

Crenshaw, Edward, lawyer, Greenville. 

1858, Manningham, Butler Co.; s. Walter H. Crenshaw, Greenville, and Sarah 

A. Crenshaw; b. Aug. 29, 1842; Student Univ. of Va., i86i; and Lieut, 1861-63. 17th 
Ala. Reg., C. S. A., Capt., 32nd Ala. Reg., 1863-64, 2nd Lieut., C. S. Marines, 1864- 
^S; Clerk of Circuit Court, Butler Co., 1869-74; County Solicitor, 1879-83; City Attor- 
ney; Lawyer since 1874; m. Sarah Edith Brittain, Greenville, May, 1874. 

*Eatman, Francis Lawrence, teacher, Mantua. 

1859, Mantua, Pickens Co.; s. Reden Eatman and Sarah Chambke; b. Jan. 15, 
1839; Killed at battle of Frazier's Farm, Va. 

♦Ellerbe, Edward, Liberty Hill. 

1859. Liberty Hill, Dallas Co.; s. Alex. W. Ellerbe, Liberty Hill, and Catherine 

B. Pegues; b. Jan. 19, 1841; Private, Cahaba Rifles, sth Ala., C. S. A.; d. August, 

Elmore, Vincent Martin, lawyer, Montgomery. 

1859, Montgomery; s. Col. John Archer Elmore, Montgomery, and Laura 
Mariah Martin; b. July 18, 1840; Private, 3rd Ala. Inf.; 2nd Lieut, Co. H, Capt., 
Cos. H and £, and then Major, ist Ala. Cav., C. S. A.; Reg. in Chancery, Montgomery 
Co., 1875-1899; m. Rebecca S. Hails, Montgomery, Dec. xo, 1867. 

♦Erickson, John Henry, 

1858, Tuscaloosa; s. J. Erickson; b. Nov. 6, 1841. 

Going, James Alfred, real estate and insurance, Birmingham. 

i8s9f Pleasant Grove, Pickens Co.; s. Eli Thomas Going, Pickens Co., and Jane 
M. Somerville; b. Jan. 8, 1842; Private, C. S. A., 1861; Non-Commissioned officer, 
1864, Lieut, 2nd Ala. Reg., 1865; Planter and merchant in Pickens Co; m. (i) Myrtis 
Glorina Billips, Franconia, Oct. 25, 1865, (2) Ella Gaines Parker, Livingston. 

*Hanks, Calvin Jones, merchant and planter, Durant, Miss. 

1859, Pickensville, Pickens Co.; s. Rev. Alexander Moseley Hanks and Levicia 
Cathrene Saunders; b. Oct. 15, 1839; Private in Virginia Army, C. S. A.; m. Gussie 
McGoughlin, Durant, Miss., 1869; d. 1874. 

♦Henderson, John Chalmers, teacher, Oktibbeha Co., Miss. 

1859, Tuscaloosa Co.; d. in Military Prison, Camp Douglass, 111., 1862. 

Henley, John Charles, banker, Birmingham. 

1859, Montgomery; s. John Henley, Montgomery, and Narcissa Molton; b. 
SepL 29, 1842; Capt., S9th Ala. Reg., C. S. A.; Retired Banker; m. Annie L. Linn, 
Birmingham, Jan. 25, 1876. 

*Hester, Wiley George Washington, planter, Tuscaloosa. 

i855-57> 1859-60, Tuscaloosa; s. William Hester and Nancy Moore Hamner; 
b. Oct. 18, 1839; Sergeant, Lumsden's Ala. Battery, C. S. A.; m. Carrie Keene, 
Tuscaloosa; d. August 19, 187Z. 

i86o] Graduates in Schools and Non -Graduates 141 

♦Hester, William, physician, Tuscaloosa. 

1856, Tuscaloosa; s. Chapman Ambrose Hester and Martha Henley Hamner; 
b. June 9, 1841; A B., Howard Col., 1861, M. D., Col. of P. and S., New .York; Lieut., 
a6th Ala. Reg., C. S. A.; Surgeon U. of Ala., 1891-94, 1897-98; m. Sallie Olivia Hays, 
Tuscaloosa; d. Feb. ix, 1899. 

Inge, William Harden, 

1858, Tuscaloosa; s. Judge Robert Inge, Livingston, and Agatha Marr; b. Nov. 
9. 1840. 

Kennedy, John Robert, 

1859, Oswichee, Russell Co.; b. July 16, 1842. 

♦Macartney, Matthew Edwin, lawyer. Mobile. 

1859, Mobile; s. Matthew Macartney and Ann Maria Noles; b. Oct. 6, 1842; 
2nd Lieut., Co. B, aist Ala., C. S. A.; Solicitor, Mobile Co., 1872-76; d. August 
19, 1876. 

Mastin, Peter Blackwell, planter, Montgomery. 

1859, Montgomery; s. Peter B. Mastin and Mary A. Mims; b. Sept 29, 1842; 
3rd Lieut., 17th Ala. Reg., Inf., Capt., Co. G, 53rd Ala. Reg., Cav., C. S. A.; Dcpt 
Tax Collector, 1892-93; Commissioner of Confederate Pensions, 1900 — ; m. Mary £. 
Harris, Columbus, Miss., Oct. xo, 1864. 

Mastin, Thomas Benton, planter, Montgomery. 

1859, Montgomery; s. Peter B. Mastin and Mary A. Mims; b. Jan. 20, 1841; 
3rd Lieut., 53rd Ala. Cav., C. S. A.; m. (i) Sarah Isabella Graham, Montgomery, (2) 
Lily C. Taylor, Montgomery, June, 1876. 

*McGowen, Andrew William, Pleasant Ridge. 

i8S9> Pleasant Ridge; s. James Maddox McGowen, Tuscaloosa, and Elizabeth 
Leonora Summerville; b. July 14, 1839; Student U. of Miss., 1860-62; Capt., C. S. A.; 
Killed in battle. Missionary Ridge. 

Molette, William Page, planter, Portland. 

1859, Elm Bluff, Dallas Co.; s. John Ulmer Molette, Portland, and Virginia 
Susan Caldwell; b. Sept. 3, 1842; Private, Co. F, 3rd Ala. Cav., C. S. A.; Rep., Gen. 
Assem., Ala., 1878-80; m. Julia Foster, Atlanta, Ga., 1873. 

♦Moore, John Theodore, (Jun.), merchant, Birmingham. 

i860, Sumterville; s. Thomas Moore and Elizabeth C. Hanna; b. July 10, 1839; 
m. Selena £. Mills, Rock Hill, S. C; d. Aug. 30, 1888. 

Moseley, Andrew Brooks Stevens, journalist, Rome, Ga. 

1859, Montevallo. s. Dr. R. A. Moseley, Sr., and Maria B. Stevens; b. Oct 19, 
1843; A. B., Rutgers Col., N. J., x86i; Private, Co. C, 4th Ala. Inf., 1861-63, ist 
Lieut., Co. E, 41st Ala., 1862, Capt., 1863-64, Staff duty, 1864-65, C. S. A.; Prea. 
Board of Education, Floyd Co., Ga., 1886-98; Vice and Deputy Consul General of U. 

S. to Singapore, S. S., 1900 ; m. (i) Maggie P. Swain, Jan. 15, 1871, (a) Beulah 

Shropshire, Feb. 14, 1883. 

♦Peterson, Batte, 

x86o, Tuskegee; b. March 28, 1844: d. 18 — 

143 Record of Students [i860 
♦Peterson, Robert Augustus, 

2859, Tuskegee; b. March 23, 1841: d. 18 — ^. 

Prince, Edmond Rufus, book-keeper, Tampa, Fla. 

1859, Foater's, Tuscaloosa Co.; a. Nicholas W. Prince and Mary Foster; b. Jan. 
s8, 184a; Private. C. S. A.; Studied Dentistry at Baltimore Dental CoL, 1866; Practiced 
Dentistry a few years, afterwards merchant till 1893; m. Margaret Madin Williams, 
Greensboro, Noy. i, 1869. 

♦Ridgway, John Caldwell, Eutaw. 

1859, Eutaw; a. Bradley H. Ridgway and Elizabeth Bell; b. Jan. 6, 1838; Pri- 
vate and Courier to Gen. Wilcox, C. S. A.; Killed at battle of Gettysburg, July 3, 1863. 

Roberts, Jesse Ashley, 

1859, Butler, Choctaw Co.; s. Cullen Roberts; b. May 7, Z84S. 

Rogers, James Polk, planter, Forkland. 

1859, Marion; s. George C Rogers and Annis Caroline Dorroh; b. Dec 5, 1841; 
Private, Co. G, 4th Ala. Reg., C. S. A.; m. Ida Virginia Dorroh, Erie, Hale Co., Fek 
a8, 1868. 

♦Smith, Bemice Ferdinand, (Jun.), physician, Los Nietos, Cal. 

1858, Sumterville; a. Dr. A. N. Smith, Meridian, Miss., and Louise Ann David- 
son; b. Dec. 31, 1842; M. D., z868, Nashville Med. CoL; Adjt., 5th Ala. Battalion, 
Army North Va., 1862-65; Physician and Life Insurance Agent; d. Aug., 1870. 

Smith, Richard Inge, lawyer. Mobile. 

1858, Mobile; s. Robert H. Smith, Mobile, and Evalina B. Ingo; Adjutant, stfa 
Ala. Reg., xst Lieut, C S. A. 

♦Snoddy, Samuel Allen, (Jun.), planter. Union. 

1856, Mantua, Pickens Co.; s. Dr. Samuel Snoddy and Mary McLendon; b. 
April 37, 1837; m. Malissa Burton, Union, Greene Co.; d. about 1865. 

♦Spencer, John Scott, merchant and planter, Scooba, Miss. 

1859, Scooba, Miss.; s. John S. Spencer and Sarah Ann Van Zandt; b. March 
22, 1843: Sergeant in Jeff Davis Cav. Legion (Miss.), C. S. A.; m. Julia Stewart, 
Scooba, Miss., 1872; d. about 188a. 

♦Spencer, William Octavius, physician, Red River Co., Tex. 

2856, Elyton, Jefferson Co.; a. William Octavius Spencer and Eliza Van Zandt; 
b Nov. 12, 1840; M. D., 1862, Mobile; Hospital Steward, C. S. A.; m. , 

1864; d. 1898. 

Stafford, Frederick McKee, (Jun.), bond dealer, Chattanooga, 

1857, Tuscaloosa; s. Prof. Samuel M. Stafford, Tuscaloosa, and Maria B. Brooks; 
b. Jan. 35, 1842; Grad. Va. Military Institute; Lieut., C. S. A.; m. Alice M. Rix, 
Keokuk, Iowa, June z8, 1871. 

Vance, Philip Marion, merchant, Birmingham. 

1859, Mars, Bibb Co.; s. David Vance, Mars, and Rebecca Shuttlesworth; b. 
July 13, 1840; xst Lieut, Co. P., xith Ala., C. S. A.; m. Catherine Jane Hill, Bibb 
Co., Sept. 13, x866. 

i86i] Graduates with Titled Degrees 143 

♦Ward, Leonidas Washington, Marion. 

x860p Pelham, Choctaw Co.; a. W. W. Ward, Pelham, and Anna Fouahee; 
KiUed at battle of Sharpaburg, Md. 

♦Watkins, William Henry, planter, Hampden. 

1858, Spring Hill, Marengo Co.; a. Jamea L. Watldna, Hampden, and Evelyn 
Dnmaa; b. Dec i8, 1841; m. Pattie Cravens, Hampden, Marengo Co., x86o; Killed 
at battle of Chickamanga. 

z86x. Graduates with Titled Degrees 

Austin, Hurieosco, A. B., lawyer, Mobile. 

1858, Mobile; a. Jeremiah Austill, Jackson, and Margaret Eadea; b. Feb. x6, 
1841; and Lient, xst Battalion, Ala. Reg., C S. A., 1861-63; Served aa Capt., aand 
Ala. Inf., «n Ky. Campaign; Chancellor, South. Dtst. of Ala., 1874-79; Rep>, Gen. 
AaatVL, x88o-8a, 1892-94; m. Aurora Roberta Ervin, Dec. as, 1873. 

*Baker, Richard Emmet, A. B., planter, Selma. 

Z856, Elyton; s. Jacob H. Baker; b. July 13, 1838; Capt. of Artillery, C. S. A.; 
d. 18—. 

Burgin, John Davis, A. B., planter, Mayhew, Miss. 

1857* Tuscaloosa; a. Thomas A. Burgin, Mayhew, Miss., and Martha Ann Davis; 
b Oct as, 1840; Capt., 50th Reg., Ala. Vol., C. S. A.; m. Martha Jane Locke, Mayhew, 
Miss., Sept, 1866. 

Oark, George, A. B., lawyer, Waco, Tex. 

1858, Eutaw; s. James Blair Clark, Eataw, and Mary Erwin; b. July z8, 1841; 
Capt., Co. B, nth Ala. Reg., C S. A.; Attorney-General of Tex., 1874-76; Commos- 
sioner to codify the Lawa of Tex., 1876-78; Judge, Court of Appeals, Tex., 1879 — ; m. 
Sfary Johns, Austin, Tex., 1874. 

Clarke, Richard Henry, A. B., lawyer, Mobile. 

Z859, Dayton; s. William E. Clarke, Demopolis, and Rebecca Raincock; b. Feb. 
9. 1843; ^nd Lieut, xst Bat of Artillery (Regulars), C. S. A.; Solicitor, Marengo Co., 
1874-77; Solicitor, 7th )ud. Circuit, 1877-80; Member of U. S. Congress, 1889-97; Rep., 
Oen. Assem., Ala., 1900-02; m. (i) Mary Kate Burke, (a) Helen Gaines Foote, August 

IS, 1877. 

Cockrell, Leonidas Aurelius, A. B., planter and teacher, Living- 

1858, Livingston; s. Dempsey CockreU, Livingston, and Millioent Carpenter; b. 
Nov. 27, 1839; Private and zst Sgt., Co. G, 44th Ala. Reg., C. S. A.; Prin. of Acad, 
at Carrollton, 1884-85, Cuba, 1891-93, Livingston, 1893-95 smd 1899, Furman, 1895-97, 
Andaluaia, 1898-99; m. (x) Minna Taylor, Forkland, May a8, 1862, (a) Eleanor 
Corinne Hale, Carrollton, June zi, 1885. 

*Davis, John Dempsey, A. B., Plantersville. 

1857, Plantersville, Dallaa Co.; s. Anderson Davia, Plantersville, and Emily 
Oden; Capt, C. S. A.; Killed at battle of Sharpsburg. 

*Duggar, Luke White, A. B., brokerage and insurance, Peters 
burg, Va. 

1858, Macon Sta., Marengo Co.; s. Henry Duggar, Macon, and Alice Goode 

144 Record of Students [i86i 

Watkins Vaughan; b. June 3, 1841; Drill Master for Troops in Ala. and Va., then 
Lieut in Selden's Battery, C. S. A.; m. Louisa Boisseau, Petersburg, Va.; d. at Van 
Dom, Ala., 1893. 

♦Farley, Francis, A. B., Cross Keys. 

1859, Cross Keys, Macon Co.; s. Jonathan C. Farley and Thermuthis Pinkston; 
b. August 19, 1840; d. at University, May, 1861. 

*Hall, James Abercrombie, A. B., teacher, Montgomery. 

1859, Montgomery; s. Boiling Hall, Coosada, and Mary Louisa Crenshaw; b. 
Oct. 8, 1840; Capt.. Co. K, J4th Ala. Reg., C. S. A.; d. Dec 12, 1868. 

♦Herbert, Dozier Godfrey, A. B., A. M., '79, lawyer, Galveston, 

1859, Deer Creek, Miss.; s. Rev. R. H. Herbert; b. Nov. 9, 184a; Aide-de-Camp 
to Gen. John H. Kelley, 1863; Capt of Cav., C. S. A., 1864-65; Teacher, Episcopal 
High School, San Antonio, Tex., 1866-67; Sec., Historical Society, Galveston, Tex., 
1871-78; d. abcut 1890. 

*Knox, John Calhoun, A. B., planter, Greene Co. 

1858, Greene Co.; b. May 14, 1834; Capt., C. S. A., 1861; d. about 1868 or 
probably killed in C. S. A. 

*Lewis, Paul Hamilton, A. B., lawyer, Montevallo. 

1859, Montevallo; s. Dr. Paul Hamilton Lewis and Elizabeth Shortridge; b. 
Sept. 29, 7842; Capt, xoth Reg., Ala. Cav., C. S. A.; Rep., Gen. Assem., Ala.; m. 
Margaret Stephens Browne, Montevallo, Feb., 1868; d. July, 1874, at Tuscaloosa. 

♦Martin, Horace Walpole, A. B., lawyer, Emory, Tex. 

1856, Tuscaloosa; s. Judge Peter Martin and Mary Brumley; b. Dec. 15, 1840; 
Private, C. S. A.; Mayor of Emory, Tex.; m. Minta Cook; d. 189 — . 

Massey, John, A. B., A. M., '75, LL. D.,79, educator, Tuskegee. 

1859, Nicholson's Store, Choctaw Co.; s. Drury Massey, Choctaw Co., and 
Vashti Gorham; b. Dec. i6, 1834; Adjutant, 1st Battalion, Hilliard's Legion, C. S. A.; 
President A. C. F. Col., Tuskegee; m. (i) Fredonia A. Taylor, 1866, (2) Elnora F. 
Dallas, 1873. 

♦McKeithan, Thomas Chancey, A. B., Robinson Springs. 

1858, Robinson Springs, Autauga Co.; s. Alexander McKeithan and Mrs. Eliza- 
beth Forman, (nee Smith); b. June 20, 1839; Lieut., Co. £, 6th Ala. Reg., C. S. A.; 
Killed, battle of Malvern Hill, Va., July, 1862. 

*Phelan, John, A. B., lawyer, Birmingham. 

1859, Montgomery; s. John D. Phelan, Nashville, Tenn., and Mary Ann Harris; 
b. Nov. 22, 1842; Capt. of Artillery, Phelan's Battery, C. S. A.; Clerk, Lower House, 
Ala. Leg., 1861; m. Anna Owen Sale, Moulton, Dec. 26, 1871; d. Feb. 11, 1890. 

*Sanders, John Caldwell Calhoun, A. B., Clinton. 

1858. Clinton, Greene Co.; s. Dr. C. P. Sanders, Clinton, and Thomp- 
son; b. April 4, 1840; Capt and Colonel, xith Ala. Reg., and Brigadier-General, C 
S. A.; Killed in battle at Petersburg, Va., Ang. ai, 1864. 

i86i] Graduates in Schools and Non-Graduates 145 

Vaughan, Edward Bressie, A. B., broker. Mobile. 

1858, Tuscaloosa; s. Edward Bressie Vaughan, Tuscaloosa, and Mariah Ann 
Blackburn; b. Dec. lo, 1840; Capt., Co. G, .36th Reg., Ala. Vol., 1861-65; Lumber and 
Timber Broker; m. (i) Mary Susan Jon^s, Miss., 1865, (a) Mary Elizabeth Hale, 
Eutaw, June, 1870. 

Young, William Brooks, A. B., lawyer, Jacksonville, Fla. 

i860. Linden; s. Judge James Alfred Young and Henrietta Julia Brooks; b. 
Sept. 22, 1842; Lieut., nth Ala. Reg., Vol., 1861-64; CapL, 1864, Adjutant-Gen. of 
Brigade, 1864-65, C. S. A.; Solicitor, Hale Co., Ala., 1871-73; Judge, 4th Judicial 
Circuit, Fla., 1890-93; m. (i) Alice Shaw, Greensboro, Oct. 25, 1883, (2) Margaret 
Rankin, Atlanta, Ga., July 10, 1889. 

1861. Graduates in Schools and Non-Graduates 

♦Abernathy, Macon, Jacksonville. 

1859, Jacksonville; s. Miles W. Abemathy and Anne Hoke; b. Aug. 7, 1842; 
Private, Co. G, xoth Ala., Wilcox's Brigade, mortally wounded, battle of Frazier's 
Farm, Va., June 30, 1862; d. at Richmond, Va., July x, 1862. 

♦Avery, Albert Monroe, planter, Havana. 

i860, Greensboro; s. David Avery, Greensboro, and Elisabeth Williams; b. Nov. 
12, 1842; Capt., Co. C, 20th Ala. Reg., C. S A.; Mem. Gen. Assem., Ala. Leg.; Regis- 
ter Land office, Huntsville, 1894-98; d. Oct 25, 1898. 

♦Boiling, John, lawyer, Greenville. 

1859, Greenville; s. S. J. Boiling and Mary Boiling; b. March 21, 1841; Capt., 
C. S. A.: d. May Z3> 1898. 

Caldwell, John Alexander, broker, Tuscaloosa. 

1856, Tuscaloosa; s. John S. Caldwell and Mary Ann Eddins; b. Jan. z, 1841; 
2nd Lieut., Lumsden's Bat, C. S. A.; Merchant, Bodie, Calif., now Merchandise 
Broker at Tuscaloosa. 

♦Cannon, Thomas Emmons, Columbus, Miss. 

i860, Columbus, Miss.; s. William R. Cannon and Eliza Jane Cannon; b. Sept 
23, 1842; Aide-de-Camp to Gen. Jacob H. Sharp; Killed in battle of Jonesboro, Ga., 
August 31, 1864. 

Chambers, Edwin Glover, , Tex. 

i860. Spring Hill, Marengo Co.; b. Dec x, 1842. 

♦Coleman, Samuel Cruse, planter.. Coatopa. 

i860, Brewersville, Sumter Co.; s. Dr. William H. Coleman, Livingston, and 
Susan Shackleford; b. August x, 1843; Private, Co. I, 5th Ala., C. S. A.; m. Susadele 
McCarty, Demopolis, Jan. 30, 1872; d. at Monterey, Mex., March 6, 1883. 

Croom, Wiley Gray, planter, Vicksburg, Miss. 

1 86 1, Newbeme; s. Thomas Holliday Croom and Martha Huckabee; b. March 
15, 1844; Private, C. S. A.; m. Mattie Paul, Newbeme. 

Davis, Hugh, merchant, Memphis, Tenn. 

1 86 1, Hamburg, Perry Co.; s. Hugh Davis, Marion, and Sarah Rachel Jones; 

146 Record of Students [1861 

b. March as, 1843; Orderly Sgt, 20th Ala., promoted to 2nd Lieut., C. S. A.; En- 
gaged in planting. Ferry Co., 1865-89, Madison Parish, La., 1889-93, Deeson, Miss., 
1892-99; m. Ella Robbins, Hamburg, Dec. 13, 1878. 

DuBose, Christopher Pegues, planter, Hemdon, Fla. 

x86o, Macon, Marengo Co.; s. James H. DuBose, Birmingham, and Harriet 
Pegues; b. August 8, 1839; Student Univ. of Va.; Corporal, Jeff Davis Artillery, 

V^. M. A, 

*Dunlap, William Henry Clay, lawyer. West Point, Miss. 

1859, Pickensville; s. James Madison Dunlap and Sarah A. Barringer; b. Dec. 
7, 1841; LieuL, then Capt., C. S. A.; Merchant and Planter; m. Mary Crump, Sept., 
1870; d. Nov. Z4, 1876. 

*Fairris, Sylvester Leander, Lowndesboro. 

i860, Lowndesboro; s. Mordecai D. Fairris and Jane Rembprt; b. Oct. 30, 1843; 
Private, C. S. A.; d. from wounds received in battle. 

Farley, Joseph, freight agent, Dallas, Tex. 

i860. Cross Keys, Macon Co.; s. Jonathan C. Farley and Thermuthis Pinkston; 
b. Jan. 31, 1842; Private in Lee's Army in Va., 1861-64; Capt. and Quartermaster, 
1864-65, C. S. A.; Manager, Dallas Freight Bureau; m. Susie T. Deats, Montgomery, 
Jan. s, 1864. 

Finley, John Goode, lawyer, Montgomery. 

1859, Montgomery; b. August 12, 184.1. 

♦Fiquet, Charles Jerome, Jr., merchant, Rockville, Mo. 

i860, Tuscaloosa; s. Charles Jerome Fiquet, Tuscaloosa, and Mary Ann Foster; 
b. Sept 2, J 844; m. Susan Wilcox; d. 18 — . 

♦Foster, George Douglass, River Ridge. 

i860. River Ridge, Monroe Co.; s. Arthur Foster, Monroe Co., and Frances 
Roach; b. Dec. 7, 1845; Private, C. S. A.; m. Lizzie Johnson, River Ridge; d. i8-~^. 

♦Gladney, James William, Buena Vista, Miss. 

i860, Buena Vista, Miss.; s. James Beckett Gladney and Sarah Ann Gardner; 
b. June 18, 1840; Joined Vandom Reserves of Aberdeen, Miss.; Private, C. S. A.; 
d. April 5, 1 86 1, at Aberdeen, Miss. 

♦Gordon, Robert Hayne, Eutaw. 

i860, Eutaw; s. S. O. Gordon; b. Dec 4, 1839; Killed in C. S. A. 

Goree, Edwin, planter, Marion. 

i860, Marion; s. John Rabb Goree, Marion, and Sarah Elizabeth King; b. 
March 15, 1844; Private, C. S. A.; m. Bettie Lowry, Marion. 

♦Gowdey, Henry Clay, Paris,Tex. 

i860, Eutaw; s. John M. Gowdey; b. March 25, 1844; ^- 18 — . 

Guild, Walter, editor, Tuscaloosa. 

1857, Tuscaloosa; s. Dr. James Guild, Sr., and Mary Elizabeth Williams; b. 
August 21, 1837; Private, Co. B, ist Ala. Reg., i86x-6a, Co. D, 2nd Ala., 1862-63, 

i86i] Graduates in Schools and Non-Graduates 147 

znd Lieut., 1863; Recruiting officer, 1863-64; Enlisted, Co. L, Lumsden's Bat, 1864-65, 
C. S. A.; Editor North Port New Era, 1879; Sec, Ala. Historical Society and Editor 
of "The Historical Reporter/* 1879-84; Associate Editor Tuscaloosa Clarion, 1882. 

*Haden, William Banks, planter, Hale Co. 

x86o, Selma; s. Maj. A. L. Haden; b. Aug. 17, 1842; d. 18 — . 

♦Hall, Winter Payne, planter, Eutaw. 

i860, Eutaw; s. Joseph White Hall. Eutaw, and Elvira Pugh, of Grove Hill; 
b. Jan. 30, 1841; 2nd Sert., Co. F, 40th Ala. Reg., C. S. A.; Sheriff Greene Co.; m. 
Mattie J. Davis, Eutaw, Jan. 14, 1864; d. Jan. 23, 1879. 

♦Hester, William Chapman, planter, Montevallo. 

i^SSt Tuscaloosa; s. William Hester, Tuscaloosa, and Nancy Moore Hamner; 
b. May 8, 1838; Color Bearer, Lumsden's Battery, C. S. A.; d. 1890. 

♦Hughes, Rufus LxxJcert, merchant, Bridgeville. 

1859, Bridgeville, Pickens Co.; s. B. J. Hughes, Bridgeville, and Jane Evelyn 
Going; b. Sept. 23, 1841; Private, C. S. A.; m. Ellen E. SomerviUe, Franconia, Oct. 
25, 1865; d. Oct. 30, 1867. 

Hopkins, William Williamson, lawyer and book-keeper, Living- 

1859, Pushmataha, Choctaw Co.; s. Devereux Hopkins, Sumter Co., and Eliza- 
beth Wood Ryan; b. June 21, 1841; ist Lieut, Co. C, 22nd Ala. Inf., C. S. A., re- 
signed, 1862, on account of ill health, afterwards enlisted as Private in Hampton's 

*Hurt, Thomas Augustus, merchant, Dallas, Tex. 

1859, Jacksonville; s. Robert A. Hurt and Frances Adlein Williams; b. Nov. 25, 
1844; Lieut., C. S. A.; m. Florence Alderhoff, Chattanooga, Tenn., Feb. 8, 1872; d. 
Jan. 28, 1876. 

*Hutton, Augustus Caldwell, planter. West Greene. 

i860, Hopewell, Greene Co.; s. John Newton Hutton, West Greene, and Eliza 
Jane Watkins; b. Sept. 23, 1841; Private, Co. B, 36th Ala. Reg., C. S. A.; d. at 
Tuscaloosa, Jan. 8, 1898. 

Irwin, Reason Whitehead, planter. Fort Gaines, Ga. 

i860. Fort Gaines, Ga.; s. Col. Alexander Irwin, Irwin's Cross Roads, Ga., and 
Margaret M. Lawson; b. Oct. 8, 1840; ist Lieut., 6th Ala., C. S. A.; m. Annie 
Warthen, Washington Co., Ga., March 4, 1863. 

*Jones, Benjamin Rush, 

1859, Montgomery; s. Dr. B. R. Jones; b. March 16, 1842; d. 18 — . 

Jones, James Theodore, planter. Mulberry. 

i860, Mulberry; s. Redmon Jones; b. Dec. 12, 1839; Private, Lumsden's Battery, 
C. S. A.; Teacher, 1865-69; Planter since 1869. 

Knox, Isaac Price, 

i860, Cochrane*s Mill, Pickens Co.; b. Feb. 21, 1843. 

Lee, Britton Capel, 

i860, Milton, Autauga Co.; b. Feb. 21, 1838. 

148 Record of Students [1861 

Lindsay, Henry Clay, lawyer, Waco, Tex, 

1859, Monroe Co.; •. Dr. J. M. Lindsay; b. Oct 6, Z84& 

Love, William Henry, , Miss. 

i860, Uchee, Russell Co.; s. Henry C Love; b. Dec. 17, 1839; Moved to Miss. 
in 1866. 

♦Maxwell, John Thomas, merchant, Tuscaloosa. 

186 z, Tuscaloosa; s. Thomas Maxwell, Tuscaloosa, and Susan Charlotte Farley, 
Ipswich, Mass.; b. August 8, 1846; m. Kate Hudson, Mobile; d. at New Orleans, 
Sept. 39, 1876. 

Mayberry, Jacob Dennis, planter, Harrisburg. 

i860, Mt Sterling, Choctaw Co.; s. Jacob Mayberry, Centreville, and Mary 
Coleman; b. June 34, 1844; Lieut., C. S. A.; Sheriff, Choctaw Co., 1884-90; Tax 
Assessor, Choctaw Ca, 1S90-94; U. S. Dep. Marshal, 1894-98; m. Clara Jane Thomas, 
Butler, Nov. s6, 1874. 

McCktnahan, James Theodore, journalist, Mansfield, La. 

1859, Columbiana, Shelby Co.; s. J. M. McClanahan, Mansfield, La., and Eliza 
A. Roper; b. May 31, 1843; Capt, 31st Reg., Ala. VoL, C. S. A.; Teacher at DeSoto, 
Parish, La., x89o-9x; m. Eddie Bolton, Shiloh, La., Aug. 5, 1898. 

McCradcen, William Glasko, planter, Eutaw. 

1859, Mantua, Pickens Co.; s. William McCracken, Mantua, and Rebecca Gam- 
mill; b. Nov. 25, 1839; zst Lieut., and Capt, Co. C, a4th Reg., Ala. Vol., C. S. A.; 
Teacher, 1865-69; Supt. of Education, Greene Co., z87o-76. 

McMath, William Marion, merchant, El Paso, Ark. 

1859, Tuscaloosa; s. James H. McMath and Liyenia Tannehill; b. March 4, 
2843; and Lieut., Co. F, loth Ala., C. S. A., m. , 

Nave, George Solon, planter, Chicago, 111. 

z86o, Marion; s. Jesae B. Nave, Marion, and Mary W. Derden; b. March 23, 
1844; Capt, C. S. A.; Merchant for several years; m. EUa Mary Latham, Green Val- 
ley, IlL, Dec. 23, 1877. 

Ogburn, James Austin, steamboatman, Tuscaloosa. 

i860, Tuscaloosa; s. William Henry Ogbum and Mary HoUoway; b. April y, 
X840; Private, Orderly Sgt,. Sgt. Major and Lieut., C. S. A.; m. Nonie Eddins, Tusca- 
loosa, Dec. so, x866. 

♦Palmer, Solomon, lawyer and teacher. East Lake. 

i8s9, Hanover, Blount Co.; s. Solomon Palmer, Village Springs, and Elizabeth 
Henderson; b. August 23, 1839; snd Lieut, 1861, Major, 19th Reg., Ala. VoL, C S. 
A-, 1863; Rep., Gen. Assem., Ala., 1865-67; State Supt. of Education, Ala., 1884-90; 
President East Lake Athencum, 1890-96; m. Virginia Law, Feb. 24, 1867; d. May 1$, 

Pearce, George Alfred, book-keeper, Abilene, Tex. 

1859, Tuscaloosa; s. Joseph W. Pearce, Marion, and Rebecca Conrow; b. Oct. 
a6, 1840; Private, then Sergeant, C. S. A.; m. (x) Mary O. West, (2) Helen E. West. 

i86i] Graduates in Schools and Non-Graduates 149 

♦Peareson, Philip Edward, Lawyer, Richmond, Tex. 

X859, Matagorda, Tex.; a. Edward A. Peareaon, Matagorda, Tex., and Margaret 
C. Shortridge; b. Oct. 24, 1841; Lieut., 6th Reg., Tex. Inf., C. S. A.; Capt, T. V. G., 
X882; CoL, 3rd Reg., T. V. G., 1886; Diat. Clerk, Matagorda Co., 1866-69; Dist. 
Attorney, 1879; m. Helen M. Rugeley, Sept. a, 1865, Matagorda, Tex.; d. July 31, 1895. 

Pearson, Herbert, planter, Leggett, Tex. 

x86o, Clayton; a. Benjamin F. Pearson, Clayton, and Harriet Diamukes; b. 
Sept. 8, 1840; ist Lieut, Co. G., a9th Ala. Reg., C. S. A. 

♦Pegues, Edward, planter, Rehoboth. 

i860, Cambridge, Dallas Co.; s. James £. Pegues, Athens, Dallas Co., and 
Harriet Evans; b. Jan. 19, 1842; Lieut., 38th Ala. Reg., C. S. A.; Prisoner, Johnson's 
Island, 18 months; m. Rosalie McKenzie Pettway, Camden, Jan. 17, 1871; d. Nov. 
3> 1889. 

♦Phelan, Ellis, lawyer, Waterbury, Conn. 

x86o, Mon^mery; s. John Dennis Phelan, Nashville, Tenn., and Mary Anne 
Harris; b. Aug. zx, 1843; Capt, 45th Reg., Ala. Vol., C. S. A.; Major, Consolidated 
Reg., C S. A.; Clerk, House of Rep., Gen. Assem. of Ala., 1870-77; Secretary of 
State, Ala., two terms; Probate Judge, Waterbury, Conn., two terms; m. (z) Amy 
Hawkins, Elyton, Z870, (a) Mary Friabil, Waterbury, ConzL, Z884; d. August 5, Z897. 

Pickens, John Henderson, abstractor, Abilene, Tex. 

1858, Eutaw; s. Joseph Pickens, Eutaw, and Caroline J. Henderson; b. Feb. i, 
z84a; Lieut, then Capt., Co. G, 40th Ala. Reg., C. S. A.; Dep- Dist. and County Clerk, 
San Francisco, Cal., z 876-79; Same for Taylor Co., Tex., z 886-9 z; Sec, Assessor and 
Collector, Abilene, Tex., z 898- z 900; Abstractor of Land Titles; m. Eva Sarah Polk, 
Abilene, Tex., Nov. 12, Z890. 

*Pierce, Beverly Browne, salesman, Birmingham. 

z86o, Eutaw; s. William F. Pierce, Futaw, and Mary E. RatclifFe; b. Feb. z6, 
Z843; Private, C. S. A.; Teacher at Gainesville, z year; m. Bettie Hemdon, Eutaw, 
Z872; d. at Alloona, La., Dec 2Z, Z892. 

Pierce, Hubbell, cotton buyer, Coosada. 

Z859; Montevallo; s. Hubbell Pierce, Montevallo, and Permelia Frances 
McMeans; b. Feb. 22, 1838; Sgt. Major, zoth Ala., z86x, zst Lieut, 24th Ala., z86z- 

62, Capt, Co. H, 24th Ala., Z862-65; Postmaster, Coosada, X897 ; Commission 

Merchant, Selma, several years; m. Mary Catherine Myers, Montgomery Co., April 
az, X874. 

Pinckard, Lucius, life insurance, Atlanta, Ga. 

Z859, Tuskegee; s. William Pinckard, Tuskegee, and Sarah Calloway; b. Aug. 
4, Z84Z; zst Lieut and Adjt, Z4th Ala. Reg., C. S. A., promoted to Lieut-CoL at 
battle of Sharpsburg, soon afterwards appointed Col., Z4th Ala.; Sheriff, Macon Co., 
Z884-88; m. Fannie L. Graves, Tuskegee, Feb. 29, z86s. 

♦Pippcn, Eldred Duncan, Eutaw. 

z86z, Eutaw; s. Eldred Pippen, Eutaw, and Mrs. Hixey Dunn (nee High); 
b. Nov. Z2, Z84Z; and Lieut, Lawler's Battery, C S. A.; Killed at battle of Chick»- 
mauga. Sept Z9, z863> 

♦Porter, Abington Newton, planter, Dallas Co. 

Z858, Jacksonville; s. Porter and Eliza Walker; Capt, 5th Ala. Cvr,, 

C S. A.; b. May 4, 1843; d. Aug., 187a. 

15° Record of Students [i86i 

*Portis, Thomas William, merchant, Claiborne. 

i860, Claiborne; s. Samuel Goodwin Portia and Martha Gordon; b. Oct. 30, 
1844; Private, Co. A, 42nd Reg., 1862-65, C. S. A.; d. July, 1865. 

Post, P. Kingston, Jr., 

i860, Summerville, Somerset Co., N. J.; 8. P. Kingston Post; b. May s, 1838; 
Writing Master when he entered College; Enlisted as private, z86i, C. S. A. 

*Powe, Henry Harrison, planter and stock-raiser, Alpine, Tex. 

i860. Black Creek, Choctaw Co.; s. O. H. Powe; b. Jan. 4, 1840; m. Miss West, 
Wayne Co., Miss., Feb., 1865; d. near Alpine, Tex., Spring of 1891. 

♦Prince, Thomas Carroll, planter, Louisville, Ky. 

i860. Bladen Springs; s. Col. T. McC. Prince and Lucy Anthony Trotter; 
b. June 38, 1842; Lieut.-Col., 22nd Reg., Ala. Vol., C. S. A.; m. Gertrude IngersoU, 
Mobile, 1867: d. 1869. 

Ramsey, William King, bank cashier, Camden, Ark. 

i860, Allenton; s. Rev. A. C. Ramsey, Forest Home, and Amanda Elizabeth 
Wardlaw; b. June 18, 1843; Private, 3rd Ala. Reg., C. S. A.; Clerk, Circuit Court, 
1878-84; Register, U. S. Land office, 1885-89; m. Mary F. Vickers, Camden, Ark., 
Nov. 17, 1869, (2) Mrs. Mattie Stanley, Camden, Ark., Nov. 6, 1884. 

♦Reese, Augustus, Lowndesboro. 

i860, Lowndesboro; s. George Marlow Reese and Ann Lasseter; b. Oct. 8, 
1842; 2nd Lieut., 3rd Ala., C. S. A.; d. in Mil. Ser., Richmond, Va., June 29, 1862. 

Rumph, William James, clerk, Carlowville. 

i860, Carlowville, Dallas Co.; s. W. M. Rumph and Frances J. Lide; b. Nov. 
20, 1841; Private, C. S. A.; m. Fanny Rumph, Oct, 1869. 

Smith, George Washington, physician. Fort Smith, Ark. 

i860, Mt. Sterling, Choctaw Co.; s. George F. Smith, Mt. Sterling, and Louisi- 
anna Price; b. March i, 1840; M. D., 1867, Univ. of La.; m. Mary Elizabeth Toole, 
Choctaw Co., Jan., 1869. 

*Stallworth, John Crosby, Evergreen. 

i860. Evergreen; s. J. A. Stallworth and Harriett Emeline Crosby; b. August 
24, 1843; ist Lieut., 15th Ala. Reg., 1861, and Adjt., 33rd Ma. Reg., C. S. A., i86a; 
d. in Military Service, 1862. 

Street, Robert Gould, lawyer, Galveston, Tex. 

i860, Tuscaloosa; b. Dec. 12, 1843. 

Thompson, Elias Benson, A. M.. physician, Marion. 

1859, Marion; b. March 11, 1841; M. D., Tulane Univ., 1869; m. Rosa Perry 
Townes, Marion, Nov. 6, 1886. 

Walker, Hickman Pierce, merchant, Tuscaloosa. 

i860. Tuscaloosa; s. Robert B. Walker, Tuscaloosa, and Eliza F. Spiller; b. Feb. 
8, 1839; Lieut-Col., i8th Ala. Reg., C. S. A.; Member of First Board of Education 
of Tuscaloosa. 

1862] Graduates with Titled Degrees 151 

♦WalHs, Elijah Crockett, Memphis. 

1S60, Memphis, Pickens Co.; s. James W. Wallis; b. Aug. iz, 1843; Private, C 
S. A., 1861-62; Killed in battle in Va., x86a. 

^Weaver, Philip Augustus, , Tex. 

1859, Mobile; s. R. Weaver; b. Sept. 6, 1842; d. about x88o. 

Webb, William Henry, lawyer, Salinas City, Cal. 

i860, Eutaw; s. William P. Webb, Eutaw, and Martha Bell; b. Aug. 5, 1844; 
LL. B., Lebanon, Tenn., 1867; Private, C. S. A., 51st Ala. Cav.; Judge District Court, 
Calif.; m. (z) Elouise De Aubrigo, (2) Augustius De Aubrigo. 

West, John, 

z86o, Waynesboro, Miss., s. John West; b. April 7, 1840. 

Williams, Caleb Jacob, 

z86i, Mt. Sterling; b. Sept. 10, 1843. 

♦Williamson, James Spurlock, planter. White Hall. 

z86o, Benton; s. A. T. Williamson, Lowndesboro, and Martha Rice; b. Jan. z, 
Z844; Adjt, 14th Ala. Reg., C. S. A.; d. Oct., Z878. 

1862. Graduates with Titled Degrees 

♦Burwell, Orville Catley, A. B., Oregon. 

z86i, Oregon, Jefferson Co.; s. O. S. Burwell; b. March 23, z84z; d. Z862. 

♦Chambers, John Hewell, A. B., Tuscaloosa. 

i860, Tuscaloosa; s. John Eaton Chambers and Martha Hewell; b. Aug. 8, 1841; 
Killed in battle, Nashville, Tenn., Dec. 16, 1864. 

♦Ellerbe, Clarence Heber, A. B., Liberty Hill. 

1859, Liberty Hill, Dallas Co.; s. Alexander W. Ellerbe, Liberty Hill, and 
Catherine B. Pegues; b. Feb. 20, 1843; ist Lieut, and Adjutant, 40th Ala. Inf., C. S. 
A.; Killed in battle Bentonville, N. C, March 19, 1865. 

♦Griffin, James Francis, A. B., planter and merchant, Demopolis. 

1859, Demopolis; s. Dr. Goodman Griffith Griffin, Demopolis, and Willey Ann 
Glover; b. Jan. 13, 1840; Private, C. S. A.; State Senator, 1881-83; Mayor, Demopolis, 
1886-90; m. (i) Annie Strudwick, Demopolis, 1865, (j) Willie Glover Eaton, Dayton, 
1867; d. Dec 12, 1896. 

King, John Rigor Drish, A. B., minister, Coffeeville, Miss. 

1859, Tuscaloosa; s. William Woolsey King and Catherine M. Drish; b. Nov. 27, 
184a; Capt., 45th Ala. Reg., Vol., C. S. A.; Clerk, Book-keeper, Teacher and Planter, 
1865-85; Minister, M. E. C, S., 1885 — , Miss. Conference; izl <i) Sally B. Mosly, 
Oct, 1870, (2) Estelle Mosly, Feb. 10, 1876. 

Smith, Eugene Allen, A. B., geologist. University. 

i860, Pratti'ille: s. Dr. Samuel Smith, Prattvilk, and Adelaide Julia Allen; b. 
Oct. 27, 1841; A. M. and Ph. D., Heidelberg, Germany, 1868; LL. D., Univ. of Miss., 
1899; 2nd Lieut, Co. K, 33rd Ala. Reg., Major, i86s, C. S. A.; Capt and Instructor in 

152 Record of Students [1862 

Tactics, U. of Ala., 1864-65; Professor, U. of Ala., 1871 — ; Geology and Mineralogy, 
z 87 1-74; Chemistry, Geology and Nat. History, 1874-78, Chem. Mineralogy and Geology, 
Z878-90, Mineralogy and Geology, 1890 — ; Hon. Commissioner to Paris Exposition, 
Z878; Special Agent, Tenth Census, 1880; Member American Committee, International 
Geolog. Congress, 1884-89; Mem. of Council, Geolog. Society of America, 1892-95; 
State Geologist ot Ala., 1873 — ; m. Jennie H. Garland, Oxford, Miss., July 10, 187a. 

Spencer, Horatio Nelson, A. B., St. Louis, Mo. 

1861, Port Gibson, Miss.; s. Horatio Nelson Spencer, Port Gibson, Miss., and 
Sarah Marshall; b. July 7, 184s; A. M., S. W. Presbyterian Univ., Clarksville, Tenn., 
M. D., Col. of P. and S., N. Y., x868; LL. D., West Minister, Fulton, Mo.; Private, 
C. S. A.; Prof. Med. Dept., Washington Univ., St Louis, Mo.; m. (i) Anna Kirt- 
land. New York, Sept. a8, x868, (2) Ltlla P. Dwight, Charleston, S. C, July 6, 1887. 

Tarrant,. Edward William, A. B., A. M., '78, educator, Brenham. 

1859, Tuscaloosa; s. Edward Tarrant and Permelia A. Van Zandt; b. SepL 14, 
1842; 2nd Lieut., Tarrant's Ala. Battery, C. S. A.; Supt. Education, Carroll Co., 
Miss., 1880-83; Member, Tex. Conference, M. E. Church, South, 1883-92; President 
Chapel Hill, Tex., F. Col., 1883-92; Supt, Brenham, Tex., Public Schools, 1892 — ; 
m. (i) Annie W. Spencer, Tuscaloosa, Dec. 4, 1869, (2) Anna H. Fisher, SmithviUe, 
Tex., June 23t 1900. 

1862. Graduates in Schools and Non-Graduates 

Adams, William Francis, planter, Faunsdale. 

1 86 1, Untontown; 9. Richard H. Adams and Anna Carter Harrison; b. Dec. 
23, 1844; Courier to Gens. Rodes and Grimes, C. S. A.; Tax Assessor, Marengo Co., 
1878-84; U. S. Dep. Marshal, 1894-96; m. Fanny Lewis Gwathmey, Mobile Co., Oct. 
S3. 1867. 

Banks, Robert Webb, Jackson, Miss. 

1 66 1, Columbus, Miss.; s. Dunstan Banks, Columbus, Miss., and Lucretia Webb, 
Greensboro; Prlvsite, Co. B, 43rd Miss. Inf., Sg^. -Major, 37th Miss Inf., appointed 
Adjt, jgth Ala. Inf., C. S. A.; Planter, 1866190; Warehouseman, 1870-90; Editor, 
April, 1889-92; Lieut.-Col., 3rd Miss., U. S. Vol. Inf., Spanish War, 1898; Now in 
employ of Tenn. Planters Co., Memphis, Tenn.; m. Alice Clay Sherrod, Courtland, 
Nov. 18, 1869. 

♦Battle, John Moore, New York. 

1 86 1, Mobile; s. S. G. Battle; b. Sept is, 1844; LieuL of Artillery, C S. A.; 
Office White Lead Co., New York; d. April 30, 1892. 

♦Bealle, Benjamin Fountaine, Tuscaloosa. 

i860, Tuscaloosa; b. June a6, 1843; Lieut, 33rd Reg., Ala. Vol., C. S. A.; d. 
Mil. Ser., Shelbyville, Tenn., i86s. 

♦Bibb, Richard, Manack. 

1861, Manack, Lowndes Co.; s. R. J. Bibb, Hope Hull, and Elisabeth Spivey; 
b. Nov. 15, 1842; zst Lieut, Gracie's Brigade, C. S. A.; Killed in battle of Chicka- 

♦Brown, George Alexander, lawyer, Columbia, Tenn. 

i860, SumtenriUe; s. G. A. Brown, Livingston, and Sarah B. Godfrey; b. Nor. 

1862] Graduates in Schools and Non-Graduates 153 

9. 1843; For several years Cotton Factor in Mobile; m. Annie Brown Myers, Colusi' 
bia, Tenn., Jan. 29, X874; d. May xx, 1876. 

♦Brown, John Evander, planter, Sumterville. 

i860, Sumterville, s. John Evander Brown, Sr., and Mary J. Godfrey; b. March 
4, X844; Lieut, C. S. A.; d. Nov. 3, x866, from effects of exposure in Army. 

♦Browne, Edwin Jere, planter, Epes. 

i86x, Sumterville; s. Jere H. Browne, Sumter Co., and Julia A. Hinea, of S. C; 
b. Nov. 16, 1844; Lieut., Cav., C. S. A.; m. (z) Mary Porter Brown, Oxford, Miss., Jan. 
as, x86s, (a) Fannie Parish, St Louis, Mo., Sept, 1870; d. Nov. 7, 1898. 

Burks, Leonidas Ferguson, planter, Tuscaloosa. 

z86z, Nortbport; s. Bennett Burks and Louisa Roycroft; b. May 14, 1846; 
Private, Co. D, and Ala., C. S. A.; m. Eliaabeth D. Christian, Northport, Jan. xi, 1871. 

Bush, John Curtis, cotton factor, Mobile. 

x86i. Mobile; s. Albert Peyton Bush, Mobile, and Sarah Ann Williams; b. June 
X7* X845; A. M., Univ. of Miss.; Mayor, Mobile, z897-i90o; m. Ruth Sarah Tarrant, 
Marion, Nov. 10, z86o. 

♦Cade, John Catlin, planter, Selma. 

z86i, Dayt(>n, Marengo Co.; s. Adolphus Sellers Cade and Thurza Jane Catlin; 
b. Sept. 7, 1843; Adjutant, C S. A.; Appointed Probate Judge, Marengo Co., 1867; 
m. Sallie Temison, Tuscaloosa, Dec 24, 1864; d. Meridian, Miss., March 8, 1875. 

♦Carson, John Richard, Greensboro. 

i86z, Greensboro; s. Thomas Kelly Carson and Lucretia Adelard Shortridge 
Chadwick; b. April 24, 1843; Capt, Co. K, 45th Ala., C. S. A.; Killed in battle, Frank- 
lin, Tenn., Nov. 30, 1864. 

♦Cheney, Benjamin, Greensboro. 

z86i, Greensboro; s. William T. Cheney, Jefferson, and America P. Bohannan; 
Private, 43rd Ala., C. S. A.; Captured at Strawberry Plains, Tenn., and died there 
in prison. Sept 16, Z863. 

Child, William Alexander, planter, Clinton. 

i860, Tuscaloosa; b. Aug. 6, Z843; ist Lieut, C. S. A.; m. Kitty Cockrell, Aug., 
X863, at Eutaw. 

♦Clarke, Carter Pegram, civil engineer, Demopohs. 

i86z, Dayton; s. William E. Clarke and Rebecca Ratncock; b. Feb. 4, 1845; C. 
£., Univ. of Va., 1869; Member Signal Corps, Fort Morgan, C. S. A.; d. of yellow 
fever, Beaver Meadow, Sept. as, 1873. 

Cochrane, Harden Perkins, physician, Franklin, Tenn. 

x86o, Tuscaloosa; s. William Cochrane, Tuscaloosa, and Sophia Sarah Louise 
Perkins; b. Oct z, 1845; M. D., x874> Utiiv. City of N. Y.; Drill Master for Coti- 
federate Troops, x 86 1-62; Private and Sergeant-Major, and Ala. Cav., C. S. A.; Phy- 
sician, Birmingham, z874-9a, since then at Franklin, Tenn.; m. (i) Lalla Mudd, Bir- 
mingbaai. May xa, x88x, (a) Leighla Octavia Perkins, Franklin, Tenn., Jan. 19, 1887. 

Cocke, J. H., 

z86x, Montgomery; s. Chancellor Cocke; b. Nov. xa, 1843. 

154 Record of Students [1862 

*Cocke, William Thompson, medical student, Greensboro. 

1861, Greensboro; s. John Cocke and Amanda E. Bohannon; b. Aug. 13, 1844; 
A. B., Univ. of Va., i860; d. near Dandridge, Tenn., i86a. 

*Cox, James Lumley, Clayton. 

1861, Clayton; 8. William Emanuel Cox and Sarah McNeil; b. Nov. 9, 1844; 
Private, C. S. A.; Killed at battle of Chickamauga. 

♦Davis, Henry Harrison, planter and minister, Eufaula. 

1 86 1, Glennville; 8. Gardner Harwell Davia and Mary Trice; b. Dec 19, if^39; 
m. Alii:e Sterns, Oct, 1867; d. Oct., 1884. 

♦Dearing, Alexander Thomas, planter, Tuscaloosa. 

1859-60, 1861-62, Tuscaloosa; s. Alexander B. Dearing, Tuscaloosa, and Ruth 
Maria Rogers; b. Oct 17, 1843; Private, Lumsden*s Battery, C. S. A.; d. Jan. z, x868. 

Dent, John Herbert, book-keeper, Montgomery. 

1 86 1, Eufaula; s. John Harry Dent, Cave Springs, Ga., and Mary Elizabeth 
Morrison; b. Feb. jo, 1845; Private, Eufaula Artillery, Army of Tenn., 1862-65; Clerk 
in Auditor's office. ^ 

Douglass, William, 

1862, Tyler, Tex.; b. July 15, 1842. 

♦DiiBose, Eugene, Faunsdale. 

186 1, Faunsdale; s. Kimbrough Casscis DuBose, Birmingham, and Elizabeth Boy- 
kin Witherspoon; Private, Co. I, 51st Ala., Morgan's Brigade, Wheeler's Corps; 
Killed by a prisoner at Raleigh, N. C, April 14, 1865. 

♦DuBose, James Henry, Demopolis. 

i860, Demopolis; s. Kimbrough Cassels DuBose, Birmingham, and Elizabeth 
Boykin Witherspoon; b. Sept. 12, 1842; 3rd Lieut, Co. I, sxst Ala. Cav., Morgan's 
Brigade, Wheeler's Corps; Killed in battle, Kingston, Tenn., Nov. 24, 1863. 

♦Farley, Lucien, commercial traveller, Corsicana, Tex. 

1 86 1, Cross Keys; s. J. C. Farley and Therminthus Pinkston; b. Oct. 20, 1843; 
Lieut., C. S. A; m. Mary Pinkston, Corsicana, Tex.; d. 1882. 

♦Ferguson, Thomas Center, book keeper, Selma. 

1861, Selma; s. Hugh Feiguson, Selma, and Caroline Minter; b. Nov. 15, 1844; 
Capt, Co. E, 44th Ala. Reg., C. S. A.; m. Lucy M. Jones, Marion, Dec. 14, 1870; d. 
Dec. 22, x888. 

*Figh, John Poston, contractor, Montgomery. 

1859, Montgomery; s. John Poston Figh, Montgomery, and Jane McCain; b. 
May 25, 1840; m. Eliza Margaret Hale, Montgomery, Oct. 7, 1885; d. June 5, 1895. 

Finley, David, 

1861, Montgomery; b. August 12, 184a. 

Flinn, Robert H., Barlow Bend. 

1 86 1, Gainestown; b. March 5, 1843. 

1862] Graduates in Schools and Non-Graduates 155 

♦Foster, Trenton Bland, Tuscaloosa. 

1 861, Tusc?Joosa; s. Charles M. Foster, Tuscaloosa, and Winnifrcd Ann Dollar- 
hide; b. Sept. 2, 1848; Student, Spring Hill Col., 1862-63; Toronto Univ., Canada, 
1865-68; d. Nov. 5, z868. 

*Fox, Charles McConnico, Allenton. 

z86i, Allenton; s. Dr. D. J. Fox, Allenton, and Mary Louisa McConnico; b. 
Feb. 15, 1843; Private. C. S. A.; d. in C. S. A., 1865. 

♦Gardner, Andrew Hunter, lawyer, Selma. 

1861, Selma; s. Virgil H. Gardner and Margaret Aylett; b. Jan. 1, 1847; A. B., 
Univ. of Va., 1867; Drill Master, 44th Ala. Reg., 1863-65, C. S. A.; m. Kate Augusta 
Milhous, Selma, Nov. 20, 18 — ; d. Sept. 29, 1882. 

Garland, Maurice Hamner, civil engineer, Lynchburg, Va. 

1858, Tuscaloosa; s. Landon Cabell Garland and Louisa Frances Garland; b.May 
14, 1841; Private, Clayton's Ueg., 1862, promoted to 3rd Lieut., then 1st Lieut, and 
Aide to Brig. -Gen. Samuel Garland; 1863, changed to Engineer Corps, 2nd Lieut., 
piomoted to ist Lieut, and Acting Capt, 1865; City Surveyor, Lynchburg, Va.; m. 
Lucy Bertrand Gait, Lynchburg, Va. 

Glenn, Eugene Herndon, lawyer, Seale. 

i860, Glranville; s. Madison M. Glenn, Glennville, and Barbara W. Herndon; 
b. Oct. 26, 1843; Sergt.-Major, 45th Ala., 1863-64, Adjt., ist Ala., 1864-65; Reg. in 
Chancery, Russell Co., 1872-S6; Judge of Probate, Russell Co., 1886-98; Trustee, Univ. 
of Ala., 1900 — ; m. Sallie V. Evans, Russell Co., Feb. 8, 1877. 

Goldthwaite, J. G., Galveston, Tex. 

1 86 1, Mobile; b. June 29, 1846. 

♦Goldthwaite, George, merchant, Calvert, Tex. 

186 1, Mobile; s. Judge Henry Barnes Goldthwaite, and Mary Eliza Witherspoon; 
b. Feb. 6, 1845; Lieut, under Gen. Forrest, C. S. A.; m. Willie Evylin Faulker, Cal- 
vert, Tex., 1881; d. Dec. 20, 1889. 

♦Hale, William Kirksey, lawyer, , Fla. 

186 1, Eutaw; s. Stephen F. Hale, Eutaw, and Mary E. Kirksey; b. April a, 
1845; Midshipman, C. S. Navy; d. of yellow fever in Florida, 1878. 

Hammond, Henry Stickney, book-keeper, Montgomery. 

186 1, Mobile; s. William P. Hammond, Mobile, and Caroline A. Stickney; b. 
June 3, 1843; ist Lieut., C. S. A.; m. Alice Barclay, Talladega, May 24, 1866. 

Haralson, Kinchen Lee, Selma. 

1861, Selma; s. Col. William B. Haralson; b. July 15, 1842. 

Harris, Richard Norfleet, planter, Laneville. 

i860, Tuscaloosa; s. R. N. Harris, Tuscaloosa, and Amanda Banks; b. Sept. 15, 
1844; Drill officer, 37th Ala., 1862; Orderly Sgt, 1863-64, Lieut., 1865, C. S. A.; m. 
Sallic Melville Minge, Faunsdale, June 3, 1869. 

♦Hatch, Thomas Alfred, Greensboro. 

1858, Greensboro; s. Rev. L. D. Hatch; b. Dec. x, 1841; Lieut., 36th Ala. Reg. 
Inf., C. S. A. ; Killed in battle of Jonesboro, Ga. 

15^ Record of Students [1862 
Hatch, William Dixon, 

i860, Greensboro; s. Rer. L. D. Hatch; h. May 4, 1845. 

♦Hatter, William Richard Bamaby, lawyer, Eutaw. 

1 86 1, Qinion; s. William Reuben Hatter, Clinton, and Penelope Cox; b. March 
30, 1845; Private, C. S. A.; m. (i) Kate Pennelia George, Hopewell, Greene Co., 
(a) Sallie Annie Hutton, Hopewell, Sept 9, 1869; <L Jan. ai, 1870. 

♦Hill, James Danett, lawyer, Menardsville, Tex. 

1861, Cahaba; a. Samuel M. Hill and S. Frances A. Bell; b. Feb. 12, 1844; 
Sgt.-Major, 5th Ala. Cav., C S. A.; d. July, 1884. 

Howard, Charles Gordon, civil engineer, Shorter's. 

z86x, CrosH Keys; s. William J. Howard, Montgomery, and Ann FleweUen 
Billingslea; b. Dec 15, 1844; Aide-de-Camp, Lieut, of Art.,and later. Ordnance Officer, 
C. S. A.; 12 years in P. O. Dept.; m. Mary J. Pierce, Montgomery, March 15, 1865. 

♦Johnson, John M., Selma. 

i86x, Selma; s. William Johnson; b. Jan. 27, 1843; d- 1900. 

♦Jones, Virginius Walker, Camden. 

1 86 1, Camden; s. Rev. John C. Jones and Mary Ann Walker; b. July 17, 1844; 
xst Lieut, Co. B, 44th Ala. Inf., C. S. A.; killed at battle of the Wilderness, Vs., 
May 6, 1864. 

♦Jordan, Mortimer Harvie, physician, Birmingham. 

i860, Jonecboro; s. Mortimer Jordan and Amy Welton; b. June i, 1844; M. D., 
Miami Med. Col., 1867, M. D., Bellevue Med. Col., N. Y.. 1875; Corp., Sergt., Lieut 
and Capt., Co. G, 43rd Ala. Reg., C. S. A.; Pres. and Sec., State Board of Censors, 
1879-83; Pres. State Med. Assn., 1884; Prof., Mobile Med. Col., 1886-89; m. Florence 
Earl6 Mudd, Elyton, Sept i, z868; d. Feb. 5, 1889. 

King, Edmund Woodson Drish, minister, Marion, Miss. 

1 86 1, Tuscaloosa; s. William Wolsey King and Catherine M. Drish; b. May 2, 
1845; Member of Lumsden's Battery, C. S. A.; Minister, Cumberland Presbyterian 
Church; m. Elizabeth Jane Moorer, 1866. 

♦Kinnebrew, Henry Clay, 

186 z, Loachapoka, Lee Co.; s. M. D. Kinnebrew; b. May 16, 1844; d. in Indian 
Ter., in 189 — . 

Kirksey, Cicero Luther, physician, Ark. 

1 86 1, Eutaw; s. John Madison Kirksey, Butler, and Martha Thompson; b. Dec. 
2, 1840; M. D., College unknown; Lieut., C. S. A.; m. Miss Grace, Citronelle, 1868. 

Lee, Wayne Emmet, planter. South America. 

i860, Union town; s. Columbus W. Lee, Unlontown, and Elizabeth Parker; b. 
Nov. 20, Z843: Capt, C. S. A.; m. Sue Billingslea, Marion, 1868. 

♦Ligon, William Thomas, Okolona, Miss. 

z86z, Okolona, Miss.; s. William Ligon, Okolona, and Calpernia Greenwood; 
b. May zo, 1844; Private, C. S. A.; Killed in battle of Murfreesboro, Jan., 1863. 

1862] Graduates in Schools and Non-Graduates 157 

*Lyon, Frank Glover, planter, Demopolis. 

iMo, Demopolifl; a. Hon. Franda Strother Lyon, Demopolis, and Sarah Serena 
Glover; b. Jan. z6, 1842; Private and Lieut, C. S. A., on staff of Gen. Z. C. Deas; 
m. Sarah Henley, Demopolis, 1871; d. March 13, 1893. 

Manly, Richard Fuller, real estate, Birmingham. 

i860, Montgomery; s. Dr. Basil Manly, Sr., Greenville, S. C, and Sarah Murray 
Rudolph; b. Feb. ix, 1845; Capt, Co. I, 59th Ala. Reg., C. S. A.; Teacher, Mobile, 
1865-66; Book Dealer, 1866-75; Cashier Bank, Mobile, 1875-84; Cashier Cotton Firm, 
1884-86; Insurance and Real Estate business, x886 — ; m. Lizzie Hester, Tuscaloosa, 
April 29, 1869. 

Marshall, John Lee, planter, Perdue Hill. 

i860, Qaibome, Monroe Co.; s. John L. Marshall, Qaibome, and J. R. Williams; 
b. July 5, 184a; ist Lieut., 36th Ala. Inf., C. S. A.; m. Janie E. Foster, Monroe Co., 
April 30, 1871. 

Martin, Charles James, Birmingham. 

x86i, Tuscaloosa; s. Gov. Joshua L. Martin and Sarah A. Mason; b. May 16, 
X843; Private, C. S. A.; Justice of the Peace; m. Nannie Smith, Jones' Valley, Dec, 

Maxwell, James Robert, cotton buyer, Tuscaloosa. 

x86x, Tuscaloosa; s. Thomas Maxwell, Tuscaloosa, and Susan Charlotte Farley, 
Ipswich, Mass.; b. Aug. 29, 1844; Drill Master, 34th Ala., 1862, afterwards Private, 
Corporal and Gunner, Sergeant, Lumden's Battery, x86s, C. S. A.; Merchant, 1865-70; 
Commissioner, Tuscaloosa Co., X885; Planter, Cotton Buyer and Compress Owner; 
m. Eugenia Elizabeth Harris, McKinley, June, X867. 

♦McCraw, Jephtha Everett, clerk, Selma. 

x86i, Selma; b. Aug. x8, 1845; Private, C. S. A.; d. 1872. 

♦McGown, Basil Manly, physician, Mayersville, Miss. 

x86i, Tuscaloosa; s. Henry McGown and Elizabeth Compton; m. Ella Kingsley; 
d. Sept, X882. 

Mclnnis, John D., merchant. Meridian, Miss. 

1 86 1, Jones Bluff, Sumter Co.; s. John Mclnnis, Epes, and Anne Muldrow, Hinds; 
b. March 14, 1843; Private, 36th Ala., C. S. A., appointed Major, 1865; R. R. Com- 
missioner, Miss., X895-1903; President of the Commission since Jan. 17, X900; m. 
Emma Smith, Sumterville, Nov. x6, X865. 

*McNeil, Samuel H., Clayton. 

iS6t^ Clayton; s. John C. M. McNeil, Clayton, and Mary Augusta Hamilton; 
b. Sept. 6, 1844; Private, Hilliard's Legion, C. S. A.; mortally wounded at Chicka- 

McRea, H. C, 

x86x, Macon, Marengo Co.; b. Oct. X3i X844. 

*Minge, George William, Uniontown. 

x86x, Uniontown; s. David Minge, Faunsdale, and Elvira Adams; b. March 2j. 
X844; Cadet Drill officer for 36th Ala. Inf., 1862, Sergeant, Light Artillery, 1863; d. 
in Mil. Service at Mobile, Aug. 15, X863. 

'5^ Record of Students [1862 

♦Mitchell, James Billingslea, lawyer, Scale. 

i86z, Glennville, Barbour Co.; s. Americua C. Mitchell and Mary E. Billingslea; 
b. July 28, 1844; A- B., Univ. of N. C, 1867; ist Lieut, C. S. A.; Rep., Gen. Assem., 
Ala.; m. Rebecca Stone Ryan, Raleigh, N. C, June 22, 1869; d. Feb. 24, 1898. 

*Molett, Charles Caldwell, Portland. 

1862, Elm BluflF, Dallas Co.; s. John Ulmer Molett and Virginia Susan Cald- 
well; b. Jan. 8, 1846; Private, Co. E., 3rd Ala., C. S. A.; Killed in Skirmish near Mc- 
Nut's Mills, East Tenn., April, 1864. 

*Molett, John Drish, physician, Portland. 

1862, Elm Bluff, Dallas Co.; s. John Ulmer Molett and Virginia Susan Cald- 
well; b. July 24, 1844; M. D., Tulane; Private and Member of Halonquist's Staff, C 
S. A.; m. Harriet Byrd, Tishimingo, Ind. Ter., 1870; d. at Serbin, Tex 

♦Moore, Alfred Mathew, Greensboro. 

z86x, Greensboro; s. Col. Sydenham Moore, Greensboro, and Amanda Hobaon; 
b. Nov. 21, 1842; Lieut, in C. S. A.; Killed, battle of Chickamauga, Sept. 19, 1863. 

*Moore, William M., planter, Northport. 

1861, Northport; s. John C. Moore; b. Aug. 24, 1844; Private, C. S. A.; m. OUie 
Pounds, Northport, 1873; d. from effects of wounds received at Mumfordsville, 1878. 

♦Mordecai, Waller, Mobile. 

1 86 1, Mobile; s. Dr. Solomon Mordecai and Caroline Waller; b. Oct. 25, 1841; 
2nd Lieut., Co. B, 22nd Ala. Reg., C. S. A.; Killed at battle of Chickamauga, Sept. 
20, 1863. 

♦Myers, Laurens O'Bannon, Prattville. 

1862, Prattville; s. Claiborne Myers and Georgianna O'Bannon; b. May 25, 
1848; Private, C. S. A., under Gen. Clanton, afterwards Trans-Miss. Dept.; d. while 
on way home from Army, June, 1865, Robinson Co., Tex. 

Pearson, James Madison, lawyer, McKinney, Tex. 

1861, Dadeville; s. James Madison Pearson, Sr., and Elizabeth Ann Brown; 
b. Sept. 4, 1843; LL. B., Washington Univ., St. Louis, 1873; Private, 1861, 2nd Lieut., 
1862, Kentucky and Vicksburg Campaigns, C. S. A.; Prisoner on Johnson's Island, 
Ohio, twenty-two months; Administrator, Carroll Co., Miss., -1867; Mayor of McKin- 
ney, Tex., 1893—; m- Mary Bell Powell, McKinney, Tex., Nov. 12, 1878. 

♦Pettway, John Henry, planter. Gee's Bend. 

i860, Camden; s. Mark Harwell Pettway and Marina C. Williams; b. Jan. 31, 
1843; m. Laura Jones, Marion, Dec. 19, 1865; d. Sep. 8, 1899. 

Phillips, George, planter, Selma. 

1861, Selma; s. George Crawford Phillips and Adoline Dillingham Crawford; 
b. April 7, 1846; Corporal, 5th Sgt., Ord. Sgt., Co. G, 6th Ala. Cav., Brigade Com- 
missary Sgt., 1864-65, C. S. A.; Warehouseman and Planter; m. Sarah EUen Mc- 
Ilwain, Dallas Co., April 25, 1867. 

♦Phillips, George Crawford,^ Selma. 

1 861, Selma; s. William Sydney Phillips and Louisa Barron; b. April 15, 1846; 
4th Sergeant, Co. G, 6th Ala. Cav., C S. A.; d. Sept 6, 187a. 

1862] Graduates in Schools and Non-Graduates 159 
♦Phillips, John Crawford, Selma. 

i86x, Selma; s. George Crawford Phillips and Adoline Dillingham Crawford; 
b. Nov. 22, 1843; Sergeant, Co. G, 44th Ala. Inf., C. S. A.; d. near Drury's Bluff, Va., 
August 7, i86j. 

♦Rembert, James Poellnitz, planter, Rembert. 

1857, Linden, Marengo Co.; s. James Monroe Rembert and Elizabeth dc BondaUe 
Poellnitz; b. Aug. 31, 1841; d. Sept. z, 1864. 

Richardson, William Chapman Washington, Oklahoma, Ok. Ter. 

x86x, Okolona, Miss.; s. David Claud Richardson and Sarah Wade Hester; h. 
Dec 14, 1843. 

♦Riddle, Alvis Thomas, Eutaw. 

x86o, Eutaw; s. Alvis Riddle, Springfield, and Salina S. D. Pope; b. Feb. 17, 
184X; d. Sept. X, x868. 

♦Riggs, Thomas, Pleasant Hill. 

i860. Pleasant Hill; s. Thomas Riggs, Pleasant Hill, and Ellen Duggan; b. Feb. 
27. 1845; Adjt., 46th Reg., Ala. Vol., C. S. A.; Killed in battle at Baker's Creek, Miss., 
May x6, 1863. 

Robinson, John J., planter, Huntsville. 

i86x, Huntsville; s. John Robinson and Caroline L. Otey; b. April 8, 1848. 

*Ross, Lightfoot, merchant, Galveston, Tex. 

x86i, Mobile; s. Dr. Francis Armstrong Ross, Mobile, and Helen Hunter; b. 
Sept. 15, 1844; Lieut., C. S. A.; m. Helen Lyon Prince, of Ala., in New York, 1871; 
d. in New Orleans. 

*Scott, William Benson, Montgomery. 

186 1, Montgomery; s. John James Scott; b. Jan. 18, X845; Killed at battle of 
Resaca, Ga., 1864. 

♦Searcy, Reuben Martin, Tuscaloosa. 

i860. Tuscaloosa; s. Dr. Reuben ' Searcy, Tuscaloosa, and Mary Ann Abigail 
Fitch; b. March 20, 1844; Lieut., 34th Reg., Ala., C. S. A.; Mortally wounded, battle 
of Murfreesboro, Tenn., Dec, 3X> 1862; d. Jan. 7, 1863. 

Shelton, Thomas Hemdon, 

i860, Tuscaloosa; s. James Shelton; b. March 18, X844. 

Shortridge, Robert Cornelius, clerk, New Orleans, La. 

1 86 1. Tuscaloosa; s. Robert Baylor Shortridge and Ellen Hurst; b. Feb. 6, 
1848; Private, Co. H, 43rd Ala. Reg., C. S. A.; Clerk, Mechanics and Traders Insur- 
ance Co., since x88o; m. Malvina M. Miller, Louisville, Ky., Sept. 28, 1885. 

♦Smith, Henry V., planter, Lowndesboro. 

1862, Lowndesboio; s. Henry Smith, Lowndesboro, and Caroline Lewis; b. July 
4, 1844; Killed in battle of Chickamauga, 1863. 

♦Terrell, Foster Boring, teacher, Dayton. 

x86x, Dayton; s. Capt James Terrell, Dayton, and Louisa Foster; b. June 25, 

i6o Record of Students [1863 

1842; Private, C S. A.; Principal, Forest Acad, and Dajrton Acad.; Author of "Golden 
Deity;'' at the time of his death a student for Episcopal Ministry; m. Anna Hale, 
Nov. 31, 1867; d. June 4, 1883. 

♦Toomer, Charles Orville, book-keeper, Portsmouth, Va. 

j86o, Portsmouth, Va.; s. James T. Toomer and Fanny Hodges; b. Nov. ag, 
1B42; Private, afterwards Lieut, 4zst Ala. Reg., C. S. A.; d. May xo, 1867. 

Tutwiler, Henry Ashe, Flatonia, Tex. 

1 86 1, Havana; s. Henry Tutwiler; b. Dec. 15, 1844. 

Ware, James Merritt, Birmingham. 

x86i, Elyton; b. Dec 26, 1838. 

*Walker, James Mims, Uniontown. 

i86z, Uniontown; s. Charles Walker; b. August 4, 1840; Lieut, 36th Ala. Reg.» 
VoL, C. S. A.; Killed at Resaca, Ga., 1864. 

Waller, Harris Tinker, planter, Greensboro. 

i860, Greensboro; s. Robert B. Waller, Greensboro, and Sarah A. Tinker; b. 
Feb. 10, 1841; Lieut and Capt, C S. A.; m. Mary Quitman Moore, Mobile, 1866. 

Wheeler, Josiah, manufacturer and merchant, Mobile. 

1 86 1, Mobile; s. Daniel Wheeler, Mobile, and Rachel Murray; b. Aug. 3, 1843; 
Private, Mobile Cadets, C. S. A.; m. (z) Eliza D. L. Watt, (a) Mamie , 

♦Whitfield, Bryan, Demopolis. 

x86i, Demopolis: s. Gaines Whitfield and Mary Ann Whitfield; b. July 19, 
Z838; Private, C. S. A.; d. from camp fever, Oct 14, z86a. 

Yancey, Goodloe Harper, merchant, Atlanta, Ga. 

x86x, Montgomery; s. William L. Yancey, Montgomery, and Sarah C. Earle, 
of Greeneville, S. C; Private, Morgan's Kentucky Cav., C. S. A.; Book-keeper, Mont- 
gomery, Ala., 1867-68; Cashier Princeton Manufacturing Co., Athens, Ga., 1870-72, 
the Atlanta Intelligencer, 1868-69; Wholesale Merchant, Athens, Ga., 1888-92; Planter, 
1873-90; Sec. Prisons Commission of Ga., 1899 — ; m. (i) Lucy Grattan DuPrex, 
Athens, Ga., Sept, 1872, (2) Ruby Mandeville, Jackson, Tenn., June, X899. 

Yancey, William Earle, salesman, Birmingham. 

i86x, Montgomery; s. William Lowndes Yancey and Sarah Caroline Earle; b. 
Nov. 4, 1843; Acting Midshipman, U. S. Navy, i86o-6x; Lieut, C. S. A., 1862; Capt» 
Co. E, 40th Ala. Reg., 1863; m. Mary Louise Lanier, Montgomery. 

♦Young, James Mason, Greenville. 

i86x, Greenville; b. Jan. 27, 1846; Private, 33rd Reg., Ala. Vol., C. S. A.; 
Killed in battle at Resaca, Ga., May xs, X864. 

1863. Graduate with Titled Degree 

Vaughan, Henry Clay, A. B., land business, Birmingham. 

x86o, Tuscaloosa; s. E. 6. Vaughan and Mariah Blackburn; b. Oct. 30, X843; 
I St Lieut, Co. E, 7th Ala. Cav., C. S. A.; Export Lumber business at Pascagoola, 
Miss., x868*88; Since x888, engaged in Agricultural, Mineral and Timber Land bu8i< 
ness at Birmingham; m. Emma Virginia Cassity, Tuscaloosa, May 20, 1865. 

1863J Graduates in Schools and Non-Graduates 161 

1863. Graduates in Schools and Non-Grraduates 

♦Alford, Julius Stanley, planter, Mitchell's Station. 

2862, Greenwood, Montgomery Co.; •. Julias Casar Alford, Pine Level, and 
Sarah Boldeville; b. June 6, 1845; Corporal, Rocker's Escort, C. S. A.; m. Callie Ells- 
berry, Jan., 1867: d. 1871. 

Allen, John C, planter, Old Spring Hill. 

1862, Spring HiU, Marengo Co.; s. John G. Allen; b. Sq>t. x, 1845. 

Armistead, Robert, planter, Scotia. 

186a, Oakley, Montgomery Co.; s. Elliott Scott Armistead and Rosalie Wilson; 
k March 27, 1844. 

♦Armstrong, Adam Sloan, planter, Tuskegee. 

1 86a, Notasulga, Macon Co.; s. Henry Holcomb Armstrong and Elizabeth S. 
Sloan; b. March 22, 1845; Private and scout, C. S. A., 1863-65; Sheriff, Macon Co., 
2884-86; m. Mary Emma Beasley, Notastdga, 2865; d. Aug. 14, 1886. 

♦Averiett, John Thomas, planter, Fayetteville. 

1863, Fayetteville; s. Benjamin Woodward Averiett and Sarah Moore Grubbs; 
b. July 22, 2846; Private, C. S. A.; Prisoner on Ship Island; d. at Tuscaloosa, Jan. 
35, 1872. 

♦Baldwin, William Owen, Montgomery. 

2862, Montgomery; s. William O. Baldwin and Mary Jane Martin; b. Nov. 21, 
2844; Enlisted as private, Capt. Storr's Co., appointed Sergeant-Major, 22nd Reg., Ala. 
VoL, Elected Lieut., then Capt., Co. G, 22nd Ala. Reg., C S. A.; Killed in battle, 
Franklin, Tenn., Nov. 30, 2864. 

♦Bascom, Samuel Prebble^ planter, Tuskegee. 

2862, Tuskegee; s. Samuel P. Bascom and Nancy Howard; b. May 3, 2846; 
Private, C. S. A.; d. Oct. 22, 2878. 

♦Baskerville, Charles, physician, Malone's Landing, Tenn. 

2862, Columbus, Miss.; s. Charles Baskerville, Columbus, Miss., and Margaret 
Freear, Williamsburg, N. C; b. August 29, 2846; M. D., Jefferson Med. CoL, Phil., 
Pa.; Private, C. S. A.; m. Augusta Johnson; d. March, 2883. 

Bates, Andrew, 

2862, Fort Brown; s. William M. Bates; b. Oct 22, 2842. 

Bender, Julius Caldwell, planter, Pleasant Hill. 

1862, Pleasant Hill; s. Major J. T. Bender and N. C. Smyly; Private, C S. A. 

♦Billingsley, David H., , Miss. 

2862, Marion, Perry Co.; s. Cyrus Billingsley; b. Nov. 24, 2844; ol Gertrude 
Hogue; d. in Miss, in 288 — . 

♦Bizzell, William J., Cahaba. 

2862, Cahaba; s. W. BizzeU; b. AprU 27, 2845; Private, C. S. A.; d. in Macon, 
Ga-, from wounds received in battle, 2864. 


3 62 Record of Students [1863 

Boyd, John Job, planter, Ft. Davis. 

1862, Cotton Valley, Macon Co.; s. J. C. Boyd; b. August 12, 1843; m. (x) 
Mattie E. Smith, (2) Sallie H. Smith. 

Boyle, Charles H., 

x86i, Ttascaloosa; s. J. P. Boyle; b. Sept. 9, 1845. 

*Brand, Blaney D., merchant, Greensboro. 

1862, Greensboro; s. Blaney Brand and Bettie Pasteur; d. 1872. 

♦Brantley, Charles Winston, planter, New Orleans, La. 

186^, Vernon, Jackson Parish, La.; s. Hon. G. D. Brantley, Lafayette, and 
Elizabeth Fry HoUifield; b. Dec. 17, 1846; d. at Macon, Miss., Sept. 4, 1887. 

Brown, Charles Gayle, lawyer, Birmingham. 

1862, Marion; s. Wilson Richard Brown and Mary Cogsdell Parish; b. Dec. 39, 
1844; A. M., Howard CoL; ist Sgt., Co. F, 20th Ala. Reg., Pettus Division, Hardee's 
Corps; Solicitor, Perry Co., 1872-74, Jefferson Co., 1896-98; Attorney-Gen., Ala., 
1898-1902; m. (i) Irene Huntington, Marion, 1874, (2) Mary Billingslea, Manon, 

♦Brooks, William T., planter, Selma. 

1862, Marion; s. Judge William M. Brooks; b. Sept. 23, 1845; m. Tut- 

hill; d. 189—. 

Brown, D. L., ( 1862) 

Caffey, William Hooper, planter, Bolton, Miss. 

1862, Montgomery; s. Hugh M. Caffey, Montgomery, and Mary Ashurst; b. 
March 19, 1846; Private, Co. F, Cav., C. S. A.; Merchant; m. Rebecca J. Birdsong, 
Hinds Co., Miss., Dec. 10, 1874. 

Caldwell, Thomas Sumter, book-keeper and secretary, Camden. 

1862, Camden; s. Dr. John Caldwell, Camden, and Mary Anderson Bowen; bk. 
Feb. 28, 1845; Capt. and Post Q. M., C. S. A.; City Marshal, 1874-78; Mayor, Camden, 
1879-82; m. Elizabeth John Woolridge, Canton Bend, April 2, 1865. 

Campbell, A., 

1862, Mobile; s. James Campbell; b. May 23, 1844. 

Cantelou, John Rainsford, planter, Montgomery. 

1862, Montgomery; s. L. C. Cantelou, Augusta, Ga., and Mary A. Rainsford. 
Edgefield, S. C; b. Dec. 25, 1845; Private, C. S. A., Forrest's Cav.; Formerly mer- 
chant and cotton buyer, now Planter; Deputy Tax Collector and Supt. Public Roads, 
1896 — ; m. Sallie E. Adams, Nov. 25, i865» Lowndes Co. 

♦Carson, Thomas L3mch, planter, Tuscaloosa. 

x86i, Tuscaloosa; s. Thomas Lynch Carson, Sr., and Sarah Virginia Marr; b. 
Jan. 25, 1848; d. Feb. 12, 1895. 

♦Chalmers, William, merchant and planter, Pickensville. 

x462, Pickensville; s. James Chalmers, Salem, Va., and Eliza J. Campbell; b. 
Feb. 16, 1845; Private, C. S. A.; m. May J. Martin, Pickens Co., Nov. 7, 1866; d. 
March 14, 1883, at Salem, Va. 

1863] Graduates in Schools and Non-Graduates 163 

Cheney, John Edmund, planter, Montgomery. 

186^, Montgomery; t. John Martin Cheney and Augusta Bellinger; b. Jan. tj, 
184s; Orderly Sgt, Co. K, 53rd Reg., C. S. A.; R. R. Service, now planter; m. Queenie 
Anne Wright, Pine Level. 

Cocke, Frank B., 

1861, Montgomery; 8. Chancellor Cocke; b. Nov. 15, 1846. 

*Cocke, John Binion, Marion. 

1862, Marion; a. Woodson Cocke and Mary Elizabeth Binion; b. May 4, 1844; 
Capt., C. S. A.; Sheriff, Perry Co., 4 years; Post Master, Marion, 4 years; m. Amanda 
R. Modawell, P'eb. 17, 1870; d. May 17, 1893. 

*Cox, Jesse James, Jr., planter, Montgomery. 

1862, Montgomery; s. Jesse James Cox, Montgomery, and Laura Elizabeth 
Chiaolm; b. Sept. xa, 1845; Private under Gen. Forrest, C S. A.; Once connected 
with Steamboat line; d. of yeUow fever at Baton Rouge, La., 1879. 

♦Craig, James A., planter^ , Tex. 

X862, Selma; s. Jackson J. Craig, Selma, and Arabella Fair; b. Feb. 22, 1844; 
Lieut, in Capt Starr's Co., C S. A.; d. in Texas. 

Crawford, Robert Creswell, merchant. Mobile. 

1862, M<^ile; s. Col. James Crawford, Mobile, and Zermula Walker Creswell; 
b. Sept 28, 184s; ist Sgt., 3rd, 2nd and ist Lieut., Cos. D and I, 8th Ala. Reg., C. 
S. A.; Dep. U. S. Marshal, 1885-89; m. Louisa Hopkins Blevins, Dec. 16, 1869. 

Curry, Thomas, planter, Marion. 

i86j, Greensboro; s. Jabez Curry, Marion, and Rebecca Jordan; b. April 17, 
1842; Sgt, 8th Ala., C. S. A.; Clerk in office Register in Chancery; m. Lona Parish. 

Curry, William L., 

2862, Greensboro; s. J. C. Curry and Jane Ann Curry; b. Oct. 3, 2846; Private, 
C S. A. 

Dansby, Robert Cosby, druggist, Kaufman, Tex. 

1 86a, Dayton; s. John C Dansby, Dajrton, and Martha Gaines Merriwether; b. 
April x6, 1845: m. Susan Evylin Marshall, Marion, May 12, 1869. 

♦Darby, Henry Clay, Troy. 

1862, Troy; a. Je£Ferson Darby and Martha Matthews; b. Oct. 10, 1844; Ord. 
Sgt, C S. A.; Killed in battle near Atlanta, Ga. 

♦Dargan, Moro, broker, San Francisco, Cal. 

1862, Mobile; a. Judge Edmond Strother Dargan and Roxana Brock; b. March 
24, X845; Major and Aide on Sta£E of Gen. Clayton, C. S. A.; d. at Spokane Falls, 
Wash., May 6, 1883. 

Davis, Albert Francis, planter, Hamburg. 

1862, Marion; s. Hugh Davis and Sarah Rachel Jones; b. April 25, 1845; Private, 
Co. F, 20th Ala., C. S. A.: Merchant and Teacher. 

1 64 R£cx)RD OF Students \J^3 

Denson, Wiley C, minister, Warrensburg, Mo. 

1861, Montevallo; a. J. M. Denson and L. A. Mann; b. Nov. 24, 1844; J, D., 
Cumberland Univ., 1870; Sgt., Co. B, and Ala. Cav., C S. A.; Pastor Cumberland 
Pres. Church, Nashville, 1870-71; Austin, Tex., 1890-97; Prin. Male Acad., Robertson 
Co., Tenn., 1876-80; Supt. Education, Robertson Co., Tenn., 1876-78; Pres. Birmins- 
ham F. Col., 1885-87; Member Board of Pardon Advisers, Tex., x89s-98; m. Ettie 
Ware, Columbiana, Oct. 36, 1870. 

Dexter, John Francis, civil engineer, Ontario, Cal. 

1863, Camden; s. William Junius Dexter, Camden, and Catherine Ann Ellis; b. 
May 16, 1845; Sgt. Major, 53rd Ala. Cav., C. S. A.; Surveyor, Palo Prido Dist, Tex., 
X873-75, San Saba Land Dist, Tex., 1875-78; Bridge Engineer, Santa Fe R.R., 1886- 
87; Asst. Engineer, St. Louis and S. W. R. R., 1887-88; Asst. Engineer, Tex. Pac., 
x88o-8a; Ret. Engineer, Mex. Cen., 1882-84. 

Dexter, William Atwood, planter, Camden. 

x86s, Camdra; s. William Junius Dexter, Camden, and Catherine Ann Ellis; 
b. Dec. 3, 1843; Adjt, 38th Ala. Reg., C. S. A.; Treasurer, Wilcox Co., x887-x9oo; 
m. Eliza Curtia, Camden, Nov., 1865. 

♦Drake, James Elias, lawyer, Yalloha, Fla. 

x86j, Greensboro; s. Gaston Drake, Yalloha, Fla., and Mary Moore; b. March 
s6, 1843; A. M., South. Univ., Greensboro; m. Cornelia Polk, St. Louis, Mo., 1873; 
d. X89 — ^. 

♦Driesback, Tate R., Mt. Pleasant. 

1863, Mt. Pleasant, Monroe Co.; s. J. Driesback; b. April 3, 1847; d. in C S. 
A., X864. 

Eiland, James Oliver, 

X863, Louisville, Miss.; s. Dr. O. G. Eiland; b. Oct 34, 1844. 

♦English, George McClellan, Mt. Pleasant 

1863, Mt Pleasant, Monroe Co.; s. Thomas C. English and Frederica S. McClel 
Ian; b. Dec. 9, 1844; xst Lieut, 1863-64, 31st Ala., C. S. A.; d. JaxL 13, 1866. 

Ennis, R. H., 

1863, Columbus, Ga.; s. J. Ennis; b. August 19, 1845. 

Evins, Robert Hamilton, planter, Marion. 

1863, Marion; s. James Gilliland Evins, Marion, and Mary Barry Moore; b. 
March 37, 1845; Corp. in "Cadet Troop," Rucker's Escort, Forrest's Cav., C S. A.; 
Deputy Col. Internal Rev., 1886-88; Circuit Qerk, Perry Co., 1888-1904; m. Martha 
Amelia Thompson, Marion, Jan. so, 1874. 

♦Fannin, Augustus B., Birmingham. 

1863, Tuskegee; s. Judge Augustus B. Fannin and Hargrove; b. Jan. 

35, 1846: d. 189 — . 

Farley, James Henry, broker, St. Louis, Mo. 

1863, Montgomery; s. Henry W. Farley, St Louis, and Sarah H. Ward; b. 
July 8, 1845; Private, 7th Ala. Cav., C. S. A.; Broker, Grain and Cotton, Merchant's 

1863] Graduates in Schools and Non-Graduates 165 

Field, Clarence Preston, merchant, Mobile. 

i86j, Mobile; a. Joseph W. Field and Jane Cox; b. Sept 8, 1845; Private, Co. 
F, 7th Ala. Cay., C. S. A.; Lumber merchant and export dealer, home office, 58 St. 
Francis Street, Mobile, Lumber jrard and store rooms at Boca del Toro, ColomUa, 
S. A.; m. (z) Fannie B. Tuthill, (2) Virginia A. Kidd. 

'''Fitzpatrick, Benjamin, Line Creek. 

1S62, Line Creek, Montgomery Co.; s. William Fitspatrick and Evilina Wosmar; 
bw Sept 5i (845; Member 3rd Ala. Reg., 1862; Lieut, Oipt Storr's Co., 1863; Mor- 
tally wounded at Franklin, Tenn., 2863. 

♦Foster, Young Hardy, teacher and planter, Quitman, Miss. 

186:1, Foster's; s. J. Collier Foster, Tuscaloosa, and Jane Elizabeth Ware; IJL 
March 15, 1844; Private, Rucker's Brigade, Cay., C S. A.; m. Ann Cornelia Foster, 
Foster's, 1876; d. in Miss., Aug. 14, 1893. 

♦Garber, James Rhodes, physician, Uniontown. 

1 86a, Livingston; s. Dr. Alexander M. Garber and Anna Rhodes; b. Feb. 24, 
1847; M. D., Tulane, 1867; ist Lieut, 8th Ala. Cav., C S. A.; Rep., Gen. Assem., 
Colorado, 1880-84; >&• Katherine La Motte Morgan, Georgetown, S. C, Nov. 14, 1877; 
d. March 6, 1896. 

Gamer, Qement Cortez, , Miss. 

1 86s, Memphis, Pickens Co.; s. John N. Gamer and Caroline M. Taylor; h. Oct 
10, 1847. 

Garrard, William, lawyer. Savannah, Ga. 

1861, Columbus, Ga.; s. William W. Garrard, Columbus, Ga., and Frances Isabel 
Urquhart; b. Sept 15, 1844; Private, Sergt Major, ist Lieut, Capt, 3xst Ala. Reg., 
C S. A., 1863-65, served on sUfiF of Brig.-Gen. Pettus; Lieut-CoL, Ga. Vol Inf., 
U. S. A., Spanish War, 1898; Alderman, Savannah, 1895-96; m. Mary Robert Lawton, 
Savannah, Tuly 14, 1887. 

Gary, Samuel M., 

1B62, Livingston; s. J. H. Gary; b. June x6, 1846. 

George, James H., Pratt City. 

i86a, Northport; s. Travis George; b. August 7, 1844. 

Givhan, Thomas, ( 1862) 

♦Graves, Earnest Dedrick, planter, Cuthbert, Ga. 

1 86s, Tuskegee; s. Rev. Solomon S. Graves, Cuthbert, Ga., and Katherine 
Gonekee; Private in Capt Storr's Co., Rucker's Brigade; d. at Tuscaloosa. 

Graves, Eugene Louis, planter, Harris. 

x86s, Tuskegee; s. Gen. Barasillas Graves, Tuskegee, and Sarah M. Gonekee; 
h. May zi, 184s; Lieut, Co. B, 6zst Ala., Army N. Va., 1863-65; Prin., Brooklyn 
Acad., 1866; Asst Prin., Bethel Acad., Fort Deposit, 1887; Rep., Gen. Assem., Ala., 
1894-98; m. Carrie Hamilton, Eufaula, April 24, 1867. 

Gregory, Frederick Crecy, clerk, New Orleans, La. 

186s, Montgomery; s. F. C Gregory, Montgomery, and Mary Mixon; h. April 
30, 1844; Private, Co. F, 7th Ala. Cav., C. S. A.; m. Laura C. Randolph. 

1 66 Recx)rd of Students [1863 

♦Griffin, Goodman Glover, Demopolis. 

1 86 1, Demopolis; a. Dr. Goodman Griiiith Griffin, Demopolis, and Willey Ann 
GloTcr; b. Jan. is. 1844; Private, C S. A.; d. Sept. i, 1864. from effects of MIL 

Gwin, Clement Billingslea, manufacturer and merchant, Mobile. 

186a, Mobile; s. Joseph Carter Gwin and Laura Ann Gumming; b. Jan. 13, 1844; 
and Sergeant, Co. F, 21st Ala., C S. A., ist Lieut and Adjutant, xst Trans-Mississippi 
Battalion; Lumber Manufacturer and Merchant; m. Edith Emerson Belenden Post, 
Mobile, June i, 1869. 

*Hall, Thomas Brown, Montgomery. 

1 86 1, Montgomery; s. BolUng Hall and Mary Louisa Crenshaw; b. Nov. is, 
184s; Private, Co. K, a4th Ala. Reg., C. S. A.; Killed at Chickamauga, Sept 24, 1863. 

Hannon, John, D. D., '82, minister, Lynchburg, Va. 

1862, Montgomery; s. E. C Hannon, Montgomery, and Mary A. Stubbs; b. 
Nov. 8, 1845; A. M., R. Macon CoL, Va.; Sgt-Major, Wheeler'a Corps, C. S. A.; 
Pastor M. E. Church, South, at Baltimore, New Orleans, Richmond, Lynchburg, San 
Francisco, San Jose, Alameda; m. Lucy WilUs Haile, Valavillc, CaUf. 

Harris, John W., merchant. Auburn. 

186s, Oak Bowery; s. Samuel Harris, Oak Bowery, Chambers Co.; b. Jan. 
14. 1845- 

Hart, J. S. 

186a, Ramah; b. Sept so, 1844. 

Hatch, Benjamin Francis, planter, Gallion. 

1 86 1, Greensboro; s. Alfred Hatch, Areola, and Elizabeth Blount Vail; b. Dec. 
30, Z843; Private, C S. A., Forrest's Command; m. Nardssa E. Tayloe, Gallion, Fth. 

Hatch, W. 

1861, Greensboro. 

Hausman, Joshua I., merchant, Birmingham. 

1 86a, Tuscaloosa; s. Joshua Hausman and Katrina Pferfier; b. Oct 31, 1844; 
m. Rebecca Canning Lynch, Nov. 2, 1870. 

Hendree, Ed., ( 1862) 

Henry, Patrick Clay, 

x86o, Centreville; s. Ezekiel Henry and Cleveland; b. Jan. i8, 1843; 

Private, C S. A.; m. Margaret Shropshire, Bibb Ca; moved West 

Heydenfeldt, Solomon, 

i86a, Tuscaloosa; s. Judge Solomon Heydenfeldt; b. July 18, 1848. 

Hibbler, Talbert, merchant. West Point, Miss. 

1862, CooksviUe, Miss.; s. William Hibbler, Warsaw, and Frances A. Greer; 
b. July a6, 1846; Private, C. S. A.; Insurance Agent and Merchant; m. Alice Staoey. 

1863] Graduates in Schools and Non-Graduates 167 

♦High, DeWitt C, planter, Forkland. 

1863, Forkland; s. William High and Hemdon; b. July 28, 1843; m. 

Betty Winn, Foikland; d. 1876. 

♦Hill, Samuel M., Jr., planter, Dallas Co. 

*x86a, Cahaba; s. Samuel M. Hill and Frances A. Bell; b. Nov. 5, 1846; d. 18 — 

♦Hobdy, Edward Heron, planter, Ocala, Fla. 

1861, Louisville, Barbour Co.; s. Harrel Hobdy, Louisville, and Jane McNeil; 
b. Jan. 22t 1844; 2nd Lieut., Co. H, 39th Ala. Reg., C. S. A.; d. March 7, 1897. 

Hodgson, George Pannel, druggist, Columbia, Va. 

1862, Columbia, Va.; s. Joseph Hodgson and Ann Pannel; b. August 35, 1845; 
m. Mattie Nelson, Columbia, Va. 

♦Howard, William Young, planter, Tuskegee. 

1862, Tuskegee; s. Dr. Robert H. Howard, Tuskegee, and Cornelia R. Lamar; 
b. Jan. 10, 1847; Private, C. S. A.; m. Adelaide Pauline Lockard, Livingston, Nov. 
27, 1867; d. April 2S» 1888. 

Jackson, P. C. 

i86j, Tuskegee; s. W. S. Jackson; b. March 14, 1848. 

Jackson, Robert Hewlin, planter, Greensboro. 

1862, Greensboro; s. Dr. Reuben Hewlin Jackson and Mary Frances Smith; b. 
Dec 2, 1842; Corpora], Capt. Storr's Co., 7th Ala. Cav., C. S. A.; m. Ellen Mary 
Frawley, New York, 1872. 

♦Jamagin, John Chesley, Macon, Miss. 

1862, Macon, Miss.; s. Hampton Lea Jamagin and Rebecca McCaskill; b. Jan. 
13* 1845; Adjutant Gen., N. B. Forrest's Staff; Killed in battle at Moscow, Tenn., 
July, 1864. 

♦Jemison, Eugene Levert, planter, Newbern. 

1862, Newbern; s. Henry Jemison and Mary James Tolson; b. Nov. 13, 1846; 
m. Mary Elizabeth Walthall, June 10, 1874; d. March 6, 1880. 

♦Jenkins, William W., teacher, 

1861, Mardisville, Talladega Co.; s. William Jenkins, Alpine, and Ann Mallory; 
b. Oct. 14, 1845; Lieut, 30th Ala. Reg., C S. A.; d. 18 — . 

Jones, M. H. 

i86x. Mobile; s. W. G. Jones; b. July 15, 1845. 

Jones, Thomas K., planter. Pleasant Ridge. 

x86i. Pleasant Ridge; s. H. G. Jones; b. March 23, 1845. 

♦Jon^s, William Albert, planter, Massillon. 

1862, Marion; s. William Albert Jones, Marion, and Frances A. Lockett; b. 
Dec 6, 1844; Lieut., 3i8t Reg., Ala. Vol., C. S. A.; m. Mary Cocke, Marion, Oct, 
1869; d. at Marion, Oct. 21, 1875. 

1 68 Record of Students [1863 
Keith, Ed. M. 

x86j, Selma; a. M. J. Keith; b. Jnne iz, 184^. 

Latimer, John Ford Thompson, clerk, ForklanA 

i86a» Manon; t. Stephen S. Latiiner and Chriatiana Thompaon; b. June ao, 1844; 
Private, Selden's Battery, C. S. A. 

Leach, Samuel Thomas, clerk, Tuscaloosa. 

1863, Tuscalooaa; a. Dr. S. J. Leach, Tuacalooaa, and Elizabeth F. Ktta; k 
July X, 1846; Member Fowler'a Battery, 1863-65, C S. A. 

Locke, William H. 

z86a, Greenaboro; b. Aug. 20, 184a. 

Lockett, Napoleon, planter, , Tex. 

x86a, Marion; a. Napoleon Lockett and Mary Lockett; b. Sept. x8, 1846; Cor- 
poral, "Cadet Troopa," Rucker'a Eacort, Forreafa Cav., C. S. A. 

Lockhart, John Edward, merchant, Brame, Miss. 

1 86a, Marion; a. John Lockhart, Marion, and Emily Rolf Brame; b. Aug. 19, 
1845; Private, Selden'a Battery, C S. A.; Poatmaater and Planter; m. S. F. Kins, 
Pontotoc, Miaa., Jan. z, 1868. 

Marks, Nicholas Meriwether, stock business, Versailles, Ky. 

z86z, Montgomery; a. Samuel B. Marks; b. Oct 6, 1844. 

Marks, Samuel Blackburn, warehouseman, Montgomery. 

1 86a, Montgomery; a. William Mathewa Marks, and Catherine Ann Crain; b. 
April 7» 1844. 

Marlow, George Francis, Jr., banker, London, Eng. 

x86a, Selma; a. George Franda Marlow, Selma, and Cordelia Thompaon; b. 
Dec az, 1844; Poatmaater at Selma, z 866-74; m. Fannie Valentine, of London, Eng., 
at Boaton, Mias. 

Mason, Benjamin W. 

1 86a, Camden; a. L. W. Maaon; b. Dec. »s, 1S44. 

Mason, Wylie Alfred, D. D., '92, minister, Amarillo, Tex. 

1 86a, Tuakegee; a. Wylie W. Maaon, Tuakegee, and Matilda Warren Catchings; 
hi June 3, T846; Sergeant, Co. B, 6ist Ala. Reg., z863, Lieut, Z865, C S. A.; 
Pastor Baptist Churches at Glenville, Z869, Okolona, 1870, Grenada, 1873, Canton, 
Z875, Chrystal Springs, Miss., 1886, Monroe, La., Z878, Bowling Green, Ky., Z891, 
Dearwood, S. D., X895, Amarillo, Tex., X897; Employed aa Lecturer in Chicago, Wis- 
consin and Iowa; Author of "Lessons of the Ages for this Age," "Ephesian Truth," 
'The Satan of Scripture versus the Devil of Christendom;" m. <i) Mary Hill Stack- 
houae, Chrystal Springs, Miss., Nov. 7, 187 z, (a) Peark Martha Bailey, Louiaville, 
Ky., July a6, 1B92, 

Mauldin, James Alexander, salesman, Selma. 

x86i, Dayton; a. Littleberry Mauldin, Dayton, and Julia Frances Sledge; b. 
Feb. 20, 184s; and Sergeant, Mobile Dragoozia, zsth Cav., C S. A.; zil (z) Gillian 
Hoiks Huggins, Newbem, Juzie 8, Z876, (a) Winnie Young Lindop, Selma, June 
8, z895- 

1863] Graduates in Schools and Non-Graduates 169 

May, T. M. 

x86j» Bluff Port, Sumter Co.; s. John P. May; b. March aS, 1844. 

McAdory, Robert Augustus, lawyer, Birmingham. 

x86j, Joneaboro; a. CoL James McAdory and Nancy T. Sadler; b. Oct 14, 1845; 
LL. B., Uniy. of Miaa., z868; and Lieut., Co. H, a8th Ak. Reg., C S. A.; m. Harriet 
Dupuy, Elyton, Dec. za, 1869. 

McAlpine, John Watson, planter, McAlpine. 

1861, Stttaw; 8. William McAlpine and Ann Watson; Private, and Ala. Cay., 
C S. A.; m. Ellen Hope Easton, Mobile. 

♦McAlpine, Solomon Quintus, planter, Eutaw. 

1863, Eutaw; s. Solomon McAlpine and Virginia Brock; b. Feb. as, 1846; Pri" 
▼ate, C S. A.; m. Mary Ridgeway, Eutaw, April, 1869; d. 1890. 

♦McCurdy, Edmund Sellers, planter, Lowndesboro. 

x86a, Oak Bowery, Chambera Co.; s. E. S. McCurdy, Oak Bowery, and Mary 
Jane Harria; b. May 24, 1845; m. (i) Sue Reese, Lowndesboro, June 4, 1867, (a) 
Georgia Reese, Lowndesboro, Feb. 6, 1877; d. Oct 9, 1883. 

♦McGowen, Hugh Sidney, teacher, 

x86a. Pleasant Ridge, Greene Co.; s. James Maddox McGowen, Tuacalooaa, and 
Elizabeth Leonora Summerville; b. Oct. a8, 1846; A. B., Uniy. of Miss.; Teacher at 
Livingston and Pleasant Ridge; d. 188 — ^. 

♦McLester, James H., merchant and planter, Tuscaloosa. 

1 86 1, Northport; s. Richard C. McLester, Tuscalooaa, and Mary Simonton; b. 
Jan. 13, 1843; I'rivate in Cavalry, C. S. A.; Merchant in Mobile, afterwarda planter 
in Tuscaloosa: d. Dec. as, 1880. 

McRae, T. 

i86a. Mobile; s. C. J. McRae; b. March 4, 184$. 

Michael, George J., book-keeper, Demopolis. 

i86a, Demoi>o]is; s. George Michael and Mary Catherine Breitling; b. April a, 
1845; Member Staff of Gen. Liddell, C. S. A.; Sec. American Cotton Oil Co., 1885-95; 
m. Ida Vaughan, Demopolis, Dec. 13, 1871. 

Miller, Albert Adolphus, fruit grower, Ocoee, Fla. 

286a, Clayton; s. John H. Miller and Ann Carline Ott; b. Feb. a, 1845; Private, 
Capt. Storr's Co., afterwarda Mem. Escort for Gen. Rucker, C. S. A.; Teacher in Bar 
hour Co.; m. Ella Malissa McKey, Valdosta, Ga., Dec. aa, 1887. 

Miller, John W. 

x86a, Talladega; s. T. P. Miller; b. Oct 3, 1845. 

Miller, Thomas W. 

i86a, Talhkdega; s. T. P. Miller; b. May x, 1844. 

Moore, Rittenhouse, Mobile. 

iS6a, Greenaboro; s. A. M. Moore; b. June ay, 1844; Engaged in Dredging 

170 Record of Students [1863 

Nabers, Francis Drayton, druggist, Birmingham. 

1862, Elyton» Jefferson Co.; s. Francis Drayton Nabers, Elyton, and Matilda 
Mullens; b. July 3. 1845; M. D., Tulane» 1867; UeuL, Co. F, 7th Ala. Cay., C S. A.; 
m. Martha Faust, Pulaski, Tenn., Jan. 23, 1865. 

♦Neilson, John Hargrove, Tuscaloosa. 

1 86 1, Tuscaloosa; s. John Hall Neilson, Tuscaloosa, and Mary Jane Hargrove; 
b. June 16, 1844; Capt., Co. £, 44th Ala. Reg., C. S. A.; Killed in battle near Spott- 
sylvania C. H., May 8, 1864. 

Nix, R. J., physician and merchant, Deatsville. 

X862, Alpine; s. J. M. N. B. Nix and Mary E. Young; b. July 5, 1846; M. D.. 
X873, S. C. Med. Col.; Private, Co. B, 3xst Ala. Reg. Inf., C. S. A.; m. Caroline E. 
Whetstone, Deatsville, 1874. 

Noland, William Benjamin, planter. Rattan, Tex. 

1862, Pickensville; s. Sampson Noland and Mary Morrow; b. Sept 7, 1844; 
Private, C. S. A.; m. Roena P. Buntin, Pickens Co., May a, 1867. 

Norris, F. P. 

1862, Batesville, Miss.; s. B. £. Norris; b. Dec 31, 1845. 

Owen, Frank, lawyer. Globe, Arizona. 

z86i, Tuscaloosa; s. Thomas Owen, Tuscaloosa, and Dolly Payne Williams; b. 
Sept. a8, 1843; and Lieut., Co. D., 36th Ala. Reg., C. S. A.; Dist. Attorney, Nye Co., 
Nevada., 1873-74; m* Gertrude Sturdivant Kittrell, Carson City, Nevada, Nov. 30, 1875. 

*Paine, Edward Hendree, Tuskegee. 

1 86a, Tuskegee; s. S. B. Paine, Tuskegee, and Agnes M. Hendree; b. April as, 
1846; and Lieut, Co. H, 6ist Ala. Reg., C. S. A.; Killed in battle of Cedar Creek, Va., 
Oct 19, 1864. 

♦Perrin, George G., Forkland. 

1863, Forkland; s. Dr. George G. Perrin and Adelaide Burt; b. Jan. 16, 1846; 
Capt, C. S. A.; Killed at battle of Pine Barren Creek, Fla., Nov., 1864. 

*Phelan, George Richard, lawyer, Memphis, Tenn. 

1 86a, Aberdeen, Miss.; s. James Phelan, Memphis, Tenn., and Eliza Moore; b. 
July IS, 1847; Lieut, and Aide-de-Camp, Gen. Armstrong's Staff; Rep., Gen. Asaem., 
Tenn., 1877; *n. Julia Tate Hunt, Memphis, Tenn., 1873; d. Sept., x88a. 

Philpot, Robert Spencer, mining business, 

x86a, Selma; s. Robert Nicholas Philpot and Mary Darling Caswell; b. Aug. 
12, 1846. 

Philpot, William Henry, merchant, Warrior Stand. 

1 86a, Tuskegee; s. William H. Philpot and Sarah E. Pumal; b. Aug. 6, 1846; 
Capt, C. S. A.; Planter once, but now Merchant; m. Willie Ross Perry, Warrior 
Stand, Nov. 17, 1887. 

Prince, Andrew Fuller, merchant, Tuscaloosa. 

x86a, Foster's; s. Nicholas W. Prince and Mary Foster; b. Oct 14, 1845; Capt., 
8th Ala. Reg. Vol., C. S. A.; m. Sophia Williford, Foster'a, Nov. as, 1866 

1863] Graduates in Schools and Non-Graduates 171 

Rainey, Charles W. 

1862, Uniontown; s. M. W. Rainey; b. Aug. 27, 1844. 

♦Reese, Henry Winston, Demopolis. 

x86i, Demopolis; 8. Dr. Henry Winston Reese and Julia Malvina Winn; b. 
May 14, 1846; Private, 31st Ala., C. S. A.; Wounded battle of Baker's Creek, Miss.; 
died II weeks later. 

♦Reese, William, Selma. 

x86j, Selma; s. Dr. Walter P. Reese, Selma, and Mary Turner; b. June 7* 
1846; Courier in Jeff Davis Artillery, C. S. A.; d. in C. S. A. 

Roberts, W., (1862) 

Saunders, J. R. 

1861, Selma; s. William L. Saunders; b. Oct s6, 1845. 

♦Scott, Alfred Vernon, Jr., Lowndesboro. 

1 86 J, Lowndesboro; s. Alfred Vernon Scott, Sr., Georgetown, D. C; b. Aug. 
ap, 1846; d. June aa, 1863. 

Shorter, John Urquhart, Brboklyn, N. Y. 

x86i, Columbus, Ga.; s. Capt. R. C. Shorter; b. Jan. 9, 1844. 

Simmons, Lewis Lavender, Woodlawn. 

1 86a, Demopolis; s. Lewis Simmons and Barbara W. Moore; b. March 3, 1843; 
m. Sallie J. Lipscomb, May 16, 1866. 

Simmons, Wooten Moore, planter, Demopolis. 

1862, Jefferson; s. Lewis Simmons, Sr., Jefferson, and Barbara W. Moote; b. 
May J, 1844; PriTate in Ball's Cavalry Reg., C S. A. 

Sims, Albert Gallatin, physician, Renfroe. 

1 86 1, Talladega; s. Henry Sims, Renfroe, and Martha Louise Hays; b. April 
6, 1844; M. D., Univ. of Nashville; ist Lieut., Co. F, 30th Ala. Reg., C S. A.; m. 
Kate Fannin Allen, Oxford, Nov. is, 1873. 

Sledge, James Nathan, planter, Greensboro. 

1861, Demopolis; s. Dr. Alexander Sledge, Greensboro, and Winnie Lane; K 
June 9, 1843; Private in 4th Ala. Reg. and 15th Reg. Cav., C. S. A.; m. (i) Fidelia 
Lemay, Raleigh, N. C, (a) Martha Benners, Birmingham. 

♦Smith, Frank, Canton B^. 

i86j. Canton Bend; s. Daniel Smith and Amelia Irvin; d. 1863. 

Smith, J. D., (1862) 

Spann, J. J. 

186a, Brodnville, Miss.; s. T. J. Spann; b. July 17, 1846. 

Steele, James Alexander, lawyer and planter, McKinley. 

1863, McKinley; s. £. A. Steele, McKinley, and Sarah A. Foster; b. July 8, 
184S; Rep., Gen. Assem., Ala., 1890-94; m. Fanny G. Alexander, New York, Sept. 
IS, 1890. 

172 Record of Students [1863 

Storrs, Charles Paddock, secretary, Coosada. 

1 86 1, Wetumpka; s. Seth P. Storrs, Wetiunplca, and Jane R. Bigelow; b. 
April 7, 184:1; LL. B., Univ. of Mich.; Capt., Cadet Company, in Forrest's CaT., Geob 
Rttcker's Escort, C. S. A.; Asst Sec., Va. Security and Endowment Co., Birming- 
iiam, (Temp, address, Richmond, Vs.); m. (i) Maggie Bamett, TaUassee, (a) 
Manila Honghton, Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Swain, H. C. 

i86a, Alpine; s. J. G. Swain; b. April a6, 1845. 

"^Sykes, Edgar, teacher, Duck Hill, Miss. 

x86a, Grenada, Miss.; s. Benjamin Sykes, Tuscaloosa, and Lucy Burt Fox; 
Capt, Artil. Co., Stanford's Battery, C. S. A.; d. Feb., 1884. 

Tarver, Benjamin Marcus, Chattanooga, Tenn. 

i86a, Tanrerville, Ga.; s. Gen. H. H. Tarver and Harriet Bunn; b. June so, 
Z846; Private, C S. A.; m. Eliza Villaird Huguenin, Macon, Ga.; May 19, 1869. 

Taylor, Allen Judge, 

x85a, Locopato; b. July 4, 1842. 

Taylor, Walter P. 

1863, Mobile; b. Oct 5, x84S« 

♦Thompson, Jesse, Jr., planter and merchant, LaPlace. 

z86a, LaPlaoe; s. Jesse Thompson and Mehalah Gieen; b. July zx, 1846; Prirate, 
C. S. A.; m. (i) Susan Helen Haden, LaPlaoe, April 39, z866, (a) Sarah Rebecca 
Haden, LaPlace, Dec 30, 1869; d. June 22, X873. 

♦Thompson, Waddy, lawyer, Tuskegee. 

i86a, LaPlace; s. Jesse Thompson and Mehalah Green; b. Oct 30, X84J; 
Lieut, in Forrest's Cay., C. S. A.; Supt. of Education, Macon Co., x884-86; m. (z) 
Lizzie Boyd, Dec, 1864, (a) Lizrie Walker, Dec, z868; d. July, x894- 

♦Thorington, Robert Denning, merchant, Montgomery. 

i86a, Montgomery; s. Jack Thorington and Mary Lord Parker; b. Aug. 3, 1844; 
I St Lieut on Suff of Gen. Gracie, C. S. A.; m. Sallie Gindrat Winter; d. May j8, 

♦Tunstall, James Levi, planter, Greensboro. 

1861, Greensboro; s. James L Tunstall and Eliza A. Croom; b. Oct 14, Z844; 
Private, C S. A.; d. July x6, z88i. 

Tyson, Archibald Pitt, capitalist, Montgomery. 

1 86 1, Lowndesboro; s. Archibald Tyson, Lowndesboro, and Sarah Jane War- 
ren; b. Dec z8, 1844; Private, C. S. A.; m. Ellen Nicholas Arrington, Montgomery, 
Nov. 2$, Z875. 

♦Vernon, James Blackwell, physician, Jacksonville. 

1 86a, Jacksonville; s. H. F. Vernon, Jacksonville, and Letitia Blackwell; b. 
Dec 3x, 1844; M. D., x868, Washington Med. Univ., Baltimore, Md.; Private in 
Forrest's Cav., C S. A.; Physician in St Qair Co., 1^9-72; returned to Jackson- 
ville when health failed; d. Jan. za, X873. 

Walker, Charles W. 

1863, Mobile; s. Daniel Walker; b. July so, 1844. 

1863] Graduates in Schools and Non-Graduates 173 
Walker, James W. 

iB62, Montgomery; b. April 30, 1845. 

Walker, William Augustus, lawyer, Birmingham. 

i86z, Elytoo; s. WilUam Alfred Walker, Elyton, and Cavilla Margaret Porter; 
li. Jan. 7, 1846; Non-Com. 0£5oer, 7th Ala. Cav., C S. A.; Solicitor, Jefferson Co., 
2868*76; Rep., Gen. Assem., Ala., 1878-80; m. Virginia Taylor Madd, Aug. 2$, 1870. 

♦Waller, James F., merchant, Selma. 

186:1, Selma; a. N. Waller; b. Jan. 4, 1848; d. at Ocean GroTe, Miss. 

Waller, Robert Benjamin, planter, Greensboro. 

1862, Greensboro; s. Robert B. Waller, Greensboro, and Sarah A. Tinker; b. 
March 7, 1846; m. Virginia Vaughan, Tuscaloosa, Feb., 1865. 

Watson, George Hays, planter, Boligee. 

i86x, Etttaw; s. James Alexander Watson and Elizabeth McAlpine; b. Jan. 34, 
1844: m- Hattie P. Ridgeway, Eutaw. 

Watts, John Wade, lawyer, Montgomery. 

i86a, Montgomery; s. Gov. Thomas H. Watts and Eliza B. Allen; b. Aug. 30, 
1846; B. L., Univ. of Va., 1867; Private in Gen. E. W. Rucker's Body Guard, 1863; 
Capt. of Staff under Gen. James H. Clanton, 1864; ni. Nannie Ross Sanders, Union- 
town, June 5, 1873. 

Westcott, Samuel Thomas, merchant, Montgomery. 

x86z, Montgomery; s. S. T. Westcott and Mary Powell; b. Sept. z, 1845. 

♦Whitfield, George Nathan, Demopolis. 

1S62, Demopolis; s. Gaines Whitfield, Demopolis, and Mary Ann Whitfield; 
b. Feb. 4, 1848: Private in Forrest's Cav.; d. Dec. 14, 1871. 

Whitfield, James Bryan, physician and planter, Demopolis. 

x86x, Demopolis; s. Gaines Whitfield, Demopolis, %nd Mary Ann Whitfield; 
b. June 13, 1842; M. D., Univ. of Penn., 1867; Drill Master and Sergeant, 40th Ala. 
Reg., C. S. A.; m. Bessie Alice Whitfield, Demopolis, June 7, i88z. 

Whiting, William Bell, Montgomery. 

i86z, Montgomery; 9. John Whiting and Elizabeth Bell; b. April zx, 1845; 
xat Sergeant, Forrest's Cav.; 2nd. Lieut., Wheeler's Cav., C. S. A.; Deputy Sheriff. 

*Wight, John T. 

1 86a, Blue Mountain; s. Alfred Wight; b. Nov. 27, X846. 

Williams, Gresham Kelly, physician, Wortham, Tex. 

X862, Carrollton; s. Thomas Williams, Pickensville, and Catherine Lacey; b. 
Nov. xs, X846; m. Buena Vista Mustin, Carrollton. 

Williams, R. S. 

1862, Mobile; s. Price Williams; b. March 28, 1846. 

Williamson, J. G. 

186a, Camden; b. Sept. 21, 1844. 

174 RfiGORD OF Students [1864 
Winn, James Dennis, planter, 

1 86 1, TuflcalooBa; s. Dickson Cook and Nancy Palmer; b. Sept a^, 1844; 
Private, C. S. A.; Planter in Pickens Co., 1866-67, moved then to Miss., and tlien 
farther west; (adopted son of Mr. Winn). 

Winter, John Gindrat, lawyer, Montgtxnery. 

186a, Montgomery; s. Joseph S. Winter and Mary Elizabeth Gindrat; b. 
March ai, 1646; 3rd Sergeant, C. P. Storr's Co., 7th Ala., C. S. A.; Adjt., 7th 
Ala. Cav., C. S. A.; Judge City Court, Montgomery, 1896-97; m. Sallie Verdier 
Calhoun, Jan. 29, 1867. 

♦Woodward, Edward Livingston, merchant, Jacksonville. 

1862, Jacksonville; s. Ed. L. Woodward and Melinda Jane Francis; b. March 
14, 1846; Private, C. S. A.; m. Ida Jane Grant, Jacksonville, Jan. x6, x868; d. 
Feb., 1878. 

♦Woolfolk, John Winter, merchant, New Orleans, La. 

1862, Columbus, Ga.; s. Joseph Washington Woolfolk, Columbus, Ga., and 
Lucinda Maria Winter; b. Aug. 22, 1845; Orderly Sergeant, 64th Ga. Reg., C S. A.; 
m. Emily Wheeler, New Orleans, La., July 3, 1872; d. Sept. i, 1897. 

Yancey, Dalton Huger, lawyer, Limona, Fla. 

z86i, Montgomery; s. Hon. William L. Yancey and Sarah Caroline Earle; 
b. Feb. 13, 1845; Capt., Co. K, 7th Ala. Cav., C S. A., 1863-64; Member, Hender- 
son's Scouts, Forrest's Cav., 1864-65; County Judge, Lake Co., Fla., 1887-88; State 
Senator, Fla., 1889-92; Chief of Division, U. S. Treas. Dept, Washington, D. C, 
1893-95; Special, U. S. Treasury, Tampa, Fla., 1895-98; m. Hettie L. McCook, Cusseta, 
Ga., Oct 14, 1869. 

1864. Graduates with Titled Degrees 

Garland, Spoiswood, A. B., lawyer, Wilmington, Del. 

1 86 1, Lynchburg, Va.; s. Hugh A. Garland, St. Louis, Mo., and Anne Powell 
Burwell; b. Nov. 17, 1846; Law Student, Univ. of Va., 1866-67; Capt., Co. G, 63rd 
Ala. Reg., C S. A.; m. Mary Plowden Jenkins, Baltimore, Oct., 1877. 

Hamner, William James, A. B., Hemstead, Tex. 

1859, Tuscaloosa; s. Sam Hamner, Northport, and Adaline Gunn; b. April 2, 

May, Moody Hough, A. B., lawyer, Selma. 

1862, Carthage; s. John Hough May, Akron, Hale Co., and Catherine Eliza* 
beth Pace; b. Sept. 12, X84X; Capt, Co. K., 63rd Ala. Reg., C. S. A. 

1864. Graduates in Schools and Non-Graduates 

♦Adams, Frederick G., Columbus, Ga. 

1864, Columbus, Ga.; s. David Adams, Rome, Ga.; b. Jan. 19, 1848; d. 1864. 

♦Alexander, Samuel Eugene, Tuskegee. 

1862, Tuskegee; s. J. M. Alexander and Jane Sanders Harris; b. Sept. 2, 
1845; I St Lieut., C. S. A.; d. 1885. 

1864] Graduates in Schools and Non-Graduates 175 

Alston, Waldemar, planter, Hampden. 

1862, Clio» Marengo Co.; t. William J. Alston, Magnolia, and Martha Cade; 
b. Sept 18, 1844: ist Lieut, under Gen. John H. Morgan, Ky., afterwards under 
Basil W. Duke, C. S. A.; practiced Law in Texas and Birmingham, retired trom 
Law and now a Planter: m. Agnes Lewis, Jefferson, Oct., 1865. 

Askew, Samuel Horton, accountant, Atlanta, Ga. 

1863, Dayton; s. Hilliard J. Askew, Dasrton, and Pauline N. Askew; b. Dec 
5» 1845; Lieut, C. S. A.; Auditor, Accountant and Bank Examiner; m. (i) KLittie 
Reeves, Dayton, Feb. 15, 1883, (a) Therza Pickering, Dayton, Jan. 33, X89S. 

Barton, John Keyes, lawyer, Cedartown, Ga. 

Z863, Montgomery; s. John Keyes Barton, Tallassee, and Elizabeth Chappell 
Sledge; b. Sept 3, 1846; Capt., Co. £, 6i8t Ala. Inf., C. S. A.; Prin., Deatsville 
Acad., 1884-86; Pret., Ga. and Ala. Mining Co., x88i-9z; m. Clara Jane Trimble, 
Wetumpka, April 39, 1868. 

Battle, Romulus Riggs, civil engineer, Philadelphia, Pa. 

1863, Mobile; s. Samuel G. Battle; b. Jan. a, 1848; and Lieut, Ala. State 
Reserves, 1864-65; Engineering CorjM, Fairmount Park Commis., PhiL, Penn.; joined 
Engineer Corps, June, 1886. 

♦Bender, Daniel Judson, planter, Jefferson, Tex. 

1863, Pleasant Hill; s. Griffin M. Bender and Martha Hardy; b. March 28, 
1846; m. Nora Lanier Hardy, Newton Co., Miss., Dec. 14, 1871; d. Jan. 24, 1893. 

♦Bestor, Frank Eggleston, DeSoto, Miss. 

1862, Tiptop, Miss.; s. Rev. Daniel Perrin Bestor and Eliza Townes; b. April 
23, 1845; and Lieut in Ball's Cav. Reg., C. S. A.; killed in battle, April, 1864. 

Billing, Fay McCullock, banker, Montgomery 

1862, Columbus, Ga.; s. Dr. Samuel A Billing and Mary Hulct Cook; b. Oct. 28, 
1846; Pres., Josiah Morris Banking Co.; m. (i) Lucy Noble, New Orleans, Aug. 12, 
1873, (2) Sarah Wyly, Montgomery, Oct 3, 1894. 

♦Boykin, Colin McRea, Shreveport, La. 

1863, Portland; s. Burwell Boykin, Portland, and Elisabeth McRea; d. 18 — ^. 

*Brasfield, Milton Turner, physician, Forkland. 

186 J, Forkland; s. Milton Robert Brasfield and Mary Rebecca Pullen; b. 
June as, 1848; Rep., Gen. Assem., Ala., 1882; m. Sallie Mann; d. Feb. 10, 1887. 

Brewer, Samuel Green, clerk, Dallas, Tex. 

1863, Mt Meigs; s. Reuben H. Brewer, Mt Meigs, and Mary Jeannette 
Crockett; b. Jan. 30, 1846; Private in Scrapie's Ala. Battery, 1864-65; m. Margaret 
Ray, West Point. Ga., Sept, 1872. 

Brooks, Hardin Hairston, planter, Brooksville, Miss. 

1863, Crawfordville, Miss.; s. Thomas B. Brooks, Crawfordville, Miss., and 
Sarah A. Hairston; b. Jan. 28, 1848; Lieut, C. S. A.; Rep., Gen. Assem., Miss., 
1898-X902; m. Georgia H. Helm, Eminence, Ky., Dec 4, 1886. 

Browder, Hartwell Hill Tarver, planter, , Ark. 

1863, Eufaula; s. Isham C. Browder and Mary A. Tanrer; admitted to Bar, 
1866, ffloined West in 1878, — ^last information, farming. 

176 Reoobd of Students [1864 

Brown, Eugene LeVert, druggist, St. Louis, Mo. 

x863t Oregon; t. John T. Brown, Camargo, Miss., and Catherine E. Greene; 
b. Jan. 2a, 1846; la years Traveling Salesman, Louisville, Ky., Drug House; xo 
years Wholesale Drug business, Memphis and Louisville, Ky., Drug and Chemiral 
business, St Louis, 1899 ; m. Annk Finky Greene, Tuscaloosa, July xo, X883. 

Brown, John William, physician, Bailey, Tex. 

1863, Elsrton; s. Isaac Brown and Eliza Snow; b. May so, 1847; ^* D., Biiami 
Med. Col., Cincinnati, O.; Private, Co. H., 2nd Ala. Reserves, C. S. A.; m. Martina 
Ann Biggerstaff, March, 1884. 

Bryson, John Paul, physician, St. Louis, Mo. 

1863, Macon, Miss.; s. James Bryson, Macon, Miss., and Eliza Banks; b. 
April x6, 1846; M. D., Humboldt Med Col.; Prof. Med. Dept., Washington Univ., 
1889 — ; au (i) Mary Sterling Winter, of Bayou Sara, La., in St. Louis, (a) Jean 
Richmond, Woodstock, Vt. 

Burch, Augustus, planter, Robinsonville, Miss. 

1863, Mt Meigs; s. James Burch and Jeanette Mitchell; b. August as, 1847; 
m. Kate Watson Calhoun, Ouachita Parish, La., April 7, 1896. 

♦Burgess, Robert McCants, Mobile. 

X863, Newton Acad., Monroe Co.; s. James Burgess, Monroe Co., and Sallie 
McCants; b. Jan. 38, 1846; d. 1898. 

Bums, J. M., planter, Bumsville. 

1863, Bumsville, Dallas Co.; s. J. H. Burns; b. Dec 13, 1845. 

Burt, Henry McKenzie, planter, Talladega. 

i86x, Alpine; s. T. C. Burt, Talladega, and Elizabeth Baird; b. Sept. s, 1844; 
I St Lieut., C. S. A.; County Commissioner, 1884-96; m. Maria Mima Curry, Talladega 
Co., Dec IS, 1871. 

Bush, Thomas Green, merchant and manufacturer, Birmingham. 

1 86a, Brooksville, Miss.; s. Albert P. Bush, Mobile, and Sarah A. Williams; 
b. Aug. 19, 1847; Adjt., 6and Ala. Reg., C. S. A.; Rep., Gen. Assem., Ala., 1886-87; 
Pres., M. and B. R.R., several years; Member of Monetary Commission; Pres., 
Shelby Iron Co. and Ala. Consolidated Iron and Coal Co.; m. Alberta Williams, 
Montgomery, June 6, 187X. 

Butler, George J. 

1863, Columbus, Miss.; b. March a3, 1846. 

♦Cade, Peter Early Matthews, Selma. 

1863, Selma; s. Ervtn Easly Cade, Selma, and Martha Ann Vaughan; b. Nov. 
s8, 1848; d. Nov. X3, 1867. 

♦Gain, James W., , Tex. 

x86s, Northport; s. Rev. Robert Cain; b. Feb. S7, 1845; d. 189 — ^. 

♦Cannon, William Rashae, merchant, Columbus, Miss 

1863, Columbus, Miss.; s. William R. Cannon and Eliza Jane Cannon; K 
Jan. 17, X847; Student Univ. of Miss.; Sec. and Treas., City of Columbus, Miss., 
1 879-8 J ; Merchant and Trav. Salesman; d. Oct. 9, i88s. 

1864] Graduates in Schools and Non-Graduates 177 

*Carhart, J. D. 

1862, Macon, Ga.; s. James O. Carhart; b. Nov. i, 1846; d. 18 — . 

♦Carlisle, Edward Kenworthy, cotton business, Selma. 

1862, Marion; a. Edward K. Carlisle and Walthall; b. June 7, 1845; 

Cotton Commission business, Mobile, 1871, afterwards at Selma; Private in Gen. 
Wbeekr's Cav.; m. Florence Crenshaw, Mat ion, June, 1870; d. Oct. 19, 1886, at 

Carson, Shelby Chadwick, A. M., '97, physician, Greensboro. 

1863, Greensboro; s. Thomas Kelly Carson, Greensboro, and Adelaide Short- 
ridge; b. Jan. 26, 1846; M. D., Tulane, 1890; Private, C. S. A.; Senior Counsellor, 
Med. AssOi, Ala., 1898; Mem., Board of Education, Bessemer, 1891-96; m. Annie 
Burt Ridgeway, Greene Co., June 22, 1869. 

♦Carter, William Edward, Columbus, Ga. 

1863, Columbus, Ga.; s. John Davis Carter, Columbus, Ga., and Zoonomia Hoxey 
Carter; b. Dec. 16, 1845; Private, Artil. Co., C. S. A.; d. while on sick leave in 1864. 

Castens, Henry A. 

1862, Columbus, Ga.; s. J. W. Castens; b. March 17, 1845. 

*Cobb, Carmot Ashley, planter, Montgomery. 

1861, Montgomery; s. Dr. Cobb, Montgomery Co., and Eliza Ashley; b. July 
9, 1847; LL. B., Univ. of Tenn.; m. Lovis Anderson, Lebanon, Tenn.; d. x8 — . 

Cokman, Harvey, planter, Eutaw. 

1864, Eutaw; s. James Coleman and Julia Bestor; b. Aug. 26, 1846; Private, 
C. S. A.; m. (i) Emma Allen, Logan's BlufiF, 1868, (2) Fannie Travis Anderson, 
EuUw, x886. 

Coleman, Henderson Todd, Tuscaloosa. 

1863, Richmond, Dallas Co.; s. Allen Walton Coleman and Mary Todd; b. 
May, 1846; formerly Merchant, now retired. 

*Conner, Charles D., Bladen Springs. 

1862, Bladen Springs; s. Dr. Ephraim D. Conner and Caroline Bennett; b. 
Feb. 29, 1846; Private, 3rd Reg., Ala. Cav., 1861-62; d. at the University, 1864. 

Cotton, John B. 

1863, Macon, Miss.; b. Feb. 3, 1847. 

*Cowin, Thomas Edwin, hotel proprietor, Anniston. 

1863, Hollow Square, Greene Co.; s. Samuel Cowin and Martha A. Evans; 
b. Sept. 28, 1846; Private, C. S. A.; m. Cornelia Collins, Greene Co.; d. 189^. 

Cox, Taylor N., planter and lawyer, Enon. 

1863, Enon; s. William Cox; b. Jan. 15, 1848; Rep., Gen. Assem., Ala., 1872-74. 

Craddock, Edward Keeling, secretary, Tuscaloosa. 

1862, Columbus, Miss.; s. John Neal Craddock and Lucy Payne Edmundson; 
b. July 15, 1845; Asst. Post Master, Tuscaloosa, 1884-97; Sec. to President, ist Nat. 
Bank, Tuscaloosa; m. Fannie Carr Ferguson, Dunbar, Miss., Feb. 6, 1872. 


178 Record of Students [1864 

Crook, John Martin, physician, Columbus, Ga. 

1 86a, Alexandria; a. John Martin Crook, Jackaonville, and Margaret Miller; 
b. Aug. 4, 1847; M. D., Cot of P. and S., Baltimore, Md., 1885; Mayor, Jackson- 
ville, 1881-83; m. (i) Annie Whatley, Alexandria, 1876, (2) Louiae Rankin, Columbus, 
Ga., 1890. 

♦Crum, Augustus Willis, merchant and planter, AUenton. 

1863, AUenton; s. Abram Crum, Allenton, and Sarah Floyd Mobley; b. April 
x6, 1846; Private, Cav., C. S. A.; m. Annie Hawthorn, Pine Apple, Feb. 8, 1870; 
d. May 3^1 z88o. 

♦Crusoe, Charles W. 

1863, Columbus, Miss.; s. C. R. Crusoe; b. March 17, 1847; d^ 189 — ^. 

*Dabney, William Penn Taylor, R. R. agent. Meridian, Miss. 

1862, Mt. Vernon, Mobile Co.; s. John Milton Dabney, Va., and Elizabetii 
Moore; b. March 31, 1847; Private, C. S. A., Co. K, ist Miss.; Agent M. and O. R.R., 
26 years; m. Caroline Goodman, of Mobile, at Matherville, Miss.; d. Feb. xi, 1899. 

Dalton, Henry Clay, physician, St. Louis, Mo. 

1863, Aberdeen, Miss.; s. Robert Hunter Dalton, Tacoma, Wash., and Jane 
Martin Henderson; b. May 7, 1847; M. D., 1870, Mobile; Private in Gen. Forrest's 
Cav., C. S. A.; Member, Pension Board, St Louis, X893-97; Prof, of Surgery, 
Marion-Sims CoL of Med., St. Louis; m. Alice Cravens, Neosho, Mo., Feb. 17, 1875. 

♦Davis, John T., merchant, Montevallo. 

1863, Montfvallo; s. Edward Davis, Montevallo, and Elizabeth Amelia McMath; 
b. July 18, 1848; d. May 24, x874« 

♦Davis, William Albert, merchant, Montevallo. 

1862, Montevallo; s. Edward Davis, Montevallo, and Elizabeth Amelia McMath; 
b. Sept. 2, 1845; Lieut., C. S. A.; d. at Selma, Nov. 13, x866. 

Denson, William Henry, lawyer, Birmingham. 

1863, Hatchechubbie, Russell Co.; s. Auc^ustus R. Denson, Hatchechubbie, and 
Elizabeth Ivey; b. May 4, 1846; Private. Bellamy's Battery, Co. B, Waddell's Bat., 
C. S. A.; Mayor of Lafayette, 1874; Rep., Gen. Assem.. Ala., 1876-78; U. S. District 
Atty., Middle and Noith. Dist. of Ala., 1885-89; Member, 53rd U. S. Congress, 
Lower House, 1893-95; ™* Rosa Elizabeth Cowan, Union Springs, Dec. 21, 1868. 

De Yampert, John Lucius 

1863, Marion; s. T. J. DcYampcrt; b. May xo, 1846. 

♦Dobbs, Andrew J., , Miss. 

X863, Aberdeen, Miss.; s. N. H. Dobbs; b. Oct. 24, 1848; lived in Eutaw many 
years; d. about 1896. 

Dorroh, William Gayle, planter, Madison Sta., Miss. 

X863, Hollow Square, Greene Co.; s. James Dorroh, Hollow Square, and Linda 
Hyle; b. Oct. 2, 1844; m. Eliza Jane Robinson, Greensboro, Jan. 31, x866. 

Driskell, Peter G., , Tex. 

1862, Notasulga; s. Peter Driskell; b. Dec. 21, 1845. 

1864] Graduates in Schools and Non-Graduates 179 

Driskell, Thomas JeflEerson, merchant, Plantersville. 

1 86a, Plantersville; s. Thomas Stanford Driskell, Plantersville, and Emily Stan- 
ford McGee; b. Jan. 3, 1845; Private, C S. A., Co. F, 3rd Ala. Reg.; Merchant at 
Selma from 1865-86, at Plantersville since 1886; m. Katherine Eugene Watson, Selma, 
Dec 29, 1875. 

DuBose, Francis Davis, physician, Maplesville. 

1863, Maplesville; s. Homer DuBose, Maplesville, and Mary McGee; b. Sept 
3, 1845; m. Anna Goodwin. 

♦Dumas, Jeremiah Taylor, merchant. Mobile. 

1863, Clifton, Wilcox Co.; s. Joel Dumas, Arlington, and Mary Lucy Dumas; 
b. March 12, 1847; Cotton Factor; Pres., Mobile Cotton Mills; m. (i) Ella Devan, 
Arlington, Sept., 1869, (2) Leila Devan, Arlington, Feb., 1894; d. March 6, 1901. 

♦Dunlap, Felix L., merchant, Selma. 

1863, Gainesville; s. G. H. Dunlap, Eutaw, and Louisa Long; b. July 19, 1848; 
Private, C. S. A.; m. Sallur T. Watters, Selma; d. March 26, 189 — , at Eutaw. 

Eddins, John William Virgil, planter, Demopolis. 

1862, Demopolis; s. Oswell Eddins and Mary Stewart; b. Aug. 14, 1846; m. 
Mattie Lockard Scale, Gaston, Sumter Co., Jan. 5, 1890. 

Edwards, George Tilley, merchant, Lapine. 

1863, Pine Level; s. Benjamin Edwards and Susan A. Tilley; b. Nov. i, 1846; 
m. Florida Virginia Weldon, Pike Co., Dec 19, 1867. 

EUerbe, Christopher Pegues, lawyer, St. Louis, Mo. 

1863, Liberty Hill, Dallas Co.; s. Alexander William EUerbe, Liberty Hill, and 
Catherine Pegues; b. March i, 1846; 6. L., Univ. of Va., x868; Color Sgt. and Sgt.- 
Major, 8th Ala. Cav., C. S. A.; Teacher at Bridgeton, Mo., 1868-69; Att'y* Board Police 
Commissioners, St Louis, 1875-78; Rep., Gen. Assem., Mo., 1883-85; Supt. of In- 
surance, Dept. of Mo., 1889-93; Pres., Union Casualty and Surety Co., St. Louis, 
1893-99; m. (i) Virginia Wash, St. Louis, June 17, 1873, (2) Mary Broadus Francis, 
St. Louis Co., April 29, 1891. (Residence address, Ferguson, Mo.) 

Evans, Caleb Rembert, planter, Myrtlewood. 

1864, Linden; s. Josiah T. Evans, Myrtlewood, and Louisa Leonora Rembert; 
b. June 26, 1848; m. Sina Ellen Westbrook, Je£Ferson, Nov, 23, 1869. 

Farley, Algernon Sidney, blacksmith, Waxahachie, Tex. 

1862, Cross Keys, Macon Co.; s. J. C. Farley, Cross Keys, and Thermuthus 
Pinkston; b. March 20, 1845; Sgt.-Major, C. S. A., 1864; Cotton Buyer; m. Sonora 
Wise, Waxahachie, Texas, Oct. 18, 1897* 

*Ferris, William Fauntleroy, merchant, Macon, Miss. 

1863, Macon, Miss.; s. Eugene Ferris, Macon, Miss., and Lucy Ann Micou; b. 
Sept. 29, 1846; Private.Co. D, 20th Miss., C. S. A.; Book-seller and Stationer; m. 
Clara Lee Dismukes, Macon, Miss., April 28, 1870; d. Nov. 25, 1900. 

Findley, T. V. 

1862, Blue Mountain; s. John A, Findley; b. April 21, 1845. 

Finley, James T. 

1863, Montjfomery; b. Jan. 20, 1846. 

i8o Record of Students [1864 

""Fitts, James Oliver, merchant, Roseland 

1863, Uniontown; s. Samuel A. Fitta and Sarah Elizabeth Alston; b. Dec 17* 
1846; Student Waahington and Lee Univ., 2 yean; Courier of Gen. Loring, C. S. A., 
1864; Manager Calhoun Company, Sunny Side, Arlc, 1882-91; d. Feb. 2S> 1892, at 
Roaeland, Marengo Co. 

Fitzpatrick, Lewis Alexander, druggist, Helena, Ark» 

1863, Houston, Miss.; s. B. F. Fitzpatrick, Mobile, and Elizabeth Jane Moore; 
b. Nov. 22, 1847; Private, C. S. A., 1864-65; Treas., City of Helena, 1875-78; Di* 

rector, St Francis Levee Board, 1892 ; m. Alzena F. Jacks, Cairo, 111., Sept. 3, 


Floumoy, John Francis, R. R. president, Columbus, Ga, 

1863, Columbus, Ga.; s. John Manly Floumoy and Mary Gordon; b. March 14, 
1847; Private, Nelson's Ga. Rangers, C. S. A.; Pres. of Columbus, Ga., R.R. Co., 
Muscogee Real Estate Co., Columbus Investment Co.; m. <x) Rebecca Epping, 
Columbus, Ga., Nov. 6, 1869, (2) Mary Welch Reynolds, Alpine, Sept. 28, 188 z. 

Frazer, Nathan Hix, cotton buyer, Union Springs. 

1863, Rocky Head, Dale Co.; s. Thomas G. Frazer, Dale Co., and Martha Baas; 
b. Oct. 20, 1845; Private, C. S. A., 1864-65; Merchant, 1870-92; Tax Collector, 
Bullock Co., 1900-04; m. Mattie M. McCall, Union Springs, Nov. 22, 1871. 

Garrard, Louis Ford, lawyer, Columbus, Ga- 

1863, Columbus, Ga.; s. William W. Garrard, Columbus, Ga., and Frances 
Isabel Urquhart; b. Nov. 25, 1S47; Private, C. S. A., 1864-65; Rep., Gen. Assem., 
Ga., 1878-83; Speaker of the House, 1882-83; m. Annie Foster Leonard, Columbus, 
Ga., May 20, x868. 

♦Garrett, C. A., physician, , Tex. 

1863, Dayton; s. Charles Garrett; b. April 15, 1848; M. D., College unknown; 
Physician and practiced at Old Spring Hill, Marengo Co., moved to Texas, and died 
soon afterwards. 

Gilmer, Morgan Smith, planter, Montgomery. 

1864, Montgomery; s. George W. Gilmer, Morganvilki and Caroline F. Smith; 
b. Nov. 30, 1847; Private, Pillow's Escort, C. S. A.; Clerk, Court, Montgomery Co., 
1898-1904; m. (i) Martha Haiden Barton, Milan, Tenn., Nov. 30, 1874, (2) Helen 
Barton, Snowdoun, Sept. xo, 1883. 

Gilmer, William Barnett, real estate, Florala. 

1863, Mt. Meigs; s. John Thornton Gilmer and Mary Jane Barnett; b. June x, 
1846; wounded in battle at Chehaw, June 20, 1864; Teacher, 4 years; Tax Assessor, 
Lowndes Co., 1880-86; m. Rosa Leonora Carr, Ft. Deposit, Dec. 18, 1881. 

*Gladney, Henry Thomas, planter, Egypt, Miss. 

1863, Egypt, Miss.; s. James Beckett Gladney and Sarah Ann Gardner; b. 
Aug. I, 1847; Private in Forrest's Cav., C. S. A.; d. May 25, 1875. 

♦Goodwin, Walter Young, book-keeper, Selma. 

X862, Selma; s. A. M. Goodwin, Selma, and Rebecca S. Goodwin; b. April 16, 
184s; d. Feb. 23, 1882. 

Gordon, A. Zachery Pope, planter, Prattville. 

1862, Prattville; s. James Madison Gordon and Amanda Pope; b. Oct 7, 1844; 
m. Miss Montgomery. 

1864] Graduates in Schools and Non-Graduates 181 

Greenwood, John Cloud, builder and contractor, Montgomery. 

1862, LaPlace; s. Robert James Greenwood, Augtuta, Ga., and Unity Ella 
Qond; b. Oct. g, 1845; Lieut, Co. C, 8th Ala. Cav., C. S. A.; m. Mary James Col- 
yard, LaPlace, Dec 6, x866. 

*Haden, Henry A., Selma. 

2863, Selma; s. A. L. Haden; b. June 30, 1846; d. 186 — ^. 

Hale, C. H. 

1863, Columbus, Miss.; s. H. Hale; b. July a6, 1847. 

♦Hall, John William, merchant, Dowty, 

X863, Stockton; s. Gerald B. Hall, Baldwin Co., and Susan 6. Howell; i>. 
March 15, 2847; Private, C. S. A.; d. at Tuscaloosa. 

Hall, Joseph Parmer, 

1863, Carpenter's Sta., Baldwin Co.; s. James Hall; b. Oct. 3, 1845. 

Hamilton, William Thomas, physician, Alexander City. 

1863, Mobile; s. Peter Hamilton, Mobile, and Anna Martha Beers; b. Aug. 6, 
1848, M. D., Mobile, 1880; Mayor of Ironaton, 1897-98; Asst. Surgeon, U. S. VoL, 
Spanish War, 1898-99; m. (i) Anne W. Bignon, Augusta, Ga., 1877, (2) Ida Richards, 

Harris, L. 

1863, Omega, La.; s. W. H. Harris; b. May 12, 1844. 

♦Harris, P. M. C. 

1862, Livingston; b. Feb. so, 1846; d. 18 — ^. 

Hartley, J. K. 

1863, Mobile; s. A. Hartley; b. Feb. 6, 1846. 

Harvey, James T. 

1863, Columlna, Miss.; s. James F. Harvey; b. March S2, 1847. 

♦Hawkins, Richard Nathaniel, physician, Eljrton. 

1863, Elyton; s. Nathaniel Hawkins, Elyton, and Hannah Maria Welton; b. 
Jan. 24, 1846; M. D., Miami Med. Col., Cincinnati, Ohio; Member, Gen. Roddjr's 
Escort, C. S. A., 1865; Rep., Gen. Assem., Ala., from Shelby Co., 1882-84; m. 
Hattie Marguret Killough, Montevallo, Dec. i, 1869. 

♦Hawthorne, James Edward, AUenton. 

1863, Pine Apple; s. T. J. Hawthorne, Allenton, and K. £. King; b. Jan. 16, 
1846; Private, Co. F, 53rd Reg. Ala. Cav.; Medical Student, 2 years, at Paris, 
France; d. Oct. 29, x868. 

Hayden, James Foumier, planter, Demopolis. 

1 86a, Demopolis; s. G. B. Hayden, Demopolis, and Louisa ; b. Dec 

SI, 1846; ist Lieut., Division Signal Corps, C S. A.; Teacher, i8<56-67; Merchant, 
1889-93; m. Cora Bolton, Demopolis. 

♦Hogan, W. H., Montgomery. 

x86a, Montgomery; s. G. L. Hogan; b. May aa, 1848; m. Miss Hill; d. xl 

1 83 Record of Students [1864 
♦Holmes, George McNeil, 

1862, New Orleans, La.; b. May 20, 2845; Private, C. S. A.; Clerk on Steam- 
boat; d. ol yellow fever in 187 — ^t 

Houston, G. W. 

1863, Randolph; a. S. F. Houston ; b. Nov. 14, 1846. 

♦Howard, M. 

1863, I^wndeaboro; a. B. F. Howard; b. June 23, 1846; d. 188 — ^. 

♦Howard, William Bascom, Tuskegee. 

1862, Tuskegee; s. B. F. Howard, Tuskegee, and Caroline Crawford; b. July 
2, 1845; Private, i2tli Ala. Reg., Army of Va., C. S. A.; killed April 6, 1865, at 
Farmville, Va. 

*Hull, E. S., New York. 

1863, Athens, Ga.; s. Henry Hull; b. June 14, 1846; m. Ella Eddins, Tusca- 
loosa; d. X901. 

Hunter, Joha S., commercial traveller, 

1863, Cahaba; s. R. D. Hunter; b. Sept. x6, 2848. 

Ingram, B. M. 

2863, Wetiunpka; s. J. N. Ingram; b. Sept. 25, 2845. 

Ivey, Thomas F. 

2863, Selma; b. Ja2i. 25, 2846. 

James, Belton O'Neal, steamboat business, 

2863, Pleasant Hill; s. B. S. James; b. Feb. 29, 2848. 

Jemison, Henry Samuel, planter, Lamison. 

2862, Houston, Miss.; s. Robert Thomas Jemison, Sparta, Miss., and Martha C. 
Pitts; b. July 19, 2844; 3'^ Sgt., Co. F, 8th Ala. Cav., C. S. A.; m. (2) Frances L. 
Fla2iagan, Wilcox Co., June 28, 2872, (2) Sallie A. Finney, Mare2igo Co., Nov. 8, 2900. 

Jones, William Clarence, lawyfcr, Camden. 

2863, Allenton; s. J. Clarke Jones, Oak Hill, and Julia McRejmolds; b. Nov. 
9, 2845; A. M., Chappell Hill, N. C., 1869, LL. B., Columbia, Tenn., 2872; 211. (2) 
Taylor Hines, 2877, (2) Mrs. Annie B. Jones, 2887. 

♦Judkins, William Thomas, Cross Keys. 

2862, Cross Keys, Macon Co.; s. John Christopher Judkins and Eliza Ji 
Young; b. Nov. 27, 1845; Member of Capt. Storr's Cadet Co., C S. A.; killed at 
Greensport in skirmish with Reausseau's Raid, July 18, 2864. 

Kelly, L. J. 

2863, Penton, Chambers Co.; s. J. G. Kelly; b. Dec 26, 2845. 

Kendall, Georg^e Wilkins, Jr., manufacturer, Binghamton, N. Y. 

2863, Gainesville; s. T. R. Kendall, Binghamton, N. Y., and Mary A. Hutcbina; 
b. Dec 6, 2845; 2St Lieut, Co. K, 8th Ala., C. S. A.; practiced Law at Keokuk, Iowa, 
for many years; m. Kate Lowe, Keokuk, Iow%, Ja2L 20, 2869. 

1864] Graduates in Schools and Non-Graduates 183 

Kennedy, John Robie, planter^ Tuscaloosa. 

1863, Tuscaloosa; s. John Spinks Kennedy and Mary Emiline Kennedy; b. 
June 9, 1848; LL. B., Cumberland, Tenn., 1870; m. Joanna McLester, June 27, 1872. 

Kennedy, Logan Paschal, foundryman, Louisville, Ky. 

186:1, Tuscaloosa; s. CapL John Spinks Kennedy and Mary Emiline Kennedy; 
b. Nov. 22, 1846; I St Lieut., loth Ala. Cav., C. S. A.; m. Hannah J. Lithgow, 
Louisville, Ky., March 21, 1871. 

King, Augustus A., planter, Selma. 

1863, OrrviUe; b. Sept. 17, 1846. 

Knowles, Henry Hyler, insurance. New York. 

1863, Columbus, Ga.; s. Peter Knowles, Pensacola, Fla., and Josephine Hyler; 
b. July 30, 1847; Private, C S. A.; Southern Manager, N. Y. Equitable Assurance 
Society; m. (i) Gertrude Lalla Rookh Plons, Chicago, 111., May 39, 1879, (a) Ella 
Watrous Kelsey, Pensacola, l<la., March as, X90X. 

Lane, Leonidas Mansfield, lawyer, Greenville. 

1863, Clayton; s. Alexander Lane, Eufaula, and Mary Eleanor Phillips; b. 
Oct. 29, 1846; attended Univ. of Ga., and Univ. of Ky.; Probate Judge, Butler Co., 
1886-92; Mayor of Greenville; m. Katie N. Greene, Clayton, 1874. 

♦Lanier, Emmett Sykes, physician and druggist, Columbus, Miss. 

1863, Columbus, Miss.; s. Dr. Robert E. Lanier and Angeline Miller; b. March 
24, 1844; M. D., Univ. of La.; ist Sgt., C. S. A.; m. Sue Tumerdale, Dec, 1874, 
Aberdeen, Miss.; d. May 5, 1896. 

♦Lapsley, John Whitfield, Selma, 

1862, Selma; s. James M. Lapsley; b. April 21, 1844; d. in Confed. Service 
in 1864-65. 

Larkin, William B., planter, Coatopa. 

1862, Brewersville, Sumter Co.; s. A. Larkin; b. Aug. 21, 1845. 

Lee, Alto Velo, A. M., '85, lawyer, Clayton. 

1862, Clayton; s. Lovard Lee and Susan Loveless; b. Dec. 28, 1843; Lieut., 
C. S. A., 1862, Capt., 1864; Solic, Barbour Co., 1868-76; Solic, 3rd Jud. Circuit, 
1876-92; Trustee, U. of Ala., 1890-94; m. Lillie Lawrence, Tuscaloosa, Dec. 19, 1865. 

Lee, John Monterey, planter, Greenville, Miss. 

1863, Greenville, Miss.; s. W. H. Lee and Eleanor Percy Marr; b. Oct la, 
1846; Private, C. S. A.; U. S. Deputy Marshal for 10 years; Planter for 20 years, 

1865-85; City Clerk, 1889 ; m. (i) Adalise Preston Farrar, (2) Annie Haywood 


Lee, William Re)molds, planter, Carlowville. 

1863, Carlowville; s. Theodore Bachman Lee and Julia Emma Reynolds; b. 
June 16, 1846; Member, Board of Revenue, Dallas Co., 1890-98; m. (i) Martha 
Eleanor Lee, June, 1869, (2) Mary Louise Calhoun, April, 1898. 

♦Linam, R. B., Camden. 

1863, Camden; s. E. Linam; b. Jan. 17, 1847; d. early part of 2864. 

1 84 Record of Students [1864 
Lynch, G. R., minister, M. E. Church, S. 

1864, Central Institute, Coosa Co.; s. Thomas Lynch; b. March 17, 1846. 

*Mabry, Albert G., Jr., lawyer, Selma. 

1863, Sclma; s. N. G. Mabry; b. July 10, 1846; d. 189 — 

Marshall, John Howard, planter, Columbus, Miss. 

1S62, Mobile; s. B. F. Marshall, Mobile, and Caroline Howard, of Columbus, 
Ga.; b. Oct. 13, 1846; Courier, C. S. A., for Gen. Stephen D. Lee; Law Student, 
Univ. of Va.; Commission Merchant, Mobile; m. Addie Malone Sykes, Columbus, 
Miss., June 9, i88x. 

Mason, C. W. 

1864, Columbus, Miss.; s. E. B. Mason; b. July 19, 1848. 

McConnico, A. R., clerk, Hammac 

1863, Allenton; s. Charles T. McConnico, Pineville, and Mary Robinson; b. 
Aug. 13, 1846; Private, Co. K., 53rd Ala., C. S. A.; m. Bettie Stallworth, Allenton, 

McCreary, Robert James, Evergreen. 

1863, Belleville; s. J. H. McCreary; b. April 24, 1846; Private, C. S. A.; 
SheriflT, Conecuh Co., 1877-80, 1888-92; Tax Collector, 1892-96; m. (i) Bettie Stanley, 
August, 1869, (2) Mary H. Stanley, Dec. 22, 1872. 

McDaniel, R. P., Braidentown, Fla. 

1864, Moulton; s. T. J. McDaniel; b. Nov. 14, 1847; Private, C. S. A.; U. S. 
Consul, Behaia, Brazil. 

McMath, Joseph Warren, clerk, North Birmingham. 

1863, Tuscaloosa; s. J. H. McMath, Tuscaloosa, and Livenia Tannehill; b. 
July 16, 1847; Private, Co. F, loth Ala., C. S. A. 

McQueen, Robert, physician, 

1864, Greenville; s. John C. McQueen; b. May 8, 1847. 

Means, Charles Moore Barry, merchant, Nashville, Tenn. 

1862, Clinton; s. William Means, Clinton, and Mary A. Barry; b. Dec. 4, 
1844; m. Louise Moseley, Bell Buckle, Tcnn., Dec., 1870. 

♦Means, James Henry, Clinton. 

1863, Clinton; s. William Means, Clinton, and Mary A. Barry; b. March 18, 
1847; d. Dec. 7, 1863. 

Milhous, Phillip Walter, planter, Orrville. 

1863, Cahaba; s. Phillip Milhous and Eliza Goodwin; b. May i, 1848; m. 
Addria Perine, Cahaba. 

Miller, John Haywood, merchant, Ballinger, Tex. 

1861, Tuscaloosa; s. John Miller and Melvina Carter; b. Jan. 30, 1843; Lieut., 
C. S. A.; m. Louisa Bean. Bell Co.. Tex., 1868. 

♦Mobley, John W., Allenton. 

1864, Allenton; s. Elbert J. Mobley and Julia ; b. Sept. 21, 1846; 

Private, Cav., C. S. A.; supposed to have been killed in C. S. A. 

1864] Graduates in Schools and Non-Graduates 185 

♦Morgan, Judson Aaron, planter, Paris, Tex. 

2863, Columbus, Miss.; s. John M. Morgan, Columbus, Miss., and Louisa 
Caroline Prowell; b. Dec. 24, 1847; Private, C. S. A.; d. Dec 23, 1865. 

*Nelson, John, planter, Greensboro. 

2861, Greensboro; s. Gideon E. Nelson, Greensboro, and Georgiana Lamar 
Curry; b. Dec. 20, 2845; m. Rebecca Jones, Greensboro, May 2, 2872; killed in R.R. 
accident at Henriette, Tex., Nov. 9, 2890. 

*Norris, Calvin, railroading. Mobile. 

2863, Selma; s. Calvin Norris, Mobile, and Emily Croom; b. March 25, 2847; 
m. Florence Higley, Mobile; d. New Orleans, 2888, yellow fever. 

Norris, Franklin, book-keeper, Birmingham. 

1863, Selma; s. William J. Norris, Selnoa, and Louisiana Rebecca Rutherford; 
b. March 8, 1847; Private, Co. B, 63rd Ala. Reg., C. S. A.; m. Mary H. Rush. 

Norton, J. A. 

2864, Montgomery; s. S. £. Norton; b. Oct. 29, 2846. 

♦Nott, Josiah Clark, Jr., stock broker. New York. 

2863, Mobile; s. Dr. Josiah C. Nott, New York, and Sarah Deas; b. Oct. 26, 
2845; d. at San Antonio, Tex., May 22, 2890. 

Oliver, Christopher Charlton, physician, Calera. 

2862, Auburn; s. Rev. C. D. Oliver, Calera, and Laura Amanda Reid; b. 
May 23, 2845; M. D., Atlanta Med. Col., 2868; 2nd Lieut., 63rd Ala. Reg., C. S. A.; 
Back Tax Commissioner, Shelby Co., 2898-2902; m. Jessie Allen, Wetumpka, May, 2868. 

Owen, Edward Hopson, lawyer, Los Angeles, Cal. 

2862-62; 2863, Ttiscaloosa; s. Hopson Owen, Tuscaloosa, and Agnes Paine 
WiUiams; b. Dec. 9, 2846; 2St Sgt., 6and Ala. Reg., C. S. A.; Planter, Marengo 
Co., 2865-67; Mine Operator in Nevada, Idaho and Utah, 2867-70; Deputy Cotmty 

Clerk, Los Angeles, 2872-85; Clerk, U. S. Court, and U. S. Commissioner, 2887 ; 

m. Cecelia Ann Williams, I^s Angeles. 

*Patton, Robert Weakley, Florence. 

2863, Florence; s. Robert Miller Patton, Florence, and Jane L. Brahan; b. 
March 28, 2844; Orderly Sgt in Body Guard of Brig.-Gen. Pillow, C. S. A.; killed 
in skirmish at Selma, April 3, 2865. 

Peagler, Giddeon James, planter, Greenville. 

2863, Manningham; s. George F. Peagler, Manningham, and Abailla Thigpen; 
b. Oct. 23, 2846; Private, C. S. A.; Lumber Manufacturer. 

♦Pearson, Walter Raleigh, teacher, Young^ille. 

2863, Youngville, Tallapoosa Co.; s. Thomas Gilmore Pearson and Susan Hol- 
loway Martin; b. Dec. 25, 2845; d- April 5, 2868. 

♦Peeples, Thomas James, merchant and planter, Massillon. 

2863, Plantersville; s. Robert Reid Peeples, Selma, and Mary Ann Pfceples; 
b. May 28, 2846; m. Margarette Geiger, Plantersville, Dec 2872; d. Spring of 2884. 

1 86 Record of Students [i8^ 

Peim, T, L. 

1863, Loachapoka; b. Dec. 9, 1845. 

Perry, L. M. 

1863, Columbus, Ga.; s. Madiaon Perry; b. Sept 1, 1846. 

♦Pinkston, John Henry, planter, Mt. Meigs. 

1863, Mt. Meiga; a. Franklin Conner Pinkston and Aurelia Antoinette Graves; 
b. Nov. io» 1845; Private, C. S. A., Semple's Battery; m. Sallie Irby Burch, Mt. 
Meigs, Oct. 22 f 1S72; d. June 22, 2899. 

*Pippen, Samuel Cockrell, planter, Helena, Ark. 

1864, Clinton; s. Eldred Pippen, Clinton, and Mrs. Hixey Dunn, Cnte High); 
Private, C. S. A.; Proprietor Livery Stable; m. Cora Moore, Helena, Ark., May 16, 
1867; d. March 9, 1889, at Hot Springs. 

Pitts, Philip Henry, lawyer, Selma. 

1863, Uniontown; s. Philip Henry Pitts and Margaret Davidson; b. Jan. 27, 
1849; A. B., Davidson CoL, N. C, 1871; Private, 9th Ala. Cav., C. S. A.; Solic.» 
4th Jud. Circuit, 1880*93; Rep., Gen. Assem., Ala., 1896-97; Adm. to Bar, 1874; Mem.. 
Constitu. Con., 1901; Probate Judge, Dallas Co., 190X — ; m. (i) Amanda H. McLean, 
Lincoln Co., N. C, Sept., 1872, (2) Marie Louise Byrd, Selma, Oct., 1890. 

Pope, L. 

1 86a, Mobile; s. A. L. Pope; b. July 15, 1845. 

Portis, Ira David, lawyer, Suggsville. 

1863, Suggsville, Clarke Co.; s. Col. John W. Portis and Rebecca Griffin 
Rivers; b. Oct. 24, 1845; Private, C. S. A., 1 864-65; m. Onie Mae Poole, Poplarville, 
Miss., Jan. s, 1885. 

Portis, Ira Rivers, soldier, U. S. Army. 

1863, Suggsville, Clarke Co.; s. Col. John W. Portis and Rebecca Griffin 
Rivers; b. May 24, 1847; M. D., Tulane; Physician and Planter, Smith Co., Tex., 
until 1899; Private, C. S. A., 1864-65; Private, U. S. A., Philippine War, 1899 * 

♦Portis, Richard Rivers, lawyer and merchant, Suggsville. 

1863, Suggsville; s. John W. Portis and Rebecca Griffin Rivers; b. Oct. 34, 
X845; Private, C. S. A., 1864- 65; m. (i) Maimie Deas, 1870, (2) Mary Barnes, 1873; 
d. May 4, 1885. 

♦Powell, Charles Edward, Pine Apple. 

1862, Pine Apple; s. Aug^ustus.H. Powell, Lee Summit, Mo., and Emma Mob- 
ley; b. August 31, 1845; Private, Cav., C. S. A.; Commission Merchant, Mobile, 
1866-68: R.R. Employee, 1868-71; m. Laura Hawthorn, Pine Apple, Jan. xa, 1866; 
d. July 6, 1871. 

Pruett, James Williamson, lawyer, Midway. 

1863, Midway; s. James M. Pruett, Midway, and Louisa S. Feagin; b. Jan. 8, 
1848; LL. B., Lebanon Law School; 3rd Lieut., C S. A.; Judge County Court, 
Rockdale Co., Ga., 1887-89; m. Anna Pleassnts PoweU, Hurtsboro, 1873. 

Pruett, Samuel Thomas, planter, Midway. 

1863, Midway; s. James M. Pruett, Midway, and Louisa Savena Feagin; h. 
May 8, 1846; Lieut., C. S. A.; m. Sarah Florence, 187s, Midway. 

1864] Graduates in Schools and Non-Graduates 187 
Ramsey, Albert G. 

1863, Columbus, Miss.; s. John C. Ramsey; b. March 31, 1846. 

*Randle, C. R 

X863, Bumsville; s. H. W. Randle; b. Nor. ix, 1844. 

Ratcliffe, Hamilton A., clerk, Camden. 

x86j, Qifton; s. Leon RatcliflFe, Clifton, and Presilla Wright; b. March 37, 
1845; Clerk in Probate Court; m. Sallie Pritcbett, Camden. 

*Reid, Boiling, 

1862, Tuskegee; s. John C. H. Reid; b. Not. 25, 1845; d. x8 — ^. 

Reynolds, L. B. 

1863, Kingston, Ga.; b. Dec so, 184$. 

♦Roberts, Israel W., clerk, Montgomery. 

1864, Montgomery; s. Israel W. Roberts and Hester Willen; b. Dec. 24, 1846; 
Private, C. S. A.; d. August, 189s. 

Robinson, Benjamin McC, , Ark. 

1861, Tuscaloosa; s. W. B. Robinson; b. Nov. x6, 1845. 

Roddey, George, real estate, Eau Gallie, Fla. 

1863, Moulton; s. Gen. P. D. Roddey, London, Eng., and Margaret A. 
McGaughey; b. Oct. 7, 1846; Private, Co. H, 4th Ala. Cav., C S. A. 

Roebuck, G. W. 

1863, Elyton; s. A. H. Roebuck; b. July x6, 2846. 

♦Rogers, Benjamin D., planter and merchant, Luther's Store. 

1864, Linden; s. Frank A. Rogers, Linden, and Elisa Ann Dismukes; b. Jan. 5, 
1848; Private, C. S. A.; m. Vermelle Carter, Myrtlewood, Nov. 25, 1869; d. March 
Ji, 1873. 

♦Roquemore, John D., A. M., '85, lawyer, Montgomery. 

1862, Eufaula; s. Zlacheriah Roquemore and Julia A. McGibony; b. Aug. 27, 
1846; Private, C. S. A.; Commissioner to Codify the Statutes of Ala., 1876; State 
Senator, 1878-82; Pres. of the Senate, 1 881 -8s; m. (i) Mary Linguard Hunter, 
Eufaula, 1867, (s) Henrietta L. Brown, Boston, Mass., 1887; d. March xs, 1900. 

Ross, Isaac, planter and cattle raiser, Opelika. 

x86s, Tallassee; s. Isaac Ross and Narcissa Whitfield Sledge; b. April 25, 
1847; Private, Co. E, Clanton's Escort, C. S. A.; Brigade Drill Master, 1865; Asst. 
Director, A. and M. Col., Exper. Station, i888-9x; m. (ij Clara Adelaide McCurdy, 
Oak Bowery, Nov. 8, 1870, (s) Belle May Alkn, Montgomery, Jan. 9, 1894. 

♦Sanders, Thomas Franklin, Gainesville. 

X864, Gainesville; s. John Sanders, Romulus, and Matilda Morgan; b. Aug. 6, 
1846; d. at Hospital, Mobile, in 1864. 

Scales, J. H. 

1863, Lafayette; s. Janes Scaks; b. Oct 24, 1845. 

1 88 Record of Students [1864 
Schroeder, W. F. 

1863, Mobile; s. Henry A. Schroeder; b. May lo, 1848. 

♦Scott, David M. C, planter, Massillon. 

x86j» Marion; 8. John Scott; b. Aug. a, 1844; d. 1870. 

Scott, W. W. 

1864, Eufaula; b. Nor. 2$, 1847. 

Shaw, John Crosby, physician. Stranger, Tex. 

1863, Newton Academy; a. J. L. Shaw, Conecuh Co., and Permelia Crosby; h. 
Nov. 22, 1846; M. D., Mobile, 1871; Private, Co. F, 8th Ala., C S. A.; m. Nannie 
Buck Sypert, Marlin, Tex., Feb. 29, 1880. 

*Shaw, John W. 

1862, Notasulga; s. W. A. Shaw; b. Dec. 3, 1845. 

Shawver, J. M. 

1863, University. 

Shields, John M., planter, Selma. 

X863, Orrville; s. William Bryan Shields; b. Oct s8, 1847. 

♦Shockley, Bascomb T., merchant, Milton, Fla. 

i86a, Montgomery; 8. W. M. Shockley; b. Oct 17, 1844; Capt, C S. A.; 
Timber Merchant; d. 1876. 

Silver, William H., , Mo. 

1864, Tensaw; 8. James Silver; b. May 18, 1847. 

♦Sims, James Henry, physician, Harwood, Tex. 

1863, Talladega; s. Henry Sims, Ren f roe, and Martha Louisa Hayes; b. July 
S4, 1846; M. D., Univ., Nashville, x868; Adjt, Hardee's Bat, C. S. A.; d. June S4, 

Skinner, William Alexander, merchant and planter, Old Spring 

1 86 1, Macon Station; s. George Skinner and Elizabeth R. Jones; b. Sept S3, 
1846; snd Lieut., Co. K, 62nd Ala., C. S. A.; m. Amelia Boykin McCaa, Demopolis, 
Oct. 30, 1872. 

Smith, Andrew Johnston, salesman, Midway. 

1862, Midway, Bullock Co.; s. W. M. Smith, Brewton, and Martha Eveline 
Joyner; b. Sept. 29, 1844; Lieut, Co. I, 63rd Ala. Reg., C S. A.; Merchant, i86s-7s; 
Trav. Salesman so 3rears; Chief Clerk, U. S. Land Office, 1891-95; Real Estate and 
Insurance business; m. Hettie West, Milledgeville, Ga., Oct 6, x868. 

*Smith, Benjamin Franklin, Canton Bend. 

1863, Canton Bend; s. Daniel Smith, Canton Bend, and Amelia J. Irvin; b. 
April 22t 1847; d. at U. of Ala., Spring of 1864. 

Smyley, James William, Baptist minister, Pleasant Hill. 

x86s, Pleasant Hill; s. J. R. Smyley, Sr., Jacksonville, and Mary Jane Poster; 

1864] Graduates in Schools and Non-Graduates 189 

k Nov. 3, 2844; Courier to Gen. J. E. Johnston, Army of Tenn., C. S. A.; Teacher 
in Calhoun Co., 1879-95; >n< Sarah Sophronia Cobb, June a6, 2873. 

Stallworth, Nicholas, lawyer, Evergreen. 

1863, Evergreen; s. James Adams Stallworth and Harriett Emeline Crosby; 
b. Nov. 16, 1845; Rep., Gen. Assem., Ala., 2872-75; Solic., 22th Jud. Circuit, 2876-80; 
State Senator, 2888-92; Solic, 2nd Jud. Circuit, 2892-98; m. Sarah Eugenia Hines, 
Evergreen, Oct. 24, 2864. 

Stallworth, Robert L., planter^ Beatrice. 

2863, Evergreen; s. Joseph Jackson Stallworth and Ophelia Crosby; b. Sept. 
^5* 2845; in* Susan Ophelia Stallworth, Pineville, Nov. 24, 2869. 

*Sterrett, Robert Henry, lawyer, Birmingham. 

2862, Shelby Co.; s. Judge A. A. Sterrett; b. April 23, 2846; LL. B., Cumber- 
land Univ.; Student, Univ., N. C, 2865-66; Student, Univ. of Va.; 28t Lieut, Ca 
D, 62nd Ala. Reg., C. S. A.; State Senator, 2885-86; m. C. B. Cleveland, Sehna, 
2878; d. Aug., 2890. 

Stoddard, J. T. 

2864, Marion; s. W. J. Stoddard; b. May 22, 2847. 

*Strong, B. P. 

2864, Aberdeen, Miss.; s. E. Strong; b. Aug. 32, 2848; d. 28 — 

♦Strong, Thomas H. 

2863, Aberdeen, Miss.; s. General E. Strong; b. Ja2i. 5, 2846; d. 28 — . 

Tait, James, 

2863, Mobile; s. James Tait; b. June 7, 2847. 

♦Tankersley, John Francis, Livingston. 

2863, Livingston; s. George G. Tankersley, Livingston, and Sarah F. Jones; 
b. Nov. 26, 2846; Private, C. S. A.; d. in Mil. Service near Roi2ie, Ga., in 2864 or '65. 

Thames, Joel Flanigan, cotton buyer, Greenville. 

2863, Greenville; s. Joseph G. Thames and Bethany Swinney; b. June 30, 
2847; Private, Co. A, Pelham Cadets; Merchant, 2870-72; Mayor, Greenville, 
2876-78; m. Susie Florence Dunklin, Greenville, 1869. 

Thompson, S. A. 

2862, spring Hill; b. June 24, 2845. 

♦Thompson, Solomon Pembrooke, planter, Union Springs. 

2862, Union Springs; s. Moses Thompson and Matilda Roy; b. Sept. 2, 2844; 
Private in Forrest's Cav., C. S. A.; d. Dec. 22, 2883. 

♦Thornton, Hafry Innes, planter, McAIpine. 

2862, Forkland; s. James Jones Thornton and Anne A2nelia Smith; b. May 
28, 2848; Private, 7th Ala. Cav., C. S. A.; m. Sallie Amelia Blocker, Forkland, June 
10, 2869; d. May 30, 1900. 

190 Record of Students [1864 

Trimble, Edward Moses, merchant, Montgomery. 

x86a, Wetumpka; 8. Benjamin Trimble, Montgomery, and Frances Tenette 
Simms, Tuscaloosa; b. Aug. x8, 2847; Private, C. S. A.; m. Annie Burwell Grigg, 
Montgomery, 1869. 

Trimble, William Ross, operator, Tallassee. 

1862, Wetumpka; s. James Trimble, Wetumpka, and Qara A. Bigelow; b. 
Nov. 10, 1845; Private, C S. A.; Book-keeper and Telegraph Operator; m. Addie 
Tommie Robertson, May 16, z886. 

Vaughan, Algernon Sydney, planter, Demopolis. 

1863, Demopolis; s. Algernon Sydney Vaughan and Lucy Ann Jones; b. March 
19, 1843. 

♦Vaughan, Henry White, planter, Summerfield. 

1863, Summerfield; s. Dr. Samuel Watkins Vaughan, Summer&eld, and Martha 
Williams Turner; b. 1848; Private, 8th Ala. Cav., C. S. A.; d. Dec 6, 1886. 

Wade, E. W. 

1863, Lexington, Miss.; b. Aug. 3, 1847. 

♦Walker, John James, planter, Berlin. 

1863, Benton; s. James B. Walker, Spaptone, and Mary Jones; b. Sept. 9, 
1846; Private, Bragg's Escort, Army Tenn., C. S. A.; m. Lillie Ruth Walker, Newton, 
Miss., Feb. 25, 1879; d. Jxuie 29, 1883. 

♦Walthall, John, lawyer, San Antonio, Tex. 

1863, Marion; s. Leonidas Nye Walthall and Martha Elizabeth Brumskill; b. 
June 14, 1846; LL. B., 1868, Lebanon, Tenn.; Sta£F Ofiicer of Gen. Humes, Gen. 
Wheeler's Division, C. S. A.; m. Fanny Elizabeth Pegues, Dallas Co., Oct. z8, 1871; 
d. Sept. II, 188 1. 

Walthall, Thomas Jones, San Antonio, Tex. 

1863, Marion; s. Leonidas Nye Walthall and Martha Elizabeth Brumskill; b. 
July 31, 1846; Commissary Dept., C. S. A.; Planter until he moved to San Antonio; 
m. Alice Lee Dubose, Greensboro, Dec 10, x88a. 

Ward, Benjamin, 

i86s, Forkland; s. Edward Ward; b. Dec. 25, 1844. 

♦Watkins, John P., planter. Burnt Com. 

1862, Burnt Com, Monroe Co.; s. Dr. John Watkins and Mary Hunter, (nee 
Howard); b. March 15, 1846; Private, C. o. A.; m. Susan Moore Cunningham, 
Camden, Dec. 15, 1874; d. July xi, 1897. 

♦Weaver, R. B., , Tex. 

1863, Eutaw; s. R. Weaver; b. Aug. 4, 1848; d. 188 — ^. 

Webb, Lucius deYampert, physician and planter, Greensboro. 

1863, Greensboro; s. John Henry Young Webb and Julia de Yampert; b. June 
18, 1846; M. D., Univ. of N. Y.; m. Sarah Christian Brown, Newbem, Feb. si, 1883. 

♦Webb, William Thomas, physician, Calvert. 

1862, Greensboro; s. Dr. William Thomas Webb, Calvert, and Frances Moore 
Dickins; b. Oct. 24, 1843; M. D., Tulane; Private, C. S. A.; m. Elizabeth M. Ham* 
ilton, Prairie Lea, Tex., 1872; d. Aug. 5, 1878. 

i865] Graduates with Titled Degrees 191 

Webster, Felix Peter, cotton buyer, Dallas, Tex. 

1863, Pleasant Hill; s. Thomas J. Webster and Sarah Calloway; b. March ag, 
1846; Private, Bragg's Escort, C. S. A.; m. (i) Ada Virginia Butler, Pleasant Hill, 
Noy., 1869, (a) Mrs. Jamie Underwood, Pleasant Hill. 

Whatley, Martin Franklin, planter, Cottondale. 

x86a, Alexandria; s. Seaborn J. Whatley and Maiy Williams Crook; b. Sept. 
26, 1845; ist Lieut, C S. A.; m. (i) Julia Bower, 1875, (a) Janie Durrett, 1887. 

♦Whetstone, David Lewis, merchant, Montgomery. 

1863, Autaugaville; s. William D. Whetstone and Ann Louisa Houser; b. Aug. 
15, 1848; m. Mary Ware, Montgomery, 1871; d. Nov., 2873. 

Whetstone, William David, merchant, Sylacauga. 

2863, Autaugaville; s. Lewis Meyers Whetstone, Autaugaville, and Sophia 
Murph; b. Jan. 4, 1843; Private, then Sgt., 6th Ala., C. S. A.; Teacher, 1879-90; 

Merchant, 1892 ; 212. (2) Lucie Austin Rogers, Prattville, Oct. 4, 2864, (a) 

Blanchie McKenzie, Prattville, June 30, 2874. 

White, Thomas Rutherford, Poplarville, Miss. 

2864, Bladen Springs; s. James White and Nancey H. Rutherford; b. May 3, 
2847; Color Bearer, C. S. A.; m. Alice Julia Cocke, Bladen Springs, Aug. 20, 2867. 

Williams, D. L. ■. 

2863, Greensboro; s. D. C. Williams; b. Nov. 15, 2845. 

♦Williams, Irving, cotton buyer, New York. 

286s, Montgomery; s. Albert Willia22is, Montgomery, and Mary Clarke; b. 
March 28, 1843; d. Nov. 20, 2894. 

Wilson, Elbert Dudley, merchant, North Birmingham. 

2863, Elyton; s. William Lanore Wilson, Leeds, and Elizabetn Blackburn; b. 
Dec. 7, 1845; Courier for Gen. Roddy, C. S. A.; Local Preacher, M. E. Church South, 
since 1868; Tanner, Farmer, and now Merchant; m. Sarah Jane Huffman, Jonesboro, 
Jan. 24, 2868. 

Wren, W. V. 

2864, New Orleans; s. Capt. W. Wren; b. June 13, 1846. 

Young, Alexander Frank, planter, Sessumsville, Miss. 

2862, Columbus, Miss.; s. A. F. Young, Columbus, Miss., and Elizabeth L. 
Davis; b. July 4, 2846; 2nd Lieut, and Drill Master, C. S. A.; m. Emily M. Fox, 
Oktibbeha Co., Miss., Nov. 25, 2877. 

1865. Graduates with Titled Degrees 

*Bozeman, Jefferson Elisha, A. B., engineer, Spigner's. 

2862, Mulberry, Autauga Co.; s. Nathaniel Bozeman, Mulberry, and Susan 
Garrette; b. Dec. 20, 2844; Rep., Gen. Assem., Ala., 2872-73; City Engineer, Selma, 
2882-88; Surveyor, Dallas Co., 2881-97; Supt. of Building of Cotton Factory at 
spigner's; m. Margaret Matilda Taylor, Statesville, Aug. 26, 2866; d. Sept. 22, 2897. 

19^ Record of Students [1865 

Comer, George Legare, A. B., lawyer, Eufaula. 

1863, Eufaula; s. John Fletcher Comer, Cowikee, and Catherine Lucinda 
Drewry; b. Jan. i, 1847; A. B., 1867, U. of Ga.; Mayor, Eufaula, 1882-94; m. Laura 
Virginia Thornton, Eufaula, June 23, 1870. 

♦DuBrutz, Frederick Cutter Montgomery, A. B., lawyer, San 
Francisco, Cal. 

1 86 1, Pushmataha, Choctaw Co.; a. Joseph John Louis DuBrutx and Kitty Beck, 
of Norfolk, Eng.; b. Sept. 24, 1845; m. Minner Vinzent, San Francisco, Cal.; d. 189 — . 

Gunter, Harris, A. B., lawyer, Montgomery. 

1862, Montgomery; s. Charles G. Gunter and Eliza Adams; b. April :i7f 1847. 

John, Samuel Williamson, A. B., lawyer, Birmingham. 

1862, Selma; s. Joseph R. John, Selma, and Rosa Jane Smith; b. June 29, 1845; 
Private, Co. F, 3rd Reg., Ala. Cav., C. S. A.; Col., 3rd Reg., Ala. State Troops, 
1885-88; Solic, Dallas Co., 1870-72; Rep., State Leg., from Dallas Co., 1882-87, from 
Jefferson co., 1894-95; Trustee, Girls' Industrial School, Montevallo; m. (i) Susie 
£. Woolsey, Selma, April, 1870, (2) Estelle Thornton Carson, Selma, July 15, 1874, 
(3) Rosa M. Clisby, Montgomery, June i, 1887. 

Pickens, Andrew Calhoun, A. B., insurance. Mobile. 

1 86 1, Eutaw; s. Joseph Pickens, Eutaw, and Caroline Judith Henderson; b. 
May 19, 1846; Private, C. S. A.; Mayor of Eutaw, 1877; m. Ella Pollard, Eutaw, 
Nov. 12, 1878. 

*Ross, William Henry, Jr., A. B., physician, Pensacola, Fla. 

1862, Mobile; s. Dr. Francis Armstrong Ross, Mobile, and Helen Hunter; b. 
Jan. 16, 1847; m. Miss Perry, Pensacola, Fla.; d. 189—. 

Snow, Edward Nicholas Cobbs, A. B., merchant, Tuscaloosa. 

1 86 1, Tuscaloosa; s. Henry A. Snow and Abbie Hazzard; b. Oct. 16, 1845; 
Pres., Tuscaloosa Cotton Mills, 1892-94; Cashier, Merchants' Nat. Bank, 1887-88; 
m. Carrie T. McLester, Tuscaloosa, Nov. za, 1872. 

1865. Graduates in Schools and Non-Graduates 

♦Alexander, Algernon Taylor, Greston, Ga. 

1864, Tuskegee; s. James Madison Alexander and Jane Sanders Harris; b. 
Oct 25, 1848; d. July z, 1890. 

♦Allen, Joseph Virginius, Montgomery. 

1863, Montgomery; s. Wade Allen and Eliza Sayre; b. June 18, 1847; Lieut, 
Ala. Reserves, C. S. A.; d. Aug. 11, 1865. 

♦Askew, Warren Simonton, merchant, Atlanta, Ga. 

1864, Dayton; s. Hilliard J. Askew, Dayton, and Pauline N. Askew; b. Nov. 
26, 1847; m. Laura Earle Boardman, Jan., 1871, Greensboro; d. Nov. 22, 1895. 

Atkinson, John Henderson, planter, Pushmataha. 

1864, Pushmataha, Choctaw Co.; s. William H. Atkinson and Martha J. Haines; 
b. Jan. 29, 1848; m. (i) Ella G. Miller, Nov. 24, 1870, (2) Annie W. Hall, Nov. 28, 

1865] Graduates in Schools and Non-Graduates 193 

Auld, Leonard, , Tex. 

1864, Wettunpka; i. John Atdd; b. June 3, 1&48; moved to Tex. in 1870 — not 
■csffd zroni ii n cc« 

♦Avery, William Sidney, Greensboro. 

1864, Greensboro; t. David Avery, Greensboro, and Elizabeth Williams; b. 
July 8, 1847; d. Nov. 23, 2869. 

Baldrick, J. J. 

2864, Montgomery; t. T. R. Baldrick; b. Jvly ao, 2848. 

Barrett, J. S. 

1864, Montgomery; b. Sept. 30, 2848. 

Beall, Alfred Battle, fruit grower, Myers, Fla. 

1863, Tuscaloosa; s. Dr. Benjamin Bradley Beall and Elizabeth Bonner; b. 
Jan. 13, 1846; Member Lee Co., Fla., Board of Education; Tropical Fruit Grower; 
m. Rosa Wood, Tuscaloosa. 

♦Beatty, William Gibbs, physician, Whistler. 

2864, Tuscaloosa; s. Dr. William Henry Beatty and Rebecca Troy; b. Jan. 9, 
2849; M. D., Mobile; m. Mary Alice Cotton, Macon, Miss., 1874; d. Sept., 1889. 

♦Bell, John W., planter, Warsaw. 

2864* Warsaw; s. B. B. Bell; b. July 24, 1848; d. 289 — . 

♦Bellamy, George, 

1864, Montgomery; b. July 29, 1848; d. 188 — . 

Bibb, Benajah Smith, agent, Selma. 

1863, Montgomery; s. George R. Bibb, Montgomery, and Mary E. Lipscomb; 
k Feb. 4, 1847; Real Estate and Insurance Agent; m. (x) Mary Ella Smith, Orr- 
vine, Feb. 16, x874t (2) Helen Earle Bobbins, Selma, Feb. 28, 2885. 

Bibb, Pe)rton, cotton factor, Montgomery. 

2863, Manack, Lowndes Co.; s. Richard Bibb, Hope Hull, and Elizabeth 
Spivey; b. Feb. 13, 1846; m. Isabel Tharpe, Hope Hull, Dec., 2870. 

♦Blakey, Reuben Alexander, , Tex. 

2863, Chetts Station, Macon Co.; s. Dr. Boiling Anthony Blakey, Cross Keys, 
and Mary Anne Watson; b. Dec 25, 2845; d. in Tex. 

Boling, Reuben Henry, cotton business, Mobile. 

2864, Lowndesboro; a. James Madison Boling, Hayneville, and Mary A. Saf- 
fold; b. July 6, 2847; Student, Univ. of Va., 1865-66; Clerk, Custom House, Mobile, 

2867-69; Supt., Cotton Exchange, Mobile, 2872 ; m. Nannie Carrington Imboden, 

Mobile, Nov. 24, 2885. 

Boroughs, Bryan, physician, Jackson. 

2863, SuggsviOe, Qarke Co.; s. Thomas Boroughs and Rebecca Morris; b. 
Dec 24, 2847; M. D., Univ. of Louisville, 2869; Physician and Health Officer, Clarke 
Co.; 121. Mary Elizabeth Dickinson, Grove Hill, Oct. 9, 2872. 


194 Record of Students [1865 

Boyd, Walter David, planter, Camden. 

2863, Camden; s. William F. Boyd, Camden, and Eleanor 11. Rogers; b. Dec i6, 
1845; A. M., Erskine, 1868; Private, C. S. A.; Merchant, 1869-74; County Surveyor, 
189a . 

Bozeman, W. Julius, planter, Statesville. 

1864, Bumsville; a. Nathaniel Bozeman, Mulberry, and Susan Garrett; b. 
Nov. x8, 1848; m. Nellie Garrett, Lowndes Co. 

Brady, Adhemar, orange grower, Titusville, Fla. 

2863, Summerfield; s. Jules Brady and Albine LeRoy; b. Dec 26, 2842; 
Teacher in Gilroy, Calif., 2867-68, Demopolis, Ala., 1869-75, La Grange, Fla., 2878-84; 
Orange Grower, 2877-94; Author of "The Mathexnatics of Labor;" m. Eva G. Mima, 
La Grange, Fla., 2879. 

Brewer, John Campbell, physician, Lytton Springs, Tex. 

2864, Mt. Meigs, Macon Co.; s. Reuben H. Brewer, Mt Meigs, snd Mary 
Jea2inette Crockett; b. Sept. 7, 2847; M. D., 2872, Georgia Med. Col.; m. Margaret 
Louise Cardwell, Lytton Springs, Tex., March 2, 2877. 

Brown, J. S. 

2864, Prattville; s. Rev. J. W. Brown; b. March 26, 2847. 

♦Burns, R. T., Selma. 

2864, BurnsviUe, Dallas Co.; s. J. H. Bums; b. Nov. 3, 2847; d. 289 — . 

Bynum, Oakley H., Jr., planter, Courtland. 

2864, Courtland; s. CoL O. H. Bynum; b. March 9, 2847. 

♦Cade, William A., teacher, Paducah, Ky. 

2863, Selma; s. Erwin Early Cade and Martha Ann Vaughan; b. Feb. 27, 2847; 
LL. B., Cumberland Univ.; Private, C S. A.; Lawyer and Planter; Teacher at 
Paducah, Ky., 2886-97; °^ Mary Lander, Paducah, Ky., Dec. 29, 2872; d. Dec 39, 1897. 

Calhoun, James Francis, planter, Carlowville. 

2863, Richmond; s. Judge James M. Calhoun and Martha Picke2is; b. May 27, 
2846; Mem., Gen. Assem., Ala., 1880-82; m. (2) Florence Olivia Lee, Carlowville, 
May, 2870, (2) Julia Emma Lee, Carlowville, Dec, 2879. 

♦Carlisle, Benjamin McCuin, merchant and planter, Nettleton, 
Miss. I 

2864, Brundidge; s. Green W. Carlisle, Brundidge, and Mary E. Leverette; b. 

Dec 20, 2845; Teacher in Pike Co. and Arlc, 2888-98; m. , Ark.; 

d. Nov. 2, 2899. 

Carlisle, Moses N., lawyer, Troy. 

2864, Brundidge; s. Green W. Carlisle and Mary E. Leverette; b. Dec 20, 
2845; 3rd Lieut., Forrest's Escort, 2865; Clerk and Treas. of Troy; m. Ella B. 
Calloway, Newton, Oct., 1869. 

Carter, Jesse, ( 1864, Mobile) 

Chambers, James H., Seale. 

2864, Seale. 

1865] Graduates in Schcx>ls and Non-Graduates 195 

Chappell, Lamar^ Memphis, Tenn« 

2863, Columbtw, Ga.; s. Absolom H. Chappell, Cohimbus, Ga., and Loretto 
R. Lamar; Private, Cadet Corps, in Service at Blakely, Mobile and other places) 
AssL Manager, The Southern Cotton Oil Co., Memphis, Tenn.; m. Marion J. Gonder, 
Desha Co., Arlc, Dec., 1870. 

Chatham, Thomas Sumpter, planter, Ninety Six, S. C. 

1864, Ninety-Six, S. C; s. Thomas Chatham, Ninety-Six, S. C, and S. E. 
Griffin; b. Jan. 9, 1847; m. A. C. Cockrell, Eutaw, Dec. aa, 1869. 

Chilton, John McEldenry, lawyer, Montgomery. 

1865, Montgomery; s. William P. Chilton, Montgomery, and Elvira Francis 
Morgan; Judge, City Court, Opelika, 1872-74; Judge, 3rd Jnd. Circuit, Ala., 1886; 
m. Annie Unity Chilton, Opelilm, Feb. 16, 1874. 

Clark, Thomas D. 

2863, Montgomery; b. Sept. ai, 1847. 

Qeveland, CJeorge Bowen, merchant. Mobile. 

186a, Mobile; s. George Cleveland, Mobile, and Mary Teasdale; b. July 29, 
1846; Teacher and Expert Accountant for 25 years; m. (i) Sarah McCammon Hall, 
Mobile, Jan. 30, 1868, (2) Virginia C. Withers, Mobile, Aug. 23, 1890. 

Cobb, G. S., (1864) 

Cobb, W. P. 

1863, Montevallo; b. July 15, 1845. 

Cochrane, A. W., ( 1864) 

Cochrane, William Gilbert, lawyer, Tuscaloosa. 

1863, Tuscaloosa; s. William Cochrane, Tuscaloosa, and Sophia Sarah Louisa 
Perkins; b. March 29, 1848; Student, Washington and Lee Univ., 2 years; Rep., Gen. 
Assem., Ala., 2 years; Solic. and Probate Judge, Tuscaloosa Co.; Mayor, Tuscaloosa, 
1900-02; m. Lily Taylor, Tuscaloosa, Aug. 12, 1872. 

♦Coleman, Charles, druggist, Eutaw. 

1863, Eutaw; s. James C. Coleman and Julia Bestor; b. Oct. 3, 1845; Treas., 
Greene Co., xa years; m. Laura Pollard, Eutaw, Oct., 1869; d. Sept., 1888. 

♦Coleman, George K., Sherman. 

2864, Washington Co. 

Comer, Braxton Bragg, planter and manufacturer, Birmingham. 

2864, Cowikee; s. John Fletcher Comer, Barbour Co., and Catherine Drewry; 
A. M., Emory and Henry, 1869; Member, Commissioner's Court, Barbour Co., 
1874-80; m. Eva J. Harris, Cuthbert, Ga., Oct. i, 1872. 

♦Conner, James, Jr., merchant, Bladen Springs. 

1863, Bladen Springs; s. James Conner, Bladen Springs, and Barbara Wooten; 
feu May 5, 1846; d. Nov. 14, x888. 

♦Cook, Frank, planter and merchant, Rock West. 

1864, Camden; s. Daniel Cook, and Caroline McMillan; m. Mary Ann McCown, 
Darlington, S. C, Aug. 30, 1882; d. Dec 25, 1898. 

19^ Record of Students [1865 

Copeland, John Cannon, lawyer. Headland 

1864, Ettfaula; a. John M. Copeland and Caroline Elisabeth Cannon; m. Car- 
rie Burton, Valdoata, Ga. 

Copeland, William Preston, physician, Eufaula. 

1863, Eufaula; a. John Nelaon Copeland, Eufaula, and Caroline Elizabeth 
Cannon; b. Sept. i, 1845; M. D., 2870, Bellevue Hotpital Med. CoL; Prea., Barboor 
Co. Board of Health; Priyate, C. S. A.; m. Mary Fountatne Flewellen, Eufaula* 
April 16, 1873. 

Cowan, James Gillespie, accountant, Montgomery. 

1863, Union Springs; s. Dr. S. C Cowan and Mary Jane Larldns; b. Nov. 27, 
2846; Prin., Aberfoil Acad., 1869; Sheriff, Bullock Co., 1870-74; Editor, Bullock Co. 
Guide, 1874-78; Commercial Traveler, 2879-97; Aast Exam. Public Accounts, Ala., 
i897-29oi; m. Mary E. CaldweU, Union Springs, July a6, 2870. 

Cox., William H., planter. Three Notch. 

2863, Enon; s. William Cox; b. Jan. 20, 2846. 

Craig, George Henry, lawyer, Selma, 

2863, Selma; s. James D. Craig, San Frandsoo, Cat, and Elvira S. Berry; bw 
Dec 35, 1845; Lieut., C S. A.; Sheriff, Dallas Co., 1869-72; Judge, Criminal Court; 
Judge, Circuit Court; Member of Congress; U. S. Dist. Att'y; m. Alvina White, 
Selma, 2867. 

♦Craighead, David, editor, Kaufman, Tex. 

2863, Dayton; s. James B. Craighead and Jane Preston; b. Oct. aa, 2847; 
Editor of Terrell Times; m. Alice Barnes, Kaufman, Tex., Feb. 23, 2882; d. Dec 
26, 2889. 

Crawford, Reese, Columbus, Ga. 

2864, Columbus, Ga.; s. Martin J. Crawford; b. Oct. 29, 2846. 

Crawford, William Bones, book-keeper, Qebume, Tex. 

2863, Mobile; a. William Bones Crawford and Sarah Ann Gayle; b. Oct 19, 
2847; Private, Forrest's Cav., C S. A. 

♦Crook, William Eugene, physician. Snow Hill. 

2864, Allenton; s. James Alexander Crook, Allenton, and Sarah Adalade 
Stover; b. June 10, 1849; M. D., 2868, Tulane; m. Rebecca Aurelia Skinner, Acker- 
ville, April 22, 2870; d. at Mobile, Dec 22, 2880. 

Davis, C. H., planter, , Tex. 

2863, Oak Bowery, Chambers Co.; s. J. S. N. Davis; b. Aug. 27, 2846. 

Dawson, T. C, ( 1864) 

♦DelofFre, Auguste, physician, U. S. Army. 

2862, Tuscaloosa; s. Prof. Andre Deloffre; M. D., College unknown; appointed 
28t Lieut., Asst. Surgeon, U. S. A., Nov. 20, 2874; CapL and Asst. Surgeon, June 2, 
2892; retired from Active Service as Major June 8, 2899; d. at Fort Sam Houston, 
Tex., Sept 4, 2899. 

Delony, Fox, planter, Tuscumbia. 

2864, Leighton; s. Dr. Edward B. Delony, Leighton, and Nancy E. Smith; 
Tax Assessor, Colbert Co., 2884-88; Probate Judge, 2892-2904; m. Katie J. Jarman, 
Leighton, Nov. 22, 2872. 

i865] Graduates in Schools and Non-Graduates 197 

Dennis, Richard M., travelling salesman, Montgomery. 

1863, Orion; i. M. M. Dennis, Montgomery, and Mary McLure; b. Aug. Z), 
1846; m. Juliett R. Redmond, Louisville, Ky., 1883. 

Dew, Sidney Adolphus, teacher, Greensboro. 

Z864, Greensboro; s. Jonathan Dew and Charlotte Avery; m. Eugenia C. Glasi^ 
Noxubee Co., Miss., Feb. $, 1873. 

Dickson, Jesse Hamilton, merchant, Wharton, Tex. 

1864, Pine Level; a. David Madison Dickson, Pine Level, and Mary Ann Gosi; 
m. (x) Martha Townsend, Pine Level, 1870, (a) Henrietta Townsend, Pine Level* 
1877, (3) Annie Evans, Pine Level, 1885. 

Dortch, Walter Ross, A. M., '85, lawyer, Gadsden. 

1863; s. Isaac F. Dortch and Mary Ross; b. Sept. a8, 1847; Student, U. of N. 
C 2865-66; LL. B., Lebanon, Tenn.; m. Minnie Woodward. 

Dowdell, James Render, lawyer, Montgomery. 

1864, Auburn; s. James F. Dowdell and Sarah H. Render; b. April a, 1847; 
Qreuit Solicitor, 1876-80; Circuit Judge, 1888-92; Chancellor, 1896-98; Associate 

Justice, Supreme Court, 1898 ; m. (x) Rosie Tuener, Lafayette, Sept. 6, 1871, 

<a) Ella Ware, Lafayette, Dec xa, 1878. 

♦DuBrutz, Anthony Beck, lawyer, San Jose, Cal. 

1863, Pushmataha, Choctaw Co.; a. Dr. Joseph John Louis DuBrutz, Demop- 
olis, and Kitty Beck; Sute Senator, Calif., 2 terms; m. Sarah Roach, Pushmataha; 
d. 189 — , 

♦Dumas, Zachariah Benjamin, merchant, Qifton. 

1864, Clifton, Wilcox co.; s. Joel Dumas and Mary Lucy Dumas; b. March a8, 
1844; Private, C S. A.; m. Helen Paine, Mobile; d. 1873. 

Dunklin, C P., (1864) 

♦Eatman, William Henderson, planter, Qinton. 

1864, Clinton; s. Thomaa Eatman and Mary Harrison; b. May 14, 1847; m. 
Laura Horton, Pleasant Ridge, Feb. 23, 1870; d. Jan. 3, 1887. 

Eddins, Samuel Walker, Jr., planter, Cooper, Tex. 

1864, Tuscaloosa; s. Samuel Walker Eddins, Sr., Wheatley, Ark., and Sarah 
A. Shivers; b. April xo, 1846; Private in Cadet Co., C S. A. 

Emanuel, Edward C, New Orleans, La. 

1863, Mobile; s. Jonathan Emanuel and Isabella King; b. Sept. xa, 1847; m. 
, x894- 

English, J. K., (1864) 

Evans, Robert H. 

x86a, Greenville; s. Uriah Evans; b. Jan. 14, 1846. 

♦Evans, Rufus H., Greenville. 

1863, GreenriOe; d. 

193 Record of Students [1865 

♦Fannin, Edward Hargrove, Tuskegee. 

1864, Tuskegee; a. Judge Augustus B. Fannin, Tuskegee, and Har- 
grove; d. , x88 — w 

Famham, George Robert, A. M., '83, lawyer, Evergreen. 

1863, Belleyiile; s. John H. Famham, Belleville, and Nancy Crosby; b. Jan. 
33, 1846; Private, Co. D, sth Ala. Reg., C S. A.; Qerk, Ct. Court, Conecuh Co., 
2868-70; State Senator, ijth Dist., 1880-84; m* Maria Cunningham, Burnt Com, 
Oct 34, x866. 

♦Field, Thomas Leslie, Grenada, Miss. 

1864, Okolona, Miss.; s. Charles Grandison Field, Okolona, Miss., and Catherine 
Thomas Read; b. July 24, 1848; Private, C. S. A.; d. Aug. 18, 1878. 

Finch, E. W., Chicago. 

1864, Mobile. 

Finley, William Thomas, Atlanta, Ga. 

1864, Montgomery. 

♦Fiquet, William Foster, merchant, Tuscaloosa. 

1864, Tuscaloosa; s. Charles Jerome Fiquet and Mary Anna Foster; d. Oct., 1867. 

♦Flinn, Daniel, planter, Hope Hull. 

X863, Montgomery; s. Bunberry Flinn and Orensa Anderson; b. Jan. 14, 1847; 
m. Lucy Davis, Snowdoun; d. Oct as, 1894. 

♦Flinn, William Reeves, planter and merchant, Hope Hull. 

x86a, Montgomery; s. Bunberry Flinn and Orensa Anderson; b. March 24, 
1845; m. Effie Jones, Montgomery Co.; d. Nov. 4, X89J. 

Ford, Oscar W., , Tex. 

1864, Indian Creek. 

♦Forwood, Robert Morriss, clerk, Gosport. 

1864, Gosport, Clarke Co.; s. Samuel Forwood and Martha Jane Morriss; b. 
Jan. 30, 1846; Clerk on Steamer Nyanza, Alabama River; d. Oct. 8, 1865. 

Foster, Lovelace Savidge, minister, Jackson, Miss. 

1864, Starkville, Miss.; s. Arthur Foster and Elizabeth Amelia Foster; b. Dec. 
x8, 1847; Th. B., So. Bap. Th. Sem., 1875; Pastor of Baptist Churches at different 
times, Camden, S. C, Okolona, Louisville, Rodney, CarroUton, Senatobia and Pel»> 
hatchie, Miss., 1875-97; Prin., Starkville Male Acad., 1877-78; Associate Editor 
Western Recorder, 1 880-8 x, and Baptist Record, x886; Author of "Miss. Baptist 
Preachers," "From Error's Chains," "History of Columbus Association,*' "History of 

Louisville Association;" Supt, Baptist Orphans' Home, Jackson, Miss., 1897 ; m. 

(i) Mary Frances Merrick, Greenville, S. C, May as, 1870, (a) Mrs. Katie G. Raines 
(nee Gidden), Aug. 15, 1880, Lee Co., Miss. 

'*'Frazer, Hamlin Bass, salesman, Union Springs. 

1864, Union Springs; s. Thomas G. Frazer, Dale Co., and Martha Bass; b. Oct 
II, 1847; Private, C. S. A.; Dealer in Sewing Machines; m. Emma Johnson, Brva- 
didge, Jan., x866; d. July 4, x88o. 

1865] Graduates in Schools and Non-Graduates 199 

Gachet, James, teacher, Prescott, Ark. 

x865» Enon; s. Nicholas Gachet, Tuskcgee, and Jasiie Jones; Prin., School, 
Mineral Springs, Ark., 1889 or '90, 

Garrett, B. F., (1864) 

♦Garrow, Stephen Elliot, merchant, Mobile. 

1862, Mobile; b. Noy. 9, 1847; d. 1873 with yellow fever. 

Gibbs, George Stanley, minister, Cleburne, Tex. 

186a, Tnscaloosa; s. Maj. John Tracy Gibbs, Lexington, Va., and Mary Har- 
riett; b. May 3, 1848; Druggist, 1866-71; Student Theolog. Sem., Alexandria, 1871-76; 
Rector at Abingdon, Va., 1879-81, Hot Springs, Arlc, 1882-83; Missionary, Monterey, 
Mex., 1884-85; Rector, San Antonio, 1885-87, Grace Church, Galveston, 1887, St. 

Paul's, Gainesville, 1889-91, Sherman, 1891-97, Cleburne, Tex., 1897 ; m. Mrs. 

Sarah Frances Noland inee Morse), Hot Springs, Ark., Jan. xo, 1883. 

Gibson, Robert Gratton, planter, McShan. 

1864, Columbus, Miss.; s. Guilford Gibson, Columbus, Miss., and Susan 
; b. June 16, 1846; m. Josephine Locke, Mayhew, Miss., Nov. xo, x868. 

♦Gilmer, Frank Merriwether, Montgomery. 

1864, Montgomery; s. Frank Merriweatber Gilmer and Sarah £. Taylor; b. 
July 12, 1846; d. July, 1865. 

Gilmer, John Francis, Florala. 

1864, Montgomery; s. William B. Gilmer, Fort Deposit, and Lucy Early Gilmer. 

♦Glascock, John Henry, druggist. Garland. 

1864, Tuscaloosa; s. John Glascock, Tuscaloosa, and Annie I. McGehee; d. 
Jan. ax, x886. 

♦Goldsby, Thornton Boykin, planter, Dallas Co. 

1864, Marion; s. George W. Goldsby and Catherine Harrell; b. Oct. 25, 1848; 
Druggist, then Planter; d. May, 1876. 

Goodwin, Fitz Julius, book-keeper, Blocton. 

X864, Selma; s. A. M. Goodwin, Selma, and Rebecca S. Goodwin; m. Marie 
Stille, New Orleans, Nov. 6, 1884. 

Hall, Hines Holt, planter, Coosada. 

1864, Montgomery; s. Boiling Hall, Coosada, and Mary Louisa Crenshaw; b. 
Aug. 6, 1847; Lawyer, 1879-84, in Montgomery; m. Mary Louisa Crenshaw, Palmyra, 
Nov. i6j x886. 

♦Hardaway, James Jarratt, physician, Macon, Ga. 

1864, Columbus, Ga.; s. Maj. R. S. Hardaway, Columbus, Ga., and Martha 
Bibb Jarratt; b. June 30, 1848; M. D., Univ. of N. Y.; d. Dec. 20, X877. 

♦Harris, Barton Dawson, planter, Montgomery. 

1862, Montgomery; s. John G. Harris, Montgomery, and Mary Stone; b. March 
24, 1846; d. in Auburn, Ala., Nov. 1, 1871. 

Harris, Joseph Archibald, teacher and author, Robinson Springs. 

X863, Mt. Willing; s. Buckner Harris, Robinson Springs, and Sarah McKeithen; 
h. July 9, 1847; m. India Crenshaw, Lowndes Co., May xa, 187a. 

300 R£€X)RD OF Students [1865 

Harris, Norfleet, lawyer and planter, Laneville. 

i86x, Tuscaloosa; s. R. N. Harris, Tuscaloosa, and Amanda Banks; b. Dec. s* 
1848; B. L., Uniy. of Va., 1869; Rep., Gen. Assem.» Ala., 1883-83; Sute Senator, 
1890-93; U. S. Consul, Leeds, Eng.» 1893-98; m. Bettie Cooper Blocker, Forkland, 
Oct, 1871. 

Hatch, Needham Whitfield, agent, Aberdeen, Miss. 

X864, Aberdeen, Miss.; s. B. L. Hatch and Amelia Whitfield; b. Nor. 13, 1848; 
Rep., Gen. Aasem., Miss. Leg., 1877-78; Treas., Monroe Co., Miss., 1900-04; Express 
Agent; m. Lizzie Cooper, Jackson, Miss., June 6, 1883. 

Haynes, Charles Henry, planter. Union Springs. 

X863, Union Springs; s. Henry Slaton Hajnes and Martha Ann Gresham; b. 
« Feb. 26, 1847; m. Emma Whttaker Boyldn, Dec 5, 1878. 

Hays, James Benham, druggist, Tuscaloosa. 

1863, Tuscaloosa; s. William Henry Hays and Elizabeth Jenkins; b. Sept. 27, 
1845; m< (i) Mary Jane Hemphill, Tuscaloosa, Nov. 15, 1871, (a) Susan Anna Daltom, 
Aberdeen, Miss., Feb. 4, 1880. 

Henderson, Charles D. 

1864, Tuskegee. 

Henry, Robert Filmore, planter, Palm. 

1863, Columbus, Miss.; s. James Henry, Columbus, Miss., and Emily Ann 
Sampson; b. Dec. 2, 1847; Rep., Gen. Assem., Ala., 1898-00; m. Kate Morriss, Pulasld, 

♦Herron, Henry Dinning, Montgomery. 

1864, Montgomery; s. John B. Herron and Sarah Parker; Cashier of Farley Nat. 
Bank; retired from active business; d. Oct. 17, 1901. 

Hewlett, D. H. 

1864, Carrollton; s. Col. W. A. Hewlett; b. March 3, 1847. 

Hibbler, James, commercial traveller, West Point, Miss. 

1864, Warsaw; s. William H. Hibbler, Warsaw; and Frances Adalaide Green; 
Private, C. S. A.; Formerly Planter and Merchant; m. Mary Susan Styles, Artesia, 

*High, William H., Forkland. 

1863, Forkland; s. W. H. High and Hemdon; b. Jan. 10, 1846; 

d. 188 — . 

Hill, G. A., physician, Sylacauga. 

1863. Fayetteville; s. George Hill; b. March 9, 1849; M. D., College unknown. 

Hill, Samuel Henry, physician, Carrollton. 

1864, Carrollton; s. S. F. Hill and Sarah J. Bogga; M. D., Louisville Univ., Ky., 
1870; m. Virginia Kerr, Sumter Co., Jan. 10, 1873. 

♦Hogan, Charles A., Montgomery. 

1864, Montgomery; d. about 1867. 

1865] Graduates in Schools and Non-Graduates 30 z 

Horn, John H. 

1864, Coatopa, Stamter Co. 

Horton, Amos, planter and merchant, Pleasant Ridge. 

2864, Pleasant Ridge; s. William Horton, Pleasant Ridge, and Marcia Ford; 
h. Sept. 16, 1867; State Senator, 1898-1902; m. Sarak Elixabeth Richardson, 1871, 

"^Hough, Joseph Patilla, insurance. Union Springs. 

1863, Mt HiUiard; s. John Hough, Mt HiUiard, and SaUie Youngblood; b. 
Sept. 6, 1845; m. Jennie Bell, Montgomery; d. at Tuscaloosa, Aug. 8, 1883. 

Houghton, Oscar Ready, book publisher, Riverside, Conn. 

1864, Wetnmpka; s. Albert Gallatin Houghton, Brooklyn, N. Y., and Harriet 
Chafa Olis; b. June 19, 1846; A. B., 1869, A. M., 1871 ; m. Eleanor Ann Mor- 
ton, New York, May 10, 1886. 

♦Howard, Henry Slatter, physician, Montgomery. 

1864, Cross Kejrs; s. William John Howard, Montgomery, and Ann Flewellen 
Billingslea; M. D., Baltimore Med. CoL, 1867; d. at Chattanooga, Tenn., Aug. s6, 

♦Hubbard, Charles Robert, lawyer, Montgomery. 

1863, Montgomery; s. Samuel Dana Hubbard and Frances W. Russell; b. Nor. 
S4, 1845; Private, C. S. A.; Clerk, Circuit Court, Montgomery Co., 1867-68, removed 
by Reconstruction Act, 1868; d. Sept. s6, 1873. 

Humphreys, John K., Pensacola, Fla. 

1864, Columbus, Ga. 

♦Hunley, Ransom Gayle, broker, Birmingham. 

1864, Harpersville; s. Richard Ryland Hunley, Talladega, and Martha S. John- 
ston; b. May 22, 1848; m. Sallie Porter, Birmingham; d. April xo, x88z. 

Hutchins, H. W., (1864) 

Hutchinson, William Peter, broker. Mobile. 

1863, Mobile; s. Peter Hutchinson and Mary Craig Miller; b. April 14, 1847; 
Merchandise Broker and Manufacturer's Agent; m. Tracie E. Magruder, Tuskegee, 
Nov. I, 1873. 

Hutton, Aurelius Winfield, lawyer, Los Angeles, Cal. 

1863, Gainesville; s. Dr. Aquilla Davis Hutton, Hopewell, Greene Co., and 
Elizabeth Hannah Tutt; b. July 23, 1847; B. L., Univ. of Va., 1868; City Att'y, 
Los Angeles, 1872-76; Judge, Superior Court, Los Angeles, 2887-88; U. S. Att'y, 
Pro tern.. So. Dist. of Calif., 1889-90; m. Kate Irene Travis, Los Angeles, Feb. 24, 1874. 

♦Hutton, Emmett Calhoun, lawyer, Gainesville. 

1864, Gainesville; s. Dr. Aquilla Davis Hutton, Hopewell, Greene Co., and 
Elizabeth Hannah Tutt; Teacher at Gainesville, 1876-79; m. Florence Montgomery 
Pulton, Preston, Ala., June 6, 1871; d. 1888. 

♦Jenkins, Samuel Calhoun, planter, Camden. 

1863, Camden; s. Rev. John Jenldns, Allenton, and Martha McMillan,, Con- 
ecuh Co.; b. May 30, 1846; d. 1867. 

ao2 Record of Students [1865 

John, Joseph Frands, minister, Jacksonville, 111. 

1864, Selma; s. Joseph R. John, Selma, and Jane Smith; b. Dec., 1849; Priest* 
Episcopal Church; m. Sarah M. Davis, Marion, Dec., 1872. 

Jones, 0>nier Bonaparte, planter, Qjffeeville. 

1864, Dixon's Mills, Marengo Co.; a. Green E. Jones, Dixon's Mills, and Mary 
A. Vernon; m. (i) Catherine Louise May, <a) Jessie Earl Webb, (3) Nannie DeU 

Jones, G. B. (1864) 

Jones, George Amos, merchant, Mobile. 

1863, Camden; s. Amos Jones; b. Feb. 25, 1847; Student Uniy. of N. C, 1866-67; 
Wholesale Dealer in Cigars and Tobacco; m. Hattie Bramard Jones, Mobile, Jan., 1876. 

Jones, James Beverly, merchant, Selma. 

1864, Marion; s. Robert T. Jones, Marion, and Indiana May SeawelL 

Jones, James Savage, insurance, Taylor, Tex. 

1864, Gainestown, Clarke Co.; s. Charles Jones, SuggsTille, and Martha B. Sav- 
age; Real Estate, Loans and Insurance; m. Dorliska B. Lambard, Gainestovm, Jan. 
5. 1876. 

Jones, John W., planter, Pontotoc, Tex. 

1863, Suggsville; s. Dr. John B. Jones; b. Nov. 11, 1845; m. Mollie Wilson, 

♦Joseph, William Finley, real estate, Montgomery. 

1864, Montgomery; s. Thomas Joseph and Sarah A. Riley; Mercantile and Mill- 
ing, Montgomery, Nashville and St. Louis, later Real Estate and R. R. interests in 
Montgomery; m. Mary Ellen Saifold, Montgomery, April ao, 1869; d. April so, 1897. 

Judkins, Lawrence D., planter, Mt Meigs. 

1863, Cross Keys; s. John C. Judkins, Cross Keys, and Elixa Jane Yonng; b. 
July ao, 1846; m. Mollie B. Williams, Mt. Meigs, July 20, 1871. 

Keene, Taylor, planter, Tuscaloosa. 

1864, Tuscaloosa; s. Oliver Keene, Tuscaloosa, and Anne Dudley Garrett; b. 
May 23, 1846; m. Alice Lewis, Caldwell, Texas, Dec. 13, 1877. 

♦Keeton, Thaddeus F., , Tex. 

1864; Moved to Texas; d. 188 — 

Kendrick, Aaron Tomlin, book-keeper, Swansea. 

1864, Spring Hill, Barbour Co.; s. Aaron Tomlin Kendrick, Luveme, and Eleanor 
Nesbitt; b. July ai, 1848; m. (i) Almira Mary Dunklin, Greenville, (a) May B. Camp- 
bell, Auburn, (3) Willie P. White, Montgomery. 

Kendrick, James Evans, physician, Luveme. 

1863, Hurtsboro; s. Aaron T. Kendrick, Luveme, and Eleanor Nesbitt; b. Dec. 
18, 1846; M. D., Mobile, 1869; Pres. Board of Censors, Ala. Med. Association, 1883-95; 
m. Fannie Riley, Leon, Crenshaw Co., March 3, x868. 

King, William Moses, planter, Greensboro. 

1864. Midway, Bullock Co.; s. Harvey King, Midway, and Sarah Alabama Bott; 
m. Marietta King, Mobile, June 19, 1890. 

1865] Graduates in Schools and Non-Graduates 203 

Labuzan, George M., lawyer. Mobile. 

1863, Mobile; a. C. R. Labuxan; b. August i6, 1847. 

Lacy, Frank H., New Orleans, La. 

1864, Mo&tgomeiy. 

Lampley, Harmon, planter and merchant, Eufaula. 

1863, EufauU; s. John M. Lampley, Eufaula, and Milly P. Warren; b. July 26, 
1849; m. Islay G. Reeves, Eufaula, Feb. 24, 1887. 

Lane, Alexander Oscar, lawyer, Birmingham. 

1863, Clayton; s. Alexander Lane, Eufaula, and Mary E. Phillips; b. Oct. 29, 
2848; Mayor of Birmingham four terms; m. Minnie Terry, Birmingham, May 6, 1875. 

Lapsley, John Byrd, salesman, Atlanta, Ga. 

1862, Selma; U. S. storekeeper and ganger; m. Martha Holt Butler, Jefferson ville, 
Ind., Dec. ai, 1881. 

Lett, H. H., (1864) 

Littlepage, James Epps, planter, Pushmataha. 

1864, Pushmataha; s. Robert Littlepage and Mary Ann Graham; m. Emma Ken- 
non McCall, De Sotoville, Dec. so, 2883. 

Lowman, G. F., ( 1864) 

Lowry, T. S., (1864) 

Mallory, Hugh Shepherd Darby, lawyer, Selma. 

1864, Alpine; s. James Mallory, Alpine, and Ann Maria Darby; b. Feb. 6, 2848; 
B. L., Univ. of Va., 1868; Mayor, Selma, 1885-87; Pres. Ala. Baptist Sute CouTention, 
2899 — ; m. Jacqueline Louisa Moore, Oct. 2$, 287a. 

"^Malloy, James, physician, Midway. 

2864, Midway; s. Duncan Malloy; M. D., U2iiy. of N. Y.; d. at Knozville, Tenn., 

Manning, James, 

2864, Montgomery; s. W. Manning; b. March 32, 2847. 

^Marshall, Benjamin Franklin, Mobile. 

286a, Mobile; s. Benjamin Franklin Marshall, Mobile, and Caroline Howard, of 
Columbus, Ga.; Student, Univ. of Va., studied medicine under Dr. Gilmore, Mobile; 
Member firm B. F. Marshall & Sons; Author of Mathematical work, "Vade Mecum;" 
d. Feb. so, 2878. 

Marshall, James A., 

2864, Columbus, Ga. 

♦May, William J., planter and merchant, Troy. 

2864, Troy; s. William L. May, China Grore, and Martha Dennis; Depy. Sheriff, 
Pike Co., 1880-84; d. about 2891. 

May, W. R., (1864) 

204 Record of Students [1S65 

McClung, Arthur H., lawyer, Carrolltoii. 

1864, Huntsrille; Regent Uiut. of Ala.; m. Mary Lee, Pickena Co. 

McGehee, Dabney Oswell, physician, Knoxville. 

x864> Gieene Co.; a. Zachexy McGehee, Ksoacville, and Eliaabeth Colvin; M. D., 
Mobile, 1873. 

McKeithen, Alexander, dvil engineer, Annistoo. 

1864, Robinaon Springa; a. Alexander McKeithen, Sr., and EUaabeth Scott, (im« 

McKenney, C. L., (1864) 

*McI-emore, Moses Joseph, planter, Heam, Tex. 

2863, Mt Meiga; a. Pleaaant W. McLemoie, Mt Meiga, and Martha Green; 
b. Not. 12, 1846; m. Hattie Carter, Mt. Meiga; d. at Greenville, Ala., 2885 or 1886. 

McLeod, Sidney, planter, Orion. 

1863, Orion; a. Norman McLeod; b. Jnlj 7, 184^ 

'*'McLester, Joseph, banker and merchant, Birmingham. 

1865, Northport; a. Jamea A. McLeater, Northport, . and Jane Simonton; A. B., 
Waahington and Lee, 1869; m. Nannie Somenrille, Carrollton, Miia., Not. 10, 1875; 
d. April 2$, 1895. 

♦McMath, William Malchijah, lawyer, G>lumbiana. 

1863, Montevallo; a. John D. McMath, Montevallo, and Martha A Thomaa; b. 
Feb. 17, 184S; Rep., Gen. Aaaem., Ala., 1876-77; m. Dmailla B. Meroney, MonteraOo, 
Dec. 2, 1870: d. Nov. s* 1878. 

♦McMillan, J. D., teacher and planter, 

1863, Wilcox Co.: b. March a, 1846; d. x886. 

McQueen, John Pleasant, planter, Montgomery. 

1863, Lowndeaboro; a. John D. McQueen, Jr., Lowndeaboro, and Martha M^ 
Lemore; b. Oct 7, 1846; m. Mary Lula Harria, Montgomery Co., May a3, 1877. 

Meriwether, Thomas George, accountant, Montgomery. 

1864, Montgomery; a. William L. Meriwether and Tabitha F. Baldwin; b. 
Sept. 28, 1846; m. Edna Turner Pierce, Marshall, Tex. 

Michael, R. M., (1864) 

Micou, Richard Wilde, minister, Theological Sem., Va. 

1864, Montgomery; a. William C. Micou, New Orleana, La., and Anna D. 
Thompson; A. M., 1892, Trinity CoL, Conn., D. D., 1894, Kenyon CoL, Ohio; Private, 
C. S. A., 1864; Rector of Epiicopal churchea in La., Penn. and Conn., 1870-92; Prof, 
of Systematic Divinity in Divinity School, i89a-98; Prof, of Systematic Divinity fal 
Va. Theolog. Sem., Alexandria, Va., 1898 — ; m. Mary Dunnica, New Orleans, La., 
May, 1872. 

Miller, Joseph Neely, lawyer, Camden. 

1864* AUenton; a. Rev. John Miller, D. D., and Sarah Pressby; b. July 14, 
1849; A. B., Erskine, 1869, A. M., 1877; U. S. District Atty. for So. Dist. of Ala., 
1893-97; Member Constitu. Conven., 1901; m. (i) Minnie Lee Bonner, Wilcox Co.» 
S^ 6, 1877, (a) Lina Tucker, Mobile, July a8, 1898. 

1865] Graduates in Schools and Non-Graduates 305 

Miller, William Haven, oflScer, U. S. Anny. 

1864, Tuscaloosa; s. William Miller, Ttucaloosa, and Olivia A. Bingham; b. 
Jan. 31, 1849; Graduate U. S. M. A., West Point, N. Y., x87a; now, xpox, Mtjor and 
Qtiartermaster, U. S. Army; m. Anna Abbott, Walla Walla, Washington, Nov. ao, 

Mitchell, Charles, (1864) 

Moffett, Henry P. 

2863, Columbus, Ga.; s. Henry Moffett; b. Aug. x8, 1846. 

Montgomery, Jesse Shivers, physician, Starkville, Miss. 

1863, Starkville, Miss.; s. Charles P. Montgomery, Starkville, and Caroline Briley 
Shivers; b. Nov. 27, 1846; A. B., x868, Univ. of Miss., M. D., 1873, Col. of P. & S. 
N. Y.; Rep., Gen. Assem., Miss., 1878-86; Health oflfioer, 1893-97; m. Joanna Bard- 
nell, Starkville, Miss., Nov. xx, X869. 

Moore, Ernest, planter and merchant, Belmont. 

1864, Dixon's Mills, Marengo Co.; s. Cornelius Moore, Texas, and Margaret 

Murfee, Edward Hunter, A. M., '84, educator, Asheville, N. C. 

X862, Boykin, Va.; s. James Wiles Murfee, Green Springs, and Margaret Ann Par- 
ker; b. Sept. 18, 1845; LL. D., Wake Forest CoL, N. C, and Bethel Col., Ky., X887; Pnn. 
School, Demopolis, 1867-69; Commandant Cadets, U. of Ala., 1871-7:1; Prof, of English, 
Union Univ., Murfreesboro, Tenn., x87a-73; Supt., Miss. MiL Inst, X873-85; Prof, 
of Math., Ark. Univ., X885-87; Pres. Ark. Univ., X887-94, A. C. F. CoL, Tuscaloosa, 
X894-1900; Greenville, S. C, Female Col., 1900-01, Asheville Sem., 1901 — ; m. Adella 
Otis Manning, West Point, Miss. 

Nance, T. H., ( 1864) 

♦Nash, Charles H., merchant, San Antonio. 

X864, New Orleans, La.; In business in New Orleans, health failed, moved to 
Tex.; d. about 1889. 

♦Neilson, Robert Hall, Tuscaloosa. 

X863, Tuscaloosa; s. Dr. John Hall Neilson, Tuscaloosa, and Mary Jane Har- 
grove; b. June 16, X846; Private in Miss. Cav. Co., C S. A.; m. Mattie C. House, 
Florence; d. June x8, x888. 

Neilson, Warren, merchant, Sherman. 

X864, Tuscaloosa; s. Robert Neilson, Tuscaloosa, and Charlotte Warren; b. Dec 
ax, X847; !&• Fannie Rogers, Sumter Co., Feb. 36, X874. 

Noble, John Edward, physician, Fannin, Miss. 

1864, Sylvarena, Miss.; s. Dr. E. Noble, Smith Co., Miss., and M. A. L. Gam- 
mage; M. D., J«rfferson Med. CoL, X887; Physician, Merchant and Planter; m. Florence 
R. Bender, Paulding, Miss., Nov. xs, X87X. 

Odom, J. B., (1864) 

ao6 Record of Students [1865 
Orr, Robert W. 

1863, Orrville; a. Jtmes F. Orr; b. Umj 4. 1S46. 

Owen, J. W. R., (1864) 

Pack, James F. 

1864, Mat ion; a. Jamea T. Pack, Spratto, and Rachel ; Clerk in P. O. 

and office of Reg. in Chancery, 2870. 

♦Park, Frank Hubert, planter and merchant, Jefferson, Tex. 

2864, Orion; s. Richard E. Park and Sarah Jane Carter; d. March, 2874. 

♦Park, Oscar Brantley, druggist, JeflFerson, Tex. 

2864, Orion; s. J. T. S. Park, Mexia, Tex., and Tabitha Ann Skinner; m. 
Willie Ola Caldwell, Feb. ao, 2876, Jefferaon, Tex.; d. 1886. 

Park, Robert, 

2864, Shuqualak, Miaa.; a. J. W. Park; b. Nov. 20, 2846. 

Patterson, Rice Theodore, planter, Demopolis. 

286), De2nopolia; a. Ira Patteraon and Lucretia Junt Alien; b. April 6, 2845. 

Pearscn, William Fletcher, physician, Oakdale, Oklahoma Ter. 

2864, Dadcyille; a. Ja2nes M. Pearaon, Dadeville, and Elizabeth Ann Brown, 
Madiaon, Ga.; Graduate V. M. I., 2872; M. D., Mobile, 2882; 2n. Nellie Calhoun, 
Howe, Tex., Oct. 27, 2895. 

Pennington, Francis Marion, planter and insurance, Troy. 

2863, Farriorville; a. Henry Pen22ington, Bnllock Co., and Rebecca Lovejoy; 
b. Nov. 6, 2845: Private, Co. F, 37th Ala. Reg., C S. A., 286a; Student Wake Foreat 
C(rf., N. C, 286s-€8; Lawyer, 2869-72; m. An2iie K. Mclntyre, Montgomery, 187a. 

Pennington, Josephus Aurelius, book-keeper, Qiarleston, S. C. 

2864, Farriorville, Bullock Co.; a. Henry Pennington, Bullock Co., and Rebecca 
Lovejoy; Planter in Pike Co., 2865-90; Inaurance Agent, Troy, 2890-98; 211. Lula Mc- 
Neill, Pi2ie Level, 2869. 


Phelan, James Powell, cotton broker, 

2863, Montgomery; a. Joaeph Phelan aiid Laura Powell Phelan; b. Jan. i, 1849; 
m. Caroline Chailea, Gree2iaboro, 2866 or '67; d. in New Orleana. 

Phelan, Sidney Marcellus, St. Louis, Mo. 

2864, Montgomery; a. Joaeph H. Phelan, Rockford, and Laura Powell; Merchant, 
New Orleana, 2868-92; Preaident "The A2nerican Credit Indeouiity Co.'* of New 
York, 2892 — . 

Phillips, Pierrepont, 

2863, Montgo22iery; a. C. Phillipa; b. May aa, 2848. 

Pierce, Nathaniel T. 

2864, Brookaville, Miaa.; a. J. H. Pierce; b. May 26, 1848 

1865] Graduates in Schools and Non-Graduates 207 

Ponder, John Floumoy, broker and real estate, Los Angeles, Cal. 

1864, Montgomery; b. Amos Floumoy Ponder, Montgomery, and Eliza Mildred 
Borders; Student, Washington and Lee, 1866-67; m. Susan Marr Toler, Los Angeles, 
CaL, Feb. 4, 1885. 

^Powell, Benjamin Franklin, planter, Selma. 

1864, Montgomery; s. Thomas Asbery Powell and Mary Ann Wiley; b. Sept 26, 
1850; m. Fannie J. Robbins, Choctaw Comer, Dec. x8, 1876; d. March a8, 1878. 

♦Powell, Marcellus Hutchinson, planter, Tyson. 

1864, Montgomery; s. William R. Powell and Sairah Frances Wiggington; b. 
Jan. 31, 1847; Private, C. S. A.; m. Sarah Boiling, Greenville, April 26, 1876; d. May 
16, x886, at Montgomery. 

Powell, Seneca Daniel, physician. New York. 

1864, Pine Apple; s. Augustus U. Powell, Lee Summit, Mo., and Emma Mob- 
ley; M. D., N. Y.; m. (i) Elizabeth Irwin. New York, (a) BeUe Wilson, New York. 

Powell, T. E., (1864) 

Prince, Sydney Trotter, lawyer. Mobile. 

1864, Bladen Springs; s. CoL T. McC. Prince, Choctaw Co., and Lucy Anthony 
Trotter; b. May so, 1847; and Lieut, and Acting Capt., C S. A.; Lieut.-Col. and 
Chief of staff under Major Gen. Whitney, A. S. T.; m. Helen Maria Rhodes, May 
so, 1873. 

♦Prince, William Terrell, planter, Tuscaloosa. 

1864-65, 1874-75, Tuscaloosa; s. Edmond Prince, Tuscaloosa, and Lavtnia Lane 
Terrell; d. May 8, 188 1. 

Pritchett, John Calvin, planter, Camden. 

1864, Camden; s. William James Pritchett, Camden, and Harriett Sellers; b. 
Vkb. a8, 1848; Student, Univ. of Vs., 1867-68; Sheriff, Wilcox Co., 1877-80; m. Ida 
Jones, Oak Hill, 1872. 

Prowell, William J., lumber dealer. East Lake. 

1863, Dayton; s. William J. Pro%rell and Sarah Elizabeth Pickering; b. May 
as, 1846; m. Margaret Jemison, of Tuscaloosa, at Columbus, Miss., Nov. 19, x868. 

Ratchford, William M., merchant. La Fayette. 

1863, La Fajrette; s. M. C. Ratchford; b. Nov. 5, 1847. 

Reeves, J., (1864) 

Relfe, M. S., (1864) 

Reynolds, Thomas J. 

1863, Mt. Meigs; b. July 26^ 1847. 

Robinson, E. M., (1864) 

Robinson, W. B., (1864) 

Rodgers, G. D., lawyer, Tuskegee. 

1864, Perote; s. G. A. Rodgers, Perote, and Mary Ann Rumph; b. Dec x6, 
1847; Rep., Gen. Assem., Ala., 1876-77; m. Mary Lou Stafford, Tuskegee, Dec. 7, 1876. 

ao8 Record of Students [1865 

R0SS4 William Gaines, planter and merchant, Laurens, S. C. 

1864, Phoenix, S. C; s. Willis Roat, Phoenix, S. C, mnd Elizm A. Riuhton; 
b. May a8, 1848. 

"^Rosser, Benjamin Fletcher, Tuscaloosa. 

1864, Tuscaloosa; s. Benjamin Rosser, Jr., Tuscaloosa Co., and Elizabeth Ray; 
b. Aug. a, 1847; d. Aug. 10, 1866. 

Saffold, Peyton Bibb, minister, Montgomery. 

1864, Montgomery; a. Joseph Phillips Saffold, Montgomery, and Frances Elvira 
Bibb; b. Oct 25, 1847; Minister, M. £. Church, South, 1871-80; Pastor, Ala. Con- 
ference, 1872-7^ Tex. Confer., 1876-80; Lawyer and Newspaper Work, Georgetown, 
Tex., i88a-97; Minister, Interdenominational, 1897 ; m. Mrs. Laura Morse {nge 

McDaniel), Georgetown, Tex., Nov. 29, i88a. 

Saint, Joseph Pinckney, merchant, Centreville, La. 

1863, Suggsville, Clarke Co.; s. James Henry Saint, Covington, La., and Julia 
Ann Pogue; b. Oct. 8, 1S46; Private, C S. A., (Drill Master); m. Angella Gary, 
Centerville, La., Feb. 24, 1S76. 

Sanders, George Washington, planter, Humphrey. 

1863, Tuscaloosa; s. John Sanders, Jr., Tuscaloosa, and Mary Windham; b. 
Sept 16, 1847; m. Rebecca C. Hyche, 1876. 

Sasnett, Boiling Hall, minister, Atlanta, Ga. 

1864, Auburn; s. William J. Sasnett, Sparta, Ga., and Sarah Helen Hall; b. 
May 30, 1848; A. B., Emory CoL, Ga.; D. D., Rutherford Col., N. C, 1899; Pastor, 
M. E Churches, South, at Macon, Atlanta, Grifl&n, West Point, Perry, SandersviUe, 
Ga.; m. Mary B. Burke, Macon, Ga., Feb. 12, 1873. 

Schroeder, Gilliat, cotton business. New York. 

1863, Mobile; a. Henry A. Schroeder; b. April 43, 1847. 

Scott, John E., (1864) 

Seawell, Richard Bullock, planter, Marion. 

1864, Marion; s. L. H. Seawell, Marion, and Mary Perry; b. Aug., 1849; 
Student at Howard Col. 

♦Shelman, John Green, planter, Cecil. 

1864, Mt. Meigs, Montgomery Co.; s. John Andrew Shelman, Mt. Meigs, and 
Sophia Thompson Green; b. Oct. 8, 1846; Private, C. S. A.; Teacher at Mt. Meigs, 
1870-71; m. Mary Caroline Manning, Mathews, Oct 15, 1879; <1* I^ec. a, 1898. 

♦Shepard, Jackson Joseph, engineer and physician, Dadeville. 

1864, Dadeville; s. Philip M. Shepard, Dadeville, and Maria Louise Fielder; 
M. D., College unknown, 1871; Private, C S. A.; Prin., Dadeville High School, 
1872-85; Teacher, Civil Engineer and Physician; m. Alice R. Pearson, April, 1868; 
d. Jan. xo, X89X. 

♦Siler, Quintus Park, merchant, Troy. 

X864, Orion; s. Solomon Siler, Orion, and Jane Owen, Glenn Park; m. Miriam 
Alice Dean, Pike Co., Jan. 6, 1870; d. Aug. is, 1885. 

Simpson, M. E., (1864) 

1865] Graduates in Schools and Non-Graduates 209 

♦Slater, James A., Mobile. 


1864, ChocUw Co.; d. July ag, 2898. 

Slaughter, C. W., , Tex. 

1863, Auburn. 

♦Smith, Albert Alexander, merchant. Honey Grove, Tex. 

1864, McKinley, Marengo Co.; s. Dr. J. E. Smtth, Mansfield, La., and Violet 
R. Alexander; attended Univ. of Mias., 1866; m. Nannie Erwin, Honey Grove, Tex., 
April, 1885; d. April 15, i8s>o. 

♦Smith, Henry Lewis, planter, Lowndesboro. 

1863, Lowndesboro; s. Hartwell V. Smith, M. D., and Lewis; b. 

Sept. 24, 1846; Rep., Gen. Assem., Ala., 1878-80; m. (i) Miss Cook, of Va., (2) 
Mattie Russell; d. 1885. 

Smith, Irvin, planter, Millers Ferry. 

1864, Canton Bend, Wilcox Co.; s. Daniel Smith and Amelia Irving. 

Smith, James Brown, planter, Booth. 

1863, Prattville; s. William Dixon Smith, Sr., and Sarah McLean; b. Feb. 21, 
1846; m. Mary Lamar. 

♦Smith, J. D., Tuskegee. 

1864, Tuskegee; ist Lieut., C. S. A.; killed in battle in 1865. 

Smith, Thomas P., ( 1864) 

♦Smith, William C, Midway. 

1863, Midway; s. William C. Smith; b. Oct. ii, 1845; d. at Univ. of Ga., 1866. 

♦Smith, Washington Parker, Selma. 

1863, Selma; s. Washington M. Smith, belma, and Susan R. Parker; b. Nov. 8, 
1848; d. 18 — . 

Sneed, J. S., ( 1864) 

♦Soule, George Thomas, lawyer and teacher. Pine Bluff, Ark. 

1863, Gainesville; s. M. Soule and Virginia Hutchins; b. March 24, 1847; 
d. Nov., 1900. 

♦Stallworth, James Adams, Evergreen. 

1864, Evergreen; s. James Adams Stallworth and Harriett Emeline Crosby; 
b. Oct, 1847; 1st Lieut., C. S. A.; d. at Univ. of Va., Nov., 1866. 

Stephens, R. H., ( 1864) 

Stephens, T. A., ( 1864) 

Stevens, W. E., (1864) 

Stewart, A. C, ( 1864) 

Stewart, R. W., (1864) 

Stewart, W. H., (1864) 


2IO Record of Students L^^5 

Stone, Henry Lewis, physician and planter, Montgomery. 

i86a, Montgomery; s. Burton W. Stone and Caroline S. Whetstone; b. June 
^4, 1846; M. D., Univ. of Md., x868; m. Willie E. Frazter. Hontgomerj Co., Nor. 
z8, 1869. 

Strother, Joseph Eugene, planter. Canton Bend. 

1863, Canton Bend; a. George H. Strother, Canton Bend, and Mary Ann Bltw; 
b. Oct 2Z, 184^; m. Anna Eliza Alford, Canton Bend, Dec. x6, 1870. 

Strother, Tobe Clarence, physician. Canton Bend. 

1864, Canton Bend; a. George H. Strother and Mary Ann Blue; M. D., Tulaae, 
1869; d. May 8, 1874. 

Stubbs, T. J., East Lake. 

1863, Spring Hill; b. July 38, 1846. 

Styron, James Arthur, merchant, Cleburne, Tex. 

1863, Macon Station, Marengo Co.; s. A. D. Styron, Dayton, and D. H. 
Jamieaon; b. Jan. 14, 1846; Sec and Treaa., Dickson Hardware and Fur. Co.; Lieat- 
Col., and Texas Inf., Spanish War; now C6L of 4th Reg., T. V. G.; m. (i) Annie 
Hathaway Gunn, Cleburne, Tex., (j) Mary R. Gunn, Cleburne, Tex., (3) Esther A. 
Butner, Oebume, Tex. 

♦Summers, Thomas Osmond, Jr., physician, St. Louis, Mo. 

1864, Tuscaloosa; s. Thomas O. Summers, D. D., LL, D., and Sexton; 

A. B., Sou. Uniy., Greensboro, M. D., College unknown; Prof. Chem., Sou. Univ., 
Greensboro; Prof. Med. Dept., Vanderbilt Univ.; Clergyman, M. E. Church, South; 
d. about 1898. 

Swift, John M., , Fla. 

1864, Summerfield. 

Thompson, J. S., Little Rock, Ark. 

1863, Spring Hill, Marengo Co.; b. June ao, 1847. 

Thorington, William Sewell, lawyer. University. 

1863, Montgomery; s. Jack Thorington and Mary Lord Parker; b. July 30, 
1847; City Attorney, Montgomery; Judge Advocate Gexieral; Trustee, Univ. of Ala.; 
Associate Justice, Supreme Court; Dean of Law Faculty, U. of Ala., 1897 — ; m. 
Wilella Chilton, Montgomery, Oct. 24, 1867. 

*Tipton, Frank, physician, Selma. 

1864, Selma; s. John Tipton, Selma, and Elizabeth Tarver; M. D., New 
Orleans, 1870; m. (i) Gertrude Riggs, Selma, 1871, (a) Mary Lewis, Marengo Co., 
Z885; d. X89J. 

Toney, Sterling H., lawyer, Louisville, Ky. 

1864, Barbour Ca 

Townsend, Albert Henry, Houston, Tex. 

1864, Pine Level; s. Albert Washington Townsend and Mary McNeil; General 
Manager of Singer Sewing Machine Co.; m. Virginia G. Dickson, Pine LeveL 

1865] Graduates in Schools and Non-Graduates 211 

Townsend^ George Washington, minister, Montgomery. 

1863, Montgomery; t. Albert Washington Townsend, Montgomery, and Mary 
McNeil; b. Sept ay, 1846; Student, Sou. Bap. Theolog. Sem., Louisville, Ky., 1895-96; 
Lawyer, 1867-91, since then Baptist Minister, ordained March 24, 1891; organized 
West Montgomery Baptist Church, and its Pastor, 1891-95; Evangelist, 1895 — ; m. 
Emmie Alsop, May x6, x88s. 

Trotter, Alexander Washington, lawyer, Shubuta, Miss. 

1864, Quitman, Miss.; s. William Brandua Trotter, Quitman, Miss., and 
Elizabeth Lee Terrell; b. March xs, 1847. 

Tupper, W. D., (1864) 

Tumipseed, David Columbus, planter, Flora. 

1864, Line Creek, Montgomery Co.; s. William Tumipseed and Edith Ryals; 
b. April s6, 1846; Private, C S. A.; m. (x) Orlenia Elizabeth Owen, Dec 19, 1877, 
(a) Emma Lillian Scarbrough, Dec. ss, 1896. 

Tutt, L. C, Fannin, Miss. 

X864, Marion; s. L. C. Tutt, Marion, and Matilda Jones; Clerk, Probate Office, 
Perry Co., 1867-68; Planter in Perry Co., then Saw-mill Operator in Fannin, Miss. 

*Tyson, Winton Lowndes, physician, Lowndesboro. 

1863, Lowndesboro; s. Archibald Tyson and Sarah Jane Warren; b. Feb. i, 
X847; d. June 7, x88o. 

Ulmer, Oliver Cromwell, accountant, Butler. 

X864, Butler, Choctaw Co.; s. CoL Isaac B. Ulmer, Butler, and Abby Johxwon 
Cromwell; b. Aug. ss, 1848; County Commissioner, 1874-76; U. S. Commissioner, 
Sou. DisL of Ala., x 894-96; County Tax Commissioner, 1897—; Merchant, 1869-83, 
now Surveyor and Expert Accountant; m. Sadie Tankersley, Livingston, Sept. S9, 1869. 

Vaughan, J. R., (1864) 

Violett, Atwood, cotton merchant, New York. 

1864, New Orleans, La.; s. William A. Violett, New Orleans, and Penelope A. 
Oldham; b. Feb. X9, 1847; Pxivate, Ftelham Cadets, C S. A.; m. Olga Quintell, 
New Orleans. 

♦Virgin, Samuel Hahnemann, physician, Macon, Ga. 

1864, Montgomery; s. Samuel Stanley Virgin, Macon, Ga., and Sarah Ellis; 
m, Isabel Weems, Macon, Ga., Feb. 9, x87x; d. OcL s8, x88o. 

♦Walker, J. N., (1864) 

Walker, R. I., (1864) 

Walker, R. T., (1864) 

*Ware, William Robert, Montgomery. 

1863, Montsomcfr; i. Janie* A. Ware and Jaae Stokei; b. Feb, 23, 1847; d. 
Jan., 1868. 

Waring,;. W., 

X863, Mobile; s. Moses Waring; b. Febi 14, 1848. 

ai2 Record of Students [1865 

Warren, L. F., ( 1864) 

Watkins, W. B., (1864) 

♦Westmoreland, Clough Watson, dentist, Columbus, Miss. 

1 86a, Pleasant Ridge, Gieene Co.; a. William G. Westmoreland, Columbus, 
and Mary Ann Harris; b. June i, 1845; D. D. S., Bait. Dent Col.; m. Ella B. Bishop, 
1873; d. 1874. 

Westmoreland, William Wallace, dentist, Columbus, Miss. 

1863, Pleasant Ridge; s. William G. Westmoreland, Columbus, Miss., and 
Mary Ann Harris; b. Sept. 20, 1846; D. D. S., Bait. Dent. Col., 1869; m. Mary 
Fannie Jones, Mexico, Mo., June 10, 1873. 

Wilkes, W^illiam Lafayette, fruit grower, Spring Hill, Tenn. 

1863, Aberdeen, Miss.; s. William B. Wilkes, Aberdeen, Miss., and Sallie Ann 
Short; b. July 6, 1846; Margurette Helen Bond, Spring Hill, Tenn., Oct. la, 1871. 

Williams, John Johnson, planter. Curl Station. 

1864, Pushmataha, Choctaw Co.; s. J. J. Williams, Pushmataha, and Kate A. 
Williams; m. Virginia Isabella Moody, Choctaw Co., Dec. 3, 1874. 

Williamson, R. B., (1864) 

Willingham, John Woodford, merchant and planter, Tuscaloosa. 

1 86a, Tuscaloosa; s. William Willingham, TusoUoosa, and Jane Willingham; 
m. Martha Angaline Thompson, Tuscaloosa Co. 

Willis, W. E., (1864) 

*Wimberly, Bartow, merchant, Greenville. 

1864, Evergreen; s. Mack Wimberly and Roselie Longley; b. 1848; Rep., Gen. 
Assem., Ala.; m. (i.) Mollie Owen, Butler Co., 1867, (a) Eucala Winston, Auburn, 
1890; d. Sept., 1891. 

Wimberly, T. P. 

1863, Loachapoka, Lee Co.; s. L. T. Wimberly; b. Dec. 30, 1845. 

Wimberly, W. W., (1864) 

Windham, B., ( 1864) 

*Witherspoon, William Thomas, planter, Tuscaloosa. 

1862, Tuscaloosa; s. Samuel Dayton Witherspoon and Jeanette Emaline Dobbin; 
d. at Macon, Miss., Sept. 7, 1871. 

Wofford, A. S. 

1863, Pleasant Ridge, Greene Co. 

Woodruff, Chives David, cashier, Anniston. 

1863, Gainesville; s. Silas Woodruff, Alexandria, and Judith Rhodes; Cashier, 
Anniston Nat. Bank; m. Hessie St Clair Whitsitt, Gainesville, Nov. 14, 187a. 

*Woodruff, Zachary Taylor, physician, Vicksburg, Miss. 

1864, Tuscaloosa; s. David Woodruff, Tuscaloosa, and Eliza Antoinette BeH; 
b. June 17, 1847; M. D., Tulane Univ., 1868; Student, V. M. I., 1863-64; City Physi- 
cian, Vicksburg, Miss.; d. at Tuscaloosa, July 17, 1878. 

1870] Graduates in Schools and Non-Graduates 313 

Woolverton, William Hand, merchant, Enterprise, Miss. 

1864, Enterprise, Miss.; a. Thomas Woolverton and Mary Home Hand; b. Oct 
18, 1847; m. (x) Winnie G. Tolson, Enterprise, Miss., Jan. 29, 1873, (2) Pearl Hol- 
man, Camden, Ala., Sept. as, 1875; d. Jan. a8, 1883. 

Young, J. D., (1864) 

Youngblood, Addison Patillo, merchant, Nashville, Tenn. 

1862, Union Springs; s. P. H. Youngblood, Union Springs, and Martha Keener; 
b. March xi, 1844; "t Lieut., Forrest's Cav., C S. A.; Law Student, Univ. of Va.; 
Wbolesak Flour Dealer; m. Mary Adelaide Wimbish, LaGrange, Ga. 

The University buildings were destroyed by Federal troops in 186$. Academic 
exercises were resumed in 1869. By a Resolution of the Board of Trustees, adopted 
some years afterwards, all students who withdrew from the University to enter the 
Confederate Army, or who were in attendance when the buildings were destroyed im 
1865, were declared to be Graduates of the University. 

1870. Graduates in Schools and Non-Graduates 
Baker, J. D. 

2869, Tuscaloosa; b. 1853. 

♦Barge, Thomas Bayne, planter, Monterey. 

1869, Monterey; s. Dr. Edward Webb Barge and Minerva Dorinda Trawcek; 
h. Aug. 19, 1853; Student, V. M. L, i87x-7a; m. Annie Maria Bjrthewood, Monterey, 
Dec. 23, 1874; d. Dec. as, X890. 

Barnard, Mathew LaFayette, planter, Howell's Cross Roads. 

1870, Howell's Cross Roads, Cherokee Co.; m. Julia May, Jan. 7, 1883. 

Bates, Asa Sherman, accountant, Macon, Ga. 

X870, Columbus, Ga.; s. Asa Bates, Columbus, Ga., and Caroline Reid; b. 1853; 
Accountant, with Central Ga. Land and Lumber Co.; m. Mary M. Clancy, Macon, Ga., 
Dec 5, X877. 

Beard, James Pickett, planter, Guntersville. 

1870, Guntersville; s. Arthur Campbell Beard, Guntersville, and Pheriba Jane 
Moore; b. Sept. X9, 1850; Treas., Marshall Co., x 880-88. 

Bell, Oscar Raymond, lawyer, Winthrop, Ark. 

X870, Chulafinne; s. Middleton R. Bell, Clebume Co., and Charity C David; 
b. July 3, X851; U. S. Commissioner, North, and Mid. Dtst., Ala., 1876-79; m. Bettie 
Edwards, Etowah Co., Mareh 4, x88o. 

Bradford, Thomas, lawyer, Centre! 

X870, Centre, Cherokee Co.; s. James Bradford, Centre, and Margaret A. 
McRae; LL. B., Cumberland Univ., Lebanon, Tenn., X873; Reg. in Chanc, Cherokee 

Co., X884-89, X893-98; Probate Judge, X889-93; Convict Inspector, 190X ; nL 

Louisa C. Wills, Fayette, Mo., May x8, 1874. 

Bradford, William, physician and druggist, Cedartown, Ga. 

1870, Centre, Cherokee Co.; s. James Bradford, Centre, and Margaret Ann 
McRae; M. D., Mobile Med. CoL. x87s; Private, C. S. A.; Mayor of Cedartown; m. 
Leahnora Walker, Cave Springs. Ga., Nov., 1873. 

a 14 Record of Students l^^To 
Brott, C. S. 

1870, New Orleam, La. 

Bulger, Pierce, 

1870, Wetumpka; s. W. C Bulger; b. 1853. 

Butler, W. G. 

1870, Howell's Crow Roads, Cherokee Co. 

Calhoun, William Henry, teacher and planter, Abbeville. 

1869, Kings, Henry Co.; s. L. G. Calhoun, Bangs, and Caroline E. Scott, 
Enfaula; b. 185a; Supt. Education, Henry Co., 1880-83; Sec, Board of Examiners, 
Henry Co.; m. (i) Martha Newtie Peterman, ShorterriUe, Sept. 30, x88o, (a) Tina 
Lucas Bush, Feb. a, 1897. 

♦Cheney, William Bozier, R. R. conductor, Montgomery. | 

1869, Montgomery; s. John Martin Cheney and Augusta Bellinger; b. 1853; m. 
Smithie Dodson, Opelika, Dec. a2, 1875; d. April 6, x88i. 

♦Denny, Thomas Willard, merchant, Sug^ville. 

1869, Jackson; s. Dr. Andrew Denny, Jackson, and Amanda Chapman; b 
1851; d. Oct, 1873. 

Dearman, Joseph Jones, planter, Jacksonville. 

2869, Jacksonville; a. John A. Dearman, JacksouTUle, and Mary McMahon; 
b. X851; m. Judy Virginia Leach. 

Dick, Meshack, lumber business, River Falls. 

1869, Tuskegee; s. William Marcus Dick, Dick's Cieek, and Elisa BeU; 
b. 185a; m. Martha Howard. 

♦Donoho, John Monroe, Tuscaloosa. 

1869, Tuscaloosa; s. Monroe Donoho, Tuscaloosa, and Annie Elisa Glascock; 
b. March a$, xSsa; d. Aug. ao, 1870. 

Flowers, W. H. 

1870, Demopolis; s. S. A. Flowers; b. 1853. 

♦Fowler, H. M., Ashville. 

1870, Ashville; s. H. Fowler; b. 1850; d. 287 — . 

Golson, C. 

1870, Troy; b. 185a. 

Haralson, Charles H. 

Z870, Selma; a. W. B. Haralson; b. 1851. 

Harwood, Ashfield Bascomb, teacher, Fletcher. 

1869, Uniontown; s. William H. Harwood* Wilson's Landing, Va., and Ra- 
becca L. Christian; b. June 30, 1849; Private, Co. D, 3rd. Va. Car., C S. A.; tt. 
Sallie Boxeman, Orrville, Oct. a6. 1878. 

1870] Graduates in Schools and Non-Graduates 215 

♦Horton, William Preston, lawyer. Fort Payne. 

1870, Lebanon; s. Jesse B. Horton, Lebanon, and Eliza Jane McCurdy; b. 
1848; Prin., Andrew's Institute; m. Malinda Caroline Petty, CollinsviUe, Aug., 
1874; d. Feb. 28, 1879. 

Howell, James, cotton buyer, Pine Bluff, Ark. 

1869, Howell's Cross Roads; s. George W. Howell; Post Master at Centre; m. 
Mary Sparks, Centre. 

Kendrick, M. A. 

1869, Brierfield; s. P. A. Kendrick; b. 1851. 

Mahan, M. H. 

1869, Brierfield; s. J. W. Maban; b. 1850. 

Maury, Edward Fountaine, butcher, Macon, Miss. 

1869, Shuqualak, Miss.; s. James W. Maury, Wabalak, Miss., and Rachael K. 
Harris; b. May 27, 1852; Student, Univ. of Miss., 1870-72; Clerk at Bronson, Fla., 
1884-85; Merchant at Wahalak, Miss., 1886-90; Cattle and Butcher business; m. Mary 
L. Shelton, Macon, Miss., Feb. 15, 1877. 

♦Maury, Matthew Henry, Wahalak, Miss. 

1869, Shuqualak, Miss.; s. James W. Maury, Wahalak, Miss., and Rachael K. 
Harris; b. April 19, 1854; Student, Univ. of Miss., 1870-72; Owner of Gin, Grist and 
Saw Mill; m. Virginia J. Gathright, Gholson, Miss., Dec. 24, 1875; d. Dec. 16, z888. 

McGhee, Elbert Trinity, merchant, Rome, Ga. 

1870. Centre, Cherokee Co.; s. James McGhee, Centre, and Susan Crouch; b. 
Oct. 8, 1847; Cotton Merchant and Fertilizer Agent; Sec of State Mutual Life 
and Annuity Association, of Rome, Ga.; m. Emma J. Glover, Rome, Ga. 

McPherson, C. 

1870, Bibb Co. 

Morrow, William Chambers, author and journalist, San Fran- 
cisco, Cal. 

1869, Evergreen; s. William Chambers Morrow, Evergreen, and Martha McCreary; 
4>. 1853; Student, Howard CoL; Author of "Bohemian Pairs of To-day," "The Ape, 
the Idiot and Other People," "A Man, his Mark," etc.; m. Lida Haughton, San 
Jose, Calif. 

Mullien, J. F. 

1869, Andalusia; b. 1849. 

Osborne, S. P. 

1869, Tuscumbia; s. H. Osborne; b. 1853. 

Osborne, T. IJ. 

1870, Tuscumbia. 

Otey, James H., Uniontown. 

1870, Uniontown. 

2i6 Record of Students [^^70 

Plowman, George Harden, lawyer, Dallas, Tex. 

1869, Talladega; s. George P. Plowman, Talladega, and Agatha Tennessee 
Scales, Franklin, Tenn.; b. 1850; LL. B., Harrard, 1872; m. (i) Laura Worth McClel- 
Ian, Talladega, Sept. 14, 1874, (2) Estelle Hunt, Riesel, Tex., Noy. 29, 1899. 

*Roper, Joseph Fletcher, lawyer, Montgomery. 

1869, Prattville; s. Joseph F. Roper, Rocky Mount, and Margaret H. McEwen; 
b. Dec. 13, 1848; Agent, Daniel Pratt Gin Co., 1872; Asst. Clerk, Supreme Court. 
1872; Clerk, Circuit Court, Autauga Co., 1873-78; Mayor, Columbia, Henry Co., 
1886-87; U. S. Commissioner, 1881-94; Hardware Merchant, Columbia, 1887-91; m. 
Kate A. Miller, Tuscaloosa, Sept. 12, 1872; d. Feb. 13, 1894. 

Rutherford, Vivian A., teacher, Miami, Fla. 

1869, Union Springs; b. 1850. 

Sanford, S. R. 

1870, Eljrton. 

Scott, J. J. 

1869, Guntersville; b. 1850. 

♦Shelton, Alexander Barrett, merchant, Macon, Miss. 

1869, Shuqualak, Miss.; s. Dr. J. J. Shelton, Macon, Miss., and Annie Malone; 
b. Aug. 21, 1849; m. Delia A. Samuel, Corinth, Miss., March 15, 1876; d. May 25, 

Smith, C. B. 

1870, Courtland. 

Smith, J. D. 

1870, Brierfield. % 

Smith, W. A. 

1869, Courtland; s. G. A. Smith; b. 1850. 

Stearns, H. D. 

1870, Mobile. 

Thurston, Theodore A., merchant, Huntsville, 

1869, Huntsville; b. 1852. 

*Traweek, Thomas William, planter and merchant, Monterey. 

1869, Monterey; s. William Henry Traweek and Sallie Yeldell; b. March 7, 
1852; m. Margery Luckie, Monterey, Butler Co., Dec. a2t 1874; d. Sept. sa, 1892. 

Vandiver, J. T. 

1869, Ho well's Cross Roads. 

Wilson, John Marshall, Grove Hill. 

1869, Grove Hill; s. Jack R. Wilson, Grove Hill, and Sallie liarshall; b. 1851; 

Cadet, U. S. Mil. Acad., West Point, 1870-72; Probate Judge, Clarke Co.. 1880 ; 

m. Fannie Mayer, Lower Peach Tree, Oct. 31, 1877. 

1871] Graduates in Schools and Non*Graduates 217 

1871. Graduates in Schools and Non-Graduates 

Harton, John Barclay, physician, Kennedy. 

1870, Kennedy, Lamar Co.; a. Greene Thomas Harton, and Mary Ann Barclay; 
m. Mary Jane Williams. Etawamba Co., Miss. 

McCullum, William J. 

1870, Fayette Co. 

McConnell, Joseph 

1870, Fayette Co. 

Munsell, Charles, publisher, Albany, N. Y. 

1870, Albany, N. Y.; s. Joel Munsell, Albany, N. Y., and Jane Bigelow; b. 
Dec. 29, 185a: Book-binder and Publisher; m. Sarah Cornelia ICnower, Albany, N. Y. 

♦Phillips, William Randolph, clerk. Pilot Point, Tex. 

1870, Fayette, C. H.; s. Preston Bums Phillips, Pilot Point, Tex., and Orlena 
Jane McDonald; b. Jan. i, 1855; m. Ida Skinner, Pilot Point, Tex., Nov. 4, 1885; 
d. 189 — . 

Reed, Benjamin Franklin, physician, Vernon. 

1870, Lamar Co.; s. William Henry Reed, Fernbank, and Elizabeth Lauhon; 
b. Nov. 22, 1845; A. B., Sou. Univ., M. D., Mobile; Corporal, Co. B, 8th Ala. Cav., 
C. S. A.; Supt. of Educa., Lamar Co., 1882-86; Prin., Vernon High School, 1883-85; 
Merchant, 1885-87; m. Glorvinia Elvira Rush, Vernon, May si, 1876. 

Richards, Jarvis, 

1869, Tuscaloosa; 9. J. D. Richards. 

Rush, Joseph D., physician and druggist, Apalachicola, Fla. 

1870, Laxapalila, Lamar Co.; s. William P. Rush, Vernon, and Emily Coons; 
b. March 7, 1847; A. B., Southern Univ., M. D., Mobile; County Health Officer^ 
1886- 1 900; Pres. Fla. Med. Assoc., 1894-95; U. S. Contract Surgeon, Marine Hospital, 
Apalachicola, 1886 ; m. Mattie A. Scull, Columbus, Miss., June 13, 1876. 

Searcy, Green Arlington, teacher, Lawrenceville. 

1869, Lawrenceville; s. John G. Searcy, Bush, and Kate Pinkerton; m. Hanson 
Anderson, Bush, Jan. 3, 1891. 

♦Smith, David Dixon, lawyer, Birmingham. 

1870, Wedowee, Randolph Co.; s. William Hugh Smith and Lucy William 
Wortham; b. Dec. 6, 1852; d. July 4, 1891. 

Smith, William Easby, electrician, Virginia Beach, Va. 

1870, Tuscaloosa; s. Hon. William Russell Smith, Washington, D. C, and 
Wilhelmine Maria Easby; b. Oct. 2, 1856, Washington, D. C; Telephone Expert for 
U. S.; m. Mary Agnes Boyle, of Tuscaloosa, at Philadelphia, Pa., Dec. 20, i88a. 

♦Smith, William Russell, Jr., lawyer and editor. Carbon Hill. 

1870, Tuscaloosa; s. Hon. William Russell Smith, Washington, D. C, and Mary 
Jane Murray; b. July so, 1853, at Fayette; m. Florence Livinia Smith, Houston, 
Winston Co., Oct. a, x88x; d. March 30, 1898. 

2i8 Record of Students [1872 

Wilson, Colbert, 

1870, Fayette Co. 

NoTX. There is no record preserved at the Uniyersity for the session 1870-71. 
Some of the above names were famished from memory by several different parties. 
The whole list was carefally revised by Mr. D. F. Robertson, of Columbus, Miss., 
who was a student from 1870-72. He states that he thinks it is now approximately 

1872. Graduates with Titled Degrees 

*Bradfield, George Hamilton, A. B., A. M., '74, Birmingham. 

187 1, Uniontown, Perry Co.; s. Dr. John Bradfield and Emily Perkins; b. Aus. 
31, 1853; d. March 3, 1893. 

King, John Warren, A. B., physician and druggist, Vicksburg, 

1871, Vicksburg, Miss.; s. J. W. King, Vicksburg, Miss., and S. E. Lane; b. 
Dec. 33, 1853; M. D., Jefferson Med. Col., Penn., 1875; >&• Helen J. Miller, Wheeling, 
W. Vs., Feb. 8, 188a. 

1872. Graduates in Schools and Non-Graduates 
Andrews, Tunstall, Los Angeles, Cal. 

1 87 1, Greensboro; s. Henry Andrews and Hattie Croom; b. Nov. i, 1854; cob- 
nected with Los Angeles St. Rway. Co.; m. Annie B. Hill, Livingston, 1877. 

Anthony, James Francis, 

187X, Tuscaloosa; b. June a8, 1853. 

♦Baldwin, William Owen, lawyer, Union Springs. 

187X1 Fitzpatrick; s. Philip B. Baldwin, Fitspatrick, and Martha Ann Thomp- 
son; b. Jan. 29, 1855; Mayor, Union Springs, 1883; m. Ida Williams; d. Oct., 1883. 

♦Battle, Alfred, planter, Sherman. 

187 1, Tuscaloosa; s. William A. Battle, Gurley, and Susannah Clay Withers; 
b. Jan. 9, 18s J ; m. Jennie A. Bealle, Tuscaloosa, Oct. 3, 1874; d. in Pickens co., 
March, 1884. 

Bibb, William George, physician, Montgomery. 

1871, Montgomery; s. Col. Joseph B. Bibb and Martha Dandridge Bibb; b. 
Jan. J5, 1854; M. D., Vanderbilt, 1877, and Bellevue Hosp. Med. Col., 1878; Prof. 
Materia Med. and Therapeutics, Univ. of Tenn.; City Physician, Montgomery, 
1890-98; m. Susie Dunlap Porter, Nashville, June 25, 1878. 

♦Bowdon, Franklin Welsh, Jr., lawyer, Talladega. 

1871, Talladega; s. Franklin Welsh Bowdon and Sarah Elizabeth Chilton; b. 
Sept. 17, 1854; Student, U. S. MiL Acad., 1872-73; Rep., Gen. Assem., Ala. Leg., 
1878-79; elected State Senator, 1886; Presidential Elector, 1884; d. Sept. 8, 1886. 

♦Bunkley, Gordon Sanford, Opelika. 

1 871, Fitzpatrick, Bullock Co.; s. Gordon Sanford Bunldey, Montgomery, and 
Lucinda Morris Keene; b. Feb. 35, 1856; d. May 6, 1878. 

1872] Graduates in Schools and Non-Graduates 219 

Bush, William Mangum, merchant, Uniontown. 

1872, Uniontown; ■. William Bush and Malinda Finch; b. Oct. 34, 185a. 

♦Carpenter, Perry Hemdon, lawyer, Birmingham. 

187 1, Mobile; s. John Newsom Carpenter, Birmingham, and Amelia Rosalie 
Crenshaw; Grad., V. M. I.; Ckrk, City Court of Birmingham, 1882-87; m. Genevieye 
Brittain, Birmingham, 1880; d. Jan. ax, 1892. 

Conoley, William Noel, minister, St. Louis, Mo. 

187X, Selma; s. Judge John F. Conoley and Mary E. Pitts; Captain's Clerk, U. 
S. Navy, 1875-77; Post Master, Tampa, Fla., 1897-98; Evangelist, M. E. Church, 
South; m. Lucy Hammerly Madison, Madison Co., Fla., Oct. 7, x88o. 

Devan, William Oscar, planter, Arlington. 

X87X, Clifton, Wilcox Co.; s. Benjamin Deran and Mary Ann Watldns; b. 
Sq>t. X9, X853; m. Ida Golson, Summerfield, 1875. 

Efurd, John W., planter, Louisville. 

X871, Barbour Co.; s. Giles C Efurd and Martha C Collins; b. X854; m. 
Mary A. Stephens, Louisville, Nov. x8, 1874. 

Ferrell, Qaude Wilkinson, travelling salesman. New Orleans, La. 

1871, Montgomery; s. Cspt. C. B. Ferrell and Missouri Wilkinson; b. May 3, 

Foscue, Frank Lewis, physician, Demopolis. 

X871, Demopolis; s. CoL F. F. Foscue, Liberty, Tex., and Mary J. Foscue; b. 
Nov. 7, X854; M. D., Jefferson Med. CoL; m. Mary C Larkin, Coatopa. 

Hewett, Robert Greene, A. M., '8i, insurance, Gadsden. 

X87X, Elyton; s. James H. Hewett, Elyton, and Eleanor Tarrant; b. May 2$, 
X846; Private, Army of Va., C. S. A.; Teacher, 1873-87; Tax CoL, Jefferson Co., 
1888-96; m. Fannie Jane Hickman, Trussville, June 13, 1878. 

♦Holmes, Oliver, 

1871, Montgomery; b. Aug. ao, xSsa; killed in R.R. wreck in Tex. 

Houston, George, 

X871, Dallas Co.; b. Feb. 9, i8s4. 

Howze, John, Jr., merchant and planter, Marion. 

X871, Marion; s. John Howze and Claudia Clayton; b. March 2$, 1852; m. 
Fannie Perry, Marion, JaxL, X878. 

Littlepage, Ambrose Edmund, Montgomery. 

1871 > Montgomery; s. Hardin B. Littlepage, Montgomery, and Emily Lips- 
oombe; b. Jan. 6, 1855. 

Mabry, Seth, R. R. agent, Eufaula. 

1871, Oayton; s. James W. Mabry, Clayton, and Mary A. Caloway; b. Aug. 
j6, x8s6; A. B., Howard CoL, 1876; Pres., Clayton Female CoL, 1878-80; m. Laura 
Eugenia Hill, Clayton. 

Malone, Robert, , 

X87X, Florence; b. 1854. 

230 Record of Students [^872 
Martin, Henry Leonidas, lawyer, 

187 1. Tuscaloosa; s. William Henry ICartin and Mary Artemisn Jones, Tuske- 
gee; b. Feb. xS, 1856; Clerk of Court 

"^McMillan, Isaac Newton, Coatopa. 

187 1 » Coatopa, Sumter Co.; s. Drew McMillaa, Bfewersville, and Elisabetk 
McDonald; d. July, 1874. 

♦Merritt, John Durden, planter, Prattvillc. 

1871, Prattrille; s. John Merritt, Piamille, and Emily Durden; b. Feb. 4* 
1852; d. Jan. a9» x88s. 

♦Nelson, Gideon E., Marion. 

1871, Marion; d. 18 — ^. 

♦Noble, Andrew J. 

1871, Montgomery; d. 189—. 

Patterson, Andrew McDonald, 

1871, Morgan Co.; b. Aug. 7, 1851. 

Pegues, Joe Evans, agent, Tuscaloosa. 

1 87 1, Tuscaloosa; s. Col. J. J. Pegues and Carolyn M. Fitts; b. Dec 13* x8s5: 
Express Agent, 1871-76; Express Messenger, V. S. and T. R. R., 1876-78; ^y- 
master, Coosa River Gov. Works, 1879-83, and Miss. River Works. 1883-87; Expre« 
Agent, Tuscaloosa, 1887 ; m. Rosa Rowan, Jacksonville. 

♦Phillips, James Richards, physician and merchant, Millport. 

1 87 1, CarroUton; s. James Phillips, Carrollton, and EmiUne Roebuck; b. Nov. 13. 
1848; M. D., 1874, Louisville, Med. Col.; m. Eudora Mustin, Ralei|^, Jan. 6, 1879; 
d. June 4, 1893. 

Rawitch, William Leon, merchant, 

1 87 1, Tuscalooss. 

Robbins, Eugene, merchant, Selma. 

1 87 1, Selma; s. Joseph H. Robbins and Mary Ann Jackson; b. Feb. is» 1855; sk 
Cammie Smith, Nov. 15, 1876. 

Robertson, David Fenton, merchant, Columbus, Miss. 

1870, Fayette; s. John C. Robertson, Fayette, and Mary F. Alley; b. Dec 17* 
1853; m. Julia Euiine Clements, Tuscaloosa, Nov. 8, 1877. 

Sawyer, William Rogers, accountant, Jasper. 

1 87 1, Monroeville; s. Drury Allen Sawyer, Burnt Com, and Sarah Jane Ran- 
kin; b. April I, 1 851; m. Augusta Watkins, Evergreen, Sept. 13, 1877. 

Seals, Cullen Battle 

1871, Clajrton; s. Daniel Morgan Seals and Cox; b. March 11, x8ss; 

moved west. 

Simpson, Peter D., machinist, Montgomery. 

1871, Montgomery; s. Thomas Simpson, Montgomery, and Ann Clancy; b. 
Nov. 8, 1 851; Pipe Fitter and General Air Brake Constructor, West R'way of Alft., 
for 17 years; m. Mary Alice Ludman, Montgomery, May 17, 1877. 

1^73] Graduates with Titled Degrees 221 

Slater, George G. 

1 87 1, Choctaw Co.; b. Sept., 1853. 

Smallwood, Charles Lee, merchant, Tuscaloosa. 

1871, Tuscalooaa; s. Charles Smallwood, Tuscaloosa, and Jane Wildman; b. Dec. 
17, 1855; m. Mattie C. Martin, Mobile, Jan. 26, 1885. 

Smallwood, William, inspector, Mobile. 

1871, Tuscaloosa; s. Charles Snudlwood, and Jane Wildman; b. March 12, 1850; 
Lumber and Timber Inspector; m. (i) Sallie Sullivan, Mobile, Dec. 15, 1876, (a) 
Eugenia Collins, Sept., 1896. 

*Smith, Horace George, civil engineer, Orrville. 

1 87 1, Omrille; s. Fred H. Smith and Margaret Alice Quarles; b. March 19, 
1854; ^ J*^' i^» 1887. 

Stansel, James Bayard, lawyer, CarroUton. 

1871, CarroUton; s. Col. Martin Luther Stansel, CarroUton, and Laura Sherrod; 
b. Oct. 21, 185 1 ; Mayor of CarroUton, 1880-88; County Solicitor, 1879-83; m. Emma 
Hofancs Mustin, Oct. 21, 1874. 

Stillman, John Hammond, real estate, Birmingham. 

1 87 1, Tuscaloosa; s. Rev. C. A. Stillman and Martha Hammond; b. May 9, 
1855; m. Mary Brittan, Oct. 17, 1884. 

Thornton, Glen Alonzo, planter, Fayette. 

1 87 1, Northport; b. June 28, 1854. 

♦Walthall, Q)nstantine Perkins, planter, Uniontown. 

1 87 1, Uniontown; s! Thomas Moody Walthall and Ann Eliza Perkins; b. Oct. 
7, 1851; d. 1876. 

1873. Graduates with Titled Degrees 

Brockway, Charles Jacob, B. Ph., Livingston. 

1871, Livingston; s. Dr. A. E. Brockway and M. E. Horn; b. Sept. 13, 1851; 
Teacher at Sherman, 1873-74; Mem. Commission, Court, Sumter Co., 1884-90; Mayor, 
Livingston, 1897-99; m. Carrie V. Little, Sherman, Jan., 1874. 

Clements, Luther Marion, A. B., LL. B., '74, lawyer, Vance. 

1870, Tuscaloosa; s. Alsey Clements, Vance, and Elizabeth Goodson. 

McCorvey, Thomas Chalmers, B. Ph., LL. B., '74, A. M., '78, 
teacher, University. 

1 87 1, Monroeville; s. Judge Murdock McCorvey, Monroeville, and Lydia 
James Ranaldson; b. Aug. i8, 1851; Commandant of Cadets, Univ. of Ala., 1873-88; 
Prof., Mental and Moral Philosophy, 1878-88; Prof., History and Philosophy, 
1888 — ; Mem., Board of Visitors, U. S. M. A., 1886; Author of "The Government of 
the People of the State of Ala.," and various Newspaper and Magazine Articles; m. 
Netta Tutwiler, Greene Springs, Hale Co., July 22, 1880. 

O'Neal, Emmet, A. B., lawyer, Florence. 

1 87 1, Florence; s. Gov. Edward A. O'Neal and OUvia Moore; b. Sept 33, 

2 22 Record of Students [1873 

1853; Pres. Elector, Stli Dist, AU., 1884, State at Large, 189a; U. S. Diet. At^y, 
Northern Dist., Ala., 1893-96; Mem., Conatita. Con., 1901; m. Lizzie Kirkman, 
Tuscaloosa, July j6, x88i. 

Powers, James Knox, A. M., LL. D.,'97, educator, Florence. 

1871, Florence; a. William Powers, Florence, and Rosanna Reeder; b. Aug. 15, 
1851; Prof., Math., State Normal CoL, Florence, 1873-97, Pres. of same, 1888-97; 
Editor, Florence Times, 1873-74; County Supt. Educa., Lauderdale Co., 1885-87; Grand 
Dictator, K. of P., Ala.; Pres. Ala. Educa. Association, 1891; Active Mem., National 
Educational Association, 1895 — ; Pres., UntT. of Ala., 1897-1901; State Agent, B. F. 
Johnson Publishing Co., 1901 — ; m. Lou Adile Reynol<U, Pulaaki, Tenn., Jan. 90, 
1879, at Nashville, Tenn. 

1873. Graduates in SchooU and Non-Graduates 
Agee, Ransom Hunley, merchant, Selma. 

1873, Claiborne; a. Noah Alfred Agee and Anne C Hunley; b. Aug. S7, 1856; 
Cotton Commission and Wholesale Merchant; City Tax Assessor, Selma, 2884-86; m. 
Julia Kenan Graham, Selma, Oct. 11, 1883. — 

Ashley, Charles Rush, planter, Montgomery. 

1873, Montgomery; a. Felix L. Ashley and Ellen Ruah; m. EUa Wyman, Tus- 

Ashley, Robert Augustus, planter, Montgomery. 

187s, Montgomery; a. Felix L. Ashky and Ellen Rush; m. Marian Myrick, 

Bailey, Clarence C, planter and merchant, Siddonville. 

187X, Dayton; a. W. L. Bailey, Dayton, and Celestia Pope; b. Sept. 18, 1854; 
m. Leila Estelle Browning, Dayton, April s6, x88i. 

Baskin, John Bryce, lawyer, Louisville, Ky. 

1871, Tuscaloosa; s. Andrew George Baskin and Sarah Scotia Bryce; b. Dec 
1B7t 1854; Pres. Elector, Ky., 1892; Special Judge, 1896; Referee in Bankruptcy, ap- 
pointed July 30, 1898, for a years; m. Mary Goode, Springfield, Ohio, May jj, 1883. 

Battle, William Augustus, commercial traveller, Birmingham. 

1 87 1, Tuscaloosa; a. William Augustus Battle, Tuscaloosa, and Suaannah Clay 
Withers; b. July x6, 1853; d^* Mattie Battle, Livingston, 1885. 

♦Beaird, Walter Meriwether, agent, Selma. 

187X, Orrville, Dallas Co.; b. April 3, 1856; Mail Agent, M. ft B. R.R.; d. 
Feb. a6, 1900. 

Bealle, John Shepard, planter and book-keeper, Tuscaloosa. 

1872, Tuscaloosa; s. John R. Bealle and Jennie King; b. Jan. 30, 1851; m. 
Eloise Elizabeth Johnson, Gaineaville, May x, 1874. 

Berry, Henry Potter, R. R. conductor, Birmingham. 

1872, Tuscaloosa; s. Obadiah Berry and Rebecca Liltus Potter; b. Feb. 6, 1855; 
m. Carrie Farmer, Xuacaloosa. 

Blewett, Claude, planter, Columbus, Miss. 

1872, Columbus, Miss.; s. Thomaa Gorten Blewett, Jr., Columbus, Miss., and 
Laura Eliza Martin; b. Sept. 30, 1853; m. Bettie Wilson Griffin, Scooba, Miss., Dee. 
24, i88x. 

1873] Graduates in Schools and Non-Graduates 233 

Boswdl, Burrell Fort, fruit grower, St Petersburg, Fla. 

X873, Selma; a. William H. Boswell, Summerfield, and Fannie Ann Fort; b. 
Oct. j8, 1855; m. Ella L. Bibb, Brooksvilk, Fla. 

Branscomb, James Hunter, planter, Helton, Tex. 

x872t Union Springs; s. John W. Branscomb and Sarah Virginia Thornton; 
m. RoxJe Hunt* July, 1895. 

Brooks, Richard Leonidas, lawyer, Birmingham. 

1S72, Selma; s. William M. Brooks. 

Burton, Oliver Hardwick, physician. Hot Springs, Ark. 

1871, Tuscaloosa; s. Elijah Marquesse Barton, Tuscaloosa, and Margaret 
Vandergrift Heam; b. July 2, 1857; Druggist, Ala. I. Hosp., 1880-84; M. D., Tulane, 
1886; m. Gertrude Belding, Hot Springs, Ark., 1897. 

♦Carpenter, Joel Pearson, planter and merchant, Bridgeville. 

1872, Vienna, Pickens Co.; s. Dr. Perry S. Carpenter and Hartha Christiana 
Pearson; drowned in Tombigbee RiTer, Aug. x6, 1878. 

Chisolm, John Grier, planter. Bridges. 

x87a, Howell's Cross Roads, Dallas Co.; s. James Chisolm and Nancey Lillie 
Johnston; b. May z8, 1854; Teacher for 3 years; m. Jennie EUzabeth Gill, Mobile, 
Jan. 5, 1876. 

Qopton, Frank Smith, planter, Okolona, Miss. 

1873, Aberdeen, Miss.; s. William H. Qopton, Aberdeen, and Cornelia Bran- 
don; SheriflF and Tax Collector, Chickasaw Co., Miss., 1896-1900. 

Comer, Edward Tripp, R. R. president. Savannah, Ga. 

1 87 1, Eufaula; s. John Fletcher Comer, Cowikee, and Catherine Lucinda 
Drewry; Cotton business in Tex. up to 1899; Pres., Chattahoochie & Gulf R. R.; m. 
Georgia Collier, Memphis, Tenn., Feb., 1877. 

*Cook, Walter Threadgill, physician, Warsaw. 

1 871, Mouue; s. Zoroaster Selman Cook, Annemanie, and Delitha A. Thread- 
gill; b. July 31, 1853; M. D., Mobile, 1875; d. in Mobile, 189 — . 

Craig, James Franklin, merchant, San Francisco, Cal. 

287 1, Selma; s. James D. Craig and Elrin Susan Berry; b. April 19, 1854. 

♦Craig, William Brownley, merchant, Flqral City, Fla. 

187 1, Madison, Madison Co.; s. Rankin Craig, Athens, and Mary Wynn; b. 
April 35, X850; m. Mary Lou Bibb, Madison, Feb. 7, 1877; d. June 6, 1885. 

♦Dansby, Charles Lee, Kaufman, Tex. 

1871, Kaufman, Tex.; s. Isaac Dansby and Seraphina Watldns; b. Aug. za, 
z8s^; d. Mar. 10, 1874. 

Duke, James Washington, book-keeper, Birmingham. 

1873, Marion; s. Henry Duke and Elizabeth Belcher; m. (x) Sallie N. Wal- 
lace, (at) OliTc L. Wallace, near Marion. 

*Eaton, Benjamin Glover, physician. Maples ville. 

2871, Dayton; b. Dec. x8, 1854; Clerk at Gallion and Meridian; located at 
MaplesriUe, for practice of med., about 1890, and died soon afterwards. 

224 Record of Students [1S73 

Eddins, Larkin Stewart^ Demopolls. 

187 1, Demopolls; b. Oct 3, 1852. 

♦Foster, Edgar Heard, Union Springs. 

1872, Union Springs; s. Sterling J. Foster and Virginia C. Heard; d. July 3, 

Francis, James Clark, minister, Wedowee. 

1872, Jacksonville; s. Dr. Miller W. Francis and Julia Clark; b. April i, 1855; 
Minister, M. E. Church, South; m. Virginia A. Morris, Choccolocco, Dec i, 1890. 

Edmonds, P. G., merchant, Montgomery. 

1872, York, Sumter Co.; s. Dr. Philip George Edmonds, York, and Nancy 
Madison Fluker; b. Feb. 15, 1855; m. May Virginia Thorpe, New Orleans, La., 
March 12, 1875. 

Gamble, William Anderson, agent, Memphis, Tenn. 

1872, Lafayette, Chambers Co.; s. Dr. George M. Gamble, Goodwater, and 
Emma Bonner, CarroUton, Ga.; General Rep. for "Commercial Appeal," Memphis 
1891-97; General Agent for Tenn. and Ark. for Kansas Mutual Life Insurance Co., 

1897 ; m. (i) Catharine Jane Baker, Goodwater, April 14, 1874, (2) Lou W. 

Wallis, Fayetteville, April 8, 1891. 

♦Gamble, Zadoc Bonner, planter and machinist, Goodwater. 

1872, LaFayette, Chambers Co.; s. Dr. George M. Gamble, Goodwater, and 
Emma Bonner; Hospital Dept., Lee's Army, Jacksonville, Fla., Spanish War, 1898; 
m. Emma Dixon Baker, Nov., 1873; d. at Jacksonville. Fla., Oct. 22, 1898. 

Gillam, Harry Johnson, lawyer, Alexander City. 

1 871, Loachapoka, Lee Co.; s. Harry Gillam and Mary A. Johnson; b. Jan. 4, 
1852; Teacher, 1873-74; Mayor, Dadeville, 1878-90; Rep., Gen. Assem., Ala., 1900-02; 
m. Pamela N. Parker, Coosa Co., May 22^ 1879. 

Gillespie, Joseph Uriah, clerk, Coatopa. 

1872, Coatopa; s. Robert Gillespie and Mary Ann Blacksher. 

Golson, Warren Mallard, planter, Prattville. 

1871, Prattville; s. W. G. M. Golson, Prattville; b. April 6, 1856; m. Rena 
Smith, Prattville. 

Graham, Alexander Hutchinson, A. M., *8i, lawyer, Austin, Tex. 

1 87 1, Tuskegee; s. Neill Smith Graham, Tuskegee, and Ellen Hutchinson; b. 
Nov. 25, 1852; Rep., Gen. Assem., Tex., 1895-97; m. Cornelia F. Ligon, Tuskegee, 
Jan. 18, 1876. 

Green, Pliny Miles, 

1872, Conecuh Co. 

Gresham, James Rochelle, 

1872, Lowndesboro. 

*Gullette, Frank Grayson, lawyer, Fairfield, Tex. 

1 87 1, Camden; s. John Eades Gullette and Rebecca Jane Blackmon; b. Sept. 10, 
1853; Solicitor, Freestone Co., Tex.; d. March 8, 1880, at San Antonio. 

^873] Graduates in Schcx)ls and Non-Graduates 225 

*Hammond, James John 

1872, Elba; d. 189 — . 

Hannon, Arthur Templeton 

1872, Elba. 

Hargrove, William Robert, book-keeper, Mobile. 

1872, Mobile; s. John H. Hargrove, Mobile, and Mary C. Bonner; m. Augusta 
Pauline Wilkinson, Mobile, Nov. 20, 1879. 

Hatcher, William Dunham, planter, Orrville. 

1872, Orrville; s. H. C. Hatcher; m. Miss Shields. 

*Hawkins, Hobart Welton, planter, Elyton. 

1 87 1, Elyton; s. Nathaniel Hawkins and Hannah Maria Welton; b. May 16, 
1854; 'm. Martha Alice Eubank, Elyton, Sept. 17, 1874; d. May, 1890. 

Heard, John Thomas, real estate and planter, Omaha, Tex. 

1872, Pinetucky; s. £. Q. Heard, Perry Co., and Eliza Kilgore; b. Aug. 29, 
1850; Teacher at Militown, 1873-75, Ivey Creek, 1875-78, and Snow Hill, 1877; m. 
Nannie E. Parker, Militown, Autauga Co. 

Hodgson, Joseph Telfair, planter, Mineola. 

187Z, Columbia, Va.; s. William Browne Hodgson and Louisa D. Pannill; b. 
May 15, 1856; m. Edna Stiggins, Mt. Pleasant, Monroe Co., May, 1888. 

Hollis, Joseph Pickett, planter, Thomastown. 

1872, Dayton; s. John T. Hollis, Dayton, and Fanny J. Pickett; b. April ao, 
1855; m. Camie Lacy McNeil, Linden, Oct. 13, 1875. 

Johnson, George Crawford, book-keeper, Jacksonville, Fla. 

1872, Selma; s. Frank Littleton Johnson, Jacksonville, Fla., and Mattie Miller; 
m. Estelle Thomas, Norwalk, Fla., May 20, 1886. 

Johnston, Charles Poellnitz, New Orleans, La. 

1872, Tuscaloosa; s. Gen. George Doherty Johnston and Euphradia Poellnitz; 

b. March 25, 1857; Receiver of Public Money, 1893 , at New Orleans, La.; m. 

Anne Jones, Tuscaloosa, June, 1880. 

Johnston, George Burke, LL. B., '80, banker, Uniontown. 

1 87 1, Tuscaloosa; s. Gen. George D. Johnston, Tuscaloosa, and Euphradia 
Poellnitz; b. March 9, 1854; m. Sallie Pickering, Uniontown, May, 1888. 

Johnston, Gabriel Floyd, clerk 

1 87 1, Mobile; s. H. R. Johnston, Mobile, and Kate Owen; b. April 17, 1856. 

Jones, Alfred Virgil, planter, Pickensville. 

1 87 1, CarroUton; s. Thomas Jones Carrollton, and Qementine McLendon; b. 
Feb. 23, 1854; m. Myrtie Jones, Pickens Co., Nov. 5, 1888. 

Jones, Thomas King, planter, Greensboro. 

1871, Tuscaloosa; s. William Augustine Jones, Greensboro, and Margaret King; 
b. Dec. 9, 1854; Rep., Gen. Assem., from Hale Co., 1890-91. 


^26 Record of Students [1873 
Kenneworth, Francis T. 

1872, Montgomery. 

♦Kernochan, Robert Thomas, planter, Florence. 

1872, Florence; s. R. T. Kemochan, Florenoep and EUen Simmons; m. Blanche 
Moore, Radcliffe, Va.; d. i88 — . 

♦King, Edmund Rush, planter, Tuscaloosa. 

1871* Tuscaloosa; s. Col. M. A. King and Annie S. Bealle; b. June i6, 1855; 
Sheriff, Tuscaloosa Co., 1888-92; Circuit Clerk, 1892-93; U. S. Deputy Marshal, 1893- 
97; m. Mellie Foster, Tuscaloosa; d. Nov. 22, 1900. 

King, Henry James, planter, Tuscaloosa. 

1 87 1, Tuscaloosa; s. M. A. King, Tuscaloosa, and Annie S. Bealle; b. June 
3» 1857; Chief of Police, Tuscaloosa, 1892- 1900; m. Hattie M. Bealle, Foster's, Feb. 
II, 1880. 

♦Lane, John Lum, Vicksburg, Miss. 

1872, Vicksburg, Miss.; s. Edward M. Lane and Laura Lum; m. Jennie Daw- 
son, 1883; d* Nov. 18, 1887. 

♦Lane, William Lum, Vicksburg, Miss. 

1872, Vicksburg, Miss.; s. Edward M. Lane and Laura Lum; m. Emma Kline, 
X878; d. July, 1899. 

Lee, William Rufus, book-keeper, Pratt City. 

1872, Coatopa; s. John Robert Lee, Brewersville, and Mary Elizabeth Henson; 
Book-keeper, T. C. I. & R.R. Co.; m. (x) Mary Eaton Patton, Brewersville, Dec. 20, 
1877, (2) Dovie Eugenia Hays, Blocton, Oct 23, 1893. 

Lide, Robert Hugh, planter, Livingston. 

1871, Livingston; s. Robert Hugh Lide and Laura A. M. Brown; b. Nov. 8, 
1855; ^- Cora Lee Francis, X89X. 

Lipscomb, William Robert, 

1871, Jefferson; b. Aug. 22, X855. 

Lupton, George Frederick, agent, San Antonio, Tex. 

1872, Romney, W. Va.; s. Dr. Samuel R. Lupton, Romney, W. Va., and 
Amanda E. Newton; b. Jan. 5, 1855; Asst. Gen. Pass. Agent, San Antonio and 
Aransas Pass Ry.; m. Loolah Duke Hemphill, Tuscaloosa, April 23, X878. 

Martin, Edward Bryan, merchant, Martin Station. 

1872, Martin Station, Dallas Co.; s. A. J. Martin and Harriet S. Shields; b. 
about 1855. 

McCall, Dugall Franklin, editor, Montgomery. 

1872, Union Springs. 

McGehee, Jesse Newton, grocer, Rome, Ga. 

1872, Centre, Cherokee Co.; s. James McGehee. 

McKeithen, James Daniel, cotton broker, Montgomery. 

1872, Robinson Springs, Elmore Co.; s. A. McKeithen and Elizabeth Scott 
Forman (nee Smith); m. Lucie Bell Portis, Suggsville, Jan. 5, i88x. 

1873] Graduates in Schools and Non-Graduates 227 

♦McLeod, John Thomas, merchant, Columbus, Ga. 

1873, Union Springs; s. William McLeod and Mariah Warmack; b. about 1854; 
d. abottt 1881. 

McMillan, Allen Clifton, banker, Livingston. 

2873, Coatopa; a. Drew McMillan and Elizabeth McDonald; Treaa. Sumter 
Co., 1896. 

McMillan, William Sylvester, 

1871, Stockton; a. Murdock Murphy McMillan and Celia ; b. June 

30, 1856. 

Miles, Burgess, 

187a, EvansviUe. 

Miller, Horace Randall, planter. Temple, Tex. 

1871, Tuscalooea; a. Alva Miller and Lucy Brown; b. Oct 37, 1856; m.- MtM 
Collina, Holly Springa, Mias. 

♦Miller, Virgil Maronis, physician, Townley. 

1870, Holly Grove, Walker Co.; a. Luciua C. Miller, Holly Grove, and Mary 
Jane Jjnth; b. April 26, 1853; M. D., Vanderbilt, 1879; d. at Jaaper, Sept. 9, 1898. 

♦Milner, George Cross, mining. Chihuahua, Mex. 

187 1, Columbia, Tenn.; a. Isaac Milner, Columbia, Tenn., and Joanna Rosa- 
mond Kennedy; b. Dec. 19, 1852; First Editor, then Manager, El Cuervo Mining 
Co.; m. Fanny Cooper, Columbia, Tenn., Dec. 10, 1873; <i> At Culiacan, Mexico, Sept. 
38, 1883. 

Moore, Benjamin Tyson, engineering, Birmingham. 

287 1, Tuscaloosa; s. S. D. J. Moore, Birmingham, and Anna Mariah Forney; 
b. Jan.. 1856; R. R. Grading and Construction Work; m. Mattie Christina Hogg, Au- 
tauga Co., Oct., x88o. 

Page, William Brice, planter, Bryan, Tex. 

1873, Forksepulga, Conecuh Co.; a. James Page, Tunis, Tex., and Leonora 

*Patton, David Uriah, lawyer, Livingston. 

1873, Coatopa, Sumter Co.; a. Wajme Calloway Patton, Brewersville, and Nancy 
Elizabeth Blachsher; b. Nov. 7, 1854; >n. Willie Alice Bolton, Brewersville, Dec 9, 
1874; d. July 3, 1890. 

Peterson, Charles McLeod, real estate, Tuscaloosa. 

1 87 1, Tuscaloosa; s. Howell Decatur Peterson and Emily Hendricks; b. Dec. 
18, 1855; U. S. Dep. Revenue Collector; m. Abbie Miller, Tuscaloosa, 1879. 

Pope, James Capers, teacher and planter, Uniontown. 

1873, Uniontown; a. Abraham Lewis Pope and Ann T. Pegues; Prin., Dayton 
High School; m. Margaret Francis McCorkle, McKinley. 

Powell, Benjamin Harrison, 

1871, Hale Co.; b. March 15, 1853. 

aaS Record of Students [1873 

Rabb, Calloway Stallworth, LL. B., '78, lawyer, Evergreen. 

1873, 1877-78, Evergreen; s. Young M. Rabb, Evergreen, and Polly H. Stall- 
worth; b. Jan. x8, 1845; Mayor of Evergreen. Reg. in Chancery, Conecuh Co., 188 1-85; 
m. lilla R. Kelly, Demopolis, March i, x88a. 

Rabb, John Madison, LL. B., '87, lawyer, Brewton. 

1872, Evergreen; 1886, Castleberry. Conecuh Co.; a. Young M. Rabb. Brewton, 
and Pollie Stallworth; b. April 6, 1856; Telegraph Operator and R.R. Agent, 1875-85; 
Merchant, 1884-85; U. S. Commissioner, 1897 ; m. Mamie C. Henderson, Castle- 
berry, May I, 1897. 

Rawitch, Jacob Otto, merchant, 

287 1, Tuscaloosa, 

*Reese, Francis Emmet, planter, Van Dom. 

1873, Demopolis; s. Dr. Henry Winston Reese and Julia M. Winn; d. Nov. 
a8, 1^85. 

Saffold, Reuben Edmond, journalist, Rochester, N. Y. 

1872, Montgomery; s. Milton Jefferson Saffold and Martha Jane Harrison; b. 
Nov. 20, 1855: m. Elizabeth Carl, New Jersey. 

Scales, James Haynes, planter and merchant, Coatopa. 

1872, Coatopa; s. Thomas A. Scales, Coatopa, and Nancy Ella Patton; b. Dec. 
16, 1854; m. Sallie Henson, Coatopa, Jan. 25, 1881. 

♦Sessions, Donald Frederick, planter. Union Springs. 

1872, Union Springs; s. Dr. Lewe Sessions and Carrie Simmons; b. July 11, 
1857; Mayor of Union Springs; Chief Qerk in Office of Agricultural Com., 1896-97; 
m. Fannie Culver; d. July, 1897, at Hendersonville, N. C. 

Sharpe, Thomas Legard, mining, Nauvoo. 

1871, Demopolis; s. Archibald Young Sharpe, Demopolis, and Katherine 
Sledge; b. Feb. 25, 1856; Part Owner Black Creek Coal Mines; m. Mehitabk Whitfield. 

Smith, James Caldwell, planter. Union. 

1872, Greene co. 

Smith, Zachary Pope, stationer, Birmingham. 

1872, Prattville; s. Joseph Ayrcs Smith and Isadore Cordelia Pope; ol Laura 
Perle Kouns, Memphis, Tenn., Nov. 6, 1882. 

Thomas, Walter, merchant, Palatka, Fla. 

1872, Mobile; s. N. H. Thomas, Jacksonville, Fla., and Emeline £. Agee; b. 
May, 1856; m. Marie Cecile Canning, Mobile, Oct 15, 1883. 

Thornton, William James, Mobile. 

1871, Clarke Co.; b. Oct. 12, 185a. 

Threadgill, Marshall Eugene, planter, Arlington. 

187X, Oifton, Wilcox Co.; s. John W. Threadgill, Arlington, and Mary Bos- 
well; b. June 10, 1854; tn. Mary S. Wilkinson, Magnolia, Marengo Co., July 18, x877> 

1874] Graduates with Titled Degrees 229 

Turner, Clarence Brittan, A. M., '92, insurance, Tuscaloosa. 

X871, Tuscaloosa; s. Joseph Pittman Turner, Va., and Mary Walker Brittan; 
b. Jan. 3» 1855; Oil Inspector, 6th Dist., Ala., 1897-98; m. Pattie Harrison, Tuscsr 
loosa, Dec. ao, x88j. 

Vaughan, George Septimus, planter, Summerfield. 

1871, Summerfield; s. Dr. Samuel Watkins Vaughan, Selma, and Martha Wil- 
liams Turner; b. Nov. 3, 1852; m. Emma Alonzo McGill, Omrille, Not. 30, 1883. 

Waller, Percy Hamilton, planter, Greensboro. 

Z871, Greensboro; s. Robert B. Waller and Sarah A. Tinker; b. Oct. 7, 1851. 

Ware, James Chambers, 

2873, Uniontown. 

Webb, Henry McCurry, 

187 a, Jackson, Tenn. 

Williams, Caleb Evant, 

187s, Jefferson, Marengo Co. 

1874. Graduates with Titled Degrees 

Bradfield, George Hamilton, A.M., (See 1872). 

Brockway, Dudley Samuel, B. S., physician, Livingston. 

187a, Livingston; s. Dr. A. E. Brockway, Gaston, and M. E. Horn; b. March 
30, 1853; M. D., Mobile, 1878, and Jefferson Med. Col., i88x; m. (x) Sallie M. Patton, 
Brewersville, March 4, 1885, (2) Mary Ella Stansel, Carrollton, Nov. 8, 1893. 

Clements, Luther Marion, LL. B., (See 1873). 

Crawford, Arthur Duncan, Ph. B., LL. B., planter, Rockford. 

1 87 1, Rockford; s. Daniel Crawford, Rockford, and Annie J. McNeil; b. 
April X3, 1851, Autauga Co. 

*Fitts, John Henry, A. M., planter, Faunsdale. 

1 87 1, Uniontown; s. Samuel A. Fitts and Sarah Elizabeth Alston; b. Oct. 5, 
1853; d. Aug. 33, 1883. 

Jemison, Robert, LL. B., capitalist, Birmingham. 

1 87 1, Tuscaloosa; s. Capt. William H. Jemison and Elizabeth Armentine Pat- 
rick; b. Sept. xa, 1853; Pres., Light and Power Co. and St R'way Co.; m. Eugenia 
Rebecca Sorsby, Tuscaloosa, Oct. 25, 1876. 

♦Jemison, William Carlos, LL. B., journalist, Tuscaloosa. 

1873, Tuscaloosa; s. Capt. William H. Jemison, East Lake, and Elizabeth Ar- 
mentine Patrick; b. Dec. a, 1850; and Sgt., C. S. A.; Master, St. John's Parochial 
'School, Huatingden, Baltimore, Md., 1868-69; Mayor of Tuscaloosa, 1880-90; 1894-1900; 
Editor Tuscaloosa Times; m. (i) Eliska Leftwich, Ocean Springs, Miss., Feb. 24, 
1879, (a) Oara Roberta Jones, Talladega, July zo, 1889; d. at Galveston, Tex., 
March a8, 1901. 

McCorvey, Thomas Chalmers, LL. B., (See 1873). 

2SO Record of Students [1874 

Moody, Frank Sims, LL. B., banker, Tuscaloosa. 

iBja, Tuscaloosa; s. Washington Moody and Jane Hamilton Sims; A. B., 
Washington and Lee Univ., 1870; State Senator, 1894-1900;^ Pres. First Nat. Bank, 
Tuscaloosa; practiced Law and engaged in Farming; m. Mary Farley Maxwell, Tuaca- 
loosa, Jan. 5, 1876. 

Paine, George Carter, A. B., lawyer, Aberdeen, Miss. 

1873, Aberdeen, Miss.; s. Bishop Robert Paine and Mary Eliza MiUwater; 
Capt., State Militia, 1875-76; m. Annie Green Fite, Nashville, Tenn., April 9, 1884. 

Prince, Isaac Hamilton, LL. B. 

1873, Lee Co. 

*Prince, Sherwood, LL. B., lawyer, Tuscaloosa. 

1873, Tuscaloosa; s. Edmond Prince and Lavinia Terrell; d. Sept. a, 1875. 

Watts, Thomas Henry, LL. B., B. S., lawyer, Montgomery. 

1871, Montgomery; s. Gov. Thomas Hill Watts, Montgomery, and Eliza Brown 
Allen; b. Aug. 3, 1853; Ass't Sec., Constitu. Conven., 1875; Pres., Council of Mont, 
1892-93; Mem., Constitu. Conven., 1901; m. Johness BeaUe Eddins, Tuscaloosa, Dec 
«. 1875. 

1874. Graduates in Schools and Non-Graduates 

♦Barnard, George Massey, Mobile. 

1873, Mobile; d. at home while a Student, 1874. 

Donoho, Edward, travelling salesman, Louisville, Ky. 

1 87 1, Tuscaloosa; s. Monroe Donoho, Tuscaloosa, and Annie Eliza Glascock; 
b. Nov. 32, 1854;' OL Lizzie Mehringer, Louisville, Ky. 

Hamilton, Jefferson Porter, minister, Geneva. 

1872, Mobile; s. Dr. Jefferson Hamilton, Mobile, and Emeline Porter; Minister, 
M. £. Church, South; m. Bessie G. Merritt, Marianna, Fla., Dec. 15, 1885. 

Hargrove, Francis Marion, Florence. 

1872, Columbus, Miss.; s. William Henry Hargrove, and Sarilla Vaughan; As- 
phalt Roofing business; m. Velma Leftwich, Tuscaloosa, Oct 5, 1875. 

♦Horton, Rufus Kirkland, planter, Pleasant Ridge. 

1873, Pleasant Ridge; s. William Horton and Mary Kirkland; b. Oct 34, 1854; 
m. Oara Peak Sanders, Pleasant Ridge, March, 1876; d. March xa, 1897. 

♦Johnston, Thomas Duggar, planter, Marion Junction. 

1873, Selma; d. i88x. 

Jones, Sidney Owen, lawyer and land agent, Cameron, Tex. 

1871, Pickens Co.; s. Thomas Jones and Oementine McLendon; b. Sept. xi, 
X856; m. Cora Annie DamelL 

♦Kennedy, David Patton, merchant, Tuscaloosa. 

187a, Tuscaloosa; s. John Spixiks Kennedy and Mary incline Kennedy; K 
Dec x8, X853; m. Sallie Mitchell, Tuscaloosa; d. March ay, x888. 

1875] Graduates with Titled Degrees 231 

Kennedy, Edward Jennings, musician, Tuscaloosa. 

X864-65; 1873, Tuscaloosa; s. John Spinks Kennedy and Mary Emiline Kennedy; 
b. Feb. 1, 1855. 

Minor, William Tompkins, merchant, Trinity Station. 

Z873, Morgan Co. 

Nettles, James Archie, 

1873, Wilcox Co. 

Pearson, Charles Lafayette, lawyer and planter, Dadeville. 

1872, Montgomery; s. James M. Pearson, DadeviUe, and Elixabeth Ann Brown; 
b. April 10, 1854; Mem., 4th Bat, 3rd Reg., Z9th Brig., French Army; Student, 
Polytechnique School of France, 1879; Presidential Elector, 1893; Brig. -Gen. of 
Militia, Ala. S. T., under Govs. Houston, Cobb and O'Neal. 

Perkins, Julian Constantine, dentist, Tuscaloosa. 

1872, Tuscaloosa; s. Stephen C. Perkins and Caroline A. Walker; b. Oct. 14, 
1853; m. Mamie S. Kennedy, Tuscaloosa, Nov. 37, 1878. 

Prince, Clement Sidney, planter, Tuscaloosa. 

1871, Tuscaloosa; s. Oliver Thomas Prince and Anne S. Clements; b. July 33, 

Voltz, James William, R. R. conductor, Selma. 

1873, Harrell's, Dallas Co.; s. Charles Franklin Voltz and Catherine Moore; b. 
Feb. 35, 1857; m. Eula Chisolm, Harrell's, Dallas Co. 

1875. Graduates with Titled Degrees 

*Baugh, Richard, A. M., teacher. Little Rock, Ark. 

1871, Tuscaloosa; s. Richard B. Baugh and Virginia W. Leftwich; b. March 30, 
1855; LL. B., Vanderbilt, 1876; m. Arka Mallette, Dallas, Ark., Dec. 31, 1890; d. 
May 33, 1898. 

♦Bradfield, Robert Baldwin, A. M., Uniontown. 

1873, Uniontown; s. Dr. John Bradfield and Emily Perkins; d. at Pascagoula, 
Miss., Aug. 13, 1875. 

♦Clark, Thomas Walker, A. M., LL. B. '76, lawyer, Brooksville, 

1872, Selma; s. Dr. Thomas J. Clark, Selma, and Nancy Walker Davis; City 
Attorney, Selma; Solicitor, Dallas Co., Ala.; m. Sallie Brent Lewis, Dallas Co., Nov. 
13, 1879; d. at Fort Dade, Fla., Jan. 34, 1884. 

Foster, Sumner Bacon, A. B., A. M., LL. B., '76, teacher, Bon- 
ham, Tex. 

1873, Tuscaloosa; s. Dr. Joshua H. Foster and Frances Cornelia Bacon; Teacher 
at Tuscaloosa, 1876-78, Pineville, 1878-80, Union Springs, 1880-83; Pres., A. C F. 
Col., 1884-90; Supt., Public Schools at West End, Atlanta, Ga., i year, Oxford, 
Miss., X year, Gonxales, Tex., 3 years, Calvert, Tex., z year, and Bonham, Tex., 
1899 . 

23* Record of Stxjdents [1875 

♦Martin, Howard Dent, B. S., planter, Macon, Miss. 

1873, Pickensville; s. John Holmes Martin and Tranquilla Taylor; b. Not. ai, 
1854; m« Fannie Swann, Noxubee Co., Miss., Nov. i6, 1876; d. Feb. 13, 1880, at 

Myers, Claiborne Clifton, B. S., LL. B., '76, merchant. Barlow 

1873, Montgomery; s. Clairbome Clifton Myers and Georgiana O'Bannon; 
b. Aug. 12, 1853; Mining in Colorado, 1880-83; m. Ada Augusta Bryant, Clarke Co., 
April 14, x886. 

Neal, Augustus Loomis, B. S., LL. B., '76, lawyer, Rolling Fork, 

i873f Providence; s. A. L. Neal, Providence, Pickens Co., and Sarah Jane 
Snoddy; b. Oct 29, 1853; m. Mary Ella Darby, Coldwater, Miss., Dec. 37, 1899. 

Owen, Benjamin Ligon, B. S., planter and merchant, Columbus, 

1873, Tuscaloosa; s. F. C. Owen, Lawrence Co., and Lucy Harris; b. Sept. i, 
1853; Treas., Lowndes Co., Miss., 1896-1900; Agent, Mutual Benefit Ins. Co.; m. 
Tennie T. Watson, Columbus, Miss., Sept. ax, 1876. 

Padelford, Robert Josephus, B. S., physician, Belgona, Miss. 

1873, Hinds Co., Miss.; s. T. D. Padelford, Edwards, Miss., and Sarah Margaret 
Burton; b. March 37, 1853; M. D., Vanderbilt, 1882; m. Annie Bond Moss, Oakley, 
Miss., Jan. x, 1901. 

Smith, Joseph Riley, Jr., B. S., mine operator, Birmingham. 

1872, Elyton; s. Dr. Joseph R. Smith, Birmingham, and Margaret Harvey 
Jordan; b. Feb. 23, 1856; Pres., Little Cahaba Coal Co.; m. Kate Molton, Birmingham. 

1875. Graduates in Schools and Non-Graduates 

Alexander, William Burford, real estate, Selma. 

1874, Perryville; s. Josiah Alexander, Felix, and Elizabeth Angeline Burford; 
b. Aug. 36, 1853; Rep., Gen. Assem., 1892-94; Planter to 1898; m. Ella Bonner 
Hogue, Mulberry, Tenn. 

Allison, James Finnell, planter and minister. Trinity. 

1874, Gurleyville; s. David Allison and Jane Drake; b. Sept. 15, 1856; patented 
Car Coupler, Fish Trap, Chum, etc.; Minister, M. E. Church, South; m. Maggie 
Delong, Trinity, 1878. 

Bell, James Edward, minister, Burnet, Tex. 

1874, Fayetteville; s. A. F. Bell, Fayetteville, and Elizabeth Middleton; Private, 
xst Sgt. and 2nd Lieut., 41st Ala. Reg., C. S. A.; Teacher and Minister of Baptist 
Church (Ala., 1869-79, since then in Tex.), now Pastor of Burnet and Marble Falls 
Churches; m. Josephine Shelton, Fayetteville, Dec. 14, 1865. 

Cunningham, William Alexander, cotton buyer, Nashville, Tenn. 

1874, Courtland; s. William Cunningham and Isabella Cunningham Leckey; 
Wholesale Grocery and Cotton Commission at Nashville; Now, 1900-01, Cotton 
Buyer at Palestine, Tex.; m. Maggie Miller, Nashville, Tenn., June, 1884. 

1876] Graduates with Titled Degrees 233 
Gill, Ruf us Franklin^ 

i874p Selma. 

Jemison, John Steele, LL. B., '78, lawyer and planter, LaFayettc. 

187a, Tuscaloosa; s. William H. Jemison and Elizabeth Armentine Patrick; 
b. Feb. 4p 1856; m. Margarette Allen, LaFayette. 

♦Johnston, Charles Winnamore, planter, Marion Junction. 

i873» Selma; s. William Johnston and Amanda Staten; m. Nannie L. Jackson, 
Howell, May, 1878; d. 1879. 

Lees, Ralph Wolfenden, mechanical engineer, New Orleans, La. 

2874, Tuscaloosa; s. James Lees, Natchez, Miss., and Elmira E. Hanky; b. 
Dec 33, i86x; Master Mechanic, Standard Guano Co., Standard Cotton Seed Oil Co., 
National Acid Co.; m. Lottie M. Hazlip, Natchez, Miss., Aug. 17, 1884. 

♦Miller, John Kleber, cotton broker, Huntsville. 

1874, HuntsviUe; s. Joseph H. Miller and Henrietta Virginia Crutcher; b. April 
X4> 1859; m. Minnie Forrest Landman, Huntsville; d. Jan. 10, 1897. 

Owen, Frank Caleb, trav. salesman, St. Louis, Mo. 

1874, Courtland; s. Allen G. Owen, Courtland, and Mrs. Martha Almon (ntt 

♦Prince, William Terrell, planter, (See 1865). 

Smith, Carlos Green, railroad employee. Fort Worth, Tex. 

1874, Tuscaloosa; s. Dr. Carlos G. Smith, Palatka, Fla., and Martha Ashe; b. 
March 28, 1858; m. Willie Wright, Dallas, Tex., 1882. 

Taylor, Solomon McAlpine, lawyer, Waco, Tex. 

187 X, Tuscaloosa; s. Joseph W. Taylor, Tuscaloosa, and McAlpine; b. 

April 13, 1857. 

1876. Graduates with Titled Degrees 

Baskin, John Bryce, LL. B., (See 1873). 

Bradfield, John Warren, A. B., physician, Charlotte, N. C. 

1874, Uniontown, Perry Co.; s. Dr. John Bradfield and Emily Perkins; m. 
Elizabeth Davidson, Uniontown. 

♦Chadwick, George Hanson, B. S., Havana, Cuba. 

1874, HuntsviUe; s. John D. Chadwick, Huntsville, and Fanny Cox; Clerk in 
Adj.-Gen. Office, War Dept., Washington; Qerk at Headquarters of Gen. Brook, 
Cuba, 1899; >n. Grace Harvey, Washington, Nov. 15, 1898; d. Oct. 2X, 1899. 

*Chapman, Reuben, Jr., B. S., planter, Huntsville. 

1874, Huntsville; s. Reuben Chapman, Huntsville, and Felicia Pickett; m. 
Rosalie Floyd Sheffey, Huntsville, Nov. x6, 1882; d. April 24, 1891. 

♦Clark, Thomas Walker, LL. B., (See 1875). 

234 Record of Students [1876 

Foster, Sumner Bacon, LL. B., A. M., (See 1875). 

♦Holiday, John Weems, A. M., lawyer, Aberdeen, Miss. 

1874, Aberdeen, Miss.; s. CoL John Holiday and Maria Grimes Speight; LL. 
B., UniT. of Miss., 1879; d. Aiarch 15, x88x. 

Kelly, James Alexander, Jr., A. M., lawyer, Wetumpka. 

1871, Coosa Co.; s. James A. Kelly, Kellyton, and Margaret Patterson; b. 
May z6, 1856. 

Love, Preston Bonner, LL. B., planter, Whitesburg. 

1875, Httntsville; s. Joel Robery Love and Harriet Elizabeth McLeod; m. Lizzie 
Cannon Hough, Morgan Co., March 22, 1896. 

Martin, James Benson, LL. B., lawyer, Gadsden. 

x875t.JscksonyiUe; s. James B. Martin, Jacksonville, and Mary £. Nisbet; m. 
Charlsie Ward, Gadsden, Dec 12, 1883. 

Myers, Claiborne Clifton, LL. B., (See 1875). 

Neal, Augustus Loomis, LL. B., (See 1875). 

♦Patton, William Henry, A. M., merchant and planter, Knoxville. 

1874, Knoxville; s. Thomas Jefferson Patton and Jane McGiffert; b. Not. 24, 
2854; m. Minnie Permelia Pierce, Knoxville, Sept, 1885; d. May, 1892. 

Peck, Samuel Minturn, A. M., author. New York. 

1 871, Tuscaloosa; s. E. Wolsey Peck, Tuscaloosa, and Lucy Lamb Randall; b. 
Nov. 14, 1855; Author, "Cap and Bells," "Rings and Love Knots," "Rhymes and 
Roses," Contributor to Periodicals. 

Pettus, Richard Emmett, A. B., A. M., 1877, grocer, Huntsville. 

1874, Huntsville; s. William Rowlett Pettus, Huntsville, and Charlotte Harris 
Day; b. Nov. i8, 1853; Asst. Prof., Chem., Univ. of Ala., 1876-77; Prin., ClutUville 
Acad., 1877-79; Editor, Huntsville Independent; m. Julia Augusta Gunn, Trinity, 
Jan. X4, 1885. 

Prude, James Oscar, B. S., insurance, Tuscaloosa. 

1873, Cottondale; s. William Wellington Prude, Tuscaloosa Co., and Lucretia 
Eliza Owen; b. Sept. 23, 1856; Clerk, Probate Court, 1880-84; Sheriff, 1884-88; Clerk, 
Circuit Court, Tuscaloosa Co., 1893-99; Planter; m. Lucy Avery Brown, Hinds Co., 
Miss., Dec. ao, 1882. 

♦Sanders, Horace Vernet, LL. B., lawyer, Columbus, Miss. 

1875, Columbus, Miss.; s. W. C Sanders, San Antonio, Tex., and Helen Louise 
Peroell; A. M., 1875, Centre Col.; d. at Columbus, Miss., July, 1877. 

W)rman, Benjamin Leon, A. M., physician, Birmingham. 

1871, Tuscaloosa; s. William Stokes Wjrman, University, and M^elissa Dearing; 
b. Aug. I, 1856; M. D., Univ. of Va., 1878, Univ. of N. Y., 1879; Asst, Surgeon, Ala. 
Ins. Hosp., 1881-85; Capt., Warrior Guards, 1883-85, Birmingham Rifles, 1886-88; 

Prof., Birmingham Med. Col., 1894 , Dean of same, April, 1898 ; m. Mrs.. 

Elizabeth Alabama Brown Ware, Birmingham. 

1876] Graduates in Schools and Non-Graduates 235 

1876. Graduates in Schools and Non-Graduates 
Bradford, Henry SheflFey, merchant, Huntsville. 

1874, HuntsyiUe; s. H. G. Bradford, Huntsville, and Mary A. Ward; b. March 
15, 1856; m. Dora Hereford, Maysville, March 20, 1878. 

Caldwell, Samuel Sidney, book-keeper, Tuscaloosa. 

Z873, Tuscaloosa; s. John S. Caldwell and Mary Ann Eddins; b. May 15, 1858. 

Qark, Samuel Hood, planter, Tribbett, Miss. 

1875, Bridgeville; s. Thomas Jefferson Clark, Bridgeville, and Elizabeth Jane 
Hood; m. Mamie Smarr, Pleasant Ridge, April 14, 1886. 

Qarke, Henry C. 

X875, Nashville, Tenn. 

Fitts, William Faulcon, banker, Tuscaloosa. 

1874, Tuscaloosa; s. James Harris Fitts and Mary Elizabeth Burges; b. Feb. 

x8, 1856; Cashier, Bank J. H. Fitts & Co., 1877 ; Pres., Tuscaloosa Cotton Mills, 

2896-97; m. Annie Spiller, Tuscaloosa, Sept. 13, 2876. 

Folse, Alcee S. 

2874, Napoleonville, La. 

♦Hargrove, George Vaughan, planter, Columbus, Miss. 

2875, Columbus, Miss.; s. William Henry Hargrove and Sarilla Vaughan; d. 
Oct., 2879. 

Harrison, Derrell, minister, Mariposa, Gal. 

2874, Tuscaloosa; s. Benjamin S. Harrison, Tuscaloosa, and Adaline H. Sim- 
mons; Mem. Pacific C02L, M. E. Church, South. 

Jack, Charles Elbert, planter, Havana. 

2875, Havana; s. James Jack, Havana, Hale Co., and Julia Witherspoon. 

Jinkins, Frank Pierce, banker, Aberdeen, Miss. 

2874* Aberdeen, Miss.; s. Elias Jinkins, Aberdeen, Miss., and Susan M. 
McNamara; b. June 30, 2857; LL. B., Cumberland Univ., Lebanon, Tenn.; Pres., 
2St Nat. Bank, Aberdeen, Miss., 2883 ; City Treas., 2896-98; m. Willie C. Bras- 
field, Aberdeen, June 20, 2883. 

King, Edwin Clifton, planter, Leighton. 

2875, Leighton; s. Philemon King, Leighton, and Eliza J. Madding; m. Gazelle 

King, Paul, LL. B., 1877, planter. King. 

2875, Lower Pfeach Tree, Wilcox Co.; s. William Dock King, Lower Peach 
Tree, and Rebecca Singleton Tait; b. March 26, 2856; 2n. Thomas Clementine De 
Loach, Clay Hill, Marengo Co., Jan. S7, 1880. 

Lacy, John H. 

2875, Huntsville. 

2^6 Record of Students [1876 

Lawson, Richard M. 

1873, Navasota and Whorton, Tex. 

Leach, Sewell Jones, Tuscaloosa. 

1874, Tuscaloosa; s. Dr. S«well Jones Leach, Tuscaloosa, and Elizabeth Faulcon 
Fitta; b. March 30, 1857; Book-keeper, 1888-94; Man., Laundry and Electric Light 

Plant, U. of Ala., 1894-97; Gen. Man. for S. F. Alston Fur. Co., 1897 ; m. Kate 

Brantley Warren, Tuscaloosa, Dec. 16, 1880. 

LeBlance, Andre Philip, 

1874, NapoleonviUe, La. 

Lees, Samuel Stephen, engineer. New York. 

1875, Tuscaloosa; a. James Lees, Natchez, Miss., and Ehnira E. Hanley; b. 
Jan. 10, 1859; V. Pres., S. S. Burt Co., New Orleans, Contract, and Consulting En* 
gineers, The Sterling Co., 36 Cortlandt St., N. Y.; m. Ella McDonald, Natchez, Miss., 
Feb. J, 1887. 

Long, Henry Whitfield, merchant, Carrollton, (Ja. 

1875, Jasper; s. Benjamin M. Long and Amanda Wooden; Merchant at Cor- 
dova, 1884-99, and Carrollton, Ga., 1899 ; m. Lulu Manderville, Carrollton, Ga. 

Long, James Benjamin, physician, Abbeville. 

1875, Abbeville; s. James B. Long, Troy, and Mary Jane Oates; M. D., Louis- 
ville Med. Col., 1882; m. Annie Jefferson Curry, Abbeville, July 6, 1882. 

Maurin, Edmund, lawyer, Donaldsonville, La. 

1875, Donaldsonville, La.; s. Major Victor Maurin, Donaldsonville, La., and 
Lisa Vives; b. Nov. 4, 1858; Clerk in New Orleans P. O., Custom House and U. S. 
Internal Revenue Office, 1880-89. 

Peg^es, Samuel Fitts, engineer, Chicago, III. 

1874, Springville; s. Col. J. J. Pegues, Tuscaloosa, and Caroline M. Fitts; b. 
Dec. 8, 1858; Deputy Clerk, Circuit Court, Tuscaloosa Co., 1882-87; Clerk, Engineering 
Dept., U. S. Gov., 1879-82, 1887 ; m. Mattie Alexander, Rome, Ga. 

Pettus, Wilbur Egbert, grocer, Huntsville. 

187s, Cluttsville; s. William Rowlett Pettus, Huntsville, and Charlotte Harris 
Day; b. July 6, 1853. 

♦Pitts, Arthur Bevin Dandridge, planter, Panther Burn, Miss. 

Z875, Uniontown ; s. Philip Henry Pitts, Uniontown, and Margaret Davidson; 
d. July, 1888. 

Rice, Harvey, R. R. business, 

187s, Northport; s. George W. Rice, Laplace, and Martha Slaughter. 

Scruggs, John W. 

1875, Huntsville. 

Tierce, William Vaughan, minister. Corona. 

1874, Northport; s. George Andrew Tierce, Northport, and Sarah Elizabeth 
Doss; b. July 8, 1848; Teacher and Local Preacher, M. E. Church, South; m. Flor- 
ence S. Rosser, Feb. ax, 1897. 

^^77] Graduates with Titled Degrees 237 

Watkins, Robert Henry, editor, Huntsville. 

1874, Huntsville; s. Robert H. Watkins, Huntsville, and Mary Margaret Carter; 
b. July 6, 1857; Editor Evening Post; m, Mary Lindsay. 

White, Addison, planter, Whitesburg. 

1874, Huntsville; s. CoL Thomas W. White and Susan W. Bradley. 

White, Frank Smith, planter, Whitesburg. 

1874, Huntsville; s. Thomas Wilson White and Susan W. Bradley; Conductor 
on R.R. 10 years. 

Williams, William Harris, merchant, Helena. 

1875, McCalla, Jefferson Co.; s. Thomas Lightfoot Williams and Matura 

1877. Graduates with Titled Degrees 

♦Baltzell, Richard Henly, A. M., teacher, Forkland. 

1873, Forkland; d. at Bluff Creek, La., June 6, 1880. 

♦Battle, Josiah Davis, A. B., planter, Huntsville. 

1874, Huntsville; d. May 30, 1882. 

*Betts, Rostan, A. B., lawyer, Huntsville. 

1875, Huntsville; s. Edward C. Betts and Virginia A. Swoope; b. Jan. 16, i860; 
d. May z8, 2887. 

Bonner, William Joel, A. B., A. M., '78, lawyer, Camden. 

1875, Rosebud; s. Major James Bonner, Rosebud, and Julia Newberry; b. Sept. 
30, 1859; Circuit Clerk, WilcoJt Co., 1880-92; m. Ida Marlow, Camden, April, 1883. 

Bradford, Chapman, A. B., lawyer, Dallas, Tex. 

1876, Talladega; s. Taul Bradford, Talladega^ and Mary Isabella Hardie; b. 
Oct mS, x8s8. 

Clayton, Henry Delamar, Jr., A. B., LL. B., '78, lawyer, Eufaula. 

1875, Clayton; s. Gen. Henry D. Clayton, University, and Victoria V. Hunter; 
b. Feb. 10, 1859; Reg. in Chanc, Barbour Co., 1880-84; Rep., Gen. Assem., Ala. 
Leg., 1890-92; U. S. Attorney, Middle Dist, Ala., 1893-96; Mem. Congress, 1896 — ; 
m. Virginia Ball Allen, 1882. 

♦Coleman, Daniel Burbage, A. B., Nashville, Tenn. 

1873, Tuscaloosa; s. James Lockhart Coleman, Athens, and Katherine Lester; 
b. March 31, 1858; Sec, Bransford Hardware Co.; d. Nov. 2, 1884. 

Coleman, Granville Lester, A. B., insurance, Columbia, Tenn. 

1875, Tuscaloosa; s. James Lockhart Coleman, Athens, and Katherine Lester; 
b. Jan. X3, i860; State Agent, Michigan Mutual Life Ins. Co., Tenn. 

Cross, William Ciprianus, A. B., A. M., '84, physician, Union- 

1875, Cherokee, Colbert Co,; s. Dr. William C. Cross, Cherokee, and Mary F. 
Harris; b. July 31, 1856; M. D., Vanderbilt Univ., x88o; Sute Senator, 1886-88; m. 
(i) Belle T. Prince, Tuscaloosa, 1878, (2) Lida Jennings, Newbeme, 1894* 

238 Record of Students [1877 

Foster, Guy, A. B., planter, Tuscaloosa. 

2875, Foster's; s. James Collier Foster and Jane Elizabeth Ware; b. Oct. lo, 
1855; m. Annie Ella King, Feb. 15, x88i. 

Foster, John Strickland, A. M., engineering, Jasper. 

2873; 1879, Tuscaloosa; s. William Strickland Foster, Jasper, and Sarah Agnes 
Owen; b. Feb. 25, 1857; R<R< Contractor. 

Hampton, John Manoah, A. B., planter, Meridianville. 

187S1 Huntsville; s. John P. Hampton, Meridianville, and Susie Burt, Columbus, 
Miss.; b. Aug. 4, 1857; m. Mary Rebecca Otey, Meridianville. 

♦Hendrick, John Leonard, A. B., A. M., '78, lawyer, Fort Smith, 

1876, Talladega; s. James Yancey Hendrick and Julia Harding; b. May i6, 
1859; LL. B., Univ. of Miss.; Judge, City Court, Fort Smith, Ark.; m. Thula Hardie, 
Montgomery, April 13, i88z; d. March 7, 1894. 

King, Paul, LL. B., (See 1876). 

Lewis, Winfield Scott, A. B., LL. B., '78, lawyer. Mobile. 

1874, Mobile; s. William Lewis, Mobile, and Herminia Rabby; b. 1857; Rep., 
Gen. Assem., 1888-91; Grand Master, Independent Order of Odd Fellows, 1901 w 

Logan, Stephen Ek>uglas, LL. B., lawyer and planter, Centreville. 

1876, Centreville; s. John Hunt Logan, Centreville, and Lavinia Mosley; b. 
May 29, 1859; Supt, Educa., for Bibb Co., 1886-90; m. (x) Mamie V. Gardner, Cen- 
treville, Nov. I, 1885, (2) Alice A. Ivey, Talladega, Jan. 20, 1898. 

Meek, William Cannon, A. B., A. M., *8i, lawyer, Columbus, 

1874, Columbus, Miss.; s. Hon. Samuel Mills Meek and Mary Louisa Cannon; 
b. May 21, 1857; Adm. to Bar, Nov. i, 1878; Attorney, M. & O. R. R., x886 — ^. 

Morrissette, Edward Robison, A. B., A. M., '78, planter. Perdue 

1874, Lower Peach Tree, Wilcox Co.; s. George Gaines Morrissette, Bells Land- 
ing, and Cornelia Robison; b. 1859; Rep., Gen. Assem., Ala., 1880^2; U. S. Mar- 
shal, 1893-97; Mem., Constitu. Con., 1901; m. Ida Marshall, Perdue Hill, June 19, 

Parke, Clifford White, A. B., cotton exporter, Selma. 

1876, Selma; s. Dr. Clifford Daniel Parke, Selma, and Louisa Swift; b. Not. 
10, 1859; m. Annie Louise Bungert, Brooklyn, N. Y., Dec 3, 1883. 

Pettus, Richard Emmett, A. M., (See 1876). 

♦Richardson, William Elijah, A. M., LL. B., '79, lawyer, Mont- 

1873; 1879, Molino, Fla.; s. Frank Epps Richardson and Ann Maria Robinson; 
b. Dec 15, 1855; m. Minnie Reese, Montgomery, 1884; d. Jan. 13, 1895. 

Sheild, Edwin, Jr., A. B. A. M., '78, New York. 

1875, Uniontown; s. Edwin Sheild, Uniontown, and Mary Jane Semple; b. 

1877] Graduates in Schools and Non-Graduates 239 

Dec 16, 1856; Teacher at Uniontown, 1878-80; Cotton Buyer at Montgomery, 
1880-87; Member Firm, J. C. Graham and Co., Cotton Exchange, N. Y.; Residence, 
Westfield, N. J.; m. Mildred Christian, Baltimore, June x6, 1886. 

♦Shorter, Clement Clay, A. M., LL. B., '78, Eufaula. 

1875, Eufaula; s. Eli Sims Shorter, Eufaula, and Mariette Fannin; b. Feb. 
I, 1856; Asst. Sec, Gen. Assem., 1883-88; Rep., Gen. Assem., Ala., 1888-90; Speaker 
of House, 1889-90; d. June 16, 1890. 

Smith, Oliver Fleetwood, A. B., clerk. Mobile. 

1875, Mobile; s. Nathan Smith and Eliza Catherine Scott; b. April 7, 1856; 
m. (x) Minnie Harris, Sumterville, (a) Minnie Threefoot, April 7, 1887. 

Stallings, Jesse F., A. B., lawyer, Greenville. 

1873, Greenville; s. Reuben Stallings, Greenville, and Lucy Ferguson;, b. 
<^ril 4, 1856; Solicitor, and Jud. Circuit, 1886-92; Rep., U. S. Congress, 2nd Dist, 
Ala., 1893-190X; m. (i) Ella McAllister, Eufaula, March 7, 1883, (2) Belle McAllister, 
Eufaula, July, X887. 

♦Thornton, Leander Earle, A. B., A. M., '78, teacher. West Bend. 

1876, Coffeeville, Clarke Co.; s. Hon. Eli S. Thornton, Coffeeville, and Mar- 
garet Earle Scruggs; d. July 28, x88o. 

Wier, Charles Nathaniel, A. B., planter and insurance, Sherman. 

1872, Livingston; s. Peter Wier and Harriet E. Hibler; Agent Mutual Benefit 
Life Ins. Co., Newark, N. J.; m. Annie Moore Oliver, Sherman, April 23, X877. 

Wood, Sterling Alexander, A. B., LL. B., Birmingham. 

X874, Tuscaloosa; s. Gen. S. A. M. Wood and Lelia E. Leftwich; b. April 6, 
X859; City Att'y for Tuscaloosa, 1880-90; Private Sec. to Ala. Supreme Ct, X884-87, 
Oerk, Ala. Supreme Ct, x892-98; Mem., Advisory Committee, Society Alumni, 
189s 1 i°' Ida May Richardson, Tuscaloosa, Aug. x6, 1887. 

♦Woodward, William Wallace, LL. B., lawyer, Cleburne, Tex. 

1876, Jacksonville; s. Ed. L. Woodward, Jacksonville, and Melinda Jane 
Francis; b. Oct. 20, X856; d. Aug. 9, x886. 

1877. Graduates in Schools and Non-Graduates 
Aicardi, Robert S., U. S. Army. 

X876, Selma; Private, U. S. A., in Philippine War, 1899 . 

Ash, John Winston, physician and druggist, Springville. 

X875, Ashville; s. George W. Ash, Branchville, and Susan Gilbert; b. Aug. x8, 
X856; M. D., Tulane Univ., 1878; m. Carrie Byers, Ashville, March 30, x88i. 

Auxford, John William, merchant and planter, Hull. 

X876, Hull, Tuscaloosa Co,; s. F. M. Auxford and Sarah Sartain; b. Jan. 12, 
1859; m. Louisa Lewis, Moundville. 

Banks, Willis, merchant and planter, Bent Oaks, Miss. 

1874, Columbus, Miss.; s. James Oliver Banks and Martha Coleman; b. May 23, 
1847; iH' Jennie Dunlap, Eutaw, Ala., June 26, 1895. 

a4o Re<X)RD of Students [^^77 
Baxter, John A. 

1876, Tuscaloosa Co. 

Billups, John Marshall, Jr., broker and banker, New York. 

1875, Columbus, Miss.; s. Maj. John M. BiUups, Columbus, Miss., and Sallie 
Gavan; b. Aug. 8, i860. 

♦Bush, James J., planter, Macon, Miss. 

1876, Brooksville, Miss.; s. A. C. Bush, Brenham, Tex., and Mary Ann Cun- 
ningham; d. April as, 1878. 

Bush, William Roby, book-keeper, Macon, Miss. 

1876, Macon, Miss.; s. A. H. Bush, Macon, Miss., and Edna A. Roby. 

Byars, Travis Mitchael, editor, Oakman. 

1876, Blount Springs; s. William G. Byars, Blount Springs, and Mary J. 
Thomas; m. Mary C. Jones, Blount Springs, Dec. 24, 1878. 

Caldwell, Europe Hamlin, flour mill operator, Scottsboro. 

1876, Belief onte, Jackson Co.; s. Hamilton Caldwell, Scottsboro, and Martha 
J. Snodgrass; b. Aug. 29, 1859; m. Cornelia Allison, Stevenson, Oct. xo, 1883. 

Cameron, Nathaniel Dupree, planter and miller, Mt. Hebron. 

1876, Mt. Hebron; s. William Cameron, Mt. Hebron, and Susan Dupree Clay; 
b. July 15, 1856; m. Sallie Hunt Christian, Gainesville, Nov. 6, 1883. 

*Clanton, Thomas W., Montgomery. 

1876, Montgomery; s. Gen. James Holt Clanton and Parthenia Abercrombie; 
d. 1898. 

Coleman, Windham, planter, Ehren. 

1876, Memphis, Pickens Co.; m. Susie Finch, Noxubee Co., Miss., 1889. 

♦Craig, James Harper, banker, Hemmingford, N. C. 

1876, Selma; s. Benjamin H. Craig, Selma, and Eliza Reese Tucker; d. Oct. a6, 
1891, at Selma. 

Dent, Dayton Witherspoon, planter, Harlan, Miss. 

1876, Macon, Miss.; s. William Dent, Macon, Miss., and Mary Cooper With- 
erspoon; b. March 28, 1859; m. Belle Sorsby, Hazlehurst, Miss. 

Fant, Andrew Connor, lumber business, Macon, Miss. 

1876, Macon, Miss.; s. Dr. Joshua Fant. 

Fitts, Charles, merchant, Tuscaloosa. 

1874, Tuscaloosa; s. William Faulcon Fitts and Juny Annie Foster; b. July a, 
2858; m. Flora Damer, Hale Co., Jan. 5, 1887. 

Gillespy, John Sharp, Birmingham. 

1876, Jonesboro; s. John Sharp Gillespy, Montevallo, and Martha Sadler; h. 
Nov. 17, 1859; M. D., Miami Med. Col., Ohio, 1883; City Physician, Birmingham, 
1889-90, County Physician, Jefferson Co., 1892-98; Clerk and Register, City Court of 
Birmingham, 1898-1904; m. Mary Eugenia Owen, Jonesboro, Oct 10, 1883. 

1877] Graduates in Schools and Non-Graduates 241 

Graham, Henry W., Jacksonville. 

1875, Selma. 

Henry, Samuel, merchant, Guntersville. 

1876, Guntersville, Marshall Co.; s. Albert Gallitan Henry and Mary Henry; 
b. Jan. 12, i860; m. Mattie Hunter, Guntersville, Dec. 23, 1879. 

♦Hobbs, James Benagh, planter, Athens. 

1875, Athens; s. Thomas H. Hobbs, Lynchburg, Va., and Anne Benagh; b. 
Jan. 4, 1 861; d. Feb. 33, 1883. 

Hobbs, Thomas Maelin, planter, Athens. 

1876, Athens; s. Thomas H. Hobbs and Anne Benagh; b. Nov. 29, 1858; m. 
Anne Richardson, Athens, Nov. 24, 1880. 

Hood, William Cook, merchant, Tuscaloosa. 

1874; 1881, Tuscaloosa; s. Israel Hood, Tuscaloosa, and Addie M. Cook; b. 
Jan. 5, 1859. 

Hudson, John F., Jr., Atlanta, Ga. 

1876, Columbus, Miss. 

Jackson, William Owen, trav. salesman, luka, Miss. 

1876-79, Apple Grove; s. Isaac M. Jackson, Morgan Co., and Martha Allen 
Owen; b. Jan. 6, 1859. 

Jemison, Mims Penn, merchant, Tuscaloosa. 

1876, Tuscaloosa; s. Capt. William H. Jemison and Elizabeth A. Patrick: b. 
Sept. 12, 1 861; Sec. and Treas., Allen & Jemison Co.; V. Pres., Tuscaloosa Light and 
Ice Co.; m. (i) Lela Lee, Tuscaloosa, Sept. 15, 1886, (2) Mary S. Torrey, New 
Orleans, Feb. 8, 1893. 

Jones, Frederick Houston, Tuscaloosa. 

1876, Livingston; s. William Campbell Jones and Mary Esther Houston; b. 
Oct. 3, 1858; Passenger Agent, St. Louis S. W. R. R.; Operator, "Chambers Coal 
Mines;*' m. Mary Ward Hutchinson, Tuscaloosa. 

King, Francis R., merchant, Leighton. 

1876, Leighton, Colbert Co.; s. Hartwell R. King and Mary H. Smith; b. Oct. 
30, 1859; m. Imogene White, Memphis, Tenn., June 30, 1886. 

Leach, Edward Faulcon, book-keeper, Tuscaloosa. 

1874, Tuscaloosa; s. Dr. Sewall J. Leach, Tuscaloosa, and Elizabeth F. Fitts; b. 
July 29, 1859; Agent, U. S. Express Co., Birmingham, 1887-92; Private, Co. F, 2nd 
Ala. Reg. Vol., Spanish War, 1898; m. Marie Louise Tait, Montgomery, Oct. 31, 1898. 

Leftwich, Jesse Bion, lumber merchant, Mobile. 

1874, Tuscaloosa; s. J. G. W. Leftwich, Florence, and Agnes Pollock; b. Aug. 
31* 1857; Pres., Seashore Camp Grounds, Biloxi, Miss.; m. Fannie S. Case, Ocean 
Springs, Miss., March 4, i88x. 

McCalla, Samuel Lewis, LL. B., '80, civil engineer, Knoxville, 

1874, 1879, Tuscaloosa; s. R. C. McCalla and Margaret Eliza Lewis; b. April 
8, 1857; now, 1901, in China; m. Susan Boyd, Knoxville, Tenn., Dec., 1882. 

242 Record of Students [^^77 

♦McCreary, Ernest, druggist, Evergreen. 

1876, Evergreen; s. John Absalcun McCreary and MarceUa Johnston; Student, 
Howard CoL, x877>78; m. Maggie Cnunpton, i88j; d. Feb. aa, 189$. 

♦McDowell, Samuel W., planter. Rock West. 

1875, Camden; a. John R. McDowell, Camdrn, and Harriet Sellen; m. Julia 
Tait, Camden; d. Jan., 1900. 

McGwier,' John R. 

2876, Leighton. 

Mickle, John J., clerk, Montgomery. 

1876, Haynerille. * 

Miller, Roscoe F., drummer, , Tex. 

1876; 1882, Tuscalooaa; a. Alva Miller and Lacj Brown. 

Moore, Council D., Scranton, Miss. 

i87S» Paacagoula, Miaa.; Sheriff, Jackaon Co., Miaa. 

Orrell, John C, Jr. 

1876, Mobile. 

♦Pope, Frank Coleman, planter, Martin's StaticMi. 

2876, Martin'a Station; a. Frank A. Pope, Omrille, and M. Franda Coleman; 
m. Annie Lette, Marengo Ca, 1880; d. 1885. 

Powell, Joseph Bryant, physician, Montgomery. 

1876, Clarke Co.; M. D., Mobile; m. Mary Eleanor Pumm, Camden, 1881. 

Russell, Jsmies Monroe, lawyer, Birmingham. 

1876, Birmingham; a. Robert Ruaaell and Martha Ann Darden; b. March 3, 
185 1 ; Adm. to Bar, May ay, 1877; m. Sallie Izbelle Ellord, Nov. xo, 1874. 

Saunders, Eugene, 

2876, Columbua, Miaa. 

Sejrmour, Albin, Jr. 

X876, JackaonTiUe. 

♦Silcox, Joseph B., Charleston, S. C. 

1874, Tuacaloosa; d. 189 — 

Smith, James Craig, planter, Montgomery. 

1876, Orrville; a. Frederick H. Smith, Omrille, and Margaret Alice Quarlea; 
b. Sept. 13, 1859; Rep., Gen. Aaacm., Ala., two terma; State Treaaurer, 1892-96, 
1900 ; m. Eloiae Legrand, Sept. 3, 1893. 

Smith, Walter Keirn, lawyer, Livingston. 

1876, Livingaton; a. Rev. Stephen Smith; m. Suaan Tankersley. 

Spencer, Thomas Harper, merchant, Birmingham. 

1875, Knoxville; a. Alvia H. H. Spencer and Suaan E. Burreaa; b. March 4, 

1855; m. Sallie A. McGiffert, Knoxville, Nov. 4, 1879. 

1878] Graduates with Titled Degrees 243 

Staggers, Robert Jackson, merchant, Benton. 

iii76t Benton, Lowndes Co.; t. WilUam L. Staggers, Benton, and Martha E. 
Staggers; b. Nov. 7, 1856; Mem., Board of Rev., Lowndes Ca; m. Sallie Kendall 
Ernest, Benton, June ay, 1888. 

Stewart, Archibald, Piedmont. 

1876, Jacksonville. 

Stockard, Benjamin Arthur, broker, Chattanooga, Tenn. 

2876, West Point, Miss.; s. J. J. Stockard, Chattanooga, and Victoria Ann 
Rupert; A. B., Univ. of Miss., x88x; LL. B., Cumberland Univ., Lebanon, Tenn., 
188a; m. Melville M. Jones, West Point, Miss., March ao, 1883. 

Truss, Arthur D., planter, Bonham, Tex. 

2876, Trussville; s. Marion S. Truss, Talladega, and McCuUough; m. 

(i) Miss Andrews, (a) Miss Williamson. 

Williams, James B., cotton buyer. Areola, Miss. 

1876, Greenville, Miss. 

♦Winn, Alexander EUerbe, operator, Orrville. 

X876, Orrville; s. Henry J. Winn and Eliza Ellerbe; b. about 1859; Mine 
Operator at Pittsburg, Pa.; d. about 1883. 

Winston, Thomas E. 

1876, Tuscumbia. 

1878. Graduates with Titled Degrees 

Bonner, William Joel, A. M., (See 1877). 

Bradfield, Louis Thomas, A. B., A. M., '79, insurance, Birming- 

1876, Uniontown; s. Dr. John Bradfield and Emily Perkins; m. Lizzie Lewis, 
University, July ai, x886. 

Brown, Charles W., A. M., LL. B., '81, planter, Glenzaida. 

1874, Scottsboro; s. Jeremiah Brown, LarUnsville, and Mary Williams; Editor, 
Scottsboro Citisen, i88x-88; Chief Clerk, State Supt Education, 1888-89; Reg. in 
Chancery, Jackson Co., 2889; m. Sallie B. CofFey, Sept. 7, x88a. 

Brown, Windham Everett, LL. B., insurance, Dallas, Tex. 

1877, Mobile; s. Col. L C. Brown, East Lake, and Mary Ann Bestor; B. S., 
1876, Howard CoL; Lawyer at Mobile, Ala., 1878-93; State Agent, Penn. Mutual 
Life Ins. Co,; m. Ella Dunavant, Memphis, Tenn., Oct. 15, 1887. 

Camathan, George Hays, LL. B., lawyer and planter, Butler. 

1877, Butler; s. William George Camathan, Butler, and Thresa E. Mayberry; 
b. July 9, 1858; Gen. Administrator, Choctaw Co., 1889-1904; Mem., Constitu. Conv., 
1 901; m. Hester Anna Bruister, Butler. 

Clayton, Henry DeLamar, Jr., LL. B., (See 1877). 

244 Record of Students [1878 

Clark, Fillmore Levert, A. M., lawyer, Detroit, Mich. 

1876, Mobile; s. Francis B. Clark and Helen Shepherd; Law Student, U. of 
Va.; Lawyer, Mobile, until 1898; m. Mary Eliza Parke, Detroit, Mich., Dec 26, 1894. 

Clemmons, Joseph Ingraham, LL. B., lawyer. Mobile. 

1877, Mobile; s. Josephus Oemmons, Mobile, and Margaret Alice Auld; b. 
Feb. 16, 1856; m. Emma Baldwin, Mobile, June 12, 1884. 

Collier, Daniel, LL. B., lawyer, Tuscaloosa. 

1877, Vance's Station; s. Charles Henry Collier, Centreville, and Nancy Snead; 
b. Oct. 14, 1852; m. (i) Susie Tierce, Tuscaloosa, (2) Lockey Wood, Columbus, Miss. 

Cory, Chappell, A. M., LL. B., '79, editor, Montgomery. 

1876, Autaugaville; s. Thomas Denny Cory, Mulberry, and Martha Elizabeth 
Chappell; b. Feb. 6, 1858; Editor, Southern Argus, Selma, Montgomery Advertiser, Bir- 
mingham Age-Herald, 1879-94; European Agent for the Electropoise, London, Eng., 
1894-96; Private Sec, Gov. Johnston, 1896- 1900; Bus. Manager, Montgomery Journal, 
1900 ; m. Marylou Armstrong, Birmingham, 1889. 

DuBose, Joel Campbell, A. B., A. M., '82, teacher, Birmingham. 

1877, Mt. Sterling; s. Benjamin Eusebius DuBose and Sarah Elizabeth Horn; 
b. Dec. 17, 1855; Prin., Pushmataha High School, 1878-83; Prin., Snow Hill, 1883-86, 
Livingston, 1886-88, South Highlands, Birmingham, 1888-98; Private Qasses and 
Lit. Work, Washington, D. C, 1898-99; Private School, Knoxville, Tenn., 1899-1900; 
Prin., "DuBose's School for Boys;" m. Alice Vivian Horn, Pushmataha, Aug. 8, 1883. 

Durrett, John Beauchamp, A. M., LL. B., '80, lawyer, Belton, 

1875, Tuscaloosa; s. John A. Durrett, Tuscaloosa Co., and Anne Beauchamp 
Evans; b. Feb. i, 1858; Grad. Stu., 1878-79; m. Pattie Allen Owen, Courtland, July 
14, 1884. 

♦Earle, John Martin, A. B., book-keeper, El3rton. 

1876, Birmingham; s. J. B. Earle, Birmingham, and Caroline E. Martin; d. 
Dec 4, 1896. 

♦Fitts, Festus, A. M., banker, Tuscaloosa. 

1874, Tuscaloosa; s. James Harris Fitts and Mary Elizabeth Burges; b. Feb. 
i5f 1859; Sec. and Treas., Tuscaloosa Cotton Mills, 1879-96; Pres. and Gen. Man., 
1892-96; Asst. Cashier, Bank of J. H. Fitts & Co., 1888-96; Mem., xst Board of 
Education, Tuscaloosa, 1890-91; m. Annalee Taylor, Tuscaloosa, April 16, 1884; d. 
Aug. 6, 1896. 

♦Foster, Thomas James, A. M., merchant, Tuscaloosa. 

1873, Tuscaloosa; s. Dr. Joshua H. Foster and Frances Cornelia Bacon; b. 
May 19, 1858; Book-keeper, Albany and Rome, Ga.; Supt Education, Tuscaloosa Co., 
1890-92; m. Cora Octavia Watjen, Vincennes, Ind., July, 1891; d. Bristol, Tenn., 
June SI, 1892. 

Garrett, William G., LL. B., , Tex. 

1876, Kymulga; moved to Tex., 1880. 

*Gray, James Edward, A. B., A. M., '79, LL. B., '81, lawyer, 

1876, DeSotoville, Choctaw Co.; s. Alanson Jefferson Gray and Elisabeth 
Nethery; b. July 36, i860; Teacher, Sumterville, 1879-80; d. at DeSotoville, Feb. 19, 

1878] Graduates with Titled Degrees 245 

♦Hendrick, John Leonard, A. M., (See 1877). 

Hmton, Isaac Rufus, LL. B., lawyer and planter, Carrollton. 

1877* Carrollton; s. Dr. William G. Hinton, Pickensville, and Sallie E. Taylor; 
b. Not. 19, 1858; m. Beulah E. Graham, Reform, Dec. 6, 1893. 

Jemison, John Steele, LL. B., (See 1875). 

Jones, Joseph Henry, A. B., physician. Oak Hill. 

1875, AUenton; a. Clarke Jones and Julia McReynoIds; b. May 22, 1856; M. D., 
Louisville Med. Col., 1880; m. (i) Sallie Hall Hines, 1883, (a) Jessie Bonner, 1889. 

♦Judge, Hilliard Means, LL. B., lawyer, Eutaw. 

1877, Eutaw; s. James L. Judge, Eutaw, and Laura Mills; b. Dec 6, 1855; 
Probate Judge, Greene Co.; m. Martha Anderson McLemore, Weston, Greene Co., 
Nov. 12, 1879; <!• I^c. 5, 1894. 

Lewis, Winfield Scott, LL. B., (See 1877). 

Lomax, Tennent, A. M., LL. B., 1879, lawyer, Montgomery. 

1876, Montgomery; s. Gen. Tennent Lomax and Carrie Shorter (nse Billings- 
lea); b. April S9, 1858; Solicitor, Montgomery Co., x886 ; Author of "Digest of 

the Crim. Law, Ala., Reports;" Trustee, U. of Ala., 1897 1 Mem., Constitu. 

Conv., X901. 

♦McCall, Charles Roderick, A. B., A. M., '79, teacher, Troy. 

1876, Union Springs; Instructor, U. of Ala., 1878-81; Editor Greenville 
Advocate and Troy Messenger, 1881-85; U. S. Consul, Santos, Brazil, 1885-88; Prof., 
Latin, Troy Normal, 1889-98; m. Emily Foster, Ocean Springs, Miss., Nov. s8, 1889; 
d. Aug. 24, 1898. 

McCall, Daniel Williamson, A. B., planter, Monterey. 

1876, Greenville; s. Tristram Bethea McCall and Laura Antonia Williamson; 
b. May 21, x86o; m. Lola May Barge, Monterey, June 21, 1887. 

*McConneli Walter Scott, A. B., Woodward. 

1875, Scottsville; s. John W. McConnell and Jane M. Scott; b. April ss, 1857; 
Store Manager, Woodward Iron Co.; m. (i) Sallie McAdory, Jonesboro, (2) Flora 
Wilson, Birmingham; killed in R. R. accident, June 9, 1894. 

♦McGuire, Joseph Hilliard, LL. B., lawyer, Jasper. 

1877, Jasper; s. Henry W. McGuire, Fayette, and Sarah Embry; b. Sept. 29, 
1848; Prin., Holly Grove High School, 1876-77; m. Mrs. Soleta Jane Windham (nee 
Anderson); d. May 9, 1899. 

Opp, Henry, A. B., lawyer, Andalusia. 

1876, Montgomery; s. Valentine Opp and Catherine Hart; b. March 29, 1859; 

Mayor, Andalusia, 1899 ; Mem., Constitu. Conv., 1901; m. Addie Bell Gardner, 

Troy, Aug. 2, 1890. 

Rabb, Calloway Stallworth, LL. B., (See 1873). 
Sheild, Edwin, Jr., A. M., (See 1877). 
♦Shorter, Clement Clay, LL. B., (See 1877). 

246 Record of Students [1878 

♦Somerville, Alfred Hudson, LL. B., lawyer, CarroUton, Miss. 

1877, Carrollton, Miss.; s. James Somerville, CarroUton. Miss., and Martha G. 
Hudson; A. B., Univ. Miss., 1875; Dist. Att'y, Miss.; d. June, 1898, at Hot Springs, 

Speake, Daniel Webster, A. B., LL. B., lawyer, Decatur. 

1876, Morgan Co.; m. Caro McCalla, Tuscaloosa, Dec, 1881. 

♦Thornton, Leander Earle, A. M., (See 1877). 

Underwood, Thomas Herndon, A. B., officer, U. S. Army. 

X876; 1879, Livingston; s. Thomas R. Underwood, Fayetteville, N. C, and 
Emma Jane; Cadet, U. S. Mil. Acad., 1880; Real Estate, New Orleans, 1881-1898; 
Capt, 17. S. VoL Inf., Spanish War, 1898-99, now Lieut, in Army in Manila; m. 
Fannie J. Tobin, New Orleans, April, 1885. 

Watson, Charles McAlpine, A. B., physician, Florence. 

1876, Eutaw; s. James Alexander Watson and Elizabeth McAlpine; b. Aug. 19, 
1859; M. D., Tulane, z88z; County Health Officer, 1896-97; Pres., County Med. 
Board, 1898-99; m. Charlotte Chorless Key, Florence, Oct. x, 1885. 

Willett, Elbert Decatur, A. B., lawyer, CarroUton. 

1877, CarroUton; s. Elbert D. Willett, CarroUton, and Candace M. Bostick; b. 
March 24, 1858; Student, Univ. of Tenn., 1875-77; Rep., Gen. Assem., Ala., 1882-87, 
1894.95; Presid. Elector, 1900; Mem., Constitu. Conv., 1901; m. Julia Ridley, La- 
Grange, Ga., June 27, 190X. 

Wood, Sterling Alexander, LL. B., (See 1877). 

1878. Graduates in Schools and Non-Graduates 

♦Alexander, William Lee, planter, Faunsdale. . 

1877, Faunsdale; s. J. D. Alexander and Rebecca L. Cathey; d. Aug. 17, 1883. 

♦Alston, William Williams, Orrville. 

1876, Orrville, Dallas Ca; s. Dr. Lemuel Alston, Orrville, and Sallie Jackson; 
b. July 15, i860; d. Feb. as, 2878. 

Bell, Enoch, planter, Eleanor. 

1877, Brown Sta., Dallas Co.; s. William Bell and Susan Grice; m. Mardie Jones, 
Athens, Dallas Co., Dec 7, x888. 

Blocker, John Watson, Jackson, Tenn. 

1875, ForUand, Greene Co.; s. John Rufus Blocker, Forkland, and Amanda 
Albany Watson; b. Feb. 7, 1857; Registrar, Colbert Co., Ala., x89i-94; Manager for 
Sou. Express Co., Jackson, Tenn.; m. (i) Nettie M. Glover, Forkland, Oct xo, 1883, 
(2) Boiling Lawton, Pine Bluff, Ark., Nov. 29, 1887. 

Bradley, Thomas, 

1877, Huntsville. 

♦Burnett, James Ralph, druggist, Greenville. 

1877, Greenville; s. James R. Burnett and Julia Daniel; m. Mary Belle Dickson, 
Greenville, Feb. 23, 1881; d. Jan. xo, x886. 

1878] Graduates in Schools and Non-Graduates 247 

Cameron, Mathew Bunyan, physician, Sumterville. 

1877, Mt Hebron; t. Mathew Smith Cameron and Loudica Rogers; b. i860; 
M. D., Mobile, x886; Rep., Gen. Aasem., Ala., 1894-97; m- Ella W. Winston, Ramsay. 
Not. aa, 2887. 

Campbell, Robert, merchant and planter, Whitfield. 

X875, Gaston; s. William Campbell and Justina Lodisa Eckridge; b. Feb. a8, 
1855; County Commissioner, x888-z89s; m. Susie Gulley, Coatopa, 1893. 

Clanton, James Holt, Cripple Creek, Colo. 

1875, Montgomery; s. James Holt Clanton and Parthenia Abercrombie. 

♦Coburn, Erastus Dahley, merchant and planter, Randolph. 

1877, Maplesville; s. George Washington Cobum and Amelia Danley; m. Ala- 
bama Davenport, Chilton Co., Jan., 1884; d. June 5, 1885. 

♦Craddock, Thomas Sale, Tuscaloosa. 

1877, Tuscaloosa; s. John Neal Craddock, Tuscaloosa, and Mrs. Lucy Williams 
Owen {nee Harris); b. Jan. 20, 1862; drowned in Warrior River, June 7, 1878. 

Davidson, James Price, planter, Uniontown. 

Z877, Uniontown; s. Alexander Caldwell Davidson and Maria Overton Price; 
b. May 8, 1861; m. Mary Pumell Sharpe, Demopolis, July, 1889. 

Ferguson, Charles Wesley, LL. B., lawyer, Birmingham. 

1877, Montgomery; s. Frederick Guthrie Ferguson, Tuskegee, and Lucinda Hale; 
b. May 15, 1855; Soucitor, loth Jud. Circuit, 1898 ; Mem., Constitu. Conv., 1901. 

Fitts, Waverly, planter, Faunsdale. 

1877, Uniontown; s. Samuel A. Fitts and Sarah Elizabeth Alston; b. Feb. 16, 

Forman, Gustavus Beauregard, planter, Springville. 

1877, Springville; s. James Forman, Springville, and Parthenia Dean; m. Ber* 
neta Greene, Springville. 

*Foy, Simpson Roland, merchant, Eufaula. 

1877, Eufaula; s. William H. Foy, Eufaula, and Mary L. Wilson; m. Carrie 
Treutlin, Washington, D. C; d. April 27, 1891. 

Goldsby, George T. 

1877, Selma. 

♦Goldsby, John Anthony Winston, lawyer, Mobile. 

1877, Mobile; s. Thomas Jefferson Goldsby and Agnes Winston; b. Jan. 21, 
i860; m. Belle Sewell, Mobile, Nov., 1884; <!• Feb. xx, 1889. 

Green, John C. 

x877> St Patricks, La. 

Hampton, William Burt, planter. Normal. 

X877, Huntsville; s. John P. Hampton and Susie Burt; b. May 30, 1858; m. 
Jennie Lula Payne, Winchester, Tenn., Dec. 5, 1893. 

243 Record of Students [187S 
Hamrick, William L. 

1876, Isney, Choctaw Co. 

Harrison, Kibble Johnson, real estate, Huntsville. 

1875, Huntsville; s. Perry L. Harrison, Huntsville, and Elizabeth C. Daniel; b. 
Sept. 23, 1857; Capt, Co. K, 5th U. S. VoL Inf. (Immunes), 1898-99; m. Pauline W. 
Donnell, Greenbrier, Oct. 31, 1887. 

Hawes, William L. 

1877, Mobile. 

Hines, William Robert, planter, Rosebud. 

2877, Rosebud; s. R. H. Hines, Rosebud, and Sallie Bonner; m. Corinne Dnnn, 
Beirs Landing, Nov., 1898. 

Holland, Solomon Watkins, planter, Castleberry. 

1876, Castleberry; s. John S. Holland, Castleberry, and Matilda A. Baggett; b. 
Jan. 31, 1861; m. Martha Leigh Skinner, Castleberry, Jan. 19, 1887. 

Howard, Herbert, planter, Greenville. 

1877, Greenville; s. John W. Howard and Elizabeth R. Penn; Clerk, Census 

DepL, Washington, D. C, 1900 ; Trav. Salesman, x88i-82; R.R. Employee, 

1897-98; m. Dixie H. Abrams, Greenville, Aug. a, 1883. 

♦Hudson, E. Lee, merchant, Birmingham. 

1876, Hoboken. 

♦Hudson, Robert Dove, Birmingham. 

1876, Hoboken; m. Susie McLester; d. 188 — . 

Jack, Thomas Howard, lawyer, Blooming Grove, Tex. 

1877, Havana, Hale Co. ; s. James Jack, Havana, and Julia Witherspoon; A. B., 
Southern Univ., x88o; m. Sallie Buckalew, Chambers Co., x888. 

Johnson, Wiley Thomas, LL. B., '80, 

1877; 1879, Pelham, Shelby Co. 

Jolly, Arnold, physician, Hamburg, Iowa. 

1876, Birmingham; s. John J. Jolly, Gainesville, and Sue W. Richardson; b. 
July 25, 1861; M. D., Mobile, 1885; m. Euphradia P. Johnston, Linden, Feb., X8C7 

Jones, James C. 

1877, Galveston, Tex. 

Jones, William E. 

1877, Galveston, Tex. 

Kyle, Osceola, lawyer, Decatur. 

1877, Tuskegee; s. Ponsonby Kyle, Tuskegee, and Martha Adeline Tranum; 
b. Jan. 9, 1862; City Att'y, Opelika, 1885; Rep., Gen. Assem., Ala., Lee Co., 1886*87, 
Morgan Co., 1894-99; City Att'y • Decatur, several terms; Asso. R.R. Commissioaar, 
1899-1900; Major, ist. Ala., U. S. Vol., Spanish War, 1898; LieuL-Col., 3rd Reg., 
A. N. G., 1899 ; Appt. Judge, 8th Jud. Circuit, 1900 ; m. Willie Ross, Ope- 
lika, Feb. 19, 1889. 

1878] Graduates in Schools and Non-Graduates 249 

Levystein, Isaac, merchant, Montgomery. 

1876, Montgomery; 8. A. Levystein, Montgomery, and Regina Simon; b. Jan. 
5, 1862; m. Fannie Lee Wile, Grenada, Misa., May 17, 1893. 

Lowe, Robert Joseph, LL. B., '8i, lawyer, Birmingham. 

1875, Huntaville; a. Robert Lowe and Mattie Holding; b. July x6, 1859; 
Solicitor, 8th Jud. Circuit. 

Lowe, Robert Joseph, LL. B., '8i, lawyer, Birmingham. 

1875, Huntaville; s. Robert Lowe and Mattie Holding; Mem., Constatu. ConT., 
X901; m. Mattie Pryor, Athens, 1891. 

Marsh, Edmund L., planter, Pushmataha. 

1875, Choctaw Co.; s. Ed Marsh and Fannie Littlepage; b. 1859; m. (x) Mary 
Pearson, (a) N. E. Thomas. 

Martin, Franklin Pierce, planter, Raleigh. 

1877, Sipsey Turn Pike, Tuscaloosa Co.; s. Caswell Martin, Raleigh, and 
Elizabeth Powell; b. July xo, X854; Student, Howard Col., 1879-80; Post Master, 
Raleigh, 1895 

Martin, Thomas H. 

X877, Martin's Cross Roads. 

May, Samuel William, physician and druggist, Brantley. 

1877, Elba, Coffee Co.; s. A. R. May, Elba, and Sallie Muler; b. Feb. 24, X858; 
M. D., x88a. 

Moody, Milo, lawyer, Scottsboro. 

X877, Langston; Back Tax Commis., Jackson Co., 1898-99; Rep., Gen. Assem., 
Ala., X 898- X 900; Mem., Constitu. Conv., Ala., X90X; m. Mrs. Fannie Snodgraas, X893. 

Morris, William Wade, merchant, Rhome, Tex. 

X876, Eufaula; s. Ben Morris, Rhome, Tex., and Roxana Blair; b. June 4, x86s; 
m. Anna Louise Cates, Rhome, Tex., March a8, x886. 

Ogletree, William Benjamin, Uniontown. 

X877, Uniontown; s. D. S. Ogletree and Fannie Massey; City Marshal; m. 
Amelia Hudson, Uniontown, Oct. 7, 1880. 

♦Oliver, McDonald, Eufaula. 

1876, Eufaula; s. M. D. Oliver and Paralee Ricks; d. in Quitman Co., Ga., 1883. 

Owen, T. Goronwy, cotton broker, Columbus, Miss. 

1877, Mobile; s. Dr. Goronwy Owen, Mobile, and Susan Morris; m. Pauline 
Mohr, Mobile, 1886. 

Pace, Robert, 

1876, Atlanta, Ga. 

Patton, Abner Parker, planter, Knoxville. 

X876, Knoxville; s. Thomas Jefferson Patton, Knoxville, and Jane McGiffert; 
b. Nov. 17, X856; m. Drura A. Wilson, Knoxville, Dec. S3, 1879. 

2$o Re<x)rd of Students [1878 

Patton, Robert H., Birmingham. 

1S76, HuntsviUe. 

Peterson, James R., planter, Pickensville. 

1876, Pickensville. 

♦Powell, Richard Holmes, Jr., Union Springs. 

1877, Union Springs; ■. Jamet Lucu Powell and Frances R. Thompson; b. 
Dec 13, x86o; d. May i, 1891. 

Pugh, Edward Lawrence, Washington, D. C. 

1876, Eufaula; s. Senator James L. Pngh and Serena S. Hunter; Chief Bureau 
of Equipment, Interstate Commerce Commission; m. Anais O'Connor, N. Y., Oct 
19, 1898. 

Reynolds, Martin Cassetly, lumber dealer, Birmingham. 

1877, Montevallo; s. Elisha Reynolds, Montevallo, and Nancy Petty; b. Sept. 
6, 1858; Police Commissioner, Birmingham, 1892-97; m. (i) Ella Purifoy Burgamy, 
Birmingham, (a) Celia Ann Williams, Mobile. 

*Scott, Charles Lewis, lawyer, Selma. 

1876, Camden; s. Hon. Charles Lewis Scott, Monroe Co., and Anne Gorin; 
d. June 5, 1879. 

Scruggs, Gross, planter, West Bend. 

1877, Coffeeville; s. Gross Scruggs, Coffeeville, and Chaste H. Noble; Student, 
Howard Col., 1877-78; m. Virginia E. White, July, 1880. 

Smith, Harry Martin, Selma. 

1877, Carlowville; s. Josiah Smith, Selma, and Harriet E. Lee; b. Nov. 7, 1858; 
Manager Oil, Ice Plant and Grain Mill; m. Virginia C. Saffold, June 30, 1885. 

♦Smith, Paoli Ashe, civil engineer, Marshall, Tex. 

1874-76; 1877, Tuscaloosa; s. Dr. Carlos G. Smith, Palatka, Ra., and Martha 
Ashe; b. March 18, i860; Res. Engineer of Texas and Pacific R'y; m. Gessner Har> 
rison Tutwiler, Greensboro, Oct. 9, 1888; d. Feb. 7, 189s. 

Smith, Pliny Maro, planter, Prattville. 

1877, Prattville: s. John McNeil Smith and Isadore Pope. 

Smith, Robert Fontaine, bank cashier, Monticello, Fla. 

1874, Tuscaloosa; s. Carlos G. Smith, Palatka, Fla., and Martha L. Smith; b. 
Dec 18, 1 861; m. Agnes Young Ruffin, Demopolis, Nov. 7, 1888. 

Stone, Marion Montgomery, trav. salesman, Austin, Tex. 

1877, Talladega; s. Isaac Stone, Alpine, and Mary Somerville Sterne; b. Aug. 
as, 1856; m. Laura Holmes Wetmore, Livingston. 

Strassburger, Leo, trav. salesman, Montgomery. 

1876, Montgomery; s. Albert Strassburger and Amelia Wol£F; b. Jan. 8, i86a; 
m. Corrnia Estelle Friedman, New York, Jan. s8, 1890. 

Summerville, James Fletcher, engineer and planter, Vienna. 

1876, Pickensville; s. Hugh Summerville, Bridge ville, and Mary J. Owens; m. 
Mattie B. Gardner, Feb. 15, 1883. 

'879] Graduates with Titled Degsrees 251 

♦Tompkins, John Edward, physician. Mobile. 

1877, Mobile; s. John R. Tompldna, Mobile, and Fannie Williams; M. D. 
Vanderbilt Univ.; City Physician; m. Addia Moore, Mobile; d. June 30, 1895. 

Turney, Joseph S. 

1877, Huntsville. 

Tyler, Henry L., printer, Tuscaloosa. 

1876, Tuscaloosa; s. Joseph H. Tyler and Jane Elizabeth Cottrell; b. April 30, 

Vives, Joseph, Klotzville, La. 

2876, Pamcourtville, La. 

♦Warren, William Edward, Tuscaloosa. 

1877, Tuscaloosa; s. John F. Warren, Tuscaloosa, and Sue Foster Brantley; b. 
July 25, 1862; d. Oct 30, 1877. 


Weil, Henry, merchant. New York. 

1877, Montgomery; s. Daniel Weil and Rosina Simon; b. July 28, 1862; m. 
Frances Meyer, Selma. 

♦Whitt, John, Brown's. 

1877, Dallas Co.; s. John Whitt, Fairfield, Tex., and Fannie Steele; b. May 4, 
1857; d. Nov. II, 1878. 

Wilson, William J. 

1877, Springville. 

1879. Graduates with Titled Degrees 

Bell, John Elijah, A. B., lawyer, Memphis, Tenn. 

1877, Brown's Station, Dallas Co.; s. Elijah Bell, Sumterville, and Laura 
Grioe; Rep., Gen. Assem., Miss., 1884; Prosecuting Attorney, Brownwood, Tex., 
1890-92; m. MoUie Williamson, Meridian, Miss., Jan. 24, 1886. 

Bradfield, Louis Thomas, A. M., (See 1879). 

Coleman, Ezra Wilson, A. M., LL. B., 1880,. lawyer, Jasper. 

1877, Eutaw; s. Judge Thomas Wilkes Coleman, Eutaw, and Frances Jane 
Wilson; b. Aug. lo, 1861; Mem., Constitu. Conv., 1901; m. Nannette P. Shields, 
Jasper, Sept 13* 1893. 

Cory, Chappell, LL. B., (See 1878). 

Foster, Robert Stanley, A. B., teacher, Escatawpa, Miss. 

1877, Foster's, Tuscaloosa Co.; s. Robert Hill Foster and Mary Mobley; b. April 
Z2, z86o; Tutor Mathematics, Decatur CoL, Miss., 1888; Prin., Lawrence High School, 
1890-91; Blountsville High School, 1891-9^; m. Belle Lane, Columbia, Miss., Feb. 
24, 1886. 

♦Gray, James Edward, A. M., (See 1878). 

25 a Record of Students [^879 

Johnson, Seaborn Jones, A. B., Talladega. 

1876, Talladega; s. Dr. Joseph Henry Johnson and Emily Ann Darden; b. Oct 
ti, i860: Merchant, 1879-85; Teacher in Deaf and Blind Ins. since 1885. 

Kelly, Richard Bussey, LL. B., A. M., '97, lawyer, Anniston. 

i879f Oxford; s. Samuel C. Kelly, Oxford, and Annie £. Pace; b. Feb. 7, 1859; 
Rep., Gen. Assem., Ala., 1894-95; Chancellor, N. E. Divis. of Ala., 1898 — — ; m. 
Iicona Bledsoe, Sylacauga, Oct 10, 1880. 

♦Lightfoot, Edwin Drummond, A. B., Birmingham. 

1877, Eutaw; s. Dr. P. L. Lightfoot and Isabelle Drummond; b. Feb. 9, 1858; 
Merchant, 1879-95; Employ of Government at Cramp's Ship Yards, 1895-97; with 
Sloss Co., Birmingham, 1898; m. Bessie McAlpine Anderson, Eutaw, March 7, 1888; 
d. April 7, 1898. 

♦Little, James Hibbler, A. B., A. M., '80, LL. B., '82, lawyer, Bir- 

1877, Livingston; s. William Gray Little, Livingston, and Laura Jane Hibbler; 
b. Feb. 37, 1 86a; Solicitor, Sumter Co. and Jefferson Co.; m. Eliza Scott Mathews, 
Montgomery, June i8, 1890; d. at Livingston, Nov. 8, 1897. 

Lomax, Tennent, LL. B., (See 1878). 

Martin, John Philip, A. B., physician, Rosalie, Tex. 

1876, Louisville. 

♦McCall, Charles Roderick, A. M., (See 1878). 

Mellen, George Frederick, A. M., educator, Knoxville, Tenn. 

1877, Mt Sterling, Choctaw Co.; s. Scth S. Mellen, LL. D., and Susan H. 
Bush; b. June 37, 1859; Ph. D., Leipsic, 1890; Prin., Gainesville Academy, 1879-85, 
Marengo Inst, 1883-87; Student, Leipsic, Germany, 1887-90; Prof, of Greek, Univ. 
Tenn., 1891-1900; Frequent Contributor to Magazines, Periodicals, etc; Author of 
"Early History of Knoxville;" m. Mary Briscoe Baldwin, Monteagle, Tenn., July 7, 

*Mudd, Joseph Paul, A. B., stock and bond broker, Birmingham. 

1876, Birmingham; s. Judge William Swearingen Mudd and Florence Earle; 
b. May, 1859; Chairman, Police Commission, Birmingham, 1893-94; m. Eula Anglin, 
Birmingham, i88a; d. Jan. 11, 1898. 

Simpson, William Henry, LL. B., lawyer. New Decatur. 

1878, Danville, Morgan Co.; s. Stephen Simpson, Danville, and Malinda 
Stovall; b. July 15, 1857; Mem., Gen. Assem., Ala. Leg., 1886*87; Judge, City Court 
Decatur, 1889-95; Chancellor, N. Chan. Div., 1895-1904; m. Mary Daniel Johnaon, 
Danville, March 36, i88a. 

Speake, Daniel Webster, LL. B., (See 1878). 

Weatherly, James Meriwether, LL. B., lawyer, Birmingham. 

1878, Montgomery; s. J. S. Weatherly, Montgomery, and Eliza George Gilmer 
Taliaferro; b. July 5, 1856; Mem., Constitu. Conv., 190X; m. Florence Milner, New 
Castle, Dec. 13, i88a. 

1879I Graduates in Schools and Non-Graduates 253 

♦Wilson, Frederick Ferguson, A. B., minister, Columbus, Tex. 

1877, Tuscaloosa; s. Rev. L. M. Wilson, Agricola, and Mary Hammon Dudley; 
Pastor, M. E. Church, South, at Houston, Huntsville and Columbus, Tex.; m. Mamy 
Holby, Houston, Tex., i88x; d. July 17, 1881. 

1879. Graduates in Schools and Non-Graduates 
Aikin, John Gaston, inventor, Stockton. 

1878, Daphne, Baldwin Co.; s. Col. John G. Aikin and Clara Amanda Kennedy; 
h. May 30, 1863; Grad. as Capt., N. Y. Nautical School, 1882; Licensed Chief Mate, 
Ocean Steamer, 1890; Chief Mate and Capt, Sea Vessels, 15 years; Inventor of 
various Mechanical and Nautical Machines and Instruments. 

Baine, Tom, Birmingham. 

1876, Hayneville; s. David William Baine and Mary Jane Hogue; b. Feb. 9, 
x86o; P. O. Inspector, 1887-88; Clerk, Circuit Court, Lowndes Co., 1888-90; Tax Ap- 
praiser, City of Birmingham; m. Annie Lee Gilchrist, Hayneville, April 29, 1884. 

♦Buford, William Cowan, Denver, Col. 

1878, Barbour Co.; s. James M. Buford, Portland, Oregon, and Maldy C. 
Cowan, d. 189 — 

♦Burges, Lovatt Francis, physician, Bunkie, La. 

1878, Bunkie, La.; s. Austin Burges, Cheneyville, La., and Mrs. Mary 
McCoy Rhodes; M. D., Tulane; m. Miss Grace; d. July, 1896. 

Burkhead, William Dewitt, minister, Richmond, Va. 

1877, Huntsville; s. Rev. Jesse Dewitt Burkhead, Montgomery, and Olivia 
Louise Anderson; Mem., Engineering Corps, 1880-81, in Tex. and Ark.; Merchant, 
3 years in Atlanta, 10 years in Montgomery; Divinity Student, Union Sem., Rich- 
mond, Va., Class 190 1; m. Annie L. Bell, Montgomery, June 27, 1890. 

Callen, William Thomas, merchant, Clanton. 

1878, Clanton, Chilton Co.; s. H. J. Callen, Clanton, and Mary Francis Logan; 
b. May ai, 1858; m. (i) Mary P. Stewart, (a) Mary P. McGee. 

Caperton, William Elson, minister, Weatherford, Tex. 

1878, Stevenson, Jackson Co.; s. Thomas Adam Caperton and Harriet Clarke; 
b. March 8, 1858; Student, Vanderbilt Theolog. Dept, 2881-83; Minister, M. £. Church, 
South, N. W. Tex. Conference; m. Emma Copeland Lipscomb, Hartsville, Tenn., 
Oct 5, 1884. 

Clark, Lemuel Jasper, 

1878, Marion Co. 

Dickson, Barton Flinn, C. E., '85, civil engineer, Mexico City, 

1876, Tuscaloosa; s. Rev. Andrew Flinn Dickson, Tuscaloosa, and Anne Hud- 
son Woodhull, Wading River, N. Y.; b. March 13, 1859; Engineer in charge Cons., 
Birmingham Min. R.R., 1889; Division Inspec., L. & N. R.R., 1889-98; Capt, U. S. 
Vol. Engineers, 1898-99, Spanish War; Army Supt Construe, Q. M. Dept, in Cuba, 
1898-99, and Chinese Expedi., Pekin, 2899-1900; Asst Gen. Supt, Mexican Nat R.R.; 
m. (i) Kate Estelle Piquet, Tuscaloosa, 1881, (a) Bessie Andrews, Greensboro, 1883. 

254 Record of Students [1879 

♦Felts, Jesse Peter, clerk, Tuskegee. 

1B77, Tiiskegee; d. Nov. 4, 1B80. 

Goldsmith, Robert James, saw mill, Officeburg, Miss. 

X878, Greenytlle; s. James A. Goldsmith; m. Sallie Garrett, Mt. Willanff. 

Grabau, Hubert P. L. 

2878, Sewanee, Tenn. 

Graham, Malcolm Amelionis, manufacturer, Prattville, 

1877, Montgomery; s. CoL M. D. Graham and Amelia Ready; b. July aj, 1859; 
Sec. and Treas., Prattville Cotton Mills; m. Ellen Leonora McWilliams, Prattville, 
Nov. 2, x88s. 

Haden, Henry Horace, accountant, Galveston, Tex. 

1878, Selma; 8. George G. Haden, Mansfield, La., and Mary C Shelley; b. 
Not. 37, 1859; in business, Tyler, Tex., x8 yean; now with W. L. Moody k Co., 
Bankers; m. Ellen Douglas, Tyler, Tex., Jan. 18, x88x. 

Herzfeld, Julius Morris, 

X878, Selma. 

Hill, Luther Leonidas, physician, Montgomery. 

1878, Montgomery; s. Luther L. Hill and Laura Sarah Croom; b. Jan. mm, 
x86s; M. D., Univ. of N. Y., x88x, and Jefferson Med. CoL, x88s; Grad. Course, 
Kings CoL Hoap., London, Eng., 1883-84; Ex-Pres!, Med. Asso., Ala.; Mem., Amer. 
Med. Asso.; Surgeon, Hill Infirmary; m. Lilly Lyons, Mobile, July is, x868. 

♦Horton, James Edwin, book-keeper and planter, Athens. 

1875; 1878, Athens; s. Rodah V. Horton and Margaret Battle; d. July 7, 1883. 

Jamar, Henry Wallace, Savannah, Ga. 

1877, Green Grove, Madison Co.; s. Thomas Jamar, Green Grove, and Sebell 
Queeny; b. Dec 31, x86o; chief Clerk, Seaboard Air Line R.R.; m. Nina Morton, 
Green Grove. 

♦Jenkins, Thomas Frederick, engineer. Mobile. 

X877, Camden; s. Thomas G. Jenkins, Camden, and Lucy Ann Davis; IjoeO' 
motive Engineer, M. & O. R.R.; d. Jan. S4, 1884, at Whistler. 

♦Jones, Samuel Oliver, physician, AUenton. 

X877, AUenton; s. Samuel L. Jones and Elizabeth McReynolds; b. Sept 16, 
1859; M. D., Mobile; m. Mary Kate McConnico, AUenton, Jan. 29, 1885; d. Nov. 
as, 1886. 

Knox, Mathew Ross, planter, Knoxville. 

1877, Knoxville. 

Kyle, William Anderson, trav. salesman, Albertville. 

X877* Scottsboro, Jackson Co.; s. Nelson Kyle and Mary Jane Robinson; m. 
Mattie Nicholson, CoUinsville, Feb. sj, 1885. 

♦Laney, Charles Levin, merchant, Abbeville. 

1878, AbbeviUe, Henry Co.; s. Zachariah William Laney, Sr., and Ann B. Cul- 
ver; b. Jan. 3, X863; Clerk in Probate Office; m. (x) Ada Lee, (a) Rossie L. Adams; 
d. Nov. xs, X885. 

1879] Graduates in Schools and Non-Graduates 255 

Lawrence, William Haywood, editor and publisher, Livingston. 

1875; x878> TtucalooM; i. William H. Lawrence, Tuscaloosa, and Elvira Cald- 
well; b. March i8, i860; m. Emily Reid, Aug. 8, 1888, Montgomery. 

Legg, Albert Brown, undertaker, Jasper. 

1878, Fayette C H., Fayette Co.; a. Gustavus Legg, Buford, Ga., and Sus- 
annah Thomas; b. Feb. s6, 2859; Teacher, 1879-82; Merchant, i88s ; m. Lisde 

Lipsey, Carrollton, Dec. 9, 2885. 

Lightfoot, James Richard, 

1878, Lowndes Co. 

Long, William Oates, lawyer, Abbeville. 

1875, Henry Co.; Rep., Gen. Assem., Ala., 1900-os. 

Marsh, Frederick Cade, insurance, Franklin, La. 

1878, Franklin, La.; s. John B. Marsh and Mariah A. Gates; b. Aug. 30, z86a; 
Parish Assessor, 1897-1900; Agent, N. Y. Life Ins. Co. 

May, Jonathan Brooks, planter, Sawyerville. 

1877, Sawyerville; s. John W. May, Sawyerville, and Martha Emaline May; 
b. Nov. I, 1857; m. Nicie Elizabeth Kennaird, Greensboro, Feb. 14, 1883. 

May, William Allen, cotton broker. Hickory Valley, Tenn. 

2877, Lagrange, Tenn.; s. William Allen May and Mildred Davis; b. Dec 4, 
1861; m. Annie Morgan, Hickory Valley, Tenn., Feb. 10, 1884. 

McCall, Solomon Patrick, agent. New Orleans, La. 

1878, Greenville, Butler Co.; s. Daniel Terry McCall and Martha Cook; b. 
Sept 3, i86x; State Agent for Matchless Mineral Water; m. Exia Ophelia Wilkinson. 

McGough, George Lafayette, merchant, Montgomery. 

1878, Russell Co.; 8. G. L. McGough. 

McLester, Robert, merchant, Birmingham. 

1875, Tuscaloosa; s. James McLester, Northport; m. Ruth Gibson, Northport. 

Miller, Thomas Hugh, book-keeper, Birmingham. 

1875, Tuscaloosa; s. William Miller, Tuscaloosa, and Olivia A. Bingham; b. 
March 7, i86x; Post Master, Tuscaloosa, 189a. 

Morgan, Samuel John, Blocton. 

1877, Montevallo; s. John P. Morgan, Montevallo, and Georgia Worthington; 
b. Aug. 24t 1861; Employ Shelby Iron Co., 2880-87; Voorhies, Miller & Co., Cincinnati, 
2887-93; Stone Manager, T. C. L & R.R. Co., 2893 m. Margaret Walker, Fauns- 
dale, Oct. so, 2897. 

Ohlander, Andrew Jacob, furniture dealer, Chattanooga, Tenn. 

1879, Montgomery; s. Augustus Ohlander, Montgomery, and Louisa Josephine 
V. Zengerlein; m. Carrie Eugenia Gribble, Savannah, Ga. 

Overall, Francis Edwin, real estate. Mobile. 

2876, Mobile; s. Gibson Young Overall, Mobile, and Anna Louise Arnold; b. 
July 30, 1859; m. Mary Elizabeth Randall, Mobile, June 20, 2885. 

256 Record of Students [1879 

♦Pearce, George Washington, salesman, Aberdeen, Miss. 

1878, Pcarcc's Mills, Marion Co.; s. John Gordon Pearce and Mary Ann 
Warren; b. July 3, 185s; d. Jan. ai, 1897. 

♦Peebles, Charles Edward, planter, Mooresville. 

1877, Mooresville; s. John T. Peebles, Mooresville, and Martha Ann Tisdale; 
d. at Orlandop Fla., Feb. 27, 189a. 

Peterson, George Curling, salesman, Louisville, Ky. 

1875, Tuscaloosa; s. Howell D. Peterson and Emily Hendricks; b. Dec. 2, 1859; 
Trav. Salesman for Colonial Press, N. Y. 

Pruit, John Welsh, planter, Meridianville. 

1877, Madison Co. 

Raney, William Nobles, mine operator, Birmingham. 

1876, Eufauta; s. William Nobles Raney and Ella Roberta Crawford; b. Sept. 
I, 1862; President, Jefferson Mining Co.; m. Julia F. Thornton, Eufaula, Oct. 13, 1880. 

Robinson, William James, merchant, Scottsboro. 

1878, Scottsboro; s. Charles Allen Robinson, Lincoln Co., Tcnn., and Martha 
Ann Bell; b. Sept. i, 1859; m. Evie Randall Brown. 

Rouse, Daniel Henry, planter, Greenville. 

1877, Greenville; s. William P. Rouse and Ellen C. Cook; b. Sept 6, 1858; m. 
Viola Thames, Greenville, Oct. 13, 1881. 

Scears, William, planter, Eutaw. 

1877, Greene Co. 

Smith, Albert Seabrook, Greenville, Miss. 

1876, Demopolis; s. Dr. S. D. Smith, Demopolis, and Mary J. Seabrook; b. 
June 15, i860; in Government Employ; m. Sephie Belser, Monticello, Ark. 

Smith, Norwood, planter, Montgomery. 

1877, Autaugaville, Autauga Co.; s. W. D. Smith, Sr., Prattville, and Sarah 
McLean; b. July 19, 1859; m. Katie D. Nunn, near Prattville, 1879. 

Smith, Thomas Octavius, banker, Birmingham, 

1875, Elyton; s. James R. Smith, Sr., and Margaret Jordan; b. Aug. 21, 1859; 
C. E., Va. Mil. Inst., 1882; Alderman, Birmingham, 1892-99; Sec, Ala. Bankers' 
Asso., 1893-99; Major, ist Ala. Reg., U. S. Vol. Inf., 1898, Spanish War; Cashier, 
ist Nat. Bank; Cashier, Birmingham Trust and Savings Co.; m. Cornelia Hubbert, 
Birmingham, April 30, 1884. 

Spencer, Samuel Milton, real estate and planter, Knoxville. 

1877, Knoxville; s. Alvis Hortensus Harper Spencer, Knoxville, and Susan 
Elizabeth Anthony Burress; b. June a6, 1858; m. Emma Florence Stringfellow, 
Pickens Co., Dec. 5, 1895. 

Spiller, James Coatney, Ky. 

1876, Tuscaloosa; s. James D. Spiller and Frances J. Corothers. 

i88oJ Graduates with Titled Degrees 257 

Strickland, John Samuel, merchant, Tuscaloosa. 

1878, Tuscaloosa; s. Milton A. Strickland and Margaret Collier; b. June 30, 

Tanner, James Lemuel, LL. B., '80, lawyer, Birmingham. 

1878, Union Springs; s. Lemuel Tanner and Ophelia Amelia Masters; b. 
Sept. 18, 1858; m. Sallie Ward, Gadsden, Dec. 9, 1886. 

Tierce, Thomas Jefferson Koger, minister, Birmingham. 

1878, Tuscaloosa; s. George Andrew Tierce, Northport, and Sarah Elizabeth 
Doss; b. May 26, 1853; Minister, M. E. Church, South, Ala. Conference; m. Marietta 
Gregory, Romulus, Feb. 14, 1884. 

Tolson, George Meredith, minister, Hertford, N. C. 

1878, Gadsden; s. James D. Tolson and Claude Meredith; b. Jan. la, 1859; 
r^ G., Sou. Baptist Theolog. Sem., Louisville, Ky. ; Pastor, Four Holes Church, 
Orangeburg Co., 1881-85, Brooklyn church, 1886-89, Second Baptist Church, Columbia, 
S. C, 1889; Rector Holy Trinity Episcopal Church, Hertford, N. C; m. Elizabeth 
Jocelyn Reston, Wilmington, N. C, Nov. 7, 1888. 

Tompkins, Richard Adolphus, express agent, Bristol, Tenn. 

1878, Fitzpatrick, Bullock Co.; s. Christopher Tompkins, Fitzpatrick, and 
Sarah Farrior; b. March 13, 1858; Planter from 1879 to 1886; Messenger for So. 
Express Co.; m. Virginia Foster McMurray, LaGrange, Ga., Nov. 10, 1881. 

Underwood, Thomas Herndon, (Law), (See 1878). 

Ventress, James C, Clayton. 

1876, Barbour Co. 

Ward, John A. 

1878, Henry Co. 

Ward, William, cotton buyer, Eutaw. 

1876, Greene Co. 

Whetstone, Clarence Eugene, planter, Autaugaville. 

1878, Autaugaville; s. Lewis M. \Vhctsrt>nc. Autaugaville, and Mary J. Herr- 
man; b. May 20, i860; m. Octavia .Anderson, Montpcmcry, Nov. 14, 1888. 

Wilhite, Wilbur Brennard, 

1878, Morgan Co. 

Yerby, John Stephen, planter, Tuscaloosa. 

1875, Tuscaloosa; s. Rev. John T. Yerby, Tuscaloosa, and Permelia Ann Miller; 
b. March 9, 1857; Teacher, 1879-80: Trcas., Tuscaloosa Co., 1892-96; Cotton Buyer; 
in. Mary Francis Maxwell, Northport. 

1880. Graduates with Titled Degrees 
*Beeson, David Marcus, LL. B., lawyer, Gadsden. 

1879, Gadsden, Etowah Co.; s. William Baker Beeson and Mary Ann Sibert; 
b. Se|>t. as, 1858; Mayor Gadsden, 1882; d. July 18, i88a. 


3$^ R£(X>RD OF Students [1880 

♦Brothers, Samuel David Gross, A. M., LL. B., '81, lawyer, 

1877, Cane Creek; s. Dr. P. H. Brothers and Gincey Downing; b. June 19, 
1858; m. Ella Wylj, Oct. 21, 1885; d. Jan. as, 1901. 

♦Caller, Francis Tarleton, A. M., teacher, Uniontown. 

1878, Barlow Bend, Clarke Co.; *. James Strotber Caller, Barlow Bend, and 
Jane Frances Marks; b. Aug. 10, 1858; d. Feb. 15, 1883. 

Christian, John Beverly, LL. B., lawyer, Uniontown. 

1879, Uniontown; s. Robert Christian, Uniontown, and Ella Storrs; b. Jan. 
a8, 1859; Post Master, Uniontown, 1885-87. 

Coleman, Ezra Wilson, LL. B., (See 1879). 

Cooke, John Harrison, A. B., lawyer, Piedmont. 

1878, Gainesyille, Sumter Co.; s. Charles Cooke, Piedmont, and Susan Gatlin 
Reaves; b. Feb. 4, 1862; Express Agent, i88a*88; m. Estella Millspaugh, Newburgh, 
N. Y., Jan. 7, 1895. 

Creen, James Francis, LL. B., lawyer, Anniston. 

1878, Pollard; s. James E. Creen, Pollard; U. S. Deputy Collector Inter. Rev., 
1894-98; m. Mary E. Robertson, Tuscaloosa, April as, 1881. 

Durrett, John Beauchamp, LL. B., (See 1878). 

Flinn, Benjamin Franklin, LL. B., lawyer, Montgomery. 

1879, Montgomery; s. Bunberry Flinn and Orenaa Anderson; b. July 6, 1858; 
Student, A. P. I., 1875*78; Rep., Gen. Assem., Ala., 1886-87; m. Lizzie Faulcon Fttts, 
Tuscaloosa, Jan. as, x88z. 

Foster, Hal, A. M., physician, Kansas City, Mo. 

1877, Foster's, Tuscaloosa Co.; s. James Collier Foster and Jane Elizabeth 
Ware; b. July 7, 1858; H. D., U. of N. Y. 

Foster, Hugh, A. B., A. M., '8i, insurance, Hernando, Miss. 

1877, Foster's; s. James Collier Foster and Jane Elizabeth Ware; b. Aug. a8, 
1861; Teacher at Furman, i year, land in Miss, several years; m. Annie Holmes 
McClamroch, Hernando, Miss., Jan. i, 1895. 

♦Gilchrist, James Norman, A. B., planter, Hope Hull. 

1877, Hope Hull, Montgomery Co.; s. Col. James Graham Gilchrist and Elizabeth 
McGehee; Teacher Public Schools, Mobile, iS87-88; Rep., Gen. Assem., x 890-9 x; d. 
June xa, 1891. 

Hardinsr, William Proctor Gould, A. B., A. M., '8i, banker, 

1878, Tuscaloosa; a. Horace Harding and Eliza P. Gould; b. May s« 1864; and 
V. Pres., I St Nat. Bank, Birmingham; xn. Amanda Perrine Moore, Birmingham, 
Oct as, 189s. 

Harkins, Henry Qifton, A. B., clerk, Mobile. 

1876, Bndgeville, Pickens Ca; s. Charles S. Harkina, Bethany, and Minerra 
P. Hood; b. March 7, i860; m. Em Gilkey, Maoon, Miss., Not. 3, x886. 

i88o] Graduates with Titled Degrees 259 

Johnson, Wiley Thomas, LL. B., (See 1878). 
Johnston, George Burke, LL. B., (See 1873). 
Lackey, William Martin, LL. B., lawyer, Dadeville. 

1879, Ashland; s. James M. Lackey, Pinckneyville, and Elizabeth Wiley; b. 
March 31, 1857; State Senator, 1890-94; m. Imogene Disharoon, Jan. 5, 1896. 

Lampley, Harris Dee, A. B., A. M., '8i, LL. B., '83, lawyer, 

1878, Greenyille; s. Dr. C. B. Lampley and T. J. Rudulph; b. 1859; County 
Solicitor, Butler Co. 

♦Little, James Hibbler, A. M., (See 1879). 
Lowe, Richard Holding, LL. B., (See 1878). 

Lyon, George Gaines, Jr., A. B., physician, Mobile. 

1876, Demopolis; s. George Gaines Lyon and Annie Gaines Glover; b. April 
5, i860; M. D., 1888, Pulte Med. Col., Cincinnati, O.; Agent, So. Express Co., Little 
Rock, Ark., and Memphis, Tenn., i88s*86; m. Rebecca R. Ulmer, Wilcox Co., Nov. 
II, 1889. 

May, Eugene Levert, A. B., stenographer, Montgomery. 

1877, Hale Co.; s. James Tindel May and Martha Jane Elennedy. 

McCann, John William, LL. B., lawyer, , Tex. 

1879, Clay Co.; s. Joseph McCann. 

McDonnell, James Smith, A. M., merchant, Altheimer, Ark. 

1877, Huntsville; s. Archibald McDonnell, Huntsville, and Mary E. Jones; b. 
May so, 1859; m. Susie Belle Hunter, March, 1890. 

Mclver, Arthur Small, A. B., printer, Montgomery. 

1877, Tuskegee; s. William C. Mclver, Tuskegee, and Mary Hammond, Mill- 
edgerille, Ga.; b. Aug. 11, 1858; published at different times, Tuscumbia North 
Alabamian, News at Tuskegee, and Paper at Darlington, S. C; m. Sarah Margaret 
Eraser, Sumter, S. C, Aug. ao, 1885. 

♦Mellen, Charles Howard, A. B., A. M., '8i, teacher, Sumterville. 

1878, Mt Sterling, Choctaw Co.; s. Seth S. Mellen, LL. D., and Susan H. 
Bush; Prin. at Summerfield and Sumterville, t88i to i88a; d. at Tuscaloosa, Dec. 
S7, i88a. 

Somerville, James, A. B., editor, Vaiden, Miss. 

1877, Tuscaloosa; s. James Somerville, CarroUton, Miss., and Martha Hudson; 
b. Nov. 8, 1862; Sheriff of Carroll Co., 1896-1900; m. (x) Anna Liddell, Jackson, 
Miss., March 13, 1891, (a) Lizxie A. Liddell, Greenwood, Miss., June 7, 1899. 

Spragins, Robert Elias, A. M., lawyer, Huntsville. 

18771 Huntsville; s. Robert Stith Boiling Spragins and Sarah Agnes Catharine 
Cnitcher; b. Oct. 4. x86i; Mem., Constitu. Conv., 1901; m. Susie Patton Echols, Dec 
s8, 1886. 

26o Record of Students [1880 

Steiner, Robert Eugene, A. B., A. M., '81, lawyer, Montgomery. 

1878, Greenville; s. Joseph Steiner, Greenville, and Margaret Matilda Camp; 
b. May 9, i86a; LL. B., Harvard, 1884; Rep., Gen. Asaem., Ala., 1886^7; Sute 

Senator, 1892-93; Attorney at Greenville, 1884-93, *^^ at Montgomery, 1893 ; m. 

May Flowers^ Butler Co., Dec. 16, 1884. 

Tanner, James Lemuel, LL. B., (See 1879). 

Willett, Joseph Jackson, A. M., lawyer, Anniston. 

1877, CarroUton; a. Elbert Decatur Willett and Candace M. Boatick; b. Sept. 
39, 1861; Pres., Ala. Bar Association, 1899 ; m. Melanie Woods, April ao, 189a. 

1880. Graduates in Schools and Non-Graduates 

*Abney, Robert Alexander, 

1878, Butler, Choctaw Co.; s. Azariah Abney and Moody; d. 189 — . 

Baker, Daniel Harris, physician, Gadsden. 

1878, Coosa Co.; M. D., Col. unknown; m. Miss Abercrombie, Tuskegee. 

Barge, Clifton Loomis, planter, Monterey. 

1878, Monterey; s. Thomas H. Barge and Telitha Traweek; b. Jan. x6, x86x; 
m. Fanny Powers, Monterey, Jan. a8, 1891. 

Blount, James Alexander, Jr., Huntsville. 

1879, Huntsville, Madison Co. 

Bowmar, James Carson, real estate, Vicksburg, Miss. 

1878, Vicksburg, Miss.; s. Joseph Hamilton Davis Bowmar and Elizabeth 
Adams; b. x86o. 

Caffey, Thomas Watts, book-keeper and druggist, Pittsburg, Kan. 

1878, Montgomery; s. Hugh M. Caffey and Matilda Jane Fenn; b. Aug. 29, 
i86a; City Clerk, Pittsburg, Kan., 1891-95; Book-keeper, Auditor's Office, £Un., 
1897-99; m. Laura Josephine Snyder, Edna, Kan., Nov. 24, 1887. 

Calef, Josiah Bartlett, Jr., merchant, Chicago, 111. 

1879, Mobile; Manufacturer of Bicycle Gear; m. Mary Louise Gates, Shreve- 
port, La., Jan. 15, 1890. 

*CaIlen, John Udolph, merchant, Clanton. 

1878, Clanton, Chilton Co.; s. H. J. Callen, Clanton, and Mary Francis Logan; 
b. Feb. 9, i860; d. Sept. 24, 1885. 

Carter, William Lawrence, merchant and florist, Evergreen. 

i879> Eufaula, Barbour Co.; s. J. J. Carter and Ella Lawrence; b. June 21, 

Cunnine^ham, Robert Leckey, newspaper business, Knoxville, 

i879t Courtland: s. William Cunningham, Courtland, and Isabella C. Leckey; 
Manager. Advertising Dept., Journal and Tribune, Knoxville, Tenn.; m. Mala Kelso, 
Fayettcville, Tenn., May 17, 1887. 

i88o] Graduates in Schools and Non-Graduates a6i 

Danne, Adolph, merchant, Mobile. 

1879, Mobile. 

Davis, Charles Lyman, R. R. conductor, Memphis, Tenn. 

X879, Monterallo; s. Edward Dtvit, Montevallo, and Mary Canon Perry; b. 
Jnly zSt X863; m. Emmie Johnson, Goodwater, March a6, 1890. 

♦Dearing, Alexander Boylston, minister, G>rinth, Miss. 

1877, Columbus, Mias.; 8. J. M. Dearing, Trinity, and Mary Lddins; Methodist 
Minister; m. Sallie Maude Furtick, Rienzi, Miss., Dec. 25* 1888; d. Nov., 1897- 

Bearing, James Martin, Jr., planter, Columbus, Miss. 

1879, Columbus, Miss., s. J. M. Deering, Trinity, and Mary Exidins. 

Drewry, John Wallace, banker, Cuthbert, Ga. 

2878, Eufaula; s. John Wallace Drewry, Eufaula, and Anne Elizabeth Eth- 
ridge; b. March 31, i860; Banker and Dairy Farmer; m. Annie Bithia McDonald, 
Cnthbert, Ga. 

Edwards, John Henry, planter, Jacksonville. 

1877, Ashville; s. W. A. Edwards and Sarah Louisa Dean; b. Sept z, 1861; 
Qerk at Jacksonville, 1880-91; Birmingham Water Works Co., 1891-93. 

Feam, Richard Lee, journalist, Washington, D. C. 

1879, Mobile; s. Richard Lee Feam, Mobile, and Sarah Elizabeth Spear; b. 
Aug. 31, i86s; Grad., Median. Engineer, Stevens Inst of Tech., 1884; now, 1901, 
Washington Correspondent, N. Y. Tribune; m. Mary Eleanora Egerton, Baltimore, 
April SI, 1887. 

♦Fitts, Arthur, manufacturer, Tuscaloosa. 

1878, Tuscaloosa; a. James Harris Fitts and Mary EUzabeth Burges; b. Oct 
8, x86s; Supt, Tuscaloosa Cotton Mills, 1883-89; d. July 29, 1889. 

Fitts, William Faulcon, Jr., cattle merchant, Tuscaloosa. 

1878, Tuscaloosa; s. William Faulcon Fitts and Juny Annie Foster; b. March 
IS, 1863; m. Helen Wallace McEachin, Feb. 6, 1884. 

Ford, David Whorton, engineer, Montgomery. 

1879, Greenville; City Engineer for Montgomery. 

Foster, John Strickland, (Law), (See 1877). 

Foster, Madison, cotton dealer, Memphis, Tenn. 

1878, Mobile; s. James Monroe Foster and Malinda C. Dunlap; b. Feb. 17, 
1861; Bond and Stock Broker to 1900; m. Victoria M. Raggio, Dec. 19, 1900. 

Hale, Frederick Douglass, minister, Owensboro, Ky. 

1879, Northport; s. Dr. Phillip Perry Hal'*. Hot Springs, Ark., and Caroline 
Gallege; b. April xo, 1855; D. D., Howard Col., 1893; Grad., So. Bap. Theolog. Sem., 
1885; Pastor, Northport Baptist Church, 1879-82, Louisville, Ky., 1885*93, Oweiw- 

boro 3rd Church, 1893 ; traveled through Europe. Egypt and Palestine, 1895; <»• 

(i) Theodosia Bell, Northport, Oct. 10, x88o, (s) Mrs. Minnie Phillips Edmonds, 
Owensboro, Ky., Aug. so, 1895. 

^62 Record of Students [1880 

Hammond, William Bartow, merchant, Jacksonville. 

i879» Jackionvilfe; s. John Duncan Hammond and Fannie A. Whiaenant; b. 
Aug. 2, 1 861; Proprietor of the Hammond Inn; m. Sallie Fomej Marion. 

♦Hargrove, Edward Bressie, Columbus, Miss. 

X879, Colun«bus, MiM.; a. William H. Hargrove and Sarilla Vaughan; d. at 
Moaa Point, Mias., March, 1883. 

Horn, Atkinson Harrison, A. M-, '84, teacher, Del Rio, Tex. 

2879, Puahmataha, Choctaw Co.; a. William T. Horn, Puahmataha, and £. Jane 
Graham; b. March 24, x86i; Grad., State Normal, Florence, 1883, and Dept. of Ped., 
Univ. of Tex., 1893; Prin. of Schoob at Gainesville, Piedmont and Jasper, Ala., and 

Supt. of Public Schools at Pearaall, Tex., 1894-95, Del Rio, Tex., 1895 ; m. (1) 

Lucy Warren, Butler, (a) Eleanor Brauer, Del Rio, Tex. 

Hundley, William May, lawyer, Greenbrier. 

1878, MooresviUe, Limestone Co.; s. William Henderson Hundley snd Fannie 
W. May; b. Feb. aa, x86o; m. Nazmie Donnell, Greenbrier, Jan. 9, 1884. 

Hutchinson, Joseph Elliott, cashier, Memphis, Tenn. 

1878, Tuscaloosa ; a. Alfred Holt Hutchinaon and Virginia Watldns Richardaon; 
b. Sept a8, 1864; m. Eleanor Price Richardson, Boliver, Miss., Dec. s6, 1888. 

Kennedy, John Oscar, physician, Kennedy. 

1879, LnxapaUla, Lamar Co.; a. William H. Kennedj and Martha Cooper; 
M. D., Mobile; m. Miss Winston, 1888. 

King, Edmund Marsh, planter. New Iberia, La. 

1879, New Iberia, La. 

Kirk, Eben Bell, physician, Montgomery. 

2879, Montgomery; a. Ebeneaer Kirk and Mary Tyns Garrison; b. Feb. aS, 
1865; M. D., 1885, Mobile. 

'''Landman, William Bradley, broker. Decatur. 

1879, Huntsville; d. 189 — . 

Lceth, George Houston, merchant, Tomberlins, Ark. 

1879, Fayette Co. 

Lewis, Henry, planter, Faunsdale. 

1879, Faunadale, Marengo Co.; a. Ivey Foreman Lewis, Fannsdalr, and Cathe- 
rine Rhodes; b. April a8, 1858; Grad., V. M. I., 1878. 

Ligon, Thomas Hoxey, druggist, Montgomery. 

1877, Montgomery; s. Dr. T. B. Ligon; m. Miss Newman. 

Luckie, Thomas Jackson, R. R. postal derk, Decatur, Ga. 

1879, Monterey; a. Early Jackson Luckie, Monterey, and Margaret Dorinda 
Ycldell; b. Jan. 13, x86o; m. Flora Belle McKinnon, Pkaaant Hill, Dec. is> 189a. 

McCalla, Samuel Lewis, LL. B., (See 1877). 

i88o] Graduates in Schools and Non-Graduates 263 

McEachin, James Somerville, LL. B., '81, lawyer, Houston, Tex. 

1877, Tuscaloosa; s. Capt. A. B. McEacbin, Tuscaloosa, and Eudora Somerrille; 
b. Jan. 20, 1S62; Deputy Clerk, Circuifc Court, Tuscaloosa Co., 1881-83; located in 
Lamar Co., 1889-94; Solicitor, 6th Jud. Circuit, 1891-93; moved to Tex., 1894; County 
Judge, Fort Bend Co., Tex., 1896-1901; served with Ala. State Troops 14 years, 
Lieut., Capt. and Major; Att'y for Sou. Pacific R'way; m. Annie Graham McPherson, 
Charlottesville, Vs., Aug. 5, 1883. 

McGee, Sampson David, tax collector, Tuscaloosa. 

1877, Northport; s. David McGee and Elixabeth Hassell; b. Nov. 17. i860; 
Clerk, 1880-96; Tax Collector, Tuscaloosa Co., 1896-1904; m. Miranda Christian, 
Northport, Sept 19, 1887. 

♦McGough, Hugh Blair, 

1878, Russell Co.; s. G. L. McGough. 

♦Miller, Richard William, Anniston. 

1876, Bethany, Pickens Co.; s. Drewry Miller and Julia Long; d. 189 — ^. 

♦Nabors, Robert Lee, planter, Montevallo. 

1879, Montevallo; s. French Nabors and Florence Rosaline Killough; b. June 
JO, i86s; d. Nov. zi, 1888. 

Nunnelee, James Howell, journalist, Selma. 

1879, Tuscaloosa; s. S. F. Nunnelee, Centreville, and Mary Amanda Murphy; 
b. Jan. 36, 1858; Editor at different times in Tuscaloosa, Anniston and Selma; State 
Senator, 1898-1903; m. Emma Neal, Tuscaloosa, Nov. 35, 1880. 

Palmer, Ransom Dabney, physician and planter, Carson. 

1879, Snow Hill, Wilcox Co.; s. Dabney Palmer, Washington Co., and Martha 
A. Simpson; b. Jan. 33, 1863; A. B., Howard Col., 1882, Med. Student, Univ. of Va., 
1883-83; M. D., Tulane, 1886; m. Margaret B. Lee, Furman, Jan. 36, 1888. 

Plane, William Fisher, merchant, Atlanta, Ga. 

1876, Atlanta, Ga.; s. William Fisher Plane and Helen Jemison; b. Nov. 7, 
x86o; Dealer in Coal, Lime and Cement; m. Lizzie Metcalfe, Danville, Ky., Oct. 30, 

Powell, James Thomas, planter, , Tex. 

1879, Huntsville, Madison Co. 

Prince, Edmund Lafayette, accountant, Savannah, Ga. 

1879, Dayton; s. Edmund Lafayette Prince and Carrie Martha Cade; b. Jan. 
IS, 1863; Freight Accountant, Plant System R'ways; m. Carrie Evelyne Schwing, 
Louisville, Ky., Oct. 16, 1888. 

Roddey, Philip Dale, planter. Sylvan. 

1877, Tuscaloosa; s. Gen. P. D. Roddey, London, Eng., and M. A. McGaughey; 
m. Tessa C Willingham, Sylvan, Tuscaloosa Co., Nov. 39, 1893. 

Rodes, Robert Emmet, coal dealer, Tuscaloosa. 

1879, Tuscaloosa; s. Gen. Robert Emmet Rodes and Virginia Hortense Wood- 
ruff; b. Sept 30, 2863; C Engineer for Ga. Pacific R. R., 1881 and 1888, Tuscaloosa 
Northern, x887t A. G. S. R.R., 1886; Government Service, 1893-95; m. Birdie Mclnnis, 
Meridian, Miss., March 31, 1896. 

264 Record of Students [1880 

Sibert, William Luther, officer, U. S. Army. 

X878, Gadsden; s. William J. Sibert and MarietU Ward; b. Oct. la. i860; 
Grad., U. S. M. A., West Point, 1884; Instructor in C E., School of Application for 
Eng. Officers, Willets Point, N. Y., 1898-99; Chief Eng., 8th Army Corps, during 
Philippine War, 1899- 1900; Capt, Corps of Engineers, U. S. Army; m. Mary Mar- 
garet Cummings, Brownsville, Tex., Sept. 17, 1887. 

Sims, Frank Hill, physician, Atlanta, Ga. 

1878, Mobile; s. Thomas W. Sims, Mobile, and L. Anne Shelton; b. May 16, 
i86a; M. D., Southern Med. Col.. 1883: Grad. Student of Med., U. of Va., 1893: 
Asst. Physician, Ala. Insane Hosp., 1883-87; Asst, Second Eye Clinic, U. of Vienna, 
1892-93; Physician-Specialist, Eye, Ear and Throat. 

Skelton, Walter Andrew, machinist, Scottsboro. 

1878, Scottsboro; s. James S. Skelton and Mary S. Scott; b. June, 1861. 

Smith, Charles Jordan, contractor, Birmingham. 

1878, Birmingham; s. Joseph R. Smith, Elyton, and Margaret Harvie Jordan; 
R.R. Contractor; m. Annie Molton, Birmingham. 

Smith, Preston Marsh, merchant, Butler. 

1877, Mt. Sterling, Choctaw Co.; s. Silas H. Smith, Mt. Sterling, and Mary 
Francis Calloway; b. Aug. 18, i860; m. Charlie Annie McCall. 

*Stone, Edward Brooks, Carrollton. 

1879, Carrollton; s. Lewis M. Stone and Eliza B. Brooks; b. June 4, 1863; d. 
at Columbus, Miss., Mar. 25, 1882. 

Swanson, John Morrissette, Birmingham. 

1879, Tuskegee; s. M. B. Swanson, Birmingham, and Annie E. Swanson; V. 
Pres., Sou. Debenture Redemption Co., Birmingham, and Sec. and Treas. of Va. Se- 
curity Endowment Co.; m. Mary Lucia Harris, Tuskegee, May 2, 1883. 

*Underwood, Thomas, Autauga Co. 

1879, Autauga Co.; killed by lightning. 

Vincent, Wilburn, Springville. 

1879, Talladega Co. 

Watkins, William Franklin, 

1879, Barbour Co. 

White, Joseph Johnston, merchant, Selma. 

1879, Uniontown; s. George M. White, Uniontown, and Nancy Morgan; b. 
Nov. 2, 1862; Capt., Co. E, A. N. G., 1885-88; Wholesale Shoe Dealer; m. Grace 
Triplett, Va. 

Williams, Reuben Mosby, planter, Pushmataha. 

1879, Choctaw Co. 

Witt, John Calhoun, 

1879, Escambia Co. 

i88i] Graduates with Titled Degrees 265 

Woodruff, McMillan, Roswell, New Mex. 

1879, Alexandria, Calhoun Co.; a. S. J. Woodruff, Alexandria, and Margaret 
Amanda Braxife; Contractor and Builder; City Councilman, Pauls Valley, Ind. Ter., 
1898-99; m. Carrie Mabel Miller, Hico, Tex., Dec. 17, 1890. 

1881. Graduates with Titled Degrees 
Betts, Tancred, A. M., lawyer, Huntsville. 

1878, Huntsville; a. Edward C Betta and Virginia A. Swoope; b. Sept 16, 1861; 
Solicitor, Madison Co., x898-i902; m. Maud M. Broun, Auburn, April a, 1888. 

Brady, John Gregory, LL. B., lawyer, Tuscaloosa. 

x88o, Tuscaloosa; s. Philip Thomas Brady and Fannie Louise Gregory; b. Oct 
15, 1862; A. M., 1878, Notre Dame; m. Annie Bradford, Birmingham. 

Brothers, Samuel Davis Gross, LL. B., (See 1880). 

Brown, Charles W., LL. B., (See 1878). 

Crenshaw, John White, A. M., LL. B., '82, Phoenix, Ariz. 

1878, Manningham; s. Frederick William Crenshaw, Manningham, and Elvira 
Caroline Womack; b. June 19, 1859; U. S. Commissioner, 1886-88, 1895-98; Treas., 
Maricopa Co., 1889-90; Director, Ter. Insane Hosp., 1890; Deputy Dist. Solicitor, 
1893; ist Lieut, and Adj., ist Ter. Reg., U. S. V., Spanish War, 1898. 

Crook, James Edward, A. B., physician, Jacksonville. 

1878, Alexandria; s. S. W. Crook, Jacksonville, and Sallie W. Chisolm; b. July 
7, 1 861; M. D., Vanderbilt and U. of Nashville. 

Davidson, James Francis, A. B., physician, Birmingham. 

1876, Mobile; s. Francis E. Davidson, Birmingham, and Helen M. Smith; M. 
D., Mobile, x886. 

Dillard, Junius Albert, A. B., planter and journalist, Mont- 

1878, Montgomery; s. Dr. J. S. Dillard and Mary Florence Frazier; b. Sept. 
13, x86a; Law Student, Vanderbilt, 1882; and Lieut and Adjt, 3rd Reg., Ala. Vol., 
Spanish War, 1898; m. Emma R. Russell, Evergreen, July 3, 1900. 

Douglas, Robert Leroy, A. B., A. M., '82, accountant. Mobile, 

1878, Mobile; s. Leroy E. Douglas, Mobile, and Susan H. Sheffield; b. Dec. i, 
i860; Grand Com., K. Templars, Ala., 1896-97; m. Amelia F. Sheffield, New Orleans, 
La., Sept. 17, 189$. 

Dunn, William Dickson, Jr., LL. B., lawyer, Grove Hill. 

1880, Mobile; s. William D. Dunn, Mobile, and Louise Horton; b. Oct. 17, 1857; 
State Senator, 1900-04; m. Minnie S. Dickinson, Grove Hill, April 12, 1887. 

Foster, Hugh, A. M., (See 1880). 

Foster, Joshua Hill, Jr., A. B., A. M., '83, minister, Anniston. 

1878, Tuscaloosa; a. Dr. Joshua Hill Foster and Frances Cornelia Bacon; b. 
March 3, 1863; D. D., Howard Col., 1898; Th. B., So. Bap. Theo. Sem., 1889; Teacher, 
Camden, i88i-8s. Cave Springs, Ga., 1883-85; Pastor, Baptist Church, Union Springs, 

266 Record of STin>£NTS [1881 

1890-93, GreenviUe, 1893-95, East Lake, 1895-97, Annitton, 1897 — '• »- (>) Gertmde 
Edith Foster, North Vernon, Ind., May 30, 1889, (a) Eula Si»arks, Cave Springs, Ga., 
Jan. IS, 1893. 

Freeman, Charles Paul, A. M., planter, Hayneviilc. 

1878, HayncriUe; s. George Charles Freeman and M. Dido Moore; Paying 
Teller, ist Nat Bank in Birmingham, 8 years; m. Alice Houston. 

Graham, Robert Love, A. B., teacher, Memphis. 

1878, Memphis, Pickens Co.; s. Dr. A. M. Graham, Memphis, and Mary C 
Lore; h. April s6, 1861; Teacher at Memphis, Prin., Calera Acad., x88s, Lee Institute, 
(Vance's), 1883; U. S. Mail Service, Pueblo, Colo., 1884-90; m. Dora Currie, Siding, 
Miss., June as, 1898. 

♦Gray, James Edward, LL. B., (See 1878). 

Harding, William Proctor Gould, A. M., (See 1880). 

Inge, Harry Tutwiler, A. B., physician. Mobile. 

1878, Greensboro; s. William Bullock Inge, Greensboro, and Elisabeth H. Hem- 
don; b. Sept. so, i86x; M. D., U. of N. Y., 1883; County Physician, Mobile Co., 
1890-94; Mem., City Council, 1897-1900; m. Belle Peterson, Greensboro, June as, 1883. 

Johnson, Joseph Henry, A. B., A. M., '82, educator, Talladega. 

1878, Talladega; s. Dr. Joseph Henry Johnson and Emily Ann Darden; b. May 
13, 1864; Prin., Ala. Schools for Deaf and Blind, since 1893; m. Nellie Guild Hall, 
Tuscaloosa, July 9, 1884. 

Lampley, Harris Dee, A. M., (Sec 1880). 

Langston, James Madison, LL. 6., lawyer, Centreville. 

x88o, CentreriUe; s. Joab Marion Langston and Mary Cleyeland Brown; b. 
April x8, 1854; Prin., Poplar Springs Academy, 1885-94; n. Anna Elisabeth Berry, 
Tuscaloosa, Sept. 19, 1882. 

Lowe, Robert Joseph, LL. B., (See 1878). 

Maxwell, Charles Neville, A. M., merchant, Tuscaloosa. 

1879, Tuscaloosa; s. Thomas Maxwell, Tuscaloosa, and Lizzie Neville; b. Sept. 
36, 1861; Pres., Tuscaloosa St. R.R. Co., 1881-84; Pres., J. Snow Hardware Co., 
z88s ; m. Josie L. Alston, Tuscaloosa, March s8, 1883. 

Maxwell, Frederick Richard, A. M., merchant, Tuscaloosa. 

1878, Tuscaloosa; s. Robert Maxwell and Mary Henderaon; b. July xi. 1861; 
m. Lucy Cochrane, Feb. 16, 1887. 

McArthur, Andrew Patterson, A. M., physician, Rembert. 

1878, Mobile; s. John McArthur, Mobile, and Isabella Hardie; b. Feb. 19, 
x86s; M. D., Mobile, 1885; Teacher, Carlowville, 1881-83; m. Ella Kilcreas, Stockton, 
July 17, 1894. 

McEachin, James Somerville, LL. B., (See 1880). 

♦Mellen, Charles Howard, A. M., (See 1880). 

Palmer, Thomas Waverly, A. M., B. E., '82, teacher. University, 

1878, Snow Hill; s. Dabney Palmer, Washington Co., snd Martha A. Simpson, 

i88i] Graduates with Titled Degrees 267 

Conectth Co.; b. May 19, x86o; Student, Howard CoL, 1877-78; Univ. of Chicago, 
Snnuner Quarters, 1897, '98 and '99; Inatructor in Math., Univ. of Ala., x88i-8a, 

Aast. Prof, of Math., z88a'83. Prof, of Math., 1883 ; V. Pres., Merchants' Nat 

Bank, Tuscaloosa, 190Z ; m. Lulu Rainer, Union Springs, Dec. aa, 1886. 

Peach, George Washington, A. M., LL. B., '84, lawyer, Clayton. 

1878, Perote; s. John H. Peach and Susie R. Edwarda; b. June 7, 1859; a- 
Vela Lee, Clayton, Nov. 13, 1889. 

Porter, Mitchell Alburto, LL. B., lawyer, Birmingham. 

x88o, Birmingham; s. Mitchell Thomas Porter and Catherine J. Martin; Rep., 
Gen. Assem., Ala., 1888-89; m. Hattie Earle, Tyler, Tex., Dec. ax, x886. 

Ray, James Jasper, LL. B., lawyer, Fayette. 

x88o, Fayette; s. Elijah Ray, Newtonville, and Lucy Ann Wright; b. July 31, 
1857; Reg. in Chanc, Fayette Co., 1883-1900; State Senator, 1900-04; m. (i) Ida L 
Jones, Fayette Co., Oct. 14, 1884, (a) Ella E. Edney, Fayette, May x, 1890. 

Rogers, John Aduston, A. M., planter, Gainesville. 

X878, Gainesville; s. C. M. A. Rogers, Gainesville, and Annie Eliza Barnes; 
b. Sept. X, x86i; State Senator, 1894-98; Mem., Constitu. Conv., X901; m. Lula Brad- 
shaw, Gainesville, 1888. 

Scott, William Ledyard, A. M., agent. Mobile. 

1878, Mobile; a. John Scott, St. Louis, Mo., and Caroline Erwin; b. Feb. as, 
X863; Teacher at Mobile, x88x-83, Clayton, X883-85; Prof., English and Latin, 
Zoshikwan Col., Kagoshima, Japan, x888-9a; Ins. and Real Estate Agent, X900 . 

Slaughter, Robert McAdory, A. B., A. M., '88, planter. Good- 

1878, Tallapoosa Co.; s. John N. Slaughter, Goodwater, and Celia R. McAdory; 
b. March xx, X859; Prxn., Lineville High School, x88a, Cusseta, X883-87, Eclectic, 

Smith, William Dixon, Jr., A. M., planter, Millbrook. 

X877; X885, Prattville; s. Calvin Whitfield Smith, Prattville, and Calista Ward 
Smith; b. Oct. xa, x86a; Teacher, x 883-84, 1893-95; Jonmaliat, x 886-93; m. Marj 
Joseph Hall, Montgomery, Nov. 7, X895. 

*Sowell, William Wirt, LL. B., lawyer, Monroevillc. 

x88o, Monroeville; a. W. C. Sowell and Isabella Roberta; d. at Blount Springs, 

Steiner, Robert Eugene, A. M., (See 1880). 

Thornton, Reuben Loxla, LL. B., planter, Tuscaloosa. 

x88o, Tuskegee; s. Dr. R. J. Thornton, Tuskegee, and Sarah A. Edwards; b. 
March 2$, X858; B. E., A. and M. C. of Ala., 1878; Teacher, Barton Acad., Mobile, 
1879-80; Electoral Messenger for Ala., X884; Asst. City Att*y> Birmingham, 1893-93; 
Attorney at Birmingham and Tuscaloosa; nL Anna Lee, Tuscaloosa, June ao, x88a. 

Young, William Alexander, LL. B., lawyer, • Vernon. 

x88o, Vernon; s. Jas. P. Young, Bedford, and Martha T. Box; b. Oct »a, X857; 
Mayor, Vernon, X884; Probate Judge, Lamar Co., x887-98; m. MolUe C Crew, Crews, 
Jan. as, 1887. 

368 Record of Students [i88i 

1881. Graduates in Schools and Non-Graduates 

Anderson, John Crawford, (Fr.), LL. B., '83, lawyer, Demopolis. 

1880, Eutaw; s. Dr. John C. Anderaon, Eutaw, and Elizabeth McAlpine; b. 
Aug. 5, 1863; Judge, ist Jud. Circuit, i89S-i904; m. Mary Bird Martin, Feb. 24, 
1897, Tuscaloosa. 

Armistead, George Mathews, (Fr.), planter, Pike Road. 

x88o, Scotia, Montgomery Co.; a. William Boyd Armistead and Elisa Camilla 
Scott; b. NoY. 18, 1861. 

Barge, Essex Lanier, (Fr.), planter, Georgiana. 

1880, Monterey; s. E. S. Barge, Birmingham, and Mary Bowen; b. March 16, 
i860; m. Ibbic Shepherd, Georgiana, Nor. 12, 1890. 

Bell, William Dale, (Soph.), planter, Deerbrook, Miss. 

1880, Brooksville, Miss.; s. John C Bell and Mary Barmore; b. June 29, 1861; 
m. Julia Kelly Harrison, Deerbrook, Dec. i, 1891. 

Byram, George Logan, (Jun.), U. S. Army. 

1878, Mobile; Grad., 1885, U. S. Mil. Acad.; Officer, U. S. Army, now Capt., and 

Acting Judge Advocate, 1898 ; m. Jane Lockhart Skiles, Columbus, O., Jan. a3, 


Carroll, Jefferson Monroe, (Soph.), planter, Greenville. 

1879, Greenville; s. William H. Carroll and Georgia A. Tompkins; b. 186 1; 
m. Emma Rowe, Greenville. 

*Connerly, John Curtis, (Jun.), lawyer, Lake Village, Ark. 

1880, Hamburg, Ark.; s. Rev. D. C. B. Connerly and Ellen Thomas Taylor; 
Levee Commissioner, Ark.; m. Katie Kramer, New Orleans, Feb. 9, 1886; d. at Green- 
ville. Miss., Dec. 9, 1899. 

Curtis, Monette Elnora, (Fr.), clerk, Mobile. 

1880, Lower Peach Tree. Wilcox Co.; s. Dr. C. C. Curtis, Lower Peach Tree, 
and Julia Elnora England; Sheriff, Wilcox Co., 1893-96; Oerk on Steamboat. 

Davis, Albert Sidney, (Fr.), merchant, Maiden, Mo. 

1880, New Madrid, Mo.; s. Samuel Thomas Davis and Laura Kate Watson; m. 
Carrie Dawson, New Madrid, Mo. 

Dear, Addison Sherman, (Fr.), planter and fruit g^wer, . . ., Fla. 

1880, Camden; s. Charles Dear, Camden, and Elixa Mason; m. Miss Campbell* 
Wilcox Co., 1884. 

♦Doster, Charles E., (Fr.), planter, Prattvillc 

1880, Autauga Co.; s. C. S. G. Doster and Carrie E. Staton; d. 189s. 

DuBose, Qarence Calhoun, (Soph.), editor, Thomasville. 

1879, Columbiana, Shelby Co.; s. Dr. W. S. DuBoae, Columbiana, and Anna 
Calhoun; b. July 8, x86o; Editor of Thomasville Echo; m. Annie Robinson, ladiaA- 
apolis, Ind., Feb. xo, 1887. 

i88i] Graduates in Schools and Non-Graduates 269 

du Mont, Robert Bernhard, (Soph.), insurance. Mobile. 

1878, Mobile; s. A. du Mont, Pt Clear, and Josephine Bunker; b. at Bnusels, 
Belgium, March 5, 1862; CoL, ist Inf., Ala. Nat. Guards, 1899- 1902; Major, and 
Ala. VoL Inf., 1898, Spanish War; Insur. Agent and Adjuster; m. Elizabeth Anne 
ferryman. Mobile, Oct. 25, 1899. 

Fariss, William Blank, (Fr.), Chicago, 111. 

1880, Montgomery. 

Fitts, Haywood, (Fr.), planter, Faunsdale. 

1880, Uniontown, Perry Co.; s. Samuel A. Fitts, Uniontown, and Sarah 
Elizabeth Alston; b. March 28, 1863. 

Gardner, Reuben Jefferson, (Sen.), merchant, Buffalo, N. Y. 

1877, Mobile; s. M. R. Gardner, Mobile, and Martha V. Hood; b. Sept. 29, 1862; 
m. Katherine A. Slaughter, Birmingham, Aug. 10, 1898. 

Gaston, W. Lee, (Law) 

1880, Gold Hill, Nevada. 

♦Hill, John Blackhawk, (Fr.), Morgan Co. 

1880, Morgan Co.; d. 188 — . 

Hill, Joseph Robert, (Fr.), manufacturer, Calera. 

1880, Calera; s. Wilson Hill, Kingston, and Lettie Mildred Hill; b. Dec. 25, 
1859; Saw Mill and Lime business; m. Minnie P. Givahn, Chilton Co., Feb. 14, 1889. 

Holmes, John Edward, (Fr.), merchant, Fort Deposit. 

1880, Letohatchie, Lowndes Co.; s. John Peter Holmes, Letohatchie, and Susan 
A. L. Mathews; b. Jan. i, x86i; m. Ella Rebecca Garrett, Fort Deposit, June 27, 1894. 

Hood, William Cook, (See 1877). 

Huey, Edwin King, (Fr.), New Orleans, La. 

1880, Marion; s. Col. B. M. Huey, Marion, and Sarah King; b. July 2, 1864; 
formerly Cashier, Excelsior Coal Co., Gumee; now Asst. Sec. and Treas., New 
Orleans Acid and Fertilizer Co.; m. Lizzie Hardy, Meridian, Miss., May 19, 1892. 

Irby, Thomas Evans, (Fr.), book-keeeper, Washington, D. C. 

1880, Gee's Bend, Wilcox Co.; s. William Irby, Gee's Bend, and Elizabeth Wil- 
liams Pettway; b. May 20, 1862. 

Ledbetter, Thomas Pryor, (Fr.), trav. salesman, Gadsden. 

1880, Scottsboro; s. Joel Ledbetter, Vienna, and Jane Catherine Dillard; b. 
July 3, 1866: m. Mary Lou Elgin, Gadsden, Nov. x6, 1886. 

Lichten, Jacob, (Soph.), druggist, Chattanooga, Tenn. 

1879, Greenville: s. Morris Lichten and Bertha Weil; Ph. G., Louisville Col. 
Pharmacy; Chemist for Drug Co.; now Trav. Salesman, Fitts & Wiehl. 

Maxwell, Eugene Walter, (Fr.), elec. engineer, Seattle, Wash. 

1880, Kellyton, Coosa Co.; s. Francis Marion Maxwell and Alabama Jordan; 
b. Nov. 14, 1865; Constructing Engineer, N. Y., 1888-90; St. Paul, Minn., 1890-93, 
Portland, Oregon, 1893-96, Cripple Creek, Col., 1896-98; Supt., Snoqualmie Falls 
Power Co., 1898-1900, at Seattle, Wash, 

270 Record of Students [1881 

Maxwell, Francis Marion, Jr., (Fr.), lawyer, Waco, Tex. 

1880, Kellyton, Coo«a Co.; a. Frauds M. Maxwell and Alabama Jordan; h. 
March 4, 1863. 

Maxwell, Richard Henry, (Ft.), planter, Northport 

1880, Northport; a. Richard Maxwell and Fannie Sexton; b. Sept. 27, 1863; m. 
Belle Clements, New Lexington, Dec 31, 1884. 

McTyer, Robert Adair, Jr., (Soph.), Bainbridge, Ga. 

1879, Eufaula; s. Robert Adair McTyer, £ufaula» and Caroline Fullmore; b. 
l>oT. 27, 1858; Employee, Ga. Pine R'way Co.; m. Evelyn H. Harrell, Bainbridge, Ga., 
April 13, z886. 

Mitchell, James William, (Fr.), teacher, Curry. 

1880, Olostee Creek, Pike Co.; s. Mitchell and Sarah Ozier; m. (i) 

Susie Bradberry, 1888, (a) Mrs. Strickland. 

Morgan, George Worthington, (Fr.), merchant, Montevallo. 

1880, Montevallo; s. John P. Morgan and Georgia Worthington; b. Jan. 9, 
1864; m. Leila McConangbey, Montevallo, Nov. 14, 1894. 

Norwood, Samuel Willis, (Fr.), planter, Dozier, Tex. 

1880, Stevenson; s. Samuel C Norwood, Fabius, and Sarah A. Mills; b. Oct. a, 
i860; Cattle Ranching; m. Tempie V. Hall, Stevenson, Jan. 19, 1892. 

Parker, Charles Foster, (Jun.), officer, . U. S. Army. 

i879i University; s. Prof. William A. Parker and Martha English Foster; b. 
Nov. 16, 1863; Grad., U. S. Mil Acad., 1886; Capt., Artillery Service. 

Parmer, Clinton Love, (Fr.), salesman, Waco, Tex. 

1880, Greenville; s. Dr. C. D. Parmer, Greenville, and Ellen Oliver; b. March 
I, 1865; Trav. Salesman, (in Tenn. from i88s-93» in Tex. since 1893); m. Lizzie Alma 
Guetry, Nashville, Tenn., June lo, 1895. 

Powell, John Boiling, (Soph.), lawyer, Greenville. 

1879, Greenville; s. John L. Powell and Lucinda E. Boiling; Planter, i88x-9o, 
since then Real Estate, Timber Dealer and Lawyer; County Solicitor. Butler Co., 
i89o<i)a; m. Virginia Reid, Greenville. 

Preuit, Travis Lamar, (Soph.) 

1879, Lawrence Co. 

Sanders, William Carroll, Jr., (Fr.), merchant, Luvemc. 

1880, Troy; s. W. C. Sanders, Troy, and E. L. Heath; b. Sept. 15, 1857; Cleifc, 
Troy, z88i-8a; Merchant, Troy, 1883; Supt., Mescalero Indian Boarding School. 
Mescalero, N. M., 1885-89; m. Lula A. Foster, Little Oak, July xa, x888. 

Skelton, David Parsons, (Fr.), merchant, Scottsboro. 

1880, Scottsboro; s. James S. Skelton, Scottsboro, and Mary S. Scott; b. 1864; 
Trav. Salesman several years. 

Strickland, Noble Morgan, (Soph.), planter, Birmingham. 

1880, Woodstock; s. Wilson Strickland, Woodstock, and Lucanda Herring: 

b, April 10, i8s6; Teacher, 1881-97; Dairy Farmer, 1900 ; m. Amanda Lovel 

Birmingham, Jan. 8, 1888. 

i882] Graduates with TiTf.£D Degrees 271 

Swanson, William Graves, wholesale grocer, Danville, Va. 

1878, Hayneville, Lowndes Co.; s. John M. Swanson, Swansonvillc, Va., and 
C. R., Pritchett; Chief Clerk in Indian Service. 

Tompkins, William Henry, (Fr.). Bristol, Va. 

z88o, Fitzpatrick; s. Christopher Tompkins, Fitzpatrick, and Sarah Farrior; b. 
Sept 24, z86i; Employee of So. Express Co.; m. Jessie Wood, Morristown, Tenn., June 
8, 1893. 

Watson, J. D., (Fr.) 

1880, Columbus, Miss. 

♦Wcdgworth, Willie McNeill, (Soph.), planter, McLeod, Miss. 

x88o, Noxubee Co., Miss.; d. z88 — . 

White, Walter J., (Soph.), cashier, Uniontown. 

1879, Uniontown; s. George M. White, Uniontown, and Nancy Morgan; b. 
May 10, 1864; Capt., Miss. Nat. Guards, 1885-89; Sec. and Treas., Uniontown Oil 
Co. and Warehouse and Compress Co.; Cashier, Planters and Merchants' Bank, 

Whitlock, William Ross, (Soph.) 

X879, Gadsden. 

Wier, Peter Eugene, (Fr.), planter, Dancy. 

x88o, Sherman; s. Peter Wier and Harriet E. Hibbler; b. June 16, z86i; m. 
Sue Lee Cayett, Macon, Miss., Feb. 9, 1888. 

*Wilmarth, George Curtis, (Fr.), Mobile. 

1880, Mobile; s. A. M. Wihnarth, Mobile; kiUed in R.R. coUision. 1885. 

1882. Graduates with Titled Degrees 
♦Anderson, Albert Dunn, LL. B., lawyer. Mobile. 

1881, Mobile; s. William S. Anderson and Rebecca Strudwick; d. x886. 

Baker, James Wynn, A. B., planter and merchant, Kymulga. 

2878, Kymulga. Talladega Co.; s. William Baker and Lockie A. Wynn; b. 
March i, i860: m. Emmie C Whitson, Talladega, Oct is. 1889. 

♦Burgess, William Henry, B. E., book-keeper, Atlanta, Gz, 

1880, Roanoke; s. J. P. Burgess, Columbus. Ga., and Amanda E. Jordan; b. 
at West Point. Ga., May 16, 1858; m. Annie Julia Gillam. Antioch. Ga.. Nov. a9. 
i88s; d. June 8. 1894. 

Carson, James Webb, A. B., LL. B., '84, lawyer, Tuscaloosa. 

1879, Tuscatoosa; s. Thomas Lynch Carson, Sr., and Sarah Virginia Marr; b. 
July 4> 1863. 

Cochrane, Jerome Bowling, A. B., insurance, Houston, Tex. 

1880, Mobile; s. Dr. Jerome Cochrane, Mobile, and Sarah Jane Collins; b. 
Nov. 9, 1863; Insurance Agent and Adjuster; m. Annie Fort Walker, of Tusca- 
loosa, at Raleigh, N. C, Dec. 17, 1883. 

272 Record of Students [1882 

Crenshaw, John White, LL. B., (See 1881). 

Davis, Hubert Trevellyn, A. B., lawyer, Gadsden. 

1879, Tuakegee; s. Richard Tatum Davia and Mary C. Fort; b. Mar. 9, 1B64; 
Teacher, Barton Acad., x88a-86; Teacher, Carrollton, 1886-89; SoUcitor, City Ct» 
Gadaden, 1895-1900; Tmatce, Uniy. of Ala., 1897 ; Mem., Cooatitu. Cony., 1901. 

Dickey, Leonidas Cicero, LL. B., lawyer, Birmingham. 

i88x, Raif, Montgomery Co.; a. WiUia Wesley Dickey, Raif, and Anne Bur- 
gess; Prof., History and Eng. Lit., Southern Univ., Greensboro, 1883-84. 

Douglass, Robert Leroy, A. M., (See 1881). 

Elmore, Benjamin Fitzpatrick, LL. B., lawyer, Demopolis. 

1 88 1, Elmore, Elmore Co.; s. Albert Elmore and Mary Jane Taylor; b. July as, 
1 86 1, in Montgomery; Asst. Qerk, House of "Rtp,, 1886-91; Solicitor of ist Jud. Cir- 
cuit, 1892—; m. Elizabeth Bostick Willett, Carrotlton, Jan., 1894. 

♦Foster, George Washington, LL. B., lawyer, Tuscaloosa. 

1881, Tuscalooaa; s. George Washington Foster and Catherine Haaeltine Quarles; 
Lawyer at Anniston, 1883-86, Tuscaloosa, 1886-88; m. Mrs. Belle Woodruff Booth, 
Tuscaloosa, Aug., 1883; d. Feb. 17, 1888. 

Foster, Henry Bacon, A. M., LL. B., '84, lawyer, Tuscaloosa. 

1878, Tuscaloosa; a. Joshua Hill Foster and Frances Cornelia Bacon; b. May 
9f 1863; Teacher at Gadsden, 1882-83; Mayor, Tuscaloosa, 1890-94; Major, and Reg., 
Ala. Vol., Spaniah War, 1898; Rep., Gen. Assem., Ala., 1898-1902; Trustee, U. of 
Ala., 1900 ; m. Jennie Hester, Tuscaloosa. 

Gillespy, John Finley, LL. B., lawyer, Birmingham. 

1881, Madison; s. Campbell M. Gillespy and Narcissa L. Clarke; b. Dec. 12. 
1859; m. Zuleika T. Burgamy, Birmingham, Jan. 29, 1890. 

Hamilton, Peter Joseph, LL. B., lawyer, Mobile. 

1881, Mobile; s. Peter Hamilton, Mobile, and Anna Martha Beers; b. March 
19, 2859; A. B., 1879, A. M., 1882, Princeton ; Mem. Ala. History Commission; 
Author of "Colonial Mobile," "Rambles in Historic Lands;" Contributor to Petiod- 
icals; City Attorney, Mobile, 1891-94; m. Rachel Wheeler Burgett, Mobile, 189 1. 

Johnson, Joseph Henry, A. M., (See 1881). 

Jones, Archibald Amos, B. E., A. M., '85, educator, Asheville. 
N. C. 

1879, Uniontown; s. John Archibald Jones, Lexington, Mo., and Mary Vincent 
Scott; b. Sept. 22t i860; Teacher in Uniontown Acad., 1882-83, Centenary Collegiate 
Inst., Hackettstown, N. J., 1883-86, Dalton, Ga., Female Col., 1885-89; Pres., Central 
Col., Lexington, Mo., 1889-97; Pres., Asheville, N. C, Col., since Sept., 1897; m. Kate 
Harben, Jan. 18, 1888, Dalton. Ga. 

Langton, Daniel Webster, A. B„ A. M., '88, Ph. D., '92. New 

1879, Citronelle; s. Daniel W. Langdon, Russell, and Emma Elizabeth Coart 
Nelson; b. May 5, 1864; Asst., Ala. Geol. Survey, 1883-89; Asst. Prof, of Chem., U. 
of Ala., 1889; Fellow, Geol. Sec. of America, 1890; Original Fellow and Sec.. Amer 
Soc. Landscape Architects, 1889-90; Regent, Sigma Nu Fraternity, 1885-90; Land- 
scape Architect; m. Bernice Francis, New Haven, Ct., Aug. 17, 1896. 

i882] Graduates in Schools and Non-Graduates 273 

♦Little, James Kibbler, LL. B., (See 1879). 

McCombs, Jason G., A. B., Tahlequah, Ind. Tcr. 

1879, Senatobia, Mist.; Asst. Cashier, Bank, Fort Smith, Ark.; U. S. Com- 
mJMioncr, Indian Ten; m. Ullie Marcum, Richmond, Ky., 1885. 

♦Oliver, Isaac, A. B., LL. B., '83, lawyer, Houston, Tex. 

1879, TnscakiOM; s. Iiaac Oliver and Julia Murphy; m. Florence Sadler, 
Memphis, Tenn., 1891; d. 1898. 

Palmer, Thomas Waverly, B. E., (See 1881). 

Parks, William Lycan, LL. B., lawyer, Troy. 

1881, Troy; s. William Hayne Parks and Catherine Benbow; Chancellor, S. 
£. Division of Ala., 1898-1904; m. (i) Mary Vernon Hilliard, Troy, Oct. 15, 1884, 
(a) Sue Elisabeth Coleman, Troy, Oct. zj, 1892. 

Patton, Walter Steele, A. B., planter, Foster's. 

1879, Knoxville; s. Thomas Jefferson Patton, KnoxriUe, and Jane McGiffcrt; 
b. May 8, 1861 ; Rep., Gen. Assem., 1894-96; m. Josie Foster, Jan. 6, 1884. 

Phillips, Murray Webster, A. B., dentist, Louisville, Ky. 

1877, New Madrid, Mo.; D. D. S., 1888, Mo. DenUl Col.; m. Msry £. Hardin, 
Louisville, Ky., Aug. 13, 1885. 

Price, Charles Littleton, LL. B., lawyer, Flint. 

1881, Morgan Co. 

Smith, Thomas Herndon, LL. B., Mobile. 

]88z. Mobile; s. John Little Smith and Virginia Alabama Herndon; b. May 19, 
1856; Rep., Gen. Assem., Ala., 1894-95; State Senator, 1896-97; Chancellor, S. W. 
DiTision, 1898 — ; m. Lily Goldthwaite, Mobile, Oct. 16, 1890. 

Spencer, William Micajah, A. B., LL. B., '83, lawyer and planter, 

1879, Knoxville; s. Alvis H. H. Spencer, Knoxville, and Susan E. Burress; b. 
July SI, z86o; m. Bertha Gracey Steele, GalHon, July lo, 1889. 

Ward, Thomas Robert, Jr., A. B., merchant, Greensboro. 

1880, Greensboro; s. Dr. Thomas Robert Ward, and Elizabeth Francis Burton; 
b. July 20, 1863; Warehouseman; m. Fannie Lauretta Coleman, Hale Co., Nov., 1885. 

Worthington, John Warren, B. E., contractor, Birmingham. 

1880, Birmingham; s. M. A. Worthington, Trussville, and Elizabeth Truss; 
R.R. and Mine Contractor. 

1882. Graduates in Schools and Non-Graduates 

Allison, Evan Frank, (Fr.), Livingston. 

1881, Livingston; Runs Saw Mill; m. Mary Derby, Gaston. 

Barker, William Hill, (Soph.), planter, Selmi.. 

1 88 1, Summerfield, Dallas Co.; s. Thomas W. Barker, Summerfield, and Martha 
£. Sturdivant; Teacher, 1884-93; Deputy Tax Assessor, DsIIas Co., 1893-96. 


274 Record of Students [1882 

iiaugh, Joel Leftwich, (Sen.), LL. B., '83, traveling salesman, 

1879, Tuscaloosa; 8. Richard B. Baugh, Tuscaloosa, and Virginia W. Leftwich; 
b. June 24, 1862. 

♦Brooks, Jesse Wesley, (Fr.), physician. Centre Star. 

i88z, Centre Star, Lauderdale Co.; t. Jesse Wesley Brooks and OUie Kennedy; 
M. D.; d. Sept 24, 1887. 

Buchanon, Alexander Watson, (Soph.), engineer, Los Angeles, 

1880, New Madrid, Mo.; s. Charles W. Buchanon, St. Paul, Minn., and Laura 
Kate Watson; b. May 21, 1865; Grad., Nianual Training School, St Louis, Mo., 1883; 
M. E., Cornell Univ., 1887; in charge of Engineering Dept, National Cash Register 
Co., Dayton, O.; Asst Engineer, Edison Elec. ^ight Co., Los Angeles, 1901; m. Mary 
Williams Vanldrk, Newfield, N. Y., Sept 27. 1894. 

Clayton, Bertram Tracy, (Jun.), officer, U. S. Army. 

1880, Clayton; s. Henry D. Clayton, University, and Victoria V. Hunter; b. 
Oct. 19, 1862; Cadet, U. S. M. Acad., 1882-86; 2nd Lieut, nth U. S. Inf., x886-88; 
Adj., Captain, Major, N. Y. Nat Guards, 1890-98; Capt, Troop C, N. Y. Vol., U. S. 
A., Spanish War, 2898; Col., N. Y. Nat Guards, 1899; Member 56th Congress, U. S.. 
i8-9 19 )i; appointed Q M., Rank Capt, U. S. A., 1901; m. Louise M. Braslier, 
Brooklyn, N. Y., June 9, 1887. 

Davis, Samuel Thomas, (Fr.), cashier, Kansas City, Mo. 

1881, New Madrid, Mo.; s. S. T. Davis, New j. adrid. Mo., and Elizabeth 
McGuire; Cashier, American Ex. Co., Kansas City, Mo.; m. Nora Monseth, Ksnsn 
City, Mo. 

Davis, William Elias Brownlec, (Jun.), Birmingham. 

188 1, Birmingham; s. Dr. Elias Davis and Georgianna Lathem; b. Nov. 25, 
1863; M. D., Bellevue Hosp. Med. Col., 1884; Prof., Med. Col., Birmingham; Ex- 
Pres. of the Tri-State Med. Soc. of Ala., Ga. and Tenn.; V. Pres. of Pan-American 
Med. Congress, 1896; Fellow of the British Gynecological Society; Pres., Amer. 
Associ. of Obstetrics and Gynecologists; Sec., Sou. Surg, and Gy. Association; m. 
Gertrude Mustin, Birmingham, Aug. 12, 1897. 

Dennis, Tames Monroe, (Fr.), trav. salesman 

1881, Coopers, Chilton Co.; s. John Dennis, Coopers, and Mary McClure. 

*Dicus, Joel McLendon, (Fr.), physician, Scottsboro. 

1881, Scottsboro, Jackson Co.; s. William H. Dicus, Scottsboro; b. 1862; M. D., 
Mobile, 1881; Treas., Jackson Co., 1886-90; d. at Saa Antonio, Tex., 1890. 

Durr, John Wesley, Jr., (Soph.), druggist, Montgomery. 

i88x, Montgomery; s. John Wesley Durr and Rebecca Holt; b. March 14, 1863; 

Wholesale Grocer, 1884-1899, Wholesale Druggist, 1896 ; m. Lucy Judldns, Nov. 

MS, x886. 

Epes, James Vernon, (Soph.), planter, Epes. 

1880, Epes; s. John W. Epes and Martha Thomas. 

Faber, William Seward, (Fr.), trav. salesman. New York. 

188 1, MoBtgomerjr. 

1882] Graduates in Schools and Non-Graduates 275 

♦Faulk, Lorenzo Kendrick, (Sen.), lawyer, Fort Worth, Tex. 

1879, Bullock Co.; Prin., CUyton Acad., i88«-83; m. LUlie Robson, Barbour 
Co., Sept, 1 88a. 

♦Fountain, James Crozier, (Soph.), book-keeper, Greenville. 

1880, Montgomery; s. Henry T. Fountain and Maggie Crozier; b. March 30, 
1861; d. Feb. 26, 1892. 

♦Gautier, John Hora, (Sen.), physician, Tuskegee. 

1879, Tuskegee; a. Dr. W. J. Gautier, Tuakegee, and Mary E^liza Jane Hora; 
M. D., U. of Louisville, z888; m. Fk>ra Virginia Campbell, Tuskegee, Oct. 9, 1889; 
d. July 14, 1893. 

Gibson, JeflFerson Demetrius, (Fr.), physician, Birmingham. 

1 88 1, Northport; s. Richard Tindall Gibson, Birmingham, and Sarah Ann 
McDaniel; b. April 33, 1863; M. D., Mobile, 1887; City Physician, Birmingham, 
1896-97; Med. Student, New York, Paris and Vienna; m. Martha Edlena Burgamy, 
Birmingham, June i, 1892. 

Graham, James Kenan, (Fr.), planter and dairying, Selma. 

1881, Selma; s. C. W. Graham and Mary Kenan. 

Graham, Neill Smith, (Jun.), banker, San Antonio, Tex. 

1879, Tuskegee; s. Neill Smith Graham and Elkn Hutchinson; b. April 6, 
1862; Reg. in Chancery, Macon Co., 1884-88; m. Ruby Martin, San Antonio, Tex., 
Feb. 25, 1897* 

♦Hairston, Robert Percy, (Fr.), merchant and planter, Hairston. 

1 88 1, Boligee, Greene Co.; s. Robert A. Hairston, Eutaw, and Mary Hays; m. 
Marie V. Wood, Tuscaloosa, Feb. 11, 1890; d. Dec. ai, 1892. 

Horton, John R., (Fr.), merchant, Carrollton. 

188 1, Pleasant Ridge; a. William Horton and Mary Kirkland; m. Amelia B. 
McCaa, 1884. 

Huey, Eugene Leroy, (Fr.), book-keeper, Bessemer. 

188 1, Marion; s. Col. Benjamin Maclin Huey and Sarah E. King; b. Nov. 6, 
1865; Asst P. M., Bessemer, 1883-87; Book-keeper and Cashier, Bessemer Fire Brick 
Co.; m. Mattie M. McAdory, Bessemer, Oct. 10, 1899. 

Huey, George Washington, (Fr.), planter. Shady Grove. 

1 88 1, Pike Co.; s. Robert Emmet Huey and Senith Sophia Penelope Adams; 
>. Dec. 6, 1863; m. Julia Ada Sellers, Inverness, Dec. 17, 1884. 

♦Johnston, Ben William, (Soph.), Mobile. 

1880, Mobile; s. Ben W. Johnston, Mobile, and Georgia Oiven; b. 1864; d. 1882. 

Jones, William Joseph, (Soph.), clerk, Butler Springs. 

188 1, Allenton; s. William Bonner Jones, Oak Hill, and Laura Walthall; b. 
Sept 20, 186 1 ; Railway PosUl Clerk; m. Rosa Mc Williams, 1888. 

Lott, Robert Lee, (Fr.), Mobile. 

1881, Mobile; s. E. B. Lott 

276 Record of Students [1882 

McDaniel, Edward Leroy, (Soph.), teacher, Milton, Fla. 

i88z, Cunden; s. Dr. £. D. McDanicl, Mobik, And Matildm Bkir Tabb; b. 
Dec. 18, i86a; Prin., SanU Rota Acad., 1891-94; Snpt. of Public Instmctiofi, Santa 
Roaa Co., Fla.; Snpt. of Schoola; m. Ida Sabra McDavid, <^w«t^«'Vi^^ Fla., Sept. 
I, 1886. 

Mclntyre, Frank, (Jun.), officer, U. S. Army. 

z88o, Montgomery; s. Denia Mclntyre, Montgomery, and Mary Gaoghan; Grad., 
U. S. M. A., West Point, N. Y., 1886; Inf. and Cav. School, 1890; Initractor at U. S. 
M. A., 1891-95; Army Officer, (Capt, 1900), aenred in Porto Rico and Fhilippinea; 
m. Marie Dennett, Dallas, Tex., July la, 1892. 

Moody, Lit, (Fr.), merchant, Scottsboro. 

1881, Scottsboro; s. Miles Moody, Kyle, and Rebecca Edwards; m. Hattie 
Alley, Scottsboro, Jan., 1889. 

Moore, Byrd Lee, (Fr.), minister, Randolph. 

1881, Summerfield; s. Clement B. Moore and Jacqueline Louisa King; b. Sept 
a, 1865; Minister, M. E. Church, South; m. Clyde Evelyn Jackson, Pine Apple, Sept 

a, 1896. 

Murray, Malcolm Reed, (Fr.), merchant, Huntsville. 

1 88 1, Huntsville, Madison Co.; s. A. T. Murray, New Decatur, and Alice Reed; 

b. Aug. 10, 1865; Supt. Ed., Madison Co., 1887-97; m. Mary Feam. 

Nelson, Franklin Allen, Jr., (Soph.), manufacturer, Anniston. 

1880, Columbiana; s. H. S. Nelson, Columbiana, and Sarah A. Elliott; Pres., 
South Anniston Land Co.; Mfg. Fire Brick; Cotton Gooda Manufacturer; m. Olive 
P. Leeper, May si, 1890. 

Peterson, Howell Decatur, (Fr.), R. R. conductor, Kerrville, Tex. 

1881, TnscalooM; a. Howell Decatur Peterson, Tuscaloosa, and Emily Hendricks. 

Posey, James Willis, (Soph.), lawyer, Monroeville. 

i88x, Greenville; •. Col. J. W. Posey, Mobile, and Mary Elizabeth Rutledge; 
b. Oct. 28, 1 86s; m. Cora I vine Uutt, Brewton. 

Reynolds, Thomas Jordan, (Fr.), banker, Montgomery. 

i88x, Montgomery; s. Thomas Henry Reynolds and Elizabeth A. Jordan; b. 
Jan. S7, 1864; Teller, Merchants' and Planters' Nat Bank, Montgomery; m. (x) 
Mollie E. Mitchell, Glennville, (s) Emily E. Allen, Montgomery, Dec, 1895. 

Richardson, William Hall, (Law), minister, McKinney, Tex. 

x88x, Tuscaloosa; s. Dr. Samuel Bainbridge Richardson, Louisville, Ky., and 

Eliza J. Price; Pastor of Presbyterian Church at Mobile, Uniontown, Marion and 

Gadsden, Ala., and McKinney, Tex.; Synodical Evangelist, State of Tex.; m. (x) 
Maggie B. Stuart, Shelbyville, Ky., (2) Mary Ix>velace, Marion, Ala. 

Rippetoe, John Alfred, (Fr.), druggist, Dallas, Tex. 

1 88 1, Brenham, Tex.; s. Dr. A. H. Rippetoe and Amazon N. Graham; m. 
Hallie Bums Crane. 

Simpson, Thomas James, (Fr.), Tuscaloosa. 

x88i, Tufcaloosa; s. George W. Simpson and Emily McMillan, b. Dec x8, x86s« 

1883] Graduates with Titled Degrees 377 

Stickney, Richard Austin, (Soph.), Montgomery. 

i88x, Montgomery; s. H. G. Stickney, Montgomery, and Mary Owen. 

Thomas, Edmund Cody, (Soph.), accountant, Montgomery. 

1880, Clayton; a. Elias H. Thomaa, Otho, Henry Co., and Nancy Hays; Naral 
Cadet, Annapolis, 1883; Paymaster, Lady Ensl^ Coal, Iron and R.R. Co., Sheffield, 
4 years; Book-keeper, Atlanta, Ga., 2 years; Warrant Qerk, Auditor's Offioe, Mont- 
gomery, 1896-1900. 

Vaughan, David Reeves, (Soph.), planter, Catherine. 

1880, Mobile; s. James H. Vanghan, Orrrille, and Belle Cally; b. Sept. i6, 
1863; Stock business in Texas, 1883-83; Car Accountant, Houston ft Tex. Central, 
1884-86; Accountant, San Antonio ft Aransas Pass, 1886-92. 

Watrous, Frank Peters, (Jun.), planter, Punta Gorda, British 
Honduras, C. A. 

1877, Belixe, British Honduras; s. T. A. Watrous, BeUze, Central Amer., and 
Margaret Stanton; m. Ninna Ada Steele, Eutaw, Oct. 10, 1882. 

Wise, William T., (Fr.), physician. Coopers. 

1 88 1, Coopers, Chilton Co.; s. J. T. Wise, Coopers; M. D., Sou. Med. CoL, 1889. 

1883. Graduates with Titled Degrees 

Almon, Edward Berton, LL. B., lawyer, Tuscumbia. 

1882, Lawrence Co.; George W. Almon, Colbert Co., and Nancy E. Eubank; 
b. April x8, i860; Sute Senator (jxst Dist), 1892-96; Judge, izth Jud. Circuit, 
1898 ; m. Lttie Clopper, Tuscumbia, Dec 13, 1887. 

Anderson, John Crawford, LL. B., (See 1881). 

Andrews, William Franklin, B. E., minister, Gadsden. 

1879, Dallas Co.; s. Rev. A. S. Andrews and Virginia Hudson; Minister, M. EL 
Church, South., Florence, Shefiield, Gadsden; m. Laura Seay, April 3. 189$. 

Baugh, Joel Leftwich, LL. B., (See 1882). 

♦Brothers, William Patton, A. B., physician, Cane Creek. 

z879i Cane Creek, Calhoun Co.; s. Dr. P. H. Brothers and Ginsey Downing; 
b. March x6, i86x; M. D., x886, Col. P. ft S., Baltimore; d. Dec. xo. 1886. 

Coleman, Phares, A. M., LL. B., '85, lawyer, Montgomery. 

x88a, Greensboro; s. Judge A. A. Coleman, Birmingham, and Amanda Malvinm 
Phares; b. March 31, 1865; A. B., 1883, Sou. Uniy., Greensboro; Reporter, Decisions 
Supreme Court, Ala., 1894 — ; m. Maggie S. Peterson, Greensboro, Nor. xs, X889. 

♦Earle, Joseph Berry, Jr., A. B., lawyer, Birmingham. 

x88o, Birmingham; s. J. B. Earle, Birmingham, and Caroline E. Martin; d. 
March 19, 1887. 

♦Fitzpatrick, Benjamin James, A. B., lawyer, Wetumpka. 

x88x, Montgomery; s. Elmore Joseph Fitspatrick and Virginia Rosalie Armittead; 
attended Univ. of Va., 1884; d. at Montgomery, Nov. 6, X894. 

278 Record of Students [1883 

Foster, John Manly, LL. B., lawyer, Tuscaloosa. 

1882, Foster's; s. Rev. John C. Foster and Georgia A. Maharry; b. Nov. 7, 
1859; A. B., Howard Col., 1880; Rep., Gen. Assem.. Ala., 1890-91; Solicitor, Tusca- 
loosa Co., 1897 ; Mem., Constitu. Conv., 1901; m. (i) Kathleen Mary Clarke, 

Demopolis, April 19, 1893, (2) Mabel R. Clarke, Demopolis, Oct. 12, 2898. 

Hardaway, Benjamin Hurt, A. B., B. E., '84, A. M., '86, C. E., 
'87, civil engineer, Columbus, Ga. 

188 1, University; s. CoL R. A. Hardaway and Rebecca Elizabeth Hurt; b. Feb. 
19, 1866; Instructor in Math., Univ. of Ala., 1884-86; Author of **Tables and For- 
mulae for R. R. Engineers;" R'way Contractor; m. Rebecca Money, CarroUton, Miss., 
Sept. 12, 1888. 

Hayes, Andrew Wilson, A. B., teacher, Woodstock. 

1880, Bibb Co.; m. Josie Going, Sept. 21, 1893* 

Hopkins, Charles, A. B., clerk, Alexandria, La. 

1879. Mobile; Clerk and Book-keeper; m. Margaret DeBondile Poellnitz, 

*Kelly, Samuel Houston, A. B., druggist, Mexia, Tex. 

1880, Demopolis; s. Dr. William D. F. Kelly, Demopolis, and Sallie Wim- 
berly; Druggist at Mexia, Tex., then at Waco; m. May Pendergast, Mexia, Tex., 
June I, 1886; d. 1896. 

Lampley, Harris Dee, LL. B., (See 1880). 

♦Liddell, Charles Pinkemey, A. B., planter, Marietta, Ind. Ter. 

1879, Gadsden; s. William Liddell, Gadsden, and Eveline B. Wynne; b. Jtily 
XI, 1864; Marshal, MarietU, Ind. Ter.; m. Callie Lee Cain, Thackerville, Ind. Ter., 
x886; d. Feb. 5, 2901. 

Little, John Buckner, A. B., A. M., 1886, Forest Home. 

1879, Monterey, Butler Co.; s. John G. Little, Greenville, and Sophronia E. 
Howell; b. Oct. xo, 1861; Asst Prof. Chem., U. of Ala., 1883-87; Pres., S. Ala. Ins., 
Greenville, 1887-90; Prin., MiL Acad., Huntsville, 1890-91; Editor Tuscaloosa Timas, 
1886, Trus Democrat, 1888, Stats Rsvitw, 1895-96; Author, "History Butisr Co./' 
1885; Teacher in Butler Co.; m. Lula Duncan, Huntsville, 1890. 

Loughridge, James Allen, A. B., merchant, Waco, Tex. 

x88o, Marlin, Tex.; s. Robert McGill Loughridge, D. D., and Harriet Johnson; 
b. April 6, x86i; m. (i) Ruth H. Patillo, Marlin, Tex., June 8, 189s, (2) Emma 
Foster, Velasco, lex., June 14, 1899. 

Marks, Robert Means, B. E., civil engineer, Mare Island, Valleho, 

1880, Montgomery; s. James Marks, Montgomery, and Elixa WllUams 

Martin, Wolsey Randall, A. B., LL. B., "84, A. M., '89, lawyer, 
Fort Smith, Ark. 

X879, Tuscaloosa; s. John Mason Martin and Lucy C. Peck; m. Sue Dedie 
Boxeman, Tuscaloosa, June x6, 1884. 

McCalla, Richard Calvin, Jr., A. B., C. E., '91, Tuscaloosa. 

1879, Tuscaloosa; s. Richard Calvin McCalla and Margaret Elixa Lewis; b. 

1883] Graduates with Titled Degrees 279 

April ao, 1864; Mem.* American Soc. Engineers, Dec 15, 2894; U. S. Asst. Engineer, 

Warrior River Improvement Works, 1888 ; m. Mrs. Lula B. Stringfellow, {nee 

Hockins), June 23. 1896, Tuscaloosa. 

McConnell, Roscoe, A. B., real estate, Birmingham. 

i879f Birmingham; s. John W. McConnell and Janie M. Scott; b. Dec. 23, 
1 861; Real Estate and Fire Insurance business; m. Mrs. Terry in^e Richards), in 
Asheville, N. C, July 25, 1900. 

McKenzie, Peter Beauregard, LL. B., lawyer, Birmingham. 

1882, Tuskegee; s. P. R. McKenzie, AtUlla, and E. C. Robison; b. March 2, 
1862; Deputy Clerk, Circuit Court, Barbour Co., 1884; Reg. in Chanc., Barbour Co., 
1885-89; Mayor, Eufaula, 1894-99; moved to Birmingham, 1899; m. Claudia Hill, 
Fterry, Ga., Nov. 23, 1887. 

McQueen, John, LL. B., lawyer, Birmingham. 

1882, Eutaw; s. John McQueen, Darlington, S. C, and Sarah E. Pickens; 
County Solicitor, Walker Co., 1884-87; Mem., Lower House, Gen. Assem., Ala., 
1892-95, 1898-99; Asst Solicitor, Jefferson Co.; m. Caroline Beale, Montgomery, 
Feb. 10, Z901. 

Miller, Robert Hyneman, A. B., A. M., 1886, Minden, La. 

1879, Denton, Tex.; s. James Weston Miller, Union, Greene Co., and Elizabeth 
Hudson; b. April X2, 1864; Teacher, Bowie, Tex., 1884-85; Prin., Magnolia, Ark., 
High School, 1885-87; Supt., Camden, Ark., Public Schools, 1887-90; Treas., Minden, 
La., 1895- 1 900; Cashier, Bank of Minden; m. Trecby Chaffe, Minden, June 14, 1893. 

♦Oliver, Isaac, LL. B., (See 1882). 

Price, John Wesley, LL. B. 

1882, Morgan Co. 

Reese, Henry Fontayne, A. B., lawyer, Selma. 

1 88 1, Demopolis; s. Henry Winston Reese and Julia MaWina Winn; b. Dec. 
15, 1863; Mem., Constitu. Cony., 1901; m. Kate Lamar, Selma, Dec 8, 1886. 

Seed, Walter Dudley, A. B., merchant, Tuscaloosa. 

1879, Tuscaloosa; s. Charles Qinton Seed, Sr., Tuscaloosa, and Mattie Cordet 
White; b. June 26^ 1864; Trcas., Tuscaloosa Co., 1896- 1900; m. Ellen E. Foster, 
Tuscaloosa Co., Sept 21, 1888. 

*Somerville, Percy Russell, A. B., LL. B., '84, lawyer, Vaiden, 

1880, Tuscaloosa; s. James Somerville, CarroUton, Miss., and Martha G. Hudson; 
Supt Educa., Carroll Co.; Pres. Elector, 1893; m. Emily Ayres Stansbnry, Carrollton, 
Hiss., Oct., 1887; d. May 27, 1899. 

Spencer, William Micajah, LL. B., (See 1882). 

♦Spurlock, James Madison, LL. B-, lawyer, Eufaula. 

1882, Eufaula, Barbour Co.; s. James Madison Spurlock and Tabitha Lawhane; 
d. March, 2894. 

Stevens, Milton Spofford, LL. B., minister, Nocatee, Fla. 

1882, Rock Mills, Randolph Co.; s. Wilkins Stevens and Henrietta Hill Pounds; 

28o Record of Students [1S83 

b. May i, i86a; A. B.» Howard CoL, 1894; Lawyer, i883-84; Baptist Minister and 
Editor; m. (i) Annie Mylet Green, Wetnmpka, June, 1885; (a) Mattte L. C. Enloe, 
Wedowee, Dec aa, 1889. 

Stringfellow, Horace, LL. B., lawyer, Montgomery. 

x88a, Montgomery; a. Rev. Horace Stringfellow and Mary M. Green; m. Orill 
Bttah, Montgomery. 

Tunstall, Alfred Moore, B. E., LL. B., '84, lawyer,, Greensboro. 

1 88 1, Greensboro; a. Wiley Croom Tunatall and Augusta £. Hobaon; Rep., Gen. 
Aaaem., Ala., i896-i9oa. 

Wilkinson, Charles Lee, LL. B., lawyer, Montgomery. 

i88a, Greenville; a. William W. Willdnaon. GieenvUle, and EUzabeth J. Vinson. 

♦Wood, Edwin Hervey, LL. B., lawyer and planter, Barr's Mill. 

1 88a, Troy; a. Auguatua Evana Wood, Brundidge, and Jane Melmoth Pinkard; 
m. Cattie Beauchamp, Maymauvilk, Oct. 4, 1883; d. Sept. a9, 1887. 

1883. Graduates in Schools and Non-Graduates 

Beard, Robert Wesley, (Fr.), planter, McShan. 

1882, Pickena Co. 

*Boyd, Andrew, (Soph.), physician, Scottsboro. 

z88i, Larkinville, Jackaon Co.; a. Dr. J. H. Boyd and Jennie Moore; b. June 
II, 1866; M. D., Col. of P. ft S., Baltimore, 1888; Reaident Hospital Phyaician, 
1888-89; d. June aa, 1901. 

Bunkley, Frank Keene, (Fr.), merchant, Wetumpka. 

1882, Fitzpatrick, Bullock Co.; a. Gordon Sanford Bunkley, Montgomery, and 

Lucinda Morria Keene; b. March i, 1864; Warden, State Penitentiary, 1901 ; m. 

Hortenae Candler, Gainesville, Ga., Oct. 22, 189 1. 

Burford, William Pe)rton, (Soph.), Rock West. 

1882, Camden; a. Peyton Daniel Burford, Camden, and Martha Mobl^ Crum; 
Rep., Gen. Aaaem., Ala. Leg., 1892-93; Capt., Troop B, Ala. Nat. Guard, 1897-98; m. 
Maude Eugenie Toulmin, Mobile, April z8, 1893. 

Cannon, Larkin Daniel, (Soph.), , Tex. 

1879, Jacksonville; a. L. W. Cannon, Jacksonville, and Rheinhart. 

Clements, Frank Bugbee, (Jun.), planter, Tuscaloosa. 

1880, Tuacalpoaa; s. Rufus Hargrove Clements and Martha Lavinia Bugbee; 
b. May 23, 1864. 

Crow, Charles Flint, (Soph.), merchant, Waxahachie, Tex. 

1880, Moulton; a. Dr. Calvin A. Crow, Florence, and Annie E. Thaxton; b. 
April 12, 1864; m. Linnie Gibaon, June, 1896. 

Davidson, John Howard, (Jun.), planter, Uniontown. 

1879, Uniontown; a. Alexander Caldwell Davidson and Maria Overton Price; 
b. May 9, 1862; m. Nancy Elisabeth Phillips. Selma, April 14, 1898. 

1883] Graduates in Schools and Non*Graduatbs 281 

Davis, Fort Madison, (Jun.), planter, Fort Davis. 

1881, Tuskegee; s. Richard Tatum Davis and Mary C Fort; b. Jan. xa, x86a; 
m. Ola Johnson, Fort Davis, July x, 1895. 

♦Eppes, Burton Temple, (Fr.), Old Spring Hill. 

i88a. Old Spring Hill. 

Farrior, John Bryant, (Jun.), merchant and planter, Clajrton. 

x88o, Clayton; s. William Farrior and Sarah Ann Monroe; Mayor of Ashtord, 
1893-95; m. Henry Lawrence Brown, Chipley, Fla., June 3, 1891 . 

Heflin, John Tyler, (Fr.), lawyer, Roandce. 

x88a, Roanoke; s. Dr. William L. Heflin, Roanoke, and Lucie Catherine Phillips; 
b. Oct. 2, 1865; Rep., Gen. Assem., Ala., i898-X9oa; Mem., Constitu. Conv., Ala., 
190X; m. Carrie Ada Denney, Chambers Co., Nov. a8, x886. 

Hemphill, Robert Cooper, (Jun.), broker, Birmingham. 

x88o, Tuscaloosa; s. Felix Franklin Hemphill and Mary Jane Sims; b. Aug. a8, 

1864; Merchant at Tuscaloosa, 1888-94; Broker at Birmingham, 1894 ; m- Ruth 

Perry, Auburn, Feb. x6, 1890. 

♦Hurst, Gustave Beauregard, (Jun.), Lowndes Co. 

1880, Lowndes Co.; d. in Montgomery, x886. 

Jones, Boliver Thomas, (Soph.), physician, Stone. 

x88x. Stone, Pickens Co.; a. Dr. J. C. H. Jones, Shuqualak, Miss., and Mary 
Matilda Cook; b. Oct 30, x86a; M. D., Mobile and Bellevue Hosp. Med. Col., N. Y.; 
m. Jessie Shropshire, Stone, Oct. 31, 1889. 

Kennedy, James Thomas, (Fr.), Kennedy. 

188a, Luxapalila, Lamar Co.; s. William H. Kennedy, Kennedy, and Martha 
Cooper; Internal Revenue Service. 

Lanier, Abraham D'Lyon Russel, (Fr.), engineer. Coaling. 

1 88a, Birmingham; s. Sidney Cook Lanier, Montgomery, and Mary Theodore 
Brown; b. June 5, X865; Gen. Manager of the Black Creek Coal and Coke Co.; 
Mining Engineer. 

Lapsley, James, (Jun.), planter, Dawson. 

x88i. Vine Hill, Dallas Co.; s. Judge James W. Lapsley and Sara Eliza Pratt; 
b. June xa, x86o; Student, Columbia, S. C, and Union Theolog. Sem.; Member of 
North Ala. Presbytery; formerly Pastor of Churches in Ala., Ky. and N. C; m. 
F. E. Morrow, Hartsell, 1886. 

Lewis, Ivey Foreman, (Jun,), lawyer, Birmingham. 

1880, Faunsdale, Marengo Co.; s. Ivey Foreman Lewis, Greensboro, and Kate 
Rhodes; b. Feb. la, x866. 

♦Maxwell, Robert Searcy, (Fr.), Tuscaloosa. 

x88a, Tuscaloosa; s. Robert Maxwell and Mary Henderson; b. Nov. 11, x866; 
d. Nov. 9, x88a. 

Meriwether, Benjamin EUsberry, (Soph.), Birmingham. 

x88a, Mitchells, Bullock Co.; s. W. S. Meriwether and Eliza L. Bamett; 
Inspector for Water Works. 

382 Record of Students [18S3 

Miller, Roscoe F., (Law), (See 1877). 

Morris, John Jones, (Soph.), lawyer, Geneva. 

1883, Daleville, Dale Co.; s. John A. Morris, Kilgore, Tex., and Georgia Huds- 
peth; b. Jan. 13, 1 861; m. Willie Malone, Geneva, Nor. S3, 1886. 

*Parshall, Charles Hobart, (Fr.), hotel keeper, Chattanooga, 

i88a, Tuscumbia, Colbert Co.; s. Henry Harrison Hobart, Philadelphia, and 
Lacy Jane Beene; d. Jane 25, 1890. 

Ferryman, William Erastus, (Jun.), manufacturer, Woodlawn. 

1 88 1, Buena Vista; s. Mumford i>. Ferryman, Woodlawn, and Eliiabeth 
I Storer; b. June 3, 1865; Manufacturer of Machinery; m. Fannie M. Jones, East 

Lake, Nov. sp, 189s. 


Prowell, Joel Jones, (Fr.), lawyer. New Orleans, La. 

i88a, Dayton, Marengo Co.; s. David Myers Prowell and Virginia Jones; Cadet, 
U. S. M. Academy, 1885; m. Lucy Maddox, Montgomery, 1888. 

Robinson, Elisha Miller, (Fr.), physician, Birmingham. 

188a, Arkadelphia, Blount Co.; s. £. M. Robinson, Arkadelphia, and Nancy 
Duncan; b. May 9, 1863; M. D., Vandervilt, 1885; City Physician, Bessemer, 1892-93; 
Surgeon, L. & N. R.R., 188S-98, K. C. M. & B. at Bessemer, 1883-96; m. Leila Prince, 
Jonesboro, Feb. 13, 1883. 

Sanderson, Henry Wells, (Jun.), teacher, Oakland, Miss. 

1880, EuUw; s. Rev. D. D. Sanderson, Eutew, and Matilda Beatty; b. Feb. 
S7, i860; Prin., EuUw Acad., 1885-89, Duck Hill, Miss., Public Schools, 1889-93, 

Terry, Miss., 1893-94, Oakland, Miss., Graded Schools, 1895 : m« Edna Griffin, 

French Camp, Miss., June 3, 1897. 

Sloss, James Withers, Jr., (Soph.), book-keeper, Birmingham. 

1 88 1, Birmingham; s. James W. Sloss and Mary Bigger; m. Elizabeth M. 
Lynes, Birmingham, June 3, 1899. 

Smith, Harry Toulmin, (Jun.), LL. B., '84, lawyer. Mobile. 

1880, Mobile; s. Robert Hardy Smith, Mobile, and Helen Hemdon; b. May 
15, 1863; m. Mary Anne Holt, Mobile, April 30, 1890. 

Stickney, Charles Lefebvre, Jr., (Jun.), insurance, Birmingham. 

1880, Greensboro; s. C. L. Stickney, Greensboro, and Euretta Blair Banister, of 
Petersburg, Vs.; b. Oct. 5, 1863; Real Estate and Insurance Agent; m. Mary Winifred 
Sledge, Greensboro. 

Stone, Frank Singleton, Jr., (Jun.), Montrose. 

1880, Mobile; s. Frank Singleton Stone and Mary Elizabeth Hawkins; b. 
June IS, 1863; LL. B., Univ. of Ga., 1886; Oerk, Supreme Court of Ga., 1887-88; 
Solicitor, Baldwin Co., 1894-99; Tax Commis., Baldwin Co., 1899-1900; m. Mary Alice 
Staats, Daphne, Aug. so, 1894* 

Warren, William James, (Fr.), planter, Anniston. 

1 88s, Tallapoosa Co. 

♦Whipple, Henry Jarratt, (Fr.), planter, Tuscumbia. 

1883, Montgomery; m. Johnnie Barton, Montgomery Co., x888; d. 189—. 

iB84] Graduates with Titled Degrees 283 

1884. Graduates with Titled Degrees 

Abcrcrombie, Milo Boiling, B. E., lawyer, Tuskegee. 

1881, Tuskegee; s. John C. Abercrombie and Lnn A. Martin; b. Dec aa, 
1864; Solicitor, Macon Co., 1892-98; Probate Judge, 1898 

Acker, Elisha David, LL. B., teacher and lawyer, Lincoln. 

1883, Alexandria, Calhoun Co.; i. Albert S. Acker and Elisabeth 0*Rear; b. 
Feb. 14* 1861; Editor, Post, Piedmont, 1884-86; Prin., High Schools in Chilton, 

Cherokee, Talladega and Calhoun Counties, from 1886 ; m. Lula Mattie Ragan, 

Alexandria, Dec 3, 1884. 

Bell, Robert Neely Lee, LL. B., lawyer, Guntersville. 

1883, Gaylesrille, Cherokee Co.; s. Thomas Montgomery Bell, Gaylesville, and 
Ann Henderson; Mayor, Guntersville, 1896-98; m. Lillie Bell Palmer, Guntersville. 

♦Brewer, George Edward, A. B., lawyer, Talladega. 

1879; 1883, Tuskegee; s. William G. Brewer, Tuskegee, and Mary L. Attaway; 
Asst, Park High School, Tuskegee, 1880-83; Prin., Birmingham High School, 1884-86; 
Supt, Talladega Public Schools, 1886-89; Adm. to Bar, 1890; Circuit Judge (7th 
CIrcust), 1895-99; m- Zana Sturdivant, Dadeville, Nov. xs> 1891. 

Burgett, James Ralston, Jr., A. B., LL. B., '87, A. M., '94, law- 
yer. Mobile. 

1880, Mobile; s. Dr. J. R. Burgett and Sarah Vernon Wheeler; b. Feb. 15, 
1865; m. Maggie Roddey, Tuscaloosa, Dec 30, i8sk>' 

Carson, James Webb, LL. B., (See 1882). 

Daniel, John, A. B., A. M., '85, teacher, Nashville, Tenn. 

x88i, Summerfield; s. John Daniel, Perry Co., and Susan Lee Winfield; b. July 
6, 1863; Asst. Prof. Physics, U. of Ala., 1884-86; Asst Ph. ft Astr., Vanderbilt 

Univ., 1888, Instructor, 1889, Adjunct Prof., 2889-93; I^f. Physics, 1894 ; ni- 

Grace Olive Knight, Anniston, SepL a, 1896. 

♦Dean, Louis Lecil, A. B., LL. B., '85, lawyer, Birmingham. 

x88i, Gadsden; s. L. W. Dean, Gadsden; Mem., Gov. Seay's Staff; Asst. U. S. 
District Att'y; d. Nov. 26, 1893. 

deYampert, Charles Poellnitz, A. B., LL. B., '86, lawyer, Mont- 

x88x, Rembert, Marengo Ca; s. Phomas Jefferson LaFayette deYampert and 
Eliaa Poellnits; b. Jan. 17, 1865; Solicitor, Marengo Co., 1888-89. 

Eppes, William Gildwell, A. B., merchant and planter, Dayton. 

1882, Old Spring Hill; m. Ida Watlington, Marengo Co., April, 1888. 

Foster, Henry Bacon, LL. B., (See 1882). 

(jaston, Zell, B. E., lawyer, Greenville. 

1883, Eufaula; s. L. C Gaston, Barbour Co., and A. J. Rawls, of Fla.; Supt, 
ia«e«tloQ, Butler Co., x888; SoHcitbr, 1889; Pnhuitt JMgc, 1892-1904; m. LeUa 
DuHn, GfteenviUe, Jan. s6, 1887. 

J 84 Record of Students [1884 

Gay, John Floyd, A. B., real estate and insurance, Montgomery. 

i88j, Ifontgomefy; i. Julim Brown Gaj, IfontgomefT, and Prances Jerelia 
Wright; b. Dec. 17, 1864; m. Julia Elnetta Teagve, Ifontgomery, Ner. 14, x888. 

Gibson, Carleton Bartlett, A. B., A. M., '95, educator, Colum- 
bus, Ga. 

x88o, MoMle; s. James Spaldin Gibson and Antoinette Jolia Powers; b. Sept. 
18, 1863; Prin., School at Mulbery, x884-85; Teacher, State Normal, JacksonTitle, 1885- 
86; Pres., State Normal, Jacksonyille, 1886^3; Prin., UniT. MiL School, ICobtle, 
1892-93; Pres., A. C. F. Col., Tuscaloosa, 1893-94; Prin. High School, Columbus, Ga.. 
X 694-96; Supt., Columbus, Public Schoob, 1896--- — ; m. Martha Goodwin Newcomb^ 
Rttston, La., Jan. 7, 1889. 

Gorgas, Richard Haynesworth, A. B., LL. B., '90, Montgomery. 

1879, University; s. Josiah Gorgas and Amelia Gayle; b. Nov. 3, 1864; Clerk» 
Bureau of Education, Washington, D. C, 1886-89; Gov. Clerk, Engineering Def»C., 

Graham, Malcolm, A. B., merchant, Austin, Tex. 

1 88s, Tuskegee; s. Chancellor Neil Smith Graham and EUen Hutchinson; 
b. Feb. 35, 1865; Gen. Man. Austin-Beaumont Oil Co.; m. Carrie Simpson, Galvca- 
ton, Tex., April 4, 1894. 

Haralson, William Wallace, LL. B., lawyer. Fort Pajmc, 

1883, Fort Payne; s. William J. Haralson and Cornelia Jane Macfartane; b. 
Jan. II, 1 861; B. S., Cumberland Univ., Lebanon, Tenn.; State Senator, x888-9s; 
Rep., Gen. Assem., Ala., 1900-os; Trustee, Univ. of Ala., 1892-98. 

Hardaway, Benjamin Hurt, B. E., (See 1883). 

Harding, Chester, B. E., officer, U. S. Army. 

1 88 1, Tuscaloosa; s. Horace Harding and Eliza P. Gould; b. Dec 31, 1866; 
Grad., West Point Mil. Acad., 1889; now Capt., Corps of Engineers, U. S. A., with 
Engineer Commission of District of Columbia; m. Flora Krum, St. Louis, Mo., July 
16, 1895. 

Harris, Elijah McCulloch, A. B., physician, Russellville. 

1881, RusseUyiUe; s. John W. Harris, RusselWille, and Julia F. McCulloch; 
b. April 3, 1862; M. D., 1887, Vanderbilt; m. Caledonia Wilson, RusseUyiUe, Scyt. 
s8, 1886. 

Hawkins, Henry Gabriel, A. B., minister, Centreville, Miss. 

1882, Enterprise, Miss.; s. Gabriel Hawkins and Martha Elizabeth Lawrenee; 
b. Oct. 5, 1866; Teacher, 1884-89; Prof. English, Malsuyama, Japan, 189S-94; Supt. 

Education, Oarke Co., Miss., 1890-91; Mtw. Conference Sec. of Education, 1899 ; 

Minister, M. E. Church, South; m. (i) AUetha Terral, Quitman, Miss., Not. sy, 
1894, (2) Annie Bctta Galloway, Canton, Miss., Oct. 18, 1899. 

♦Herzberg, William Isaacs, A. B., merchant, Gadsden. 

1880, Gadsden; s. Herman Herzberg and Mary I. tiddeU; b. March 5, 1864; 
m. Annie Denson, Gadsden; d. Feb. 7, 1900. 

Hill, George Washington, LL. B., planter, Sawyervilte; 

1883, Greensboro; s. James HiU and Bettie Seay; A. M., So. Univ., 1883. 


♦Hill, Wilmer Turner, B. E., MadisonviUc, Fla. 

i88x, RtuMllvilk; s. Samtiel O. HiU, Baltimore, Md., and Catherine Sheltim; 
b. May J5, 1863; Prin., High School at MadisonTiUe, Fla., 1884-85; d. Feb. »$, 1885. 

♦Humes, Charles Floyd, LL. B., lawyer, San Diego, Cal. 

1883, Hqnttville; a. James W. Hvmea, Abingdon, Va., and Rosalie Sheffcy; 
d. at Los Angeles, Calif., Sept. ao, 1892. 

Jackson, Andrew L., A. B., A. M., '89, lawyer, Fort Worth, Tex. 

x88o, Sumter Co.; s. James Jackson and Charlotte Blafceney; b. Maj i8, x86s; 
LL. B., 1893, LL. M., 1894, Columbia UnxT.; Teacher, LiTingston, Ala., Cleburne, 
Fort Worth, Texaa, 1884-89; 1890-94, Patent 0£Bce, Washington, D. C; m. Annie 
Wylie, York Station, July 31, 1895. 

Lancaster, Henry Josephus, A. B., lawyer, Wetumpka. 

1882, Wetumpka; s. William Lancaster and Martha Ann Goes; Probate Judge, 
Elmore Co., 1899 ; m. Maggie E. Phillips, Kowaliga, May, 189^. 

♦Lapsley, Samuel Norvell, A. B., A. M., '85, minister, Africa. 

188 1, Vine Hill, Dallaa Co.; s. Judge James W. Lapsley and Sara Elisa Pratt; 
b. April 4, 1866; Instructor, U. of Ala., 1884-85; Student, Union and McCormick 
Sem.; B. D., 1888; Pastor at Anniston, 1889; Missionary, Pres. Church, at Leubo, 
Congo Free State, Africa, 1890-93; d. at Underhill, Lower Congo, March 36, 1893. 

LeGrand, Milton Paul, LL. R., lawyer, Montgomery. 

1883, Montgomery; s. Milton Paul LeGrand, Montgomery, and M. L. Jones; 
b. March 35, 1861; B. S., Vanderbilt, 1883; Pres. of Bank of Montgomery; V. Pres., 
Merchanta' and Planters' Nat. Bank; m. Mary Virginia Goldthwaite, Montgomery, 
April a7, 2893. 

Martin, Wolsey Randall, LL. B., (See 1883). 

Maxwell, Luther Henderson, A. B., merchant, Tuscaloosa. 

1880, Tuscaloosa; a. Robert Maxwell and Mary Henderson; b. March xi, 1865. 

Michael, George Boyd, B. E., C. E., '90, agent, Meridian, Miss. 

1 88 1, Citronelle; s. Dr. J. G. Michael and Margaret Simison; b. Not. 8, 1863; 
Land Agent, M. & O. R.R.; m. Elsie Scheel, Bellyille, 111.. May 31, 1893. 

Peach, George Washington, LL. B., (See 1881). 

Sanford, John William Augustine, Jr., A. B., lawyer, Mont- 

1880, Montgomery; s. John William Augustine Sanford and Sallie M. Taylor; 
b. Nov. 3, 1864; Rep., Gen. Assem., Ala., 1894-95; Recorder, City of Montgomery, 
1895-97; m. Mamie Lee Smoot, Montgomery, 1885. 

Smith, Harry Toulmin, LL. B., (See 1883). 

Smith, Malcolm McNeill, B. E., merchant, Prattville. 

1880, Prattville; s. C. Whit Smith, Prattville, and Calista Smith; b. Jan. 33, 
1865; Editor PrattvilU Progrtss, 1887-91; now (1901) Associate Editor; Prin., Pratt- 
ville Schools, 1893-99; Cotton Buyer; m. Caroline Agnes Crenshaw, Butler Co., at 
LaGrange, Ga., Oct. 7, 1884. 

286 Recobd of Students [1884 

♦Somerville, Percy Russell, LL. B., (Sec 1883). 

Spotswood, Dillon Jordan, A. B., physician. Mobile. 

1880, Mobile; s. W. A. W. Spotswood and Mary Eastin; b. March 14. x86s; 
M. D., 1890, Mobile; Graduate Course, N. Y., 1890; Acting Aast Surgeon, U. S. 
Army, 1890-93; Surgeon, Sea Board Mfg. Co. and R. R., x893-96. 

Stickney, Richard Henry, A. B., druggist, Anniston. 

1880, Greensboro; s. R. H. Stickney, Greensboro, and Lucy Pryor; b. Aug. sy, 
1864; Mem., Board of Education, Anniston, 1893-94; m. Alice Hunter Walker, Fauns- 
dale, Sept. 7, 1887. 

Tunstall, Alfred Moore, LL. B., (See 1883). 

VandeGraaff, Adrian Sebastian, LL. B., lawyer, Tuscaloosa. 

1883, Mobile; s. A. S. VandeGraaff, Los Angeles, Calif., and Mary C Traris; 
A. B., Yale, 1881; Prof. Law, i89i-97f U. of Ala.; m. Minnie Cberokee HargroTe^ 
July 17, 1890. 

Westcott, Charles Russell, A. B., merchant, Montgomery, 

1881, Montgomery; s. William R. Westcott and Mary A. W. Russell; b. Jujiy 
3, x86i; m. Janetta B. Anderson, Nov. xo, 1885. 

Wheat, Moses Henry, B. E., Galveston, Tex. 

1880. Tuskegee; s. Moses K. Wheat and Cilicia Carleton; B. S., U. of Tex., 
1898; M. S., same, 1899; Prtn., Marshall, Tex., Male Col., 1891-95; Supft., Public 
Schools, Marshall, 1895-96; now Med. Student, U. of Tex. 

♦Williamson, James David, LL. B., Marengo Co. 

1883, Marengo Co.; d. 1884. 

1884. Grraduates in Schools and Non-Grraduates 

Abernathy, George Carroll, (Jun.), engineer, New York. 

1882, Leighton. 

Acton, William Henson, (Jun.), physician, Alabama City. 

1882, Trussville; s. Samuel W. Acton and Mary £. Cross; b. Oct 3, i86b: 
M. D., Vanderbilt Univ.; m. Hester Reed, Trussville, April. 1885. 

Arrington, Samuel Lewis, (Soph.), Montgomery. 

188.1. Montgomery; s. Thomas Mann Arrington and Mary R. Gotdthir^te; U. 
S. Mail Service. 

Auxford, Stephen Marion, (Soph.), cotton buyer, Atlanta, Ga. 

1882. Hull, Tuscaloosa Co.; s. F. M. Auxford and Sarah Sartain; b. June 
18, 1864: resides at Hui4 in summer, and Atlanta, Ga., in winter; m. Sallie PearsQsi 
Beatty, Tuscaloosa Co. 

♦Barnes. John Rawls, (Jun.), railroading, Opelika. 

1882. opelika; s. Wil1t;«m H. Barnes, Opelika, and Annie Elisabeth Rawls; >. 
Feb. 18, 1864; Student, A. & M. Col., Auburn; d. April S4, 1885. 

1884I Graduates in Schools and Non-Graduates 287 

♦Baskin, William Kershaw, (Soph.), trav. salesman, Birmingham. 

Tuscaloosa; s. Andrew George Baskiu and Sarah Scotia Bryoe; b. Dec. as, 
i86s; d. at Boeme» Tex., Dec. 15, 1898. 

♦Bell, William Howard, (Fr.), Kelley's Creek. 

1883, Kelley's Creek, St. Oair Co.; s. James D. Bell. Easonyille. and Martha 
Elizabeth Roberson; d. at UniTersity, Now., 1883. 

Bender, Gammage Lafayette, (Soph.), merchant, Benton. 

X883, Pleasant Hill, Dallas Co.; Supt. Education, Dallas Co., 1893-96; U. S. 
Deputy Marshal, 1893-98. 

♦Bishop, Daniel Boiling, (Fr.), lumber business, Clover Bend, 

1883, Clayton, Barbour Co.; s. Wesley Bishop, Clayton, and Eliza Weaver; m. 
Annie Arden, Clover Bend, Ark., 1894; d. March 17, 1897. 

Bizzell, Benjamin William, (Soph.), physician, Atlanta, Ga. 

1883, EuUW; M. D., Southern Med. CoL, 1887, and Col. of P. and S., N. Y., 
1888; Asst. in Anatomy, Sou. Med. CoL, Atlanta, Ga., 1889. 

Brady, Philip Francis, (Fr.), Tuscaloosa. 

1883, Tuscaloosa; s. Philip Thomas Brady and Fannie Louise Gregory; b. July 
19, 1867; Sec. and Treas., Tuscaloosa Wadding Co.; m. Louise Harrington, Mobile, 

Brown, Bay lis Hervey, (Fr.), printer and publisher, Montgomery. 

1883, Montgomery; s. Warren Davis Brown and Lizzie ; b. May ao, 

1865; m. Lida E. EUsberry, Montgomery, Sept. x, 1891. 

Burks, Robert Eugene, (Fr.), furniture dealer, Washington, 
D. C. 

1883. Montgomery; s. William P. Burks and Minerva A. V. Brazell; b. Oct. 37, 
1866; m. Margarette Leah Beard, Charleston, S. C. 

Burks, William Oscar, (Fr.), furniture dealer, Chattanooga, 

1883, Montgomery; s. William P. Burks, Montgomery, and Minerva A. V. 
3raaell; m. Minnie A. Purse, Savannah, Ga., Jan. ao, 189a. 

^Campbell, Berry Gibson, (Fr.), Birmingham. 

1883, Madison Co.; s. A. Campbell; d. 1899. 

Carter, John Joseph, (Fr.), broker, Newton, Iowa. 

1883. Eufaula; s. J. J. Carter and Ella Lawrence; b. July ao, 2865; Brokerage 
and Commission business. 

Coleman, James Ehierson, (Soph.), agent, Meridian, Miss. 

X883, Uniontown; s. James Waller Coleman and Sallie A. Duerson; b. June 1, 
1865; Freight Agent, Sou. R'way; m. Emmie Due, Wetumpka, Jan. 23, 1880. 

Collins, John Morgan, (Fr.), clerk, Woodlawn. 

1883, Woodlawn; s. John Collins and Fronia Beavers; Billing Clerk, L. & N. 

288 Record of Students [1884 

Davis, Nicholas Clinton, (Fr.), Huntsville. 

i883» HimtSTille; PriTate, U. S. Army, Siwaisb War, 189S. 

Glover, James Alcorn, (Soph.), lawyer, Qarksdale, Miss. 

i88a, Forkland; s. Walton Norwood Glorcr, Forldand, and Mary Catherine Al- 
corn; b. Not. 10, 1866; LL. B., U. of Ifiaa., 1891; Rep., Gen. Aaaem., Mias. Leg., 

]89a-96, 1900 ; Mayor, Friara Ft., i89a-93; Capt., Co. M, and Miia. VoL, Spanlah 

War, 1898; Prosecuting Att'y, 4th Jad. Ditt., 1899; m. Shallie Yerger Plummer, Not. 
27 1 1 89 1, at Friars Point 

Harton, Hugh Moorehead, (Fr.), real estate, Birmingham. 

1883, NewtonTiIle, Lamar Co.; s. James M. Harton, Lamar Ca, and Josephine 
Elizabeth Moorehead^ b. June 4, 1864; m. Lula B. Ocment, Tuscaloosa, April 14, 1866. 

Hedge, William Milton, (Soph.), agent, Quitman, Miss. 

1882, Citronelle; s. Jester Hedge, Washington, Penn., and Mary Archidama 
Payne; b. July 15, 1866; Agent and Operator, M. & O. R.R.; nu Sallie Louise Tatam, 
Citronelle, May 97, 1890. 

Hendricks, James Martin, (Fr.) 

1883, Lamar Co. 

Hickman, Cunningham Wilson, (Jun.), LL. B., '86, lawyer, Bir- 

1883; 1885, TrussTille; s. William Peyton Hickman and ElTira Sims Hamilton. 

Hodgson, Samuel Holt, (Soph.), physician. Vera Cruz, Mex. 

1882, Mobile; s. Joseph Hodgson, Mobile, and Florence Holt; M. D., Mobile, 
1887; Quarantine Officer, Marine Hosp. SerTice; m. Minnie Snodgrass, Atlanta. Ga. 

Hodgson, Telfair, (Jun.), Havana, Cuba. 

x88x, Mobile; s. Joseph Hodgson and Florence Holt; LL. B., 1889, Georgetown 
Law School; engaged as Custom House Qerk, Pension Examiner, Reporter, Lawyer, 
Editor, Insurance Agent, Seaman, Pilot, Trader, 1884-97; Hondxtras NaTy, 1897; 
Costa Rican NaTy, 1898; Engineer Dept. of Cuba and China, 1 899-1 901. 

Jones, John Charles Hezekiah, Jr., (Jun.), real estate, Birming- 

1 88 1, Stone, Pickens Co.; s. Dr. J. C. H. Jones, Shuqualak, Miss., and Mary 
Matilda Cook; b. Jan. a8, 186s; Wholesale Grocer at Macon until 1901; m. Mattie 
May Stringfellow, PickensTille, Dec. 18, 1884. 

Levin, Charles Davis, (Soph.), advertising, New York. 

1883, Montgomery; s. S. M. LeTin, New York, and Esther DaTis; m. Ethel 
Amy Leri, New York, Sept. 4, 1895. 

Loeb, Leopold, (Soph.), merchant, Montgomery. 

i88a, Montgomery; s. Jacob Loeb, Sr., Montgomery, and Harriet Loeb; bu 
Sept. 9, 1867; Cotton Clerk, Lehman, Durr & Co., 16 years; Furniture Dealer. 

Miller, Harlan Bingham, (Soph.), lawyer, Prattville. 

i88x, Tuscaloosa; s. William Miller, Tuscaloosa, and Anne OUtc Bingham; 
b. Aug. 29, 1865; LL. B.. 1887, Vanderbilt; m. Margaret Adams Smiser, NashTille. 
Tenn., July 19, 1887. 

1884] Graduates in Schools and Non-Graduates 2B9 

Moseley, Daniel Coleman, (Soph.)» physician, Faunsdale. 

1883, St. Stcpheiw; s. Daniel Coleman Hoaelej, St Stephens, and Amanda 
Pearcy; M. D., Mobile, 1886; m. Mattk Webb, Faanadale, 1891. 

Oates, Qaudius William, ( Fr. ) , , Tex. 

1883, AbbeviUe; s. William C Oates. 

Oliver, William Seth, (Soph.), planter and merchant, Sherman. 

1883, Sherman; s. R. P. Oliver, Sherman, and Nannie Speight Little; m. 
Sallie J. Connor, Noxubee Co., Miss., June 21, 1888. 

Orum, Jonathan J., (Soph.), planter. Pleasant Hill. 

1883, Fltzpatrick, Bullock Co.; s. James Orum, Fitxpatrick, and Sallie Rogers; 
m. Martha A. Knight, Monterey, Dec. 24, 1890. 

Robertson, David Lee, (Jun.), merchant, Tuscaloosa. 

1 88 1, Tuscaloosa; s. Isham Robertson and Sarah A. Cameron; b. Oct. aa, i86a. 

Rosenberg, Ernest, (Fr.), trav. salesman, New Orleans, La. 

1883, Selma; s. Jacob Rosenberg, Selma, and Georgia Herzberg. 

*Ross, Henry Eugene, (Soph.), Eufaula. 

1883, Eufaula; s. James Ross, Eufaula, and Sarah J. McCallister; d. Aug. 6, 1884* 

Saunders, Julian Warland, (Fr.) 

1883, Barbour Co. 

Sherrod, William Winston, (Fr.), Birmingham. 

1883, Montgomery. 

Skinner, Oliver, (Soph.), planter, Old Spring Hill. 

i88s, Old Spring HiU. 

♦Smith, Sherrod Hadley, (Sen.), secretary, Anniston. 

1882, Selma; s. Washington M. Smith, Selma, and Susan Rebecca Parker; 
PriTate Sec. to Duncan T. Parker, Banker, 1887-90; d. Jan. 18, 1890, in N. Y. 

Stanford, Nicholas J., (Law) 

1883, Lamar Co. 

Stewart, James Jones, (Soph.), LL. B., '86, lawyer, Braiden- 
town, Fla. 

1883, Greenville; s. John A. Stewart, Greenville, and Elizabeth C. Graham; b. 

April 23, 1867; County Judge, Manatee Co., Fla., 1896 ; Lieut. Commander, 1st 

IMrision, ist Bat., Fla. Naval Reserves; m. Nannie Maria Richards, Braidentown, 
Fla., June s6, 1895. 

♦Trewhitt, Eldred Allison, (Soph.), physician, Madison Co. 

1SB2, Madison Co.; M. D., Vanderbilt; d. 1887. 

Wallace, William Emmett, (Sen.), horse trader, Decatur. 

1880, Moulton, Lawrence Co.; s. W. K. Wallace, Moulton, and Mary Gibson; 
C4)t., Co. £. I St Ala., U. S. V. Army, Spanish War, 1898; m. Fannie Gilchrist 
Foster, Nov. 2, 1886. 


290 Record of Students [1S85 

* Withers, Clement Clay, (Soph.), clerk, Mooresville. 

1882, Mooresville, Limestone Co.; s. Dr. S. J. Withers, Mooresville, and 
Emily Goodwin Collier; d. Jan. 29, 1889. 

1885. Graduates with Titled Degrees 
Banks, James Jones, LL. B., lawyer, Birmingham. 

1884, Hurtsboro; s. Jabez Benoin Banks, Hurtsboro, and Jane Rebecca Harvey; 
A. B., 1882, A. & M. Col.; City Attorney, Birmingham, 1890-92; Judge, loth Jud. 
Circuit, 1892-98; m. Lee Frazer, Union Springs, Dec 7, 1887. 

*Bonner, Samuel Robert, A. B., Camden. 

1882, Rosebud; s. James Bonner, Rosebud, and Julia Newbury; b. April 4, 
1863; M. D., Col. Fhys. & Surg., Baltimore, Md., 1888; m. Carrie Woodward, Grove 
Hill, 1888; d. Dec. 24, 1890. 

♦Boothe, William Joseph, A. B., Montgomery. 

x88i, Montgomery; s. Joseph A. Boothe and Kate Hurst; b. Aug. 16, 1864; 
Cleric, Circuit Court, 1892-96; Capt., Montgomery Greys; d. Jan. $• 1896. 

Bowie, Sydney Johnson, LL. B., lawyer, Anniston. 

1884, Talladega; s. Andrew W. Bowie and Nannie McHenry Bowdon; b. July 

26, 1865; Clerk, City of Talladega, 1885-86; Mem., U. S. Congress, 1901 ; m. 

Annie Foster Etheridge, Ocala, Fla., April 29, 1891. 

Browder, William Montague, A. B., physician. Key West,Fla. 

1 88 1, Gallion; M. D., Jefferson Med. Col., Phil.. 1888; Sute Senator, 1894-98; 
special Inspector, Treasury Dept., now at Key West. 

Brown, Thomas Purchis, Jr., B. E., C. E., '90, Mobile. 

1882. Mobile; s. Thomas Purchis Brown and Bertha Victoria Jones; b. June .10, 
1866; Asst. Engineer, with Engineer Dept., U. S. A., 1891-98; Supt., U. S. Ltc^thouse 
Engineers, 1898 ; m. Winnifred Peckham Forbes, Mobile, Sept. 19, 1890. 

Buck, John Ernst, B. E., civil engineer. Mobile. 

1 88 1, Mobile; s. Ernst H. Buck and Rebecca Ann Robertson; U. S. Gov. Sur- 
veyor, 1895; County Surveyor, 1895-97. 

Qark, Louis Verdier, A. B., insurance, Birmingham. 

1 88 1, Mobile; s. Francis B. Clark and Helen Shepherd; Col., 2nd Reg., A. S. T., 
1894-96; Brig. -Gen., A. S. T., 1896 ; m. Mildred Jones, Selma, Dec. 20, 189J. 

Coleman, Bestor Wynne, B. E., planter and merchant, Sawyer- 

1882, Greensboro; s. Bestor Coleman, Mt. Sterling, and Laura Wynne; h. 
July 7, 1864; Asst. Engineer, Birmingham Min. R.R., 1886-87; n. Alice Wallor, 
Greensboro, Jan. 22, 1901. 

Coleman, Phares, LL. B., (See 1883). 

Coleman, Thomas Wilkes, Jr., A.B., LL.B., '89, lawyer, Anniston. 

1882, Eutaw; s. Thomas Wilkes Coleman and Frances Jane Wilson; b. Dec 19, 
'869; Solicitor, loth Jud. Circuit, Ala., 1898; Rep., Gen. Aasem., Ala., 1896-97; Atfy, 
City of Anniston, 1897-99; m. Carrie Beasley, Montgomery, Oct. 15, 1892. 

1885] Graduates with Titled Degrees 291 

Cooky Edward Herbert, LL. B., engineer, Los Angeles, Cal. 

1884, Prescott, Ariz.; s. £. J. Cook, Los Angeles, Cal., and Carrie Bowere; 
b. June 26, 1 86 1, at San Francisco, Cal.; Deputy Clerk, U. S. Dist. Court; Deputy 
Clerk, Supreme Court, Ariz.; Recorder, Maricopa Co.; Probate Judge, Gila Co., 1889; 
Chairman, Board Supervisors, 1893-94; m. Moffet Rice, Prescott, Ariz., Jan. 31, x886. 

Craddock, John Waldo, A. B., book-keeper, Memphis, Tenn. 

1883, Tuscaloosa; s. James Neal Craddock, Columbus, Miss., and Emma H. 
Putnam; b. May 23, 1866. 

Daniel, John, A.M., (See 1884). 

Dawson, Henry Rhodes, A. B., A. M., '92, planter, Selma. 

1 88 1, Selma; s. Hon. Nathaniel H. R. Dawson and Elodie Breck Todd; b. April 
15, 1864. 

*Dean, Louis Lecil, LL. B., (See 1884). 

-Egenhoff, William David, LL. B. 

1884, Mariposa, Cal.; d. in Tuscaloosa, June, 1885. 

Evans, Aurelius Augustus, A. B., A. M., '92, lawyer, Clayton. 

1883, Scale; s. John Quincy Evans, Russell Co., and Frances Elizabeth Collier; 
b. Dec. 24, i86a; Prin., Male Acad., Clayton, 1885-89; Mayor, Clayton, 1895-98; 
Judge, 3rd Circuit, 1898 ; m. Lessie Victoria Waddell, Dec. 27, 1888. 

Findley, Murk, Jr., B. E., planter and engineer, Tuscaloosa. 

1 88 1, Tuscaloosa; s. Murchison Findley and Lucy Virginia Keen; b. Jan. 21, 
1862; Supervisor, Public Roads, Tuscaloosa Co., 1898 ; m. Ida Hargrove, Tusca- 
loosa, 1891. 

♦Gilbert, John Wesley, A. B., teacher, Gainesville. 

1 98 1, Gainesville; s. William Gilbert, Gainesville, and Catharine Poythresa; 
Asst. Prof., Latin and Eng., Univ. of Ala., 1885-87; d. Aug. i, 1887. 

Godbey, Edgar Wallace, LL. B., lawyer, Decatur. 

1884, Decatur; s. Crockett Godbey, Fisk, and Evaline Forgey; A. B., Hiwassee 
Col., Tenn., 1882; Prin., Somervtlle Acad, 1881-82, and Dyersburg, Tenn., Dist. High 
School, 1882-84; m. Lucile Blakemore, Memphis, Tenn., Jan. 31, 1889. 

Gray, Oscar Lee, A. B., lawyer, Butler. 

1882, DeSotoville; s. Alanson JeflFerson Gray and Elizabeth Jane Nethery; 
Prin., Mulbery School, 1885-86; Prin., Chapel Hill Acad. (Choctaw Co.), 1887-92, 
Butler Acad., 1893-97: County Supt. Educa., 1894-1900; Presid. Elector, ist Cong. 
Dist., Ala., 1900; m. Laura Lee Battle, Livingston, Nov. 27, 1890. 

Gunter, Charles Poellnitz, A. B., real estate and insurance, Mont- 

1 88 1, Montgomery; s. William Adams Gunter and Ellen F. Poellnitx; b. Feb. 
ti, 1865. 

Hainner, George Wesley, LL. B., Attalla. 

1884, Wynneville, Blount Co.; s. Daniel Talley Hamner, Attalla, and Damaris 
M. Miller; b. Jnn. 10, 1862; A. B.^ Hiwassee Col., 1882, A. M., same, 1885; LL. M., 
Georgetown Univ., x886. Ph. D., Columbian Univ., 1895, D. C. L., Columbian 
Univ., 1900. 

aps Record of Students [1885 

Johnson, John Gilbert, A. B., planter, Tassa 

x88a, TaMO. Dallas Co.; a. John Gilbert Johaaon, Cahaba, and Elisabeth O. 
Evana, Greenaboro; m. Alice Boyd, Gallatin, Tenn., March aj, x886. 

Jones, Percy Walton, A. B., minister, S^uin, Tex. 

1881, Demopolia; a. Jamea T. Jonea, DemopoUa, and Ada Byron Vanffhaa; 
b. Feb. ^7, 1866; Rector, Epiacopal Chnrch; Author of sereral Publiahed Lectnrea and 
Scrmona; m. Anna Jonea, Aug. ao, 1890. 

"^Long, Jackson Edward, LL. B., lawyer, Birmingham. 

X884, Hnrtaboro; a. Nimrod W. E. Long and Martha J. Gamble; m. Mamie 
Bealle Dent, Eufanla, Oct. a6, 2887; d. at Eufavla, April 16, 1894. 

Loveman, Morris, A. B., LL. B., '86, lawyer, Birmingham. 

i88x, Dalton, Ga.; s. David R. Loveman and Eather Schwartx; Recorder, City 
Conrt of Birmingham, 1891 ; m. Ella Patteraon, Birmin^^iam, July 90, 1892. 

Mayfield, James Jefferson, A. B., LL. B., '88, lawyer, Tuscaloosa. 

1883, Northport; a. J. J. Mayfield, Sr., Moore'a Bridge, and Amanda South; 
b. March 22, 1861; Rep., Gen. Aaaem., Ala., 1894-96; Judge, City Court, Tuacalooaa, 
1897 ; m. Staaie Martin, Little Rock, Ark., June, 1897. 

McCall, Charles Edward, A. B., teacher and judge, Butler. 

1882, DeSotoville, ChocUw Co.; a. Daniel McCall, M. D., DeSotoviUe, and 
Nancy Elizabeth Thompaon; b. Nov. ax, 1867; Teacher and Prin. of Acad, and High 
Schoola from 1886-90 and 1891-98; Editor Choctaw Advocate, 1890-91; Probate Judge, 
ChocUw Co., X898 ; m. Mary R. Collina, CollinaviUe, Miaa. 

McDavid, Robert Patton, A. B., journalist, ' Montgomery. 

i88a, Huntaville; a. John J. McDavid, Birmingham, and Mary Jane Patton; 
b. April x6, 1867; Qty Editor, Agg-Hgrald; Sec. of State, Ala., 1898—; m. Vir- 
ginia Irene Smith, Birmingham, Dec. 23, 1890. 

McLeod, Archibald Lonzo, A. B., A. M., '88, lawyer, Selma. 

X883, Jackaon; a. John McLeod, Jackaon, and Chriatian Calhoun; Rep., Gen. 

Aaaem., from Clarke Co., 1888-89; Mayor of Selma, 1899 ; m. (x) AuguaU Jordan, 

Selma, (2) Elizabeth Dawaon Haila, Montgomery, Feb. 6, 1901. 

Pearson, Lewis Walter, A. B., physician and surgecm, Brook- 
lyn, N. Y. 

1882, Dadeville; a. Jamea Madiaon Pearaon and Sarah Catherine Tyua; M. D., 
N. Y. Med. Col., 1888; Conaulting Surgeon, Southern Diapenaary and Ho^til, 
Brooklyn, N. Y.; Qinical Aast., Polyclinic Hoap. and Col., N. Y. 

Poe, William Thomas, LL. B., lawyer, Birmingham. 

1884, Greenaboro; a. Thomaa Cumminga Poe and Mariah Simpaon Tinker; m. 
Augusta Hobaon Lee, Greenaboro, Dec 14, 1887. 

Pratt, Daniel, A. B., manufacturer, Prattvillc. 

1883, Prattville; s. Merrill Edward Pratt and Julia Adelaide Smith; b. Feb. xa, 
1866; Manager, Sec. and Treas., Pratt Gin Co.; now V. Prea., Continental Gin Co.; 
m. Ellen Sims, 1890. 

1885] Graduates with Titled Degrees 293 

Pugh, Sidney Stuart, A. B., A. M., '92, physician, Mobile. 

1883, GroTC Hill; i. E. Stuart Pagh, Grove Htll» and Amelia Chapman; b. Febu 
m6, 1863; M. D., 1889* Tttlane; Surgeon, Rank Major, U. S. Vol., Spanish War, 1898; 
m* SaUie Harrington, Monroerille, Feb. a8, 1901. 

Randolph, Edward Brett, B. E., planter, Greensboro. 

2881, Greensboro; s. T. B. Randolph, Greensboro, and Sarah Brand; ICayor, 
Gfeenaboro, i895-99; Asst. Post Master and Planter. 

Shackelford, Edward Madison, A. B., A. M., '88, teacher, Troy. 

188 X, Pintlala, Montgomery Co.; s. Madison Shackelford, Colquitt, and 
Sophronia Ledbetter; b. Feb. x, 1863; Prof., Troy Normal, 1885-99; Pres., Troj 
Normal, 1899 ; m. Rosa Lee Brantley, Troy, Feb. x, x886. 

Somerville, Henderson Middleton, Jr., A. B., A. M., '88, teacher, 

1880, Tuscaloosa; s. Judge H. M. Somerville and Cornelia Banks Harris; bu 
July I, X864; Instructor, V. M. I., x886-88; Prin., Woodlawn Public Schools, X89S-9S; 
Prin., CarlowviUe Acad., 1896-99; Prin., Ringgold Public Schools, Tex., x895-96; 

PrixL,, Univ. High School, Tuscaloosa, 190X ; m. Mary Sydney Steele, Woodlawn, 

Dec. S7, 1893. 


Somerville, William Glassell, A. B., surgeon, Tuscaloosa. 

x88i, Tuscaloosa; s. Judge H. M. Somerville and Cornelia Banks Harris; bu 
Feb. xa, x866; M. D., X889, Columbia Col.; Surgeon, Ala. Bryoe Insane Hospital* 
Tuscaloosa, x889-9i; Interne, St. Catherine's Hospital, Brooklyn, N. Y., 1892; Trus- 
tee, Ala. Bryce Hospital, 1893 ; Surgeon, Univ. of Ala., 1895-96, X898 ; 

Director, Merchants' Nat. Bank, 1901 ; m. Minta L. Jones, Carrollton, Miss., 

April 8, 1896. 

Stallings, Thomas Daniel, A. B., physician, Greenville. 

1882, Greenville; s. Dr. Thomas Daniel Stallings and Loucinda Caroline 
Cheatham; b. Nov. 6, X863; M. D., Mobile, X889; m. Mrs. Annie Stewart, Mt. Willing, 
Jan. X5, x888. 

Sturdivant, Jennings Inge, A. B., LL. B., '97, lawyer, Columbus, 

x88x, Tuscaloosa; s. John Elliott Sturdivant and Ida Virginia Marrast; m. 
Sallic Lou Evans, Columbus, Miss., May 9, X90X. 

Sutton, Otis Malvin, A. B., minister, Louisville, Ky. 

1884, Opelika; b. Sept. 14, 1866; Minister, Baptist Church. 

Underwood, William James, A. B., LL. B., '86, journalist, 
Tacoma, Wash. 

i88x, Huntsville. 

Vidmer, John Redwood, A. B., Mobile. 

x88i, Citronelle; s. John Vidmer and Ella Virginia Redwood; b. Jan. 5, x866; 
xst Lieut, and Adj., and Ala. Reg., U. S. VoL, Spanish War, X898; Supt. of Fanis> 
worth Lumber Co., Benndale, Miss. 

Webb, James Henry, LL. B., lawyer, Mobile. 

X884, Calvert, Washington Co. ; S. William Thomas Webb and Frances Moore 

Dickixu; A. B., Son. Univ., Greensboro, x88s; Solicitor, Mobile Co., X89S ; m. 

May Francis Williams, Stockton, Oct 3, x888. 

394 Record of Students [^^5 

Wetmore, Richmond Pearson, LL. B., lawyer, Birmingham. 

18S4, Lmngston; s. Thomas Badger Wetmore, Birmingham, and Octavia Pnie- 
heart Hill, Culpepper, Va.; b. Aug. 7, x86i; Register, Sumter Co., 1888; Sec. and 
Treas., Livingston, 1887-88; Tax Commissioner, Jefferson Co., 1899-1901; m. Laura 
Ledelle Lide, Livingston, June s, 1893. 

1885. Graduates in Schools and Non-Graduates 
Adams, James Beecher, (Soph.), lime manufacturer, Long^iew. 

1883, Montgomery; s. James Robert Adams and Fannie Elisabeth Murray; b. 
Feb. IS, 1867; A. B., Howard Col., 1886; m. Mary Chloe Logan, Austonville, Ky>, 
Feb. S7, 1889. 

Anderson, William Dingley, (Jun.), book-keeper, Montgomery. 

18S3, Montgomery; s. Pelham John Anderson and Mary Eliza Dickerson; b. 
Sept. 15, 1867: m. Annie Hill Holmes, Montgomery, Jan. 8, 1889. 

Anglin, Thomas Leeper, (Jun.), real estate and insurance, Bir- 

1883, Birmingham; s. T. N. Anglin. 

Barnett, Frank Willis, (Soph.), minister, Washington, Ga. 

1884, Eufaula; s. Dr. A. W. Barnett and Celeste Treutlen; b. Oct as, 1865; 

Student, Sou. Bapt. Theolog Sem.. Louisville. Ky., Col. of France, Univ. of Vienna 
and Berlin, and Yale Univ.; Lawyer for 5 years., Birmingham, N. Y., and Atlanta, 
Ga.; Pastor, Baptist Church, Forsyth, and now Washington, Ga.; m. Maud Proctor, 
Forsyth, Ga., 1898. 

Barnett, Paul, (Soph.), insurance, Atlanta, Ga. 

1884, Eufaula; s. Dr. Augustus William Barnett, Eufaula, and Celeste Treutlen; 
b. April I a, 1868; LL. B., AtlanU Law School; Student, Vandertnlt, i88s-86, Univ., 
Berlin, 1888; Asst. Snpt. of Agents, Franklin Life Ins. Co. 

Beasley, Elijah Solomon, (Law), agent, Milton, Fla. 

1884, Repton, Conecuh Co.; s Merida Beasley, Bluff Springs, Fla., and Re- 
becca Brown; b. Nov. 9, 1858; Agent, L. & N. R.R. and Sou. Express Co.; m. Laura 
B. Shockley, Milton, Fla., Sept. 4, 1887. 

Benson, James Cook, (Soph.), physician, Camden. 

1884, Forest Home; s. Joseph Preston Benson and Mary Eliza Ramsey; b. 
April 10, 1866: M. D., Mobile, 1887; m. Emily D. Moore, Camden, Dec. 14, 1898. 

Bowie, Nathan Brooks, (Jun.), physician, Carlton, Tex. 

1 88 1, Pleasant Hill; s. Malachi Bowie and Theresa Brooks; b. July is, 1866: 
M. D., Univ. Tenn., 1887; m. Lida Lancaster, Carlton, Tex., Sept. si, 1888. 

Clark, James Wallace, (Fr.), planter and agent, Gainesville. 

1884, Eutaw, Greene Co.; s. Thomas Crawford Oark and Harriet Maranda 
Borden; Planter and Agent for Oil Co.; m. Anne Henrietta Meek, Gainesville, Oct. 
as, 1899- 

♦Clopton, Edward Hunter, (Soph.), planter, Montgomery. 

1883, Montgomery; s. David Clopton and Martha C Ligon; m. Virginia EasoB, 
Charleston, S. C, Nov. s> 1887; d. April 18, 1894. at Charktton, S. C 

i88sj Graduates in Schools and Non-Graduates 295 

Collier, James Samuel, (Fr.), manufacturer, Charleston, S. C. 

1884, Tuscaloosa; s. WiUiam T. Collier, Tuscaloosa, and Nancy Cameron; Prin., 
in charge of Dept. Buena Vista Cotton Mills, S. C; m. Hasie Threadgill. 

*Durr, William Lehman, (Soph.), Montgomery. 

1883, Montgomery; s. John Wesley Durr and Rebecca Holt; First Retail Grocer, 
then Bank Officer; m. Wilhelmina Lanier, Nov. 24, 1887; d. Jan. 18, 1894. 

♦Ellis, Thomas Wightman, (Ec), editor, Birmingham. 

1885, Tuscaloosa; s. C. C. Ellis, Birmingham, and Rhoda W. Hawkins; d. Feb. 

2Z, 1887. 

Fearn, Percy Leroy, (Soph.), engineer, New York. 

1883, New Orleans; s. John Walker Fearn and Fannie Hewitt; b. Oct. 15, 1868; 
M. £., Columbia Univ., 1889; Civil and Mining Engineer; m. Eva Onderdonk, Chi- 
cago, 111., May 29, 1894. 

Frizzell, William Clark, (Fr.), planter, Sledge. 

1884, Reynolds, Bullock Co.; s. Clerk Frizzell, Reynolds, and Sophia Killen; 
b. 1863; m. Lela Armstrong, Montgomery. 

Gibson, William Campbell, (Fr.), planter, Pinhook. 

1884, Lawrence Co. 

Ham, James Noah, (Soph.), merchant, Elba. 

1883, Elba, Coffee Co.; s. P. J. Ham, Elba, and Mary A. Carroll; Mayor of 
Elba, 1895-96; Lawyer, 1893-97; ni. Lena Lee, Elba, July 20, 1887. 

Handley, Guy Hartwell, (Jun.), merchant, Roanoke. 

1883. Roanoke; s. W. A. Handley, Randolph Co., and Adelia Ann Mitchell; m. 
Rosa Lee Shaffer, Roanoke, Nov. 20, 1887. 

♦Hardin, Thomas Manley, (Fr.), planter, , La. 

1884, Sipsey Turn Pike, Tuscaloosa Co.; s. E. R. Hardin; d. 1899, in La. 

Hill, William Wallace, (Fr.), lawyer, Montgomery. 

1884, Montgomery; s. Luther L. Hill and Laura S. Croom; Rep., Gen. Assem., 
Ala., 1896-97; m. Corrie A. Melton, Pine Apple, Jan. 2, 1901. 

Hollingsworth, John William, (Fr.), planter. Palmetto. 

1884, Pickens Co. 

Hood, Robert Archibald, (Fr.), Tuscaloosa. 

1884, Tuscaloosa; s. Israel Hood and Addie M. Cook; b. Jan. s, 1859. 

Janney, George Hails, (Soph.), cotton business, Montgomery. 

1883, Montgomery; s. George Oliver Janney and Sallie Bozier Hails; b. Nov. 
I, 1867; Supt. Montgomery Compress Co., Proprietor, Crystal Ice Co., Planter in 
Lowndes Co.; m. Margaret Allen Spencer, Spencer, Va., May as, 1893. 

Jeffries, Louis Eugene, (Jun.), lawyer, Selma. 

1884, Uniontown; s. John Miller Jeffries, Uniontown, and Emily Epps Norrls; 
b. Feb. 14, 1868; m. Mary V. Hardie, Montgomery, June 34, 189 1. 

296 Record of Students [1885 

Jones, Frederic Pride, (Fr.), merchant, Greensboro. 

1884, Greensboro; m. Mary W. Peterson, Greensboro, Dec. St 1B94. 

Jones, John Thomas, (Jun.), cotton business, Decatur. 

1882, Cropwell, St CUir Co.; s. John W. Jones, CropweU, and Ann ICcLeod: 
b. Sept. S4, 1867; m. Mary LucUe Baker, June 19, 1900, Decatur. 

Jones, Madison, Jr., (Fr.), planter. Greenwood. 

1884, Greensboro; s. Madison Jones and Alice McLean; m. Rebecca Erwln, 
Greensboro, Oct 14, 1890. 

Knight, William Henry, (Soph.), planter, Greensboro. 

1884, Greensboro; s. William N. Knight, Greensboro, and Eva Happel. 

Maxwell, John Beattie, (Soph.), salesman, Northport. 

z88o, 1884, Northport; s. Richard Maxwell and Fannie Sexton; b. Feb. 16, 
1865; m. (x) Vernon Gay, Taylorsville, Dec a8, 1886, (a) Ola Johnson, Reform, 
June 2, 1896. 

Maxwell, Joseph Kerr, (Jun.), insurance, Birmingham. 

1882, Tuscaloosa; s. John Maxwell and Mary Ann Maxwell; b. Jan. 17, z866; 
Merchant at Tusca]908a, x886, Bessemer, 1889-95; Special Agent, Penn Mutual Life 
Ins. Co., 1898 — ; m. Lucia Ramsey, Notasulga. 

McCall, John Cook, (Fr.), express messenger, Montgomery. 

1884, GreenTille, Butler Co.; s. Daniel Terry McCall and Martha Cook; Orange 
Grower, Lady Lake, Fla., 1885-91. 

McCord, Charles Edward, (Soph.), drummer, Prattville. 

1883, Prattville, Autauga Co.; s. David James McCbrd, Avondale, and Anna 
Powell; m. Maggie Bell Dixon, FayettevQle, Dec. 22, 1891. 

♦Packer, James McCorvey, (Fr.), Monroeville. 

1884, Monroeville; s. Dr. James T. Packer,' Brewton, and Eleanor McCorvey; 
d. March 27, 1885. 

Radney, John William, (Soph.), planter, Peavy. 

1884, Roanoke; s. James H. Radney and Sarah Parker; B. S., 1887, Southern 
Univ., Greensboro; m. Hattte Chad wick, Greensboro, April 11, x888. 

Ray, Jacob Usry, Jr., physician, Greensboro. 

X883, Woodstock; s. J. U. Ray, Woodstock, and Laura Browne; b. May 4, X8C4; 
M. D., Univ. of Tenn., 1893; Temporarily residing at Woodstock; m. Sarah Nelaoa 
Waller, Greensboro, Sept. S3, 1896. 

Richard, Edward Lee, (Jun.), Mobile. 

1883, Benton; s. Aaron Richard, Benton, and EUsa Moog; Central Americam 
Rep., Pollock ft Bemheimer, Mobile. 

Rourke, Edmund Berry, (Soph.) 

T883, Tuscaloosa. 

i88s] Graduates in Schools and Non-Graduates 297 

♦Rushing, John Burrell, (Soph.), clerk, Elba. 

x883» Elba; a. F. M. Rushing and Fannie V. Yelyerton; Cadet, U. S. M. Acad., 
West Point, N. Y., 1885-87; Reg. in Chanc., Coffee Co., X89X-99; Clerk, Probate Office, 
* Coffee Co., 1899-1900; m. Mary Ada Ham, Elba, Jan. 26, 1893; d. June ai, 1900. 

Sanderson, Edward, (Jun.), merchant, Eutaw. 

1883, Eutaw; a. Rev. D. D. Sanderson, Eutaw, and Matilda Beatty; b. May 
x8, X864; m. Lizrie Forney Webb, Eutaw, April 4* x89z> 

Sanford, John William Augustine, Jr., (Law), (See 1884). 
Sayre, Herbert Armistead, (Jun.), B. E., '94, teacher. University. 

X884, Montgomery; s. Paul Tucker Sayre and Elixa Rowe Armistead; b. Aug. 
s, x866; Cashier,. Moses Bros., Bankers, 1888-91; AssisUnt, Obsenratory, U. of Va., 
x89s; Ph. D., Johns Hopkins, 1896; Prof. Math., Phys. and Astron., Ursinus Col., 
Pa., X897-98; Prof. Phys. and Astron., U. of Ala., 1898 — 

Seymour, William Henry, (Soph.), Livingston. 

X884, Livingston; s. Robert Henry Seymour, Liyingston, and Leah Anne Harris; 
U. S. Naval Cadet, X885-88; Prin., Livingston Academy, 1888-90; Chief Clerk, office 
State Supt. of Education, Montgomery, 1890-92; Rep., Gen. Assem., Ala., x89a-93> 
'9S-99; U. S. Consul, Palermo, Italy, 1893-98; m. Mamie Amarine, Montgomery, Oct 
S, 1B92. 

♦Shelley, McConnell, (Fr.), Selma. 

1884, Selma; s. Gen. C. M. Shelley. Birmingham, and Kathleen McConnell; 
d. June IS, x89x. 

Shepherd, William Manley, (Fr.) 

X884, Tuscaloosa Co. 

Smith, Charles Jason, (Fr.), druggist, Thomasville. 

1884, Demopolis; s. Seth David Smith, Demopolis, and Mary J. Seabrook; b. 
Sept 17, x866; Druggist in Arkansas City, x 889-93, Demopolis, 1893-97, Thomasville, 
X897 — ; m. Hattie B. HoUoman, Littie Rock, Ark., Sept 14, 1893. 

Stollenwerck, Benjamin Lawrence, (Fr.), druggist, Greensboro. 

1884, Greensboro; s. Alphonse Stollenwerck, Greensboro, and Helen Whelaa. 

Strode, Samuel Jacob, (Jun.), teacher, Harpersville. 

1884, Verbena, Chilton Co.; s. William B. Strock, Verbena, and Susan Price; 
b. May 14, 1863; A. B., Howard CoL, 1890; County Supt Education, Washington 
Co., 1898-99; m. Maude Austell Gorman, Harpersville, Sept. 4, 1894. 

Thweatt, William Montgomery, (Soph.), merchant, McFall. 

1883, Talladega; s. Daniel H. Thweatt, Talladega, and Fannie Wills; m. Mary 
Lane, McFalL 

Wallace, Bluett Pruett, (Jun.), liver)rman, Decatur. 

1882, Moulton; s. W. K. Wallace, Moulton, and Mary Gibson; m. Effie Bynnm, 
Courtland, March $1, 1896. 

*Wood, Edwin Johnson, (Soph.), Pleasant Hill. 

X884, Pleasant Hill; s. James A. Wood, Pleasant Hill, and Martha Virginia Cobb; 
d. Sept X5, X885. 

a98 Record of Students [1886 

Yerby, James Miller, (Fr.), planter, Tuscaloosa. 

1884, Tuflcaloosa; s. Rev. John Thomas Yerl>y and Permelia Ana Miller; b. 
Feb. II, 1 861: Miller and Ginner; m. Nettie Femaoe Buck. 

1886. Graduates with Titled Degrees 

Acton, Peter LaFayette, A. B., '91, teacher, Trussville. 

1883, Trussville; s. Samuel W. Acton and Mary E. Cross; b. Nov. 14, 1864; 
Prin. Trussville Acad., 1886-89, 1894-99; Prin. Ashville Acad., 1889-94; Prof. Matb., 
N. A. Confer. Col., 1899 — ; m. Laura L. Davis, Easonville, Oct. 19, 1898. 

Anderson, John Mordecai, B. E., physician, Montgomery. 

1883, Montgomery; M. D., Univ. of N. Y., 1891; m. Roberta Jane Blanks, 
Orange C H., Va. 

Beeson, John Wesley, A. B., A. M., '88, educator, Meridian, Miss. 

1 88 1, Gadsden; s. William Baker Beeson and Mary Ann Sibert; b. March 31, 
1866; Pres. Arcadia, (La.), CoL, 1886-91; Pres. Marengo F. Inst, 1891-96; Pres. East 
Miss. F. Col., 1896 — ; m. (i) Annie Foster Pauline, West Point, Miss., Aug. 31, 1887, 
(2) Rosa Laura Foster, McKinley, June 8, 1893. 

Blakey, Boiling Anthony, A. B., electrician, Montgomery. 

1883, Montgomery; s. David T. Blakey, Montgomery, and Mary S. Mabson; 
b. March 12, 1868; Instructor, A. P. I., 1889-93; m. Emma Fauss, Auburn. 

♦Booker, William Edmond, B. E., Uniontown. 

1883, Uniontown; s. Edmund Webster Booker, Spigners, and Martha Frances 
Knight; d. July, 1886. 

Borders, Abner Todd, A. B., lawyer, Ozark. 

1884, Clayton; s. Augustus Stephen Borders and Elizabeth A. Todd; m. Pauline 
Carmichael, Feb. 5, 1892. 

*Briggs, Andrew Jackson, Jr., LL. B., minister, Greenville. 

1885, Pensacola, Fla.; s. Andrew Jackson Briggs, Robinson Springs, and Martha 
Ann Brewer; b. Dec. i, 1864; Lawyer, 1886-87; Entered Ministry, M. E. Church, 
South, 1887; Pastor, Troy, Prattville, and Greenville; m. Ma^Rie T^e Smith, Pratt- 
ville, Dec. 16, 1890; d. April 24, 1900. 

Brown, Mortimer Perry, LL. B., insurance, Dothan. 

1885, Troy; s. Dr. P. H. Brown, Troy, and Calesta Mildred Tarver; Reg. in 
Chancery, Pike Co., 1886-92; U. S. Recruiting Service, 1899; Insurance Agent. 

Burke, Matt Otey, A. B., physician, Honaker, Va. 

1882, Meridianville; s. Dr. J. P. Burke and Elleanor Isador Kirkland; b. March 
23, 1867; M. D., 1891, Tulane; m. Dora Kendrick, Honaker, Va., April 18, 1893. 

Campbell, William Wright, B. E., manufacturer, Roanoke. 

1883, Macon Co.; s. George Washington Campbell, Tuskegee, and Elisa Jane 
Wright; b. Oct. 16, 1866; Owner Oil Mill and Guano factory; m. Manaie Mitylene 
Thompson, Hurtsboro, June 12, 1894. 

i886] Graduates with Titled Degrees 299 

Carmichael, Archibald Hill, A. B., LL. B., lawyer, Tuscumbia. 

i88a» Ozark, Dale Co.; s. Judge J. M. Carmichael and Amanda Smith; b. June 
17, 1864; Solicitor, Dist. Court; Solicitor, nth Jud. Circuit, 1894-98; Menu Constitu. 
Con., 1901; m. Annie Lugga, Tuscumbia, Jan. ai, 1890. 

♦Cottingham, Elisha Baldwin, A. B., Birmingham. 

1883. Six Mile, Bibb Co.; s. John Parker Cottingham and Amanda Cochran; 
Teacher at Camden; Salesman in Selma; Agent, Afro-Migration Co.; d. April 12, 1900. 

Cowart, Virgil Lee, LL. B., lawyer, Birmingham. 

1885, Motes, Winston Co.; s. Thomas J. Cowart, Houston, and Lydia Chastain; 
b. March 26, 1866; Examiner of accounts, Dept. of Justice, U. S., 1893-95; Asst. 
U. S. Di-«t. Atty.. Northern Dist. of Ala., 1895-97; "»• Emile Spain, Spruce Pine, Feb. 
14, 1891. 

Crow, Edward Calvin, B. K, LL. B., '88, C. E., '88, lawyer, Flor- 

1884, Moulton; s. Dr. Calvin A. Crow and Annie E. Thaxton; b. June i8, 1866; 
Ret;, in Chancery, Lauderdale Co., 1895 — ; <°- ^^^ McKee, Birmingham, Oct. 25, 1899. 

Davidson, Alexander Caldwell, Jr., A. B., LL. B., '87, lawyer, 

1883, Uniontown; s. Alexander Caldwell Davidson .ind Maria Overton Price; 
b. Aug. 14, 1866. 

Dell, James Beauregard, A. B., LL. B., lawyer, Dothan. 

1884, Newton, 3)ale Co.; s. James O. Dell, Dale Co., and Msry Elizabeth Slaugh- 
ter; b. June 6, 1861; Teacher, 1886-91, 1899 — ; m. Georgia Estelle Daniel, Newton, 
Sept II, 18S7. 

Depew, Charles Ihrie, Jr., B. E., broker, Kosciusko, Miss. 

1882, Citronelle; m. Kate Hollingsworth, Kosciusko, Miss., Jan. is, 1897. 

deYampert, Charles Poellnitz, LL. B., (See 1884). 

Ellsberry, Edward Foster, A. B., lawyer, Geneva. 

1883, Montgomery; s. A. F. Ellsberry and Eliza Arrington; b. May 22, 1867; 
Teacher, 1886-94. 

Feagin, George Wadsworth, B. E., engineer, Montgomery. 

1883, Midway; s. James Madison Feagin and Almira Cole; Engineer, Expert 
Dept., Gen. Electric Co., Schenectady, N. Y., 1893-94; m- Nora Belle Baker, Midway, 
April 15, 1896. 

Fitts, Alston, A. B., LL. B., '87, physician, Tuscaloosa. 

1 88a, Tuscaloosa; s. James Harris Fitts and Mary Elizabeth Burges; b. March 
10, 1867; Univ. Leipsic, 1888; M. D., Columbia College, N. Y., 1895; Exch. Clerk, 
Bank of J. H. I'itts and Co., 1889-90; House Surg., Woman's Hospital, N. Y., 
1898-99; m. Mary Shiras, Ottawa, Kan., Oct. 30, 1901. 

Foster, Edwin Hardy, A. B., A. M., '89, teacher, East Lake. 

i88s, Tuscaloosa; s. Joshua Hill Foster, Tuscaloosa, and Frances Cornelia 
Bacon; Teacher, Heam Inst., Cave Springs, Ga., 1886-87; Prin., Jasper High School, 

300 Record of Students [iSB6 

1887-90; Co. PrixL, South Highlands Acad. (Binningham), 1890-94; Pria., Dc^L 
Emeraon Inst., Washington, 1894-96; Teacher, Waco, Tex., High School, 1896-97; 
Prof. English, Howard Col., 1897 — ; m. liargaret Chunn, Waahington, D. C, Jnlj 
14, 1896. 

Garber^ Alexander Michael, A. B., A. M., '89, lawyer, Talladega. 

1883, Livingston; s. Dr. Alexander M. Garber, Livingston, and Anna Rhodes, 
N. C; b. May 15, 1867; Prin. Male Acad., Aberdeen, Miss., 1888-89; Co. Prln., 
Livingston Male Acad., 1889-90; Solicitor, City Court, Talladega, 1893-1904; Capt., 
TaUadega Rifles, 1894-96; Inspector, Governor's Staff, X897-X900. 

Gary, Thomas Edward, A. B., grocer, Selma. 

1883, Selma; s. Thomas P. Gary, Selma, and Amanda Wilhelmina Ltgon; m. 
Emmie Sue Coleman. 

Gibson, Frederic Powers, A. B., lawyer, Baltimore, Md. 

x88a, Mobile; s. James Spalding Gibson and Antoinette Julia Powers; b. Sept. 
a8, 1865; LL. B., Georgetown Univ., 1898; Asst, Towle Inst, Mobile, 1886-87; Prin., 
West Bend School, 1887-88; Clerk, War Dept., Washington, D. C, 1889-98; Newspaper 
Work; m. Helen H. Read, of Cumberland, Md., at Waahington, D. C, March, 1900. 

Greene, Daniel Arthur, LL. B., lawyer, Birmingham. 

X887, Opelika; A. B., 1884, Emory Col., Oxford, Ga.; Rep., Gen. Assem., Ala., 
1896-97; Associate Judge, City Court, 1901 — ; m. Margaret Jordan Morrow, Bir- 
mingham, May 6, 1890. 

Hagood, Robert William, LL. B., lawyer, Birmingham. 

1885, Birmingham; S. Rufus H. Hagood and America Walker; Sec of Senate, 
1897, Sute of Wash.; ist Lieut.. 3rd Ala. Inf., Spanish War, 1899. 

♦Harris, John James, Jr., A. B., physician, Furman. 

x88a, Tuscaloosa; s. John James Harris and Maggie Pitts; M. D., Univ. of N. 
Y., X889; m. Lilly Purifoy, Furman, Jan. x8, 1892; d. May as, 1897. 

Hickman, Cunningham Wilson, LL. B., (See 1884). 

♦Hobdy, Oliver Arthur, A. B., merchant, Snow Hill. 

x88a, Snow HiU; s. William Madison Hohdy and Mary Adline Carter; b. 
July 3» 1864; Merchant and Exporter, Chihuahua, Mex., 1894-98; d. Sept. 19, 1900. 

Horn, John Lee, B. E., C. E., '90, warehouseman, Livingston. 

1883, Epes; s. Isaac Wood Horn, Coatopa, and Elizabeth Mary Jane McMillan; 
b. April 4, X865. 

♦Jones, Virginius Walker, A. B., LL. B., '91, A. M., '89, lawyer, 

1883, Camden; s. Gen. R. C. Jones and Stella Hamilton Boyldn; b. Aug. tf, 
x86s; County Solicitor, x 89a- 1900; d. May 2, 1900 

Kennedy, John Spinks, LL. B., lawyer, Birmingham. 

X885, Florence; s. Enoch Kennedy, Tuscalooaa Co., and Lonisa Chisolm; Otj 
Atty. for Woodlawn, 1894 — ; m. Clemmie Young Sheldon, Woodlawn, Aug. $, 1897. 

King, Henry Allen, A. B., physician, New Iberia, La. 

1883, New Iberia, La.; s. E. T. King, New Iberia, and Margaret Ann Marah; 
b. May 23, x866; M. D., Tulane, 1889. 

i886] Graduates with Titled Degrees 301 

♦Levy, Isidore Abraham, A. B.^ merchant and editor, Forkland. 

iSaa, Forkland; a. Jacob L. Lrry, Birmingham, and Flora Piaer; b. May i7> 
1868; d. Oct. 8, Z900. 

Loveman, Morris, LL. B., (See 1885). 

♦Lyon, Francis Strother, A. B., law student, Demopolis. 

1883, Demopolis; a. George Gainea Lyon, and Annie Gainei Glover; d. Jan. 
19, 1888. 

McGiffert, William Henry, A. B., merchant, Tuscaloosa. 

i88a» KnoxTilk; a. David McGiffert, Knoxrille, and Mary Elisabeth Thornton; 
Si. Lela McCracken, Greene Co., Jan. 4, 1887. 

Nelson, Algernon Waller, A. B., merchant, Birmingham. 

1883, Selma; s. Algernon Sidney Nelaon and Sarah A. Waller; Lumber and 
Coal Merchant; m. Martha Morris, Birmingham, 1894' 

Pace, Albert Eugene, A. B., lawyer, Dothan. 

X884, Geneva; a. Nat. Pace, Newton, and Qara Callaway. 

Pinkard, Edward Lee, B. E., C. E., 'go, civil engineer, Opelika. 

X883, opelika; s. T. C. Pinkard and Mary Ella Comegys; Major, and U. S. VoL 
Engineers, Spanish War^ 1898^9. 

Pugh, John Cochrane, A. B., lawyer, Birmingham. 

1882, Enfaula; s. Senator James L. Pugh and Serena S. Hunter; LL. B., 
Georgetown Univ. 

Rudulph, Zebulon Thomas, A. B., lawyer, Birmingham. 

1883, Pleasant Hill; s. John B. Rudulph, Pleasant Hill, and Virginia Blount; 
b. Aug. a9» 1866. 

Rushton, Madison Webster, LL. B., lawyer, Luveme. 

1885, Ramer, Montgomery Co.; s. Basil Manly Rushton, Raif Branch, and Sarah 
Elizabeth Urquhart; Reg. in Chanc., Crenshaw Ca, 1887-96; County Solicitor, i886-9«; 
Cashier, Bank of Luyeme. 

Smith, Julien Lee, B. E., C. E., '88, real estate and insurance, 

1883, Minter Station; s. Josiah Smith, Selma, and Hattie Lee; County Engineer, 
Dallas Co.; Qty Engineer, Selma; m. (i) Fannie Watson, June ix, 1890, (a) Mrs. 
Emma Lanford Lee, Not. 8, 1900. 

Stewart, James Jones, LL. B., (See 1884). 

Truss, James Davis, B. E., C. E., '90, civil engineer, East Lake. 

1883, Seddon, St. Oair Co.; s. Jamea Davis Truss, Sr., and Martha Coleman; 
U. S. Inspector 111. & Miss. Canal, 1893 — l m* Annie Jonea, Cropwell, Dec s6, 1887. 

Underwood, William James, LL. B., (See 1885). 

302 Record of Students [1886 

Wilson, Henry Felix, Jr., B. E., C. E., '90, engineer, Birmingham. 

1884, Mobile; s. H. F. Wilson and Mary Virginia Clarke; b. Oct. 31, 1S67; 
Draughtsman, U. S. Water Boundary Commission, El Paso, Tex., 1898-99; Engineer, 
Southern Bridge Co.; m. Corinne EsteUe Harris, Blocton, Dec. 23, 1890. 

Wood, Bernard Augustine, B. E., C. engineer, Meridian, Miss. 

1 88 1, Tuscaloosa; s. Gen. S. A. M. Wood, Tuscaloota, and Lelia Leftwich; b. 
Feb. 14, 1867; Resident Engineer, M. & O. R. R.; m. Maebelle McEachin, Nor. 
24, 1898. 

Wright, Ruffin Ashe, A. B., physician. Mobile. 

1884, Greensboro; s. J. W. A. Wright and Margaret Tutwiler; b. Sept. 13, 1865; 
M. D., Univ. of Va., 1889; Surgeon, Ala. Bryoe Hosp. 

1886. Graduates in Schools and Non-Graduates 

Allen, Claude Alston, (Jun.), Birmingham. 

1885, Birmingham; s. James Anderson Allen and Mary Alston Robinson; b. 
Dec. II, 1866; ist Lieut., 5th Immunes, U. S. Vol., 1898-99; Southern Representative, 
Armour Co.; m. Mary S. Sherrod, Birmingham, 1889. 

Andrews, William Thomas, (Fr.), merchant and planter, Gold 

1885, Oak Bowery, Chambers Co.; s. William A. Andrews, Oak Bowery, and 
Mary Harwell; b. Feb. s6, 1867; m. Addie Neal Robertson, Gold Hill, Oct. as, 189s. 

Beatty, Thomas Lee, lawyer, Tuscaloosa. 

1885, Tuscaloosa; A. B., Oxford Col., 1885; Contractor for Railway Timbers. 

Bonner, James Lee, (Soph.), planter, Rosebud. 

1884, Rosebud, Wilcox Co.; s. Major James Bonner and Julia Newbury; b. 
Sept. 10, 1867; m. Eula Dale, Oak Hill, 1893. 

Bout well, Julius Jinkins, (Law), lawyer, Arlington, Tex. 

1885, Greenville; s. Burt Boutwell, Greenville, and Virginia Lester; Lieut la 
Tex. Reg., Spanish War, 1898. 

Boykin, Burwell Lee, (Jun.), planter, Montgomery. 

1884, Selma; s. Frank Boykin, Tilden, and Mary Boykin; m. Virginia Scott 
Pollard, Montgomery, Jan. 16, 1895. 

Brumby, William McDuffie, (Fr.), physician, Houston, Tex. 

1885, Delhi, La.; s. Dr. G. McD. Brumby, New Orleans, La., and Rebecca Gibbs; 
b. March 11, 1866; M. D., 1889. Tulane; Mem. Board of Health, Houston, Tex., 
1897 — ; n. Thekla Meagher, Cameron, Tex., March 19, 1891. 

Cain, John, (Fr.), druggist, Wetumpka. 

i88s. Wetumpka, Elmore Co.; s. E. M. Cain and Mary Buyck; m. Grace Austin, 
Wetumpka; Dec. 15, 1897. 

♦Calhoun, James Martin, (Jun.), Birmingham. 

1883, Richmond, Dallas Co.; s. Andrew Pickens Calhoun and Ellen Lee; b. 
June II, 1868; Law Student; d. July 13, 1887- 

i886] Graduates in Schools and Non-Graduates 303 

Carothers, Milton Washington, (Jun.), book-keeper, Newbem. 

188s, Summerfield, DallM Co.; s. Milton Washington Carothers and Mary 
Sadler; b. Tan. 5, 1867; City Treasurer, Newbem, 8 years; m. Stella Hatch, Newbem, 
Jan. 33, 1895- 

Gary, Albert Alexander, (Fr.) 

1885, New Orleans, La. 

Cawthon, Orville Marshall, (Fr.), merchant, Selma. 

1885, elm s. Alexander W. Cawthon and Laura J. Keith; m. Lucy Carlisle, 

Clark, Thomas JeflFerson, (Soph.), planter, Bridgeville. 

1885, Franconia, Pickens Co.; s. Thomas Jefferson Clark, Bridgeville, and 
£hza1>eth Jane Hood. 

♦Clements, Newton Nash, Jr., (Jun.), Tuscaloosa. 

1883, Tuscaloosa; s. Newton Nash Qements and Laura Gamett McMichael; b. 
Feb. 5, 1869; d. Aug. 26, z886. 

Crook, Samuel Wiles, Jr., (Fr.), R. R. conductor, Gadsden. 

1885, Alexandria; s. S. W. Crook, Jacksonyille, and Sallie W. Chlsholm; m. 
Miss Cook, Calera. 

Bearing, Clarence Eddins, (Fr.), physician, Smithfield, Ky. 

Z885, Columbus, Miss.; s. J. M. Dearing, Trinity, Miss., and Mary Eddins; 
M. D., 1894, Louisville Med. CoL; m. Maggie May Gager, LaGrange, Ky., May 29, 

Dorsey, Isham Jenkins, (Fr.), merchant, Opelika. 

1885, Macon Co.; s. John I. Dorsey and Ophelia F. Thornton; m. Nellie Smith, 
Opelika, Nov. 9, 1893. 

Eddins, Sheldon Augustus, (Fr.), planter, Tuscaloosa. 

1885, Tuscaloosa; s. Joseph Balus Eddins and Oementine Miller; m. Ella 
Blocker, Hull. 

Fitts, William Cochrane, (Law), LL. B., '90, lawyer, Mobile. 

1885, Tuscaloosa; s. Philip Augustus Fitts and Sophia Holland Cochrane; b. 
Jan. 29, i836; Student, S. W. P. U., Clarksville, Tenn.; Att'y-Oen-r Ala., 1894-98; 
Mem. Constitu. Conven., 1901; m. Elleanor Hewitt, Birmingham, April 23, 1890. 

Freret, William, (Soph.) 

1 884. New Orleans, La. 

Gill, Clarence, (Soph), Decatur. 

1884, Morgan Co. 

Glasgow, John Henry, (Fr) 

1885, Butler Co. 

Going, William Rufus, (Fr.), cashier. New York. 

1885, Birmingham; s. James Alfred Going and Myrtis Gk>yina BiUups; b. Jan. 
S4, 1868; Asst. Cashier, Haight & Freese Co. 

304 Record of Students [1886 

Hamil, John Polk, (Fr.), planter, Troy. 

1885, Troy; ■. John Milncr Hamil, Troy, and Nancey Wynne; Mercbant, 
1889-93; Aaat. Poat Master, Troy, 1892-96; m, Isadora Jones, Memplus, Tenn., Nor. 
9, 1898. 

Haralson, Jefferson Bennette, (Jun.)> physician and merchant, 

1885, Fort Payne; s. W. J. Haralson, Fort Payne, and Cornelia Macfarlane; b. 
Oct 2.1, 1867; m. O. A. Moody, Langston, Feb. 19, 2900. 

Hawthorn, Samuel McCreary, (Soph.), physician. Pine Apple. 

1884, Pine Apple, Wilcox Co.; a. Joseph Richard Hawthorn, Jr., and Sarah 
Hunter McCreary; M. D., Mobile, 1889; m. Marie Charlotte Hamil, Nashville, Tean., 
Feb. a6, 1890. 

♦Herzberg, Albert, (Jun.), merchant, Gadsden. 

1883, Gadsden; s. Herman Herzberg and Mary Liddell; d. 1892. 

Higgins, John Hubert, (Fr.), merchant, Montgomery. 

1885, Montgomery; s. John H. Higgins and Julia Herron; m. Carlinne Whitten, 
Columbus, Ga. 

Hobson, William Andrew, (Fr.), minister, Jacksonville, Fla. 

i88Sf Northport; s. Francis Monox Hobson, Pearson, and Mary Catherine 
Shows; A. B., 1892, D. D., 1898, Howard CoL; Pastor, Baptist Church, Woodlawn, 
1894-97, East Lake, 1896-2900, JacksonTille, Fla., 1900 — ; Prof. Bib. Literature, How- 
ard Col., 1 896-1 900; m. Lou Alma Cheek, Birmingham, Oct. 2, 1887. 

*Holt, Graham, (Fr.), clerk, Tuskegee. 

1885, Tuskegee; a. Judge Holt and Graham; d. Aug. 2a, 1892. 

Jones, Dixon Blanchard, (Jun.), planter, Camden. 

1884, Camden; a. CoL E. N. Jones and Mary Ellen Blanchard; b. Nov. 12, 1866; 
Deputy Sheriff, Wilcox Co., 1900-^. 

* Jones, John Cargil, (Soph.), physician, Tilden. 

i884r Camden; s. CoL £. N. Jones and Mary Ellen Blanchard; b. Jan. 2, iS6b: 
M. D., Louisville Med. CoL, 1891; d. May 9, 1894. 

Jones, Pearcy Walton, (See 1885). 

Keener, John Thomas, (Fr.), book-keeper, Whiteside, Tenn. 

1885, Keener, Etowah Co.; book-keeper New Extra Coal Co.; m. Lulu Case, 
Trenton, Ga., May 20, i89i' 

Kenan, Thomas Gardner, (Soph.), planter, Selma. 

1885, Selma; a. Daniel L. Kenan, Selma, and Victoria V. Carr; b. Dec 14, 
1867; Clerk and Book-keeper, 1 887*95; m. Mary Elizabeth Moore, Snmmerfield, Nov. 
25, 1890. 

King, Green Lee, (Soph.) 

1884. Mosley's Bluff, La. 

i886] Graduates in Schools and Non-Graduates 305 
Lenoir, Sterling Payne, (Fr.) 

1885, Aberdeen, Mim. 

Lenoir, William Thomas, (Jun.), Birmingham. 

1884, Aberdeen, Mi*. 

♦McCalla, Frederick, (Jun.), civil engineer, Tuscaloosa. 

1883, Tnacalooea; s. R. C. McCalU, TnscalooM, and Margaret Eliza Lewia; b. 
Jnlj x6| x868; m. Emma Wharton Henderson, Wilaonville, March a, 189a; d. Dec. 
15, 189a. 

McCalla, William Augustus, (Jun.), civil engineer, Tuscaloosa. 

1883, TuacakKwa; s. R. C. McCalla and Margaret Eliza Lewia; b. Nov. 7, x866; 
B. May Raiford, Tuacalooaa, 1897. 

McConnico, Stonewall, (Jun.), planter, Camden. 

1883, Allenton; a. W. W. McConnico, Allenton. and Sarah E. Hawthorne; b. 
May 24, 1867; Sheriff, Wilcox Co., 1896-1900. 

*McCoy, Albert Sidney Johnston, (Jun.), Mobile. 

1884, Mobile; d. 1886. 

♦Nelson, William Portis, (Soph.), Brazil, S. Amer. 

1885, Sehna; 8. Richard Marshall Nelaon, Baltimore, Md., and Ella Hines; d. 
about 189a. 

♦Petty, William Franklin, (Jun.), med. student, Collinsville. 

1885, Collinaville; d. i88~. 

Prowell, David Miller, (Soph.), planter, Dayton. 

1883, Dayton; s. David Myers Prowell, Marengo Co., and Virginia Jones; m. 
Mattie Lou Gilbert, Dayton, 1889. 

*Rayburn, Samuel King, Jr., (Jun.), teacher, GuntersviUe. 

1885, GuntersTiUe; s. Samuel King Raybum, Guntersrille, and Nannie Nix; 
b. June ai, :867: Teacher, Guntersville Acad.; d. Dec 2%, 1888. 

Richey, Robert William, (Fr.), planter. Garden. 

1885, Garden, Pickens Co.; s. Clarke Richey, Garden, and Annie E. Bell; b. 
Oct. 10, 1868; m. Lulu Noland, Pickensville, April 30, 1891. 

Robertson, Isham Walter, planter, Tuscaloosa. 

1885, Tuscaloosa; s. Isham Robertson and Sarah Cameron; b. Aug. 5, 1868. 

Salter, Richard Washington, (Fr.) 

1885, New Orleans, La. 

Sibert, Samuel Houston, (Soph), merchant, Hokes Bluff. 

1884, Gadsden; s. W. J. Sibert, Gadsden, and MarietU Ward; b. April 15, 
1864; Farmer and Stock Raiser; m. Emma Lulu Penney, Hokes Blu£F, April a6, 1891. 

Smith, Charleton Green, (Soph.), planter, Brierfield. 

1885, Brierfield, Bibb Co.; s. James Newton Smith and Fannie Green; m. ^arl 
Davidson, Centreville. 

3o6 Record of Students [1886 


Smith, Claudius Whitfield, (Soph.), merchant and planter, Mill- 

1884, Prattville; s. Calvin Whitfield Smith and CalUta Ward Smith; b. Aug, 
II, 1886. 

Smith, James Virgil, (Soph.), trav. salesman, PrattviHe. 

1885, Pratt\'ille; a. William James Smith and Mary Francis McQueen; b. Oct. 
26, 1867; Co- Editor of Autauga News; with H. M. Austin, Montgomery, since 1900; 
m. Ethel Sudler, Prattville, April 17, 1895. 

Smith, William Dixon, Jr., (Law), (See 1881). 

Spurlin, George Greene, (Soph.), physician, U. S. Army, Cuba. 

1885, Camden; s. Green F. Spurlin and Arabella Brown; A. B., Howard CoL, 
1890; M. D., Tulane; Surgeon, U. S. Army. 

Thigpen, Francis Marion, (Soph.), physician, Pensacola, Fla. 

1885. Greenville, Butler Co.; s. Job Thigpen, Greenville, and Martha Watts; 
b. Sept. a8, 1867; A. B., Howard, 1887; M. D.. 1891, Tulane; Studied at Gen. Hosp.. 
Vienna, 1893-94; London, 1894-95; Specialist, Eye. Ear, Nose and Throat. 


Toxey, William, (Fr.), civil engineer, Tuscaloosa. 

1885, Clements, Tuscaloosa Co.; s. Appleton Toxey, Cottondale, and Virginia 
Robertson; b. Dec. $, 1865; m. Stella Williams, Flora. 

Tullis, Charles Duke, (Soph.), R. R. business, Savannah, Ga. 

1884, Eufaula; s. John W. Tullis, Eufaula, and Mary Caroline Woods; b. April 
J7. 1869. 

Tuttle, Robert John, (Soph.), grocer and importer. New Orleans, 

1884, Shorters, Macon Co.; s. Amos G. Tuttle, Montgomery, and Maggie Ooud; 
m. Corrinne Cha Treyedont, Dallas, Tex., April 10, 1890. 

Ward, Charles Sedberry, (Fr.), manufacturer, Gadsden. 

1885, Gadsden; s. O. W. Ward and Sarah Sedberry; Sec. and Gen. Manager of 
the Gadsden Coal, Light & Ice Co.; m. Maud Line, Chattanooga, Tenn., Nov. ao, 1890. 

Ward, William Washington, (Soph.), merchant. Centre. 

1884, Centre, Cherokee Co.; s. S. C. Ward, Centre, and Livinia Chisolm; Planter 
and County Surveyor. 

Warren, Monroe, (Jun.), civil engineer, Clayton. 

1884, Oayton; s. Warren and Mary Frances Lawson. 

♦Westcott, Samuel Thomas, (Sen.), merchant, Montgomery. 

1883, Montgomery; s. William R. Westcott and Mary A. W. Russell; b. Feb. 
S, 1863; m. Camilla Gerald, 1890; d. April 7, 1899. 

♦Wharton, Morton Bryan, (Fr.), lawyer and merchant, Graham, 
N. C. 

188s. Montgomery; s. Rev. M. B. Wharton, D. D., and Mary Belle Irwin; b. 
March 7, 1870; m. Kittie Mebane Holt, Graham, N. C. April 30, 1890; d. at Greens- 
lioro, N. C, April 18, 1899. 

1887] Graduates with Titled Degrees 307 

Whitman, Edward Fenno, (Jun.), cotton dealer, Boaz. 

X885, Marshall Co.; s. James P. Whitman, AlbertriUe, and Mary Gilbreath; m. 
Jane Moore Street, Guntersville, May 24, 1888. 

* Wilson, Thomas Cowles, (Law), Montgomery. 

1885, Montgomery; d. 1886. 

Yerby, Samuel Asa, (Fr.), planter, Tuscaloosa. 

z88$. Tuscaloosa; s. Rey. John T. Yerby and Permelta Ann Miller; b. March 
15, 1862; m. Mary Durrett, Tuscaloosa, Dec. aa, 189a. 

Young, Henry Tutwiler, (Jun.), physician, Greensboro. 

1885, Greensboro; s. Dr. Elisha Young, Greensboro, and Anna Eliza Ashe 
Tutwiler; b. Feb. zz, 1867; M. D., 1899, Sewanee; m. Georgia Johnston, Greensboro, 
Feb. iz, 1897. 

1887. Graduates with Titled Degrees 

Agee, Alfred Pelham, LL. B., lawyer, Kansas City, Mo. 

z886» Perdue Hill, Monroe Co.; s. Noah Alfred Agee and Anne C. Hunley; 
b. Aug. 6, 1 86a; Nayal Cadet and Midshipman, 1879-85; Grad. U. S. Naval Acad., 
Annapolis, 1883; City Atty., Anniston, 1888-96; m. EUie Shepherd, Montgomery, April 
6, 1899. 

Atkins, James Oliver, A. B., A. M., '89, teacher, Monterey. 

1883, Monterey, Butler Co.; s. Oliver Atkins and Martha Powell; b. April x8, 
1867; Prin. Autaugaville Acad, and Marianna Dist. School; m. Jessie Gordon McNeel, 
Autangaville, Dec. a7, 189a. 

Banks, James Oliver, Jr., A. B., merchant, Eutaw. 

i883f Etttaw; s. James Oliver Banks, Cohunbns, and Martha Coleman; b. Dec 
a6, 1865; m. Julia Coleman, Eutaw, June 6, z888. 

Bateman, John Wadkins, A. B., teacher and lawyer, Equality. 

1884, Verbena; s. John Wadkins Bateman, Montgomery, and Mary Ann Burt; 
b. Oct. 9, f86z; m. Blanche Spiers, Robinson Springs. 

Bentley, Archibald Davis, LL. B., lawyer, Rockford. 

z886, Rockford, Coosa Ca; s. John Samuel Bentley and Sarah Catherine Suttk; 
b. Aug. az, 1 86a; Probate Judge, Coosa Ca, 1894-98; »• Edna Earl Looney, Fayette- 
ville, Nov. ao, 1889. 

Burgett, James Ralston, Jr., LL. B., (See 1884). 

Cherry, Joseph Nicholas, A. B., planter. Plant City, Fla. 

1883, Gold Hill; s. George W. Cherry, Opelika, and Frances Parsons; m. 
Sallie Lillian Tarver, Midway, Feb., 189a. 

Clements, Julius Morgan, A. B., A. M., geologist, Madison, Wis. 

1883, Tuscaloosa; s. Rufus Hargrove Clements and Martha Lavinta Bugbee; b. 
Feb. la, 1869; Ph. D., 189a, Leipsic; Asst. Geol., U. S. Geol. Sur., 1893 — ; Asst. Prof, 
of GeoL, Univ. of Wis., 1893 — ; m* Caroline Simonds, Dayton, Ohio, Sept 3, 189a. 

3o8 REOCMtD OF STXn>BNTS [^^7 

Crvan, Benjamin Percy, LL. B., lawyer, Montgomery. 

i886» Evergreen; ■. Benjamin D. Cram and Elkn OliTer; b. March 7, 1S64; 
m. Emma Cram, GreenTille. 

Darden, George Washington, A. B., lawyer and planter, Oneonta. 

1884, LaFayette; a. William C Darden, LaFayeCte, and Carrie E. Holftitn; >. 
Not. 17, 1 86s; Teacher, S. Ala. Inat, 1887*89; Mayor of Oneonta, x year; m. Vaden 
ftrntt, MadiaonTille, Ky., June a6, 1891. 

Davidson, Alexander Caldwell, Jr., LL. B., (See 1886). 
Dedman, Joseph Marcus, A. B., Columbia, Tenn. 

1884, Selma; s. Col. J. M. Dedman and Mary A. Scarff; b. March 12, 1868; 
Proprietor of Bethell Hotel; m. Beaaie La Croix Bill, Selma, May a?, 1889. 

Ervin, Robert Tait, LL. B., lawyer. Mobile. 

1886, Mobile; a, Robert Hugh Enrin, Camden, and Sarah Asbvry Tait; b. May 
a7, 1863; m. Frances Patteraon Pybaa, Jacfcaon, Tenn., June 8, 1897. 

Fitts, Alston, LL. B., (See 1886). 

Foote, Francis Theodore, B. E., engineer, Crowley, La. 

1884, Centrerille, La.; s. John M. Foote, Ctaarenton, La., and Mrs. Caroline 
M. Duinnsel; b. May 4, 1861; Engineer in charge of Lichtenstein and Hechtnm 
Irriga. Canals and VermilHons Development Co.'8 Canal; m. Mary Fitxpatrick, Peter*- 
burg, Va., June i, 1897. 

Forney, George Hoke, A. B., book-keeper, Birmingham. 

1883, Jacksonville; a. WUliam H. Forney, JacksonTille. and Mary E. Wood- 
ward; b. June 8, 1866; m. Jessie D. Groverman, Baltimore, Md., Jan., 1898. 

Foster, Glenn, A. B., banker, Tuscaloosa. 

1883, Tuscaloosa; s. Dr. D. L. Foster, Tuscaloosa, and Maria Bealle; b. Jan. 
a4, 1868; Treasurer, Tuscaloosa, 1892-1900; Cashier, Merchants' Nat. Bank; m. Julia 
C Martin. 

Francis, John Miller, A. B., A. M., '89, chemist, Detroit, Mich. 

1883, Jacksonville; s. M. W. Francis, Jacksonville, and Julia Clark; b. Oct *$, 
1867; Analyst, Ala. Geol. Survey, 1887-88; Asst Prof. Chem., U. of Ala., 1888-91; 
Chief Chemist, Parke, Davis ft Co., Mfg. Chemists, Detroit, Mich, 1897 — ; m. Evie 
Eogenia Harris, Nov. 25, 1890. 

Frenkel, Isaac Newton, LL. B., merchant, Mobile. 

x886, Mobile; s. Louis Frenkel. Mobile, and Frida Haaa; A. B., Spring Hill, 
1885; Lawyer, 1887-99, now merchant; m. Daisy Haverinan, Mobile, Dec 29, 1897. 

Gay, William David, A. B., A. M., '93, minister, Montgomery. 

1883, Montgomery; s. Julius Brown Gay, Montgomery, and Frances Jeannette 
Wright; b. Oct. 8, 1867; Pastor Baptist churches at Furman, Pleasant Hill, Ala., 
Vaknoe St and Fifth churches. New Orleans, La.; now Pastor Adams St. church, 
Montgomery; m. (i) Minnie Gardner, Tuskegee, May si, 1889, (s) Mary Belle Scctt. 
Montgomery, Jan. ai, 1895. 

1887] Graduates with Titled Degrees 309 

Gould, Frank Horace, LL. B., lawyer, San Francisco, Cal. 

i885» San Joae, CaL; a. Albert Langdon Gould, Lexington, CaL, and Jane 
Angnsta Holbrook; b. Aug. 39. 1856; County Sttr^jror, Maripoaa Co., 1895; Kep., Gen. 
Aaaem., CaL Leg., 1891-95; Speaker, House, 1893-9$; Building and Loan Commit- 
sioner, CaL, 1897-1901; m. (z) Heater A. Fkmawortli, San Joae, Jan. x6, 1878, (s> 
Nettie Graster, Santa Roaa, Dec 4* 1898. 

Griffin, Woodward Elie, A. B., LL. B., '87, real estate, Mont- 

X884, Troy; s. Nicholas Woodward Griffin, Troy, and Mary Elisabeth Ford; b. 
Aug. 7, 1866; Prin., Gram. School, Troy, 1887-88; Supt of Educa., Pike Ca, z888-90( 
Prof., Troy Kor. CoL. 1889-90; Supt., Troy Public Schoola, 1891-93; Prin., Public 
Schoola, Penaacola, Fla., 1893-98; Prin. High School, Ocala, Fla., 1899- 1900; m. Esther 
TiUia, Not. 17, 1897. 

Harper, William Wade, A. B., physician, Selma. 

1884, Richmond, Dallas Co.; a. William B. Harper, Richmond, and Georgia 
Wade; M. D., Tulane, 1889; Health officer, Dallaa Co.; m. Rota L. Frantz, New 
Orleans, La., Nor. so, 1895. 

Harwood, Bernard, LL. B., lawyer, Eutaw. 

1886, Gainesville; s. Samuel B. M. Harwood, Gainesrille, and Mary Scott Gray; 
b. April 37, x866; Rep., Gen. Assem., Ala., 1898-1903; m. Helene Browne, Eutaw, 
June xa, 1889. 

Hatter, William Reuben, A. B., physician, Boligee. 

1883, Eutaw; s. W. R. B. Hatter and Kate Permelia George; b. Dec jx, x866; 
M. D., Tulane, 1889; m. Sallie B. Harkness, Pearsall, Tex., 1890. 

Holliday, Walter Homer, LL. B., Edwardsville. 

1886, Dekalb Co.; s. Dr. A. L. Holliday, Rains. 

Horton, Clarence Leslie, A. B., A. M., '92, physician, New 
Orleans, La. 

1883* Pleasant Ridge; s. William Horton and Mary Kirkland; b. Oct. 7> t866; 
M. D., Tulane, 1893; Med. Inspector, La. State Board of Health; m. Cora Schrievex, 
New Orleans, June 24, 1896. 

Jones, Henry Augustine, LL. B., lawyer, Tuscaloosa. 

x886, Tuscaloosa; s. William Augustine Jones, Greensboro, and Margaret King; 
b. Jan. 19, x86o; m. Mary Crawford, Tuscaloosa, Nor. 27, 1889. 

Jones, James Feagin, LL. B., lawyer. Evergreen. 

1886, Fairfield, Covington Co.; s. George Mott Jones and Nancy Lou Ann 
Feagin; b. April xa, x8s3; Rep., Gen., Assem., Ala., 1892-94, 1900-O8. 

Kemper, James Parkerson, B. E., engineer, Glencoe, La. 

1883, Glencoe, La.; s. William P. Kemper. Glencoe, La., St Mary's Pariah, and 
Monica Rogers; b. Aug. 5, 1868; Electrical and Mechanical Engineer; m. CordeUe 
Alexander, March 19, 1896, New Orleans, La. 

Lee, Lawrence Haywood, A. B., LL. B., '88, lawyer, Gadsden. 

x884t Clayton; a. Alto Velo Lee and Lillie Lawrence; b. Aug. a, 1867; Repw, 
GexL Assem., Ala., 1898-99; Lawyer and Editor Clayton Rgcord; m. Gussle Alstoo, 

31 o Recx)RD of Students [1887 

*Lockard, Willie Penn, A. B., book-keeper, Gainesville, Tex. 

1885, Tuslcegce; s. Penn S. Lockard, Gunesyille, Tex., and Sue E. McMoUen; 
b. Dec. 26, 1867; d. Jan. 3. 1897. 

Maxwell, John Edwin, A. B., book-keeper, Montgomery. 

1883, Tuacaloosa; s. John Maxwell and Mary Ann Maxwell; b. March 2. x868; 
Merchant at Bessemer, 1889-95; with Hobbk and Teague since 1895. 

McCall, Daniel Thompson, A. B., physician, Butler. 

1884, DeSotoville; s. Daniel McCall, DeSoCoville, and Nancy EUzabeth Thomp- 
son; b. Sept. 5, 1869: M. D., 1894, Louisville Med. Col. 

McLain, David Solomon, B. E., engineer, Brighton. 

1884, Earnest, Jefferson Co.; s. A. H. P. McLain, Earnest, and Phcebe 
Hamaker; b. Dec. a, 1856; Surveyor, Jefferson Co., 1889; Asst. Supt. Pub. Works, 
Jefferson Co., 1891-92; Transitman, U. S. Survey, Apalachicola Bay, F!a.,i89i; Engi- 
neer in charge Valley Creek Canal, 1899-1900; m. Martha Alice Naylor, Plains, Ga., 
March 3, 1896. 

Mitchell, John Emanuel, A. B., LL. B., '88, lawyer, Mobile. 

1884, Mobile; s. Benjamin E. Mitchell, Eufaula, and Virginia Emanuel. Mobile; 
b. Jan. 3X, 1868; m. Mary Louise Johnston, San Antonio, Tex., Aug. zi, 1891. 

Oliver, William Bacon, A. B., LL. B., '89, A. M., '92, lawyer, 

1883, Eutaw; s. William C. Oliver, EuUw, and Elizabeth S. Whitehead; b. 
May 25, 1867; Solicitor, 6th Jud. Circuit, 1898-1904. 

Owen, Thomas McAdory, A. B., LL. B., historian, Montgomery. 

1884, Jasper; s. Dr. William Marmaduke Owen and Nancy L. McAdory; h. 
Dec 15, 1866, at Jonesboro; practiced law at Bessemer, 1887-94* Carrollton, 1897- 
1900, Birmingham, 1900-01; Clerk, P. O. Dept., Washington, D. C, 1894-97; Solicitor, 
Bessemer, 1890-93; Asst. Solic, Jefferson Co., 1892; Sec Ala. Histor. Society, 1898 — ; 
Mem. Amer. Histor. Association; one of founders of South. Histor. Association; 
Author of Bibliography of Ala., 1897, and of Miss., 1900; Several Genealogical works. 
Annals of Ala., 1819-1900; Editor of Transactions of Ala. Histor. Society, 1898-190x1 
Report of Ala. History Commission, 1901; Director, Department of "Archives and 
History" of Ala., 1901 — ; m. Marie Susan Bankhead, Fayette, April xa, 1893. 

Peters, Robert Frierson, LL. B., lawyer, Fayette. 

1886, Fayette; s. Benjamin Franklin Peters, Portersville, Miss., and Ada M. 
Frierson; Clerk, Circuit Court, Fayette Co., 1887-92; County Solicitor, 1892-99; Mayor 
of Fayette, 1894-98; m. Annie Lena Jones, Fayette, June a, 1891. 

Pettway, Mark Howell, A. B., broker and merchant, Knoxville, 

1884, Camden; s. John Henry Pettway, Camden, and Laura Jones; b. Nov. 7, 
x866; m. Nellie Atchinson Fuller, Nashville, Tenn., Nov. i, 1894. 

Quarles, William Washington, A. B., LL. B., A. M., '92, lawyer, 

1884, Selma; s. William Washington Quarles, Pleasant Hill, and Mary Ann 
Hardy; b. May 34, 1865; Col., 3rd Reg., Ala. S. Troops, 1888-92; Rep., Gen. Asaem., 

Ala., 1890-92; Solicitor, 4th Jud. Circuit, 1892 ; m. Ida B. Smith, Selma, Feb. 

a4> 1892. 

1887] Graduates with Titled Degrees 3" 

Rabb, John Madison, LL. B., (See 1873). 

Rivers, Eugene Raiford, LL. B., lawyer, Birmingham. 

1886, Glenville. Rusacll Co. 

Robinson, James Jefferson, Jr., A. B., planter, Lafayette. 

1884, Lafayette; s. James Jetierson Robinson and Josephine Bertha Huguley; 
b. March 27, 1867; m. Kate Lee Gummett, Lafayette, Dec. i, 1887. 

Saffold, William Berney, A. B., LL. B., '88, A. M., '89, teacher, 

1884, Selma; s. Benjamin Franklin Saffold and Mary Ellen Brown; b. July ii, 
1867; Ph. D., 1898, Johns Hopkins Univ.; Tutor, Univ. of Ala., 1887-88; Prof., 
Latin and Greek, Marion Mil. Inst., 1888-91; Prof, of Latin and Greek, Searcy Col., 
Ark., 1891-92, and Little Rock, Ark., Acad., 1892-94; Fellow in Latin, Johns Hop- 
kins Univ., 1896-97; Prof., Greek and Latin, U. of Ala., 1897 . 

♦Searcy, Reuben Martin, A. B., A. M., '92, physician, Tusca- 

1883, Tuscaloosa; s. Dr. James T. Searcy and Annie R. Ross; b. Nov. a, 1868; 
M. D., Georgetown Univ., 1892; Asst. Chem., U. of Ala., 1887-88; Med. Student, Univ. 
of Va., 1888-89; Instructor, Chem., Univ. of Va., 1889-92; d. July 16, 1892. 

Somerville, Ormond, A. B., LL. B., '90, lawyer, Tuscaloosa. 

1884, Tuscaloosa; s. H. M. Somerville, New York, and Cornelia B. Harris; 
b. Nov. 26, 1868; Instructor, Lat. and Eng., U. of Ala., 1887-88; County Solicitor, 

Tuscaloosa Co., 1891-92; Prof. Law, U. of Ala., 1896 ; m. (i) Kate Walter, Sept. 

14, 1892, Tuscaloosa, (2) Bessie Randolph Edgar, Dec. 22, 1898, Shelbyville, Tena. 

Street, Oliver Day, A. B., LL. B., '88, lawyer, Guntersville. 

1885, Guntersville; s. Thomas Atkins Street and Julia Ann Beard; b. Dec. 6, 
1866; m. Mary L. Lusk, Guntersville, Feb. 17, 1892. 

Talley, Dyer Findley, A. B., A. M.. '92, physician, Birmingham. 

1884, Jonesboro; s. N. D. Talley, Birmingham, and Mary Hawkins; b. Dec. s, 
1865; M. D., Tulane, 1892; Pres., Jefferson Co. Med. Society, 1897; Prof., Birming- 
ham Med. Col.; travelled in Europe, 1899; Mem., Amer. Med. Asso. and Sou. S. and 
G. Society. 

TeagTie, Robert Sterling, A. B., A. M., '92, LL. B., '96, lawyer, 

1884, Montgomery; s. William Martin Teague and Eugenia Isabella Jackson; 

b. Jan. 22, 1868; Capt., A. N. G., 2nd Reg., 1894-96, and Maj., 1896 ; Capt.^ 

U. S. Vol., 5th Reg. (Immunes), 1898-99; Lawyer and Mem. of Firm Teague & Sons. 

*Wolfe, Henry Joel, B. E., engineer, New Orleans, La. 

1884, New Orleans, La.; d. 189 — . 

Wright, John Carter, B. E., C. E., '90, manufacturer, Roanoke. 

1884, Tuskegee; s. William H. Wright and M. Lucy Carter; b. Sept. i6, 1869; 
Owner Oil Mill and Guano Factory; m. Alma Worrill, Tnomson, Ga., Feb. 23, 1898. 

Wright, Walter William, B. E., cotton weigher, Greenville. 

1883, Greenville; s. James N. Wright and Melissa Davis; m. (i) Alice De- 
shazo, TuscakMsa, May 6, 1891, (2) Mollie C. Wright, Greenville, Oct. 11, 1896. 

3IS Record of Students [1887 

Wyman, William Stokes, Jr., A. B., bodc-keeper, University. 

1883, TuscalooM; ■. WtllUm Stokes Wyman and MelisM Dearing; b. Oct. j8, 
1867; Director* Merchants' Nat. Bank, Tuscaloosa; Emptor U. S. GoTcmment Im- 
provement Works» Warrior Riirer. 

1887. Graduates in Schools and Non-Ghraduates 
Avary, Thomas Harper, (Fr.), clerk, Chicago, 111. 

1886, Gold Hill, Lee Co.; 8. Philip Avary, Gold Hill, and Annie Cole; b. July s, 
x868; Clerk, American Nat. Bank, Chicago. IH.; m. Belle Cuppler, Chicago. 

Baldridge, Felix Edgar, (Jun.), physician, Huntsville. 

X884; 1886, Huntsville; s. Dr. Milton Columbus Bakiridge, Huntsville; Health 
Officer, Madison Co. 

Barringer, Mardis Gilbert, (Jun.), teacher, Coker. 

1886. North Port; s. In A. Barringer, Coker, and Bethana Weaver; b. Oct 6, 
1865; B. S., luka, Miss., 1899: Prin., Big Creek School. 

*Box, Albert Eugene, (Soph.), Ashville. 

1886, Ashville; s. Judge Leroy Franklin Box and Sarah Isabella Vandegrift; b. 
May 30, 1869; d. Sept. 24, 1887. 

♦Bragg, Walter Lockett, (Soph.), lawyer, Montgomery. 

1885, Montgomery; s. Walter Lawrence Bragg, Montgomery, and Susan Wat- 
kins Lockett; LL. B.. Washington and Lee, 1890; d. April 22, 1894. 

Bray, Courtenay Bullock, (Fr.), clerk, Atlanta, Ga. 

1886, Eufaula; s. William H. Bray, Eufaula, and Mary Simms; b. Nov. s6, 1870. 

Brown, Arthur Lewis, (Soph.), LL. B., '89, lawyer, Birmingham. 

1886; 1888, Falkville, Morgan Co.; s. John J. Brown, Falkville, and E. A. 
Wiggins; b. Aug. 29, 1864; m. Annie Dove Whitman, Lowndesboro, Oct. 15, 1891. 

♦Caldwell, Constantine Perkins, (Soph.), book-keeper, Birming- 

1885. Shelby Iron Works; s. D. W. Caldwell, Columbiana, and Elizabeth J. 
Brasher; b. 1868; d. at Birmingham, April is, 1896. 

♦Clemmons, Wiley Edgar, (Soph.), merchant. West Point, Ga. 

1885, Fredonia; d. 188 — 

Dawson, Lawrence Percy, (Soph.), Selma. 

1885, Selma; s. Hon. N. H. R. Dawson and Elodie Breck Todd; b. Jan. % 
1869; Chief of Police, Selma, 1896-99. 

Dickson, Thomas Aubrey, (Fr.), physician. Mobile 

1886, Pine Level; s. David Madison Dickson, Pine Level, and Mary Ann Goat; 
h. Aug. 15, 1870; M. D., Tnlane. 

*Dunklin, Patton Boiling, (Jun.), merchant, Greenville. 

1884. GreenviUe; s. D. G. Dunklin, Greenville, and Hannah Patton; b. 1868; 
d. Nov. I, 1900. 

1887] Graduates in Schools and Non-Graduates 313 

Fry, Charles Philip, (Soph.), insurance, New York. 

1885, Mobile; s. Thomas Slaughter Fry and Mary Jane Shorter; b. Not. a, 
1868; Cashier, Brooklyn Rapid Transit Co., 1887-96; Sec and Treas. of Curey Print- 
ing Ca, N. Y.; Gen. Insur. at 13a Naaaau streeL 

Gay, Edwin Wright, (Soph.), merchant, Montgomery. 

1885, Montgomery; s. J. B. Gay, Montgomery, and Frances J. Wright; b. 
17, 1869; Planter, 1887-94; m. Lulu Hufham, Verbena, May 14, 2890. 

Harris, Franklin Milton, (Soph.), Mobile. 

1885, Mobile; s. Calvin Alexander Harris, Mobile, and Catherine Hardy; Deputy 
Tax Asfessor, Mobile. 

Harris, John Thomas, Jr., (Soph.), merchant and planter. Oak 

1885, Opelika; s. John T. Harris and Elizabeth Nimmons McTyeire. 

Hasson, James Madison, (Soph.), cotton buyer, Tuscaloosa. 

1884-85; 1886, Temple, Pickens Co.; s. Madison Hasson, Miss., and Sarah Ter- 
rell; b. Dec 9, 1 86a; m. Ida Tjitham Maxwell, Northport, April 17, 1889. 

♦Heard, Stephen Henry, (Soph.), Georgiana. 

x886, Georgiana; a. George Philip Heard, Auburn, and Ailie Ann Tillman; 
b. Dec 10, 1869; d. May 3, 1887. 

Hight, Francis Bartow, (Fr.), reporter, New Orleans, La. 

1886, Anniston; s. Francis Middleton Hight and Anna Ford; b. Aug. 27, 1869. 

Hodges, John Demoville, (Soph.), planter, Meltonville. 

1885, Meltonville, Marshall Co.; s. James W. Hodges, Meltonville, and Par- 
tbenia Bledsoe; m. Ida Kirby, Marshall Co., March 17, 1897. 

Hubbard, Samuel Dana, Jr., (Jun.), physician, New York. 

1885, Montgomery; s. Samuel Dana Hubbard, and, and Mary C. Taylor; b. 
March x8, 1869; M. D., 1891, Bellevue Med. Col.; Med. Inspector, N. Y. Health DepL, 

1895-97; Asst. Instructor and Diognoetician, N. Y. Hosp. Dept., 1897 • °^* Armilla 

Monell, N. Y., Oct 23, 189$. 

Hutton, Walter Seymour, (Jun.), North Birmingham. 

1886, Birmingham; s. James S. Hutton, Birmingham, and Helen Johnston; b. 
Nov. 19, 1869; Asst. Supt., S. J. ft T. Co., 1891-96; Supt. of Blast Furnaces, L. S. S. 
ft J. Co., 1896 . 

Johnson, Qiarles William Vincent, (Soph.) 

x88s. Mobile 

Jones, Thomas Warburton, (Jun.), physician, Camden. 

1884, Camden; s. Dr. John Paul Jones and Camilla B<]>ykin; b. Sept. 3, 1868; 
M. D., CoL of P. ft S., N. Y.; m. Fannie Tipton, Selma. June a8, 1894. 

Kimbrough, Clinton Qay, (Law), lawyer, St. Stephens. 

1886, Hampden. 

314 Record of Students [1S87 

♦Long, Nimrod Walton, (Soph.), Hurtsboro. 

1886, Hurtsboro; s. N. W. £. Long and Martha J. Gamble; b. Jan. xi, 1869; 
d. Majr 10, 1887. 

♦Mathews, Robert Linn, (Soph.), Birmingham. 

i88s» Birmingham; a. William T. Mathews, LooisriUe, Kj., and Annie Linn; 
drowned in Warrior River, May 3, 1887. 

McCormick, William Love, (Jun.), grocer, Eufaula. 

1884, Eufaula; s. George C. McCormick and Catharine Love Allan; m. Hen- 
rietta Fontane Copeland, Eufaula, April 11, 1897. 

McDavid, Edmund Richardson, (Fr.), insurance, Birmingham. 

1886, Huntsville; s. John J. McDavid, Birmingham, and Mary Jane Patton; 
b. Feb. a, 1870; Manager of McDavid Printing Co.; Sec of Birmingham Under- 
writers' Association; Insurance Commissioner, 1900 ; Book-keeper; m. Mittie Rose 
Owen, Birmingham, May, X89X. 

McMillan, Samuel Walter, (Fr.), 

1886, Brewton. 

Melton, Frank Hillary, (Soph.), hotel manager, Pine Apple. 

1 88s, Pine Apple; s. William Joseph Mekon and Claree Allen Seals; m. Bessie 
Mae Kyser, Belleville, Dec ai, 1887. 

Molton, Robert Marshall, (Fr.) 

x886, Montgomery; s. T. H. Molton; b. Jan. 20, x866. 

Murphy, Samuel Davidson, (Fr.), LL. B., '97, lawyer, Birming- 

x886, Eutaw; s. Dr. A. S. Murphy and Virginia C. Davidson; b. April ax, 
1870; m. Lizzie Todd, Indianapolis, Ind., x896> 

Otts, Lelius McCrary, (Soph.), LL. B., '89, banker, Greensboro. 

1885, 1888, Talladega; s. Rev. J. M. P. Otts, D. D.. Greensboro, and Lelia Jane 
McCrary; b. June 6, 1869; Lawyer, 1887-99; m. Eudora MclHieen McEachin, Tusca- 
loosa, June 2, X891. 

Parker, William Clayton, (Jun.), R. R. clerk, Houston, Tex. 

1884, University; s. Prof. W. A. Parker and Martha English Foster; b. Sept. 
ao, 1868. 

♦Payne, Frank Thomas, Jr., (Jun.), officer, U. S. Army. 

1885, Singleton; s. Frank T. Payne, Singleton, and Sarah Duncan; Capt. in 
La. Reg. Vol., U. S. A., Spanish War; Lieut., U. S. A., Phil. War; m. Hattie Arnold, 
New Orleans, 1889; killed in Philippines, Feb., 1900. 

Pier son, Walter Preston, (Soph.), Denver, Col. 

1886, Cuba Station, Sumter Co.; s. William Pierson and Annie Amelia Mor- 
risette; b. Feb. 14, 1865; Certif. of Grad. in Math., 1895; Teacher, 1887-99; County 
Surveyor, Sumter Co., 1897-98; Book-keeper, Navy Dept., 1900; Draughtsman in 
Engin., War Dept., in charge of the Dept of Colorado. 

1887] Graduates in Schools and Non-<jRaduates 315 

Prince, Hugh, (Soph.), merchant, Tuscaloosa. 

1 88s, Sylvan; a. Andrew Fuller Prince and Sophia Wtlliford; b. Aug. ii, 1869; 
m. Bettie Hays Hester, Tuscaloosa, Jan. 20, 189a. 

Pugh, Henry Lingard, (Jun.), lawyer, Washington, D. C. 

1884, Eufaula; s. Senator James L. Pugh and Serena S. Hunter; LL. B., 
Georgetown Univ., Asst Cashier, Washington Gas Light Co. 

Purifoy, James Leroy, (Jun.), banker, Goodwater. 

1884, Camden; s. Hon. John Purifoy, Montgomery, and Elizabeth Ronton; b. 
Sept. 33, 1868; Cashier, Farmers' and Merchants' Bank; Accountant, Planter and 
Stock Raiser; m. Kate Peters Davis, Selma, Feb. 9, 1892. 

Rennyson, Archibald Mitchell, (Fr.) 

1886, New Orleans, La.; s. Henry Rennyson; b. July 27, 1870. 

Richards, Norwood Allen, (Soph.), journalist, Mobile. 

1885, Birmingham; s. CoL J. V. Richards and T. C. Rowe; Business Manager, 
Mobile lUm; m. Minnie P. Cothran, Mobile, March 4, 1897. 

Roach, Robert Percy, (Jun.), lawyer. Mobile. 

1885, Butler; s. John D. Roach, Mansfield, La., and Rozena Winston; b. Oct. 
i9i 1867; m. Ruth S. Dicks, Butler. 

Schowalter, Volnee McRe)molds, (Sen.), physician. Point Qear. 

1885, Point Clear; s. Dr. E. R. Schowalter, Point Clear, and Alice McReynolds; 
b. Dec. 14, 1868; M. D., Mobile; Surgeon, U. S. A., Spanish War, 1898; m. Olive 
Elizabeth Righton, New Orleans, La. 

*Schwed, Maximilian, (Fr.), merchant. New York. 

1886, Montgomery; s. Jacob Schwed; b. Oct. 49, 1869; d. 189—. 

Skinner, William Frank, (Soph.), planter, Macon, Miss. 

1886, Sherman, Sumter Co.; s. William L. Skinner, Macon, Miss., and Augusta 
L. Sanders; b. Aug. 19, 1868; m. Maggie Lee Deale, June 6, 1889. 

Smith, Emmett Lee, (Sen.), manufacturer, Birmingham. 

1883, Birmingham; s. F. E. Smith, B ii mi n gh am and Martha Riggs; b. Aug. 
a3, 1867; Asst. Sec, Continental Gin Co.; Sec. and Treas., Smith Sons' G. ft M Co.; 
m. Hazel McCune, Trussville, Oct. 49, 1JB90. 

Smith, Ezekiel McLemore, (Fr.), shipbuilder, Brierfield. 

1886, Brierfield; s. James Newton Smith, Brierfield, and Fannie Green; b. 
Feb. 17, 1870; also engaged in planting; m. Hattie Timberlake, Newport News, Va. 

Snow, John Louis, (Fr.), physician, Autaugaville. 

x886, Braggs, Lowndes Co.; s. Elizabeth H. Snow, Braggs, and Orinda Moorer; 
b. March 9, 1864; M. D., Mobile, 1891; m. (i) Kate Summers Cum, Farmersville, 
July 8, 1 89 1, (i) Sallie Floyd Lee, Montgomery, June 26, 1900. 

Taylor, John McCartney, 

1886, Huntsnlle. 

3i6 R£a»D OF Students [1888 

Tompkins, Charles Walsh, (Soph.), lawyer, Mobile. 

1885, Molrile; s. John R. Tompkins and Fannie WilKams; b. Feb. 13, iBfo; 
m. Bell Bland, of Nashville, Tenn., at Mobile. 

Wadsworth, William Malcolm, (Soph.), lumber business, Mont- 

1885, Wadsworth. 

Ward, Robert Toomer, (Fr.), pharmacist, Dadeville. 

1886, Daviston; s. L. C. Ward» DaTistoo, and G. H. Homphrej; b. April 18, 
1867; m. Sallie A. Wilkinson, Feb. ax, 1892. 

Wheless, Wallace, (Fr.) 

x886, Birmingham; s. W. T. Wheless; b. Sept. 5, 1870. 


/ Williams, Henry Petty, (Sen.), planter, Dunbar, Miss. 

1883, Lineburg; s. Dr. Henry L. Williams and Virginia Pigeon Fietty; b. Jan. 
13, 1867; Trav. Salesman, 1896; Trav. Special Agent, N. Y. Life Ins. Co., x897-98; 
m. Eva Blanche Bennett, Pickens Co., Aug. 17, 1898. 

Wilson, Richard Clarke, (Jun.), mechanical engineer, New Or- 
leans, La. 

1885, Mobile; s. H. F. Wilson and Mary Virginia Clarke; b. June a, 1869; 
Ensign and Asst. Engineer, U. S. Navy, ,:>panish War, 1898; Chief Engineer, U. S. 
S. S., "Passaic;" Mechanical Engineer; m. Alice Clara Taylor, Mobile, June is, 1895. 

1888. Graduates with Titled Degrees 

Abercrombie, John William, LL. B., educator, Anniston. 

1887, Kelly's Creek, St. Clair Co.; s. Henry M. Abercrombie, and Sarah Anne 
Kendrick; b. May 17, 1866; A. B. Oxford Col.; Pres., Ashland Col., 1886-87, Cle- 
burne Inst, 1888-89, Bowdon, Ga., Col., 1890-91; Supt. Anniston City Schools, 
1891-97; Pres., So. F. Sem., Anniston, 1897-98; State Senator, 1896-99; State Supt. of 
Education, 1898 — ; m. Rosa Merrill, EdwardsTille, Jan. 8, 1891. 

Anderson, Edward Buist, B. M. E., A. M., '89, Huntsville. 

1885, Huntsville; s. James Dorroh Anderson and Sarah Scarbrough Dudley; b. 
Feb. I, 1868; Instructor in Math, and Post Adj., U. of Ala., 1888-89; Teacher, Math., 
Marion Mil., Inst., 1891-93; Employed in U. S. Court of Appeals, New Orleans, La.; 
m. May Murfee, Marion, July S4, 1901. 

Blackburn, Felix Edward, A. B., lawyer, Birmingham. 

1885; 1889, Birmingham; s. T. E. Blackburn; b. Aug. 24, x868; m. Kate 
Eubank, April si, 1897. 

Blakey, William Mabson, A. B., lawyer, Montgomery. 

1884, Montgomery; a. David T. Blakey, Montgomery, and Mary S. Mabson; 
b. Dec. 27, 1869. 

Burger, Leopold, B. C. E., clerk, Washington, D, C. 

x88s. Tuscaloosa. 

i888] Graduates with Titled Degrees 317 

'^'Buniey, William Westbrook, LL. B., lawyer, Birmingham. 

1887, BinniAgham; s. W. T. Buriiey; b. March i, 1870; U. S. CommiaaioneT, 
1894-96; U. S. Diat. Atty., Diat. Ala., x888-9a; xn. Daiaey Binheimer, Birmingham, 
April 8, X895; d. March a, 1896. 

Carmichael, Charles Daniel, A. B., lawyer, Geneva. 

1886, Oxark, Dale Co.; a. Judge J. M. Carmichael and Amanda Smith; b. Nov. 
8, 1866; Mayor of Geneva, 1901 ; m. Fannie Lillie Bowen, Oaark, Dec 24, 1889. 

Cason, Eugene Presley, A. B., physician, Talladega. 

1885, Aahville, St. Clair Co.; M. D., 1890, Mobile: County Health Officer, St. 
Clair Co., a yeara; m. Sarah Ceaana Coleman, Aberdeen, Miaa., Jan. x6, 1896. 

'^'Qay, James Bums, A. B., hardware merchant, Selma. 

X885, Selma; a. Jefferaon Madiaon Clay and Mary Lavina Bama; Capt, Adj. 
and Maj., 3rd Reg., Ala. N. G.; m. Margaret Edna Fowlkea, Selma, Nov. 25, 1895; 
d. July 6, 1899. 

Compton, William Norris, A. B., Washington, D. C. 

X885, Selma; a. Hon. J. S. Compton, Selma, and Ada Norria; b. March 16, 
x868; Inanrance Agent; Cenaoa Dept, Waahington, D. C, 1900-1901; Manager, 
Credit Dept. of Geo. T. Keen, Clothing Manufacturer. 

Costello, George William, B. C. E., real estate, Mobile. 

X885, Point Clear; a. Chriatopber Coatelk>, Mobile, and Ellen Lynch; b. June 
19, 1867; Real Eatate, Inauranoe and Broker; m. Alice McDonald, Daphne, Oct. 
17, X900. 

Crow, Edward Calvin, LL. B., (See 1886). 

Davidson, Louis Overton, A. B., merchant, Uniontown. 

1884, Uniontown; s. Alexander Caldwell Davidaon and Maria Overton Price; 
b. Feb. xa, 1869. 

Dedman, James Edwin, A. B., physician, Birmingham. 

x88s, Shelby Springa; a. J. M. Dedman and Mary A. Scharff; b. Jan. 10, 1870; 
M. D., Univ. Tenn. and Col. P. and S., N. Y.; Lecturer, Med. Dept, Univ. of Tenn., 
189X and 189a. 

Gamer, Thomas Henry, A. B., LL. B., '90, editor, Tuscaloosa. 

1884; 1889, TuscalooBa; a. J. T. Gamer, Tuacalooaa, and M. Sue Johnaon; 
b. Dec. 4, 1869; Editor, Tuscaloosa GoMttte. 

Herzberg, Louis Leonidas, B. C. E., Gadsden. 

1884, Gadaden; a. Herman Herzberg and Mary I. Liddell; b. Aug. $, 1868; 
Lieut.-Col., 3rd Ala. Reg., 1895-98; Mayor, Gadaden, 1899-190X; m. Enuna Friedman, 
Tuacalooaa, Oct 47, X896. 

Hixson, James Courtney, A. B., LL. B., '90, officer, U. S. Army. 

X885, 1889, Union Springa; a. Rev. J. O. Hixaon, Union Springa, and Mattie 
Thurman Brown; b. Dec. as, 1863; Commandant, U. of Ala., X888-91; Lawyer 
at Union Springa, 189X-93; U. S. Conaul, Foocbow, China, 1893-97; CapL, Co. H., sth 
Inmiunea, U. S. VoL, Spaniah War, 1898-99; Lieut, 3and Reg. U. S. Vol. Inf., 
Philippine War, 1899-1901; appointed Lieut, U. S. Army, 1901. 

3i8 Rboord of Students [1888 

Holloway, William Eugene, A. B., LL. B., '92, lawyer, Mont- 

1885, Geneva; s. John David Holloway and Georgia Hastletine Bnindidge; b. 
April as, 1868; Pres., Sute S. S. Con., 1898-1900; Pres., Fanners' and MerchanU' 
Bank, Goodwater, the People's Savings Bank, Chilton Co., The Bank of Luvcrne, 
The First Nat. Gank of Geneva; m. Coma Kelly, Columbus, Ga., Oct 7. 1S96. 

Hooper, Lloyd McKee, A. B., merchant, Selma. 

1885, Selma; s. Charles Ward Hooper, Selma, and Caroline Louise McKee; 
b. April 13, 1869; Capt.. "Hardee Light Inf.", 1892-94 (A. N. G.); Wholesale Grocer 
and Cotton Commission Merchant; m. Anne Steele Coleman, Selma, Oct. 19, 1893. 

Johnston, Andrew Barnes, B. C. E., lumber business, Birmingham. 

1886, Birmingham; s. Andrew Bell Johnston and Martha Ellen Barnes; b. 
Nov. 28, 1870. 

Knight, Thomas Edward, LL. B., lawyer, Greensboro. 

1887, Greensboro; s. W. N. Knight, Greensboro, and Eva Happel; b. Jan. 7, 
1888; A. B., Southern Univ., Greensboro; Solicitor, Hale Co., 1889-90; Rep., Gen. 
Aasem., Ala., 1892-96; m. Rebecca Williams, Greensboro, June 7, 1895. 

Lee, Lawrence Haywood, LL. B., (See 1887). 

Little, Charles Town, B. M. E., merchant, Ackerville. 

1884, Monterey; s. John G. Little, Greenville, and Sophronia E. Howell; b. 
Aug. 29, 1868; m. Genie McDowell, Maoon Co. 

Mayfield, James Jefferson, LL. B., (See 1885). 

Mayfield, Surry Foster, A. B., A. M., '93, physician, Northport. 

1886, Northport; s. J. J. Mayfield, Moore's Bridge, and Amanda South; b. 
Nov. 9, 1867; M. D., Tulane; m. Susie Hagler, Tyner, April 6, 1898. 

♦Mclntyre, Erastus Stonam, LL. B., lawyer, Jasper. 

1887, Evergreen; b. Oct 7, i86a; County Solicttor, Walker Co., i89J^s; 
d. 1895. 

^McLeod, Daniel Douglass, LL. B., lawyer, Anniston. 

1887, Eufaula; A. B., A. P. Inst, 1887; Major, ist Ala. Reg., U. S. VoL» 
Spanish War; d. Feb. so, 1899. 

Miles, George Bedell, B. C. E., civil engineer, Union Springs. 

1884, Union Springs; s. Capt A. Miles, Union Springs, and Placidta Moragne; 
b. July 16, 1866: m. Willie Emmie Mason, Atlanta, Sept is, 1900. 

Miller, Benjamin Meek, LL. B., lawyer, Camden. 

1887, Camden; s. Rev. John Miller, D. D., and Sarah Pressly; b. March 13, 
1864; A. B., 1884, Erskine Col.; Rep., Gen. Assem., Ala., 1888-90; Prin., Lower 
Peach Tree High School, 1884-87; m. Margaret Otis Duggan, Birmingham, Sept si, 

Mitchell, James Augustus, A. B., LL. B., '94, lawyer, Livingston. 

1884, 1893. Gainesville; s. Daniel Mitchell and Martha A. Winston; b. March 
a8, i86a; m. Alice Maude Tartt, Livingston, April jo, 1895. 

i888] Graduates with Titled Degrees 319 

Mitchell, John Emanuel, LL. B., (See 1887). 

Mitchell, Thomas Emanuel, B. C. E., manufacturer, Charleston, 
S. C 

1885, Mobile; s. Benjamin E. Mitchell, Eufaula, and Virginia Emanuel; Supt., 
Vesta Cotton Mills; m. Amelia Beatrice Marine!, Lowell, Mass., May i, 1899. 

♦Moore, James LaFayette, B. M. E., planter and teacher, Bullard, 

1883; i887> McConnells, Tuscaloosa Co.; s. John Moore, McConnells, and Eliz- 
abeth Pool; m. Mellie Crook, Tyler, Tex.; d. Aug. 8, 1900. 

Murphree, Walter Theodore, LL. B., lawyer, Gadsden. 

1887, Walnut Grove, Etowah Co.; s. J. £. Murphree, Walnut Grove, and Mary 
Helen Cornelius; b. Sept. 5, 1862; m. Belle Elgin, Gadsden. 

Murphy, Thomas Elmore, A, B., physician, Bethany. 

1885, Pleasant Ridge; s. Dr. S. S. Murphy and E. M. Steele; b. July 28, 1865; 
M. D., 1892, Mobile. 

Patton, Madison Knox, A. B., physician, Foster's. 

1884, Knoxville; s. Thomas Jefferson Patton, Knoxville, and Jane McGiffert; 
b. Feb. 12, 1869; M. D., Tulane, 1891; m. Sallie Smith, Romulus, Nov. 15, 1899- 

Peach, Arthur Monroe, A. B., teacher, Perote. 

1884, Perote; s. John H. Peach, Pferote, and Susie R. Edwards; b. March 21, 
1866; m. Lila Andrews, Union Springs, Aug. 23, 1898. 

Reynolds, Eugene DuBose, A. B., merchant, Blocton. 

1886, Monte vallo; s. H. C Reynolds, Montevallo, and Mary Jane Boyd; b. 
Jan. 27, 1868; m. Sarah Elizabeth Walker, Faunsdale, Nov. 13, 1895. 

Saffold, William Bemey, LL. B., (See 1887). 

*Savage, John Payne, A. B., lawyer, Centre. 

1884, Centre; s. Robert Russell Savage and Elizabeth Morrison; m. Lucy E. 
Walden, Centre, July ax, 1889; d. March s» x894* 

♦Sibert, Martin David, B. M. E., B. C. E., A. M., '89, LL. B., '91, 
lawyer, Gadsden. 

1884, Gadsden; s. William J. Sibert and MarietU Ward; b. Feb. 26, 1867; 
Owner and Editor Gadsden Tribuns; d. Ocl. 24, 1896. 

Smyer, Rufus Brandon, LL. B., lawyer, Birmingham. 

1887, Birmingham; s. Daniel Franklin Smyer and Melvina M. Broudon: b. 
March 25, z866; County Solicitor, Cherokee Co., 1889-90; Reg. in Chanc, Cherokee 
Co., 1891-95; Census Supervisor, sth DisL, Ala., 1900; m. Marie Pratt, Centre, Dec. 
30, 1896. 

Sollie, Michael, LL. B., lawyer, Ozark. 

i887i Eufaula; s. William John SoUie and Eltender Elizabeth Craddock; b. 
Oct. 12, 1864; Prin., Abbeville High School, 1889; Mem., Conatitu. Conv., 1901.; m. 
Sarah Rebecca Hutchins, July xi, 1889. 

390 RscxMtD OF Students [1888 

Stanley, Robert Hendrix, A. B., A. M., '90, physician, Dublin, Ga. 

1884, GreeovUle; s. James Bemey Stanley and Ltila C Reid; b. Se|>t ai, 1868; 
M. D., 1894, Mobile; Aaao. Editor, GreeiiYiUe Advocate, 1888-92; House Surgeon, 
Lamar Hospital, 1895-96; m. Elisabeth Day HoUingsworth, Augusta, Ga., June ax, 1896. 

Steiner, Bernard, A. B., agent, Montgomery. 

1884, GreenTiile; s. Joseph Steiner, Greenyille, and Margaret Matilda Camp; 
b. Jan. so, x868; Freight Agent, M. ft O. R.R.*; m. Sallie Flowers, Boiling, March 
6, X892. 

Stevens, Thomas McCorvey, A. B., LL. B. '90, lawyer, Mobile. 

1884; 1889, Monroerilk; s. T. J. Stevens, Brewton, and L. A. McConrey; b. 
July 31, 1 865; County Solicitor, Escambia Co.; Circuit Solicitor, and Jud. Circuit, 
1893-96; moved to Mobile, 1896; Trustee, U. of Ala., 190X . 

Street, Oliver Day, LL. B., (See 1887). 

Tunstall, Wiley Croom, Jr., A. B., LL. B., '90, lawyer, Anniston. 

1884, Greensboro; s. Wiley C Tunstall and Augusta E. Hobson; b. .\ug. 17, 
x868; Solicitor, City Court, Anniston, 1897 • 

♦Wallace, William Hilliard, LL. B., lawyer, Moutton. 

1887, Moulton; s. John M. Wallace and Mary Jane Elliott; b. Jan. 23, x866; 
d. May ay, 1893. 

*Wilson, Waldo Pierce, LL. B., New York. 

1887, Montgomery; b. June ao, 1856; d. 189 — . 

Wood, John Richard, LL. B., lawyer, Tuskegee. 

X887, Tuskegee; s. Richard H. Wood, Tuskegee, and Martha B. Cobb; b. Sept. 

x8, i860; Rep., Gen. Aasem., Ala., 1894-98; Mayor of Tuskegee, 1899 ; m. Mary 

Parthenia Crommelin, Montgomery, Dec. 18, 1895. 

1888. Graduates in Schools and Non-Graduates 

Anderson, Albert Massie, (Fr.), clerk, Montgomery. 

1887, Montgomery; s. S. J. Anderson; b. Sept. 19, 1873. 

Arrington, Thomas Mann, Jr., (Soph.), lawyer, Montgomery. 

1887; 1890, Montgomery; s. Thomas Mann Arrington and Mary Robins Gold- 
thwaite; b. July 4, 1870. 

Averiett, William Wallis, (Jun.), merchant, Fayetteville. 

1885, Fayetteville; s. William Andrew Averiett and Mary Alabama Wallis; b. 
May 31, 1868; Planter and Saw Miller; m. Ida L. Hamilton, Fayetteville, Dec. x, X896. 

Billups, Joseph Pierce, (Soph.), agent, Chattanooga, Tenn. 

1886, Columbus, Miss.; s. Maj. John M. Billups, Columbus, Miss., and Sallie 
Gavan; b. June 27, 1870; Trav. Pass. Agent, Southern R'way and A. G. S. R. R. 

Booker, Parham Nicholas, (Fr.), book-keeper, Montgomery. 

1887, Uniontown; s. Edmund Webster Booker and Martha Frances Knight; 
b. Dec. 13, 187X. 

i888] Graduates in Schools and Non-Graduates 321 

Booth, Stephen Sorsby, (Jun.), agent, Knoxvillc, Tenn. 

1885, Annistoa; a. Dayid W. Booth, Vicksburg, Mim., and Belle Woodruff; 
b. Nov. 7, 1868; Trav. Agent, Southern Sutes, for Geo. Penn Sons Tobacco Co. 

Byars, Joel Acker, (Law) 

1887, Corona, Miss. 

Carnes, Charles Quintard, (Soph.), trav. salesman, Memphis, 

1886, Macon, Ga.; s. W. W. Carnes, Memphis, Tenn., and Kate W. Payne; b. 
Jan. 2t 1868; m. Annie Bell Tennille, Nov. 34, 1891, Macon, Ga. 

"^Christian, Harrison David, (Soph.), Meridian, Miss. 

1886, Meridian, Miss.; s. Charles D. Christian, Meridian, Miss., and Hallie Har- 
rison; b. Aug. 14, 1870; Dep. Clerk, Circuit Court, Lauderdale Co., Miss.; m. Grace 
C. Huddleston; d. May ax, 1895. 

Coleman, Bestor Pollard, (Soph.), lumber exporter, Bruns- 
wick, Ga. 

1887, Eutaw; s. Charles Coleman and Laura Pollard; b. Oct. a, 1871. 

Collins, Robert Wood, Jr., (Fr.), merchant, Gallion. 

1887, Gallion; s. James Todd Collins, Sr., and Kate Davis; b. Sept. 29, 187 1; 
Propri., Demopolis Inn, 1896-97; m. Susie Belle Robinson, Meridian, Miss., Dec. 9, 


♦Cornell, Sidnty Walker, (Soph.), Tuscaloosa. 

z886, Tuscaloosa; s. Hamilton Cornell, Clarksville, Tenn., and Tamesia Walker; 
k Dec aa, 1869; d. at Albany, N. Y., July a6, 1888. 

.Javidson, Francis Edward, (Fr.), civil engineer, Birmingham. 

x886, McDowell's; s. Francis E. Davidson, Birmingham, and Isadore A. Corn- 
stock; b. May 24, 1870; and Lieut, Co. G, ist Ala. Vol., Spanish War, 1898. 

Dewberry, William Crittendon, (Soph.), teacher, 

1887, Garland; s. W. C. Dewberry; b. Aug. i, 1866. 

Duggar, Reuben Henry, Jr., (Fr.), planter, Faunsdale. 

1887, Gallion; s. Dr. R. H. Duggar, Gallion, and Margaret Louisa Minge; b. 
Aug. IX, 1870. 

Foster, Ephraim Hubbard, Jr., (Fr.), lawyer, Huntsville. 

1887; 1892, Hillsboro; s. Ephraim Hubbard Foster and Susan A. Watkins; 
b. July 4, 1870; m. Susie Huff, Guntersville, April 8, 1901. 

Prye, John H., (Soph.), treasurer, Anniston. 

1887, Monroeville; s. John Hancock Frye, Monroeville, and Mary Amanda 
Parker; b. Dec. 23, 1871; Treas., Anniston Water Co. 

Greil, Nahum Jacob, (Soph.), wholesale merchant, Montgomery. 

1886, Montgomery; s. Jacob Gieil and Mens Lobman; b. Aug. 7, 1869; V. Pies.. 
Greil Bros. Co.; m. Anna Roman, Dec. 15, 1898. 


32 2 Record of Students [1888 

Guice, Isaac Feagin, (Soph.)^ cotton business, Eufaula^ 

1886, Eufaula; s. Thomas JeflFenon Guioe and Lidia Masaey; b. Oct. 27, 1870. 

Hatch, Richard, Jr., (Fr.), merchant and planter, Budcner, La. 

Charlieville, La.; s. Frank Hatch, Buckner, La., and Carrie Mclntoah; b. Feb. 
27, 1870; m. Mary ^Vnoon, Alto, La., Feb. 25, 1897. 

Henderson, Hugh, (Law) 

1887, Blakely, Ga. 

Higley, William Marshall, (Fr.), clerk. Mobile- 

1887, Mobile; 8. John Hunt Higley, Mobile, and Lily Manhall; b. Sept. 17, 
1870; Clerk, M. & O. R.R.; m. Lillian Taliaferro, Mobile, April 14, 1893. 

Hobdy, Robert Long, (Soph.), planter. Union Springes. 

1887, Union Springs; a. Robert Long Hobdy and Mary Buford; b. Jan. 3, 1870; 
m, Mary Pierce Robinson, White Plains, Ga., Nov. 30, 1898. 

Hallonquist, William Lucas, (Spec.), civil engineer, Unita, Ind. 

1887, Montgomery; s. L. B. Hallonquist, Montgomery, and Caralisa C. Lucas; 
b. Nov. 7, 1868; City Engineer, Galveston, Tex., 1893-93. 

Hollowell, James Meredith, (Soph.), Charleston, S. C. 

x886, Shelby Iron Worka, Shelby Co.; s. James F. Hollowell; b. Jan. 9, 1870. 

Isbell, William Gilliland, (Fr.), M^emphis, Tenn. 

1887, Browsboro, Madison Co.; b. Sept. z, 1870. 

Jeter, Richard Cullen, (Jun.), LL.B., '90, minister, Auburn. 

s886, 1889, Opelika; a. R. C. Jeter; b. Feb. 2, 1867; Rector, Episcopal Church. 

Jinks, Charles Lynn, (Fr.), LL. B., '91, lawyer. Union Springs. 

1887, Union Springs; s. L. W. Jinks, Union Springs, and Mattie Eugenia 
Sanford; b. Sept. x8, 1869; Rep., Gen. Assem., Ala. Leg., 1894-9S; m. Corinne C. 
Simmons, March 16, 1894, Birmingham. 

Kirksey, Robert Elisha, (Fr.), planter, Eutaw. 

1887, Eutaw; a. Foster M. Kirksey, Eutaw, and Margaretta Liaton; b. Feb. a8, 
1871; A. B., S. West. Pres. Univ., 1893. 

Long, Willis Julian, (Fr.), Anniston. 

1887, Eufaula; s. G. T. Long, Birmingham, and Lilla Bird; b. Aug. 27, 1871. 

Loveman, Louis Napoleon, (Jun.), merchant, Gadsden. 

x886, Dalton, Ga.; b. Dec 23, 1870; m. Mattie Lewis, Gadsden, March x, 1899. 

♦Macartney, Arthur, (Soph.), merchant, Mobile. 

x886. Mobile; s. Thomas N. Macartney and Josephine Easannel; b. Jan. as, 
187X; d. March ao, 1898. 

>raxwell, William Nathaniel, (Sen.), merchant, Tuscaloosa. 

X884, Tuscaloosa; a. Robert Maxwell and Mary Henderson; b. Nov. a, t868. 

i888] Graduates in Schools and Non-Graduates 323 

♦McConnell, Scheie deVere, (Soph), Center. 

1887, spring Garden, Cherokee Co.; ■. John L. McConnell and Ellie Spooks; 
d. Dec. 7» 1899. 

McDade, Benjamin McCou, (Fr.) 

1887, Montgomery; s. Dr. G. W. McDade; h. Dec 31, 1870. 

McDade, George Wilkins, Jr., (Fr.), Montgomery. 

1887, Montgomery; 8. Dr. G. W. McDade; b. Dec. 8, 1868. 

McMillan, Daniel Walter, (Soph.), physician, Pensacola, Fla. 

1887, Brewton; a. A. M. McMillan; b. Jan. 13, 1869. 

Mitchell, William Thompson, (Soph), planter, Bodka. 

1887, Gainesville; a. Daniel Mitchell and Martha A. Winston; b. Nov. a» 1867. 

Monroe, John Dennis, (Sen.), merchant, Woodlawn. 

X885, Bibbville; s. Dr. D. E. Monroe, Bibbville, and Elisabeth Jane Collier; b. 
Aug. 2$, 1864; m. Lelia Delle Hopson, Tuscalooaa, Oct. 23, 1895. 

♦Moody, Jesse Edwards, (Fr.), U. S. Army. 

1887, Scottsboro; a. Alex. Moody and Paralee Edwards; b. Sept. S3, 1869; 
Soldier in Philippine Islands, 40th U. S. VoL; killed in battle, June so, 1900. 

Murphy, Eugene Moreau, (Soph.), physician, Macon, Miss. 

1887, Macon, Miss.; s. Thomaa Scott Murphy and Sallie Brooks Ferris; b. 
April 29, 1869; M. D., Univ. Louisville, Ky., 1891; County Physician, Noxubee Co., 
1 896-1 900; m. Annie Lou Hardin, Macon, Miss., Jan. xa, 1893. 

Payne, Travis Alexander, (Fr.), planter and manufacturer, Jack- 

1887, Singleton; a. Frank T. Payne, Singleton, and Sarah Duncan; b. March 4, 
1869; m. Winona Jessie Woodward, Grove Hill, Sept. 6, 1888. 

Phillips, John David, (Soph.) 

1887. Yantley's Creek. 

Pittman, Alfred Buckner, (Soph.), LL. B., '91, lawyer, Mem- 
phis, Tenn. 

2887; 1890, Tuscaloosa; i. Alfred Buckner Pittman, Vickaburg, Miss., and 
Charlotte Lomax; b. May so, 1868. 

Purifoy, Francis Marion, (Soph.), LL. B., '99, lawyer, Tusca- 

1887; 1897, Snow HiU; a. John Purifoy, Montgomery, and Elisabeth Sarah Ron- 
ton; b. May s, 187s; Teacher, Caledonia, 1891, Montgomery, 189a, SimpsonviUe, Ky., 
1894-95; Qerk, State Auditor (Ala.), X89S-96. 

Reed, Robert Henry, (Fr.), dentist, Birmingham, 

1887, Huffman; a. John T. Reed, Birmingham, and Sarah E. Dupuy; b. Oct 
i(, 1865; D. D. S., Vanderbilt, 1892; practiced in Bettemer, 1871^7; Newport, Ark., 
1899-X90X; Capt, Co. B, and Ark. VoL, x898-99» Spaniah War. 

3^4 R£coiu> OF Students [1888 

Richardson, Beale Howard, Jr., (Fr.), insurance, Birminghani. 

1887, Moiitg<»Biery; i. B«ale Howard RichardaoB, ColomlMs 0*., and Mildred 
KUsabeth Holcombe; b. Feb. 27, 1871; m. Florence Howard, GlenvUle, June 8, 189). 

^Robinson, Joseph Huguley, (Fr.), Lafayette. 

1887, Lafayette; a. J. J. Robinson, Lafayette, and Joaepbine B. Kug^kj; h. 
Feb. 17, 1869; d. West Point, Ga., July si, 1889. 

Scott, Charles Herrington, (Fr.), real estate, Montgomery. 

1887, Montgomery; s. Tbomas Jefferson Soott and Mary A. Taylor; b. Dec »7, 
1873; Student, Howard CoL; U. S. Deputy Marshal, 1893-94; Engineer for Perdldo 
Land Co. and Vankirk Land Co., 1897; Capt., Co. A. 3rd Ala. VoL, Spanish war, 1898. 

Smith, Beverly Walker, (Soph.), physician, Franklin, La. 

1887, Franklin, La.; s. Beverly Chew Smith, Franklin, La., and Lily Walker; 
k April 17, 1870; M. D., Tulane U.; Parish Supt Public Schools, 1893 — ; m. Daisy 
Belle Williams, Lafourche Par., April 24, 1895. 

Smith, William David, (Jun.), book-keeper, Birmingham. 

1885, Birmingham; 8. James R. Smith, Sr., and Margaret Jordan; Book-keeper, 
ist Nat. Bank; m. Daisy Dean Weller, Louisrille, Ky., Not. 8, 1897. 

Sowell, James Lawrence, (Fr.), physician, Brilliant. 

1887, Monroeville; s. W. C Sowell, Monroeville, and Isabella Roberts; b. March 
19, 1868; M. D., Tulane, 1891; m. Josie Edwards Pleaaant, Perdue Hill, Dec 19, 189$. 

Speake, Paul, (Soph.), lawyer, Huntsville. 

1887, Huntsville; s. H. C. Speake and Carrie Olivia Maybe w; b. June 17, 1871; 
m. Florence Inez Hoy, Jan. 17, 1895. 

Speed, Joseph Augustus, (Fr.), locomotive engineer, Boligee. 

1887, Boligee; s. A. B. Speed; b. Jan. as, 187a. 

Stone, Lee, (Jun.), wholesale grocer, Birmingham. 

x886, CarroUton; 8. Richard Stone, CarroUton, and Elisabeth Nabors; b. Dec. 
IS, 1867. 

Thorington, Joseph Winter, (Fr.), lawyer, Montgomery. 

1887, Montgomery; s. Robert D. Thorington and Sallie Gindrat Winter. 

Todd, James Berwick, (Soph.), sugar planter, Foster's, La. 

1885-86; 1887, Foster's; s. Nathan K. Todd, Foster's, La., and Addle Berwkks 
m. Elizabeth Adele Gates, Franklin, La., Oct. 10, 1894. 

Treadaway, John Albert, (Fr.), clerk, Meridian, Miss. 

1887, Escatawpa; s. J. A. Treadaway; b. Jan. 13, 1867; Chief Qerk, M. ft 
O. R.R., Freight Office. 

Upchurch, Harvey Burt, (Fr.), physician, CarroUton. 

1887, Benevola, Pickens Co.; s. John Upchurch, Benerola, and MeUssa Han- 
son; b. Nov. 5, 1870; M. D., Mobile, 189a; Post Master, CarroUton, Dec i, 1899 ; 
m. Eula E. McCaflFerty. 

1889] Graduatbs with Titled Degrees $m$ 

Vandiver, Charles Walden, (Soph.), druggist, Talladega. 

1886, Talladega; s. John Harrington Vandiver, Ta^^adega, and Marjr Eliiabeth 
McAfee; b. Nov. 8, 1870. 

Vann, Andral, (Sen.), lawyer, Houston, Tex. 

1886, Birmingham; a. De James Byrd Vann, Birmingham, and Neaty ETeliaa 
Wilson; b. March 31, 1867; m. Linda May Layton, Chicago, IlL, Nor. x8, 1891. 

White, Edward Reynolds, (Fr.), lawyer. Centre. 

1887, Spring Garden; s. B. P. White and Acker; b. June i, 1869; 

m. Jo Walden, Centre. 

White, Thomas Vernon, (Soph.), planter and merchant, Epes. 

1887, Epes; s. David Campbell White and Addie Beatrice Browne; b. May xi, 
1868; Commissioner, Sumter Co., 4 years; m. Olive Winston, Sumter Co., April 27, 

Whitfield, Sidney Thomas, (Fr.), physician, Uniontown. 

1887, Carthage, Hale Co.; s. N. L. Whitfield, Carthage, and Esther Frierson; 
b. Aug. 8, 1865; A. B., Sou. Univ., Greensboro, M. D., Tulane, 1894; Teacher, New- 
bem, 1890-92; V. Pres., Ella White Cotton Mill, 1900. 

♦Wilds, Walter William, (Fr.), cotton buyer, Tuscaloosa. 

1887, Tuscaloosa; s. W. H. Wilds, Tuscaloosa, and Fannie Hamner; b. OcL 
6, 1871; m. Sallie Tankersly, Livingston, June 29, 1898; d. June a8, 1899. 

Williams, Edward Arthur, (Fr.), merchant. Fort Deposit. 

1887, Greenville; s. Francis Marion Williams and Nannie Grant; b. Feb. m, 
1868; m. Lula Ninion Williams. 

1889. Graduates with Titled Degrees 
Acker, Joseph Elihu, LL. B., lawyer, Ozark. 

1888, Judsonia; s. Albert S. Acker and Elizabeth O'Rear; b. Jan. 16, 1863; 
City Att'y* Ozark, 4 years; Mayor of Ozark, 1899 

Acker, Paul Jerome Moeris, A. B., A. M., '92, physician, Mobile. 

1886, Mobile; s. H. F. Acker; b. Dec. 12, 1870; M. D., 1892, Mobile; County 
Health Officer since 1894; Demonstrator and Lect, Med. Dept., Univ. of Ala., since 

Beeson, Jasper Luther, A. B., A. M., '90, teacher, Milledge- 
ville, Ga. 

1886, Keener, Etowah Co.; s. Capt. William Baker Beeson and Mary Ana 
Stbert; b. Aug. 31, 1867; Asst. in Physics, U. of Ala., 1889-90; Prof, of Chem. in L^ 
School, and Research Chemist, La. Expt. Sta., 1895-99; Prof. Chem. and Phys., Ga. 
Nor. and Ind. Col.; m. Loke $elman. Powder Springs, Ga., Sept. 13, 1894. 

Berwick, Oscar Dudley, Jr., A. B., sugar chemist, Franklin, La. 

X885, Foster's, La.; s. O. D. Berwick, Foster's, La., and Adelaide Dungan; h. 
March 23, 1870; Mem. School Board, Franklin, La.; Sugar Chemist; Asst Maaaser, 
Hanson Lumber Co. 

326 Record of Students [1889 

Brown, Arthur Lewis, LL. B., lawyer, (See 1887). 

Coleman, Thomas Wilkes, Jr., LL. B., (Sec 1885). 

Crook, James Floumoy, A. B., LL. B., '90, journalist. New York. 

x8S6, Jacktonville; a. James Crook, Jacksonville, and Annie £. Ponder; b. 
March xo, 1869; x^ Lieut, and Adj., 3rd Ga. VoL Inf., Spanish War, 2898. 

Cusack, Clarence Eugene, A. B., merchant, Livingston. 

x886, Livingston; s. John E. Cusack, Livingston, and Corinnah Harris; b. 
April 15, x868; m. Carrie May Watson, Dallas, Tex., Dec 29, 1899. 

Dent, William Earle, A. B., New York. 

1885, Macon, Miss.; s. William Dent, Macon, Miss., and Mary Cooper With- 
erspoon; b. Nov. a6, 1867; Trav. Salesman, 1889-1900; with N. Y. Telephone Co., 
1900 — . 

Dimmick, Joseph Phillips, A. B., clerk, Montgomery. 

1887, Montgomery; s. Joseph W. Dimmick and Annie Savage; b. Sept. 38, 1B72; 
Deputy Clerk, U. S. Court at Montgomery. 

Earle, Samuel Lowndes, A. B., merchant, Birmingham. 

1885, Birmingham; s. Paul Hamilton Earle, Birmingham, and Mary Gainet 
Greene; b. Oct. 23, 1870. 

Forney, Jacob, A. B., A. M., '92, teacher, University. 

x886, Jenifer, Talladega Co.; s. John H. Forney, Jacksonville, and Septima 

Sexta Rutledge; b. Oct. 8, 1868; Prin., Noble Inst, for Boys, Anniston, 1891-93; 

Pres., State Normal, Jacksonville, 1893-99; Instructor Ped. and Psychol., U. of Ala., 
X899 — ; m> Kathleen Burt McLaughlin, Springville, June 7, 1899. 

Foster, James Henry, LL. B., teacher, Tuscaloosa. 

x888, Foster's; s. John C Foster, Tuscaloosa, and Georgia A. Maharrey; b. 
Oct x6, x86i; A. B., Howard Col., 1883; Prin., Marengo High School, 1884-88; 
Instructor Math., Marion Mil. Inst., 1889-90; SupL, Tuscaloosa Graded Schools, 

1893 ; m. (i) Alida S. VandcGrafF, Los Angeles, Calif., April 36, 1892; (a) Mary 

A. Cochrane, Tuscaloosa, Dec s6, 1899* 

Friedman, Samuel, B. C. E., Tuscaloosa. 

1885, Tuscaloosa; s. Bemhard Friedman and Adelle Black; b. Jan. 33, 1871; 
C E., Columbia Univ., 1893; Capt. on Staff of snd Reg., A. N. G., 1897-X900; Gen. 
Man. for Friedman ft Loveman; Director, Merchants' Nat. Bank and T. C. ft I. Co. 

Fry, Edmund Maury, A. B., salesman. New York. 

1885, Mobile; s. Thomas Slaughter Fry and Mary Jane Shorter; b. May 3, 1870; 
Clerk, Mobile, 1889-97; Trav. Salesman, American Mfg. Co. in N. Y.; m. Olivia Pear 
Wescott, Wihnington, N. C, April 18, X900. 

♦Gosdin, Henry Schuyler, LL. B., lawyer, Goodwater. 

x888, Goodwater; s. E. P. Gosdin and Susan Carwile; b. Dec 13, 1868; d. 
July 22, 1B92. 

Hamilton, Qaude Edward, LL. B., lawyer and planter, Greenville. 

1888, Greenville; s. Dr. William Hamilton, Greenville, and Martha Harrell; 
b. Jan. 10, 1868; City Att'yt Greenville, 1891-93; Mayor, x900-oa; m. Jennie Chi- 
thester Hereford, Baton Rouge, La., May 19, X897. 

1889] Graduates with Titled Degrees 3^7 

Jenkins, Samuel Calhoun, A. B., A. M., '91, lawyer, Camden. 

1886, Camden; s. Dr. Lacky Walker Jenkins and EUen Shaw Nettles; b. Oct 
j8, 1868; Teacher at Monterey, 1887-88, Pine Apple, 1889-90, Monroeville, 1890-91, 
Camden, 1891-93; Supt. of E^uca., Wilcox Co., 1892-96; Rep., Gen. Assem., 1896-97; 
State Senator, 1898- 1902; Mem., Constitu. Conv., 1901. 

Jones, Edward Carlisle, LL. B., lawyer, Selma. 

1888, Selma; s. Dr. A. W. Jones; b. April 19, 1867; A. B., Ho^rd CoL, 1887. 

*Jones, William Augustine, LL. B., lawyer, Birmingham. 

1888, Tuscaloosa; s. William Augustine Jones and Margaret King; b. Nov. 17, 
1865; A. B., Johns Hopkins Univ., 1888; d. in New York, Feb. xi, 1894. 

Martin, William Mudd, A. B., lawyer, Birmingham. 

1886, Birmingham; s. Alburto Martin and Louisa Mudd; b. Dec. 15, 1868; xst 
lient., Co. A., 1st Ala. Vol. Inf., U. S. A., Spanish War, 1898. 

*McAdory, Mortimer Jordan, A. B., LL. B., '90, lawyer, Besse- 

x88$, Jonesboro; s. Chambers McAdory and Maria W. Jordan; b. April x, 1868; 
d. Dec. 10, X896. 

McKenzie, Daniel Berch, B. C. E., civil engineer, Eufaula. 

1886, Dunham; s. B. B. McKenzie and Caroline E. Floumoy; b. Jan. 7, 1870; 
Capt., A. N. G., 1893-96; Civ. Eng., Ala. and Fla. R.R., 1899; Treas., Chewalla Cotton 

Milner, John Cooper, LL. B., lawyer, Vernon. 

1888, Leeds; s. John A. Milner, Birmingham, and Sallie Cooper; b. May s8, 
1868; Solicitor, Lamar Co., 1891-92; Mayor of Vernon, 1896-98; m. Adine P. Cobb, 
Vernon, June 29, iSga, 

Newman, James Bryan, LL. B., lawyer, Nashville, Tenn. 

1888, Grove Hill; s. James A. Newman, Grove Hill, and Annie Burroughs; b. 
Dec. II, 1870; County Solicitor, Talladega Co., 1892-94. 

Oliver, William Bacon, LL. B., (See 1887). 
Otts, Lelius McCrary, LL. B., (See 1887). 

Palmer, William Bradley, A. B., LL. B., '91, physician, Riderville. 

1885, Snow Hill; s. William Palmer, Ackenrille, and Rachel A. Bradley, Cone- 
cuh Co.; b. March x, 1868: M. D., Tulane, 1898. 

♦Pettway, Francis Watkins, A. B., book-keeper, Knoxville, Tenn. 

1885, Camden; s. John Henry Pettway and Laura Jones; b. Not. j, x868; d. 
June 5, 1899. 

Reynolds, Herbert Elisha, A. B., LL. B., '90, merchant, Centre- 

1887, Montevallo; s. H. C. Reynolds, Monterallo, and Mary Boyd; b. Oct 8, 
1869; Lawyer at Columbiana, 1890-94; >»• Nora Woodruff Leeper, Birmingham, Oct. 
JO, 1896. 

328 Recx>rd of Students [1889 

Searcy, Walter Ross, A. B., druggist, Smithvilie, Tex. 

1885, Tuscaloosa; s. James T. Searcy and Annie R. Rots; b. May 17, t8yo; G. 
Phar., Univ. of Va., 1890; m. Lizzie Donthitt, Velaaoo, Tex., Jan. 8, 1895. 

Sensabaugh, Samuel Spears, LL. B., lawyer and planter, Sterrett, 

1888, Anniston; s. Richard M. Sensabaugh, Rogersyille, Tenn., and Sarah E. 
Spears; b. Sept. 2s, 1864. 

Shorter, Henry Russell, Jr., A. B., lawyer, Eufaula. 

1885, Eufaula; s. Henry R. Shorter, Eufaula, and Addie Catherine Keith; AasL 
Register, U. S. Land office, Indian Ter., 1893-94. 

Swanson, William Cleburne, LL. B., lawyer, Eufaula. 

1888, Clayton; s. Thomas Swanson and Anne Eugenia Cobb; b. Jan. sa, 1867; 
Reg. in Chanc, Barbour Co., 1890-1901. 

Taylor, Edward Archibald, A. B., R. R. business, Denver, Col. 

1885, Linden; s. James W. Taylor, Demopolis, and Caroline Sappington; m. 
Josie L. Henderson, Greeley, Colo., Nov., 1895. 

Terrell, Scurry Latimer, A. B., physician, Dallas, Tex. 

1885, Houston, Tex.; s. E. R. Terrell, Houston, Tex., and Kate Scurry; b. 
Dec 12, 1868; M. D., Col. of P. and S., Baltimore; Specialist on Eye and Ear. 

Thornton, Robert Sidney, A. B., manufacturer. Mobile. 

1885, Coffeeville, Clarke Co.; s. Eli S. Thornton, CofTeevillc, and Sallie J. Pace; 
b. March 31, 1865; Planter. 

TuUis, John Wesley, Jr., A. B., merchant, Montgomery. 

1885, Eufaula; s. John W. Tullis, Eufaula, and Mary Caroline Woods; b. Dec 
3, 187a; Pres. Tullis Hardware Co.; m. Alice Pickens Haltiwanger, Atlanta, April 
a8, 1897. 

Warren, Bates, A. B., lawyer, Washington, D. C. 

1888, Clayton, s. Warren and Mary Frances Lawson; LL. B., George- 
town, 1892, and LL. M., 1893; ni. Lisette Bell, Washington, D. C, May, 1897. 

Willett, George Washington, A. B., physician, Atlanta, Ga. 

1886, Carrollton; s. Elbert Decatur Willett and Candace M. Bostick; b. April 
S3, 1868; M. D., Bellevue Hosp. Med. Col., 1893- 

1889. Graduates in Schools and Non-Graduates 

Allen, George Ball, (Ec), A. G. P. agent, St. Louis, Mo. 

1887, Montgomery; s. William Wirt Allen, Florence, and Susan Pendleton Ball; 
b. Dec. a, 1869; served as Chief Clerk, Pass. Department, Dist. Pass. Agent, DiTisioa 
Pass. Agent, and now Asst. Gen. Pass. Agent, Southern Railway; lived in Atlanta, 
Charleston, and at St. Louis since Jan. i, 1901; m. Mary Porter Weakly, Nashville, 
Tenn., June 14, 1900. 

Allen, Thomas Shackelford, (Fr.) 

1887, New Orleans, La. 

1889I Graduates in Schcx)ls and Non-Graduates 329 

Banks, George Young, (Jun.), merchant, Columbus, Miss. 

1886, Columbtis, Miss.; s. James Olhrer Banks, Giliimbiis, Miss., and Lucy 
Watkins Yotang; b. Feb. 7, 1871; m. Katberine Anderson Yerger, Sewanee, Tenn., 
Dec. 26, 1894. 

Barton, William Adrian, (Jun.), insurance, Birmingham. 

1886, Forkland; s. R. A. Barton and Mary J. Hendricks; b. Nov. 20, 1869; 
book-keeper, Loveman, Joseph and Loeb, Sec, Life and Accident Association. 

Blackburn, Felix Edward, (Law), (See 1888). 

Blackshear, Thomas Edward, (Fr.) 

1888, Thomasville, Ga.; s. T. £. Blackshear; b. Nor. ii, 1871. 

Chapman, Benjamin Sidney, (Soph.), physician, Montgomery. 

1887, Moptgomery; s. Benjamin Donaldson Chapman and Sydney M. Sander- 
son; b. Oct. so, 1869; M. D., 1892, Univ. City of N. Y.; County Physician, 1895-96; 
m. Mary Ella Browder, Montgomery, June 26, 1895. 

Duggar, Benjamin Minge, (Soph.), botanist. New York. 

1887, Gallion; s. Dr. Reuben H. Duggar, Gallion, and Margaret Louisa Minge; 
b. Sept. X, 187a; B. S., X891, and M. S., Ala. P. Inst., 1892; Asst. Director, Union- 
town Agr. Exper. Sta., 1892-93; Asst in Botany, Harvard Univ., 1894-95; Asst. Bot- 
anist, 111. State Lab. of Nat. History, 1895-96; Cryptogamic Botanist, Agr. Exper. 
Sta. and Instructor, Cornell Univ., 1896 — ; Student at European Univ., 1899-1900. 


Feam, Allen Vories, (Fr.) 

x888, Thomasville, Ga.; s. George Feam; b. June 13, 1871. 

Gates, Sterling Johnson, (Soph.), physician, Franklin, La. 

1887, Franklin, La.; s. Alfred S. Gates, Franklin, La., and Helen L. Johnson; 
b. Oct. 21, 1870; M. D., Tulane, 1893; ^- Ada Favrat, Baton Rouge, La., Jan. 12, 1898. 

Gilliam, Horace Stringfellow, (Fr.), book-keeper, St. Louis, Mo. 

x888, Montgomery; s. Thomas Gilliam, Petersburg, Va., and Agnes String- 
fellow; b. May 26, 1871; Book-keeper for J. & P. Coats Co. 

♦Gilliam, John, (Soph.), physician, St. Louis, Mo. 

1888, Petersburg, Va.; s. Thomas Gilliam, Petersburg, Va., and Agnes String- 
fellow; b. May 4, 1873; M. D., Univ. of Va.; d. 1899. 

Gravlee, Joseph Mortimer, (Soph.), merchant, Jasper. 

1888, Jasper; s. W. G. Gravlee and Sarah Roberts; b. Aug. 14, 1870. 

Grimshaw, Seaborn Travis, (Jun.), engineer. Savannah, Ga. 

1886, Livingston; s. Harry Grimshaw, San Francisco, Cal., and Alida Travis; 
b. Sept. 30, 1870; Engineering Dept., Seaboard Air Line. 

Guild, Charles LaFayette, (Fr.), Houston, Tex. 

1888, Tuscaloosa; s. Dr. James Guild, Jr., Tuscaloosa, and Margaret Bennett; 
b. July 14, 1870. 

Hagler, John Wyley, (Soph.), physician, Prattville. 

1887, Samantha, Tuscaloosa Co.; s. Edward I. Hagler, Tyner, and Maggie 
Prewitt; b. Oct. x, 1869; M. D., Mobile, 1895: »- Mary Egleston, Grenada, Miss., 
April 26, 189s. 

•330 Recx>rd of Students [1889 

Hagler, Prewitt LaFayette, (Soph.), physician, Ensley. 

1887, Sanwntha; a. Edward I. Hagler and Maggie Prewitt; b. Jan. a6» 1868; 
M. D., Mobile, 1893. 

Harmon, Robert Lee, (Jun.), LL. B., '91, lawyer, Montgomery. 

1887, Union Springs; a. John Fletcher Harmon, Orion, and Nancy Bateman; 
b. Aog. 29, 1865; m. Mary Holt, Montgomery, Jan. 9, 1901. 

Harris, William Leon, (Law), lawyer, Fayette. 

1887, Fayette; a! Dr. Eraatus G. Harris and Susan R. Johnston; b. Jan. 18, 1868. 

Henderson, William Forest, (Law) 

1888, GaylesviUe; s. J. W. Henderson; b. May i, 1864. 

Hutchinson, William James, (Fr.), Pensacola, Fla. 

1888, Pensaoola, Fla.; a. W. H. Hutchinson; b. June 14, 1870. 

Johnson, William Ira, (Jun.), dentist, Dothan. 

x886, Rutledge; s. Dr. E. H. Johnson, Troy, and Bettie Chapman; b. March 
x6, 1870; D. D. S., Vanderbilt, 1893; m. Mamie Thraaher, Dothan, Oct. 11, 1893. 

Kohn, Ira Leonard, (Soph.), merchant, New York. 

1887, Montgomery; s. Jacob Kohn, Montgomery, and Jane Schiffer; b. March 
8, 1873. 

Leatherwood, Timothy Miles, (Soph.), physician, Tuscaloosa. 

1887. Tuscaloosa; s. John W. Leatherwood, Tuscaloosa, and Jane Burton; b. 
Dec. II, 1863; M. D., Mobile, 1891; m. Roberta L. Marshall, Payne's Depot, Ky., 
Aug. I, 189$. 

Lee, John Robert, (Jun.), merchant, Pratt City. 

1886, Tuscaloosa; a. CoL I. J. Lee, Pratt City, and Susan L. Boling; b. Sept. 
24, 1868. 

Lincoln, Norman Lee, (Soph.), clerk, St. Louis, Mo. 

1887, Columbus, Miss.; s. £. L. Lincoln; b. Sept 15. 1870; with Hamilton 
Brown Shoe Co. 

Loveman, Robert, (Law), poet, Dalton, Ga. 

1888, Birmingham; a. David R. Loreman, Dalton, Ga., and Esther Schwartz; 
b. April II, 1864; Author of Collections pf Poems pub. in 1893, >897t 1900. 

♦McCall, Henry Walton, (Fr.), DeSotoville. 

1889, De Sotoville, Choctaw Co.; a. Dr. Daniel McCall, DeSotoville, and Nancy 
Elizabeth Thompson; b. Aug. 24, 187a; d. Dec a8, 1889. 

McDowell, Charles Samuel, Jr., lawyer, Eufaula. 

1888, Eufaula; s. Charles S. McDowell and Maggie McKay; b. Oct. 17, 1871; 
Probate Clerk, Barbour Co., 1895-97; Mem. Board of Rev., Barbour Co., 1897-1903; 
Supt. Education, Barbour Co., i897>i9oi; Capt, Eufaula Rifles, A. N. G., 1899-1903. 

Merritt, Felder Luther, (Soph.), merchant, James. 

1888, Midway; s. M. C. Merritt; b. March 10, 1868; m. Emma Crymes, Mid- 
way, 1889. 

1889] Graduates in Schools and Non-Graduates 331 

Michael, John RofF, (Fr.), book-keeper, Washington, Ariz. 

x888, Citronelle; ■. Dr. J. G. Michael and Margaret Simiton; b. Nov. 17, 1869; 
Mayor, Citronelle, x 895-96; Sec. Hygeia Hotel and Improvement Co.; book-keeper, 
"Pride of the West Mine." 

♦Murphy, James, (Soph.), bank cashier, Eutaw. 

1887, Eutaw; ■. A. S. Murphy and Virginia C Davidson; b. March xi, X87J; 
m. M. J. McGiffert, Eutaw, April 5, 1893; d. March 19, 1901. 

Norris, Samuel Hamner, (Fr.), clerk and book-keeper, Birming- 

x888, Tuscaloona; a. James W. Norris and Cinthia Hester Hamner; b. Oct 
30, 1871; Manager Wood-Dickerson Lumber Co.; m. Annie Shindeblower, June 
ss, X898. 

OTRear, Rufus Allen, (Fr.), agent, Jasper. 

1888, Jasper; a. Elijah O'Rear and Sarah M. Feltman; b. Jan. S9, 1869; Tax 
Commis., Walker Co., 1901; Mem. Constitu. Conv., X90X; Land Agent, So. Ry. 

♦Parker, Osborne, (Jun.), University. 

z886. University; s. Prof. William Asa Parker and Martha English Foster; b. 
Dec 8, 1870; U. S. Inspector of Lighthouses; d. April S* z^7* 

Renfroe, John Forney, (Jun.), gov. employee, Washington, D. C. 

1886, Opelika; s. Forney Renfroe, Opelika, and Nannie Lancaster; b. Nov. 23, 
X869; m. Stella Graham, Franklin, Pa. 

Renfroe, Joseph Lancaster, (Soph.), Opelika. 

1887, Opelika; s. Forney Renfroe, Opelika, and Nannie Lancaster; b. Nov. $, 
187 1 ; Manager Telephone Exchange and Ice Factory; m. Mattie Lou Roby, of Opelika, 
at West Point, Ga., March 7, 1901. 

Richards, William Evans, (Jun.), surgeon, U. S. Army. 

1887, Columbus, Miss.; s. William Cooledge Richards and Frances Evans; b. 
Feb. 3, 187 1 ; M. D., 1894; xst Lieut, and Asst Surg., U. S. A., appointed Oct 
s6, x85^. 

Saint, Howard, (Fr.), merchant, Teche, La. 

1888, Jackson; s. John D. Saint, Franklin, La., and Ellen J. DuBose; b. May 
8, X870. 

Shamotulski, Frank, (Soph.), butcher, Chattanooga, Tenn. 

1888, Tuscaloosa; s. Charles Shamotulski; b. June 7, x866. 

Smith, Hampton Sidney, (Jun.), Birmingham. 

x886, Birmingham; s. J. Morgan Smith, Birmingham, and Kate Duncan; b. 
Aug. X4, 1870; V. Pres. Birmingham Lumber Co.; OiBoer Superior Coal & Coke Co.; 
m. Harriet Hewitt 

Strudwick, James Webb, (Fr.), planter, Havana. 

x888, Tuscaloosa; s. James W. Strudwick and Elisabeth Linebaugh; b. Nov. 
S3, 1870. 

332 R£cx)SD OF Students [^^90 

♦Thomas, McKennie, (Jun.), lawyer, Nixburg. 

X887, Nixburg» Cooca Co.; a. Allen J. Thomas and Mary R. Smith; b. June 94, 
1870; Ref. in Chanc., Cooaa G).; d. March, 1898. 

VandeGrift, Sylvester, (Soph.), merchant, Birmingham. 

X887, Birmingham; a. A. 6. VandeGrift; b. June 11, 1870. 

Vemer, Charles Bell, (Law), lawyer, Tuscaloosa. 

i888» Richland, S. C; a. Ebenezer P. Vemer, Richland, S. C, and Emily 
Foster; b. Jtme so, 1868; Land Commisstoner, U. of Ala., 1897-98; Asst Solicitor, 
Tuscaloosa Co.; m. Lizzie Armantine Cade, Tuscaloosa, Oct. a, 1895. 

Vidmer, George, (Fr.), officer, U. S. Army. 

1888, Citronelle; a. John Vidmer and Ella Virginia Redwood; b. Aug. x6, 1871; 
Grad., U. S. Mil. Acad., West Point, N. Y., 1894; Officer, loth Cav., U. S. A; m. 
Caroline Richards, Mobile, Sept. 5, 1894. 

Westmoreland, Hawkins Davenport, (Fr.), physician, Huntsville. 

1888, Athens; s. Dr. Theo. Westmoreland, Athens, and Eunice Nelson; b. May 
4, 1873; M. D., Vanderbilt, 189a; Interne Hospital, N. Y., 1892-94; m. Lucille Cobb 
Fowlkes, Jan. 3, 1900. 

Whatley, Edgar Leander, (Soph.), lawyer, Ashland. 

1888, Ashland; s. William T. Whatiey, Idaho, and Ann Wilboum; b. April 
24, 1871; Deputy Sheriff, Talladega Co., 1895-96; Editor, 1896; m. Alice Steed, Line- 
ville, Nov. 30, 1899. 

Wood, Alexander Hamilton, (Soph.), operator, Petros, Tenn. 

1887, Florence; s. Major H. C. Wood, Florence, and Sallie Sheppard; b. Sept 
SI, 1870; C. E., U. of Va.; C. £., on L. & N. R. R.; Commiasioner of Labor, Tenn.; 
Coal Mine Operator; m. Maza Scott, St Louis, Mo., Dec. as, 1900. 

Wood, Fern Manly, (Jun.), book-keeper, New York. 

1888, Eufaula; s. Fern Manly Wood and Sarah Roquemore; b. Not. i, 1869; 
m. Baker Jones, Montgomery. 

Wyly, Henry Forney, (Soph.), agent. Mobile. 

1887, Jacksonville; s. John McGehee Wyly, Montgomery, and Catherine AmeUa 
Forney; b. July 32, 1869; Commercial Agent, N. ft W. R. R. 

1890. Graduates with Titled Degrees 
Alston, Edward Ott, A. B., Richmond, Va. 

1888, Clayton; s. Judge A. H. Alston, Clayton, and Annie Mariah Ott; b. 
March 20, 1871; Chief Clerk, Gen. Freight office. So. R. R. Co., entered as mailing 
clerk, frequently promoted, made chief clerk May i, 1899. 

Alston, Robert Cotton, A. B., lawyer, Atlanta, Ga. 

1888, Oayton; a. Judge A. H. Alston and Annie Mariah Ott; b. April 30, 1873; 
m. Caroline Lamar du Bignon, Savannah, Ga., Jan. x, 1900. 

Brown, James Clinton, A. B., LL. B., '92, lawyer, Tuscaloosa. 

1887, Olmatead, Tuscalooaa Co.; a. Randall R. Brown and Susanna Emerson; 
b. May a, 1868; Editor Northport Brt9Mt, 1893-98; Probate Judge, Tuscalooaa Cow, 
1898 — ; m. Grace Maxwell, Tuscalooaa, May, 1900. 

1890] Graduates with Titled Degrees 333 

Brown, Robinson, A. B., LL. B., '92, lawyer, Tuscaloosa. 

1687, Olmstead; a. Randall Robinaon Brown and Soaanna Emcrton; b. Jan. i8, 
ityi; m. Stella Seed, Tuscaloosa, Jan. xo, X893. 

Clayton, Jeiferson Davis, A. B., lawyer, Eufaula. 

x886. University; s. Gen. Henry D. Clayton, University, and Victoria Virginia 
Hunter; b. April 13, 1869; LL. B., Cumberland Univ., Lebanon, Tenn., 1892. 

Comer, William Thornton, A. B., Atlanta, Ga. 

1887, Eufaula; s. George Legare Comer, Eufaula, and Laura Virginia Thornton; 
b. July IS, 1 871; Cashier, English & American Loan & Trust Co.; m. Lily Lonsdale 
Brockett, Atlanta, Ga., June ao, 1901. 

Crook, James Floumoy, LL. B., (See 1889). 

Dixon^ James Kelley, A. B., LL. B., '92, lawyer, Talladega. 

1886, Fayetteville; s. Dr. John Dixon, Fayetteville, and Matilda Kelly; b. April 
8, 1870; m. Julia Augusta Brewer, Montgomery, Oct. x, 1895. 

Ellis, Albert Brock, A. B., teacher, Fredericksburg, Va. 

1886, Bailey Springs, Lauderdale Co.; a. William P. Ellis and Ella S. Brock; 
b. Sept 12, i860; Teacher, Bailey Springs, 1895-99; V. Pres., Fredericksburg, Va., 
College, 1899 — . 

Elmore, John Archer, LL. B., lawyer, Montgomery. 

1889, Montgomery; s. Vincent Martin Elmore and Rebecca Hails; b. March 
19, 1869; m. Wylle Belle Peeler, Macon, Ga., Oct. 33, 1901. 

Espy, Goodman Basil, B. C. E., planter, Eufaula. 

x886, Bush, Barbour Co.; s. J. S. Espy, Bush, and Elizabeth White; b. Feb. 
xo, x868; Surveyor, Barbour Co., 1893-96; Lumber Manufacturer; m. Jennie Gibson, 
Opelika, July 7, 1897. 

Fletcher, Richard Mason, Jr., A. B., A. M., '90, surgeon, U. S. 

1887, Huntsville; s. Richard M. Fletcher, Madison, and Rebecca Mason; b. 
May 22, 1872; M. D., Mobile, 1894; Health officer, Madison Co., 1895-98; ist Lieut, 
and Quartermaster, then xst Asst Surgeon, ist Ala. Vot Inf., U. S. A., Spanish War, 
X898, now Asst. Surgeon, U. S. Army. 

Foster, Arthur Borders, A. B., LL. B., '91, lawyer, Troy. 

1887, Clayton; s. John A. Foster and Mary M. Borders; b. Oct. 19, 1B72; 
Reg. in Chanc, 1893-98; m. Jessie Simpson, Cuthbert, Ga., Nov. ax, 1894. 

Gamer, Thomas Henry, LL. B., (See 1888). 

Gibson, Emile Lacy, A. B., book-keeper, Chemainus, B. C. 

1883-85, 1887, Mobile; s. James Spalding Gibson, Mobile, and Antoinette Julia 
Powers; b. Oct 4, 1867; Book-keeper, Lincoln Nat. Bank, Washington, D. C, 1892-95. 

Gorgas, Richard Haynesworth, LL. B., (See 1884). 

Grayson, James Gordon, A. B., merchant, Gurley. 

i886, Huntsville; s. J. W. Grayson and Sarah Smith Allison; b. Jan. 31, 1866; 
m. N. Eliza Mosely, Norfolk, Va., Jmw la, 1894. 

334 Record of Students [^^90 

Greene, Joseph Berry, A. B., A. M., '91, surgeon, U. S. Marines. 

1887, Birmingham; a. Robert N. Greene, Birmtngham, and Sarah E. Earle; b. 
Oct i8» 1869; M. D., Univ. of Va., 1894; Surgeon, U. S. Marine Hospital Senride; 
Surgeon, U. S. Rev. Ship McCulloch, under Admiral Dewey, 1898; Hedical Adviaer 
to U. S. Consul, Bremen, Germany, 1900—. 

Harris, William Wert, LL. B., lawyer, Montgomery. 

1889, Decatur; a. C C Harris, Decatur, and Julia C. Wert; b. Oct. 27, 1870; 
Private Sec., Supreme Court of Ala. 

Henry, John Evans, A. B., lawyer, Seale. 

1888, Scale; s. Beverly Marshall Henry, Columbus, Ga., and Martha Frances 
Evans; b. Dec. 25, 1870; LL. B., Univ. of Ga., 189s; Teacher at Clayton, 1890^1; 
Rep., Gen. Assem., Ala., ijkmm)^; m. Rosa J. Cobb, Tuskegee, 1893. 

Hixson, James Courtney, LL. B., (See 1888). 

Hixson, William Carter, A. B., A. M., '92, teacher, Waco, Tex. 

1887, Union Springs; s. Rev. J. O. Hixson and Mattie Thurman Brown; b. 
March 14, 1869; Prof., Claiborne CoL, Homer, La., x89o<9a, Prin., Longview, Tex.. 
High School, 1892-94; U. S. Marshal, Foochow, China, 1894-96; Acting Consul at 
Foochow, 1896; V. Consul at Foochow, China, 1897; Instructor, Waco, Tex., High 
School, 1897-99; Prin., ist Dist. High School, Waco, 1899—; m. Pearl Rivers Howard, 
Longview, Tex., June 3* 1894. 

Horton, John Coleman,, A. B., A. M., '91, minister, Talladega. 

1887, Mobile; Rector Episcopal Church, Talladega. 

Howze, Henry Russell, A. B., LL. B., '91, lawyer, Birmingham. 

1887, Birmingham; s. A. C Howse and ValUe Long, Athens, Ga.; b. Nov. ia» 
1870; Instructor Math., U. of Ala., 1890-91. 

Inge, Francis James, Jr., A. B., LL. B., 92, lawyer, Mobile. 

1887, Mobile; a. Frank James Inge, Mobile, and Emma Meatoria Chapman; 
b. April 24, 1871. 

Inzer, John Allen, A. B., A. M., '92, lawyer, Ashville. 

1886, Springville; a. Marquis Lafayette Inser, Springville, and N. D. Moore; 
b. April 3o, 1870; Prin., Ashville Acad., 1890-9S; Solicitor, St Clair Co., 1894-98; 
m. Delia Robinson, Ashville, Oct 30, 1895. 

Jeter, Richard CuUen, LL. B., (See 1888). 

Kemper, Walter Young, A. B., sugar planter, Perico, Cuba. 

1886, Glencoe, La.; s. William Peter Kemper, Glencoe, La., and Monica Rogers; 
b. Sept 5. 1870; Manager, Glencoe Plantation, 1894-97; Mgr., Peebles Plantation, 
2897-99; Mgr. Tinquaro Plantation in Cuba; m. Leonora Barton, Welcome, La., April 
18, X894. 

Marx, Lee Joseph, LL. B., lawyer, Birmingham. 

1889, Tuscaloosa; s. Lehman Marx, Eutaw, and Theresa Goldsmith; b. Dee. 
18, 1872; A. B. and A. M., Spring Hill CoL; m. Fannie Gtts6eld, Birmingham, Sept 
18, 1894. 

1890] Graduates with Titled Degrees 335 

Maxwell, Reuben Searcy, A. B., clerk, Washington, D. C. 

1886, Tfucaloosa; s. John Maxwell and Mary Ann Maxwell; b. Sept a, 1871; 
Clerk, War Dept., Waahinstonp D. C 

Maxwell, Thomas Bearing, A. B., merchant, Tuscaloosa. 

1886, Tuscaloosa; s. Robert Maxwell and Mary Henderson; b. Dec 8, 1870. 

♦McjAdory, Mortimer Jordan, LL. B., (See 1889). 

Miles, Pierre Frank, A. B., editor. Union Springs. 

1886, Union Springs; s. Capt A. Miles and Placidia Moragne; b. July 26, 1869; 
Editor Union Springs Herald. 

Moore, Lake, LL. B., lawyer, Fairland, Ind. Ter. 

X889, Montgomery; s. James P. Moore, Greenrille, S. C, and Ethland B. Brooks; 
b. Nov. 28, 1869; Ph. B.. Univ. of N. C, 1889; County Solicitor, DeKalb Co., 1893-94; 
Reg. in Chanc, DeKalb Co., 1895-96; m. Martha Foster Hill, Tuscaloosa, Dec 
4> X893. 

Murphy, Jeremiah, LL. B., lawyer, Huntsville. 

1889, Huntsville; s. J. Murphy; b. May 3, 1870; City Atty., 1893-99; Referee In 
Bankruptcy for N. Dist of Ala., 2899 — 

Murphy, Samuel Silenus, Jr., A. B., teacher. Mobile. 

1887, Pleasant Ridge; s. Dr. S. S. Murphy and E. M. Steele; b. Oct 8. 1867; 
Teacher, Barton Academy; Supt., Mobile Public Schools, 1900 — ; m. Marie Marechal, 
De&, 1898. 

Pittman, Ernest Waller, B. C. E., C. E., '92, Pittsburg, Pa. 

1887, Tuscaloosa; s. Alfred B. Pittman, Vicksburg, and Charlotte Loniax; b. 
Feb. 5, 1872; Recorder, U. S. Gov. Survey, Red River, 1891-92; Bridge Designer, 
Chicago, 111., 1893-94; Pittsburg, 1897-98 and 1901 — ; Bridge and Machine Designer, 
Qeveland, Ohio, 1898-1901; m. Mary H. Alston, Tus ca loosa, Aug. a9, 1893. 

♦Rather, Pearsall, A. B., lawyer, Tuscumbia. 

1887, Tuscumbia; s. Hon. John D. Rather, Tusctimbia, and Letitia Pearsall; 
b. Dec 16, 1869; d. April 15, 1894. 

Reese, Warren Stone, LL. B., lawyer, Montgomery. 

1889, Montgomery; s. Warren S. Reese; b. Jan. 31, 1866; U. S. Atty., Middle 
Dist of Ala., 1897 — : m. Easie Lee Whitfield, Brunswick, Ga., Feb. 19, 1901. 

Reynolds, Herbert Elisha, LL. B., (See 1889). 

Reynolds, James Moseley, LL. B., lawyer, Montevallo. 

1889, Montevallo; s. E. Reynolds, Montevallo, and Nancy Petty; b. Nov. 19, 
184s; Private, Co. D, 8th Ala. Reg. of Inf., C. S. A.; m. (i) Fannie Boyd, Monte> 
vallo, Nov. 26, 1876, (a) Flora Thomas, Kellyton, July 18, 1897. 

Robinson, Edward Murphy, A. B., LL. B., '91, lawyer. Mobile. 

1886, Stockton; s. G. W. Robinson and Martha A. McMillan; b. March ix, 
1873; Rep., Gen. Assem., Ala. Leg., 1894-99; Recorder of Mobile, 1897-98; Capt., Co. 
C, and Ala. Vol., Spanish War, 1898; Trustee, Ala. Ina. Hosp. and Troy Normal Col.; 
President, Society of Alumni, i90x-oa. 

$$6 Record of Students l^^90 

Smith, Walter Lane, A. B., contractor, Memphis, Tenn. 

x8S6, BinniagliAm; ■. Robert D. Saiitli, Tnusville, and Mary Johnston McLean; 
h, Jan. 31, 1870; V. Pres. and Director, Tnissville Fumaoe Co.; Sec. and Treao., Ran- 
kin, Miss., Stone Ca; Member of firm C D. Smith & Co., General Contractors. 

Somerville, Archibald Bruce, A. B., printer, Tuscaloosa. 

1886, Tuscaloosa; s. Judjce H. M. Somerville, and Cornelia B. Harris; b. Nov. 
4 1870; Newspaper writer. 

Somerville, Ormond, LL. B., (See 1887). 

Stevens, Thomas McCorvey, LL. B., (See 1888). 

Thornton, John Blocker, A. B., LL. B., '93, A. M., '92, lawyer, 

1887, Tuscaloosa; s. Harry Innes Thornton and Sallie Amelia Blocker; b. 
Dec 7, 1870; Teacher, Toscaloosa, Adger, 1890-93, Waco, Tex., 1893-95; m. (z) Adele 
Ketchum Inge, Atlanta, Ga., Dec. 37, 1894, (a) Fannie S. Smith, Mobile, April 9, 1901. 

Tunstall, Wiley Croom, Jr., LL. B., (See 1888). 

Ward, Benjamin Needham, A. B., A. M., '95, physician, Helena, 

z886, Carthage, Miss.; s. Dr. B. N. Ward and Caroline Harriett Dismukes; 
b. May 17 1 1867; M. D., Tulane, 1897; Interne Charity Hosp., New Orleans, 1895-97; 
m. Grace Greenwood Taylor, Fort Jessup, La., June 15, 1897. 

Wilkerson, John Halbert, LL. B., lawyer, Elba. 

1889, Troy; s.. £. B. Wilkerson and Mary E. Dann; b. July 27, 1869; B. S., 
1887, Sou. Univ., Greensboro. 

1890. Graduates in Schools and Non-Graduates 

Beach, Thorn well, (Fr.), merchant, Columbia. 

1889, Columbia; s. H. M. Beach, Columbia, and Clara H. Maxwell; b. Feb. 
15* 1871. 

Berwick, John Warren, (Jun.), book-keeper, Franklin, La. 

1887, Foster's, La.; s. O. D. Berwick, Foster's, La., and V. A. Dungan; b. April 
15, 1872; Book-keeper, St. Mary's Bank. 

Boles, William Jeptha, (Law), journalist, Birmingham. 

1889, Piedmont; s. John Calhoun Boles and Elizabeth Savage; b. Oct. 10, x866; 
xst Lieut, 3rd Inf., Ala. Vol., Spanish War, 1898; Life Insurance, 1897- 1900; Mem. 
Editorial Staff, Age-Herald. 

Brandon, Edward Woodward, (Soph.), drummer, Shreve- 
port. La. 

1888, Huntsville; s. F. T. J. Brandon and Caroljrn Woodward; b. Sept. 3, 
1872; m. Nellie Rhodes, Dallas, Tex., Dec. 22, 189^. 

Brooks, Lothair, (Soph.), merchant, Ensley. 

1888, Birmingham; s. A. L. Brooks; b. July a9, 1870; m. Minnie Wood, Wood- 

i?9o] Graduates in Schools and Non-Graduates 337 

Browder, David, (Jun.), rate clerk, Atlanta, Ga. 

1887, Montgomery; s. R. J. Browder, Montgomery, and Alice Nobk; b. Sept. 
13, 187 1 ; m. (i) Carrie Lee Fogleman, Memphis, Tenn«, Sept 22, x893> (a) Eleanor 
Martin, Montgomery, Nov. a, 1898. 

Cooke, Elias Middleton, (Law), lawyer and teacher, Oregon. 

X890, Wolf Creek, St. Clair Co.; a. Robert Cooke; b. Dec. ao, 1865. 

♦Cooke, William Robert, (Law), lawyer, Wolf Creek. 

2890, Wolf Creek, St. Clair Co.; s. Robert Cooke, Wolf Creek; b. Nov. as, 
1869; d. Dec., 1893. 

Cornell, Robert, (Fr.), planter, Tuscaloosa. 

1889, Tuscaloosa; s. Hamilton Cornell, ClarksviUe, Tenn., and Tamesia Walker; 
b. Feb. 14, 1873. 

Craig, John White, (Soph.), officer, U. S. Army. 

1889, Selma; s. Judge George H. Craig, Selma, and Alabama White; b. July 
aa, 2873; Grad., U. S. M. A., 1894; and Lieut., ist U. S. Cav., 1899. 

Evans, Richard Vaiden, (Jun.), lawyer. New York. 

1887, Birmingham; s. George A. Evans, Birmingham, and Emily Phillipa; b. 
Aug. 16, 1 871; City Atty. for Birmingham, 1894-97. 

Foster, James Henry, (Fr.), LL. B., 1900, lawyer, Montgomery. 

1889-90, 1899, Montgomery; s. T. Gardner Foster and Elizabeth Tyler; b. 
March 13, 187a. 

Gates, Augustus Fuller, (Fr.), physician. Independence, La. 

1889, Franklin, La.; s. A. S. Gates, Franklin, La., and Helen L. Johnson; b. 
Sept 30, 187a; M. D., Tulane, 1898. 

Gibson, Archer Campbell, (Fr.), trav. salesman, Birmingham. 

1889, Tuscaloosa; s. Dr. Richard Gibson, Birmingham, and Sallie Anna Mc- 
Daniel; b. Sept. ai, 1873. 

Goldthwaite, Herbert Armistead, (Soph.), planter, Mitylene. 

1888, Montgomery; s. Richard Wallack Goldthwaite, Dallas, Tex., and Lucy 
Boyd Armiatead; b. June 4, 1873; Draughtsman, U. S. Eng. Office, 2893-93; Eng. 
Dept., S. A. & M. R. R., 1890-93; m. Nannilee Ray, Montgomery, June 38, 1899. 

Henderson, Henry Thomas, (Soph.), engineer, Dahlonega, Ga. 

1889, Talladega; s. John Henderson and Louisa W. ; b. Oct x8, 1870; 

Asat. Engineer, Chickamauga & Dunham R. R., 1890-91, 94-97; Brunawick, Ga., 1894. 
Chickamauga Nat. Park, 1897-99, now Engineer, Dahlonega Gold Mining Co.; m. 
Jimmie May Russell, Athens, Tenn., Nov. 30, 1894. 

Horton, Roy Cantwell, (Sen.), engineer, Decatur. 

1886, Decatur; s. J. M. Horton, Amsterdam, N. Y., and Rachial Cantwell; b. 
Oct a4, 1869; and Lieut., N. Y. Nat Guard, 1897-98; Engineer, Bridge Building; m. 
Mary Eliaabeth Smith. 

Hudson, Philip Pitts, (Jun.), merchant, Uniontown. 

1887, Uniontown; s. Thomas Hudson, Uniontown, and Kittie Pitts; b. Dec. 11, 
1870; m. Marie Hungcrford, Uniontown, Feb. 34, X900. 


338 Record of Students [1890 

Huger, Edmund Dargan, (Jun.), cotton factor, Mobile. 

1887, Mobile; s. Charles L. Huger, Mobile, and Ruth Dargan; b. July a a, 1871. 

Johnson, Joseph Henry, Jr., journalist, New York. 

1889, Sheffield; s. Joseph Henry Johnson, Atlanta, Ga., and Sarah Beck; b. 
June 16, 1870; A. M., Nat Normal Univ., Lebanon, Ohio; City Editor, Atlanta Jowr- 
nal; on Gen. Staff of N. Y. Journal, 1897 — ; War Correspondent, N. Y. Journal, at 
Puerto Rico, Spanish War, 1898. 

Jones, Major Zachairiah, (Fr.), merchant, Shuqualak, Miss. 

1889, Stone; s. Dr. J. C. H. Jones and Mary Matilda Cook; b. March 3, 1872; 
m. Mary Tyson, Shuqualak, Miss., Dec 23, 1894. 

Jordan, David Carnes, Jr., (Jun.), physician, Guntersville. 

1887, Guntersville; s. D. C. Jordan and Mattie Eldridge Rivers; b. March xo, 
1869; M. D., 1891, Memphis Med. Col.; m. Sophia Tinunons, Farley, Oct. ax, 1897. 

King, Howard Preston, (Jun.), planter, Scooba, Miss. 

1887, Scooba, Miss.; s. William D. King and Etta Neilson; b. Dec. 17, 1868; 
m. Nannie Oliver, Oct 20, 1897, Dancy. 

Knight, John Walton, (Soph.), cotton broker, Decatur. 

1889, Anniston; s. Ray Knight. Anniston, and Frances Harben; b. June 4, 
1872; A. B., Vanderbilt, 1893; m. Jennie Wrenshall, Lincolnton, N. C, April a8, 1897. 

Laney, Zachariah William, (Soph.), clerk, Abbeville 

1888, Abbeville; s. Zachery William Laney and Ann B. Culver; b. Aug. 15, 
187 1 ; Clerk in Probate office; m. Lula Lee Trawick. 

Leland, Richard McLester, (Soph.), book-keeper, Birmingham. 

1888, Tuscaloosa; s. W. A. Leland and Ella McLester; b. Sept. a8, 1871; Cot- 
ton Buyer, 1895-1900; Book-keeper, Tuscaloosa Cotton Mills; xst Nat. Bank, Birming- 
ham; m. Maggie Walters, Tuscaloosa, June 9, 1897. 

*McCall, Henry Walton, (Fr.), DeSotoville. 

1889, DeSotoville; s. Dr. D. McCall and Nancy £. Thompson; b. Aug. 24, 187a; 
d. Dec. 2, 1889. 

Osborne, Eugene Bryce, (Soph.), physician, Cleburne, Tex. 

1888, Cleburne, Tex.; s. James D. Osborne, Cleburne, Tex., and Julia Pittman; 
b. Jan. 23, 1870; M. D., Univ. of Tex., 1896; Health oflScer, Cleburne, 1897 — , and 
Johnson Co., 1898; m. Maude T. Richardson, Fort Worth, Tex., 1896. 

Parker, John Scott, (Sen.), lawyer. New York. 

1887, University; s. Prof. William Asa Parker and Martha English Foster; b. 
Jan. 13, 1873; LL. B., Univ. of New York; Lawyer, firm of Dill, Baldwin & Seymour; 
m. Alice Lee, Bel Air, Md., Dec. 29, 1900. 

Patty, Walker Barker, (Fr.), merchant, Macon, Miss. 

1889, Macon, Miss.; s. Robert C. Patty and Ella Campbell; b. Jan. ao, 1873; 
m. Johnnie £. Paine, Aberdeen, Miss., April as, 1895. 

Pegues, Charles Irby, (Sen.), physician, Safford. 

1886, Martin's, Dallas Co.; s. Charles Irby Pegues, Athens, and Henrietta J. 
Sanders; b. Dec. ao, 1870; M. Ph., Tulane, 189a, M. D., Tulane, 1893; D* O. S., 
Chicago, 1895; m. Eva Addra Milhous, Eleanor, Nov. a8, 1898. 

i8go] Graduates in Schools and Non-Graduates 339 

Rosenau, Monroe David, (Jun.), manufacturer, Tuscaloosa. 

1887, Tuscaloosa; s. Herman Rosenau and Annie Loveman; b. Dec as, 1871; 
Student, Columbia Univ., N. Y., 1890-93; Gen. Manager, Rosenau Hosiery Mills 

Saint, Percy, (Soph.), lawyer, Franklin, La. 

1888, Jackson; s. John D. Saint, Franklin, La., and Ellen J. DuBose; b. May 
8, 1870; m. Bell Thorp. 

Sandlin, James Temple, (Jun.), merchant, Alexander City. 

1887, Nixburg; s. R. C. Sandlin, Montgomery, and Temple; b. July 

7, 1870. 

Scarbrough, William Alva, (Soph.), merchant, Fitzpatrick. 

x888, Hurtsboro; s. Robert P. Scarbrough and Lenah Wilcoxon; b. Aug. 5, x866; 
Private, Co. D, 23rd Inf., U. S. A.; m. Mamie Scarbrough, Anniston, Jan. 23, 1900. 

*Snoddy, Levert, (Fr.), physician, Forkland. 

1889, Mantua, Greene Co.; s. Samuel Snoddy, Mantua, and Jane Morrow; b. 
Dec. as, 1869; M. D., Mobile; d. Feb., 1896. 

Stone, Raymond, (Jun.), officer, U. S. Navy. 

X889, Mobile; s. Sardine Graham Stone. Mobile, and Eliza Jane Horton; b. Aug. 
6, 1871; Cadet, Annapolis, 1890-94; Naval Cadet, 1894-96; m. Esther King Suydam, 
Elizabeth, N. J., June xo, 1899. 

Taylor, Val, (Jun.), lawyer, Uniontown. 

X887, Linden; s. James W. Taylor, Demopolis, and Caroline Sappington; b. 
Aug. 5, 1871; Mayor of Uniontown, 1895-96; Engrossing Clerk, House of Rep., X890- 
1900; m. Mary Terrell, Uniontown, Jan. 19, 1897. 

Trimble, Nathaniel William, (Fr.), San Francisco, Cal. 

1889, GainesTille, Sumter Co.; s. N. W. TrimUc, Birmingham, and Mary Jane 
Robinson; b. Dec xo, 1875; Deputy Clerk, U. S. Courts, Birmingham, 1891-96. 

Vidmer, Richard Holman, (Jun.), timber merchant. Mobile. 

1887, Mobile; s. John Vidmer and Ella Virginia Redwood; b. Feb. 9, X870. 

White, John Henry, Jr., (Fr.), merchant, Uniontown. 

1889, Uniontown; s. John Henry White, Sr., and Ella Sims; b. Nov. 15. 187a; 
m. Frances Bradford, New Orleans. 

Williams, Benton, (Fr.) 

1889, Crawford, Miss.; b. May 5, 1873. 

Woodruff, Thomas Francis, (Fr.), Piedmont. 

1889, GainesTille: s. Z. Z. Woodruff; b. March 14, 1873. 

Wynn, Charles Grieve, (Soph.), Atlanta, Ga. 

x888, Atlanta, Ga.; b. May 4, 1870; Proprietor of Barber Shop. 

340 Record of Students [1891 

1891. Graduates with Titled Degrees 

Bailey, Henry Talbert, LL. B., lawyer, Alexander City. 

1890, Alexander City; a. John J. Bailey and Cyntha Cooper; b. Feb. z, 1873; 
m. BoYie Clara Carlisle, Good water, Aug. 29, 1892. 

Bankhead, John HoUis, Jr., A. B., lawyer, Jasper. 

1887, Fayette; a. John Hollia Bankhead and Tallolah Jamea Brockman; b. July 
8, 187a; President, Society of Alumni, 1900-01; m. Mnaa Harldna, Dec j6, x894» 

Blue, Ernest Lee, LL. B., lawyer. Union Springs. 

1890, Union Springs; s. P. Blue and Sarah Agnes Boyd; b. Oct. 31, 1870; A. 
B., 1890, S. W. Pres. Univ., Clarksville, Tenn.; Reg. in Chanc, Bullock Co., 1891-96; 
m, Harriet Zenobia Feagin, Union Springs, Feb. 26, 1896. 

Booth, Howell Woodruff, B. C. E., Knoxville, Tenn. 

1887, Anniston; s. David W. Booth, Vicksburg, Miss., and Belle Woodruff, 
Tuscaloosa; b. June 14, 1870; Supt., Regiater Dept., Knoxyille P. O.; V. Prea., Knox- 
ville Knitting Mill Co., 1897-1900; m. Flora White Rodgers, Knoxville, Tenn., Nov. 
30, 1897. 

Boykin, William Johnson, LL. B., lawyer, Gadsden. 

1890, Seale; s. W. J. Boykin and Athalia Annette Johnson; b. Nov. 8, x86a; 
Rep., Gen. Assem., Ala., 1 894-96; State Senator, 1896-1900; Truatee, Ala. D. and B. 
Inst; m. Bessie A. Ware, Oct 5, i88a. 

Bromberg, Charles Louis, Jr., lawyer, Mobile. 

1890, Mobile; s. Charles L. Bromberg and Martha M. Hurter; b. Dec. 131 1867; 
Solicitor, Washington Co., 1894-95; m. Joeephine Seabrook Black, Chicago, IlL, Aug. 
as, 1894. 

Bross, William McKinney, A. B., merchant, Nixburg. 

1887, Equality; s. Sidney A. Bross and Rebecca E. House; b. June 12, 1867; 
Inatructor, M. M. I., 1893-94; Prin., Wctumpka City Schools, 1894-96, Seale High 
School, 1896-97; Supt, Talladega City Schools, 1898-99; since 1899, a merchant; m. 
Labbie Storrs Smith, Nixburg, June 27, 1894. 

Brown, Bertram Erwin, Jr., A. B., minister, Marion. 

x888, Eufaula; s. Bertram Erwin Brown; b. Oct 24, 1872; Rector, St Wilfrids 
Protestant Episcopal Church, Marion, since Dec. 25, 1894. 

Clayton, Junius Pugh, A. B., lawyer, Wagoner, Ind. Ter. 

1887, Eufaula; s. Henry D. Clayton, Tuscaloosa, and Victoria Virginia Hunter; 
b. May a8, 1873; Prin., Geneva High School, 1891-92; Capt, Co. C, Ala. State Troops, 
x893'94: ni. Jessie Stingley Hunter, Muscogee, Ind. Ter., Aug. 2a, 1897. 

Cross, Oliver Harlan, A. B., lawyer, Waco, Tex. 

1 888, Eutaw; s. James Fleming Cross, Eutaw, and Margaret Rose Dunlap; b. 
July 13, x868; City Atty., McGregor, Tex., 1897-98; Rep., Gen. Aasem., Tex.. 1899. 

Crossland, William Alexander, Jr., B. C. E., engineer, Havana, 

1887, Montgomery; s. William Alexander Crossland and Emily Nannie Seltaer; 

iSqi] Graduates with Titled Degrees 341 

b. Nov. 33, 1871; AsBt. Civil Engineer, Montgomery, 1895-98; and Lieut, sth U. S. 
Vol. I, July IS, 1898, to Feb. 4, 1899* x*t Lieut, Feb. 4, 1899* to May 31, 1899; Asst 
Engineer, City of Havana, Cuba, 1890 and 1901 — ; China, 1900. 

Denson, Hugh Cowan, B. C. E., geodetic survey, Washington, 
D. C. 

1887, Gadsden; a. Hon. W. H. Denton, Birmingham, and Rosa Elizabeth Cowan; 
b. May 27, 1872; Student, Boston School of Tech., 1893-93; U. S. Coast Geodetic 
Survey, 1893 — . 

Dunlap, George Hamilton, Jr., A. B., LL. B., '92, lawyer. Mobile. 

1888, Mobile; s. George Hamilton Dunlap and Sallie Savigne Lightfoot; b. Dec. 
30, 1872; LL. B., 1893, U. of Va.; Instructor in Math., U. of Ala., 1891-9^; Sec. and 
Treas., D. R. Dunlap Mfg. Co., 1893-96. 

Feagin, Jefferson Davis, A. B., lumber business, Kountze, Tex. 

1888, Union Springs; s. I. B. Feagin, Union Springs, and Sarah Hall; b. Aug. 
IS, 1871; with Cameron Lumber Co., Tex. 

Foster, Arthur Borders, LL. B., (See 1890). 

Garner, James Davis, LL. B., teacher, 

X890, Anniston; b. July 3, 1861; A. B., 1888, Mercer Univ.; Prin., TenniUe, 
Ga., Acad., a years, Asst. Supt Pub. Schools, Kaufman, Tex., 1894-98; Grad. Student, 
Univ. of Chicago, 1898-99. 

Glover, Cato Douglass, LL. B., lawyer, Blocton. 

1890, Forkland; s. Williamson Allen Glover and Mary Sophie Hayden; b. June 
10, 1863; m. Emma Delphine Seed, Tuscaloosa, Jan. 10, 1893. 

Goodwyn, Robert Tyler, A. B., lawyer, Montgomery. 

1887, Robinson Springs, Elmore Co.; s. Albert T. Goodwyn and Priscilla Cooper 
Tyler; b. Nov. 4, 1870; Co- Prin., Cuba Acad., 1891-92; Clerk, Circuit Court; Elmore 
Co., 1892-98; m. Jessie Lancaster, Wetumpka, Nov. 21, 1895. 

Greene, Joseph Berry, A. M., (See 1890). 

Gunnells, Harry Cunningham, LL. B., teacher, Anniston. 

1890, Oxford; s. Daniel P. Gunnells, Oxford, and Susan Cunningham; b. Oct. 
I, 1868; A. B., Oxford Col., x886; Teacher, Oxford Col., 1887-9,0; Prin., Pine St 
School, Anniston, 1892-97; Supt., Anniston City Schools, 1897-98; Chief Clerk, Dept 
of Educa., Montgomery, 1899 — ; Rep., Gen. Assem., Ala., 1900—; m. Ladie E. GoM, 
Harmony Grove, Ga., Nov. 26, 1896. 

Hall, Robert Greene, A. B., A. M., '94, teacher, Cleburne, Tex. 

1888, Midway; s. M. W. Hall, James, and Mary Vashti Johnston; b. Sept 3, 
1870; Asst., Livingston Mil. Acad., 1891-92; Asst. Prin., Macon, Miss., Public Schools, 
1892-93; Prin., Palestine, Tex., Public Schools, 1893-96; Prin., Qebume, Tex., Cen- 
tral Bldg. School, 1896 — . 

Harmon, Robert Lee, LL. B., (See 1889). 

Harris, Robert Theodore, A. B., chemist, Detroit, Mich, 

1887, Tuscaloosa; s. Robert Theodore Harris, Tuscaloosa, and Stella Searcy; 
b. Nov. 27, 1871; Asst. Chemist, Parke, Davis & Co., Detroit, Mich.; m. Annie Smith, 
Detroit, Mich., June 29, 1898. 

342 Record of Students [1891 

Hausman, Frank, A. B., physician. West Greene. 

2887, Tuscaloosa; s. Chris Hausman and Diaaa Hagler; b. Sept 19, 1869; IC. 
D., Mobile, 1893; m. Myra Appling, Jasper, Feb. la, 1895. 

Heard, George Philip, Jr., A. B., physician, Birmingham. 

1887, Gcorgiana; s. George Philip Heard and Ailie Ann Tillman; b. Sept j8, 
187a; M. D., Columbia CoL, N. Y., 1894; Physician, Johnson Co., Tex., 1894-97; Grad. 
Student, Med. CoL, N. Y., 2897-98, Edinburgh, Scotland, and Vienna, Austria, 

Horton, John G)leman, A. M., (See 1890). 

Howze, Henry Russell, LL. B., (See 1890). 

Jinks, Charles Lynn, LL. B., (See 1888). 

Jones, Catesby ap Catesby, A. B., physician. New York. 

X887, Selma; s. Catesby ap Roger Jones, Selma, and Gertrude Tartt; b. Jan. 3, 
1870; M. D., Baltimore, Med. CoL, 1893; City Physician, Selma, 1895-96; Instructor, 
N. Y. P. Grad. School ft Hosp., 1897-99; Asst Surgeon to N. Y. Ophthalmic and Aural 
Inst; Specialist, Eye and Ear. 

♦Jones, Virg^nius Walker, LL. B., (See 1886). 

Lavender, William Webb, LL. B., lawyer, Centreville. 

1890, Greensboro; s. William H. Lavender, Greensboro, and Jennie L. Warf; 
b. Sept. 27, 1868; Rep., Gen. Assem., Ala., 1896; Solicitor, Bibb Co., i89s-i90o; m. 
Ella S. Davidson, Sept .10, 1896. 

Little, Daniel Doak, A. B., A. M., '92, minister, Montevallo. 

1889, Tuscaloosa; s. Dr. George Little and Carrie PattiUo Doak; b. Nor. $, 
1873; Teacher, 1891-96; Student, Pres. Theolog. Sem., Louisville, Ky., z897-i90o; 
Pastor, Pres. Church, Montevallo. 

Long, Clarence Henderson, B. C. E., physician, U. S. Army. 

1887, Gainesville; s. T. M. Long, Gainesville, and Annie Horn; b. Jan. 9, 1870; 
M. D., Tulane, 1896; Surgeon, rank Major, 3rd Ala. Inf., Spanish War, 1898-99; Astt 
Surgeon, U. S. Army, Cuba, transferred to PhiL Islands, Nov., 1899, 36th Inf. 

Marlowe, Searcy, A. B., dentist, Tuscaloosa. 

1887, Tuscaloosa; s. Dr. Nicholas P. Marlowe and Senie Rice Qements; b. Aug. 
3, 1871; D. D. S., Louisville CoL of Dent, 1896. 

McAlpine, John Watson, Jr., A. B., lawyer, Mobile. 

1887, Eutaw; s. John Watson McAlpine and Ellen Hope Easton; b. Feb. 5, 
187J; Solicitor, X3th Jud. Circuit, Ala., 2898 — ; m. Bessie Phares Hopper, Mobile, 
June 36, 1895. 

McGowan, George Edward, LL. B., lawyer, Elba. 

1890, Brewton; s. James McGowan, Brewton, and Amanda Moore; b. Sept 7, 
1867; m. Maggie Terry, Abbeville, June x6, 1898. 

Mcintosh, John Robert, A. B., lawyer, Floyd, La. 

1888, Camden; s. David Mcintosh, Camden, and Carrie Werberton McDowell; 
b. Oct 26, 1870; Teacher, Dallas Co., Z89X-9J; Rep., Gen. Assem., La., 1896-1900; 
Dist Atty., 7th Jud. Dist., La., x 900-04* 

1891] Graduates with Titled Degrees 343 

McKellar, Kenneth Douglass, A. B., A. M., LL. B., '92, lawyer, 
Memphis, Tenn. 

1887, Richmond; s. J. D. W. McKellar and Caroline Howard; b. Jan. 29, 1869. 

Newton, Edward Ernest, A. B., LL. B., 92, lawyer. Evergreen. 

1887, Belleville; 8. C. A. Newton and Lucy Ballard; b. April 3, 1867; Instructor 
in Physics and Astr., U. of Ala., 1891-93; Qerk, Circuit Court, Conecuh Co., 1896-98. 

Palmer, William Bradley, LL. B., (See 1889). 

Parkes, William Jay, B. C. E., civil engineer, Birmingham. 

1887, Birmingham; s. William J. Parkes, Livingston, and Mary W. Edmundson; 
b. Dec. 6, 1871; City Engineer, Woodlawn, 1891-92; U. S. R'way Mail Clerk, 1893-98 > 
Capt., Co. A, ist Ala. Inf. Vol., U. S. A., Spanish War, 1898; Commandant, U. of 
Ala., 1901; m. Bettie Davis Hogan, Birmingham, Sept. 10, 1896. 

Pearce, John Winbourn, LL. B., lawyer, Belton, Tex. 

1890, Oxford; s. W. J. Pearce, Ashland, and Ella J. ; b. Aug. ag, 

187a; Presidential Elector, 1896, Tex.; m. Eula Ghent, Belton, Tex., April 9, 1896. 

Pettway, John Henry, Jr., A. B., A. M., '92, book-keeper, Knox- 
ville, Tenn. 

X887, Camden; s. John Henry Pettway, Camden, and Laura Jones; b. Sept 
8, 1870. 

Pittman, Alfred Buckner, LL. B., (See 1888). 

♦Porter, Thomas Wade, LL. B., lawyer, Birmingham. 

1890, Birmingham; s. Judge M. T. Porter and Katherine J. Martin; b. Feb. 13, 
1867; d. June 4, 1897. 

Sobinson, Edward Murphy, LL. B., (See 1890). 

Seale, Robert McMillan, A. B., cotton broker. New Orleans, La. 

1887, Livingston; s. R. B. Seale, Coatopa, and Malinda T. McMillan; b. March 
24, 1869; m. Marie Durmyer, Atlanta, Ga., Oct., 1897. 

Searcy, James Thomas, Jr., B. C. E., broker, Columbus, Miss. 

1887, Tuscaloosa; s. Dr. James T. Searcy and Annie R. Ross; b. April 4, 187a; 
Student, Mechan. Engineering, Cornell Univ., 1891-93; Supt., Cotton Mill, 1891-93; 
m. Mattie Hester, Tuscaloosa, April xa, 1898. 

Sibert, Martin David, LL. B., (See 1888). 

Simpson, Hendree Paine, B. C. E., draughtsman, Washington, 
D. C. 

1888, Tuskegee; s. E. C. Simpson, Montgomery, and Paine; b. Nov. 7, 

1871; Asst. Instruc. Drawing, U. of Ala., 1890-91; Topographer, Ga. & Ala. R. R., 
1892; Draughtsman, Navy Dept., since 1893. 

Smith, Giles William Lawrence, A. B., lawyer, Brewton. 

1887, Midway; s. A. J. Smith, Midway, and Hattie West; b. Nov. as, 2869: 
B. L., Georgetown, D. C; Private Sec. to Congressman Oates, 1892-93; Rep., Gea. 
Assem., Ala., 1898-99; m. Jessie Hamilton Lockhart, Waycross, Ga., Oct. 13, 190X. 

344 Record of Students [i^i 

Stall worth, James Adams, A. B., LL. B., '92, lawyer, Evergreen. 

x888, Evergreen; s. Hon. Nicholu Stallworth and Svak Eugenia Hines; V 
May 4t 1870. 

Thomas, Columbus Eugene, A. B., manufacturer, Prattville. 

1887, Gold Hill; 8. W. C. Thomas, Gold Hill, and Emma Jane Avery; b. Feb. 
II, Z869; Prea. and Treas., Prattville Mercantile Co.; m. Guaaie J. Pratt, Prattvilk, 
Nov. 15, 1894. 

♦White, Patrick William, A. B., lawyer, Montgomery. 

1887, Montgomery; s. J. M. White(; b. Jan. 24, 1873; d. Sept., 2897. 

Winn, Guy Westmoreland, A. B., lawyer, Clayton. 

x888, Qayton; a. James J. Winn and Mary Victoria Crewa; b. March a8, 1871; 
Grad. in Law, 1895, Theology, 1898, CoL unknown. 

Wright, Julius Tutwiler, A. B., A. M., '95, teacher. Mobile. 

1889, Livingston; s. Maj. James William Albert Wright, Talladega, and Margaret 
Tutwiler; b. Feb. a, 1871; Prin., Univ. Mil. School, Mobile, since 189a; m. Ethel Retd 
Pape, Mobile, June 12, 1900. 

1891. Graduates in Schools and Non-Graduates 
Anderson, Robert Frank, (Jun.), coal dealer, Montgomery. 

1888, Montgomery; a. P. J. Anderson and Mary Elisa Dickerson; b. Aug. 
j6, 1870. 

Arrington, Archibald Hunter, (Fr.), Montgomery. 

1890, Montgomery; s. Thomas Mann Arrington, Montgomery, and Mary Robins 
Goldthwaite; b. Sept. xj, 1873; Sec to Mayor of Montgomery. 

*Atteberry, James Graves, (Sen.), Garden. 

18S7, Garden, Pickens Co.; s. John W. Atteberry and Elisabeth Taylor; b. 
Feb. I, 1871: d. Jan. i, 1891. 

Auxford, Frank Oscar, (Fr.), physician, Cardiff. 

1890, Tuscaloosa Co.; s. F. M. Auxford and Sarah Sartain; b. Feb. 2s, 187s; 
M. D., Atlanta; m. Bennie Agnes Mosely, Hull. 

Baldwin, Frank Bamett, (Law), lawyer. Verbena. 

1890, Verbena; s. Benjamin James Baldwin and Martha Jamison Barrett; b. 
March 14, 1871; Solicitor, 5th Jud. Circuit, 1891-93; m. Mary Ellen Wingate, Ensley, 
June 3o, 1894. 

Baldwin, James Crews, (Jun.), physician, James. 

1888, Union Springs; s. Philip B. Baldwin, Fitzpatrick, and SalHe P. Crews; 
b. March 4* 1872; M. D., Richmond, Va., 1895; Interne, Baltimore Charity Hosp., 
1894; m. Alma Langlcy, Cotton Valley, July 29, 1896. 

Bamett, Albert Edward, LL. B., '92, lawyer, Opelika. 


1890, Eufaula; s. Patrick Edward Bamett and Ellen (Virginia) Glenn; b. Nor. 
II, i860; Reg. in Chanc, 1893-98; Editor, Opelika Post, 1898-1900; m. (i) Julia 
Young, Eufaula, April ii, 1888, (a) Mamie Banks, Opelika, Jan. 6, 189s. 

1891] Graduates in Schools and Non-Graduates 345 

Beckwith, Emmett Brinson, (Jun.), salesman, Birmingham. 

Z889, Prattville; s. William Gaylord Beckwith, Pnttirille. and C. Celeste McCaU; 
h. Not. 2S» 187 i ; Pianist and Head Salesman for Jesse French P. and O. Co., 1894 — ; 
ML Julia Evie Dayis, Birminghanu 

Blacksher, John Jephtha, (Soph.), lumber manufacturer, Mobile. 

1890, Brewton; s. David W. Blackalier, Mobile, and Margaret McGowan; b. 
Sc|it II, 1871; Treaa., Blacksher Co., Mobile; m. Maysie Packer, Brewton, April 
18, 1894- 

G)bb, Jesse Malachi, (Soph.), physician, Grove Hill. 

1890, Grove Hill; s. E. Cobb; b. Sept. 6, 1871; M. D., Mobile. 

Davis, Thomas Wiley, (Law), lawyer, Thomasville. 

1890, Choctaw Co.; s. Parson Davis and Elizabeth Porter Hendricks; b. Oct is» 
1850; m. Mary Kate Goodwin, Choctaw Comer, Oct 30, 1874. 

Derby, Robert Campbell, (Jun.), lumber business, Bellamy. 

1888, Gaston, Sumter Co.; s. Andrew Jackson Derby, Gaston, and Elizabeth 
Campbell; b. Jan. is, 1872. 

Fitts, William Aylett, (Soph.), machinist, Sanford, Fla. 

188S, Birmingham; s. William Aylett Fitts and Eliza J. Watt; b. Dec. 4, 1872. 

Frazer, Thomas McCall, (Fr.), planter, Kinhaw. 

1890, Union Springs; s. Nathan Hix Frazer and Martha McCall; b. Nov. 22, 
1873; m. Sarah Hines Handle, Union Springs, April, 1892. 

Grunewald, Theodore Francis, (Soph.), New Orleans. 

1889, New Orleans, La.; s. L. Grunewald; b. Sept. 3, 1872. 

Hamilton, Peter, (Spec), agent, Baltimore, Md. 

1889, Mobile; s. Dr. Joseph C. Hamilton and Caroline Snow; Agent for Parke, 
Davis ft Co. 

Hanly, John George, (Soph.), stable business, Tuscaloosa. 

1889, Tuscaloosa; s. J. S. Hanly and Mary A. Johnson; b. Aug. 7, 1874; m. 
Qeo Countess, Cottondale, Dec. 23, 1898. 

Hardie, John Alexander, (Soph.), merchant, Birmingham. 

1889, Uniontown; s. Robert Alexander Hardie, Untontown, and Daisy Walthall; 
b. Aug. 24, 1 871; Wholesale Tobacco Dealer. 

Harkins, Edgar Maxwell, (Soph.), merchant, Fayette. 

1889, Fayette; s. Walter Worth Harkins and Lula Burress; b. July 17, 1871; 
m. Mary Marion Booker, Birmingham, Nov. 11, 1899. 

*Herzberg, Herman, (Soph.), merchant, Gadsden. 

1889, Gadsden; s. Herman Herzberg and Mary Liddell; b. Aug. 9, 1872; Agent, 
White Star Steamboat Co.; m. Daisy Hagan, Gadsden, July, 1894; d. May 15, 1901. 

Hillhouse, James, Jr., (Fr.), Birmingham. 

1890, Adger; s. James Hillhouse, Sr., Adger, and Elizabeth Lowden; b. Sept. 
i7t 1866; Student, Ohio St. Univ., 1891-9S; State Mine Inspector, 1893-97, Chief Mine 
Inspector, 1897-98; Supt of Mines; m. Harriet Thorp, Adger, April 21, 1893. 

34^ Record of Students [1891 

Holmes, Samuel Otis, (Fr.), merchant, Huntsville, 

Z890, Letohatchie; 8. John P. Holmes and Susan A. L. Mathews; b. May 9, 187a; 
Merchant at Letohatchie and Huntsville. 

Hubbard, Graph John, (Ec), LL. B., '92, lawyer, Troy. 

1890, Troy; s. John P. Hubbard, Troy, and Ann G. Coombs; b. Jan. i, 1871; A. 
B., X889, Howard; Capt., Co. H, 2nd Ala. Reg., Spanish War, 1898; Lieut, 3rd Ala. 
Vol. Inf., U. S. A., 1899; m. Camilla Hilliard, Troy, April 24, 1901. 

Hubbard, William Peden, (Fr.), lawyer, Fresno, Cal. 

1890, Tuscaloosa; s. R. H. Hubbard, Clinton, West Va., and Ida Elizabeth 
Peden; b. Aug. a, 187a. 

Jastremski, John Henry, (Sen.), clerk. New Orleans, La. 

1887, New Orleans, La.; s. Leon Jastremski, Baton Rouge, La., and Rosa Lar- 
guier; b. Aug. 7, 2869. 

Jeffrey, William Ledyard, (Soph.), Chance. 

1889, Lower Peach Tree, Wilcox Co.; s. John J. Jeffrey and Jones; b. 

Jan. II, 1869. 

Jones, Frank Boykin, (Soph.), planter, Gunden. 

1889, Camden; s. Dr. J. Paul Jones and Camilla Boykin; b. July a, 1872; Grad. 
in Phar., Columbia Univ., N. Y.; Mayor, Camden, 1896-97; m. Charlotte Mary Boykin, 
Camden, July 11, 1900. 

Jones, James McLean, LL. B., '92, lawyer, Greensboro. 

1890, Greensboro; s. Madison Jones, Greensboro, and Alice McLean; Mem. 
Constxtu. Conv., 1901; b. July 18, 187a; m. Annie Lewis, Aug. 8, 1894. 

Jordan, William Mudd, (Soph.), physician, Birmingham. 

1889, Birmingham; s. Dr. Mortimer H. Jordan and Florence E Mudd; b. 
Feb. 8, 1873; M. D., 1895, Col. of P. and S., Baltimore; Asst. Surgeon, rank ist 
Lieut., U. S. Marine Hosp. Ser., 1896-98; m. Augusta Sharpe, Birmingham, Dec 
21, 1897. 

Kelley, John Henry, (Soph.), journalist, Vicksburg, Miss. 

1890, Ashyille, St. Clair Co.; Lawyer at Guntersville, 1893-97; with Amer. 
Newspaper Union at Vicksburg. 

♦King, Hugh Miller, (Soph.), Evergreen. 

1890, Evergreen; s. Hugh M. King, Eyergreen, and Elisabeth Gordon; b. Oct. 
4, 187a; Book-keeper and Law Student; ist Lieut., Conecuh Guu^s, 1893-95; d. Jan. 
15. »895. 

Klaus, Julius Leo, (Fr.), salesman, Macon, Miss. 

1890, Macon, Miss.; s. Abe Klaus, Macon, Miss., and Theresa Strider; b. Oct. 
a, 1874. 

♦Lawrence, Seaborn Waldo, (Fr.), exp. messenger, Atlanta, 

1890, Cedar Bluff, Cherokee Co.; s. Dr. George D. W. Lawrence, Cedar Bluff, 
and Sarah Frances Hampton; b. Oct. a7, 1869; d. Nov. 3, 1894. 

189 1 ] Graduates in Schools and Non-Graduates 347 

Leary, William Meriwether, (Soph.), Atlanta, Ga. 

Z887-89, 1890, Montgomery; s. J. F. Leary; b. Aug. ai, 1871. 

*Lee, Charles Winn, (Jun.), physician, Clayton. 

1889, Clayton; s. Alto Velo Lee and Lillie Lawrence; b. April 17, 1873; M. D., 
Vanderbilt, 2893; n. Nettie Paatmore, Clayton, 1893; d. Sc|it as* 1895. 

LeGrand, William Homer, (Fr.), planter, Montgomery. 

2890, Montgomery; a. Milton Paul LeGrand and M. L. Jonea; b. June 15, 1871; 
m. Kate Elaberry, Montgomery. 

Martin, William Irvin, (Jun.), Gadsden. 

x888, Gadaden: b. Oct 5> 1872. 

Ma)rfield, Peabody, (Fr.), planter, Newtonville. 

1890, Northport; a. J. J. Mayfield, Sr., Moore'a Bridge, and Amanda South; 
b. Jan. a, 2870; m. Willie Jones, Newtonyille, 2897. 

McCjee, John Sampson, (Soph.), teacher, Corsicana, Tex. 

2889, Northport; a. James Solomon McGce, Northport, and Catherine Deaaon; 
b. May 9, 2869; Student, Peabody Nor., 1895; Inatructor Sou. West Nor., Italy, Tex., 
1895-96; Supt, Coleman Public Schoola, 1898-1900; PriiL, Ward School, Corsicana, 
1900 — ; m. Kathryn Alliaon Turk, Kerens, Tex., July s» 2898. 

Mendenhall, Ernest Dunlap, (Soph.), New York. 

2889, Mobile; a. Henry Qay Mendenhall, Mobile, and Elizabeth Bonaal; bw ' 
June 34f 2873; Gen. Manager of all Agencies, Celluloid Starch Co. 

♦Minor, John Launcelote, (Law), lawyer, Birmingham. 

2890, Birmingham; b. Sept 6, 2863; d. 2892. 

Monroe, Horace Daniel, (Fr.), teacher, Cameron, Tex. 

2890, Tuscaloosa; s. Dr. D. E. Monroe, Woodstock, and Elizabeth Jane Collier; 
b. March 9* 2870: Teacher, Cameron Col., 2896 — . 

Patty, Edward (Campbell, (Sen.), salesman, Columbus, Miss. 

2887, Macon, Miss.; s. Robert C. Patty and Ella Campbell; b. Aug. 44, 2870; 
m. N. Virginia Cunningham, Macon, Miss., Sept 27, 2898. 

Perry, Samuel Miller, (Jun.), physician, Ensley. 

1888, Tuscaloosa; s. T. J. Perry and EtU Miller; b. Aug. 29, 2873; M. D., 
Vanderbilt, 2894; m. Addie E. Cain, Glenn, Sept a, 2897. 

Re)molds, Frederick Knox, (Soph.), physician, Montevallo. 

2890, Montevallo; s. H. C. Reynolds and Mary Boyd; b. Sept jo, 2872. 

Roehl, Frederick August, (Jun.), New Orleans. 

2888, New Orleaiu, La.; a. Herm Roehl; b. Dec 24, 287a. 

Saunders, William Whitfield, (Law) 

2890, Henry Co.; s. George W. Saunders; b. Jan. 26, 2870. 

34^ Record of Students [1S91 

Sowell, Preston Brooks, (Soph.), planter, Brewtcm. 

1889, Brewton; s. Charles L. Sowell, Brewton, and Annie Jemigan; b. Att|^ a^, 
1869; m. Bama Blow, Conecuh Co., 1895. 

Stillman, Charles Allen, (Jun.), merchant, Birmingham. 

1889, Tuscaloosa; a. Rey. Charles Allen StiUman, Tuscaloosa, and Elfreda 
Walker; h. Feb. 5, 1873; Mem. firm of Rogers, Brown ft Co., Iron, Coal and Coke 
Dealers; m. Kate Robb Williams, Birmingham, Feb. s» i90x. 

Thompson, Charlton, (Fr.), physician, 

1890, Hurtsboro; s. C. Thompson; b. July 7, 1874; M. D., Col. unknown. 

Timmons, James Edwin, (Sen.), journalist, Lafayette. 

1889, Tuscaloosa; s. Rev. R. A. Timmons and Sardenia A. Bell; b. July »$» 
1867; Editor and Prop., Lafayette Sun; m. Annie Brock Pope, Lafayette, Dee. 
12, 1894- 

Tompkins, Charles Walsh, (Law), (See 1887). 

Warren, John Lawson, (Jun.), lawyer, Washington, D. C. 

1890, Clayton; s. Warren and Frances Lawson; b. Dec 28, 1874; Ph. M., 

Tulane, 1894, LL. B., 1899, LL. M., 1900, Georgetown; Druggist at Clayton for three 

Werth, Duncan Scott, (Soph.), physician, St. Louis, Mo. 

1890, Montgomery; s. G. L. Werth, St Louis, and Louisa ; b. July 

18, 1874; M. D., 1895, Marion Sims Med. Col., St. Louis; Surgeon, U. S. A., Spanish 
War, 1898: Asst. Lecturer, Marion Sims Med. Col. 

Wilkins, Henry Franklin, (Soph.), physician, Rayville, La. 

1888-89, 1890, Healing Springs, Washington Co.; s. Samuel Wilkins, Healing 
springs, and Nancy C Wood; b. Dec ix, 1868; M. D., Mobile, 1893; Coroner, Rich- 
land Co., La., 1896-1903; m. Katie Williams, Rayville, La., Dec 33, 1899. 

Wilkinson, David Leonidas, (Jun.), physician, Montevallo. 

1890, Prattrille; s. Dr. J. E. Wilkinson, Prattville, and Mary Eugenia Gaston; 
b. Oct. 8, 1872; A. B., 189a, Sou. Univ., Greensboro; M. D., 1894, Tulane; Health 
Officer, Autauga Co., 1894; Surgeon, Indust. School for Girls, Montevallo, 1897—; 
m. Mary Shelboume Flowers, Boiling, June i, 1897. 

Williams, Arthur Ellis, (Jun.), lawyer and planter. Central. 

1890, Wetumpka; s. Milton Williams, Wetumpka, and Mary Elisabeth Kirby; 
b. June 5, 1869; City Qerk, Wetumpka, 1893-94; Mem, Constitu. Conven., Ala., 1901* 

Wilson, Massey, LL. B., '97, lawyer, Grove Hill. 

1890, Grove Hill; s. Jack R. Wilson, Grove Hill, and Emily J. Dewolf; b. Oct 
10, 1869; Clerk, Gen. Assem., Ala., 1893-99; Rep., Gen. Assem., Ala., i90o*i9oa; 
Mem. Constitu. Conv., 1901; m. Julia Dale, Oak Hill. 

Wyman, Charles Augustus, (Soph.) , Tuscaloosa. 

1889, University; s. Dr. W. S. Wyman and Melissa Dearing; b. Aug. s8, 187a; 
ist Sergeant, and Lieut., Co. F, and Ala. Reg., U. S. Vot, Spanish War, 1898; 
Manager Commissary, Searcy Rope and Yam Mills, Saaantha. 

1892] Graduates with Titled Degrees 349 

189a. Graduates with Titled Degrees 

♦Brock, Edward Wheeler, LL. B., lawyer, Butler. 

1891, Yantley; a. D. W. Brock and Sylvia Ann Watldns; b. Jan. 7, 1867; A. M., 
1887, Howard CoL; Prof, of Sd., 1888-89, Hath., 1892-93, Keachi CoL, La.; Instructor 
and Com'dt., Marion Mil. Inst, 1889-91: d. Oct. 35, 1900. 

Brown, James Clinton, LL. B., (See 1890). 

Brown, Robinson, LL. B., (See 1890). 

Burke, Francis Joseph, B. C. E., agent, Meridian, Miss. 

1887, Jacksonville; s. Gen. Joseph W. Burke and Kate Costello; b. Oct 37* 
1870; Asst Engineer, Chattanooga Sou. R'way, 1892-95; Agent, same, 1895-96; Com- 
mercial Agent, M. ft O. R. R., 1897— • 

Christian, Charles Jefferson, B. C. E., manufacturer, Shelby. 

1888, Shelby; s. Jefferson Payne Christian and Antoinette Levert Horton; b. 
Jan. 17, 1870; Asst. Supt., Blast Furnaces; m. Margarette Ellen Milner, Columbiana, 
Dec. 27, 1893. 

Qayton, Lee Johnston, A. B., lawyer, Eufaula. 

1889, Eufaula; s. Gen. Henry D. Clayton, University, and Victoria V. Hunter; 
b. Feb. 10, 1874; Teacher at Cowikee, 1893-94; Private Sec. to Congressman Clayton, 

Clements, Dudley Alsey, A. B., LL. B., '94, lawyer, Tuscaloosa. 

1889-92, 1893, Tuscaloosa; s. Newton Nash Clements and Laura G. McMichael; 
b. Sept 7, 1873; Tax Commissioner, Tuscaloosa Co., 1898-1901; m. Daisye Juanita 
Ben, Tupelo, Miss., Oct. 25, 1899. 

Dixon, James Kelley, LL. B., (See 1890). 
Dunlap, George Hamilton, Jr., LL. B., (See 1891). 


Fletcher, Shelby Sidney, A. B., LL. B., '93, lawyer, Huntsville. 

1888, Huntsville; s. Algernon Sidney Fletcher, Huntsville, and Mattie Holding; 
b. March 28, 1874; City Qerk, Huntsville, 1899 — • 

Forney, John Cortlan, A. B., A. M., '93, LL. B., '94, lawyer, Bir- 

1889, Jacksonville; s. William Henry Forney and Mary Eliza Woodward; b. 
Nov. 23, 1873; m. Anne Lee Bonholzcr, Birmingham, Feb. 7, 1900. 

Foscue, Clayton, A. B., lawyer, Grove Hill. 

x888, Coffeeville; s. Jonathan Foscue and Mary E. Malone; b. March 28, 1872; 
S«pt Edttca., Oarke Co., 1894-96; Clerk, Probate Court, 1897 — ; m. Mabel Clare 
Dickinson, Grove Hill, March 29, 1894. 

Gibson, Alexander Julius, A. B., clerk, Washington, D. C. 

1888, Mobile; s. James Spalding Gibson, Mobile, and Antoinette Julia Powers; 
b. May 15, 1870; Clerk, First Aud. office, U. S. Treasury Dcpt, X89S-1900; with Taft 
Commission, Manila, 1900-01. 

350 Recx)rd of Students [189^ 

Hausman, Edward Wiley, A. B., merchant, Tuscaloosa. 

1888, Tuscaloosa; s. Chris Hausman and Diana A. Hagler; b. Dec. 13, 187a; m. 
Queen Mary Pratt, Blocton, April 15, 1896. 

Hayes, Marcellus Thomas, LL. B., lawyer and teacher. New 

1892, University; s. William Arnold Hayes, Norfolk, Va., and Emma Mathews; 
b. Jan. 9, 1870; Student, Randolph-Macon Col., 1887-89; Director Gym., Univ. Ala., 
1887-94; Instructor in Gym., Columbia Univ., New York, 1 898-1 900; Gen. Agent, Rosa 
Mch. Co.; Director Gym., Trinity School, N. Y., 1901; m. Willie Kathleen Chishohn, 
of Tuscaloosa, at Monteagle, Tenn., Aug. 18, 1892. 

♦Horton, Hugh Clifford, A. B., teacher, Eutaw. 

1888, Pleasant Ridge; s. Amos Horton and Sarah Elizabeth Richardson; b. Nov. 
7, 1873; Teacher, V. M. L, Tuscaloosa, 2892-95; Prin., Eutaw Male Acad., 1895-97; 
d. June 6, 1897. 

Hubbard, Graph John, LL. B,, (See 1891). 

Inge, Francis James, Jr., LL. B., (See 1890). 

Jackson, Temple, A. B., lawyer, Denver, Col. 

1888, Gainesville; s. T. K. Jackson, Gainesyille, and Lucy Barrett Reaves; b. 
Oct. 38, 187s; Editor, Demopolis Dispatch, 1897-2900; Admitted to bar, 1897. 

King, William Dejarnette, Jr., A. B., planter, Dancy. 

z888, Scooba, Miss.; s. William D. King and Etta Neilson; b. Aug. 23, 1870; m. 
Bessie S. Adams, Dec 16, 1897. 

Lee, William Lovard, A. B., lawyer, Columbia. 

1887, Clayton; s. Alto Velo Lee and Lillie Lawrence; b. April 17, 1873; Mayor 
of Columbia, 1901 — : m. Ellen Thomas, Columbia, Dec, 1896. 

Little, Daniel Doak, A. M., (See 1891). 

McKellar, Kenneth Douglass, A. M., LL.'B., (See 1891). 

Miller, Richard Wright, LL. B., lawyer, Abbeville. 

1891, Abbeville; s. Lee R. Miller, Shorterville, and Martha Smith; b. Aug. 17, 
1 861; Trustee, S. E. Ala. Agric. School, 1897 — ; ta. Etta Gillis, Omaha, Ga., Jan. 
5, 1898. 

Moore, James Clinton, B. C. E., physician, Warrior. 

1889, Birmingham; s. John W. Moore, Birmingham, and Elizabeth F. Games; 
b. March so, 1868: M. D., Univ. of Nashville, 1900. 

Murphree, Robert, A. B., live stock, Troy. 

1890, Troy; s. J. K. Murphree, Troy, and Adalaide Henderson; b. July 31, 1873; 
Student, Univ. of Va., 1889; Merchant, 1893-96. 

Newton, Edward Ernest, LL. B., (See 1891). 

♦Northing^on, William Smith, A. B., Prattville. 

1889, Prattville; s. W. T. Northington and Ella AdeUe Smith; b. March 30, 
1873; d. Aug. a8, 1893. 

1892] Graduates with Titled Degrees 351 

Park, Robert Emory, Jr., A. B., A. M., '93, teacher, Athens, Ga. 

X890, Tuskegee; s. James T. Park, LaGrange, Ga., and Emma A. Bailey; b. 
Dec XI, 1868; Supt., City Schools, Gainesville, Ga., 1893-96; Prin., Park High School, 
LaGrange, Ga,, 1896-99; Prof. Rhetoric and E. Lit., Univ. of Ga., 1900 — ; Attended 
Univ. of Chicago, 1899-1900; m. Mary Belle Whelchel, Gainesville, Ga., July 14, 1896. 

Peach, Henry Edwards, dentist, Clayton. 

1888, Perote; s. John H. Peach and Susie R. Edwards; b. Sept 3f 1870; D. D. 
S., Vanderbilt, 1895. 

Pettus, Claude, A. B., physician, Monrovia. 

1888, Elkmont, Limestone Co.; s. Dr. J. A. Pettus and Susie Cartwright; b. 
Sept. 12, 1871; M. D., Univ. of Nashville, 1896. 

Pettway, John Henry, Jr., A. M., (See 1891). 

Petty, Clarence Sibley, A. B., physician, Guthrie, Okla. 

1888, Talladega; s. James S. Petty, M. D., Gadsden, and Ada Weissinger; b. 
Nov. II, 187a; M. D., Chicago Homeop. Med. Col., 1897; Prof. Ark. (Fort Smith) 
Commercial Col., 1893-94. 

Reynolds, John Leonard, A. B., druggist, Ozark. 

1889, Skipperville; s. R. D. Reynolds, Ozark, and Mary Francis Cook; b. April 
zj, 1870; m. Laura Imogene Steagall. 

Stallworth, James Adams, LL. B., (See 1891). 

Street, Thomas Atkins, A. B., A. M., '93, LL. B., '94, lawyer, 
Nashville, Tenn. 

1890, Guntersville ; s. Thomas Atkins Street and Julia Ann Beard; b. March 
X4, 1873; Instructor, U. of Ala., 1893-93; Teacher at Blossburg, 1893-94; Adj. Prof, 
of Law, Vanderbilt, 1900—. 

Thomas, George Lane, Jr., A. B., clerk, Macon, Ga. 

1889, Birmingham; s. George L. Thomas, Birmingham, and Angeline Eggerton; 
b. March 8, 1873; Postal Clerk, U. S. Mail Service. 

Thornton, St. Clair, LL. B., teacher, Clanton. 

189 X, Clanton; s. L. A. Thornton, Clanton, and Ann H. Dodson; b. June 
4» 1871. 

Watlington, Thomas Morgan, LL. B., lawyer, San Antonio, Tex. 

X891, Dayton; s. T. S. Watlington, Dayton, and Fannie Morgan; b. Nov. ja, 
2869; B. S., A. ft M. CoL of Ala., 1889; m. Bertha Griesenbeck, San Antonio, Tex., 
Feb. 12, 2895. 

Willett, Archibald Myott, A. B., lawyer, CarroUton. 

1889, CarroUton; s. Elbert Decatur Willett and Candace M. Bostwick; b. Feb. 
9, X874; LL. B., X895, Georgetown Univ. 

Williams, Judge Sterling, A. B., lawyer, Clayton. 

1890, Clayton; s. J. N. Williams, Clayton, and Mary Elisabeth Screws; b. March 
»6, X873; Mayor, Oayton, 1899; Enrolling Qerk, Gen. Assem., Ala., 1899; Clerk, 
Constitu. Convention, 190Z. 

35 3 Record of Students [1892 

Willoughby, Julius Edgar, B. C E., agent, Blount Springs. 

18S8, Blount Springs; ■. John P. WiUonghby, Binninghain, and ICaiy Jane 
Cocby; b. Oct 12, 1871; Tray. Land Agent, I* ft N. R. R.; m. llary Alice BrmiB, 
Blount Springs, Oct 17, 1895. 

zSga. Graduates in Schools and Non-Graduates 

Ball, Sumter Mays, (Jun.), Atlanta, Ga. 

1890, Birmingham; a. George C. Ball; b. March »i, 1873; Caahier, E. ft W. 
RNray, 1893; V. Prea. and Treaa., American Rail Trust Co. 

Brandon, William Woodward, (Law), lawyer, Tuscaloosa. 

1 89 1, Tuscaloosa; s. Rev. F. T. J. Brandon and Carrie Woodward; b. June 5, 
1868; City Qerk, Tuscaloosa, 1887-91; Mem., Gen. Assent., Ala., i896-i90x; Adjt Gen., 
State Troops, 1899 — > Capt, Co. F, and Ala. VoL, Spanish War., promoted to Major, 
1898; Clerk, Constitu. Conyention, 1901; m. Mrs. Lizzie Nabors (ntftf Andrews), June 
27, 1900. 

Brumby, Robert Mongin, (Soph.), orange grower, Dunedin, Fla. 

1890, Mobile; s. J. R. Brumby; b. Feb. 9, 1873; Trav. Salesman, Marietta, Ga., 
Chair Co.; Private, U. S. VoL, Spaniah War, 1898; m. Anne Clare NeriUe, Goodman, 
., June 19, X901. 

Christian, Leroy Abda, (Soph.), Birmingham. 

1890, Shelby; a. J. P. Christian, Shelby, and Annet Levert Horton; b. May 
aa, 1874; B. S., A. P. I., 1896; Gen. office work for Birmingham Machine Foundry 
Ca, since 1896; m. Eloise Bell, June 30, 1898. 

Christian, Lewis Earle, (Soph.), Shelby. 

X890, Shelby; s. J. P. Christian and A. S. Horton; b. Feb. ai, 1872; Time- 
keeper, Shelby Iron Works. 

Collins, Oscar Hopkins, (Law), teacher, Lebanon. 

1891, Fort Payne; s. T. B. Collins, Locker, Tex., and Mary Catherine Malone; 
b. Aug. 4, 1869; City Clerk, Fort Payne, 1893-95; Priyate, Co. D, ist Ala. Reg. Vol., 
Spanish War, 1898. 

Davidson, Rich?rd Breckenridge, (Fr.) 

1 89 1, Tuscaloosa; a. J. O. Dayidson; b. Aug. 14, x868. 

Dew, Joseph Jackson, (Law), planter and lawyer, Eutaw. 

1 89 1, Eutaw; s. Joseph Dew, Shuqualak, Miss., and Nancy Neal; b. March 24, 
1868; Mayor of EuUw, 1894-1900; m. Lula Orlean Allen, West, Tex., Dec. s, 1895- 

Downey, Florence Edward, (Sen.), iron mining, Birmingham. 

1888, Birmingham; s. Florence Thomas Downey and Elodie Caroline Tnache; 
b. Nov. ao, 1870. 

Ely, Toby, (Fr.), merchant, Demopolis. 

1 89 1, Demopolis; a. Morris Ely, Demopolis, and An^ekna Kohn; b. July 
18, 1876. 

Fitch, Charles Bradfield, (Fr.), Snow Hill. 

189X, Snow HiU, Wilcox Co.; a. L. H. FHch and Frances EoMliae Hobdy; b. 
Feb. aa, 1875. 

i8q2] Graduates in Schools and Non-Graduates 353 

Fitts, Henry John, (Soph.), lawyer, Birmingham. 

1891, Anniston; s. Rev. Philip Augustus Fitts and Sophia Cochrane; b. April 
II, 1875; m. Florence Dallam Dudley, Henderson, Ky., Oct 6, 1897. 

Gallion, Thomas Travis, (Soph.), physician, Demopolis. 

1890, Demopolis; s. Joe Gallion, Demopolis, and Stada Ann Russell; b. April 
i5t 187 1 ; M. D., 1895 f Louisville Med. CoL 

Gordon, George Edwards, (Soph.), LL. B., '93, lawyer, Hayne- 

1890, Lowndesboro; s. James K. Gordon, White Hall, and Tabitha H. Edwards; 
b. Feb. ao, 1871; m. Mary Robinson, Huntsville, Tex., Dec. 13, 1893. 

♦Hill, William Kerr, (Soph.), druggist, CarroUton. 

1890, Carrollton; s. Samuel H. Hill and Virginia Kerr; b. March 8, 1875; d. 
Nov. Sf 1895. 

Hixson, Andrew Lee, (Soph.), trav. salesman, Birmingham. 

1891, Union Springs; s. Rev. J. O. Hixson and Mattie Thurman Brown; b. 
Feb. I, i87x* 

Jones, Houston, (Fr.), lawyer. Mobile. 

1 89 1, Stone, Pickens Co.; s. Dr. J. C. H. Jones and Mary Matilda Crook; b. 
Feb. 28, 1875: LL. B., x897t Vanderbilt 

Kemper, Charles Delaware, (Jun.), sugar planter, Duboin, La. 

X889, Glencoe, La.; s. William Peter Kemper, Glencoe, La., and Monica Rogers; 
b. Nov. a3, 1873; Asst Mgr. Caffrey Central Sugar Refinery, 1896-99; m. Emma 
Trere, Franklin, La., Jan. is, 1898. 

Lee, Howard Nash, (Jun.), planter, Furman. 

1890, Furman; s. Louis Lovard Lee and Mrs. Anne EUxa Gnlley (n«« Nash); 
b. Aug. zz, 1874. 

Leland, William Archibald, Jr., (Jun.), merchant, Tuscaloosa. 

Z889, Tuscaloosa; s. W. A. Leland and Ella McLester; b. May Z4, 1873; with 
J. Snow Hardware Co. until Z90Z; Treasurer, Tuscaloosa Co., z 900-04; Manager, 
Leland Hardware Co.; m. Myrtle Griffin, Dyersburg, Tenn., 1896. 

McClellan, Thomas Cowan, (Soph.), lawyer, Athens. 

Z890, Athens; s. Robert A. McClellan and Aurora Pryor; b. Jan. zz, Z873; 
Mayor of Athens a years; Trustee, U. of Ala., Z899— ; m. Emily Horton, Athens, 
Dec JO, Z894. 

McMillan, Francis Marion, (Soph.), lumbering. Pine Barren. 

Z890, Brewton; s. Allen Marion McMillan and Sarah Elisabeth McDavid; b. 
Sept 4f i87<* 

Moody, George Chatham, (Fr.) , drummer, 

189Z, Dothcn; s. J. Moody, Jr., and Maggie McMillan; b. Oct 9, Z87S. 

Pruitt, Allen Powell, (Fr.), mer<;Jiant, Fort Deposit. 

Z891, Fort Deposit; s. Mack Pruitt, Fort Deposit, and Patty Powell; b. Oct. 
35, z87a. 

354 Record of Students [189^ 

Purifoy, Seaborn William, (Jun.), physician, Lowndesboro. 

1890, Furman; s. Edmond Uobdy Purifoy, Marion, and Mary HarviUe; b. 
June X5, 1873; M. D., 1894, Kentucky School of Med.; m. Daily Winston Brown. 
Lowndesboro, May 7, 1901. 

Robertson, Douglass Beatty, (Jun.)> merchant, Tuscaloosa. 

1889, Tuscalcosa; 8. laham Robertson and Sarah A. Cameron; b. July ax, 1871; 
Clerk, Tax Collector and Aasenor, Tuacaloota, 1898 — , 

Russell, Cyrus George, (Soph.), trav. salesman. Mobile. 

X890, Mobile; a. Thomai Sweatland Russell and Caroline Virginia Hosfeldt; h. 
Jan. jx, X874; m. May Whiting Pritchard, Mobile, June ay, 1899. 

Smith, James Edward, (Fr.), planter and lawyer, 

1891, Newburgh; a. William M. Smith; b. Oct 27, 187a. 

Smith, Thomas Sherburn, (Soph.), merchant Prattville. 

X890, Prattville; a. Calvin Whitfield Smith and CalisU Smith; b. May x8, 187a. 

Stewart, William Jefferson, (Soph.) 

1891, White Oak Springs, Barbour Co.; s. C. F. Stewart; bw July ax, 1871. 

Strickland, Luther Martin, (Fr.), Sumpter. 

X89X, Woodstock; s. Wilson Strickland and Lucanda Herring; b. Dec. 31, 1874. 

Tannebaum, Herman, (Fr.), merchant, Mobile. 

i89i> Livingston; s. Moses Tannebaum and Hannah Levy; b. Feb. 3, 1876. 

Thomas, Elias Perry, (Jun.), lawyer, Clayton. 

1891, Clayton: s. Elias Hugh Thomas and Nancy A. Hays; b. Aug. a6, 187*; 
Mayor, Clayton, 1 899- x 901; m. Little Nell Pritchett, HayneviUe, April x8, 1900. 

Todd, Wyeth, (Fr.), planter, Guntersville. 

189 1 > GuntersviUe; s. WiUiam H. Todd and Louise Weiss Wyeth; b. Oct 
10, x87a. 

Walker, Francis Thomas, (Soph.), Pullman conductor, Gurley. 

1890, Gurley; s. E. F. Walker; b. Aug. 18, X873. 

Walthour, Henry Clayton, (Fr.), cotton business. Savannah, Ga. 

1891, Clajrton; s. A. M. Walthour, Savannah, Ga., and Sarah Bowler Clayton; 
b. Feb. 29, X874. 

Ward, George Lafayette, (Fr.) 

1891, Prattville; s. R. L. Ward; Feb. 27, X875. 

White, William Monroe, (Soph.), electrician. New Orleans, La. 

1890, Fort Payne; s. Thomas B. White, Birmingham, and Dicy Jane Kxrby; 
b. Nov. ao, 187X; B. E., Tulane, 1899; Electrician, Red River Line, 1894-99; AstL 
Gen. Manager, New Orleans Drainage Plant, 1900 — b 

Whitten, Charles Alvin, (Law^, lawyer, HayneviUe. 

1891, Lowndesboro; s. Charles H. Whitten, Lowndesboro, and Christiana Tur- 
ner; b. Sept X, X869; Rep., Gen. Assem., Ala., x894-95; County Solicitor, Lowndes 
Co., X895; nL Clyde Heam, Atlanta, Oct. 5, X89X. 

1893] Graduates with Titled Degrees 355 

Z893. Graduates with Titled Degrees 
Abbott, John, B. M. E., electrical engineer, Ruston, La. 

1889, TuscalooM; s. J. O. Abbott, Tuscaloosa, and Emily Gay; b. Nov. 99, 
1873; Engineer, Dallam Co., Tex., 1894-95; m. Hallie Abbott, Okolona, Miss., Dec. 
30, 1897. 

Adams, William Mitchell, A. B., lawyer, Clanton. 

2890, Tuscaloosa; s. Samuel Adams and Ann Mitchell; b. Jan. 17, 1873; m. 
ie W. Dennis, Clanton, Dec 8, 1897. 

Alexander, Edward Robert, A. B., LL. B., 1900, lawyer, Tus- 

1889, Tuskegee; s. J. M. Alexander, Tuskegee, and Loa Vamer; b. Oct ms, 

Bankhead, William Brockman, A. B., A. M., lawyer, Huntsville. 

1889, Fayette, s. Hon. J. H. Bankhrad and Tallolah James Brockman; b. April 
IS, 1874; LL. B., Georgetown; Clerk, Com. on Pub. Bldgs. and Grounds, Washington, 
D. C, 1893-95; Rep., Gen. Assem., Ala., 1900-02; m. Adalaide Eugene Sledge, Mem- 
phis, Tenn., Jan. 31, 1900. 

'^'Brothers, George Absalom, A. B., LL. B., '96, planter, Zula. 

1889, Cane Creek, Calhoun Co.; s. Dr. P. H. Brothers and Ginsey Downing; 
b. May i8, 1873; d. June a6, 1900. 

♦Bush, Felix Tarrant, A. B., merchant, Memphis, Tenn. 

1890, Mobile; s. J. C. Bush, Mobile, and Ruth S. Tarrant; b. Jan. j8, 1876; 
d. Not. 30, 1894. 

Cope, Robert Emmet Lee, LL. B., lawyer. Union Springs. 

189a, Union Springs; s. Wilson A. Cope, Indian Creek, and Margaret M. 
Phillips; h. Sept a8, 187a; m. Lucy A. Park, Three Notch, Nov. j8, z894- 

Ferguson, Burr, A. B., physician. New York. 

Z889, Birmingham; s. F. S. Ferguson and Laura Burr; b. Dec. ax, 187s; M. D., 
1896, CoL of P. ft S., N. Y.; Treaa., Colonial Press, N. Y., 1900; m. Pauline Gray, 
New York, April S9, 1899. 

Fletcher, Shelby Sidney, LL. B., (See 1892). 

Forney, John Cortlan, A. M., (See 1892). 

Foster, Clement C, A. B., teacher, Smithville, Tex. 

1889, Tuscaloosa; s. Joshua H. Foster and Frances Cornelia Bacon; b. July i, 
187a; Prin., Cttronclle High School, 1893-94* City High School, Taylor, Tex., 189^^; 
Prof. Languages, Keatchie, La., Col., 1894*96; Supt, City Schools, Smithyille, Tex., 
1898 — ; m. Mattie Shaw, Taylor, Tex., July 3» 1900. 

Franklin, Charles Moore, A. B., physician. Union Springs. 

1890, Union Springs; s. Dr. C H. Franklin and Lula Banks; b. Sept so, 1873; 
M. D.. X898, Columbia Univ., N. Y. 

Gordon, George Edward, LL. B., (See 1892). 

35^ Record of Students [1893 

Graves, Bibb, B. C. E., lawyer, Montgomery. 

1890, Montgomery; ■. David Graves and Mattie Bibb.; bw April i, 1873; LI* B.» 
Yale, 1896; Inatructor, U. of- Ala., 1893; Rep., Gen. AsKm., Ala., 1898-1901; AMt. 
AdjL-Gen., A. N. G., 1898 — ; m. Dixie Bibb, Montgomery, Oct 10, 1900. 

Grayson, David Allison, A. B., A. M., '94, LL. B., '95, lawyer, 

2889, Gurley; s. John William Grayson, Gurley, and Sallie Smith Allison; 
b. Aug. 6, X871; m. Namette Magroder DuBose, Courtland, Nov. J9, 1900. 

Henderson, Harry, LL. B., insurance, Montgomery. 

189a, Brewton; s. John M. Henderson, Brewton, and Laura Gary; b. Dec as, 
2869; m. Minnie Downing, Brewton, April as, 1894. 

♦Hibbard, John Leslie, A. B., (Post Obit), Birmingham. 

1889, Birmingham; a. Bertrand Lesly Hibbard, Monroeville, and Sallie Buena 
Vista Leslie; b. Feb. 14, 2874; d. Jan. 16, 1893. 

Holloway, Joseph Lee, LL. B., lawyer, Montgomery. 

289 J, Montpromery; s. John David Holloway and Georgia Hastletine Bnxn- 
didge; b. Jan. 6, 1871; m. Annie May Ogbum, Tuscaloosa, Oct S9, 1895. 

♦Holtzclaw, James Thaddeus, Jr., A. B., A. M., '94, LL. B., '95, 

1890, Montgomery; s. Gen. James Thaddeus Holtsdaw and Mary Billingslea 
Cowles; b. July is, 1873; Law Student, Harvard Univ., 1894-95; d. on Steamship 
Kensington, about 300 miles from New York City, Sept »g, 1895. 

'^'Johnston, Daniel Bascom, A. B., teacher, Alexandria, La. 

1889, DeSotoville; s. H. B. Johnston, DeSotoviUe, and Martha F. Thompson; 
b. May 5, 1874; Teacher in Alexandria Public Schools; m. Mena Smith, Robeltne. La., 
June 24, 1896; d. Oct 30, 1898. 

Johnston, Hardee, A. B., physician, Birmingham. 

1890, Birmingham; s. W. H. Johnston, Birmingham, and Kathleen Gage; b. 
Nov. I, 2874; M. D., Univ. of Va., 2895; "t Lieut, Asst Surgeon, 2St Ala. Reg. VoL, 
Spanish War, 2898; m. Daisy Lewis, Birmingham, Oct 30, 2902. 

Jones, Reginald Dawson, A. B., planter, Camden. 

2889, UniverMty; s. Gen. R. C. Jones, Camden, and Stella Hamilton Boyldn; 
b Feb. 20, 2872. 

Keller, William Simpson, B. C. E., civil engineer, Tuscumbia. 

2889, Tuscumbia; s. Arthur H. Keller, Tuscumbia, and Sally Simpaon; b. 
Feb. so, 1874- 

Kyser, James Henry, A. B., physician, Richmond. 

2889. Richmond; s. Dr. George W. Kyser and SalUe Patton; b. March 12, 287a; 
M. D., Tulane, 2897. 

Little, John, Jr., A. B., minister, Louisville, Ky. 

2889, Tuscaloosa; s. John Little, Tuscaloosa, and Amanda M. Harris; b. April 
A9f 1874; B. D., Louisville Pres. Theolog. Sem., 1899. 

1893] Graduates with Titled Degrees 357 

Manassas, Jacob Lipman, A. B., physician, Philadelphia, Pa. 

1890, Clayton; s. Leopold Manassas, Clayton, and Jacobine Marks; b. May 24, 
1874; M. D., 1898, Medico Clinorgical Col., Philadelphia; Demonstrator and Asst. 
Physician, Medico Clinurgical Hospital; Police Surgeon, Dept. Pub. Safety, 1900 d 

Maxwell, Thomas Harris, B. M. E., civil engineer, Matanzas, 

1890, Tuscaloosa; s. James Robert Maxwell and Eugenia Harris; b. Sept. 8, 
1872; Supt, Tusc Compress, 1893-96; R. R. Contractor and Civil Engineer, 1896-98; 
Sergeant, Co. M., 3rd Reg., U. S. Engineers, VoL, Spanish War, 1898-99; Asst Engi- 
neer, War Dept. in Cuba, 1899 — » 

♦McGiffert, James Henry, LL. B., merchant, Eutaw. 

z89a, Eutaw; s. J. H. McGiffert; b. Mar. s8, 1870; d. 1900. 

♦McLeod, John Knox, A. B., physician, Coy. 

X890, Lower Peach Tree; s. John McLeod, Lower Peach Tree, and ComeUa 
Robison; b. March 26, 1874; d. at Tinela, Monroe Co., March X9, 1896. 

Meyer, Carl George, A. B., merchant. Mobile. 

X890, Mobile; s. John Jacob Meyer and Fannie Keller; b. July 6, 1872; m. Loulie 
Burgess, Mobile, Oct x8, X899. 

Mitchell, Charles Erastus, LL. B., lawyer, Hamilton. 

1892, Hamilton; s. Andrew D. Mitchell, Thorn Hill, and Lourilda E. Cagle; b. 
Sept. 2, x868; Supt. Educa., Marion Co., X900 — ; m. Leota Ford, Hamilton, Nor. 
aSt 1896. 

Morrow, Hugh, A. B., LL. B., '94, A. M., '95, lawyer, Birming- 

1889, Birmingham; s. John Calhoun Morrow and Mary Antoinette Walker; b. 
May 19, 1872; Instructor English, U. of Ala., x893-94; Asst Solicitor, Jefferson Co., 
1896-99; State Senator, 1900-04; m. Margaret Julia Smith, Birmingham, June 9, 1897. 

Moseley, William Legarde, A. B., book-keeper. Union Springy. 

1890, Union Springs; s. F. M. Moseley and Nettie Pledger; b. Jan. X2, x87a. 

Powers, James Pinckney, A. B., planter, Stewart. 

X889, 1896-97, Tuscaloosa; s. James P. Powers, Tuscaloosa, and Julia Croom 
Williams; b. Nov. 17, X873. 

Proctor, John Franklin, LL. B., lawyer, Scottsboro. 

X892, Scottsboro; s. F. Proctor, Maynards Cave, and Mary E. Bynum; h. 
Sept. 4, 1870; Asst. Qerk, Gen. Assem., Ala., 1892-95; Sec, State Senate, 1896-99; 
Solicitor, Jackson Co., 1898 — ; Mem., Constitu. Con v., 1901; m. Stella Moody, Scotts- 
boro, Feb., 1898. 

Rockett, William Richardson, A. B., Birmingham. 

X889, Birmingham; s. J. R. Rockett and Ida Richardson; b. March 30, 1872; 
Manager, Maloney Directory Co. 

SafFold, Ray Phillips, A. B., LL. B., '94, A. M., '98, teacher, San 
Francisco, Cal. 

1890, Selma; s. Benjamin Franklin Saffold and Mary Ellen Brown; b. June 
>7> 1873; Administrator, Dallas Co., 1895-97; Teacher in Hi^ School, X900— ; m. 
Cammie Robbins, Sclma, Aug. z8, X897. 

35 8 Record of Students [^^3 

Searcy, Battle Sorsby, A. B., dentist, Tuscaloosa. 

1889, Tuscaloosa; s. Dr. James T. Searcy and Annie R. Ross; b. Nov. ao, 
1873; D. D. S., Baltimore CoL Dent Surg.; Student, Penn. Indus. School of Arts* 
1893-94; Supt., Cotton Mill at Samantha, 1894*96. 

Simpson, John Hobdy, A. B., journalist, Birmingham. 

1889, Furman; s. John W. Simpson and Lavinia Hobdy; b. Jan. 29, 187a; 
Advertising Writer for Daily Ledger. 

Smith, Daniel Holt, A. B., machinery business, Birmingham. 

1890, Anniston; s. Benjamin Franklin Smith and Sarah Aienath Holt; b. Oct. 
4, 187a. 

Smith, Lawrence Avery, LL. B., Sturkie. 

x89a. Gold Hill; b. Jan. a6, 1868. 

Smith, Robert Clanton, LL. B., lawyer, Opelika. 

189a, Cusseta, Chambers Co.; s. Dr. Lawrence Smith, Cusseta, and Susan 
beth Harrell; b. April 13, x87a; B. S., 1891, A. & M., CoL of Ala.; m. OdiUe Orme 
Httdmon, Opelika, Oct. xo, 1895. 

Steagall, Henry Bascom, LL. B., lawyer, Ozark. 

1892, Oaark; a. Dr. W. C. Steagall, Abbeville, and Mary Jane Peacock; b. Maj 
'9* 2873; County Solicitor, Dale Co.; m. Sallie Mae Thompson, Tuskegee, Dec. 
a7, 1 000. 

Street, Thomas Atkins, A. M., (See 1892). 

Thetford, William Fletcher, Jr., A. B., LL. B., '94, lawyer, Colum- 

X890, Talladega; s. Dr. William F. Thetford, Talladega, and Cora A. Johnston; 

b. Aug. 13, 1873; Mayor, Columbiana, 1898-99. 

Thornton, John Blocker, LL. B., (See 1890). 

Walker, William Mudd, A. B., LL. B., '95, lawyer, Birmingham. 

1889, 1894, Birmingham; s. William Augustus Walker, Birmingham, and Vir* 
ginia Taylor Mudd; b. April 27, 1873; Capt., 5th Immunea, U. S. Vol. Inf., x898-99, 
Spanish War. 

Weil, Leon, LL. B., lawyer, Montgomery. 

1892, Montgomery; s. Henry Weil and Janetta Simon; b. March ao, X873; m. 
Mamie Griel, Montgomery, Jan. 10, 1900. 

♦Wooten, Richard Council, A. B., LL. B., '94, merchant, Mc- 

1889, McKinley; s. Council B. Wooten and Caroline Wooten; b. April i8, iSyj; 
m. Annie Amelia Edwarda, McKinley, Feb. 4, 1896; d. Nov. xa, 1900. 

Wright, Joseph Darlington, A. B., lawyer, Washington, D. C. 

1890, Clayton; a. James A. Wright, Clayton, and Martha Cash; b. Sept. St 
1872; LL. B., Georgetown, Univ., X897, LL. M., 1898; Teacher, Jacksonville Stsfee 
Normal, i893-96. 

i8g3] Graduates in Schools and Non-Graduates 359 

1893. Graduates in Schools and Non-Graduates 
Abbott, Eli, (Spec.), University. 

1893, Tuscaloosa; s. J. O. Abbott and Emily Gay; b. April z» 1869; B. S., 1888, 
A. ft M. CoL, Miss.; Instructor in Gym., U. of Ala., 1894—; Quartermaster, U. of 
Ala., 1898 — ; m. Idah llausman, Tuscaloosa, Sept 2, 1896. 

Auxford, Yerby Turner, (Fr.), merchant and planter, Hull. 

x89a, Hull, Tuscaloosa Co.; a. F. M. Auxford and Sarah Sartain; b. Sept. 
I, 1873. 

Brasfield, William Glover, (Soph.), merchant, Tishabee. 

1892, Forkland; s; J. S. Brasfield, Demopolis, and Marie Willie Glover; b. 
Nov. X5> 1875. 

Burke, Edward Clarke, (Soph.), freight clerk, Montgomery. 

1891, Montgomery; s. Hon. M. C. Burke, Montgomery, and Anna Ida Inge; 
b. Sept 9f Z874. 

Campbell, Adron LaFayette, (Law), lawyer, Blocton. 

1893, Blocton; s. Jasper Newton Campbell, Blocton, and Axie Elizabeth Broad- 
head; b. July 24, Z873; Sec Campbell Coal and Coke Co.; m. Carrie £. Campbell. 

Campbell, Charles Monroe, (Spec), physician, Scottsville. 

1893, Blocton: s. Jasper Newton Campbell, Blocton, and Axie Elizabeth Broad- 
head; b. May 14, 1867; M. D., 1894, Univ. of Tenn.; m. Leila Jones, Centerville. 
Feb. 35, x89a. 

Chambliss, Nathaniel Rives, Jr., (Soph.), officer, U. S. Army. 

1893, Selma; s. Nathaniel Rives Chambliss, Baltimore, Md., and Anna Hardeei 
b. Oct 33, X875; xst Lieut., 3rd Ala. Vol. Inf., x898-99, Spaniah War, Appointed and 
Lieut., U. S. A., April xo, 1899. 

Cochrane, John Taylor, (Soph.), Tuscaloosa. 

189X, Tuscaloosa; s. William Gilbert Cochrane, Tuscaloosa, and Lily Taylor; 
b. June 34, X874; Supt, Tuscaloosa Belt R'way Co., X894-X900; Pres., Carroliton 
and Reform R. R.; m. Alice Searcy, Tuscaloosa. 

Collins, Joseph Todd, Jr., (Law), lawyer, Birmingham. 

1893, Gallion; s. James T. Collins, Gallion, and Kathleen Davis; B. S., Howard 
Col., X893. 

Crow, Walter Austin, (Jun.), merchant, Waxahatchie, Tex. 

X89X, Florence; s. Dr. C. A. Crow and Annie E. Thaxton; b. Oct. 37, 1874. 

Cunningham, George, (Fr.) 

X893, Mongin, Russell Co.; b. Feb. 8, X87X. 

Davis, Robert Merritt, (Jun.), physician, Prattville. 

X890, Prattville; s. Dr. B. F. Davis, Prattville, and Elizabeth Frith; b. April 
a4, X874; M. D., Tulane, 1895; Health officer, Autauga Co., 1896-99; m. Besrie Pratt 
Mima, Prattville, April az, 1896. 

360 Record of Students [1893 

Duncan, Oscar Dibble, (Soph.), officer, U. S. Navy. 

1891, Gadsden; s. John W. Duncan, Gadsden, and Mary F. Moragne; b. July 
XX, 1874; Grad., U. S. Naval Acad., 1897; Signal officer. Flagship New York, Spanish 
War, now Ensign (1900). U. S. Nayy. 

Ennis, Richard Garrett, (Ec), agent. Meridian. 

1892, Livingston; s. Robert W. Ennis, Livingston, and Annie Garrett; b. SepC 
34, 1873; Trav. Agent for Eagle Oil Mills. 

Epes, William Perry, (Fr.), clerk, Newport News, Va. 

1893, Tuscaloosa; s. Horace Hardaway Epes, Newport News, Vs., and Mary 
Ella Chilton; b. June 6, 1877; Qerk, Cashier's office, Newport News ShipboUdiiic 
ft Dry Dock Co. 

Ford, Lee Drake, (Fr.), planter, Huntsville. 

1893, HuntsviUe; s. John J. Ford; b. Jan. xo, X876; m. EUen Robtnsoo. 
Meridianville, Oct., 1900. 

Foster, Ephraim Hubbard, (Law), (See 1887). 

Frazer, Thomas Sidney, (Soph.), LL. B., '96, lawyer, Union 

1890-93, 1 895* Union Springs; s. Judge Sidney Thomas Eraser and Cornelia 
Smith; b. March 17, 1873. 

Greil, Benjamin Sidney, (Jun.), merchant, Montgomery. 

1890, Montgomery; s. Jacob Greil and Mena Lobman; b. Nov. 17, 1873; m. 
Miriam Forcheimer, Mobile. Feb. 16, 1898. 

Henderson, Samuel Wilden, (Jun.), engineer, Alamagordo, New 

1 89 1, Talladega; s. John Henderson, Talladega, and Louise Inzer; b. May S9, 
1873; Qerk, 1893-94; Mining Engineer, 1894-97; Bridge Engineer, El Paso & N. E. 
R. R., 1897-99. 

Hill, Wiley Croom, (Soph.), LL. B., '95, lawyer, Montgomery. 

1893-93, 1894, Montgomery; s. Luther L. Hill, Montgomery, and Laura S. 
Croom; b. Sept. 6, 1876; Clerk County Court, Montgomery, x89S-97; m. Mary Ellea 
Blue, Montgomery, Nov. 30, 1898. 

Hoskins, Lee Paine, (Fr.), book-keeper, Orvisburg, Miss. 

1893, Meridian, Miss.; s. R. B. Hoskins, Meridian, and Ida Daves; b. April 3, 
1876; Mayor of Orvisburg, 1 899-1 901; Cashier, Champion Lumber Co.; m. Daisy 
Marion, Poplarville, Miss., June 14, 1900. 

Inzer, John Allen, (Law), (See 1890). 

Kendrick, Fletcher Comer, (Fr.), book-keeper, Brookl)m, N. Y. 

1893, Luveme; s. James E. Kendrick and Fannie Riley; b. Dee. 3, 1876. 

Little, William Gray, (Ec), planter and stock raiser, Livingston. 

X 889-9 1, X 893-93, Livingston; s. William Gray Little, Livingston, and Laofm 
Jane Hibbler; b. Aug. 39, 1873; Student, Phillips Acad., i89i-93; m. Bessie RoF* 
croft Brsdshaw, Livingston, Dec. 7, 1897. 

1893] Graduates in Schools and Non-Graduates 361 
Luedderman, Max, (Ec), lawyer and editor, Antelope, Ore. 

1892, TuBcumbia; s. G. Luedderman, Tuscumbia, and Johanna Chisholm; b. 
Sept. 29, .873; LL. B., Cumberland Univ.. 1896; City Recorder, 1899-1900; U. S. 
Commissioner, 1895^ — ^. 

Mastin, Theophilus Lacy, (Fr.), Huntsville. 

189a, Huntsville; s. William J. Mastin and Fannie Lacy; b. July 2, 1874; now 
Med. Student, Univ. of Pa. 

Matthews, Elliot Robertson, Jr., (Fr.), book-keeper, Huntsville. 

1892, Huntsville; s. E. R. Matthews, Huntsville, and Fannie W. Scruggs; b. 
Dec 28, Z877. 

McArthur, William, (Law) 

1892, Bessemer; b. June 2$, 1871. 

McConnico, Frank Hawthorne, (Jun.), physician, Montgomery. 

1892, Allenton, Wilcox Co.; s. W. W. McConnico and Sarah E. Hawthorne; 
b. Sept. 24, 1874; M. D., 1899, Tulane. 

Newman, Olin Berry, (Soph.), teacher, Bessemer. 

1892, Tuscaloosa; s. Rev. John W. Newman, and Hannah Ward Berry; b. Nor. 
16, 1876; A. B., Sou. Univ., 1895; Teacher in FU., 1896, Bessemer, 1897, Waverly, 
1898-1900; m. Nannie Quinn, Bessemer, June, 1897. 

♦Noble, Sam, (Law), cotton factor, Anniston. 

1892, Anniston; s. William Noble and Linda J. Hamd; b. Feb. 23, 1873; Sgt.» 
itt Ala. VoL, Spanish War, 1898; d. Sept. 23, 1898. 

♦Prude, Thomas Owen, (Fr.), planter, Tuscaloosa. 

1892, Tuscaloosa; s. W. W. Prude and Martha Amanda Robertson; b. Aug. 
24, 1871; d. Nov. 8, 1898. 

Riddle, David Henry, (Law) 

1892, Ashland; s. J. A. Riddle; b. Dec 25, 1870. 

Savage, Frank Marion, (Soph.), officer, U. S. Army. 

1892, Centre; s. Robert Russell Savage and Elizabeth Reed Morrison; b. April 
3> 1873; Grad., U. S. M. Acad., 1897. 

Steiner, James Henry, (Law), salesman, Greenville. 

1892, Greenville; s. Joseph Steiner, Greenville, and Margaret Matilda Campi 
b. July 14, 1870; m. Era C Smith, Greenville, Dec 19, 1895. 

Street, Samuel Atkins, (Spec), physician, Prattville, Tex. 

1892, Coleta, Clay Co.; s. Robert S. Street, Coleta, and Mary Jane Brown; b. 
Jan. x8, 1869; B* !*•> Sou. Univ., Greensboro, 1891; m. Mary Florence Harper, Paris* 
Tex., April x8, x897> 

Terry, John Wilson, (Soph.), stenographer, Montgomery. 

189X, Talladega; s. J. B. Terry, Talladega, and Annie Wilson; b. July 8, 1873; 
Boy's Supervisor, Acad, for Blind, 1893-95; m< Henrietta South, Charlotte, N. C» 
July x8, X899. 

362 Record of Students [1S94 

Thomas, William Odonoley, (Law), Centerville. 

Z892, Blocton; •. W. D. Thomas; 1>. Jan. 1$, z868. 

Windham, Robert Edward Lee, (Law), lawyer, Jasper. 

189a, Fayette; a. Leroy Burtin Windham, Tnacalooaa, and Saleta Jane Ander- 
aon; b. March aj, 1867; m. Sallie E. Smith, Northport 

♦Wing, Eugene Glover, (Fr.), officer, U. S. Army. 

189a, Jackaon; a. A. M. Wing, Jackaon, and Elva DuBoae; h. Feb. xi, 1874; 
and Lieut, 36th Reg., U. S. Vol^ Philippine War; d. in Philippines, Jan. a4, 1900. 

Wood, William Sheppard, (Fr.), merchant, Petros, Tenn. 

189a, Florence; a. Maj. H. C Wood, Florence, and SalHe Sheppard; b. Oct 
10, 1874. 

1894. Graduates with Titled Degrees 

Baldwin, Martin Mortimer, A. B., LL. B., '95, lawyer. Union 

1890, Union Springa; a. Philip B. Baldwin, Fitzpatrick, and Sallie P. Crews; 
b. Aug. a6, 1873; Rep., Gen. Aaaem., Ala., x90o-oa. 

Blackmon, Frederick Leonard, LL. B., lawyer, Annistoa. 

1893, Choccolocco; a. Auguatua Young Blackmon and Sarah Ann Roaa; b. Sept. 
X5> x87a; City Atty. for Anniaton, 1898 — ; State Senator, 1900^14. 

Brannen, Ezra Richmond, LL. B., lawyer, Troy. 

1893, Troy; a. Calvin L. Brannen, Troy, and Samantha Elisabeth Beard; b. 
June ai, 1869; City Atty., Troy, x896^7' 

Bricken, Frank Baltzell, LL. B., lawyer, Luveme, 

1893, Luveme; a. B. R. Bricken and Rachael A. Horn; b. Dec 15, 187s; 
Solicitor, Crenahaw Co. 

Brown, Darby Henagan, A. B., A. M., '95, book-keeper, Bir- 

1890, Sumterville, Sumter Co.; a. William Henry Brown and Catherine Billings 
bee Henagan; b. Dec. 23, 1873; Teacher at Mobile, 1895-97; Secretary and Aast 
Treas., Birmingham Mining and Contracting Co. 

Burgett, John Irwin, A. B., LL. B., *97, lawyer. Mobile. 

1891, Mobile; a. Dr. J. R. Burgett and Sarah Vernon Wheeler; b. March as> 
1875; m. Nina Clay, Deerbrook, Miaa., June 37, 1900. 

Bush, George Edward, A. B., lawyer, Birmingham. 

1890, Birmingham; a. John W. Buah, Birmingham, and Sarah Howard Etsus; 
b. Sept ao, 1874. 

Bush, John Curtis, Jr., A. B., cotton factor. Mobile. 

1890, Mobile; a. J. C. Buah, Mobile, and Ruth S. Tarrant; b. Jan. a8, 1876. 

Qements, Dudley Alsey, LL. B., (See 1892). 

i8g4] Graduates with Titled Degrees 365 

♦Edgar, George Thomas, A. B., electrical engineer. Mobile. 

1893, University; s. CoL G. M. Edgar and Rebecca Fry; b. Jan. 23, 2875; ^ 
Not. 9, 1898. 

Forney, John Cortlan, LL. B., (See 1892). 

♦Freeman, John Daniel, LL. B., lawyer. Wagoner, Ind. Ter. 

1893, Scottsboro; a. Charles S. Freeman, Scottsboro, and Mary Phillips; b. 
Dec. 7> 1869; B. P., Sou. Univ., 1886, A. M., Univ. of Va., x887> M. D., Beaumont 
Med. CoL, St. Louis, 1891; Prof., Ala. CoL, Dental Surgery, 1892^3; City Atty., 
Wagoner, Ind. Ter., 1897-98; m. Annie Skelton, Scottsboro, 2894; d. March 3, X90i. 

Grayson, David Allison, A. M., (See 1893). 

Hall, William Roland, LL. B., lawyer, Houston, Miss. 

1893, Uniontown; s. Richard T. Hall, Uniontown, and Sabte A. Logan; b. June 
3, Z874; LL. B., Yale, 1895; Author of "Hadassah" and "A System of Philosophy;** 
m. £. C Lombard, Milford, Ct., June 34, 1895. 

Ha)mes, John Jason, LL. B., lawyer, Ashland. 

1893, Lineville; s. H. D. Haynea, Lineville, and Lucretia Pace; b. March 7, 
187a; Solicitor, County Court, Clay Co., 1899-1905; m. Minnie E. Bellp Lineville, 
May 6, 1896. 

♦Holtzclaw, James Thaddeus, Jr., A. M., (See 1893). 

Jones, Richard Channing, Jr., A. B., druggist, Camden. 

Z890, University; a. Gen. R. C. Jones and Stella Hamilton Boyldn; b. July 
30, 1873. 

Kyser, George Herbert, A. B., druggist, Selma. 

1890, Richmond; s. Dr. George W. Kyser and Sallie Patton; b. Sept 23, 1874; 
Z899, Dr. of Phar., Philadelphia College of Phar. 

Leigh, John David, LL. B., lawyer, Brewton. 

1893, Brewton; s. Norvelle Robertson Leigh, Brewton, and Catherine Burnett; 
b. June as, 1872. 

Leigh, Norvelle Robertson, Jr., LL. B., lawyer, Brewton. 

1893, Brewton; s. Norvelle Robertson Leigh, Brewton, and Catherine Burnett; 
b. July 23, 1870; Mem. Constitu. Conven., 1901. 

Letcher, Marion, A. B., teacher, Douglassville, Ga. 

1891, Shorter's, Macon Co.; s. Dr. Francis M. Letcher and Oaudia C. Howard; 
b. Sept. 5, X874; Asst, Hamner Hall, 1895-97; Prin., Scale High School, 1897-98; 
Lieut., U. S. A., Vol., Spanish War, 1898; Pres., Douglassville, Ga., CoL, 1900—. 

Little, George Kerr, B. C. E., dvil engineer, Tuscaloosa. 

1891, Tuscaloosa; s. Dr. George Little and Carrie Patillo Doak; b. May 4, 1875; 
U. S. River Survey, 1893-95, Ft. Morgan, 1895-98, Ft Gaines, 1899-1900. 

Lyons, Joseph Henry, A. B., LL. B., '95, lawyer. Mobile. 

1890, Mobile; s. Mark Lyons and Amelia Horsier; b. Oct 31, 1874; LL. B.» 
Harvard Univ., 2899. 

364 Record of Students [1^94 

McArthur, Charles Tate, B. C. E. 

189 1, Bessemer; s. Peter McArthur; b. Oct 14, 1874. 

Mitchell, James Augustus, LL. B., (See 1888). 

Monroe, G>lUer, B. C. E., druggist, Rosebud, Tex. 

1890, Tuscaloosa; s. Dr. D. E. Monroe, Woodstock, and E. Jane Collier; b. 
Jan. A3, 1874; Teacher in Tenn., 1896^8; Grad. in Phar., Austin, Tex., 1898. 

Morrow, Hugh, LL. B., (See 1893). 

Murphy, Charles Martin, A. B., physician. Pleasant Ridge. 

1891, Pleasant Rid^e; s. Dr. S. S. Murphy and E. M. Steele; bb Jan. xa, 1874; 
M. D., 1898, Birmingham Med. CoL 

Nason, Richard Henry, B. C. E., R. R. clerk, Greenville. 

1890, Mobile; s. George Nason and Ella W. Flak; b. April 13, 187a; m. Nettia 
Knight, Greenville, Nov. a7, 1898. 

NeSmith, Christopher Columbus, A. B., lawyer, Vernon. 

1890^4, x894-95> Vernon; s. Thomas B. NeSmith, Vernon, and Minnie Cath- 
erine McLain; b. Oct. 99, 1873; Solicitor, Lamar Co., 1898 — ; Reg. in Chanc, Lamar 
Co., 1900; Mem. Constitu. Conven., x9ox; m. Helen Claudia Morton, Vernon, Dee. 
14. 1899- 

Northing^on, Merrill Partt, A. B., manufacturer, Birmingham. 

X890, Prattville; s. W. T. Northington and Ella Addle Smith; b. Jan. 13, 187$; 
Asst Sec, Continental Gin Co.; m. Mary Gaines Earle, Birmingham, Nov. jx, 1899. 

Pugh, Condie Collins, A. B., minister, Vicksburg, Miss. 

1890, Grove Hill; s. Stephen Pugh, Grove Hill, and Jane Gilmore; b. Nov. 
a7, X867; M. Th., Sa Baptist Theolog. Sem., X897: Pastor, Springfield, Ky., Ba^. 
Church, 1897-99; Calvary Bap. Church, Vicksburg, Miss., X899— . 

SaflFold, Ray Phillips, LL. B., (See 1893). 

Stallworth, Nicholas Eugene, A. B., LL. B., '95, lawyer, Mobile. 

189 X, Evergreen; s. N. Stallworth, Evergreen, and Sarah Eugenia Hinea; b. 
Sept. 17, 1874; m. Gelene Armor, Mobile, Oct. 9, 1901. 

Stone, George Edwin, A. B., A. M., '95, LL. B., '96, lawyer, 

X891, Mobile; s. Sardine Graham Stone, Mobile, and Elisa Jane Horton; b. 
Aug. 4, 187s; Asat, Chem. Lab., U. of Ala., 1894*95; Treaa., Mobile County, 1900—; 
m. Claudia lone Kirkpatrick, Selma, Oct. 18, 1899. 

Strickland, Stephen Henry, A. B., time-keeper, Johns. 

1890, Tuscaloosa; s. Wilson Strickland, Woodstock, and Lucanda Herring; 
b. Nov. 5> 1871. 

Thetford, William Fletcher, Jr., LL. B., (See 1895). 

Trimble, Francis Bugbee, B. C. E., New Orleans, La. 

1890, Montgomery; s J. B. Trimble, Montgomery, and SaUie G. Bugbee; b. 
July ao, X874; Supt, Dixie Oil Works Warehouse. 

1894] Graduates in Schools and Non-Graduates 365 

Webb, James Edward, Jr., A. B., electrician, Greensboro. 

1890, Birmingham; s. James £. Webb and Zemula Creswell; b. Feb. a6, 1875; 
Supt., Electric Light Plant* Gxeensboro; m. Maud Hays, Tuscaloosa, June, 1894- 

Wilkerson, Julius Dunn, A. B., lawyer, Elba. 

Z890, Troy; s. £. li. Wilkerson, Troy, and Mary £. Dunn; b. Aug. 16, 1874- 

♦Wooten, Richard Council, LL. B., (See 1893). 

Yuille, Nathaniel Alston, B. C. E., A. M., '95, C. E., '99, civil 
engineer, Tuscaloosa. 

1891, Mobile; s. Robert L. Yuille, Daphne, and Mary Alpine Spinks; b. April 
9, 1873; with Gov. Works, Warrior River. 

1894. Grraduates in Schools and Non-Graduates 

Auxford, Lollie Rufus, (Fr.), cotton merchant, Atlanta, Ga. 

1893, Hull, Tuscaloosa Co.; s. F. M. Auxford and Sarah Sartain; b. June as, 
1875; Resides at Hull during the Summer and Atlanta, Ga., in Winter. 

Banks, Wiley Coleman, (Jun.), merchant, Columbus, Miss. 

1891, Columbus, Miss.; s. James Oliver Banks and Lucy Watldns Young; b. 
Jan. 8, 1876; m. Maria Agnes Williams, Columbus, Miss., Jan. s, 1901. 

♦Bedingfield, Charles Alexander, (Fr.), physician, Repton. 

1893, Belleville, Conecuh Co.; s. Charles A. Bedingfield and Drudlla Watson; 
b. Sept. 3Z, 1874; M. D., Mobile, 2897; d. Sept. as, 1899. 

Bonner, Ernest, (Soph.), physician. Steward's Mills, Tex. 

1893, Rosebud, Wilcox Co.; s. Maj. James Bonner, Wilcox Co., and Julia New- 
bury; b. Feb. $, 1875; M. D., Bellevue Med. Col., 1897; m* Elisa Bonner, Corsicana, 
Tex., 1898. 

Boyle, Robert Edmund, (Jun.), agent, Birmingham. 

1892, Birmingham; s. B. B. Boyle, Montgomery, and Nancy Lee; b. Dec so, 
1873; in South Africa, 2895-99; Property holder and agent for mineral and timber 

Brickell, Robert Coman, Jr., (Soph.), lawyer, Huntsville. 

2893* Montgomery; s. Judge R. C Brickell and Mary Blasengame; b. Sept 
S2, 1877. 

Brown, Eldridge Kumbrough, (Law), teacher, Oneonta. 

2893, Cleveland, Blount Co.; s. John Brown and Lottie Stevens; b. Nor. i, 
2872; County Solicitor, Blount County, 2895-99; m« Bessie Tarrant, Blountsville, 
Nov., 2894. 

Buell, Herbert Evarts, (Fr.), stenographer, Birmingham. 

2893, Tuscaloosa; s. David Buell, Greenville, and Flora Herbert; b. Aug- 
3. 2877. 

♦Cochran, Claudius Martin, (Fr.), Eleanor. 

2893, Eleanor, Dallas Co.; s. Dr. Robert M. Cochran and Alice E. Cochran; 
b. Jan. 30, 2876; Private, U. S. A., 2899; d. Nov. S5, 2900. 

366 Record of Students [iS94 

Q>x, Robert Avery, (Fr.), journalist, Mexico, Mex. 

1893, Northport; i. Robert Samiicl Cox and Saimntha C Dodion; b. May t» 
1876; Editor, Northport Breest, 1897; Trav. Cor. of Chieaco /ii^#r-Oc#im. 

Cunningham, Samuel Walter, (Fr.), druggist, Thomasville. 

1893, Mobile; a. Jamea Cunningham, Mobile, and Kate Daily; b. Dee. j8, 1878; 
Student, Ala. Med. CoL, 1898-99; Druggiat, Mobile, 1897-1900, ThomaariUe, 1900^; 
Sgt, Co. C, and Ala. VoL, SpaiUah War, 1898. 

Curtis, Oliver Prentice, (Soph.), R. R, agent, Deland, Fla, 

X893, Lower Peach Tree; a. Dr. C C. Curtia and Viola Powe; b. Nor. 13, 1876. 

Elliott, Archie Baker, (Fr.), planter. Trinity. 

1893, Trinity; a. Jeremiah Pearaall Elliott and Fanny Cole; b. Dec aSi x87S* 

Ezell, William Morriss, (Soph.), dentist, Jackson. 

189J, Suggaville; a. Robert L. Ezell, Suggarille, and Annie Eliza Morriai; h. 
July I, X873: D. D. S., Vanderbilt, March a8, 1899. 

Foshee, Mason Pierre, (Jun.), physician, Brewton. 

1893, Brewton; a. Stuart J. Foshee and Matilda C. McGowan; b. OcL la, 1875; 
M. D., U. of Va., 1896; m. Ella Downing, Brewton, June 6, 1901. 

Foster, Otis Merritt, (Soph.), Prattville. 

1893, Prattville; a. Foater and Lillie Merritt; b. Aug. 8, 1877; PriTate 

in Spanlah War, 1898. 

Foster, Robert Savidge, (Soph.), Tuscaloosa. 

189a, Tuacalooaa; a. George Waahington Foater, West Point, Mlaa., and Caro- 
line H. Quarlea; b. Oct »6, 1876; Gov. Service at Ft Morgan. 

Gaines, Edmund Pendleton, (Fr.), clerk, Birmingham. 

i893» Northport; a. Jamea P. Gainea, Northport tnd Eleanor Ann Tieroe; b. 
Jan. 9, 1877; R'way Mail Clerk. 

Gorman, Claude Lamar, (Fr.) 

1893, Nottingham; a. Dr. C H. Gorman; b. April 18, 1874. 

Larkin, William Rutledge, Jr., (Fr.), Larkinville. 

1893, Larkinville, Jackson Co.; a. William R. Larkin and Franoea E. Higgina; 
b. Jan. a, 1874; Sgt, Co. I, and Reg., Ala. Inf. VoL, Spaniah War, 1898. 

Letcher, Joseph Bozeman, (Soph.), physician, Shorter's. 

189a, Shorter's; a. Dr. Francis M. Letcher and Clandia Caroline Clanton (••«• 
Howard; b. Aug. 5, 2874; M. D., Tulane, 1898; m. Pattie Evelyn Boyd, Shorter'a, 
June a8, 1899. 

Lurton, Edmond Brown, (Soph.), insurance, Livingston. 

x893» Sumterville: a. E. B. Lurton, Oarksville, Tenn., and Clara R. Brown; 
b Sept ai, 1875; m. Suaie Harrington, MonroeviUe, July zo, 1901. 

Moore, William Butler, (Soph.) 

i893f Montgo m ery; b. Aug. a4, 1875. 


1895] Graduates with Titled Degrees 367 

Newton, Guy Guerdon, (Soph.), physician, San Angelo, Tex, 

1893, Belleville; s. C A. Newton and Lucy Ballard; b. Sept. i8» 1873; M. D., 
Mobile, 1898. 

NichoUs, Jesse Crook, (Jun.), officer, U. S. Army. 

z89i» Tuscaloosa; s. Dr. A. B. C NicboUa, Tuicalooaa, and Mary £. Foster; 
b. Aug. 39, 1874; Grad., U. S. M. A., 1899; 1st Lieut, ist Artillery, U. S. A. 

Pabner, William Crump, (Fr.), barber, Tuscaloosa. 

X893, Northport; s. S. T. Palmer, Northport, and E. C Anders; b. Jan. 7, 1874; 
m. Bessye Lee Clements, Nortbport, May 15, 2901. ' 

Rice, Frank, book-keeper, Northport 

1893, Northport; s. Talbert Alexander Rice, Northport, and Sarah Elizabeth 
Shelton; b. Feb. iz, 1874. 

Ritch, Guy Aubrey, (Jun.), planter, Union Springs. 

189a, Thompson; s. L. F. Ritch and Mary Sherwood; b. Aug. 17, 1874; Sheriff, 
Bullock Co., 1900-04. 

Shirley, Joseph Bolin, (Fr.), planter, Bodka. 

1893, Northport; s. Dr. Zimri Shirley and Chenie E. Williamson; b. Sept as, 
1876; m. Nannie Uarldns, Northport, Dec. 29, 1897. 

Sloss, James Lundie, (Soph.), mineral business, Birmingham. 

1893, Birmingham; s. CoL J. W. Sloss and Mattie Lundie; b. Dec. 17, 1874; m. 
Mary Groom Minge, Faunsdale, March si, 1900. 

Starnes, Thomas Dupre, (Jun.), lawyer, Dallas, Tex. 

1893, Scottsboro; b. May 6, 1876. 

Webster, Daniel Thompson, (Fr.), salesman, Birmingham. 

X893, Tuscaloosa; s. Daniel Thompson Webster, Greensboro, and Mattie Thomp- 
son; b. Dec. 27, 1877. 

1895. Graduates with Titled Degrees 

Ahlrichs, Emil, LL. B., lawyer, Cullman. 

1894, Cullman; s. Frederick Ahlrichs, Cullman, and Johanne Koopmann; b. 
May 10, 1870; A. B., 1894, Notre Dame, Ind.; m. Alma Koopmann, April s6, 1898.. 

Alexander, James Edward, LL. B., lawyer, Birmingham. 

1894, Felix, Pterry Co.; s. J. S. Alexander; b. Dec, 1875. 

Baldwin, Martin Mortimer, LL. B., (See 1894). 

Brothers, Philip Houston, A. B., LL. B., '96, planter, Zula. 

X891, Zula; s. Dr. P. H. Brothers and Ginsey Downing; b. Nov. 9, 1874. 

Brown, Darby Henagan, A. M., (See 1894). 

Burke, John, B. S., lawyer, Huntsville. 

1 89 1, Meridianville, Madison Co.; s. Dr. J. P. Burke and Henriette E. Strong; 
b. June 33, 1875; Private, and Lieut and ist Lieut, 5th U. S. VoL Inf. (Immunes), 
Spanish War, 189S. 

368 Record of Students [i895 

Cahalan, Michael Francis, LL. B., lawyer, Birmingham. 

Z894, Binningham ; 8. Michael Cahalan, Birmingham, and Catherine Kinn^; 
b. Dec. 6, 1S72. 

Dennis, John Cornelius, LL. B., lawyer, Clanton. 

Z894, Cooper, Chilton Co.; a. P. C. Dennis, Cooper, and S. J. Farr; b. Nov. 
M, X875. 

Dewberry, John Robert, B. S., merchant, Birmingham. 

1888-89, 1893, Bnxndidge; a. J. H. Dewberry, Birmingham, and SaUie £. Powell; 
b June 13, 1869; Prof. BCath., Blount Col., 1895-97; Pres'd. 4th Dist A^rricultural 
School, 1897-99; m. Margaret WUkinson, July 5, 1897, Birmingham. 

Espy, James Robert Lee, A. B., lawyer, Abbeville. 

1893, Headland; a. T. F. Espy, Headland, and Fannie B. Searcy; b. Dec. S, 
1871; Private, Co. H, and Ala. Reg. VoL, Spanish War, 1898; Reg. in Chanc, Henry 
Co., 1898- 1 904; m. Pet Lilly Sporman, Headland, May as, 1899. 

Faith, Edward Walter, B. S., LL. B., '96, lawyer. Mobile. 

1893, Mobile; a. Lyman H. Faith, Mobile, and Pauline E. Priester; b. Dec. xa, 
1874; m. Sue Bryce Qarkson, Tuscaloosa, Nov. 15, 1899. 

Godbold, Norman Dozier, LL. B., lawyer, Camden. 

x894> Bethel, Wilcox Co.; s. Leonard W. Godbold, Bethel, and H. Alice Rat> 
diffe; b. April x, 1876; Solicitor, Washington Co., 1896-97; Rep., Gen. Aasem., x898-99. 

Grayson, David Allison, LL. B., (See 1893). 

Hargrove, Robert Jemison, B. L., LL. B., '96, physician, Tusca- 

i89x> TuKaloosa; s. Andrew Coleman Hargrove and Cherokee Mims Jemison; 
b. Aug. 3f 1874; Practiced Law a few years; M. D., Mobile, 1891. 

Hill, Wiley Croom, LL. B., (See 1893). 

Inge, William Bullock, Jr., lawyer. Mobile. 

1894, Greensboro; s. William Bullock Inge, Greensboro, and Lida V. Tunstall; 
b. Sept. a9, 1875: A. B., Sou. Univ., Greensboro, 1894. 

Ivey, Joe Nettles, A. B., teacher, New Orleans, La. 

x894> Fork, Monroe Co.; s. William Ivey and Martha O. Nettles; b. June S9, 
1874; Student, Howard Col., 1892-94; Ph. D., Berlin, 1901; Instructor in Math., 
Tulane Univ., 1901 — ^. 

Laslie, Dawson Edwards, B. S., merchant, Tuskegee. 

1893, Tuakegee; s. Maj. C. Laslie and Gussie Thompson; b. July 17, 1876; m. 
Carrie Tignor Cobb, Opelika, Sept 30, 1899. 

Little, Richard Harris, A. B., LL. B., '96, journalist, Tuscaloosa, 

1893, Tuscaloosa; s. John Little, Tuscaloosa, and Amanda M. Harris; b. Aug. 
29, 1876; Editor, Tuscaloosa Tim^s. 

Lyons, Joseph Henry, LL. B., (See 1894). 

1895] Graduates with Titled Degrees 369 

Mallory, Hugh, A. B., lawyer, Selma. 

1892, Selma; s. H. S. D. Mallory, Selma, and Lula Moore; b. Oct 30, 1874; 
LL. B., Cumberland Univ., 2897; Cadet, U. S. Naval Acad., Annapolis, x892-9a. 

McConnell, Joseph Lorraine, B. S., LL. B., '97, lawyer. Center. 

1891, Center; a. Jobn L. McConnell and Ellie Sparks; b. Sept 7, 1875; Re& 
in Chanc., 1899 — ; Mayor of Center, 1901 — ; m. Linda H. Noble, Anniston, March 
a4, 1900. 

McWilliams, Edward Clopton, B. S., physician. Oak Hill. 

x89a. Oak Hill; s. £. C McWilliama and Joyce Jones; b. April xi, 1873; M. D., 
1897, BeUevtie Med. CoL; Lumber business. 

Psyne, Warwick Henry, A. B., LL. B., '96, druggist, Scottsboro. 

1892, Scottsboro; s. Dr. William Henry Payne, Scottsboro, and Margaret 
Brown; b. July 27, 1875; employed in Dept of Ethnology, Smithsonian Inst, 1897-98. 

Pugh, Elijah Stuart, A. B., teacher, Thomasville. 

1892, Grove Hill; s. Jesse Pickens Pugh and Melissa Sophia Betds; bb June S9, 
187s; Prin., Jackson Acad., X89S-96; Prof. Languages, Jackson Agri. CoL, X896-98; 
Pres., S. Ala. Inst, Thomasville, 1898 — ; m. Willie Floyd Cruxn, Arlington, Jan. 
4> 1899- 

Seay, Alexander Gillespie, A. B., teacher, Sylacauga. 

1893, Brundidge; s. William James Seay and Jane Adeline Knowles; bb March 
ax, 1869; PrixL School at Clinton, x 895-96; Prof., Math, and Mod. Lang., Ardmort 
CoL, Ind. Ter., X896-97; Teacher, Public Schools, Trinity, Tex., 1897-98; Prof., Math, 
and English, 4th Dist Agri. School, Sylacauga, 1898-99; PrixL, same, X899 — ; m. Mary 
Alice Riddle, Oxford, Dec. 44, X900. 

Slone, Samuel B)rron, B. S., LL. B., '97, cashier. Fort Payne. 

x89a-95, X896, Lebanon, DeKalb Co.; s. Jesse Sloxie, and Nancy Ellen Rapier; 
b. Feb. 4, x87a; Teacher, Springville, X895-96; Solicitor, DeKalb Co., 1898-99; Cashier, 
Fort Payne JBank; m. Minnie Leona Haralson, Nov. x, X899. 

Stone, George Edwin, A. M., (See 1894). 

Tate, Joseph Robert, LL. B., lawyer, Brookside. 

X894, Bryan, Jefferson Co.; s. James W. Tate and Elixabeth J. Robbins; b. 
March 30, X87X; Mayor of Brookside, X896-X900; m. Eula Jay Steele, Blountsville, 
Dec. xa, X897. 

Thorington, Jack, LL. B., lawyer, Montgomery. 

X894, Montgomery; s. Robert D. Thorington and SalUe Gindrat Winter; b. 
June 3, X875; B. S., A. P. I.; m. Kate Patterson, Montgomery, Dec. xa, X900. 

Tyson, Archie Lowndes, B. S., LL. B., '96, lawyer, Montgomery. 

x89a, Montgomery; s. Laban W. Tyson, Lowndesboro, and Psttie Nicholson 
Arrington; b. Sept 27, X874. 

Walker, Mitchell Porter, A. B., Birmingham. 

x89Xf Birmingham; a. William Augustus Walker and Virginia Taylor Mudd; 
b. May s. 1875. 

Walker, William Mudd, LL. B., (See 1893). 

37 o Record of Students [1S95 

Welch, Portis Gaillard, A. B., cotton buyer, Selma. 

1893, Selma; s. W. P. Welch, Selma, and Caroline Gaillard Portis; b. Feb. la, 
1875; m. Estelle Carson John, Birmingham, Nov. 7, 1900. 

Wheelock, Charles Rose, B. C. E., C. E., '99, engineer, Birming- 

189a, Tuscaloosa; s. C. F. Wheelock and Minnie E. Rose; b. Dec i6, 1874; 
Asst. City Engineer, Birmingham, 1895-96; Teacher, Clifton, 1896-97; m. Maggie 
Storrs, Tallassee, Aug. i, 1897. 

♦Whitson, Early, A. B., teacher, Alvarado, Tex. 

X891, Tuscaloosa; s. Jesse P. Whitson, Fifes, Tex., and Jennie E. McMillan; h. 
April 30, 1876; Teacher, Alvarado, Tex., x 897*99; <L June xa, 1899. 

Yuille, Nathaniel Alston, A. M., (See 1894). 

1895. Graduates in Schools and Non-Graduates 
Adams, Anna Byrne, (Ec), Birmingham. 

1893* Tuscaloosa; dau. Samuel Adams and Ann Mitchell; b. Dec. 27, 1875. 

Allmon, Rinaldo, (Sen.), dentist, Pensacola, Fla. 

1891, Georginna; s. J. E. Allmon, Georgians, and Dora Evans; b. Aug. xj, 
X874; D. D. S., VanderbiH, X898. 

Andrews, Julian Leigh, (Law), lawyer, Greenville. 

X894, Greensboro; s. Allen S. Andrews and Virginia Hudson; b. Aug. 9, 1872; 
A. B., Sou. Univ., X893; m. Nona Banks, Hurstboro, Dec. 5, 1895. 

r I ■ 

Blakey, David Taliefero, (Soph.), salesman, Birmingham. 

1893, Montgomery; s. D. T. Blakey, Montgomery, and Mary S. Mabson; b. 
Aug. 13, 1875* 

Bonner, John Miller, (Fr.), LL. B., 1900, lawyer, Camden. 

1894-95, 1899-1900, Rosebud; s. James Bonner, Rosebud, and Julia Newbury; 
b. Dec 3, X878: m. Sara Miller, Camden, April x8, 1901. 

Bonner, Sherwood, (Fr.), editor, Camden. 

1894-95, 1899-1900, Rosebud; s. Major James Bonner, Rosebud, and Julia New> 
bury; b. Jan. 5, 1876; B. S., Erskine, 1898; ist Lieut and Adjt, and Ala. Reg., Vot, 
Spanish War, 189S; Editor, Progressive Bra; m. Nannie Miller, StatesviUe, N. C, 
Dec. X9, X900. 

Brown, Hugh Barclay, (Soph.), Fort Worth, Tex. 

X893, Anniston; s. Thomas Chilton Brown and Mary Eliaabeth Croom; b. Aug. 
24, X875; Private Sec, Agent L. & N. R. R., x895-X90o; Sec. and Treas., Texas 
Machinery Co. 

Carr, Dennis Hugh, (Soph.) , book-keeper, Montgomery. 

1893, Montgomery; s. Thomas H. Carr, Montgomery, and Anxxie V. Colby; b. 
March 12, 1876: m. Alabama Brown, Montgomery, Jan. 39, X90X. 

Champion, William Perry, (Jun.), teacher, Luveme. 

1894. Lapine; s. A. L. Champion and Mary E. Story; b. Sept. is, 187a. 

1895] Graduates in Schools and Non-Graduates 371 

G)hn, Maurice, (Jun.), manufacturer, Meridian, Miss. 

189a, Tuscaloosa; s. Armin Cohn, Chicago, IlL, and Fanny Franklin; b. June 
ss* X875; Night Supt., Meridian Cotton Mills. 

Gx>k, John Tyler, Jr., (Jun.), dentist, Montgomery. 

1893, Camden; s. John T. Cook, Montgomery, and Viola Young; b. June ai, 
1874; D. D. S., Vanderbilt, 1808. 

Daniel, George Albert, (Soph.), merchant, Tuscaloosa. 

1893, Northport; s. John Marion Daniel, Tuscaloosa, and Susan Christian; h. 
Dec. I, 1877; m. May Grace Shirley, Northport 

Davidson, Paul, (Jun.), planter, Pine Apple. 

1893, Pine Apple; s. H. M. Davidson, Pine Apple, and Sheba Linam; b. July 
i4f 1875; ni. Lillie Mack Kirkpatrick, Highland Home. 

Davis, Jefferson Dalton, Jr., (Soph.), lawyer, Guntersville. 

1894, Talladega; s. JefFerson Dalton Davis, Sr.; b. June 4, 1876; Mayor, Gun- 
tersville, 1899. 

Denman, William, (Soph.), book-keeper, Montgomery. 

1894, Chulafinne; s. James Aaron Denman, Season's Mill, and Mary C Howie; 
b. Nov. 23, 1870; P. M., Edwardsville, 1896-97; Clerk, Probate Court, Cleburne Co., 
1897-99; Book-keeper for Dept. of Education, Montgomery. 

Dixon, John Wyly, (Fr.), Hattiesburg, Miss. 

1894, Hattiesburg, Miss.; s. J. T. Dixon; b. June a, 1874. 

♦Dobbs, Stephen Hardie, (Law), Fort Payne. 

1894, Fort Payne; s. S. E. Dobbs; b. May 11, x86a; d. 1897. 

Foshee, Durwood, Marion, (Fr.), clerk, Selma. 

1894, Qanton; s. M. M. Foshee, Oanton, and Mary Jones; 1). Dec. zx, 1875; 
m. Sallte C Fuller, Clanton, Sept ao, 1899. 

Fowlkes, Benjamin Cobb, (Soph.), dentist. Mobile. 

1894, Selma; s. Samuel A. Fowlkes, Sr., and Mary Pinkie Cobb; b. Nov. ax, 
1877; D. D. S., Louisville Dent Col.; m. Alice Armstrong Love, Selma, Nov. 5, 190Z. 

Franklin, Thomas Banes, (Soph.), Hayes. 

1894, Hayes; s. S. J. Franklin; b. Oct. 30, 1867. 

Harriss, Sherwood Prince, (Soph.), book-keeper, Birmingham. 

1893, Hillsboro, Tex.; s. Dr. J. T. Harriss, EI Campo, Tex., and Anna Terrell; 
b. Sept. 19, 1874; Book-keeper, JefFerson Co. Savings Bank, and Manager Bir, Clear- 
ing House. 

Hilman, Richard Garrett, (Soph.), planter, Epes. 

1893, Epes; s. J. J. Hilman and Emma R. Garrett; b. Jan. 4, 1877. 

Howze, John (No. 3), (Jun.), cotton buyer, Birmingham. 

1892, Birminf.ham; s. A. C. Howze, Birmingham, and Vallie Long, Athens, Ga.; 
b. Aug. 7, 1875; m. Kate Fontaine Meade, Birmingham, Aug. 99, 1900. 

372 Record of Students [i895 

Johnston, Edward Douglass, (Law) 

1894, Birmingham. 

Johnston, Leonard Cooper, (Soph.)> merchant, Alexandria, La. 

1893* DeSotoviUe, ChocUw Co.; ■. H. B. Johnston, DeSotoriOe, and Maitha F. 
Tliompton; b. Sept a6, 1877. 

Jones, John Ray, (Soph.), salesman, Montgomery. 

i893» Montgomery; ■. William B. Jonei and Matde Ray; b. April 6, 1876. 

Kilgore, William Qarence, (Soph.), clerk, Birmingham. 

i893> Tnacalooaa; a. Charlea C. Kilgore, Tuacaloosa, and Sarah A. Leach; k 
Jan. 8, 1877; Shipping Clerk, Central Ga. R. R. 

Laird, Samuel Boden, (Soph.), Indian Ter. 

1894, Birmingham; i. S. £. Laird; b. Feb. ss, 1876. 

Legg, Andrew Covey, Jr., (Soph.), merchant, Birmingham. 

1894, Elkmont; i. Mi^or A. C Legg, Elkmont, and ICartha Gray; b. Oct s» 
1876; m. Mias McWilliama, Fayetterille, Tenn., 1898. 

Lewis, James Leon, (Jun.), physician, Brownwood, Tex. 

1892* Terry, Miaa.; a. James E. Lewis, Byram, Miss., and Emma Catchings; b. 
Not. a8, 1874; M. D., Tulane, 1898; m. Emma Massie Borton, New Orleans, La., 
Msj IS, 1898. 



McCants, Allan Gautier, (Sen.), clerk, Meridian, Miss. 

1891, Meridian, Miia.; s. R. G. McCants and Pristine Cherokee Tsylor; b. Aug. 
so, X875; Law Student 

Mcintosh, Samuel William, (Soph.), planter, Camden. 

1893, Camden; a. David McInto«h and Caroline iVerberton McDowell; b. June 
7, 1875. 

Means, McKee Gould, (Fr.), merchant, Boligee. 

1894, Boligee; s. John Dayid Means, Boligee, and Delia Thornton Gould; b. 
Dec. 6, 1877* 

NeSmith, Christopher Columbus, (Law), (See 1894). 

O'Brien, Francis, (Soph.), Alaska. 

1893, Montgomery; s. James O'Brien and Mary Horan; b. Aug. 31, 1877; Last 
heard frcnn in 1898, at Dawson City, Alsska. 

Patton, Oliver Beime, Jr., (Fr.), planter, Huntsville. 

1894, HuntsnOe; s. O. B. Patton and Elisabeth L White; b. S^t 15, 1874. 

Peter, George Frederick, (Law), mine operator, Maylene. 

1894, Brieriield; a. Thomas J. Peter, Brierfield, and Esther A. O'Brien; b. April 
S, X869: A. B., Yale, 1890. 

Rentz, Joseph Gerst, (Soph.), salesman, Houston. Tex. 

1893, Camden; s. E. O. Rents, Camden, and Ludnda Volts; b. Nor. 5, 187s. 

1895] Graduates in Schools and Non-Graduates 373 

Rhett, Harry Moore, (Soph.)i book-keeper, Huntsville. 

1893, Huntsville; t. R. B. Rhett and Harriet Moore; li. Dec aB, 1873; Student, 
Uniy. of Va., 1895-97* 

Royall, Hilary Herbert, (Jun.), officer, U. S. Navy. 

1893, Tuscaloosa; s. Thomas Edward Royall, BurkertUe, Va., and Dora Herbert; 
b. Aug. 30, 1876; Grad., U. S. N. Acad., 1899* 

Shelley, James Etter, (Spec), officer, U. S. Army. 

Z894, Birmingham; s. Gen. C M. Shelley, Birmingham, and Kathleen McCon* 
ndl; CapL, 5th Immunes, from July, 1898, to May 31, 1899; Chief Inqwctor of CItII 
Guard, Santiago de Cuba; appointed Lieut, U. S. Army, 1901. 

Simpson, Lawrence Waverly, (Jun.), merchant and planter. Snow 

189a, Furman; a. R. O. Simpson and Elizabeth A. Gulley; b. July 29, 1873. 

Snow, Euclid, (Fr.), pharmacist, Nashville, Tenn. 

1894, Tuscaloosa; a. Prof. Samuel P. Snow and Annie Cannon; b. Sept. a, 
1876; Ph. G., Nat Inst of Phar., Chicago, 2897, and Vanderbilt, 1898. 

Somerville, Albert, (Sen.), Tuscaloosa. 

1890, Tuscaloosa; a. H. M. Someryille and Cornelia B. Harris; b. Aug. 19, 1874. 

Stevens, Chalmers McCorvey, (Jun.), lumber dealer, Brewton. 

1893, Brewton; s. T. J. Stevens, Brewton, and Adelaide MeConrey; b. Oet 
I a, Z874; Cadet, U. S. M. A., West Point, 1895-96. 

Teague, Edward Baptist, Jr., (Jun.), planter, • Redlawn. 

1893, Columbiana; a. Rev. Eldred Burder Teague and Louise Emaline Philpot; 
b. Feb. Sf 1^76' 

Thompson, Andrew Jackson, (Fr.), Talladega. 

1894, Talladega; s. T. J. Thompson; b. April 5, 1873. 

Tippins, John Edward, (Law), contractor, Brewton. 

1894, Brewton; s. Philip H. Tippins, Brewton, and JuUa Castlebury; b. Jaa. 
19, 1871. 

Tipton, William Hogan, (Soph.), clerk, Selma. 

1893, Selma; s. Dr. Frank Tipton, Selma, and Gertrude Riggs; b. July j8, 
1876; m. Mary Buell, Selma, Jan. 24, 190X. 

Trice, Daniel Haul, (Fr.), planter. Cocoa. 

1894, Cocoa; s. Troup Trice and Martha Jane Haul; b. July 30, xSya; Student 
at Louisville Med. CoL, (Class of xgos). 

Trice, Peter Alba, (Fr.), planter and teacher, G>coa. 

1894, Cocoa; s. Troup Trice and Martha Jane Haul; b. July 9, 1874; M. D., 
Louisville Med. CoL, 190X. 

Troy^ Alexander James, (Fr.), lawyer, Montgomery. 

x894» Montgomery; s. Alexander Troy, Montgomery, and Alice Bridgeworth 
Watla; b. Jan. 6, 1879. 

374 Record of Students [i^S^ 

Wellborn, Alfred, (Fr.), book-keeper. New Orleans, La. 

1894, Anniston; a. Maximilian Bethune Wellborn and Emma Julia Dent; b. 
Not. 4, 1876:' with Travelers Ina. Co. 

Wheelock, William Kinnard, (Fr.), Birmingham, 

x894> Tuscaloosa; s. C F. Wheelock and Minnie £. Rose; b. Sept 7, 1878; and 
Sgt, U. S. v., 5th Immunes, Spanish War, 1898; Supt., Graphite Mines. 

Williams, Albert Sydney, (Soph.), officer, U. S. Army. 

1893, Mobile; s. Price Williams, Jr., and Maggie Marshall; b. April 41, 1876; 
Capt., Co. I, and U. S. Vol. Army in Philippines; Provincial Treasurer, Ramblon, 
Philippine Islands. 

Wood, Charles Mitchell, (Jun.), book-keeper, Alabama City. 

1893, Opelika; s. Fern Manly Wood, Opelika, and Sarah Roquemore; b. Aug. 

a, 1875; Asst. Paymaster, Dwight Cotton Mills; m. Mary Emma Higbtower, Gads- 
den, July, 1897* 

Woodson, Andrew Maury, (Fr.), Surgeon, Patton. 

1894, Patton, Walker Co.; s. Landon Cabell Woodson and Martha Agnes Pearoe; 

b. June 6, 1875; M. D., Univ. of Nash., 1900; Capt, 4th Co., U. S. VoL Signal Corps, 
1898-99; m. Grayce Lionel Coyle, Madisonvilk, Ky., April a, 1900. 

1896. Graduates with Titled Degrees 

Adams, Samuel, A. B., teacher, Birmingham. 

189a, Tuscaloosa; a. Samuel Adams and Ann Mitchell; b. Nov. 17, 1877; City 
Schools, Birmingham. 

Bickerstaff, William Ripley, LL. B., minister, Centreville. 

Z895, Union Springs; s. W. R. Bickerstaff and Lucy Elizabeth Holloway; b. 
Oct IX, 1871; Pastor, Centreville Circuit, M. E. Church, South; m. Mamie Whitfield 
Paulk, Union Springs, Nov. 10, 1898. 

Birch, Alexander Clitherall, B. S., LL. B., '97, lawyer, Mont- 

1893, Montgomery; s. George A. Birch and AUie Bergwyne Clitherall; b. Jao. 
at, 1876. 

Blue, John Howard, B. S., physician. New York. 

1893, Montgomery; s. Dr. John Howard Blue, Montgomery, and Mary Wood 
Cook; b. Aug. 31, 1877; Instructor in Chem., U. of Ala., 1896-97; M. D., Columbia 
Univ., N. Y., 1901; Interne, Roosevelt Hosp., 1901 — , 

♦Brothers, George Absalom, LL. B., (See 1893). 

Brothers, Philip Houston, Jr., LL. B., (See 1895). 

Burr, Borden Hughson, B. L., lawyer, Tallad^a. 

1894, Talladega; s. William H. Burr, Talladega, and Sarah Borden; b. Nov. 
a, 1876; LL. B., Wash, and L«e Univ., 1898; m. Mamie Camp, Talladega, Jaa. 
16, X901. 

1896] Graduates with Titled Degrees 375 

Coleman, Charles Hamilton, B. C. E., engineer, Eutaw, 

1893, EqUw; 8. T. W. Coleman and Frances Jane Wilaon; b. Oct i6, 1877; 
Aast Res. Engineer, M. & O. R. R., 1897-98. AssL Eng., Board of Public Works, 
Tampa, Fla., 1898-99, Norfolk, Va., 1899-1900. 

Comer, Robert Thornton, A. B., physician, James. 

1893, James; s. J. F. Comer and £. W. Thornton; b. Aug. ag, 1876; M. D., 
Johns Hopkins Univ., 190X. 

Dickson, David Albert, LL. B., merchant, Wharton, Tex, 

1895, Pine Level; s. Jesse Hamilton Dickson, Wharton, Tex., and Martha 
Townsend; b. Jan. ao, 1874; m. Eula Eveline Edwards, Union Springs, July 5, 1899. 

Drennen, Jesse LaFayette, A. B., LL. B., '97, lawyer, Birming- 

1893, Birmingham; s. Dr. Charles Drennen and Elizabeth M. Wilson; b. Feb. 
14, 1875. 

Edgar, John Blanton, B. S., merchant, Los Angeles, Cal. 

189a, University; s. CoL G. M. Edgar and Rebecca Fry; b. July a, 1877. 

Faith, Edward Walter, LL. B., (See 1895). 

Ferguson, William Hill, A. B., LL. B., '97, insurance, Birming- 

1893, Birmingham; s. F. S. Ferguson and Laura Burr; b. Jan. 6, 1877; Newa- 
paper Reporter, 1897-99. 

Frazer, Thomas Sidney, LL. B., (See 1893). 

Gardner, Lucien Dunbibben, A. B., LL. B., '97, lawyer, Troy, 

1894, I'i'oy; s. John D. Gardner, Troy, and Belle Stark; b. Nov. s8, X876; Reg. 
in Chanc, Pike Co., 1898 — ; m. Henrietta Wiley, Troy, Dec s6, 1900* 

(joodwin, Curran Suttle, A. B., manufacturer, Anniston. 

1893, Selma; s. Andrew Jackson Goodwin, Selma, and Susan Elvira Berry; b. 
April I, x875« 

Gunn, Norman, LL. B., lawyer, Thomasville. 

1895, Thomasville; s. H. S. Gunn, Thomasville, and Margaret D. Griffin; b. 
June 18, 1867; Mayor of Thomasville, 1896-97, 1898-99. 

Hargrove, Robert Jemison, LL. B., (See 1895). 

Herring, James Lewis, A. B., lawyer, Ashville. 

189S-96, i896-97f Ashville; s. James P. Herring, SpringviUe, and Elizabefh 
Ward Forman; b. Sept 7, 1876; LL. B., 1898, Georgetown Univ.; Clerk, Probate 
Court, St. Clair Co., 1898-99; Mayor of Ashville, 1899- 1900. 

Jenkins, John Felix, A. B., physician, Camden. 

i893> Camden; s. Lucky Walker Jenkins and Ellen Shaw Nettles; b. June 26, 
1875; Teacher, Canton Bend, 1896-98; M. D., Mobile, 1901; Interne, Mobile Ho^i- 
tal, 1 90 1 — ^i 

376 Record of Students [1896 

Little, Richard Harris, LL. B., (See 1895). 

Lull, Francis Wayland, LL. B., lawyer, Wetumpka, 

Z895, Wetumpka; s. Cabot LuU, Wettunpka, and Sallk Foster; b. Oct 19, xS/a. 

Martin, Henry Marcellus, Jr., A. B., physician, Clanton. 

1893, Union Springs; a. H. M. Martin, Atlanta, Ga., and EUa Thornton; b. 
June 14, 1875; M. D., Uniy. of Va., 1899; m« Lucie Elizabeth Tumlin, CartersTiile, 
Ga., April 17, 190X. 

Martin, Woodson James, LL. B., lawyer, Gadsden. 

X895, Jacksonville; s. J. T. Martin, Jacksonville, and Sue H. Frauds; b. May 
4> 1875* 

Mathis, Charles Robert, A. B., A. M., '99, teacher, Forest City, 

1893, Dothan, Henry Co.; s. Arthur Mathis and Julia Ann Taylor; b. Fclb. 
IS, 1873. 

McLeod, Jesse Mcintosh, A. B., planter. Coy. 

1893, Lower Fteach Tree; s. John McLeod, Lower Fteach Tree, and Cornelia 
Robison; b. March 5, 1876. 

McLester, James Somerville, A. B., physician, Birmingham. 

Z89S, Birmingham; a. Joseph McLester, Birmingham, and Nannie Somerville; 
b. Jan. as, 1877; M. D. 1899, Univ. of Va.; Rea. Physician, Philadelphia Polyclinic 

Milner, John, A. B., Presb)rterian minister, Roswell, Ga. 

Z893, Columbiana; a. William R. A. Mihier and Mary Rebecca McWhorter; b. 
Dec. iz, Z874. 

Moseley, Louis Marion, A. B., LL. B., '97, lawyer, Union Springs. 

Z89J, Union Springs; s. F. M. Moseley and Nellie Pledger; b. June 3, z87S. 

Northington, Allen, B. S., cashier, Prattville. 

189a, Prattville; s. W. T. Northington and Ella Adellc Smith; b. Nov. 9, 1876; 
Caahier, Autauga Banking and Trust Co. 

Parker, Graham, B. S., officer, U. S. Army. 

1892, University; s. Prof. William Asa Parker and Martha English Foster; b. 
Jan. 8, 1876; Private, Reg. Army, Philippine War; appointed and Lieut., ArtiL Corpa^ 
U. S. A., 190Z. 

Pajme, Warwick Henry, LL. B., (See 1895). 

Pelham, Samuel Clay, A. B., teacher, Anniston. 

1893, Anniston; s. Thomas A. Pelham and Tirxa E. Morris; b. May 30, 1874; 
Prin., Pine St Public School, Anniston. 

Prince, Sydney Rhodes, A. B., lawyer, Mobile. 

1893, Mobile; s. S. T. Prince and Helen Maria Rhodes; b. Sept ix, 1876; LZ* 
B., 1898, Georgetown Unlr. 

1896] Graduates in Schools and Non-Graduates 377 

Reid, John Edwin, LL. B., lawyer, , Ga. 

1895, Boiling; s. James A. Reid; b. Sept 7, 1873. 

Smith, Edward Devereux, A. B., lawyer, Birmingham. 

Z893, Birmingham; s. Addiaon Gillespie Smith and Florence Devereux Hop- 
kins; b. Sept. 5, 1875; LL. B., 1898, Georgetown Uniy. 

Snow, Henry Adams, A. B., merchant, Tuscaloosa. 

1892, Tuscaloosa; s. £. N. C Snow, Tuscaloosa, and Carrie T. McLester; b. 
Not. 16, 1875. 

Stillman, James Sydney, A. B., book-keeper, Catasauqua, Pa. 

1893, Tuscaloosa; s. Rey. C. A. Stillman, Tuscaloosa, and El Freda Walker; 
b. June 10, 1876; Employed with Empire Steel & Iron Co. 

Swan, Harry Elvans, LL. B., lawyer, New York. 

1895, Birmingham; s. W. D. Swan, Washington, D. C, and Annie Lee Reeder; 
b. Feb. 17, 1869; Sec. to Commander, Dept of Cuba, and to MiL Gov. of Cuba, 189&— ; 
m. Carmela Trancosco, Havana, Cuba, Sept xx, 1899. 

Teague, Robert Sterling, LL. B., (See 1887). 

Thetford, Kennon, A. B., physician. New Yoric 

X89S, Talladega; a. Dr. W. F. Thetford, Talladega, and Cora A. Johnston; b. 
July J9, 1876; M. D., Univ. of Va., June 14, 1899; Practiced at Red Oak, Va., 1899- 
X901; Interne, Fordham Hosp., N. Y., 1901 — ^i 

Thompson, Jasper Fritz, LL. B., lawyer, Centerville. 

1895, Centreville; s. N. H. Thompson and Mattle J. James; b. Dec 7, 187 j; 
A. M., Howard Col., 1893; Prin., High School, Nicholsville, 1893-95; Mem. Constitn. 
Con., 190X; m. Byrdie Ward, Six Mile, Nov. 17, 1896. 

Tyson, Archibald Lowndes, LL. B., (See 1895). 

Wing, Joseph Silva, B. S., electrician, Montgomery. 

1893, Montgomery; s. Joseph R. Wing, Montgomery, and Theresa F. Bailey; 
b- Nov. x6, Z875; m. Annie B. Cartwright, Montgomery, June i6, X897. 

1896. Graduates in Schools and Non-Graduates 
Ahlrichs, Alvin, (Law), LL. B., '97, lawyer, Cullman. 

1895, Cullman; s. Frederick Ahlrichs and Johaxine Koopmann; b. Ang. 97, 1S69; 
A. B., Univ. of Notre Dame, Ind. 

Arrington, William Henry, (Fr.), Livingston. 

X895, Livingston; s. J. C. Arrington; b. Feb. x, x88o; Running Grist and 
Saw Mill. 

Bankhead, Henry McAuley, (Jun.), U. S. Army. 

X893, Fayette; s. Hon. John HoUis Bankhead and Tallulah James Brockmaa; 
b. Dec 13, 1876; Capt, 5th U. S. VoL Inf., x898-99, Spanish War; snd Lieut, U. S. 
Army, 1899 — b 

378 Recx)rd of Students [1896 

Bell, Marzette Hardie, (Soph.), merchant, Montgomery. 

1895, Montgomery; a. Newton Joseph Bell, Montgomery, and Eliza- Whitley; bk 
May aa, 1874; Merchant at Calhoun, Lowndes Co.; m. Olive Jackaon. 

Blocker, William Michael, (Fr.), secretary, Birmingham. 

1895, Hull; a. J. D. Blocker and Mary Anne Sartain; b. Feb. 8, 1880; Sec and 
Purchasing Agent, Ala. ConsoL Coal and Iron Co. 

Blount, Barney Isaac, (Law), planter. Union Springs. 

1895, Union Springs; s. T. R. Blount; b. July 30, 1875. 

Boykin, Gideon Frierson, (Fr.), miller, Brewton. 

Z895, Brewton; s. Robert Hajme Boykin, Boykin, Ala., and Mary McKinney 
Frierson; b. May j6, 1876. 

Brown, Bret Rutledge, (Soph.), book-keeper, Birmingham. 

1895, Birmingham; s. W. S. Brown and Mary Smith; b. Sept 7, 1878; Cotton 

Brown, Pelham Devereux, (Fr.), clerk, Tuscaloosa. 

1895, Tuscaloosa; a. Randall R. Brown and Susan Emerson; b. Dec ag, 1878; 
Clerk, Probate Office, i89<^-. 

Browne, Claude, (Fr.), Montgomery. 

1895, Talladega; a. Cecil Browne; b. March 5, 1879; U. S. Naval Acad., z896-98. 

Comstock, Charles, (Law), lawyer, Pratt City. 

1895, Birmingham; s. William G. Comstock and Maroella Hukill; b. Dec. 3, iSys- 

Crawford, David Anderson, (Soph.), St. Louis, Mo. 

1894. Tuscaloosa; a. Robert Leighton Crawford, St. Louis, Mo., and Frances 
Elizabeth Webb; b. April i, 187a; Med. Student, Washington Univ., St. Louis, Mo., 
1898-1900; with Title Guaranty Trust Co., 190Z — ^. 

Crowe, William Alfred, (Fr.), stenographer, Memphis, Tenn. 

1895, Sheffield, Colbert Co.; s. Capt. James Crowe, Sheffield; b. April 7, X878. 

Dew, John Heinard, (Jun.), , Tex. 

1893, Eutaw; b. April ix, 1875. 

Dow, Robert Barnwell, (Sen.), cotton buyer, Demopolis. 

1893, Demo|K>lis; s. John Carmichael Dow and Irene Adele Kohler; b. Jan. 
19, X878; Newspaper Correspondent. 

Downing,, Elisha, (Soph.), lumber business, Castleberry. 

X893, Brewton; s. Elisha Downing and Easter Ellis; b. July 5, 1875; m. Lenna 
Harrold, Brewton, Nov., 1899. 

Echols, William Augustus, (Fr.), Gadsden. 

1895, Gadsden; s. W. L. Echols; b. Sept so, 1877. 

Fumiss, Henry Dawson, (Jun.), physician. New York. 

1894, Selma; s. Dr. John P. Fumiss, Selma, and Elisabeth Matthews Dawsoo; 
b. March as, 1878; M. D., U. of Va., 1899; Interne, N. Y. Post Grad. Med. Scboal 
and Hosp., x899-x9oi. 

1896] Graduates in Schools and Non-Graduates 379 

Fumiss, John Neilson, (Soph.), physician. New York. 

1895, Selma; a. Dr. John P. Fumiss and Elizabeth Matthews Dawson; b. Nov. 
<i 1879; M. D., U. of Va., 1900, and the University and Bellevne Med. CoL. N. Y., 
1901; Interne, Post Grad. Hospital, N. Y., 1901-03. 

Gluck, Adolph, (Soph.), book-keeper, Tuscaloosa. 

1894, Tnscalocsa; s. Herman Gluck, Toscaloosa, and Fannie Roth; b. Oct 
10, 1877. 

Gluck, Emil, (Fr.), merchant, Tuscaloosa. 

1895, Toscaloosa; s. Herman Glnck and Fannie Roth; b. Nov. 19, 1879. 

Hargrove, Thomas Allen, (Fr.), book-keeper, Tuscaloosa. 

i895> Tuscaloosa; a. Tenedus Allen Hargrove and Minerva Thomas; b. Oct 
14, 1878. 

Head, Beverly Pierce, (Jun.), electrician, Birmingham. 

x894i Birminsrham; s. Judge James B. Head, Birmingham, and Virginia Pierce; 
b. Oct 6, 1876; Solicitor and Inspector, Electric Light Co. 

Hirshberg, Lee Henry, (Fr.), clerk. Mobile. 

Z894, Mobile; s. S. Hirshberg and Diana Solomon; b. Oct 10, i87d 

Hodgson, Joseph, Jr., (Soph.), clerk. Mobile. 

1895, Mobile; s. Joseph Hodgson and Florence Holt; b. Dec. 45, 1878; Clerk 
for M. & O. R. R. 

♦Land, Henry Malone, (Law), Havana, Cuba. 

1895, McLendon; s. H. M. Land; b. Nov. 29, 1874; d. Nov., 1899. 

Levy, Julius Goldstein, (Fr.), clerk. Mobile. 

189s, Mobile; s. Abe Levy and Beckie Goldstein; b. April 4, z88o. 

Luckie, Lorenzo Foster, (Jun.), dentist, Birmingham. 

1895, Birmingham; s. Dr. J. B. Luckie and Susan Oliver Dillard; b. Dec. so, 
1875; I St Sgt., Co. G, ist Ala. Reg., Vol., Spanish War, and clerk to mustering officer. 

Lyons, Mark, (Soph.), cashier. Mobile. 

1895, Mobile: s. Mark Lyons and Amelia Horsier; b. July 31, 1878; Cashier, 
So. Log Cart and Supply Co.; m. Saidee Howard Sage, Mobile, Nov. 7, 1900. 


Martin, Frank, (Soph.), lawyer, Jacksonville. 

1895, Jacksonville; s. J. T. Martin, Jacksonville, and Susan H. Francis; b. 
Dec 9, 1878. 

Mathews, Wilson Maurice, (Soph.) 

1895, Austin, Tex.; b. July 13, 1877. 

McCollum, William Harrison, (Law), lawyer. Carbon Hill. 

1895 > Fayette; s. William C. McCollum and Susan Eason; b. Feb. s6, 1874; m. 
Trannie Bell Daughty, Ridge, Oct 14, 1896. 

McKenzie, Thomas Earle, (Soph.), book-keeper, Greenville. 

1894, Greenville; s. J. M. McKenzie and Callie Ketlen; b. S^t x, 1877. 

38o Record of Students [i^S^ 

Mc Williams, Richard Edward, Jr., (Soph.), planter, Camden. 

1895, Camden; t. R. £. McWUliams. Camden, and Amelia Coatet; b. ICay 
MM, 1876. 

Molette, William Page, LL. B., '97, lawyer. Mobile. 

1895, Portland, Dallas Co.; a. William P. Molette, Portland, and Julia Foater; 
b. Aug. 17, 1874; C E., Howard CoL, 1895; m. Eleanor Bainbridge Cochran, Dallaa 
Co., Jan. 3, 1900. 

Murphy, Louis Gassett, (Law), lawyer. Clarendon, Ark. 

1895, Decatur; a. James I. Murphy, Decatur, and Sallie R. Stephenson; b. 
May 5, 1874. 

Parker, Bessie Jemison, (Sen.), M. S., 'oi, teacher. University, 

1893, Uniyersity; dau. Prof. William Asa Parker and Martha Engliah Foster; 
b. April 4, 1875; Teacher of Science in Ga. Normal and Industrial CoL, 1896^7; Stata 
Normal, JacksonyiUe, 1897-98; Conyerse College, Spartansburg, S. C, i898-i90i* 
Ward's Seminary, Naahyille, Tenn., 190 1 — w 

Pearce, Qovus Marvin, (Fr.), merchant and planter. Carbon Hill. 

1895, Pearce's Mills, Marion Co.; s. James Pearce, Pearce's Mills, and Delia 
Elisabeth Clark; b. Aug. 9» 1879. 

Powers, John Spearman, (Fr.), planter, Moundville. 

1895, Moundville; a. John S. Powers and Sudie Beck; b. Oct jo, 1878. 

Pratt, Henry Merrill, (Sen.), Memphis, Tenn. 

189a, Prattyille; s. Merrill Edward Pratt and Julia Adelaide Smith; b. May ao, 
1876; Selling Gin Machinery; Manager, Memphis Branch office. Continental Gin COk 

Rankin, Albert Lamar, (Soph.), Geneva. 

1895, Brewton: s. C F. Rankin; b. May 5, 1877. 

Richardson, Terry McCall, (Sen.), lawyer, Montgomery. 

189a, Greenville; a. Judge J. C Richardson, Greenville, and Beasie McCall; b. 
Dec. a3» 1876; City Atty., Troy, 1897-99; Capt, Co. I, A. N. G., Troy Rifles, i898-99- 

Sherer, John Madison, (Law), lawyer, Ensley. 

1895, Dry Creek; s. J. D. Sherer; b. June y, 1874- 

Smith, Ardis, (Law), ball player, Birmingham. 

1895, Birmingham; s. W. F. Smith; b. April a, 1873. 

Smith, John Gaines, (Fr.), Northport. 

1895, Northport; s. D. W. Smith and Amanda Brown; b. Nov. $» '877; Editor 
Northport BrttMt, f898'99. 

Smith, Walter Keim, Jr., (Jun.), clerk, Birmingham. 

1894, Livingston; a. Walter Keim Smith and Susan Tankeraley; b. SepL 
93, 1876. 

Solomon, David Lyon, (Fr.), St Louis. 

1895, Meridian, Miss.; a. Jacob Schey Solomon and Fannie Lyon; b. Sept 
la, 1880. 

1897] Graduates with Titled Degrees 381 

Sowell, Samuel, (Jun.), Brewton. 

1894, Brewton, Eicambia Co.; t. C L. Sowell, Brewton, and Annie Jemlgan; 
b. June 2a, X877. 

Stewart, Eldred McWhorter, (Fr.), minister, Greenville. 

1895, Greenyille; a. John A. Stewart, Greenville, and Elisabeth C Graham; k 
Sept 4a, 1879; A. B., Howard CoL, 1899; Stndent, So. Bap. Theolog. Sem., Lonis- 
TiUe, Ky. 

Stoelker, Otto Carl, (Soph.), civil engineer, Wellington, Wash, 

1895, Montgomery; a. Otto Stoelker, Birmingham, and Mary Edna 
b. June 30, 2879. 

Strickland, Edward, (Fr.), planter, Vineland. 

>895> Vineland, Marengo Co.; a. S. L. Strickland; b. Oct ao, 1879. 

Teague, Oscar, (Jun.), Montgomery. 

1894, Montgomery; a. William Martin Teagne and Engenia Isabella Jackaoa; 
b. Jan. 8, 1878; B. S., 1898, M. S., 1899, Vanderbilt; now Med. Stndent at Gottingen, 

Townsend, Shepherd Alson, (Law), lawyer. High Springs, Fla. 

x89St Pine Level; a. Jefferson M. Townsend and Savannah Elizabeth Gnioe; 
b. Aug. 23, 1876. 

Vandiver, Henry Frank, (Fr.), merchant, Montgomery. 

1895, Montgomery; a. W. F. Vandiver; b. Nov. i, 1874. 

Walker, Douglass Grant, (Law) 

1895, Tuscaloosa; b. Nov. 4, 1868. 

Wallace, Nicholas Blackbume, (Fr.), physician, Brunswick, Ga. 

1895, Athens; a. Nicholas Blackbume Wallace, Sr., and Elkmont Ada Pettey; 
b. Jntj X, 1877; M. D., 1899, St Louis Med. CoL; m. Jonnie Fletcher, Wartrace, 
Tenn., Dec., 1899. 

White, Hugh Hamilton, (Soph.), lawyer, Gadsden. 

1895, Spring Garden; s. T. N. White and Ellen Josephine Glover; b. Feb. xs, 
X877; A. B., U. of Ga., 1898; Prin., Beam Inst, Cave Springs, Ga., 1898-1900. 

2897. Graduates with Titled Degrees 

Acton, John Madison, A. B,. TrussviUe. 

1894, Truasville; s. S. W. Acton and liary E. Cross; b. June xs, 1875; Teacher 
at Easonville, 1897 -9B: Quartermaster Sgt, 5th Tmmmies, U. S. Vol, Spaniah War. 

Adams, David Bell, A. B., Murray. 

x893» Floreitce; s. Samuel Adams and Ann Mitchell; b. Oet ay, 1878; with 
Ttttwiler Coal and Coke Co. 

Andrews, Warren Elbert, LL. B., Enterprise. 

X896, Troy; a. S. W. Andrews; b. April x6, 1874; xst lient, Co. H, and Ala. 
Vol Inf., Spanish War, 1898. 

3^2 Rec»rd of Students [1897 

Basham, Harvey Alonzo, LL. B., lawyer, Shawnee, Okla. 

1896, Cullman; t. John A. Baaham, Cullman, and Virginia Stover; h. Sept. i, 
1875; Teacher, Good Hope High School, 1894-95; m« Bertha Gertrude Heflin, Ardmore, 
Ind. Ter., June ag, 1897. 

Bestor, Daniel Perrin, Jr., B. S., lawyer. Mobile, 

x894f Mobile; a. Daniel Perrin Bestor and Ellen Tarleton; b. Aug. 94, 1876. 

Bostick, Floyd Alexander, LL. B., lawyer, Scottsboro. 

1896, Scottsboro; a. John R. Bostick, Princeton, and Elizabeth Clay; b. Dec. 
31, 1866; State Senator, zooo-04* 

Brown, Milton, Leopold, B. S., merchant, Mobile. 

1894, Mobile; s. Samuel Brown, Mobile, and Eleanor Isaacs; b. March 6, 1877. 

Burgett, John Irwin, LL. B., (See 1894). 

Drennen, Jesse LaFayette, LL. B., (See 1896). 

Dunlap, David Richardson, B. S., cashier. Mobile. 

189s, Mobile; s. David Richardson Dtmlap and Virginia V. Wheeler; b. June 
X9> 1879; Sec and Treas., Ala. Iron Works, 1897-1901; Cashier, Merchants' Bank, 
1 90 1 — ^. 

Emerson, Harvey Allen, LL. B., lawyer, Anniston. 

1896, Oxford; s. Hushel Summerfield Emerson and Louisa F. Allen; b. Jan. 
3. 1873. 

Evans, Robert Leander, LL. B., lawyer, Edwardsville. 

1896, Edwardsville; s. William Evans and Rosana Catherine Vaughan; b. Jan. 
S9, 1873; m. Mary E. Hallman, Cross Plains, Ga., Nov. 17, 1897. 

Ferguson, William Hill, LL. B., (See 1896). 

Friedman, Victor Hugo, B. M. E., civil engineer, Tuscaloosa. 

1893, Tuscaloosa; s. Bernhard Friedman and Adelle Black; b. Sept. s8, 1877; 
Asst Engineer Mines at Searles. 

Gholston, Christopher Lewis, A. B., merchant. Union Springs. 

1894, Union Springs; s. T. M. Gholston, Union Springs, and Henriette Bicker* 
staff; b. June 6, 1875; m. lone Hilsman Eley, Union Springs, June s6, 1901. 

Godfrey, Blake Woodson, A. B., Y. M. C. A. Sec, Bristol, Tenn. 

1893, Gainesville; s. L. D. Godfrey, Gainesville, and Nannie Temple Woodson; 
b. March j6, 1876; Asst Sec., Y. M. C. A., Luna, Ohio, 1897-98; Gen. Sec., Athena, 
Ga., 1898-99; Bristol, Tenn., 1899 — ; Army Sec, Spanish War, 2898. 

Hayes, Edgar, B. M. E., officer, U. S. Marine Corps. 

1894, Jasper; s. J. H. Hayes and Mildred Files; b. July 13, 1877; i*t Lieut, 
Co. K, and Ala. Reg., Spanish War, 1898; Mine Operator, x 897-99; and Lieut, U. S. 
Marine Corps, 1900 — . 

Henley, John Woodson, A. B., insurance, Birmingham. 

1894, Birmingham; s. Dr. Albert T. Henley and Nannie Randolph Tayloe; b. 
Sept. 16, 1876: Special Agent, N. Y. Life Ins. Co. 

1897] Graduates with Titled Degrees 383 

Hope, Offnere, LL. B., lawyer, Havana, Cuba. 

i894» Tuscaloosa; a. Edward N. Hope, Portsmouth, Ohio, and Mary L. Glover; 
b. Aug. 36, 1874; in Appraiser's Division, Cuban Customs, Havana, 1900 — . 

Hopson, Hudmon, A. B., merchant, Birmingham. 

1894, Tuscaloosa; s. G. W. Hopson and Adelle Saphenia Hudmon; b. June a8, 
1878; m. Wilma Shelton, Birmingham, July 16, 2901. 

Howze, Harry Clayton, A. B., clerk, Marion. 

1894, Marion; s. H. Y. Howze, Marion, and Claudia Clayton Baldwin; b. Dec. 
3, 1876. 

Hybart, Charles Louis, LL. B., lawyer, MonroeviUe. 

1896, Mobile; s. H. H. Hybart and Jane Calhoun Posey; b. Aug. 5, X875; Rep** 
Gen. Assem., Ala., i9oo-os. 

Ingersoll, Ernest Linwood, LL. B., lawyer. Phoenix City. 

1896, Phoenix City; s. William Jackson Ingersoll, Phoenix City, and Mary Louise 
Wynn; b. Aug. as, 1876; Editor of Th4 Statt. 

Johnston, Stansel Powell, A. B., Knoxville, Tenn. 

1894, Wihnington; s. A. H. Johnston; b. Dec. 10, 1869; Teacher, Jasper, 1897^ 
98, Corona, 1898^9; U. S. Pension OfiKce, Knoxville, Tenn., 1899 — , 

Lamkin, Griffin, A. B., LL. B., 1900, lawyer, Birmingham. 

i895» 1899, Jasper; s. Thomas P. Lamkin, Jasper, and Nannie M. Gravlee; b. 
Nov. 7, 1877; Accountant at Jasper, 1897-99; Law Student, Georgetown Univ., 1900-01. 

Lee, Alto Velo, Jr., A. B., A. M., '99, teacher, Attalla. 

1894, 1898, Clayton; s. Alto Velo Lee and Lillie Lawrence; b. July a8, 1876; 
Prin. Attalla Public Schools, 1899-1902. 

McConnell, Joseph Lorraine, LL. B., (See 1895). 

Moody, Frank Maxwell, A. B., banker and insurance, Tuscaloosa. 

1893, Tuscaloosa; s. Frank S. Moody and Mary Farley Maxwell; b. Sept 30, 
Z877; m. Beverly Allen Hill, Tuscaloosa, May a, 1900. 

Moseley, Louis Marion, LL. B., (See 1896). 

Murphy, Samuel Davidson, LL. B., (See 1887). 

Ostien, Leander A., LL. B. 

1896, Tuscaloosa; b. July 8, 1863. 

Peters, Mathew, LL. B., lawyer. New Site. 

Z896, New Site; s. J. K. Peters, Hamlet, and Johnnie H. O. Morrison; b. Oct 
4* 1870. 

Pettus, Erie, A. B., LL. B., '99, lawyer, Athens. 

1894. Elkmont, Limestone Co.; s. Dr. J. A. Pettus and Musie Cartwright; b. 
Feb. 4. 1877; Rep., Gen. Assem., Ala., 1898-190S; Commandant, U. of Ala., 1898-99; 
Mem. Constitu. Conven., 190 x. 

384 Recxjrd of Students [^897 

PiUans, Palmer, B. S., lawyer. Mobile. 

1894, Mobile; s. Harry Pillans, Mobile, and Elizabeth Henahaw Torrejr; b. 
Not. 3, 1876. 

Powell, Richard Holmes, A. B., LL. B., 1900, lawyer, Linden, 

1894, 1899-1900, Union Springa; a. J. B. Powell and Almyra Hinaon Brown; 
b. Not. 6, 1876. 

Rather, John Daniel, Jr., A. B., lawyer, Tuscumbia. 

1893, Tuacumbia; a. John Daniel Rather, Tnactunbia, and Letitia Pearaall; 
b. March 30, 1876. 

Reynolds, Gibson, A. B., physician. New York. 

Z893, Montgomery; a. Thomaa Henry Rejrnolda and Elizabeth A. Jordan; b. 
Jan. 16, 1877; M. D., 1901, Columbia Univ., N. Y.; Interne, Gen. Memorial HoepI* 
tal, N. Y. 

Rice, Edward Guy, LL. B., lawyer, Prattville. 

1896, Prattville; a. J. D. Rice and L. M. Zugler; b. Nor. a, 1876. 

Searcy, George Harris, A. B., physician, Tuscaloosa. 

X893, Tuacalooaa; a. Dr. Jamea T. Searcy and Annie R. Roaa; b. Feb. 14, 1877; 
Med. Student, Tulane; M. D., Uniy. of Mich., 1901; Interne Hoapital. 1901 — b 

Shafer, Walter Russell, LL. ?., lawyer, Selma. 

X896, Selma; a. Joseph C Shafer and Jennie EateUe Suther; b. March ly* 
1876, at Charlotte, N. C; B. S., A. P. I., 1895. 

Slone, Samuel Byron, LL. B., (See 1895). 

Sneed, Daniel Morgan, LL. B., lawyer, AndalusUu 

X896, Dothen; a. J. M. Snead and Sibbie Anne Kennedey; b. July 4, 187s; 
A. B., Howard CoL, 1895; Teacher, Dothan Pub. Schoola, 1895-96. 

Sturdivant, Jennings Inge, LL. B., (See 1885). 

Taylor, Wade Douglass, LL. B., lawyer, Huntsville. 

Z896, Huntoville; a. Thomaa J. Taylor, HuntoviUe, and Lockey Douglaaa; b. 
July a9, 1876; Gen. Adminiatrator, Madiaon Co., i898-i904; m. Grace Nolan, Hunta- 
▼ille, Sept. II, 1900. 

Trimble, Duncan Dew, A. B., clerk, Birmingham. 

1893, Birmingham; a. N. W. Trimble, Birmingham, and Mary Jane Robtnaon; 
b. April 10, Z876; Deputy Clerk, U. S. CourU, Birm in g h am, 1898-—. 

Trimble, John, A. B., clerk, Birmingham. 

1893, Birmingham; a. N. W. Trimble, Birmingham, and Mary Jane RoUnaon; 
b. Oct 10, 1877; Capt, 3rd Ala. Inf., Vol., Spaniah War, 1898; Deputy Qeric, U. S. 
Court, Birmingham, 1899; Clerk, Q. M. Dept, U. S. A., Havana, Cuba. 

Ward, Wallace Tolbert, LL. B., lawyer, Birmingham. 

1896, Coaling, Tuacalooia Co.; a. H. J. Ward, Coaling, and Margaret Jamea; 
b. March 7, 1874; m. Minnie Marion Jenkina, Bcaaemer. 

White, Murray Collins, A. B., book-keeper, Birmingham. 

1894, Birmingham; a. Frank Shelley White and Oetavia A. CoUina; b. Nor. 
14, 1875. 

1897] Graduates in Schools and Non-Graduates 385 

Wilkinson, Henry Alfred, LL. B., lawyer, Dawson, Ga. 

1896, Bronwood, Ga.; t. W. H. WiUdnaon and Naacj Elisabeth Davia; b. 
Jme 24, 1873; City Atty., Dawson, 1898-1900. 

Wilson, Edward Paul, LL. B., lawyer, St. Stephens. 

1896, Wetumpka; a. Jack R. Wilaon and Emily J. DeWolf; b. May 15, i8yi; 
Mem. ConatittL Conyen., 1901; Solicitor, Washington Co., 2898 — , 

Z897. Graduates in Schools and Non-Graduates 

Austin, Robert Ervin, (Ec), soldier, U. S. Army. 

1896-97, 1897-98, spring Hill, Mobile Co.; s. Hurieoaco Anstill, .Mobile, and 
Aurora Roberta Erwin; b. Jan. ao, 1878; Private, and Ala. Reg., VoL, Spanish War, 
1898; Private, i8th U. S. Inf., Philippine War. 

Ayres, Albert Martin, Jr., (Fr.), planter, Warrenton. 

X896, Warrenton, Marshall Co.; a. Albert Martin Ayres, Guntersville, and Nan- 
nie Foster: b. March 24, 1879. 

Badger, Herbert Leon, (Ec), Pittsburg, Pa. 

1896, Pittsburg, Pa.; a. J. B. Badger; b. May 30, 1879. 

Bailey, Eugene DeLeon, (Soph.), clerk. Pleasant Hill. 

1896, Pleasant Hill; s. J. W. Bailey and Clara S. Hardy; b. April 23, 1877. 


Fenn, Hugh Matherson, (Soph.), pharmacist, Qa3rton. 

1896, Qayton; a. Calvin W. Fenn and Martha ; b. July ao, 1874. 

Forcheimer, Seymour Ferde, (Soph.), grocer. Mobile. 

1895, Mobile; s. Ferdinand Forcheimer, Mobile, and Bertha Forcheimer; k 
June 29, 1879. 

Goodwyn, Albert Gallatin, (Ec.), trav. salesman, Montgomery. 

1896, Robinson Springs; s. Albert T. Goodwyn and Prisdlla Cooper Tyler; 
b. Oct. I, 1876; and Lieut., 5th U. S. VoL Inf., Spanish War, 1898. 

Guttery, Claude, (Ec), merchant, Jasper. 

1896, Jasper; s. George H. Guttery, Jaaper, and Alice Stanley; b. Oct 17, 1877. 

Harmon, Charles Edward, (Law), lawyer, Troy. 

1896, Troy; a. John Fletcher Harmon, Orion, and Nancy Bateman; b. Aug. 
aS, 1876. 

Herring, James Lewis, (Law), (See 1896). 

Hess, George Anderson, (Ec), planter, Scottsboro. 

189s, Scottaboro; a. Anderson A. Hess; b. Aug. 7, 1878. 

Hilman, Joseph GuUey, (Soph.), derk, Epes. 

1895, Epes; s. J. J. Hilman and Emma R. Garrett; b. Nor. 15, 1878; Clerk. 
Census <^ce, Wsshington, D, C, 1900— w 

386 Record of Students [1897 

Hobbie, Richard Martin, (Sen.), merchant, Montgomery. 

1894, Montgomery; ■. H. M. Hobbie and Lenora Elizabeth Jackson; b. April 
14, 1877; sn. Annie Henderson, Troy, Nov. 7, 1900. 

Jemison, Robert Sorsby, (Jun.), hardware business, Birmingham. 

1895, Birmingham; s. Robert Jemison and Eugenia Rebecca Sorsby; b. Feb. 
s8, 1878; Student, Univ. of South, 1897-98; m. Virginia Walker, Birmingham, Nov. 
xj, X901. , J 

Jenkins, Samuel Calhoun, (Law), (See 1889). i-. 

Jones, James Heustis, (Soph.), physician, Snow Hill. 

1896, Camden; s. Dr. J. P. Jones and Camilla Boyldn; b. March xi, 1876; IC 
D., Tulane, 1901; Student, A. P. L, 1897-98. 

Jones, John Paul, Jr., (Soph.), LL. B., 1900, lawyer, Camden. 

1896-97, 1899-190O1 Camden; s. Dr. J. Paul Jones and Camilla Boyldn; b. June 
xo, X878; Student, A. P. I., 1897-98; Vanderbilt Law School, 1898-99; Solicitor, 1^- 
cox Co. 

Jones, Robert Isaiah, (Law), planter and lawyer, Hestle- 

1896, Sunny South; s. Henry Robert Jones, Lower Peach Tree, and Mary 
beth Hestle; b. April S4, x86j; m. Mary Ellen Watson, Lower Peach Tree, March 
7, XM3. 

Jones, Winston Boykin, (Soph.), physician, Camden. 

1896, Camden; s. Dr. J. Paul Jones and Camilla Boykin; b. April 30, 1880; 
Student, A. P. L, 1897-98; M. D., Tulane, 1901. 

Kilgore, Hardee Cochrane, (Soph.), stenographer, Tuscaloosa. 

X895. Tuscaloosa; s. Charles C. Kilgore and Sarah A. Leach; b. Aug. a6, X878; 
with J. Snow Hardware Co. 

Killebrew, James Buckner, Jr., (Spec), physician. Mobile. 

1896, Tuscaloosa; s. Joseph Buckner Killebrew, Nashyille, Tenn., and Mary 
Catherine Wimberly; b. Jan. 14, 1872; M. D., U. of Va., 1896; Asst Physician, Ala- 
Bryce Insane Hosp., Tuscaloosa, 1896-98, Interne, N. Y. Polyclinic Hosp., 1899-1900. 

Laslie, Camie Graham, (Sen.), Tuskegee. 

1895, Tuskegee; s. Major Camie Laslie, Tuskegee, and Gussie Thompson; b. 
Sept 13, 1878: Medical Student 

Legg, Andrew Covey, Jr., (Law), (See 1895). 

Martin, Lucy Grace Archer, (Spec), U. S. Navy. 

X896, Birmingham; dau. John Mason Martin and Lucy C Peck; b. Nor. 3, 
X873; m. at Tuscaloosa, Oct 4, 1898, William Nessler McKelvy, Capt in U. S. Navy. 

Maxwell, Jesse Colars, (Ec), book-keeper, Tuscaloosa. 

X895, Tuscaloosa; s. Jesse M. Maxwell and Sallie I. Thomas; b. Sept 30, 1878. 

Maxwell, Matthew Thomas, (Ec), clerk, Tuscaloosa. 

X896, Tuscaloosa; s. Jesse M. Maxwell and Sallie I. Thomas; b. March sy, 
x88o; Clerk, Probate office, X900— . 

1897] Graduates in Schools and Non-Graduates 3*7 

McEachin, Archibald Bruce, Jr., (Ec), LL. B., '01, lawyer, 

1895-97, 1900, Tuacaloosa; s. Archibald Bruce McEachin and Eudora Somer- 
ville; b. Jan. 2, 1879; Sec. for Congressman Bankhead, 1898-99; Student, Georgetown 
Law School, 1898. ., 

McKelvy, Mrs. William Nessler, (See Lucy Grace Archer Mar- 

Merrill, Hugh Davis, (Law), lawyer, Edwardsville. 

1896, Edwardsville; s. James B. Merrill and Mary Elizabeth Faver; b. Dec so, 
1877; Rep., Gen. Assem., Ala., 1900-os; m. Fannye Abercrombie, Edwardsville, April 
a. 1899. 

Morris, Emory Arnold, (Law) 

1896, Blountsville; b. May 23, 1879. 

NichoUs, Augustus Hoke, (Ec), Tuscaloosa. 

1894, Tuacalo<vsa; s. Dr. A. B. C. Nicholls and Mary Foster; b. March 22, 1878; 
Employ of Gov. at Fort Morgan. 

Pickens, William Champ, (Jun.), clerk, New Orleans, La. 

1894, Livingston; b. May 31, 1877. 

Powers, James Pinckney, (Law), (See 1893). 

Pruett, James Gamett, (Fr.), druggist, Smithville, Ga. 

1896, Clayton; s. W. H. Pruett, Clayton, and Ann Browder; b. Dec. 4, 1878. 

Putnam, William Barrett, (Soph.), teacher, Pulaski, Tenn. 

1896, Ashville; s. Joel A. Putnam, Ashville, and Malinda ; b. Feb. 

7, 1873. 

Ramsay, William Arthur, (Law), Clarksville, Tenn, 

1897, Sumterville; a. J. Reid Ramsay, Sumterville, and Sarah Wrenn; b. Dee. 
7, 1873; A. B., S. W. P. University, 1900; Theological Student. 

Stewart, Solly, (Jun.), merchant, Jackson. 

1895, Jackson; s. J. C. Stewart, Jackson, and Nancy McVay; b. Aug. J4, 1877* 

Thornton, Harry Innes, Jr., (Soph.), McAlpine. 

X894, Tuscaloosa; s. Col. Harry Innes Thornton and SalUe Amelia Blocker; 
b. Jan. 13, x88o; Clerk in Q. M. Dept., U. S. Army, appointed 1898; in Civil Service* 
U. S. Gov. 

Windham, Lee Burton, Jr., (Jun.), Stone. 

1894, Stone, Pickens Co.; s. Lee Burton Windham and Annie Crawford Deale; 
b. Oct. IS, 1877; Med. Student at Mobile. 

Wright, Stobo James, (Soph.), conductor, Statesboro, Ga. 

1895, Clayton; s. W. F. Wright, Statesboro, Ga., and Mary James; b. Dee. 
I, 1876; Conductor, Savannah ft Statesbury R'way; m. Agnes Marshall, Savannah, 
Ga., Jan. is, 1901. 

388 Record of Students [1898 

1898. Graduates with Titled Degrees 
♦Bestor, George Tarleton, A. B., (post obit). Mobile. 

1895, Mobile; b. Dtnkl Perrin Bettor and Ellen Tarleton; b. Oct f, 1878; d. 
ICfty St 1898- 

Bingham, Ernest Gray, A. B., physician, Birmingham. 

1895* Talladega; i. Samnel R. Bingham and Ella Dale Jolina; b. July if, 1876; 
Ph. G., M. D., 1901, Birmingham Med. Col. 

'^Ellis, James Brock, A. B., Bailey Springs. 

189 S> Baiky Springe; i. William P. EUta, Bailey Springs, and Ella S. Brock; 
b. Aug. JO, 1879; Killed by R. R. Tndn at Poplar Bluff, Mo., June x8, 1899. 

Fielder, Frank Harvey, A. B., A. M., 1900, teacher, Benton. 

1894* Benton; i. John W. Fielder and Alice Cnrtia; b. Nor. 6, 1877; Teacher* 
SaUtpa, 1898-99; Post AdJt, U. of Ala., 1899-1900; Teacher, Drew Normal Inat^ 
Wihnar, Ark.,. 1900-01; Prin., Haynerille Pubu School, 1901—^ 

Flowers, Walter Banes, A. B., manufacturer, Greenville. 

x89S> Greenville; i. William M. Flowera, GreenviUe, and Sophronia E^ Peagler; 
b, Dec. II, 1877- 

Hope, Vernon, B. S., engineer, Nuevitas, Cuba. 

i89S» Tuacalooia; i. Edward Nixon Hope, Portsmouth, Ohio, and Mary Letitim 
Gbver; b. Dec. 19, 1878; Supt., Cuban Mining Co., Las Mines, Cuba. 

Houser, Shaler Charles, B. S., C. E., '99, engineer, Anniston. 

1894, Anniston; s. Thomss L. Houser and Julia Elizabeth Jones; h. June i» 
1879; Asst City Engineer, Mobile, 1899; Sec and Treaa., S. Anniston Lumber Co.; 
Goieral Contractor and Builder. 

Nabors, Robert Taylor, A. B., LL. B., 'oi, Tuscaloosa. 

i89S> Tuscaloosa; s. Rev. Robert Taylor Nabors and M. Llssle Andrews; b. 
Sept is» XS79; Teacher, 1898-99, V. M. L, Tuscaloosa and Mt Meigs, 1899*1900. 

Price, Robert Watkins, Jr., A. B., soldier, U. S. Army. 

1895, Dayton; s. Robert WiUism Price, Dayton, and Pattie Waddns; h. June 
J9, 1878; Private, S9th Reg., U. S. A., Philippine Isles. 

Pratt, Leonard Calloway, Jr., A. M., Birmingham. 

1897, River Bend; s. Leonard C Pratt and Mary dements; b. Aug. 30, 1874; 
B. S., A. P. L, 1897; Teacher, 3rd Dist Agri. School, Abbeville, 1898-99; AasL 
Teacher, Tuscaloosa Graded Schools, 1900-01. 

Rice, Fleetwood, B. S., clerk, Northport 

1894, Northport; b. Tslbert Alexander Rice and Sarah Elisabeth Shdton; b. 
Dec 3, 187s; Prof. Math, and ScL and Commandant, S. Ala. Inst, ThomasvUtab 
1898-99; SupL, Northport School, 1899-1900; m. Josephine Tait Ray, Midway, Sept. 
19, 1899; Law Student 

Shivers, Offa Lunsford, A. B., physician, Marion. 

xS95f Marion: s. O. L. Shivers and Minnie Cocke; b. Oct i» 1876; Med. Sttt* 
dent at Birmingham; M. D., Vanderbilt, 190X. 

1898] Graduates in Schools and Non-Graduates 389 

Smith, Joseph Molton, A. B., merchant, Birmingham. 

1895, BirminRham; a. J. R. Smith, Jr., Birmingham, and Kate Molton; h. Sept, 
J3, 1878. 

Spratt, Robert Davy, A. B., Livingston. 

1894, Livingston; s. James Polk Spratt, Livingston, and ICattie A. Beggs; h. 
Febu as, X879; Med. Student at Tulane. 

Sprott, Samuel Henry, Jr., A. B., teacher, Livingston. 

1894, Livingston; a. Judge Samuel H. Sprott and Leonora Brockway; b. Sept 
4, 1879; Teacher, Univ. School, Mobile, 1898-X90X; Law Student 

Steinhart, Louis Leopold, A. B., LL. B., 'oi, lawyer, Greenville. 

1894, Greenville; s. A. Steinhart and Pauline Lehman; b. Feb. J5, 1878. 

Tait, George Gilmer, A. B., clerk, Henryellen. 

1894, Camden; s. Robert Tait, Canton Bend, and Mary Jane Erwin; b. Jan. 
«3. 1874- 

White, Frank Shelley, Jr., A. B., LL. B., 'oi, lawyer, Birmingham. 

X895-98; 1899, Birmingham; a. Frank S. White and Octavia A. CoUina; b. 
Oct Ml, 1879. 

1898. Graduates in Schools and Non-Graduates 
Acton, Joel Duncan, (Ec), TrussviUe. 

Z896, TrussviUe; a. Samuel W. Acton and Mary E. Cross; b. Aug. 14, 1876. 

Altman, John William, (Ec), lawyer, Birmingham. 

1896, Birmingham; s. J. J. Altman and Cora Adela Lockard; b. Oct a, 1878; 
Congressional Sec.; LL. B., Georgetown Univ., 1901. 

Austin, Robert Erwin, (Law), (See 1897). 

Baxley, Mrs. J. A., (See Lula V. Hosmer). 

Bealle, Mabel Eloise, (Spec), Knoxville. 

1897, Tuscaloosa; dau. John Shepard Bealle and Eloise Elixabeth Johnson; h. 
Oct IX, Z878; m. Dr. Nathan Herbert Carpenter, June 7, 1899. 

Billups, Melvin Phinizy, (Jun.), clerk. Mobile. 

1896, Mobile; a. Jacob Phinizy Billups, Mobile, and Jennie Ames Tarleton; 
b. Dec X, X879; Clerk, So. R.R. Freight Office. 

Bingham, Donald Cameron, (Fr.), cadet, U. S. Nav. Acad. 

1897, Talladega; s. J. O. Bingham, Talladega, and Lillie Schuessler; h. Atv. 
8, x88a. 

♦Black, Joseph Forsythe, (Ec), Mobile. 

X895, Mobile; s. John W. Black, Mobile, and Mary Lee Forsythe; b. June itf, 
1879; Private, and Ala. Reg. VoL, Spanish War, 1898; d. in MiL Ser.. JackMrnvilhy 
Fla., Aug. J4, 1898. 

S90 Record of Students [1898 

Blair, James Winn, (Jr.), cadet, U. S. M. A. 

1897* Clayton; b. D. H. Blair and Mary A. Pynes. Clayton; b. Jan. 30, 1877. 

Burns, Jackson Clay, (Soph.), cotton business, Selnuu 

X897, Bumsvilte, Dallaa Co.; s, John F. Burni, Bumsville, and Eugenia 
Clay; b. Dec 29, i88x. 

Bynum, Clarence Henry, (Fr.), contractor, Scottsboro. 

18971 Scottsboro; s. Hugh R. Bynum, Scottsboro, and Lncy C Scott; h, July 
J, 1876; Contractor for Pike Roads, Jackson Co. 

Bynum, Hugh Otis, (Fr.), contractor, Scottsboro. 

1897. ScotUboro; s. Hugh R. Bynum, Scottsboro, and Lucy C Scott; h. July 
14, X878; Contractor for Pike Roads, Jackson Ca 

Byrd, Herman, (Fr.), planter, Eutaw. 

z897f Entaw, Gxeene Co.; s. W. S. Byrd; b. Feb. 4, 1877. 

Cameron, William Green, (Law), Leon. 

x897f Leon. Crenshaw Co.; s. A. H. Cameron; b. Oct. is, 1874. 

Camper, Ambrose Brown, (Soph.), Florence 

1897, Florence; s. M. C Camper and Minnie Brown; b. Dec. x6, 1881; Student, 
Vanderbilt Univ. 

Carpenter, Mrs. Nathan Herbert, (See Mabel E. Bealle). 
Chambers, Joseph SherriflF, (Fr.), real estate, Tallad^^. 

X897, Talladega; s. George W. Chambers and Emma Selena Hopkins; h. Nov. 
3, 1877; Manager Opera House. 

Cheney, John Clifford, (Fr.), Montgomery. 

1897, Montgomery; s. John C. Cheney, Montgomery, and Emma R. Parramore; 
bk May 30, 1880. 

Craig, Bruce Kilpatrick, (Soph.), clerk, Selma. 

1897, Selma; s. George H. Craig, Selma, and Alvena White; b. March 7, 1880. 

Crawford, Martin Jay, (Fr.), Montgomery. 

1897, Montgomery; b. May 4, z88x. 

Daniel, Jesse Lewis, (Ec), clerk, Tuscaloosa. 

Z896, Tuscaloosa; s. John Marion Daniel and Susan Christian; b. Aug. as, x88o. 

Denson, John, (Soph.), Birmingham. 

1895, Birmingham; s. William H. Denson and Rosa Elisabeth Cowan; h. Jan. 
to, Z879. 

Edgar, Russell Bliss, (Jr.), teacher, Tuscaloosa. 

Z896; Z899, University; s. Col. George M. Edgar, Los Angeles, Cal., and Re> 
becca Fry; b. April 4, z88o; Teacher at V. M. I., 1899-1901; Law Student, 1900; 
Teacher, Tuscaloosa Graded Schools, Z901 . 

1898] Graduates in Schools and Non-Graduates 391 

English, Thomas Deas, (Soph.), merchant, Eliska, 

1897* Mt Pleasant, Monroe Co.; b. Arthur McClellan English, Eliska, and 
Alice Deas; b. Oct. 13, 1879; m. Inez "King, Mt Pleasant, July iz, 1899. 

Garber, Alexander Christian, (Ec), merchant, Laneville. 

1897, Laneville; s. Buckner Lanier Garber and Adelaide Browder; b. Sept m$, 
1879; Student one year at Vanderbilt and Univ. of the South. 

Garber, James Browder, (Fr.), Laneville. 

1897, Laneville; s. Buckner Lanier Garber and Adelaide Browder; b. June, 
i88x; Student at A. P. L 

Hard, Jean Willard, (Ec), clerk, Meridian, Miss. 

X897, Centerville; s. Willis B. Hard, Meridian, Miss., and Louisa J. Bomer; 
b. Oct. 16, 1877; Private, Co. K, and Ala., Spanish War; R'way Mail Qerk; m. 
Nettie Mallenna Stedman, St. Louis, Mo., Sept. 17, 1900. 

Harkins, Walter Clyde, (Fr.), merchant, Fayette. 

1895, Fayette; s. W. W. Harkins; b. June 8, 1878; and Lieut, 5th Reg., U. S. 
Vol., Spanish War; 1898; Oerk in State Auditor's Office, X900— ; Temp. Address, 

Hayes, Oscar, (Soph.), Jasper. 

1896, Jasper; s. J. Henry Hayes, Jasper, and Mildred Files; b. Sept. aa, 1879; 
Sgt, Co. K, and Reg., Spanish War, 1898. 

Hendrick, Henry Orren, (Jun.), tel. operator, Montgomeryi 

1896, Brundidge; s. Gustavus Hendrick and Mary Copeland; b. July 31, z874* 

Hester, William James, (Soph.), merchant, Tuscaloosa. 

Z896, Tuscaloosa; s. Dr. William Hester and Sallie Olivia Hays; b. Sept. a6, 1879- 

Hill, Mary Carter, (Spec), stenographer, Tuscaloosa. 

1897, Tuscaloosa; dau. Alonzo Hill and Sallie B. Robertson; b. Nov. x8, 1877. 

Hobbie, Henry Martin, (Fr.), merchant, Montgomery, 

1897, Montgomery; s. H. M. Hobbie and Leonora Elizabeth Jackson; b. Dec. 
3, x88o. 

Hodges, Montgomery Gilbreath, (Fr.), planter, Meltonville. 

1897, Meltonville; s. James W. Hodges, Meltonville, and Parthenia Bledsoe; 
b. July 14, 1880. 

Hollomon, Clara Virginia, (Spec), stenographer, Demopolis. 

1897, Tuscaloosa; dau. Joseph Bryant Hollomon, Sunny South, and V. Hicks; 
bi, Feb. 14, 1873. 

Holmes, Nicholas Hanson, Jr., (Fr.), Pensacola, Fla. 

1897, Pensacola, Fla.; s. N. H. Holmes and Johann Oerting; b. Oct. ai, 1878; 
Student, Armour Inst, Chicago. 

Hosmer, Lulu Virginia, (Spec), Greensboro. 

1897, Talladega; dau. Rev. S. M. Hosmer and Frances Louvenia Parsons; 
b. April 3, 1875; m. Prof. James Angus Baxley, Nov. 6, 1900. 

392 Recx)rd of Stxjdents [1898 

Howerton, Jacob Daniel, (Fr.), planter, Wesley. 

1897, Abbeville; t. T. J. Howerton, Abbeville, and Mary C. Wbatley; b. Fcbu 
9, 1873; !»• Laura Orr, Abbeville, Nov., 1897. 

Hudson, Robert Dove, (Ec), Birmingham. 

1895, Birmingham; 8» R. D. Hudson, Birmingham, and Susie McLester; Ik 
Jan. 10, 188 1 ; Student, U. of the South, Sewanee. 

Johnston, George Doherty, Jr., (Ec), clerk, Tuscaloosa. 

1895, Tuscaloosa; s. Gen. George Doherty Johnston and Stella Searcy; b. 
ICay 8, 1878; Qerk, MerchanU' Nat. Bank. 

Lacy, Cecil Justice, (Fr.), clerk, Jasper. 

1897, Jasper; s. Sheri£F Lacy, Jasper, and Ella McCollough; b. Dec. as> 1879; 
Clerk in Register's Office. 

Lapsley, Norvell, (Jun.), book-keeper, Anniston. 

1897, Anniston; s. James W. Lapsley and Sara Elixa Pratt; b. May 6, 1879s 
with Anniston Knitting Mills. 

Little, James Waddell, (Sen.), Tuscaloosa. 

1894, Tuscaloosa; s. Dr. George Little and Carrie PatiUo Doak; b. May 14* 
1878; U. S. River Survey, 1897, U. S. Engineering DepL, Fort Morgan, 1898-190X. 

Lynne, Seboum Arthur, (Law), lawyer. New Decatur. 

1897, Somerville, Morgan Co.; a. D. W. Lynne and Susan Jane Russell; b. 
July s» 1877; Teacher, Lacey's Spring, 1896-97. 

Martin, Lydia Peck, (Spec), Ann Arbor, Mich. 

1897, Birmingham; dau. John Mason Martin and Lucy C. Peck; b. Sept. i^ 
1879; m. William Marshall, Ann Arbor, Mich., Dec. 31, 1900. 

McCalla, Nela, (Spec), Decatur. 

1897, Tuscaloosa; dau. Major R. C. McCalla and Margaret Elixa Lewis; b. 
May X4, 1873; m. M. Neely Pride, of Nashville, Tenn., Dec. 13, 1900. 

McCleskey, James Marvin, (Ec), minister, Bridgeport 

1896, North Port; s. Abner Perry McCleskey and Mary Bluford Stone; b. April 
t, 1874; Pastor, M. E. Church, South, Gadsden, 1898-99, Triana, X899-X900, Bridge- 
port, 1 900-0 x; m. Lizzie Louise Hausman, Nov. x6, 1898, Tuscaloosa. 

Mcintosh, Douglass McRae, (Soph.), Houston, Tex. 

1897, Camden; s. David Mcintosh, Camden, and Caroline Weberton McDowell; 
b. Dec. z8, 1879. 

Mcintosh, Edward Leroy, (Soph.), Nashville, Tenn. 

1897, Camden; s. David Mcintosh, Camden, and Caroline Weberton McDowell; 
b. Dec 4, 1878. 

McLeod, James Cornelius, (Soph.), merchant and planter, Q>y. 

Z896, Lower Peach Tree; s. John McLeod and Cornelia Robison; b. Feb. 14, i88t. 

Miller, Edward Hugh, (Fr.), drummer, 

1897, Tuscaloosa; s. E. B. Miller; h. Jan. 5, 1880. 

1898] Graduates in Schools and Non-Graduates 393 

♦Minge, David Harrison, (Fr.), Faunsdale, 

1897, Faunsdale; a. John Henry Minge, Fanntdale, and Beasie Croom Chad* 
wick; b. Aug. 6, 1882; <L at Chapel Hill, Tex., Aug. j8, 1898. 

Mitchell, Fern Wood, (Fr.), . Alabama City 

1897, Gadsden; a. R. A. Mitchell and Byrdie Wood; h. July ao, i88z. 

Moses, Charies Clifton, (Fr.), cadet, U. S. Naval Acad. 

1897, Girard, Ruaaell Co.; a. laaac G. Moaea, Girard, and Mary Alice Moaet; 
bu Dec 31, 1879. 

Neilson, Warren Howard, (Fr.), merchant, Sherman. 

1897, Sherman; a. Warren Neilaon and Fannie Rogera; b. July 27, 1879. 

Nettles, Daniel Robbins, (Soph.), physician, Kempville. 

1897, Kempyilk, Monroe Co.; a. Thomaa A. Ncttlea, Kempyille, and Mattie A. 
Robbina; b. March 12, 1877; M. D., Mobile, 1901. 

Northington, Eugene Garland, (Ec), Prattville, 

i89S» Prattville; a. W. T. Northington and Ella Adella Smith; b. Feb. 12, 1880; 
Private, 2nd Ala. Reg., Spaniah War, 1898; Clerk, Gen. Kerfera' Headquartera; Med. 
Student, Univ. of Va. 

Parker, Lois, (Spec), Vaughtsville, Tenn. 

1897, Tuacalooaa; dau. C O. Parker and Jennie Peacock; b. Sept. aa, 1878. 

Parker, Thornton, (Sen.), clerk. New York. 

1895, Univeraity; a. Prof. William Aaa Parker and Martha Engliah Foater; b. 
May 18, Z879; Law Student 

Payne, Charles Brown, (Fr.), druggist, Scottsboro. 

1897, Scottaboro; a. Dr. William Henry Payne and Margaret Brown; b. Nov. 
3, 1880. 

Payne, John Will, (Fr.), druggist, Scottsboro. 

1897, Scottaboro; a. Dr. William Henry Payne and Margaret Brown; h. Atv> 
10, 1878. 

Powers, Katie Louise, (Spec), teacher, Tuscaloosa. 

1897, Tuacalooaa; dau. Thomaa Jefferaon Powera and Addie Frieraon Whi^ 
field; b. Jan. z, 1879. 

Powers, Thomas Wilson, (Spec), planter, Stewarts. 

1891-95; Z897, Stewarta, Hale Co.; a. Jamea P. Powera and Julia Croom Wilaon; 
b. Feb. z8, z8 76; Med. Student at Mobile. 

Pride, Mrs. M. Neely, (See Nela McCalla). 

Rubira, Henry Shields, (Fr.), clerk. Mobile. 

1896, Mobile; a. S. S. Rubira; h. Aug. 31, z88o. 

Semple, John Robert, (Law), lawyer, New Decatur. 

Z897, Somenrille, Morgan Co.; a. Robert Hamilton Semple and Joe Ann Smith; 
b. Feb. 6, Z875. 

394 Record of Students [1S98 

Searcy, Joseph Alexander, (Soph.), clerk, Tuscaloosa. 

1895, Tuscaloosa; s. Dr. Jamct T. Searcy and Annie R. Ross; b. March »S, 1879. 

Sibert, Olin Ward, (Fr.), Gadsden. 

1897, Gadsden; s. William J. Sibert and Mariette Ward; b. Dec 24, 1879. 

Silk, William Wallace, (Fr.), broker, Nashville, Tenn. 

1897, Birmingham; b. Jan. 3, 1875. 

Skinner, Ira Clifton, (Fr.), Selma, 

1897, Selma; s. William L. Skinner and Rebecca Watson; b. Aug. s> 1879; 
Med. Student 

Stringfellow, Horace, Jr., (Fr.), Sewanee, Tenn. 

1897, Tuscaloosa; s. Rev. James H. Stringfellow and Lula B. Hoskins; h. 
March s8, z88a; Student Univ. of the South. 

Thetford, Samuel Lewis, (Soph.), merchant, Dublin, Miss. 

1896, Talladega; s. Dr. William F. Thetford, Talladega, and Cora A. Johnston; 
h. July 30, 1879. 

Tutwiler, Edward Magruder, (Jun.), Birmingham. 

1895, Birmingham; s. Edward M. Tutwiler and Mary F. Jeffrey; b. Sept 13* 
1880; Private, Co. G, xst Ala. Vol. Inf., U. S. A., Spanish War, 1898; Law Student, 
U. of Va. 

Tutwiler, Temple Wilson, (Jun.), Birmingham. 

Z895, Birmingham; s. Edward M. Tutwiler and Mary F. Jeffrey; b. Jan. 6, 
1879; Private, Co. G, xst Ala. Inf., U. S. A., Spanish War; Supt, Iron Furnace. 

Tyson, Thomas Hadley, (Soph.), horse trader, Thomasville. 

i897> Thomasville; s. William £. Tyson and Virginia Clay Davis; b. Oct. 17, 1878. 

Watts, John Wade, (Fr.), Montgomery. 

1897, Montgomery; s. Thomas Henry Watts and Johness Bealle Eddins; b. 
June II, 1880. 

Webster, William Sikes, (Soph.), clerk, Birmingham. 

1896, Tuscaloosa; s. Daniel Thompson Webster and Mattie Thompson; b. 
March a8, 1880. 

White, William Thomas, (Sen.), LL. B., 'oi, lawyer, Birming- 

1894; 1899 , Birmingham; s. Frank S. White and Octavia A. Collins; 

b. July S9, 1877. 

Wildman, Alyce, (Spec), teacher, Tuscaloosa. 

1896, Tuscaloosa; dau. Thomas Wildman and Mary A. Murphy; b. July J9» 1878; 
Teacher in Tuscaloosa Graded Schools, 1901 

Wilson, Lucye Marion, (Soph.), teacher, Quanah, Tex. 

1897, Quanah, Tex.; dau. Robert Wilson and Janie Olivia Pickel; b. July 7, 1879^ 

1899] Graduates with Titled Degrees 395 

Windham, Edward Price, (Soph.), Stone. 

1896, Stone, Pickens Co.; s. John R. Windham, Stone, and Maiy A. Price; 
b. March 8, 1879; Private, Co. L, xst Miss. Reg., Spaniah War, 1898; Law Student, 1900. 

Woodson, Carlyle Crittendon, (Fr.), Patton. 

x897f Patton, Walker Co.; s. Dr. Landon Cabell Woodson, Patton, and Martha 
Agnes Pearoe; b. Jan. 13, z88x; Med. Student. 

Wyman, Alice Searcy, (Spec), University. 

Z896, University; dau. W. S. Wyman and Melissa Dearing; b. July ao, 1875. 

1899. Graduates with Titled Degrees 
Boyd, Romaine, LL. B., lawyer, Birmingham. 

z897i Talladega; s. William G. Boyd, Selma, and Sarah P. Tarver; b. Nor. 
i9i 1873; Cadet, U. S. N. Acad., Class of '93; Capt, Co. M, ist Ala., U. S. VoL Inf., 
Spanish War; City Att'y, Ensley, Z900. 

Burke, Malcolm Clayton, Jr., A. B., teacher, Montgomery. 

1896, Montgomery; s. M. C. Burke, Montgomery, and Anna Ida Inge; b. July 
8, 1879; A. B., Harvard Univ., 1901; Instructor in Latin, U. of Ala., 1901 . 

Burke, Thomas Garrettson, B. S., Meridianville. 

1896, Meridianville, Madison Co.; s. Dr. J. P. Burke and Henriette £. Strong; 
b. March 97, 1877; Med. Student, Mobile. 

Cowan, Samuel Alfred, A. B., minister, Coffeeville. 

1896, West Bend; s. Thomas Cowan, Coffeeville, and Margaret Elisabeth 
Coale; b. Sept. so, 1875; Student, Baptist Thcolog. Sem., Louisville, Ky., i899-i9oj. 

Crawford, Dallum Wilson, LL. B., pharmacist, Montgomery. 

1897, Tuscaloosa; s. James Wilson Crawford, Centreville, and Sarah Huey; h. 
April II, 1876; Pharmacist, Ala-Bryoe In. Hosp., Tuscaloosa, 1896-1900. 

Denson, William Augustus, B. S., lawyer, Birmingham. 

189s, Birmingham; s. William H. Denson and Rosa Elizabeth Cowan; b. Oct 
a6, 1877; Teacher, High School, Birmingham, i899-z9oi. 

Dickey, George Oliver, LL. B., lawyer, Luveme. 

Z898, Luveme; s. Joseph Dickey and Mary Hohi; b. Sept. 14, 1877; B. S., 
A. P. I., 1898; Solicitor, Crenshaw Co., i899*z905. 

Harrison, William Robert, B. S., teacher. Union Springs. 

1897, KiUen, Lauderdale Co.; s. Martin Luther Harrison, Killen, and Martha 
Edna Smith; b. Jan. z6, 1876; Prin., Pub. School, Alexander City and Union Springs; 
m. Eva Trawick, Opelika, Oct 10, 1900. 

Haynes, Frank Boykin, A. B., teacher, University. 

1896, Union Springs; s. Chades Henry Haynes, Union Springs, and Emma 
Whittaker Boykin; b. July 31, 1879; First Asst., So. Ala. InsL, Thomasville, 1899-1900; 
Med. Student, U. of Va., i9oo-oz; Instructor in Chem., U. of Ala., 1901— . 

Hollingsworth, Edgar W., B. S., merchant, Dawson, Ga. 

1897* Clayton; i. J. H. Hollingsworth and Amanda Curington; b. Aug. sa, 
1878; Asst. Teacher in Attalla Pub. School, 1899-1900. 

39^ R£CX)RD OF Students [1S99 

Hudmon, William Earle, M. S., Opelika. 

1898, opelika; a. D. T. Hudmon and Annie Letitia Thornton; b. Jan. 21, x88o; 
B. S., A. P. I., X898; Aaat Biology, A. P. I., 1898; Fellow, Univ. of Ala., 1898-99; 
Instructor in Chem., U. of Ala., 1899-190Z. 

Jones, Paul Everett, A. B., Camden. 

1896, Camden; a. CoL £. N. Jones and Mary M. Beck; b. Dec. a, 1879; Law 

Lawson, Charles Shelley, B. S., M. S., 1900, Mathews. 

X896, Montgomery; a. W. H. Lawson, Montgomery, and Ellen Ready; b. F^ 
8, 1879; Student, Boston School of Technology, zj 

Lee, Alto Velo, A. M., (See 1897). 

Mathews, William Erastus, A. B., civil engineer, Jackson. 

1896; 1899, Jackson; s. James W. Mathews, Nealton, and Frances L. McLeod; 
h. Dec. 24, 1876; Instructor, Math., U. of A., 1898-1900; Street Paying, Franldiot 
La., 1901; with Government Works, Warrior River, 1901 ^ 

Mathis, Charles Robert, A. M., (See 1896). 

McCoy, John Pierce, LL. B., lawyer, Birmingham. 

1897, Tuscaloosa; s. Rev. W. C McCoy and Annie E. Vaugfaan; b. Dec 19, 1879. 

McGaugh, William Paul, LL. B., lawyer, Hayneville. 

1898, Montgomery; s. William Thomas McGaugh and Margaret Virginia 
McLemore; b. Nov. j, 187a. 

Moore, Peyton Herndon, LL. B., lawyer, Birmingham. 

1898, Blount Springs; s. W. W. Moore, Birmingham, and Marie Louise Rob- 
inson; b. March 15, 1876; B. S., 1894, A. P. I.; Teacher, Spring Lake CoL, 
1 894-95, Columbia, Tenn., Athenaeum, 1895-97, West Ala. Agri. School, 1897-98; 
Commandant, U. of A., 1899-1900; m. Annie SomerviUe, Tuscaloosa, June ai, 1900. 

Owen, Frank Caleb, A. B., LL. B., 'oi, Columbus, Miss. 

1895; X900, Columbus, Miss.; s. B. L. Owen, Columbus, Miss., and Tennie T. 
Watson; b. June xo, 1877; Teacher, Areola, Miss., X899-Z900. 

Partridge, Daniel, Jr., LL. B., lawyer, Selma. 

Z898, Selma; s. Daniel Partridge, Selma, and Lucie Harris; b. March 3, 187^ 

Pearson, Henry, B. S., Tuscaloosa. 

189s, Tuscaloosa; s. Dr. W. G. B. Pearson and Julia Perrin Snow; b. March 
14, 1879; Med, Student, N. Y. 

Pettus, Erie, LL. B., (See 1897). 

Porter, William Franklin, LL. B., lawyer, St. Stephens. 

X898, St Stephens; s. Judge B. F. Porter, St Stephens, and Mary E. Shuna; 
h. Aug. X, 1877; Rep., Gen. Assem., Ala., X9oo-oa; practicing law at Bessemer. 

Powell, Ben Phil, A. B., clerk. Union Springs. 

1896, Union Springs; s. J. B. Powell, Union Springs, and Almyra Hinsoa 
Brown; b. Oct 8, 1878. 

1899I Graduates in Schools and Non-Graduates 397 

Powers, Reynolds James, B. S., cadet, U. S. M. Acad 

X897, UniTcnity; s. Dr. James K. Powen and Lou Addie Reynolds; b. Dee. 

Purifoy, Francis Marion, LL. B., (See 1888). 

Rainer, Joel Herron, A. B., bank clerk, Union Springs. 

1895, Union Springs; s. W. W. Rainer and Cecile Baldwin; b. Jan. 4, 1880. 

Seale, Thomas Franklin, LL. B., lawyer, Livingston. 

1898, Demopolis; s. Thomas F. Seale, Gaston, and BCary Eliza Lockard; bi, 
Oct J9i X876. 

Stevens, Thomas Lunsford, A. B., census clerk, Washington, D. C. 

z89St Birmingbam; s. A. H. Stevens and Tallulah Catherine Long; h. Dec j8» 
1877; Law Student, Georgetown Unhr. 

Stickney, James Ward, B. S., C E., 1900, civil engineer, De- 

1896, Demopolis; s. F. G. Stickney, Demopolis, and Mary £. Ward; h. Dec. 
J, 1879; Asst Engineer at Mines at Searle; m. Katherine McCarthy, Demopolis, Nor. 
6, Z901. 

Street, Edwin Gmipbell, B. S., lawyer, Nashville, Tenn. 

1896, Gnntersville; s. Thomas Atkins Street and Jnlia Ann Beard; b. Ang. i6, 
1879; Law Student, VanderUlL 

Turberville, John Samuel, B. S., Wainwright 

1897, Hnchbttrg; s. Joseph Samuel Turberville and Matilda Obedient Ucner; 
h. May 19, 1875; m. Julia Ptomey, Furman, May 25, 1900; Ph. G., Mobile, 1901. 

Vemer, William Henry, Jr., A. B., book-keeper, Birmingham* 

1896, T u scaloosa; s. Prof. W. H. Vemer and Julia Olrver; b. Dea 31, 1879. 

Wallace, Elliott Lambert, B. S., Washington, D. C 

i89Sf Tuscaloosa; s. George Mason Wallace, Madison Co., Va., and Elisabeth 
Gfcen Roberts; b. June 8, 1879; with U. S. Geological Survey. 

White, William Hubbard, A. B., A. M., 1900, Epes« 

189s; 1899, Epes; s. David Campbell White and Addie Beatrice Browne; h. 
Feb. JO, 1879. 

Wiley, Noble James, LL. B., lawyer, Montgomery. 

1897* Montgomery; b. Ariosto AppHng Wiley and Mittie Noble; h. Aug. i, 1878; 
appointed snd Lieut, U. S. Army, 1901. 

1899. Graduates in Schools and Non-Graduates 
Armistead, Robert Boyd, (Fr.), planter, Pike Road. 

x897i Pihe Road; s. E. S. Armistead and Rosalie Linnington Wilson; b. Dec. 6, 

Bass, Hershell Winston, (Soph.), Ashville. 

1897, Ashrille; s. Dr. John B. Bsss, Ashville, and Annie E. Gunn; h. June as, 
i88t ; Student, A. P. I. 

39^ Recx)Rd of Students [1S99 

Bishop, Ruth AJma, (Spec.), teacher, Akron. 

1898, Akron; dau. Henry Clinton Bishop and Margaret Elizabeth Maatey; b. 
April 2s, 1879. 

Brown, James Parrish, (Fr.), book-keeper, Unioctown. 

1898, Uniontown; a. Jamca J. Brown, Uniontown, and Mattie White; b. Feb. 
19, 1879- 

Bullock, Mamie Augusta, (Soph.)» teacher, Livingston. 

1898, Livingston; dau. Charles H. Bullock. Livingston, and Mary Annette 
Burton; b. June 24, 1874; Presiding Teacher, A. C F. CoL, Tuscaloosa, 1900 b 

Burnett, John Donald, Jr., (Soph.), cadet, U. S. M. A. 

1898, Evergreen; s. John Donald Burnett and Mary Martin; b. Feb. 6, 1880; 
Corporal, and Ala. Reg. VoL, Spanish War, 1898. 

Cannon, Snow, (Fr.), merchant, Berry Station. 

1898, Berry; s. M. F. Cannon and Malissa J. Bobo; K Nor. 4, 1877. 

Carter, Paul, (Fr.), Chipley, Fla. 

1898, Chipley, Fla.; s. Paul Hines Carter, Chipley, Fla., and Myra Pauline 
Kennedy; b. Aug. a8, i88a; Student, Sute Sem., Fla. 

Coleman, Russell Porter, (Sen.), law student, Geneva. 

1897, Geneva; s. John Thomas Coleman, Geneva, and Henrictte Louiaa Cald- 
well; b. Oct. 8, 1871; Teacher, Geneva, 1 899-1 900. 

Cox, Minnie May, (Spec), teacher, Northport 

1898, Northport; dau. Robert Samuel Cox and Samantha Caroline Dodson; b. 
Sept. 13, X875. 

Crow, Mary Elizabeth, (Spec), North Birmingham. 

1898, Tuscaloosa; dau. James Crow; b. Nov. z6, 1875; n- Jeff H. Johnson. 

Eddins, Lollie, (Spec), Tuscaloosa. 

Z898, Tuscaloosa; dau. Alexander M. Eddins, Macon, Miss., and Harriette I<ieal; 
b. March 34, 1878. 

Ezekiel, Arthur, (Fr.), clerk, Greenville. 

1898, Greenville; s. A. A. Ezekiel, Greenville, and Celia Lichten; b. June 34, 188a. 

Fitzgerald, Charles Augustus, (Fr.), Martin's Sta. 

1898, Martin's Sta.; s. J. D. FiUgerald; b. May 31, i88z. 

Foscue, Thomas, (Fr.), merchant. Grove Hill. 

1898, Grove Hill; s. Jonathan Foscue, Grove Hill, and Emma Malone; b. 
Sept aa, 1880. 

Godfrey, Baker, (Jun.), railway clerk. Meridian, Miss. 

X897, Gainesville; s. L. D. Godfrey and Nannie Temple Woodaon; b. April 
x6, 1878. 

♦Goodwin, Earl Green, (Fr.), Jasper. 

i897> Jssper; s. Dr. Joseph A. Goodwin, Jasper, and Mattie Gravlee; b. Match 
17, 1881; Dep, Sheriff, Walker Co.; d. March la, 1900. 

1899] Graduates in Schools and Non-Graduates 399 

Harris^ Lelia, (Soph.), teacher, Tuscaloosa. 

1898, TuacalooM; dau. Walter C Harrii and Lilly Woods; b. July a8, 1880; 
Teacher, Tuacaloosa Graded Schools, 1899 , 

Hays, William Dalton, (Soph.), Tuscaloosa. 

X897, Tuscaloosa; s. James Benhan Hays and Susan Anna Dalton; b. Not. m$, 
1880; Cadet, U. S. M. A., 1899-X90Z. 

Hillhouse, Hugh, (Fr.), clerk, Adger. 

1898, Adger; s. James Hillhouse and Elizabeth Lowden; b. Nov. 13, 1879. 

Hinds, Harry Lee, (Fr.), planter, New Hope. 

1898, New Hope; s. Byram Wilbem Hinds and Margaret Rebecca Pickett; b. 
Not. x8, x88o. 

Hogan, Abby Hazard, (Spec), teacher, Tuscaloosa. 

1898, Tuscaloosa; dau. Alexander Perry Hogan, Tuscaloosa, and Carolint 
Elizabeth Snow; b. June 4, 1873; Teacher at Orlando, Fla., 1900^1. 

Howze, Gerald, (Fr.), cadet, U. S. N. Acad. 

X898, Birmingham; s. A. C Howze and ValUe Long; b. Sept 13, x88a. 

Howze, Sam Strudwick, (Fr.), book-keeper, Demopolis. 

1898, Demopolis; s. Thomas F. Howze and Pattie Martha Strudwfck; h. May 
S, 1 88s. 

Inzer, John Manly, (Soph.), planter, Ashville. 

1897, AshTille; s. John W. Inzer, Ashville, and Sallie Pope; b. Dec 31, 1878. 

Jemison, Alan Leftwich, (Fr.), soldier, U. S. Army. 

1898, Tuscaloosa; s. W. C. Jemison and Eliska Leftwich; b. July s6, i88s; 
Private, U. S. A., Philippine War. 

Jennings, Henry Lamar, (Jun.), Clayton. 

1897, Clayton; s. B. H. Jennings, Qayton, and Margaret Caroline Fryer; bb 
June IS, 1880; Book-keeper and Stenographer for Sou. Hardware Lumber Co., at 

Johnson, Ernest Benjamin, (Fr.), clerk, Birmingham. 

1898, Birmingham; s. Benjamin F. Johnson and Margaret T. Mulinaux; b, 
Dec. 15, x88o. 

Johnson, Mrs. Jeff. H., (See Mary E. Crow). 

Kilpatrick, John Young, Jr., (Soph.), teacher, Camden. 

1898, Camden; s. John Y. Kilpatrick, Camden, and Lizzie Carlton; b. Oct 
18, x88o. 

Knox, Cephus Kendall, (Fr.), U. S. Navy. 

1898, Troy; s. John Brewer Knox, Troy, and Lula Margaret Dinkins; b. Aug. 
I, i88s; Enlisted, U. S. Nayy, 190X. 

Lane, Hector Davis, Jr., (Fr.), clerk, Huntsville. 

1898, Athens; s. Hector Davis Lane, Athens, and Madge Mason; h. Aug. j8, x88x. 

400 Record of Students [1899 

Laslie, William Thompson, (Ft.), Tuskegee. 

1898, Tiukegee; i. Miyor C Lialie, Tuikegee. uid GuMle Thompton; b. Auf. 
I St x88o. 

Lile, Francis Dawson, (Fr.), Trinity. 

1898, Trinity; a. John L. Lite; b. Feb. xx, 1880. 

Malone, Jerome Clanton, Union. 

iSpS.Umon; 1. Washington Lafayette Malone end Jemima Neal; h, June le^ 
1879; Med. Stadent at Mobite. 

Marriott, Thomas Gary, (Jun.), Dennard. 

i895t Dennard; a. Capt C M. Marriott; b. Jan. is» xSyd. 

Martin, Thomas Wesley, (Law), Montgomery. 

1898. Montgomeiy; a. Hon. W. L. Martin, Montfomery, and Maggie Led- 
better; b. Aug. 13, x88i. 

Mayfield, Burwell Lewis, (Spec.), planter, Moore's Bridge. 

Z898, Moore'a Bridge; a. J. J. Mayfield, Sr., and Amanda South; b. Jan. 9, 1876. 

McCreary, William Augustus, (Spec.), LL. B., 'oi, lawyer. 

1898, Evergreen; a. Dr. John A McCreary, Evergreen, and Elizabeth Etfa- 
ridge; b. June 6, 1877; Sgt, and Ala. Inf., Spaniah War, 1898. 

McGehee, Laura Scotte, (Spec), teacher, Northport 

1897, Northport; dau. Jamea Chtldreaa McGehee and Mary Lavinia Hall; b. 
June 30, 1873. 

Mcintosh, John Thomas, (Law), clerk, Dadeville. 

1898, DadeviUe; a. W. C Mclntoah, Dadevilte, and Permelia Higgina; b. Sept 
x6, 1876. 

Milhous, Frank Lemuel, (Soph.), merchant, Safford. 

1897, Safford; a. Philip Milhoua and Hallie Martin; b. Nov. ai, 1880. 

Moody, Earle Farley, (Soph.), Dothan. 

1897, Dothan; a. Dr. F. L Moody, Dothan, and lona G. Haya; b. Oct aa, 
1880; Med. Student, Ky. Univ., LouiaviUe. 

Moore, Taliaferro Qarence, (Soph.), teacher, Blountsville. 

1898, Clarence, Blount Co.; a. Dr. David S. Moore and Suaan A. Nunnelley; 
h. April 29, X876; Teacher, Blount College, 189^7; V. Free, and Inatmctor, Central 
Agri. CoL; m. Suaan Clinton, Montgomery, July xa, 1899* tt Bloontaville. 

Moorer, Richard Randolph, (Fr.), Mt Willing. 

X898, Mt Willing; a. John R. Mooter; b. Sept 30, 1879. 

Neville, Henry Walter, (Fr.), Trinity. 

X898, Trinity; i. W. V. Nafilkb 

1899] Graduates in Schools and Non-Graduates 401 

Nicholson, Mrs. Mary Strudwick, (Spec), Tuscaloosa. 

1898, TuacalooM; dau. James W. Stnidwick and Elizabeth Linebaugh; b. Dee. 
iz, 1871; m. Richard H. Nicholson, June 22, 1890. 

Nixon, George Coleman, (Fr.), planter, Uniontown. 

1898, Uniontown; s. Dr. W. G. Nixon; b. July 18, x88s. 

Palfrey, Jessie Gorgas, (Spec), Franklin, La. 

1898, University; dan. George D. Palfrey and Amelia Gorgas; b. March 24, 1883. 

Parlin, Charles Grady, (Fr.), Carrabelle, Fla, 

1898, Carrabelle, Fla.; s. Charles H. Parlin; h. May as, 1880. 

Robertson, Robert Bruce, (Soph.), salesman, Fayette, 

1897, Fayette; s. James R. Robertson, Fayette, and Malinda K. McConnell; b. 
Jnly 3, 1879; Coroner, Fayette Co., 1900-04. 

Royall, Julia Trent, (Jun.), teacher, Birmingham. 

1897, Tuscaloosa; dau. Thomas Edward Royall and Dora Herbert; b. May 8, 
1880; Teacher, Birmingham Public Schools. 

Searcy, Annie Ross, (Ec), Tuscaloosa. 

X896, Tuscaloosa; dau. Dr. James T. Searcy and Annie R. Ross; b. July sj» 
1875; Teacher, A. C. F. CoL, 1899-1900; T. F. CoL, 190X-0J. 

Shepherd, Zach Palmer, (Fr.), Jasper. 

1898, Jasper; s. James W. Shepherd; b. Feb. is, x88i. 

Smith, Julia Allen, (Spec), University. 

X898, University; dau. Eugene Allen Smith and Jennie Garland; b. Aug. 7, 1877. 

Sternfeld, Louis, (Soph.), Montgomery. 

1898, Montgomery; s. Alexander Sternfeld and Helene Eliasberg; b. Dec. 13, 
x88o; 6. S., A. P. L, 1901. 

Strickland, James Judson, (Fr.), Brookwood. 

1898, Brookwood; b. Oct 9, 1879. 

Turk, Annie Greer, (Jun.), teacher, Ennis, Tex. 

1898, LiTingston; dau. Samuel B. Turk, Livingston, and Etta Allison; b. June 
s8, 1873; Teacher, City Schools, Ennis, Tex.; m. Prof. Graham, Ennis, Tex., Aug. 
7, 1901. 

Welch, Stewart Henry, (Fr.), Uniontown. 

1898, Uniontown; s. John Carter Welch and Carrie Stewtet; b. Dec s3, 1881; 
Student, Sou. Univ. 

Wheat, James, (Spec), teacher, NorthporL 

1898, Northport; s. Joel H. Wheat, Northport, and Louisa Hendricks; b. Oct 
X3f 1875. 

Wier, Peter, (Fr.), Sherman. 

1897, Sherman; s. Charles N. Wier and Annie Moore Oliver; b. April S3, 1881. 

4oa Record of Students [1900 

Wood, William Basil, (Soph.), Florence 

1897* Florence; s. William J. Wood, Florence, and Eugenia Ringi; b. May 4* 
188 1 ; Student, Yale Univ., 1899 w 

Young, William Hubert, (Fr.), bank derk, Eufaula. 

1898, Eufaula; ■. Edward Billupa Young and Mamie Jennings; b. Oct 10, 188J. 

xgco. Graduates with Titled Degrees 

Alexander, Edward Robert, LL. B., (See 1893). 

Alexander, Pe3rton Edmond, LL. B., lawyer, Prattville. 

1899* Prattrille; a. John L. Alexander and Martha Hill; b. July a, 1876; 
LL. B., 1899, Univ. of Mich. 

Alston, Philip Henry, A. B., Clayton. 

1898, Clayton; a. Judge Augustus Holmes Alston and Annie Mariah Ott; b. 
Oct J9t 1880; Law Student 

Andrews, George William, A. B., Qayton. 

1898, Qayton; a. John Zack Andrews, Clajton, and Mary Jane McCrea; K 
Jan. Ji, 1881. 

Bamett, John Bigham, LL. B., lawyer, Monroeville. 

1898, Opelika; a. William H. Bamett, Ansley, and Elisa E. Cunning; b. 
Feb. z, Z874. 

Beasley, Cecil Acmond, LL. B., lawyer, Florence. 

1898, Kennedy; a. William L. Beaaley and Fannie Howell; b. Dec. so, 1876. 

Bell, William Stillman, B. S., teacher, Gordo. 

1897, Gordo; a. William R. Bell, Northport, and Scenath Kirk; b. Msy 6, 
1874; Teacher, Public Schools, Attalla, 1900 ^. 

Bonner, John Miller, LL. B., (See 1895). 

Brindley, Porter Mace, LL. B., lawyer, Hartsdle. 

Z899, Hartselle; s. A. B. Brindley and Peachey Ann Wilson; b. Feb. s9, 187^; 
Law Student, Univ. of Tex., 1896-97; admitted to Tex. Bar, 1897; m. Laura B. Jeffries, 
Danville, ni., July 4, 1901. 

Brock, George William, A. B., teacher, Montgomery. 

1899, Tuscaloosa; s. Josiah Brock, CoUinsville, and Louisa Biggs; b. Feb. 
z8, 1864; Mem., Sute Board of Examiners of Teachers, 1899 ; m. Cordelia Caro- 
line Luttrell, July 6, 1899. 

Brothers, Thomas Jefferson, A. B., Zula. 

1897, Zula; a. Dr. P. H. Brothers and Gincey Downing; b. Dec. 9, 1879; Med. 
Student, CoL of P. and S., Baltimore, Md. 

Catchings, Benjamin Silas, A. B., Birmingham. 

1899, Birmingham; a. W. B. Catchings snd Fermine Baird; b. Sept I7> 1880; 
Corporal. Co. K, ist Ala. Beg., Spanish War, 1898. 

1900] Graduates with Titled Degrees 403 

Coleman, John Anderson, A. B,. teacher, Eutaw. 

1897, Eutaw; s. Thomas Wilkes Coleman and Frances Jane Wilson; b. Dea 
9» 1880; Prin., EuUw School; Law Student. 

Dykes, Osborne Jefferson, B. S., C. E., '01, engineer. Union 

1897* Union Springs; s. James W. Dykes and Josephine Stickey; b. Sept sj* 
1680; Draughtsman, Gambia Steel Go., Johnstown, Pa. 

Eley, Motier Norfleete, B. S., M. E., *oi, Union Springs. 

1897, Union Springs; s. James Henry Eley and Temple Jackson; b. June ii, 1879. 

Fielder, Frank Harvey, A. M., (See 1898). 

Foster, James Henry, LL. B., (See 1890). 

Foster, John Robert, A. B., Camden. 

Z897, Gamden; s. James Fleetwood Foster and Emma Fowler; h, Aprils, 1879. 

Gamble, Frank Asbury, LL. B., lawyer, Jasper. 

SS99, Jasper; s. Frank Asbury Gamble and Maiy A. Owen; b. April 8, 1878; 
A. B., Sou. Univ., 1899. 

Gillis, Samuel Hitchcock, LL. B., lawyer, Andalusia. 

Z899, Andalusia; a. Dr. Neil Gillis, Omaha, Ga., and Mary Fisher; h, July 4* 
1878; IX. B., Univ. of Ga., 1898. 

Granade, James Napoleon, A. B., LL. B., *oi, lawyer, St Stephens. 

1897, Frankville; s. J. S. Granade and Nancy Thompson; b. Sept J9, X877. 

Herbert, William Frazier, LL. B., lawyer, Montgomery. 

X899, Montgomery; s. T. S. Herbert and Emma Frasier; b. March 19, 187s; 
Asst. Sec., Constitu. Convention, 1901. 

Hobbs, Isham David, LL. B., lawyer and planter, Huntsville. 

1898, TaylorsTille; s. Isham Hubbard Hobbs and Matilda E. Parker; b. July 
a6, 1875; m. Frances Harbett, Memphis, Tenn., Oct 31, 1901. 

Holloway, John Mosely, A. B., Geneva. 

x898» Geneva; s. John David Holloway and Georgia Hastleline Brundidge; h. 

Howerton, William Oates, A. B., Abbeville. 

X897, Abbeville; s. T. J. Howerton and Mary C. Whatky; b. Nov. 30, 1877. 

Hurt, Marshall Hill, LL. B., lawyer, Tuskegee. 

X898, Tuskegee; s. William Henry Hurt and Theresa Moore; b. Nov. jx, 1877. 

Johnston, Forney, LL. B., lawyer, Birmingham. 

X899, Birmingham; s. Joseph F. Johnston and Theresa V. Hooper; h. Sept 
9, 1879; A. B., Univ. of Va., A. M., Univ. of Va., 1899- 

Jones, John Paul, LL. B., (See 1897). 

404 Record of Students [1900 

Kelley, Wilson, LL. B., lawyer, Fayette. 

1899. Eldridge; s. Capt E. D. Kelley and Marthft E. Walker; b. Fd>. 8, 187a; 
Postmaster at Eldridge, 1895-98. 

Lacy, Ernest Renfroe, LL. B., lawyer, Jasper. 

1899, Jasper; s. Sheriff Lacy, Jasper, and Ella McCollongfa; h, Oct 11, 1877; 
Register in Chancery, Walker Co., i899-x9oo. 

Lamkin, Griffin, LL. B., (See 1897). 

Lawhon, Rosa, A. B., teacher, Livingston. 

1898, LiTingston; dau. John Lawhon, Livingston, and Annie Haaletine Porter; 
b. ICarch 31, 1876. 

Lawson, Charles Shelley, M. S., (See 1899). 

Leva, Leo, A. B., merchant, Selma. 

X897, Selma; s. M. Leva, Selma, and Helen EUdn; h. Jan. si, 1881. 

Little, John (joulding, B. S., C E., 'oi, Tuscaloosa. 

1896, Tuscaloosa; s. Dr. George Little and Carrie Patillo Doak; b. March 
17, 1880. 

McDaniel, Henry, LL. B., lawyer, Demopolis. 

1898, Demopolis; s. John M. McDaniel, Sumterrille, and Mary Knox, of Talla- 
dega; b. April 4, 1875; Lumber manufacturer, Demopolis, i89S-99* 

McMillan, Benjamin Franklin, LL. B., lawyer, Jackson. 

1898, Stockton; s. B. F. McMillan, Stockton, and Annie D. Murphy; b. July 
S7. X877. 

Perry, Benjamin Glover, LL. B., lawyer, Bessemer. 

1898, Boligee; s. J. W. Perry and Rosa Lee Glover; b. May 6, 1875. 

Pierce, Junius Jennings, LL. B., lawyer, Robinson Springs. 

1899, Robinson Springs; s. Maj. Junius Julius Pierce and Sarah Jennings 
Myers; b. Nov. s8, 1868; and Lieut, sth U. S. VoL Inf., Spanish War, 1898-99. 

Powell, Richard Holmes, LL. B., (See 1897). 

Pride, James Harvey, Jr., LL. B., lawyer, Huntsville. 

1898, Madison; s. J. Willsey Pride, Madison, and Katie Mason; b. April j. 
1877; B. S., S. Ky. CoL, 1898. 

Pugh, John Walter, A. B., teacher. Grove Hill. 

1897, Grove Hill; s. Walter S. Pugh and Virginia L. Dickinson; b. April 14, 
1878; Teacher at Areola, Miss., 1900^)1. 

Reeder, Homer Linden, B. S., teacher, Florence. 

1898, Burcham Mills; s. John W. Reeder and Virginia A. Booth; b. Dec. if, 
1873; m. Lula Paulk, Verona, Miss., May 8, 1901. 

Robertson, John Alonzo, LL. B., lawyer, Uniontown. 

1898, Uniontown; s. J. J. Robertson and Rebecca Annie Hudson; b. Dec. »$, 
1878; Cotton Buyer. 

1900] Graduates in Schools and Non-Graduates 405 

Sanderson, Lew Almon, LL. B., planter, Morganville. 

1899, Morganville; s. Thomas L. Sanderson and Dora Golson; b. Aug. so, 1877; 
Prin., Ramer High School, 1898-99. 

Screws, Michel Hamilton, LL. B., lawyer, Montgomery. 

1899, Montgomery; s. B. H. Screws and Emma McNeil; b. May 4, 1881; 
Recocding Sec. to the Governor. 

Smith, James Quinton, LL. B., lawyer, Birmingham. 

1898, Montgomery; s. James Q. Smith and Marie L. Fair; b. May xs, 1878. 

Smith, Landon Garland, B. S., University. 

1896, University; s. Eugene A. Smith and Jennie Garland; b. March 37, x88i; 
with Gov. Works, Warrior River, x 900-01; Graduate Student. 

Stickney, James Ward, C. E., (See 1899). 

Vaughn, Charles Walter, A. B., teacher. Evergreen. 

X899, University; a. W. M. Vaughn and Mary Wright; h, SepL 15, x86s; 
Teacher at St. Stephens, 1895-97, and Geneva. 1897-99; Agricult School, Eva^ 
green, 1900-01. 

Wert, Thomas William, LL. B., lawyer, Decatur. 

1899, Decatur; s. Samuel Tennis Wert and Eliza J. Gibbs; b. Aug. x6, 1880; 
B. S., 1899, Ala. PoL Inst 

West, James Whitaker, B. S., Qayton. 

1897, Clayton; a. Charles Pinckney West and Clara Ann White; b. Dec. 15, 
1878; Acting Commandant, U. of Ala., Oct, 1900. to Jan., 1901; Student in Phar- 
macy, Vanderbilt Univ., 1901. 

White, William Hubbard, A. M.', (See 1899). 

Young, Robert Craig, A. B., freight clerk, Selma. 

1897* Selma; s. A. P. Young and Julia W. Craig; b. Sept 4, x88x; Law Student 

X900. Graduates in Schools and Non-Graduates 

Abercrombie, Perry Mag^der, (Fr.), Tuskegee. 

1899, Tuskegee; s. Clarence Abercrombie; b. Dec 7, 1883. 

Aldridge, Mayer Westbrook, (Law), teacher, Jackson. 

i899t Jackson; s. Moses Westbrook Aldridge and Dannie Mayer; b. May 17, x88a. 

Ashley, Ellen, (Spec), University. 

1898, University; dau. Charles Rush Ashley and Ella Wyman; b. Dec J9, x88o. 

Austin, James Max, (Fr.), Wetumpka. 

1899, Wetumpka; a. W. A. Austin, Wetumpka, and Susan Francis Simmt; 
b. Not. so, 1879. 

Bealle, Estelle King, (Spec), Tuscaloosa. 

X898, Tuscaloosa; dau. John Shepard Bealle and Eloise Elisabeth Johnson; 
b. Oct J, x88x. 

4o6 Re(X)Rd of Students [1900 

Bonner, Sherwood, (Law), (See 1895). 

Brock, Mrs. Cordelia Caroline, (Spec), Montgomery. 

1899, Tuscaloosa; dan. William Cunningham Lntrell, Oxford, and Marylios 
Snow; b. July a8, 1871; m. George William Brock, July 6, 1899, Oxford. 

Browne, Lula Hobbs, (Spec.), Tuscaloosa. 

i899i Tuscaloosa; dan. Newbeme Hobbs Browne and Maiy EUsa Pmde; k 
Jnae zs, 1880. 

Bruister, James Washington, (Jun.), Butler. 

i897> Butler; s. E. J. Bruister snd M. W. Ulmer; h, Oct 7, 1880. 

Bynum, William Arthur, (Fr.), teacher, Bynums. 

1899* Bynums, Calhoun Co.; s. T. D. Bynum and Sallie Nichols; h, June 6, 187S. 

CaflFee, John Hooper, (Fr.), Birmingham. 

1899, Marion; s. Andrew £. Caffee and Anna Haynes; h, Dec. 99, 188 1. 

Chapman, William Reynolds, (Jun.), Geneva. 

1899, Geneya; s. Dr. W. H. Chapman and Belle Reynolds; b. June 13, 1880. 

Chestnutt, Scott Evans, (Fr.), Birmingham. 

1899, Bir m ingha m ; s. B. H. Chestnutt; b. Nor. 30, z88o. 

Qeary, Augusta Harrison, (Jun.), teacher, Mt Hebron. 

1898, Birmingham; dau. John W. Ckary and Augusta Harrison; h, Aug. 4, 18801. 

Cements, Hardy, (Sen.), Tuscaloosa. 

1896, Tuscaloosa; s. Newton Nash Clements snd Laura G. McMichael; b. 
Feb. 13, 1881. 

Qements, Victor Hugo, (Fr.), clefk, Athens 

1899, Athens; s. Prof. M. EL Clements and Roberts; b. Dec. »$, 1881. 

Qine, Earl, (Soph.), Macon, Miss. 

1899, Macon, Miss.; b. Oct. 8, 1880. 

Compton, Samuel William, (Soph.), teacher, Wayne. 

X898, Wayne, Marengo Co.; s. George Washington Compton, Wajrne, and 
Ptearce King Lewis; b. Aug. 7, x87s; Teacher, Marengo Co., 1895-98; Prin., Old 
Spring Hill Academy, 1900 ; m. Ella Boozer, April as, 1902. 

Banner, Paul, (Fr.), Mobile 

X899, Mobile; a. A. C Danner; b. March ix, x88x. 

Derby, Mrs. Frank Inge, (See Kate Horn). 

Dickey, John, (Soph.), Blocton. 

1898, Blocton; s. William Dickey; b. x88i. 

iQoo] Graduates in Schools and Non-Graduates 407 

Dupree, Marvin Ward, (Soph.), Westmoreland. 

1899, Westmoreland, Limestone Co.; s. William James Dupree, Westmore> 
land, and Lucy Catherine Vinson; b. July a8, 1880; Med. Student at Mobile. 

Edgar, Russell Bliss, (Law), (See 1898). 

Fitts, Frank, (Sen.), insurance, Tuscaloosa. 

1896, Tuscaloosa; s. William Faukon Fitts, Sr., and Annie Spiller; b. May 
8, 1881. 

Foster, James, (Fr.), Tuscaloosa. 

1899, Tuscaloosa; a. J. Luther Foster; b. Aug. 30, 1881. 

Freeman, Manning, (Fr.), Northport 

1898, Northport; s. S. M. Freeman; b. Oct. 18, i88a; m. Alma Brown, Nortli- 
port, March J7, 1901. 

Gillis, Malcolm Eugene, (Sen.), stenographer, Birmingham. 

1896, Eufaula: a. Malcolm Diyinus Gillis and Queen Anne Stephenson; b. 
Feb. 13, 1873. 

Gilmer, William Bryan, (Soph.), Butler. 

X899, Butler; s. W. B. Gihner, Butler, and Janie Bruister; h. Feb. 4, 1880. 

GuUey, Ezekiel Campbell, (Jun.), planter, Livingston. 

1896, Livingston; s. Ezekiel Sloctunb GuUey and Cymantfaa CampbeU; b. June 
14, x88o. 

Hagler, Edward Qeveland, (Soph.), Tyner. 

X897, Tyner, Tuscaloosa Co.; s. Edward L Hagler, Tsmer, and Josephine 
Bamett; b. Oct zo, 1879; Med. Student. 

Heflin, Marvin Rutledge, (Spec), Roanoke. 

Z899, Roanoke; a. Dr. Wilson Lumpkin Heflin and Lande Catherine Phillips; 
b. May 10, 1878; Minister, M. E. Church, South. 

Hendrix, Qara Mae, (Spec), Tuscaloosa. 

1899, Tuscaloosa; dau. Lambertine Pitt Hamilton Hendrix and Susan Lavinia 
Watldns; b. Dec 31, 1879. 

Hill, Thomas Jefferson, (Jun.), clerk, Tuscaloosa. 

1897, Tuscaloosa; a. H. Foster Hill and Lelia Allen; h. Nor. 8, 1883. 

Hockensmith, Russell, (Fr.), book-keeper, Lowndesboro. 

1899, Lowndesboro; s. Robert Willis Hockensmith and Mary Limbrick; b. 
Jtme MS, 1879. 

Holmes, John Robb, Jr., (Jun.), Joplin, Mo. 

i899f Joplin, Mo.; a. John R. Holmes; h, July s» <877. 

Horn, Kate, (Spec), Gaston. 

1898, Coatopa; dau. Isaac Wood Horn, Coatopa, and Elisabeth Mary Jane 
McMillan; b. June iSi 1879; m. Franklin Inge Derby, Brewersrille, Oct 14, X900. 

4o8 Recxdrd of Students [1900 

Hunt, John James, Jr., (Law), Jonesboro, Ga. 

1899, Jonesboro, Ga.; ■. John J. Hunt; b. June 19, 1877. 

King, Henry James, Jr., (Fr.), clerk, Tuscaloosa. 

1899, Tuscaloosa; a. Henry James King and Hattie M. Bealle; b. Feb. 34, x88x. 

La3rman, Horace Ma)mard, (Law), Maysville. 

1899, MaysviUe; b. Oct 31, 1876. 

Long, Francis Musgrove, (Fr.), Jasper. 

X898, Jasper; a. John B. Long and Zue M. Musgrove; b. May 18, x88a. 

Mayer, Joe, (Fr.), Demopolis. 

1899, Demopolia; a. Morris Mayer; b. Sept 7, x88a. 

Mayfield, Susie Fitts Martin, (Spec), Tuscaloosa. 

1899, Tuacalooaa; dau. G. Frederick Martin and Sallie Bell Martin; m. 
Judge Jamea J. Majrfield, of Tuacalooaa, at Little Rock, Ark., June 30, 1897. 

McCants, John Thomas, (Fr.), Talladega. 

1899, Talladega; a. Dr. J. S. McCanta, Talladega, and Sarah P. Thomas; b. 
May 29, 1883. 

McCorquodale, John Coleman, (Fr.), clerk, Salitpa. 

1898, Salitpa; s. William Frank McCorquodale and Sarah Rebecca Hightowcr; 
b. Aug. 4, 1879. 

McCurdy, Harris Reese, (Jun.), planter, Lowndesboro. 

1897, Lowndesboro; a. W. D. McCurdy. 

McGee, Frank, (Fr.), NorthporL 

1899, Northport; s. Thomaa McGee; b. April 10, 1883. 

McGehee, Henry Thomas, (Soph.), NorthporL 

1898, Northport; a. James Childress McGehee and Mary Lavinia Hall; b. ^ril 
36, 1876; Med. Student at Mobile. 

Meade, Joseph Lyons, Jr., (Fr.), Birmingham. 

1899, Birmingham; s. Joseph Lyons Meade, Birmingham, and Berilla Williantt; 
b. Jan. 19, x88a. 

Minhinnette, Bessie, (Spec), Tuscaloosa. 

X899, Tuscaloosa; dau. Thomaa J. Minhinnette; b. June as, X874. 

Montgomery, Francis Shroeder, (Soph.), Gradsden. 

X898, Gadaden; s. Charles Gaines Montgomery, Sr., and laabella Sophia David- 
son; b. March 13, x88a. 

Morgan, John Alic, (Fr.), Horse Creek. 

1900, Horse Creek; s. David Morgan, Horse Creek, and Addie Williams; b. 
Feb. — , w 

Parks, William Taylor, (Law), Montgomery. 

X899, Montgomery; a. C. £. Parks; b. March 6, x88z. 

1900] Graduates in Schools and Non-Graduates 409 

Parrish, Louis Fletcher, (Fr.), Tuscaloosa, 

1900, Tuscaloosa; a. Rev. David Lotiia Parrish and Lucy Foster; b. liarch 
16, 1879. 

Perkins, Edwin Constantine, (Jun.), Atlanta, Ga. 

1897, Tuscaloosa; s. Julian Constantine Perkins and Mamie S. Kennedy; b. 
Sept. 3, 1879; Conductor, Tuac. Belt Line; Constructing Engineer for De La Vergne 
Refrigerating Co. of New York. 

Pickering, Richard Rembert, (Jun.), cadet, U. S. M. A. 

1898, Uniontown; s. Samuel Sherrod Pickering and Elizabeth Catlin McGehee; 
b. June 9» z88o. 

Quarles, Adelle Glenn, (Fr.), teacher. Fair Oaks. 

Z899, Fsiir Oaks, Sumter Co.; dau. C. M. Quarles, Warsaw, and Monnie Lee 
Windham; b. Jan. 27, x88j. 

Robertson, Walter Worthington, (Fr.), Birmingham. 

1899, Birmingham; s. Dr. Thaddcus Lindly Roberston and Mary Caroline 
Worthington; b. March 4, x88a. 

Rossell, Trent, (Fr.), Mobile. 

1899, Mobile; s. Major William T. Rossell; b. Oct 16, 1883. 

Searcy, Abbie, (Se|i.), Tuscaloosa. 

Z897, Tuscaloosa; dau. George A. Searcy and Alice Dearing; b. Aug. 26, z88o. 

Searcy, Peter Bryce, (Fr.), Tuscaloosa. 

1898, Tuscaloosa; s. Dr. James T. Searcy and Annie Ross; b. Dec. 11, x88s. 

Shackelford, Tandy Watts, (Soph.), Colquit 

1898, Colquit; a. Frank Shackelford, Sr., and Permelia Jane Watts; b. Nor. 
J5, x88o. 

Shepard, Charles Martin, Jr., (Fr.), Mobile. 

1899, Mobile; s. C. M. Shepard; b. Feb. 8, x88a. 

Shugart, Curtis Sanford, (Law), East Lake. 

X899, East Lake; s. John T. Shugart and Alice D. McDaniel; b. Feb. 9, 1878; 
Assistant Book-keeper, Republic Iron and Steel Co., 1901; m. Jennie Morrison, Bir* 
mingham, June xa, 1898. 

Smith, Charles Figures, (Law), lawyer, Seagoville, Tex, 

X899, Desotorille; s. David Hilliard Smith and Henriette Figures; b. Jan. 
5. 1879. 

Snow, Richard McLester, (Sen.), clerk, Tuscaloosa. 

X897, Tuscaloosa; a. £. N. C. Snow, Tuscaloosa, and Carrie McLester; b. 
Aug. 2z, 1879. 

Somerville, Benjamin Hughes, (Fr.), Bridgeville. 

1899, Bridgeville, Pickens Co.; a. Jamea Henry Somerville and Mary Hughei; 
b. July XI, x88x. 

41 o Record of Students [1901 

Stewart, Luther Mac, (Fr.), Roanoke. 

1899* Roanoke; h. Nov. ag, 1880. 

Stone, William Merk, Jr., (Law), lawyer, Austin, Tex. 

z899» Sulligent; s. WillUm Merk Stone, Sulligent, and M. E. Lojd; b. Aa*. 
MS, 1876; LL. B., Univ. of Tex., 190X. 

Strickland, John Griffin, (Law), Blocton. 

X899, Blocton; a. J. H. Strickland; b. Nov. 10, 1880. 

Taylor, Adrian Stevenson, (Soph.), Mobile. 

1899, Mobile; a. Richard Vtpon Taylor, Mobile, and Helen Billtngalea Buck; 
b. May as, 1883; Student, U. of Va. 

Wadsworth, Charies Doster, (Jun.), Prattville. 

X897, Prattville; a. M. L. Wadaworth; b. Feb. 10, x88o. 

White, Charies Finley, (Jun.), Birmingham. 

1899, Birmingham; a. Capt John White, Birmingham, and Mra. Sadie A. 
Waller intt Nelaon); b. Feb. z8, 1879; Law Student. 

White, Walter Scott, Jr., (Fn), Montgomery. 

1899, Montgomery; a. Hon. Walter Scott White and Mary Auguata Tongh 
Una; b. Nov. 25, 1883. 

Windham, Edward Price, (Law), (See 1898). 

Wright, Sim, (Law), Tuscaloosa. 

1899, Rhine; a. W. M. Wright and Sarah Ann Studdard; h, June a9t 1874. 

xgox. Graduates with Titled Degrees 

Alexander, James Edward, LL. B., Leighton. 

1900; a. J. W. Alexander and Sarah Carlock; b. June x8, x86o; Student 
CnmberlaAd Univ.; Supt Educa., Colbert Co., 1888-90; Sapt. Public Schoola, Shef- 
field, 1888-89, 94-95* Toccoa, Ga., 1890-93; Prea., Pulaald CoL, 1893-94, Weat AIa. 
Agricttit School, Hamilton, 1895-98. 

Arrington, Robert Goldthwaite, LL. B., Montgomery. 

X900; a. Thomaa Mann Arrington, Montgomery, and Mary Robbina Goldthwaite; 
b. June J, 1878. 

Boyles, Aubrey, A. B., teacher, Mobile. 

1898; a, A. J. Boylea and Minnie FeneU; b. Oct 9, 1878; Teacher in PhiUp- 
frinc lalanda, 1901 

Campbell, William King, LL. B., planter, Selma. 

X900; a. E. p. Campbell and Sarah Amanda Milling; b. Nov. 10, 1871. 

Qiapman, John Berry, Jr., A. B., teacher, Evergreen. 

X898; a. John B. Chapman and Malda Nettie Callihan; h, Aug. 9, 1879. 

iQOi] Graduates with Titled Degrees 411 

Cook, Paul, A. B., Anniston. 

1898; 1. John F. Cook. Axmiston, and ZnU Belle StringfeUow; b. July j8, i88j; 
Graduate Student, 1901-oj. 

Davidson, James Lafayette, LL. B., lawyer, Centerville. 

1899; a. Jamea Lafayette Davidaon and Sue A. Powell; b. Sept a, x88o. 

DeBardeleben, Mary Christine, A. B., teacher, LaPlace. 

X898; dau. John F. DeBardeleben and Sarah Haden; b. Jan. aj, i88x; 
Teacher, Normal CoL, Livingaton, X90X-0J. 

Dennis, Thomas Edmund, B. S., Tincie. 

1897; •• R- B. Dennia and Mary Catherine Dariaon; b. March J3, 1877; Teacher 
in Philippine lalanda, 1901 w 

Ely, John Osbom, B. S., engineer, Montgomery. 

X897; a. George Willbum Ely and Catherine Ann Stephenaon; b. Jan. ii, 
188 1 ; Engineering Corpa, Houaton and Tex. Cen. R.R. 

Forman, James Ross, A. B., Spring^Ue, 

X897; ■• William S. Forman, Springyille, and Ella Wood; b. March 30, x88i; 
Law Student. 

Fuller, Horace Burgin, LL. B., lawyer, Montgomery. 

1900; a. John B. Fuller, Montgomery, and Janie M. Mathewa; b. Oct. 9, 1878. 

Granade, James Napoleon, LL. B., (See 1900). 

Hardy, Mosley Wilson, A. B., Roanoke. 

1899; a. Louia Mosley Hardy, Roanoke, and Ludnda Caroline Hill; b. Oct. 
18, 1879; Employed in Birmingham oflfice of Cen. of Ga. R. R. 

Hare, Francis Williams, LL. B., Auburn. 

1900; a. Joseph S. Hare and Susan Bullard; b. April xi, 1878; xst Lieut, 
and Ala. VoL Inf., Spanish War, 1898. 

Henderson, Jere Augustus, LL. B., Troy. 

X899; a. J. C Henderson and Nettie Talbot; h, Oct 24, 1878. 

Hill, Hugh Wilson, A. B., Carrollton. 

X897; a. Dr. S. H. Hill and Virginia Kerr; h, April 33, x88a. 

Ingersoll, Fannie, B. S., Mobile. 

Z898; dau. Thomaa Simma IngeraoU and Frances Tankerafey; b. Nov. 24, 1879; 
Teacher in Birmingham, 1901 — . 

Lancaster, John Auston, Jr., B. S., Wetumpka. 

1897; •• John Auston Lancaster and Dora Lett; b. July 19, 1878. 

Leiand, Joseph, A. B., Tuscaloosa. 

X897; •. W. A. Leiand and Ella McLester; b. Feb. 7, 188a. 

Levy, Harry, A. B., John's* 

1897; •• Inac Levy; b. Jan. 11, 1880; Medical Student 

41 a Record of STxn)ENTS [^90i 

Lindsey, Joe Dillard, LL. B., Bevill. 

1899; ■. J. E. lindiey and Mollie Elizabeth Robinson; b. Feb. 17, x88a. 

Little, Robert Irving, A. B., Tuscaloosa. 

X897; •• John Little and Amanda M. Harris; b. Aug. 30, x88x; Associate Editor, 
Tuscaloosa Sun. 

Marlowe, Marilou, B. S., Tuscaloosa. 

1898; dan. Dr. Nicholas Perldns Marlowe and Senie Rice Clements; b. Nov. 
j8, x88x. 

Mason, Sadie, A. B., teacher, Livingston. 

Z898; dau. R. S. Mason and Anne Kennard; b. Feb. 7, 1876; Teacher, Union 
Springs Public Scho<^, X9oz-os. 

McArthur, Frank Duncan, LL. B., teacher, Chumudda, Fla. 

1900; s. William F. McArthur and Lillte F. Connolly; b. Julj sz, 1877; 
Teacher, 1898- 1900. 

McEachin, Archibald Bruce, Jr., LL. B., (See 1897). 

McCreary, William Augustus, LL. B., (See 1899). 

McMahon, Lila St Qair, A. B., Livingston. 

1898; dau. Carl Waterman McMahon and Annie Gage Winston; b. Oct x, 1881; 
Graduate Student. 

Moore, Fred George, A. B., Tuscaloosa. 

X898; s. T. H. Moore, Tuscaloosa, and Mary Elisabeth Cleere; b. June 9$, 1880; 
Law Student. 

Murphy, Victor Moreau, B. S., Macon, Miss. 

X898; s. Thomas Scott Murphy, Maoon, Miss., and Sallie Lanier Maxtia; 
b. March 7, x88s; Graduate Student 

Nabors, Robert Taylor, LL. B., (See 1898). 

Neilson, William Parker, A. B., Tuscaloosa. 

1897; *• Robert Neilson and Amy Parker; b. April 4, 1879; Teacher in District 
Agricultural School, Jackson, 1901 

Owen, Frank Caleb, LL. B., (See 1899). 

Page, Edwin Cary, LL. B., lawyer, Bay Minette. 

Z899, Evergreen; s. Haskue Page, Ev e rgreen, and Laura Autrey; b. Feb. 
24, x88z. 

Parker, Allen, A. B., University. 

1897; s. William Aaa Parker and Martha English Foster; b. Dec ao, x88i. 

Patton, David Dare, B. S., Coatopa. 

1897; •• David Uriah Pitton and Willie AUoe Bolton; b. Jan. x8, x88o; 
ployed with Cudahy Packing .Co., Jackson, Miss., 1901 > i 

igoi] Graduates with Titled Degrees 413 

Pitts, Arthur Morrison, A. B., Selma. 

X897; t. Piiilip Henry PitU and Amanda H. McLean; b. July lo, x88o; 
Law Student. 

Plowman, Claude Montgomery, A. B., Talladega. 

1897; •• T. S. Plowman and Annie Montgomery; b. Aug* 9i <88o. 

Plowman, Thomas Scales, Jr., A. B., Talladega. 

1897; •• T. S. Plowman, Talladega, and Annie Montgomery; b. Sept. is, x88i; 
Law Student. 

Pounders, Lurie Knox, LL. B., lawyer, Eutaw. 

Z900, Rockwood, Franklin Co.; a. D. C Poundera and Annie Hamilton; b. 
June a, Z877; Teacher, Z898-X900; m. Bertha West, Flotenoe, Oct I3> X90i. 

Powe, Frank Houston, B. S., Talladega, 

1897; a. J. A. Powe, Talladega, and Loraine Houston; b. Aug. zo, z88i; 
Graduate Student. 

Powers, Lula Knox, A. B., Florence. 

Z898; dau. Jaiziea Knox Powers and Lou Addie Reynolds; b. March 4, 1881. 

Rice, Joseph Shelton, B. S., Northport. 

Z897; ■• Talbert Alexander Rice and Sarah Elizabeth Shelton; b. May zz, z88z. 

Bowe, Roland Henry, LL. B., lawyer, Birmingham. 

Z899; a. N. M. Rowe, Triazia, and Alice Camilla Toney; b. Oct 8, Z876; A. B., 
Vanderbilt, Z898. 

Sims, John Lewis, Jr., LL. B., Woodlawn. 

Z900; s. John Lewis Sims, East Lake, and Azme Elizabeth Warden; b. May 
14, Z878; A. B., Sou. Uziiv., Z898. 

Sims, Marion H., LL. B., Renfroe. 

Z899; a. Dr. A. G. Sims and Kate Fanziin Allen; b. Dec Z3, Z874. 

Smith, Pope Bates, A. B., Birmingham. 

Z898; s. John Thomas Smith and Ella M. Hawkizis; b. Nor. aSt Z879. 

Smith, William Parks, B. S., Epes. 

Z897; «. William Watt Smith and Maggie Jemison Ttott; b. May s8, i88z; 
Medical Student, Mobile, Z90Z ^. 

Steinhart, Louis Leopold, LL. B., (See 1898). 

Stribling, Statham Prude, LL. B., Cook, La. 

Z899; *' I>r- M. O. Stribling and Martha E. Prude; b. Sept 30, z88z. 

Tyson, Archibald Pitt, Jr., A. B., Montgomery^ 

Z897; s- Archibald Pitt Tyson and EUen Nicholas Arrington; b. March s8, 1880; 
Law Student. 

Wallace, Wales Wellington, Jr., LL. B., Wilsonville. 

1899; «. Wales Wellington Wallace, Wilsonville, and Kate Henderson; b. 
Nov. as, Z877. 

4 1 4 Record of Students [ 1901 

Weathers, Robert Edward Lee, LL. B., Roanoke. 

1898-99, X900-01; 1. Dr. William Weathen, High Shoals, a&d Nancj UMexy; 
b. Feb. 9> X873; B. S., Ala. Poly. last., 1896. 

Welch, William Shelton, LL. B., Fayette. 

X900; a. Anderson John Welch and Dicy Elizabeth Pryor; b. April a8, 1874; 
Prin., Fayette Academy, 1899-1900. 

Wellborn, Arthur Holcombe, A. B., Anniston. 

X897; a. Maximilian Bethune Wellborn and Emma Julia Dent; b. Ang. a4* sSSo. 

White, Frank Shelley, Jr., LL. B., (See 1898). 

White, William Thomas, LL. B., (See 1898). 

WoodruflF, Joel White, A. B., Montgomery. 

1898; a. L. N. Woodruff, Montgomery, and Virginia Frye Ferguson; b. Dec. 
4, z88x; Student, Hanrard Umv., 1901— b 

1901. Other Students in Attendance. 
Law Students. 
Aldridge, Jacob Frederic, Jackso^ 

1900; a. M. W. Aldridge and Dannie Mayer; b. Jan. 13, i88z. 

Brewer, Willis, Jr., Hayneville. 

1901; b. Feb. I, 1878. 

Burrow, William Statins, Ofelia. 

1900; a. John W. Burrow and Ophelia Orerton; b. March zo, 1877. 

Clark, Alexander Humphreys, Jr., Hope Hull. 

1900; a. Alexander Humphreys Clark and Sallie McGehee Graves; b. Feb. tt, 
1879; M. S., Ala. Poly. Inst, 1899; Asst. in Eng. Lit, Ala. Poly. Inst, 1898-99; 
Teacher in La. S. N. High School, Baton Rouge, La., z899-X90o. 

Copeland, Edward Rivers, Birmingham. 

Z900; s. W. B. Copeland and Mary C. King; b. Feb. z, 1879. 

Crenshaw, George Anderson, Manningfaam. 

1900; s. F. W. Crenshaw and Sallie Lewia; b. March j8, 1878. 

Crittenden, Thomas Jones, Florence. 

Z901; s. Joshua J. Crittenden, Florence, and Mattie Jones; Grad. State Normal, 

Darden, John Austin, Darden. 

Ellington, William Welcome, engineer, Birmingham. 

Z900; a. J. F. Ellington and Kate Smith; b. May 6, 187s; LooomotiTe En- 
gineer; m. Margaret Roe, Atlanta, Ga. 

iQOi] Other Students in Attendance 41S 

Franklin, John Knox, Union Springs 

1900; a. Dr. C H. FnnUin and Ltila Banks; b. Sept. 9, 1880; Student, A. P. L, 

Gordon, Robert Eugene, Camden. 

Grayson, Claude Albert, Gurley. 

1900; a. John W. Grayson and Sarah Smith Allison; h, Feb. a3> i88a. 

Gunnels, Samson Dexter, Clarence. 

1900, Blount Co.; a. Woodson Lompk Gnnnels, Woods, Tex., and Martha 
Matilda A. Simmona; b. Feb. 14, i87X« 

McTyer, John Fulmore, Jr., Eufaula* 

X900; a. J. F. McTyer, Sr., and Eva B. Belda; b. March 13, 1883. 

Nickel, Lewis, Jr., Montgomery. 

1900; a. Lewis Nickel and Sue Hnghes; b. Jan. xo, x88s. 

Parsons, Erastus Jonathan, Birmingham* 

X900; a. Lewis E. Parsons and Kate Kelly; h. April 8, x88o. 

Rainey, Lilians Pratton, Fort Payne. 

X900; a S. L. Rainey; b. July ax, 1878; B. S., X899, A. P. Inst 

Robison, Blanchard Gaillard, Perdue Hill. 

X900; s. William Jesse Robison and Elizabeth Jaxie Marahall; b. Aug. 36, 1878; 
FrixL, Perdue Hill High School, 1899-1900. 

Sanders, Charles Waldo, Arkadelphia. 

X900, Blount Co.; a Henry Sanders and Mary E. Sapp; b. July as, X876; 
Teacher for eight years; m. Annie Law Jamea, Nor. a, 1900. 

Savage, Paul Alexis, Birmingham. 

X900; a John Wagner Savage, Birmingham, and Elisabeth Banka; b. June 
ao, X878. 

Shugart, Roland Thomas, East Lake. 

X898; a John T. Shugart and Alice D. McDanlel; h, Nov. so, 1879; m. S. £. 
Brown, Tuscalooaa, Sept. 15, X901. 

Sowell, Marcus Roberts, Monroeville. 

1900; a William Calvin Sowell and Isabella Roberta; b. Nov. xo, 1877. 

Stewart, Arthur Walter, Marion. 

X900; a Judge J. H. Stewart and Virginia Gravea; h. Sept a», x88x. 

Stocks, Thomas Gilford, Gadsden. 

X900; a Argyle Taylor Stocka; b. Feb. 19, x88x. 

Tibbetts, Hiram Littrell, Richmond. 

X900; a Clark Tibbetta and Mamie P. Hearst; b. July ai, x88x. 

41 6 Record of Students [1901 

Walker, Thomas Edward, Oak Grove. 

1900, Mobile Co.; b. 1873. 

Weatherly, Joseph Gioodhue, East Lake. 

Z900; 8. J. H. Weatherly and Suaan M. Montgomery; b. Oct »$, 1878. 

West, James Whittaker, (See 1900). 

Wheeler, Robert James, Blossburg. 

Z900, Jefferson Co.; a. Thomas Drew Wheeler and Alice Ann Alexander; b. 
Dec. 30, 1879; Teacher at BloMburg, 1898- 1900. 

White, Henry Phillips, Vaiden. 

1900; 8. George P. White and Elizabeth Bailey; b. July 19, i88x. 

Williams, Charles Blomfield, Cherokee. 

X900; b. Not. 19, 1875. 

Graduate Student 
Little, John Goulding, (See 1900). 

Seniors, Class ipoi 
Brown, Carl Abercrombie, Birmingham. 

X898; a. Charles Gayle Brown and Mary Billingalea; b. Dec. $, 1879. 

Chapin, William Roy, Florence. 

1899; a. Charles Church Chapin and Louiae Watldns Twing; b. Jan. 16, i88x; 
Chemist, Tenn. Coal, Iron and R. R. Ca 

Pagan, Albert Avery, Havana. 

Z898; a. Capt W. L. Pagan and Annie Avery; b. Sept 8, 1877; Teacher at 
Monterey, 190Z 

HolmsLti, John Nicholas, Macon, Misfl^ 

1898; b. Aug. 5, x88i. 

Kennedy, John Robie, Tuscaloosa. 

1897; s. John Robie Kennedy and Joanna McLeater; b. Jan. as, 1881. 

Rosenberg, Ignatius PoUak, Montgomery. 

1898; a. Herman Rosenberg, Montgomery, and Maiy Cahill; b. Aug. za, i88t; 
Graduate Student. 

Walker, Alfred Augustus, Birming^iam. 

X898; a. William A. Walker and Virginia Taylor Mudd; b. Nor. 30, x88t. 

Juniors, Class ipo2. 
Bailey, Sidney Howard, Pleasant Hill. 

1900; s. J. W. Baiky and Clara S. Hardy; b. July 10, x88o. 

igoi] Other Students in Attendance 4^7 

Ballard, Qarence Bingham, Birmingham. 

1900; 8, Dr. Asa W. Balkrd and Mary S. Harrison; b. June 29, 1880; Private, 
Co. K, xst Ala., Spanish War, 1898. 

Bell, John Robert, Gordo. 

1900; 8. William R. Bell and Scenath Kirk; b. May 3, 1873- 

Beverly, Lewis Dove, Wayne. 

X900; s. Jesse R. Beverly and Mary E. Lewis; b. Nov. 4i 1875; Teacher. 

Carothers, William Russell, Oak Hill. 

X900; s. William Meek Carothers and Phoebe F. Abraham; b. June ao, z88o. 

G)nniff, William John, Montgomery. 

1899; s. John S. Conniff and Minnie Jane Farrar; b. Sept as, i88z. 

Davis, Marie Elizabeth, Thomasville. 

1900; dau. T. W. Davis and Mary K. Goodwin; b. Feb. 7, 1876; A. B., 1896, 
East Lake Athaeneum. 

Donahoo, Augustus Miller, Talladega. 

1898; a. John H. Donahoo and S. F. Armstrong; b. Oct 16, 188s. 

Drennen, Westley Earle, Birmingham. 

1898; s. William Drennen, Birmingham, and Margaret Elizabeth Jones; k 
Oct 13, 188a. 

Fielder, John William, Jr., Benton. 

1898; s. John William Fielder and Alice Curtis; b. March 16, 1883. 

Henkel, Louis Charles, New Decatur. 

1898; s. Charles Louis Henkel, New Decatur, and Arabella Lease; b. Sept. 
16, 1880. 

Jack, Theodore Henley, Greensboro. 

1900; s. Capt James M. Jack and Mary Henley Spencer; b. Dec 30, 1881. 

Jones, George Herbert, Shopton. 

1899; *> David George Jones and Alice Herbert Tompkins; b. July 19, 1881. 

Jordan, Mortimer Harvie, Birminghamu 

1898; s. Dr. Mortimer H. Jordan and Florence K Mndd; b. Nov. 15, i88z. 

Lett, Frank Montague, Good Hope. 

X900; s. Harris T. Lett and S. W. McElhaney; b. Feb. 7, x88o.. 

McCorvey, Gessner Tutwiler, University. 

1898; s. Thomas Chalmers McCorvey and Netta Tutwiler; b. Aug. a6, 188a. 

McDaniel, Sydnie Anne, Birmingham. 

1899; dau. Dr. H. A. McDaniel and Cornelia Anne MatUn; b. April 4, 1875. 

41 8 Record OF Students [1901 

Mitchell, William Henry, Florence, 

1900; s. J. J. Mitchell and Etoile Hard; b. April 8, z88a. 

McQueen, John Douglass, Eutaw. 

1898; t. J. p. McQueen and Roberta Kirlcaej; b. Sept 3, i88z 

Peach, Jolin Hill, Perotc 

1899; a. John H. Peach and Soaie R. Edwarda; b. July 16, i88j. 

Phillips, Marvin William, FayetteviUe, 

1898; a Hemy Whitfield Phillipa and Sarah Tesde Wattera; b. Dec 31, 1879. 

Sawyer, Harold Paine, Lansingburg, N. Y. 

Z899; 8. George F. Sawyer and Mary Elisa Thompson; b. Nov. 9, 1880. 

Shirley, . Joseph Emil, Northport. 

1898; a. Joaeph Shirley, Northport, and Angelina Archibald; b. Jan 30, 1880. 

Stickney, Fred